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 - Class of 1948

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I" v 1 4 I r , f N K ' Q '. P N K- , W, . . W A b 3 1 I L, h f. 5 . i i Y ,ls .-111212 I V W I I n I , Q , , A .- 1 O r 5 Q W I , I . 'I 4. I II X. Printing by GULF PUBLISHING- COMPANY Houston Engravings by Gfficial Yearbook of the UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON Published by Students SOUTHNVIZSTERN ENGRAVING COMPANY Fort Xvortfm SAN JACINTO ENGRAVERS Houston Photographs by UNIVERSITY OI" HOUSTON Plwolograplwy Depurlmcnl ss""""'? ' 3 gm' ,,,,f 9" SNP 0 ' 2 I """5 va' -" v "2 I 2 rss .12 f 3 1 9' 5.w'Q C gi y ug ins! ,l00505's'.' ,nr :""v g Ig M 'fvsh Q. I 'vs 8 ' NW 'Q 5 5 3 ' -.sw Jw S N Y' w . 'A fw,.,g9 lq, 'img 3 inf, 3 1 ' -f"'s"""'f "" 1 4 4' 'sf ' '--5 4 + 9 W years: . s ,.,,?.. gg .15 9 sa, Q 1, 5 H-4 ,gqmfj :,a,,,? 4 53 5 4 5: .g -wg 4 lv ,Nun 2 5 0 Q' f 9 X e-PJ 5 2 1 5 ws w 2,9 f P A 5' 5 f 2,9 7 5 5 Ist 55- '3 . 2 Q if I ' 5' p In Q, v HUA' ' 2 x 2'-1 it fhf' ---" " : I 6 Wg if. A , 7 sl N85 Z", 3x fum.-Y' nw' 9 f' as Nsuv' uf W Klq si" QM ' -ffl 1 2 2 5 5 1 """ s -H- Q elif M O if I rl like j' :evo . I E :J . I 2.5010 no HE amount ot work and planning which goes into a college yearbook is not ap- parent to the casuat observer. However, hundreds of hours of time by many statt members and by numerous other persons and agencies are required to put a 500-page boot such as this :sto bedf, As the 1948 Houstonian goes to press, the publishers assure us that, barring un- foreseen production ditticutties, the annual win be ready for distribution before spring term classes are out. Much credit goes to Gulf Publishing Company and its repre- sentative, Ralph Harbison, for matting this possible for the First time in recent years. For the past two or three years photography ditticutties have made tife miserable for annual statts. With this year, a new system has been adopted, whereby the Uni- versity of Houston photography department takes att portraits, and group pictures, and action shots used by the Houstonian. Thanks are due to this department for coopera- tion and forbearance with us and with students and groups who an too often got their signals mixed as to photography appointments and schedules. We believe that the re- sults of their wort: Witt please our readers this year. For the first time in recent history, the Houstonian statt has had a separate office and wortc-room. This factor has enabled the statt to maintain schedule and to do its work systematicatty. For this and many other courtesies we are truty grateful to the Administration. The 1948 Houstonian Staff N. S. Patterson, Sponsor. LL students who attend the University of Houston at one time or another in their lives hecome ex-students and thus memhers of the Ex-Students Association when they leave the University. The Ex-Students Association is stiu a young organization, hut it has a strength of over 20,000 memhers. Two years ago ex-students got together and started vvoric- ing to hring ahout the present welt-organized group. The exes are not content with annual meetings, hut help the University and the students who attend it. They honored the Cougar foothau lettemien with a gridiron dinner at which Frank Leahy, the most outstanding foothall coach in the nation, was guest speaker. The exes also conceived the idea of having the Texas Sports Wnters Association pick the outstanding high school athlete and honor him at the dinner. Although the exes have no dues, they sponsored a fund drive among their mem- hers to huy a hus for the athletic department, therehy hacking the athletic program they fought so hard to get. A trophy was also presented to the hest show in the Frontier Fiesta and a hraceiet is presented to the Homecoming Queen at each annual Homecoming Day. Thus hy aiding campus spirit in various Ways the Ex-Students help to improve the University. With a deep sense of gratitude that we will hecome memhers of such a vital group, we dedicate this 1948 Houstonian to the Ex-Students Association. THE 1948 HOUSTONIAN STAFF. "' 0 A-"W 4w30'w Q' wh sr' 5"?e HK 'IMXWN xmmqut. I 1 I 9 K 594 ng M: fm tl UQ in -u U x e, Vanity Fair Clubs 1' if Q 1,15 he 5 .-if ivdm'!skgJ 5 X22 - Tk. 9? Q ffgwx if xjffv uf' W , 'b 4? f' fi? , 7 ff' E Y IW I, . V xt If Wu A f in l4fLv'5V X 7ffN 5 ' f- -. 1 . 5 W7 w Q ff 'm f If Q ! if s I ty LL Q 6 5' 1 2 if 4 9 Q 1 S f if ' 3 5 fs If E kk ,aff f tf 4.4, if Hu xsxu .r mi uf' g,,,fHngw,fw 'fflf' X!!! 5 fx 5 ,. J :X 1221? 'V ' Ib. I 1 W M Q L.2i -F I X n M fx J Q K' , Q i X , 1 L X1 1 f ri X X fx Ir' 1 X X X Publications Student Activities Departments Cullen Kuilding Science Kuilding Q, ,, . fs' " ' 'K .i V' Y I fa. . - lg b x -NV! ' z1"'w 2 l-wx, f-sv" ,.a,. pk.. -M if ANNA V , ,f.S'1t:,L.3 'K 1,,f A I 1 ' X x ,42 W Y 9 Hx Ai' y . Y' J N' ww t I 1 ,YR if km x ' ,' '- Md if r Ai fi ". Q' f if '.. s, l 'M -v f . . ,av G' I' 36' 1 W XX ,I 'Nh , Q y. M xx? is 'E " M Q Q A -+ .f tmw. ,my 2 N73 '?,'nN X ix!! cf ' .g 5. K gs. V " fm fs 5 1 4+ 'ffgi 'i ' W fecreatiow Kuilding 2. 5? 22? g US a 55 .4 KES A Y ggi- ,Q X Lg e Q 5 S X.. Q S f fig? z- 'f 5 gag Eg fs' ,Q 5 25? A : : QQ. :,.2:, ?g: - , dim' , 5.,, if M ga Q ii' QE Q- f , 5 4 . !Q3 gE?fie:22? if W R ,f ' fi get-Ez. E .5 . W3 W WN f K" 5 ia . it K f 9 Vw fm ,Ni C ,ff gm , A L M- K .1 . ' X ' , A y kat N: A P lg 3 l Q if f' ' , X lj na? U W bf' xi' X 5-4'9"--"a-A. Www-,-. 6'wm 'j,'w.Z"" Q- F5191 X fi f '41 ii .. yv. ,X 4 ', , u , Ni K 5 W an .3 x gy fb gk ag K ,ai . af Q A x N . 4 a 5 xl: I 5 , wy ,Af :ma , 2 f H Aw H-.Q ff 1. X 5 1 ,wif 'S 1 1 AA, s ? A Y X is 3511 Y 1 lywlgj It gg? I V 1 W 7 . xi UQ, fy,-W XM K 4, '-vw ,gf-gy WZ: , . mfg 1-six v 1 , J 114. ' 'A ' 2 , , z 'lv . J' A , fi QW as HM Q ,wwf , "" 2 -,..:: E t ..,. E g . .jf . i -g:: '1 'e: Q . E ,A , . ff -.1 g-':- J' ""' ..., Q Tvs, Q . Q. , V Q Y B 52325 Sf' 5 ly- : f: .:: .,,, 2 S 2 ,.,.... X, N .,,, '-" -ug., I 1 Q ,, V M iE:.A..5.V .,..,, ., W, , lllb , ,, ., ., M ., ,, V t. A W5 V4 x av a 5 GE, i +." Kf yp gjffif gl, 1 f W Q Q F x gg .ug . Q Q 4 .2 Q Z 2, ,ww ,Q E , E, if ,Q ,fa ., , . . . . . , . , . 1 : 1:5--, vl- afiz W msg' Q- -.1 '-'- 3 ff A X1 1 af-:f l-3 ., M :L , K - - E23 ,I 6 ,... M ' , A 5 - amjw' , f sf ,3 Mn. Y fin :A . , : - "-'- -'-' 7 aux W, .A ,KH-, .,,, M gg Ag -In-'g-g:,:5., S , J Y, cw :wg ,uf gg ' 'X QF? ww 61535-fi W gk ,W Q: fe am. 1 xifliifs. if 1 , 4 fi ay . 2 Nfffflffgf F fifxx 'FL X' J W? i X? C-4 xx gx Vx 02 X Q52 Zi - X jf QM 1 X RW EJ 5 V ik v f l X J X J N f xx I R R x F Jax W X I mx fs 1' J ff sf r A X t' ,J T fx X' X X 'Xl J X Z X mx t Q X 3 Q I '- ,- wEwgEFiiiiiir-mmf QSXXXNN'--N-Q. XX il avi f W , i 'Wm f' fxx ff f ,ff IDR. E. E. OF5ERHOIfl'XIiR Prc-siflcnl DR. XV. XV. KIjIN HN lERIiR Assistant lo the Presiffcnl , .. ,-.,,,.,,,,,: YV, ,V ..f..,K, . gg-1 f K gg ui P gikm' ,, ,H if , ws?E"'t.i ' mx A ev... Q1 I w:az,. wQ yzzw ,f ,. ,f,:s,5.M f 'Wffks r'S?'Yii Vi?-1, My W. Y , M QE ff HUAHU UP NR. II. R. CL'I.l.liN fifmirnzun HEGE TS Sfllfllllllfl Hr. XY. XY. Kv1ulx1crer,.Iur11x'f XY.R0m'Lxx1:H, Hiram Opi1'ClfxrLc:, Dmrmlrf IIHINM1Tlwmlmfy ,Slm-pin.-I1Pmxw-rl'4.nr15I1.fifulwrmvl Xxvilliurn U lm xt: Xlr I 411 Null UI I I CNN rlwltfr r, I I. R1 ullnrx. SUAIIAWI' NIFS. JHYTIPS ly. IIUIISIOUH, PillIIli'r I llltl'hS'SOH. Ijlllhll' l4lf'l'IliIlLI, . 5 .'1 A . ' A.. A.. ' ' ' .N'nIPi1'lI1rw1: Flu. .fxglu-sn' Carla-r N1'lr11Q,NoixIl Ijwlrlrlx,Si1mJr15nL-miif xlib, Rfnyl . Duruc-y, Dm- 5' Hclill HNN 1 fzfvfmfss ,V1:11f15gw IDR. 'I'liRRIil. SPHN Rvgislrrzr vf Up Rrglfvl IDR. .Xl.l..XN f'CDl.l4lf'l"I'li. fJ1r'w'luf'r1f bfllllfl! ul Pf1ur'1rruf'x f'rHl:'1 Iglfllli F. YIYLXN S'I'l', 'XR'l4 XX'.X'l'KlN5. ,JlI'4'l'lUI' uf Frlzrmrwl uf 1Xlll'.4llljf liwllwm Rrglfvi DR. .XIQYIN N. IXBXNVQIQ. "'4n'r1.'rr1 1 , rn Hffllwul ,nfl NIR. M In RAY. lJ:f'0r5lur ffl 5r'llrrc1lrnf ILIllgHIIl'A'7'H1fl :iffy wnldllnv 'QM' ,, Mg he 5 :wk -A 5333: E? in Wg, Q New casa,-,F Y 3 - 555 21 ' www W ,- .Hi we S -1- 1 wr. 6 fm U QW, ' -: 'g'Qa,, 0 qw 7 Q. 9 ., Iii: 3 f gf Y x 1 5 AV, k :ff 1 5 ' 'Q Qtr E V x S Qff A 5 e QA! ' 5 Y 5 PAQ' ,r A , s in, 1 1 1 uf, .1 , z Q y Sf .,. , A E .,... E ...,. , V 5 My E is ,D1 Q .5 . x 77 2' my -V :wiv mwzyzaai 'ami We A f,zi. r AInsxx'm'lI1. Xvlllie BCH Auf-11, lfllgclqxic IW. ,'!XSf1lUII.FllW0I1li1S,I. Pmgxwu, f..Rayrmn1fl Bnlriwin, RIIXIIIOIICI PJOx'Ol'Srl0rI. Plirrl. frcrmrgfi Hlfrrlr. xIillCl'YE1l5fiNll'll I3liifL,Iqiiyll1UllCl Eugene Bramlon. lfliznlnefrr Brown:-. ljrccleric Broxvrw. Ixlargaret 51. Boron. ffarl.orl'1xCeH Boyd. XV. M. fxrwn. l'.clwarc,l K. T. filrmnrmcr, Albert Lcwui f,,oolq,XYillru1 XY. Coyinglon. Sterling Cyrus Qrouclw. Rollancl Gerralcl Currie. Haver Q. kbs g wi Q SMX .:.. j Henlael, Mrs. Olga Hennes, Bernarrl R. Hicks, O. R. Hiller, Clwarles Francis Hirst, Tlwe Rev. Penrose W. Hnfl, John E. Hoolcer, Rulmye NV. lluglies, Eugene H. Hyer, .lune rlenlqins, ,lolwn T. Jolinson, Clwarles Alexander iloldnslon, C. B. ljeisl, Kermit XY. Ferguson. Xvilliani ljrnnli lgeris, Cliarlie lvl. ljitzlniglr, Parlaer lxlarslwall ljreeinan, Chappelle, Sr. Freeman, Lawrence E. Gamlnle. Clycle Rieliarel Garretlg lxlrs. Vernon Gentry. C. B. Graflo, locl D Grant, James lxlingaye Graves, l.eon Franlqlin Greslirnan, lxlargarel lxlae Gupton, ,lames M. Helden, l.. G. Harnmoncls, Eugene Qliver Hammitt, Robert Harris, Gordon Harrison, llce Henleel, .loseplx A. Y , QIQQ I t , lbttlb , A 1.22555 aa: -Q 1 l 352:55 :-V- -,..: . ,:::: :AA ':1" I ...,.,..,, 3 F Q ':-'1"':" A,,., . H I f' "::f I . Nicol Da icl N xon Freeman G a North H M Oliver C B Olson Bcity Mae Qve liolt, Olive Humphrey Palmer, James Fuller Parlrin, James Eclwarcl Paul, Florence M. Peclerson, Evlyn lvlay Penins, Franlc Roy Pesclllce, Jerome lxl. lolmson, Hallwc-rl l lcrringg lolinson. Jolmn Rullin. lr. Kelly, Blary Ellen Kesicnlpcig, l.ouis King, Bruce Kirlqpatriclc, Clmarles V. Kittingcr, Xvilliain Townes, .lr Knepper Davicl XV. Lawrence, Nelcla R. Leggett, Xvalter l.-ul1rsen Lulqe, Auley B. lVlcCall, Roger F. lVlcCalliclc, Hugh E. Mcclenclon, J. J. lwlarler, Louis Blarslwall, Frecl Berry Masser, Cliestcr Luther Miller, Earl B. Miller, Murry A. Molnley, Harold M. I,Ial,I,vr, ,IXIII-II HX. I,OIlIll'0y, IIXIIIIIUIIY I mm an IDICSIUIIA K YICIIII IJIIC 9 X Ilmlm-IC1 IS. IQHIISIHILC I'IiICI'IgI'IilI1 Ray. FII I.. Rm-II. ,Mlm CM IQ INXS, I'im'I I.. Rosa.IXIuIIIwwXYI1iI1n Russ: MIIIII-I-fl ,Ioan IQusvImmllggI1. I'.Isle xo nn IQmvIvll.XViII111 IQllfs0II,I.iIyI.o11 Nillllf I IOImulI1 O. 5ilXYIll. I Fmw .X.IQf1y Sipc, ,I, IXIiII'YIII FIWQIIQIIU ,IuI1l1 5Ie1rII', CIIFIIII XX 5lIHlII4,'X1I4II62 .:,: Yun Ya-Ile-11 Mary X i'lZCIllCZ,f .lycliu Yvrn. .lules A. X UQQI. I4.llI1l'l' I IVIIIQ' Xvalcrs, Philip C. Xvcincr. Nlax Xvlwitalcer. VIQINJIUIIS N. XVhm-, XX. A. Xvlwillinglon, I larry Kirklaml XX'i6Il9T.Xx7iHi3lT1 Kelly XViImH Rl1th XviH4il1s.Rnlmc-r'l XXYiHidlHS. C, E. XviHiams.Davirlf1. XXV. .I 1 1 ' IHILXIUSUII. .IHHI05 I'.ClN Xviuiams. XVHIU-r V, Xvius, Ruth Vxfilson, Henry C. Xvilson, Vxfinfred P. Vvroolf, Doris Stout Xvright, Louise Will Xvyeih Ross YH K.. Q, A A 3 W1 l IUIIN flnisiifi-ril N-NRM! t.XXl. Nlf7ftfl.tit, fifiiiiliirv fIl'llIXI X S51 JC'l.X'l'lt DN STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council, ttie upper governing body of ttie University, is composed of ttie presi- dent and vice-president of eacti class and of two councitmen-at-large. The Student Association is ttie executive branch of student government. Its two officers, the president and secretary, serve to facilitate etticient cooperation between ttie other governmental ctepartments, GUVEP1 ME '40 . ,N Jr QYJKXCY ' PRENTICIQ ,l.-XVKSON, Prosiffont FREDDY SANCIIEZ, Vice-Pwsiflfmt CLAUYS NL'Si3ROYIf, SQCrr'Iury S'l'Ul3IfN'l' COUNCIL STUDENT ASSEMBLY The Student Assembly is the lower legislative branch of student government and is composed of two representatives from each recognized club and each class. N-.3 A - X 3 R 2 v I i J V - 4 l f X - QS x NV'- ,I T515 -.g'2if ,fff X 4 1-xf' Kg fxfx N X XX, W Ak N ,fN ..- , ,. . ,- M ,f,, - - , f- .ff , N C 1. W , ' 1 ,- X X' U' . N e.' 17 1 x o , . ,Q x . K " ,..-T-9-.-9 1 51 , '47 N V xv' W fm ,Q-'Ps-'H fre- ,fix K X L l N A, I ' w 5 1 A N f ' V' ,ff ' 1 Y15! RX U v A 5 W xx ' XX X J is X 5 J'-i gf N X Xi X x ,G Q- N! X k I N " w X H x I X I f N X X f X 1 ja X iw 1 X NX ,f WI Mfg fix , f . f ' 1 , ff ' X J Q5 gg! ' X S' f H Xl 11fNz1i'Wg xx i dim- ! A WW Y V f X Y w I 'X JI WI! X fm ' S Q N uf X 74, If , Y X M7 V X X K 1 2, X R g f ff' -1.. 1 ?7 f x, Els. xc 1 E 'Q .. Z- E 5 J' -J ' s . I-af QZMW W gjracluafe Cfaaa President Sccrefary T. C. CRENSHAXV MRS. INIINERVA BLACK Vice Presiclenl Treasurer CARL P. HOUSTON MRS. NEIL TUCKER Execuliue Committee S. R. JOHNSON, I. C. R. STONE, BERNARD HENNES NOT PICTURED. MARVIN HERSHEY, STEVEN PRENSNER Bagwell, L. Raymond Barbuto, Paul F. P. Black, txtinerva Braden Catctarera, Rosalie Theresa Ctiitctress, Dorothy Arm Cohen, Cart Xxyittiam Collier, Joy Crossori, Ernest Lewis Curtis, Elliott Cutter, Jotm C. Dee, Louis Ettisor, Page B t.WtT ? Su yg C P Igy lfvjf-nm, .Xmy Slolly l4lf'III'Il I',fl1'1n l'rislc f:flIlHQC,1XlEiXXX'f'lI Rivslaml . I 4 - fvvlllQf'llIIlIl IX17I7i'l'l I'ICfIf'l'If' II' cYI1'1'll,f f11'HXrw1ln1gv fllllllll. ,XIYCl'il c1I'lII1'ilIlfl. .XQIIOS P70I'I1iS IIQIIIUH. ,I-IWOIUQN C ililI'CIll'C IImmQA1.1mm-Ile I lCl'ShGy,IXIfiI'XII1 l.0StCI' mc fun. l.a7y clay. Airft low gnuuflf Xyfmt ..4 ,? l,f i-.1 ' I linlun, l.eRoyIXIarsl1aH Julwnsorr, John Ruffin, .Ir. l.eg3,qell. Xvaller I.lIhl'SGl1 Long, Dorothy B. Luke, Auley B. lnmplcin, Irving XY. IXIIUIIQUIT1, Gerald Xvyrme Mivlwael, Albert XV. Naiser, Louis Bon PjCliBl'Cl,.l0I'1I1l1iC blllI'X'iIl Puujol, Albert Charles Prensner, Steven Ngw Orleans holiday, Flux! lu' lrrulvvslorl IQUIUIIPII, I foward Tfmrp Kirks, XViHialnJf1y,.l1'. RuImrr1ey,1xInIy Rupor, lrl Rowan, Jean Srniln Calvin Dale Slrnw,g5xI111a Elvie Sugg, fil'lE1FICSC,,lDilf Tucker, Nell R. Ulrivlw, Anthony George Verniaud, Xviuie lwarlcle XV-ard, XV, Spencer Ev:-ryonc sc-cms lo go lo Galveston al one lime or anoliwr. 7 Iwi, H . Xkfamer, L. L. Xvatts, Vxfoodmw xvilliamsou, .lark Wilson, Jesse Woodwvard, Virginia Lee Mighty man-or mouse. Vxfhose leg is l .ff N'-,. aaa of 1948 fJrc4inlc'l1l 'I4I'i'l1Slll'UI' Bl Tl J SXYISS MARY RAY CQTRIQN X :FO Prr'si1lc'l1l Sl'f'fUllIl'y RAI? IBKXIQA BABCOCK PAULENE VM IFE!! Actams, Cart RiCt'mrc.t AA., HS. ASSCU1bt5' K6y, PSyl't10tOgj' Ctllb .X5rf'II1tJtylllilI'l Zllitt Treasurerg Future Tonrttiers ot Amvriux gxssvmtaty- TIIUHQ FIYOXFIS ACEZtftCIl'ly ot' Fft9l'lCC5, Artrian. Atyic ,taftt RS., History fxttmert, tjatton Pant HS., tJt1y,sic'atErtuCution ttusi-tmtt Coacti, 1948. Attmrigtwt. Reagan Ectwin BS, Ptiysicat Elfluffltiflll Attes, .tacti Byron RS., Etectricat Engineering , IIOIIOI' Two YCEIFS. Attison, Patsy Burntwmn BS., ttiisinoss Artministmtion qxttrnan, ,totin Hayes B.F..'X., Art Ve-tvot Curtain Ctutm. 10-tl: Drama Ntcrit i'XXYGl'ft. 19473 Presictcnt Student Association, 1947-48g Di- rmttur ot Varsity Varictic-s, 1948, Varsity Varieties, tU't5: Dramatic t.at3 tnstructor, 1046-48: Regt Ntasqur- Ptayers, 1946-48: President ot Rrfct Ftasquf- Ptayurs, 1946-47: Atptm Psi Urnvgfr. 1942-49: Xvoittiy Director. I9-46--tzig Baptist Stunt:-nl Union. 1946742-ig Ari Ctutu, 19f15Vf42+ iXI1CtCfSOIl, tvlfify tittffll't., Sifcrcturiut Scivncrv tixptist Stuctent Union Ctiurctr tq4'IVYl'S1'Ilti1ttYI', I9-16f"ti'g Svrretariat Ctutr ciOl'Tll'Tlltt!'!'IIl:lII, tflt.. qxiictrnrtc, Rotyert Srtivct t't,tt.,ft., i'!tfY'OllT1ttTtg fxI1ttI'C'NVS. tI'Yttl -ti.. History Wtstxt Vive-Pre-sictcrit, NHT: Cornpuswt Ftusic lo ttlo Ixtmn State-r, 1942. .5XHftI'C'XYS, BITS. c3St3UI'l'l Art Art Ctutr, 1946--171 Ctiomt Ctutl, 194i .Xnginair Pmcrnctt C. Bb., tjntitirrzt 5Civrir't- 'itfti il. ,tot-. thing our way? ttavo ax "c'ot:c," tlittt Arlnstroiig, Art11ut'D. 11.11.-1. KXIISICY, 15111195 LA., Jr. BS., 11001111 59' Physical Education 1N1anager Pmastcettmatt, 1945-46: Stuc1entTrainer, 19471 Veteran Ctutn, 1944-45: Sport Reporter, 19113 Cou- gar Stan-, 194-1. PJa11coc'1c, Barbara Etaine 13.13. ft., Secrelorial Science Business Administration Ctutn, Secretary, 1945-46: Senior Sctiotastic Society Vice President, 1947-481 1V1et11oc1ist C1u1ng Co-E41 Ctutng VVtio's Wtio, 1947- 485 Junior Ctass Treasurer, 1946-475 Senior Ctass Vice President, 1947-48: Student Councit, 1947-485 Cougar Cottegians. 1945. 1947-48: Business Asso- cituiou, 1947-48. Backus, Betty 1X'1ae B.1i..'1. PJuc1xaroo's, 19-15-44: Varsity Varieties. 19-14--15: Fo-E11 C1u1'J, 1945-44: Cougar Cottegians, 1943-4-1: Geo1ogy Ctutm, 19463 Prestzyterian C1u1J, 1947g Art C1u1J, 1947. Bnll, Bi11y BS., Civil Engineering: Aero. Engineering Yirlcrans Ctutnp Engineering Society. Bartow, C. 1.1. 'Bustern B,B.1'1., General Business 11onor RO11, 1947-485 Veterans 1946-48: C0- E11 C1u1J, 1946-485 Business Administration C1u1J, 1916-45, Take li Away Clnb, Sgr. at Arms, 19473 Austin 1fx's, 1947: Varsity Varieties, 1946-485 Mate C1l0Ill9, 19-17-43: Red 1V1asquc, 1946-48: Frontiers- iu ui 19 1' J. '14 19FilA1lCS, George Geratd ftccounfing Pin.-ilnii, Brady B,B.A., itlanagement Batterson, Amy Beth HUA., Secretarial Science Secretarial Ctutz, 1944-48: Buckaroos, 19-16-48: Can- tertxury Ctutm, 1947-48. Baxter, S. 11., Jr. B.B..f'1., Accounting Business Ctutzg Veterans C1u1a. Becker, Ntarjorie B.S.,Psyc1io1ogy Press Club, 1945-461 Le Quanier Latin, 1944-455 Psyctiotogy C1u1J, 1946-48: Red Masque P1aycrs. 1945-483 Varsity Varieties, 1944-48: Frontier Fiesta. 19-17-181 Cougar Cottegians, 1947-485 Austin Exes, 19-13--17: Presbyterian Student Association, 1947-48. Becm, Marjorie Anne BS., Psychology Varsity Varieties Dance Director, 19455 Honor RO11, 1946-483 Psyctiotogy C1u13 Secretary, 1946-471 Psy- ctiotogy C1u1J, 1945-475 Student Assistant Psychot- ogy Department, 1947-48g Red Masque, 19455 Co- liileiis, 1945, Secretariat Club, 1947-483 Red ixtasque, 19-17-48. N ur x iarci 1 Doind it the tiarct way. Casua1ty1 Bring ttle First aict Birireiipacin, Janet Joy HA., Psychology Buckaroos, 1945-465 Psyciioiogy Club, 19-16-47, C0131 Club. 1945. BIEISCJIIQC, I-IEITOILI GFOVCI' BBA. BIHZCY, Inlllgh FiClXYCtI'Cl Cliemisfry IYCXYIHEIII CILIIJ. lklf Block, Ralph David B.B.,f1., AIGTIUQOVTIOYH Boone, DOHBICI I..8.VSI'I'lC B. Public Accounting Paorup, Frans 0. BS., Cfiemisiry Square and Compass Ciuixg American Cimemicui Society. Bowen, Ben Richard BS., Physical Erlucalion Bowles, Anita May BS., Education and Art Art Ciuiy. 