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W xx ij K 1. 2 X 74a F759 Qfawzfmzw qfavcdflcw 7104-Qian, 76144 4 5 Wim, . ' f , Nas, , '47 fb. X 'ny Qs, J? ,K ,W -4 Q My ' K w, ,7f"k W 4' . 'Q 1, .f 'ey ,sf A ki' ,, J 'Sy run 1 ,, 'Ui' ". Q 1' 1. uf w if -r f ,FV , gd K ,- ar' ' - 1 "5 , . in J 'nm A , J 1 4 1 - ,F 5' . "N 4,4 z ,i . N 'af "Urs 44 Q vi' f ."'1: '1ff"m, 5ifW A M .V , , M f k h .mv .V .5 w dir? ?W.1,1M,'ltf1i3 Sufi V 'MW' in :fi ' J? 1, ' fs li, an ,N ,Tzu ,, A 5 mf. 5 , n V ' W. wb, 1' t me . I' 'T 'Q f A ,'ff',g 1 M U G l 'l.'J- ' ' v W 2,251 A ' . by 'S , ,, ii. ' , , . 11 w wx! 1245 ,iv vm iw-,:,J1,,,,y, ww-ww . . . mwl, , "'+H"HiF3'f'lWW34 L.,' '. w 'nl ,+L ,' .1 A A 'X" l fiwiffiii I ,q by Q Aw mf ' ,Q b 'f 'b -9 A ' .,'-T-,vpn j:',5gi",,, pwg, s I Mr 1,511 -H X f,,L+n4, ,f -'e 4"w':"',,, - , 7 , ,i ,, g , f V f Jw' f ' ,I -' if mg ,L x ,, , ,. 'a E4 w,JeffiA QT? I M , , Q ' f, J ' ' 1 , , , , , . , A f 1' '- Q f P M - 2 ,I f N f . ,,v-yiffff Ms f ,wzffgw-ww,f1--,. fc ' -. N , ff,-, "1 ,,, ' f. 2' .1 W' 9 if' ff wif: ,L L ,Nw f ww! . I, f , W- f , 'f 5. fr aff . ' -, I , ,MN WE! w-vf'?Tf" " LZ ' JQi'Gn+J'iffv1'-'Pl - ' , , j, I, T Lk I fl 1 1 5 E JJ , f, ' W, J - ,iff 1 ' 3 ft UF' , if ' ' M HU iw 1LfgflflWxg" Z 1 4- 3 1 P ,A f 1 " 0 ' s f r, mrifz' , TT 'L ' fw' .27 .f 7- , 1 Vi Wada Zdazu-av JUNE DOMINY, Associate Editor, Fall SUE SWITZER, Associate Editor, Spring MILDRED DUELBERG, Associate Editor, Spring Aleene Rednick, Advertising Manager Jerry Eagleson, Class Editor Cathy Young and Tommy Heck, Organizations Editors Toni Triolo, Index Editor Willis Webb, Sports Editor Don Whiteley, Outstanding Students Editor Rose Corder Danny Evans Judy Jones Tom Powell Ann Roxburgh Wayne Scott Meredith Trube Doug Uzzell Staff Artist, Harris Milam Photographers : Roy Arnold Barry Beckmann Robert Foretich Ted Johnson Tommy lVlcElhinney Bob Rogers Bill Skinner MRS. RUTH S. WIKOFF L. S. HCHIEFH MITCHELL DR. CHARLES F. HILLER To the Educators who have spent a quarter century at the University of Houston, we dedicate this 1959 HOUS- TONIAN. The persons pictured on these pages have had the privilege of seeing the Uni- versity grow and develop into the great institution of higher learning that it is today. In turn, the University is privileged to have been shaped by the minds and hearts of such a devoted group. FREDERIC W. BROWNE MRS. BESSIE M. EBAUGH C. F. McELHINNEY The 1937 HOUSTONIAN dedication reads: In a spirit of wonder and humility, looking back with thankfulness to the past decade of struggle for collegiate recognition, and with pride at the state recognized university of to- day, we look forward with hope into the future when our beloved institution shall become truly great, and hereby dedicate this Annual to the ALV-'X In REEBOK Spirit of the future Great University of Houmn. MRS. LILLIAN L. WARREN Because we feel that the University has reached the above-spoken-of plateau of greatness, We, as the Spirit of the Great University of Houston acknowl- edge the 1937 dedication to us, and We, in turn, dedicate this book to the Spirit of the future Greater DR' JOSEPH S' WERLIN University of Houston. DR. LOUIS KESTENBERG WARREN A. REES MISS ZELDA L. OSBORNE Page FOREWORD 7 HISTORY 10 ADMINISTRATION 19 7444! - Zalman 1, ,4 ' COLLEGE LIFE 42 SPORTS 132 Mmm - Daman II , ,4 GRADUATE CLASS 193 SENIOR CLASS 197 .IUNIOR CLASS 214 SOPHOMORE CLASS 225 FRESHMAN CLASS 236 Spfuug - Dwauzw III , PROMINENT CAMPUS PERSONALITIES 266 Miss Houstonian 267 Vanity Fair Beauties and Favorites 269 Best Dressed Coed 283 Homecoming Queen 284 Outstanding Students 285 A11-American 296 Honorees 297 ORGANIZATIONS 299 INDEX AND ADVERTISING 416 N -Y' .Z ini 5 i ' i5 1 4 2 -L I .1 ,, A ,Lg '-?:- ' 1 125 P Q 5 6 I . 'A I 2 -4 J Li: li, 1- fl ' . Z T Lis if I 1 1 wg-' .- 7 -M. 0 - If' Q4 4 5 I e How does a University arrive at a Silver Anniversary? Does it happen in a moment on a particular day of a particular year? No, a Silver Anniversary is a slow and gradual accumulation of days, weeks, months, and finally, years. It is the passing of seasons . . . signified by the fall, winter, and spring division pages for the three sections of our yearbook. It is the passing of months . . . signified by the Vanity Fair Beauties, pictured in the array of the nine school months. It is the passing of days . . . signified by the day-by-day activities represented in the College Life section. It is all this and yet . . . we must also declare that it is a moment on a particular day of a particular year. lt is this moment. And now, We invite you to join us as we celebrate . . W. , NLQQM k W ,"". 'I tl -'1 W fee-r-ee-:',. A , "iii -I 1 fd fv- , , lg A jifbfi-iiifai, ,ff :mmf n 5 f ,N,,:,,,,, ,wmwi ff. ' if 5 9 4- -ww mam S .--,.. . E 1 E ., , ' H"-.--...-..,.,, The first issue of the COUGAB announces the open- ing of the University of Houston. HUGH ROY CULLEN ,5,,m3,,g,5,,3,,,ggf,1gigg,,,..,,.,.m-M. 5 , ,if ze 3 'wa-r.:'z':.4m.e: . .Hag In 1927, an institution was founded that was destined to become the University of Houston. Under the leadership of the late Dr. E. E. Oberholtzer, then superintendent of the Houston schools, the Houston Junior College was established for the purpose of providing a place of higher education for high school graduates and working persons in the Houston area who were unable to leave the city to attend college. Basic freshman and sophomore courses were offered in the classes that met in the San Jacinto High School Building. By 1933, enrollment in the Junior College had reached the 624 mark. Through the continued efforts of Dr. Oberholtzer who was serving without pay as president of the college, and others, House Bill 194 was passed by the State Legislature October 16, 1933, establishing the University of Houston and continuing the Junior College as an integral part. In 1934, the first day branch of the University of Houston was operated in the Second Baptist Church. During the first year of operation, the enrollment in day and night classes was approximately 1,110 students. The years 1935 and 1936 saw growth and expansion of the University of Houston, and, by 1937, the need for a per- manent campus was keenly felt. Heirs of the 1. J. Settegast Estate donated 75 acres, lVlr. Ben Taub donated 35 acres, and the University purchased two acres to make up a 112 acre campus for the young school. First classes were held in the San Jacinto High School Building at Holman and San Jacinto. Through donations from the late oilman, lVlr. Hugh Roy Cullen and Mrs. Cullen, and a city-wide campaign for building funds, money was raised to build the first building on the newly-acquired campus in 1938. Theme of the fund-raising drive that saw University students canvassing from door-to- door, was HThe greater University of Houston for a greater Houstonf, Enrollment was approximately 2,142 students. June, 1939 found students at the University occupying the new campus on St. Bernard Street. The Roy Gustav Cullen Building, a memorial to the late son of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Roy Cullen, was opened for classes. The same year, the second building on the campus, the Science Building, was completed, and the Graduate School was opened. Over-all enrollment was 2,737 students. The year 1940 was an eventful one in the history of the U. of H. The Industrial Building was built from funds donated by a group of Houston industrialists supplemented by cani- paign funds. The first Navy Vocational School and the campus Vocational School Were opened in October. With the world in turmoil over War and threats of war, and with threats to the safety of the United States becoming more evident every day, the United States began an extensive pro- gram of national defense. The University of Houston con- tributed to the furthering of this national defense program by training private pilots in association with the Civil Aeronautics Authority. On the lighter side of college life, the first Frontier Fiesta Was held in 710. The western extravaganza Was born in the minds of five U. of H. students who wanted to do something DR. EDISON E. OBERHOLTZER to stimulate school pride and spirit. The first Fiesta ran for three nights and students played to a total audience of 5,000. t Mg,-:na -Q.1m -- An aerial view of the campus as it looked in 1939. The first campus building, the Roy Gustav Cullen Building, was completed in '39, The Recreation Building was erected in 1942 under 'fthe Big Top." University coeds sold War bonds during the war years. Scrap drives occupy afternoon hours of coeds Who, in the evening, act as hostesses at parties for service men. I I I I In 1941, the second annual Frontier Fiesta was held in spite of heavy rains that caused postponements several times. The main attraction of Fiesta that year was a skit hy students on the college days of faculty members. After the fateful December day in 1941 known as Pearl Harbor, and the United States' entrance into World War II, the University, along with the rest of the country, turned its attention to the bringing about of' peace. Construction of the Student Recreation Building began in 1942. Because the building was needed for special defense programs, officials determined to avoid delay that might come as a result of rainy weather. A large circus tent 270 feet long and 40 feet wide was put up over the working area to insure earliest possible completion. On May 1, less than 60 days from the digging of the first shovel of dirt, the first class of boys in the United States Naval Reserve Elementary Electricity and Radio Materiel School moved into the building, established sleeping quarters and were served meals in the cafeteria. The first Blood Bank in Houston which later grew into the Houston and Harris County Blood Bank was begun at the University. War-conscious University students sold war bonds, sponsored scrap drives, and coeds even sold their nylon stock- ings to aid the war effort. The Co-ed-ettes, an organization of University girls, gave parties for service men and worked closely with the U.S.O. A big step was taken in '42 with the opening of the Univer- sity Downtown School. By 1943, students at the University Were turning from philosophy, aesthetics, literature, and music appreciation to the more practical-for-wartime pursuits of map-making, trig- onometry, radio communications and navigation. Women were trained in industrial classes to fill the jobs of men who were called into the service. At least l,000 of the University's students, ex-students and faculty members answered the call to arms. Eighty-six of these were reported killed or missing in action. Ingenuity was necessary in the Hman power shortagew War days. Senior coeds found this to be true when the senior dance was planned prior to graduation. Ninety per cent of the grad- uating class were girls. The boys who would ordinarily have escorted them to the dance were busy fighting a war. A date bureau was set up with girls registering in Dean of Men L. S. lVlitchell's office. lnformation on the girls was relayed to a nearby military establishment and dates were gotten for the dance. lngenuity of this kind Was not limited to students, however. One faculty member, unperturbed by the tire situation, rode his horse to the University every day from his home four miles away. An Advisory Board of fifteen members was created for the University by the Board of Education in '43, With 1944 came an enlargement of campus acreage. The Anderson Foundation purchased 90 acres and lVlr. and lVlrs. Cullen purchased 50 ac1'es to add to the campus, making the total campus size 262 acres. This is Cougar Den as it looked when it was new. - V'1r1tx Varieties an all student talent show was Above are nominees for Varsity Venus The econd girl from the left is the U H s Elsa Roshorough popular xx llll all 1934- ,Q 1959 V A f M,,, 'M ., K . -17' V,,.. 4 . A W MM :N ij: 7,,,,k i ,V,, .lil-, K Q1 ,,.gZ,Q5gffiggMt,,5y "" i ' As a remedy for the acute housing shortage, trailers were moved onto the 1 niversity campus to house veterans and their families. The University's first basketball team to participate in an inter- collegiate program won ten of the fifteen games played. I I I I In March, 1945, a separate Board of Regents for the Univer- sity was created by an act of the State Legislature. One of the first acts of the Board was the election of Dr. E. E. Oberholtzer as the first full time president of the University of Houston. Mr. and Mrs. Cullen donated oil royalties valued in excess of 53,000,000 to the school. Several temporary buildings were constructed in 1945. With the advent of the atomic bomb and the end of the War, soldiers discarded their uniforms and came home, many of them to resume their college studies. The nation's youngest Purple Heart wearer, 15-year-old Bob Kelso registered at the U. of H. for Hrefreshern courses in the vocational and techno- logical areas. In a newspaper article, the young veteran said he liked everything about the University except the sopho- mores. By 1946, the number of war veterans enrolled in courses at the U. of H. had reached 6,510. Total enrollment was 10,968. A special counseling and guidance department was set up for veterans. The Veterans Club was organized and fifteen temporary buildings and four permanent steel shops were erected to accommodate the increased number of students. The University of Houston, seeking to alleviate the housing shortage for veterans, worked with committees of the Veterans Club, and, after some months of negotiations, arranged to have trailers brought from nearby Texas cities to house the vets and their families. The University's first intercollegiate athletic program was launched in 746 when the school joined the Lone Star Athletic Conference. The year 1947 brought another gift from the Hugh Roy Cullens. The donation of 3B400,000 was given to pay for the construction of an engineering laboratory building. The schools of Law and Pharmacy were opened in '47, and the Frontier Fiesta was resumed again for the first time since the war. In 1948, construction of the 35,500,000 Ezekiel W. Cullen Building and the Central Power Plant began. The first Army B.O.T.C. Quartermaster Corps was estab- lished at the University in ,48. The 748 football season was a frantic one. Twenty-one University students swarmed down upon the campus of Sam Houston State Teachers College in Huntsville for an early- morning campaign of white-washing and placard nailing prior to a scheduled football game between the two schools. But the Cougars didn't reckon on a welcoming committee of Bearcats. When the U. H. students were finally returned home, they were sporting some very unusual haircuts. The Cougars didn't go down in dishonor, however, for when five Sam Houston students attempted to set fire to the Cougars, bonfire a few days later, they found themselves surrounded by U. H. avengers. The attempted arsonists were immediately shoved into the cage ordinarily occupied by the Universityls cougar mascot, Shasta, and were put on display for Houston students. A tour of the city was made, cage and all, and a haircut followed before the intruders were sent home. The Cullen Rifles, University crack drill team, was well known to Houstonians. Crowds gather at the Ezekiel Cullen Building dedication ceremonies. The '4Zeke', Building begins to take shape . . . . construction almost complete. Construction began on Uberholtzer Hall in 19119. DR. W. W. KEMMERER, second president of the University. O I I I Construction on the four dormitories and Oberholtzer Hall was begun in 1949. Dedication and cornerstone laying ceremonies for the Ezekiel W. Cullen Building took place in 719. Former Cover- nor W. P. Hobby spoke to the crowd of 3,000, recounting highlights in the life of Ezekiel Cullen Who, as a member of the Texas Congress, presented the plan which made public land available for schools. Dr. E. E. Uberholtzer was made president emeritus while Dr. W. W. Kemmerer became acting president of the Univer- sity. The Central School of Nursing of the U. of H. was estab- lished as a part of the Texas Medical Center. ln 1950, the Ezekiel W. Cullen Building was completed and occupied. The lVl. D. Anderson Library was built, and the dorms were completed. Students moved into the new dormitories in 1951, and Oberholtzer Hall was opened for use. In 1952, the College of Optometry began, the College of Pharmacy was accredited, and the University was given an educational television permit. Dr. W. W. Kemmerer was named president of the University of Houston. lVlr. Hugh Roy Cullen again donated oil royalties to the University-this time in the amount of 32,225,000 The M. D. Anderson Library was built in 1950. University nurses learn through experience KUHT-TV, the country's first educational television station, Went on the air in 1953. lVlr. C. F. lVlcElhinney became acting president after the resignation of Dr. Kemmerer. The years 1954 and 1955 saw the addition of several new buildings: the Architecture Building, the Science Building Annex, the Psychology Building, the Engineering Building, and the Home Management 1-louse. A long-sought-hope finally came true for the University in 755. The U. of H. was accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. The il5160,000 outdoor swimming pool was opened in 1955. Part of the funds for the pool were raised by the students through several years of Frontier Fiesta productions. Lt. Gen. A. D. Bruce was named president of the University in 1954. Dr. Clanton W. Williams became academic vice- president. The first annual Creek Songfest was held in 1955 in Cullen Auditorium. vintage years for Frontier Fiesta crowds. Visitors jam the midway to partake of Fiesta,s fun. The early '50s were 1 1 1 1 Dedication of the Journalism and Graphic Arts Building took place in 1956. The first annual Honors Day luncheon was held with Dr. William V. Houston, president of Bice Institute, filling the role of principal speaker. University of Houston sororities and fraternities became affiliated with national Creek fraternities in February. In 1957, General Bruce became the Universityis first chancellor through an action by the Board of Regents. At the same time, Dr. Williams became the school's fourth president. The University also added a Board of Governors the same year. A new addition to the campus was an oil derrick for the use as an experimental lab by petroleum and industrial engineering, and geology students. With 1958 came completion of the Fred G. Heyne Building. lVlr. Heyne is shown above turning the first shovel of dirt for the con- struction of the new building. 1 The University of Houston seal contains, in toto, the Sam Houston family coat-of-arms. Indirectly, the University is named for Sam Houston, Texas pioneer and patriot. Directly, the name comes from the City of Houston, which is a name-sake of the General. The shield in the center of the coat-of-arms was granted by William the Conqueror in the year 1066 when the Houston family accompanied him during his invasion of England. The shield denotes a family of honor. The checkered chevron is symbolic of a family of nobility. The charges on the shield are martlets a small bird found in Scotland similar to the Texas dovej symbolizing peace and brotherly love. ln 1686 James the Second of Scotland was saved from death during a battle by the timely arrival of the Houston family and their troops. ln appreciation for their service, he authorized three additional symbols to be placed on the family coat-of-arms: two grey- hounds denoting speed, directness and a singleness of purpose in rendering a service to the king and countryg an hour-glass with two wings to show that the aid arrived within the hour, and a scroll bearing the words WIN TIME, showing that help was in time to save the king and the nation. The following is a description of the Houston family as taken from Following General Sam Houston, a book by Amelia Williams published by the Steck Company, Austin, 1935: uThe progenitor of the family was a Norman knight, one Sir Hugh of Padivan, who accompanied William the Conqueror and lent his mighty army to the con- quest of England. In the distribution of the conquered lands, Sir Hugh was assigned a large strip of territory that lay along the Scottish border. There he built a stronghold, but in a few years he became enfiefed to Malcolm, king of Scotland, who was the stepson of the ambitious but ill-fated Macbeth. uSir Hugh married a highland chieftainis daughter and identified himself with the Scots, but, as the simple Scotch people could never train their tongues to speak their lord's cognomen, Padivan, they con- tented themselves with calling him '6Sir Hughf' and his castled estate MHughs Townfl As the generations passed, the descendants of this doughty knight came to be known as and, even to sign their own names, HOUSTON." I --msn-aww-qmfnzsifk ' ' Q . K I s Q in -'Iva-.un....x..HN.M...g -A ,- Zawwlaf COL. W. B. BATES, Chairman First: W. Leland Anderson. Second: Mrs. Isaac Arnoldii, Fred Ayers, Warren S. Bellows, Ben C. Belt, Karl Bendetsen, Mrs. John H. Blaffer, W. Stewart Boyle? Third: Mrs. George A. Butler, Marvin K. Collie, D. L. Connelly, Boy Henry Cullen, Naurice G. Cum- mings, Mrs. John de Menil, Joe T. Dickerson. Fourth: Dr. H. J. Ehlers, J. A. Elkins, Jr., J. A. Elkins, Srfz, T. C. Evans, A. J. Earfel, S. P. Farish, Wm. G. Farrington? Fifth: John C. Flanagan, Charles Fleetwoodilz, Claud B. Hamill, Earl C. Hankamer, Maurice Hirsch Harrison C. Hobart, Sterling Hogan, Sr? il:-iegent Left to right: Lamar Fleming, Jrfs, viceachairmang Mrs. James P. Houstounli, secretary: Mrs. Ray L. Dudleysf, assistant secretary. First: l'almer Hutchesonii, Russell Jolley. Second: John 'l'. Jones, Jr., Mrs. R. C. Kuldell, F. M. Lawii, Mrs. Max Levine, John F. Maher, Harris McAshan, A. G. McNeese, Jr. Third: Leopold L. Meyer, Harry J. Mosser, Travis E. Parish, C. A. Perlilz, Jr., Charles F. Reed, Corbin Robertsonii, James W. Rockwell. Fourth: Simon Sakowitzii, Charles A. Saunders, Stanley W. Shipnes, A. Dee Simpson, Frank C. Smith, R. E. Smith, Ross Stewart. Fifth: Gardiner Symonds, Howard Tellepsen, Milton R. Underwoodiz, Jack Valenti, Tom P. Walker, Mrs. Gus S. Wortham. A. J. Wray. i1Regent sf sau, if vu'-si A UNIVERS O US TON aeoi CULLEN no ULEVARD HOUSTON 4, TE ITY OF H XAS OFFICE OF THE CHANOELLOR TO THE S A year ago, I noted that 1959 would mark the Silver Anniversary of the University of Houston, and a time in which we must look forward even more to the increasing maturity and stature that is achieved through sound planning and careful follow-through. l The intervening I2 months have seen additional develop- ment in terms of academic strength, student body and faculty accomplishment, and physical growth. All of this makes me even more confident, as the institution actually celebrates its first quarter-century. The next 25 years will, I am certain, frilly justify the faith and confidence that I feel in the past donated accomplishments and future potential of every part of OUI' , 3612 parkwood Drive' Unfvefsffycommunffy- if . ,Q of the Cg1H5e2tZ1Y.Ab, With the ability and initiative so clearly demonstrated by ixiefhereligirlrsity by Mr' faculty, staff, and student body alike, and the growing realiza- tion that this is truly Houston,s university, we cannot fail to continue to move soundly forward. TUDEN TS : I 1, i ,Qt L . ,S tiff fi fwml4e Our Silver Anniversary? Twenty-five years old? Only twenty-five? Why, that is but a tiny span! True, but look at the particular quarter of a century. And look at the setting. Why shouldn't there have been a meteoric rise of a University of Houston? And one must think of this: How old is a uni- versity? As old as its charter, as old as its buildings? As old as its philosophy and policies? Or as old as the sum total of knowledge which its cosmopolitan scholarly faculty imparts? It is, nevertheless, an amazing thing to con- template-this vibrant young University of Hous- ton-its size, its quality, its spirit as it drives confidently into the future. Our Silver Aniversary? Only twenty-:five years old? Yes, but that is but one interesting fact to be observed, a point of time at which to take stock. And we haven,t much time for that. f im PRESIDENT DR. CLANTON W. WILLIAMS VICE-PRESIDENTS DR. PHILIP G. HOFFMAN Dean of Faculties C. F. IVICELHINNEY Business Manager DR. PATRICK I. NICHOLSON University Development L. S. 'LCHIEFH MITCHELL Assistant Dean of Men DR. J. E. WILLIAMSON, Dean of Men LILLIAN CRITTENDEN Assistant Dean of Women 'SK MRS. BESSIE EBAUGH, Dean of Women DR. CHARLES F. HILLER, Dean, Junior College The Junior College was established in the spring of 1927, and when the University of Houston was founded in 1934, it became an integral part of the University. All freshman and sophomore students are enrolled in the Junior College, regard- less of their major field of study. A two-year educational institution, the College offers flj academic courses of collegiate rank and C25 programs of general education, terminal technical courses, and terminal vocational courses. Technical and vocational instruction is offered through the College of Technology, which is a division of the Junior College. The Junior College thus instructs in a wide range of courses including general academic work, specific preparation for the professions, and technical and voca- tional fields. Phi Theta Kappa, the national scholastic fraternity, is represented by an active chapter in the Junior College. DR. ALLAN COLLETTE, M.D, Director, Medical Office REV. GEORGE N. THOMPSON, Director, Religious Activities RAMON A. VITULLI, Registrar The Placement Center. which has lneen in existence since l946, is one of the largest and most efficient in the nation. The Center, housed in a suite of offices in the Recreation Building, is operated free of charge and serves the entire student body and alumni. Miss Lou Russell, head of the Center, believes that anyone who wishes to obtain a college education can do so if he is willing to work. The Center fills a definite need at the University of Houston where nearly 80? of the students enrolled work full or part time. The staff of seventeen persons at the Placement Center gives professional assist- ance in choosing the right job for a student in his special field of interest. Over 5,000 employers in the Houston arca cooperate with the Placement Center. DR. HOWARD F. McGAW Librarian I 1 M. D. Anderson Memorial Library Mrs. Faye Kendall, Acting Assistant Directorg Howard Deehon, Counsclorg MISS LOU RUSSELL, Directorg Mrs. Jane Barefoot, Counselor. 9 5 -rf ff Ezekiel W. Cullen Building The College of Arts and Sciences is the central unit of the University. There are approximately 3,200 students who are majoring in one of the 21 departments of Arts and Sciences, and most of the students in other colleges of the University take their core curriculum and other basic subjects in this college. There are 199 full-time and 89 part-time faculty members. ln addition to the basic liberal arts courses, pre-professional training for students planning to enter the legal, medical, dental, optometric, theological, teaching, pharmaceutical, and other professions is offered. The college provides preparation for graduate work as well as pro- grams leading to the Bachelor of Arts, Science, N Fine Arts and Music degrees, the Master of Arts and Sciences degrees, and the Doctor of Philo- sophy degree in Psychology. The special facilities available to stu- dents include KUHT-TV and KUHF-FM, the laboratories of the Radio-TV department, which also broadcast telecourses, the COUGAR and HOUSTONIAN, combining laboratory ex- perience with intra-university communication, and the labs of the science and language depart- ments. Students may participate in the debate team, drama department productions, and the concerts and recitals of the music department. DR. ALFRED R. NEUMANN, Dean, Col- lege of Arts and Sciences, and Assistant to the President. Counselor Sally Horton and DR. FRANK STOVALL, Director, Counseling and Testing. Architecture Building Housed in a modern, air-conditioned building, students of architecture study all phases of architectural instruction in four channelsg design, construction, aesthetics, and graphics. ln the fall of l958, the annual Featherlite Competition of the Texas Society of Architects was held. The University of Houston School of Architecture won first, second, and third places. This is the first time that all places were Won by students from a single institution. The School of Architecture was host for the first national meeting of the Building Research Institute in the southwest area. ,tl RICHARD W. LILLIOTT, JR., Di- rector, School of Architecture in , My Psychology Building Fred J. Heyne Building Mr. and Mrs. Heyne standing near portrait of dedicatee. The Fred J. Heyne Building was dedicated in September, 1958. The late Jesse H. Jones named the 31,500,000 structure in honor of his friend and faithful associate, Fred J. Heyne. The new building, consisting of two floors and H basement, contains a Management De- velopment Center. Below, Bishop A. Frank Smith speaking at dedi- cation ceremonies. President Yvilliams, Bishop A. Frank Smith, Mrs. Fred J. Hcyne, Mr. Heyne. Mr. John T. Jones. and Mrs. Jesse H. Jones at Hcyne Building dedication service. Fred J. Heyne Building DR. EUGENE H. HUGHES, Dean, College of Business Administration. The College of Business Administration, the second largest on the University campus, is located in the beautiful new Fred J. Heyne Building. Nearly 3,000 students enrolled in the College receive graduate and undergraduate training in business and related fields. The College is composed of twelve departments in which a student may obtain a major leading toward a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. Graduate courses are also provided leading to the lVl.B.A. degree. The College of Business Administration Works closely with business and industry and conducts many types of lnstitute programs. The Management Development Center con- ducts a six-Week executive development program for business and industry leaders. Each summer, the Center offers a special one-week lnstitute for trade association and Chamber of Commerce executives. The Bureau of Business and Economic Research publishes a monthly periodical which gives an analysis of business conditions in Houston and the Gulf Coast area. The Departments of Accounting and General Business are currently conducting the first closed-circuit television courses at the University of Houston. Science Building Roy Cullen Building The College of Education. headed by Dr. Donner. is composed of nine departments. Besides re Jarin teachers for Julwlie and Jrivate schools. the Colle e rovides Jrofessional P I g I I , g P l graduate work and in-service help to teachers, administrators, counselors, and super- visors. Students can receive a Bachelor of Science, a Masters and a Doctor's degree in education. ln addition to teaching. counseling. and research. the thirty-three faculty members of DB. ARVIN N. DONNER, Dean, College of I . . ' ' Education. the College serve as directors in school surveys. consultants lll instructional programs, and appear as guest lecturers at educational meetings. The College ol Education has an enrollment of approximately l.500 students. During the year of 1958, a total of 289 degrees were awarded to students. Memhcrs of the graduating class accepted teaching assignments in thirty-six different school districts. The College of Law, housed in the M. D. Anderson Memorial Library, was organized in l9-17 and has grown steadily to a current enrollment of 289. The ohjectires of the College are to train students to practice law wherever the Anglo-American system of law prevails. The College provides training in fundamental techniques required in the practice and administration of the lawg it imparts to all students an understanding and appreciation of the high nature of the profession into which they are about to enterg and it equips students to participate intelligently in the affairs of their community, state and nation. Each year the graduates of this College have ranked among the top men taking the har examination. NEWELL H, BLAKELY, Dean, College of Law. DR. F. M. TILLER, Dean, College of Engineering. Among significant events of 1958-59 in the Cullen College of Engineering is the inauguration of a doctoral program in Chemical Engineering to begin in September, 1959. A 348,000 Nuclear Logging Facility, financed by the American Petro- leum Institute, is being constructed on the northeast side of the campus with Prof. C. V. Kirkpatrick, chairman of petroleum engineering, as director of the project. Also, construction of an experimental oil well was made possible by contributions from the local oil industry. Faculty members Frederic A. Wierum and Harold Overton were awarded Atomic Energy Commission Grants which pro- vided study at the AEC-ASEE Summer Institute on Nuclear Energy at Purdue. Wierum was also awarded a National Science Foundation Science Faculty Fellowship. As a result of his visit to Ecuador during the summer of 1958, Dean F. M. Tiller was made an Honorary Professor at both the Universidad Central in Quito and the University of Guayaquil. He spent six weeks in Ecuador evaluating the science and engineering education programs of the Ecuadorian universities for the Fulbright Commission. Engineering Building , , , , Y... The University of Houston Board of Regents authorized the opening of the College of Pharmacy in September, 1947. Credit for its early success goes to Dr. L. E. Freeman, Acting Dean Dr. Allan C. Collette, and the Houston Pharmacy Liaison Committee, all of whom worked very closely with the University administration in getting the College started. In September, 1949, Dr. N. M. Ferguson became the dean of the college, and under his leadership, it has developed into a Class A College which offers a B.S. Degree in Pharmacy and a limited M.S. Degree program. Presently located in the Heyne Building, all departments of the College, except pharmacology, formerly occupied quar- ters in the Science Building. The Pharmacology Department moved from the Science Building to the Psychology Build- ing in 1954, where it is still located. DR. CHARLES STEWART, Dean, College of Optometry. DR. N. M. FERGUSON, Dean, College of Pharmacy. The College of Optometry this year graduated its fifth class of Doctors of Optometry. During the past year the Optometry Alumni Association was organized with Dr. Tom Pruitt of Lake Jackson as president and Drs. ,lim Slider and Gene Smith as other officers. The College under Dean Charles Stewart recently completed an extensive revision of its curriculum. The basic three-year optometry program was revised to provide clinical training to the incoming junior students. Jtuiior status with a science back- ground is required for admission into the College of Optometry. Under the revised program, optometry students now have super- vised clinical experience during each of the three years of optom- etry studies. This extensive training will provide maximum oppor- tunity for students to perfect their clinical ability prior to gradua- tion. Dr. Bernard Mazow, lecturer in contact lens work, gave in- struction in this field at the meeting of the International Society of Contact Lens Specialists at Munich, Germany, in August, 1958. Technology Building A. RAY SIMS, Dean, College of Technology. The College of Technology was established as an integral part of the University in Septem- ber, l94l. Training in the early days was largely vocational with an extensive program in war industries training. However, since World War ll, the emphasis has been on collegiate level N training. The College of Technology embraces two divisions: flj The Technical lnstitute Division, which is now concerned with education and training of engineering technicians, and Q25 the Industrial-Mechanical Division which is concerned with the training of skilled craftsmen. The major purpose of the Technical Institute Division is to provide engineering and scientific technicians who function as production and construction supervisors, aides to professional engineers and architects, or who operate their own technical businesses. The major purpose of the Industrial-Mechanical Division is to provide skilled craftsmen who construct, install, repair and operate machinery. The Technical Institute Division offers an educational program at the Junior College level. Oberholtzer Hall Swimming Pool Graduate courses have been offered at the University for twenty years, beginning in June, 1939. A program leading to the Doctorate in Education was established in 1945 and one leading to the Ph.D. in psychology in 1948. This year the Ph.D. program has been extended to the fields of Economics, Chemistry, and Chemical Engineering. Masters' degrees are offered in most of the departments in Arts and Sciences, Business Adminis- tration, Education, Engineering, and Pharmacy. Admission requirements demand a standard of achievement distinctly above the average, and emphasis is placed upon the quality of scholar- ship and the literary excellence of theses and dissertations. During the HARRY FOUKErAth1etiC Director' past few years research grants and student assistantships have greatly aided graduate students. These aids are increasing in number and values as the graduate program expands, while the improved resources of the M. D. Anderson Memorial Library and the many purchases of labora- tory equipment are broadening the opportunities for graduate study and research at the University of Houston. Iv- mu. hm S DR. R. BALFOUR DANIELS, Dean, Graduate Division Downtown School The University's Downtown School, which moved into its new air-conditioned building at 925 Caroline in May, 1958, serves over 1600 academic students in the business community each se- mester. ln addition to courses in Arts and Sciences and Business Administration, the school an- nually conducts continuing education classes for over 3000 persons in their areas of special interest. The retailing program at the Downtown School offers a unique combination of supervised job experience and academic training leading to a B.B.A. degree for the student interested in mer- chandising as a career. Academic and vocational courses serving as preparation for professional examinations in sev- eral fields are offered at the school. Specialized training is also given in Real Estate, and Savings and Loan in cooperation with local associations. JACK D. HUNTER, Assistant Dean. JAMES C. TAYLOR, Dean. PRESIDENT JOHN J. TOOMEY VICE-PRESIDENT HARRY H. MONTGOMERY The Alumni Association maintains contact with the student body through partici- pation in Frontier Fiesta, Homecoming and an annual Fund Drive for the University. The association sponsors two athletic banquets, the spring Varsity-Exes game and serves as secretary-treasurer of the Sideline Coaches Association. The Association's alumni clubs keep in touch with alumni in Houston and out-of- town, giving ex-students an opportunity to get together. The Alumni magazine, the Extra, cooperates with the University News Service in publicizing activities of the Alumni. Harry Montgomery, Ben Duffie, Sherwood Crane, ,lim Hagarty, Shirley Kraus, Albert Cecil, A. J. Montalbano. Ralph Poling, Mary Jane Jackson, Don Willianison, Bill Swanson, John Toomey, and Jim Harrington. The Alumni Office force: Katy Kirchgessner. Mary Jo Wondrak, Beth McKinney, and Margaret Leslie. Standing is Tc-cl R. Hendricks. John J. Toomey T' accepts symbol of office from EX'l'rcsiclt-nt Johnny Coyen. ?a!Z 1, V . ,. . ,, 1, . VO 12 ' A V V ,. A V V iw "AI . A " , V ,, .MV ' .V V 1, V qw. , ,V V ,. V ' L , , V VR VV..o-mfssn ' ,' , ' . 1,562 . ' , V '3 him" ' ,AN A. n,.I.M4v ii, V,i V V V. , ,V R ,, A ., t ,W W . , . V . Q, V., V V Q , X , v. V . ,, ,, . 1 V V ,,' V ,, rv' ,.. Q V,,kV4ilf I 1 .., .q6,i., P 1 SJ' iff: ff' ,. V V., 'V vm A ' 'Q' JZ' ,,,, .,e'., V V' IX. V if 1,1 V LJ- V51- A .' . 1 X V . I . 4, V, V QV- V V, .,,7,,.. ' ",. Xvv1" , N' 1' V' , ,K 'Ns 4 Q vii .4 ,K ,f ., , x V -9. , .qw V f 5 4' VV VV -4, fir!! 5 V ,Tv ibftiffd .,? . wtf, ,VVV , , 1 . , , 41,5 4?.,,jVf V -Vffintk .wwf Vw? -Z V. 1 wx ,V: ,..j.i .,VV V ,,1 .MVVgQ..9 f, V w-. V,, V' 4 V' 1 A 71 ' -V V , V V ,,, VV. V, H V. . 53, 5 ' ' f ' . L? V M. M' , V ,a5,V4"'S,f -V V . 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'W' , ' ' ' m.-y.a'.-- " - sy'-S-.x.f:.-M ,- -- ,,,g,,MQ.. ',",1', ,s ew, 3 J' xkjlx ' ' 'Q-I ' v ,h vm-+' 'bl-3j.,,.. ' ' v, ' "" A -3'f- W. , 'W . - '5.:'1" X, -- .- -A vu' L'u',,np m, f "N, u ' ' i f 9 'C-". .-7 -i' V." "5"L'.'-E' ' I' ' - -,' -'Q'riKNi7". f' ,lr . r N 1. :V 1, A .yi ',w:.x., Y... 4' 71.7-l,x 3 A, -.Mx k-NL'f'?' tffxj: ..g'.,g'--T ii .'ui1Ti:S.w. -lf-,,, . , A ,. ,N Us ,ff g'j,,v,, ' 1 1, -5' - - '- '. -'- fx . 'f' -Q-f?.."-'5'9g,:F-.K L,"'Af'5,'2f'+' "1 4. 13-,5 :xi--3--1f,?',, p:s:'1' ' J W. A, ig.. LYNX .MPN L x xi-,.!.S ,I in ,,,..: ... K ,L N.U...yg.J- M4,,rxLi,,-.cxxg-i,ivrj,g'?g-,,qA??.:+vf, 'z ,,N-Awsrh. K A f 4--' ,- -. , . .'.. n...'. 1' An. - '. -5 'f',- Q - .-9.-Q 1 ' A. Q, -- -M-1 .1 1. .f-A ..:f'N"f H ,. - -- Q - . . 'I'-V74-.. A.-1 gp,by.ff- , .. , -- '.. 4- .- - A- -1 ' Ni ' Air ,f ' -f f 'iw ' 4" , ,. :n,v,,Q-3 A ,j gxyf Qui. , , YL- . . ., .c. .'- :QW ,V K .wi , .K K we ., 45:,.,b,ffg,,,.'sQT9 ' - ,-fs Q - - . .3-4.1 ' -4. uit. ' . ' ' 4 """3, 'fl MQ- A. W . 1' - ' '4 , ,2",-"1,'r"f Q v X' ' LLM. A --.....,. 5-1 -,5'M7"24w-Q-1,-"3 'W ' g Q-.-W if . ::14' . 4 ff - 0 o o -73. 4.,"-' k -.. f X' , .I 'A .1 2 '- A . ' A-fie.4..f'fN.-'fb' A- W "...,,':' P -'Z 'FN -1-'V-Tut" 'f f'- f'..r 2 1 , f ' 3- ,4.f.L,5-.,.- I ,,fZZ..,.,jk, adqk 1',.k'-iq." ,, - J -- ,Aw ' V-Q. 1' 4' " '. f , I I ' ., ' KM V fl MRS. fxgflk x.T3,77' 976-Y,blJ.fQNf',: h Lhf? gy Aiilggzig-... fn ' .X T' ,1'l',o.yn1.' .1'.u4- - swf",-'w .- -. -,,-, f':'. 5.2-'1.,' f1f.0"9'3f1?ASyLrxif W lf 'U' ' 'Wi "tf5"",',,I ,i'f,4.f.x' 4' V x - T .l U' . D tffcla 1. Y 'Te 'X .fn zixwuil .1 :z"i25e1'fn'x,' '-Jf: - V - '- 7 ' 'H x V+ M, , 1- A -gffql W F41 ft. -I, XM .n . .9 ,im ,L.vqQfaf-JY W 7Lv43,,,, Q . J " ' - +5 --if -+1-'V 'f-x,N - . Q, ,- f ' 1. 'P ' ,W -N 7591- V QQ, -Q -X " ' dwarf' .', - ' 7::'m'3"g W ' fy ' xx, P' ' ,Rh - -"-"" . , ...Q N, 1: - - v I . -0-X259 . . . . , , ,--,t'w7 L.:-. 3 f-qw. 1 -W : N.. f - -4 , A fa-M.,--',., . - m, , K5 , .s,-.4 I . -Q . Q A ,,-. , ,avisf - ,..: I 5 V X K- X, 'vu " ix .' 1.-" ' , . vi v K 1 - - a - 4 v W ' P ' f 4 , 51 Z sz W K. , .KX-V,-sr! H .-- 'wx X j -'xg ' u I A 4 E . WLQ-"'f'.,.,f:f , H Q 1 x f , . "" V' - A --.. .K--15-- ..,' 'M Avu- ., .-.n.,......., , W' vw Ln :V There is an 'essence on every college campus that separates it from all other campuses. It is not just- the buildings! nor the staff, nor the academic standing of the school. It is all of these and hundreds of other factors as well. s V A It is something that is always felt but never ispoken. It presents itself in a "Hello," A It is hinted at in a pep rally. It is heard in a hum of conversation. Yet for all those who feel. it, not one could really describe it. I a a It is our hope that in the following pages you will find something to remind you of that thrilling intangible that we have chosen to call COLLEGE LIFEQ I 0 I REGISTRATION means various things to differ- ent people. To some, it is a reunion, a time of seeing old friends. To others, it is the welcome end of a boring summer. These are the ones who enjoy registration. There is another group, whether larger or smaller We cannot sayl to whom registration is a time of confusion and frustration-a necessary evil-an ordeal that must he endured if one is to go to school. lnto which category do you fall? A last-minute check, then out the door. Sharon Springull tilts her head Ha little to the leftl' and smiles prettily for the yearbook photographer. Sandra Montalbano and Dan Palombizio seek help in un-scrambling schedules. Cheryl Pope and "Rusty" Henkhaus enter a new realm known as Law Hall. Arel Ward, center, assists Carole Smith and Anne Romine with tedious work of registration. Registration and the beginning of school brings a new way of life for many students. For some, it brings the excitement of moving away from home and into the dorm. For all, education at the U. of H. means an introduction to that lair of all lairs, COUGAR DEN. Cokes, coffee, and conversation are always available in the Den. Space Age, Sputniks and satellites to the moon cause much less tension than math and history before FRESHMAN ORIENTATION. From the Chancellor comes a message giving insight and pointers to goals for frustrated freshmen. The band adds music to the tune of 'aCougars Fightn bringing to the fore that permeating Cougar spirit. - 561' f iff ..r.r..x Highlight of Orientation is music by Cougar Band. General Bruce speaks at Orientation. Current crop of freshmen clap their approval of new Alma Mater. FRIENDSHIPS are made around a piano . . . Sandra Hrncir, Dorothy Stephens, Marilyn Wolfsdorf, Janell Milling and Dianne Stekoll harmonize in Law Hall basement. Across ironing boards . . And through the looking glass. w Marcia Stewart and Sandra Hrncir exchange gossip notes. Richard Winslow and Bill Brown get ready for a very special new friend. Rushees stand bewitched, bothered, and bewildered before Period I parties in the Zeke Building. 4'When do I get my wings?" Alpha Chi Omega Ann Van DeMark asks her sorority sisters, Eleanor Flynn, Sue Gibson, Gloria Hunt, Ann Hunt, and Joyce Swank. The hectic but happy week of SOROIUTY RUSH begins September ll with a convocation for all rushees in the Oberholtzer Hall Green Room. Following this, a whirl of gay parties, the ponderous day of preferential, and the sigh of happy relief at acceptance by the individual's choice-all make rush week a memorable part of any college girl's scrapbook. Behind the scenes at the ZTA "Calendar Girll' skit. Participation in rush and national sorority life is an opportunity to achieve worthwhile goals and lasting friend- ships. ...-A Garbed in black, Delta Zetas expound on their favorite topic, Delta Zeta. Rushee Kay Moseley listens Rushees Phylis Woebse, Marynelle Davis, and Hariette Stevens are served by Delta Gammas Mrs. R. B. Guthrie and Mrs. T. H. McGregor. EIS Chi Omegas Barbara Gard, Ruby Schmidt, Judy Tus- sing, Norma Jeter and Norma Callaway rush via a song. Alpha Dclta Pi's Jacque Wilson, Margie Walsll and Joan McClain display a replica of their pin lo rushccs. Alpha Phis sing about 'Lschool days" and sorority life at U. of H. if 'EL Rl1Slll'CS at the Phi Mu party taku a fantasy jaunt to Jamaica. Dean Will speaks at Convocation. Phi Kappas are firm believers in the old adage that sparing the rod spoils the pledge, Bill MeCurdy and John Storensky demonstrate the use of a pledge paddle for Larry Pirtle. It,s good food and good talk at the Pi Kappa Alpha rush party. It's a dual welcome for rushee Pat lVIcLaughlan at the Phi Sigma Kappa house by Barbara Smith and Weldon Humphries. l , Obviously, Kappa Alpha sweetheart, Sally Barber, has been practicing on the sly. "Man, I'm hungry!" Starting with a subtle invitation to c'Drop by the housen and con- tinuing until it reaches the highly competitive stage of preferential . . . this is FRATERNITY RUSH. Formal rush begins with convocation on Sunday afternoon. Here prospective frat men learn about the Greek system and the procedures of rush. Then the parties begin. The first parties are open for all rushees. The final parties are closed and rushees may attend by invitation only. At last comes preferential. For the rushees preferential brings a choice f f ' . Ofanew group O rlends John Wrigltt, John Fields, Tom Drum, Wayne Smith, Bill Cerron, and Joe Pyle view Delta Chi slides. Q.. ,vi Q , Looking at the Phi Epsilon Pi national magazine are Mike Johnson, Learning Hwho's who" at the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Larry Simon, Shelly Epstein, and Walter Hecht. party are Judy Mercer, Walter Otto, and Dennis Rounsa- vclle. ssl Marilyn Montgomery, Carolyn Ralston, John Kistner, .lohn Wollaston, and Jerry Spray sign the Sigma Chi guest hook. Bob Shearer invites Sig Eps and rushees to uplace their bets." John Slorensky shows Sheila O'Sullivan proof of Phi Kappa physical prowess. TKE President, Pele Skaalen, accompanies Wiley Steen, Ken DuBose, Bill Dooley, Ned Thornton, Earl Hines, and John Skinner to a verse about poor Wfom Dooleyf, Sammy Goodner, Tom Horne, rushee Ken Woods, Ed Kirchgessner, and rushee Will Kennard talk about parties while an unidentified active member makes a quick call to his girl. dy Florence hopes she husn't missed thc mailman again. 3 Madge Howe gets a letter from homo. '6Mother told me there would he days like this," says Art Decko to Mike Szabocsik as they compare their Monday washings. "All right, which one of you brought thc cards." fhmkx, "Naughty" D. Z. pledges are Melody Parrish, Kitty Taylor, Ervalyn Thomson, Shirley Bridier, Helen Calvert, Nelwyn Speights, Lou Scharlach, and Judy Wheeler. Delta Zeta pledges ruefully learn that pranks some- times lead to work. Or, as the old Greek philosopher, Confusius say: "Is unwise pledge who sprinkles flour in member's car." Phi Kappa a .1 ii S. is K K N .MIM Each term approximately 1,500 male students take the opportunity to participate in the Nlerfs lXTRAML'llALS Sponsored hy the Meuls Phys- Kappa Alphris tangle with the R.0.'l'.C. footluill team. fight it out across the Reflection ical lfclucation Department. Eight major tournaments are plamiccl for three leagues, the White Frat league, the Red Frat league. :mil the lmlcperident league. Sorority girls limber up in practice game. "Propaganda Lane" A stranger visiting the campus for the first time during ELECTION WEEK would probably go away thinking of University of Houston students as being a group of extroverted litter- bugs. Everywhere there are signs-big signs, little signs, serious signs and ridiculous signsg signs on the ground, signs on the sidewalks, signs on the buildings and yes, even signs in the reflec- tion pool. And for every sign there are ten earnest UD students giving out handbills. The election fever is in the air ffor the can- didates at leasti and promises and supplications are the order of the day. "I wonder if Ike had to do this!" Pamela Williams and Sandra Brown get a head start HA 80 WILL VOT VOM 5355 K Candidate sets sail for election win. ,maya S i X Ralph Turner is confused by the attention lavished by Norma Callaway and Frances Jo Russo. Could it he it's time for votes? Persistent cundiclutee Dorothy Luce, Frances lo Russo, Beverly Peery, and Sophie SLITLIQUSLI cannot he avoided. KAS if anyone would want to avoid tl1em.D f mf' 8 ,L vm fx' J R Q, F it ff? gt N1 'fffiilxl 1 Q' as 1323-'l"l M fiiff f! fa .Y it if K l ? mf l 5 i 1 5 l Jack Terry, Roland White, and Judge Bannister check and re-check election 5 results. COUGAR SPIRIT . . . It's students gath- ering outside the gym for a pep rally to support the team . . . itls lung practice, long and loud . . . enthusiasm . . . a desire to Wlfl... Umm Jim Kuehne grins at throng of student wcll-wishers. Object of fixed attention is effigy of student body pictured on opposite page. Crowds turn out to see the team off for an out-of-town game. lt's cheering the fellows on alter a streak of losses . . . a firm handshake pledging support for an out-of-town game . . . It's an outstanding athlete with a broken hand, but unbroken spirit . . . lt's hanging the student body in effigy because we havenit done our best . . . it's concern, hope, anticipation of games to come . . . Ole Miss has warm reception for Cougars. Ex v Student body is hung in effigy, and most conscientious students feel a rope burn as a result. lt's the cheerleaders leaving a day early to yell for the team at an out- of-town game . . . popcorn, peanuts, a knocked-over Coke, jumping hollering, an occasional joke . . . lt7s watching with excitement OUR 'l'EAlVl,s maneuvers out on the field. lt's appreciating Ole Miss' spirit and renewing our own . . . 59" 'I Mein: -M my? Cheerleaders Ollie Townsend, Marilyn Miller, Ralph Turner, Rhoda Mor- row, and Bobby Watson at Ole Miss' Homecoming welcome for Cougars. With the first Norther, after Autumn's early misery of registration. classes, and other depressing realities, HOMECOMING WEEKEND breaks the frayed string of routine. Suddenly. a frenzied vitality invades the University campus, bringing with it signs of the season: Carcoats and crowds . . . hot-dogs-Bermuda socks and Bonfires. But Homecoming means more than the excitement of football or the chilly rush of winter. Weeks before Homecoming Weekend, ambitious stu- dents begin to transform platforms of wood and chicken- wire, tissue and tape, into those fantasies on Wheelsg flower-laden floats. M Anne Sharpe sells a J I Tickets go on sale for Homecoming dance, and candidates for Queen Walk the campus with their smiles a trifle wider than usual. The hare-pole skeletons facing Cullen Boulevard are clothed in their framed tinder oi hottle cartons, lumber, and branches fsome acquired by midnight requisitionlg and the Bonfire pair of tickets to alum A' J. Montalbano of the Class of 56' waits for the match that will light the huge torch marking the beginning of the long weekend. .m""iQ. 'WK 4 iid' Homecoming Queen candidates Mary Kathryn Jarrcll, Nelda Younger, Sue Zanne Myers, Rosalie Chiodo, and Nancy Bartels do a little crystal hall gazing. President W'illiams leads his MYEA, BIG RED" yell. Mary Kathryn Jarrcll is named Queen of Homecoming. Spirits flare at Bonfire. When the Bonfire has died to embers, Homecoming dance keynotes the social holiday with the formal crowning of the Homecoming Queen. Traditional dance is hold at Shamrock Hilton. Homecoming Court pays homage to the Queen, . . . Then, to climax the frantic holiday: The Game. During half-time activities, the weeks of student labor pay dividends' in crowd applause and trophies as the parade of floats surrounds the field. The queen, escorted by her court, is presented, and HOMECOMING at the University is complete. Sigma Chi's dragon comes to life on field at Homecoming Came. Mary Kathryn Jarrell receives congratulations from Leon Lipp and Alumni Association President. Mary Kathryn is the candi- date sponsored hy the Society of Engineers. wi?5s,f First Place award ,goes to Chi Oni:-ga anal Sigma Clli for tlleir Chinese Pagoda. Dcltu Sigma Pl1i's Arctic Penguin cops Second Place Alpha Delta Pi and Tau Kappa Epsilon win Third Place honors. ZTA and SAE present float with an Indian theme. Delta citlllllllil and Pi K A team up to introduce a Spunieh Bullfightvr. Q , Radio-TV Guild and Alpha Epsilon Rho choose to telecast their float to lcelanders. ,NL , l..l. i A 21 f-1' Y' 'fit fs gf' f -, - 73 A - ' 57 ff f K K S- ff. ' V, K ", ki K :, avtxmyt gf: -1, ' 4' A I 1. . 