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; u .w- ' - DL HOUSTONIAN 19 4 ' nnlmg hy Cui.r Pnu isiiiNC, Co. Piiotography hy luLXSON Sttdios Campus Photography hy Paralta Stuu PlIBLISHtn BY THE STUIIENTS of THE UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON Editor GUY HAMILTON, JR. Bminess Manager P. J. STERNE, JR. AgainsI llir sicM ' whicli is llie mind. 1„ liold llir nmre pleasant nu-mnrics ol ihc lirsl Iwrlvc- years of llir I ' nivorsily. ulii.h were Ikto spenl. in the San .lannin I l,oIi S, hool l ' ,n,kl,ny. Rny (nistav Culln, Me.Monal, ihc i..ill „l ' Mr. and Mrs. 1 luah Ruy ( " iillcn In memory ol their son, and lirsl of llip build. nt;s on the new (-ampus. wa ' ; oc(iii)icd in June, ill ||_ B!u..L i 11 ill £SS £ , ii ill ipmniiii !■ Ill mi ' " i—nr I? ' iiSliiifl!!! HI III M ni li Rs Hi in m III III ij; mm lESB IImIC The Science [ ' .uiMino. InsI ..| ihr l„nM,n.jsn„Hlc,,nss,l,lc l,v ll,c,,lU nl llnu , ,,1, CnS.HHl ihc ,,,,1 of ih,. I ' mI,] ' ,, WuiLs . ,l,nMHsl,„lH,n. wasrninplele.l „, SeptcnlKT, ' ryx Tlu.,H,unl„.„so„n l.o„l,n lower., wlinh s.Tv,. In n,„Lr ih,. ll,, ' nnK n, .■,s,lv in llir ucrU uliich ,. MM,ml -l,-lv ,,,1 rnn(l,l,.,nc l. 7cTl£ WORD Imprinted herein are page upon page of hieroglyphics— meaning- less to those who know not of our college life, but fraught with innumerable memories to the initiate— with infinite facets to cap- ture the evanescence of things past. W ' e can but play the major chords of the melodic theme- and leave to each his own minor variations— undertones, over- tones—ours is but the simple rhythm, —Only Nour memories can interpose the intensely vibrant orchestrated whole. J Jooki WITHIN A BO Oil ADMINISTRATION CLASSES SPOTLIGHT ORGANIZATIONS ACTIVITIES T m — ihis hnok !s n fnvimentaiy reroni ij ihv ; war o the Unirer ilv on Us iwir ami x s. In ihat shoii sihuv ,,j linw. the campus, irith Roy Guslar Culh ' n A cniorid and the Science RuiMnuj in use. has hnnKjhl a nen- si irit to the school - „ jcehiu, o lovuhv. pride, and derotion ,, dw ideohnjy o the joun h ' rs. Because oj the outslaiuhmj roh ' it is iihiyiiHj in the hje o the University, we respect judv dahcate this Houstonian— 1 )4(). to the can nts. jiresent imd liilure. A uv Us hi-autv he exceeded only hy its lon j lije anil jruiljulness. ..the SAGES U-lt If, rghl Shepherd, Coop, Daily,, M.lls, .lepp. BOARD OF DIRECTORS E. D. SHEPHERD. SR President DR. RA l ' K. DAILY Vice-President MRS. B. F. COOP Secretary DR. HENRY A. PETERSEN HOLGER JEPPESEN GEORGE D. WILSON ALFRED C. FINN ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICERS DF . E. E. OBERl lOLTZER UR, w. w. ki:mmi:ri:r Complrollcr DR. C. F. lllLLEl Bursar ,fJl K il N, K. Dl ' PRE Iktfj PEARL C. BEN ' DEI : BALDWIN. RAYMOND W.. Ph.D. 1 ' iiixersity of Chicagi.i Business Administration I ' .YINnTON. IIFJ.HN. MA. ( ,lmnl.,a Pl,ysu-al l:,li,ral,nn CARLTON. LDITII LORD. M.A. University of Texas Enqhsh DR AKi-:. r,L:oROL; w., f h.i3. :L., r( ,ii, iM-:ssfR M.. M.A. I:,uil„h LILLDS. L. B.. M.S. . . M. Znqjnccnnq O.lnnJ, ' Rh: ( ' II ARC ' 1 III " . W ' .. M.A. ,,|n,nl,M ,.„ , ; " , „r„;,o„ i.I)l:n. Lt:oN c. m.a. .fTe L LKIS IIAR T:Y W ' ., M.A. Bnqhsh HENI3ERSON. SAMUEL Y.. MA. L ' nix ' ersity of Texas Education HOOKER. LYLE T.. MA. Y. ■ L ' niverslty of Texas B,o ogv lll ' irillNSON, .lAMliS D.. M.A, llln,,.,.. K )i INSTC ) ' , ( B.. M.S. KI-.RBOW , i. L. M.S. l ' n,vr,Mlv ,,|()LI„I„, LI.WIS, Ni-:N ' A K.. M.A. - ljU :n„ ,s , M. (OY. FRANK ' AL ,II-.AN, M.A. I ' of Southern Calilonna Sucial Scicnros m,iliii;nny, o. i-.. m.a. ( nlnn.lHa ■:, ,„„ „.„ . KMLLLIX. Li;, RL MILLRR. Ml ' RR South Carol, Social j ocial p( i MITCIII Al.ik ' f M.A. STAN ' DI.I ' .i:. IV A. Collruo osBORX ' i: i:i.i) , iva. University ..I 1 lon-tm, AssislnnI IjUnnnu PI-N ' N BACKKR. RlTll, M.A. ,Kl , iii;i.i-; ' r R|-;i-:S, WARRKN A.. M.A. I ' n,vcr..,ty of Texas Malheinatics ri:mi-:r. ' ra i... m.a. I.,.|„n,i Slanlonl I ' n.xrrMlv S( IR ' ilM.W ' X. IAX ' ALU W ' .. M.A I ' niversity of Texas STA ' P. l ' ( ,il, r.l.RNN Pl,ys,n,l ll.lnrahnn hrench W ' ARRHN. IJI.I.IAN I... M.A. WERLIN. .lOSHI ' IIS.. Ph.D. University of Chiraun Social Sciences ' lK(M-i; RUTH S., IVA. w ' lirn: roim-.rt . . m.iva. Business Adniinislroliun BL ' KOW ' SKI, LL ' CIAN, M., M.U. Baylor University Biology CROLTH. ROY A.. Ph.D. University of Missouri Psychology I3AASCH, FRANCIS J.. M.S. L ' niversity of Minnesota Engineering DEE, JASl ER. M.B.A. University of Texas Business Administration ' i DONNER. ARVIN N., Ph.D. Q y Univcrsitv of lovva (■.ki:n. ( II, X ' lu ' roR A., i h.D. C )hi,. Stale University Biology McELRATII, EBYN.. Ph.D. Rice Institute C ieinis rv SMALL Mrs. ADDIEB., M.S. Slate University ii Miirss AAministration MITII I REDE., M.S. I .oiiiM.iii.i l.ile L ' niversity %r - i ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICERS President l- . I--. OliEM l( )LTZER Deem NAASSON K. DUPRE ).„„ 0 Women MRS. PEARL C. RENDER K ' ,,„,,r„r MRS. PEARE M.Ml ' I.I.IN Assislaul U, !he Dean MrRRAY A. MIIJJ-R l d.mruw MRS. Rl Tl I WIKOM " Busincs. Manager I I. I- MILLS Complrnller and Dnertor 0 Cumrnlum W. W. KI ' .MMERER Bursar ( I 1 IH-l- R Auditor ROBERT A. W ' F liTE Assistant to the Comptroller X ' ALASTA S(l IL ' LDA FACULTY r : w iv i 1 ) i ' ;f„M„ ..- A.lnu,u,ln,hon S W. HENDERSON Educalion ( IIARLLs S MEEK ; ,. ,rv KRFDRIC BROWN Ad L. T HOOKER B.dogy L. STANDLEE MITCHELl Drama EDITH LORD CARLTON Erighsh BERNHARD O. HOUGEN Business Admimstral ion L A. B. PARKER Business Administration ROY A. CROUCH Psychology NEVILLE C. HUNSAKER Mathematics LOUIS POLICHINO English FRANCIS J. D. ASCH .1. D. HUTCHINSON Mathematics RUTH PENN ' BACKER English R. BALFOUR DANIELS Er ghsh C. B. JOHNSTON Chemistry WARREN A REES Mathematics JASPER DEE Business Admmislrtition I.EONIDAS JONES Business AdmmislmlK.n E. W. SGHUHMANN PIlVSlCS EDWARD P. DOREMUS Business Admmatmtion A 1. KERBOW lulucativn ADDIE B SM.M.I. Ikisimss Administration AR ' IN N. DONNER Education LOUIS KESTENBERG German FRED E. SMITH G,.o „HV G WILSON DRAKE DR. RICH.XRD LEHMANN German FI.O ' P. SOLT-E Sranish MRS. BESSIE M. EBAUGH English HILDA L. LEMON English HELEN C. STFFIF Business Administration ARCHIE W. FRENCH Education NENA R. LEWIS English ROBERT W. rAI.I.EY .4r EDWIN L. GREEN -AL JEAN McCOY JULES A T.RN Engineering X ' lCTOR A, (-.REL ' LACH Bu,l„gv 1-BY NELL McEI.R.Vni Chemistry R( )BFRT K. WALTERS Business Administration LEON G. H.ALDEN Political Science JAMES LMANFREDINI Social Sciences MRS LILLIAN WARREN Business Administration FRANK E. HANGS Engineering PI.ES C. MASTEN Business Administration JOSEPH S. WERI.IN Sociology iiar t:y w. ii.