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' ■ • ' T?rw •;. iSt S Lnu; ;LLEN iilll ' C; __ -- Ng ' erc.,,. Wi»l iw n HI4 I4H I4H NH V I H lUi ' I; i, I, 111, ll UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON • VOLUME 16 ..- f, nn-r .TT nT -.- - - ' rr.--l: ' i? ,n ' SV:!Ail.;.i i L- B H B SS Sii I ' lvyi- KBML,; ( MtMt EZEKIEL W CULLEN TEXAS STAIKSMAN THE EZEKIEI. W. CLLLEN ADMINISTRATION BUILDING DEDICATION Around us rise the symbols of the University of Houston ' s progress. It is impossible to walk between ituildings on the campus without realizing the tremendous growth which is taking place as each day passes. Construction has become such a familiar sight to us that wc often traverse the grounds without consciously noticing the constant iniproxcmciit and eidargcment taking place. Alm() t without our rcali inu it. the University is being rearranged. No. nolhiti;: ha brcii moved: but. with the addition of new buildings, the cam|)ii- li.i- |je i)nie a iiiiil in le,i(l uf an unrealized arciiilrciina I plan. Center of this unit is the Ezekiel W. Cullen adminislration building, which has already been did)bcd the " Zeke building, " not with irreverence but with affection. Rising majestically toward the blue Texas sky. the " eke building " svmbolizes that spirit of growth and progress which is the I ni- versity of Ibm-lnn. To that spirit and to Ezekiel W. Cullen, the Texas patriot wlm-,- lori ' - sight envisioned the need for an educated Texas, wc dedieile i lie 10.50 Houstonian. THK l ' r 0 HOUSTONUW STAKE STAFF ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Your 1950 Houstonian is the work of many minds and hands. Any annual, large or small, needs the services of a varied group, using their many talents. Giving credit to all who made The 1950 Houstonian a reality is a big job involving the cooperation of almost every student and faculty member in one way or another. First job that confronted us was the class section. Wheat studios worked through the turmoil of registration to help set a record in the number of class pictures taken for any Houstonian. Keeping more than 2300 pic- tures straight was a difficult job, but Wheat came through in fine style. The Vanity Fair Beauty section photographs were produced by Miss Martha Pyke of the University ' s photography department and her student photographers. Jim Brand, Yvonne Corrigan, John J. Ford, W. Walter Gural, Marvin Harris, Ray Hembree, Robert E. Johnson, Carolyn Litowich, Ted Marek, and Molly Reed. They did a great job. Kappa Alpjha Mu pictorial journalism fraternity and the University ' s photography department came through for us with pictorial coverage of the campus, its activities, and its students. Without top-quality pictures, you can ' t have a good yearbook. Individually our photographers corps, led by Dan Hardy, included Jim Cummings, Ira Dischler, Keith Hawkins, Glenn Heath, and Ted Marek. Photography without printing, however, can ' t produce the best Hous- tonian possible. Taylor Publishing company, our printers, was the final link in a chain that bound The 1950 Houstonian together. Taylor ' s rep- resentative, Martin Hamilton, was on call whenever we ran into the stum- bling blocks of an annual. Tom Murray, Taylor ' s art editor, kept close watch on the book at the plant and also designed the title page, contents, and cover. Since this book is the largest lithographed annual ever produced in Texas, it is fitting that the job should be done by the largest yearbook lithography concern in the coimtry. That brings us to you, the reader, again, in the book ' s creation, you played your respective part. Now it ' s ready, your 19.50 HOUSTONIAN. THE HOUSTONIAN STAFF N. S. Patterson. .S joh.s« - Pete Gilpin. Editor Jack Wilson. llu.sincsM Maudiier .... ,t.-f .t . »- Mi • ' • f " f liR ,,- km» fcfr ii! ■ rf X 10 V - L I n=» ' vS P • — -xn l T ' ■x , ' GlSTR r of Freshmen OrieiUalioii i SrESsC: tS »--- ?ft. weary frosli relax fur a Above, upperclassnien indoctrinate to the Cougar Fight Song and Ahiia a SLI TRIP Cougar Special to SLI was fi pfl with rooUTS. " Renipnil)cr tin- Hiirklinrn " lifcnmr a familiar rrs ;i- I II fans sUirmed the walls of i. ifavcltc. WILLIAM AND MARY RAID rile lia|i|)y sliouts of III raiflrrs " Oporalion While- uasii luriicd to groans when the oiilronic was not as cx- ppclcti. Kvidrntly Virginia Iraditions were not the sanio as ours. . dffKHf] 1 tin " - ELECTIONS ' » l«» Politicians vying each other for precious voles. YEA COUGARS 14 Cougars invade " Owlland " for pep rally. HOMECOMING 1949 Homecoming activities were bigger and better this year than ever before. Even the rainy weather could not dampen ex-students and students ' spirit Homecoming Day. Audrey Totter, glamorous movie star. Eddie Dyer. Manager St. Louis Cardinals. May- or Oscar Holcombe were outstanding guests at the huge all-student pep rally. Miss Totter attended all Homecoming affairs as Honorary Homecoming Queen. Billye Jean Taylor was presented by Jack Valenti, President of the Ex-student Association as Homecoming Queen of 1949. f - ' ' JfS %■ ' . ' ■ ' ' ■ ' - " • ' -, M ■ ■■ v V T TT HOMECOMING " ■• -; ' i ' ;lrs Exes were honored with a luncheon, tea. play, and a dance at the Rice Hotel. The Homecoming Dance was sponsored bv the Co-ed Club, whose president. John Quasi, is shown above presenting Miss Taylor a bouquet. The ceremonies at intermis- sion were broadcast over KATL. Homecoming Queen finalists were chosen from some 30 I ' niversity Coeds nominated for the honor. The four finalists, shown below crossing the campus, were feted at the numerous activities. They were Joyce Mixon. Billye Ta lor. Jackie Hall, and Frances Harwas. ] ' (). MT i(c fr;iliTiiil . siMiiisi.rcil ami ■ uilt the ' ){) foot llomecomitij; bmiflrc Miove are before and after pi lMn-s of lln- bonfire. VARSITY VARIETIES Cato « " Varsity Varieties of 1950, traditional all student pro- duction sponsored by the Drama and Journalism Depart- ments, was directed for the second consecutive year by George Durbin, graduate drama major. VarsilN Venus judges show Venus fin- ;disls. Wanda ' o k. Wanda Sisk. Mar Steinhort. Frances llarwas. Janie Owens, and Mildred Daiglc how to pose for the photogra- imAt DRAMA PRODUCTIONS CELEBRITIES General Dwight Eisenhower. President of Columbia University, looks over U. H. camp- us with Dr. Oberholtzer. Sam Rayburn. Speaker of the House of Representatives, and Albert Thomas, both seated, visit with Dr. Oberholtzer and members of the faculty. Circled is Dr. Robert Hutchins. Chancellor of the Univer- sity of Chicago, who was another distinguished visitor on our campus. Among those visiting celebrities not pictured were movie stars— Bruce Cabot. Peter Lawford. Ann Blyth. Audrey Totter. Buff star— Solly Hemus. and Mayor Oscar Holcombe. H. R. Cullen, Joe Martin— Minority Leader of the House. Dr. Oijerholtzer, and Jack Porter at a student assembly. The Peppercttes and Horace Heidt entertain at a pep ral fore the Wichita game. Co. " A " 1st. Lt. Marcus Canlrell. c-otnnianding ROTC Co. " B " Capt. Donald Stricklcr commanding Battalion Staff U. Col. Robi. B. Moppp Major 1{..1)I. Hiili.-df;.- Capt. HarvoN Legate i f. .r. W: m ' » ! M)- " ' (.... ■■(, ' ■ Capt. Cliff Morn. iiinriiaiuliiii; ml (.... ■ !)■■ Capt. Thomas Watson. idtmiiaiidinp WILLIAMSON DAY Students set aside one day to honor J. E. Wil- liamson. Director of Student Activities. Mr. William- son was presented with a wrist watch at the general student assembly. Below he is seen with Betty Lou Arnold, student secretary of the Ex-Students. Among those present at the testimonial banquet for Mr. William- son were the honoree, Ray Croker. Mr. Williamson ' s mother and broth- er, Mrs. Glenn Bond, and Tony Friloux. TECH SCHOOL GRADUATION Inai Snalisls. L JaSiiJf A Dr. W. W. Kemmerer awarded diplomas to Tech School graduates in January, 1950. At right, he is presenting a diploma to Jeane Greene, first woman graduate of the Tech School. VARSITY " H " SWEETHEART BALL III a semi-circle about athletic equipment are Sweetheart finalists. Laura Meyer. Mary Lee Steinhort. Marie Wilson, Wan- da isk. Jeanetle Buford. Anialia Heaton. and Dorothy Elliott. Varsity ' " H " ' . ' Annual Sweetheart Ball was held at the C.r stal Ballroom. Rice Hotel. The 1950 Sweetheart, Mary Lee Meinhort. was presented as she walked through a larse paper heart. e i r ROTC BALL 0 T ' Ernest Weaver and Cliff Horn look mighty happy over the choice of ROTC Queen finalists. Harriilt Shearer. Anialia Hea- ton. Mary Jane O ' Meara. Harriett James and Belly Sterns. lidTC Ou. ' .M. iu Jane O ' Mcii llrl|, ,,f l!..|.rM I|m|,|,,. Mt 111.- Hall ill ill ra cuts the cake with tl citN Coliseuiii. AROUND THE CAMPUS Student Government members enter- tained city councilmen at a tea following discussion on St. Bernard-Cullen Blvd. issue. Frances Harwas, Mary Heancy. and essic Carso enjoved the St. Thomas I ' niver- ily MardiC.ias. where lliov rrprcsc-nted ihi- l. ' ofll. CI, IFF HORN I ' ice Chairman Hal|)hcn " s trouljlc-shooter IlrlwMtlicr.ins. FRONTIER FIESTA IN ' 50 Rraiiis inliin(l lliis car ' s " Greatest College . li()U Dii Karth " ' were the six students piclurerl here. They headed a vast ariiiv of Fiesta workers that made this show even greater than in previous years. W llh llic Fiesta Association and the staffs from eaei) sliow. this team shattered all records. .At press time, figures weren ' t a ailahle. hut it looked like another alleiulancc record. I Aho e. Rusincss lanapcr Kirllc Harris and In kcl Chairman Has Dickens check llic Looks. i ri;.dil. I ' ul lic Relations Chairman Helen Moore am (froimds (ihairman (irc ;or ()urns ma| oul plans for Ihc " lU licsi:,. FIESTA SECRETARIES— sitting: Delores Harris. Barbara Bassham. Joyce Skelton: standing — La Nelle Peterson, Carolyn Frosch. Joyce Lesky. FIESTA CHAIRMEN — kneeling: Sullivan. Heying. Wiley. Carson, Harrison: standing — Cunningham. Ayres. Reine. Hen- dricks. Krasoff. Erikson. Gilpin. FIESTA STARTS ROLLING Actually, the successful Fiesta in 19.50 was the work of the entire stu- dent body. Members of the Fiesta As- sociation pictured here directed opera- tions in Cougarland ' s biggest activity. Fiesta got off to a flying start in February with a mass shaving of all beard contestants. The Fiesta Kick-Off Dance opened the season officiallv. Actress Ann BIyth starts the shaviu; THE FRONTIER FIESTA ASSOCIATION 26 Fiesta ' s first citizens. Sheriff Wade Wiles and Hi ' ll - l?(tl Ann Oo were introduced at the Kick Off Dance. I. fl to right are Wile Siieriff BusliT Kern, i elle Cross. Karl M.Milliaii. and Dave llal|.li.Mi Mr. McMillian donali-.l a neu Ford I,, ihc i-onlesl. Shucks, ma ' am, growing a heard ain ' l had. ESTA DRAWS NEAR Whisker? starled sprouting and buildings started growing during the spring. A Fiesta auction of ten coeds and ten men as well as the Bearded Wonder (Contest kept interest alive as Fiesta time neared. During the Fiesta auction. Bob Augent- haler bought himself a date with Mildred Daigle. .Spring fever took its loll of workers. Finally through, .iiul |ii .| m imie. Betty Ann Cross, Fiesta belle, and Wade Wiley, Fiesta Sheriff. judgf- for llic I loiitiei Fiesta Parade down Main opening Fiesta (iffi( iall wer Earl McMillian. President E. E. Oberholtzer. and Dr. W. W. Kenunerer. Tliei choice for top float was the Silver Moon Saloon. OPENING DAY Solving of the Bearded onder Contest my- stery and a parade with full Western trimmings marked the close of preliminaries. The big day. April 11. was here and that night. Frontier Fiesta of 19.50 officially opened to crowds of Houstonians. The Old West was iii full bloom. A mail ain ' t safe in Fiesta City. First to finish building was the Boot Heel. Of :..!ijle(l I ' irarJed " iilier Fie IHsi 28 Marion Nelson caught Bearded Wonder Rex Green .A- . The Fiesta Pageant introdured the Rrlle and Sheriff to the audienee each night. ■ y 1 OPENING NIGHT On opening night, the sedate citizeiir of Hou- ston mingled in the hrauhiig Western atmosphere of Fiesta Cit . Bearded cowhands, costumed coeds, log-tim- bered cabarets — they all combined to form the 19o() Frontier Fiesta, the " Greatest College Show on Earth. " From Tuesday through Saturday, the crowds kept pouring into the modern boomtown. For five days. UH students offered entertainment of a by- gone day. Can-cans by the dozen. Western drama, come- dy, song, dance, you name it. Fiesta City went all out to bring back the days of the cowhands and cowgirls to modern fiouston. Bella Union ' s gorgeous choru Soused Pacific parodied a familiar musical. Luscious eyefuls awaited Cavalier Theater audiences Far-famed was the Crow ' s Nest Powder Puff Revue. FRONTIER FIESTA FINALE After a five-night run. longest in history. Frontier Fiesta for 19.50 rang down the curtain on the last show. The show was over. Long live the show. With that thought in mind, pla nning began for Fiesta in 1951. The first step would be one of the toughest, trying to find a successor to fill the boots vacated by Dave Halphen, Fiesta chairman this year. With his selection announced at the Fiesta Banquet in May, another ' ' Greatest College Show on Earth " would be under way made possible through the energies of the students of the University of Houston. For another year, the spirit of the Old West would lie dormant, gathering strength to return to Fiesta City next year, bigger and better than ever. Silver Moon Saloon ' s Gaslight Gaieties featured a Gay Nineties Theme. A Bella riiioii lorcli song ((iiild even make tlu- (irciii ' stra swoon. 30 J i:W ' 1 h II. n. CI l.l.KN (.hiuiiiKin Board of Kcgcnt? REGF.NTS NOT I ' iCTl HKD Ci l. James VruliTscui II. (). Clark.-. Jr. Nuah Dirlri. h J. . . KIkins. Sr. Lamar Fleininp. Jr. Palmer Hulcliesmi F. M. Law . . Dee Simpsiiii BOARD OF REGENTS t I., right: .Mr. Cullcn. Col. W. B. Bales. Mrs. L. Dudley. Mr. . ' iinon Sakowitz. Dr. W. W. iiriierer. Miss Kathleen Bland ( reporter I . R. I,. I reporter ) . OFFICERS mnimian II. R. CuIIen Urr.(.htiirmnn Col. W. B. Bales flary Mrs. James I ' , ildusldiin lnnt Secretary James W. i?(i(k Mll BOARD OF REGENTS Left to right: Mrs. Leta Null ( rerording seeretaryl. Jame.s W. Rockwell. S. P. Farish. Mrs. James I ' . Hoii loun. Dr. K. v.. Oherholtzer. BOARD OF REGENTS DIRECTORS OF SCHOOL DR. CHARLES F. HILLER School of Arts and Sciences i)i;. ia(;ENE h. hughes School of Business DR. ARVIN N. DONNER School of Education M. L. RAY School of Eni!:ineerinf: DEAN A. A. WHITE School of Lair DR. N. M. FERGUSON School of I ' liarmacy A. RAY SIMS School ol T,;hnoloii 34 STUDENT ASSOCIATION im GLENN TAPPV BOND Sliiilent .issoviation President MARY LEE STEINHORT Student Association Secretary l. i;i!Y l ' l!KF.I{ Sludi ' nl Association I reasurt JUDICIAL COMMITTEE Left lo right: ll. rn. II. .1.111. Slciiilmrl. Slicrrill. (;il|iin. Watson. ♦ " sr RILL SUKRHILI. Ulitrni- (,rni-rfil STUDENT COUNCIL STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS Left to right: Gene Brown, secretary: Eloise Ada councilnian-at-large: Ray Croker: president: Hi, jstiiim; Moore, councilnian-atlarge: Harold Horan. president. THE " UPPER HOUSE " Mr-. AlrCluha,, Wilson. N„| iiiiiicilnian I. 36 L anJi! ll„.„ STUDENT ASSEMBLY STUDENT ASSEMBLY OFFICERS to right: Sui- Slicrrill, secretary: Jim McHridi ' iaineiilarian: Ken Jones, presidetil ; Hale Car ler. viee president: Jn |)a is. clerk. mBBSSSSSSSSSSS SHIRLEY DePRIEST Secretary, Student Association BOBBIE WOMACK President, Student Association JUDICIARY COMMITTEE— Left to right: Muriel Colston. Beverly Roehrig. Jean Fain. Charlyne Creger (chairman). Geraldine Van Dvke. Shirlev DePriest. Ruth Woods. GRADUATE CLASS OFFICERS HARVEY SKINNER Vice-president ACOSTA. i;am(»n . Bay ( il nuslness AHH. LKO Houston l ' h s. Etiiir. ALLK.N.CUVKl.KSSn I{T Bellairr liusincas ARM; . I ' .II.IA J. Housliiii Mpl. 1 9. ««»f y J L- GRADUATES ARNOLD. BF.TTK LOl Houslnii Drama ATKINSON. H(i HI)L. ll(pu l(Pii I ' i ' isonnel Admin. BARTLING. VICTOR ILLIAM Hoiistiiii Business HiAWA. Mil. II. I.IMOX Hou-tdll ■trcfi. BLl E. IIXRI.KV RUSSELL Houston Educ. wn.w. i.iiio Mrnii r l ' iTi . III. History Boi (;ni.R.(;ii.i;s vv. Houston I ' sycli. BR I SCO. ROSCOL B. Atoka. Okia hulusl. Eny.r. HR()()k . i) ii)(,i;()R(;i-: Houston Arch. BR(K)K . I ' M . ill, 11!, Houston Grolofcy BROWN. LI.OCLillOR!) Houston Ch, •m. Enpr. CASH. ROYCL LRSKLNK ilou-lon Mpt. GATES. ARTHUR R. Bavtown Advert. CHAO. HSIEN Sn Hong Kong. China Mech. Engr. CHMELIK. E. JOHN Houston Pelr. Engr. CIFRA. MICHAEL New Castle, Pa. Business G RADU ATES CLARK. CLATIE ELEANOR Port OConnor Edu CLEVELAND. WILLLWI FRANKLIN Houston Educ. CLIFTON. HOWARD ROWLAND Houston Art CODAY. FRED C. JR. Logansport. La. Educ. COLE, HAROLD EDWARD Houston Health and Phys. Educ CORNWELL. BEVERLY L. Sour Lake COURTNEY. CECIL El Dorado. Ark. CULLEN. LUCIEN HUGH Houston Physics Geology Business DONAHO. RUEL MARTIN JR. Houston .l (7(i . Engr. KHERT. CHARLES E. Hellville Elm. Engr. EDWARDS. MARION BROWNFIELD Hrown field Chemistry EKLUND. HERMAN ElIGENE Houston .-Iccl. Ik IFRANiaiN ENOCH. ROHKHTW II. 1.1 M . ' -K. Houston I ' harm. ESCAMILI.A. HKNHV GKORGF. Houston liitsinrss EVANS. FRED R. Fort Worth Eilui . FAIRCHILD. CM ARI.KS MONROE Burke Clinical Hsych. G RADU ATES £iJw|h, FEATHER. EPV AKI) MERTON Houston Acct. FIELD. LEWIS W . )fL XD ouston Fl " . WENDELL TOL Shanghai. China GARCIA. KENO Rosenberg Clinical Psych. Civil Engr. Educ iD ?kmi h.i " GATES. MAE CHANDLER La Pry or English GRACIDA. HENRY JOSEPH JR. Houston Arch. GREEN. CARL K. Houston Guidance HALPHEN. DAVID V ALTON Houston Mgl. IktiM ' 0FIELP , HAJHGROVE. ELI.I.s MAIRICE Naeogclorhes llisliny HARPER. LEO CHARLES San Antonio I ' sych. HARTLEY. JAMES HI HERT Houston tcil. HENCERLING. MALRICE HARDY Yoakum . ' Social. J G RADU ATES HIBBERD. PAUL ERIC Houston [ ' harm. HIBBS. EDWIN BULIAN Houston Pharm. HILL. SAMUEL SIDNEY Peoria, III. Psych. INGLIS. JEAN Houston Psych. JOHNSON. BILLY THOMAS Frost JONES, ROBERT DILLON Houston Psych. Law Pharm. KAUFHOLD, JOSEPH, JR. Houston KAZIM. SHARAF ABDULLAH Mecca, Arabia Geology KELLER. GRACE Houston Psych. KINCAID, JIMMIE BOYD Kansas City, Mo. Psych. KINCANNON, FRANKE LOUISE Longview Business KISTER. TOM L. Houston GeolosY KITTINGER. W. TOWNERS. JR. Houston Physics KOENIG, HARRY COOI ' EH Alhany. N. Y. I.aniiiiaiic kOSUT. JOHN MARIAL Houston hiiliist. F.niir. LKAVANS. CHARLES WILBUR Houston Psvch. [lee. LITIIKH KDWIN " ' Housi-.ii F.dw. LEMHI F{(;.M HUMS III.I ' I ' IU) " ' ' Housliiii liiisinfss LINDSF.Y. W M.TIH WOODROW ' ' " ( ' I San Sal a FJur. LlTOWICH.t.AUOl.VN M. Houston ' ;,. . G RADU ATES LOCKMAN. HAL DEW JH. Malvern. Ark. Advert. MARES. JOSEPH LAWRENCE Galveston Biolopy MARTIN. HARRY J. JR. Houston Educ. MAYHEW. E. J. Houston Business M. Pwi LOnSE 1 MILLER. JOHN LEE Houston M t. MILLSAP. WOODROW WILSON Houston Mpl. MINTO. HARRY deNEMOl RS Houston Educ. MITCHELL. ORVILLE LEONIDAS Houston Mecli. Enp,T. MOORK. Cl.AKKNCE ODKLL Croveton Educ. MORALES. ORLANDO ALBERTO Bogota. Ci)l(inil)ia l ' -lr. Etifir. MORE. SOPHIA Greece fiarleriolopy McCarthy, thomas fancis Boston Educ. McFARLAND. MELBOURNE G. Houston Ediic. NELSON. VERNON ORVILLE Waxahachie Psych. PAPANDRIANOS, VASO D. Houston Biological Science PAREDEZ. ENRIQUE Ganado Fine Arts G RADU ATES yw PARRISH. BUFORD Houston Business PEEL. FRANK WEST HI Arlington Arch. Engr. PETERSON. ARTHUR DAHLEN Houston Psych. RADER. MAURICE MORGAN Houston Mgt. fiUI ' ilrliWS.Pa. li:;.. U. i K ' M.U. RAU. JACK NORMAN Houston Inilust. Engr. j RAYBURN, JAMES LEE Houston Pharm -! ' ;[;. u B1PHJ .] REES. ERVINE. iftMY Alief Mech. Engr. Ijbiiiif.lo RICHARDSON, 0. BYRON i tbJU:. Bavlown Psych. hu,, I{()(;EKS. EDMUND ALBERT Orlando. Fla. Eiluc. SANDDAI-. KOSSBKNM ' .TT Houston I ' holo. SCHICMMIDT. Kl.l AliKTH HOOD Sui ' .in Ediic. SEC.HET. FRANCOISE MARCELLE NoKcnt-Sur-Marne, France Business H. A] Keg. HUE IL siM(tN . w i.n;i! i!i;i! mu! Housliin I ' svrll. sHii.i.Ki!. HI III 11 im; Houston litisini ' Sf Edtic. SlLHKI{ ri IN. Mll.roN i.ENARI) Huusliiii I ' luinn. SNOW. ()i;i. West (!iiluiiiliia Social. ( ■ ' I ■■ ' ■3L I-- I ■ki Iw. G RADU ATES sTiw Mil. r.i; iiM-; i ' vktain Hou li.ii Psych. STOl(;HT()N. I! MI ' ll 1 IGENE PiUiihurg. I ' ll. Educ. SWATY. RORKH I ANION V Little Ark. Educ. hkst. Im. M. IW ' TATIM. R. B. Houston Pelr. Enpr. THAYKR. LMA SI TTON Houston THOMPSON.JOHN W. IH, Los Angeles. Calif. TIMM. MARY BFCTH Muscatine. Iowa TITl.S. JILES RICIIMU) Port Arthur Educ. Hiisines.t Photo. Journ. EIT , lETHHOOO T()MI ' KIN.S. Li:i; L l AYF.TTK Houston Mcch. En fir. WIKLE. UTIIKI! MII.KiN Hunlsville. Ala. lUtsinrss WILLIAMS. JAMI.S I.I.I. IS Linden Speech woRSHwi. M in M i!(;ARrr Orange Educ •WB! Wm i W ' m % % ( ; WRIGHT. JIM Houston ZAPP, W. T. Houston Phys. Educ. Phys. Educ. ZWILLENBERG. ARNO H. New York Micropaleontology G RADU ATES Cougar supporters strut their stuff. BILL lli:iililLL. I ' resideni : 1 A -lir i; - MITII. lin- r,rsi,lrnl i y 7 ' ♦,•7, CLASS OF 1950 M: (.11,1,. Tirasiircr ' -IT. Ur.nm L. Secretary 1 1 1 P ' F 1 ■ Mk ? fe til 91. m fp 49 The Cougars rode high that day SENIORS i - I ACEVEDO. HOMER E. Laredo Bioloii Pre-Me.l Soci.-tv 48-49: N.-wman Cluli 48-49: Cad. Offirt-rs Association -18-49. ADAMS. ELOISE FAITH Houston Coil. Pre-Med Society 47-48; Canterbury Club 47-50: Ban 48-50: Orcliesira 48-49: " Song of Norway " 49; Froi tier Fiesta 49. ADAMS. LLOYD JOSEPH Houston Indusl. Eny.r. Newman Club 47-.50: Society of Engineers 48- 50; Stuilent .Vs-einbly 48: Library Assistant 47-.50. AGLTLAR. MANUEL JR. Victoria Accl. AIROLA. JOE A. Fairbanks fioc. Science Meihoilist Siu.lrnt Mownienl 47: Future Teachers of America 47. AKERS. EMMA K. Palacios 1 e . Student Molen.ent. ALDIS. BARNEY A. Cuero Math. ALESSANDRA. SAM V. Houston Phys. Educ. Varsity " H " Association 47-50: Basketball Manager 47-50. ALEXANDER. F. WADE Abilene M l. Alpha Phi Omega 48-50: Writers Club 48-50; Honor Roll 47-49: Frontier Fiesta; Psychology Club 49-50; Veterans Club 49-.50. ALEXANDER. GEORGE W. Garrison Geolosiv ffiJikLE,) ALLEN. I ' .AIIUCK IIIKODORK Houston Mnlh. ALLISON. JOHN C. Houston Mecli. Enp.r. AMBROSE. JOSEPH JAMES Houston Geoloiiy ANDERSON. El NICE DORIS lie. list, .11 llisloiv X ' - .1 i 11 ANDKKSO.N.JLKKL. ll Cartilage l cc i. En r. ' J iH..i.l nf Kncin.rr. ANDKRSON. PEAHLC. Houston Speech For.-n»u- C ' lul. Pri i li-nl W; Ro.iio (.uiM 49. Edgar Bergen visits Cougarland. SENIORS ANDKKW: lll.ll l.iM I Mil N C Social. AKMl Ckl.K. MIKE HoU t,,n lliisinr s AKCHEK. DAVID C. JR. Ha) town (icolopy AKCHEH. JOHN LEROY Hijuj-lnii Merit. Enar. AR.MSTRO.NG. CHARLES llouston I ' rlr. Enpr. ARNOLD. ROBERT C. .San .Antonio Iniliisl. Mpl. ARRENDELL. CAMMIDO. Cleveland Mpl. Bapli ' t Sludcnl I nion. ASKEW. CHARLES I.ANLAR New London I ' elr. Enpr. A i;i.l,. ( I.MilACEC. I ' asa.i.-n.i Inins. ALRERIIN. Will I M lAMES Houston , An (.lull. AYRES. JAMES HOWARD Houston I ' sych. Rr.l Masiiur I ' Idv.r- W. IT; T.xa- Acail.niy ..( Scirnrr Virr I ' rr-iilrnl 4f -47 ; Vclrrans Club Prr-iclinl 48 JO; As«-ml)ly 48-. ' " )0; Hi-ail Yrll I.iailtr 4 )-.W; Kronlirr Kirsia Chair- man 49..S0; CoEil Clul. 49-50; Korrnsic Cluli 48-. ' J0; Menial Society 40-.S0; Psychol ogy Clul. 49-.W; Phi Th.ia Kappa 47-49: Can- lerhury Cluli 49-. ' .0. BALDWIN. HOWARD LYLE fl-.ilst,,,, Mnh.Enii,. ismmimssmi Bella I nion of 49 " s Fiesta SENIORS f BAMMEL. CHARLES A. Houston Mech. Engr. Society of Engineers. BAMMEL. EMMET O. JR. Houston Mech. Enpr. Society of Engineers 44-50. BANKER. STANLEY QUICK Greenwich. Conn. Business BARNABY. LOULS MARTIN Waco Health Phys. Educ. BARRIOS. GERALD G. Vinton, La. Pharm. Vice Presiiient of Mortar Pestle 48-49. BARTHOLOMEW. COZETTA LOUISE Houston Home Ec. Co-Ed Club 47-48; Home Economics Club Par- liamentarian 48-49; President 49-50. BATEMAN. SAMMIEJ. Houstoti Geolosiy BECK. JOSEPH DALE Bellaire Elecl. Eniir. BEDERMAN. ANTOINETTE T. Houston Arch. Esorollus Society 46-49. Secretary 48-49; Kork- ing li 47-49; Ml Club -19. BEERROWEH. ALBERT REN Houston I ' if-Drntal riUHHil ■iM V s BELL. DOLORES Houston Psycho. Baptist Siuili ' iit I nion 46-,50; Sec. 47-48, Mag- azine Representative 48-49. Treasurer 49-.S0: Phi Thela Kappa 46-48; Honor Roll -16-48; Frontier Kiesta 48-49; Psvehologv Club 48- ,50; Davis Exes ■18-49, BELL. JACQUE FREDERIC Houston Arch. Escrollus Cbib. BELL. l.Ol ISCOI.l MRUS Houston Pharm. Mortar Pestle Trea-urer 48-49. RFNNI ' Tl ' . GE0R(;E K. Ilmisloti Prcl.iiii K F.cononiics i,ii ENTLEY. JAMES . Waco [iiisincss BihodiM Muilenl MoM-mi-nl; Fulurc Teachers of Honor Roll 18; Business Administration ab. SRKSTRESSEK. VIIU;EL Houst..,, (,llltni:r. Cheer Leaders practice yells. SENIORS BERTRAM. OLIVER M. IldUston I ' harm. BEVERIDGE. WALTER LEWI? JR. Miiuston [ ' oner BILLINGSLEV. PAILR. Houston I ' hys. Educ. BINGHAM. KENNETH ARVAL Houston Elect. Enpr. BLACK. CHARLES BILLY Joaquin Mpl. BLACKWELL. DEAN JR. Parsons. Kan. Public Admin. BLANKENSHIP. ROBERT SIDNEY Houston Trade Trans. BLASINGAME. HOWARD R. Houston Mpl. BOND. BYRON GLENN Houston Educ. StuHrnl Assoc. I ' ri-siclenl 49-50; Delegate to Texas Independent Student Assoc. Reg. Con- vention J9; junior Vice President 48-49; .Stu- dent Council 48-49; Kasehall Letterman 48-50. Capt. 48; Varsity " H " Assoc. 48-,t0, Treasurer 48-49; Judicial Committee 48-49; Texas Inter- collegiate .Student Association Delegate 49-. ' )0. BONEWITZ, FLORENCE Houston .Second Educ. Co-Ed Club; Cougar Collegians; Methodist Student Movement ; Future Teachers of Am- erica. BONO, VETA NELL Missouri City I ' hys. Educ. BORCIIERDING. HARRY ROY Houston Mecli. Enpr. P ■ - ' ■ ' Vl All were in a jesting mood. SENIORS ' , V .-kL mm BOSTON, ROBERT F. Houston Psych. Choral Club 45-46; Baptist Stmlrnl Lnion; Mus Director 46. BOl RN, OSCAR BENJAMIN Kansas City, Mo. Geology Honorary Geological Society; Rockliounris Society. BOWDEN, WALTER THOMAS Houston Soc. Science .Meltioclist Student Movement 48-50; Interna tional Relations Club 48-50; Pre-Law Club 47 48. BOZARTH. REX OLIVER Houston Petr. Enpr. BRADBERRY. ANGUS E. Shelbyville Mech. Engr. BRADDICK. WENDELL VICTOR Houston Pelr. Ener. Society of Engineers 46-50; d 47-49. ological Society BRAME, JIM BOB Baytown Psycho. BRANDON, SAMUEL CRAIGIIK Leland, Mich. Mgl. Frontier Fiesta Chief Accountant IH. BREWER, TED EUGENE Chicago, III. Psycho. Mental Hygiene Society Vice Preside BRIDGES, CLEO C.J R. Orange Mfil. BKiG(;s. eik;ai{ v akiikn Mrrh. Enfir. BROCkWAY, COLLIER M. Memphis, Tenn. Ail Escrollus Society; American Sociii itedural Engineers; Art Club. MKOGDEN. JAMES SKI.DON JR. llnustoii EIrrl. Eiif r. .l.r.iii ( iiil.. l!c; iiiM I ' llll.K llidlofiy «k BROl SSAHI), LARIS LEL SR. Nedorland Biology BROISSARD. SEXTON E. Ncderland Biology ■49 li.MaVSiKer M.,..ii l!.-lles. SENIORS BROWN. CHARLES RICHARD Houston Elect. Engr. BROWN. GENE Houston InJusl. Engr. Sludpnl Council Sj ' cretary 49-50. BRIBAKER. GEORGE EDWARD Houston Mech. Engr. BUCK, CHARLES L. JR. Houston Mcch. Engr. Society of Engineers 47-49; Student Assembly. BUFFINGTON. CHARLES E. Woodlake Mech. Engr. BILLER. Ml IJRY DOLPH Houston Music Frontier Fiesta Funniest Beard Contest Win- ner 49; Band; Band Club. BLLLOCK. RK (;i,liALl) Houslui, lr,h. r. BISH. JOi: H Ml l.l. Houston lourn. Coujiar K.iiorl.r 17 18. Sport, F..I. 1«. Manat- int- Ed. W. Editor 1 . ' (). Hou-lonian Sports I I 49-.V). tlub 17 19. I ' r.— . A or. 17 ■ ContrHiutor to 1918 HarM-i ; Winn.r. Cur- rii Lit.ratur.- Club Stor Conl.-.t. 1918. BLSSELLE. KENNETH MINTER Houstf)n Bu.sine. s Bl TCHER. RICHARD THOMAS Houston Trade Trans. Newman Club Treasunr 47. BUTLER. JAMES F. JR. Houslt n Himnfss Newman Clul. 17 BUTLER. WH.I.IAM EARL Houston Trans. Football W. " lO; ..r-ilv -H " .«or 17- CADE. J AMES R. Housliiii ' svc7i. CALDWELL. WILLIAM T. JR. Galena Park Ceo oev Geological Sociely 47-48. , iji For the Life of a Drummer SENIORS CALLIHAN. LEON DALE Boling Bioloay CANTEY. SAM SHLTTS Houston Trade Trans. CAROTHERS. JAMES El GENE Houston Geology CARPENTER. DALE STEWART Weslaco Govt. Veterans Club Asseml lvman 49-.S0: .Assembly Vice Presi lent 49-.S0. CARPENTIER. FRANK JOHN Houston I ' harin. Honor Roll 46: Clieniistrv Lab .Assistant 46- 49; Mortar Pestle Club Vice President 49: .American Cbeniical . ociety; Softball Team 48. CARROLL. JACK LEONARD Houston Mecli. fnpr. CERRl TL VITO ANTHONY JR. Port Neches Clieiii. Eni r. CILXNAK.NICK Bingham. Ltali I ' lihlir liliiiiii. CHANCE, MARY VIRGINIA Chetopa. Kan. SerotuL Educ. ■Art dull. CHAPA. AliEL Houston I ' harm. liiolojiy Mortar Pestle Club 47: Newman Club 47 CHAZEN. SEYMOLIi HAROLD Houston Adierl. Hillel ,Soci,-ty 48-49. i. e I ' re .lent I ' al Irea-urer 49. CHERRY. FFNICE L Kn. Kalanuizoo. Mich. Sociol. I IRISH . . GEOKUt: I,. Houiilon Journ. ugar Niv.- K.I. 7. A-. oc. R.I. 48. K.liior Ml. Pr ss oc. 47.W: A -. ' mlilvnian 4«-4y. Ki. ta C.azoll.- IOC. K.I Uf. Houslonian . " laff 19.50. Inl.rnalional lalion. liil A-. ml lvniaii 49.. ' 0. IHISTI AN. JAMES W. |)iikiM». n Chem. Enpr. (.h.-niiral Socirly. I rjB. » Mv . Cafeteria ( " aper CLAKk. BKOZIA H.JR. Houston Arch. CLAKK. JOF.M. Il. usti n Mech. Ener. CLARK. THOMAS STEPHEN Houston Journ. Pti-- Associalion 47-50. Fr.-siilrnt 48-49. ice Pri-siili-nt 47-48: Cougar Siaff 47-49. Editor Summer 49. .Amu emenls Eelilor 48-49. Piclurp Eililor 47-48; Councilman at I rgi- 48-49; Kap- pa .Mpha Mu; Camera Club; . ' iiuare Com- paq Club; Publicity Director for Varsity Var- ieties of 49 .iO; Frontier Fiesta Public Rela- tions Director .SO. CLAY. VERNON JAMES Port .Arthur Mech. Engr. CLAMON. WILLIAM LEW IS Riihnmnfl Elect. Enpr. COLE. EDGAR LEE Texas City Radio Enpr. Bowlin)! 49. COLE. STANLEY G. Houston Adierlixinp CONNERS. ROBERT J. Casper, Wyoming I ' sycho. SENIORS O 9- L f fk 1 CONNOK. JACK HARLAN Pasadena liinlopy C00(;LER, JAMES DAVID JR. i ivingstoii Arch. COOPER. WILBIR HANS Houston Mech. Enpr. CORNISH. JAMES RANSOM Nashville. Ark. Accl. ■ 1- 1 ' J f cox. WILLIAM ROBERT Houston Accl. Secrelary-Velerans Club. GRAIN. CLIFFORD SAMLEL Houston Psych. am Jack Wilson auctions Fiesta Tickets. iSENIORS CROKER. RAYMOND ALBERT Palm City. Calif. Psych. Pre-Meil Society 46-47: Scarlet Scroll .Assem- blyman 47-49; Constitution Committee 48-49; Varsity Varieties 49-50; Veterans Club Vice President 48; Frontier Fiesta 48-49; Enter- tainnienl Chairmen 49; Press Club 47-50; Cougar Cartoonist 47,50; Houslonian Cartoon- ist 49-50; Frontiersmen 48-50. Storvleller 48- 49; Student Council President 49-50 CROOKS. IRWIN NELSON Tulsa. Okla. Psych. COLNCILL. ROBERT EDWIN Houston Business CLRTIN. JACK LANE Houston Mech. Engr. Alpha Phi Omega; Society of Engineers: Vil- lage Council 49. BiikiiiiKl Kl ' lNSfALT W1 WLLI CL ' SACK. CHARLES EDMUND JR. Cuero GeoloiiY D Cl ' S. DALE Seminole. Okla. Accl. Frontier Fiesta 48; Fro.uierMnen 48; C.ui Coun-elor 47-49. DADY. JOHN Houston Business DADY. WILLIAM EDWARD Houston Elect. Ennr. Mm ' m Unkm WffiCO.Fi Bm) .ch DAI(;LE. WILLIE KAt Port Arthur Mech. Eniir. DANSBY. J. P. Houston Music DAKMELLE. EDWARD E. Houston Chem. Enpr. Frontiersmen 47-49. Secretary 48. DAVIS. DONALD WAYNE Malvern. .Ark. Ceolofiv S,|uaie Compa-Clnb. " ecu- r ) WIS. MARY JO Houston Filiic. i Katlio lduroo W-.W: Railio (iuil.l 47-4 »: Fronlii-r Kit-la 49: . Cl.rk WM. WIS. KICHAHD AKI.EN N.r.Kill.- Cht-m.Enpr. Li)i and frifiiil? SENIORS DAVIS. SYDNEY WARREN. JR. Richmond Mech. F.npr. DAVIS. WALTER BIRNICE. JR. Sweenv (ienl. Iiuxin -ss Nrwman Cluh. DAVES. WILLIAM H. (Jalrna Park fiiol. Science DeHART. KENNETH LEE Caldwell. Idaho f ' harm. DELOS SANTOS, ESEQUIEL VILLAREAL Robstown Genl. Bu iiness DeMARCO. FRANK JOSEPH Houston Arch. DENSON. CHARLES ROSS Houston I ' sych. P«yrholo(ty l. uh: Minlal Hypicne .Society, DEWITT. JOSEPH RALPH Rio Frio .1 , ' . V. ot H. Iian.l 17-.S0: Uaml Mnril M.cial 4749; Dircclor ' Trophy 48. DIRIiKHN.JOIIN C. JR. Houston Arch. Enpr. Lilirarian. Exrroliu Sorirly 47-.S0. DICIIIARA. BETTY JO Ho l lllll DrniiKi Plu li.ta I ' ) ' id; R ' -.l Ma«ini.- ViM: Alpha !■• Iii,„i:a tK:.ll: ( li..ral ( luh 47 :.(). DICKER.SON. HAROLD O. Elco. Illinois Hiolopy-fre-Med. M.-,l Sorii-ly; HioloRy Club; Morlar on ll.Chih; (i.rman Chih. 1 1 niGGI.E.S. JAMES SIHTT ll..ll-lnl. Cnrl ■ ' " WlJ L J .L m . DIMOND. OSCAR MOSLEY s Houston Education I DOAK. HARLAN D BR 1 STOW K Houston business 1 P. S. He won the office. SENIORS lm!fl!tm0lmimmlmmmmmm DONAHOE, MARY JANE Houston Art Art Club 46-47; Cougar Collegians 46-47; Al- pha Psi Omega 46-50; Red Masque Plavers 46 47; Frontier Fiesta 48-50. DONALDSON. WILLIAM H. Gatesvi ' le Soc. Science DONNELL, VALLIE DORIS . thens Elem. Educ. DOOLEY. JOHN EDWARD Darien. Conn. Acct. DORTCH, GEORGE WILLIAM Houston Arch. DRAPER. GERALD H. JR. Houston Educ. DUGAY. ROBERTO IGNACIO Torreon, Coahuila, Mex. Mech. Enjir. DUMAR. WILLIAM Houston Mech. Ene;r. DUNN, HERSCHEL FRANCIS Waco Arch. Escrolius .Society. DYE. NORMAN KENNETH Houston Acct. EASLEY. W. W. JR. Magnolia, Miss. Arch. EBBS. EDWARD L. ( " arhonilale. HI. I ' clr. Engr. [Ukiv 1 1 o o , P, n i CKM AN. RICH AHI) K. Housliiii Mvcli. DGAR. HOBKKTKAKI. Galxi-siuii I ' Ins. FaIiic. I ' ll I .a.l.r W-.JO; Hou-lonian la(f 18-50. A ' Mslanl I. VI, K.I. " i. V): Co.E.I Clul. tT.iO: Cadet Of. ■ir- oc. 48.19; Mcllioili-I Siuilcnl MovcmenI .18: Kronlicr nu-n IS.W; Frontier Fiesta 48.50. l ' ro(:ram ; Pre-.. Cliil. 49. Varsity Variety Co-Ed Chorus SENIORS KIIW VKIt- llnli-ln,, o M ix:oM liusineas F.lil.KRS. tAiiLJ. Hi)U t n Speech Re.l Ma-iue 4649: -Mplia Psi Omega 48-49; Fronii.r-men 47-19. EIGHNER. ELIZABETH VAIL Houstoit Reliji. F.duc. ELLIOTT. DOROTHY R. Houslim Sec. Sci. Buckaroo 47; Co-Ed. Cluli; Cougar Colleg- ian : Cheerleader 18; Vanitv Fair Favorite 47, 48. ELLISON. Bl RLAN EIGENE Houston Mech. Fniir. ELMORE. I.EK EDVi ARD Houi-toii I ' sych. Regi .|raiion 47-49; Lali .• --i?lant Chemistry 48; Psychology (;rad.r 49-50; .American Chem- ical Society 49.50; .American P-ycholopy . - Mciation 49: P-ychology Cluli; Mental Hygiene Society; Future Teacher of .America. EMMERT. ROLANIl GERALD Houston Inilusl. F.diir. ENGELKE. CLARENCE I ' AIL Seal) Grolopy ENOCH. GYLNWORTH DLNN Houston Kleni. Eiluc. ERiCKSON.CARLR. Ponca City. Okla. I ' hnlo. Camera Clul. Ifl. ' iO: Hand 18.50. ERICK.SON. (iORMAN CHARLES Houston Kailii i I ' ro. H.i.lin (,uild. Alpha Tau ( m. ;,i. IRWIN. ARNOLD EDWIN Houston Second. Educ. Future Teachers of . ' Xmerica; Canlerhury tduli; S.iu,ir.. r).in(r Cluli; Srirnre riid,. Who ' s the one in the middle? SENIORS t i wmmmm EVERETT. HOWARD C. Houston Civil Enpr. Society of Engineers 49-50; Instructor Engineerir Department 46 50; Honor Roll with Distinction 48-4 FARKAS, EMERICH Houston I ' harm. Mortar Pestle Club; Pre-Med Society; Honors Biological Society. FARME. FRANK M. JR. Beaumont Hiolo :y FARRIOR. ABE Jacksonville Mgt. FAVOR. HE.NRY VAUGHN Houston Pharm. Co-Ell Club 47; El Foro Espanol 47; Morta Pestle Club 48-50. FEATHER. ROBER E. Houston Petr. Ens.r. FELSMAN. JAMES MARTIN Selman City M l. Newman Club 47-49; , ociety tor llir Aihance- nient of Management 49. FERGUSON. DONALD FLOYD Houston Chem. Engr. -American Chemical Society 19. FERGUSON. PAUL V. Houston Accl. FITZPATRICK. I ' A TTIE LEE Houston BiolofiY Pn-Meil .Society Mental Hygiene Society; Bio- logy Club. Jackson FOJTER. wm.m WLkE-.R, IDIW.Ri FLEMING. JEAN WOODS New London Advrrl. FLETCHER. WILLIAM LINDER Galvestott Indusl. Educ. In.bislrial IMueallon Club ■t9-.50. I ' rrM.lent FOIINDRICk. WALLACE ALBERT Waterloo. Iowa Psych. FOLLMER. BEN M. !?