1 - eee 'fig-f 154 f' V. .- - 2 " "': 1 . A- t i ,Z V A colorful Scottie is constructed by the members of Phi Sigma Kappa. A set of Cuban Bongo Drums provides a theme for Alpha Phi's float. .X- RAE tt 1 HORHUYAQH At left is BSUE Egyptian Sphinxg Delta Zeta und Sig Eps utilize the Arch de Triomphe of France. Even While meetings are being held weekly to determine if there will even BE a 59 FRONTIER FIESTA exuberant students and Fiesta Association members confidently advertise the Greatest College Show on Earth. our wagon train wends its way back to Jean Logan, Chi Omega president, receives Best Sorority Award presented by Delta Sigma Phi's Bill Buchannan. Cougar editor Robert Forshaw and reporter Beverly Dent compare changes in Cougar formats. COUGARS MAKE NEWS in many ways. Three claims to fame are shown here. Houstonian editor Nancy West displays 1958 Yearbook Medalist Award to visiting starlet, Sandra Dee. z'a'74an64 Visions of stuffed turkey and trimmings drift through students' minds as they join the University Chorus in Songs of Thanksgiving. Mari Lou Richardson tries to explain the purpose of Thanksgiving to the turkcyg hut the turkey knows the jig is up. Rosalie Chiodo prepares to give the turky the axe while Judy Lohman measures to see if heill fit the pan. I I 7 11 E K, 111 LQ f fi' ,fi Sfilazi 5 1' "3 XF? 3, 534532, sh, E3 it S M Ya L ,Q Y- t rw 2 E The Fiesta office is u point of intvrost for Sandra Dee, young Starlet, being shown around by Charlie Mille-r. llurthm KIuc'Ruv autographs his hm-st ulhum for Jean Rainey. Limlzt lim-lui. uv-sttir 111 tlu- "i'r-rh'1't i'urhmugrii,' tukvs time' out tn tttlk with Iltimiy Ffmtis, fruxhtiiatii j1at1r'1iuiiQ1i1 student. Kcrwin Maitlhm-ws talks of Iiif 5iill'I'iIlQL mic in the 'iscvvntli Vuyugc of Sitilmtlu att il Journalism Inc. im-4-ting. t"Z?vii Jonathan Wintvrs. lvlt-viiiun und night vhilm t'Hit'l'iLliI1l'l', talks with Jvrry Long and Henry WYiLit'II1LlIl. we 1 cu'z' Jim Riffe as g'Emperor Jones" loses temper at '6Smithers" alias Whead Peoples. Rachael Clasen and Ira Allen in a scene from the Drama Departmenfs production of uPicnic." Ross Wondrey, Jo Ella Bolt, and .lerly Long attempt to start this horseless carriage for its owner, Carlton Walling. With assistance from the Music Department, 'lAmuhl and the Night Visitors" is presented hy the drama group. tg 1 1 J 5' f ,f ar, Q s T2-5 v iz 'YQ 1,1 Mac Roach, Anne Sliurpe, and Ju lfllu Bolt in uCil'Cl4! of Chalk." Bill Dooley leads Anne- Sharpe and Bill Conkright over imaginary mountains. r 4 L." L, ,Q Cougar Den. liousrwl in ilu- ll1xi'l'l'1lll4PI1 Building. li ilu- lawrilm- luaunt for many. Anything frmn a quivk Coke tu a hot fudge sunclar- is availalile to 'SDwn l's-oplzf' llinny Walkcr, Farrell Morris. Pamela Walton, and DOH Cl111H1llCI'. i'Would Wu Tillllbf lwar 'Slugger Lee' or lim-tl1ox'cn's Fifth?" Left to right arm' linlm l'unumis. Eloise .-Xcree. Bali Pullin. and Billy Safley. ,7 xf- Freslimun too? We liave so mucli in common. Ann Brooks, Lynda Plcdgcr and HOI1, George, liow lucky you caught me at home." Lonnie VunStone find a Common nuwling ground. Junell Milling is the boon to Southwestern Bell. Always km-cp them waiting ut least ten minutes is Marilyn VV0lfsd0rf's policy. Sign out time . . . be sure and li-uw the window 011011. Rlmdu Morrow bids good-bye to Sully Erwin. n enthusiastic group of Cougars wisli Hliig Redu at victorious journey. Fall's crisp winds fail to cool Cougar spirit. Therels an uncleniulfle spirit which permeates the air as football season rolls on. A Pep lially, warm sendoff for the team. and yelling in the Pep Club section give impetus to lall's athletic events. The Cougar Pep Club awaits the order to Hflipf' wma 741234 Campus organizations present Second Annual COUCAR CHRISTMASLAND. University stu- dents revert to second childhood as they forget themselves while entertaining groups of children. 'WWW :fi ,5 Jeanne Huhhard, Sandra Pittman, Sandy Hrncir and Kitty Taylor sell Christmas seals in Cougar Den. Santa Jack Wilson hears . . "And honest, Santa, I've been a good girl." Children wait patiently to tulk to Santa. Notice the little boy-fourth from right-who threatens HOUSTONIAN photographer. Turn that light down one more notch. Tommy Reck gets Z1 helping hand from Sue Ann Brownlow during Greek Coat and Tie Week. Bob Rothcry and Tommy Rock present flowers to Annie Lowe and Ann Sharpe before the Delta Sigma Phi Carnation Ball. Lou Scharlach, second candidate in the first Judging of Vanity Fair seems to be making a hit with the judges. 1 Prominent Houstonians were on hand to judge 159 girls for the opening night of Vanity Fair. Seated from left to right are: W. C. Roorne of Pure Oil, Arch Yancy, KNUZ disc jockeyg Mrs. Evelyn Bolgcr, Houston Retail Grocers' 3. Association newspaper editorq and Mr. Henry Hendricks, Ralph Rupley hair stylist. .lerry Eagleson hands Beverly Massey one of the first numbers to get ready to go on stage for the first judging. Others receiving numbers were Ann Charleville, Phyllis Woebse and Brenda Heid. Last minute preparation and hopeful anticipation engulfs the first few candidates before going backstage. Mary Jacobson, Judy Wlieeler, Brenda Heid, Mary Stewart and Laura Taylor together before the judging. "Such a long, long walk," thinks Brenda Heid as she prepares to step on stage. Night comes to the University . and with it comes a strange quietness. The dayls activities echo across the campus. Spot- lights dance eerily across the reflection pool. .. A , t si 3 W ,:, L' Diane llurre-lson und .lim Hodges discuss classes in a deserted Cougar Den. Ccncrul Pershing keeps silent vigil over the sleeping campus. ls this the Den WE know? p 7 meg mee Greek organizations set aside a week for making CEIIHPUS repairs, doing odd johs such as typing and clerical work for the girlsg replacing traffic signs for the boys. Lei Lani Jones of ADPi and Sandra Montalbano of AChiO help the SAES during Greek Help Week. SAE's Roland Wliite, Harlan Epperson, Robert and Richard Black, Hall Noble B01 Pratt and Art Alvarez put their noses to the grindstone, hacks to the Wheel, and then try to work that Way. Charging, fouling, and holding all at once. Television viewers of eight states have court-side seats to the University of Houston-Cincinnati game. Cougars begin last minute practice shots before the big game. 'C' The University of Houston Band entertains TV viewers during half-time. Suspense mounts as Beauties Lincla Tay- lor. Ann Romine. Jerrie Faye Ralion, Rhoda Morrow, Judy Morris, Jan MClVlullan, Katllleen Landers, Paltie Keane and Carolyn Burnett wait for the announcement that will reveal MISS HOUSTONIAN. The lat-autiful Miss Honstonian, Kathleen Landers, I'f'Ci'iVCS a trophy and congratulations from announcer Jerry Doggett. l Houstonian Editor, Nancy West, presents roses to Miss Houstonian. Miss Houstonian receives congratulations from Vanity Fair beauties. Don Vllhitclvy sets lights on Charles Johnston and Bill Prewitt during early "Lowland Sea" set rehearsals. Radio-TV and Music flepartment sturlents work jointly to produce the opera c'Lowland Seaf' The opera, directed by Joseph Coffer, was a simulcast on stations KUIIT-TV and KUHF-FM. Gene Mortcr and Gr-ne Dalia come in for a close up of Anisle Bricker. Director Joseph Colfer sends messages from Bruce Monieal, Art Director of KUHT, works the control booth. on set designs. Lloye Thompson and Wayne Forrest run through a last minute dress rehearsal before the "Lowland Sea" goes on the air. , , Flames leave the Maintenance Building in ruins. Inspectors speculate upon the extent of damage. Wnrknlen clear away the debris from the building Shorthand Instructor Frank Dorr dictates to Downtown School students. ,lim Locklin shows high school students around the Cougar office during Career Day. Miss Nina Jackson of UH Public Relations Office pins ID cards on Carolyn Hall and Pat Word from Hitchcock on Career Day. Judy Lohman, Hurkunne Ryan, Jean Logan, Bonnie Bohhitt and Abby Braberry drink coffee with Miss Brookshire ut the Home Management House. fl Residents Wash dishes and do chores Then gather for 21 fireside chat. The Snake Pit offers courses in Bridge and Hearts. Cynthia llnrke. Jon Radclnacllcr, Denny Denton, Carroll Jones, Barbara Mathews, Johnny llranson. Bill Leech and Vlfayne Cray attend dnily classes. Cnil ljnfttni. Janet Kerr. Trudy Froesclxl und Pamela Wilton take time out for lunch. . 5- S? 1..EEiP7"'7 M Meanwhile at the Pike House t X -3 Tim Holden plnns to put thc eight bull in the sid eket lwut Vllttlllllly Killvn luis st-riuus duulrts. Bookstore is good place to kill time. 1 9' 4 F5 6 P1 5 ' 1 .uw ' , , f 2 :V ' fe - , ,., ,af 2 ik: -of J Oh, no! What has Tom Powell done this time? fmt f , ,, V M .. "Let me he-ur that high note again." "Put your money Where your mouth is," cries Bob Watson. "I knew those bullet lessons would come in huncly some day." Durlis Wood As finals draw near, goofing is dis- carded and a new sport Called crannning reigns supreme over the campus. Nervous students begin to inquire as to the where- abouts of the Library and professors walk the grounds with a gleam in their eyes. First we discover Books . . . Then we discover Lots of Books . . . Then we discover things Inside the Books. . , .i, :QMYQ Soine of us even go as far as checking out a book. Some students, like Ronald Doiron, don't care where they study as long as they have light to see by. ga' Jeneane Evuhn und Mary Whitehead find the library a quiet place to study before finals. ' Some people find that sleep is not planned. It ovf-rtakes you. S. 6241121-1 i .lune Riley seeks refuge in un unusually quiet Den. William Ford und Charles lluynr-s hold their breath as they look through posted grades. SPRING REGISTRATION. The problems of getting registered begin once more. Students scurry from building to building, station to station. Courses are dropped, added, subtracted and multiplied. It is a week of chaos. It is a time of returning to the magic that is College Life. I am not trying to confuse the issue. I just want to re arrange lt I dorft tlunlx Ill rc ister my car tlu year I may want to park in the visitors' parlxm lot Students attend the Official Opening City will be on her way to life. of the FRONTIER FIESTA Lot. Tomorrow construction will begin and Fiesta Spring at the U of H is the lweginning of an exciting season. Tight fitting levis. multi-colored shirts and grey Stetsons are pop- ular attire. Heavy boots Lhud against the sidewalks and through the halls. The official greeting is '4Howdy, partner, see W you at Fiesta Cityf, .mms ul... - wp-. , .1 Johnny Coycn speaks at opening while Robert Sassecn, Bob Dunson and disc-jockey Arch Yancey wait their turns. ,fanct Tshcll helps ,foe Potter, the first Fiesta Chairman, and Councilman Johnny Coyen cut the rib- hon which officially opens Fiesta City. Robert Sasseen looks on. -49' Fiesta City waits silently to live again in gaiety and entertainment. The wait will not be a long one. Shirley Kanas, Melody Parish, Bob Rogers, Johnny Lopez and Jeff Hill begin con- struction. Some shows lose their owersg some just find a change in management. hmmm 7m7w' Jack Wilson and Juan Taylor couldn't find a girl they could trust with a razor. Contest. "Is there a Doctor in the House," asks Anne Sharpe. Rock and Roller Johnny Spain entertains UH at the Beard Shaving w-www-W Paul Berlin, KNUZ disc-jockey, watches Sheila 0'Sullivan try to soft soap Dick Kirtley. Ed Thomas sings "Soap Gets in My Eyes" to Joyce Swank. Paul Berlin declares Anne Sharpe winner of the Beard Shaving Contest while Sue Gibson helps Bill McStravick get the soap off his shirt. ,,. ,ssl f meet James "Maverick" liarm-r at HOUSl0ll.F International Airport. Frank Siler of thc Association looks on while Jan Mcolullan, chosen 'alliss Maverickfl assists Mlllr. Mavev'iek', with his newly-acquired Fiesta jacket. Howurtl Finch of Channel l3's SOUNDTRACK recortls the proceedings for TV. A trip to the steadily-rising Fiesta City is, naturally, on the agenda KUHF-FM's Scottie Noxon interviews 'Hlias Bret Maverick." A-is www 3351+ Finalists in the Mlliss Maverick" contest, Linda Strawn, Dolores Hobizal, .lan Mchlullan, Anne Sharpe, Sue Gibson, ancl Marcia Crockett laugh it up with J im Garner. Fiesta Association tnemlmers don jackets antl Stetsons and ride out In Float sponsored by the Crow s lNest waits for the signal to move out. 3-nu-1 Millcr, Matt Mantis, Frank Filer, Bob Dunson, and streets in flashy horst-lf-ss carriage. ag... Student Education Associationis Little Rod School House pauses to allow riders to pose for picture. Fiesta shows provide colorful floats for the Houston RODEO AND FAT STOCK SHOW PARADE. Members of thc- lfalleu Angel throw Yosemite Sam balloons to the vrowtl while hand provides entertain- ment. lung The Bayou Queen floats flown Main Street. RELIGIOUS EMPHASIS WEEK, sponsored by the Religious Groups Coun- cil, is observed in mid-February. During RE Wfeek emphasis is placed on subjects relating to the theme, uEducated Faith." This annual observance is set aside for college students to concentrate on Chris- tian training and witness. Dr. George J. Beto, president of Concordia College in Austin, is principal speaker for RE Week, '59. Dr. J. E. Williamson, Dean of Men, admires Religious Emphasis Week poster along with Sarah Wyatt, Religious Groups Council president, and Rev. George Thompson, RGC sponsor. Sorority girls work up appetite at Panhellenic Workshop. WORKSHOP CO-ORDINATORS-Standing: ,ludy Tussing, general chairman, Barbara Henkhaus, panhellenic presidentg Mrs. Robert Guthrie, president of Houston city pan- hellenicg and Mrs. Bessie Ebaugh, Dean of Women. Seated: Mrs. Clanton W. Williams, Mrs. Wilber W. Stout, guest speaker, and Miss Lillian Crittenden, Assistant Dean of Women. The SECOND ANNUAL PANHELLENIC WORK- SHOP is held for the purpose of bringing together the members of the eight campus social sororities to find solutions to existing problems. Principal speaker at the workshop and luncheon is Mrs. Wilber W. Stout, Na- tional Panhellenic Conference advisor for the Houston area. George Shackclford, Songfest chairman readies the piano for the first chord that will announce the beginning of Songfest, '59. Old and new songs fill the air of Cullen Auclitorium as the Fourth Annual SONGFEST begins. Frateieiiities and sororities vie for the lovely trophies offered by Alpha Phi Omega, sponsors of the yearly CVCIII. it 4' 'Q is if gf Y K rw Becky Wheeler of Delta Gamma directs 4'Withou1 A Son Alpha Della Pis sing 'Tm Biding My Time," under the direction of Sue Gratehouse Tau Kappa Epsilon frat chooses the Hllrinking Song" from the Student Prince as one of their selections. SAE's N76 Troxnbonesn' is directed by Bobby Linder. Chi Omegus and director, Nancy Nott, take a bow. Contestants wail Jatientlv for judUe's decision I , 1: Silver-haired Ze-ta Tau Alphas sing melodies from Cinderella. . wt ' E unhwsgfu 5kL,A. , it ft, V, ,rf av- Alpha Chi Omegas vocalize on ul-loliday for Strings." ' , ,am ZTA's Jan McMullan smiles juhilantly as she rushes down the aisle to accept the First Place trophy for her sorority. Anne Sharpe of Alpha Chi Omega is almost so excited over winning Second Place honors that she forgets to accept trophy offered her by ,lack Wilson, Master of Ceremonies. i ar Delta Sigma Phis harmonize to "There ls Nothing Like A Dame" to win First Place in the fraternity division. 'gWe won it by singing like this , . ." says Delta Sig's Jim Latham. 'N.-A if Triumphant winners Jan Mclllullan, ZTA3 Tommy Heck, Delta Sigg and Anne Sharpe, A Chi 0 display their trophies. Z ' Uafdlaww iujan Wood, Joan Hubbard, Rhoda Morrow, and Judy Rives display gaily-colored stockings, the year's leading fashion a .E New sport provides plenty of action. Newly organized Soccer Team proves to be popular with U. H. students. ROTC Band members William Coward, Charlie Gordy, Donald Gretzer, and Jerry Hill pack cars for Mardi Gras trip. For the eighth year, the University of Hous- ton Army ROTC Band represented the Univer- sity and the city of Houston at the New Or- leans lVlARDl GRAS. In new winter green uniforms, silver hel- mets, and white gloves, the Band marched in the two largest Mardi Gras night parades, Comus and Proteus. Commanding officer for the trip was Cadet lst Lt. Don Brown. Cars, cars, and more cars, of various sizes, shapes, and colors jam the U. H. Richard Finnegan, Dan Hrna, Brice Hendricks, Herbert Huls, and Lewis Overton rest before long trip to New Orleans. parking lots. After solving the problem of finding a place to park, Sue Switzer encounters another prob- lem: How to get out of the car. 1 What do you mean you spent 380.00 for liquor and jelly beans?" 'You hacked into Clanton W. WHO's car?" ?""' Did you say that model- ing course is "Poison Personality?" As spring saunters in, the formal season is upon the campus. Girls in vari-colored gowns and men in formal attire dance to collegiate tunes. Delta Sigs congregate around newly-announced Sweetheart, Rhoda Morrow of ZTA. Delta Zeta's Rose Formal makes fourth annual appearance Lakeside Country Club is site of Zeta Tau Alpha's spring formal. ga if Rosalie Chioclo, 1958 SAE sweetheart. is about to present roses to the newly named SAE sweetlteart at their formal. Lambda Chi Alpha President Boli Rogers crowns Crescent Girl Pat Moore of Delta Zeta as 1958 Crescent Girl Ann Arthur presents roses. Chi Omegas and '-il Pike prexy Tommy Killen sweetheart. their dates enjoy an after-the-dance breakfast. ,Que announces Ann Hunt of A. Ch. O as Pi Kappa Alpha in Doug Shaver congratulates Sigma Chi brother Lowell Hill on his receipt of thc Outstanding Member Trophy. Delta Cammas do a mean jitterhug at their spring formal. An inspiring Easter progratn entitled "Christ in the Concrete City" is given by members of the Religious Groups Council. Mrs. Julia Orr of Battelstein's describes the outfit Worn by Claire Underwood at the Panhellenic luncheon and style show. ...N my , E l t Miss Eileen Eng is named Home Economist of the Year. Eugene Cook, national Phi Theta Kappa president, Dr. Ralph W. Steen, presi dent of Stephen F. Austin College, and President Willialiis discuss core Currie ulum for Honors Day program. Spring cleaning is a good thought . . ' M M ' M 'f all 'ou do is t Fl -. 1 . 7 . ag u germq think about it. March Winds carry those nastv little creatures known - ., ,A 'WF' :mp-up p-W... r--wr-' r F-- Val! V mmf! , vnu 'LPlease dont take my typewuter away Ive forgo en how to wrlte One of the most thrilling sights to a con- struetlon Crew is that of the almighty tarp going up. Wiirkers from other shows pitch in to help on this auspicious eve. TAJEWF Q V uH6RmMiw't ' 'Jul I f , za,-if,md,.. ' can me Barratt !Ti'u'E69 i.ZHi'6Tf1ME?V ".1 P LZOMZ 'x 'W-3' V .A K Z 7,1 if JCR OF PEPSX COLA A familiar sight on the campus during Fiesta and the weeks preceding is Bob Dunson's Hillman proclaiming that Fiesta is close at hand. At left: Tarp pullers grit their teeth and heave Above: Buddy Perkins and Charlie Miller call signals while Fred Hall and Bill Bricken put the finishing touches on the Crow's Nest. Vith roofing tacks in hand, Frances McLaughlin, Valdon Lee, Billie Hampton, Dick Thurman nd Elyndabeth Bailey put flooring in at the Little Red Schoolhouse. Phi Kappas Charles Cucchiara, Dick Kirtley, Ed Thompson, John Bales, Bernard Ciulla Bob Murphy, and John Storenski prepare the Foto Saloon for picture-snapping. E. S iff? ti f 32 L . 33 . 3 . Varsity HH" 's Charlie Pieper gets an assist to the top of the Rebel Theater. ii S is 2 2 K 3? 3. As the days of April rush hy, more and more denim-clad stu- dents are seen on the Fiesta lot. Thoughts are turned to costum- ing, painting scenery, putting up the front of the show, and the thousand and one other details that go into the production of a top-rate show. M-2 fi Sandy Ellis and Kitty Taylor find that they have painted themselves into a corner and up the stairs. I 'www :qv A ll' 4' vi' sf, iff The Fallen Angel dancers look to Larry Bertllclot for the cue to go into the next dance step. While the construction crews are building the show, the cast is busy reciting lines, learn- ing dance routines, and practicing song lyrics with a western flavor. George Sliackelford gets a word of instruction from Bayou Queen producer, .lack Wilson, at a pre-Fiesta rehearsal. his is what happens to an liomlmre when he says lat he docsn't believe in Yosemite Sam. "Realism is fine, fellers, but my insurance is not paid up." For a time there was a doubt as to whether there would be a 1959 Frontier Fiesta. But a determined handful of workers managed to surpass the initial Crisis and continued their dedicated work to produce 'ithe Greatest College Show on Earthf' Tireless workers in every show and concession on ' tl1e Fiesta lot spent hundreds of hours building the Ep or by frontier city. Rain poured in deluges, yet the shows ' j t went up. ti '- 2? ,- f A man responsible to a great extent for the success of Fiesta is Robert Marr Dunson, leader, manager, "', i proniotergrllruly a name that belongs beside the if I names of the great F icsta general chairmen of the X it V past, is that of Bob llunson. , ?""?1 15 ,, Q KGEQ, F 1. ilifffiitt r Bob Dunson, general chairman, displays the charter for Fiesta City, signed by former Governor Allan Shivers. Sandra llugaj is named the honorary mayor of Fiesta City. She is a victim of polio and is five years old. Councilman Johnny Coyen. and Mayor and Hrs. Lewis Cutrer, distinguished visitors to Fiesta City are given a guided tour by Anne Sharpe, left, and Bob Dunson, riglll. A welcome sight to those students who spent time and energy on Fiesta were the crowds that engulfed the lot. Wx f-I-'LE is '55 hs-...r Fiesta City visitor Peter Brown purchases his confederate money from .lerrie Rahon and Ann Hunt. l ifludy Nagle is the girl . . . if OPENING NIGHT comes with clear skies and large crowds. Don Whitelcy promotes the 'ifahulous Fallen Angelf' ww KWH-karts. U . . . appearing only on our stage . . ." Virgil Dixon imitates Ed Sullivan. 5 Directing from the sound booth, ,lo Lynn Grasse tells the backstage crew to open the curtains for the first show as Don Siems dims the lights and Sonny Elsik lowers the mike. up .13 5' Phi Sigs try the novel approach to ticket selling. I jail, yet." After a hard day of riding the range, this little huckaroo thinks it's time to head for the hunkhouse and a little shut-eye. MNT G16 OZ. , Unparalleled hy tumbling tumbleweeds or western sunsets is this romantic sight: the moon coming up over the Pepsi Cola bottle. 348,000 worth of confederate money passes through the hands of attractive ticket takers like Sunny Tucker. II6 Sue Switzer says, HI wanna go home" while Tommy Melflhinney vows, f'I'll eraek outa this Richard Clark and Hans Raseh provide a colorful spectacle as the uinnoeent victimv and '4Shurf." These two Won the Cowboy Trophy for lot color, uByC.n Hal Collins, head judge, nounces the winners of an- the Top Ten acts in Fiesta's eight shows . . . to an anxious crowd, made up of the east from the Bayou Queen in front, who show their reaction to their Top Ten acts while . . . Don Wliiteltry' of the Fallen Angel takes great pains in tell- ing all which show won three Top Ten trophies. Beard contest win- HCFS EITC . . . "1-ioughing it" are Roy Mancuso, Vern Hoff- Jack Wilson right, of APO awards trophies man, Billy Graham, and Roy Graves in the to Mary Ford and Maxine Oltmann for their Beard Shave Off Contest. Roy Mancuso won. third and second place original school song Erin, Sandy, and Lei Lani man on her winning of title. applaude Kay New- the Annie Oakley Cenaro Torres, Hans Rasch, Ray- mond Cindratt, and Edward Lewis. compositions. Dr. Schoettle looks on. Marshal Frank Siler swears in Nancy West of Delta Zeta and Jerry Bennett of Alpha Phi Omega as Fiesta Belle and Sheriff. II7 Us-ing sf-lm-tt-tl as an TUV TEN ACT is at clream that comes true for u few of tht- many talentvcl Ifit-stu participants. Picturefl on lltvsv pages art' tltosv lortunatv mul rlvservittg fem. Ruaty Hetnkhaus, Rose llortlur and Ge-no lionnvr of the liuyou lJlI1'L'I1 rt-ll the worltl of their trials and trihulzttions 'All For Him." pig ,la 3 Wm An all-Fiesta favorite is Tommy F0nvillc's rornping, stomping "White Lightning" at the O. K. Corral. fi I , A i,.h flag The Bayou lJlll't'I1-S Preston Ivcns, Billy Ray Johnson and Richard Lassetter sing llllxlf way to a Top Tc-n act with the lwautiful ballad, "lVin1l Maria." U. K. Corrul's G. lllttrlin Noting has Ll qui-stion for follow puntomtnus Bob VVzltQon' 6'Likv tnun, Vvllt'TI'.S the crazy piano?" v .-Q. 1, w fl H-.,,,- K.. llappy-looking giruup, the Wells ldargu dancers of tlw Fallen Angvl n Top Ten lunwrs. llill Conkrigrllt of lloot Hill captures a Top Ten rating witlt llis iiIHfliLlI1 lxme Call" panlmnime. l,arry lim-rtlit-lot ul Iliff Fal- ltzn Angel Scores again with lliS Fllyilllll and lrltn-S lijmml 'llalrlv Danrv. Ang0l's Cyntltia Burke' and Larry Proving that tht-y'rc far from lmcing "Past My l7I'iIllQ?,.l the Fallon llc-rtllclot ratt' a Top Tvn trupliy for their song and comedy routine. Dlllllltf Cfilll, skyrm-lu-t to Top T1-n faint- for tlu- Little Rvcl Sflltjtvl Housv. "'l'l1n' Little Spams Girl," Marianna fldfllllllilll. and her partnvr. BAYOU QUEEN-FIRST PLACE ALPHA PHI OMEGA-DELTA ZETA For u torchy rendition of g'Cry Me at Rivorf' Merrie Ann Valles is the gal to see. bl l"lll suy thunk you. no in a way that CIJIIIPS out thunk you. yt y proclaim Rusty Henklutus, Hose Currier, illlkl livin- Bonner. Jo, Arlene, und Merrie Ann sing und swing to 'Slled Silk Stockings " While the crowdb are break- ing up with laughter, Rose The Cougarlund Five Plus One are longtime Bayou and Preston Ilwirlldin p0kGr Queen favorites. faces. FALLEN ANGEL -SECOND PLACE RADIO-TV GUILD - IOURNALISIVI, INC. ,i:1.J 'I mu The Fallen Angel dancers prance through their French can-can number, "Marie 9 K,-.. Q? s ,Iim Locklin and Beverly Dent grimace as flash- , bulbs go off Saturday night. fr 4 l ff iiisaifipii' 'gBe1'ore I un-zip one zipperf' says Beverly Dent in her role as Kate Angel, saloon owner. '---.,,..-'nl C N . 3 2 M, I , , A 17 5 If I if ' I I , .us ,. W x ,Q . -,, '-mf . , .ffl A Director Patsy Swayze and Producer Don Wlliteley present flowers to a delighted cast opening night. 1 I , Lead Buddy Perkins attacks the 4'Trouble Right Here in River Cityi' as the Wells Fargo dancers agree. CROWS NEST - Third Place Pi Kappa Alpha 'Xrthur Angslo as Pa Vforin hits go with his an tl thundvrous voire . . . J distance away. thrce likt-5 ft-1-l that it's safvr to he a littlfl 0. K. CORRAIQ -Fourth Place Sus' C1'atel1ouSc- Captivatcs audi Deltil Nu 'Alpha vriws with llfll' tantalizing tonvs Bu Richard lh-ll and Carl Raleigh flown it up for capacity crowds. Crow's Nvst patrons will never hear tht- ul'etcr Gunn 'l'ltc1nc" with- out remvnilu-ring John L. Maida and his portrayal of thc hungo- hcating HSW11-t Feetf, ' 'W , . L .g,,,, Gfi:LlKl' . lioh W'atwn as N11-ssy llrillon and C. Martin Mating as Pfister discuss tht- nn-rits of marine lviology and tht- Cigart-tic with the "stinking man's filtvrf' REBEL THEATER Varsity Ml-F7 -Rebel Club FRENCH QUARTER Pi Kappa Phi Caroline Cline looks distressed as Lidney Thompson and Don Brown join her dance routine from Rebel. Bobby Linder and Caroline Cline portrayed Charles Phillips as bashful hut willing sweelhearts. the uStranger" enter tains Fiesta crowds. "What'dya nleun, The French Quarters "Echoes" liven up the show. Can-Can? Ithought we were doing the Mmuet. fi if 'LNaw, this is a three horse town . . ." BOOT HILL Phi Sigma Kappa - Phi Mu Indian Bill Ilerlet pleads with Pat Coffman while "IJandyI' Bohhy VL-rri urxcw - , the "sc'e1ie1'y." Il' nwtq . Marietta Howis vamps llill Ilcrlet while Hay Moseley 'Ithinks kind thoughts." Bill Conkright recounts his fins-st hour for Boot Hill audiences: HAnd then I hollered, LVL Tollow me men, Fm right behind youI"' Student Education Association Earl Krieger of the Li'1 Red School W House thinks that man's best friend ' 1S... Helen Ann Rice knows a teacher's despair during class in the Li'l Red School House. I24 Visitors to lu-sta Llty stop off at the Jersey Lil between shows. The Diesel Club sponsors. ' K. ws' K The Foto Saloon's gag shots hold usual attraction for Fiesta goers. Phi Kappa Thctas do the snapping. Malts are something new on the Fiesta lot. Sponsor ing SEAS find them popular. Lanihda Chi Alphafs Country Store offers cider and souvenirs to the good people of Fiesta City. A favorite hide-out of the James Boys land their friends and enemies, as welll - , - I is the Dunker's Saloon. Lanyard and Sphere Clubs are proprietors. Pizza is tie thing at the Hillel Society's Prima Pizzarania. putt . , Fiesta Pups are the specialty of the Spur and Stirrup. Lutheran Student Association is sponsor. the owners of the Draggbn lnn and trealt Fried chicken draws niany hungry hmnhres to the il1CIHSf?lV95 to f0Ol-l0Hgll0i dogs- Newinan Clulfs Cactus Bar. The FIESTA AWARDS BANQUET Ten Act trophies are given, and keys AND DANCE is the time of final rewards. are presented to staff members. The first place show is announced, Top Toastmaster Buddy Perkins pays tribute to Fiesta's 'stop sergeantsf' Dean Ebaugh and Assistant Dean Mitchell. Jack Wilson, producer of the Bayou Queen, accepts the Joe Koppel Award for the Best Show from Alum Association President John Toomey. President Williams receives framed Fiesta pro- gram from Chairman Dunson. Fiesta '59 is dedicated to the University on its Silver Anni- versary. E Show fronts still stand as if Waiting for another night of i noise and gaiety. . I ,. srl Bob and Pernie, Mr. and Mrs. Dunson, enjoy a leisurely waltz But, the telltale signs of torn scraps of confederate after the banquet, glad that Fiesta's work and worry is finished, money, discarded paper cups, and bolted doors are but sad, too, that all the fellowship and fun is behind. evidence enough that Fiesta is over. ,4 nl. 94 'I .unlwfa 5 it MV' Sorority members are "branded" with paint brushes by Sigma Chis preceding Derby Day activities. Why does it always have to he chocolate pudding? I L ,L M Everyone tries to get started on the right two feet in the three legged race. l Dfw Wllicli would you rather have, an alligator briefcase or a football? We can't get in for a closer look, but the object that's getting all the attention is a bathtub full of mud. The gals are searching for discs with their sorority's letters on them. lfniversity ARTISTS EXHIBIT their work to in- tereded xdshors under the shade rd the oak grove hlay days with llouston teniperatures reaching the high POOL. Members of the men's in- tramural swimming teams are poised for the big splash. 4e.Jf,m . ' Dieky Mauldin, a member of the Varsity football team, finds out what it's like to warm a bench. Summer heat does strange things to college students. This type of eramming never helped anyone pass a course. Cougar footballers and Anne Sharpe call fire department for help. OLD SOUTH BALL 'Q 1 Q-t. . . L f 1 ' - tt, li t I t I t l , ,L Kappa Alphas and dates recapture plantation living during "Old South" festivities. Kappa Alpha Walt Kelly gives Marty Griffin her invitation to f'Old South Ball." R.O.T.C. FINAL REVIEW C53 MM L l ?L-"' As the rains pour down, R.0.T.C. Band plays on. Over two hundred parents and friends witness the annual R.O.T.C. Final Review and Commissioning Ceremony held in front of the Ht-yne Building in Hay. R.O.T.C. sponsors grimaee as the rain drops get bigger. Carolyn Carver, however, remembered her umbrella. Best Company Award goes to Company "C." Nineteen cadets take the oath to liCCOIIlt' Commissioned 2nd Lts. in the U. S. Army. ,E Finals mark the beginning of the end for many. A Seniors and other graduates don cap and gowns for graduation ceremony. Many others pack to make the W--V sometimes long trek home. Another school year is over until fall. Sue Switzer and Millie Duelherg decide half a loaf is better than none. Dorm resident Pete Stone- street saddles up for HBig Df' after finals. NEW :BE UDENT5 STC? HERE Signs already hung for summer school, seniors seurry to their designated positions. Eddy Curry and Virgil Dixon hold hmorning watehulhefore finals. The last minute adjustment before the long procession begins. As tht- sun sm-ts, the ce,-rt-niony ht-gins on timc. Un this 25th gracluation, the owning is still as the grzuluates marvli from the Ezvkicl Cullmi Builcling, the setting sun throws its last rays in a lxurst of golrl owr the t-ntirc scene uml the panorzlnia is sm-n on the plat-icl watvrs of the rt'fln'r'tion pool. The 25-yvar-olcl lvnivcrsity of Houston, its grad- uating st-niors. staff, zuul faculty are recognized and honorerl. The University and those connected with it lime grown ancl will vontinue to clo so Ulu 'limnporsf' Thu lmcatuty of il University g1l'Ltdl1Llli011 is vurrierl to lll4lllS2H1LiH at home through the facilitivs of KUHT-TV. The long, rolicd procession winds from Ezekiel Building to thc spring graduation area. Cullen past the Roy Cullen l The mace of authority It-Lids the tu'auln'1niC portion of the procession. . mm Mr. l'ttt Nicholson rect-iws the Vcstnicnts of il Doctor of I lulosophy from tht- Deans. Mt ... fig' im Guest speaker: llonorulnltr Robert A tlvrson, Svcrctury of the Treasury. Mundi? A football stadium is a lonely place without people. The empty benches, the goal posts, the velvet green of the field all seem grotesque. Yet, when there are two teams pitting their strength and cunning against each other, the grotesqueness disappears. It is replaced by the enthusiasm of thousands of voices raised in yells of encouragement for yards gained or in approval for a touchdown made. It is shamed into oblivion when greetings are called, when laughter is heard and when friends meet. But without the game there would he no people, no noise, no life. lt is the same with all games. They have a quality called competition which is the essence of all SPORTS. This domed structure is the planned S15 million athletic center slated for completion in January, 1960. Announcement of the athletic center was made in mid-.Ianuary l959. The modern structure will incorporate some of the features of the nation's prominent fieldhouses. The fieldhouse will seat from eight to ten thousand persons. Plans for the project may possibly include three more permanent buildings, to house athletic offices, physical education classrooms, practice gyms and other sporting facilities such as tennis, handball, weight lifting and tumbling. mm ? ill V 2.?2.M,H' ,l"'2 5 y wp ,- K KMV. avian fr Q ff Q tunica Y A I W' 6 , , 1 1: 'f , 'lx 5' ' ' E g W' 9 9 I Y 4:jf'ff-fwisi ' A 5 J 1' I I W "' ' 1' I! I , H .fhy ' ,1 f ' ,A -- X ff k ' 1, ,,k iw f-L1 gy I as ' 11" ' fy . uf- un, W t f ' , 1 'Q wjwv-? 'f'f"W:',5s Kg s::,:3,25gpj,v',-.Qs ff:-.,5, q'f,w:,'fg, fg qgmg mga .tf"ff, ,Q,:"1 I J H F rf? 1' "' '. - if A ,R J' . 'M - ' -w GSA 'ffm Xe ,7"f:c "gif K-"1" "'f""W V 9 'W A . 'ii 'A 'iw .' 'QF . fl -fl if -N fu. F :ff -wr "Y", 2 '12 , M f3,L, ,.!,v " -4",3':y'-f-f- QV' wr 'f,,g-fy 1 .. 1 ff, H nf - f . 3 '52 . -'-Qs' ' -yn. wr . wx- -'gi'- + ,. M -f 1 ff' 4.f . ! -4- ff -A ,M Q""Hf ' ff-1 N- f2+ , ,, n - ,f.,.,. I, -P' , M, f", mfr 331' Y. Abi, ' , li' 0 , A. N? it as pm5s,1JS . Y ff V 'P w x . ,IW w 1 N ff ,ff f ' A 4 ,, ' ,. m, , f ,f :,. Ffh .. 1 . , V ' ' ' K F 2' K, 'VY , 5' iw E Q ww w vw??W w1wmv'F Mfg,-f-H Q sfw V, I N f-gi, '92 ff K w A, is ff, U9 A. 5 X C-myff, i- QQ , ,f vs' f gr? 1? was Q Ji A? M VL 3' V' H' N we W, mf w 4? V ' 5? W -sg' ffm fl! 'Q H Y if 7? 1 - f 'ww 1'WQ2'14'.- , gf. t Q55 B L, . A 5, - i Wynn Q . V i qv fw . 8 W ka 5' W' 'F Z 4 f '... ,f ' L, ,Tw-!",4?' F2 N Y ' A ' in "Q," W , fiif' I f A Q A fi Av . ' i k 1 Y 4 , 1. ,, 3 1 was r N as V! . ' ' M' . ff: T9 f J 111 ' 1 , . ,. 2 1 'Sf " x if 5 -- 5, W Ei " -W aff m ' M .M , ' A ' f. QM " in ... -H A :Y at it V 52 pb l in 7' 45? Qsfiixgiazk . is V , Coach Harold Lahar and quarterbacks Jim Rose 1165 Pat Studstill 1105 and Don McDonald 1155 watch the action from the sideline. 1' VL-Varsity Letter DON BROWN Ilulfliuck, 3VL::: Tri-Captain Dayton HAROLD LEWIS Hulfbuck, 3VL Tri-Captain Pumpa HOGAN WHARTON Tackle, 2VL Tri-Captain Orange All-American tackle Hogan Wharton 1785 and quarterback Lonnie Holland 1145 discuss strategy. Houston's Cougars buried the Texas Aggies undcr a five touchdown avalanche in the season opener in Hice Stadium. Sixty-five thousand Watched the most one-sided score in the young but bitter rivalry. ASME Cordon LeBoeuf opened the scoring with a two-yard plunge in the first period. Cougar quarterback Lonnie Holland tied the game for UH in the second period and halfback Don tlfirst Downi Brownls five-yard run gave Houston a 14-7 halftime advan- tage. ln the second period Cougar reserves played ninch of the time as the Big Red coasted to the victory. BILLY RAY DICKEY Halfback, 2VL Galena Park 71 59 f-6977! 7 Tackle Wiley' Feagin Q77J clears Ll path for Harold Lewis C213 as Don McDonald U55 follows the play. Speedster Claude King 1225 breaks loose for Ll gain in the rout of the Aggies. 7154 . 0 .75 King ag nn' With Don Brown leading the scoring the UH Cougars raced by the Cincinnati Bearcats 3l-13 in the Missouri Valley Conference opener in Cincinnati. The explosive Big Red units were more than the ,Cats could handle and UH vaulted into the national spotlight leading the nation in scoring and ranking high in total offense and rushing defense. Coach llarold Laharis troops ran up 350 plus yards on total offense for the second week in a row. BURR DAVIS Guard, 3VL .lacksonville Dickey slithers through for a gain as tackle Jirn Colvin WO? leads the way. Pistol Pat Studstill 1101 starts on a 76-yard scamper. Dicky Mauldin K4-OJ blocks. BOB BORAH End, 3VL Dallas JOE MCDONALD Center, 2VL Sherman Feagin stops a 'Shocker Sophomore uPistol', Pat Studstill scored twice as the Cougars ran up their third impressive victory in a row shocking Wichita 44-O. The offense-minded Cougars crowned the 500-yard mark in this MVC outing played in Rice Stadium. Lonnie Holland got the Cougars underway with a one-yard plunge and the Big Red was off and running. Studstill scored on a 76-yard runback of an intercepted pass and on a 38-yard pass play from Jim Rose. For the third straight week the Cougars were the nation's highest scoring team. if 44 Zmwzad Don lMoonJ Mullins C241 is upcndcd after taking ll handoff from quarterback Lonnie lflolltuul ll4J. TOM BEASLEY Ll DNEY THOMPSON CHARLIE PATTERSON CHARLIE BROWN End. IYL End, ZVL Guard. IVL Guard, 3VL Breckenridge Yctlcrlancl Conroe Mt. Vernon DEWEY WADE .HM WINIJHANI Cllilfil, Guard, 01111111217 Nebraska Colorado City 0 :ae Oklahoma State, long a thorn in the Cougars, side, lmurst the UH lmuhhle and handed the Houston team their first defeat of the 1958 season T-O. Featuring a rock-rilmhed defense the Cowpokes held the high- scoring Cougars scoreless before 27,000 fans in Rice Stadium. Frustration was the word of the day for the forces of Harold Lahar as State threw up a stub- born goal line defense. The Cougars kept knocking but the Pokes turned away UH threats. Oklahoma State scored in the second period on a short plunge. llouston outgained the Cowboys, with 272 yards total to the visitors, 139. Don McDonald scores against the Hurricanes Tackle, IVL Conroe BILL BROWN Tackle. IVL Galveston .IDI COLYIN Tackle. ZYL Orange WILEY FEAGIN Dickey U21 gains short yardage, UH blockers are Patterson 1603 and Kuehne 1352. Qfaadtaa 20 44544 25 Honiecf 1111 ing ended in disappointment for the University as Tulsais Colden Hurricane took a close battle from the Cougars 25-20. Tulsa turned Cougar errors into quick touch- downs and scored again in the second period to take a lead the Houston club could not surniount. Don Brown scored for Houston in the second period on a two-yard run. Tulsa owned a 19-7 halftime lead. UH scored in the third period on Don MeDonald's three-yard run to pull within five points, 19-21, of Hurricane. But Tulsa halflmack Joe Cheap broke loose on a 76-yard gallop that made the Cougar's last quarter score seem futile. The last UH counter came on a -1-3-yard pass play involving Lonnie Holland and end Bob Borah. UH's All- American candidate, Don Brown, suffered a broken elbow in the game that cut short his college career. Holland launches a pass against Ole Miss. 717 0Ze77Zcb4 Houston took to the road after losing two at home seeking to regain their early season form. Instead they ran into a furious University of Mississippi eleven that proceeded to hand the Cougars one of their worst lickings in the history of the school. Houston jumped to an early 7-0 lead on a Don McDonald to Boh Borah pass for seven yards and paydirt. But in the second period Ole Miss scored twice and ran over and around the Cougars for six last half touchdowns to main- tain their national ranking. Statistically the game was close as the Cougars racked up 17 first downs and the Rebels 18. Mississippi took advantage of the long gainer to break the Cougars' backs. JIM KUEHNE Fullhack, 1VL San Antonio JOHN HENDERSON TOM PIERCE End, 1VL Tackle, 2VL Deer Park Crescent Borah snags another. 6 7570 With the Missouri Valley Conference title on the line the Cougars were hosted hy North Texas State CI.,-XLTIJE KING l'lulllJtu'k. ZYL College. newest MVC ineniher. The Eagles from Denton nudged the Big Red 10-6 and knocked the UH out ol their third straight conference championship. Jim Kuehne scored the Cougars? lone touchdown. In heating UH the Eagles won their first MVC football championship and extended the Red losing streak to lour. Y ll'liSl?llI'Q. Mississippi Stud-till lnwults for it long e liner M RANl'JfXl.I. DORSETT CHARLES KLXFIVREY End, 1VL Fullliurk, ZYL Pasadena Temple King leaps high to snare an aerial. HILMER POTCINSKE Fullhack, 1VL PAT STUDSTILL Yorktown Quarterback, IVL Shreveport, Louisiana 70444504157 ' '26 With a third straight MVC title out of their grasp, the University football squad visited the University of Miami hoping to salvage what was left of the season and to get back to the .500 mark. The Cougars took a free-scoring 37-26 victory. Claude King and Don McDonald scored twice each and Billy Ray Dickey added one TD as the Cougars broke the dry spell. Sophomore fullback Hilmer Potchinske was a standout gaining 60 yards in five carries. Fullhack Jim Kuehne f35J moves for yardage after taking a handoff from Holland. Brill, Dickey mects stubborn resistance in a group of Texas Tech Raiders. 22 ec4i7 Plagued by injuries for half of the season the Cougars returned to the confines of Rice Stadium to close the 1958 season against Texas Tech. The Cougars played "come-from-behind" to take a 22-17 victory. Tech jumped to a 1-1-0 first quarter lead. Houston scored in the second period on a Lonnie Holland to Bob Borah pass good for 27 yards. ln the third period Holland and Billy Ray Dickey, the Galena Park speedster, col- laborated on a 22-yard pass play to pull up to 14-17. Then Harold "Chief, Lewis ended his college career in a flash of brilliance with a 64-yard punt return to give the Cougars the victory and a 5-4 season. -' 1. . t - ,J 51 f Sherman Lewis flies down sidelines with a game Wllllllllg punt return. DON MCDONALD Quarterback, 2VL Wonder what the boys in the press box can tell us on the phone, Coach? Coach Lahar, and Jim Rose U65 Compare notes on the opposing team. HOYVARD EVANS DANNY CRANFORD DON IIULLINS Guard, ZVL Center, IVL Halflvuek, 1VL Dallas Covington, Tennessee Sllrevepofl, I-UUiSiLlI11l ""?N1e W JOHN SEMIAN DICKY MAULDIN BILLY CAMPBELL LONNIE HOLLAND Guard, IVL Halflxuek, IVL Guard, IVL Quarterback, IVL TJYIOT, Pf'flI1SYlvania Pampa George WH-st Plainview 7?5X Front row: Coach Bm-d Conkright. Burr Davis. Lidnvy Thompson, Joe McDonald, Hogan Wharton, Don Brown, Harold Lewis, ,lim Colvin, Tom Pierce, Dewey Wade. Coach Andy Zulwl. Second rout Claude King. jainvs Joplin, Howard Frans, Don Mr-Donald, Oliver Murray, Bob Borah, Billy Ray Dickey, Charlie Broun. Charlvs Calfrey, Bob Davis. Don Mullins. Coach Casio Ramsey. Tlzirfl row: Trainer Tom Wilson, Tom Cowan, Paul Ward, Fred Green, ,lim Adams, ,lim Kuehno, John Nlarln-r, Danny Crawford. John Hvndm-rson. Pat Studstill, ,lim Rose, Jere Bice, Coach Hank Watkins, Coach Tex Flanakin. Fourth row: Coach Harold Lahar, Marvin Dihln-ns, Wiley Feagin, Bill Brown, John Svmian, Ronnie Harlan, Randall Dorsctt, Mike Greer, Dicky Mauldin, Charlie Patter- im, Efli-lil Lind:-n, illlblll Beasley. Buvlr row: Jerry Crigsliy, Jerry Heddon, ,lorry Harrington, Jim Windham, Charles Mallia, Donnie Kettelle, Billy Campbell, onnic Olland. "The Chief" rambles for yardage while Thompson l85D, Beasley 1873, Cranford 1501 and Evans 1545 clear the way. Lewis finds the going rough up the middle. An unidentified team- mate is on his knees. Lost something? 'X King runs wide against the boys from his home state of Mississippi. Cnacli Harold Lahar congratulates recipicnts of awards. Hogan Wliartwn llcftt was named best all-around lineman and winner of tht- Sideline Cuaclics' Award. Mrs, Hub Borah accepts the Must Improved Player award for her husband who could not attend. Billy Ray Dia-key was named thc best all-around buck. Hogan Wharton accepts a trophy for being numcd to the Coaches' All-American football team. The trophy was prcsentcd at the half-time ccremonies of the UH- Cincinnati basketball game which was telexiscd re- gionally. Zi ii., i . S 'A MNH -,wwwusw mm Ek ! -nw f ,K A A v,.. A A , .,,. ff ,, -', W , Q Q i - w,w??Eg WERE W U m fi, m ' ' 'W A F 'lim 5 Q X X F -1 f L TT m Q Y Q uf V WT is if W -fa , M ' + i Q W W4 Q yi . 4 Hg, A if ff , gf W ,- V , , I 'Q X P' 1593 ' 'S ' , Z . , 1 Vg, 25,2 . ' azfif - A Z ah. S Q? fi 2 nz-it f Y HAROLD LAHAR, head coach CASTO RAMSEY, Offensive backfield 003011 LOVETTE HILL, head scout and assistant coach 5641414 HANK WATKINS, defensive line coach nm- TEX FLANAKIN, end coach DUDLEY PARKER, defensive backficld coach w.,,N.L I ,ii ANDY ZUBEL, offensive line coach TOM WILSON, trainer SWEDE HILL, freshman coach 5' 'RQ' ,gg was -- Q11 1-1.- an---. W YQ 31' ws 'G 1 QMSWQW ,J 'SW 'WP O I g I Athletic news comes from the office of Jack Scott, athletic news director, and assistant Ted Nance lleftl. HARRY FOUKE, Athletic Director DR. JAMES R. WHITEHURST, Team Physician ALDEN PASCHE, Administrative Assistant DR. F. L. STOVALL, Athletic Faculty Representative MARGARET STANDARD, Athletic Department Secretary. T. C. "BUD" EVANS heads the Athletic Advisory Council . . 9 . The Lvniversity of Houston Athletic Advisory Council advises the University on athletic affairs. It is a non-profit organization chartered by the State of Texas. A constructive and forward-looking program is the aiin of the council and the athletic staff. The principal objective is to bring to the attention of others the athletic and academic qualifications of the U. of H. Promotion of attendance at athletic events is one annual program. STERLING HOGAN, SR., Vice-President D. L. CONNELLY, Vice-President A. FRANK SMITH, JR., Secretary CLARK SHERWOOD, Treasurer fit-495 fy S 95 1,6 5, Fifi-ig Big Bill Hathaway llrmks for points against Bradley. I Pete Markle 1123 and Bradley player fight for rebound Gary Phillips 1547 and Jim Lemmon i325 look on. l Now, I had it just a minute ago il, 4 vnu' V xiii i 3 X, is Ted Luckenhill tips one in an Hathaway and Pete Markle await possible rebound. -on HINHGHHFF ... 'X .41 ,V K. li 1 Heres cheers. Players take u breather :luring time-wut. Luckenbill goes up for rebound while Phillips und Hathaway inure in. Cmigurs won this one from Chiefs. A fig .af "--N., x I Lukvnbill gifts by a Billiken for a 5l1ot as Carl Raleigh 11101115 in fur tl11' possible rc- bouncl. T110 Cougar Startvrs and Cuavlws Lewis and Pate talk it mer cluring il llII1t'1PlIf in the victory me-r iiutionally raulwtl 5t. l,,1111is. Pete Blurklt' lL1llI1t'llt'5 0110 against Ilim' 0lIlSlTl,'lCllCtl arms of two St, I.l!lllS playwrs. years! 4 niur Jack Welch is all by l1llll51'll- uml gm-5 up for ilu- lun-kcl as a Louif player Sprints ili'SIPl'I'k1l.1'ly for Ilw lmuwkvl. Letk take a lnm-atlu-r. -av' p""' mm, lt's Luckvnluill again. Tln- Cougars' Number 2 score-1' taps in two in llll' Billlkvsn Contest. 11's Luckcnhill. The 6-6 soph alnng with soph Cary Phillips brings hack thc Cougars' one-two scoring punch next season. Freshman players think itls nice to be winning. Contrast. Coach Lewis seems rather concerned with thc goings-on but cheerleader Marilyn Miller is rather happy about the state of affairs. ' I I BERNIE K.-XPNER. Guard, Houston. BILL 'l'UFl7Ll, Guard, Highland, Illinois. GARY l'lllLLlPS, Forward, Quincy, Illinois. ALL-CONFERENCE JACK WELCH, Guard, Enid, Oklahoma. VVILBERT BlCO'l"l', Forward, Deer Park. RICHARD XIOLCHANY, Forward, Johns- town, Pennsylvania. JIM LEMON, Forward, Wood River, Illinois. BRYAN SCHISLER, Guard, Jonwlmru Arkansas. JOHN DULL, Forward, East Chicago Illinois. 1958-59 VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM: Murphy Thomas, Bill Tuffli, Jim Lemmon, Pete Markle, Gary Phillips, Ted Luckenbill, Bill Hathaway Carl Raleigh, Wilherl Bigtott, John Dull, Richard Molchany. ,lack Welch, Bryan Schisler. KNEELING: Freshman coach and varsity scout Harvey Pate and Head coach Guy V. Lewis. S b Pecofzd UH OPP. 80 Texas A 8: I .,,7, 50 95 Sam Houston State .....,,, ,,,,,,,,t 6 3 -15 Texas A S M ,,,,,,, ,,,,,.,, 5 7 101 Arizona State ..., . ....,,, 768 62 Washington ,,,,, ,.,,r,,,t 6 8 55 Washington ,,,tr ........, 5 9 68 Santa Clara ,,,,,,,,.,,, ,,...,.,, 7 3 87 lVlcMurry lTexasj .,,.. ,...,,.,, 7 3 78 Wichita ,,,.. . rr...r.,... -, ..,r, 75 84 Tulsa W ,.,r.. ,..,. 6,166 5-L Cincinnati .,,,...,.. .,,,,..., 6 2 50 Bradley ,,,.,,,,,,,,,r,... ......,,, 6 0 67 Oklahoma City U. .,,,. ...,... 9 4 64 Texas A 81 M ,,,,.r,, ...,,,,,t 7 1 88 North Texas .,,,,,,, ,,,,..,,, 5 8 47 St. Louis U. ,.,.,,,,,,,, ....... . U71 63 Drake ..,, r,,,,,,,, ,..,,, ,..,.,.., . , 69 80 Oklahoma City U. .,..., .,,,,.,, 6 3 56 North Texas ., ,,,,.,,..r,,.,,.. ,......., 6 2 71 Loyola 1New Orleansl ,,,,,.. ,.,,,.,, 5 4 68 Tulsa , ,.,,..,t,t,,,.,,,,. ,.,,,,.., ,,,,,,,,, 5 6 63 Wichita ,,,,.t,.,,, ,,,,,,,,, 5 64 St. Louis U. ,,,,. ,,...,.t 5 7 77 Drake ,, ,. ,.,. --.,66 66 Cmcinnatl .,,. ......,,, 7 8 60 Bradley .,t,. ,.....w.s 7 4' Head Basketball Coach, GUY V. LEWIS Front: Dick Thurman, Farmington, Missourig Denny Bishop, South Bend, Indianag Dan Palombizio, Chicago, Illinois. Back: Toni Thomson, Glen Ellyn Illinoisg Coach Harvey Patcg Donald Schverak, Houston LReagan Highl. This freshman team set two records with the most Wins i11 a season lllj and the best won-lost percentage for a season. The frosh won 11, lost only two for an .313 percentage. Thomson set a record for the most points scored in one game with 38 against Kilgore Junior College. Thomson also had the best field goal per- centage for the season, another record, with 52.1lW. The host scoring average for a season in freshman history belongs to Palomlmizio with 22.8 in l3 games. 