- rris ' „ . „ breaking ROBERT A. WHITE Accounting ll I ' luiFS I ' nosAu; President ( herholtzer. Dean Dnpre I, w,lh Mr. M. M. Feld. ilnihw .i| ll)c lirst research grant to I )r. Hillcr. evidently hot on nnie chlatory one s unpaid trail. Mr. Mnnav , . M.IIer, nf ihe Xnrlh r.Vlin,, Mill. ' iv mJ, ,umI |„nu,l I,. I,e „ T,mI„-,.|. AND I ' hOFOUNI Mr. Icilley. al ihe upper left, whuse art classes are the joy of every co-ed in school . . . upper right, Mr. Schuhmann, whose physics lectures entrance the engineers . . . Dr. Daasch, lower left, inimitably dressed, and beloved by all frosh engineers . . . Dr. Drake, who can almost make chemistry a pleasure for anvbodv. 1 tM ' Jk. On Ihr Icfl, -Y,,,, L,„,w vnu can ' t .,n„L,. here ' .Inhnsl..,, . . . at the right. Mr. Hutchinson, whose math las..cs ..hare the favor of Mr. Tal- ley s freshmen co-eds . . . al lower left. Messrs. Manfredini. X ' erne. McCoy, and W ' erlin. engaged in keeping the student forum posted on the huropean situation . . . and al the lower right. Mrs. Cadton. master of journalese. MONTGOMHRY STUDENT GOVERNMENT L ' nrler the leadership of President Foster Montgomery, the Student Association, and Its fellow unit, the Student Council, made more progress toward a real student government in 5 ' )- 40 than had been made in ail years previous. Major reforms were the formation of the Student Assemhiy. which gi es all cluhs and recognized organizations a voice in governing the student body, and the institution of a streamlined electoral system for all student ele( tions. Also accomplished this year was the establishment of two honor societies, the Hoimnirx . (ti ity Society, and the Honorary Scholastic Society, to give public plaudits to worthy students in those two fields. Student Association oHicers for the year were President Foster Montgomery. ' ice President Weed Peterson, and Secretary Alice David. Student Council members were Montgomery. Peterson. David, Seniors Harry Montgomery, P, J, Sterne and Billy Miller: Juniors Bill Williams, William F. Griffith, and Fllison Nhles; Sophomores Ray Campbell and Tom erxa: Freshmen Gerald Leinweber and .lohnny STUDENT ASSEMBLY The Stt.flent was fountled in Manh ,,( 1 M(I l.y the Sln lent Cuncl. with the approval of the administrative olTicials of the rniversity, to [.nvr lu-tlcr rcpr - sentalio n to all students. The Assemhiy inaLes the hranrh nf the student (..overnnient I,,-, anK-ral. and serves as an adjunct to the Student Council. It js presided over hy the N ' ice- President of the Student Association, and its rneniliership is comprrsed of twd repre- sentatives from each class and recoom ed ( iuli on the rainpiLS. By virtue of statutes enacted at the time of die estaMishinenI ..f the Student Assembly, henceforth all resolutions and new legislation will ori ;inate in that fiody. then he passed on for consideration hy the Student Council. The members ol the Student Assembly are: Senior Class Arthur Parker, Everett Dy junior Class . . jday T. Mann Scoggins, Charles Brigance (night lames K. Jordan, Glenn Preston c r m dav Robert Sulhxan. Rosemary Summers ipnoinore Liass.... ■, i i;i t r I (night loe ! iay. tommy Cooksey r rj Ulav t]d Roche. Bonnie Damon ' " ' ■ ■ ' " " " " ' " ■-■ ' (night Bill Fullick. Wellington Ahliey Red Masque Players I lenry Tauh. .loe Potter Cougcir Co egi(iris Louise Butler. Elizabeth ( arlon Buckaroos Ruth ( rawford Pre-AfeJ Society Cad I loeOich, Mary Turner Engineering Society loe I lomer ( ella Staflord Business Aclminislralion Boyd Shinn. Will Cay Foil Cluh lohn Tauh. Ceoroe I loowood n.s;, n(c of Puhlir Afjairs bdino B,„rLe larf ( -,aden T..nn,s Clnh Kinilv TInel I lanv I lope Cougar h;il,v Mai,orie dantenhahn Houstonian I),.n.lhy I lohl. I ' McCrath I linclnian won a bet . . . (Icmon.stration or now to hit the ha - . . . and how lo he a rowbo -. in ten easy lessons . . . Evans anfl liienvcnu are dis- gusted with the Owls . . . Podner 1 hirris passin ' aroun the prizes . . . Xelm s actually in class . . . the sisters Cle -enger and Cuz Taylor, hiture Earhcarts. all . . . lass Lanslord looking pretty h)r the boys . . . some- body just sang " El Ran- cho Grande once too olten, ihal ' s all there is lo it ' . . , Wizard of the lens. Gittings. gelling ihal li-hl just so on la belle McGralh . . . Griesenbeck .. If guard - sludving . . . loe Poller ' s stooges |. Ing- oing ihal ineinorable Wild Wrst d„AV, and nohl nral nlil-Mn.J. al I ' nxil is licrc al vari- ous and siindrx ' limes. I . „|- II. sludenls hero,.,,, steweds. Xdditional data will be loL,nd in .s,,a|)- sliots. patje one ol die ' anit - ur section . . . The Rice Terrace, site of the 40 Junior Prom, both nowedandoverll,,wed.. . all, ol ,-o„ to aul the cause ol a Recreation Buildi,io . . . Note well I lollis. Gay pacing across the top, with Peterson i,i a corner, as usual . . . C uee,i O Brien, Srogoins, Freeman. Zeto. Burke, et al. on parade . . . Mann. Ill, actually da, ing . . . while Park Powell and 100(1 oth patronize e barkeep. ] lintlman won a bet . . . (Icinoiistratioii ot now to liil tlic ha ' . . . and how (o he a cowboy, in ten eas - lessons . . . E ' ans and Bienvenu are dis- nnslcdwitblbeOwls.. . l odni-r I birris passin aroun the prizes . . . Nelms actually in class . . . tbe sisters Clevenger and Cuz Taylor. Inture Earbcarts. all . . . lass l.anslord looking pretty lor I be boys . . . some- body just sang " El Ran- cbo Grande once too olt ' n. that ' s all there is to it! . . . Wizard ol the lens. Gittings, getting that hohl just so on la belle M.Gralb. . .OiesenhecL oil guard - .studying . . . Joe Potter s stooges plug- ,,no thai n.nunrabl,. Wild W,..l di,,w, an l njil neat pluoo,,,,. at thai. Prool is here llnnl al vari- ous and sunclr - limes. U. of H. sluclcnts become stewecls. Additional data will be lound in snap- shots, paoe one of the ' anit - Fair section . . . 1 he f ice 1 errace. site ol the 40 JLinior Prom, both llowed and o ' erflo ed , , . all, of course, to aid the cause of a Recreation Buildino . . . Note well I Inllis, Gay pacin;, ' across the top. with Peterson in a corner, as usual , , , Queen O Brien, Scogcjiiis. Freeman, Zeto, Burke, el al. on i)arade . , . 1. Mann, III, actually danc- ing ,, , while Parker, Powell and 1000 others patronize ye barkeep. ...the SCHOLARS SENIORS " ' Ufi cuCtiuatsJ )ninA ii tfid guuiJian cj niui of tUinoc- lacLf, it Li. tli£. onLij dictatox tliut fxs. nidn ai2k)ioi.uUd j£; it ii tlis oiiLlj idCuritLj fxddimn d iiid. ' _5, , Houston f f 11 1 9 4 CLASS OFFICERS President HA 1 MONTHt ) ] -.R Vice PresUlrnI HOROTI iV I lOl 11. Secrvlorv MARY K ) I ' MMI-.RT Treasurer B. K) .1. lU ' RKh: Sludenl CnnnnI Rrpn ' senlalive I ' , J. STHRNl-;, JR. AiJiXANUiiR, i-:lizabi:ti I B.S., Sociology. Cougar Collegians 1. 