19-14-47, Cougar Coiiegians, 1947, Co- Eri, 1947, Psychology Ciuin, 1947, Future Teaciiers of America, 1947. Boyd, Emma 1X1. BS., Educaiion Brennen, Robert Xviiiiam 51316 CIIOFUS. Brigham, Jane B.B.A., General Business Buckaroos, 1943-48: Methodist Student Union, 10-15--185 Co-EJ Citrix, 1946-487 Secretary Co-Eci Club, 1947-43. BFOCIIIGX, Architecture Honor Roii, Two Years: Charter Member nEscroHus" Society, Student Council Representative HEscroiius" Society, 19-16: President "Escr011us,H 1947. Niust be intercstingi Having any iucix? l5rmx'm4 Edwarcl Harris , ."xl'l'lLilC't'1lll'A' lfsvmuus, 1946-LIS. Brown, Uerlneri IYQIIQOIIQ H.lg.A., ,'xf'CUllll,!lIQ l'muc'Hey. Lola Hizalmetlw 13,114-X., Cen0ra1Busim-ss Vice Prcsinlcnl Soplm. Night Lia I9-If Xlglxl Srhool Prinvvss, High School Renepllon 1946 NPXVITIHH Chllif AlxfT'lf'I'i!'flU CIXPYUICT S04 Iflx ljmurton. Allxerl Hovvarcl. ,lr HS., BIPCINIIHCUIl5l1QfV1UI'I'iV7Q Byers. Clyde Veslus fiEllClVN'6H, NCISIJII ISCINVHFJ HS, lkycllology Nvxvumn Club, IO-11481 Psycho ogx C I1 194 48 finmplue-H, lwrs. llxvretia Efrlmelllflry lfrluraiion I'-lllllffi Teaflwrs of xxmerifa, I0 -I finrpenter. Iilrron S.. ,lr. HUA., Pulvfir .xfff'0lUlHIlg Honor Roll, I0-16--'1f': Phi Thcix II C mlz r un fffub. fxnrslcns, Keenan O. HF., Clwmislry I,rC'NICfI: NVXXUIUII tslllll fxnsey. Eric Fl. I3 B..-X., 5I4lIlUfI4'IIll'lll Honor Roll, IU-lil -IT. filmpa, Abel l'n--HQ-J Slifiill Science Chula, NHT. fxlwrislian. Ixiarlq A.. Jr. IJUIYIII' ,'!xf'4'Ullll,!VlU llnrmr Roll. lfilm IT. Hmcl ome our 1 11 wr lrx' Xyorking lmrcl or it is a j om ome um ollox cil1I'lSl,lNiilI, cililllil LXXIIJFCNY, RS., Clzvrnicnl Ifngirrccring ,liliiior Sigliolasliri Suvivly, Illlfw. fflfiimry, Rolucrl rlq. ChL?lHiSll'y' .Xim-rirari Cllvriiiv-il Sovicty. C- - , leirlxc, l'recl XX clmsicr HH.. l., b1f1TIGgl'11li'lll llmmr lfllfm. fwflfliliill, ilel-lqCI'SOl1 XXVVIH. lflerilriccil lfngirievrmg fxoopcr, lxlartlia HS., Home Econoniius llomc EC Club Rcporler, 1941:-IT, Pri-sicleril, INIT- bwg C0-Ed Club. 194446, 1047--48: Cfliristian Sm.-my Sm-rrclary, 194-1: Fulure 'l'eaf'l1vrQ ol Arrwiiw-.i I9-IT'-18. ciUl'S0l1, EClW'afCl Hllfl., flfunagvnwnl Vselcrnns Cluln: llfx. Cluly. C.'iml,lui1. Edgar Almon H., l., Geology Ur-ulogy Sociely. Cox, Hewitt 13.5, Chemistry Craig. Auclrew BS., lflectricril lfngineering, Physics E Cravvlvorcl, Davicl Stewart Civil Engineering Socicly of Engineers, 19-13-HIT. Cfrcigliton, Georgia l.e Noir B.F.fl., Drama Ass:-mlzlyman, 1944-47, Scliolarsliip l-or Oulslnmliiig Drama lfreslimanp Cougar Collegiuns. 1944-154: RMI Masque Players, 1944-43: Co-Ed Cluln, 19-H--li: Square Dance Cluld, 194-I-45: Buclcaroos Cflula, UH4--153 Alpha Psi Omega, 1945-48: llfiflflfillllff l,romplrC5S, 194748: Newman Club, 1944-453 Cui'- luin Clulu, 1945-,485 llouslonian Stall, 1945-ilu: Varsity Varieties, 1945-483 Frontier lsic-Sta, HMT IH Circ-sun, Cecil Hugli ll.B..l., Public Accounling x' ilu: lcacler, cli llill, nl say Olnl Boy." ll's pnraclise isnvl it lluili llululny lor ilu: miirriccl on S Curry, 1X1ary Rav BS, Drama Ctreertearter, 19-15-46,483 Varsity Venus, 19-163 Homecoming Queen, 19475 Vanity Fair Favorite. 1945-46, Beauty, 19473 High Sctwoot Reception, 1945, '47, ,481 Student Assem1J1y, 19463 Vetvet Curtain C1u1n, 1945-48: Red Masque Ptayers, 1945- 48: Secretary-Treasurer Rest Masque, 1947: Atptia Psi Omega, 1945-48: Worthy Stage Manager, 19461 Buckaroos, 19455 Square Dance C1u1a, 1945: Cou- gar Collcgians, 1945-46, '48, Houstonion Statt, 19465 Assistant Chief Fire Patrol, 19-17, Art 19453 Frontier Fiesta, 1947: Varsity Varieties, 1945-485 Treasurer of Senior Class, 19453. C11S11fl'lEil'l, JBITICS A111I'6C1, JT. BS., Electrical Engineering Dabney, Leroy BBJL1., Bfrinagcrnent Date, Keruiettl R. Davis, Annctt ScCrc'iririu1Scicnce Ractateers Ctutz, 1944-45, Cougar C0111-gians, 19-1-1- 45, 10-16-483 Sopti Asscmtatyman, 1945-461 Secre- taria1 C1u1J, Vice President, 1945-465 Square Dance C1u1J, 19415-46: Presidentvs C1ut1, 19-16-47: Ticket Chairman 01' Junior Senior Prom, 1946-47: Business Club, 1946-47, Secretarial Ctub, 1945--is, Secre- tariat Ctuin, President, 1946-47: Frontier Fiesta, 1946-48: Co-Ed C1u11, 1947-483 Pxuciiaroos, 1947- 485 I5 SU., 19-17-481 Business Association Vice Prcsirlcut, 1947-48, Assem131yman Senior C1ass. Davis. 1X'1er1in Jr. B.B,,'1. Cuva1iers. Davis, 1X'1cXVi11ie B,S.,Bio1orJy Veterans Club: Pre-315-C1 C1u1i. Daxv14ins, Janie BS., A1us:C Orctiestra, 19-17-483 Chorus, 19-173 Op:-rr-lla, 1947: Prestmylerian Student Association, 1917-485 P1ii Beta, 19-17-48. Deal. Allred Perry, Jr. BB..-1., Aiunagenient Secretary-Vtireasurer ot Campus Ctiristian 17c110xxs11ip, 1946---17. c1e 1D6l'l'0C111, Aitilm XXIEIIITIW BS., 1NIL't,',I. Engineering Society of Engineers, 1947. DeRouen, Dewey Jose-ptr B.B.,'1., flumigr-rnenl Doriocourl, Citwartes Dortremont, ,1r. Psyclroiogy Nexvrrrarr Club, Veterans C1u1J. cicrlion nrx V1-tie tiomle 01 1110 staving arctiilcct Doss, Ricliarcl Parr BS., Civil Engineering Douglass, Cliarles Eclwin B.S,, Electrical Engineering Dreyling, Carlita BS., Health Education Buclcaroo'sg Cougar Collegians Clulng Square Dance Club. Dugan, Henry lo., .lr. B.B.A., iklanagemenf Veterans 1945-463 Business Aclministration Club, 19-16. Dugan, lxlarjorie .lean BS., English Psyclwology Cluli, 1943: Cougar Collegians, 19433 Buclcaroos, 1947: Co-Ed Clula, 1945. Dwyer, Roluert l'l., Jr. BS., 51ecli. Engineering Veterans Clulm, 1945-47, Vice Piesiclenl, 1946: lloustonion Stall, 1946-485 Frontier Fiesta, 1941: Varsity Varieties 1945-465 Higli Scliool Reception, 1947: Junior Assemblyman, 1946-475 Newman Cluln. 1945-43. Dye, Imioxvafd L., Jr. B.B,,4., Management Elplis, Edward L. BS., Petroleum Engineering Eclgar, laenville C. BS., Dlecfi. Engineering Metliotlist Clulog University Engineers, 1947--18g llouslon Downtown Engineer, 19-129. Elilluert, Bertlia BS., Mathematics .lunior Sctiolarsliip Society. 1945-46g Plai Tlieta Kappa, 19473 Senior Scliolarsliip Society, 1947-48: Historian, Plii Tlaeta Kappa, 1947g German Clulzz, 1947: Future Teacliers of America, 1946-47. Ellcins, Daniel lvlonroe B.B.A., ltlanagemeni Ester. Doris BS., Home Economics and Education Vanity Fair, 1946-475 Venus, 1946, Clweerleaclcr, 19465 Sopldomore Favorite, 19455 Varsity Varieties, 1914-485 Horne lic Secretary, 1944-483 Cliorus, 1945-485 Co-lfrl, 1944-48g Cougar Collegians, 1944- 455 liaptist Stucli-nt Union, 1945-465: Future Teacli- ers of America, 19-185 Psycliology Clulo, 1948. Higli and miglity Balcer. Sanrl in my slaocs. ff! 1 "Now it's lilqe tl'iis . . . llairculs liave gone up. S "l'n N l 1fslc's,1fr1i111 C11ri5linC HS., ll0l7'L6lSCO1lOl1l!I'S Co1'1c1 C1u1J, 1916-'18, Cmrcsponcling gcrrewzyg Home 111' C1u1u, 19-16-118: Co-EJ Club Virtcwpresi- 410111, I9-17-48g .'Xsss'lu1w1ynmI1 for Senior Clair, 19,17 -18. 1jEiIISCl'. PHIJCHC l1.S.,1lrwnc Ecurlrmzifye 11r1mr' 1'lr'0n0nxi1's SC1lo1urs11ip .XXXilf1l, 19-163 Ururuu Awurcls, 1945-46: XfVIl0,S Wyhfl, 19465 Cougar C01- 14-ginm, 19414-1151 Parliamcnlarian, 19455 R1-11 1V1asque 17115:-ls, 1944: A1p1m Psi CDI:HCgil, 10465 1'rcm'11 lx1lI17, 10,14-453 .1uni0r C1515 Nwrutvury, 11216-17. 1:l'l'QllSHll.1361116111111 1'-1c1f'1wr 1,, fI1'Hl'lll1 l1HSHlt'4S 1:l'l'QllSi7I1. C111 Jmxf1 BS., Psycfmfogy 1'syr'11o1ogy C1u1J, 1017 14. 1'1ic1c1s,,1o11u1X"1i1lm1 11.5, f.,1wrr1fsll'j.' 14IHl1ii1I1C'. Lfmuim- 13.1, SIIU1 vf,- 11 1'm'c1. .11m R. Hiulogy ,lunior Scholaslic Sucicly, 19-15--163 flulstdncling I'1l'1'S1lI'l1ill1 .1ouma1ist, I9f15g Biology 1.4111 xxssislanl, 10-143--183 Pu1w1ic Ro1ati0I1s Director of Voteranf C1u1m, 1945--16: Fcalurc Vvriter on Cougar Flu 1015-163 Tc-xas Aczulcmy of Scienm-, 1017: Pro- H. FIN1 C1u1J, 19-16-473 Prr-Qs Clllb, 19-16, Iifilllli, Ifmmcl .LXHUII lib., 11115111511 1'ruyc'1'1il1z1ur1,.limmiv vivlol' HS.. wxlvwll. Fv1gl1wv1'1r1g4 1:l'COII1ilIl. ,IHIDCS KCII1, H41., PrvAf1-fedical Prc1X1r-fl Society If1I'l11'I'1il1I1H'lCI'l1 ffommill:-v: ,111-vw .'Xf'ilI1C'ITly of grivnrcg :xnxx-rir'an Q114'1nir.11 5041l'1f', 1'mc1ir'1w. Ii16HHOI' 1511114 lfnglisll ffougnr Stag, C1u1m 1'1r1i1or. Society 1'.f1ilor, lf?-H. LiU1llI11l11S1,, 19455 Vursily Varieties, 1041'3g Hous- lonizm 513111, 1947: Prvss 1945-'15, Treelhurvr, 10111: Lougar C0111-Qizms, 1945-41-41 Co-Ffl-Ellcs: lfmmll Club, 19117. C:ilI'llOl'. KTOIJGHB 1.611111 HS., .X1cr"11. ETIQiHL'L'l'illfl 1fugmrrc-ring Sonic-ly. rim. Alrlll' mighty lmunlors. my boy. Cute Clogs Garrison, Agnes B1arie f1.A.,l0rrrlru1isnz Urrtstanding 1,1-op1r-, 101173 1"re-s1unan r1ourna1isn1 .Xwarc1, 19--163 11onor 12011, 1945--18: Cougar Stag, 111437451 Ifmmrc Eflitor, 10407171 B,S.U., 10154241 1,u1J1ici1y N1anagc-r, 1045: Cnunc:i1, 1947-48: Spanish Club, 1945-185 Press C1u1m, 1945-483 P1ii Theta Kappa, 19116--'17, Sr-err-tary, I9-16--173 Senior SC1l01ilf- ship Fovicty. ifziims. Garrett, Roger A. li.I!.,1. George, George VX"i11iam EngllILt4'l'lIl1I Engineering Sm-if-ry, lv-iris, :fum-, ,xsslwliiili 1j11ysics1.a1u lnslruvlor. Getz. 1X1urray 1Dax'ic1 AIflIllIgI'lYH'Il1 Gitmson, 1V1argarel HS., Education B1aiore11e, 10,10-'1H, Co-17:11 f11u1w, 1,Jur'1qamos Gi11an, Bart1ey,1arnes, .111 11.114, Yelvrans C1u1m3 Business C1u1xg Gco1ogira1 Soriviy. C1ass, George 1 1oc'1ges HS, BIGtl1l?Hll!It1CS CRHNOZ, Ivlelify Adfiall HS., Plgysical ffrlrrrniirm .X1p11a P111 Cjrnoga: Varsity 111. Good, Lamar 1 1arc1ing 11.11.-1. Accounling Biisiness .Xf1minislra1ion C1u1m, X vierans C 1u1m Cou1c1ie, C11ar1es Dur11am HS., Clzemifaf Engineering Cray, E. Anse1 HA., Iournafism 1"eature Editor Cougar. 1940: 1fc1ilor Cougar, I9-17, Vice-President Vfriters C1u17, 19473 .'XSSOC1?l10 Editor 11arvest, 19475 President Vvriters C1u1o, l948g Ec1il0r Harvest, 19483 Student Government, 1946-47: Press C1u1J, 1947-48: Phi Theta Kappa, 1947. Gray, Robert Stee1e HS., fournalism Cougar Feature Vvriter, Cougar Photograptwrrr, 1 lurrs- lnnian Photographer. YVOW1 SlT111l? prolly, Largr-111. xx'i1e. 1 11m Green. 1XlEl1'1i1l1 Elizal.1ctl1 l'U1IIt'l5f'Ul1OlT11L'S llonu- fxluln, 191413 Y1r'v-Prvsiclent urer, Green, lxlyrlle Cuclcl Bb., Hzmrzwb ,'1rlmlnis1mlmr1 Greig, Juanita Gertrude Pllysirul Erlucalion Varsity Xnricvties, 19-15--11, 46: Span nfwiff cilllljf lg.,l..Lw., llUf15lC lic Clllb. GfC?Sl1?l111, l lflffy blElI'Sllilll cT1l'1ll5Ilg1lIOE'l'il1g E11g1Il1'4'I111Q Socicly, 19-11--13. Gunn, Curlis H. Ivhyl IIUIHQY 1.r'Qr1r1rlwr1..1t1n. 19411--17. 111111, Russell Xvinston, ,lr. BS. in Pliysirs :Xr'.1rle11111' ful 5L1C'IlK'K', 191. --lb. Halplien, l"ra1ncis.loscpl1, Jr. Biology Tc-M15 .Xi d1lL'lTly of Scicnre, 19-lfj PM N1 1 J 19-1, . Hamlnlr-1, ,lnincs Green X., fl4'l11'l'f1I IKUAIHUSQ l'r1H1r1r-we N11 if-11' 1911-113 Fquarc' 111 ,b ., 19-11 -15. Hamillon, .lol1n.lero111c HS.. Hu: lr. lfnginccring l'T1U1I1f'l'1'III4' Nun-11' 19111-1+ 1111111-L11 lmlallliil. ljfiillli .lCTI'y 13.11. 1. l-lai111a,Tl1r1111a5 Buriwy B.I3.,f1. P111 rlwlll'lEl Kappa. Harris, lXlf1l'gElI'Ct B.F.,Pfyul1U1ugy 3101111111151 Clulo, 19-13 -IH. 51-vrclary, Cliolngy Club, 1940-15. lfusincss Xrmn11s1r111n Club, 19117-48. s n lime 11 1 1 JN 111 'Il-11us.1oo. Goyen loo s l1 ppx 11 Harrison, T. D. Harrowing, Frank T11omas 11.5, History Honor RO11, 1946-47, Canterbury Club: Stag, Nava1 Ym'rili0na1 Sc1mo1, 19111-42: Housing 1V1anagcr, 101 1 1 L. r-YA 1' Harlwig, Victor Ec1win BS., Gcology 11onor RO11, 19-10'-'11, 19116-473 171m-o1rvgir'a1 Sonia-ly, 10,16-117. Hans. ,1011n Benjamin H.11..'1., .1C'COl1f'I1!llQ Haynes, Co11is P. 1f,11.,"1., Accoimling Hcmp11i11, James Anc1rew, ,1r. 1'1,11,A., 1xIUT1Clg0l7'lL'Il1 Associate of Arts, 19417: C0-1ff1 C1u1a, 19411 45: 17syc1w10gy C1u1J, 1946-48: Vclcmns C1u1J, 19-1T-115: 1'musimrss Ac1minis1ra1ion C1u1J, 19f'1T'-fld. 1 1CllC1CfSOH, Ixlllgh i101'1I'l, ,111 B.11..'1,, Accounting Hcs1op, Ruby Pollcy 11.5, 1f1cmcniury lfr1rn'ufion 1zrap1islS1ur1en1 Union, 1945,11811'-lI1IlI'l',11Cdk1lf'l'iU1 America. 1947-48: Scnior Sc11o1ars1iip gociely, 19-119: llfmaf R011 1915. IT. 11111. Patsy 1'1.F..11io1ogy N1-xxmun C1u1J, 19161183 1-1is10rizm 10-IT: Pre'-1X1v:1 C1u1z, f19-17-134: Slur1eni Ass:-in1x1y, 1916- lf. '1',.'X.F.Cf O., IU-10--l'4. TCL1 Day 11.11.q1., f11rinagcim'n1 Ilrmm Roll, 104047. 1'1o111pauir, Archie Ec1warc1 11.11.11 Ho1mCs, Xvarrcn 51i11on 11.5, Cfwrnislry .Xim-rivan C1xemir 111 Soriely. 1 ,,, , ppy,Sic1? 12111110 gcc14. Us-cc1y 1001431153 s1uc1ious. XXv?l1ii1l 11msv lima 1 1n1t.,1.'11. .xltirifigwriiwlil Rf-11 N1.isquc', 19453 Sqtlarc 11ann't', 19453 Student 1'Xsst:in1m1y, lfl-165 Varsity Yarivtics, 1945-46: Stu- c1rrnt X'X'ui1u-r Ncgistrtirvs O111ittc:, I9-'I6f1T. 110011, 1Qut1u1p11 15. 1,, lyltllllff .xf'VUUl11H1tl tlaim-hfilflw. 1Dwig11t f11iwniislry XXVIJII migina1 sung contest of Varsity Yarictivs: fxiiwrivaii C1ivmir'a1 Society frm' yi-ar: C11emistry 1.1.11 1nsIruf-lor two years. 1'1uwai'f1. 1Qn1acrt1,0riis 13.5, 1'1eat1 C111-cr1cac1er, 1946, f7uC1mlrI11f1u 1"rontivr Fiesta, 19463 Varsity H1'11' Show, 10-16. HIIC,1Cf'1i. 1011165 XNIHTTCIT 11.11.A., Mllingivrvleni Squaw- Dance C1u1J, 194.1-133 11:-41 Masque C1u1J. 10,12-13: 1Ni'wn1an C1u11, 10-12 Ili, 11usinPss ,Axr1min- istration c,1ll1J, 1946-47. 11lu1soii, '14i'iw1t B,B.,ft. Pmusinoss C1u1mg Veteranvs C1u11g Can Privy. 1'1u111. f11aar1es A116311 BS., I1lr'l'fl'lA'Cl1lEVlf7lf'1QEV11Ifl 14111Lf11N'l'1'IIlg Cf1u1J, 1946-47. 1 11l1Il1IJ1I1'l'X'111l', VX'1i11iain 11. 11.11. 1, fiwriviul Business Sovif-ly 111' 1iI1g11'lCCIS, 1039 -113 11nisii1vss rAxr1n1inis- tmllun f,i1u1J, 1946--17, 11llgQ111l1S, 1N1rs. Bever1y Kr-iinmii HS, llonm Ifconomics 1101110 1'1i'ur1ornir3s SC1'1o1ars11ip ,'Xxxarf1, Iflif: 1561111141 8111119111 11nion: 1'10mc 111' f11u1m. 11llQQ111115. ,100 1 HS., A'L'17,1,I3l1Q1fl4't'l1V1f1 15.iplist S1uc1cnt Union, :X1p1ia Psi fniwg-i. 11unt.1'1ugcnc13.,.1r. B.B.ift, 110nul' 11011, 1947: Business lXC1Ill1Il1S1I'il11OI'l C1u17. 1aC14snn, 1,i'cntiCC L. HS., 1141111111rimlpfiysicafEifuculum "ll" ,Xssomtiation, C1'1airman Varsity Heppertoos 51mxvg 110nor Society in Education, 19-17, Presi- f1ent Student Counci1, 19475 11opmsontatix'c to NSHX. fqonvontion, 1947. t is il 1Din:1Xic1' A1141 11610 uc 1mxf-. Beat 'cm up, Tcrmitc. 1V1orc U1 l11c: same EHS7iT?7Z'??Y'fS1U?'?i 1 ' ,will . .. " IVIINPII CINXPII ITJIIIINIIII. RX,F1141I:11111111'1'1'11111 I.11Q1111 'VIIII 11 5111'11'IN. I0II'I'.,l1lIII0:4 I4.IXYyIl I11111-s IXI111'1I1111 I In1'sI1111 lI.F,.I., .-I1-1 R1-1I NI11f11111' IUI7 IT: .Nfl fNI11I1, IUI1 Iw X111N1lx Xvillli li1-N4 IIJ I11' IH: fxwiflaxrmi I7r11g1'11111 I I11111111.111 IIII. , C11 f,lllIl IWI1: IXI1'II1111I1-l NI111I1-11l I 1111111 I'1Iw 1 I1-11.11111 In.-Nu.. I'lIi IQ IUIIVN. X11 lib.. '1 '11'11111,I1'a1111fll1' 111,111 11I11111 f11I.1I fI11I1, IWIT If. Cvvllggfnr f11II1u11111N IIFI. I7 x1I111I11gx fI11I1. IIJI.. 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Katy Beiioni Hislory Kmiittiainer, Charles tX"1a1c'otin B.B.r-1., Putitic Accounting Krueger. txtargaret But, journalism Cougar Staff, 1944-483 txtanaging Editor, Spring. 19465 Eitilor, Fatt, 19463 Buckaroos, 1944-483 Vice- Prcsictcnt, 1946-473 Square Dance Ctulo, 1944-48: Vice-Presittent, 1946-483 Red Ntasque Players, 19-1-1-'17: Press Cirrb, 1944-48: President, 1945-463 Secretary, 1946-473 Cougar Cotlegians, 1946-48: Operetta, 1946: Varsity Varieties, 1945-46: Frontier Fiesta, 1947-483 Program Chairman, 19473 Junior Class President, 1946-473 Houstonian Staff, 1946-433 Eititor, 1948: Qutstanrting Peopte, 1946-48: Vanity Fair, 1947-483 Student Council, 1946-47. Lan ct, Gratlain Font B.B..'X., c2CTlCl'GI BLlSiVl12SS Lam,1i'airi, txtary Etizatmettr B.. X., History Spanish Ctub, 1944-463 Vice-President, 1945--16: Newman Club, 1943-48: Cougar Cottegians. 19-14--155 Chorus, 19453 Square Dance Club, 1944-455 Senior Sctiotarstiip Society, 1947-48. Langley, Ftary ,tame BS., Pntzfzc School Maisie Honor Rott, 1946-483 Ptii Theta Kappa, 19-16-47: Ctiorat Ctuth, 1945-483 Assemblyman, 1945-465 Ptii Ttieta Kappa Assenitatyman, 1946-'173 Future Teach- ers ot Aiixrrriva Venus Candidate, 19463 Entertain- arys Ctutm, 1945-483 Operetta, 19473 Piano Soloist with Burnt, 1947-433 P111 Beta, 1946-48: Historian, 1946-47. Largent. ,toyfe Bjt., Psw:fzoIog3' Cougar Staff 19411-463 Cougar Cottegians, 1941-45: Der Deutsvitie Verein, 1947-485 Assenitytyinari, 19--17 49, IJIFSOII. Xvittiain Lewis BBA. LaRoC1WCHC. Arthur Davirt BBA., Arifoiinting I.ElNVI'CHCS, FFHOIHEIS GOfdOIW, lf. BS., Biology, Pre-Medical Pre-Bted Seereiy, 1942, 1946-47: Frerreir Club. 19-173 Square S' Compasses Club, 19471 Canter- bury Chris, 1947. Lewis, Anna Ntay B.S.,Geo1ogy ice tooling 0 Feeding time. i.owis, Rosemary BS., Health and Physical Eiiucalion Beauty, 19-155 Frontier Fic-sta, NHT: Roni Niasqiifr Piaycrs, 19-14--IS: Future Toafircrs of gxmeriva.'lQ, R oimert Rcynoiris BS., Bioiogy Co-Emi Ciuiu, President, 19-17: cwiCIINflT'l Ciuin, 1946-47, Pro-Med Society, 1916-47. iiittio, .ioe Davici B.B,A,, Trafiv and Transporiuiion i.onmnle, Rose ixiarie BS., History Newman Ciub, 19-14-485 Art Ciuim, I9-t-ig Stunient iiimrary Assistant, 1944-483 Rcii Masque, 1945: Sociai Science 19-15--17. Lutz, Effie ,iean Eriuctation. i.utz, Xviiiiain Thurman, .ir. HS., ixivcii. Engineering H-Ciuin: Engineering Society. ixiarie, ifari Sarnuei HS, Geology iionor Roll, 19-17p Geoiogicai Soiziely. ixiartin, Harry ,ir. BS., Psyciioiogy iionor 1946-475 Psyoiloiogy Ciuiw, I9-l.. ixiartin, ,iess Ciiartes BB.. i., Public Accouniing ixiartin, Xvyatt Eciwarci B.B.A,, ixlanagemenf Marty, Aiinert Bruce, Jr. BBA. Natos, Puiicio Jose B.B,,-t., ixlunagemeni Honor Roll, 1946-475 Latin Ainerictan Smiiloiarsilip as a Venezuelan Sturient: El Foro-Espanoi, Assem- iziyman. 19461 C0-Ed Ciuin, Assemixiyman, I9-16: Prcsiiicrlf. 1947-48. Tramp, tramp, tramp. Fiesta, Fiesta, Fiesta, mm Ffa ,. ,,. '-' M12-A working iiarii. i.ooi4 out iaviiimii ' Q qulq lxlalleson,1,i11ian,1Cm1e11o gi R.S.,Psyf1lioI0gy 1111 1 Frenvll Clulu, Corresponding Secretary, 19474481 Psyctlrology Cluln, 1948:Canicer1aury Clulv, 1947-48. AQ ' Q 9 , 1N1c'C,rui1cy. Louis Arrmolcl 1 ' xp ,fi ,111 13.H.f1., Gelvfrul ,'1f'r'r'1ii11iir1g ' A' ff a 1, E Clulo, 1916: 11-nnis lvzun, 1946: Xoleruus W rf? 1 5 W 2 5 cflllll. xiii Sig is N' ' - 1 gig: LW, ,w,?,f 5 f , 0111111 0. , Il Id mf' 1 ? 2"f', r5 V i , . N rl,-Hi' M n sggw ,7 3 ,lil 1 X :xii cfm, 1 my Jnvicl. Rnyrnoiwcl 7 1 E ' Grrlicslrri, 1944-48: gCt'I'4?lil!y, 1947-48. I 1X',1f'lI1l1I'G. Vxyilliam ljaul. ,1r. E 11,11..f'1., fllcinagerneni ,lunior 1 lonornry gf'11U1ilS11f' Sorivly, 1946: Plli nl-110121 Kappa, 1947. 