( ' anmoiil Trni r Trans. mm ' wima i KOIiKMW. DAVID I). J;i k iiMvilli ' Crolofiy yO lVM.i.[ J. Drnnisoii Wcc i. Kniir. F ) I.F.H. J CK fliiu.-tnii l.lienuslry I ' hysics Soci.-ly tor A.lvancim.-nt o( Manas: im-nt 49- SO; Co.-(l Clul. 49.V). FOWI.KES. R. BIRON Fairlianks Accl. FRKKMAN. ROBERT KDWARI) Fa«a li tia Mech. Eni r. FRERICIIS. THELMA H. Mou lon Eleni. Educ. FRIGE. BENNEITE B. JR. Houston Mech. Enpr. FUENTES. PETE C. Houstcm Business FliLGMAM. DAN OELTON Pasadena I ' sych. FUNDERBIRK. JERRY C. JR. Canton I ' etr. Enpr. Bapli«l Sludrnl t nion 46-50, Pulilicily Director 46-47; .Socirly of F.npin.ira 49-. ' j0. FUNDERBl RK. SAMYE Houston Educ. Wrili-rs Cluli W -47; Future Teachers of Amer- ica 49-.V); Baptist .Stutlenl I ' nion 49-.S0; Editor Byslaniirr 4647. FIRMAN. SONNY Navasota I ' sych. Phi Th-la Kappa; Honor Roll 47-48; HiUcI Society 46-49. Vice rrrsidenl W; Fiesta Ticket Chairman 4fl GABI.OR. FIARVEY EDSOL Houston Enfir. GAEKK. (;OTTI,n:B CHARLES JR. Houston Chrm. American (Chemical Society 46-50, President 48- 49; Texas Academy n( Scienre 4 .-.V1, Pr. id.nt 46-47. Tr.aMir.r 17 IH Dig " cm. ( at.-! SENIORS v- No Date. Jim : SENIORS GAERTNER.JIMMIELEE Houston Chem. Engr. Engineering Society 49-50; Chemical Society 49-50 ' GAHAN. WALLACE C. Greenville. Miss. Met. GALVAN. HENRY Houston Accl. GANN. MOMCE LEAROY Sinton I ' hann. Mr.rlar P.-llr (Jul.. GARCL . VICTOR R. Pharr I ' haiin. Mortar Po-ll.- i:lul.. GARDNER. LU.LLW E. Nftlerlantl Etiuc. ,; Enfiiif -J; C ntiiiillKtMl; ' ' ttlD.lAME |i Eouilog I nGuu. GAliDET, JOHN MAURICE Beaumont Pharm. GENTRY, HOWARD LEE Beaumont Pharm. Morlar Poslle Clul) 47.50. Vice President Fall 48, President Fall 49. GKRACE, I.OIIS J. IJDlislon I ' liarrii. GERI.OVICIl. CM I{LK. - LEWIS lloiislon lr,ll.En i. Sniin, „( Kii iiirrr- K-M); Siu.lrnt Assembly 49; l ' r,-I.Mrriaii M.i.l.nt A ncialinn 48-49. |!t«i« ' al,Coni i Socidy i ' ,-. ■ .Wiiiw e Com L limit miiu fm .h GIBBS, JOHN C. Bavtown Engr. Industrial Enpim-erinp Society. GILL. NANCt DEAN llnlisl,,,! tr (;ii.i.Lss. ( 1. i)i: 11. S;in M;Hr,.. ' „. „. CII.LIA. I{ linllM. I ' r j. Enfit. T " GILLIAM. BERT JAMES (iaincsvillo Mrch. Enpr. Socirl) of Engintir- 48S0; Honor Roll. CILLLVM. CLARENCE C. Erci ' piirt Business Look. no hand! SENIORS GILPIN. PETER R. Houston Journ. Eilito Spring Hou lonian Slaff 48-50. ! Editor 49-50; Cougar E Pre« Clul) 49-50. Assemblyman 49; Judicial Commiltri ' 49-50; Who ' s Who 49; International Rflalion Club 49; Freshman Class Assembly- man 45; Co-EH Club 45. GIRAl D. JAMES HILTON Houston Insur. Newman Club. GOLDSCHMIDT. JOHNE. Norwalk. Conn. Fsych. Hillcl . ' Society 47-50. President 49; Assembly- man 48-49; Psychology Club 4749; Cadet Of- ficers .Association 49-50; Councilman Univer- sity Village Council 49-50; Religious Groups Council. Treasurer 49-50; Veterans Guidance office. Counselor 49-50. GOLDSTEIN. ABE ELLIOTT IluniMe Accl. Phi Theta Kappa. GONZALEZ. REYNALDO Houston Trade Trans. GOODRl ' M. FOREST WAYNE Houston Arch. GORDY. MORRIS JOSEPH Houston Arch. Enpr. GORE. WILLIAM FRANK Houston Mpt. Frontiersmen V GOSLEY. ALEX Vt . Houston Elecl. Enpr. GOSS. HARRY E. Houston Mrch. Enpr. Society of EnKinerr-. GRAF. HARLEYDEMOIN Houston Mpt. Band; ( ' adel Officers .Association. (.RAFTON. WILLIAM R. Houston (ieolopy Cougar Spring training is rough. SENIORS GRAHAM. ELIZABETH LOUSE Port Sulphur. La. Home Ec. Sophomore Class Trra-urtr 47: Hon Cluli. Vice Presi.lent 49. GRAHAM. ROBERT JR. Houston History GRAMMON. CAROLINE M. Houston .Sec. Science Co-E.l Club, ma Chi. Vic • Presidenl 48- sidenl 48-50. 50; Alpha t;an GRANT. SIDNEY JAMES Freeport Inilusl. Ari. Imluslrial Engine,-, irij: CMul.. GRASS. LAWRENCE N. Houston Arch. Eng;. Phi Theta Kappa 46-47; Alpha Phi Omega 47- 49; Sophomore Class Assemblyman; Escrollus .Society 47-48: Sailins: Society 47-49; Canter- bury Club; Frontier Fiesta 46-49. GREEN. REX R. Houston Elect. Eniir. GREENE. Bl ' Ck J. Houston .4rcli. Eniir. Escrollus .Society; Front i.i-jn.-n 48; American .Society of Engrs. GREENE, LEONARD K. Webster Mech. Engr. American -Society of Tool Kngirn-ers. GREGG. GLORIA C.I. AN Houston Drama Red Masque 46-50; Buckaroos 47-48; Front i.-r Fiesta 48-49; Nanghly Marieta: .Song of Nor. way; Varsity Varieties Dance Director 48; Square Dancing Club 45; Spanish Club 15; French Club 47. GRENADER. HARRY Houston Mech. Enpr. .Society of Engineers. GRIM l l)(t. N.J. |l,,llsl,.ll . ' ».St IW,S- Neiwn.ui Club. (;runstei n.john s. East Chicago. Intl. «i;,s-i« -.s.s Alpha l ' hit)mega; Indu tiial F.bication Club. (MERRA. STEIMIW I. lirowiisv illc F.diir. Gl IIFOKD. ilAliOLl) ,1. JR. Ilnusl, l ' ,,- l.;l. Alpha I ' hl Ome-.,; I ' .eMed Club. (.INTER. KARL HI GHES Houston Business CURAL. W.MTKK Rome. N. V. I ' luilo. GITIFRIU. . JOHN Hou ' lnii Mecli. F.nar. HAAK. KOHKIiTJl LIIS Hnusloii Elect. Enpr. HAFNER. LOUS HENRY Minster. Ohio Elect. Engr. Sociny of Encincir . HAGAN. DALE JR. Coffevvillc Kan. Has H. . . I.l. .ll ( HKni.l. Houston Intlust. Eni r. HAKANSSON. CHARLES VICTOR San Francisco. Calif. Mfcli. Ei nr Honor Roll 4617. HALE. EULAS TEX Houston Arch. Escrollu-. Sorii ' ly. HALE. GLEN J. Winnsl)i)ro English .Squares SENIORS ,ii,.n« ' ' II ML I Wll - l.ii ' i I) ..n ..n II l.l.. I l ini in K. Houston Hiisinrss lii.«lm(! Cliili, IMii Kappa. Vank.-.- Cluh. HAI.I.KR. DOMTA MARIE lloU ' .Inn Sec. Science Intramural haM-ball ami l.,i k. ' il,alh CoK.I Clul). HAMILTON. WAYNE RICIIAHD Houston Aich. Esrrollii Snrii ' iv Tr- ' a-nri-r tfttT; Kronli-T Firsia J7 I ' l o i JlI HAMMOND. IVAN 1 ' . Orange Elect. Enpr. HAMMONS. ETTIE Rl TH Fairbanks Elem. Educ. Baptist Sluclenl L ' nion 46-50. . ' ecretar sic Society 46-48, Secretary 47-48. a.k« Photo-Fanatics SENIORS HAMMONS, WILLIAM J. JR. Houston Elect. Enpr. HANAGRIFF. PALL D. Houston Snciol. HANNA. GEORGE H. Houston History Future Teachers of .America. HARDEY. BETTY JO Houston Educ. Newman Club 46-47. 49-50; Cougar Colleg- ians 48-.50, Treasurer 49-50; Co-Eil Clul) 48-50, Recorilina Secretary 49-50; Frontier Fiesta 47 -50; Houstonian Staff 49-50. FiiiiJiiiitt t tmClilii-VPi iP.lflU f yie Teacher; pDfe ; Co-Ll Qui mSoB £ imELLCI kon 1 ■Maff 47-50: Ho HARDY. DAN B. Houston I ' hulo. Press Cluh 47-50 ;■ Coug stonian Staff 48-50. HARGRAVE. MUNDEN PALL Houston Business Alpha Phi Omega Secretary 46-47. Secretary 48. Secretary 49; Fronti 46-47; Canterbury Club 46. HARPER. JESSE RILEY Houston Pliys. Educ. Camera Club; Intramural Instructor. HARRIS, CARROLL. J. JR. League City Educ. Co-E(l Club; .Assistant Teacher. m } M, 1 . HARRIS. EDWIN FLEENER Houston Ciiil Eniii . HARRIS, GEORGE GANO JR, Houston liioloiiY HARRIS. H.M. ( ' arthagc I ' duvi Eniir. IIABRIS, MARVIN L, JR, Houston I ' holo. C.meni Club; Canterbury Club. J ««IBFIE| «)V r KKIS. KIDOI.PH JOHN ImUsIiiii tiioloi y ilil Hvni.n.- Cluli 49; I ' r. ocielv M; ■ch Clul. 47. RRIS. W.IRVING J K. (ouston I ' rir. Kniir. HARRISS. MILTON KIRTLEY Korl Smith. Ark. I ' hoto. liam.ra Clul.; A. P.O.; Frontier Fi.--ia. HAHROK WII.LIA.M HAPWKLL Bajtowii Mecli. Enfir. Fururr Teachers of . merica; Society of En- gineers; Co-E l Club. HARTMXN. MARJORIE NANNETTE llr.ustiin Elftn. Eiluc. IIAKTW ELL. CHARLES ARTHl R Mousliin Bti.sini ' ss IIARW LLL. JA.MES .MATT JR. Houston Elec. Engr. Society of Engineers; Physics Dcparlii I l»orati»r . ssisiant. HATTON. EIJCBERT V. liou-sliin Engr. HATTON. NOLEN D. Warren Business HAL PTMAN. STANEORO Houston Civil Engr. HAVARf). KIRBY BRANA Diboll Mrrh. Enfir. Society of Engineer- HAVERFIELD. WILLIAM L. Corpus Christi Rmlto Radio GuiM. HAWKINS. JAMES WELDON Dcnisoi. Mul. .Society for .A.lvancement of ManaKemer SO: .Secretary 49 . ' ' ,0. Honor Roll 47-4«. HAYDON. KENNETH FORI) Indiana. I ' a. Ediii-. !s liiisinrss Ban l. tlasta on parade SENIORS HEBERT. CLYDE CHARLES Houston Mech. Enpr. HEDRICK. JOHNNY H. Sweetwater Mech. Ensr. Bull Session SENIORS HEFFLER. STASIA TUNICK Houston Music Educ. HEITMEYER. DORIS LAVERNE St. Louis. Mo. An. An Club; Scarlet Scroll; Phi Theta Kappa 1 Club; Red Mas,iu Plavf Cli HELLER. BOB JR. Houston Malh. HELWEG. DANIEL LEON Richmond Chemistry Honor Roll 47-49. ' . HENDRICKS. JOHN RONALD Houston Civil Engr. HENSLEY. ARVILLE JOHN Arcadia. Okla. Accl. HENSLEY. EARL JR. Houston I ' clr. Eniir. HERRMANN. WILLIAM CARL Easlliani|jlnn. Mass. Chcin. I L iHHIHHiiiiiiMMMtarfai HETZKL. HARVEY LAWRENCE Houston Ihisine. ' is [)a i F.xi-.; Soriil of Kiijiin. ir«. IHLL. JAMES N. IVoria. 111. All. 11 INC. ROSEW. Pine Bluff. Ark. M l. CoK.I Club 4 ' )-:)0. HIN . GORDON H. nou tnti CeolofiV HOURS. I.KSI.IEAI.UF. I ' rciT (ieolofix l.iolosiral .■ orirt . MOBHS. WILLIS K li Flallctsvillf Geolopy Ci-iiloiiical IT-JS. V ' arsit " H " Sweclhearl CancJidatc SENIORS HOCIIMAN. M.K ANDER SCHIFF Rownlx-rp liusinrss Soriii (or ilii ' iKanriiiiint of Manapemcnl. HOLLIDAY. W AI.TKK GLKNN lloUM.-M l i Socipiy for iht- AiKani ' -nicnl of Manatrfmi-nl. HOMG. LILLIAN Galveston I ' smIi. HOPKINS. KHANCIS M. Kerrvilli- Art An (:iul IT.V): Hil.- Clul . I ' ublicily Chair- man 47-48; R.-.I Ma-iur Plavrrs 47-48; CaHpt OKiors .A- cialion 48-.S0. Trca -unr 49.50. HOI ' KINS. HA ' i Naciidoches Induslr. Enfir. Sociptv (or llii- Ailvannnirnt o( .Mana(!emenl 49. HOSTETTER. ASHLEY C. Fort Worth An An Clul 47-48. Asvomlilyman 47-48; Red Mas- qur- Pla .-rs 47-48. Ficsl Actor 47-48; Honor Roll r-48; Var-ilv Varir ' tics47. HOUSE. JAMES POLK Houston Elect. Enpr. Frontiersmen 48-49; Camera Club 48-49; Co- E l Cluli 46-47; Society ot Engineers 46-48; Stage Manager of .Silver .Saddle in Frontier Fi.Ma 49. HOWARD. ELBERT A. Beaumont Business HOWARTIL JAMES CLAYTON Houston Inilusl. Enpr. HOWELL. KENNETH S. Houston Mi-rh. Enpr. HICKEK. ARCHIE MELVIN Beaumont .Mpl. HLDSON. PAIL ALLEN Hamlin I ' hysics .9 % in Ml HUFF, DANEL WEBSTER Houston Business HUFFMAN. JACK HOWELL Houston Indust. Engr. Society of Engineers 47-49; Laboratory lor in Mechanical Engineering 48-49. Homecoming Queen Candidates SENIORS HUGHEN. CHARLEY BETH Houston Acct. Phi Theta Kappa 47-49; Co-Ed Club 47-49. HULL. FRANK Houston Elecl. Engr. HUMPHREY. HORACE GREELY JR. Beaumont Business HUNT. VA UGHN W. Houston Music Band; Orchestra; Band Club Charter Member. Ho n IDKIXSJL Boii-lon ILI ' IE.MI HUNTER, JACK MILTON Houston Mech. Engr. Honor Roll 48-49. HURD. JAMES NELSON Houston Civil Engr. Alpha Phi Omega; Sailing Club. HURTTE. FRANK ELDRIDGE Taylorville. 111. Business Foolball 48-49; Varsity " H " Association 48-49. INGRAM. MARY ANN Houston Phys. Educ. Lanyard Club 48-49, Chairman of Pin Com- mitlee. Chairman of Parade Commiltee, Chair- man of .Xclivities Committee, Cliairman of Rat- ing Board. Student .Assembly, President; Fron- tier Fiesta. HE.( Ikom. ( " 49 fetlPsiIti INNISS, JEANNETTEV, New York Photo. IRIZARRY, CARLOS A. Coro ial, Puerto Rico Mech. Engr. Society of Engineers 4a-. ' 0. IRWIN, JAMES WH.LIAM Houston Business R. O. T. C. JACKOWSKI, CHARLES HERMAN Houston Mech. Engr. " " ■t i,; ; ■■■;: n % ,-.r ' ; flu JACKSON. HOMER HOWARD Houston Business JACOBS. FREEMAN Houston Business JESSEE. GENE L. Houston Civil Engr. American Chemical Society 46-49; Society of Engin.-.r 47-49. JIRCIK. VICTOR PATRICK Cleveland Geology JOHNS. THOMAS LEE Coolidge I ' harm. Morlar I ' .-ll.- Cliili. JOHNSON. HARRY WILLIAM La Porte Ci ' f i7 Engr. JOHNSON, HUGH HICKS Houston Business JOHNSON, KENNETH MAL RICE Hf uston I ' sych. I ' harm. l ' rr fed. Texas Academy of Science 46; Fre-Me l So- ciety 48-49; Morlar I ' estle Cluh 49-.S0. JOHNSON, ROBERT LYLE Hou.slon Accl. JONES. KENNETH S. Goodrich Economics Baptist Student I nion 47-50, Assemblyman 47- 48. Treasurer 47-48. First Vice President 48- 49, Publicity 49-.S0; Le (Juartier Latin 47-50, Assemblyman 48-49; Phi Theta Kappa 47-48, Delegate to National Convention at Pueblo, Colo. 48; Frontiersmen 48-50. Foreman 49.50; Co-Ed Club 48-50; Who ' s Who 48-50; Slu.lent Assembly. Pre«idenl 1950. Clerk 48-49; Honor Roll 47-50 The Beauty and the ? ? ? ? JAHN. ORAN HENRY Houston Biology JARRARD. WILLIAM HARVEY Houston Indusl. Engr. JENKINS. WILLIAM ROBERT Houston Arch. JENNE. NORMAN EDWARD Houston Mech. Engr. SENIORS £!• .! Hardworking Homecoming candidates. = SENIORS JONES. RALPH JAMES Houston Accl. JONES. WILLIAM Bl FORD JR. Galveston Finance JORDAN. HAROLD ROBERT Spurger Mgt. BaptisI Student Union. KANE. WALTER Carmel. N.J. Govt. Camera Club 4748; Student .Assembly 48; Pre-law Club 47-50. Sergeant of Arms 48, Trea- surer 49; Longest Beard Fiesta 47; .Mplia Phi Omega 49-50; Square Dance Club 47-48; Cam- era Club Fiesta Representative 48. KARCHER. JOHN A. Giddings Business KA.STEN. FREDERICK H. New York City. N.Y. Bioloi y Pbi Tlieta Kappa 47-48; .• niateur Radio Club 48-49; Texas Academy of Science 48-49. Sec- retary 49; Hillel Society 47; Honor Roll 47-49; Radio Club. Secretary 48, 49 KEARBY. JEAN ARTIU R Houston I ' sych. Football KEITH. CHARLES LAYNE Houston Hislory Honor Roll 47-49. KEITH. ERNEST KIT Houston Pharm. KELLERMAN. RAYMOND MARTIN Houston Mjit. KELLEY. EDMl ' NDEARL Nampa. Idaho Business KELLY. MERLE .Aransas Pass 7 ' mii c- Trans. Co.F.d Club 49-. ' )0; Traiisporlation Club ■t9.. " .0. KENNEDY, JAMES OLIVER Houston I ' plr. f ipr. KENNEDY. WILLIAM C. Corpus Christi Radio Kngr. Bo«lnig Club. 1 (.M Mb klNMH.WII.I.I M n. (!.ir i(aiia I ' rfl.aii K IN NKV. TEDDY K. i..,-o n--Ha SroirH. I Assrablv 18, Aras ft Trti ' :i ) " ; ilpla Pli ffl. ta«II«IH;-«: ■Pisita ». ,D)lARTi KK.OI r.llW. JAMK.SW. I ' l.rl Artliur Humih-.s.s KEPNEK. THOMAS H. Houslcii) Geolofiv KERN. JESS ALLEN Victiiria Mech. Ena.r. Alpha Pill Oiin-ga 47-.iO; Soriilv of Kncim- 4f. 17. KESSLEK.CXRLA. Housl.m ■( . KKT. Il; l - W M. II..U-I..,| II, sin, KILIIN. l)()Lnl!l S( hiiiiriliiiri; I ' l ■Mel. KIMRLE. JOSEPH HUGH Eflna Ihiiiness KIMMELL. NELMA JOYCE Raird Eiluc. Cougar Coll.nians -WW: Rid Masque Playrrs 47; An Clul. 4fl; Radio (luLl.l 48-49; Frontier Fiesta 47-49. Country Store Chairman 47, Of- fice Work 48. Knti-rlainment Cliainnan 49; HouMonian Staff 47 ' UI. m KIKIIV l! UUM{ W M. F ' asadrna liislory F.iluc. Co-Kil Cluli. I!a|ili l Slurlcnt Inion; Psychol- ogy Cluli; l ' r. s Cliil.: lrxa« Ara.lemy of Sci- enrr KIRMIWI, W AIM. I. {;i.-vrlai. l Colony Alpha Phi Onii-na; I. - (.liiarliir Ijitin 47-49; Ameriran Aca.limy of Scienre 47-48. KITCHEN. (;E()R(;E LEE Hiiusliin lnilu l. Enf-r. KITCHEN. MII.O WAYNE fliiusliin Mfili. Enpr. Senior .s,|,„|„vi„ s,,, „.n 4 ' ) Ml C.iff.-.- Time SENIORS 1:1 Mx ' ., A »,;„ Al. m Lucky guy KNIGHT, HOUSTON W. Houston Chem. Engr. KNIGHT, WILLIAM PRESTON Houston Pelr. Engr. KNIPPA, LOUIS JOHN Knippa Civil Engr. KNOX, THOMAS LEONARD South Houston Music Educ. Band 46-50; Varsity Varieties Musical Director 47-48; Orchestra 46-50. KOENIG, CHARLES FRED Houston Mgt. Society of Engineers 43-46; Chemical neering Society 44-46. KOETHER. HENRY O. Elgin Soc. Science KOHRT. DONALD (;. Milwaukee, Wis. Imlusl. Engr. Society of Engineers. KOUTS. ROBERT HOWARD Galveston Joiirn. Cougar Staff 46-50. Editor Fall 47, Summ. Press .Association -16.50. Engi- iL KOVAR. MAXON Houston Mech. Engr. KOYM, MKLVIN OTTO East Bernard Second. Educ. Siiuare ( ' onjpass Club; l re-Med Soc PsvcholoKv Cluh; Future Teachers of .Amei Menial Hygiene .Society. KRA.SOKE. SYLVAN T. Staff(.ril .■ ( Cond. Kcfrig. KRCH. MILEORDI RED Topeka. Kan. (.hem. Engr. KiUKcjKK. i.()Ki;m:i: f. ' aco I ' harni. an.l IV-ll. ' . Cluh rrr.i.l. ' Ml. KR KS. WALTER JOHN llnU- ton lUoloiiV miiEkj ' SENIORS LMKI). ( ll IU.I . Jli. Houston liusmess LANCASTER. CHARLES CARROLL H..,i lon Vrrh. Enur. LANDRY. WESLEY JOSEPH I ' ort Arthur Eniir. LANE. f)Rl SILLA Houston Drama Alpha I ' -i Oni.iia 46-48: (o.i-ar ( :oll.-}:ian 4(i- 48. Vi.-.- I ' r.-i.l.nlVS: Kl Foro Espanol 46; An Cluli 47; Cluh 4 .; Ma (|ue Players 46-W. Kr ' -hman Drama Awaril-47. Sophomore l rama Av 1. 48; Ml Star Ca t. ; 5uinin?r J - LFACII. W II. I.I M J. Rorhrstrr. N. " . Psych. Veteran- (loun-ejor 47-. ' iO. LEAVESLEY. JAMES Houston Acct. LEDGER. LAWRENCE LEO Norrislown. Pa. Mech. Enpr. Sorielv of Engineer,. LEE. PENN ' i Tl CKER Houston Ka,l,o Counar Slaff 4 i-48. E.lilor V,. Fealu E.lilor-47; Howlonian 4 .-4«. Cireulalion Ma «(!erl6. A-.oeiale Eiliior 47- W; I ' n - Clu Hresi.hnl 47; .Serreiar Kie-ta 47; Nation Newman fliuh Ferleralion. Kxerulive Secrela 46.47; A-emhlyinan V.W: Newman Cluh ■! 48: Reporler.47; Red Masque I ' layern 47; Wr rr. Cluh 4f t7; Coupar CollrBian- 46-47; .S,,ua Dance Cluh 47; Uuekaroo- 46-18. LEE. RO ' i M.TON Florien. La. EIrrl. Enpr. LeGARE. JOHN MARTIN Houston Elecl. Enpr. Mlta ' " " LeGATE. HARVEY A.. JR. Houston Business Phi Theia Kappa 47-48; Cn.lei Otfi. lion 4749; Who ' s 49..W. LEHMAN. KENNETH A Halstr arl. Kan- I ' rir. Fni Ready for that field trip. SENIORS LEONARD. BILL Houston Acct. LeROY. EUGENE WILLIAM Houston Trade Trans. :: 1 f LEVA, DANNY ALBERT Houston Business Radio Guild LEWIS. JACK CARTER Houston Trans. LIBBY. BARTON CURTIS Alvin Mech. Engr. Society of Engineers: American Society of Tool Engineers. LILLEY. MARY FRANCES Goldspring Home Ec. I j± LINKE. WALTER JR. Long Beach. Cal. Arch. Escrollus Society 47. LINTON. VERNON LEE JR. Houston fn r. LLOYD. NEIL EDWARD Houston Chern. Engr. Society of Engineers. LOCKWOOD, RAY HARRY Hollywood. Cal. Miit. Frontier Fiesta 48. LONG. HOLLISW. 1 Price Indus. Enp;r. LOONEY. JAMES KEY Houston Psych. CoEd Ciul. 49-50; Mental Hygiene Society 49- 50; Methodist Stmienl Movement 19-.50; Psy- chology Club 48-.50; Semantic CIuli 19. iO; Honor Roll Two Yi ' ars. LUNDLUM. JANE WEBB Houston Enfir. LUSE.WILLARD OSCAR Houston History Baptist . ' Student Union, First Vice President 45-47; Choral Club 45-48; Carnegie Interna- tional Study Group -18-49; .Alpha Phi Omega. Alumni Secretary -19; Cougar Guard 48-49; Psychology Club 16-48; panish Club 45-46; Methodist Student Movement -18-49; Student Government -U,. 1 k " y i i o LI SK. LEE Housldii Riisinfss LI TREV. BEN H. Muskegon. Mich. Mech. Engr. M.AGILL. EVERETT EV.WS JR. Houiilon Psych. Co K..I (lul.; Fronli.T-men. M AI.ONEY. STEPHEN JO.SEPFl JR. Ma »ood. 111. .V g . M.ANDELERWIN DAVID Houston Acct. Hillrl Soriely. MAMSON. THOMAS ARTHUR Houston Educ. Future Teachers of . merica; Baptist Student I ' nion. MAPP. BYMOND DONALD (ialvi ' stoti An Alpha Phi 46-30; . lpha I ' si Omega 46- SO; Red Mas(|ue Players 46-50. President 49- 50; An Club 46-50. MARANTO. JOSEPH VINCENT F ' ort . rlhur Journ. Fre«. Cluh; .Newman Cliil.: Cougar Reporter 49. MARCELLO. SALVADOR DeRi.l.jpf. I . I ' harm. MARCHliANKS. ARTHl R EUGENE Houston Mech. Engr. Society of Engineers 47-49; Society of Tool Engineers 4fl-49. MARES, WANDA S. Galveston I ' sych. MARKS. ROY Houston Chem. Enpr. MARLIN. WILLIAM MELVIN Pasadena Elect. Engr. Bapiioi Student Union 46-49: Society of En gineers. MARSH. B. CARNIE Houston Mpl Carolyn wins Varsitv " H " Sweetheart SENIORS 1 ' A ii MARTIN. HOMER ARNOLD JR. Caldwell Mech. Enar. MARTIN. JESSE SIDNEY Houston Phys. Etiuc. Lazy Days SENIORS MARTIN. JOE CARL JR. Houston Accl. MARTIN, JOHN R. Houston Civil Engr. MARTIN. ROBERT DAVID Houston Business Varsity Varieties 46. 48; Cheerlea.ler 4 Varsity Heppertoos 46. MARTIN. WILLIAM EUGENE Houston Business Varsity Varieties 46; Cheerlea.ler 48-49; sily Heppertoos 46. la j!K!»;a MASTERS, NORBERT M. Grapeland Mgl. MATHEWS. WILLIAM RILEY JR. Houston Arch. Escrollus Society 48-,S0; Honor Roll 48. MATHIEU, HENRYP. JR. Pampa Business Christian Science Organization Presi.lenI 48-49. MATHIS. FREDG. Galveston Rmlio . EIrct. Engr. MATTHEWS. TOMMY L NN Houston I ' elr. Engr. Socnlv of Knjiin.-ers 47.-19. MATZKE.ALVIN EDWIN Houston Civil Engr. Society of Kn incirs. MA T kE. WALLACE WALTER I ' .l Cariipo Viy.s. Educ. . DAVID BARTHOLOMEW IIdusIoii llislor Prelaw Honor Roll 47. . iDffi, ;i Pom, 1 1 l.fnf;. ' .«i4c. (Unin m- mm Jl. iRILEVia. Roll Mem W Uki.fof ' - UNN |fALTE« JHOLO0 MA NAKI). MII.roN M. N H..U ln„ tr.h. E»crollu Soi i.i ; Ca.lii (lf(i -.r- A—m iaiion. MAYO. AI.BKHT OTIS Galena Park Mecli. En ir. So -iriy for ill ' A»l anrrnicnl of Manajii-nifiit. McADAMS. OERTIU l)E FORESTER Galvpston F.diic. M. ALISTER. ALTON JEFFERSON H )U liin Business PI.. Tl..ta kapi.a 4:W: Honor Roll 47-48. MiAl.i ' lNE. CHARI.ENEL. Hiiuslon .S )f ' c i Educ. McALPINE. DELIA KATIIRVN Pasadena Social. Ik Eiluc. Alpha Gamma Chi. Plrilge Mistress, Parliamen- tarian. I)i ' lf|;alr lo National Convention in Al- l.uii...r.i.i.-: Clinml ( McAlCllAN. JAMES Houston Radio Re.l Ma- |ue Players 46: Radio Guil.l 47-.iO. McCLINTOCK. GEORGE A. Port Arthur Indiisl. Enpr. Ban l l .-47. Chari.r; Newman f:iul 47; Veleran- Clul. 47. MfCLlRE. WILLIAM L. San Angelo Civil En ir. McCORMICK. DONALD GREGORY Houston History McCKARY.JOHN DANIEL Guille. Miss. Enpr. Society of Engineers; Newman Clul.; R.O.T. C; Cailei Officers Association. MrCRARY. TOM FOWLER Houston Mech. Enpr. .So -iety of Enjjineers. McDonald. WARDEN Edna Edur. Ilaptisi Sluilenl I nion; Fu- Psychology lure Teachers of America. McDonald, william Joseph Pi.rl liuunc Vi licrr- Th. ' l.-fl flan.l.-.l Moiiki-N Wrvnrh SENIORS I f 1 Beard-Growing gels under way. SENIORS M McEWEN. JOHNC. Ill Houston Mech. Engr. McKENNEY, FRANK S. Houston Psych. Houstonian Staff 40-41, An Editor 40, Club Edil 40; Cougar Staff 40-4 1. Club Editor 40; Fron» Fiesta Committee Member 40; Pre-Med Society 41, Organizer and President 40. McKINNEY, CLYDE E. Sweeny Business McKINNEY, HILTON WAYNE Carlsbad, N. M. Accl. McKUSKER, DONALD DALE Port Arthur Mgl. .Society for the Advancement of Managen 49-50. Treasurer. McLENDON. DONALD WEBSTER El Dorado. .Ark. Geology McMASTER, BERNARD EDWARD McSherrystown. Pa. Business Newman Club Vice President 48-49. McMillan, robert d. Houston Mech. Engr. McNUTT, ANGUS L. Terrell Pharm. McWILLIAMS. GEORGE F. Houston Psych. MEAD, CLYDE M. Houston Acct. MENASCO. EVERETT EARL Houston Business MERCHANT, JAMES EARL Houston Malh. MEYER, LAURA JEAN Houston Business Cougar Collegian 4:.49. ns ff " - t. . V I .■%M MKYKKS. JOYCE G. liiiuslciM Home Ec. Ml .A. KO.NAl.DK. La Porte Arch. MIIIUML. WILLIAM JUSlil ' ll Houston Business MILLER. DANIEL W. PasadiMia Mech. Erif r. MILLEU. DOUD Housliin Business MILLER. HERMAN WILLIAM JR. Beaumont I ' uhlic Accl. MILLER. IRWIN New Orleans. La. I ' lmint. Morlar IV-ll.- Clul.; Tr.a-iitrr ; K.OT.C MILLER. KIRBY JAKE La Porte Mech. Enf r. MILLER. MINOS EDWARD JR. H iuston I ' harni. MILLER. WILLIAM EDWARD ll iusloii Elect. Enfir. MINK). IIORAC.Kl.ORDON ' Houston Induslr. Elif r. I (if Ent!in. T! ; Fronlii-r Ki -«la; Ca l.iiry Cluh; Kronlirr-m.n. MITCHELL. LEO .STEWART Pasa lena (.hem. Eiipr. MONK. EDW ARD E. oakum Ceoloiiy MONT(;()MERY. COLLIN DER IN Pa«acli ' na Muiir F.iliir i-2 i u Cougarlaiid beauties. SENIORS ooo O- Mia K tKl Looks like a stag party. SENIORS f % t. MOON. AVNF. L. |»» ' , Fre-Meil Societv; Tt-xas Acatlcrnv of Science. Wr MOONEY. WILLIAM T. " ' Houston Soc. Science _ ■ n MOORE, EARL D. Houston Mech. Engr. MOORE, ELMER C. Hattiesburg. Miss. Elect. £ " ,« ' . III. ELIZA Bolton MOORE. GLENDA LaVERNE Chicago. III. Social. Canterbury Club: French Club; giene Society; Buckeroo : Co-Eil CI Mental ub. Hy- mm. Boiislon Wlu- Sociel) IHEAYJO feUrmTM MOORE. HELEN FAY Houston Journ. Cougar Staff 47-50. Editor 48; Houstonian Staff 48-49; Press Club 47-50. Secretary 49: Camera Club 48-50. Secretary 48: Kappa Mphi Mu Charter Member 49-50; Senior Journalism Scholarship 49; International Relations Club 49-50; Student Assembly 48-49; Student Coun- cil 49-50; Who ' s Who ,50. MOORE. HORACE Kleberg Mech. Engr. MOORE. KENNETH DON Houston Business MOORE, ROBERT BEVERLY Houston Pre-Denlal MOORE, VERNON El GENE Lufkin I ' hnim. MORGAN, THOMAS EOGAR Bossier City. La. Mech. Engr. MORILLE. VINCENT CIIAHLKS Houston Air C.ond. Rejrip. MORRIS. Bll.LlKGKNK Ml. IMeasanl Cheni. Engr. Society of Kn iruers. MORTON. Ml ' RKL STEPHEN Houston I ' elr. Engr. Sociely of F.n ineers. tH.KiUll " - ISCH.ALFI m . Kni hu y.w I [10 1 NT. IIOWF.I.I. K. Galona Park trih. u«TO|,i ,JL:rollu« So. i.t . Tr.-a-ur.r Kail 17. I ' r.-i.l.iii Ifl 19. ILCKKLKOY. NtVA A. Houston Geolofiy eologi-al Sorirlv V-W. S.Tr.iar W l ' »; M,iIiimIi-i uilrnl IT W. MULL. KI.IZABETH JEAN Houston Sociol. MIRLANI). JACK Houston Arch. EM-rollu- Society 47-49. Ml RRAY. JOHNCAVSTILK Los Angeles. Calif. Malli. I ' liolo Track T.-am Tw.. " MISCH. ALFRKDW. (;. JR. Houston fiu.sinfss NACORNK . WLsl.r.t JR. Houston ItiiuiK- ' . ' . Fr.mti.-r-m.-n 48-.J0: liapii-i Siii.l.-ni In ion 47- M): Co-K.i Clul. 48..W. NAISFR. FRANK WILRKRT El Cainpo fiiisinm NAVARRO. SILVIO OSVALDO .SanrtiSiiiritus. Cuba Elect. Eniir. Ni-wnian Mul, U ' : of K,ni;in.-.r t i- 49: Spanish Clul. 4 i t8: I ' lii Kappa 47- 48: ar.ilv Kunilia Danc.r 4 : I ' rinl Shop ll.lp.r: F.niiin.-.rin;: S.l.ool oratorv -i-lanl an.l (;ra.l.r Thr.-.- .ar-; Cu- ban S,li.,ldr.hip K..ur " l .ir- NELSON. ALFRED CHARLES GalM-s|i ii Ed lie. NELSON. WILLI I I IMIN Atiiarillo Mrcli. Erifir. Co-F-.l Clul.: Soci.iy of Kniiin.-.r.. NESTER. HERMAN CHARLES Houston Mel. NEWSOME. DOROTHY (;ENE Houston Srr. .Siirnrr Conti-rliury Clul. U.. ' n: ll. i|{lil Clul. S.-crctarv 47; Co-K.l Clul. 18 ' ,(). NEWTON. THOMAS W. Houston I ' hiirm. M I ' mS| jK .M ' O ' s Lee Krauss receives (ioupar I rophy SENIORS M Cougar staff at deadline. SENIORS NICHOLS. EDWARD BOYD Houston Business NICKER.SON. ARTHUR P. Houston Business " jihil ' " ' ' ' u, Pki Omtfi. I NICKERSON, JAMES G. Lynn. Mass. Chem. Engr. Honor Roll 47-49; Who ' s Who 49; Society of Engineers 47-50. Treasurer 48-49, Board of Directors 49-50; . merican Chemical Society Junior Member 49-50. NOBLES, ANDY FRANKLIN Houston Petr. Engr. NORRIS. ALBERT A. JR. Edna Bioloiiy NORTON. JOHN J. Houston Civil Ens.r. ) Boi-lOB I lit Clil M, fell Ml );4 PMIiSON.I fcllSlOB I fell (I E«(iiii OLDHAM. CHARLETA JEANE Houston Spanish Co-Ed Cluh 47-50; Reel Masque Plavers 47-48; Radio Guild 48; Phi Theta Kappa 48. OSBORNE. WARREN LEVAUGHN Norwich, Conn. Acct. Business OSENBAUGH, CHARLES L. Houston Business Co-Ed Cluh; Press Club; Canterbury Cluh; Frontier Fiesta; K. 0. T. C; Cullen Rifles. Vice President. OSWALD. LLOYD WILLIAM Houston Civil Eniir. Socwiy o( Engineer-; . S. T. K. Chih. P.mi.CER.l Houston mm IBM KPLEiiir WCiii V- OUTTEKSIDL. MELVIN R. L1 ' H Pasadena Mg!. OWEN. DALE ROBERT Joplin, Mo. Mccli. Engr. Society of Enf;ineers; Uonnr Roll 47-4 ' . PALMER. KENNETH KARLTON Houston Mech. Engl. .Society of Engineers. PARISH. CURTIS BRYAN I.ufkin Music Educ. Chi.ial Chdi 48-49; Male Chorus 48. , .1 lARKF.R. L AWFU:NCK I ' . JR. Galena I ' ark Arct. I ' ll! Omrpa. — Kail 19. Vic-Pr.-M- ill-Fall W. HislorianSpring 49; Sludcnl Gov.-rn- Tr.a-ur.T of Siuil -nt A«sorialion 49-50. AKKER. M.AHCIEDALE Dallas liuiineis PARKER. WILLIAM LEHMAN H iu liiii liuiiness PARROTT. JOHN JESSE JR. Houston Elect. Engr. PAITERSON. ARTHUR JAY Houston An An Club 46.J9; R.rl Masque Players 46-49; Honor Roll 4748. PATTERSON. ROBERT CHARLES Houston Elect. Engr. Society of Engineers; Methodist Student L n- PAVLL. GERARD Will. JAM Houston Mpt. PAYNE. HIGH WILLIAM Houston M it. Socieiy tor the of Management. PEARSON. FRANK JR. Denison Diesel Enpr. PEEPLES. MINOR JR. Texas City Psych. Psychology Cluh 47-49; Mental Hygiene So- ciety, President 49; Cadi-t Officers Association 49-50; Phi Thela Kappa 48-49; Who ' s Who 49- 50. Varsity " H " boys sell tickets. SENIORS PENN. HAROLD L. Houston .-icct. PENNINGTON, JOE GRAVES Houston liusiness PENNINGTON. BETTYE POUNDS Houston Art PERKINS, NED SELF Fairbanks I ' harm. Mortar Pestle •»7-t9. PERRY. EDWARD LEE Houston Mech. Engr. Alpha Phi Omega PETITT. BEN McDOWELL JR. Houston Civil Engr. Society of Engineers 46-50. Partying Engineers SENIORS PETITT, LUCY MERCER Houston Psych. PETRE, CLYDE VERNON Houston Elect. Engr. Society of Engineers 49-50. PETROSKY, LAWRENCE GEORGE Houston .4cct. PETROSKY, WILLARD LEE Alice Mech. Engr. PHILPOT, JOE WESLEY Houston Elect. Engr. Society of Engineers; Assistant Physics Lab- oratory Instructor 46-50. PHILLIPS, RICHARD KENN ETH Blacksville. W. Va. Pholo. PICKELL, THOMAS EDMUND Houston Chem. Engr. PIERCE. BILLIE R. Camp Wood Mgt. Baptist Student Union 47-50; Cadet Officers Association 48-50. PIERCE, JOHN EDWARD Palacios Pelr. Engr. PIZZITOLA. FRANK JOE Houston Mech. Engr. Society of Engineers -IS. 48.50. PODLEWSKI, M. STANLEY Galveston Elect. Engr. .Society of Engineers 48.50; American li of Electrical Engineers 47..50. POLLARD. ANNA BETH Houston Acct. Phi Theta Kappa 48-50; Christian Scier gan 1 47-50. i e% ! m A J NTIKKS. CONMK A. loustun Phys. Educ. riball l..ii.rman 47-49; Varsity RTEK. ELTON S.J R. a Brook Business [Odisl Sludenl MovemrnI ; ' rlr PORTER. M. W. Houston Mech. Engr. POST. EVELYN DOLORES Houston Social. Alpha ( amma Chi. PRICE. W. LTER BIRWELL Houston Mech. Enpr. PUG. GERARDO Toa Baja. Puerto Rico Biology Varsitv Varieties 46: French Club 48; Pre-Mcd Club 49: Co-EH Club 49; Texas Academy of Science 49. PLRDIM. BERNARD W. San .Vntonio Phys. Educ. Football Letterman 3 years; Varsity " H " As- sociation. Vice-President; Honor Roll 47 49. QUAST. JOHN JL LlOrS III Houston Elect. Enpr. Society of Engineers; CoEd Club 48-50, Pre- sident 49-.i0. QUIETT. ARTHUR MAXWELL La Porte Psych. RABY. JOHN B. Houston Business RACKI. MARY CATFIKRINE Rye Business Newman (.lul.. RADOFK. LILLIAN MAXINE Houston Biology RAMSEY. WILLIAM FRANKLIN Houston Music Band; Orchestra RANDOL, JOE B. Houston Mech. Engr. American .Society of Tool Engineers, .Secretary- Treasurer 48-49. Cliff Horn retrieves his bunk. SENIORS !% 4JK lf= I What ' s the occasion? SENIORS 33 RAPP, WALTER SAMUEL JR. Houston Acct. Phi Theta Kappa. RAY. CHARLES WILLIAM Kaufman Mgl. - _ REDDITT. TURANCE GRICE Nederland Civil Engr. MERTSO!(,D Society of Engineers 48-50. REICHLE. MARYVIN N. Houston Phys. Educ. Basketball. 4 yrs.; Varsity " H " As Sergeant at Arms 47. REID. MARYELOISE Houston English REINBOLD. WILLIAM HENRY AUentown. Pa. Geology REIZBORD. SIDNEY MARTIN Houston Mgl- REITER, WILLIAM ARTHUR Houston Mech. Engr. RHEINBOLDT. LOUIS THOMAS Cypress Indust. Engr. REMKES. ELMER R. Orange .4rch. Engr. EscroUus Society; Society of Engineers; Officers .Association. REYNOLDS, JOHN THERON Shreveport, La. Engr. RICHTER. CAROLYN JANE Houston Drama Red Masque Players 47-50; Radio Guild 49. 50; Phi Theta Kappa; 48-49; Varsity Varie- ties 49-50; Operetta 49-50; Theodore Irvine Scholarship in hraina -19. RILEY, CULLEN ZELWOOD Houston Music Cougar Band. 46-50. President 47-48, Vice- President ' 16-47. Librarian 46-50; Band Club, Vice President; Varsity Varieties -16; Male Chorus -17-48; Frontier Fiesta 47; Symphony Orchestra 47-48; Merit Award Cougar Band 46-47; Orchestra Librarian 46-47. RIPPENHAGEN, I ' lllLLlI ' II. JR. Houston Mech. Eniir. Society of Engineers; . merican Society of Tool Engineers. Houston .1 «•-■ i -kit ' : ' ■ ' ■ «! WRillE! Ciwif.Va, ftUlARlAI fei iitb m -■■ I ' M. S( ■-■■■111! ' ' -ill( " •Hon " oiilon »liiito, ROBERTS, DONALD CONWAY Ildtistiin Elect. En ir. ROHKRTS. WILLIAM H. Houston Accl. Last years prize-winning Fiesta float. SENIORS , Clint ,)|T(oi ROBERTSON. DL KWOOD K. Houston Business Canlirbury Club: Fooll.all 47-48; Track 47 RODRIQl EZ. JOE JAQLES Ba liiwn Electronics RODRK IEZ. SALVADOR Houston fiiolnjsy ROGERS. JOHN BERRY Houston Mech. En r. R0(;EHS. MARTHA ALICE Houston Home Ec. Horn.- F.r Club 46-.i0. Sfcrrlary 47-48; Co-Ed Club ViM: Cougar Collepians 47-,50; .Austin Ex ' . 4 )- 17. RORER. ELLEN FRANCES Crewe. Va. Home Ec. Horn.- ¥.,. Club. ROSE. MARIANNE LYNCH Galveston French Choral Club 47-48; Opi-rrtta 47; Cougar Col- legian. 47-.S0, Secretary 49.50; French Club 48..S0. .Associate Editor " La Feuille De Chou " 49.10; Newman Club 49-. ' )0; Frontier Fiesta 47- 50; Huckaroo. 47-48; Hou.tonian . ' laff. Senior Cla« Editor 49..T0; Pre.. Club 49.. ' )0, ROTHW KLL, JOHN HENRY JR. Kernali Husiness RIDEWIG. ELTON E. Houston Mpt. Rl ' SSELL. CLIFTON HARGREAVES Houston Mech. Enfir. SACIINIK. FRANCIS LAMAR Houston (irolopy SALLEY. ALGKR LITTLE Wharton Geology M J f wmtm mf ' j. Lai .F ' 1 1 IT t j: SALMERON. GEORGE Houston Mgt. SALTER. DOUGLAS LADD Houston Business Baseball 47-49. ;ULE.Al [lii-ella HiiUsltH l,„BriP ' ' Ribbing the campus. SENIORS SAWYER, CHARLES E. Houston Arch. EscroUus Society; Ban J. SCAUZILLO, FRANK RICHARD Everett. Mass. Chem. Engr. Phi Thela Kappa 48-49. SCHMIECH. HELEN L. Houston Music Educ. Phi Theta Kappa; Honor Roll Two " ears; Honor Roll with Distinction Two Years. SCHMITT, JEANNINE Houston Educ. High School Reception Duchess, Freshman 47, Sophomore 48. Junior 49; Buckaroos, .Assem- blyman 48-49; Newman Club: Press Club: Cougar Collegians; Co-Ed Club; Reporter Newman Club. SCHNEIDER, RALPH LEE Eldorado, Okla. Physics SCHULTE, ROBERT DANIEL Houston Business SCHULTZ, EMMIT AWALD Houston I ' harm. Mortar Pestle Club. SCHWARTZ, DONALD CHARLES Houston Pre-Med Pre-Med Club. JEILIG.IRVLM B«ii n 8 ffiiy.atiLf . avjiola aBEL.m loislon i ffl.ROSSi Um 1 f ' fuilEjliW! SEL HD,ROi ■ilia I ■ ' Eiipi iii[,iriLi JffiiRER.K. SCOTT, GLENN CARTER Houston Mech. Engr. SCOTT, GORDON ALLEN Houston Phys. Educ. SCOTT, JOHNNY BOYD Rosenborg Pliarm. SCOTT, PAULINE ROBERTS Houston Psych. " n ' k S»f, RD,S P J kTAi m . T 1 V K . fi M K . y i£ K. 1 py jf] Jbi I ' EOEGE %(, SKAI.K. Al.l.KN K. ■CUSUDD Daist-tta Mf.1. 8«ii«(K SKCHKST.JESSKA. llouslon I ' harin. Mnriar IV-ll.- Clul.. m - - IICIIARD SEF.I.K;. IKViNG FRANK emiiifr. Houston Business SEEI.Y. CAK[, EDWARD Navasola I ' elr. Enpr. W. SELHER. ALFRED r Roll T»i w Houston Sociol. SEI.ME. ROSS STl ART Houston Mech. Enpr. Socirly of Engineers. ItlKS, Ft«lllil t ' ; Bictaoi. .tsa CU; PikQ (lib: « ' ;«( SFI.STAD. R()BEr{TARNEY Houston nHusl. Enpr. Soririy of Kntiincers 47-50; MilhoHist Stu- Movimcnl 48-50; Sludcnl AsM-mbly 48; Phi riirla Kappa 47; Senior .Srholarsliip So- LEE cieiy 4y-. ' 0: Honor Roll 48-49. te SEMPEE. X ILLEVM STH.WEEL AMEL Now Y..rk City. N.Y. Arch. Eiicrollus .Society. SHAVER. KENNETH JAMES JR. ' AID Houston Mech. Enpr. . ' 0. |.I „f Kn ineer-. SHEARER. HARRIET ANN CHIRIE Houston J ' syrh. Couuar CiolleRians 47-49; President 49; Buck- aroos 46-19. Vire-Pre..iilenl 47; Frontier Fie,ia 4749. Foods Chairman 47-48; Assem- lilyman 48; Vanity Fair Favoriti- 4849; Re- presentative to A. M. Cotton Hall; Houslon- ian Staff. fJluh Kdilor 48; Ke l Masipie Play- ers 47-48; Coronation Princess 49. sheffh:i.d. hi (,h donald ■I KiTr illi- I ' elr. Enpr. ' ! ' ■ SHEFFIEI.I). KENNETH HIRAM E Ncdrrliind I ' harm. «c. SHEI.IU RNE. CLINTON TERRY ) Houston Arrh. SHEI ' l ' ARl). STANDFORD M. lERTS Sugar Land Ertpr. IK . " .