2. 3, -1: HousLoni CluL, 1. 2: Business Administralion Club. 2. 3; Gencr Cnll, aP Mu..ic Club. 1. IVM.DRIIX ' .K. J. Q. B.IV.A. Ili.siness Adm.nislralion C uh. 3. -1. ' icc Pre BALDWIN ' . { ' U31EXT B.B. , Squires Club. 2. 3. -4: Business Aflminislrali BARNES, CARL GLYN Houstonian Club. 2. 3. President. 3: Aesculapian Club. BucUoos. 4: Cougar SlalT. I. 2. 3. 4: Choral Club. 1 loustonian. 1 ; Better Spee, b CluL. 3. BOTTS. 1 lARR ' H , . BRIGMT. MXRGUERETTE BBA. lioustonian Club. 1. 2: Business A 1 Club, I, 2. 3. 4. Executive Committee. 3. BURKE. ELMO J.. JR. B.A.. Social Science. Frenrl, Club, 3: Business .Vlm.nistr fon Club. 3; Institute of Public Affairs, Secretary. 4: Cla CALN ' ERT, THOMAS WILLIAM B B.. . CHEN. EDWARD KIXC TUNG B.S, In.stitule of Pub!,. , ll.„r., 4; Out.- CLEX ' ENGER. ELIZABETH B.BA, Business Admin.strat.on Club, 3. 4. . ero Cla CRXWiOl D. 1-RAZIER B.BA. CRAWFORD, RITH B.B.A. Ai58 J ' BELL, MARY ELIZABETH b4. CROW, ETHEL RLTLl BA., French, Les MousqeU 3, 4. Vice President, El Foro Espanol, 2, 3, 4: Business Club, 3, 4: Baptist Student Union, 2, 3, 4: D.MLEY. ELIZABETH B.S. Houstonian Club, 2, 3; Cougar Collegians, 1. 2. 3, 4: El Foro Espanol, I, 2, 3, 4; University Singers, 2, 3. DEAN, DAX ' ID BOYD DiWALT. LILY MILLS )l ' RR, L DELEINE B.S., Government, Houstonian Club, 2; Cougar Collegii 4; Melbodist Student Union, 2, 3, founder 2, President, Delegate Texas State Campus Conference, 3. lii.LIS, ' I ' A ORAL l; , i;d, „,n l d Mnsfiue Pla AIMI I T M RY JO II I ' .u.Lm..,. I Scrrtary, 4; Cougar Collegia FAUSSRT. LOl ' ISE B.S. FERGUSON, MIN. l.i:i-: MIT.KV B.S. FRANK. MARY JOYCE B A,. Cultur..l . rl.,. Cougar Collogians. 1. 2. 3, 4: El Foro E.spanol. 1. 2, 3. 4. Treasurer. -1: Les Mousqetaires. 1. 2. 3 4 Vice President. 4; University Singers. 1. 2. 3: Red Masque Players. 1 : Foil Club. 3: Buckaroos. 4: May Fele. 3. FULGHUM, HENRY LEROY B.S.. Geology. University of 1 louslon E: HAMILTON. GUY. JR. BS.. r,„v,Tnnu-nt R.-d Ma ,|u.- Pi,:, ngineering Society Ma HOHL. DOROTHY B.A.. English. Red Masque Players. 1; Speakers Clut. 1: Houstonian Club. 1: May Fete. 2. 3. 4; University of Houston Duchess Sam Houston Coronation Ball, 3; Hous- tonian Revue, 2. 3. 4; Cougar Collegians, 1,2. 3. 4. Secre- tary. 3, President, 4: Class Secretary. 2. 3, Vice Presi- dent 4: Outstanding People, 4: The Houstonian, Associate Editor, 4. HOLLIS. F. H. B.B.A. Business Ad HOOKS. A. B. KIRKI ' .VTRICK. Z. B. B.BA. Business .Admin, n r KOST. LOUISE BA, B.ulogy. French Club. 1; KV.I M„.,,uc Players. I. 3. 4. ' i C ' lllcyiiite Dramatic SocU ' ly. 3. A KirERA, CLEMENT M. BA., GovernmonL Inslilulr of Pi.bii.; Affairs. -1: El Fo I, AIR I). WINNIE NELL LAMBERT. X ' ICTOR BBA,. ForeiBn Trade. Squires Cli,t, 2. 3. 4: L ' niver.silx llouslon So.iety of En...neers. 2. 5: Red Masque Play LaSALLE, DOROTHY ADELA McFARLANI3. MRS. WILLIE MAE BS.. Engl.sf,, L ' Orclieslra. 3: Red Ma Playe.s. 4. MANG. AUBREY B.s. MATHENY, J. K.. Ill BBA.. Secretarial Division. Business Administration 3. A Class representative, -t: Outstanding Peopl MEIER. WILLIAM B.S.. Engineering. Squires. 1.2. 3. 4; University of l lc Society of Engineers. I. 2. 3. 4. Chief Engineer. I. President. 2. member Advisorv Board. 3. Chairman I orv Boaril. 4. MILLER. lill.LY WAYNE B.S.. Biology. Institute of Public AfTairs. 4. Executive Ccninril; Chairman Student Handbook Committee, 3: Class President. 1. Council representative. 2. 3: Council- man atdarge. 4: Outstanding People. 4; The 1 louslunian, 4. Assistant Editor. MONROi:, DORIS EI.ODII-: M() ' T(X)MHR lOSTI ' .R W lis.. Ili.-tory. L ' .i.v 2. 3. 4. Secrelary. 2 Associalion Presiden MONTGOMERY, .r ,lv of 1 l.,u.-l„„ IVs.dent. 3: Ca f. 4. HARRY H. iiern ( V of Engineer lub. 2; Slude R.H.A. Music Study Administration Club Treasurer. 3. Presic Outstanding People Editor. 4. Club. 1. 2: Softball T .3.-1: Red Masque Pla ent. 4: Member Slud. 4: Tbe Uoustonian St .m. 2; Busine ers. 3. 4:Cla nt Couneii. IT. 3. 4. Cla MOC RK. RITU .EE IVS. ML ' HLLER. PAL ' I H. B,S,. Bu..,ne. s A Club. 3, -1. IminislrM.on. IV smess Admin.slratic N ' ATIIAXSOX, RIIODA RL ' TH BA. PARENT. ROBER B.A.. Social Sri RT k ces. El Fofo Espanol. i PARIS, F. B. B.S., Geology. Red Masque Players. 2. 3. 4; University of Houston Society of Engineers. 4: Ice Hoclev Team, 3. 4. " ) Captain. 4. National Collegiate Dramatic SoVkIv, -1 , fc, PARKER, ARTHUR BBA.. Banking. Bus,ne s . ,l„MM,str.,l,un PIERCE. BETTY BA.. Biology. PORTER. .1. ADOI.PIirS £?€Mlf I ' RANEL ' F. STELLA FOLTZ ■RYZANT. MARGARET E ' A BA. RKilMOM), RL ' TL AASCH. ALBERT C, JR. S.. Geology. Universfty of Houston Society of Engi- RICHARDSON. RlTl 1 LURLINE ROBINSON. GARLAND JOl tN RL ' EGKERT. LEWIS FLEIG SCHLIEF, GERALD LEROY L ' niver.ily Orchestra. 3; SI-;PPER. JEANNETTE K. IV. .. Hnglish. El Foro Espanol. 2, 3. ■!. Troa.surei SI li:iV ' . ARIELLE l ' ,lr k.,l 1a«|u.■ Plovers. 3. A. B.isiness Acin (liil), J. 1. Class Representative, A. ' ' . M SHINN, BOYD K. B.B.A. Squires. I. 2. 3. 1. Prcsiaent, 3: Business Ad ntative. 3: Oulslandii People SPATES. DOROTl lY BBA. Business Ad„„n,slral,on Clul,. STAFFORD. EMIL CELLA B-A-. Engineering. University of Ho neers. 1, 2. 3. 4. President. 4. STERNE. PAUL .lOHN. JR. HS.. (M.vernm.-nt. (hmIiI Savant. 1 Adr, tioii Clul). 2. 3. -1. 1: .( ulive committee. 3: Squires. 2. 3. 4. Executive board. 3. Cla=s representative Student Council. 3. -4: Outstanding People. 4: Institute of Public Affairs. 4. Chaimian: The Cougar. 4. Editor: The Houstonian staff. 3. -1. Assistant Business Manager. 3. Business Manager. 4. S PI IRETT, NANCY BIVA, TAYLOR. EDWARD EX ' ERETT B.S.. Physics. University of HoiJ ton Society of TAYLOR, ROLLIN B.S.. Social Science. F-oil Club, 3. 4: 1. 2. 3; Aero Class, 4. TOWELL. ROY HARRISON. JR. B,S.. Phvsics. Un,ver-,lv ..f Houston TRCA ' E. MARY E. Tl ' RNI-R, lO THOMAS ( )r,AN. MYRON BENTON I ' , li A. [business Administration CIuL WAI DLli, JAMES A. WHITE, W ' llJJAM PARKER W()()I3. MARGARET ANN 1 ' . A, Malliemahcs. Cougar Collegia ZAPP, MARIAN B,S., llenllh Education. Cougar Collegians, 1. 2. 3. Tennis Clut. 4: Houslonian Club. 1: Aesculapian Clu r i JUNIORS " [Lti[z I ' suznincj ii. a dancj xoui tiling; U iin i cU l2. or ta ts not tL PUiUui if2ring; OlUr Jiua ' ca draft. into :icuU tfz. kuin. l f-nd Jiinliincj Laxcj£.Lij loL ' e.xi ui ucjuin. —Alexander Pope 1 9 4 1 CLASS OFFICERS DAY President C. E. WILLIAMS Vice-Presidenl ERNIE McASHAN Secrulary PAT O ' BRIEN Student Assemblv Represenlalires T. MANN SCOGGINS. CHARLi-:S BRIGANCE NIGHT Prrsidcni WM, F. GRIFFITH ' ,r,.