'Spam Climaxing a busy spring of sports activities, the annual University SPRING SPORTS BANQUET was held Tuesday, May 19 at the Crystal Ballroom of the Rice Hotel. Outstanding athletes of the spring sports program were recognized and awards were pre- sented. Awards Went to Jack Welch, senior, as the most improved basketball player. Gary Nelson was given the Carlton Hanta award as the most spirited baseball player. Harry Parten was named the outstanding tennis player and Bob Pratt was named outstanding in golf. Coach Hal Lahar presents .lim Norris the W. O. Caldwell, Jr. Award for being named the outstanding freshman football player by his teammates. Colfer Ron Weber was the recipient of the Dr. Charles Alexander Award, a 33200 cash gift to assist a student athlete not on athletic scholarship. Athletic Director Harry Fouke makes the presentation. Charles Saunders Jr. presents the Charles Saunders Award to trackman .lack Smyth. The award is presented for outstanding achievement in scholarship, leadership, sportsmanship, and athletics. Smyth was eo-captain of the 1959 Missouri Valley Conference champion Cougars. Attorney and track enthusiast Seymour Lieberman presents trophies to Jack Smyth as outstanding track man of the 1959 season and to John Macy as the Houston traekman who has gained the most national recognition. VARSITY TRACK MEN: Firsl row: Norman Tuffli, Reggie Darley, Stan Lexen on limt lfo ter Second row ,lick Parrington, Don Loadman, Jerry Smartt, Charles Gary, Jack Smyth, Dan Frey Tlzzrrl row Andy Anderson lin Cold foot, Bobby Weise, Coach Morriss, Norman Jehle, Leo Wviss,Tt-rry Ourall FRESHMAN TRACK TEAM: First row: Charles Stagger, Maurice Bianchi, Al Lawrence, Barrie Almond. Svrfonrl row: James Parkhurst, Sam Houston, Bob Waterman, Pat Clohcssy, Don Brown. Track Coach John Morriss reflects on the successful 1959 season. Red shirt Ollan Cassell ties shoe before beginning another day's practice for the Meet of Champions. MISSOURI VALLEY CONFERENCE WINNERS For the second year, the Cougar Track Team smothered op- position in the -719th annual Missouri Valley Conference Track Meet held in Denton, May 9. Winning with an eighteen man team, the Cougars ran up a total of TT points to second place North Texas State's 49. Individ- ual high point man was the Cougars, Andy Anderson with 2nd place in the 100 and 220 yard dashes, 3rd place in the broad jump, and ran legs in both the 440 and mile relay. Bobby Weise hurled the discus 168 ft. 8 inches for a new Missouri Valley record. Witll teammates finishing second and third, Charles Gary placed lst in the 100 and 220- yard dashes. Senior Jack Smyth won the MVC broad- jump crown with a 23 foot 33!4 inch leap. John Macy ran up times of 4123.7 and 9:29.5 to place first in the mile and two mile run. Mile Relay team, top to bottom: Dan Frey, Ian Goldfoot, Stan Levenson, Andy Anderson, .lack Smyth, and Nor- man Jehle. Time: 3:22.2. The 440-yard Relay team includes Charles Gary, Norman Jehle, Andy Anderson, .Iack Parring- ton, and Stan Levenson. - f Al .5 1 Kansas State's DeLoss Dodds sets u new Meet of Champions record in the mile relay of 3:10.0. CROSS COUNTRY VARSITY: First row: .lohn Macy, Don Loadman, Jerry Smartt, Reggie Darley. Second row: lan Goldfoot, Terry Overall, Coach Morriss, Leo Weiss, .lim Foster. Oklahoma University track team members rest with collected Meet of Champion first place silver punch bowls. FRESHMAN CROSS COUNTRY: John Reed, Charles Stagger, Maurice Bianchi, Al Lawrence, Pat Clohessy. F r e s h m a n A l Lawrence. W0rld's record holder in Two Mile Indoor. Won in Madison Square Garden in 8:46.8. Freshman Pat Clohessy. C0- holder Ten- Mile Relay. Varsity Barrie Almond. Holds School mile record, 4.07.7. Z Finishing with a 4-2 won-lost mark, the University Cougars took the title in the Westerii Division of the Missouri Valley Conference baseball race. In the conference championship series with the Bradley Braves, the Cougars took the first game of the three-game series with a 2-1 victory. Bradley bounced back to take the final pair of games 10-B and 6-0. Leading hitter for Houston was Freddie Green who finished with a .325 batting average. Bob Peters had a .310 average and Max Wilsiin hit 281. Leading pitcher for the Cougars in the won-lost column was Peters with a 4-3 record. Houston finished the season with a T-14 record. MVC WESTERN DIVISION CHAMPIONS If S W' sr 9 in C' ' "' aw tj vip- win' -w 'T' 'N 'Wm Buddy Garidel waits turn at the plate Qlsr- S To' BASEBALL TEAM: Front row: ,Ioe Scliiro, Fred Morgan, Bob Peters, Buddy Gziridel, Bunky Caldwell, Ellery Riha, Larry Evans, Bob Davis, Don Reese Baci. row Manager Everett Hrusku, Jimmy Wilson, Max Wilson, Bubba Wagner, Ted Langlic, Freddie Green, Howard Ranft, Gary Nelson, Dick .Iohnston and Charlie Pieper. LOVETTE HILL Baseball Coach -GP' RF E COUGAR C0-CAPTAINS: Larry Evans and Charlie Pieper. DICK MOONEY Sophomore San Antonio, Texas ADAN LOPEZ Sophomore E1 Paso, Texas HARRY PARTEN Junior Corpus Christi, Texas TONY HABER Junior Shaker Heights, Ohio For the first time in six years the University Tennis Team failed to Win the Missouri Valley Conference but not before giving champion Wichita a stiff battle. The Shockers nudged U. H. for the title 18-14. JOHN HOFF TENNIS TEAM: Kneeling, left to right: Adan Lopez, Harry Parten, Tony Haber, and Tennis Coach Dick Mooney. Standing behind is Coach John Hoff. N.C.A.A. GOLF CHAMPIONS 1958: Left to right: .lacky Cupit, Phil Rodgers, Jim Hiskey, Coach Williams, Frank Wharton, Bob Pratt. Championship won at the Taconic Golf Club in Williamstown, Massachusetts. DAVE WILLIAMS Golf Coach Set team record of 570 for 36 holes. Phil Rodgers high man. The guy behind the University of Houston golf success is Dave Williams. Hels the coach, recruiter, and planner, and even a pretty good golfer. Now in his eighth season as U.H. golf coach, Williams has produced teams that have won three consecutive N.C.A.A. championships and countless other smaller tournaments. Since Williams, a former mechanical engineering professor, took the golf job in 1952, a Houston team has finished no worse than 11th in the National Championship tourney. ln 1956, the Cougars Won the N.C.A.A. title in Columbus, Ohio. The Red and White golfers followed up their national title with two more in 1957 and 1958. A graduate of East Texas State College in 1939, the popular coach lettered there in football, basketball, and tennis. lt was 194-6 before he played golf. Now he shoots in the 70s. Elected President of the N.C.A.A. Golf Coaches Association last summer, Williams originated one of collegiate golffs top tournaments, the annual Southwestern Intercollegiate lnvitation. Q Bob Pratt Senior Renton, Washington A National collegiate tournament semi-finalist in 1958, Bob was runner-up to Phil Rodgers for Missouri Valley Conference last year. Captain of the team, he was a second team All- American pick. Jacky Cupit Junior Greggton Defending Southwestern intercollegiate champion, Jacky is the current school golf champion and placed on the third team All-American as a sophomore. 5 WJ 2 GOLF TEAM: Left to right: Doug MacDonald, Richard Crawford, Bob Pratt, Jacky Cupit, Richard Dickson, Tony Marimon, Ron Weber .Joel Goldstrand. Richard Dickson Junior Galveston Winner of the Galveston Invitation tourney for the past two years, Richard is the son of a Galveston pro and the brother of Danny Dickson, former U.H. golfer. Richard Crawford Sophomore Springhill, La. One of the longest hitters on the team, he was runner-up in last fall's Tucker Intercollegiate tourney in Albuquerque. Doug MacDonald Sophomore Renton, Washington State junior champion While in high school, Doug is from same home as Captain Bob Pratt. 5 1 i Tony Marimon Junior Madrid, Spain Born and raised in Madrid, Spain, Tony came to the U. of H. from Riverside Junior College in California. Joel Goldstrand Sophomore Wodhington, Minn. Majoring in mathematics, Joel was a semi-finalist in the 1958 Western Junior tourney. Ron Weber Sophomore Prineville, Oregon Son of a Prineville, Oregon, professional, he received the Dr Charles Alexander award for 1958-59. '-we Exes Bob Borah 1845 scores 6 points as Var- sity's Howe 1855 and Branson 1695 move in. Tackled hy Robertson 1825, the Exes .loe Bob Smith 1225 forward motion is stopped as Mitchamore 1425 and Trott lend an assist. With the score 26 to 6 at halftime, Exes roar back to threaten Varsity. Climaxing weeks of Spring Training, the 1959 Big Red team met powerful opposition in the Exes, but scampered to an early lead to win 26-20. Some 7,000 fans witnessed the annual game held in newly finished Delmar Stadium. The outcome of the game with an excellent Varsity showing of many new faces made Cougar fans more expectant of the 1959 season. Exes Frank James 1695, J. D. Kimmel 1705, Tom Dimmick 1735, Charlie Brown 1765, Ken Watson 1805, Lidney Thompson 1855, Phil Koonce 1865, Gerald Reed 1885, and Ken Wind 1895 leave the field after pre-game introductions. Fighting to come from behind, Halfback Joe Bob Smith 1225, confers with End Ken Watson 1805, Coach Flanakin, and End Buddy Boek 1835 on Exes strategy. G! One of the most successful Meet of Champions was held Saturday night, June 6, in Public School Stadium. Over 3,500 fans saw seven M.C. records smashed on the windless evening. Cougar tracksters placed one first place with Jack Smyth winning the Hop, Step, and Jump and five second places. Leah Richter, Barbara Maxwell, Harriet Liberman, Ciria Anderson, and Judy Morriss presented the winners bowls and awards. Glen Davis, Ohio Track Club whiz, waits for 4-4-0-yard dash to start . . . Cougar Ollan Cassell and A.C.C. Bill Woodhouse in 220- yard dash photofinish. First place went to Woodhouse with second to Cassell in identical 21.2. A new Meet of Champions record. then finishes in first place handily in 46.9 seconds. Pole Vault contest held thousands until almost midnight for completion. Joe Harris from Baton Rouge fails in his attempt to clear 14-9 in pole vault. 70 ' 7 Badminton Mixed Doubles Winners The Delta Zetas passed, punted, and kicked their way into victory in the intramural foot- ball games. ...HMI It's watch the birdie for Lynn Eckert and Arthur Bush. Delta Zeta's Rose Corder and Jo Won- drak accept the badminton doubles trophy from .lanet Isbell. Chi Omegas Cathy, Judy, Diane, Beverly, Valerie, and Mary Kathryn dribbled their way to victory in the basketball tournament. DZ's Shirley Bridier wins archery com- petition. 1 M5 59 . . V Wffa -1 Chl Omega swimmers swam their way to victory to w'1n the plaque given each year for that sport. Cathy Young holds the trophy that she and her Chi Delta Zeta volleyballers Jo, Rose, Gene, h . h Elaine, Nelwyn, Kathleen, Barbara, and Qmega teammatefwofl as .the .tears .avmg tie Mary display winning Smiles - volleyball highest total participating polnts ln t e lntramura s winning smiles, that is. tournament' l82 Carol Hornsby demonstrates the back- hand form that won her victory in the badminton singles. A,a.v..,,, X,-g.f,.,.f 77014217 df' 4 as The Architectural Society placed first in the swimming intramurals held in the University pool. g . , f zfggs. . . j j , . A Q, J , 1 a L 'Ji' . . . . . . . ' A V+ ' . Ig 1 1 I -I i. I . ii 3 " ,n l "" . . L-V g,L.4-.fgjy R-,:I...1,V, . . a . . .V . , Ln - ' Finishing off solid opponents, Ken James and Lonnie McClod took the men's tennis doubles for B.S.U. Spencer Youell smashed his way to men's singles cham- pionship for R.0.T.C. Phi Kappa Thetas Sandy, Al, John, Bernard, Bill. and .lack win volleyball trophy. Defeating B.S.U. 7 to 2 Phi Kappa Theta won the Softball Trophy. Loyd Tripp receives Best All-Round Trophy for Baptist Student Union. Kappa Alpha beat out R.0.T.C. in the league play- off to cop the Intramural Football Trophy. Continuing their domination of Intramural sports, R.O.T.C. netted the Basketball Trophy for the third year. 2 5 Z 1 k W, H .5 0 L A ww.. , an Q 9 3 5 Qs I ,sk ,,,-L Y , . swf- -Q fs.. v-4 .f . uuupspr J .,v' 1 ,Jn-Q , .. ,511-1 'if V M 7 ,B-ff f .!.f.-.M . W- .. 4' Q ., in 2 'w X S as xx Q. S W-....' - xg. , K P . .,,,. 1 L ,in .,.m..w...,x...,.,,,,. . .. , 4... . , ., ,, Fw Sm na-:vs-MW. ., , m 'Que-srr""-""'T'lF??'Q 191:-:Inav - 'x 'di . 'Hum ' Q. - r ' ,Q 4 . -6 in.-'C X 15, Q J ' r A a Ziff '1 a A.,- ,g113,ef3wmv,f', hang xv. dy' UE' mf .MVMX9 f Q21 , lffiswii L,f1w1,:m-f,-f.+, Aft-w?'e',Q2figq,Qg1?3,'f , ,. - NYM? Q?3'Z'4-E' Xa. I 'LS 'N gg. f A ' ' L,,. W , 5,,,1 I! If V.,., A :Qfjjg .,,,.. fm... , , ' my ,V ' vp, ,.?y,q- .. ,Qs Q V mm 2 hG1A 5 v uf .. wr ,. W' 'Ei - , , ,, x Q , K X f ' f-an Y' 'W 01 'iwvd L qif mx:-L ,.:, '-4, Fw El? , vi. mf .1 , . f' ax fx ,L f E5 lm Y D .a..1.+Q2.v,.x.... A ,, eeafrms Q in .Mimi A ' iw., , . - ' W A .-1. .'..v.:.':11' ' . A H -'M M ' ' 7' W ' Q 1: 7 i m t - L . 'Mya -- , , A 4 -fy. , w Music hath charms . . ." Don Harves receives instruction from Caesar LaMonaca. 1' Ellen Schultz is intent on her painting for art class. Students find that serious ACADEMIC pur- suits stand them in good stead as graduation and job opportunities approach. Work goes on 'round the clock in radio and elec- tronics labs. At left is James Hengst pictured with Eugene Levasseur. Ns .,.V S. Mechanical drawing requires concentration as El- roy Gold can testify. 1 Irma Almarez and Yolanda Cortes prepare prescriptions for class in pharmacy. gif yffimawriamus fs 1 E-f, Jack Charrin practices French lesson: PAR LEZ VOUS 1,3 kgi 'W' ,ZIQSQ xunrli-ml mddxgnnl. fs 1. vu-vi'5i!'..E-1Xll.k "!"' .LL1.,..1'E'.vm1ul'LsLm Donna Haelbig fashions a vase in ceramics class. Ralph Turner is deep in thought over test tubes and electrons FRAN CAIS' Architects pool ideas Welder is Glafiro Montemayor who resembles u medieval knight. Marian Rieke and Gloria Breland put sketch books to proper use An eye for detail pays off in machine shop for Herbert Engelking. It takes real ingenuity to solve the campus parking problem. "You could water-ski barefootedln Are you sure you have an ID card? Coeds with tired brains from many studies forget to turn on TV when it's time to relax. "How'd SHE get in? Which of you fell asleep at the gate last night?,' Tom Turkey is being measured for a shroud. His only comment is "This old stuff is for the birds." "One of these days I'm going to give that Pledge Trainer such a smack!" .IOIC IIOHNBEHGIQH, Officer of the Graduate Class. ABRAHAM, Joseph Brian, El Paso, Law ALLEN, Douglas Philip, Houston, Law ANDERS, Barbara Ann, Houston, Radio-TV ASHWORTH. Eric Albert, Houston, Industrial Engineering BONILLA, Tony, Houston, Law BOSTON, Frank Howard, Houston, Biology BRENTS, Walker Allen, Jr., Houston, Law BRIDWELL, Jack Lynn, Fort Worth, Optometry CARELOCK, Orland L., Galveston, Business CAVANAGH, Robert V., Houston, Education CHUA, Gloria Luy, Phillippines, Music CLARK, Marian L., Baytown, Special Education CLOPINE, Gordon Alan, Vista, Calif., Geology COOKSEY, Marvin Glenn, Venezuela, Law CUSHMAN, William J., Jr., Houston, Physics DAVIS, Roger Allen, Vivian, La., Optometry DAY, Esther Long, Bellaire, English DENTON, Leo Fisher, Houston, Accounting EINSPAHR, Martin H., Houston, Psychology ESPER, Mitchell, El Paso, Law FREEL, Donald W., Edinburg, Optometry GAMER, George Emran, Houston, Administrative Educatlon GANDIN, Francis Jacob, Houston, Business GANDIN, William Bailous, Houston, Accounting GILBERT, Ray Westerfield, Houston, Psychology GOLDEN, Robert Jack, Houston, Law HARRINGTON, Sul-Ross, Bay City, Psychology HARTMAN, Wilma Annette, Houston, Secondary Education HASKINS, John Brannon, Houston, Secondary Education HENDERSON, Alvada C., Houston, Education HOLSOMBACK, Joseph C.. Houston, Industrial Engineering HUBER, John P., Houston, Law HURST, Larry Guy, Lafayette, La., Architecture ISHIOKA, Akio. Japan, Trade and Transportation JENNINGS, John Webb. Jr.. Houston, Marketing JERNIGAN, Patricia Ann. Donna, Nutrition I94 " tx I n i 21 '1:- . .f s sizitatu- A 6 1 h .,,,, .igf ,ji 'V-, rgsag, . .:,: mi 1 , an .gg 'ir Q s at t , gf it if Z:-'A 5 S 2y f 'F if JOHNSON. Betty Montgomery, Houston, Psychology JOHNSON. Roslyn Ann, Miami Beach. Fla., Secretarial Administration JOHNSTON. Stephen Lane, Salt Lake City, Utah, Law KAUFFMAN, LeRoy C.. Houston, English KENDALL. Clarence F.. Houston, Law KNEBEL. Maudema Beeson, El Campo, Secondary Education KOPINITZ, Edward A., Houston, Biology KRANZKE, Robert Joseph, Houston, Law KRIBS. Edith Anne, Houston, English LERNER, Joshua Eddie, Houston, Electrical Engineering LILLY, Edward H., Houston, Physics LIPSHY, George Meyer, Houston, Optometry LUTES. Charles Wiel. Longview, Education MANDY, William T., Lackawanna, New York, Biology MATHEWS, Walter T., Houston, Chemistry McKENZIE, Robert Dean, Houston, Diesel MCNEEL, William Owen, Houston, Industrial Electronics MOMBERGER, Edwin H., Houston, Law NEWELL, Jimmie David, Meridian, Miss., Optometry NORDMEYER, Marvin Dale, Houston, Electrical Engineering O'CONNELL, W. J., Houston, Secondary Education PATTERSON, Henry Barto, Houston, Physics PEDRAZA, Fanny Gomez de, Girandot, Colombia, S. A., Psychology PETTY, William Edward, Houston, Law POINDEXTER, Michael Horace, Houston, Industrial Electronics RUDIE, Robert McNair, Houston, Industrial Engineering SACCAR, Michael, Jr., Houston, Pharmacy SAJJADI, Parviz S., Tehran, Iran, Petroleum Engineering SELBY, Bob Carrol, Amarillo, Radio-TV SELLERS, William Harold, Houston, Law SMITH, Paul Edward, Temple, Pharmacy STEELE, John Gurdon, Houston, Educational Administration STOVER, Gladys Leona, Houston, Speech SUWANASTHIEN, Bhasna, Thailand, Business TERRY, Gloria G., Houston, Business Education TERRY, Jack M., Houston, Law I95 ,,,..........-..-.- Y' J , w ' 5 N4 R 11 ' V M W ' q x V V V . V If . A A Q Jgfqs I VNV 'V AV X .A tm ,f M, .uf ffl Q56 1 ,, ,, ,,,,.. , ., - . ,., .f 1 " A, ,' 3 5' e, fag' ff. ' . 1. ' I "' fl - .. if-4 f '.s W K' , 't .Q - FFF? J .1 'W w " .5-135,5?': f M.. ,.252ixg,,g:,,5 g 1 f.:'l' ,,'?f+-5'w9M. fA W- ' -J fT v ' 'W13-sl . , A - - , , , V V Q. + L 1 . " M ylmwegirsiuwewagygwfiiwfleahff' is . , u . 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J, fl jf -.Vin .VSV V VV! 4' Q o J. f 4 shizlx f V f y 254- -- s 1' QL A f- +-Q H 2' 5 A . 4 ,- f 2 , ., A L . V V , 3 , ,. n,,,MV . - . 1 VV VVV. z . fi V f .V 1, hw 1 VI W 2 g .V fiff' f f""A ' f M fW Vff:,f2N "f'Mfff1 y' 'vM' w,f2'z 1' ff' 1? 'mf , T , f " I 3 X ' 'V 'HW . X 3 Q l 3 3 - Q X, H M UM K' W' N H nm x ?' A 'f W N .W , , , , ..,.,.,,,. , 2, A V B ,Q ,gf . 1 1 f H 1 . , ,, , , N , 1 f 5 N i - Y fl ,f f A f 1 :V , 1 ' f ,. 2 J I KV' I I 1 I ' IA 'Z J I f I I I A ! 's " , x 'Y ? x g k L s -1 X - 3 P" V . N W - -5 ' if V " ' 2- ff 1' Q ' 21 M f' , V Q , VV ' V VVVVM, Q -Sig V 1 1 4, . V .P Aw MA? 'gtk ' Y . , A A Q gn my ,Sw 4 4, Q., ,, ,,,. ,. N, , U J 3: Z F. g. ' l ' W .s ff S I 'A , A F 7 ,Y ' 115 ff my 'W 1 A 'W :T Y 3 U' J 5 f? . 1 .:-, ' dl , x 3 W "' k " M M. A Q 1 4 V ff H f 'Y ' 5 V 1 ' w - X " ' 4 W . , . 196 51 f CLASS OFFHIER5: Delores Hobizal, Senior Representativeg Sue Zanne Myers, Secrelaryg Sue Gibson, Vice-Presidentg Robert Kin, President ABRAMSON, Melvin. Houston, Business Administration ADAM, Paul Alfred, Jr., Houston, General Business Administration ADAM, Robert James. Houston, General Business Administration ADAMS, James Enloe. Houston, Chemical Engineering ALBRECHT, Marvin H., Jr., Houston, Music ANDERS, Adolph A., Houston, Accounting, Phi Sigma Kappa, University of Hous- ton Architecture Society, Newman Club, Pep Club, Interfraternity Council ANDERSON, Edward Kurry, Hot Springs, Arkansas, Civil Engineering, Vice-Presi- dent and President, ASCE - ANGLIN, Calvin David, Houston, Student Association Branch of Institute of Radio Engineers APFFEL, Fred P., Houston, Chemical Engineering, American Institute of Chemical Engineers ARMITAGE, Gary Randall, Houston, Industrial Drafting, Dragon Society, Pep Club, Frontier Fiesta ARMSTRONG. Lynn Edward, Houston, Mechanical Engineering ARTHUR, Ann, Houston, Psychology, Honoree, Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent Girl and Favorite, Homecoming Queen Finalist, Yearbook Favorite, President of Alpha Phi, Annie Oakley-Frontier Fiesta, Pep Club, Recording Secretary of Alpha Phi AXTELL. Clyde R.. Jr., Houston, Accounting, Phi Theta Kappa, '6Parent of the Year", Accounting Society Executive Committeeman, Secretary AYCOCK, Charles Fredrick, Houston, Journalism, Editor of Houstonian, Writers' Club, Cougar Staff, Secretary-Treasurer of Sigma Delta Chi, President of Journalism Incorporated, Senior Honor Thesis BACARISSE, Albert Louis, Houston, Finance BAILEY, Mersia Leona, Houston, Biology BAKER, Kay Glouser, Houston, Biology BAKER, Ronald Franklin, Houston, Mechanical Engineering, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, UHSE Engineering Council, Tau Epsilon BALLARD. Janola Jeanne, Houston, Secretarial Administration, Chi Omega, Activities Chairman, Phi Theta Kappa, Fiesta Top Ten Act, Baptist Student Union BALLARD, Kenneth George, Houston, Biology BALLINGER, Kelly, Houston, Drafting, Past President Dragon Society, Vice- President Student Government, Top Ten Students, Councilman from College of Technology, Architecture Society, Secretary-Treasurer Diesel Club BARCELLO, Bennie Gene, Pasadena, General Business Administration BARTELS, Nancy Sue, Houston, Secondary Education, Secretary Student Body, Zeta Tau Alpha, Homecoming Queen Finalist, Vanity Fair Favorite, Outstanding Student, Phi Theta Kappa, President, Alumni Coordinator, Historian BARTHEL, Shirley Janet, Houston, English, Spanish Club, Phi Theta Kappa, Stu- dent Education Association, Lutheran Student Association BARTLETT, Alan Leigh, Houston, Chemical Engineering BARTON, Donald Brooks, Houston, Secondary Education, Sigma Chi, Phi Alpha Theta, Kappa Kappa Psi Band Fraternity, Cougar Band, FTA, SEA BEARD, Homer L. Jr., Houston, Air-Condition Mechanics BOLT, ,Io Ella, Junction, Drama, Red Masque BOND, Victor Bernard, Houston, General Business Administration BOUDREAUX, Robert O'Neil, Lake Charles, Louisiana, Pharmacy, Phi Delta Chi, Senior Class President BOWER, Robert David, Houston, Music Education, Chorus, University Opera Work- shop, U. of H. Chapter of Music Education, University Orchestra, University Band, Texas State Teachers Association BOYLAN, Michael B., Houston, Geology BRANN-Erich John, Bellaire, Geology, Newman Club, Sigma Alpha Epsilon BECKHAM, Lonnie B., Chandler, Civil Engineering, Sigma Chi BECKMANN, Barry Lee, Victoria, Photography, Kappa Alpha Mu, President BENDER, Charles Edward, Houston, Accounting, Accounting Society, Vice-Presi- dent, President BERGMANN, Leola, Houston, Mathematics, Baptist Student Union BIGGS, Herman Max, Houston, Electrical Engineering, University of Houston Society of Electrical Engineers BILLIG, Leon O., Sealy, Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics, Phi Kappa Phi, Theta Sigma, ASME, Chairman, Gamma Delta BOANE, Thomas Macon, Houston, Geology BOATMAN, Shannon Morris, Houston, Architecture BOBBITT, Bonnie Patricia, Port Arthur, Home Economics, Delta Zeta, Home Economics, Second Vice-President, Wesley Foundation, Dorm Council BRANSCUM, Carlos Winfrey, Bellaire, History BRIDGES, Thomas Lee, Houston, Electrical Engineering, U. of H. Society of Electrical Engineers, American Institute of Electrical Engineers, Institute of Radio Engineers BRIM, Kathryn Ann, Brownwood, Home Economics, President of Women's Dormi- tory Council, Women's Student Association, Delta Gamma, Vice-President, Beta Lambda BRODHAX, Charles Troy, Houston, Electrical Engineering, University of Houston Society of Electrical Engineers, Vice-Chairman BROWN, Herbert E., Pasadena, Petroleum Engineering BROYLES, William H., Houston, Marketing, Phi Theta Kappa BUCK, Edgar Alonzo, Cocoa, Florida, Diesel Engineering, Electrical Engineering BUNTING, Stanley, Houston, Home Building and Light Construction CALDWELL, Garnett Ernest, Houston, Law, Justice Student Supreme Court, Delta Theta Phi, Student Bar Association, Scabbard and Blade, Canterbury Association CANNELL, James David, Air Conditioning-Refrigeration CANTELE, Ronald Paul, Cypress, General Business Administration CARR, Richard Thomas, El Paso, Industrial Electronics O CASTILLO, Esther Mugica, Houston, Elementary Education CHALMERS, Richard Edwin, Houston, Pre-Law CHILTON, Louis Warren. Goliad, Geology CHANG, Lucia Sun, Houston, Accounting, Accounting Club CHOI, Tong Ha. Houston, Pharmacy CHRISTY, Anna Louise, Houston, Art Education, Phi Theta Kappa, Kappa Delta Pi, Secretary, Miss Ideal Future Teacher, Student Education Association, Historian, Mixed Chorus CLARK, Gibby Lee, Houston, Industrial Electronics, Pep Club, Sigma Chi CLARK, Joseph Bertrand, Houston, History COLE. James Robert, Houston, Civil Engineering, UHSE, ASCE, Secretary-Treas- urer, ASCE, Treasurer, Tau Epsilon , f,5i,,'ft:2fL f CONCILIO, Charles Bennett, Houston, Chemistry COOK, Charles Wayne, Houston, Lambda Chi Alpha, Delta Nu Alpha COOPER, Frank, Houston, Political Science, Student Government, Senate President Pro-Tempore, Outstanding Committeeman, Future Teachers of America, President, Band Members Association, President, U of H Band, Outstanding Student CORDRAY, Paul Dennis, South Houston, General Business Administration, AMA CORLEY, Shirley Elizabeth, Houston, Secondary Education CORNETT, James Elmer, II, Blessing, Petroleum Engineering, AIME, Vice- President COSNER, Jack Richards, Lake Charles, Louisiana, Architecture CRAIG, Melwyn Janice, Houston, Secondary Education, Texas Parliamentarian's Award, Student Education Association, Miss Future Teacher, Assistant Secretary, Board of Directors, Writers' Club, Delegate to Texas Student Education Association Convention CROCKER, George Arnold, Houston, Psychology, Alpha Delta Sigma CRONK, Janet Adel, Dallas, Secretarial Administration, Dorm Council CROWE, John H., Houston, General Business Administration CUNNINGHAM, Rachel B., Houston, Home Economics DANNEWITZ, Keith Roger, Houston, Petroleum Engineering and Mathematics, AIME, U of H Society of Engineers DAVIDSON, Carollyn, Houston, Elementary Education DAVIS, Oscar, Houston, Diesel Technology DRAPER, Thomas Carroll, Houston, Secondary Education DAVIS, Virginia Bird, Stockdale, Business Education, United Business Administra- tion Association, National Business Administration Association DAY, Lucius B., Jr., Bellaire, Physics I EASTES, Dana, Houston, Management EDGLEY, James Gordon, Houston, Psychol0gY9 German Club, Vice-President, Psy Chi EISSLER, Irene Ulland, Clifton, Elementary Education ENDICOTT, Elaine E., Houston, Home Economics, Alpha Delta Pi, Best Pledge Award, Treasurer, Chaplain, Rush Chairman, Crows Nest, Student Government, Beta Lambda, Reporter, French Club ENGLISH, William Chen, Jr., Amarillo, Radio-TV ERWIN, Thomas Sidney, Bellaire, General Business Administration ESTES, Reuben C., Houston, Business Education, SEA EVANS, Jesse A., Jr., Rosenberg, Accounting EWTON, James Richard, McAlester, Oklahoma, Physics FAIN, William Taylor, Jr.. Houston, General Business Administration FARMER, Charles G., Red Hook, New York, Psychology, Psy Chi, Bowling Club FEIST, John W., Houston, Industrial Engineering, AIIE, President FIELDS, James Carter, Houston, Management, Society for Advancement of Man- agement FISHER, Johnny Charles, Houston, General Business Administration FISHER, Richard Stinson, Houston, Industrial Engineering, SAE, Treasurer, Stu- dent Government FLOOD, Margaret Mary, Houston, Journalism FLORES, Elsie Marie, Houston, Accounting FLOWERS, James Russ, Houston, Secondary Education, Student Education Associa- tion, Wesley Foundation, Delta Sigma Phi DAY, William Washington, Port Lavaca, Law DEBRANDT, Roger A., Philadelphia, Mathematics DEROUEM, Ellis Rodney, Houston, Pharmacy, AMPHA, Newman Club DIPPEL, Kirby Ledell, Houston, Mechanical Engineering, Society of Mechanical Engineers DUBE, Billy, San Antonio, Radio and TV DUBOSE, David C., Houston, Philosophy, National Junior Debate Champion, Phi Theta Kappa, International Relations Club, Vice-President, Forensic Society, Presi- dent, Phi Rho Pi, President, Pi Kappa Delta, Secretary-Treasurer, Student Govern- ment DUGAS, Ronald A., Taftville, Connecticut, Electrical Engineering DUNSON, Robert M., Jr., Houston, Home Building and Light Construction, Frontier Fiesta Association, General Chairman, Home Builders, Association DEVINE, Joan Ardell, Houston, Elementary Education, SEA FLYNN, Adrienne Imogene, Houston, Home Economics and Secondary Education, Beta Lambda, Wesley Foundation, Religious Groups Council, Zeta Tau Alpha, Future Teachers of America FOERSTER, Charles M., Baytown, Business Administration FOLMAR, James W.. Houston, General Business Administration FORETICH, Richard B., Conroe, Geology FOSTER, James A.. Winnipeg, Canada, Psychology FOSTER, Melvyn Emil, Austin, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, Gamrra Delta, Dean's Honor Roll, Air-Conditioning Technicians' Society FOSTER, Maynel Tatum, Houston, Home Economics, Beta Lambda, Student Educa- tion Association, Phi Mu FRANK, Donald M., Houston, General Business Administration FRASER, Jack C. W., Galena Park, Civil Engineering, Fiesta Association, ROTC Rifle Team, American Society of Civil Engineering, University of Houston Society of Engineers Petroleum Engineers ti' fa , . X. ,.,, x '--' L, il at . X. 3 Fiesta, Student Government Frontier Fiesta in Scholarship W .eLa:Qf:1i.5xu,.-w 1.- FRITZ, Arthur Martin, Houston Industrial Electronics FUENTES, Joe Canales, Houston Accounting GALLAGHER, Ned Brian, Houston Petroleum Engineering Secretary Society of GALLIVAN, Robert T., Houston Accounting GARDINER, Royce Conway Houston History GARFINKEL, Morris, Houston Finance Deans Honor List Society of Russian Linguists, Economics and Finance Association GAUTHIER, Marcia Ann, Cottonport Louisiana History and English Education GIAMMALIA, Samuel Antone Houston Accounting GIBBS, Harold W., Houston Travel and Transportation GIBSON, Letitia Sue, Houston Radio and Television V1cePres1dent Alpha Phi Omega, Sophomore Representative Junior Secretary Senior Vice President Alpha Epsilon Rho, Continuity Director KUHF Llbrarian KUHF FM Director Frontler GLOVER, John Robert, Houston Religion and Speech Cougar Staff GOWAN, Clinton Odell, Jr., Houston Sociology and Psychology GRASTY, Harvey Robertson San Antonio Photography Phi Delta Tau President of Kappa Alpha Order, Interfraternity Council Student Educatlon Assoclatlon GREEN, Stanley Bruce, Pasadena Art Education Kappa P1 Phi Theta Kappa Kappa Delta Chi, Student Education Association Top Ten Act Franklin Award HABLUETZEL, William David Corpus Christi Biology HAELBIG, Donna L., Rockdale Art Education Student Education Association Kappa Pi, Christian Youth Club HAKEMACK, Peggy, Houston Elementary Education HALPORN, Clara Mae, Houston Secondary Education HALL, Robert Earl, Pasadena, Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration, Air-Conditioning Technicians' Society HAMBLEN, William Parry, HI, Seabrook, Civil Engineering HAMMER, Robert Eugene, Faribault, Minnesota, Psychology, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Vice-President, Phi Theta Kappa, Dean's List, Lutheran Student Association, Presi- dent, Socratic Society, President, Student Government, Interfraternity Council, Thomas Paine National Essay Contest, Third Place HANDEL, Roberta Sheila, Houston, Mathematics HARGROVE, George Hardin, Pasadena, History HARMON, James Earnest, Jr., Hot Springs, Arkansas, Mechanical Engineering, Student Government, ASME, Chairman, UHSME Treasurer, UHSE HARMON, Jim, Hot Springs, Arkansas, Mechanical Engineering, Student Govern- ment, UHSME, Treasurer, ASME, President HARRIS, Bruce Morgan, Houston, Law HATOVSKY, Vessie, Houston, Mathematics HAWES, Donald Lee, Pasadena, Music Education, President, Kappa Kappa Psi, Band, Orchestra HEATHERLY, Don W., Houston, Journalism, Houstonian, Cougar, Writers, Club, Harvest, Publicity Manager HEIDENFELDER, Joe F., Houston, Accounting HEMENWAY, Jarrell War, Houston, General Business Administration HENDERSON, Jerry P., Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Optometry HENRY, Robert Lee, Jr., Houston, Physics' HENSON, Betty Ann, Houston, Business Education, Zeta Tau Alpha, Treasurer, Future Teachers of America, Pep, Club HEWLETT, Robert Morrison, Jr., Houston, Law HIATT, Ernest Boyd, Jr., Tulsa, Oklahoma, Optometry HICKMAN, Herbert David, Pasadena, Electrical Engineering, UHSE, President, UHSEE, President, Tau Epsilon, President, Franklin Scholarship, Western Electric Scholarship, AIEE Outstanding Student Award HIGHTOWER, Billy Gene, Houston, Health and Physical Education HIMMELSTEIN, Shirley Ann, Houston, Marketing, Hillel, Secretary and Vice- President, Phi Theta Kappa, Phi Rho Pi, Phi Kappa Delta HINES, Vera Ayn, Rio Vista, Secondary Education, Delta Zeta HOBIZAL, Dolores Ann, Weiman, Speech Therapy HOPMANN, Charles Allen, Houston, General Business Administration HORNSBY, Carole Jean, Houston, Physical Education, Lanyard Club, President HRNCIR, Sandra Jean, Galveston, General Business Administration, Delta Zeta, Women's Student Association HUMPHRIES, Weldon Ray, Taylor, Retail, Phi Sigma Kappa, Pep Club, Student Government, Distributive Education Club, Baptist Student Union JACKSON Nina Lee Crosby Mississippi Business Administration, Alpha Phi, JAMES Rebecca Lou W Houston Secondary Education, Red Masque Players, JENKINS Lady Suzanne Houston Secretarial Administration JOHNSON Edward Porter Jr Houston General Business Administration JONES Charles Edward Houston Mechanical Engineering JONES, Donald L., Houston, Law JONES, Eddie McCoy, Houston, Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration JONES, W. Lee Evans, Houston, Secondary Education JOPLIN, James Edward, Ferriday, Louisiana, Photography KAPNER, Bernie E,, Houston, Health, Safety and Physical Education KARR, Karrol Leon, Baytown, Industrial Electronics KASZYCKI, Albert Frank, Houston, Pharmacy, Vice-President, Rho Chi, American Pharmaceutical Association, Phi Delta Chi KEELER, Ruby E., Houston, Mathematics, Phi Theta Kappa, Vice-President, New- man Club, Secretary, German Club, Secretary, Language Award in German, Alpha Delta Pi, Recorder, Student Government KEELINE, Donald L., Houston, Art, Kappa Pi KEENER, Billy J., Houston, Management, Sigma Alpha Epsilon KELLOUGH, Ann, Houston, Sociology, Alpha Delta Pi KENNEDY, Warren Graham, Houston, Music Education, Kappa Kappa Psi, Band and Orchestra KENNEDY, William Meadows, Houston, Health and Physical Education KERN, Ken C., Houston, Management, Alpha Phi Omega, Frontier Fiesta Associa- tion, Student Government, ROTC, Brigade Commander KIN, Robert H., Houston, Mechanical Engineering, Senior Class President, Univer- sity of Houston Society of Engineers, Student Government, Phi Sigma Kappa, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, lnterfraternity Council KIRK, Clyde Edward, Fairbanks, Business Management KNAPIK, Reginald James, Houston, Accounting KOHRMANN, Howard Arthur, Houston, Animal Husbandry LEWIS, Bill Joe, Houston, Secondary Education LACARTER, Joseph John, Jr., Houston, Marketing and Sales LAFARGUE, Aubrey A., Houston, Psychology LAFFERTY, Patrick Ellis, Castroville, Physics, Delta Sigma Phi, President, Student Government LANDRUM. Donald J., Houston, Health. Safety and Physical Education, ROTC LANKFORD, Pete Stanley, Hebbronville, Industrial Electronics LAY, Paul G., Houston, General Business Administration, Society of Engineers, Pep Club, Kappa Alpha Order LEBLANC, Earl, Houston, Civil Engineering LERNER, Norman, Galveston, Marketing LEWIS, Frank F., Houston, Chemistry LINDER, Bobby Joe, Crossett, Arkansas, Music Education, Outstanding Bandsman, Drum Major, Swimming Team, Kappa Kappa Psi, MENC, Student Government LINDSAY, Carolyn Anne, Houston, Elementary Education LINEBARGER, Robert Orland, Sacto, California, Photography LIPP, Leon Herman, Houston, Mechanical Engineering, Student Body President, Alpha Phi Omega, Chaplain, Scabbard and Blade, President, Drill Team Com- mander, House of Representatives, Speaker, Cullen Rifles, ASME LOGAN, Thomas Louis, Binghamton, New York, Petroleum Engineering, Tau Epsi- lon, Phi Theta Kappa, AIME, Treasurer, Eastern States Petroleum Scholarship LONG, Clifton Wayne, Houston, Electrical Engineering LONG, Terry Lester, Corpus Christi, English-Journalism, Cougar, Sports Editor, Sigma Delta Chi, President, Sigma Delta Chi Award, Varsity "H" Club, Writers' Club, President, Newman Club LONDENBERG, John Alfred, Bellaire, Diesel Engineering LOVOI, Joseph Jasper, Beaumont, Pharmacy, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Phi Delta Chi, Vice-President, American Pharmaceutical Association, Vice-President, Newman Club LUM, Henry, Houston, Electrical Engineering LUND, Richard Lawrence, Houston, Mechanical Engineering, ASME LYNCH, Elinor Elizabeth, Houston, Business Education, Student Education Asso- c1at1on MAENZA, Jake Louis, Houston, Mechanical Engineering MAINS, James F., Galena Park, General Business Administration MANNING, Winston W., Houston, Management MARSHALL, Shirley Marie, Houston, Fine Arts MARKEY, Robert Franklin, Houston, Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration, Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity, Cougar Guard, Cullen Rifles MARTIN. Donald Gene, Fairbanks, Drafting MASON, Claron P., Houstong Marketing MATCEK, Gabrial Clayton, Caldwell, Psychology MATLOCK, Douglas Eugene, Houston, Electrical Engineering, Baptist Student Union MAUK, Charles Edward. Houstong Chemical Engineering, American Institute of Chemical Engineersg Tau Epsilong Phi Theta Kappa IVIAXWELL. Marilyn Irene, Houstong Secondary Education MCDANIEL, Carmen, Bellaire, Journalism, Student Education Association, Journa- lism Incorporated, Delta Gamma MCDONALD, Lloyd Gill, Jr., Houston, Chemical Engineering McFADDEN, William A., Houston, Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration man Club, Treasurer Frontier Fiesta, Pep Club , 'fl' Y . 'Y wifi .- i, IVICGOWAN, Edward Browne II Houston Law Phi Eta Sigma Delta Theta Phi ROTCg Student Bar Association McLAUGHLAN, Pat B., Houston Mechanical Engineering American Society of Mechanical Engineersg University of Houston Society of Engineers MCLELLAND, Billie Glenn Groesbeck Psychology Psy Chl 9 MCMORROUGH, Benford Travis Jr Houston Accounting Accounting Club MCRAE, Paul Maxwell, Houston Radio and Television Alpha Epsilon Rho Radio Guildg Dean's List, Station Director KUHF MCWILLIAMS, Alvah G., La Marque Elementary Education Deans Honor L1st MELDRUM, Margaret Ann Houston Home Economics MELVILLE, Maria Milagros Houston Pharmacy Kappa Epsilon Historian New METCALF, Charles B. Jr Houston Electrical Englneermg Engineering Honor Society, Electrical Engineering Society MEYERS, Ronald Allen, Houston Marketing MINARCHI, William Jr., East Llttle Fall New York Home Building Student Governmentg Newman Club President Sigma Phi Epsllon Interfraternlty Council MILES, Carmen Littlefield, Galveston Elementary Education MILLER, Dolores Aber, Pasadena Elementary Education MILLER, William M. Jr., Baton Rouge Louisiana Pharmacy MILLS, Grant Edwin, Houston Accounting University of Houston Society of Accountants, Presidentg Delta Sigma Phi Student Government Deans Honor Llst MITCHELL, Donald E., Houston Accounting MITCHELL, Garlan Edward Houston Economics American Economics Association MORROW, Earle Kay, Houston Radio and Television MOLTER, Richard Adolph, San Antonio, Industrial Electronics, International Rela- tions, Tau Epsilon MONICAL, Bruce Alan, Houston, Art MONLINA, Rafael Angel, Caracas, Venezuela, South America, Electrical Engineering MOORE, Carroll James, Lake Charles, Louisiana, Pharmacy - MOORE, Fred J., Galveston, General Business Association MOORE, Robert Edward, Karnes City, Radio-TV, Radio-TV Guild, Frontier Fiesta, Cougar Staff MORGAN, Nancy Browne, Houston, Elementary Education, Phi Theta Kappa, Zeta Tau Alpha, President, WSA, Historian, Kaplan Language Award, Lutheran Student Association MOSIER, Patricia Skibbe, Houston, Elementary Education MOSER, Elliot, Houston, Mechanical Engineering, American Society of Engineers, Tau Epsilon MOUTON, James O., Huffman, Mathematics MUELLER, Edwin P., Jr., Houston, Electrical Engineering, Society of Engineers, Society Electrical Engineers MUNGER, Ross Albert, Houston, General Business Administration MURRAY, William Eugene, Houston, General Business Administration, Optimist Club, Editor MYERS, Sue Zanne, Rosenberg, English, Chi Omega, Delta Chi Sweetheart, Stu- dent Government, OB Hall Board, Vanity Fair Favorite, Frontier Fiesta Staff, Harvest, Assistant Editor, Homecoming Queen Finalist NARRO, Edward John, Houston, Industrial Education, SEA NEISWENDER, Norman Donald, Houston, Pharmacy, Rho Chi, President, Phi Theta Kappa, American Pharmaceutical Association NEWTON, Freddie Julian, Houston, Accounting NICHOLS, Thomas Malcolm, Houston, Electrical Engineering NOLAN, James M., Houston, Accounting, Delta Sigma Phi, Newman Club, Pep Club, Accounting Society ORLOFF, Leon Marvin, Houston, Accounting PADFIELD, Don H., Houston, Chemical Engineering, American Institute of Chemi- cal Engineers, U of H Society of Engineers, Tau Epsilon, Wesley Foundation PALMAR, Audley Ray, Panama City, Florida, Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics, U of H Society of Engineers, Vice-President, American Society of Mechanical En- gineers, Secretary PATENT, Albert Ellis, Houston, General Business Administration PATTERSON, Robert Galen, Houston, Accounting PAUL, Daggett Donald, Haverford, Philadelphia, Radio-TV, Alpha Delta Sigma, Sigma Delta Chi, Radio-TV Guild, Red Masque, Drama Club, Pep Club, Institute of Radio Engineers PAYNE, Jay Norman, Houston, Industrial Electricity PAYNE, Olynn Klyde, Houston, Pharmacy PAYNE. Richard Carroll, Houston, Art PECORINO. John Carlisle, Lake Charles, Louisiana, Pharmacy PODSEDNIK, Daniel Frank, Hillsboro, Accounting PERRY, Charles, Dunkirk, New York, Secondary Education, Spanish Club, Alpha Phi Omega POLLOCK. Guy William. Campbellsburg, Indiana, Accounting POUNDS, Sandy Gail, Houston, English, Alpha Chi Omega, Historian, ROTC, Sponsor, Scabbard and Blade Sweetheart PIERCE, Glenn, Houston, Petroleum Engineering PIERCE, James Franklyn, Houston, Biology PITTMAN, Charles William, Pasadena, Radio and Television PITTMAN, Nelda Lee, Midland, Mathematics, Delta Gamma, President, Gamma Sigma Sigma, Vice-President, Honoree to TCU, Future Teachers of America, Pan- hellenic Representative, Student Government PORTER, Marie Annette, Houston, Elemf ntary Education PRASATIK, Norman L., Bellaire, Accounting PRICE, Athol Lamar, Houston, Pharmacy, Rho Chi PROUT, Hedley J., Wilmette, Illinois, Architecture, Architecture Society PRYOR, A. Carolyn, Fort Worth, Home Economics, Zeta Tau Alpha, Beta Lambda PRESSWOOD, Johnnie Claude, Houston, Management PYBURN, Dorothy Jean, Almeda, Speech RABON, Jerrie Faye, Houston, Secondary Education, Alpha Chi Omega, Recording Secretary, Future Teachers of America, Student Education Association, Frontier Fiesta, Deputy Fiesta Belle, Vanity Fair Beauty, Student Government, Phi Theta Kappa, Frontier Fiesta Association, Executive Secretary RAGSDALE, Nolan E., Houston, Accounting RAMON, Joe Baldoras, San Antonio, Retailing RAMSEY, Bob Allen, Houston, Radio and Television RAWLEY, Edward C., Houston, Economics, Franklin Award Scholarship RECK, Tommy S., Houston, Journalism, Delta Sigma Phi, Editor, Songfest Chair- man, Student Government, Phi Theta Kappa, Sigma Delta Chi, President, Cougar, Houstonian, Interfraternity Council, Class Officer REDWINE, Billye Kirk, Houston, Electrical Engineering, American Institute of Electrical Engineers, Institute of Radio Engineers REESE, James Arnold, Houston, Mathematics REESE, Donald Carroll, Houston, Architecture, University of Houston Architecture Society, Pi Kappa Alpha, ROTC REED, Nyles Dunbar, Houston, Geology s fifiisieiaw Y REEVES, Roy Allen, Houston, Management REILLY, Ken, Houston, Law, Top Ten Outstanding Student, Interfraternity Council President, Junior Class President, Lambda Chi Alpha, President, Student Govern- ment, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Fiesta Staff RENNIR, Kenneth B., Carthage, Electrical Engineering REYNOLDS, David Dan, Houston, Music RHODES, Bessie Loyce, Katy, Elementary Education RHODES, Ruth Marie, Lake Charles, Louisiana, Elementary Education RICE, Elvis B., Houston, Industrial Electronics, IRE RICH, E. A., Jr., Houston, Radio-TV RICH, June David, Houston, Management, Society for Advancement of Management, Campus Relations, Chairman RICHKER, Michael Lazar, Houston, Law, Tau Delta'Phi, ROTC, Cadet Officer, Scabbard and Blade, Student Government ROBERTS, Clarence Lee, Texarkana, Health and Physical Education, Sphere Club ROBERDS, E. C., Houston, Industrial Electronics ROCKEY, Richard Vincent, Houston, Journalism, Sigma Delta Chi, Cougar ROBERTS, Jack Wilburn, West Columbia, Psychology ROSE, James Monroe, Martinez, California, Health and Physical Education ROXBURGH, Shirley Ann, Houston, Secretarial Administration, Delta Zeta, Record- ing Secretary, Pledge Trainer, Frontier Fiesta RUDDER, John Reeves, Brady, Pharmacy RUSE, Margaret Weise, Houston, Secondary Education, Gamma Delta, SEA, TSTA, FTA RUSSELL, Frank Norman, Houston, Pharmacy, Phi Delta Chi, American Pharma- ceutical Association, President RYAN, Dorothy Walenta, Rosenberg, Business Education, Franklin Award SACKMAN, Donald James, Startup, Washington, Industrial Electronics SALMON, Ben Lloyd, Houston, Secondary Education, Texas State Teachers Asso- ciation, National Education Association SANDALL, Mary Grace, Houston, Elementary Education SANDERS, Robert Eugene, Houston, Journalism, Sigma Delta Chi, Secretary' Cougar, Feature Editor, ROTC, Writers, Club, Harvest, Public Relations Manager SARAO, Andrew Joseph, Houston, Management, Newman Club, Society for Ad- vancement of Management SCARBOROUGH, Hollis Earl, Bellaire, Pharmacy, American Pharmaceutical Asso- ciation, Texas Pharmaceutical Association SCHOPPE, Bennie Gene, Houston, Accounting SCHUMANN, Kathryn Elaine, Bellville, English, Student Education Association SCOTT, H. Wayne, Jr., Houston, Journalism, Cougar, Editor, Journalism Incor- porated, Sigma Delta Chi, Harvest SEARLE, Lisa. Houston, History, Phi Beta, President, Chi Omega, Corresponding Secretary, Annie Oakley SEBESTA, Gene H., Angleton, Electronics SHADDOCK, Julia Marie, Lake Charles, Louisiana, Art SHARPE, Milburne Chandler, Houston, Radio-TV, Radio-TV, Vice-President, Alpha Epsilon Rho, Alpha Delta Sigma, Frontier Fiesta Association SHEPHERD, Richard Earl, Bellaire, Chemical Engineering SHEPLER, Jeff Henry, Jr., Houston, Finance SHORCK, Jo Ann, Houston, Music Education, Phi Theta Kappa, Gamma Delta, Chorus, Future Teachers Association, Music Education National Conference SIMON, Harry Elliott, Houston, Marketing, Phi Epsilon Pi, Hillel SIRMAN, John Murtis, Corrigan, Pharmacy SMARTT, Jerry Dale, Houston, Speech, Kappa Alpha, OB Hall Board, President SMITH, Carol Ann, Houston, Secondary Education, Alpha Phi, Gamma Sigma Sigma SMITH, Lillian Ann, Bryan, Elementary Education, Wesley Foundation, Vice-Presi- dent, Student Government, Student Education Association, Texas State Teachers Association, National Education Association SMITH, Lynette, Baytown, Elementary Education SMITH, Mary Lou, Houston, Law SMYTH, John C., Winnipeg, Canada, Physical Education SOLIZ, Fred, Houston, Photography SPENCE, Bruce E., Houston, Electrical Engineering, U of H Society of Engineers, U of H Society of Electrical Engineers, Frontier Fiesta STEPHENSON, Billy Wayne, Tomball, Electrical Technology neers, Baptist Student Union STOVALL, Elaine S., Houston, Law STUART, Luis, Houston, Geology TABBA, Akram M., Gaza, Palestine, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning TANNER, Richard Gene, Tomball, Radio-TV, Radio-TV Guild, Pi Kappa Alpha, Interfraternity Council TAYLOR, George, Arnaudville, Louisiana, Pharmacy TAYLOR, Maxine G., Houston, Elementary Education STEWART, Franklin R., Houston, Industrial Electronics, Institute of Radio Engi- TELSCHOW, Emil Raymond, Houston, Diesel-Electric Engineering TEN BROEKE, Frederik Hendrik, Houston, Management THOMAS, Chester Wayne, Jr., Houston, Electrical Engineering THOMPSON, Ronald Dale, Houston, General Business Administration, ROTC, Scabbard and Blade, LSA TIEMANN, Erwin Fritz, Jr., Dallas, Electronics-TV, Institute Radio Engineers TIERNEY, Dorothy Ann, Houston, History, Delta Gamma, Delta Gamma Delta, Freshman Dorm, Secretary, Freshman Advisor, ROTC Sponsor TINKER, Lelia Faye, Texas City, Elementary Education TOMPKINS, John F., Ft. Worth, Pharmacy, American Pharmaceutical Associa- tion, National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association, Texas Pharmaceutical Association, Junior Class Pharmacy School, Vice-President TRIPLETT, Edward M., Houston, Radio-Television TRIPP, Lloyd E., Houston, Psychology, Baptist Student Union TRITICO, Nunzio Leonard, Houston, Radio-Television, Alpha Delta Sigma, Frontier Fiesta TURNER, Jackie Wayne, Houston, Diesel Electrical Engineering TURPIN, Solomon Evans, Bastrop, Louisiana, Petroleum Engineering, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Society of Engineers VALERIO, Arnold Zuniga, Houston, Rdio-TV Technology VAUGHAN, Lucy F., Houston, Drama, French Club, Historian, French Award, Red Masque, Writers' Club, President, Treasurer, Harvest, Editor, Best Actress Award, Red Masque Scholarship, PTK, AKD, SEA, Vice-President, Drama Depart- ment Outstanding Junior Student Award VELTMAN, C. A., Houston, Business Administration VICTORY, Sidney P., Jr., Houston, Civil Engineering, Pi Kappa Alpha, Secretary, American Society of Civil Engineers, Vice-President, Society of Engineers, Historian VINCENT, W. G., Weatherford, Pharmacy, American Pharmaceutical Association, Delta Sigma Phi, Texas Pharmaceutical Association VITERA, Carl James, Louise, Secondary Education VITERA, Charles Jobef, Houston, Business Education VEVES, Jackie Bo, Cumberland, Kentucky, Radio-TV, Radio-TV Guild, Alpha Epsilon Rho WALSH, Geraldine Malley, Houston, Elementary Education, Zeta Tau Alpha, Best Member, Secretary, Sigma Chi Derby Day Best Participant, Canterbury Club, SEA, Dean's Honor List WALLACE, Paul Ernest, Houston, Health-Physical Education WARREN, Bernie James, Bellaire, Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration WATTS, John Carter, Pasadena, Sociology WATTS, Karele Maresh, Houston, Sociology WEAVER, Pattye Lee, Houston, Home Economics WEBER, Charles August, Houston, Accounting WEIDO, Vincent Charles, Houston, Electronic Engineering WEIS, L. Duane, Houston, Health and Physical Education WEISS, Harvey, New York, New York, Mechanical Engi of Mechanical Engineers, Institute of Aeronautical Sciences WELCH, Alan Jerome, Houston, Accounting WEST, Robert Lee, Houston, Radio and TV Service WEST, Virginia Bouras, Baytown, Home Economics WEST, Wanda Yvonne, Houston, Mathematics, Disciples Student Fellowship, Presi- dent, Student Education Association, Phi Theta Kappa, Kappa Delta Pi WHEELER, Robert Lewis, Bellaire, History , ' , ., s 5' L A655 Lag.-.-g Af, neering, American Society WHEELESS, Mitzi Ann Bishop, Rosenberg, Elementary Education WILHELM, Stephen Roger, Jr., Houston, Marketing, Sigma Alpha Epsilon WILKINSON, Clyde Nolan, Jr., Houston, Accounting, Accounting Association WILLENBORG, Philip Leo, Houston, Mechanical Engineering, Phi Kappa, Vice- President, Interfraternity Council, Fencing Team, Newman Club WILLIAMS, Kermit Louis, Houston, Electrical Engineering WILLIAMS, Roger Wayne, Lake Jackson, Marketing WILLIAMS, William Don, Brookshire, Mathematics, SEA, Band WILLIAMSON, Elwood Lester, Sealy, Speech WILLIAMSON, Hermnia Lee, Houston, Secondary Education WILLIAMSON, William Malcolm, Jr., Houston, Radio-TV, Cougar Band, Band Leader, The Cougarland Five, Frontier Fiesta, Kappa Kappa Psi WILLIFORD, Raymond C., Houston, Agricultural Economics WILLIS, Jack D., Houston, Management WILSON, Gary Richard, Houston, Art WILSON, Henry Carl, Houston, Health and Physical Education, Sphere Club WILSON, Jack O., Houston, History WILSON, Jacqueline Mae, Bellaire, Elementary Education, Alpha Delta Pi, Presi- dent, Pep Club, President, Women's Student Association, President WILSON, Joan Rosella, Houston, Elementary Education WILSON, Lewis Joseph, Jr., Houston, Pharmacy, American Pharmaceutical Asso- ciation, Texas Pharmaceutical Association pt... ,A I ,,,.,, 23 , in at 5 , L." WB' wit 32 L. ff 4 gi. gig? Qursel -,:: 9 Ev WILSON. llohert Dennis Houston: General Business .Mhninistration WlNl'lflfXli. Richard Cain. Houslong Psyellology WOOIJSU.