(). Slory Teller t ' l-. ' .O. Had anv bites? SENIORS D 0t I ii V yt f «? V. t The old South SENIORS t 1! SHERRILL. HARTZELL L. Pledger Physics SHERRILL. MARILYN SUE Houston Journ. Freshman, Junior. Senior Secretary; Cougar 46- Club Society Editor; Press Club 46-50; Alpha D ta Omega 48-49. Treasurer. President ; Alpha Gat ma Chi 49-50, Nat ' l. Vice President. Alpha Chapt- President; Student Assembly 46-47, 48-50, Secreta; 49-50; Who ' s Who 48-50; Scarlet Scroll. SHERRILL. WILLIAM Houston Mgl. Freshman, Junior, Senior President; Attorney General 49-50; Alpha Phi Omega. Delta Omega Chapter, President 47-48; First Vice President 49; Student Council 46-47, 48-50; Student As- sembly 46; Honor Roll 46-49; Phi Theta Kap- pa; Outstanding Freshman . ward; Who ' s Who 48-50; Varsity Varieties 46: Frontier Fiesta 47-49; Creative Writers Club 46-47; Veterans Club 46-47; Band 46-47. SHIELDS, JOHN JAMES Houston Mgl. Press Association; Houslopian Staff 49-50; Co-Ed Club; Veterans Club; Bowling Club: Society for the Advancement of Management. SHORT. WALTER WINSTON Houston Business SIECK, GERALD EUGENE Houston Business SIENKIEWICZ. FRANK P. Chicago, 111. Business Best AU-Round Beard-Fiesta 48. SIGAL. PINCUS JACK Houston Mgl. SILVERMAN. MARTIN LEE Kansas City. Mo. Mgl. SIMS. KENNETH RAY HdusIdii Civil Engr. c 0 r% SIMS. PAULINE BUSH ) J |r iik fe— ? Houston History ' ' ?fc_ " ■ p " " 1 SIMS. RUDOLPH WILLIAM JR. ,l JtL ' i q tf r , t ■ ' Houston I ' re-IJenlal SIMPSON. MARGIE LEE Galveston Educ. SLATER, ALTON RAY Orange Elect. Engr. Society of Engineers. j L. H i_ ( . SLATER. MONROF.O. MduMkii F.terl. Enpr. SMITH. Al.VINC. Houston talh. ' ' ™. -U, Q I!. J. and Jossif l{ia(l on lime ' i ' M; Ailtnn DtluOan Vicf Prefe iO: SiJffl Ai Plii Iltia Ijf id;n« ' . tli FroDIitf Tisj IM ' ; VrtsHs Bnlii; Qui: Managmnl. I SENIORS SMITH. CAIATN HALF. Laki " Arthur. La. I ' hann, Morlar I ' .sllr Clul. Prcsi.l.-nt 47-48: Ini- versitv Vil)at:f Councilman; Texas . caclemv of Scienr.-: Ass ml.l . SNHTIL CARL GLENN JR. McGchee. Ark. Chem. Enpr. SMITFL EONZA A. Houston Elect. Enpr. Amat ' ur Ka.lio Cluh. SMITH. (;av Houston Business SMITH. GEORGE W. JR. Houston Mech. Enpr. ■ MITH. ROBERT W. Ilipuston Elect. Enpr. MOCK. STANLEY PAl L (horning. N. V. Chemistry Ilan.l; Am.riran Cli.miral SNYDER. CHARLES ALBERT Houston Drama Ma-iur I ' lay.r- V V): Alpha IM Omega 1 ' : Hapli ' .l Muil ni I nion Cliori-ter 47-19; i.i I nion Director »ai9; Coupar Drama A- ,r.i Out«ian.linii Arior 4fl; ll.-t On.-An Play ;•;. Kronli.r Kie-ia 46 49; Slu.lenl As emlily U : Var-ily Variilie 4 i-47. (5 i ]l .SOI IIIWK K. ROBERT C. Houston litisini ' sa SPRACKLEN. JAMES HAMILTON Wrallierford C.iiil Enpr. Society ol Rngineers. STAGGS. JAMES El). Kilgorc liusinrss STANZEL. CLARENCE EDW ARI) .Schulrnlicrg Art An (Jul. i.. ( ' r.-s,.!..,,!. -.„,l.l%ri,.ii, ;f - Vets " Counseling is a must. SENIORS i i :t w ■ . •, J ' . . iJJIMIM i -1 ■::y STEINHORT. MAHV LEE Houston Enfilish Is. Ediir. Vanily Fair Favorile 46-47. 49; Sophomore Jut Duchess 48-49; Basehall .Sweetheart 48; Yell Lea 48-49; Student .Association Secretary 49.50; .Assent 48: Houstonian .Activities Editor 49-.S0; El f Espanol 47-50; Buckaroos 48-50; Future Teacher; America 49-50; Newman Clul 47-5(1; Siud.-nt Lih» Assistant 46-.50. ■STEPHENSON. ELTON L. Houston I ' sych. Psychology Cluh. STEVENSON. FRANK N. Houston Pilar m. STEWART. JACQUELYN LOUSE Houston Educ. ST. GERMAIN. BERT J. JR. Kerrville Radio Radio Guild Officer; Frontier Fiesta: ar-ilv Varieties; Band; Second Best Actor of Fresh- men Plavs 48: Drama Department Handv Man 48; Who ' s Who 49-50. STOCKBL RGER. ROBERT E. JR. Gatesville Biolosv STOCK LAN. DOUGLAS LEROY Houston Phys. Educ. Sateiv Education Certificate; Baptist Student Inion 4649; Future Teachers of America 47. 49; Industrial Education Cluh 48. STOCKTON. PAIL Schulenburp Mrcli. Eniir. STOFE. FRANK T. JR. Dav ton. O hio llii.siru-ss Methodist Siudeni Movement 48..50: I ' uhlicitv •18-49; Vice President 49.50; Frontier Fiesta ■18-19; Colle-ie Reception 48. SrOM. LEONARD RA ' Houstot, Psu-h. STONE. GERALD F. j Houston liiisiiu ' ss STONE. J AMES L. B.-lle. West Va. S. ' cond. Educ. M.-ntal llvjiiene Society 49; Psycholo-v Club 49: Honor Roll 47-49. STOLT. r.KRT ll, iis|,,ii Mirh. Eniii. In.Mli.iM.uTi IH I ' ). Canleihniv Cluh T.,-ciMir. er III l ' ». rr,-id.-iil 1950; Student A-emlily 18- 19, SIOVM L.GEORGE EDWARD IL.ii loii ' ,• ;. Eniii. HoiiiW «TBOlD.Ali jAjk m. IIUVELi I. ii!iinio ■![I i.UI. i«IM.RO. AL .. STRANGE. CHARLES HILTON Houston HislorY STROl D. ALLEN JOSLA Galena Park Heir. Engr. Varsit Varieties [joses. SENIORS Fif ij. iro I Ittor ol Fm mil Hmli Xa !TEJR Bapiii i V A t, (if tatrin ( ' ha. h::: r irjCiikT ' " : ' ;, STKl l?IN(;. EDW AKI) W ILSON Houston .lourn. Caili-I OKiccr . - ocialion: Cougar Staff. SIGG. LlCIlSn. JR. Houston Elect. Enpr. SITT. MARTHA LOl Houston Engliili SLLLIVAN. ELVIS HORMON .San Antonio Math. SI VEMATSL . KING Casper. Wyo. En ir. SWETNAM. LLOVD THOMPSON JR. Houston Mech. Enpi. Sori.iy of Enpin.f-r- 45. 48 50. SWIM. RONALD K.G. Houston Indusl. Enpr. TAYLOR. ERNEST BVEIELI) llou ' loii Civil Enfir. TAM.OH. IRVING New York I ' sych. l .yrhoIo(:y ;Iul) I ' ronram Chairman. Puhlirity Chairman; Tr iinp Lal Psychomrlririan; Psy. cholofcy OrparlmrnI Gra ler; .Sc manlir» Cluh Organizer anil Prpsidrnl ; Mental Hygiene .So- ciety, TAYLOR. JACK ElCanipo rimnu. Fronlirr-m-n: Morlar P.-.lh- Club. TAYLOR. JOHN CALHOl N Houston .irrl. TAYLOR. JOHN RVNDOI.PII Ba t )Wn Social Science o r% .4 Bridge is a favorite game. SENIORS mm - " - ' TAYLOR. ROGER GILBERT »«ES,O.V Houston Business toliBonl TAYLOR, WILLARD DUNCAN tittAQ Greensboro. Ga. Eiluc. niin.oiiA Hoi-ion W- WM DOl TEAS. J AME.SBR W kt Inloiiio ll.iuslon IhisiiK ' ss •lB;bu.t " ;S« THOMAS. GEORGE 1?1{AI)EEY VM fl Houston Accl. THOMAS. lAiNTHA LOIHSE ' U Hani in Business Co-K.l Clui. 48..i0; Cougar Coll,-ian- MM: 1 " ' " M liuckaroo- 46.50; Fronlirr Fi.-ta. im k THOMASON. JAMES r RSHALE H.,ii lnn I ' m,,; En r. V.Pkn«l THOMPSON. LO CLARENCE iwutwi Houston Insliunicnial Music THOMPSON. RAYMOND DOIGLAS Houston BioloiiY Ifljl H[ | R.O.T.C. First Lieulrnani I ' ); -ChiM „( K„IK " ' -dM 49; Honor Roll 4849. THONH ' SON. ROY ERANCIS ' ma: Brandenliurg. K . El, ' cl. Eniii. ii.i,, TIEEIN. P IL U : Houston Business Ih ' D;i,b 1 TIL ION. NEWELL ' »iiii i ilonsh.M l ' ss,li. TOLLESON. KOHEIil ' ALLEN Houston (.. . TOOKEK. IIAIiUY L. i»:i ! Il..n.|..n t,, i. Er, ,. ntlHilS. MAIN FinNK Hi ' ; I ' ll, inn. I MuH.U I ' .-ll.- Clllll. " oil . RDDINQN f4r TORRES. O. V. Beaumont Pharm. Morlir Prsllr Club. TRl ITT. ORA CLAUDIA Houston English Nrwman Club 47-30; S.-manlic5 Club 49-50. ColMaii- W Mi. mm. TICKKR. DOl GLAS H. San Antonio Geoloiiy ••Roikliounil- " : . " oriHy of Eiigin.-ir- . TIRNER. CLARE JOAN Houston Enplish Canl.Tl.urv Club 47: Uuckaroo- 48 Roll 47. t ' l. Tl RNKH.SHIKI.KV F. Dallas Business Tl TTLE. RALl ' H R. .-» l ' Kn,..,ill). Idaho l t mllliiac ■■CliiHdW! ' mi vk .k : i:t { . ll( u liiM (.hrrnistry ISHKI{. IIKNM ' t .lOSKPII Cl.-vrl.-in.l. Ohio I ' harm. Mnrlnr I ' . ' -ll.- ( luh. VANDLRIIKNST. JAN Houston Mrrh. Fn ir. VAN W MT. l-KRCrS MICH l.l. Hi. ilou liiii lliisincss Mnuninnun! SENIORS LLD Vl.l!(,l. . 1IKI, (.l(il!(.l. Houston i,rh. K-irollus Si.ii.-i . vidium;. I ' AriHci i m ll..,i-l..n E(l,„. Vjr-iH .iri.-lir -,U,: Ki.--l,i 1(. l ' ; touiiar Coll.- iaii- l. . k,: K.-.l Ma..|u.- I " hi .r. 45.4f.. VIDIUNE. WALLACE E. JR. Houston . ' ■ ■ . Var-it ari.-li.- 4. " ) 16: Kronli.r Ki.-la U. I ' l. Coucar Coll.- ian- 4 ' ) Ifi. VINSON. JOHN WILLI M lloMslun liuunr.. VINSON, Ml ' RRY EDGAR Hillsboro Business Frontiersmen. VINYARD. WALTER JOSEPH Ponchatoula. La. Ediic. It SnoweHI SENIORS VORHES. WESLEY BAILEY Shawnee, Okia, £ " ,er. WADE, CALVIN L. Houston Business WALDEN. GENE CARROL Houston Soc. Science WALKER, JIMMIE LESLIE Houston Radio Footiiall 46-47; Baseball i:-50: Track 47-48: Co-E.l Cluli 46.10; Society of Ensine.-rs 47- .50; Ra.lio Club 46-47. mum 1 1 1, CiJi fc l-«i fe.»|.lli:-l«; Buii-liin I !rrlw,lk,„„ WALKER, LEON B.J R. Mobile, Ala. Pre-Meil. WALKER. PINK Alpine Elect. Entii. WALKER. WILLIAM ROBERT Palestine Business WALTERS. AUDREY ANN Houston Educ. Mellioilist Student Movement Recreation Chair- man 49; Co-Ecl Clul) 48-49; Phi Thela Kappa 48-49; Stuilent .Assembly 48-49. Ub.[!: ' f-l-, K s«- imp m. W l!lt. EDMOND JOSEPH Iji.ii loii Trade S Trans. WARD. HAROLD WHEELER II.Miston Business l-roiiii.rsmeri WM: Kroniier Fi.-sla 47-. ' .0. WARREN, JAMES ROBERT Tonihall Music Itan.l: I ' bi Tln-Ia Kappa. WAIKINS. KDMINDSAMIEL I Illusion Civil Eniir. iillM ' f:. wMsoN. THOMAS . u: Mii;i{ ll u ti n Hufiness R.OTi: Ca.i.i Cdpiain. Mad Offici-r. WATTS. KOEIKKT MARVIN l.ufkin liiisint ' ss " -urprisi ' d ' ; SENIORS WEAVER. JOHN ERNEST Hou l n Geolotiy R. ), 1. C. Ca.l.i S.conil Lirul.-nanl : Cadel 0((ir.-r »o ialion Tna urer. WEAVER. W ALTER W ILLIAM H..usl,.n Artl. W EBR. ROBERT SYDNEY Aniiersoii I ' harm. Honor Roll »7 18: Morlar P.-ll.- Club. WEEKS. JAMES DOWELL Hiiii l )M F.ti ' cl. Enjir. • ■• ' KnL-in.-.r-. XK1 Ni . MiVIN(, York Elerl. Enpr. Plu Thria Kappa: Honor Roll 17-18. WEISS. SOI. STEI ' HEN lloustnn Eiluc. Futun- TcarliiT of ni»Tica: Honor Eflucalion . " hourly: I ' lii Tli.ia Kappa: Honor Roll 4719; l. " . uarliiT Ijlin; Kl Foro E panol: Siiuari- Danrr Cliil.; CoK.I Cluli: Hill.l Sorid : Hon- oralili ' Mention in Frinrh-Two Vi-ar-: CouRar Staff A.U.rli-in;: 17 W. Oul-ianilinp Awar.l in AH irli.ini: 18. Cougar ami Ail- «rrti-in;! I ' roniolion t7 IK; lion-Ionian AiKt-r- lininn Maff. WE.ST. (;eor(;e krancis Hiiu l iii Ciiil Enfir. WESTERMAN. ROBERT Wll.l. I M JR. Iliiu lon Sliilionnry Enfir. Willi I. J II. 1-. JR. Il..u«lipii ti-ili. Ennr. Honor Roll Ui. I ' ): Junior Srliolar liip Soriiiv 46; I ' lu-i.- " i.lanl 17-4K; M.n ' - Choru- 46-tH: . " ailinv Cluh (harl.r M. ' o.Im r WII ITSITT. JAMES EDWARD Mousliin EIrrl. Eniir. WHITTEN.STM ' IMN E. Hoii-l..n i,-. „i, WIER. JACK WALTER JR. Hoijsloii Mrrh. Eiifir. Frnrins Ciul) » " -. 0; Sailing Clul. 47-50: So- ri.•l o( rn-in..r. ITM); ■ lii.i.-nl -s.r„l,K IH V I Giving him the air. Johnny? SENIORS ....Jl - WILDEY. CHARLES BRUCE Denison Geology WILKES. HAROLD DUNCAN JR. Houston Engr. WILLBORG. EDWARD D. Houston Mccli. Enp,r. Society of Engin.-rrs 46-49: Socielv of Tool Engineer.. 49. WILLHELM. DON S. Houston Mecli. Engi . Socieiy of Engineers 47-50; Football Letter- man 47-49; Track 50; Baseball 48, ,50: Var- sity " H " .Association . ' Secretary 48-49. President 49-50. tWI OS.HA WLWIiOV Mm I filiCKjAll Bi)yi|i)n i tiMj.ELCIE WILLIAMS. ERNEST STEWART JR. Houston Elect. Eniir. .Society of Engineers; . " ailing Club. WILLIAMS. REUBEN C. Winnsboro. La. I ' tihlic Ailmin. Frontiersmen. WILLIAMSON. I RANK H )U.ston JiHiin. Cougar Reporter. WILLIAMSON. PA I KOBIKTS Houston Awl. IL.SON. A. V. I ' asadena Elm. Eii r. WILSON. JO CKLOl IS1-: Bryan 7,i,s. A.Vi r. Metboili t .Siu.b-nl Movement K)-W; Future Teacbers o( . meriea 47-49; Co-E.l Club 47- 49; Lanyard Club 46-.50. Vic.- President 19..W; Women ' s Tennis Cliampioii .W .47. w n SON. i Mill; ll..uM..,i l ' ln..h.,liir. L.Mn.iid (iub i: .0. |-M.nli. I ' M. la lluiiiman 49; Forensic .S.iieU l(M9; U,,l MaM|u.- I ' lay- ir- 4H; SindenI -i-laMl in I ' ln ieal Fdu.atinn I ' IMI; Mod,-rn Dame Club l ' r,-.i.biil |9.,-,(); Varieties 49; laiixaid I Inb H.-.or.ling --. . r. I.iiy -19.50. WILSON. W LTI I! W . II. Wr.l ( .dlllnl.l,! VmmV.s- WOnE .FIl Iniinjldn. Vim I ' lMl[(;: I ' mi 1 DAVIS CE WINDISH. MXKII.YN ( " orpus ( Christ i Social. HUM So.-i. ' i%: l v rliolu»:y Cluh: liurkaroos. WISR. ROhKRT CANNON I Illusion EIrcl. Kni:r. i|i Wnn ' j, IBEliT: WISIINOW. MARRY MKYF.R lliiustiin Radio Hill -I r :.0, 49; Ra.lio (.uil.l 49-.W: K. l Ia-.|ui- I ' lay.r, 1950. WOI.I.AM. ROY JOHNSON r)anl)ur I ' hys. Educ. WOMACK. JAMES VALGHAN Houston Arch. Enpr. .Soci» ly of Enginrpr 4.S-Wi; EscroHus Society 46-.i0: Cli.-.r I..ail.r 47-48. WOODS. EI.GIE LAMAR H iu tiin Arch. WOOTTKN. I RANKI.IN OLIVER W iliiiiMf;liiii. l)i-l. Indiial. Educ. XRI ;in. ERWIN ALFORD lloustdii Geolopy Kronii.r Ki.sia Conl.-I 47. WRIGHT. JOHN I ' AIL Mu ki.g.-e. Okla. Grnl„f:y WRIGHT. LLOYD CAIM I l{ Cleveland Accl. 164; f ' " ! WRKillT. R l " IIAF.I,(; ltI! l!l) H.MiMon Edur. WLKASCH. CLIFFORD MILTON Port Arthur Chem. Enpr. WINDKRLK;!!. JOSEPH HENRY I ' liih.(l.l|,hia. I ' a. Mrch. Enpr. YANCEY. TOLBl RT SCOTT CIcvclaiul .4ccl. f « Kit anH Tonitnv. ' W Royally SENIORS N i 9 ' mm: mM ' ' m ! .-. Victory parade that payed off. SENIORS YAWN. THELMA ESTELLE Houston Elem. Ediic. YEATS. JOHN ROBERT JR. Houston Mech. Erijir. ZIMMERMAN. FRANK E. Siloam Springs, Ark. Arch. ZIOBER, MARION WALTER Lane City Petr. Eni r. Coniforlahic, Francis? YOUNG, EARL AUBREY Houston Indusl. Engr. Society of Engineers 47-48. YOUNG, HARRY W. Rockdale Business YOUNG, JOE BRYANT Houston Sociol. Methodist Student Movement -;6-50. President 49-50; Religious Groups Council 49-50; Stu- dent Assembly 49-50; Frontier Fiesta 49. ZILICH. EMIL MICHAEL Houston Indusl. Engr. Peggy On l ' ar;i CLASS OF 1951 JACKIE ENLOE. Secrrlary WW ])]( K -: S. I ' lesiilrnl (,i;()l!(;i; M.W. Tn-asurer PatJdf ' AGREE. JAMELLJ. Houston Mec i. Ens.r. ADAMS. ROSE MARIE San Antonio I ' AFFLERBACH. LEE ROY Houston tail- ALDERMAN. PATRICLX ANN Houston Ediic. JUNIORS ALDERMAN, SARAH E. Houston Eiluc. ALEXANDER. ROBERT C. JR. Houston ,l ( ' t7i. En Sir. ALEXANDER. ROY Houston Diesel ALLEN. ANDREW G. Highlands Soc. Science AMERMAN. JAMES S. Stanton I ' m. Eniir. ANDERSON. DAVID H. Houston Trade Trans. ANDERSON. HOLGER 0. Houston Mixl. ANDERSON. JOHN ANDREW Galveston Music ANDERSON. RICHARD 0. Houston MiAl. ANDERSON. VICTOR A. Galveston Mec i. Enp.r. BAILEY. KENNETH Winston-Salem. N. C. I ' ivs. Educ. HALL. KOBERTll. Houston Arch. HARHKR. WALTER Vi . Houston Ern r. BARNER. VIRGINIA E. Houston _S«-. Science BARNES. NED I.OI IS Frccporl ,,. ,. HAIM . I! |{|! l! rins. Educ. liKANS. FREDC. Trenton. N. J. Mi i. BKI.IN. M l!l(t I). II..Nsl,,n l ' rc-l.a:r liFWKI. I ' KIKI! W. Sail Mloilio ! „ I ' .KBNAIH). IIIKM M) Houston I ' i.i!i; . I ' .owii. i.iii " " t (:..liiMil i;i I lilO. DON W.-i Coliiinhiii ' .Of riuu IliDWr.I.I-. JAMKSWll.l.l M lloU-l(.n i. Ki.i;v,i( ii c. Si. L.mi-. Mo. Educ. I ' Oil. |{c u ! JUNIORS ihv. Ditsil Jms. %. Hue ' . fnjf. IS. Uk. U. bf. idm .id. ■i. Ik- ]ki. fulB Up. UI.A.NAK. K0H1:HTG. Victoria I ' rc-l.nw IM.OOM. HEMIY t. linselle Park. Mo. .inh. HOKHNER. EDGAR H. Orange. Ca lif. Ilu.siness HOI. WD. II I{RYI.. Ilnllslull I ' ic-Laii nONF.. (iORDON L. e. l I ' aliii Beach. Fla. I ' liolo. HONVILLAIN. iNORBERT Houina. l,a. Mrrli. Ensxr. RORCIIERDI.NG. JEAN HoU tl ll Elluc. nOlRDREAlX. TRACY I ' orl rlliur l cc i. Eniir. I!()l lUiKOIS. THOMAS E. H..u;;ton Mul. ROW ER. BORDA EON llouslon Driiniii BOWNDS. ERVIN A. Houston Acrl. BOYEES. NOllAEIE lloiiir F.r. BRADEEY. PATRICK T. (Jalrna Park I ' i;r .ei.i.. ii!I m. ' -i p lloii-liiii llisldiy i;i;o( ii ' -ri.iN. Piiiii.ii ' lloii-hiii Jiiiiin. I!i;n . E l!l, M. . ir;. ' iiiiM I ' ln s.Eihir. i;i;o N..l Mi • iiioM Houston l ' ' ii. Eiiiii. BRi E(;(;ER..|o-rpii ki nil Houston (,rol, i,s BRI E(;(;em n. e i i iii. Houston ! .( ;. Eiii i. Bl RCESS. A I Dlll. ' t lloM-lor. I ' sycli. BVKRLY. MARVIN GILBERT Beaumont Pre-Law Bl LL. CHARLES L. Rayne, La. Pharm. CALDWELL. ANN Houston An CALK. GLENN LAMAR Bastrop. La. Engr. JUNIORS CALVIN, JOE C. Houston Acct. CANTRELL. MARCUS Houston Inditst. Engr. CANION, DOYLE. L. Houston Med. Tech. CARDONA. EDWINA M. Sonora Pharm. CARNES. BILLY Chandler Agric. CARSON. SEYMOUR ERWIN Houston Journ. CHAN. GAT CHONG Hong Kong. China .irch. CHANCE, PIERCE CARLILE JR. Dallas Music CHERRY. LIONEL LEE Houston 1 ;; . CHISM. WESLEY L. Uvalde liuliist. Mgt. CLARK, BARNEY ROGERS Houston Engr. CLENDENEN. MARION B. COBB. MARGARET L. Houston COMP TON. JOE E. Henderson COMTO. JOHN T. liouslon COLLIN.S. 1). C. Liherty ( li l!r . ID! Til Hull CKOSHY. ROBERT J. liousion Business Sec. Science English Phys. Educ. Tech. Educ. liusiness CRUSE. CAROLYN LOUISE Houston llisl(ir CRUZ. LUZ A. Manila. l ' hili|)])ine Is. C.hem. Engr. n M. COLLINS. ROBERT HUGH Freeport Accl. COOGLER.JOIINM. Houstiin Chem. Enpr. CORK. COLENLAN F. JR. Houston I ' sych. CORLEY. Br:iTV JO Nacogdoches English JUNIORS CORNETT. ALEXJ. Houston Business COX. CHARLES B. Houston Psych. CL LLOM. JAMES HOWARD Houston Pre-Latc CLMMINGS.J. W. Laredo Journ. CI PFLES. HARRY R. Houston Pharm. CLRRIE. ALBERT B. San Antonio Educ. DADISMAN. HELEN V. Houston Entilish DAILY. BARBARA ANN Houston Psych. DAVIS. GUY J. Houston Pre-Law DAVIS. WATERS S. League City Journ. DAY. ELY R. Houston Liberal Arts DIAMOND. LOUISE. Houston Radio DICKENS, RAYMOND A. Houston Pre-Law DICK.SON. BILLY (;. Houston Elec. Enpr. DICK.SON. ROBEFiT W. Houston Psych. DIXON. RUTH A. Houstdii Social. DOM.L . lUCil i;i) !l. Houston i ' DRODDY. LEONARD J. JR. Houston Geolopy DUBINSKI. MAURICE Houston Arct. DUNN. FRED C. Houston Business i Our Tr jops at Canip Lee, Va. mMm k DUPERIER, BETTY JO. Beaumont DYER. BILLY F. Brenham EAST. ROBERT H. JR. Bay town EDWORTH. ALLAN F. Fairbanks Second Educ. Educ. Mech. En r. Enar. JUNIORS EIGHNER. LAWRENCE Houston ENGHOLM. DARLENE Houston ENLOE. JACKIE B Houston ESAU. ROBERT M. Houston ESCOBAR. ROMEO S. Donna ESLINGEN. GEORGE G. Houston EULER. CHARLES M. Washington D. C. EVANS. JOHN W. JR. Houston Indust. Educ. Music Educ. Voice Tech. P ha nil. Business Pre-Laiv Mech. Ener. EVANS, RUSSELL D. Houston Miit. FAOUR, ANNA ROSE Houston Journ. FENLEY. GEORGIA JOAN Houston Home Ec. FIELDER. R. RICHARD Houston Biology FISHER. WYMAN Cedar BaM)u Business FLANERY. DAVID K. Houston Arch. FORD. HOMER L. Houston .irrh. FOWLER. ROBKHJ- M. Galena I ' ark Business FRANCKE-HANSEN, C. F. Houston I ' svch. FRANSEN. ROYC. Clevekin l Business FREEMAN. HAZEL 1). Flantersville F-REUND. GENE Needville Ch em. Engl. KREY, AKTIUHC. New oTk CM) 1 rLLER,(;iY W. Titiipson URGILELE, GlYL. Bi-aver, Penn. GALLINGTON, THOMAS F. Houston Woodnork Diesel Engr. I ' ctr. Engr. Mech. Engr. JUNIORS • r. GARCIA. CLEMENTS San Diogd I ' liarni. GARCIA. RIFINO Falfurrias I ' harm. (;AnnNER. MARVIN !■:. JR IlllUStoll (1(7 Engr. (; RRISON. SAMLELJR. (»arrison Chem. Engr. GARVER. GERALD H. Houston Engr. GASTON, CAROLYN Galena Park Business GASTON. ROBERT C. Nacogdoches Speech GESCHKE. LAWRENCE C Chicago. 111. Art GIBBS. CHARLIE L. Bavtown Accl. GILCHRIST. THOMAS L. Houston Mech. Engr. GLADFELTER. JOHN II. Alvi., I ' sYch. GLASER. DANIEL C. Houston I ' hysics GODFREY. DAHHFLL P. Houston lliology GOLDING. ERNEST H. Houston I ' hxs. Edur. GRASSHOFF. HAROLD E Eagle Lake Hiislrirss GRAYSON. JAMES E. Bogata CI, •ni. Engr. GRICIH K.ALEXANDER Houston Arch. (;riffin. i i;(;(;y j. Hoiistnii (); ( E, . . Educ. (JRIGGS. BELLE B. Houston El. n . Edur. GRIGGS. CHARLES B. Houston M, eh. En fir. (lutli of the " Maceo-Dickinson Line. " GREEN, WADE K. Pasadena HAGLER, ORVILLE M. Fairbanks HALL, DONALD E. Columbus, Ohio HALL, JOHN LYLE JR. Dallas Pre-Denlal Mech. Engr. Mech. Engr. JUNIORS HAMBREE, RAY VAN Birmingham, Ala. Photo. HAMMOND. GRANVILLE Port Arthur Pen. Engr. HARDING, HERBERT H. Houston Advert. HARGRAVE, EVERETT W. JR. Houston Social. H lzJ HARGRAVE, RUTH ELLEN Houston Educ. HARMAN, WILLIAM L. Houston English HARRIS, JOE R. St. Joseph Petr. Engr. HARTLEY, FLETCHER W Beaumont Civil Engr. HARWAS, FRANCES M. Houston Art HARWELL, LENORA L. Wharton Journ. HASTINGS. THOMAS F. Houston Finance. HAURY, CAROLINE RUTH Houston Journ. HAVERKORN, EVA L. Franklin. Texas Phys. Educ. HAVNER. WILLA M. Houston Art HAYNES, RICHARD Houston Pre-Law HEFT, LA VORA Houston Sec. Science HEIMANN. EVELYN J. Houston Drama IIEISLER. WILLIAM Port Neches Petr. Engr. ilFNDKRSON. WILLIAM Kscanaba, Mich. Lib. Arts HENINGTON. DAVID M. Houston History iiiAsoN. J Mi:sw. Caddo Mills. Texas Grolofiy lll.iJGKSIIKIMKI!. CHARLES H. Ilousloii Economics KOMI Al, DO !■ aifurri;! ' - I ' liann. IIKUHINCTO.N.JJMMIEC. I ' alcstirn ' . Texas Ccolopy JUNIORS Our Jack-df-all-tradi ' s tafctoria. Somi. ml %. k jam. finance, HKYMAN. ALFRED N. Houstdii Cliem. HIGGINBOTHAM. G. Beaumiiiit Elect. Engr. IIILLYER. HELENR. Houston Social. HITCHCOCK. ALAN LEROY Houston Speech HOEFS. EDWIN A. Ft. Stockton Elect. En r. HOGGATT. RICHARD D. Corsicana Acct. HOLLAND. CAROLYN J. Houston Business HOLLINGSWORTH. HAROLD D. BeauMiont Mcch. Engr. HOLT. ROBERT L. Houston HOOPER. THURSTON P. Houston HOPKINS. THOMAS R. Houston HOPSON. JAMES F. Colniesneil HOWARD. BILLY G. Ennis HOWE. EDWARD V. Plant (;ity. Fla. HOWELL. BEN F. Aransas Pass HOWERTON. JOE D. Houston HIBBELL. MARIUS, M. Galveston HIBER.JOEE. Houston lUFF.STETTER. ROY E. Dallas HUMBLE. JAMES M. Vinton. La. Mgt. Geology Joiirn. Phys. Educ. Indust. Engr. Joiirn. Civil Engr. A cat. I ' re-Law I ' re-Laiv Mech. Enpr. Geology I 13 K- P- " " . ' -JS ' ' M nNmtr jr, - HUTSELL. EUGENE F. Corpus Christi Pharm. P- — -- s HURT, MARVIN 0. Houston Social. JACKSON. HORACE A. Pasadena Music Attendance Award at Camp Lee JACOBS. IRVING A. Boston, Mass. Psych. JUNIORS JAMES, HARRIET ANN Houston Educ. JAMES, HOWARD F. Houston Pre-Med. JELSON, ALEX A. Houston Pre-Med. JENNINGS, BETTY JEAN Houston Soc. Science JOELKEL, STANLEY H. El Campo Acct. JOINER. CARL W. Plainview Pharm. JOHNSON, EDITH E. Houston Home Ec. JOHNSON. EDWARD W. Houston Elect. Ens r. JOHNSON. MARGRET Harlingen Business JOHNSON, SIDNAY A. Houston Business JONES, ANDREW S. Decatur, Ala. Acct. JONES, AUDREY P. Houston Acct. JORDAN, AUBREY L. Vernon Petr. Engr. JOSSERAND. JAMES G. Houston Mgt. KAEMMERLING, HAROLD E. Lufkin Arch. KELLER, EDWARD R. Houston Geology KENNEDY. EDWIN B. Houston Business KIDDER. BEN C. Bay City Irxdust. Elect. KIRK.AUTHERP.JR. Houston Pre-Med. KIRSCHNER, RUDOLPH Houston Pre-Med. L Kill. |o |,| ' |l li. l|..M t..M r " ' ii7 F.nui. ko i Milk. i;i! i:srj. ktiONCi;. I ' llll.ll ' 15. ( ' iirlhiif. ' !- I ' liy. Eilui kOKM.i; W l!()lii:i!T II. I.uImi " l .vA. ■:».:; T ( ..iilil- iiuik " - (loiif-li al ( aiiip JUNIORS K()Z. KIS. ACHII.LKS l, nn. Mas . Mech. Enp.i. KRESS. KEN I ' itlsliurg Arch. KROHN.CiEOIUUlM. liciuston Trade Trans. KKOMKH. CH.ARLESR. ll.rshrv. I ' a. Kl III.. i;i) AKI) A. JR. I)ickirisi,ii KYRIAKIDES. S. Salfiniki. Greece LACY. EDWARD F. Ill Huuston LaGRO.NE. ED.MO.ND E. Houston I ' holo. Civil Enpr. C.hem. En fir. Joiirn. . [gl. LANCE. CEORGE E. Paulsboro Mech. Engr. LaROCHE. HOWARD G. Houston Mech. Engr. LAVENDER. .| Ml. M. Houston h;h. Engr. i.rcoi i;. io- i:ni i.. jii. ll iU-lMri Inilusl. Enu.r. i.iiiiiM . iii.Nin ji;. Hri ' riliarn I.EMMON.RW M.LKN ilo„.|,,n i.KoN i;i)i. l, Hou lon I.EVERETTE. ItdV W . Cri-iiu illc. Miss. i.i. i . i;i A ri;iA i n m- IImI,. MAIN, i; i ' ii i:i, llnuMMh LEWIS. .MAI RICE Houston LILES. DAVID F alestine. Texas I ' harni. I ' .Into. Tech. .led. Edtic. jiHirn. .led. Ini iisl. Entir. Br LIIJESTRAND. CHARLES E. Edinburg Accl. LOFTIS. MURRY L. Refugio Engr. LOPEZ, FRANCIS S. Elsie. Mich. LUTON. RITA M. Houston Electronics An JUNIORS MacDONALD. WILLLAM Houston Accl. MAINKA, NICHOLAS Yorktown Mech. Engr. MAREK. THEODORE R. Houston Photo. MARTIN, EARNEST L. Houston Mech. Engr. MARTIN, FOSTER DENNIS Houston Phys. Educ. MARTIN. ROBERT VINCENT Johnston. Pa. Photo. MARWITZ. RAY ALVIN Houston Civil Ensr. MASSEY, PATSY JEANE Pasadena Business MATEJOWSKY. ROBBIE LEE Houston Journ. MAXWELL. JAMES M. Eastland Engr. MAYER. ELAINE L. Houstctn Educ. MAYNARD. MARTIN S. Houston Business McCARTY, JAMES THOMAS Van Pharm. McClelland, victor San ford. Fla. Photo. McGINNEY. VIRGINIA L. Houston Art MclLWAlN. GLENN ALAN Houston Music McMURRE . ALFRKDL. JH. Houston El •ctronics McNEILL. JOHN MiCiilK Houston Educ. MERCADO. ARNOLD New York Citv Photo. MILLER. W M.I.I Alii) F. ji{. Houston Arch. Eniir. MII{l.Li; . I! l [,.S. Knpl.- I ' as. I ' rrDrnlal MOOHK. DOidS V. Houston Sec. Scicncr MOOHK. TIIKODOHK Houston R. Accl. MONSOIH. ABtJK. Houston ht. I ' uiS U. ' (li ' . ti " n Iw. Ik. JUNIORS MO.NTANO. JOE RAY Las Vegas. N. M. Minic MOREE. JACK B. Bellaire Govt. MORRIS. BARBARA LEE Bavlown Business MORRIS. HAROLD L. }Iouston Mech. Enpr. MORRIS. LARRY JACK Sherwood. N. D. I ' sych. MORRLSO.N. ROBERT SCOTT Houston Sociol. .Ml EGGE. ERVTN CHARLES McGregor Apric. Ml LCAHY. GLENN VERNON Center Point Geology MILLER. MARY PATSY Baytown Ediic. MIRILLO. HENRY Galveston Aero. Enf r. MURRAY. THO.MAS. M. Velasco I ' hys. Educ. NASTOIPIL. RAYMOND ALBERT Sealv [ ' harm. NEBGEN. ARTHUR JOHN Orange I ' liarm. NESSELRODE. JACK LEWIS Baytown Enfir. NEW. GEORGE WII.I.ARI) Houston liiisiness NICHOLAS. THOMAS O. Galena Park I ' rir. Enfir. NIXON. JOSEPH R Y Houston Acct. NOLEN. THOMAS LAW RENCE Houston .liilo. Mrrli. NORRIS. JOEJ. Houston Accl. OATMAN. CHARLES H. Phoenix, Ariz. Ilusincss OFFUTT. LEWIS CLINTON Lubbock Sociol. OMEARA, MARY JANE Houston Business ORTH. EMIL H. Houston Business O ' SULLIVAN, WILLIAM JOSEPH Houston Psych. JUNIORS PAGE, MARY LOU Amarillo Psych. PAGE, MAURICE ROSSELL Highlands Elec. Engr. PALLA, DAVID LOUIS Galveston Business PAPANDRIANOS, DIMITRIS P. Athens. Greece Pre-Med. PAUL. ROBERT H. Houston Elect. En r. PECORE. BETTY MAY Hous ton Home Ec. PEGUES. ASTON Houston Educ. PELHAM. WANDA NELLE Kilgore Second Educ. PEPPARD. JOHN J. JR. Houston Educ. PERKOWSKI. JAMES R. Carlsbad, N. M. Mgi. PETTIT, CLEMON J. JR. Houston Mgt. PHILLIPS, JOHN M. Cameron, Mo. Pre-Law PLEDGER, ROBIN C. Beaumont Philo. PLESS, JOE MACK Hubbard Business PLOVMIS. KALLIOPE Houston Home Ec. POE. FRANK EDWARD Houstoti .4rch. POLING, RALPH CRATER Keyport, N. J. Speech PORTER, LAWRENCE E. JR. Alvin Meek. Eng,r. POST. NATALIE VIRGINIA Houston Home Ec. RABON, WILMA JEANNE Houston Home Ec. iii i;. HDiii.Ki N. II. .11.1.. I, l ' n: l.:l. I M . . W II I I M M I!VI ll ' iu tcm (Jinn. Kni i . V. A. . JUKI) lli lilaii(U Sali-snutnsltii) ISSKI,. WILLIAM JIL ll ' iii-iiiii in i E lii -. W .lie h " l i iir M.iiin r« JUNIORS HKES. VIRGINIA DARE Houston Social. RKILEY. JO ANN STERK Houston Sec. Science REINE. ARTIILH Houston RESS. BARBARA Houston R0Li) Mrrh. Enfir. I ' sych. REYNOLDS. F. R. Turtio Creek. Pa. Indusl. Engr. RHODE. BILLYA. Corpus Christi Pharin. RICE. WALLACE IVAN Bay City History RICHARDSON. BOBBYE JEAN Houston Drama RICHARDSON, JA.MES L. Houston Cheni. Enp,r. RICHBLRG. JEAN FRANCES Houston .irt RIGGS. CARLINM. Brazoria I ' re-Ucntal ROACH. LEONARD E. Wink t ' sych. RODRIGUEZ. MYRNA LOY New Orleans. La. Educ. ROE.SE. HAROLD WILLIAMS Washington Af ric. ROESLER. BERNARD, R. Rosenberg Mech. Engr. liOLLISH. JAMES L. Galveston Trade Trnn . ROSEN. ALEX Miss. Mall,. ROTENBERRY. WALTER T. Roanoke, Va. Air (.and. ROWSEY. BETTY ANN Houston Dniiiia ROYALTY. WILLIAM A. Ilnu lon .Mecli. Engr. I 19 Just a little off the top. RUDLOFF. HAROLD WILLIAM Brenham Ecluc. RUMPH, JAMES R. Houston SALAZAR. FRANK JR. Houston SAMFORD. MAURYCE S. Denison Pre-Laic Business Arch. JUNIORS SAMPSON, HARRISON B. Liberty Mech. Engr. SAWYER, TOM H. Nederland Photo SCHERER. CLIFFORD D. Houston Mgt. SCHNEIDER, JOHN L. Houston Indus!. Engr. SCHNEIDER, WILLIAM D. Houston Elect. Engr. SCHNARR. ROBERT M. Jasper. Ind. Radio SCHULTZ, ROGER M. Houston Phys. Educ. SEGER. REX L. Lansing, Mich. Geology 120 SEY, CHARLES K. Honolulu, Hawaii SHELTON, STANLEY Lockhart SHINDLER, OWEN E. Houston SHIRUTIS, WILLIAM J. Pasadena SHORT. WILLIS F. Houston SHOWERS, LUCINDA A. Houston SILLER, LAWRENCE L. Galveston SIMMON, MARION L. West Columbia SISSON. ROBERTA J. Martinsville. Ind. SKELTON, SARANNA Houston SLOAN. HAROLD K. Houston SMITH, BILL Houston Diesel Engr. Pharm. Business Indust. Engr. P re-Law Educ. Arch. Engr. Psych. Journ. Spanish Mech. Engr. Speech mi lr (:ro l. I ' harm. MI 1I. 1..I!(IY s. lli ll toll I ' syrh. HTII VI1.I.IAML. Acinar. Ala. Mech. Enpr. SNOKHAIS. F{AYJ. W.Sl Biisinrss JUNIORS SORRELS. WILLIAM W. JR. Magnolia Photo. SOTO. LOUIS A. Houston Mech. Engr. SPIVEY. WILLIAM F. Houston Pharm. SPRAGUE. ANNYCE Houston Psych. STALLWORTH, THEODORE Bellaire Public Admin. STEELY. CLIFFORD C. JR. Houston STEWART, ROBERT H. Palacios STOTTS, OSMAN 0. Gainesville Mat. Pelr. Engr. Mech. Engr. SUGGS. CHARLES R. Houston Business SULLIVAN. CAROL Navasota English SYKORA. DONALD I). Houston Geology TAITE, ROSWELLC. Houston Elect. Engr. TALBOT, BILL E. Houston Insur. TARDO, JASPER P. Houston Arch. TAYLOR, ROBERT M. Houston Psych. THOMAS, WILLIAM W. Houston PreLaw THOMSON. ALEX JR. Houston Mech. Engr. THOMPSON, DAVID L. Houston Pharm. THOMPSON, HUGH D. Donie Pharm. THRASH, DOUGLAS L. Houston Diesel Engr a:, Art Department at " Coffee Time " . TIELKE. JOHNNIE Needville TILBURY, CHARLES 0. Houston TINGLEY. EARLE F. JR. Houston TROXELL. GUY S. Houston P re-Law Arch. Engr. Geology Aero. Engr. JUNIORS r ■ M I, mm Mi ff O C? MhiM 1 -V I ) 1 ■ t TROXELL, ISABEL M. Houston Arch. Engr. TUMBLESON. A. New Orleans. La. Business TYNDALL. DAVID C. Sulphur, La. Pharm. ULRICH. CARLW. Houston Pre-Med. VAGLIENTI. JOHN F. League City Acci. VAN DRIES. MARIE I. Houston Arch. VAN DYKE. ROBERT A. Pt. Arthur Photo. VAN EENENAAM. LOUIS Houston Ediic. VAN KLEECK. HAROLD New Paltz. N. Y. Civil Engr. VANN, WILLIAM W. Houston A cat. VAN NESS, JOHN B. Houston Arch. VARGOSKO. A. G. Youngwood. Pa. Mech. Engr. VAUGHAN. ELEANOR D. Houston T. Radio VOGT. ROSE M. W. Houston Home Ec. VOIGT. EARL P. Fort Worth Business VOORHEES. BARBARA Houston Religion WAISSMAN.JOED. Mexico City Pre- Med. WALKER, GENE Houstoti Social. WALKER. MEREDITH JAMES 1 Houston Geology 1 WALTERS. CO. JR. Houston Business 1 122 W l{lt. ( i. l DK MGUSTUS MaiiM ' l Biiunrss w i«i).{||)(;i;hyi{|) Orlaiuio. Fla. Civil En ir. VI XSIIOKN. JANICE ANNE lioiiv|,.ii Educ. WATSON. JOHN l . Aiiahuac Indusl. Enpr. JUNIORS Sand Sculpture W EHMFYER. EUGENE WILLIAM Fort Arthur Arch. W ELCH. EVERETT LEROY Lufkin Eiluc. WHIPPLE. DAVID THOMAS Houston Business WHITE. DAVID GARTH Houston I ' re-Law Acct. WHITFIELD. JAMES FRED Orange WHITLEY, JAMES JR. Lancviile Pelr. Enpr. W HITW ORTH. RICHARD DWAIN Minn. Mhl. WIGGINS, KATHRYN LOUISE Houston Music W ILDEK. JAMES E. JR. Harrellsville Photo. WILEY, WADE WYATT Houston Geolopy WILLARD. FLOYD LEE Okla. Photo. WILLARD. LLOYD LEE Okla. Photo. W ILLIAMS. MARY DELORES Houston Music WILLIS, GEORGE A. Houston Mech. Enpr. WILLRICH. VIRGINIA Houston Educ. W ILSON. BERTRAM A. Troup Pharni. WOLSKI, LAWRENCE ARNOLD Boston Psych. WOOLDRIDGE. CHARLES Houston Mech. Enpr. WORLEY, FRANK L. Houston Chem. Enpr. WOODS, JOHN L. Humble Psych. 9 - " •» ' !? ???? ' ' wi ! 53H[|« WRIGHT. CLEO B. Houston ZAMBON. EDWARD J. Houston ZIEMANN. ROBERT L. Sweet Home, Ore. ZYCH, FLORENCE Z. Houston JUNIORS ' k. m ni take Two ncog,i n to " " " hefr,, Torchlight I ' arade Ao. t fe 124 CLASS OF 1952 MARJOHIK WOODIil M " . Treasurer NORM. IK liOVI.r.S. Secretary BIL1 POWELL. Vice President 25 i A One. two. WOW. kick. ADAMS. EARL J. La Porte Chem. Eniir. ADAMS. ROLAND Weldon Mech. Engr ALBERT. SIGMUND HERBERT Houston Accl. ALDERSO.X. LAWRENCE M. Houston Pre-Med. SOPHOMORES ANDERSON. RUSSELL Great Falls. Mont. Photo. ANDERSON. SHIRLEY Houston Lib. .Arts. ANGELI. HENRY Houston Acct. ASKEW. DOROTHY JANE Houston Business Al CHTER. JOHN B. Houston Mech. Engr. BAINS. LESLIE GENE Houston £7; £7. BAKER. MARJORIE Houston J, I BAKER. STEPHEN L. Martinsville. Ind. Engr. BARKIS. DOLORES M. Long Beach. Calif. Home Ec. BARNARD. J. RICHMAN Justin Business BASS. JOHNNY WALTER Houston .4rch. BASSHAM. BARBARA E. Houston Psych. BASSHAM. LELAND BLRTON Houston Chcniislry BECK. RICHARD Victoria Trade Trans. BEENE. WALTER NELL Teague Educ. BELL. BARBARA MAY Houston Art BERRY. BILLIESLE iMi ' C aniey lonie Ee. ISERTIN. ATTII.I MAi{(;AKi;T Houston Chemistry I ' .II.I.INGS. GKOUtiEC. lloMslon Business mSilOP. I KA K K. Houston , (■ ;. • H IH Js «■• iii, (:k i;i.i,. ji i.i w. jn. T J .• i!i. KF.iA.m.i n 1 ' lluuslnii I ' Ins. F.illir. ' m I!()[:nki:i{. Ai.viN c " 7=3 " - IJrciiham Clirni. Eiiiii. IJOND, CAROLS M ALICE Inn. marches on. Houston Speech r- ( ] - J J K BOON. JOHN F.ARL M .nd,. Business BOl RBON.JOHN R. Houston Business BOYER. JAMES 0. Baton Rouge. La. Journ. BOZEMAN. WILLIAM N. Pari Civil En r. 1 BRADEN. CI RTIS W. Hondo Photo. BRANYON. GLORIA L. Houston Journ. BRAL N. JOHN A. Ft. avne. Ind. Photo. BR! DGER. OSGOOD C..JR Houston Pharm. BRIDGES. JAMES W. Houston Diesel Eniir. BROrsSARD. LESSIEJ. Nederland Pre-Vet. BRYDSON, MADGE Houston Radio lUSH. THOMAS C. Houslon Advert. ' BITTER. CLYDE R. Flumble Iaiu BYRD.JAMESA. Yoakum Pre-Med. CALDWELL MclLVAINE Houston Lib. Arts CAMPAS.GLADAIUPE Houston Sjxinish [ CANANT. BARBARA M. 1 Houston Business CARDONA. I ' ABLO T. Sonora I ' harin. CARNES, LAWRENCE R. Houston CARSO JESSIE Houston English Business HOMORES 4 1S! . WilA) « ' iiKi!9s!=!S .Vi V CARTER. MARCUS 0. T ::.MmiJIKS sz sr ' M Overton Mech. En r. m ISWI m ' : .. J CARVEL. GLENN. JR. : j. HIH igfijC San Antonio CASKEY, JANET H. Business ■ Houston CASTILLO. CALLE E. Home Ec. Turn About ' s Fair Plav Come Sadie ' s Lima. Peru Business Day. SOPHOMORES CATALAN. NATHAN Caracas. Venezuela P re-Law CAUGHEY. DOLORES A. Houston Science CAZARES, REYNALDO B. Houston Pilar m. CHAMBERLAIN, E. J. Falmouth. Mass. Photo. CLARK. PEGGY J. Houston Home Ec. COBB. PATSY J. Houston Math. COCKRELL. JOHN R. Cleveland. Ohio Pholo. COLLIER. HOMER E. Hearne Photo. CONNER. JULIAN J. Houston .4cct. COOK. ROBERT L. Houston Business CORLEY. HICKMAN M. Houston Ra,lio COllHIGAN. BETTY M. Houston Speech CORRIGAN. EDYTHE Y. Houston Pholo. COTIE. ARCHIE W. Houston Eniir. COX.JAMF.Sl). Palestine Elect. CUAIG. DONALD R. Houston Drajlinii CKOWELL. DAVID L. llouslon Eriiir. CUNNINGHAM. NORMA LEE Houston liusiiicss DXBBS.J.P. Lexington Educ. DALY. rVTKICKJ. lluusloll Pre-Lau b{ ' - l» ID. Ml IM.IN I ' . Kilon. 1,1. I ' hiirm. |) Vil).s() . 1.1 i J. Iliiii lcpii llii. lnrss HI i{i:s. (;i:()i (;i: J. liiiiist.iii Eniir. D.COIMi:. JOUiK.M. ll.)Msl. n Lih. trls ' illiain Mar ' - " KKing CloU ' l " SOPHOMORES Dell.WUN. ROBERT L. Houston Pelr. DEMETRE. STEVE C. Houston Mark. DENM.AN. DOTTIE Houston H ome Ed. DENSO.N. M.VRGIE L. Houston Soc Science DIEHL. PERRY VAN Shepherd DIERLAM. SANDI Galveston Tech. Drama DISCHLER. IRA H. Brooklyn. N. Y. Photo. DOBESH. EUGENE L. Houston Engr. UODDS. AVEHYC. Genoa DOMBROW. MIRIAM Bav City Geology Business DOIGHERTY. MILDRED E. Houston Pharm. DRIRY. AARON O. Ml. I ' Icasant Engr. DRLRYJ. R. .Mt. Pleasant Engr. DuBOSE.JACKW. . ' ransas Pass Pharm . Dl NAWAY. CLAUDE D. Houston An. EARLY. J. W. Canibriclgc, .Mass. Tnulc Trans. EDWARDS. JIMMY I). Houston An. EDWARDS. PATRICIA R. l|i.U-t(.M Educ. KII.AM). (;i.