University of Houston - Houstonian Yearbook (Houston, TX)

 - Class of 1949

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University of Houston - Houstonian Yearbook (Houston, TX) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 328 of the 1949 volume:

Y' 'F as me If i 32 in . Q ' f 'vo s 4 '55 ' -g 1 iihijgjyfiv ,: . f W W pwwdwwsfgf f ,wmfw , L J INR ... -f 1 , 4. X N, i f- W Af! , vivw ii ,e 5 JS -E 'i A 45 5 55 'S li 5 gi Q I iz Y W gn, , V H, wa , A , Q HUUSTUIVIAIV I949 Volume 15 STAFF ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The year I949 has been a greaf one for ihe Universify of Housion. - The Ezekiel W. Cullen building, our firsl' permaneni' building fo be con- sirucfed since before fhe war and one of ihe finesf college buildings in fhe world, is nearing complefion. Annoucemenf has also come of The gif? of a new SI,500,000 library by fhe M. D. Anderson Foundaiion. Plans for ihree oiher buildings will be compleie fhis June-an Engineering Building, a Junior College Building, and a Physical Educaiion Building and Field House. Our afhlefic program is expanding rapidly on all fronfs, and Fronfier Fiesfa, fhe biggesl' all-sfudenf pariicipafion eveni of fhe Universify, has a permanenf siie. We have fhe largesi' graduafing class in fhe hisfory of our alma ma+er ihis year. Siudenf enrollmenf of over 9000 on fhe campus ihis spring has broken all previous records. , lf is difficulf for a yearbook fo porfray fhe full scope of such rapid growih. However, we believe fhaf graduafing seniors and ofhers will cherish and freasure 'Phe record of deparimenfs, acfiviiies, personalilies, and evenis depicfed in This I949 Housfonian. Much credif for any success fhaf fhe I949 yearbook may have goes fo Mr. Roberf B. Reed of Newsfofo Publishing Company for his invaluable assisf- ance: fo fhe Universify of Housion phoiography deparimeni for being on call af almosf any hour of fhe day or nighf: fo fhe Adminisfrafion for being mosf kind and considerafe in helping us wi'l'h numerous problems: +o Mr. Phil Monroe, chief animafor for Warner Brofhers Sfudio, for The cover design: and 'lo 'lhe many sfudenfs ou'l'side ihe sfaff who helped us publish rhe I949 Housfonian by fhis new process of deep eich lifography. Here if is-we hope you like i+. The I949 Housfonian Sfaff N. S. Paiferson, Sponsor Harry Rogers, Ediior Welcome Wilson, Bus. Mgr. 4" 4 K 1 I P1487 UHAXPMEXV OF FA7OfV77L-7? FXESTA ,11ip:I:7:z:p,, 1 2 11117, 'Q If I+'s called "The Greaiesi College Show on. Ear'lh," and 'ihe Unlverslfy of Housfons Fronher Flesia llves up fo ihis descripiion.-To fhe pasi' chairman of Froniier Fiesia land 'Ihrough Them fo ihe sfudenis and ex-sfudenfs who have helped malce Fronfier Fiesfa qreail fhe Housionian is dedicafedz--To Joe Po'H'er, who was foreman of 'ihe firsf Fiesta in I940,-To Joe Koppel, who ran ihe ole corral in I94I and who lafer died in fhe service of his counfryg-To Johnny Goyn, who rode herd on ihe 'Fesfivifies when fhe show was revived in I947 affer iis disconfinuance during war years:-To Bill Sparr, who wore fhe big spurs in I94Bg Q -And finally, 'Io Harrey ScoH, who held fhe reins during fhe I949 version of X Froniier Fiesfa.-Through iheir leadership and wifh ihe help of Universify X siudenfs, pasf and presen'I', Froniier Fiesia has become a iradifion noi only on Ioe POUGI' Q fhe campus buf in Housfon. A show designed io recapiure The spirii of fhe Fiesta Chairman 1940 Q Old Wesi, if glorifies ihose principles of Fronfier characier which have ' made America greaf.-In dedicaiing this book io ihe chairmen of . Froniier Fiesfa, we are also paying fribuie fo 'ihis pioneer spirif Q and io ihe iradiiional froniier viriues. Thus The I949 book k follows 'I'he mofif of The Old Wes?-fhe Greaf American K Fronfier. The I949 Hous+onian Sfaif 9 3 r,,1"'l0 1111 Q jf ' 161745, Ioe Koppel Fiesta Chairman 1941 Iohnny Goyen Fiesta Chairman 1947 E 511' ,IX 0 9. 4 Bill Sparr 5 7 Fiesta Chairman 1948 VIII! is N Harrey Scott Fiesta Chairman 1949 4 N V, 'my , L " 'rw W 8 W X f --" - - ,, , K1 :Ly 3: g vif vgg 3, 25 vi - '.-4 W 'mi' I - 'fx'-' 1 , f' 1 '13-.IZ -- ' YE" -555 11 1-3 ,.,. 'LM . .. Y kf'S12'5 i n 1 . ,... 1, N ,, f A .,.., . Hg 'f,?5f?zx-fwiffimayw X X 1" ' 'HQ '- 4-1 . h--- 1.35 2 1 -1' " -QsNi.w'Nk5g?f"2'S. ' f r gg f2g::fz,: 't2 :- l 'ix' ,, . , Q55 .fix - A -ww f- - .- ---,, .W . fx -, ' wmv, ,. , .. -. . - 4 Q X ' ' '37 ,,,"v . ', - P:'.l'- - 2 :1 '."" -fi' 4 "-':':-" x ' 1' "-' I , . - 1. "::.- 2'-.-',r-.-.Jil S, '- -:sl-g:f,,j ,ip-: mix 'j ' 1 , 'w,.,',9-,, -: ,- ':-w.: -:L , , -A .,,,,. . if Hgsw .aff " w . , . . ,, if , . S535 gr,e+5as,,,:,34z '1.,,,q,e1,,3zymw .f 1 , X ' ,.,, 3:-gg, ,, , V -xg ff -f , . N0 N -. ..feb , - ,gf '.w:Q.:,-fwg-2.x-51:ff1'iva34n 'G-V . ff H . -wr -fix. zwfsf ew'---,. .. .- 1 -.,- , Tm M ,eg -- 5, g ,.x,q .,1' - rw , -. v.:f,,giae-.,A,w-:T',a:,- my-egkft-g. W :. 'f . -a,+-:sv 4Q.:f..-,- v-:gd ,, " - ff?g'31 5f-W "TE " L- 15 'FX H :Va i e f if-322 affix--an in .. if ?'5 'mgi, f:f' .. i15' 5'l" 'f'3f-5 Q gg? '- ff' I ' 2 3' -' :' - 'A fn " ' " - v Q 4 X -k " -", 1 " ww W 4 '2 , Q, 1 fi"'f" V1-f-2,201--.' 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E Q X yu f, x ,4-I" G E I r--QL, Q4 Q I r ,Aff x f ,Y 441 i -1. j,"'F""'P YIV, P vT? 4,--A PART X ml, L+' , W f' 2 F' is 1' Q! . . , A QQ N-xi.: -lk ' ' Felix ., J --'STO QQ .i? i 3., 1 l7: i2::,:B fl K llll TM .4 A ll, I si + gf f J : .we V kfggs-gf fi ' " --f-T:-. t Y-t , V, -,Gy i' :lf "W .-1-f ' ' , ' , i- ff-T f 1, - ' " , J. :FAQ , a f ff Q ' j ' . " '-'fm-:1 . ,ff N- L' , Tri x' 'Q A lj -6 f' P- ' Q '?fA-2g+ag.f- i 1 f dhff v ' ' N -335 -1 41 ju .., A .1 'Fx ' x X H c..-.MJ x.-.6- , S. O Q ' I DR. W. W. KEMMERER Assistant to the President DR. E. E. OBERHOLTZER President wg mi 'S .. .- :':5:a1Z,.ie-'-rr " v.s:-,W s,.1,.gf. C, W- qs -SX if - ... W N, M X :mf-: J -ws -av... . u - 1 . it S iii? QW BOARD OF REGENTS MR. H. B. CULLEN Chairman Standing: Dr. W. W. Kemmerer, James W. Rockwell, Hiram Opie Clarke, Donald Hobson Thornbury QResignedD, Stephen Power Parish, Colonel William B. Bates. Seated: Mrs. lames P. Houstoun, Secretary: Palmer Hutcheson, Lamar Fleming, Mrs. Leta Nutt, Recording Secretary: Dr. E. E. Oberholtzer, Mr. H. R. Cullen, Chairman. Not Pictured: Mrs. Agnese Carter Nelms, Noah Dietrich, Simon Sakowitz, Mrs. Ray L. Dudley, A. Dee Simpson, F. M. Law, Col. Iames Anderson. DR. TERREL SPENCER ' Registrar i A. RAY SIMS Director School of Technology Left DR. ALLAN COLLETTE Director, School Pharmacy Right DR. CHARLES F. HILLER Director, School of Arts and Sciences Left DR. ARVIN N. DONNER Director, School of Education Right DR. A. A. WHITE Director, School of Law MR. M. L. RAY Acting Director School of Engineering -H - . ,.. .. H Quin. ...-...W W .. ...- C. F. MCELHINNEY Business Manager v 5 DR. EUGENE H. HUGHES Director School of Business Administratic FACULTY .fw- S' i if 'ns .... , ,. L. , 2.1 if l -I .MT .. '. s A Q s . . ' i' .,.., . ., 'S 5. CM 5 K i X . M el A: .. Q S . .R -v.,k I '., K jg ui. . 1 ,... T 4 Q . , 'K-R "' he 'N ig Q 'fi .- L . . ' ,W . F , . . 1 'w . gi . .. . ... ,, . Q A is.. . 1 2 , ,- .z ' , '-:Ia ,gi To 3 Q, 'ig . A A Z .,.... ' 'I W 5 .Q t wel., .lm xiii' A x I 3 f A . - if X6 . 8' :J ki XX W ANTHIS, FAY ARNOLD. GENEVIEVE BALDWIN. RAYMOND BARTH. THOMAS S. BEACH. MONROE Home Economics Speech Pathology W. Business Adm. Civil Engineering Military Science BARTHELME, DONALD Architecture BENNER, C. P. Math BLACK. MINERVA BRADEN Speech 6. D!amcx BOREN. CARTER E. Philosophy 6. Religion BROWN, N. CATHERINE Biology CHOVANEC. A. L. Woodworking COFFMAN, IRENE Art COLE. C. E. Auditgf COOK. WILTON W. Radio, Speech G Drama COVINGTON. S. C. English CROSSON, E. L. Speech CROUCH. ROY A. Psychology DACE. MARVIN H. Refrigeration DANIELS, R. BALFOUR English DICKERSON, L. W. Visual Education DRAKE. G. W. Chemistry DUNLAP, VICTOR Business Administration DYER. E. D. Sociolog EBAUGH. B. M. English EDWARDS. W. H. Math ENGBERG. VERNON L. EVERETT. H. C. Pub. Adm. 6 Eco. Civil Engineering EWING. H. W. Accounting FEIST. K. W. Math FERIS. C. M. Auto Mechanics FERRIS. IOHN T. Photography FITZHUGH, PARKER M. Civil Engl.. 6 Elec. FREEMAN, C. Speech FREEMAN. IAMES E. Military Science FREEMAN, L. E. Education FREESE. L. R. Biology GAMBLE, C. R. Mechanical Engr. GENTRY, C. B.. SR. Tech. School Registrar GRADO, IOE D. Auto Mechanics GRAY. DEAN O. Math GRESHAM. MARGARET Education GROVER, BLANCHE Math GUPTON, I. M. Machine Shop HAMMITT, ROBERT Music HAMMONDS. EUGENE O. Radio HENKEL. IOSEPH Music HENNES. BERNARD Social Science HERTZOG. WALTER S. Economics HICKS. O. R. HOFF. IOHN HOUSTON. CARL HYER. IUNE IENKINS. I. T. IOHNSON. C. A. KELLY. MARY ELLEN KESTENBERG. LOUIS KIRKPATRICK. C. V. KNEPPER. D. W. Pub. LAWRENCE. NELDA R. LEHMANN. CHARLOTTE English Civil Engineering Engineering Education B. A. Vocational English History Petroleum Engr. Adm., Government B. A. Psychology LILLIOTT. R. W. LOHSE. E. A. LUKE. AULEY MaclNTYRE. ELLSWORTH MAGEE. MARION MARSHALL. P. B. MASSER. C. L. MASTEN. P. C. MCCALL. R. F. MCCALLICK. H. E. MCCLENDON. I. l. MCELHINNEY. C. F. MCKNIGHT, IACK C. MIDDLEKAMP, LEROY MILLER, B. B. MILLER. M. A. MISTROT, G. A., IR. MITCHELL, L. STANDLEE MOBLEY. H. M. Architecture Geology Speech T. Military Sci. Geology Welding Radio B. A. Chemical Engineering Aeronautics B. A. Business Management Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Visual Education Social Science Civil Engineering Drama 6 Enalish Photography NISPEL, RICHARD L. Military Science NIXON, FREEMAN G. Social Science NORTH, H. M. Physics OLIVER. C. B. Auto Mechanics OLSEN. BETTY Dietician OVERHOLT. OLIVE B. A. PALMER, I. F. Iournalism PARKIN. I. E. English PAUL. FLORENCE B. A. PEDERSON. EVLYN MAY Management PERKINS, FRANK R. Auto Mechanics PESCI-IKE. I. M. B, A, PLATTER. A. A. Architecture POERSCHKE. W. H. ,Engineering POUNCEY. A. TRUMAN Photography PURDY. W. E. Education G Music QUICK. W. R. Radio Prod., Speech 6 Drama FACULTY una" ,. gf YE- :lj c M -:.:E' L ., . ..L gy ,, it . . 3 I , -.,. I y " fi ..,,,... , . U .v..,, - . A ..l. '::.. ., n n he n nn P 1 --ie . -'-.. s wf ., ' 'i'i' R ..., ",. .. . i t U :" "' .".'.',., A ' ,. 2 "" - V A E ..:.. V. lk N 5 X . --,, Q A P .,,.. 'Q "" 1 4, M , N , 1 ii ni ff . he A S M' 'ff' . H ff' 'X V , iseffi .f- . "" . f ' I ' 5 . -..,- N ,.,- - .-.,... . ,. ,,w,. :.f1 in nn. . 1523 :2 "-1.-f5 1 , ...,, km Qi 'SIN 'fiigi M ' ' . -. .: .1 , .. 'E . . y my .g ill ,,.,. , ' E 6 :.,.,. H . , . ,,,. ' 1 , . as ' A W4 .5-E'1 g1:f3i . N A hwy wigs f . .,., I V w .i 1 .f we ,k :.. M 1- V I ., .Q A Y V 5' we Q, 5 , . 395' .. ...., ia ,. . -- . yWm U '. ' . Er Xl , -ef .f.a 2, Wgw WP a.. v X ,sam I Acuuv I 45" 45-wi' ' x 'Ft I . fr. L .W 4.-. ' FQ' 1 ' 5 wif S142 F' fl 1' We we .f f ' ...wb . , we Q. X A, . ,J iw... W . 'GW sg gg, X IM. fr ' 1- ,La , A r - - -5 L , ,Q .:.::.s::s I ,, K , f .'fj'.:. ..,.. , ,-. ,.: IQIV , I . Q X I . -1. U 'J' " I ...,.. sk S i . is . Wg' I ? 1 -f ,, , 've Q RADER. C. B.. SR. RANSOM, C. B. RED. D. D. REED. I. C. ROSA. M. IEAN ROSA. MATTHEW W. HOSBOROUGH, ELSIE ROWAN, NELL ROWLETT, W. C. RUSSELL. LOU SAWIN, H. I. SHEARER, ERNEST C SHOOK, ELLEN L. SIPE, I. MARVIN SLADE, NANN Z. SMALL, ADDIE SOMERS. G. B. STEWARD. IACK STONE. IVAN C. R. STOVALL. FRANK L. SULLIVAN, W. F. TAYLOR, IAMES C. THOMPSON, NED TURNER. AMY LEE UNDERWOOD, BRUCE VASQUEZ. LYDIA VERN, IULES A. VOGEL. E. H. WASSON. W. W. WEINER, MAX WHITAKER. T. N. WHITTINGTON. H. K. WIENER, W. K. WIKOFF. RUTH WILKINS. ROB'T A. WILLIAMS, D. G. WILLIAMS, LOUISE V. WILLIAMS, C. E. WILLIAMS, W. F.. IR. WILLIAMSON, I. E. Math Social Science Architecture Auto Mechanics English English Modeling Social Science Auto Mechanics Placement Oliice Biology Social Science Geology Accounting B. A. B. A. Geology Welding Government 61 P. A. Psychology Civil Engineering Dis. Education Physical Education English Iournalism Svunish French Art Philosophy 6 Religion Psychology Electrical Engineering Diesel Engineering Auto Mechanics Librarian B. A. Chemical Engineering English Chemistry Math 6 Ind. Mgt. Math 6 Director of Student Activities WILSON, HENRY C. Rqdig WILSON, RALPH L. An WILSON, WINPRED Math 6 B. A. WOOD, JUNE P. Math WRIGHT. MARTIN Math WYETH, ROSS Mechanical Engineering YELDERMAN. PAULINE Social Science ZWICKER. MICHAEL I-l. Military Science and Tactics l,1:Ip'5p:z0,.' 111,11 00.91 rf' 'X r" 'E 1 i ll' I mix ? Bud Swiss Cstcxndingj ..... President ,111 'Q' Funny Wugmcxn Qstcrndingj . Vice-President f 5 cure Cushman ....... Secretary , - 1 C1 . if Irving Andrews .... . . Treasurer 2 J Q xixuss-5 ss I i Q-211111111 GRADLI TE CLASS -Quinn Z .- -4 7-1:-.. sf Wa My . gififgggl, fgia., ,gy , ,qgggfxg 1 f,fR"'S ,E as ,tg Z N I Xhstjssp.. x Q-1 ...W-- . . ....-WW. . ..-v..,.-,.v,..-...............,.. W.. . -.v.w.....s.,.....1.-V . .W ....,...,-..-W Y- GR DLI TES Adams. Carl Richard, Sr. Master ot Letters. Albright, Reagan Edwin Andrews. Irvin Talmage, Ir. Master ot Arts in History. Angman, Bennett Gerard M. S. in Political Science. Baker, Thomas James, Ir. Master ot Business Administration. Baldwin, Spencer Clark, Ir. Master ol Science. Barlow, C. L. Master ot Business Administration. Barton, Homer P. Master ot Business Administration. Becker, Marjorie Rose Elementary Education. Boucher, Giles Walter Psvcholoqy. Brodnax, A. C. Architecture. Burton, Albert Howard, Ir. Master ot Letters in Engineering. Master in Health and Physical Education. Houston Atlanta Houston Houston Houston Pasadena Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston GR DUATES 1 Ching. Sho-Chung Shanghai, China Languages. - Coleman, Lester Charles Houston Master of Science in Education. Conroy, Charles William Houston Psychology Dezendorf, Iames Edward, Ir. Maria Accounting Edwards, Marion B. Millersview Master ot Arts in Chemistry. Ellisor. Page Houston Clinical Psychology. Fairchild, Charles Monroe Burke .Clinical Psychology. Felts, Iames Howard McKenzie, Tenn. Photography. Green, Carl K. Houston Vocational Guidance. Griggs, Vera Adrienne Houston Psychology. Henson, Mary Estelle Houston Education. Hergesheimer. Charles Huston Houston Economics. GR DU TES Heslop, Ruby Polley Houston Master ot Education. lacks, Dozier Alton, Ir. Marshall Master ot Business Administration. Lutz. William T., Ir. Memphis, Tenn Engineering. Lynch, lack H. Flynn Education Malone, Billy Ray Cotton Valley, La. Master oi Business Administration. McKim, Charles M.. Ir. Houston Architecture. McKnight, lack C. Houston Chemical Engineering. Orlando, Ioseph Francis Houston Master ot Science. Parrott, Josephine A. Houston Psychology Q Rhodes. William Iackson Lexington g Doctor ol Education. 1 Rick. Delores Frey Los Angeles, Calif. Psychology. Rippenhagen. Phillip H., Ir. Houston Mechanical Engineering. Schneider, William Phillip Electrical Engineering. Scott, Harrey LeMoyne Personnel Administration. Sparr, Bill George Psychology Staggs, Louis Monroe Master of Education. Swiss, Bud Psychology. Taylor, Clarence Neale Master of Letters in Mechanica Thrower, Florence L. Psychology. Titus, Iules Richard lournalism. Whiteman, Mary Lois Commercial Art. Wier, Mae Wilkinson Social Science. Williams, Charles Albert Education Cushman, Claire Music GR DLI TE Houston Houston Houston Houston Pittsburgh, Pa. Houston l Engineering. Houston Port Arthur Tyler Houston Houston Houston X 1 5 I 11" ,r W 1' X 4' E x 3 x Tommy Mercer . . . President Dcrve Hcxlphen . . Vice-President 115 Helen Saunders . . Secretary fl Iohn Maguire . Treasurer dl, Q A ,t g x - 1 ai, x t1iP'vY P CLASS o F 1949 I1- K--K f f' f 1 .W ..,.,. ,,, +X1.2:: 2 :XX-Xp-.f... -,L 5,XX.,,X, , XXX X,m ,f 3'- 21.313 13.-.3 ,j.:1,-g,1r,, pggx'f179X':.'i-5.Lf-Ifgfcz A ,Wf.X,XX. .-,'.., X. .,.,., -,,, X ,fi ,f.. X XX. , .XX .,.. .-..A ,.,.. , .L,. , , :X-Xa v fXgf.'g-311-34251 ' If'-5NiY42'IX:1 " - X x', AQ. -XXX .'- XX- W, .XX, X uri'--A-"fu- . , x -Xa-1--:A -x- ,.. , 1-X:X,..XX-p. ....... ..,. . . . 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Buckaroos 1945, Methodist Student Union. Allen, Robert Atteberry Victoria Alsbury, Fred Arlington Houston Iunior Section Houston rI:1qineer's Club. Anderson, Donald M. Conroe Anderson, Warren Leslie Houston Math Society 1948, 49, Engineers Club 1947, 48, Honor Roll 2 years. Andrews, Bobby Lyles Houston Psychology Psychology Club 1948. Biology SENICDRS A 640 H Anglin, Lynn R. Houston Electricity Armstrong, Charles S. Houston Pet. Engin. x.: Z .35 I' I Professor Armstrong, Iames Leo Houston Petroleum Engin. Amey, Billy I. Houston Management Arnold, Bette Lou Houston Dramatics Red Masque Players 1946-49, Alpha Psi Omega 1948-49, Cougar Colloqians 1946-49. Buckaroos. Choral Club 1946-49, Operetta 1946, Co-Ed Club. Ashton, Raymond Edward Houston Chemistry American Chemical Society. Ater, Clifford Horace Houston Speech Atkinson, Howard L. Houston Management , 3 .. lf Public Accounting Electrical Engin. 5 Mechanical Engin. f E Electrical Engin. gg if --L i Ault, Iohn W., Ir. Orlando, Fla. Mechanical Engin. society of Engineers 1948-49. Bailey, Bryon Cole, Ir. Houston Chemical Engin. Bailey, William Henry, Ir. Houston Gen. Business Baker, Ogle Laird Houston Petroleum Engineering Bang, Lars W. Houston Architecture Barber, Patricia Houston Psychology Buckaroos 1946-49, Newman Club 1945-49. Co-Ed Club 1948-49. Psychology Club 1946-49. American Chemical Society 1946-47, Frontier Fiesta 1946-49. E loks Barrett, Barbara I. Pasadena Gen. Business Secretarial Club 1946-47, Business Association 1947-49, B. S. U. 1946-49, Future Teachers of America 1948-49. A will Q t' Bartling. Victor W. Houston Management 4 .A bg: Live Ammunition Barzizcx, Mary Louise Houston Music Choral cm- 194549, vanity varies.. 194s-49, opmm 1946-49. Batten, Iames Robbie Bryan Public Accounting Baughman, Iohn Paul Houston Petroleum Engin. Bennett, Edward Owen Houston Biology Biology Lab Assistant 1948-49. Texas Academy oi Science. Society ot American Bacterioloqists. Benthall, Fred L., Ir. Houston Mechanical Engin. B. U. 1941-48, B. S. U. Council 1946-48, Student Assembly 1496-48, Society oi Engineers 1948, Co-Ed Club 1942, 1946-48. Berleth, Francis H.. Ir. Houston Radio Production Bernard, Clovis, Ir. Port Neches Electrical Engin. Society oi Engineers 1947-49, Newman Club 1949. Berry, Frances Rae Houston Psychology 6 Education Methodist Club, Phi Theta Kappa, Psychology Club. Bertelsen, Elmer Howard Houston Iournalism Rice liondelet Escort 1947, Escort, Sam Houston State College Coronation 1948, Frontiersrnen 1947-48, Press Association 1946-48. Publicity Chairman Frontier Fiesta 1949, Public Relations Student Assistant 1949. Cougar Reporter Fall 1946, Editorial Assistant, Summer 1947, Managing Editori Fall 1948. Editor. Spring 1948. Houstonit-In Sports Stat! 1948. Best, Henry H., Ir. Houston History Bewley, Edwin C. Houston Accounting Business Administration Club. Bingham, Kenneth A. Houston Industrial Electricity -- - "-"-J-Y'---W ---W-'W E IDRS E93 , fi gf K f j Blair, Bobby Ray Houston. Accounting ,. ' 5 51 . ' ge 4 , ' f Blasingame, H. R. Houston Management X'-Q 55 Q -2-fix- "Now, as I was saying to Ed-" Blue, Harley Russell Houston Education Industrial Education Society, Future Teachers oi America. Blumenthal, Edmund W. Houston Mechanical Engin Society oi Engineers. Board, Donald Milton Houston Psychology Honor Roll 1948. Bobo, Iames E. Houston Accounting Business Administration Club. Bobo, Robert O. Houston Petroleum Engineering Phi Theta Kappa 1946, Who's Who 1947-48, Engineering Society 1947-49, Geological Society 1947-49. Phi Theta Kappa Treasurer, 1946-47, Physiu Department Laboratory Assistant and Grader 1946-48. Boehl, Herbert C. Cuero General Business W, ,1..--:. Y.. W--I1 - Boehm. Charles W.. Ir. Houston Mechanical Engin. Honor Roll 1946-48, Society ot Engineers 1946-47. Member ot Board ot Directors ot Engineering Society. Iunior Member Houston Engineering Club, Iumor Member oi American Society oi Tool Engineers. Boehm, Roy Thomas Houston Public Administration Bolin, Leroy Arther Percy, Illinois Iournalism Charter Member, German Club 1946. President, German Club 1947, Student Assembly 1946-48, Press Association 1947-48. Who's Who -1948, Co-Founder U ot 1-1 Monitoring Station 1947-48, Cougar Editorial Assistant 1948, Cougar Reporter 1948-47, Cougar Roving Correspondent 1948, Special Writer tor Cougar 1948. Borcherding, Harry Roy Houston Mechanical Engin. Borjas, Roger Gusman Taylor Accounting Newman Club Boswell. Eldon W. Houston Mechanical Engin. SENICRS u :O NVQ ' JW at Bowen. Ben R. Essex, Mo. Physical Ed. 5 Bowman, Iohn V. Houston Mech. Engin. The Engineers Bounds, Ira I. Houston Accounting Baptist Student Union Treasurer 1948-49. Box, Betty Iean Houston Spanish Cheerleader 1946-48, Buckaroo President 1947-48. Treasurer, Austin Club 1946-47, Vice-President Sophomore Class 1946-47, Red Masque Players Co-Ed Club 1945-49. Frontier Fiesta 1947-49, Varsity Varieties Boyett. Cazell F. Houston Secretarial Science Secretarial Club 1947-48, Girl Scout Service Organization. 1948. Cougar Collegians 1947-48. Bradbury, Iames W. Mission Mechanical Engin. Student Association President 1948-49. Honor Roll 1948, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities 1948-49, High School Reception Escort 1948. Escort, Sam Houston State Teachers College Coronation Ball 1949, Honorary Member Co-Ed Club 1948-49. Braddick. Wendell V. Houston Petroleum Engin. Society oi Engineers 1947-49. Geological Society 1947-48. Bradley, Carl Dean Brookville, Kan. Photography r -N v .- - , ,. ,W Qu Brennen, Robert W. Alvin Physics Alpha Phi Omega 1948-49, Frontier Fiesta 1948-49, Male Chorus 1947-49, Varsity Varieties 1947. Bright, Carl Alfred Edinburg Psychology Brittain, Vivian R. Houston Management Secretarial Club 1946-47, Business Administration Club 1947-48, Cougar ga-lgagirgriis 41947-49, Co-Ed Club 1947-48, Corresponding Secretary, Co-Ed 1 8- J. Brock, Charles Gene Houston Petroleum Engin. Society of Engineers 1946-49, Red Masque Players 1946-47, Second Vice- President 194 , Co-Ed Club 1946-47, reasurer 1947. Iunior Scholastic Society 1946, Phi Theta Kappa 1946-47, Charter Member 1946-47, Vice- President 1946-47, Square Dance Club 1946-47, Cougar Staii 1946, Press Club 1946. Charter Member U oi H Band, Band 1946-48. Student Council 1946-49, Freshman Class Preesident 1946, Sophomore Class Treasurer 1947. Councilman-at-large l948,Vice-President ot Student Council 1948-49, Student Assembly 1947, Vice-Chairman, Student Assembly 1946. Chairman, Student Assembly 1947, Honor Roll 1946-49, Dannenbaum Scholarship in Engineering 1946-49, Houstonian Stati 1946-47, High School Reception 1946, Varsity Varieties 1946-47, Frontier Fiesta 1947-48, Purchasing Agent 1947, Cheer Leader 1946-48, Head Cheer Leader 1948. Brodsky, Leo Allentown, Pennsylvania Economics Brooks, Paul Lee, Ir. Houston Geology Band 1946-49, Geological Society 1947-48. SENIORS N 617 Brosig, Margorie Lee Houston Psychology QP Cougar Collegians 1945-49, Co-Ed Club 1945-49, Psychology 7 Club 1948-49, Red Masque 1945-46, Assistant Secretary Frontier Fiesta 1948. Business Administration Club 1945-47. Brown, Glenn C. Houston Management Honor Roll 1946-48, Baptist Student Union. Coffee Trouble Brown, Leo Clifford Houston Chemical Engin Browning, Bernice B. LaPorte Management Honor Roll 1946-48, Phi Theta Kappa. Assemblyman 1948-49. Bruno, Tony Port Arthur Management Bowling Club, Honor Roll. Bryant, Bemiece Houston Psychology Veteran's Club Secretary 1946-47, Psychology Club. Buckels. Samuel H. Houston General Business Budd, Charles L. Pasadena Architectural Engin. Escrollus Society 1947-48, Society of Engineers 1947-48. 1 Bunch, Robert Kem Houston Pre Med Frontiersmen Club. Burchfiel, Nancy Lee Houston Art Art Club 1946-48, Cougar Colleqians 1947-49, Cougar Collegian President 1948-49, Houstonian Assistant Editor 1948-49, Assistant Literary Editor Houstonian 1947, Escrollus Society 1947-48, Frontier Fiesta Executive Secretary 1948, Co-Ed Club 1946-47, Iunior Maid High School Reception 1948, Student Assembly 1947-48. Red Masque Players 1946-47. Burda, Iohn I. Houston Mechanical Engineering Burlingame, Charles W. Middletown, N. Y. Elec. Engin. Society oi Engineers. Bumett, Edgar Leroy, Ir. Houston Gen. Business Business Administration Club. Burton, Bonnie I ean Houston Psychology Bggiig Student Union 1946-47, Spanish Club 1946-47, Psychology Club SENICDRS fflll 1 'i fllllf 4 l l lllll Q' lXlll'lll l illlllll fllllfillly l ll an itll ttl 1 lyiy ,ly M .ll fllf Y j"' ml J It i 1. 1 lb 1 Burton. lane Ruth Houston English 1 HW ,fff,," f X iii It -' lf? Football Thrills Byers, Clyde V. Houston Petroleum Engineering Cade, William Iames Houston Physical Education Caldwell, Rex Nations Houston Physics Canion. Iames Boyd Temple Mechanical Engin. Society oi Engineers, Track Team 1948. Cannata, Fred V. Houston Marketing and Advertising French Club 1845, Newman Club 1945-46. Sapdevielle, William L. Houston Trade and Trans. Glee Club 1939-41. Baptist Student Union 1939-42. 1 Baptist Student Union 1945-49, Buckaroo Club 1948-49, , fl !! Co-Ed Club 1948-49, Cougar Reporter 1945-46, French Club 1 ff 1945-47. Student Library Assistant 1945-49. Burwell, Willie Mae Houston Education 7,-.W 1-V.-.w...-..vw -s Wv W.. . , '- -"' "" of---------'-'H ----v--f---V--H-W 'Y' - . --v....7g,,, W. .-. , . . , , . -.--.-W.-. H., Carney, Charles P., Ir. Boston, Mass. English Carroll, lack Leonard Pasadena Mechanical Engin. Carter, H. L. lack Houston General Business Honor Roll 1947-48, Cougar Reporter 1941-42. Catalanou, Sophia Athens, Greece Bacteriology Caudron, Iarvice G. Gowen, Okla. Photography ' Camera Club 1947-49. Cecil. Albert Nolan, Ir. Houston Management Baptist Student Union. i SENICRS I Cesak, Ioseph B. Houston Accountzng Co-Ed Club 1947-48. Newman Club 1946-48. Chandler, Carl H., II Houston ,. Management EX Co-Ed Club 1946-49, President oi Co-Ed Club 1948-49. Davis Exes 1947-49. President, Davis Exes 1947-48, Frontiers- men 1947-49, Council ot Clubs President 1947-48, Canterbury Club 1946-48. German Club 1946-49, Vice-President, Berman Club 1947, Writer's Club 1947-48. Kiddies Day In The Village Chapman, Hugh C. Houston Accounting Chggnralpil Vggggce Webster, Ir. Houston Biology Charpentier, Allen R. Houston Electrical Engin. Cherry, Rayburn C. Houston Mechanical Engin. Chxnelik, E. Iohn Houston Physical Education Christenot, Elizabeth Houston Secretarial Science Co-Ed Club 1945-49, Business Administration Club 1945-49. Secretarial Club 1946-49. Cougar Collegian: 1947-49. 5 5 , H lIn,.Jq,,,.. r.. - Jil- - wit . V K 5, If T' K . y ll ki ' .:- :H - Cochran, Arthur M. Houston Radio-Speech Red Masque Players 1945-49, Alpha Psi Omega 1947-49. X Male Chorus 1947-49, Radio Guild 1947-49, Houstonian Art 351 "'j-- Ed.tor 1948-49, Varsity Business Manager 1949, Y -2 j I iq- Pre Law Club 1947-48. Cole. Harold E. Galveston Physical Ed. Frontiersman Collins, Elmo A., Ir. Houston Management Collins, Iames Edward Price Industrial Engineering Collins, Royal Eugene Houston Physics Engineering Socigty Board oi Directors 1946-47, Honor Roll 1947, Math society 1949. Colyer, Henry D. Albion, 111. General Business Conley, Harry Edwin Houston Mechanical Engin. Conner, Robert G. Houston Sales Engineering Pre Law Club 1946-47. Co-Ed Club. Methodist Student Union 1948-48. Engineering Society 1948. Christensen, Mary Virgene Houston Home Economics Home Economics Club, Buckaroo Club 1946, Future Teachers ol America. Christrnan. Robert Ernest Houston General Business Cisneros, Isaac Rosenberg Electrical Engineering Clark, Mary Anne Houston Social Science Clauset, Alvin O., Ir. Houston Physics Physics Lab Assistant, American Chemical Society 1948-49, Texas Academy ol Science 1948-49. Clifton. Howard Rowland Houston Art Art Club. Red Masque Players. French Club. SENIORS .W -Ya-. ...., ,. , W., ,..,,...... ,, . .,,.,,,,,..w,,.. , Y ., Coselli, Frank I., Ir. Houston Architectural Engin. Counts, David A. Houston Business Education Crevenstene, Irene I. Houston Secretarial Science Who's Who 1947-49. Press Club 1946-47, Honor Roll 1945-48, Co-Ed Club 1945-47. Baptist Student Union 1945-48, Rackateers l945-46. Secretarial Science Club 1945-47, Business Administration Club 1947-48. Psychology Club l946-47, Geological Society 1947-48. Coselli, Frank I., Ir. Houston Architectural Eng. Counts, David A. Houston Business Education Crevenstene, Irene I. Houston Secretarial Science Who's Who 1947-49, Press Club 1946-47, Honor Roll 1945-48. Co-Bd Club 1945-47, Baptist Student Union 1945-48. Racketeers 1945-46. Secretarial Science Club 1945-47, Business Administration Club 1947-48, Psychology Club 1946-47, Geological Society 1947-48. 3 Crews, Beulah C. Fairbanks Gen. Ed. Cruz, E., Ir. Arroyo, Puerto Rico Radio Engin. gl. - 'rx . '.:,', " vQb'-.C-,1'J.-.5 ,X .l'71'jgi ,"- 2 H 1 tl E , E' -.-" : 15:-'fl:X457 -pl. .T I I Y 5, Transportation Culpepper. Thomas Elbert Houston Finance Baptist Student Union 1947-48. Business Administration Club 1947-48 Honor Roll 1946-48. Cummings, Iohn H. Bay City Public Accounting Veteran's Club. Cunningham, Tommy I., Ir. Arp Electrical Engin Engineering Society 1948-49, Newman Club 1946-49, Vice-President New man Club 1947-48, Newman Club President 1948-49. - Curry, Parris Fawndean Rotan General Business Daily, Abe, Ir. Simonton Psychology Dane, Alfred Louis Stowell General Business 2 s 5 2 sz 3 Dansby, I. P. Houston Music Choral Club 1946-48. Male Chorus 1946-48, Red Masque Players 1946-48, Club 1947-48. Male Chorus Vice-President 1948-49. Band Member Darby, Henry Lee, Ir. Houston Accounting Business Administration Club. Co-Ed Club. Darilek. Dorothy H. Houston Secretarial Science Phi meta Kappa 1s4s4s, Newman Club 1946-49, sommmi Club 1945-46. Business Administration club mms. Davis, Renoy Barton Houston Education Dawkins. Ianie Frances Houston Organ Music Phi Beta 1947-49, Orchestra 1946-48, Chorus 1946-47. Operstta 1947, Presbyterian Student Association 1947-48. Dawkins. Thomas I. Houston Accounting Alpha Phi Omega 1948-49. E IORS Mortar and Peltle. de Kanter, A. Mexico City Architecture Red Masque Players 1946-48. Square Dance Club 1945-46 Social Science Club 1946-47. Socratic Club 1945-46, Alpha All Conference BIG CECIL De Loach. Rodney R. Beaumont Petroleum Engin. Dingle, Robert L. Houston Physics Society of Engineers, Square Dance Club. Doerge. Maynard H. Houston Mechanical Engin. Downs. Hazel Howard Houston Education Baptist Student Union. Duggan, George L. Houston Petroleum Engin. honor Roll. Geological Society. Radio Production Durbin, George H. Houston Phi Theta Kappa President 1946-47. Varsity Varieties Business Manager 1948. Varsity Varieties Director 1949. Red Masque Players Vice-President Fronti r F st 1947 m 1946 49 Red Mas 1947-48, 'e ie a -48. Alpha Psi O eqa - . Que Players 1946-49, Radio Guild 1948-49. Co-Ed Club 1947. DeHart, Kenneth Lee Houston Pharmacy Dutcher, Iack Leon Houston General Accounting V::: qpnggupq-..--W .,,.v.. -.,m-- f---mp.-.-.--v., rv-W-rn -we-Y..-,-f.wnm.--,env fs ,Q ,U A , , , , , 1 t Dzilsky, Thomas Edward Baytown Geology .Z ll? Easley, Daniel Grant, Sr. Caldwell Accounting Eaton, Iohn Richard Houston Sociology Eckman, Robert E. Rockford, I11. Physical Ed. Phi Theta Kappa. Eifiler, Dorothy McFadden Mt. Sylvan Psychology Psychology Club 1947-48. 1 gi SENIORS A I V Al , W," 19, . if 410 .SQ Eisworth, H. R., Ir. Houston Management' Newman Club 1s4s4s. 'iflik ?f 'SL C 1. Eklund, Herman E. Houston Accounting ' Ji? ei an-' A, ,.-,- Ticket Salesman Ellis, Washington L., Ir. Houston Civil Engineering Eulenteld, Clarence H. Houston Public Accounting Enlow, Donald Hugh Houston Biology Texas Academy ot Science. Biological Society, Treasurer oi Taxa Academy ot Science. Enoch, Robert William Houston Pharmacy Epps, Franse Taylor Houston Pre Med Texas Academy ot Science. Pro Med Club. Escamilla, Henry G. Houston General Business El Foro Es anol, Co-Ed Club, Newman Club, Business Administration Club, Le Cguartier Latin, Phi Theta Kappa. Vice-President. Phi Theta Kappa 1947-48, Honor Roll 1946-48, Who's Who 1947-48. F VV V VV . VJllsl,-.-V...Jlu1l.- .,. ..n-as-5 ,V , V. V V V.VV. V V.V. ppm.- W., Evans, Hilary Maureen Houston English Cougar Collegians Publicity Chairman 1941-42, Foil Club Secretary 1946-47, Le Quartier Latin 1946-48, Red Masque Players 1946-49. Cougar Staff. Everett, Curtis L. Shreveport, La. Psychology Alpha Phi Omega, Alpha Phi Omega Secretary 1948-49. Fahey, Bernard Francis, Ir. Houston Electrical Engin. Society ot Engineers. Falk, Irene Wilson Houston Home Economics. Honor Roll 1947-48. Falkenhagen, Charles A., Ir. Houston Mech. Engin. Farkas, Emerich New York City, N. Y. Pharmacy 1 ? SENIQRS X if tn, 1 t 1 M Farmer, C. L., Ir. Houston Mech. Engin. C V. bi'f1'Q"'5 Feather, Edward M. Houston Accounting Red Masque Players ' Fehrenkamp, Fred F., Ir. Houston Physical Ed. Fenstermaker, William R. Houston Electrical Engin. Ferguson, Naomi Landin Houston Secretarial Science Business Administration Club. Fetzer, Billy E. Houston Management Filer, Verlene Waco Dietetics Home Economics Club 1948-49. Assemblyman 1948-49. Findley, Russell E. Houston Electrical Engin. Fitzgerald, Harry H. Houston Mechanical Engin. Phi Theta Kappa 1947-48, Sergeant-at-arms, Society of Engineers 1947-48, Honor Roll 1946-49. Flynn, Arthur M. Houston Architecture Escrollus Society President l948-49. Art Club. Flynn. Charles H.. Ir. Houston Architecture Fountain, Forrest Roland Ennis Pre Med Honor Roll 1947, Pre Med Societgalfresident 1948, Pre Med Society Secretary 1948, President Cougar nd 1947-48, Vice-President Cougar Band 1947-49, Business Manager Cougar Band 1946-47, Assemblyman T. A. S. Cl A. 1947-48, Delegate to' State Convention T. A. S. C. A. 1948, Presbyterian Student Association 1947-48. Co-Composer with Marion Ford, Ir. at Cougar Fight Song, Co-Ed Club 1946, President, Cougar Band 1948-49, Charter Member iological Society 1948. Fraser, Burt Houston Education French, Marilyn H. Houston Secretarial Science Co-Ed Club 1945-46, Cougar Collegian: 1945-48, Buckaroo Club 1945-48, Square Dance Club 1945-48, Business Administration Club 1946-48, Varsitv Varieties 1946-47, Operetta 1945-46, Houstonian Stall 1946-47. .-gi,e. .,, .-,,. ,,,.... - .avi - . ,. v.-.-..- - C . . .. SENIORS - .