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 - Class of 1960

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fr A4 w w w w - Q- l Deans of Student Lqfe DR. JAMES E. WILLIAMSON Dean of Men N L. STANDLEE MITCHELL Assistant Dean of Men MRS. LILLIAN C. ROWAN Assistant Dean of Women MRS. BESSIE MONROE EBAUCH Dean of Women T I lzce Presidents DR. PATRICK J: NICHOLSON University Development DR. PHILIP G. HOFFMAN Dean of Faculties ,.,,. N C. F. MCELHINNEY Business Manager S? President DR. CLANTON W. WILLIAMS Message Into the social and economic bloodstream of the great metropolitan and industrial complex whose cen- ter is Houston, Texas-into the arterial system of Texas and the Southwest and of areas far beyond- pours from a relatively young but powerful new uni- versity a steady infusion of new strength. An alphabetical listing of the many types of grad- uates who go forth from this institution of learning begins with accountants, agricultural economists, arch- itects, artists. It ends with physiologists, psychologists, trade and transportation experts, zoologists. There are in fact 207 degree plans offered by this great seat of learning. It is difficult to analyze the impact of this univer- sity upon the area it serves. The expected earning to Dr. Clanton Ware Williams, nationally known his- torian and author who became the fourth University of Houston President in 1956, began his academic career in 1929 when he joined the faculty of the University of Alabama, with which institution he was associated for twenty-five years. He received his A.B. degree from Davidson Col- lege, his lVI.A. from the University of Alabamag and at Ph.D. degree in History from Vanderbilt University. During World War 11 Dr. Williams served as the Army Air Forces Historian in ranks from captain to colonel. In recognition of his distinguished service, besides campaign ribbons, he was awarded the Army Commendation Ribbon with three oak leaf clusters, and also the Legion of Merit. In 1946, Dr. Williams was 'named special con- sultant to the Department of Defense. An appointment as consultant to the U. S. Commission of Education followed in 1948. Dr. Williams was recalled to active duty during the Korean War at which time he served as a staff officer of the Air University. . Students power of its products because they did attend the University of Houston is already in excess of a quar- ter of a billion dollars a year. And this says nothing about professional skills, technical competence, or culture in general. Nor can one weigh in dollars the influence of more than eight thousand school teachers who have been graduated from the University of Houston. And then there is the impact upon the whole of life wherever they be of tens of thousands of well-educated mothers whom the University of Houston is now proud to call alumnae. And you who read this are party to its future pride and accomplishments. CLANTON W. WILLIAMS T 0 the Students his W this . -2 ig, UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON " V, season onnnnn nounnvmn HOUSTON 4,'1"EXAS OYYIGB OT' THE CHANUBLIDR TO THE STUDENT BODY: W , l' 1 any very iieessafl to new me theme 'for the 1960 HOUSTONLAN: U "The University of Houston, Houstoxvs University." H Thewtneme ,is highly appropriate. ,. It, calls attention to the enofmous end ever-increasing importance of our institution in this largest business and industrial complex of the entire South. The University of Houston IS Houston's University irxsevery sense of the ' word, 'a. giant triaininiecentei' offering 'instruction in some 73 separate areas. . , The impact fof thee University is? very greats- 'This will continue to grow, as we serve the community, regiong state, and nation by training the brain power that is absolutely essential to survival. A And I hope that 1,960 will be the last year in which the Qllniversity of L Houston, located' in a. county that pays an estimated 201 of all state taxes, must charge its students the necessarily high. tuition now required ., M Surely the 1961 HOUSTONIAN can report that the University has assumed its rightful place among the fully tax-supported institutions of ihighermleeaqning in our greet Suisse. Only in 'this manner can we continue to fulfill You? basic kwit objective: providing a. sound education A for the young men and women who for financial, personal, or other regsons csnnot go elsewhere for university and college training. u ,e . . .. H H, M M -ot , ,w . H A . QA ' Hx 'H ' ' M' v 'Lange A. D . Bruce Chancellor hancellor A. D. Bruce, Lieutenant General, U. S. Army fRet.j, took office as President of the University of Houston on September 1, 1954, and was elevated to the newly- created position of chancellor in Decem- ber of 1956. General Bruce received a B.S. degree from Texas A8zlVl College in 1916 and an honorary LL.D. in 1946. He entered the regular Army as a Second Lieutenant in June, 1917. Serving in World War I in all ranks to Lieutenant Colonel ftemporaryj, he later attended the Infantry and Field Artillery Schools, the Command and General Staff College, the Army War College and the Naval War College. General Bruce spent three years as an instructor at the lnfantiy School and for four and one-half years, served as pro- fessor of military science and tactics at Allen Academy, Bryan, Texas. While on the War Department General Staff he revised textbooks on doctrine, developed modern instructional aids, re- vised extension courses and initiated a section on research and development. In 1941, General Bruce conceived or- ganized, built and administered the Tank Destroyer Center at Ft. Hood, Texas. While there he introduced several meth- ods of instruction later adopted by the entire Army. A. D. BRUCE, Lt. Gen. U.S.A., Ret. During World War ll General Bruce was in command of the 77th Division which participated in bitter fighting in the South Pacific. He served as the first governor of Hokkaido, Japan, While the division occupied that island, and later went to Korea. His war record is indicated by the many decorations he has received from the Army, Navy and Air Force and foreign governments, including the Distinguished Service Cross. ln 1947, General Bruce became deputy commander of the Fourth Army at Ft. Sam Houston, Texas. General Bruce came to the University after serving as President fCommandantl of the Armed Forces Staff College. Since his return to his home state, General Bruce has served as a' director of many organizations including the Houston Chamber of Commerce, the Southwest Research Institute, the Scott and White Memorial Hospital, and the Houston Symphony Society. He also holds memberships in many Houston clubs. Wm. G. Farrington? .John C. Flanagan Charles Fleetwoodx' Claud B. Hamill Earl C. Hankamer Maurice Hirsch Harrison C. Hobart Sterling T. Hogan, Sr. Palmer Hutchesonii Russell L. Jolley John T. Jones, Jr. Mrs. R. C. Kuldell Alfred W. Lasher, Jr. F. M. Law' Mrs. Max Levine John F. Maher Mrs. Douglas Marshall Harris McAshan A. G. McNeese, Jr. Leopold L. Meyer Harry J. Mosser Travis E. Parish C. A. Perlitz, Jr. Charles F. Reed, Jr. Corbin J. Robertsonw James W. Rockwell Simon Sakowitzl' Charles A. Saunders Stanley W. Shipnes A. Dee Simpson Curtis M. Smith Frank C. Smith R. E. Smith Ross Stewart Howard Tellepsen Milton R. Underwood? Jack Valenti Tom P. Walker Mrs. Gus S. Wortham A. J. Wray "Regent A. J. Farfel S. P. Farish Board of Governors COL W B BATES, Chairman Lamar Fleming, Jr. Vice-Chairman iRegent Mrs. Bay L. Dudleyii W. Leland Anderson Assistant Secretary Mrs. James P. Houstoun Secretary Isaac Arnold? Fred Ayers Warren S. Bellows Ben C. Belt Karl Bendetsen Mrs. John H. Blaffer W. Stewart Boyle? Mrs. George A. Butler Marvin K. Collie D. L. Connelly Roy Henry Cullen Naurice G. Cummings Mrs. John de Menil Joe T. Dickerson Dr. H. J. Ehlers J. A. Elkins, Jr. J. A. Elkins, Sr." T. C. Evans J IM A, - Wi' ,- -' ':1 -,EU-. mu , ,.,7,.-- :vi . A:-I-n"n r. ' 11 L 1 A 6:- . - '. mu AAV.,,. if'- EQ? Q I F' M. H xl , , A p, r, W gm: ,gg V ig . H w 4 , ,, xx ww M, 'ar af 1 -, .,,.. 1,1 ,. - -.E Q, x ' l ' u zs,r. - 1 ,',g, -,":e..1 .A 1 ' ' 114.6 Q ' .L v H wp W . 5 I H .. 'IW W . K S ff 52? , mil 1, 32' ' 'uw 1 .2 xn- fg 'gas' 'Q-if '1 ' . U51 ' Y - .Q Avi 1 ,wif ' f 4 49. , f K1 if r J' , ',' X I rl 5 4 in .-mf I 12441 . gg fi gk Li? 1+ '--. I MS, I niversit 0 Houston -- A Miniature Like Houston, the University of Houston is a complex community. It possesses many charac- teristics that are typical of a municipality: POPULATION-The University's population consists of students, faculty, administration and staff. Though their interests are many and their stations in life varied, its citizens are compatible for they have a common goal -education. They are a busy people. Eighty- three percent of them work full or part time to finance their educations. GOVERNMENT AND MAINTENANCE-The University has its own code of laws for campus conduct, a student government that legislates and allocates funds, and a campus police force that patrols the streets 24 hours a day. It is self-sufficient in that it has its own power plant and maintenance system. L E A R N I N G AND ENTERTAINMENT FACILITIES-University citizens may avail themselves of its many educational and enter- tainment vehicles. The school community contains a band, orchestra, chorus, theater, four magazines, a weekly newspaper, a year- book, a TV station, an FM station, a printing plant, a library, movie-making facilities, photography darkrooms, two auditoriums, a gymnasium, swimming pool, and tennis and handball courts. Services available to students include an optometry clinic, a speech and read- ing clinic, a medical office, an employment agency, bookstore, cafeteria, two snack bars, a guest house, several spacious dining rooms and a nursery school. Students learn from practical experience with driver education cars, a nuclear calibration unit and a dry oil well. M. D. Anderson Library provides modern, comfortable setting for efficient study. 1 ' T A ' -51? 1lEif'!itx,- Q? I E,,' 'ig 4 M 'sivf :sf ,. 7V?Ti A ? i M1133 42 fuigw. E fig . N V . -1 1. , . '.L.'jJZLig,K, M Tmiif fi .VW'. , frm - .- -' I gliglx i-W m 4 ..,vt'1!?:, uf ,jg !J:IT- 5 I H wr ' J? 4 F t , , . gf B H? 5 , ju H W.. S H M ww ww fggnu u un ,. ,W 5 t'i+'i1f.... E? , Aiggxztrzt- M "M,1'H.1 1. 1 - uw Houston's many refineries, wells and cycling plants compose the oil capital of the world. na. ,,g5'gf:" M 4 23 MAF' s ,, E QM e ., Houston's Main Street of 1880 bears little resemblance to the maze of buildings and shops that line the street today. Cowboys, cattle and oil wells have become the trademark of the Houston area. Fin" iff-5: , . wwf ,, ta f." 3 es Mm if t it ge I ,N ww 1: 5 Nw www ww tu was w m 5 gnu W sn ,I .Jag W5 Mgt ,wgagtiiflsx International Airport serves as the air gateway to Latin America and Europe. Cit of Coutrusts . . . Beorning Industry T 5. u Re med Culture The Port of Houston, connected with the sea lanes of the world by a 50 mile long, 36 foot deep channel, accommodates over 4000 vessels annually. The Museum of Fine Arts -reflects the Southern Tradition which is a part of Houston. Houston's annual western rodeo draws crowds from the entire Gulf Coast Area. sstfrm N , :l' fi it -.:' . - - .., The Zoological Gardens located in Hermann Park is a favorite tourist attraction. 1 K N iviffbulrl , .T9'1gg31'-E? UQ: , 4 W 1. - , .. I f - -frl ' " ' fx' - A- - . " "E , , . " . ' 1 .Q 1 U-J' 1,2 1. E V ' --1 "'l , -, '- . .' E, ' ' 1 'Y f".. ' 4" Z, T' -' L ' -I T' "'f1,f 1 ... j R' '. , A' ' -2 1' 'fs' ' V' -,1-fe Y, ' -1 ATV-. " A ""1 ' f157F"','J -Q, "" gd" 'QU ' 1- - I .W 1 Q 11 mg., ..,'..1s'+, gy 1 11,35 -- V -V x V Q, A .. ,WV V- 1515,-1. , ,QV . 1' -1 W '1 Lf 121, 11--L1 '- ' Q Q." CMV. A I .. . 1.1. . , " " ' " . 4 ' ' L " , Q.. wx Im 2,511 -ljvw-R,V,ffAl.1AfV1-,551.1121551155 .U :pp 115. . , 1 ., 1 1. .1 -, - if A 1 5 H 3.1 I, Wk VV ' :f..- .Q -3'-F f11"'k'1'fL.W'1?t Q 211131 Q??'P Nf 7-.g1pf1,sLi'?'fi'1. ...f . LF ' . . , "' 7 1 :Q , -- .N A .9 1 , X 4 ,, -5 yy. 1 .a,1..W 5,54 'bl' it , M .. V' Q g ., gtg. 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L 555 'faq' -jffgfffifj ' I: -1 ' , L YH: HCV. 1 -ff 'rf , I ,, -sv-27,1 ' ' H -, 11. T-1,1 muff " ' kgkifv 'Q-,-,gy : -BJQ-'I' 1 4 . Yr 1.- 1 . 112- -:f ' 1 w 1 ,, 1 :Q-W :ff ' -A Q: . i 5. . , .f , ' ,---. .4 -'1q3:ifZ-,4L..4..- .Q .... .. .if fb Q11'P1'V'5ifif V 65523552 ' , ,.- . X Lp . - .V W. " '47-Y' 1.5 . ff' Q 1' -",V .. mm 25ffQ,+xf.-925.1 ,iff VHJLA, Vfsggl fjlifw gy.. 1. 51- 41,11 ik I 1 ...M ' L .,, . ,Q .- ,.-95. 5 I , X , 1 'v' '- 3191 ' 5,1154 -7, ,WWF Q' -1--"-,Ji ---- ,- - M i 11 U ' Y A-sp,--S 1. , " 1 -1-XV, Y 1 ' H 7, 5- U -bw I, -A ' ir. -1, -1'-' ' - -- ., f f-:A+ ' .,.,,. - ff.-j -- g'f'-1- ' ' L A ' 1 'fx-A 1,1 w 1' 1:. K f-xg , E+, V '. - - V 51... . Sf? ff' fbi. 1- .1 1' "1 ea- fif: P ff . -1 1 1 if - 131 gg . ,. 1 ,. -' 11.1. f 'G 1' .7 ' 4 -1 T2 r1"iT"1'R- ,:,, 1:1 X 1,"1 " 1. 151 0' " . .FHWA ,N ! , 4 1 21- 11.414 K-1-mp: 44, 1 , 9 --.qf --AV.. . L 5 ' ..1"" . ff f.4f1'fi?f-'?'J11f9' N 11 -F -1 f - 1 ..-fa - 1- . -.1-A1V1-1- .vw 11' V 1 . A , 11 V, 2 . 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' PI 1 . ' X H I. i l ill..-J. n ' i an . 74-4 X In . - nl ll . . ll.. .I M, ,H-4. f U '."",u.: f' . ....... "' -' agjl' - I i"...'ll. all-null .mu ' fu. 5 In yli , 'i..'.nun.n-u..-.wb ,YI . fr f,:",i.w15.k:'.,:Al. 5 J A , ' O as . , . ll: ' F 1 ' "P'f,"" . V ----f-w . ' ". . ' ' Mi-Q 1 3 ' - 'Q ' ,O E A-,'v."-'-fm: ,QL-222: 531' -' ' ,t Z I I 'M . 5 ' . 'Q W' ' H ' 'Q-wr, z ' ' I A . .1 n I- 1 ,gggjf - ' ' ' 'iw f:""N', j - . ' Ag' PT- 6'-V - V " Q. , 0 -V: Yigxklx ': 't ,g,.:.,5 I ' V ' ' ,gfff"' ' I ' go,-'j . ' H . ,, .har J-5- T-1' 'W v-if 1 L-n-U,...1-- -1-' I A A L ., . . Y g I .,..f -' Ng Y .. .. ,i ' ,, A If .:, X W I . 'V i ' - xx , I -D J -up - , --5 7 g 1 V, 'h 5 ,ISE-gra H ' N - L 'Rf W ' ' H- '.17'ff-E, E' X--, ' ' ' ' . . V .' gg -.Z1?3"v,. "'j-,X In w 1 - fx- X . , f L-1' '- .wr-Q-Rx '- ,A ' -,jx ' x Y. 'X W N -- V , ,jij x N ' f X X'X'Lxl X-4 'V -, 4 'x KX in X-MN-5 . Ax , -. r Q' X Q 2 11 . M , X . . - 1 ' 'mfr ' ' f s ' . I , ' 2 ' " 'S f N . Q 21.4.4 ' Q V .V Y , 1 X S , . . I ,- 3, ' M , ' ' 'J m ' 1 - X ,V , W Q .4 RX . Y 'N T , u, x HX! . 5 s f ' V' " r Xm- ,w , A . .x nt . ,' ' - 5 X -, Nl 5 P 5xiX - 3 v, 1 y '- ,W X- . 1 , A . X, ,ll r' , L , V F 153 X , If A ,. ba , YD ' xx- 4 XX. 1. Y ' 'A '- X : I ' 1 , XX . 4 4--' , N, ,fy r .fl , xx NR -. 1 1 1 - H 'z N 9 -,I . J ' . X g' . A l '- 5 X 1- l K Ml V X ,E I 47 , -, 'N v, 'N Y .. '1- X "W, I' 4 .11 . vw -' 1 Il Y 'N 1 -nj , ' . I . ' - r ' . . .f I xl, ,1 A ,' z- ' I 1. Q 1 , I 'tb 'V , 4, A l ., V f ' H ha: + Q - I Wx- t l, w A, 3 f 5 1 A I i 7 1 A ,E 5 T J 1 2 5 .Mui 1 . 1.1.1 ":.z! .llll.qOv0 , l , ull: 4 . v -- 'iz : .L :Lhu nnunl ll: I l J -, a g. .y YM v-adlluu. " I I A ' an -: ua Y '3f:-..- M' W h ---L 4. 1. .f V 1 :lf 4.5 1 , ,. -M N-,J , D , 4 I U 'ii i nz A 1154 rx ' -.-1-.fax - ""'sfa:'--3-3,1-f'g..f 3, 4, , , A 3-'-Mi in lp? - V4 1 . , ,,., -....- . 4----, ..Y. Y:---f - ,- ,H - ,,... 'T4:. I5 ,,...-1 - Z. --.1 j ' 'Qty- 2 :VZ 11 yd I Contents ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY ...... 11 CLASSES ......,,,,.,,,v,..-,-,,- ,,,,,,,,.,I4 M ,,..,,-, 4 5 Freshmen .,..,,,,,, L ..... 46 Sophornores .,... L .,,..,..M .,.,-,..,,.,..., ..,.... 5 8 ,Iuniors .... .L -,..., ,. 67 Seniors ........ ,,,-,M,,,,Aw,,,. 7 5 Graduates ..,.....,.,,,-,, L ,,,,,,,,,,4 ,.,,,,, L ,,A..,.,.. ,,,.... 9 I Law Students .,,.. L .I,,,,, ., 93 COLLEGE LIFE ,,A,,,, ,,,,,,,,-,,,,--,,,,- , ,,,,,,,,,., 9 7 FRONTIER FIESTA-ITS EVOLUTION ,..... 169 ORGANIZATIONS .,.... ,, ,,,, ......,,.. 199 Religious Groups ,......,.,-,,.,.... - .......... ....., ..,. ......... ...., , 2 00 Scholastic, Honorary Societies 205 Service Clubs, Publications .,............. 208 Greeks ,L ........., ,L ........,.... .....,. - -L ....., -,-- ...,. 235 Professional and Special Interest Groups ....., .... L . 275 SPORTS - ...... .... 309 Football -L-.,, ......, 310 Basketball ,... ... ......, ........ - ...,. 3 24 Track ....... --+.L ................,., LL-- ,.... ..,.......... - A ,.......... 334 Baseball L. ..... - ......... L.. .......... 340 Golf .....,. . .....,..........,, ,...c.....,.... 3 45 Tennis .,.,...... - ..,. --,-, ......,.. --- A ..,......, 350 Intramurals ....... ... ...........,.,...,.., 1 . ..,. ....r..-.........,....A-.--- - 354' All-Americans and Olympics ------------- .... -- ---s-..----i--- 358 PROMINENT CAMPUS PERSONALITIES .,...t ..4.... 3 65 Miss Houstonian - ....,............... - .,... --- ..... ...... 3 66 Beauties .............. M--- ...... -.-- ....... . 363 Favorites ......,..,....,,..,. .... - ....,.... .................-.....-.......... 3 7 7 Best Dressed Coed ...... - ........ 330 Outstanding Students ...... .... 3 81 Homecoming Queen ...................................... 391 Honorees, Celebs ........ - ..... ----..- ..... .. .......... ..-- .-..., F---- 392 nge ID A flu' 2011. Dedication A well-known figure to the people of Houston is the able representative of the University of Houston, General A. D. Bruce. As chancellor, General Bruce is the titular head of the University. Since he joined the University in 1954, he has served the institution well in many ways. ' ' Greatest sinvle recent THE 1960 HO US TONIAN 1 1 F - wg, , ' , V I , , 1 ww , f . , L fUY 11 A Deans V 4. " DR. CHARLES F. HILLER, Dean Junior College DR. R. BALFOUR DANIELS, Dean , , , Graduate School Regwtrar, Lzbrarza i l DR. HOWARD F. MCCAW, Director of Libraries' i RAMON A. VITULLI, Registrar K .Z "fi ,, --E f lag 71 L f' ' fiiz "-f-'72 - .1 -:Wd D S, 2 . PN, ' V f , N W 1. w V 1 Q, --i,r:. J E 13,1 . M' v, 'L 1 .Q P MU ':,,- Ji, LM ' ' 5: ,YY HF' 4 , '--.1 G 1 ..- ,WJ 1 ' 1 . V-.. -'If w --H." , ,R 5. .Ir 4 -Q. lf 4 Q5-1 A V " .sg-, -6,- 6 342535, g 1,4-' I Athletics FOOTBALL COACHES-Andy Zubel, Roy H. fSwedel Hill, Casto Ramsey, Harold Lahar. head coach Dudley Parker, Jasper F lanakin, Lovette Hill. BASKETBALL COACH-Guy V. Lewis HARRY H. F OUKE Director of Athletics ASSISTANT BASKETBALL COACH Harvey R. Pate nf s TENNIS COACH-John . Wi ,5y? Q LAL., f-a...,A u 5' ns my ,..A 1-. NYM, Lv A 1 .iff ,,, College of Architecture ' RICHARD W. LILLIOTT Dean of Architecture In June of 1959, the National Architec- tural Accrediting Board granted national accreditation to the School. In the fall of that same year, the School of Architecture was made the College of Architecture. Students in the College study all phases of architecture including design, aesthetics. construction and graphics. The University of Houston College of Architecture won first, second and third places in the 1958 annual Featherlite Coin- petition of the Texas Society of Architects. The College was the first in the nation to do so. ARCHITECTURE FACULTY-Eugene McMillin, Richard W. Lilliott, Howard Barnstone, Robert F. Lindsey, Willialn Jenkins, Myron C. Anderson, Eugene Aubry. College of Arts and Sciences DR. ALFRED R. NEUMANN, Dean College of Arts and Sciences ART FACULTY-First Row: A. F. Fukal, Josef Silhavy, Frederic Browne. Second Row: George Shackelford, Don Snell, Walter Lodge, B. Lemmel. The College of Arts and Sciences' is the largest of the University's colleges. Its faculty numbers approximately 280 persons. Mio-re than three thousand students major in one of its twenty departments, and all undergraduate students in the University take much of their course work in this College. Degrees offered by the College include the Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Music, and Bachelor of Science degrees. Graduate degrees are offered in all basic fields of instruction in the College, and include the Master of Arts, Master of Science, Master of Science Education, and Doctor of Philoso- phy degrees. In addition to its teaching program, the College of Arts and Sciences has strong and growing research programs in many of its departments. BIOLOGY FACULTY-Sara E. Huggins, E. O. Bennett, G. E. Peterson, J. E. Evans, .l. C. Bequaert. CHEMISTRY FACULTY-First Row: G. W. Drake, C. B. Johnston, John F. Oro, E. N. Mclilrath, J. W. Fan. Second Row: C. E. Williams, Albert Zlatkis, R. Pertel, R. S. Becker, W. E. Wentworth. GEOLOGY FACULTY-First Row: Paul H. Fan, Mar- garet S. Bishop. Second Row: Robert Greenwood, Carl B. Rexroad, DeWitt Van Siclen, Max F. Carman, Jules R. Du Bar. DRAMA FACULTY-Robert Howery, Ruth Tully, Elsa Rosborough, David Larson. 25 JOURNALISM AND GRAPHIC ARTS FACULTY-Jim Palmer, Valentine J. Kahanek, Robert S. Sallee, Billy I. Ross, Bruce Underwood, Ross Strader, Harry E. Benson, S. Wayne Taylor, Louis Alexander. E: HOME ECONOMICS FACULTY-Mrs. H. Gore, Miss Josephine Marques, Dr. Fay W. Anthis, Mrs. L. T. Callicutt, Mrs. R. P. Akkerman. HISTORY FACULTY-First Row: Charles Bacarisse, Robert Giesberg, Richard Younger. Second Row: Louis Kestenberg, Allen Going, Corinne Weston, Helen Douth- itt, Jean Hardin, Edwin A. Miles. Third Row: Robert V. Haynes, Robert Ganyard, James A. Tinsley, Jack Haddiok, Ronald F. Drew, John L. Dickson, Walter P. Webb, C. B. Ransom. FOREIGN LANGUAGE FACULTY-First Row: Elizabeth Brandon, Mireya Estevez, Jessie McGaw, Marjorie Bourne, Jane Malin. Second Row: Pedro Duelo, H. Haile, C. L. Farrington, A. R. Neumann, Americo Castro, Eladio Cortez, Raul Pimentel, Will McLendon. MATHEMATICS FACULTY--First Row: Louis Brand, First Row: Curtis Rogers, John W. Avery, C. B. Rader, Mrs. Ruth Kissel, Louis.Silverman, Mrs. Blanche Grover. Byron Ray. Second Row: Dean O. Gray, Wesley Edwards, Second Row: James Hutchinson, Warren Rees, A. A. Aucoin, C. P. Benner, Robert Heller. Martin Wright. 27 l I l l l POLITICAL SCIENCE-Seated: Pauline Yelderman, T. C. Sinclair. Standing: W. C. Chase, l W. F. Grunbaum, I. R. Jensen, D. W. Knepper, G. H. Razi, Bancroft Henderson, J. L. Nogee ARY FACULTY -MfSgt. Ashwell, SFC Holcomb, Wall, lVlfSgt. Byland, SFC Hyde, Sgt. Maj. Thomsen. Lt. Col. Smith, Capt. Rutledge 1 l l PHYSICS FACULTY-First Row: H. M. North, D. C. Rich, Hal Johnson, R. E. l Collins. Second Row: T. N. Hatfield, J. C. Allred, H. K. Reynolds, Leon Graves. .4 , N PHILOSOPHY AND RELIGION FACULTY-First Row: W. E. Garrison, W. T. Howard, Frank M. Doan. Second Row: Rev. George N. Thompson, Edmund Pincoffs, R. A. Tsanoff. RADIO-TV FACULTY-First Row: F. W. Smith, J. W. Page, Ainslie Bricker, J. S. Hunt, O. C. Crossland, Patrick E. Welch, Frank Wood, James Byrd. Second Row: R. T. Yelkin, T. C. Battin, J. L. Bauer, Arvil A. Cochran, J. M. Coffer, C. P. Zimmerman, J. R. Bennett, R. H. Albitz, Arnold Bergene, Al Haubold, R. E. Barthold. Third Row: J. C. Smith, C. L. Howard, William H. Henry, John W. Meaney. PSYCHOLOGY FACULTY-First Row, Kneeling: S. R. Pinneau, J ack Michael, C. W. Moore. Second Row, Standing: L. S. McGaugl1ran, Roy Crouch, S. B. Red, Betty Wieland, N. D. Bryant, Lee Meyerson, John MacNaughton. Back Row: J. L. lVlcCary, Daniel Sheer, L. T. Callicutt, Richard I. Evans. Mary L. Davis, Genevieve Arnold. Second Row: Don Streeter, Gerard Wagner, J ack Gravlee. 30K SOCIOLOGY AND ANTHROPOLOGY FACUL TY-Art Gallaher, S. Tannenbaum, E. D. Dyer J. S. Werlin. PEECH FACULTY-First Row: Esther E. Eby, MUSIC FACULTY-J. M. Druary, A. Hirsh, J. L. Austin, J. T. Matthews, Bill Palmer, E. Schoettle, T. C. Pier- son, M. Lewis, B. S. King, M. H. Clayton, J. D. Armisteacl, R. Brownlee. College of Business Administration JEROME M. PESCHKE, Acting Dean College of Business Administration The second largest college on the campus is the College of Business Administration. Nearly 3,000 students are enrolled in the College which is located in the Fred J. Heyne Building. The College, composed of 12 departments, offers graduate and undergraduate training in business and its related fields. Students enrolled in the College may obtain a major leading to a Bachelor of Business Administra- tion degree. Graduate courses are offered leading to the M.B.A. degree. The College also works in conjunction with busi- ness and industry and conducts many types of insti- tute programs. Each summer, the Management Development Cen- ter offers a special one-week institute for trade as- sociation and Chamber of Commerce executives. The Bureau of Business and Economic Research publishes a monthly analysis of business conditions in Houston and the Gulf Coast area. ACCOUNTING FACULTY-First Row: S. H. Brown, I. E. McNeill, H. M. Daniels, S. M. Woolsey. Second Row: B. M. Smith. K. A. Fleming, M. F. Usry, P. W. Lindloff, H. O. Lee. l ECONOMICS AND FINANCE FACULTY-First Row: J. N. Fry, J. P. Owen, Nor- man Byers. Second Row: Henry Chen, J. M. Peschke, J. W. Sailors, E. K. Zingler. MARKETING FACULTY-Z. W. Koby, Arnold Bar- AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS-First Row: John T. Carter Harold C. Love. Second Row: Leeland G. Marsters, Gerald L Hamm. bon, John R. Young. l BUREAU OF BUSINESS AND ECO- ! NOMIC RESEARCH-Carl P. Houston, 1 Paul H. Rigby. B2 BUSINESS EDUCATION AND SECRETARIAL ADMINISTRATIOIX W. A. Allee. MANAGEMENT FACULTY - Howard C. Nudd, G. R. Bythewood, Billy J. Hodge, Leslie Munneke. - GENERAL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION FACULTY--First Row: Mrs. Lillian Warren, Holland Crouch, Truman Barber. Second Row: William A. Olson, Louis Irwin, A. B. Smith, Irving Lumpkin. ' -1 ma., TRANSPORTATION AND FOREIGN TRADE FACULTY-B. J. Davis, J. E. Becht, V. L. Engberg, J. D. Houston. 33 FACULTY-Seated: Carlos K. Hayden. Standing: Florence Paul, Nelda R. Lawrence, Elizabeth Seufer, G. W. Reeves, Addie Small, ,EDUCATION ADMINISTRATION-First Row: Charles S. White, Wallace H. Strevell, Arvin Donner. Second Row: Loy W. Hartsfield, Lester S. Richardson, ,Richard D. Strahan, Harper F. Beaty. FOUNDATIONS OF EDUCATION F A C U LTY - Seated: H. R. Bottrell, June Hyer. Standing: Josephine Sobrino, A. L. Chovanec, J. R. Lent, J. M. Muse, R. D. Strahan, L. W. Hartsfield. ELEMENTARY EDUCATION AND ART EDUCA- TION-Standing: Isabel Gibson, J. E. Bishop, J. R. Lent, Mary Graves, Martha H. Gardner. Seated: Joyce Benbrook, William Yost, June Hyer. 34 DR. ARVIN N. DONNER, Dean College of Education College of ducation The College of Education has an enrollment of approxi- mately 1,500 students. During 1959, a total of 378 under- graduate and graduate degrees were awarded to students. The College is composed of nine departments. In addition to preparing teachers for public and private school positions, the College provides graduate work and in-service help to teachers, administrators, counselors and supervisors. In addition to their regular duties, the thirty-three faculty members of the College serve as directors in school surveys, as consultants in instructional programs and appear as guest lecturers at educational meetings. SECONDARY EDUCATION, BUSINESS EDUCATION AND INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION FACULTY -First Row: Martha H. Gardner, L. E. Freeman, Esther Marion Nelson. Second Row: William Yost, W. E. Purdy, Charles S. White, Harper F. Beary, J. A. Outterson, C. K. Hyden. MUSIC EDUCATION FACULTY-Bruce S. King, George C. Stout, W. E. Purdy. I-IEALTH, SAFETY AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION FACULTY-First Row: Susanna Gar- rrson, Harry H. Fouke, Elizabeth Lee Closs. Second Row: Calvin C. McDougle, Alden Pasche, I. Milton Muse, Lawrence S. Clarke, Jack Rhodes. College of Engineering DR. FRANK M. TILLER, Dean College of Engineering l CHEMICAL ENGINEERING FACULTY - C. J. Huang, H. W. Prengle, Jr., R. L. Motard, A. E. Dukler, M. Wicks, D. E. Griffith, C. V. Kirkpatrick. Reduced hours-cooperative education-nuclear engineering. These are some of the recent developments in the Cullen College of Engineer- mg. The year 1960 brought a reduction of approximately ten hours in the requirements for a Bacheloris degree in the six departments of Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Industrial, Mechanical and Petroleum Engineering. The University-Industry Cooperative Engineering Education Program is a five year work-study plan in which the student attends school full time the first and last years but alternates periods of school attendance with periods of employment in industry beginning in the sophomore year. A committee headed by Dean E. Griffith of the Chem- ical Engineering Department is shaping the Nuclear Engineering Program which began this year. The Chemical and Petroleum Departments were joined together as the Division of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering under the chairmanship of C. V. Kirk- patrick. CIVIL ENGINEERING FACULTY-First Row: Albert J. Bonar, Robert J. Henry, Ardis White, W. F. Sullivan. Second Row: W. J. Leach, Burt Fraser, John E. Hoff. 36 ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING ULTY-A. H. McMorris, I. E man, J. Sacharieff, W. T. Kittin N. Whitaker, B. C. Cunningham, Scroggin, R. C. Hanks, Frank M. FAC- . Coff- ger, T Mary Tiller. ' t0I'1. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING F A C U L T Y - J. L. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING FACULTY-H. H. Judson, I R. M. Adams, Eileen Barnes, J. T. Elrod, J. T. Dwyer, B. C. Stough- Schweppe, A. N. Hosny, A. A. Rasmussen, C. A. Berg, L. C. Eichberger. PETROLEUM ENGINEERING FACULTY -R. P. Akkerman, Park J. Jones, Leonard B. Lipson, C. V. Kirkpatrick. 37 College of Technology The College of Technology involves two main divisions. They are the Industrial-Mechanical Division, concerned with the training of craftsmen, and the Technical Institute Division, which emphasizes the training of engineering tech- nicians. The purpose of the Technical Institute Division is to provide technicians who will function as production and construction supervisors, as aids to engineers and architects or as managers of their own businesses. The Industrial-Mechanical Division trains craftsmen who will construct, install, maintain and operate machinery. l A. RAY SIMS, Dean College of Technology TECHNOLOGY FACULTY-First Row: R. J. Dossat, Christine V. Brannan, W. C. Howlett, J. R. Manahan, O. O. Stotts, H. C. Wilson, H. H. Curry. Second Row: B, C. Kirklin, C. B. Gentry, F. S. Runyon, P. M. Fitzhugh, R. E. Bond, F. R. Perkins, C. B. Oliver. Third Row: H. K. Whittington, H. E. McCallick, W. M. Hogan, K. W. Feist, C. M. Feris, J. R. Martin, A. Ray Sims. 38 College of Law Organized in 1947, the University's College of Law has produced graduates each year who have ranked among the top men taking their bar examinations. This year the College has an enrollment of 289. These students are provided with training in the fundamental techniques required in the practice and administration of law. ln addition to their professional training, the students of the College acquire the ability to participate intelligently in the functions of their community. In November of 1959, the College was the regional sponsor for the National Moot Court Competition, a court in which students argue mock cases. Ten law schools from over the nation participated in this com- petition. During 1959-60, eight lectures were given in the College of Law Assembly, held on Saturday mornings on the campus. Speakers were lawyers and judges from the Houston area. Institutes on Juvenile Court Law and Life Insurance Contracts were also held by the College. Future plans for the College include the establishment of a law review, a monthly publication containing dis- cussion of cases and articles by notable personalities in the field of law. NEWELL H. BLAKELY, Dean College of Law LAW FACULTY-First Row: C. S. Collier, John Mixon, D. A. Olds. Second Row: Raymond L. Brit- ton, Charles B. Walker, John L. Cox, John B. Neibel. ollege of Optometry The Universityls College of Optometry, under Dean Charles Stewart, offers a basic three-year curriculum plus clinical training for incoming junior students. All students entering the College must be of junior standing and must have a scientific back- ground. The College's supervised clinical training is of- fered to the students for the three years of their - optometry study. This training provides maximum opportunity for them to perfect their clinical ability prior to graduation. DR. CHARLES R. STEWART, Dean College of Optometry OPTOMETRY FACULTY-A. C. Romano, Darrell B. Carter, Wialter C. Lee, Theodore P. Grosvenor, Charles R. Stewart, Chester H. Pheiffer. if 3 , College of Pharmacy DR. N. M. FERGUSON, Dean College of Pharmacy The University's College of Pharmacy was opened in 19-17. In September of 1949, Dr. N. M. Ferguson became the dean. The College has since grown to a Class A College which offers a B.S. Degree in Pharmacy and a limited MS. Degree program. During the past year the College was granted 375,000 for research in phytochemistry, the study of the chemistry of plants, and phar- maceutical chemistry. The College has an enrollment of 300, a 28? rise over last year. Forty-five students were graduated in the spring of 1959 bringing the total number of graduates of the College to 382. PHARMACY FACULTY-M. G. Webber, R. E. Hakim, W. H. Lawrence R. L. Boblitt, Sue H. Rouse, Martha J. Jones. JACK D. HUNTER, Associate Dean, Downtown School JAMES C, TAYLOR, Dean, Downtown School The University's downtown school is located in the heart of Houston at 925 Caroline. The school began operations at its present location in 1958 and serves 1,600 academic students each semester. Pars: . In addition to its courses in Arts and Sciences and Business Administration, the school offers courses in areas of special interest for over 8,000 persons. First Row: Antone E. Meduna, Mrs. Lani I. Mathias, Wilma C. Johnson, George E. Young. Second Row: C. L. Osenbaugh, O. R. Hicks, L. H. Whit- aker, Louis Alexander, LaFaye S. F ord. . Y First Row: Dr. Stanley E. Siegel, Iris F. Harmon. Second Row: William B. Duncan, J. D. Berger, B. B. Brown' R' H' Pemz' Jack P' Campbell' Standing: Thomas J. Bole, Larry W. Fultz. Seated: L. W. Sandage, Philip J. Lang, Mrs. Elizabeth Vondy. I l l Alumni Association At the beginning of 1960, considered one of the most critical years in the history of the University of Houston, the Alumni Association listed the purposes and aims of the Alumni program. PURPOSES The principal feature of the ASSOCi3tlOI1,S program is service to the institution. This service is carried out through: Records: The Association maintains current records on all graduates of the University, including many special groups. i Cornrnunications: It provides an adequate and interesting source of information about the school for the constituency of the Alumni body through the publication of the Alumni maga- zine, newsletters and announcements. F inancing: The Association contributes monetarily to the betterment of the University program through the operation of a dues system. l Coordination of Effort: The Association maintains a proper relationship between the Alumni body, student body and school Tdministration. THEODORE R. HENDRICKS, Executive Director Alumni Association l 44 JOHN J. TOOMEY, President AIMS The aims of the Alumni Association for the year 1960 are: To widen the scope of the Cultural Series of the Association. To establish and maintain the Alumni Distinguished Collection for the library of the University. To enlarge, as the budget will permit, the Alumni magazine, The EXtra. To establish a University Club for social purposes. The establishment of the Annual Senior Awards by the Asso- ciation to the outstanding senior man and woman student. In brief, the aims and purposes of the University of Houston Alunmi Association include using the most effective means at its disposal in supporting the University in its plans for progress. I I iii IB I I I I I I I I H it I Illini I I I 5 I I E F3 sa Ei I I El IIEE EIEEEBF IEIIIIHIE EEE A graduate of the UI1lX'S1'Sllj'.5 police school directs traffic at Travis and Dallas in downtown Houston. Freshman Class . . 'Stays Fresh Longer AGUIL6, Miguel Diaz, Ponce, Puerto Rico AKKERMAN, Carol, Houston ALLBRITTON, Dale Lee, Houston ANDERSON, Richard Wayne, Houston ARP, Carl George, Houston ARPS, Carol Ann, Houston ASHCRAFT, William Charles, Houston ATCHISON, L. B., Houston BAILEY, Raymond Gerald, Houston BAKENHUS, Frederick A., Houston BAKER, David John, Houston BANG, Ethelynn Dianne, Houston BALLARD, M. Virginia, Houston BARBER, Wanda Kay, Jackson, Miss. BARNES, Betty Ann, Golden Acres BARNES, Claude Brinton, Houston FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS: Kathy Young, Barry Madden, Jane Alexander, Bonnie Smith, Janice Johnstone are given the grand campus tour by Don Edwards, president. BEARROW, Janet F., Houston BEECHN ER, Paul Fredrick, La Feria BEELER, Frazier Greig, Houston BEHREND, Barbara, Houston BENAVIDES, Eva, Houston BENNATT, Robert Milton, Houston BENNETT, Tommy, Houston BERBERIAN, Katherine, Houston BERMAN, Ida Sue, Houston BISHOP, Alexander, Houston BLAKE, Andrew Weldon, Houston BLANKINSHIP, Sue, Houston BLOODWORTH, James Oliver, Houston BODDEN, Bari Bryce, Houston BOLTON, Patsy Ladel, Bryan BOOHER, John Oliver, Houston BORCHARDT, Clifford C., Houston BOUDREAUX, Denise, New Orleans, La BRADLEY, Karen Faye, Houston BRENEMAN, David Glenn, Houston BRIDGES, Barbara Lee, Buffalo BRITTIAN, Jo Egray, Houston BROWN , Carmie Joseph, F riendswood BRUMLEY, Windell, Houston BRYAN, Robert Michael, Houston BUCHANAN, Olive Jane, Houston BUCHTA, Ervin Alois, Guy BURKE, David Lee, Pasadena BURKHALTER, Milton Bryan, Houston BURNETT, Nikki C., Hitchcock BURRER, Victor, Houston BUSCHARDT, B. E., Houston BUTLER, Robert Dean, Houston BUTTS, Ruth Nell, Houston CADY, Judith Jean, Houston Look Mom no cavities' Ill never accept another blind date as long as I live." CALIVA, Ann J acquelyn, Houston CANNON, Elizabeth Ann, Angleton CARLSON, Caryl Jean, Houston CAREY, John E., Houston CASAS, Virginia Trevino, Houston CASTELLANOS, Leo J., Annapolis, Md. CHEANEY, Phyllis Lynn, Houston CHILDRESS, Mercer Dana, Houston CHRONE, India LaDelle, Houston CLAGHORN, Margaret Cynthia, Houston CLARK, Carolyn Marie, Houston CLAYTON, Patricia Anne, Houston CLIFTON Shirle Anne Houston a Y 5 COLLINS, Thomas, Houston COOK, Luther William, Houston COOKE, Robert Warren, Houston COX, William J., Houston CRAWFORD, Darwin Earl, Houston CREIGHTON, Sue, Houston CRITTENDEN, V. S., Houston CROOK, Anne Florence, Houston CROWELL, Linda Kay, Plainview CRUSE, Linda Alice, Houston CUPPY, William R., Logansport, Ind. DAFFIN, Barbara Jo, Houston DANN ER, Ira Joseph, Galveston DAUGHETY, Michael Jewel, Bellaire DAVIG, William A., Houston DAVIS, Kenneth Willard, San Antonio DAWSON, Donald R., Houston DELANEY, Kenneth Ray, Houston DERBES, Carolyn Ann, Pasadena DEWALD, Thomas Lester, Houston DOBAY, Joseph, Houston DOCKAL, Cynthia Frances, Houston Freshmen Mxrlalt w-ffx "And she was wearing this old out-of'style sack dress DONOHUE, Francis P., Houston DORNAK, Margaret Ann, Houston DORSEY, Eleanor, Houston DORSEY, Loretta Ann, Houston DRAPER, Walter David, Houston DRISCOLL, Charles P., Bellaire DUNKIN, Gloria Jean, Houston EADS, Madelaine Karen, Sinton ECKARDT, Barbara Jean, Northridge, Cal EDWARDS, Margaret Ann, Houston EDWARDS, W. Dewaine, Abilene EKLUND, Joe Lynn, Schulenburg ELDER, James Thomas, San Angelo ELEDGE, Arnold Ray, Houston ENGEL, Robert, Houston ENYEART, Jerry W., Michigan City, Ind. ERDIL, Altan, Izmir, Turkey ERDIL, Orhan, Konya, Turkey ERMIS, Katherine Sue, El Campo ESLINGER, Robert William, Houston EVERITT, Grace Emma, H ouston. FARMER, Louise G., Houston FAUST, Sandra Lynn, Houston FELDMAN, Jerry David, Houston. FENDLEY, Becky, Houston FERGUSON, John Scott, Houston FERRELL, Wayne Dodson, Houston FOGLE, Joseph Ray, Columbus, Ga. FORBES, Elroy Westveer, Houston FOWLER, Larry B., Houston FRANKS, Edward G., Caracas, Venezuela FRIEDMAN, Gerry, Houston FRITSCHE, Herbert Ahart, Houston FRITZ, Agnes Jacqueline, Bellaire FUGMAN, Joan Catherine, Pasadena So I said The better to hear you with my dear Winners, every one." GARCIA, Raymond Thomas, Houston GARRETT, Stanley Keith, Bowie GAUDIANO, Frances Marie, Houston GENTRY, Margaret Ann, Houston GHER, Norman Owen, Allendale, Ill. GIDDEN, Judy Ann, Houston GILBERT, Betsy Karl, Houston GLANZER, J anis Lee, Houston GOAD, Wanda Elaine, Houston GOLD, Ann Elizabeth, Houston GOLD, Elroy B., Houston GOLDEN, Joe Allan, Houston GOLDMAN, Jerald Douglas, Houston GOODBREAD, James Edward, Grapeland GORE, Roy Gerald, Oakwood GRADY, Betty Lou, Bryan GRAND, Barbara Ann, Haskell GRAY, Susan La Vaughn, Houston GRAYSON, Charles Vester, Houston GREEN, Nowlin Lee, Cypress HAISLER, William Arnold, Temple HALE, Ted, Mayfield, Ky. HAMMER, Jack, New Rochelle, N. Y. HAMPTON, Billie Marie, Houston HARGRAVE, Robert Lee, Dixon, Ill. HARRIS, George Malcolm, Houston HARRISON, K. J., Brookshire HARSCH, David G., Houston HASSELMEIER, Lydia Sue, Galveston HAWKINS, Eleanor L'Angel," Houston HAWKINS, Ronald Ray, Waco HAYES, John Gillis, Houston HAYES, Peggy Kelly, Houston HENDLEY, Bill Pat, H oustonl HENDRICKSON, Ned David, Owatonna, Minn. Freshmen U I "English gets harder every semester. HENNESSY, O. C., Houston HERNANDEZ, Maria, Brownsville HESS, Kenneth Darrell, Houston HEWITT, Gay Lynn, El Paso HIGHTOWER, Robert A., Houston HIRSCH, Joel S., Highland Park, Ill. HODELL, Betty Marie, Bellaire HODNETT, Larry Lee, Paragould, Ark HOFFMAN, Jon Paul, Winclorn, Minn HOFFMAN, Rosilyn Gay, Richmond HOLT, Richard G., Houston HOLT, William Randolph, Houston HOLUB, Marilyn Jo, Pasadena HOPKINS, Clinton E., Houston HOVER, Robert E., Amarillo HOWELL, Don Gene, Galena Park HYNDMAN, Bill, Abington,-Pa. IRICK, Christine C., Houston ISENHOWER, Nelson D., Lissie JACKSON, Carla R., Austin JARVIS, Billy John, Houston J EANF REAU, Lila LaVerne, Texas City JEFFERY, Roger William, Houston JENNINGS, Judy Marilyn, Houston J ETELINA, Adolph Albert, Wallis JOHNSON, Carolyn Jean, Houston JOHNSON, Odes Bradford, Houston JONES, Ben Lee, Houston JONES, Tom E., Texas City KEELY, M. Ann, Houston KEEZEL, Roy, Houston KENNEDY, Patsy June, Houston KERBER, Joanne Neville, LaPorte KESERCIOGLU, Yener, Ankara, Turkey KETTLE, John A., Houston o clock classes are good for sleeping through." uw, it Y ' ft: ai ' . WHY, ' L H 1 Q' . 