(tl{IA ,1. Houston Science ELDRED. MARY ANN Houston Radio OUCBR BUND ■■gClliPIWMMP ' " ' f, ■ ipmmmmmmmmff Practicing. ELLIOT, CLYDE D. LaPorte ELSENBROCK. WILLIAM J. Houston EMBRY. EVA J. Pasadena ENGEL JULIUS A. Houston Lib. Arts. Engr. English Phrs. Educ. SOPHOMORES ENGLAND, GEORGE F. Tulia EUBANKS, INA MAE Houston EULERFELD. EULETA MAY Taylor EZELL, JAMES B. Highlands PAGAN. DONALD E. Houston Engr. FAIN, DENNIS M. Houston Business FERGUSON, ELWOOD D. Elmore, Minn. .icct. FERGUSON. MARTHA P. Houston Biology FITE, GEORGE W. Houston Gero. FLANAGAN, ROBERT M. Houston Engr. FLESHER, EARL E. San Antonio .Arch. FORD, JOHN J. Ft. Worth Photo. FOREST. JAMES D. Lufkin Elect. Engr. FOSTER. ROSALEE Houston Bio. Science FRANK, MARVIN E. Grosse Point Business FRAZIER, MARY F. Bellaire Business FREUND, TROY A. Need vi He Geology FURMAN. ALEC Houston Journ. GADBOIS. HENRI Houston Art GALi,IER, MELVIN J. Nederiand Photo. (, M»i . 1 1; :i .i. lloUSllPll ' l MMl•v (; i{c;iA.()si:Ai{ m. Kalfurrias l ' rr-Mr,l. CAKCl A. HAKAKl.C. I ' alfurrias I ' hnnu. (; |{I)m;h. adkli: li:k lliiii-li M Sociol. Cougars Dance Anywhere. SOPHOMORES GAR FEN K EL. HELEN Houston I ' sych. GARISTO. HAZELL. Houston Sec. Science GAltRLsON. M K J. Houston Journ. GEFFERT. A.J. Highland. Ind. Soc. Science GENTRY. JIMP. Houston Educ. GETTLE. FRANCIS JR.. Washington. D. C. Radio GIANGROSSO. GENEUFFA Houston Business GLASS. FRANK R. San Angelo Arch. GODBEY. LAURA L. Boulder City Nev. Educ. GODINEZ. F. B.. JR. Pharr Pre- Med. GONZALES. GUS Houston Tech. GONZALEZ. ROBERTO .Nucvo Laredo. Mex. Tech. (,(»()l) hN. GEORGE A. (ialvestoti Business GRAGERT. WTLFRED Needville Elect. Enpr. GRANT. JAMES l ' :n tu(kttl. R. I. Tecli. (;RAY.JA li; M. (Galveston Business GREEN. GORDON G. Houston Arch. Enpr. GRIBBS. JIMMIEL. Houston Music Educ. (;RIBE?S. WILLIAMS. Houston Music (;ii,I,(». CATHERINE Nriii-iori Sec. Science torch light, a victory parade. GL RAL, JO LYNN Houston Photo. HALE. RICK A. Dallas Engr. HALL, ROBERT G. Houston Pelr. Engr. HAMMOND, MABIN W Houston Auto. Mech. SOPHOMORES r r r ) c . ) HAMMOND. THOMAS C. Memphis. Tenn. Govt. HAMMONS. PRYOR C. Littlefield Pre-Med. HAMPTON. ROBERT H. Houston Business HANES. LAWRENCE B. Ennis Engr. HANSEN, L. P. Hartford, S. Dak. Soc. Science HAROLD. ROY C. JR. Houston Business HART, GEORGE V. Woodsboro Mech. Engr. HARTMAN, CLARENCE L Dickinson Petr. Engr. HATTON, WILSON M. Warren Mech. Engr. HAWKINS, KEITH D. St. Louis, Mo. Photo. HEATON, AMALIA L. Houston Pharm. HEANEY, MARY F. Houston Journ. HEBERT,AL1GUSTJ..JR. Houston Educ. HEINRICH. JAMES D. La Porte Elect. Engr. HELFRICH. JAMES W. Houston Geology HENDERSON, RICHARD J. Escanaba, Mich. Photo. HENDRICKS, TED R. Houston Business HENLEY, JOSEPH L. Houston Vocational llERNANDES. BARDO Brownsville Vocational HERNANDEZ. JOE Aliende Coah. Mexicc Art lilKNANDK .. n M)0 I. Il(.u t m Husinrsf IIKSSKMKK. I ' M J. Ilousloii Sec. Scicnir iii (;. r,i:()i{(;i-; I ' iiir IJliiff. Ark. Trade Trails. IIIN ()N. M.IiKRTF. I ' orl illiiir Arch. SwcaltT Season SOPHOMORES HINTON. DAVE San Antonio Business MO. VAN HI A Canton. China Aero. Engr. HOBBS. MILDRED M. Houston Comm. Art HODGES. .MARVIN H. Mobile. Ala. Social. HOFF. LAWRENCE C. Houston Pre-Laiv HOUSH. L RYJ. Houston Educ. HOUSTON. JO ANN Houston Journ. HOV; ERY. DOROTHY ANN Houston Educ. HOW ERY. FRED Hot Springs. Ark. HL BERT. TEDDY L Bandera HUD.SON. KATHRYN Mifkilctown. Pa. HUFFINES. DAVH) H. Houston III (,IIES, BEN A. Houston IIULETTJAMESE. Parsons. Kansas J ENNLNG.S. WILLIAM L. Houston ,11 :TT. CLIFFORD San Angelo JOHN.SON. PEGGY JEAN Houston JOHNSTON, MICHAEL L. Houston JONES. .MAL DELENE Houston .ir JONES, THOMAS Houston Mech. Engr. Business Sociol. Business Electronics Engr. Psych. Pre-Med. Educ. Petr. Engr. Home Eco. Diesel Hardin heartaches. JONES. WYATT De Quincy. La. Mech. Entir. KAHANEK. MILDRED MAY Sweet Home Art KAUFHOLD. MARY LOUISE Houston Psych. KEELER. ALSON BYRON Houston Cheni. Engr. SOPHOMORES KEENER. GAINES FLOYD Texarkana Accl. KENNEDY. DONALD WAYNE Houston Pelr. Engr. KIATTA. HELEN CAROLYN Houston Sec. Science KIBBY, PATRICIA LOU Houston Radio KILPPER. FREDERICK JR. Houston Busines. : KIMBALL. MARJORIE ANN Houston Religion KING. ALLAN FORREST Houston Geology KNIRR. ROBERT J. Houston Arch. KOBB. BETTY LOU Houston Sociol. KRAUSKOPF. FRANK G. JR. Houston Agric. KRING. HELEN ANNE Houston Arch. KRIPPNER. LOUIS GEORGE Houston BiLvnes-t KYZAR.EDELL RICHARD Houston Mark. S. Ailvrrt. LaGROVE, RITA ALINE Houston Home Ec. LANDRUM. HUGH LINSON Laurel. Miss. English LAS1TER,WINFREDH. Houston Religion LASKER. JEROME JR. Houston Finance LATilHOP. LaWANA Houston iStilrilion LAWLER. JAMES M. Houston A act. LAYCOCK. LeROY C. Ravenna Chem. Engr I.I I.. lAI I I() Washiiifitoii. D.C. F.lrrl. Fniir. I I.IK. SAHA AW lloiislori Film: AVIS. IIKNin (-lOlK.I. Wcslfi.-M. . I. I ' syrh. lAVIS. I.Al l{ .11. N ll.iuslon Edtic Thai Good Old Coug ir Li SOPHOMORES LEYR A. GLORIA Houston I ' haiiit. LILLS. MARY LOl l.sK Iliphla.uls EniiUsh I.II.I.V 1.1,1 MiKTII l (,i; M lli.iivlnii Socioloiiy LITTLEFILLI). i! V MoNDC. Houston Arch. LOCKRIDGK. JOSKIMI H. Galv« ' sloi I ' rc-Denlal LONG. DONALD C. Waukepaii. 111. LONGO. VICTOR A. li.iu-liMi Business i.ori: . j(iK J. W liilc Doer Mcrh. F.n r. Inilust. Fill O Ck 5 E mk itiM Mr , ' -L. LORANC. AHTIIi I! I!. .11!. Kl Paso M rh. Fniii: I.I i) l.i,. I l) i;i) I .III. llnllMon M l!i;V M.VIN 1. iiri rilonio M MT. I ll 11. (atl-i.,,.l. . I. l M.l.k. W il.l I 1 I.. l.|.,M,l M . . . (,l.i; Ml) . Ilou-lori MARCKLKV I.II.WIX,. Houston MARION, will,! l I . Houston m i;ks. ii.m |{. Iloii-I.m M l!()l .. l.l. ' M.Sr V. I..n.-,|,, (liriii. Eriiif. Uh. Arts An It. lrrll. Fniil. Hiimhi ' .ss l-n-lMir F.iiiii . liiisiiifss Mils,,- ii A ilii M i; ii i.i. i.i. M)i i; II. .11!. I|..„-|,,M ' M.v r.s MM. ' IIN. |0|| i;. II!. IImum..,, , ' „, „, 135 Students dismayed over labor strike. MATHEWS. BONME J. Beaumont Clif iiislr MAZZARE. HUMBERT R. Houston lilliillr i McANINCH. JACK O ' DELL Houston Biixiness McCain, jerry c. Beaumont Geoloav SOPHOMORES McCAMMON. CLARENCE 0. Houston Diesel McCAN. MALCOLM E. Kokomo. Ind. Business Enfir. McCARTY. DONALD S. Houston McCOWN. HELEN SUE Houston Elem. Edit McCUTCHEON, BRYAN 0. Houston Arch. McDowell, joyce Indianapolis. Ind. Sec. Science McFARLAND. BILLJ. Houston Art. McGOWAN. THOMAS J. Birmingham. Ala. .loiirn. McKENNEY. PATRICIA Houston Music McLAlN. RUTH WANELL Houston Music McPHEETERS. MARTHA Houston Rcliiiion McRANEY. CAROLYN Ml. Oli f. Miss. Business MEDELLIN.JOEG. Houston i ' ocalional MICIIELS. BETTV Houston Business MinDLl.TOX. nOHBIESlE I Idiislon Nee. Science MILLER. JEA. RIXIINA Houston MILLER. WILLIAM k. Bcaunionl MITCIIKLL. LDW IN C. Illusion MdKLLER. FREDERICK Circcncastli ' . Ind. MOLIVARE. W 11,1,1 1 I!. Houston Business Arch. Elect. Business I ' rc-I.UH i().NT(;()Mi:i{ ' . 1. 1 1 ' l: iiousliiii MOOKK. DAN M. linllsloll English Clu ' iii. Enpr. MOOKK. IlMilJV n. I,a Iari]ui ' MOKAl.KS. ANTHONY JH. DcRisser, La. I ' liarm .hini S.- -i MORGAN. JOHME J. SOPHOMORES Houston liiisiness MORRIS. JACK 0. Kilpore Journ. MORROW. JUNE MARIE Houston Dietetics Ml EGGE. BETTY Glen Flora Elem . Educ. Ml LLEN.JOEN. Cleveland An MILI.IN.S. MARY ANN Houston Sec. Science U NSCH. RICHARD 1). Arcadia I ' rir. Enpr. Mir.DOCK. ESTIIKR Hrooklvn. N. Y. Educ. Ml lll ' in. (11 l!l.l . Il.,u-I..n u Con,!. Ml miw iiii.i. l!()- l. N ii..„M.„i Lib. Arts NAY. EDWARD E. Houston Aiili) Mech. NEHJEE. JOHN H. Houston Lib. Alls NKIRICH. TOll ' .l i;i 1. Sleeiton. I ' a. Elect. Enp. NEI.KIN. MEYER HollsloT, • ■ iiilr 1 inns. Nl.l M N. 11! IN M, Houston Acct. NEZVAE.JOSEl ' H 1). Houston I.iinpiinpes NIXON. I ' ATS NN Houston EIrni. Edur. iNl NNEH.EE. I ' .ll.l.T, Houston Ihsloiy OI.Dll M. | ( k 1!. lloliM..,, Merh. Enpi. 0 M.D.VERNON C. Allenlown. Fa. Economics g MMlM . H And the Shockers got shocked. OWENS. NEVYL G. Houston Phys. Eilitc. PAPPADAS. LOl LA Houston Psych. PARKERSON. EDWIN W. Houston Lanfi.iiages PARSONAGE. HOWARD Sarasota, Fla. Insur. SOPHOMORES k . . 14 1! PATTERSON. JOSEPHINE Houston Home Ec. PENDLETON. THOMAS D. Gainesville Diesel Enpr. PEPPERS. JAMES M. Duncan. Okla. Mech. Entir. PFEIFFER. HILDA M. La Porte Interior Dec. PHARR. OLIVER ERVIN Houston Arch. PHENIX. HAROLD VANCE Houston .4rch. PHILLIPS. MARTHA ANN Houston Eilitc. PLATT. MARION EDWARD Houston Arch. POUNTAIN, JAMES E. Kansas City. Kans. POWELL. BILL Brookline. Pa. PRECUP, JOSEPH Hallettsville PRICE. SHIRLEY RAE Dallas Mgl. Journ. English Geology Business PULS. BARBARA ANN Houston PURSEH.GUIDA ANN Houston PURVIS. HELEN BARBARA lliiuston ]; (;SDALE. JOHN w. Houston KAV CHARLES J. Wifl Sandy. Mont. HIM). CONME ll iuslon I! Ell r.T( ) nn ll,ai l,,n I! I, SSI. KM. J Oil I). l.iM.oJn. III. Drama Sec. Science Home Ec. Arch. Business An .loiirn. Arch. 138 n A (ii II-. i;i( II i;ii ii. i;rl|..n 1 ,-, ,. F.n-, i;i( ii i(»Mi.liM iii. n. i ' url illim Hiiiii lilMKI,. ItoUI-IM I . IK, JlollstMll I ' llKll KKJUMNS l•;l.l.|■ I!, lit. I..i l;iriiur F.lrrl. F.iilli " l.iilU | " | Mouri- al (iradlinr time. SOPHOMORES l!()|iKi{TS. CI KTIS . Houston KORKHTS. DOKdiin I.Dl Pasadena F liu Itiisincss ROHINSON. M1I() w M•; Hnu t( n .lich. i;()i;!N-( . wii.ii M i. l|..u-li.n . ( ( oilil. li(M,|,l; . ,|(lll I.. (JrocslK-i k Ace . liOGKHS. WILLI M T. ( ' amdi ' ti. rk. Business HOOS. (:HRL TINt: I. fliiuslon liiisinrss I50SSITTER. WILLI M Marin Counlv. Cialif. Accl. I! I TIILRFORI). (MA IN I! NOLI) I Illusion I ' lidiin. I!l ri,LI)(,L. II( I;LI!I ij. llou-tnn I ' sycli. In llr Hostess SARABLA. ALFREDO CARLKS IfiMiston Mp.t. -CIIINDLLILSYLVA CLMIiL ii sTRoM. shii;ll .il n Houston - N|)|) L. TRI 1) LLL lir,.l-lnn lloN-loM Erifilislt M IILICIITINC-. I ' .LVLRI. ' l LINNLLl, Houston SCIHBLRT. J0 N LaMarqup -CHLLZt. RiCHAIiDT. Havcrford. Fa. -COOIN. MAIN L. Ilou-lo,, -I OIK . u i) k; l. Li (:a,n|,o ; Li:Gt;RS. K. A. JR. Houston in Music Business Chetn. Business Soc. Science Chowtime and they look hungry. SHAFER. GORDON WARD Omaha. Nebraska Pholo. SHEAD. WM. CARROLL Richards Public Admin. SHIVERS. VIRGINLV VALERIE Houston Psych. SHROPSHIRE. EARL RICHARD Houston Art SOPHOMORES SHLLTZ. C. D. JR. Oliver Springs. Tenn. Inil usl. Educ. SIMMONS. FRANCES E. Houston Sec. Science SIMONS. DONALD F. Houston jW? ' - SIMPSON. MERLE Houston Business SISK. WANDA LOU Houston Business SKAGGS, DONALD MARVIN Houston Arch. SKELTON. JOYCE ELAINE Houston Home Ec. SMITH. DEMARIS CLAl DETTE Houston Radio SMITH, GENEVIEVE Angleton Business SMITH, HERMAN LENLY Houston Acct. SOROLA, REFUGIO Houston Tech. SPEER. DANIEL K. Centerville Arch. SPIES. WELDON ALVIN Houston Pharni. SPRADLEY. ED RAY Houston Elect. Env r. STAERKER. CORINNE BEATRICE Edna Ens iish STANLEY, MAURICE M. Houston .Acct. STARK. KATHERINE Houston An ST AUFFER. MARGIES. Houston Educ. STEIN. ISRAEL HERMAN Houston Arch. STEKI. WM. FRANK Middletovvn, Conn. Photo. STKHIUXr. SI M. Ilntisliiii Joiirn. STF.VKNS. JKW I 1 I ltlM, IJorpcr Srirnrr STKWAHT. CI.IM lU SSI.LI.. JR. Ilduslon trill. STKWART. LEONAHI) MA S Houston Joiirn. A Home K( Grid (dip I Cake SOPHOMORES STEW ART. HI TH hU)USlOM Educ. STEWART. VERNON Greenwood. Ark. l ,v (. Eniir. STILWELL. NELDA JOY Houston Drama STOVALL. WM. AL0N7X Hearne Business STRONG. JACK LESLIE Houston Accl. STl CHLY. ERNEST L Schulenburg Mech. Enpr. STl DERT. GISELA Germany Languages SIRY. LEONARD E. il( ii t( n Auto Mech. SWEET. CLAUDE L. JR. Seabrook Business THHJODEAl.X. HH.LERY Houston Business THO.MAS. KEITH I.. Houston Diesel THOMPSON. JESSIE L. Houston Sec. Science IlKiMI ' SON. SHim.KY J Houston Sec. Science THRE.M)(;iLL. SAMMY Houstoti E. An TILLEY. HERMERT W . Houston Business IIMMERMAN. ANNIE Ri ' Huinont .Si,rrrl, TOWNSEM). i ' .OLANI) , Houston . Jli. ( iril Enpr TRAMMELL. RRICE E. Houston Business TRIBBLE. HII.IV I! Ilou-lon Mrrh. Enpr. Tin K. EI)G i; (). Ii.llolln;.n i ' ouer Enpr. lie Car-full. Girls. TURNER. BEVERLY ANN Houston Home Ec. TURNER. H. CROSLEY Houston Indusl. Educ. TYLER. LEON H. Houston Drama UNDERWOOD. PATRICK Houston Trade . Trans. SOPHOMO VALICEK. ED IN A. Rosenberg Electronics VAN KLEECK. WM. JR. New Paltz. N. Y. I ' re-Med. VAN ZANDT. GAZA Houston VELOZ. ALFONSO Houston VICK. GEORGE HENRY. JR. Houston WAGNER. BOB L. Baird WALKER. CHARLES WM. Houston I ' harm. WALKER. WM. G. Houston Business Pre-Lau Arch. Drama WAN DEL. WM. B. Houston WARD. ANN Houston WEAVER. TOMMY M. San Angelo WEBB. WM. FLOYD Houston Trade , Trans. Chem. I ' sych. Arch. Business WELBORN. BILLIEANNE Houston Elcm. Eiluc. WHATLEY. VIRGINIA Ilonslon WHITE. FLORA INEZ Ilou. iton An Educ. WHITE. WOoni. IFF MONROE lioii liin llusincss WILKINS. EDWIN I! Barllelsvillo l ' h}s. Educ. W ll,Fi:iT. CI Clails-xillc. ,k. Air Cond. W 11,1,1 WIS. J WIFSL. lli ' ii liiii Business W II, I, Is. I) ID CM, LIES llou-ioii English f • iT 9l M W ll.r oN. lloliACE lloiisloii EnfiUsh WILSON. SFIIHI.KV I.OI llciustoii Lib. Arts. W INTKHS. CI.ARKM. Moiisti.ii Elect. Enpr. W ISHNOW. IKVING CHARLES Houston Business .A Crainiiiing in ihr Spriiiglii SOPHOMORES WITBLCK. I5KTTV JANE Houston Fharm. WITT. GEORGE RAY Houston Diesel W OLDA. DAVID E. Houston Business WOLVEHTON. WHJJAM A. Groesl)i rk I ' harm. WOOUAHl). NORNL ' V EARLINE Houston Sec. Science W ORSHAM. Gl Y FREEMAN Orange Business WYATT. ELIZABETH Houston Bu.uness YEAGER. JOHN C. Houston Auto. Mech. ZERJAV. FRANK Houston Radio ZIESCHANG. WALLACE R. Freeport Art f " - " n Th.- I ' rpiM-rrltc-s pfii it n lUr. Da I(l . 143 r CLASS OF 1953 BUSTER DICKERSON, President SUE HUTCHENS, Treasurer JACKIE HALL. Secretary BILL ABSHIER. Vice-I ' resulmt 144 i5 iiii;n. vi;i{ 1). ll U!-l n ome Ec. C()UI). BARRY DKAN MoUStnll Erifir. VDAMCIIAK. ELKANOHK lirid ' .M-port, Conn. iir. iinfi I) MS. |{()HBV LEON lloust.ltl Geolopy Cougar Aggies FRESHMEN KIN. HARRY BAKER Houston I ' re-Denlal AKKERMAN. NOORTJE Hague. Holland Social. ALBERTSON. HAROLD I). Houston ALLEN. NOVA LOUSE Houston Enpr. Lah. Tech. ANDREAS. BEN C. Houston Air Con (1. Rcjris.. ANDREWS. GILES JONES Houston APPLEBAL L MARCLA Houston Geology Business ARANT. TED E. 1 Houston Business ARNOLD. ARTHUR ROBERT Houston Acct. ASBECK, MINNA JEAN Houston Music , VSHWORTH. JACKH. H Longview 1 AULT, HAZEL ELISE 1 Houston Physics Educ. HAILES. ROBERT L. Angleton HA I RD. FORREST E. Carlton Civil Engr. Pre-Law BAIRD. RALPHJ. 1 Houston Math. BALLSTRELLA, M. M. .Shreveport Pharm. BALLIS. AMELIA ANN Galveston Drarnti BARATTO. CARMEN Italy Home E l. BARNE.S. JOYCE ALICE Houston Eleni. Educ. BARNETT. WALTER F. Longview Mgl. % J )lLi , ' , ii 145 A rifle, not a gun, cadets. BATCHELOR. SARAH NANCY Toronto, Can. Home Ec. BARZILLA. BERNARD ALBERT Houston Business BATY. ANNA LOUISE Galena Park Drama BEACOM, JOHN R. Houston Mech. Engr. FRESHMEN BEARD. PAT Houston Airline Stewardess BEASLEY. CLARENCE M. Houston Auto. Mech. BECKCOM. WELDON Port Arthur Pre-Law BELL. FRANCIS ANN Houston Home Ec. BELLUOMINI. NORMA C. Galveston Home Ec. BENEKE. PEARCE H. Orange. Texas Music BERRY. CHARLES Texas City .4uto. Mech. BILLINGSLEY. DOROTHY Houston Sec. Science BIRDWELL. ROBERT Gallatin, Tenn. Petr. Engr. BLAIR. IDA LOU Houston Home Ec. BOEHM. CLIFTON Houston .4ir Concl. Rejrig. BONNO. FRANK J. JR. Houston Business BORDELON, DOROTHY Houston Nursing BOSLEY. NORMAN LEE Houston Mach. Shoj) BOUCHARD. RALEIGH Galveston Diesel Engr. BOUNDS. WILLIAM Cleveland Engr. BOWER, CONRAD CARL Houston .4uto. Mech. BOWSER. THOMAS J. Houston Indust. Educ. BOWNDS. CHABEES P. Dickinson Pharm. BOYLE, CHARLES D. La Porte Phys. Educ. . BgjffiiBaii ' BKACKV. THOMAS H. lloUSllMI I ' ri ' -Litii Business RRADI.K . JAMI.S K. Houston HHAPV. MARTHA KVELYN Houslon Sec. Science HRAVKNF.C. WALLACE Hoiistipii Mech. Enfrr. FRESHMEN ' We ' ve got more politicans. BREWEK. HENRY Sweet Home Ace I. l0- BRODNAX. BEATRICE EUNICE Houston Accl. BROTHERS. WALTER EUGENE Houston Accl. BROLGHTON. CLARENCE W. JR. Houston Agric. BROISSARD. ROGER 11. Nederland Pre-Denlal BROWN. PEGGY JOYCE Texas City I ' holo. BROWN. VICTOR FRANK Moulton Vocational Bl RDSAI. JOHN B. Bellaire Business Bl SCH. VERA MAE Nacogdoches ursinp BlVINGHAl .SEN. BILLY E. Houston Arch. Engr. CALDV ELL. EARL WELTON Fharr Pfiys. Educ. CALDWELL. RALPH JR. Deland. Florida I ' reMed. CARDEN. S. THOMAS D. Houston Auto Mech. CARPENTER. NEIL W. Houston I ' re-Laii. CARR.THOMASI.JR. Houston 1 ' olice Admin. CARTER. LOUISE W. Houston Med. Tech CASEY. QUEEDA MAREEN MrAllen Dislrihulive Educ. CASTOR, JAMES MARET San Angelo ' owrr Enf r. CATON. ROBERT EWING Marshall Physics CAUGHEY, CHARLOTTE Houston Lib. Arts Poooooort Arms. CHANCEY, KIRBY EUGENE Houston Mech. Engr CHAPMAN, JOYCE Compton, Calif. Merchandising CHAPPELL, JOE ANN Houston English CHESHIRE, ROMICKEY Houston Pharm. FRESHMEN a 7i i: i- : CHOOKAS, CONSTANCE Houston Business CLARK, JAMES P. Stamps. Ark. Pre-Law CLEMENTS. HOWARD T Van Vleck Chem. Engr. CLINE. JANE Houston Art CLOS, AUGUST Houston Auto. Mech. COCKRELL. RITA MAE Corrigan Business COFFER. JACOBE J. Waco Auto Mech. COLE. BILLY HOFFMAN Pasadena English COLLIER, WENDELL Wortham Phys. Educ. COLLINS. BEVERLY JOAN Houston Music COMSTOCK, JERRIS CAROLE Baytown Nursing CONLEY. BETTY JEAN Houston Nursing CONNELLY. BILL W. Houston Law CONNER. JAMES K. Nacogdoches Diesel-Engr. CONWAY. LEIGH RAYMOND Dallas Graphic Arts COOK. FRANCES Houston Business COOKE. EARL MALLOin Houston I ' liarm. COOPER. VIRGINIA ELLEN Houston Home Ec. CORMIER. GUSTAV JK. Houston Diesel Engr. COVEY. CLYDE D. Corpus Christi Mech. Engr. i cow AKT. i:i) in) MSTIN Houston fpt. (() . JULIAN l? l{( l.X ' i Allanla. (ia. Mfil. (KAIG.JOK ARNOLD l ' r.-.|)orl I ' hysirs CKWNKOHI). JUNL DOLORES Houston Home Ec. FRESHMEN CROSLAND. HER.NL N RAY Houston Business CROSS. JILL N DRED Coleman Photo. Radio CLLLENS. ELGENE FJouston CULPEPPER. HERBERT E. Leonard I ' re-Med CLNNING1L NL JEANNLNE Houston Educ. CI RB. CARROLL CLYDE Monahans Electronics DAHL. DOLORES Houston DANBORG. FLORE.NCE Houston Elem . Educ. Business DANIELL. MARY FRANCES Houston Home Eco. DANIELL. PATSY GRACE Houston Phys. Educ. DARBY. LeROY Beaumont Business DARNALL. BEVERLY ANN Houston Educ. DAVIS, ELNA Houston Educ. DAVIS, EMMA JEAN lola Educ. DAVIS, MARY ELIZABETH Houston Business DELISLE, GIBBIE Houston Geology DEMERIS. NICK C. Houston Business DICKERSON. ROBERT Houston W. Business DIERLAM. OLIVER T. Seaclrift ' rtr. Enpr. DINGLE. BILLY DON La Porte Business 9 3, ???3wf?P ; AiiB k ' mm ' U f r Art Department at work. DIPPEL HORACE JOHN LaMarque Educ. DOBARD, EVELYN F. Houston Sec. Science DONNER. ARVIN N. JR. Houston DOROW, ETHEL MAE San Antonio Edu Nursing o FRESHMEN DORTEH, GEORGE W. Texarkana Busine DOTY, ELDRED LEE JR. Dickinson Civil Eni r. DOUGHTY, LUTHER L. Houston Electronics DOWNING. EMMA SUE Houston A ' «r DRAKE. BETTY LOUISE Houston An DRESSENDORFER, CECIL B. Houston Math. DUGAN. KENNETH JOHN Whiting, Ind. History DUNN, JOSEPH GARRISON Longview Arch EAVES, GEORGIA LYNN Houston Mgl. ECKLES. JUANITA Memphis, Tenn. Air Steivardess EDDINGS, NOVIS LEE Houston Joiirn. EIDE, JOHN R. Austin Business ELLIOTT, JOAN MARIE Houston Art ERVINE, MARVIN J. St. Petersburg. Fla. Pre-Med. ESPINOSA. ARMANDO Palacios Business ESTES, LELAND L. JR. Houston Journ. EVANS, CHARLES J. Liberty Pre-Med. EVANS. CHARLES R. Pasadena Bu. tin ess EVANS, ROBERT L. Houston Mgt. KYTII. JOYCE A. Bcrwyn. III. English i rs r I l,l T. l. I. ilnllM...! I i;i{(.i:soN. j MKs i;. New Orli ' jiiis I l-.IUUS. I.OWKI.I. W. Illusion I IKI.DKK. l-.iJWI.N C. Ilc (l l.lll ■irrh. Eni r. Jiiurii. I.aii Mech. r. Delphian Scholarship Winners U }lS . — FR HKDOH. KDWAKl) M( Kcesport. Pa. FILER. PALL I). FORI). WALTER J. . t. ! ' elersl)urg. Fla. FORREST. CASSIE W. Lufkin FOSTER. FITt:il W. New York Cily FRANCIS. EDDIE E. Houslon FRANKLIN, GAY A. Houston FRANKS. EDWARD L. Houston Speech Advert. Journ. Business I ' sych. Chem. Math. Business Air Cond. ESHMEN p p r FRENZEL. ORA H. Houston Music FRINK, SID Freeport Phys. Educ. FILTON. VIRGINIA B. Houston Art Fi rnisflgf:orges. Dftlhani. Mass. English GALBRAITH. JANE Galena Park Business GALLAGHER. PATRICIA J. Houston Business GANDIN. MILDREDS. Houston Lib. Arts GANDIN. WILLIAM 15. Houston Business GARCIA. ALBERT E. Houston Business GARDNER. DORIS NELL Houston Speech GARRARD. LENORE Houston Art GARRETT, ANNA J. Houston Social. ih ' A] ril l l GARISTO. ANTONIO P. Houston Pel. Eni r. IpiNM GEBHARDT. HIGH E. Houston I ' et. Eniir. GEFFERT. EMIL A. Highlands. Ind. Business Time out from Fiesta GERGELY. DOROTHY L. Pasadena A iirsinp. FRESHMEN GIAMALVA. SAMUEL MARION Houston Engr. GIAMMALVA. MICHELYN CECILE Houston Home Ec. GIBBS. JIMMY JACK Houston Arch. GIESBERG.JOHNWYATT Houston Business GIGLIO. JOHN SALVADOR Houston Pre-Med. GILES, VIC ROBINSON Houston Arch. GILL. JOSEPH P. Houston Business GILLIAM. MARIE HESTER Houston Arch. GINN. JOSEPH GEORGE Houston Pre-Med. GIOUARD. RICHARD ERNEST Houston Arch. (;IVENS. CHARLES JOSEPH Houston Radio GLASS, JIM LAFFERTY Houston An (il.ASS. JOYET. Galveston Business GLASSIE. HENRY L. Houston liK lusl. Educ. (;ODiNEZ. BEl.lAG. I ' harr Home Ec. G()N ALF:Z. C HLOS D. HdMsliiri I ' hoto. (;ONZAi,EZ. HIBEN Houston Business GOOD. MlLDRKDGERTHl (:iiii(li|i(iil. Va. )F N ursiu! GORDON. JR.. H iiD1 1!. iiollSl.lfl Business (;oRE. HELEN C. i ' asadona Business s i ■M ■ (.dim w. w M.i.vci: k i ini ml ™ i (;oi{Mr.Y.(;K()i((,i. i.i.omi Lake Jai ' ksiiM ' ■ . (;()HSAI-1TZ. HICll AKIi W II. I.I M Flinl. Michigan Enfir. (-KKEN. FRANK E. Houston Business Treasure Island FRESHMEN GRtENFIELD. LESLIE L. Houston Business GREER. DAVID CHF.STKM Houston . gric. GRIFFIN. BILL TOM Houston Business GRIFFIN. MELBA J. San Angelo }i ursine: (.lARlNO. NATALIE A. Houston Home Ec. HAHN. DOUGLAS C. El Campo Diesel En r. IIAJECATE. DOROTHEA Houston I ' re-Law HALL. BERGEN BOISE Franklin. N. Carolina I ' holo. II MBY. JAMES E. Pasadena Rejrifi. II WIII.TON.SIDA M i; .1 ll..uston Business IIWIMONS.GENEC. Houston Business IIANWIA. ALICE II..Mvt.. , Musir II N M . KI.MNK II.. „-!..„ Eni Ush llA.Nt:OCK. LLKIIIIA L. Seguin Home Ec. IIWKS. EARL M. Crossville. III. Journ. II NrZ.SCH. CHARLES R. Houston Kiiilio II i;i;i . ri (.(. i. i,„,,,i,. Business 11 I;KI.I!. I!()|!|;I!T , l|..II lo„ I ' n-riiinm. 11 I;TI ll.l.l). MMIWIl, 1 iKinno,, E,lu,. 1 HARWOOD. OWEN M. n..s«ell. I ' Ins. E, ,ir. cvv.i kf " , " We sail the ocean blue. " HATTAWAY, PAUL E. Lake Worth Pholo. HEATH. RAYMOND F. JR. Houston Arch. HEGWOOD. ELSIE L. Houston l ursing HEISER. RONALD A. Houston Arch. i FRESHMEN HERNANDEZ. JOHNNY P. Houston Geology HERRING. EDWARD L. Pasadena Lib. Arts HERSKOWITZ. PHYLLIS F. Houston Sec. Science HERZOG. LANETTE D. Galveston Nursing HILL. CEDRIC M. Houston Educ. HILL. CHARLES F. Gurdon. Ark. Arch. HINE. RONALD G. Houston Engr. HOBBS. SYBLE A. Hallettsville Nursing HOCHINALIER, SHIRLE J. Houston Journ. HOFFMAN. TOLBERT F. JR San Antonio Law HOGAN, STERLING T. Houston Business HOLLAND, JOE H. Houston Mech. Engr. HOLLOWELL, HAROLD A. Houston Pre-Law HOLLY, CLAIRE J. Galveston Art HOLM, NORMON E. Houston Engr. HOLMES. BLANCHE D. Houston Nursing HOOD. JACK Pasadena Engr. llOI ' SON. AUDREY M. Lufkin Nursing IIOPPIE. PAULINE R. Shreveport. La. l ursing IllDDLESTON. JUNE D Hou.ston Business ii iiiK.M. i)i;ii{i)Ki: i . Hnusloi) Mril. Tech. IILTCHKNS. SI I-: C. ll( U! t ii Home Ec. HITCIIISON. JOSKIMI I?. Iloustiin F.rif r. m TcmsoN. M. { ii. Houston Home Ec. RESHMEN " Our ' -au shi|( s a lieaul). IMHOFF. Willi M . Houslon Psych. IRIZARin. ARTl RO ToaBaja. Puerto Rico Engr. IKIZARRY. JOSE A. ToaBaja. F uerto Rico Biolopy JACKSON. LOIS J. Baytown ursing JACOBSON. WINNIE S. Houston .4cct. JANUARY. LARKY L. Houston Business JENKINS. PALMER W. Houston Accl. JETT. BILL C. Houston Engr. JOHN.SON. GARY A. Houston Law JONES. CARMEN G. Houston Educ. JONES. JEAN L. Houston Drama JORDAN. CONWAY F. JR. Kemah Pre-Laic KAKOS. EDWARD C. HnU-lori kill;. HOW KI) W. Houston KENNEDY. JEANNE L. Houston KENNEDY. MELVIN C. Houston KITTLE. C. B. Houston WW. niKIAM II. llnM l.,0 Kicii. (;k()1!(;k j. Ilnuslon Mil,. lOIIWV HoM-loM Acct. Business PreMed. Diesel Engr. C.liem. History Jniirn. Arch. mm Hl l KIRK. CHARLOTTE A. Bay town ursin)i Ml " i i B KIRTLEY. JOHN T. Houston Business m jW I KITCHENS. GARY W. i 9S B l Galveston Art EHAiiJb B KNAPE. MYLES B. Chow is chow, even in Virginia. Houston Speech FRESHME V N KOELZER. EARL E. Muenster Diesel Engr. KOKAS. ROBERT V. Shiner Math. KOWALSKI. BEN A. Houston Science KRAMR. LOUIS E. West Phys. Editc. LaGRONE. MARY Lufkin l ' ursing LAIRD. KENNETH Houston Ed lie. LAMPLEY. JAMES D. EI Campo .l .ev. LANG. AUBREY R. Houston .4ero. LANGLEY. JO ANN Houston Airline Host. LAUHOFF, BARBARA C Houston Business LAPINE. STANLEY Houston Business LARSEN, KHOD E. JR. Houston Journ. LAWSENCE. E. L. Houston Psych. LAYCOCK. WILLIAM A Ravenna Engr. LEACH. VIRGINIA J. Houston Business LEATH. REVA A. Houston Sociol. LEDET, CLEVELAND J. Lafavette. La. Acrt. LEE. ROBERT E. Galveston I ' .sych. LEGER, ELIZABETH A. Houston EcoiKJinics LKIIMANN. MERVIN B. New Orleans. La. Diesel Engr. M.lli. Jl I.IAA. W.I.I. City. M... ursinfi I.KWIS. JIMMY !•:. Ilt.uslon Advert. LEWIS. HOBKRT B. Caniden Business LIGON. n. Corpus Christ! Diesel Enpr. Sailing Clul. Cruiiie. LITTLE. ERWIN H. Hiiuston LON(;. EDITH C. Pitlsl.urgh. Pa. LONSFORD. BARR i! J Louisville LOPARDO. ARTHLRNL Dallas LI (K. MARILYN J. Houston LI CL . CARMEN Houston LI CV. ANN C. Houston H EDER.S. THERON N. Mission FRESHMEN ;■ and Ediic. Biology Eni:lisli Mech. Engr. Music Lib. Arts Home Ec. , ursing LINDE. MILTON E. S ' esl Haven. Conn. Arch. Engr. LYNCH, KATHRYN F. Houston Home Ec. LYNN. GENE A. Linden Mech. Engr. MADDOX. VIOLA Anahuac ursing MAFIT. JERALDINE Carlsbad, New Mexico Home Ec. MANGES. DON A. Raytnondville Geology MANLEY, GRADY W. Houston Educ. MARCH. LEONARD D. San Benito. Tex. Elect. Engr. MARTIN. ALMA M. Kirbyville Mgl. MARTIN. ROBBIE L. Houston Music MARTIN. WALTERS. Dickson Chemistry MASHIRA. RICHARDS. Whiting. Ind. Business ' .A w A . 9. You name it. we ' ll feed it. MAUROGEORGE. CHARLES A. Bellaire Home Ec. MAYNARD. MARGANT R. Houston Phys. Educ. McCORKLE. JOHN A. Port Arthur Mgt. McCREARY. CARRIE V. Pasadena t FRESHMEN McDonald, norman m. Houston Math. McGregor, harry a. Buffalo. New York Aula Mech. McMAHAN, JAMES R. Houston Pre-Law McMAHAN. JOYCE L. Houston Speech McMAHON, MARJORIE E. Beaumont Business McMULLEN, C. H. Houston English McMULLEN, DIANE B. Houston English McNeill, james o. Houston Petr. Engr. McRAE, BARBARA Houston Drama MELCHOR, GILBERT G. Houston Business MELENDY, CECIL W. Fairbanks Business MIHOVIL. MARINO M. Houston Pre-Law MILLER, THOMAS F. Houston English MOELLER, JOHN A. Greencastle. Ind. Engr. MOHR. JULIAA. Houston Art MONCURE. JOHN L. Houston Pre-Law MOORE, PERSON. JR. Birmingham. Ala. Mech. Engr. MORALES. JO FRANCES Houston Math. MORRISON. GLORIA D. Galena Park Lib. Art. MOTAL. ADOLF E. Moulton Pharrn. MM.KS. I! I Si;i.l.K. I ' .irt rtlitir iiilo. Trrli. NKl.MS. KAKOl.DW. Houston I ' hnnn. NKLSO.N. MAKION K. ( " Iiaska. Minn. I ' syrli. NICHOLS. . ALLY ANN Houston English FRESHMEN Oik- toluol ' . I. (.Iiff! .NOLL. ROSIN E L. Johnstown. Pa. A iirsinii NORDSTRANI). JOY A. Deer Park I ' hysics NOKTIL CLAIRE E. Houston }hisic NOYCE. ALBERT G. Houston Electronics OLEAR. JAMES J. Newton Ealls. Ohio A act. ONDRACEK. ROSE V. Blessing Joiirn. ONSTAD. CAROL S. Houston Sec. Sci. ORR. BEVERLY J. ,. Pasadena ORSAK, JOE D. Dayton Business Sla. Eniir. OSBORNE. DOROTHY Oakland. Calif. JEAN Journ. OTTS. CAROLYN Houston OWEN. ROBERT N. Houston Speech Business PACE. DAVID C. Elwood. Ind. PADGETT. JAMES E. I ' rllaire Diesel I ' M ' i:. GENE Houston Business I ' MiKER. JO ANN Hnrnl.j.- Music I ' I;KI.I!. jOM.M. O. T.-xas ( colopy I ' NRCELL. SAI.LM: J. Houston ursinfi PARSONS. HKIil ' .KKT Galveston 1.. i ' rr-Vrt. PVRTIN. RAY J. 1 Houston ipric. Well, I ' m a monkey ' s uncle. PATTERSON, MARLENE G. Houston Business PATTERSON, RAYMOND H. Beaumont Diesel PAULU, DOROTHY J. Houston Sec. Admin. PEACOCK, CARLYN J. El Campo Social. FRESHMEN PENN. EDNA B. Wayne, Nebraska PENTAK, BILLIE M. Houston PERKINS. ALBERT R. Houston PETERS. BRYON O ' NEIL Houston PETERS. MARY ANN Houston PETTUS, JIM C. Houston PINTO, MARCELINE Fort Worth PITTMAN, MARY S. Houston PLAGENS. ADOLPH Lib. Arts Elern. Editc. Auto Mecli. Journ. ! ' ursing Air Cond. Home Ec. Sec. Science Houston Diesel PLATT. BOBBIE J. Houston Home Ec. POOL. TROY Shamrock Pre •Dental POORTER, LOUIS E. Marshall Pre-Med. POSTON. DIXIE M. Houston Ediic. POTTER. GLENN P. Houston Photo. POTTS. LEONARD A. Tulsa, Okla. Acct. POWERS, ALICE Nicholson. Pa. Ch emislry PRKSSLY. JAMES M. Houston Aut( , Mccli. PROVENZA. V. A. JR. Greenville, Miss. Ene:r. PIMILIA. JOSEPH Houston « - r, . PYEATr, HAROLD H. Temple Diesel i; WDoii ' ii. nvioN l|..M-l ' Mi I ' rf-l.nH i; M . W 11.1.1 M 1 . Victoria I ' rr-Lau K VGSD.M.i:. M I{V V. Ba C;il t.anpuapes Ki. n. RICH Mil) i:. ilmi-lipii Business Exes start a ti ki-l tirivi-. RED. CH. RLES F. Houston HKMMERS. NORM. LANE Alta Loiiia FRESHMEN RENSHAW. THOMAS G. Harrisburg. .Ark. REYNALD. JEANNE Houston Engr. Ediic. Pilar III. I ' liys. Eiliic. REYNOLDS. MARY Houston Eli ' iii. Eiliic. RIDDLE. THOMAS .M. T ronza. . rk. Auto Mech. RILEY. DORIS JEAN Houston Business i{ILEY. DORYCE ELIZABETH Houston Art ROBERTS. CHARLIE C. Houston Rcfil Eslalc ROBERT. . ClllKlili; Pasadena Business ROBERTS. I) AMD 11. Houston R. Business ROBERTS. PATS .Angli-toii Eniilisli ROBERSON. BETTY N Houston Home Ec. ROBERTSON. I.LLWl) Texas Cit E. Business RODGERS. BOBBIE Galena Park Biisincis Editr. ROGERS. CHARLOTTE IIOU-IOM Business !!()(. Ll{. . (,LORGE E. Houston Diesel ROGERS. JANE K. Beaumont ursinf: ROSENCRANCE. JOHN Swissvale. Pa. Auin Merli. ROTENBERRY. JAMES Roanoke. Va. C. lull. , 9 1 ' . ' t . The Cafeteria ' s favorite fun. RUCKER. CLARENCE A. Houston Air Cond. RUTLEDGE. LLOYD V. Houston Diesel SALINAS, ALBERTO S. Houston Upholstery SALVADOR, DELA RIVA H. Houston Air Cond. FRESHMEN SANDERS. DAVID A. Sinton Electronics SANDERS, HAROLD D. Houston Art SANDERS. WANDA Houston Business SANDLIN, JOHN K. Pecan Gap Business SARAGUSA, MARY Houston Home Ec. SAVAGE, JAMES A. Donie Elect. Engr. SCHALLERT. ROBERT B. Alice Arch. Engr. SCHAUMAN. EDDIE McROY Houston Engr. SCHERER. VERNON H. Houston Acct. SCOTT, FREDERIC H. Houston Elect. Engr. SCOTT, H. WAYNE Houston Pre-Law SEE, ROBERT W. Houston Psych. SENKEL. EMMA JEAN Houston Business SHANNON. ARDIS ANN Houston Home Ec. SHATTO. ROBERT J. Houston Engr. SHELTON. DWAYNE Houston Petr. Engr. SHELTON. FLOY EVE Houston Business SHIBl!SHAWA. TAK K( Japan Soriol. SHORT. MlfRRELL A. Houston Photo. SIMMONS. EUGENE Houston Elect. Engr. •IMMONS. l l! ; l!l T I XM ' . HkusIoii An IVIPSON. JOANNK llouslon Eihic. IMI ' SON. WIMJAM A. Potsdam. . Y. En fir. lMo . I5i:vi;hly ann Houston Music FRESHMEN I ' .ncl of iiur lidovcd bridge SIMON. JANICE Houston Speech SIMS. DAVID T. Houston Business SISSELL. BOBBY B. Houston Acct. SMALLFELDT. MARTHA Houston Home Ec. SMUnil. Hn{LEY Houston Educ. SMITH. CARL C. Statesvillc. N. C. En rr. SMITH. EDITH LILLIAN Bedias An SMITH. GLADYS E. Houston Educ. SMITH, MARY LOU Houston Nursing SMITH. STANLEY R. Littlefield Business SNIDER. KENNETH W. DcQuincy Pre-Med. SNYDER. BILLY RAY ICxas City Electronics SOLAND. FHKI) M. Bellaire Elect. En ir. SORENSEN, JEAN LORAINE Houston Bu sin CIS SORY, NANCY A. Houston Home Ec. SFARKE, JOHN D. La Porte An SPEARS. BEVEi{LY A. Houston Business STANDLEY. J. L. Houston f ' re-Law STEEN. WILLIAM E. Houston I ' reLaw STEWART. FRANCIS L. Houston Aero. Enfir. o f 9 _iii,.-.. (63 AllThisAndV. V. too! STEWART, JAMES B. Houston Busine STEWART. VERNON G. Bellaire Mech. Engr. Vl 1 STICKLEY, GLADYS J. Dickinson Nursing STICKNEY, STEVEN W. So. Houston Radio r- FRESHMEN STOCKBRIDGE. MARY ANN Houston Home Ec. STOVALL. JACK P. Kerrville Pre-Lau SULLIVAN, BOB Mineral Wells Religion SULLIVAN. MARIANNE Navasota English SUTTLE, FRANKIE P. Teague Educ. SWEARINGEN DALE D. Leavenworth. Kan. Diesel SWEENEY, RUSSELL P. JR. Houston Engr. SWEET. BENNIE C. Cleveland Art TANIGUCHI, LZUMI Harlingen TARVER. NORMAN H. San Saba TATUM, DONALD G. Houston THOMAS, CARROLL 0. Houston THOMAS. GLENN V. Elmore City, Okla. THOMAS. MARJORIE C. Manchester, Mass. TIDWELL, LONNIE T. Houston TOLER, WILLIAM D. Houston TORTORICI. MARY K. Houston TRACY, ESTHER J. Houston TROUVE, RAYMOND J, Houstt)n TUCKER. EULALIA J. Harrisburg, 111. Mech. Engr. Diesel Chem. Engr. Business Photo. Ham e Ec. Aula Mech. Engr. Art Interior Dec. Lib. Arts English 11 r i.i,. i;i.i . iii;Tii ann I4iiusliin iiisirif: Ti h.m:ii. kdw i{|) a. Boston, Mass. Cliil Enpr. Tl RNKK. JOHN HOY JR. Aioarillii IVehling I KDIALKS. JOHN M. Ilnuston Diesel Physical training at Lamp Lee. V a. IFRESHMEN URQIHART. EDWARD H. Houston Physics VALENZUELA. JOHNNIE M. Ht)Uston Vocation VAN HORN. YVONNE Corpus Christ) Home Ec. VASQIES. LILE Houston Med. Tech. VELASQIEZ. DAVID M. Houston L ' phohtrrin VINCENT. RENE C. Attiehoro. Mass. Elect. Enpr. VITALE. ACHHXE JR. Gueiford Geology WADE. BEVERLY F. Houston Eniitish WADLEY, BOBBYE JO Houston Business ALKER. BH.LIE J. Galena Park Radio WALKER. HOLLIS W. Victoria I ' re-Law Vi ALKER. .SYBLE M. (ialena i ' ark .Irt WALLACE. CliAl ' .LOTTt (iarnurn gwen . ur. inp WARE. (;eorge s. Hemphill Diesel WASHBLRN, MARILYN Houston A. Religion WAT.SON. FRANKIE L Houston Home Ec. WEATHERFORD. CHARLOTTE V. Houston I ' hys. Educ. WEAVER. WILLLXM IL Ilouston Diesel Engr. WEBB. ROBERTA J. Houston liusiness WESLEY. T. W. JR. Hou lon Itiisirif t U. of H. on parade in Virginia WESTBROOK. CLOVIS F. Houston English WHEELER, HAROLD D. Longview Geology WHEELER. JACKIE Houston Home Ec. WHELCHEL. CLAUDE R. Houston Indust. Educ. FRESHMEN Nursing WHITE. THELMA L. Baytown WHITE. VEN O. Ranger Mech. Engr. WHITED, FLOYD M. Houston Business WHITEHEAD. JIMMY E. Houston Business WHITEHOUSE. ALISHA R Houston WIESER. JOE H. Houston WIGLEY, NELDA F. Waco WIGLEY. SELVAN A. Galena Park WILCOX. DAVID C. Houston WILEY. WILLIAM B. Houston WILLARD, C. A. West Plain. Mo. WILLIAMS. ALVIN D. Freeport Educ. Arch. Phys. Educ. Accl. Acct. English journ. Diesel WILLIAMS. BARBARA E. Pasadena Business WILLIAMSON. LuJANE Houston Educ. WILSON. BOYD T. San Antonio Pre. Denial WILSON, CHARLES E. Dallas Pharni. WILSON. JUANITA LYNN Wi [burton. Okla. English WISENBAKER, HOWARD R. Houston Eniilish WITTE. PATRICIA A. Houston English WOMACK. L. DORIS Houston Elcm. Educ. WOODIil I l lioliolllV Houston Df lrihiilive F.diir. WVLIK. DAVID K. San Anlmiio Stationary Enpr. YARBOHOKJII. BLANCHE Houi lon Eniilisli YBARBO. BKHLIN Housl i Auto. Mech. U. of H. cadets dine and dance at the Officers Cluh FRESHMEN YOUMANS. RICHARD Houston I ' harm. YOUNG. JEANIE Rosebud Journ. ZALESAK. EDWARD J. Houston Slalicnary Engr. It I ;iiri --(iiiifliiiir 167 AKRIDGE, WILLIAM JAMES Houston 2L It Arms 1946, Treasurer 47 Pre-Law Club Sgt. Association 48-49. BAKER. LAWRENCE JOSEPH Houston 3L Dale at Cougarland. LAW SCHOOL BAMMEL, HERBERT ALVIN Bammel 2L Bar Association BARNHOUSE, JAMES L. Houston IL Alpha Phi Omega BATTLE. JACK C. Pasadena 2L BENGE. LINTON S. Frankston 2L 1 U BENNETT. JOHN R. Wichita. Kan. 3L BLAIR. GEORGIA LaRUE Houston IL V. of H. Exes: Bar Association BRUBAKER. ROBT. C. Houston 2L Bar Association BUTLER. JOSEPH MAC Eldorado. 