- Psychology Club. Funkhouser, Ida C. Strasburg, Va. Psych. Garcia, Edna C. ,X xl fait ,-f ,cf X fly ' I ,ig XV 4 K33-AN X A Y Rl , ! Y , 'CNY Mexico City English Lit. Conversation While Dancing Garrison, Ioel Richard Houston Mechanical Engin. Gee, Floyd Troup Accounting Honor Roll 1947-48, Business Administration Club 1948. Genitempo, Ioe F. Houston Management Gentry, Howard Lee Beaumont Pharmacy Vice President Mortar and Pestle 1948. ' George, Clyde D. Houston Management and Trade Gibson, Samuel Paul Houston General Business Gtlhspre, Iames Houston Civil Engineengg Phi Theta Kappa 1946-47. Math Club 1946, Society ot Engineers 1 , Student Assembly 1947, Radio Club l947. Physics Lab Instructor 1946-48, Who's Who 1948, Frontier Fiesta 1947. Gilliam, Marcus L., Ir. Houston Mechanical Engin. Society ot Engineers 1946, Veteran's Club 1315-46. Gochenour, Ned L. Cascade, Va. Physical .Ed. Gogol, Michael Houston Mechanical Engin. honor Roll 1946-48, Society ot Engineer Gold, Claire E. Houston Physical Education Lanyard Club. Secretary. Hillel Society 1948, Honor Roll 1947. President, Hillel Society 1948-49, Vice-President, Lanyard Club 1948-49, Student Assembly 1948-49. Goldenberg, Edgar H. Houston Marketing and Adv. fr sENloRs Q +9 Gollob, Annie Mae Houston Home Ec. Reporter, Home Economics Club 1945. Co-Ed Club. Home 1 momma club 1946-47. NGWS HOUHCI Gonzales, luan Taylor Technology Gosley, Alex W. Houston Engineering Math Gracida, Henry. Ir. Houston Architecture Honor Roll 1946-48, Escrollus Society 1946-48, Newman Club 1946-48. Graves, William C. Houston Petroleum Engin. Gray, Robert Steele Houston Iournalism Cougar Staii, Houstonian Stati. Green, Thomas Milton Houston Education Griffith Milton R. Victoria Mechanical En in. I 9 Junior Scholarship Society 1946-47. Grisham, Iay Lonnie Abilene General Business Business Administration Club l947-48, Future Teachers ot America 1947. Gfruchalla, Emeric E. Houston Electrical Engin. G"3ifi.?.?.f.R3l'3.e'f..fs'3'fTni...f"3.'f.f"f3....,. Mamgemen' Guerra, Flavio I. Laredo Public Accounting Guillory, Harold Lloyd Houston Finance Gupton, Kenneth Mason Houston Music hed Masque Players 1946-47, Alpha Psi Omega 1947-49, President of Alpha Psi Omega 1948-49, Choral Club 1946-49, Choral Club Treasurer 1947-48, Male Chorus President 1947-49, French Club 1948-49. Outstanding Award in Dramatic: 1948, Freshman and Sophomore Drama Award, Who's Who, Operetta 1946-49, Student Assembly 1947-48. S NIORS Gurley, Richard W. Pearsall Psychology Honor Roll 1946-47, Veterans Counselor 1948-49. Hail, Ben C. Houston Marketing P J B 7 Q I Aj N .s " 6 I Troubador, Fiesta Style l-lairgrove, Ellis M. Nacoqdoches History Hairston. Raymond L. Houston Psychology Program Chairman oi Psychology Club 1948. Office Manager oi Coopera- tive School, Psychology Club President 1948-49. Student Assembly 1948-49. Assistant Director of Co-operative School 1949. Hakansson, C. V. San Francisco, Cal. Mech. Engin. Halbert. Samuel N., Ir. Houston Management Band Member 1945-48. Hale, Eulas Tex Houston Architecture Esaollus Society. Hall, Harold Edward Houston Accounting Hall, Ray A. Linden Mechanical Engin. Hall, Wilmer Tilden Houston Physical Ed. Haluska, Ladislav I. Crosby Accounting rm 'rum xqppq 1947. Hamilton, Wayne R. Houston Architectural Design Escrollus Society 1946-48, Treasurer, Eicrollus Society 1946-47. Hampton, Icy Marie Houston Ioumalism Hansen, Hershel A. Houston Industrial Engin. SE IORS Harman, Oswell H. Highlands Pub. Acct. Harrell, Iames M., Ir. Atlanta, Ga. History yl J? 5 - 0 ,, Springtime On The Campus Harrington, Ross E. Houston D Management Charter Member oi Alpha Phi Omega 1947-49, Co-Ed Club 1947. Harris. Carolyn Houston Art Buckaroo cum 194149. An club 194149. Harrison, T. D. Galveston Mechanical Engin. Honor Roll 1947-48, Society ot Engineers Harrity, Iohn I., Ir. Houston Honor Roll 1947-48. Harrop, William H. Baytown Hart, Iohn Henry Alvin 1946-48, Fencing Team 1946-47. Management Mechanical Engin. Mechanical Engin. and Psychology W- ., Y ,...,,,... .. ,. W- -...- , ,--s-..-W ...,., .www F. .. .,.,. f .. , W .-.....w-- . , ., --.-, ,,v.. ..,- .-.f,.-,..v.- , ----.. .W Hartley, Iames H. Houston Public Accounting Harvey, William R. Houston Civil Engineering Hastings, George Starr Houston Gen. Business. Hay. Billy Iune Abilene Education Hay, Martin L. Abilene Management Hays, Patty Houston Home Economics Home Economics Club 1945-48, Square Dance Club 1945-46, Buckaroos 1945-46, Iunior Class Maid. Frontier Fiesta 1947. rv 5 Q 6 g , V U A A vera. 1 Hembree, Ouida Io Houston Accounting H N Honor Boll 1946-47, Business Administration Club 1947-48. Henderson, W. M. Houston Management R B. M. 0. C. Hibbard, Rockwell N. Houston Accounting High, Carl H. Houston Radio Broadcasting Hildebrandt, Alvin Frank Spring Physics Math Club. German Club. Student Assembly. Hill, Waldo Eugene Brownfield Accounting Honor Roll l946-47. Hines, Iohn Iames Houston Finance Hollis, William N. Houston Physical Ed. President ot Varsity "H" 1948-49. President of Davis Exe: 1948-49. Football Letterman 1946-47-48. S if 3 it Q X1 2 5 39 f ,puuuunuuns 11:11 .I-1----f-.--nn. - . se ..unq- -- , .Q 1 F .J i ll ' ,,.Jf, ff: gfrfyj-',4 ' . U 4 1 f 'N pf tv f X K v ., R l 4 ,,......, 1 51 nv f.3'Qi:f1:.Ff ,1 fjijff Hughes, Howard E. Houston Management "" R -?-ij, Q1"f'.q French Club 1943-44, Business Association 1947-48, Society X tor the Advancement ot Management 1948-49. -v "" "" "1 ,ha 'P' ' "'?4irfLf9F'4b?f59.., .iff gg r- Humphreville, Blake Houston Management - cena Club 1941-48. ummm Administration Club mme. L. M. O. C. Hackney, Martha Iune Houston Psychology Cougar Collegians. Newman Club, Psychology Club. Iacobson, lean Elizabeth Houston Art Buckaroos 1945-49. Assemblyman 1947-48. President 1948-49, Red Masque Eggers l945-47. Art Club 1945-49, Secretary 1948-49, Student Assemb lameson, Ioe Paul Houston Electrical Engin. Phi Theta Kappa 1946-47, Math Club 1947-48. Ianak, Victor Iames Houston Electrical Engin. 4, .5 Ieanes, Ioe Wesley Houston Civil Engineering Soc.ety ot Engineers 1947-48-49. Ienkins, Fred G. B. Galveston Geology Geological Society 1947-49. 1' ll . A X W wx V 'ii , , 6.1 ilu lx 1 ' 2 :M f 4' -ff, ' 4 r 'lf 'tht 11 tl . ., . Ho.?,E'e,5a.lllf..C1'..lf'f...1?3?,.?f.?'l.4.. r BMOQY Hopkins, Charles W. Yoalrum Radio Engineering Huacuja, Edward M. Houston Chemical Engin. Hudson, Lloyd H. Atlanta, Ga. Indust. Management. Hughes, Billie Snyder Elementary Education SENICJRS -Holmes, James C. Paraqould, Ark. Mechanical Engin. Iensen, Harold Raymond Houston Accounting Honor Roll 1946-47, Phi Kappa 1947. Iochen, Curtis H. Houston Mechanical Engin. Iohns, Augustus B. C., Ir. Houston Management Iohnson, Betty lean Houston Secretarial Science Cougar Collegianl, E1 Foro Espanol, Canterbury Club, Social Science Club. Iohnson. Glennon D. Houston Math and Education Honor Roll 1947-49. Iohnson. Kenneth Maurice Houston Pre Med Pre Med Club 1946-48. Texas Academy of Science 1946. Biology Lab Assistant 1946-47. SENIORS Iohnson, Monna E. Houston Sec. Science Cougar Collegians 1947-49, Co-Ed Club 1945-48, Business Administratration Club 1945-49. Secretarial Club 1946-49. Iohnston, Louis I. Orange Gen. Business ' ,L , Genius Ioiner, A. I. Houston History Iones, Iames Lester, Ir. Houston Civil Engineering Iones, Mack C. Houston Personnel Management Phi Theta Kappa 1948, Veterans Counselor 1947-48. Iones, Meta Lewis Houston Education Iones, Norman O. Oquawka, III. Physical Ed. Kobayashi, Herbert Webster Electrical Engin. 3? E 2 1 7 ,, Y , Kakaska, George H. South Milwaukee, Wis. Pre Med Chemistry Lab Assistant. Kaufhold, Ioseph, I r. Houston Pre Med Frontier Fiesta 1947-49, Varsity Varieties 1944. Square Dance Club 1943-44, Pre Med Society 1947-49. Keith, Ernest Kit Houston Pharmacy 0 Keller. Grace Houston Psychology Secretary. Student Association 1941-42. Secretary. Iunior Class 1940-41, Vice-Chairman, Frontier Fiesta 1940-41. Publicity Chairman Cougar Col- legians 1939-40. Psychology Club, Cougar Collegians, Speech Club. Kelsoe, Iohn Henry, Ir. Houston Mechanical Engin. Kersh, David V., Ir. Houston Gen. Business Baptist Student Union. SENICRS Z 1946-47, President 1947-48, Board ot Directors 1948-49. . Teaching Fellowship 1946-48. Chem Lab Kleb, Melvin Arthur Houston Mechanical Engin. Track Letterman 1946-47-48-49, Varsity "H" Association. Klepper, Richard F. Houston Management l-resident, Baptist Student Union 1947-48. King. Arthur B. Houston Pharmacy President. Mortar and Pestle Club 1948-49. Kittinger,W. T.. Ir. Houston Elec. Engin. Society ot Engineers, Vice-President 1944-45, Chief Engineer Knecht, Clarence W. F t. Lauderdale, Fla. Mech. Engin Society oi Engineers 1946-49, President. Society of Engineers l94d-49 Student Assembly 1948-49, Honor Roll 1946-48. Koehler, Doris Louise Houston Psychology Treasurer Spanish Club 1948, Spanish Club 1946-48, Cougar Collegians 1942-43, 1948, Buckaroos 1947-48. Psychology Club 1947-48. Methodist student union is-as-48. chem 1942. co-sd Club 1941-4a. Art Club 1942. Koenig, Harry Cooper Albany, N. Y. French Koomey, Paul C. Houston Mechanical Engineering Honor Boll 1949, Football 1947-48. """' " """"' r 'r v -- -fr-n.. . .. -4--f -- ...F -..Y ,.., . Vw- .. - .. .., e.-.,.,,,.,.. . .,..-.-., ,,. ..... ...W., .. . Y,-.....,...., +----- nf.-.W----f ---- H- H --- Kowalski, F loyd I. Marlin Management Krause, Edward E. Houston Industrial Ed. Krauss, Lee, II Wynnewood, Pa. Clinical Psych. Alpha Phi Omega, Charter Member 1946, Secretary 1946, Second Vice- President 1947, President 1948-49, Frontier Fiesta Co-Ticket Chairman 1948, Liason Officer 1949, Vice-President of Student Assembly 1947-49, Member oi First Student Court 1948, Assistant Registration Manager 1947-49, Staff Couselor for Freshman Guidance Program 1948-49. French Club 1947, Publicity Chairman oi Iunior-Senior Prom 1948. Krenzler, Harold Lee Houston Gen. Business Lancon, Albert A. Houston Petroleum Engin. Landers, William Iohn Houston Management 4 SENIQRS up ws. it ".,. ...'D " ,..,,x.-...sq F ' f , .-Nall ' 3' M all ln 'WWI I' x xx rw I , . ,W K jf X , 1 'lf X ff t W Langham, Thomas H. Houston Mech. Engin. E S A 3 Lanham, lack Houston Secretarial Science 1 S K Q, Q Tennis 1947-49. Captain, Tennis Team 1949, Varsity "H" ,H-,.,, ,., ,,. ,., ,,,. ' Association 1947-49, Secretarial Club 1948-49. Baptist Stu- dent Union 1948-49. Championship Team, Intramural Bas- ketball 1948, All-Intramural Basketball 1948, Championship Hof Copy Team. Intramural Volleyball 1948, Beard Growing Contest 1948, Frontier Fiesta 1947-49. Lee, Royce E. Port Arthur Houstonian Staff 1947-49, Cougar Sta Lee, William T. Houston Lefkowitz, Iacob Houston Laurentz, Fred I. Houston Lee, Bemard Z. Bellaire Lee, Irwin Herbert Bellaire Perfect Attendance Record. Radio and Ionrnalism fi 1941-48. Mechanical Engineering Accounting Mechanical Engineering Accounting Pre Law llllunl Y ...vmwnu .. Leon. Ioy Ann Houston Psychology Leonard, Arthur B. Houston Psychology Club. Psychology Gen. Business 1946-47, Business Association Lewis, Catherine Houston Newman Club 1946-49, Secretarial Club 1947-48, Phi Theta Kappa 1946-49. Lewis, Dan William Houston Mechanical Engin. Frontiersmen, Frontier Fiesta 1948-49. Lewis, Iames Lloyd, Ir. Houston Sociology Lewis, Samuel O., Ir. Houston Public Accounting C?-1 F X Q -.-.. 9 -Tl?-3 f jig- -A , N I Lindsey, Walter W. San Saba Iournalism Cooking-Class- Litowich, Carolyn M. Houston Photography French Club 1945-47, Rod Masque Pla on 1947-48, Hillel Society 1945-49, Spanish Club 1946-48. Honor Roll 1947-49. Camera Club 1947-49. Little. Clyde, Ir. Houston . Civil Engineering Society ot Engineers, Bowling Club. Little, Edward Harmon Houston History Little, George M. Houston Architecture Home Economics Littlejohn, Iulia Beth Houston Home Economics Club President 1948-49, Corresponding Secretary 1947-48. Assemblyman 1946-47. Lively, C. R. Streetman Architectural Engin. Escrollus Society 1947-48. Secretary 1948, Honor Roll 1946-48. Lohse, Robert Lee, Ir. Pasadena Public Accounting v -W 'v---W -H-dw-f ' -ff-f H- - N--W--upluulluulrl-,V ewan.-.. e ...wt-.pumps .W .ne .ew ..,,..,-4gqlwm.-,,..q,,e.-.. W Long, Hollis Wilford Houston Industrial Engin. Lovell, James Frank Houston Education Industrial Education Club, Baptist Student Union, Future Teachers oi America. Luna. Salvador Houston Mechanical Engineering Lundy, Fred Marvin, Ir. Bellaire Radio , Radio Guild, Porsenic Club, Frontier Fiesta 1947. Lusk, Ora Maurine Houston Education Lyons, Francis Eugene Houston Management Band 1948-49, Business Administration Club 1947-49, Speech Club 1946, Co-Ed Club 1947, Veteran's Club 1946. SENICRS y 5 Madeley, Paul E. Conroe Electrical Engin. Phi Theta Kappa. Math Club 1947-49. 1: M5-tLt"l Maguire, Iohn I., Ir. Houston Physical Ed. 1- 5 'zi- Senior Class Treasurer 1948-49, Newman Club 1947, Honor " Roll 1948. Future Teachers oi America 1947. Wheres My Hoss? Mahafiey, Leonard Alton Houston Gen. Business Malmberg, Margaret Holland Houston Psychology Malone, Iames Vernon Houston Industrial Ed. Industrial Education Society. Malotke, Armand T. Milwaukee, Wis. Gen. Business Marcello, Salvador, DeRidder, La. Pharmacy Mortar and Pestle Club. Marold, Oscar Martin, Ir. Houston Electrical Engin. i F 1 Y- Y. l. Y s-J,,. Y, .ev 41111. , V , .pv-II!- -- f--- vf - """"""' Marques, Henicy Durel, Ir. Houston Gen. Accounting Martin, Collin Wayne Baytown , Management Society of Engineers 1943-45, Square Dance Club 1944-45. Martin, Joseph Morgan, Ir. E1 Campo Engineering Society oi Engineers 1946. Martin, Robert Spottiswood, III Houston Electrical Engineering and Math. Marty, Albert Bruce, Ir. Beaumont Public Accounting Massey, Iohn Conrad Houston , Management Baptist Student Union 1947-49, Editor ot "By:tander" 1948-49. Spanish Club 1947-49, Student Assembly 1947-48. I E IORS X 6- tiki K 1 f- JI ""' Massey, Iohn R. Pearland Mech. Engin. 3 Society of Engineers 1945-49. bw: Matta, Romeo Houston Electrical Engin. ' ,A Math Society 1948-49. HOLMAN? McBee, Melvin Doyle Houston. Education Cougar Sport Columnist 1944-45, Press Club 1944-45, Future Teachers ot America 1948-49. McCarthy, Thomas F. Boston, Mass. Psychology McClain, Martha Virginia Crockett Physical Ed. Racketeers 1945. Red Masque Players 1946-47, Cougar Collegians 1946, Lanyard Club President 1947-48, Vice-President 1947, Corresponding Secretary 1948-49. McDonald, Page Houston English Charter Member ot Zeta Beta Chapter oi Phi Theta Kappa 1947, Iunior Scholarship Society 1945, Stat! Reporter. Cougar 1945-48. McDonald, Vance Booth ' Houston Business 'Education Baptist Student Union. McElroy. Marjorie M. Hallettsville Education Future Teachers of America 1948-49, Baptist Student Union. McGaffey, Otis Houston Electrical Engineering Society of Engineers 1948 McGa1lion, Mabel Odell Houston Accounting Honor Roll 1945-47, Cougar Staff 1945-46, Press Club 1945-46, Baptist Student Union 1945, Business Administration Club 1947-48. McGinnes, Iohn Wesley Houston Accounting McKim, Iack Edward Houston Architectural Engin. Escrollus Society 1947-48. N McLain, Lee Roy Houston Accounting McLane, Frank Andrew Houston Accounting SENICRS , W McLendon, Billie L. Lalcesvzlle, Miss. Engin. McMillan, E. Glenn Houston Gen. Business Hit Hard McPhail, William H. Memphis, Tenn. Petroleum Engin. Basketball Letterman 1947, 1948, 1949, Varsity "H". ' McWilliams, Albert Raymond Houston Home Ec. Honorary Member, Home Economics Club. McWilliams, William M. Houston Public Accounting Honor Roll 1947, Frontier Fiesta 1948. Meadows, Hugh Wilton Baytown Education Menelaides, Kenneth Lee Houston Electrical Engin. Society of Engineers. Mercer, Tommy Roswell, N. M. Radio Production Drum Maior 1946-48, Iunior Class President 1947-48, Student Council 1947-48, Red Masque Players 1946-48, All Star Cast Dramatics 1949, Outstanding People 1947-48, Alpha Psi Omega 1948-49, Senior Class President 1948-49, Student Council 1948-49. Y nu- ni n-in - nun , Merjanian, Paul E. San Antonio Petroleum Engin. new non 1946-41. Messenger, Darl I. Houston General Accounting Meyers, Hoyce Houston Houston Gen. Business Miller, Iohn Lee Houston Secretarial Science Co-Ed Club 1948. Veteran's Club 1948, Business Administration Club 1948, Secretarial Science Club 1947-48. Miller, Mark Z. Houston Public Accounting Milstead, William Wright Houston Biology SENIORS N ,r 631, ' it-glvlq 1 . Minahan, Ioseph I. Houston Gen. Business Gf,Qf,,,,,,,1 Mitchell. Ioe L. Houston Electrical Engin. .gt , x J 'J' Instructor, School oi Technology Electronics Department. '-- ki -fi '- IX' Football Cards ' L Houston Math and Mech En in. Mitchell, Orville . - q Honor Roll 1947, Society oi Engineers 1947-49, Bowling Club 1947-49. Mock, Harry C. Bedford, Pa. Gen. Business Moore, Nonna Houston English Girl Scouts Service Organization 1947-49, Secretary l948. Assemblyman mms. nad Manu. Players 1946-aa. Morris, Marvell Craton Houston Electrical Engin. Veteran's Club. Society ot Engineers. Morrison, Nina Kathryn Beaumont Biology Pn ma club ma. Morton, Hurshall B. Houston Management ! 1 1 I ,,,...,.,,.,.,,,,,,,..,.......,,,, v.....-.-.-.-...--N v--,..V.--v.-.-,-.-.-vw - - --'-'-- v - ' -' - - - Mount, Howell Edward Galena Park Architecture nmoxius society. Mull, Horace Houk Houston Mechanical Engin. Munoz, George Houston Mechanical Engin. Nagorny, Christine Esther R. Houston Gen. Business Nesmith. Mary Lou Houston History French Club Preesident 1947-48, Treasurer 1947, Phi Theta Kappa His- torian 1947-4B, Future Teachers oi America Treasurer l947-48, President 1948-49, Association ot Club Presidents 1947-48, Art Club 1946-47, Writers Club 1946-47, Student Assembly 1947-48, Methodist Student Movement 1946-49, Frontier Fiesta 1947-48, Illustrator tor "Le Bayou" ot French Department, "Le Fouille de Chou" ot French Club and the "I.amplighter" ol the Methodist Student Movement. Neuman, Hans Port Arthur Public Accounting , ,m, v. ...-- -- .-,,... , ,.,, . V - .,.... s-ew --V -me U-..-... ,.. - -, -v--"' Y "rr--W r' ' SENICRS Nichols, Harry D. Houston Public Acct. Nichols, William B. Houston Elec. Engin. Gwqgu. -eg, , - fire 1 -- Whistle Bait Nickerson, Iames G. Lynn, Mass. Chemical Engin. Society ot Engineers, Honor Roll 1946-48. Niemeyer, Edward R. Galveston Frontier Fiesta 1946-49, Part Time Engineering Instructor. Mechanical Engin. Ober, George Peter, Ir. Houston Radio Engineering Mum Club 1947-48. O'Brien, Willie Ioe Houston Marketing Oder, William Forrest Houston Mechanical Engin. Oelke, Merritt Charles Houston Psychology Square and Compass Club 1947-48, Honor Society in Education 1948-49, Psychology Club President 1948, Vice-President 1947. , ,,, ,puq.,W.., . -.. .. . . ,., , . . .W Y Ofield, William Iames Houston Geology Recreation Chairman ol Methodist Club 1947, Treasurer ol Geoloqical So- ciety 1946-48, Co-1-.Id Club 1947, Rock Hounds 1949. Geology Lab Instructor. O'Guynn, Roy P. Houston General Business Ohsleldt, Ronald Arthur Houston Public Accounting Honor Roll 1946-48, Phi Theta Kappa. Olson, Beryl Lewis Texas City Mechanical Engin. Olson, Meryl Lewis Texas City Mechanical Engin. Orr, Robert Hugh Ancon, Canal Zone Public Acct. Honor Roll 1947-48. SENICRS N r f f . it N A N ' 1 ' ' wx I f A A M V. ,, y :.,f-nirggistzlgqfasggfgggg izjff 5 1 2 ,4 j Otero, Hector Manchester, N. H. Languages ig, Alpha Phi Omega 1948-49, Manager ot Student lntormation wifslf' ifff Bureau 1948-49. Baptist Student Union 1946-47, American A ' E. ,,. lfff, 7 'V Chemical Society 1946-47, El Foro Espanol 1946-48, Le Zig I . A Q Quartier Latin 1946-49, President 1948-49. Treasurer ot ' V A Student Association 1948-48, Co-Ed Club 1946-48. , . I David, Betty Lou Houston Dramatics . ' lllll , Student Assembly 1945-49, Buckaroos 1945-48, Co-Ed Club - ""'5 8 4 " 1945-46. Assemblyman 1945. Cougar Collegians 1946-49. S. -.3 I "if: 9,-, Assemblyman 1948-49, Square Dance Club 1945-46. Red ' Masque Players 1945-49, Vice-President of Red Masque -.Z A Players 1948-49, Alpha Psi Omega 1948-49, Varsity Varieties , . i n 1945-47. Frontier Fiesta 1946-49, Food Chairman 1946. Girls 'ii" l Ticket Chairman 1949. Secretary ol Sophomore Class 1946-47. ' -Pipe SBl6- Houstonian Statt 1847-49, Junior Layout Editor 1947, Sec- je G ' rotary 1848-49, French Club 1947, Art Club 1945. itat Paine, Robert Lyman Houston Chemical Engin. Paredez, Enrique Ganado Art Red Masque Players 1946-49, Art Club 1946-49, Honor Roll 1947-48. Pattison, Sadie Carolyn Pattison Education Secretarial Club. Methodist Student Union. Peirce Maril n Ruth Old Greenwich Conn. Sociolo I Y I 917 Cougar Colleqians 1948-49, Co-Ed Club 1947-48, Frontier Fiesta 1947-49. Varsity Varieties 1948, Buckaroos 1948-49. Penn, Iosephine Wayne, Neb. Education Baptist Student Union 1948-49, Psychology Club 1948-49, Secretary 1949. Honor Roll 1948-49. Pentony, Arthur Lynn Galveston Business and Radio ,sg Canterbury Club 1948-49. Writers Club 1948-49. Radio Guild 1948-49. E4 . Honor Roll 1948. ' ' Perkins, Richard Kieth Houston Chemistry American Chemical Society. Perritt, Roy Iames Houston Physical Ed. Perry, Dorsey Stanton Beaumont Management Petitt, Ben McDowell, Ir. Houston Civil Engin. Society of Engineer: 1946-48. Peveto, Edgar H., Orange Electrical Engin. Phillips, Iohn W. Houston Mechanical Engin. Society of Engineers 1948-49, Honor Roll 1948. W t " -, ,w ' 5' l 2 f . ' . ff' lx 1 mgj Pitcher, Charles W., Ir. Trenton, N. I. Psych. A X gilt' Pittman,'Irving M. Angleton Mech. Engin. WSH Pittman, Virginia Ann Beaumont Psychology Psychology Club 1947-48. Pitts, Melvin Cruse Houston Management Phi Theta Kappa, Geological Society 1946-49. Pizzitola, Frank A. Houston Podlewski, M. Stanley Houston Mechanical Enqin. Electrical Engin Society of Engineers 1948, American Institute ot Electrical Engineers 1947 Polhemus, Caroline H. Houston Pool, Kenneth Wayne Perry, 111. Elementary Ed. Accounting 1 vl,.Y .Y H V. . . , Poorman, Omer F. Orchard Engineering Popp, Iohn Ioe E1 Campo .General Business Powell, Robert L. Willis M Trade and Transportation Honor Roll 1946-49, Phi Theta Kappa 1946-48. Powell, Robert L. Willis Trade and Transportation Honor Roll 1946-49, Phi Theta Kappa 1946-48. Pratt, Richard Arthur Houston Gen. Business Price, Iames E. Montgomery Civil Engineering 'qt SENIQRS 9 " .491 rv ss Pringle Glen Eugene Houston Psychology t Q W X , I 4: - ' .1-ig-if? -. -:-, ,g- '- .:-Eff Pfieffrszlr. '-33357. :ikifffi 15 -'5??f ""5Fi::."55f, fg'.7-:tiff-M "HI, ' 2- '::. ' .A.:,.:,5 -.g5g:ig,....W L . . Honor non 1937-38 Psychology Club isaa-as Alpha Phi .il o 1 'f-Ei' Omega 1938-39, Vice-President Alpha Phi Omega Pledge ' N-5, cum 194a. SQPHOMORE Pruitt, Margaret D. Houston Mathematics Charter Member oi Phi Theta Kappa 1946-47. President. El Foro Espanol 1946-48, French Club 1947-49. Physics Lab Assistant 1947-48, Future Teachers ot America 1948-49, Re- cording Secretary of El Foro Espanol 1948-49. Quarles, Billy Caro Elkhart Mechanical Engin. Rainey, Walter Mayfield, Ir. Houston Gen. Business Student Council President 1948-49, Prontiersmen President 1947-49. Rep- resentative to N. S. A. 1948, Square Dance Club 1947-48. Varsity Varieties Ticket Chairman 1948-49. Ramsey, Iames K. Houston Mechanical Engin Rau. lack N. Houston Mechanical Engineering Raycraft, William Wilkins Houston Pre Dental Raymer, George Thomas Houston Radio Production audio Gund. ,.-- vm - ...Y-Yvns.. ,.v4.-....-,........ - .......,.- - .. - -.v7.........-..r.........s,.,....... -,..,,,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,, Rees, Ervin Plem Alief Mathematics Methodist Student Union 1947-49, Society ot Engineers 1947-49. Reichle, Marvin N. Houston Physical Education Basketball Letterman 3 years, Varsity "H" Sergeant-at-arms. Reynolds, Boyd, Ir. Amarillo English Richards, Adam Clarence Miami, Fla. Accounting Newman Club 1947-49. Richey, Iacqueline Nell Houston Art Ridley, Philip Edward Dallas X Accounting University ,Village Councilman 1948, Honor Roll 1946-47. SENICRS : o L95 Y 'TYL Qwtzekqgglflll t xg. 'Q I il?-'Sli ' ' Y Robertson, Michael I. Port Arthur Biology Z Robinson, Iohn A. Houston Gen. Business ' lyolicr -7 -I ,Q JUNIOR Rodriguez, Richard R. Houston Architectural Engin. 1 . -1 -:- e- ,:.z:zs:'ss .... .. ....., ..... .. .,.., , . .,.. AN... ., - ---'---- f .. -,., " NSF f' ,yu 4, . ' f,,ygs5zws1.-a t SP,-Ft ' , A Lf M521-jifjggg ., if 7 t ty .-is . -ggiw k 3. - ' lgyqgivg 4 1 '- 2: - ' Rogers, Harry T., Ir. Houston Marketing and Adv. 1-toustonian Editor 1948-49, Layout Editor 1947-48, Press Club 1947-49, All Star Cast Dramatics l948,j Honary Member. Co-Ed Club 1948-49, Frontier' Fiesta Program 1949. Escort, Hiah School Reception 1947-48. Red Masque Players 1946-47. Rogers, Richard Bryan Houston Public Accounting Honor Roll 1946-48, Business Administration Club 1947-48. Rogers, Travis E. Houston Art Baptist Student Union, Art Club. Roggenkamp, LeRoy P. Cuero Public Accounting Rosser, Christopher Lewis Highlands History 3 S ' 3 . 1. Q Y. S . W.-I . , lu.-.. - Rudy, Robert Richard Houston Public Accounting Honor Roll 1946-48, Phi Theta Kappa 1946-48. Geolagical Society 1947-48. Runnels, Billie Van H. La Grange, Ga. Biology Runnels, Robert Houston Trade and Transportation Newman Club. Honor Roll. Sager, Ioseph Monroe Houston Pre Law Salmeron, George Houston Personnel Management Samet, Leon Houston Accounting c .3 95, kflumb V QQ Cl gi N. , 904.3 if I Q 5 4 Sanchez-Woodworth, R. Torreon, Mex I Biology 7, Biology Lab Assistant 3 Years. Red Masque Players 2 years, Newman Club 3 Years, Spanish Club 2 Years. ' Iunior Fire Patrol Captain, Square Dance Club. Pre Med gKcY Society 3 Years, Texas Academy ot Science 2 Years. , Latin American Scholarship 2 Years. A tx.. My Sanders, Iohn Harry Houston English Student Assembly 1946-47, Dr. Ray K. Daily Award for Best Sophomore English Student 1947, Winner, "Harvest" Essay, 1947, President oi Writer's Club 1948-49, Editor of "Harvest" 1948-49, Phi'Theta Kappa. Sandlin, Merwin L. Madisonville Mechanical Engin. Society of Engineers. Saunders, Helen Irene Houston Music Education Vanity Fair Beauty 1946-47, Favorite 1948, Football Sweetheart 1946, Freshman Class Secretary 1946-47, Varsity Venus Candidate 1946-47, 1-Iscrollus Queen Candidate 1948, Secretary of Iunior Class 1947-49, Pres- identyoi Religious Council 1948, Secretary oi Presbyterian Student Associa- tion 1949, Operetta 1946-47-48, Cougar Collegians 1946-48, Red Masque 1946-47, Choral Club Merit Award 1946. Varsity Varieties 1946-47-48, Treasurer of Phi Beta 1947. Honor Roll 1947-48, Choral Club 1946-47-48, Charter Member 'oi Phi Beta 1946, Duchess, High School Reception 1947-48. Savay, Iohn I. Houston Industrial Management Frontiersmen 1948-49. Scheel, Eduardo Gonzales Guatemala Bio Chemistry Scheidemantel, Iessie M. Houston Sec. Science Co-Ed Club Corresponding Secretary 1947-49, Vice-President oi Co-Ed Club 1948-49, Business Association 1948-49. Schneider, Emest Henry Rosenberg Public Acct. Phi Theta Kappa 1947-48. hneider, Ioyce Houston History hoelman, Walter W., Ir. Houston Gen. Business hroeder. Lawrence A. Houston Management Scott. Lee Gaines Dallas General Business erant. William B. Detroit, Mich. Air Conditioning herbert. Lloyd Leslie Houston Accounting T- -- rev- - v-f'-'- -., . Track Letterman 1946. 1947, 1948, 1949. Co-Captain ot Track Team 1946-1947. Honor R011 1946-1948. Charter Member oi Varsity "H" Asso- ciation 1946. Treasurer oi Varsity "1-I" Association 1946-47 and 1947-48. Vice-President ot Varsity "H" 1948-49, Business Association 1948-49, Psgholoqy Club 1948-49. Member ot Champion Intramural Football Team 19 . Lone Star Conference Discuss Winner 1946. and Refrigeration Co-Ed Club 1946. Newman Club 1946-48, Intramural Football 1948. ln- tramural Softball 1948. Red Masque Players 1943-44. 1946-47, Co-Ed Club 1946-49, Parliamentarian 1947-49. Assemblyman 1947, Methodist Student Movement 1946-49, President 1947-49. SENICRS Sherman, Norman G. Houston Accounting new non is-11-48. Sherman Shirley A. Houston Music Ed. Thomas Donoghue Award tor 'Outstanding Music Student 1946. Choral Club 1945-47. Treasurer 1945-46. President 1946-47. Accompanist 1946-47. Merit Award 1947, Vanity Varieties 1945-46, Operetta 1946-47. Canterbury Club 1946-48. Secretary 1946-41, .President 1947-48, Phi Theta Kappa 1946-47, Maid, High School Reception 1947. Phi Beta Music Fraternity Charter Member 1947-49, Treasurer 1948-49. lunior Class Treasurer 1947-48. Vanity Fair Beauty' 1947-48. Cougar Collegians 1947. Who's Who 1947-48. Entertainer's Club 1946-47. Honor Roll 4 Years. 1 5 . sf -. Q 1-he-,E Q o f- .1 2 -4.1 -9 ff ? I 'rciiw E 2 '2?2't' 15143 . f ""f.. .- "3" 'Cr Analysis Plus Shields, Charles Nelson Houston Architecture :menus s-.-casey. Shipp, Thomas Theodore Madisonville Gen. Business Shipp, Woodrow Wilson Groesbeck Management Shryock, Iames Lane Houston Accounting Shuttlesworth, Bobbie Houston Psychology Simmons, James M. Houston Petroleum Engm ider, Iohnnie Wesley Houston Mechanical Engin. renson, Robert Bob Houston Mechanical Engin. Xl XXX X X X . fi X SENIORS X A X X X V U X X xy XX X i Smith, Barbara A. Houston Elementary Ed. X X Cougar Collegian: 1945-49. Buckaroos 1945-49. Co-Ed Club X. X C 1947-49. Candidate tor Cupid Fling Sweetheart 1946. Varsity h Varieties 1945, Frontier Fiesta 1947-49. Vice-President ot 3 ye , K f Couqar Colleqians 1948-49, Senior Assemblyman 1948-49. it fs .Qt fi f'Q'fET'.3 Reoresentative to Sam Houston State Teachers Coronation 'f ffkfb sau ma. Liquid Sunshine Smith, Ernest L. Houston I Management mith, Harold A., Ir. Houston Management Phi Theta KGPPG. Honor Roll. mith, Iames Floyd Houston Accounting mith, Lloyd E. McAllen Civil Engineerin Visual Education Department 1947-48. High School Reception 194 . Frontier Fiesta 1947-49, Red Masque Players 1948-49. I mith, William Clarence Highlands Education Simons Orval G Houston Mechanical Engm Sirmons Oliver Kelton Hull General Busmess Phi Theta Kappa Business Administration Club Sivil Thelma Beatnce Houston Business Ed Co-Ed Club 1946 49 Baptist Student Union 1947-49 Business Adminxstra tion Club Skinner Harvey Lafayette Houston Social Science French Club 1946 Veteran! Club 1946 Skorepa Ioe Lavem Lawton Okla Architecture Writers Club 1946-47 Escrollus Society 1946 48 Slavens Clyde M Houston Mechanical Engin f- ff-- -. --Y --f--------v- ----- - f---w-r-v- -- -H - -v--.f --v---H H- ----,-gf. - - .Y y- . .. . - . W. - -- --41 Sorrell. Benjamin Houston Geology Geological Society. Spahr. Raymond Walter Houston Management Alpha Phi Omega. Speight, Betty Ioe Houston English Cougar Collegians 1945-49. Co-Ed Club 1945-49. Buckaroos 1945-48, Red Masque Players 1945-46. Future Teachers ot America 1948-49. Houstonian. Senior Class Editor 1948-49. Cougar Stat! 1945-46, Vanity Fair Favorite 1945-47. Vanity Fair Beauty 1948. Spoor, Henry Allanf Houston General Business S rawls. Harold Franklin Houston Iournalism P Red Masque Players. Alpha Psi Omega. Spyres, David Ethan Little Rock, Ark. Mech. Engin. Society ot Engineers. Chiet Engineer, Iunior Member ot Houston Engi- neer's Club. lunior Member at Amari:-nn Rm-ietv ot Tool Engineers ? E E, SENIGRS 1 1 U '-: -,.-. .-: ww 'VMAi11WPrifS3v" 'lil .' tmggeifi' Kim' ' - -- :,- - .-.2X. ..-...f,.1.....,. 1 55? iffy? my 1- 1 , , f -zz sfzfg . , . ft ws-12? . :full 5 , vfry i 1 , . ii I fl ., ---" 79 'ii 2 Q 5 i533 E25 K , 3 I ' tff:k5??2Lz - : K fi '- " - 31.2 . Stefiler, Robert H. San Antonio Mech. Engin. Steffler, Rudolph W. Houston Pub. Acct. Hot Rock Stelzig, Henry I-GO. lr. Houston Gen. Business Stephen,'Edward Kenneth Chicago, III. Management Honor non ms-41. Sterk, Robert P. Houston Petroleum Engin. Sterling, Robert Lee Christfield, Md. A Psychology Sterling, William Elwood Houston Management Veteran's Club 1946-48, Secretary 19485 Canterbury Club 1946-48. Treas- urer. 1946-47. President 1948. Business Administration Club 1947-48. President's Association 1947-48. Student Assembly 1947-48. Frontiersmen 1947-48, Sheri!! 1947-48. Corresponding Secretary l94B. Stewart, Byron G. Houston Mechanical Engin. Vv V.-.Ie--VVVVV VV V- -V -VV V V V VV f f Stone, Fred G. Alvin Psychology Story. Qville LeRoy, Ir. Houston Gen. Business Frontier Fiesta 1946-49. Stoueberg, Charles E., Ir. Houston Electrical Engin. Streb, Arthur Edward Houston Management Senior Scholarship Society. Strong, Robert Houston General Business Stroud, Allen I. Galena Park Petroleum Engin. SENIORS Typical Fiesta Face Suhler, Sidney A. Houston Electrical Engineering Sullivan. Martha Mane Navasota Art and Education Art Club 1945-46, Red Masque Players 1945-46. Art Club 1946-49. Iunior Scholarship Society 1946, Spanish Club 1946-47. Phi Theta Kappa 1947, Cougar Collegian: 1947-49. Spanish Club 1947-49. Senior Scholarship Society 1948-49. Treasurer. Art Club 1946-47, Assemblyman 1947-48, Spanish Club Secretary 1947-48. Senior Scholarship Vice-President 1948-49. Summers, Samuel E. Houston Mechanical Engin. Sump, Robert Lee Houston Marketing Honor Roll 1947-48. Swinford, Georgia McDaniel Houston Elementary Ed. Cougar Collegians 1947-49, Buckaroos 1947-49, Co-Ed Club 1947-49. Varsity Varieties. Frontier Fiesta 1947-49. Taliaferro, Iohn Porter Houston Music Education Chamber Music Society 1948. Secretary 1948, Alpha Psi Omega 1946, First Place "College Capers" oi 1945. Assemblyman 1946, Choral Club President 1945-49, Entertainment Club 1945-48, Vice-President 1946, Var- sity Varieties 1945-49. Maier Roles in Operettas 1945-49, Bed Masque Players 1945-49. High School Reception 1947. Frontier Fiesta, Director ot Baptist Student Union 1945-46. Sudlow, William R. Houston Mech. Engin. Sugg, Lucius D., Ir. Houston Elec. Engin. ,., sp . if 3 Sz FS gs-ii QQ 5 ? y. S ,k..L , A 31- 1 is gigs lx., Q sqft 4 , A it 2 :lik 4 Thomas, Clarence L., Ir. Groesbeck Electrical Engin. .. . -4. ... .C .-V. . .., . ...W---we , ,..,m.w- - ...,...,.. . mg... . . ---.-, .-.., , ... , ...-.s...w-use-nnum...,.- mu. .. . ..-ann- Taylor, Robert McElwain Houston Petroleum Engin. Telce, Elmer Allen Houston Public Accounting Templeton, Iames Wesley Houston Psychology Thayer, Alma Sutton Houston Education Phi Theta Kappa 1947-48, Society of Engineers 1947-48. Tielke, Elton Fritz Needville Social Science Student Assembly 1947-48. President. German Club 1948. Who's Who 1949. SE IDRS f iffy it we N X t- :Z i Tindall, Dan C. Houston Air Conditioning je, Honor Roll 1948. --f Tooker, Harry L. Houston Aero. Engin. Card Shark Traylor, Iohn Edgar Baytown Mechanical Engin. Tucker, Billie lack Houston Management Methodist Student Movement 1945-47. Tully. Mary Iane Houston General Business Cougar Collegian: 1947-49, Senior Class Assemblyman 1947-48. Methodist Student Union. Turman, Lord B. Houston Te Head Cheerleader 1945-47, Ice Hockey am 1942. Turner, Kebbie Ioe Houston Alpha Phi Omeqa. Geological Society. Ullrich. Marita Ann Houston Psychology Club. Newman Club. Future Teachers ot America. General Business Petroleum Engin. History Van Tassel. Robert I. Houston Accounting Alpha Phi Omega. Vickers, Harold Kenneth LaPorte Gen. Business Vidrine. Wallace Eugene. Ir. Houston Accounting Wade, Paul A. Houston Chemical Engineering American Chemical Society 1947-48. Walcher, Floyd Iohn Houston Accounting Walker, Robert I., Ir. Houston Gen. Business SENIORS Wallace. Eugene T. Houston Mech. Engin. BIOLOGY Waller. Billy Iack Houston Accounting Walsh. Iames Patrick Houston Management Honor Roll 1947-49. Frontiersmnn 1947-48. Wamble, Kenneth W. Pasadena Mechanical Engin. Washbum, William M. Houston Petroleum Engin. Freshman Class Vice-President 1943-44. Student Council 1943-44. Student Assembly 1944. Society oi Engineers 1943-44. 