5 s L 3'3"-H1 f " I1 44 "" L ' - 'rt' 5 " ' VM is - - - 'sv f ,,, . , . - g it ip" 3 V., la' v. 1 :nar- KIMBROUGH, Dale C., Clute KLUSSMAN, Henry Alexander, Houston KNAPP, Suanne H., Houston KNIGHT, Wenonah Iona, Houston KONRAD, Wilfred John, Weazwff KOSTER, Gerald Richard, Houston KUEHNLE, Ronald Arthur, Spring KUENSTLE, Richard William, Houston LACAMU, Leo Harold, Houston LACAMU, Leon Connor, Houston LAMMERS, Arlie G., Houston LAPIN, Maxine C., Houston LARUE, Florine Gail, Houston LATTIMORE, William Griffin, Plains LAWLESS, Oliver William, Orangefield LEATHERWOOD, Polly Ann, Houston LEE, Kenny, Houston LEMLEY, Alan Norman, Houston LEMLEY, Carolyn Ruth, Houston LEWIS, Coy Deloire, Houston LEWIS, Judy Riddell, Houston LIGON, Robert J., Houston LINDSAY, Robert Douglas, Bethesda, Md. LISTER, Thomas W., Houston LLOYD, Charles Edward, Laredo LONG, Beverly Jane, San Antonio LOPEZ, Inez, Houston LUBOJACKY, Calvin Eugene, Houston LUCAS, Frank Leo, Houston LUKE, Louaine, Houston LUNA, Juan, Texas City LUNSFORD, Pascal Eugene, Houston LYNE, Fannie Lou, LaPorte . MADRID, Carlos Antonio, El Paso MAINORD, Barbara Lynn, Houston Freshmen v-,All mlm """"X "He thinks I'm going to drink this stuff MALIN, Barbara Ellen, Houston MANISCALCO, Anthony Carl, Houston MANUEL, John Earl, Houston MARTIN, Dorothy Leigh, Millers Creek, N. C. MARTIN, Sandra Sue, Houston MARTINEZ, Una Markel, Houston MATHEAS, William E., Bellaire MATRANGA, Mary Ann, Hitchcock MAY, Cecil Harold, Houston MCBRIDE, James Robert, Houston MCCASKILL, John Hardy, Houston MCCLAIN, Jimmy Lee, Houston MCDANIEL, Carol Renee, Houston MCDONALD, Madeline Louise, Houston MCHARGUE, Jackie Louise, Houston McKAY, Kenneth M., Pasadena MCKEEHAN, Richard J ames, Houston MCKENZIE, Harold A., Bentley, Alberta, Can. MCLEOD, Alonzo Albert, Houston McWILLIAMS, Sandra Jo, Houston MENDOZA, Olga M., Houston MESIROFF, Jennie Pearl, Houston MESSICK, Gerald Marion, Woodriser, Ill. MICHKA, Mary Alice, Houston MILLER, David Charles, Houston MILLER, Russell D., Des Moines, Iowa MITCHELL, June E., Houston MONK, Gloria Gale, Pasadena MONTALBANO, Annette Marie, Houston MONTALBANO, Phil Joseph, Houston MOODY, J. C., Houston MOORE, Donald Ralph, Houston MORTON, James Edward, New Brunswick, N. I MOSTERT, Jeanie Marie, Houston MRAZ, Don Ray, Temple Who said KA pledges stole your bulletin board?" "We don't know anything about a hanging . . . we were at a party at the time." MUN OZ, Fred, Galveston NARD, Tom Alan, Houston NECESSARY, Morgan Darrell, Pasadena NEVITT, James Bowling, Bellaire NEWBY, Julie Attebury, Dallas NIVENS, Rolf Eugene, Houston NOLAN, Brooks Robert, Houston NORMAN, Lloyd Eugene, Houston 0'LEARY, John, Lawton, Olcla. OLIPHANT, Charles Paul, San Angelo OLIVER, Chester Lee, Drumright, Okla. 0'WESNE, .lack Arthur, Houston PARKER, James Rodger, Conroe PARKER, Richard Lee, Houston PARRISH, Harry Allen, Houston PAYNE, Robert Vance, Center PEABODY, Nan Carol, Houston PEARLMAN, Ronald Edmond, San Antonio PEEBLES, Karan Niena, Houston PEEBLES, Theo Lee, Houston PELHAM, Royce, Lake Jackson PETTIGREW, Linda Daphene, Houston PHILIPS, Charles Henry, Sweeny PIERCE, William Elmore, Dickinson PINGENOT, Marie Jeannine, Houston PITSARAS, Mary Jane, Houston POTTER, Travis Warren, Grand Prairie POUNCY, Howard Douglas, Houston PRINCE, Jerry Allen, Houston PYLE, Margaret Helen QUARLES, Richard Clinton, Porter RAITANO, Josephine Marie, Galveston RASH, Shelby Winifred, Houston RAY, Dorothy K., Houston RAY, Virginia Ruth, Houston Freshmen -,MXXlfw-lm W""X "Gig 'em, Aggies . . . Er, I mean, Get 'em, Big Red REDDEN, John Ira, Houston REEDER, Barbara Nann, Bowie REHFIELD, Fred A., Houston RESTIVO, Linda Jean, Bryan REYNOLDS, Daphne Anne, Harlingen RHEA, Joe Dale, Houston RICH, Mary Rose, Houston RING, Robert, Houston ROBBINS, Billy Jack, El Campo ROBERTS, Jim Edward, Houston ROBIN, Allan Maynard, Houston RODGERS, Nelson Lamar, Quitman, Mis ROGERS, Delia Myrle, Bellaire ROSS, Fred Jasper, Houston ROTHRUM, Patricia Lee, Houston ROWE, Lynn, Baytown RUBIN, Gail, Peoria, Illinois RUHLING, Billy Bernard, Independence, RUSHING, David M., Houston RUSSELL, Brenda Jean, Houston RUTLEDGE, Earl Read, H ouston. SADLER, Stephen Van, San Saba SALIMAS, Richard, Houston SAMUELSON, Jerry, Austin SANDER, L. Weldon, Houston SANDY, Phyllis Ann, Seabrook SARAO, Anthony Joseph, Houston s. Va SATTERWHITE, Martha Jo, Corpus Christi SAWYER, Robert John, Houston SCHUHMANN, Jon Edward, Houston SCHULTE, Herbert Lawrence, Houston SEALE, Jerry Franklin, Houston SEMANDER, Larry, Houston SETTOON, Claiborne Bernard, Sulphur, SEVERS, Jim E., Springfield, Ohio Mldslupman Freitag dldnt slune lus shoes again today I came to pick up my clothing." L SEYMOUR, Mignon Louise, Houston SHACKETT, Thomas Charles, Houston SHEHEE, Henry Thomas, Houston SHERRILL, Pat William, Houston SHILOFF, Rochelle F aye, Sioux City, Iowa SHOOK, Robert Lee, Houston SHUMAN, Susan Myra, Cheyenne, Wyoming SIMAR, Patrick Gaston, Houston SIMS, Bertie Adele, Bellaire SIMS, Judith Anne, Houston SLOAN, Judith Ann, Baytown SPENCE, Lynn Edwin, Houston SPENCER, Barbara Louise, Houston SPILLARS, Billie Marie, Houston STARKE, Jewel Virginia, Houston STEPHEN, Melvileen Zee, Galveston STERNENBERC, Robert Ernest, Houston STEVENS, Gus A., Houston STEWART, Edward Hamilton, Houston STEWART, Ellsworth Robinson, Houston STRONG, Don Alan, Houston STOEVE, Federico A., EZ Paso SULLIVAN, Billie Ruth, Houston SWIHART, Bruce A., Houston SWOPE, James Robert, Pittsburg, Ill. TAVORA, Octavio J uarel, Rio de Janeiro, S.A TEMPERO, Nancy Carol, Austin THIEME, Larry Everatte, Houston THOMSEN, William Ernest, Houston THUESEN, Edwin Earl, Needville TOBEY, Gordon Lee, Houston TRAPOLINO, Joe Louis, Houston TUMLIN, Cecil Edward, Houston TWELVES, Roy A., Dallas VAMVAKIAS, Nick Athanas, Houston Freshmen I -,,,,X!lfw-lm W- "Sure, the band marches at every football game QP ZINDLER, Udith Annette, Bellaire VANCE, Mack Oliver, Houston VELOTTA, Charlene, Houston VERA, Albert, Houston VILLARREAL, Ernest, Houston VOLLSTEDT, Doris, Houston WAISATH, John Charles, Edna WALDVOGEL, Harriet Maxine, Houston WALLING, Troy Glenn, Houston WALTHALL, Hershell Wayne, Houston WARNASCH, Leroy Gilbert, Barker WARWICK, J oe H., Houston WATSON, Frances Fayne, Houston WEAVER, Howard Raymond, Colorado City WEINGART, Michael N., Skokie, Ill. WELLS, Eva J une, El Dorado, Ark. WERNER, Bonnie Lee, Greensburg, Ind. WEST, Judy Elaine, Houston WHITE, Doyle Dee, Stephenville WILCKE, Walter Dwain, Houston WILHITE, Robert Lewis, Houston WILLIF ORD, Jack Harrison, Houston WILLIS, Janet Ann, Houston WILSON, Barbara Elaine, Houston WILSON, Johnny Lee, Denison WINFREE, Luther Jerald, Orange WITTE, Conrad Grady, Sugar Land WONG, Fay Wing, Houston WOODARD, Bobbie Rae, Houston WORD, Pat, Hitchcock YOUNG, Kathey, Houston YOUNG, Virginia Bohrer, Houston ZARLEY, Kermit Millard, Seattle, Wash. ZARRABI, Farhad, Tehran, Iran ZEDLER, Zoe Ann, Houston ZIEVERT, Thomas John, Houston ophomore Class . . Gliooks Sharp, Feels Sharp, Is S-harp, J ADAMO, Michael Joe, Houston ADAMS, George Charles, Center ADAMS, James Kent, Houston ALANIS, Roy, Houston ALDRICH, Frederick N., Houston ALLBRIGHT, Thomas Leon, Baytown ALLISON, Joan Christofferson, Houston ALLSTOTT, Jerry Lee, Houston ANSELMO, Charles J oseph, Port Arthur ANTILL, Elaine, Houston ARMSTRONG, Kathleen Vaughan, Houston Just catching on to the knack of hula-hooping are SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Norman Jones, president, Gary Phillips, vice-president, Sally Day, treasurer, Diane Doyen, secretary, Shawn Mur- phy, representative, and Judy Goodrich, representative. I ARRIZOLA, Enrique, Houston AUTREY, Lyda S., Houston BAILEY, Elyndabeth, Houston BALDWIN, Anne Stephanie, Houston BAMMEL, Carol Ann, Houston BANKS, Judy Ann, Bellaire BARNES, Anne Shaw, Houston BARTH, Carolyn Ann, Houston BAUER, Seymour Elliot, Houston BAUMGARTEN, Roger Lee, Houston BERMAN, Arlene G., Houston BIGGERS, Laura, Houston BIRDWELL, Daniel Lee, Big Spring BLACK, Allan Leroy, Houston BLATTEL, Walter Joseph, Houston BOLCER, Nita Louisa, Bellaire BOLL, Neil Walter, Bellaire BOND, Jeannine, Houston , BONNO, Joseph P., Houston BORK, John Erik, Harlingen BOSTON, Kirby Lee, Houston BOWIE, John Robert, H ouston BRAUN, Robert J., Houston BRICKEN, William-Bryan, Beaumont BRITT, Ben Nelson, Victoria BROOKS, Harry Louis, Houston BROOKS, Richard Alan, Houston BROOKS, Tensie Ann, Houston BROOKS, Terry Lee, Houston BROUGHTON, William Allen, Pasadena BRUCHSTEIN, Paul, Houston BRUNER, Carolyn, Houston BRUYAS, Andre, Mexico City, Mexico BURGER, Theodor F., Fairbanks Somebody told her they're raising the tuition again." "I got another ticket for parking in the student parking lot." BLANCO, Ricardo Augusto, Lima Peru., S BURNS, Robert Francis, Houston BURROWS, Kenneth Edwin, Kermit BUTLER, Marilyn' Ann, Houston CARBAJAL, Kenneth Seeger, Houston CASAS, Jimmy, Houston CHALMERS, John Colin Waukesha Wi , , s . CHALMERS, Ray Delle, Houston C CHAN, Aloysius Tak Foo, Hong Kong CHANDLER, W. Don, Ben Wheeler COLE, Dale Vadin, Houston COLE, James Wiley, Pasadena COOK, Jackie Lee, Houston COSTA, Phil V., Houston CROCKETT, Marcia Virginia, Houston CRUZ, Richard Refugio, Houston CULVER, Larry E., Houston DAY, Sally Elizabeth, Houston DECKO, Arthur D., Orange, Conn. DEEN, Gerald K., San Benito DELONEY, Len Thomas, Houston DICKSON, Jerry Ervin, Houston DIETZ, J. Brian, Silver Spring, Md. DIPUCCIO, Charles Arthur, Lake Jackson DOUCETTE, Davis Crowell, H euston DOWDY, Teresa Ann, Wichita Falls DRAUGHN, Joe Lenn, Houston DUSEK, Eugene A., Houston EDGE, Gerald Wayne, Houston EISWORTH, Michael John, Houston EVANS, Gerald, Houston EVANS, Jerry Don, Deming, N. Mex. EVANS, Vaughan, Shreveport, La. FAIGLE, Charles Joseph, Houston FERNEY, Sharon Lyn, Houston FINE, Edith Iris, Houston Sophomores Awlwlt W-"X 'Tm switching courses. That Geology instructor grades on a point system." f t FISHER, Virgil William, Houston FLINT, Robert B., Bellaire FOX, Betty Carolyn, Houston FREE, Barbara Jean, Houston GABRIEL, Nancy Irene, Corpus Christi GALLAGHER, Kay, Bellaire GANTER, Dorrance L., Galveston GARRETT, Joan Elaine, Houston GILLASPY, William Roger, Houston GILLIAM, Roland Ray, Houston GOLDING, Patricia Faye, Houston GOSTECNIK, Joyce Ann, Houston GOTSDINER, Sanford Yale, Houston GOULD, Steve David, Houston GRANT, Forrest Wayne, Alice GRAY, Pennie Sue, Baytown GREEN, Robert B., Larnpasas GREENE, James Aubrey, Pasadena GRIM, Gerald Kenneth, Houston GRIMM, Nancy Carole, Valley, Neb. GROSSBERG, Marc E., Houston GUYNES,'Beany Buck, Corsicana HALL, Ethelyn Lurline, H ouslon HALL, J erry Linda, Houston HAMANN, Georee Tueodoce, Houston HAMMERLE, Virgil Paul, Houston HAMMONDS, Loretta Lynn, Houston HANCOCK, John Gaylor, Webster HANKINS, Ray Clyde, Houston HANKINS, Roy Clifford, Houston HARPER, Ira Glenn, Houston HARRINGTON, Douglas Roy, Port Arthur HASSELL, Margie J., facksonville HEATON, William Otto, Houston HEMPEL, James Edward, Galveston Short sheetm again Comes in handy for bypassing the chains at all the campus en- HENDERSON, Archie Anderson, Houston HENDERSON, .James Bender, Houston HERNANDEZ, Robert William, Houston HILLEGEIST, Reynold Ben, Houston HIMMELSTEIN, Randa Lee, Houston HINKLE, Ruth Ellen, Houston HOFFMAN, Lynn Rae, Glidden HOHMANN, Margaret Ann, Houston HOOD, Benjamin Harrison, Houston HOPF E, Dieter Horst, Houston HOPPE, Ronald C., Houston HORAN, James Robert, Houston HRNA, Daniel Joseph, Deming, N. M., HUDSON, Keith Carroll, Clarendon HURST, Gordon Emerson, Houston IRBY, Yvonne, Houston JACKSON, Jimmy Herndon, Angleton JAY, Thomas Ryan, Houston JEZEK, James Edward, Houston JOHNSON, Floyd Allen, Houston JOHNSON, Michael, Batavia, New York JOHNSON, Patricia Lou, Houston KELLY, Patrick Wilborae, Houston KESTENBAUM, Miriam, Houston KILPPER, Robert William, Houston KING, Horace Derwood, Houston KIRKPATRICK, Julia Elizabeth, Houston KITOWSKI, Aloysius Sigmund, Houston KLINGSPORM, Orman Wayne, Houston KLOS, William Anton, Houston KNOSTMAN, John Wayne, Bellaire KOIMN, Bobby Lee, Houston KRUPKE, Jennie L., Houston KUHLMANN, Brenda Joyce, Houston KUYKENDALL, Kirk Joseph, Houston Sophomores ,,,,,.l.l shim "Had lunch in the den again, eh? LAIRD, Hainds E., Lawton, Oklahoma LAMONTE, Charles James, Houston LANGFORD, Carolyn Alice, La Marque LAPECROUSE, Robert Allen, Sugar Land LARPENTEUR, Jeanine Marie, La Marque LeBOUF, Edmond Ray, Houston LEGGETT, Larry, Houston LEWIS, Edwin Charles, Houston LEWIS, Jerry Don, Kaufman LEWIS, Neil, Galveston LIGHTENSTEIN, A. Albert, Corpus Christi LIEVAND, Rodrigo Joseph, Houston LIM, Wai William, Houston LINDBERG, Jerry Dale, Pasadena LOPEZ, John Frank, Houston LOWE, Lessie Ruth, H ouston, LOWRY, Lynn Howard, Houston LUTES, Charles W., Longview MADER, Johnny Melvin, El Campo MADRID, Lorenzo Oscar, El Paso MANDOLA, Anthony Joseph, Houston MARESH, Mary Ann Albina, Edna MARSH, Bobbie Vee, Houston MARSHALL, Melvin Terrel, Houston MATTHEWS, Norman Gerald, Crosby MAUGHMER, Birtie, Houston MCCARTY, Robert Terry, Bowie MCCOREY, Eddie Gary, Port Arthur MCRAE, Robert Gerald, Hebbronville MEINSCHER, Fred C., Houston MEISENHOLDER, Richard Eugene, Houston METTING, Kenneth Charles, Yorktown METZLER, J ack Warner, Tornball MEYER, Joseph Daniel, Sugar Land MEYER, Travis Walter, Fayetteville I'm not kidding. The whole fraternity made their grades." "Service is our middle name." MILLER, Shirley Ann, Houston MONTGOMERY, Carole Ann, Lawton, Okla. MONTROY, J ohn Dennis, Houston MOORE, Thomas Jerry, Houston MOTES, Clarence Earl, Houston MULVEY, Edward Johnson, Houston MURPHY, Shawn, Houston MUSEMECHE, Bob Joe, Houston MUSTACHIA, Michael William, Houston NELSON, Roanne S., Corpus Christi NEWMAN, Arlene Marie, Houston NICHOLS, Jane Ellen, Houston NICHOLS, Simeon Eugene, Houston NIEDECKEN, Patsy C., Houston NITSCH, Patrick Andrew, El Campo NOTT, Nancy Diane, Port Neches PALMER, Patricia Diane, Houston PALMER, Raymond William, Pasadena PANG, Edward William, Greenville, Miss. PARKHURST, James Earl, South Houston PATTERSON, Erin Kay, Kenedy PAYNE, Leo William, Texas City PESCHEL, Jo Ann, New Ulm PETTY, Bobby Lee, Longview PHILIP, Sara Ann, Wichita, Kansas PITTMAN, Nina Judith, Midland PITZER, Raymon Knox, Big Spring PLASEK, Larry E., Houston PLEDGER, Linda Joyce, Houston PORTER, Nancy Lee, LaPorte POULOS, Ann A., Houston PRYZANT, Frank Seymour, Houston RAINEY, John Edward, La Marque RASH, Suzanne Emerson, Houston REED, Helen Sue, Houston Solohomores -4.,4,xXllfwslM W--'X I "Would you believe it? I have a cold D l L 11 REESE, John Olan, Houston REID, Elton Freeman, Houston RICE, Charles M., Houston RICHARDSON, William E., Houston RICHTER, Susan Dee, New Braunfels ROBERTS, Delene Ruth, Houston ROBERTSON, Henry Muir, Houston ROBINSON, Barbara Ruth, Houston? ROGERS, Mildred Ann, Houston ROMANS, Eddie, Houston ROSS, Dan Thomas, Pasadena RUDEWIG, .Barbara Ann, Houston RUSSELL, Donald Gail, Stafford SCHARLACH, Llewelyn J oan, Houston SCHIFANI, Steve Bernard, Houston SCHNEIDER, Billie Janeen, Bellville SCHOTT, August Nelson, Humble SCOTT, Peter Jerome, Groves SHEERAN, Sandra Jane, Seabrook SICOLA, Sammy William, H ouston, SIMMONS, Arthur Barlow, Houston SJ OGREN, Cora Nell, Houston SLAUGHTER, Thomas Weir, Bellaire SLOVER, Ira Nathan, Houston SMITH, Donna Lee, Houston SMITH, Fond, Houston SMITH, Johnny Gordon, Houston SMITH, Robert McGee, Lampasas SNOW, Rosemary, Houston SPEIGHTS, Nelwyn Lee, Houston' STEIN, Lee Charles, Houston , STEPHENS, Charles David, M obile, Ala STERLING, Peggy Ann, Houston STONESTREET, Charles Robert, Dallas TALLEY, Eddie C., Pasadena Well Chief said we couldn't have a western dance." uAI1d lhefem be H0 iC9 OH the FiffSla 101-U TAYLOR, Kenneth Orlen, Houston TEMPLE, Merle Ellen, Seabrook THOMAS, Robert Laverl, Pasadena THOMPSON, Edward J., Houston THOMPSON, Hugh Delane, Wichita Falls THORNTON, Edward William, Pittsburgh, Pa. TROUTT, Howard E., Houston TUCKER, Jon Franklin, Houston UZZLE, Donald Clayton, Houston VALLES, Merrie Ann, Houston VAN EATON, Diane Adrienne, Bellaire VENTURA, Sammy David, Dallas VICTORIA, Robert D., San Antonio VOLLMERING, Gary Leland, Escobas VOLLMERING, Sidney Wayne, Escobas WAGERS, Herbert L., Houston WALKER, Sally Sue, Houston WATERS, David Llewellyn, Houston WEBER, Charles A., Houston WEINBERGER, Mitchell Irwin, San Antonio WESTPHAL, Douglas Herbert, Houston AWHITE, James M., Houston WHITE, William Roland, Houston WILLE, Charles A., Mt. Prospect, Ill. WILLIAMS, Clyde Nathan, Houston WILLIAMS, James Edwin, Houston WILLIS, Charles Clifton, Houston WOLFE, Bettye Blankenship, Houston WOODRUFF, Lyle A., Houston WOOLLEY, Carol Ann, Houston WORDEN, Ray D., Houston WORSHAM, Ronald Edmund, Houston WYATT, Billy Harold, Sulphur Springs YOUNG, Kenneth Ray, Rosenberg ZINNANTE, Anthony Russell, Houston Sophomores -.,,,,Xllfw-lm W'-f-'N "What do you mean the costumes are too short? Junior '. . 6Progress, Their Most Important Product' ADAMS, Glenn C., Latexo if ABDULLAH, Hassan, Baghdad, Iraq ALLEN, James L., Houston ALLEN, John Dave, Houston ANDERS, Donald R., Houston ASHLEY, O. James, Nicholasville, Ky. ATCHLEY, Barbara Kay, Houston AYLES, Earl Murphey, Dallas BARNES, Charles Billy, Houston BATTAGLIA, Jo Agnes, Houston .JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS, Tom Vanzant, vice-presidentg Nelda Younger, treasurer, Jim Knox, president, and Bobbie Hainline, secretary, journey to the stock- yards and find a lucky horseshoe. BAUGH, Hollis Alford, Houston BENEFIEL, Shirley Jane, Houston BENSON, Betty Jeanne, Houston BEREUT, Ruhl Rustu, Istanbul, Turkey BISHOP, Robert, Houston BIUN DO, Bruce Vincent, Independence, BLEND, Henrietta B., Houston BLOME, William Lewis, Houston BODINE, Bernie Ray, La Marque BOEDEL, James Barrett, Houston BOGGS, Carolyn, Houston BOYD, Jim Allen, Houston BRACK, Leroy Samuel, Houston BRADLEY, Stanley Griffin, Houston BROWN, Jerry Wayne, Fairbanks BROWN, Ramona C., Odessa BUCHTA, Rudolph J., Angleton BURGIN, Patricia Jane, Houston BURKETT, Bernice, Houston CAMPBELL, Billy Joe, H Quston CAMPBELL, C. Robert, Houston CAMPISI, Joseph Francis, Houston CARPENTER, Dorina J 0, Houston CARRADINE Thomas Wa ne Elton La. 7 y , 1 CHESHIRE, Ned B., Houston COCBURN, Charlie Newton, Pasadena COLE, Aubrey Pruitt, Friendswood COOK, Eugene Augustus, Houston COOMBES, Robert Earl, Houston CORLEY, Edmond Warren, Houston COTTON, Ernest Ray, Houston CRENSHAW, Patricia Marion, Pasadena CRENWELCE, Otto Emil, Houston CRIM, Duane Melvin, Houston CROCKETT, William Emmett, Houston funiors l -.Mwl,,,,lM w--,--X sg - ,psf--f gang- ' : 1, "All U. of H. students are . . . alert CRUZ, Fernando, Laredo CULOTTA, Joe Philip, Houston CUTTING, ,lean Alice, Fairfield, Conn. DANIELSON, Richard John, Houston DAVIS, Donnie Doyle DENLEY, Cecil Franklin, Houston DUSMUKES, Mary lVlartha, Luling DUBOIS, Boyce L., Houston DUDLEY, Evelyn l. Gibbs, Pasadena DUELBERG, Mildred, Houston DUNK, W. Edwards, Pasadena EAGER, James L., Houston EASLEY, Carolyn Joann, Houston EDWARDS, Letha Joy, Houston FELD, Jerry, Houston FIELDS, John Roy, Houston FISHER, Nelson Augustus, Houston FITZE, Richard Thomas, Houston FRATOLILL, Joseph F., Houston FREITAG, Ellis Joseph, Houston FRIEDMAN, Estelle Ann, Houston GADDIS, Frank January, Houston GEORGE, Katherine J ones, Highlands GIBSON, Donald A., Houston GOLDSMITH, Edward Arthur, H ousto GRAHAM, Donald Knox, Houston GURIN, Marialn Rachel, Houston GUTIERREZ, Pedro Joaquin, Granada Central America HADLEY, Charles King, Bellaire HAINLINE, Bobbie Louise, Houston. HARRISON, Paul Spencer, Houston HARDIN, Eva Loraine, Houston TI -Nicaragua HARRIS, Charlynn Catherine, San Antonio HARRIS, Daniel Wayne, Miami, Fla. HARTGROVE, Billy Ray, Houston neat and well groomed Stlldi0115, HARTWICK, J acquelin A., Houston HAWKINS, Floyd Allan, Houston HAWTHORNE, Billy J oe, Jacksonville HAYWARD, Shirley Lucinda, Houston HEARD, Thomas James, Aztec, N. M. HEINRICH, Darrell Craig, San Leandro, Calif. HEITMAN, Bennie Gary, Pasadena HENSLEY, Glenda Gilbert, Houston HICKMAN, Norman Alison, Houston HILL, Dennis Bruce, Houston HILL, James R., Houston HILL, Jeffrey Barksdale, Houston HILLIN, Linda Jean, Houston HIRSCH, Walter Carl, Houston HITCHCOCK, Hulon Joe, Houston HOBBS, John Frank, Houston HOCOTT, Elaine, Houston HOLBERT, Janet Marie, Houston HOLDER, Joyce Loretta, Houston HOLLAHAN, Edward Lee, LaMarque HOLT, Fred Russel, fena, La. HOLT, Ralph E., Texas City HOLUB, Tommie C., Pasadena HOYT, Claudia Janan, Houston HUANG, Yu-Hsiw, Formosa HUDSON, Carol May, Bellaire HUNTER, Carol Ann, Houston INSALL, Eugene Madison, Pasadena ISBELL, Evelyn Janet, Houston JACOBSEN. Mary, Hammond, La. JENNINGS, Shirley Lou, Houston JOHNSON, Carolyn Frances, Lake Jackson JOHNSTON, Iris K., Palestine JONES, Hugh Patrick, Houston JOYCE, O. J., Ft. Worth Juniors -ANLWIM an-d honest nm 1 My 'EN ew 35:12 fig avi 'x . .L NL d. 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K V P 1'f J. ,-"Q '., 1 ,fi-w X. f'g..'fz. 1-' -:bf f-.i, JI: ' 1 I n. H ll- 1 1. -,Q 431. 1 . . i 1: :E Ms, ij xl XJ.. H 'gi-EE.!I.5m .1 2 :4:..w" ' Q55 . A-,. V. W 1 -,liffffl -:JF arf XJI4 Mlm ...NL , N f I1,'L'J "i vu 1 L.,- ' -,u"V2l'.'1' ,L -'W Aug. 14 ' 4 Qi - W f IMJI '1,gt.ll1l!1F' -gk A f in - SMITH, Joyce Marie, Houston STAIR, Robert Yocum, Houston SUCHMA, James Howard, Houston SULLIVAN, Charles Patrick, Houston SULLIVAN, Sharon Grace, Coronado, Ca SUTTON, Jack Roger, Houston SZATHMARY, Joseph Alex, Yardville, N. TAYLOR, George Harvey, Houston TEMPLETON, Earl, Alvin TESTON, Edwin E., Houston THOMPSON, Mary Lee, Houston TODD, Patricia Ann, Houston TOLAND, Frank Marshall, Houston USSERY, James Monroe, Pasadena VERRI, Robert, Galveston VIN SON HALER, Allena Pundt, Houston VOIGHT, Patricia Ann, Elgin WALDROP, .Ronald Dean, Pasadena WALLACE, Jack Maurice, Houston WARD, Jelks Oscar, Houston WARNER, Josephine Marian, Houston WEBB, Robbie Nell, Houston WERN, George Marion, Galveston WHALEN, John Edward, Houston WHITELEY, Don Earl, Almeda WHITLEY, Larry J., Houston WILLHOITE, Ernie Dean, Houston WINTERS, Jackie, Houston WITT, James Roger, Houston WOOD, Logan W., Pasadena WOOTEN, Leonard Ernest, Houston WORNAT, Wilroy Herbert, Rosenberg YARBROUGH, Stanley Harold, Pasadena ZARNOW, William Robert, Houston ZIDELL, Harvey Robert, Houston Juniors I -,MXXLWIM V '6University begins new building project :J Sen1:0r Class . .'Hottest Group Going' SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Ralph Tur- ner, presidentg Rusty Henkhaus, represen- tativeg Marilyn Miller, secretaryg and Sandy Pittman, treasurer, cook up a panful of mashed potatoes and trouble in OB Hall cafeteria. lin l A P 1 1 GRADUATION TABLE -QKQNV A joyful moment for senior stu- dents: The measuring of heads for graduation caps. Mrs. Ahern and Mrs. Reynolds of the Registrar's office measure Ellen Guidry and Rikki Clark for the big event. ABEL, Wilma Sidonia, Houston, Accounting ABELL, Nell Boylan, Houston, Math, Phi Kappa Phi, Fiesta Censor ADAMS, James Francis, Houston, HSPE, Sphere Club, NEA, TSTA, SEA, Stock 81 Stolon, Ath- letic Student Trainer ALBRO, Ward Sloan, Bellaire, History ALDERMAN, Donald Bruce, Houston, Journalism, Alpha Delta Sigma, President ALEXANDER, Margaret Lucretia, Houston, Ele- mentary Education, Sigma Chi Sweetheart, Chi Omega, Secretary, Vanity Fair Favorite, Fiesta Top Ten Act, Canterbury Club, Pep Club AN DREASON, Vilma Jean, H ouston, Elementary Education AVERY, William Richard, Houston, Marketing BARNES, Juanita Ann, Houston, Elementary Edu- cation, Delta Zeta, Rush Captain, Delta Chi Sweet- heart BAXTER, Billy K., Houston, GBA BEASON, Ruby Faye, Odessa, Elementary Education BECK, E. Carol, Houston, Music BIUNDO Joseph J. Independence La.' Pharmacy' Student Body Vice-President, Student Senate, Pres- ident, Phi Delta Chi, President, Rho Chi, Phi Kappa, Newman Club BLACKSTONE, Raymond L., Houston, Photogra- phy, Kappa Alpha Mu, President, Cougar, Hous- tonian Photographer, Fiesta, Dean's List, ROTC BLAKE, Frank Eugene, Houston, Drafting, Tau Alpha Pi, Dragon Society, Treasurer, Vice-Presi- dent, Institute of Radio Engineers BLANTON, Jeannean Burns, Houston, Elementary Education BLOUNT, Charles Dwain, Sulphur Springs, Radio- TV BODMER, James Ellis, Houston, Electrical Engineer- ing BOND, Eddie D., Teague, Accounting, CYC, Presi- dent, House of Representatives, Clerk, RGC, Vice- President, SAM, Accounting Society BOSSE, William R., Houston, Electrical Engineering BOSTON, Roosevelt, Galveston, GBA BRADBERRY, Abby, Houston, Fashion Design BRAVENEC, Benny Baron, Houston, Accounting BRIDGES, Thomas L., Pasadena, Electrical En- gineering BRODNAX, Charles Troy, Houston, Electrical En- gineering BROWN, Charles Robert, Houston, Psychology BRUCE, Carlyne Lorraine, Galena Park, Biology BUCHANAN, Jean Ann, Pasadena, Art Education BUCHTA, Raymond Frank, Guy, Pharmacy BURKE, Helen R. Christie, Houston, Elementary Education BURKHARDT, Sandra Eileen, Houston, Elementary Education BUSCH, Willy C. P., Houston, Chemistry BUTTERFIELD, Frank Darrell, Healclton, Okla., Optometry BYBEE, Mary Susan, Houston, Sec. Adm. CABLE, Reba M., Houston, Psychology CAFFREY, Charles M., Temple, HPE CALDWELL, Richard H., Houston, Pol. Science, Phi Rho Pi, President, Phi Theta Kappa, Presi- dent, President Soph. Class, Outstanding Student, House of Representatives, Phi Kappa Phi, Presi- dent Pi Kappa Delta, Forensic Society CALLENDER, Don Robert, Houston, GBA CALLIER, Bud, Atlanta, Ga., GBA CANNIFF, Joseph H., Houston, Electronics CARMICHAEL, Keith Stewart, Houston, ME CARNEY, John J., Houston, Mgt. CARRILLO, Guillermo, Houston, Pharmacy CART, Blufford Joseph, fennings, La., Pharmacy CARY, Thomas Lee, Houston, Pet. Eng. CASTER, Louis, Houston, Mgt. CATALAN, Nathan, Caracas, Venezuela, Economics CAUDILLO, Manuel, Houston, Pharmacy CHAMBERS, Leon Lawrence, Houston, Art CHANDLER, ,lo Ann, Senath, Mo., Sociology CIULLA, Bernard Anthony, Houston, Air Condition- ing and Refrigeration CLARABUT, George Sidney, Houston, GBA CLAUDER, Hershel E., Houston, Elec. Eng. COLBY, Fred Leon, Houston, Journalism COWSERT, Feliz E., Houston, Architecture CORNETT, .lames Elmer, Blessing, Pet. Eng. COX, Lucrecia Correa, Houston, GBA CHUM, A. J., Bellaire, Math CRUMPLER, Charles Thomas, H ouston , Diesel Elec- tric Eng. CRUTCHER, Charles Lee, Kilgore, Pet. Eng. CRUZ, Lauro, Houston, Pol. Science DARLEY, Reginald Kenneth, Victoria, B.C., Canada, Health Safety, Physical Ed. DAVIS, Donald Harold, Houston, Drafting DEAN, Thelma Bond, Highlands, Elementary Edu- cation t DENSON, Marjorie Ellis, Baytown, Elementary Edu- cation DEPASQUAL, Donald Victor, Dickinson, Pharmacy DEVANEY, Harold Barton, Texas City, Electronics s DICKERSON, Marvin James, Houston, Transporta- tion DILL, Lucile Foust, Baytown, HEC, Phi Kappa Phi,,Beta Lambda DODSON, Billye Lake, Houston, Home Eco. DOHRMAN, Gayle Delee, Pasadena, Art Education DOLLASE, Edward Arnold, Pettus, Transportation DOLD, William Erie, Chicago, Ill., GBA DOMBROW, Bernard, Galveston, Pharmacy DOWDY, Patricia Nell, Wichita Falls, Sec. Adm., Womerfs Dormitory Council, Women's Student Association DOWNS, Robert John, Houston, Marketing DURDEN, Lloyd W., Houston, Electrical Eng. ENGEL, John Edward, Houston, Accounting ERDIL, Nebahat, Izmir, Turkey, Art ERVIN, Robert Lee, Houston, History EVERETT, George Browder, Gladewater, Pharmacy FADEN, Alan Jerome, Houston, Psychology FAGIN, Stanley Irwin, Houston, Psychology FARRAR, William Edward, Houston, Psychology FAWCETT, Darryl Lawrence, Houston, Pre-Law FELBINGER, Anne Marie, Mobile, Alabama, Art, SEA, Librarian, Red Masque, Kappa Pi F ISCHER, Kenneth Bernard, Pasadena, Mec. En- gineering FITZE, Harry D., Houston, Secondary Education FLANNERY, William T., Blanco, Physics FLEMING, Thomas Franklin, Houston, Accounting FLINN, Nadine Kae, Houston, Elementary Educa- tion FLOEHR, Donald James, Houston, Math FLOYD, Darold Dean, Snyder, Pharmacy FLUKER, Edward Michael, Houston, Accounting FLYNN, Michael Xavier, Houston, Architecture FOGT, David Clifford, Houston, Geology FORSHAW, Robert Lewis, Houston, Journalism FUELL, Frank Joseph, Houston, Accounting, Sec- retary, Delta Chi Fraternity, Society of Account- ants GARCIA, Elia M., Houston, Secondary Education GARCIA, Ernest O., Houston, Art Education GENTRY, Geneva Carol, H ouston, Music Education GEORGE, Louis F ..," Houston, Management GIFFORD, Doyle Wayne, Houston, Mech. Eng. GILBREATH, Alice Marie, Houston, Maths, Cor- responding Secretary, Alpha Phi GILLESPIE, Howard, Houston, Math GINTHER, Carolyn McGhee, Bellaire, Home Ec- onomics GODFREY, Frank Joseph, Pennellville, N. Y., Ac- counting , GOEBEL, Ben, Lake Jackson, Industrial Mgt. GOODLOE, Gail E., San Antonio, Secondary Edu- cation GORE, Mack O., Houston, M.E. GORZELL, Fred John, Houston, Graphic Arts, Mgt. GRASSMAN, Jon Michael, Bellaire, Retailing GRAVES, Sue Boykin, Big Spring, Elementary Edu cation GREATHOUSE, Leo Edward, Houston, Accounting GREER, Curtis, Henderson, Accounting GREGORY Walter Donald Houston' Geolo Graphic Arts GUENZEL, David Lee, Houston, Math GUIDRY, Ellen McLean, Baytown, Elementary Edu- cation HABER, Anthony David, Shaker Heights, Ohio, His- tory HALL, Frank Herndon, Houston, Architecture HALL, William Frank, Houston, Retailing HANNA, Marcus Allen, Houston, Finance HANSEN, Yvonne, Houston, Home Economics Edu- cation HABRELL, Samuel T., Houston, GBA HARRIS, Joseph Paschal, Houston, Industrial Elec- tronics HARTON, Virgil E., El Campo, Architecture HATHAWAY, H. W., Houston, Radio and TV HAYES, Noel Aaron, Houston, Chemical Education HAYES, Stuart W., Kissimmee, Fla., Photography, Kappa Alpha Mug Cougar, Wesley Foundation, Student Government, Journalism Inc. HEATH, Edward Allen, Rio Grande City, Psychol- ogy HEATH, Roy Calvin, Houston, Mechanical Engi- neering HEIT, George Martin, Galveston, Industrial Engi- neering HENKHAUS, Barbara Ruth, Shiner, Secondary Ed- ucation HERNDON, Patti, Corpus Christi, Elementary Edu- cation HEYLAND, Gary G., San Antonio, Pharmacy HIGHTOWER, Floyd Eugene, Houston, GBA HILL, John Irvin, Houston, Electrical Eng. HOBIZAL, Dolores Ann, Weimar, Speech Therapy e 1 s GRITZBAUGH, James Marstan, Rockford, Ill., HOLDER, Carroll Hulon, Riclzton, Miss., Transpor- tation HOLDER, Cecil L., Galena Park, Pet. Eng. and Math, Tau Epsilon, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Theta Kappa, Varsity H HOPPER, Max Dean, Houston, Math and Industrial Engineering HORN, Ruth Tackett, Houston, Secondary Educa- tion HORTON, Monte Earl, Houston, Marketing HOWARD, John Wallace, Houston, Home Bldg. and Light Construction HOWARD, Philip J., Houston, History HOWTON, Jimmie Frank, Houston, Diesel HRUSRC, Everett, Houston, GBA HUBER, Donald E., Houston, Accounting HOFFMAN, Sharon Whiting, Texas City, English HUMPHREYS, Vincent B., H ouston, Math HUNT, Elizabeth Ann, Houston, Business Education HYDE, Samuel Rowe, La Porte, Art HYNES, Joe H., Houston, Mechanical Engineering IRBY, Robert Kenneth, Baytown: Accounting ISHIGURO, Sadao, Tokyo, lapan, Transportation JAEGER, Harold Leroy, Houston, Electrical Engi- neermg JEHKIHS, Doyle King, Houston, Architecture JENNINGS, Roy, Houston., Architecture JOHNSON, Billy Ray, Houston, Management, ROTC, Marketing Association, Alpha Phi Omega Fiesta Top Ten Act JOHNSON, Carol Lynn, Bellaire, Art JOHNSON, Kay T., Houston, Management JOHNSON, Lewis Guy, Houston, Accounting JOHNSON, Thomas Alfred, Austin, Radio and Tele- vision, Delta Sigma Phi, Stock Sz Stolon Club, Radio-TV Guild, Executive Officer, Scabbard and Blade JOHNSTON, James W., Baker, La., Pharmacy JOLLY, Orville Lee, Houston, Geology JONES, Clayton D., Carthage, Accounting JONES, Myles Duane, Houston, GBA KARR, Karrol Leon, Baytown, Industrial Electronics KEENER, George Howell, Houston, Pharmacy KEEPERS, Carolyn, Houston, Home Economics KELLY, Harold Thomas, Pasadena, Industrial En- gineering KERCE, Anita Sue, Houston, English KILPATRICK, Billy Ray, Thornton, Industrial Elec- tronics KILPATRICK, Nancy, Bellaire, Psychology, Alpha Delta Pi, Phi Theta Kappa, Cap and Gown, Phi Kappa Phi, Pep Club KIRBY, Lawrence R., Shenandoah, Iowa, Diesel KISSINGER, Otto Murray, La Marque, General Business KOEHN, Herman F., Houston, Marketing KOUZOUNIS, Anthony, Houston, Biology KULACHAN, Sayun, Bangkok, Thailand, Math KUTAC, George, Schulenburg, Accounting LAFFERTY, Patrick Ellis, Castroville, Physics LAMANNA, Anthony R., Mohawk, New York, GBA LAMB, Deanna Jeanne, Houston, Drama, Red Masque Players, Secretary-Treasurer, Best Act- ress, Alpha Psi Omega LAMM, Jane Hiller, Houston, English LAROS, William George, Galveston, GBA LEAVESLEY, John E., Houston, Economics LEE, William D., Houston, Accounting LEMMON, Franklin Albert, Houston, Secondary Education LEMOINE, Gano Dominic, Cottonport, La., Phar- macy, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, President, House of Representatives, American Pharmaceutical Asso., Pep Club, Newman Club LEWIS, Edgar Cloy, Houston, History LINDHEIMER, Thomas Frederick, Houston, Me- chanical Engineering, ASME: International Stu- dents Club LINDNER, James Vernon, Placedo, Air Condition- ing and Refrigeration LLEWELLYN, Thomas Lee, Houston, History LOBACCARO, Frank S., Phoenix, Arizona, Op- tometry LOHMAN, Judy Ann, Houston, Home Economics LONG, Charles Edwin, Pearland, Petroleum Engi- neering LONG, Ruth H., Houston, GBA LOOK, M. B., Houston, Pre-Law LORTON, Don Joseph, Houston, Management LOTT, Jimmie W., Houston, Pharmacy LOTZ, Frank B., Houston, Management MAC DONALD, Harold Clyde, Houston, Accounting MACIEJESKI, Bruno J., Richards, Electrical Engi- neering and Math MAC LEAN, Alberto Mario, Houston, Spanish MADOLE, Jim Max, Houston, Geology MAENZA, Jake Louis, Houston, Mechanical Engi- neering MALLIA, Charles B., Galveston, Diesel Engineering, Varsity Football MALONE, Cleve Prichard, Houston, Geophysics MALOTT, Frank Barhum, Houston, Education MANNING, Maxine Miller, Houston, Elementary Education MARIEN, Norita Louise, Houston, Accounting MARQUESS, Roderick L., Wharton, Physics MASEK, Stella C., Houston, German MASON, Deloris Frances, Houston, Secretary Ad- ministration MATELL, Harry Harold, Houston, Accounting MATHEWS, Barbara Ann, Abilene, Home Eco- nomics MAY, Clifford Lee, Pasadena, Electrical Engineer- ind MCCDRMACK, Paul Leroy, Pasadena, Accounting MCCORMICK, Judith Anne, Houston, Elementary Education MCCULLAR, Harold Curtis, Houston, Management MCDANIEL, Carmen, Bellaire, Journalism, Delta Gamma, Corresponding Secretary, Theta Sigma Phi, Cougar Staff MCGOWAN, Edward Browne, Houston, Law, Phi Eta Sigma, Delta Theta Phi, Bailiff, ROTC, Stu- dent Bar Association, President, AIA, BSU, House of Representatives MCKENZIE, Harven Michael, Camden, Arkansas, Geology MCLAMORE, James Otto, Houston, Secondary Ed- ucation MCMAINS, Michael Walter, Monterrey, Mexico, History MCMINN, Kenneth E., Houston, Architecture MCSHAN, James Richard Bailey, Littlefield, Radio and TV MCSTRAVICK, Arnold William, Houston, GBA, Phi Kappa Theta, President, Vice-President, IFC, Vice- President, Newman Club, Pep Club MELNICK, Ethel Lynn, Houston, Education MERRITT, Barbara Ann Sneed, Houston, GBA MERRITT, George Hubert, Houston, Pharmacy MEYERS, Alfred H., Houston, Civil Engineering MEYERS, Otta William, Houston, Pre-Law MEYERS, Shirley Mae, Houston, Music MICHAEL, John Albert, Houston, Electrical Engi- neering MICHALOVICH, David Ivon, Dorchester, Mass., Journalism MIDDLEBROOK, Joseph D., Houston, Education MIKESKA, Raymond, Houston, Finance MILLER, Dorothy Jean, Houston, English MILLER, Marilyn Ann, Houston, Elementary Edu- cation, Miss Annie Oakley, Fiesta, Secretary, Fiesta Top Ten Acts, Cheerleader, Chi Omega, President, Secretary, Miss Houstonian, Pep Club MILLING, Janell, Houston, Education, BSU, SEA, Panhellenic, Frontier Fiesta, Delta Zeta, Best Pledge, Treasurer, President MILUM, Roy N., Houston, Marketing MINARCHI, William, Little Falls, New York, Build- ing Construction MITELMAN, Alan, Houston, Art MONROE, Kara Lynne, Houston, French and Eng- lish, Le Quartier Latin, Phi Theta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Pi Delta Phi, President, Cap and Gown, Vice-President MOODY, William Aubrey, Houston, Mechanical En- gineering MOORE, Frederick Joseph, Galveston, GBA MOORE, W. Bruce, Houston, Architecture MORGAN, Terry T., Bowie, Pharmacy MORRIS, Robert, Kiowa, Oklahoma, Journalism MORSE, Daniel Earl, Houston, Pharmacy MUELLER, Roland Norman, Parkston, S. D., Diesel- Electric Technology MULKEY, Owen Roger, Houston, Electrical Engi- neering MUNN, Neill Gayden, Houstong Business Adminis- tration NADOLNEY, Frank Edward, H oustong Business Ad- ministration NEBLETT, Carl Burton, Houstong Elementary Edu- cation NELSON, Thomas Gorden, Houston, Electronics NEWTON, Freddie J., Houstong Accounting NICHOLAS, Nickie Lee, Pasadena, Chemistry NIXON, Clarence E., Freeport, Pharmacy NOBLE, Cary Bob, Houston, Marketing NOVY, Louis John, Houston, Electronics NOWAKOWSKI, Harry Stephen, Houstong Jour- nalism ' O'FIEL, Nancy Carolyn, Houston, Elementary Edu- cation OLSEN, Peter R., Houston, Electrical Engineering OLSOVSKY, Willie' H., Schulenburgg Industrial Electronics ORTEGO, Robert Anthony, Ville Platte, La., Air Refrigeration OSBORNE, Irene Marie, Houstong Secondary Edu- cation OVERALL, Miller B., Houston, Accounting PALMBERG, Kenneth Arnold, Pasadena, Secondary Education PALMER, Lucille, Houston, Secretarial Administra- tion PARKER, Gerald Womack, Houstong Electronics PARKER, Raymond Eugene, Austin, Electronics PARKIVIAN, Huey Paul, Houston, Chemical Engi- neering PARNELL, Troy, Pasadena, Mechanical Engineer- ing PARR, Bennett Ivy, Baldwin, La., Business Admin- istration PARTEN, Harry S., Houston, Civil Engineering PAVEY, Eugene B., Houstong GBA . QE: wx 221 "SIE: 'X ,g , nas fe -1 3541 'iii w ., an w jg H1 5 r J gv ,fp ' 5-,H ,gf 4 , 1 11' ' I ffl' -vi" . M' -' if' Lf Q 4 W 417' ' " 1 4' , 2 '. 3 'Yi 1 :1 H353 1 iw fqu - 7 15 :F ,' 'L ,:- V 5' K ff fx .ff , X K sw Ly? .ix 2 If wk ' - I 'V gXf,,.f, N. w Jfv W HY - I. ,-'QA i E1 ww G l w V 1 ? w, .. rx 6 lf ' if . gg fr ' ,I I. y F ' V AAI . ', - K as 1 wi. J- I V U W--H 3 , if' 5.H1H,,E y 5 Qu. 3 A sf N , wx I , I jr , 5, -QV, ,. .ix- -, 0 W 5225 wi" q ' H f-Z fig- xr V ie' V' ta S LE.. N . ,Q Y .JJ in-. , - ' V1 : , W , -V F , , Z T A, I --fx , N If N, 1 ' ' .Z Q ,7 it Y' ' ,Qf - . J X mtv Aa. Q' Y. W lf. ' fp 76' w ,. - ,V , Yi X 3 15, iw? , 9' M, W, 357 E- .i W v if EQ V 'if P M W3 5: ' , J -1 ,- M , . sg --X fe, " 13- ' W , 'xii 'vs' xi.. 35 Y - , :X 3 M 1 5- Q 'J' ' 7 x fp ' 'gh' A-' - xl 1, . I , -. , Q V: 1 X XV, I uw 32" 55? Y 'EQQYQ V M' MQ 1 35: . ? , I x 'E V ' ' 1: H 1 ":?E:',' Q 1 A YW k .. x -:H X: Alf. , Mi 1 gr is 1' Q A -- ' ia ,1 K p 1 ' , . : , .ya Q5 ' , -fi . ,5 ggi . A V ,!, X5 A w , W R , V - '37 , , VJ, g? .. W N , X w REINDL, Meyer Evans, Houston, Electrical Engi- neering REYNOLDS, Fred Moore, Humble, History RHODES, Burnis M., Baytown, Elementary Educa- tion RICE, Frank B., Houston, Biology RICH, Frances Earline, Houston, English RICHARDSON, Mrs. Alice Roberta, Galena Parlc, Elementary Education RICHARDSON, Ronald Charles, Houston, Civil En- gineering RITTENHOUSE, William Louis, Houston, Industrial Engineering ROBERSON, John L., Taylorsville, N. C., Electrical Technology RODRIQUEZ, Charles, Houston, GBA ROGERS, Philip Allen, Houston, Physics ROLAK, Gilbert A., Houston, History ROSS, Avis Marie, Houston, Journalism, Gamma Alpha Chi ROTENBERRY, James Cecil, Houston, GBA ROUNTREE, Gaynor Ray, Pittsburg, Geology and Math RUNNELS, Robert Clayton, Houston, Physics RUSLER, Byron K., Houston, Secondary Education RUTHVEN, Hugh Duncan, Houston, GBA SACCAR, Angelita Morales, Houston, Pharmacy' SAITO, Masahisa, Tokyo, Japan, Accounting SALINAS, ,Iulio H., Houston, Industrial Drafting SANDERS, Donald L., Houston, GBA SAWICKI, Michael John, Houston, Electronic Tech- nology SAWYER, John Milton, Houston, Management SCHADEL, Theodore Arthur, Houston, Math SCHJAERVE, Anders Gustav, Oslo, Norway, Me- chanical Engineering SCHNEIDER, Charles Fred, Victoria, Radio-TV: Program Director-KUHF Radio, President Alpha Epsilon Rho, ROTC SCHUSTER, Walter L., Houston, Electrical Engi- neermg SCHULTZ, Alton Kenneth, Houston, Physics SCOTT, Thomas M., Houston, Radio and TV, BSU Vice-President, Secretary, Delta Chi, Vice-Presi- dent, Radio-TV Guild, Pep Club, Fiesta SELF, Harold Donald, Houston, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration SEPULVADOR, Billy Joe, Houston, GBA SHEF IELD, Herman E., Houston, Electrical Engi- neermg SHEFFIELD, Opal Melton, Texas City, Elementary Education SHOUP, Allene Holman, Texas City, Elementary Education SHULTS, Tommy Arlen, Rockport, Drafting SHUMWAY, Larry R., Houston, Mechanical Engi- neering and Math, Society of Engineers, Pledge Trainer, Lambda Chi Alpha, Frontier Fiesta, Society of Mechanical Engineers SIBERT, Sue L. C., Houston, Secondary Education, Alpha Delta Pi, SEA, TSTA, TEA SILVA, Solomon B., Houston, Drafting SIMMONS, Clarence Eugene, Stafford, Welding SIMONS, Janet Cronk, Houston, Secretarial Admin- istration SIMPSON, John Philip, Houston, Economics SIMS, John M., Houston, Management ' SIRMAN, John M., Corrigan, Pharmacy SKINNER, Alonzo Jerry, Houston, Math and Civil Engineering, Football, Track, Scabbard and Blade, American Society of Civil Engineers, House of Representatives SMITH, George Grady, Houston, Management SMITH, Norman Eugene, Houston, Management SMITH, Ronald Glenn, Houston, Psychology SOLAR, Henry N., Houston, Management SOLIS, Frances Reed, Austin, Spanish SOLLIE, Beverly Ann, Houston, Elementary Educa- tion SOUDBAKHSH, Mohammed S., Tehran, Iran, Pe- troleum Engineering SPRADLINC, Jack Leroy, Houston, Civil Engineer- 1n SPURLOCK, Riley Ward, Pasadena, GBA SQUIRES, Gladys Wright, Houston, Elementary Education STAHL, E. Roberta, Weslaco, Drama, Red Masque Players, Alpha Psi Omega, Special Technical Theater Award STILES, Richard Jim, Fairbanks, Radio-TV, El Foro Espanol, Frontier Fiesta STILLINGS, Walter Harold, Houston, Transporta- tion STIPANOVIC, Richard M., Houston, Psychology STOKES, Norris Albert, Houston, Pre-Law, Busi- ness STRAHAN, Nelson, Hous-ton, Civil Engineering STUART, Luis Labon, Houston, Geology SUTTLES, Joseph Calvert, Houston, Electrical En- gineering, Society of -Electrical Engineers, Insti- tute of Electrical Engineers SUTTON, Lester Earl, Bellaire, Marketing TALIAFERRO, William D., Houston, Mechanical Engineering TANNER, Carlos D., Houston, Psychology TARPEY, Thomas Anthony, Houston, GBA TENCH, Richard John, Houston, Math TENCH, 'Rowland Brian, Houston, GBA TERENCE, Jack Josey, Houston, Journalism TERRILL, Richard Bruce, Houston, Management THANGSUPHANICH, Thavisakdi, Bangkok, Thai- land, Electrical Engineering and Math THOMPSON, Tommy D., Houston, Diesel Engi- neering THORNBURG, James D., Houston, Accounting TIEMANN, Erwin Fritz, Dallas, Electronics TODD, Janice Ann, Houston, Sociology TODD, Joe Lee, Houston, Accounting TOLER, William D., Houston, Photography TROTTER, Frederick James, Houston, Mechanical Engineering TRUXILLO, Sandy J., Houston, GBA, Corps Com- mander, Cullen Rifles, Vice-President, Scabbard 8: Blade, Vice-President, Phi Kappa Theta, New- man Club, Pep Club TSIAPERAS, Solon, Nicosia, Cyprus, Political Science TULLOS, Bob G., Baytown, Retailing TURNER, Ralph Ceylon, Houston, Pharmacy UNDERWOOD, Claire Elizabeth, Houston, Home Economics Education, Secretary, Newman Club, President, Alpha Phi, Beta Lambda, House of Representatives, Pep Club, Fiesta 89 UNDERWOOD, Pegi Schultz, Texas City, Elemen- tary Education I VAN SICKLE, Sharon Armita, Houston, English, French Club, Red Masque Players, Frontier Fiesta, Phi Theta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi VAUGHAN, .lohn O., Houston, Industrial Engi- neering WAITE, Jack Dale, Houston, Radio and TV WALKER, Virginia Maria, La Porte, Music Educa- tion WARE, Warren Wayne, Houston, Chemical Engi- neering WEISE, Bobby Louis, San Angelo, HPE WELCH, John E., Houston, Management WELCH, Walter Elnathan, Houston', Electrical Engi- neering H WENGER, Larry Harlan, Houston, Architecture WHEELER, Richard Don, Houston, Electrical Engi- neering and Math WHITE, John E., Pasadena, GBA WHITTAKER, Edward George, Houston, Marketing WILLIAMS, Jerry Ross, Houston, Accounting WILLIAMS, ,lohney Lee, Houston, Accounting WILLIAMS, Pamela McGehee, Houston, French, Pi Delta Phi, Vice-President, Phi Theta Kappa, WSA President, Panhellenic President, Phi Kappa Phi, Outstanding Student, Chi Omega WILLIAMSON, Herschel D., Houston, Accounting WILSON, ,lack O., Houston, History Alpha Phi Omega President, Fiesta Top Ten Act WINKELMANN, Thomas Albert, Houston, Account- ing, SAM, Society of Accountants WOLFE, Mary E., Houston, Elementary Education WOLFSDORF, Marilyn Mae, Yoakum, Elementary Education WOOD, Robert Warren, Houston, Accounting WOODALL, Spencer Dean, Houston, Electrical Technology WORSHAM, William Felix, Houston, GBA WREN, Harry Edward, Houston, Economics YOSHIDA, Chiharu, T okyo, Japan, Religion YOUNG, Frank Dee, Elkin, N. Carolina: Account- ing ZAMORA, Francisco Javier, Houston, Air Condi- tioning and Refrigeration L , ,,, ,, ,,, , J rucluute Class. . . . . 6One ,lump Ahead, GRADUATE -CLASS OFFICERS, Glenn Cooksey and Tom Reck tee off in the Zeke Building. BARTON, Donald Brooks, Houston, History BAUSCHER, William Allen, Pasadena, Optometry BEAN, Barbara Spell, Houston, Secondary Educa- tion CHALOUPKA, Miloslav Jan, Houston, Electronics CLICK, Rita Maurine, Port Arthur, Elementary Education COFFMAN, John Edward, Nederland, Electrical Engineering COOKSEY, Marvin Glenn, Houston, Law COX, John Max, Houston, Administrative Education DALY, Mary Ann, Crystal City, Optics DAY, Ely Roten, Houston, Art Education EDENS, Frank Newton, Freeport, Management FORCIER, Normand Ernest, Houston, Electronics F UELL, Patricia Sue, Houston, French GAFFNEY, Jerome George, Houston, Chemical En- gineering - GEE, Gloria, Manila, Philippines, Music GOUBEAUL, C. Pete, Houston, Administrative Edu- cation GREGORY, James Leslie, Linden, New Jersey, Eco- nomics HARF, Joseph Herman, Houston, Optometry HEINZE Wa ne A Houston Reli ion 3 Y '7 Q 0' HERMANN, Carol Ann, Houston, Elementary Edu- cation HIATT, Ernest Boyd, Tulsa, Okla., Optometry HOLSOMBACK, Joseph C., Houston, Industrial En- glneering HUNTER, Walter Kelsey, Houston, Optometry JOHNSON, Cary Alfred, Pasadena , Education JORDAN, Deral Preston, Drama, Secondary Edu- cation KILLGORE, Mary Louise, Ft. Worth, Psychology KOLLMAR, Rosemary Boston, Houston, Spanish KRIBS, Edith Anne, Houston, English LASETER, John Luther, Houston, Biology LEON, Yuen, Houston, Economics MACK, Herman Howard, La Marque, Education MALLIOS, Jimmy Phillip, Piraeus, Greece, Mechan- ical Engineering, Math MAUK, Charles Edward, Houston, Chemical Engi- neering MILLER, Mervin Deane, Houston, Biology NARASIMHAM, Musti, India, Physics NEWELL, Jimmie David, Meridian, Miss., Optom- etry O'DOWD, John Emmett, Hungerford, Administra- tive Education PHILLIPS, Harry Calvin, Houston, Math RAMER, Charles Edwin, Houston, Physics RUMFIELD, Emmett Taylor, Houston, Manage- ment SAJJADI, Parviz S., Iran, Petroleum Engineering SANDERS, Robert Eugene, Houston, Advertising SHARPE, Milburne Chandler, Houston, Radio-TV SHEPHERD, Richard Earl, Bellaire, Chemical En- gineering TAYLOR, Edward C., Houston, Secondary Educa- tion WINSTON, Joyce Robertson, Pasadena, Business Education OFFICERS: MCCOWAN, E. B., fall president WOLFE, DeWitt, spring president BUMSTEAD, Jacob, vice-president HOGAN, Robert, secretary-treasurer MORSE, Bill, Day first-year presi- dent McMEANS, Walter, Night Senior Class president JERDEN, Ody, Night Midlaw presid FEWELL, Vernon, ent Night first-year president A College of Law Zflccept No Substitutes, BINION, Stanley B. BLUMBERG, Melvin BON ILLA, Tony BOONE, James C., Jr. BOSWELL, John H. BRACKETT, William BRUCKNER, John S. BURNS, Thomas P. CAIN, John CALVERT, Ian A. CARROLL, Louis D. CHIEN, Tsao R. Quinn CLEVELAND, William D COMAN, J. Michael CRAGER, Minor B. CYPHERS, Phillip L. DRAKE, Irving R. FELSMAN, Robert A. GINTHER, F erg GLASS, Floyd HALTOM, Henry L. HARGROVE, Jacko HARRIS, Bruce M. HAXTON, M. R. HOLLADAY, W. Paul HOOKS, Benard Jr. HOOPER, John T. HUEBNER, Bert L. JOHNSON, Jacob Edgar JONES, Donald Lee JONES, Frank H. KAY, John Ross KEEN, Ralph A. KELLY, James O KENDALL, Clarence F. KNIGHT, Kenneth L. KNOX, James E. PATRICK, John Brack PEAVY, M. Leroy PENA, Enrique H. LILLY, Earle S. LOGAN, Murrey D. MAIDA, Joe Sam MAKINS, William J . MCINTYRE, James G. MERIWEATHER, Gu MIZE, Jerry -D. MOORE, Ardon E. MOORE, Richard C. MULLINS, J. T. MURPHY, James O. MURPHY, Paul C. NAISER, L. E. NESTER, Charles NUNN, Norman R. OBERG, Adele SE REEDY, Richard L. SAUCILLO, Rudolph SCHULTZ, William M SEARLE, Harry K. SEDOTAL, Royce L. SMITH, Gene A. STALLINGS, Robert A. STOVALL, William A. TATAR, Leonard B. VICTERY, Charles D. VRBA, Daniel Lewis WHITE, Ted G. WHITWORTH, B. Forrest WILLY, Anthony WOLDA, David E. RANSOPHER, Lewis RAY, Carl L. WUNDERLICH, F. J. YOUELL, Spencer M. X n 'F I A 'Q 5 X1 R - . ,Z fi The Student and College Lufe The life of any university is its student body. The in- dividual students who make up this body are classified as a whole, and yet, no two of them are alike. As students we come to college-to this particular uni- versity-for a multitude of reasons. We Come from varied backgrounds. We bring to college a myriad of experiences unique to ourselves. We come to college in search of education, inspiration, social life, a measure of maturity. How we leave col- lege-whether we find the things we have sought- depends on us and what we do with this thing called College Life. Though Individual, We SHARE a Healthy Curiosity ATION F A1 - - L, - . 