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c. Puhlisfwd hy THE STUDENTS oj the UNIX ' ERSITY OF HOUSTON HOUSTON. TEXAS • Editor JACK PALMER Business Manager ARTHUR DIMNEY Ptiolographer EiusoN Studio Fngrni ' mfl .■ESTERN EngRAV PrmU-r LF Publishing ( ifllOil It is indeed true that we never value anything at its true worth, while we possess it. IhiI aller it is lost and gone heyond reeall. we never fail to rememher what a preeious thing has slipped tliroLigh our fingers. These years in college, once gone, can never be recovered, so it behooves us to live lliern. losing, laughing, and laboring to the utmost, so that when tlie ' arc in the past, there II be no regrets. If. in future years, this book helps to relresh and enhance your most pleasant memories of the year just past, our efforts will have been more than justk rewarded. The Editor ami the St,m-f o THE 1939 HOUSTON! AN ADMINISTRATION CLASSES VANITY FAIR ORGANIZATIONS ACTIVITIES In the mind of this man, for ears the University of Houston has held hrst place ... his dreams were, in no small measure, the beginning from which our Alma Mater has grown . . . his sincere friendliness and hclphil counsel have lighted the path many a time when the way has been dark . . . his incessant eflorts have enabled the school to attain its present heights, and his heartlcit zeal will long serve as a driving lorce in the con- tinued rise of this university. To Dr. y. V. Kkmmhrer. with everlasting devotion and a deep sense of gratitude for all his labors in our behalf, we dedicate this 1939 Houstonian. V 1 1 ' t f ' ll BOARD OF TRUSTEES Standing: E. D. Shepherd, Sr., W. C. Ragan, Geoiye D. WiImui. I lolyer Jeppesen, A. C. Finn. Scaled: H. L. Mills, Business Manager; Mrs. B, F. Coop; Dr, R. K. Daily; Dr. E. E. C herholtzer, PresiJeiit i.l ' ihc University. ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICERS DR. E. E. OBERHOLTZER President )R. W. W. KEMMERER y, re President DR. C. E. HILLER Reqislrar X. K. DL ' PRE Dean IkiJ PEARL C. BENDER Dean oj Women l l) l K ' A M( ) l) W ' ., I ' h.l). r. i. ( ' ,T( ), iii:i,i.. , M.A. ( ..l.nnl,... ( AKITOX i:i)ITII I OKI), M.A. DK ' AKi: (■.i;()i :( " .i-: w.. vu.d. I ' iii ersjly of Texas ( hewistry l- ' .IVM ' nil, BESSIR M, M.A, rn|,unl„a MIil.DS, I.. B., M.S.. A. M. Engineering FRF.NC H, ARCHIE W.. M.A. ( ' ol,m,l„a ,.„ , FJncatum ll l,l)|-; ' . LEON n.. M.A. rnn,,Mlv of Texas Uncial Sciences II.XRRIS, ll. R ' EY V.. M.A. ' nivwMlv ..f Texas English HENDERSON, SAMl ' EL V., M.A. L ' niversity of Texas Education HOOKER, LYLET., M.A. L niversity of Texas Biology HI ' TdllNSON, JAMES D., M.A. lll,„n,S Miilhemalics .lOHNSTON. C. B.. M.S. L ' m eiMt ' 111 ( olorado Plivsiciil Sciences KERBCnX ' , AIA ' A L, M.S. University of OLIafioma Eaucalion LEWIS. NENA K.. M.A. Columhia English N|,( MY n .WK AL JEAN. M.A. I ' iii rix[l - (,| SmiiiIi.tii California S...,al Scrnrr. MclLHENNY, C. F., M.A. Columfiia E.lnralu.n M.MrillX PEARL . ssislaiit Registrar MILLER. ML ' RR.W A.. M.A. Soutn Carolina Social Sciences MITCHELL. L. STANDLEE. 