1Xl1fT1.SlT1Ol'6, ,lean B. r"' 1., Biology Spanislr Club, 1944-48: 1:i'cnc11 Cluln, 1944: Press Club, 1944-45: Texas IXCEICIGITIY of Science, 1947-48: Asscrrnlulyfrrrfxrr, 1947-43: Pre-Medical Cluln. 1947-48- Sluclont Asscmluly, 1947-43: Baplisf Slucloni Union. 1944-48. ,ww .. 1N'1C1.eroy. BCiIlll1G,lC'HI1 6 BS., So4:iri1Sf:ian4'i2 I Secretary Sophomore Class, 19457463 Asscinlolynrnn, 1943-46: Alplm Psi Omega, 1940-48: Cougar C01 lvgians, 1944-46: Recl lxlasque Players, 19-14-48' lJJIIf'lC2lT00f, 1944-48: Troasurer. 1947-45-lr Square liarrivo lilulm, 1944-46: Fpanisli Clulm, 1915-461 1 Sovrnlimj Sofioly, 1945, 1 , 1X'1f11.croy. ,lolwnnie listlwer 1X'1c'1X'1as1cr, lan 19us1Qin,.1r. lxlcrrlwiil. 1'1c1rm11ny1Q 1 1- . 1 1 1-fi? if if 11.11. S01fl'l'11l1'11llSI'10VH't! Rurlieleers Cluln, 1945-463 lqvcl lxlasquv ljluycrs. 19444451 Cougur Colle-glans, 1945-46: Secretarial Clulx, 1943-48: ljrogrurn Clrairman, 1946-47: Eucli- zuoos, Sorizxl C,11uirrnari, 1947-48: rxssvinlvlyman, M 1947: Clmirman 01 Tirlu-1 Committee lor .1uni0rA Fr-nior Prom. 1947: Co-12:1 Clulzm, 1944-48, Clroml Club, 194143: Varsity Ymieim, 194548, Orches- lrzi, 1946-48: Froulior Fiesta, 1947-48: Ncllroclisl Sluilcnl N'1OYQIHOTllj Prusinrsx Clulw. 1947: Square lrlruuo Cluln, 194546. x lxlctzler. Ruclolpli HS., Pvfi'o1rliun E1ILg1lH2L'l'1Hg Geological Sortioly, 1946 45: vol ornri 5 Clu 11. .. 4 1945-47: Soviely 01 Engines-rs, 1949-4b. 1X1i11er, 19ona1c1B. HS., D1Oi'lIC1I'Lil'flll?TIQiVlf?L'l'1i1Q Nearly? Gulviwioir in winic-r. lfrnply lmnclc ,101'1I1 1.60 11.8.1-1., SurrvlarifllS014-rim' Veterans C1u1J, 10-17-483 S01 r0laria1 C1u1J, 111113 IT: Businc-ss Ar1rnini:lralion C1u1x, 10'1T--15. 31126,XX'1111illl1116DI'j' B.B.!1., lvunagvmcnt Newman C1u1J, 1946-473 V4-11-ram 611113, 191off1T, 1x',1OIlH1'li11l. 1811165 ,111 BBA., Afunagcmeni 1'1onor R011 1015-1171 Nr-uinaii 1 11:11, 1911.71 1X1on1goin0ry, 1,au1 1.0wis HS., Pliysivul Enlurotion Engineering C1u1J. 19011-112: R011 1N'1asqu0 Play:-:Q 1941144.11 1x1en 5 CY196 C1u1i, 11711-12, 1X1orQ. ony 1111-011111111701Engineering Cuban Sv11o1ars11ip, 19-15-48: Junior S1'1'101ill'b111I1 4 Society, Cj11i1Tl6'I' 1V1crr11'J0r, 1045-47: Zeta Bela C11ap10r o1' 1911i T11eta Kappa, 1947-483 Souix-ty 411 Engineers, 19-13-48: 1.1oarr1 o1 Din-flors, 1944-1155 Serrvtary, 1045--163 Treasurer, 19416-41-3 R041 1V1aSqu0 P1ayc'rs, 19-141-46: SOCia1 grin-nr'0 C1u1J, 19--11147: Honor Counr'i1, Charter B1f'ITl1Jl'1', 19-15--17: XY11o'- Xytio, 10-15--17, Captain ,1unior Fire Department, 1945-116: 151140 11 Away C1u1m, Treasurer, 1916--f1T: Varsity Varieties, 1944-473 17r0nr'11 Ca11arf:t, 10115: Basket 112111 1.e1terman, 1911-45: High gr'11oo1 110 ception, 1045: Student Print Shop Assistant, 119-13-463 Svnior Sc11o1ars11ip Society, 1947-18: Honor R011 19115-453 Recreation Square Daiwa C1u1J, 19-15-117: E1 Foro Espano1, 19-13-49: Nvxvrnan C1u1J, 1945--183 Tennis C1u1x, 1915-416: 1.a17oralory 1ns1ruC1or in Engineering Dc-pairlrm-ni, 194611141 Su cioty of 1'1nginf:ers, 1947748 1x'j10SC19y, 85115111 1113119 Pu111i17 SCIIOOI bllliff' Ptmi T111-la Kappa, 1946-f1T: Yicr:-Pr05ic1cn1 f:ip1iof more Class, 19,16-473 C11ora1 C1u1s. 19-15--164: In-ax urcr, 10-16-41 Secretary, 1017-483 Pre5ir10n1 1'1ii 1110121 Kappa, 19-16-47: Operctlas, 1Qf16-f1T: 11011 N'1asqu0 1J1ay0rs, 1945-1152: A117118 Psi Orin-gga, 1946-418, Cougar Coiipgmr, 10,13--1T'. 51urp11. 15Or11ia 1.ouise 11.5, 5110111151 ll'Ill'!' Pmaplifl 5111110111 1,'nion. 1X'1urp11y, James '11, 1X'1urray, ,1o1wn A1exanr10r. .111 1.0111 1X1usgrove, G1aL1ys 1X'1arie BFA., Dmmulics Secretary Stur10nt Counci1, 19-If 483 C110cr1c-ar10r, 1947-48: R011 Masque P1ay0rs, 1944-485 A1p1in 1,51 Qmoga, 1946-481 Co-E11 C1u1m, 1045-48: Burlaroos 19447481 1V10l11or1ist Sn-dt-ni Liam, 1046-+A 1 Ne11rin, 1r1a 1.00 11iO1ogy 1111101 C1u1J, 19-16-475 1:1io1ogy 1.1111 Asfiflant, 11116, NiC1Wo1s, RiC1Warc1 1 1armon 11.5, Ionrnulism 1'pp0rLi1assn1an's ,1ourna1isrn Award, 1046- fiongir 1.r1i10r, 11l1,: Prefs C1u1J, 111111-1.. .1uc1gcs of 111s Texas Supreme Court N. 011'icia1s. 1V1emoria1 day services on 1110 carnpnx visit t1'1e Law 8011001 flalws, l JIIHHP llzrrlugv 1.0 Quairlicrr l.zi1in: l,1l'lXl1'fl1f'Fll Clulrz Tvxns C01- lcigieilo ,"Xr'urlvmy ol Sviviirv. flvlma. lfriivst Fmnlc RiS.,lfzli1 r'41 limi lpliililii Clulx, 1017-JT: Noxxuiuii Cluln. 19-IG-flf, S rrck ieil Svivmr- fflulm, 113-1'3,1T'. 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Prvpamlionl for llic Escmllus Ba Peterson, lxlrs. Katllerino B,B.A., Serin-lurirll Seleniu- Co-Erlelles, 19-1-1-463 Coiigyir flollegian-, IW ll li, fCf'l'Cli1l'lillfilLIlD, 19-1-1-IH, Cliillr-rlmllryfliilm 1'l17 lf ljlalter, Allen Anclrew 13.l.,1., Art l'lonor Roll, 1916 47, Art Clulx. lliesirlenl, 11117 IH. ljoersrlwlte, Xxlerner H. B.. 1., .XllHIllgt'lllL'Tll linginr-4-ring Society, 1041-12, 17-1' ltr:-im-ss .Xil minislrnlion Clull, 19-16-453. Pollai-fl, Cl-or-ge Allan l?llll1'tlllOl1 l,l.lD.1,. Frliolarsllip, 19-1-1. Priest, Denton lxlunugurnenl Baselmll lxrllerman, 19417--185 ixlplm Plxi Oinl-in 1. ,.. 19173 Slurlent Council, 1917-,181 Varsitv "ll" As- sociation, 19-175 Stuclent .Xsse-inlxly, 1947-7164: Yol- erans Clulx, 1917-48: l7ronlil-rsman Cluln, lllif'-19 Business .Xflminislralion Clulaz Baptist Sll11l1'IIl Union: Co-lirl Clulu, 19171 ljresirlent lnlminuiul Counrtil ljrotlwro, Xvilliain Antliony ix,lIlIllg1'lHL'lll Purvis. llalriria Rutll iXlflIlGg1'l7l0Vlt Social Svienve Cluly, 1915-163 Business i'X1lII1lDlN' tration flulz, 1945--17: Clirislmn Cluln, 101719: Business gxssociation, 1917-14, llouslonian Neill.. 19-lf-433 Senior Class lfrlilor, 129119. Press filulv, 191145. Reeliil, Norina rlean lillfllull Le Qunrlivr Latin, 19-1-1-17: Cougar Colll-gilins, 194118, Rell lxlasque Plums, 194142 .Xuglm Exels, ISHT--155 Sluclent A-Xsso i-ilion. 194' 1-4 R6SN'CS. l lClC11 Louise BD., llislory Stuclcnt Assembly, 19-17--18: Canlerlmury Clulp, ,Xil- visory flnuiwil, Cliairman ot Campus Rolnlions, 1946-4181 Religious Groups Council. 19-17-48: Co-lfcl Cluln, 10,177-18: Sociology Clula, 195'-49 l.l- Quarlier l.:ilin, Vice Presirlr-nl, gxssemlulyman, lfrlrir 48g Enlilor of l.a Leuille rle Clwu, 19-lf: Rl-l Flasque Players, 1947--48: lfuvorile, 19475 llnnor Roll, 1946 -18: Cougar Colle-glans Reicl. Clarence Preston, ,liz BSN nleelninicul Engineering Fencing Clula, 19112: Ll. ol ll, l4lIlgll1h't3I'r, 19-ll, lllslf. Restelle, Clwarles llranlt, ,lip , Biology Rlwocles, Carol Virginia ixlullicrnulirs Crowclecl, no? l say llmere, ladtlxe. 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R,, Al4IllClgl'I7N'Ili Psyntiology Club, Vim: Prcrsiclm-rit, 1946-47, Si-vivtaiy, 1947-48: Busirmss Asstwiatinn, 1917-433 ljruallytv- rian Sturlvnt Association, I9-17--IH, Xyirc PM-Qiflviiti Senior Srliolarsliip Soriety, 19-1.YfiH. gclincicler, Xyilliam Plwillip RS, itlutlivrnuiics ilonor Rall, 1945-47: Plii Tin-ta Kappa, 10410 ifg lvlatlivinatirts Soviety, iq:-rrvtary, SCllWVCCllCf, B.B.A., AllIll!lQUVTl81'Lt Junior gclmlarslmip Foricly, 1916-fi8y Plii 'lilu-ta Kappa, i0-I7-48. SCOtt. llarrcy l.e lwloyiic BBA, Foil Cluli: Frontier Fiesta Coiniiiittv:-, IOIH. gfott, Paul tlarwoorl HS, ,qn1'it1iS1'i4'l1r'0 Slqafp, Vlil1OlTliiS l.. Gl'1lK'l'fIIBUSiHt7SS Bancl, 10-I6-47: Psyctiology Club, Vice-Pre-siclc-nt, 1947-A133 Clmrus, I9-17: lsrontier Fiesta. 1918. Xvciglitliitirig. Sildley. .liminie li. Cum-ral Business Honor Roll, 1946-47: Business Association, Prvsi- flent, 10417-IH: Prontiersnicn Straw Boss, NHT-4r4: l'rontie'r l'is-sta Committee, if! IR: Xviioys Xxvlm, IOAIH. Simpson, lxlrs. Nora IIUIIII' ISVJIVIOVTUCS Sizemore, Paul BS., Air C1'lVLililiK?llilig,gltgiIH't'l'lIit1 Smith, Billie ,loycc Iourrmiism Vanity Vlfair Beauty, i946-18, Uutstancling Vvuplv, 19-173 Uptimist Bowl Rcprcsr-ntativc, 19-16: It-my tonian. literary Ectitor, 1946: lirlitor, 19473 Slllfli'Ilt Assemlily, I9-175 Press Clulm, vice-Presiclent, I'JiTg Cougar Stall, 1944-48, Sports lfrlitor, 19-15-AIT: lm Quarticr l.atin, 1944: Cougar Collfegians, if!-16 if: Buclcaroos, 1946-48. Smitty lfrlwarcl Ernest l3ll'1'tl'tf'IlIlEl'tQiTlQ4'I'ilit1 l.ool:S lite a swcetticart lvall Smitir, Frank XYi11ia1n. lr. B.S.,Bio10gy Smith. 1'1er1uert Temp1e BS., Pre-Mefl S'lur1entAssem1J1y. 1946-41-1: Pre-1N1ec1 Soriely, 1946- 48, Square and Compasses C1u1J, 1947-48, Texas Academy of Scienfe, 194f'-48. S1'lGC1CCOf. Fl-1'lfllTl3S C1l8f1CS BS., Cl!'l1I?V1f1lIlf'l'ff7lQ Sparr, George B.S,,P5yCIm10gy Frontier Fiesta, Chairman of Transportation. 1940- 41, 1947: Gencra1 Chairman, 1947-48: Red Masque P1ayers, Stage Assistant 1V1anagcr, 1939-42: Pre-Law Curb, 1940-41: Bas1cet13a11 manager, 1939-42: Fene- ing C1u1J, 1940-423 C0unse1or for Veterans, 1947-48. Speights, 1V1arion Xvinfre-c1 B.B.i'1,, Acfrseriising St. Cyr, Benjamin Frank, Jr. Government Newman C1u11, Psyc11o1ogy Club, Veterans C1u1'J. Stein, A11nert XV. r1r1'0unling Honor R011, 1946-47. Stewart, C1auc1e B.B.r1,,Pul1lle Accounting Sti1we11, 1V1rs. Lily Bene BS., Frfncafion Strarn1er. 1X1onroe Eze11 Hr-rrlifr unrlPl1ysica1EJuculion Stringer, Har1en E. BS., Radio Square Dance Club. 1943-443 Red Masque P1ayers, 1943-44. Radio Guild, 1947. Swayze, 1X1ary Ade1e BS., Psychology Co-Ed Club, 1945-48: Cougar Co11c-gians, 1947-48: Psyuhulugy Club, 1947-48. Hoosier Club. 1945-46. Helpl lug pOinl5A 1x'1r. and M John on Swinforcl, Jolrn Ely P1-Qfbled Alternate Assernlnlyrnarr, ljre-lxlerl Cluli, 10-16-47 Pro-lxlccl 1946-41-11 Texas Avaflelny of gFlCl"lK'i', 19164451 l-'uuu-lr Club, 194748. Swiss, Bud 11.5, Psyrrlrology Registration lylanager, Prcrsiclent of Senior Class 1917-485 Sturlont Counfil, llrllel fllulr. Vlaliaforro, ,lolin Porter H.F.A., 1l'1usiC National Dramatit' Society, 113103 Vfon uf1ollr'gje Capers' over all colleges in Texas, 101153 ixssenr- lylyman ol' Soplromore Class, 194115 Clrornl Clulv 1943-485 Presiclent, 1945-46: Entertainment Clulb 1045-485 vicefljrcsiclent, 10463 Varsity varieties 1945-483 Annual Operotta, leacling Part, 1945-47 Reel lVlasque Players, 1945-483 lligld Sftlrool Rerep lion, 19475 Frontier Fiestag Music Uirertor ol B. S. U.. 1945446 Taylor, Gliidys HS., Psychology Freslrman Class Treasurer, 19457461 Square lrlanrrr Clula, 1945-465 Rail lxlasque Players, 1945-46g Cougar Collegians, 1945-465 Le Quartier Latin, 1945-46: lioosrers, 19461 Cuhl Club, 194744141 Presbyterian Student Association, 1947483 Sort ology Clulo, 1947-48. Tolpias, Triniclacl BS., Radio and Electronics Amateur Radio Club. Toussaint, Jael: Reno B.B..f'l., Accounting Trapolina, Della Grace BS., Fclucation Co-Eel-ettes, 1944-451 4Co-ECI Club, 1946-485 Vice- Presirlent, 1946-475 treasurer, 1947-483 Newman Club, 1944-485 Cougar Collegians, 19-14-463 Booster Club, 19464481 Au Club, 1945-46, Honor Roll, 1945-47: Future Vl16ElCl'lCl'S ol America, 1946-48: Buclcaroos Club, 19477483 Psyclrology Club, 194748. Tully, Nlary ,lane BBA. lxletlroflist Club, 1946-+185 Cougar Collrrgians, 19474 483 Co-Frl Clulv. 10116--181 Business Association, 1947-48. Tully, Rollins Ig,B.,A.,14IfCOl1llll1lg Tully, Rutlr B.S,, Sl7QGCl1EL1Lll'!l1li7l1 Turman, L. B. B.H.A., Psychology Hoafl Cl1COTlE8LlCI, 19-15-46: lfe l'lo1'Loy Club, 19-12. Turner, lvlarion Orville Geology CIISCFISUCICIS. Smolze P. A. lor pipe appear "-NN. 'W' Uilricti, Joy HS., Home lfconornics UYI4l1gilS1l'l0SS Arfrninisirnlmn Vituiii, Ram on A. GfZl1!4fGlBUSi11D5 Xvarren, Patricia B.F.A., Drama Cougar Coiiegians, 19-14--155 Square Dance Club, 1944-455 Art Ciutn, 1944-45, yiociern Dance Ciuin. 1944-47: Pbuficaroos 19453 Refi Masque Players. Ciuin, 1944-47, Assemioiyman, 19475 Ctiorai Ciuiw. 1944-475 Operelias, 1946-47: Varsity Varieties, 1944-475 Baptist gtmteiii Union, 1946-473 Cupiain Q Fire Patroi. 4. ,B ' vvalref, Robert 11.11-1 Eng BBA., Ge1wraIBusi1u:ss 'W Xveatiieriy Rotmert Lane N Iournalism 45' Press Club, Cougar Siatt, Sports tfciiior, 19-17: ML . Sports Reporter, 1916: gpork Hriilor ot Housloninn. 1947-48. XxYVGiiVCl', .Iames Evan journalism Foolimii, 1946-47: Base-imit 19473 Prvsirii-iii 017 Yar- sily Assofinlion, 1017. Xveiuin, Vvfiiiiain Clayton, .lr. I BS., Psychology Psychology Ciuiz, Presicienl, 14317-IN. Xvcincr, Nirs. Anita Clair HS., Elenmntory Hrlucoiion Buckaroos Riding Ciuiv, 1945--14: Co-iid-ellzrs, 1945: Square Dance Citrix, 1913-411: Red ixiasque Piayr-rs. 1044: Treasurer of Night Cove-rning Roriy, 1944. Xveiyer, ixlarvin if. E1ff47i1'if'1i1 l?11g11ruw1ilu1 'l'm.-L, I 11-47. Xveiiier, Soi Bernarft . HRA., General Businws 1 ttiiioi Society. 1946-183 Business Actministration Qiutm, 1946-47: Secretarial Ciuim, 1946-47. '-... Xvest, James Arttiur Pelrolvum Engineering Honor Ron, 1946-475 Cveoiogirai Soriely, 19-173 Engineers Society, 1947, Xxyiwite, Florence if HS, Sociology Special occasion. XX'hm-,'1mmmeC'. I3.I?.,'1,, qlrlvertisirzg Yeti,-rans Clulm: Nl'-tliorlist gturlvnt Blom-rin-nt Xvlaitclaeclcl. Bernirc lxlarie BS., Pliysical Eilzirnlimi llonur R011 19473 f 0-llrl Cluln lruasurur, 111111 IT: l,anyar1l Qluln, Nwrelary, I0-1, 3 X ive- Pre-sul:-nl 101f', Rr-11 Blasqur- Players, 19-If--134g X arsily X arit- tivs, 19-lf: Cougar Colle-gians, 10-17. Xvlaitinan, Ralpli Garrison RS., Dlvclianicril l?Vlfl1lIl'0l'1llg Sovivty ol lzirigiruw-rs, 1016-IH. XXl1lSUl1,,l0l'1D lfarl lib., ,:ll'I'll'1f'HIl11Ifl!lll't'l'1lIfl lfiigiiicrrvriiig Sorioly, NXl1lSOl1.XxVC'll'UIl11' Xxlilfll' RH..-1., lim-Law llnnor Roll, Afivcrtisingg Manager tlie Cougar, -111 -If Arlvvrtising lxlanagvr tlie lloustonian, 46-473 Pro grain Wlanagcr Frontier Fiesta, 46-47, Business lwlana gur, Village New s, Summer, 1947: B. A. Clulm liaptisl Stumlc-nt Union. Business ixlanager llar- C ou gar, -17--19, Business Manager t11ewHoustonian, 47-48: llmusinm-ss fxlanagz-r ol lfrontier l'iesta, 47-48, llmusi- ness Manager Sturlc-nt Directory, 47--183 Press rlnli linanrtr: officer, 47-48: Cupirl tiling escort, 10-121 lfronlicrsmen, storyteller, 47-483 Coronation vsrort '-'18, Uutstancling people, '4Fi: lfscort, Steplaf-n lf Austin Spring Festival, 19-18: lfsforl, Rive Rl1ll'l1' lr-t liall, 19423: Sturlc-nt Asst-rnlmly, Xvollc, Bcity Gene BS., Psyrliology Psyclwtagy Qlulm. XNlOl11iiCli. rl8.IU6S XY. KS., ,"1l't'IW11OCllll'Ul l5llf1!lN?1!I'1l1t1 Clicvc-rlearlcr, 19473 Society ol' lfriggiin-4-rs, ifllw, ls rrollos Society, 19-16-47. Xxamcl, B6l'1jEiI111ll XY. lfroliorilirs Xxlorrcll, lwillarri George, Jr. ll.H.,f'1,, AIKZFLGQUTYICTU and Accounting lligli Frliool Reception, 1945-465 Uxvlicfs Xvlmo' 19-16-471 Cliaimian ,lunior-Senior Prom, 1946--1T xl,C., varsity Varieties, 1946-47: Business ivlanager lfronlitrr lfiesta, 1947: Publicity Manager, Ref lxlasquc Players and Secretarial Clula, 1946-47 lloustonian Staff, 1947-483 Varsity 111-pertoos, 1947 Revrl lvlasque Players, 1045-48: Press Club, 1946-If Business Administration Club, 19-16--185 Secretaria flulp, 19-16-483 fo-lfml Club, 19-16--183 Cougar Cal Y i 1 lm-glans, 1946-48: lrvslvyterian Cluln, 1047-48: Yet- r-rans Club, 1943--10. V 1 . llgfnflnll, PHIIIIIC AIusiC Clioral Club, 1915-vid, Orclieslra, 19-113--173 llillvl 19-15-48: Secretary, I9-16-47: Opervtta, 19110--'iT Varsity Varieties, no-in-47, C0-lift Club, 19-15,-if Yluarlao, Lee Garza liocly 59 Fenrlcr Zapp, l l. Don ,gets llI'I lnau, lforigliricwlqs funn' to loxxn. 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Batterson, Adair Braille, ,lack Charles Ben, Margaret Ann Paeltz, Emil A. Be-ntlian, Fred I., Jr. Bernfi r'c, I, Clovis, .Ir. Hertclscn. l!1IlllCl'l-IOVVHTCI Bertram, Oliver H. Bevis. Ifclgar Leroy Binglmin, Kenneth A Birney, Xviiliarn Fredricli Palaiiclwarni, Evelyn Board. Donald Nlilton Boehm, Charles Xviniain I xxier inc u Ip r x 4 iwmt e OlIlgSOI1'1GXVhCIC,5. Birthing Ln-zxulic in m Wim 1 xou L in get it. Borcliercling, l larry Roy Boston, Robert Freeman Boswell, E. XV. Bourlmon, Belly llourn, Uscar Benjamin Bowncls, lra Pmox, Belly lloynlon, Roy L. ljmracllunry, James XY. Bratten, Vernon G., ,lr. Brewer, Deral Henry Brioman, Gills l l. lybrittain, Vivian R. Broclc, Cliarles Gene Broclc, Cl1elseyl..,,lr. Broolqs. Paul Lev. lr. Pmrosig, lxlarjoric Lee Brown, Carla lvlariv Brown, Glenn Cleveland Brown, l lerlwrl Xvelr, ,l Slrorl Slories lnv. llm-lui -en mlfnff paslnm-. Nnxllr loolxing flurlnous. vlwo ol: muny .,b ,, BI'OXN'Il, PVGXEIS PJFIIIY, IQIISSCH F., JF. Bfyiill. 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Ailef-L KNIIHTIGS Ploiifn, XvClFl NCII ILM-1-,C I1arIes Usvar. ,Iii Box. I'4rCcI LAIYIII Box. IN'Iaric I5racIIn-rry. Angus IfcIwarcI IjhracIcIic'I4. NXILHIKIUII Victor Phralir-ii. IiIiZaIvcII1 ISI'iiIiIl,IDllEll1C IXIai'liim IYJJFUIIIQCT. IVIargarcI Igrigggs, Edgar Xvnrrcii I5rimIIC, DaIe EcIwarcI Bmflsky. Leo I'5mgcIm1,.IiIn IIDIMUIQS. I0yfI PJrc1iissarcI, AncIrcwx' N. Ilxrowii. XViIIiam I IuIl IJJruIiaIQer. Rohr-rl fwrawIorcI I9Jru0CI'ier. xViIIiam I Imvler. Igl'llI1i'f,,I. Ke-iwrIrivI4 I5i'iimi Tzmy I5iir'I4. fNIwarIes I.. Bucsr'I1er, XV. I Iarry I5uiir'I1. Bob IVSIIIKIQC. XViIIiam rI4iIcslrmi'1 Ijniriis, IIIIIDEXTI Ai'lIilir Iiiiriis. Katy I5iisI1. ,I. R. I5iilc'Iaer. RiCI1arcI 'I'Iiomas Bryan, I, Vareau Iiyn-rI0y, I"IoycI CaIcIwcII. XViIIiam Tanner rmy days. XV CI fiallioini, Xvaller Slillnian Fallilaan. l-eon Dale ffallilian, Milton l.. Canales, Benjamin ,losepli fiarlon, Lola Ann ffarotlaers, ,laines lfiiggc-ne Carpenter, Dale S. 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I Iarriss, INIiIlon Kimey I Iarlman, Marjorie Nannellc I Iarl.wcII, CNIWIITIOS Afthllf I IarlwcII, I':rIwarcI INI. I Iaslings. George Starr I'IalrtI1I, Sirlney I IavarcI, Kirby Hrana I Iavcmarm, Leroy I I. I Iavran, George Anton Hawes, Laurence Homer, Ir. I Iawes, Buford Arvin I IawI4ins, Kcrlrmeth CIiI:IqorrI I'IccIrirvI4, .IoI1nny I Iowarrl Heller, 'Boll IIcmpI1iII, IfarI .... I Icl1cIric'Ics, Helly Lou I'IencIriCIxsen, XViIIiam I.imroIr1 IIenIcy. IJJiIIy Henry, Vivian FI. HcnsIcy. IfarI, ,Ir. I'If-r1sIvy. Sur' If. WE I IclxvI, I Iarvcy I.awre-me Hcrrring, Coorge B. Hcwill. Cx:ISllIl V-I4IlOlT1ilS I'IigjQinImolI1am, LIIMIIO I"IiII. ,Iamcs I IaroIrI IIir1lon, I.awrc-r1re,,Ir'. I IirsrI1, I IcrIwrl, XX'iIIiam I Iofmanm. George HaroIcI. Ir. I Ioggan. Iwarggarcl llalr-0ml1, Ralplw CN. IIoIIamI, I'.l'I'lCSI rIavIor I IoIIicIay. VX'aIl0r GIenn 'W I IoIl,. RilIDI'lI':llQSl1C IIopI4ins.fxI1arI0s Vxfiniam IIopI4ir1s. Irranris I IopI4ins. Ray I IorcI. 