1 L zigizaiiga LEQ--gi2.1nQ...R'L.:f A- ,. . . A Desire for SeMExpression, T4 A Love of Fun ' w 1 v ffalu H, zu. An Impulse to Friendshzp A Compentwe Spzrzt A Hunger for Education We Have This in Common . . . Registration Standing in line becomes an avocation. fi "Shall I take accounting from 8 to 10 Monday, Wednesday, Friday or . . ." l02 Houstonian photographer snaps class pictures for the yearbook A f, ,fr-3-:5j?"-rYT"' . J' ,z- " ,' - '-2:2 i.vf'f" "fb ' 1' ' , .VZ wg: if 47 'V 330 fl . - 4' 5 ' ' yr' w me PULL TABLE 2 svn' 41' We begin college as IBM numbers on one of thousands of cards. Freshmen Become Oriented Speakers at orientation program ex- plain rnles and policies as well as advise of services available to students. Votes Are Solicited vnu x"""'s N: 1 I i i 1 , , 1 . . , , cL,,, , ,U 'kiwi A 'W-ng. Campus elections can prove bewildering if decisions come hard. w W I Pat Rothrum, a candidate for freshman class secretary, gets cam- paign assistance from Ann Gold. IO4 Don .Edwards shrewdly does his campaigning to a captive audience at a Cougar football game. Rush Begins or Sororities, F rats A typical rush party begins with the pinning on of name tags. The scene of this pinning is the Phi Kappa Theta house. During rush, many kinds of prop- aganda lines are prevalent. The food line, however, is one that is never missed. KA's prove to be good hosts. IOS r' M .ff .,. . eff ' 2. Wu ' 'fvjiyfg I 'VS '. .7 - .Iv fl: Q 1,3 2 ff 3, 5 9 i ' ' Q , 'x xggf, -9 .aw-r . , 4. ,w-,.,l RE Hfx 2 f 've-T . ' -'I kggfclgxh' 5 u 1 E . ,qggr .fy f .,- lr is 4 5 u X rf - JI ' 1 M M. , Lv' .Q .A M W . , L, . .J 1 .Qi Z 1 , , -E J 5:1 f .gff if 9 ' '-ifh-' 8 . 't',. Y' V 'I' If QW? if 1 V, , .35 'six , x ' L" ' EGIEQY ', 22? ' ii f."f',' ,wif '--.' .swf - , f -' f F .R-fggy? V' 3 7,- E535-N 1 54 X j - Y flux 3 5 . Q v 5.-gf -9' 3, 4, f 1 . Marr, .4 ,Qs u fw fr' ,ff-. L' YQ u A Wifi -- '-FLY?-'tt ai W f i 7- bg If S h , HH A 'j 7, . H L, Y, A " a f -A nffffxfzhf 'f ,gig 'G:s2'ff::a. L12 kczjF.'1l- gu ru! QQ-, - .Q ,U,Y2xf17,.,rE.g 11- - .j v 7 ,5 L:-ilk.. .L . " - i ff, f' Q, vi ri . r 3 -1, 5. Egg , C 5kQs,f5 'f .M A 1 z' ,, . 2, , Hr A -A -'1',, ml' -" i fvlfikgm XR fy ew ..'.,i ,Q aria V.. fe w . ,-. f'L-if rg V H 5: , v1 ,f - . v D, L- H ,- , , -MJ. 5 Qua i!!! 45,9 ' T-34 .'.Lf,1.dif- 'X' f , "' 5-' nf' , ii: . 3' - A-9 ' ffwif ' ' fix fa '95 .Iv 'sl-, - ill ED: .W ,Y 4 rm :V YEQQF ,3-."""'vEi3 fi.- in.. 4. . 2, ' Ni, , " yi ITA1 I fig," 4 X1 . I!-UI aku-"ii: 5 x1 1 'jab-41, " IQ ff ,4 I :Ll ' '1'u?75qw ' In JJ - xv? ,. 'F' 1' f wi N ,JJ , gf-vb 9 .J . gf ',', it-Lf ' A Jw fs, .. P' La L , 'Fira 5" :Ji-,, Ty-.x r. 0' The merits of sorority membership are expounded and compounded, cormted and recounted by Chi Omegas Probably the most fun of sorority rush are the skits. Delta Gammas do a, little play-acting to get a point across. Clad in sarongs, hula skirts and leis, Alpha Phis utilize swimming pool for Hawaiian isle skit setting. Alpha Chis have the circus spirit complete with balloons and cotton candy. Alpha Delta Pis entertain with a mock cocktail party. Rush ends as Delta Zetas wave good-bye to rushees. Zeta Tau Alphas conclude the last round of parties with candlelighting and wish-makin 33' N "inn 'Hu H new tu 'A at Miter a week of meeting people, learning Greek names, and gradually choosing a sorority, it's a relief to open that all-important bid. Judy eeves gets a welcome from new sorority sisters. Pledges Meet at Pledge Line w Right hands get numb after an hour of hand-shaking and "How do you dos" between sorority and fraternity pledges. H0 Susan Jenkins is all smiles over the contents of her bid envelope. I A field full of majorettes holds the crowd's attention. These girls represent bands from Gulf Coast area high schools , ..V Half-time means up with the flash cards for Q 'li ' Pep Club members. , x Inhibitions are forgotten as the Cougars take the lead. II3 We Prepare to A pep rally in Cougar Den becomes a weekly event. O e , , Meet the Aggzes Cougarxtes applaud therr approval of the cheerleaders' antlcs. ,litter-hugging couples move to the music of the Cougar Dance Band in Kitten Alley. II4' Margie Edwards and Pat Jennings make torches for the Aggie rally. 1 1. ...ul t V E I 4 tadents Head for A +M b the Bas Load Campus organizations charter 1 buses for Colle St t' d ! gies. ge a non an a long-awaited tussle with the Ag- Students find another excuse for dancing . . . the 'Bama game. c ,Bama Band Pays aa Visit 5 on t N t t I Members of the Pep Club along with a police escort meet the 'Bama Band and accompany their buses to the Shamrock. I I6 Homecoming Approaches sf Homecoming Queen candidates are selected and subtle campaigning begins. Dianne Jones, Janelle Sanford, Susan Wood, Jan McMullan and Rosalie Chiodo vie for the coveted title. Crepe paper flower-making becomes boring quickly. But Kathleen Pollak, Martha Freytag, .lo Agnes Battaglia, Patsy Richardson, .ludy Reeves and Sonja Isham use the time to catch up on the latest news campuswise. w uw Y 1 . - ' it v ' gi Q31 W it H . ll 'll tt, Y, W , t 2515 ' :S me H v' uw g 2 Weeks of work go into the building of a Homecoming float. Lucretia Alexander, Doug Shaver and Marlene Walker construct a miniature building for the Chi O, Sigma Chi entry. Il7 J The Bon Lre Burns . . . Twice Alpha Phi Omegas begin con- X struction on the bonfire that is 1: scheduled to burn Thanksgiving if Eve. Before the bonfire structure is completed, a party or parties unknown set fire to the tower of wood. Ken Williams and Marshall Jones examine the evidence remaining of the three bombs that were used to start the premature fire. II8 APO's worriedly begin reconstruction with only 24 hours remaining before the scheduled burning. Dean Will, at nght, lends a hand. ROTC skips drilllto assist with the reconstruction. With the premature burning of the bonfire, a strange and exciting thing happens: The student body marshals its forces. Students from every or- ganization work long hours to rebuild the massive structure. Offers of boxes and lumber pour in from Houston businesses. Volunteer trucks bring the precious cargo to the campus. Restaurants donate food to the workers who stay up all night to finish their vast undertaking. Morning finds the bonfire complete. Coeds help by serving coffee and donuts to workers. Four a.m. comes quickly, but the bonfire is finished. Sleep overtakes .lack Wilson who has discarded boots for a bedroll. 4 f . 'Nils tml! n' 'Q' I .Q .ax IK , W' ' 'H Float Judging Comes . . . Organizations like Sigma Chi and Chi Omega have many last-minute prepara- tions to make before the judges come around. mm , mow - 11:LTE?' 'Q 1 583,932 Siiikn 21 912:112- zligk' 1 1 f -- H51 2 -2:1 1- 'win -, A". 1 .. I-111c:1,ml1 , is t : 1 I 11 1-1 is 1 .- 1 lm Delta Zeta and the Radio-TV Guild use helium-filled balloons to dress up their float. Bill Ayars and Jo Battaglia man the helium tank. Winners Are Announced Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Alpha Chi Omega take first place with their rep- lica of the Ezekiel Cullen Building backed by the University's coat-of-arms. Radio-TV Guild and Delta Zeta take the third place trophy with their block "I-I." t Bon ire Blazes The night before the Homecoming game with Washington State, students congregate to watch the boniire go up in a final blaze. Candidates J an McMu1lan, Janelle Sanford, Dianne Jones and Susan Wood applaud the news that Rosalie Chiodo, second from left, has been voted Homecoming Queen. President of the Alum Association John Toomey makes the announce- ment. After the bonfire, students load floats onto trailers for a caravan to Rice Stadium. n Floats Are Transported to Stadium Although a police escort is pro- vided, there are many delays in the trip from the campus out O.S.T. to Main Street. Just so there'l1 be no doubt as to which University is celebrating Horne- coming, a banner is displayed for the benefit of passing motorists. 1 The parade halts while floats are disentangled from low-hanging tree branches Game, Dance, End Big Weekend John Toomey, Alum Association presi- dent, and Jim Gregory, president of the Student Body exchange handshakes as Homecoming Queen Rosalie Chiodo re- ceives her bouquet of roses at the game. Floats are displayed to University fans at the game the Cougars couldrft lose is . ,N ,VN Z WE' W . .. , fl ' '-ig? ,, , 5 USQEBEEE 'ii3E2?llim,I ' M' 't 1 4- waegigg-" www gigs-5 .X ' ,H ,eff 55. F . ff an gasses an YA. ' .vii ' H.,.e .te , Nw' fi ' V , 'fi ' 'Di 5W7,, ,M in , ,M-it it it ,.l,,Rg-igslzsl if' V me ,. , n if, H., Rosalie Chiodo presents King Ugly Con- test winner Wayne Dessens with Ugly Man plaque at the Homecoming dance held at the Shamrock Hilton. , V, K , - V ,E WT? TF ' , ,v . WW 1 H Him W ' 4 I , 4. , . , n -LQ Q W 9 0 if 'L V, I m 'iq f x Q o 1 l I 1, f'x ' :Y nifversit Plans Student Government representatives Tony Lamanna and Jim Gregory Ieresent a check for 33,000 to Gen. Bruce for the proposed Religious enter. wwf-wi! . 35 4 - Religious Center ,nfll. mgQp.... ia i 'IWAOO 400.000 550.000 305000 190006 W!!! mm: INNO , 'MW Yong . - y Z .1 i' ' ' I fi .CENTER f 1 A 75 4 if E, cmvus s e ff r .' 7 4 ' G - il , EBKTl1lBUTl Ray Epps, president of the Religious Groups Council, en- courages Elaine Hocott to contribute to the Religious Center building fund. . at .lim Gregory sacrifices for the cause. In an APO-sponsored pie-throwing contest, J im gets plastered by Marilyn Miller. Nan Peabody gets in on the fun that makes money for the Religious Center. Fame Favors A Fortunate F ew Don Barber, right, a member of the Cougar football team, appears on the Garry Moore TV show, "I've Got A Secret." He shared the secret "We trained for football by studying ballet" with Barnard Schultz of UT. 'R Cano Lemoine, SAE, and Don Barton, Sigma Chi, display their plaques for out- standing participation in Greek Help Week with the assistance of .ludy Pittman and Sharon Wakefield. Beverly Dent thinks Campus Romeo John James very deserving of the title. John won the honor in a campus-wide election. l27 Greeks Warble for Son est Trophies The happy winners of the APO-sponsored Greek Songfest are Otto Crenwelge, Sigma Phi Epsilon, third placeg Bobby Linder, SAE, second placeg Dale Kelly, Sigma Nu, first place in the fraternity division. Sorority division winners are Nancy Nott, Chi Omega, first place: Jan McMu.l1an, ZTA, second placeg and Eleanor Flynn, A Chi O, APO co-operation cup winner. Chi Omegas take first place in the sorority division with their rendition of 'Tll Be Home For Christmas." 'irst place winners in the fraternity division are jubilant Sigma Nus who rin with "Shenandoah" I28 Drama Department Presents . . . . . . ALL MY SONS, Deanna Lamb and Pat Harrison converse across fence. 1 I 4 ! l 1 l .3 H l I . . . DREAM GIRL, Bob Kinsel points out a paragraph of interest to Ann Lyon. . . . OF MICE AND MEN, Bill Dooley, Bob West, Roy O'Valle and Ronnie Gural engage in a hunkhouse poker game. . . . PETRIFIED FOREST, Cynthia Burke casts a disapproving eye at an elderly Whead Peoples. I29 N . H V5 'H rs M 11 2? Mrs. Bessie Ebaugh, Dean of Worneng Miss Maud Woods, president of the Houston AAUW chapterg Diane Doyen, Women's Student Association vice-presidentg and Mrs. R. L. Rowan, Jr., Assistant Dean of.Women receive the news together. AA. . . Accepts From a telegram to the Dean of Women, the University learns that it has been ap- proved by the American Asso- ciation of University Women. U. of H. women grads are now eligible for membership in the AAUW. Dorms Entertain at Christmas Santa Claus talks with youngsters at the Dorm Christmas party. mega 17- a+ wi VY K ing: Z Z -Z " E S!" fa -4?f- - w , E, H : -Q ww' f pg" w , i1kQQH'HJU Y'lwN1"' 11ii1"11' L I-my if '12 ill' - -' . N .- 4 ar - 3 1 - ,' ' Y' Q + :QM - 1 fi Z ' " if 1' ,, ' - 53 Yum A m i iii I - :. , gfgm Q, uw im, , uw 5 IE' ' V JE t- : "ww N v- H" :ee E Wm ri x a Fi, 3 The snow, looking like powdered sugar, covers everything in its wake with a white cover of purity. 4 Fi-fi 9 Q ay., . N . , -w ' ,x ,. ,, ZZW QB V A , N ' w w ig? 1 , . N Snowball fights are the order of the day as snow comes down in flurries. Camera catches the snow flakes, making some look like large balls of snow The ground around OB Hall resembles a winter wonderland. "Miss Houstonian Is . . . ifop Ten beauties and their escorts are presented at half-time at a U of H basketball game. They are: Jerry Arnold escorting Carin Cone, Tim Brewer, Sandra Voorhies, Earl Krieger, Virginia Bartlett Cbehind postl, Wiley Feagin, Carolyn Burnett, Ellis Frietag, Eleanor Flynn, Pete Hinojosa, Jackie Dailey Hinojosa, .lack Becker, Jan McMullan, Darrell Heinrich, Marilyn Miller, Bruce Moore and Diane Vestal. , Marilyn Millerg' Escort Darrell Heinrich fastens the diamond heart necklace given by the HOUSTONIAN for Marilyn. v I HOUSTONIAN editor Nancy West congratulates Marilyn Miller upon receiving the title, Miss Houstonian. I34 ADPi Nita Bolger promenades for sorority members and guests at Lakeside Country Club. Sorority girls partake of Panhellenic Luncheon fare in an Easter setting. Girl Greeks Present Style Show, Luncheon Luncheon is served buffet-style in the spacious dining room. ll lx Q VM Y ,i,N When We're x ot W 'mi Q 52 1,-ty, Jw"Q'mm M m - - fiat! -1. V., John Hays hits the books while Bob Saenz sharpens his mind on Bugs Bunny, a controversial figure in European political circles. i or Working. . . Bill Ayars and -Mike Patterson locate a shady spot for vigorous car polishing. We Soeialize . . . Tom Powell, Dolores Hobizal, Sandra Voorhies and Tim Brewer indulge in a few minutes of small talk before going their separate ways to Senate meeting, classes and home. X,,....J- Scrabble . . . Sandra McWilliams, Patsy Bolton, Linda Pledger, Ray Ramer and Jerry Brewer match wits at the BSU house. -,qu-one ,, am' Anal W e Pla - Soccer. . . Soccer gains popularity on the campus. Sunday afternoons are spent by many students in this manner. Practical Jokes . . . "But I didn't wear my sanforized swim- suit." Sandy Pittman is assisted into the pool by Betty Sue Howard. -It .1-4 2' Mft ,. 'iv .,1,,,:5S'- 'if- s Rae Potter, Jerry Evans, Carol Genzer, and Shirley Kanas perform an experi- ment in physics concerned with the speed of failing bodies. and Jacks? Sometimes We Even, Date. . . L Kathleen Pollak and Pat Kelly plan an evening of relaxation at a local movie. When We Have Money, That Is. All of us do have to budget our finances, though. Bill Noles checks his wallet as Kathy Berbexian, Cathy Young and Ed Kadlecek check the menu. 'Q' r' .Q 'if' 4 V' 83" . . , ir ,, QT' ' .ll 'X 4 X9-.A 1 .53 vi 35" 'W' F' W . I Q .HJ m-71 an W 'ix UWM We I X h. , ,,M.,'xS"yx'Y- . A... N V H rm E1 adets Stand for Inspection, Q sas J? 64.- l Curiosity gets the best of cadets C. P. Peterson and R. W. Biddison who find ' a box of old C-rations in the ROTC office. After a little expert heating, they N let RO sponsor Judy Tussing sample thc first burnt offering. l40 l "If the U. S. Army really travels on its stomach, we're in trouble." C. D. Cochran joins the party. fig, 5, m VE I Wonft band for K-Rations Federal Inspection finds the Corps neatly starched. Col. Ralph Alspaugh of the Fourth Army, chief of the general inspection team, gives members of the band a thorough going over. "And at rehearsal tomorrow, we'll try the high kicks and a few new rou- tines." ,gc "This gun hasn't been fired recently. Better spend a few days at the armory, private." I4l , L 1, , , wa., J eceive Commissions S . R . .-f . gi , 3 - 3213 qw-so J' nf... .-f- . Qi-35'.j..'1f, in wr... QI.N..U3g5.ll.i...L.1,..g.. 1g...M N.. H.. Q...gvfj1. . . " J ,., z::sQ:g..:.:s 1' 'V WE .- J all- ... 1 -N' ll 'li' 1 , -' 1. 1 ,,,, , - 5,2559 'ra , 'SLI 5-.-X-..,."5-Z! Tx :-: -L-, 3 , 1 . " '. 'r-"tf'Jnm.- ' 'Pi ae' .-H-:: 'H 544 ' 'Z 4' 'T ' '3 'f"'i-: 'KDE-" , a - ,-1--If . Mm ...... ... igri' . rim rs '....i5QNIgRA.." 1, M I , , 1 .,isg.W E , 5 5 1... 1. X .. W P' . X. . . . ,. 2 M . . - . J ,f9'5fff'.' l- ff. 1 ,si'15,..W ' E2 1 S? if 5151? EFA " -""A"F . .-Y il. . fl J , M' x wx .." l rg.: ..x gig xr-F. .. .. . . M H i 5525 3 51 if Qi.. H " , E " ." X QW 1,3 Andra Smith pins signal corps insignia on fiance C. F. Schneider, a brand new lieutenant in Uncle Sa At Final Review, newly com- missioned officers take the oath. I42 v 5 m's army iz 'l M, MH .".. M. ..,,,Bi?Q,i3.w . wa ne., - J' I Dick Lang of ISA, Jim Hiskey of Campus Crusade for Christ and Wilroy Wornat. of Wesley Foundation are principal characters in the Easter play "Sign of Jonah." Easter Pro ram Is "Sign of fonahp' The play-concerned with the blaming of all the-world's guilt on first, the average man and woman, then on God Himself-is enacted with a cast of eleven. Each of the players at left, Eddie, Lisa, John, Elaine and Brifm, gives his .view of why the world is evi . I43 Seventy Gulf Coast business and industrial concerns participate in the University's Career Day Program. Students Drew Browne Graham Lantz, Jacqueline Shields and Darryl Fawcett inspect an optometry display set up for Career Day. Business and Industry ather for Con ference Amoco's Frank Anderson, center, explains an exhibit on gas and oil to Kirby Miller and Otto Crenwelge. Panhellenie Meets . . . Ideas Are Exehanged Sorority members share problems and suggest solutions at the annual Panhellenic Workshop. Joyce Logan, DZg Gloria Monk, DZg Meg Gibson, DGg Gerry Friedman, DGQ Dolores Hobizal, A Chi Og Mrs Curtis Rogers, Chi O advisory Sandra Voorhies, DG: .lenilee Simmons, A Chi O alum and Sheila O'Sullivan, A Chi O listen closely to an idea advanced by Miss Virginia Odle, DZ alum. A luncheon in OB Hall climaxes the day's conferences. The smiling group at this table is composed of Kay Gallagher, A Chi Og Rebecca Harrison, DGg Gerry Friedman, DGg Dorothy Phillips, ZTAg and Pat Rothrum, DZ. Bike Race Highlights Greek Week Delta Sigma Phi's Bob Rothery takes the lead in the Greek Week hike race. w ,K 'hx Marshall Newcomb gets ready to relieve Archie Bennett during a relay race. ,Z EM 5, SW I i Pie Throwing, Canoe Racing, Tricycle Riding "?'25EK? v- 5i . G ze , Hgfusc M A. , , 5 , W B. fs L awww, 5 gas? 1, fm 1 Vu: J 1, ,- Q m - me H 1 - .. wifi .. E 53715. L , John James gets a face full of custard durmg Slgma Clus Derby Day actxvmes ' " , ffl :zz :fn . riffs' ,, Affffm, 5529+ 1, ,, , me 1 1 wggg Lgm , ,, EEE --N m 5 , w - W .fm m -, , -W q - , 2 ,, rings: imc ' M225 vwiair Barbara Plckard and Kay Gallagher brave the shark mfested waters of the reflecuon pool durmg the canoe race I48 ,Z ,, fu Q ,.,..:J -FLTSQQ I juni , A 3' u d-if ' -- U , Q 4 5.7. 'VV- , 1 - X 1 4. , , f ' ' ' Y VV -mr," 4-A ' A 2. 'vs A - , -a. . -- 321 1 7 ,Wf- A '-s-"I u . I, , A ' a V .A , it A 'Qfqzal Q, ff ,Amr N. 'c 4:-f., 'f X iglrf. 1, ff? Ls A J ,WQ7 Q .,.x.f-VV -V 4 Aa.,-. SK'--.... is--gi -5 N 4 ' J 1 ' 1 J K6 X ll I ,f 'XD -W' .T,. ,,,, Q.Ys, ,. f J FU! x -. 34. ,AV- G xg 1. 11 ,- '.1 W Y ,. ri, . Z it 1 1 5 M fisg, ' V K 5. , N , fm In 'X ' k ,, if ' QT TNT TAY I Y I g, , el' L . - ' , ' 5 ff. 3' - -V -. -- ,, ----w----- ' - V V-VV VV VV V V A . . xg 4 1 1 I qv v. .4 . M5 if U 'L-Qu l 3 1' f if 3 'V 5 . . , , K, , . V - V' A 5'3" ' Hn' 5 ' If " A 3 i , Vw Tc, A A 1 V ' A i l 1 V X gg, V- 1 - ,N N5-B-h-'lu' . t mx , , X, J' 12 ' H V W L V -75 -' ilu I 1 ' . V4 YN 'IIE 1 A V Ai A Q " - '01, ,N-S-V-..,4-2 . - , -V - lx Y , ,M '- -I I ,ggi rf V ', V M lg,Liv' 2 lk ' ,say Q1 1 ' "fx ' I - 4 A 1 5" J 3 -" W5 ' 1?-' 1z'et-Sw '55P'f1'f'r.?' 'Q' ' A .. ,N ,I ...FM h,e,rf5V. ,, -31.5 4.-.,,' iw .- as V xg '1 1+ .kg ,,-TX" if Y M jg, X F 1, 7' S 1' ' 51542-,, QV 1 2V , V 'fsjffdeaiifsa V V, --Q' x, ' , 1 'V-A fm, V' mf- V ' A' Wai. -ti? V .v'gsma' VV ,yv ..,.f 4, W1 4. ,-w-' 4 V Lf, ' .55 V,-..,. .lj-. V :o. w- ,-,ck ive - , . , ,- "-Ai N? Ur .il x 'Vji I 'X 1, w "': ,- rp.. s V V JA- , . V .,-,, f f4fj'.'-'fp gi:,,.:g.V . 2 Q---1V---, ' N " 1 . ,,,l, V ? 1.7.2. ,ffm ,f . . .7 ' J' ' ' ' . ' V-J-'Z'.-.fL'jr'pg!1a,",-v, Wg- H:..,:,-Fw .V . ,. .A .V , " 'f1"" V , . 'Ti3iVi-WF zipwii V' A 1 ' A::3?EiSJ?': ?'iS5f5."f-Vi75.TStir: M51 12V '. 5,-.ya 2,-.V .,V5ggmE.z1--it-34 V. ':g4f:wc2.W" 3' rf 'V'qliia5i:ffj:pV?f.'V.efvffg,i4': 255 TQMEQ, - VV-'?'1-1 QM? -" 2 'f:fVr1:-Js.i- gpiaijgf.-2, V "',i'Vmf,eGmf'if5V.ew5,,593:V:g:-Vfg,VT,ygM 1-1 1 L A-:Q-3:3114 '- ' "' 1 ,, ' 21,gy'f"11L,- -'Q' " if Txfzfixf' 1911 -iegfiji 35 w, ,+ , " -Rf' 4 '1 .. . - -- . "'jfiff'y. 'A ' ' ,2'ff?:z , ' X 'A,gjg,5,f15:f2Ey-VL,,:f:qqg2.twL fi ifi - vt., -y-1 5- -rl .V . gif b' 3, .viii F'-V1 l 523133, ,'JE,,- E11 V ,. 4- X- v. .VA wr--VV Q-.14 X- V-ww W x, J. ,gf .5.lf::f'A -V if 1375234 ., 1-. -,:-3i!!4f.,i.f., . 1 .fuk xr! l - - L V-Xi ,f4':5!IjV3,.-atv?-:Fir GJ. ,P 4-,Ll V--Neff w P x i-'-Vw-Wfis. ,UT:1?1-'-ffsim., Q-ff A - V, - , . ..f' , V-,fgu-V-r:.5,,..-:V s. 4,-3' 2, .4?'.'-.x'L'X'-f:-' l.L.itifgr4.x.1.4'1'-,lQ:. -'Q Lil'-'.",v iz:x-x:'.'!." ' l ' I A I .f ' '1T.'i,1.- Y' HA,,,i'A"5 fin. if: Njflli at '- I l Miscellaneous Awards, Citations Are Made Top Ten Outstanding Students announced at Awards Day program are Sandy Schoenfield, Louis Patronella, Nancy West, Richard Caldwell, Cathy Young, Eugene Cook, Marilyn Miller, Joe Biundo and Rusty Henkhaus. Not pictured, Cecil Holder. w Cougar Editor Cathy Young is commended by student body leaders for 'her work in getting the Cougar printed the week of the printing plant fire. ..' .H V. 4, N53 S5 :gm N, ' .. .. s.srtt aw . 2 .-..:r. . 1.1:-v' -' :.. - 1--A - 'ij .:f.a.-52:14, I50 ,. - Lia moi? V Minh! .Qi Z Zi: ,,. rag' 7, tag, , , Bk' - ' Mgkfjlg 5- N tj' ,. wiv? " 1 6 1.1 - 'N . , --4, 4. .As X:-Z...-. " .' J,- ' .. g . V! ' LE' '-2 z , , ' ' ' - . 555 .I ' ,gf4j..,. Q f 1. - ' ' " I' . . , . . I ., lk . . .. 1 'Y' t f Y I ,Q , ff f th 15 is .1 , f Mrs. Lucile Dill is named Homemaker of the Year 'X n, wx. S ' 9? 'Ny Pfgf f '1 31. 4 Ju LL 1.3- nxt Q9 ke L 'Nil' - , Y. .'..,"' A 5x , Eal- g A if gm Wifi: 1' . ix!-. cgl Q4 I, ,KL ." v 1 5 ' ' , was-fy' f' 35 X - ' if-A A I KI., b " F fiili x 11? W-7 Q X Y fwikigs K" x I if 1 ' K S-. .. x . 5 , -, Q PP 97 Honest Abe Ass Abe Lincoln, alias Randy Wands, carries on a lofty campaign for cheerleader candidate Bob LeMond. Susan Jenkins utilized a more down-to- earth policy in her campaign for cheerleader, ists in Pre-Election Campaign .va-L ,. 'fri ' 11. fr. 'a',' 'id ' ui' .yr-" Y ' 4. ' . .Y I 5" .. H19 ' ' lEMONo ron cnfmswsn WL- , ' K ' .Viv u . - o 'w ' " 1-M .,,1 ,H uv- i' 7 1 n,,rQ I W Mi ' - , . lm ,NL 5 Y I While Alene Booth and Effie Cannon, both junior English majors, cast ballots for their favorite candidates, election officials Jerry Evans and Tommie Holub check and stamp ID cards. Sharon Wakefield hears her name called as cheerleader for 1960-61 at the first Awards Day program.. in Campus Sees First Awards Da Pro ram New student body president Sam Goodner, front right, says "I hope I can do the job as well next year as .lim Gregory, front left, has done this year." Judy Morriss, Joe Biundo, Louis Patronella and Barbara Henkhaus applaud their agreement. Women Students Association president Jeanne Hubbard, right, awards the cup for Coed of the Year to Sandy Schoenfield. I53 -Z '- s.. Q . .an.--- .A ! fs' -.- . 55-5, Q I 'Yi Qi 1: m' if fi s- -24255552 , b'32"ii.':"f5f!' 1 Q K ug-, Q 1 f"' ey fm ,,,.J . , Y ,r xy! 1, Q, A T Q- r l a ' x x xl -.,,,x 1' The appearance of clover patches is one sign of spring's arrival. Elaine Hocott makes a thorough search for the four-leafed variety. Spring Induces Strange Impulses With the coming of warm weather, water-skiing temporarily takes the place of study hours in the library. This couple emerge from Cougar Den with an afternoon at Lake Houston as their goal. l l55 Le Qiiartier Latin Auctions ""Useful99 Relics Members of Le Quartier Latin do a little spring cleaning and auction off articles that have been jamming dorm closets for months. Hoiistonian Photo rciphers Face Sundry Perils J M , 37777 'Y . Y fi :ij , 5 ef Q W, 6 W " " 'S 2 " - ff of l or it , I T E . ' 12, , V' Ee, it it ..s,i T t H' Y Q EJ , " ' H ,,fff' ll fff 'll -l'i " 'll H1 'ef " it tug 'W ,- , it as 2 - 7 M- H John Gehbauer gets assistance from the University maintenance crew in shooting the statue of Sam Houston that appears in the introductory pages of this book. f l56 Preston Ivens has a firm grip on Shasta, the cougar mascot as Roy Arnold focuses his camera. on her glittering teeth. tiiderit Artists Exhibit Works Three coeds stop to admire a display of modern art paintings at the annual Art Fair. Qi 'N-. 'Q' H- ff? 't On exhibit, too, are students performing the chores of their respective special study areas. A student working on a ceramic piece draws the interest of a family group visiting the campus. I57 F Parties and Formals Highlight Social Calendar 'vit -.,,, . , if U4 Phi Sigma Kappas throw a party for a service-going frat brother. i 3 Y Y fr H im , ' A N L X E. M i-,. . J N' ',a 3 N iiil l ' l ww, i ,-X Je V X W P ,, f 4. hu ,4.-- 11 311 Bobbie Hainline is named sweetheart of Sigma Nu at their annual White Star formal. SAE's select an elated Judy Pittman as their sweetheart. Delta Gammas serenade their dates at the DG spring formal. Serenacles, Dancmg, and rchzcl Lezs Are T ypical Orchid leis make a big hit with the girls at the Pi Kappa Alpha formal. Bruce Moore has the floor at the Hawaiian-style banquet. 3" 1 1 , f .-,s w il .sf r of Q gffl nhl Q ' fl' ' i V5 f- . -u. I 4 IL ' -1 The sweetheart of Sigma Chi, Julia Kirkpatrick, receives a bouquet of roses from last year's sweetheart, Lucretia Alexander Alpha Delta Pi's utilize a Mardi-Gras theme for their big event of the season. 'Wi Travelers Three, a singing group, many campus functions, including fraternity formals. Often compared ston Trio, the Travelers Three sing strumming their own guitars. Q -rx-19,1 entertain at sorority and to the King- ballads while M-1 VH W flier- -f Brenda Dietz joins the library throng to soak up some final bits of knowledge before finals begin. Finals Approach. . . Cougars Cram 4 -1 '9l'?""1" Q I - ' 1 - , ' V X 11,2 I V ' ,- 1 U ., at , f-. 1 ' ,. L - , ' 'E' li' x M'T'1t---- r, ,,: G rm L , Packing for home is more work than studying for finals if you have collected as many items as Joe Biundo and Hal Currey. Ed Kadleeek has his own ideas about what should be packed for home. He and Barlow Simmons transport Mary Alice, Sabra, Susan, Noonie, Bari and Lynda. l62 Zoe Zendler and Danny Regan decide they can't fight the library crowds so they study on the library steps. Westward H0 the MG. robes are all a part of gradua Trying on caps and selecting . . ' Q - lion preparations. i M, X E 1 1 'lin I l Q W e Prepare to Graduate On the big day, workmen set up chairs, electricians install lights and TV men ready their cameras for the night's action. At rehearsal the day before commencement graduates applaud the "Speakon" Ti V I64 is j N9 ji ,.,,. The Band Begins . . . Pomp and Circumstcmce . f 5 'NP' 'The University's band begins playing as officials lprepare to start the ceremonies. ' Officials leave Ezekiel W. Cullen Building to begin the procession, One young miss takes advantage of the situation . . . Four Actifvit -Packed Years End While waiting to begin, seniors discuss their after-graduation plans. fre ' f W The television camera watches as faculty members file to their places. 'I nn nu -nu 1.4: 'mr Tlffuiifl 11s:9ji:r'f'.r7"'iurr in iiii Ilii iiii ii'1 Officials lead the way from Ezekiel W. Cullen Building to the commencement scene. l I65 J Oveta Culp Hobby, publisher of the Houston Post, gives the commence- ment address. N , x Newspaper Publisher Speaks to Graduates 4 Graduates listen attentively as Mrs. 1 Hobby speaks to them of the future and their places in the space age. I66 .V- w V 9f- - G ', Aj' asf -F - i Qu 'Z 5- -. I I- ,... if v , xi: Y E 1 1 J 'Qi Xi R . , I A i:,, V I 'gf I f f r .,,l K ' ,4 aug? un' 1 E ig F 1 . J ,. V in ,L I .5 4-7' f 6599 Mg' sl- fi -, fl 'x 1 l 1 an ,ik .ff 'V J g, Q u V 5 , XI ' ii ixqfiil - . fn-ii "2 5'-':7N:3-Iilf' ' f Ylmfff,--fi., mf?y:q::,::.c:A"' X ' rg , w WK ', 1 f ,- W 5 Q . M ll. Nil '- 1 - sf vi 11 , I 5 I fr E 2 ' lay f f w 1 ,M ,. ,I H f I E 4 x V' 1 1 N , if if f V , ., J N E 1? w ,. 1 , shiny l A .V J' - -.34 's if- ' ,'v,: '. Q' . 2-:SJW -I 'ECL' 3 ,grmER Fnngn v sq .-I -161 , B N7 1. 5 'Q P , f if h i Q AssucmlUN V ,A ... ..,..p I M 7 x U P Pa in 'E 3 3 .Q ' Eff gf - my 2 ?Q-. ' ,gg 1 2' if I, rj, 8- ' I o . is '41 j ?'59 "E'3!E54i? Y 'r QE 5 if ' f Frontier Fiesta - Its Evolution A TRADITION . . . FORMED IN THE DEPTHS From an idea formed in the depths of the minds of five students in 1940, there arose a tradition at the University of Houston. It was called Frontier Fiesta, destined to become the "Greatest College Show on Earthf, The first Fiesta was scheduled to make its appearance on April 244, 1940. Students worked day and night building, rehearsing, making costumes and contracting for food and cold drinks to be brought to the campus for on-lookers to enjoy. Even some of the faculty was pressed into service. Dr. W. W. Kemmerer, the Uni- versityis new president-elect helped by assisting in the building of a dance floor for the Taxi Dance. Work reached its zenith with only 24- hours till show time. Then. as has happened many times since, Frontier Fiesta was plagued with rain. For two days and two nights the rains came. Fiesta was postponed. OUT OF THE MUD A DIMINUTIVE ORGANISM APPEARS A week later, Fiesta played to a crowd of 5,000. The show ran for three nights. In 19411, Frontier Fiesta was located at the south end of the present football field. A beard growing contest was initiated which called for the winner to receive a portable radio for his efforts. Eight thousand people attended the second Frontier Fiesta. CATACLYSMIC DISTURBANCE HALTS DEVELOPMENT World War II halted Fiestais progress until 1946. That year, with male students returning to the campus as war veterans, a need was felt to bring back the college show., A group of aspiring campus politicians ran on a ticket promising the revival of Fiesta if they were elected to office. After they won the election, they set about the difficult task of reviving the Fiesta spirit on a campus that had quadrupled in enrollment and had few old timers around who knew anything about Fiesta. REVIVES AFTER PERIOD OF DORMANCY The third Fiesta site was the spot now occupied by the Ezekiel W. Cullen Building, an area which was then a hard-surfaced parking lot. An automobile was donated by Earl lVIclVIillian as first prize in the Beard Growing contest. Hundreds of other prizes were contributed by local citizens to be given for city-wide Frontier Fiesta promotion. An estimated 25,000 people visited the show between April 24 and April 26. ig, -gf-' N 4 1 , . 1 21 I 44 B 41 ?l' -dv, 1' P F '43 ' 1551, 'a ,':1ffC'1,ifQv 1,2 7 ' ,ffgl . I L k A. n Qx ,I-".i'G,, ff U' vu' iA?:q'l. 4 Y .xx , A ' fl" ,hay XL Wy 4 Q3 -HFPL ' 'f ff 'si' l 3' " Q qfivll Y xl Aj' 4 .I-,-, 1 - ...N . 1 ww na P : New 'f . , . A .. U -4 5 . L. Pg I - 1 l we Ang 60 4 " 1960 Warner Bras. Pictures I , 0 .Q " I 657 , ,N V, Q aff XA, 1 , I Q 72 FIESTA GROWS, THRIVES For the 194-9 college show, a large plot of ground was set aside at the northwest side of the Science Building. Twice as many shows as the previous year satisfied the appetites of 50,000 people. In 1950, the number of performances changed from four nights to five. Students utilized every inch of the five-acre midway. Construction records were shattered with every show ahead of schedule by weeks. Objective of the '50 Fiesta was to raise money to build a swimming pool for the University. The 55l60,000 pool was opened in 1955 with 3100,000 of the money contributed by Frontier Fiesta. The governor of Texas, Allan Shivers, signed the official Frontier Fiesta charter making the frontier town a real city, Fiesta City. Contests to find the ugliest, reddest, scrawniest, funniest, and longest beards were added to the contest to choose the best all around beard in Fiesta Citv. The 1952 listing of shows included the Bayou Queen, Tombstone Theater, Plugged Nickel, Wells Fargo, Crow's Nest, Stars and Bars, Golden Nugget, Rock 'N Rye, French Quarter, Bella Union, Silver Moon Saloon and the Firehouse Follies. Most of these names have become legend to the citizens of Fiesta City. In 1954, a scrawny, mean-looking red-bearded gent named Yosemite Sam made an appearance on the cover of the Fiesta program and has appeared on the program, in ads and promotional pieces concerning Fiesta ever since. Inside the pages of the '54 program was an explanation of the Joe Koppel award presented by the Alumni As- sociation to the first place show each year. Joe Koppel, one of Fiesta's founders and the general chairman of the '41 show, was killed in World War II. With the 1956 Fiesta appeared new names sponsoring the Fiesta shows and concessions. Familiar names like Gan Bey and KDK became Sigma Chi and Sigma Alpha Epsilon after the local social clubs affiliated with national fraternities and sororities. LIFE MAGAZINE photographers attended the 1958 Fiesta, shooting pictures of the shows, the entertainers and the crowds for their publication. In the May 12, 1958 issue of LIFE, the headline "A Collegiate Celebra- tion in a F alse-Front Town" introduced a two-page spread on the 4'Createst College Show on Earthf' By this time, Fiesta had started running six nights with a maximum of seven performances each evening. ORGANISM EXPERIENCES A CRISIS In 1959, Fiesta -underwent a crisis in its evolution. Organizations that had been Fiesta's very life blood decided not to participate. There was talk of replacing Fiesta with another campus- activity, one that would require less time and energy. The campus was split. Many wanted Fiesta to stay, many did not. The result was that organizations that wished, produced shows. Fiesta, smaller than usual, was fun, as always, but not quite the same. , ", l'g W A A I W s '16 s I 2?- Ji - . 1, C9 1960 Warner B .P .,1 . f . Liglf - qi! f...s- v, . , ,-QA . K. A H 341 . ,X Qt Q 'A if A N ,,.11. 1 My Q :AE x1f.',.' - : , A , LIFE IN ABUNDANCE . . . OR TOTAL EXTINCTION? Fiesta is threatened with extinction. It is El strong organism. It has weathered trials in the past. It has an unquenchable spirit and a determined will to live when it is fed by student enthusiasm. ORGANISM MUST ADAPT . . . NATURAL SELECTION With an organism as complex as Frontier Fiesta, prob- lems are expected to arise in its functioning. Fiesta has many problems to lick. But, with help, it can lick them by utilizing the process of natural selection. By adapting to changing situations, by developing fully the useful qualities it possesses and discarding the useless, injurious characteristics, Fiesta can return a mature and permanent member of the University's world. 60 show Six directors are elected to organize, publicize. Only publicity is "Sorry, No Fie ta this year 7 A This Is Fiesta, .. . Life on the Lot . 1- ll! " 'U' THE BELLES rib' L. THE JOKERS . . . THE CONFEDERATE MONEY X mul, if . Y 1. 141 M 1 X f fi W' 15'f' 2',---. , ,Q - ,gp 5 Za 5545551 11, ' ' ' '- , ' A, . , .. 5L . . , - Lv, if, 71 V V yn' x guwrgkfilfgl f' ' V 'Q 1 , .1 ' V,f'ff:':' U' -fff 'Y' 7, Vt" -L r f- A ' Sf- 7 ' " 4 J A: ' M ns ,fr li G03-DEN N E, - 5, nf: f V 44 ' if 4 fi Xe . ff -"N H U AQ mx - Bi , '- ur fa ff a QW 5 .I wif' " ' PF 93 ,. QC Y N 41 fx . .TY 9, IVF' 4 U , f,-.', F. - , 1 I ,, N A Lv 4 5 ,fffz fi? , " 'lvlx h 2 ld 5 eil N1 5 B N G , -" "a 1' R 1+ 'U 'N 'F ' N wg' ' .. " H 9 -I . 1? 1, , .ff -ir! ,-L. 'K W 1' H , .. 4 li, U . I Q I 3' -'5 1 T4 3- f 3. 32' :M Q.-Iv , 1... ' H4 '1:'u 5 5 p ,fi kip rl 1 xt :zlif gd, 2 lull Q iq 1 L4 I 1 'J -1 1491! ,gm 'gp n N0 rl 3 ' 4, I 3 J r if .:: -' Ak ., I 'fii' .- Y N: .nh .Uv 5 , 4 , ia 1- 5 25 Q . Zi 2 1 El? f A ,Q X . " fvr?1.'?3l,:'i'1 'xv-' I-wg: I..,,Yf .fm if ' ,.- a2:1 2? 1- ' ' is-,ig .41zF"' g- , mf . N .fxagisfffkg Z A5111 E I -ffflaf.SIf.' f" f L 1. ' 1191? ' ' i -A ' -"H -. -' ETTTJ ii-QI 3f'QQT'T:5fb15,.l.l."'Z, , 'f1?f "2ff3 :ff F55 , Show Fronts Draw Crowds 9572 GLITTER . . . BANNERS . . . TINSEL AND WOOD N J' LOGS . .. SHUTTERS PLANKS . . AND MURALS NEON LIGHTS BALCON IES AND COUNTERFEIT ADOBE BRICK 'D W! ' ' J ti, xt I Lf 2 U' ff' Www v4 4-4' , V may . r Q I MN VIP' v , 11 4, ' M v. I . 3 : gf' dew" : " X ' 11- ' A . 53 1 W.- KJ1 U m J 1 4 .1 ef -,"' - 1' X 'Tj , .y K '- ..':5 W f it 1 X ' ' n ' .., . w Y dw., -41: 'X 1 X: y , , 'L ki. , ' V t: .ff ii, ., . , ? 41 .Bragg ,. . . 3 ' N " vc 1 "-L 'T " 1 J .1 H' I J 3' ff , Y X 5 xv 3. 41 ,A 4 Q 1 j f 1 sl 3 " '4 lf' 1' r W1 W' W .,- 2 29512 , ,am Q g . W: r 2, If , , li 'W ln! 1 A clean shave 15 a requxslte Beard Contest Entiees Males, Alienates Females Beard contestants try to out-do each other in looking hideous. -'V I Rory Calhoun gets a Texas handshake from a- member of the Fiesta Associa- tion. Anne Baxter gets the key to Fiesta City in '53 LIFE photographers Tom McAvoy and Leonard McCombe seem to he enjoying their stay at Fiesta City. C0lllefiiatQC lebration in lil lvilllfli-Fl'0lIl TUVI1 I---r1lu1-wl.1j.- ww-ullx Ilu-l IIlXl'l"llf nl lluup- ll-n --nm-1-ll-ll all -'lgn-Fw .nn-I nm-lgl1ulvl1l- vul lln-rw'-I ul'lll1'Nl'c'lx lam, lla:-j lfrwlwl.lllIll1'll' eliqllglll lllllll" lu unrlx lull lln- uniu-V-ily., 'IVI'--lllivl' lfir-Iall' all-l murln nl lllv llljllll lu Vlljllf il. l"wl' lll'-lil llll"lllll1'lll5 lluill Ll l-.ll'l'- l,l'llllll'1l --.lrly XX 1'-ll'I'll lmsn lluul llw 9jlN1'l'lllll' uvluullx 4'll:ul'lv-wal 41: .1 4-:lx lm' ilu- um-ll. lille-rv uumvrf-:ly lI'lll1'I'HIllt'w, xuml-11q4-- uml l'llll'I'-UlX1'lll -lmln-nl Q1I'UllIlNIYlIl un II -Inms. 'I X l.Xl'xKNl,l' fllI'M llll' .mllllll Ei-lllll Q Nw- -.U-vl -muglll mln .x l4'HlI'4l .lmumx fum- rzlnyinglrnml1'ullr:lll:u'l-I---.nlllw-fullllu-ulll l 1 x I an annul 1,11 II.'N. XXIl11.II l'1 I1 UN NIIUXXIIHKI' SIIHXX. N-new FIIUXI lWlI'I!li'Nl1I-I FU,Klll'I aux-llua .An xg i 1:3 . -Q1 A x A xx 1'-1. WllIllxl'l" Villlglll In llmln .alla-l -l.nllx ual gl:-vlllllj jnilwluu-l v'Xl'l'jnl11'h.lN In lllfll in llu-ir"Yunlwv"num'-y.'l'-n1-1-nl5'Mn:Lw lm-uglnl SIU 1.1-nlwls-rqnll-. Llu- -fnly -'nu'r:-nf x :nwvyvlu-fl al-4 la-gal ll'Il4ll'I' Ill ilu' ln'-1.1. llr-lull as lf-rum-luv NLIFIIIIIQI llw Iuwl mglnl. llnv Ulh. I ll l'l'lI-UI? ulm Ln-pl ilu- -In-nw ll.-.1-rl-lv .mfl lll vlnlun-4-fl l.1:.lll 1-url wx. Iln- -In-sw ln.:-lv r..y M UNH lm' thx' -llnlvnlfflxlllu lln- Ilflllll- llnx plan In l-uk. .IIHIPIIQL 1-ll:--1 llllllg-. -lwlI1-1- nl lm- -lnlw --I lla-'x mm re--I up Ill llw -lm-ll Illill I"1lIl I'Il1"IL INNIIDL. IIIIXKLNI-.Il. INMUI Il.Xkl l sll L. Counesy LIFE Copyrighl 1958 Time, Inc. ' . ",-mir-nf: J",.Q I 1 sf' .r,.v., ' L Q I J' t i Mrpkttqdps f"5s5 'I -sig, 'n ' , . . 5 Rf f , , w V . ' fha P " 1 I gg 'A ff 'K' ..... . J., W - W .f ., ,- 4-.. -Jfgjg - Q .yn , A . I, ' 1, 1. 1 J ? J" 5 ,f J.. I X resign? ,U . , u , ri .vlf 3911? Q Q . fa ' , . 'f -e 'urn' 'iw I , 'fo-. f'1Q,. 7,1 ,E fm, ,far faiffzif 3, WS 4 fi hi I f J, Pi. faq . - 1 fp. 3-L-1 Qn' '--w-5nv- 1" ay '-Ss, is Fiestais General Chairmen, C0-Urciinate Activities JOE POTTER 1940 Chairman i JOE KOPPEL .IOHNNY GOYEN BILL SPARR 1941 Chairman 194-7 Chairman 1948 Chairman w HARRY SCOTT DAVE HALPHEN CHARLIE SNYDER DOUG HARRISON TALMADGE McR.AE 1949 Chairman 1950 Chairman 1951 Chairman 1952 Chairman 1953 Chairman i DON WEBB MARVIN BRISCOE A. J. MONTALBANO RICHARD COSELLI JON CAMPBELL 1954- Chairman 1955 Chairman '1956 Chairman 1957 Chairman 1958 Chairman I86 -Im ll HI IIIKI IZ HI IEEIIH E- -??w1"' il ni!! film rv- "" ""' "' -- ff M Association Members Share the Load BOB DUNSON 1959 Chairman J Z f . 4' , Q'- 1 1 5346 ,- l W V , -..-ab , Y ' Qs ., f: H if " XE. -'41 '--' Fiesta Is Work Hundreds of hours of manual labor go into the production of a Fiesta Show. -if Wm l V F, :L of t I. i, 'W-y,- Smashed thumbs are common among the girls, too. Building, painting and wiring go on simultaneously as opening night draws near. ,, , X 7 7 4-5 4 .v'4 'ff ,f ,QgQjQj9f 1,1 ,XZ 2 'ff y., . ,ff ff '1 X X I ht- E AU ,- 'Il Q W ,-f-' ,,,3'?,i, 4 af, nh fiqi ' v J K- ' 51 .-: I YTL T M, ' 1, ' """fQ f' H- ,, .e"-"M in - 'fig 'Qi v 4 5 I 4 my ,-il: f J, , . in A -I.:5-Eg-, ,Y I 5 VVVK V , .gaf wi. Y -4 ffl ' x '-:Y 1 3 Ywffil . 431 . .CY -Q X in - ' xi wi .V-' .. M : l , U .,..-,,,. .-. 1-, . . . A,. .N ,U , ,-,.n IVF 'mv ' x mg ,, V, , ggg,+H 5.1 gww J ANGEL -. I bf, ' 1,IH. ' 1 .1 I rf,----f-,,,,,..,,..,,, ,. .,, 1 -11 ,"'v 'f .- ' 'l"lw: N 4-sf .,,LJl-L1 : . -., u,1.x,mz:f,! , g fry-,jig .. .1 .41 , fmV5+d fwi N V l N 1 Anne Sharpe, Gloria Hunt a.nd Marilyn Montgomery are the singing mermaids from the Cl'0W,S Nest's past. I Fiesta Is Klieg Lights, Grease Paint John L. Maida alias "Sweetfeet" was a hit in the 1959 Frontier Fiesta. l90 Joyce Alford registers a look of astonishment as fellow Bella Union players attempt to conceal something from her. J 1 sa 1 wffggiu ss 5 H r ..., Q- l el M4 .J :L ,, H mfszfx ,M H S , 5. "W ,Magix E 1 , -Y-u g--- - ' Q.. ' Q' . - 2-- W i I V H ml vm ff m H ww Q:: 'M' H X :Q ' :Aw -2 'NTLK 2: ' 1 22' , 11522155 ' Q- 5 ' , Q in , Elgin, ,gy X ggi M . ,A..,A . ,N -ig V Squaw Sue Ann Payne gets her man, Doug Shaver, in a Bella Union comedy skit. l . . . Comedy, Emotion I 5" lga 1 The Stars and Bars' .lim Nolan, Whead Peoples and Dick Sonfield play a game of three- handed poker that includes a. lot of double dealing. l92 LaVonne Hicks is the vocalist in the '57 Boot Hill show 1 l W H?-f, .., . '15-. 'Z1'y. V' 35 ff F 5 l X 1.1-ntfsihmfiff 1 K ,, W f'w1:., Y I . ss E W 1, 1 tw' 'mi-2-eg ' 0' "H ',,W5 W w , " ' 5225" ' ' u :i?g'5?t3"' " Fitriifw fa , x. 1, 1 ' gain , 5511521 , fl- , N N int , A t ,. za. ,..,t 2 A -4--. -'f --I A , Fiesta shows are not always western as Larry Barrett of the Silver Moon can testify. Tombstone Theatre goes Scotch with a take off on "Brigadoon." Fiesta Is Pomp, Color Larry Berthlot and the Chi Omega dancers present a colorful spectacle to Silver Moon patrons Bob Watson and G. Martin Young became well known for their Fiesta pantomimes. Rock 'N Rye's debonaire gents are Dave Hueitt, Bill Cartwright, Gerald Reed and Roger De Brandt. tm ta it -N vf :J N! .Z 17' xv . 7 1 H " V' ...L ,., 1 il, if ' Myrna Patterson, Rhoda Morrow and Kay Wright exhibit the style that won them Top Ten Act honors. Buffoonery such as displayed here was popular with audiences in the early 1950's. t I ., 1 9 The Bayou Queens dancers caper in a light hearted fashion that is the essence of Fiesta s gaiety . . . Camarczclerie as x lm, ,if ,ai H li Y Wi z.. : E31 5 ,. ,. HJ .. Iv ' fvzv - Friendships are quickly malde when personalities f r - A N' 7 ,9 N L ,fs W , " " " g' ig ' in gl Q N Nm 'li ":' "El ' 1-'Q are merged into the molding of a show. Dorothy Riley, Charlie Gorcly and Farolyn Imagmative sallors sall the seas m wash tub return to the days of Happen and dandiesu boats on Fiesta's stages. 4' "lf- Jim Styles and Susan Bartsch sing "All or Nothin' " from "Oklahoma." Shaw it 22551: , .ki 'V is ,,j .' ' W, Ami Y V W 12 . Ms, 1 ... 1 1 ,. W , HW . JY S' -' sg., .-. , ..,, .. Q.. ' . H M- .2 was .1 . f .fu 1 .J-1, 'M H " ... . ,, H ww """..."llQff3.M'.... "H" .. W..." " ' ... 1 .. ..'i5.??W" " "' " 3:1 W'-wu .. ffzs.. ... .. -,ww fM " H mf 'M ,i Exif? 3 aff wg. -:- -in V V ri, .V I H Y 1 ij R ' ', . . V i' f f' .4 tiff!" fy H,-Q 5' S,"g,' . Y, ff.. X 4' ff' gf Y f mi, f . . '. ' 'V .' 1 - " 4.1 1--gif! ,u. . ...yy 14 1, ,ga . ,Q - ' 1 gfri' MU. mse?22fMg, 1 .J lJ2L'..."' . gf. 'H ,.. ,. 1 . ..lQ1. . ... .. M W. Zn ' fi?iE,.,..f. H " "U ---1wff.."N..m-V 1 .. we ..' .wx .. ..+s1. K ' -4, veg.. ' . E! E fi -1.1. E J, ,Q Af Q' .. 5. ...Ez K -ff V H R X "N K5 k,Vq'.14qfs1,dq!QL3,1anA!,Q... Lan' 1C'.!Q..L1.:Ly.,..'5',-1, A.5z!g1F..:kn-j:Q , 1-3 Lrg, , In .,.'gE5,F 1 . ,, Y , 1 M, . A ., , , , ,, , . , S , Nm... , .x-PE' ..-1, - , H v, 1 -- ,... ,, , 5 4 m gg' ... fu." ... izpagggsw H3195 - my. Mjgi ,,, r. Kg.. f.. .wfiffkl-'X, I ,.Q.."1.,W gL,w:,g., . 6, .UQ Q' N gg? ..."H, Q.. 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V n. fl., Lg ' mg., ... 5 'H "' , , . .. 1. :vi --5 1 if . W 'IIA ,ffzeiq , . 