1946-47. Baftist Student Union 1943-44, 1946-49, Geological Society 1946-48. Vice-President ot Geological Society 1947. Waters, Billy Keith Houston Accounting Wauson, Warren Houston Mechanical Engin. Nebb, Robert Sydney Houston Pharmacy Mortar and Pestle. ..v...,--W..-vs--.. . C ,,,.. ------ . v,. ,,,, -.-ww v-...,.. .,. , Weitzel, H. F., Ir. El Campo Management Honor Roll 1947-48, Baptist Student Union 1948-49. Weyand, Walter Houston Accounting Igfrgar Roll 1946-48, Phi Theta Kappa 1946-47, Business Administration Whatle William M. Houston Marketin Y , 9 Winner.'Longest Beard Contest ol Frontier Fiesta 1948. White, Evelyn Marie Houston Psychology Psychology Club 1947-49, Secretary 1948, Canterbury Club 1947-49. Whiteaker, Iames Elbert Houston Architecture 1-Zscrollus President 1946. Student Assembly 1946-47. Chairman. Escrollus Ball 1947, Veteran's Club 1947-49, Escrollus Publicity Director 1946-48, Escrollus Society Sgt-at-arms 1947, Frontier Fiesta 1947-49, Honorary Mem- ber ol Buckaroo Club 1948, Art Club 1947-48. Canterbury Club 1947-49, Vice-President ot Canterbury Club 1948-49, Chairman ot Escrollus Ball 1948, Escrollus Historian 1948-49, Construction Chairman oi Frontier Fiesta 1948, Alpha Phi Omega 1948-49, Vice-President of Alpha Phi Omega Pledge Class 1948, Chairman oi Arbor Day 1948, President of Student Assembly 1948-49. Wick, Foster Lewis Houston Iournalism Cougar Stait 1946-49. Press Association 1946-49. Houstonian Stait 1945, Treasurer ot Iunior Class 1949, Advertising Club 1949. K ,. ,-V-,F-. YY. ,..,,-,--.-s Q.: V. X Q S 5 QS 3 9 5 fi E SENIQRS r Wier, Iack'W., Ir. Houston Mech. Engin. W Wiggins, I. Murray Houston Civil Engin. H ' Kick Off Wilcox, Gerald Lewis Houston Engineering Will, William E. Houston Accounting Willbem, Thomas Austin, Ir. Houston Physical Ed. Frontiersmen 1948-49, Future Teachers oi America 1947-49, Assemblyman 1948, Secretary and Treasurer 1949, Football 1946, Honor Roll 1947-48 Senior Class Assemblyman 1948-49. Member oi Championship Intramura Football Team 1948. Willborg, Erik Walter, Ir. Galveston Accountin Honor Roll 1946-48. Phi Theta KCPPG. Assemblyman. 3 Williams, Amos F., Ir. Beaumont Electrical Engin Honor 1'1oll 1947-48. Williams, Iames H. Crowell Radio Broadcastin nemo cuua ms-49. 1 ll! Hardy at work For Houstonian Nitte, Benhard B. Yoakum Mechanical Engin. Noerner, George W. Stuttgart, Ark Mech. Engin. Nomack, Iames V. Houston Architectural Enqin. socmy oi Engin eers is-is-46, Escrollus society 194s-49. Cheerleader 1941.-ia. Noods. Nolan Beaumont Management Noolems, Iohn Iay Houston Engineering Society oi Engineers, Math Club, Bowling Club. Phi Theta Kappa, Phpsics Lab Assistant. Nright, Iim Houston Weight Liiting and Wrestling Instructor. 3 Years. Trainer tor Football Team 1945, Honor Roll 1948. Williams, Milliard A. Houston Finance Houstonian Assistant Editor 1948-49. Snapshot- Editor 1947-48. Prize Com- mittee Chairman. Frontier Fiesta 1949, Crow's Nest Saloon, Frontier Fiesta 1947-49. Williams, Willis Everett Baytown Management Business Association 1947-48, Honor Roll 1947-48. Williamson, Billy Hugh Houston Mechanical Engin. Wilhamson, Ianice Kathryn Cleveland Management Methodist Student Union 1945-48. Representative to Conference 1946. Recreation Committee 1946. Cougar.Collegians 1945-47, Secretarial Club 1945-46, Booster Club 1947. Girl Scout Service Organization 1947-49. Historian 1947. Vice-President 1948. Second Place Winner. Sadie Hawkin's Day Contest, 1947-48. Co-Ed Club 1947-49. Wilson, Harry David Houston Ioumalism Cougar Stati. Press Association. Radio Guild. Red Masque Players. Wilson, Iohn Earl Mexia Electrical Engineering SE IDRS Wilson, Welcome Wade Humble Pre Law Assistant Advertising Manager ot Cougar 1946, Advertising Manager ot Cougar 1947, Advertising Manager, Houston- ian 1947, Program Director oi Frontier Fiesta 1947, Bus- iness Manager ot Village News, Summer ot 1947. Business Administration Club 1947. Baptist Student Union 1947. Business Manager ot Cougar 1947-49 .Business Manager ot Houstonian 1947-49, Business Manager ot Student Di- rectory 1947. Press Association 1947-49, Frontiersmen Storyteller 1947. Cupid Fling Royalty 1943. Student Assem- bly 1948, Prince. High School Reception 1948, Copy Editor. The Extra 1948, Outstanding People in 1948 Houstonian, Duke. Rice Roundelet Ball 1948. Business Manager ot Frontier Fiesta 1948. Business Manager ot Frontier Fiesta Gazette 1948. Advertising Club 1948-49. Varsity Varieties Executive Committee 1948-49, Honor Roll. Student Assembly 1947-48, Outstanding People 1949, Press Association Finance Otticer 1947-49. Wischmeier, Edward C. Houston Acct. Physical Education Halphen. David Walton Houston Government and Psychology Co-Ed Club 1946-49. French Club 1946, Varsity Varieties 1847, Frontier Fiesta 1946-49, Assistant Transportation Chairman 1946-47, Liason Otticer 1947-48, Vice-General Cnairman 1948-49, hign Scnoot tteception 1947, New- man Club l946-49, I-loustonian Stat! 1948. Pre Law Club 1946-48, Second Vice-President 1947, First Vice-President 1948, Square Dance Club 1948, Press Club 1947-48, Co-Organizer of Frontiersmen Club 1947-48, Cupid Fling Escort 1948. Honor Roll 1948, Vice-President ot Senior Class 1948-49. Student Council 1948-49. Wright, Oscar,O., Ir. Houston Management Frontiersmen 1947-49, Business Administration Club 1948-49. Yates, Norman Kenneth Houston English Student Assembly 1947-48, 1948-1949 Canterbury Club 1945-49, Executive Council 1945-49. Co-Ed Club 1947-49, Psychology Club 1948-49, Student Court 1948, Councilman-At-Largo 1948-49. Alpha Phi Omega 1948-49. Secregaryd ot Alpha Phi Omega Pledge Class 1948, Member ot Elec- ion oar . Yates, William Hugh Houston BiO10qY Yonker, Patricia Gene Houston Psychology Young. Earl A., Ir. Houston General Engineering Society ot Engineers 1946-48. Young, Iames Nesbitt Houston Management gugent Government 1947, Co-Ed Club 1946-47. Business Administration Ll - Zoc, Herbert P. Houston Power Engineering Zoch, loyce Marie Houston Psychology Alpha Psi Omega 1947-49. Buckaroos 1947-49, Vice-President 1948-49. Red Masque Players 1945-49. Drama Awards 1945-49. Alpha Omega 1948-49, Student Assemblv 1948-49, Baptist Student Union Council 1945. Square Dance Club 1945-46, Student Library Assistant 1946-48. Cougar Colleqians 1947-48, Varsity Varieties 1945-48, Frontier fiesta 1947-49. James Garner, Texas' outstanding tootball player, trorn Ama- rillo, looks U ot H co-ecls over. "Flag, 6 rr Si 25 if 5 . kr il Finished at last FRESHMAN FRUSTRATION AT REGISTRATION New sfudenfs usually dread regislralion, buf affer fhe ordeal is over, fhey find lhal' is is 'fairly simple wifh fhe counselors, 'lhe regislrafion man- 1 ,f . l l E ager, and assisfanfs giving help whenever The sfudenl' needs il. Dixie Willard, I8-year-old fresh- man from Springfield, Missouri found +his assisfance while signing up for her courses. Dixie gels firsf-rafe help from Bud Swiss, regls+ra+ion manager, who sees fhal she doesn"l' gel mixed up on her way from one s+a+ion io fhe Makin her class icfure for ihe I949 HOUS 9 P ' TONIAN is fhe lasl' sfop of regis'l'ra+ion for Dixie. Here she poses for phoiographer Ken Knopf of Wheal' Sfudio. Don lRabbi+l Anderson holds fhe sla+e wifh her number on i+, while Cheerleader Roberl' lSquirrell Edgar is nex'r in line fo' have a picfure made. Geffing Dixie slarfed off smoolhly is Lee Krauss, assisfanl' regislralion manager, as a silenl' represenlafive of 1'he Universi+y's R.O.T.C. looks on in 'rhe background. 1 2 3 5 s 3 I r ! r ll r"" ""-. lr" 'X x Q 3 W B'11 Sh 'll . . . . P 'd f 5 --H-1-x ' Cglenn irgrzd . . . Vice-Przzdizjzt 1, 'Q lux 1 I ' Sue Sherrill . . . . Secretary II' Q Foster Wick . . . Treasurer 'ff 5, X , 'fx .J X, 'tif iuigsia Q , X" "M C ASS CF l950 ,,., . ,,.,. .,..,...,.. .V.,. i ....,........,......... , 'uw' ........ 5:515-5:5-ifigigigigigzgfffigii555552322i55555555555ig5355igE2555525535555555355ig555g2gig5gig5525E5Eii55ii555?5E5?55ii32iiQga1z1z5z1a5a5z5z5agagagafzgzgagzgagagagfga Eigsiliigiiiiifiiiif52215225555325li??25?51?L,....,,,,f1Wflfifzflf?15555E525E525ifE555?5l55555E52?EEQ25232525E555iii5Eii5iii5iiE5iiEEEE555E225E23ESEEEQEQEEEQZEQEM.,., 5-55555-'555'555135-:f1f'5'f '5'255132-2:f32f1E5E1E5EfE5:92:2 :I:'E5f:E35E::2Zf:fE3Ef55235555552552:51355255252555E:E5Ef2fEf?5E5E'E5E5E1EfEIEIE'EfifEIESETESEFEIEIEIE-E21151' ,,E2:E55'15E5Er:'I5 5555225 Iifij 225215:I1Q:5E1E5f3E2E5E-f",E1I5:rE513E:E5EfE5E:E513E513E5I3E5E5E5?5E3-gli92535315525EQE5Egi513E5:5E525E525E5E3E5E5E2E5E5E5E5E5EgE5E5E5E3-5E2E3 w: ,-1 -1+ :- -- -- V- :vp-1-:-1-1: 1.--g.--1+1-f+AWD:-1-1-1-1-1-1-:-fy: iv:-1v...v:-iv.-2-:-:-:tm . ., ., .. .......,. .,., ,,.,.. .... . , . , . :.-A- : ' A1 21 A1'1' ':' Q' - .- iiis'111?i311g1fi'.'j2fiiiiif f- fp 1' ff g N 11.2-:Q 12:2 '2:P: 5-:Z :-: ::-- ' - 1 '.:" I-,Iv.'EI. ..... P:--1:-:1:,-.--1---' Z w f nf 4-54 .., 4 1 2 , 'Ei tt ..,,. ,Q , 1,9 N' H Q 13 -'lx 2 if fl Ni A A .. .,.:,,A.,, .,.,A . ,.,A, , , iff M The Fiesta ot R948 had a haunted house with skeleton and everything. Anderson, Edison Dale Houston Accouting Andrews, Marian Constance Houston Sociology Arbuckle, Mike Houston Arrendell, Cammio O. Cleveland Ayres, Iarnes Howard Houston Baldwin, Howard Lyle Houston Bartield, Billy Ray Corrigan Barrios, Gerald G. Vinton, La. Barron, Ruby Lillie, La. Barton, Ann Foules Houston Beck, Ioseph Dale Houston Bell, Dolores Houston General Business General Business Psychology Electrical Engin. Physical Education Pharmacy Psychology Nursing Electrical Engin. Psychology Ackerman, Virgil L. Houston Mechanical Engin. Acosta, Ramon S. Bay City Accounting Adams, Howard Gayle Corsicana Chemistry Adams, Lloyd Ioseph Houston Industrial Engin. Addicks, Earl Clinton Houston Pre-Law Alessandra, Sam V. Houston Physical Education Alexander, F. Wade Houston Management Allen, Louis Dixon Houston Mechanical Engin. Alsabrook, Charles M. Pasadena Electrical Engin. Ambrose, I. I. Rochester, N. Y. Chemical Engin. Ammons, Leslie H. Houston Gen. Business Anderson, Donald Knight Houston Management Willie and Maggie act nonchalant about the whole thing Bell, Iacque Frederic Houston Bell, Margaret Ann Houston Bentley, Iames W. Waco Berkstresser, Virgel K. Houston Architecture Arts and Science General Business Chemical Engin. Berry, Arlie Linton Houston Architecture Berry, Helen Ioyce Pawnee City, Neb. Pre-Med Blackwell, Dean I. Parsons, Kan. Public Admin. Blanchard, Claude, Ir. Houston Architecture Blau, Robert Dean Houston Pre-Dental Blohm, Marion Fahr Chicago, Ill. Biology Bogar, Earl Matthew Houston General Business Bonewitz, Florence Houston Education How cozy can you get at a Sadie l-lawlcin's dance? i . ' ' ' The University is well represented in the Air National Guard Bono, Veta Nell Houston Physical Education Bowden, Walter Thomas Houston Sociology Bradberry, Angus E. Shelbyville Chemical Engin. Bradford, Patricia Bethany Houston English Bramblett, Richard Hendrix Forney Gen. Business Bratton, Edward Ewing Houston Electrical Engin. Bridges, Cleo C., Ir. Orange General Business Brightwell, Charles R. Alvin Physical Education Britton, Raymond Harold Houston Pre-Dental Brooks, Harold Kay Sweeny General Business Brown, Bobby K. Houston Physical Education Brown, Earle Montgomery Houston Physical Ed. . .. .. . .- W- . ,. . . ,, -v. G--.- , Y ..-WW ,..,,, . ,, ln December, one ot the trailers in the University Trailer Village caught tire. Chanak, Nick Bingham, Utah Public Admin. Chapman, George W. Pasadena Architectural Engin. Christian, George Lloyd Houston Iournalism Christiansen, Stanley Hugh Houston Geology Clouse, Wayne H. Houston Architectural Engin. Cochran, Iohn Henry Houston Management Conners, Robert I. Houston Psychology Cortez, Henry Valdez Houston Machine Shop Cottingham. Gerald C. Dickinson Electrical Engin. Coulter, Ioseph E. Houston Pharmacy Crabb, Naomi Iewell Hull Education Crawford, Herbert Stanton Baytown Gen. Business , -'Y . . .. -Y. Y , Bruner, I. Kendrick Houston Engineering Buchanan, Iames Floyd, Ir. Dallas Diesel Burgett, Charlotte V. Houston History Butcher. Richard T. Houston Trade and Transportation Calk, Glenn Lamar Bastrop, La. Mechanical Engin. Callihan, Milton Louis Boling Photography Campbell, Alton Frank Pleasanton Physical Ed. Cantey, Sam S. Houston Trade and Transportation Carlisle, lack Farris Houston Mechanical Engin. Carnagey, Iohn W. Houston Trade and Transportaiton Carothers, Iames Eugene Houston Geology Carter, Thomas G. Houston Accountina Seems as though they're doing "Put Your Little Foot" down in Dogpatch this year. .Q Qlsii ll' Croker, Raymond Albert, Ir. Houston Psychology Cunningham, Carolyn Houston General Business Curtin, lack Lane Baytown Mechanical Engin. Dacus, Dale Seminole, Okla. Accounting Darnielle, Edward E. Houston Civil Engineering Davis, Walter Burnice, Ir. Sweeny Accounting Day, Ely R. Houston Iournalism De Marco, Frank Ioseph Houston Architecture Demel, Eugene Alvin Schulenburg Pharmacy Dibbern, John C. Houston Architectural Engin. Dichiara, Betty Io Houston Dramatics Dickson, Billy Gordon Houston Engineering A typical day with the "Cougar" Statt. Anything can happen during Fiesta. Dienstbach, Bill Eugene Houston Iournalism Dierlam, Iohn Brazil La Porte Mechanical Engin. Doak, Harland B. Houston Aeronautical Admin. Donahoe, Mary lane Houston Art Dortch, George W., Ir. Houston Architecture Draper, Gerald Holman Houston Education Dugay, Roberto I. Torreon, Mex. Dumar, William Houston Eckman, Richard E. Houston Economou, Rula Houston Edgar, Robert Earl Galveston Elliott, Dorothy Houston Mechanical Engin. Mechanical Engin. Mechanical Engin. General Business Physical Education Secretarial Science f. ...---rnW..,. , .W-V-.N v-.+, .. . f. ,... .-M -.,.-. .- --.,.,.. . . ..,.,V-..i.,.,.nn.- -. .Wm - W ,..-,.T.w.., ,digg Been working late? 'E French, Ioe Franklin Houston Trade and Transportation Funderburk, Ierry C., Ir. Canton Petroleum Engin. Gammill. Thomas Gardner, Ir. Houston Psychology Gandv, William Harley Conroe Pre-Dental Garcia, Keno Rosenberg General Business Gathright, Willis Roy Victoria English Gerlovich, Charles L. Houston Giblin, Gene Pasadena Gill, Nancy Dean Houston Gilley, Ray Houston Gilliam, Bert Iames Gainsville Gilliam, Clarence C. Freeport , Mechanical Engin. Petroleum Engin Commercial Art Petroleum Engin. Mechanical Engin. Management Elsenbrock, George F. Houston Electrical Engin. Emmert, Roland G. Houston Mechanical Engin. Erickson, Carl R. Ponca City, Okla. Photography Erwin, Thomas S. Houston General Business Farrer, Kay L. Boston, Mass. History Farris, Robert W. Houston Engineering Feather, Robert E. Palacios Petroleum Engin. Ferguson, Donald Floyd Houston Chemical Engin. Flanery, David K. Houston Architecture Florence, Betsy Ross Houston Sociology Flower. Ioe Teel Houston Accounting Fowlkes, Rupert Byron Fairbanks Gen. Business A pep rally finds Bill Hollis and Coach Lee giving the students the scoop about the coming football game. .af V it 5:1 Us-sf ,, 'Q Kgs' rfifw. D gg, :e--13. 2 :Ass fi if 'kfllsffi l .'iF"'. , I' , , . -.. . , , . Q 'f V Q' 'QW :iss Q Iournalism Gen. Business Gilpin, Peter Randall La Porte Girouard, Iames Dale Port Arthur Goldschmidt, Iohn E. Norwalk, Conn. Psychology Goldstein, Abe Elliott Humble Gen. Business Gore, William Frank Houston Pre-Law Graham, Elizabeth L. Port Sulphur, La. Costume Design Grammon, Caroline Houston Secretarial Science Grass, Lawrence N. Houston Architectural Engin. Greene, Buck I. Houston Architectural Engin. Green, Maxwell Iewel Malvern, Ark. Diesel Grenader, Harry Houston Mechanical Engin. Grimaudo, N. I. Houston General Business Jack "Smoe Hunter" Wilson is on the loose again. zulu.. . 4.. .,, ., , ,,,,,,,- ,,,, , -,.., U . , , ,, W. .Y .. l University Traffic Otticer, Harold Edwards, shows how not to write out a trattic ticket! Grunstein, Iohn S. East Chicago, Ind. Gen. Business Guilford, Harold I. Houston Gutierriz, Iohn Houston Hafner, Iane Nugent Houston Hale, Glen I. Winnsboro Hall, Ioseph D. Wichita Falls Hammond, Ivan P. Orange Hammons, Ettie Ruth Fairbanks Pre-Med Mechanical Engin. History English Hospital Admin. Electrical Engin. Elementary Ed. Hardey, Betty Io Houston Psychology Hardy, Wiley Richard Henderson Electrical Engin. Harris, H. M. Carthage Mechanical Engin. Harris, Iohn W. St. Ioseph, Mo. Photography Hofmann, Geor e H. r. Houston Accounting ....--.,..., .... -, . . -, .. . H. -.. . .- ,, V ,.,.,....,....-- W, ,, Shasta goes for a walk on the campus. Hennesy, Richard L. Houston General Business Hing, Rose W. Pine Bluff, Ark. Management Hinton, Huland Orvle Cleburne Diesel Hochman, Alexander Schiff Rosenberg Management 9 - l Holcomb, L. Temple Holliday, Walter Glenn Houston Holmes, Iohn Reagan Houston Hooper, Donald Iohn Houston Hooper, Richard David Houston Hopkins, Francis M. Kerrville Hopkins, Ray Nacogdoches Petroleum Engin. General Business Air Conditioning Trade and Transportation General Business Commercial Art Electrical Engin. Harris, Rudolph Iohn Houston Pre-Med Harris, W. Irving, Ir. Houston Petroleum Engin. Hartman, Marjorie Nannette Houston English Hartwell, Charles A. Houston Management Hatton, Nulen D. Warren General Business Havard, Kirby Brana Houston Mechanical Engin. Harvin, Charles W. Houston General Business Hawkins, Ken C. Houston General Business Hawkins, James W. Denison General Business Hayworth, lla Mozelle Corpus Christi Elementary Ed. Heffler, Stasia Houston Music Heitmeyer, Doris Laverne Houston Art If you want beauty - Fiesta has ii. Hoppe, Robert Bernard Houston Pre-Law Horan, Harold Eugene Houston Pre-Law Horton, Iesse Delbert Houston Psychology House, Iames P. Houston Electrical Engin. House, Thomas M. Flynn Accounting Howard, Billy Gene Ennis Industrial Engin. Howard, Elbert A. Beaumont Pharmacy Hubbell, Louis Chandler Galveston Pre-Law Hucker, Archie Melvin Beaumont Gen. Business Hughew, Charley Beth Houston Gen. Business Hull, Frank Houston Electrical Engin. Hurd, James N. Houston Civil Engineering Sam Olsen gets interviewed over KLEE during the Fiesta beard contest. This is not the University tootball team. Ingram, Robert R. Houston Chemical Engin. Irizarry, Carlos A. Corozal, Puerto Rico Engin. Irwin, Iames William Houston Electrical Engin. Ietty, Charles Edmund, Ir. Houston Psychology Iirasek, Carmon A. Taylor General Business Iircik, Victor Patrick Cleveland Geology Iohnson, Arta Elmer Houston Accounting Iohnson, Edith Elaine Houston Home Economics Iohnson, Harry William La Porte Civil Engin. Iohnson, Hugh H. New Orleans, La. Gen. Business Iohnson Marion Boggs Houston Radio Production Iohnson, Woodbury Houston Psychology Ioiner, Carl W. Plainview Iones, Donald Maurice Houston Pharmacy General Business Iones, Kenneth S. Goodrich History Iones, Mary Louise Houston Home Economics Iordan, Harold Robert Spurger Management Kane, Walter S. Newark, N. I. Arts and Science Kelly, Thomas A., Ir. Lumberton, Miss. Pet. Engin. Kelly, Thomas S. Aransas Pass Pharmacy Kesslor, Edward Herman Houston Geology Key, David Mervin Houston Pre-Law Key, Travis Wayne Houston History Kimball, Aubrey Pierce Lutkin Pre-Med . Members of the Press Association relax at Lyondale Park. . 1 K gif? A 'L ' ' - f.,' S3,f:7 4, .. 3 I H ii 'g"" ff" 5- '- . , F , O H ,ui -5: 14- Z ,A A' A . z .f N L. ' ,Q 1: A lr. V , ,Z f th ,sm . xg? 5 A -r ,. ,Q ca M A ,. sl' . .... "rc Q - " 0 .,-I f Q,,53rf!',..zP , ,. A- 311-f ,- ' -gy .:. J 1 :. Qgmiuq lv u zr..--K. "'z - 2 - :.....-: ' ,- ' ' f " ' f"iixLi5 lwii r g' if .. Q : gf , I iw "hilt 212 '4S"'- ff, - ff ti s., 1 2f'f:"' :Ef' . r f 3.2 W X-A:-We ' r t ., , ir f Y .im - ,:a5'2E:,Zr -15'555W"mff r 4 'V 0 W ' ,. .. ' . f r 'AV' f ,..., . ., ,.., . .. . ,.,... . , , ., , ,, . .. , A ,.,,, ., ,.,, .W , ., . ,, . ""' The year i948-49 found a never ending program of con- K J ' f-' 'W i l l 5 f L as . .. ....,. , ., ., IFE., A ,K .v Y- A struction on the U of H campus Kimmell, Ioyce Houston Art Kirk, Bill Ioe Houston Pre-Law Kirkham, Wayne M. Cleveland Geology Knox, Thomas L. South Houston Pub. School Music Koenig, Charles Fred Houston Industrial Engin. Koym, Melvin Otto East Bernard Pre-Dental Krch, Milford Fred Galveston Chemical Engin. Krenek, Edward Amold Houston Engineering Lawson, Harry Ioe Houston Marketing Le Blanc, Emile Ioseph Lafayette, La. Diesel Ledger, Lawrence L. Norristown, Pa. Mech. Engin. Lee, Coralyn Alice Houston Sociology i as Q s Sw 32? Q I 1l:uIil 1... ,,,, :ul - . Lee, Howard T. Houston Pre-Med Legate, Harvey A., Ir. Houston Public Accounting Lewis, lack Carter Houston General Business Lilley, Mary Frances Coldsprinq Home Economics Linton, Vernon L., Ir. Houston Mechanical Engin. Littlejohn, Horace A. Atkadelphia, Ark. Elec. Engin. Lloyd, Neil Edward Houston Chemical Engin. Lockwood, Rav Harry Hollywood, Calif Personnel Management Lomax, Ierrold E. Houston Architecture Louis, Ernest M. Mescalero, N. M. Ioumalism Lowry, Avis Louise Houston General Business Lucio, Andres M. Houston Architectural Engin. The last remnants ot the Confederate Army can be found on the U ot H campus. , ,G :.5 'ffEf My A . if ,Na I --Hn.. ., ,tg -s'g',Qf A' , Us iff' lb ' fx fl A M X by at F , . ff ef' F . f J'-. Q , N. 11' 1 ,. Ziggy -ski-iff' V- 3 , . ,i :JF A '5 . . h ., - HZ ' -'- if . :affair V Q, W 4,3 --7 N .2 if "1 Q.. . "E lf -' Q' - I ' s2'ff..f:,gj:? ., ' is' - gs, R ' . ,M 1, . . ,.. .' ..- if l si .f,,,,H . Q W .1 l f!" ' - I Cheerleaders Mary Lee Steinhort and Dorothy Elliot give their palms a work out. Ludrick, Harold Raymond Orange Pharmacy Machado. Fernando A. San Antonio Mech. Engin. Magill, Everett Evans. Ir. Houston Pre-Dental Maguire, Robert Charles Houston Accounting Manahan, Thomas W., Ir. Houston Engineering Manchee, Charlie Edward Houston Gen. Business Mann, Mary Lou Houston English Marchbanks, Arthur E. Houston Mechanical Engin. Marlin, William Melvin Pasadena Engineering Marsh, B. Carnie Houston Management Martin, Iesse Houston Physical Education Martin, Robert David Houston General Business '325v:3"-E6:': if ' Q. -:.:at,.. . , if ,, gl . Y . NE 1 " 4' 'i 3 ' 7 A it . Mathis, Thomas Francis Call Architecture Matzke, Alvin Edwin Houston Civil Engineering Matzke, Wallace Walter E1 Campo Physical Ed. Mayes, Thomas Q. Houston Petroleum Engin. McAipine, Charlene L. Houston Speech McAlpine, Delia Kathryn Pasadena Sociology McClure, William L. San Angelo Civil Engin. McCrary, Iohn D. Greenville, Miss. Aeronautical Engineering JU IORS McDermott, Gerald E. Houston Secretarial Science McDonald, Donald D. Houston Architectural Engin. McEwen, Iohn C., III Houston Mechanical Engin. McGowen, Roy Adair Genoa Mechanical Engin. '10 'R ll lk s it it if tg -i '91, 5 5 ..., xl 5 Q: 1 .s s-e-2 ' Looks like the gang is all here. Nothing like a canoe ride around the reflection pool. McKinney, Hilton W. Carlsbad, N. M. Public Acct. McKusker, Donald Dale Port Arthur Gen. Business McMaster, Bernard Edward Houston Gen. Business w i t 2. P K ITE 5 ,y McStravick, Peter R. Houston Merchant, Iames E. Houston Merz, Kathy Houston Mettauer, lack Bob Houston Meyers, McDade H. Houston Meyers, Ioyce G. Houston Meza, Ronald R. La Porte Mechanical Engin. Industrial Engin. General Business General Business Electrical Engin. Home Economics Architecture Michalsky, Edwin Ioseph Baytown Pub. Accounting Q .. Q- .ai , Miva. 1 .3..E?.:"E?'E.EE:::IE:i 4' Mihovil, William Ioseph Houston General Business Mills, Rufus Alonzo Beaumont Electrical Engin. Mitchell, Elo F., Ir. Houston Personnel Management Mock, Guy Croft Houston Mechanical Engin. Moffitt, Mary Lou Houston lournalism Monk, Edward Frederick Yoakum Geology Montano, Ioe Ray Las Vegas, N. M. Music Moon. Wayne Lee Conroe Pre-Med Moore, Earl D. Houston Mechanical Engin. Moore, Helen Fay Houston lournalism Moore, Robert B. Houston Pre-Dental Moore, Leslie D., Ir. Houston Power Engineering Morille, Vincent C. Bryan Mechanical Engin. or on the street ot Fiesta town. You can tind western music on the stage . . . Morris, Billie Gene Houston Chemical Engin. Murlond, Iack Houston Architecture Murphy, Francis T.. Ir. Houston Psychology Murphy, Iohn Pierre, Ir. Houston Management Murray. William Dotson Houston General Business Musch, Alfred W. G. Houston Accounting General Business Nagomy, Wesley, Ir. Houston Navarro, Silvio O. Sancti-Spiritus, Cuba Elec. Engin. Nelson, Alfred Charles Galveston Pre-Med Nelson, Robert Clarke Houston Geology Nester, Herman C. Houston Management Newsome, Dorothy Gene Houston Gen. Business A-'-f 'W-W iw'--,W f- ----F - W...-n.-.,..s V - ,V-1--as ,ss were-ss 45" -f 'xl 3 , W., -' is al l , in 5 if 1 Qt ll Il get I ., 2 XXX? Shasta gets her picture drawn and a hug at the same time. Penn, Harold L. lacksonville Pennington, Ioe G. Houston Penrod, George W., Ir. Houston Petheriotes, Angelo G. Houston Petrosky, Lawrence G. Houston Phenix, Iohn Russel Houston Poffingbarger, V erner L. Houston Popham, I. Lee Houston Portugal, Decoroso M. Laredo Pounds, Bettye Lou Houston Pratka, Robert F. Bellaire Prats, Albert A., Ir. Houston Accounting General Business Management Architecture Management Architecture General Business Petroleum Engin. General Business Art General Business Petroleum Engin. , ,. . . .... .- lnuuvl... -...4,, , . ,,, WV 7 , ,, I WW 4,- k--'WF'-,, v 'W Newton, Thomas W. Houston Nichols, Edward Boyd Houston Olson, Sam Lewis, Ir. Houston Orynski, Elizabeth Houston Osenbaugh, Charles L. Houston Outterside, Melvin R. Pasadena Pharmacy General Business General Business English General Business Office Management Perdue, Iohn W. Memphis, Tenn. Accounting Parker, Lawrence P., Ir. Galena Park Accounting Parker, Margie Dale Dallas General Business Patterson, Arthur Iay Houston Art Pavlu, Gerard W. Houston Management Payne, Hugh William Houston Management Who is the ravishing mop-top in the low cut blouse? -I' . W 1 or .... ,,,.....-.. ,, , , - , ,, , Prescott, Iohn B., Ir. Houston Electrical Engin. Price, Iames Harold Houston Architecture Puig, Gerardo Toa Baia, Puerto Rico Biology Baby, Iohn B. Houston General Business Rader, Maurice Morgan Houston Management Ramirez, Manuel Victoria Management Ramsey, Charles LeRoy LaMarque Electronics Rapp, Walter Samuel, Ir. Houston Accounting Ray, Charles William Kaufman Management Remkes, Elmer Ray Orange Architectural Engin. Reynolds, Frederick R. Braddock, Pa. Geophysics Richards, Iodie Leo Clifton Radio Production Paging lvlr. Earl Carroll. Another captured Bearlcat gets a super haircut as a reward tor attempting to set oft the U ot H bonfire Richter, Carl Franz Albany, N. Y. Management Rieman, Carleen Houston English Risher, lack Prosperous Houston History Roby, Vincent L., Ir. Houston Accounting Rodesney, George N. Houston Industrial Education Rogers, Edmund A. Orlando, Fla. Pre-Med Rogers, Iohn Berry Stephenville Mechanical Engin. Rogers, Martha Alice Houston Home Economics Rushing, Rose Mary Houston Nursing Sample, Charles Andrew Houston Accounting Sampson, Harrison B. Liberty Mechanical Engin. Sanddal, Ross Bennett Houston Photography ,. .- ,Y ,,,, ,, , . .. --W University Traffic Officers, Ernest M. "Mike" Louis, Stanley "Sailor" Tropaslwlca, William "Ol Hoss" Jones and Harold "Slim" Edwards received the day's instruction from lvan C. R. Stone, Traffic Commiffe Chairman. Shelburne, Clinton T. Houston Sheldon, Mary Lou Houston Sherrill, Bill Wayne Houston Sherrill, Hartzell L. Pledge! Sherrill, Marilyn Sue Houston Shields, Iohn Iames Houston Shirley, Cumale I. Iennings, La. Showa, Frank Eugen Houston Shudde, Iane Houston Sigal, Pincus lack Houston Silverman, Martin Lee Houston Sisk, George W. Huntland, Ten Architecture Arts and Science Management Eectrical Engin. Iournaism Pre-Law Psychology Psychology Psychology Management Management n. Geology ---- ---f' -' - -' " ' - Schoen, Robert W. Houston Marketing and Adv. Schoenberg, Iohn Ioseph Houston Gen. Business Schmitt, Ieannine Houston Elementary Education Schuller, R. E. Houston Aeronautical Engin. Schulte, Robert Daniel Houston Gen. Business Schultz, Carroll E. Houston Mechanical Engin. Scott, Bobby Ray Houston Mechanical Engin. Seale, Allen Edward Daisetta General Business Sekaly, Connie A. Houston Air Conditioning ' , and Refrigeration Selstad, Robert A. Houston Mechanical Engin. Semander, Zane Edwin Houston Dramatics Shapiro, lack Bernard Houston General Business Moonbeam McSwain and Lonesome Polecaf fake in the Sadie l-lawlcins Dance. '-A il'-nmvrfv Skillern, William D. Lufkin Slater, Alton Ray Houston Slater, Monroe O. Houston Slay, William Ray Houston Smith, Alvin Curtis May Petroleum Engin. Engineering Electrical Engin. General Business' Electrical Engin. Smith, Fonza A. Houston Electronics Snyder, Charles Albert Houston Dramatics Sparks, Iames Carroll Houston General Business Speed, Sidney E. North Edgecant, Me. Pet. Engin. Spiva, Derrell W., Ir. Houston Geology Stakemiller, Leo H., Ir. Houston Industrial Engin. Steinhort, Mary Lee Houston English and Education Three blondes, and what seems to be a very popular brunette. . 2 Q is P li .ls 1 'iii Q Oldtimers Hannon and Gray go through a routine during Fiesta '48. Stephenson, Elton Lamar Houston Psychology Stewart, Iacquelyn Louise Houston Education Stockman, Douglas L. Houston Physical Education Stofi, F rank T., Ir. Dayton, Ohio Gen. Business Storman, Harold Lawrence Houston Pharmacy Stotts, Osman O. Gainsville Mechanical Engin. Strong, William W., Ir. Houston Mechanical Engin. Sweeney, David McFadin Dallas Architecture Taite, Roswell C. Houston Electrical Engin. Tarrant, Charles F. Houston Mechanical Engin. Taylor, Don L. Norwich, Conn. Trade and Transportation Taylor, Ernest Byfield Houston Civil Engin. ye-r-VV -V V- -T W. V-.Y-.V-VM -V VV .v.., ..--W. ,, ,,.swV.YV V """r"s'- '- V-V-V--s V-Y-VM - - -V V- Y-.--lun--V lm- 'V n Truelove, Iames Devore Freeport Physical Ed. Tucker, Maxie Elizabeth Houston Arts and Science Tuttle, Ralph Raymand Houston Tyndall, David Craig Houston Urban, Andrew Houston Van Wart, Fergus Michael Houston Valouch, Frank Benedict Houston Verges, Mike George Houston Vernor, Ralph Sheridan Houston Vidrine, Patricia Mary Houston Vinson, Iohn William Houstoh t Voorhees, Barbara Houston Wade, Calvin Lawrence Houston Waite, Dorothy Katharine Houston Walker, Leon B., Ir. Mobile, Ala. Gen. Business Pre-Dental Pharmacy Gen. Business Trade and Transportation Architecture Management Education Gen. Business Education Accounting Dramatics Pre-Med V--Vsr'rven-n- v-f- W,,q-,- V V - v 4 Y " 9, t 1 Taylor, Hugh Ir. Houston Taylor, Robert Means Houston Taylor, Vernon Ross El Campo Tengler, Ierry Fred Houston General Business Pre-Dental Pharmacy Electrical Engin. Theiss, Harold Vernon Houston Mechanical Engin. Thomas, Ermal Houston Education Thomas, George Bradley Houston Accounting Thomas, lantha Louise Hardin General Business Tilley, Walter S. Orange Trade and Transportation Tolbert. lack Harrold Wharton Psychology Tooker. Guy W. Houston Architectural Engin. Torian, Charlie O. Houston Architecture Tow, Gene Houston Psychology Treend, Irwin lack Houston Psychology Troxell, Guy S. Houston Engineering Troxell, Isabel Marian Houston Architecture Ward, Edmond Ioseph Houston 1' Trade and Transportation Ward, Harold Wheeler Houston Pre-Law Ward, Lee Preston, Ir. Houston Pre-Law Wardlow, William W. Pasadena Electrical Engin. Warren, Roy Robert Houston Trade and Transportation Warth, Marvin Lee Houston Pharmacy Waterman, Winfield W. Houston Government Waters, Wayland O. South Houston Elect. Engin. Watson, Thomas A. Houston Gen. Business Watts, Albert Hugh Houston Accounting Watts, Claude Marvin Houston Geology Welch, Everett Leroy Lutkin Psychology tWessendorff, Robert G. Houston Gen. Business Whitaker, lack Robert Houston Medicine Wilbum, Paul Davis Houston Pharmacy Wilkerson, Iames G. Cedartown, Ga. Management 3 E Williams, Reuben C. Winnsboro, La. Public. Admin. Willings, Billy, Ir. Waco Education Wilson, A. V. Houston Electrical Engin. Wilson, lack Emilus Humble Pre-Law Wilson, Ioyce Louise Bryan Physical Education Wilson, Walter W. H. West Columbia Physics Winner, Richard O. Houston General Business Winsler, Billie Gene Toledo, Ohio Pre-Law Withers, Weldon Vern Commache Geology Wood, Wallace Ray Houston General Business Woods, Elgie Iamar Houston Architecture Wootten, Franklin Oliver Houston Engineering Wright, Floyd Carter Cleveland Accounting Young, Roy Milton Houston Petroleum Engin. Zinnecker, Walter Hugh Houston Architecture gl I' f x 4' X K I N Dave Beerbower . . President v Peggy Griffin . . . Vice-President Q11 Harriett Iames .... Secretary 15, f. xxxxsikxt Kay Kimball Martin . . Treasurer If ' N 1' x 4' 'Q 'X' X ,Hi s X 6 0 il .lf xixxxfit' '-, zf' ""f0.wfff""' CLASS OF I9 I Z' ,f'7"" COC Pill Hollis and Poppy Bond Campaign. Architecture Machine Shop Abbott, Lincoln W. Houston Acosta. Primo S. Bay City Acree, Iamell Iohnson Houston Electronics Adams, Roland Weldon Diesel Adams, Rosemary San Antonio Pre-Law Alexander, Lois Marie Houston Air Stewardess Alexander, Robert C. Houston Mechanical Engin. Allen, Andrew Gordon Highlands Social Science Allen, Robert Harold Houston Iournalism Andersen, David H. Houston Trade and Transportation Anderson, Holger Oscar Ganado Geology Anderson, Hugh B., Ir. Denison Architectural Engin. Homecoming half-time with queen Dolores Becker. Anderson, Richard Ole Houston Accounting Antoine, Antoine I. Lafayette, La. Pharmacy Austin, D. Douglas Houston Radio Bader, Eddie Wayne Houston Photography Baker, Marjorie Ray Houston Art Bankhead, Paul C., Ir. Houston Pre-Law Barber, Walter W. Houston Mechanical Engin. Barner, Virginia Houston Medical Technician Bartholomew, Cozetta L. Houston Bates, Robert Foy Odessa Bates, Thomas Pat Odessa Home Economics Electrical Engin. Geology Batson, David Templeton Longview Fine Arts Baumann, Barbara Ann Houston Physical Ed. Becker, Dolores Marie Houston Air Stewardess Beerbower, Dave Graham Houston Pre-Law Bernard, Herman Leon Houston Pre-Law Berryman, Mary G. Houston Secretarial Science Biglow, Chloe Houston Secretarial Science Bing, Robert Leslie Freeport Pre-1-CIW Boehm, Henry Paul Houston Petroleum Engin. Boehner, Edgar H. Orange, Calif. Trade and Transportation Bolton, Marianne Houston Liberal Arts Bonvillain, Norbert I. Houma, La. Electrical Engin. Borcherding, lean Houston Journalism Miss Ima Hogg lunches with Dr. Oberholtzer and Dr. Cook, 3 A Shasta invades S.l..I. Bosworth, Walter Charles Galveston Pre-Law Bossey, Daviel East Hampton, N. Y. Biology Bowden, George W. Houston Secretarial Science Bower, Borda Lon Houston Drama Bowers, Clarence W. Edinburg Diesel Engineering Bozarth, Rex Oliver Houston Petroleum Engineering Brown, Iames Thomas Houston Engineering Brown, Margaret Lee Houston Art Brueggeman, Wesley L., Ir. Houston Mech. Engin. Bryan, Iune Houston Education Bucek, George .Wilburn Hallettsville History Buchtler, Harold Richard Houston Accounting 'V E5 : V ' 3? amy 4 '55 .5 :3:i,,.5 75.431, , ' l if ir itil, Ready 'ro ride the rods. Cash, Raymond lack Houston Accounting Chan, Gat Chong ,Canton, China Architectural Engin. Chance, Mary Virginia Chetopaf Kan. Fine Arts Chester, Iohn Ivor Houston g Pharmacy Church, Gene Dorothy Houston Iournalism Home Economics Gen. Business Secretarial Science Clements, Alice Ioyce Pasadena Cloyd, lean Elizabeth Houston Cobb, Margaret L. Houston Collard, Andree Marie Liege, Belgium Languages Compte, Iohn Thomas Houston Physical Ed. Cooper, Beverly Ann Houston Radio Cope, Robert Howe Houston Accounting Buls, William C. Richmond Geology Burdon, Iudy Houston English Burke, Ioe Weldon Navasota Diesel Burris, Iohn Samuel Houston Gen. Business Byron, Evelyn A. Omaha, Neb. English Caballero, Paul Houston Technology Calhoun, Walter S. Houston Chemical Engin. Calvin, Ioe C. Houston General Business Candela, August Ioseph Houston Gen. Business Cantrell, Marcus Houston Mechanical Engin. Cardona, Pablo Torres Sonora Pharmacy Carter, Glen Edward Houston Petroleum Engin. One Bearlcat, slightly Shaved. Qi Y .f, lf. Q 'Ii' . - 1 is-1. ' 2:51 1 'F ' A ' . gs ,. -. "'1' 'V M--9 mf- . -. f fr' 1 it. W A . ff.. TW V, 1: P- swf: ' 4 gf . ' Qfff' " ca . ' Q ...M P. , N41 4 1 ri ,t P I D , 1 Corenblith, Louis Daisetta Pre-Law Cox, Robert Louis Houston Petroleum Engin. Crabb, Edith Houston Education Crawford, Vernon Malcolm Beaumont F ine Arts Cross, Betty Ann Houston Arts and Science Cullom, Iames Howard Houston Pre-Law Cunningham, K. Max Houston Pharmacy Cupples, Harry Robert Houston Pharmacy SOPHOMCRE Curry, William Davis Houston Pharmacy Dadisman, Helen Virginia Houston Psychology Daigle, Mildred Ann Houston Art Daily, Barbara Ann Houston Sociology Fiesta Construction I947. 