-XLL. Don U.. llouslong General Busincss ,Xdministraliong Student Gov- ernrnf-nt. Pi Kappa ,Xlpha WORDICN. Thomas C.. Houstong Arcliitecture WORLEY, Martha Jane. Houslong Music Educationg National Education Associationg Texas Stale Teachers Associationg Texas Student Education Associatiffng Baptist Student Union WORLEY. Williain David. Houstong Sociology WROBLEWSKI, Marie Claire, lloustong Secretarial .fldministration WYAT'l', Sarah Susan, Houslong Elementary Educationg Religious Groups Council, President ZEBAK. Victor Musa. Houstong NILttllCIH21lif'S Night lights on Wlheeler Avenue. ABADIE, Erwin I., Houston ABRAHAM, Joanne Sara, E1 Paso ADAMS, Carol, Houston ADAMS, James F., Houston ADAMS, Morris Lynn, Houston AGREGARD, John Theodore, Houston ALDERMAN, Donald Bruce, Houston ANDREASON, Vilma Jean, Houston ARMSTRONG, Edith Fay, Houston BARBER, Sally Bee, Cherry Creek, New York BARNES, Juanita Ann, Houston BARRETT, Jay, Houston BAUCHMAN, Lawrence Clayton, Houston BEASON, Ruby Faye, Odessa BENEFIEL, Shirley Jane, Houston BISHOP, Robert, Houston BIUNDO, Joseph J., Jr., Independence, La. BLACKSTONE, Raymond Lloyd, Houston BLAKE, Frank Eugene, Houston BLUESTEIN, Marsha Meredith, Houston BOONE, James C., Jr., Houston BOSTON, Roosevelt, Galveston BRACKETT, William Quinn, Houston BRAVENEC, Benny Baron, Houston BROOKE, Dale Norman, North English, Iowa BUCHANAN, Jean Ann, Pasadena BUCHTA, Raymond Frank, Houston BURROWS, Rayford Maurice, Texas City BUZBEE, Thomas M., Houston CALLAS, John P., Houston CAMPISI, Joseph Francis, Houston CAMPO, Virginia A., Houston CANADY, Hugh Dean, Houston CANO, Ralph M., Houston CAPES, William Bruce, Houston CARY, Thomas Lee, Houston CHANDLER, Charlena Jane, Iraan CHAPLIN, William Rosevear, Houston CHAPMAN, Robert Glenn, Houston CLARABUT, George Sidney, Houston CLARK, David Robert, Corpus Christi COLLINS, James Ross, Houston COLVIN, Jim, Orange COOPER, Joseph H., Houston COX, Audrey Lee, Houma, Louisiana CROZIER, Paul Hugh, Portales, New Mexico CRUTCHER, Charles Lee, Kilgore DALPES, Bill, Houston DALY, John Benjimen, Houston DARLEY, Reginald Kenneth, Victoria B. C., Canada DAVID, Patricia Ann, Houston DAVIS, Bland Burrell, Houston DAVIS, Donnie Doyle, Brady DAVIS, Margaret Sue, Victoria DAVIS, Marynelle, Houston DELLY, Salim Marrogi, Houston DE PASQUAL, Donald Victor, Jr., Dickinson DESKINS, John Wesley, Houston DIDION, Harold Jude, Houston DORNAK, Henry Edward, Jr., El Campo DOWDY, Patricia Nell, Wichita Falls DOWNING, Aubrey Bruce, Houston DOWNS, William Troy, Pharr DRUSCHKE, Andrew Eugene, Houston ENCEL, John Edward, Jr., Houston EROLIL, Nebahat, Izmir, Turkey EVANS. Eleanor Ruth, Houston EVERETT, George Browder, Houston FADAL, Johnnie, Hubbard FADEN, Alan Jerome, Houston FARLEY, Michael Carey, Houston FARVER, Roger Hans, Houston FELBINGER, Anne Marie, Mobile, Alabama FERGUSON, Joe L., Little Rock, Arkansas FIELDS, ,lohn R., Houston FINCH, Lowell Gene, Houston FISHER, Nelson Auqustus, Houston FLOECK, Wayne Delano, Houston FLOEHR, Donald James, Houston FLOYD, Darold Dean, Snyder FLUKER, Edward Michael, Houston FORSHAW, Robert Lewis, Houston GARCIA, Ellie M., Houston GENTRY, Geneva Carol, Houston GIBSON, Gordan Curtis, Houston GILBREATH, Alice Marie, Houston GORE, Mack O., Houston GRATEHOUSE, Sue, Houston GREEN, Darlene Patricia, Houston GROESCHEL, Vernon E., Houston GROKE, Fred F., Johnstown, Pa. HABER, Anthony David, Shaker Heights, HAGAR, Leo Samuel, Dallas HALL, Frank Herndon, Houston HALPERN, Mina Ellen, Houston HAM, Charles F., Galena Park HAN SON, HARRAL, HARTON, HARVEY John William, Houston Marian Patricia, Seabrook Virgil E., El Campo , Warren James, Houston HAWKINS, Pete Arnold, Lufkin HAYES, Noel Aaron, Houston HAYES, Rufus Malcolm, Houston HAYES, Stuart W., Aldan, Pennsylvania HAYS, John W., Dallas HEIT, George Martin, Galveston HENDERSON, Evan Norrell, Houston HENNESY, Nelson Curtis, Houston Ohio HENRY, Samuel Wood, Galena Park HERNDON, Patti, Corpus Christi HERSK, Sally, Houston HERTZBERG, Alex, Houston HEWITT, David Pinson, Houston HILL, Dennis Bruce, Houston HILL, James Hamilton, Houston HILL, Jeffrey Barksdale, Houston HOBART, George Joseph, Houston HOLDER, Cecil Lee, Galena Park HOLT, Fred Russel, Jr., Jena, Louisiana HOMER, James L., Jr., Galveston HOOVER, Arnold Wayne, Spur HOWARD, John Wallace, Houston HOWARD, Mary Frances, League City HOWARD, Russell Lee, Houston HUBER, Donald E., Houston HUFFMAN, Sharon Whiting, Houston HUMBERT, Frederick Cowden, Houston HUTSON, Billy Ray, La Marque HYDE, Samuel Rowe, La Porte IMLER, Donald Lee, Houston INSALL, Eugene Madison, Houston ISHIGURO, Sadao, Tokyo, Japan JACKSON, William Robert, Houston JAMES, Gary Armon, La Marque JENNINGS, Roy Junior, Houston JEWELL, Jack Eugene, Houston JOFFRION, Aubrey August, Houston JOHNSON, Gloria Dawn, Galena Park JOHNSON, Lewis Guy, Houston JONES, Myles Duane, Houston JUSTICE, Colleen Davis, Houston KASZYCKI, Andrew, Houston KEATING, John William, Houston KEEPERS, Carolyn, Houston KIGHT, Michael John, Houston KITZMANN, Patricia Gayle, Houston KOSTER, Charles H., Alvin KOUZOUNIS, Anthony, Houston KRITICOS, Johnny, Houston KUEHNE, Jim, San Antonio LACY, Gladys Joy, Glenview, Illinois LAMANNA, Anthony Raymond, Mohawk, New York LAWDER, Howard Miles, Pasadena LEGER, Bernard W., Paris, France LEMMON, Franklin Albert, Houston LEMOINE, Gano Dominic, Jr., Cottonport, La. LeMOND, Robert Darcy, Houston LERMAN, Jerry Allen, Texas City LEVINE, Irvin Sydney, Houston LINDSEY, Elizabeth Ann, Sweeny LOCKE, Donald R., Pine Bluff, Arkansas LONG, Joseph C., Ill, Houston LONG, Ruth H., Houston MAHON, James R., Houston MAGEE, Horace Glenn, Bellaire MALICOTE, Sandra Molly, Cleveland Hts., Ohio MANLEY, Sallie Nell, Baytown MASON, Deloris Frances, Houston MARLER, John Hume, Enid, Oklahoma MAY, Clifford Lee, Pasadena McCULLAR, Harold Curtis, Houston MCCULLOUGH, Jerry Edwin, Channelview MCCURDY, William O., Houston MCDANNALD, Jerry Mike, League City MCDONALD, James Arthur, Vinita, Oklahoma MCDONALD, James Wilson, Kilgore MCGOWAN, Darden Leonard, Jr., Houston MCGOWAN, Robert Peden, Houston MCKENZIE, Harven Michael, Camden, Arkansas MCLAMORE, James Otto, Houston MCLENDON, Donald C., Houston McMULLAN, Jan, Houston MCSHAN, Jimmie, Littlefield MEDINA, Daniel David, Texas City MERCADO, John William, Houston MEYERS, Otto William, Jr., Houston MIDDLEBROOKS, John Marcus, Houston MILLER, Dorothy Jean, Houston MILLING, Janell, Houston MILUM, Roy N., Pasadena MITELMAN, Buddy, Houston MOORE, Charles L., Houston MOORE, William Clinton, Houston MORELAND, Nan Avis, Houston MORGAN, Sandra Kay, Milwaukee, Wisconsin MORSE, James Robert, Houston MORSE, William Douglas, Jr., Houston MOSER, Cecil Allen, Houston MOSER, Jack Hamilton, Houston MUELLER, George Emil, Gladewater MURAN, Thomas S., Arlington Heights, Illinois MURPHY, Alfred Freeman, Houston MURPHY, Paul Bronson, Asheville, N. Carolina NADOLNEY, Frank Edward, Houston NEWBERN, Arthur Lawrence, Houston NILES, Harry E., Jr., Houston NISSEN, Dale Edward, Houston NORTHRUP, Thomas Rogers, Houston NOSSAMAN, Elmer Lee, Cherokee, Oklahoma NOWLIN, I. E., Houston OGLESBY, Charles D., Houston OLSOUSKY, Willie H., Schulenburg ORAND, Charles Edward, Texas City OVERALL, Miller B., Jr., Houston PACINI, Robert Lee, Houston PAINTER, Thornton Stanley, Houston PALMER, Darrell W., Beebe, Arkansas PALMER, Lucille, Houston PARKMAN, Huey Paul, Houston PATTERSON, Robert James, Houston PAVEY, Eugene B., Houston PEARSON, Lloyd Wayne, Katy PEPPER, Willis Dale, Houston PERDUE, Preston Eugene, Houston PERKINS, Harold Ray, Clute PERRY, Donald R., Houston PETERS, James Reed, Houston PETERSON, Donnie David, Houston PHILLIPS, Billy Joe, Highlands PHILLIPS, Charles Norman, Cypress PHILLIPS, Larry William, Manvel PICAZO, Albert C., Houston PIERCE, John Whitten, Houston PITTMAN, Sandra Kay, Midland PLUMB, Preston R., III, Houston POGSON, Clyde Hinchley, Maracaibo, Venezuela PONCIK, Freddie Simon, Rosenberg PREAS, Jerry Lee, La Porte PRIDMORE, Ted Thomas, Tahoka PUTNAM, James Gordon, Houston PYLE, Benjamin Malrey, Houston PYLE, Joe W., Houston PYLE, Joseph Nathan, Houston RAINS, Doyle Ray, Lewisville RANDALL, Richard Marion Leon, Houston RANFT, Howard Ray, Houston RANKIN, Donna Stokes, Coleman REED, Robert Edwin, Houston REICHSTEIN, Lawrence, Houston REYNOLDS, Harold Cary, Houston RICE, Frank B., Houston RICE, Robert William, Houston RICH, Joseph Robert, Bellaire RICHARDSON, Roberta, Galena Park RICHTER, Patricia Farquhar, Houston RICKEY, Edward Earle, Phoenix, Arizona RIENIETS, James Henry, Cedar Rapids Iowa ROBBINS, Clark Luther, Burnet ROBBINS, Leslie Jay, San Antonio ROBERTSON, Gay E., Houston ROLFS, Wayne Thomas, Arlington Heights Illinois ROSS, Avis M., Houston RUIZ, Carlos, San Antonio RUNDELL, Donald D., Houston SACCAR, Angelita Morales, Houston SAITO, Masahisa, Tokyo, Japan SCHULZE, Wayne Clyde, Richmond SCOTT, Thomas M., Houston SEARLE, Harry Kyle, Houston SEPULVADOR, Billy Joe, Houston SERNA, Adelfa Lydia, Laredo SEWELL, Harvey W., Houston SHAVER, Oliver Roy, Houston SHAW, Paul Keith, Houston SHEFFIELD, Herman E., Houston SHEFFIELD, Opal Melton, Texas City SIMMONS, Fern Lee, Edinburg SMILEY, Lynda Ann, Houston SMITH, Carole Ann, Houston SMITH, David Allan, Houston SMITH, Guy Wilson, Jr., Houston SMITH, Joyce Marie, Houston SMITH, Leonard Thompson, Houston SMITH, Lyda Lovene, Texas City SMITH, Philip Dowling, Houston SNOWDY, Gisela Helen, Genoa SOUTH, John Russell, Houston SPENCER, Arnold Chester, Houston STANBERRY, Richard Wilson, Houston STEARNS, Robert Neil, Overton STEVENS, Sandra Jo, Bonham STEVENSON, James B., Arp STILES, Richard .l., Fairbanks STOKES, Norris Albert, Houston STOPSCHINSKI, Heinrich, Houston STROUD, Freddie Lee, Houston SUTTON, Lester Earl, Bellaire TABOR, Ben Wayne, Houston THEALL, Frank Leonard, Houston THREADGILL, Max, Houston TODD, Janice Ann, Houston TODD, Joe Lee, Houston TURNER, Ralph Ceylon, Jr., Houston UNDERWOOD, Claire Elizabeth, Houston UNDERWOOD, Pegi Schultz, Houston VAN MELLE, M. J., Houston VAN WART, Lois Ramsey, Houston VARELA, Benjamin, San Antonio VAUGHAN, James T., Houston VAUGHAN, Terry Sanderson, Galena Park VAUTER, Warren L., Corpus Christi VICTORIA, Robert Daniel, San Antonio VRBA, Daniel Louis, Houston WAGGONER, Donald Lewis, Goodlettsville, Tenn WALKER, J. W., Houston WALLACE, ,lack M., Houston WALTERS, Barbara Ann, Pasadena WARE, Warren Wayne, Houston WASSEL, Joe Edward, Lawton, Oklahoma WEBER, Stephen A., Houston WEISE, Bobby Louis, Brady WEISS, Leo Carl, Toronto, Ontario, Canada WELLS, Betty Lou, Houston WHITCHER, Arthur Eugene, Houston "Wu 5 , WIIITE, Priscilla Anno, Houston WHITLEY, Larry Joan, Houston WHITLEY, Wanda Willltoite, Houston WILEY, Tom, Baytown WILKERSON, Jam-, Tyler WILLHOITE, Ernie Dean, Houston WILLIAMS, James Ht t1'f1 Id, Baytown WILLIAMS, Pat 11fe Ia Mcflohcc, Houston WILSON, Jolm August, Houston WILSON, Margie Ann, Ilouston WILSON, Ronald Edward, Houston WINKELMANN, Tommy .Albert, Houston WOLFSDORF, Marilyn Mac, Yoakum WYCOFF, Larly Donald, Houston YORK, Wayne Andrew, Little Rock, Arkansas YOSHIDA, Cltiltaru, Tokyo, Japan YOUNG, Margaret Ann, Baytown YOUNG, Oda Faye, Houston Scttegast Hall 5OI?HOMOlilC CLASS OFFICERS: Sfflllllillgf Tom Kil1I1Clll'. president St'Ilfc"f1. Ivfl lo riglzlf limla Brown tative ABDULLAH, Hassan Mohammad, Baghdad-Iraqi Republic ABOULAFIA, Israel, Houston ABU-SHAABAN, Farouk M., Gaza, Egypt ADAIR, Norman L., Pasadena ADAMS, Joseph Anthony, Houston ALDEN, Joyce Marie, Houston ALLEN, James L., Houston ALLEN, John Dave, Jr., Houston ALLSTOTT, Jerry Lee, Houston ARMSTRONG, William Earl, Houston ATCHLEY, Barbara Kay, Houston ATKINSON, Helen Louise, Houston ' 5 BARMORE, Joan, Houston BATTAGLIA, Jo Agnes, Houston BAUMSTARK, Eleanor Ann, Houston BAYNUM, Grier R., Jr., Rehoboth Beach, Delaware BEASLEY, John Edward, Odessa BENDER, Arthur Thomas, Jr., Houston BENSON, Henry Ellis, Houston BERENT, Ruhi, Istanbul, Turkey BEZARES, Fernando Jose, II, San Lorenzo BILSKY, James Clifford, Houston BISHOP, Annette C., Houston BIUNDO, Bruce Vincent, Independence, Loulslana BLAYLOCK, Jerome Wayne, Decatur, Illinols BLOMSTROM, David B., Houston BODINE, Bernie Ray, La Marque BOEGER, John Louis, Pasadena BOEHM, Harvey Lee, Cuero BOND, Eddie Dulen, Teague BONNER, B. Ronald, Lufkin BOYER, James Lee, Creston, Iowa BRADFORD, Amy Allen, Houston BRANSON, Robert John, Midland BRIGGS, Robert William, Houston BROWN, Jerry Wayne, Fairbanks BROWNING, Robert Roy, Houston BRUMLOW, Alva Lee, Houston BURCHFIELD, Franklin Delano, Houston BURGER, Theodore F., Fairbanks BURGIN, Patricia Jane, Houston BURKHAM, Walter Lee, Pasadena 226 COCKRELL, Lester Levi, Jr., Houston COFFMAN, Patricia Lorene, Houston COGBURN, Charlie Cnewton, Jr., Baytown COLE, Aubrey Pruitt, Friendswood COOK, Eugene Augustus, Houston COOMBES, Robert Earl, Houston COSTLOW, Jerry Lloyd, Henderson CRADDOCK, E. D., Jr., Hitchcock CRAIG, Angela Carol, Houston CRENWELCE, Otto Emil, Houston CREWS, Wayne I., Houston CRIM, Duane Melvin, Shoals, Indiana CROCKILL, William Emmett, Houston CUCCHIARA, Charles Joseph, Hammond, DALE, Samuel Eugene, Houston DANCER, Mary Catherine, Houston DANIELSON, Richard John, Houston DAVIS, Nelson Almer, Jr., Houston DEMING, Cecil Gailon, Jr., Pasadena DOBARD, Andrew Christopher, Houston DOHRMAN, Gayle Delee, Pasadena DOWELL, Ronald Bernard, Houston DOYAL, Marvin Bailey, Conroe DRAPER, Sherwell Dean, Galena Park DUNCAN, Edwin Buie, Houston DUNCAN, W. C., Fairbanks DURHAM, Harry Elliott, Houston DUTTON, Stafford Charles, Jr., Houston EADS, Paul Thomas, Houston EAGER, James L., Houston 227 Louisiana BURNHAM, J. C., Houston BURT, Billy Joe, Houston CAMPBELL, Billy Joe, Houston CAMPBELL, Clarence Robert, Houston CAROTHERS, Charles P., Houston CARTER, Billy Don, Pasadena CARTER, Bobbie Wayne, Percilla CARVER, Carolyn, Corpus Christi CASTILIA, Philip E., Houston CERNY, Jacquelyn Alois, Houston CLASEN, Rachael Ellen, New Orleans, Louisiana CLIFFORD, Tyrone Sterling, Houston EDNEY, Carl H., Jr., Memphis, Tennessee EDWARDS, Letha Joy, Houston EDWARDS, Vesette Adele, Houston ELKINS, Ellen Lee, Houston ELLZEY, John Adam, Houston ERBS, Donald Charles, St. Louis, Missouri ESTES, Evelyn Louise, Houston EURESTI, Joe Dell, Bellaire FALES, Gordon Merrill, Houston FARLEY, Charlotte Guiberteau, Houston FARRELL, James Richard, Lake Mills, Wisconsin FEAGIN, Thomas Wiley, Conroe i1i 9iL,1azTigEl:,i.',E7L1'L1L 2.Swllr E-Ai.i9'i'--Y-i5"E5?l5?1S xii! FERGUSON, Barbara Ann, Houston FITZE, Richard Thomas, Houston FLAKE, Billy Page, Houston FLAVIN, James A., Houston FLYNN, Eleanor, Houston FOGARTY, Charles Thomas, Houston FORETICH, Robert Vincent, Houston FOWLER, James Harmon, Pasadena FRATOLILL, Joseph F., Houston FREDERICK, Daryl Emile, Houston FREDERICK, Sandra Gail, Houston FUELL, Frank Joseph, Houston GADDIS, Frank January, Houston GARCIA, Ernest O., Houston GARDINER, Francis Mosley, Hempstead GARRETT, S. Q., Freeport GARTNER, Mark Chester, Houston GEHBAUER, John Thomas, Brownsville GEORGE, Johanna Elizabeth, Houston GERACE, James Glen, Beasley GIBSON, Don A., Odessa GIBSON, Mike Jon, Houston GILLEY, Mary Alice, Houston GODFREY, Frank Joseph, Pennellville, N GOLDEN, Edward Warren, Houston GOLDSTRAND, Joel Harlow, Worthingt GONZALEZ, Eduardo, San Antonio GOODNER, Sammy Warren, Houston GRAHAM, William Aubrey, Houston GRANT, Terrell Walker, Houston 228 HARRISON, Kenneth Dale, Houston HARRISON, Paul Spencer, Houston HARRISON, Terry Donald, Munday HARTWICK, .lacquelin Adelaide, Houston HAVERSTOCK, Harold Russell, Houston HAWTHORNE, Billy Joe, Jacksonville HEIL, Louis Dale, Houston HEIN, Herbert Jay. Houston HEIZER, Glenwood Franklin, Houston HELMS, James Fred, Houston HENDRICKS, Brice E., Pasadena HENSLEY, Glenda Gilbert, Houston HILBURN, Hayden Harold, Houston HILL, .Ierry Harold, Bowie HILL, Paula Tha, Genoa HILL, Virginia Ann, Houston HILLIN, Linda Jean, Houston HILLYER, Eddie Heeth, Houston HIRD, William Gary, Fort Dodge, Iowa HIRSCH, Walter Carl Jr., Houston HITCHCOCK, Hulon Joe .Ir., Houston HOLDERT, ,Ianet Marie, Houston HOLDEN, George Patrick, Houston HOLLEY, Robert Burgess, San Antonio HOLT, Forrest Lee, Houston HORN, Charles Thomas, Houston HOWE, Madge Ann, Amarillo HOYT, Charles Kenneth, Houston HUDSON, Delbert Lewis, Austin HURLEY, Robert Seldon, Houston 229 GRASSE, Jo Lynn, Houston GRAVES, Sue, Houston GRAVES, Roy Fay, Houston GREEN, Patricia Edra, Houston GREENE, James Aubrey, Pasadena GRIFFIN, Carole Sue, Houston GUIDRY, Loretta, Pasadena HAAS, Erwin James. Schulenburg HAINLINE, Robbie, Houston HALL, Betty Anne, Houston HALLMARK, Bobby J., Houston HARPER. Catherine Anne, Houston 4 p, .faf ,f,.-w.m we i...-... -, l ,il . .if is ,.,-, . W5 HURST Kathl n Jean Lafayette Louisiana i Y f v 1 HURST, Quata LaVerne, Houston HYATT, Pat Lyn, Houston ISBELL, Evelyn Janet, Houston JANSEN, Dalton Ray, Pasadena JEHLE, Norman Joseph, Ontario, California JENNINGS, Shirley Lou, Houston JENSEN, James Virgil, Houston JIMENEZ, Gloria Ann, Houston JOHNSON, Berry, Jr., Gary JOHNSON, Bruce Gordon, Houston JOHNSON, Carolyn Frances, Lake Jackson ' " aESi5: JOHNSON, Sally Ann, Houston JOHNSTON, Joni Bassett, Bellaire JONES, Edmund Eugene, Houston JONES, Hugh Patrick, Houston JONES, Maryolyn. Houston JOUANET, Jacquie, Houston KAHLER, Louann, Houston KANA, Leroy Joseph, Rosenberg KARKOWSKI, Joseph Lee, Houston KEELER. Harold George, Houston KELLEY, Donald William, Genoa KELLEY, Kenneth Edward, Houston KELSALL, Richard G., Houston KELSALL, Samuel IV., Houston KENT, Charles William, McAllen KENT, Steve Neil, Houston KLIPPER, Robert William, Houston KINARD, Cecil Lloyd II, El Campo KING, Jo Kathryn, Houston KING, Leonard Steve, Houston KING, Mollye Kay, Huntsville KINNEAR, Thomas James, Houston KIRKLAND, Kenneth Lester, Jr., Houston KNIGHT, James D., Houston KOLB, Kristina Elizabeth, Houston KOTERAS, Al Joseph, Houston KROHN, Larry Charles, Pasadena LANDERS, William R., Houston LASSETTER, Richard Carter, Lawton LAZARTE, Nick sans, Corpus Christi, 230 LOHMAN, Barbara Jane, Houston LORFING, Carhon Ponish, Sugar Land LOVOI, John Jasper, Beaumont LUCE, Dorothy Marie, Houston MAACK, Janet Fern, Houston MANDOLA, Anthony Joseph, Tomball MANISCALCO, John Anthony, Houston MANS, Glen Burt, Houston MARTH, William C., Houston MARTIN, Len Dewalt, Jr., Houston MATTHEWS, Maxine S., Houston MATTHEWS, Norman Gerald, Crosby MATTHIAS, Jerry Wayne, Houston MAUK. Ronald Edward, Houston MAYES, Jim Gene, Pasadena MAYHALL, Charlotte Jean, Houston McCONNELL, Patricia, Houston McCORlVlACK, Paul LeRoy, Pasadena MCCORVY, Eddie Gary, Port Arthur MCCUTCHEON, Ann Yvonne, Houston MQELROY, Guy Lee, Jr., Houston MCFARLAND, Joe Wayne. Houston MCGINNIS, Michael John, Houston McKEE, Ronald Stewart, Pasadena McLEOD, Joe Keith, Houston MEADOR, Lynn, Houston MEDLEY, Morris S.. Jr.. Houston MENSIK, Frank Joseph. Rosenberg MERDIAN, Joanne Frances, Houston MESSA, Fernando, Houston 23I LEAKE, Joseph Allen, Texas City LE BLANC, Earl Afton, Houston LEE, Robert Wayne, La Porte LEE, William H., Humble LERNER, Glenda Lynn, Houston LEVY. Martin Morris, Houston LEVY, Robert G., II, Houston LEWIS, G. Neil, Galveston LILLY, Janet Carol, Houston LIPPINCOTT, Marvin Miles, Houston LOBACCANO, Frank S., Jr., Phoenix, Arizona LOCKHART, Thomas Howard, Pampa MICHALOVICH, David Ivon, Dorchester, Massachusetts MICKLER, Joan Yvonne, Houston MICKLER, Louis Jacob, Houston MILLETT, John Thomas, Springfield, Vermont MINTER, James C., Pasadena MIRSKY, Joe, Galveston MONTGOMERY, Edward Harry, Houston MONTZ, Rooney Andrew, Houston MOORE, John Phil, Corpus Christi MOORE, Kenneth Balden, Deer Park MORONKO, Robert Emmett, Houston MORRISON, James Spencer, Roeksprings MORRISSETTE, Ronald Vincent, Houston MUSACHIA, George John, Houston NELKIN, Benard, Houston NELSON, Kay R., Houston NELSON, Robert Neal, Houston NELSON. Sandra Beth, Houston NEWMAN, Kaye D., Pasadena NORRIS, Jan Douglas, Vivian, Louisiana NOSER, Eugene Anthony Jr., Houston OGAN, Carl A., Pasadena ORREN, Joe Loy, Baytown ORTEGA, Daniel, Houston OVERTON, Aaron Lewis, Jr., Houston PAGAN, JOHN H., Jr., Baytown PALFREYMAN, Rose Lynn, San Antonio PARISI, Isabelle Marie, Houston PARKER, Floyd Curtis, Almeda PARSONS, James Kirkland, Houston PATRONELLA, Louis John, Houston PATTERSON, Robert Lee, Houston PEAKE, Arthur Eugene, Houston PERKINS, Mike Dennis, Houston PETERS, Frank C., Houston PETTEWAY, Guy Neal, Houston PETTY, Carol Ann, Houston PHILLIPS, Duane Arlen, Sugar Land PHILLIPS, Wayne Adair, Houston PICKLES, Kenneth William, Houston PIERCE, Lawrence Jack, Houston POLLAK, Kathleen Ann, Houston 232 RIVERO, Ramon T., Bolivia, South America RIVES, Judy Wayne, Houston ROGERS, Betty, Houston ROGERS, Philip Allen, Houston ROMINE, Dorothy Anne, Baytown ROSS, Earl James, Pasadena ROSSLER, Sylvia, Sealy ROTTO, Richard Lynn, Portland, Oregon ROXBURGH, Charles Douglas, Houston RUSHING, John Bryan, Bellaire SALINAS, Felipe G., Houston SAMPSON, Janine Sharon, Houston SAUCILLO, Rosemary, Houston SAVARINO, Jo Carol, Port Arthur SCELFO, Anthony C., Franklin, Louisiana SCHLUMBERGER, Anne, Houston SCHMITZ, Bill, Houston SCHNEIDER, Charles Fred, Victoria SCHUTZE, Carol Ann, Houston SEGEL, Randall George, Houston SELSTAD, William Nelson, Houston SHANNON, James Winfred, Pasadena SHARLEY, JoAnn, Houston SHOUP, Allene Holman, Texas City SHULL, Wesley Neal, McLean SHUPP, Clark David, Pasadena SHYROCK, Bert Leroy, Jr., Houston SILSBY, John Norman, Jr., Houston SILVERMAN, David Victor, Houston SIMS, Charles Winn, Houston 233 POPE, Cheryl Ann, Houston PRIVETT, Fred Wayne, Pasadena PRYOR, Mary Frances, Texas City RABALAIS, Daniel P., Monsura, Louisiana RADEMACHER, Jon A., Michigan City, Indiana RAMSEY, Fred Craig, Crosby RAPP, Edgar Arthur, Jr., Houston RAYMON, Linda Lou, Houston RHAME, Patsy Marie, Houston RICHARD, Arvie Lee, Galveston RIEKE, Marian Jean, Houston RINANDO, Vincent S., Houston SINCLAIR, William Stanley III, Houston SKINNER, John, Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas SLADE, Toxie H., Houston SLOUGH, Darrel Gene, Houston SMITH, Donna Lee, Houston SMITH, John Morgan, La Marque SMITH, Russell E. Jr., Houston SPARKS, Garland Collins, Jr., Houston STARKS, Larry Lynn, Houston STEINOCHER, Rosemary Luceille, Houston STELFOX, Sallie, Houston STEVENS, Harriette Marie, Houston STEWART. Mary Jean. Channelview STEWART, Ray Alan. Houston STOVER. Sharon Barber, Houston STRINGER. Billy Alvin, Texas City S'l'lilJS'l'II.I,.. Pat. Shreveport. Louisiana SUCHMA, James Howard, Rosenberg SWANK, ,Joyce H., Houston SWANSON, Wanda Joy, Houston SWITZER, Sue Lynn, Pasadena TACER. Suzan, Istanbul, Turkey TALLEY, W. Bryan, Houston TANNER, Kenneth E., Houston TASKA, Georgia, Houston TATUM, Emmett P., Houston TAYLOR, Kenneth Orlen, Houston TEMPLETON, Earl Wayne, Alvin THOMAS, Joe York, La Porte THOMPSON, Lloye Mae, Houston THURMOND, Oliver E., Houston TODD. Patricia Ann, Houston TOLAND, Frank Marshall, Houston TRIOLO, Antoinette J., Houston TUCKER, Boyce Lynn, Perryton TURNER, Martha Anna, Smithville TYE, Kenneth Leroy, Houston URBANTKE, Carl Julius, Temple USSERY. James Monroe, Pasadena VENTO, Anthony Charles, Houston VERINDER. Richard Frederick, Houston VERRI. Robert. Galveston 234 WEYMOUTH, John Franklin, Jr., South Houston WHALEN, John Edward, Houston WHEELER, Harvey Ellison, Bellaire WHEELER, Rebecca Jane, Houston WHITE, Dana Wayne, Dayton WILKINSON, Thomas Bradford, Houston WILLHOITE, Ronald Eugene, Houston WILLIAMS, Jo Ann, Houston WILLIAMS, Julian Sims, Bay City WILLIAMS, Kenneth Wayne, Houston WILLOUGHBY, Charlie Clyde, West Columbia WILSON, Diane Patricia, Houston WILSON, Ruthe Lois, Houston WINDHAM, James Wayne, Colorado WINGO, Theodore Maurice, Houston WITT, James Roger, Houston WOFFORD, La Nelle, Houston WOLFF, Ronald Irwin, Kilgore WOOD, Logan Walter. Pasadena WOODALL, Spencer Dean, Houston WOOTEN, Leonard Ernest, La Marque WORNAT, Wilroy Herbert, Rosenberg WREN, Harry Edward, Houston YABERG, Richard Dale, Houston ZIDELL, Harvey Robert, Houston VICKERS, Joe Walter, La Marque VISCUSI, Richard Louis, Houston VOIGHT, Patricia Ann, Elgin WAGNER, Edwin Allen, Victoria WALDEN, Duane O., Houston WARD, Jelks Oscar, Houston WARNER, Josephine Marian, Houston WEAVER, Thomas D., Pasadena WELCH, John E., Houston WELLS, S. Ralph, Houston WENCK, John A. Jr., Houston WERN, George M. Jr., Galveston FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS: Judy Morriss, secretaryg Roland White, presidentg Salley Day, representativeg Don McClure, vice-presidentg and Judy Scott, representative. i Freshman Music Major Helen Mary Baker is awarded the Outstanding Freshman of the Year award by Dr. Philip Hoffman while Dr. Merrills Lewis of the Music Depart- l ment looks on. ABADIE, Esther, Houston ACREE, Eloise, Houston ADAMS, Jules Gayral, Houston ADDINGTON, William Gordon, Houston AIKEN, Emily Jane, Houston AKINS, Tommy Albert, Houston ALEXANDER, Newell E., Jr., Houston ALLBRIGHT, Thomas Leon, Baytown ALLEN, H. Steven, Houston ALLEN, Larry Grayson, Bellaire ALLEN, Lois Marie, Houston ALLEY, Barbara Ruth, Houston ALFORD, Judy, Houston APOLON, Rose Lillian, Houston ARIOLA, Carl Ramon, Houston ASH, Robert Morris, Beckley, West Virginia BAILEY, Elyndabeth, Houston BAKER, David John, Houston BAKER, Martha Carolyn, Houston BALES, Eleanor Sue, Bellaire BALLARD, Honey Claypool, Bellaire BAMMEL, Carol Ann, Houston BANZER, Franz Anthony, Houston BARKER, Dale Carlton, Pasadena BARTHOLOW, Gerald Howard, Houston BARZIZA, Don Wenzel, Houston BASS, Betty Annette, Houston BATES, David Moreland, Galena Park BATTISTA, Ned Edwin, Houston BEARDEN, Ardith Evadene, Houston BEAZLEY, Galen Dwight, Houston BECNEL, Leo John, Franklin, Louisiana BENSON, Betty Jeanne, Houston BERGERON, Bruce Wayne, Houston BERGIN, Linda Louise, Pasadena BERNHARDT, James A., Lawton, Oklahoma BERRY, Kay Dunagan, Houston BESCH, Barbara C., Humble BEYLOTTE, Ronald James, Houston BIANCKINO, John Bernard, Houston BLACK, Carleton LeRoy, Houston BLACK, Richard Pat, Houston BLANCO, Richardo Augusto, Lima, Peru, South America BOBKIN, Arnold D., Toronto, Ontario, Canada BOGAN, Burnie D., Jr., Houston BOND, Jeannine, Houston BONNO, Joe Samuel, Houston BONNO, Joseph Paul, Houston BORCHARDT, Clifford Charles, Houston BORK, John Erik, Harlingen BOSTOCK, Douglas Richard, Houston BOURQUARDEZ, Wayne H., Pasadena BOWIE, John Robert, Houston BOWIE, Richard Ernest, Houston BOWMAN, Dennis William, Portland, Maine BOYETT, Kenneth Arnell, Houston BOYLE, Barbara Ann, Houston BOYLE, Marilyn, Houston BRAZEAL, James Rollins, Houston BRAZZELL, D. W., Houston BRELAND, Gloria Jean, Houston BRIERS, Raymond Lee, Houston BRITTAIN, Dennis F., Fullerton, California BRITTAIN, Sara F., Houston BROOKS, DeAnna Lee, Houston BROWN, John D., Portland, Oregon BROWN, Paul L., Beaumont BROWN, Ronald Gene, La Marque BROWNING, Carolyn Sue, Houston BROWNLOW, Sue Ann, Houston BRYDON, Gene Estel, Houston BUCKNER, Janie, Houston BULLOCK, Charles Arthur, Houston BURBA, Martha Cristina, Rochester, New Yo BURK, Peggy Ellen, Houston BURNETT, Carolyn Jo, Gonzales BYRNES, Robert Joseph, Houston CALDWELL, Betty Landon, Houston CALVERT, M. Helen, Houston CAMP, George Milton, II, Houston CARMICHAEL, Stephen Patrick, Pasadena rk CARROLL, K-Lu, Eagle Lake CARTER, Richard Glen, Fremont, Michigan CARTER, Ruby Lee, Pasadena CASTILLO, Jasper Vela Jr., Houston CASTLEBERRY, Joann Virginia, Houston CERVANTES, Roy Galvan, Houston CHAMBERS, Julian William, Houston CHAN, Tak Foo, Hong Kong, China CHANDLER, Pat C., Humble CHANDLER, Willie Don, Ben Wheeler CHAPIN, Charles Lee, Houston CHAPUT, Paul Theodore, Houston CHARLEVILLE, Ann, Houston CHILDERS, Paul Richard, Galena Park CHRISMAN, Clark M., Jr., Houston CHRISTOFFERSON, Joan Mabel, Houston CIMERHANZEL, Sandra Leenora, Houston CLAYTON, Harold Dean, Houston CLIFFORD, Eugene Robert, Houston COCHRAN, James Morris, Houston COLLINS, Billy Joe, Houston COLLINS, Don Alfred, Big Spring COLPITT, Patricia Jeanne, Great Bend, Kansas COOK, Barbara L., Houston COOPER, Gary Lynn, Lawton, Oklahoma COURT, Vivian Anne, Houston COWARD, William Rex, George West CRESS, Glen Herbert, Houston CROCKETT, Marcia Virginia, Houston CRONE, Dorothy Sue, Galena Park CROOM, Mariann, Houston CRUTCHFIELD, Arthur Wesley, Houston CRUZ, Richard Refugio, Houston CRUZ, Rudolph, Houston CYPERT, David Taylor, Ft. Worth DAIDONE, Rosemarie, Houston DALTON, Ralph Raymond, Houston DANIEL, Russell D., Sweetwater DANSBY, Ronald, Houston DAUNOY. Valerie Anarve, Bellaire DAVENPORT, Eda V., Houston DAVID, Frank Johnny, Houston DAVIS, Sara Harding, Victoria DAVIS, Tommy Clinton, Houston DAVISON, Clyde Patrick, Houston DAY, Sally E., Houston DECKO, Arthur O., Orange, Connecticut DEERE, Jerald David, Lake Jackson DEERMAN, Walton W., Freeport DELONEY, Len Thomas, Houston DEORE, George A., Houston DICKERSON, Edwin Wayne, Houston DICKSON, Jerry Ervin, Houston DIETRICH, Leroy C., Jr., Houston DOBESH, Bobby R., Houston DOMINGUEZ, Joe Rivera, Houston DORIVIAN, Patrick Larry, Houston DOUCETTE, David Crowell, Houston DOWDY, Teresa Ann, Wichita Falls DOYLE, Martin Durwood, League City DUDLEY, Donna Kaye, Houston DUNN, Alfred Grover, III, Freeport DURHAM, Virgil, Houston DRAPELA, Henry Joseph, Jr., Houston EASON, Fred M., Houston EASTERLY, John H., Houston EDWARDS, Larry Eugene, Houston EFTHYMIADIS, Athan N., Houston EISWORTH, Michael J., Houston ELKINS, David Goodman, San Antonio ELLIOTT, Kenneth Ray, Houston EMERSON, Jackie Don, Houston ENGBROCK, Edwin H., Houston ENGELHARDT, Lucy Clayton, Pasaden EPPERSON, John Whitfield, Houston EVANS, Danny Lawrence, Houston EVANS, Gary Finley, Houston EVERITT, Edward Elms, Houston EWERT, Larry K., Houston FAIRFIELD, Paul G., Houston FAUGHN, Andrew James, Houston FELDMAN, Linda Jane, Magnolia, Massachusetts FISHER, Clarence Jenkins, Houston FISK, Jesse Alton, Spring FLORES, Esther Irene, Houston FLOYD, Michael Richard, Houston FONVILLE, Thomas, Sugar Land FOWLER, Allen, Dallas FOWLER, Leslie Ann, Freeport FRANK, Howard Leonard, Houston FRANKENY, Jerome Albert, Brazoria FRANZ, Joyce Vernell, Katy FREE, Barbara Jenn, Houston FRENCH, Douglas Rogers, Houston FRISBIE, Jerry Melvin, Pratt, Kansas FROELICH, Earlyn, Houston FULLER, Sandra Anne, Houston FUNKE, Mozell M., Houston FYFIELD, Rod Wallace, Sea Cliff, Ne GABLE, lone W., Houston GAIDOUSEK, Paul Harvey, Houston GARRETT, Joan Elaine, Houston GEAR, Jonathan H., Point Comfort GENZER, Carol R., Tokyo, Japan GEORGE, Ashley Wood, Jr., Houston GIBSON, Daniel Aubrey, Houston GIBSON, Dwane, Houston GIBSON, Terry Kay, Houston w York GIGNILLIAT, Jan Leigh, Ft. Worth GILLASPY, William Roger, III, Houston GIUFFRE, Jim Donald, Houston GOLDMAN, Jerald Douglas, Houston GONZALES, Hennan Perez, Houston GONZALES, Mike, Houston GOODRICH, Judith Gail, Houston GORE, George Lloyd, Houston GORE, Howard Lee, Houston GRAHAM, James A., Houston GRAHAM, Tommy Claude, Houston GRAMP, Camilla Anne, Houston GRANT, Forrest Wayne, Alice GREEN, Robert Bailey, Lampasas GREEN, Thomas M., Houston GREGORY, Jack Woodrow, Houston GRIFFIN, Richard Carroll, Houston GRIM, Gerald Kenneth, Houston GRIMM, Nancy Carole, Valley, Nebraska GOMEZ, Dorys, Girardot, Colombia, South America GROSSBERG, Marc E., Houston GUERRERO, Jesse J., Houston GUIDRY, Donald Jean, Houston GUILFOUR, Frances Marie, Houston GUTIERREZ, Armando, Houston GUTIERREZ, Ernesto, Santiago, Cuba GUYNES, Benny Buck, Corsicana CUZZETTA, Benjamin Anthony, Houston HADLEY, Charles King, Bellaire HALF., Gaylon Burton, Houston HALEY, Marion Stewart, Houston HALL, S. Verdette, Houston HALL, Lyman W., Pasadena HAMILT, Mickey Ross, Belmont, Massachusetts HAMILTON, Charles M., Houston HAMILTON, Frances B., Houston HAMILTON, Jerry Allan, Houston HAMILTON, Wayne F., Houston HAMLETT, Shirley Jean, Houston HAMMER, James E., Houston HAMMER, June Marie, Houston HAMP, Charles Theodore, Johnstown, HAMPTON, Billie Marie, Houston HAND, Claude Arthur, Houston HANNSZ, H. L., Houston HANSON, Charles Leslie, Katy HARDIMAN, Marianna, Dallas HARPER, Ira Glenn, Jr., Houston HARRIS, Alice Gayle, Houston HARRIS, Daniel Wayne, Houston HARRISON, Noel Lee, Bellaire HARRISON, Rebecca Sue, Houston Pennsylvania HARRISON, Theordore Henry, Houston HAYDEN, Jocelyn Sonia, Houston HEATH, Edward Allen, Rio Grande City HEBERT, Thomas ROY, Jr., Houston HEFLIN, Myrna Lee, Fort Worth HEGAR, Douglas Henry, Barker HEIL, David Keith, Houston HEINRICH, Gene Phillip, Beaumont HENDERSON, Archie Anderson, Houston HENSARLINC. James Farrar, Houston HERNANDEZ, Joe. Houston HERRIDCE, Kenneth Houver, Houston HESTER, Richard Raymond, Houston HEUSCHKEL, Suzanne Claire. New York HILL, Lowell Winston, Houston HILL, Richard Earl, Houston HINKLE, Ruth Ellen, Houston HODCES, James Martin, Houston HOFFMAN, William Martin, Garland HOHMANN, Margaret Ann, Houston HOLDER, Joyce Loretta, Houston HOOD, Benjamin Harrison, Jr., Houston HOOPER, A. Lionel, Bellaire HOOPER, Edna P., Pasadena HORAN, James Robert, Houston HORELICA, Shirley Nell, Houston HOUGH, Peggy June, Houston HOUSEHOLDER, David Paul, Bellaire HOWARD, Russell Parnell, Ft. Worth 1 HOWELL, Patti Kay, Houston HOWELL, Wayne William, Houston HRIVNATZ, Mary Lou Alice, Houston HRNA, Daniel Joseph, Deming, New Mexico HUBBS, Hal Marshall, Houston HUCKLE, Margaret Carole, Houston HUDDLE, Bobby Dee, Houston HUDSON, Keith Carroll, Clarendon HUESTON, Robert Stewart, London, Canada HUFFMAN, David, Houston HUGHES, Mary Virginia, Houston HULS, Herbert Roland, Houston HULSMEIER, Rodney Colin, Caracas, Venezuela, South America HUNT, Ranny Cruden, Corpus Christi HURST, Gordon Emerson, Houston HYMERS, Sally Ann, Houston INTROLIGATOR, Myron David, Houston IRWIN, Van Allen, Houston ISAACS, Elton Eugene, Honey Grove ISBELL, Johnny Lee, Pasadena IVEY, Don Wayne, Houston IVEY, Ruth Ann, Grapeland JACOBS, Elaine Ray, Dallas JANIK, James J., Clute JASSO, Robert Ben, Houston JASSO, Roland, Houston JENKINS, Gordon Cicle, Houston JEZEK, James Edward, Houston JOE, Kim H., Houston JOHNSON, Daniel Donald, Houston JOHNSON, JOHNSON, JOHNSON, JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON 1 Ferris Allen, Houston Floyd Allen, Jr., Houston Galen Leroy, Webster , John Murphy, Jr., Houston , Judith Jane, Houston Richard Eugene, Houston JOHNSON, Richard Maurice, Houston JOINER, Reddin Dale, Freeport JONES, Barbara Lynn, South Houston JONES, J. Janice, Galena Park JONES, Lei Lani, Houston JORDAN, Henry Carl, Houston JOW, Josephine, Houston JUNEMAN, Julius John, Houston KATZ, Rochelle G., Dallas KEELY, Margaret Ann, Houston KELLEY, Barry Loran, Conroe KELLY, Patrick Wilborne, Houston KEMP, Billy Joe, Lott KENDRICK, Willie Doyle, Pasadena KENNEDY, Bryant Elbert, Houston KENNEDY, Cecil Clarence, Houston KENNEDY, Patricia Carole, Houston KERR, Janet Marie, Longview KEYES, Joyce Junker, Houston KEYS, Gary Ellison, Houston KILGORE, John Morris, Houston KIMBOROUGH, Tessie Mae, Houston KISER, John E., Houston KITOWSKI, Aloysius Sigmund, Houston KLINGSPORN, Dorwin Wayne, Houston KNAPICK, John Joseph, Houston KONKLE, Carol Ina, Houston KOPCZYNSKI, Betty Mae, Houston KRANCHER, Dewey Ray, Houston KRAUSE, Bruce Charles, Houston LABAY, Anne Louise, Houston LANDRY, Donald Paul, Houma, Louisiana LANGFORD, Carolyn Alice, La Marque LANGSTON, Rosalie, Houston LATHAM, James Morgan, Fort Worth LAZALIER, Bettie Ann, Moscow LEATHERWOOD, Sherrill Delano, Houston LE BUS, James Franklin, Wichita Falls LEE, Linda Jo, Houston LEFKOWITZ, Judith Ann, Houston LEGGETT, Robert Larry, Brookshire LEISSNER, Jon Lewis, Crosby LEWIS, Edwin Charles, Houston LEWIS, Marcia Eileen, Houston LIEVANO, Gabriel Joseph, Maracaibo, Venezuela, South America LIEVANO, Rodrico Joseph, Maracaibo, Venezuela South America. LILLJEDAHL, Carroll Wayne, Houston LIM, Andy, Houston LIM, Wai William, Houston LINDBERG, Jerry Dale, Pasadena LINTHICUM, Lionel Lewis, South Houston LINDSEY, Bobby Wayne, Houston LITHERLAND, Russell Leon, Houston LIVELY, Raymond Howard, Houston LOFTIS, D. L., Houston LOGAN, Priscilla Joyce, Houston LOPEZ, John Frank, Houston LOTT, Frank Sam, Jr., Houston LOVE, Earl Harrell, Pasadena LOWE, Ruth, Houston LUCAS, 'Frank Leo, Houston LUCCHESI, Mario Charles, Galveston LUNSFORD, Charles E., Houston MADDOX, Marilyn Jean, Houston MANDOLA, Anthony Joseph, Houston MANUEL, John Earl, Houston MARESH, Marcell Paul, Jr., Edna MARESH, Mary Ann Albina, Edna MARTENSEN, Martin Peter, Houston MARTIN, Spencer Gregory, Houston MARTIN, William Ogden, Houston MARTINEZ, Oscar Jessie, Houston MAURO, Lee Anthony, Seabrook MAXWELL, Jimmie Allen, Houston MAYBEE, Robert Allen, Houston MAYES, Dale George, Houston MAYNARD, James Robert, Houston McASHAN, John Brashear, Houston McCALL, Charles Boyd, Houston MCCALL, Edward Leon, Houston MCCLURE, Don Ellis, Houston Mr-CONIAS. Irvin Earl. Houston Xlc'CUl , Lena ll.. Houston McCl,ELl.AN. jimmy Roland, Houston McCRAINE, Peggy Joan. Columbus, G60 MCDUFFIE, Fred Stanley. Houston MCELHINNEY. Thomas H., Houston MCGAUGHEY, Claud Earl, Houston McGINTY, Thomas Dreaper, Houston McKAY, Willys Davis, Houston MCKEATING, Thomas Vincent, Houston McLEOD, Alonzo Albert, Houston MCMILLIAN, George Arrell, Galveston MCVEY, Ethlyn Ann, Houston MEANS, Charles Edward, Killeen MEERDINK, C. Barry, Muscatine, Iowa MEINSCHER, Fred C., Jr., Houston rgia MEISENHOLDER, Richard Eugene, Houston MELVILL, Gloria Ann, Houston MENARD, Iris LaRue, Houston MENZEL, Raynold W., Poughkeepsie, New York MERRILL, Robert Lee, Dallas MESCHKAT, Warren Howard, Houston MERRITT, Norman Munro, Houston MESSA, Donald D., Houston MESSER, Martha Joanne, Houston MEYER, Eugene Loran, Houston MEYER, Joseph Daniel, Sugar Land MEYER, Travis Walter, Fayetteville MIGURA, Stanis Wayne, Houston MILAM, Sydne Sue, Dallas MILBURN, Benny Eston, Odessa MILLER, Frank Hamilton, Houston MILLER, Marilyn Wright, Houston MILLS, Don Eugene, Corpus Christi MILON, Dennis George, Houston MIRE, Wayne David, Texas City MOEHLING, Ed., Jr., Mt. Prospect, Illinois MONTALBANO, Sandra Marie, Houston MONTGOMERY, J errell Winston, Houston MOOG, Michel Henri Philippe, Haguenau, France MOONEY, Kirby Jane, Centralia, Illinois MOORE, Clay Leon, Sr., Houston MOORE, Hubert Charles, Pasadena MOORE, Jack Matthew, Houston MOORE, James Henry, Bellaire MOOSA, George Kenneth, Houston MORALES, Johnny, Jr., Galveston MORELAND, Glenn A., Houston MORRIS, Dowsie William, Jr., Houston MORTON, Jerry Wayne, Groves MOSSER, Harry Jay, Houston MOTES, Clarence Earl, Woodruff, South Carolina MULLENIX, Ted W., Houston MULVEY, Edward Johnson, Houston MURPHY, Dan, Livingston MURPHY, Mary Shawn, Houston MURPHY, Thomas Patrick, Houston MURPHY, Thomas Salvatore, Houston MURPHY, William Joal, Houston MURRY, Doyle Dean, Houston MUSEMECHE, Bobby Joe, Houston NABER, Kenneth L., Houston NAVARRO, Robert Amador, Alvin NEAL, Gerald Robert, Houston NECESSARY, Morgan Darrell, Pasadena NEILL, James Palmer, Dallas NELSON, Alexander Smith Jr., Freeport NELSON, Carolyn Jean, Topeka, Kansas NELSON, Willie Jewel, Houston NEWMAN, Arlene Marie, Houston NICHOLS, Simeon Eugene, Houston NICOLL, Kenneth Joseph, Houston NOBLE, Stephen Hall, Houston NOBRA, Daniel J., Houston NOLEN, Edwin Ernest, Rio Hondo NOSER, James Porter, Houston NOTT, Nancy Diane, Port Neches NUSSBAUM, Helen Marlene, Houston OGG, Larry Thomas, Houston OLIVER, Alvin W., Houston OLSON, Luther Franklin, Houston ORLANDO, Vincent John, Houston OWENS, Erve Adrin, Houston OWENS, Kenneth Edward, Kilgore OXSPRINC, Harold Leonard, Houston PACHECO, Jesse Manuel, Galveston PALMER, Raymond William, Pasadena PARKHURST, James Earl, Houston PATTERSON, Erin Kay, Kenedy PAVLIK, Anthony Emil, Bay City PAYNE, Don Roy, Houston PECK, Larry K., Edna PELL, Robert W., League City PENNINGTON, Janet Elaine, Houston PERRY, Doyle Wayne Jr., Houston PERRY, Louise M., Houston PERTHUIS, Thomas Joseph, Galveston PESCHEL, JoAnn, Houston PETERS, Joe Graham, Houston PETERSON, Shirley Jean, Houston PETTUS, David Sanders, Houston PHILIP, Sara Ann, Wichita, Kansas PHILLIPS, Ronald Lee, Houston PICKENS, Hershel Autry, Galena Park PIERCE, Fannie Holdiness, Houston PLAGGE, Diane G., Alvin PLASEK, Larry Elmo, Houston PLEDGER, Linda Joyce, Houston POINDEXTER, Wesley Paul, Houston POPE, James Busch, Houston PORTER, Betty Carolyn, Dickinson POSEY, Douglas Wayne, Houston POST, Lynwood Jay, Houston POTCHERNICK, Stanley Rossen, Houston POUNDS, Thomas Wade, Houston POWELL, Cleeta G., Houston POWELL, Linda Lee, Houston POWELL, Susan, Houston PRATT, Janice Marlene, Houston PRATT, JoAnn, Houston PREAS, Jimmy Audren Jr., Seabrook PREWITT, William E., Borger PRICE, James Darwin, Houston PRINCE, A. Victor, Houston PULKRABEK, Franklin DeLano, San Antomo RADABAUGH, Douglas B., Houston RAMEY, Nancy Carla, Dallas RANDALL, Carolyn Lou, Houston RAY, Rick P., Houston RAYMON, Robert L., Houston REAGAN, Betty Louise, Houston REAVES, George W., Galveston RECTOR, Carey Lee, Houston REED, Helen Sue, Houston REED, John B., Jr., Bethesda, Maryland REESE, John Olan, Houston REIER, Jergen Hartwig, Houston REINHART, LeRoy Everett, Houston REMBERT, James Lloyd, Jr., Houston REMBERT, Michael David, Houston REMMERS, Herman Richard, Jr., Galen REYNOLDS, Harold Lee, Belton RIBBINK, Ronald James, Houston RICE, Charles M., Houston RICE, Harry Lynn, Houston RICHARDSON, Marilou, Houston RICHARDSON, William E., Lincoln Par RIGGS, Melvin Evans, Tulsa, Oklahoma RINANDO, John Maida, Houston ROACH, Hudson Mac, Beaumont ROBERSON, Alfred Wayne, Houston ROBINSON, Geraldine, Houston RODRIQUEZ, Armando V., Houston ROGERS, Losson Cook, Houston ROGERS, Mildred Ann, Houston ROGERS, Victor Berkeley, Buna ROMANS, Edward Louis, Houston ROSPRIM, Gerald E., Houston ROSS, Dan Thomas, Genoa ROTH, Charles N., Spring ROUNSAVELLE, John Dennis, Palos Verdes Estatos, California ROUSH, Frances Margaret, Houston ROUSH, George Bernard, Houston RUDCLOFF, Robert William, Houston RUSSELL, Donald Gail, Stafford RUSSO, Frances Jo., Houston RYAN, Marilyn Naomi, Elk City, Oklahoma RYAN, William Louis, Houston SACCO, Margaret Rose, Houston SAENZ, Robert, Houston SALAH, Suhail Joseph, Houston ST. JOHN, Roscoe Finis, Galveston SALAZAR, Consuelo Yolanda, Houston SALINAS, Richard C., Houston SANCHEZ, Antonio Alatorre, Mexico, D. F. SANDERFER, Woodrow Wilson, Jr., Houston SANDOVAL, Tony, Houston SANSOM, Jack Hereld, Houston SARACUSA, Sophie Mae, Houston SAUNDERS, Lynn Clarence, Smithville SCARBOROUGH, Charles Edward, Houston SCHAEFER, Robert Alfred, San Antonio SCHENK, Hilda, Houston SCHIFANI, Steve Bernard, Houston SCHIRO, Charlene Marie, Houston SCHMIDT, William Cecil, Jr., Houston SCHNEIDER, Billie Janeen, Bellville SCHOTT, August Nelson, Humble SCHWARTZ, Julia Ann, Houston SCOTT, Deanna, Cleveland SCOTT, Harry Kenneth, Zulia, Venezuela, So SCOTT, Jack Duane, Houston SCOTT, Peter Jerome, Groves SCOTT, Phoebe Jeanette, Houston SEALE, Jerry Franklin, Houston SEQUEIRA, Earl Henry, Houston SEWELL, Richard F., Houston SHACKELFORD, George Y., Jr., Houston SHANNON, Patrick Daniel, Pasadena SHARP, Samuel Louis, Houston SHEERAN, Sandra Jane, Seabrook SHEPHERD, William Marques, Jr., Houston SHORTER, Dorothy Allene, Houston SHUPE, Nona Jean, Houston SICOLA, Sammy William, Houston SIEMS, Donald Ray, Houston SIMKINS, Rowland Floyd, Harlingen uth America SIMMONDS, Lewis Thomas, Brownfield SIMMONS, Roger Richard, Lansing, Michigan SIMS, Bertie Adele, Bellaire SIMS, Judith Anne, Houston SISSOM, James Irvin, Houston SJOGREN, Cora Nell, Houston SKLAR, Leah Barbara, Houston SMELLEY, Marva Jeanine, Houston SMITH, Gerald H., Houston SMITH, Jerry Irvan, Houston SMITH, Patricia Ann, Dayton SMITH, Ray Bob, Houston SNOW, Rosemary, Houston SONY, Don Ray, Houston SORGE, John Lunsford, Pasadena SORK, William Joseph, Houston SOWA, Melvin Ray, Houston SPARKS, John Henry, Houston SPEIGHTS, Nelwyn Lee, Houston SPENCE, Lynn Edwin, Houston SPENCER, Barbara Louise, Houston SPENCER, Thomas Louis, Houston SPRINGALL, Sharon Ellen, LaPorte SPURLOCK, Sarah Elisabeth, Marshallville, STAGER, Charles Eugene, La Marque STAHL, Thomas Treasure, Houston STAHL, Timothy Trust, Houston Georgia STALLONES, Ronald Gene, Houston STANDLEY, Ray L., Channelview STANLEY, Judy A., Houston STEADMAN, Harold Dee, Houston STEARNS, Joycelene Carole, Houston STEN, Wiley H., New Orleans, Louisiana STEIN, Harold Jerome, Houston STEIN, Lee Charles, Houston STEINMAN, J. Charles, Abilene STEKOLL, Dianne Bell, Dallas STEPHENS, Charles David, Houston STEPHENSON, Law Denton, Houston STEPHENSON, Sarah Anne, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin STEVENS, William Siefken, Houston STEWART, Marcia Ann, Beaumont STEWART, Neil Bond, Elaine, Arkansas STOEVE, Fred A., El Paso STOREY, Glynda, Gonzales STOVALL, Tom Collins, Houston STRAWN, Linda Beth, Houston STUBBLEFIELD, Richard Romaine, Killeen SVETER, Robert Louis, Jr., Houston SWEENEY, Kevin Kolyer, Houston TALLEY, Eddie Carl, Pasadena TATUM, Reginald Daniel, Houston TAYLOR, Jerry B., Houston TAYLOR, Walter Andrew, Galveston TEDENS V, John Henry, Houston TEEL, Paul H., Houston TELSCHOW, Barbara Jean, Houston THAYER, George, Houston THOMAS, Martin Louis, Houston THOMPSON, Edward J., Houston THORNTON, Edward William, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania TINDALL, Gary Taswell, Houston TRIFON, Ivan Louis, Houston TROTT, Cary Deane, Houston TRUBE, Meredith, Houston TURNER, Emerson H., Houston URBAN, Buford R., Thorndale URBINA, Dorcas Irene, Pasadena URDIALES, John Manuel VACEK, Dan R., East Bernard VALICEK, John Emil, Rosenberg VALLES, Merrie Ann, Houston VAN DEMARK, Ann Josephine, Houston VAN EATON, Diane Adrienne, Bellaire VAN WAGGONER, Diana Jayne, Bellaire VENTURA, Sammy David, Dallas VEROT, Rene, Galena Park VICKERS, George Tanner, Rosenberg VLASEK, Robert L., Houston VON EIFF, Garnett Craft, Houston VON GONTEN, Wilford Alfred, Rockdale WACERS, Herbert Lester, Jr., Houston WAHDEN, Catherine Mathilda, New Orleans WALKER, Robert Joseph, Houston WALLACE, John Michael, Pasadena WALTERS, Richard, Houston WARK, Robert Kennerly, Houston WARNASCH, Leroy Gilbert, Houston WARREN, Johnnie Franklin, Houston WATERMAN, Robert Kennerly, Houston WATSON, Shirley Anne, Snyder WATSON, William H., Houston WEATHERSBY, Sherman Dean, Houston WEATHERSPOON, Thomas Odie, Pasadena WEBB, Wayne Greenlee, Houston WEEKS, John Eugene, Houston WEINBERGER, Mitchell Irwin, San Antonio WEST, Robert Wayne, Houston WEST, Stanley Lee, Houston WESTMORELAND, Bruce Erwin, Houston WESTPHAL, Douglas Herbert, Houston WHEELER, Julie Ann, Houston WHITE, Howard Milton, Houston WHITE, William Roland, Houston WHITE, Thomas Henry, Houston WHITTY, Robert E., Houston WHITWORTH, Jimmy Max, Houston WICKBOLDT, Mae McCarrer, Houston WIEDERHOLD, Elroy, Jr., Houston WILEY, Paula Ruth, Houston WILLIAMS, Clyde Nathan, Houston WILLIAMS, James Doyle, Pasadena WILLIAMS, Jefferson Lee, Houston WILLIFORD, Thomas Glenn, Joliet, Illinois WILSON, Carolyn Ann, College Station WILSON, John Hamill, Houston WINKLER, Carol Louise, Houston WINKLER, Johnny Cyril, Jr., Houston WINTERS, Jackie Lee, Houston WIRTH, Ferd Leo, San Antonio WISBY, Allen Knight, Pasadena WOEBSE, Phyllis Lynn, Houston WOLNITZKY, Alexis, Houston WOO, Pak Fat, Hong Kong, China WOODARD, Bobbie Rae, Houston WRIGHT, Preston Howell, Mexia WYATT, Billy Harold, Sulphur Springs YEE, Cecilia Peggy, Houston YOUNG, Nancy Doris, Houston ZATOPEK, Thomas Jerry, Ellinger ZINKE, Claudine J., Houston ZINNANTE, Anthony Russell, Houston ' 11'rT '-u if 'C V v ' "fn . , , " "fa, V "WWA - Vv. 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Outstanding Students . . . so named because of their far above average leadership, scholarship, activities and service, . . . An All-American . . . whose field performance thrills sports fans, s,,,,,.., M. -- - we-mf wwwwx amm- ifikfi 5? L' :QSM ' sais ws . p f 1 Q l i l Q 1 2 4 i 5 5 S is ii 1 ,,,, ' I f D,-1, i. . i 3 ........ . . . Honorees . . . selected as capable representatives w i gig l A of the University to other colleges, :'t . . . Or the celebrities who gain their titles through their abilities, organizations, or campus contests, they all fall into If one category: PROMINENT CAMPUS PERSONALITIES. r 266 af s'vrt an hw B T Kathleen Strikes Model Poses . . we Q ,... 0s,. 'so Us at 1 may .al"l'9Sw l,.e,,,, JUDY MORRISS l eChi Omega l e Fall, footballfahd fanfefelllntroclilcflgep- tembf-:r's Judy Morriss. Judy is the All- Ameriean girl whose warm smile generates vitality and friendliness. 9 A .nv f fm. 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JN Jan is for January and who could kge'f1 ect gaiety and joy of a New Year er than V ,lovely I an MCMuHan. ,, ,x wf' - 4, MW. ,A-145 ,WM--fx ,- ww, .vigrx .4f'w: w'E?w4wfx55a 5 1: :-- ' ,fx . , X:.i ..i,l M , Q. Aq,, , . l,, W. Vi IAN MCMULLQQN . .,.. . , A A . , mm M 3 , g,,m,::-aw,---.:.-.Q ...., ns.. ,. ., .Nm ,,.. Wm HwgwQ,MQg M hw B tures all 5? E :ln pl' Q!! Q E51 . 155' -1' A 325 ' af? cf- :WZ I5 Aww - H wssvaz-if wg ,V WM,-w fin' ,surf ,Y ,br Af W f 9' , "'. lg. 7 7? JN.: J' i . X, fx 49? I-M, 0- ..- ' ' ,ax af fa' F' WW - U f -' v Sun f fi, w I wrfmr. ,gg .J gg. Wplyff. ' I , Q4 Q WVN7' M -f'Y27VQ: t:fYvZ'W'Ml f . ' i?EW'::fff" A w.,-'hw f Y' W, ,, . .A ,R W we , A f' V --15' , 51 ,, .V ,Q - A N- -wifi, ,wwf V ,, M -4 ,nf H Lf 3 ,um ,M A K, 276 '-Q A , if :g A Carqlyp dx Elear and W-W , KA .Wa we L ' WHA. K wage 74 , ANN CHARLEVILLE Chi Omega JANELLE SANFORD Alpha Delta Pi MYRNA WOOD Delta Gamma LINDA STRAWN Alpha Chi Omega LUCRETIA ALEXANDER Chi Omega ELEANOR FLYNN Alpha Chi Omega SOPHIE SARACUSA Chi Omega DIANE VAN EATON Chi Omega SANDRA BROWN Chi Omega JUDY TUSSING Chi Omega SALLY DAY Chi Omega LINDA POWELL Chi Omega JENEANE EVAHN Delta Gamma MARY STEWART Delta Gamma - BRENDA HEID Alpha Delta Pi The Best-Dressed Coed for '59 is SALLY BARBER. Sally, a member of Chi Omega soror- ity, was chosen at the COUGAR campus neWspaper's annual contest for her posture, groom- ing, individual dress type, and wardrobe and fashion budget planning ability. As the winner of the COU- GAR contest, Sally enters the national competition sponsored by GLAMOUR magazine. After the national contest, the ten girls judged as the best dressed in the nation's colleges and uni- versities are awarded all-ex- penses-paid trips to New York City. MARY KATHRYN JARRELL Sponsored by the Society of Engineers Outstanding Students at the University are selected each year on the basis of leadership, character, scholarship and participation in campus activities. Qualifications for Outstand- ing Student include being of junior classification or higher, maintaining a C average, participating in one campus or- ganization or activity, and carrying a course load of at least twelve hours. The Deans of the Colleges as Well as the Dean of Men, the Dean of Women and the Assistant Deans selected this year's Winners from sixty-eight nominees. The HOUSTONIAN is indeed proud to have such an illustrious group of Outstanding Students for 1959. ai EE 2 Q E Q 3 ai Uulslunmling in awry rs'sp0r't is l'MXllfl,X V NNN In tm cQ sunning uf I4-zulu-slmip and I'CSlNiIlSilliIily. l'z1n1rc1 ms wrxul Wfmnerw Student ASSUl'illli4lI1 nulmly this year as PITHIK H1r INclIlX hon Q incluflc the vice-prcsiflmlcfivs of 1'l1i 'lilwlal K1 .1 I 1 T Iru Honor Sncielyz mul Chi Unwga snrurily. fX .21 iq f X wr-W V - ,Q L, - s nf 3- , . 'ski ,W J ' g 5 1' i ,-N 4. if " , 1' ----- Qs Hsfz ,.,8n A " .J IM M . N ' . ,I -...f . 7555 if , R The gavel of authority found a home during 1958-59, as it reposeci ill the hands ol Pre- Law major RICHARD CALD- YVELL. The name Caldwell was almost synonymous with the title MPreside11t.77 Phi Theta Kappa, Phi Rho Pi, University Citizenship Congress, and Pi Kappa Delta all Claimed his tin1e as a leader. The nation's capital stood forth to welcome Richard, whe11 he represented the University in the Washing- ton Semester program of Amer- ican University. There stands shining above all . . . one honor, that of National Junior Debate Champion. Another second year Outstand- ing Student is JACK TERRY. Married to another Outstanding student ..., lack led the House of Representatives as Speaker this past year. Committees marked many waking hours for him . . . he served well on Homecoming . . . Student Union Planning . . . Election Board . . . and Valentine Dance committees. The House of Representatives Rules and Ar- ticles of l'rocedurt: were Capahly Written hy him. In 1959 he rep- resented the University ably at the lntercollegiate Studt-nb Conven- tio11. So to Jar-k falls the term, outstanding plus . . . XVctlcling hands link this outstamfling student . . . GLORUX TERRY . . . with another. Versatility would he an apt description of Glorials ahilities. Twirler for the Cougar Marching Banfl. speech team memher, heacl cen- sor of Frontier Fiesta shows, senator from the College of Business Adminis- tration are hut a few of her activities. Recipient of the Delta Kappa Gamma scholarship last year, Gloria is eX- tremelv active in Student Government having receivctl a golrl key for out- standing service. For the second year as Outstanding Stu- dent, Zeta Tau Alphais NANCY BARTELS stands apart on the campus. Homecoming queen finalist and secretary of the Student Body are two honors that she has Won. Alumnae co-ordinator of Phi Theta Kappa, a member of Student Education Association and practice teacher at Spring Branch are but a few of her activities. rl -ww . 1' 1, 1-fj?.i1"f' " g . . i f ' .. Y rii. . .Q 9: , ,.-f f 4' ' ,fuk ,Qi IQ' if-em .ml As if the wise hand of Napoleon, one time master of France was there to guide . . . stands the past and future of PETER HOYT BROWN, outstanding student. Fel- lowships came . . . Woodrfmiw' Wilsoii Memorial and the National Defense. A summer in Paris to study . . . long hours as associate editor of the Harvest. Many times on the Deanls list and one of the two Senior Honor Thesis winners was he. So stands the horizon for Peter and it is wide . . . A world of books and a lwautiful smile identify Alpha Chi UIIICQEIGS JERRIE FAYE RABON. Her mark rests upon the lidestem of the College of Education. Student Education bestowed upon her the honor of president, and to her fell the deserved praise as the local chapter was proclaimed number one in the nation. Vanity Fair beauty, Senator from the College ol Education, Homecoming Queen Finalist is Jerrie Faye. gi? Q 5 JG? W,, S' x .. ., xxx , A W v AL,i H, M M ,,A., X I gk Wf,, ff x f,-fl,'ii'L--'im at My ww 'aware L We wigwsitfgzw W Zim , , . 8 qt -'ww xxx, qu: f X. U.. tw 0 H NX N, 'iv' Q 1 gi NANCY Wl'lS'l', Frontier Fiesta Belle 511 Q Air., f KAYE NEWNTAN. Miss Annie Oakley JERRY BENNETT, Frontier Fiesta Sheriff LINDA STRAWN, Miss Derby Day MARY KATHRYN IAHRELL, Honorary li.O.T.C. Cadet Colonel T K JERRIE FAYE RABON, Representative to Texas ASzM Cotton Bail MARY KATHRYN JARRELL, Representative to Rice Institute Rondelet JANET ISBELL, Representative to St. Thomas Mardi Gras X 1 ,- gx , V , ,Mayes 2 -.5 V H A K f ,WA ..W,w.,WA, .. v , 1 W w ' + vi' .sf 74' f fy 1 , , M, mm' iff.Jw . 'M fr YW v"9,,'se'i2 f L 2 s , . .,gm,.,l,,W, WN. vw, ,fi ,,,, .t A -v U .- ,, we -'ryntvvvrusi - W , X. ,fs . W. .R , X' X , s "lNfMlkMw,1 A- AW mf 5. .pf . N v A :V Y . , Y ,ft :4 , . -ff 1, MD' . , it t , Q ' ' 2 i f L t 1 faq. dai g ? , ,W ft M, A Vi W ' Q 0 N V, K " few ? 'Inu-cw .QW 'x .V ORGANIZATIONS provide opportunities for developing friendships, personal growth in character, and the chance for growth in crea- tivit 's cogggpatihility and leadership. Vie value of close relationships developed gh the endless process of compromise and give-and-take, is one that the truly educated person cannot ignore. wif? 9, ,X 'i ' sf J ' 4, : Q kiwi?