1 .,., .. 2: , W. Q., -7,13 , . , 1 :::-A. 1, - ' , f. , . V H, ij' ... , Jfi-'.3,gW! 'yfg'' :..yq-3353. yi., .wgiw .. gnjlnwy. Nj 11: .kc,,1A1'.L:.., J. .f f..lg,f3.yg. I ff -1 1 -- me-1 f f . , ff- , 5 H 4qf'g'.'g':E V rg--1h:..i:,.'. AC-f"' Jfj,:g...Qaa- W- L f my "wi ,5-" aj IQ.. . 1 2, 1 L' , .. ...S .. .. ... ow ,,5,Qg. .. ... ...H ffl ... H N, N F Y, H HH' ' .. N .. 5 ,Q .ff 5 i.fJ,.5.. fa '53 . fs .1 K. ,. L: ,-,Q . .Hs ,. ., .1 X ikgliff. ... vu - W.. 1Lt.fzgE5Qw...! .V ...R .. wx f ...N . ff .. gg 1 1 ,R 'wg .. ' .'fff1'U" L' A .. .. 6 3,5 . 'f .5 , L' .. V, w - .1 ,M ... f Q K ,. V, f' 1 ... mi ...- H W--..Lgg.. u . H 'fi ."lfJ5. " ROTC cadets submit lo inspec tion by a team of federal re viewers. I99 l E They Co-orclinate Religious Activities Religious Groups U Council ,,qX,l,il., slim The Religious Groups Council promotes and sponsors various religious activities and programs on campus in- y cluding Religious Emphasis Week, and programs for l Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving. ' New to the campus this year, the fall lecture series fea- tures outstanding speakers of the nation and area. Participating in Cougar Christmasland and backing the Religious Center fund drive are the Council's major proj- ects this year. To date, the thirteen member organiza- tions of the Council have 353511000 toward the building l project. I iOFFICERS: Eddie Bond, vice-presidentg Elaine Hocott, secretary- ltreasurerg Eddie Hillyer, publicity directorg Ray Epps, president. V First Row: Wilroy Wornat, Glen Mans, Robert Fink, Ron Worsharn, Al Robin, Eddie Hillyer, Richard Schultz. Second Row: Ray Epps, Eleanor Van Valkenburgh, Elaine Hocott, Mary Lee Thompson, Ethelynn Bang, Mary Ann Blythe, Cathy Wahden, Eva Wells, Lorraine Hiskey, Eleanor Leopold. Third Row: Reverend George Aurieh, Reverend Milton E. Mayer, Reverend .lames W. Gunn, Glenn W. Cannon, Rowland Brian, W. Tench, Roger Baumgarten, Reverend George N. Thompson, Ronald A. Kuehnle, Reverend Kilian Downey, O.P., .loseph Laflamme. 200 Cultural and oeial Activities Are Part of the Hillel ociety First Row: Ricia Fox, Miriam Kestenhaum, Rochelle Shiloff, Bobbie Stein, .lody Josephson, Carolyn Simon. Second Row: Dr. Stanley Seigle, Advisorg William Goldberg, Jerry Evans, Al Robin, Al Siegel, J. G. Weinberger. Third Row: Jack Hammer. Avi Bobys, Bobbie Friedman, Harriet Boyer, Nathan Catalan. Fourth Row: Harvey Zidell, .lerry Motley, Jerry Lass, Dave DeVido. The Hillel Society for Jewish students has religious, cultural and social activities. Among their activities are a Homecoming dance, the UH-Rice sponsored Chanukah Ball and a summer ln- stallation Banquet. Philanthropies include contributions to the Universityls library, the athletic department and the proposed Religious Center on campus. Hillel I Society l I XL' OFFICERS: David DeVido, treasurerg Johanna Josephson, secretaryg Jerry Lass, presidentg Miriam Kestenbaum, secretaryg Dr. Stanley Siegal, sponsorg Al Robin parliamenlariang Harvey Zidell, vice-president Knot picturerll. K 20I V l City-Wide Meetings Are Included in Their Activities Gamma Deltas congregate at a banquet at the Bluegrass Inn. Gamma Delta, International Association of Lutheran College and University Students, meets Weekly on campus and participates in bi-monthly city-wide meetings throughout each year. Prior to Gamma Delta's convention at A 8: M, the group journeyed to Huntsville for a kick-off meet- ing. A Christmas dinner and spring farewell banquet round out the year's activities. Gamma ' Delta Qxxilflta titles 202 Canterbury Club, . ervice ls Added to Worship Wesley Foundation T ,.MXtlfw-lm W.,-X Fellowship, service, worship, and study are key objectives of the Canterbury Club, an organization of Episcopal students on campus. Baskets of food for the needy and toys are sent to mission churches by , the organization at Christmas. The Club is active in student affairs and holds monthly parties for its social events. First Row: Danny Church, Ted Spafford, Thomas Slaughter, Mike McMains, Bert Atkins. Second Row: Carol Ann Schultze, Patsy Todd, Mary Marshall, Anders Gustav Schjaerve, William Pierce. Third Row: R. H. Pentz, Carol Woolley, Roderick L. Marques, Nellie M. Goodson. Fourth Row: Reverend Lane Den- son, Charles H. Schadel, Roland Tench, Anna Knox. Wesley Foundation The Wesley Foundation, campus organization for Methodist students, has as regular activities Friday luncheons, social events and religious conferences. First Row: Helen Drake, Lucia Clark, Gladys Smith. Second Row: L. A. Narayank, George Zukero, Gene Smith, Lucille Palmer, M. P. Shah. Third Row: B. G. Shaw, Nick Sihota, Marie Hewitt, Ed Hillyer, Frank Holloway, Salim Boushibl, N. J. Dalal. Fourth. Row: Stuart Hayes, Mervin Miller, George Avent, Mrs. Avent, Bob Bergeron. New students Evan Henderson, Bobbie Grand, Lucia Clark, Lisa Mc- Roberts, Charles Berg, Elizabeth Cannon make their first visit to the Methodist Student Center. 203 Association Lutheran Student OHTGTS COUJTLSGI l l xii' w 4 w I l l The Lutheran Student Association offers religious activities and counsel for students on college campuses throughout the nation. At the University of Houston, an officers' training conference is held in February to help prepare As- l sociation officers from Gulf Coast schools for their work. Weekend retreats form the organiza- tion's social events. l Front Row: Travis Meyer, Carroll Shaddock, Derme Patrick, Dorothy Bahn, Eleanor Leopold, Pastor Milton E. Meyer. Second Row: Joel Franke, Dick Lang, Roger Baumgarten, Bert Riemeuschneider, George Etter. w ,qw 4. Z i-5 ., wi we M as Front Row: Carol Petty, secretaryg Eddie Bo-nd, president. Second Row: Glenn Cannon, Larry CYC Promotes Fellowship The Christian Youth Club has as its central purpose the promotion of fellowship among Church of Christ students on campus. Special emphasis is given to dormitory students. Donations to Cougar Christmasland and to the religious Center fund are the club's proj- ects this year. Christian Youth I N Virgin, Elaine Hocott, program chairmang Joan Fugman, Mrs. Van Valkenhurgh, advisory ' Paul McCormack, Clyde Austin. 204 .axilwslfs Phi Kappa Phi, cholars Earn Membership MM., skins Election to Phi Kappa Phi is the highest scholastic honor that a student at the University can receive. Object of the organization which is open to stu- dents and faculty members, is to emphasize scholarship and character, to foster the purposes for which institutions of higher learning have been founded and to stimulate mental achievement. OFFICERS-at right, Front Row: Helen Baker, student vice- presidentg Elizabeth Brandon, president-electg Joan Belk, N treasurer. Second Row: Tom C. Battin, joumal correspondentg ' C. F. McElhinney, past presidentg James A. Tinsley, presidentg 1 Leon F. Graves, secretary. Nell Abell Richard H. Albitz John C. Allred Vilma J. Andreason Sara A. Aull Helen Baker James Baker Mary Barden Virginia Barnett Tom C. Battin Richard Beaubouef Carol Beck Joan Belk Joyce Benhrook Annie Bengston Charles Benner Iris Bergeron Jolm Bigby Leon Billig Elizabeth Brandon Charles Brodnax Gordon Brown A. D. Bruce Jean Buchanan Patricia Bundy Patricia Burnett Reba Cable Richard Caldwell L. T. Callicutt Jack Campbell Ada .Childers Louise Christy Rita Click .Troy Crook Howard Curry Balfour Daniels David Dean, Jr. Lucille Dill Billy Dismuke Joseph Doggett Margaret Donaghey Arvin Donner Dwight Dorough Wilson Drake Bessie Ebaugh John Elrod Noel Ferguson Edward Fluker David Foster Elizabeth Galloway Harlon Gaskill Joye Glass Leon Graves Peggy Griffy Blanche Grover Beula Hamm Yvonne Hansen T. N. Hatfield Carlos K. Hayden David Hays Doris Hebert Barbara Henkhaus Patricia Herndon Ruby Heslop Charles Hiller Shirley Himmelstein Philip Hoffman Cecil Holder James Hollis Sara Huggins Gloria Johnson Louis Kestenberg Nancy Kilpatrick Lee Kiser David Knepper Edith Kribs Horace Lambert Jane Lamm Ida Lewis Richard Lilliott William McClanahan John McClarty C. F. McElhinney Eby McElrath Flin McGhee I. E. McNeill Harold Mellina Ruth Mellott John Michael Edwin Miles John Mills Kara Monroe Alfred Neumann Marvin Nordmeyer Mary Norman Rulh Norris Marguerite O'Brien John Owen Ralph Page Jerome Peschke Merry Phillips Elsie Plunkett Judy Polakoff Margaret Post Charles Ramer Monna Ramsey Donna Rankin C. B. Ransom Helene Reat Carol Rhodes William Rich Alice Richardson Matthew Rosa Robert Runnels Masahisa Saito Elmer Schoettle Alton Schultz Walter Schuster Edwin Scruggs Ann Sewell Opal Sheffield Madelene Shindler Gerald Shoemake Effie Shoemaker Jan Shook Jo Shorck Allene Shoup Thornton Sinclair Mara Smathers Betty Smith Gisela Snowdy Jack Sprading Mona Stone Franklin Stovall Myron Swiss Ann Tiller James Tinsley Marilyn Townsend Pattye Weaver Joseph Werlin Corinne Weston Elna White Clanton W. William Erma Williams Pamela Williams Elizabeth Wilson Ronald Wilson James Wood Lynn Woodward James Wyche Raymond Yelkin George E. Young Charles Zimmerman S l PM Them Kappa cholars Publish Director ...M ities l Phi Theta Kappa, honor society for freshmen and sophomore students at the University, publishes the student directory, and holds 'all and spring initiation banquets. This year the University's chapter, Zeta Beta, joined the 180 other chapters from junior colleges across the nation in celebrating the 30th anniversary of Phi Theta Kappa as a national organization. Twelve delegates from the organization at- tended the 1960 national convention in San lAntonio in April. l High scholarship and integrity are the primary aims of Pl1.i Theta Kappa l l Ne, X l 1 i f i i r r First Row: Mrs. Jean Rosa, sponsorg Wanda Swanson, alumni contact officerg Ann Dovvdy, national seeretary. Second Row: Thomas Jay, local secretaryg Barlow Simmons, presidentg Daniel Hrna, vice-presidentg Mike ONe11l, student government representative. 206 Omicmn Delta Kappa ODK Stresses Leadership I I xlt' OFFICERS: Louis Patronella, vice-president, Gerard Wagner, secre- tary-treasurerg Dr. James R. Jensen, sponsor, Richard Caldwell, presi- dent. MEMBERS-First Row: Dr. Allen Going, Dr. Patrick Welch, Dr. T. C. Sinclair, Tom Vanzant. Second Row: Dr. Harold C. Love, William E. Farrar, Richard H. Caldwell, Joe Biundo. Third Row: Jim Boyd, Dr. Howard C. Nudd, Dr. Bancroft Henderson, Ronald S. McKee. Fourth Row: .l. E. Williamson, Sam Goodner, Charles D. Roxburgh, Louis Patronella. Fifth Row: James R. Jensen, Gerard Wagner, Ross Strader, Radoslav A. Tsanoff. Omicron Delta Kappa is a national fraternity for men. The organization stresses leadership. Leaders in sports, journalism, speech, music, drama, and student activities are recognized through this organization. It is composed of students and faculty members who have excelled in all phases of leadership in campus life. The University of Houston chapter, organized this year, will in the future, sponsor projects and pro- vide contact between the faculty and student bodies. l Student Government i I ,,,,X,ltl,. tltttm President of Student Body, JIM GREGORY. Q08 Student Government Members Student Government draws its members from all campus organizations and from them elects officers once each year. It processes all bills and resolutions concerning student travels, expenditures and con- duct. To encourage participation in student affairs, Student Government sponsors the annual Home- coming Dance, Cougar Christmasland, the Spring Formal, Freshman Orientation and Career Con- ference. Providing members with practical political ex- perience, Student Government offers opportunities for insight into all phases of voting methods, parliamentary procedure, judicial know-how and law practices. Our constitutional campus government operates identically to the national governing branches, on a set budget, guided by a cabinet of faculty advisors and governed expressly for and by the students. JERRY RIX, Most Outstanding Senate Memberg JIM BOYD, Most Outstanding House Member. Lead Campus Activities I I I 1 I JACK BECKER, Student Body Treasurer SANDRA SCHOENFIELD, Student Body Secretary. -'Q' I 5 50-" 5 S. CARMEN STALLINGS, Outstanding Fresh- man in Student Government. TERRY THOMPSON, Outstanding Committee- JIM GREGORY, Most Outstanding Student mari- Government member. 209 Senate Members Govern Budget The Student Senate, the smaller of the bicameral system of student government, is composed of one representative from each class and one representa- tive from each college. The proration of the budget for student govern- ment and approval powers for new campus or- ganizations are among the powers of that body. Dr. T. C. Sinclair is sponsor of the Senate. J OE BIUNDO, President. TOM POWELL, Secretary. MEMBERS-Seated: Delores Hobizal, Norman Jones, Joe Biundo,. Glenn Cooksey, Sandra Pittman. Standing: Louis Patronella, Tom Powell, Eugene Cook, Jerry R1x, Jun Knox, Doug Rowell. Bills Originate in House The University's House of Representatives is com- posed of representatives from each recognized or- ganization on campus. During Monday night meet- ings, the House processes bills and motions brought before them. That is the point of origin for most of the legislation that is brought before student government. Dr. Bancroft C. Henderson, House sponsor, de- livered his end-of-the-year speech on May 12. He commended the House for their performance throughout the year and urged old members to continue participation in its activities. Streamlining, organizational budget approximation and a student welfare committee were three of Dr. OFFICERS Eddie Bond, clerk, Joan Piper, secretaryg Richard , Caldwell speaker Jerry Blaylock, parliamentarian. Henderson s ho-pes for future plans for the House. MEMBERS-First Row: Thomas Collins, Katherine Tarylor, Kay Wright, Jim Boyd, Terry Thompson, Eddie Bond, Wanda Kay Barber, Helen Sue Reed. Second Row: George B. Everett, Marc Grossberg, Russel Stanley, Sonny Moore, Logan Wood, ,Tommie Holub, Harry Nowakowski, Jane Buchanan, Loyal White. Third Row: Nancy Lee Porter, Lewis Overton, Rosilyn Hoffman, Carolyn Langford, Harriet Waldvogel, Bill Molinare, Ernest Omega Robert, Mickey Rembert, Jerry Blaylock, Judy Goodrich. Fourth Row: Preston Ivens, Elaine Hocott,- Carolyn Easley, John Scott Ferugson, Herbert, Henry lVLiLa.m, Allan M. Robin, Kay McKee, Denny Bowman, Judy Morriss, Nancy Coffman, Ruby Echazarreta. Fifth Row: Hainds Laird, Larry Conklin, Shawn Murphy, Mary Ann Merritt, Kenneth W. Wil- liams, Diane Van Eaton, Sue Johnson, Brenda Dietz, John E. Bork, Spencer Youell, Jack Gregory, Nancy Robert- son, John McCa.skill. Sixth Row: Jamw W. Cole, Howard S. Berg, Miki Davis, 'Ben Hood, Jerry Reck, Wayne Dittloff, Marcia Crockett, Duane Cnim, Virgil Hatton, Walter E. Welch, Sandy Schoenfield, Randy Pennington, Anders Gustav Schjaerve, Wilroy Wornat. Seventh Row: Sonny Ashley, Barlow Simmons, Paul Norwood, Bill Beakley, gliomisdagnarradine, .lan J. Shook, Charles Anselmo, Mike O'Neill, Sam Wood, Mary Alice Gilley, .lane Alexander, en s. l The Supreme Court Mediutes MEMBERS: Jack Stark, Jim Kelly, Gus Meriweather, Chief Justiceg Ben Endlich, Kathy Taylor, Jim Knox. E Student Government Prosecutor p . l C. F. KENDALL, Attorney General. 2 I 2 The Supreme Court, composed of five justices and one attorney general, settles disputes that arise among various student organizations. Future plans for the court may include the power to serve as a regulatory body for students. lt will, if the plans go into effect, serve as an honor coun- cil and a liaison between the student body and the administration. Members of the Supreme Court are appointed by the president of the Senate, the speaker of the House, and the president of the student body. pirit Is Their Objective Pep I Club -MXllf mlm w-ff-X Pep Club membership is comprised of many campus organizations. ' l -1 i nne f H f .H i M . 1 - ffl- QN I! V t ' ..' -- . ,, -, -- ...X rf fp 'fm-fa'u:r,X .ag 'u .f f ' - One ofvthe chief functions of the Pep Club is the co-ordina- tion of the football game flash cards. OFFICERSE Archie Bennett, treasurerg Nancy West, secretaryg Earl Krieger, president. The University's Pep Club is the core of the schoolls spirit. Among its duties are the sponsor- ship and co-ordination of the flashcard section at football games, the conducting of pep rallies and posting of signs and banners and the sponsorship of the Torch Light Dance. The Pep Club also hosts visiting teams, bands and cheerleaders. 2I3 Alpha Phi Omega. ... - J. MM Service to campus, community and nation is the motto of Alpha Phi Omega. Service to the campus includes transporting Shasta, the University mascot, to all athletic ac- tivities and special events. The APO's also sponsor songfest, Cougar Christmasland, the sale of foot- ball programs, the annual Spring Formal and a Founder's Day Banquet. This year the organiza- J oe Euresti John Ferguson Paul Beechner Stanley Brown Jerry N. Arnold Gene R. Austin Tom Bankston Gerald Grim Service Is the Watchworcl tion held the Ugly Man Contest to raise money for the proposed Religious Center. Service to the community is shown by the APO's through their annual St. Anthony's Old Folks Thanksgiving Dinner and the APO Loan Fund. All activities are co-ordinated through Student Government. James E. Hempel Preston Ivens Gordon Murray ZI4 of A.P.0. 7 . 1,1 mb, . i V- , Jack Dawson makes sure everyone is working at the car wash. Hard at work are Pat Palmer, Marie Pingenot, James Hernpel, Ginny Davies, Tommie Holub. Care of Shasta is one of the .duties of APO. Pictured are Richard Lassetter, Robert Green, Stanley Brown, Gordon Murray Preston Ivens. Memberg of APO are Larry Edwards, Gordon Murray, Jerry Evans, John Mock, Robert Green, Jerry Arnold, Don Siems, Dave Harvely, Bill Noles, Preston Ivens, Richard Lassetter, Gerald Grim, Benny Guynes, Bob Holl, Ed Hillyer, George Zukero, Jay Sloan. 2I5 I i Cougar Guard I They Care for Shasta, --'+All' W-lk' w-:fs Cougar Guard is an organization dedi- cated to the care of the University's mascot, Shasta. Volunteers from Alpha Phi Omega iservice fraternity serve on the Guard. Their duties include the transporting of Shasta to all pep rallies, home football games, school functions and many out-of- town football games. Through and with the aid of Student Government, the organization will pur- chase a new cage for Shasta in the near ifuture. l I I "As much as I hate to admit it, I'm going to have to start watching those lines around my eyes." Captain of the Guard Preston I Ivens poses with his charge. n 2 I 6 1 First Row: Gordon Murray, Richard Lassetter, Preston Ivens. Second Row: Robert Green, Stanley Brown, John Ferguson, Jerry Arnold. "I'm not being catty about this, darn it, but enough is enough. Get your blasted paws off me " Dorm Council Governs Law Hall Women? Dormitory Council .-MNWLWIM MEMBERS-Seated: Sandra Pittman Ruby Echazarreta, Susan Wood, Carolyn Langford. Standing: Diane Vestal, Carol Tempero, Miss Cone, Nell Dowdy, Emily Aiken, Ann Tynan, Joan Piper, Mrs. Rubie W. Weaver, Denise Boudreaux. OFFICERS: Sandra Pittman, vice-president, Susan Wood, presidentg Ruby Echazarreta, secretary-treasurerg Carolyn Langford, social chairman. The Women's Dorm Council Governs Law Hall. The organization co-ordinates and sponsors intradorm social functions and counseling of residents. The Council sponsors an annual Christmas party for underprivileged children and an open house for friends and parents during Christmas. 1 Band I l ,,,,4,,Xtifw.IM w..,fN OFFICERS: Farrell Morris, vice-presidentg Tommie Holub, secretaryg Will Reavis, presidentg Rosilyn Hoffman, representativeg Lewis Over- ton, representative. w f Activities Are Bandgs Key Note The University of Houston Band-ready to play. COUGAR TWIRLERS: Mary Ann Maresh, Linda Restivo, Ellen Simmons, Billie Schneider, Gerry Burmeister, Marilyn Holub,' I v l Q Dr. Merrills Lewis presents to Farrell Morris the outstanding musician's award and the Billye Matthews Memorial Award. The University of Houston Band-in concert. ina l I 1 v Pwr: ma U MARILYN MILLER ,f I .2 I I l 1 e 1 i DARRELL HEINRICH 2:15, Q 1 ,.,g,. V .swk -sgm, ,rr Ts, N, ., 5,1 X 1 JJQN Mc1VIULL?g1ll L l l w E LLff R Cheerle rs Sparlo Football 'lo Y Sxlndgw . .M fs' .s - ., Us Andy, Jan, Darrell, Marilyn, Ralph and Judy are the chief boosters of the Cougar eleven. l P Judy is having a little difficulty seeing over the players on the bench, so Ralph plays Prince Albert. I .lan threatens the "nasty old Aggies" with her clenched fist Games, Rallies if Head cheerleader Darrell Heinrich demonstrates a new routine for Marilyn Miller. aw 1 ,' I 'lvl .mm V909 ga .-, i0 M J nnneeni - f Judy, Ralph and Marilyn enjoy a little clowning with their new crazy hats. Marilyn displays her enthusiasm at a pep rally in Kitten Alley. '74 " 'iz X V lampjf HENDERSON JUDY MORRISVS XN RALPH TURNER 22l W ... Cougar I U -,-,,,Xtlf mlm w.,,,X. . ??Qisa ROBERT FORSHAW, Fall Editor. On March 22, at 1:37 a.m., a fire broke out in the Univer- sityis printing plant and consumed the building and much of ,the equipment. Without the printing plant facilities, the Cougar staff was faced with the possibility of missing an issue, but the Houston R Chronicle offered to print the first issue following the fire. The University House of Representatives passed a resolution icornmending Editor Cathy Young for publishing the paper under such adverse conditions. l The Cougar, under the fall editorship of Robert Forshaw, won an All-American rating, and a Medalist award from Columbia University. Bo-th awards are the highest given by l the two top rating services. The reporting staff of the Cougar includes Ken Carr, Judy Lewis, Birtie Maughmer, Bill Holt, Mel Anderson, Roxie l Chamberlain, Sonny Ashley, Tom Powell, Doug Uzzell, Jim ifiunnels, John Williams, Meredith Trube, Don Alderman, Stan Slaten, Eddie Black, Millie Duelberg, Tony Haber, Ruth Long, Beverly Dent, Gordon Fales, and Stuart Hayes. 222 L at - rr fa They Cover Campus News Day and Night A college newspaper is the eyes and ears of the campus. Nowhere else can a student get full coverage of all the activities that are going on around him. The reason for this is because much of the news that would interest a student would not be of interest to the general public. Therefore, it is not used in daily papers. The duty of the editor and the staff of the Cougar is to give students of the University this information. During 1959-60, more pictures, through the efforts of members of Kappa Alpha Mu, national photo- journalism fraternity, allowed the campus population to see itself through the eyes of the camera. The paper attempted to stimulate student interest through the "Can You Identify?" picture contest. CATHYYOUNC, Spring Editor. News, Sports and Art Staffs Help 6 Get the Cougar Ready EDWENE GAINES, Assistant Editor. DON HOWELL, Sports Editor HARRIS MILAM, Staff Artist, and KEN CARR, Feature Writer. Advertising Managers Prepare Cougar Ads JOHN WATTS, Fall Advertising Manager. Photographers Keep i,':g:L. f H H 3' --. 1 5 F --, ji . . We H' 1 A- - ' we 252 H' .. v ' 4 311 'Yu - ff ,. k JIMMIE MAXWELL, Spring Advertising Managel. STAFF PHOTOGRAPHERS-from left First Row: Stuart Hayes, Mike Weingart Ray Blackstone. Second Row: Neal Shull Henry Milam. Houstonian ' 1 -M l 'MIM Campus-Wide Dior Presenting a pictorial scrapbook of the collegiate year, the 1960 Houstonian completed its final dead- line in J une. The staff of the yearbook work throughout the year to complete a vivid overall picture of college life-from studies to sports to social life. Two campus-wide events sponsored by the Houstonian are the Vanity Fair Beauty Contest, to select the ten most beautiful girls, and the Out- standing Students Contest, to name the ten most outstanding men and women at the University. Under the editorship of Nancy West, now ending her second consecutive year as Houstonian chief, the 1959 Houstonian received two high awards- a Medalist rating from Columbia University and an "A" rating from the National School Yearbook Association. l l f 1 1 w l ef' l l i' if I 1 I! ,, 1, I at Above it all is Nancy West, Houstonian Editor. Perched upon a decade of annuals, Nancy undoubtedly is contemplating drastlc action for those who foul up deadlines. You can't hold a light to Gehbauer. As an Associate Editor, John often works late into the night-you've never seen such a wax-stained desk! Even Associate Editor Millie Duelberg finds time to engage 1n a friendly poker game with constant companion, Condormania Credit for the original 1960 Houstonian cover should be H given to Bill Holt, cover artist. Aleene Rednick, Advertising Manager, scans the city map for likely advertisers. 226 Pictorial History From Copy Editors Eddie Bond and Meredith Trube check the files. Sandra Gardner and Faye Beth Elliott, Index Editors, catalog each page of the 1960 yearbook. Enrollment to Graduation Kathy Younger, Organization Editor, smiles with satisfaction she puts the finishing touches to her section. Conferring over last year's annual are faculty members Bill Ross, Business Advisor, and Ross Strader. Editorial Advisor, of the Houstonian. HS The flashing of strobes is common to these five. Houstonian photographers are Mike Weingart, Don Calvert, Neil Shull, Ray Blackstone and Stu Hayes. 227 l Harvest I Le Bayou xt' -MXlif w-im X 4 w-.ff-X l t . Writers Produce Magazines The Harvest and Le Bayou are the literary maga- zines of the University. The Harvest is nationally known for its display of literature and art, while Le Bayou contains literary criticisms, prose and poetry written by well-known personalities, many of whom have gained recognition as authors. The central ur ose of the Harvest is to encoura e P P g prospective writers through recognition. Mrs. Elna White, essay winnerg John Bigby, fiction winnerg Mrs. Avis Ross, fFirst Row, Seated: Harvest staffers Buzz Black, editorg Gaye Adams, cover design. editor-in-chiefg Nelda Younger, associate editor. Second Row: Noel Tolsky, art editorg Bob LeMond, associate editorg Shelia O'Su.l1ivan, X assistant editorg Buddy Mitelman, art editor. B Le Ba ou. DR. ELIZABETH BRANDON, Staff. FRANCOISE HARROD, Secretary. 228 DR. JULIETTE DECREUS, Editor. ROTC Trains Men First Raw: Cochran, Heallen, Ramer, Charrin, Stephenson, Fiene, Allers, Spriggs, Dohay Capt. S. Gardner-Company CO. Second Row: Blaylock, Hubbs, Osborne, Noxon, Hobart Conlon, Wimberly, Duncan. T liird Row: Groke, Fogle, White, Oswene, Peterson, Strong: Cull, Angst. Fourth Row: lst. Lt. Kallina-Exec. Officer, Alanis, Rivera, Burrer, Heinrich, Kallina. The leadership training acquired in Army Offi- cers' Training will closely correspond to execu- gi tive ability called for by employment personnel fi in civilian life. . This training offers students an understanding of human behavior, together with proven meth- ods for motivating employees, indoctrination in the techniques of leadership, in the practices and devices which tend to make a leader ef- fective, and last, it offers students the oppor- tunity to apply the principles of leadership to everyday problems. More than 127,000 students from 24-9 institu- tions of higher learning over the nation are currently enrolled in the ROTC program. 1 Reserve Officers S Training Corps --mNllv-LIM As members of the Army Reserve Officers Training Corps, students combine their regular academic activities with a military course of instruction. ROTC aims are to develop officers in sufficient quantity to provide a corps of well-educated, well-rounded leaders. Such leaders must be capable of adjusting to an Army organization that would have to expand with lightning speed in a national emergency. With this end in mind, the Army ROTC has been designed to develop the qualities of leadership in college-trained men. Upon graduation an ROTC student receives the training necessary to equip him for command responsibilities in the active Army or the Army Reserve. First Row: Black, Johnson, Yaw, Fritsche, Kubin-Guide on Bearer, Ristau, Garrett, Lobo- jacky, Luna, lst Lt. A. Ulrich-Exec. Officer, Capt. C. F. Schneider-Co. Commander. Second Row: Gibbs, Nolan, Cleveland, Leonard, Daniels, Moreno, Leal, Conklin, Jennings, Blackstone. glhird Row: Mandell, Leslie, Bork, Smith, Pruitt, Williams, Weatherspoon, Hoffman, Kluppel, erc. 229 First Row: Dutton-Cuideon Bearer, Arnim, Ayles, Peltier, Halton, Limon, Barrow, Carpio, Capt. M. W. Bates -Company CO. Second Row: Cress, Spencer, Draughn, Johnson, Garring, Young, Goodwin, Marquess. Third Row: Wynhoff, Pounds, Lunsford, Lobit, Scales, Harris, Lewis, Robbins, Simms. Fourth Row: Godkin, Scott, McMahon, Van Norman, Howard, lst Lt. Pavey-Exec. Officer. Band Compan 230 First Row: Mills, Shelby, Finnegan, Wors-ham, Hrna, Elliot. Second Row: Bibbleson, Fisk, Perry, Overton Nicholas, Capt. Freitag-Commander, Cravey, Gallomore, Belin, Asher. Third Row: Golden, Greene, Coward Bennett, Gordy. Battle Group taff 2 r iff.: it t ..,ig,53v .-J First Row: M. L. Ready--Cadet Col., Battle Group Commander. Second Row: B. Davis-Cadet Lt. Col., Deputy B. G. Co.3 W. C. Clark-Cadet Lt. Col., B. G. Exec. Officer. Third Row: W. T. Downs-Cadet Major, B. G. Adjutantg H. C. Heldenfels-Cadet Capt., B. C. Operations and Training Officers. Fourth Row: I. Anderson-Cadet Capt., Provisional gfiogs Commanderg R. W. Harlan-Cadet Capt., B. G. Athletics and Recreation Officer. Fifth Row: J. Becker-B. G. gt. aj. - ' Provisional Officers Platoon First Row: Simon, Shyrock, Hill, Anderson-Com- marrder, Lindsay, MCSl18.H, Smith. Second Row: Collins, Randall, Thomas, Riha, Dimmick, Burrows fhlgd Row: Johnson, Astrich, Youell, Gretzer, Cross: an . POTLSOTS ROTC sponsors for 1960 are: Honorary Cadet Col. Judy Tussing, Battle Groupg Honorary Cadet Capt. Pat Rothrum, Company "Ang Honorary Cadet Capt. Susan Jenkins, Company "Cf'g Honorary Cadet Capt. Sally Day, Bandg Honorary Cadet Capt. Sharon Wakefield, Company "B" 232 This coed, uncertain of all that being a sponsor entails, answers final-round interrogation. Color Guard I l l l Protecting university halls of learning is only one of the ROTC Color Guard's duties. MEMBERS: Harlan, Aldrich, Boykin, Hoffman, Haisler. .lim Greene, Charles Gordy, and Ellis Freitag check out objectives prior to leading the New Orleans Mardi Gras parade. My NN Scabbard and Blade --M Xll' W-lM wvsx Scabbard and Blade is the organization of out- standing student leaders in the military. Members are chosen from the ranks of officers of the Re- serve Officers' Training Corps at the University. The organization sponsors an annual High School Drill Competition and participates in the National Pistol and Rifle matches. Social events include the lVlilita1'y and Scabhard and Blade Ball. They Lead the Military OFFICERS: Robert Wynhoff, treasurerg Milton Ready, secretaryg Thomas Johnson, executive officer. MEMBERS-Front Row: David Heallen, Milton Ready, C. R. Lindsay, Wallace Howard, James Thomas, Bill Downs, Floyd Johnson, Ronald Smith, John Anderson. Second Row: Darrell Heinrich, Darol Dimmick, Bland B. Davis, Eugene B. Pavey, Ellis J. Freitag, Fred F. Groke, Charles Gordy, Thomas Johnson, Ken Burrows, Bob Wynhoff, Don Gretzer. 234 ororitiesi Sororit Panhellenic Co-orclinates Activities, pp l I XL' Panhellenic is an organization composed of representatives from the sororities on campus. The purpose of the organization is to establish and mainta-in high academic and social standards for the sororities. Activities include the Panhellenic pledge line, workshop, luncheon, and style show. Panhellenic also co-ordinates rush activi- ties. OFFICERS-Front Row: Sharon Sullivan, vice-presidentg Pamela Williams, president: Sheila 0'Sullivan, recording secretary. Second Row: Kay Kellough, asst. treasurer, Eleanor Bales, parliamentariang Elaine Hocott, asst. recording secretaryg Linda .lo Lee, corresponding secre- tary. , F? ee" ' ' 1 - l . 1' ni- , , , 1. 1' , - !,,.,', Front Row: Barbara Henkhaus, Delta Zetag Eleanor Bales, Alpha Phig Sheila O'Sullivan, Alpha Chi Omegag Nita Bolger, Alpha Delta Pig Kay Kellough, Alpha Delta Pi. Second Row: .lo Wondrak, Delta Zeta, Denise Boudreaux, Zeta Tau Alphag .leane Hubbard, Zeta Tau Alphag Pamela Williams, Chi Omegag Betty Hodell, Chi Omegag Valerie Daunoy, Chi Omegag Linda .lo Lee, Phi Mug Alice Cruse, Phi Mu. Front Row: Mrs. Clanton W. Williams, Dr. Mary Clay Williams, Guest Speakerg Sharon Sullivan, Dean Bessie Ehaugh. Second Row: Mrs. Lillian Rowan, Dianne Jones. 235 Pledges are formally presented at the I Alpha Chi Allegro Ball. P 7 Q 1 Sabra Hall Penny Fallma Earlyn Froelich Sandra Montalbano Lynda Moore Bari Bodden Nancy Coffman Rosemarie Daidone Julie Doerge Shella 0 Sulllvan Nan Peabody Hilda Schenk Anne Sharpe Barbara Spencer Diane Vestal Jackie Winters NANCY GOODRICH, treasurer JACKIE DAILEY, recording secretary GAYE ADAMS, scholarship chairman ' A game of cards is relaxing when sandwiched in between classes and sorority meetings. DOLORES HOBIZAL, president ROSALIE CHIODO, vice-president NELDA YOUNGER, vice-president PAT DAY, rush captain Alpha Chis find that sport cars are fine, but you can't transport a whole sorority in one. Alpha Chis Activities . . . Homecoming Float. First Place . . . Songfest, Cooperation Trophy . . . Alpha Chi Allegro. Houston Club . . . Outstanding Members . . . Rosalie Chiodo, Homecoming Queen Gaye Adams, Harvest Editor . . . Dolores Hobizal. Student Senate . . . Nelda Younger Junior Class Treasurer 237 Alpha Delta Pis entertain their national president, Miss Maxine Blake, at the Sage- wood Country Club. Lei Lani Jones Kae Kellougli Sue Martin .loan Barmore Nita Bolger Margaret Clagliorn June Dominy Angel Hawkins Mary Ann Merritt 238 Penny Miller Bertie Sims Harriette Stevens Kathy Townley Judy Williams Q. lx ILEQPIE Qmimw MARY HERMAN, president A D Pis SHAWN MURPHY, pledge trainer ERIN PARKER, secretary NANCY KILPATRICK, treasurer VIRGINIA BACARISSE, parliamentarian A four-legged friend crashes sorority meeting. Friend makes self at home, completely disrupting meeting. Alpha Delta Pis decide that parties are fun, but cleaning up after- ward isn't. Activities . . . Homecoming Float Second Place . . . F ounderis Day Banquet . . . Spring Formal . . . Outstanding Members . . . Shawn Murphy, Student Govern- ment . . . Janelle Sanford, Homecoming Queen Finalist . . . Harriette Stevens, Sigma Phi Epsilon Sweetheart . . . Kae Kellough, Radio-TV Guild Secretary 239 Leis, sarougs and hula skirts lend atmosphere to Alpha Phi's Hawaiian rush party. Study for classes? Never! Claire Underwood and partner Eleanor Bales play Canasta against Carol Ann Schutze and Alice Gilbreath as Carol Ann Woolley looks on. Eleanor Bales CLAIRE UNDERWOOD, president L., X' 'Lf-.f'Ug':, CHARLOTTE MAYHALL, vice-president PAULA WILEY, treasurer CAROL SCHUTZE, historian Alice Gilbreath Carol Ann Woolley Alpha Plus Activities . . . Ivy Ball . . . Cardiac Aid . President Marilyn Miller receives Delta Sigma Phis Best Sorority trophy from Jerry Blaylock. H A"' 3 i-1 f 9, V 1 1"l , ,Q a : at 'Liga Madeleine Eads Barbara Gard Judy Goodrich Bobbie Hainline Jocelyn Hayden Janice Johnstone Julia Kirkpatrick Beverly Massey Judy Morriss Nancy Nott Judy Pittman Ann Reeves Bonnie Smith I 'Lf S5 A 6 W it if D .44 Jane Buchanan Ann Charleville Valerie Daunoy Sally Day Brenda Dietz Gayle Dobat Sophie Saragusa Diane Van Eaton Sharon Wakefield Marlene Walker Diane Wilson Kathy Young MARILYN MILLER president L PAMELA WILLIAMS VICC presldent LUCRETIA ALEXANDER 16COI'd1!lD secletary DIANE DOYEN correspondmo secietary CATHY YOUNG treasurer Chi Omegas invade the SAE house for a costume party. Act1v1t1es Son fest First Place Chautauqua Owl Hoots Outstandm Members Marilyn Miller Miss HOUSTON IAN Cheerleader Judy MOIIISS Cheerleader Sharon Wakefield, ROTC Sponsor . . . Judy Tussina, ROTC Lt. Col .... Cathy Younb COUGAR Editor . . Lucretia Alexander, Sigma Chi Sweet- heart . . . Pam Williams, Panhellenic President . . . Sally Day, ROTC Sponsor . . . Dian Doyen, Sophomore Class Representative . . . 243 Marcia Crockett Judy Edwards Becky F endley Gerry Friedman Rebecca Harrison Mary Ann Maresh Maureen Miller Eileen Murphy Georgia Bennett Charlotte Boykin Carin Cone Judie Craig Carmen McDaniel Nancy Robertson Billie Schneider Sharon Sullivan Sandra Voorhies Nl .c Ya? S3 172 xi: :iz if-S... rl. E I r i"zID 1.,: lm Ulm D. G. pledges dash to the edge of the pool to launch their boats in a race of sisterly competition. DIANNE JONES, president D G35 CAROL HUDSON, vice-president PATRICIA VOIGHT, vice-president SANDRA PITTMAN, corresponding secretary ANN DOWDY, treasurer Delta Gamma pledges and actives have a get-together before initiation. Activities . . . Christmas Formal . . . Songfest . . Outstanding Members . . . Ann Dowdy, National Phi Theta Kappa Secretary . . . Sandy Pittman, Senior Class Veep . . . Dianne Jones, Homecoming Queen Finalist . . . Pat Voight, ROTC Sponsor . . -Sandra Voorhies. Vanity Fair Beauty . . . Carin Cone, Vanity Fair Beauty . . . 245 Jo Agnes Battaglia Barbara Bauerle Katherine Berberian Gene Bonner Shirley Bridier Judy Cady Margie Edwards Martha Freytag Ann Gold Barbara "Rusty" Gay Lynn Hewitt Sonja lsham Barbara Kobs Kristina Kolb Arlene Newman Monica Peterson Henkhaus Toni Rae Mensing Rae Potter Judy Reeves Pat Rothrum ,, Y ll! -3 gp if f, i s " Llewelyn Scharlach Linda Shira Laura "Kitty" Taylor Merrie Ann Valles Nancy West Judy Wheeler Phyllis Woebse Mary Jo Wondrak JANELL MILLING, president KATHLEEN POLLAK, pledge trainer ELAINE HOCOTT, rush captain JOYCE LOGAN, recording secretary BARBARA FERGUSON, treasurer Kitty Taylor Shlrley Br1d1er and Elaine latest addltlon to the Delta Zeta trophy case DZ sisters look on in mock horror as Rusty prepares to separate Gay Lynn from a left arm that is sorely needed during float preparations for Homecoming. D Zgs HOIUCCOHIIHC Float Third Place Pep Club Particlpatlon Rose Formal Snow Founder s Dav Outstandin Members Rusty Henkhaus, Outstandln Student Xlancy West, HOUSTONIAN Edltor . . Gamma Alpha Chi Presldent . . . Elame Hocott Alpha Phi Ome Sweetheart . . . Pat Moore Lambda Chi Alpha Sweetheart . . Juanita Barnes Delta Chi Sweetheart . . . Pat Rothrum ROTC Sponsor . Vi Activities . . . tj - U F i . .-it ' ' ' ,M 't . , -' f . . . Hocott admire the Tfophl' - ' - ,A 4 I U - U ' U V - D l . I 7 ga ,-. 7 5 7 247 I Margie Hassell Ellen Heekin Sue Knapp Linda Lee Dora Ristau, Helen Shenton and Peggy Sterling play three- handed ping-pong at the Phi Mu lodge. Sue Blankenship Shirley Clifton Patricia Coffman Alice Cruse Sandra Little Kay McKee Margaret Pyle Barbara Reeder Carole Reeves Paula Ritter Billie Spillars Carol Tempero SZ VHP: 'T31 ' ,E Cs, . l . J '--- -- I i'L2f'f:A3 5 ff H 40 DORA RISTAU, president PEGGY STERLING, vice-president ANN REED, parliamentarian HELEN SHENTON, treasurer 11: Phi Mus gather around the fireplace to do a little reminiscing over scrapbooks. Phi Mus ongfest . . . Derby Day . . . Intramurals . . . Enchantress Ball . Cougar Christmas land . . . tanding Member . . . Shirley Clifton, Vanity Fair Favorite . . . I To prove their domesticity, Zetas cook up a breakfast con- sisting of coffee. Cathy Aires Jane Alexander Elaine Antill Janie Awalt Denise Boudreaux Carol Carlson Jeana Clifton Mary Alice Gilley Jeanne Hubbard Susan Jenkins ,lacquie Jouanet Patsy Kennedy Adele Lewis Madeline McDonald J an McMullan June Mitchell Dorothy Phillips Anne Rornine Mary Shannon Judy Sims Frances Watson Susan Wood Virginia Young 9:52253 ------ E 'J Q fund' 553911511 ,SANDY SCHOENFIELD, president BRENDA BUSCH, vice-president MAURICE MCGLOTHLIN, historian ANN STAPLES, parliamentarian rt' Zeta Tau Alphas do a little concentrated rushing at fall rush parties. Zetas Activities . . . Songfest, Second Place . . . Homecoming Float, First Place . . . Greek Help Week . . Outstanding Members . . . Susan Wood, W,omen's Dorm Coun cil President . . . Jan McMullan, SAE Sweetheart . . . Best Dressed Coed . . Jeanne Hubbard, WSA President . . . Sandy Schoenfield, Student Body Secretary . . . Jane Alexander, Freshman Class Representative . . 25I IFC Gofuerns F rats MEMBERS-Kneeling: Tom Carl, KA, Bill Wyatt, KAg Mickey Rembert, Sigma Chig Denny Bowman, SAE. Standing First Row: Clay Moore, Sig Epg Barlow Simmons, Phi Kappag Maury Corp, Sig EPS Jerry Blaylock, Delta Sigg Bill Lipscomb, Sigma I Nug Bruce Biundo, Phi Kappa. Second Row: Sam Goodner, Sigma Nug Nomran Jones, Sigma Nug Rip Rogers, 'I'KEg Bill Mc l Stravick, Phi Kappag Ben Britt, Delta Sigg John Becker, SAE: John A. Wenck, Delta Chi. 1 Taking notes and listening during IFC meeting are Sig Eps Maury l Corp and Clay Moore. 252 lnterfraternity Council brings representatives of the 12 campus fraternities together to plan and govern the activities of each member group. It carries forward the fundamental purpose of educa- tion, adding a fraternal influence for individual development and correct living. Each year IFC gives a trophy to the fraternity with the highest scholarship. The Council sponsors Greek Help Week, Greek Week and the Greek Week Dance. With L. S. "Chief" Mitchell as sponsor, IFC co- ordinates fraternity rush and intramurals. It also promotes all Greek activities. OFFICERS: Jerry Blaylock, Delta Sig, wardeng Bill Mc- Stravick, Phi Kappa, vice-presidentg Sam Gooclner, Sigma Nu, presidentg Spencer Youell, Phi Epsilon Pi, treasurer. IFC president Sam Goodner, Sigma Nu, presides at a meeting, while Jack Becker, SAE, listens at- tentively and Bill McStravick, Phi Kappa, scans the constitution. CODE AND ETHICS COMMITTEE: Ben Britt, Delta Sigg Chairman Bill Mc- Stravick, Phi Kappag John Wenck, Delta Chig Bill Wyatt, Kappa Alphag Bill Lipscomb, Sigma Nug Doug Petitt, PiKA. K Bob Davis Bill Dozier Frank Fuell Miller Overall Jim Pavlich Ronald Pawlik Quentin Gensler C. L. Gordy Michael McGinnis Tom Scott Harold Sorrell Robert Williams agQ.Lo uaoo , The party goes outside the house as these Delta Chis and dates take a turn around the patio. JOHN WENCK, president WAYDE SMITH, secretary JOHN LUKER, treasurer John Luker, John Wright and Ray Price take time out from their host duties at the Delta Chi House Party to re- fresh with dates Carole Heemer, Barbara Duncan, Marianne Platte and Sweetheart Lawrence. Delta Chis Activities . . . White Carnation Ball . . . Christmas Stardust Ball Pledge Costume Ball . . . Outstanding Members . . . Miller Overall, Society of Accountants President . . . Dean Willhote, Most Outstand- ing Chemistry Student . . . 255 E" 4 'Q ",,,.':a E C , N sf J A zoot slut with drape shape and a reet pleat i order at Delta SIQS, "Roaring Twenties Party." Baker Abshier Douglas Allen Michael Bell .lack Bowen Ben Britt Robert Bryan Bill Buchannan Glenn Chapman Bill Davidson Wayne Dittloff. Richard Finnegan Jim Friou Louis Fry Sam Fullingim Don Hartman Roger Jeffrey Thomas Johnson Charles Leslie R. B. Levisay Tom Macaluso Dale Mayes Barry Meerdink Hans Micklitz Russ Miller Richard Morgan Paul Norwood James Parkhurst Jack Patterson Jerry Reck Billy Ruhling Ron Sanders El Stewart John Strader Deene Sullivan Larry Thierne SID L. D. HANCOCK vice-president TOM RECK, secretary ASHLEY HOOPER, treasurer JOHN CHAPIN, historian president Delta Sigs present their Sweetheart, Linda Powell, with a bouquet of carnations at the annual Delta Sigma Phi Carnation Ball. JERRY BLAYLOCK, Party Elf li-"1 .l 9 Q51 , ll 55.31 :Fill ,ll pi-Tl fa' Li. FTW Hi Wil Ll : "W xl will in Chemise, Empire, or whatever-the look's the same to Delta Sigs and dates. They're sacky and tacky at the fall Sack if Delta, Sigs Activities Carnation Ball . . . Sailor's Ball . Parents Open House . . . Outstanding Members . . . Jim Gregory, Student Government President . . . Pat Lafferty, Speaker of House . . . OB Hall Board President . . . Wayne Ditloff, Gamma Delta President . . . Jerry Blaylock, Scabbard and Blade President . . . Junior Class Representative . . . IFC, Warden . . Ed Montgoinery, College of Pharmacy, Senator . . . Tom Reck, Graduate Class Vice-President . . . 257 yr fig-ir' l,.. f , N 8 1325, .J -:K EARL KRIEGER, vice-president BOB MURPHY, treasurer JOHN STOVENSKI, secretary CHARLES CUCCHIARA, historian JACK CHARRIN, parliamentarian Tex Hazim Alsheikh Louis Biles Bruce Biundo Joe Biundo Ernest Braren Carroll Brown Jim Carpenter Benard Ciulla Larry Conklin Eugene Cook Ellis Freitag Eddie Gore James Huff Joe ,lanca Edward Kadlecek Dick Kirtley A Jerry Lirette Len Martin Bill McCurdy Patrick Marrero Patrick Nitsch Adrian Piperi Albin Podsednik Dan Podsednik Chuck Schiano Barlow Simmons Alex Szathmary Edward Thompson Tommy Thompson Joe Trapolino Sandy . Truxillo Jack Watson Ph1 Kaps as members and their dates apprecxate the good servlce glven them by pledges at the1r 1n formal dmner partles rm? One of t e singing-est groups on campus P111 Kappa Thetas gather at the pxano for a lxttle barbershop har mony - -.AM Phi Kaps BILL McSTRAVICK, president AOt1V1t16S Songfest Homecommg Pep Club Chrlstmas Party Sweetheart Ball Outstandln Members Barlow Slmmons Ph1 Theta Kappa Presldent J oe B1undo, Student Government V1ce P1es1dent Earl Krleger Pep Club Preslclent Ellls Freltag, ROTC Captaln Band Co Commander 259 I Phi Eps i Activities . . . Spring Formal . . . N New Year"s Ball 260 4"'-v- D S-- XZ U IRVIN BERGER, secretary DON BARNETT, treasurer Bruce Baughmann Lonnie Frankel Dan Fromer Jerry Goldman Mike Jolmson Jacob Kottle Martin Rosen David Silverman Paddler Bruce Baughmann and Michael Johnson review the "Quarterly," Phi Ep Pi publication with the aid of David Silverman, Jerzy Lerman, Danny Fromer and Harvey Lieberman. 