4 The Freshman Dance was Tiring. Daniel, Charles Marcus Houston General Business Davidson, Ann Houston Secretarial Science Davis, Donald W. Malvern, Ark. Geology Debes, George I., Ir. Houston Chemical Engin. Dalafuente, Donaciano Houston Auto Mechanics Delaney, Delery Doyle Houston Gen. Business Dickens, Raymond Albert Houston Pre-Law Drews, Alvin Earl Houston Mechanical Engin. Dunlop, Ioe M., Ir. Houston Arts and Science Dunn, Herschel F., Ir. Waco Architecture Dooley, Iohn Edward Darien Gen. Business Dykstra, Theodore Barthold Houston Iournalism ..,. V V ,. , we .Y .-.,.f.s.,--...,,-..-.Y-.- -v-- -. W, rv.-..,.-.,,....-W.-. Y,,, , ,, ----W -f-' ---s --v-----f W-------v---------v--W - V --f -Y---,..,......,--Y.. -WV WW ,,,,,, W F 1' 5 Lx A f, 1 Q sb H f ' 1 A .',,v'.", -2 63- ' ' with-ytt. ,wg ,'..ii.k,Q Y . th. ,',ay.A,,',1x.w.. Jan Q mf -f:- N,--Hw,',,n . vffiiv 2 Mft 1... HR. .,,..l,. I . ' 5 me E Q , it This was the closest the Bearkats ever got to the Bonfire. Freeman, Iames Edward Houston Pre-Law e Arthur C Houston Mechanical Engin Fr y, . - Fuller, Guy Wimberly Timpson Petroleum Engin. Fuller, Iames C. Texas City Gaither, Mary Louise Houston Gandy, lean Elna Houston Garcia, Clemente San Diego Garcia, Rutino Falfurrias Garrison. Lessie G. Houston Garza. Cuitlahuac A. Pharr Gaston, Carolyn Galena Park Pharmacy Sociology Education Pharmacy Pharmacy Education Engineering Secretarial Science Geschke, Lawrence C. Chicago, III. Fine Arts Economou, Katherine E. Houston Gen. Business Ellington, William Eugene Houston Chemistry Ellis, Thomas Louis Houston Accounting Espinosa, lose T. Mexico City, Mex. Industrial Elec. Espinosa, Roberto Guatemala, Gutemala Archi- tectural Engineering Evans, Iohn Wiley, Ir. Houston Mechanical Engin. Fain, Libbie Dale Houston Pre-Law Farmer, Earl Highlands Psychology Flowers, David Carroll Houston Iournalism Forson, Myrtle La Porte Art Fort, H. C. Houston Pharmacy Fransen, Roy Coy Cleveland Accounting Part of the Cougar cheering section at the SLI game. Gilless, Clyde H. San Marcos Photography Godfrey, Darrell Paul Houston Biology Golding, Thomas Richard Houston Gen. Business Gray, Thomas Dexter Houston Mechanical Engin. Grayson, Iames E. Houston Engineering Drawing Green, Wade Kenneth Pasadena Pre-Dental Grichuk, Alexander Houston Architecture Griffin, Ioan Houston Physical Education Griffin, Peggy Iean Houston Home Economics Griggs, Belle Beraud Houston Education Griggs, Charles Beraud Houston Mechanical Engin. Groh, Daniel A., Ir. San Antonio Geology Herbie Brockstein gives out at the Freshman Dance. "Fr- Cougar Band and the Frontiersmen parade at Homecoming Pre-Dental Commercial Art Gen. Business Gen. Business Grove, Arthur I-I. Houston Guest. Ioanne Houston W Gwathmey. lane Houston Hagler, Orville M. Fairbanks Hallerf Donita Marie Houston Secretarial Science Hargraye, Ruth? Ellen Houston Secretarial Science Harrison, Charles O. Meriden, Conn. Photography Harriss, William B. E1 Campo Public Accounting Harwas, Frances Marie Houston Art Harwell, Iames Matt, Ir. Houston Electrical Engin. Hauptman, Stanford Houston Mechanical Engin. Havner, Willa M. Houston Art QQ? Chloe Biglow's dad engineered the tootball special to Latayette. Holt, Iames Spencer Galena Park Business Holt, Robert Lee Houston Business Hopkins, Thomas Roy Houston English Howell, Ben Forrest Aransas Pass Engineering Hubbell, Marius Mercer Galveston Law Huffstetter, Hoy Edgar Dallas Mechanical Engin. Hutsell, Eugene Frederick Corpus Christi Pharmacy Innerarity, Iames Johnston Houston Psychology Ison, Ioy E. Houston Arts and Sciences Iackson, Paul C. Houston Gen. Business Iames Harriett Ann Houston Elementar Education ' Y Iames, Howard Prescott Houston Pre-Med Heartiield, Eleanor Wier Houston - English Heft, La Vora Houston General Business Helweg, Daniel Leon Richmond Chemistry Henderson, Frances C. Houston Secretariel Science Henderson, William I. Escanaba, Mich Liberal Arts Hensley, Arville Iohn Arcadia, Okla Gen. Accounting Heying, Lorence Ioseph Houston Geology Higginbotham, Gene Houston Engineering Hlavinka, Ioe Henry Houston Auto Mechanics Hobbs, Leslie Allie Freer Geology Hotfplauir, Arthur DeWitt Houston Architecture Hollingsworth, Harold D. Beaumont Mech. Engin. Action in the U ot H-West Texas State game. V vs--.v,....,...,........-...-Y -...v 7.7 ..w..q......,...,.V-,..... Iarrell, Malcolm Port Arthur Electrical Engin. Ielson, Alex Arthur Houston Pre-Med Iohnson, Patricia I. Houston Management Iones, Audrey Pauline Houston General Business Kaemmerling, Harold Elroy Lufkin Architecture Keiper, Clara Faye Houston Home Economics Keller, Edward R. Cleveland, Ohio Chemistry Kelly, Billy Ray Lumberton, Miss. Civil Engin. Kelly, Merle Pasadena Trade and Transportation Kelly, William Thomas Port Arthur Electrical Engin. Kemp, Richard A. Galveston Iournalism Kennedy, Earl Edward Houston Management A budding Henry Aldrich answers his mother. x,g,,.,X ' A l . R il. 3 'NJ' A cargo of iive hounds in ihe baggage coach go on a Louisiana Hayride. Kennedy, Ioyce Estol Houston Iournalism Kenney, Teddy R. Houston Geology Keyser, William Edwards Houston English Kiecke, Betty lane Houston Secretarial Science Kimball, Kay Houston Drama King. Joseph M. Durham, N. C. Architecture Kirschner, Rudolf Prague, Czeckoslovakia Pre-Med Knodel, Maxine Marie Houston English Knowles, Leonard I. Oshawa, Ont. Can. Journalism Knox, Otis B. Eastland Diesel Engineering Koetting, Delia Anne Houston Home Economics Komarek, Ernest Ioe Iames Dayton Gen. Business The Southwestern Louisiana students gave ,us a royal reception. Marwitz, Ray Alvin Indian Gap Civil Engineering Mathes, Robert Leigh McAllen Business Mauzy, David Bartholomew Houston Pre-Law May, William'Douglas Kerens Accounting Maynard, Martin Stanley Houston Business McAllister, Larry Merle Houston Accounting McBride, William Douglas Houston Pre-Law McDonald. Worden Houston Education McFarland, Hugh Oscar Port Arthur Pre-Law McGinney, Virginia LaMarr Houston Art McGraw, Iames Anthony Urbana, Ohio Medicine McMurrey, Alfred A., Ir. Houston Electrical Engin. Krystyniak, Phillip I. Houston Bus. Management Kyriakides, Stavros, Solomki, Greece Chemical Engin. Lawson, Leonard L. Houston Accounting Leonard, Bill Houston General Business Leverette, Roy W. Greenville, Miss. Business Lockler, Willard Ray Houston Architectural Engin. Lubel, Elaine Barbara Houston Psychology Lynd, Iames Alfred Houston Management Mandrell, Clayton C. Frederick, Okla. Mech. Engin. Martin, Homer Arnold, Ir. Houston Mech. Engin. Martin, Foster Dennis, Ir. Houston Physical Ed. Martin, Iames Cecil Houston Gen. Business Dance scene following the bon-fire on Homecoming Eve. Means, Benjamin H. Houston Petroleum Engin. Meek, William Franklin Freeport Electrical Engin. Miller, Frances Iuanelle La Porte Gen. Business Miller, Willard F., Ir. Houston Architecture Engin. Milton, David D. Houston Fine Arts Mitchell, Iames Edward London, Ky. Pharmacy Mitchell, Laura Lois Houston Home Economics Mixon, Ioey Ioyce Houston Education Monsour, Abe, Ir. Houston Business Administration Moore, Elmer Claude Houston Electrical Engin. Moore, Thomas Calvin Bellaire Petroleum Engin. Morrison, Robert Scott Houston Socioloqv Tripping the light fantastic after the Texas Agri game. Welcome and Joanna catch 30 winks. Mucasey, Leon Houston General Business Mull, Elizabeth I. Houston Social Science Mullen, Dorothy Iean Houston Ioumalism Nastoupil, Raymond Albert Sealy Pharmacy Nelson, Gretchen Ann Beaumont Psychology New, George W. Houston Iournalism Newton, Lemuel C. Houston Chemical Engin. Noble, Norman Otis Fostoria General Business Norris, Ioe left Houston Accounting North, Donald Milton Corpus Christi Psychology Norwood, Bryan I. Houston Gen. Business Notestine, Thomas W. Houston Architecture That isn'+ the way we heard it. O'Donnelly, William G. Houston Commercial Art Offutt, Lewis Clinton Lubbock Gen. Business O'Meara, Mary lane Houston Secretarial Science Page, Mary Lou Amarillo Sociology Page, Vernon B. North Little Rock, Ark. Diesel Palla, David Louis Galveston General Business Pappas, Matina Houston General Business Pasche, Louis, III Houston Petroleum Engin. Parish, Curtis Bryan Luflcin Music Paul, David Melvin Houston Iournalism Pecot, I. Anthony Houston Pharmacy Pegues, Aston D. Houston Education Football Squad ready to take off for EI Paso and the game with Texas Mines. Penn, Robert Evans Houston Electrical Engin. Perkowski, Iames R. Carlsbad, N. M. Gen. Business Perrin, Downing A. Beetown, Wis. Photography Pettit, Clemon I. Houston General Business Phenix, Harold Vance Houston Architecture Phillips, Iohn Milton Cameron, Mo. Pre-Law Phillips, Richard K. Blaclcsville, W. Va. Photography Pierce, Billie R. Camp Wood Ploumis, Kalliope Houston Poe, Frank Edward Houston Poling, Ralph Crater Keyport, Pollard, Anna Beth Houston N. Gen. Business General Business Architectural Engin. I . Photography General Business Porretto, Henry P., Ir. Galveston Post, Natalie Virginia Houston Post, Evelyn Dolores Houston Price, Wilfred Holmes Liberty Purnell, Fred Vernon Angelton Poor, Anita Irene Houston Geology Home Economics Sociology Gen. Business Mechanical Engin. Art Radoff, Lillian Maxine Houston Pre-Med Ramsey, Charles Fred Highlands Insurance Ray, Lee Roy Fairfield Pharmacy Rebsch, Donald Lamar Galveston Music Rees, Virginia Dare Houston Sociology Reeves, Evelyn Marie Pasadena Music Huffman, the politician. 'VA NNY DONEXZBLQ M W .W swzizyhfl bl Cheerleaders wave goodbye as the Cougar Special leaves for Louisiana. Reiter, William A., Ir. Houston Rhone, Billy Roy Crockett Richburg, lean Frances Houston Richter, Carolyn lane Houston Roach, Leonard Earl Wink Rodda, Ierold Edwin Brazoria Rodriguez, Myrna Loy Houston Rogers, Iohn Bruce Houston Rohrer, Roy Reed Houston Rowsey, Betty Ann Houston Royalty, William A. Houston Rumph, Iames R. Houston Mechanical Engin. Accounting Art Drama Psychology Electrical Engin. Drama Psychology General Business English ,Mechanical Engin. Pre-Law .,.....-.,,.v,.,,.,Y -,..,v,Y...-.v...,v,.......v.v.,..,.,. Y-Y,.vv.,.,..-w..,,,. Y U I lt's Bearkat clipping time on the Rice Hotel Corner. Short, Willis Franklyn Houston Pre-Law Sidener, Carl Ray Houston Pre-Dental Sims, Hampton Clay Merryville, La. Pre-Law Sisson, Roberta I. Martinsville, Ind. Iournalism Skelton, Saranna Houston Languages Sloan, Harold Keith Houston Mechanical Engin. Smith, Bill Houston Psychology Smith, Robert W., Ir. Houston Electrical Engin. Smith, Stanley Lawrence Houston General Business Engineering Smith, William F. Houston Sprague, Annyce Houston Radio Snell, Gene William Houston Mechanical Engin. Sanchez, Margarita Torreon, Mexico Biology Sarao, Lewis Iohn Houston Architecture Saxon, lack Nathan Pasadena Gen. Business Schmidt, Ioe Bond Mansfield, La. Pharmacy Schmitt, Robert Eldon Houstoin Finance Schneider, William D. Houston Electrical Engin. Schuster, Patrick W. Iohnstown, Pa. Electrical Engin. Seale, Brian R. Houston Iournqlism Semaan, Bob Houston Physical Education Semple, William Stilwell Houston Architecture Setterberg, Kenneth R. Burlington, Iowa Physical Ed. Shively, Vera Therese Houston English Tea for ZOO. .- g Q J . 1 ni :ul-uuuusmuluni-ul , ,, 4, ls V Frontiersman serve chow on the Lafayette trip. Southwick, Robert C. Bridgeport, Conn. Accounting Spacek, Louis Voe Sealy General Business Stafford, Lannon F. San Antonio Petroleum Engin. Stallworth, Theodore N. Bellaire Public Admin. Stanley, Robert Lamar Houston Radio Starkey, Eugene Allen Houston General Business Steele, Walter B., Ir. Norphelt, Ark Electrical Engin. Sterk, Io Ann Houston Secretarial Science Sterns, Betty Icy Houston General Business Stevens, Ioseph Bishop Marshall 'Pre-Dental Stewart, Raymond A., Ir. Houston Aeronautical Engm. Stone, Paul Ioseph Bellaire Pharmacy The radio Departments pride and joy. George Raymer, his turn at the mike. Stover, Iohnny Houston Stoy, Robert Baskette Iacksonville, Strouhal, Rudolph Carl Houston Suit, Martha Lou Houston Sullivan, Carol A. Navasota Sykora, Donald Dewight Houston Tardo, Iasper Patrick Houston Tarrant, Mary Graham Damon Taylor, Billye lean Houston Taylor, Carl Louis Richmond Teacle, Charles Eldridge Houston Terry, Elmer Arthur Houston Engineering Fla. Accounting Gen. Business English English Geology Architecture Home Economics General Business Psychology Petroleum Engin. Accounting Proot postive that Cougarviile doesn't lack in teminine pulchitrude. Van Ness, Iohn B. Houston Architectural Engin. Vernon, Richard Lee Houston Petroleum Engin. Vernor, Dorothy Alice Houston Psychology Vick, George Henry, Ir. Houston Physics Vinyard, Walter I. Ponchantoula, La. Education Wahlers, Herbert Felix Houston Chemical Engin. Waissman, Ioe Ducles Mexico City, Mex. Pre-Med Walker, Gene Douglas Houston Radio Walker, Iacqueline Sibyl Houston Radio Walker, Mary Mars Houston Arts and Science Walker, Meredith Iames Houston Geology Walters, Audry Ann Houston Sociology Thompson, Marvin T. Haymondville Tierney, Lawrence I. . Houston Timmerman, Arthur W. Chicago, III. Townsend, Roland I., Ir. Houston Treat, Wilham lay, Ir. Houston Truitt, Ora Claudia Houston Tumblesol, Charles A. New Orleans, L Utter, Walter Randolph Houston Drama Pharmacy Iournalism Engineering Theology English a. Gen Business Gen. Business SCPHCMCRES Vaglienti, Iohn Frank League City Van Dries, Marie Isabelle Houston Van Eenenaam, Louis Houston Vann, William Wesley Trinity Accounting Engineering Education Accounting The Art Department exhibits some Grade A work. Warren, Clint Bradford Houston Mechanical Engin. Washam, Ianice Anne Houston Education Watts, Robert Marvin Lufkin General Business Weaver, Iohn Ernest Houston Geology Weiss, Irving Houston H Electrical Engineering Wells, Carol Ioan New York, N. Y. Fine Arts White, David Garth Houston Pre-Law White, Franklin, Ir. Houston Fine Arts Heavy action as the Cougars upset Louisiana Tech. i Final moments of the West Texas State-U of H game. Wiesenthal, Ruth Houston Psychology Williams, Douglas B., Ir. Houston Architectural Engin. Williams, Ioe R. Houston Electrical Engin. Wolski, Lawrence A. Boston, Mass. Psychology Woods, Iohn Louis Humble Psychology Wooxton, lane Houston Psychology Wright, Cleo B. Houston English Wright, Richard Manry Houston General Business Young, Leo Clifford, Ir. Oxon Hill, Md. Pub. Admin. Zeigler, Isabel Houston Home Economics T .,-Y.-.-W.....YV--........v.,.....vr....Y.......- ,V Y. .V--..--vw--.WY Y- i?jjlllilgll 1 4 , M 090. 1' '- p' x 1 x X 5 ziiitiwzglrsim- - ,W r f""""-- Ruth McClain . . Secretary ,111 5 x Jackie Enloe . . Treasurer df is xisu- ' tif x l3i-0, Y P s., III X f v Ill - ill!!! CLASS GF I952 N CQISSQADJ This can't happen on our campus! Acord, Winnie May Houston Adam. Paul Alfred Houston Alderson, Lawrence Houston Alexander, Charles G. Galveston Alexander, Henry Day Dayton Anderson, Ioan Alice Houston Anderson, Ruthmary Houston Angeli, Henry Houston English General Business Pre-Med Mechanical Engin. Technology Gen. Business Iournalism Gen. Business FRESHME Apple, William H. Pasadena Atchison, Lexas Iackson Houston Bacque, Paul Iohn Port Arthur Baines, Iohn William Houston Let's go. 4 Arts and Science Gen. Business Architecture Architecture Baird, Ann Marie Houston Dramatics Baker, Norma Iean Houston Art Baker, William W. Texas City Mechanical Engin. Ballowe, Iohn Gregg San Antonio Diesel Barbatis, Dyckie Beaumont Sociology Bass, Johnny Walter Houston Architecture Bassham, Barbar Elizabeth Houston Music Bassham, Leland Burton Houston Physics Beago, Charles Davis Houston Beans, Fred C., Ir. Trenton, N. I. Becker, Ioyce Elaine Houston Bell, Barbara Houston Gen. Business Gen. Business Gen. Business Art , ,cl Bell, Lloyd Desmond Warren Physical Education Berger, Gus George Houston Berry, Billie Sue McCamey Best, Mary Io Houston Billings, George Calvin Houston Gen. Business Gen. Business Gen. Business Gen. Business Blakely, Betty Fay Houston Physical Education Art Blouin, Stanley Gordon Houston Bobo, Nevillyn Dawn Houston FRE HME Bond, Carolynne Alice Houston Bonham, Russell Farber, Ir. Houston Boon, Herby I. Hondo Boon, Iohn Earl Hondo Muggin' as usual. Speech Education Gen. Business I ournalism Gen. Business And they can sing, too. Boone, Robert Leroy Houston Pre-Med Bossey, Iacqueline K. East Hampton, N. Y. Gen. Bus. Bouldin, Everett Ethren Houston Pre-Law Bourbon, Iohn Robert Houston Gen. Business Bowles, Lola Mae Houston Music Bownds, Ervin A., Ir. Houston Accounting Boyles, Noralie Kansas City, Kan. Home Economics Braden, Curtis William Hondo Photography Branyon, Gloria Lajuan Houston Journalism Brister, Harry Layne Houston Brown, Charlie Lee Houston Brown, Hugh Norman Houston Electrical Engin. Arts and Science Pre-Med Frosh sing on the bridge. Candela, Charles Nicklos Houston Chemistry Cardenas, Teodoro Chapa Houston Photography Carlton, Harriet Paine Houston Arts and Science Carlton, O. Snider Houston Mathematics Carnes, Lawrence R. Houston Architectural Engin. Carona, Iohn Anthony Dickinson Marketing and Advertising Carroll, Benny Iames Freeport Journalism Carson David Leveron Houston Pharmacy Carter, Clifford Eugene- Denison Pharmacy Cartwright, Virginia Conroe Banking Casey, Maurice E., Ir. Houston Caskey, Ianet Harmon Houston Mechanical Engin. Home Economics Brown, lWilburn Thomas Gainsville Diesel Brunson, Thomas Clyde Houston Pre-Law Burley, William I. Buffalo, N. Y. Civil Engin. Butler, Carlton Andrew Houston Pre-Law Butler, Natalie Ieanette Houston Art Byrd, Sam G. Houston . General Business Byrdson, Madge Houston Radio Cain, Patsy Ruth Houston English Calame, lack Sherman Devine Electrical Engin Camp, Wayne Ezell Texas City Mechanical Engin. Campas, Guadalup Houston General Business Canant, Barbar Maxine Houston Pub. School Music Cougars defeat S.F.A. Caughay, Dolores Ann Houston Art Pharmacy Gen. Business Medical Tech. Cazares, Reynaldo Benjamin Houston Cesak, Michael Iohn Houston Champion, Gloria Lorita Tioga, La. Chance, Pierce Carlile, Ir. Dallas Music Charles, Warren Dale Houston Geology Chapline, Bill Lee Houston Petroleum Engin. Chapman, Mary Ann Houston Home Economics Chapman, Norma Boyd Houston Home Economics Chookas. Constance H. Houston Gen. Business Christenson, Mickey Smith Houston Photo Tech. Clark, Peggy Ioan Houston Home Economics Must be after class. And the band played on. Clayton, Michael Walter LaMarque Cline, Virginia Iune Houston Cobb, Patsy Iean Houston Architecture Gen. Business Liberal Arts Cockrell, Iohn R. Cleveland Heights, O. Photography Collins, Edwin Wesley Dickinson Electrical Engin. Collins, R. P. Houston Architectural Engin. Commiato, Iohn Ioseph Dickinson Marketing Conner, Iulian lefferson Cameron Accounting Cooke, Lydia Elaine Waller Gen. Business Cooley, Allen Benton Deliliclder, La. Engineering Cork, Coleman Floyd Houston Psychology Corley, Hickman Meeker Houston Radio Q g in Everybodys' happy. -an Dennington, Iohn M. D. Velasco Technology Depew, Bill Bemard Houston Electrical Engin. Dierlam, Sandi Houston Dramatics Donahoe, Sally May Houston Secretarial Science Doohiell, Thomas Rowan Columbus, Miss. 'Gen. Bus. Droddy, Leonard Iames, Ir. Houston Geology Duke, Virginia Houston Secretarial Science Dunaway. Claude Duane Houston Art Dunaway, Rebecca Iane Houston Medical Tech. Duncan, Iack Lesley Houston Electrical Engin. Dunken, Bert Tarrant Mart Diesel Engineering Dunnam, Guy Norman Houston Chemical Engin. Corrigan, Betty Marie Houston Speech Crenshaw, Thomas William Houston Engineering Crowell, David L. Houston Industrial Engin. Cumpian, Daniel Martinez Houston Technology Cunningham, Norma Lee Houston Accounting Daly, Ralph E. Sweeny Engineering Davidson, Ieanetta Houston Pre-Law Davis, Gene Kenneth Houston Photography Davis, Pat Ann Seattle, Wash. Languages Davis, Waters Smith, II League City Gen. Business DeCorte, Ioyce Marie Houston Pharmacy DeMara, Ioyce Marilyn Houston Gen. Business They couldn't crow about this game. Dunmyer, Patricia Ann Bellaire Home Economics East, Billy R. Deer Park Radio Edwards, Harold Dwayne Houston Public Admin. Eiland, Gloria Iune Houston Arts and Science Elliott, Clyde Dixon LaPorte Chemical Engin. Embry, Eva Ioy Pasadena English Engel, Earl Thomas Houston General Business England, George F. Tulia Management Enloe, Iacquelyn Bert Houston Music Escamilla, Celia D. Houston Languages Etheridge, Iames Edwin Palestine Photography Eubanks, Ina Mae Houston Pharmacy Some by car. SP EC ml. Some by train. Eyre, Iames Ernst Galveston Pre-Med Fandal, Iames Byron, Ir. Houston Industrial Engin. F aour, Anna Rose Houston Iournalism Farley, Dewitt Texas City Pharmacy Finch, Iohn Richard Houston Pre-Dental Finlay, Oscar Edgar, Ir. Houston Technology Fite, George William Houston Geology Fivecoat, William Marion Houston Engineering Flanagan, Robert McKinley Houston Engineering Forrest, lack Howard Houston Iournalism Foster, Ross Alton, Ir. Houston Management Fowler, Robert Mitchell Galena Park Gen. Business 51, Mammyl K iw? Garcia, Oscar Manuel Falfurrias Pre-Med Garcia, Ralph Falfurrias Pharmacy Gardner, Adele Lee Houston Sociology Gartinkel, Helen Houston Psychology Garrett, Anna lean Houston Dramatics Garrison, Mary lane Houston Iournalism Gaskey, Frank Ioseph. Ir. Houston Gen. Business Gaston, Robert Cecil, Ir. Nacoqdoches Radio Gauntt, Iohn Denton Houston Foreign Languages Ghiselli, Raymond Frank Galveston Iournalism Gibson, William Robert Houston Theology Fox, Io Ann Palacious Home Economics Fraga, Felix Houston Sociology Franks, Cleveland L. Kemah Aeronautical Engin. Freund, Troy Allen Needville Petroleum Engin. Friedman, Max Aaron Houston General Business Fry, William Emmons Dallas Pharmacy Fuller, Chester Allen Houston Electrical Engin. Fuller, Render Terry, Ir. Talco Pharmacy Furman, Alec Houston Iournalism Gable, George Henry Houston Pharmacy Gadbois, Henri Vincent Houston Art Garbee, Wesley Edward Houston Accounting Rye whiskey, rye whiskey. l Giesberg, Iohn Wyatt Houston Arts and Science Civil Engin. Gilbert, Lawrence N., Ir. Temple Petroleum Engin. Gladfelter, Marten E. Alvin Glass, Frank Ray San Angelo Architecture Godbey, Laura Lina Boulder City, Nev. Education Golden, Robert lack Houston General Business Gonzales, C. F. Houston Radio Gore, Doyle Edmond Houston Aeronautical Engin. Gray, Iames Morrow Galveston General Business Gray, Wilbur Albert, Ir. Houston Chemical Engin. Green, Gordon Gibson, Ir. Houston Civil Engin. Green, Tommie Iane Houston English Griffin, Bill Fuller Lufkin Mechanical Engin. International Relations Club. The man on the street. Griffin, Robert L. Houston Gruller, Frederik L. Houston Guerin, Marie Houston Gurn, Charlyne Lexington, Miss. Gen. Business Petroleum Engin. Art General Business Electrical Engineering Mechanical Engin. Gutowski, Alvin Houston Hale, Richard Adams Dallas Hammond, Ruby Io Houston Music Hardy, Robert Calloway Houston Ioumalisrn Hargrove, Marvin Kenneth Ranger Pre-Law Harlan, William Thomas Bowie Petroleum Engin. Harrell, Maurice Houston Iournalism Harris, Kenneth William Alta Loma Pre-Med . 3. 2 65? Harris, Mary Evelyn Houston Fine Arts Hatfield, Ermine Monroe, La. Elementary Education Architect Exhibit. Hegwer, Frank Albert Bellaire Chemical Engin. Helfrich, Iames William Houston Geology Helton, Dorothy Iean Houston Physical Education Hembree, Ray V. Birmingham, Ala. Photography Hernandez, Alfred Ioe, Sr. Houston Pre-Law Hernandez, Ioe Z. Allende, Mexico Art Herring, Edwina Faye Port Neches Gen. Business Heyduck, Charles Benjamin Alvin Geology Himbree, Dorothy B. Birmingham, Ala Education Hinson, Albert Franklin Port Arthur Architecture Ho, Van H. Houston Aeronautical Engineering Holcomb, Charlees I., Ir. Houston Trade and Transportation Hatton, Wilson Norris Warren Mechanical Engin. Havemann, LaVerne Houston Medical Tech. Haverkorn, Eva Leona Franklin Social Science Hawkins, Keith D. St. Louis, Mo. Photography Hawkins. Pattie Pasadena, Calif. Home Economics Hawthorne, Robert Iudson Houston Pre-Law Healy, Mary Lou Houston English Heaney, Mary Frances Houston Iournalism Heaton, Amalia Lucile Houston Pharmacy Hebert, August Ioseph, Ir. Houston Management A monumental occasion. Hollmann, Robert Carl Houston Gen. Business Hollowell, Harold Aldon Houston Pre-Law Housh, Mary Iane Houston Arts and Science Howard, William O'Dell Graham Photography Howell, Kenneth S. Houston Mechanical Engin. Howell, Marilyn Houston Languages Huffman, Regan Colby Orange Iournalism Hughes, Edith Elliott Houston Secretarial Science Hulett, Iames E. Parsons, Kan. Electrical Engin. Humenay, Iohn C. Follansbee, W. Va. Architecture Irizarry, Arturo Toa Baja, Puerto Rico Mech. Engin. lrizarry, Patria L. Corozal, Puerto Rico Sec. Science Stoppin' for a coke. Look again - Bill with Edith. Iackowski, Charles Herman Houston Engineering Jackson, Horace Andrew Pasadena Music Iaclcson, Mary Frances Waco Secretarial Science Iacob, Robert Charles Alta Loma Gen. Business Iamison, Iohnson Iohnson Iohnson Leon Korah Houston James W. Houston O. C. Houston Peggy lean Houston Iohnston, Michael L. Houston lones, Robert Lynk Houston Kaelin, Billy Ioe Houston Keir, Howard Wallace Houston General Business Management Pre-Med Diesel History Mechanical Engin. Chemical Engin. Civil Engineering The band at Lafayette. Knirr, Robert Iohn Houston Architecture Koen, Herbert Hudean Houston Pre-Dental Korener, Albert Henry Anqleton Petroleum Engin. Koska, Milton Adrian Houston Geology Kring, Helen Anne Houston Architecture Krohn, George M. Houston Trade and Transportation Krotzer, Sara Lockard Houston Art Kubicek, Ioe Rudolph G. Houston Engineering LaGrove, Rita Aline Houston Arts and Science Lamonte, Anthony Thomas Houston Engineering Lancaster Marston M. Houston Modelin I 9 Lane, Barbara Houston Commercial Art Keith, Nell Rose S. Houston Home Economics Kelley, Billy Lee Baytown Technology Kennedy, Donald Wayne Houston Engineering Kennedy, Edwin Bland Houston Management Kettler. Elizabeth Ann Galveston Pharmacy Kiatta, Helen Carolyn Houston Liberal Arts Kibby, Patricia Lou Houston Radio Kibby, Robert Lane Houston Radio Kiibler, Iohn Sheehan Houston Pre-Law Kimball, Marjorie Ann Houston Religion Kirkland, Phyllis Ann Arkansas City, Kan. Psych. Knapp, Dorothy Houston Secretarial Science The handsome guys are U ot H students. 55:5 i Lasker, Ierome Houston General Business Lawson, Samuel Milton Houston Architecture Left, Sara Ann Houston Arts and Science Lentini, Ioseph A. Houston Pharmacy Lentz, Edwin Lonzo Houston Technology Levy, Gus Iohnston, Ir. Houston Gen. Business Lewis, Henry George Westfield, N. I. Psychology Lewis, Laura lean Houston Education Leyva, Gloria Houston Pre-Med Lindsey, Merrideth I. Orchard Dramatics Lloyd, Kathleen Houston Arts and Science Lockridge, Ioseph Ray Galveston Pre-Dental "Horrors." "Sure, we're going to win," Bob said. Lucia, Polly Ann Houston Liberal Arts Luckel, Ted R. Houston Petroleum Engineering Lundwall, Edward F., Ir. Houston Chemical Engin. Magill, Marion Elizabeth ' Houston Architecture Maley, Gerald Arthur Houston Rqdig Maley, Robert Charles, Ir. Houston Pre-Law Malone, Nancy Houston Photography Mangum, Thomas Leeland Houston Gen. Business Marion, William F. Houston Mechanical Engin. Marlowe, Robert Howell Houston Geology Martin, Robert V. Iohnstown, Pa. Photography Marquez, Ernest Villarreal Laredo Music Y.--v------v-,-..-.,-..YY.-,........,..-.-..,.,,,.-'w-w V v--. -H---v-....,...-.-v vs- - W-.--.-.-....-..,................--vw .- Toy Queen at the Christmas time. McKenney, Patricia Houston Music McClain, Ruth Houston Music McMeans, Walter Sheppard Houston Pre-Law Merchant, Ierry Paul Houston Architecture Michels, Betty Iean Houston General Business Millard, Dean Bevan Houston Architecture Miller, Ann Marian Houston Elementary Education Miller, Robert William Houston Petroleum Engin. Miller, William Karl Houston Architecture Minter, Rondel Houston Music Mire, Francis Elw n Ieanerette, La. Pre-Law Y Molinare,iWilliam B., Ir. Houston Pre-Law Matern, Gerald Karl Burnet Gen. Business Matthews, Bonnie Ioyce Houston Chemistry McAninch, Iack O'De1l Houston Gen. Business McBee, Roland Lane Houston Iournalism McBrayer, Ernest Thomas, Ir. Houston Engineering McCain, Jerry C. Beaumont Geology McCarty, Donald Stuart Houston Engineering McClughan, Ioseph William Houston Engineering McCutcheon, Bryan Olan Houston Architecture McGarrett, Walter Irwin Houston Architecture McGregor, Iohn Mitchell Houston Gen. Business McGrew, Lawrence Houston Gen. Business Personnel of the "Crow's Nest" in '48 Fiesta. Moore, Theodore Richard Houston Accounting Moore, Doris Velma Houston Secretarial Science Morales, Anthony, Ir. Deliidder, La. Pharmacy Moreau, Betty lean Houston Gen. Business Morgan, Charles Ray Daisetta Engineering Morgan, Garvin H. Houston Art Morris, Margaret Ann Chicago, lll. Dramatics Morrow, Iune Marie Houston Dietetics Motal, Adolf Eugene Moulton Pharmacy Mullen, loe Norman Cleveland Geology Munsch, Richard D. Arcadia Petroleum Engin. Murphy, Margery Ann Little Rock, Ark. Personnel Management Cougar correspondence. E s E S L I students perform at half time. Murray, Billy Rosalyn Houston Arts and Science Mutter, Robert Edward Kyle, W. Va. Technology Myers, Martha Conn Port Arthur Arts and Science Navarro, Gloria Houston Secondary Education Nazario, Andres Lubbock Diesel Neeley, Iames Oscar Wauchula, Fla. Pharmacy Neibich, Tolbert I. Steelton, Pa. Electrical Engin. Nelson, Bill C. Clinton, Ark. Pre-Law Nelson, Dorothy Francis Boulder City, Nev. Radio Neumeyer, Arthur Delbert Brillion, Wis. Photography Neumann, Charles Leslie Houston Engineering Nix, Wilma Ruth Livingston Gen. Business lntormal gathering of the International Relations Club. Parker, Patsy Ann Houston Physical Education Parker. Sterling Conrad Houston Gen. Business Parsonage, Howard Houston History Patrick, Ann Houston Radio Patton, Clarence E. White Swan, Wash. Education Paul, Robert Hugh Houston Electrical Engineering Peek, Betty Lou Pasadena Speech Pendleton, Thomas Dale Gainsville Diesel Perry, Harry R. Baytown Electrical Engineering Pfeiffer, Hilda Mae, LaPorte Interior Decorating Pittman, Ida Iean Houston Math Platt, Doryce Houston Arts and Science Norris, Wayne LaPorte Pharmacy .Oakes, Margaret Geraldine Houston English Oldham, lack Beasley Houston Engineering Oliphint, Io Ann Houston General Business Oliver, Terry K. Greenwood, S. C. Petroleum Engin. Onstad, Carol Susan Houston General Business Orth, Emil Herman Houston General Business Oser, Osmond Oswald, Ir. Houston Pre-Dental Overstreet, Dwayne V. Honey Island Gen. Business Owens, Mary Iane Houston Iournalism Pape, Gene Oliver Houston Gen. Business Parker, Iack Donald Houston Gen. Business Handiwork of the Architects. Polk, Linda Ann Galveston Iournalism Porter, Grady Claire Conroe Iournalism Potter, Tom Houston Pharmacy Precup, Ioseph Hallettsville Geology Presley, Fred William Houston Psychology Preston, Iohn Clement, Ir. Houston Accounting Price, Shirley Rae Dallas Gen. Business Prince, Elvo Elkin, Ir. Houston Radio Pulos, Benjamin Porter Tucson, Ariz. Photography Puls, Barbara Ann Houston Dramatics Pursch, Frieda Ann Houston Gen. Business Purvis, Helen Barbara Houston Home Economics Waitin' for the train to pull out. After the game was over. Ragsdale, Iohn Walter Houston Rainey, Anna Murl Houston Ramsey, Ross Ivy P Dallas Hanft, Walter C. Houston Ready, Elise Houston Reaves, Mary Ann Houston Rechif, Iacquie Houston Redding, Iames Perry Houston Reesby, Harry Grady Houston Bessel, William Houston Ressler, Iohn Derrel Houston Reynold, Marvin B. Houston Architecture Gen. Business Architecture Education Gen. Business English Interior Decorating Arts and Science Accounting Interior Decorating Art Engineering -... VV.V. .....-.-v- - -V-Y--W-vvv .. .,..s...T..-.-....--- ,...,...