111. .? . BUVENS, JOHN L. Houston 3L Bar .Association; law , ' luiUiit Adv.; Commit- tee 1948. Assemhlyman 1949. CANNON. WILLIAMS. Houston 2L CHAMBER. EUGENE Wharton 2L Bar Association CHASE. CARL C. JR. Houston 2L :OLLINS. I! I I ' ll 1 W Freepori II- rtre-Law Club. CROSSON. ERNEST L. Houston 3L Forensic Clul. PrrMclonl K 47; Wlio S ho 46-17: rnior Scliolarship Soc. 1719; Plii Kappa Phi 49; Bar As n. vice prosiilont 48-49. prr idciil 49; Gar- M-oo l Awaril 47; Law Xdvisory Commiltrc. Arlists take advantage of the weather. LAW SCHOOL DOBBS. ROBERT . . Houston . ELLIOT. WHJJAM M. Pasadena 21. GARDNER. LOllS E. MrComl). Miss. . Pre-Law Club assemblyman; Texas Academy of Science; American Chemical Society. GREENWELL. ROBERT A. Houston 2L Bar .Assn.; Pre-Law Club Secretary 48. HI.NES. THOMAS E. Houston 3L Bar Assn.: Pn-Law Club. HORN. CLIFTON A. Eastland 2L Houstonian Staff 47-49: Charter president. Cadet Officers .Assn.; Judicial Commitlce -IH. 50; Frontiersmen secretary 47; Pre-Law Club treasurer 46; Frontier Fiesta vice-chairman 50, Ticket chairman 48, transportation chair- man 47; ROTC cailet capl. HILEBAK. HAROLD G. Houston , Veterans Club president 49.50; Bar Assn. 48- 50; Student Assembly 49.50; Judicial Com- mittee ■i ).:-,o. IRWIN. WILLIAM 15. CushiiiR 2L JOHNSON. GARY A. Houston 21. KEY, DAVID M. Houston . Bar A-sn. 17 W. KIRK. HILL. 1. Houston , KIRKI ' ATRIGK, JAMES R. Houston .11. i KOWALSKY, AUGUSTUS J. Marlin 2L KROLL. GORDON J. Galveston 2L Honor Roll 47-48; Frontier Fiesta Ticket chairim 49; Student Assembly 48-49; Election committi 48-49: Speech Team 47-48; Pre-Law Club; Forens Club; Alpha Phi Omega; Bar Assn. Keep your mind on the coffee. Ray. LAW SCHOOL wmmmmmummmmmmi LEITNER. RUDY V. Houston 2L LENSKY, HERMAN Houston 2L Garwood Scholarship Award. LEWIS. JOHN E. Tvler 3L LOWRY. ROBERT LEE Austin 2L LUND. ERIC L. Houston 3L Veterans Club 46-47; Bar Assn.; Guidance Office. MAHON, ALISTER B. Houston IL Pre-Law Club Treasurer 48-49; Bar Assn. sec- retary 49. MAHON, GEORGE D. KerrviUe 2L MASSENGAL. JAMES L. Houston 3L Bar Assn.; Veterans Club. McMASTER. IAN D. Houston 3L MERRITT. WILLIAM E. Ill Houston 2L Hiles Club 48; Bar Assn. Secretary 48-49; Honor Roll 47-18; Garwood Award 48-49. MIDDLETON. DAVID C. Houston IL MILLER, GEORGE E. Houston 2L Graduate Class President 49-.S0; Student Coun- cil 49-50; Student Assembly 49; Phi Theta Kappa; Pre-Law ( " lub; Bar Assn. •!«! fe.l!. (■ ' if ' IImiller.jackh. I Houston 21. MILLER. WALLACE H. Houston 3L Bar Assn. Secretary ' 4748; Garwood . ward 47-49; mo ' i Who 4849; Honor Roll 4649. We ' ve got a beautiful cainijus LAW SCHOOL MORGAN. HERBERT L. Houston IL MLNDT. DAVE Houston IL MURRAY. JOHN A. JR. Houston 3L Bar . sn. Vice Pn-sidcnt 48. Secretary 49; Garwood Award 4749. ODOM. WENDELL A. Houston 2L Bar . s-.n. Parliamentarian 49. PITMAN. EUGENE J. Nacogdoches 3L Bar Assn. President 4748, Treasurer 48; Phi Theta Kappa; Methodist Student Movement. PORTO. JOSEPH A. New ork. N. Y. IL International Rrlalions Club; Bar Assn. Vice President. PRINCE. DARRELL P. Frceport 2L Business Administration Club 46-47; Bar Assn. 48-.S0; Judical Committee 4849; Senior Class Assemblyman 48-49. QUEEN. WALTER E. Port Arthur 2L Bar Assn. 48-49; Honor Roll 47. RAMSEY. JOE T. Houston IL SAMPSON. KELLISW. Dcni.son 2fj SCHI.KIDER. BENJAMIN H. HriTiham 3L Bar Assn. President; Garwood Award. SCROGGINS, LAWRENCE R. Rockdale 3L U. of H. Exes; Bar Assn.; Assemblyman 49; PreLaw Club 4647. 1 SHEPLEY. RALPH 0. Houston IL SHRAKE, HENRY L. JR. Houston 3L Bar Assn. Assemblyman 48. Biologists take advantage of modern equipment. r. LAW SCHOOL SIMMONS. ROY JR. Bar Assn. Houston 3L SKAGGS, WOODROW W. Houston 2L SMITH. JACKSON B. Houston 3L SMITH. KENNETH L. Bar Assn. Dallas 3L SMITH, ROBERT LOUIS Houston 2L SMITH, ROBERT SHEARN Houston ' 2L Choral Club 44-46; Press Club 4446: Square Dance Club 45; Cougar Sports Editor 44; Alpha Phi Omega 4849; Vice-President 49; Socratic Society 46; Bar . ssn. 48-49. STERRETT. SAM L. JR. Houston 3L Bar Assn.; Garwood Award 47-49. THOMPSON. DAVID F. JR. Houston 3L Vice President Freshman Class 44-4.S; Student Assembly 44-46; Vice Chairman Assembly 45- 46; Student Council 47; Veterans Club 44- 46; Pre-Law Club President 4-t: Bar Assn. 47-50, President 49-50. TOOMEY.VALENSM. JR. Houston 3L Bar Assn. TREADWAY, GEORGE JACKSON Houston 2L Honor Roll 47: Hites Club Pres. 48. VAN PEIT. JACK ELLIS Houston . French Club 46-47; Engrs. Soc. 46-48. WALNEY, NANCY VIRGINIA Houston 2L Christian Science Org. secretary 45, pres. 46; Who ' s Who 48-49; Bar Assn, Secretary 48, vice president 49; Pre-Law Club pari. 47; Geo!. Soc. secretary 47-48; Geol. Lab. Instructor; Spanish Club ' ; Co-Ed Club. KL] I .la WARD. LEE P. JR. Houston IL Bar . s«n. WARNER. Ll.OVn I,. Houston 3L Yea, Team. Fight. LAW SCHOOL WATKINS. WlLBl RN WADE Houston 3L WESTERFELD. MAURICE URBAN Houston 2L WOMACK. JOHN BYRON JR. Riviera 3L YANCY, JAMES WATSON JR. Bellaire 3L Taffy-pulling in the dorm BARCLEY. ELAINE Senior Sweeney BATY, ELIZABETH Senior Newgulf COLLEGE OF NURSING BERRYMAN. SHIRLEY Graduating Houston BUESCH. BETTY LOU Graduating Del Mar. Calif. BURNS, KATE Graduating Houston COLSTON. MURIEL Senior Houston CREGER, CHARLYNE Senior Norman. Okla. DEAN, NANCY Junior Houston DE PRIEST, SHIRLEY Senior Pasadena DUMAS. JOHNELLE Graduating Genoa FAIN, JEAN Senior Beaumont FLUKINGER. JOYCE Senior Waller t.lLBERT, Al ' DREY Senior Crowley, La. (;heene. dixie Junior Corpus Christi HAMILTON. HOHRY CraHualiiig HnusUm HiLDKBRAND. BEVERLY Junior Corpus Christi Graduation reception in Jaiiuars COLLEGE OF NURSING HODDE, ANN Junior Houston HOLLEY. ROSE MARIE Senior Port Arthur JAMES, GLORIA Senior Houston KUETEMAN. GLORIA Senior Genoa LAUGHINGHOUSE, MARGAHKT ANN Senior Hondo MYERS, DOROTHY Senior Houston OLDHAM. I ' AT Senior Houston PERKINS. MOLLIE Senior Houston l!i:i TKI{. 1 MtGABKT Junior lliiuslon lill ii;i!. MARJOHIK Junior liouslon ROEHRIG. BEVERLY Senior Houston ROLLINS. SHIRLEY Senior Victoria V-fi. " Card-playing in the Student Lounge. SHAW, JOYCE Junior Buffalo SUTTON, DOROTHY Junior Aransas Pass COLLEGE OF NURSING THOMPSON. GERTRUDE Junior Houston TROTTER. HELEN Junior Pasadena VAN DYKE, GERALDINE Junior Houston VETUSKIE, HELEN Senior Houston VICKERS. EVA BETH Junior Houston WATSON. BETTY JANE Junior Beeville WATSON. RUTH Senior Camden WENCK. DOROTHY Graduating; Hearne VV0MAC:K. ROBBIE Junior Houston YOUNG. FllKDA HAY Graduating Gcuiroc YOUNG. IMOi.Ml ' . Senior Victoria % TftcmcnUuH ifTi r A. A. Bruce William Caldwell Mdiidii R. Coale Johnny Cochran Clarence James Passwater Augusl Peterson lluhert Peterson W.Uer Waklhauser corners a co uple of prospecuv AROUND THE CAMPUS Colonel Stone briefs Oflficer Streicher on the campus traffic problems. ROTC cadets examine the latest nu ' chanized equipment that the armv olTers. AGRICULTURE The newly-established agriculture department finished its first year as part of the UH family with a creditable record. Organized to promote agricultural development in the Gulf coast area, the department is growing, like the I ni- versity, by leaps and bounds. Organized field trips are held every Friday so that agriculture students may I observe the latest develop- ments in the field. I5i li)fry stuflfiit-i familiarize thcinscKfs wilh : ii-ii ' . BIOLOGY Starting with Ijasic ( (jiirscs in liolaiu and zoology, hiology students as well as |)harinacy and pre-ined majors gain insight into the world of hiology by intensive laboratory work acrom- panicd l)y explanatory lectures as they advance into the sliid of comparative anatomy and histological techniques. BIOLOGY FACULTY Left to right: seated — Dr. Comin- sky. Dr. Muggins. Or. Sawin I de|)t. head). Miss Hollischild. and Mrs. I ' ercival: standing — Mr. Pulley, Mr. Lnloe. and Mr. Freese. w CHEMISTRY FACULTY Left to right: {at left) — Mr. Cole, Miss Knirr, and Mr. Dorsey; (center) — Mr. Nowak, Mrs. Buck, and Mrs. Householder: (at right) — Dr. Drake, Dr. McElrath, and Mr. Johnston; (circle at left) — Mr. Williams. Miss Eby. and Mr. Meek. CHEMISTRY For both chemistry and chemical engineer- ing majors, the chemistry department offers training in the field. Also students studying pre-med and pharmacy receive instruction where chemistry pertains to the more-special- ized occupations. Lab practice gives students practical appli- cation in the varied phases of chemistry. DRAMA Future dramatists get a thorough chance to develop their talents in the drama depart- ment ' s varied curriculum. Courses offered range f rom acting, stage- crafts, interpretation, and theater history to body training. Red Masque plays give stu- dents a chance to put their training to good tests. fnleii- lr ' • IcEltaik. ENGLISH FACULTY efl to right: (at left I sitting — Miss B ng— Mr. Mit.h.ll. Mr. Saff.l. Mr. lli.k. ilting- .IiClul )r. Daniels, departi iild Miss MciitDii. cut head, explains w nc. Dr. Daniels, and Mrs. Rosa: slanc Mr. r.i ingtiin. and Dr. Kiisa: ircnteri Mrs. Williams. Miss Kelly. Mrs. I ' hiili|.s. and Dr. Hufener: standing— Mr n. Mrs. Khaugli. Mrs. Sliindler. Miss Turni ' r. and Dr. D.irmugli: i at right i ENGL Kngiish takes on new meaning as our lan- guage when this department gives students a chance to appreciate the literature of the world. The drama and the novel as well as poetry are studied. Creative writing gives pcjtential authors a chance to prove their stuff and learn more. Both geology and petroleum engineering majors gair practical as well as theoretical knowledge lhri iigh the! instruction of the geology department. HVN Courses are offered in physical geology, historicall geology, mineralogy, paleontology. petrolog . geopli sics,I biostratigraphy, inicropaleontology, and a wealth of ollierl study. A highpoint of geology is the field trip to west Texas for further study. y Student corrcspontlpiits cuvcr the campus. JOURNALISM Journalism instruction covers almost every phase of the field with practical application through laboratory work on the Cougar, student paper: The Houstonian: and approved outside publications. Recently, students have entered into a program of actually working on Houston dailies as part of their class work. GRAPHIC ARTS Made possible by Oilman R. E. (Bob) Smith ' s dona- tion of a printing plant, the graphic arts program was instituted last fall. Besides theoretical instruction in managing and operating a printing business, students receive lab practice in printing the Cougar, student newspaper, at the press. Mr. Patterson and a student correspond- ent interview a campus visitor. JOLR.NALISM AND GRAPHIC ARTS FACULTY Left to right: Mr. Taylor, Mr. Palmer, Mr. I nderwood, an. I Mr. Patterson (dept. head). chines set up type for W the press. At right, r a fresh copv of the I V Coucar rolls ..ff the f Major Nispel brief? his cadcls. ENCE Col. Michael Zwicker Commandant Military training came to the campus in the fall of 194o with the organization of a senior quartermaster ROTC unit. Last summer, the ■ " troops " attended training at Camp Lee. Va. where they made quite a record for themselves. All annual military ball has alreadv become a L ' H tradition under the sponsorship of the ROTC. Cadets participate in the latest army training. MUSIC Long a stalwart of L H curriculum, the nmsic depart- ment sponsors various musical recitals each vear. Perhaps the high light of each year for the department is the annual operetta. Training in voice and instruments is offered and the department has long been noted for the talented nmsicians which are a result of long hours of practice and study. Left to right: abovi — Mr. Hanimctt. Mr. Lantz. Mr. Ru s(i. Mr. Stuchbcrrv. Mr. W uligcr. Mr. C.lvi Mr. Palmer. Mr. T iwn- Dr. Koei)ke I ; pianiil. At left — Mi Wagner. Mr. Purdv. Mr. ikel. Mrs. Ilenkd. Mr. Vcton. Mr. Kiniz. ; L.-ft t Mulil i-r PHOTOGRAPHY FACULTY right: above — Mr. Smith, Mr. Mohlcy. Mr. Ferris, and Mr upper right — Mr. Pouncey. Mrs. Pyke. and Miss Pyke. PHOTOGRAPHY Teaching all phases of the art of photography, this department is one of the few in the country that offers a master ' s degree in the field. The entire University benefits from the raphy department in pictorial illustration. Long hours spent in lab work processing films are rewarded in the end by the finished photograph. Processing, the unsung part of the work, is illustrated to the right. PHYSICS Education in the science of physics, long-regarded as a basic course for engineering students, has come into its own in this atomic age. Realizing this, the physics department has constantly broadened and increased the curriculum to keep pace with our modern civilization. Theories of energy, light, heat, electricity, and the many other divisions of physics are explained to the student and driven home by practical laboratory work. PHYSICS FACULTY eft to right: seated — Mr. .Schuhniann and Dr. Zenor: standing — Dr. Long, Mr. raves, Mr. North, and Mr. Johnson. To the rifrhl. ;i slii l -nt measures with recise, delicate (•(]ui|(m -nt. 187 RADIO FACULTY Left to right: standing — Mr. Franks, Mr. Franklin, Miss Thor- son, Mr. Quick, Mr. Schwarzwalder; seated — Dr. Cook (co- ordinator) . Long hours of practice before the mike give radio students the ability to put on professional shows for the listening public. RADIO Limited space has failed to handicap the radio department which offers a wide range of courses in training future radio announcers, writers, and other workers of the modern station. Through the production of scripts on the " LTniversity of Houston Hour ' " , a pro- gram carried on a local radio station, much valuable experience is gained by the student. Below, basic training in speech is essential. 1 SPEECH Rapidly gaining national fame for the championship debate teams which this department trains and sponsors, the .speech group offers a wide variety of public speaking and speech correction courses. The speech department not only serves as a training ground for speech majors but is a valuable asset for radio and drama students. A new program leading to a degree in speech cor- rection is opening up many jobs. SOCIAL SCIENCES Till- division of social sripiiws oITits ihnrmigh in- slruclioii in economics, government, history, pliilosopliv, psychology, religion, and sociology. F.ver stiiflent. Iiecausr of the growing rcsponsiliilities of ihf modiTii citizon. is ri-i|iiiri-il lo laki ' iialioiial. !»lale. and local govcrnniciil. Oilier -ludciils. taking hacliclor of arts courses, have their choice of several social sciences. .Students not onK receive theoretical lectures hut also find practical application hy field trips and personal work in all fields. ni.STUKY AND GOVKKNMKNT FACl i.TY Lift to right: front row — Miss Doulhilt. Mrs. Shide. Dr. Kaiisom. Miss Yeldcrman; hack row — Mr. Dyer. Mr. Miller. Dr. Shearer, Mr. Chen. Dr. Kansoin. Mr. Nixon. PSYCHOLOGY FACULTY Left lo right: sitting — Dr. Spencer, Dr. Pierce, Miss Saither Miss Pederson. Miss Lehniann. Dr. Red: standing — Dr. Stovall Mr. Jones. Dr. McCary. Dr. Callicutt. Dr. Zaccaria. Dr. Crouch Dept. Head. I ' lIIlOSOl ' llY FACULTY Left to right: sitting — Miss Valer. Mrs. Cutchen: slaiidiiig — Dr. Schachtel. Mr. Richey. Mr. Mcl aren. Dr. Boren. Psychological lesls olTer a ariil of luelli ods for testing the skills and iiilillif;eiiee of students. SCHOOL OF BUSINESS FACULTY Left to right: Mr. Farb. Mr. Jenkins. Mr. Masten. Mrs Paul. Mr. Slade, Mrs. Ainsworth, Dr. Sipe. n ' - ' SCHOOL OF BUSINESS SCHOOL OF BUSINESS FACULTY Left to ght: sitting-Mrs. Coolidge. Mrs. Lawrence. Dr. Lamb Mrs. Warren. Mr. Clark: standing-Mr. Dilling- ham. Mr. Crouch. Mr. Dunlap. Mr. Warnef. Mr. Gri lam SCHOOL OF BUSINESS FACULTY Lefl to right: sitting-Mrs. Small. Dr. Hughes (dircc.orl Mr. Jeschke. Dr Davis: standing-Dr. Baldwin. Dr Knepper. Mr. Engbcrg. Dr. Ouen. Mr. Wilkins w ii- i r-- luilciils an- taught till- fiin laMii-iilal of business l) using iiiai ' liiiirs. ' Nbove. Business students learn accounting, a standard f ' requirement. At right, thorough knowledge of t |)- - ' i- acquired through ronstant prariicc. SCHOOL OF BUSINESS The School of Business has a currirulum which includes accounting, advertising, business education, eco- nomics, finance, general business, management, market- ing and salesnianshi]). public administration, secretarial a lfiiinislration. and trade and transportation. Through cooperative programs with the eit of Hous- ton and Ifical business establishments. Business students gain a working insight into their future careers. One high|)oint reached b the .School of Business was one of their graduate stufienls. Walter Rapp. who represented Texas at the National Association of Mami facturers Con ention this ear. One of the largest .schools of the Lniversit) in enroll- ment, the School is constantly improving its educational techniques. ' m: ' V Left to right: Mr. Brown. Mr. Brinker. Mr. Pittinger. Mr. Paxton. Mr. Ellis, Dr. Bovce. Left to right: Mr. Gray, Mr. Crosson, Miss Evans, Mr. Daniel. Miss Pederson. Mr. Shebav, Mr. Dougherty. Miss Saither. Located conveniently in the business section of Houston, the Downtown School offers a variety of courses to business people who are unable to attend classes at the main campus. Both the School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Business regularly schedule classes at the Downtown School. Instruction is furnished by local business men as well as regular L niversity faculty so that practical sides of courses are available to students. Once considered a " lonely child, " away from the mother campus, the Downtown School is rapidly coming into its own by providing a valuable service to municipal Houston. DOWNTOWN SCHOOL FACULTY Mr. McClendon and Miss Sailhor. 192 SCHOOL OF EDUCATION FACULTY Left to right: Dr. Oberlioltzer. Mr. White. Miss Gresham, Mr. Freeman. Miss .Motlsinger. Dr. Bottrell, Dr. Donner. Mr. Miller. Mr. Chovanec. Left to right: Mr. Beatty. Mr. . ydclotte. .Mr. Hartsfield. Miss Gibson. Dr. Kerbow, Miss Gardner. Mr. Cochran. Dr. Gibney. Dr. Davis. SCHOOL OF EDUCATION The School of Education has as its purpose the preparation of teachers for public and private schools. Graduate work in education is primarily for experienced teachers and school administrators. The bachelor ' s degree is offered to persons completing four years of academic work with a major in Education. The Master of Education degree is offered to graduate students who complete . ' 56 hours of graduate work approved by the student ' s adviser. The Doctor of Education is a professional degree designed for leadership in the fields of school administration, school supervision, and in specialized subject matter fields. This degree is offered after the completion of approximately three years " work beyond the bachelors degree plus the completion of an accepted research problem. Education majors learn the value of psychological testing procedures. Visual education is assuming more and more importance today. liiijMiiiaiii liiKii- alt- .-jirnt at the drawing board. The Engineering Lab gives students practice. ! Checking details is important. Students learn to operate intricate niachinerv. SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING ' I ' hc Scliool n{ Engineering, otic of the iiig three In enroll- iiiciil. has often hecTi the leader in number of students on tiie campus. A wide, varied program gives engineering students a ihance to stud - in the ficltis of aeronautics, arciiilecture. ciiemi- eal. civil, electrical, industrial, mechanical, metallurgical, and pi-lnileimi. I ' uriher specialization is available in air conditioning and refrigeration, as well as power engineering. The School of Engineering has hcl]ied Houston to realize that ihiTc is mure than one school in I ' liginceriiig in Ibiustoii. Mori ' aclixe than many realize, ihe " ' -liderule " " brigade has done nnich lo fnrlher UH sciiool soiiil. Speigli row— IHX ih I al Ki«rk plays a major pari in engineering study. Students learn to make them fly and keep them there. ENGINEERING FACULTY Left lo right: front row — Mr. Gamble, Mr. Iloff. Mr. Vogt. Mrs. Lowe. Mr. Castellaiios. Mr. Houston: second row — Mr. Sterk. Mr. Kirkpatrick. Mr. Albanese. Miss Speight. Mr. Kittinger, Mr. Sullivan, Mr. Bonar; back row — Mr. Bird, Mr. EIrod, Mr. Williams, Mr. Tilley. Mr. Crump. SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING Understanding intricate machinery becomes second nature to advanced engineering majors. 195 X " SCHOOL OF LAW Graduating their first classes this year, the Lav School has established a record for service to the L niver sity. Law students are outstanding in student activities. Methods of instruction enable the graduate to prac tice law wherever the Anglo-American svstein of law prevails. Other objectives of the School are to provide training in the fundamental techniques required in the practice oi administration of law: to impart to and aid all students in acquiring an understanding and appreciation of the higher nature of the profession into which they are aboul to enter: to better equip them to participate intelligentl) in the affairs of their community, state, and nation : tc develop in them a sense of balance, a respect for rights, and an understanding of the obligations such rights and privileges entail. ,se|ilfiB 1. 0 " Dean W hite explains a legal point in the Law School library. LAW SCHOOL FACULTY Left to right: Mr. Wiilen. Dean White. Mr. Blakely. Mr. Frank. Il to right: Law students spend long hours in the class room as well as studies in the Law library and actual practice of court room procedure. »i»aiviiia| system ol , iinepraciic Wiation ol ' ' fUreai. ' «f »ilflli.(a aid nation; spec! for rifh SBcli tAl, ,. CHOOL OF PHARMACY In rcspotisf to many miuosls. tfu- School of I ' liar- nacy was aulliorizod li the Board of Uogi-iils to he »pencil in Septcinhor. 1947. The rurriruluin has lu-on )lannc(l to providf a Itackground in the liasic sciences ind ihorough ( ' duration in the science of jiharrnacy. Stu- lents who are planning to enter retail | liartnac may lect several Imsiiiess courses in their senior year. Those o plan to go into pharmaceutical research are ciicour- kged to take additional advanced science courses. Stuilents in the .School of Pharmacy will he given issistance in securing employment in drug stores during he summer months in order to stress the practical a])pli- ation of pharmacy and provide them with valuable xperience. lettainj vh Students are instructed in the basic equijjnient of the pharmacist. Frank. SCHOOL OF PHARMACY FACULTY Left to right: sitting — Mr. Williams, Mrs. Percival, Dr. Fergus tor). Mrs. Jones. Mrs. Rouse: standing — Mr. Steven. Dr. Trup|) A thorough knowledge of chemicals and their exact measurem ' nt is necessarv. 197 College of Nursing students speiiil long hours in lab study COLLEGE OF NURSING Another great stride forward in the University of Houston ' s attempt to serve the community is the College of Nursing. Offering a varied curriculum to the student, the Col- lege is shoulder-to-shoulder with the other departments and Schools in the improvement of educational facilities. . of information o Sammis 1 above i- COLLEGE OF NURSING FACULTY Left to right f° ,„ j,,,uunue: Wolfer. operating roon U cal and surgical nursing. obstetrics; Miss - ' " " di :rScott:medi- • Left — Mrs. Springer, assistant to the din-itdr: Mrs. Post. __ director; and Mrs. Morris, pediatrics. oa " d atuJ Mrs. Rq assislanis Long hours of study are neccssar to kiip u[i uilh (nurses at the Colleffc of Nursing. COLLEGE OF NURSING Left to right :air conditioning and refrigera- tion — Mr. Wilson. Mr. Rothrock, Mr. Dace, Mr. Reese. Mr. Biagi. Mr. Yates. SCHOOL OF TECHNOLOGY FACULTY Left to right: auto body and painting — Mr. Kirklin. Mr. Weiner. Mr. Grado. Mr. Hiatt, Mr. Perkins. Mr. Burleson. Left to right: auto mechanics — Mr. Row lett. Mr. Jones. Mr. Reed. Mr. Clark. Mr Feris. Mr. Cornett. Mr. Saur. Mr. Oliver SCHOOL OF TECHNOLOGY The School of Technology, with enrollment spiraling at each registration, shows perhaps more than anv other School, the L niversity " s desire to serve in offering Houston every type of training. look at the Tech School ' s cur- riculum shows why this is true. Types of training offered include aeronautics, archi- tecture, automotive mechanics, communications I radio and electronic I , drafting, electricity, industrial mechanics, internal combustion engines, nursing assistants program, photography, refrigeration and air conditioning, and sta- tionary engineering. Proof that the Tech School is active in extra- curricu- lar as well as curricular matters is seen in the 19.50 Fron- tier Fiesta where the Refrigeration Service Engineers Society completed construction on their show before any other show. Tech School students also wired Fiesta City. Left to rifilil: lirsi-l-Mr. ( ' iKivaiicc, Mr. Saiir. Mr. Stnit-. Mr. !■ i.dar. Mr. McCal- lirk. Mr. W hitlingloii. Left lo right: cloclricily — Mr. Foist. Mr. Buckniaslcr. Mr. Reilev. I-rfl Id rifilil: iiirlu ' trial incrhanics — Mr. M.Donal.l. Mr. Guiilon. Mr. Rogers. Mr. Marshall. Mr. .Stewart. Mr. Manahan. Left to right: (clinical instructors) — Miss Scott, Mrs. Moorman, Miss Brock. NURSE ASSISTANT FACULTY Left to right: (clinical instructors) — Miss McKnight. Mrs. Stack, Miss Goodwin. Left to right: Miss Smith I nursing Mrs. Clark (nutrition). Miss Jones arts) . arts). ( nurs- I Four nurse assistant students receive the Mary Gibbs Jones scholarships given by Mr. and Mrs. Jesse H. Jones. NURSE ASSISTANT SCHOOL FACULTY Left to ri ght: Miss Schwarswalder (director). Miss Wilson (clinical instructor) . NURSE ASSISTANT PROGRAM 202 In cooperation with the Texas Medical center authorities and hospitals, the University carries on a Nurse Assistant pro- gram in keeping with the policy of serving Houston and the Gulf Coast area. After the first month in the training program, the hospital will provide part-time employment for four hours a day. After the third month, students are placed in the hos])itals and their training continues for the nine-month clinical period. During this ]jerio(I. the hospitals provide compensation. Minimum starting salary is $125 per month after the 12- month training. The program offers an excellent oiniorlmiit) for training. NURSE ASSISTANT SCHOOL FACULTY Mr. Gardner (assistant to the director) . ■ BUSINESS OFFICE Keeping University books straight. Busi- ness Manager C. F. McElhinney and Auditor C. E. Cole get little publicity for their work. University payrolls, tui- tion of students, and bills, small and large, must be kept in order. Realizing the scope of the campus, one can under- stand the heavy responsibility on these men ' s shoulders. CO-OP OFFICE Combining classroom instruction with on-the- job training, the cooperative program gives students a chance to apply the theories of the class room in actual practice, financial assist- ance and training to get along with fellow workers. The University is in a unique posi- tion to utilize the advantages of a cooperative program in a city the size of Houston. GUIDANCE OFFICE With the War ' s end. thousands of vet- erans streamed back to colleges through- out the country. Caught unprepared, the University appointed R. O. Jonas to direct veterans ' affairs. Now, after five vears. the Guidance office not only counsels veterans but also non-veteraiis. Students who remember the long waiting lines of other years can stop to marvel at the ease and ability with which the (Juidance office handles a steadv pro- gram of counseling with efTicienc . I ; CAFETERIA Students liiM ' to cal. Mrs. Louise riplil. director of the rafeteria, can testif to that fact. Kaeh school da . Mrs. W ' ripht. her dieticians, and the cafeteria staff pre- pare ininieiise quantities of each nutriti- ous nieal. Between meals, students and facult nieinhcrs find the cafeli-ria a meeting place for a quick cup of collee iiet«een classes. CANTEEN NO. I Quick snacks are the specialty of the Nuniher One Canteen. A sandwich and a cold drink are often all a hurried student has time to grah for lunch. Candy, cigarettes, ice cream, and chewing gum are other stock items. CANTEEN NO. 2 After years of trudging across the campus for coffee and food, students attending classes on the North campus got a hreak with the installation of the iNumher Two Canteen. This canteen became a meeting place for those stu- dents almost innncdiately. 205 LIBRARY Many a term paper first saw the light of day in the Lniversity Library. Each week, the staff, under the direction of Mrs. Ruth " ikof[. helps students with reference material for projects. After years of crowded facilities, the library is looking forward to the completion of the M.D. Anderson Memorial Library next year. MEDICAL OFFICE Sore throats swept the campus early this spring but the Liniversity Medical office sprang into action with throat swabs, pre- scriptions, and good advice to cure ailing students and faculty members almost immedi- ately. This was just another example of the constant vigilance which is kept on the stand- ard of health at LH. Injured athletes also receive treatment from the office which is directed by Dr. Allan Collette. PLACEMENT OFFICE " Brother, can you spare a dime? " ' The legend of the poverty-stricken student should have no place at I ' H. Willi the help of the Placement office, directed by Miss L. L. Russell, students can get part or full-time employment and. upon grad- uation, assistance in entering the occu- |)ation of their choice. Prospective employers also find the Placement office helpful as a ready market for finding employees suiting all capabilities. ' %4 PUBLIC RELATIONS Til keep the I nivt-rsity aiul its a ii itics liifiirc till- exes anil » ' ars uf llii- (iiililii-. till- riil.lic Ki ' lalinns i.ffii-i- ,1,,-. r ,r lliin froiii smiling a |irntiaiil In a I I i-ar iilil fan in (lalifornia In sending mil hundreds (if news sliirics and fraluro Id f)U|icrs. magazines, and radio slalimis tlirouglidut the riiuntrN each ear. In ad- diliiui. ihe le|iartnient. uiidiT ihi- diree- linn iif N. S. I ' aller.-on. handles Itiiver- sil advertising, hroeluires. and carries out the iilher dulies of I ' uhlic Helalions office. Jim F. i ' almer is specialist in luillelitis and hrochures. Bruce I rider- w I and lien Forlson cover athletic aili ilies anil Helen Moore assists Mr. I ' alterson in general coverage. TESTING OFFICE Just how good are ou? If ou ' d like to know, the Testing oiTice. with Dr. F. I,. .Stovall directing, can tell you after several |)s cho- logical tests. This program is rajiidiy hecom- ing popular with all students as they realize how much time and wasted effort can he saved hy picking the right major before fail- ing two or three others. REGISTRAR ' S OFFICE Viith more than l. ' 3.()(l() students en- rolled, the Registrar ' s office has seen the true story of I M growth from less than a thousand to its present strength. In watching, this office has had to grow also. Long registration lines liaxe become a thing of the past as procedures were sircandined. With a|)pri ximatel five minutes needed to register each student at the present time, the I II system is regarded as one of the best in the Country. Directed bv Dr. Terrel Spencer, this office not oidy registers each student hut keeps track of his progress as a student. SCIENCE LIBRARY Store house of scientific data, the Science Library offers specialized reference material for science and engineering majors. Located on the third floor of the Science building, this office is prob- ably the least known of any at the University and also probably one of the most valuable. Walter Hauffe helps students locate themselves in this maze of scientific lore. STUDENT ACTIVITIES Conflicting extra- curricular activities are no longer a difficulty. Use of the Student Activi- ties Calendar in scheduling events has erased this trouble. J. E. Williamson, director of student activities, has other jobs like providing students with pleasure and play to forget long hours of studying. Student organizations bene- fit from the office by finding out regulations on clubs. The office offers additional service, such as. assisting students in finding a place to live. TRAFFIC OFFICE Cussed and discussed, the Traffic office goes its way providing the University with smooth-flowing traffic and plenty of parking space. Every car on the campus must be registered with this office in order to park at the University. Another service is directing visitors who would otherwise be lost in the maze of construction and winding drives which UH presents to the newcomer. VETERANS HOUSING I ' list-uar Fliiustoii fiiuiul itself in tin- midst of a great Imusinp shortage. Married and single veterans attenditig the I iiiversit prolialiK wen- iiit hardest t this shortage. Tho needed low-cost, leni| orar lionies wiiile taking adxan- tages of the CA Bill, . eting swiftK. the I niversity estahlished the Housing cdTice to care for these students. Trailers for single and married veterans and apart- ments for other married veterans sud- denly sprang forth on the campus to liecome the I niversitv illage. fe 1 VISUAL EDUCATION Confucius is reported to have said that one picture is worth a thousand words. Believing in the truth of this saying, the Visual Flduca- tion office has amassed nianv films to be shown to classes at the University. By show- ing visually how a job is done, the office saves the time of the faculty and students. L. W. Dickerson, director has been instru- mental in building up a vast library of films on every conceivable subject. WOMEN ' S DEAN With the construction of dormitories at the I niversity. Mrs. Theo llumiicutt ' s position as Women ' s Dean will assume greater rcsjionsibilitics, Even now. Mrs. Hunnicutt is organizing a women ' s coun- cil to help direct dormitory life when it becomes a reality next year. This office also acts as an information center and advistory board for newly enrolled co-ed. k ■:; S ' OFFICERS OF THE EXES Left to right: sitting — Jim Palmer, director: Mrs. Mary Ray Dwyer, secretary: Jack Valenti. president: Walter Waldhauser. vice-president; standing — Prentice Jackson, director; Charles Saunders, director: Glenn Smith, director; Bill Swanson; Tom Menefee, Ex-Officio; and Roger Jeffrey, director. EX-STUDENTS ASSOCIATION Growing by leaps and bounds every year, the Ex-Students Association is selling the University to Houston as well as the world. Biggest Ex affair is the Homecoming Day celebration each fall when the group gets together on the campus for a luncheon, football game, and the Homecoming Dance. Picnics are held around graduation time to welcome new Exes into the fold. Fund drives by the Exes are used to help the University ' s progress continue. The Sideline Coaches is gaining much enthusiasm for Cougar grid teams. The Homecoming bonfire warmed Exes. I Johnny Goyen Executive Secretary Coach Lee speaks to the Sideline (loaches 210 Dr. Oherholtzer and Ex-Studeiil Minerva Black match lions 111 llie Exes Fund Drive. mlrilni- m ' SALLY ADAAIS JAN BOLTON JANET CASKEY JOYCE EYTH PAT GALLAGHER CAROLINE GRAMMON RITA LA GROVE PEGGY JACKMAN AUDREY JONES ALPHA CHAPTER Alpha Chapter of Alpha Gamma Chi. the only women ' s national service sorority on the L ' niversity campus, was chartered in June. 1949. Formerly known as Alpha Delta Omega, the sorority members met in convention with representatives from Alpha Epsilon Omega of Los Angeles College at Albuquerque. N. M.. last summer to establish a national service sorority for college and university women. Three members of the Lniversity chapter serve as officers on the national board. They are Sue Sherrill. national vice-president: and Katharine Wiggins, and Sandi Dierlam. both national members-at-large. The purpose of the sororitv is to assemble college women in the spirit of service and to promote fellowship and scholarship. During the year, the activities of the group have included the maintainence of the permanent record file of student activities, making game pennants lor athletic events, serving on election polls, hostess duty at Freshmen Orientation and the Hi- . Tri- convention held on the campus, ushering for the August graduation exercises, and participating in the Homecoming and Frontier Fiesta parades. Alpha Gamma Chi joined with the Society of Engineers to present the Pair-O-Dice show in Frontier Fiesta. 