9 K., vwawt . ff rf 5 42 ff. N " 'iw W ' 1 9- 'A , '1"wAii:. ' ,,,' 5 1 J vi, 1 4, will -x., - ,' r?l--V 'AL f IPW I I gl pv , D in wr Q 4 ,Q ' N? L is wggw ,Q Ah' " I-Wm "'.-"T n i ' 44 ' If .. . ' . ' Qc! LW,-Q, FP Y, -if ' fi T. 2 3 T, , J., KI' , I I-'AE iw? g91I N'v ' .x fp.. Q3 1 - N , 5 ' m " W , ' 4' I-Q "de 'I' 'X .A 5,1 ' A ' Mg 5 Qs 5 K . ., r Y , ,.i . 5:3 y. LALVJQSJJ .:-QVLJG7 + fauna, H9159 .JAN MCMULLAN, Sweetheart ll J on Abmeyer Larry Barrett Dean Bass Bob Beeley Denny Bishop David Black Richard Black Dennis Bowman Brian Belcher George Campbell Mike Carey L. J. Castellanos James Clapp Hume Dixon fi, J 63. 4 , . 4 4 Q -v V O' niiillwai -Q , " 711 ' A , 4 -1- "9 . 9 . C . 1 Q . 1 'Y n SAE's and their dates don the costumes of foreign countries and.. Ed Duncan Charles Dutton Jerry Enyeard Mike Gallagher Glenn Glash Lance Gordon Joseph Hall Olin Hammer David Hanna Darrell Heinrich Glenwood Heizer James Hill . it's party time. Ross Hopkins Charles Knight Saylor Leighton Bob Lemond Pete Markle Bob McDonald George Moore Hall Noble Porter Parris Gary Phillips Harold Pieratt Tom Powell Jon Rademacher Victor Reed Not famous for turning their backs on food, KA's go at it in a big way out on their patio. HARRY SCOTT, president g vga' e 9.5 ngqvfsasff , , JOHN ALBRIGHT, DON WILLSON, JAN NORRIS, JIM WHITE, parliamentarian historian secretary treasurer , Fred Groke ,lim Hagan Richard Anderson Johnny Branson Tom Carl Thomas Donisi Jim Henderson Don Shepherd Bert Wall Bill Wyatt Activities . . . Old South Ball Plantation Ball tw? V. 5, A Smiling and posed are members of Pi Kappa Alpha. Front Row: Fred Smith, advisor, James Kleiner, secretary, Bruce Moore, president, Stuart Van Eman, treasurer, Ronnie Cribbs, house manager, Phil Hester, chaplain. Second Row: J. W. Wood, Linn Van Norman, Gary Belin, Howard Reynolds, Al Whittington, Marshall Newcomb, Richard Sewell, Larry Newbern. Back Row: Ben Tabor, Jim Rattz, Bill Bricken, Archie Bennett, Maurice Williams, and Don Reese. Cocktails for two-or a score! This is the social movement preceding the Pike's Dream Girl formal. Qi' . ? Charles Sitton George Stevenson Don Strong Tom Thomson Dick Thurman Norman Tuffli Randolph Wands Barry Weaver Roland White JACK BECKER treasurer SAM EPPERSON historian DAN CHRISTOPHER, parliamentarian GANO D. LEMOINE, JR., president T. K. JONES, v1ce president DON MCCLURE, secretary SAE's Activities . . . Spring Formal . Homecoming First Place . . . Greek Help Week Tied First Place Songfest Second Place . . Cougar Christmas land . . . Outstanding Members . . . Tom Powell, Senate, Secretary . . Bob Pratt, Golf Team . . . Gary Phillips, Basketball Varsity . . . .lack Becker, Student Body Treasurer . . . Darrell Heinrich, Cheerleader . . . HARVEY WHEELER historian LAURIE DANIELS treasurer James Farrell Don Fiene Nelson 'Fisher Robert Fleming Ralph Foltz Steven Gelmis Don Grimes Denny Harrington Lowell Hill John A. -James J J -1--...,.,,,-, IQIBUTI O. J. Ashley Richard Barr .lake Briedel Clark 'Chrismar walter DeFoy ayne Dessens Joe Jett Barry Madden ames McCullough Don Noble on Patterson Larry Pirtle Randell Reed Michael Remhert J. Bob Tharp Allen Weison John E. Whalen N. Schrakamp Q 1 31 :M if If 55 it aj 5 'E li lift li' 5, MN. all 635 lf l E 5 bfi! ' i l lg 1. ,L y Se ual any Eff gn- E... N w x ll 1535 4 n sa 4 EW' U' is 5 rl Ht 25.4 'Le ag. lags .4 1 5 Sr' I-Ii: 'i, ' at 1 H 5.1, , 1 af'- L , . 'J ,E 3 1 Sigma Chis Activities . . Sweetheart Formal . . Derby Day . . Costume Party . Outstanding Members . . Don Barton, I.F.C. President . . John James, Campus Romeo Laurie Daniels, Grand Consul Citation . . . Wayne Dessens, "ML Ugly" . . . Barry Madden, Freshman Class Treasurer . . . l i 51 , ' K . C l i Allen Gordon Eddie Gough . J ack Gregory Herbert Harvey Don Howard Charles Johansen Dale Kelly C. F. Kendall Wilbert Kennard J im Knox Bill Kubricht Bill Lipscomb Olle Lorehn Dan Lubbock John McCaskill gXVlllf'y E-amiaind Sigma Nus cut a mean rug as they do S1 do around the house at one of their many parties Gary Cooper Harry Diamond Temple Douglas .lohn Easley Hayden Foulce John Garland Terry Morgan Mark Spears Kent Strickler Oliver Townsend James N. White Sam Wood ANTHONY KOUZOUNIS, vice-president NORMAN JONES, , SCC1'8lf3.I'y THOMAS VANZANT, ' treasurer ANDY HENDERSON, 5 H H reporter RALPH TURNER, chaplain SAM GOODNER, president Sigma Nus Members of Sigma Nu proudly display their badge of honor at the White Rose Ball. Activities . . . Playboy Formal . White Rose Ball . Outstanding Members . . Ralph Turner, Senior Class President . . . Cheerleader . . Sam Goodner, I.F.C. Vice-President . Jim Knox, Junior Class President . . . Tom Van Zant, Junior Class Vice-President . Norman J ones, Sophomore Class President . . . Andy Henderson, Cheerleader . . 269 OTTO CRENWELGE, president Don Edwards Roy Fogle Joe Fratolill JERRY BENNETT, vice-president JAMES WESLEY, treasurer CARLTON STORY, historian Tom Anderson Francis Axcell Frank Beymer Eddie Black John Bork Wayne Bourquardez Fred Carriker Glen Cooksey M C Clitziillzs Cjdgdiff Gary Graves John Greene Edward Heath Claude Langston Richard C. Lassetter Clay Moore Ed Penn Tommy Shearer James Wallace L. W. Walters xwxgwb Group singing winds up a successful party with the Alpha Chis. -QQ YQ KA gc V gl! By saving empty cigarette packages, the Sig Eps won'a stereo set. Pictured are: Iris White, Harriette Stevens, Claude Langston, Jr., Joe Fratolill, Charles Cundiff, Archie Bennett, Jr., Otto Crenwelge, Wayne Bourquardez, and Steve Black. P... all V iffy lam Fi 'YH E11 , .,, . i 1 rii 1, ,Q , it Lil Tl' Hui 'Wt life 'fd Ef- 5511 ge Pk? T, ' H Ili L1 .LJ JT , . s - F! . il 2-E '1 ta- tif' r W Fr' 9 l w 1 l w l J gt le? .Q 'Iii if e 1 J Activities . . . Queen of Hearts Ball . . . Outstanding Members . . . Glenn Cooksey, Graduate Class President . . . Don Edwards, Freshman Class President . . . Sig Eps 9 5 ,, , E-ft,-I 'L' Y v A u a. PB 272 is ss,Zgu0" LW3! ' is 22:14 v , 's' .H L-.J ' Tekes and dates find hours of enjoyment when they get together for their various social functions. Ruhi Berent Tom Collins Bill Dooley CHARLES ROGERS, president 'EDWARD THORNTON, treasurer 1 5 Patrick Harrison James Jensen Roy O'Valle Informal get-togethers help stimulate social functions at TKE. Tekes Activities . . . Red Carnation Ball . . . Outstanding ' Members . . . Pat Harrison, Red Masque Players President . . . 273 Society of Engineers Activities I I They Co-ordinate Engineering -,,,,Xllw.lM wv-X OFFICERS: Ken Fischer, secretary-treasurerg Larry Shumway, presidentg Charles Roxburgh, vice-president. 274 The University of Houston Society of En- gineers has as its central purpose the co- ordination of engineering activity among engineering students. An organization composed of the six pre- professional engineering groups on campus, the Society is dedicated to the promotion of professional development of student members and the stimulation of interest and participa- tion in campus activities. l MEMBERS-Seated: Larry Shumway, presidentg .lohn E. Hoff, sponsorg J. B. Griersong C. Kirkpatrick, sponsorg Edmond W. Corley. Standing: Charles D. Roxhurgh, Anthony Germanx, Walter Schuster, Erwin Ahadie, Leo J. Gleinser, Kenneth B. Fischer. Films Add to Their Meetings A student branch of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers and the Institute of Radio Engineers, the Univer- sity of Houston Society of Electrical Engineers attempts to form a link between students and professional en- gineers. Field trips, lectures by members of the industry and films spark the meetings. The Society satisfies the social require- ments of members by planning such diversions as barbecues and picnics. Society of Electrical Engineers l I ,,,,l,.l., skim OFFICERS: Tim Bridges, vice-chairmang Cliff May, historiang Walt Schuster, UHSEQ Chuck Brodnax, chairmang Walter Welch, representative to the houseg Erwin Abadie, UHSEg Jim Boyd, representative to the llouseg Harold Jaeger, treasurer. l MEMBERS-Kneeling: Joe Suttles, Herman E. Sheffield, Jr., Richard D. Wheeler, Owen R. Mulkey, John R. McClarty, Erwin I. Abadie. First Row: Fred J. Gentile, Cliff May, Thomas Bridges, Jim Boyd, Jordan Sacharieff, T. N. Whitaker, William T. Kittinger. Second Row: Frank B. Malott, Joe D. Woodruff, William R. Bosse, Walter E. Welch, Louis I. Farber, Ben H. Hood. 275 tuclent Civil Engineers Gain Engineers Ideas From Professionals CM -Mxiw-IM vv-1-fx jOFFICERS--Kneeling: Nelson Strahan, president: C. J. Tamborello, treasurerg John D. Tamborello, historian. Standing: H. G. Keeler, secretaryg Leo J. Gleinser, UHSE repre- lsentativeg A. H. Meyers, vice-presidentg J. H. Sucluna, parliamentariang Alonzo J. Skinner, lrepresentative. The University of Houston Student Chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers is an organization dedicated to the purpose of acquainting students with their profession. The Society provides a common ground where students and professionals can meet and exchange ideas and concepts. The organization actively participates in Cougar Christmasland. A Christmas party, spring picnic, and an annual dance and banquet fill the Society's social calendar. ' MEMBERS-First Row: Pak Fat Woo, C. J. Tamborello, Jim Gee, TCfIY.W0Od, John E. Bork, Joseph Alex Szath- mary, Leo J. Gleinser. Second Row: Harry Rice, Joe Hedding, Robert Pendergraft, John Deskins, .lay Bondy, A. H. Meyers, Ardis Whiter, Nelson Strahan. Third Row: Eugene Wilson, Robert N. Andrews, George E. Kishiv, James H. Suchma, Jack L. Housworth, Alonzo J. Skinner, Harry Patten, Bill Faught. 276 Industrial En ineers Learn Theory Engineers The American Institute of Industrial Engineers is an organization for student engineers that has as its central purpose, providing University en- gineering students with further opportunity to become acquainted with the theory and practice of industrial engineering. The Institute also acquaints students with the activities of the national organization. The University chapter participates actively in the annual Industrial Engineering Conference. Industrial ' Q ,,X.l.l.. thing OFFICERS: Joe Alexander, president, W. J. Bonefas, treasurerg F. I. Gaddis, recording secretary, C. N. Stamos, sergeant-at-armsg J. M. Quitter, corresponding secretary, R. M. Adams, associate professor, faculty advisor, W. L. Rittenhouse, fall president, Edmond W. Corley, vice-president. MEMBERS-Kneeling: G e o r g e Webb, Robert M. Adams, advisor. Standing: H. C. Lambert, J. M. Quitter, C. N. Stamos, John Vaughan, Frank J. Gaddis, Ed Kad- lecek, Edmond Corley, W. J. Bonefas, Billy F. Mitcham, R. A. Miller, Joe Alexander, Joseph Holsomback, Bill Rittenhouse, Loyal White, Gerald L. Spieldenner. 277 Mechanical Engineering .f,xiiwlM klatiafc FALL OFFICERS: .lim Sternburg, vice-chairman, Keith Carmi mussen, sponsor, Tom Bennett, secretary. Active participation in community affairs and emphasis of social responsibility are purposes of the organization. The University chapter is active in campus affairs, including participation in Cougar Christmasland each year. gre l l They Create Throu, li Engineering l The University-of Houston chapter of the - American Society of Mechanical Engi- neers is composed of engineering students who have proven their scholastic ability and have shown interest in improving their profession through advanced techni- cal developments. chael, chairman, Andrew A. Ras- SPRING OFFICERS: Tom Bennett, vice-chairmang Andrew A. Rasmussen, sponsor: Jerry Rix, chairmang Jerry Frankeny, secretary. First Row: Tom Cudd, Keith Carmichael, Jerry Rix, .len'y Frankeny, John Whalen, Jack McKenna, Andrew A. Rasmussen, Dean Briggs, Billy Hutson, Daniel W. Harris, Anil K. Shaw, Roy,Heath. Second Row: Charles Dalton, Larry Shumway, Guston Schaerve, Kenneth Williams, Eddie Rapp, James Ellis, Jerry Shows, Mack Gore, Nelson Martins, Fred Stroud, Luie Kahl, Tom Cunha. Third Row: Paul Crotier, Mike McCullough, Kenneth Fischer, Jim Sternenberg, Louis Atsingevr, Gar- land Sparks, George Drake, Heitor Herrera, Tom Ben- nett, Lee Palm, .lose Da Justa. Guest Speakers Give Chemical Engineers New Ideas First Raw: Alan Bartlett, Ernest Jahnke, Buddy Medley, Jerry Ogden, Cecil Kinard. Second Row: Huey Parkman, Philip Helfrich, Ernest Papavasiliou, Kirby-Boston, Wayne Ware. Third Row: Ed Ray, .John Bar- field, J. B. Grierson. . u Tau Epsilon . . First Row: John E. Hoff, sponsor, John R. McCla11y, secretaryg Cecil Holder, presidentg Charles Roxburgh, treasurer. Second Row: Charles Dalton, Keith Carmichael, .lim Boyd, Edmond Corley, Owen Mulkey. Third Row: John Michael, Walter Welch, Chuck Brodnax, J. B. Grierson. Chemical Engineers ' Tau Epsilon mill, rtlm OFFICERS: Huey P. Parkman, vice-chairmang J. B. Grierson, UHSE counsel representativeg Wayne Ware, chairmang Cecil L. Kinard, secretary, Ernest Papavasiliou, treasurer. The American Institute of Chemical Engineers is an organization which promotes fellowship between stu- dents and men in industry. The University chapter makes several field trips, hosts guest speakers, and sponsors technical films and sup- plementary classroom material throughout the year. An annual fall picnic and spring banquet are the club's social events. Student Engineers Promote Scholarship Tau Epsilon is an organization for honor students in engineering. The organization's aims are to promote scholarship and interest among engineering students. It has as a future project affiliation with the national engineering society, Tau Beta Pi. 279 Petroleum I Field Trips Aid Their Education Engineering ,,.,vl.,l.. rtlwr 1 The University of Houston Society of Petroleum Engineers is the student branch of the American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers. In order to familiarize its members with engineering operations and innovations, the organization holds bi-monthly meet- ings and monthly field trips in con- nection with the petroleum industry. Members of the Society participate in annual conventions of SPE and AIME in Houston and their representatives also attend the International Petroleum Exposition. A spring picnic is the Societyls annual social event. OFFICERS: Thomas Cermani, secretaryg Charles Roxburgh, treasurerg Joe F.- Dishron, vice-presidentg Bill Beakley, president. MEMBERS-Seated: J ack E. Kimmons, J. M. Smith, Albert Contreras, Charles H. Barfield, Gerald P. Kinnebrew, D. E. Frederick, Rivero S. Ramon, Virgil P. Hammerle, Wiley H. Steen, T. L. Logan, K. W. Loveless, Cecil L. Holder, .loe F. Dishron. Standing: Thomas Cary, J. E. Cornett, Ruhi Bereni, Adrin Owens, Edmond LeBouf, C. V. Kirkpatrick, faculty sponsor, Joe Hurlbut, Charles D. Roxburgh, Robert A. Tyree, Wilbert J. Vogel, Anthony B. Germani, Thomas F. Ger- mani, Robert A. Taylor, Charles Crutcher, Harold Vance, industry sponsor, Bi11Beak1ey. 280 Engineering Award Winners graduate Paper. BILL BEAKLEY, winner of 3rd place UHSE Student Paper Contest. J. E. CORNETT, winner of the 2nd place Under- CECIL L. HOLDER, graduated Summa Cum Laude and was winner of T.S.P.E. Award. JACK E. KIMMONS, lst place graduate division in AIME Paper Contest. TOM LOGAN, winner of 1959-19u0 Standard Oil of Texas Co. Scholarship. 28I They Provide Contacts Between EPSUOH Nu Gamma the Student and the Professional l l xt' Epsilon Nu Gamma, the campus professional engineering fraternity, provides social and professional contacts for the student engi- neer. The club, organized in December of 1959, will include field trips to local industries and guest lecturers in its program next year. Members must maintain a 2.0 grade point average and be sophomore or above. Faculty sponsor is W. T. Kittinger, Jr., and club president is Kenneth Williams. 282 OFFICERS-Front Row: Jerry Rix, vice-presi- dentg Kenneth Williams, president. Second Row: Eddie Rapp, secretaryg Robert Schwartz, treasur- erg Jim Boyd, sergeant-at-arms. MEMBERS-Kneeling: Jerry Rix, .lims Gee, Jim Boyd, Joe Hedding, Maurice Petersen, Ned B. Cheshire. Standing: Freddie Stroud, Paul Crozier, Eddie Rapp, Avery Howell, Ben Hood, Kenneth Williams, Robert Schwartz, W. T. Kittinger, counselor. Gamma Alpha Chi, They Co-Sponsor Alpha Delta Sigma I I Advertising Week Banquet atv. all First Row: June Dominy, Suzanne Shapiro, Carol Carter, Mignon Seymour. Second Row: Jeannine Bond, Jan McMullan, Edwene Gaines, Cathy Young, Mrs. Avis Ross, Meredith Trube. Third Row: Nancy West, Ainslie Bricker, Mrs. Dolores Williams, Mrs. 'Willie Ains- worth, Mrs. Lou Letts, Mrs. Alice Rogers. A National women's a d v e r t i si n g fraternity Gamma Alpha Chi brings together women in- terested in entering the ad field, with adver- tising or related major studies. GAX honors Houston women outstanding in the profession, sponsors entries in the Head- line Hop and other campus contests and pro- motes, with Alpha Delta Sigma, the campus observance of Advertising Week. Promotion Is Their Aim Alpha Delta Sigma, national advertising fraternity for men, gives advertising majors an opportunity to hear guest speakers in the field. Through these speakers students of advertising learn new concepts in advertising and enjoy 'meeting people already established in the field. ADS members promote local participation in National Advertising Week activities each year, in conjunction with Gamma Alpha Chi. Front Row: Steve Soloman, Don Alderman, Albert Santos. Second Row: Arnold Barban, John Wil- liams, Peter Oleckniche, Billy I. Ross. Alpha Epsilon Rho l l xld A E Rho Scans the Campus MEMBERS-First Row: Thomas Bazile, Kenneth Metting, Cathy Mobley, Wayne York, C. F. Schneider. Second Row: Gordon Smith, Charles Clardy, Virgil Dixon, Joe Jeffers, Charles Johnston. OFFICERS: Gordon Smith, secretary-treasurer, C. F. Schneider, presidentg Thomas M. Bazile, vice-president. 284 Alpha Epsilon Rho, an honorary or- ganization for students in Radio- Television, recognizes students who haye excelled in their field through scholastic excellence and active par- ticipation in the organization's ac- tivities. AERho participates in operation of the department's radio and television stations and competes in annual broad- casters' clinic. American Marketing Association, S .A.M . -,MXtlwalM W-..,.dx They Will Be the Decision Makers Now in its second year on campus, the American Market- ing Association offers market- ing students valuable contacts with executives and provides a social meeting ground with other marketing students. A spring dinner and dance liven the social scene, while participation in and sponsor- ship of Student Marketing Day provides a service to interested students from the University. First Row: Henry Price, vice-presidentg Bill Avery, presidentg Herman Koehn, secretaryg Z. W. Koby, sponsor. Second Row: Lester Sutton, Robert Downs, Arnold Nemore, Brian Tench, Otho Shelton, Harry Miller, Harry Wren, Ben Pyle, Walter Epps, Dr. John R. Young, sponsor. Third Row: Marion Tillman, Don Cretzer, Larry Walker, Charles Toubin, Stan Drain, Roy Milum. .A.M. S.A.lVl., the Society for the Advancement of Manage- ment, has three main objectives. One, to serve as an effective medium for the exchange and distribution ,of information on problems, policies and methods of industry and management. Two, to provide students with an opportunity to participate in planning, organ- izing and controlling activities of an organization dedicated to promoting and advancing the art and science of management. Third, to bring together executives in business and students preparing to enter business. ' First Row: Kearney Reynolds, presidentg Billy I. Hodge, faculty advisorg Catherine Wahden, secretaryg Tony Lamanna, vice-president. Second Row.' Cherry Jones, George A. Williford, Ernest O. Robert, Travis Tullos, Eddie Bond. 285 v Health ls Their Business American Pharmaceutical Association -Mxll' wiv w-,fx OFFICERS: Donald V. DePe1squal, presidentg Joe Biundo, parliamentariang B. J. Cart, secretaryg Johnnie Fadal, treasur- erg George H. Keener, corresponding secretzuyg Dr. George Webber, advisor. First Row: Joseph A. Leake, Harry E. Durham, Robert Mere, Thomas Cana- dine. Second Row: Dr. George Webber, George Keener, George B. Everett, Shelby W. Rash, Don Morse, Gary G. Heyland, Johnnie Fadal, .James T. Vaughan. Third Row: Jim Cato, Jan Shook, J. W. Lott, Ed Montgomery, goxltlald V. DePas-qual, Joe Biundo, B. J. Cart, Joseph P. Bonno, Clarence . ixon. 286 Coordinating the social and professional activities of the College of Pharmacy is the American Pharmaceutical Association. It strives to unite students, faculty and practicing pharmacists and to provide a clearer picture of the pharmacy profession. Sponsor of the campus observance of National Pharmacy Week, the Association offers to its members a Christmas party and spring dinner. Hopeful H omemalcers Learn New Art OFFICERS Mary Russell, student government representative, Shirley Hayward, president Betty Jo Jack, vice-presidentg Dorothy Rothermel, publicity. First Row: Yvonne Hansen, Glenda Hensley, Patsy Bishop, Sophie Saragusa. Second Row: Sally Barber, June Murphy, Grace Edwards, Mary Travis. Third Row: Lucile Dill, Betty Benson, Ann Miller, Mrs. Dorothy Callicutt, sponsor. Q 'ii NE UCI r-- Q 'r I.. W f-e 'TW "'-ll v 'W .,. 2 Beta Lambda I I ,,,tl..l,. tltlan Beta Lambda, home economics sorority, seeks to interest women in the art of home- making. Freshmen convocation for home economics students, brunch and style shows, and Easter and spring activities fill the Beta Lambdais year. An FHA day at the University for all homemaking students in Houston is a Beta Lambda-sponsored event. Baskets of food are sent to needy families at Christmas and Thanksgiving. Social events include a Christmas party, Valentine dance and awards banquet. l l I. Phi Delta Phi Delta Theta Phi Courtroom Debate Will I Be Lifeis Work ...avi Malo w-fx Phi Delta Phi, the oldest national fraternity on campus, promotes sound legal ethics, scholarship and friendship among its members. Outstanding lawyers, judges and citizens bring to the group new interpretation of old thoughts, pro- viding solutions for problems that may arise. Semi-annual initiation banquets are held to bring new members into the organization. First Row: George Dulany, Terry McMahon, John Brukner, Leonard Tatar, John Neibel. Second Row: Rudolph Saucillo, Robert Hogan, Walter McMeans, John C. Schratwieser, Jerry Mize, John Hooper. Third Row: Frank Jones, Irving Drake, James R. Keeney, Robert Q. Edmiston, J. D. Smith. Delta Theta Phi, law fraternity on the University's campus, requires of its members high academic, profes- sional and moral standards. Outstanding performance scho- lastically, high respect for one's com- munity and a desire for the im- proving of the society are all re- quirements for membership in the organization. 288 Delta Theta Phi First Row: Jack I. Stark, John Chandler, clerk of the exchequerg Charles A. Nester, vice-deang Louis D. Carroll, deang John Yates, clerk of the rollsg Judge Charles B. Walker, sponsorg John A. Mixon, faculty advisor. Second Row: James O. Murphy, Donald L. Jones, DeWitte Wolfe, Jacob F. Bumstead, Charles M. Gallman, Minor Crager, John J. Cain. Third Row: Richard Reedy, Daniel Vrba, James O. Kelly, Roy T. Rogers, Bruce Harris, Gus E. Meriwether, John R. Kay. Fourth Row: Anthony Willy, Robert Strybos, Benjamin A. Enlich, Ody Jerden, Jacko Hargrove, Marvin O. Teague, James E. Scanlan, James Mclntyre. Members not in Photo: Rex C. Mounger, master of the ritual lphotographerlg Orville L. Trask, tribuneg Robert Felsman, Richard Bradshaw, Carl Ray, Jere R. Filer, James E. Morton, Jack Tabor, Robert Breaux, John Patrick, Joseph Balack, LeRoy Peavy, Robert Andrews, Marvin Glenn Cooksey, Robert Hines, Vincent Musachia, Brooks Hamilton, Joseph Abraham, Douglas Baer, Bert Hueb- ner, Paul Holladay, Richard Ryman, Jerry Hill, Robert J. Barr, Donald Brown, Charles A. Baker. They Close the Gap . Between En ineer and Operator Diesel Club I l I XL' r'w-v- Q Graduates of the University's diesel school are the liaison between the engi- neer and the operator of diesel equip- ment. Taking products that the engi- neers create, they prepare them for in- dustrial use. The purpose of the club is to open the way for positions in industry for gradu- ates. Field trips to industrial sites supplement classroom work. OFFICERS: Tommy James, H. K. Whittington, Hans Rasch, R. F. Johnson, O. O. Stotts. 'as an " First Row: Farouk Abu-Shaaban, James A. Willson, Richard F. Johnson, Ted B. Lafferty, Thomas L. Allbright. Second Row: H. K. Whittington, sponsor, Raymond Cindratt, John H. Black, Charles T. Crumpler, Tom H. Miles, Tommy James, O. O. Stotts, sponsor. Third Row: Sam Fullingim, Hans Rasch, Phillip Spitz, William R. Landers, Elroy Gold, Charles Oliphaut. 289 uares Are Trademarks Dragan F ' q Society ,,.X,l..l.. il.l...,d The Dragan Society, an 'organi- zation for student draftsmen, participates annually in the Pep Club. The club's other activities include a spring picnic and a banquet. President of the Dragan So- ciety is Guy lVlcElroy. J. R. Manahan is faculty sponsor. J OFFICERS: Gene Nichols, parliamentariang J. R. Manahan, faculty sponsorg James Nevitt vice-presidentg Jimmy Thomas, president, Clifford Schumacher, secretary-treasurer. First Row: Bobby E. Mullinax, J. R. Manahan, Jimmy Thomas. Second Row: Darol Dimmick, Edwin Thuesen, Fred Harvey, Jack Metzler, Cliff Schumacher. Third Row: Tommy Davis, Samuel J. Lewis, Judson R. Finch. Fourth Row: Eddie Core, Gene Nichols, James Nevitt, Robert L. Thomas. 290 Mone Is Their Business Joan Reiff, Odell Carlson, Lee Kiser, Joe Thompson, John E. Leavesley, Ira N. Slover. First Raw: Mrs. Douglas Thorson, Lee Kiser, secretaryg Inez Winston, Dr. Henry Chen, faculty sponsorg Odell Carlson, treasur- erg Joan Reiff, president. Second Row: Billy Johnson, I. A. Urbantke, R. E. Brown, B. B. Brown, I. N. Slover, F. J. Godfrey, John Leavesley, R. H. Pentz, Benjamin Pyle, J. R. Thompson, Norman F. Byers, John P. Owen, James F. Hull, Douglas Thor- son, Ervin K. Zingler. Economics and Finance Omicron Chi Epsilon -,MXllfw.IM w-1-fx The function of the Economics and Finance As- sociation is to promote a better understanding of economic and financial conditions and institutions on the national and local levels. The Association endeavors to further fellowship among students and assist them in finding employ- ment. Omicron Chi E silon national men's and womeifs . P ' . . . honor society in economics, has as its alms the promotion of the ideals of economics. There are approximately 30 University of Houston members in the organization. OFFICERS-First Row: Professor Ervin K. Zing- ler, sponsorg Lee Kiser, Byron B, Brown, presi. dem! Harold J. Adam, vice-president. Second Row: John P. Owen, department chairmang Weldon Kettler, Willard Mertz. 29l , Speech Contests Provide Forenstc Society l Interest, Rewards -MXll"""lM w-V-X The Forensic Society is an organi- zation of students interested in speech and competitive speech events. Its members compete in inter- scholastic events throughout the nation. This year the Society won from first to fourth places in com- petition at Tulane University, Stephen F. Austin University and Louisiana Tech. OFFICERS: Louis Patronella, vice-presidentg Richard Caldwell, presidentg Sondra Walters, secretary Katherine Taylor, historian. MEMBERS-First Raw: Emerson Turner, Carmen Stallings, Sondra' Walters, Katherine Taylor, Richard Caldwell. Second Row: Russel Stanley, Marc Grossberg, Louis Patronella, Jack Cravlee, Eugene Cook, Terry Thompson, Gerard Wagner, Director of Debate. Future Instructors Combine Kappa Delta pi ulinowledge, Duty and Powerv I"'f9""gt'30'w.l' Siudems rganization -,,t,Xllfw-lm w-f-X Founded at the University of Illinois in 1911, Kappa Delta Pi is a national professional honor society for teachers and prospective teachers. lts motto, knowledge, duty and power symbol- izes the ideals of the largest coeducational honor society in the United States. The Zeta Omega chapter of Kappa Delta Pi was founded at the University on January 12, 1951. OFFICERS: Isabel Gibson, treasurerg Mrs. Lola Norman, secretaryg Bill Hammond, presi- dentg Dr. Helen Bottrell, historian. U -..,..g..-.Y.. -7- . Y .-..,-.W -- ...CT-.,..I W 'V NATHAN CATALAN, president. Because 256 students from 54 countries attend the Univer- sity, a need was felt for the formation of an International Student's Club. The Club is a first for the University in that students from foreign countries have never before attempted to organize. International Students Organization . . . Fellowship Is Important Facet I VFP- liil First Row: Juan Fong, M. R. Ramanchandra Rao, D. S. Maniar, Melly M. Goodson, Lucy Martinez, Armando Velez, Nathan Catalan. Second Row: Anders Gustav Scajaerve, Anil Shaw, Aloysivs V. Takfook Chan, Benzoin Goldstein, Moshe Kohen. Third Row: Tom Lopez, Dacal Nalinkanti, B. G. Shah, M. P. Shah, Frederica Stoeve, Neil R. Nasler, Galal Abu Hussein, Bennet J. Young- worth, Bernard Feigelman, Nissim B. H. Zaffaty, Miguel Aguilo. Kappa Pi Kappa Alpha Mu, BTl71,gS ATE --Mxllwf-IM w-fx Kneeling: Stuart Hayes, Henry Milam, vice-presidentg Ray Blackstone, and Neal Shull. Standing: Don Calvert, historiang Ross Strader, advisorg Mike Weingart, presidentg Mrs. Mildred Hicks, secretary-treasurerg and Stan Slaten. to Cougar and Houstonian Kappa Alpha Mu is a national coeduca- tional honorary photojournalism fra- ternity established to recognize and honor outstanding photojournalism stu- dents in colleges and universities throughout the nation. The University of Houston chapter of K.A.M. provides pictures for the Cougar and Houstonian. The Club promotes scholarship, interest and ability among photojournalists and brings together members from other chapters and many professionals from the field. Artists Display Tlwir Talents at Exhibits Kappa Pi Kappa Pi art fraternity has as its aims the promotion of interest in art among fellow students, coupled with intensified study of art forms. All members of the club show at least one major art exhibit in Houston each year. The Beaux Art Ball, held in the spring, and a pledge initiation each semester provide social events. 294 , f..,z,,Xt, , . . .. , Y.. First Raw: Benard Nelkin, Thelma Phillips, Barry Tinkler, Carol Johnson. Second Row: Mary Edson, Louise Christy, Micheal Gibson, vice-presidentg Marilyn Butler, secretary-treasurer: George Shackleford, sponsor: Jerry Hill, presidentg Edward Heath. Kappa Iiappa psi They Promote the Band l I xii' --Mxl w-M - X Vw-V-X l l l Kappa Kappa Psi, band fraternity, pro- motes projects that are of service to the Cougar Band. The organization provides parties, a banquet for the pledges and entertainment for visiting bands. Will Reavis is president of the fraternity and James T. Matthews is its sponsor. OFFICERS: James Greene, secretary-treasurerg Will Reavis, presi- dentg Fred Gallamore, vice-president. First Row: Michael A. Wilson, William Randy Holt, Geoffrey Galloway, 'Neal M. Weaver, Fred Galla more. Second Row: Ronnie Etzel, Jerald C. Lyon, Lewis Overton, Jay Juneman, Oliver Perry, Jerry Hull Will Reavis. Third Row: David Waters, Gene Haughton, Douglas Westphal, James Greene, James Jezek. 295 Lanyard Club I I xii' -,M M W. M N 4 ,fx BETTY WELLS, president. JANET ISBELL BUELL, vice-president. BARBARA PRING, secretary. Lanyard Club Plays Women ma'ors and minors in health, safet and J Y physical education comprise Lanyard's membership. To ether the irls romote interest in cam us g g P P gymnastics and hack the wornen's intramural pro- gram. Lanyard members participate in community recrea- Beverly Avis .lacquelyn Cerny Diane Doyen Grace Everitt Linda Hill Martha Manly Kay McKee Lynda Moore Joeann Moynahan Jo Ann Peschel tion projects, officiate at high school Interscho- lastic League competition and sponsor Campus Career Day conferences in women's physical educa- tion. Formal initiation, an alumnae tea and the annual Awards Dinner complete the year's activities. S Onsors Music Educators' p National Conference Musical Activities Radio-Television Guild l I XL' -.MXN WM X iw.,-X f The Music Educators' National Conference co-operates with na- tional organizations, arranges field trips for members, sponsors the Contemporary Music Society and cooperates with that group in its activities. Social events include a spring social and a Christmas party. First Row: Merrie Valles, Geneva Gentry, Charlote Mayhall, Shirley Benefield, Jerome Bourgeois, Nelda Nicholson, Janet Clark, Janis G1a.nzer,.Diane Denson. Second Row: Arlene Newman, George Stout, Glenn Adams, Randy Holt, J eriy Hull, Armond Martin. Radio-TV Guild Transmits, Serves The University's Radio-Television Guild' is in its 10th year of activities on the campus. They include the promotion of the air communications industry and service to the school. Its members support scholar- ships and awards in the Radio-Television department and host a Guild Awards party. A Homecoming float and social activities are top events of the year for Guild members. Jimmy Dee Fore, Scotty Smith, Herb Huls, C. F. Schneider, Jimmie McShan, Kay Kellough. 297 of Its E e Care Needs Optometric Society I I They Inform the Public -,,,t,Xtlfw.lM The Student Optometric Society serves as " ' ' A 'E' M'b""' ' " ' ' an educator that keeps the public informed regarding the care of the eyes. It does this through the total vision care program of the College of Optometry and a visual screening facility that is available to the general public. The Society provides speakers in optometry and related fields in order that students in optometry might know what advances the profession is making. It also sends repre- sentatives to professional conventions and assemblies throughout the nation. Social activities of the club include a Christmas Dance and a spring picnic. OFFICERS: Jack Vaughan, social chairmang George Lipshy, vice-presidentg Graham Lantz, presidentg Jim Parsons, secretaryg Dr. Pheiffer, faculty advisorg John Brad- ley, treasurer. -. Cla - L - - P. - A - MEMBERS-Kneeling: Donald Gerschick, Thomas Heard, Jim Parsons, Owen Murray, .Charles lfleese, Frank Sortin, John Bradley, George Lipshy, Harvey Johnson, A. G. Guido, Harold Codianne, Charles MacLaughl1n. Standing: Graham Lantz, Martin Levy, Frank Butterfield, Paul Stigaard, Dr. Chester Pheiffer, Abe Daily, Richard Delgado, Armando Valdee, Drew Browne, Joan Piper, Boyace Holland, Bob Gardner, Jerry Flanagan, Bill Bauscher, Kelsey Hunter, Louis Love, Ben Russell, Bo Baldwin, Jerome McAllister, Mary Ann Daly, Jim Newell, Jacqueline Sluelds, Lou Landsman, Leo Becnel, Frank Lobaccaro, Elmer Nossaman, Al Clevenger, Robert Victoria, Jack Vaughan, Ed McGee, Nelson Reber, Stewart Webb, and Fred Carriker. 298 Phi Delta Chi Promotes phi Delta Chi the Pharmacy chooli A i v.MXllfw-IM Phi Delta Chi, professional fra- ternity in pharmacy, is concerned with promoting pharmacy among students and furthering the Univer- sityls College of Pharmacy. The organization also actively sup- ports the American Pharmaceutical Association and National Pharmacy Week. A party given for the pharma- cy school is the top social event each year. OFFICERS: B. J. Cart, secretary: Joseph P. Bonno, vice-presidentg John Sirman, pledge masterg Thomas Carradine, treasurerg Jan Shook, assistant treasurerg Jim Cato, president. MEMBERS-First Row: Clarence Nixon, Frank Accomando, Gary Wilcox, Dr. Robert Boblitt, advisor: Joe Bond, James Cato, Robert Mere. Second Row: Joe Biundo, Julius Hochstein, B. J. Cart, Ed Montgomery, Nicholas George, James Vaughan. Third Row: John Sirman, Dewey Weatherford, Jody Leake, Ronny Clifford, Ben Muniz, Tom Carra- dine, Nelson Lipscomb. Fourth Row: Sanford Garrett, Charles Anselmo, Carrol Soward, Johnnie Fadal, Earl Sledge, Ken Burrows, John Kiser, Ed Talley. Fifth Row: Don Yapp, Elzo Gullett, Jan Shook, Dan Morse, Mike O'Neill, James Olive, Tommy Smith, Jimmy Wilson, Harry Durham. 299 Pre-Dental Pfe'MediCalf They Learn How to Cure --Mxllw-lM w--fx The Pre-Medical, Pre-Dental Society is an organization dedicating itself to furthering interests in the various fields of medical science. This goal is achieved through meet- ings, discussions, lectures and film demonstrations. All of its activities are under the supervision and direc- tion of a selected sponsor from the . 1 department of Biological Sciences of N the University. YS- ef l- ' Tours of various medical installations - are made to help each student pre- l pare for and choose the medical school of his choice. rx. Projects of the club include a schol- arship fund, which helps deserving Pre-Medical, Pre-Dental students. X Social activities include a spring 'l beach party and a luncheon. l OFFICERS: Jim Helms, presidentg John Bogart, vice-presidentg Alan Rosen, secretaryg Howard Berg, representativeg Miki Davis, representative, Earl Love, treasurer. MEMBERS-First Raw: Wanda Swanson, Robert Friedman, Jim Scherer, Jim Helms, Dr. N. C. Cominsky, sponsor, John Bogart, Bill Ball, Peggy Sterling, Robert Engel. Second Row: Seymour Bauer, Alan Rosen, Cecil Kennedy, William Moore, Pat Yeary, Miki Davis, Judy Wible. Third Row: Dennis Rexdmiller, Calvin McKaig, Joe Pinkston, Neil Boll, Ray Knupple, James Cole, Anthony Kouzounis, Howard Berg, Earl Love. 300 Calls Players They Dream of Eneores and Curtain Red Masque l I xt' OFFICERS: David Larson, chairman of the Drama Departmentg Patricia B. Kennedy, parliamentariang William Doolay, presidentg Robert Howery, faculty advisor. ' ,MMM N W-'fx Red Masque is a word synonymous with the dra- matic art. The organization is composed of persons interested in the theatre in all of its aspects. At the annual Awards Banquet this year awards were given to the best actor and actress, best sup- porting actor and actress, best freshman actor and actress, best in technical theater and outstanding senior. First Row: Reberta Stahl, Ann Lyon, Ann Sharp, Cora Nell Sjogren. Second Row: ,lim White, Roy O'Val1e, Ronnie Cural, Susan Stubbs, Lou Thomas. Third Row: Pat Harrison, Jerry Long, Sam Hyde, Buzz Black. Fourth Row: ,lim Wood, Bill Conkrite. 30I Journalists Learn Art of Communication Theta Sigma Phi, national women's honorary journalism fraternity, stresses the observance of high moral and professional standards by its members. Membership is limited to students of unior stand- ing who have shown ability and promise in journalism. Annual events include a Matrix Dinner and participation in the Headline Hop and in the journal- ism assembly. This year Mrs. Marguerite Palmer, garden editor of the Houston Press, was the Matrix Dinner honoree. Seated: Nancy West, Millie Duelhurg, Yvonne Gabet, Kaye Newman, Mildred Hicks. Standing Aleene Rednick, Beverly Dent, Carmen McDaniel, Ruth Long, Edwene Gaines, Cathy Youn Sada Lou Stone. Kneeling: Neal Shull, Richard Albitz, Harry Nowakowski, Jerry Eagleson, Gordon Fales, Ferris Block, sponsor. Standing: Bob Sanders, Robert Forshaw, Everett Marshall, Bob Morris, David Michlovich, Don Whiteney. Theta Sigma Phi Sigma Delta Chi v,MXtlrw.lM W-...fx 302 Sigma Delta Chi, professional jour- nalism fraternity, combines social and professional activities. Members of the organization sponsor the sale of Homecoming mums, at- tend state and national conventions, participate in the annual journalism assembly and sponsor the Headline Hop, an annual all-school dance. Guest speakers in the journalism field and related areas provide pro- fessional guidance for members. Accountants Society of I I -gjxxll w-IM vu.,-X First Row: .lohn David Jones, Paul McCormick, Darrel G. Slough, Gene Reumer, George Kulg. Second Row: Leonard Luncon. Julian R. Mendez, Frank J. Godfrey, Eddie Bond. Third Row: Miller B. Overall, S. M. Woolsey, Lee Kiser, Eugene Cook. Fourth Row: Paul Lindloff, Howard Daniels, I. E. McNeill, Sandford H. Brown. Accountants Add, ubtract, Multipl The solicitation of scholarships, the broadening of educa- tional activities through field trips and the provision for guest speakers are all parts of the program of the University of Houston Society of Accountants. The Society attempts to acquaint its members in the work they will be doing through experience arid knowl- edge transmitted by those who hasge already practiced their trade. 5 A spring picnic and fall dance brighten the year's ac- tivities. OFFICERS: Lee Kiser Cook, treasurer. . xx. H H ur. xxx W , vice-prcsidentg Eddie Bond, sergeant-at-zxrinsg Eugene 303 Association -,1,,Xlw-M X Vw-,-X SlfUd8TlLl5 EdlLCl1Ii0Tl I I Learn to Teach l I xltl J OFFICERS AND BOARD-First Row: Judith Sloan, William Skinner, Sydalise Crawford, Mona Ruth Morgan, Bill Crockett, Thomas L. Llervillys, Barbara Taylor. First Row, Standing: Edwene Gaines, Dr. Nelson, Eva Hardin, Pearl Vaught, Linda Pledger, Mary Jane Pennington, Patsy C. Midecken, Carolyn Langford, Rosemary Snow, Barbara Rudewig, Jeanette Morgan, .loan Ganett, Cindy Willard. Second Row: Emerson Turner, Jima Spurlock, Logan Wood, Ernest C. Atsinger, John K. Mulholand, Johnny C. Fisher, Willard Jones, Duane Crim, Phil Ingalls. UH-SEA's exhibit at the 1960 TSEA State Convention depicted the theme of "Education Shapes the World's Future." 304 With 821 members, the University of Hous- ton Student Education Association is for the second successive year the largest of the sixty Texas Student Education Association chapters and of the 834 Student National Education Association chapters in the United States. Being adjudged one of the most active chap- ters in the United States by the National Commission on Teacher Education and Pro- fessional Standards, the UH-SEA was invited by the NEA Committee on International Re- lations and the Asian Society to acquaint Noboru Ito, vice bureau chief of the Asahi Shimbun, the world,s most widely circulated newspaper, with the organization and func- tional activities of students in professional educator's associations. Mr. Ito met with UH-SEA members from June 16 to 19 to study means of" introducing Student NEA chapters in the universities of Japan. At the 1960 Texas Student Education As- sociation State Convention, George Heit was a finalist in the Mr. TSEA contest, and the UH-SEA exhibit, "Education Shapes the World's Futuref' won first prize. The club was invited to display the exhibit at the Na- tional Student NEA Leadership Conference. Dr. Esther Marion Nelson sponsors the As- sociation. Jerry Eagleson, Judith Sloan, James Mclsamore, Jeanette Morgan, Willard Jones and Edwene Gaines participate in a public relations workshop conducted by UH-SEA members at the 1960 TSEA State' Convention in San Antonio. Association Varsity NH" I U University Lettermen --MXWLH'-IM ww-fx OFFICERS: Hilmer Potcinski, vice-presidentg Charles Caffrey, presidentg Wiley Feagin, treasurer. Not pictured: Reggie Darley, corresponding secretaryg Ronald Holland, recording secretary. 306 Promote portsmanship . . . Friendship Bubba Wagner, catcherg Buddy Garidel, first basemang Gary Nelson, second baseman' Max Wilson, outfield. ' The promotion of fellowship among athletes and between ath- letes and the student body is the duty of Varsity "H," The organization is composed of lettermen from the various sports at the University. Ushering at basketball games depicts the service of the group. An annual deep-sea fishing trip brings members together on a common ground. Other service projects that con- tribute to the over-all athletic program of the University are included in the organization's yearly program. First Row: Hilmer Potcinski, Jim Juehne, Charlie Rieves, Charles Caifrey. Second Row: Wiley Feagin, Jim Wilehan, Bill Brown, Jim Colvin. Writers Produce Works The Writers Club is an organization composed of student members interested in all phases of literary writing. The club participates actively in the Harvest, the literary anthology of the university. Its members help to organize and publish the magazine and present awards to writers who have had manu- scripts published in the Harvest. Activities of the club include regular meetings in homes of members. Manuscripts are read and criticisms given at meetings. Annual participation in the Writers Convention is included in their ac- tivities. Writer's Club I I -Mhli"M'M w-ff-X OFFICERS: Jo King, presidentg Marge Mullen, secretalyg Jonathan Ayres, vice-prmidentg and Marc Grossberg, treasurer. 5' Q , is " 'X Hffssf.. 'init :fm 'X vw 5 :sat .L N ' v, " Pine Forest Country Club, the scene of the 1960 National Inter- collegiate Invitation. On the green is Jacky Cupit. 309 BIG ix-Y 3I0 Tlus Is .ff Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston SEASONS 0 13 12 22 28 18 A Touchdown RECORD 16. ..,.... 3 .....,. 12 ,7.,... 28 ......, Mississippi Alabama C1I'1Cll1UHt1 Texas ASM 19 ........ .,..Vw.. 0 klahorna State 7 .............. ,, 13, ..i..,-. 13 ........, 27 i,....,,. 