- K ' 5 7 Z I A gk ,t. if 299 .,,,, I I 0 OFFICERS: Joanne Lantz, secretary-treasurer, Brian Tench, vice-presi- dent, Sarah Wyatt, president, and Ray Epps, publicity chairman. The Religious Groups Council co-ordinates activities of the twelve religious groups. Participating organizations sponsor an annual Thanksgiving program, Christmas programs, a special Easter service, and Religious Emphasis Week. ADVISORS-Seated: Rev. George Avent, Mrs. Eleanor Van Valkenhurg, Rev. Robert Fink, and Mr. James Hecht. Standing: Father K. Downey, Rev. Roy Ray, Beuron Boyd, Rev. Milton Mayer, Rev. James Gunn, Rev. George Thompson, and Rev. Peter Katt. First row: Kelsey Hunter, Elaine Hocott, Mrs. Eleanor Van Valkenhurgz Cathy Dancer, Ellen Elkins, Judy Jones, Fran Roush, Joanne Lantz, Rev. Robert Fink, and James Hecht. Second row: Sarah Wyatt, Brian Tench, Eddie Hillyer, Marcell Maresh, Jr., Father K. Downey, Rev. George Avent, Rev. James Gunn, Rev. George Thompson, Jim Johnson, Rev. Roy Ray, James Hempel, Ray Epps, Mr. Beuron Boyd, Rev. Peter Katt, and Rev. Milton Mayer. I I 0 0 Q I MEMBERS: Front: Ruth Wilson, Robbie Webb, Virgie Ortiz, Darlis Wood, Bonnie Sowell, Ann Paulas, Sandra Jodiet, Fran Roush, Judy Jones. Back: Bob Bergeron, Loyd Tripp, Johnny Carrier, Lonnie McLeod, Charles Fox, Bob Dunlap, David Laudermilch, Joe Ventura, Bill York, Roy Ray. B.S.U., the Baptist religious organization, fur- nishes both spiritual and social activities to its members. ln addition to sharing in the support of the Mexican Goodwill Center and planning activities for the boys and girls there, the Baptist Student Union group hosts pre-school activities and an international banquet. Members participate in the International Student Retreat, climaxing the year with the annual Spring Banquet. Outstanding members include Anne Romine, a Vanity Fair beauty and summer missionary to Paraguay, Johnny Carrier, summer missionary to the Philippines, and Judy Jones, summer missionary to the Northwest and Canada, speaker at state BSU Convention, and the World Evange- listic Conference. , OFFICERS: Seated: John Carrier, devotional chairmang Judy Jones, presidentg Larry Barrett, vice-president. Standing: Bill York, music chairman, and Kenneth Loveless, publicity chairman. Front row: Leroy Schneider, Gayle Dohrman, Mary Jean Peek, Joyce Eals, Mary Rose Rich, Jan Duhe, Jerry Wheaton. Second row: Marcus Brunkenhoefer, Virginia Billig, Leon Billig, Bill Hecht, chapter advisorg Bennie Schoppe, Melvyn Foster, Neal Prestridge, presidentg Lee Allen Palm, Ted Brunn, Margie Kriegel, and Vann Hand. Not pictured: Henry Jordon, vice-presidentg and Doris Oberndorfer, secretary. Gamma Delta is the International Association of Lutheran Col- lege and University students. The ideals of Gamma Delta are set forth in its name: Gamma standing for Gnosis Cknowledgel, and Delta fstanding for Diakenia Cservicej. These ideals of Christian knowledge and service are fostered through Bible discussions, programs, projects, and fellowship. A banquet held at Gulfgate auditorium is highlight of a busy year. Neal Prestridge, president of the University Gamma Delta chapter, was elected regional vice-president at a recent convention in Hous- ton. Gamma Delta holds weekly meetings for discussion of religious topics, a Sunday Bible Class, and several socials during the school Van Hand pins badge on new president, Neal Prestridgev while Bm year. Hecht, advisor, and Paul Hansen look on. I O OFFICERS: Moshe Kohen, cultural chairman: Maxine Adelson, vice-presidentg Spencer Youell, presidentg Janet Lilly, social chairmang Marcia Lewis, secretary. Absent: Jerry Lerman, treasurer. The University of Houston Hillel Society is an on campus Jewish religious organization. The society's activities are religious, cultural and social. They in- clude a Homecoming Dance and the Chanukah dance given in con- junction with the Hillel Society at Rice Institute. Frontier Fiesta '59 saw the appearance of a new concession on the midway, the Prima Pizza Palace, sponsored by the Hillel Society. Dr. Stanley Siegle, advisor, leads a student discussion group. First row: Harvey Zidell, Marcia Lewis. Second row: Rochelle Amdur, Calvin Eisenberg, Jerry Lerman. Third row: Shirley Hernnelstein, Ben Goldstein. Standing: Janet Lilly, Spencer Youell, Maxine Adelson, Moshe Kohen, Harry Simon, Mike Hutter, Larry Brenner, Jerry Goldman, J. Weinberger, Jake Kottle, Don Barnett. Www 7 ' The Wesley Foundation, an organization for Methodist students, holds Weekly meetings as Well as informal get-togethers. Members at- tend religious seminars at many Texas colleges and universities. Wesley Foundation members enjoy tape-recording sessions. Salim Bon- Shihl, Emile Shalhub, Lucille Palmer, Rev. George Avent, directorg Nancy Coffman, Stuart Hayes, Leroy Warn- asch, Lowman Shillionless, and Ed Hillyer enjoy a relaxing evening to- gether. l 0 U 46 Kappa High scholarship and integrity are the primary aims of Phi Theta Kappa, the University national junior college honorary scholastic society. National president of the fraternity is Eugene Cook, a member of the local Zeta Beta chapter. Outstanding projects of the organization include the publish- ing of the 1958-1959 Student Directory, planning of the Honors Day Banquet, fall and spring initiation, and study programs. OFFICERS-First row: Jean Rosa, sponsor, Cathy Dancer, representativeg Linda Shepler, historian, Cathy Young, local secretary, Sandra Brown, treasurer. Second row: Tommy Coodner, president, Rosemary Saucillo, vice-presi- dent, Wanda Swanson, national secretary, Robert Duncan, representative, Eugene Cook, national president. First row: James M. Ussery, Robert Patterson, Frank F. Deptula, Marilyn N. Ryan, Joyce Holder, Mary Ford, Ann Dowdy, Cathy Young, Rosemary Saucillo, Sandra Brown, Mrs. Jean Rosa. Second row: Thomas R. Jay, Stanley D. West, Wiley Steen, Kathleen Pollak, Joyce Keyes, Helen Shenton, Carolyn Porter, Patsy Flowers, Sandy Schoenfield, Wanda Swanson, Sammy Goodner. Third row: Gerald Evans, Cathy Dancer, Sandra Beth Nelson, Bobbie Ann Kimmel, Vere Renee Grosjean, Betty Jean Standafer, Lin Eckert, Franklin Olson, Marilyn Sanders, Billy Flake. Fourth row: John H. Wilson, Mike O'Neill, Barlow Simmons, Joanne Lantz, Pat Emory, Brenda Dietz, Molly Goodman, Linda Shepler, Shimon Kushnir, Clark Wilson. Fifth row: Dick Stuhblefield, Robert Duncan, Daniel Hrna, Carlton Lorfing, Valerie Daunoy, Marc Groffberg, Charles D. Roxburgh, Gale Calelly, Betty Benson, Eugene Cook, Ronald McKee, Johnathan Ayers. 'I .f Nita Clover Ailufn Richartl ll. Allmitz John C. Allred Sara A, Anll .lame-s Y. llakcr Ronald lf. lialwr Mary l.ois liardcn Nancy Sue- llartels Tom C. llattin Richard T. lit-auhouef Beatrice llcdnar Joan lit-lk Joyct' Uvnlrrooli Charles l'. lit-nncr John l5vIIIIt-tt. Jr. Loon U. liilligr Bonnie Patricia Bohlaitt Lt-on E. llorgnian Clyde Al. llradford Victory Norma Brady Elizalu-tlI lirandon Cordon Ray llrown Elizalwtlt lf. Broyles XVIII. ll. llroylos A. U. llrticc .lacoh F. llunistcad Patricia M. Burnett Anna Louist- Christy Troy Norman Crook Ht-rlwrl H. Curry R. lialfonr Daniels Ct-orgv l.. Dalton lit-tty Coalc Davis Holtlmy' ,loc Davis Sliirlcy l.onisv Davis Joseph Al. Doggett A. N. IWHIIIIPI' Irving R. Drake C. Dwight Dorough David C. DuBosc Dana Eastcs Bessie M. Elvaugih Ray Edwards Lloyd J. Elliot John T. Elrod Eileen Eng Constance A. England Paul H. Fan Noel M. Ferguson .loye Class Leon F. Craves Stanley B. Crven A. Wh Crecn. .lr. Blanche R. Crov cr C. L. Cuidry Beula W. Hannn Rohert E. Haninter E. .lcannc Harris T. N. Hatfield Carlos K. Hayden Chas. F. Hiller Shirley Ann llinnnclstein Thos. C. Hint-man Vera Ayn Hines Philip Hoffman Cihson Lt-tx Hudson J. D. Hutchinson Billy R. Johnson Louis Kestenln-rg Cram' C. Kit-ln-rgtr David Km-ppt-r Edith Anne Krihs Charlotte Ella Kucnstler Sidney Jules l.LltlllPIi Horace C, Latnht-rt Charinin S. l.anit-r Wan. D. Let' Richard Wh Lilliott dafapfm Pda Phi Kappa Phi is a national senior honor society founded in 1897. It is dedicated to the unity and democracy of education and is open to honor students and faculty from all departments of universities and colleges. lts prime ohject is to emphasize scholarship and character, to foster the significant purposes for which institutions of higher learning have been founded, and to stimulate mental achievement. Election to membership is the highest scholastic honor that can be received by a student of the University of Houston. UFFIC-ERS: C. F. Mc'EllIinnc'y. presidentg Edith Anne Krihs, vice-president: and Dr. James Tinsley, st-crctary-treasurcr. MEM BRRS : c. tt. tmty lf. lf. Nlvlflliititiey lflvy N. Nltlilratlt lflinalwtlt lf. Nlchlahan llillitf tile-nn Xlchellantl ,Iosoph Anthony Marks l'atrit'ia Ruth Martin lyillll Nl. .Nlcliae Rlllll Alcllott Charles llryan Metcalf john A. Mit-liacl ,lohn VV. Miki-ska lJUl1lI'l'5 A. Nlillcr .lohn .l. Nlills Ruth lf. Xlontgotnery Nancy li. Nloruan Nadini E. Nasir Nortnan D. Nt-iswender A. R. Nt-nntann Allwrt Nm-whouse Cot-il ,l. lf. Newton Ruth Nl. Norris Al1lI'Qilt'4'l li. Northrup lfloytl lf. Norton john l', Uucn Ilt-mtv llyrnc Pauli ,It-rome Nl. Pt-sclllie Merry Lynn Phillips Elsie ll. Plunliett Mit-liat-l H. Poindexter Chas. E. Ratner C. B. Ransom Toinniy S. Reck Wan. lf. Rich Alll'llLlCl L. Ricltlier Alvin E. Rohinson, Jr. lllatthcw W. Rosa Robert C. Runnels ' 111 K 0 U IMIIIQKWQ U ,, 2 -S 7 x fi I' Dorothy .lean Ryan Mary Cram' Santlall Rudolph Sauvillo Edwin E. Scruggs Daniel E. Slit-or Gerald R. SlltIt'IllLlliC ,lo Ann Short-lx Pauline B. Sims Kenneth C. Sinclair T. C, Sinclair Ruby Kless Sondock .lack L. Spradlingr Hollie M. Stanley Larry .l. Strontan F. L. Stovall Myron B. Swiss James A. 'llinsloy Ronald C. TLITIIVI' Lucy F. Vaughan Richard I. Vaughan Florene M. Waltstrn Karelc M. Wlatts Pattye Let- Wlcavcr Joseph S. WX-rlin Wantla Y. Wlcst Corinne C. Weston Elna H. Whitt- Carol S. Willllttrrg Thos. N. Whitaker Clanton W. Willitints Erma Raye Williams Elizabeth Anno Wilson Amy U. Wolfe .lean W. Woodward Jas. R. Wyche Raymond T. Yclkin Ceo. E. Young Chas. P. Zinnncrman, Jr 2.0. 7. . ln the time of National emergency the young men of our country are called upon to defend its honor. So the Army Reserve Officers Training program at the University pro- vides leaders for our country's future. Established at the University July 1, 1948 with a staff of four officers and four non-commissioned personnel as the only all-Quartermaster R.O.T.C. in the United States. During the 1955-56 school year, the unit was converted from a branch material Quartermaster course to a General Military Science course, and it occupied the newly com- pleted Military Science classroom building which it uses today. Lt. Col. ,lack L. Smith, lnfantry, is Professor of Military Science and Tactics, and heads the R.O.T.C. group of two officers and five non-commissioned personnel. Mary Kathryn Jarrell, Honorary Colonel, and Ken Kern, Cadet Colonel, pause on the Drill Field in Winter uniforms. CADRE OFFICERS: Capt. Rubin Wehmeyer, Lt. Col. Jack Smith, and Capt .loice Cox. Fall Cadet Colonel Roger Treichler now serving six months as a 2nd Lt. in the Army. CADRE ENLISTED PERSONNEL: Seated: MfSgt. William Thompson. Standing: MfSgt. Bill Wall, SFC Joe Holcomb, SFC William Hyde, MfSgt. Warren Byland. Mrs. Margo Vandruff keeps the R.0.T.C. office running smoothly. at , xv. gy COMPANY HB" commanded by Cadet Capt. Gene Kelly with Company Sponsor Pat Voight. COMPANY HA" commanded by Cadet Capt. Lonnie Holland with Compa HEADQUARTERS COMPANY: Front row: Cadet Major Hruska, Ad- jutantg Cadet Col. Kern, Corps Commanderg Cadet Cullen Clark, Sgt. Major. Second row: Cadet Lt. Col. August Ullrich, Dep. Brigade Com- manderg Cadet lst Lt. Michael Pack, Asst. S-3. Third row: Cadet Major Dale Thompson, S-33 Cadet Capt. Henry Nussbaum, P.l.O. Back row: Cadet Capt. Don Reese, Athletics Officer. . Q fxgtwaa ,xg N ny Sponsor Judy Tussing. Ending a year of classes and drill, cadet officers are thrown into the pool. Here getting his dunking is lst Lt. Gene Ford with an assist by Charles Gordy. IST BATTLE GROUP STAFF headed by Cadet Lt. Col. James Coward with Cadet Capt. Don, Sheffield, Adjutantg and Cadet Major Milton Pickett, Executive Officer. Many activities mark the Corps calen- dar for the year. Just before Christmas the annual Military Ball is held and during the Rodeo, Cadets assist during the Crip- pled Children performance. Some ninety memhers of the Corps were air lifted to , Fort Campbell, Kentucky. for a two-day orientation program. COMPANY "C" commanded by Cadet Capt. Robert Burgdorff with Sponsor .ludy Mercer. l, -Dv COMPANY "D" commanded by Cadet Capt. ,lims Gee with Sponsor Carolyn Carver ZND BATTLE GROUP STAFF: Headed by Cadet Lt. Col. John Hanson with Cadet lst Lt. Bobby Knox, Ad- jutant, and Cadet Major Phillip Fitz- gerald, Executive Officer, The bars of a Commissioned 2nd Lt. are admired at the Winter Commission- ing Ceremony. The Corps of Cadets passes in review for Lt. Gen. Chase lRet.l 39 BAND COMPANY with Cadet Officers Don Brown and Gene Ford, and Company sponsor BAND COMPANY Band Commander: Cadet Capt. Lee Fantz. Deanne Deane. Besides the Corps reviews and inspections, the R.O.T.C. Band provides martial music and precision marching for many other events. New Orleans Mardi Gras is an annual trip as well as the Armed Forces Day Parade in Houston. The past year Band Company also served as the Official Frontier Fiesta Band, played for the State Guard Convention at the Shamrock-Hilton, and marched in many parades. 'Tm glad I flute after gilmiu . that parade. only play the as QW 5 Hora Q' Inspecting Officers pausing in Band Company to ask question of the Base drummer. Supply Custodian Major Harvey Vance fRet.J sponsors Band Company. . s . gf' l..,Y..L-pref' 4? f 'Vik 'N 'E-F-ws.. Sit., . . 't 'am-I K KQBTT'-1 X '. A'Into the Pool" goes Band Commander Lee Fantz while Frank Foster holds his nose. Cadet lst Lt. Don Brown halts the 3 Band after marching practice. 2 rt Me it .A e .L . ff M. - .. sz. 2953.38 .5 , J V gl oi , A S -4 t S ,V , 44 H. AA - 411.-49. Capt. Juice Cox points out land- mark on sand-table during R.O.'l'.C. class. R.O.'l'.C. SPONSORS: First Row: Mary Kathryn Jarrcll. Second row: Carolyn Carver, Judy Tussing. Third row: Cathy Sims, Judy NIL-rm-rr Fourth row: Deanna Dean, Pat Voiglit. H.O.'l'.ll. Band in :Xrnwd Forces Day parade downtown. r Q , Q.,- N f A ft Q K., ,, 'fb 'TY 44. . I -mm 'Y RIFLE TEAM: Front row: John Hancock, Morris Duncan, Paul Cravcy, Richard Young, James Thomas. Second row: Reg Leonard, Tom Zanzant, Morgan Necessary, Calvin Eisenberg, Richard Black. With sabres poised the Corps of Cadets stand ready for Inspection. . B Q! .J XM Rifle Inspection is conducted by officer during Federal In- spection in April. l D- 207 MEMBERS-First row: Mike Richker, Bob Lindsey, Jim Boone, Cullen Clark, Angelo Soffos, Jims Gee, Gail Goodloe. Second row: Wally Howard, Jim Collins, Bland Davis, John Hancock, Jerry Blaylock, Earl LeBlanc, John Anderson, Floyd Johnson, Judy Mercer, sponsor. Third row: Darol Dimmick, Jerry Skinner, John Becker, Bob Wynhoff, Gene Pavey, Mickey Ready, Don Sheffield, Billy Jackson, and Donald Gretzer. Z The 'cspit and polished" officers of the ROTC make up the membership of Scabbard and Blade. These are the leaders, the members of ROTC who are chosen to belong to this military group. Sponsorship of the High School Drill Competition, participation in the National Pistol and Rifle matches, and the planning of both the Military and Scabbard and Blade Balls keeps members on duty ,round the clock. 1 OFFICERS: Cadet Sergeant Jerry Blaylock, vice- president, Cadet S.F.C. David Heallen, secretary, Captain Judy Mercer, sponsor, Cadet M!Sgt. Cullen Clark, presideritg Lt. Col. Jack Smith, advisor, Cadet Sergeant Donald Gretzer, treasurer. CHEERLEADERS: Bobby Watson, Patti Keene, Ralph Turner, Rhoda Morrow, Oliver Townsend, Marilyn Miller. With a mighty shout six red and white clad dynamos of energy charge across the football field, leading a team of multi-muscled giants. The human dynamos are, of course, the boosters of Big Red, the Cheerleaders. The voices of Rhoda, Marilyn, Patti, Ollie, Ralph and Bobby are beard at the pep rallies, football and basketball games and in the halls of the Zeke Building urging a greater manifestation of spirit on the part of the student body. Cheerleaders give a mighty yell for the Cougar Team 0 Members of the University Orchestra tune up prior to one of Ihvir many Concerts. The Band provides music for many University events. Their performances are not limited to the stage, however Zan! The University of Houston Band trooped across the football field the first time in 1944. The band opens each University football season with a band day. Over 6,500 high school bandsmen take to the field to present a colorful and tuneful spectacle for Cougar sports fans. The band is also present at all football games, pep rallies and basketball games. This year, the band made a concert tour of Oklahoma and north Texas and played for the Texas Association of College Deans and Presidents. Drum Major, BOBBY LINDER Ellen Simmons, Barbara McCauley, Deanna Dean. Head Twirler, GLORIA HUNT 1 COUGAR TWIRLERS: Carolyn Porter, Billie Schneider, Ann Daigle, Gloria Hunt, I O I O The Frontier Fiesta Association acts as the guiding body of Frontier Fiesta, the Universityis annual spring western festival. Headed by Bob Dunson as general chairman, Association directors plan publicity and advertising, handle finances, co-ordinate activities and special events, issue building materials and oversee construction of shows on the lot, and, in general, see to it that Fiesta comes off as planned. An annual barbecue for crippled children is sponsored by the Association, as Well as a beard contest for the campus men and an Annie Oakley contest for coeds who want to try their trigger fingers at rifle shooting. A Frontier Fiesta Awards Banquet held in -May is the culmination of a yearis effort spent on producing the Greatest College Show on Earth. BOB DUNSON, general chairman FIESTA ASSOCIATION STAFF-First row: Bob Dunson, Charlie Miller, Bernard Brooks, Mary Ann Maresh, Anne Sharpe, Ivan Trifon. Second row Floyd Johnson, Jerry Goldman, George McElvy, Emmet Tatum, Tom Vanzant. Third row: Roy Satterwhite, Tony Nelson, Matt Manis, Frank Siler, Alton Castrow, Mike Johnson, Guy McElroy. it M, CHARLES MILLER, Promotions and Productions Director FRANK SILER, Marshal f 1395 A' SPENCER YOUELL, Business Director NORMAN HICKMAN, Grounds Co-Director l Q ' Q73 Association directors Work together to insure a smooth- running Fiesta. Pitching in when a show needs a special assist seems to come naturally to this group. lt is not uncommon to see the special events director high atop a ladder, the promotions director pulling a tarp, or the business director making pizza for a hungry crew. X i I S i l F TONY NELSON, Special Events Director Al left: MATT MANIS, Grounds Co-Director ,n....mi.,w,. A Vyy, 7,11 ww,--L. ,, -lit-M, ski f w, J., 4. to 7 DON SMITH, Purchasing Director DICK BOULEY, Advertising Director I Charlie Piepers prepares to hit Pvt. Lidney Thompsonis thumb. Varsity "Hn with lettered helpers rush to complete the Rebel Theater. , If If g ' , To promote fellowship between athletes and also between athletes and other students and groups, is the chief function of Varsity 6'Hf' Only lettermen can be members of this service organization which con- tributes to the overall athletic program at the University. Varsity NH" sponsors Rebel Theater in Frontier Fiesta, and members of the group usher at basketball games. An annual challenge to the letterman7s skill is their deep-sea fishing trip. Officers are Charlie Pieper, president, Hogan Vlfharton, vice-president, Terry Long, secretary, and Bryan Schisler, treasurer. Charlie Pieper, president of Varsity HH" and co-captain of the Baseball team, reflects on the year's activities. Charles Berry, football manager Charles Caffrey, football Danny Cranford, football Burr Davis, football Billy Ray Dickey, football Howard Evans, football Claude King, football J im Kuehue, football Harold Lewis, football J ack Parrington, track Don Mullins, football Tom Pierce, football Hilmer Potcinske, football Pat Studstill, football Jim Windham, football Bill Brown. football Charliv lirown, football Don Brown, football Bob Norah. football Jim Cubin, football .lucky ffupil. golf Regain' Ilarlmfy. travk Larry Exams, baseball Wilc'y lfvagiri, football Buddy Caritlcl, baseball Lonnie llolland, football Bobby Lintlvr, swimming Don Loatlman, track Dicky Nlaulclin, football Pete Markle-. basketball Don Mvllonald, football .loc Mvllonald. football Fred Morgan. baseball rsity "H" fifth plant- Fivsta show. rw Cary Ne-lson, baseball Bob Pratt, golf Charlie Picper. baseball .lohn Stlllidll. football Lidnvy Thompson. football Bubba Wagner, baScball Loo Wt-iss, track Hogan Wlitlrton, football Max WllStlIl, baseball Lidnuy Thompson poses with thru bcautivs and a nightmarf I MEMBERS: Front: Sandra Brown, Ann Reeves, Lucretia Alexander, Marilyn Miller, Suzanne Donisi. Back: Cano Lemoine, Tony Lamanna, Pete Skaalen, Earl Krieger, John Wllalen, Darrell Heinrich. WWW Supporting the football line as the "twelfth mann of the Cougar team is the University Pep Club. ln achieving their aim of promoting campus spirit, members of the club sponsor the flash card section at football games, conduct pep rallies, and direct cheer- leader tryouts. The Pep Club annually presents a trophy to the organization showing the most school spirit in the Cougar Den Poster Contest. OFFICERS: Tony Lamanna, treasurerg Earl Krieger, presidentg Pete Skaalen, vice-presi dentg Suzanne Donisi, secretary. Cougar Guard, made up of volunteers from Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity, has as its sole purpose the care of the University's Cougar mascot, Shasta. Organized in 19117 when Shasta was purchased, the Cougar Guard members transport Shasta to and from all University home football games and pep rallies, occasionally to out-of-town games, and show her at school functions such as Frontier Fiesta. Shasta, the mother of three, resides at the Hermann Park Zoo. Cougar Guard Captain ,lack Wilson pauses after a rough workout with Shasta. and Richard Lassetter comprise the service group. lt's not unusual to sec Richard, Jack, and Gordon at the zoo on a Sunday afternoon putting Shasta through her paces. COUGAR GUARD: Jerry Arnold, Gordon Murray, Preston lvens, Jack Wilson, The WCJllli?lIiS lilorinitory Council is the governing body of Law llzill, the University girls, clorinitory . Social events for the season are the open houses held dur- ing special holidays for families and friends of women resi- dents. Sponsor of the group is Miss Helen Thacker. Council incmluers discuss prolnlt-ms with the Wl1ll1CH,S Dorm Council sponsor Miss llclcn Tliaclier and Mrs. Rulvy Weaver. dew 32 ' ' COUNCIL MEMBERS: Milly Whitelieacl, Barliziru Klutln-ws. Sandra Pittman, Ruby Ecliuxmcttu. Sandra Hrncir, Madge Howe. Nell Dowdy. Carolyn Langford, K-Lu Carroll. OFFICERS: Pat Lafferty, chairman of1nen's activitiesg Gene Prewitt, treasurerg Stephen Zavoico, vice-presidentg K-Lu Carroll, secretaryg Tony Lamanna, president. 0 714563 The Oberholtzer Hall Board governs dormitory activities. The dorm radio station KLRP is under the direction of the Board. Sponsorship of an annual Christmas party for the children of an orphans home is a project that OB Hall Board members look forward to each year. Social activities such as the dormitory Weiner roast and dance, as well as get- acquainted parties at the beginning of each semester provide a full calendar of events for dorm students due to the work and planning of the Oherholtzer Hall Board. 195 LIQUN LIPP, l,l'i'Sifll'Ill of Student Government ,. A Q gg i , Yr:-gfvrf-Q12-wfvvn fi S- ,- . 2 X 5 . , E . fi? fl fj, 4 , 1 f -r .g. , f L 1 5 3?- : f f ,Ki 4 Amxswvm ,X N rr f iq My E 55 . ""-Q-.. , hx. ,9 . . x ' 2 , , 11 , Q -ff-, 115 51. 11 - A' 5 K 5 i 5 - S z , f ' 2, 5 . W '.. 3 S X f L 5 A r 'T 2 X: x fl 3' S R A of ? 1 4 4 --.W -' 41--gf , - , . i , ,r ff . 6 ,A ,. Q,-an :' j 1 ' f .16 Q '3",Zwfri,T? .f ,.,. 5: ,J 31 r. 5. . gr -wg" fv, " if V.- '7:fb:'E. 11.11. A g K, , f-sw :,- , vm , . , mf- y-if , ,Am up , 1 .r- F, , 4 ,--7-,.7h 5,2 K I .557 kV.., L, 7f,V., A ,,.L-L., 4, M . , , -f.f, f-wr.-A.--f 4.. -Q 1- f .1 ri--1,-. ' -- . -ff--:gg-f,::fk3-'12--, 1 H- .. PSF. if-Sz 4 5. . 2 A 2' V QQ N at H3 . 515,11 www,-wir ' A sa ' - - -4-.', 3 2 ' E ' ,-: f Q M 5. .k-h ffl L . BOBBY 5Clll M.fXCllliIi. Treasurer NANCY B1XH'l'lQLS, Secretan made The SENATE is composed of one senator from each class. Among the powers and duties of the SENATE is the prorating of the budget, the ap- proval power for all student organizations, the power to set standards for all groups, and the power to make laws governing the students. OFFICERS OF THE SICNATE: David Duliose. kprcsidentg Bill Bi president pro teniporeg and Pat Rielnnond. secretary. First row: Joe Biundo, Colle-ge of PTILITIIHIUYQ Gloria Terry, College of liusincssg Hill lliggio, College of Lawg ,lerrie Ralmn, College of Eduoationg Graham Lantz, Collage of Oplolnfflryg Pat Him-lnnondg Dan Christopher, College of Arts and Sciences. Second row: Roland Whitt-, freshman czlassg Rolmert Kin, senior classg Joe Horn- berger, graduate classg Leonard Lock, College of Enginf-eringg Darryl Fawcett, junior elassg David DuBoseg Tom Kinnear, sophomore classg Doug Rowell, School of Arehitectureg Dr. T. C, Sinvlair, sponsor. ag? OFFICERS OF THE HOUSE: Tony Laiiiuririu. speaker pro temporeg Judy Jones, secretaryg Pat Lafferty, parliamentariang Toni Reek. elerkg :md .luck Terry, speaker. I The HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES carries out the wishes of the student body and also is the originating point for all bills created for the purpose of raising revenue. Members of the HOUSE are chosen from recognized campus organizations. Each or- ganization is entitled to have one re- presentative. and any ,group having more than twenty members is entitled to an ad- ditional representative to the HOUSE. The SUPREME COURT is composed of five justices and one attorney general. The president of the Senate and the Speaker of the House each appoint one member to the Court and the president of the Student Body ap- points the remaining justices. The duty of the SUPREME COURT is to settle dis- agreements that arise among the various campus student groups. JOE HORNBERCER, attorney general SUPREME COURT JUSTICES: Wayne Dcssons, Pat Gregory, Bill Buchanan, Harold Pieratt, and Bill Biggio Named at the annual Student Government banquet as the Most Outstanding Student Government members are Alvin Montgomery, Outstanding House Memberg Leon Lipp, Outstanding Member in Student Governmentg Gloria Terry, Outstanding Senate Memberg and Louis Patronella, Outstanding Committeeman. Patterned after our Constitutional Government, Student Gov- ernment represents the over 13,000 students that make up the University student body. With an annual budget of 3Bl5,000, Student Government sends representatives from campus groups to their regional and national conventionsg aids new groups in getting started on the campus, directs and finances student dances and other extracurricular activities such as Homecomingg pays the cost of supporting and transporting Shasta, the University cougar mascotg provides loans for student organizations, produces a student handbookg and sends delegates to the Washington Semester Program in Washington, D. C., and other conventions representing the student body. Student Goverrunent governs student electionsg judicially de- cides issues between campus groupsg and represents the students as a whole in dealings with the University administration on such matters as discipline and morals, traffic, Frontier Fiesta, and any other matter that requires a voicing of student opinion. . . de Q 5 ROBERT FORSHAW, fall semester editor Students returning to the campus last fall found a stream- lined version of the Univcrsityis 25-year-old newspaper, the COUGAR. Following the popular trend in campus publications, it had become a tabloid. Both its appearance and outlook had changed. The first issue for the new year was so big it took two print shops to handle the job. The result of a summeris work, the paper had discovered in that time that it possessed more freedom than most college newspapers, and immediately set about doing a responsible job of covering the campus "Both Day and Night." ln the past, a staff of three, at the most, had put the paper to bed. The Wednesday night turmoil which usually meant greeting the sun coming up over the reflection pool, no longer existed. All of a sudden, students had discovered the COUGAR office on the north side of the campus and flocked in asking to write for the paper. So, in due time, as the new system changed into routine, the COUGAR packed a good deal more punch and aroused the ire or blessings of more students than it had in the past. The mark of whether a newspaper is read or not is in the amount of vigor of its readers comments. The COUGAR was read. And after a year, the change was found to be for the better. MN.. WAYNE SCOTT, spring semester editor Ross Strader, publications advisor, discusses type sizes with Eugene Cook and Beverly Dent, CUUCAR staffers. Editors gather to plan the COUCAR's format. Cordon Fales, Willis Wlebb, Cathy Young, Ken Carr and Wayne Scott steer the efforts of the staff into productive channels. CATHY YOUNG, Women's editor GORDON FALES, assistant editor WILLIS WEBB, news editor HARRIS MILAM stuff artist Lynn Mcador, Don Alderman, and Kay Newman seem t KEY CARR porte editor think that four heads are better than one when it comes to copy-reading over Millie DuellJerg's shoulder. JIM LOCKLIN, advertising manager Meredith Trube and Jimmy Maxwell listen intently as Ken Carr expounds on the virtues of sports writing. MILI IE DUEI BERG Associate Editor. bUE SWITZPTR. Associate Editor. NANCY WEST. Editor-in-Chief. A yearbook is a scrapbook of memories. It holds a year's activities Within its pages. The people of a university, their social organizations, their service clubs, their sports heroes, their campus life-all of the functions of a college society are preserved in that bound volume known as a yearbook. The editor and staff of the 1959 HOUSTONIAN Worked throughout the year to produce a volume that would tell the complete story. The student body made it possible to tell this complete story by voting to switch the deadline of the yearbook-from spring to summer. The Work began and the first dead- line Wasvmet, and the second, and the third and finally the fourth and last. As the final proofing was read on a sticky day in June, a memorable year for the HOUSTONIAN staffers Was ended. ALEENE REDNICK, Advertising Manager. DON WHITELEY, Outstanding Students Editor TONY THIOLO JI NE DOMINY, Associate Editor, Fall. ' ..A. ,, -wg-f I 1 fp TUMIVIY HECK and CATHY YOUNG Organizations Editors MIQHIIDITH TRIBE JERRY EAGLESON, Class Editor ,f WYILLIS WEBB, Sports Editor STONI.-XX Editor Nalicy Vfvft giiws up and joins hor ow-rworkcd stuff for this zany shot STAFF PHOTOGRAPHERS: First row: Roy Arn- old, Barry Bcckmaun, Robert Forclicll. Second row: Tod Johnson, Tommy McElhinucy, Bob Rogers. Tlzirfl row: Bill Skinner. I I Editor, DR. JULIETTE DECREUS STAFF: Dr. Will L. McLend0n, Dr. Juliette Decreus, Mrs. Francoise Harrod, Dr. Elizabeth Brandon. The Le Bayou is an international literary journal written in French. The journal was established by the late Jules Vern, professor of French at the University. It contains literary criticisms, prose and poetry, many of which were written by prominent authors. Secretary FR-XNCOISE HARROD Ze? DR. WILL L. MCLENDON Noni DR. ELIZABETH BRANDON AW zum The members of Alpha Phi Omega pledge their service to the campus, to the community, and to the nation. They are 85 in number and in the year 1958-59 they have donated 12,292 man hours to projects of service. With each member giving an average of 491.6 man hours of his time, the organization has aided 31 separate causes. University functions aided by APO includes the transportation and care of Shasta, liniversity Cougar mascot, officiating at student election polls, sponsorship of the Fourth Annual Greek Songfest, sponsorship of the Shasta Art Contest, maintenance of the information booth at fall and spring registration, and the coordinating and building of the Homecoming Bonfire. ln addition to performing services to the University, APO has hosted the Faith Home children to a day at the circus and the residents of St. Anthonyls Old Folks Home to a Thanksgiving dinner. Members have collected funds for the Muscular Dystrophy and March of Dimes campaigns as wcll as helping with the Boy Scout Exposition and ushering at the City Employees Service Award program. For such outstanding service to the school and community, it is no wonder that this organization won the Cougar Spirit Award for 1958-59. OFFICERS: George Shackelford, treasurer, Gerald Grim, recording secretaryg Jerry Bennett, first vice-presidentg Jack Wilson, president, and Richard Lassetter, chaplain, Members George Shackelford, Gerald Grim, Jerry Bennett, .lack Wilson and Richard Lassetter admire recent additions to trophy case. APOS, wives, and dates enjoy an evening out. They are Jo Lynn Grasse, Sonny Elsik, .lack Wilson, Wendell and Alice Banigan, and Marilyn Miller. Ken Kern, Barry Bennick, Frank Markey, and Steve Allen unload lumber for the '59 Bayou Queen. All the work proved worthwhile, as their Fiesta show won first place. ARNOLD, Jerry BENNETT, Jerry BENNICK, Barry BUSH, James EDWARDS, Larry FOWLER, James GILLIAM, Roland GRAVES, Roy CRIM, Gerald HILLYER, Ed HOLL, Bob IVENS, Preston KERN, Ken LASSETTER, Richard l LEBLANC, Earl MURRAY, Gordon POPE, James RODGERS, Joe SHACKLLI' ORD George SIEMS Don WILSON J ack ZUCKERO, George APOs relax between work sessions at the Bayou Queen on the Fiesta lot. 5539 ff L -- 1 - H ,.,-i' L ,..,: M L L ' ' L ,NA L eeo L e.s' ss 1 F ii .13 ez - L LS l -I '--. 2" ' J '- -of . fe '--, i'1l 1 lf : l" s'l' fx.-1-' L 5 H VLQLL 5 If: L .,-L... .. - 5 vvn' H I X L . I X X , so La a A e A L . A WV- Tu 1"' 2 3: .:"': ' , ,-7 ,,'f. 'YA 4 'L L-5 'jg 5, 'J' . ' lip 43 A . '1'5 ' 'TL :" is L lfk -j..-P: ,,, : LV ' K f fi "1- be : .. ' fl' L "::.' LLEL ' ' ' A Egg LF Zzv ' "f" ,-L l v . L-,ff gf V ' L7 A A A 3 .,.' " 1- ...- If ,,.f 1 ":V f LL ' ,QF X 5 5, + y L9 R:': L,,L -'., ,L gg ' Lf ,ALLLLLN -:L.-., M A f ,f Ig 2 , QL L Anvy ..-,,,.. Eg? L Ls , LLLL V f TANNER, Carlos WALLACE- Mike L pw'- Olflfllllilii Don TTl'LllllL'l'lj'. pulrlic rc-lationsg Lucy Vaughn, editor? .lo King, associate vditorg Winuln Swanson. axssociaitv liusiiicss munagerg l't-In-1' llrown, associate vdilor. The T959 HARVEST is the twenty-third anthology of student writing. Students Coni- pelc for poetry, short story, essay and art honors. Linder the direction of the Writers Clulr. The HARVEST has gained national recognition for outstanding literature and nrt display. The HARVEST provides encouragement for prospective writers hy recognizing the efforts and talents of the students. 'fvfi 9' , 'NN ,J-"J Lucy Vaughn and her associate editors, Jo King and Peter Brown discuss, the HARVEST publication O I PANHELLENIC DELEGATES-First row: Judy Tussing, Dora Ristau, Mary Jo Wondrak, lone McClain. Secoml row: Carolyn Christcnson, Ceraldine May, Rachael Clasen, Ann Reeves. Third row: Mrs. Bessie Ebaugh, Barbara Henkhaus, Pamela Williams, Karen Tippit, Margie Walsh, Susan Wood. Established to maintain a high plane of fraternity life and inter-fraternity relation- ship, Panhellenic cooperates with college authorities to maintain high social and scholastic standards throughout the University. Activities include pledge line, Panhellenic Workshop, coordinating rush plans, and a Panhellenic luncheon and style show. secretary, Barbara Henkhaus, DZ, president, Pamela Williams, XO, vice-presi 3 dent, Margie Walsh, ADPi, corresponding secretary, Dora Ristau, Phi Mu parliainentarian. ,Ianell Milling of Delta Zeta receives Panhellenic scholarship from Barbara HCI1lillL1uS, Panhellenic president. Susan Wood, ZTA, assistant to recording secretary, Karen Tippit, DG, recording 1-fwagaa K . I -LL .rl X Cav Afltlllls. Sandra lxllilllillllilflfl. Rosalie Clliorln, l'at Day. Dolores Hollixal, Sue flilison. Nelda Younger. llarliara Hoff. 'ferry Kay flilwson, and Rnsenmrit- llairlonc take a lriwattlwr' lwfm-c sorority meeting begins. Founded at DePauw University on October 15, 1385, Alpha Chi Omega social highlight of the school vcar is the annual Alpha Chi Allegro honoring their new pledges. Local service projects include entertaining retarded and under- privileged children. Second in Songlest. the Alpha Cllis claim head majorette, Gloria Hunt, and two twirlers. Judy Scott and Dolores Hobizalg Vanity Fair lweauties Linda Lou Taylor and Jerrie Halmon: class officers Rosalie Chiodo, Sue Gibson, Nelda Younger. and ,ludv Scottg Sigma Alpha Epsilon sweetheart, Rosalie Chiodog Phi Kappa sweetheart, Sheila O'Sullivang and Hoineconiing Queen finalists, Rosalie Chiodo and Nelda Younger. ww' 'ewffwf ROSA I,lFi CHIODO, president CAHYICR. llalrolyu llXlllUXlf. llosvnlallts DAIIJQX . .lat-lvic ll-XX . l'all'i1'i.1 FIA NY. l'lll'LlIlHl' l7liUl'll.lf'lll. l'l1II'lyll CENl'l'l'lNll'U. NlLll'll'llC CUSSUN. Sut- CIUSON. 'lim-rrp Kay COOlJRllQH. Nancy HfXRR.'XI,. Nlarian Hfjlllzfll.. llolorcs HOFF. llarliara HUNT. l'flixa1ln'Il1 'hllll MgXRQl'l'lll. llrm-mln BIOYTfXl.l3 XNU. Silllilfil NlONTflUNll'llU. Xlarilyn NIUSEIEN. Kay 0.Slll.l.lY.fllY. Slut-ilu RAl!ON..l1'rril- lfayc Sfillliildlf. llilflm-galwli' SfIOT'l'. .lndy SH.-XRl'Fl. Xnnv SWAXNK. ,loin- 'l'gXYl,0H. Linda ltllll '1'ITRlNl'IIi, Virginia VVlN'l'FlRS, .lan-lviv XOl,lNlllfR. Nelda Dolores Hobizal, Jerrie Rabon, Marilyn Montgomery, Rosalie Cliioclo, Zelma Etheridge, Marlene Cenitf-mpc, Nelda Younger, and Mrs. Lee Carffile board train for AXO regional convention. 1 X -N iggaz 31755, vm . f 1 15 -1 .-. if 7 A W' , AY iz is 1 af E Ellis XSYWWV f 22 . 74' 'E 3' , . Q li"5iei.f I Y 5 S ALPHA CHI OFFICERS: Marilyn Montgomery, treasurerg Pat Day, secretaryg Sue Gibson, vicevpresidentg and Nelda Younger, vice-president. Not pictzzrefl: Jerrie Halmn, secretary. .2 5 49 3 fm 4 iw Eig a L 5 1 gm 2: "' 2 K 4:-Q iii' f ix , f f y f 'i-532 ir-S sei ' az?-ir? i ' 1 ,. - E RTI K y .. A J Q:2"'i-if? A 1 ,a gggg S? i i 2 A , . M, Wir' ' ,nifi- X f- . 144444 a The with-st college sorority, Alpha Delta l'i was ltllllltlljfl at Wlesleyan Female College in Macon, Georgia, in lllay. 12351. under the name hA1lClIPlllllll Sm-ic-ty." Outstanding siwial events include a spring lurnial. l'oumlcrs clay banquet, faculty tea, and a big and little sister party. Secuntl in scliolarsliip ratings and tllirtl in llomec-wining floats, ADI-'i's outstanding memliers in- clude Jacque Wilson, Pep Club secretary and Wuincirs Student Association vice-presidentg Janell Sanford, soplioniore representativeg and liay Kelluugli, Vanity Fair beauty. H. . . and in 1904 our name was changed from Adelpliian Society to ADPi,', lone tells an interested audience. Everyone talking at once: Brenda, Kay, Shawn, Bertie, Pattie, Joan, Vee. and Nancy vie for attention. AIJJX NICIK. -lane lifXC.'Xl'llSSE, Virginia BAR NIOHE. .loan BOWEN. Nancy DEE. Mary liL'll1 ENl'JlCU'll'l', Elaine FLOWERS. Patsy CRATEHOUSE, Sue GROSJEAN. Vere Renee HEID, Brenda HERNIAN, Nancy JOHNSON, Pattie JUN ES, Lei Lani KELLOUCH, Kay Kll.l'A'l'Hll,IK. Nancy LOWE. Annie MCCLAIN, .lone Mel,lLAIN. l'at MILLER. Penny MUlil'llY, Shawn RABOHN, Linda SANFORD, Janelle SIMS, Bertie STEVENS. Harriette S'l'EWAH'l'. Marcia WALSH, Margie WVALTERS. liarlmara WTLLIAMS, .ludy JACQUE WILSON, president -LL in Ea ,N A if gl 'qt ,,. E H 5 'rt ii V as if +4 if a W E si2.ft1w.. -wwf W-wf , 3 2 , 52521 f-ff-f41P1tt:, '- -: ' Y gn 1-is 2 ,5 ,-t , 41 yr 2 ,- i .f Q in -s, 'el , 8 W , ti i ti Pal' E .An ,Wt A ,i A-z. 1- -fa? AQ tt? fi E3 ti, 2 5 Q 1 ,UH K 6 'Y I :if -nw, : wg. '3 'ifa . w f wziswnwas - Q ' . 'esffw fig .IQQW LSM A S A ,pf--.M uv ff f 4 OFFICERS: Nancy Kilpatrick, treasurerg Virginia Bacarisse. guardg Mary Both Dec, social chairmang Margie Walsh, secretaryg and Sue Gratehousc, vice-president. Not piCtzzred.' Pat McClain, historiang Jane Adzuncik, corresponding secretaryg and Elaine Endicott, chaplain. , Q my lr t ,G 1 fm 5 , TP' .V.1w:'fr'5l.,ari5-'L-7, , V - f :z5:5:52a3's1" : Z., ' Q V ' New - Q I ,.- Q T ? , Q -- 1 ii T ff I " 2 ' V g ti V 1ff5E3?2gSa1:f' wt - L Xa,, I. ' W' ' T . ,aaa ' ' tml I ' xwwx 1 ' -Q 55 ft? K ' E .f S Q if , 5 Q . A. P - 3 X Xa Y- 3 V :vi- 3355 K M 5, k 1 " 1 .A 1 'gk ' t ' + ffw W Q, ,gs M 5' 5 , :Q 4? W L' ' L K 2 8 -x 'i ff -f . Q35 z, ,ai 5sy , ,. 'if ' Z iff? V .:-. 1 ,. ,:.,,A.- A ri: ,TT , ay? 24 'W .W f 1tQ..,,'1--.... , wat" , 14.244 F746 Alpha Phi sorority was a local called Tau Sigma before going national in February of 1956. The national organization Was founded in 1872 at Syracuse University. Locally, top social events of the year are the Snow Ball, the Ivy Ball, and the mother-daughter Christmas tea. Other activities include the placing of the traditional Christmas tree in Cougar Den and the party for the children of Faith Home. This year, the Alpha Phi float depicting Cuba was a finalist in the Homecoming competition. Ann Arthur was Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent Girl. Ann Barkley was named a favorite of Del- ta Sigma Phi and Joanabeth Ballard was a finalist for Phi Sig Moonlight Girl. Pre-rush house-cleaning can be hazardous as Alpha Phis .loan Christopherson, Diana Van Wagoner, Willa Dotson, Eleanor Bales, and Ann Carlile can testify. Ann Barkley Macaluso, Alpha Phi alumna, points out a picture of interest to Paula Wiley, Janet Holbert, Carol Ann Schutze and Carolyn Christenson. ANN ARTHUR, president OFFICERS: Carolyn Christenson, Carol Ann Schutze, Eleanor Bales, Ann Barkley Macaluso, BALES, Eleanor CHRISTENSON, Carolyn CHRISTOFFERSON, Joan DOTSON, Williamae GARRETT, Joan KEELY, Ann MAYHALL, Charlotte SCHUTZE, Carol Ann SMITH, Carol Ann SPRINGALL, Sharon UNDERWOOD, Claire VAN WAGONER, Diana WILEY, Paula N Q. ., .,,: W, r F 3' x and Paula Wiley. a ' . . Q , li, ,..,. , ,. 9 'y fr M 2 r 1 Q 4 f ,f wg , fa H Q ,S 3 1 xl 4' I 1- ' aw-,QF 5 or sr F rw ef"'!!f -0 FEW, Chi Onnt-gas enjoy huffet supper ln-fore sororily' meeting. Founded in April. 1895. at the lfniyersity of Arkansas in Fayette- ville, the wearers of the Cardinal and the straw were awarded the uBest Sorority' trophy hy Delta Sigma Phi. During the past year. the sorority won lirst place in Homecoming Floats. first in scholarship. and first in haskethall intramurals. Chi Ols on eanipus include Marilyn Miller, checrleaderg Mary Kathryn Jarrell. I'lUll1ltf'Ulllll1g Queen and ROTC sponsor: Judy Morriss. Vanity Fair beauty: Paniela Williaiiis. Judy Morriss. Sally' llay, and Sandra Brown, Class offieersg Judy Tussing, Deana Deanne, jane Yoder, and Judy Mercer. ROTC sponsors: Sue Zanne Myers. Sigma Nu sweetheart, Sally Barber. KA sweetheart. dorm queen. and Best Dressed Coed: and seven Vanity Fair favorites. The local Chapter was honored hy its national organization by being named one of the seven outstanding Chi Cmega Chapters. Barbara Card. .lane Yoder. .ludy Xlorriss. Linda Powell. Judy Pittman, Sally Day, and ,lean Logan entertain sorority sister Mary Ann Mohley, Miss America. center. ALE X A X INCH. Lueret ll Xl.l. Xllll. .Ianola lltlililf. xltlllllll ll Xlilllzli. bully IZHUXX N. Famlra 1.llXlZI.I'.XIl.I.F. :Nun ll Xl NNN . Valerie llflx . Sally IJICYXNIQ. llm-anna lJUNlih.lli.1n litLKICli'l'. l.lIlfli1 llgXliIl. llurlmra fltbtlllliltlll. .lutly li XlNI.lXl'.. llohhie Allilllllili, ,lurly lNlll.l.l'fli. Nlarilyn lNlUlililSS. .lutly MYICKS. Sue Xanne lN0'l"l'. Nanvy O'1"llQI.. Carolyn l'l'ililiY. lit-yi-rly l'l'l"l'Nl XX. .lutly l'fJWlfl.l.. l.inrla HlQlfX'lfS. .Xnn Hllflylf. Nlarian S'Xli.XlQllS.X. Sophie 'l'lilNllll.l'i. Kay VAN l'l'X'l'UN. lliuni' W.vXKICl"llCI.D. Sharon J lYgXl.lJllll . .ludy WlI.SON.lJi.1n1- illlllrili. ,lane NOl'NlL.if.nl1y' KN as f.4 .3 sw- Q- . ly iw 'S fm' 9 V qw it an .Q OFFICERS: Marilyn Mills-r. rush CLlITlLliIlQ Pulllvlq xviuillllli, 111111116114-Ilicz clulvgatcg Sun- MQIHHS Nlyvrs, recording SCCTCTLIIYQ amd Norma Calloway, plvdgc truinvr. Not pir'1nrr'rl: Mary Kathryn .lurrcH, ViC6-1lI't?SiLlf,5I1tQ Judy JEAN LUQQAN, pu-Sidvm Wvuldrip, l!'K'LlrlIl'CI'Q and Kay Trimlrlv. pa11'liun1v11luriuu. All! 131, ..-0, ,A -0-an -ff!! an ,QM .nr v-fm? fm Vw 'HS E41 " 'Q-'wr 'wi ,f-Q. Delta Cznnnia traves its liirlliplavr- to Lewis Fvliool. Oxford, Missis- sippi. in 15173. Arrtixitx-minded Iltfs partivipatnwl in Songftvt. ilUIllI'l'UIlllllg and held their annual founders day lianquet, spring formal, and bullet suppera. Outstanding DCE on Campus are Pat Voight, ROTC Sponsor, Billie Schneider and Caroly n Porter, lvand twirters, Carin Cone, member of the li. 5. Olympic' Fxsinnning tvain. Donna Nlcliarland, l,'i1iX'erSity swinnning team, and Janice Todd. l'hi Theta Kappa. Major philanthrophy of the sorority is Sight Conservation and aid To the blind. ANl.'X5UlY Patsy lilfS'li. l.xnri . BOX KIN, Cliarlottu BRINT. Cathy A Blilillfl. flhrictinc - L CIUXSIQN. liaeln-l W5 CONE. iiarin K Clligttti. .l udy Mr' DOWHY, Ann . .if ' -'E 2241 V EVAIIN. .lf-neanc W ,, ,EK A., , 7 i FMU1 ER. Charlotte :ff2s2?Qraf1' FORD. Mary Ggllllillflh Nancy Gllflflh. Carole JONES. Dionne CAROL Finn, president MCUANIEL7 Carmen lNlt'FARLAND, Donna MeMll.l,lN. Judith MQRIQYNOLDS. Ann MULLINER. ,lane Pl'l"l'NlAN, Nelda PlT'l'M.fXN. Sandra POR'l'lfiR. Carolyn .i ' i A 9 i PON IC, Patricia RUSH, .lo finn l Sl.IllNlQII7ER. Billie SNll't'tl. lrvne S'l'EK0l.l.. Dianne STICW JN lil. Mary TIHKNEY. Dot J GTA. M-ff 5 . ' V . Tll0Nll'SON, Mary Loc 'l'll'l'l'l'. Karen Front: Billie Schneider, Ann Page, .lo Ann Rose. Buc'lr.' Becky Wheeler, Myrna Wood, Tollll-glimicf' Judie Craig, Put Voight. Wllllll l'. l'atricia Wlll'il'il.lfH, RLxlJl?l'i7il WILKICNSON. .lane YVUOIJ. Myrna First row: Karin Tippit, sr. panllellenic, Judith McMillin, 2nd vice-presidentg Carmen McDaniel, corresponding secre- taryg Dionne Jones, rush chairman. Second row: Janice Todd, lst vice-presidentg ,Ieneune Evahn, activities chairmang Irene Smith, scliolarshipg Charlotte Farmer, recording secretary. xv m? J - ' . - ,-Ga , ' ' - - 5 BSIQML The wearers of the Olfl Rose anrl Vieux Crt-mi were founcled at Xliaini lfniyersity in Oxford. Ohio. in Uctolwr. 'l902. l'l.Z.'s on vanipus participate in Bayou Queen in lfrontier Fiesta. llonicr-oniing. ancl intra- murals. Avtiye in intraniurals. the Delta Zetas eapturerl the noinenis intrainurals trophy liy winning first plaees in lootluall. archery. yolleylmall. ancl lmatlniinton. Campus offices claim Barbara Hllusty' lltflll-llIilllS. l'anhelleniC presiclent: Nant-y Wlest. HOUS- TONIAN eflitor ancl lleaclline Hop Queen: anrl Shirley Briflier. sophomore class reprf-Sentatiye. ,luanita llarnes. lllfs rush Captain. was honor:-cl liy lmeing selected swetftlu-at-t ol llelta Chi fraternity. Soc-ials invlurle an annual Big anfl Little Sister Christmas Party, Founcler's Day Banquet, and the tratlitional lloae lfornial. v Q aim. 'wfasmiaaizr t S. f llxXllNl'.S. ,lnanitu lltllllll'l"l'. llonnie lltlNlNlCli, talnv V- lllilllllili. Shirley 55 1:i:tiyy'N.t11a.,1 is CI'Xl.YlfH'll. l'lt'lt'n Ctllilllfll. Hors' Carol Brown antl Mary ,lo Yiionclrak reniinisce almout Frontier Fiesta '53 while Gene Bonner. Slllf transfer. and Shirley llritlier. llelen Calvert, and Ervalyn Tlionison new initiates. look on. IJXINIHIM -'und Fl'flHlllSUN, llarlmara lllCtXKll.XlfS. llarlmara llfllftfllill, Elaine lllttXl1lti. Sandra .l .MfUllSl'lN. 'llary KQXNAS. Sliirlt-y KUl.l5. Kri-tina Xlll,l.lNtQ. .lilllttll Xltltllllf. l'aI NICWNI KN. Xrlvne l'XlilllSll. Nl:-lotly l'tll.l,'XK. Katlils-vii l'tl'l"l'l'lll. Hat' Sl'l'lltlll'l'S. Nt-lwyn TAN lllli. l.anra 'llllUNlSUN. Eryalyn At tln- '59 Hom- Formal. Joe Pyle, Delta Chi, was Duke and Nancy XX lll',l',l.l'.R. .lutly Wlert. DZ, was ljreain tlirl. XYUIQIQSIQ, Phyllia lYtlXllll.XK. .Nlary Jo wrtltjllllf. Mary Carol Ul'l7lClHHF l"ru1zI.' Kl'iNliI1l!KlYllJ.1liNI1JI'iklIlI Val Nlmm-. jlluim' lvixllllvllm-11in' 4ll'l"gLll1,'I Rudy' Hvnlx- lllllN. rt'IlilVI' pkllllls-II:-11iv 1lL'lK'QLllY'l .lllllllilil H.ll'IltN. ruxlu 4-uptaxill. lfr1f'f.'.' N111113' v1Ll4'lx1'I'. lJlt'dQl,' mm-rg .lam-Il Milling, ll'tf2l5llI'l'l'Q 1,40 onnm' lllvlw, t'4lI'l'4'SlPlr11d1llQ hm1'1'vlu1'yg lx41llllcc11 Pulluk, rm'- llllllillf fm-rw-lal1'x. dw far-1 MH XXICSI' pn' idvnl 4 46 Wlesleyan College in Macon, Georgia, was the birthplace of Phi Mu sorority in 1852. Top social event of the school year is their annual l9lnchantress Ball. Active in all campus activities, the Phi Mus engage in Homecoming festivities and the Boot Hill Show in Frontier Fiesta. This year the ners of the Parents and Friends attendance Local service projects of the group include pitals. Phi Mu Margaret Meldrum is president of Phi Mu officers Dora Lee Ristau, pledge trainerg Janice Lee Kent, secretaryg Carol Coleman, treasurerg and Peggy Sterling, nieinbership director, look over their scrap- hook. sorority placed second in scholarship and were win trophy. the donation of toy carts to local ehildrenis hos the Home Economics Club. Barbara Kent, Helen Shenton, Linda Jo Lee and Ann Reed harmonize to "The Creed of Phi Muf, KN N REED, president ffUl.l'fXI.'XN, Carol flUl"l"N1 KN. Put HUYIF. Nlnrivtla KICXII I:Lll'lJLiI'3. KENT. ,I 11111111 IEIL. 1.111118 M1-KH. Xlarian Mlfllllil Nl. Nlargarct IXIOORIC, .lane-I Rl'l"l'ICIi, PLIIIIH Rl5'l'.'Xl', Uuru FIIIQXTUN. Hr'1e'11 SNOW, linw111z11'y S'l'ICNl.lNfl. Pvggzy WYXHIJ, Nlury .Xre-l WIil'l'IiIlI-IAIJ. Mary Ann Reed accc-pw lmphy for l121VillQ the 11105t parents, friends at the II0lllPC'OIIliHg fuullmll 514111111 fxwn W. L. Kernper, president of Parents and Friends S114-ie-ly. K .Ak swf A .412-1 2 xr- S 5 4A""':1 ia' a 3 5. ??1.,fsff1,1 Q K .5 i - -15.5511-" . 1' f S Ev .EN .ii I 1 M4044 Longwood College in Farmville. Virginia, was the site of the founding of Zeta 'llau Alpha in October, lilflfl. Activity-wise. the local Zetas participated in llornecoming and intrainurals and warhled their way to a first place Songfest win. Outstanding Zeta Tau secretary of the student beautiesg lan Nlellullan, Sweetheart of Sigma Chig and Brenda Busch, Sigma Phi llpsilon sweetheart. Alphas on campus are Nancy Bartels, lloinecoming Queen finalist and body, Rhoda Morrow and Patti Keane, cheerleaders and Vanity Fair Vanity Fair heauty, Miss Houston. and llliss lVlaverickg Joann Koherling, A smooth change of tempo was provided the wearers of the crown and shield hy their spring formal, the foremost social event of the year. gt. Visette Edwards, Mary Alice Gilley, Susan Wood, .lan McMullan, Kathleen Landers, and Kay King 113' their hand at bridge. if is .4 -. , vw I , , 2 j . , 1 A 3 , W... 7' I 4 'faking a lm-ak at their formal, Zetas collect around Sandy Sehoenficld. their new president. BARfl'Fl,5. Nancy Blf5Cll, lirenda BOWAIAN, ,lane CLIFTON, ,leana EDWARDS. Visetle CILLEY, Mary Alice HENSON, Belly Ann HUBBARD, jean ,lOUANE'l', .laequie KING, Kay LANDERS. Kathleen MCGLOTHLIN. Maurice MCMULLAN, .lan MAY, Geraldine MORHOW. Rhoda PRX OR, Carolyn RIYE5, .ludy ROGERS. lit-ny SANDERS, Marilyn SCHOENl"lEl.D, Sandra SHEPLER, Linda SllUl,l'lH, Sharon SIMS, Cathy WAULIQRS, .ludy W'AL5ll. lla-rry WOOD, Susan 5 6? 'Q 1. , 1, ,- Wil' 'D . .L gn I I , H , -. ,fm " f-J I z 4 sz ff-M Qfk I-mr ,als Zetas congregate at thc annual spring formal. '1 xi i 1. A 4 'G' M? . f-'ff P 'Vx 9 f if-,.M M , f 4 y Q 1? .Q X M n n 6? mf S gk any M T -,E L '35 L' in if gf , ,.. n ft if ' -of frm? if-4 ' 3 A , . AH.. ,MI gmqg, , , - sf ,5 4 . n , ' ,gk F ' W .M ctw - k if Q f "' ii ii' yi W. 7 .E 1, ki' ., in img' . . -V. . V U K A ,f,, W nw ,,.' ykry . .K k ky kr Lg V VVVA if . X . S 5 W' nk., W, n r"0lv, 'ful 4 W kb n,n,nnn The purpose of Interfraternity Council is the formation and execution of legislation and planning of activities for fraternities. Members of all 14 campus fraternities make up the core of IFC. Publishing of the Greek Bulletin, sponsoring of IFC tutoring sessions, Greek Help Week, and Greek Week are but a few of the many functions of the Council. Interfraternity Council co-ordinates rush and intramurals, publicizes Greek events, and gives a trophy for the fraternity with the highest scholarship each year. Sponsor of IFC is L. S. "Chief7' Mitchell, Assistant Dean of lVIen. Kneeling: Larry Newbern, PiKA, Jeffrey Hill, Lambda Chi, Don McClure, SAE: Jerry Blalock, Delta Sig, Jim Sterling, Sig Ep, Mike Hunter, Phi Epsilon Pi, Anthony Romeo, Pi Kappa Phi, and Tom Kinnear, Phi Kappa. Standing: Sam Goodner, Sigma Nu, John Cemoets, PiKA, Bill Mc- Curdy, Phi Kappa, Ray Moseley, Phi Sigma Kappa, Bob Shearer, Sig Ep, Ferrell Dougherty, Phi Sigma Kappa, Tom Macaluso, Delta Sig, Bob EoigersChLambda Chi, Pete Skaalen, TKE, Harry Scott, KA, Charlie Randolph, KA, Ken Dubose, TKE, John Wenck, Delta Chi, and Mike McGinnis, e ta 1. 'gr IFC sponsors tutoring sessions before final exam time rolls around. OFFICERS: Bob Shearer, Sig Ep, historiang Bob Rogers, Lambda Chi, secretaryg .lim Sterling, Sig Ep, president, Pete Skaalen, TKE, vice-president, Sam Goodner, Sigma Nu, treasurer. COMMITTEE CHAIKMEN-Stulzlling: Don McClure, SAE, Crt-ek Wieck Clltllfllttlll, Ken Dubosc, TKE, athletic Cl1t1lYlIlLlIlQ Bob Shearer, Sig Ep, social Cl1llll'lIlLll'l, Pete Skuulcn, TKE, code and Conduct Clltlll'IllEiI1Q Don lf-urton, Sigma Chi, constitu- tion committee. KlIffl'llI1gf Jerry Bennett, Sig Ep, intrumurals chairman, Doll lingers, constitution committee, ,lorry Blalock, Dt-Ita Sig, rush chairmang Sam Coodner, Sigma Nu, scholastic chairman. CODE AND CONDUCT COMMITTEE go into action. Tom Macaluso, ,lim Sterling, Pete Skaalen, and Don Barton give Bob Shearer a thorough going over. Y iff! 2 k Yan - H5 fr w A . ,. The Delta Sig House at 2521 Cain nxlm' I. ' F746 Hwlillie the Penguin," the colorful llolneeoming float, flapped his wings and lmrought Delta Sig a second place win. The fraternity also Won first in Songlest and Walked off with the Parents and Friends trophy. Carnations in the Den. presentation of Url-ani Girl Rhoda Morrow of ZTA, serenades, dunk- ings in the reflection pool highlighted the soeial year. On Campus. Darryl Fawcett was junior class president: Toni Het-lx was representative of the junior Class. president of Sigma Delta Chi. and Clerk of the llouse: Grant Mills was prexy of the Accounting Cluli. Bill Buchanan was ll"C secretary and Supreme Court justieeg Jerry llagleson was president of the Menis Dorm Council: Pat Lafferty was proxy of the OB Hall Board and parliarnentarian of the Houseg Don Sehverack played on the frosh liaskethall squad. The fra- ternity was the largest on Campus. Officers were ,lim Porter, president: lion Cantele, vice-president: Tom Maealuso, seeretaryg and Jim Nolan, treasurer. Delta Sigma Phi was founded at City College of New York in 12399. Husky Delta Sigs gather in their back yard upatiov for a group shot. if P161 Q 5635 "3::mmg X IIFLI XI1IxL X I Ix II1XIJI ORD Jm H Y W I1 IARIKILR Bud I XNILIF Rrn I XIIN ,If II PXIYN I lk NIM INJWOV KN IJQIX I NJI EH LXRIJ I Raymond I' UNI ETT IJ111xI I IBC HILR C 113 IINBFGAIN Ihck I RH ORN Inn I I L Wendell II YNIOIIX L D II XRL XIX Suvtlu ll X111 NI XXI Ilun Illl I-IFOXX FR Ihlly HUOPFR X Illu I'I'I I' Rl Ro r 1xLLN XLI. Nun KEIN1 Qtexe I XIINERTX Pat I XROE Jim I UIVI LS R111I M XL XLUNO Tom M XY Ls Dahl MILLS Grant NIORGAN Rick NUI. XIV ,lim PORTER ,lim I RICE. W. l. PICKETT Milton RELIK, Jerry RILCK, Toni REICHEI., ,Icrry RUNIANS, Eddie RUTIIISRY, Bob SANDERS, Ronnie SIIIAIJP, Tonnny STEVELEY, Kim 'I'IiINIiR'II, Randy TIQRNER, Bobby VINCENT, I3iII GENTRY, Charles, chapter supervisor TI11- Ilvllu Fig patio brings out the artist in Tmn Rack, Don I'IZ1fIlIl2lIl, I,. IJ. IIan1'u1'k, Jerry Blayloc, John Chapin, Pat Laifvrly, unfl Niikv II1'II. Nw JW? -.- ' I-xi"-'Illia 'fr A , "llnn1e" lu the KAF is 2207 Rust-flute H6444 A southern fraternity, Kappa Alpha Orcler was fnunclecl in 1365 at Washirigton and Lee Uni- versity. then called XVilSl1lIlgl0Il College. A majority of KA chapters are centered in the old South antl West. At-tive in intraniurals anrl University sports events. the KA llehels won first place in football, placing leur on the all-star teain. Bill lluhe won prestige lor Kappa Alpha ancl the University nn the lrasehall clianinntl, jerry Sinartt on the tram-lx lielcl, and Walt Kelly and ,lohn Brasion O11 the gritliron. Leading the Rebel charge were Charles llerrivk. pr:-sirlent: Marvin Rhodes, vice-presiclentg Leon Uenena. seeretaryg and Harvey Grasty, treasurer. Studies suffer as KA's Bill Garrett, Leon Denena, Marvin Dibhens, Fred Groke, Cliff Avker. Bill Wyatt. Don Willson, and Paul Lay enjoy a late show presentation ol "Gone With the Wind." Meinlwrs scan the pages of the past. Kneel- mb Harvey Grasty, ,loc Hornberger, Charlie Randolph, Dick Molchziny. Standing: Ed Prinlx, Dave Pagcl, Fred Croke, Frank lhrtlc und Hurry Scott. ACKER, Cliff ADAMS, Mark ALl,l3RlCHT, .lohn HAHTLE, Frank URKNSON, Johnny DENENA, Leon Dllll3LfNS. Marvin DONISI, Thonias FRANKS, Ed GARRETT. Bill CHASTY, Harvey CROKE, Fred KELLY, Walter KIRKPATRICK, Jim LAY, Paul LIEVANO, Gabriel MOLCHANY, Dick PACEL, David RANDOLPH, Charlie SCOTT, Harry TURNER, Ronald WHITE, Jim WILLSON, Don WYATT, Bill w it! KAS pictured in front of their well-filled trophy case are Harvey Crasty, Harry Scott, Charlie Randolph, Paul Lay, Frank Bartle Dick Molchany, and David Pagcl. - L yrr . T H adi, riyy 1 r'l' il 2 S r f 1 5 Prgaiwl 1-- ' if , ,r gg: , , :P ,ag vt - 'F M V y, ,, my 5 f 3, 1 at N . , A W..