-Prrs„ ,.n lAMES JORDAN Svcrelarv ll ' NE CARTER Treasurer CI lARl.ES BRIGANCE StudenI . ssrnihly Represenlalires lAMES .!( )RI)AN. GLI-NN PRESTON , 1Im,.I ' I„I Greer. Phvllis GnlTitli. William Frank lammoiul. Sterling Helton, Frances Homer. Joseph ohnston. Doris Jean Joraan. James K. Kirk William H., Jr. Lansford. Carmelita Millsaps.Sluarl Moore, Margaret A Moryaii. Ilrsiila Nelson. Piilnna . „„e OBn, Parker, Mary Kill SOPHOMORES ' ' I ti saucatlon j-oxrni. thz common mind; uit ai tfi huig ii [- nt, tfis tx incfCn J. " —Alexander Pope 1 9 4 2 CLASS OFFICERS DAY I ,,sid, ' ni T( M YRRXA Vice-Prrsidvnl |-ARRAR ST( )RM S-crrlary I.CH ' ISI-; lU ' TIJ-R Sindrt,! , ssen,Mv Rvprcsrnlalirrs MOWKY SI ' l.l.l -AN. ROSHMARY I ' MMI RS NIGHT V,„„ rn; HA i ' ( " .XMI ' BHI.I. V„-,_ v,.,i, c.n IAMi:S MAXI.I-Y S..rrc. arv 1 ' ' H ' lll ■] ,,„,„r,r r.AYI J: I III )l K ) ' ,„ ,•„ . vsr,nWv Rrr,r.rnla:irr. lOl ' M.AY, TOMMY (X)()KSI;Y Al le. Genevieve Avent. Rirliarrl Bailli,., Dorothy Bnrrington, Ethelyn Berry, Frances Lee Bilnoski, Rose Lee Breeden, SKelton Brigance. Alece Burton, Perry Rod Barton. Alhert H. BuschnrcU, William ( Butler, LoLus ( ampl.cll.Ray Carder. l-:i,7ak-tK Clu ' ir, . l|dMix ' ull, ChnsWansonX ' irnm,, Clinlon. Ralph ( lavlon.L C )ni|)crc, Tom Cook, Jessie I. ( Coltn,,.!- Cox. Gladys Emma Cra en, Marguerite Craven, Richard (_ ulleii, Barbara Cuny. Eugene Davis, Edward Deacon, Estelle Mae Del Castillo, Gloria Diener, Lurline a 9 Ellis, ,lane Evans, Bernice Eenzl, R. J. Fransec, GaKriel Garrelt,Walevil, GoFF, Russ ell l.„ -,Hl.MaH l.rr. Ma.LF.clwarfl Lewis. Maraa McCain.Marlie.r Mahr. Frank Manlev leiR-l ' .-.Th...nas Wesley Miller. Margaret. I. Moore, Thomas Moore. Wesley Morlian, Mary CatKerine M„n.on..lenn,eKat, Sanders, Jeanne Shebay,. Andrew George Sneed. Richard SlexvartJohnP. Stokely, ( harles Storm, Farrar Sullivan, Robert Summers, Rosemary Tennant. Robert Tbevenot, Helen , Turner. Mary Twilligear, Tbclma Laveme Ax FRESHMEN " Q ou [--zat Ljou-i l2atz, an J fancy aHt a- ' iff corns; lr n.ock ai. Ljou jUaie, tlizx: i noboau at koins.. -Alexander Pop 1 9 4 5 CLASS OFFICERS I )AY Prcsideui GERAI.n LEINW ' EBER Vice-President BONNIE DAMON Secretary N ' IROINIA CHRISTIANSON Shnlrnl . Asscni . v Reprr.enlnlivr, . . .BONNIE DAMON, ED ROCHE NIG IT President lOI INN ' OO ' EN Vice-President lAOK AI.ENTI Serrelarv Rl ' BY X ' l-.RI IIXI-N Trensurer I ' AT OXRXER SindenI . ssemhlv RepresentaUres BUT i ' l TI.K K, WTIJIXCTOX ABI ' ,1 ' . Ahir,., L,H.|,,ll„.n . ,i,nns. I ' aUv.l, , l.-x.,Klcr.(Vr,l Alrxa.ulrr. l)or, , l,nc Alrxaiuler. l.lmdClaud Allen. Avis Mao Allrn. I...,.|,h V. AKl..„, I. Anderson, M „ley An.lrews. dance n. Baayelt, Jarquels BaLer, Mar,„n Ral,ln,lae, Bc ' verly l ' .aralms}i. Waller I ' Barron. LoM-lle ' iryiiiia Barlh. .I,.l n I lenrv f2 u MiM 9 .( k IManLluLI |-:ihel Berrv, Frank Le Blatherwick. Mary Lou Bollino, Mary Ellis Booth, James P. Bottler, Nan Bowen, Marysue Frances Bovcl, Betty Evans Boyd. T. J. . Briggs, Jeff Brinkman. Willie Enii Inn, I Irion iiniwn. (_ arolyn Frances Bryant, X ' irginia Bu.Lkt. R.C. Bnnjos. .lohn N ' ernon Carr. Dorice ( lark. |-I, v Mil Clark. -,r..l Clarke, RoWt Clay, hle.rry J. Collins. RoL.ert H. Conaway. Marjorie Jane Creps, Laura (_atnei Dailey, Dorothy McBrine. Robert C. Davis, Dorothy Lor, Davlltie. Betty L. Dirkens. Charles M. Dold, Frances Par.lii Dowell. N ' era Frances Durham, Cnvendolyn Mae Dutel. Lawrence Ealon..UnRi.harcl Epperson X ' ln ima Aihr ' Enodohl.DonahyLee Evans, F Fanlks. Mary Marshall Finrh. Charles D. he,. Walter F.sher. Clyde Flanaoan. Lou Ar Flesher. John . j-reemanRohert (-,„ll.,,her, Fli ahelhAr C;,lnv. ' .-ln,aE. Canll I lolly Gcnl.v. Ar (■„lm,.n,(laylo„ (m,„I„ AnlhonvS.,,, l„ (-,„„niC (-„„l„„n.l) .n ( iranl. Biirtun C.rMV. Marjorie ( " ireerifitcMii. June Eli aKoln ( ' nllinWilhain ilnl,l,arrl.Wa,le Hampton I InelHKT, IVefl E. :i,n,lr,. ' ,ll,am .I 3 ii . ' ...I lsaa:- ' :s, Ucln a Jeppesen. l3onal(l Johnson. Mary Lou Jovce. Bruce A. Kietzman. Patricia Lois Kiue -er, Norma Jean Lane, Stanford Lanslord. Juanita Z. Leinweher, Gerald LeLcI.ush. Hse NLarie Lemke. Dorothy oster, Marion Levis. Joyce Listi. Luke L. LnopM.uoarol Louise L..|Hv, I. Cru Lvnrh.l ' rancsC " Mrdcllan.l.rro y MrClc,)i,y.( Mare Lee McCurclv. Helen Frances MrCratK. Frierla McKenney, Lynn MrKinnev. G. E. MeLanolil.n.Rnselyn McLellancl. Ehzabetli Mach, Doris Mangiim, Bliss E. L1nry. Miry Jo, Franl. F. Meredith. Anila Meyer. A. Gerit. .Ir. Meyer. Arthur Charle hlrheIl,AntomeUeMaiu. NLore. Arthur MoreianJ. Bohh.e Lucie wmiMfii M,„L ' ,u,, William B. Murray, George William Nelson, Pauline ' rul,auer,C. A. Nexvman, Carlton B, XortKrup. Dornlh R..e.e.n,.nl K ' ,.n,h,„.l, |-: lwa„l O, Sclnvccke. Norma .lemi Sharpley, James Wesley Sheelian.l.oisMiiared lu-nher,l. U Snerrod, .lef Suns RulliL. Slay. Joe Small. Charles J. Mil, I. W. Smith. Maclelme Smillv Mannel ,mlL,M.I . N.Reilr l.auial- Sparr, Bill C ,„„.jne W,ll,„mT. Si. ( VI. I. Sln.„o. Solh Tarlnllnn, Irani). Tan!,. John TIn.L.lnn.lla rlMa T[,„n,|.- n,ll loni-:i, alH.|l Tips, i-;n.. .n,a T,.,l,i,|- rlvnTKeR-sa Tr,Ur„. Leonard ' an,len,. lames D. WaLelieM Behe WalL-r, James Buek W ' allare. DirUon Walla,... Dorothy Wane, L.LeonanI James Ware. Ira Calvin MaruMHU- W,.,nlu.r. .. ,i,.l|,h Wevcr, Waiula L ' WlHsmanlRaymoml W ' llkMorn A. W ' llLinsnn.Lasvi uun RfC ' ,,lir, Lc.taAlleen ' ,, Rohert Wynne, Joseph ■uuna. Gordon M. djk 0U-JjL miiri rich. (_arcler, I looan, and MrGinncss. in siin(lr shots, pausing in r .|r,-sk and ,„. pausing. lit ?[ mm olunleers to join (.ni)s - Rose Lee . . . u ln,l,T,ll,nl, «t ,.„lcl sp -ll .Hul sn.AV- fc| - |„ll-llu.|,Nnl„nv n,l nrnl,- il,lv thr I,- were those wI,o IkI ,l„sl,.r -(l will, snnw- » »♦ i 1 ll ' Si l,„IU al I, ■|„.,Mn llnl„.|, ll,„l w..,.L JmIv or A, 1 : f I ,sl ,l„v ■11. „l,-as(.. th lass,,- lu.ul.rar oC IVnl Inlinsl ■llli cH . . . llci ' p ill VdUl tllijld OC TI ' () crhuk ' (l rutill in irliirh h, .•.lure llic pidurc lliis ranilv jaii nuiki ' s . . . I(,r IK, lUdlU ' i linir nuirli linir liui rliuiuic mil- pir rnl vrnc, iiiul llw jaiv (•;-,■ - (1 VIV-. loc ) i(. o u„ ,(; s , ■( ); ;i( buck nn ' iiioiifs o; yon; ' ymilli . . . so i(7K ' (i llw ireighl 0 yvars (S upaii VI ' II. Iiini luiik lri(. ' c ' (!( (■ iiiiil Univ. In rrcall snjl liijlils . . . .sircci nnisic . . . iirnllv -reezes . . . sui s ilhouelteil on iIh- iiinon . . . ihr jiiHiniiin ' ,j Uunlvniiis . . . llir iruiinlli nj I liniliiHi Ill ' s . . . ( ' inininn ' iahk ' lliiiuj lluil liKikc il ( («« lu Of re hare been voiinij . . . Y fAlR. I )(vul PaQPeterson. l.