---. , W, ,, , Discussing international affairs. no doubt. Rutherford, Calvin Amold Hcuston Pharmacy Ryba, Anne Houston Arts and Science Salazar, Felix Houston Pre-Law Sanddal, Trudy Lee Houston Gen. Business Sandifer, Evelyn Neva Houston Iournalism Sandlin, Herman Lee Houston Geology Sarabia, Alfredo Carlos Houston Gen. Business Sawdy, lack T. Houston Mechanical Engineering Schlichting, Beverly Linnell Houston Art Schmitt, Camilla Holt Houston History Schoepf. Russell Theodore Tampa, Fla. Marketing Seegers, F. A., Ir. Houston Social Science ' """""' ' Y - - ..,.,,,,... Gen. Business Rice, Nancy Ann Houston Richardson, Patsy Sue Houston Art Roberts, Dorothy Lou Pasadena Robinson, Barbara Houston Accounting Gen. Business Air Conditioning Mechanical Engin. Rodd, Iames Gayhart Houston Roesler, Bernard R. Rosenberg Romack, Francis Rolland Houston Management Roos, Christine Isabelle Houston Gen. Business Rosenbaum, Morris, Ir. Houston Trade and Transportation Rowe, Edward Bernard Chicago, Ill. Pharmacy Rugdey, Rowland B. Houston Mechanical Engin. Russell, Helen Houston General Business Some Skunk Holiowers at the Sadie Hawkins Dance. . YVVV Y4. , , ., Semple, Margot DuBose Houston Art Serid, Paul Anthony Houston Technology Shafer, Gordon Ward Omaha, Neb. Photography Shaver, Earl Bertram, Ir. Houston Biology Shaw, Iohn Herbert Houston Electrical Engin. Shipes, Kelly Vernet Houston Engineering Siller, Lawrence L. Galveston Architectural Engin. Simmons, Frances Ellen Houston Secretarial Science Simpson, Anne Merle Houston Secretarial Science Sisk, Wanda Lou Batesville, Ark. Gen. Business Skelton, Ioyce Elaine Houston Home Economics Sligar, lack Delma Houston Architectural Engin. Bald Bearlcats lead Cougars in yell practice. Smith. Smith Smith Smith 2 rs ' All conference taclcle, Cecil Towns, reads the glad news whale Cougar grid mates loolc on. Charles Browder Houston Eloise Ann Houston Genevieve Angleton Glenn Hoyt Houston Smith, Marvin Beacham Houston Smylie, lames Calvin Alvin Solomon, Iimmie Charles Houston Soto, Luis Alfonso Houston Speer, Daniel K. Centerville Spies, Weldon Alvin Houston Stanford, Laurence F., Ir. Great F Stautfer, Margie Sue Houston Technology Gen. Business Iournalism Pre-Dental Religion Petroleum Engin. Technology Engineering Architecture Phannacy alls Mont. . Photog. Religion Vanity Fair judges. Surprenant, Homer E. Rochester, N. Y. Photography Mechanical Engin. General Business General Business Taylor, Marley Lee Conroe Terrill, Robert Paul Houston Terwilliger, Harry B. Houston Thibodeaux, Hillery Houston Gen. Business Thomas, Nick G. Cedar Rapids, Iowa Engineering Thompson, Carol lean Houston Arts and Sciences Thompson, Iessie Lorraine Houston Sec. Science Thompson, Kenneth Ray Vernon Engineering Thompson, Shirley I. Houston Secretarial Science Tietze, Mae Delle Houston Physical Education Tilley, Herbert Wayne Houston Gen. Business Steely, Clifford C., lr. Houston Management Sterrett, Suzanne Marie Houston Physical Ed. Stewart, Bobby Angleton Gen. Business Stewart, Douglas Leo, Ir. Houston Engineering Stewart, Robert H. Palacios Petroleum Engineering Stewart, Ruth Houston Arts and Sciences Stewart, Vernon Roy Greenwood, Ark. Mech. Engin. Stillwell, Nelda loy Houston Dramatics Stratton, Frank E. Anqleton Pre-Dental Strickland, Iames N. Houston Architectural Engin. Stuchly, Ernest I. Schulenburg Mechanical Engin. Sullivan, Thomas Patrick Galveston Gen. Business Decorating the Christmas Tree tor the "Queen. i Timmerman, Elisabeth A. Beaumont Corrective Speech Todd, Golda Iean Bellaire Gen. Business Trammell, Bruce Eugene Houston Gen. Business Travis, Ioseph Edward Ill Houston Gen. Business Treoccar, Raymond Francis Dickinson Pharmacy Trowcale, Lawrence M., Ir. Houston Technology Trull, Davy Lee Houston Electrical Engineering Ullrich, Raymond Leon Rosenberg Gen. Business VanDreser, Patricia Rae Houston Education Vaughan, Iohn Wesley Houston Gen. Business Waldman, Elaine Dorothy Houston Education Walker, Ernest Iohnson Lanevtlle Electrical Engin. Students from Texas, Germany and Arabia. v V sb-3 2555.5 ....s.3am.,, . V W ,,. l Cougars whoop it up after the grid game overlthe Bearlcats Walling, Walter W. Houston Mechanical Engin. Wandel, William Boyson Houston Chemistry Ward, Ann HOllSfOD Photography Waterman, Marillyn Diane Houston Journalism Way, Robert Harry Houston Mechanical Engin. Weaver, Tommy Martin San Angelo Architecture West, Helane Meta Houston Psychology Whatley, Mary Virginia Bellaire Wheeler, Iohn Lewis Kokomo, Ind. Gen. Business Whipple, David Thomas Houston Sociology Whitt, Io Marie Houston Air Hostess White, Vemon Lyle Houston Architectural Engin. Art l "T, Texas Noack" leads the way in a few Cowboy songs. White, Woodlitf Monroe Houston Gen. Business Wigginton, Donald Houston Pre-Law Wilkins, Edwin Ray Bartlesville, Okla. Elec. Engin. Wilkerson, Carolyn Houston Art Willard, Dixie Lee Springfield, Mo. Gen. Business Willard, William Ernest Galveston Engineering Williams, Ed Wesley Pasadena Physical Ed. Williams, Iimmy Timpson Geology Williams, I. W. Newton Pharmacy Williams, Mary Dolores Houston Mathematics Williams, Stanley Blair Houston Gen. Business Willis, David Gillies Houston Iournalism Another reason why Fiesta is always a hit. Wilson, Ioy Ruhayma Houston Wilson, Shirley Lou Houston Wiseheart, Iimmie P. Houston Wizoreck, Thomas Emil Houston Wolverton, William Groesbeck Woodward. Norma Earline Houston Woodruff, Margie Houston Wunshawn, Guy Freeman Orange Lab Technician Liberal Arts Gen. Business Engineering Pharmacy Sec. Science Art Gen. Business Yarbrough, Lynn Douglas Houston Physics Yeager, Iohn Crews Houston Technology Young, Iris Lee Velasco Home Economics Zerj av, Frank Houston Technology Zieschang, Wallace Rae Freeport Commercial Art Zuber, Mary Io Houston Art Zwillenberg. Ioan London, England Art FRE HME Our gal Shasfa SCHOOL OF L W Abercia, Ralph Houston Akridge, William Iames Houston Baker, Lawrence I. Houston Bammel, Herbert A. Houston Barfield, Milton Hiram Houston Bennett, Iohn R. Wichita, Kan. Bissonnet, Harold G. Houston Brubaker, Robert C. Houston Bryan, Glenn Etsel Houston Cannon, William B., Ir. Houston Chambers, Eugene Houston Chase, Carl C., Ir. Houston Crosson, Ernest Lewis Houston Diggles. Iames Shutt Houston Ehlers, Earl lack Houston l l . 1 SCHOOL OF LAW Elliott, William M. Houston l L Emerich, Lewis William Houston 1 L Pre-Law Club, Parliamentarian 1946, President, Fall ot 1947. Parliamentarian. Spring ot 1947, U ot H Village Council Councilman 1948. Friloux, Clarence A., Ir. Houston 1 L Pre Med Society Charter Member 1946-48, President 1946-47, Student Assembly Parliamentarian 1946-47, Assem- blyman 1946-47, Co-Chairman Veteran's Rights Committee 1947, Chairman ot Homecoming Bonfire 1947-48, Lab As- sistant Instructor 1946-47, Frontier Fiesta 1947-48, Duke 1947, Drafted the following documents: Student Government Con- stitution 1948. Student Assembly House Regulations. Honor Roll Bill 1947, Student Government Budgets for 1947 and 1948. Student Traltic Court System, Student Government Scholastic Honor Awards. Student Government History 1947-48, Pre Med Society Constitution 1947, GSSO Constitu- tion 1947, National Student Association Observer 1947-49, U H Bar Association Parliamentarian 1948, Chairman oi Mascot Guard 1948-49. Who's Who 1947-48, Outstanding Student Govemment Leader Award 1947-48. Councilman- at-large 1947-48, Alpha Phi Omega 1947-49. Campus Pro- ject Chairman 1948-49. Texas Academy ot Science 1946-48, Chairman ot Constitutional Committee 1947-48. Gossett, Tom Houston 2 L Greenwell, Robert Angelo Houston 1 L Hare, Dolores Houston 1 L Choral Club 1945-46, Forsenic 'Club 1947-48, Le Quartier Latin 1945-47, Methodist Student Movement 1947-49. Pre Law Club. Secretary 1947. Assemblyman 1947. Vice-President 1948. Cougar Collegians 1946-47. Frontier Fiesta 1948, Varsity Varieties 1946. Hill, Raymond M. Houston 1 L Henderson, Ioe R. Houston 2 L Irwin, William B., Ir. Cushing 1 L Isbell, Ioe H. Houston 2 L Iohnson, Cary Alfred Houston 2 L Iones, Robert Dillon Houston 1 L Kowalski, A. I. Marlin 1 L Newman Club 1946-48. Pre Law Society 1946-47. Assem- blyman 1947, Newman Club Parliamentarian 1947. Pres- ident ot Pre Law Club 1948. Kroll, Gordon Iennings Houston 1 L Leitner, Rudolph V. Houston 1 L SCHOOL OF LAW Lensky, Herman Houston 1 L Lowery, D. E. Houston l L Lowry, Robert Lee Austin 1 L Lund, Eric Houston 2 L Martin, Samuel W., Ir. Houston 2 L Mc!-Xndrews, William E., Ir. Houston 1 L McMaster, Ian Duskin, Ir. Houston 2 L McNaspy, Herbert M. Lafayette, La. 1 L SHSZTJY0255fgia5,.S?I?mli46i3Za,PL?2iiELflEZEtS24i31i1 versity Bm Association 1948, Le Quartiex Latin 194s-47. Merritt, William E. Houston 1 L Miller, George Edward Houston 1 L Phi Theta Kappa 1946-48, Pre Law cmb 1946-4a. Miller, Iack Holly Houston l L Morgan, Herbert L. Houston 1 L Mundt, David LeRoy Houston l L Murray, Iohn A., Ir. Houston 2 L Newberry, William W. Houston 2 L SCHOQL OF L W Odom, Wendell Albert Houston 1 L Pacetti, Kenneth M. Houston 1 L Pitchford, Raymond B. Houston 1 L Pitman, Eugene I. Houston 2 L Prince, Darrell P. Houston l L Honor non 1948, Judicial coiiiicii is-ina.-is. Queen, Walter Eugene Houston 1 L Sampson, Kellis Wayne Houston 1 L Schleider, Ben H., Ir. Brenham 2 L B. S., Texas A G M 1943, University oi Houston Bar Asso' ciation 1947-49, President 1948-49. Scroggins, L. R. Houston 2 L Shrake, Henry L., Ir. Houston 2 L Simmons, Marion L. West Columbia 1 L Smith, Iackson B., Ir. Houston 2 L Smith, Robert Louis Houston 1 L Smith, R. Shearn Houston 1 L Sterrett, Sam L., Ir. Houston 2 L SCHDOL OF L W Taylor, Iohn R. Baytown 2 L Thielen, William Roy Houston 2 L Thomas, David F., Ir. Houston 2 L l Till, Royce Rudolph Houston 1 L Toomy, Valens M., Ir. Houston 2 L Trackwell, I. Eugene Houston l L Walney, Nancy V. Houston 1 L Geological Society, Pre Law Club. Co-Ed Club, E1 Foro Espanol, Christian Science Organization. U oi H Bar Asso- ciation, Honor Roll 1945-47, Program Chairman, Spanish Club 1946, Secretary, Geological Society 1947. Secretary. Christian Science Organization 1946, President 1947. Sec- retary 1947, Pre Law Club Parliamentarian 1947-48, U H Bar Association Secretary 1948-49, Executive Committee 1948-49, English Grader 1946, Geology Lab Instructor 1947. Warner, L. L. Houston 2 L Watkins, W. W. Houston 2 L Westerfield, Maurice V. Houston 1 L Womack, Iohn B., Ir. Houston 2 L Wrye, W. Chester, Ir. Galveston 1 L Yancy, Iames W., Ir. Houston 2 L PART III I 5 ' 1 551 C1 si L xl ,gf A ' 71 125 xv' "': f f ' X A 'felt .JP Q.. wp-P1 I uv :- we f' Hx ix i fv- x4-A .,: L X wu- v 4 y 11.5 - , 455 nr' 1 , -x .,,1, ..,,Q,k,. .glrflf .-'57 ,gtg vc' jf7..". ,' .,v.,,4., 5. 4 -- ,,b?'.:' 3:1- I 71? I . . Q? . 54.15 if -Fx" -7 . .g-' J .- 351 , 1.-' if 'z . fy is-I -1M '. i If., 4. 41251 5 my 5- 'N 1.71: . "t wi 'E f-.. gf. :'. 7 41 .,.. .. 'ta'-'PK Q,13v,:'7g3gfq5 gz. -, ,el . ff Vx 4' rv , ag ' 4 is 5 , E, . ,.., -' -ff ,, J . 5- . E 5 . 'Fl 5: - ' 6 3 a 4 """ "- h ' ,-ff' ...-2,1 1. , ji?-1. "'4i1gi,-. ,X 'Z-554, .SA A liz- A. H 3 - Yx 'Fas 'L "ff-fa-- wx v -. Ting.: 3- I :Egf- .... .M ' iii" -. 4 msg. n 'E L- LADIES' " SEWING BEE Fgq CHQ QITV Fm UAV 3:00 o'm.01-K SISTER JONEb -2 QUULTS 5' o House 0 9 Wk 1 f' ef ,-' TE -,ya-wg-. F' fi -a 1,4 A., N. .-5 ,vi - ':': -'-if C 'Y' 'St '-imfigjfk,-' Qfmbxki git .gf -56,3 i7Q'3flgih' A 55. T if f f' X w,-5 MEX X? ij. W X 5' sf., Ihr 'Cauuqml X . swf' 4.1 . ,--: -.1-......'m1'e-Fr!'lifi .. W -. rfkffflwbfs' f'f141 F .11zi'ffr1Ue5f??v' N in-A-4 ,.j" , , ' ff .vt .-..1 ' I if ,X .1-4, . iv TWV .fp ,x hjxu , N "" '5'Q2'fQ-52' 'fd 50" 4014! J: -fm 4- ' 4' ' x Ku '- ' H--fm. , -, ,mv , V N L. ? I A , . ,.,.I.l,o.-4:19, ,, 'A ' j " V ,.,. . . X Q! f11'44'E5ifff'E'55'3VSfF'7Tz":'w.. " 5' XX - 1 -h -if L?-"5.. XX" 1 Q30 --' g-- Ji' 43 1 .W N n , fa - . f .. 1 ' . 51' .. rr. ' ', , I 'VF 4? , 4 iw, " -f"Sj'1'. wg an , uyyaef I 1. ,", v",g'? Us EH ' gx' T! 2 '- ' H0 , N5 ., I, ,4, ,Rv V. . if .A , -5 ip ,Q 2 ' f-kiwi' ' ,. . A 1 B., if ,,,5:: 'I '4Ei51?,f::'r.:l':vW'2n1:4rvrvffjylI H. - ' V X f J 1 R mmf, . A. U . if .4 4.1i',Y.:.-1.A-,-'N:q5-,l,-QA-I.. .4 . V, " Y 3 X -' ff ' ff? , - -S35 XV Tir ' ' -TV' - f :4 - ..... . M L- -. v- 'fvf .A -' ' -- A-1-14 -. W A : I ' ,J A 1 "N ' iw 'X-1, 4 ' ,pf f J' f - - A N-ily. I ' f . ' if ' 'Q w5g,L5'22'ff ' f ,f ,JK 2 ' ' ,f, 'fix Q' Q"w+:f-wa'T"'Q iff! I1 J in 9 y 'mn A M f If J' 1-I, f W 2 I . , 4 ' .f , if ,ffxfffl . . ,gg ..f,f,fw,g ,mfgvf U" I f B 9 F If . di wwf ,,.'l:' U 1 ,911 - ff iiesu r,f'f 416 ,fm r C, v ,J 2 A 'B 7 H j .-2.4.4.-'. n.'.f..1f1',,- fn" AI ' 4. ,Q A ,Jr Nfl v ef ---W ----W -..--f- -- v.-.W ---V . Y..............,..,.- .W . . Y, . ,,,..,.,,v,,,,,, , , ,, , ,,,, ALPHA PSI OMEGA Worthy Director . . . . . . Ken Gupton Worthy Stage Manager . . . Iohn Taliaierro Worthy Business Manager . . . Ioyce Marie Zoch Worthy Prompter .... . . . Ed Semander Worthy Historian . . . . Tommy Mercer Ti ,I ff? i fi .ff .-wr. Alpha Psi Omega, National Honorary Dramatic Fraternity, was one of the first Greek letter organizations on the University campus. Its purpose to honor those participants in dramatics who have shown outstanding ability. The production of Red Masque plays is sponsored by this group. Other activities tor the past year include an open house in September, honoring Red Masque players, a spring banquet, where dramatic awards were made. and cr play composed entirely of Alpha Psi Omega members. LPHA DELTA OMEGA President Sue Sherril . . . Dorothy Anderson . Mary Louise Gaither Ioyce Zoch . Carla Cartwright . Norma Moore . Delia McAlpine Vice-President . Secretary . . Treasurer . . . . . Historian . . Assemblyman . Pledge Mistress . .... . Sponsors Miss Sue Garrison Mrs. Theo Hunnicutt Miss Lilv Russel Dr. Eby Nell McElrath Mrs. Albert Newhouse Mrs. Willie Bell Ainsworth 7' M 4 Q CN 5 I TX 'W All , D , t B gp V. are-15.-t.ii',!f5f-'?f In the constitution of Alpha Delta Omega service sorority, the purposes of the group are listed as anything that might be of service to the University and the community. Their aim is to do all that they can to help school life and spirit of the campus and to assist in community projects. Members of the organization helped in various ticket sales on the campus, served food to the bonfire watchers, worked jointly with the Alpha Phi Omega on the Christmas tree, and established a student activities per- manent record file for the University. The group also sponsored several dances and aided in acquainting the new students with the campus. FALL Lee Krause II Bill Harmon Hal Builford Curtis Everett less Kem Wayland Waters Dan Southern Don L. Taylor NATIONAL SERVICE FRATERNITY DELTA OMEGA CHAPTER OFFICERS President First V-President Second V-President Secretary Treasurer Historian Alumni Secretary Sgt.-at-Arms ALPHA PH SPRING Lee Krause II Bill Sherrill Tony Friloux Robert Van Tassle Bill Reiter Larry Parker Paul Hargraves Iames Buchanan PLEDGE CLASS FALL I948 President Vice-President Secretary Ely R. Day Gene Pringle Kenneth Yates l DMEGA i Delta Omega Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega is the only national service organization on the University campus. It was chartered in 1947. after eight months of operation as a pre- paratory group known as the "Eagles". The purpose of the fraternity is to assemble college men in the spirit of the Scout Oath and Law, to promote friendship, to give service to the student body, the faculty, and to the members, and to the nation as participating citizens. This year the activities of the group included publication of the Student Directory, spon- soring the Homecoming bonfire, operation of the Information Booth. ushering at football games, and serving at election polls. A Cougar school spirit trophy and an intramural trophy were awarded by the organization during the year and the members of the fraternity par- ticipated in Frontier Fiesta. ADVISORS Dean O. Gray, Faculty Advisor W. H. Randow. Scouting Advisor Dr. A. Newhouse, Faculty Advisor W. C. Youngblood, Scouting Advisor Dr. R. O. Ionas, Faculty Advisor Dick Bunker, Scouting Advisor Truman Pouncey, Faculty Advisor Nimor Hufman, Scout Executive ART CLUB President Martha Sullivan Vice-President ....... . Ramon Oescheger Secretary . . . . . Iecm Iacobsen Treasurer ..... . . . lime Hill Assemblyman .... . . . . . . Bill Tadlock Alternate Assemblyman ....... . Clarence SiCU1Z91 ' Sponsors Mr. Frederic Browne Mr. Ralph Wilson Mr. Elmer Vogel The purpose of the Art club is to promote, on the part of the students and the community, a greater appreciation of historical and contemporary art. Membership is open to any person in the University who shows a sincere interest in art. This interest shall be determined by enrollment in an art course. Members participate in student exhibits, sketching, and attend lectures. BAPTIST STLIDE T UNION Enlistment Vice-President Devotional Vice-President Social Vice-President . Secretary ...... Treasurer .... Publicity Director . Music ....... Pianist ....... Magazine Representative Student Assemblymen . . Sponsors . . . Director . President Travis W. Key . Kenneth Iones . Richard Klepper . . . Helen King Ettie Ruth Hammons . . . Ira Bownds Betty Marie Corrigan . . Charles Snyder .V Phil Southern . . Delores Bell . Fred Benthall Iune Bryan . Mrs. Faye Anthis Mr. I. E. Williamson Mrs. Iames A. Wray M, gr -- 1 .5 -e.f,,: Mr., -gy 1 W ef. A. Y-. Q .A A W .W , . ,,, v I at v 5 A , g F1 ,Q . g X 5 1 ' ,..... ., .,. ,,.. My , K ,AL Nada, aj.. Q-A ,..,A , I K J, Q.. wa '. , ,.rvl,"""' Q The Baptist Student Union is an organization for all Baptist and Baptist preference students on the University campus. lt's primary purpose is to provide a Christian fellowship and a medium through which the student may grow spiritually as well as intellectually. Weekly meetings, which consist of worship and discussion periods, and a Bible study group function regularly. Representatives attended the state BSU convention and the Southwide student retreat. An annual party honoring the freshmen each September, and two other socials rounded out the social affairs of the group. BOWLING CLUB President Williard Mille Vice-President . ....... . . George Debes Secretary . . ..... . Carolyn Holland Treasurer . . ..... . Orville Mitchell Sponsor Mr. Leon F. Graves Organized last year, the Bowling club has its main purpose to stimulate interest in bowling on the University campus. The group is. striving to promote a league for bowling among the various clubs, and thereby increase the general spirit of the school. Membership is open to anyone interested in bowling and meetings were held every Saturday moming at the Recreation Bowling Center. THE BUCKAROO RIDING CLUB President lean Iacobsen Vice-President . . ...... . . Ioyce Zoch Secretary .... , H Iegn Baker Tfeasufef ------ . . Carolyn Harris Assemblyman ..... . , Jeanine Schmidt Alternate Assemblyman ....... . . Mary Harris Sponsors Mr. Iohn E. Hott Mr. Harvey W. Harris Established in 1938, the Buckaroo Riding club, was formed to create a skill and interest in horseback riding, and to provide recreation and western ideas among the students of The University. Following a membership drive last tall and the candlelight installation of new members, the first social activity was a group trip to the Huntsville Prison rodeo and a barbecue dinner. The organization again sponsored the Sadie Hawkin's Day dance and sold tickets to the Fat Stock Show and Rodeo. Interstate theatres invited the group to welcome visiting movie stars, who are now honorary members of the Buckaroos. The organization also participated with the Frontiersmen in Frontier Fiesta. CAMERA CLUB President Robert Young lst Vice-President . ...... . . Pete Whitney 2nd Vice-President . - - l- G- Cf111dT0T1 3rd Vice-President . - Tom SUWYe1' Secretary .... . - Helen M0019 Treasurer . . . .... - Edwin H- Shea Sponsor Mr. Truman Pouncey Organized in 1947 the Camera club now has 33 members. Founded to aid in the practical photographic education of its members and to pro-mote school spirit, the club has monthly print competition, as well as educational movies and field trips. Money for the treasury is earned by taking pictures at school social events. The Homecoming dance last November was the first event covered by the group. Movies of student activities were shown by the organization at the Frontier Fiesta this Spring. Membership is open to any student interested in photography. -- CADET OFFICER'S ASSOCIATIQN President Cliff Horn Vice-President . . . . Bob Hoppe Secretory . . . Harvey Legget Treasurer . . . Donald Taylor Assemblymen . . . . . . David Mundt Paul Hannagriff Sponsor Lt. Col. S. D. Cocheu The Cadet Officer's Association was founded last fall when the ROTC unit was established on the University campus. Its purpose is to create a higher degree of fellowship among the students of the advanced corp, who are the officers and leaders of the unit. With their first annual Military Ball behind them and a Sweetheart of the Corp selected, the group planned and produced a show in Frontier Fiesta. Other social events included several barbecues and an officer's ball. THE CO OFFICERS President Carl Chandler First Vice-President Myrtle Schiedamental Second Vice-President Carolyn Grammon Recording Secretary Carleen Riemcm Corresponding Secretary Vivian Brittain Treasurer Annyce Sprague Pcrrliamentarian Henry Spoor Assembiymen Iohn Wood Billy McGehee Sponsor L. W. Dickerson ED CLUB Q' - A 'M A, Q f l fQ...,1,:'5' ,. ,Ts 5.1 The Co-Ed club is a social organization with the purpose of serving the student body, managing and maintaining the student lounge and recreation room and co-operating with the activities of all clubs. Some of the most outstanding services to the student body during the year were the dances held in the cafeteria immediately following three home football games and five conference basketball games. The group also sponsored the Bonfire dance to welcome Ex-Students, the Homecoming dance, the Turkey Trot to aid the Christmas project and the "Kick Off Dance" for the Frontier Fiesta. Other activities of the club included the sponsoring of the Community -Chest Drive and the Sale of Christmas seals for the Anti-tuberculosis drive. They also had a concession in Frontier Fiesta. X , t CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ORGANIZATICN President Henry P. Mathieu, lr. Vice-President . ............. Ruth Ann Owning Secretary . ............. Iames Lavender Treasurer ......... . . W. I. Hqmmon S onsor P Mrs. Minerva Black U The Christian Science Organization strives to unite the Christian Scien- tist within the Universty of Houston in closer bonds of Christian fellowship. CHORAL CLUB President ' Iohn Taliaferro U 'VICE'-PIeSidenl . . ........ . Barbara Ireland Secretary . . ......... . Charlotte Tolliver Treasurer . ........... . . . Anne Cate Sponsor Mr. Bruce Spencer King Organized in 1940, the Choral club, has as its major project to create an interest in and an appreciation of music and musical activities on the campus. Among the group's activities this past year was participation in Varsity Varieties, student recitals, and a number of assembly programs. COUGAR CGLLEGIANSB President Nancy Burchfiel First Vice 'President ......., .... . Barbara Smith Second Vice President . . . . Myrna Rodriguez Secretary ...... . . . . . . Kay Martin Treasurer ..... . Vt , . . Margaret Arney Reporter . . .... Mary Lou Moffitt Historian . , . ...... Lavora Heft Parliamentarian . . Barbara Robinson Assemblymen . .... . . Iune Hackney Betty Lou David ' Sponsors Mrs. Bessie Ebaugh Miss Lela Blount The Cougar Collegians, official hostesses of the University of Houston, is the oldest girls organization on the campus. It was founded in 1928 by Mrs. Pearl Bender and has proved to be one of the outstanding service groups. Activities of the club for the year included the registration of Ex-Students and acting as hostesses during the annual Homecoming celebration, selling tickets to the Houston Youth Symphony concerts, several parties, and presen- tation of an award to the outstanding girl of the University at their spring banquet. A concessions in Frontier Fiesta was also sponsored. Membership is open to all University co-eds. CANTERBURY CLUB President William Sterling Vice President . . . .- ..... . Bert Whiteaker Secretary . . . ....... . Harriett Iames Treasurer . . ............ . . . Burt Stout Sponsor The Reverend Penrose A. Hirst Organized in 1946 for the purpose of coordinating the religious activities of all Episcopal students on the campus, the Canterbury club is open to all students. Meetings were held every first Friday of the month at Palmer Memorial Chapel and bi-monthly with the Rice Institute chapter at Autrey house. Guest speakers addressed the group and religious movies were shown. Social events for the year included sveral parties and dances. CZECH CLUB ' President Adolf E. Motal Vice President . . . ....... . . . Victor Ianak Recording Secretary . . ..... . Mildred Kahanek Corresponding Secretary . . . Mary L. Clements Treasurer ....... . Mary lane Bard Public Relations Officer . . . . . Ierry Phrochazka Assemblyman ..... ..... . . . Kent M. Moritz Program Chairman . . ........ . . Ernest I. Komarek Sponsor Dr. Iohn M. Skrivanek The Czech club is one of the four language organizations on the Univer- sity of Houston campus. Its main purpose is to foster a greater interest in the Czech language, literature and culture. u U Membership is open to students taking Czechoslovakian at the University. ESCROLLUS SOCIETY President Arthur Flynn Vice President .... ...... . Charles K. Siegel Second Vice President . . . . . Eric Bolton Secretary ...... . Charles H. Flynn Treasurer ..... . t Harold E. Mount Sgt.-at-Arms . . David G. Brooks Historian . . . Bert Whitaker The Escrollus Society was founded in 1945 for the purpose ot bringing architectural students in contact with professional architects and providing for the study of the history, construction, and design of architectural art through group discussions. It is open to all architectural students. A masquerade ball is the main social event on the organizations calen- dar. This dance is one of the biggest given during the school year and a queen of the ball is chosen from representatives nominated by the student body. Awards are also made for the best costumes. A show in Frontier Fiesta is also sponsored by the group. SOCIETY OF Vice President Secretary . Chief Engineer Treasurer . . Speaker . . OFFICERS OF THE SOCIETY OF ENGINEERS President Clarence W. Knecht . . - - . . . . - . . - . . . - . n A . 1 . . . - . - . . Q . . Sponsor Clyde R. Gamble . . . Charles Buck . Fred R. Reynolds . . David Spyres . . lim Nickerson . lack Pophang I -15.g,,,-.0""' Www 91 Q? .. I, W'-f-f::"I? "' ENGINEERS Guest speakers who addressed the Society this year reading from left to right are Homer Briggs, Reed Roller Bit: Louis M. Krauss, Metal Products, Inc.: D. F. Saurenman, Oil Tool Co.: Iohn D. Bailleres, Supply Co.: Howard' G. Boswell, Mission Mfg. Co.: and G. L. Freeman, Steel and Machine Tool Sales Co. Pictured below are Albert D. Simpson, United Gas Corp.: Robert I. Cummins, consultant engineer on the Cullen Science, and the Ezekiel Cullen buildings: and H. E. Collins, Hughes Tool Co. The University of Houston society of Engineers is one of the oldest organizations on the campus, having been formed shortly after the school was founded. Its members are drawn from the engineering students and the club usually has some 200 members, making it the largest on the campus. Activities during the academic year consist of bi-monthly meetings at which guest speakers were invited to address the group on engineering techniques, problems, or new developments. A series oi field trips to observe local industry were conducted each semester. The principal event of the year was the annual banquet in honor of the graduating members. Social events sponsored by the group included several dances and barbecues. Any student in the School of Engineering or any person interested in engineering is eligible for membership. FCDRENSIC SOCIETY President ' Pearl Anderson Vice President . ....... . . Bob Chrisman Secretary . . .... Iune Bryan Treasurer . . . ....... . Charlene Mchlpine Assemblyman . ......... . . . Edwin Black Sponsors Mrs. Mary L. Davis Miss Genevieve Arnold Mr. Auley Luke The purpose of the Forensic club is to provide opportunity for individual speaking practice under actual conditions. They strive to advance all phases of speech activity to the end that the prestige of the University of Houston and the organization shall be enhanced by capable, enthusiastic student speakers. Main activities participated in by members of the group this past year included intercollegiate meets throughout the state and furnishing speakers for various civic clubs in the city. Straw Boss . Trouble Shooter Section Chief Payrnaster . . Storyteller . Wranglers . , , FRONTIERSMEN Foreman Walter Rainey . . . Q n . - . . a . Sponsor Mr. R. L Ray . . Larry Heging William E. Sterling . . Ed Darnielle Royston Patterson . . Ray Crocker . . . . Earl Ehlers Henry Crittendon The Frontiersmen was founded last year to create and promote school spirit, to back the football team to the fullest extent. and to support the Fron- tier Fiesta. Members of the group marched at halt-time of all home football games and several out-of-town games, were honor escorts at Homecoming, spon- sored trains to Louisiana and San Antonio. and presented the Frontiersmen association trophy to the outstanding backfield and line man on the Cougar football team. FUTURE TEACHERS CDF AMERICA President Mary Lou Nesmith Vice President . ........ . Secretary . . ...... . . Treasurer . . . Librarian . . . . . . . . . . Assemblyman . ......... . Sponsor Miss Margaret Gresham . . David Mohle Willie Mae Burwell . . Thomas Willbern . . Aston Pegues Melvin D. McBee The purpose oi the Future Teachers of America is to study all the prob- lems the beginning teacher may face. Meetings are held twice a month when the problems in teaching are discussed. Several speakers from various fields of education lectured. Social activities included in this year's events were a Christmas party, picnics, and weiner roasts. Membership is open to all students interested in the field of education. THE HILLEL SOCIETY President Claire Gold Vice President .... ....... . Seymour Chazer Recording Secretary . . ..... . . Elaine Lubel Corresponding Secretary . . .... . Beverly Levine Treasurer .............. . Harold Schacter Sponsor Mr. Aubery Farb The purpose of the Hillel society is to provide social. athletic, religious. and cultural activities for Iewish students at the University. The society donated books to the University library through the past year and also sponsored a concession in the Frontier Fiesta in co-operation with the other religious organizations on the campus. THE HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Vice President Louise Iones Treasurer Laura Mitchell Historian Noralie Boyles President Iulia Beth Littlejohn Sponsors Miss Leota Gurnard Mrs. Blanche Gore Secretary Rita La Graue Reporter La Wana Lathrop Parliamentarian Cozetta Bartholomew HOME ECONOMICS CLUB MEMBERS Cozetta Bartholomew, Noralie Boyles, Iulien Epstein, Verlene Filer, Louise Iones, Rita La Graue, La Wana Lathrop, Iulia Beth Littlejohn, Laura Mitchell, lune Morrow, Helen Pervis, Rosalie Pritchett Foster, Mary Frances Lilley. Rose Marie Winter, Isabel Ziegler. To promote an understanding of the department and the courses in order to make them more interesting is the purpose of the Home Economics club. The organization has charge of the maintenance of the student lounge in the Home Economics building and members of then club may be engaged to cook and serve dinners for the var- ious campus clubs. Albert McWilliams, Left William McWilliams, Right At present the membership numbers over 30 and it is open to any student taking Home Economics. INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION SOCIETY President George Rodesney Vice President . . . ..... . . . . . Secretary-Treasurer . ...... . Sgt.-at-Arms . . . Publicity Officer . . . . . Assemblyman . ....... . Sponsors Mr. L. E. Freeman Mr. A. L. Chovance Ivy A. Hollister Harley R. Blue . Roy Voslok Deward Krause . Burt Fraser THIRTEEN students majoring in industrial education iounded the Industrial Education society last Iune, for the purpose of studying and furthering manuel education through asso ciation. The society held its first annual installation banquet in Ianuary and participated in the Frontier Fiesta with a booth of skill games. Membership of the organization has grown to 35 during this past school year. LE QUARTIER LATIN President H t O Vice President ....... ec.or. .telic . . , Bennie Wqxler Corresponding SeCfefUfY ------- Ho e Iester gecordinq Secretary . . . ' lindreep Collard reasurer ........ A Director Public Relations . 