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Husteft, Ralph Arthur tngram, Rohert Ray IVY, I..6Ol'i I IEITIEUW ,tiiCCElI'Ct, IVICITTIOCI C., .III Jaetison, David Lemuel, Jr. JHCIQSOH, GGDG Jackson, ttoraee OIGIW ,IEICIQSOII I IOITIGI' t-IOVVGTKI James, Hartan A. James. Henry Grady, Jr. Jeter, Hope Aetams Johnson, Hugh H. Johnson, Ntarvin Eugene Johnson, Louis J. Johnston, Patricia Niargare Jones, Kenneth Samuet Jones, Ntaetc Ctinton ,tones Ntary Louise tones, twtax ti. tones, Norman Ortancto Jones, Ratph James Jones, Robert Ditton lorctan, Harotct Roherl' lorcten, Jay Henry Karhaeh, t.aNette Karcher, Kathryn D. Karcher, John A. Keever, Gene Keiper, Ciara Faye Kellerman, Raymonct hiartin Kennedy, James Oliver Kesster, Edward Herman Sam Houston pnintert up the school one night anct we t-ect them the next night white setting up rutes vox erning the annuat svhoot painting froticzs. Iierby. Belty ,Ioan Keyser, Xviiiiam Eriwarfis Kidder. Ben CN. KimIJIe, Joseph IIugI1 Kirk, PalsyRui,I1 Kneeiit. 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Pmacler, Eclclie Xvayne Halter. Elvyn l larolrl Pmalcer. Norma .lean Barlner. Xvalter Xvayne Pmarlielcl. Stephen Dee Barllielcl. Xvallaee Eclwin Barrett, Xvillis T. Barttiolomew, Cozetta l .ouise Baugti, Xvilliam Carol Baumann, Barbara Ann Beclcer, Dolores Marie Beerlbower, Dave C. Belin, Marion Douglas Bennett, Dolores Anne Bernard, Herman Leon Berry, Joe Ann Berryman, Mary Gercles Benrlot, Cyrus A., Jr. Biglow, Cliloe o itwliere. Keep smiling. Ctiivalry 1 t r Q11 pretlv ir Ong ou I Nummertimei lu inn or xximming ifillirii, .lean Pmiaclcweii, Dean J. Biair, James Felton Pmiancharci, Claude Aiviii, Jr. lyalanirenship, Rohert Sidney Pam-hm, i ienry Paul Boenixcr, Aivin Boggs, O. Henry Pmoilon. Marianne limiri. fjiiver iiorfherriing, .lean livsiiriq, Johnny Beth Pmosxvorth, Theodore Parr, iii Bowcien. Xvaiter Thomas liower, Borda Lon Hoyle, Shirley Louise Boysen. Barbara Lou Pmovarrh. Rex Oliver iirziciiey. Richard his iymrarishavv, ,limrny Dawson Pmraixei. Barhara Ann Brown, James Thomas Hrueggeinan, Nvesiey iuiiiroiri Pmrrion, Judy Hope Burgess. Audrey Ann Burns, Juanita Pniirroxvs. K. H. Hush, iviary Eiizaheth fxaicixveii, Ann fiaivin, Joe Caiiierhury, fwanlreii, Marcus araway, Nancy Jo arciona, Eciwina ixiaria arciona, Enrique rl orres f arriona, Pahio Torres C c- C f carpenter, Olivia Ann fiarr. ,iohn Overton fxarler, A. G. Chalhan, Loretta Chrisman, Bohhy Ray ffhristianson, David Chester nh sx IIE? XX on er xx U7 I 1 Drriix Coon cat X ixls going on? Xvonyt it run? Vvhafs o le right? rw if Ciburcb, Gene Uorotby tfburcbiii, Rosebud Ciarii, Tbomas Stepben iiiiiorci, Biiiy B. ioica, Rose Katiwryn fioiciaswre, Diirwoori A. C ct fioieman, ,iaciq i.oyci txoieman, Robert Mattiiew oiiins, Pat Babin oiiiris, Raipb Davis onner, Nieiviiie Arwine onners, Robert .i. K, C, C 6, Court, Freci C. tfourtin, Pat Cowser, Jesse Xvayne Cox, Laura bi Coy, Fred S. C remona, Vincent Ciiaries Crosby, Diane Cross, Betty Ann Cubbison, Lin josepb Cuppies, Harry Robert Curry, Xviiiiam Davis Curtin, Ciycie Patricia Curtis, Betty Eiien Curtis, Louis Taimacige Daciismari. Heien Virginia Daily, Barbara Daniei, Cbaries ixiarrus Danner, Paui Dean, Edgar Taimacige Debes, George John, lr. Dee, Rita Dew, Tbomas Vxfarren Diaz, Rucioipb Dickens, Joan Virginia Dieiison, XV. Dobson, Edwin Uuigose, ,ir Dowciy, Sue Dyer, Billy F. Economou, Katberine E. Eftwortiiy, Aiian i,atin American stumim-nts at the Un ersity Crt n ir ients rt Tiien l c Gu tema ans Ani the Puerto Ricans I ,.,, , 7"! t'ltt't1Cl'. Georgia trene tiSCEiII1ittEi, lr. tfstes. t torafe Granrret tfttierictge, Rictiarcl Eininitt tfvans. Raymond Lestie tjarrris, Rotuert Cxtmrtes 7 .. 'ff W V-Qiig.,-1 1 tjilUlIl'. ixllllii RIJSC tietts. Vfestey VNV. tlerggiison. Ernest t:Cf'QlISOI1. Piillt :W ., g .fy tu: f Q. 55,1 ff 1 W Qi W it .2 gg . trisetw er, Xvoifgang Cart I. ietrter. R. Rietiarft tintay. 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Coorison, iwary Edith Gore, ,Iosleiua Vxfyayiic. .lr. Crafioii, william R. Grassiwog, Harold ifiigc-imc Grayson, Eclwarci ,l1hUlllflS Griffin, Peggy .lean firigggi. Hello Pheraiirl Crow, Dorothy Framivs Guest. Joanne Cuiuo, Catherine ISCfl1CHlillK Cliral, XV. Vvfailcr Ciiyowsixi. Norman Myron Hafner, Louis I In-nry Hale, Franocs Han, Donald lf. Hail. Jay Hsles Hail, Troy XXf'emiQII Hainala, Emil Paul -wg Hamilton, Dorothy .lane Harfiing. Adrian Lee Hargrave, Ruth Ellen Harrell, Jerry J. Harris. Dorothy Harris, .lnric T. Harrison. Luviue Aria Harrison. Rifiwarci Ucrwoori Hartman, Xviuis, Jr. Haury. Caroline Riilim Harwas. Frances Ni. Havner. Xviila Hayes. fflwaiics Ray Hearn. .laines Allen Hefl. Ifivora I leifer. Paul E. Hcmimree. Peggy Herrington. Davin! ivle uri Hcrir1g,.luiii1s Cari. .li Herrmnciez R. I. Herring. Beverly .Io Heying, Lorcnce .loscpli Hicks. SlW6l'lTli1I1 .l. Hiett, Niariiynn ixiartim Lovely, lovely. Yogi exercises. Now? 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Kenneciy, Earl Eciwarci Kennedy, Joyce Estoi i L l liw in i B t i in f iii C X i ix y iiomc ami ei rar in vvvrv Garage . D Kictnt, ttittye Ciunitte Kictrt, t lertiert George. ,liz Kiectxe. tieliy .lane Kiintmtl. Kay Kiinniett. Nelina Joyce King. Cilmrtes Hctwin King, ,toseptl Nt. Kirtqmlrietq, Frances Raye Kinier. t.ittizin txtarie Knox. Rii't1zirctEafts Koetling. Ueecty Konmreti. tfrnest, ir. Krisetitqe, Herbert L. Krueger, Ntaiiriiie Etizatgettw Kuenstter, Lillian Louise Kupee, Paul O. Kyriuteictes, Stravros Inns, Everett t.4-gate, Harvey Augustus, Jr. 1.41 firone, lfrtmonct Even Lniimster, txtarston tune, Billy Joe Lantttorct, ,iotin C. I.ann1zin. .iaines K. Iialtmin, Jeannine Laila, ,lane Ann Lent. .imnes Douglas Lee, Carolyn Alice Le Btaiie. George J. t.entx. ltctxvin I.0IW7O t.euLxvyter, Guy Xvetclon Levy. George J. t.exvis. ,i.Keitt1 iietmert, Victor Henry, Jr., Xvittiam L., Jr. t.ivesay, Earl Ftoyct l.ivingslon. George Nturray, Jr. t.oc't4nrct, Pmzirtiara Reita Loetwr, Leroy 1 t.oxvry. Avis Louise t.oxvy,rtosept'1 tnnsforrt. Hoyct txt. Dr. Cootc on the right. Tripping ltu- light fantastic. Xxdltlifll 4-xes get together Lyman, Xvittiain Lynct, James A. Ntavtitan, .lim Vylattcer tVtacNicott, Joyce txftagec. Gordon Ntorrow Ntattnry. Norma Elaine Nlanrs, Sebastian Frank Ntaniscatco, Bennie Frank Ntantove. .lim Xwinttorft Ntann, Raoul Marcus, Hermyne txtarino. tfta Mae tvtartis. tytatcutrn Detoyect Martetti, Ernest Nlartin, Ernest Jr. Wtatrraro, Ntartin Stanley twatthews, Frank D. tytattiews, Vxfittiam Riley, .lr txftauzy, David Barttiatomevx McAfee. Laurence Keith McAtister, Atton ,Ietterson McAtister, Larry Merle Ntccatue, Sard Frances Mccarter, Beverly Jean txftrvmariiet, Etta Reecty tX'tCDaniet, Fred A. tVtCGee, Betty ,lean twccitt, Hilbert F. Ntecinney, Lamarr Ntcttwain. Glenn Atari Ntctntyre, Ratpti George Mctafain, John Anon Ntctvtanus, Tommy McNeal, Olive May Ntctvtatian, .lack Vxfattace Nteptiait. Robert Xvitson McReynotds, Mary Agnes Mease, Herndon Meclty, Harold Metian, James Robert Mercado, Arnold Mm, Edward Leland lvlielclleton, Davicl C. lvlilliarcl, George ls. Miller, Billy Gene lxliller, Frances ,luanelle Miller, Vlllneorlore Steven lxliller, Xxlyllllfilll lilrlwarcl lxliller, Xvilliarrl lireclerirla lVlitc'l1ell, Earl Douglas lVlitclwcll. Vxlilliam George lvlireles, Raul lxflitcluell, Samuel H. lvloleswortlw, Caryl Moore, Doris Moore, Margaret lVlae lxloore, Qclell Pauline lvlorris, Arnolcl lvlorris, Vxfilfrecl Lee lxloss, Rielmarrl lloseplw lxlullen, Uorotlay .lean lvlulvaney, Eclwarcl ,l. lvlunclen, Paul lvlurplay, Buforcl Aclolpla lvlurplly, Russell S. New, George VXI. Niclwolson, .lames Earl NlCh0lS0ll, Ralpla Nolale. Norman Otis Norclstranfl, lvlartlxa .lune Norton, Rutla Annell Olcllwaln, Clmarlela .lean Oliver. Alton ll Ullxleara, lxflary .lane Oparenovirlm, lxflary Clrelmarcl. Claet l.. Orr. Boluluie ,lune Osluorne. Xvarren l.. Overall, lxllller ll.. .lr. Owens. Slwerra Belle ljalla, Davicl Pappas. lvlatina lJasCl1e,l,ouis. lll lJalCl1,R1ley ,loan Get tlmt gleam out F P tl l l l lb ll ll C g, l N tl i """" it '-f' II, lvvv ii, .V 3 mfg f f " , :::::::::' 'Z :', :-- ss 21': azz. Pavtitc, Xvcrner Frantc Peacock, Vxfittiarn, Jr. Pecore, Betty May Pecot, J. Anthony tleeptes. tvtinor, Jr. Pegues, Aston Dean Petiar, Frank L. Petrostiy, Lawrence George Peet, Angetina Phittips, John hftitton tlhitpot, Lois Josephine Pierce, Bittie R. Pittenger, Harry Alfred Pitts, John Xvittiain Platt, Doris Ptoumis, Kattiope Ponct, Harry Pautson Post, Natalie Potter, Vwfittiam Jennings Price, Eddie Price, James I tarotci Price, Vxfittrect H. Radott, Littian Maxirie Raticstraw, John Allen Ramsey, Charles Ramsey, James K. Rapp, Xvatter Samuel, Jr. Rathheim, Bert Rectus, Joseph Rees, Virginia Dare Reine, Arthur Harotrt Reiney, Ntarityn Rettig, Eleanor Reynotds, Bohhy Reynolds, John Theron Rhoctes, Bitt A. Ritnnitq, Sanford Richards, Pant Vvyittiam Richardson, Bohhye Jean Richburg, Jean Frances Richey, Patricia Riggs, Carlin M. ghtci it x cterer. Love and the weather. Yvatch out the x ater s cotd "E 351' FS . KT x Rfwh, teonarrt lim! Roherts, Donatct tilllgjitlllt Rohin, touis Joseph Rohinson, John Allen Roctcta. ,terotct Frtwin Roctriggli07. EI1setl11nRi1hio Roctriguez, txtyrna 'my Rottish, ,tames ta Roush, Bruce FranHyn Rowsey, Betty Ann Rnmph. ,lames R. Russell. Ray Hownrrt. ,lr. Sanchez. XV. txtargarila Sawyer, Thomas Henry Searctino, Katherine Schmetting, Ectwin Atta-n Sehnarr, Rohert Schuster, Patricia XV. Srhwartz, Don E. Smit, Gordon Atten Setcaty, Connie Setters, Sheldon Eugene Sepotio, Bernard Nicholas Shatter, Xvittiam Auhrey Shaw, Neil Ewing Sheppard, Xvittiam Nt. Short, YV. F. Showers, Lucincta Anne Shracter, Amelia t t. ghurltcftt, George Xvittarrt Sictener, Cart Ray Skelton, Saranna Stoan, Charlotte Browning Smith. Carol Camitto Smith, Ivan Dexvitt Smith. James Grady Smith, txtary Laveta Smith, Noel Milton Smith, Stantey t.awrenCe Smith, Vernon C. Stanley, M. M. Stanley, Rohert Lamar ' e-e-: V ,H gg M, Mg X 1 ga J 2 W f 2 W . X. ... aaa '-"' ,,,,. , aea-r ...,.......... 6 iia iit tt Y' u' i , ska 3'.fi"xM3.' 4' ' R g f", Q "r- ........... l 3. rt.. . , .,.., msg Q b.., , ,A W f "1: ,M Z A .5 zz, I IQ: 2 ew, . ' A if ' iii sf r f r 54 .1' AME 1 ts , ig I 3 1 I z -:Esta sv fx? F .,. .1 , , , , . ,,,,. '." i rfww "'i: 1 .wk . '.." 5 -11: 15 ' 2 , ' :SQ ' 'wks . .,.. . , it wwma ' ww , v fu m X S 8' Er y fi 2 5 WF Eggs: N .55 ai ' it . Q gg 3 'Q 2 is 2' --:-:: Q .,. g s Q ig i ag? E 5 I if ,, , ..,, rw X ? M ., .,.- I, ...: 2 ,.., Q 3 J I J :Si E655 ,:: ' G 51 Q:,,::E5:5I- ::" air f ig? ff? mv-'Wg W E at 1 wh. A L+: ---- tak 1 t 1 o L to loxxn. Lillie rogs. Gibson girt. Tough tort. R S H , NI South, Helen Louise Sprague, Annyce Stewart, Douglas Eugene Stewart, N. Stewart, Thomas K, Stewart, Xvauace Vvracie, Jr. Stoy. Robert Baskette Strouiial, Rudolph Cari Suggs, Bob Sullivan, Carol Sweeney, Sybil Louise Swinney, Haroici Talbot, Bill Efiwarfi Tarcio, Jasper Patricia Tarrant, Mary Graham Taylor, Biiiye ,lean Thomas, Frani4ieEi1c,ieaii Ti'iomas,ianti1ai.ouise Thompson, Delores Thompson, Marviii Tierney, Lawrence J. Tiiimury. Charles Oliver Todd. Stewart Xvinston Tuniclf. Stasia Sophie Turner, Clare lxI'Ql1I'lElTt.xxXIiHiilIll 'iiinmoii lysry, Coriny Lee Uzzie. John Larry VanKieeCic, I laroici VanKieeCic, Xviniam YanNess. ,loim Pm. Vaugtit, Roiuerl, Aaron Yeioz. Alfonso vernor. Ralph Stierician Vetter, Davici Lionel Visger, Xviuiam I.. Vornicaiii. Gussie fxiwaries Xvacie. Calvin i.avirem'e Xxyagiey, Xvendeii Xvaiicer, Niary Ni. Xvaiicer, Merc-diiiw Xvarci, Nierie Frecicrifix Iii ll IPI: IuifX S0rr,Bul Warren, Bobbie Joe Vxfarriclc, Mary Sue Washam, Janice Ann Vxfaterman, Laura Watson, Rex Donald Nvelnster, Leo Josiali Nvelling, Elizabeth Antoinette Nvestlproolc, Robert Eclwin NVlwitc, Bettye J. VNfl1ite,F.lVl.,Jr. Whitty, Douglas Eclwarcl Vxfinsler, Billie Gene Vvlilliams, Raymond Tliomas Wilsrmn, Jewel Evangeline Xvilson, Marie Vxfise, James Ancel Vxfislinow, Harry Meyer Vxlisley, l lerlmert Xvaync Wollard, James Kenneth Vxlomaclc, .lolm Byron, Jr. Vvfoocls, Jolan Louis Yancy, James Xvatson, Jr. Young. George Kenneth Young, Harry XV. Young, Rolnert XV. Zainlvon, Eclwarcl Josepli Zeigler, lsaluel 0. Zepernicli, Lawrence Davicl lpana has its clay. F i 1, F bxf J l C Q - J - X? 2? 3 X LE' CQN sff M5 H35 QEVL X . ASQ 'X Ffa. f-Yi, Q x NT' , Q ' I Ll, Q-'IH , BQXW! ik J Z? Q x A x 3, 4 R, SK 'Q FIR TS Q! Q g ' WJ 5 N f f' gk IN S S K I X N 9 Z X 'ik BEAUTIES The folfowing ten girls were picker! by Iolm Robert Powers as the len, mos! Iveuulifuf al the University of Houslon- 5 f 5555, Q ,W ef f w mf va .L I A- I 3 1:21, t , fx A' 'I' - P M Q. HZ if A ,www wx TMA aamgeff, wma? if oriri differ if 7 af? alle 0 dI"G, I 1 .Narrief ja ix? Eff, joe .gpaeigkf il? FAVORITES 13311, Ann CL- Ezftyyane JGQCL Czriri Wagorny ibomtly cffhoff 3604? .fdfkn M, ganna JJ,,,,, I'gaI'0t Jauegef .Narrieff .slearer L-ik --'+i-T - - ' -- N47 f Aenrieffa .f4nfLony w L + War5fon cgancaufer Wm, may .HEAD SGUHJQ .fddcocl Way? .mixon if UUTSTANUI IH PEOPLE 'ik Tlzc fonuwirlg people. rflmsclr as lfm fun most ozzlslarulirlgg by tl join! furufly- sluffvnl COHlIHifIlC0. were scffcrticrl frorn U gnuzp of Slucfenls rmrrzirlrllcrl by lllc I9-IS lIOllSlUlliClT1 sluff. ' afef Jcue el' 5 ? Publications 'lflbdome Winn PlIl3liCZiliOl'lS jrdtly SGUCAQZ GfJX'GfI1l11KxIll I Olly 0l'e Atl ivilivs ffffii 6ll'6lA jane 5eLg C vl!X'Cl'I1I11CI1Il gun! Swidd GOX'L?l'IlI11L'Ill -4 C1OYC'I'IllI1Cl'lt prenfice jaclmon CHM-:mlm-nl mary pay Curry fxvllvllws j0l'lll'llg WQPCQI' AM-1 ivil ies Sf? HU UBB" ttonorees Not Picturect: GLADYS MUSGROVE, Representative to Stephen F. Austin Spring Fesliva ANNELL DAVIS, Representative to Rice txtay Runftetet. IiDl'I'H ESTES, Representative to A. 8- IW. Colton Batt. oriri gzifer Homecoming Queen Queen of lhc 1 hgh School Rffrvpiifm CMB e OU! Miss Varsity Venus of 1948 Eff, .xdnn roms Cupid Fling SwCvIl'10art mu, la, cm, Representative Lo Sum Houston fl .AI V Mn ' + X ' + i - f SX 3 ' v 6 SX- ff W' K -ff f f , 9 J X lv W I 1 I L. ff- 1719 SEE-K,a1!E V S Wx 'Q f L :Ch KX f f l fjf' 5 4M if X Xxx- 4 XX IW f- W' 'P X f Presiflenl ....,. Viet? Presirlenl . Vive Presirlenl . 5eCreIury .... reusurer .... 5erg0unl ul arms z"lsscrnl9lylm:l1. . . A llumni Serrelary His1'oric'111 . . . . . Sponsor Seoul ,'Xrlx'isors ALPHA PHI UMEGA ....I3lI.I. SHERRIH . . . , .LARRY PARKER , . . . , . . . .llili KRAl,'Slf , p l . ,cha 1.fxlzl.1is PITCI n-in . . . A . .lqlfimalli TURNICR .......,...IRDON TAYLo1e ,' LEE KRAUSE ll MARSIIAU, PITTMAN . ..... mm SOUTHERN DAVIS UR. JONAS l3l":AN CRAY l'1nc'lllly Aclvisorl, 9 me., l le XVIIITAKER ' QFHUMANN, GEORGE T. BIRD, THOMAS ,' xv. 11. mwpow W ci Yo1'NGBl..oop This national scrviee lralemily is the Hella Omega fxhnpler of Alpha Phi Omega aucl il has as ils purpose lhe ullempl lo assemhle rollege men iulo thi- lellowship ol lhe Seoul oalh and law, lo clevelop lrienclship, mul Io promote servire lo hrlmauity. These hoys are il ggrenl, service lo the llniversity. This year lhey have sponsorecl an inlommlion hoolh in lhe Rev' reulion Pmilfling. lwo large honllres preeecling lootlmll enum-s, rmnpaignecl lor money lor thc purpose of huying the rougm' zmcl her range, sponsorecl ilu- fiougar Slucleol llirevlory, usherecl all all ol our loollmll games, gave 1 party lor unfler-privilegecl vhilclren, aml lhey hafl a con -1 lllvflgf-swlfull, 1017 resgiou in the Fl'OIlllLTl' l'iesla. ALPHA PSI UMEEA P r'4' siflwzf ..... ...... . IO! iN Al.I.NIAN Vi f'ff Prvsulvnl . . . . .I IAROID SPRXXXVLS S f-1' rv! fwf- y ....... ,HADAIR l5JX'l"l'lfRSUN XX'f1rll1y Ilismri flff . . ....,.,..........,. KXVY BURNS 5, wf 111 sur ........ .... F HQ. I.. STAXNDI.lfIf NITVHELL .fxlplm Psi c5Illf'Qil. lWm'nwl'ly Ihr' Nnlimml KNHHPQIEIIQ' llnumlln' 5m'1f'iy. was IIN- lirst Crvclx lctifr umflnmlzzitrwlm in ln- nm-1'rvg11izfwI fm ilu' cmnpus. 'Hu' rlulv SlJ1lllSf'?I'5 all ilu- Rc-rl Masque pro rlm Iums. CNIICI' zndivillm lvrwv IIN" yvnr illvfllclml ilu- HHIIIIKII HIHXII lwusc' in Sl'Illi'IllI3C'I' for HH Rc-rl NI INQIIC' ljlnyvrs. za CNIIUSIIIIEIS UIJCII fwllsz-, mul llw illlllllill IHIIHIKIUI in lwny ul wlwivlm H1110 ilu tllIlNlJIIlfliIlQ flrulmlailic' uwurrls of ilu' yvnr wcrc maclc. THE ART CLUB President ...... ....... A Vice President . . . ..... CLYDE RAINWATER Secretary ..,.,. .......... J EAN TERENCE Treasurer . . .... MARY ELLEN ALLMAN ASHLY HOSTETTER Assemblyman. . . BIM RQGERS Putwticily A1011 .......... Freshman Representative. . . - bponsor MARTHA SULLIVAN . . . . . . . . . .JAMES HILL .............VlRGlL ASHLEY MR. FREDERIC BRONVNE MR. RALPH NVILSGN Q MR. ELMER VOGEL The Art ctutn serves to stimulate a turttner interest in art. The members participate in student exhibits, stcetctiing, anct attend lectures. Once a month the ctutu gives a picnic to provide scenes for landscaping. The most important social activity for the year was the Christmas party. The Art ctutu tract a stuctent-ctesigned Haunted House this year in ttie Frontier Fiesta. W6 BAPTIST STUDENT UNIIJN President ...... ...... R ICHARD E. KLEPPER Vice President .... .... L UCILLE HIGGTNBOTHAM Secretary ..... ........... I JELORES BELL Treasurer . ,..... KENNETH JONES Assemblymeri. . ,..,. I KENNETH JONES ANELL SHAW Sponsor. .. ...., MRS. ALICE BARNETT The purpose of the Baptist Student Union is to strengltien the lie ot the Baptist student with his ctwurch. The projects for the year were a Bible study and to interest veteran students in ctxurcti. Several outstanding speakers were presented in cliscussicn groups. A tau retreat was attended tmy members of the club. THE BUCK!-XHUU CLUB Presiclent .,.... .,......... B Vive President . . . .... l'lARRlETT SHEARER Secretary .... ..... l DATTY FRANKLIN Treasurer . . .,.,. BONNIE NTCLEROY Asscrnlalymen. . . ...,...... I JEAN JACOBSON l HELEN SOUTH 1 MR. HARVEY W. HARRIS Sponsors ..... Y Q 4 l MR. JQHN E. HGH! Tlwe l-5LIf'liill'00 ricling clulm is one liunclrecl per Cent western ancl is COIT1IJOSCfl ol girls wlio are intcreslecl in learning :intl improving llieir nlmility ioriclc. Tliis year llie girls solcl tivlcels lo rho Banclcra Round-Up sponsorecl lvy llie liions Cluln. lo llie l B2lIlCl9l'2i Rounclfllp Dance sponsorecl lay ilm runclmers lrom Banclcra, ancl In Llm Fat SHR-L Slwow W u and lxorleo. Tlwey lwml u slwow in llie Fronlicr Fiesta, aucl tlicy sponsorccl tlic lrriesla Kiclq-Oll? llancc. rlilie Bueliaroos lJaCl4ecl Sadie Hawlcins weeli mul Climaxecl it witlw an annual Sadie Hawliins Dance. 