-V U OK I ' ORATinj I think it is always difficult to judge beauty by photographs since the personality and coloring of a girl may make a lot of difference. Walter F. Wanger " c ftgg:;; : :•••••• • • • ••••• • • • •••••• • • • • J • • • • • • • • • • -? t l ■01 k i i iK iic iK • • • • t • • • • • • • • • ■k ± ' M H ' ■% ; iiMiiiili J;i • • • • • • J r • • • • • • yy • • • • I (linn, EcKvnrcl Scholarship I )avi(l, Ali. Arlnilws U T S T A N n I N fi PEOPLE ( mllilli. W illian, I " rank I lollis. I " . I I, rl,„lorshin Il.u.iilinn, Cu .U■ I InKI, Dorolhv , clUil„ OUTSTANDING PEOPLE f ■ m i Malhenv, J. I . Scholarshm Miller, hiliv Wayne h,(lcnl Curi-nunrnl Montaomer -. Foster MonlocmtTv, H ■■l)olarship OUTSTANDING PEOPLE I I ' .-Ursnn. W Rnl„.,K. ' ,ll,,„n (;,vl,.. jr Sliinn. l-KmlC Stcrnr. I ' aulJnL rl,„larslu„ U T S T A N in N (i PEOPLE 17 ' I -{ i Im.l). I Icnrv Aclivilii-s ' „lk,.r. IVanklin W . ,l,r, .r PUBLICATIONS I " oms. ju iqs. of autfioii ' numei, not nfSxki, unci tfi£.n nox fzxuiii. nox bLain tli£ n ' xitlncji., L-ut tliE inEn. ' -Alexander Pope J THE HOUSTOMAN GLIY 1 IAMIi;rOi . JR Editor PAL ' I. JOHN STERXE. JR. Business Mwuuivr TIIK HOUSTONIAN- lo-ic B Wa ,,i AcKNiwi ki)Cmi;xt . . . Tli, vnlnmc woulfl he nirnrnplclr, an,! I unulrl he „„ .i...ialr, ,1 iheie wore not here set clow, ll,- nan,,., oi those vvh„ have w.jrkecl Inny and ardu,;,usly thai you might derive ih. mavimiim of pleasure from this, your Houstonian — 194U. To Fred Ma, ls, ' ' ,in,l ( " .eorge Yax of the Southwestern Engraving Company and Bill Atrhes,in of the r.ulf Pulili hiiig Company should go a considerable modirum of credit for this haul. They h.ive given unselfishly of their time, experi- ence, and ideas, and their guidance, along with that of Jack Palmer, has heen an indispensable aid in innumerable ways. The striking beauty of all campus views is due to the lens artistry of Elwood Payne of Paralta Studios. The portraits in the Vanity Fair section speak more than adequately for themselves and for the ability of Paul Lynwood Gittings, but I want to add my personal thanks for his very generous cooperation in our association. All the members of the staff have contributed their bit. but especial credit should be given to P. ,1. Sterne, who in addition to efficient handling of all business matters, has been an invaluable aid in shaping editorial policy; to Weed Peterson. Harry Montgomery. Frank McKenney, and Billy Miller for their readiness to help out whenever called upon; to J. Q. Baldridge and William Buschardt, in addition to their staff duties, for the staging of the Houstonian Ball; to Alice David for ably taking care of all publicity; and to Charlie Brigance for his candid photography. To Dot Hohl and Frieda McGrath for their advice and assistance on all matters editorial, and especially for their never failing optimism, 1 am most sincerely grateful. Last, but by no means least, to ' ,,l|,Mn M,C,,v, fnr his h,Mrlfcll interest in, and his tireless efforts on behalf of, th,- l.e.l |M.ssibli. 1 loiisl,.nian a v,-rv large debt of gratitude is owed. 1 sincerely hope that our labor has brought forth a volume which will. l, r the nonce, be pleasing to your arious tastes, and in years to come pro e itself a shuttle weaving an intensely pleasant pattern of mem,iries in the lo,iin ol our mind, anent this year 1940. Gl ' V ll, Nm,TON..jR. £Ji(or. THE HOUSTONIAN- 1940 Tl I1-: STAI " I- Guy llainihon. Jr : ( P. J. Sterne. Jr u.s Mitiuun ' al Jean McCoy Facullv . . r,M l ,llvM.II .r A,s,slanl l:,lil, Charles IViaance . ssi laiil l usinv. Mamun Dot llnU M.r.ratfi Alire I )avKl larL Palmer Gi llarrv Muntoninery |-ra„L M.Kenn.-v luai .Asiocialc Edilur .AssocialvEdUur ..-Usonalv FJilur Eihlnnal . .ln,ur ....Cla.s luhlnr ....r n , l:,litur D. ' lla l ' .rllr Collic, S ' crvlarv WvvA Petersen. ... .. ss..r,u r Busuwss Mauayvr Bee Williams f rer Mng Sales Wm. ( ' . Buseliardt Ar rer i.sing Sn cs L n. lialclrHl-je Urerlismg Sales r.eowe HorLmever PIn.lngrapher M( )NrC.()Mi;k ' Y id v Till-: HOUSTONIAN- .940 ( ulin I,.., ..I „ lull vo.u-. wn,i, ihi. v.,l„n,c had ils nn..,n ,n . Inrrnl lw„ uc,-!-s lasl Inlv uh.M, Ur ..lilnr „n.l l.usiness manager ,,1 l. orlher witli a very few ideas and Inis . l |„-nr ,1. a„d l.ianL pape, By the time preliminary layouts were made and the necessary printiny and engraviii " ron- tracts signed, registration was at hand — and then the work really hegan. By dint of a little high pressure salesmanship some 850 books were sold, and the sales were closed. That brought a lew muttered oaths that grew to screams before the car was o er. but next year we hope yen will have learned your lesson. Came December and the .inmninrement of the X ' anity Fair selections, and the yeaiK ' rciw about the method of llun -dr. Imn. Then with the .January blizzard came the presentalmn .l the beauties at the I lou-l..n ( liiL, with the Cougar still griping about our " autocracy. The Mar. b wind, blew ih,- lirsl paues nnt„ ihr presses, and the whole staff laid t., with a will in order In wind up ibr innaiiiing bits „f th.s an.l that necessary t„ bring you tbi. pi, lonal menicnio of " , ' i .md In. That laying to continued right on through March and well into . pril. ,A,nil now lis M,i — ihr ear will be over in two short weeks, and here is your Houstonian — l ' ' l(i. C bopi- oii will riijoN ' it as much as we ha e derived pleasure from the production ol it for vou. [ ' KTERSON llll Ms li l,I)KIIK " .l ' . I ' .l ' SCIl.XRirr University Receives Research Grant Pi evy Announces f ainfior r; Council Meetings " ersGlVe i) m To St udents " Oiarsliip To ' ■ ' " (■ipies W ' h.Uard " Work On Engineer! Building To Start Early In Spring Beauties Will Be Presented ' At Houstonian Dance Tonight Recreation C f amival Oi With Hi Funds From T« Build Joe I ' oti Beauty Candidates For Vanity Fair Section Selected 9 Mk il I " ? my D-VID Ticket Sales Top All Records lofer Hamilton Presenting es For Yearbook Honors Cas! Roles F reshmen U] Potter Announces i Reception-Carnival onVVProsram Mails SO I s a • ..i ' l ttWiVGPi,AiViVEl Sixteen uutstanflmg Students Named d For Special Section In Houstonian; First Time This Award Was Ever Made ■UK) I ' , " I Itm " thrlU, Sfl i;ti..ns Vhi h Arc lo Honors I ' orStudint 111 2 liming Senior Hanquet Plans Annuunci The COUGAR sian m " ' .r rt McvHHjuu, EdUur , k. . .vMS „n EJ,;or Marionr Taalenhahn nnsu,r , Mu,HKicr I ulnry I-reen,an f " " ' g. ( -mulalu,,, MwHun-r NrNille Powell W C u , :. ;or Kitty L..U Dawson " " W • • ' - ' ' ' ' ■ ' " ' " - A •i rfc ( ' nlnmnisls Guy 1 iamilton, Jr.. Bill Roberts ■Hltt A° A t V ' i SlalJ Members: Hal Brrrv, ( larL S.olt, Gerald SchI.ef. Clmer Bn. har.ll, IjI,,.! Rnll, ( row, R.charcl TAUTENHAl IN ' r.T r- I I 1 Rl , II P I t I nil GOYEN POWELL ( rosby. Lela bioiiiil, all ' Koliert. h.iu . I Jonaid .l(|)pesen. r I, , ; . (Kdith Lord Cadton l-aridtv Advisers ' I Loui.