-.M fri f 5, A ' -g,1.,3gr3, " . a .p:5:f,::,'s J -f- , . -2' V --"',,,::2gs:ig' - - v . ,Ma ,. fx -:-.::"2 - My .xi my 'Rm' X E E 'rrf if 5 'M i ..,, . 4 f .fa r 1: J ,ff,- ,- , , g k X s , S qi 1 M -1 sf' ' ' af- - ,V I ,W m,, , V SS E r l f? li at if at , W H . f W ,.,: ii ,... , Q '- .-' : .v-, , ,',-- ?5r s Nga? Q , . , Y 17 if s l Y - v .,,,' ' lic , L 1 y it o rr 1, f Q ll ll 'Z ,i.l My ,L lillilli ll .,ll: V' Q 1 ll 1: , . , "-' V zr l l 'fr' K - I W 2 3 'Q E S 5 if Q 3 , ' 362 2? ALl.lzN. John ANDERSON, John AH REE. lion CAMP, George CARl,EN'l'Eli, Russell Elrllllli AllAUlS, Atllan HILL. ,lvffrcy JOHNSON, Richard LINDHOLM, Bob LOPEZ, .lohn PUINC, Holi ROGERS, Bob RUTLEDGE, Earl TUCKER, Lynn Lambda Chi Alpha, one of the youngest fraternities'in the United States and Canada, was founded in 1909 at Boston Llniversity. Since its founding, the fraternity has grown to be the largest chapterwise in the United States with 154 chapters. Local service projects of the Lambda Chis include doing charity work for underprivileged children. Lamhda Chi Alpha actixities include participation in Home- coming, the Outstanding Nlemlner Day, the crowning of the Crescent Girl and the Wliittz Rose Formal. Officers of Lambda Chi were John Allen, president, Jim Neal, vice-president, Jeff Hill, secretary, and Bob Rogers, treasurer. Ronald Gural served as social chairman, Larry Shuniway was pledge trainer, and Bob Lindholm was in charge of rush. John Allen, president, aids Pat Poye and pledge Larry Lencheski in selecting a record for the hi-fi. .. if If lx li is A si n QQ 5? it is is ii as , . 1 is .wwawwff " 24408 Riverside Drive 46 www 5 Phi Epsilon Pi was founded in l9l'1 at City' College of Yew York. Local Phi lips have had an industrious and illustrious year. Socially speaking, there was the Dream Girl formal with Sondra Lerner winning the title role. There was the Mississippi Gambler party' and the not-soon-to-be-forgotten New Yearjs Eve formal. Active on campus were Stan Handel, treasurer of the Pre-Med Societyg Spencer Youell, business manager of Frontier Fiesta and president of the Hillel Foundationg and lan Goldfoot, a invnihcr of the varsity' track team. Officers for the year were Jerry' Lernian. presidentg Martin Levy, vice- presidentg Spencer Youell, secretaryg and Stan Handel, treasurer. MISS SONDRA LIQRNEH Dream Girl Cettln to other for a llttle fellowship at the frat house are Stan Handel Harry Slmon Jerry Colclman, Larry Brenner, Mike Johnson, Walt Hccht Dav1d Qrlyerman and bpencer Youell. BARNETT, Don BAUKIANN, Bruce BERGER, lrvin BOBKIN, Arnold BHENNER, Larry COLDKLXN. lorry HANDEL, Stan HECHT, Walter JOHNSON. Mike KOTTLE, ,lacnlm LERMAN. Jerry LEVENSON. Stan LIEBERMAN, Harvey MEICLER, Marcel MENSCHER, David SILVERMAN, David SIMON, Harry YOUELI., Spencer WOLFF, Ronald N- Marcel Meicler, Ronald Wolff, Jerry Lerman, Michael Hutter, and Don Barnett recall how they won the trophy. V ,, WML ' if I 'gli 1 r - Phi Kappa Tllvta rt':idt'I1t'c at 2603 SULIll1IHO1'C 441 im :X national social liI'2Ill'l'Illlf' ul Cathtrlic mc-ii. l'hi Kappa Vlilllltil was formerly Phi Kappa until itf Xpril iiirrgit-r this ivan' with 'lilit-ta Kappa l'lii. alan a iiatimial Catliulif' fraternity. 'lihv l'hi liaps mlm-pivte-tl llollaml with a lllflllllg llutcfh wiuclmill in the Homecoming floats con- ttrst. l'hi liappa spcmsorml the liuto Saloon in lfrrmticr Fiesta aml participated in intramurals. 'lihc mc-ial whirl illvltltlttl the aimual Christmas party for the patients of St. Elizabethis Hos- pital. pirate anal vasiim partivs. aml a liayrnlc. cltllSl2lllfllIlg vampus lvatlc-rs wcrc lfarl Krieger, presifleht of thc Pep Clubg Tom Kinnear, prvsiclcnt uf the soplimnorc class: and Joe Blllllflll. senator from the College of Pharmacy. Zi 3: l i , i x ll l,t-ruling tht- l'hi Kapa in thvir first yvar as l'hi Kappa Theta wt-rc Pat Oilirivn, St,'I'QIL'21Ill-ill-11111151 Earl Krit-grcr, rccrrnliiigg st-crctaryg Robert Murphy, lfl'i1Hlll't'I'L ,lack C li a r r i 11, historiang Sandy Truxillu, vice--pr:-sitluiitg Bill Mc- Cilruly, prwitlmriitg and ,IWUIII Kixmcar, COI'I'L'b1JUI1lll11gL suc1'eta1'y. B4Xl.l'f5. ,lolln llllfNll0, liruvv BIUNIJU. ,lm- BR:XHl'lN, l'lrm'st C.-XRl'l'lN'l'lill, Jim CHAHHIN, ,lurk CIIQLIA, Hl'I'Il21l'Il fllfflfflllrllifl. Charles l7fXV.Xl.0RO, Guy FHFITNU. Ifllia KINNICAR. Vllfllll KRIIQKLEH. lfurl LOAUURI X. Paul M -XRIHCHU. l'z1I1'ivk MARTIN. lmm Mull Hill. llill H1-5'l'H XX lifli. Hill Kll Hl'lll. Rnlvcrl NOSFH. ,lim PIPICHI, .x4ll'lL1I1 P12 XNIIC. ,lm- PODFICIJNIK. Ilan Sl-llfllill. 'llvx SDIXIUXF. llurluw STEW.KH'l'. ll, D. S'llUHlfN5Kl. .lulxn THKYUIINKJN. lid TRI Xll.l.U. Sanuly wYA'll5UN. .luck Tlu- Phi Kappa paint 4-rvw. From left to right arc' lfllis Freitag, John llalvs, Ernest Brarvn. Joe Janca, Sandy Truxillrx, and Earl Krivgc-r. at 'WN ,w,..,. , ,R CTW' dd ' K A Scottie dog at Homecoming . . . a cerebral palsy clrive . . . a selection of the Phi Sig 'cllloonlight Girly, . . . and the Fiesta Show, Boot llill . . . highlighted the Phi Sigma Kappa events of the year. Serving as senior class president was Phi Sig, Hohert Kin. Officers were Anthony Scelfo, presidentg Cullen Clark, vice-presiflentg Robert Smith, secretaryg and Howard Nlartin, treasurer. Birthplace of the fraternity was Massachusetts Agricultural College in 1873. Scrapbook gazer Parrack, Tony S ai? ku-, L ,p M54 celfo, Roller! Kin. s are: Carl Mcflee, Chuck Mccanieron, Wally Nililick, Neal Jarratt, Dale 1 Ji Hrs. Richardson, Phi Sigma Kappa House Mother. Phi Sigma Kappa members seated Cullen Clark, Glen Hughes, Sebio Carpio, Robert Smith, Bill Berlet, and Bob Verri and standing, Richard Cunyus and Pete Collinsworth enjoy a Sunday evening in front of the TV. ANDERS, Adolph BERLET, William CARPIO, Sebio CLARK, Cullen COLLINSWORTH, Pete CUNYUS, Richard DOUGHERTY, Ferrell ENGLISH, Lindsey GLOVER, Ronnie HUGHES, Glen HUMPHRIES, Weldon KIN, Robert MQCAMERON, Charles MCGEE, Carl MCKEE, Lee MILLER, David MOSELEY, Ray N1BL1cK, Wana PARRACK, Dale PATTERSON, Earl RAYBURN, George SCELFO, A. C. SMITH, Robert STOWERS, Robert VERRI, Robert S, ., ,in ME ,'.' ,. H A, rg 5 4 0' ,,, , if .xii 3 ,5-em, E f ,, El 4 Phi Sigma Kappa house at 5025 Calhoun. ' if T ,.:o is -E on J 5 esta-:. 1kf41,., rg ,aaa X iar -',, 'T . T v,.' ,. 1 Q, :,,.. I " A ' . 9,1 .1'f if? ' in P -H' ""' 1- 2 EE T eeee P'-lui' oonr ',,.i , T 7 R Tx R e,fT.ii ,IQ ,, QQ S? 2 I R Q- if -af 4 E 5 5 . . ..5f .. I i K E, N ,X A Gi f - ,., X ,gi f f- . , , ' - ,, 12" 3 ,, 1 f' Wy ' ww -- get ,QF L fail V , B. 13. Wa 55: f, 'kwin '.,rEfsmsWs i . T Mi s W Y I T ,.,, E , if iff: L1 if ax X , A ff' 55 L-... fe if T K , , sa: E M1 171 ,, Q 515114515 m igxwg ' ' ri'.-Eff? E. H ,, 'fa .,. . 3 E-f - S T, . i X T ,L E A tn -sin' ' E fzvinr ,.::1'12s,f-nga, 4f5,g:g,, K.. Typ, Clegg ' 1- li We if gxugiiyg is kk It's pool time at the Pike house. From left to right are Tommy Killcn, Ai Whittington, Marshall Newcomb, Bert Shyrock, and Fred Hall. fi E Checking Crow's Nest expenditures for Frontier Fiesta are Don Reese, Archie Bennett, Ben Tabor, John Maidu, and Howard Runft. 2502 Calumet is the site of the Pike house. 296 K f-Made Founded at the University of Virginia on March 1, 1868, Pi Kappa Alpha kicked off the year with Homecoming and their bullfighting float representing Spain. Then came Frontier Fiesta-late nights on the lot-rehearsals-the opening show-the parties afterward. Social-wise, the Pikes held the traditional fraternity F0under's Day Banquet, Swamp party, and HDream Girln Formal. Outstanding members were football star Pat Studstill and IFC officer, Gene Tanner. Heading the PKA,s were Lloyd Braffit, presidentg George Frey, vice- president, Bill Betcher, secretaryg and Gene Tanner, treasurer. BRAFFETT, Lloyd ZVI i s BRICKEN, Bill N il tfr - In rrs, i rr, r g - . A jr 3. Q CRIBBS, Ronald -V rrss 12' 1 s n DOBESH, Eugene A"-. V A 'V ' 'iii .ii l . f i GW or 'S , o Yo oi N o , k MCCOIN, Galon f o. o ,L l an REESE Don :': .-,:. ssyti ' Richard it , I V - 3,-, , IQ V, -,. K ,, K , Yr S A A S PETERSON, Donnie A. I - W ,551 I if , TANNER Gene 'in TINDALL Gary if M VICTORY Sidney if C rns no on nonsor l o an 1 ii o y TABOR, l3en qi I ,-o,,., j g 2 ,I,x,,' g : Z ny yy -,: up dv WHITTINGTON, Alfred on A- l -llf o -r nl o l, , . no fl ol NEWCOMB, Marshall n, X or Wm ' With Wlihe girl of my dreams . . . sheis the sweetheart of Sigma Chiu as an appro- priate theme song, the sweetheart of Sigma Chi was presented at their annual spring formal. Earlier in the year, Sigma Chi hosted a Mardi Gras party complete with horns, hats and confetti. There was Sigma Chi's Derby Dayffflour, mud and lots of energetic sorority girls who were adept at tug-of-war and egg tossing. Homecoming brought to the fraternity a first place winner in their Chinese pagoda and fire-spitting dragon. ln campus activities. Vifayne Dessens served as Homecoming chairman and Bob Schu- macher was treasurer of the student body. The fraternity was founded at Miami University in 1395. 1 -. OFFICERS: Doug Shaver, president, fall, Don Barton, president, springg John Robertson, vice- president, spring, John James, pledge trainer, Laurie Daniels, treasurer, Lowell Hill, secretary. Sigma Chi Members X i ARMER, Ronnie ASHLEY, Sonny BARTON, Don BASS, Richard CLARK, Chrisman DESSENS, Wayne ENGBROCK, Edwin FARRELL, Joe FLENIINC, Robert FOLTZ, Ralph HILL, Lowell JAMES, John MCDONALD, .lim LAMANNA, Tony MCCULLOUGH, ,lim MCLAUGHLIN, Pat NOSER, Gene PIRTLE, Larry ROBERTS, Barry ROBERTSON, .lohn SCHUMACHER, Bob SHAVER, Doug SLOCUM, Joe WELLS, Ralph WHALEN, John WHEELER, Harvey X ..- SEI if , .., , ,,,. 5 ,gg Q' . , :Q- -"K,1"'F" E 1 35 :VY ! -4' 1 .,Qf' ,g:Q' M' 55, XS 2 3. gm, . ,E ,,,, Q Iii im x 54" 1 igf , f 1 K , SW 1 if 'fi 5 is, R Q ,.,: sig, y - p ,. -rg t , , E iill lllliill i 3 5 ii is T , l lg in i 1 K :sa 1-:E- an F E .ig , 3 JI 'ij QE . ,,, yy E we 'Ji'-E ISH- sli . x .5 , 5 if 2 3 'K a E u 3 H ' s ":w?5sf-.1 . - 'f,.'-1. 5 , E. , 'V ' . . . .... ,i E W 1 , ,, 32524. , . 5-51,29 ' fri, 4 3131 f' xl '1 S .x 12 ,. .-'J "'f-:-Gas:-2 Ms, ' . ..- :Q E as -'-' iilIfSLa,L." " X , 5 if -1 yr was , Us A1 1 E.,, R X yy, so . Q I. 5, My . , Ta m i? f Q 9 Sigma Chis practice lyrics for sorority serenading. Sigma Chi fraternity house is located at 2221 Rosedale. ...Q -i u . . YIAI f 2210 Riverside Drive 0 Sigma Nu Fraternity was founded at Virginia Military Institute on January 1, 1869. Here at the Lvniyersity. the Sigma Xus held their annual Christmas party for underprivileged children and eleetecl a "Miss Playmate' at their Play Boy Formal in Deeemher. Among the most active Sigma Nils on campus were Ralph Turner and Ollie Townsend, Clieerleadt-rsg Sammy Coodner, president of Phi Theta Kappag and John Garland, who kept the hooks for IFC. ln the spring, the new Sigma Nu sweetheart, Miss Ann Lowe, was pre- sented at the White Star lformal. Intramural-wise, the fraternity won first place in basketball. Somewhere amid this husy sr-liedulv. the Sigma Nus still found time to study. They had the second highest grade average among the fraternities on campus. OFFICERS: Oliver Townsend, chap- laing Sammy Coodner, house managerg Norman Jones, pledge traincrg Anthony Kouzounis, recorder. Back: Torn Van- zant, treasurerg and Ed Kirchgessner, president. Sigma Nus gather for parley: Standing: Merlon Morgan, Charles Johansen, Will Kennard, Talley Melton, Andy Henderson, Tommy Driskill. Seated: Joe Foster, Ralph Turner, Mike O'Dowd. DIAMOND, Harry DOUGLAS, Temple DRISKILL, Tom FOSTER, J. A. GARLAND, John GOODNER, Sammy HENDERSON, Andy JOHANSEN, Charles JONES, Norman KENDALL, C. F. KENNARD, Wilbur, Jr HIRCHCESSNER, Ed KNOX, Jim KOUZOUNIS, Anthony LIPSCOMB, Bill LUBBOCK, Dan MCDONALD, Hugh MORGAN, Terry PATTERSON, Jimmy SADLER, Steve SCHMITZ, Bill TOWNSEND, Oliver TURNER, Ralph VANZANT, Tom WRIGHT, Jim WI.. ,, SAE's fraternity house located at 2117 Rosedale. The year 1959 has been a red letter year for the SAE's. ln the fall, Boland White was elected president of the freshman class and Don McClure, vice- presidentg Harold Pieratt was 11amed Supreme Court justiceg and Larry Barrett served as vice-president of the Baptist Student Union. Representing the SAE7s on the basketball court were Gary Phillips, Norm Tuffli, and Pete Markle. Wiley' Feagin played for the varsity eleven. while Bob Pratt captained the University golf team. Participating in intramurals, llomecoming. and songfest. the fraternity also held its annual Christmas formal and spring HQueen of Heartsll ball. Local officers include Lance Gordon, presidentg Fella Knight, vice-presi- dentg Glen Clash, secretaryg and Charles Sitton and David Black, treasurers. Sigma Alpha Epsilon was founded March 9, 1856, at the University of Alabama. SAE Members ABNIEYER, ,Ion ALVAREZ, Art BARRETT, Larry BECKER, ,Iohn R. BLACK, David BLACK, Richard BLACK, Robert BOONE, Dan CALLIER, Bud CHRISTOPHER, Dan CLAPP, .Iinuny DUNCAN, Ed DUTTON, Charles EPPERSON. Sam GORDY, Gerald HALL, Joseph HART, Robert HEINRICH, Darrell HEIZER, G. F. HENDERSON, Freddie HOWARD, Buddy KNIGHT, Charles KNIGHT, Fella LAWLEY, Frank LEIGHTON, Saylor LESIOINE, Cano LEMOND, Bob MARKLE, Pete MARTIN, Conrad MCDONALD, Bob NOBLE, Hall PHILLIPS, Gary PIERATT, Harold PRATT, Bob RADENIACHER, Jon RICHARDSON, Don SPELL, Richard STONE. Monty TUFFLI, Norman VAUGHN, James W. WHITE, Larry WHITE, Roland SAES Fred Henderson, Cano Lemoine, Charles Dutton, Fella Knight, Norm Tuffli, David Black, Harold Pieratt, and Alfred Epperson review their national constitution. amy, Nm f if -'33 Q, if Crt! 'Simi Q .ff 3-. - ' MAJ' Mahi, fl E r, iff' df- 'W VW J M , J' srl' .Mug K ., ,fm rr fr fm fa, hi' Q .W-.W Ae? .Q Qt Ria Q ff. .13 -rf-Q - .wk I 'LEP' f. ex 13 Zz an on-4 rn 3, -ff I2 BQ! If. if MI? my -new KWWL, arf 1 ... f i 1 ,,', 'Wt f Al vi., 1 hm' ,M i fr... M7 5,-ull!-.A 1 95,3 , f 'Elm .nf- 'Emi . 4 mt Ia' ,sa lv . 46 . Top event of the year for Sigma Phi Epsilon was the crowning of ZTA Brenda Bush as sweetheart at the annual Queen of Hearts Ball. Founded in 1901 in Richmond, Virginia, at Richmond College, now the University of Richmond, the Sig Eps support several summer camps for underprivileged boys and a scholarship fund for upperclassmen at the U. of H. Campus big-wigs were Jim Sterling, president of the Interfraternity Council, and Charles Miller, president of the Transportation Club and a '59 Frontier Fiesta director. Sig Ep officers were Bob Shearer, president, Cryder Boller, vice-president, Carlton Story, secretaryg and Richard Bouley, treasurer. Sig Eps reside at 3302 Oakdale. BELL. Richarcl BENNICTT, Jerry BORK. ,lolm BOULEY, Dick BULLER, Clytle CAMPBELL, Peyton COLLINS, Thomas COOKSEY, Clvnn CRENWELCE, Otto CRUTCHFIELIJ, Atliur FlTCl'l, Tom GRANHOID, Theo GRAVFS. Cary HUBER, ,lolin KELLY, Patrick LOPRESTI, Philip MAGNUSON, Verner MINARCHI, Bill MOORE, Clay PENN, Ed PENNINGTON, Randy PETROCELLT, Neill POE, Don SHEARER, Bob SINCLAIR, Bill SPARKS, Garland STERLING, jim YVESLEY, James ff We , 3 'fa Y, f. ,xl ,-.,, 4, , lzy , ,, Q tl ., . ,.,- : T ' ,, V, ,E -'h-,:- A 14 5 .. wry 13 ,15 A K X, i V K it , ,, kk,k 5 ,k,k . t 6 f ,yt ,,i , , ,., P , , I K A .,, Q V , .,f.A--' .. K ! my E l 5? if wg, f- D? Q. " Hr Q il ef Q ':." fi ":',, ig ' :',' i it l 'fl l'22" f -'12" g f l,, Wi ' s L : lf ,,. , . . K z , 5 'if' f 1,h' ' A f ,E , .., 5 ig we ,gm f Wife fi" 2:21 it Www - ' 3 4, ,Q 1 fri . ..,.. , 5 K ,- Q ,, ff: it umfs-f f .,,., vi ,,s1,55, - : X ' -,Pia ..,, 1 ' if if t 1 '.'V L 1, t LLNTNNL ' iiy, " - 1-, it , ,,,,,,, . ,,, Y, D y s , X E Q, Q ft 4' Ne it N e 1 T 6+ Q , .,,, gt ' , ..., 1 P T X ,gz,QQQfiL9ft f i 2 Members Jim Sterling, Peyton Campbell, Don Poe, Otto Crenwelge, Carlton Story, Jerry Bennett, Gary Graves, and James Wesley prepare to leave the hou e en masse. Sig Eps Reggie Kennerty, Jerry Bennett, Carlton Story, Peyton Camp- bell, Cary Graves, Pat Kelly, Otto Crenwelge, Don Poe, and James Wesley feel that a toast is in order. ., .t ,ts cw T ' '4Teke7' . . . a familiar name around Big Red. Rushees kept hearing Wllekei' during rush. And then at Homecoming, the majestic Teke Viking Ship sailed off with third place float honors. And '4Teke" at Christmas meant goodwill and goodtimes for orphans. The campus heard uTel-:eu again as the Four Lads, all Tekes, came to town. Highlight of the year was the Red Carnation Ball and the crowning of Tau Kappa Epsilon Sweetlieart. On campus, Pete Skaalen became a veep twice, once for the IFC and again for the Pep Club. Pete was also Teke president. Other officers were Wayne York, vice-president, Dan Rabailais, secretary, and Joe Suttles, treasurer. The national fraternity was founded in 1899 in Bloomington, Illinois, at the Illinois Wesleyan University. Tekes, Bill Dooley, Smittie Nelson, Ken DuB0se, Wiley Steen, Larry Leggett, Gene Fisher, and Pete Skaalen at the piano, gather round to try a little harmonizing. Checking their expenses on their Homecoming float are: .lerry Deere, John Skinner, Earl Hines, Roscoe St. John, Tommy Lott, and Keith Hudson. BERENT, Ruhi BOLLS, .lim DEERE, J. D. DOOLEY, William DUBOSE, Ken GOUREAUD, Pete HAYDEN, Hill HINES, Earl H. HOFFMAN, Bill HUDSON, Keith KURY, Michael LEGGETT, Larry LUTES, Charles PERES, Eddie SKAALEN, Pete SKINNER, John NELSON, Smitty STEEN, Wiley ST. JOHN, Roscoe THORNTON, Ned TRDIM, J oe VAZAL, Frank YORK, Wayne s' '33 2 E my .5 ,,, 13 , . ' , i t. tt, E. . . iii 3,2 ,, . . Q e s S as A .Q is Q M 4:-Q' 'Y 'W' ,. f .. ' L ' 1:31 , Q t , . .. 41? 1 r tk it an M E -. ,. .W .tv Teke fraternity house is located at 5324 Calhoun. ?xtQft2:zz:1z-:ff f 112' - ,. , ea,-tgaszgfz , f f 1232525 'E 1 , , iiff 7 5 f??a.f" ?G5ffx' f -2 -X my f if . 4 . . . a .,...- wr 2 S41 H t S , ,X 4 s M H 2 ,. Kgm 4, S be Iiivftefe ' - , ,. , C, t 2 , ,,.,, , E . 4 if SQ 'es if I A ., ,,.: . .... H I ,Z Lx W tp-ba Q, F .,-:, 5 i Q 646 Delta Chi went all out for scholarship and walked off with the fraternity scholarship trophy for the fall semester. Other activities included Coronation Ball, the Sweetheart Formal, and the Swamp Party. The Delta Chis enjoying a chess game are: Frank Lucas, Wayde Smith, Ted Spafford, Tom Scott. ALLEN, Robert CHADWICK, Joseph DELONEY, Tommy DRUM. Toni, chapter advisor FARVER. Roger FIELDS, John LARSON. Dick LUCAS, Frank LUKER, John MCCINNIS, Michael OVERALL, Miller PYLE, John SCOTT, Tonnny SICOLA, John SMITH, Wayfle SORRELL, Harold SPAFFORD, Ted WENCK. John WILLHOITE, Dean WRIGHT, John 'L- The Delta Chi house is located at 3221 Calumet. There was also participation in intramurals and other campus activities. Jack Wichard was named to Phi Theta Kappa. Officers were John Wr'ight, president, John Fields, vice-presidentg John Wenck, secretaryg and Way'clc Srnith, treasurer. Delta Chi was founded in 1390 at Cornell University. .viii ff: gm all 9 '1 , 2 S S K, .., ,, ,, . ., ,, 5 K .K wr. i-P 115 .--:fs -If fr ,QMQ-.Q fs", -- pf. 3-lg: :,f v1.,g -' ,,., 'i a ' 'islmamw'Iiifi.:F.15t ii l"f1I't 'f-ii,azk6K'f'Ab eS17A5f'7f il ' nil " 51.33, it 11' ze V wa- ,gt . .dawg The Society of Accountants hold meetings twice a month under the sponsorship of Dr. l. E. McNeill and Mr. Paul Lind- loff. The aim of the Society is to acquaint the accounting students with practicing accountants and opportunities in ac- counting and to help aid students in obtaining scholarships in accounting. The Accountants, annual picnic is the highlight of their social year. OFFICERS-First row: Lee Kiser, Elsie Flores, Lucia Chang, Clyde R. Axtell Jr. Second row: Dr. l. E. McNeill, sponsorg Grant Mills, presi- dentg Charles E. Bender, Allan C. May, Alvin Montgomery, Front row: John Jones, Jerry R. Williams, Georgia E. Robertson, Elsie Flores, Lucia Chang, Lee Kiser, Joe Heidenfelder, Clyde R. Axtell, Jr. Second row: Dr. I. E. McNeill, Grant E. Mills, Ivar Noren, Frank J. Fuell, John E. Engel Jr., Norman L. Adair, Alvin Montgomery. Third row: Leon M. Orloff, Adolph A. Anders, Miller B. Overall Jr., Charles E. Bender, Frank J. Godfrey, Allan C. May, Harold C. MacDonald. AW 2 - Alpha Delta Sigma national advertising fraternity was founded at the University of Missouri in 1913. The A. B. Penny chapter at the University is one of 49 chap- ters that make up the national organization. ,M Ad men from the Houston area spark luncheon meet- ings with talks on the rapidly expanding field of advertis- ing. Being firm believers in the adage, "lt Pays to Adver- tise," ADS members promote local observance of Na- tional Advertising Week by producing film strips on KUHT-TV and commercials on KUHF-FM. Chan Sharpe, Mr. Bill Ross, sponsorg George Crocker, Steve Solomon, Joe Easley, Don Alderman, ,lim Locklin, Lennie Tritico, Bob Castner, and Lindsey English. 14044 Gamma Alpha Chi national advertising frater- nity for women was founded at the University of Missouri in 1920. The present U. of H. chapter was organized recently with Jan lVlclVlullan as president, lVlyrlene Kennedy as vice-president, and Aleene Rednick as secretary. Activities of Alpha Beta chapter included spon- soring of june Dominy as a candidate for Head- line Hop Queen, and co-sponsorship of an Adver- tising Week banquet. Jan MclVlullan represented the local chapter at the fraternityis national convention held in Bloomington, lndiana, this year. Mr. Bill Ross, sponsorg Avis Ross, Nancy West, Jan McMullan, June Dominy, Myrlene Kennedy, Sue Gibson, and Gayle Dohrman. 0 0 I lb-'f .., . ..-U miami.. MEMBERS: First row: Howard Barnstone, sponsorg Roy Jennings, Mike Farley, Bill Downs, Tom Killen, Hedley Prout, Jim Rieniets, Roy Gee. Second row: Bruce Moore, Charles Knight, Sidney Milam, Pat Risle, Harry Brooks, Bob Atkinson, Ken McMinn, John Millett, Fred Williams, Adrian Presley. Third row: Fred O'Donnell, Eugene Aubrey, David Perry, John Fuson, John Hancock, Roger Johnston, Bobby Koim, Peter Scott, Jerry Engel, Duane Sutherland, Anthony Caporina, Leonard McGowan, Larry Wenger, Virgil Horton, J. C. Giamalva, A1 Osborn, Doug Petitt. The University of Houston Architectural Society has as its chief aim the familiari- zation of all students from the department with the profession. Two field trips were made by the Society. One was made to the plantation homes in Baton Rouge and New Orleans and the other was made to Monterrey, Mexico. The organization was honored by a speech given by Philip Johnson, a promi- nent Cormecticut architect. The Society sponsored its first spring dance this year. In 1959, with 610 active members, the University of Houston Student Education Association was named both the largest and the most effective of the 710 Student National Education Association Chapters in the United States. It also won recognition as the largest and the best Chapter in the Texas Student Education Association. Our UH-SEA served as host Chapter to the 1959 Texas Student Education Association State Convention held at the University of Houston, March 19-21g helped to activate several SNEA and TSEA college chaptersg and co-sponsored two FTA Clubs. In addition to leadership in professional activities, the UH- SEA took an active part in all campus activities, including student government and the Frontier Fiesta. Designed to create a professional atmosphere for potential teachers, our SEA members hold membership in six professional organizations: National Education Association, Teacher Education and Professional Standards, Texas State Teachers Association, SNEA, TSEA, and UH-SEA. .IERRIE FAYE RABON, president, TSEA vice- DR. ESTHER MARION NELSON, TSEA State president. Sponsor, UH-SEA Sponsor. Seated: Jane Kirkham, Jacki Dailey, Helen Rice, Melwyn Craig, .lerrie Rabon, Gloria Terry, Iris Silvers, Linda Pledger, Grace Hamilton. Standing: .ludy Clutter, Marcia Crockett, Kenneth Palmberg, Bill Crockett, Wilbert Bigott, Henry Stluka. Fred Holt, Kelly Ballinger, ,lim Flowers, Earl Krieger, Duane Crim, Bob Wheeler, Dr. Esther Marion Nelson, sponsorg ,loan Christofferson, Ann Hunt. Not present: Suzie Donisi, Irene Osborn, Col. Holmes, Charles Greeney, Stanley Green, Doris Thompson. BOARD OF DIRECTORS Committee Chairmen and Class Representatives U I Mary Kathryn Jarrell, Homecoming Queen sponsored by the engineering societies, is treated to coffee by Herb Hickman, UHSE president, and Leroy Laycock. The Engineers sponsored the candidacy of the 1958 Homecoming Queen, Mary Kathryn Jarrell. The UHSE student-papers contest, held in March, gives the participating contestants an opportunity to present technical papers in open competition, with professional criticism. MEMBERS-First row: Richard Huckaby, Wayne Ware, Ronald Baker, Herb Hickman, Bob Burgess, Leon Billig. Second row: John E. Hoff, sponsor, Sid Victory, Dan Just- man, Ward Lott, Don Padfield, James Evans, Ted Allen, sponsor. Completely reorganized this year, the University of Houston Society of Engineers is operating as a federation of the six pre- professional engineering organizations on the campus. The function of this federation is to promote the professional development of the student members, to stimulate broader participation in campus activities, and to undertake projects which are beyond the scope and ability of a single organization. HERB HICKMAN, TSPE Outstanding Stu- dent, UHSE award. LEON BILLIG, Outstanding Engineering Graduate award. I O The purpose of the American Institute of Industrial Engineers is to spread the knowledge of the theory and practice of industrial en- gineering to present a complete picture of engineering work, and to provide an opportunity for University engineering students to be- come acquainted with the personnel and activities of the national organization. OFFICERS-First row: Joe Alexander, corresponding secretaryg Bill Rittenhouse, vice-presidentg Jorge Fraga, recording secretary. Second row: Robert Bergin, sergeant-at-armsg John Feist, president. MEMBERS-First row: F. E. Puck- ett, F. E. McCracken, Bill Ritten- house, Jorge Fraga, John Feist, John O. Vaughn, B. C. Stoughton Cacting faculty advisorl, Robert Green. Second row: Robert Bergin, George Welnla, Cris Stanlos. Third row: Paul Courtney, Joe Alexander. CHEMICAL ENGINEERS-Front row: Carlos Herrera, Charles Mauk, Warren Ware, A. Poipavasilion, Wayne Wisley. Second row: Sam Barfield, Leon Brundrett, Fred Apffel, Robert Colston, Mack Skaggs, Don Padfield, Dick Shepherd. I I Front raw: F. L. Worley, Wayne Ware, Charles Mauk, Rich- ard Shepherd, Norman McClutchen. Second row: Robert Colston, Fred Apffel, James Rebstock, Don Padfield. The purpose of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers is to promote fellowship among students and businessmen in chemical engineering. Guest speakers provide a major part of the program and field trips are frequently made. TAU EPSILON MEMBERS-Front row: Charles Mauk, Thomas Logan, Cecil Holter, Leon Billig, Herb Hickman, Robert Montgomery, Julius Frankeny. Second row: Don Padfield, Ronald Turner, Ronald Baker, Herman Sheffield, James Cole, Elliot Moser, Richard Beaubouef, Jack Warner. aagpaiaa Tau Epsilon is the engineering honor society. Its purpose is to promote leadership and scholarship among engineering students and alumni of the University. A goal of Tau Epsilon is eventual affiliation with the national honor society, Tau Beta Pi. Tau Epsilon Sponsor, PROFESSOR JOHN HOFF OFFICERS: Herb Hickman, presidentg Leon Billig, vice-president, Robert Montgomery, secretaryg James Cole, treasurer. I I I I I Bram McClelland presents James Cole with the Out- standing Senior Member of the U. of H. Student Chapter of ASCE award. MEMBERS-First row: Jack Watkins, John Walger, John Tamburello, C. J. Tamburello, T. C. Manley. Second row: G. E. Kishi, W. R. Hughes, S. M. Tilotta, Jims Gee, Harold Keeler, Norman Thomas, W. H. James, Jay Bond, V. O. Tekell, James Cobb. Third row: Ardis White, Henry Gently, Jack Spradling, Richard Huckaby, William E. Bryan, W. A. Baker, R. C. Richardson, J. B. Marsh, H. H. Cowen, E. M. Insall. Fourth row: D. I. Leach, M. Villejo, P. J. Araiza, Sayn Kulchan, Lonnie Beckham, Edward Schafer, E. A. LeBlanc, M. P. Field, Professor A. J. Bonar, Sid Victory. Fifth row: John Hobb, Leo Cleinser, Chester Barber, Claud Barnes, H. F. Garrison, Nelson Strahan, Charlie Sears, Harry Parten, Joseph Jenkins. The University of Houston Student Chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers provides the opportunity for the beginnings of professional associations. Membership in the Student Chapter assures that contacts can be made with the technical and professional progress of civil engineering and with the leaders who are responsible for such progress. The Student Chapter supplements regular class and laboratory work, and membership in the Student Chapter offers the chance to take part in the constructive activities carried on by future leaders of the profession. OFFICERS: James Cole, secretary-treasurer, Edward Anderson, presidentg Sidney Victory, vice-president. Members of ASCE gather to discuss engineering problems. O ehafeam 0 dentg James Cornett, vice-presidentg Howard Myers, treasurer The University of Houston Society of Petroleum Engineers of the American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers was formally organized in 1952. Since that time, the SPE of AIME has grown to become one of the largest and most active engineering societies on campus. Professional engineers meet with the members and discuss subjects pertaining to petroleum engineer- ing. Conducted tours in the Houston area petroleum industrial sites are made to familiarize students with practical engineering in operation. Members of the society attend and participate in the Annual Convention of SPE of AIME in Hous- ton. Representatives also attend the International Petroleum Exposition in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The society presents scholarships on the basis of scholastic achievements, character and need. This year's winners are Herbert Brown, Cecil Holden and Tom Logan. ,lack Kimmons, a graduate in '58 and a member of SPE, won second place in the Annual Student Paper Contest at Southern Louisiana Institute. Mr. Harold Overton is faculty sponsor and Mr. N. N. Emory of Western National Gas is the in- dustry sponsor. OFFICERS: Ned Gallagher, secretaryg Herbert Brown, presi- PETROLEUM ENGINEERING MEMBERS-Kneeling: Wayne Blewett, Ned B. Gallagher, Cecil Holder, Richard BeIl, Cleve Malone, Ronald Turner, Howard Myers, Torn Logan, Herb Brown. Standing: Harold Overton, Steve Covia, Claude Tongish, Robert Taylor, James Cornett, James Evans, ,Ioe Dishron, Dan Justman, Thomas Dean, Charles Roxburgh, Keith Dannewitz, Robert Kin, Evans Turpin, Richard Mueller, Bill Beakley. COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN: Dan .lust- man, UHSE representative, Jarnes Evans, UHSE representativeg .lames Cornett, program chairman, Keith Dannewitz, University activities. I I Z g MEMBERS-First row: J. L. Schweppe, sponsorg Charlie Dalton, Robert Kin, A. R. Palmer, Larry Shumway, Donald Imler, Leon Billig. Second row: William Taliaferro, Jim Sternenberg, Ronald Baker, Lee Palm, Richard Beaubouef, K. S. Carmichael, Ken Fischer, Ralph Harold- son. Third row: Julius Frankeny, Bill Boyce, Joe Fulton, ,lim Harmon, Bob Wand, Mike McCullough, Thomas F. Lindheimer. Wherever wheels turn, power is developed or transmitted, goods are manufactured, people or goods are transported, the Mechanical Engineers have a vital interest, for theirs are the minds which con- ceive and execute new developments in these areas. The University of Houston Student Section of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, char- tered in March, 1953, is composed of students who are eager to advance themselves in their chosen profession through technical upgrading, increased activity in community affairs, and a greater awareness of social responsibility. The UH-ASME ratified affiliation with the UHSE, participated in Cougar Christmasland, and en- tered two technical papers in the UHSE competition, taking third place. OFFICERS: Jim Harmon, fall chairman, Donald lmler, fall vice-chairmang I. L. Schweppe, sponsorg Kenneth Fischer, spring chairman, K. S. Carmichael, spring vice-chairmang and J im Sternenherg, secretary-treasurer. I O I I The Society of Electrical Engineers, a joint student branch of the lnstitute of Radio Engineers and the American lnstitute of Electrical Engineers, seeks to establish a link between the electrical engineering student and the electrical engineering profession. Outstanding speakers from the engineering profession, field trips and films highlight meetings held bi-monthly. Service projects of the group include assistance with Career Day and Cougar Christmasland. The fall barbecue and the senior banquet draw large crowds of engineers and their families. OFFICERS: Bruce Spence, chairman, Tom McChesneyg Mike Ullrich treasurer, Richard Wheeler, AIEE. secretary, Paul Schmidt, IRE secretary, Bob uSleepy" Burgess, Chuck Brodnax, vice-chairman, and Cliff May Not pictured: Herb Hickman and Herman Sheffield. MEMBERS: First row: James Collins, John Vogiatzis, Richard Wheeler, Charles Dufour, Herb Hickman, Ed Mueller, Jim Metts, Bob Burgess, Prof. T. N. Whitaker, Prof. A. W. Green. Second row: Bruce Spence, Ken Rennie, Harold Jaeger, Bob Montgomery, Bill Bills, Mike Ullrich, Jim Morton, Kermit Williams, Tim Bridges, Gene Robertson. Third row: Prof. W. L. Anderson, Bill Bosse, Walter Welch, Cliff May, Paul Schmidt, Mike Ebert, Ted Lacina, Prof. W. T. Kittinger, Max Biggs. Fourth row: Erwin Abadie, Walt Schuster, M. E. Reindl, Frank Malott, Chuck Brodnax, Bob Hanks, Rudy Woodward, Ted Sterling. 13 ' 0 0 The purpose of the Houston student section of the Society of Exploration Ceo- physicists is to promote an interest in and a knowledge of the science of geophysics among the College students in the Houston area. The group consists of U. of H. and Rice students. The monthly meetings of the society include lectures by prominent men in the in- dustry. The Ceophysicists' current project is the production of an introductory movie on Geophysics. Representatives from the University attended the International Meeting of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists which met in San Antonio last year. DR. R. A. GEYER Sponsor Rice Institute student Robert Mont- gomery listens while Cleve Malone instructs him on the use of the Spf.'CIl'0g21lTll'1'lCOI'IlCtC1'. AT LEFT: ,lack Wright and Reed Kubena observe the character of diode through the oscilloscope. AT RIGHT: Billie Dopslouf and Donald Womack watch a simple seismograph record earth move- ment. J Richard Akkerman explains sub-surface structure to Vincent Humphries and Neal Rogers. F 'I J ?E,.,..,-:..a.f,5,Q2i,fl- .f J Www ' .lamlda MEMBERS: Patsy Flowers, Paula Hill, Fay Pearce, Martha Stafford, Michi Iseri, Betty Benson, Glenda Hensley, Patricia Blake Donna Rankin, Abby Bradberry, Punkin Tamborello, Claire Underwood. Beta Lambda seeks to interest women students in home economics. The sorority participates in many on campus activities, holds hazaars and presents style shows for members and home economics students. One of the annual projects is the Cake Sale in Cougar Den. The Beta Lamhdas collect toys, gifts and food for a needy family at Christmas. Elaine Endicott represented the U. of H. as a nominee for Home Economist of the Year at the Texas Home Economics Convention at Mary Hardin Baylor. I MEMBERS: Nancy West, Judy Jones, Mary Margaret Flood, Carol Underwood, Aleene Rednick. 2 ,cz ' Sigma Delta Chi, professional journal- ism fraternity, brings together junior and senior students for social and pro- fessional activities. Projects include the sale of football corsages and participa- tion in the state and national conven- tions. The Houston chapter was named the Outstanding Chapter in Texas at the National Convention in San Diego and Tejuana. Theta Sigma Phi, national wornen's journalism honorary fraternity, cele- brates its Golden Anniversary this year. The aims of Theta Sig are many, but among the most important objec- tives is the observance of high stand- ards in journalistic Writings. MEMBERS-Kneeling: Farris Block, sponsor, Tom Reck, Bob Sanders, Wayne Scott, Jerry Eagleson. Standing: Wally Wells, Charles Aycock, Dick Rockey, Everitt Marshall, Hany Nowakowski, Willis Webb. 460 46 45 MEMBERS-Front row: Bud Warren, Don Webb, Melvin Blumberg, Felix Probandt, Rich Rorschach, Tom Carswell, Jofm Hooper, George Dulany, Melvin Engel, Kenneth Pat Gregory. Second row: Walter McMeans, James Keeney, Jr., Robert Edmiston, Irving Drake, Jack Sommer- field, John O'Dowd, Dwight King, John Brukner, J. A. Van Assenderp, Dean Soape, Sam Puckett, Neville Fitch, James Cox, Jr. 45 Delta Theta Phi law fraternity upholds high academic and professional standards for law students. Standards require members to be outstanding scholastically, show a desire for social service, respect for established customs and tradition and a desire to better their society. OFFICERS: Irving Drake, exchequerg Neville Fitch, magisterg James Warren, clerk, Kenneth Pat Gregory, past-magister. Phi Delta Phi, the first law fraternity on campus, was chartered in 1953. Phi Delta Phi national dates back to 1869 when it was founded on the University of Michigan campus. The purpose of the fraternity is to promote legal ethics and learning as well as to provide a means of fellowship for students and prac- ticing lawyers. 2 I HK OFFICERS-Sitting: John P. Huber, master of the ritualg Joseph Huey O'Toole, vice-dean, Jack Bumstead, deang Hart T. Mankin, clerk of the rolls, Edward B. McGowan, bailiff. First row: Mitchell Esper. Phill Pickett, Russ Murphy, Louis D. Carroll, Carlow Escobar, Raymond Zagone, Clarence F. Kendall, Gus Merriwether, Glenn Cooksey. Second row: John Yates, Jim Kelly, Ben Endlich, John Spence, Joe Hardegree, Robert Hewlett, Paul Murphy. Third row: Richard Viguerie, Robert Breaux, Bert Heubner, Tony Bonilla, George Vance, LeRoy Peavy. O Front row: Henry Price, Shirley Himmelstein, Bill Avery, Marilyn Kachenski, Bill Broyles. Second row: Russ Lokkeberg, Roger Wil- liams, Ed Whittaker, and Bob Schumacher. Beginning its first year on the U. of H. campus, the collegiate chapter of American Marketing Association af- fords its members the opportunity to hear outstanding speak- ers in the field of marketing, develop valuable contacts with executives in the marketing profession, and enjoy social contacts with other marketing students. 14044646 ' MEMBERS OF ALPHA CHI SIGMA: G. W. Drake, sponsorg L. P. Petty, R. R. Fritz, Charles Johnson, treasurerg A. P. Kimball, Lee Munz, presidentg Ronald McKee, vice-presidentg and Charles Grady, secretary. Z .W. KOLBY, sponsor. 3 OFFICERS: Bob Schumacher, treas- urerg Bill Avery, president, Marilyn Kachenski, SCCTCIHIYQ and Roger Williams, vice-president. The purpose of Alpha Chi Sig- ma is to promote and create a lasting friendship between chemists and chemical engineering majors, to promote the interest in chemis- try as a science and to strive for the advancement of chemistry. Alpha Chi Sigma, chartered in the fall of 1958, gives an award to an outstanding person in the field of chemistry. Zappa Z 2946 The Kappa Kappa Psi band fraternity promotes activities for band members. The group holds a common fellowship in their appreciation of music. Each year the organization sponsors a banquet for Band members. MEMBERS-First row: Bobby Linder, Joe Wassel, James A. Greene, James Fowler, Jay Juneman, Lewis Overton, Warren Kennedy, Will Reavis, Marvin H. Albrecht, Donald Hawes. Second row: Jerry Hull, John Wilson, Hainds Laird, James Jezek, Alfred Kenneth Fain, Gene Haughton, Fred Galla- morc, Oliver Perry. . Z . MEMBERS-First row: Robert W. Carter, Geneva Gentry, Charlotte Mayhall, Martha Hensell, Maindo Laird, John Johnson, Charlotte Stewart, Peggy Griffy, Will Reavis, Marianna Hardiman, Merrie Ann Valles. Second row: Shirley Sessums, Janet Maack, Arlene Newman, Ethel Schmehling, Ginny Walker, Farrell Morris, Alfred Fain. Third row: David Reynolds, Richard Lassettcr, Glenn Adams, Joe Was- sel, David Waters, Robert Nelson, Lloyd Quisenberry. The Music Educators National Confer- ence Chapter 221- undertakes to promote better relations between members in Music Education. The organization sponsors a contemporary Music Recital in the spring and various recitals throughout the year. 0 MEMBERS-First row: Graham Lantz. Robert Morrison, Joe Hart, Jerry Flanagan, Kelsey Hunter, Robert Victoria, John Juengerman. Second row: Frank Sartin, Jack Bridwell, Ted Pridmore, Elmer Nossaman. Ed Mrtlee. Adolph Guido, George Lipsky. Third row: Everett Hornberger, Leo Br-cnt-l, Frank liuttr-rfie-ld, Clyde Buller. Al Clc-vs-ngcr. Fuurzlz row: Jerry Henderson, John Elliott,ARobert Flesch, E. B. Hiatt, Don Gerschick. Fifth row: Jimmy Newell, Horman Cohen, Lewis Landsman. Drew Brown, Roger Davis. O I The principal objective of the Optometric So- ciety is the education of the public regarding the care that should be given the eyes. The Society oversees the total vision care program of the College of Optometry, makes available their vision screening facilities to public and private schools and University students, and helps to support the Foundation for Educa- tion and Research in Vision. A party held in the fall for the purpose of getting acquainted with prospective mem- bers, a Christmas party, and a spring bar- becue constitute the core of the organizationls social activities. he 'ee OFFICERS: Jerry P. Henderson, president, John Elliott, vice-presidentg Joe Harf, secretary, Lewis Landsman, treasurerg Clyde Buller, sergeant-at-arms, Dr. C. H, Pheiffcr, faculty sponsor. Pharmacy . p 1 . . The American Pharmaceutical Associationls purpose is to promote pharmacy and to unite the College of Pharmacy personnel and students. The group sponsors National Pharmacy Week activities, a Christmas party, and a spring banquet. President of the group is Frank Russell. The group is sponsored by Dr. George M. Webber. OFFICERS: Johnny Fadal, treasurer, Joseph Lovoi, vice-presidentg Frank Russell presidentg Irma Almaraz, secretary. First row: Dr. George Webber, Rodney Deroyen, J. Lott, Ervalyn Thomson. Irma Almaraz, James Vaughan, Frank Russell, Don Hardin. Second row: George Everett, George Keener, Bill Miller, B. Cart, O. Payne, Robert Boudreaux, Joseph Lovoi, Curtis Wilcox. Third row: Gary Heyland, Hollis Scarborough, John Pecorino, Dean Floyd, Johnny Fadal, Andrew Kaszycki. 77 46 . if MEMBERS-First row: Joe Biundo, Robert Boudcaux, John Pecorino, Charles Anseline, Cary Wilcox, S. O. Garret, Jan Shook, Nelson Lipscomb. Second row: John Rudder, Joe Lovoi, Bill Lucas, Nick George, Clarence Nixon, B. J. Cart, john Lovoi, Robert Mier, Dr. Robert Bobblitt, Tommy Smith, Albert Kasycki. Frank Accomando. Tllirrl row: Davis Mizoll. liili Miller, Carrol Moor:-, Frank Russell, John Tadal, Hush Conklin, Bill White, John Sirman, Caroll Comeaux. Fourth row: John Centcmpo, Vick Spaniel. Ronnie Clifford, Phil Comcaux, Don lJcPusqucl, Robert Nelson, .lim Vaughan, Dan Morse, Bob Hood, Tom Caradinc, C. W. W'ilc-ox, Roy Morrell, Norman Nvlhfillillll. The Phi Della Chi fraternity aims at furthering the profession of pharmacy. The organization participates in intramural sports on campus. lt also supports the Ameri- can Pharmaceutical Association and promotes the University of Houston Pharmacy Department. Last year the organization displayed a booth at the Texas Pharmaceutical Conven- tion. ,anion Kappa Epsilon, professional Society of Pharmacy for women, has as its primary function the promotion of fellowship among the members of the chapter. Social and service activities of the group consists of sponsoring parties at Jefferson Davis Hospital and hostessing for pharmaceutical activities. To be eligible for membership, a girl must maintain a 2.0 grade average and he a second semester sophomore. ALMAREZ, Irma BROUILLARO, Lois CHOI, Tong Ha CORTES, Yolanda JOHNSON, Sue LIM, Mary MELVILL, Maria SACCAR, Angelita THOMSON, Ervalyn 9 0 MISS SUE GARRISON Not pictured: Sponsor MRS. ROSANN MCLAUGHLIN COX Miss ELIZABETH cLoss Sponsor Sponsor WELLS, Betty WIENSCH, Mildred .Z Principal objective of the Lanyard Club is to further sports activities of the Physical Education Department and to stimulate intramural activities among all campus organizations. Members of the club attended the Southern District Convention of The American Association of Health, Physical Education and Recreation Which was held February 22 through the 27 at the Shamrock Hilton in Houston. They also at- tended the Texas Convention which was held in Dallas. The Lanyard Club co-sponsors the Dunkeris Saloon in the Frontier Fiesta. Social events of the club include a spring banquet and formal initiation. AVIS, Beverly CERNY, .lacquelyn DIETZ, Brenda DOERCE, Julie DOYEN, Dian ECKERT, Lin HORNSBY, Carole ISBELL, .lanet MCREYNOLDS, Ann PRING, Barbara SMITH, Irene VILLARREAL, Jessie and-vf MEMBERS: Bob Patterson, Dr. Muse, Joe Euresti, Jim Rose, ,luck Warner, Ed Deffenbaugh. Mewdfwf Sphere Club members officiate at all of the men's intramural games and also work with members of the Lanyard Club on University projects. Their aim is to promote sports on the campus among the fraternities and independent organizations. In addition to their work with the intramurals, the club also co-manages Dunker,s Saloon during Frontier Fiesta. The members of the Sphere Club enjoy fishing trips and they have a cabin on Lake Houston which serves as their fishing headquarters. ze- - 'ze-em! OFFICERS: Jim Helms, rcpresentativeg ,lack Crigsby, parliamentariang Howard Carr, vice-presidentg William Ball, president, ,lohn Bogart, treasurer Each year, a scholarship fund is set up by the organiza- tion for a deserving pre-medical or pre-dental student. Social events of the season include a spring semester beach party and a luncheon for the faculty. 'ze' ' - ze- l O The Pre-Medical, Pre-Dental Society is an organization which dedicates itself to furthering the interest of its mem- bers in a medical or dental career. The members make tours of medical institutions, hear lectures given by guest speakers, and Watch movies on the medical professions. MEMBERS: Howard Carr, ,lim Helms, David Hrna, ,lack Grigsby, Dr. Catherine Cominsky. sponsor, Suzanne WoodbL11'Y, .lune Richardson, Earl Love, Richard Griffin, John Bogart, William Ball, Philip McKenzie. fader 77 I O 1 Organized in 1950, the RADIO GUILD was formed to operate KUHF-FM and to foster service to the entire school. In 1954-, with the addition of KUHT-TV the name became the RADIO-TELEVISION GUILD. In 1959, the RADIO-TV GUILD started the football season by placing "Back the Teamn posters in the Den. A beautiful Homecoming float as well as many social events distinguished the fall semester. January found Guild members deep in planning for their first Fiesta Show in seven years, THE FALLEN ANGEL. In March, the patrons and friends of the FALLEN ANGEL hosted 200 persons at a Fiesta Kick-Off Barbecue. April was oc- cupied with Frontier Fiesta and May was the month for awards at the Annual Banquet and Ball. The GUILD sup- ports five campus scholarships. Looking forward to their I0th year of service to the school, the GUILD pledges further growth and participation. Front: Bob Selby, representative. On ladder: Steve Solomon, representa- tiveg Jack Veres, treasurer, Marietta Hovis, secretaryg Don Whiteley, presi- dent, Chun Sharpe, vice-presidentg Sally Stephenson, representative, and Glen English, social chairman. Front row.' Jack Veres, Gene Dalia, George Worr, Steve Solomon, Sally Stephenson, Glen English, Mickey Waemberger. Second row: Marietta,H0vis, Bob Ballard, Jean Arnold, Bob Verri, Dwain Blount, John Pawley, Dr. Welch, sponsor. Third row: Chan Sharpe, John Gehlauer, Don Whiteley, Bob Selby, Hub Giles, Scotty Noxon, Tommy Scott. Z 3 fcwlch- 77 ALBITZ, Richard ANDERS, Barbara BALLARD, Bob BATTIN, Dr. Tom BAZILE, Thomas COLLINS, George L. COSTA, Frank ENGLISH, Wm. Glen GIBSON, Sue SCHNEIDER, C. F. SHARPE, Chan SMITH, Gordon VERES, Jack WELCH, Pat 14 'Zia The purpose of Alpha Epsilon Rho is to recognize honor students of the radio and television field. A E Rho members Jack Veres Won a certificate of merit in announcing at the annual broadcasters, clinic at the University of Oklahoma. Among other activities were participation in broadcasting activities of the Radio-TV department and construction of a float with Radio-TV Guild for Homecoming. Officers for the fall were Frank Hedrick, president, Chan Sharpe, vice-presidentg John Powley, secretaryg and Paul McRae, treasurer. Newly-elected officers for 1959 include C. F. Schneider, vice-president, and Bob Ballard, treasurer. BOB SELBY Spring President A E Rho members Jean Arnold, Bob Ballard, John Powley, Jim Byrd, lfacultyl, and Glen English pose by an old friend, the TV camera. l a 4 MEMBERS-First row: Pat Richmond, Katherine Taylor, Sondra Walters, Eleanor Silberg, Mrs. Carolyn Yarbrough. Second row: Dr. Don Streeter, Russel Stanley, Richard Caldwell, Shelby Zimmerman, Bo Williamson, Jim Perdue, Franklin Olson, Emerson Turner. Third row: Mr. Gerard Wagner, Terry Thomp- son, Tom Kinnear, Eugene Cook, Louis Patronella, Mr. A. Luke. Debaters and fast talkers find a good outlet for their abilities in the Forensic Society. The purpose of the society is to foster the develop- ment of public speaking and debating skills through organization. Members of the society participate in debates, public speaking events, oratory, extemporaneous speaking, oral interpretations and poetry readings. This year the group trapped the first place title in the District Three West Point Qualifying Tournament held at Texas Christian Uni- versity. The debating team broke a record by being the first team to go undefeated in the tournament. Bo Williamson and Terry Thompson won second place in the Cross Exam Debate at Gulf State Tournament. The Tournament was hosted by Mississippi State College. David DuBose and Richard Caldwell took first place at the Owen L. Coon Memorial Tournament at the Northwestern University Tourna- ment in lllinois. The Society copped second place in the Baylor International Debate Tournament in Waco and won third place honors at the Heart of America Tournament at Kansas University. All in all, the Forensic Society proved without a doubt that 1958 and 1959 was agreat year for talkers. The purpose of the Diesel Club is to promote job oppor- tunities for diesel graduates and to advertise activities in the diesel field. Each semester, the club publishes a brochure covering diesel graduates and acquainting over 500 employers with the scholastic abilities of members. Members also take numerous field trips to near-by industrial sites. Social events for members include picnic outings and dances. OFFICERS: .O, O. Stotts, sponsor, C. R. Clark, secretaryg G. Torres, treasurer' C. E. Lewis, presidentg J. Snider. vice-president, H. K. Whittington, sponsor MEMBERS--First row: C. Torres, C. R. Clark, O. Lecusay, D. Brooke, J. Snider, F. Stoene, S. Delly, C. E. Lewis, T. Allbrigllt. Second row: O. O. Stotts, C. Page, K. Habbosh, R. Cindratt, R. Ressel, P. Jones, K. Spitzer, H. K. Whittington. Third row: R. Rudeloff. J. Butler, J. Farrell, E. Thornton, E. Telschow, J. Shannon, J. LaRue, R. Todd, P. Spitz, L. McCarthy, D. Birdwell, Fourth row: F. Culver, L. Krueger, E. Ortiz, V. Hogglnan, R. Gill, P. Smith, R. Mancuso, C. Olipliant, E. Gold. The Dragon Society, the club for draftsmen, has as its activities the participation in the Pep Club and the sponsorship of the Drag-on-lnn concession in Frontier Fiesta. This year the Society had the first concession up on the lot. A past project of the Society was the installation of a Hi Fi system in the drafting lab. An annual picnic marks the end of school each year for the Club. BLAKE, Frank BROYLES, Ben CANO, Ralph MARTIN, .lolm MOY, David NICHOLS, Simeon PEIL, Archie SALINAS, .lulio THOMAS, Jimmy ,V MEMBERS '-'- -First row: Sada l.ou Stone. Vassar Miller, Elizabeth Broylcs, Francis Solis, Ruth Pennyliaeker, sponsor. Scconrl row: Elsa Specdhy, lien Scllulwolf. Don Healherly, Wlanda Swanson, Jo King, Peter Brown, lioli Sanders, Lucy Vaughn. OFFICERS: Billy Flake, treasurer, John Colby, vice-presidentg Rose Storey, secretary, Elsa Speedby, president. The Writers Club is an organization devoted to the encouragement of talent among writers. Meetings consist of discussion and criticisms of manuscripts Written by members. Scaled: Raymond Blackstone, Sandy Carr, Barry Beckman. Standing: Roy Arnold, Herman Kelly, Tommy Mclflhinney, Stuart Hayes. pm - - Kappa Kappa Alpha Mu is a national co- educational honorary photojournalism fraternity established to recognize and honor outstanding photojournal- ism students in colleges and univer- sities. The fraternity members take an active part in the Annual Collegiate Photography Contest. KAM encourages the exchange of chapter and individual traveling dis- plays and exhibits. 