32 ......... .,,,., North Texas State Tulsa Wichita Texas Tech Washington State RED 3ll Evans and Kuehne rush in on halfback George Blair. WILEYFEAGIN . of H. - Ole Miss - 16 2f:,?:3,:2L ROBERT SANDERS Halfback, 1L Dade City, Fla. RANDALL DORSETT End, 2L Pasadena Before an estimated crowd of 45,000 persons the University of Houston Cougars sought out their first win over the University of Mississippi Rebels. Houston having not lost a home opener since 1953 fell to Ole Miss by a score of 16-0. The first quarter found each team checking the other's strength on the 1959 gridiron. From the Houston 13 yard stripe a Rebel field goal attempt passed to the left of the goal posts. Ole Miss found its way across the goal line during the second quarter with the help of an interception by Bob Khayat. Khayat snagged Lonnie Holland's pass on his own 41 yard line and returned it to the Cougar 7. Four plays later quarterback Jake Gibbs swept left end for the touchdown. The one point conversion was good. One more TD and a field goal by Ole Miss during the third quarter brought an end to the scoring for the night. Ole Miss threatened at the Houston 8 yard line, but gave up the ball on downs. A 70 yard punt return by Gibbs was called back by a clipping charge. Four more plays heard the final gun sound on the season's opener for the University of Houston. CLAUDE KING Halfback, 3L Vicksburg, Miss. JOE BOB ISBELL Guard, lL Orange JIM NORRIS C Tackle, lL Mercedes Isbell and Evans down Bama's Marlin Dyess. Quarterback Gerald Ripkowski is swarmed. Houston - Alabama - Alabama's "Crimson Tide" under the coaching of Paul Bryant rolled in, but found only one small hole in Houston's defensive wall. Alabama, deep in the third quarter, man- aged to trickle through a field goal from the Houston 15. Don McDonald, mixing his plays well, moved the ball from his own 28 to the Alabama 6 only to have 15 yards taken away for illegal substitution. Facing 21 yards for a first down, Errol Linden saw his field goal attempt go wide to the right. -Bama's big break came when Leon Fuller intercepted a McDonald pass inside the Cougar 50. A series of plays on the ground located the ball 9 yards from pay-dirt when Fred Sington booted the ball over the cross-bar. In the fourth quarter the Cougars moved the pigskin to the Alabama 12, one yard short of a first down. The clock ran out with the lone field goal showing on the score board. 3I3 I l MURDOCH HOOPER Tackle, IL Garrison JIM KUEHNE Halfback, 2L San Antonio .IIM WINDHAM Guard, 2L ' Colorado City 0 H. - 13 Cincy - 12 Lonnie Holland led the red and white clad Cougars to their first win of the season. Trailing at half time by a score of I2 to 0, the Cougars roared back both on the ground and in the air. A fumble by Cincinnati at the 50 gave the ball to an eager Houston team. Holland took to the air and quickly moved the ball to the 6. An offside penalty against the Cincinnati Bearcats placed the ball on the 3 yard stripe. Fullback Hilmer Potcinske climaxed the 11 play, 50 yard drive by plunging over right guard for the touchdown. Don McDonald converted for the extra point which later won the game. In the fourth quarter Errol Linden found himself in the end zone with a pass from Holland. Holland's extra point pass attempt to Larry Lindsey was dropped in the end zone. During the time remaining, the Bearcats were unable to move the ball and the score remained Houston I3 . . . Cincy 12. Larry Lindsey hauls in a 13 yard pass from Holland. Don McDonald C155 moves over left guard. Claude King wages war in Kyle Field. Cougars - 6 Aggies - The Aggies remembered Houston from last year. U. of H. ran up the highest score made since these two teams started meeting on the field of turf. A8zlVI, playing on its home field tried to revenge the 39 to 7 loss. Houston's big loss in this game came not from the 28 to 6 defeat, but in the form of a separated shoulder for Claude King. When the second half started, ASzlVI was out in front 7-6, but still pushing for more. Quarterback Charles Milstead on one of the opening plays started to break away when he was hit with a smashing tackle by King. A later check revealed that King suffered a shoulder separation on this play. King had carried 44 times during the game for a total of 46 yards before his college football career came to a close. Gordon Lebeouf, A8zM fullback, charged through the right side of the line for two TD's before the third quarter ended. Robert Sanders pushed up the middle for another during the final period. Final results: ASM . . . 28 U. of H .... 6, end of All-American candidate, Claude King's career. ERROL LINDEN End, lL New Orleans, La. GERALD RIPKOWSKI Quarterback, 1L Liberty LARRY LINDSEY End, 1L Gilmer .- ...-19 The Cougars traveled to the land of the Indians, but met the Oklahoma State University Cowboys. Sporting a 5-2-1 record with O.S.U., the Cougars found the Cowboys more determined than ever. Combining the fine ground running of Pete Burks with the passing team of Holland and Lindsey the Cougars broke into a 12 point lead in 22 minutes of play. O.S.U. then used the remaining 38 minutes and the scoring ability of Tony Banfield to chalk up 19 points. Banfield, in the second quarter, pulled in a 24 yard pass from quarterback Dick Soergel. The extra point kick gave the Cowboys 7 on the score sheets. Again in the fourth quarter it was Banfield who placed the ball in the end zone for O.S.U. Once to conclude a 100 yard drive which began when ,larnes Dillard took a punt from the toe of Holland at the O.S.U. goal line. Later a 41-7 yard pass interception return by the Cowboys placed them in a scoring position. A 1 yard plunge climaxed a series of bad breaks for Houston to favor O.S.U.-19 to 12. TOM PIERCE Tackle, 3L Crescent DON McDONALD Quarterback, 3L Sherman EDDIE MITCHAMORE Halfback, 1L Houston Right end Red Wright takes a short pass against W.S.U. 3l6 Houston - orth Texas State - 1, . -w - r -4, .QI -.1-3. -, g-,Q 1 V Al I", gt' i va? ",' lv ':' y Q31 W , W, we .3554 . .,t. , . . ,-. fLsfaI...,. ii. Wiley Feagin runs back an interception against N.T.S. JOHNNY BRANSON Midland P 41" 4 HILMER POTCINSKE . , - . Fullback, 2L - ' A ' Yorktown '- ', 31,139 'f'ii'.".'1 .'F' 1' -1' 4. - :fe -- - ,fi n tl: " -'1 '.H,f': Y . .l d ','35,:ik.1hx:Qw.A,3. .l N , 3-r ,. up 7 qi '1-ul J- lt . .. . ve. ...Q . .A PRESTON WRIGHT End, lL Mexia North Texas State is Houstonis oldest opponent and going into this game these two teams were tied for lst place in the Missouri Valley Conference. Both teams were out to prove themselves and each scored the first time they had possession of the ball. N.T.S. elected to receive the kick-off. Moving the ball from their own 37 yard line with runs through the middle and around the end they reached the Cougar 2. From there Vernon Cole slipped across for the TD. Morris Rose made the extra point good with 6 minutes and 24 seconds remaining in the first quarter. Houston then took the offense with a series of 14 plays through the right side of the line. Left half Ken Bolin found an opening into the Gland of 6." The try for the extra point failed with 1 minute and 24- seconds of playing time in the first quarter. The fire died out and neither team could rekindle the spark throughout the duration of the game. As the players left the field after more than -L6 additional minutes of hard play, the lights on the score board still revealed . . . T and 6. Guard, lL g Abner Haynes 1,285 runs into Holland and Lindsey. 3l7 PAT STUDSTILL Halfback, 2L Orange RAY BOWERS Guard, 1L Lufkin LONNIE HOLLAND Quarterback, 2L Plainview TWC IN Cougars - 22 Tulsa - 13 Sophomore quarterback Don Sessions showed the way to the University of Tulsais end zone for a total of 22 points. Coupling a deadly aerial attack with snappy running, the 6-foot ball handler netted almost 200 yards. Half time score was a pair of O's. The 'third quarter saw Houston gifve up the hall on downs when a Sessions to Errol Linden pass fell in- complete. Tulsa then marched the length of the field and converted to score 7. Seven plays later Sessions hit Randall Dorsett and Eddie Mitchamore for a total of 8. Tulsa rallied and made it 13 to 8 early-in the 4th quarter. Houston received the kickoff and a few plays later Sessions elected to keep from the Tulsa 31 yard stripe to add 6 to the Houston side of the ledger. Once again Tulsa forfeited the hall needing yardage. The Cougars covered 67 yards and placed an 8 point tally on the records in 2 quick plays. Driving 49 yards Tulsa's last hopes faded in the form of a lost fumble. The still fighting Cougars gained 26 yards during the final seconds of play to reach a total offense of 320 yards. Fullback Charlie Rieves is smothered by Washington players. A ROW DANNY CRANFORD Center, 2L Covington, Tenn. Cougars - 8 Wichita - 13 Still fired from last week's win the Cougars traveled to Wichita, Kansas. Meeting on the field of battle with the University of Wichita Shockers who returned 10 of 11 starters from last year. Ted Dean, senior fullback for the Shockers, took a pitchout at right end for a TD only to have the play nullified for offensive holding. Dean found his way up the middle for the touchdown and Dick Young kicked to make it good for 7. U. of H. unable to move on the ground once again found gold in the arm of Don Sessions. A completed pass to Larry Lindsey in the end zone ended the scoring for the lst half. Jim Kuehne fell on a Shocker fumble in the first minutes of the 3rd quarter and Bolin scored at right tackle. Sessions crossed right end to gain the lead 141-7. . Danny Birdwell recovered a fumble for Houston on the Wichita 27 yard marker. Sessions hurdled the middle of the line tagging 6 more on the board. The solid forward wall of red and white uniforms attributed to 8 ad- ditional points and forced the Shockers to pass for their other score. Strength in the line and a quick acting backfield chalked up 349 yards net gain . . . the highest for the season. DON SESSIONS Quarterback, lL Springhill, La. DANNY BIRDWELL Center, 1L Big Spring Third-quarter pass for W.S.U. to Ellersick good for 12 yards. Houston - Texas Tech - 2 7 Slow to start appeared to be the problem of most of the schools Houston met this year. The youngest member of the Southwest Conference, Texas Tech, contracted this ailment, but they had a solution . . . touchdowns! This marked the 5th time this season the crowds saw 0-0 at the close of the lst quarter. There were less than 2 min- utes left inthe 2nd quarter when the Red Raiders' Glen Amerson scored on a keeper outside right tackle. Talking- ton's kick was good. During the remaining quarters Tech took to the air hand and foot to add 12 additional points to the records. Amerson carried over right tackle to go in standing up. Talkington kicked to the right of the goal posts. Houstorfs passers found difficulty with their targets and the backs hit stiff opposition from the line. The Raiders' offense made good use of any Houston misfortune and ran a wide variety of hard-to-contain plays. Teamwork recovers fumbles. 320 Pat Studstill 1203 fights off would-be tackler. JOHN SEMIAN Center, 2L Taylor KEN BOLIN Halfback, lL H ouston, DICK KIRTLEY ' Guard, IL Houston .lim Kuehne hreaks into the open for 40 yards and a touchdown. JIM COLVIN Tackle, 3L ' Orange DON MULLINS Halfback, 2L Shreveport, La. CHARLIE CAFFREY Guard, 3L , Temple HOMECCMING ofH -- Ja WSU - Two firsts for this game: first time Houston played at home on Thanks- giving Day . . . first time Houston played a West Coast team. Slated to be an aerial duel between W.S.U.'s Mike Agee and Houston's Don Sessions, game time found Sessions out with a leg injury. U. of H. linemen rushed Agee's pass attempts. Twice, right end Wiley Feagin threw Agee for 6 yard losses. Even with the clicking defenses of both teams, when the clock stopped for the half, it was W.S.U.-16 U.H.-12. Gail Cogdill made a diving catch in the end zone for an Agee pass half way through the 3rd quarter. In the 4th period Melin fired one out to Cogdill who ran into the scoring zone. With less than a minute remain- ing, fullback Charlie Rieves pushed over right tackle for a TD. Although there was better than a two touchdown difference in the scoreg the major difference lay in W.S.U.'s ability to add a 2 point con- version after each TD. 32I - I ' w-L . f' .-4 I v 'Y NT' 'F' 1 1- 5, ,. .. .-My ,.,., . . '. -A Pa'-'31 I , -V .f , M-, -,, ' A .' .' V , V ,'v,, i I A Wf,,v . 'i f . . - . ' lj xr-I 1 l . .- . - , , ,W ' ,. . f- l ',- .. , m w'v"Ef:-W1 ' 1, ' . , M... ,, ,. .1 ,' ., L- . .17 0 Q., X A W, N M - . .1 V -9 -. , -gl - ,,,., . , ' .' -- - . r. nw " ff' ' f" 1 " " win! 'ifvxr I . -- ..4-:Fix '14 .I V '- x H- ' .- ' ' . - G,.A '-.'- rf " 4 ,.. ' n , ,, nf- . n rf ' Q u ' - , I' . , M x lm- A . .71 I -E " xx" " 341 H R' '- - .N -1 .2 ' Tigre ' '1ff - 4 " Q - ff"ffH:- H ' ,.:-fifglf-'-". - ' M ,-fr' " ' WT ' " ins if , " gf ' A' ' ' 34:4-gi , 5 5 ,a -- -i Qlivziif-1,-' ' H4 ' 'f r " ' ,. , 5 .1 zjifqgiaihb , ' 'QE - z ungxim, V 4 -T1 .1 ' , - . ,1 fkixfdbghg Eu - W A Q --.1 'f'f'n-ff ww. 4,,r:U' 'wc ' nf. f-'1"' 1 Wwna. -1. 'f H124-+1 ' 'M ' '5 1:...f 1... -.f""'wwG . -. ' 1, ' Q -'-.ff 1.9 'gp - "lf, 1" ff- . ,.1K1g.q -v, P , 1 l . . 'n- ""!f"' "Y "1-T"7 I J-J'-'nic-"F 'WLC' H "'9154,"'+A' -1- "37"'i1'f 7- 'H f'f'i"'f,Q'5M??Ef'3-'q'- 'Q"F:'7' -"5 A ' . . ",. ' ' Q .V -s ,' r-. , ,. 1 -9" ' 'L.+y91l, ' '-,""s.' Q.. ' . - -. 4 ' :af fy' .lv 0 --t' 'nrvv 'U ,- :A . A '- 5 I 'i'.P 'V 4 " nm 3:-Y ..r4tW lr! M- if n -WL .2011 ..""I R A - I A vt ' " 4 . V f f gg Y i 5 pu M i i .4 ..,f aim I , 4- K K . 'nga 4 Y, ,, A, . - I, fl 'l l V! W N 5 A if L ' V 1:14 N lx - :E I X -1 -xii Q 1 j x , 1 , . . 1 W 'f - . ' K Q- S 51 I 4 . as-F t 1 , , -. .V n we . wx 4 7 Ax. .A 5 X . , I., .x f ' ,nlvslvl Y- 4"L.' I - . 5.1-f f,-L w r 322 f . , ,H U ,E 1 1 f 5 -.af1ge i'9.zl Q Si.. HOWARD EVANS Center, 3L A Dallas A ia CHARLIE RIEVES Fullback, lL " Anguilla, Miss. .llm Colvln accepted an 1nv1tat1on to play in the Senior Bowl at Mobile, , Alabama. The Houston Football Banquet sponsored, as it has been for the last thirteen years, by the Alumni Association is a gathering to give recognition to the outstanding players of the University. Dr. Franklin Stovall announces the lettermen for the com- pleted l959-1960 season. Eight seniors step forward to receive letters from the University of Houston for the last time. Trophies are given to Best All-Around Lineman, Howard Evans, and Best All-Around Back, Charlie Rievesg while Most Improved Player, Tom Pierce accepts a wrist watch from the U. of H. Sideline Coaches Association. This is not to say that others do not deserve recognition. Each player is a vital part of the team and all of the players must work together as a team. The line must clear a path for the backs and the backs must run the plays and do the scoring. Even when everyone tries his best, unfortunate events sometimes defeat the best planned plays. This year the team was plagued with bad breaks and our spirits fell, but at a time when spirits were lowest in the stands the Big Red eleven on the field ran highest with wins. To the players, the coaches, the managers, the trainers, the cheer- leaders, the student body, and everyone that assisted the team this past season . . . 'cThanks." Coaches confer over field telephones. Basketball DECEMBER, 1959 LHITIHI' TCCll- ..... ....... 6 6 89 Houston West Texas .... ...... 6 0 105 Houston McMurry ........ ...... 5 1 92 Houston Texas ------ .,.... 6 7 49 Hgustgn Miami ------------ '----- 7 2 63 Houston North Texas ----A ...... 59 88 Houston Texas ASIM ------ ---,.- 64 62 Houston JANUARY, 1960 Wichita ..... . ..,.... ..... 6 9 63 Houston Tulsa ..,.... 62 68 Houston St. Louis .... 76 46 Houston Drake ........v, - ..v.,o. ..... 5 5 56 Houston Oklahoma City 73 80 Houston Miami .,...,.,....,.. ,,... 7 9 88 Houston Loyola .,.. 63 61 Houston Wichita 74- 65 Houston FEBRUARY, 1960 Oklahoma .......... Houston Sam Houston .... Houston Cincinnati ...... Houston Bradley ....... Houston Tulsa ,-,,,o-,,,,,-, Houston North Texas ...., HOUSIOH Cincinnati .Vt..V H0l1St0I1 Bradley ,,4,-,- Houston Sr. Louis ..... Houston Drake Houston co-CAPTAIN C0 CAPTAIN GARY PHILLIPS TED LUCKENBILL Guard, 2L Forward, 2L Quincy, Illinois Elkhart, Indiana .Qi .Y J. al' - M . , --wr' gp .' .- ,V H If 5 4 In I id I 1 T -'Q , V- ,- fiiffir ,H-ix. 1, U gi 4 ji H 4,LW.'jH'QLlMwm -9351 - 4 A , , A... cf, 1 ,t 'I A A 1 i -. -jus' A A I U WN +I .-t-1 A we " a L ' , 5 ? 3v'HfHgf5f ' Alf , ., 'I 9 u ' 5 rwp ggi iiw f ?'f1U EN1,MjNM ' -5' 451' L, fi f REFRESHEU 3? I if ,gm Mr u, 1 "' Aw "f .' . ,,: ' -.Q - 1. P 1 ,. 1-,, J f . '51, K -1 .zzv Bs -Q 1, .XI I, Tr- mxg. 1. P 1 Tr in l" 1 .T Q I 2 . F-, , . fl :gm ' ifm 325 WILBERT BIGOTT DENNY BISHOP Forward 1L Guard, lL Deer Park South Bend, Ind. Fancy dribbling and expert sharp-shooting con- cluded the 1959-1960 cage season before capacity crowds, who without fail attended the court con- tests from early December to late February. Eight returning lettermen were supplemented by three from the Redshirts to comprise the traveling eleven. The Cougar Cagers began the season by success- fully downing three in a home court series. Lamar Tech took the opening defeat 89-66. West Texas followed in defeat by losing to the Cougars 105-60, while McMurry was the linderdog in a 92-51 con- ICSI. Travel and defeat went hand-in-hand when the Houston five visited College Station and Texas ASM. The Aggies bounded across the court be- tween defensive Cougars to tally 67 to Houston's 1119. Returning to Jeppesen Field House, the Miami five were successful in upsetting the home court winning streak to give the Cougaris their second season defeat, 72-63. The Missouri Valley Conference opener found the Cougars supporting a 3-2 non-conference record and playing host to North Texas State. At the close of the fourth quarter, North Texas had fallen to the sharp-shooting Houston squad . . . 88-59. The Texas Aggies left their home court to visit the Houston squad for their second seasonal encounter. Bounding from basket to basket, the cage contest was a toss-up until the final seconds of play. Holding to a slim two point margin, the Cougars took their second defeat from the Aggie squad, 64-62. The slim marginal losses continued for the Big Reds when Wichita invaded the Houston campus and landed a six point win, 69-63. The Houston Cougars now supported a 1-1 conference record. To conclude a five game home stretch, Tulsa fell to the sharpshooters from the Texas team, 68-62. SBC Pete Markle flips in a rebound against North Texas in Jeppesen Field House. TOMMY THOMSON Forward, 1L Glen, Ellyn, Ill. MURPHY THOMAS Guard Caledonia, Mo. It's Pete Markle again, this time pouncing on a loose ball as Norman Tuffli f20J, Bill Hathaway f42l, and Ted Luckenbill i341 eye the bouncing sphere. 327 To St. Louis the Red and White traveled only to take a twenty point whipping, 76-46, But, the Houston team was determined for a win before returning to the Lone Star State. Meeting Drake on their home court, the Big Reds edged a win 56-55. Oklahoma City 'dropped a non-conference contest 80-73, before a capacity crowd at Jeppesen Field House. Facing Miami on their Florida court, the Houston Cougars pulled their second straight non-conference win 88-79. ln the third non-conference game Loyola, Louisiana, won 63-61. The Cougars dropped their third conference loss to Wichita, the same squad who handed them their first conference defeat in January. The score was 74-65. Back to non-conference play, the UH Cougars traveled to Oklahoma City where they won 80-69. 328 "Steady, it's rolling!", Gary Phillips C54-J seems to be telling teammate Bill Hath- away. Returning to home courts, the Cougars entertained Sam Houston and soundly defeated them 92-53 before going back on the road. The Cougars then tackled Cincinnati, the number one team in the nation, and held the score to a very respectable 67-55. Following suit, the U. of H. five then met second rated team in the nation, Bradley, and were defeated 78-57. Still on the road, the Cougars suffered their third straight loss as they battled Tulsa to a 59-58 squeaker. In their final out-of-town conference game the Cougars broke their losing streak by trouncing North Texas 86-64. Back on their home court, the Cougars employed a man-to- man defense against Cincinnati as Gary Phillips limited Cincinnatiis Oscar Robertson's points. But the Eastern team was victorious in the end as they defeated the Cougars 57-47. Q, 13 1 , f W 1 3 ff I W.. ' " v , -- , I , A ,n fwfr pu 43 4? ,i BRYAN SCHISLER Guard, 3L Jonesboro, Ark. Ted Luckenhill has trouble coping with the ups and downs of basket- ball. Above, Oscar Robertson takes to the air to the bewilderment of Luckenbill. 330 RICHARD MOLCHANY Forward 2L Johnstown, Pa. JIMMY WILSON Guard Lawton, Okla. During the final encounter with Bradley, our boy Ted spotted the elusive ball making its merry way across the court. NORMAN TUFFLI Guard, 1L Highland, Ill. lu CARL RALEIGH Center, 1L Burkburnett PETE MARKLE Forward, 3L Houston If U DICK THURMAN Guard, lL F armington, Mo. Bradley's Wodka grabbed the free ball and then amazed Luckenbill by sitting down for . . . a game of jacks? , l North Texas State cagers see another two points drop through the hoop as U. ' In their second meeting of the year, the Cougars pulled one of the biggest upsets in collegiate basketball play as they soundly defeated Bradley, still second- rated team in the nation, by a 63-58 score. The nationally rated St. Louis cagers proved to be too much for the Houston five defeating the Cougars 78-57. Playing their last game of the season, the Cougars employed all their past ex- perience of the season and downed Drake 89-70. of H. wins its first MVC game of the season. BILL HATHAWAY Center, 2L New York, N.Y. 2 J 1 JIM LEMMON Guard, 2L Wood River, Ill. DAN PALOMBIZIO Forward Chicago, Ill. Bryan Schisler swivels before passing the ball around .QI Saunders of Bradley during a game that dropped Bradley from their second spot in the nation. M Coach Harvey Pate, Buddy Griffin, Chester Oliver, Robert Hargrave, DeWayne Bond, Jerry Messick, Norman Cher Jun Swope and B111 Cuppy V1Ct0f1HV .' .....,......... Allen Academy ........ Alumni .................. South Texas ...,..... Wharton Jr. Colleg Freshman Schrelner ...................... ..... Del Mar ,...... Victoria ....,,. Del Mar ....,.. Kilgore .,.,. Kilgore ..... 544 94 53 64 7-L 83 65 63 e ,.,,.., ...,. 5 5 76 ..... 59 90 ,,... 49 107 65 81 63 70 T9 89 84 90 S2 71 Tyler ............................ 54 72 ...... Wharton Jr. College .... ..... Tyler .......,........,.,......... South Texas ........ 83 69 77 64 Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston is Track Led by such outstanding field and track men as Al Lawrence, John Macy, Ollan Cassell, Pat Clohessy, and Barrie Almond to mention a few, it is no wonder that Coach John W. Morriss' team Won track meets, was named the outstanding team at the Texas Relays, and had track members place in meets through- out the country. Probably the best showing of the season by the Cougar trackmen was at the Border Olympics, where U. of H. won second place in one of the most competitive track and field events in the nation. Fielding one of the best cross-country teams in the history of the school, the Cougars captured several first places in meets all over the country. The cross-country team was always sure to place at least two runners in the first five spots of the event. Up to this year, the Cougar cindermen could not boast of having won a first at the Texas Relays, but the jinx was broken this year as Macy won the 5000 meter event in a new collegiate record of l4:36.3. Adding a terrific amount of fame and prestige to the team was Lawrence, who won a berth represent- ing Australia on the Olympic Team. His versatility ranged from running cross-country to holding the American national indoor two and three mile records. Living up to the title of Hflutstanding Teamv given to them by sportswriters at the Texas Relays, they captured more than half of the 16 events in the Missouri Valley Conference Relays to win the conference by a decisive margin. -mv 4 ug, F9 'J A f fn m rg wx X N. N 'X x Q N I ---as Al Lawrence, John Macy, and Pat Clohessy near the finish line shoulder-to-shoulder. Ollan Cassell snaps the string to win another relay for Houston. 3 1 5. 7 ,Q w Q 3' v" - .. Q .Q -'P , .gg .,..+-ful" ' 43- ' .'.. 1-1... - ' 7,532 L. xl gm zujyfg F ll M' ,N ,V-1 'W' rw Lawrence and Clohessy cross the wire in a dead heat Freshman Doyle White broadjumps at the Triangular Meet held at Houston. I! i I 'n ww ,P.,.,,,......, . hP....,, X- ---- ,v 1 'Jud Lu E ' A5 n I s Tl 'aug , higq-ffwf5'TF1k1,5jgQ"ff.v ,E--H1 ," -li' , --,MA , f -, -+P' J . - "iifE1Y"' ' ' ix: . ' ,A Q ' ' ' " - A- " , Lx, v -fflp, .gg .4 Q, , -A f v ' K-, ,Q -,W i P . . -. -Q.. 1... " : "aw 'vvf',,I ,h ,Q 'fs . -,-. lp, -5' .-fi., ' , 'H' --34154 btjjfbvnq' 5 a.3iiOf'Y-,Q , fhvi, ' -u Q , .. my -,-- f , '. --- . ,,,.,:j-:3'--.,- 1:4 :,g35f,.-gnr -' ' V ' - +. "5 ., . ,I . -N1 ,. , - ,r-H. Y , , ,ZF I! -V if i . -s 1' ' ,K tl:-'W ',Q'1rQ'uLEw,:'Q'1 1.-."?- L. 0'-'E'?E'f.f'g+' The Cross Country Team and supporters in Louisville, Ky., after the National A.A.U. championship meet. K. H. Beck, president of the Shamrock Athletic Clubg Reggie Darley, George Rankin, Miss Jane Buechler, queen of the championshipsg John Macy, runner-upg Coach John W. Morriss, Al Lawrence, national championg Pat Clohessy, Charlie Fisher, meet director: Barrie Almond and Jerry Smartt. Coach Morriss tries the starting blocks as Ollan Cassell takes a break from workouts. m- , 7w: w 5- 5' 4 Lf' u At the start of the m11e, John Macy, Pat Clohessy, and Al Lawrence awaxt the gun JLTUEF:-V A 4.9. - 1. i- if .Ht 'x Tit ,F ,sl ., 4. ,F . . -1 yt, 1 , N-nu " - M Mapu-I-' f-. get Baseball -4 ' 'nt 1- ro r E- '11 I - V A ", ': 5 Houston - .... .- 5 Houston ....... 1 Houston ....... IL Houston ....... 0 Houston ,...... 2 Houston ....... 1 Houston ...... 9 Houston ....,,. O Houston ....... 1 Houston .,..... 5 Houston ....... 9 Houston ...... Max Wilson is greeted at home plate as he chalks up another run against A8zM. GAMES AND SCORES Texas A8z1VI 2 Minnesota 4 .--.- Minnesota 5 Okla. State 0 Okla. State 1 Texas Lutheran 6 Texas Lutheran 4 Texas Lutheran 10 ..-.- Sam Houston 10 Sam Houston 5 -- Sam Houston 0 fForfeitj Tulsa! 0 Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston --.-- fForfeitJ Tulsaq' 0 fForfeitJ Tulsa' 0 H .,.,,.......... Sam Houston 6 Sam Houston 2 Wichita? 3 Wichita' 11 - Wichita' 1 Cincinnati" 2 1 ,.,...... .......,.. T exas 2 Arizona 41- Arizona 6 9'Missouri Valley Conference Games 7 1, A darkhorse Cougar nine climbed the ranks, only to slip before clinohing the NCAA World Series. - ' In MVC play, pitcher Bob Peters never lost a game. ff 235, - 2, . wi ll gf ,, ' A 14 no ', , Lf' 29 Freddie Green and Gary Nelson team up against any kind of curve ball. IS. 4 gef- gi Bunky Caldwell keeps his eyes on the ball during practice. Bubba Wagner, catcher, sees a hit from close-up. Sparked by opening victories against the Aggies and Minnesota, the Red and White managed a 6-1 conference win-loss season. Tulsa, Wichita, and Cincinnati fell beneath the Big Red wood as Houston advanced to secure the Missouri Valley Conference title. With the MVC southern division championship clutched in their gloves, the Cougars sought and suc- ceeded in winning their sixth western division pennant by defeating Cincinnati in a sudden-death 5-2 base- ball game. Pushing toward a national championship, the Cougars journeyed to Austin and the University of Texas where they met and defeated the Southwest Conference champs, 4-2. The hard-hitting team of Arizona State was next. The Cougar nine had bounded from nowhere to the top of collegiate baseball where they were now battling for a World Series Championship. In the opener, a two run ninth inning rally failed to best the Arizona team, and Houston took defeat 4-3. A two-of-three game series, Houstorfs hopes rested on game two. However, things went from dim to dark as Big Red was unable to score but 4 runs, while Arizona crossed 6. iii Z 342 , Ha an 'ff W ' " , 'lr 1 . ii' l 'ii 1" in 'F 1 ,4 L4 1 . 1 i ' ' Gs - 15' 1- 1 , ' ,, , .f QQ. Q. T A 'x X X 33 -Q V ..,q5Tgh ., .sl Yi' 1 W -1 -4 53.:-' A' , T14 ' Front Row: Virgil Fisher, Bucky Watkins, Bob Peters, Bunky Caldwell, Jim Wilson, Pete Stonestreet, Eddie MltCl18H1OI8, Tommy Thomson. Second Row: Pete Markle, Bubba Wagner fco-captainl, Freddie Green, Cary Nelson fco-captainl, Buddy Garidel and Max Wilson. Cougar's number one relief pitcher, Pete Stonestreet, winds up during a practice session. Playing both infield and outfield, Bucky Watkins was voted Outstanding Sophomore player. QS! 343 'Fx fir' 'X f SENIOR PLAYERS FOR U. of H: Freddie Green, Bubba Wagner, Max Wilson, Cary Nelson, Buddy Garidel and Pete Markle. Bunky hunts! Outfielder-Bunky Caldwell puts the infielders to work with a quick hunt. 7 041,- . ' ' s.. 'l V' ,vi-f ". " N , , 1 , . 4 .- V' ' ' A --- f." 2 limi. 5. . ., .. . V a -0 N- .T fl M, l-X ' ,- , ... - 1, ,V 'W .Tn-.0 .--L , gp., '. - Q.: -I,Q,,f, , ,...'31'0 . . l .. , 5.1 A' . - l r k 1 . -v' n,i'f"Q..r wg r-.ff-" X -- "1 -- .- 4 .k 41- .r W J L- 'fr " rr" 'ap' 1 -"3 fa 4 Q' ". LZ- ?N"'A"'. ff T W-gf: f . I, . .H ,gi HJ! 1 . :fe 1-4' , 'I V- U 4 ,I ' 4 I . '.-,.,,L,l,,- Tj: I' D . L I . - Q , .- :sf W- f-,F.- - -- e-,e.,..,g-f.,1r,1-,.fa,,:.,- lfwzrlefg 1-V, -- e- .3 -- r ' 1- .- wg-wig , e""f3-."f, ' A . -u, 'vi-un. '42 g- 5 J-fx . ,,. . A -- 4 344 GOV -:v.-,- V Y- -, V , - , w , u , ,i 1 w w, u mm - n " M iw m ,tw "'w"WW " . Qjjlllfgf Pine Forest Country Club was the scene of the 1960 National Intercollegiate Invitiation. Above, Tony Marimon along with Qc to Gary Phillips and Judy Morriss discuss Hou.ston's win in the tournament. Houston, the hosting team, won overall champion, N - 1 team medal play honors, and placed Larry Beck and Homero Blancas in a tie with Don Essig of L.S.U. for individual honors. S 4- 41 S : N.l.lli 5 c f V w VZ -L All-American from Houston, Jacky Cupit, tees off during the NII tournament 'D Homero Blancas speeds the ball on its way toward the cup from along the fairway. ,The Cougar golf team coached by Dave Williams, lived up to its expectations this year as they swept first place team awards in every tournament they en- tered with the exception of the Southern Intercollegiate Invitational held in Georgia. The Cougars distinguished themselves as the top collegiate team in the nation when they captured the NII Tournament, played this year in Houston. Two impressionable victories of theseason were the sweeping of the Border Olympics and the Missouri Valley Conference tournament. Tournaments in which the Cougars won first place team trophies were the Texas Cup Invitational, the Jasper Country Club Invitational Golf Tournament, the Tucker Invita- tional and the Lake Charles Invitational Tournament. Other feats accomplished by team members in- cluded a fourth place spot in the Houston Classic and a top spot in the IVIaster's amateur section won by Crawford. Blancas distinguished himself by winning the City Invitational Golf Championship and the Free- port Chamber of Commerce Tournament. IQ-'if I 9 li'ii5'1W?'3l'iX' 3 . . ,-"' mpc' Q .1125 n ,f,,.,- -',y,:J9,:.v ' ' ,,,"1'4 iq ' , F 55321431-Tvs as 9145-i.l34Ifi?III' 'Tv 1, 411.2531 ,A 'i-I . Homero Blancas and Tony Marimon stop to figure the best approach to the green. 347 gs i y rs f fn l T' f 'f H Jus. 99s '- '- l h" WRX YVQS . . -. V S ,155 S-is , ' X , 4, nm ' 9' To C543 SSYWEH ggi G 5354.8 . , SMC' 'AZ5 'CHQ' ' o y.si57Sn,L,a Swvssu .MQ sswsa : 4 JM! easing? v I 'N NN X. , 4 4s4'l'l4.S' youu'-l as 58553111 un""5vlQQ ,NG-sg: , " 4345863 5iSs3,,. -lihtli,-gx 73: "-'Hg . E r L. . 45 5 'Qt-S. 55551, .:3:', '3499 , 'L FQ-Q ""31v- 'hiv 55-39, 52 ,gi ' ' uw . 3S1,Hf3g 935-S31 Bin K., . ' f' ,U 5. Hx? UUTW Q! nliigmia: 1 '95 , 01 Mlih, - , ,3a33S'13'1 L Q"-aieaf so rlONYl'l'fl"lCq. T Lg-., iff? , 426.4 A - Qgizt sz 2413 Magi-lf. 'sue 59Ss517v9 l Q l55i4- " G .. : i Jax: I VW. rat- S' TWA fs' I ul T ' 354-9991 "u"'3?4.4: . ZXAS L 54-L+4,L54?39 WELL 55447545444- , 5 M-uf 'f,:Jf waggli poly ,y Q i I lwg w li Mil if l yy.. H , 1, N " , A, 1.-M W ' 'K 'tiff ,ss ewan- - . w , n ' TEXAS mg frills ELQQEQ if 1 iq J fm 'W :Ml y ..n,s 'ian f' "M, V. ,SPALDTNG W .-Q, T. V .S wi i 92 Tyr ,Q ,L .hu-AL - ' SMU. if sic NH Official Scorer Soapy Johnson is kept busy entering strokes as they come in from the fairways. 348 . 3-., 4. . -4. L. ,rd if vi - " --fm Q 5 ,Vx ,Q .rp-' , , 4. ,....- ' H ' .se--. :ss iQ2?L'l:331 I J v,, Larry Beck, who tied for individual honors, carefully lines up a putt. T ' Hzaii 'V 7 .J VL xfgwef-5 , -- H r' 47? 5654? n 3'i743H' gfillfii, 35 7? ,. 3 IN W www' ,- I sgww "V- Q in ,Y o X 'N '.3AI,D:N' tg .ylkgwu-ii if Wi! These four: Larry Beck, Homero Blancas, Tony Marimon, and Jacky Cupit, stand before their winning low-score in the tourney 349 Tennis MISSOURI VALLEY CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS-Kneeling: Joe Kuykendall, Adan Lopez. Standing: Harry Parten, Richard Mooney, Tony Haber. Y e., 'P-'ef Richard Mooney, MVC dou- bles winner. '-"5 x f ,,,.s. . tw ,L W . 1 . J om 1 -I MIM' 4, .. t vs Adan Lopez teamed to win MVC No. 1 doubles Winning their eighth crown in ten years at the Missouri Valley Conference Tennis Tournament, the Cougars displayed power and depth, losing only one of seventeen matches. They copped four singles and two doubles titles. Matches played during the season included the Rice Intercollegiate Tennis Tournament, the River Uaks Tournament, the Buccaneer Day Tournament, a match with St. Edwards College, a match with L.S.U. and two Harry Patten, the man across the net, took many awards in behalf of Houston. matches with Lamar Tech. Two practice matches were scheduled with the Cougar Exes and one with the Brooke Army Medical Center. Play throughout the season showed Harry Parten and Adan Lopez pacing the team with several wins from the stiffest of opposition. The season wrap-up and final competition for the racketeers is in the form of the NCAA Tournarnent. "R ! ,J Preparing to serve, Joe Kuykendall. J 1 1 1-.11 '- 1 -.1. 1 1 f,- . , .M , , , -,,,-.11 1 1 1 .1., ..-,L ,11.- I I 2 4 4 P ms 1-.. . ,.. 1 Ill Q1'1lT,5- 1 f L...' 1 1 111 1 ,1 I ..,,,1.' ., g ., 1 1 5 :-4 A W, I 11 V . 1- 1 -E' " 111Y"1jQlIHN 11"111111 1 11 H Mm11111111w N1 1 N 11 1 111 e Tony Haber blasts one across the net. yy. L ..1:N.fy 5--' "1 F5151-5 'w1.f1i1i1'1 , 1 -'1':'ff95'+:.'?f-ij ff, Q f MC-6.1 r- ' . ff f-T, r .19-siuxlf lf- Q 1 ' gf1":'5I' V11irj,'q, , , 'fl f fig ,Z-'F' ' 'lf .f'f1'. , 5 4,4 ,qax-'ggaf . 123' 1 9:5 '-:Ai Two exes, Patterson and Lewis bring varsity player Ritch to a halt. Varsity - Exes Coach Harold Laharis boys took a 21-7 decision over the exes this year. The score represents the largest difference ever tallied in a varsity-ex game and gave the Cougars a 3-1 series edge. The lone exes' touchdown came as a finale to a series of passes from the arm of Don Flynn. Flynn tossed from the varsity one yard line to Bob Borah for 6 points and Ken Hawkins kicked the extra point. Hawkins was the first man in UH history to kick the extra point. Scampering across to the end zone for the Cougars were Johnny Semian, Billy Richardson, and Billy Roland. The first touchdown came when Richardson caught a pass from Larry Lindsey. Center, Johnny Sernian then intercepted a pass from Don Flynn and moved it across for the second score. Another intercepted Flynn pass placed the varsity in position to score their final touchdown. Quarterback Billy Roland covered 15 yards on a keeper to cinch the game. It was announced earlier in the year that the Cougars would drop out of the Missouri Valley Conference. A new era is possibly in the making as the University of Houston will be playing as an "Independent" The action seen in this game gave the fans a good idea of what to expect during the 1960 season. Meet 0 hampions Andy Anderson accepts the trophy for the Ralph A. Johnston 1600 meter relay, won by Houston. rom xr on I Q ,J The Ralph Dunwoody 5000 meter run award goes to Al-Lawrence. Mayor Lewis Cutrer with Meet of Champions' Queens: Kay Nelson, Cathy Aires, Leah Richiter, Judy Morriss. IOGU or 1- - F WOMENS SWIMMING-Delta Gamma swimmers won-First Row: Judie Craig, Jan Carrico, Sharon Sullivan, Zoe Zedler. Second Row: Gerry Friedman, Becky Fendley. BADMINTON DOUBLES-It was Chi Omega's .ludy Tussing and Sallie Stelfox. 'y,,Qy:' Lf' , H 1 356 ARCHERY-Champ from Chi Omega is Pamela Wil liams. Intramural ports OUTSTANDING SPORTSWOMAN AWARD 1959-1960 A new award offered this year for the first time and won by Cathy Aires. FOOTBALL-Pi K A's won-First Row: Larry Pruitt, Marshall Newcomb, Jr., Richard F. Sewell, Burt Sluyock, Galon McCoin. Second Row: Maurice Williams, 0. J. Joyce, Jimmy Raatz, Bruce Moore, Stuart Van Eman, Doug Petitt, Ronnie Cribbs. 357 E E 1 PHI KAPPA THETA VOLLEYBALL4First Row: Eddie Gore, Bill McStranick, Jack Watson. Second Row: "Tex" Alsheikh, Dave Podsednik, Louis A. Biles, Jr., Ed Kadlecek. VOLLEYBALL-First Row: Judy Pittman, Sallie Stelfox, Judy Tussing, Janice Johnstone. Second Row: Valerie Daunoy, Madeleine Eaels, Dian Doyen, Pamela Williams. CHI OMEGA 358 TENNIS DOUBLES-Pictured is Larry,Brennerg his partner was Spencer Youell. GREEK BASKETBALL WINNERS-Pi K A's team-First Row: Burt Shrydck, Richard F. Sewell, Bruce Moore, Gallon McCoin, Stuart Vaneman. Second Row: gi W. Wood, Jim Kleiner, Al Whittington, Marshall Newcomb, Jr., Ben Tabor, Doug Ctiit. BADMINTON MIXED DOUBLES-Adan Lopez and Grace Everitt. tl u ? 3 TENNIS SINGLES-Grace Everitt is the champ. 359 All-Americans, ational lymp ic Team JOHN MACY, Cross Country. BOBBY WEISE, Discus- AL LAWRENCE, Cross Country and Mile. .f3.': 360 Champions, Member BOB PETERS, District 6 team. 'YF' GARY PHILLIPS, Basketball, 2nd team A11-American, with coaches Guy Lewis and Harvey Pate. GARY "the Ghost" in action. 361 BOB PRATT, Golf All-American 2nd team. RICHARD CRAWFORD, Defending National Champion. Z f 4?- li ,fi ff JACKY CUPIT, Golf lst team. , nf" ' 'liz CARIN CONE, holder of national and world records, glides through the water. Holder of many honors for her back- stroke, Carin Cone sets records as easily as dog-paddling. . During the Senior National Women's Championship in Redding, Calif., she set a world's record in the 220 Backstroke. As a member of the Olympic team she tied for the fastest time in the 100 meter backstrotke event. ww aww ,wx as uw 1 uw HM Hi CARIN journeyed to Melbourne, Australia, with the U.S. Olympic Swimming team. 1 P - W "' 9 QQ! -,., "LVN .PHL 'V' VV . wr Ll: V M -.13 .1 , Y -X ly VV VV LVV V V Y ' ' . 'VVVVVVAVV H V -Eg' V i 'I A ,QVPSQVVV Vu f V HV - ' - ' V V ,VVVVV V 'V :mu-. , " . 1. 19 "'V'- .Vx-,. . F Ea - J ff mg, 2141: V ,W H V ' , -V, V -- -' :assi I.: I VV V . ' ' V . V V V - V . - V V V vi , ..- V' 'V V V .V Q VVVV e- J,ggVVfg," - i . ' T, ,V .VV.W.VVVV..V 'I .V.VV'VV4g'..1,-...,1,V, fiwiw 'jr .'xV.5,.MliVV ,MQWQVEVA Q 85.2-.VVVVV-1"' 'VNV ,qljg,j. . ',y'f-3Q::M1- , V 'ff' ' - if 1 iV,.'V'Q?F'i.'f 2? '1V fF I f ff' 'rf . QVVNV-N -, V -V : .- !"1 ,Vvlf V J? ' f -V f" pri.. V- VVVQQ V V V V . VV. VV L- fs. .V . V . .. V my 'V , V 1. 5'9" ' A fl+'TTL"57 . my A Ji. V ' " V , " - ,5.fH'S1V1V,'w-HV-VVV 'V - VV V- . V47 .,,+ifV. fl . V ff-V' 4-V+ wma? W Y fx. . g1fV...V A V .Vw V V- 1 'VV' - Z :LP " jx.. 3-f ' " -' 1 I 1 ' 5 V VV .A ' V "iw F5552-V"5Vf-iV1.'.i-,H QV' 513453 .. :TV V A fm . '.+.'V,VV: 'TFQV VJ V',-,gV.i'.i VV V , VV, ,- A Y WAVWA V. ,VVVLV VV, Er gairiE:' !Vm VVMVMQVVV, V : VS? F1 I Q V H f 'VWVNV b V'-QVVTJSJ' .V V V X4 '-fi' fff..',. 15' I V- gi-:ff . V 3 - .'. .A .-V V ,,. I' ' ,Vu E- ' V 'S ' f7WV' V :' "'4V EVV55V'L VV' V 'I , V- V .- -- A V '1,:Hf:'.1Vv ...iv EQ- ' f .YV W. H JV- V V 'iv M ?5 .Q'12,'VV ' ' ' if' 7 ".i.VV 1 ' V Va: V ' 5 WMV 'U' - . .VJ 5. ., ,gf 'Ula 0 VW . - - 1 ' ' . 'M V., . nV wg L VV,'T- VVV fn V V VV "? V ' W ' in A 'ISIS 'fl ' V' 2. . -' Y' W M V ' '3 . V -V " 1: VIV-'Vi' V V . .iw 1 ,V - ' f V VVTV.-'L X VH' ,vi ' 'i K Li? V 13.4, D , 1:3 up 1 HU- " 5- A 11 - .lyziv ' :xi . Y-M., W i g. .vm K ,.. , V! .,,r V .42-M.. V VI VV , ' -- """F'f'?'V V. " QVVV.. , - W- . V .L,L . f W WL W. VV V ' V V V A - ,fV',.43V1 VV 31VV', V4 5 V ' V x V'fijluJVV:-N V . V5.5 .fri- .LCVXI ,M IV.-17.5 V I V ' ' -V ' V !V"Vj J," :aVV::s: V , V, f.. ,r ,Vfr":3!I-V . wg' .uf , .. I . . '..TU-'?:- VV, VV 2 WI Y" VV'. .' V3 V V V, 1fZ'f.VQ' VW 'M , FV-H VVi"-'- - Hu: LLM' VV'4VzsL!w-V51 , VL ' "" ef'V"i5V5Lq ' VVfjj'fV:l. X " i L : E - '-EVVVVV ff' V V '-M 4 .V -A gg .V ' 'M ff " I V: ' 1 ' ' i V' 'E "if -EVVQ. 73: VJ. f --. :VV-JV ,Q-VVVVHVV-U V.. V-,L 555391, Vg'.pjVi, -Eg: fi4Vf:"1- " L.. 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'4 CCN' CORE, Delta Gamma BRAEBURN COUNTRY CLUB ag x W Q .lllllla I-acl'l'Y a , n 'i- I f -lil 1 If . Isis? 5 ' A ' L -is! f E-1511 WTA wife 4-mf, --1.1 if 'W "ww ,l Vanity Fair Beauties ' 3' F . 5 J F F3 r Sandra Voorhies, Delta Gamma HOUSTON COUNTRY CLUB .6 -fo I' 'QQ' v- GQQWQVQAKIVJ' 1 5. O '1 3 my a .' u w.,-' ' ' .. ! .yu ,m f V ff lfg, ' 3 . J . Q Q fan " , " ' Q' ' 6 . .my , ' UW - WJ A Q '5 PT g, 4--I :T-1 f ' 4' Y ' E ITU' f-Z! Hit' Q , I. .. Mu A..,, . ij gg 'BTL' 1 vi: 115: 3 Y we " H - ., 1-:L L1 ' W 11111 ' W 1 1 vw LN .MT .,. 1515, if ' 7 , '. 'V V. L' , WWA ,- '1 - W H w1.,,o,mf., UM -i.. w '.'. , ,,AL U,.,, 1 "' ' 2' H, w 5 LN I 7 '. ,gl ' W, QE L WV: E '55 M . . 1 M mmf? E: . ar" ' - I-fr 'fm fi , y Ag,4'I1:'? 5. , A- 1'-J EEE, f ful:-?ifz--' - Q3 5 qkf, 5 Y --J 'K w. ww. .,,. y Q: QW as me-Q ?'...sFT2 vi: 2:12 f W4 .,37" J ' n 1 w w U w 1 '-'-F'- . , P in-2. 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Favorites SALLY DAY, Chi Omega BONNIE SMITH, Chi Omega NANCY ROBERTSON is KAY KELLOUGH, Alpha Delta Pi PAT ROTHRUM, Delta Zeta .1135 Tr' A - EW lv Fcworztes LYNDA MOORE, Alpha Chi Omega ROSALIE CHIODO, Alpha Chi Omega LILA JEANFREAU vez? QQ , 'f fewzfd' A. 1... . -,QSEMQF fi 1533 f 9 W filifgiibw' 5-,X sm. 1233: ,. .wf3M.- - , 1 14 Q58 . F-'-:rwyw W - .-, rs, , We - Y: LJ- . qu , rg ' . Q.: - arg' ., if wx.. H311 f .- 14 ia B, .wr W 1' xx: 19 .f mi 53.4 nf we if E ,w.....gN,ig .W -A 1 QQ? , -X, Aw fl . r jnfi A. im I in mfg., .si 1 ' use 1:43. 153:-'P W - v ,W gf.. W v 2 ivan- "ff ' 13 ,V .. ,EV ,W :I E-gf? ? 'Ja mf 1 Y SWR , .Hui . Fri 52" pie .Y,,3. bw 1" fe, ' 'N 'W x5ff?.. Q .1 1' i . Q iff, , . hz' 31 71! A 5 -Dx kg R E ,W QI., af Q I v'- 4-'. '-- , mf '7 my .A QQ- -ef ..,. U , J W WL ,, v v I , v J? y 'L l :U 1 x -"M .J .1,.fv-'-. ef! F 'f'?'Eff. 'ai' 1 -T ik BARBARA CARD, Chi Omega JULIA KIRKPATRICK Chi Omega NAN PEABODY, Alpha Chi Omega SHIRLEY CLIFTON, Phi Mu Favorites GAYLE DOBAT, Chi Omega CAROL ARPS I i 1 1 PAT VOIGHT BUCEK Delta Gamma W Jggfi .FA ' gil F HUF' 14 Q91 4 ' fm, V A D ,AL,, i 5 He E u 'ww ,W .. Nu , I, , J! . 4, Vs The Top Ten Outstanding Students are selected on the basis of character, scholarship, leadership, activities and service to the Univer- sity of Houston. Nominations of qualified students of junior or senior classification are made by campus organizations. Election is by secret ballot of two committees. One committee is composed of the Univer- sityis academic and student life deans. while the second committee is made up of student leaders. L , ,.., 'ti ' I Mi ' H I V55 r .1 M " O1 'I I N1 W 5 te - 0. Li .r on-e " nmmvnon . , 0, . . A "" 5 W, Y r I if N..-.-f' ,1 ,........---H 'cr' " ' ' "A .f X . gd, ,.- .QF F 'V fl ,I .' .1 ,s 1, F Richar L1wQzz A repeat Outst ' Student from last year, in- dustrious Ri aldwell claims the presidency of Omicro appa and the Forensic Society, in adcli' 'having served as speaker of the House epresentatives. A first-place winner in the Northwestern University ' ehate Tournament. Richard is a scholar aso, aving been named recipient of the Franklin Memorial Scholarship and to the Deanls List. o I -U 'ravlihwgxv-H,,...anv'P' CII' 4 Outstanding Students V, as ' W ' Tn xr K t 4 'M X X f A A x "Q- t T 'Q' t t ff- tw -" 'MEG ' "-' . 5 I 1... . l: X 0 ,vf .Y 1 J' wi H The Art Museum 383 ,. .... 1 1 ffl? 'zzifewifag ' . w,.m,,,f ' ' " 1521511211212 utstanding Students 1,11 -111 1,1 X ,X : 11, 1, X 1 ,. 7 11 11, ' ff, ' , 11 -in 1 i.amsw1g1111L 1:21, 1 1 1 11 .1911 mc: 1 1 fwennwgggg-31f'gk,gU1gg:1gg ,M 1 11 1 ' Q, f-fsgslusf ' M 1 ' 1 my 'IRQ mayw2,1zi4eiaf2?f1521 " 1 1 " ' ' x f'32'i1aS,1,H2Q214esQ:i'li ' 1 fa?,,.1-11212141 H, H ,4 Ni1?.fw1.f1- ww 1 11 1 1M 1,41 fezgsfzz 5-:gf ...gffwx M 41 '21 Q, -in 5" "s55?i5 W x 'wir-U .Y ' , 1,pz:f,:, 11 ,Af 11, ,,- 1 wg? ' 1 if ,, 1 2' 1 551 t 1 ,11 Vai .1 ,Liv 1 512423 . .1w11Ef,:3:g,1,,15ff:,ff1, 1 aegis, 11 1 wp, 1, 1 1-11 11 S 11 1 "1 --1:9 " ff::f:Lv1111 4 - X 11 41:1 X :wggg M mg 451 ' 5 221 vi 11 11 M :fr Q, 11 zz, 5 1 Q? E ' " sig. 3-f 'ak ,M ,iw 1 :lin 11 my 1 -1 xml 1 53: N -141, 1 1 " Ni V LQ S' .45 U 1 1, V aw A, W U1 525152 5222555 Q. 1: 5 T. .,... .. ., . Gif 'E W mm Sam Jacinto Monumem 'Outstanding Students M -4, ,A i 'I f.g,2,. .-1 f , Ax. .- rv .iii " 'f i - W xwjifi? ' "fix H 1 , W, W: The Noble home, Houstomfs oldest structure 385 Uutstcmding Students VF R f W, 5 532 1 af.-A2 Battleship Texas, San Jacinto battleground utstcmding Students 'J' qv H 1 -542 L ' Q ix - : -',.-'52 . . , ef 1 A 2 E1 ,131 52111: - , 11. , 3?' 11 I 54:-.1 Bs -W, , 2122 , 4515? 