212 AGC members serve on clcclion ] (; l!i I 1 I i iiiM SANDI DIKRl.XM Ml I.I.ICAN ClIAUl.r.rVOI.DIlAM E. DOLORES I ' OST MVHTI.KSCm.IDrMWTEL l KSIIKHHILL WWCLi.- ! ' HAGUE I )i;i.ORES THOMPSON I ' M VAN DRESER KATHRYN WIGGINS Sponsors Mrs. Theo Hunnicutt Mrs. Willie B. Ainsworth Miss Lou Russell Miss Marv Ellon Kellv Fall ALPHA GAMMA CH OFFICE Sue Sherrill President Caroline Gramnion 1st Vice-President Pat Van Dreser 2nd Vice-President Dclores Thompson Secretary Carleen Laurentz Treasurer Peggy Jackman . Historian Delia McAlpine Parliamentarian . Spriii- Caroline Gramnion Peggy Jackman Pat Van Dreser E. Dolores Post Annyce S|)rague , Sandi Dierlam Audrey Jones (;(! pirl. siTVi- li ucirkinf; (.n llic I ' l-rniani-iil Slmlnil I ' ilr Mini iiiakinf: fiaine |. nnant 213 DELTA OMEGA CHAPTER Left to right: front row — Parker, Sims, McRae, Delaney, Smith, Gelding: second row — Brown, T. Friloux, Hopkins, Miller, Grunstien, Hurd: third row — Reiter, Perry, Dr. Newhouse, Sherrill, Morrison, Grass; fourth row — Nesval. Fielder, Alexander; fifth row — Gray, Otero, Kern, Heibert. McMeans, Heiser; top row — Hargraves, B. Friloux. Harman, Mr. Roberts, Curtin, Reiter. ALPHA PHI OMEGA Fall Term OFFICE Spring Term Larry Parker President Tony Friloux Shearn Smith First Vice-President Gene Brown Gene Brown Second Vice-President - - Del Delaney Bill Friloux Treasurer Bill Friloux Paul Hargrave Secretary Bill Sims Jack Curtin Historian Scotty Morrison Bill Harman Alumni Secretary Bill Harman Tony Friloux ..._ Sergeant-at-Arrns Joe Nezval Dr. Albert Newhouse Sponsor Dr. Albert Newhouse J. P. Roberts Sponsor J. P. Roberts 214 )ELTA MM 1949 PLEDGE CLASS PLEDGE OFFICERS g Till l! ' -n»N ll(i()l ' l,l{ inrsiilcnl HOLMS WAI.KKK licr-pri ' siilcnl RII.I. HANKY CI.Al 1)1. WIIKJ.CIIKI. srcrelarx CAKI. SMITH scr!:ranl-at-arms SHE RN SMITH l lr(li:( ' iiia. ' itt ' r Left to right: front row — Sissei. Walker. Hooper. S. Smith I |)leclgernaster I . C. Smith: second row — White. Kane. Maxwell. Kemmerer. Stewart: top row — Rogers. McNcesc. Hall. Phillips. ALPHA PHI OMEGA D.lla Omega Chapter (jf Alpha Phi Omega iNational Service Fraternity was chartered in 1917 for the purpose of assemhliiig college men into the fellowship of the Scout Oath and Law. to promote friendship, to serve the student hodv. facuit . memhers. and to the nation as participating citizens. .Activities include puhlication of the student directory. Homecoming honfire construction, operation of an in- formation hooth. ushering at foothali games, and serving at election polls. . ' P0 has won the Cougar School Spirit Tropin for the |)asl three years. ' ' O ' s " Igly Man " con- t took the campus hy rm last spring. Coat-of-Arms ' HisyP Y. 215 Bette Lou Arnold Bettv Di Chiara David Lipp BETTE LOr ARNOLD Worlhy D irector DAVID MILTON Worthy Business Manafier CHARLES SNYDER _ Worthy Stacie Manager TOMMY MERCER Worthy Historian DR. WILTON W. COOK Sponsor MISS LELA BLOUNT Sponsor ROBERT G. RITTENOLR Sponsor MEMBERS NOT PICTURED: Marv Ellen Allman Chris Miller George Durbin iim ' f CEJILL ' Tommy Mercer David Milton Charles Sinder NU CHAPTER ALPHA PSI OMEGA Alpha Psi Omega. National Honorary Dramatic Fraternit . was one of the first Greek letter organizations on the L niversity campus. Its purpose is to honor those participants in dramatics who have shown outstanding ability. The production of Red Masque plays is sponsored by this group. Other activities include an open house in September honoring Red Masque Players, a spring banquet where drama awards are made, and a play composed of Alpha Psi Omega members. ALPHA PSI OMEGA SPONSORS ALPHA PSI OMEGA PLEDGES Left to right: Mr. lulhnour. Miss Blount. Dr. Cook 216 Left to right: front row — St. G er: back row — Parcdcz. Hichtcr nn. Millu.ll hardsoM. (i( B.nv- ,L GOTTLIEB GAEKK presiilrnt J. A. MOIIINDKO I icc-jtrcsiilfnl STANLEY SMOCK secretary- KMIL HKDNAK Irrasiiri ' r CLYDE iUTTLR nssrriihhnian C. E. WILLLVMS sponsor Left to right: front row — Butter, Stewart, McLaine. Wandell, Mohundro, Gaeke. Bcd- nar. X ' illiains: l)ack row — Helwig, Francis. Kyriakades, Smock, Perkins. Hill. AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY The American Chemical society was organized to promote an interest in chemistry and chemical engineering. It is affiliated with the national society and membership is open to all chemistry and chemical engineering majors. Members of ACS take frequent field trips to chemical indu stries in Houston to obserye the latest adyances in chemical engineering and chemistry. hiiini- tn (!S nicmliirs. WALLACE ZIESCHAN president CLARENCE STANZEl vice-president MILDRED HOBBS secretary GENEVIEVE RESTEfi treasurer LARRY GESCHKE publicity FRANCIS HOPKINS assemblyman FREDERIC BROWNE sponsor 0- f sttrtli cm Left to right: front row — Rester. Ressel, Hobbs, Puis, Zieschang, Foss. Marshall. Gill, Harwas: second row — Hernandez. Rystrom, Cruller. Paredez. Cline. Lewis. Schlicht- ing. Butler. Tolnian. Pfeiffer: third row — Blovin. Shropshire. Riley. Batson. McFar- land. Price. Elliott. Bailleras. Garrard. Harris. Smith: back row — Irick. Fagan, Gad- bois. Hopkins. Dunaway. Stekl. Edwards. Geschke. ART CLUB I The Art club was organized to promote a greater appreciation for historical and contemporary art. The club sponsored a masquerade ball a t the beginning of the fall semester. mm w CHAHLtS Bl CK president JACK CARROL vice-president WALTER BARBF.R secretary CURLS VOGT C. R. (;amblk sponsors Left to right: front row — Barber. Gerloviih. Pizzitola. Sweetnam. Buck. Carroll, Gil- christ: back row — Vogt, Marchbanks. Reynolds. Libby. White. McStravick. Pophani. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF TOOL ENGINEERS A. S. T. E. was (organized during the spring semester of 194i! by a grouj) of mem- bers of the national organization. It is primarily a junior society of the national group and is limited to those members on the camjjus. ASTE .SPFAKER.S JOHN I). BAILl.KHKS Education Committee Chairman Houston Chai.t.r 2 ' ) STF n. E. .SALRENMA.N Chairman Hnusi.m Cliapirr 29— ASTE ;. L. FRKKNLAN Membership Committee Chairman Hnuslon Chapter 29— ASTE 219 DAVE THOMPSON president JOE PORTO vice-president AL MAHON secretary HARVY BISSONNET treasurer WENDELL ODOM parliamentarian JOHN BENNET assemblyman JAMES YANCY assemblyman DEAN A. A. WHITE sponsor id " ' - 0tim tkam ;iillia: BJ.MLDAU Left to right: front row — Irwin, Bissonnet, Smith, Elliott, Prince, Leitner, Hines, Too- mey, Mahon; second row — Womack, Scroggins, McAndrews, Thompson, Smith, Mil- ler, Buvens, Pitman, Simmons, Kirkpatrick, Brubaker; third row — Odom, Ward, Bam- mel, Watkins, Kroll, Crosson, Schleider, Yancy, Shrake, Westerfeld, Lowry, Warner; fourth row — Hill, Shepley, Miller, Greenwell, Mahon, Treadway. Akridge, Martin, Sampson, Miller, Walney, Gay, Porto; back row — Trackwell, Phillips, Battle, Baker, Middleton, Sterrett, Pitchford, Lensky, Newberry, Collins, Murray, Koster, Lewis, McMaster, Cannon, Benge, K. Smith, J. Smith. BAR ASSOCIATION The Bar association of the University of Houston was organized in 1947 to pro- mote a better relationship between the School of Law. members of the local Bar. and the University. It is comprised of students enrolled in the School of Law and sponsored by Dean A. A. White. The association sponsors a banquet each year which is usually held during the-spring semester. lOllPso - mm BESET iy.«cv li; VIS W. KKY liresiili-nt BIIJ.TIIOMI ' SON cnlislitienl v. p. BETTY (.OK K I CAN deiotional i . ; . JANK WILLIAMSON social V. p. HELEN OIX)M secretary DOLORES BELL treasurer THELMA KEY mapazirtc rep. KEN JONES publicity lir. CLARENCE McCAMMON chr. citizenship HILL GRAY editor J. PATTERSON r. fi. c. rep. J.E.WILLIAMSON MRS. FAY ANTHIS MRS. NELDA LAW RENCE sponsors Left to right: front row — Smith. McCaminon. Key. Cockrell, Y. Corrigan, B. Corrigan, Wafford. Lee. WiHiainson; second row— Magorny. Stockbridge, Lee, Eng, Wesley, King, Key, Thompson: back row — Bell, Odom, Nunnelee, Rogers, Irvin, Unidentified, Jackson. Carpentar. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION The Baptist Student union is an organization for all Baptist and Baptist preference students on the University of Houston campus. The primary purpose is to provide a Christian fellowshi]) through which the student may grow spiritually. Weekly meetings, which consist of worship and discussion periods, function re- gularly. Representatives attended the state B.SU convention, the state spring planning rf)nference. and the Southwide student retreat. An annual party honoring the fresh- men, a dinner in honor of the Baptist faculty members, and two other socials round out the planned social affairs of the group. 221 JEAN RICHBURG president MARY HARRIS vice-president MAE PFEIFFER secretary MARGIE BAKER treasurer MISS BONNIE DUNCA . sponsor Left to right: front row — Richburg. Puis. Gregg, Hobbs, Baker, Riley, Wilson, Dun- can, Pfeiffer; second row — Akkerman, Harris. Caldwell, Frischmuth, Turner, Staerk- er; third row — Sory, Pavlu, Bailleres: fourth row — Bigham, Luce, Hilly er. BUCKAROO CLUB Established in 1938, the Buckaroo Riding club, was formed to create a skill and interest in horseback riding, and to provide recreation and western ideas among the students of The University. Membership is open to all girls who are bonafide students of the University. m nttftm lEONGKAV 111 Buckaroo-sponsored Sadie Hawkins dance. P ' esifffll ffEIFFIP, WILLARI) MILLER presiilt ' nl GEORGE DEBES vice-president ORVILLE MITCHELL treasurer LEON GRAVES sponsor Left to right: front row — Nelson. Brueggenian. Williams. Ilanipel. Miller. Stoker. Haliida) : second row — Reynolds. Hull. Kinghani. Zwink. Josserand. Cohn: third row — Brown. Hall. Mitchell, Little, Phillips. BOWLING CLUB Organized in 1948. the Bowling club has its main purpose to stimulate interest in bowling on the University campus. The group is striving to promote a league for bowling among the various clubs, and thereby increase the general spirit of the school. Membership is open to any student interested in bowling. ' •I ' cif,-.t |-.,rin " 223 (• Left to right: front row — Saari, Hawkins, Marek: back row — Philliijs. Heath, Red- ding, Henderson, Steckel, Harrison, Thompson, Harris, Erickson. CAMERA CLUB Organized in 1947. the Camera club was founded for the purpose of aiding in the practical photographic education of its members and to promote school spirit. Mem- bership is open to any student interested in photography. THEODORE MAREK president PAL L SAARI vice-president CARL ERICKSON secretary CHARLES HARRISO treasurer TRLMAN POLNCEY sponsor fitsiii ' ' J,C.WT " [ARLBBi« F.yJ WBSIIff BBVEUEG 224 isiim LSAARl Nifew ERICSSON m MI.NOH I ' KKlM.r.S Itrcsiilrnl J. G. W Al SON vice-i rfsiilrnl EARL niiOWN si ' crrlni y F. M. llOI ' klNS HAKVKY LKGATK assfinblyman L,T. COL. S. D. COCHLl sjionsor Left to right: front row— Lt. Col. Cocheu. Veloz. Ma iiarH. WoaviT. Ainl rowc. Pcep- les. Gausc|)olil. Keiiprkv : second row— Barlie. Muscli. Holmes. Legate. Rutledge. Brown; third row— Johnson. La Pine. Richmond. Goldschmidt. Cantrell. Amerman: back row— Torkelson. Hopkins. Bennrr. |)a] lcs. l ' liilli|) ' . York. Pierre. CADET OFFICERS ' ASSOCIATION The Cadet Officers ' association was founded in P) 1. " , ulicn the KOTC unit was established on the university campus. Its purpose is to create a higher degree of fel- lowship among the students of the advanced corps. «li.. are the officers and leaders of the unit. ■2b . .IVJ " ■•4 (•ridav Inspcrlinii 2?5 BOB BOONE president WILLIAM SLOAN lice-president MARY ELLEN ALLMAI secretary JACKIE ENLOE treasurer BRUCE SPENCER KIN( sponsor Left to right: front row — Heitmeyer, Parker, Huddleston, Wiggins. Doris, Heffler, Eiland, Enloe. Applebaum. Swiler, Mr. King: Second row — Olivia, Williamson, Earle, Simon, Washburn. King. Bracewell: Third row — Montano. McKinney. McLain, Grubbs. Bell. Rossier. Stewart. Muller. Schwippel. Parish. Hildenbrand: Fourth row — Sloane. Young. Frymier. An derson. Rowsey. Allnian, Damon. Shepherd. Herman, Reed, Boone. CHORAL CLUB Organized in 1940, the Choral club ' s major project is to create an interest in and an appreciation of music and nmsical activities on the campus. Among the group ' s activities this past year was participation in Varsity Varieties, student recitals, and a number of assembly programs. 226 Sponsor King directs (ihoraj iliiii |iraiti(e CdllJcil ' MI jponsiif ll m IEE. LOE tlmir PEACES KH poBJOr Bl RT STOl T president HARHIt;rrjA,MLS vice-presidenl Rl TH STEWART secretary ami treasurer GENECHIRCH councilman REV. P. W. HIRST sponsor Lch to riglil: front row — Rev. llirsl. Stewart. Stout. James. Church: hack row — Wo- maek. Patterson. Cole. Crowell. CANTERBURY CLUB The Canterbury club was organized in 1946 for the purpose of coordinating the religious activities of all E])iscopal students on the campus. Opened to all students, meetings are held every first Friday of the month at Palmer Memorial Chapel and bi- monthly with the Rice institute chapter at Autry house. iWc 227 ' Left to right: front row — Grammon. Borcherding. Sprague. Hartley : back row — Walk- er, Dickerson, Quast. CO-ED CLUB OFFICERS John Quast President Charles Walker First Vice-President Carolyn Grammon Second Vice-President Jean Borcherding Third Vice-President Betty Jo Hardey Recordinp; Secretary Annyce Sprague Treasurer L. H. Dickerson Sponsor 228 Left to right: front row — Edgar. Puis. Hardey. Spraguc. Oldham, Huddleston. Quast: second row — Rose. Allen. Bell. Willis. Hopkins. M. Danicll. Gallagher: third row — May, Hutchens , Dahl. Mandles, P. Daniell. Yarborough; hack row — .Mahovil, Small- feldt. Larsen. Edwards. Sulli an. Walker. Hane . Harrop. CO-ED CLUB One of the most active service organizations on the campus, the Co-Ed club has sponsored several Lniversity dances this year. With the Ex Students association, the club co-sponsored the Homecoming Dance last fall. After-game dances at Cougar home games are also sponsored by the Co-Ed club. Originally a girls " organization, the club went " co-ed " ' in membership as well as name in 194.5. .An annual ban(|uet for members and also a dance for the club an- among the activities of members. (!o-Ed Club meinbers sell )fl firinkx al ihe ' lrinilv nntu 229 Left to right: front row — Allen. Hardey, Rose. Thomas. Borcherding, James; back row— Bell DahL Wilrich, Hall. Brown. Hutchins. Maley. COUGAR COLLEGIANS Oldest girls ' organization on the campus, the Cougar Collegians are the official hostesses of the University. Founded in 1928 by Mrs. Pearl Bender, the group has proven to be one of the outstanding service groups. HARRIET SHEARER president JEAN BORCHERDING 1st vice-president DIXIE WILLARD 2nd vice president MARIANNE ROSE rec. secretary NOVA ALLEN cor. secretary BETTY JO HARDEY treasurer ELIZABETH LEGER reporter KITTY LOOK sergeant-at-arms JANTHA LEWIS assemblyman PEGGY GRIFFIN assemblyman MRS. BESSIE EBALGH sponsor ;;ill ERV. I 230 m ' fiCHERD|. , «P ' AALLE. ' ETHLECa tporier H ' LOOK " " ■m-flnii! HALESis SIEEBAUG ponjor WESLEY FIELDER president ELLIOT SU I NDLER vice-president MARY HUTCHINSON secretary HENRY MATHIEL treasurer IRS. MINERVA ni.ACK sponsor Left to right: Kostel. Mathieu. Lavender. Gandin. Voight. Pollard. Hutchinson. Shin- dler. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ORGANIZATION The purpose of this organization is to unite Christian Scientists within the Lni- versity in a closer bond of Christian Fellowship. To afford to those so desiring, an opportunity to learn the truth about Christian Science as taught in the Bible and in Science and Health, with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, the discoverer and founder of Christian Science. y c-o 231 ' Left to right: first row — Agnas Cesak, Prochazka, J. Cesak, Moritz. Anna Cesak, Skri- vanek; second row — Kahanek, Zak, M. Cesak, Dugan, Janak, Motal; third row — Kom- anek, Klock, Buzek, Mashura, Chanak; fourth row — Geffert, Adamcik, Kapatan. CESKY KLUB The Czech club of the University of Houston was organized in the fall of 1948. Its aims are to promote interest in the study of the Czech language, literature, and cul- ture. The club also works toward the establishment of exchange scholarships between the University and Czechoslovakian universities. Another aim is an international house on the campus. In addition to the executive officers. Dr. Henry B. Maresh has been named an honorar member of the club. ■ K Ml H " J ME h i fl ! m flW •i B JOSEPH B. CEZAK president JERRY PROCHAZKA vice-president KENT MORITZ § vice-president AGNES CEZAK secretary MILDRED M. KAHANEI corresponding secretary ANNA CEZAK treasurer EMIL GEFFERT public relations ADOLF E. MOTAL assemblyman H. BUZEK alternate assemblyman MICHAEL CEZAK program chairman DR. J. M. SKRIVANEK sponsor LL.FRE CR.HOFf l »,C.l mm ' " 232 Czech Club Vollevballers. H ' E.JIOIM BUZEK ftC k ( YMOM) II. 1 ' ATTI:HS(A president A. 0. DRIKV vice-president L. L. FREEMAN 2nd vice-president C.R. HOFFMAN secretary I). C. HAHN treasurer 1. D. GRIMES assemblyman H. K. WIIITTINGTON sponsor Vi | poninr Left to right: front row — Patterson. Pyeatt. Keller. Wallis. Irdiales. Mease. Deiwert. Wilson. Cox. Boudreaux, Adams. Grimes. Young. McKee. Kovacli. Schumann. J. Drury. A. Urury. Freeman: lop row- — Whittinglon, Dusek, Burkhalter. McGrand. Rogers. Cox. Scott. .Alexander. Cornatzer. Manis. Hoffman. Hahn. McGee, Sey. Leh- niann. Blau. Cole. Poe. Thrash. DIESEL CLUB Purpose of the Diesel club is Ui promote public relations in the Diesel department and to bring Diesel students into closer contact with student activities. Members also promote increased interest among the students and faculty of the University in the field of Diesel. The club also participates in local, national, and international associations relating to the Diesel field. ili O ti iZ ci ' t-a -v-.- 6ic» 233 ' :ki.r , Wl. l COUGAR GUARD The Cougar Guard was organized during the fall semester of 1947 immediately following the purchase of the cat by Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity. The duties of the guard consist of making arrangements with the zoo for taking care of Shasta, maintaining her trailer, and making sure that she is present at all important events. Shasta goes to St. Louis TONY FRILOl X captain BILLREITER co-captain JOE NEZVAL trainer I pjHicfi ' GENE BROWN JACK CURTIN DEL DELANEY JESS KERN EDWARD PERRY J ESSE REITEN f RAILS. MI RELKS president CORINNE STAERKER vice-president JOSEFA RIVAS secretary-treasurer BERGEN HALL public relations MRS. FLOY P. SOILE sponsor Left to right: front row — Chen. Mrs. Soule. Schumacher, Tellez, Mireles, Staerker. Gallagher; top row — Johnson. Sanchez, Campos, Parkerson, Rips. EL FORO ESPANOL The major project of El Foro Espanol. the Spanish club, is to promote better un- derstanding between the countries of North and South America by establishing an interchange of scholarships between the L niversity and institutions in the other Amer- icas. The club ' s activities this year include several dinner parties, a Christmas party, and a Pan-American celebration. Mrs. Soule. sponsor. i H. E. MOUST president JAMES WOMACK vice-president HAROLD PHEMX 2nd vice-president SAMUEL VAIL secretary W. R. ARNOLD treasurer EDMUND FURLEY ALLEN PLATTER sponsors u 0 ■ii0i ' «RVF( Left to right: front row — Hale. Magill. Rederman; second row — Grass. Kress, McKim, Hodge: third row — Knirr, Arnold. Kaennnerling. Vail; fourth row — Womack, Tor- ian. Langham. Dibbern. NOTE: ear behind S. Vail belongs to E. Furley. ESCROLLUS SOCIETY The Escrollus society was founded in 1945 for the purpose of bringing architect- ural students in contact with professional architects and providing for the study of the history, construction, and design of architectural art through group discussions. It is open to all architectural students. Making ready for the Escrollus Century Ball last year. 236 tlLVA Irmum inDFitr NOLD (SONNY I MERCADO president and team capt. JACKW. WIERJR. secretary and treasurer JIDIEN BENNAl ' RODNER instructor HARRY FOIKE sponsor fS hJ V E. W. ABBOTT • s •- ti I). T. BATSON 11. C. BEATTY D. M. BRAIN fl T. EDWIN FERRER H. P. LANGSTON ARNOLD MERCADO JACK WIF.H FOIL CLUB The fencing team, coniijosetl of niernbors of the Foil club, follows the schedule of the Amateur Fencers League of y merica and represents the Lniversity at inter- collegiate meets. Thev have met with teams from Rice. Texas A. M.. University of Texas. The Houston Fencing ( ' luli. and the Buccaneers from Galveston. Coach Rodner .Sahcr practice Touche! 237 FRONTIERSMEN The Frontiersmen was founded in 1947 to create and promote school spirit, to back the football team to the fullest extent and to support the Frontiers Fiesta. Members of the group marched at half-time of all home football games and several out of town games, were honor escorts at the Homecoming activities, and sponsored special trains to several out of town games. i H. ARNETT G. BLOVIN R. CARNEGIE L. DARBY B. DE HAVEN E. DIXON E. EHLENS C. ELLIOT G. ENGLAND i| B. GASTON F. GLASS W. GORE G. HEATH J. HENDERSOn L. IRICK IJMITH K 5, ]05 EiRLEHLEI m im MYGEn 238 Jones to Ray or vice versa Ray " Santa " Croker L ■mv. H. KIEREN G,BLOV| R.KING " ■CAUM,. J.LAMPLEV LDAEBy J. LASKER S.DEeAl: C. LEDET ED1. 0 E. McGILL UHLE. ; P. RANOOLPH CELLIOT C. RAY CENCHy C. RAMSEY Uasto R.SHILTZ F.CUS I. CORE G, HEATH J. HEM IJEICK G. SHAFER S. SHEPPARD B. SMITH J. VAUGHN R. VINCENT KEN S. JONES- foreman EARL EHLERS sirawboss RAY LEMMON trouble shooter LARRY GESCHKE se ction chief STAN SHEPPARD WESLEY NAGORNY HOWARD KIER CHARLES RAMSEY story teller paymaster sheriff fence rider KEN JONES foreman 219 ASTON PEGIES president CLARENCE DLGGAI vice-president MRS. EVELYN EDEN secretary JAMES STONE treasurer ARVIN DONNER JR assemblyrtian MARY CHANCE librarian DR. WHITE sponsor ii0 ' ' Will ' " Left to Right — front row: Miss Gresham. Steinhort, Grossman. Alderman. Kahanek, Dr. White: second row — Page. Odom. Muller. La Rogue. Enoch. Stoughton. Duggan, McNeill: top row — Elmore. Ulrich. Huff. Francke-Hansen. Donner. Hartman. McDon- ald. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA The purpose of the Future Teachers of America is to study all the problems the begin- ning teacher may face. Meetings are held twice a month when the problems in teaching are d iscussed. Several speakers from various fields of education lecture at these meet- ings. Membership is open to all students interested in the field of education. 240 ' " CECIL. »E. CED!, ' ' mm ' CH.l u, n lil; i.-ii () l rfsi lrnt IRVING WISHNOW vice-president BETTY KOBB secretary SEYMOUR CHAZEN treasurer BAR.NETT FRANKS IR. HYMANSCIIACHTEL sponsors Left to right: front row — Garfinkle. Getz. Kobb. Danburg. Vitcmb. H. Wishnow. Hef- fler. Simon. Melnick, Gardner, Bloom. Franks; second row — Lapine. Goldschmidt. Glaser, Nelkin. Weiss, Rosin. Heyman: third row — Kowalski, Weissberger. Slotnick. Zeigfinger. Feldman: top row — Lensky. Leff. Mayer, Wishnow. Waissman. HILLEL SOCIETY The purpose of the Hillel society is to provide social, athletic, religious, and cul- tural activities for Jewish students at the University. The society donated books to the University library through the past year and also sponsored a concession in the Frontier Fiesta in cooperation with the other religious organizations on the campus. 241 COZETTA BARTHOLOMi president BETTY GRAHAM vice-president NORALIE BOYLES secretary LAURA MITCHELL treasurer SUE BERRY assemblyman MRS. FAY ANTHIS sponsor Left to right: front row — Graham. Bartholomew. Berry; second row — Batchelor, Bell, LaGrove, Hutchison. Saragusa. Abshier. Maurogeorge; back row — Piatt. Roberson, Hutchins. Willrich. Finley, Lynch. Thomas. Daniell. Chapman, Pappadas. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB The Home Economies club ' s main aim is to promote a better understanding of the department and the courses in order to make them more interesting. The organization has charge of the maintenance of the student lounge in the Home Economics building and members of the club may be engaged to cook and serve dinners for the various campus clubs. Membership is open to any student taking Home Economics. 242 Those busy Home Ec. girls. FAy.i W. L. FLETCHER president WALTER VI WAR I) vice-president HARLEY BLUE secretary and treasurer ROY VOSLOH assemblyman MR. A. L. CHOVAMC MR. C. FREENLAN sponsors Left to right: front row — Eleson. McRae. Emmert. H. McRea: second row — Chovanec. Eraser. Manahan. Grunstein. Freeman; back row — Grant, Malone. Gibbs, Vi ' almsley, Peppard. Fletcher. NDUSTRIAL EDUCATION SOCIETY Thirteen students majoring in industrial education founded the Industrial Educa- tion society in June of 1948. It was organized for the purpose of studying and further- ing manuel education through association. ;t l ' . ■! CLEOwaacsT MLLCOyNERS raeg-y ii wrfd ml JOPEXX HECTOR OTERO SroBMonsT 2LABir FERGl Ji DR. ions KEsmvBa Mw g. 3i«ir. Dtaasr i ' ji «.» Cwwrnr CMent. Igrflrr fiaar- Tie- JbntenBaCBHifflL Sfcnecj-jiii ■vjhe jc- tji-- CsafessMse fiE e " ain ji mH- US ' spraoe i e- 1. ' aS Cffuftfaar €«Si e on Sip?«3 uce. La. IRC - i»ar f£ C iniiiaiee ' s lateBnBHwiBali R oiSiMe ooh ■WQ f ' P r " C iBw iiifaiii 6aMg mmB tfi ; IRC k maim. KErraHAVi iN ' Rr»v -V ' r»AACO jA. to K : )iM r«w — SfadUre. Liiinfc e - I ir»A Lr Kr = = - ;J is»p|pj Aifka. Mill. I si - i.», ' j ' . 22£3ciaaii izasessatt «£ pkcB jnaiadfiaB. —f - " ■■■— J at dkc UggigtA r latst spim ami m cwBpoEcii «f the aew? phrta iayfcv memhets hasv fih-iii taoA «{ ife 9nm pbiiKK fsc tiitimf HJlHEKaCiHas • ' iJi ts i4r Pflfa t Rdadoos. RAM PujJ i i Lii KibA BsvkiiE e ipK )nE p «iiiifaar «C ihr Cm w and ILAM Tfsc- m CLEO WRIGHT president BILL CONNERS vice-president JO PENN secretary HECTOR OTERO treasurer CHARLES FERGl SON assemblyman DR. LOUIS KESTENBEP sponsor Left to right: Gilpin. Moore. New. Doctor Kestenberg. Conners. Otero. Koepke, Har- rell. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB The International Relations club provides members with an opportunit to dis- cuss current world affairs and their significance. Following a trip to the regional IRC Convention at Oklahoma A. M. last spring, the University club sponsored a Texas Conference on the campus. This spring the IRC attended another regional Convention at Centenary College in Shreveport. La. IRC members also talked to the Junior Cham- ber of Commerce ' s International Relations committee. It ' s Convention lime and the IRC is ready. 244 m OPE.V OROTERii I ' mum LESFEKiv ■ME rE 6i Kl.l III II klN-- prfsiiltnt TED MAKKK iire-i resiil ' nl ROBKRTA SISSON secrflary DAN HAHDV TRIMAX I ' Ol NCI. AU CHAPTER Left l i I ' ligiil: front rou — Stcklc. LiiidscN. llarVM-il. Litowich. Titus: soduid row- Hawkins. Sisson. Redding. Moore. Smith. Krickson. Marek. l ' outicc : third mw - Hardy. Henderson. I ' oling. Harrison. Heath, runiniings. KAPPA ALPHA MU Kappa Alpha Mu. Tau Chapter, national fralernit of photo was organized at the I ' niversitN last spring and is conijiosed of llie neus photography stu- dents on the campus. .Active in taking pictures for tlie Cougar and The Houstonian. Kappa Alpha Mu members have taken most of tiie news photos for those publications as well as for Pul.lir Relations. KAM President Keith Hawkins is picture editor of the Cougar and KAM Trea- surer Dan Har(l is picture editor of Tlie Houstonian. k WI ' - I ' |cd " c liiilp.ili..ri BaMi|Mi-l l ' i| ' I .ill ri..l: ' . 1.1 " 245 MARY ANN INGRAM president 00 JOYCE WILSON vice-president jft-R ' M " MARIE WILSON secretary IFJHH BARBARA BAUMANN treasurer SUE GARRISON sponsor JfOBiO ' Left to right: front row — Miss Garrison, M. Wilson. J. Wilson. Ingram, Blakely, Baumann: second row — Behrens, Japhet, Maynard, Pritchett, Reynaud, Wigley, Dan- iell: top row — Weatherford. Rogers. Haverkorn. Housh. LANYARD CLUB Lanyard club members are organized to further the activities of the women ' s physical education department and to offer the opportunitres of professional experi- ence to women physical education majors. One of the more active organizations on the campus, the club stimulates intramural activities among the other campus groups. Lanyard club activities this ear include arranging intramural tournaments in volleyball, basketball, soccer, badminton, tennis, archery, and softball. A Frontier Fiesta concession was also operated. 246 Girls ' Basketball, a fa ()rilc Lan- yard sport. Wfrtarv Ji; N IIICKLE pnsiilrnt M K THA SI IT vice-president MARGRET R ATI.l. secretary BERTHA LEON treasurer SALVADOR ROnRICI EZ assrinhlyinan EL1 .AI5ETI1 l?R M)ON FRAM.OISK SECIIET sjionsors Left to right: front row — Rose. Hickle. Padgett. Millard. Allen. Wilson: second row- Morales. Yarborough. Radoff. Sechet. Applebaum. Gilinore. I ' aiilu: liaek row — I,or onte. Hooper. Larsen. Branden. Edwards. Arthur. LE QUARTIER LATIN Le Quartier Latin was organized in IQ. ' H for the purpose of furthering the knowl- edge of the language and culture of France. Membership of the group is open to all students of the University who are interested in French Culture. At the present lime the club has a club room of its own with an exhibit of articles from France. One of the organization ' s major projects to date is the shipping of pack- ages of clothing to the war stricken people of France. Editorial Meetiim of l.c Ba ou ' s Staff 247 TED BREWER president MARION NELSON vice-president BARBARA MENTON secretary ADA Rl TH KIRK treasurer FRANK SHOWN assemblyman [,jY lDFA( mil " ' " JlKfli " Left to right: front row — Brewer, Menton, Nelson, Farmer, Foster. Windish: second row — Lehmann. Roy, Vargas, Jennings, Sims; top row — Peeples, Rutledge, Looney, Stone. Elmore. Smysley. MENTAL HYGIENE SOCIETY The Mental Hygiene society was organized in April 1949 to study community problems from the standpoint of the child, the adolescent, and the adult. The major objectives of the organization are to better the living conditions of those confined to mental institutions, to interest others in helping them, and to study community needs of the mentally ill. 248 Andy talks to M. 11. S. members HI! ' ! AM Ol NG prcsidcnl :harllnkmcALPine frank stoff vice-presidents DONALD FAGAN treasurer PATSY I.I)i:i{ IAN ARVIN noNNKKJH. relipioiis rep. BARBARA BELL publicity BETTY LILLY nor ship WALTER BOWDEN conferences McML RRY S. RICHEY director Left to right: front row — Selstad. Bowrlpn. Lilly. oung. McAlpine. Bell. P. .Mder- riian. Stoff. Kagan: second row — Mr. Kicliey. Swaty. Andrews. Fagan. McRaney. Will- rich. Basshain; third row — Taniguchi. Moore. S. Alderman. Kinihall. Leath. Soren- sen, Murray, Walters; fourth row — Rees. Hall. Prince. Donncr. Fu. Beckendorf: top row — Loonev. Kennedy. McBride. Hehert. Woods. Meek. METHODIST STUDENT MOVEMENT The Methodist Stuiiciil nuj ( ' inent in llir Lni ersit of Houston is a unit nf the National and State Methodist Student Moyetnent through which the Methodist (Church serves its students and their educational institutions. The elected MSM Council and the MSM Director endeavor to helj) students develop an intelligent religious life and thought, study effectively and responsiliiy. find meaningful vocation, and ()repare for active citizenship and Church leadership. Means louard ihtse ends include: " Friflay Forums " and other discussions: a newsletter. " The Lamplighter " : delegations to student confer ences: inspirational re- treats; circulation of religious literature: cooperation in the educational work of the University; service of a full-time MSM Director as pastor, counselor, and teacher. dell-gales to the Te y,u,-r.i Well-. ..v MSM Conference, ■27. I ' »,! ' ) 249 HOWARD GENTR-J president FRANK CARPENTIE vice-president BETTY WITBECK secretary THOMAS KELLY treasurer H. C. STEVENS sponsor X ik 0[ Left to right: front row — Moore, David. Fuller. Matranga. Silberstein, Marcello, Kettler, Dougherty, Leyva, Heaton, Dixon. Witbeck. Cardona. King, Miller, Coultier, Secrest, Gerace: second row — Webb. Thompson. Kelly, Davis, Cooper, Enoch, Fark- as, Angeli, Chapa. Couples. Spedale, Thompson. David, Nastropil. Sheffield. Gentry; back row. standing — McNutt. Bailie. Ezell. Ludrick. Schultz. Smith. Bull. Gaudel. Escobar. Espinosa. Garcia. Tyndall. Wilburn. Taylor. Usher. Henniger. Eskowitz, Hibbard, Mamarchev, Best. Rutherford. Spies, Strickland, Dr. Ferguson. Krueger. C. Smith. Carpentier. Keith. MORTAR et PESTLE The Mortar et Pestle club of the School of Pharmacy is in its third year of ser- vice. The group was founded for the purpose of creating a greater interest in Phar- macy, to provide a closer relation between the members and practicing professional pharmacists, and to offer social contacts for members. 