'R' pxfnsigrli 2:1682 ....... . Lee Williams m Iymen .... .... . Dale Carpenter Ken Iones Sponsor ' Mrs. Elizabeth Brandon Le Quartier Latin was organized in 1934 for the purpose of furthering the knowledge of the language and culture oi France. Membership of the group is composed of students taking French and at the present time the organization has a club room of its own and an exhibit of articles from France. The major project of this club is the annual publication of Le Bayou, a nationally known magazine entirely in French. LANYARD CLUB President Sue Rogers Vice President .... ....... . . . Claire Gold Recording Secretary . . . ..... . . Barbara Baumann Corresponding Secretary . . .... . Virginia McClain Treasurer ............... . . Veta Bono Sponsor Miss Sue Garrison Organized to further the activities of the Women's Physical education department, and to ofier opportunities for professional experience to women physical majors, the Lanyard club is one of the most active groups on the campus. As a minor function, the club stimulates intramural activities among all other campus organizations. Included in the activities of the group this past year are arrangements for conducting intramural tournaments in volleyball. basketball, soccer, badminton, tennis, archery and softball and a concession in Fpontier Fiesta. MATH SOCIETY President Warren Anderson Vice President Secretary-Treasurer William Schneider Margaret Crooks Sponsor , Dr. Albert Newhouse Organized this past school year, the Math Society has as its main pur- pose the promotion of mathematical scholarship among the students at the University of Houston. The activities of the group are designed to promote mathematical and scholarly development of members. MORTAR AND PESTLE President Lorence Kreuger Vice President . ....... . . Ioseph Coulter Secretary . . . .... . Mary Dickson Treasurer . . ....... . Lewis Bell Sponsors Mrs. Iames V. Doe Mr. H. C. Stevens The Mortar and Pestle or the Pharmacy club is composed of students at the Uuiversity majoring in pharmacy. To promote the interest of pharmacy, and the welfare of the students of pharmacy and to be of service to the school are the purposes of the organization. The group also wishes to provide cr means of contact between students enrolled in the courses. METHODIST STUDENT MCVEMENT President Lloyd L. Sherbert Vice' President . ......... . Charlene McAlpine Secretary .... ....... . . Carleen Rieman Publicity ...... . . Frank T. Stoff, Ir. RGC Representatives . . . Pe99Y lohnson Olan Sherbert Deputation .... . . William O. Smith Social Action . . . . . Irvin T. Andrews, Ir. Membership, . . . . .... Helen Dadisman Counselor . . . N . . . . Rev. McMurry S. Richey The purpose of the Methodist Student Movement is to further an interest in religion, encourage Christian fellowship on the campus and to further develop a balanced philosophy of life. 1 'A newsletter, "Lamplighter", is published by the group and their meet- ings are held weekly. Included in the activities of the organization are wor- ship and study, socials, interfaith activities, student conferences, and re- ligious drama. THE NEWMAN ,CLUB President Thomas Cunningham Vice President Clieligious Activitiesb ..... . . Albin Vergoth Vice President CMembershipD . . . . . . I. I. Ambrose Vice President Uiecreationj . . . . Bernard McMasters Secretary ........ . . Frances Harwas Treasurer . . , ..... . Margarita Sanchez Editor . . . . . lack Hughes Reporter . .... Richard Titus Chaplin . . .... . Father Dexter George Sponsor Miss Mary Ellen Kelly It is the purpose of the Newman Club to offer to Catholic students the opportunity to deepen their spiritual and to enrich their temporal lives through a balanced program of religious, intellectual, and social activities. The members participate in retreats during Advent and Lent, and in study groups meeting on Sunday afternoons throughout the school year. There is a monthly Communion Sunday at which time the members attend Mass in a body and receive Holy Communion. Social activities include a Halloween party, an open house during the Christmas holidays, and numerous picnics and skating parties. The Newman Club has the "Cactus Bar" during Frontier Fiesta each year. PRE-LAW CLUB President Iames R. Rumph lst Vice President . ........ . . . .Lee lrick 2nd Vice President . . . . . Ddvld Mundi Secretary .... . Charles R. Hayes Treasurer , , , . . Walter S. Kane Parliamentarian . . . . . . Troy W. Hall Sgt.-at-Arms . . ...... . George McWilliams Sponsor Dean A. A. White One of the oldest organizations on the University campus, the Pre-Law club had much to do with bringing the Law School to the University of Houston. Membership is open to all students pursuing a pre-law course of study. Activities included lectures by prominent lawyers and participations in a variety show in Frontier Fiesta. THE PRESS CLUB President lack Er Wilson Vice President . . ....... . . Tom S. Clark Secretary-Treasurer . . lean Borcherding Assemblyman . . . . . Eddie Noack Sgt.-at-Arms . . .... . . Dan Hardy Sponsor Mr. Iames F. Palmer To promote journalistic functions and to promote social gatherings on the University campus is the aim of the press club. Membership of the group is composed of members of The Cougar and Houstonian staffs and anyone interested in journalism. Among the activities of the organization this past year are an open house for Ex-Students during the Homecoming celebration, the publication of "Fiesta Gazette" during the Frontier Fiesta, and their annual banquet. honoring The Cougar and Houstonian staffs. Parties are held monthly in the Cougar office and regular meetings bi-monthly. PSYCHGLOGY CLUB President Raymond Hairston Vice President . ....... . . Siles Baucher Secretary . . . ..... . . . Iosephine Penn Treasurer . . ..... . Woodbury Iohnson D Sponsors Dr. S. B. Red Mr. D. T. Grafiam Miss Charlotte Lehmann Dr. Hoy Crouch This organization provides an opportunity for psychology students to meet with faculty members and outstanding persons in the field of psychology and discuss psychological principals and problems. Meeting bi-monthly the group is addressed by noted psychologist and a Christmas party and the annual banquet round out the major events par- ticipated in by the members. The Psychology club is also represented in the Frontier Fiesta each year. The theme of the organization is that "psycho1ogy is a way of life." Vice President Secretary . Treasurer . Historian . Sgt.-at-Arms Assemblyman PHI THETA KAPPA President Ralph Vernor - . . . - . . . . Q n . . 0 . . Sponsors Mrs. Rubye Hooker Mrs. Bessie M. Ebaugh . Claude Neal Willa Havner Saranna Skelton Isabel Zeigler Frank Scanzillo Robert Connors Phi Theta Kappa, formerly the Iunior Scholarship society, strives to pro- mote scholarship, develop character, and cultivate a fellowship among students at the University. Its purpose is to raise scholarship standards and membership is open to all students with a 2.3 average. Among the activities of the group this year was the formal initiation, a candy sale, and a concession in Frontier Fiesta. The group also sent a delegation to the National Convention, which was held in Bluefield, West Virginia. PRE-MED SOCIETY President Howard T. Lee Vice President . ....... .... I . R. Cook Secretary . . . . . . Miss L. M. Radoii Treasurer . ...... . . . Gid T. Iames Sponsor Dr. H. I. Sawin The purpose of the Pre-Med society is to help pre-medical and pre-dental students become acquainted with the profession of their future. Several doctors from the various field of medicine have been guest speakers at the meetings of the group. The organization sponsored a con- cession in the Frontier Fiesta this year also. RADIO GUILD Program Director Harry Preston Commercial Director . ...... . Iim Williams Engineering Director . . . Bob Franklin Entertaining Director . . . . . . Fred Lundy Secretary-Treasurer . . . . ..... . Ruth Oenning Sponsor Iohn Schwarzwalder The Radio Guild was organized this year to present actual radio programs on the University of Houston's radio station and to foster service for the en- tire school. Members of the group are active in the production of recordings of stu- dent events, such as special programs and pep rallies. Any student who is taking courses in radio are eligible for membership in the club. RED MASQUE PLAYERS President Don Mapp Vice President . .... Betty Lou David 2nd Vice President . . Harry Thrower Secretary-Treasurer . Borda Lon Bower Sgt.-at-Arms . . . . . . Dave Lipp Assemblymen . . Ed Semander Harry Wilson Sponsors Miss Lela Blount Miss Marguerite Lenert One of the oldest clubs on the campus, the Red Masque Players has maintained one of the most active organizations on the University campus. Organized in 1932, the group composed of drama students has produced well over a hundred plays. 1 Activities for the year included the production of "No Time for Comedy" and "G1ass Menagerie", as well as several student directed plays and some one-act plays. v 1 - l SOCIETY FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF MANAGEMENT President Hadley Graham Vice President . . . ....... . . W. E. Williams Secretary-Treasurer . .... . G. S. Hastings Sponsor Mr. I. T. Elrod THE Society for the Advancement of Management was organized this past year by a group ot management majors. The purpose ot the group as stated in the constitution of the organization is to promote interest and increase knowledge in the science of management and to help to promote the University ot Houston. VARSITY "H" ASSO B. Hollis President . . . Vice President . Secretary . . Treasurer . . . Sgt.-at-Arms . . . Records Custodian . Sponsor .... S. Allesandra T, Arnold Basketball Mg, Track Bobby Brown Bill Butler Football Mgr. Football Ellis Loyde C. Feazle Baseball Football L. Schroeder Aubry Baker Football A. Campbell Track Ioe Flower Baseball Mgr. . 0 1 1 . . . D. Wilhelm . . Bill Hollis Larry Schroeder Don Wilhelm . Glenn Bond . Bill Moeller Bernard Purdum . Dr. F. L. Stovall Billy Barfield Track B. Dienstback Golf I. Harper Basketball B. Bowman Track H. Dixon Football K. Hawkins Football CIATION MEMBERS s G. Bond B. Moeller B, Purdum Organized in the Fall of 1946, the Varsity "H" Association is composed of University of Houston athletic lettermen. The club performs the functions off a service organization to the whole athletic program of the institution, and nourishes a special spirit of regard for the letter It also fosters a spirit of loyalty in the hearts of those who uphold the athletic prestige of the Red and White. This past year the association had a show in Frontier Fiesta. L. D. Hendrix Ioe Hurst Melvin Kleb D. McDonald l. Morton Basketball Football Track Track Tennis Billy Myers H. Peterson C. Pontikes l. Quarles M. Reichle Football Football Basketball Track Basketball Gene Snell D. Spiva H. Traverso B. Tingle B. Watts Track Mgr. Football Mgr. Baseball F oqtball Track fl! THE GERMAN CLUB President Carol Sullivan Vice-President . ..... . Clark Sonntag Secretary . . ..... . . Sophie Catalanou Treasurer . ........ . lack Bashaw Sponsors Miss Marguerite Lenert W. H. Barsh The German club, der deutsche Verein, was created in order to provide a means of improving the student's knowledge of German. to encourage free speaking of the language, and to provide social activities calculated to serve as a bond of union among the students. Membership is open to any student enrolled in German, who is interested in the objectives of the organization. A typical German beer garden is the project of the group during the Frontier Fiesta. lzris- ross By George Christian Chris-Cross Reviews Year's Activities Having perpefrafed our vifrolic and disapproving colyum on a long-suffering sfudenf body for nearly a year in fhe Cougar, we have decided fhaf we can .gef away wifh almosf anyfhing. So. we have been prevailed upon fo do a piece for fhe Housfonian on fhe year's acfivifies. We have Edifor Harry Rogers' promise fo run our picfure and fhaf is all we are concerned abouf. We care liffle whefher you read fhis or nof. While fhere is liffle doubf in our mind fhaf our elecfion as edifor of The Cougar is fhe year's mosf im- porfanf evenf, some quarfers have infimafed fhaf fhe reappearance of "Joe College" in his liffle red beanie fakes precedence. Whai' absurd nonsense, we say. Fronfiersmen-sponsored foofball frains carried Cougar fans fo ouf-of-fown games for fhe firsf fime. While we didn'f affend bofh of fhese frips, we undersfand fhaf fhe Fronfiersmen made a lof of mone selling colres. Whaf a spirif organizafion fhey are. Good mixers, foo! An alumni of fhe Camp Hood infanfry, we eyed wifh disfasfe fhe ROTC quarfermasfer cadefs coloring fhe campus wifh fheir uniforms for fhe firsf fime fhis year. We musf, we guess, be foleranf fhough or Colonel Zwicker, fhe commandanf, may have us lined up and shof. Chasing Sam Housfon Bearlcafs proved fo be a lead- ing oufdoor sporf as Alpha Phi Omega's Homecoming bonfire grew. Inferpid Chris-Cross commanded fhe Cougar sfaff coniingenf fhe nighf before if was burned in a baffle, osfensibly againsf Bearlcafs, buf acfually againsf mosquifoes. We repulsed fhe Bearlrafs, buf nof fhe mosquifoes. A successful Homecoming, sunny for once, was cli- maxed by fhe Co-ed club's dance af fhe Rice Hofel. Varsify Variefies of I949 has been described as a fasf-moving, well lcnif show. We musf agree fhough we have menfal picfures of Direcfor George Durbin cro- chefing fhe producfion fogefher. Plans for a 59,000,000 building program in addifion fo fhe Ezekiel Cullen building, now under consfruciion, are supposed fo be complefe in June of fhis year. Weary of spanning canyons fo gef fo fhe JCT building where we have a class, we will be hearfily glad fo see fhe whole fhing finished. We mighf now call fhis in- wfulgon TU for femporary universify lfhis gag by Fosfer IC . Foofball players and coaches were honored af fhe Exes' annual gridiron dinner in January. While we have been called fhe mosf unsporfsminded edifor in hisfory, fhaf sfeal: af fhe Housfon Club was enough fo lure even unafhlefic Chris-Cross. A few weelcs lafer fhe Housfon Chronicle somehow scooped fhe Cougar wifh fhe news fhaf fhe Universify had pulled ouf of fhe Lone Sfar conference fo help organize a new one. Announced lafer was nexf year's schedule which will include a game wifh William and Mary. A Cougar ediforial filler sfafed fhe opinion fhaf somefhing musf be wrong wifh William if he can'f gef anybody buf Mary fo play on his feam. Fronfier Fiesfa gof info full swing, fo be frife, as Ole Olsen came fo fhe campus fo inaugurafe fhe beard- growing confesf. A new Ford is fhe chief fargef brush- faces are shoofing af. The Press club will again publish 'I'he Fiesfa Gazeffe for which we are a wrifer. There will, we undersfand, also be ofher acfivifies af fhe Fiesfa. Fronfiersmen and Junior-Senior rom chairmen, af fhis wrifing, were bickering over which group was fo have fhe firsf Universify dance af fhe Shamrock Hofel. We musf, since we have now filled our allofed space, apologize fo our regular reader for fhis lamenfable re- lapse fo fhe reporforial side of journalism and refire fo our ivory fower, lmown as Chafeau Chris-Cross, fo resume our accusfomed hurling of cynical darfs. lThe above commenfs do nof necessarily express fhe views of fhe I949 HOUSTONIAN-The Ediforl. f by ,L- W 111, -1... if-.Q 1-1 M1 Q We l I X l l X ' f 4 . a s cu h 1 HA,- !!!llI!!llIlllllI alll ' is ,,,, -e . W., .--fr ..-1v ..wFk-.,,,A.,,,,,. ..V. .pq,,,, ,Y PA RT IV 1 V 1, ff? ff'?l'1u -. , 2, fF:f3.'f5-'J'f1'1jf1:. , ' 'fy ' "-Aff1wt:vfw"-fn-w ff ,JM E1 , 1. V .. Hd.. ,gfggq vm , ,zww X ' we Hii,+'sarw:cff ,jf pen '1 V f ,I '-'Qf,'1E'pp,,31:Jf. , v'5'f4"51v-'iiyywq - P Zjf' I 'WHL 7:y2J',r3f4f .'t' '95 ff, f f ,..,-.N EY ,inf v .. , A J: f I I --X mms? ' 4E3.f,':,f,fwuf2:p if - 71, A l'iT3fQfj?fgf' 9 wwf 'f ' ' A -4-'.7- -' I f-' NV WLJQ:Q."z'3f'Ef.TE,, yi ' f -f- "' 'P' , A - - ,, . , . "Mg,'fg3,Y'-'.u -ij? J , 6fgi25fj2i?i,???5TfTf1f27gz',figit I 5- .... ' A' , . 'pf 2' -- ,'3vf'-"1-.-wr, ,- a-,,., , "' b' " 2- IJ: ig""Q:',.. jr' Q, '. 7 "'N.f'Hf, ,-. , Q I.. 4 1 Wig? .r'ljl4lf:f,vA',1, .,, 64 Q ----- f , V 4? ,.c1e,a:,f- ,'f'1 wif-:gg En .ffffff .. - - 1 fg3,?i'f1i ff-'f , ' tie, iff' ', ' f V 11 'fir 5- 1 51, fir k L Av, , 1 ' wj- 7 - 1 Q 064,253 , Sf, if fr ........ ., id? f : . f I f ly sw V A rj-llxlfpf-,X - - ' K!! ' X I It -- 4 4713:-' f X "ii-. - 9-4 X I 1 V l X 'sq'-, yjff f " W X QW maj " ' ff--- W- -- - 1' ff-rm gf if Q ' 1g?5,A4.1 yf ,. - '34 ffvify-nfa fix v Ti . , i aaiff' 7 --gif? -L -aiff 1' 5- " ' 'bf V- - h 1 J, 'QI If ' 5 as Y A if la W J""i-- 4 A ,ls 4- ' 'iv W 1 ,... -- -1 1, I 8 . D f 5,7 Q! N T 0 A Ap A V rv A. ""' - 14 K Y v H 5 w , I -P, 1, 5' ..-A 5 1: fl -'-"' I 0 ' " . --f . ff f' m af-f' .l....,.-- H! ...f- ,,,,.-1-1 4, ff f f M.,.,q -.....-.l 7 fs . ...f1"' M 4? X X 2 f fl ff, :X , Q Cocgqn J ff! l' f I 7 ,bye I Jw. 1' 1-4. P1 rig kj r 5 I hi' X VT: ff" ' 4 gk si I Zgii I 5 I R If K' 15 1 I!!! ttf I 1 A I : v'f '3'i' ' N 43,.SZ,j'5f wr, " 4' 'lg Effie? yf 2- ug ' ,,. v HOMECOMING DAY The huge 60-fool bonfire, largesl' in ihe hlsfory of 'lhe Universiiy lor Houslonl, was cheered by more fhan 5000 speclalors, al' a pre game rally. Geffing a sfory from Homecoming Queen finalisis was John Carrigan of KPRC, a universif ex-sfudenf. The candidafes were, leff 'lo righf, Delores Becker, Dorofhy EIlioH, Mary Lee S+einhor+, and Rufhrnary Anderson. Before 'lhe rally, fhe carefully guarded bonfire was a chief a'Hracl'ion on +he campus. Ending weeks of preparaiion, Homecoming Day fhis year came on a sunny day, November 6. Miss Marjorie Reynolds, movie sfar, Kern Tips, sporfscasfer, and Congressman Alberf Thomas were special guesfs al' pre-game pep rallies and oiher aciivifies. Five capfured Sam Houslon sludenls were also special guesls a+ fhe bonfire and rally. This was lhe lasl' capfure made by eifher school during 'l'he heclic weeks in which Universify sfudenfs guarded fhe bonfire day and night A+ an affernoon pep rally Tom Menefee, presidenf of +he Ex-siudenfs associafion, presenfed a bouquef of roses fo Hon orary Homecoming Queen Mariorie Reynolds, as Jack Valenh Homecoming Chairman, loolxed on. Among Homecoming acfivifies were a Red Masque play and a dance in 'ihe cafeferia followin 'fhe bonfire. On Homecoming Day exes were honored wiih open iouses, a coffee, and a luncheon. Safurday affernoon, +he big evenf, 'ihe game be+ween fhe Universi+y and S+ephen F. Auslin, was highlighied wiih +he presenfafion of +he Homecoming Queen and a sfaiion wagon +o 'lhe Afhlefic deparf- men+ by 'rhe Ex-siuden+s associa+ion. Culminaling fhe 'iwo days' evenfs was a semi-formal dance a+ fhe Crysfal Ballroom. " "'y -Z r ROTCS FIRST ANNUAL MILITARY BALL ROTC Swee'I'hearI' BiIIye Jean Taylor danced wi+h escorf Bob Mar+in a+ fhef Iirsi annual milifary ball in December. Jack B. Harper received a cadcf com- mission making him 2nd Lieu+enan+ in corn- mand of +he CuIIen Rifles, honorary drill Ieam. The commission was presenfed by H. R. CuIIen. Wifh 'rhe swee+hear+ were Ihe ofher 'Ihree candidaies, Ieff 'Io righf, Be'H'y Jo Speighi, Harriei James. and BeI'Iy Ann Cross. SADIE HAWKINS DANCE Shmoos and shmoo hunfers were added 'lo fhe Al Capp comic sfri characlers a+ fhe annual Sadie Hawkins dance fhis year. Old Man Mose lDavid Lippl as masfer of ceremonies, and Kicka- poo Joy Juice served fo cusfomers such as Lonesome Poleca+, added color +o 'l'he evenf. Lower Slobovian beaufies Rabbi? Andersen and Tommy Mercer drag iheir men near ihe finish line in fhe "man race" af fhe Sadie Hawkins dance in November. Cosfume winners of fhe dance were Genevive Resler, as Moonbeam McSwine, and R. W. Davis as a Dogpaich ciiizen. B Q 6 f' . 'ff ' w , 'g ll I l The sifualion was reversed when Lil' Abner Welcome Wilson caughi Daisy Mae Joanne Guest ESCRGLLUS CENTURY B LL College sfuclenfs of 'the "Roaring Twenfies" were porfrayed by Joyce Zoch and Lloyd E. Smifh, leff above, winners of flue couple confesf. Jean Adair Collins, ex-sfudenf, dressed as a flapper, and James Womack, who porfrayed an Arabian sulfan, were fhe winners in fhe individual confesf. The Escrollus Ball, annual cos- fume ball sponsored by fhe Es- crollus sociefy, archifecfural group, was named fhe Cenfury Ball flmis year. Selecfion of queen of fhe ball and prizes awarded fo +he besf-dressed boy, girl, and couple were highlighfs of flue affair. Walking for fhe iudges are several cosfumed couples. Beffy Aclcoclr, second from righf, a four leaf clover, was iudged as queen of fhe ball, rep resenfing fhe Cougar Collegians One of flue four ofher candidafes was Janice Williamson, manage menf sfudenf from Alpha Delfa Omega, exfreme righf. Abouf fo sing 'Ihe Alma Maier of fhe ORIENTATION IS SERIOUS BUSINESS AND FUN Freshmen become a parf of fhe Universify during ,fall Orienfafion. Be- sides official fallxs and meefings of fhe class, freshmen are subjecf fo kidding b upperclassmen. Wearing red and whife beanies fhis year, 'Ihe frosh were requesfecl fo wall: backwards across Cul- len Gulch bridge. Universify, Freshmen falre fhis parf of fhe orienfafion as serious as fhe presiden+'s ad- dress. David Lipp enferfains af Ihe Frosh dance, fhe social evenf of Orienfafion week. sv""1w,,,,a wang, sse-Wij? Parf of fhe fun comes when freshmen are asked fo bow 'Io fhe seal in fhe Cullen building. Here fwo freshmen girls obey 'Ihe rules. VARSITY VARIETIES OF I948-49 Venus candidafes above are lofi io right Jo- anne Guest Harrieff James, BeHy Jean Moreau, Carolyn Wilkerson, Frances Harwas. and Barbara Robinson. Billye Jean Taylor rehearses wi+h, lefi' fo righf, Clyde Rainwaier, David Milfon, and Don Mapp. An all-sfudeni show, Varsi+y Varieiies is presenfed annually This year lhe producfion was pre- senled on December I3 af fhe Music Hall. Climaxing fhe show is presenfaiion of fhe Venus, judged from beau+ies represen+- ing campus clubs. Fifiy beaufiful girls and 48 beaufiful cos- fumes boasied supporfers of lhe show. Here members of +he chorus rehearses. I948 49 DRAMA PRESENTATIONS The Red Masque Players, Universily fhealrical group, pre- senied several plays in fheir I948- 49 season. Scenes here are 'From lhe opening producfion of 'l'he season "No Time for Comedy" and from fhe firs+ produc+ion of I949, "The Glass Menagerie". Presenfed in fhe Red Masque Play- house fhe fwo plays were direc+ed by L. Sfandlee Mifchell and Miss Lela Blounf "No Time for Comedy" sfarred, lefi' fo righi, Adair Bai'- ierson, John Taliaferro, and BeH'y Di Chiara. ln lhe supporfing casl' was Bobbie Roberlson, right Bobbye Jean Richardson porfrayed fhe leading feminine role in The Glass Menagerie". Above IS a scene wnlh Miss Richardson and one of 'lhe fwo male members of 'lhe cas+ George Durbin FIESTA '49 Harrey Sco'H' General Chairman of I949 Froniier Fiesfa Vice-Chairman Dave Halphen, Chairman ScoH', and Business Mana- ger Carl Chandler. Froniier Fiesfa Chairmen Froniier Fiesfa Personnel FIESTA SH ERIFF FIESTA '49 Rick Hale Marion Magill H's Fies+a Hme in '49 FIESTA BELLE W im., fs, W ,gv ' , , ww N sig "iw 1, Q Q. 3 9 A My 's vm, iv aug? , g f 1.5 1. gp: ai xi? Q1 Q55 .J.,, Vg ki, 3' Ng , .Ifg1?Ns"ff ' 3 cowl, Hunt L X a Q we N. pw 'A V2 X A mf Q SAA 4 M :Es?i:w:5'?22f.,fj1:I? 1 'Sf' , , :A'Ig:sa:, by -, V- .. 5 ff, ' A 4 1 Ai f if as , f 4 .fy A ,-lg- E ' ,Q A X W fi fsffifwy ,Vi-2: Ia jj 1,8 if -.La 335 5, MQ, Jw 'Q TEH? 'inf sr I!! MY FIESTA '49 The Crow's Nesf saloon, for The second consecufive your, won fhe 'trophy for having The besi' floaf in The Fiesh parade. Above lefl' is a shof of 'Phe Crow's Nesi' floai' going fhrough a rainsiorm which accompanied rhe parade. Adding 'lo fheir laurels, The Crow's Nes+, feaiuring 'The Powder Puff Revue, also won 'I'he Trophy for The besi' show. Above righi is a shoi of Jimmy Hembree doing his Al Jolsen acl' af ihe Crow's Nest Lower lefi' is a piciure of 'The lovely Powder Puff girls and on The righi' is a sho'l' of fha Crow's Nui' gorgeous can-can girls. Above is a view of 'lhe Bella Union calendar girl number. The Fronfiersmen ialre lime our for a liifle mayhem in fhe Silver Saddle. PRTV ' f vw- f.--f-Q-'Y v S :A ,, " 'V kalfp a ' - f ' ,LE X f g 1, ,lv .Wa .Q ,V nz., 1 f . 7 1' ff . , ' ig ' 'f w f ' Q f-3 .'f'l' Q ,, l:'Q'Z:i? 'fE:f', "1f':':fF5ii' , I A Q :.?i",jf?if-,-Q6 .. 'PH iff 'fff5??3 f1 v . pf, v 2 lg" f r M I - . , , fin " L - T ,U X - T "J Irff' 'El' - "1.7:"'5,S"' , af HA f Z - if-15 1 .Y -, ft? ' . X ' .af ' , X .,,,,y ' 7 ' 1' 1,-' - -, ,. I , ,,y,3,,A ikmgf ,gy A .-,Q-V ,..L U , A Q ' '11 z::Egs,?,f Q. e:. -' - - gf-gr 1 ' - N Mr. Jon Whifcomb, f d 1' + lecfed fhe following co- d fhe fen mos+ beaufiful af The Universiiy of Housfon for +he year I948-49. '9 1.-kffff ' 1 2555 l ,v 4 11, V-7 NETM1 W ' 4 1:5423 5 f NJ 5,2 W, A 5 S 2 3 5 5 9 E ..- Y Y Y 5 4 Y 1 ff' i 7 ,l - , , .Zl7lZxl1y11nmlnl1111r1111rnnnu n vnu unnun--unnu11uyvx11x Qwx- S , W j7:Lg,QQ 3. iq""'Jfl-" ,l V' i---' - if gi-f fligf' 1 WW ml! WWE y x W i 1, r W l 1 N , I! sw! F xx, Uyiwwl Wm .Q w N V N , Rig lx Ag V 1 l H, gn. 'H 'NM I mx 15 i +2 's ,, X. 'r aa .n hx .. 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Hiller Sponsor B'lI M ' ' adm Doroihy Ellio'H' 8 01181011 'Gio-'xi' gm x 1 law S11 o ost Ween Q Y G11 Roberi' lSquirrell Edgar Billye Jean Taylor Bob Mamn 0K 9 o got 5Qz blk? cox' 'Pow Mary Lee Sfeinhorr 5173 r,,o ig l i H 1 0, r 5 i J fi' 'Qf fiy li LU f' f ANN L i gr .ka X If JACK GWIN Back BILL HOLLIS Guard HARD TACKLIN6 by Johnny O'Hara f2ij in bringing down Texas A.8cl.'s quarterback, Dan Wright 1441, helped the Cougars beat the Javelinas. Buck Miller i601 tries to help bring the Kingsville star down. Leemen Drop Javelinas In Opener HOUSTON, Sept. 18.-Scoring twice in the third quarter, the Cougars started the 1948 grid season off with a 14-0 win over the Texas A.8zI. Javelinas of Kingsville. A record crowd of more than 8000 saw Coach Clyde Lee make good on his first appearance as little Max Clark broke loose for two touchdown jaunts of 70 and 23 yards. After a tightly-played first half in which both teams threatened several times, Clark took a punt from the toe of the Porkers' Dan Wright, fumbled it momentarily, and then went 70 yards to paydirt. Heads-up down field blocking highlighted by August Peterson paved the way for the score. Cou- gar quarterback Alan Neveux con- verted to make the score 7-0 for the Red and White team. On another drive into Javelina territory shortly afterwards, Clark took a hand-off from Boyd Tingle and went off-tackle for 23 yards to the double stripe for the sec- ond TD of the game. Neveux con- verted to make the final score 14-0, the Cougars on top. A811 UI-I First Downs 9 7 Yards Rushing 113 139 Yards Passing 69 49 Passes Attempted 13 15 Passes Completed 3 5 Passes Intercepted 1 0 Punts 9 8 Punt Average 35 39 Yards Penalized 35 50 A-as 1-. -- Nils., AROUND END goes Jaclcie Gwin l22l against West Texas State as Buck Miller l6Ol, Bill Hollis l73l, Carrol Selby l85l. and Bill Tingle l33l charge down on the Buff defense of Eddie Conner lI0l. Cloyce Box l24l, and Lloyd Johnson l44l. Heavy Miners Blast University 35-7 EL PASO, Sept. 25-Outplayed by a heavier and more experi- enced Texas School of Mines, the Cougars dropped a nonconference tilt 35-7. It was the Miners' game from the first time they got the ball. Led by Fred Wendt, Miner fullback, the boys from El Paso racked up three touchdowns before the lighter Cougars managed to push across their lone tally in the third quarter. After the first C-lark who immediately passed to Miner score, the Houston team drove to the El Paso 20-yard marker before being halted. In the second quarter, the School of Mines struck again when Wendt sprinted 23 yards to set up another TD. A blocked Cougar punt helped the Miners get their third score and, at halftime, the El Paso team led 21-0. Midway in the third quarter, the Cougars pushed across their lone tally, and converted, to whittle the lead to 21-7. The score came on a lateral pass from Jolly Hart- sell, Cougar quarterback, to Max Charlie Brown in the end zone. The rest of the quarter saw the Miners score twice and make the score 35-7. The last quarter was spent in Miner territory with the Cougars unable to score again. Miners UH First Downs 8 15 Yards Rushing 242 116 Yards Passing 82 96 Passes Attempted 2 26 Passes Completed 10 Passes Intercepted 5 Punts Punt Average 2 0 4 5 46 22 Yards Penalized 60 55 .,-...,.,-..-.. --W .W .W ...W ...V, ,W Tv... Y ,--- ..---. N, v ALAN NEVEUX Back BLASTING THROUGH the SLI defense. Bill Tingle l33l and Buck Miller derail a fast-moving Bulldog ball carrier. Stubborn Bulldogs Top Cougars 21-7 LAFAYETTE, Oct. 2.-With six minutes left in the game, South- western Louisiana Institute's Bulldogs cut loose with a two-touchdown scoring spree and beat the Cougars 21-7. The favored Cougars never seemed able to get up full steam as several scoring opportunities faded away. SLI drove 65 yards for the first score of the game late in the first quarter with Valdean Dykes going over and Wayne Kingery converting to lead the Cougars 7-0. Late in the second quarter, the Cougars tied the ball game up when Neveux took to the air. Three tosses did the trick with the last one going to Max Clark who carried it over from the five. Neveux's kick was good and the score at halftime was 7-7. A stubborn Bulldog line held the Cougars in check the rest of the evening although the Red and White team drove to the 20 and again to the five. Both times, they failed. Then SLI put on their own aerial circus in the waning minu- tes of the game and went ahead 14-7. With ten seconds left, the Bulldogs struck again on a 24- yard dash by Dave Fisher. King- ery's conversion made the final score 21-7. SLI UH First Downs 14 10 Yards Rushing 162 85 Yards Passing 141 151 Passes Attempted 8 18 Passes Completed 5 9 Passes Intercepted 0 0 Punts 8 8 Punt Average 39 33 Yards Penalized 40 0 ,-. f N s X A - lit, KN ,. ea BILL MYERS Center ,,.,- W -- +---.fxl1- v -- -V+ GREAT DOWNFIELD BLOCKING by Ed Staggs l88l and Bill Cook l5Ol help Allan Neveux run up yardage in the Cougars' scoring spree against the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs. Techmen Joe Ross and Hollis Jones fry 'lo get ai' the Cougar quarter- back as another Bulldog goes down under Neveux's stiff arm. Cougars Topple Louisiana Tech 40-33 HOUSTON, Oct. 9.-Trailing a. powerful Louisiana Tech squad for three quarters, the Cougars got hot in the last period to score three times and topple the undefeated Bulldogs 40-33. The bayou team was leading 26-20 and had things under control when the ex- plosion occured. The Halftime score was 20-14. In the fourth stanza, Neveux tossed an aerial to Jack Gwin to knot the score. Then Neveux made the conversion and the Cougars took over the lead and held it until the finish. A Tech fumble led to the next score when Bill Hollis, Cougar tackle, recovered. Bo Campbell hit center for the tally and Neveux made good the conversion to set the score at 34-26. Before the Bulldogs could re- cover, the Cougars struck again when Maurice Elliot, Cougar end, intercepted a Tech pass and dashed 49 yards to score. Neveux failed to convert and the score was 40-26. Tech fought back with another TD on a pass from Jim Williamson to Bob Horneman. Joe Michael converted and the final score was 40-33, the Cougars over the Bulldogs. Tech UH First Downs 12 16 Yards Rushing 214 296 Yards Passing 0 69 Passes Attempted 9 14 Passes Completed 3 7 Passes Intercepted 1 1 Punts 5 6 Punt Average 42 41 ,Yards Penalized 35 80 fb! lla Y fm V Qww Xf- .AJ JUDDY HELMCAMP and JOLLY HARTSELL Center and Back . , X - f'2e,gq,mr , ,,. . ,.., , x X ! l iq i, 145, is L. Z. BRYAN Guard 41 L el l x Xfi. Q' 7 :NW 3' .14 A V I ,. if CHARLIE BRIGHTWELL Back BOBBIE BROWN Manager -f---------1 - v- - ----,.----M ---------W v --v-- 1 - ------ ---- -- -----V--.U-.,.,, f 4..A V1,, , . - .- , r .WX Q . ' , '- iff., ' :mr . ,,. . Nui. TECH FUMBLES on the Cougar goal line as the Cougars stop Joe Rabb, Bull- dog ace. Cougars Aubrey Balmer l40l. Dave Gregg l87l, Bill Moeller lbll. and John O'Hara l2Il help pile up the play. Cougar Mudders Dunk East Tex. 18-7 COMMERCE, Oct. 15.-Rain, mud, and an icy north wind failed to stop the Cougars as they came from behind to take their first con- ference game from the East Texas Lions 18-7. '1"he Cougars started fast and drove deep into Lion territory before their thrust was halted. East Texas punted out and the Cougars started back and made it this time as Aubrey Baker, Boyd Tingle, John O'Hara, and Alan Neveux took turns ripping the Commerce line apart. Neveux plunged over from the two for the touchdown. The conversion was no good. Beautiful kicking by the Lion's Bobby Griffin set the Cougars in a hole in the second quarter and led to the only tally for East Texas. A pass from Bobby Wilkin- son to Ray Robinson knotted the score at 6-6 and Griffin's conver- sion sent the Lions ahead. The Cougars came roaring back and Bo Campbe1l's scoring jaunt late in the third quarter put the Red and White team back on top. With the Cougar line throwing up a stonewall defense, Neveux added another score in the last quarter to widen the Houston lead. The attempted conversion was no good and the Cougars took the tilt 18-7. ET UH First Downs 4 13 Yards Rushing 48 315 Yards Passing 31 9 Passes Attempted 11 4 Passes 'Completed 3 1 Passes Intercepted 1 0 Punts 9 5 Punt Average 34 31 Yards Penalized 35 50 in --f' L , 4 UNWILLING PARTNER io a SLI Bulldogs embrace, Boyd Tingle tries 'ro fear away from the Louisiana boy's grasp. Trinity Rallies io Beat Cougars 15-7 SAN ANTONIO, Oct. 23.-A back strong in the second half to tough Trinity Tiger eleven came overcome the Cougars' seven-point lead and win the Lone Star conference tilt 15-7. Outweighed by the heavy Tiger line, the Cougars took the offensive in the first half and scored on a touchdown pass Another Neveux pass to Jackie Gwin for a score was called back when the Cougars drew a 15-yard penalty. But 'Trinity wasn't through for the evening. Tom Watt, Trinity back, took Neveux's kick and ran it back 70 yards to the Houston 15. It took two plays for the Tigers to score on Lloyd Parker's 15-yard dash around end. The conversion was good and tied the score at 7-7. Early in the fourth quarter, Trinity broke the tie and went ahead 13-7 on a. 45-yard drive. Gerald Levermann's kicking put from Alan Neveux to Ed Staggs. the Cougars in a hole on their own five late in the final stanza and Neveux was trapped in the end zone to give the Tigers their final two points and the game, 15-7. 'T UH First Downs 7 7 Yards Rushing 96 64 Yards Passing 28 86 Passes Attempted 12 14 Passes Completed 2 5 Passes Intercepted 2 0 Punts 10 9 Punt Average 33 32 Yards Penalized 40 80 MAURICE ELLIOT MAX CLARK LOST YARDAGE for the West Texas Buffaloes was the result of this atfempied end run by Lloyd Johnson, Buff fullback, as Max Clark l2Ol and two unideninfaed Cougars stop the play cold. West Texans Trip Cougars 28-13 F X CANYON, Oct. 30.-A Canadian Comet named Bill Cross led 1 Nil, - the West Texas Buffaloes to a. 28-13 homecoming victory over the Cougars. The Buffaloes lashed out with two quick first quarter tal- ' lies and were never in trouble afterwards. The Cougars were the first to threaten when quarterback Allan Neveux's successful field l'i goal was called back. His second kk QNX, is attempt was no good. Then Cross their other TD when Neveux f af ,, . ernard Purdum plunged over for y v E f gjfd conversion made the score'the tally and Neveux's kick was ye ' . ood to send the score to 21-13. t Another Buff surge mto nous' grank Wise, Bison back, inter- . g 1 on territory scarcely two mmuteslce ted a Con ar ass and ran it 1 4 later, saw Cross carry over from 70p ards for fhe Est West Texas xl the 11. Trailing 14-0, the Coug- scofe ' ars fought back and tallied against ' W the Bisons with Aubrey Baker WT UH ' carrying over from the one-foot5First Downs 8 14 A line. Neveux failed to convert and Yards Rushing 275 124 the halftime score was 14-6. Yards Passing 33 72 A handoff from Box to Melton Passes Attempted 4 24 who lateraled to Johnson gave the Passes Completed 2 10 ' Buffs their third score of the Passes Intercepted 1 4 night and they led the Cougar Punts 8 7 team 21-6. The Red and White,Punt Average 38 53 team took to the airlift to gain 'Yards Penalized 85 65 BERNARD PURDUM SAM ALESSANDRA Back Assistant Manager BUCK MILLER Guard LIMPING OFF the field, Bill Moeller is assisted by trainer Jim Ausley and assistani manager Sam Alessandra during the Stephen F. Austin game. SFA Beats Homecoming Cougars 21-13 HOUSTON, Nov. 6.