1 tiers in order to support activities of the stucient government. i I 1 BUSINESS ASSUEIATIUN President ..... ...... , HN SiBLEY Vice President . . . . .ANNELL DAVE Secretary .... . . .EDNA MERKENT Treasurer .... ....... B UD XVORRELI. fisscrnblymcn .... .... . RAY LEMON i HARLAND DOAK sponsors 1' DR. H. ii. HUGHES S ' i MR. R. A. Wiuiiws Time purpose oi time Ciuiy is ttirecioici. They are avlixv in keeping the inciniwrsiiip aim I ui vurrcnt business ricvciopmcnts unci avlivities. They prninutc interest mnung the imusincss inn 1 uit Houston in the Sviwooi of Business Aclministration ami pminote teiiowsiiip :unnng the 1 fifty in the your tide Business Assorintiori 'tie-ici an informal fiance in the imnrci room of I vziivetcria. They twirl an oici fastiioneri iwox slipper in iviarvii :incl ai banquet at lime emi ot I semester. The Business Assofiution sponsoroct ra Concession in the Fiesta featuring Uuwipoy minstic ami quaricites train lim Soriety for tin- Preservation of i7Jz1riwi'si1up Quariclle Singing in Amcric 1 i llllll THE CANTERBURY CLUB President ....... ..... S HIRLEY SHERMAN Vice President .... ....... W lLLlAlVl FREY Secretary ..... ..... J EAN CHURCH Treasurer ....... .... . . ..... BILL STERLING Member al Large. . . ........... ....... H ELEN REEVES Sponsor ........ ..... 'T HE REVEREND PENRQSE A. HIRST The Canterhury cluh was organized in 1946 for the purpose ol coordinating the religious activ- ities ot all Episcopal stuclents on the campus. Membership is open to any student. Asicle from the cluh's regular meetings on Friday, there have heen Friclay night flinners in the school cafeteria, ancl several picnics on the campus. During the lenlen season the meetings were helcl at Trinity Episcopal Church. There Were guest spealaers anrl religious movies were shown. These programs were plannetl hy the ollicers of ilu- Clulm. EHUHAL CLUB President ....... .... M ARY ELLEN ALLMAN Vice President ..... ....... A DAIR MCGOWAN Secretary ..... ..... S ARAH JANE MOSELY Treasurer . .... KENNETH GUPTON Librarians ....... . . . DIXIE MQORE BETTY NVHITE Sergeant at Arms ..... ........... B ILL BLUE JACK LECROY Sponsor ......... ..... M R. BRUCE SPENCER KING The Ctiorat Club tins ns ils purpose the promotion of sctwoot spirit and ttre stimulation of interest in music. Each year ttris ctuty presents a Spring Operetta, a Christmas Concert, and an Gpera. Ttmosc students atso had a Frontier Fiesta Concession and tract muotr to :to with the presentation of Varsity Varieties. EHHISTIAN SCIENCE UHEANIZATIUN President ........ Vice President . . . Secretary ..... Treasurer . . . SPOVLSOT' . . . . . . . . . , . . .JAMES H. LUCAS . . . . .JOHN E. NVATSON . . . . .NANCY XVALNEY . . . . . . .RUTH OENNINC MRS. MINERVA BLACK The Christian gfienfc Organization strives lo nnilo lim Ciwristirin Scientists within thc' n vvrsily of IIOIISUWII in Closer 11011115 of Ciiristiari fcnnwsliip. earzrj Hs CU-ED ELUB President .,.,...... .... , IOSE NIATOS ls! Vice Presiflenl .... ....... DITH Qncl Vice Presicfenl. .. .... NTONA .IQHNSON Secretary .. ,... .............. L JANE BRIGHAM Treasurer .... UIQILA GRACE TRAPOLINO Purtiarnenlari czrz . . ........ LLOYD St tERBER rtssemlutyrnen. . . . . BUAUE TAYLOR l Rolslam' EDGAR Sponsor ... ...tVtR. t.. tt. IDICKERSON The C0-Eft Ctutr is il service organization whose purpose is to serve ltu' sluctent tvocty anrt improve ttxe Comfort ot the students. txtemtnerstup is open to att stuctents. Vttmey have Contritmutert 21 great rtcat to the new stuctent tounge wtwirtm is near the tennis eourt. This has tyeen the main projeet Ivor the year. tn the Frontier ttiesta they wilt operate ttme nnnuut bingo anrt penny pitetliug Confessions. ' Another outstnncting servife to the sturtents this year was the danres tmetct in the Cateteriu fatter the home toottnatt games. .. ir it 'Mai 1 rr: EUUEAH IIULLEEIANS President ....... ..... S ARAH JANE MOSELEY Vice President ........ ....... D RUSILLA LANE Second Vice President . . . .......... BETTY ANN CROSS Secretary ............. ....,............ H ELEN REEVES Treasurer ...... DELLA GRACE TRAPOLINA Reporter . . . .............. DELORES BECKER Historian . . . ,.... GLADYS MUSGROVE Parliameniurian ....... BELLE GRIGGS Assemtntymen .... ....... . JANE BAILEY KAY KIMBALL 5 MRS. BEssiE EBAUGH t MRS. RUBYE HOOKER Sponsors The Cougar Cottegians was founded in 1928 by Ftrs. Pearl Bender, and is ttie otdest girts organization on the campus. tts originat purpose was to support ttwe attitetic activities taut it txas expanded to a generat service group. The Cougar Cottegians act as the otficiat taostesses of the University of Houston and their co- operation vvas outstanding during the Home-Coming weetc-end. Each year in February the ctuta stages the Cupid Fling Sweettieart dance Wtaicti is ctirnaxed by the crowning of their Sweetheart wtio is chosen try the entire student taody. A concession in Frontier Fiesta was atso sponsored by ttxe ctuta. EL FUHU ESPANUL Presictenl ..,.,. . . . MARGARET PRUITT Vice President ....,. ........ V ERNCN MCREE Business Secretary .... ..... N IARTHA SULLIVAN Corresponding Secretary . . . ..... HECTOR OTERO Treasurer ...... .,.. ..... D O RIS KOEHLER Reporter . . .............. ,IUANITA GREIG Asselnbly ,7lc,,1 H -.. 1' JOHN CONRAD MASSEY I CARLA BROXVN sponsor ,......s. ,. ......,..,. ...,...... M Rs. FLOY P. souui The purpose ot the etuh is io promote friendship with our neighhors in other countries, con- centrating particularly on the American countries ot Spanish speech. They provide for the ex- change ot students anct wherever possihte for scholarships for these exchange stuctents. The outstanding activity tor the year was the Christmas party with a posacta and pinata. They also participated in various activities ot an ectucationat nature such as lectures and movies, anct raised money tor the schotarship tunct. They organizeci conversational groups and groups to learn typicat Spanish American stances The ctuh hart a concession in the Frontier Fiesta where they served Spanish styte tooct. President .... Vice President . Secrelary ....., Sergeant al Arms Treasurer ...... Assembfyrnen. Sponsor EBCHULLUS SUEIETY . . . .A. C. BRODNAX . . ...... CHARLES McKlM . . ..... BETTY ANN RETTIC . . . ............ BRUCE MEEK . ..,.... XVAYNE I IAMILTON X A , I H 5 yf1LnAMWENCKENs ' "I JNMY WOMACK . . . , . , . . .MR HID FURLEY The lfsvrouus Society was tounclecl in 1945 for the purpose of hringiug arehilecturat stuctents in Coniarl with professional architects anrt providing for the slutty ot the history, construction :fo at arvhitortural art through group ttisrussions. ll, is opcn to all architoetural SUIKICHIS. illil KICSI ll 1 All pioreecls from the Society are usect for the ai'c'hn,cCl,rire hhrary. Erich year lfsciolhis stages a nmasqueracte halt with a Carnival theme. Prizes are given for the h sl, vosluines anct a re the Frontier tjicsi a. presonlalive queen is Chosen. This year the Society hart a Patare Thealer THE FUHENSIE CLUB 1ff.1Sff10,1f ,...... .. .JACK R151 Hill vim 1'fcSif1.,,,f .......,..... FRED BA'I'IiS Scrrclzlry ..... . . .llirlvlqm RUTH Hfxlvllvlmlxlg Tr .-f, sur:-r .. ,....... NVHAIARID Illili M c,,', Hx ,,,1t,,I y ANNA ROSE I'AOllR ' I HARRY '1'Ac1c:AR'r S, ,1,,, M ...A NRS. MARY I.. IQAVIS lllmc- pnnljmsc- rwlq rlw ljIlI'C'll5ll' is lo prrwiclc opporlllnily for irmcliviclunl spcnlaing pmvlirv Illlflil , . nr tual vmxrlrlums. llwy slrlvc in urlvam'C all phases of speerlm Elf'lIYlly lo tlw vncl llml ilu' pn- ln 4 ol ilu- llnivcrfily ol' llllllililll fmcl llmc lsorensic Society slwall luc CIll1flIN'C'fl lvy mpalmlc, cnllmu Il lu' Slurlm-all Spc'z1l40l's. Ilw l'f7I'i'Ilhlf' clulws main nvlivily was tlme participatiml in mlm:-rolls irmlc-r'r'fmllc-ggianlv mul uglmul llw slulv. Vlqlwy also prrwiclccl spcalccrs lor tlwc Spvulwrys l'511rc,-all lm' llw rily nl l lmnlfm THE FUIL ELUB President ....... ..... J QHN HTME, JR. Vice President .... .... t . J. HUACUJA Bout Committee. .. ................ I JUHN HIME I JACK XVIER Instructor .... .... E DMUND STAMM fRice ,463 Sponsor ............... C. A. STEELE The Foil Ctuh is to further the art of fencing at the University. These students tottow the scheftute of the amateur fencers league ot America fA.A.U.D. They have met with various schools such as Rice, A. and M., Houston Fencing Ctuh, Carbide Buccaneers anct in the State Finals: Texas Tech, John Tarteton, Hardin-Simmons, Texas Uni- versity anct the Dallas Fencing Ctuh. This ctuh is inctehtect to Mr. Foutae and the health anal education department ter the equip- ment anct other hcip extenftert. FHUNTIEHSMEN Foreman . . . ..... XVALTER M. RAINEY Straw Boss .. ......... JAMES StBt.iEY Troubleshooter . . . .... DENTON PRtEST Section Chief .... ...... C Lttjt: HORN Paymaster . . . ..,..... BOB DWYER Sheriff ..... ........ B ILL STERLING Story Tetter .. ..... XVELCOME NVILSON HARRY seorr " ' . J. B. THOMPSON sponsor .... .... M R. M. L. RAY ftSSGTTlblyT'l'I,9i"L . 'title trontiersmen was tounctert ttwis year to Create anct promote setwoot spirit, to tnaetc ttre toot- tmatt team to ttwe tuttest extent, anrt to support tt1e Frontier Fiesta. The Ctutn tms tneen aetivc in its ttrst year. tt Wortcect Witti ttwe EX-Stuftents Association on ttie Homecoming Activities anct met ttie out ot town guests Wittx ttie Buctcaroo Ctutu. Ttmey turnistiect ttme tmnor escorts to ttwe Cupict Fting anrt assistect ttme Junior Ctwamtner ot Commeree in setting Fat Stoetq Stmow tietaets. tn ttwe future ttdey ptan to assist ttwe Fiesta etiairman in any possitpte way anct to tatie part in ttwe paracte. tt is atso ptannect to ctritt at twatt-time pertormances ot att toottoatt games. Requirements tor memtuerstiip are a HC" average anct nomination tay a memtner ptus approvat by ttmree-tourttis ot the active memtners. f Q as QQ 1 fl 5 Qi ? f S ,Q X lla-We EUTUHE TEACHERS UE AMEHIEA President .,... ..... , IO! IN R. Vice President .... ..... f 'AROLYN BERRY Secretary .,... ......,... X 'HQCINIA MUNSON Treasurer . ................ MARY NESMITH Assemblymen.. ..... F' R' ADAMS I T1e1oMAs A. MLLBERN, JR. Sponsors Dlnrl MISS .IOYCTE BENBROOK l MR. HARRY FOUKE The Future Toarlicrs of America coorclinalc the activities ol' all future teachers. Any studenl eligible for memluership. The officers of the clulu were installed at a formal banquet. THE GERMAN CLUB President ....... ..... L ERQY A. EQLIN Vice Pfeerereei .... ........ s TEPHEN GAUNT Secretary ....... ..., E RANGES KIRKPATRICK Assemtalyrnen .. ..... if JOYCE LARGENT t ELTQN TIELKE Sponsors ,' DR. Louis KEs'rENEERG ' ' ' ' '1 MARGARET IANERT The purpose of the German ctutn is to provifte a rnettioct to improve knowledge of the German language, to practice ttre speaking of German, and to engage in a form of social activity to assist in the students German development. The German club has meetings every Friday anrt in ttiis meeting they tall: German and some times serve refreshments. In the Frontier Fiesta they had a typical German beer garden. HILLEL SUEIETY lhimleiil .... ..... S OI, B. XVHINER Vi f'1f Pmsulmif . . . . .LEONARD XVEINER Sacrolary ........... . . .FANNIE XVUGMANN fworrvsi wfnf iflmg Secrclriry , . . . .SHIRLEY IAUFINTAN 'l'rvfmirr-r ........... ....... I RXVIN FAPIAN Spmism- . , . . .PIIILIP C-ORODETZER Vtttio piirpusr- ut' ltwc ttittet Society is to provictc sofiat, attitcliv, I'CtiQt0llS, emit l'lIttlll'ilt afjtivitics tm ,lm-wisti sliirtuinis on nnft oft' the Campus. Ttiis year ttw I tittrit rtonatcft the tirst tuootis to a tuootistictt in ttwc' ttiiivorsiiy titmrnry. Ttw Society xxitt FOIIUIIIIC to spurisor ttiis stiett ttirougtw tide Coming years. Ttwcy tmct ei m'unr'0ssimi in ltwo Fron- 4 . llcr t icstu. 'twin' first swint c-vent ut ttic year was ttle ipauqucl, givmi tm' iiislattntimi fmt' oittirckrs. Tim Sovioig 0 guw ai munlry stytc ctance ami participated in intramurat tqootiaatt games. THE HUME EEUNUMIE5 CLUB President ....... ..... M ARTHA COOPER Vice President ...... .............. E DITH ESTES Recording Secretary .... .......... IN TARTHA ROGERS Corresponding Secretary .... ...... J UUA BETH LITTLEJQHN Treasurer ...... .... .......... M A RION GREEN Parlinrnentarian ........ NATALIE POST Reporter .. . ...... BESS ALEXANDER Assernblyrnan . ........ EVELYN BLANCHARD Sp! ,,1S Urs.. ' HJ' MRS. PAYE ANTHIS I Miss LEOTA GUENARD The purpose of the Home Economics Club is to promote an understanding of the department and tide courses in order to make them more interesting. Each month the members give a dinner to which they invite students and faculty members. The members of the Home Economics ctutu serve at parties given by other ctutus on the campus. Each month they sponsor a catce and hot-dog sate. They are now working on a project for obtaining a tounge in their tnuitding and matting up- tnostered Chairs to be used in the tounge. Ar present the membership numbers 50 and it is open to any student taking Home Economies. ss Ei if LANY1-XRD CLUB Prasirleul ...... .... V IRGINIA MCCLAIN Viva l'rr+sultmi ........ . . .MARIE XVHITEHEAD ffurruspomlirrg Secroiury . . . ....,.... .VETA BOND Recording Secretary . . . .... BEVERLY KRAKOXVER Treasurer ,........ ......... J EAN KELLEY Sponsor .. . .... MISS SUE CARRISON The purpose ull the Lanyard Cluh is to promote activities among women physical eclucation majors aurl tu stimulate their interests in womeifs intramurals. This orgaiiizatiuii had womeiils intramural Contests ancl a high sfhuol liivilaliun Day. The l.ai1yarcl Clulm Can always he Countecl on to help to proinutc svhnol spirit un the Campus anal they always talce part in school activities. st .WW mf. rf W awww M, 44 , M-'sf 2, 1 W4 ri 3 Fall MARY LOU NESMITH PATTY FRANKLIN. . . NANCY CUMMINS. . . LE UUAPITIEH LATIN Qfjqcers .. ... ..... President. . Spring MARY LOU NESMITH . . . ..... V ice President ...... ..... P ATTY FRANKLIN , . . ..... Secretary. . LAURA NVATERMAN. . . . ..... Treasurer. HOPE ,IETER ......... AsSemI:Iy1nen .......... Editor of FeuiIIe aIe Chou Sponsor ............. . . . .... Hostess. . . . . ..... MAXINE RADOFF . . . .CHARLOTTE MOORE . . . . .ELEANOR RETTIC 1' HELEN REEVES to BETTY KEEN . . . . . .LUPE SANCI IEZ .,. .MR. JULES A. VERN The FrencI1 cIuIJ, Le Quartier Latin, is one of tI1e oIcIest cIuIms on tI1e campus. Its purpose 1 to increase ancI satisfy an interest in FrencI1 cuIture anrI Ianguage. The main project tI1is year is tI1e HIVIaison Francaisef' or FrencI1 IIouse. IVIemIaers are rais nc funds to IJuiIcI a Iuouse on tI1e campus for tI1e French department. The Iaouse will Irave art I pIays, Iounges, and facilities for exchange stucIents. It will aIso Iiave cIass and recreation rooms This year the cIuIJ incIucIecI in its sociaI activities an Initiation Banquet, a CI1ristmas Party, and a IYIarcIi Gras ceIeIJration. A FrencI1 Theater was sponsored in tI1e Frontier Fiesta. METHUDIST STUDENT MUVEMENT President ....... .,.. I ALOYD SHERBERT Vice President .... ..... I RVIN ANDRENVS Secretary ....... ,... M ARGARET HARRIS Publicity Chairman ...... .... B RYANT YOUNG Service Commission Chairman ..... BILL SMITH Membership Chairman . .... PAGE ELLISOR Recreation Chairman . . . .............. BILL QFIELD 1 MARY Lou NFSMWH t ARTIFIUR FFTFRsaN f FRANK STOFF "1 LLOYD MQORMAN ASS0lnblyfHOll ...... .... Religious Groups Council Represeniatiaes. . . . . Sponsor ......................... .- ......... REV. MQMURRY RICHEY The purpose of ttmo Ntcttwodist Student twovcment is to further an interest in religion, enfouri Christian fellowship on the campus and lo further ctevetop u Imtunvcct philosophy of life. 4 THE NEWMAN CLUB Fall Officers Spring CLETUS NVARK .......... ....... P residifnz .................. JACK HUGHES THOMAS CUNNINCIIAM ,,.. Vice Presiflem .... THOMAS CUNNINGHAM PATTY BARTLETT .............. Secretary .................. DOT MULLEN RICHARD BUTCHER ...., .... P IYFGUSUTCV ..... BGB CHRISTIVTAN JHANNINE SCHMITT ..... .... R eporlcr. . ..... MARY LOU MOFFIT ffl LARLES MCKEON .... .... S gt.-al-Arms. . . ....... A, J. KOXVALSKI IDHIZDY KOETTING. . . ,... llisloriun ..,....... MARY BHRRYMAN Sp r,1r rsor .......... .... .... ix f HSS MARY ELLEN KELLY fxliapfiiin .. ..... FR. DEX'I'IiR. GEORGE Tire Newman ciiuim presents il religious, social am' Cultural program for Ciiillifblif' siuclenls, The members participate in i.eni.e11 and Advent Reircals. social ziviiviiies irwiiicie 1,1 Hgel iivqiiuirrlcri ClilI1CC,H ii Hixiioweyeir parly and a Christmas opcnvimouse. "CaClus Barn was the concession in the Frontier Fiesta. Anotlwer group activily for the ye was time active participation in time Homecoming Homme. Prvsulvnf PHI THETA HI-IPP!-I .. . . . .. , , , ,CTICORCIZ I I. DURBIN Vi fwt, Prwnlom ..... .... I IICNIQY IQSFAINIILIIX Sucrmnry ,.... ....... X 'IYIAN HENRY Tn -4 , mm- ...,..... ISIIIIIT KNICIII' lliswmm . . ...,. MARY IDU NESMITII Svrgomzl .... ........ I IKXRIQY ITITZCERALD Sponsors. I IVIIQS. RIIIBYH IIOOKER 'H I 'I Mies. ISIiSSIIi M, EBAUCH IJIII Thcifl Kappa if tIw mnw as II1c .Iunior ScI1oIarsI1ip Suri w s 1 ' 151: 's H51 S' dx Il 'mpc ll Iorug CIMIII Imp sIau1cIurcIs amI Iquslm-I' I'L'IIUXY4IlIII. IXIc-n1IvvrsI1ip is OIJOII In QIII sIurIcnIs WIII1 il 2,5 awerago IQIIIS group SOVII in mIvIm-gulimm In IIN- NIIIIUIIEII c,xUI'IYGIlIIlIII ul Iluc-IIIII. CNKJIUIIIIIIJ, wI1I1'I1 wus INII III I I,IwmugI1 rXpriI 7. 'IIN' pmjc1'Is UI' II14- vIuI:w01'0II1c inilisilimu wlwlxunmics mIuring IIN- syn: tIlIC'SIt'l'ilIllI a i'UIl1'L'SSI1IIl in I'1'm1licrI'ic-sln. ,. A -L 5 5 Z Nw 5 Prvsimlvnl .,... Vim' Prcsiflenl .... 54'c'rulary . . 'lvrvusnrvr ..... y . . f urlmrrwnlurmn . . . SUFQUUIII-ll!-fxl'lII,S . .'xSSt'lVl!ll-VIHOII. . . Sponsor . . . f 1 , - A PHE-LAW CLUB . . . .LEXVIS TCBIICRIFK ' TY SNUFFER DAVID HALPHEN . . . ,IJOIDRES HARIZ . . . .CLIFTON HORN . . . .NANCY XVALNEY . , . , .XVALTFR KANIE .J Q 1 J. KowA1-sKl " l lilsb c1,fxRnN1ile ..,.IDR. A, fx. XYIIITIQ Nw I If"l,ilXVf Inf: is one of lhe oldest orgunwnlnons on ilu- vannpus. Hue clulm had greal lllnll 4-nm in lmringing the progressing Law Svlmool lo llw lxnixc-rsily. lXl0lI1lN'l'SI1iI'J is open to all slnclm-nl IDIIFSIIUIQ il PIP-IEINY FOUFSC. Arlivilic-s illl"llIfIGC,l lcrlnrcs lmy prominvnl lnwya-rs mul purllvipnlion in a varieiy show for IIN llonlul lu 11 H15 Prelaxx clulm In open all cn uns lo Pulp llu I pl mln pncvious lo c-ntcring law sc is 1 's ' ss' , g - 151' mem vers an -gn PHE-MED SOCIETY President .... ............ P LES KENNERLY Secretary .... ...... C HARLINE NORTHWAY Treasurer . . ......... FREDY SANCHEZ A 5 ANNE GRAHAM "Nt MARION FORD Sponsor . . . ...... DR. H. J. SAWIN Assemhtymen . . The purpose of the Pre-Med Society is to help pre-mectical and pre-dental students hecome acquainted with the professions of their future. Several ctoctors from the various fields of medicine have been brought in as speakers at the meetings. They have presented movies of surgical performances. Through these contacts the stu- itents hecome known to the memhers of the pre-med committee on recommendations on a hasis ftiftqerent from that of the student-teacher relation. The tJre-Med ctuh sponsored a concession in the Fiesta, featuring a semi-scientihc show with one act demonstrating the identiheation and matching of htoocl-types. THE PRESS CLUB Prcsiclcnl ..... ........ , IKXCNK XYILSON Vim Pmsnlwll .. . .... OI JIQAN CROKNIIRAN S',C"j""Y l... .... 15l,l,1iN W1 IIZATLEY Yroasurvr Xu H jf .INK XYILSON . ssc-rn v vnwn. .. . . .. 1 1 Y' I M.fXlQIIg MJXRRISON Sponsor .,.. HAIR. ,l,"XNIfS I". PALMER The purpnsv uf ilu' ljrcss Club is lo 0IN'lllIl'?lQ0 jmrnlulisfir funrlimms illlfl In pmnmic srwiul g1atl1Cl'ings. Eavh ycur' H10 Vlulm awurcls journalism Sl'hUIilI'SI1illS. The L1'ansporl,al,iuun Ivor Hglmusluyh was pm vided lay llwc Pruss vlula. The responsilnilily for mgnrmixilmg mul elltering I1-mms in Huw iIltI'ZilT1lITFlI J sporls is znssmm-rl lay ilu- I ross Clulm. The srmfial Fllllllillilliilll of lhe your is IIN' lyrcss fxlulw Phamquc-I wl1ivI1 is nHc'mlml by IIISIDIHCIB of the fNQl'c1,xla slnlxfl mul thc- P1OIfS'I'ONIAN slulqf. XX Press vlulv Imam' is also artivc on the campus l'or the lwcslu, llw Press Clulu publislmccl the '-l'ia-slam Caizcltesq PSYEHIJLUEY ELUH Fatt Offqcers Spring BILL XVEBB ..... ..... P resident ..... .... M ERRITT OELKE MERRITT OELKE ..... ..... V ice President .... ..... T OMMY SHARP BETTY SCHULP . ..... Secretary ..... ...,.... E VELYN WHITE CARL ADAMS. . ..... Treasurer. ..... MARGARET HARRIS 1' MQNROE ROCHESTER Assemblyman .... .... ..... . l BILL oRR DR. ROY CROUCH SPOHSOVS -A DR. LAURIE CALLICUTT MRS. EVELYN PEDERSON This ctuh provides an opportunity for students in psychology to meet with faculty members and discuss psychological principles and prohtems. The theme ot the ctuh is that psychology is a Way of tite. Outstanding spcatqcrs, psychotogists and psychiatrists, or prominent husiness men in Houston, are presented throughout the year. A fortune tetting booth was presented in the Fiesta to show pscudofpsychotogicat methods. The memhers and their guests attended a banquet at the end of the schoot year. Sevcrat planned tietd trips were tatcen this year. BED MASUUE PLAYERS Prcfsiclent ...... ,,., , LXNTON DE KANTER vm Pmsidmlls. H nvtn ji GEORGE IDURBIN lx BOB RYMKXN 5 Lffw mlury .... ..... lx TARY ELLEN ALLMAN SUl'4flTllILl'-Lll-LlflHS.. ..,..... LANE SlilXlANlll4iR E l CE'I-YIDIi RAlNXX'ATIiR Sponsors '.h j MR. I., S'I'ANIDI.liE MITCHELL l MISS I.lilA BI.OllN'I' rllwruuglw ilw yours tlw Rvrl lxlusquo lllnycrs Imve maiinlmmwl rum' ol llue lamgest memlucrrs of llwe rlulms rm the mmpus. llue plays prvsenlefl flmis yvar ilwllrclvfl Mllwc Olfl lxlairlm zmrl Hlxly Sisle-rFil00I1.H The rlulm also spmmsmvrl Several sillrlmnl-cli1'cvc'lerl plays emcl smnc mme-uv! plays. 5 Q, SUEIETY UE ENGINEERS Prcsiclvnl .... Vice Presiclenl .... Sccrciary .... Chief Engineer Treasurer . . Speaker . Assemlnlyineri, . Sponsor. Board of Uirvflors. . . XVIIIIAN T. KITTINOER , 1 -lil 1 ILIJ XVILLBORO I XVAIIVON D. XVEST . , . . . .JAMES SIMMONS . . . IEXVIS SCHELLINO ....,I IVCH BINFORID ..........TONY MORE 5 TONY MORE I HARRY MCANiCi1 . . . . .NR ,IOI IN E. HOFF C1 R. OANBIE CW, GARUER ROYAI. COLLINS ,IAINIIQS SIITTON The Society of Engineers aIIoi'rIs IIN- sl,ufIcnl, an ev'eIIenl uppnrlunily In Ixerome 1famiIiar wi 1 r'rwncIitions wIwir'I1 win Coiilioiil lwiin afvier QFHCIIIEIEIOII. By planncrl lic'IcI lrips lI1roi1gIw IoCaI inc s Iries, MILS from wc-II Ixnown przwliviiig engineers, and various other inelImrIs, the studcnls Imi'oiigI1ii in contarl WIII1 przic1l,ic'aI engineering proImIems WIHCI1 ciia1l1Ie lI1en1 lo reaIize IIWC dir r vniiiic-ei.ioi1 Iuelween lI1eir engineering Iiziining and their pusl.-euuegc x'oc'nl,inii. The activities of 1I1is c'Iulm inc'IurIcrI an ann11aI Imanquet zxnrI Iml'In-mic. The Imnquet was gixen in Iinnor of a person who I1arI lueen of spcCiaI scrvirc lo lIie Nevin-ly of Engineers or to IIWC IIC of engineering. THE SUUAHE DANCE CLUB Prerrderrr .... ......... , IACK HARRIS vrre President ...MARGARET KRUEGER Secretary ..... .... M ADGE CARROLL rrrrrrrrrrrrr ... ...Eusa HAWKINS Sponsor .. ...MR C. R. RADER The Square Dance Ctutb was organizect in Septemtuer, 1942, tiy Harvey XV. Harris. tts major otbjective and purposes are to promote SCt'100t spirit, a genuine ctemocratie trienctstiip among ttie stuctents and wtiotesorne recreation ttmrougti its weetcty ctances. During its existence it has partieipatect in every worttawtwite University activity, sotct War txoncts. ctancect annuatty in the Bandera Night at ttie Ptantation, anct stagect extdituition ctances tietore civic Ctutns advertising ttle Houston Fat Stock Snow anct Rodeo. This year ttae Ctutb participatect in the Bandera Night Ceteturation at ttie Ptantation. in Square Danre Jamtaorees ttirougtaout ttie City, and tie-td xveettty srtaoot ctances. TEXAS ACADEMY UE SCIENCE President ...... ...... B IU. YATES Vice President . , , .... RUSSELL HALL Secretary .... ......... I DATSY HILL Treasurer .. .......... G. C GAEKE 5' FOREST FOUNTAIN Assemblyman. . . . . . 1 T JOHN SXVINFORD Sponsor ..... DR. CATHERINE BROXVN Qrganized for truth ertiieationat and soeiat purposes the Texas Acacterny of Seienee offers an opportunity for stuftents to hes ' outstancting speakers in the various svientilqic' lietfts. The social activities for the year incsliifled many pivnivs and one ctanre for the members. Two representatives were sent to a Student Seientitic fysoiiveiitioii in Austin where sfientific' papers were read. A food Conte un was sponsorerl Ivy the Academy in the Fiesta. which Contains originrrt poems, essays, anrt short stories. The Ctuh secures prizes tor the hes gm WRITERS CLUB Fatt 0.0ICL'TS Spring ANSEI- CRAY ...... .... I 'rmflffnt ..... .... . IO! IN SANDERS JOHN SANDERS ..... .... X 'iw I'rtfsuIwi1 ,... ......... A NSHI, GRAY FLORENCNIC MARINI ,.... , .... Scvrctury ..... .... F I-ORtiNCiIi NARINI RAY CROKIQR ......,. I H ...... RAY VROKER . . . . . . .1tssr'rri,tnIyrirerr. . . . Q IVIURIEI, XVIVKS ,..... I ....... MURIHI, XVICK5 MISS RUTIRI PICNNYBACKER ...... Sponsor .... IDR. R, BAIJIOUR DANIELS 9 The Xvriters ftlttl was organiiect to encr iii 0 c'i'vz1tivc writing tor the 5tllKtl'tltS with at ctcsire to write. The Ctutfs projwt tor the year is eftiting tht- nt till'YCSt.U This is the aiiiiimt titc'i'ai'y anthotogy tries in poetry, essays, anct short stories. tn the Frontier Fiesta, the Xvriters Ctuh presentert an otct-tashioiiect puppet show. t en- VVEAYER DITTA GOIYIIIZ SCI IROITDFR RITICI IIE BROVVIX AHSITY "H" President ..... Vice Presirlenl .... Secretary .... . Treasurer ..... Sergeant al Arms. . . . Cusfoclian of the Records. . . Sponsor. . . . . . .EVAN VVEAVER . . . , . .TONY DITTA . .HENRY A. COMEX LARRY SCHROEDER . . .MARVIN REICHLE . . , . .BOBBY BROXVN .IDR F. L. STOVALL FIFSI ROLUI SHIT! fXII6SGndl'B, JHIUSS Al1SISy, BSD BONN'Hl8H, GCOIQC BIOXN'H, IJJUIS IISYOXYII, Ch8II05 COfpCTItl'f. BiII Cook, BiIIy DienstIaacI1, Dick DurIIey. Suvond Row: IIar0IcI Dixon, I5uc'IcIey Foss, ,IacI4 Gwinn, Kenna-III I'IawI:inS, EMI I'Ir:nsIcy, GIenn HL-will, BiII IIoIIis, Bruce IIoxxton, Prentice ,IacI4son, D IIUIIIII4 'v' . it 'CII I'NI IIQRXYC it ll? V III 'CNR IIIQNNIQS SSUIIIATIU The purpose ot the rtuh is to luring ahont a Closer relation hclwovn those inen hoth in srhool and out of school who tmu- an Varsity HI In in athtetifs at the t,'nix'ersiIy of I Ionston. TIM- rtuh erforins the Iiiirvliniis ot' er Mservivcn orcfanization to the whoic athletic vrorain ot P I- I Q the institution. The assorialion shoutrt he ahte to rencter a vahiatwle sc-rvivc as welt as matic er noteworthy Contrihution. The Varsity UHH nonrishc-s ai spf-fiat spirit ot regarct tor the It-Ita-i' anct Iqostm-rs a spirit ot Ioyatty in the hearts ot those who npholrt tht- athletic prestige of tht- Rert anti Xvhite. The ontstanfting activity ot' Ihr- year for the association was the Varsity tleppertools show. First Row: NIeIvin Rh-tm, ,Iarilg I.1mham, Ettiot Loy, Bill Lutz, CharIcs IXIKIIIIVIIIII, ttitty Meyers, Don Napier, George Nohavitm, IX-nton Priest. Swforld Row: Newton Rogers, Pete Sealy, Xxvurrcn Settegast, Darrel Spixei, Billy ,loc Stvauey, Tingte, Ct-LII Towns, Harry Traivvrso, Roy XVuIIa4:e. MII IJIZI I SIOX XII WI-IU'S WHU members ot Xvtiots Xvtio are nominatect tmy tuotti stuctent anct tacutty, and are votect on tuy ttie Student Activities Director. setcftect Chairmen ot ttie Divisions ot ttie University, and an equat numtyer of students appointed by the Stuctenl, Activities Director. Ttxey must tiave a average anct ttiirty resirtenl, hours at ttic University of Houston. BHIJCTOCIC, BEiItJHfii Beem, ixdarjorie Bobo, Rotuert Pbuvtctey, tiota Betty Ctartae, Fred Creve-nstene, trcnc Date, Kennetti MEMBERS OF XVHCYS XVHO, 1947-'48 Esciainitta, t tenry Fritoux, Ctarence Garrison, Marie Gittespie, .tames Gray, Ansel Gupton, Kennetti Hanna, Ttwomas tvtartin. ttarry tX'2tOS6tCy, SBFGIW ,IEUIG tVtCConniCo. Jntia twtore, Anthony Reed, Frantctin Harotct Sanchez, Freddy Sherman, Stairtey Sitvtey. James Stone, tvan Swiss, Ntyron Bud Setatup, Betty Tauttnee, George Vxfetniu, Xvooctrow Xvitson LE HAYUU lx- lgfiytrll. lllllmll-fl In lU3rv. lx llw willy' l'1Q'lr'l1 l.llllIillf Illf1Q?l7lIlt' pulmllflwrl in llu' lllllll'fl glulvs :xml ls will lm llw musl illlpmlaulml lllCl'FiI'y vvlllc-ls lllflrllglllllll lllc- xxrmrlrl. ll lm kill 1-clllmiell Nlnll lvl sevclllcwll anssurifxlc' vclilms ll1n1x'c-wily prulvssms mul lllllllmu NX'I'IlCl'4, ll Is r'vprcSmmlml Ill l4I'illlI'G Elllfl III l,3K'lUllIIll XXQllfl'iI1llXXIl lMll'lS Zlllll llHX4'llaly illlll lliiS il I'i'lJll'M'lllilllYC Ill Pilfll ul llu- l're-llrklw p1mx'i1um's. ll plllmlislws fully lulglrml xxllrlm mul lm lmcl llllzm-:mls rvprmls Ill ullwl lli1Qii7lI'lCS nml fligl-sls, l'iorll1s' qlmlily ul. lllc mzllcwinl plllvlislwml. il was will-llcfl. in lfllltm. llw l,I'lX ilk' lkl l-ilIlQlli' l'lilllf'iilSC llxn- l'I'!'lll'l1 iif'Eiflf'lllf'. ,lulvs X vm iw llw flirertllr. lilmllwlll lframlml llwc' f'lI'fXlIlilll1lll nmmluvr, :mtl llflpe .lvlvr lllr' 'm'rPspm1cllllg scv1'c'l:11'y. 1-4 frbg 4 25's , N ,f N . we , 1 ff I l X X N ,f 1 P! f 'fx 1 ' 7' , Xp , g f V? 1, f -f if 6' M .ff Lai? Hi-6 I L I H' ll XRR1 H Jl'KIf NVIJ 'I'I li FNIINC HN func! ,Xl ISI lx! Wil ll Xl I xlllfwlir' Illrmlwl' Hruirzww ,Xl THLETIE DEP HTMENT rf- f IIN- l,YllIY6'IAFIl,V of HULISIUI1 ullwlvllc' KIPIDEIIAIIIICIX1. lf1cmuul1 yuurmg. hm 11121110 f'U1JSiCIl'filIlIC prog re-ss ill j1I'HI1l0tiI'lQ ai Sporls pr41Qre1111. Aflvr CIl1CI'iIlQ iJ1lc'1'c'rwHc1Qiz1lr' fsfllilllfdiiiibll in 10111, cifbllgjfll Xngvrs lmvv wmm lwu l.m1cv Nm Cm1fv1'011c'c lillvs, lf1r1r1is lc'au11 won H10 1.0110 5le1rr'm1fc-rvlmvc wall V1 nllzmcc' U10 MQW Illll'ilIlllIl'iil 111601 in NHT laliing fmolh sillglfxs amz! IIHIIIVICS ex'0I1ls. l'11clf'r,lc- '1 JI'0Ql'illN has Hol1rlSl1vfl. ll1is lminls lcv ix lz11'ggc'ra11cl lwilm' sporis pr1mg3rz1111 in lI1e luiurv, 2 E 41... l.ufi io figlll 11111: .lmtk Pz1ll0rf0I1, 11111711 rorlcllg AILICI1 Pasvllv. IPCISIQQJIJIIII IUUCII, Unllmx txllwvri, Imsufmn lffltlfll, HUA ,IPNYCH XXVUIIZIFU, IUUIXHIH LfilHl',l. 4 .4--"""", MNRY RAY CQVRIQN YIRCIII. IIARCZIK ,lJXMlfF XX'ON,f'XCNK CZIAIDYS MUSCZIQ I3lf'l4'l'Y BOX f7lfNlf ISIQUr"Ix Cheer Leaders 1947-48 ON CERITY Hugh lllll C onli, C mngznr ue-ruin-r, -l-vp: -4 r1f'Ilflt'H1HIl Hkilll llib llllllllly, Cougars Win First Three rlqlxc- fimngars slartucl lllff IU-IT season ull on llm- right loot lwy cle-lc-alilxg the-ir llr I 6-cu-1' as 2,4 -fi ' -3 TIN- fir-lxlerlary Us-ntlenxen we-rv ilu- llrsl In l-all lmelgorc tlw cilBLlQHl'S in 1 lwiliglwl gginnc- Imflc-r ilu- arts in llollslml. 'I'lwC1mW-S wma c-asily IYLT, lxlcfxlllrry mul llama-l Balm-r also lrmuml Tlw Rm-cl zmcl Xxrlmile- lmarml in llumllf - ggrs " S, -- ', ' ' wa ape- mm- e lr-xns fxfrl 4-mlr-ml ilu- fxmxgnrf XXll1lllIlQ sire-ali in liillgsvillc willw an I3-U vrvh Ci ll TK HH ,I ,Y Hlfll .lfll f,u1vl1-r 'fl1f-ki.- ci- opprmm-ills. Howeven ilu- fiOll,QiiFS lost ilu- rcrrnfiining f-ighr Qsum-s un lln . 2 ' Anollier one gets loose for a louclulown. .lim Batchelor Stars for East Texas Tlrie fiougars started slow iii thc lfast Texas game. Ai lwall' lime the ffmiiiggaix trailccl 33-U. llowcver, tlie Cougars Caiigldt fire in the scroiirl lmall anrl were alwlc lo play llwe l.ior1s on equal lerms. .lim Balclielor aiirl Dave lliirsl provecl to lic llwe lmig rlillcreiice in the East Vlqcxaiisy victory. East Texas won tlsie luall game 53-7 ROY XYAI .I .ACE BHC!! CECIL TOXYNS ,LXCTKIIQ GXYIN Vrlllfklli Bl'lCL Ki-ii iiziwidnx fr-infix giriuliivr uiir- iiirriugii time iiprigiiix Trinity Tigers Score 20-O Win Over Cougars Two intervcpteri passes ami Gemini Levermaiiis aii-amiiiici aiuiiity was enoligii two passes intcrvepiepi. BOYD 'l'iNC1I.Ii Barth VWXRREN Sif'l"l'ifCfXST Glifbllfiif NOlliXX'l'l'ZA 1751111 CBLIUFII to give time Tigers ax victory river time fiougars in their iirst meeting on fx griciimii. i-everman iiiieci time air with passes limi afternoon as the CROLIQHFS were having, trouiaic with tiweir pass cieieiise. Tide Cougars, passing iii tiwcii' own territory, imfi n ' " ' uve tiursl, tl-ist tr-mis srattnavh, shakes ioosv tor ii store. Cougars Lose in Corpus Christi The Cougars travetect to Corpus Christi to meet thc highly toutect Harctin Simmons fiowhoys in a night QEIIHC, The Cougars hoggect clown on ottense, hut ptayect a stearty Qtetensive game. However, a tittte man hy the name ot Hook Davis went hcscrtc that night to teaft the Cowhoys to a 55-7 victory. Gene Kms inter- Ceptert a Cowhoy pass tate in the game annt scampcrect tor a ioufhctown. JOE IILTR YI ll ' HCR HENRY GOMEZ GENE KRUS CFUCICIQ Iiflfk v Proyct Tingtc slips a pass ttuougtr ttre arms ot a rttlargirig tiuemarx. Lumberiacks and Eagles Win territory at Nacogftoctaes. Ttie twreatis weut to the trosts auct ttre Cougars tastect rteteat again, Q5-14. in time for ttre Cougar foottmatters was ltre Comcerenee Champion Nortti Texas tfagtes. The Eagles, tent by Pmitty Dintcte anct Bitt Cromer. proveft too much for ttme I wiutess Cougars. The Cougars Came tlome to tictq their wouruts after a 55-O cteteat. 'Xt NHRA IBAKITR lim-k iaiue 'rixoiig BUCK F055 Back Tackle The Cougars returuect to conference play to meet the Lumlverjactxs in their H1 llllllliil Hmnem'ml1il1,q game. Hrvwever. IJi'f'illISC of clriving rain. llw game was plnyerl Ull 1 flelcl uf Illllfl. It prcwecl lo Ive ei plmlillg duel with Roy XXVUHHCQ rloing llue l when Xxvnunre clroppc,-ml lhe hall in lime emi zum-. The Ppolwuls wrm Q-U. iilll um- uf ilu ,c mm. L' 5UIIll1XXVSl lexas Pmulncals mine in Houshm lu meet the f mngars in llwir klclxing for ilu' Reel and Xvllile. llbolxvzufs winilerl for a lmrenk and Capilnlilccl XVlmQf5lmled Cougars imc up lo g r1-1' L n Tummy Tiger. Bobcats and Bearkats Victors Ham lun f Oulu mlm rn ll rlrfc ilu! TIM Hull forum UU Ill ilu lui WZ! ll,XROl.IJ IJIXOX Huwfc 7 ILII .l. NOEI.l,liR EVAN XX'IT.'XX'FR Guard 551111 4, ' A1232 .: 14: . . U- ., 1 ' rf 1 X Buck row: Lett to riglit, Head Coacli Jewell Wallace, Coacli ,laclr Patterson, Elliott Loy, Huluert Peterson, Gene Krus, Valton Green, Aulara Dean, Ed Gordon, Evan Nveaver, VVarren Settegast, .los llurst, VV. B. Morrow, Jim Lawrence. Trainer Jim Ausley, and Coacll Alden Pasctieg second row, left to riglit, Manager Bobby Brown, George Brown, Don Wilhelm. .Iaclc Gwin, Harold Dixson, Wyatt Hastings, Cecil Towns, Bill Hollis, Buclc Foss. Henry Gomez, Tony Ditta, George Notiavitza, Bill Myers, Bill Butler, Manor Smith: Bottom row, left to riglit, Bernard Purflum, Bill Bartielil, Billy C-oing, Aubrey Baker, Kennetli llawlzins. Calvin Feazle, Bill Moeller, August Peterson, Bill Tingle, Boyd Tingle, and l,. Z. Bryan. Cougar Football Team 77,5 BCBBY BROXVN llfunuger Cougars 19 . . . . . . Cenlenary 7 Cougars 14 . . . . . . lxlclxlurry 15 Cougars 55 . . . . . . Daniel Baker 12 Cougars O . . . .... Texas A 5- l 15 Cougars 7 . . . . . .lfast Texas 55 A Cougars O . . . ...,..... Trinity 20 ti Cougars 7 . . . . . . Hamlin Simmons 55 51 f Cougars 1-1 . . . .... Stephen Austin Q5 Cougars O .... North Texas A Cougars O .Soulliwest Texas Cougars O .... Sam llouslon JIM AUSLEY Trainer VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAIVI Stamling Iefi io 1'igI1t arc: Sum AIessanrIra, mnnugvrq I.I0ycI IIenCIrix, BiIIy .Ioo Sh-11I4Iuy, Dick Berg, I.ynn Smith, Jesse IxIarIin, ,Icss Harper, ."XIQIen Paschc, f'm1cI1, Km-0Iing Ieft to right are: IXIarvin Reichle. I.P0n?1ffI GaI.Iin, Louis Brown, CI1arIic Carpenter, BiII IVIc:PI1a1I, and Connie P0ntiIcas. 1948 COUGAR C'ONIfERENC'li RECORD C- ,ougnr Cougnrg Cimgzrri CTOLI 1' .. garb w I,,1m11g11r Ijrrugiu II1111g111 fTf111gu1 41111155111 Cnugerr Cong, 11 KTIYLII II -I-I -IO lil 6 -I 7 I 37 .11 1 1 1 gum II11usIf1n Pmarkah 5.1111 IIo11fIn11 IBPHIIQEII .Sw11lI1xxe-st I3oI3caI .. 9m1IIm4?it I'muIvC11I N111'lI1 Icxzxs I2IagIc-4 . .NMII1 I1-xfis I'.agIQs .. .Ifml III:-mls I.io11 . . . .Ifnsl -IICXIIS I.IOIl . ..XIIbIIIl I.llIIIIDt'I'jiIlL . .XIIXIIII I.11111I11,-rjmiki ,.IfIIlIIj' Ilgixl' .,.. Irinily I-igvrf -I6 Q I1. 40 MII TI 51 I, GIF 5I ,111 111 .ull C'C1I'C1,'XIQ "II" 'I'I'f,'XIXI I.1'II I111'111I1I xI11111I111g 111'1f: 511111111x' XI1-w11111I111, l11111111111'1: I.0I'JI1iIIfI f111II111, I1-ww II'III'I, IIIIII5' I'IIElIli.lgIlY'l, ,Irfwr-II XV11II.11'1-, 111111 11. SIIIIIIQ Icft to 1'1g1I1I 11r1'- Ii111111x I,IlrNI'4'1IHI7, cjflfky Igllfni, ,Ioe bIilI'IIII. Q, C 1 I C C C uugars ougars ougars C ougsxrs rmugurs ,nugiarr Q, mug:-15 11119115 ougdrs I 1-ugnrs 61 .... 1948 COUCAR NONCC DNVIQR HNCE R Ii! 7C DRI 7 5-1. ,. , .'XI1iI1-111: C,,I1risIi11n -I2 . . . ,...., 3I1'IX'I11rry 4I .,.... ,XI11I1-nv ITI1rifIi.1n 35 ..,.. SUIIIII i-11 :li-111 OI4I.1. 5-I. .S1111lI1 i'-1 SI1'IIl I.11. IIIQI. 55 .. . . . .. .I.41y1I11 I9 .. ..1.1.. . . 1.051-1.1 'III ..... ULI1.I1..111.1 Cjm- U 3I 39 -Id '37 I3 GI 62 ng I II I1-X115 I71.1pI1NI -IU 4 nplial. U ..... I.-PI IIX1 52 flue- Sari lxlarcos leam lwice, ln the lirsi criicwiiiilci' in ilu- ljiilulic Sfhfiill lielrlf lm UI--W. So siiicmili clifl the Cougars play that the scioriiigj was slmrc-rl lw all lixc- tiriers. l.yI1ll Smith couiiterl 14, Dicla Berg aiicl Criaptairi lmiiis llmrowii liml il Hmlwcais were aliearl at ihe lwall. 