250 f ' tsiiti imma JAMES W. EARLY prt ' slilcnt RICHARD TITIS vice-president ENRKU ETA CASTILLO CALLE secretary MARY F. IIEANEY treasurer FATHER GEORGE. MISS MARY KELI, sponsors Left to right: front row — AlexaiuKi. ( liinill. l»..lMnl. ( ; i lill..-(.alli . .-■aiaiiu.-a. (-ul- lo. Harwas. Cruz. Gallagher. Hdciienauer. Swiler. Ri a. . Cechiii. Har l . Giaiiimai a: second row — Rose. Hardey. Huhert. SuUivaii. Mis s Kelly. Young. Duplechain. San- chez-V oodworth. Campos. .Simpson. Guarino. Black. Giraud. Ileanev. Hawlhorne; third row — Walker. Castille. Lamonte, Cathey. Wuderlich, .Soland. Grimando, Glass. Titus. Bourgeois: back row — Father George, Early, Grant, Kovach. Totah. L nder- wood. Iclsnian. unidentified. Adams. Komarek, Parkerson. Rodriquez. McMasters. De los Santos. NEWMAN CLUB Catholic students are offered an opportunit) ' to deepen their spiritual and enrich their temporal lives through a balanced i)rogram of the Newman club in religious, intellectual, and social activities. Retreats during Advent and Lent and study groups on Sunday afternoons are regular Newmanite activities. Last spring members attended a convention in Mexico City. The occasion was the International Meeting of Pax Romana in that city and was attended by Newmanites from all over the world. Br .7 Father George, sponsor for M.xi. And seeing it. 251 MINERVA BLACK president BARBARA IRELANE vice-president MARY ELLEN ALLMA secretary STASIA HEFFLER treasurer ROSEMARY AVENT assemblyman BETTY LOU DAVID secretary pro tempore CLARE BUVENS historian MR. JOSEPH HENKEI sponsor 10 Left to right: front row — Richardson. Black, Puis. Enloe. Heffner; back row — Mr. Henkel. Rowsey, Cushman, David, Ireland. Rhea. Mr. King. Godbey. 00 ' ! BILLRES lEA RO; 8K1EEBA PHI BETA Purpose of Phi Beta, the national music and speech honorary fraternity, is to promote the best in music and speech and to live a life of service for the Ll niversity and for the fraternity. Members must be majoring in nmsic or speech with 30 hours credit and a " B " ' average scholastically. Phi Beta members are active in most Univer- sity activities of a musical o r speech nature. Since organization. Phi Beta has given four scholarships to music students. 252 %ABUi !ELLES .UD SUHETFlii ■ " " JPfoieufc AEEBRIV blcnm MAURICE HARRKLL fyresidi-nl ►HILLIPBROCIISTIJN lice-presidenl HARRIETT JAMES secrelary ISABEL ZEIGLER treasurer CAROLYN BOND historian BILL RESSEL sergeant at arms JEAN ROSA BESSIE EBAl GH sponsors Left to right: front ro v-Harr.ll. Davidson. Navarro. Butler. Stewart. James. Mur- dock. Weiss. Rosa. Williamson: second row— Kaplan. Gadbey. Bond. Ressel, Warren. Pollard. Legate. Mc Alpine. Leff; third row-Grass. Brockstein. Richter Lewis. Grain, Bell. Thompson. Jackson. Mayer: back row— Morrison. Gandm. Hall. McSlravick. Carroll. Scausillo. Jones. PHI THETA KAPPA Phi Theta Kappa, formerlv the Junior Scholarship society, strives to promote scholarship, develop character, and cultivate a fellowship among the students at the " " h ' purpose is to raise scholarship standards and membership is open to all stu- dents with a 2.3 average. Among the activities of the group each year is participation in the Frontier Fiesta, and representation at the National Convention each year. 253 BILL SIMS president D. PAPANDRIANOWI vice-president LENA BONO secretary HUGH BROWN treasurer DR. H. J. SAWIN DR. CATHRINE COMINS sponsors Left to right: front row — Grove. James. Ehlert. LeVine, Seiigelmann, Jelson, Waiss- man; second row — Miller. Papandrianow. Ferguson. Radoff. Cominsky, Kirschner, Harris; back row — Bono. Sims. Brown. Byrd. PRE-MED SOCIETY The Pre-Med society was organized for the purpose of helping pre-dental and pre- medical students become acquainted with the profession of their future. 254 MAiU.IKSTAUFFEH itcrfJary mRi. Ecoir president rtJGH NORMAN BROW N vice-president HORACE WILSON treasurer GEORGE NEW assemblyman JANET BOLTON alternate assemblyman REV. BOB McLaren i ERNEST C. SHEARER sponsors Left to right: front row — Womack, McCutcheon, Leatherwood, Stevenson, Morgan, Hurlinger: second row seated — Stauffer. Wilson, Grossman, Gaston, Washburn: back row — Fox. McCall. Spoor. Julian, Bateman. Wilson. Walker. Burroughs. Beecher. Rev. McLaren. Yancey. Plajip. Marley. Bing. OConnor. PRESBYTERIAN STUDENTS ASSOCIATION The P..S.A. was organized to |)roniole Christian fellowship among students, and to relate the interests and academic goals of the students to the ongoing work of the church in our modern world. Activities include adoption of a Greek war orphan, and plans to send a member of the organization to Europe for reconstruction work this summer. Correspondence is carried on with six foreign universities for the publication of a newspaper which gives the group an opportunity to express its views and hopes on a world wide basis. President .Stauffer I reasun-r Rppresciil alive ashhurn KEITH HAWKINS president BILL POWELL Iffll vice-president RUTHMARY ANDERS secretary PETE GILPIN assemblyman JIM PALMER N.S.PATTERSON sponsors H Left to right: front row — Gibb. Hawkins, Moore. Clark. Wilson. Huddleston. Bell Allen. Willrich. Soinnierall. Fauor. Willis. Sherrell. Palmer. Patterson: second row- Edgar, Wright, Allen, Willard, Johnson, Moore, Sawyer, Ault, Eddings, Matejowsky Hachinauer, Sisson. Wilson, Cullum; third row — Conway, Christian, Powell, Fergue son, Kouts, Hopkins, Weiss, Catalan, Merrick, Anderson, Wilson: back row — Wick Rosen. Underwood, unidentified, Brochstein. Bolin. Carson, Bush. Taylor. Pol Stewart, Kitchens, Harold. ing. PRESS ASSOCIATION To promote journalistic functions and to promote social gatherings on the Uni- versity campus is the aim of the Press Association. Membership of the group is composed of members of the Cougar and Houston- ian staffs and anyone interested in journalism. IVTAl (Kill iknl pillABEC 00 ' ! 256 Press (ilub Cihristmas Parl T pra,,,,; i IHVI (. . i M.(iH in, infiiili-nl ice.p,„„,,:, iKE.NNKTHGHIlFITll vice-president PAl ' LA BEGGS secrelarx nw. s. n. RF.n DR. M. .z (:t: i{ i MISS L. i ' i:i)i:i{soN sponsors m i fl i !! I : ' :; I row — Currie. Wiiidish. Inidentified, Mrs. Taylor. Taylor. Wright. Griffilli; liaik row — Lehmonn. Shown. Looney. Woods, Scott, unidentified. Snivslev, unidentified. Jacobs. Welch. Hooper, Roach, Peterson. Crouch, Pederson. Red. Zac- carai. PSYCHOLOGY CLUB This organization provides an opportunit for psychology students to meet with faculty members and outstanding persons in the field of Psychology and discuss psychological principals and problems. The theme of the organization is that " psychology is a way of life " " and th - c luli has placed much emphasis oti demonstrations and experiments this year. Kin.I. ' l rnni IIk.I 257 Left to right: front row — Schniarr, St. Germain, Brydson; second row — Lipp, Ed- wards, Bond. McCracken, Smith. Cain: third row — Hitchcock, Richardson, Vaughan, Staerker; fourth row — Catalan. Schwartzkopf. Hinger, Anderson, Boozer. RADIO GUILD The Radio guild was organized this year to present actual radio programs on the University of Houston ' s radio station and to foster service for the entire school. Members of the group are active in the production of recordings of student events, such as sp ecial programs and pep rallies. Any student who is taking courses in radio are eligible for membership in the club. BERT ST GERMAIN president MADGE BRYDSON lice-president TERRY BRYDEN secretary BOB SCHNARR treasurer 258 At the mike or the control board, the Radio guild is busy. TGERJi,, CHARLIE SNYOFi; president CAROLYN RIC!lTi:i{ vice-president BYE JEAN RICHARDSON secretary JOY STILLWELL treasurer Lcfl 111 lifilit: front row — Wishnow. DiChiara. Rowspy. Stilluell. Staerker. Bryd?on, Miller: sccoiul row — Lawrence, ( ' lenient. Slotniek. Puis. Richardson: third row — uni- dentified. Catalan, Collins. Brochslein. Davis. Li])|); fourth row — Paris. Paredez. Me- Cracken. Boozer. Larsen. Dickerson; top row — St. Germain, unidentified, ( " oblenz. Miss Blount. Mr. Rittenour, Miss Lenert. Reih. Hitchcock. Schnarr. RED MASQUE PLAYERS One of the most a(ti ( ' f;roU])s on the campus, the Red Mas(iue pla ers are also one of the oldest organizations at the I niversitv of Houston. Started in 1932. the cluh is composed of drama students and those interested in the field. The Players are the backbone of the student pla s on the campus anil Red Masipie talent participated in VarsitN Varieties this year. Starting off the year with |)roilui ' tion of " ilast Heart " " , the group has pro- duced a long list of successful dramas for the enjo rnent of students. Florence Schwartz and Chris Miller in ■ " nna ( ' hristi ■ 00 W. M. ROBINSON president J. S. PUMILIA : vice-president B. W. STRICKLAND secretary and treasurer M. H. DACE sponsor Left to right: front row — Robinson, Davis. Green. Willson. Rothrock, Pumilia, Fowl- er, Bethune, Jarvis. Strickland, Wolf; second row — Dace. Powell, Roberts, Krasoff, Morille. Dossat, Born, Little. Cass. Perez, Kosniac. Sumicek: back row — Fields. Mc- Donald. Johnston, Legg, Rose, Holsomcack, Orsak. Joiner, Parish, Barton, Felder, Williamson, Andreas. Green. Theriot. Bryant. Corbin. Witt, Kunetka. REFRIGERATION SERVICE ENGINEERS SOCIETY The Refrigeration Service Engineers society was organized to promote the tech- nological knowledge of the students, foUowship among the members, and to enable the future service engineers to become acquainted with practical problems to be met in the field. gifiii 00) mm " ' MEMBERS TOUR SHAMROCK Air conditioning Unit n B.C. CUNNINGHAM president J. K. LAMB vice-president M. M. MILLER secretary F. E. RAGLIN treasurer D. W. REILEY sponors P.M. HT IILGH sponsor Left to right: front row — Cunningham. Bilnoski. Miller. Ltting; second row — Free- man. Esau. Riley. Wilder. Davis. Raglin: Third row — Maenza, Luczok, Campbell, Phipps, Fitz Hugh. SHORT CIRCU The Short Circuit cluh was organized to promote greater interest in the electrical field on the campus and give the o|)p()rtutiit of carrying on extended study and ideas. 261 VINCENT COTTRILL president JACK FOWLER vice-president JAMES HAWKINS secretary DONALD McKUSKER treasurer J. T. ELROD sponsor Left to right: front row — Tuttle, McKusker, Zilich, Shiller, Kellerman, Hochman, Cottrill; second row — Fowler, Miller, Unidentified, Howarth, Cifra, McWhorter; back row — Elrod, Hawkins, Bourgeois, Foster, Payne, Stroup, Hall, Brown, Lininger. SOCIETY FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF MANAGEMENT The University ' s student chapter of the Society for the Advancement of Manage- ment was organized in the fall of 1948 by J. T. Elrod. faculty sponsor. The organization is the recognized national professional society of management people in industry, com- merce, government, and education. The student chapter is active in arranging for prominent speakers from the field of management. A survey was conducted this year by members to determine what exe- cutives consider most important in personalities of college graduates. S. A. M. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE 262 Left to Right — Payne, Hall, Foster, Shiller. Cottrill, McKusker, Brown, Hochman. mm ' mm F. KRAUSKOPH JR. president STEVE LOY vice-president LINDSAY ROBERTS secretary G. H. BROWN A.B.CHERRY G. H. ALLACE board members W. CARDWELL JR. J. T. CARTER sponsors Left to right: front row — Smith. Loy. Krauskopf, BrougliUm. Mcridelh. Ratcliff: sec- ond row — Roberts. Walker. Arrington. A. Smith. Hefner: third row — Bemtson, Cherry, Wallace, Breen, Peveto; back row — Cardwell, Carter, Brown. J. Smith, Schu- macher. STOCK AND STOLON The Stock and Stoloi. was organized this semester for the purpose of promoting an interest in agriculture in the Gulf Coast area. Membership consists of students of the newly-established agriculture department. Although the organization is one of the most recent additions to the University ' s family of clubs. Stock and Stolon shows promise of becoming one of the fastest grow- ing of that family. AGRICULTURAL ORGANIZATION DINNER— DECEMBER, 1948 CHARLES L. BUCK ' president CHARLES GERLOVICI vice-president JACK HUFFMAN chief engineer BARBARA BROWN secretary VIRGIL BERKSTRESSE treasurer JACK WIER assemblyman 0 .010 Guest speakers for the Society this year include, left to right: Homer Briggs, Reed Roller Bit; Louis Krauss, Metal Products Inc., D. F. Saurenman, Oil Tool Co.; J. D. Bailleres, Supply Co.; Howard G. Boswell, Mission Mfg. Co.; and G. L. Freeman, Steel Machine Tool Sales Co. SOCIETY OF ENGINEERS Formed shortly after the University was founded, the Society of Engineers is one of the oldest campus groups. Made up of Engineering students, the club has approxi- mately 150 members. Guest speakers address the organization bi-monthly on newest engineering tech- niques, problems, and new developments. Field trips are conducted each semester to ob- serve industry. Climax of the year is the annual banquet honoring graduating mem- bers. Social activities include barbecues, picnics, and dances. 264 At the annual banquet One of many picnics I ncliT ihr liMiiniT of tlic F.nginccrs l... .k, no slide ruir 265 T f DON WILHELM BERNARD PURDUM WILLIAM BUTLER president vice-president treasurer football football football DR. STOVALL sponsor VARSITY " h SAM ALLESANDRA basketball manager GERALD ARNOLD baseball CHARLIE BROWN baseball manager L. Z. BRYAN football AUBREY BAKi football BILL BIDWEI football SAM CAMPISE baseball SANFORD CARR football HULEN BUSCBEi track ROBBY CAMPB JMAD football MAX CLARK football FELIX FRAGA jj baseball !50C liEODDI Organized back in the Fall of 1946, the Varsity " H " Association is composed of University of Houston athletic lettermen. Members of this club must have participated in athletic events and been awarded a Varsity " H " letter, licen dul inilialcd. and have paid the dues of $5.00 per year. During the year, the Varsity " H " club sponsors its annual Sweetheart Ball, and elects its sweetheart at this time, presents moving pictures of the football games, entertains visiting athletic teams, and corresponds with similar organizations at other colleges and universities. Every year the Varsity " H " club sponsors a show in Frontier Fiesta. II 266 1 .1 IVVID GREGG football LY HAKTSELL football KOBKRl IIOLLMAN baseball JAMES Ml MBLL football ' ■STOVALL TY SSOCIATION ANK Hl ' RTTE football IFFORD JETT track trad ffflltAN NEVEAUX football m CLi kselill BILL MYERS football SANK RODDY football lOYD TINGLE football IST " BUCK MILLER football BILL MOELLER football K JOHN O ' HAKA football IVIS RISTER football i ili HARRY TRAVERSO baseball ROLAND WALTON baseball Every rear, during the month of May, the members of Varsity ' " H ' - club hoWs an annual barbocu.- ami initiation for all of the athletes who have participated .n Varsity sports the previous car. The purpose of the club is to perform the functions of a ' ' ' ' ' ' f X ' t rZ " !, for the whole athletic program, to nourish a special spirit of regard for the Varsity " H " and to foster a .irit of loyally in the hearts of those who uphold the athletic prestige of the Red and White. Other Varsity " H " members include: Bill Cook, treasurer: L D. Hcndrix. master of arm«: Gilbert Luton. Connie Pontikes and Marvin Reichle. 267 Left to right, front row — Kawalski, Watson, Carpenter. Hulebak, Hale. Prince; second row — Keirer, Dixon. Jones, unidentified. Magill. Grant: back row — Alexander. Nagor- ney, Shephard. Darneille, Smith. HAROLD HULEBAK president DALE CARPENTER vice-president A. J. KAWALSKI secretary VETERANS ' CLUB The Veterans " Club is open to all veterans enrolled in the University of Houston. The purpose of the club is to keep veterans posted on all legislation concerning veterans and their interests. Major project of the club is to donate a monument to the Universitv in honor of all veterans of World War H. 268 LDHr MilHl R PETERSON mayor — fall J. R. LOCKRIDGE mayor — spring GORGE McCLINTOCK mayor prolem W. L. BRAOSHAW lecretarv and treasurer JOHN GOLDSMITH editor ED HOWARD serpeant at arms R. 0. JONAS sponsor Left to right, front row — Bradshaw. Peterson. McClintoc k: second row — Grant. Lock- ridge. Kane. Goldsmith. Sweenv. Wright: back row — Mr. Jones, Ferguson. Ledet. B .ssy. VILLAGE COUNCIL The Village Council is the legislati c hody of the I ni ersity of Houston Veteran ' s Housing Project. Its membership is made up of residents of the village who are elected by popular vote. Elections are held once each semester and the officers are selected from the representatives of each district. Trailers of the Housing Project " 2 A ■ sl BOB KOLTS president PETE GILPIN vice-president JOE BUSH secretary JIM CUMMINGS treasurer N. S. PATTERSON sponsor Left to right, front row — Powell. Levin. Kouts, Boyer. Lindsey; second row — Kessler, Gilpin, Christian, Bolin, Cummings: back row — Bush, Redding, Carson. Lawrence, Howell. Gray. SIGMA DELTA CHI University of Houston chapter of Sigma Delta Chi professional journalistic fraternity was initiated this year. The inititation crowned the efforts of journalism students and faculty who had been trying for several years to obtain a chapter on the campus. Simultaneously with the organization of the undergraduate chapter, a professional chapter was also initiated. Both groups have planned to work together in helping each other ' s programs. SDX members have already volunteered to help the Press association with work on the Fiesta Gazette and next vear ' s Varsity Varieties. 270 SDX President Kouts receives ihe chart(-i fnirii {• " orl Wurlli i ' ress P ' ditor lliiinph m lOEBlSH Dmitry litimn PATTER -; A 4t0 iJ ■- ipf- 1 • , . .H ■- f :-d ir -: :. HENRY KING VANITY FAIR JUDGING Another first for The 1950 Houstoniaii was marked up ' the final judging for the Beauties took place in person. In pre ' years, pictures of all the girls in the final judging were sei the judge. Believing that a fairer decision could be made by jud J our campus beauties, the Houstonian staff selected Henry K Hs personable orchestra leader at the Shamrock hotel, to be the judge. Faced with a difficult, if enjoyable, job, Mr. King came thr( with flying colors. His only regret was that he could not nam the contestants as number one. Beauties and favorites were presented at the Frontiersmen i April 29. Henry King, 1950 Vanity Fair judge, takes time out from his first love, music, to entertain the University of Houston ' s Van ity Fair. 272 y " igtamefe %• ?r . f " S . . ■- • % V :: ;; i4VAW:v:W?:--iS i; S v:-: ' iHiiiiiiiiiiiMMiMii mmam . .1 7 TfW ■iMliiAiMIMMMlMlHAlai ggllgjj : ¥- !- • ' 1 ■! x " ; ' - ' v V -— . . .A. ;§4JS:iSij p iMiiiiiiiiiii ■y m t. ' ' . ' Jk A " ' - I ' ■•i;; ?w?j :;: ■?SS:-!?i JJ5:? ' 35 i J 1 . ' I ' 1 tm MtJgjkJitmgmMilljm .V HP §.$• .. I i PI 5 iJ;3 VS- -$SJi ' VJ» ■ K .Jiiiiiiiiiliiii w r A vuM 1 l:) mmmm jy.:- FAVORITES ' ■- m amiiiiMiiiiii i FAvuKi i l::) MM MtaMtMMaMBMBHMBBBHHli HlliittlM HI MHiiililiiiiii wm iiiiii h.-. r. , «:5f£)» ' «5i«t. ' .v;.v. ' .(y.-r) . v;i;,-;vc ; ' ' ; iij ii liiiifi biLL bHLKKiLL STUDENT GOVERNMENT ACTIVITIES GLENN " PAPPY " BOND STUDENT GOVERNMENT ATIIIFTIO ..MiW--! ROBERT ' ' SQUIRREL ' ' EDGAR «Sfe) %} ' ACTIVITIES, PUBLICATIONS l ' : | MARY LEE STEINHORT ACTIVITIES ilP ■illllft PURMCATIONS sTIDIAT r.() Fi; Mr T II 2Q| OUTSTANDING PEOPLE HARRIETT SHEARER ACTIVITIES KEN JONES ACTIVITIKS. STIDKNT COVERNMENT 292 . ». OUTSTANDING PEOPLE 11 i: r PETE GILPIN I ' l i!i.i(: rioNs CHARLIE SYNDER I)|; M I ' I(:S M) VCTINITIKS 2-; 1 3 i:J| X ' ? ' -- ' ' ■ ' ••.- ■.-■■• y y • ' . iff HONOREES p- " — w - NORFFS ' Vl i! ilir hirilniir,, ,■ Left to right: front row — Pearl Anderson, Annyce Sprague, Mary Ellen AUmann, Cozetta Bartholomew, Claire Turner, Cleo Wright, Sunny Furman, Mildred Frye, Helen Moore, Sue Sherrill; back row — Kenneth Grif- fith, Harvey Legate, Jack Carroll, James G. Nickerson, G. C. Gaeke. Lawrence Padgett, Pete Gilpin. Sol Stephen Weiss. WHO ' S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES Selected for this national honor by faculty- student committee, the 30 students were chosen on the basis of scholarship and activity. Not pic- tured are Marjorie Ann Beem, Henry Gracida, Law- rence Padgett, Minor Peebles, Bobbie Jean Richard- son, and Carolyn Richter. 296 t .;.. " COVJ G R YELL I-EAD. ROFJEHT tSOLIHHELi EDGAR .M tt ill I.iMilcr- in iicli.iri DON WILLHELM End W M ' s Lex rips the UH line but runs into Purdum. W and M EDGES INSPIRED COUGARS. 14-13 HOUSTON, Sept. 17 — The Cougars, obviously awed by the ' big-time ' William Mary Indians in the first half, forgot their awe in the second half of their 1949 debut tonight, and finished strong, but were nipped 14-13 by the Virginia team. It was all Indians in the first half Buddy Lex, a young man who moves in rapid fashion from halfback, and Ed Weber, who emulates Lex, led the potent W M ground attack. Highly-touted Jack Cloud rammed over two TD ' s but did little else to live up to his fancy reputation. The third quarter proved a near-stalemate, with the UH holding a defensive edge. The Big Red pushed the W M team about the field in a most ungentle manner, but did not score. Two fourth-quarter scores for the UH, by Aubrey Baker and Jack Golden, respectively, put them very much back in the game. But Alan Ne- veux ' s second point-after try was blocked by Mike O ' Pella and Cougar fans were left wishing that there could have been two second halves and no first halves. Winfield carries as UH hits the comeback trail. BOB JINKS End «tilet ' 4tS MAX (.1, AHK Ilalflia.k JOLI.YHARTSKl.L Ouarterhack W. and M. ' s Lox pets stalled by 0 " Hara. UH OUTFUMBLES WICHITA TO WIN. 26-6 HOUSTON Oct. 1— Mite-sized J ll llarlsell took charge here this after- noon, and led the Cougars to an easy 26-6 uin over ponderous Wichita I . Hartsell was T-boss on three of the I ' M scores, and Max Harding engineered the other. This was a slow game, uninteresting and loosely-played to the point of boredom. Sixteen fumbles were recorded. 11 by the butter-fingered Coujiars. All but two of the I H fundiles were recovered by the midwestern club, but it could summon up no offensive power. A strong UH line held the un-electric Shockers fron) Kansas to ten net yards rushing, while fleet UH backs were showing their heels — when they weren ' t busy hobbling. Max Clark and Boyd Tingle picked up a TD apiece, and Cene Shan- non tallied twice. Alan Neveux kicked two PAT ' s. CAHiU)M.SF:i.BY Knd , „ ,„inl..l W llllirliM IllMI- ..ff Ihr fi. ' l.i. I ( M)1{ I.SO l.n.l 301 m RBHHHHK ¥ ' ' «:- Purdum turns a pass interception ml " dlloll,,-! ID. COUGARS CRUSH SLI BULLDOGS. 28-7 LAFAYETTE, LA.. Oct. 8 — The UH revenged a previous year ' s trimming by an underdog Bulldog eleven from SLI. when they turned out a method- ical 28-7 win over the Louisiana team here tonight. More sure of itself than last week when it fumbled to a victory over Wichita U, the Cougar squad played heads-up, near-errorless ball. In fact, they made only one blunder; Jolly Hartsell ' s fumble of a punt catch in the third quarter. The fumble was recovered by SLI. and the swamp-country team went for a score in two plays, both passes. Coach Clyde Lee cleared the benches here tonight, using 55 players. Far from looking like second-stringers, the reserves showed considerable class themselves in squelching all but one of the SLI teams ' bids for scores. Brusing Fullback Aubrey Baker punched out two touchdowns for the Cougars, and Lloyd Ralson scored one on an Alan Neveu.x pass. The other LH score came on a 40-yard runback of a pass interception by Red Pur- dum. HENRY COWEN Tackle - -■ ; » mu Gill White-shirted Cougars clear the way for Tingle JIM VAN HAVERBEKE Center JACK CHAMBERS Center 302 HANK HI KITk; Guarrl Leo Van Haverbeke snaps a Buff aerial. UH SQUEEZES PAST WEST TEXAS. 14-13 HOUSTON. Oct. 1.5 — The IH slammed over two touchdowns in nine minutes here today, then held on grimly to scratch out a 14-1. ' win over the rampaging Buffaloes from West Texas State. Tlie staunch Cougar line denied three TS thrusts, all from the I ' H one-yard line. A slick quarterliack. Gene Mayficld. baffled the Cougars most of the game. Mayfield would tighten up the line with a pair of slams at the middle, then pass until the L ' H forwards were s| read. and the backs were dizzy. But when the Buffs neared the double stripe, the Red and White front wall, drawing inspiration from rugged Leo Van lla crbeke. rose up to deny the bid. It was an obvious case of overconfidence on the Cougars " part. But outstanding defensive play by Van [laverbeke. Bill Butler. Sanford Carr, Frank Hurtle, and Ed Staggs. made up in large | arl for the overcon- fidence and a weak pass defense. Baker lugs the ball through West Texas defenders, i?r 8i ' «»Tif»-, I.LOVAN HAVF.RBF.KF. Center .SANFOnnCVRR Tackl.- ■j-r ' %1 I V A c;(.uIh, cull aliiLipt hall COUGARS AND COWBOYS BATTLE TO 27-27 TIE HOUSTON, Oct. 22— A slashing ground attack by the UH was matched by the briUiant passing of Cowboy John Ford here today as the Cougars and the Hardin-Simmons team fought to a 27-27 draw here today. The Cougars ate up 284 yards rushing, and scored all of their touch- downs on running plays, while the flashy Ford aerials racked up all four of the H-SU six-pointers, and gained 281 airline yards. The rugged Cougar line h eld the Abilene team to a scant 53 yards on the ground. Leo Van Haverbeke led the UH defense with some able assist- ance from Bill Butler, Bill Moeller. and Buck Miller. Gene Shannon. Max Clark, Bill Bidwell, and Carl Mittag scored one TD apiece for the Cougars. Mittag s score came on a 73-vard runback of a pass interception. BOYD TINGLE Halfback GENE SHANNON Halfback AUBREY BAKER Fullback Shannon breaks loose from Cowboy linemen. V CLAUDE COLLINS Manager 304 LLOYD HOLLOWAY Guard Cougar linemen derail an SLI express. INDIANS TRIP RED AND WHITE TO WIN. 33-21 WICFIITA FALLS, Oct. 29 — Sharp blocking and fierce running, com- bined with seven intercejDtions of Cougar passes, helped the Indians of Har- din college to a 33-21 win over the IH here today. It was the Cougars " first loss in the newly-formed Gulf Coast conference. For the first time this year, the UH line was completely outshone. The firedup Hardin team ground out 232 yards rushing, and their line held the usually-strong VU attack to 177 yards. Total statistics showed the Red- Clad Cougars with the edge, for they gained 162 air yards to a mere 32 for the Indians. With the score at 14-7 in the second (juarter. and the ball on the Indian one. the L H fumbled and Hardin recovered. This may have been the turn- ing point of the game, for in the third, the inspired Indians put it in the sack with two more TD ' s and ran the count to 33-7, Alan Neveux passed for two touchdowns in the fourth, to take some of the edge off the L ' Hs humiliation. Aubrey Baker, Boyd Tingle, and Neveux scored the Cougar touch- downs with Neveux adding three extra points. noCAMI ' HKI llalfhark L.Z. BRVAx G.Kinl 305 ALAN NEVEUX Quarterback • 1 k=; % : ' w Neveux starts around the West Texas flank. BONAVENTURE SPANKS COUGARS. 20-14 OLEAN, N. Y. — The Cougars dropped their second game in a row here today to the big Brown Indians of St. Bonaventure university, in subfreez- ing weather. The opening half was strictly the New Yorkers ' property. They out- played the UH in all departments. Bona scouts had done their work well in informing the Indian coaches of the weak UH pass defense, for the St. Bonaventure team completed nine of 14 for 103 yards. The Cougars finally got going in the second half, and tied the score at 14-14. Big T-Ieader Alan Neveux guided the UH, pasing to End Don Willhelm for one TD, and scoring the other himself on a short thrust. Neveux also kicked the extra points. But the New Yorkers came right back with the winning TD on a drive that took only five plays. The score came on a seven-yard pass, and it end- ed. 20-14. MAX HARDING Quarterback I Buff defenders close in on Neveux. 306 . ' VV.»«i. -4 h i-. i M 9f J1MC[. RK Ouartcrhack MARVIN LACKEY Guard FRANK RODDY End Max Clark gets a lesson in bull dogging. EAGLES NOSE OUT LEEMEN TO WIN, 28-23 DENTON. Nov. 12— The North Texas ' States ' Eagles handed the l " H its third loss in a row here today. 28-23. The UH jumped off in a hurry to a seven-point lead, marching 80 yards the first time it got the ball. Alan Neveux, playing one of his finest games to date, tallied from the one foot line. The Eagles racked 14 points in the second with quarterback. Zeke Mar- tin, taking full advantage of the s|)otty Cougar pass defense and firing two touchdown aerials. NTS went farther ahead in the third on a 7o-yard gallop by Bill Lalicker. Two fourth period touchdowns by the UH knotted the score, with Rags Ragone. Floyd Winfield. and Neveux sparking the drives. Winfield scored one TD. and Mo Elliott scored the other on a . ' O-vard heave by Neveux. But the Eagles roared back and went ahead on another Martin aerial. The Cougars, almost got back in the game when Neveux kicked 84 yards to the NTS one. But t he cagy Martin gave the UH an intentional safety to use up time, and the game ended 28-23. NT ' s great center. Eagle, stops Shannon. BILL Blim ELI, Fullback JOIINOIIAIiV HalflKi.k 307 Shannon plunges through for the second Cougar TD. COUGARS RALLY TO TRIM TRINITY. 28-21 HOUSTON, Nov. 19 — Trinity University roared away to an early 21-0 lead here today, but the not-to-be-denied Cougars roared back feven stronger, and beat the Tigers 28-21. It was the Red and White team ' s final home game of the 1949 season, and the gave their fans a great exhibition of second- half spirit. The Cougars could apparently do nothing right in the first half. The UH tackling was dull and unenthusiastic, as was its blocking and running. The only bright spot for the Cougars came after 14 minutes had elapsed in the second quarter, when Jim " Country " Clark passed to Max Clark, who legged it 40 yards for a score. Coach Clyde Lee ' s halftime talk must have been strong, for the fired- up Cougars completely dominated the second half. Crisp blocking and sharp speed in running, combined with the bone-rattling tackling of the Cougar defense, left little doubt in UH partisans ' minds that this was their game. Gene Shannon accounted for the three UH touchdowns in the second half. Alan Neveux perked up to his previous fine form, and master-minded the UH split T attack in this overwhelming display of power. Neveux add- ed four more extra points to his lengthening string. % MAURICE ELLIOTT End A i ' iSBy I j 5 £i?sr. SI ' lard " liEK corci HowarJl Franli Ja (l uayMi RandvC fiillPkt Ed Stall Trinity ' s Tiger looks sad. 5?55!fc. 4 ZANEGREGOK Tackle 308 JIM HUMBLE Guard OAV D GREGG End BERNARD PL RDr.M Fullback r « -» -• ' • ft ' T " i )U llic; lu cluJc lUu LouImjN; COUGAR LETTERMEN NOT PICTURED Howard Clapp End Frank James Guard Quay Miller Guard Randv Owens Fullback Bill Pichot Guard Ed Staggs End COUGARS END SOUR SEASON FOR BILLIKENS ST. LOUIS. MO., Nov. 24 — Scoring in all four periods, the UH completely outclassed the St. Louis L Billikens here in Walsh stadium lodav. ,3.5-0. This Thanksgiving Dav victory marked the end of the 1949 season for the Cougars and also marked the end of their first wiiuiing season with a .i-4-I record. The big redclad team, for the first time in too long a period, faced a team without a strong passing attack. The Billikens were looking for that re- portedly weak I H pass defense, and got themselves nothing but grief for their efforts. Thev completed onl seven passes out of 29 attempts and lost the ball several times on fourth down when they attempted to pass. Coach Clyde Lee carried 44 players along on the trip, and all saw ser- vice in the contest. Statistics for the game gave the Cougars a big edge, with 14 first downs and a total of 3.37 yards rushing and passing, to nine first downs and 161 total vards for the St. Louis team. Mittag snags an H-SU pass and heads for paydirt. ' ? eo - X PHU Kt ONvV- 309 VARSITY FOOTBALL RECORD-1949 UH OPP. 13 -- William and Mary 14 26-— University of Wichita 6 28 Southwestern Louisiana — 7 14 West Texas State 13 27 Hardin-Simmons - — 27 21..—- Hardin College 33 14 St. Bonaventure College 20 23 North Texas State .•28 28 Trinity 21 35 St. Louis University 229.. TOTALS 169 •Conference game • " " Homecoming game 71- 81 v 70 80; ? ' ■ ' ' -. f- c. ft t - 4 , . 3 $ $ S ' oc • f -i . f V f .-f . f . Hie spiiii ' Diretlor t Left to right: front row — Duval, unidentified, Muegge. Clapp. O ' Hara, Tingle. Harding, Ragone, Clark M.. Hartsell Golden. Holloway, Sugarek, James. Dewberry. Andreason. Wilson. Feldman. Coach Lee; second row — Hindon, un identified, Trantham, Rankin. Vise. Wilhelm, Mittag. Purdum, Neveux, Baker. Myers, Rister, Bidwell. Elliott Campbell, Poole. Beneke. Ward, Fields, Kramer. Collier; third row — Kramer, Hammond. Koonce, Griffith. Nis cavits. Gregory, Browning. Bryan. Selby, Staggs. Humble, Neely, Nohavitza. Shannon, Chambers, Moeller, un identified, unidentified, Rutledge, Owens; fourth row — Coach Evans, Snokhaus. Owens R., unidentified. Kirby unidentified, Spacek. Lester. Clark J.. Gregg, Cowen, Ralson. Lander, Petty, Lackey, Butler, Towns, Carr, Priest Gillis, Moak, unidentified. Coach Hill, Coach Rhodes; back row — Miller. Van Haverbeke L., Van Haverbeke J.. Roddy, Jinks, Pichot, Chism, Hurtte, Holt, Hampel. B " Team Football Record-1949 UH OPP 27 McNeese 14 14 Tyler .34 30 Wharton .12 13.... Allen Academy . 7 7 Blynn 13 91 TOTALS JiO Aikarpt fenjtliel 310 I The spirit of llie Cougar Band is sliowii W in the montage at right. " , Director Robert Uninmitl is in the center of the picture. Below. Drum Major Lupe Montgomery leads the Cougar Band down Main Street. A sharp column left is executed by the Band Ji during the Homecoming Day parade. COUGAR BAND Scarlet-clad Cougar bandsmen parading at halftime during football games lent much of the atmosphere to each home game on Saturdays last fall. With Robert Hammitt as director and Lupe Mont- gomery as drum major, the Cougar Band has constantK improved and scheduled spring concerts will add much to the enjoyment of students. The band is also on call for special events like ])pp rallies and Fiesta meetings. Hendrix outjumps a Pepperdine player in the ast half rally of I ' H that dumped the Cali- fornia school, 47-46. Richardson ( 35 I comes up fast to help his team mate. Ifsnls George I COUGAR CAGERS BREAK EVEN IN FOUR TILTS Coach Alden Pasche ' s basketball team, preseason favorites to win the first trophy in the young Gulf Coast conference, started play in fine form by spanking the visiting Hardin-Simmons Cowboys. 