-A determined Stephen F. Austin eleven from Nacogdoches kept the Cougars' Homecoming jinx alive by ral- lying to defeat the University 21-13. The Red and White team started fast and scored first when Jackie Gwin crashed over from the Lum- berjack nine. Bill Cook's interception of a 'Jack pass and a toss from Alan Neveux to Ed Staggs set the score up. SFA knotted the score after driving to the Cougar 16 where. Leo Anger fired a. pass to Oliver McKay on the seven with the speedy McKay going the rest of the way. Another Lumberjack tally came when pass interference was called on the Cougars' one. Sherman Hughes plunged over to send SFA ahead. Roy Davidson's conversion made the score 14-7. The Cougars almost tied thingsi up again when Neveux hit Carrol Selby in the end zone for a TD. But the conversion was no good and the 'Jacks sun ied 14-13. SFA! v added another tally late in the fourth quarter on a lateral from Davidson to H. W. Wilson who went the distance. Davidson's con- version placed the final score at 21-13. SFA UH First Downs 15 12 Yards Rushing 199 203 Yards Passing 48 84 Passes Attempted 8 11 Passes Completed 4 6 Passes Intercepted 1 1 Punts 5 3 Punt Average 32 29 Yarns Penalized 45 9 I I i N if ,Y 'E HUBERT PETERSON Tackle 3605 -J K 'GX ,7 L, I. so A f fuw Zn .4-ff' 7' ' BILL COOK Center X L ,. ---p----.-,-----wv- IN A TIGHT SPOT, Max Clark IZOI tries to elude West Texas Sfaie's center, Horner Garrett 1531, as Charles Wright I4OI, Bison fullback, and Alan Neveux II II, Cougar quarterback, watch the play. Cougars Edge North Texas 8-6 HOUSTON, Nov. 13.-The combination of an underdog role and a muddy gridiron proved enough for the Cougars to upset the North Texas Eagles at Public School Stadium. The Red and White team made their own breaks and then proceeded to take advantage of them. The Cats' first opening came late in the first quarter when Bill Lalicker, Eagle safety, fumbledv Neveux's punt on the North Texas five and fumbled again when he was hit. Don Wilhelm recovered for the Cougars and Max Clark swept end on third down for the Cougar tally. Neveux had no chance to convert the extra point when the center was fumbled. The Eagles struck back early in the third quarter when Rich- ard Nutt took a Neveux punt and raced 91 yards to knot the score at 6-6. The conversion was missed and the teams remained stale- mated. The Cougars' two-point win margin came late in the third quarter when Buck Miller, Hous- ton guard, tackled Nutt behind the Eagle ,goal after a Neveux punt had gone out on the North Texas seven. Final Score: Cougars 8, North Texas 6. NT UH First Downs 7 Yards Rushing 156 Yards Passing 8 Passes Attempted Passes Completed Passes Intercepted Punts Punt Average 8 59 96 18 7 6 1 1 1 9 1 1 39 35 Yards Penalized 65 60 ' ' F. M ...,,,., I, :,,,, .,,., 45 ., . f -, I 'It 'X mg? I 3' 23 o '76 2- Q X o Z .Ng B Q , A i an if v:. . .1j- : .,.- M5 7 DON WILHELM End Riff L HARD-CHARGING COUGAR LINEMEN clear the way for quarterback Allen Neveux on an end sweep around the Bearkat left flank. Oufnumbered, John Hadaway, Bearkat sparkplug, faces Bill Hollis l73l, Frank Hurtte lbbl, Bill Bidwell l42lg Ed Sfaggs l88l. and Bill Myers l5ll as four Bearlcats look on helplessly. Bobcats Slip by Fighting, Cougars 3-IJ SAN MARCOS, Nov. 20.-A field goal late in the fourth quarter was all that saved Southwest Texas as the Cougars pushed the 1948 Lone Star Conference champs all over the field but failed to cross the Bobcat goal line. The Cougars moved into scoring territory three times during the first half with penetrations to the 16, three, and five yard lines. Each time, the Red and White team fumbled and the Bobcats recovered. Again in the third quar- ter, the Cougars drove to the Southwest Texas 26 before the Bobcat line stood firm. After getting to the Cougar five in the fourth quarter on a pass from George Mabe to Henry Jackson, the Bobcats paid their respects to a stalwart Cougar line by kicking a field goal from the Houston one-yard line. Mabe made that field goal good and gave the Bobcats their three-point victory. Alan Neveux passed to Max Clark who was stopped on the South- west Texas 11 as the game ended. SWT UH First Downs 6 9 Yards Rushing 96 108 Yards Passing 42 80 Passes Attempted 12 11 Passes Completed 3 4 Passes Intercepted 0 2 Punts 12 6 Punt Average 33 49 Yards Penalized 55 40 iw s. ina, Qwsifqhb s -iw BOYD TINGLE Back gi cl 'GX X 5 fl' L Zn .io BO CAM PBELL Back BILL BUTLER Tackle ..,...,,.,,...,.,.-V Y .VVY W -V -.v--.............V A BLOCKED KlCK that Bill Hollis recovered gave the Cougars their second score in the Sam Houston game. Charging Cougar linemen Bill Moeller loll, Frank Roddy l83l, Bill Butler l7Ol and Buck Miller l6Ol bear down on the pigslcin as Hollis beats Bearlcat John Hadaway 'ro the ball. Hadaway was later selected on the Cougars' all-opponent team. CougarsTame Slippery Bearkais ZZ-13 HOUSTON, Nov. 25.-A winless Sam Houston Bearkat eleven gave their arch-rivals, the Cougars, a tie for fourth place in the Lone Star Conference on Turkey Day as the Red and White team whipped the Huntsville squad 22-13. The game was an end of a month-long series of raids and haircuts between the two schools and marked the first Cougar victory over the Bearkats. The Cougars dominated the first quarter but failed to tally until early in the second stanza when Ed Staggs took Alan Neveux's aerial in the end zone. A Neveux conversion put the Cougars ahead 7-0. Buck Miller, Cougar guard, caught Dick Nelson on the Bear- kat three on the following kickoff and Cougar tackle Bill Hollis re- covered a blocked Huntsville punt in the end zone on the next play for another score. John Hadaway led his Bearkat tribe back into Cougarland and the red-headed back sliced off- tackle for a Sam Houston TD to make the score 13-6. Max Clark plunged over from the Bearkat three to end another Cougar drive and Neveux failed to convert and the score remained 19-6. Despara- tion passes by the Bearkats led to the final Cougar tally when Johnny O'Hara snagged a Hunts- ville toss and Neveux kicked a field goal from the Sam Houston i19. The last half was a seesaw af- ,fair with the Bearkats finally ipushing one score across when iHadaway again sparked the Sam lHouston team with Sandel going lover from the one. l sn UH IFirst Downs 9 9 1Yards Rushing 161 194 1Wards Passing 23 40 fPasses Attempted 14 13 Passes Completed 4 4 ,Passes Intercepted 2 0 Q Punts 7 8 'Punt Average 32 34 iYards Penalized 20 75 COUCAB FOOTBALL SOUAD Front Row: Lett to Right, Assistant Manager Sam Alessandra, B. Vahn, L. Halloway, P. Koomey, J, Humble J. Golden, J. Myers, C. Brown, Bo Campbell, M. Clark, J. Hartsell, J. O'Hara, M. Elliot, M. Hardy, B. Bidwell, Assistant Coach Elmer Simmons. Second Row: Lett to Right, Manager B. Brown, I. Rister, Bill Tingle, B. Purdum, J. C. Kasber, J. Hurst, C. Feazle, J. Gwin, H. Dixson, C. Brightwell, L. Z. Bryan, Boyd Tingle, B. Coolc, B. Myers, C. Mittag, G. Nohavitza, S. Carr, Head Coach Clyde Lee. Third Row: Lett to Right Assistant Manager G. Snell, Trainer J. Ausley, T. Dean, A. Neveux, C. Sugarelc, M. Lackey, M. Kerbow, P. Browning, H. Peterson, C. Towns, B. Moeller, A. Balcer, D. Wilhelm, A. Korenelc, A. Peterson, F. Hurtte, E. Whitt R. Wallace, B. Holbrook, D. Gregg, Assistant Coach Ned Thompson, Assistant Coach Jack Rhodes. Back Row: Lett to Right, H. Cowen, Vaughn, B. Hollis, W. Jordan, B. Miller, L. Spacelc, B. W. Frazer, D. Trull, E. Staggs, C. Selby, J. Niscavitis, L. Ralson, C. Hayes, J. Clarlc, B. Butler, J. Helmcamp, V. Hampel. 1948 Cougar Grid Season Cougars Texas A. :S I. O Cougars School of Mines 35 Cougars SLI 21 Cougars Louisiana Tech 33 Cougars East Texas 7 Cougars Trinity 15 Cougars West Texas 28 A Cougars S., F. Austin 21 Cougars North Texas 6 Cougars Southwest Texas 3 Cougars Sam Houston 13 Totals 182 FOOTBALL COACHES The coaching statt that piloted the Cougar gridmen through the I948 season are, left to right, Line Coach Jack Rhodes, Assistant Coach Ned Thompson, Head Coach Clyde Lee. and Baclctield Coach Elmer Simmons. GOING UP fo fake one off fhe backboard, Louis Brown gefs by Brooke Army Medical Cen'I'er's defense. A momenf lafer, Brown sunk a crip shof fo help fhe Cou- gars win fhe game, 53-49. UNDER THE BASKET, Gil Lufon chalks up fwo poinfs againsf fhe Sam Housfon Bearkafs. ln overfime play, fhe Bearkafs look fhe fhriller, 66-64. COUGABS START SLOW. THEN SPEED UP A hof-and-cold Cougar baskeiball feam sfarfed fheir I949 cage campaign wifh five sfraighf losses before breaking info fhe win column againsf fhe Loyola Wolf- pac . In a real hearf-breaker, fhe Red and While dropped fheir opener wifh Shur-Sfarf Baffery, 50-5I. The Cougars were holding a 50-45 advanfage over Shur-Sfarf wifh fwo minufes leff in fhe game when fhe Baffery crew gof hof. Journeying fo Shreveporf, La., 'lhe Cougar quinf fangled wifh a red hof Cenfenary Genflemen five and came off second besf, 39-46. Two fussles wifh fhe Chiefs of Oklahoma Cify univer- sify wound up fhe Cougar road irip. The Okies proved foo much for fhe Caf cagers and fook bofh games, 50-44 and 46-37. . Home again affer a disasfrous road frip, ihe Cougars again mel fhe Cenfenary Genis, fhis fime on local ground. The resulfs were fhe same, fhe Louisiana quinf fopping fhe locals, 53-46. Buf fhe Genfs had a fussle on fheir hands wifh fhe lead changing hands nine limes in fhe lasf half before fhe Cougars conceded defeaf. Then fhe Cougars gof hof. A previously-undefeafed Loyola of fhe Soufh Wolfpack came fo Housfon from New Orleans. The wenf home wifh fwo losses fo fheir credif. Led by L. Hendrix, a revifalized Cougar quin- fef ignored Loyola's impressive record and blasfed fhe Wolfpack, 58-45 and 44-43. BEARKATS CUT COUGAR WINNING STREAK Wifh 'Iwo scalps under fheir belfs, Ihe Cougars refurned from Chrisfmas holidays fo fake Brooke Army Medical Cenfer, 53-49, in a hard-foughf confesf. Dick Berg Ied fhe scoring wifh I5 poinfs as fhe Cafs made if ihree wins in a row. In Iheir Iasf game before sfarfing conference play, 'Ihe Cougars gained revenge over Ihe Shur-Sfarf Baffery company's quinf in a rough-and-fumble confesf. Again Hendrix fool: scoring honors wifh I6 poinfs as Ihe Cougar cagers rolled fo a 66-SI vicfory. The dog-eaf-dog Lone Sfar conference race sfarfed wifh fhe locals meefing 'Iheir old rivals, Ihe Sam Housfon Bearlrafs, af Public School field house. If was fhe same old sfory. D. H. Wafkins, speedy Ii'HIe Bearkaf guard, feamed up wifh "oId man iinx" fo fake fhe Cougars, 66-64, in overfime play. Marvin Reichle led Cougar scor- ing wifh I6 poinfs as fhe Red and Whife feam, ham- pered by fhe absence of Louis Brown, saw fheir sfring of vicfories cuf shorf. Playing hosf 'Io Norfh Texas and Easf Texas, ihe Cou- gars roared baclc info Ihe fhick of Lone Sfar compefifion. Norfh Texas was fhe firsf conference foe fo faII before fhe fasf-breaking Cafs. The Eagles from Denfon were never able fo gel' ahead as 'I'he Cougars, led by Berg wifh 2l poinfs, Irounced fhe visifors, 64-57. Two nighfs Iafer, if was more of fhe same wifh Easf Texas falcin if on 'Ihe chin, 67-46. Again if was Berg wifh I8 fallies who Ied fhe Red and Whife fo vicfory over fhe complefely oufclassed Lions from Commerce. ROUTING THE EAGLES of Norfh Texas, Bill Mc- Phail climbs info 'Ihe sfrafosphere fo sinlz a Iwo-poinfer. The Red and Whife wenf on fo win fhe filf, 64-57. ANOTHER TALLY againsf fhe Easf Texas Lions is racked up by Marvin Reichle. The Cougars fool: an easy 67-46 vicfory over fhe visifors from Commerce. FEINTING A LUMBERJACK oul ol posilion, Louis Brown lakes lhe ball down lhe courl. The Cougars look lhe lill from Slephen F. Auslin, conference champs, 59-47. OVER HIS SHOULDER, Dick Berg rings up a goal againsl Sle- phen F. Auslin Lumberjacks in lhe Cougar's 59-47 win. The 'Jacks look lhe relurn malch al Nacogdoches, 67-44. U. H. ROAD TRIP Taking a brealher from conference com- pelilion, lhe Cougars relaxed and Oklahoma Cily Universily look advanlage ol lhe lapse lo drop lhe locals, 46-4l. The slow-breaking Chiels had lhings lheir way mosl ol lhe game. Despile I2 poinls by Hendrix lo lead Cougar scoring, lhe Red and While could never seem lo gel up lull sleam. The chips were down as lhe Cougars played lhe pace-selling Slephen F. Auslin Lumberjacks al Public School lield house. The Jacks, undelealed in conference play, saw lheir slring snapped as lhe Universily cagers pul on lheir lrack shoes and lell SFA in lhe dusl, 59-47. ll was lhe Cougars all lhe way wilh Hendrix selling lhe pace by lallying I7 poinls. Then lhe Cougars look lo lhe road. Try- ing lor revenge, lhe Red and While cagers found lhal lhe Sam Houslon iinx was slill as good as ever. The Hunlsville aggregalion look lhe rough-and-lumble malch, 55-Sl. Heading lor Commerce, lhe Cougars found lheir luck slill sour as lhey ran inlo a red hol Easl Texas live. The lions did il lhe hard way, coming lrom behind lo lake lhe lill, 66-60, despile lhe I9 poinls sunk by Hendrix. The rocky road lrip smoolhed lemporarily as lhe Red and While quinlel rolled inlo Den- lon. Fighling an uphill ballle, lhe Cougar cag- ers played a greal second hall lo whip lhe Eagles 75-59 wilh Berg sinking 22 lallies and Brown dropping in I7. Again lhe Universily mel lhe Slephen F. Auslin Lumberiacks, bul il was a dillerenl slory lhis lime. The lirsl-place 'Jacks dumped lhe Cougars oul ol a chance lor conlerence honors as lhe Nacogdoches quinl won, 67-44. CATS WIN THREE, DROP FINALE Coming back slrong, lhe Cougar cagers almosl 'um ed back inlo lhe lhick ol a 'four- way liglwl for lirsl place. The Red and While relurned from a disaslerous road lrip lo lake lhe measure of lhe Trinily Tigers, 72-52. Berg and Hendrix led lhe scoring wilh 23 and 22 poinls respeclively. ln a free-lor-all lill againsl lhe Soulhwesl Texas Bobcals, Louis Brown led lhe Cougars lo anolher viclory as lhe Red and While edged oul San Marcos, 53-52. Wilh seconds remaining, lhe game was knolled al 52-52. Brown, playing his lasl game lor lhe Cougars, and lhe Bobcals' Jimmy Lilllelon had a double penally called on lhem. Lilllelon miss- ed his shol. Brown made his. Back on lhe road lor lheir lasl lwo games, lhe Cougars again mel Soulhwesl Texas and, lhis lime, came oul on lo , 7l-68, in an over- lime lill. Wilh an oulsidpe chance lo lhrow lhe Lone Slar conference championship inlo a deadlock, lhe Cougars fallered before lasl- place Trinily. The Tig-ers won lhe game, 57-52. Landing in a lie wilh Sam Houslon for lhird place slanding in lhe conference, lhe Cougars wound up wilh a .500 average for lhe enlire season. High scorers - Hendrix, Berg, Lulon, Ray, and Brown leamed wilh a valuable de- fense composed of Reichle, Ponlikes, and Mc- Phail were lhe main faclors in lhe Cougar's lourlh, and lasl, season ol Lone Slar Conler- ence play. LONG SHOTS like lhe one above by L. D. Hendrix helped lhe Cougars whip lhe Trinily Tigers, 72-52. The valianl Tigers, led by wie Pele Murphy, were complelely oulclassed by lhe Red and ile. SURROUNDED BY COUGARS, a Trinily Tiger lries lo gel his bearings during lhe Cougars' 72-52 roul. ln San Anlonio, lhe Tigers repayed ihe complimenl by faking lhe Red and While, 57-52. COUGARS COUGARS COUGARS COUGARS COUGARS COUGARS COUGARS COUGARS COUGARS COUGARS COUGARS COUGARS COUGARS COUGARS COUGARS COUGARS COUGARS COUGARS COUGARS COUGARS COUGARS COUGARS Totals COUGAR BASKETBALL TEAM Left to Right: Standing: Manager Sam Alessandra, Dick Berg, L. D. Hendrix, Gilbert Luton, less Harper, Royce Ray. Iesse Martin, and Coach, Alden Pasche. Kneeling: Marvin Reichle, Louis Brown, Bill McPhai1, Connie Poniikes, Dempsey Gatlin, and Bunky Bradford. Cougar Cage Record for 1949 SHUR-START BATTERY . CENTENARY GENTS . OKLAHOMA CITY . OKLAHOMA CITY . . CENTENARY GENTS . . . . LOYOLA WOLF PACK . . LOYOLA WOLFPACK, f . . 0 . . SHUR-START BATTERY . . ' 'SAM HOUSTON STATE . 'NORTH TEXAS STATE . 'EAST TEXAS STATE . OKLAHOMA CITY . . 'STEPHEN F. AUSTIN . . 'SAM HOUSTON STATE . 'EAST TEXAS STATE . . 'NORTH TEXAS STATE . 'STEPHEN F. AUSTIN . 'TRINITY TIGERS . . " SOUTHWEST TEXAS . ' SOUTHWEST TEXAS . 'TRINITY TIGERS . 50 39 44 37 46 58 44 53 66 64 . . 64 . . 67 . . 41 . . 59 . . 51 . . 60 . . 75 . . 44 . . 72 . . 53 . . 71 . . 52 . 1,210 Totals . . . C '-conference gamesj BROOKE MEDICAL CENTER. .' ' 51 46 50 46 53 45 43 49 51 66 57 46 46 47 55 66 59 67 52 52 68 57 1,172 A . ,. " r Q, Wm- -Mia.. COUGAR TENNIS TEAM :sr ,gave-S.qw I Iason Morton No. 1 Cougar Netman Lett to Right: Standing: Arthur Reine, Ancil Anthony, Dick Lamb and Coach John Hoff. Kneeling: Steve Pace, lack Lanham, Hugh Sweeney and lason Morton. CUUGAR BASEBALL TEAM Co-captains Lloyd Ellis and Byron Bond Left to Right: Standing: Earl Hensley, Gerald Arnold, George Brown, Iohn Woods, Lloyd Ellis, Tommy Bush, Herb Boon, Bob Holbrook, Iohn Boon, Doug Salters, and Coach Bill Lutz. Kneeling: Sam Campise, Iolly Hartsell, Felix Fraga, Curtis Braden, Harry Traverso, Bobby Hollman, and Glen Bond. Left to Right : Standing : Truman Arnold and Cecil Towns Kneeling : Billy Barfield COUGAR TRACK TEAM Left to Right: A Standing: Manager Gene Snell, Cecil Towns, Melvin Kleb, Billy Bariield, Gilbert Luton, 'L. D. Hendrix, Carl Mittag, Hulen Bush, Skip Mitchell, Coach lack Patterson. Kneeling: lack Quarles, Tim Gentry, Truman Arnold, Ralph Harris, Iohn Hall, Donald McDonald, Boyd Tingle, Clifford lett. COUGAR GULF TEAM 'M 'fs- Left to Right: Standing: Bill Dienstbach, Bob Semaan, Roy Priest, Coach Harry Fouke. Sitting: Billy Burke, Bob Minor, Ed Kingsbury. OUTSTANDING ATHLETES I948-49 JACK GWIN LOUIS BROWN BILL LUTZ Foo+ball Baskeiball Baseball JASON MORTON BILLY BARFIELD V TRUMAN ARNOLD Tennis Track Track BILL DIENSTBACH ED KINGSBURY Golf Golf WHO'S WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES and UNIVERSITIES Bobo, Roberl Ollo Bolin, Leroy Arfhur Bradbury, James William Brock, Charles Gene Carroll, Jack Leonard Choen, Hyman N. Counls, David A. Durbin, George H. Fraser, Burl Friloux, Clarence Anihony, Jr. Henniger, Waldemar F., Jr. Horan, Harold Eugene Jones, Kennefh Samuel Manison, John Gabriel McAlpine, Charlene L. Miller, Wallace H. Pilman, Eugene Jenkins Nesmiih, Mary Lou Riemen, Carleen Sanders, John Harry Sco'H', Harry LeMoyne Sherrill, Marilyn Sue Sherrill, William Wayne Swiss, Myron Bud Tiellre, Ellon F. Walney, Nancy Virginia TONY FRILOUX Occtatanddvzg '7n Student Qaueznment Sl t d by th St tive Committee of t e niversity of H eece e udent Government E h U o Wywzziwwf dim! guinea 'rf We 164w,ffw THE MUSIC DEPARTMENT WSW "Music is 'Ihe universalilanguagen, and af lhe Universily of Housion sfudenis of music have many common grounds for communicaiion. The Universiiy band is always on hand 'lor ihe.many afhlefic evenfs, pep rallies and concerfs. The Universily orchesfra lurnishes music on 'lhe classical side, and fhe music deparfmenf has bo+h mixed and male choruses. Piciured above are a recifal of lhe mixed chorus under 'lhe direciion of Bruce Spencer King and a parade view of fhe Cougar band under ihe direcfion of Bob Hammiif. The drum maior is Tommy Mercer who has held +his posiiion for ihree consecuiive years. THE DRAMA DEPARTMENT IA oivlslom or SPEECH ARTs.1 A+ 'lhe beginning of fhe school year The Drama Deparrmenl announced a producfion schedule +ha+ would make even 'I'he mosi' polished and experienced Broadway sfar spend exfra hours praciic- ing. As usual, however, 'I'he deparfmenf came 'lhrough wi'I'ln flying colors. Shown above is Miss Marguerife Lenerr, drama insfrucfor,, who is explaining a scene from "The Glass Menagerie" +o sfudenfs. On +he righf is a ssene from "No Time For Comedy". THE LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT The French secfion of fhe Language Deparfmenf has fhe disfinc- fion of publishing a magazine enfirely in French lLe Bayoul fhaf is infernafionally read. Here are fwo picfures of fhe Language Deparfmenf. On fhe leff, Professor Jules Vern falks over an edifion of "Le Bayou" wifh sfudenfs. On The righf is a French class session. ln addifion fo French, fhe deparfmenf offers, Spanish, Russian, and ofher languages. THE HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT fi X F 'X Like fhe enfire Universify, fhe Home Economics Deparfmenf has grown rapidly. Under fhe direcfion of Mrs. Fay Anfhis, fhe Deparf- rnenf boasfs some eighf complefe and modern kifchen unifs. The deparfmenf also offers courses in upholsfering and sewing. Above is fhe scale model of fhe proposed home economics building, which is fo be builf on fhe campus in fhe fufure and righf is a shof of sfudenfs in one of fhe modern lcifchen unifs. THE RADIO DEPARTMENT The progress +ha+ 'rhe Universify Radio Depar+men+ has made in iis 'ihree years of exisrance can be measured only in leaps and bounds. The comple+ion oi ihe Ezekiel Cullen Building will 'Find +he dcparimenr moving in+o new quar+ers and +he operaiion of FM s1'a+ion KUHF will begin. Above lei? is a scene of +he Radio Guild's open l10uSe which was held in early iall. Above righf shows Edgar Bergen conferring in March wi'I'h 'fhe Universily radio s+afi, headed by Dr. Willon Cook, chairman of Speech Arfs lRadio, Speech, and Dramal. . THE TOURNALISM DEPARTMENT .1 ,-'ef ag A ln addifion 'I'o offering courses in almosi' every phase of journalism, 'ihe Journalism Deparimeni produces 'ihe Cougar and The Housfonian. Many new and specialized courses were offered ihis year by +he deparfmen+ - irade publica- 'Iions and public relaiions for insfance. New campus presses will soon be in operaiion. Above lei? is a picfure of fhe Cougar sfaff geiiing ready io go +o press wifh 'lhe Universily weekly and on ihe righi' is a shof of Jim Palmer, sponsor of ihe Cougar, and Elmer Berflesen, former edifor, as 'I'hey look over a copy of fhe Cougar, N, S, Paiierson is chairman, and Bruce Underwood is an- ofher full-'lime faculfy member. THE SCHOOL or LAW One of fhe newer addifions fo +he Universi+y's many groups of schools is 'rhe School of Law. Un- der fhe direcfion of Dean A. A. Whife, fhe school offers courses in bofh criminal and corporafion law. Anofher feafure of fhe school is fhaf of pracfical experience fhrough cooperafion wifh 'lhe law- yers of Housfon in preparafion of acfual case briefs for 'rhe frials of individuals who cannof afford an expensive lawyer fee. Above leff, picfures a group of law sfudenfs as fhey gain valuable informaiion from fhe Law School's exfensive library. Above righf, Dean A. A. Whife shows some of fhe finer poinfs of law fo fhe sfudenfs. THE DEPARTMENT OF ARCHITECTURE The Deparfmenf of Archifecfure, a maior division of 'rhe Engineering School, offers unlimifed courses for prospecfive archifecfs. Dr. R. W. Lilliof is in charge of 'ihe deparfmenf. One main proiecf for fhe pasl' year was fhe complefe building of a model home by sfudenfs. Affer fhe model was fin- ished, fhe sfudenfs worked fogefher and acfuallv buili' 'lhe home. Above leff, 'rwo archifecfure sfudenis as fhey design house plans. Above righf, an archifecfure exhibif on display. THE SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING The School of Engineering offers courses in chemical, civil, eleclrical, mechanical and pefroleum engineering. The school is under lhe clireclion of M. L. Ray. Above lefl, is a sho? of sfudenls al' worlr on 'rhe Engineering School's I00 H. P. boiler, which is similar +o buf smaller lhan +he 'rype used on fhe navy's desfroyer escoris. The enfire insiallalion of 'lhis boiler, excepl The high pressure lines, is being clone by s+uden+s. Above righr, is fhe generafor half of fhe Engineering School's boiler-generaior sys+em which was inslalled as a unif specifically for s+uclen+ leaching. Above leff, is a shol of sfudenfs in session during an engineering lab. Many hours of 'lhe engi- neer's college career is spenf in such labs. Above righi, s'fuclen+s in a slrenglh and malerial class, which is a major course for many of fhe engineering sfuclenis. THE SCHOOL OF TECHNOLOGY The School of Technology offers many pracfical courses for sfudenfs inferesied in a 'lechnical career. The School is under 'lhe direcfion of A. Rav Sims. Above left a sfudeni' af work on fhe mo+or of an aufomobile, a rou+ine scene in ihe School's lab. Above righ+, is a scene of an aufomobile receiving a spray painf job in fhe School of Technol- ogy's painf deparlmenl. Above lef+, picfures anofher impor+an+ phase of +he SchooI's ac+ivi'I'ies - ihal' of au+omobile upholsfering. . l Above righf, shows a sludenl al' worl: on an aU'l0m0l-Dlle rdClI0- Many 0-fher 1-echnical and yocairional courses. as in diesel, elecfricify, radio mechanics, and air conclifioning, make fhe Technical School a varied and GXCHTUQ Perf of H19 CBYHPUS- 1 iii? X 591' Q ,,.. ..:,.:,.:.H::.-.3 ...,. .M A ff ik Q -E F .fx 4. , N THE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 1 w!8E6Q??'ff'Wf'?WTi 2 f I ikqnli' The School of Business Adminisfrafion offers courses ranging from general business fo infricafe courses in accounfing. The school is under +he direcfion of Dr. Eugene H. Hughes. Above is Professor Jerome Peschlce as he lecfures fo a class in finance. Above is a class in business sfafisfics, where pracfical use of business machines is sfressed. The lecfurer is Professor Rolland Crouch. THE ART DEPARTMENT I Courses in 'lhis deparimeni' range from carfooning 'lo commercial ar+, 'ko clay modeling. Shown above, ai lefi, is an arf class which meels on 'Hne banks of ihe bayou and slrefches direcfly from nafure. Frederic Browne is 'Hue insfrucfcr, A+ righf, Sfudehfi in 0 Summer COUYSB in SCUlPfUl'if19- A scene in a painiing class. A scene in a painfing class. THE PROGRAM OF NURSING ln cooperalion wifh five Housfon hospifals, The Universiiy of Housfon has embarlced on an immense program of 'lraining nurses and nurse aides. Above is a familiar scene in Housion hospifals, as a Universify- -trained nurse helps in surgery. The Universiiy will soon open a Senior College of Nursing in fhe Texas Medical Cenfer. STUDENT GQVERNMENT RESERVE OFFICER'S TRAINING CQRPS DOWNTGWN SCHOOL SPECIAL OFFICES EX-STUDENTS ASSOCIATION STUDENT BILL BRADBURY Sfudenl Associaiion Presicleni STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS Leif lo Riglrl: Gene Brock, Vice-Presidenlg Tom Clark, Councilman-ai-large: Waller Rainey, Presidenh Kenne+l1 Yaies, Councilman-ai'-large, PaHy Franklin, Secrelary. l The Sfudenl' Council in Session. GOVERNMENT NANCY BU RCHFIEL Siudeni Associafion Secrefary HECTOR OTERO Sfudeni' Associarion Treasurer STUDENT ASSEMBLY OFFICERS Leff +o Right Tony Friloux, Parliameniariang Lee Kraus, Vice-President Ber+ Whifeaker, Pres- ident F. R. Reynolds, Secretary Siudeni' Assembly In Session . FX is 2 'i i ' Er,-Q .: 3 M . , , 463 K s ff -2545: u . 3 A O' K A iw -,f'- ..Hr1'4a5:',:"2'f " 'ff M 5, A Z'y7" Zgs 1g I f .AQ 1, gy 27 Q, if , ,j"'1h fA .mi 3 Q E' ' VQQWQ my Y A - M W - ,fx V F f X we sf H1 f' ig, f gifs: I he X nun xu mv za ki T -A .. 4 nm fl3Z,:,-f .,culH""'x' H' Q XY Q -ii'-' .M :EE if A W MEMRI. 5 i 3593 . Q f Ai 'Q-L Q k xl? Q "' 3 Q .ff if-. f- f .w,wzG 'E YQ, if 'p ' '-,A 3 ' W f' '. , " 1 , f ' , ,ax ,tx HQ c n il K, . . , 1 . I .. . jf f U' H ' ' ' 0 u f K ' . ' n ' A' w Q QQ if X b K 1 s I E gk G 4 . A1 'Wk 'O i . y f 1' Q 5 L 4 A x S ' 5? YM xg fra-23? ,,Q:'...g,, dv, ,1- mnix, A-T 'Q 5 E Q Q 2 2 YS 1? Ei in A- sf. Q 3 2 E Q ,Q 3 i M ,Q gf . sew Q ' 'iii ffis f Q Q, my Ss Qi, , saw V? K- .P ,f ,:i:.f1:: :Il F , xx -y "g - ' .Q M W :af sg, int Jw' y A Hijifg Q V A .m . .,.,1,., , V135 4-E ag-if Q25 :,. z? -" 1, 1 ., , . ,gre 1 f M 1 1? ' iff Q W' 'Sf New ,. , 1 4 ' 3 in , -5ff191?f, , A , N ' ' . ,gui , , ,A A wh ..fA 7 v A 2 . A ,ag A f - Q c . --:.,.,.. .. A14 wi-WV -Q, W f' ge fWA kSEmgf Q kwygfx ,L'g + Q'Wiw W wQJwaEXy,g4g2 QWQk5Q A..A M Y. , x Q f,f,.f iwf E , , vf zwgg , .I ,Tix I uf X , f , 'ga , 'hiv W - Aw Y Q5 L I iw M A ix, il 1 'f?" - 'li' 1' 'f i , if A ' vw ' X 4 V -, A, -'gg 'ff 1 Q 54 V . Q? 2, ,,, W A Mm, ,., Y 'Q w gif QQ 5 S ' 'i ' I! if "Q , G 2-, ' ni - 9, ,X M if 9 V ...L W 4 , , I n ,Q - ,, .' .4 y , . 5' if i W4 if 5 " "' 'rf ' 4 ff ' ' ' ' u Q 3 , X 'K 'Q .n ' 1, A W Q gl . ff.. f, , 4 X , 1 4 f, ff 1 I." 1, ' ' f- ., is fx 'mf ga 1 Y Q f ga, 1 :pg , fx if W ,Q 3' gf '- e 1 ., - W - 5 ,- , .1 ,Q uzz, 1 , f J if if 54 w an 'K 'SW W , ' Z ,isezggg 4 7 I ff, J 5 A 4 5 2? ' -H f iwm-:rv -ww. 4 , A WAN , Lv 1 S ' s up 47 ' A A fu! if . qsgir, 5 ' lg ai W I 1 , 1 ,rkl l :L M K W fi' , , -: .XX i Q:-5 ' X 'N 1 3 . W i , 'kagki 9.- , F 5' V Fw F 3. 4 ,Q :- wkffgil fs : "if, - , f 3. ?""5'f , v ' higv Q A A A , Q, '11, , 3 1'I,,f.W, 5 ag Y f IQ A -1 f, X .. W x 3 . ev A W Y , , ++ Eff'-,b. M -, 1 . 2,34-A f 1 44 ww , S 9 rs - il X ,. 'L i K ' ' 5' :Xi iw X51 gf I v " i it 'A , J I K , YJ Q K fill 3 Ag., f ' A. xt Q! ufyf L Q x l n ,I , 1. , 1 V l' Q f . . 9 Ag , Q - ' ,Sq I- M, : . 5 i 1 Q ' ' sq 'Q ' x 1 I x"' 5 N"v9' I Q id il J 'Wi X ,. 515 :fy 1 my-an X ' 4,76 4 ' , ,Q , BL Ia, -:Ju 3 :Q :mtl VA Q .A-Lag nn. , A 4 Q Q, is A , Q, ,f f ff, W 1 - ,W K 1 af '.-2fLl.:j.f.1,- ' ,Hy ikvytfs .K 5 Q Jw. A wwf f E aff Q if tif' 15,15 ,I 5 Ag, .ng lkwdigmr P' 25. ,N , if m..h W1-QQ 355-?f 4 x . ev- RAS. "? ,K W 1, if I 4-mgfx J XM!! Lg? ,fc 55 'fl w wafa tray' 2 FACULTY ' I .: '2" 52z ev' Sis sg 7' Us .Q .J-' : k - ,.,,:. . -' ' is l DGW T N SCHOOL ,c .-.. Y.,.. -,,,,,,. ... Adkins. Claude I., Ir. Business Administration Bishop. Arthur N.. Ir. Business Administration Boyd. William Worth Management Clark. Fra Home Economics Crout. Frank H. Business Administration Cutler. Iohn Business Administration Daniels. Howard M. Business Administration Dudley. Lola B. English-Speech Dunk, Waldo D. C. Business Administration Edens. Edward Clyde. Ir. Business Administration Ellis. Grover Business Administration Ewing. Henry Wallis Accounting Frank. Edwin H.. Ir. Business Administration Fratcher. L. E. Accounting Graitam. Donald Turner Psychology Hairston. Raymond L. Guidance Hartley. less D. English Hennes. Bernard R. Social Science Iohnson, Wilma Spanish Jones. Mack Clinton Business Administration McClendon. I. I. Management McGee. James Henry, Ir. Business Administration Mawhinney. Iohn A., Ir. Psychology and B. A. Murchison. Jeanette High Dressmaking Peek. Alma Business Administration Quam. Myrtle V. Business Administration Rhodes. Frederick A.. Ir. Insurance Bigby. Margaret Anne Typing Sather. Doris L. Assistant Registrar Slade. Nan Z. Business Administration Swenson. Stanley F. Public Speaking Taylor. lame: C. Supervisor of Distributive Tobey. Harold E.. Ir. Business Administration Education Accord, Glenn Raymond Houston Business Administration Blanks, William L Houston Business Administration Brown. W. W. El Dorado. Ark Business Administration Brown, Robert Coleman Houston Business Administration Buckner, Truman Orville Houston Business Administration Calhoun, Robert 0. Houston, Business Administration Carroll, Clarence Elbert Ir. Dickinson Business Administration Cash, Royce Erskine Houston General Accounting Churchill. Frank H. Ir. Houston General Accounting Claycomb, Ann R. Houston Home Economics Clepper. Munlord L. Houston Business Administration Cobln. lack T. Wald Business Administration Collins, E. A. Houston Management Cook, Bennett A. Ir. Houston Finance Cross. Iames H. Houston Business Administration De Motto, Paul M., Ir. Houston General Accounting Derr, Pat Millard Port Arthur Advertising Duncan, Francis Richard Houston Business Administration Eldridge. Gordon E. Baton Rouge, La Public Accounting Eulenleld. Clarence Henry Taylor Public Accounting Farber, W. I.. Victora Management Garrett. Horace Clyde Houston Business Administration Gau, Leslie Clinton Houston Business Administration Heurlnq, George B. Houston Business Administration Hinds, William F. Houston Management Hogan, Shirley Patricia Houston Secretarial Science Iames, Mary R. Houston Education Ilncaid. limmie B. Kansas City, Ma. Management Knight, Billie Iean Pasadena Secretarial Science Lemburg, Morris Sheppard Houston Public Accounting Mcleon. Charles H. Houston Public Accounting Mcltee, Vernon Clymer Houston Public Accounting Martin. Homer Ernst Nacogdoches Insurance Massey. Frances Ann Pasadena Business Administration Mayeux. Ernest Howard Houston lnsurance Mlse, Thomas Ielierson lola Accounting Monday. H. B. Houston Accounting Moran, Patrick E. Houston Accounting Morris, William N. Harleton Accounting Morrow. lack Houston Management Mullen, George Neave Houston Management O'Connor, James S., Ir. Houston Business Administration 0'Guynn. Roy P. Houston Business Administration Pascal, Harold H. Houston General Accounting Perritte. Willie Ietierson Houston Accounting Porter, lack W. Caldwell Accounting Smith, Lynn E. Houston Accounting Smith, Robert B. Houston Business Administration Solis, Fred Houston Management Stull. George Raymond Houston Accounting Thompson. Clara B. Port Lavaca Vocational Dressmakinq Tracy. Iames I. Houston Business Administration Turner, Allie Omega Houston Accounting Vllellfd. George Houston Business Administration GRADUATES AND SENIORS DOW TOWN SCHOOL ww U ,, ,,,.,,,., .W .vw---w--rv--, YV---'--"T" fa- " rf' """ ' """"""' 'MW' ,,-...,...-v-.....,. we f----1-V-r-- ----'-' 'v'-' "rr ' i ' . Gigi P, . I .VA . 3, I , i S , 4 A lb . 