52-51. lniii with Freslimari l.l0yfl llc-mlrix auirl RV' loam gracluaie Berg slwowing thi- way. ilu- fxmigars liiially won llic ggmmx llwiflrix aml Berg Tlfitiflifffl I7 eaclw. ' Bearkais Trim Cougars Twice Sain lloiisloiivs Bearlmls, last lie,-coiniiig tha fimigais lmilieresi rival. Iwifli-fl Ilia' TTUIIQHTS iwri clcrleziis flllflllij the U-I8 C5120 vzriiilmigii. lil Ilene sezxsoii cmpciwr iii lliiiisloii, ilw llliiiisvillc lf-am won iii rim- liiial ss-coiirls alter the fwoiigars liacl lvrl iiiusl ul llme way. rl-lic sfwmiif was 'IU--lil. zmrl lllc visiirirs were very liappy iiiilc-ml in cwiiic- mill on imp. Flglw lm-als playccl lll4f'VlTilIl'lj3SI71USl ol the ggziimx mul ii Vkiir only il clcspf-rniv sliui lip llq-ii Vxlfillxvr ol nhl- l5wii'l4zils llmi spfrllwl flelc-al lor llivf oiigars. lin ai reliirii malcli iii lliiiilsvillc, the Kats werm-i'erll1ui all ilcii- way, zmrl won lmiiclily, If--IU. l.yi1i1 Niiillw was liigli lor ilwe Rr-fl aricl Vx liilv willw I l poirils, Xxlaillwr smirk'-rl QU lor ilwrr Kats. Cougars Defeat Bobcats Twice Despite this simvoili play ol all-f'mile1'eiir'c ,lim lciitleloii. llw Cougars wliiplwcil use. tlw KTOIIQHTS. sirmolli loamworlq was Ei sigjlii 1,0 lmcliolfl. lineal swirl' was rli, 'Philly ,lim Slvalclcy Scorcrcl eiglwl, aml lVlc'lJl1ail iiwslivcl svvcii. lii Sari lxIliil'K1US laicr in ilu- season. llic f,oiigai's had lo FllSl1 lo wiii in-UO. l lic- IJICK ISICRCZ ISIIJN S'l'Ll.XKl.ljY IOLTIF IEROXYN NIAIQYIN RlilCfllLil.lQ ,. . . ,..,... ....,. - , V ---v--,,- J, U ' Cougars Split witI1 North Texas Eagles .xlilcr losing In IIN' Ifzmlvs in IDCIIIHII TIA IT, Ilu- KTUIIQMTS gnu' this Nnrlli ilqvws vagm-rs a Imslwllmll lesson in Ilia Iiulnlir' Svliool Iivlmllwllsn-, 33-SI, in as rnnglw ai ImasI4etImII ganw ns was playa-cl all smismi, Ilifak Ilmvrg anti I.ynn Sinitli ,ilftyiffi II1Pir Iwarls ont nnclor Ilia' Imslcvl. aincl If-fl sum-i's willi IH 4-m'Ii. Serin Nurlll lexus' IIIQIIYSVUTIIIQ mv, IMI tlw lifiglt-s In Ilivii' xu'Inry in Ilvnlnn. tall Ifngjlvs slurlml larsl nncl IIN- Iimiggnrs lim-vm-I' fwvnlcl vnlvli np. Iflgglil nnnutes into IIN- genni' sem' IIIL' Ifugglvs Imnasl,ing ai Q3-H mlvmittigi-, Smitli arnrl .Ie-sse Ilarner pam-rl tlw I Inngurs willi I I arnrl IO points rr-spm-r'Iix'c-ly. East Texas Lions Trip Cougars Twice Th ancl Xvllitc' in fininim'ir's:. .XIIfm'niiI'c'rn'iivv IIILI- fimlc,-i'Is IH points prnvecl tin' 0 Ilasl Ic'xasv.igi'i'sI1mI In xx'nrI4 Im-il In vlw out 11 IT--I3 xxin iwvi' tht- RMI cIiI'Ie-rcnrf' in si Illrilling UEIIIIC. I.ynn Snnlli was again Inglt I-HI' tlwf- fimiggars will I I5. VITIWC scfnncl ganna' Iivlwc-vii Iliff Iwo Ivmns was clillcrcnl. I Im I.inns wore lint nncl vnnlcl nnl Iac- flcnmfl. Iiusl Ivxus In-Ifl an IH-8 Icrzicl al one Iilnv Iwnt long fiillgjf' ill!!! pullocl tl I NI1 U it ating Imy ciiljllillll I.nins lim win up IH-I-I willi six ininnlvs Ivll in II11' Inst Intl. lint .lzxlqc-I a1i'Ic:r'QfmI wn Lt-pi Ilic f l7llUiiI'i in IIN' maint' ancl r- rs I if nn. finrlllix' I.innspnIIwImxfix'Insl.1x', ig. P,II,I, FII I'I IXII. Vi HXNIII PONTIK.-XS .IIFS I I.XIQItIflQ LYNX SFI! II I 111 .1 111II111IlQ Qililll' 131115011 111 K111'11g411111'1111s 11111 511-11111111 .X1IS1IIl 1 11111111-11111-111 1111111-11 1111- 1 1111111111 11--141 11111 1111111N i141IiK'f1 11'11'II' xx'11111111'1 111N111'1 111111011151 1111111110411 111z1y,1111111f11111,11111s11111xx'11e11111,XHS111111-1111'1 1111' 1 1111g111's 411151111 111f1I1' 8111154111 XY1111 11111 ,11111s 111 11111144111 xx1111 il Ill 11 SQ--111 xxi11. 11111 21111111 W11, 11 111111 11111111 111111 ll 1111115 XX'k'I'C' 1i1l11K'f1 1 111151. 11111 x1s1111rs. 1DI4'1x 111113 1lii1'l'l1 -111111115 H1111 11'11, 1 1111121111 11J1NHXX'Il, 11111112 1115 11151 QH11111 1111" 11111 111111Qz11's, 111111111-11 111110, o11ll' Sl1'111111'y 11111-11 f1'x'1'11 111111 X11l1'X'1Il 1x1-11111-111 Illilfilt Qix 111111114 Cougars Split with 'Jacks , 1 . 111111-11 XYi11if1111s Q11111'1-11 11iQ11 11111111 111111111x 111111 11111 1-11111. , 1 . , Cougars Score Two Over Trinity 1111112 111111511115 111111 1111- V141'i11i1y '14iQ1'1'S 1111111 Sari 1'X1111111i11 1xxi1'1' 1111111111 11111 ,118 CEl1DIJii1Q1l. 111 11111 11151 22111112 1111131111 111 Fill! A1111111111, 11111 R011 111111 XY11i111 11111111 was wi11111111, 1,1111 s11rx'11'1rs 111 1 1111111111 1,1111is Pm111w11. 15111 11111 411111121115 1111111119111 111 win 37-311 wi111 151114 151113, 111111111-11111111-11 1011111 1JI'Ui1ll1'i1, 1111111133 1,110 11115111-1 wi111 11111if11111y f11'11111'f11'y. 11111153 111111611 18 10 s11z11'1' CNOIIQHI' S1'Ul'1I1Q 11011015 NY1111 f1K'1N"IlC1?11D1C 1UfXYEl1'l1 1X1f'1J111l11. 1110 5111111111152 1iill1iy f,1111Qa11' 1111331111 Q111 11111 111 1111' s111'111111 Q1111111 xx'i111 '111'i11i1y 1111151111 111 111111511111 7111111 1111111111' 1x1i111y 1111111 SF1111111 1111 3 11111111111 21 p11i111s 1111'1111g11 11111 11111111 211111 1711151111 11 111111111111 1111111' 31111112 f 11111 1'f1111g111s 11111 211 1111111111111 Q3-23. 11-5511 N1,X11I1N I 11,X111.11'. 11X1Q1'11N11'.1Q 1.111111 I111X1J1Q1X R Q 1 N 1 5 S' ' 3625 . ULU!-x QU.-x In 1.4-I iwm .. nip Jmi ugnimi Trimiy lvnivcuily I-ul 'mmm L fp 111 lin mr IH mL .um lxlml pu lx Iwi 10,5 sflfmllu l'f1Hx XMf:LW'x 1'lIlrx'fTI1+g FMU UH VM i, 'UH wi JASON MORTON GLENN HEVx'l'l"I JACK LANIIAM DON NAPIER JIMMY MERCER Slmicting left to right ure: Gtenn Hewitt, John Hott, coach, Don Napier. Kneeling left io right arc: .lactq Lanham, Jason Morton, Jimmie Mercer. 1947-1948 LSC Champs tn IU-If unct IU I8 the finiiear tennis teznn wattcect away with the t.nne Stair f'niitei'ei1ee meet, nning tmnth the ctniihtes iinct singles. Glenn Hewitt won the singles tiite ainrt teannect with ,tusnn nrtnn tru win the ctnuhtes. the leinn has heen stiengthenect with the zictctition nt ixtnrtuii, slfite iiitersrhntaistic' singgtes ehznnp in I0-16. the txcmiigars, in pre-c'fii1tei'eiiCe meet inatrhes, have ctetentect Fniithwest fit7llIt'I'OIit't' teznns in winning twin texas Affht :init Artiziiiseis. they tiert txive Institute 3-5. bs VA 55. BILL DONALD TINGLE M-:DONALD JACK TRUMAN QUARLES ARNOLD BUCK JEAN VVATTS BRENNON BILL DON DELAHOUSSAX I1 ROBISON TRACK SQUAD Standing left lo right ara: Cvc-no Snell, manager, De-vane Hall, Larry gclmrorclvr, Pxuclc Xvaffs, Billy Barlqelcl, llacla Patterson, coach: Truman Arnolcl, lxflelvin Kleln, Rodger Kees, Alton Cmnplwell, .lean Brcnnon. Kneeling left to right ure: Donalrl Mcmonalrl, King Hall, Slcip Mitchell, Burlcly Moore, lfrl Mulvaney, J. E. Grayson, .laclc Quarles, .loc Goodwin, Don Robison. LARRY SCHROEDER MELYIN KLEIS Infieldcrs siunrfing left to right are: Tom Tyson, Pliu Ellis, Rolan Vvallon. Kneeling left to right are Eddie XfVciss, Corley Pmurns, Harry Traverso. Oufffelflers stumfing left lo riglzl arc: Billy Flanagan, lsrcrl Krnm-fly, P1211 lllll, KlIL'f'l!llfl is 1,05 Qxmmons. RMI., , I l I I,ill'Ili'l'S 511111111119 left lo right ure: Roy Xyallargz-. 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Perry, Hugti Zinnecker, Boll Cox, .loc Buch, Xvaller Utter, Wiarcus Cantrell, Pain Hastings, In the Imaclafelfl AUSTIN HXHS 1947 INTRAMURAI, FOO'l'i5Al.L CIIANPS eff to right are: Eddie Vxfeiss, Oscar Diamond, George Bofysii, Jack Quaries. Red Davis, Cavalier, takes to time sicle line in an attempt to elude Ext Perry of the Austin Exes. INTHAMUH1-XLS Vvyittm the appointment of Jewell Xvauace as intramural director, an intramural program was established with more sports for a larger number of participants. Football season was ciimaxed when the Austin Exes trimrnecl time Cavalier touch foottmau team 6-O. George Bofysii intercepted a pass and scampered 50 yards to ctlauc up the only score of the game. Basketball season found the Hush Hush Boys win the intramural tournament when they pounded the Creepers 5129 in the finals. IILYSII HUSII BOYS 1918 IN'i'RrXNL.'R.'Xl. I5rXSKiTi4l5.'XI.I. CIIAFIPS Siumling loft I0 right are: Toni Pickett, Joe Termini, Bob pnreiiiiner. 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Ijrmw Im' IIN' musl rwrigmaI Losfumvs H0111 In IIN' 1'ul1pIc- y11r'IllrfwI ul IIM' Imm-I 1uI11. UPEHETTA Hixiaclcnioiscuc ixloriistcf, Viizlur Heriacrtys story of E1 Imlhslwp girl mul ai prince, ogercrl lim music students of the Univcvrsiliy n Oliancc to show ihoir lulf-ill. John Taiiaferro sang the Icncliiig male role with Baripam ire-Imicl, uppvr left, and Mary linen Allman, lower left, lwo successive nighls. ,L '59 vi E B A my 2.2 .N K P. P. BEARD GHUWINE EUNTEST Hn I leqlfn Qui OH to an lmlrmcly slnrl wlllm thc" ShilX'IIlQ of EISIJIVIIIQ rrmlwlcslfilll Www l1lI4llll' SUIKIPII14 c'r1ln'rc'cI llw wsnlclsl YIOIIIU for U1C'lllHI'I'l'Ill p1'17n'scmllv1'vrl. rx rf- than HHH' In ilu' Ililxtllll' nl ilu: llI7lJFI' riglwl um- slurlmul SK'I'K'ElIlli in parm' fu nnmllwl' wicXlrlQ am mvr l'il!Of. il FHUNTIEH FIESTA UNDER CUNSTHUETIUN Ra114111g l'I'11IIlIK'I' l'11wla1 X 1H11Qc' I111' llll' 11111111.11 w114l1'111 .1H1111' 111111111114 11111111 l1.11'1I xx 111 11111 .111y s111'1' 11111wI114. 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Radio ..,., . , , , .Ray toctcwoort . . . . .Cart Houston lttiartes Dickson .Marta Bowman , ., .usicvcten Joyce , , ,Sam Brandon , . , . .totinny Goycn ANU UN Thr- rip-roaring mlays nl- .luclge Roy HPLHIQS fiuurl Imp! thc- aurlif-ure in 1,19 front row fioclgimg thc lmfoorl, upper Ivfl. The old prospector, as portrayed Ivy NI. K. Alston. lu-pl the mirlway throng wmmclcrilug if it was rm-al or not, upper right. fha' of the mosl Crxmxwlml slmws in lflc ljivslai was the cil'1JNY.S Ncsi, fealllrimg 1,10 Pfmxlcr Pun Rcvm- with genuine bar maids and root lure-r, lower feft. The Singin' Hivlxs we-rc llw IPEIIIIFG attmv- Hun ul Ili? Silver Iwoznm Szxloon, vcnlcrr rigyfzl, nm' a western numfwcr also aclclml inl,crcs1,, Iowcr rigfzl. I O 1 if 1 '1 1 1 ""' Um"-'N--' s 1 i I - 11 . 1 1 K 'JL f i 'xl k 1 A " 1 1 1 W- 1 1' 11 X' , -W' Qxfg X N3 11' X 1 1 Hg-, I X I N 1' 'TTHA' fx NZ X - -C' 11 11 1' --fu, Q XX - ff, f kg wg 1 f N 1 --1 xx xl X- 4.45 X 1 gf -.1 1 T t X fx fm N? fix iv ' 1 mix 7 X hx- KM 9' X Mx XAU N 1 XX .T 4 !V f X ' 2 X 'X Vwmflgxix KX! X H six - W' Eff X 7x v 4 f 'h'Q' ' CM N XL ,ff fl ART DEPARTMENT Ctiarcoat is one of the scverat mettiocts wtiicti tiave to tie mastered Ivy beginning artists fuppcr rightj. Practicat crafts such as tzastcet weaving, tcattwer anct metat wortc, are taugtit in ttie Crafts ctass fupper rigtitj. Heading the art department is E. H. Vogel fceniera Life rtrawing is one of ttie important subjects which most art students enrott in flower teflj. Layouts, poster work, and commerciat drawing, are offered, too flower rigtztj. BIULUBY DEPARTMENT Dissertion of animals often brings sacl tures to the students in biology fuppvr lefif. ixiivro- scopic study is of major importance as stucienis examine plant anti animal structure. fupper riglitj-. Human anatomy is not neglected eittmvrflowcr leffj. A snake Coiiertion flower righij is found interesting by lnioiogy students who are fiimle to study ttic reptile families of time south- west in their Courses. DRAMA DEPARTMENT Sluclelll clirccliun ol PI'OKlllCllUIl is part ol majrmrirmgg in rlramallrs f11p,1,wrlUflj lml manual lillblll suciln as svenery painting is also requirvcl lor lluc flfama cle-parlmenlls plays fluppvr riglllj. liglmlin is imporlanl explains l-, Slanlce lVlil,Cl1cll, l1c-acl ull lluc clrama cleparlmclnl, lor a sluclcnl flolrcr lofi Clf1ClCUlIll'I"1. Bcvlwiml ilwusvem-5, ll1eworl4c'1'c-W llncls llaal a nail in lime can save a prop flozvvr riglzffl. 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Antlwis fcerzlcfrj, Sewing is u procluvlive subject in tlme liome efonomics clepartmenl as stuclenls malce Clntlwes lnr llmemselves nnrl ulliers floufvr riglzll rf, M hmm T X3 N "v-., JUUHNALIEM DEPARTMENT Ihr- i0ltfHi'lltSITt its-gmrtiinfiit supervisvs ilu- twn 0l:licial piilnlicutiwiis on tlie miiipiis. tlic Coiigur. svini-wvvltly newspztpvr, zinrl the llmistrmiaii. rmnpus annual. N. S. Patti-rsoii, lic-url nl the :lv- partmc-nt is also in rlwzirgc- ul the pulmlif' i'm-liitinns nllqirc nl tliz- tliiivc-i'sit5' fiippwr lvllvi. Bruce lyn- clorwmwrl. journalism instriirtor, lianctlos tlic- spnrts pnlhlicxily nl tlim- sftmil witli tht- lv,-lp nl Stuflent assistants fiippvr riglzll. .lim Palmer. imirnalism instructor ancl lariilty aclvisnr nl tln- f Ungar, gm-s mm' an issue witli lflimfr l7Jvrtelson, 4-rlitor. pointing out ilu- gnucl and lui-ul points ul' tlie issue-. tire-ss rlay lor Tlwf- tsougar involves a long session at the Smrrlino pululislmingg f'mnpany trying to imilu- tlwc- stories lit ziml malxing the tml miniitv rlmnges. MUSIE DEPARTMENT tu practife tor a Coming progriun, ttme mate Ct10fllS tpreatxs torttm in song fuppor lafll. Balm twirtcrs ctcmonstrale their steps as they marctu wittl the tmnct fuppcr rigtzlj. Heart ut ttwc musim ctepartmont is Pmrure Speurer King Kfc1c11101'YQ. Bfmct nwnmtwrs in tutt ttress tmvo an prmtlicc sob sion in ttme gymnasium flutter Ieflj tuctorc fm actual pertfm1'1ua11f'c at one of ttwcw sc-asmmqs tmmttmtt games floufvr rigtllll. 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SEHUUL UP NURSING fx. ., -llllg Im pdlwnlls is Jill u11pm'le111l fluiy ul ilu- gn'm'lu'mng Slllilfxlll TIIITSCN flIl7fN'f' Ivflf. Vjiffxf 1 uf the Svhoul of Nursing is IIIIIIVI' tlw vI1m'ggc- nf Plrs. X'ix'im1 Sluurl Xxlillliilli Kuppvr riglzlj Nflllilfillgj vorrwrs and prz1r'iic"i11Q on IVCHUXX' Hllflfxllii is HH in Nw Illfxlliibfl ul' IJf'!'HI1liIlQ aa Nurs: ffruwur lofi unc! riglzl 2. SEHUUL UP PHAHMAEY Viilnn' hpill cliwinrsy' fini' limi. PW-ryiliiiig isnvl us simple- sie iiiniiwfs rwiiws in ilw Lilwiwn wiiun il rnincs in mixing fnppvr luflj, linl insleuci is si c'ui'cfiil rniiipniiiiniiiig zinil weigiiing pin Vf'fIllI'C. The Sviwnnl nl' lliwarinavy is flirevtecl Ivy Ur. Allan Cinilcitc fuppcr rigfilj. cVil'lGf'liiIlQ ni wnrk niiisl iw vniisimilly IJOTIC flower lefij, and many hours of looking tlwrniigh ax miCrosc'opc is spent in time process of malcing the final result perfect flower righij. has fm. A-'-W -:WM M , ,vw ,: ,:,,:eg. '. ,ga iw , M . . JN M fm E Yah ' ' V A ww 5? 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American Home Appliance. . . American Title Co.. . . . Archer Grain ....... . . . B Better Built Equipment Co.. . . James Bute ............... C CHIUGTOH ll'OI'l XXWIOIICS ........ Champion Paper ancl Fiher Co. .... . . . . City National Banlc ....,.... Comiskey lnsurance Agency ............. Commercial and lndustrial Life H. R. Cullen .............. ll'lSl1l'Eil'lCC CO. ....... . D lVlrs. Dralces Sanclwichcs ....... E Everitt-Buelow . . .... . . . F Farrar Lumher Co. ......... . l'irst National Banla .... . . . l'oley s ............ . . . G Cihraltar Savings anrl Loan. . . Cult Puhlishing Co. ........ . H Haverty Furniture .......... F. XV. lnleitmann Co.. . . . . . Hogan-Allnoch Co. . . . . l louston Cigar Co, ........... . Houston Light and Power. Houston Ready Cut House o.. . . Houston Transit Co. ....... . Hughes Tool Co. ...... . . . Humble Oil Co.. . . . . . K Kellett-Hemhy Co. . . .... . . . Krupp ancl Tuflly, . . . . . .. K1 RH .......... KXYZ ........ .... ii Lawnclale Cabinet ............ l.echenger's ........ .... l..evy's ............ Star Creamery .... . . . M Mangel s ................. Masseyys Business College .... lvlission lvlanufacturing Co.. . . i v VV77f,A,xA,, 278 287 276 268 267 287 267 283 266 282 257 256 288 273 269 280 281 286 259 281 286 284 270 285 283 282 263 269 284 277 284 275 265 268 276 275 285 277 258 l2551 Nlonarch Finer Foods ......... .... l N Nathan s ................... ..... National Banlc of Commerce. . Neumeyer Motor Parts ..... Earle North Buiclc .......... O One,s A Meal .... ....... ..... P Parlcer lvlusic Co. ............. .... . peden, lron and Steel ........ Prince s .................... ..... Q Quimhy... ....... R Reed Roller Bit .... ....... ..... Ralph Rupley .... .... S , 267 277 271 270 282 271 272 274 265 268 201 277 Salcowitz .......... ...... ..... 2 7 2 San .lacinto Sales .... ..... 2 82 Scarclino Printing ........... 268 Schlumberger .............. 278 Scrivner Howell Printing Co. .... ..... 2 80 Sears .................... 270 Settegast-Koph ............ 270 Smart Shop ........................ ..... 2 84 South Texas Commercial National Banlc .... ..... 2 73 Southern Hotel Supply Co. ............ ..... 2 73 Southwestern Engraving ................ ..... 2 78 Southwestern Paint and Xvallpaper Co.. . . . . . . .272 Straus-Franlc Co. ...............,.... ..... 2 75 Sun-Up ......................... ..... 2 85 rl. J. Sweeney Co. .... .... 2 79 T Texas Gulf Sulphur Co. ....... ..... 2 62 U Unitecl Gas . . ....... ..... 2 74 V Oliver Van Horn. . ....... ..... 2 78 NV Xvarwiclc Hotel .............. ..... 2 67 Vxfatlcins Employment . . . Q82 Vxfelclon Cafeteria ..... 287 Vxfessendorf Nelms Co. ...... 277 Bill Vtfilliams ............,... ..... 2 64 Wilson Stationery ............. ..... 2 80 Wyatt Superior Fabricating Co.. . . 260 Y Ye Olcl College lnn. . ...... . . .266 COINPAIMBH fa of H. R. CULLEN 60Wl,9AllleIl!d of COMMERCIAL AND INDUSTRIAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY HOUSTON, TEXHS A JESSE H JONES INTEREST Houston and Its University... ...Growing Together Both Houston and the University of Houston have progressed phenomenally in the last decade-Houston increasing its population and material growth, the University expanding its student body, faculty and educational facilities. Graduates of the University can well be proud of the years spent there for they emerge better, more powerful citizens possessed of knowledge, understanding, tolerance and the ability to think. The University of Houston, its graduates, and the city whose name it bears can indeed look forward to the brightest of futures. IW1ll1.'Qf5,5.!.EI."D.'3TX IZ58l ik' 'ik' il? ri? N LOOKING through this yearbook one seldom realizes the countless hours, even days, of Work and planning done by the editors to produce an outstanding annual, The editors' supervision includes every- thing frorn the first idea of a theme through the innumerable details involved in art Work, layouts, photographs, copy, engravings and printing. Our greatest interest has been to work in the spirit of cooperation, relieving the editors, wherever possible, of some of their Work and Worry. lt is our hope that our organization of experienced craftsmen has suc- ceeded, along With your editors, in turning out a book that you will find attractive and entertaining. ? C if - , ,. X " 1 .1 f,g" ,g as .. ,Q r It f if fs wx X KX ,, ? , if-XG' V 13 ' ' W riff u ilctiw' i "tinv-SP .. -i .