2532? L, A Y. 21 L -H' 5553? ,W . , J lssfzm.. H ,H H Hu Emp--J X w E Q . A --fx: faffgfm W, , . ' I X 5 1 H w M me v N Miller Outdoor Theater, Hermann Park 387 L P l .'iiif:i3S'1 " - 1 . ' 3 'l ' was .. -. , . -,-E511 :- , .. All , .. , 5 155 , F' nu W- 1,1 N: U: .. Y :,-i I , ..t,. , , tp . 1-mai-5. ' gg ,I .f, X " 'REQ .-iam , qw. if :ES 1. .M 1 gift . an . iX,gR,,, , F "Xen - ' .1-7 ?:'f'5'l.L .L ' 1 Y .. ee:- Cathy Youn ,Energetic and capable Cathy Young finds time to participate in a variety of activities while re- maining outstanding in Scholarship. As treasurer of Chi Omega, secretary of Phi Theta Kappa and a member of'Camma Alpha Chi, Newman Club and Theta Sigma Phi. Cathy readily accepts responsi- bility and fulfills it with amazing thoroughness. Her name appearsi frequently on the Dean's List and in the staff hoxes of THE COUCAR and the"4 Greek Bulletin as editor. Cathy is secretary of the Southwest Journalism Congress: V ' L.. .az L l 1 l -lv - ' , 1,-l. .fi fi,--l---if -t 'K".-,J-f".,-j.-'- 'TA' ,' .xanax . 1: im . wwe- .,,oi,.. 35551512 ww wwe, aww .ww 43. . , age A G' it W wi -up ' ' -J , l . ' . J.: , ' l . sill - :, V,- '--- A f ,,-Mt- ,....ti,.,-,T1:. ---- -J,-- ll 'C' "" i'::q'E"?' 7 T ' , :B f-iij 'fl 1 1 af ,plz 1 fi' U , 59 ts i :L it i L Vi? ,ie , sf-'aff im gg? ,V gigs , M 'AIX ,, ,wa :terms V M iii: .V , t t .,as,g9., , Sfggg . , fgieze- I ..t as . 5 . Q, I X' Q3 . V-V Z' 1- "LE . 459114. tic., Ja , raw, mi ser' t 1: July.. 2,-N-J' V, 'eife fit-ga Q . seg, ,fi ,if f .- W 4 i ' 1, i " t , l , ,. .. , Vn'T-1339i ' rt . 6-.f ,Q 1 :-L.: i 5, M23 f fe 1 -'ii '? T -t" ,K K. y -as . ,- V 'liitiii we 1 i -glee , - . 35251 - ' WW' z At 'Z' ' J.. rl ... .,. .30 -, se: f. M3 . ai . 'f:i3l"-. 1 't 53 am , ,, ,JM-Q-ii 1'.'-141, - .. Y ,-t. .V M., - ., .1 ui ii..- l ur' .M , 1 V-gp. .Ja L ai, , r E555 , i . fi F-, . M X1 Mt, , .,-, Ii, l Ili ' ,. l. W' .47 A, f Ill 5 5 , J I -Q V i -.ww-M ng nl w 'I 5 . , I Wm, f SEA 1 , 512:sf1 K 115m viz: . "mr, rg ,Z ggi, 25152 1f?1Qs?flsi11 E5 1-gi :zgggggfg 11. M111 .W . ...,,.. , if W .. ,fe 1 -1,1111 . , LL were wzisazff H ,- Nu mm ,gsm 1 liliafkflz U,-P N, f D"'Sf7- ' , ww' me M4311 95 11 '. we egvfef 'Ke in ,1 1-11 , - W- T, 'iii 41 k i 5 fue u " 511- ' 1" 1 Te: 2111, im 11'1Q111s1Q.:1 X Eg 6' WN - I 325, ' W ' U 3 ,,- ..,, k , 1 ,N,, W- 1 1 Sqn 11 '5-ytgffe ,, 'Ee y 'Im 17, W' ,iff ' if 1 . f 2 'N ' - 'lil ' .Q I . 1 11 1 1 1 12 .1 -JY . 11' 11 v. A ' rin l .' '1 1 n 11 61, .I .W 1 .1 1 , W L ' 1 '1'1:11 H 1 1 , .1 5 Z L TT 4 l 1 . 114i 1 ijjfji -1 ,' I ' ' A--T'it:-KQVQL J ' a . . G13 1 7 f 1 ,f V 'ex-Tgff.. ,MJ , ,. 1, , Y 1 l ' Q l ' '-. 1 ' l WW 7 QM 1523! li . , ,Lv .11 '-' XHN- 'L ,ax ' ' -.-'Q' ee - Y f. 1, . 1115115 if 1 ,1 ' 1-1 Wes' -, ,1 ' f':L11 1lu W as asgel1"' s. sigggf je:T'111"111'l"'.1Q' r,:if5': W, 111 11 A - . 1 ,. ' 1.1 ,IQ V , 5 yfgfs 116, V V. X ,Q 'J E531 . 1 sl Y QI l WWE . M Wallis 121541. 43" A257121 ' ' 11 L aw 1 er 1 f W1 fpg1e11 flm.l:.,1yBe,K 11512111 ': 5, f 1v WSQWW111 !1!"4?' 4,5 :eggs S-1 Ee Y 'I .l,?:' 41 . . . 51,31 ,, 11 . V . . . . Lovely 'MlSS'IfIOUSfQ1llBT3f' 'MAIIIYU1 Mlller IS out- srandingly active on EfinqiiS61havix1g'iworked for two years in the Pep Clube Mais a cheerleader to improve school spirip. Maxgilyrfs vibrant personality is felt as she acts as for the senior class, as she participates in aciivilies and leads Chi Omega Eand as she leads cheering Cougars year. 1 f J, A - Jgfyi, f7":.,1 tl!-QE.-'i' 1 1 - . f few-, -- 12:55 Gulf.. 1 HP Yfuc. '9':3""5"?7-1,f1.-4- 1-1 -1 - -,-ff, - fA:f.v',", ,-.. :..:f1:' df.-.' -J. , -1. .fl -N,-. . , -'aw Lf:-'fl fl' ,'.f1'. f":. '--'.fr"r'1 4? ...I.-, 1- 14:"1f.v. .J .. 32- +, - ,' .':.- P1 ,,,.-., 1.-1.1.1, 7 Liv.. ,X 1'f"Q' W ' 2' . 1 2 v, - -he . .--,b .Y1 il N1 .NVQ 5- .ali 1 1 1 c , 1.1.1.. ., ,.1.... YQ . 1.1.V.1.1-.1-,M 1 .N-1: -fer .f. l-1 1 - .F L41 , 1 . 11.f?5,?af.t.4 -5 w'--. D-1., 1 Hee 1 -1 e,'11,1w ef' H .M-11. .. .1 11- . if ,iggwflih -if .141 . . 1 ,,,11.1,g,.i.L.y1f .1-ap K. -,-A, l 9, 11,-, ,. -l .5l!Tf1'1.'f '1 -,.,-1,-11s.,'ff3., , fx 1,.,',h,,14f,'.,, '1'1'w":,r 1k . 'Q' 'l ' 1 "..,.1f',T?f. .,.L.13.f.. 1,124 ,...,12 ., 1 1-1-3:14 we -' , 441,541 1. , ,l....-.f....f1 .,g35:..1...,,-1 A ' ,1.,,.l.-...M 4 .a:,.g,.,.1. 4: " ,-1111, . fj.:z,.. , 11 , 1 , W , : 1-11.: x 'CTQTT ' ,Nl , -7,- EZ"jf1B1Qg Z1: 11 ' -e11 A-f'5:S?'?' ' 1 , ,. ,,,, of... . 53 1 Homecoming ueen e i ,EW ' 1, Og . '31, N I I I OOO , oix, lvtq C f lie-is Rosalie Chiodo, Aguila Chi Omega TOP OF THE MARK CLUB 39' Horwrees, Celebs BARBARA HENKHAUS, Honoree, Rice Institute Rondelet. w w k MARY HERMAN ' DIANNE J ONES, Honoree, St. Themas Mardi Gras. Honoree, Texas ASzM Cotton Ball SANDRA SCHOENFIELD, Coed of the Yearg Honoree, SMU Manada. JUDY TUSSING, Representative, East Texas Forestry Exposition. ROSALIE CHIODO, Representative, Stephen F. Austin College n As Yearbook olitor, fll Remember . . Things . . . the office, eternally in a state of confusion. the the the lopg, daily hike from the Zeke Building to the jouralism department. trips to the publishers in Dallas. look of the campus at sunrise after an all-night work session on the book. . . People Mr. Mr. Ross and the wise counsel he could always be counted on to give. Strader and the ease with which he could be approached on any subject. Mrs. HV" for her understanding and immeasurable help. Millie for her unique way of appearing to lose her temper without really losing it and the long hours we put in together. John for his dependability, his subtle way of getting things done and his pains- taking care on the sports section. Ann, Faye Beth and Sandra for pitching in after an already full day at their jobs. Kathryn and Meredith for giving so much of their time and talent during the last deadline week. Steve from Texas University and Alfred from Texas ASIM for forgetting school rivalry to help us complete our yearbook. Aleene for her concern over the advertising section. Cathy for lending a hand whenever she had a few minutes to spare from her duties as COUGAR editor. All the photographers, each for a particular reason: . . Roy for working all night on many occasions to get pictures ready for our use. . . Ted for finding time to shoot pictures for us when he had his hands full on other jobs. Stu for his ability to give and take criticism and then forgive and forget it. Jack for his determination to do a good job. Mike for his teasing and his efforts to get a particular picture under unusual conditions. Ray and Don for their efficiency and readiness to take a last-minute as- signment even though it meant foregoing their personal pleasure or other duties. Barry for re-arranging his schedule to pose for a picture rather than take one. staff, with special thanks to Eddie Bond, Marilyn Vestal, Bruce Moore, Sonny Moore, Carolyn Johnson, Sabra Hall, Edwene Gaines, Janell Milling, Kenneth Elliott and Ronnie Meldrum. The Houston Chamber of Commerce for their help on the Houston section. "Chief7' Mitchell for the loan of his personal collection of pictures for the Fiesta section. Chief Bakeris office and the Maintenance Department for their aid on numerous The occasions. The Journalism Building janitors for somehow being able to distinguish between important scraps of paper lying on the floor of the office and unimportant scraps. . ' ' d f ation through a hectic, but The entire campus for its overall attltu e o cooper happy, year. f fm w f S s was mf x w yu 1 qi wgszmzc Q32 Qs x w w SEL at m w -in it Abadie, Erwin Isaac- 274, 275 Abdullah, Hassan Fouad M.-67 Abel, Wilma Sidonia- 76 Abell, Nell Boylan-76 Abmeyer, Jon Wilbert- 264- Abshier, Roy Baker-256 Abu, Shaaban Farouk M.-289 Accomando, Frank-299 Ada.m, 291 Harold Joseph- Adamo, Michael Joe-58 Adams , Gaye-228, 237 Adams, George Charles -58 Adams, Glenn Charles- 67, 211, 297 Adams, James Francis- 76 Adams, James Kent-58 Aguilo, Miguel Diaz-46, 293 Aiken, Emily Jane-217 Aires, Catherine V.-250 Akkerman, Carol-46 Alanis, Roy-58 Albright, John-261 Albgo, Ward Sloan III- 7 Alderman, Donald Bruce -76, 283 Aldrich, Frederick N. H1 -58 Alexander, Jane Sims- 46, 211, 250 Alexander, Joe Bailey- 277 Alexander, Lucretia-243 Alexander, Margaret L. -76, 117 Allbright, Thomas Leon -58, 289 Allbritton, Dale Lee-46 Allen, Bem Price Jr.- 206 Allen, Douglas Philip- 256 Allen, James Lee-67 Allen, John Dave Jr.-67 Allison, Joan Mabel C. -58 Allstott, Jerry Lee-58 Student Index Arnim, Larry Milton- 230 Arnold, Jerry Neal-134, 214, 216 Arp, Carl George-46 Arps, Carol Ann-46, 379 Arrizola, Enrique-59 Asher, Jerry Lee-230 Ashley, O. James Jr.- 266 Astrich, Eddie S. Jr.- 232 Atchison, L. B.-46 Atchley, Barbara Kay- 67 Atsinger, Ernest C. Jr. -804' Atsinger, Louis E.-278 Austin, Clyde Neal-204 Autrgg, Lyda Somervill Aven, Bill Bural- Avent, George Jacob- 203 Avery, Billy Joe-285 Avery, William Richard -76 Avis, Beverly Gene- 250, 296 Axcell, Francis-270 Ayars, William John- 120, 136 Ayles, Earl Murphey- 67, 230 Ayres, Jonathan L.-308 Bacarisse, Virginia Lois -239 Bailey, Elyndabeth-59 Bailey, Raymond Gerald -46 Bakenhus, Frederick A. -46, 206 Baker, David John-46 Baker, Helen Mary-144, 205 Baldwin, Anne Stephanie -59 Baldwin, Bob Lee-298 Bales, Eleanor Sue-235, 241 Ball, William David- 299 Balton, Patsy-137 Bammel, Carol Ann-59 Almond, Clive Barrie- 338 Alsheikh, Hazim Abdulla -258 Anders, Donald Ray-67 Anderson, John Martin 11-2341 Anderson, Richard Wayne-46, 261 Anderson, Thomas Capshaw-270 Andreason, Vilma J ean -76 Andrews, Robert Newton -276 Angst, Lonnie Wallis- 229 Anselmo, Charles Joseph 58, 211, 299 Antill, Sharon Elaine- 250 Armstrong, Kathleen V. -58 Bang, Ethelynn Dianne 200 -46, Banks, Judy Ann-59, 206 Barban, Arnold-283 Barber, Don Alan-127 Barber, Sally Bee-287 Barber, Wanda Kay-46, 211 Barfield, Charles H.- 280 Barfield, Jol1n Richard- 279 Barmore, J oan-238 Barnes, Anne R. Shaw- 59 Barnes, Betty Ann-46, 206 Barnes, Charles Billy- 67 Barnes, Claude Brinton -46 Barnes, Juanita Ann-76 Barnett, Donald Marvin -260 Barr, Richard-266 Barrett, Lawrence Robert -264 Barrow. Joseph Trout- 200 Barth, Carolyn Ann-59 Bartlett, Alan Leigh- 279 Bartlett, Virginia L.- 134- Barton, Donald Brooks- 91, 127 Bass, Burton Dean-264 Battaglia, Josephine A. -67, 117, 120, 246 Bauer, Seymour Elliot- -59, 299 Bauerle, Barbara Jane- 246 Baugh, Hollis Alford- 68 Baughman, Bruce-260 Baumgarten, Roger Lee -59, 200, 204 Bauscher, William Allen -91, 298 Baxter, Billy Keith-76 Bazile, Thomas Michael -284- Beakley, Billy-211 , 280, 281 Bean, Barbara L. V.-91 Beason, Ruby Faye-76 Beck, Eva Carol-76 Becker, John Rohrer- 134, 209, 232, 252, 253, 265 Becnel, Leo John-298 Beechner, Paul F. Jr.- 47 Beeley, Robert Alfred- 264 Belin, Gary Oliver-262 Bell, Michael Palmer- 256 Benavides, Eva-47 Benefiel, Shirley Jane- 68, 297 Bennatt, Robert M. Jr.- 47 Bennett, Archie Jr.-213, 262, 271 Bennett, Georgia Annetta -244 Bennett, Jerry Jefferson -270 Bennett, Thomas Ray- 278 Benson Bett Jeanne W. s Y -68, 287 Berberian, Katherine N. -47, 138, 246 Berent, Ruhi Rustu-68, 273, 280 Berg, Alan Harry- Berg, Charles Aaron- 203 Berg, Howard Siebert- 2l1, 300 Berger, Irvin-260 Bergeron, Robert Joseph -203 Berman, Arlene Gladys -59 Berman, Ida Sue-47 Beymer, Frank-270 Biddison, Robert William-140 BiglJY, John William Jr. -228 Biggers, Laura Ross-59 Bigotr, Wilberr-326 Biles, Louis A. Jr.-258 Binion, Stanley Bond- 93 Birdwell, Daniel Lee- 59, 319 Bishop, Alexander-47 Bishop, Dennis Frank- 264, 326 Bishop, Patsy R. Flowers -287 Bishop, Robert-68 Biundo, Bruce Vincent- 252, 258 Biundo, Joseph James Jr.-76, 152, 207, 210, 258, 286, 299 Black, Allan Leroy-59 Black, David Barrow- 264 Black, Forrest Edward Jr.-270 Black, John Henry-289 Black, Richard Pat-264 Black, Steve-271 Blackstone, Raymond L. -76, 224, 227, 229, 294 Blake, J r.- Andrew Weldon 47 Blake, Francis Eugene- 76 Blancas, Homero, Jr.- -346, 347 Blanco, Ricardo Augusto -59 Blankinship, Sue Reading-4-7, 248 Blanon, Jeannean Burns -76 Blattel, Walter Joseph- 59 Blaylock, Jerome Wayne -211, 229, 242, 252, 253, 157 Blend, Henrietta B.-68 Blome, William Lewis- 68 Bloodworth, James Oliver -4-7 Blount, Charles Dwain- 76 Blumberg, Melvin Ronald-93 Blythe, Mary Ann-200 Bodden, Bari Bryce-47, 236 Bodine, Bernie Ray-68 Bodmer, James Ellis-76 Bogart, John Newton- 300 Boggs, Carolyn A. Hal- bert-68 Bolger, Nita Louisa-59, 134, 235, 238 Bolin, Kenneth Doyle- 320 Boll, Neil Walter-59, 300 Bond, Charles Dewayne -333 Bond, Eddie Dulen-76, 200, 204, 211, 226, 285, 303 Bond, Jeannine Gertrude -59, 283 Bond, Joe-299 Bondy, Jay-276 Bonefas, William John- 277 Bonilla, Tony-93 Bonner, Edna Gene-246 Bonno, Joseph Paul-59, 286, 299 Booher, John Oliver-47 Boongi James Carter Jr. Booth, Allene-151 Borchardt, Clifford C.- -47 Bork, John Erik-59, 211,270 Born, Lee Carroll-229, 276 Bosse, William Rein- hardt-76, 275 Bostock, Douglas Richard-279 Boston, Kirby Lee-59 Boston, Roosevelt-76 Boswell, John Howard- 3 Boudreaux, Denise K.- 47, 217, 235, 250 Bourgeois, Jerome D.- 297 Bourquardez, Wayne H. -270, 271 Bowen, Jack-256 Bowers, Drebon Ray- 318 Bowman, Dennis William -211, 252, 264 Boyd, Jim Allen-68, 207, 208, 211, 275, 279, 282 Boykin, Charlotte Ann- 244 Brack, Leroy Samuel- 68 Brackett, William Quinn -93 Bradberry, Abby D. Murphy-76 Bradley, John Bourland -298 Bradley, Karen Faye-47 Bradley, Stanley Griffin -68 Branson, Robert John- 261, 317 Braren, Ernest George- 258 Braun, Robert John-59 Bravenec, Benjamin Baron-76 Brewer, James Timothy -134-, 136 Brewer, Jerry Eugene- 137 Bricken, William Bryan -59, 262 Bridges, Barbara Lee- 47 Bridges, Thomas Lee- 76, 275 Bridier, Shirley Ann- 246, 247 Briedel, Jake J.-266 Briggs, Dean Maynard- 278 Britt, Ben Nelson-59, 252, 253, 256 Advertisers Index NAME PAGE Adventure Tour Map A Friend American Hat Company American Title Guaranty Company Associated Publications Atlas Pipe Company Avalon Drug Company Baash-Ross Bess High Florist Bank of the Southwest Bank of Texas Bill Williams Britain Electric Company Brown Oil Tool Company Cactus Petroleum, Inc. Cameron Iron Works, Inc. Capital Title Company, Inc. Cecil B. Lee Academy oi Charm 81 Modeling Champion Paper 81 Fiber Company Chuck Davis Chevrolet Company Dee Brass, Inc. East End State Bank Eddy Refining Company First City National Bank First Mortgage Company of Houston F oleyis Football Page Sigs. 430, Gaylord Stickle Company George Alan Company, Inc. Geo. E. Failing Company Great Southern Life Insurance Company Gulf Printing Company ' Hahn 81 Clay Machinery 81 Boiler Works Hamilton Supply Corporation Hamman Oil 81 Refining Company Hammettls Auto Bake Harrisburg Motor Parts Harrison Equipment Company, Inc. Hawkins 81 Hawkins Higbee 81 Mitchell Hogan-Allnoch Houston Cigar Company Houston Bank 81 Trust Company Houston Coca-Cola Bottling Company Houston Lighting 81 Power Company Houston National Bank Houston Natural Gas Company Houston Transit Company Hughes Tool Company Humble Oil Company Hunt Tool Company Indianapolis Life Insurance Company Industrial Scientific, Inc. 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Q. sq 11 Exdusivegszr ggesifigvlfnd Boys Q ..' 1335 POST OAK AT VIESTHEIMER 6 2 5 'cfllfways 5 e T 5 . . ::::::fee':::: FEP People you 11ke:.111ke Coke! gggggguf-25555 L m L .x 9, V A5 '11 -' - .-" llll'L -ljjll Fare ee f, e 53' 3- W 1 W ef- uw ... K ,f i'.Li .ee e ve saaagesg Q UNDEl JJTNOJH Ol YNE OCA-COLA COMPANY .--.----..- """"""W"' Housrom cocA-coLA somnme co. - kg : "l like fhe SPACIOUSNESS one ge+s a+ fhe Mon+agu." .,- 25- - .1 L: Housfon': Fesfive Holel fel 398 Best Wishes to the Class of '60 QU INTANA PETROLEUM CORPORATION A Oil Producers F C N I B kB Id HOUSTON TEXAS THE SUPERIOR OIL CO. Oil and Gas Bldg. Houston, Texas As You Build Your Fu+ure- Build Your Home and Remember Us 523146774 Gays. 6605 SOUTH MAIN HOUSTON 25, TEXAS Cleaners, Lounders and BONDED COLD STORAGE 28 I 7-I9 Fannin Main PIan'I I 702 Congress Laundry Offic 5III Bellaire Blvd. "Serving Housion Since l893" wmRr1uLA1iuNS cuss or neu i 5 4, . I 4? .V jpg .. ,ug We L. get ee. ff :fr Wi? vu.,.,. ' .X in ULF' l . L-41-gm, W I' 5 A , . ,5 ,.-. -1 M , , V A 0,1 , g .4Ug,,.1. ,3,g1""'h-'Ee L'..,M ' f. ' :r n 4'Syz,Lnw."' w :Q --..1vUj" ? ESi, meg? 1 -f' ' -,115 F40-,4 , " ,QW eff, . i L,tgS.f . J- igwlb- ' Lg,-9 -- :iq . " , -1:11t11gf'73:"'m 14" W' ' ,- ' . . ,. in ii 1 'gg ,,1',,,rJgf-" , 'I y' , x ,. f- 1'- , ' W twat- , 5lWggf,f A 'Z N H57 ' , f Patterson Studios, Inc. I920 Mann Street Houston, Texas Telephone Ca 5-5008 ' Ca 7-0950 I , g y . ' ' , 1 f ' 5 R n , ,J-,,'15J'. Q -Q , ,I-'gk'-ugyiii-,-,f"1'.f51-' l":2ivf1grL'i5 v 1 , I f '.,1 - 13.1" . 1' ',QfJ,e5f' V - I. I ' II' H. I I I v"" V ' I- ' Il, I A s::II'I.:fu - n u u l Ill I I I ll ll ll li' 'Ill E I i if Y'- fi, t H I , I 1 f .I - -4 5-.l5iIfl3i'-Jifiiill'f I I n .V - HH-HI ,A., ,I ll ,Ili - 'I Milf ' -W I I 1-C ' "W -I -- -TELL--." Q.'....,.. M I ' DI: an-..... , A , ,, . I ,x.L"ZVf. J, I , 0 I I 1 .5 5 g 0 ' A 0 C THE SOUTH'S FINEST PRINTING PLANT "Headquarl'ers for All Tha+'s New in Color" l4lb MAIN CApil'ol 2-9906 . . . wiih modern lefferpress and off- se+ equipmenf 'lo produce quickly and economically every 'rype of prinl- ing and binding, including caralogs, magazines, brochures, folders, books, broadsides, sl'a'l'ionery and forms. HAMMAN OIL JACIQ-,on 9-4204 AND REFINING COMPANY GULF PRINTING COMPANY HOUSTON' TEXAS 22 I O WEST DALLAS When You Seal Your Love A femffff With a Diamond . . . :ii Ee I ' uw Look for This Seal, Too usvirs ' Jewelers 1 fi. i fauna! , v or Amsmu , lx 5 ' L I 4 S - 1 " ,- izsn MEMBE 1 O I X You will find lhis seal only a+ Levi'I"s in Housfon. Three generafions of happy Hous'l'on brides have placed lheir confidence in Levif's, who have been in 'lhe diamond business for over 40 years. LeviI's membership in The Diamond Council of America means fhaf ihey have been nalionally recognized for lheir skill and inlegrify in 'lhe diamond field. The day you buy a diamond, place your confidence in Levi+'s where every diamond is guaranleed for lasling beauly and value. 1 slo Main S+. I026 Main S+. HOUSTON'S LARGEST INDEPENDENT JEWELERS 402 Brittian, Jo Egray-4.7 Brodnax, Charles Troy- 76, 275, 279 Brooks, Harry Louis Jr. -59 Brooks, Richard Alan- 59 Brooks, Tensie Ann-59 Brooks, Terry Lee-59 Broughton, William Allen-59 Brown, Byron Benjamin Jr.-291 Brown, Carmie Joseph- 47 Brown, Carroll Bennett -258 Brown, Charles Robert- 76 Brown, Drew-l45 Brown, James Stanley- 214, 216 Brown, Jerry Wayne-68 Brown, Ramona Charlene-68 Brown, , Robert Edward -291 Brown, William Paul- 307 Browne, Drew Arthur- 298 Bruce, -76 Carlyne Lorraine Bruchstein, Paul-59 Brukner, John Shields- 93, 288 Brumley, Windell Yvon -47 Bruner, Carolyn Mae- 59 Bruyas, Andre-59 Bryan, Robert Michael- 47, 256 Buchanan, Jean Ann- 77, 206 Buchanan, Olive Jane- 47, 211, 242 Buchanan, William Rice -256 Buchta, Ervin Alois-47 Buchta Raymond Frank -77 Buchta -68 Rudolph Joseph Buell, Janet J Isbell-296 Bumstead, Jacob Frank- lin-93, 288 Burger, Theodore F. Jr. -59 Burgin, Patricia Jane- 68 Burke, Cynthia Mary- 129 Burke, David Lee-47 Burke, Helen R. Christie -77 Burkett, Bernice-68 Burkhalter, Milton Bryan -47 Burkhardt, Sandra Eileen -77 Burmeister, Gerry Ellen -218 Burnett, Carolyn Jo-134 Burns, Robert Francis- 60 Burns, Ronald Eugene- 206 Burns, Tommy Patrick III-93 Burrer, Victor Jr.-47, 229 Burrows, Kenneth E. Jr. -60, 234, 299 Busch, Brenda Joyce- 250 Busch, Willy C. P.-77 Buschardt, Bolling E. Jr. -47 Butler, Marilyn Ann-- 60, 294 Butler, Robert Dean Jr. -4-7 Butterfield, Frank D.- 77, 298 Butts, Ruth Nell-47, 206 Bybee, Mary Susan-77 Byers, Norman F.-291 Cable, Reba Estes-77 Cady, 246 Judith J ean-4-7, Caffrey, Charles Marion -77, 306, 307, 321 Cain, John James'-93, 288 Caldwell, Richard Howard-77, 152, 155, 207, 292 Caliva, Ann Jacquelyn- 48 Callender, Don Robert- 77 Callier, Sterling Grimes -77 Callman, Charles M.- 288 Calvert, Ian Arbuckle- 93 Calvert, Robert Don- 227, 294 Campbell, Billy Joe-68 Campbell, Clarence R.- 68 Campisi, Joseph Francis -68 Canniff, Joe Harry-77 Cannon, Effie C. Ogden -151 Cannon, Elizabeth Ann- 48, 203 Cannon, Glenn Wesley -200, 204- Carbajal, Kenneth Seeger-60, Carey, John Edward-48 Carl, Tom Stewart-252, 261 Carlson, Caryl Jean-48, 250, 263 Carlson, Odell Pauline M.-291 Carmichael, Keith S.- 77, 278, 279 Carney, John J.-77 Carpenter, Dorina Jo- 68 Carpenter, Jimmie Gene -258 Carpio, Eusebio Carvajal -230 Carr, Kenneth John-223 Carradine, Thomas Wayne-68, 211, 286, 299 Carriker, Fred Ketner- 270 Student Index Carrillo, Guillermo-77 Carroll, Louis D.-93, 288 Cart, Blufford Joseph Jr.-77, 286, 299 Carter, Carol-283 Cary, Thomas Lee-77, 280 Casas, Jimmy-60 Casas, Virginia Trevino -48 Cassell, Ollan Conn- 336, 338 Castellanos, Leo John- 48, 264 Caster, Louis-77 Catalan, Nathan -77, 201, 293 Cato, James Arthur- 286, 299 Caudillo, Manuel J r.-77 Cerny, Jacquelyn Alois -296 Chalmers, John Colin- 60 Chalmers, Ray Mc- Glasson-60 Chaloupka, Miloslav J . M.-91 Chambers, Leon Lawrence-77 Chan Tak Foo, Aloysius 60, 293 Chandler, Jo Ann-77 Chandler, John-288 Chandler, Willie Don- 60 Chapin, John Thomas- 257 Chapman, Robert Glenn -256 Charleville, Gervie Ann -24-2 Charrin, Jack Rene-229, 259 Cheaney, Phyllis Lynn- 48 Cheshire, Ned Brownley -68, 282- V Childress, Mercer Dana -48 Chiodo, Rosalie Ann- 1o6, 117, 122, 124, 237, 378, 393 Chrisman, Clark M. Jr. -266 Christopher, Daniel-265 Christy, Anna Louise- 294 Chrone, India Ladelle- 48 Church, Daniel W. III -203 Ciulla, Bernard Anthony -77, 258 Claghorn, Margaret C.- 48, 238 Clarazblut, George Sidney Clardy, Charles Robert- 284 Carolyn Marie- Clark, 48 Clark, Janet-297 Clark, Lucia Gertrude- 203 Clark, Risha Simone- 75 Clark, William Cullen Jr.-232 Clauder, Hershel Edward -77 Clayton, Patricia Anne- 48 Clerc, Milton Rene-229 Cleveland, William D.-Q 94 Clevenger, Alvah Lovell -298 Click, Rita Maurine M. -91 Clifford, Rormie-299 Clifton, Jeana-250 Clifton, Shirley Anne- 48, 248, 379 . Clohessy, Patrick Andrew - 335, 336, 337, 338 Cochran, Charles Douglas-140 Coffman, John Edward -91 Coffman, Nancy Carolyn -211, 236 Coffman, Patricia Lorene -24-8 Cogburn, Charlie C. Jr. -68 Colby, Fred Leon-77 Cole, Aubrey Pruitt-68 Cole, Dale Vadin-60 Cole, James Wiley-60, 211, 300 Collins, Thomas - 48, 211, 273 Colvin, James Reginald -307, 321, 323 Coman, Joseph Michael -94 Cone, Carin Alice-134, 24-4- Conklin, Lawrence A.- 258 Conkrite, Bill-301 Conlon, Jon Richey-229 Contreras, Albert-280 Cook, Eugene Augustus -68, 152, 210, 292, 258, 303 Cook, Jackie Lee-60 Cooksey, Marvin Glenn -91, 210, 270 Coombes, Robert Earl- 68 Cooper, Gary Lynn-268 Corley, Edmond W. III -68, 274, 277, 279 Cornett, James Elmer Jr. -78, 280, 281 Corp, Maury Henry- 252, 270 Costa, Philip Vincent Jr.-60 Cotton, Ernest Ray-68 Coward, William Rex- 230 Cowsert, Felix Elisha Jr. -77 Cox, John Max-91 Crager, Minor Beckett- 94, 288 Craig, Judith Lynn-221-4 Cranford, Danny Joe- 319 Crawford, Darwin Earl- 4-8 Crawford, Sydalise-304 Crenshaw, Patricia M.- 68 Crenwelge, Otto Emil Jr.-68, 128, 270, 271 Cress, Glen Herbert III -230 Cribbs, Ronald Glenn- 262 Crim, Duane Melvin- 68, 211, 304 Crittenden, Velmont S. Jr.-48 Crockett, Marcia V.- 60, 211, 24-4 Crockett, William E. Jr. -68, 304' Crook, Anne Florence- 48 Crowell, Linda Kay-48 Crozier, Paul Hugh- 278, 282 Crum, Algie Jones-78 Crumpler, Charles Thomas-78, 289 Cruse, Linda Alice-48, 235, 24-8 Crutcher, Charles Lee- 78, 280 Cruz, Fernando III-69 Cruz, Lauro-78 Richard Refugio Cruz, J r.-60 Cucehiara, Charles J.- 259 Cudd, Tommy Green- 278 Cull, Herbert Graham- 229 Culotta, Joseph Philip- 69 Culver, Larry Eugene- 60 Cundiff, Charles Lee- 270, 271 Cunha, Thomaz Ulysses -278 Cupit, Jacky Douglas- 346 Cuppy, William Russell -48, 333 Cutting, Jean Alice-69 Cyphers, Phillip Lasalle -94- Daffin, Barbara Jo-4-8 Daidone, Rosemarie A. -236 Dailey, Jacquelyn-134, 237 Daily, Abe-298 Dalal, Nalinkant J.-203 Dalton, Charles - 278, 279 Daly, Mary Ann Beck- 91, 298 Daniels, Laurie-266 Daniels, Lawrence Donald-148 Danielson, Richard John -69 Danner, Ira Joseph-48 Darley, Reginald Kenneth-78, 306, 338 Daughety, Michael Jewel -48, 206 Daunoy, Valerie Andree -235, 242 Davidson, Bill-256 Davies, Genevieve Evelyn -25 Congratulations CLASS of '60 ..cind ci word about your "Light Company" lf not so already, you'll soon be a family man- or woman-and your monthly electric bill will be a familiar arrival. And if you live in this great Texas Gulf Coast area, it will represent electric service from an investor-owned, tax-paying utility-Houston Lighting Xl Power Company. You'll ,discover that electric rates are among the nation's lowest, and through the years, as you add household electrical servants to make living better, you'll find electricity to be always dependable, plentiful and economical. As for now, please accept our congratulations on your achievement and best wishes for a successful future. . HOUSTON LIGHTING gl POWER COMPANY im' s ein. 'Enix ie " iigvi EIIIF . . 4. Lk . rv . . - . Hi" l ga.. 1 X , ,wil E fivfflftvn Jfiir. I ' A x :1 ' ii -. 'II K I BE A SOUTHWESTERNER . . . Be a parlner in 'llie growing Soullw- wesl. Build your 'lulure willw an in- sured Soulliweslern Savings Ac- counl. 41, annual earnings willw dividends paid and compounded quarlerly. BRITAIN ELECTRIC COMPANY Commercial and lnduslrial Conlraclors 20II Dallas Avenue Housi-on 3, Texas CA 8-6635 TEXAS ICE AND FUEL COMPANY Sized Ice Carvings in Ice 630I HARRISBURG WAInu+ 3- I 60 I yyllbqf ...,1'...i ...... SOUTHWESTERN SAVINGS Z! I INSUHD3 ASSOCIGIIOII "" 3401 Main saov Richmond Ra. Tw 4003 Wesllweimer 5306 Palms Cenler THE RAINBOW INN MOTOR HOTEL 81 APARTMENTS Six'I'y-four spacious, luxuriously furnish- ecl mofel rooms wi+h wall Io wall carpef- ing, felevision, lub-shower combinalion. Mee'I'ing rooms 'Io accommodafe groups of 60. Swimming pool. Rainbow Room Resfauranl fealuring fine food and special cafering. WarmI'I1 and 'friendliness prevailing for Ihe clis- criminaling. Convenienlly Iocaled a+ 37l3 O.S.T. Reservalions, JA 6-I708, Mr. Wick W. Leeper or Mil'I'on A. Zabolio, Manager. Fealuring 'II1e Holiday and Sunsel' Rooms-for sales meefings, clisplaysi and banquels. INTEGRITY This is our trademark. It tells you the product is made ing know-how helps us make this pledge. And so do the by Hughes. Behind it stands a pledge that gets right to years of research we've spent seeking better performance the point: Any product with this mark will deliver the best from better products. Performance you can buy! You'1l always find this trademark out in plain sight. For it Over a half-century of specialized experience and engineer- has made friends for us all over the world. OFNGINATOR AND WORLD'S LEADING DEVELOPER OF CONE'TYPE ROCK BITS f fTI'r Y I o"Q" 'xx 0 0'2!Ilrf- wg 5 .sa 5 Q", G: Everyflwing for Hue Laborafory INDUSTRIAL SCIENTIFIC, INC , ,gmsl - HOUSTON FT. WORTH ODESSA BATON ROUGE READY MIX CONCRETE sour:-I MAIN KIRBY DRIVE sour!-I HOUSTON COHQFGIUIGHOHS PA. 3-3I90 PA. 3-3I90 Ml. 5-3328 ,fo me Class of I960 General Office: 5I02 Galvesfon Road A HOUSTON. TEXAS MI 5-3328 -1..i.. Fe A 4, 3 321 33uaL13w3.epf--'M-M V Q T N 't . 1 OF HOUSTON MAINATPOLK - Q50 Oil sought in out-of-the-way places . . . ' ' 'Wm 57" "I "" 9 K "' , -1 sw lee. H f . .' . ' - i-.--me .ut " r ' .- 457 . 1' , 'y P s u' -if---. . C Q ' il, X 4, '7 4 W, Y A -fr: L ' , -f' I W fi' i "- 1 ' - 'T' .11 ft L ' ' . I - -1 " -V. ' L, , 'Irv' J 45 L . .fn ' ,- 1 ' - ' ,sg -, J 'Q - L - .. L ll Ln. Luk. I -- 'tj L ' : ..fu.'-'-- .f-et, - .l , ' --' lb' !g . 14m......4 L . . - I J M . --V., L .. . ,A L, -'Q f 5 iliifiiifi W a '15, !-fiflff e v -. w e e ff ' 21. 5 2 fi - 'weft i ' in "" ' ff? , L- L I ' Proj, Is refined into versatile products . . , . Q Taken from deep in the earth . . . Moved swiftly, silently, unseen . 74 . - ns sw, in o i M in , we-is Qi, I i Of the finest quality science can achieve . . . For the needs of modern living. s , . P " it M L 1: ' if ini.. coNsTANT, scientific search for new oil reserves, improved products and more efficient distribution means better value in petroleum for you. HELL IL COMPAN RADIO voice OF THE coueARs i GAYLORD STICKLE COMPANY 7lI Main Street HOUSTON Houston FA 3-8I23 Dickinson 7-685I V000 NEW 70157. . week wifi cfudl' ana' SAVE 1544! gaflfl AV S I 3555 O.S.T at TierwesterRI 7-7300 I Z Thanks to abundant resour - A including natural gas-the Texas W Z i g 5 Gulf Coast has become a W! l 'Z dynamic new frontier of industrial l development. . 1 t 'X F- 2' Il ln whatever field you choose, y u will find bri ht o ortunit KK1 9 PP Y for your future right here at home. HOUSTON NATURAL GAS SYSTEM SERVING HOME AND INDUSTRY ON THE TEXAS GULF COAST Davig, William Allen- 48 Davis, Bland Burrell- 234 Davis, Donald Harold- 78 Davis, Donnie Doyle- 69 Davis, Kenneth Willard -4-8 Davis, Miki-211, 299 Davis, Tommy Alson Jr. -290 Dawson, Donald Roy- 48 Dawson, Jack-215 Day, Ely Roten-91 Day, Patricia Jane-237 Day, Sally Elizabeth- 58, 60, 232, 242, 377 Dean, Thelma Bond-78 Degcko, Arthur Dennis- Deen, Gerald Keith-60 Defoy, Walter Josin- 266 Delaney, Kenneth Ray- 48 Delgado, Richard T.- 298 Deloney, Len Thomas Jr. 60 Denley, Cecil Franklin -69 Denson, Elizabeth Diane -297 Denson, Marjorie Ellis- 78 Dent, Beverly Anne- 127 Depasqual, Donald V. Jr. -78, 286 Derbes, 48 Carolyn Ann- Deskins, John Wesley- 276 Dessens, Charles Wayne -124-, 266 Devaney, Harold Barton -78 Devido, David-201 Dewald, Thomas Lester -48 Diamond, Harry Joseph -268 Dickerson, Marvin James -78 Dickson, Jerry Ervin- 60 Dietz, Brenda-211, 242 Dill, Elsia Lucile Foust -78, 153, 287 Dirnmick, Darol Lee- 232, 234, 290 Dipuccio, Charles Arthur -60 Dishron, Joe Fowler- 280 Dismukes, Mary Martha -69 Dittloff, Wayne Anthony -211, 256 Dixon, Thomas Hume Jr. -264 Dixon, Virgil Leche Jr. -284 Dobat, Gayle Ruth-242, 379 Dobay, Joseph-48, 229 Student Index Dockal, Cynthia Frances -48 Dodson, Billye L. Miller -78 Doerge, Julie Ann-236 Dohrman, Gayle Delee- -78 Dold, William Eric-78 Dollase, Edward Arnold -78 Dombrow, Bernard-78 Dominy, Nelna June- 237, 283 Donisi, Thomas Emilo- 261 Donohue, Francis Philben-49 Dooley, William Everett -129, 273, 301 Dornak, Margaret Ann- 4-9 Dorsett, Charles Randall -312 Dorsey, Eleanor Mary- 4-9 Dorsey, Loretta Ann-49 Doucette, David Crowell -60 Douglas, Mack Temple- 268 Dowdy, Patricia Nell- 78, 217 Dowdy, Teresa Ann-60, 206, 245 Downs, Robert John Jr. -78, 285 Downs, William Troy- 232, 234 Doyen, Diane-58, 130, 206, 2413, 296 Dozier, Watt William- 254 Drain, Thomas Stan- 285 Drake, George Wilson Jr.-278 Drake, Irving Richardson -94, 288 Draper, Walter David- 49 Draughn, Joe Lenn-60, 230 Dubois, Boyce Lelen-69 Dudley, Evelyn I. Gibbs -69 Duelberg, Mildred-69, 225 Dulany, George Benjamin -288 Dunk, Waldo Edwards- 69 Dunkin, Gloria J ean-49 Durden, Lloyd Winston -78 Durham, Harry Elliott- 286, 299 Dusek, Eugene Albert- 60 Dutton, Stafford C. Jr. -230, 264 Eads, Madeline Karen- 4-9, 24-2 Eager, James Leslie-69 Eagleson, Gerald Glenn -304 Easley, Carolyn Joann- 69, 211 Easley, John Garrison- 206, 268 Echazarreta, Lydia Ruby -211, 217 Eckhardt, Barbara Jean -49 Eckert, Linda Leah-206 Edens, Frank Newton- 91 Edge, Gerald Wayne- 60 Edrniston, Robert Quentin-288 Edson, Mary Beal-294 Edwards, Don Allan- 46, 104, 270 Edwards, Grace Holbrook -287 Edwards, Judy Van-244 Edwards, Larry Eugene -112, 214 Edwards, Margaret Ann -49, 114, 246 Edwards, W. Dewaine- 49 Eisworth, Michael John -60 Eklund, Joe Lynn-49 Elder, James Thomas- 49 Eledge, Arnold Ray-49 Ellis, James McBride- 278 Endlich, Ben Alfred- 212, 288 Engel, John Edward Jr. -78 Engel, Robert Joseph- 49, 299 Enyeart, Gerald W. Jr. -49, 264 Epps, Raymond Riley- l26, 200 Epps, Walter Anthony- 285 Erdil, Altan-49 Erdil, Nebahat Necibe-- 78 Erdil, Orhan-49 Ervin, Robert Lee-78 Eslinger, Robert William -4-9 Etter, George IV-204 Etzel, 295 Ronald Nolan-- Evans, Gerald-60, 206 Evans, Howard Lee-323 Evans, 137 Jerald Payne- Evans, Jerry Don-60, 201, 214 Everett, George Browder -78, 211, 286 Everitt, Grace Emma- 49, 296 Fadal, Johnnie Jr.-286 299 Faden, Alan Jerome-73 Fagin, Stanley Irwin- 78 Faigle, Charles J. JL- 60 Failing, Penny-236 Farber, Louis Irwin-275 Farmer, Louise Gallagher-49 Farrar, William Edward -79, 207 Farrell, James Richard- 266 Faught, Billy Dean-276 Faust, Sandra Lynn-49 Fawcett, Darryl Lawrence-79, 145 F eagin, Thomas Wiley- 134, 306, 307, 312, 317 Feigleman, Bernard-293 Felbinger, Anne Marie- 79 Feld, Jerry-69 Feldman, Jerry David- 49 Felsman, Robert Aldrich -94 Fendley, Alice Rebecca -49, 24-4- Ferguson, Barbara Ann -2417 Ferguson, John Scott- 49, 211, 216 Ferrell, Wayne Dodson- 49 Fewell, Vernon Edwin- 93 Fields, John Roy-69 Fiene, Donald William- 229, 266 Fife, Patricia Anne-206 Finch, Judson R.-290 Fine, Edith Iris-60 Fink, Robert-200 Finegan, Richard N.- 230, 256 Fischer, Kenneth Bernard-79, 274, 278 Fisher, Johnny C.-304 Fisher, Nelson Augustus -69, 266 Fisher, Virgil William- 61, 343 Fitze, Harry Douglas Jr. -79 Fitze, Richard Thomas- 69 Flanagan, Gerald Ray- 298 Flannery, William T,- 79 Fleming, Thomas Franklin-79 Flinn, Nadene Selfridge -79 Flint, Robert Bruce Jr. -61 Floehr, Donald James- 79 Floyd, Darold Dean-79 Fluker, Edward Michael -79 Flynn, Eleanor Blanche -128, 134 Flynn, Michael Xavier- 79 Fogle, Joseph Ray-49, 229, 270 Fogt, David Clifford-79 Foltz, Ralph Lynn-266 Fong, Juan-293 Forbes, Elroy Westveer -49 Forcier, N'ormand Ernest -91 Fore, Jimmy Dee-297 Forshaw, Robert Lewis -79, 222 Fouke, Harry Haydon Jr.-268 Fowler, Larry .Bruce-49 Fox, Betty Carolyn Blair -61 Fox, Ricia-201 Franke, Joel Lee-204 Frankeny, Jerome Albert -278 Franks, Edward Gray- 49 Fratolill, Joseph F.-69, 270, 271 Frederick, Daryl Emile -280 Free, Barbara Jean-61 F reitag, Ellis Joseph- 69, 134, 230, 232, 234-, 258 Freytag, Martha Belle- 117, 246 Friedman, Estelle Ann- 69 Friedman, Geraldine - 49, 146, 244 Friedman, Robert Harry -201, 299 Friou, James Samuel- 256 Fritsche, Herbert A. Jr. -4-9 Fritz, Agnes Jacqueline -49 Froelich, Earlyn-236 F romer, Daniel-260 Fry, Louis True-256 Fuell, Frank Joseph-79, 254- Fuell, Patricia Sue Ozee -91 F ugman, Joan Catherine -49, 204 Fullingim, John Samuel -256, 289 Gabriel, Nancy Irene- 61 Gaddis, Frank January- 69, 271 Gaffney, Jerome George -91 Gaines, Freeda Edwene -150, 223, 283, 304 Gallagher, Lydia Kay- 61, 146, 14-8 Gallagher, Michael T.- 264 Gallamore, Fred Edwin -295 Galloway, Geoffrey Saxon-295 Ganter, Dorrance Lynn -61, 206 Garcia, Ernest O.-79 Garcia, Maria Elia-79 Garcia, Raymond Thomas -50, ,206 Gard, Barbara Ann-242, 378 Gardner, Robert Houston-298 Garidel, Roland Augustin-307 Garland, John Gilbert- 268 Garrett, Joan Elaine-61 Garrett, Sanford Quay Jr.-299 Garriker, Fred-298 Gaudiano, Frances Marie -50 'kr . Ben Milam Manager, CHARLES PERRY Special welcome +o grads and undergracls A Ld ., a'I U. of H. Hospi'raIi'I'y HeacIquar+ers . DANCES - . MEETINGS . PARTIES . WEEKEND . RECEPTIONS VACATIONS 'ifaewcf . Accommoclafions for Parfies Up +o 300 . Delicious Food I u Superb Service Down+own Hous+on's Only Heafecl 22 . Convenienl' Downfown Loca'I'ion Swimming Pool 55 E . Reasonable Rai-es - IFF69 TO Hofel Guest, 2 f . Covered Parking Garage I . l007o Air Condifioning, TV, Radio TEXAS AT CRAWFORD. HOUSTON We produce a Ml.lLiiPdClT5' C.r'1L'fi'Y'?.'ZR.ISffZi0N of quick-cleaners and floor -finish products for industry.. .detergents. ,Q--"-lgggwax 510 Taf+ JAck50n 9-3931 strippers. . .plastic floor f A ' ts. . . ii-AFT AT BUFFALO DRiVEi steam-cleaning compo - XJ SJ 'X . . concrete sealers. . . -' 9 XX, . floor sealers. . .plwaoor l-Q-'I For seo.- concrete cleaners. . .wax strip . . cleaning compounds. . .floor waxers. . . ' ts. . . plastic floor finishes. . .floor ,mgete Sealers. . .concrete cleanerst- N' . HAMILTON we formulate for private labels. .dugg SUPPLY CORPORATION chemical specialties fort-EQ " -'name 1 Division of use. a .using constant resecri. Black Hardware Company Coast need.. .constant rf " 'earch 0 Pipe 2,0 M i- PO B 425 to fill every Gulf Coast need. . . ' .siiiimbing P2315 lERchard .2-i?4Icix Our phone number IS .lAClCSOI"l 2-l438. .. . Miii Supplies QALENA PARK Our address is 352l West Dallas. . . Houston. . . 0 Wire Products TEXAS the multifarious manufacturer of chemical ' Screw Fffoducis . , , , O Sporting Goods specialties for industrial and home use. . . 3 Builders Hardware O Abrasive Products VI d F't+' PALMER-Houc:K CHEMICAL CORP. ',aETjj,,1'l,, A'p,Qi22f,c,,, O43 YQV1 Q-EW' 46' of IT TAKES PEOPLE to convert pulpwood 1nto paper. S0 thriving forests mean increasing job opportunities for young Texans. By practicing and encouraging forest conservation, Champion 1S helping to maintain these oppor tunities for the graduate of today - and tomorrow. ' QXXANNVXONN PAPERS X . is Y' if 'QQ Zh L ffijf Qqgjifj THE CHAMPION PAPEIEV AND FIBRE COMPANY Manufacturers of pulp and paper from Texas forests w. D, HADEN Producers of Reef Oyster Shell .Transit Mixed Concrete Sand, Shell and Gravel SIX RETAIL PLANTS TO SERVE YOU IN HOUSTON HOUSTON CIGAR CO., INC. DisI'ribuIiors of SOUND EQUIPMENT, INCORPORATED 2506 CRAWFORD CA 2-62I9 AMPA One Source for Laboratory Supplies O Insfrumenfs O ApparaI'us O GIassware Q Furnifure Q CI1emicaIs HAV-A-TAMpA H. CURTIN 81 and HOUSTON O DALLAS TAMPA NUGGETS NEW ORLEANS O JACKSONVILLE CA 7-6396 mfyffw Bank of the outhwest Na+ionaI Associafion, Housion MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 4l6 This modern air-conditioned plant is the seat of Mission's research and develop- ment. Mission products are used around the world in oilfields, mines, refineries, and plants. This new plant, Missiorfs third in a quarter-century, is a reiiection of the quality of Mission's products, the scope and completeness of its service. Pistons - Piston Rods - Gland Packings - Liners - Liner Packing - Pump Valves and Seats - Slips - Svlabs - Valves - Hammerdrils - Centrifugal Pumps - Duo-Ghek Valves - Conduit-Chek Valves - Blanking Plugs - Soluble Plug Injectors. IMHMIS Gionni si l l MANUFACTURING CO. 1 H0llSf0l1, Texas Gee, Gloria Luy Chua- 91 Gee, Jims-276, 282 Gelmis, Steven Andrew -266 Gensler, Quentin-254 Gentile, Fred J.-275 Gentry, Geneva Carol-V 79, 297 Gentry, Margaret Ann- 50 Genzer, Carol Roseann- 137 George, Katherine J oncs -69 George, Nicholas Abraham-299 Germani, Anthony Bernard-274, 280 Germani, Thomas Fred- 280 Gerschick, Donald Thomas-298 Gher, Norman Owen- 50, 333 Gibson, Don Houston- 69 Gibson, Meg-146 Gibson, 294 Michael Jon- Gidden, Judy Ann-50 Gifford, Doyle Wayne- 79 Gilbert, Betsy Karl-50 Gilbreath, Alice Marie-- 79, 241 Gillaspy, William R. lll -61 Gillespie, Howard-79 Gilley, Mary Alice-211, 250 Gilliam, Roland Ray Jr. -61 Gindratt, Raymond-289 Ginther, Carolyn McGhee-79 Ginther, Fergus Mahony -94 Glanzer, Janis Lee-50. 297 Glass, Floyd-94 Gleinser, Leo Joseph- 274, 276 Goad, Wanda E. Fowler -50 Godfrey, Frank Joseph- 79, 291, 803 Godianne, Harold-298 Goebel, Ben Jr.-79 Gold, Ann Elizabeth- 50, 104, 125, 246 Gold, Elroy Benno-50, 289 Golden, Joe Allan-50 Golding, Patricia Faye- 61 Goldman, Jerald Douglas -50, 260 Goldstein, Ben Zion- 293 Goodloe, Gail Edward Jr.-79 Goodner, Samuel Warren -152, 207, 252, 253, 269 Goodrich, Judith Gail- 58, 242 Goodrich, Nancy Marie -237 Student Index Goodson, Nelly McJohnson-203, 293 Goodwin, Robert Alan- 268 Gordon, Lance Ray-264 Gordy, Charlie Leon- 230, 232, 234, 254 Gore, Edward Barnard- 258, 290 Gore, Mack Oren-79, 278 Gore, Roy Gerald-50 Gorzell, Fred John Jr.- 79 Gostecnik, Joyce Ann- 61 Gotsdiner, Sanford Yale -61 Gough, Eddie-268 Gould, Steven David-61 Graham, Donald Knox- 69 Grand, Barbara Ann-50 Grant, Fo1Test Wayne- 61 Graves, Gary Wayne- 270 Graves, Sue Boykin-80 Gray, Pennie Sue-61 Gray, Susan Lavaughn- 50 Grayson, Charles Vester -50 Greathouse, Leo Edward -80 Green, Freddie Ray- 341, 343 Green, Nowlin Lee-50 Green, Robert Bailey- 61, 214, 215, 216 Greene, James Aubrey- 61, 232, 295 Greene, John Lawrence -270 Greer, Curtis-80 Gregory, Jack Woodrow Jr.-211, 268 Gregory, James Leslie- 91, 111, 124, 126, 152, 155, 208, 209 Gregory, Walter Donald -80 Gretzer, Donald Lewis- 232, 234, 285 Grierson, Joseph B.- 274, 279 Grim, Gerald Kenneth- 61, 214 Grimes, Dan-266 Grim.m, Nancy Carole- 61, 206 Gritzbaugh, James M.- 80 Groke, Fred F.--234, 261 Grossberg, Marc Elias- 61, 211, 292, 308 Guenzel, David Lee-80 Guido, Adolph G.-298 Guidry, Ellen Janet M. -75, 80 Gullett, Elzo-299 Gural, Ronald Andrew- 129, 301 Gurin, Mariam R. Nelkin-69 Gutierrez, Pedro Joaquin -69. Guynes, Benny Buck- 61, 214 Haber, Anthony David- 80 Hadley, Charles King- 69 Hagan, James Martin- 261 Hainline, Bobbie Louise -67, 69, 242 Haisler, William A. Jr. -50, 233 Hale, Ted-50 Hall, Ed-214 Hall, Ethelyn Lurline- 61 Hall, Frank Herndon- 80 Hall, Jerry Linda-61 Hall, Joseph Anthony- 264 Hall, Sabra Sue-236 Hall, William Franklin- 80 Haltom, Henry Loyd- 94, 230 Hamann, George T. Jr. -61 Hammer, Jack Theodore -50, 201 Harnmerle, Virgil Paul- 61, 280 Hammond, William L.- 293 Hamrnons, Loretta Lynn -61 Hampton, -50 Hancock, John Gaylon- 61 Billie Marie Hancock, Leslie Dewitt -257 Hankins, Ray Clyde-61 Hankins, Roy Clifford- 61 Hanna, Marcus Allen- 80 Hansen, Yvonne Franks -80, 287 Hardin, Eva L. Smith- 69 Harf, Joseph Herman- 91 Hargrave, Robert Lee- 50, 333 Hargrove, J acko-94, 288 Harlan, Ronald Wade- 233 Harper, Ira Glenn Jr.- 61 Harrell, Samuel Terrance-80 Harrington, Douglas Roy -61' Harrington, John Dennis -266 Harris, Bruce Morgan- 94, 288 Harris, Harris, 278 Harris, 69 Harris, 50 Harris, -80 Charlynn C.-69 Daniel James- Daniel Wayne- George M. H1- Joseph Paschal Harrison, Karnig James -50 Harrison, Patrick Morgan-129, 273, 301 Harrison, Paul Spencer -69 Harrison, Rebecca Sue- 146, 244 Harsch, David Gerald- 50 Hartgrove, Billy Ray-69 Hartman, Donald Edward-256 Harton, Virgil Eugene- 80, 211 Hartwick, Jacquelin A. -70 Harvey, Fred-290 Harvey, Herbert-268 Harvley, David Lee-214 Hassell, Margie J.-61, 248 Hathaway, William Hanson-80, 326, 327, 328, 332 Haughton, Eugene Alfred -295 Hawkins, Angel-238 Hawkins, Eleanor Fay- 50 Hawkins, Floyd Allan- 70 Hawthome, Billy Joe- 70 Hayden, Jocelyn Sonia- 242 Hayes, Noel Aaron-80 Hayes, Peggy Lois Kelly -50 Hayes, Stuart Warren- 80, 203, 224, 227, 294 Hays, John Waller Jr.- 136 Hayward, Shirley Childs -70, 287 Heallen, David Robert- 229 Heard, Thomas James- 70, 298 Heath, Edward Allen- 80, 270, 294 Heath, Roy Calvin-80 278 Heaton, William Otto- 61 Hedding, Joseph Albertus-276, 282 Heekin, Ellen-248 Heinrich, Darrell Craig -70, 111, 115, 134, 229, 234, 264 Heinze, Wayne Allan- 92 Heit, George Martin-80 Heizer, Glenwood F. Jr. -264 Heldenfels, Hugo C. Jr. -232 Helfrich, Philip A.-279 Helms, James Fred-299 Hempel, James Edward -61, 214, 215 Henderson, Archie A. Jr. -62, 115, 269 Henderson, James Bender-62 Hendley, William Pat- 50 Hendrickson, Ned David -50 Henkhaus, Barbara Ruth -75, 80, 152, 235, 246, 392 Hennessy, Obie C. III- 5l, 206 Hensley, Glenda Gilbert -70, 287 Herman, Mary Bundy- 239, 392 Hermann, Carol Ann- 92 Hernandez, Maria D.- 51 Herndon, Patricia Louise -80 Herrera, Heitor-278 Hess, Kenneth Darrell- 51 Hester, Jon Philip-262 Hewitt, Gay Lynn-51, 24-6, 247 Heyland, Gary Gasper- 80, 286 Hiatt, Ernest Boyd Jr.- 92 Hickman, Norman Alison-70 Hicks, Mildred Phillips -294' Higgins, Peter Webb- 206 Hightower, Robert Alton -51 Hill, Dennis Bruce-70 Hill, James Robert-70 Hill, John Irvin-80, 294 Hill, Linda Ann-296 Hill, Lowell Winston- 266 Hillegeist, Reynold Ben -62, 206 Hillin, Linda Jean-70 Hillyer, Eddie Heeth- 200, 203, 214 Himmelstein, Randa Lee -62 Hinkle, Ruth Ellen-62, 206 Hinojosa, Pete-134 Hirsch, Joel Stephen-51 Hirsch, Walter Carl Jr. -70 Hiskey, Lorraine-200 Hitchcock, Hulon Joe Jr.-70 Hobbs, John Frank-70 Hobizal, Dolores Ann- 80, 136, 146, 210, 237 Hochstein, J ulius-299 Hocott, Elaine-70, 126, 200, 204, 211, 235, 247 Hodell, Betty Marie-51, 235, 242 Hodnett, Larry Lee-51 Hoffman, .lon Paul-51 Hoffman, Lynn Rae-62 Hoffman, Rosilyn Gay- 51, 211, 218 Hogan, Robert John-93, 288 Hohmann, Margaret Ann -62, 209 Holbert, Janet Marie- 70 Holder, Carroll Hulon- 81 Holder, Cecil Lee-81, 152, 279, 280, 281 Holder, Dorothy L. Shanks-206 Holder, Joyce Loretta- 70 E- , ly Y. iv .K I 2 fu., .M-' ,sms af' Sf- wr- 4 i 'iff ff, X .X si.:-ts' 155991, K f,g,gfsf:1 .jlsr--fziw OF SUPERIOR INC R KMA N S H I P I --f-" Lara:-:Ea I L g 12253 V . I A i , 1 f i. WYATT lunusrnllas, mc. 'Eg Sfeial-IM , e , 1 :H - Q5-fire- ,V I ' , ,Hr Sales Offices 'ma Z.-QE" Houston ' Dallas ' Corpus Christi ' Tulsa ' New York gsf 'Ql,e.'-ff' trw - Philadelphia - Pittsburgh - Los Angeles - Mexico City WYATT METAL Q BOILER WORKS DIVISION X Houston ' Dallzijnts' Corpus Christi Affiliate Plastics and Rubber Division Wyatt de Mexico S. A. de C. V. Plants Mexico City, Mexico AND ERECTORS SINCE 1913 Houston and Wallis 4l9 Kelly, James Otis-94, Hussein, Galal Abu-293 212 288 Holl. Robert Beye-214 Holladay, W. Paul Jr.- 94 Hollahan. Edward Lee- 70 Holland, Boyace James 298 Holland, Lonnie Ray- 314, 317, 318 Holloway, Frank A. Jr. 203 Holsomhack, Joseph C. Jr.-92, 277 Holt. Fred Russel Jr.- 70 Holt, Ralph Eugene-70 Holt, Richard George- 51 Jarvis, Billy -John-51 Laoamu, Leo Harold-52 Holt, William Randolph -51, 226, 295, 297 Holuh, Marilyn Jo-51, 218 Holub, Tommie Colum- bia-70, 151, 211, 215, 218 Hood, Benjamin H. Jr.- 62, 211, 275, 282 Hooks, Bernard John Jr. -94 Hooper, Ashley Lionel- 257 Hooper, George Murdoch -314 Hooper, John Tobe-94, 288 Hopfe, Dieter Hoist-62 Hopkin, Jo-hn Ross-264 Hopkins, Clinton E.