-; M. Polichlno War! That i, ibo biyaest news of ' -40. Lack,,,., a M.llor. Kn,cl ed,ocker, or Stowe ,„ H,„opo, ibe Con,,or slaved ball a ..roic of bllle wars of Its ow,i. so ibat tbe l ' „ivers,ty, tbroiigb ibc ( o„f,nr. niiybt bav, ' a,lo,|„ate coveraac on al least a war ,f not tbe War. Came a sieye in February by wb,cb ' iipnri paled, ended by a V,sa,llr ubi.b pla. . ' .I Slerne at tbe bead of tbe staff, and straitibtway tbe Cougar beeanie a ncwsp.ipcr „isload ol a w.irmonaer. Most ,„,lcuu,lbv (ban-es ,n tbe paper were a new fa.e b.r tbe paye and a departnien- tab ed makeup sb„b e,dna,.red i a|,pearanre to ,io s,iiall extent. ar,llat„,... bilber an.l von lb, ' l„st balf of tbe year, under Sterne ' s direction ibc e.blonal policy b.llowrd a ,iiore stable conr e wb,cb. tbo„,.b at t,n,es react„.narv. put tbe Cnuf,ar above of tb . colleae weeklies ,n tbe , onnlrv, and on an . ,nal i,as,s ■ntelle. Inallv, u,tb „„. t of lb.- undergraduate dailies. ...the CllOUES I HONORARY ACTIVITY SOCIETY Orioinatecl by the Student (roiinnl. the Honorary Artivlty Society came into being for the first lime this year, to give signal and individual esteem to those students who by their initiative and effort have made themselves outstanding in extracurricular activities. MeiTibershi|) in the Society is limited to hfteen. New members will be selected by the facultv. as these charter members were, each May. to fill the places of graduating ETHHL Rl ' Tll CROW MARY JO EMMERT GUY HAMIETON. JR. VERNON KELL ' EOL ' ISE KOST BILLY W ' A NE MILLER FOSTER W. MONTGOMERY ' HARR ' HARPER MONTGOMERY ALEXANni-:R r. MI ' RRELLE PAUL .101 IN STERNE. JR. lu,nors: ALICE DA JD WEED fT;n-RSON HENRY 1AI ' I ' . C. L. WILIJAMS VUf Pr ' IH[i ilJ [ ji . i, ■ NATIONAL COLLEGIATE DRAMATIC SOCIETY OFFICERS Wor ?,y Director GEORGF CHIASSON Worthy Stage Manager FRANK W; LKFR W or( iv Biisincss Manager LOL ' ISH K( )ST Thrs oroanization is the local chapter of a national honorary dramatic society. Mem bership in it is avvarcle l only to those vyho haye sh-.syn extraordinary ell,.rt ami ainlit; in dramatics, and is a signal honor. MEMBERS LelaBlonnt L. Stan.llee Mitchell Alece Brigance I ' . B. Paris Ray Camphell .loe Potter George Chiasson Ariclle Shehay Betty Hays Rosemary Snmmers Louise Kost Pranl Walker COUGAR COLLEGIANS J ■. i offi(;ers 1940 DOROTHY IIOIII Pn-M i BKI-; WILLIAMS H-v- esul HLI ABirni CARLOX S,cr,i Lori i-: im ' tli:r Trrasu ili:Li; LAl ' LR ,s „r AI.IOL l)A ' ll) ' nW,r,;v Clnwn. COUGAR COLLEGIANS F.rst nl ll,r all,,,,. ...vr,, ,ln,,n. ll,r vr.u l,v ihc (..„,,„ ( ,.ll.-,,„„. ,•„■ ih. Ira lor |,n.s|H.,l,vr iiumuIhts al Ur u„ur nl l),.l I lnl,l a,,,! ihc „„hal,..,, ,,| ll„ ,„u i,,r„,l,cr. at thr l,n,„r nl llrlrn l,an,T ,„ (Mnl,,., ... A l.av |,a,lv In, „„„,!„.,. n,,K „l ( a.a Del Ma,-, a,Hl a spnri ,la,,rr „, Knv (ai.lav ( ,,II.M, Mr,, I ,H„l,ln,,„,„ u,tc l,nll, oiven ,„ Nnvomhcr . . . I ),„,„.■ u- ( l„,.|,„a. .,„ ,„ a, , n„l,, vn.II , a„„„al r„sln,„. a„ np,.n lln„s,- «a. v,vr„ al ll„- l,n„„. nl ll,, ' |„,„,l,„l B,..-l .-,,1 n| Ihr ,rn„,, In,- tl,.. vra, «a. ll„. In„„al V,,,,,,! ' . H,,,, II, „„ al . ,al„a T,„,|,l,- ,„ l-,.|,n,a,v . . . (1nM,,v n,,l ll,r yr.„ .n , An■ ■ «,„■ a .Ivir vl,nu „, ,n,„„,l,n„ u,th (he spr,„, a,,„Nal ,„ . |„,l - ll,c a,„„,al Calv,.! a,ly the xvrrL- .„ l nl May 4. a,„l Ihc l„,„ l,r , hn„nr ,,l s,. , ,„r,„ n„ 1 hr Rae RnnI May 2,S. r,M ,.n, M.„l,l.,„. I)u„ I l, .,l,,,l, ( „r,l,.r. Margaret Wood, Marv Jo Man,y, 1t„ih . - lir..„n, l)av„l h-,. ,lh,„„- Dm llul.l. I.„i„«. Butler. Elizabeth Carlon. .lear,n - s|„ m..l, I -..„. ,■ C.arrlncr. Mary Joyrc KranL. Phyll,s Crecr. I lelen Forrl, Elizabeth Alexander. :an,l rorr- Frances Helton. I.cola Wolff. Pat Garner. Pat O ' Brien. Nanaline Williamson. Jane Ellis. Alece Brigance. Gloria Kibbee. Beverly Baldridge. Elizabeth Gallagher. Frieda M.Grath. Flo Mailings. Rosemary Summers. r .,r, Rou.; Suzanne Lar.m,, M.a„l. U,„v l„r I,,!:,,,,,,.,, I ,„„.. K„.l S,,., Irll 1 )„r„ ,■ Carr, I l.-ien Lauer. Wyoma Cobb. M.„,.a..| W lruH M,uv ( nl,l, I )„„- I,.,,, I.J.n-l,.,, M,,,,..,,-, Kass, Bonn,,. Damon. l- ' owlh row: Betty Pierre, Mrs. Pearl C. Bender. Rachael Mollis. Norma Jean S. I.u., L. pMrh.a., Cullen. Grace Keller. Kitty Lou Dawson. Delia Belle Collier. Lois Sheehan. Helen K ' .a.L,,, M.av I.. Manry. Flhel R„lh Crow. Thelma Isaa.U. Murnell Co.x. Dol 1 lulhs. Gen.-vieve . l,l. RED MASQUE PLAYERS OFFICERS Presulcnl RAY CAMPBELL 1st y,rr Prrsulrni LOUISE KOST 2nd ' ,rr Prr.,lrnl CHARLES SAUNDERS Sscrclary ROSEMARY ' Sl MMERS Business Manager JOE POTTER Stage Manager T, MANN SCOGGINS, III Director L. STANDLEE MITCHELL In aJdiU.iii I., " Our Town. " " Miflsiimmer Night ' s Dream, " and " You Can ' t Take It With ' ou. " the Red Masquers stayed several one-act plays during the year, giving " Fumed Oak " for the College Women ' s Cluh. and presented two shows of " ou Can ' t Take It With You " for the Houston R-T.A. , , , ' „ , The cluh this year had a record membership, which added no small part to the facility with which the plays were |)resented. No less an important part of the activities than the plays presented, were a harbecue for members in April, and t|ie annual Galveston party in May. M i PRE-MED SOCIETY OFF-ld-RS President CARL W. HOEFLICH Vice President lOE ALLEN Business Manager FRANK S. McKENNEY Recording Secretary TOBY LEE HANOMCH Corresponding Secretary LAURA CREPS Treasurer MARY TL ' RNER Regular meetirifis of the club. bi-nionlliI -, were iTiyliliu ' liled 1) ' the addresses of leading physicians and surgeons of Houstnn. In addition to the activities in the snentilM licid, ihe rhd) yave an informal dance in Noveniher. a formal dinner dance for m(iiil)ir in lef)ruary, and also sponsored one of the hooths in the Frontier Fiesta in A| ril. , UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON I B SOCIETY OF ENGINEERS _ oi-FK i-:rs F Pre.ukmi CELLA STAFFORD _ ' i) ' „v Pn..s, „ CXRROLL SCHWARTZ - ' ' ' „v rsuU;,i I IKN ' RY TAl ' B ' " • ' ■ ' ' " ' ■ ' ' ' " ! ' " " • ' ■ ' ' ■ ' ' MAJOR J y%! Treasurrr lOl IX B( ) TI r, O Sb Hb Spcakvr TOMMY DeW ' ALT ' - ImflilHKX (luurnuu, A.ln.nry BnanI WII.IJAM Ml ' lliR UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON SOCIETY OF ENGINEERS IK)ARI) Ol- DIRHCTORS WILLIAM mi;ii:r CITLA STAITORI) XI.ADIMIR L AIL ' L:R ' (), KIJ.LIA (; yll: wiiiddon UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON SOCIETY OF ENGINEERS |,„s lh,s v ..