48-36. The game was rated as a toss-up by pregame dope- sters. and indeed, at the half it was deadlocked. But the Red and White squad, sparked by Veterans Lloyd Hendrix and Dick Berg, and aided by Center Dave Rod- riguez, won going away. A favored Loyola team was next to fall to the Cougars. In the High School field house, the underdog UH team, paced again by Hendrix with some strong support from Marvin Reichle and Herb Richardson, soundly whipped the New Orleans five by a score of 57-33. It was two in a row for the Cougars. But the UH string was to be snapped abruptly. On an extended tour of the Midwest, the Cougars met Bradley and fell with a thump by the lopsided score of 73-57. The walloping was hardly in the " disgrace " class, however. Bradley was later to be voted Number One in National Associated Press pollings by an overwhelming margin. In the second game of their Midwest- ern tour, the UH met Loras college of Dubuque, Iowa and found the only bright spot in an otherwise disastrous series. The Red and White, again with Hendrix, Richardson, Berg, and Reichle sparkling, defeated the lowans. 65-5L SAM ALESSANDRA Manager 312 Conlinij ctBilied ly I and a stianj j fa bll. I L. D. HENDRIX All-Conference Foncard g Cougar Center [lave Rodriguez Snat- is a Heliouiul From a (iroup of Caii- Paiil C.eorge IVpperdine Cagers as IM u ins. 47-46. COUGARS ON TOUR DROP THREE l!oMtiiiuiiig their tour, the (j)ugars uetit out of the Midwest, and in Beloit. Vi isronsin on Decendier iS. were crushed l)y the Beloit college five. . " iG-TO. The long tour and a strange court in the " far northland " no doubt gave the Wisconsin hardwooders an edge, but the fact was sinipiv that the Red and White was very much outclassed, (iil Luton was high for the Cougars, but he was able to muster only 13 points. On December 10. the UH dropped its second game to a Vi isconsin team when it was lickefl bv Marquette. 64-69, in a ihriller-diller. The (Cougars were behind . ' O-. ' f! in the first half, but the second half saw much action with the score changing hands several times. In the waning min- utes, the .Vlarquette team pulled ahead to cinch the vic- tory. Lloyd Hendrix was high for the Red and White with 20 points, followed by Herb Richardson with 1.3 tallies. Back to the Midwest for tlie final game of their tour, the Cougars tangled with the tough Creighton university team of Omaha. Nebraska, and lost again. 47-.S2. At half- time the I II was ahead 27-22. but the Omaha team surged ahead in the final minutes to win. Berg. Mendrix, and Fiodriguez fouled out. The loss of the threi- key players was perhaps the deciding factor in this one. Mendrix led pointmakers with l " . tallies. Dick Berg and an unidentified Cougar cop the oval from three Hardin college I Later Midwestern University ) players as the L ' H breezes to a 63-38 victory. The win was the second for the Big Red and White team in the Gulf Coast Con- ference race. UH WINS TWO. LOSES ONE Back home in Texas, but still on tour the L H the Texas Longhorns in Austin on December 19. and l a heartbreaker. 42-44. At halftime. the score was knotb 27-27. The Steers pulled it out of the fire only in thi closing seconds. A lack of accuracy in the field hurt the i tour-wearv Cougars, who missed 41 out of .58 field goal i attem|)ts. Berg and Rodriguez paced I. H scorers with 15 |] and 14 tallies respectively. 1. Home at last after their disastrous tour, the Cougars met the Wichita university team in High School field house on December 30. and came from behind 35-37 at the half, to win over the Kansas squad. 72-66. Hendrix ' fat 24 points for the night was a big factor in the mild upset. Reichle had 15 points, and Berg rang up 14. A strongly-favored Pepperdine five from Los Angeles was next to fall to the homecourt Cougars. 46-47. The closest contest to date for the L H at home, this one had fans on their feet all the way through. Marked by sharp defensive play, it was a seesaw affair with the score changing hands many times. The 13 points of Herb Rich- ardson were tops for UH scorers for the night. His great defensive work, along with that of Berg and Reichle. were a decisive factor in the UH ' s fourth consecutive win on home grounds. i DICK BERG Forward and Center liilite ' 314 Iff onlv ;. im4 " ' •fcCoi 1 Scloolt iiii 35.j; ' « in tie I nfiipli irs. U to one ki lltke m «i?lit.Hisfi. iiiReidilf.k ■eciitive m Tile liougars lr;i fli ' l In lliiril illt ' for ihcir eii-xl one and l i al the Sam llnuslan Hcarkiils. Iraditiiiiial rival. 58-.i2. on Januar . " . l llic half. miU two poiiils separated ihr teatiis. hut the (. " .oiipars forfzed ahi ' ad in the fnurtli quarter to win. . " harpshodler liendrix fired in IH points to lead the six)rers and iiiooth|ila inj: liiihardsnn iva lose behind with H). Opening conference play in San Anlunio. the I 11 clipped the Trinit Tigers. 67-62 on Januarv 7. Behind 38-39 at the half, the Cougars surged ahead in the late third (|uarter and were never headed. The Trinilv team hurl its ihances li eoinmitling 26 fouls. 16 of whirh the I ' M cashed in on. Berg and Bodriguez led Cougar scorers with 17 and l.i points. respecliveK . Ilerh Bichardsons smooth floor play was to|)S for the championship-minded Cougars. Conference game nundier two. plaved at High Scliool field house, gave the I H its second consecutive GCC win. this time over the hapless Hardin College Indians. 63-38. This game, played on January 11. was strictly no contest. From the opening minutes, everybody knew who was go- ing to win: it was just a matter of how high the score would he. Twelve Cougars got into the fra . and much young talent, especially Bo Burroughs and Bunky Brad- ford, was seen. Rodriguez led scorers with 1 1. followed by Reichle with 12. Pontikes tries a one-hander in the con- ference tilt between the Cougars and the iSorlh Texas State Eagles here. The Red and White look the game from the Denlonilcs. 6.5-.5.5. lERB RICHARDSON Guard i 315 ■ I COUGARS WIN TWO. LOSE TO OCl The third conference game for the Cougars was | January 13 tilt with the North Texas Eagles in Dento| The Cougars won. 66-58, but the Eagles ' great forward Benny Rutherford, gave them a big scare by looping 29 points. The game was close all the wav: at the halj it was 30-28 in favor of the LH. Hendrix paced Cougaii pointmakers with 21. followed by Berg with 15. On a journey to Oklahoma City, the UH lost to the highly-touted Oklahoma City University Indians. 51-60. on Januarv 14. The win was the Indians " 12th straight) Reichle led Cougar scorers with 13 tallies. Hendrix fol- lowed with 12. A lack of altitude was partly responsible for Cougars " loss. Even with 6 ' 5 Rodriguez, at center, the UH was on the short side: the Indians had two skvscrapers in Abe Lemons 1 6 " 9 " " I and Slats Slocum l6 " 10 " " l. The return game, plaved in High .School field. Jan uarv 21. was a reversal. The Cougars won a real thriller from OCU. 52-45. This one was a screamer, and there were few fans who weren ' t hoarse when it was over. The! Indians led 29-20 at the half, but the UH stormed back, and in the third quarter went ahead when Connie Ponti kes dropped in three foul shots. Hendrix led scorers oncef more, this time with 20. The UH win snapped a 12 game OCl win streak. L. D. Hendrix leaps high to loop in a one-hander against the Oklahoma City university Chiefs. Hendrix scored 12 points against the Oklahoma team. The UH beat the Chiefs 52-45. to reverse a licking by OCU the week before. ..fiif: .1 l -iol I UHAf Mill H»u-i ' m 1 iiiol (l kiflif- ' ' imari -! ' Jlpoiiibllm ' »i icliarJsoii I ;-S edge » ' iJ Ricliardioi A rflarn ii 6 (wind ik d company I y and Wliiti jiool •ladinni lil eiei -ef. » aifair. Tk Ut. Htndris. Coojar scoreis IR MARVIN REICHLE Guard 316 SEI0 0( ' «?lei in D,: " ■ ' y:al|[| « ' itli Li Indiana ,-,i ■ ' • Heii(iriii wnlv resptJE " 8 " M. al Cf ; Indiani U ; lats SIm Sckool lie M a real earner, an it MS over. I H stormed I n Connie P i scorers ledalJi UH ANNEXES THREE IN ROW Sam ll iu. liiM Hiarkat «iir iicxl lo i olIapM- uii iir ihi " I Us hninrcourt oiislauglil. On FVhruary 1. llir Red anil V liilc dViTwIiflincd iht- " Kals i ' . ' S-.iT in High Sfliool fii ' ld liiiusc. Thf I II racki ' d up fifty poinls in a blazing second half, paced li redlmt Herli Kicliardson. will) had 22. and llendrix. »lii marked up 17 tallies. Twel e (lougars sa« action in this one. whiih was to he the highest scoring contest for the lied and White all year. Contieniing their home-court winning streak, on Fehruarv 4 the I II spanked Sle|)hen F. . ustin 62- IT in High School field house. Big center Rodriguez punched 20 points through the net to lead scorers. Keene ed guard Richardson followed with 18. The Cougars harl hut a 27-26 edge at halftime. hut the shooting of Rodriguez and Hichardson. along with some fine d -fcnsi e pla li Coach I ' asche ' s entire squad provided the second-half margin. . return match with North Texas " Eagles on Fehru- arv 6 found the I II more read for IJennie Hulherfoni and ronipanv than in the first game, and the methodical Red and White crew ground out a fi. " )-. " ),! win in high school stadium. Rutherford probably as great a forward as the GCC will ever see. was " held " to 19 points. The game was a tight affair. The score was tied seven times in the first half, llendrix. for the umpteenth time this season, led Cougar scorers with nineteen tallies. Sharp plav bv Berg and Richardson was marked throughout the entire eontesl. Dick Rerg and Connie Pontikes join an unidentified Oklahoma City universit Chief in an impromptu dance, and the ball goes bounding off. neglected. The Cougars beat the tall ( ' hiefs .i2-4.S. CONMl, I ' ONTIKKS Cuard 317 195 UH SEWS UP GCC CHAMPIONSHIF Coach Aldeii Pasche ' s enthusiastic Cougar cag( stiched up the Gulf Coast conference crown February at High School field house when the Trinity Tigers fell with a thunderous crash. The sharp Cougars, reiving oi speed in a dazzling offense, declawed the Tigers, trouncing ' them. 80-19. Thirteen LH players participated, led by Hendrix (again) with 18. Richardson with 1.5. and marksman Bunky Bradford with 12. The next LH victim was Stephen F. Austin. The Cougars eased past the Jacks. 55-51. in Nacogdoches on February 11. Hendrix and Reichle had 10 apiece. The win was the L H s sixth in a row. Ending conference plav in Wichita Falls, the L ' H spanked Midwestern, formerly Hardin college. 68-40. and won the GCC championship without a loss. Hendrix racked up 18, Richardson. 14. The season ended on a sour note for the L H. In New Orleans on February 25. the Cougars found a Tartar in Loyola of the South, and lost. .58-50. A bit of overconfid- ence may have aided the Louisianans. Hendrix ended the season by bagging 21 points. Gil Luton pivots to pass or shoot. A be- wildered Oklahoma City university Chief waits to see which it is going to be. L. D. Hendrix ( no. 30 1 . and an unidentified Cougar stand by to render aid if needed. Final score: UH .52. OCU 45. GILBERT LUTON Forward 318 1950 GULF COAST CONFERENCE BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS ? t f t C5 ® Standing: Leroy Smith, Manager. Jim Ausley, trainer. John Davis. David Rodriguez, EUon Cotton, Tommy Reed, Jesse Martin, Herbert Richardson, Lloyd Hendrix, Coach Alden Pasche. Kneeling: Marvin Reichle, Roy Borroughs, Gilbert Luton, A. J. Schlapkohl, Richard Berg, Robert Bradford, Lonnie Franklin. Connie Pontikes, Sam Alessandra. manager. I H SCORE OPPONENT Hardin-Simmons U 57— Loyola of the South .57 — Bradley U 65 — Loras College _ 56 — Beloit College . -. 64 — .Marquette U 47 — Creighton U 44 — U of Texas 72— U of Wichita 47 — George Pepperdine 58 — Sam Houston State 67— ' Trinity U 63 — " Midwestern U 66 — North Texas State 51 — Oklahoma City U 52 — Oklahcjma City I ' 8.5 — Sam Houston State 62 — Stephen F. Austin State 65 — ' North Texas State 80— " Trinity V 55 — Stephen F. Austin State 68— •Midwestern U .50— l.oNola cif the South . . i:-!79 ' — Conference C.iiiir OPP. SCORE 36 _ 33 73 51 70 69 52 46 66 46 52 62 38 58 60 45 57 55 55 49 51 40 5)! 121 1 A group of Cougar cagers walrlies attentively as five teammates ,l,ll .r MiH.lli.i I.— o„. 319 ■n ' .C ' f, h I. .4i i ' yi • ■ f I r mi .-t Left to right: front row — Gentry, Tingle, Skains, Rainey, Green. Jetl. Idiiia i c ( )uarle?. Kleb. Adrlinglon: second row — Hahn, Slade. Towns, Treet, Murray, Schnarr, Vincent, Busch, Starr. Arnold; back row — Taylor, Rutledge, Speer, Farringer, Hill, Dickey, Snell, Coach Patterson. COUGAR TRACK TEAM Starting slow, the Cougar cindermen finally caught their stride in a triangular meet with SLI and Louisiana Tech at Ruston. La. Previously, the track squad had participated in the Border Olympics at Laredo and the Fort Worth Exposi- tion. bi the first two meets, the squad show- ed themselves as having fine material but needing a little experience to really do their best. At Ruston in the triangular meet, the Cougars came through sweeping both Louisiana schools out of the way and taking top honors for the day. At press- time, it looked like smooth sailing. JOHN MURRAY discus BILLY BARFIELD pole-vault 320 Ar)l)IN(;TON. TOMASCO, QUARLES. GENTRY quarter-mile relay SLAUE. GREEN. TINGI,E. ARNOLD sprint relay ° ' % . t to right: front row — Earl Caldwell Jr.. D. Ligan: back row oach John Hoff. Hush Sweenev. Jason Morion. Sveenev • Aea . s ol• NETMEN ARE GCC FAVORITES Prc-sfason favorites to sew up the (iulf Coast conferenre. I III- Cougars tangled first with Southeastern Oklahoma and ' amp out on top. .5-1. Next on the schedule were the Texas Ag- fiics. The l)o s from College .Station were a little too tough for the Med and White to handle and US wound u|) on the short end of a 0-6 score. Recovering from their loss to A. M.. the Cougars houiici ' d hack with a decisive win o er the I iii ersil of Colorado, heat- I ing the visitors .T-] . At presstime, it looked like the Cougar tietmen stood a fine chance of winding up with the (iulf Coast Conference championship cup in the first season of (JCC tennis competition. 321 COUGAR GOLFERS STRON Always strong, the Cougar golf team figurf ' to be even rougher this year and boast a Mi.ra squad. At presstime. VH golfers had played fou( matches: two with Rice and one each with Texas A. M. and North Texas State. The Cougars hand ed the .Aggies a 6-1 licking and then were tied b Rice. 5-5. Improving, the Red and White played I rematch against the Owls and this time won. 8-4 But the North Texas Eagles from Denton, defenc ing National Intercollegiate champs and favorite for the Gulf Coast Conference, proved stronger tha the Cougars and UH came out on the short end c| a 5 • -i • count. Hfiisle) fiajaJ ' ooili 3:2 i % f Left to right: front row — Hollman. Crosby. Carney, ' infield: second row — Wesenbaker. Gregg. l. Boon. Hollo»vay: hark row — Guddel. Carr. Reed. Moore, ( ' oarh Hill. COUGAR BASEBALL TEAM SHOWS PROMISE . rapidly-develo|)ing Cougar nine had played four games when The Houstonian went to press. Although their record was not sensational the I H baseball team was curing its weaknesses as fast as thev became apparent and gave promise of being a team to watch. The Red and White nine played Texas A. . M. in College Station in their first tilt. The . ' ggies. favored to lake Southwest Conference honors, beat the Cougars. 7-4. A. . M. then came here and heat the Cougars or home grounds. 8-1-. Recovering from these defeats, the Cougars bounced back to beat St. Thomas I. .. 7-.3 here u ba M. 323 r ij L. D. HENDRIX basketball OUTSTANDING ATHLETES FOR THE RED AND WHITE IN 1949-50 ED KINGSBURY golf JASON MORTON tennis Two intramural footballers go into the air over a hotly-contested aerial in the 1949 men " s football tournament. The lournampnt was won by the leased bv the Newman (Hub in the final game. Ex Agf 18-12. les when tliev i I lie miramural foolball c ham| i n V. Aggies could not be located for a |p|(ture by Houstotiian deadline time, so an enliTprising staff |ihotog- ia|)her snapped the s( ' cond-place Newman Club instead. Standing: Leo McConnell. Gene Hollnieyer, Jimmy Duplechain. Kneeling. Paul Caramanian. Clem Garcia. Bob Walker. Pick Titus. MEN ' S INTRAMURALS Men nilraimiraU al ihi ' I 11. growing li e enlra- gue leaps eaih ear. have proved to be a big attraction to sporls-mindetl male students. In mid-fall semester. 12 teams entered into the men ' s intramural football contest. On the rosier of teams entered were several teams which proved tough in previous years, among them the Austin Exes. 1947 champions. The tournament was a double- elimination deal. In the final contest, the Ex Aggies edged ilic Newman club 18-12 in a hard-fought tilt. The intramural basketball tournament was not con- cluded at lloustonian press time, but ihe Heights ' A " Club, coached by (ierald Arnold, and Ked ' s J{aiders. coached by Bernard Purdum. were all set to tangle for the cham|)ionship. The intramural volleyball tournament was also in full swing when the Houstonian went to bed, making it impossible to report the outcome of that series. Still to come was the men ' s intramural Softball con- test, perhaps llie most hot U -contested tournament of the lot. An intrinnnral eager loops one high toward the net — so high that it goes out of sight in this action shot. 325 m Presfiiliiifi; tlic vvorncrrs inlraiiiural vullcxiiali i ii Wildcats. Standing, left t . right. H(,l)h c Jo Wadic son. captain. Doris (Gardner. Sitting, left. Jean Kc Mar Torlorici. 326 inipions. the .. Marie Wil- Miaud. rijiht. An unidentified ladv vol leyhaller goes after on(| without looking in a hard fought contest of the worn en s intramural vollevbal, tournament. Two teamljj mates watch anxiously a: j] she demonstrates the harcj ' ] way to play the game. WOMEN ' S INTRAMURALS Women ' s intramurals, guided by Miss Sue Garrison, hea d of women ' s athletics, continues to grow. In this, the fourth year of competitive intramurals. the female members of the I niver- sity student bodv are taking a big part in the e er-expanding UH athletic system. A great deal of the credit goes to the Lan- yard Club, women ' s physical education group. This vear the women participated in basketball. voUevball. Softball, and bad- minton intramural contests. In fact, the onlv sport that the men can exclusively call their own is intramural football, and who knows but what that too ma fall to the ambitious ladies in the future? Only the intramural volleyball was complete at Houstonian press time. In that tournament, marked by thrills and chills and squeals of both delight and anguish, the Wildcats showed that they were of the iirojier temperament an(f ability by walloping the Owls in the final game. 2()-9. and winning ihc championship. . ■P JOE BUSH editor-jail term COUGAR STAFF— FALL AND SPRING TERMS Editors Joe Bush, Bob Kouts Business Manager Jack Wilson Managing Editors Bill Powell. Leroy Bolin Assignment Editors Glen Heath, Seym Carson Sports Editors Jack Scott, Jim Ferguson, Joe Maranto. Picture Editors Keith Hawkins. Jim Cummings Advertising Manager ._ . Ralph Poling Business Secretary Ruthmary Anderson Circulcttion Manager Jim Cullom Department Editors Phil Brochstein, Roberta Sisson. Cleo Wright. JIM F. PALMER sponsor BOB kOUTS editor-spring term THE COUGAR SIsieL! j {iisonan Criticizing an issue are. left to right, Leroy Bolin, Bill Powell, Roberta Sisson, Rob Kouts, Dick Titus, Joe Bush. Glenn Heath, and Sponsor Jim Palmer. N In the slot. Managing Editor Leroy Bolin di- rects the flow of copy while Cougar staff members rush to meet a deadline. ' " ' TrJfTSn Above. Cdiipar n-purlrr- i ium k iiui c o|i . Ix fl lo right, they are Allen. iriis. Marek. Mdore. H( |)kins. and Estes. Al)ove. right, (lougar .«[)orts editors Jim Fer- guson and Joe Maranio gather statistics on ( " ougar athletes. Adman Croker sells another ad while Ad Manager Poling looks at a layout. Cireulation Manager Jim Cul- loni just worries. « Business .Manager Jark W ilson and Secre- tary Rulhmary Anderson keep the books straight. Cougar photographers take a break. I eft lo right, they are Glenn Heath. .Seym Carson. Keilh Hawkins (fall picture editor). Jess Harper. Jim Cummings (spring picture editor I. Ted Marek. and Ir.-i ni-c.-hler. .Ui . L- .Jl 330 Aud Jurdaii. cluh editor, and Jean Bi)r(ticrding, CDpy ed- itor. Marianne Hose, senior elass editor; Jaek Shields, sopiio- more elass editor: and Betty Jo Hardev, eliief class editor. 1950 HOUSTON IAN STAFF III! r I ' m II. i.i(iij;ili ; Jdlinri) (!nrliran. ( ' .rcirt. ' i:i IimIi-n fc 1 ' . k aiidjmii- lliKldlrsloii. scrrclarics. i .. a lliii, -c. niaiv : I? ll (arl.r. snapshots: Koilli Hawkins. s.ia|.-hnl cclilm : and Ida l.oii HIair. . j LE BAYOU Founded in 19. ' 6. the French quarterly literary review. Le Davou, has gained worldwide renown. Le Bayou woi» the 1946 annual ' " Prix de la Langue Francaise ' awarded by the French Academy. All texts are original and include poems, short stories, articles on French literature, essays, book reviews, and translations. A staff of 36 associate editors includes leading writers and critics of France. Belgium, Indo-China. Mauritius Island. Italy. Africa. United States. Canada, and Switzerland. Leading universities and colleges, public libraries and national libraries, are among subscribers. Left to light; Andre (bollard, assistant: Francois Elizabeth Brandon, circulation manager. THE HARVEST Since I ' W.i. till ' Kiijili -li (l(| arliiu-jit lia» puljli linl an annual niaga- zinc vhi h cndoavorcd tu iffcr llic l»-st rrralive u riling efforts nf the ii[i lerpra(iuate slmlenls. Thrnugli the ears the inaga ine has undergone urious changes in sl le and formal. The edilion is designed lo appeal lo ever sludi ' til on ihe cam|)Us. holh in coiileni and rnakeuji. The edilorial slaff is making a serious hid for funds, since ihe magazine has been published al a loss for many years. Kach year a conlest is held and cash prizes awarded for the besi work submitted by an undergraduate. The I ' J.iO " Harvest Award " , a rash prize of S2.5. went to Miss Eleanor Vaughan. junior radio production major, for her short story, " The Good Don ' t Die. " Ll. Left to right (Around ihclablel: |{a Crokct. ;i(l crli-iiip nunuigi i ; William A. ( ...iiinrs. Jr.. ediloi C. Ilargrave. business manager: hill Ilarman. ( irculalion manager: Raphael Levin, associate editor: lul Lacy, pub licity chairman: Doris lleilnie er. associate I ' ditor: Lclaiid L-lcs, .is.lsianl ad cri i-iiic maiiaacr. n| pi, lund- Lovce Johnston and Kulh Shiller. associate cdilor-. 333 J COUGAR DIRECTORY Acting as a comliiiiation guide and date book, the Student Directory of the L niversity this year became ahiiost required, especially for students majoring in cam- pusology. The directory was another service project of the Delta Omega chapter of Alpha Phi Omega national ser- vice fraternity. Features of the directorv were the names, addresses, phone numbers, and classifications of both students and facultv as well as the phone numbers of campus offices. A campus calendar and a list of University administrative positions completed the contents. ■ ' ' editor DIRECTORY STAFF Lift lo right: Tony Friloux. editing; Del D laiif . advertising: Mill Sims, cilitii Jack (liirlin. sales: and F-d IVrrv. advertising. 334 • . — Y INTELLIGEXCE IS THE ONL ' T-RL ' E A-.;S rCR AC i .0 E.R-X ' iF T iKE OURS Avr- -E IMRR-QxEi ' WD ?VCaTER ' ' " E H.- S - r A ' Ll ' EVER - ' R;V r " - C ER THE iGNORANT ' " ■ Xa EZEKIEL v: Cl ' LLE ADVERTISER ' S INDEX AMERICAN TITLE BALL, F. H. BATES, THOMAS BELLOWS CONSTRUCTION BREWINGTON TYPEWRITER BROWN OIL TOOL CAMELIA CARNATION CHAMPION PAPER COLUMBIA DRYGOODS CULLEN, H. ROY CURTIN, W. H. DR. PEPPER FARRAR LUMBER FIRST NATIONAL BANK FOLEY ' S GILBRALTER SAVINGS GULF PUBLISHING HAVERTY FURNITURE HIRSH ELECTRIC HOGAN ALLNOCH HOUSTON CIGAR HOUSTON LIGHT AND POWER HOUSTON READY CUT HUGHES TOOL HUMBLE OIL JESSE JONES JOSKES KRUPP AND TUFFLEY 342 KTRH 347 351 KURT ' S SNACK SHOP 360 356 LANE-WELLS 360 355 LECHINGERS 345 360 LEVYS 343 353 MISSION MANUFACTURING 361 344 MONARCH FOODS 357 348 ONE ' S A MEAL 365 352 346 PARKER BROTHERS 364 338 PRINCES ' 343 345 QUINBY EMPLOYMENT 360 342 REED ROLLER BIT 350 344 SAKOWITZ 353 354 SCARDINO 349 349 SHAFFER TOOL 354 341 SEARS 347 346 SETTEGAST KOPF 341 344 SMART SHOP 345 360 SOUTHERN HOTEL SUPPLY 360 345 TAYLOR PUBLISHING CO. 340 354 WALLACE PLUMBING 357 358 WARWICK HOTEL 346 352 WATSON, H. F. 349 362 WESSENDORF NELMS 346 348 WHITE MARBLE 356 339 WILLIAMS, BILL 359 355 WYATT METAL 363 346 YE OLD COLLEGE INN 341 336 ■ Ill V J: ifhfmi Otte TH ' OmcHt " PCecuef We U of H males are sick and tired of the prodigious ainoimt of laiior involved in llif ten million dollar construction ])roject to wliicli lliis yearbook is dedicated. Oliviously. our University girls have a great amount of natural talcnl along construction lines. Therefore, we drones, through the courtesy of the I [()u ad ertisers, arc Ictliim the i(iiccns take it iroin here. 337 O ompiim en ti ia of H. R. CULLEN ■I 338 C omplimenii Of the JESSE H. JONES INTERESTS 339 ' 7 Ufl n ' m€uU SCHOOL ANNUALS SKILLED CRAFTSMEN — MODERN EQUIPMENT and 35,000 SQUARE FEET OF FLOOR AREA ve combined to produce FINE SCHOOL ANNUALS for 1400 schools in twenty-three states i k ' -■ f " " BOS _ T A VI O R _. A 59 7 PUBLISHING COMPANY DALLAS, TEXAS 6320 Denton Dr. ! 340 f 1 L omptiments X J r If 1 i v H College inn ■ ■ ' I y 6545 SOUTH MAIN H| E JJ P HH B L omplimen li SETTEGAST-KOPF FUNERAL HOME Milam at Gray F-1391 G BRALTAR SAV NGS AND BUILD NG ASSOCIAT ON 341 UNIO.. -.NG COMPANY Capitol 9248 AMERICAN TITLE GUARAMY CD. HARRIS CDUNTY AHSTRACT CD. (CiiaUiiLJ 1885 HOUSTON, TEXAS 342 BARBECUE • SANDWICHES COLD DRINKS r ' JTARUS.HED ,, Mi " ' " 1 ■if ULvy BROS. D ay GOODS CO. 343 f ce €€i n ' THE ARISTOCRAT OF THE SOUTH " FARRAR LUMBER COMPANY Largest and most complete stock in South Texas COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS HOME flPPLIflNCES HAVERTY FURNITURE COMPANY 71 1 Fannin St. HOUSTON, TEXAS 344 « il where quality reigns supreme C iiinnlintiitl ■■I W. H. CURTIN CO. Domestic and Export Laboratory Supplies and Chemicals HOUSTON. TF.XflS L omplin of HOGAN-ALLNOCH DRY GOODS COMPANY Wholesale Distributors HOUSTON, TEXAS SHincere ( onaralulalions on bjour K ruaualion It is our hope thot the determinotion and effort which brought you to this proud and happy day will bring you great suc- cess in the years to come. Congratulations! " yfflatWyj ; ' B jyjy Ri il - Oaks i 345 ■f Publishing Company i lae 9, r iatiixg 3301 Buffalo Drive HOUSTON, TEXAS or adJiicrlminatina ZJraniienli and Kesidenlial K-iueili 4L4iUU Home of THE CRYSTAL DINING ROOM R. T. CULI.ATHEH Manager UJ H R UJ I C K HOTEL and APARTMENTS HOUSTON, TEXAS South Bend Lathes Delta Quality Tools WESSENDORF, NELMS S CO. Houston - Beaumont - Dallas KRllPP TPFLY ,. 501 MAIN AT WALKER Shoe Center of South Texas Since 1882 CoLU MBIA HOUSTON PASADENA Budget Fashions for Teens and Juniors We give and redeem S H green stamps 346 ■ SEARS ROEBUCK AND CO in Houston Ivio Complete Department Stores , ' , , ' Main at Richmond H. 2161 i - pLemg Wayside at Harrisburg W. 6-9441 Keep Tuned light Here nta On Your Dial For ' Constantly Better Shows 347 w ' ai r .. At The University of Houston (arnation DAIRY PRODUCTS HUMBLE The Humble Company its 19,000 employees, and the 8,000 driveway salesmen who supply you with Humble products, extend to the ,,£lass Of 1950 their hearty congratulations and best wishes. 348 1 SCARDINO PRINTING NEWSPAPERS. BOOK, and COMMERCIAL COMPLIMENTS OF Ji. r.lOalt oK Co MECHANICAL CONTRACTORS 4911 STIMSON WO 9493 |[ oleyT I iJarsity JJhop YOUR SHOP FOR COLLEGE OR CAREER! Foley ' s Varsity Shop is really a complete store in itself . . . but one that caters to young men who like a certain flair, who like a precise fit for broad shoulders and slim hips. Come in to see our man- about-town wardrobes . . . scaled to fit a young man ' s budget, of course! FlOlLlElYl ' Sl 1900 — Golden Year — 1950 . 349 REED ROLLER BIT COMPANY 6501 NAVIGATION BlVD, HOUSTON, TEXAS REED ROCK BITS, REED TOOL JOINTS, REED CONVENTIONAL CORE DRILLS, REED WIRE LINE CORE DRILLS, REED DRILL COLLARS, REED JET BITS, REED UNITIZED BLADE BITS, REED REAMERS, REED SUBS, REED BASKET BITS, REED PILOTED HOLE-OPENING BITS. CLECO DIVISION OF THE REED ROLLER BIT COMPANY CLINTON DRIVE, HOUSTON, TEXAS PAVING BREAKERS, BACKFILL TAMPERS, SHEETING DRIVERS, SPIKE DRIVERS, SUMP PUMPS, RIVETERS, RIVET BUSTERS, CHIPPING HAMMERS, ROTARY DRILLS, CORNER DRILLS, NUT SETTERS, SCREW DRIVERS, REAMERS, SQUEEZE RIVETERS, SAND RAMMERS, ROTARY GRINDERS, ROTARY SANDERS, IMPACT WRENCHES, HANDI- DRILLS, CHISELS AND AIR LINE ACCESSORIES, ROTARY BRUSHING MACHINES, FILE AND BURR MACHINES. = 350 : ► C a i ' " ' ■? — Under construction above is Dornnitory B of the new $2, 1 87,000.00 campus housing project being built by the R. F. Ball Construction Co. Each building will accommodate about 275 students and when completed this fall, will be the finest of its type In the country. We Build For The University ' s Future We are proud to have a part in the building of this University. More buildings mean more students, more training, and more knowledge to benefit mankind. The future lies in progress — Great progress goes hand In hand with a great future. CONSTRUCTION COMPANY I 351 employing Texas People, using a Texas Product, to create new wealth for Texas The Champion Paper and Fibre Company HOUSTON DIVISION Manufacturers of Pulp and Paper from Texas Pine U Houston Homes " Manujactured by HOUSTON READY-CUT HOUSE COMPANY. INC. 3601 Polk Ave. MEMBER — P. H.M.I. 352 COMPLIMENTS BROWN riBKa .M I V 1 OIL TOOLS V " ' 1 INC. m J M OIL v H WELL B I 1 SUPPLIES IHil 2216 CAMPBELL FA 1343 CONGRATULATIONS To The University of Houston ' s 1950 GRADUATING CLASSES Throughout your college careers, the Sakowltz label of quality in your fine wearing apparel has proven its ability to travel in smart company. 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Houston liahting aittf Phifirer 358 T C venibodu C atd at vSitlAi jooa 11 Willmm Savage Style c™ " ™ 4 5 1$ S« M AINrrOPPOSITE RICCSTAPIUM I 359 Compliments of KURT ' S SNACK SHOP Corner of St. Bernard Dennis BREWINGTON • TYPEWRITER CO, • TYPEWRITER: Rentals Sales Repairs 1221 Prarie TWO STORES 2802 Main PR 5283 LI 5481 QUINBY 1 P ■■ EMPLOYMENT SERVICE 1 i fe You can benefit from our many years experience in the personnel field 1 , ' m Executive, Office, Sales and Technical Personnel Member National Employment Boarc Commerce and Employment Counse i ; Chamb ors 409 BANKERS MORTGAGE BLDG CH 4631 Compliments HIRSH ELECTRIC COMPANY 1017 SAMPSON CH 3569 LANE -WELLS COM PANY 2202 S. WAYSIDE DRIVE HOUSTON 1, TEXAS PHONE LONG DISTANCE WO 1701 57! TECMHICAL SERVICES PHONE PRESTON 928! Garland Ranges, South Bend Malleable Ranges, Wallace China SDUTHERX HOTEL SUPPLY CD., inc. Complete Restaurant Equipment, Crockery, Glassware, Silverware, Refrigerators, Ranges Affiliate TEXAS RESTAURANT SUPPLY CO.. INC. 2004 Leeland Houston, Texas 360 Houston and Its University.. . . . Growing Together Both Houston and the University of Houston have jirogressed phenomenally in the last decade — Houston increasing its population and material growth, the University expanding its student body, faculty and educational facilities. Graduates of the University can well be proud of the years spent there for they emerge better, more powerful citizens possessed of knowledge, understanding, tolerance and the ability to think. The University of Houston, its graduates, and the city whose name it bears can indeed look forward to the brightest of futures. 1 V JLL MANUFACTURING CO. fgl- 361 INVENTION the mother of necessity At the turn of the twentieth century, America entered an era of productivity that was to astound the world. The invention of the rotary method of deep drilling for oil was to foster the automobile, the airplane, the Diesel engine, plastics, synthetic rubber, and many other developments. These, in turn, have long since become everyday necessities in the modern American way of life. Through the efforts of an obscure young inventor named Hughes, who chose a Texas cow pasture for his laboratory experiments in seeking oil with the rotary rock drill of his own inven- tion, the developments dependent upon volume production of crude oil survived! With the intro- duction of the Hughes Rock Bit and its successful operation in drilling to unheard-of depths for oil deposits beneath the earth ' s surface, great volume production of petroleum in previously impen- etrable geologic formations be- came possible. Volume production meant low-cost fuel for transpor- tation . . , sparked the refining industry to fantastic accomplish- ment . . . gave birth to the syn- thetic rubber industry . . . and laid the cornerstone to an Ameri- can economy that was to be the marvel of the age! Since the development of the Hughes Rock Bit in 1909, the name HUGHES has symbolized universal leadership in every oil field on the globe . . . has merited the well deserved title, " World Standard of the Industry. " HUGHES ®® ' - COMPANY ■ ■ M ■ ■ ■■ HOUSTON. TEXAS 362 mr STRUCTURALLY BEST VAKKlli BROS, Ready Mixed Concrete 364 For Your Convenience EIGHT LOCATIONS 1021 Capitol Main and McKinney Texas and San Jacinto 2520 Amherst 2923 Main 4422 Main 2019 West Gray 5603 Almeda HOUSTON OWNED " ONE ' S A MEAL " Brooks System Sandwich Shops CONSTRUCTION GANG INDEX Page 341 Ruth Mary Anderson Page 352 Dixie Wlllard Page 342 Marianne Bolten Page 353 Betty Anne Cross Page 343 Mary Lee Stienhort Page 354 Ann Shannon Page 344 Amalia Hea+on Page 355 Kitty Look Page 345 Virginia Cecil Page 356 Robbie Matejowski Page 346 Vera Mae Busch Page 357 Ruth Whitehouse Page 347 Jackie Hall Page 360 Viola Maddox Page 348 Mildred Goode Page 364 Lenelle Peterson Page 349 Barbara Daily Page 365 Marion Stafford 365 O ' Meara and Watson launch ticket sales for Military Ball First ground breaking for the new dorms l- ' riday iiis|ir ti(in fur i! )T ! Harry Rogers. ' V) Houslonian cdilor prf-senls fir-i Fiesta fhairman. loe Potter, with " 40 vearhfmk. kaiic. llic camiius i)o lmaM Drum and Bugle Corps Corp. Mack Caldwell. Leader TOO LATE TO CLASSIFY These men lead the UH " army " . They are, left to right: front row — Ma- jor Nispel, Colonel Zuicker, Lt. Colonel Cocheu, Captain Maclntyre; back row — Sergeants McGill, Orr, Martin, Allen, O ' Connell. and Free. Colors with a Cougarland background 368 N? j . Sit ' lilt ' + w Ul 11 il| ii UU; I4U MH WH mi mn l-k } rc_ W- ws- ; «- « - _ - i ' m- % % .J

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