-51 Hoppe, Ronald George- 62 Hopper, Max Dean-81 Horan, James Robert-62 Horn, Ruth Tackett-81 Horton, Monte Earl-81 Housworth, Jack Lewis- 276 Hover, Robert Earl Jr. -51 Howard, Betty Sue-137 Howard, Don Joseph- 268 Howard, John Wallace- 81, 234 Howard, Philip Joseph- 81 Howell, Avery Lowell Jr. -282 Howell, Don Gene-51, 223 Howton, Jimmie Frank -81 Hoyt, Claudia McFarland -70 Hrna, Daniel Joseph-62, 206, 230 Huang, Yu Hsiw-70 Hubbard, Lonnie Jean- 152, 235, 250 Hubbs, Hal Marshall- 229 Huber, Donald E.-81 Hudson, Carol May-70, 245 Hudson, Keith Carroll -62 Huebner, Bert Lewis-94 Huff, James Allen-258 Huffman, Sharon Whiting-81 Hull, James Fields-291 Hull, Jerry Don-295, 297 Huls, Herbert Roland- 211, 297 Humphreys, Vincent B. Jr.-81 Hunt, Elizabeth Ann- 81 Hunter, Carol Ann Swain -70 Hunter, Walter Kelsey- 92, 298 Hurlhut, Joseph Neal- 280 Hurst, Gordon Emerson -62 Hutson, Billy Ray-278 Hyde, Samuel Rowe-81, 301 Hyndman, William IV- 51 Hynes, Joseph Henry- 81 Ingalls, Philip Gardner -304 Irby, Robert Kenneth- 81 Irick, Charlotte C.-51 Isbell, Evelyn Janet-70, 296 Isbell, Joe Bob-313 Isenhower, Nelson David -51 Isham, Sonja Kay-117, 246 Isbiguro, Sadao-81 Ivens, Preston Rasin III -211, 214, 215, 216 Jack, Betty J 0-287 Jackson, Jimmy Herndon -62 Jacobsen, Mary Juanita -70 Jaeger, Harold Leroy- 81, 275 Jahnke, Ernest Gus-279 James, John Allen-127, 266 James, Tommy Oliver- 289 Janca, Welton Joseph- 258 Jay, Thomas Ryan-62, 206 Jeanfreau, Lila Laverne -51, 378 Jeffers, Joe Everett-284 Jeffery, Roger W. Jr.- 51, 256 Jenkins, Doyle King-81 Jenkins, Susan-110, 151, 232, 250 Jennings, Judith Marilyn -51 Jennings, Roy Junior- 81 Jennings, Shirley Lou- 70 Jerden, Ody Kent-93, 288 Jetelina, Adolph Albert -51 Jett, J oe-266 Student Index J ezek, James Edward- 62, 295 Johansen, Charles J. Jr. -268 Johnson, Billy Ray-81, 291 Johnson, Carol Lynn- 81, 294 Johnson, Carolyn Frances-70 Johnson, Carolyn Jean- 51 Johnson, Cary Alfred- 92 Johnson, Floyd Allen Jr. -62, 234 Johnson, Harvey Cross Jr.-298 Johnson, Jacob Edgar- 94 Johnson, Kay Terry-81 Johnson, Lewis Guy-81 Johnson, Michael - 62, 260 Johnson, Odes B. Jr.- 51 Johnson, Patricia Lou- 62 Johnson, Richard F.- 289 Johnson, Thomas Alfred -81, 234, 256 Johnston, Charles Milton 284- Johnston, James Wallace -81 Johnstone, Janice Lynn -46, 242 Jolly, Jones, Jones, Jones, 252 Jones, Orville Lee--81 Ben Lee-51 Clayton D.-81 David Norman- Dianne-117, 122, 235, 245, 392 Jones, Donald Lee-94 Jones, Donald Lee-288 Jones, Frank H. III-94, 288 Jones, Hugh7Patrick-70 Jones, John Paul Jr.- 303 Jones, Lei Lani-238 Jones, Marshall Delbert -118 Jones, Jones, 265 Myles Duane-82 Tinsley Kemp- Jones, Willard Veazey- 304- Jordan, Deral Preston- 92 Josephson, Johanna Carol -201 J ouanet, J acquie Annette -250 Joyce, O. J .-70 Juehne, Jim-307 J unernan, Julius John J r. -71, 295 J usta, Jose-278 Kadlecek, Edward John -130, 258, 277 Kanas, Shirley Ann-137 Kaplan, Hilda Rhea-71 Karkowski, Joseph Lee- 71 Karr, Ka.rrol Leon-82 Kay, John Ross-94, 288 Keeler, Harold George- 276 Keely, Margaret Ann- 51 Keen, Ralph Allen-94 Keener, George Howell -82, 286 Keeney, James Russell- Jr.-288 Keepers, Carolyn-82 Keezel, Roy-51 Kellough, Kay Carolyn- 235, 238, 297, 377 Kzggy, Harold Thomas- Kelly, Patrick Wilborne -62, 138 Kelly, Phillip Dale-128, 268 Kendall, Clarence F. II -95, 212, 268 Kennard, Wilbur D. Jr. -268 Kennedy, Cecil C. Jr.- 300 Kennedy, Joyce Marie- 71 Kennedy, Patricia Boozer -301 Kennedy, Patsy Jans- 51, 250 Kent, Charles William Jr.-71 Kent, Steve Neil-71 Kerber, Joanne Neville- 51 Kerce, Anita Sue-82 Kesercioglu, Yener-51 Kestenbaum, Miriam - 62, 201 Kettle, John Arthur-51 Killgore, Mary L. Hager -92 Kilpatrick, Billy Ray- 82 Kilpatrick, Nancy-82, 239 Kilpper, Robert William -62 Kimbrough, Dale Clanton-52 Kimmons, Jack Eugene- 28O, 281 Kinard, Cecil Lloyd II- 71, 279 King, Claude Robert- 313, 315 King, Horace Derwood Jr.-62 King, JO Kathryn-71, 308 King, Joe William-71 Kinnebrew, Gerald Paul -280 Kinsel, Robert Clifton- 129 Kirby, Lawrence Roe- 82 Kirkland, Kenneth L. Jr. -71 Kirkpatrick, Julia E.- 62, 242, 378 Kirtley, Dick Patrick- 258, 320 Kiser, John Eli-299 Kiser, Martha Lee J.- 291, 303 Kishi, George E.-276 Kitowski, Aloysius S.- 62 Kleiner, James-262 Klingsporn, Dorwin Wayne-62 Klos, William Anton-62 Kluppel, Fred Edward- 229 Klussman, Henry A.-52 Knapp, Suanne Harrell -52, 248 Knight, Kenneth Lloyd-- 95 Knight, Wenonah Iona- 52 Knostman, John Wayne -62 Knox, James Edward- 95, 210, 212, 268 Knox, Neal James-67 Knoppel, Raymond F. Jr.-71, 299 Koehn, Herman Fritz Jr. -82, 285 Kohen, Moshe Dov-293 Koimn, Bobby Lee-62 Kolb, Kristina Elizabeth -71, 246 Kollmar, Rosemary Boston-92 Konrad, Wilfred John- 52 Koster, Gerald Richard -52 Kottle, Jacob Martin- 260 Kouzounis, Anthony-82, 269, 300 Kribs, Edith Anne-92 Krieger, Earl Edward- 134, 150, 213, 259 Krupke, Jennie Lou M. -62 Kubin, Leonard William -71, 229 Kubricht, Bill-268 Kuehne, James Richard -312, 314-, 321 Kuehnle, Ronald Arthur I -52, 200 Kuhlmann, Brenda Joyce -62 Kulachan, Sayun-82 Kutac, George Joe--82 Kuykendall, Kirk Joseph -62 Lacamu, Leon Connor- 52 Laiferty, Patrick Ellis- 82 Lafferty, Theodore Bruce -289 Laflamme, Joseph Louis M.-200 Laird, Hainds Elliot- 63, 206, 211 Lamanna, Anthony Raymond-82, 126, 285 Lamb, Deanna Jeanne- 82, 129 Lamm, Jane Gibson Hiller-82 Lammers, Arlie Gale-52 Lamonte, Charles J. Jr. -63 Lancon, Leonard Acom Jr.-303 fzzfggixfgk 'kflfz A-.,43Sx 5? I , . 52 ew 0 ff? fuggg' -iv W.. Y 'S use f fm 4 4 ,Q V' W 1, ,. 3'.5f:::a55: ,,, ,,., Q0 ,.,. 5 -Qgrlz: .J ..... '.G:::f"l:"': W H 1 "-552522. '-----" ,. a ' A . fifg gg WW -2' f '91 .i3i5'B? EXPANDING TO MEET TOMORROW WITH THE BEST IN BANKING THE NIITIONAI. OF M ME RCE OF HOUSTON Expanding nowr to Main, Rusk, Travis, and Capitol Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation W. F. ALBERT FELIX RESSMANN Phone FA3-5l48 THE PRESCRIPTION HOUSE A Sincere Wish INC. 'f0l" SUCCESS tg EQCI1 Six Gracluafe Pharmacisis +o Serve You Member of the 8H F Free Mofiolr Delivery Class of annln ousion 2, Texas For Discriminaling Transienis and Residenfial Guesis THIEIOEEYQZFAL MICHEL T. HALBOUTY R. T. CULLATHER Manager WARWICK HOTEL AND APARTMENTS Housfon, Texas Co-ecls Nancy West Jeannine Bond, Sue Swilzer and Shirley l'lorelica Praise The Always Delicious ' FRIED CHICKEN Al' Q O 9 l ll'laUll9 Try Our Many O+her Tasle Tempring Dinners and Befween Meal Snacks Visif These Bill Williams Localions Oflen Bill Williams Chicken House, 65l5 Main MCGFGQOI' HOUSS. 5l00 Old SPGDISI1 Trail Bill Williams Resfauranf and Moiel, Hiway 59, Richmond, Texas Bill Williams Coffee Shop, 806 Clay For Complete Protection... See Your Great Southerner when he calls . 1 K I. 4 I IZ ' eil. -Cyp , C591 SGUTHEWI . I . aci D+ J0q4Ncn COMF :- L. ' OVER A BILLION IN Foncs GREAT Sournlsmv .life fnsuran ce Uoznp any .Founded 1.90.9 ,Hama 0ffYce ' llouslon. .Texas Life, Health and Property Insurance For Your Convenience Twelve Loca+ions I02I CAPITOL 2,5 GULFGATE MALL WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS TEXAS AND SAN .IAOINTO '3'9 TSX-HS 2520 AMHERST II25 WALKER 4422 MAIN 20I9 WEST GRAY 5603 ALMEDA 2252 WEST HOLCOMBE 2I28 PORTSMOUTH 5422 RICHMOND RD. Bef-T Wishes 9047 MAIN To The Class of "ONE'S A MEAL" '960 BROOKS SYSTEM SANDWICH SHOPS HUNT TOOL COMPANY CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS of 1960 JESSE H. JONES INTERESTS rich as Texas...l l X ff! X pure as gold .,,'w,, X1 X ' I 0,06 I, ,013- HOMOGENIZED he ' fl A X 'VUIZZ' roioff kiams .vm-Q.. i 'l""lN '- "" "of 9 oqonssuxmxu Q '57 lm, ll FF- f "arg 7004 girl.: .QQ--.iff brim S N I slllum X MRM 1 I l ,f"+'fisf0 k 5 fag l ' O X W lil' , ,f X ' I f I 1 -n 'Rx llll r eg 1,1 1 '5 . ,,,.:','3-f' f ' X ' ,uh K.-Vx5.vx :SA i up ' rx? II U '.l2i'9- .fe-2. X l s ml i l A i .f X e rr' "' 4200 LEELAND ff X UXURY its cRfl X Richer, creomier, tastier...' f X 2"" """""'H' just one quality . . .the finest! Al O K I - M mber Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Member Federal Reserve Sys! You'Il 'find all your favorite records now at FOLEY'S Whatever your tastes in music, you'Il find iust the records you're looking for at FoIey's . . . from Calypso to Cherubini. from Bop to Bach! Our complete selections include RCA Victor. Columbia. Capitol. Decca. London. and many other famous brands.. . . both 33Va and 45 rpm. Come in anytime and browse . . . you're always welcome! FIJLEY9 V Ninth Floor Record Shop ,. A H1 rvzfluw--xr 1 Q M M ' L ,, +455 vgfggg-f f w w N .Ya 'H+ As a member of the Class of 7960, you're off fo a good sfarf foward a useful and rewardmg fufure. May we congrafulafe you, and wfeh you every success. HUMBLE OIL 8 REFINING COMPANY Mensing, Toni Rae-246 Landers, William Roberts -289 Landsman, Lewis Arthur -289 Lang, Richard Carl-204 Langford, Carolyn Alice -63, 211, 217 Langston, Claude-270, 271 Lantz, Graham Frank- l45, 298 Laperouse, Robert Allen -63 Laro, Mary Ann-71 Laros, William George- 82 Larpenteur, Jeanine M. -63 Larue, Florine Gail-52 Laseter, John Luther- 92 Lass, J erry-201 Lassetter, Richard C.- 214, 215, 216, 270 Lattimore, William G. Jr. -52 Lawless, Oliver W. Jr.- 52 Lawrence, Allan Cleave -336, 338 Leake, Joseph Allen-71, 286, 299 Leal, Alfred Ray-229 Leatherwood, Polly Ann -52 Leavesley, John Edward -82, 291 Lebouf, Edmond Ray- 63, 280 Lee, Kenny-52 Lee, Linda Jo-71, 235, 248 Lefkowitz, Bennie Freddy-71 Lehman, Ben John-71 Lemley, Alan Norman- 52 Len1ley, Carolyn Ruth- 52 Lemmon, Franklin Albert -82 Lemmon, James Marcus -332 Lemoine, Gano Domonic Jr.-82, 127, 265 Lemond, Robert Darcy- 228, 264 Leon, Yuen-92 Leopold, Eleanor Arme- 200, 204 Leslie, Charles-256 Levisay, R. B.-256 Student Index Lilly, Earle S.-95 Lilly, Janet Carol-71 Lim, Wai William-63 Limon, Johnny-230 Liglgberg, Jerry Dale- Linden, Errol Joseph- 315 Linder, Bobby Joe-128 Liggheimer, Tomas F.- Lindner, James Vernon -82 Lindsay, Carl Robert- 234- Lindsay, Robert Douglas -52 Lindsey, Larry Jenson- 314, 315, 317 Lipscomb, Joel Nelson- 299 Lipscomb, William Childs-252, 253, 268 Lipshy, George Meyer- 298 Listeri Thomas William -5 Little, Sandra Joyce-A 248 Llervillys, Thomas L.- 304 Llewellyn, Thomas Lee -82 Lloygi Charles Edward Lobaccaro, Frank S. Jr. -82, 298 Logan, Priscilla Joyce- 71, 146, 24.7 Logan, Thomas Louis- 280, 281 Lohman, Judy Ann-83 Long, Beverly Jane-52 Long, 83 Charles Edwin- Long, Hazel Ruth-83 Long, Jerry Lyndon- 301 Lopez, Inez-52 Lopez, John Frank-63 Lopez, Thomas L.-293 Lorehn, 268 Olle Joseph- Lorton, Donald -Joseph- 83 Levy, Martin Morris- 298 Lewis, Coy Deloire-52 Lewis, Edgar Cloy Jr.- 82 Lewis, Edwin Charles- 63 Lewis, Elizabeth Adele- 250 Lewis, Jen'y Don-63 Lewis, Judy Riddell-52 Lewis, Samuel Julius- 290 Lichtenstein, Jerrie R. 1. -71 Lievano, Rodrigo Joseph -63 Light, James Ernest-71 Lott, Jimmie Warren- 83, 286 Lotz, Frank Bradford- 83 Love, David Wayne-206 Love, Earl Harrell-299 Love, Louis Elvin-71, 298 Loveless, Kenneth Wayne -280 Lovell, Donald Dale-71 Lowe, Lessie Ruth Cooper-63 Lowry, Lynn Howard- 63 Lubbock, Dan Gray Jr. -268 Lubo j acky, Calvin Eugene-52, 229 Lucas, Frank Leo-52 Luckenbill, Theodore gg'-324, 327, 328, Luke, Louaine Page-52 Luker, John Edward- 255 Luna, Ernesto Sada-229 Luna, Juan-52 Lunsford, Pascal Eugene -52 Lupau, Clement Noland -71 Lustgarten, Bernie P.- 71 Lutes, Charles Weil Jr. -63 Lyne, Fannie Lou-52 Lyon, Ann Sharon-129, 301 Lyon, Jerald Clyde-295 Macaluso, Thomas Leonard-256 MacDonald, Harold Clyde-83 Maciej eski, Bruno J oseph-83 Mack, Herman Howard -92 MacLaughlin, Charles E. -71, 298 MacLean, Alberto Mario -83 Macy, John-336, 338 Madden, Barry Eugene- 46, 266 Mader, Johnny Melvin- 63 Madole, Jimmie Max- 83 Madrid, Carlos Antonio -52 Madrid, Lorenzo Oscar- 63 Maenza, Jake Louis-83 Maida, Joe Sam-95 Makins, William Joseph -95 Malin, Barbara Ellen- 53 Mallia, Charles B. Jr.- 83 Malone, Cleve P. Jr.- 83 Malott, Frank Barhum- 83, 275 Mandell, Kenneth S. Ill -229 Mandola, Anthony Joseph-63 Maniar, Dilip Sarabhai -293 Maniscalco, Anthony Carl-53 Manly, Martha Lou-296 Manning, Maxine Miller -83 Manning, Renate A. Hoehne- Mans, Glen Burt-200 Mansell, Joyce M. Alm Manuel, John Earl-53 Maresh, Mary Ann Albina-63, 244 Marien, Norita Louise-- 83 Marquess, Roderick L. -83, 230 Marquez, Jolm-71 Marrero, Patrick-258 Marsh, Bobbie Vee-63 Ma in, Armond-297 Martin, 53 Martin, -71 Martin 238 9 Dorothy Leigh- Len Dewalt Jr. 258 Sandra Sue--53, Martinez, Lucy-293 Martinez, Una Markel- 53 Masek, Stella G. Freiberg-83 Mason, Deloris Frances -83 Massey, Beverly Ann- 242 Mathews, Barbara Ann -83 Matranga, Mary Ann-- 53, 206 Matthews, Norman Gerald-63 Maughmer, Birtic Thrower-63 Mauk, Charles Edw ard- 92 Maxwell, Jimmie Allen -224 May, Clifford Lee-83, 275 Mayes, Dale George- 256 Mayhall, Charlotte Jean -71, 241, 297 McAllister, Jerome M.- 298 McBride, James Robert -53 McCann, James Cleland -71 McCaskill, John Hardy -53, 211, 268 McClain, Jimmy Lee-53 McClarty, John Reed- 275, 279 McClure, Don Ellis-265 McCormack, Paul Leroy -83, 204, 303 McCormick, Judith Anne -83 McCra.ry, Maxine Virginia-72 McCu.lla.r, Harold Curtis --83 McCullough, Clyde M. -278 McCullough, James Thomas-266 McCurdy, William O. Jr. -258 McDaniel, Carmen-83, 244 McDaniel, Carol Renee -53 McDonald, Don Kay- 314, 316 McDonald, Madeline L. -53, 250 McDonald, Robert Hugh -264 McGee, Edmond Clark Jr.-298 McGinnis, Michael John -254, Maurice D. -250 McGowan, Edward B. II -83, 93 McHargue, Jackie - 53, 206 Mclntyre, James Grant- 95, 288 McKaig, Calvin Newton -299 McKay, Kenneth Melvin -53 McKee, Kay Ellen-211, 248, 296 McKee, Ronald Stewart -207 McKeehan, Richard James-53 McKenna, Jack Tobias -278 McKenzie, Harold A.- 53 McKenzie, Harven Michael-84 McLamore, James Otto- 84-, 304- McLEgd, Alonzo Albert McMahon, John Terence -288 McMa.ins, Michael Walter-84, 203 McMeans, Walter Sheppard-93, 288 McMinn, Kenneth Elwood-84 McMu1lan, Janet Ruth- 72, 106, 115, 117, 122, 128, 134, 250, 264, 283 Mmgllae, Robert Gerald- 3 McReynolds, Sarah Jane -72 McRoberts, Hallie Lisa -72, 203 McShan, Jimmie - 84, 232, 297 McStravick, Arnold W. -84, 252, 253, 259 McWilliams, Sandra Jo -53, 137 ' Meals, Martha Jean Beaty-72 Medley, Morris S. Jr.- 279 Meerdink, Charles Barry -256, Meinscher, Fred C. Jr. -63 Meisenholder, Richard E. -63 Melnick, Ethel Lynn- 84 Mendez, Julian Rodriguez-303 Mendoza, Olga Marie- 53 Mere, Robert Dali-286, 299 Meriwether, Gus Edwin -95, 212, 288 Merritt, Barbara A. Sneed-84 Merritt, George H. Jr.- 84 Merritt, Mary Ann-211, 238 Mesiroff, Jennie Pearl- 53 Messick, Gerald Marion -53, 333 Metting, Kenneth Charles-63, 206, 284 Metzler, Jack Warner- 63, 290 WA. 3-4368 WA. 6-7728 HARRISBURG MOTOR PARTS Wholesale and Refail 7627 Harrisburg C. E. RAY HOUSTON I2, TEXAS Deferred Premium Plan for College Seniors INDIANAPOLIS LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY E. J. MINCKS, C.L.U. General Agenf ancl Associafes I8I6 Main Phone CApi'I'oI 2-975I ROWN OIL TOOLS, INC. it XXX 8490 Kafy Road, Posf Office Box I9236 HOUSTON 24, TEXAS . 'T' - n MWMWM HAMBURGERS SINCE I929 Cougar I959 ResuIIs PERCY HOLT 81 C0. YOUR rrifpemfzrlf lluuranre IAGENI' 'snvn vou sul' in OF THE SOUTHWEST BUILDING CA 4-9I9I BANK FRANK GILLMAN PONTIAC CENTER "The SouIhwes'I"s Larges+ PonI'iac DeaIer" I62I MiIam ai Pease Ca 7-3I7I HousI'on O Mississippi A , , A I6 0 Alabama , I V 3 I3 Cincinnafi , , H ,,,I2 6 Texas A8rM ,, ..i,s..., . Y, ,28 I2 OIcIahoma Sfafe , ..... .. .,..I9 6 Norfh Texas S'I'aI'e ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, 7 22 Tulsa ,,,Y,,,,,,,,,A,AA,,, ,,,,,,Y , ,IB 28 Wichi'Ia , .,w, ,, ,,,. .. ,I3 0 Texas Tech ,, ,.Ys,,,,,s, or ,,,, ,, 27 32 Washing+on S'I'aIe ,,,,, ,A . 32 CLEGG 81 HUNT Oil WeII DriIIing Confracfors 7I5 HOUSTON CLUB BLDG. CIo'rhing HeacIquar+ers for U. of H. S'I'udenI's REX TAILORS Available for Renfing Tux GuIfga'I'e Shopping Ciiy Mi 5-8507 Meyerlanc-I Plaza Mo 7-9I29 SINGER SEWING MACHINE COMPANY Singer Sewing Machine Ren+aIs Machine and Vacuum Repair 42I4 MAIN JA 3-5539 MMZGREGOR PARK NATIONAL BANK Convenieni To Siudenis 5730 Calhoun Road OL 4-430I Member Federal Deposii' Insurance Corporaiion "Refresh Be+ween Classes" VEND-A-DRINK COMPANY IZI6 Rosine Ja 4-5455 I960 Fooiball Schedule Backers Sept Sept Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Nov. Nov. Nov. I7 - Mississippi UniversiI'y"' 24 - Mississippi S'I'aI'e I - Oregon 8 - Texas A8zM"' - I5 22 - Alabama 29 - Norrh Texas SI'a'I'e 5 - Cincinnaii' I2 - Florida 26 - Tulsa' 'Home Games -Oklahoma SI'a'Ie UniversiI'y"' The Eyes of The Oil IndusI'ry SCHLUMBERGER Pul a Sparkle in Your Glass Try CANADA DRY BEVERAGES Canada Dry BoHling Co. of I-Iousron We EDWIN T. FEIGLE CO. Typewrifers - Adding Machines Sales and Service and Renfals The Home of HERMES Typewrifers and ADDO-X Adding Machines Also Sell and Service ALL O'Iher Bra 4909 Fannin Ja 4-6800 WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS nds I 'For 36 Years PREMIER PRINTING AND LETTER SERVICE Complefe Mail Adver-Iising Service ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Universiry of Hous'I'on I zizo McKinney your savings are Z was PAID QUARTERLY y xmas, mffyww FA' fax 3-3341 "Fi in Houston" 1114 CAPITOL 5 I PAUL GALLICO If .'fONE,L. 11, ESOUIRE MAGAZINE - or IIIETWENIY FRIDLEY Sz FREDERKIN G 2-'GREAT RESTAURANTS ' -, .fflflsmgam .fflfllcfwzaf 4515045 fxaganga -akt, or THE WQRlD-" . 5, 517 TEXAS NATIONAL BANK BUILDING 'E l' 7? HOUSTON 2. TEXAS ' g Exif, ' ' 6545 Main S'l'ree'l' C l Hous'I'on, Texas J . CA 8-822' A 9 6484 ERNEST COKER, your hosl' BROKER and DEALER Corpora+e Sioclcs and Bonds Mu+ual Funds U.S. Governmen+ Obligalions Specialisfs in Texas Municipal Bonds CONGRATULATIONS ON ANOTHER STEP FORWARD in your life-long educafion. This is a "gian'I' s1'ep" . . . one +ha1' should carry you swifily info 'I'he world of business success or domes'l'ic happiness, where you may reach unlimi'I'ed heighfs of personal achievemenl' and sa+isfac+ion. l'l' is wi+h pride 1'ha+ your naiural gas service 'Finds ifself making "gian+ s1'eps" of progress each year foward Hs goal of bei-I'er service +o more people. SERVING TI-IE an AMERICAN HAT COMPANY fWorlcl's Fine-sJr Wes+em Halrsj Visif Us in Our New Facfory Showroom 3I2 Louisiana , HOUSTON 2, TEXAS Ph. CA 7-2996 A Es+ab. l9I5 HIGBEE 81 MITCHELL I4l5-I7 Dallas Ave. ' FAirFax 3-2383 P. O. Box l726 HOUSTON I, TEXAS The Bank for Young People 1T'AST Whd Are A Going Places TTNATTIONAL BANK Li+I1ograpI1ers Prinfers Engravers Sfaiioners Office OuI'FiH'ers Mimeogra pI1ed Producfs WILSON STATIONERY AND ' Hall Elfffllf PLANTS HARRISON EQUIPMENT CO., INC. I422 San Jacinfo S+. Housion, Texas PHONE CApi+oI 4-9I3I DisI'ribu'I'ors for Producfs of D. W. Onan 8: Sons, Inc., MinneapoIis, Minn. Gasoline and Diesel EIec+ric Generaiing PIan+s Genera+ors ' Air-Cooled Engines Jfanunelii Nada-Bake PRINTING COMPANY Prairie at Fannin CA 7-8221 3005 Harrisburg BIvd. CApi+oI 5-5454 Auiomobiles Pain'Ied and Oven Baked 539.95 EigI1+-Hbur Service PARKER BROTHERS 81 CO., INC. Producers-Distributors Ready SI1eII-Sand-Gravel-Cemeni' Mix Concrefe-AspI1aI'r-Coa+ed Shell Sand S'I'aI:aiIized Shell Orders by Rail, Boai or Truck HOUSTON I. TEXAS MAIN PLANT AND OFFICE 5303 NavIga'I'ion Blvd .................... , .... WA-6-446l CONCRETE PLANTS SHELL PLANTS - ---- ---- -------. G L -3-'93, 8220 Fuqua ,,,,,,,,,,,,..,......... WA-I-I I52 mgfgggaksgsd---' --"-'---.----,-.-. QI-4,3521 Hwy. 73 af Greens Bayou .... GL-3-243l Clay Road -----..-,--,- ..4,----- H 0-2-3444 Dickinson ...............................-.-..- . 72000 Deepwaier ,,,,.... ......... G R-9-2729 GEO. E. FAILING COMPANY n Subsidiary of WESTINGHOUSE AIR BRAKE CO. 36Il Gulf Freeway u CApitoI 7-7225 TH E MAPLE ROOM ot the MEMORIAL PROFESSIONAL BUILDING Serving Better Food at Popular Prices THE DOW CHEMICAL COMPANY 6910 Fannin Street HOUSTON 25, TEXAS CHARLES F. REED, Manager AVAILABLE 1 'For 'PRIVATE PARTIES AND DINNERS For Reservations Call ..,............. Fa 3-49I5 Freshman . . . or Senior... or Active Alumnus You'lI never find better business friends than the folks at ' I W I M I 'lf I i I Houston Bank 8: Trust MAIN AT JEFFERSON HOUSTON righf on fhe wa y to Everywhere Meyer, Ardene Marie- 72 Meyer, Freddie Travis- 204 Meyer, Joseph Daniel- 63 Meyer, Travis Walter-- 63 Meyers, Alfred Hollis- 84, 276 Meyers, Otto William Jr. -84 Meyers, Shirley Mae- 84 Michael, John Albert- 84, 279 Michalovich, David lvon -84 Micklitz, Hans Wemer- 72, 256 Middlebrook, Joseph D. -84- Milam, Hugh Henry Jr. -211, 224, 294 Milam, Mason Harris- 223 Miles, Tom Henry-289 Miller, 287 Ann Langdon- Oliphant, 'Charles Paul- Miller, David Charles- 53 Miller, Dorothy Jean- 84 Miller, Harry Alvin Jr. -285 Miller, Joseph Lee-72 Miller, Kirby-145 Miller, Marilyn Ann- 75, 84, 115, 126, 134, 152, 242, 243 Miller, Maureen-244 Miller, Marvin Deane- 92, 203 Miller, Penny-238 Miller, Robert Allen Jr. -277 Miller, Russell Dean- 53, 256 Miller, Shirley 'Ann-64 Milling, Janell-84 Milum, Roy Nolan-84, 285 Minarchi, William Jr.- 84 Mintz, Donald Dean-72 Mitcham, Billy Frank- 277 Mitchamore, Eddie Lee Jr.-343 Mitchamore, Malcolm E. -316 Mitchell, June Evelyn- 53, 250 Mitelman, Alan Norman -84, 228 Mize, Jerald David-95, 288 Mobley, Cathy Jeanne- 284 Mock, John Adrian-214 Molchany, Richard Andrew-329 Molinare, William B. Jr. -72, 211 Monk, Gloria Gale-53, 14-6 Monroe, Kara Lynne-84 Montalbano, Annette M. -53 Montalhano, Philip J.- 53 Montalbano, Sandra Marie-106, 236 Montgomery, Carole Ann -64, 206 Montgomery, Edward Harry-72, 286, 299 Mintroy, John Dennis- 64 Moody, William Aubrey ...84 Moore, Ardon Edward Jr.-95 Moore, Bruce-262, 263 Moore, Clay Leon Jr. fSOI1nyl - 211, 252, 270 Moore, Donald Ralph- 53 Moore, Frederick J. Jr. -84 Moore, Lynda Ellen-72, 236, 296, 378 Moore, Richard Carson -95 Moore, Thomas Jerry- 64 Moore, William A. Jr. -299 Moore, William Bruce- 84, 134 Morgan, Jeanette Pauline-304 Morgan, 'John Richard -72, 256 Morgan, Mona Ruth Otto-72, 304 Morgan, Terry Tillman -84, 268 Moronko, Robert Emmett-72 Morris, Farrell-218 Morris, Robert-84 Morriss, Judy Ann-115, 152, 242 Morse, Dan Earl-85, 286, 299 Morse, William D. Jr.- 93 Morton, James Edward -53 Moser, Cecil Allen-72 Mostert, Jeanie Marie- 53 Motley, Jerry Stanley- 201 Moynahan, Joeann E. Musey-296 Mraz, Don Ray-53 Mueller, Roland Norman -85 Mulholand, John Knox- 304 Mulkey, Owen Roger- 85, 275, 279 Mullen, Marge-308 Mullinax, Bobby Eugene -290 Mullins, Don Ray-321 Mullins, James Thomas -95 Mulvey, Edward Johnson -64 Muniz, Ben-299 Munn, Neill-85 Munoz, Fred Jr.-54 Murphy, Eileen Michaela-24-4 Student Index Murphy, James Oresta Jr.-95, 288 Murphy, June Rankin- 287 Murphy, Mary Shawn- 58, 211, 239 Murghy, Paul Clarence - 5 Murray, Jerome Gordon -214, 215, 216 Murray, Owen Francis- 298 Musemeche, Bobby Joe -64 Musgrove, Robert G.- 72 Mustachia, Michael-64 Nadcgney, Frank Edward - 5 Nalinkanti, Dacal-293 N arasimham, Musti Appala-92 Narayan, Lagisetty A.- 203 Nasler, Neil R.-293 Neblett, Carl Burton- 85 Necessary, Morgan D.- 54 Neel, Ronald James-72 Neese, Charles Lee-298 Neibel, J ohn-288 Nelkin, Benard-72, 294 Ga Lewis- Nelson, ry 307, 341, 343 Nelson, James W.-72 Nelson, Roanne S.-64 Nelson, Robert Neal-72 Nelson, Thomas Gorden Jr.-85 Nemore, Arnold Lawrence-285 Nester, Charles Albert- 95, 288 Nevitt, James Bowling Jr.-54, 290 Newbern, Arthur Lawrence-72, 262 Newby, Julie Attebury- 54 Newcomb, Marshall Jr. -262 Newell, Jimmie Dav-id Jr. -92, 298 Newman, Arlene Marie -64, 246, 297 Newman, Katherine Dwight-72 Newton, Freddie Julian -85 Nicholas, Clyde Lee Jr. -230 Nicholas, Nickie Lee- 85 Nichols, Jane Allen-64 Nichols, Simeon Eugene -64, 290 Nicholson, Nelda V.- 297 Niedecken, Patsy Carroll -64, 206 Nirschl, Bette Carpenter -72 Nitsch, Patrick Andrew -64, 258 Nivens, Rolf Eugene-54 Nixon, Clarence E. Jr.- 85, 286, 299 Noble, Dan-266 Noble, Noble, 264 Nolan, Brooks Robert- 229 Noles, William Joseph- 138, 214 Norman, Lloyd Eugene Jr.-54 Norris, James Author- 261, 313 Norris, Jan Douglas-72 Norwood, Lloyd Paul- 211, 256 Nossaman, Elmer Lee- 298 Nott, Nancy Diane-64, 128, 242 Novy, Louis John Jr.- 85 Nowakowski, Harry S.- 85, 211 Noxon, Jay Scott-229 Nunn, Norman Russell- 95 Oberg, Oma Adele-95 O'Brien, David Ebaugh Ill-206 O'Dowd, John Emmett Jr.-92 Ofiel, Nancy Carolyn- 85 Ogden, Gerald David- 279 OJLCHTY, Jolm Henry- 541 Oleckniche, Peter Carl- 283 54, 206, 289 Olive, James Smith-299 Oliver, Chester Lee-54, 333 Olsen, Peter Richard- 85 Olsovsky, Willie Herbert -85 O'Neal, Barbara Jean Gay-72 O'Neill, Michael John- 206, 211, 299 Ortego, Robert Anthony -85 Osborne, Irene Marie- 85 O'Sullivan, Sheila Mme -146, 228, 235, 236 owne, Roy-129, 273, 301 Overall, Miller B. Jr.- 85, 254, 303 Overton, Aaron Lewis Jr. -72, 211, 218, 295 Owen, John P.-291 Owens, Erve Adrin-280 Owesne, Jack Arthur II -54 Palm, Lee Allen-278 Palmberg, Kenneth Arnold-85 Palmer, Lucille-85, 203 Palmer, Patricia Diane- 64, 215 Palmer, Raymond William-64 Gary Bob-85 Stephen Hall- Palombizio, Daniel Harry -32 6, 332 Pang, Edward William- 64 Papavasiliou, Anastasios -279 Parker, Erin Alicia-72, 239 Parker, Gerald Womack -85 Parker, James Rodger- 54 Parker, Raymond Eugene-85 Parker, Richard Lee Jr. -54 Parkhurst, James Earl- 64-, 256 Parkman, Huey Paul- 85, 279 Parnell, Troy Ray-85 Parr, Bennett Ivy-85 Parrish, Hairy Allen- 54 Parsons, James Kirkland -298 Parten, Harry Sloss-85, 276 Patrick, John Brack-95 Patronella, Jolm- 152, 207, 292 Patterson, Erin Kay-64 Patterson, Jack-256 Patterson, Jon Martin- 266 Patterson, Mike-136 Patterson, Robert Lee- 72 Pavey, Eugene Baker- 85, 230, 234 Pavlich, J im-254 Pawlik, Ronald Clifton -72, 254 Peabody, Nan Carol-54, 126, 236, 379 Pearlman, Ronald Edmond-54 Peavy, Massey Leroy- 95 Peebles, Karan Niena- 54 Peebles, Theo Lee-54 Pelham, Royce-54 Peltier, -230 Pena, Enrique Horacio- 95 Maurice Carrol Pena, Nicomedes-86 Pendergraft, Robert Carl -276 Penn, Edwin Eugene- 270 Pentz, Robert H. Jr.- 203, 291 Peoples, Whead Cordon -86, 129 Perdue, Jim Mac-72 Perriraz, William Ernest -86 Perry, Oliver Weldon- 295 Peschel, Jo Ann-64, 296 Peters, Bob Ray-341 Petersen, Donnie David -72 Petersen, Maurice Leroy -282 Peterson, Charles P.- 14-0 HOUSTON LANGHAM, LANGSTON P1AT'QN4L' E615 BURNETT s. DYER Since I876 Member FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Insurance Counselors YOU NEVER OUTGROW YOUR NEED FOR MILK ' DRINK THREE GLASSES EVERY DAY .gud 721:14 . U 3700 Mon'rrose Boulevard Producers Association HOUSTCNI TEXAS ROY E. SMITH UNcIerwoocI I-3I23 General Manager P.O. Box 76I7 Hous+on 7, Texas Congmtulcztzons cmd Best Wishes to the Class of '60 WE WELCOME YOU TO THE FUTURE ouR 4IST YEAR In W OF Pnoomsss .L gills' ufacturer of Quality Oil Field Tools and B A A S H - R O S S SION OF JOY MANUFACTURING COMP General OfF1ces: Houston, Texas PEDEN IRON gl CACTUS Petroleum, Inc. 360I Brock Slreer STEEL CO. Serving Houston Over MISSION 4-5I5I 69 Years Congrotulates the University "I-IousIon's Own Finishing School" ' 'Fashion 'Ph I' h' on Its RapId Progress ,Television ,Ming-TP 'C Personal AI'I'en+ion Wilh A Q, Your Individual Problem nn WHOLESALE HARDWARE Training Agency . 44' 4, INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES Ja 9-2535 Ja 2-0740 I-M s'rx:,r:l. co.w- Q! 'Mid I I 7oo N. san .Iacin+0 CA 2-2I2I Qflfldemle 0 C Qfmq I207 LoveH Blvd. and m0G'Pf1"1g Housron 6, Texas Food for the Cougars . . . SLATER is privileged Io serve S+udenI's and 'faculry a+ Ihe Uni- versiI'y of Houslon and a+ I28 olher leading colleges in America. While 'rhere is no cooking like Mo+her's, SLATER s'I'rives Io ma'I'cl1 Ihose delicious home meals borh in 'Ias'Ie and nu'I'ri+ion. - Tl. l S LA I E R , rooo SERVICE MANAGEMENT . . - PHILADELPHIA . ATLANTA NEW YORK . CHICAGO . BALTIMORE . LOS ANGELES xx X N XR The Pipe +0 BUY Is API L. L. RIDGWAY co., INC. 6I5 Caroline S+. 3800 Greenbrier CompIimen+s ATLAS PIPE INC. B k +h Hous'Ion-Corpus CI'Iris'Ii-Tulsa an of e SOUMWGSI Arcade CA 8-23II WAUKESHA ARCHITECTURAL AND ENGINEERING SUPPLIES PPS+ Office BOX 35068 MATERIALS AND EQUIPMENT HOUSTON 35 AMERICAN TITLE GUARANTY CO. HARRIS COUNTY ABSTRACT CO. Established I885 P HOUSTON. TEXAS Compliments of . . . IP ':lT EQ Electrical and ' Chemical Processes and Processing Equipment for treating petroleum I ancl petroleum products "YOUR BUS RIDE- THE BIGGEST BARGAIN IN TOWN HOUSTON TRANSIT COMPANY xl' 'M' ix 1, E gg 1 We, T: T Stand WMM 5 D pn +i g M x , x S l"l xv' ll' U C .I WALLACE M DUPLICATOR COMPANY 3202 Soiwnagii 'l'iA:'Amut 6-7431 I4I4 FANNIN STREET-HousToN 2 TEXAS i Telephone Capitol 2-2273 COMPLIMENTS OF YOUR TEXACO DEALER I WN I . --4'A'--V:-:-:-:-:-:-:-z1:1:1::.g itj DEE BRASS FOUNDRY, INC. Qi95'I'I'.?.'!Z Q llngilllam ll5:3l'l'Y BRASS, BRONZE. ALUMINUM CASTINGS 2408 EvereH' S+. Phone CA 2-627I HAWKINS AND HAWKINS OIL 6922 Alder b SI'ree'I HOUSTON 36, TEXAS Complete loan Servlce C o m m e r c I a I R e s I d e n I' I a I I I1 d U 5 I " I C I Modernlzatlon BETTES COMPANY B I Q 20 Financing Community Development I 0 The ei es Buildin , 1 Main Street 'WESSENDORFF NELMS 8. CO. QuaIiI'y Tool Suppliers for Home, Shop, IncIusI'ry 5535 HARVEY WILSON DR. AVALON DRUG COMPANY 25I8 KIRBY DR. JA 9-9I36 "Serving SOuThwesT I-IOusTOn" QuaIi'I'y - Convenience - Cour'I'esy PROMPT DELIVERY . I-IOUSTON'S HOME OF , III Z" I To Ihgesallzlstis I96O ? . MAS-I-I C Um -Isp? TILE CORPORATION 'B - if! 3 :I OF AMERICA WIIZIIIQ p pi II' 5200 POsT Oak MOhawIc 4-344I . I' II I HOUSTON 5, TEXAS mas Martay Packing HAHN 81 CLAY Company, Inc. Turbine and Machinery Repairs PURVEYORS OF AMERICAS FINEST BEEF . . Pressure Vessel Fabricafors NAGLE . CA 2-998 I 5IO0 CLINTON DRIVE HOUSTON 3. TEXAS It has been a pleasure to serve you. - HOUSTON'S "ADVENTURE" MAP SPONSORS THE HAlVlROCK HILTO Q H' gg THE CHARCOAL TERRACE fl THE PINE RooM lReasonable Prices, the Best in Foodl Om Am 74 Snake" 1 k ENGRAVING COMPANY P 0 B 14484 7010 Ardmore Street H I T CONGRATULATIONS on anofher eclucafional year com- plefedl Sfar Engraving Company, for fhe pasi 38 years, has been serving schools ihroughoui +l1e soufln and sou+hwes'f. We are more +l1an appreciaiive for 'Phe business you have 'Favorecl us in 'Hue pasi' and we will sincerely aim fo confinue +o offer you +l1e finesf service in flue years +0 come. CLASS RINGS DIPLOMAS HOUS-I-C3210 CENTER ANNOUNCEMENTS i:nEOm2"O'zuLa'i'srL:ifEaE szsiifo Shop QPQTIQ i3gS,413jg7gOkgg131jgt'mS Large emu S by Reservafions ffrophies Furnisiied for Large Groups, HOUSTON, TEXAS RESIDENTIAL BROWSE Hour ll Vklovy Monvmsfvt 0 BuHov'c Bayou u Jefhwcn Oavix ,ima . Mm sgr rm . 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Houston 0 Congping 0 Swimming 0 H5901 Siiigg 0 Sdllj ing ii Demyan Puri. s Picrwh Arms a Pub- lic Bom Lendmg o Southern Perla Grav- fvy Yards Wdggw-g -JV: bswfi. Tera? 101594, 86 51'5ia'5or :GEEK tow. Soc map for shaver alnmoh mail. ,M f 5 I it Y s:w"" i ,W . ., ef' .5 0194? Qff' ' F , X, lE at fl , ri , ,f 3 -Y- ,.fC":j1jlL 5221 fy-if N M uucun vuovosunnu .up 5 .W Q " X1 .HILIV --W V 1 1 . if' 335 f Y 4 A ' 'm , -. 'x -, A el'-" X ff 11 'ig ,V wr M ' ' 'P' if E . fix V 4, A , A if tl' .514 Tj A ' -K 5 F' ' ig 'S ' B wx. ,Xb ., I' 'f .l I' . fr 4' .X--X 1 - I EQ: ,A E Lk,V I - I- Y A as W X' 'Ia' A fs.: :Tw '1 ' - - 'I x QS - Nr W 1 , :Qs-'Ji +. - k T5 3 ' lifilfi lg 'L ' f ' ' ' A V: ig :LLP gi . - 2 1 ,Lx X ' -W' x 4 Q M' ..,,gg,F,L, 44 IBPUIO-iIiAl 'l1 Peterson, Monica Ann- 246 Peterson, William T. Jr. -86 Petrocelli, Neil Anthony -86 Pettigrew, Linda Daphene-54 Pettit, Doug-262 Petty, Bobby Lee-64 Petty, Carol Ann-72, 204 Philip, Sara Ann-64 Philips, Charles Henry- 54 Phillips, Dorothy Ann- 146, 250 Phillips, Gary A.-58, 252, 264, 324, 328, 329 Phillips, Harry Calvin- 92 Phillips, M. Lynn Morelan-86 Phiuips, Thelma-294 Pickett, Milton H.-86 Pickard, Barbara-148 Pieratt, William H. Jr. --264 Pierce, Thomas James- 316 Pierce, William Elmore -54, 203 Pingenot, Marie Jeannine-54-, 215 Pinkston, Joe Dan-299 Piper, Joan J eanette-72, 217, 298 Piperi, Adrian James- 86, 258 Pirtle, Lawrence James -266 Pittman, Nina Judith- 64, 127, 242 Pittman, Sandra Kay- 75, 86, 137, 210, 217, 24-5 Pitzer, Raymon Knox- 64- Plasek, Larry Elmo-64 Pledger, Linda Joyce- 64, 137 Podsednik, Daniel Frank -86, 258 Podsednik, David Leo- 258 Polakoff, Judy Beverly- 86 Pollak, Kathleen Ann- l17, 138, 247 Pomonis, Robert George -72 Ponce, Benjamin Humberto-86 Poncik, Freddie Simon- 86 Porter, Nancy Lee-64, 211 Potcinske, Hilmer Lee- 306, 307, 317 Potter, Norma Rae-73, 137, 246 Poulos, Ann A.-64 Pouncy, Howard Douglas -54 Powell, Ernest M. Jr.- 86 Powell, Thomas Churchill - 135, 210, 264- Pratt, Robert J ames-86 Student Index Presley, Adrian Eugene -73 Presswood, Johnnie C.- 86 Price, Henry Winton- 86, 285 Prince, Jerry Allen-54 Pring, Barbara Jane- 296 Pryor, Mary F. Scruggs -73 Pryzant, Frank Seymour -64+ Pyle, Benjamin Malrey -86, 285, 291 Pyle, Joe Winford-86 Pyle, Margaret Helen- 544, 248 Quarles, Richard C. Jr. -541 Quiroz, Blanche-86 Quitter, James Moses- 277 Radexnacher, Jon Aron- 73, 264- Rainey, John Edward- 64 Raleigh, Carl-331 Ramer, Charles Edwin -92 Ramer, Ray Emory- 137, 229 Rankin, Donna Stokes- 86 Rankin, George John- 338 Ransdell, William T.- 73 Ransopher, Lewis Bassett-96 Rapp, Edgar Arthur Jr. -278, 282 Rasch, Hans Gustav-73, 289 Rash, Shelby Winifred Jr.-54, 286 Rash, Suzanne Emerson -64 Rattz, Jim-262 Ray, Carl Lynn-96 Ray, Dorothy Kathleen -54- Ray, Edward Allen-279 Ray, Virginia R. Taylor -54 Ready, Milton Laverne -86, 232, 234 Reamer, Ralph Eugene -303 . Reavis, William Dean- 73, 218, 295 Reber, Nelson Jay-298 neck, Jerry-86, 211, 256 Reck, Tommy Stokes- 91, 257 Redden, John Ira Jr.- 55 Rednick, Aleene Muriel R.-226 Reed, Ann-86, 24-9 Reed, Helen Sue-64, 211 Reed, Randell Ned-266 Reed, Robert Edwin-86 Reed, Victor Vifquinne -264 Reeder, Barbara Nann- 55, 248 Reedy, Richard Lee-96, 288 Reese, Donald Carroll- 86, 262 Reese, John Olan-65 Reeves, Carole Anne- 24-8 Reeves, Jean Ann-242 Reeves, Judy Earlene- 110, 117, 246 Register, Thomas Edward-86 Rehfield, Fred Alvin- 55 Reich, Charles Joel-86 Reidmiller, Dennis Sneed -299 Reiff, Joan Kay-73, 291 Reindl, Meyer Evans- 87 Rembert, Michael David -211, 252, 266 Renfrew, Jacquelyn J.- 73 Restivo, Linda Jean-55, 218 Reynolds, Daphne Anne -55 Reynolds, Fred Moore- 87 Reynolds, Fulton Kearney-285 Reynolds, Howard Elton -262 Rhea, Joe Dale Jr.-55 Rhodes, Bumis Marie K. -87 Rice, Charles Myron- 65 Rice, Frank Bourland- 87 Rice, Harry Lynn-276 Rich, Frances E. Whitaker-87 Rich, Mary Rose-55 Richardson,..Alice R. M. -87 Richardson, Patsy Irene -117 Richardson, William E. -65 Richter, Robert Edwin- 206 Richter, Susan Det-65 Rieke, Marian Jean-73 Rieves, Charles Emest- 318, 323 Riha, Ellery Robert-232 Ring, Robert HI-55, 206 Ripkowski, Gerald James -313, 315 Ristau, Dora Lee-248 Ristau, William Tonn-- 229 Rittenhouse, William L. -87, 277 Ritter, Paula Alexandra -248 Rivero, Ramon T.-280 Rix, Jerry Lee-73, 208, 210, 278, 282 Robbins, Billy Jack-55 Roberson, John Lane- 87 Robert, Ernest Omega- 211, 285 Roberts, Delene Ruth- 65 Roberts, James Edward -55 Robertson, Henry Muir -65 Robertson, Nancy S.- 211, 244, 377 Robin, Allan Maynard- 55, 200, 211 Robinson, Barbara Ruth -65 Rodriguez, Charlie V.- 87 Rogers, Charles Farmer -273 Rogers, Mildred Ann- 65 Rogers, Philip Allen-87 Rogers, Roy Talbert Jr. -288 Rohrer, Diane Curry-73 Rolak, Gilbert Arnold- 87 Romans, Edward Louis -65 Romine, Dorothy Anne -250 Rosen, Alan David-300 Rosen, Martin-260 Ross, Avis Marie R.-87, 228 Ross, Billy I.-283 Ross, Dart Thomas-65 Ross, Fred Jasper-55 Rothermel, Dorothy-287 Rothery, Robert Keith- 14-7 Rothrum, Patricia Let- 55, 104, 146, 232, 24-6, 377 Rottenhouse, W. L.-277 Rountree, Gaynor Ray- 87 Rowell, Walton Douglas -210 Roxburgh, Charles D.- 73, 207, 274, 278, 280 Rubin, Gail David-55 Rudewig, Barbara Johnson-65, 206 Ruhling, Billy Bernard -55, 256 Runnels, Robert Clayton -87 Rushing, David Murrell -55 Rusler, Byron Kay-87 Russell, Brenda Jean- 55 Russell, Donald Gail-65 Russell, James Benjamin -298 Russell, Mary E. Morris -287 Ruthven, Hugh Duncan -87 Rutledge, Earl Read- 55 Sabir, Kadhim Banilam F.-73 Saccar, Angelita Morales -87 Sacharieff, Jordan-275 Sadler, Stephen Van-55 Saenz, Robert-136 Saito, Masahisa-87 sajjaai, Parviz'S.-92 Salerno, Charles Stephen -73 Salinas, Julio Hiram-87 Sander, Lawrence Weldon-55 Sanders, Donald Leroy- 87 Sanders, Robert Eugene -92 Sanders, Robert Irvin- 312 Sanders, Ronald Wayne ,-256 Sandy, Phyllis Ann-55 Sanford, Janelle - 117, 122 Santos, Albert Thom as -283 Saragusa, Sophie Mae- 242, 287 Sarao, Anthony Joseph -55 Satterwhite, Martha Jo -55 Saucillo, Rudolph-96, 288 Sawicki, Michael John 87 Sawyer, John Milton- 87 Sawyer, Robert John- 55 Scajaerve, Anders Gustav-293 Scanlan, James Edward Jr.-288 Schadel, Charles H. Jr. -203 Schadel, Theodore Arthur-87 Schaerve, Guston-278 Scharlach, Llewelyn Joan-65, 206, 246 Schenk, Hildegarde-236 Scherer, -206, Schiano, Schifani, 65 Schisler, James Murray 300 Chuck-258 Stephen B.-- Bryan Lawrence - 328, 329, 330 Schjaerve, Anders Gustav-87, 203, 211 Schneider, Billie Janeen -65, 218, 244 Schneider, Charles F. III-87, 14-2, 229, 284, 297 Schoenfield, Sandra A. -152, 393 209, 211, 251, Schott, August Nelson- 65 Schrakamp, J. N--266 Schratwieser, John C.- 288 Schuhmann, Jon Edward -55 Schulte, Herbert L.-55 Schultz, Alton Kenneth -88 Schultz, Richard W. lr. -200 Schultz, William Melvin -96 Schumacher, Clifford Jr. -290 Schuster, Walter Lee- 87, 274, 275 Schutze, Carol Ann-73, 24-1 Schwartz, Robert F.-73, 282 Scott, Harry Kenneth- 261 Scott, Peter Jerome-65 Scott, 88 Thomas Merle- Seale, Jerry Franklin- 55 Searle, Harry Kyle-96 Sedotal, Royce Leon-96 Segal, Allen Jack-206 Self, Harold Donald-88 Semander, Lawrence-55 Semian, John Joseph- 320 Sepulvador, Billy Joe- 88 Sessions, Donald Irvin- 319 Settoon, Claiborne B.- 55 Sewell, Harvey Wilson Jr.-73 Sewell, Richard Francis -262 Seymour, Mignon Louise -56, 283 Seymour, Tommie L. Watson-73 Shackelford, George Y. Jr.-294 Shackett, Thomas Charles-56 Shah, Anil K. Kantilal -293 Shah, B. G.-293 Shannon, James Winfred -73 Shannon, Mary Beth- 250 Shapiro, Suzanne M.- 283 Sharpe, Anne-236, 301 Sharpe, Milburne C.- 92 Shaver, Oliver Roy-111, 117 Shaw, Anie K.-278 Shaw, Stephen Lee-73 Shearer, Thomas William -270 Sheeran, Sandra Jane- 65 Sheffield, Herman E. Jr. -88, 275 Sheffield, Opal Melton -88 Shelton, Otho Dwayne- 285 Shenton, Helen Elizabeth -248, 249 Shepherd, Donald Wright-261 Shepherd, Richard Earl -92 Sherrill, Pat William- 56 Shields, Jacqueline-14-5, 298 . Shiloff, Rochelle Faye- 56, 201 Shira, Linda Diane-206, 246 Shoemaker, Leroy Jr.- 73 Shook, Jan Joseph-211, 286, 299 Student Index Shook, Robert Lee-56 Shoup, Allene Holman- 88 Shows, Gerald Coy-278 Shull, Wesley Neal-73, 224-, 227, 294 Shults, Tommy Arlen- 88 Shaman, Susan Myra- 56 Shumway, Larry Richard -88, 274, 278 Shyrock, Bert Leroy Jr. -73, 232 Sibert, Sue Lynne C.- 88 Sicola, Sammy William -65 Siecko, Fred J ames-214 Silva, Solomon B.-88 Silverman, David Victor -73, 260 Simar, Patrick Gaston- 56 Sinmxons, Arthur Barlow -65, 206, 211, 252, 258 Simmons, Clarence Eugene-88 Simmons, Ellen Francis -218 Simon, Carolyn Ellen- 201 Simons, Harry F. ll-73 Simons, Janet A. Cronk -88 Simpson, Albert Dee III -73 Simpson, John Philip- 88 Sims, Bertie Adele-56, 238 Sims, John Andrew Jr.- 73 Sims, Judith Ann-56, 250 Sinclair, William S. III -73 Sincox, David Robert- 73 Singley, Lloyd Edward -73 Sirman, John Myrtis- 88, 299 Sitton, Charles Howard -265 Sjogren, Cora N. Worthy -65, 301 Skinner, Alonzo Jerry- 88, 276 Skinner, William Langdon-304 Slaten, Stanley-293 Slaughter, Thomas Weir -65, 203 Slayton, Mary Burem- 73 Sledge, Earl Vechal-299 Sloan, Judith Ann-56, 304 Sloan, Julius John III- 214 Slough, Darrel Gene- 73, 303 Slover, Ira Nathan-291 Smith, Audra-140 Smith, 242, Smith, Bonnie Lynn-46, 377 Donna Lee-65 Smith, Ford Jr.-65 Smith, Gene Fayette- 203 Smith, J. AD.-288 Smith, James Wilbert- 280 Smith, Johnny Gordon-- 65 Smith, Joyce Marie-74 Smith, Norman Eugene -88 Smith, Ronald Glenn- 88, 234- Smith, Scott-297 Smith, Thomas Day-299 Snow, Rosemary-65 30 Solar, Henry-88 Solis, Frances Boogher R.-88 Sollie, Beverly Ann-88 Solomon, Mendel Steven -283 Sorrell, William Harold -254 Sortin, Francis Fredrick -298 Soudbakhsh, Mohammed S.-88 Soward, Norman Carroll -299 Sparks, Garland C. Jr.- 278 Spears, Mark-268 Speights, Nelwyn Lee- 65 Spence, Lynn Edwin- 56 Spencer, Barbara Louise -56, 236 Spieldenner, Gerald L.- 277 Spillars, Billie Marie- 56, 24-8 Spitz, Phillip Adolph- 289 Spradling, Jack Leroy- 88 Spriggs, Jesse Charles- 229 Spurlock, James Herschel-304 Spurlock, Riley Ward- 88 Squires, Gladys Wright -88 Stahl, Elsie Roberta- 88, 301 Stair, Robert Yocum- 74' Stallings, Carmen B.- 204, 292 Stallings, Robert Allen 96 Stamos, Chris Nick-277 Standafer, Betty Jean- 206 Stanley, Russel Morlan -211, 292 Staples, Winfred Ann- 250 Stark, Jack Theodore- 212, 288 Starke, Jewel Virginia- 56 Steen, Wiley Hall Jr.- 280 Stein, Lee Charles Jr.- 65 Stephen, Melvileen Zee -56, 57 Stephens, Charles David -65 Sterling, Peggy Ann-65, 248, 249, 300 Sternenberg, James Earl -278 Sternenberg, Robert E. -56 Stevens, Gus Alfred-56 Stevens, Harriette Marie -238, 271 Stevenson, George H. Jr. -265 Stewart, Ellsworth R. Jr. 5, -56, 256 y 50 Stigaard, Paul William- ' 298 Stiles, Richard J im-89 Stilling, Walter Harold -89 Stipanovic, Richard M. -89 Stoeve, Fred Alarcon- 293 Stokes, Norris Albert- 89 Stonestreet, Charles R.- 65 Storenski, John Philip- , 259 Story, Robert Carlton- 270 Stovzglg, William Alonzo Strader, John Leslie- 256 Strahan, Nelson-89, 276 Strickler, Kent Dawson -268 Strong, Don Alan-56, 265 Stroud, Freddie Lee- 278, 282 Strybos, Robert Karl- 288 Stuart, Luis Labon-89 Stubbs, Susan Little- 301 Studstill, Pat Lewis Jr. -318, 320 Suchma, James Howard -74, 276 Sullivan, Billie Ruth-56 Sullivan, Charles P.-74 Sullivan, Deene-256 Sullivan, Sharon Grace- 74, 236, 24-4- Suttles, Joseph Calvert- 89, 275 Sutton, Jack Roger-74 Sutton, Lester Earl-89, 285 Swanson, Wanda Joy H. -206, 300 Swihart, Bruce Arlen- 56 Swope, James Robert- 56, 333 Szathma1'Y, Joseph Alex -74, 258, 276 Tabor, Benny Wayne- 262 Talley, Eddie Carl-65, 299 Tamborello, Charles J .- 276 Tamborello, John David -276 Tanner, Carlos Dean-89 Tarpey, Thomas A.-89 Tatar, Leonard Blair- 96, 288 Tavora, Octavio Juarez- 56 Taylor, Barbara P. Bier -304- Taylor, Edward C.-92 Taylor, George Harvey Jr.-74 Taylor, Katherine-292 Taylor, Kenneth Orlen- 66 Taylor, Laura Mae-206, 246, 247 Taylor, Robert Allen- 280 Teague, Marvin Odell- 288 Tempero, Nancy Carol- 56, 217, 248 Temple, Merle Ellen-66 Templeton, Earl Wayne 74- Tench, Richard John-89 Tench, Rowland Brian W.-89, 200, 203, 285 Terence, Jack Josey-89 Teggill, Richard Bruce- Thangsuphanich, T.-89 Tharp, Bob-266 Thieme, Larry Evcrette 56. 256 A Thomas, Donna Lou-301 Thomas, James Henry- 234, 290 Thomas, Murphy Lee- 327 Thomas, Robert Lavcrl- 66, 290 Thompson, Edward Jolm -66, 258 Thompson, Hugh Delane -66 Thompson, Joseph Reid -291 Thompson, Mary Lee- 200 Thompson, Mary Lee Byers-74 Thompson, Terry Pat- 209, 211, 292 Thompson, Tommy Dean -89, 327 Thomsen, William Ernest-56 Thomson, Thomas George-265, 343 Thornburg, James Dan- 89 Thornton, Edward William-66, 273 Thorson, Douglas-291 Thuesen, Edwin Earl- 56, 290 Thurman, Richard Lee- 265, 331 Tiemann, Erwin Fritz Jr. -89 Tillman, Marion I.-285 Tinkler, Barrie Keith- 294- Tinsley, James-144 Tobey, Cordon Lee-56 Todd, Janice Ann-89 Todd, Joe Lee-89 Todd, Patricia Ann-74, 203 Toland, Frank Marshall -74 Toler, William Deroma -89 Tolsky, Noel-228 Toubin, Charles Irving- 285 Townley, Kathryn Lee- 238 Townsend, Oliver lrving -268 Trapolino, Joseph L. Jr. -56, 258 Travis, Mary-287 Trotter, Frederick J. Jr. -89 Trube, Jane Meredith- 226, 283 Truxillo, Sandy Julian- 89, 258 Tsiaperas, Solon A.-89 Tucker, Jon Franklin- 66 Tuffli, Norman Richard -265, 327, 331 Tullos, Bobby G.-89 Tumlin, Cecil Edward Jr.-56 Turner, Emerson Haskell -292, 304 Turner, Ralph Ceylon Jr. -75, 89, 111, 115, 269 Tussing, Judith Eileen- 140, 232, 393 Twelves, Roy Ashworth -56 Tynan, Ann Therese- 217 Tyree, Robert A.-280 Underwood, Claire E.- 89, 241 Urbantke, Irwin Arthur -291 Usseiy, James Monroe- 74 Uzzle, Don Clayton-66 Valdee, Armando-298 Valez, Armando-293 Valles, Merrie Ann-66, 246, 297 Vamvakias, Nick Athanas-56 Vance, Mack Oliver-57 Vaneaton, Diane Adrienne-66, 211, 242 Vaneman, Stuart Currin -262 Vannorman, Linn-230, 262 Vansickle, Sharon Armita-90 Vanzant, Thomas J. 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H.- 293 Zamora, Francisco Javier -70 Zarley, Kermit M. Jr.- 57 Zatopek, Thomas Jerry- 57 Zedler, Zoe Ann-57 Zidell, Harvey Robert- 74, 201 Zievert, Thomas John- 57 Zindler, Udith Annette -57 Zingler, Ervin K.-291 Zuckero, George Nicholas-203, 214 TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "Tha Wnvld'l hu Vuvhaoh Am hylul mn f L... r. ..m- ,-U, .v..- : YM , ..,s,,?! A I w V0 Q P 5 4 A K 1 r 1 , -r , N 'N , , P L J 1 X 7 I ,.,,., .... -,,...,.Y.,kY:+g.-, ,Lv ,..--11.1-M: . , . . .wh 1 -.fa ,..v- ' 'lx-v , 2 ,J 5 . ' 1 , ' , . ,-::,2.f' ' ' , -: ' , " ' 'IM ., . x V ' , E Q 1 A - . . 9 , j ' .. ' - ,. if . V , 1' ,,., , ,, Y .L -, 1 ,,, ., K , , ,,.Y .. , Y - -M ,M Y. , ,,- - ,- ,, -J , ., ,. NN-. , .- V .- .-QM- .--....-HL-.. -.-..a-

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