5465443 1 As I sit alone in the office, content with the knowledge that the 1959 HOUSTONIAN is complete-the last page laid out, the last picture cropped, and the final line of copy written, the time seems right to evaluate the past year in terms of the yearbook and its editor. Yearbook-wise, the year 1958-59, the University's Silver Anniversary year, turned out quite well. For the first time, double spreads of color were used in the HOUSTONIAN, Miss Houstonian was announced over regional television, and an extensive history of the school was given along with the meaning of the U. of H. seal. For the editor, the year has been one of many rewards: the feeling of good will that comes from working with wonderful persons such as organizations leaders Janet Isbell, Charlie Pieper, Bob Dunson, Sarah Wyatt, and Herb Hickman who were as anxious as I to see everything done exactly right, the feeling of self-confidence that comes from being entrusted by such capable advisors as Mr. Ross Strader and Mr. Bill Ross to do a good job, the feeling of appreciation of understanding parents who sometimes thought they were losing a daughter and gaining a yearbook, the feeling of loyalty inspired by friends like Ann and Faye who were always ready to help when called on, the feeling of true sister- hood to sorority sisters for their cheerful shouldering of extra responsi- bilities, the feeling of confidence in members of the faculty and adminis- tration, especially Mr. Farris Block and Dr. Pat Nicholson who gave generously of their time and experience, the feeling of gratitude to the yearbook staff, particularly to Millie and Don, the semper fidelis two, the feeling of thankfulness for Mrs. Vestal whose functions as chief aid, official greeter and Wise advisor were illimitableg the feeling of apprecia- tion of Mr. Tom Murray of Taylor Publishing Company who was patient with my many questions, and lastly, a feeling of deep indebtedness to Mr. Guy Roxburgh and Mr. Fred Seale, my summertime bosses, for making this whole college venture possible. For the student body, I hope the year has been fruitful in that it has provided experience that you will enjoy reliving by reminiscing through the pages of this 1959 HOUSTONIAN. Cu 5 'k we ef-Q' , , M, ,. m i x . ,WW W ' "' Www ' 1 H 'U' 'iw f s 'IA J A A ' K ,M N M' ' N 'F , " .3 f - H Vw-,nv .Q--' MW 4 I - . f K , - ' 4 1 2 , iw 1 5 K' :wwf Q ,. H. --,K R M? M H ,:v--Ja,-,. A' 'V' ' In mum ' ' :::.g. : ,: --- ' .s.. 1.2:I.2.,.fyj',,,f"1'5"":5" an ..::- 4... . . -' -' ' ' K' , if N ,,.' , ' - ..'.. A . K ,BM .. .6 " 1 H65 ,mmmmw I , , A I 1 5 , ,.,, HMMNMW .,' A ' WM "' s ' , -tr: ff - - Y-f...,,..,M,W-Wbgm ' ' m"""""-'--f -4... 0 " NWN -2192 . ' ' 7a-wkex ' ' Wwlez NAME PAGE NO. NAME PAGE NO A Friend 432 Jesse H. Jones Interests 433 American Hat Company 463 King Center Drive-In 420 American Title and Guaranty Co. 452 L. L. Ridgway Company, Inc. 440 Associated Publications 459 and 463 Langham, Langston, and Burnett 444 Atlas Pipe Co. 463 Levit's Jewelers 457 Avalon Drug Co. 428 Mastic Title 458 Bank of the Southwest 446 Martay Packing Company 454 Bank of Texas 458 Michel T. Halbouty 462 Bess High Florist 425 Ben Milam Hotel 435 Bill Wiliiame 456 Milwhite Mud Sales 461 Brewington Typewriter Co. 457 Montagu Hotel 420 Britain Eleotrio Co. 428 National Bank of Commerce 443 Brown Oil Tool CO. 446 Oak Farms Dairy 452 Cameron Iron Works, Inc. 451 Oneis A Meal 454 Capital Title Co., IHC. 462 Palmer-Houck Chemical Corp. 455 Cecil B. Lee Academie of Charm and Modeling 450 Parker Brothers and Company, Inc. 450 Champion Paper and Fibre Co. 455 Patterson Foto-Art Studio 421 Cooley,Schweikart and Seaman Ins. and Bonds 457 Peden Iron and Steel 450 DCC BFHSS, IHC- 436 Perfecto Cleaners 424 East End State Bank 456 penoiite Corp. 460 Efidi' Refining CO- 462 Prescription House 460 First City National Bank 444 princets Drive In 423 First Mortgage Co. of Houston 460 Quintana 419 F0ieYi5 440 Bodneyis 420 Fnoiiiaii Page Signainies 448 Rogers Geophysical Company 427 Football Page Signatures 449 Saknwitz 424 George Alan C0-, IHC- 432 Shaffer Tool Works 460 Geo. E. Failing Co. 459 Sharp Camera 456 Ginther, Warren and Co. 446 Sneii Cii Company 429 Great Southern Life Insurance Co. 437 Sound Equipment, Inc. 450 Gulf Printing CO- 453 Southwestern Camera Company 424 Hahn and Clay Machinery and Boiler Works 458 Southwestern Savings and Loan 423 Hamilton SnPPiY Corporation 460 Stickle-Thompson and Company 458 Hamman Oil and Refining Co. 454 Snn,Up ine Cream 440 Hammett's Auto Bake 459 T. J- Banca Cnmpany 436 Haffeii Dfiiiing CO- 461 Texas Ice and Fuel Company 444 HHffiSbl1fg M0t0f Paris 457 Texas National Bank 461 Harrison Equipment C0-, IHC- 456 The Dow Chemical Company ' 432 H3WlCil'lS alld HHWICIHS 460 The Maple R00m Higbee and Mitchell 456 The Rainbow Motor Hotel 436 Hogan-Allnock Co. 436 The Superior Oil Company 424 Houston Bank and Trust Co. 454' The Texag Company 458 Houston Coca-Cola Bottling CO- 420 Typewriter and Adding Machine Exchange 452 Houston Lighting and Power Co. 439 United G35 Company 4.32 Houston National Bank 462 University Food Service 423 Houston Natural Gas Co. 453 W. D. Haden Company' 431 Houston Transit Co. 455 W. H. Curtin and Company 440 Hughes Tool Co. 441 Wallace Duplicator Company 459 Humble Oil Company 447 Warwick H0331 463 Hunt T001 Ce, 461 Waukesha Sales and Service 452 Ideal Plumbing Supply Co. 457 Wessendorf-Nelms Company 444 Indianapolis Life Insurance Company 459 Wilson Stationery and Printing C 455 Industrial Scientific, Inc. 459 Wyatt Metal and Boiler Works 445 Jackson Printery 460 Ye Old College Inn 459 Abadie, Erwin lsaac-215, 395 Abadie, Esther-237 Abdullah, Hessan Fouad-226 Abmeyer, Jon-377 Aboulafia, Israel-226 Abraham, Joanne Sara-215 Abraham, Joseph Brian, Jr.- 194 Abramson, Melvin-198 Abu, Shaaban Farouk-226 Accomando, Frank-404 Acker, Clifford Leon-360, 361 Acree, Sara Eloise-72, 237 Adair, Norman L.-226, 383 Adam, Paul Alfred, Jr.-198 Adam, Robert James-198 Adamcik, Jane Evelyn-342, 343 Adams, Carol Lynn Howard -215 Adams, Glenn Charles-401 Adams, James Allen-146 Adams, James Enloe-198 Adams, James Francis-215 Adams, Joseph Anthony-226 Adams, Jules Gayral-237 Adams, Mark Neil-361 Adams, Morris Lynn-215 Addington, William G.-237 Adelson, Maxine Vivian-303 Agregard, John Theodore- 215 Aiken, Emily Jane-237 Akins, Tommy Albert-237 Albrecht, Marvin H., Jr.-198, 401 Alden, Joyce Marie-226 Alderman, Donald Bruce- 215, 331, 384 Alexander, Margaret L.-279, 320, 347 Alexander, Newell E., Jr.- 237 Alford, Judy-237 Allbright, John Ireland-361 Allbright, Thomas Leon- 412 237, Allen, Douglas Philip-194 Allen, H. Steve-237, 336 Allen, Ira Jefferson, Jr.-70 Allen, James William-226 Allen, John Dave, Jr.-226 Allen, Larry Grayson-237 Allen, Lois Marie-237 Allen, Robert Roland-382 Allen, William Lee-359 Alley, Barbara Ruth-237 Allstott, Jerry Lee-226 Ber mann Leola-199 Almaraz, lrma-188, 403. 405 Alvarez, John Arthur-79, 377 Amason, Patsy Ann-349 Anders, Adolph A.-198, 369, 383 Anders, Barbara Ann-194, 410 Anderson, Edward Kurry- 198, 391 Andreason, Vilma .lean-215 Angelo, Arthur Leon-122 Anglin Calvin David-198 Apfiel, Fred Philip-198, 390 Apolon, Rose Lillian-237 Araiza, Phillip Jesse-391 Ariola, Carl Ramon-237 Armitage, Gary Randall-198 Armstrong, Edith Fay-215 Armstrong, Lynn Edward- 198 Armstrong, William Earl- 226 Arnold. Jean Ross-409, 410 Arnold, Jerry Neal-321, 337 Arnold, Roy Ford-414, 334 Arthur, Frances Ann-198, 345 Ash, Robert Morris-237 Ashworth, Eric Albert-194 Atchley, Barbara Kay-226 Atkinson, Helen Louise-226 Avery, William Richard-400 Avis, Beverly Gene-406 Axtell, Clyde Robert, Jr.- 198, 383 Aycock, Charles F.-198, 398 Ayres, Jonathan L.--305 Bacarisse, Albert Louis-198 Bacarisse, Virginia Lois- 342, 343 Bailey, Elyndabeth-171, 237 Bailey, Mersia Leona-198 Baker, David John-237 Baker, Helen Mary-236 Baker, Kay P. Glouser-198 Baker, Martha Carolyn-237, 347 Baker, Ronald Franklin- 198, 388. 390, 394 Baker, William Albin-391 Bales, Eleanor Sue-237, 344, 345 Bales, John Parman-111, 367 Ball, William David-408 Ballard, Bobby Earl-409 Ballard, Honey Claypool-237 Ballard, Janola Jeanne-198, 347 Ballard, Kenneth George-198 Ballard, Robert Dale-410 Ballinger, Kelly Clyde-198, 387 Bambas, Despina Paula-237 Banigan, Wendell Wilkins- 336 Bannister, Wesley M.-57 Banzer, Franz Anthony-237 Barber, Chester Elwin, Jr.- 391 Barber, Sally Bee-51, 215, 283, 347 Barcello, Bennie Gene-198 Barfield, Samuel Charles- 390 Barker, Dale Carlton-237 Barkley, Marion Ann-34-4, 345 Barmore, Joan-226, 342 Barnes, Claude Brinton-391 Barnes, Juanita Ann-212, 351 Barnett, Donald Marvin-303, 365 Barrett, Jay-215 Barrett, Larry Robert-301, 377 Bartels, Nancy Sue-61, 198, 292, 324, 355 Barthel, Shirley Janet-198 Bartholow, Gerald Howard- 237 Bartlett, Alan Leigh-198 Barton, Donald Brooks-198, 357, 372, 373 Barziza. Don Wenzel-237 Bass, Betty Annette-237 Bass, Richard Banks-373 Bates, David Moreland-238 Battaglia, Josephine A.-226 Battista, Ned Edwin-238 Baughman, Claude Randall- 215 Baumann, Louis John-365 Baumstark, Eleanor Ann-226 Baynum, Grier R., Jr.-226 Bazile, Thomas Michael-410 Beakley, Billy-393 Beard, Homer Laney, Jr.- 198 Bearden, Ardith Evadene- 238 Beasley, John Edward-226 Beasley, Tom Sherman-139, 146, 147 Beason, Ruby Faye-215 Beaubouef, Richard Troy- 390, 394 Beazley, Galen Dwight-238 Becker, John Rohrer-377 Beckham, Lonnie Bob-199, 391 Beckmann, Barry Lee-199, 414 Becnel, Leo John-238, 402 Bell, Michael Palmer-359 Bell. Richard Allen-379, 393 Bender, Arthur Thomas, Jr. -226 Bender, Charles Edward-199, 383 Benefiel, Shirley Jane-215 Bennett, Archie, Jr.-370 Bennett, Jerry Jefferson- 117, 297, 336, 337, 357, 379 Bennick, Barry Leigh-336, 337 Benson, Betty Jeanne W.- 238, 305, 397 Benson, Henry Ellis-226 Berent, Ruhi Rustu-226, 381 Berger, Irvin-365 Bergeron, Bruce Wayne-238 Bergeron, Robert Joseph-301 Bergin, Linda Louise-238 Bergin, Robert Enwright- 389 5 Q Berlet, William Barclay- 124, 369 Bernhardt, James A.-238 Berry, Charles Marvin-318 Berry, Kay Danita D.-238 Berthelot, Ruffy L.-113, 119 Besch, Barbara C. Allison- 238 Best, Lynette Louise-349 Beylotte, Ronald James- 238 Bezares, Fernando J. 11-226 Bianchi, Maurice R.-169, Vndez 171 Bianckino, John Bernard- 238 Bice, Jere Eugene-146 Biggio, William Randolph- 325, 327 Biggs, Herman Max-199, 395 Bigott, Wilbert-165, 166, 387 Billie, Leon Oscar-199, 302, 388, 390, 394 Bills, William Alvin-395 Bilsky, James Clifford-226 Birdwell, Daniel Lee-412 Bishop, Annette Cheek-226 Bishop, Dennis Frank-167 Bishop, Robert-215 Biundo, Bruce Vincent-226, 387 Biundo, Joseph James, Jr.- 215, 325, 367, 404 Black, Carleton Leroy-238 Black, David Barrow-377 Black, Richard Pat-79, 238, 311. 377 Black, Robert Jo-79, 377 Blackstone, Raymond L.-215, 414 Blake, Francis Eugene-215, 413 Blake, Patricia Estelle-397 Blalock, Jack-356, 357 Blanchard, Virginia Rose- 238 Blaylock, Jerome Wayne- 226, 359 Blewett, Wayne Edward- 393 Blomstrom, David B.-226 Blount, Charles Dwain-112, 409 Bluestein, Marsha Kay M.- 215 Blgmberg, Melvin Ronald- 399 Boane, Thomas Macon-199 Boatman, Shannon-199 Bobbitt, Bonnie Patricia- 85, 199, 351 Bobkin, Arnold David-238, 365 Bodine, Bernie Ray-226 Boeger, Johnny Louis-226 Boehm, Harvey Lee-226 Bogan, Burnie Darden, Jr.- 238 Bogart, John Newton-408 Bolls, James Fletcher-381 Bolt, Jo Ella-70, 71, 199 Bond, Denzial Jay-391 Bond, Eddie Dulen-226 Bond, Jeannine Gertrude- 238 Bond, Victor Bernard-199 Bonilla, Tony-194, 399 Bonner, Butler Ronald-226 Bonner. Edna Gene-118, 120, 350, 351 Bonno, Joe Samuel-238 Bonno, Joseph Paul-238 Boone, Danny-377 Boone, James Carter, Jr.- 215 Borah, Robert Earl-138, 141, 146, 319 Borchardt, Clifford C.-238 Bork, John Erik-238, 379 Bosse, William Reinhardt- 395 Bostock, Douglas Richard- 236 Boston, Frank Howard-194 Boston, Roosevelt-215 Boudreaux, Robert Oneil- 199, 403. 404 Bouley, Richard Edward- 317, 379 Bourquardez, Wayne H.-238 Bowen, Nancy Jean-342 Bower, Robert David-199 Bowie, Jack Robert-238 Bowie, Richard Ernest-238 Bowman, Dennis William- 239 Bowman, Jayne Lou-355 Bowne, Nancy Joan-207, 355 Boyce, Billy Rex-394 Boyer, James Lee-226 Boyctt, Kenneth Arnell-239 Boykin, Charlotte Ann-349 Boylan, Michael Balmer- 199 Boyle, Barbara Ann-239 Boyle, Marilyn-239 Brackett, William Quinn- 215 Bradberry, Abby D. Murphy -85. 397 Bradford, Amy Allen-226 Bradford, Joe Fred-359 Bratfett, Loyd Keith-371 Branscum, Carlos Winfrey-1 99 Branson, Robert John-86, 226, 361, 179 Braren, Ernest George-367 Bravencc, Benjamin Baron- 215 Brazcal, James Rollins-239 Brazzcll, D. W. Bubba-239 Breaux, Robert Simar-399 Breland, Gloria Jean-190, 239 Brenner, Larry-365 Brents, Walker Allen, Jr.- 194 Brickon, William Bryan- 11l, 371 Bridges, Thomas Lee-199, 395 Bridier, Shirley Ann-54, 225, 350, 351 Bridwcll, Jack Lynn-194, 402 Briers, Raymond Lee-239 Briggs, Robert William-226 Brim, Kathyrn Ann-199, 349 Brittain, Dennis F.-239 Brittain, Sara F. Clark-239 Brorlnax, Charles Troy-199, 395 Brooke, Dale Norman-215, 412 Brooks, Deanna Lee-239 Brooks, Tensic Ann--73 Brouillard, Lois M. Webb-- 405 Brown. Carol Lvnn-350, 351 Brown, Charles Edwin-139, 319 Brown, Don Albert-135, 146, 123, 169, 310, 319 Brown, Herbert Eugene-199, 392, 393 Brown, Jerry Wayne-226 Brown, John Donald-239 Brown, Linda-225 Brown, Paul Landry-239 Brown. Peter Hoyt-115, 294, 338, 414 Brown, Ronald Gene-239 Brown, Sandra Lee-56, 225, 280, 305, 347 Brown, William Paul-46, 140, 146, 319 Browning, Carolyn Sue-239 Browning, Robert Roy-226 Brownlow, Sue Ann--76, 239 Broyles, Ben L.-413 Broyles, Elizabeth E.-414 Broylos, William Horace- 199, 400 Brukner, John Shields--399 Brumlow, Alva Lee-226 Brunkt-nhon-fer, Marcus-302 Bryan, William Eugene-391 Brydon, Gene Estcl-239 Buchanan, Jean Ann-215 Buchanan, William Rice-67, 327, 359 Buchta. Raymond Frank-215 Buck, Edgar Alonzo-199 Buckner, Janie-239 Buller, Clyde Raymond-379, 402 Bullock, Charles Arthur-239 Bumstead, Jacob Franklin- 399 Bunting, Stanley Ray-199 Burba, Martha Cristina-239, 349 Burchfield, Franklin D.-226 Burgdorff, Robert Eugene- 309 Burger. Theodore F., Jr.-226 Burgess, Bobby Gene-388, 395 Burgin, Patricia Jane-226 Burk, Peggy Ellen-239 Burke, Cynthia Mary-86, 119, 121 Burkham, Walter Lee-226 Burnett, Carolyn Jo-81, 239, 276 Burnham, Julius Claud-227 Burrows, Rayford Maurice- 215 Burt, Billy Joe-227 Busch, Brenda Joyce-355 Bush, James Walker-337 Butler, John Albert-412 Butterfield, Frank D.-402 Buzbee, Thomas Michael- 215 Byrd, Jimmy Eugene-410 Byrnes, Robert Joseph-239 Caffrey, Charles Marion- 11l, 142, 14-6, 318 Caldwell, Betty Landon-239 Caldwell, Garnett Ernest- 199 Calelly, Gale Clara P.-305 Callas, John Peter-215 Callaway, Norma Ruth-48, 57 Callicr, Sterling Grimes--377 Calvert, Minnie Helen- 54, 239, 350, 351 Camp, George Milton III- 239, 363 Campbell, Billy Joe-145, 146, 227 Campbell, Clarence R.-227 Campbell, Peyton Law, Jr.- 379 Canipisi, Joseph Francis- 215 Campo, Virginia Anne-215 Canady, Newton C., Jr.--215 Canncll, James David-199 Cano, Ralph Manrique-215, 413 Cantele, Ronald Paul-199, 359 Capers, William Bruce-215 Caradine, Allen Ray-404 Carelo ck, Orland L.-194 Carlile, Kathryn Ann-344 Carmichael, Keith S.-394 Carothers, Charles P., Jr.- 227 Carpenter, Jimmie Gene-367 Carpenter, Russell Kent-363 Carpio, Eusebio Carvajal-- 369 Carr, James Howard, Jr.- 408 Carr, Kenneth John-330, 331 Carr, Richard Thomas--199 Carr, Sandra Louise---117, 414 Carrier, John Pressley--301 Carroll, K. Lu-240, 322 Carroll, Louis D.-399 Carswell, Thomas Hudson- 399 Cart. Blufford Joseph, Jr.- 403, 404 Carter, Billy Don-227 Carter, Bobbie Wayne-227 Carter, Richard Glen---240 Carter, Robert Wesley-401 Carter, Ruby Lee Varnon- 240 Carver, Carolyn--129, 227, 309, 311, 340 Cary, Thomas Lee-215 Cassell, Ollan Conn-169, 181 Castilla, Philip Eloy-227 Castillo, Esther Mugica-200 Castillo, Jasper Vela, Jr.- 240 Castleberry, Joann V.-240 Castner, Robert Norval-384 Castrow, Alton Vance, Jr.- 316 Cavanagh, Robert Vern-194 Cerny, Jacquelyn Alois-227 Cervantes, Roy Galvan-240 Chadwick, Joseph Wood-382 Chalmers, Richard Edwin- 200 Chambers, Julian William- 240 Chan, Tak Foo Aloysius- 240 Chandler, Charlcna Jane- 216 Chandler, Patricia Ann-240 Chandler, Willie Don-72, 240 Chang, Lucia J. Fang Sun- 200, 383 Chapin, Charles Lee-240 Chapin, John Thomas-359 Chaplin, William R.-216 Chapman, Robert Glenn-216, 359 Chaput, Paul Theodore-240 Charleville, Gervie Ann-77, 240, 278. 347 Charrin, Jack Rene-188, 366, 367 Childers, Paul Richard-240 Chilton, Louis Warren-200 Chiodo, Rosalie Ann-61, 68, 106, 214, 340, 341 Choi, Tong Ha-200, 405 Chrisman, Clark M., Jr.-24-0 Christenson, Carolyn M.- 339, 344, 34-5 Christofferson, Joan M.-240, 344, 387 Christopher, Daniel-325, 377 Christy, Anna Louise-200 Chua, Gloria Luy-194 Cimerhanzel, Sandra L, N.- 24-0 Ciulla, Bernard Anthony- 111, 367 Clapp, James Alston-216, 377 Clark, Carl Richard-412 Clark, David Robert-216 Clark, Gerald Dean-369 Clark, Gibson Lee-200 Clark, Joseph Bertrand-200 Best Wishes to the Class of '59 QUINTANA PETROLEUM CORPORATION Oil Producers F C N I B kB Id HOUSTON TEXAS 4:5 NK Kms csurek 13 Rail' MSGP wm nmvf IN '51, , FGQOTHEATRE l '90 l9'08lI cA:""'3s "' 3.5.11 'Q A 2 S nfllways W Top .5 Film . F area' X-A 2:-" 55' i 2.- 22 S MTI ltr 1 HOLMES ROAD d' SOUTH PAIKBLVD. In +l1e Village Hous+on's Largesl Slore Devoled Exclusively lo Men and Boys 2507 TIMES BLVD. JAckson 9-3743 People you like 1. .like Coke! igggggwi 'xiii' XD llllll, L-,-. if e 1 K, xl ' rzs.. ,HQ ,,. 1 K ' IOTT-LYITUNDER AUTHORIZH or me cou ou cowmv HOUSTON COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. "I like fhe SPACIOUSNESS one ge+s a+ lhe Mon+agu." M u - 5 4. L sv, - ....- ,- . . Uvfluqu 4 fi., Wim. K .- . Q, xy. S.. Y. ba Q . N.. yfyswzf, ' .ff L,.,.,. . .. fmsiarfw ' ' ?zf9?fvS' f .. M ' W J K . .. 7Y.. Clark, Richard-116 Clark, William Cullen, Jr.- 369 Clasen, Rachael Ellen--70, 227, 339, 349 Clayton, Harold Dean-240 Clevenger, Alvah Lovell-402 Clifford, Eugene Robert-240 Clifford, Tyrone S,-227 Clifton, Jeana Cyle-355 Cline, Caroline-123 Clinginsmith, Edward D.- 362 Clohessy, Patrick Andrew- 169, 171 Clopine, Gordon Alan-194 Clutter, Judy Marie-387 Cochran, James Morris-240 Cockrell, Lester Lcvi, Jr.- 227 Coffman, Patricia Lorene- 124, 227, 353 Coglzurn, Charlie C., Jr.-227 Cohen, Harmon Marshall- 402 Colby, John Byron-414 Cole, Aubrey Pruitt-227 Cole. James Robert-200, 390, 391 Coleman, Carol Dean-352, 353 Collins, Billy Joe-240 Collins, Don Allred-240 Collins, James Ross-216, 395 Collins Winston Thomas- 379 Collinsworth, Pete William- 369 Colpitt, Patricia Jeanne-240 Colston, Robert Theodore- 390 Colvin, James-140, 146, 216, 319 Comeaux, James Carol---I-04 Comeaux, James Philip-404 Concilio, Charles B.--200 Cone, Carin Alice- -349 Conklin, Rush West-404 Conkright, William F.-71, 119, 124 Cook, Barbara Louisa-240 Cook, Charles Wayne-200 Cook, Eugene Augustus- 107, 227, 305, 329, 411 Cooksey, Marvin Glenn-194, 379, 399 Coombes, Robert Earl-227 Cooper, Gary Lynn-240 Cooper, Joseph Hamilton- 216 Corder, Rose Marie-118, 120, 351 Cordray, Paul Dennis-200 Corley, Shirley E.-200 Cornett, James Elmer, Jr.-- 200, 392, 393 Cortes, Yolanda Angelica- 188, 404 Cosner, Jack Richards-200 Costa, Frank Anthony-410 Costlow, Jerry Lloyd-227 Court, Vivian Anne-240 Courtney, Warren Paul, Jr.- 389 Cowan, Thomas Houston-146 Coward, William Rex-103, 240 Cowen. Henry Harold-391 Cox, Audrey Lce-216 Cox, James Kenneth---399 Craddock, Edward D., Jr-- 227 Craig, Angela Carol-227 Craig, Judith Lynn-348, 349 Craig, Melwyn Janice -387 Cranford, Danny ,loc-145, 146, 147, 318 Cravey, Paul Thomas-311 Crawford, Richard Bussey- 177, 178 Crenwelge, Otto Emil, Jr.-- 227, 379 Cress, Glen Herbert 111- 241 Crews, Wayne Irvin-227 Cribbs, Ronald Glenn--371 Crim, Duane Melvin -V-119, 227, 387 Crocker. George Arnold-200 Crockett, Marcia V.- -95, 241, 387 Crockett, William R., Sr-- 387 Crockill, William E., Jr.---227 Crone, Dorothy Sue ---241 Cronk, Janet Adele-200 Croom, Mariann-241 Crowe, John Henry-200 Crozier, Paul Hugh--216 Crutcher, Charles Lee-216 Crutchfield, Arthur W.-- 241, 379 Cruz, Richard Refugio, Jr.- 241 Cruz, Rudolph-241 Cucchiara, Charles J.-111, 227, 367 Culver, Francis Arthur-412 Cunningham, Rachel B.-200 Cunyus, Richard Oden-369 Cupit, Jacky Douglas-176, 177, 319 Curry, Eddy Claude-130, 266 Curtis, Patricia Dianne-112 Cushman, William J., Jr.- 194 Cypert, David Taylor-241 Daidone, Rosemarie A.-241, 340 Daigle, Anne Marie-315 Dailey, Jacquelyn-340, 387 Dale, Samuel Eugene-227 Dalia, Eugene Anthony-82, 409 Dalpes, William Eugene-216 Dalton, Charles-394 Dalton, Ralph Raymond, Jr. --241 Daly, John Benjamin-216 Dancer, Mary Catherine-227, 300, 305 Daniel, Janet Sue-351 Daniel, Russell David-241 Daniels, Lawrence Donald- 372 Danielson, Richard John-227 Dannewitz, Keith Roger-200, 393 Dansby, Ronald Craig-241 Darley, Reginald Kenneth- 169, 171, 216, 319 Daunoy, Valerie Andree-241, 305, 347 Davenport, Eda Verneda- 241 David, Frank Johnny-241 David, Patricia Ann-216 Davidson, Carollyn Young- 200 Davis, Bland Burrell-137, 146, 216 Davis, Bobby Joe-172 Davis, Donnie Doyle-216 Davis, James Burrell-318 Davis, Margaret Sue-216 Davis, Marynelle-48, 216 Davis, Morgan Lynn-249 Davis, Nelson Almer, Jr.-227 Davis, Oscar, Jr.-200 Davis, Robert Milton-146 Davis, Roger Allen-194 Davis, Sara Harding-241 Davis, Tommy Clinton-241 Davis, Virginia Bird-200 Davison, Clyde Patrick-241 Day, Esther Long-194 Day, Lucius Boyden, Jr.-200 Day, Patricia Jane-340 Day, Sally Elizabeth-240, 236, 281, 346, 347 Day, Walliam Washington- 201 Dean, Thomas Durwood-393 Deane, Deanna C.-310, 311, 315, 347 Dehrandt, Roger Ascham- 201 Dec ko, Arthur Dennis-53, 240 Dee, Mary Beth-342, 343 Deen, Gerald Keith-381 Deere, Jerald David-241 Deerman, Walton Wylie- 241 Deffenbaugb, Edwin Cliff- 407 Delly, Salim Marrogi-216 Deloney, Len Thomas, Jr.- 241, 382 Deming, Cecil Gailon, Jr.- 227 Denena, Leon Anthony-360, 361 Dent, Beverly Anne-67, 121, 329 Denton, Denny Gene-86 Denton, Leo Fisher-194 Deore, George Arthur-241 DePasqual, Donald V., Jr.- 216, 404 Deptula, Frank Felix-303 Derby, Kathryn Beryl-362 Derouen, Ellis Rodney-201, 403 Deskins, John Wesley-216 Dessens, Charles Wayne- 327, 373 Devine, Joan A. Bruns-201 Dibbens, Marvin Field-146, 360, 361 Dickerson, Edwin Wayne- 241 Dickey, Billy Ray-136, 137, 140, 144, 146, 148, 318 Dickson, Jerry Ervin-241 7046! Dickson, Richard Ansel-177, 178 Didion, Harold Jude-216 Dietrich, Clifford L., Jr.- 241 Dietz, Brenda-305, 406 Dippel, Kirby Ledell-201 Dishron, Joe Fowler-393 Dixon, Virgil Leche, Jr.- 115, 130 Dohard, Andrew C.-227 Dobesh, Bobby R.-242, 310, 311, 242 Dobesh, Eugene Leslie-371 Docrge, Julie Ann-406 Dohrman, Gayle Delee-227, 302, 384 Dominguez, Joe Rivera-242 Dominy, Nelna June-333, 383, 384 Donisi, Suzanne J.-320, 387 Dooley, William Everett-52, 71, 381 Dopslauf, Billie Gail-396 Dorman, Patrick Larry-242 Dornak, Henry Edward, Jr, -216 Dorsett, Charles Randall- 142, 146 Dotson, Willamae-344, 345 Doucette, David Crowell- 242 Dougherty, Ferrell-356, 369 Dowdy, Patricia Nell-216, 322 Dowdy, Teresa Ann-242, 305, 349 Dowell, Ronald Bernard- 227 Downing, Aubrey Bruce, Jr. --216 Downs, William Eugene-385 Downs, William Troy-216 Doyle, Marvin Bailey-227 Doyen, Diane-347, 406 Doyle, Martin Durwood-242 Drake, lrving Richardson- 399 Drapela, Henry Joseph, Jr.- 242 Draper, Sherwell Dean-227 Draper, Thomas Carroll-200 Druschke, Andrew Eugene- 216 Dube, Billy-201 Dubose, David C.-201, 286, 325 Dubose, Kenneth H., Jr.-52, 356, 357, 381 Dudley, Donna Kaye-242 Duelberg, Mildred-130, 331, 332, 334 Dufour, Charles Randall- 395 Dugas, Ronald Adelard-201 Dulany, George Benjamin- 399 Dull, John Stephen-165, 166 Duncan, Edwin Buie-227, 377 Duncan, Morris Joseph, Jr,- 311 Duncan, W. C.-227 Dunlap, Robert Jordan-301 Dunn, Alfred Grover 111-242 Dunson, Robert Marr, Jr.- 66, 91, 96, 110, 114, 126, 201, 316 Durham, Harry Elliott-227 Durham, Junior Virgil-242 Dutton, Stafford C., Jr.-227, 377 Eads, Paul Thomas-227 Eager, James Leslie-227 Eagleson, Gerald Glenn-77, 333, 334, 398 Easley, Joe Tom-384 Eason, Fred Monroe-242 Easterly, John H.-242 Eastes, Dana Webster-201 Easton, Thomas Gail-86 Ebert, Michael Collison- 395 Echazarreta, Lydia Ruby- 322 Eckert, Linda Leah-305, 347, 406 Edgley, James Gordon-201 Edmiston, Robert Quentin- 399 Edney, Carl Hite, Jr.-228 Edwards, Larry Eugene-242, 337 Edwards, Letha Joy T.-228 Edwards, Vesette Adele- 228, 354, 355 Efthymiadis, Athan N.-242, 363 Einspahr, Martin Harley-194 Eisenberg, Calvin Martin- 303, 311 Eissler, Irene Lafawn U.-201 Eisworth, Michael John-242 242 Elkins, David Goodman-- 242 Elkins, Ellen Lee-228, 300 Elliott, James Leonard-402 Elliott, Kenneth Ray-242 Ellis, Sandra Suzanne-111 Ellzey, John Adam-228 Emerson, Jackie Don-242 Emory, Patricia Ruth-305 Endicott, Elaine Ethel-201, 342, 343 Endlich, Ben Alfred-399 Eng, Eileen-107 Engbrock, Edwin Harville- 242, 373 Engel, John Edward, Jr.- 216, 383 Engel, Melvin M.-399 Engelhardt, Lucy Flowers- 242 Engelhardt, Raymond R.-359 Engelking, Herbert A.-190 English, Lindsey C. 11-369, 384 English, William Glen, Jr.- 201, 409, 410 Epperson, Alfred Harlan- 79, 377 Epperson, John Whitfield- 242 Epps, Raymond Riley-300 Erbs, Donald Charles-228 Erwin, Sally Jean-73 Erwin, Thomas Sidney-201 Escobar, Carlos Roberto- 399 Esper, Mitchell-194, 399 Estes, Austin P.-201 Estes, Evelyn Louise P.-228 Euresti, Joe Dell-228, 407 Evahn, Jeneane-89, 282, 349 Evans, Danny Lawrence-69, 242 Evans, Eleanor Ruth-216 Evans, Gary Finley-242 Evans, Gerald-305 Evans, Howard-145, 146, 318 147, Evans, James Edwin-388, 393 Evans, Larry Elbert-172, 173, 319 Everett, George Browder- 216, 403 Everitt, Edward Elms-242 Ewert, Larry Kaye-242 Ewton, James Richard-201 Fadal, Johnnie, Jr.-216, 403 Faden, Alan Jerome-216 Fain, William Taylor, Jr.- 201 Fairfield, Paul Gray-242 Fales, Gordon, Merrill-228, 330 Farley, Charlotte Ruth-228 Farley, Michael Carey-216 Farmer, Charles George-201 Farmer, Charlotte Ann-349 Farrell, James Richard-228, 412 Farrell, James Wilbur-373 Farver, Roger Hans-216, 382 Faughn, Andrew James-242 Favaloro, Guy Andrew-367 Fawcett, Darryl Lawrence- 214, 325, 359 Feagin, Thomas Wiley-136, 138, 140, 146, 227, 319 Feist, John William-201, 389 Felbinger, Anne Marie-217 Feldman, Linda Jane-243 Ferguson, Barbara Ann-228, 351 Ferguson, Joe Lynn-217 Fields, James Carter-201 Fields, John Roy-51, 217, 382 Finch, Lowell Gene Y.-217 Fincher, William Guy-359 Finn, Carol Lee-348 Finnegan, Richard N.-103, 359 Fischer, Kenneth Bernard- 394 Fisher, Clarence Jenkins- 243 Fisher, Fred Eugene-380 Fisher, Johnny Charles-201 Fisher, Nelson Augustus-217 Fisher, Richard Stinson-201 Fisk, Jesse Alton-243 Fitch, Neville Cooper-399 Fitch, Thomas Norvil-379 Fitze, Richard Thomas-228 Fitzgerald, Phillip R.-307 Flake, Billy Page-228, 305, 414 Flanagan, Jerry Ray-402 Flavin, James Anthony-228 Fleming, Robert Donald-373 Flesch, Robert-402 Floeck, Wayne Delano-217 Floehr, Donald James-217 Flood, Margaret Mary-201, 398 Florence, Fay Frances-53 Flores, Elsie Marie-383 Flores, Esther Irene-201, 243 Flowers, James Russ-201, 387 Flowers, Patsy Ray-305, 342, 397 Floyd, Darold Dean-217, 403 Floyd, Michael Richard-243 Fluker, Edward Michael- 217 Flynn, Adrienne Imogene- 201 Flynn, Eleanor Blanche-47, 228, 279, 340 Foerster, Charles Marvin- 201 Fogarty, Charles Thomas- 228 Folmar, James W.-202 Foltz, Ralph Lynn-373 Fonville, Thomas W.-118, 243 Ford, Mary Katherine-349 Ford, Mary Lou-117 Ford, William Everett-89 Foretich, Richard B.--202 Foretich, Robert Vincent- 228 Forrest, Albert Wayne-82 Forshaw, Robert Lewis-67, 217, 329 Foster, James Andrew-169, 171, 202 Foster, Joseph A. 111-375 Foster, Maynel Tatum-202 Foster, Melvyn Emil-202, 302 Fowler. Charles Allen-243 Fowler, James Harmon-228, 337, 401 Fowler, Leslie Ann-243 Fox, Charles Henry-301 Fraga, George Norbert-389 Frank, Donald Matthews- 201 Frank, Howard Leonard- 243 Frankeny, Jerome Albert- 243 Frankeny, Julius Louis-390, 394 Franz, Joyce Vernell-243 Fraser, Jack Charles W.-- 202 Fratolill, Joseph F.-228 Frederick, Daryl Emile-228 Frederick, Sandra Gail-228 Free, Barbara Jean-243 Freel, Donald Wayne-194 Freitag, Ellis Joseph-367 French, Douglas Rogers-243 Frey, Daniel John-169, 170 Frisbie, Jerry Melvin-243 Fritz, Arthur Martin-202 Fritz, Richard Reed-400 Froelich, Earlyn-243, 340 Froeschl, Gertrude A.-86 Fuell, Frank Joseph-228, 383 Fuentes, Joe Canales-202 Fuller, Sandra Anne-243 Fulton, Joe Howard-394 Funke, Mozell M. Knox- 243 Fyfield, Rodney Wallace- 243 Gable, lone Marie Ware-243 Gaddis, Frank January-228 Gaidousek, Paul Harvey-243 Gallagher, Ned Brian-202, 392, 393 Gallamore, Fred Edwin-310, 401 Gallivan, Robert Joseph-202 Gamer, George Emran-194 Gandin, Francis Jacob--194 Gandin, William Bailous- 194 Garcia, Ernest 0.-228 Gard, Barbara Ann-48, 346, 347 Gardiner, Francis M., Jr.- 228 Gardiner, Royce Conway- 202 Garfinkel, Morris-202 Garidel, Roland Augustin- 172, 319 Garland, John Gilbert-375 Garrett, Joan Elaine-242, 245 Garrett, Sanford Quay, Jr.- 228, 404 Garrett, William Douglas- 361, 360 Garrison, Hunter F.-391 Gartner, Mark Chester-228 423 THE SUPERIOR OIL CO. Oil and Gas Bldg. Houston, Texas SIIIIT STERII rn cn. fmpib "HeacIquarI'ers for Type C Color Ma'reriaI" I4I6 MAIN CApi+oI 2-9906 PERFECTO CLEANERS "Bonded S+orage" 28I7-I9 Fannin F-Airfax 3-533I mmnumxous A X ,',,XA is K J fm cuxss UF 1959 . EI Gary, Charles Raymond-169, 170 Gauthier, Marcia An-202 Gear, Jonathan Howard-243 Gee, Jims-307 Gehbauer, Jol1n Hans T.- 228, 409 Gemoets, John Leon-356 Genitempo, Marlene Ann- 340, 341 Gentry, Geneva Carol-217, 401 Green, Thomas Malcolm- 244 Greene, James Aubrey-107, 22 9, 401 Greeney, Charles Gerald- 387 Greer, Michael Roberts-146 Gregory, Jack Woodrow, Jr. 244 Gregory. James Leslie-359 Gregory, Kenneth Pat-327, 399 S Vawlez 203, 394 Haroldson, Ralph Kermit- 394 Harper, Catherine Anne-229 Harper, lra Glenn, Jr.-245 Harral, Marian Patricia-217, 349 Harrelson, Diane Lou O.-78 Harrington, Sul Ross-194 Harrington, Thomas G.-146 Harris, Alice Gayle-245 Harris, Bruce Morgan-203 Grimm, Hunt, Ranny Cruden-247 Glover, Heil, David Keith-246 Gentry, Henry Grady, Jr.- 391 Genzer, Carol Roseann-243 George Ashley Wood, Jr.- 243 George Johanna E.-228 George, Nicholas Abraham- 404 Gerace James Glen-228 Gerschick, Donald Thomas- 402 Gerum, Charles William- 51 Giammalva, Samuel Antone- 202 Gibbs, Harold W.-202 Gibson, Daniel Aubrey- 243 Gibson, Donald Alexander- 228 Gibson, Dwane-243 Gibson, Gordon Curtis-217 Gibson, Letitia Sue-47, 94, 95, 197, 202, 340, 341, 384, 410 Gibson, Michael Jon-228 Gibson, Terry Kay-243, 340 Gignilliat, Jan Leigh-244 Gilbert, Ray Westerfield- 194 Gilbreath, Alice Marie-217 Giles, Herbert Edward, Jr.- 409 Gill, Roy Foster-412 Gillaspy, William R. H1- 244 Gilley, Mary Alice-228, 354, 355 Gindratt, Raymond-117, 412 Giuffre, James Donald-244 Gleinser, Leo Joseph-391 John Robert-202 Gretzer, Griffin, Donald Lewis-103 Carole Sue-229 Griffin, Richard Carroll-244, 408 Griffin, William Levi, Jr.- 128 Griffy, Peggy L. Walker- 401 Grigsby, Jackie Dee-408 Grigsby, Jerry Lynn-146 Grim, Gerald Kenneth-244, 336, 337 Nancy Carole-244 Harris, Daniel James-245 Harrison 7 Harrison, Harrison, Harrison, Harrison , Terry Donald-229 Harrison, 245 Kenneth Dale-229 Noel Lee-245 Paul Spencer-229 Rebecca Sue-245 Theodore Henry- Hart, Robert George-377 Hartman, Donald Edward- 359 Hartman, Wilma Annette- 194 Groeschel, Vernon E.-217 Groke, Fred Francis-217, 360, 361 Grosjean, Vere Renee-305, 342 Grossberg, Marc Elias-24-4 Guerrero, Jesse Joe-244 Guido, Adolph G.-402 Guidry, Donald Jean-244 Guidry, Loretta May C.-229 Guilfour, Frances Marie-244 Gural, Ronald Andrew-362 Gutierrez, Armando-244 Gutierrez, Ernesto Silva- 244 Guynes, Benny Buck-244 Guzzetta, Benjamin A.-245 Haas, Erwin James-229 Habboosh, Khairallah S.- 412 Haber, Anthony David-174, 175, 217 Habluetzel, William D.-202 Hadley, Charles King-245 Haelbig, Donna Lou-189, 202 Hagar, Leo Samuel, Jr.-217 Hainline, Bobbie Louise- 229, 347 Hakemack, Peggy Dayne- 202 Hall Hovis, Marietta Jane-124, Glover, Ronald Wayne-369 Godfrey, Frank Joseph-228, 383 Golden, Edward Warren-228 Golden, Robert Jack-194 Goldfoot, lan-169, 170, 171 Goldman, Jerald Douglas- 244, 303, 316, 365 Goldstein, Ben Zion-303 Goldstrand, Joel Harlow- 177, 179, 228 Gomez, Dorys-244 Gonzales, Herman Perez-244 Gonzales, Mike-24-4 Gonzalez, Eduardo-228 Goodman, Molly Doris-305 Goodner, Samuel Warren- 52, 228, 356, 357, 374, 375 Goodrich, Judith Gail-244, 347 Goodrich, Nancy Marie-340 Gordy, Charlie Leon-103 Gordy, Gerald-377 Gore, George Lloyd-244 Gore, Howard Lee-244 Gore, Mack Oren-217 Goubeaud, C. Pete-381 Govia, Stephen lan-393 Gowan, Clinton Odell, Jr.- 202 Grady, Charles Gerald-400 Graham, James Alan-244 Graham, Tommy Claude-24-4 Graham, William Aubrey- 117, 208 Gramp, Camilla Anne-244 Granhold, Theodore Henry- 379 Grant, Forrest Wayne-244 Grant, Terrel Walker-228 Grasse, Jo Lynn-115, 229, 336 Hale, Gaylon Burton-245 Haley, Marion Stewart-245 Hall Hall Hall Hall , Frank Herndon-217 , Joseph Anthony-377 , Lyman William-245 , Robert Earl-203 Hall, Robert Ross-337 Hall, Stanley Verdette-245 Hall Wendell John-359 inark, Bobby Joe-229 Harton, Virgil Eugene-217 Hartwick, Jacquelin A.-229 Harvey, Warren James-217 Haskins, John Brannon-194 Hathaway, William Hanson- 158, 159, 160, 164, 166 Haughton, Eugene Alfred- 4-01 Haverstock, Harold R.-229 Hawes, Donald Lee-203, 401 Hawkins, Pete Arnold-217 Hawthorne, Billy Joe-229 Hayden, Jocelyn Sonia-245 Hayden, Robert Gene-381 Hayes, Noel Aaron-217 Hayes, Rufus Malcolm-219 Hayes, Stuart Warren-217, 304, 414 Haynes, Charles Wayne-89 Hays, John Waller, Jr.-217 Heath, Edward Allen-246 Heatherly, Donald Wayne- 203, 337, 414 Hebert, Thomas Roy, Jr.-246 Hecht, Walter-51, 365 Heflin, Myrna Lee-246 Hegar, Douglas Henry-246 Heid, Brenda Jane-77, 282 Heidenfelder, Joe F.-203, 383 Heil, Louis Dale-229 Hein, Herbert Jay-229 Heinrich, Darrell Craig-320, 377 Heinrich, Gene Phillip-246 Heit, George Martin-217 Heizer, Glenwood F., Jr.-229, 377 Helms, James Fred-229, 408 Halpern, Mina Ellen-217 Halporn, Clara Mae-202 Ham, Charles Frederick- 217 Hamblen, William Perry- 203 Hamilt, Mickey Ross-245 Hamilton, Charles M., Jr.- 245 Hemenway, Jarrell Ward- 203 Hempcl, James Edward-300 Henderson, Alvada Choate- 194 Henderson, Archie A., Jr.- 246 Henderson, Evan Norrell- 217 Hamilton, Frances B.-245 Hamilton, Jerry Allan-245 Hamilton, Mary G. Lemmon -387 Hamilton, Wayne Francis- 245 Hammer, James Elmo-245 Hammer, June Marie-245 Henderson, Fred-377 Henderson, Jerry P.-203, 402 Hendersonl John Daniel-141, 146 Hendricks, Brice E., Jr.- 103, 229 Hengst, Louis Marvin-187 Henkhaus, Barbara Ruth- 44, 97, 118, 120, 266, 288, 330, 351 Hammer, Robert Eugene- 203 Hamp, Charles T., Jr.-245 Hampton, Billie Marie-111, 245 Qlancock, John Gaylon-311, 385 Ha icock, Leslie DeWitt- 3. 9 Hand, Claude Arthur, Jr.- 245 Handel, Roberta Sheila- 203 Handel, Stanley Fredrick- 365 Grasty, Harvey Robertson- 202, 361 Gratehouse, Sue-98, 122, 342, 343 Graves, Gary Wayne-379 Graves, Roy Fay-117, 229, 337 Graves, Sue Boykin-229 Gray, Dewey Wayne-86 Green Darlene Patricia-217 Green? Freddie Ray-146, 172 Green, Green Patricia Edra-229 Robert Bailey-244 Green: Stanley Bruce-202, 387 Hanks, Robert Charles-395 Hannsz, Herman Lawson- 245 Hanson, Charles Leslie-245 Hanson, John William-217, 307 Hardegree, Joe Hal-399 Hardiman, Marianna-119, 245, 401 Hardin, Donald Ray-403 Harf, Joseph Herman-402 Hargrove, George Hardin-203 Harlan, Ronald Wade-146 Harlan, Scottie Marvin-359 Harmon, James Ernest, Jr.- 203, 394 Hennesy, Nelson Curtis-217 Henry, Robert Lee, Jr.-203 Henry, Samuel Wood-218 Hensarling, James Farrar- 246 Hensell, Martha Pauline- 401 Hensley, Glenda Gilbert- 229, 397 Henson, Betty Ann-203. 355 Herman, Mary Bundy-342 Hernandez, Joe-246 Herndon, Patricia Louise- 218 Herrera, Carlos-390 Herridge, Kenneth Houver- 246 Hersk, Sally-218 Hertzberg, Alex-218 Hester, Richard Raymond- 246 Heuschkel, Suzanne C.-246 Hewitt, David Pinson-218 Hewlett, Robert M., Jr.- 203, 399 Heyland, Gary Gasper-403 Hiatt, Ernest Boyd, Jr.-203, .402 Hickman, Herbert David- 203, 388, 390, 395 Hickman, Norman Alison- Hicks, Lavonne-351 Hightower, Billy Gene-203, 359 Hilburn, Hayden H., Jr.-229 Hill, Dennis Bruce-218 Hill. James Hamilton 11- 218 Hill, Jeffrey Barksdale-92, 218, 356, 363 Hill, Jerry Gifford-103 Hill, Jerry Harold-229 Hill, Lowell Winston-246, 372, 373 Hill, Paula Tha-229, 397 Hill, Richard Earl-246 Hill, Virginia Ann-229 Hillin, Linda Jean-229 Hillyer. Eddie Heeth-229, 300, 304, 337 Himmelstein, Shirley Ann- 203, 400 Hins, Earl Homer, Jr.-52, 381 Hines, Vera Ayn-203 Hinkle, Rutll Ellen-246 Hird, William Gary-229 Hirsch, Walter Carl, Jr.- 229 Hiskey, Bryant Gale-176 Hitchcock, Hulon Joe, Jr.- 229 Hobart, George Joseph-218 Hobizal, Dolores Ann-95, 197, 203, 340, 341 Hocott, Elaine-300, 351 Hodges, James Martin-78, 246 Hofl, Barbara Ann-349 Hoffman, Vernon R., Jr.-117 Hoffman, William Martin- 246, 381 Hohmann, Margaret Ann- 246 Holbert, Janet Marie-229, 244 Holden, George Patrick- 86, 229 Holder, Cecil Lee--218, 393 Holder, Joyce Loretta-246, 305 Holland, Lonnie Ray-135, 136, 139, 141, 144, 145, 146, 319 Holley, Robert Burgess-229 Holsomback, Joseph C., Jr.- 194 Holt, Forrest Lee-229 Holt, Fred Russel, Jr.-218, 387 Homer, James Lucas, Jr.- 218 Hood, Benjamin H., Jr.-246 Hood, Robert Owen-404 Hooper, Ashley Lionel-246, 359 Hooper, Edna Pearl Meyer- 246 Hooper, John Tobe-399 Hoover, Arnold Wayne-218 Hopmann, Charles Allen-203 Horan, James Robert-246 Horelica, Shirley Nell A.- 246 Horn, Charles Thomas-229 Hornherger, Everett G.-402 Hornberger, Joseph III--193, 325, 327 Horne, Thomas Lee-52 Hornsby, Carole Jean-203, 406 Hough, Peggy June-246 Householder, David Paul- 246 353, 409 Howard, John Wallace-218 Howard, Mary F. Hazzard- 218 Howard, Russell Lee-218 Howe, Madge Ann-53, 229, 322 Howell, Patti Kay-247 Howell, Wayne William-247 Hoyt, Charles Kenneth-229 Hrivnatz, Marylou Alice- 247 Hrna, Daniel Joseph-103, 247, 408 Hrncir, Sandra Jean-46, 75, 203, 322, 351 Hruska, Everett James-172 Hubbard, Lonnie Jean-75, 102 Hubbs, Hal Marshall-247 Huber, Donald E.-218 Huber, John P.-194, 379, 399 Huekaby, Richard H.-388, 391 Huckle, Margaret Carole- 247 Huddle, Bobby Dee-247 Hudson, Delbert Lewis-229 Hudson, Keith Carroll-247, 381 Hueston, Robert Stewart- 247 Huffman, David-247 Huffman, Sharon Whiting- 218 Hughes, Glen Edwin-369 Hughes, Mary Virginia-247 Hughes, William Robert-391 Hull, Jerry Don-401 Huls, Herbert Roland-103, 247 Hulsmeier, Rodney Colin- 247 Humbert, Frederick C.-218 Humphreys, Vincent B., Jr.- 396 Humphries, Weldon Ray-50, 203, 369 Hunt, Elizabeth Ann-115, 34-0, 387, 106 Hunt, Gloria Lee-47, 315, 340 Hunter. Miller Jordan-356 Hunter, Walter Kelsey-300, 402 Hurlbert, Hal E., J r.-204 Hurley, Robert Seldon-229 Hurst, Gordon Emerson-247 Hurst, Kathlyn J. Landry- 230 Hurst, Larry Guy-194 Hurst, Quata Laverne S.- 230 Hutson, Billy Ray-218 Hutter, Michael-303, 365 Hyatt, Henry Wilson-230 Hyde, Samuel Rowe-218 Hymers, Sally Ann-247 Ibbs, Ruth Marie-204 Imler, Donald Lee-218, 394 lnsagl, Eugene Madison-218, 3 Introligator, Myron D.-247 Irwin, Van Allen-247 Isaacs, Elton Eugene-247 Isbell, Evelyn Janet-91, 230, 298 Isbell, Johnny Lee-247 lseri, Michi-397 Ishiguro, Sadao-218 Ishioka, Akio-194 Ivens, Preston Rasin 111-120, 321, 337 Ivey, Don Wayne-247 lvey, Ruth Ann-247 Jackson, Nina Lee-204 Jackson, William Robert- 218 Jacobs, Elaine Ray-247 Jacobsen, Mary Juanita-77, 351 Jaeger, Harold LeRoy-395 James, Gary Armon-218 James, John Allen-373 James, Rebecca Lou W.- 204 James, William Harrison-391 Janik, James Joe-247 Jansen, Dalton Ray-230 Jarrell, Mary Kathryn-61, 62, 63, 234, 297, 298, 307, 388 Jasso, Robert Ben-247 Jasso, Roland-247 Jay, Thomas Ryan-305 Jehle, Norman Joseph-169, 170, 230 Jenkins, Gordon Cicle-247 Jenkins, Joseph Robert-391 Jenkins, Lady Suzanne-204 Jennings, John Webb, Jr.- 194 Jennings, Roy Junior-218 Jennings, Shirley Lou-230 Jensen, James Virgil-230 Jernigan, Patricia Ann H.- 194 Jeter, Eric Freeman-48 Jewell, Robert Walter-218 Jez, Frank Lynn-204 Jezek, James Edward-248, 4-01 Jimenez, Gloria Ann-230 Jodeit, Mary Sandra-301 Joe, Kim Hon-248 Joffrion, Aubrey A., Jr.- 218 Johansen, Charles J., Jr.-375 Johnson, Berry, Jr.-230 Johnson, Bette Joyce M.- 195 Johnson, Billy Ray-118, 120 Johnson, Bruce Gordon-230 Johnson, Carolyn Frances- 230 Johnson, Daniel Donald-248 Johnson, Edward P., Jr.-204 Johnson, Ferris Allen-248 Johnson, Floyd Allen, Jr.- 248, 316 Johnson, Galen LeRoy-248 ' 'li L w 32, Q. 1.,1v1:..:::,:. 1 an R ' N :"f- . ,-TN Q "" .. .,.: Jw . all L I ig as 'f si 0 "' W A ff : f 2 Q gb l if 1 , WK w lg i-ll va l will kilt - . b i 'Q To produce this seismic record . . to realize the full potential of fine instrumentation and equipment . . takes a world of training and experience. Rogers crews have it. They are producing significant records all over the world. Remember Rogers for reliable results. FOREIGN OFFICES 1 w 1 an X M w f s , , .,.::f:.. ' ,llc-2..:. ' r Q ,f ' R f 7 W 4 2 340l 5006 HIS SAVINGS EARN DIVIDENDS AVALON DRUG COMPANY EVERY 90 DAYS and TANGLEWOOD PHARMACY 25l8 KIRBY DRIVE JAclcson 9-9I36 5654 WESTHEIMER MOl1awlc 7-2457 BRITIAN ELECTRIC COMPANY Commercial and Indusrrial Conlradors SOUTHWESTERN SAVINGS Aisgcffffg.. sourr-4 MAIN JA e-osos 5306 PALMS CENTER BELLAIRE BLVD. 20II Dallas Avenue I'Ious+on 3, Texas 4003 WESTHEIMER 7408 WEST 43rd M405 DRINKS HAM sunelans 40953 fhfn "TEN CONVENIENT LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU" Gulf Freeway and Cullen Blvd. 8l0l S- Main SI- 3523 N. Main S+. 62I5 Harrisburg Blvd. S. MEIN S'I'. Washing-fgn Aye, Wayside 2IOI S. Main S+. l502 N, Shepercl 9239 Humble Road ,- L tauwiif 'W A 'lTliENew ....E-,... PETROLEUM PETE lSN'T AS BAD OFF AS HE LOOKS. He's getting a double-treat- ment to increase his yield of gasoline from crude oil by as much as- 15 percent. The new two-stage catalytic cracking process-a major advance in refining technology- was developed at Shell Oil Company's Houston refinery research laboratory after nearly seven years of study. Its one-two punch consists in processing the oil twice, thus converting to gasoline some ofthe components that do not become gasoline in conventional cracking units. This new process is just another step forward in Shell's search to produce more and better gasoline for the American motorist. QW si-isu. on. coMPANY Johnson, Johnson, Gloria Dawn-218 John Fredrick-401 Johnson, John Murphy, Jr.- 248 Johnson, Judith Jane-248 Johnson, Lewis Guy-218 Johnson, Michael-51, 316, 365 Johnson, Patricia Sue-342, 405 Johnson, Richard Eugene- 248 Johnson, Richard Maurice- 24-8 Johnson, Roslyn Ann-195 Johnson, Sally Ann-230 Johnston, Charles Thomas- 82 Johnston, Joni Bassett-230 Johnston, Stephen Lane-195 Joiner, R eddin Dale--248 Jones, Barbara Lynn-248 Jones, Carroll-86 Jones, Charles Edward-204 Jones, David Norman-374, 375 Jones, Di anne-349 Jones, Donald Lee--204 Jones, Eddie McCoy-204 Jones, Edmund Eugene, Jr.- 230 Jones, Hugh Patrick-230 Jones, Josephine Janice-248 Jones, Ju dith Ann-300, 301, 326, 398 Jones, Lei Lani-79, 117, 248, 342 Jones, Maryolyn--230 Jones, Nida S.-218 Jones, Patrick Brown--412 Jones, Millie Lee Evans-204 Joplin, James Edward-146, 204- Kent, Steve Neil-230, 359 Kern, Kenneth Crosby-204, 307, 336, 337 Kerr, Janet Marie-86, 248 Kettelle, Donald Edward- 146 Keyes, Joyce J unker-249, 305 Keys, Gary Ellison-249 Kight, Michael John-219 Kilgore, John Morris-249 Killen, Thomas Edward-86, 370, 371, 106 Kilpatrick, Nancy-342, 343 Kilpper, Robert William- 230 Kimball, Aubrey Pierce-401 Kimbrough, Tessie Mae S.- 249 Kimmel, Bobbie Ann-305 Kin, Robert Hop-197, 204, 325, 369, 393, 394 Kinard, Cecil Lloyd 11-230 King, Claude Robert-136, 137, 142, 146, 147, 318 King, Dwight Edward-399 King, Jo Kathryn-230, 338, 354, 355, 414 King, Leonard Steve-230 King, Mollye Kay-230 Kinnear, Thomas James-225, 230, 325, 356. 366, 367, 411 Kirchgessner, Edward J.- 374, 375 Kirk, Clyde Edward-204 Kirkham, Patricia Jane H.- 387 Kirkland, Kenneth L., Jr.- 230 Kirschner, Laurance E.-52 Kirtley, Dick Patrick--94, 111 Kiser, John Eli-249 S Vawlex Langlie, Ted Alvin-172 Langston, Rosalie-249 Lankford, Pete Stanley-205 Lantz, Graham Frank-325, 402 Lantz, Joanne lllene-300 Laroe, Jimmy Leon-359 Lassetter, Richard C.-118, 120, 230, 321, 336, 337, 401 Latham, James Morgan-249 Latham, James Otis-101 Laudermilch, David C.-301 Lawder, Howard Miles-219 Lawley, Frank William-377 Lawrence, Allan Cleave- 169, 171 Lay, Paul Griffin-205, 360 Lazalier, Bettie Ann-248 Lazarte, Nick Salas-230 Leach, David Ivan-391 Leake, Joseph Allen-231 Leatherwood, Sherrill D.- 249 Leblanc, Earl Anthony, Jr.- 205, 231, 337 Lebus, James Franklin-249 Lee, Linda Jo--249, 352, 353 Lee, Robert Wayne-231 Lee, William Henry-231 Lefkowitz, Judy Ann-249 Leger, Bernard William-219 Leggett, Robert Larry-249, 381 Leissner, Jon Lewis-249 Lemmon, Franklin Albert- 219 Lemmon, James Marcus-158, Knight, Karkowski Jose h Lee-230 Loadman, Donald Marlin- Jordan, Henry Carl-248, 302 Jouanet, Jacquie Annette- 230, 355 Jow, Josephine-248 Juengerman, John Henry- 402 Juneman, Julius John, Jr.- 248, 401 Justice, Colleen S. Davis- 218 Justman, Dan B.-388, 393 Kachinski, Marilyn B.-400 Kahler, Louann-230 Kana, LeRoy Joseph-230 Kanas, Shirley Ann-93, 351 Kapner, Bernie Earl-164, 204 1 P Karr, Karrol Leon-204 Kaszycki, Albert Frank-204, 404 Kaszycki, Andrew-218, 403 Katz, Rochelle Gloria-248 Kauffmann, LeRoy C.-195 Keane, Patty Lee-81, 270 Keating, John William-218 Keeler, Harold George-230, 391 Keeler, Ruby Elena-204 Keeline, Donald Lee-204 Keely, Maragret Ann-248, 245 Keener, Billy Jack-204 Keener, George Howell-403 Keeney, James Russell, Jr.- 399 Keepers, Carolyn-218 Kelley, Barry Loran-248 Kelley, Donald W.-230 Kelley, Kenneth Edward-230 Kellough, Ann V.-204 Keilough, Kay Carolyn-271, 342 Kelly, Herman Floyd, Jr.- 414 Kelly, James Otis-399 Kelly, Patrick Wilborne- 248, 379 Kelly, Walter Albert, Jr.- 361, 129 Kelsall, Samuel IV-230, 359 Kemp, Billy Joe-248 , Kendall, Clarence F. 11-195, 375, 399 Kiser, Mertha Lee J.-383 Kishi, George E.-391 Kistner, John Droz-52 Kitowski, Aloysius S.-249 Kitzmann, Patricia Gayle- 219 Klingsporn, Dorwin Wayne- 249 Kna pick, John Joseph-249 Knapik, Reginald James- 204 Knebel, Maudema Beeson- 195 Knight, Charles Andrew-377 Knight, Granville C., Jr.- 377 James David-230 165, 166 Lemoine, Gano Domonic, Jr. -219, 320, 377 Lemond, Robert Darcy-219, 377 Leonard, Reginald-311 Lerman, Jerry Allen-219, 303, 365 Lerner, Glenda Lynn-231 Lerner, Joshua Eddie-195 Lerner, Norman-205 Levasseur, Eugene Alfred- 187 Levenson, Stanley Allan- 169, 170, 365 Levine, Irvin Sydney-219 Levy, Martin Morris-231 Levy, Robert G. ll-231 Lewis, Bill Joe-205 Lewis, Clebert Edward-117, 412 Lewis, Edwin Charles-249 Knox, Robert Weldon-307 Kohen, Moshe Dov-303 Koh rmann, Howard Arthur- 204 Kolb, Kristina Elizabeth- 230, 351 Konkle, Carol lna-249 Kopczynski, Betty Mae-249 Kopinitz, Edward Albert- 195 Koster, Charles Herbert- 218 Koteras, Albin Joseph-230 Kottle, Jacob Martin-303, 365 Kouzounis, Anthony-218, 374, 375 Krancher, Dewey Ray-249 Kranzke, Robert Joseph- 195 Krause, Bruce Charles-249 Kribs, Edith Anne-195 Krieger, Earl Edward-124, 320, 366, 367, 387 Krohn, Larry Charles-230 Krueger, Lynn Ernest, Jr.- 412 Kuehne, James Richard-58, 140, 141, 143, 146, 219, 318 Kulachan, Sayun-391 Kury, Miguel Angel-381 Kushnir, Shimon-305 Labay, Anne Louise-249 Lacarter, Joseph 205 Lacina, Theodore Thomas- 395 Lacy, Gladys Joy-219 John, Jr.- Kendrick, Willie Doyle-248 Kennard, Wilbur D., Jr.-52, 375 Kennedy, Bryant Elbert-248 Kennedy , Cecil C,, Jr.-248 Kennedy, Myrlene-3,84 Kennedy, Patricia Carole- 248 Kennedy, Warren Graham- 204, 401 Kennedy, William Meadows -204 Kent, Barbara Kay-352, 353 Kent, Charles William, Jr.- 230 Kent, Janice Lee-350, 353 LaFa1-gue, Aubrey A., Jr.- 205 Lafferty, Patrick Ellis-205, 326, 359 Laird, Hainds Elliot-401 Lamanna, Anthony Raymond -219, 326, 373 Landers, Kathleen Lee-81, 267, 268, 354, 355 Landers, William Roberts- 230 Landrum, Donald Joe-205 Landry, Donald Paul-249 Landsman, Lewis Arthur- 402 Langford, Carolyn Alice- 249, 322 Lewis, Frank Frederick-205 Lewis, George Neil-231 Lewis, Harold Lee-135, 136, 144, 147, 318 Lewis, Marcia Eileen-249, 303 Lieberman, Harvey-365 Lievano, Gabriel Joseph-249 Lievano, Rodrigo Joseph- 350 Lilljedahl, Carroll W.-250 Lilly, Edward Howard-195 Lilly, Janet Carol-231, 303 Lim, Andy-250 Lim, Mary Lynne Jeu-405 Lim, Wai William-250 Lindberg, Jerry Dale-250 Linden, Errol Joseph-146 Linder, Bobby Joe-99, 205, 315, 319, 123, 401 Lindheimer, Tomas F.-394 Lindholm, Robert P.-363 Lindsay, Carolyn Anne-205 Lindsey, Bobby Wayne-250 Lindsey, Elizabeth Ann-219 Lineberger, Robert 0.-205 Linthicum, Lionel Louis-250 Lipp, Leon Herman-63, 205, 324, 328 Lippincott, Marvin Miles- 231 Lipscomb, Joel Nelson-404 Lipshy, George Meyer-195, 402 Litherland, Russell Leon- 250 Lively, Raymond Howard- 250 169, 171, 319 Lobaccaro, Frank S., Jr.- 231 Lock, Leonard Wesley-325 Locke, Donald Russel-219 Lockhart, Thomas H., Jr.- 231 Loeklin, James Berry-84, 3' 121, 331, 384 Loftis, Dennis Larry-250 Loftus, Harry Allan, Jr.-359 Logan, Jean Shelley-67, 85, 346, 347 Logan, Priscilla Joyce-250 Logan, Thomas Louis-205, 390, 393 Lohman, Barbara Jane-231 Lohman, Judy Ann-68, 85 Lokkeberg, Alfred R.-400 Londenberg, John Alfred- 205 Long, Clifton Wayne-205 Long, Hazel Ruth-219 Long, Jerry Lyndon-69. 70 Long, Joseph C. 111-219 Long, Terry Lester-205 Longoria, Jesus Rogelio- 367 Lopez, Adan Lorenzo G.-- 174, 175 Lopez, John Frank-92, 250, 363 Lopresti, Philip Anthony- 379 Lott, Ashley Ward, Jr.-388 Lott, Frank Sam, Jr.-250 Lott, Jimmie Warren-403 Lott, Tommy Wayne-381 Love, Earl Harrell-250, 408 Loveless, Kenneth Wayne- 301 Lovoi, John Jasper-231, 404 Lovoi, Joseph Jasper-205, 404 Lowe, Annie Elizabeth-76, 342 Lowe, Lessie Ruth Cooper- 250 Lubbock, Dan Gray, Jr.-375 Lucas, Frank Leo-250, 382 Lucas, William Frank-404 Lucchesi, Mario Charles-250 Luce, Dorothy Marie-57, 231 Luckenbill. Theodore Ray- 159, 161, 162, 163, 164, 166 Luker, John Edward-382 Lum, Henry-205 Lund, Richard Lawrence- 205 Lunsford, Charles Edward- 250 Lutes, Charles Weil, Jr.- 195, 381 Lynch, Elinor Elizabeth- 205 Maack, Janet Fern-231, 401 Macaluso, Thomas Leonard- 356. 357, 359 MacDonald, Douglas G.-177, 178 MacDonald, Harold Clyde- 383 Macy, John-168, 170, 171 Maddox, Marilyn Jean-250 Maenza, Jake Louis-205 Magee, Horace Glenn-219 Magnuson, Verner H., Jr.- 379 Mahon, James Roderick-219 Maida, John L.-122, 370 Malicote, Sandra Molly-219 Malone, Cleve P., Jr.-393, 396 Malott, Frank Barham-395 Mancuso, Roy-117, 412 Mandola, Anthony Joseph- 231 Mandola, Anthony Joseph- 250 Mandy, William John-195 Manis, Matthew Peter-96, 316, 317 Maniscalco, John Anthony- 231 Mankin, Hart Tiller-399 Manley, Sallie Nell-219 Manley, Thomas Campbell- 391 Manning, Winston W.-205 Mans, Glen Burt-231 Manuel, John Earl-250 Maresh, Marcell Paul, Jr.- 250, 300 Maresh, Mary Ann Albina- 250, 316 Marimon, Anthony R.-177, 179 Markey, Robert Franklin- 205, 336 Markle, Frank Stark, Jr.- 158, 161, 164, 166, 319 Marler, John Hume-146, 219 Marquer, Brenda Susanne- 340 Marrero, Patrick Cyril-367 Marshall, Everett Hoyt-398 Marshall, Shirley Marie-205 Martensen, Martin Peter- 250 Martli. William Charles-231 Martin, Conrad Guy-377 Martin, Donald Gene-206 Martin, Len Dewalt, Jr.-231, 367 Martin, Spencer Gregory- 250 Martin, William Ogden-250 Martinez, Oscar Jessie-250 Mason, Claron P., Jr.-206 Mason, Deloris Frances-219 Massey, Beverly Ann-77 Matcek. Gabrial Clayton- 206 Mathews, Barbara Ann-86, 112, 322 Mathews, Walter T., Jr.-195 Matlock, Douglas Eugene- 206 Matthews, Maxine Schmidt- 231 Matthews, Norman Gerald- 231 Matthias, Jerry Wayne-231 Mauk, Charles Edward-206, 390 Mauk, Ronald Edward-231 Mauldin, Richard Lee-107, 111, 138, 145. 146, 319, 128 Mauro, Lee Anthony-251 Maxwell, Jimmie Allen-251, 331 Maxwell, Marilyn Irene-206 May, Allan Carroll-383 May, Clifford Lee-219, 395 May, Geraldine Ruth-339, 355 Maybee, Robert Allen-251 Mayes, Dale George-251, 359 Mayes, Jimmy Gene-231 Mayhall, Charlotte Jean-231 245, 401 Maynard, James Robert, Jr. -251 McAshan, John Brashear- 251 McCall, Charles Boyd-251 McCall, Edward Leon-251 McCameron, Charles R.-369 McCarthy LeRoy Fredrick- 412 McCauley, Barbara Jean- 315 McChesney, Thomas Dutart -395 McClain, Jone Carol-49, 339, 342 McClain, Patricia Louise- 342, 343 McClellan, Jimmy Ronald- 251 McClure, Don Ellis-251, 236 356, 357 McCoin, Galon Carver-371 McComas, lrvin Earl-251 McConnell, Patricia-231 McCormack, Paul LeRoy- 231 McCorvy, Eddie Gary-231 McCoy, Lena B. Burleson- 251 McCraine, Peggy Joan-251 McCullar, Harold Curtis- 219 McCullough, Clyde M.-394 McCullough, James Thomas- 373 McCullough, Jerry Edwin- 219 McCurdy, William O., Jr.- 50, 219, 356, 366, 367 McCutchen, Norman Louis- 390 McCutcl1eon, Ann Yvonne- 231 McDaniel, Carmen-206, 349 McDannald, Jerry Mike-219 McDonald, Don Kay-135, 136, 140, 144, 146, 319 McDonald, James Arthur- 219 McDonald, James Wilson- 219 McDonald, Joe Harry-138, 146. 319 McDonald, Lloyd Gill, Jr.- 206 McDonald, Robert Hugh- 377 McDonnold, Hugh Dodd- 375 McDuffie, Fred Stanley-251 McE1hinney, Thomas H.- 116, 251, 334,414 McElroy, Guy Lee, Jr.-231, 316 McElvy, George-316 McFadden, William Allan- 206 McFarland, Joe Wayne-231 McFarlin, Donna Jean-349 McGaughey, Claud Earl- 251 McGee, Edmond Clark, Jr.- 4-02 McGee, Willis Carl-369 McGinnis, Michael John- 231, 356, 382 McGinty, Thomas Drcaper- 251 McGlotl1lin, James Ora, Jr. x Compliments of W. D. HADEN CO. Producers of Reef Oyster Shell Transit Mixed Concrete Sand, Shell and Gravel SIX RETAIL PLANTS TO SERVE YOU IN HOUSTON Complimenls THE DOW of CHEMICAL COMPANY A FRIEND 6910 Fannin Street HOUSTON 25, TEXAS COMPANY, INC. CHARLES F. REED, Manager "Wa+ches, Diamonds, Jewelry" 603 WEST lH'h UNderwoocl I-IO24 THE FUTURE . . . belongs +o 'Those who plan for i+. These ofl-quorecl words mean more roday rhan ever before, because 'Today +he 'Fu'rure appears more brillianr, more challenging, more promising 'lhan il' ever has in 'I'he pasf. Cerfainly, +his is 'rhe maxim by which your nalural gas service op- era'I'es. Every day, by every means, we srrive fo plan for The fulure, lo assure 'lhe ci+izens of lomorrow 1'he same high qualify of service which we offer loday. 646 Compliments of JESSE H. JONES INTERESTS Murry, Monical, Bruce Alan-207 Myers, Sue Zanne--48, 61, Morrell, Roy John-404 Mickler, Louis Jacob-232 McGlothlin, Maurice D.- 355 McGowan, Darden L., Jr.- 219 McGowan, Edward B. 11-- 206, 399 McGowan, Robert Peden- 219 McKay, Willys C. Davis- 251 McKeating, Thomas V.-251 McKee, Lee Alan-369 McKee, Ronald Stewart- 231, 305, 400 McKenzie, Harven Michael- 219 McKenzie, Philip A.-408 McKenzie, Robert Dean-195 MeLamore, James Otto-219 McLaugblan, Pat B.-50, 206, 373, 111 McLelland, Billie Glenn-206 McLendon, Donald C.-219 McLeod, Alonzo Albert-251, 301 McLeod, Joe Keith-231 McMeans, Walter Sheppard- 399 McMillian, George Arrell- 251 McMillin, Judith Maude-349 McMorrough, Benford T., Jr. -206 McMullan, Janet Ruth-81, 95, 100, 101, 220, 273, 354, 355, 384 McNeel, William Owen-195 McRae, Paul Maxwell-206 McReynolds, Ann W.-349, 406 McShan, Jimmie-220 McStravick, Arnold W.-367 McVey, Ethlyn A. Kolacny- 251 McWilliams, Alvah Garvin- 206 Meador, Mary Lynn-121, 231, 331 Means, Charles Edward-251 Medina Daniel David-220 Medley, Morris S., Jr.-231 Meerdink, Charles Barry- 251 Meicler, Marcel-365 Meinscher, Fred C., Jr.-251 Meisenholder, Richard E.