3 ' 4 t N M 1 1-'X r so r 1 91 5 ff IUNIORS AND SOPHOMORES DCWNTOWN SCHOOL Aguilar, Manuel, Ir. Victoria Accounting - Allen, Iuno L. tMrs.l .Bellaire Vocational Dressmakinq Branch, Charles H., lr- LYOHS- GU- Business Administration Cockburn, lack H. Houston Business Administration Copeland, loo H. Houston Finance - Earle. Marjorie Lucille H1qhlondS Accounting Farley, Lloyd E. Ir.. 1110119011 Business Administration Garcia, Carmen Havana, Cuba English Garcia, Onotre B. Houston Business Administration Gott, George W. Houston Business Administration Gutierrez, Albert Galveston Management Farrior. Abe Houston Management Howard, Elbert A. Beaumont Business Adminstraton Howell, Wiliam Wright Houston Accounting Iones, Iimmie Hill, Ir. Houston Finance Iooughan, Iames W. Port Arthur Business Administration Kleypas, Carroll Wiltrod Houston Business Administration Laird, Charles W.. Ir. Houston Business Administration Lewis, Delbert Darby Houston Business Administration Magnoss, Sallie I. Houston Secretarial Science Middleton, David C. Houston Business Administration Moore, Harriotte M. Houston Social P. E. Nichols, Lula M. Houston Accounting Orchard, Chet Houston Business Administration Patton. Sue Paul Greenville Business Administration Pogues, Marshel Edward Houston Accounting Reynolds, W. T. Houston Accounting Salinas, Anthony V. Houston General Accounting Smith, W. T. Houston Law Terrell, Dolores Glen Houston Management Truolson, Robert B. Houston Finance Turner. Mart B., Ir. Austin Business Administration Turner, Shirley Faye Houston ' Business Administration Van London, Vonia Fritzoss Houston Geology Winsor, Frank I. Bellaire Law Winsor, Ioanne E. Bellaire Law Allen, Russell William Detroit, Mich. Business Administration Bloyd, George Richard Houston Accounting Campbell. James W. C., Ir. Houston Business Administration Charpiot, Theresa F. Houston Vocational Dressmaking Claycomb, lack Houston Devors. Mary M. Houston Vocational Dressmcrking Dye, Norman K. Houston Accounting Forbort, Harris Houston Business Administration P40884 Henry Clay Mont Belvieu Trade and Transportation Ggbauer, Iohnny P. Houston usiness Administration Geo, Ruby Houston Language Gregory, Joseph Iamos Crosby Accounting Hall, Hartman Lee Houston Accounting Hartman. Harvey Leo Houston Business Administration Hollis, Ioseph A. Houston Lockhart, Roy Theodore Houston Accounting McGee. Iohn William Houston Accounting McGraw, Lawrence Houston Management Marshall, Linwood Doyle Huntington Business Administration Milholland, William Paul Dayton, Ohio Business Management Morgan, David W. Biloxi, Miss. Business Administration Schmitt. Robert Eldon Houston Finance Smith, Ollie Burton Houston Factory Management Stewart, Robert Boy Houston Accounting Bell, Virginia Pauline Houeton Business Administration Bloyd, Evelyn Houston Business Administration Crawford, Leonard Norman Logansport, La. Business Administration Cudd, Charles Bay Yoakum Business Administration Daly, Patrick I. Houston Law I Fargason, Iarnes W. San Angelo Business Administration Fay, Williams S. Houston Business Administration Ferrell, Ruby Aileen Houston Business Administration Foster, Rosalee Pritchett Houston Physiotherapist Garieto, Hazel L. Houston Business Administration Gilstran, Anita Helen Port Arthur Business Administration Grantham, Lydia Ann Houston Vocational Dressmaking Haley, Brook Richard Galena Park Accounting Hill, Audrey G. Houston Typing Hillegeiet. Norman Edward Houston Real Estate Iackson, Bettie Houston Vocational Dressmakinq Iohnson, Betty Iane Omaha. Neb. Business Administration Jones. Mary Camille Houston Secretarial Science King, Clyde C. Houston Management Koi-enek, Frank August Houston Accounting Kwashiewsk. Bernard N. Houston Business Administration Lala. Easton I. Houston Business Administration Lawrence, Etta L. Houston Vocational Dressrnaking Lindow, Ezell Mollie Houston Secretarial Science Lyles, Charline Minden Secretarial Science Maverick. Corinne L. Mobile, Ala. Vocational Dressmaking Moetteli, Hans Houston Business Administration Mosele, Martha Ida Houston Spanish Myatt. Margie C. Houston Vocational Dressmaking Ninedort, Virginia Hull Houston Secretarial Science Pappas. Emile Tony Shreveport, La. Accounting Paxton, Daisy Houston Vocational Dressmaking Santa, Maria Ollie Houston Business Machine Schaeler, Frances Louise Houston Business Administration Shann, Alice lone Houston Dressmaking Shirley, Raymond Houston ' Business Administration Smith, Herbert Neal Los Angeles, Calif. Agriculture Virgandamo, Paul Ioeeph Houston Business Administration Vogelsanq. Glen G. Columbus Finance Wagner, David I. Houston Business Administration Ward, Iames Lee Houston Business Administration Weaver, Macey Fern Houston Business Correspondance Weldon. Violet M. Houston Public Accounting White. Earl I. Texarkana Business Administration Williams, Iames Weldon, Ir. Houston Business Administration Woodward, Patsy Anne Houston Business Administration FRESHMEN DOWNTQWN SCHCDOL THE GUIDANCE OFFICE Seafed, Leff fo Righf: C. W. Conroy, Supervisor for Counselors: M. L. Ray, Direcfor of Co-op Office and Chief Counselor for Engineering Educafion: Dr. R. O. Jonas, Direcfor of Guidance and Veferan's Affairs: Truman Pouncey, Co- ordinafor of Freshman Guidance: Dr. L. T. Callicuf, Counselor for Foreign Sfudenfs: John Van Rheem, Supervisor of Records. Sfanding: Adrienne Griggs, Secrefary and W. R. Roberfs, Supervisor of Tech School Counseling. Tesfing of ficials nof picfured: Dr. A. L. Pierce and Dr. F. L. Sfovall. THE STUDENT PLACEMENT OFFICE Miss Lily Russell, Direcfor of fhe Placemenf Cenfer, inferviews one of fhe many sfudenfs who come fo her seeking parf-fime and full-fime employmenf. THE STUDENT ACTIVITIES OFFICE Mr. J. E. Williamson, fhe Direclor of Sfudeni Acfivifies, explains poinis of inferesf abou? fhe Universiiy +o visiiing foreign sludenis. , THE OFFICE CDF WOMEN'S COUNSELOR Mrs. Theo Hunnicufl, Women's Counselor, gives informaiion aboui +l1e Univer sify of Hous+on io a newly enrollekl co-ed. THE MEDICAL OFFICE The Medical Office sfaff is always ready for any emergency ailmenf of sfudenfs or faculfy. Above, one of +he nurses checks an ear ailment Dr. Allan Col- le'H'e is 'Phe popular direcfor of ihis busy office. THE PSYCHOLOGY TESTING OFFICE Dr. Roy A. Crouch is fhe head of fhe Psychology Deparfmenf and of psychol ogy services. He is shown above wifh his secrefary, Marjorie Brosig. fi 1 asryi X e af, A . I 1 22 I ' f' if-mferascrvor Housiem -H5 UN,VERSm,OF T- -W' THE PUBLIC RELATIONS GFFICE i 'fif- Na fi"-fs NEWS The Public Relaiions s+aff surveys evidence of pas? worlc in public relafion for ihe Universify and plans a program of iuiure news and magazine feafures, bullefins, exhibifs, and programs which will spread The name of fhe Universify. Leff io Righfz Elmer Berfelsen, Bruce Underwood, N. S. PaHerson, Direcror, and Jim Palmer. THE LIBRARY I I The Universi+y's library seldom has a dull momeni. Under 'lhe direciion of Mrs. Rufh Wilcoif, +he library is responsible for supplying reference and reading maierial for Universify sfudenfs. EX-STUDENTS ASSOCIATION EX-STUDENTS OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS-Seated lett to right are Corresponding Secretary Iackie Jackson, President Thomas Menefee. Recording Secretary Dorothy Childress and Dire:,tor lim F. Palmer. Standing left to right are Directors lack I. Valenti, Walter A. Waldhauser, and Bill T. Swanson, Treasurer Will C. Gay, Ir., and Directors Rose Mary Pellerin, Glenn R. Smith, Foster W. Mont- gomery, and Roger W. Ieftery. Not pictured is Roger Bleike, Vice-President. AIMS The Exes have done a lot to be proud ot in l948, thanks to the loyalty and enthusiasm ot every Ex-Student and student. The Association pledges tull and continued progress in the years ahead. The University ot Houston has gone tar this year, growing up more and more each and everyday. its sports program is becoming a major interest to all Houstonians. The University building program is going tull speed. New academic programs are lifting University prestige. More than ever, the University is achieving a "big time" per- sonality. Much ot this progress is due to the loyalty ot the University's Ex-Students. The Ex-Students Association is proud ot the Univer- sity ot Houston student body and hopes that each 1 of them will be an active Ex-Student upon graduation or completion ot his course ot study. Members are enthus- iastic about the spirit ot the students, and hope that this enthusiasm will spread to the Ex-Student Association and grow stronger in the years ahead. JOHNNY GOYEN TOM MENEFEE Executive Secretary President PART vm f '," i ,,,:, W H 5 X l in L if Q an Q- ' h "" -6. 1', A mr .'Ak,. j A :YQ 'D , . "' , lf ' f Y 1 H v'QL 6"Lfw 1 . ' jum?f1 4 -.K: gf, .-,. 1 S' f 'ffJ N g k Q ' -ff-W-42'-fav ww, -I "-., . R X, IUHHIIIUHHIHIHIWTTHH Muumllllllmuluufnmn num'ummmmnmmmfrm, C'oegL3,I -1 i 'ifAk'f? , T,,Q4 . V N ' ' L A I' yi XY Sw at gg Ax? W Xxx QX gp, XXX Q X I V J 5 L U L ' K un 1 f fy XNN:Qk R y,s?z NN X iq 1i: . Ma I rr - ,,,, , WW-, ev, -,Y-,,,,, .T . .... . . V ,.v.-,..-i,,-Y -- COUG R STAFF wiv., -r ---- ..-, JUIUUIUL, , JIM PALMER PETE GILPIN GEEiZirE EWR-Ili:rLAN Faculfy Sponsor Edilor Spring Term Fosler Wick, R. D. Harrison, Pele Gilpin, Mr. Palmer, George Chris- fian. The Cougar Slaff rushes +o The weeluly deadline. heal' THE COUGA-R Plhlhhd oven Friday il lla lllllnll ul thu .lounlllll iirvnnlml ll ill Unlurllty ol leuhn, ICO! Bt. Build, Bullion I, Texu U uHlAgl Plbllufhl. Colnr nlurtlllll hid. ILM Ill coll!! Inch. Glllflll llvllildnl k Ill lull. hun C4-MII, nr-.nun hh. u llluillntlulillllliiwulln. Thdlkllhtrvulklihhvllbi fnllilhadflllllldstorfinilllbtil. ' Editor ........,,..............,......,,............................ ............ Pen High Imaging Editor ......,.. ,... .,.... F altar Wick News Editor ...., .,... ............,.. Le ro y Bolln Sports Editor ,...,...... .................... ..,,,.........,,. K sith Hnvklul Picture Editor ........,,...,,.,.. ....,,,....,.............,..,,......,..,......,.... D an Hardy Edimrlnl Auintnnt .,......,..,.........,....,......,,,.,..,..........,..,......,,. R. C. Clemens hdtv: su shura: Clin loberta ss-an A-nun-ui 'rm Clark. r lun: Anna Rau rum, Tummy scum. an-by mm, Dmuq xml. llodll Aulnnahz mlm.: afmlnn, Guru cm-1-nun, Helen lawn. ami hymn: An Tlmmfmu.. nm cumming., smiley .lu-ialu, mmm mm. Burn vm-b. I-mu mn-an. Bun Csnqn. nummq Awami.. Hurry wuwn. lun Carta-but B-my cram. nm- lllllna, hu ngnm. Business Hunger ........,...,.....,,...................,, :..- ......,,...... Welcome Wlllon Advertmng Manager ............,....,....,.,..,....,...,.,.,......, ..........,.... J uk Wlllon Aava-using md Clreuhdau ......,,,. ................ sen hen s. wa- ua lim naman COUGAR STAFF The aclverfising sfaffz Slancling, Jim Cullom and R. D. Harrison. Seared, Regan Huffman, Sieve Weiss and Jaclx Wilson, Adverfising Manager. Ruflmmary Anderson, Secrelary, and Welcome Wil- son, Business Manager. Lefiy Johnson, Sporls Wrifer and Bill Diens+bacl1, Sporls Edifor. HARRY ROGERS Eclifor Regan Huffman and Jim Cullom, Adverlising Sales- rnen: Jack Wilson, Adveriising Manager, and Sfeve Weiss, Aclveriising Salesman. HOUSTCNIAP N. S. PATTERSON Faculfy Sponsor and Direcfor of Publicafions NANCY BU RCHFIEL Assisfan+ Eclifor Freshman Class Ecllfor Jaclue Enloe and Layoul' Eclifor Dave Mundi. Right Club Edi+or Jean Borcherding and Acfivifies Eclifor Helen Moore. N Phofo Edifor Dan Hardy and Phofograplmer Glenn Heaih. GE - - V-L-V fr-V VVVV W W-, TAFF '49 Noi piciured: Royce Lee, Circulaiion Mgr. Ruihmary Anderson and Business Manager WELCOME WILSON. I WILLIE WILLIAMS. Assisianf Editor Ari Cochran, Ari' Ediror Lefh Carfoonisfs Ray Crolrer and Gene Milligan, Ariisi Anifa Poor Rober+ ISquirreII Edgar, Ediforial As- CIIH Hom- R- O- T- C- EI'-III'0" Pe'I'e Gilpin. SPOFIS Edifor sisfani, and Be'Hy Lou David, Secreiary H OU STONIAN ADVERTISERS pawn! Q 2 gm af ?mecwA WMZZW flafzwdmf "Hi-ya podnas. This is yo root'n, shoot'n Houstonian staff again an' we'uns want t' give you'all some right good ad-vice. Your Houstonian advertisers have done gone all out t' make this year's annual th' most gosh ding-wish super yearbook they ever wuz by tak'n out space in our advertis'n section. They gave us'ns a hand when we needed it th' mostest, now its high time we show'd 'em how powerful much we appreciate their support by patronizing each and ever one of 'em, now and as th' yar's roll on. We'uns have called this years section "Portraits uf famous Western Characters" and as you'all turn the next fifty pages or so you'll see picturesof th' rufest, tufest, pioneers what ever sprouted chinwhiskers, as portrayed by students on our campus. So yar's say'n thanks again to '49 Houstonian advertisers- their help made possible the biggest annual in our history." .4 X We appreciate the o a pportunity to serve s publisher of the 1949 "Houstonian." It has been a genuine pleasure to work with N. S. Patterson, director of publica- tions, Harry Rogers, your editor, Welcome Wilson, business manager, and the mem- bers of the student staff working with them. Members of the staff have worked dil- igently to give the student body a "Hous- tonian" which long will be remembered 9 as an outstanding contribution to 9 files of student the publications at the Un- versity. We join the staff in expressing the hope that down thru the years this volume will recall pleasant memories of 1948-49 at Houston University. ELO TEXAS SAN ANG ICN DIVIS BOOK UNIVERSITY YEAR . i WYATT TEXAS NAUDNAL BANK DF HUUSTDN SDUTH COIHPEIN ell td J H.R.CULLEN 6011!-ffhlfl-efltlf of Me JESSE H. JONES INTERESTS 'E' of-L 3. Q Distinctive Wallpapers Q Prints Q Art Supplies Q Bute Paints Q Masury Paints Q Glass JAMES BUTE COMPANY Before class .... or after relax and enjoy a delicious WELDON meal! The New WELDUN CAFETERIA DAVID CROCKETT Em, da,f1,ffTul'fm'l7fII8,30 pm. BARB I -nf 1 DWICHES tk COLD DRINKS I I I 284 CAROLINE AT MCKINNEY RIVER OAKS SHOPPING CENTER IN AN EXAM-- It,s,The "KNOW HOW" THAT COUNTS! High grades and the cherished degree are scholastic recognition of your individual "know how." In like manner, business success is buxlt on customer confidence merited by prac- ticql demonstration of ability over a period of years. Consequently, when there are water prob- lems to be solved, our customers rely on our half-century of water engineering ex- perience to provide the solution. Truely, We, Too, "Know How" The Layne-Texas Co.. Ltd. Drilling - Pumping - Treating HOUSTON DALLAS H ROBERT DALTCJN I in Houston :sag i mul um gill ,ull I E , ll Two Complefe Deparfmenf Sfores r ,T Z ... H m lm z X ll U NE C: T - 5.-'-b"-1-if 1 TQ Main at Richmond L, :zum nu :un 1:13 lil In 'Iii' " H. 2161 ' - - zfg-3- f ' Wayside at Harrisburg W. 6-9441 285 3 AMELLI 'THE ARISTOCRAT OF THE SOUTH" JOHN L. SULLIVAN lj Comlngmenfa of TEXAS GULF SULPHUH IIUMPANY, INC. . 1 ,- fx -.-.. rx I 1 ww' Houston and lts University... . . . Growing Together Both Houston and the University of Houston have progressed phenomenally in the last decade--Houston increasing its population and material growth, the University expanding its student body, faculty and educational facilities. Graduates of the Univer-sity can well be proud of the years spent there for they emerge better, more powerful citizens possessed of knowledge, understanding, tolerance and the ability to think. The University of Houston, its graduates, and the city whose name it bears can indeed look forward to the brightest of futures. Nflll1.'l5.5.!El.f'E'.'3TX P 0. lon 4109 IIOUSIQN il. IIIAS 287 l Hcfrclwore, H h ld cl B ld g S ppl es SAN JACINTO SALES COMPANY 401 SHN IHCINTO STREET Fl. S. GINSBURG, Owner gompgmenfa of HOGAN-ALLNOCH DRY GOODS COMPANY Wholesale Distributors HOUSTON TEXRS 14 Taxa Indra try . . . employing Texas People, using a Texas Product, to create new wealth for Texas The Champion Paper and Fibre Company HOUSTON DIVISION. Manufacturers of Pulp and Paper from Texas Pine 288 The Humble Company joins all Texas in saluting the class of 1949, and in welcoming them to the world of business, industry and the professions. May all good fortune attend you, and may you finally achieve the solid satisfaction that comes from successfully coping with the new tasks that face each new generation of Americans. HUMBLE OIL 8: REFINING COMPANY UNION BOTTLING COMPHNY Capitol 9248 ll BOB FORD U 289 AMERICAN TITLE BUARANTY CII. HARRIS IIUUNTY ABSTRACT IIII. gjdlalgalcd H HOUSTON, l ANNIE OAKLEY jj COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS HOME HPPLIHNCES HAVERTY ' FURNITURE CUMPANY 711 Fannin St. HOUS TEXQS 29 BELLE STARR 'allouston Homes" Manufactured by IIIIIISHIN REAIIY-lilll IIIIIISE COMPHNY, INC. 3601 Polk Hve. MEMBER P H M I For Your Convenience EIGHT LOCATIONS 1021 Capitol Main and McKinney Texas and Scm Iacinto 2520 Amherst 2923 Main 4422 Main 2019 West Gray 5603 Almeda HOUSTON OWNED "ONE'S A MEAL" Brooks System Scmclwich Shops FARRAR LUIVIBER COMPANY Largest cmd most complete stock in South Texas 83 Years Ago . . . 1865 . . . when F. W. Heitmann 'Company was estab- lished, Houston and the vast industrial area that sur-rounds it, was a young city of less than 10,000. " Yet, even in those days, we supplied the grow- ing young state with Iron and Steel Products we imported from Europe. Especially have we ren- dered a great service to the oil industry, for we were the first firm to have a big stock of Pipe when the famous Spindletop oil well came into production. On down the years we have served the ever in- creasing factories, lumber mills, hardware dealers and other business institutions with Industrial and Mill Supplies, Building Hardware, Roofing, Pipe and Fittings, Tools, etc., that the unhampered ingenuity of a free enterprise and a prosperous, happy people have needed in order to build this great city and the vast domain that surrounds it. We gratefully express our appreciation for the friends we have made and held and for the privilege of living, and working and being a part of the great nation that is America. First Exclusive Iron Dealers in Texas F. W. HEITMANN COMPANY Hardware - Mill Supplies - Metals Oil Well and Water Well Supplies Builders Hardware - Valspar Paints and Varnishes HOUSTON 2. TEXHS CONGRATULATICDNS To The University of Houston's 1949 GRADUATING CLASSES r Throughout your college careers, the Sakowitz label of quality in your fine wearing apparel has proven its ability to travel in smart company. We hope it will continue to be your choice for smart appearance, distinguished service . . . throughout your success- ful business and professional careers. X 'F-fa. 4. es -Q.-' ' -ef +. sf ., . X 9 4 Wffigwr . . . where quality reigns supreme .Sincere Congrafufafiona on your gr-aalualion It is our hope that the determination and effort which brought you to this proud and happy day will bring you great suc- cess in the years to come. Congratulations! I fi ' Q 815 MAIN 'ul R1ru90a s Q " A wwofq-annum. l I MISSISSIPPI SUE Lane-Well Co. Tomorrow's Tools . . . Today! Gun Perforating C Radioactivity Well Logging 0 Paclrers - Liner Hangers Drillable Bridging Plugs 0 Technical Oilfield Services Keep Tuned Bight llere 7 On Your Dial For Constantly Better Shows PARKER MUSIC llll., INC. EVERYTHING FOR THE BHND HND ORCHESTRH C er of Travis cmd Wollker HOLTON MHRTIN HND OLDS BHND INSTRUMENTS W. F, LUDWIG DRUMS - GIBSON GUITI-'ARS Instruments - Musi R d R d R p , Tr-EHEMSRHII tra m: Tj sffwiw WOMEN'S SHOP Compliments Of IN? ,J X., Q 1 W X if? R .1 ' M' ff" 1 T F xox , , 1 " : As Advertised In: LIFE Z2iLERS I COUNTRY GENTLEMAN Il JUDGE ROY BEAN Il - 294 LILLY LANGTRY Comphmenfd of W. H. CURTIN 84 CO. Domestic and Export Laboratory Supplies and Chemicals HOUSTON, TEXHS Ciomlahmenb of HOUSTON CIGAR CO. Distributors of HRV-H-TQMPI-'l 0 PERFECTO GHRCIP1 OPTIMO CIGQRS CONGRQTULHTIONS f GRHDUHTES! gompgmenb of Let us Help Xf- Solve Your - Hu STU Problems, and 203 Scanlon Save Time in Finding You the RIGHT Positions. ggwf THA SIT EU. B 3-9308 OEW'S Congratulations Home of and Best Wishes To the Graduates ot 1949 THE HRCHER GRHIN CO. HOUSTON, TEXHS GRADUATES OE THE UNIVERSITY GE HOUSTON l ARE EQUIPPED TO BE SUCCESSFUL Business executives appreciate the importance of educational background to success. Able instructors, thorough teaching methods and up-to-date educa- tional facilities combine to make the University of Houston one of the most promising institutions of higher learning in the country. University of Houston graduates are thus adequately equipped to cope with the problems of today's world. REED RQLLER BIT COMPANY Houston, rzxAs 296 Langham, Langston 81 Burnett P JIZLLULQIZCS CZOLLIZLSEZJO '15, 3700 Montrose Boulevard HOUSTON, TEXAS II FRANK DALTON IIE FIRST NATIONAL has greeted 82 graduating classes from various schools and colleges since it was established in 1866. Now it is privileged to welcome its eighty-third group of young men and women into the busy world . . . May success attend your every effort, and may you contribute as much to the welfare of the state and nation as the classes that preceded you. Good luck, 9492 "1l'. 5 1-. 45 -,z'.v4,.', - '- "' .est " F IRST NAT I oNAL BANK Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Houston 297 ana! Qeaidenfiaf guests UI ll H lll As headquarters for quality . . jar Iiacriminafing jraruienfd Home of THE CRYSTAL DINING ROOM 'A' R. T. CULLATHER ' " Manager ICH HOTEL and APARTMENTS HOUSTON, TEXAS PROUD TO SERVE I I o I O PERSONHL STATIONERY C FOUNTHIN PENS O ZIPPER RING BOOKS A O GREETING CPIRDS O TYPEWRITER SUPPLIES Z lLson WILD BILL it STATIONERYRPRINTINGCO. PRAIRIE ar I-'QNNIN ' - 7 , - I B ' ht I t 'A century ago manufactured GAS lighted streets and homes in our country's important cities. Today, its more efficient, more economical, more abundant successor, NATURAL GAS, burns bright with promise for the future. More than half of the world's natural GAS reserves are located within the state of Texas. Measured in terms of services for the modem home- cooking, heating, refrigeration, water heating and air conditioning--that's a lot of living at its very best. As a versatile, efficient fuel and raw material for the needs of modern industry, there's unlimited production for Texas prosperity. 1 The flame of natural GAS is fast becoming one of the brightest guide- posts of the future. We hope you will share in enjoying its countless, .4 low-cost benefits in your future home, business or industry. '.' 57 we THE BIGGEST BARGAIN IN YOUR HOME TODAY "" 298 I ,A Courlegf. . . 'J ' J li limi! warm and if ffmw How we would like to be treated, were we doing business with a bank, has been the yardstick by which we measure the standards of our services to you. We are happy to see you whether your business with us is a savings account, a checking account, a personal loan, or any of our other 4-6 plus services. Come in to 712 Main Street, Gulf Building, and let's get acquainted. Member Federal Deposit Insur ce Corporatio QW 'TW i-QW-ll i L P ational ank of ommerce t fins or ll0US'l'0N "T rr 1: B A N K o r c o U n 'r E s Y ' ' sm 'Alllp lllENDI.Y IANKINC AND TRUST GUIDANCI I CAMERON IRON WORKS 1 Manufacturers of PRESSURE CONTROL EQUIPMENT HND OTHER SPECIHLTIES FOR OIL WELLS HOUSTON, TEXAS H CALAMITY JANE 0 299 , , IAI, Q, ,.,. ,,.A.A.,.4.,.-...,.. .,.,.,,.A.A.....,-..,..... L E jig? LLVY BROS. DRY GOODS CO. PAT GARPQETT H elennn senulus clues vnu .Munn MUHEf0HlESsnNn ms Ifulslon .lighting and Piwer ..... .. ...., ? 'Z L Q f Qi its ,A Q It Ax: .I 'A R .eb ,..,x Ti 'QA i I, X . k f , v' Ku "' Nz t Q, ' f 2,9 0,538 PANCHO VILLA it We BEASLEY COMPANY Gm Amen Printing . . . Engraving P td Lithogrophing . . . Greeting Cords I Office Supplies 4719 South Main Street PHONE HHDLEY 9972 CONSOLIDATED CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES INC. O L U M B I A HOUSTON ' PASADENA Budget Fashions for T ens and Iuniors We give a d deem SSH g t mps 301 s " s 'Nqr 44- Va.-wifi' Nl'-:A Juv. K -s 0 VL ' 4. NB -. lx If-, .- Nu I . a,, 0 v,f II H S UMPANY ,Q ,- 1 J X 4, 'HA S ss If Q. 'W ' 'N A q'ZvXS,N 3' Q.. 1 Im rd- 4."O "" ., Wx ff N Am 7 ,vu ex MANIIFACTIIR IIS OF PECIALIZED CII. ELI. DRII.I.IN TOOLS 1 1 1 V ,, :fix .'?mfVW.'f'4 ,J V. 1--sg n -- fliiziizikfizy 1' . .'- 1:" , " 1' '- mit. ,.. .' 5211-:1:1'1" """-' " - ' ' 1. V- f ' 'V . K ' '. . . .-392' V " - rf' ' ' ff. ' V-1.-1" '. A, "" " ..g.:.g..:.'f-D A ' .3652 " :',.j5.""" . .333-35' ,.. X' - ,nh J QL' ' IIC:-H P-.5 I' . f..'?.'f W, 8 .I ,.-vw,- ' , . . . --r- , 'Wg' KE-.719 . -1 fx 1"'f2.,. ' ' ' 'iff ' Q H .V.Q.:f:Q:::,VE'g, '- ' . .- fig-.:-T.""'-:ins-,-.5 A , . , . , .- ....... . .I-.. .v!g,.,,, ,x,,.,.. ., . .. Lia-'-.. - 1 . -1- :-ze,-1-:-:-:xx - . - :' ' "Y ., .- . .,1.":'b nl.. - " ' 112:1:i:1:i:i. .3:2Z7.. igiyi I:I:I:t21:2A' ' , " .- u."' , . H" ..,,',- .,,. .7L'f,+g,.'-'Z.'.eI!g'-1 --'TL l VP . .- ::V:::3:::::3:5N- -fiigijzz, 3 -5:3:::5:155.- l . -. .Sr .v - 4- .I Q.. Z.. 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'..1,.. - ' ' . .- :' I x U fr I - ,' -f . .. ".'... . .,x,'..' Q 5 I.: , ' -'v?'g-1-f-1:11.55 gf .. 5 .:5. ph, - - -- Q. ,..::k.,'c-.I-.'7.,1' ,. Vu' "E -' .1 w. '?..2:- .. , K- s ' .-0' .:.:.,'.1.'f"I I "mf , 4: :Z - - - , a .- . '- Q3 , "-2t..f.::.-mV.-MPC' H' V li 2. V - .. .- .., ,. '. .Q .K ' ". ,- -, ..... -' l . I-,:,Q:,::,.5..A,. - ' 302 f 4 I Z , L 1 - 'L..U- 1 '3 , .1 --fx . 'v:w:2!1rm fg,f" -- " 'l'IlE VARSITY SHOP .EV619lfbIPlg for the Collqgefllan szconn noon Tops Te as Q -efagfgefaqfgigfgeffgfQfgfgsfsfefsfa2ffsQ.11:ffgsgfefgeiaiiiiiii men s shops U Doc HOLIDAY SUUTHWESTERN PAINT A AND WALLPAPER CO. Distributors Nancy Warren Wallpapers Benjamin Moore Paints 2905 MAIN 1417 IACKSON 47 foulzzid to MQW ,f Uh- Mm Nb Uv lb fiqfea 75oZ741zhL 303 1 , X J JAMES BOWIE South Bend Lathes Delta Quality Tools WESSENDORF, NELMS 61 CO. Houston - Beaumont - Dallas PHONE PRESTON 9281 Garland Ranges, South Bend Malleable Ranges, Shenango China SIIUTHEHN HIJTEI. SUPPLY Ell., INC. Complete Restaurant Equipment, Crockery, Glassware, Silverware, Refrigerators, Ranges Hffilictes HOUSTON BESTHURHNT SUPPLY CO.. INC. TEXAS RESTHURHNT SUPPLY CO.. INC. 2004 Leeland, Houston, Texas Gui! Publishing Company CQTLYLQ Qwinting' 330I Buffalo Drive HOUSTON, TEXAS KRUPP Sz TUFFLYJM. 901 MAIN AT WALKER Shoe Center of South Texas Since 1882 COINPEINRNIJ of TEXAS RUBBER AND SPECIALTY CO. Manufacturers Of Rubber and Steel Products HOUSTON, TEXQS COIYIIJADI-Ent! of SETTEC-AST-KOPF FUNEBHL HOME Milam at Gray F-1391 DEAF SMITH 5 O , J O J sq. ft. of Service Space Under one roof Earle North Buick Co. sells all you need for car or home! Drop in and shop While you Wait in the new Goodyear Tire division Where toys, appli- ances, sporting goods, and knick-knacks elbow the latest auto accessories . . . or dine at the Buick cafeteria. Tl'1at's Buick Service! VISIT THE .. BUICK BLOCK EARLE NORTH BUICK CO. N 2215 Milam The Buick BIOCIQ P. 6131 SCARDINO compgmenfa P R I N T I N G NEWSPHPERS. of BOOK. and COMMERCIHL Printer of the Cougar L 6 I Manufacturers of High Pressure amp 'mmb Drilling and Completion Equip- 0! ment for Oil and Gas Wells Oliver H. Van Horn, Inc. OF HOUSTON MHIN OFFICE AND PLANT Machine Tools Small Tools Shop Supplies Hirline Dr. O Housto 1318 FRHNKLIN AVE. CHHRTER 4-6551 STOWER'S FURNITURE COMPANY SCRIVNER-HOWELL CO. Commercial Printing Publications O. L. SCRIVNER - RICHARD F. HOWELL 340.1 Buffalo Drive . K. 3-7253 'I Houston 6. Texas Compliment, of Gmfffmfnfd SCHLUMBERGER of WELL SURVEYING CORPORATION Ee QBID S Qlinllege Zinn 60ln,7AInCllt6 of MANGEL'S Specialists in Collegiate Appa GIBRALTAR SAVINGS AND BUILDING ASSOCIATION KIT CARSON ., Y WW.. , W.--WW Y . , In Houston since l875 SHOP WITH SWEENEYS for Loose and Mounted Diamonds and other Precious Stones Nationally Known Watches for Timekeeping Qualities Sterling Silver Holloware and Flatware English Bone China Gold lewelry Domestic China Orange Blossom Wedding Rings Crystal Gift Items where Courtesy, Quality, Dependence and Sound Values Prevail J. Sweeney ewelry lla 700 MAIN STREET CORNER CAPITOL 308 ff1.,e,,4.,U1, fab af we .1 winiams QW 4? .Vavage Style CIPLI N ' " ' 3 To Each Of You We Wish .... Health, Happiness and Good Luck! Mus. DRAKVEHQMQDWICH C0 3 . 'S' - 310 CHARACTER INDEX Character Student Page DAVID CROCKETT TOM CLARK 284 ROBERT DALTON PETE GILPIN 285 IOHN L. SULLIVAN IACK WILSON 286 BILLY THE KID REGAN HUFFMAN 292 BOB FORD IIM CUMMINGS 289 ANNIE OAKLEY RUTHMARY ANDERSON 290 BELLE STARR MARY LOU MOFFITT 291 IESSE IAMES FOSTER WICK 288 MISSISSIPPI SUE CAROL WHITMER 293 IUDGE ROY BEAN RAY CROKER 294 LILLY LANGTRY BILLIE IEAN TAYLOR 295 FRANK DALTON FRANK SIENKIEWICZ 297 WILD BILL HICKOK STANLEY REDDING 298 CALAMITY IANE HELEN MOORE 299 PAT GARRETT BRADLEY THOMAS 300 PANCHO VILLA HARRY VITEMB 301 DOC HOLIDAY WELCOME WILSON 303 IAMES BOWIE ROYCE LEE 304 DEAF SMITH LEROY BOLIN 305 LILLIAN RUSSELL IOANNE GUEST 305 FRANK JAMES DAVE MUNDT 306 Km- CARSQN ALMAN WEBER 307 ADVERTISERS INDEX AMERICAN TITLE . ARCHER GRAIN . BEASLEY PRINTING . IAMES BUTE .... CAMELLIA CREAMERY . CAMERON IRON . . CHAMPION PAPER . . COLUMBIA DRYGOODS . . CONSOLIDATED CHEMICALS . CULLEN, H. R ..... CURTIN, W. H. CO. . . DR. PEPPER . . . , . MRS. DRAKES SANDWICH . FARRAR LUMBER CO. . . FIRST NATIONAL BANK . FOLEY'S ..... GIBRALTER SAVINGS . GULF PUBLISHING . . HAVERTY FURNITURE . HEITMANN, F. W. . . HOGAN ALLNOCH .... HOUSTON CIGAR ..... HOUSTON LIGHT AND POWER . HOUSTON READY-CUT HOUSE . HOUSTON TRANSIT CO. . HUGHES TOOL . . . HUMBLE OIL .... IESSE IONES INTERESTS . IOSKE'S ..... KRUPP 6. TUFFLY . . KTRH .... LANE-TEXAS ...... LANE-WELLS ...... LANGHAM, LANGSTON 6. BURNETT LECHENGER'S ...... LEVY'S . . LOEW'S . MANGEL'S .... MISSION MANUFACTURING MONARCH FINE FOODS NATHAN'S .... NATIONAL BANK OF COMMERCE NEWSFOTO . . . EARLE NORTH . . OIL CENTER TOOL . ONE'S A MEAL .- . PARKER MUSIC . PRINCE'S . . . REED ROLLER BIT . SAKOWITZ .... SAN IACINTO SALES . SCARDINO . . . SCHLUMBERGER . . SCRIVNER-HOWELL . SEARS .... SETTEGAST-KOPF . SHAEFFER TOOL . . SMART SHOP . . . SOUTH TEXAS NATIONAL BANK SOUTIIERN HOTEL SUPPLY SOUTHWESTERN PAINT STOWERS FURNITURE . SWEENEY, I. I .... TEXAS-GULF SULPHUR TEXAS RUBBER . . . UNITED GAS . . . VAN HORN, OLIVER H. WATKIN'S EMPLOYMENT WARWICK HOTEL . . WELDON CAFETERIA . WESSENDORF-NELMS . WILSON STATIONERY . WYATT METAL . . BILL WILLIAMS . - too late to Classlfg Ezekiel Cullen Building Cornerstone Ceremonies Mr. H. R. Cullen, Gov. W. P. Hobby, Col. W. B. Bales and Dr. E. E. Ober- hol'l'zer were lcey figures al' 'lhe cornerslone ceremonies. Mr. and Mrs. Cullen and Dr. Oberholl-zer al lhe ceremonies. Gov. W. P. Hobby delivers lhe principal address of lhe day. , The 'Firsl' par'l' of March, I949, found l'he cor- nersfone ceremonies for 'rhe Universi+y's Ezekiel Cullen Building 'lalcing place. The cornerslone was placed by Mr. H. R. Cullen, who, wilh Mrs. Cullen, gave 'lhe building l'o +he Universily. The building is named in honor of Mr. Cullen's grandfalher, who was a pioneer Texas legislafor and judge. On lhe lefl is piclure of lhe speaker's plafform which is flanlred by members of +he Cullen Rifles from lhe Universi+y's R. O. T. C. unit The drill 'leam was named in honor of Mr. Cullen. On lhe righl' is a view of Universify sludenfs as +hey walch fhe proceedings. 1 I y - "SONG OF NORWAY" Annual operetta produced by the Music and Drama Departments d Time sei' fdesgihs werj Tide by Sfudenfs of lhe drama Mr. Bruce Spencer King and Mr. John Schwarzwalder epar men or 'S Pro uc 'on' were fwo of 'lhe dlreclors of fhe Song of Norway. Leff, +he ballel number of lhe opere'H'a in rehearsal Below, a dance rouline in acflon. Leff, Dave Llpp, lhe Universily's favor- ife comedian. rehearses wifh beaufiful help. Alidlllqb n4EcAMriusi V W Mr. Earl McMillian presenis a '49 Ford fo Fron+ier Fies+a Comedian Ole Olson helps ge+ +he beard shaving off 'ro a good s+ar+. Froniier Fiesta s+ar+ed off a+ a fasi pace flnis year. Af flue beard shaving ceremony , - Ole Olson. flwe comedian of "Hellzapoppin" vi ' fame, presided. A+ +l1is same ceremony, Mr. C Earl McMillian announced +l1a+ he would give Fiesfa a I949 Ford as a rize for +he Besf All-Around Beard. This giii by Mr. McMil- lian made beard growing a worfh-while oc- Af'I'er seeing 'l'he above picfure Fiesfa can'i' come +oo soon. lThe Ed.l CUPGHON- f V y N V-Q. - 3 "f"'w"MWM X- A, 12 , XX 1 I Qi! 5 i' -, X NX 'V y K in A, 5 :im l M y ' it , l IT 1 :Q Z1 ' 6 fixifi,-F ,Q V A . Fiesfa fime brings abou? many fliings -- among ihem painfing, bull sessions aboui progress and elecirical hook-ups. 3 fu' ' X 4, N fm. .,.. S ' 1 Q . 5- xl, J' W A. f 5 ,. :,, H" ' ,M 'Y 53: if P ,, , M jk ,ww N33 AM 4, di LN., -' Q LT! 1 3 K' , , . :Hi .. xv- 5 V s bi" 'xl X .7557 R, 'JT ' -. 1 ki 1: K ' , 4 ' I , rfe,i.:q.' K 'v M AMT 2 , - - ' - " .:' gif M1 -3 ug.-5 gg , ,Q ch' W ' .T'?A,pP'Pi it 1'-Q , 5 , . 'Q , ,y 4 "A ,' 5 x . if . , kv . .Q - 35- P5 A51 43 - fu. T271 if 1. 1 1 x . 1:1 , W Wig' f - 2 Q K . Q , .Z K Z, ,fr 4936 Q 'tif' ' , . .. 5, -J' ,ef t me ,gif , n,w..,. A . 'Ht PF? if 1 . -- 2 X ' ' Y .,.X,. vm' tw.. -416 Ny, '- fit- A Y qf 4 . A 'af f ' . 35, i g 1 V x5 M Q 1 if A ,I A sl EY nu... iw' K , W ., ,I - 23 3' , ' f S"i'i.l Q a 5 3 x 5 i ggi? L.,..,, Ii. 41.5 , W kr 9 i '- EX x I f. E Q 5 3 4' fl E , . ,W wgazi , '- ii" ,WS fn- gl -f 5 . ,W r 2 xg ,ur r ""if,fJ Q SZ 'ff-'lf' Q, W -4 LA? 'I M dew' 3, , Si QQ NMS ,Q ,iffx M, ,di , .X M af 3 if I, - . ' ga A + .M . ' W . M7 I i ow W, 3 df. ,D gf? 4.1 V .- ' :Ms .4 ,ff x1 .:.."-mf ll! Ile ff? 5,5 ' -v Z5 fn 1 T W , 'Y if 3 1 5 E Q We W, ?l 9 fl Q- , W, we 2 -. 52 K . s WZ, fs YM? i X su.. , - - ww, HN S L M5 A., hw- ww .0 -ww ARCDU D THE CAMPUS HOFVWFW' W.-,Q ' Dedicafion of Universi'I'y ROTC uni+. Movie sfar Marjorie Reynolds and Homecoming V 'T' Chairman Jack Valenfi. -Jiri f - f W X ' X' r- s ' if E35 - 2 'x -,rr - Q 4' ':,-:ff 'ELNITHF , A.,-r"1'S-ff5:7Q1Er 5 qw, , :x,. f'1 X EY A p Fa avr FEA gig, oaQ"3-fe" ,YI ,Q lnframpral foofball champs. X e .. M ilk L i Q i 2 i ii ' 2 X Mi, ,i 5 gif if f . 5 ? il 3 ' A ,Q A Q . ? milf' F Qs: 11 iE"Y-so A if? 1 A J r s- 1 i,VV 1 i i 1 A A - 'Y'- -ffffif 'Qi if 5' -1.' 1 W Look over +I1ar." Varsify Venus finalisis lsfandingl and Varsiiy Venus iudges isirfingj iv.-.-,,,,. ARCDU D THE CAMPU The bearded Grea+ ScoH emceed +he Fies+a Kick-off The Co-oP Office Dance. li? p' 'rag L f Gfb. w,,,f.-:mf T N, T .ee,e ff , ..,-51. y - . I. 52 .17 :A . The Milifary Ball BeHy Adcoclz, Escrollus Queen fNeed we say more? V .uilffeii . 54 J -f 'N Q' P L -mar, ia. ,li ,z-- gum! Inf? ,T em 2 3 " af CT' 59- ' TZ :ggi JJ: ,S 5 17 'sw 4 fl Gfge 5, 2 555 " xx f 'XJ E, f' f ' 2 T 2 ' N f be fe. f . X5 2 If 5 ,r T -2 , I A 9 X H .A 5 if 4 ,M if QQ EQ , opzffar AROUND THE CAMPUS Su A K.. k A K Q, A s f , f . K i"" fl " A V, xx .. fx , . if 'A 1' it '2 1 it i 1 Some of ihe Vaniiy Fair finalisfs. Sfudy session. N X Y? we vkelum 'Z off Dance. The Universi1y's largesi bon-fire. In KN K fx yijl' 52 ,ga ' Q, ! rv X 3 1 '1 - -. D ii ' f'fPff" 'f 5' 5555 . , gg .41:.'i.T , :gi K ' , ,, 0 ik '- in Q' Q X ,, of -. "JA-I 3' 1 Halphen +alks io fhc Sheriffs and Beiles a+ 'ihe Kick- , f 4 X gf 9 ,X V 4 1 1 f I 4 4 X A.,- Y X w Ins. . X, . . N , , ' x 1 ,K X ' N , ft 1 H, iff . .4-as

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