„ n,,,,!,. , I sl,,.l,-s ,n ,„K„nr„„ ih,- |,i.M.. ll,. ,ImI, Lnl.U n, . n inlrns,. cliivr w„. ina,!, ' Im nru ,nr,nl,e,s .,1 ihr In l ..| ll,,. vrar w, a, !,,„,, „,, ,.|- ill,. ,|n„l,r,.„l,on. ,r,|,M„-,l ,.| ,„n,l,.lalrv K,.m,I| .. ih,. . ,.,„ ■..„ «„. th Il„. ,,„„|, l„„l „,.|H„M Irlv r,..n„.nil„.,. Tin. mmIm,!,.,! .1 m, In,! . u , ., kn ,. I,,u„mI ,„ l,|„, ,,| ,,,,,nc-,.,n. -Ir,,,.. „n.l ...npnM.I ' Ur Lr.-.l mil ,n ll,,. I„.h.,s ol ll,. ■! An.nn, ll,c n, , „. I, „.,■„„ nK „l ll,. «,..■ ih. an ,1 a«a„U ,na,l.. lo ll |„.,|„„„M I M-, ■ ni.inrnin, .lu.K.iU ssill. ihc la l MJlola.lK rco.i.l, an.l a nc .,l„,|a,.l,,p I I H ..,. I,., Ih.- In.l liin,. lliis vear. In yivr finannal a, l In niciilnnn nn„- I„-I.l In,,. w,-„- n.a.ln ,lnnn. ihn v,-a, 1 .luminal planl. ,n ll,r ( a,ll ( .,,.1 „■„.., In „xn n,nn,l,-,s llu- In s.T ll„- iwarlHal s, ln nl ihnn .|n.l,n. ,n arlnal n|H-,at,nn. ()n,- nl Ihr n.ain. sncal cvenU nl ihc season, llu- annual Knaniecs Ball, tins Tuinr, n,vcn ihc mvnln.l lillr. -Sweclhrail ..f llv I ' .nanKH-is. ' •- " ' " -J „M Prv.ulenI . . . . FRENCH CLUB OFFICERS Firs ScriK ' .s t ' r FTIIFI Rl ' Tl 1 (ROW Vur-prrsulvnl SvirvUirv MARY l( )Y( i: IRAXK R VTT ' i ' l-| (W 7VcuM nr ' ()| | 1 ' ' ()()I3 Pn-ulrnl Second S ' liir lrr I ' TI II ' I Rl ' Tl 1 ( ' R( A ' Yur-prr ulvnl I ' l 1 l ' il Tl 1 ( RI ( ) ' M kA ' V( )VR Trrnsurrr T( )KY 1 j:!-; 1 l. ( AlCI 1 iiicnil]ri ,111 ci|i|iiirliinily tu use I rem li a ( Finslinas parly was held (lie home ,.( lh - presiflent. and diirrno llic v,,r,n- Mrne ler a liarherne and w ler roast were .Mven. In Mav a I ' ren.h l,l,n wa d,..sM, Rr ih, ' entire slu.lent ImkIv. BUCKAROOS or-Fi(i-:RS MARY JO EMMI-RT Yice-Prrsulrni , DOROTHY DAIU ' lY t y o Ol Secrelary MAl ' DR BI- ' .RRY - Treasurer Rl ' Tl I ( RA ' I ' ( )RI) Vj ll lonan RI:0| A STROM Puhliciv (luurnmn ALKT DAMI ) BUCKAROOS Initial,, I ii,.w n„M„lM-, u„. hrlcl ni (M,.|„i l,,il,,ur,l ,I,,mIv I,v a wiener rna l lo, ll,. n.- v unU ,n ,,v,n,i,r,. An .,|„.,, ImnM- «a. ,,Nrn ,lnni„ ll.e Christmas hoU.n he honu- n| ihe I ' .„n...l allall nl ihe vea, «a. the .hinee aivei, Manh Slh al Aiahia Te„,|,h-The Rn,„Khl ' |, . , . all ii,einh,.,s pari „ ipate.l ,n M-lhii, l.rLeU lo an.l havin, a I ih al ihe i ' al Sl..,L Sh.,w ,n Mar. h . . . everal alten,l -,l Bil and Spnr I Inrse Sh,,w al Texas, as well as ihe P,,rl Lavara parade . . . hnal evenis of ihe year «er . a eomie strip ,Jai„e. an.l hay ii l,. lor iiieiiihers and then- dales, holh in May. iii. k BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION CLUB ()||-|( I;:rs PresidenI 1 I I. MOU-I Vice Pa ' sulvnl WKI ' I ' I ' KTI ' lxM ) Srcrrlory II ' Xi: AIMI:K Treasurrr i« ' I ' MIW PuhhrUv Clu.mwn lli; K TAl ' i; BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION CLUB l.„r,,.sl ,,, al,nn I„. , an L Milnr n| ih.- la, I slM.lrnl rn,nll,. l ,n anv I,,,.,,,,... aJnuni.hal „ .„ th. , a,l,Ml„.. In ihr |„v.,.nlal I a.Mir.M.. I,v nuinr,,,,,. Ira.ln. I„ nl ,nl..,n,al |,a,hr. n, ll,.- l,on,r nl I),. I ' mI.Kmm and ,, GustavCullen Memorial I, I, „„,,„. Tl„. , LI, aU,, .|„,n.,,.,., anti profitable Fiesta rom r..i,,ii- lln ' Imrj,, -am, ' . The FNCrulivc C.nn, ,1 ,,| ih, ' , Jul., r,,,,,,,,,.,.! ,,i 4n,l,.nN rWwA Iron, .■„. |- Businrss , ,lnnn,slral„.n , la.s „„ In.l.-.l (1ia.l,. SloL. lv Sun Vc nn . n,lr,-w Slirlmv hal ,U „,IU ,n, l,„lo rv.-rv ul, ih,. v..a, r,,nr,n,.l ,l nl ihn w,,rl,l a,„l „■ M,l,,nnal danrc ,n Rnv I I 111,- m,,s pnlar BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION CLUB Mrs. Arielle Shehay. Theresa Bnll.r WJI ( . C,.,y . J,.r Wlnl. I ln«a„l l.rwis, lili al.rtl, drven.jor r.oml.l SrMirf, Pal Oh,,,.,, I larrv II.mIl.cs I,,I,,,s R„lh ( axvlnrcl, (1,a,l,.. I ' ,,,. ■ K ' oIhiI K. ' IIv S,, ■ l.a „„,., Ln,,a„,.. Th.M,, „ M„,,..| ( ,X. I. K. Mall„.,,v |- ' „llv M,II,1 W, l.a,,,l„.l ( ' l .,„ l aUu,,, I :„ I H, , iLaxs K , ,| „ •, I MrMil- lan. joh,, ' ,..,.,a Ma,v , l„.|t Ma„,l,. I., IWrv Ma,v . „n lallle. Ja. L Uny,! ( " harles Sa,„ulers. ( ' ha,|,,llr WaUc R. .1. ( ' a,l,v Lrn,,a,,l W,„„,, H,,l, ' ,.,r. Mar|,,r,r ( ,.no- xvav, , ,lh,,, l ' a,L.., kal|,l, I ' l „■, Ma,v K, lla,l, ' V ' ,N,a,, l ' „„,L,„a,, I ),.,,. I ' lcsh- „,a,,, SvIhI ( a„, Ma,„. K„,o, l.-a,, M,Ca„, Mar;ja,rl Lo,,,,. Svlva,, l)„l„,,sL,, i IcMiry ll„n e. aiulJoc ( " „pncl. - S ' •JL TENNIS CLUB (M-i- " i(i-:i ;s Prrsulrnl... V,rr Prrsulv Trrusurrr. . Ihslnnnn... ...I ' MYijjs ( .ri-:i-:r i ' i-:c.( ' . (;i: t: hay ...I ' AT AI) M i:mii.y tiiii:i. ..ii,si-; i.i.Ki ' .iu. ' scii s,sr(ii . v K ' cnr. ' scn d iccs. ) iiAKRY lion-; I I ' .MII.Y Tllli;i A) i. i;i ' ,Y , MJ, I. RATI I M,n,l,.-,. ,.l ih,- ' lYnni. ( ' Inl, ■rr.i „, Ih.- Inillirnn. ol ll,r .|„„l th,-.,„n|.Mv K,- .■,■Llv nu-c-U hav, ,n, ll.r.|.,,n, uhi.l, u,.r„|u,n lo ,rwlv ,„„.n, ..,l Ih,. year, have .hnwc.l .h.,.| an,l ha ,■ ,1 „„r nf ihr nin.l arlivo rinl,. hr,., hrici h., inrn.lHMv uiih .rv.Mal |.„Mnam,.nl: I .|n,lrnU. VI the Divers ions PLAY PRODUCTIONS The Rerl Masque Players during 59 aiul 40. Hrhie erl nicirc surress than ever before the group. Under the direction of L. Stajidlee Mitchell were presented produrlinns whii e heen a credit to a larger and more ex|)erienccil i(im| an . Th. of ll,c i ' l, pcdnnn,,,,,,. Lmh umImcI I cxhnncK I,,,. I,,.,cl,l,.,l l„.„ In. snncMiN ,.n,l ,n:,- L.,cL,n. „nN «,.lcK ,A|„.,,c,Mc,l |,,.r - I. ,1 ,nto all ,N .h,uv In Tl„.,nlnn prin, and f ' rank alker were the standou pcrtormers. ;■ bhc d ,. due lo Mr. M,l .!.,!, lH.ncril,.d l,x „,„■, I rlcs Saun.leis, Billv K„l,c iing an extraordinary insight ohcrts, as George Gibbs. fulfilled the promise he had shown in previous years. The play i rong enough lo withstand rather rough treatment, but the deft work of Roberts and Saund uisidcablv above the average. the historv m.ght well rLcd und,., IS of fresh . Roseniar I,, the , arl 1 Itself ua MS bfted ,1 PLAY PRODUCTIONS Taking courage from the reception given " Our Town, ' Mr. Mitchell in December came up with the Bard or Avon s Midsummer Nights Dream. An ambitious undertaking it was, considering the handi- caps of stage and untried cast, but after a first night which stank, the boys and girls came through with two fine performances to close the run. Stanley Lane provided the most human characterization, as Egeus; Frieda McGrath and Patsy Adams, tasting greasepaint for the hrst time, and F. B. Paris, Joe Potter and Rosemary Summers, veterans all, each contributed to the good showing of the first Shakespearean attempt of the club in five years. Mid-March saw the Broadway success of Moss Flart and George Kaufman, " ou Cant Take It With You, staged by the Red Masquers. The combination of a good