- 251 Meldrum, Margaret Ann- 206, 353 Melton, Richard Talley-375 Melvill, Gloria Ann-251 Melvill, Maria Milagros-206, 405 Menard, lris McAuliffe-252 Menseher, David Fredric- 365 Mensik, Frank Joseph-231 Menzel, Reynold Willy-252 Mercado, John William-220 Mercer, Judith Ann-51, 309, 311, 347 Merdian, Joanne Frances- 231 Meriwether, Gus Edwin-399 Merrill, Robert Lee-252 Merritt, Norman Munro-252 Meschkat, Warren Howard- 252 Messa, Donald D.-252 Messa, Fernando-231 Messer, Martha Joanne-252 Metcalf, Charles Bryan-206 Melts, James Macon-395 Meyer, Eugene Loran-252 Meyer, Joseph Daniel-252 Meyer, Travis Walter-252 Meyers, Otto William, Jr.- 220 Meyers, Ronald Allen-206 Michalovich, David Ivon-232 Mickler, Joan Yvonne W.- 232 Middlebrooks, John M.-220 Migura, Stanis Wayne-252 Milam, Mason Harris-331 Milam, Sydne Sue-252 Milburn, Benny Eston-252 Milling. Janell-46, 73, 220, 339, 351 Mills, Donald Eugene-252 Mills, Grant Edwin-206, 359, 383 Milon, Dennis George-252 Milum, Roy Nolan-220 Minarchi, William, Jr.-206, 379 Minter, James Calvin-232 Mire, Wayne David-252 Mirsky, Joe-232 Mitchamore, Eddie Lee, Jr.- 180 Mitchell, Donald Edward- 206 Mitchell, Garlan Edward- 206 Mitelman, Alan Norman- 220 Mizell, David Lee-404 Moehling, Edwin C., Jr.--252 Molchany, Richard Andrew- 165, 166 Molter, Richard A., Jr.-207 Momberger, Edwin Howard- 195 Montalbano, Sandra Marie- 44, 79, 252, 340 Montemayor, Glafiro-190 Montgomery, Alvin Joseph- 328, 383 Montgomery, Edward Harry -232 Montgomery, Jarrell W.-252 Montgomery, Marilyn E.-52, 340, 341 Montgomery, Robert H.-395 Montgomery, Robert Lee- 390 Montz, Rodney Andrew-232 Moog, Michel Henry-252 Mooney, Kirby Jane-252 S 7ndex Munger, Ross Albert-207 Munz, Lee--400 Muran, 220 Thomas Steven Jr- Murphy, Alfred Freeman- 220 Murphy, Dan-253 Murphy, Mary Shawn-253, 342 Murphy, Paul Bronson-220 Murphy, Paul Clarence-399 Murphy, Robert John---111, 366 Murphy, Thomas Patrick- 253 Murphy, Thomas Salvatore-- 253 Murphy, William Joal-253 Murray, 337 Jerome Gordon-321, Murray, Oliver H., Jr.-146 Murray. William Eugene-207 Doyle Dean-253 Musaehia, George John-232 Muscmecbe, Bobby Joe-253 Myers, Howard Bowen-392, 393 197, 207, 347 Naber, Kenneth Leonard- 253 Nagle, Judy-115 Narro, Edward John-207 Navarro, Robert Amador- 253 Neal, Gerald Robert--253 Neal, Gerald Robert-253 Necessary, Morgan D.-253, 311 Neill, James Palmer, Jr.-253 Neiswender, Norman D.-207 Nelkin, Benard-232 Nelson, Alexander S., Jr.- 253, 381 Mooney, Richard Jarrell- 174, 175 Moore, Carroll James-207, 404 Moore Charles Lee-220 Moore, Clay Leon, Jr.-252, 379 Moore, Frederick J., Jr.-207 Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore Moore, Moosa Hubert Charles--252 , Jack Matthew-252 , James Henry-252 ,John Phu-232 , Kenneth Balden-232 , Patricia E.-351, 166 Robert Edward-207 William Clinton-220 Geor e Kenneth 253 Nelson, Carolyn Jean-253 Nelson, Gary Lewis-172, 319 Nelson , Kay Roxanne-232 Nelson, Robert Neal-232, 401 Nelson, Robert William-404 Nelson, Sandra Beth-232, 305 Nelson, Tony-316, 317 Nelson, Willie Jewel, Jr.- 253 Newbern, Arthur Lawrence- 220, 356 Newcomb, Marshall, Jr.-370, 371 Newell, Jimmie David, Jr.- Miles, Carmen L.-206 Miller, Miller, Catherine P.-342 Charles Virgil-69, 96,110, 316, 317 Miller, Miller, David Frank-369 Dolores Generosa- 206 Miller, Dorothy J can-220 Miller, Frank Hamilton-252 Miller Marilyn Ann-59, 163, t 8 '- Morales, Johnny, Jr.-253 Moreland, Glenn A.-253 Moreland, Nan Avis-220 Morgan, Fred Duane-172, 319 Morgan, Sandra Kay-220 Morgan, Terry Tillman-375 Moronko, Robert Emmett- 232 Morris, Dowsie W., Jr.-253 Morris, Richard F arrell-72, 401 Morrison, James Spencer- 232 Morrison, Robert-402 Morriss, Judy Ann-81, 236, 269, 346, 347, 181 Morrissette, Ronald V.-232 Morrow, Earle Kay-206 Morrow, Rhoda Frances-59, 73, 81, 102, 105, 274, 313, 355 Morse, Dan Earl-404 Morse, James Robert-220 Morse, William D., Jr.-220 Morter, Eugene Lloyd-82 Morton, James Claude, Jr.- 395 Morton, Jerry Wayne-253 Moseley, Karolyn Kay-340 Moseley, Raymond-369 Moseley, William E. 111-369 Moser, Cecil Allen-220 Moser, Elliot-207, 390 Moser, Jack Hamilton-220 Mosier, Patricia Skibbe-207 Mosser, Harry Jay, Jr.-253 Motes, Clarence Earl, Jr.- 253 Mouton, James Oliver-207 Mueller, Edward Roudolph- 385 195, 402 Newman, Arlene Marie-120, 253, 351, 401 Newman, Katherine Dwight- 117, 121, 232, 297, 331 Newton, Freddie Julian-207 Niblick, Walter Paul, Jr.- 369 Nichols, Simeon Eugene- 253, 413 Oglesby, Charles Dan-220 Oliver, Alvin Wynne. Jr.- -254 Olson, Luther Franklin----254, 305, 411 Olsovsky, Willie Herbert- 220 Oltmann, Maxine J. Kluck- - 117 Oneill, Michael John-305 Orand. Charles Edward-220 Orlando, Vincent John-254 Orloff, Leon Marvin-207, 383 Orren, Joe Loy-232 Ortega. Daniel-232 Ortiz, Edward Reyes-411 Ortiz, Virginia Lee-301 Osullivan, Sheila Marie--52, 94. 340 Otoole, Joseph Huey --399 Otto, Walter Davis ---- 51 Overall, Miller R., Jr.-220, 382, 383 Overall, William Terry-169, 171 Overton, Aaron Lewis, Jr.- 232, 401 Overton, Harold L.-103, 393 Owens, Ervc Adrin-254 Owens, Kenneth Edward- 254 Oxspring, Harold Leonard- 254 Pacheco, Jesse Manuel-254 Pacini, Robert Lee--220 Padfield, Donald Hugh-207, 388, 390 Pagan, John Henry, Jr.-232 Page, Gayle Winston-412 Painter, Thornton S. ,---- 220 Palfreyman. Rose Lynn 232 Palm, Lee Allen--302, 394 Palmberg, Kenneth Arnold- 387 Palmer, Audley Ray-207, 394 Palmer, Darrell Wendel-221 Palmer, Lucille-221, 304 Palmer, Raymond William- 254 Palombizio, Daniel Harry- 44, 167 Parisi, Isabelle Marie'--232 Parker, Floyd Curtis, Jr.-232 Parkhurst, James Earl- '169, 254 Parkman, Huey Paul-221 Parrack, Raymond-369 Parrington, Jack D.-169, 170, 318 Parrish, Melody Sue-54, 93, 351 Parsons, James Kirkland'- 232 Parten, Harry Sloss-174, 175, 391 Patent, Albert Ellis-207 Patronella, Louis John-232, 328, 411 Patterson, Charlie Lavon- 139, 140, 146 Perthuis, Thomas Joseph- 254 Peschel, Jo Ann-254 Peters, Bob Ray-172 Peters, Frank Charles-232 Peters, James Reed--221 Peters, Joe Graham-254 Petersen, Donnie David-221, 371 Peterson, Shirley Jean-255 Petteway, Guy Neal-232 Pettus, David Sanders-255 Petty, Carol Ann-232 Petty, William Edward-195 Philip, Sara Ann-255 Phillips, Billy Joe-221 Phillips, Charles Norman- 221, 123 Phillips, Duane Arlen-232 Phillips, Gary A.-158, 159, 165, 166, 377 Phillips, Larry William-221 Phillips, Ronald Lee-255 Phillips, Wayne Adair-232 Picazo, Albert Crecencio- 221 Pickens, Hershel Autry-255 Pickett, Milton H.-359 Pickett, Phill Rodney-399 Pickles, Kenneth William- 232 Pieper, Charles Allen-111, 172, 173, 319, 318 Pieratt, William H., Jr.-327, 377 Pierce Fannie Holdiness- 255 Pierce, James Franklyn-208 Pierce, John Whitten-221 Pierce, Lawrence Jack-232 Pierce, Thomas James-141, 146, 318 Pillaert, Elizabeth Piperi, Adrian James-367 Nichols, Thomas Malcolm- 207 Nicoll, Kenneth Joseph-253 Niles, Harry Edward, Jr.- 220 Nissen, Dale Edward-220 Nixon, Clarence E., Jr.-404 Noble, Stephen Hall-79, 254, 377 Nobra, Daniel Joe-254 Nolan, James Michael-207, 359 Nolen, Edwin Ernest-254 Nordmeyer, Marvin Dale- 195 Noren, lvar Edmund-383 Norris, James Author-168 Norris, Jan Douglas-232 Northrup, Thomas Rogers- 220 N oser, Eugene Anthony, Jr. -232, 373 Patterson, Earl Buford-369 Patterson , Erin Kay-254 Patterson, Henry B., Jr.-195 Patterson, James E.-375 Patterson, Robert Galen-207 Patterson, Robert James- 221 Patterson, Robert Lee-232 Paul, Donald Daggett-207 Paulus, Anne Elizabeth-301 Pavey, Eugene Baker-221 Pavlik, Anthony Emil-254 Payne, Don Roy-254 Payne, Jay Norman-207 Payne, Olynn Klyde-207, 403 Payne, Richard Carroll-208 Peake, Arthur Eugene-232 Pearce, Faye Euberta S.-397 Pearson, Lloyd Wayne-221 Peavy, Massey LeRoy-399 Peck Larr Ken neth-254 Noser, James Porter-254, 367 Nossaman, Elmer Lee-220, 402 Nott, Nancy Diane-99, 254, 347 Nowakowski, Harry S.-398 Nowlin, Ivan Edward--220 Noxon, Jay Scott-409 Nussbaum, Helen Marlene- 254 Mueller, Edwin Paul, Jr.-207 Mueller, George Emil-220 Mueller, Richard Henry-393 Mullenix, William T., Jr.- 253 Oberndorfer, Doris A.-302 Obrien, Patrick Allen-366 O'Connell, William James- 195 1 Y ' Pecorino, John Carlisle-403, 404 Pedraza, Fanny Gomez-195 Peery, Beverly Dale-57, 347 Peil, Archie Weldon, Jr.-413 Pell, Robert William-254 Pennington, Janet Elaine- 254 Pennington, Roland R.-379 Peoples, Whead Gordon-70 Perdue, Jim Mac-411 Perdue, Preston Eugene-221 Peres, Edward Gerald-381 Perkins, Buddy-121, 126 Perkins, Harold Ray-221 Perkins, Michael Dennis- -232 Pirtle, Lawrence James-50, 373 Pittman, Charles William- 208 Pittman, Nelda Lee-208, 349 Pittman, Nina Judith-346, 347 Pittman, Sandra Kay-75, 221, 322, 349 Pizanie, Joseph Alvin-367 Plagge, Tommie Diane G.- 255 Plasek, Larry Elmo-255 Pledger, Linda Joyce-73, 255, 387 Plumb, Preston R. 111-221 Podsednik, Daniel Frank- 208, 367 Poe, Don Allen-379 Pogson, Clyde Hinchey-221 Poindexter, Michael H.-195 Poindexter, Wesley Paul- 255 Pollak, Kathleen Ann-232, 305, 351 Pollock, Guy William-208 Pomonis, Robert George-72 Poncik, Freddie Simon-221 Pope, Cheryl Ann-44, 233 Pope, James Busch-255, 337 Porter, Betty Carolyn-255, 305, 349 Porter, James Dale-359 Porter, Marie Annette-208 Posey, Douglas Wayne-255 Post, Lynwood Jay-255 Potchernick, Stanley, Jr.-255 Potcinske, Hilmer Lee-143, 318 Potter, Norma Rae-351 Pounds, Sandra Gail-208 Pounds, Thomas Wade-255 Powell, Cleeta Glorette-255 Powell, Linda Lee-255, 281, 346, 347 Powell, Susan-255 Powell, Thomas Churchill- 87, 112 Powley, John Richard-410 Poye, Patricia Ann-349, 363 Prasatik, Norman Lavon- 208 Pratt, Janice M.-255 Pratt, Jo Ann Collier-255 Pratt, Robert James-79, 176, 177, 319, 377 Preas, Jerry Lee-221 313,,320, 347 Miller, Marilyn Wright-252, 336 Miller, William M., Jr.-206, 403 Millett, John Thomas-232 Mulliner, Jane Wood-349 Mullins, Don Ray-139, 145, 146, 318 Mulvey, Edward Johnson- 253 Odowd, John Emmett, Jr.- 399 Odowd, Mike-375 Ofiel, Nancy Carolyn-347 Ogan, Carl Anthony-232 Ogg, Larry Thomas-254 Perry, Charles-208 Perry, Donald Ray-221 Perry, Doyle Wayne, Jr.-254 Perry, Louise M.-254 Perry, Oliver Weldon-401 Preas, Jimmy Audren, Jr.- 255 Presswood, Johnnie C.-208 Prestridge, Elton Neal-302 Prewitt, William Eugene- 82, 255 Price, Athol Lamar-208 Price, Henry Winton-400 Price, James Darwin-255 Pridmore, Ted Thomas-221, 402 Gloria Hun? Ann King Ben Milam Manager, CHARLES PERRY C'mon in-the swimming's fine . . O Special welcome +o grads ancl unclergracls 0 DANCES 0 MEETINGS 0 PARTIES O WEEKEND O RECEPTIONS VACATIONS O O Accomoclafions 'For Parfies Up 'I'o 300 I Delicious Food I Superb Service O Convenienf Downfown Locafion O Reasonable Raies O Covered Parking Garage I l00'y,, Air Conclifioning, TV. Radio af U. of H. Hospifalify Headquarlers . . . THE wi'rl1 downlown Housl'on's only heafed l1o+el swimming pool TFREE TO ALL HOTEL GUESTS, TEXAS AT CRAWFORD. HOUSTON There is a CompIimen'rs of DEE BRASS FOUNDRY, INC. Qi9..!I'II?BZ Q ungilgnm Qlbsglff home M ' BRASS, BRONZE, ALUMINUM CASTINGS ln 2408 EvereH' S+. Phone CA 2-627I DHI' uture 'l'. I. BETTES COMPANY AND BETTES INSURANCE AGENCY 616 Fannin RESIDENTIAL, REAL ESTATE, MUDERNIZATIUN LOANS HOGAN-ALLNOCH COMPANY WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS I3I9 Texas THE RAINBOW INN MOTOR HOTEL 81 APARTMENTS S+!! FeaI'uring 'I'I1e Holiday and Sunse'I' Rooms-for sales mee+ings, displays and banque+s. SixI'y-'five spacious, IuxuriousIy fur- nished moI'eI rooms wi+I1 wall Io wall carpefing, 'I'eIevision, 'IuI9-shower com- I:aina+ion, and 72 Garden Apar'I'menI's. Mee+ing rooms 'Io accommodafe groups of 60. Swimming pool. Rainbow Room Res'I'auranI' 'Fea'I'uring fine food and special ca'I'ering. WarmI'I1 and friendliness prevailing for 'Ihe dis- crimina'I'ing. Convenienfly Iocafed aI' 37I3 O.S.T. Reserva'I'ions, JA 6-I708, Mr. Wick W. Leeper or MiI'l'on A. Zabolio, Manager. HALF CENTURY. . . Ot Serving a Great People in a Great Section ot Our Nation During all these years, hundreds of thousands of families and indi- viduals of the Southwest have reaped the reward of financial security through millions of dollars of Great Southern benefits received by living polieyovvners and beneficiaries. Other thousands today own hundreds of millions of Great Southern protection and peace of mind which assures economic Welfare for themselves and their loved ones in the future. The Great Southern provides men and Women the opportunity to acquire financial independence in accordance With their ability and desire to do so- a basic concept of American freedom and the dignity of man. 414 Soliz, Fred-210 Ramsey, Robert Allen-208 Prince, A. Victor-255 Pring, Barbara Jane-406 Privett, Fred Wayne-233 Probandt, Felix B., Jr.-399 Prout, Hedley John-208 Pryor, Alice Carolyn-208, 355 Pryor, Mary F Scruggs-233 Puckett, Sam Bishop-399 Pulkrabek, Franklin D.-255 Pullin, Bobby Gene-72 Putnam, James Gordon-221 Pyburn, Dorothy Jean-208 Pye, Joe D.-382 Pyle, Benjamin Malrey-221 Pyle, Joe Winford-51, 221 Pyle, Joseph Nathan-221 Quisenberry, Lloyd Wayne- 401 Rabalais, Daniel Paul-233 Rabon, Jerrie Faye-81, 115, 208, 272, 295, 298, 323, 340. 341, 387 Raborn, Linda Dean-342 Radabaugh, Douglas B.-255 Rademacher, Jon Aron-86, 233, 377 Ragsdale, Nolan Ellis-208 Rains, Doyle Ray-221 Raleigh, Carl-161, 164, 166 Ramey, Nancy Carla-256 Ramon, Joe Balderas-208 Ramsey, Frederick Craig- 233 Randall, Carolyn Lou-256 Randall, Richard M. L.-221 Ranft, Howard Ray-221, 172, 370 Rankin, Donna Stokes-221, 397 Rapp, Edgar Arthur, Jr.- 233 Rasch, Hans Gustav-116, 117 Rawley, Edward Clay-208 Ray, Richard Porter-256 Rayburn, George W., Jr.- 369 Raymon, Linda Lou Little- 233 Raymon, Robert Lyle-256 Richardson, Marilou-68, 256 Richardson, Robert D.-377 Richardson, Ronald C.-391 Richardson, Williani E.-256 Richker, Michael Lazar-209 Richmond, Patricia Lee-325, 411 Richter, Patricia Ann F.--222 Rickey, Edward Earl -222 Rieke, Marian Jean-190, 233, 347 Rieniets, James Henry--222 Riggs, Melvin Evans, Jr.-256 Riha, Ellery Robert-172 Riley. Bernice Coleman-89 Rinando, John Maida-256 Rinando, Vincent Sam-233 Ristau, Dora Lee-339, 352, 353 Rittenhouse, William L.-389 Ritter, Paula Alexandra---353 Rivero, Ramon T.---233 Rives, Judy Wayne-102, 233, 355 Roach, Hudson Mac-71, 256 Robbins, Clark Luther-222 Robbins, Leslie Jay- 222 Robcrds, Ely Columbus-209 Roberson, Alfred Wayne- 256 Roberts, Clarence Lee-209 Roberts, Ella Clark--209 Robertson, Douglas Gene- 395 Robertson, Gay E. Terrell- 222 Robertson, John L., Jr.-372, 373 Robinson, Geraldine-256 Rockey, Richard Vincent- 209. 398 Rodgers, Joe Bert, Jr.-337 Rodgers, Philamon W.-176 Rodriguez, Armando V.--256 Rogers, Elizabeth Ann-355 Rogers, Losson Cook III- 257 Rogers, Mildred Ann-257 Rogers, Neal Anthony-396 Rogers, Rovers Philip Allen-233 Robert George-92 Reagan, Betty Louise-256 Reaves, George W.-256 Reavis, William Dean-401 Rebstock, James Edward- 390 Reck, Tommy Stokes-57, 76, 101, 208, 214, 293, 306, 326, 359, 398, 333 Rector, Carey Lee 111-256 Redden, Jerry Wayne-146 Rednick, Aleene Muriel R.- Rotto, Richard Lynn-233 398, 332 Redwine, Billye Kirk-208 Reed, Ann-352, 353 Reed, Helen Sue-256 Reed, John Beall, Jr.-256 Reed, John Henry-171 Reed, Nyles Dunbar-208 Reed, Robert Edwin-221 Reese, Donald Carroll-208, 172 , 370, 371 Reese, James Arnold-208 Reese, John Olan-256 Rembert, Michael David-256 Reeves, Jean Ann-320, 339, 347 Reeves, Roy Allen-209 Reichel, J erry-359 Reichstein, Lawrence-221 Reilly, Kenneth Francis-209 Reindl, Meyer Evans-395 Reinhart, LeRoy E., Jr.-256 Rembert, James Lloyd, Jr.- 256 Remmers, Herman R., Jr.- 256 Rennie, Kenneth Burton- 209, 395 Reynolds, David Dan-209, 401 Reynolds, Harold Gary-221 Reynolds, Harold Lee-256 Rhame, Patricia Connolly- 233 Rhodes, Bessie Loyce M.- 209 Rhame, Patricia Connolly- 233 Rhodes, Bessie Loyce M.- 209 Rhodes, Ruth Marie-209 Ribbink, Ronald James-256 Rice, Charles Myron-256 Rice, Elvis Bryan-209 Rice, Frank Bourland-221 Rice, Harry Lynn-256 Rice, Helen Ann-124, 387 Rice, Robert William-221 Rich, Elijah Allen, Jr.-209 Rich, Rich, Richa Ricba Joseph Robert-222 June David-209 rd, Arvie Lee-233 rdson, June Etta-408 106, 335, 356, 357, 363 Rogers, Victor Berkeley--257 Rolfs, Wayne Thomas-222 Romans, Edward Louis-257, 359 Romeo, Anthony Michael- 356 Romine, Dorothy Anne-44, 81, 233, 277 Rorschach, Richard G.-399 Rose, James Monroe-135, 146, 209, 407 Rose, Jo Ann-348, 349 Rosprim, Gerald Ernest-257 Ross, Avis Marie R.--222, 384 Ross, Dan Thomas-257 Ross, Earl James-233 Rossler, Sylvia Sue-233 Roth, Charles N.-257 Rothery, Robert Keith-76, 359 Rounsavelle, John Dennis- 51, 257 Roush, Frances Margaret- 257, 300, 301 Roush, George Bernard--257 Rowell, Walton Douglas-325 Roxburgh, Charles D.-233, 305, 393 Roxhurgh, Shirley Ann-209 Rudder, John Reeves-209, 404 Rudeloff, Robert William- 411 Ruiz, Carlos-222 Rundell, Donald D.-222 Ruse, Margaret Lydia W.- 209 Rushing, John Bryan-233 Russell, Donald Gail-257 Russell, Frank Norman-209, 403, 404 Russo, Frances Jo-57, 257 Rutledge, Earl Read-363 Ryan, Dorothy Jean W.-209 Ryan, Marilyn Naomi-257, 305 Ryan, Markanne Godwin-85 Ryan, William Louis-257 Saccar, Angelita Morales- 222, 405 Sacco, Margaret Rose-257 Sackman, Donald James-209 Sadler, Steve--375 Safley, William Ward-72 Saito, Masahisa-222 Sajjadi, Parviz S.-195 Salah, Suhail Joseph-257 Salazar, Consuelo Y.-257 Salinas, Felipe Garcia-233 Salinas, Julio Hiram-413 'Yaulez Salinas, Richard C.-257 Salmon, Ben Lloyd-209 Sampson, Janine Sharon-233 Sanchez, Alatorrc A.-257 Sandall. Mary Grace-209 Sanderfer, Woodrow W., Jr.- 257 Sanders, Marilyn Nell--305, 355 Sanders, Robert Eugene -209, 398, 414 Sanders, Ronald Wayne-359 Sandoval, Tony-257 Sanford, Janelle-225, 278. 342 Sansom, Jack Hereld' - 257 Saragusa, Sophie Mac-57, 257, 280, 357 Sarao Andrew Joseph, Jr.- 209 Sasseen, Robert Daniel-91 Satterwhite, Roy Collin-316 Saucillo, Rosemary- -233, 305 Saunders, Lynn Clarence- 257 Savarino, Jo Carol-233 Scarborougll, Charles E.--258 Scarborough, Hollis Earl- 209, 403 Scelfo, Anthony Charles-233, 369 Schaefer, Edward Hugh- Schaefvr, Robert Alfred- Scharlach, Llewclyn Joan- 54, 77 Schenk, Hildegarde-258, 340 391 258 Schifani, Bernard Steve -258 Schiro, Charlene Marie-258 Schiro. Joseph Anthony-172 Schisler, Bryan Lawrence- 165, 166 Schlumberger, Anne Marie- 233 Schmehling, Ethel Mae-401 Schmidt, Richard Thomas- 395 Schmidt, William C., Jr.- 258 Schmitz, William J., Jr.- 233, 375 Schneider, Billie Janeen- 258. 315, 34-8, 349 Schneider, Charles F. III- 233, 410 Schoenfield, Sandra A.-305, 354. 355 Schoppe, Bennie Gene-209, 302 Schott, August Nelson-258 Schultz, Ellen Sidonia-187 Schulwolf, Benjamin L.-414 Schulze, Wayne Clyde-222 Schumacher, Emery Robert --324, 373, 400 Schumann, Kathryn Elaine- 210 Schuster, Walter Lee-395 Schutze, Carol Ann-233, 244, 245 Schwartz, Julia Ann-258 Scott, Deanna-258 Scott, Harry Kenneth-258, 356 Shaver, Oliver Roy-222 Shaw, Paul Keith--222 Shearer, Robert Bruce-52, 356, 357, 379 Sheeran, Sandra Jane-258 Sheffield. Herman E,, Jr.-f - 222, 390 Sheffield, Opal Melton-222 Sheikh, Harim Al-367 Shenton, Helen Elizabeth- 305, 352, 353 Shepherd, Richard Earl-210, 390 Shepherd, William M., Jr, - 258 Shook, Jan Joseph-404 Sliorck, Jo Ann-210 Shorter, Dorothy Allene-258 Shoup, Allene Holman-233 Shuler. Sharon Ray-355 Shull, Wesley Neal-233 Shumway, Larry Richard- 394 Shupe, Nona Jean -258 Shupp, Clark David-233 Shyrock, Bert LeRoy, Jr.-- 233, 370 Sicola, Sammy William-258, 382 Siems, Donald Ray-115, 258, 337 Silbcrg, Eleanor Marsha-411 Siler, Frank Murrah-95, 96, 117, 316, 317 Silsby, John Norman, Jr.- 233 Silverman, David Victor- 233, 365 Silvers, lris lee Taffel-387 Simkins, Rowland Floyd-- 258 Simmonds, Lewis Thomas- 259 Simmons, Arthur Barlow- 305, 367 Simmons, Ellen Francis--315 Simmons, Fern Lee-222 Simmons, Roger Richard- 259 Simon, Harry Elliott-210, 303, 365 Simon. Larry Gould-51 Sims Sims, Bernice Holchak-342 Bertie Adele- -259 Sims, Charles Winn-233 Sims, Judith Ann-259 Sims, Mary Catharine-311, 355 Sinclair, William S. 111-233, 379 Sirman, John Myrtis-210, 404 Scott, Homer Wayne, Jr.- 210, 329, 330, 398 Scott, Jack Duane-258 Scott, Judith Lee-236. 340 Scott, Peter Jerome-258 Scott, Phoebe Jeanette-258 Scott, Thomas Merle-222, 382, 409 Seale, Jerry Franklin--258 Searle, Harry Kyle--222 Sears, Charles Milton-391 Sebesta, Gene Harold-210 Sissom, James 1.-259 Sjogren, Sora N. Worthy- 259 Skaalen, Peter Ladd-52, 356, 357, 381 Skaggs, Mack Rush-390 Skinner, John Vernon--52, 233, 381 Sklar, Leah Barbara-259 Slade, Toxie Hall-233 Slocum, Joseph Thornton- 373 Slough, Darrel Gene-233 Smartt, Jerry Dale-169, 171 Smelley, Marva Jeanine- 259 Smiley, Lynda Annette-222 Segel, Randall George-233 Selby, Bobby Carrol-195, 409, 410 Sellers, William Harold-195 Selstad, William Nelson-233 Semian, Jolm Joseph-145, 146, 319 Sepulvador, Billy Joe-222 Sequeira, Earl Henry-258 Serna, Adelfa Lydia-222 Sewell, Harvey Wilson, Jr.- 222 Sewell, Richard Francis-258 Shackelford, George Y., Jr.- 98, 113, 258, 336, 337 Shaddock, Julia Marie-210 Shalhub, Emile Asad-304 Shannon, James Winired- 233, 412 Shannon, Patrick Daniel-258 Sharley, Joann-233 Sharp, Samuel Louis-258 Sharpe, Anne Laurel-61, 71, 76, 93, 94, 95, 100, 114, 349, 128 Sharpe, Milburne C.-210, 384, 409, 410 Shaver, Lloyd Douglas-372, 373, 106 Smith, Barbara Kaye-50 Smitll, Carol Ann-210, 245 Smith, Carole Ann-44, 222 Smith, David Alan-222 Smith, Donald Clayton-317 Smith, Donna Lee-233 Smith, Gerald Harris-259 Smith, Guy Wilson, Jr.-222 Smith, Irene Graham-349, 410 406, Smith, Smith, Jerry lrvan-259 John Morgan-233 Smith, Joyce Marie-222 Smith, Leonard Thompson- 404 222, Smith, Lillian Ann-210 Smith, Lynette-210 Smith, Mary L. Guarino- 210 Smith, Smith, Morris Wade-382 Patricia Ann-259 Smith, Paul Giles, Jr.-412 Smith, Philip Dowling-222 Smith, Ray Bob-259 Smith, Robert Fletcher-369 Smith, Russell Edwin, Jr.- 233 Smyth, John Clawson-210, 169, 170, 181 Snider, John Kenneth-411 Snow, Rosemary-259, 353 Snowdy, Gisela H. Koch- 222 Soape, Gerald Dean-399 Solis, Frances Boogher R.- Solomon, Mendel Steven- 384, 409 Sommerfield, Jack B.-399 Sony, Donald R.-259 Sorge, John Lunsford-259 Sork, William Joseph-259 Sorrell, William Harold-382 South, Jolm Russell-222 Sowa, Melvin Ray-259 Spaniel, Victor Henry-404 Sparks, Garland C., Jr.-233, 379 Sparks. John Henry-259 Speedby, Elsa-414 Speights, Nelwyn Lee-54, 259, 351 Spell, Richard Purdy, Jr.- 377 Spence, Bruce Eugene-210, 395 Spence, John Fletcher-399 Spence, Lynn Edwin-259 Spencer, Arnold Chester- 222 Spencer, Barbara Louise-259 Spencer, Thomas Louis-259 Spitz, Phillip Adolph-412 Spray, Jerry Carlton-52 Springall, Sharon Ellen-43, 259, 345 Spurlock, Sarah E.-259 St. John, Roscoe II-257, 381 Stafford, Martha Sue M.-397 Stager, Charles Eugene-169, 171, 259 Stahl, Thomas Treasure-259 Stahl, Timothy Trust-259 Stallones, Ronald Gene-260 Stamos, Chris Nick-389 Stanberry, Richard W.-223, 371 Standafer, Betty Jean-305 Standley, Ray L.-260 Stanley, Judy Ann-260 Stapp, Thomas Perry-359 Starks, Larry Lynn-233 Steadman, Harold Dee-260 Stearns, Joycelene C. T.-260 Stearns, Robert Neil-223 Steele, John Gurdon-195 Steen, Wiley Hall, Jr.-52, 260, 305, 381 Stein, Harold Jerome-260 Stein, Lee Charles, Jr.-260 Steinman, John Charles-260 Steinocher, Rosemary L.-233 Stekoll, Dianne Bell-46, 260, 349 Stelfox, Sallie-233 Stephens, Charles David- 107, 260 Stephens, Dorthy Martin- 46 Stephenson, Billy Wayne- 210 Stephenson, Larry Denton- 260 Stephenson, Sarah Anne-260 Sterling, Oliver J., Jr.-356, 357, 379 Sterling, Peggy Ann-352, 353 Sterling, Theodore W., Jr.- 395 Sternenberg, James Earl-394 Steveley, Kim Robert-359 Stevens, Harriette Marie-48, 223, 342 Stevens, Sandra Jo-223 Stevenson, James Butler- 223 Stewart, Charlotte Mack- 401 Stewart, Delbert Delton-367 Stewart, Franklin R.-210 Stewart, Marcia Ann-46, 260, 342 Stewart, Mary Jean-77, 233, 282, 349 Stewart, Neil Bond-260 Stewart, Ray Alan-233 Stiles, Richard J.--223 Stluka, Henry William-387 Stoeve, Fred Alarcon-260 Stokes, Norris Albert-223 Stone, Monty Ray-377 Stone, Sada Lou-414 Stonestreet, Charles R.-123, 130 Stopschinski, Heinrich-223 Storenski, John Philip-50, 52, 111, 367 Storey, Glynda-260 Story, Robert Carlton-379 Stovall, Elaine Streeter-210 Stovall, Tom Collins-260 Stover, Gladys L. Martin- 195 Stover, Sharon C. Barber- 233 - - 0 in Novv IQUAI ggi education you're ready to EEEE "capitalist." though, that there are thogp fii Eif ho would have gii lgulq words as "profit," and evil sense. But these words that describe Americanism, for capitalism profit motive are the bases of our strength and flsp an investor-owned, tax-paying public utility, and welcome you to r i t at ,c , c s 1 s H 0 U S T 0 N L I G H ilyg p 0 W E 0 M PA N Y One Source for Laboratory Supplies I Instruments I Apparatus I Glassware Q Furniture I Chemicals W. H. CURTIN 81 CO. HOUSTON I DALLAS NEW ORLEANS O JACKSONVILLE It's Good! Q? , Q , P S l S ICE CREAM Buy the V2 Gallon Family Pak L. L. RIDGWAY CO., INC. 6I5 Caroline St. 3800 Greenbriar Bank of the SouI'I1wesI' Arcade CA 8-23II ARCHITECTURAL AND ENGINEERING SUPPLIES REPRODUCTION MATERIALS AND EQUIPMENT You'II find all your favorite records now at FOLEY'S Whatever your tastes in music, you'II find just the records you're looking for at FoIey's . . . from Calypso to Cherubini, from Bop to Bach! Our complete selections include RCA Victor. Columbia, Capitol, Decca, London. and many other famous brands. . . both 33Va and 45 rpm. Come in anytime and browse . . . you're always welcome! F 0 L E Y S New Ninth Floor Record Shop 9 Mi! IX CX cleaning cones mounted on offset bearing pins. 1935-First bits "tailor-made" for specific formations. -First "Flash-Weld" tool roam. 1940 -First mis rupted teeth. - First tool ioint 1942 First use of interrupted web- type gage structure. hardfacing in depth. Introduced a more versatile, faster-drilling, long-toothed bit. - Developed first Hughes Tool Company's contributions to the progress of rotary drilling have been continuous over a period of 50 years. - First rotary rock bit. - First drilling research laboratory. - First reaming cone bit. 1911-First field engineering service. 1919 - First heat-treated alloy steel tool ioim. 1919 - First to mim- duce rock bit field service. 1824-First self-cleaning cone bit. -First application of hardfacing to cutting structure of bit cones. - First bit record service. 1931-First unit-type bit. First use of cone cutters having uniform pitch and depth of teeth. - First unit-type three-cone rock bit. First welding of bucked-on tool joints to pipe. 1935-First self- with inter- rock bits for air and gas drilling. - First use of sin- tered tungsten carbide cutting teeth on rock bits. - Pioneered rock bits for use in high velocity jet drilling. 1958-Developed heat-treating process that more than doubles tension-impact strength of "Flash-Weld" con- nections. IQSQ-Expansion of research carried on continuously for the past 50 years. . , HUGHES TOOL COMPANY - ' 4 n Stowers, Robert Doyle-369 Strahan, Nelson-391 Strawn, Linda Elizabeth-95, 260, 279, 297 Stringer, Billy Alvin-233 Stroud, Freddie Lee-223 Stuart, Luis Labon-210 Stubblelield, Richard R.- 260, 305 Studslill, Pat Lewis, Jr.--135, 138, 142, 143, 146, 233, 318 Suchma, James Howard-234 Sutton, Lester Earl-223 Suwanasthien, Bhasna-195 Sveter, Robert Louis, Jr.- 260 Swank, Joyce Hazel-47, 94, 234, 340 Swanson, Wanda Joy H.-234, 305, 338, 414 Sweeney, Kevin Kolyer-260 Switzer, Sue Lynn-f103, 116, 234, 130, 332, 334 Szabocsik, Michael John--53 Tabba, Akram M.--210 Tabor Benny Wayne-223, 370. 371 Tacer, Suzan Ahmet-234 Taliaferro, William D.-394 Talley, Eddie Carl-260 Talley, W. Bryan-234 Tamborello, Charles J.-391 Tamborello, John David-391 Tanner, Gene-210, 337, 371 Tanner, Kenneth Edward- 234 Taska, Georgia-234 Tatum, Emmett Perry 111- 234, 316 Tatum, Reginald Daniel-260 Taylor, George-210 Taylor, Jerry Benjamin-260 Taylor, Katherine H.-411 Taylor, Kenneth Orlen-234 Taylor, Laura Mae-54, 75, 77, 111, 351 Taylor, Linda Lou-81, 275, 340 Taylor, Maxine G. Moorman -210 Taylor, Robert Allen-393 Taylor, Walter Andrew-260 Tedens, John Henry V-261 Teel, Paul Herman-261 Teinert, Randolph Errol- 359 Tekell, Vernon Odean-391 Telschow, Barbara Jean-261 Telschow, Emil Raymond- 21, 412 Templeton, Earl Wayne-234 Tenhroeke, Fredrik H.-211 Tench, Rowland Brian W.- 300 Terry, Gloria E. Goatcher- 195, 291, 325, 328, 387 Terry, Jack Morris-'57, 195, 290, 326 Thayer, George E.-261 Theall, Frank Leonard-223 Thomas, Chester Wayne, Jr. -211 Thomas, Eddie Bolinger-94 Thomas, James Henry-311, 413 Thomas, Joe York-234 Thomas, Martin Louis-261 Thonlas, Murphy Lee-164, 166 Thomas, Norman Drue-391 Thompson, Dewey L., Jr,- 110, 139, 146, 147, 319, 123 Thompson, Doris J. Gibson- 387 Thompson Edward John- 111, 261 367 Thompson Kenneth Eugene -234 Thompson Lloye Mae-82 Thompson, Mary Lee-349 Thompson, Ronald Dale-211 Thompson, Terry Pat-411 Thomson, Glenda Ervalyn'- 169, 170, 223 Young, Young, Richard Reed-311 54, 350. 351, 403, 405 Thomson, Thomas George- 166 Thornton, Edward William- 261, 412 Threadgill, Max-223 Thurman, Richard Lee-111, 167 Tiemann, Erwin Fritz, Jr.- 211 Tierney, Dorothy Ann-211, 349 Tilotta, Samuel Michael-391 Tindall, Gary Taswell-261, 371 Tinker, Lelia Faye Ewing-- 211 Tippit, Karen-339, 349 Todd, Janice Ann-223, 349 Todd, Joe Lee-223 Todd, Patricia Ann-90, 234 Todd, Robert Lincoln-412 Toland, Frank Marshall--234 Tongish, Claude A.--393 Torkelson, Howard A.-196 Torres, Genaro M.-117, 412 Townsend, Oliver Irving-59, 313, 374, 375 Treichler, Roger Colwell-307 Trifon, Ivan Louis-261, 316 Trimble, Kay-347 Trimm, Joel Albert-381 Triolo, Antoinette J.-234, 331, 333 Triplett, Edward Morrow- 211 Tripp, Loyd Eugene-83, 211 Tritico, Nunzio Leonard-211, 384 Trott, Gary Deane-261 Trube, Jane Meredith-261, 331, 333 Truxillo, Sandy-266, 367 Tucker, Boyce Lynn-234, 363 Tucker, Sunny Bernice-116, 351 Tuffli, Norman Richard-377 Tuffli, William August-164, 166 Turner, Bobby Lee-359 Turner, Emerson Haskell- 261. 411 Turner, Jackie Wayne-211 Turner, Martha Anna-234 Turner, Ralph Ceylon, Jr.- 57, 59, 189, 223, 313, 375 Turner, Ronald Gary-390, 393 Turpin, Solomon Evans-211, 393 Tussing, Judith Eileen-48, 97, 281, 311, 339 Tye, Kenneth LeRoy-234 Ullrich, August, Jr.-395 Underwood, Carol E. Kay- 398 Underwood, Claire E.-107, 223, 245, 397 Urban, Buford Ray-261 Urbamke, Carl Julius-234 Urbina, Dorcas lrene-261 Urdiales, John Manuel, Jr.- 261 Ussery, James Monroe-234, 305 Vacek, Dan Raymond-261 Valerio, Arnold Zuniga-211 Valicek, John Emil-261 Valles, Merrie Ann-120, 261, 401 Vanassenderp, Johan A.-399 Vance, George Howard-399 Vandemark, Ann Josephine- 47, 261 Vandruff, Margaret Mae M.- 307 Vaneaton, Diane Adrienne- 261, 280, 347 Vanmelle, Marinus J.-223 Vanstone, Lorne F., Jr.-73 Vanwagoner, Diane Jayne- 261, 244, 245 Vanwart, Lois E. Ramsey- 223 Vanzant, Thomas J., Jr.-96, Varela, Benjamin-223 311, 316, 374, 375 Vaughan, James Turner-223, 403, 404 Vaughan, John Otis-389 Vaughan, Lucy F. Leake- 211, 338 Vaughan, Terry Sanderson- 223 Vaughn, James William-377 Vauter, Warren Lee-223 Veltman, Charles Albert-211 Vento, Anthony Charles--234 Ventura, Joe Edwin-301 Ventura, Sammy David-261 Veres, Jackie Bo-409, 410 Verinder, Richard F.-234 Verot, Rene, Jr.-261 Verri, Robert, Jr.-124, 234, 369, 409 Vickers, George T., Jr.-261 Vickers, Joe Walter-235 Victoria, Robert Daniel-223, 4-02 Victory, Sidney P., Jr.-211, 371, 388, 391 Viguerie, Richard Art-399 Villarreal, Mary Jessie-406 Vincent, William G., Jr.-211, 359 Viscusi, Richard Louis-235 Vitera, Carl James-211 Vitera, Charles Josef-211 Vlasek, Robert Lee-261 Vogiatzis, John-395 5 '7ndez Voight, Patricia Ann-235, 311, 348, 349 Voneill, Garnett Craft-261 Vongonten, Wilford A.-261 Vrba, Daniel Louis-223 Wade, Dewey Stafford-139, 146 Wagers. Herbert L., Jr. ---- 262 Waggoner, Donald Lewis- 223 Wagner, Doyle Donald, Jr.- Wesley, James Bennie-379 West, Nancy Carolyn-67. 81, Wilson, Margie Ann--224 108, 117, 297. 332, 334, 350. 351, 384, 398 West, Robert Lee-212 West, Robert Wayne-262 West, Stanley Dee-262, 305 West, West, Westn West i Virginia Rouras-212 Wanda Yvonne -212 iorelantl. Bruce E.-262 hal Dou las H-262 172, 319 Wagner, Edwin Allen---235 Wahden, Catherine M.-262 Wahlers. Judy-355 Wakelield, Sharon Latane- 347 Wald Wald en, Duane Of- 235 rip, Mary Judith-347 Walger, John Adam-391 Walk er, J. W.-223 Yvalker, James W., Jr.--223 Walker, Robert Joseph-262 Walker, Virginia Maria-72 Wallace. Jack Maurice- - 223 Wallace, John Michael- -262, 337 Wallace. Paul Ernest- -211 . I . g . Weymouth, .lohn F., Jr.-235 373 Whalen, Jolm Edward-235, 320 Wharton, Robert Glen--135, 146, 148, 296, 319 Wheeler, Harvey Ellison- 235, 373 Wheeler, Julia Ann-54, 77, 262, 351 Wheeler, Rebecca Jane --98, 235. 348. 349 Wheeler, Richard D.-395 Wheeh-'r, Robert Lewis-212, 387 Wheeless, Mitzi Ann B.-212 Whitcher, Arthur E., Jr.-223 Walsh, Geraldine Malley- 211. 355 Walsh, Marjorie Ann-49, 339, 342, 343 Walters, Barbara Ann-223, 342 Walters, Richard Paul, Jr.' - 262 White, Dana Wayne-235 White, Howard Milton-262 White, Larry Bruce-377 White, Priscilla Anne-224 White, William Edward-404 White, William Roland, Jr.- 57, 79, 236, 262, 325, 377 Whitehead, Mary Carolyn- Walters. Sondra Leona--411 Wand, Robert Leigh' -- 394 Wandrcy, Ross Gibson--70 Ward Ward , .lolks Oscar-235 , Mary Arai-44, 353, Ward, Patil Glenn-146 Ware. Warren Wayne-223, 388 390 Wark. Robert Kennedy, Jr.- 262 Warnasch. LeRoy Gilbert f 262. 304 Warner, Jack Bruce-390, 407 Warner, Josephine Marian- 235 Warren, Bernice James-211 Warren, James Franklin-387 Warren, Jolm David-397 Warren, Johnnie Franklin- 262 Wassel, Joe Edward-223, 401 Waterman, Robert Charles- 169, 262 89, 322, 352 Whiteley, Don Earl--82, 108, 110, 112,115, 117, 121, 409, 321, 334 Whitley, Larry Jean-224 Whitley, Wanda Willhoite- 224 Whitt, Thomas Henry-262 Whittaker, Edward George- 400 Whittington, Alfred W.-370, 371 Whitty, Robert E.-262 Whitworth, Jimmy Max-262 Wickboldt, Mae McCarter- 262 Wideman, Henry Cole' -69 Wiederhold, Elroy, Jr.-263 Wilcox, Curtis Hairston-403 Wilcox, Gary Murben-404 Wiley, Paula Ruth-263, 244, 245 Wiley, Robert T.-224 Wilhelm, Stephen R., Jr.- 212 Waters, David Llewellyn-401 Watson, Bobby-118, 122, 313 Watson, Robert Eugene-367 Watson, William Hugh, Jr.- - 262 Watts, ,lohn Carter' -211 Watts, Karcle N. Maresh-f 211 Weathersby, Sherman Dean-- 262 Weatherspoon, Thomas 0.- 262 Weaver, Pattye Lee-211 Weaver, Thomas Dolpha, Jr. ---235 Webb, Don Shirley-39.9 Webb, George Lewis, Jr.- 389 Webb, Robbie Nell-301 Webb, Wayne Greenlee-262 Webb, 'Willis Newman-330, 398, 333 Weber, Charles A. lll-212 Weber, Ronald Martin-168, 177, 178 Weber, Stephen August-223 Weeks, John Eugene-262 Weido, Vincent Charles-212 Weinberger, Jonas Gerson- 303 Weinberger, Mitchell I-262 Weis, Leonard Duane-212 Wilkerson, Jane--224 Wilkinson, Clyde N., Jr.-212 Wilkinson, Thomas B.-235 Willenborg, Philip Leo-212 Willhoite, Ernie Dean-224, 382 Willhoite, Ronald Eugene- 235 Williams, Clyde Nathan-263 Williams, George David-176 Williams, James Doyle-263 Williams, James Harold-224 Williams, Jefferson Lee-263 Williams, Jerry Ross-383 Williams, Jo Ann-235 Williams, Judy Marie-342 Williams, Julian Sims-235 Williams, 235 Williams, 395 Kenneth Wayne'- Kermit Lo uis-212, Williams, Pamela McGehee- 56, 214, 224, 287, 339 Williams, Roger Barron-400 Williams, Roger Wayne--212 Williams, William Don-212 Williamson, Frank Pieri--212 Wilson, Max Fletcher--172, 319 Wilson, Robert Dennis-213 Wilson, Ronald Edward-224 Wilson, Ruth A. Clary-301 Wilson, Ruthc Lois--235 Wilton, Pamela Faustine-86 Windham, James Wayne- 146, 235. 318 Winegar, Richard Cain--213 Wingo, Theodore Maurice- 235 Winkelmann, Tommy Albert -224 Winkler, Carol Louise--263 Winkler, Johnny Cyril, Jr.- 263 Winslow, Richard Paul-46 Winters, Jackie Lee-263, 340 Wirth, Ferd Leo, Jr.-263 Wisby, Allen Knight-263 Wisley, Herbert Wayne --390 Witt, James Roger-235 Woebse, Phyllis Lynn -48, 77, 263, 351 Wofford, Lanelle-235 Wolff, Ronald Irwin--235, 365 Wolfsdorf, Marilyn Mae-46, 73, 224 Wollaston, John W., Jr.-52 Wolnitzky, Alexis--263 Womack, Donald Gene-396 Wondrak, Mary Jo-120, 339, 350, 351 Woo, Pak Fat-263 Wood, Darlis Ann--88, 301 Wood, Logan Walter, Jr.- 235 Wood, Myrna Lee--278, 348, 349 Wood, Susan Latrelle-102, 339 , 354, 355 Woodall, Spencer Dean-235 Woodard, Bobbie Rae-263 Woodbury, Susanne-408 Woodie, Mary Carol-350 Woodsmall, Donald Otis--213 Woodward, Joseph Ruby- 395 Wooten, Leonard Ernest-235 Worden, Thomas Charles- 212 Worley, Frank L., Jr.-390 Worley, Martha Jane-212 Worley, William David--213 Wornat, Wilroy Herbert-235 Wortham, Ralph Norman- 404 Wren, Harry Edward-235 Wright, Jack Ledford-396 Wright, Jimmy Ross-375 Wright, John Allen- 51, 382 Wright, Milton Homer-196 Wright, Preston Howell-263 Wroblewski, Marie Claire- 213 Wyatt, Billy Harold-263, 360 Wyatt, Sarah Susan-97, 213, 300 Wycott, Larry Donald-224 Yaberg, Richard Dale-235 Yarbrough, Carolyn E. H.- 411 Yates, John Griffin-399 Yee, Cecilia Peggy-263 Yoder, Margaret Jane--346, 347 York, Bill W.-301 York, Wayne Andrew-224, 381 Yoshida, Chiharu-224 Youell, Spencer Martin-183, 303, 317 Young, Catherine V.-305, 330, 347, 333, 334 Weise, Bobby Louis-132, Weiss, Harvey-212 Weiss, Leo Carl-169, 171, 223, 319 Welch, Alan Jerome-212 Williamson, Hermnia Lee- 212 Williamson, William M., Jr. -212, 411 Williford, Thomas Glenn- 263 Young, Young, George M.-118 George Martin-122 Young, Macarita Olivia C.- 196 Margaret Ann-224 Willis, Jack Darwin-212 Willoughby, Charlie C.-235 Wilson, Carolyn Ann-263 Wilson, Curtis Clark, Jr.-305 Welcl 166 1, Jackie Lee-162, 165, Welch, John Edgar-235 Welch, Patricia C. Cecil-410 Welcl Wells 1, Walter Elnathan-395 , Betty Lou-223, 406 Wel ls, Sidney Ralph-235, 373 i Wilson, Diane Patricia-235, 347 Wilson, Gary Richard-212 Wilson, Jack Oral-75, 93, 100, 113, 117, 126, 212, 321, 336, 337 Wilson, Jacqueline Mae-49, 212, 343 Wells, Wallace Edward-398 Wenck, John Alfred, Jr.- 235, 356, 382 Wendler, Edward Oscar-196 Wern, George Marion, Jr.- 235 Wilson, Joan Rosella-212 Wilson, John August-224 Wilson, John Hamill-263, 305 Wilson, Lewis Joseph, Jr.- 212 Young, Nancy Doris-263 Young, Oda Faye Roberts- 224 Younger, Nelda Gay-61, 214, 340, 341 Zagone, Raymond Neal-196, 399 Zatopek, Thomas Jerry-263 Zebak, Victor Musa-213 Zidell, Harvey Robert-235, 303 Zinke, Claudine Jeanetta- 263 Zinnante, Anthony R.-263 Zuckero, George Henry, Jr.- 337 Zwan, Alphonse George-196 Building your bank credit is an important step in building your future. Make The National Bank of Commerce - "the bank for all the peoplen - your bank too. Complete banking facilities, checking accounts, savings accounts, safe deposit boxes, trust department, auto loans, home improvement loans and personal loans. THE NATIONAL BANK OF C MMERCE OFHOUSTON culr BUILDING - MAIN AT nusx - Houston MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION LANGHAM, LANGSTON wEssENnoRF, NELMS 8. co 81 Qualiiy Tool Suppliers for Home, Shop, IndusI'ry 5535 HARVEY WILSON DR. Insurance Counselors ' TEXAS ICE AND FUEL COMPANY 3700 Monrrose Boulevard Sized Ice HQUSTQN' TEXAS Carvings in Ice 630I HARRISBURG WAInuI' 3-I6OI Young nzen and women find friends MAIN AT M KINNEY Y .S " Sf' - , ik f"f '9'fff'f':..5f?f - .i i 12 5' 'if,1Qf'f'.ri.f 4li X . may 0.5452 .3 .gizrpla .f 1,3-'gl-?:.VZ5, -.553 Q . J f 1, , V. i K L N 1,7 .-watts. 4, ..,,k':5 fy, ' tiff- gr. '5'ffETi:55W.:I', - ya Ai : M Q, i . fr A - . ', ,.g,A5, W' H .:":'.?4' "gs" :- ii-yk q ,M Q' 'gg I . A .. k-'hgf-2.11 1 gg, is-Tffgfft ' N? gb 'L ' it if? 9 '--.I 5. 1- - .- '. 41. gf J: f ,f. 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I I 1-551 1-sf' 'L v , .Jr-...,a ,il .4 My -,s,.H, gl ,r fs , x Q ' famrew 'i "' 'fgg-, 4' ' -3144 I U ' Despite the mauling it takes, sometimes in the classroom, Free Enterprise provides more employment, more goods, more services, more comforts, and at lower cost, than any other eco- nomic system yet evolved. What Free Enterprise needs is Wider application, so it can keep on doing these things, at even lower cost, for the benefit of all mankind. Classrooms could help in that. A Gulf Coast refining plant whose major processing units were fabricated and erected hy Wyatt's. Congratulations to the CLASS OF 1959 BROWN olL 1'ool.s, lNc. B + W,h 8490 Kafy Road, Posi' Office Box l9236 asm: es HousToN 24, TEXAS GINTHER, WARREN 81 COMPANY Bank of Hue Soui'hwes+ Building CApi+0I 4-069i Wfyffmf Bank of the outhwest A good start on cz H000 FUTURE A member of the Cl f 1959 youfre ff t g ci t rt! May w g at lat y d h y y c zh y z HUMBLE OIL 81 REFINING COMPANY Cougar I958 Resulls ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Universily of Houslon Pul a Sparkle in Your Glass Try CANADA DRY BEVERAGES Canada Dry Bo'HIing Co. of Housfon, Inc. Hous+on ' 39 Texas A8cM , II.IIIaa ,IIIIII s 34 Universily of Cincinnafi 44 Wichila s I,,I,II IA.a s , 0 Oklahoma S'Ia+e Universify . IIIIIII s 20 Tulsa Universily , 7 Mississippi U. U 6 Norfh Texas SI'a+e ,sss..s 37 Miami ss sssssss....As 22 Texas Tech ,sss..,. COMMONWEALTH SERVICES, INC. ASSOCIATES, INC. Managemenl' and Consulfing and Design Business ConsulI'anI's Engineers 300 Park Ave. 209 E. Washingfon New York 22, N. Y. Jackson, Michigan OTHER OFFICES: I Main s+ree+ 1612 K s+ree+ N. w. PONTIAC CENTER Housfon 2, Texas Washinglon 6, D. C. ..-I-he SOUH1WeS+,S I-argesf EDWIN T. FEIGLE CO. Typewrilers - Adding Machines Sales and Service and Renlals The Home of HERMES Typewrilers and ADDO-X Adding Machines We Also Sell and Service ALL Olher Makes 4909 Fannin Ja 4-6800 WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS Ponliac Dealer" I62I Milam ai- Pease Ca 7-3I7I Backers I959 Foo+baII Schedule Sepf. I 9 Sep+. 26 Ocf. 3 OcI'. I 0 OcI'. I 7 OcI'. 24 Ocf. 3 I Nov. 7 Nov. I4 . . . Mississippi Universi+y"' . . . Universi+y of AIabama"' . . . Universi+y of CincinnaI'i"' . . . Texas A8xM . . . Oklahoma SI'aI'e Universi+y . . . NorI'h Texas SI'aI'e CoIIege"' . . . TuIsa UniversiI'y . . . Texas Tech . . . Open Game' 'I' Home Games MacGREGOR PARK NATIONAL BANK Convenienf Io Siudenis 5730 Caihoun Road OI 4-430I Member Federal Deposii' Insurance Corporafion CompIe+e Mail Adver+ising Service 'For 35 Years PREIMER PRINTING AND LETTER SERVICE Now in Our New Home af 2I20 McKINNEY CIo+hing Headquariers 'For U. of H. Sfudenfs REX TAILORS Available for Renfing Tux The Eyes of Ihe Oil Indus+ry SCHLUMBERGER Gulfgaie Shopping Cify Mi 5-8507 Meyerland PIaza Mo 7-9I29 ,dffiiks rnmuu INV SISK 8: VAN EATON MOTORS, INC. Auihorized Downfown Renauli Deaier HOWARD VAN EATON, III 222I Milam S+reeI' Exec. Vice-Presideni' Housion 2, Texas Phone CA 5-I8OI "Refresh Be+ween Classes" VEND-A-DRINK COMPANY I2 I6 Rosine Ja 4-5455 PEDEN IRON 81 "Hous+on's Own Finishing School" 'Fashion "'Pl1o+ograpl1ic 'Television 'Malte-up Personal AH'en+ion Wi+l1 Your Individual Problem Training Agency STEEL CQ. Ja 9-2535 Ja 2-0740 Serving Houston Over W If B I L s cicademie o c orrn-.-.7 YCCI I'S I207 LoveH' Blvd. Mdm0dff1'ffg H , T Congratulates ouslon 6 exas the University . I isi yy fi . - Meef l'l'1e Fmesl' mime in s Qn Its Rqpld Prggl-Q55 CS+ereo Hi-Fi fi? J iais omponen s- y i sf 1 aiii See and Hear 'llme i ii aiii f i J. M lncomparable i Il' B WHOLESALE HARDWARE General I " s 4?,i9 Eleclric 'S r l 2 Q0 4 INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES I-Stereo Classic.. Q F Q M 'W 700 N. San Jacin'I'o CA 2-2l2I E-,BLIND EQUIPMENT INCORPORATED 2506 CRAWFORD CA 2-62I9 Clollwes Courlesy of Joslce's PARKER BROTHERS 81 CO., INC. Prod ucers-Distributors Shell-Sand-Gravel-Cemenl Ready Mix Concrefe-Aspl'1al+-Coa'red Shell Sand Sfabilized Shell Orders by Rail, Boa+ or Truck HOUSTON I, TEXAS MAIN PLANT AND OFFICE 5303 Navlgaiion Blvd .O,..,......,.,,,,ss,,,,. WA-6-446I 'UW M23-w CONCRETE PLANTS SHELL PLANTS Indus+riaI Road .................... GL-3-I937 8220 Fuqua ..................,..... WA I Il52 Holmes Road ....,,..u............. OL-4-862I Hwy. 73 al Greens Bayou .... GL 3 243I Clay Road ...,.,....... .....,... H O-2-3444 Diclcinson ,,,..,.,.s........,...,..,.,......,,., 72000 Deepwaler ........ ......... G R-9-2729 'H J. S. ABERCROMBIE President HERBERT ALLEN Vice President cmd General Manager The Oil Industry Counts on Cameron for Protection Tlit- nclvancecl designs of the Czunc-ron pressure Controls for clrillin and production are the result of a research and development progrzun which has continued for over 35 years. To be ready with the best equipment at the right time-, We have combined first-hand field know-how with the finest in inmiufaeturing technology, The challenges of these activities are stimulating experiences and offer world-wide opportunities for alert engineers who are interested in professional growth and individual advancement. il rich as Texas...I I yi 5 X pure as gold X '1 Q HOMOGENIZED Xl A X oqgffgmf X 1 W if-TV' ff 3 X II Num - -. . Q JV, 1 TNN NL , E I IIIIIIQ III! Q W 4 5' X H XX ip.: as nc' as Tx xx I Ill N r E .97 7:1 FST' O o I 0 X Ie' D I ' X I I 0 'HIQII f 1 1 I f -ne.' -- , ,beef ' S ' X 'UO-I, '--R.'7'xf :CL I U , mnhjg uni A """lw W 4.4 'MI X ll lll-'- K X QI"':"'-- W I' TIM O I f lUXu P I' A' f X Rvlcf cR T Richer, creclmier tasfier I , ...V , X iust one quc1Iity...1he finest! O I W I I Milk and Ice Cream CompIimen+s of WAUKESHA SALES AND SERVICE, INC Pos+ Office Box I6038 HOUSTON 22 TYPEWRITER AND ADDING MACHINE EXCHANGE Machine SaIes and Service OFFICE FURNITURE AND EQUIPMENT 4900 TeIephone Rd. MI 5-6688 Al ,. , ., ...-v:n,,,, fl' ,uv ,an .-If' ,e.o"' ,. .w':,,,--f-V' .. :- -s 0 I -Q-' TOP PERFORMANCE TOP QUALITY LOWEST PRICE AMERICAN TITLE 81 GUARANTY CO. HARRIS COUNTY ABSTRACT CO. Established I885 HOUSTON, TEXAS YOU NEVER OUTGROW p YOUR NEED FOR MILK ' y DRINK THREE GLASSES EVERY DAY ----- -------""""""" S I ' A .Lt I ll In .QLMA 7Ex15 Producers Association ROY E. SMITH UNderwood I-3l23 General Manager P. O. Box 76I7 Houston 7, Texas TH E MAPLE ROOM of the MEMORIAL PROFESSIONAL BUILDING Serving Better Foocl al Popular Prices AVAILABLE for PRIVATE PARTIES AND DINNERS For Reservations Call, D,,,., ,D,, F a 3-49l5 THE SOUTH'S FINEST PRINTING PLANT . . . with modern letterpress and off- set equipment to produce quickly and economically every type of print- ing and binding, including catalogs, magazines, brochures, folders, books, broadsides, Stationery and forms. JAckson 9-4204 GLIJF PRINTING CTONIRXNH zzio WEST DALLAS ' E I' Q5 3 61901911091 10" HOUSTON Thanks to abundant resources- including natural gas-the Texas Gulf Coast has become a dynamic new frontier of industrial development. In whatever field you choose, you will find bright opportunity for your future right here at home. NATURAL GAS SYSTEM SERVING HOME AND INDUSTRY ON THE TEXAS GULF COAST For Your Convenience Ten Locations REFINING COMPANY l02I CAPITOL 2I5 GULFGATE MALL TEXAS AND SAN JACINTO HOUSTON, TEXAS 2520 AMHERST I I25 WALKER 4422 MAIN 2OI9 WEST GRAY 5603 ALMEDA 2252 WEST HOLCOMBE 2l28 PORTSMOUTH A ' ang Inc "ON E'S A MEAL" , "PURVE YORS OF AMERlCA'S FINEST BEEF... BROOKS SYSTEM SANDWICH SHOPS NAGLE ' CA 2-998i HOUSTON 3, TEXAS T Freshman .. . or Senior... or Active Alumnus You'lI never find better business friends than the folks ut Houston Bank S Trust MAIN AT JEFFERSON HousroN . . . fllghf on the way fo Everywhere "YOUR BUS RIDE- THE BIGGEST BARGAIN IN TOWN!" HOUSTON TRANSIT COMPANY Producers of Specially Chemicals for I'he PeI'roIeum and Pelro-Chemical Induslries PALMER-HOUCK CHEMICAL CORP. 352I W. Dallas Ja 2-I438 Lilhog ra phers Prinlers Engravers Slalioners Office Ou'I"IiHers Mimeog ra phed Producls WILSON STATIONERY AND PRINTING COMPANY Prairie at Fannin CA 7-8221 Our Wealth is Here Rich natural resources and imaginative young men and women to help develop them . . . those are Texas' wealth. The one must be conserved if the other is to prosper. That's why we feel an obligation to use wisely our forests to preserve this natural resource for tomorrow's generations. THE CHAMPION PAPER AND FIBRE COMPANY Manufacturers of Pulp and Paper from Texas Forests ., is Nea--A ssss as A Q y f "-A Complimen+s of ' alll , wx - -gm iifax , Vw """"" 2:15, an --'ff "' """ 4200 LEELAND HIGBEE 8: MITCHELL i4i5-i7 Dallas Ave. v FAarfax 3-2383 STATE BANK pu Q. Box ,726 M b Federal Deposit Insurance Corporclion I' Member Fed I R Sy ,- ' Il Elfffllf PLANTS S R P HARRISON EQUIPMENT co., inc. CAMERA COMPANY 1422 San Jacin+o S+. Hous+on, Texas PHONE cApa+oi 4-9131 . Dislribulors for Proc.IucI's of Fannin D. W. Onan 8: Sons, Inc., Minneapolis, Minn. Ca 3-4604 Gasoline and Diesel Elecfric Genera+ing Plan+s Genera+ors ' Air-Cooled Engines Co-eds Nancy West Jeannine Bond, Sue Swilzer and Shirley l-lorelica Praise lhe Always Delicious FRIED CHICKEN Ai Tall Wallaamf Try Our Many O+her Tasle Temp+ing Dinners and Be'I'ween Meal Snacks Visi+ These Bill Williams Loca'I'ions Oflen Bill Williams Chicken House, 65I5 Main McGregor House, 5l00 Old Spanish Trail Bill Williams Resfauranl' and Molel, Hiway 59, Richmond, Texas Bill Williams Coffee Shop, 806 Clay KING PRODUCTS WA. 3-4368 COOLEY, WA. 6-7728 HARRISBURG SCHWEIKART 84 SEAMAN Insurance of All Kinds O Since I859 Wholesale and Reliall . 50l Co++on Exchange Bldg. 7627 Hamsburg Ca 7-639I I-louslon, Texas C. E. RAY HOUSTON l2, TEXAS OLYMPIA KOHLER OF KOHLER Headquaners Balhroom Fixlures , H d "World's Finesl Typewriler Everyifhingargn plumbing E l T Tiiiiiiirofa 'DEAL , , ' PLUMBING SUPPLY CO. 2608 Fannin CApi'rol 7-5282 320 Broadway Wa 3-2828 When You Seal Your Love fjjjgjy' With a Diamond . . . 'lf' Look for This Seal, Tool Lsvws S J 1 W OFAMQRICA , I ,- ' - I 1 A s jf. X V lu i' fs h l L Wvnizso MEMBER Jewelers K You will find 'lhis seal only al Levil"s in Houslon. Three generafions of happy Hous+on brides have placed lheir confidence in Levil"s, who have been in ihe diamond business for over 40 years. Levi+'s membership in lhe Diamond Council of America means 'lhal' lhey have been nalionally recognized for lheir skill and inlegrily in 'lhe diamond field. The day you buy a diamond, place your confidence in Levi+'s where every diamond is guaranleed for lasling beauly and value. 1 sio Main S+. lO26 Main S+. HOUSTON'S LARGEST INDEPENDENT JEWELERS - Persona at Houston s Fastest GPOWlHg Bank ,Nii Hanky 72xas Besl' Wishes to +l'Ie Class of I958 MASTIC TILE CORPORATION OF AMERICA szoo Pos+ oak Mohawk 4-344I HOUSTON 5, TEXAS Q LEARN MAN U ProfessioFI:,lnDrafIing 0 F Professional Draflsmen POWER BOI L E R S TAUGHT BY APPOINTMENT H E E Call. . . Ca 5-3766 or Fa 3-8I23 PRESSURE VE SSE I. S STICK'-E-THCMPSON SPECIAL MACHINE RY 8' COMPANY uw N Daw' 7I I Main Bldg. + Room 300 Buy the Best Buy TEXACO can ONE 'fi' -Iwi!-R ,:. 5 ll K I If' If . W N x you . , ' OF THETWENTY- PAUL cALLico VPGREAT RESTAURANTS ' -, ESQUIRE MAGAZINE -for me womb." i ' yo Old Deferred Premium Plan for College Seniors INDIANAPOLIS LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY E. J. MINCKS, C. L. U. General Agen+ and Associales 6545 M ' SI I Housfof?-xulee Couogo Inn isis Main Phone cApa+0l 2-975I JA 9-6484 Ernest Coker, your host 5 E SI'andard Q, be Duplicafing Machines WALLACE DUPLICATOR COM I4I4 FANNIN STREET-HOUSTON 2, TEXA Telephone CAPITOL 2-2273 PANY Subsidiary o'F WESTINGHOUSE AIR BRAKE CO. S 36II Gulf Freeway CApiIoI 7-7225 Jfammelfii :qu-Za-Bafze 3005 Harrisburg Blvd. CApiI'oI 5-5454 Aulomobiles PainI'ed and Oven Baked 539.95 EigI1I'-Hour Service Everyllwinq for Ilwe Laborarory INDUSTRIAL SCIENTIFIC, INC. HOUSTON FT. WORTH ODESSA BATON ROUGE It has been a pleasure to serve you. jytvv-f HAWKINS AND HAWKINS W. F. ALBERT FELIX RESSMANN Phone FA3-5I48 OIL THE PRESCRIPTION HOUSE INC. Bank OI The SOUIITWGSI Six Graduafe PI'larmacis+s 'ro Serve You BUIICIIITQ Free Moior Deiivery 8II Fannin Housfon 2, Texas SUPPLY CORPORATION . . Le++er Press and Llfhographlng Division of Cards 0 Pisa I Black Hardware Company Programs ', 'iwiumbgng zlo Magnolia P.o. Bax 524 5+a+i9rlery Q Mill Supplies Phone ORchard 2-94II ' ' .W2:,J?S::Lzcls GALQQQQARK fddgww C Sporiing Goods 'fuQSbijsiQa'Sr'gj,fc,s I6I5 Norfolk .lAckson 9-9598 Q Valves and FiHings O EIec+ricaI Appliances Compiimenis of PETER EGO A Division of +Ile PETROLITE CORPORATION SPECIALIZED ELECTRICAL PROCESSES FOR DESALTING AND DEHYDRATING FIRST MORTGAGE COMPANY OF HOUSTON 5I0 Ta'FI' JAcIcson 9-393i ITAFT AT BUFFALO DRIVE, CRUDE PETROLEUM: ELECTROFINING PRECIPITATORS, AND LUBE OIL. 3202 Sou+I1 Wayside WAInu'r 6-743I fb 0 ll 'lwlzicl' 'Piss '41 'lr I Ip Pg 1ff,,'c4, 7 l ll f 4' Iggy!! CompIimenI's of HUNT TOOL COMPANY HARRELL DRILLING COMPANY Bank of 'rhe SouIhwes'r Building CONVENIENCE VO SUIT YOU TOA T ., M FE DE INS CO BER ER L OSIT UR POR o ACCESSIBLE LOCATION o PROMPT ATTENTION o PACE-SETTER SERVICES V-I. CN I vm W ,NM - 1, 'Lf mi.. .dxxgmmmlzf ,,, exals f - . " " . Nkxpm National I -I Bank ....-..... Ifg::::::: nussuulhu OF HOUSTON 1 QN -L ..,. ,.. HOUSTON NATIONAL BANK "Your Financial Friend" A Sincere Wish Since .876 for Success to Each Member Member of the Class of I959 FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION As You Build Your MICHEL T. HALBOUTY Fu-fure - Build Your Home and Remember Us KZZZ J for! 6605 SOUTH MAIN HOUSTON 25, TEXAS .. .,......... MWMW.-A-,m M., ,, ...... .... i , s .es .4152 - I .. fa.. " vw ., . ,, Wg.. Ma , ,. A 15,1 ,.,.,A, , 'I W fm - ff '--v.W I I 5 I I MW' Q' - I , i,.,,. W. A I 3 I - 5 ' il A '1 ff? " ' ' ' ,MW --'-'f----- if If I if ' 2 I ' 4 E .,..,., Y ,,.,,,., - A-.., , f,,:,,k::4. .. . vll . Q Q . ,I .i.,,..,.. . ., .,.-. t, I 1 .i.,i gg I " .,.,. .. . I ,. ,,, " "N' " " " ' ' 5 I .I I... '--,,.,i I jf.: ' I "-i L -I A ' 5 new Q ,,,, 5? .1 Q, .:?:H,1 D D Y HEFINING COMPBNY P. O. BOX 185 HOUSTON L TEXQS I ' QUHLITY INDEPENDENT GHSOLINES V ,......,....+...A...v.........J. ONFIDENCE CompIImen+s of AMERICAN HAT COMPANY Worlds I3inesI WesIern I-IaIsI izigzizm I ' ONTINENTAL BANK WSH U' 5ZC7uw5 n Our New Facfory Showroom 3I2 Louisiana HOUSTON 2, TEXAS Ph. CA 7-2996 Es+ab. I9I5 X X X For DiscrImina+ing Transien+s X I h . . ' Home of xx and Resudenhal Gues+s THE CRYSTAL The PI e Io Bu Is API DINING ROOM X X P Y X I I ' XI R. T. CULLATHER X, Manager CompIimenIs ATLAS PIPE, INC. HOUSTON 25, TEXAS Housfon-Corpus Chrisfi-TuIsa BUSTER BECKER DUTCH TWERNEMAN WARWICK HOTEL AND APARTMENTS HousI'on, Texas It has been a pleasure to serve you. f TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "The WorId's Best Yearbooks Are TayIorAmade" , 22 v ,Q 5, K' 1 KZ E Q: vi W S -. ia ? if 5 6 fs si Qi af 55 's

Suggestions in the University of Houston - Houstonian Yearbook (Houston, TX) collection:

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