-- , wah' Kim! " -. -5' Wi fi , ' 5 Q. v ,X ,.j,.,,T,,.iu ,A . , .qi ',,. 1, fwqvi nl X .f, Y I W .1 115 .i"'f"E I l w X V J I Hll i jml, ,A Lv, K 4.' ' ' ,-ggi"-.' 4 ' -f. N13 -p f if wi c ,M sl - 'i r ' F-I ' ' -251 ,-.6 aff' 3301 BUFFALU DRIVE ' HOUSTON, TEXAS l259l ff, 9 o Xi xiikwl swxmwxs ww QAWXQ xwxxsw immtmw in WYATT METAL Xt BUILER WORKS Steel plate designers, fabricators and erectors to industry's specifications Above: Alumnnum tanks Left Buell van Tongeren catalyst collector Lower left: Water softening equipment Lower right Rotatmg drum for race processing 'Sl ,I .: 2552? 2532 E55 2 ss was Q me GRADUATES OF THE UNIVERSITY OE HOUSTON ARE EQUIPPED TO RE SUCCESSFUL Business executives appreciate the importance of educational background to success. Able instructors, thorough teaching methods and up-to-date educa- tional facilities combine to make the University of Houston one of the most promising institutions of higher learning in the country. University of Houston graduates are thus adequately equipped to cope with the problems of todayis world. REED ROLLER BIT COMPANY HOUSTON, TEXAS l261l Wishin ou TEX!-KS GULF SULPHUH IIUMPANY, INII. -fx 1 :bk 43 A gli'-Sri -.- 4' -v,,. ,-... G H E S T00 COMPANY -'Q' . o sf, ' 1 .1 X ,,. f 4.1 ,, -Q 'X - -M Q 6,f1f f 3 4. f lu wn NN 0. Q J vf fx Iv uw 1 A 4' 'vxfyx-, L 'O .455 x Hx 1, 40' sm MANUFACTURER OF PECIALIZED UII. WELL DRILLIN 'I'00l.S 1 -.-4 a- r n s . , . . - 9-it .'?','w"'l '-ff'3l ,-, .,.. ' - ' -',':3:'.-Zgifgff ' ' : ' ' 5' . , . ' " 'f'- . , .. . . -., ,,,. - , . I x . 1-. -. - - ' . - . . - - . . . 4:5 ' .. A , rc H ,. ' , .-' . k.g,- . x if .4 ' :. 1, "1 -. -Ay ,, 34' 1 A- Nz. nz:- ... x ,D -hh 1 X X A 1 .I R. A. 8:4-7,5133-l A ggfiff . H:-121. , Q?ifIf1:2:Q ' f'310f1" '2"vJ:L5'-.f,: - - H .,. ' "' ' . V- "1i:T:3:3:3: 53322. 21:22 ':f:f.f45IQi3" ,. ' fi' I -,-f .. ' -1 A ': .g .- .-1,1-"5'-'h.'1lK,,. : LP.: '. , ,.1:f2Ei?f225-:-. 'fififili' I 1222323131515 . : -. .-35" , T' ' ' ' 1 gf-'35, "'h- .. "":X""' 14? A , -N A:A:-:-.-'-,-:,:3:::::::::::1:3 -4:-T-Zvgfff' - -. -.,,..-,--,:- 5,-4'9" . --rx, '-..-3 - - A 1 '- .. r"f'h1 1 ' 4 "A .g:- f1511:Ii3ErErErErE121ErEfErE g"""k':' MVN.. x , ' A 'li "rg EiEIEffI5v. " .L Kb" fff' lfi QZEQJ- , . ' " ".Q. ' F'31'St3'Q2Q:f:Q:f:Q:Q:f:f:Q:f:f:f:,-.Q ,fi 'en ' , ' ' N . ,2' K -,,,,,.gig?E.Q:CLx ' 1 p - If-.7..' ,-fx!-'A 'I '- 5 - - - '., ' -1- tl:-12:2:3:-1-1-:+:-:-:-:4:::5:-'5:-:g3:1:5t5,-'- ' . ' V' ,2j:. .-. fell:-:f:l:-:f'e-'. : -,vm Q - l ' . 2-fgf..ff . . Af' - -' 2'521225221522222E2E2E2E2a2a2is2?" ' , ' 5:-i Fw -tsiegsgagagagassfxx ' gi: H, ' f M, -. ' 'QQ ...151fr252E533532EQEEQQEQEQEQEQQEQEQQ' ' ,,-gf , I 55521 .5EgEg:5i5E3lgigE1i5EgEg ' 'J ,v ' .-R 9 " ' ' . 15? 'ff -3iI1'iIE2EIEQfii2?Ei12i!:iIiEL:I. . . 'JD-9. 2'f'- .::Q:Q:Q:Q:2:QtfSfiflfffiliiifv . , ' .. . . , .f,,. ..,. .......,. . ,- . I '-5' X ,ty , .- - x. . '1 if-3-arzg-r:2-51-4':P-4"-f.' --4, - V. 1-:-1. if 'Ti-.1:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:43.-' . fr' in h' - - . 2- - . - ' F, 1- ' " :P -"S":1:-ef?"-4' " ' Q . 1.,1gIgi",I,2.Ir:'.'g, r L ' , .1 '.--:Iii -f . ' -X.-Q ff ' jf' 4 N- ' ,, x-:izi 31213, ' ,-:-:I-""1f:?:i:ifI32m '- -7 .,- ' , f---- , . , 1 . A 5. -. ":-: - ' qu- ,-: A : '12-f irc-:Q .rr . ', I 1 'W A?Q3:E5:QEglfif5Q5E-11-13322232EQEQQEQEQEQEQEQE1- "9 , c ' " ',' ' ., . , . . ,-5,18-'-?"f2IE--I111::E:Eff:2QI21512fizifllliiifiiiflfi , -, v e"P.x'ia-. 'f41',1'f-,":2iQ'l: I. .1 " " .' . nj-I"', - gf? 3' f" ff.t4'f5a'i' . -4- . .gf Jinx' -' ' 4-5 X! cg.3jgQgg:Q5'Q'':Qi:1:f:f'f:2' . I 9' .' ' 1-.-1 5 - . r.. . . . ,C-.4. . . , , , , ' .-I,-tvg-rpg1'QI15:-:5:32:-:g:q::g::zE:3:gg2y .. ga- . , . . -,il - k - - f",c--:- f :-:-.-:-1+ ' ' 1 '.- - . .A -3 -.' ix''ZFQErE'?i'2iffir:5Er51515Q:g-'-,. - .em-7,-,H -.5. ,' 'fv"?"j-1-fidrffivf Q ' .. f ' .::2.:,. . :gf-"J..r ' .27 1 F' 7" 5 ,I' Q . L gf"-:: --'.'e'fg,',i..?. r ,. ' . - A--'ffffr i-5, x X53 J- '.,5"9. kqgf.-1j1:I:415.,5fQ2 ..:. Ictwzkkr- :FW ri .4 ,. -I N V -T .v:x.....I -.--- .r w.: ' -W ' --1 -.':- ' ' ' -' ' "" " . .-.-J-2 2.-ik--' ' ' I263J U2I"yA06ly gafd af an l From English l3l to sheepskin, the most enjoyable "course" of any Houston student is a heaping platter, piping hot, of Bill Williams' golden brown fried chicken, SAVAGE STYLE . . . and after the BS's, MA's, and Cum Laudes, doctors, lawyers, merchants, engineers, and housewives return to Bill's not once but many times for "refresher courses" of sweet and tender french fried shrimp, whole broiled trout, perfection broiled beefsteaks, dutch apple pie and all the other toothsome dishes prepared by Bill Williams. A Chicken Dinner and all the trimmings . . . with Bill Wil- liams as host! Guests are Frontier Fiesta beard growers and University of Houston Co-eds who were interviewed for one of the University of Houston hours broadcast over Radio Sta- tion KLEE. Left to right are Mary Lou Moffitt, Tom Clark, Joyce Kimmell, Harold Horan, Madge Carrol, Sam Olson, Peggy Procter, Cliff Horn, Julia Weslow, Steed Joyce, Joan Guest, Jack Wilson and Rita Dee. Everybody Eats At Bill's, whether if's a party of 2 or 200 williams Q fdwlff ffyff Cfjliiin L Q . H641 or your Wea! .irlome ufiinefid . . OI' MLrLJAop if BUILT-IN BOOKCHSES -A' KITCHEN CHBINETS 1' GUN CHBINETS if LIQUOR CHBINETS if WHLL SHELVES -A' COUNTERS ir WORK BENCHES -k SHOW CHSES 131.1111 rc your specifica- tions fram ki1r1-dried FQ is 1 S - 11c1rdwo3VcOOdinf oft 'Fsf CABINET 81 FIXTURE CO. 5401 LHWNDHLE W. 6-1747 "1f it':: mode Of WOQIJ, we :Jain make iT" Famous HHMBURGERS 2101 S MPHN ST, 4509 S MHIN ST 8101 S MHIN ST 6215 HHRRISBURG BLVD 3600 WHSHINGTON FIVE 3523 N. MPHN ST 2101 WHYSIDF DR 12651 QOIYIIJAIYIBIIL4 of Ee QBIFJ finllege Zinn 60111-l9Ah'lellt5 of CITY NATIUN!-KL BANK Morin cmd McKinney H t 'T Beverage Cooler Installed by BETTER BILT EQUIPMENT CO. 312 CRROLINE ST, C. VV, BUSHEY F. 3550 Hir Conditioning and Refrigerolion E R A 9 am 65 IVIONARCH jar Eiacriminafing jranaienfa an!! lgediclenfiaf gueafd Home of THE CRYSTAL DINING ROOM iff STANSEL E. WHIPKEY ' " Manager lllllllllllllili HOTEL and APARTMENTS HOUSTON, TEXAS EINER FOODS Choice of Discriminating Eood Buyers for 94 Years Look for the Lion Head Your Quality Guardian CAMERON IRON WORKS Manufacturers of PRESSURE CONTROL EQUIPMENT FIND OTHER SPECIRLTIES EOR OIL WELLS HOUSTON, TEXHS l267l QUINBY EMPLOYMENT SERVICE You can benefit from our many years experience in the personnel field Executive, Office, Sales and Technical Personnel Member National Employment Boardg Chamber of Commerce and Employment Counselors of USR. 409 BHNKERS MORTGQGE BLDG. C. 4-4631 SCARDINO PRINTING NEWSPHPERS. BOOK, and COMMERCIHL Printer of the Cougar Congratulations and Best Wishes To the Graduates of 1948 THE HRCHER GRHIN CO. HOUSTON. TEXHS .Sincere congrafufafiorw on your giraoluafion It is our hope that the determination and effort which brought you to this proud and happy day will bring you great suc- cess in the years to come. Congratulations! s I 4 JEWELERAMJC ' .4 2 815 MAIN VH! kdfllbl . -, A RIYZLQQS Q Wqudrq lhplull ., . . . .- .. . - nr ' -- , -- ' . . .. a ug, , ul . -.. ,vu 611.1 -.F .,.,- . l268J FARRAR LUMBER COMPANY Largest cmd most complete stock in South Texas 'HUM LE The Humble Companyjoins the friends and relatives of the Class of 1948 in extending hearty congratulations and best Wishes to every member of it. I-IUMBLE OIL 81 REFINING CGMPANY l2691 Best Wishes To the Graduates of 1948 NEUMEYER MOTOR PARTS 1602 MILHM CPIPITOL 2228 HOUS QS Compgmenfa of HOUSTON CIGAR CO. Distributors of HQV-H-THMPPI 0 PERFECTO GHRCIH OPTIMO CIGHRS Two Complete Department Stores In Houston . Main af Richmond Q H 2161 Q Wayside ai' Harrisburg . W 69441 S E A R S Roebuck and Company 1201 ,gs Comfieiy. .. Q tim? Warm amd frzbncfh Mr- A How we would like to be treated, were we doing business with a bank, has been the yardstick by which we measure the standards of our services to you. We are happy to see you whether your business with us is a savings account, a checking account, a personal loan, or any of our other 46 plus services. Come in to 712 Main Street, Gulf Building, and let's get acquainted. M mlvor Federal Deposit Insura e Corpo tio tsl ,lt V 111553 S i5?i5i3f5555?i5i32?Q 'I if ational ank of Commerce il, 0F ll0U5T0N 2-3 ' 'T H E B A N K 0 F C 0 U R T E S Y ' v iilii VIAIM. lnisnnlv nxuxluo Ann ruusr GUIDANCE iiii l For Your Convenience SEVEN LOCHTIONS Metropolitan Shops 907 Rusk 1021 Capitol Main and McKinney Suburban Shops 2923 Main 4422 Main 2019 West Gray and a New Shop Conveniently Located at 2520 .Qrnherst in the Village Shopping Center HOUSTON OWNED Brooks System Sandwich Shops I 271 1 "ONE'S A MEAL" CONGRATULATIONS To The University of Houston s 1948 GRADUATING CLASSES Throughout your college careers, the Sakowitz label of quality In your fine wearing apparel has proven its ability to travel in smart company We hope It will continue to be your choice for smart appearance, distinguished service throughout your success ful business and professional careers. ,,..-..+N.......,...- 1 -xgsxr M' - - .-1-.-.: . 1 qi -S , -1 .f h- 'A-' , ,N N 1. .4 -, -' v .. . . ,- 'S. PARKER IVIUSIII EU., INII. EVERYTHING EOR THE BRND HND ORCHESTRR Corner of Travis and Walker HOLTON, MQRTIN HND OLDS BRND INSTRUMENTS W, E. LUDWIG DRUMS - GIBSON GUITHRS Insirurnerils - Music - Records - Radios - Repairs EUS. PHONE C-9038 SOUTHWESTERN PAINT AND WALLPAPER CO. Wallpaper Benjamin Moore Paint Distributors 2905 MHIN STREET HOUSTON, TEXHS I2721 PHONE PRESTON 9281 Garland Ranges, South end Malleable Ranges, Shenango China SUUTHEHN HIJTEL SUPPLY EU., INC. Complete Restaurant Equipment, Crockery, Glassware, Silverware, Refrigerators, Ranges Qffiliates HOUSTON RESTHURHNT SUPPLY CO.. INC. TEXHS RESTAURANT SUPPLY CO., INC. 2004 Leelanol, Houston, Texas EVSIT Buelow MAIN AT LAMAI ,Gus fffiil . QmlW5f5ifS 5il411"' -jf UF HOUSTON SAVE with SUUTH TEXAS H SHVINGS HCCOUNT IS H STHRT TOWHRD SECURITY SOIITI-I TEXAS COMMERCIAL NATIONAL BANK 213 MHIN STREET HOUSTON, TEXHS p tl C p t' PIEIDIIEN ll1moN K4S'll'lElEI. Co ESTABLISHED 1890 WHOLESHLE P. O. BOX 1891 HOUSTON 1, TEXHS HEHVY HRRDWQRE SPORTING GOODS TIRES HND TUBES MECHRNICS TOOLS ELECTRICHI. GOODS PRINT HND VHRNISI-I HOUSE FURNISHINGS BUILDERS HHRDWQRE I GUNS HND HMMUNITION i SHEET :S WIRE PRODUCTS v , Bachelor of Science 11? In Hon1eEc0n0micf -zu' In Ina'u.ft1'ialEngineering BOTH DEPEND ON GAS Wllether it's cooking, heating and cooling in the modern home, or efficient industrial production-GAS is your Number Une fuel. ltis clean, fast, dependable, inexpensive and easy to use. It gives you instant flame and requires no storage. For real speed and efficiency . . . you can rely on CAS! Q .LQ fs. Qliiii., qupu 1: i G I U .Z-51512515122 " ' fsiasfef v:'E'E1E'7! 1 . T H E B I G G E ST B A R G A I N - I N YO U R H 0 M E T 0 DA Y "::13E??5i955f555::::" :iffy ':f5EfE7' I274I BIJINI3 UP IN THE WUHLIJ Of course you ore, Find os you go, youll wont to keep thot robust heotlth whrch morkes succese worth hofvmg So hook your wogon to or stor LCNE STHR there's no better rood to heollth thon the Milky Woy! V' V' P-2240 60ln,7An'lellt5 of STRAUS-FRANK CO. MILK ICE CREAM 1"' rv w 1 ,, 4000 LFELQND C 1201 wzw fa? gvzzlzrffay 6 Better lzktening rom . . . BC KXY 1390 ' ON YOUR DIHL L275l AMERICAN TITLE EUARANTY ER. HARRIS EIIUNTY ARSTRAET ER. glafalhaieal I 885 HOUSTON, TEXAS . l U" , .. . V , ,. :.4 ,:,:,,,,,,,.V. ,..,. ,.,., , , , , , LLVY BROS. DRY GOODS CO. South Bend Lathes Delta Quality Tools WESSENDORF, NELMS 6 CO. Houston - Beaumont - Dallas Since 1923 HTTEND ulul,lllu,ul S S aulut.t S uut uttuu.ltttttlttltt2tulul ulll uulutuul uuluulutlt S uuluu u M A S S 35 ..,, fl u N , BUSINESS ,, , J COLLEGE - DRY S EVENING , HND WOMENS HPPHREL REGlSTRl31TION EVERY WEEKDHY BUSINESS TRHINING THOROUGH, INEXPENSIVE, QUICK We Will Place You in an Httractive Office Position SPECIHL COURSES 0 QCCOUNTING 0 SECRETQRIQL - gglggggms I ZEETCSGSSETSJES 0 GENERRL BUSINESS . EEIQERQL INCOME l2l7 Capitol Hvenue F. 3533 KRUPP 81 '!'UFFLYt76if. Shoe Center of South Texas Since 1882 I277J 60lYlPElll.2llt5 of Oliver H. Van Horn, Inc. OF HOUSTON Machine Tools Small Tools Shop Supplies l3l8 FRHNKLIN EVE. CHHRTER 4-655l COInPEh'l2Ilt5 of SCHLUMBERGER WELL SURVEYING CORPORATION HOUSTONS LEHDING FURRIERS ENGRHVINGS ron 1948 SINCE 1914 HOUSTONIHN 94 BY Whether it be storage . . . restyling or buy- SOUTHWESTERN ENGRAVING COMPANY ZUGVQ West Eleventh Street FORT WORTH TEXHS u Your Story in Picture Leaves Nothing Untold" ing a fur coat . . . it will pay you to corne to UA., ALASKAN FUR COMPANY 606 MHIN ST. STORHGE RESTYLING HND SHLES are under the direction of experienced turriers. I You take no chances at the P1 askan FRHNK L. GOULD President I278l KOIIIIJAIIIBII td of SETTEGAST-KOPF FUNERHL HOME Milam at Gray F-l39l l279l ln Houston since 1875 Sl-IGP WlTl-l SWEENEYS for Loose and Mounted Diamonds and other Precious Stones Nationally Known Watches for Timekeeping Qualities Sterling Silver l-lolloware and Flatware English Bone China Gold Iewelry Domestic China Orange Blossom Wedding Rings Crystal Gift Items where Courtesy, Quality, Dependence and Sound Values Prevail il. Sweeney ewelry lla 700 MAIN STREET CORNER CAPITOL 41 A--'- 2 -'v'- V---H-az-1-.-.-.-.-:4.',-.4.,,,::-,,:-:,.:-,:-A-.4'v.-.-:-,-:-.-,-:-.-:,,-:-:.-:of-'-:-14:-,-1,15-4-:::v:-:-:-:-:-.-:-:-::zz.-.-.,:-:-:-:-:-:-'+:4::::::4,gg55:51,5:::.2.3::.5p::g.31:4.3.:.:.:.::5:g:::::::::1,:.::::.:.,::::,.::y:.,:-.':,3:,::5.1:::5:,:::.:::,::A:1::::,::,:::.13.2.-,, ..... 7.,..,,, ..... 1: :? 2 i Z f : 1 i, izv 51? 25If1f- 5 51.212553-gEgE51515:1a1e :1: 2i13Qgias555E2a255a522555giis55Q5if555S35555E55555225Q55E25is5'iii115E2?Efi'ffiii12:2 'Y S i 'J' f ,ob A WCB W Lyn-, tg, I in Houston MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION PROUD 'ro slznvlz of As headqurlrtvrs for quality . . . H I O PERSONRL STHTIONERY O FOUNTQIN PENS O ZIPPER RING BOOKS I GREETING CHRDS O TYPEWRITER SUPPLIES .B .j X L 6 .. STATIONERYE PRINTING CO, PHHIRIE HT FHNNIN SCRIVNER-HOWELL CO. Publications Printed Business Forms Hdvertising Printing O, L. SCRIVNER-R. F. HOWELL 3401 Buffalo Drive - K. 3-7253 Houston 6, T IZSOQI COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS HOME HPPLIHNCES HAVERTY FURNITURE COMPANY 711 FannH1SL HOUSTON TEXHS I --yu"S.I!" "'11 ' A if' -f ' 'I'I'IE VARSITY SHOP Everythzhcg hrm? C0lleCgeMan szcouo noon FOLEY'S I28l1 E COMISKEY INSURANCE AGENCY lnsurance and Bonds I-8-l5l5 1806 MILQM - HOUSTON, TEXHS SAN JACINTO SALES COMPANY 4Ul SHN IFICINTO STREET Fl. S. GINSBURG, Owner PHONES: C. 6273 G C. 6274 Hardware, Household and Building Supplies CONGRFITULHTIONS f GRQDUQTESQ 1 r 0 r r r X J I J J J Le, Us Heh, if sq. ft. of Service Space lgsgiyiribsrlt Under one roof Earle North Buick gfobleqflsf and EMPLQYM ENT 303 smile Co. sells all you need for car or GV? lme in f' . home! Drop in and shop while Qfldlgqi J Bldg you Wait in the new Goodyear Tire division Where toys, appli- Pisllliirrls. B 3 - 9 3 0 8 ances, sporting goods, and knick-knacks elbow the latest auto accessories . . . or dine at the Buick cafeteria. That's Buick Service! 6 fn, Knlent op' 5 VISIT THE... J I HCK BLOCK HU STU THANSFFCU. EARLE NORTH BUICK CO. 2215 Milam The Buick Block F. 6131 l282l 14 Texzw Indra try . . . employing Texas People, using a Texas Product, to create new wealth for Texas The Champion Paper and Fibre Company HOUSTON DIVISION Manufacturers of Pulp and Paper from Texas Pine 'iHouston Homes" Manufactured TIIIUSTIIN HEAIIY-CUT HIIIISE 3601 P lk H COMPHNY, INC. 1-I.M.1. i283T 1142 MW CGIWPAIILBHL4 of HOGAN-ALLNOCH DRY GOODS COMPANY Who1eso1e Distributors HOUSTON, TEXHS . . where quality GOODYEPIR TEXHCO reigns supreme KELLETT-HEM BY, INC. H, 1. SKLFIR TIRES - BHTTERIES - ROHD SERVICE 1134 E. 11th V. 4-1886 in E Z 3 5 2 2 'x Q C Q WM, ,. -1 .Lt 7 Keep Tuned Right Here 7 On Your Dial For Constantly Better Shows LZS41 C0hl,9ghl2lltJ of MANGEL'S 513 MQIN STREET Specialists in Feminine Qppcr heady Ike Claw YV . . . smooth , . . rich A Q 6 K . . , down-right DE-LICIOUS! .Yee Zfwmn elemm senvlre clues vnu MUREANUMUHEFDHLESSANU lESs llouslon lighting and r o o " I E . .t 7 UQ? -4 rnonucsns or cans smscrnlclrvq-31" GIBR LT R SAVINGS AN BUILDI G ASSOC! TIO 83 Years Ago . . . 1865 . . . when l7. NY. Heitlnann Company was estah- lishecl, Houston and the vast inilustrial area that surrounfls it, was a young city of less than lll,lltltl. Yet, even in those clays, we supplied the erfvw- ing: young state with lrun anrl Steel Procluvts we importeil frmn Europe. Especially have we ren- clerecl a great service to the nil inclustry, for we were the first firm to have a big stock of Pipe when the famous Spinclletop nil well came into procluetinn. On clown the years we have serverl the ever in- creasing factories, luinluer niills, hardware flealers and other business institutions with lnclustrial anrl Mill Supplies, lluiltline Harflwarc, Roofing, Pipe ancl Fittings, Tools, etc., that the unliainperecl ingenuity of a free enterprise anal a prosperous, happy people have neecleil in frriler 10 huilcl this great city anfl the vast flrnnain that Sl'll'I'0llIlflS it. NN'e gratefully express our appreciation for the frienils we have inatle anal lielfl anrl fur the privilege of living, antl working anfl being a part of the great nation that is America. First Exclusive Iron Dealers in Texas F. W. HEITMANN COMPANY Hardware - Mill Supplies - Metals Oil Well ctncl Water Well Supplies Builders Hardware - Vcilspcir Pcxints and Vcxrnishes HOUSTON 2, TEXHS l286l James Bute Co. GORE F009 GOGD SERVICE 'I301 McKinney Houston Fairfax 9371 A DEPENDABLE NAME SINCE 1867 il' University of Houston Rlumni ul' Navy Vet if Licensed Radio Operator 'A' Electronic Technician ir Experience HOME - AUTO RADIO SQLES 3 SERVICE - REPHIR GE-RCQ DEFILER AMERICAN HOME APPLIANCE CO. if Marion S. Charpiot COWner Opermori 815 DUMBLE - W 3-4115 HOUSTON 3, TEXAS FREE PRRKING A. W. WELDON CAFETERIA 4912 MHIN ST. IRCKSON 2-7558 I2871 MHS. DRAKE SANDWICH SHIJP To All of You We Wish HAPPINESS and soon LUCK 1 C 1 i l I 1 -i i 1 1 S . I I . i 3 1 4 1 I 1 L..,U...J U., l A ld . 19. 20 I mem 1 1 1 , 1 1 i

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