script and hard work by a well rounded cast offset the inadequacy of the stage and provided three hilarious evenings for packed houses. Louise Kost was as brilliant as she is beautiful, and Betty Hays came through with an excellent characterization, as did Cbades Saunders. F. B. Paris added another In his alr eady long list of good performances, and the bit part played by Frieda McGrath was well nigh perferlK ' done. Goalies: Jack Busby Jimmy Trotter ICE HOCKEY Coach ARCHIE W. I-RHXCH CapUnn F. B. PARIS PARIS. I-RENCH Dejense: R.J. Fe, 1 lany C -A Pierre rard M Wings: Gordon Reese Asa Martin Ed Cotton Marcus Jones Tom Calvert Fred Maudlin Busty. Paris. Girard. Cotton. Troller V " 4 4 .,,,, p,,i,, Fenzl. Calvert Bnrk rou:: Paris. Troll.T. BuAy. Pierce. Girard. Collon. Reese. Calvert. Fen ,1. Ice Hockey. tKe first sport ever ofTicially sponsored Ly the University, after five years of inactivity, was revived tfiis year tfirouHfi the ellorls of C oarh iTenrh and Captain Paris. Entered in tfie C,[y Amateur League, the team played two games with all others in the league, and two with Beaumont in Beaumont. The Cougars turned in wins over Rice Institute, hy a score of 2-1, Lone Star Creamery, 5-4, and Beaumont, 2-1. Handicapped sorely by larlc of adequate practice facilities, the team nevertheless made a splendid showing in the League. One factor of no small importance was their unceasing fight and spirit when facing far more experienced teams. Outstanding were former high school stars. Harry Girard and Captain Paris, who was high scorer; Jack Busby, whose good work in the net was iinalualile; Gordon Reese, who was always in there hustling; Ed Cotton, a masterful puck handler, and fast, Incky Ed Maudhn. BASKETBALL Caplam JOHN ELLIS Coach E. A. SNAPP Ellis. Snapp TEAM John Ellis Robert Anclrad Bob Morgan Jack Robertson Harry Hope Gordon Reese Norman Woodruff Bill Sparr Fred Kolle Bob Holbcrg Jack Castle Henrv Taub Carl Houston n a m FOIL CLUB OFFICERS President HENR ' TAUB Vice President ROSEMARY SL ' MMERS Secretary PATS ' ADAMS Student Assembly Representatires GEORGE H( GWOCM). .lOUX TAl ' B The Foil Glul). first orynnized last year, has shown a remarkalilc growtli lliis year iinflcr the leadership of its president. The dull has won a decisive maiorily of all the tournaments its mendx-rs have heen entered in. in city competition, and also made an c.Kcellent showing m the Oleander Festival tournament in Galveston in May. INSTITUTE OF PUBLIC AFFAIRS Evolved in the minds of several Political Science students two years past, the Institute came into actual existence in CVtolier of this year. Membership was extended to all memhers of Social Science classes, with attendance at the Institute discussions open to the entire student body. Numerous prominent governmental figures addressed the Institute at various times, in addition to the forum discussions held hy faculty memhers on |ierUnent questions. Chairman of the Institute was P. .1. Sterne, while the executive i)oard consisted of Elmo Tiurke, J. A. Porter, Alec Murrclle and Billy Miller. PAUL LINWOOD GITTINGS A. R. P. S. BEAUTY SECTION JOI-: BLOW FIFE DOT liOlll. I ' I ' IICDA M,r-,K ' . TII A typiral spriny day was March 31, 1938. A bright sun shcpiic until mid-afternoon, when out of the Lhie came ihnn.l.-rhe.uls and a short hut ternhc downp,.ur of rain. Dt at deuige the r,r 5f d,rt for the Roy Gustav Cullen Memorial l y oilman Hugh R. Cullen. The pictures here were taLen hcfore and during the ground-breaking ceremonies that day, which were the begin- ning of the new University of Houston campus. At the upper left is the crowd of students and officials who were present to witness the rites. Next ( counter- clockwise) are school statistician C. F. Mcllhenny, Director of Curriridum W. W. Kemmerer, Mrs. and Instructor V ' al- jean Mc( oy, , t lower center, the Reagan Redcoats, Carl- ton Cadettes, and San Jacinto drum and bugle corps; bot- tom right. Rev. T. C. Jester pronounces the invocation. At lower right, Mrs. Roy Gustav Cullen, Mr. H. R. Cullen, Mrs. H. R. Cullen, Dr. and Mrs. E. E. Oberholtzer. Center right, Mrs. H. R. Cullen turns the second shovel of earth, and at the top right, the crowd dispersing in the rain. Perry-Foley Funeral Home E. J. PERRY PflT H. FOLEY, ' 35 4010 Fannin HadleY2177 SCflLRDINO PRINTING CO. School Newspapers Exclusively JOHN SULLIVAN His Trumpet and His Orchestra CORRIGfiN ' S. INC. J,;,ohrs 903 Main St. GIBRflLTflR SAVINGS AND BUILDING ASSOCIATION 1201 Capitol Students (if tlie rnlversity in Marrli liegan a drive for funds to erect a Student Recreation Ruildin " . Some S30O profit from tfie Junior Prom was tfie first money earmarked for tfic Recreation Buildiny. Ill conjunction witti tfie , nnual 1 liyli Scliool Reception, a Frontier Fiesta was held on April 2(1. A replica of a Western town in the ' SO ' s was huilt on the campus, and numerous concessions were run Ly the various campus organizations. Outstanding; were the Casino Revue. l ioneer Paface. Scoggins Scantles, Judge Roy Bean ' s ( " I. I .aim . America, Bank ol j ' Joariiig Camp. Singapore Spider. Generaf Store, and Mne. Zola. PEDEN IRONS STEEL COMPANY Best Wishes to UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON from TEXAS ELECTRIC STEEL CASTING COMPANY HK.II SC HOOL RECEPTION , 1,1, , « of pan „l ,[u. L-n,,ty Courl . U-ll lo righ,: Wce.l Peterson IJ.v.d. Joe P„l.«. |),.r.jl,v -I ,1.- Mary Joyce Frank, Clem Baldwin, Louise Kost. Mary Jo Emmcrt. Jack Cavanaugh. |),.„,ll,N I till and Tom Yerxa. Al right Student Association President Foster Montgomery escorting Maril%n M.ul.lox past judges ' stand. ' 8 m fl PI We have thoroughly enjoyed working with your staff in the production of this volume. It is our hope that you who read this book will realize the year ' s effort that has been put forth by the staff to produce both an entertaining and attractive yearbook. Our organization, employing a large crew of experi- enced craftsmen and using the most modern print- ing equipment, has worked in the spirit of coopera- tion with the hope that we have aided the staff in carrying out its plans. 3301 BUFFALO DRIV HOUSTON, TEXAS Ciona%aiiiLation± to tliE ::fitarr and c tudEnti SOUTHWESTERN ENGRAVING CO. HOUSTON Y . ' » ' Ms THE GIFT OF fl FRIEND OF THE UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON WV(A -= (AcKf ii— vv v .cW-c-ri - A ,iX-. . v— c - jije,.,. (sJZ- Jl jZ tu y 2.,t C M ■ - ' --fi--u - ' -y-i L u J jaa4A •- Ca ' - : c£- «.e„ty .s?=t - - i - -«,- - Ul i2. x,-tl-64 •w R i r r lfc yL= £i fc ' ' ' ' iiiliilL ' ' ' iiiih iff 1 1

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