1 Abilene Christian (. ollege English and Drama OSBORNE. ZELDA. B.A. University of Houston Assistant Jjhrarian PENN ACKER. RITH. M.A. L ' niversity of Texas English PERR ' . HELEN C. Music REES. WARREN A.. M.A. L ' niversity of Texas f ' lathematics REMER, LAURA L.. M.A. Leiand Stanford University English SCHL ' H LANN. EW ' ALD W ' .. M.A. L ' niversitv of Texas Physics STANBAL ' GH. GLENN Phvsical Education TALLEY. ROBT. W ' .XTTERSON M.A. Rire Institute History oj Art ' ERN. JULES A.. B.S. L ' niversity of Caen, France Erench WARREN. LILLIAN L., M.A. Texas Business Adniiiiistralion WERLIN. JOSEPl I S.. Ph.D. L ' niversity of Chicago Social Sciences WIKOFF. RLTH S.. B.A. Librarian WHITE. ROBERT A.. M.B.A. Texas Business Administration Ai THE STUDENT COUNCIL RCW Ml ' C-|| I ' rr.ulrnI i:k (), Ki-.iJ.Y V,rr I ' rrsulrnI .ORINI- Bl TLKR Secretary ARTHl ' R DIMNEY Senior Cla s President BILLY MILLER Senior Class Ctiunciln TED OLEARY junior Class President P. ,1, STERNE junior Class ( dintriln STEWART MORRIS Sop iomore Class President WEED PETERSON Sophomore Councilman BILLY ROBERTS Freshman Class President . ACK PALMER Editor. The lloustnni. LOUISE PRIDGEN Editor, The Cougar Mdlcr. Mllrhrll. rluv up In ihr boss. 1 Ih ' jdcully s (lift to uxiniiui Snlnul. Ik. nuLlnin Profih ' s inir e.xreJIenre! Until niunir,! men. Inn (■ ' .s c ' l-intienuul Inlcr . . . jie! 1 1 Hill pncLcls-liuihcr niullicmdlirs. " flic Ihtlrhrnui, " (sln -llv ' ( I u. rxiHTl. Itixinq his hr( Hirlh n o science huihling. m m TIk; |)rcscMil senior class has made an cnviahic rciord . . . hrradsc (il iIk ariecl artivities ol its memliers. this oroup has held lo a hiyh scholaslir slaiulard and also led in extra-nirri(nilnr adiMllcs. Several inrniher. nl l u- elass have heM hi h 00,,.. ,n die Sliid. ' Ml , ss,M,al,on and Sliid. ' nl ( ' (.uneil as well as in nnniernns odier arli ' ilies, and ha ' e dislinauished diemsclves as student lead.MS. We are al.le In InoL haek on the past four years wUh nineh pleasure. ,ind In look hiiward to ihe liitiirc with enthusiasm ana opIiiiiiNni, IvonwiiiL! llial the I ' ni ' ersil . through its faculty mcm- hers. has " iven to us of its hest. that we ma ' he prepared. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Presi,lenl Vice V,. „ •„ SenvluiY Council Ri ' prosenlalirc ARTIU ' R I1IMNI:Y FRANK M. W ' l lORTI-R FnvTiih: Ri:i)i)Ki I ' .ll LY MIILHR AI.SL ' P. SAF AIl 6.5.; A „,„r, Bnsinr., , , n BAIJ) ' IN ' Cl.iAlh-.X ' T B.B,. ..A „,,T J„S,„r.. . , ,„„Ms „ HAM.HS. FI.HTA BHI.I.E B.S:Mainr:B::,i,H ' SS, J,nuu.l, BHNTI.HY. r.i;RAI.i)|i |- B.A.:Mai,.r:HnsuH;,. ,lnunisl,. BRMR. KATIll.HF.N BS.: Mainr: Ii,l„rali,,n BORnSTROM. ( .I ' S M. B.S.,- A ii; ,r. Malhemalics t i;ri c,iii ' kst wii.ijam I. n. :M.,u„ Ih.lnrv iu ' ( iiA, . . ii;a ' ! : „,,„■ ;,„, ,.v , IU ' R( II, AI.I.FA ' H.S.: Main,-: r „.,n ,s- rv lU ' kWT ' .l.l., M.M ' DE i.S,: M.nur: lulural. iu ' ti.i-;k, i.orine IS.: A u nr: Bnnlish BYRNI-:S, AL ' DREY B.S.: Major: Educalion CI.I-A ' ENGER, JEAN B.A.: Major: History ( " RI ' MP WILLIAM B.S, M,„ur: Cwulogv DWII), l-LORENCE IS.; Maior: Educali. I ).WIS. .lANE LS..- Mui,,r: (lu-mistr DFJ.BARTO JOSRI ' IIINHC B.S, Mai„r: FJuralu.n r)iM i-:Y, Aim II ' K B.B, .:Mai ,rBusu,css. J,mn,slra. EDMl ' NDSON, ESTHER B.S.: Major: Biisiiu ' ss Adinuiisiruliun FEAGIN, I II LI. B.S.:Maior:ClH ' mislry IIAI I., MR . i;sTlli;R K. BS..M„l„r Ih.lnrr HAMILTON, (U ' Y. JR. B .M„inr:Busuw s. ,l,nin„lrnh. HARLAN. LAMAR B.S.; A a or. C7!e ms ry iioLLAM), i-:i.izaim-:th lOLLIS. F. H. HOOKS, A. B. ii:iJ.Y, i.oi ' is c. n .:M.,iur:H„sinrs,. ,lnwn,tralion l()||. s{) ||()KA( i; ( . l .n.. ,Ma,ur:. r.„unluHj KOI.B, ' (lNMi; IS.: A ,„,.r ,■„ ; , ; ' , ,„„ „ 1,1: 11 :i ' R llsi.W ' KI.IN ' B .:Mainr.CI,rmhlr l.i: ' IS, MAX L. H.S.; Muiur: Clwmisir I.IN ' DLHY, ( AR()LYN RS.; hlaiar: lulnralum I.Ol ' Di ' A ' ( ATIII ' .RINE li. , ln,„r:li,u,l,sl, MARTIN. ( IIRISTINH B.A.: hlujur: Liiglisli MrKNIGIIT. MRS. B. M, B.S.: Maior:, M, H()irn;R, I ' RAX ' k IS.. ., ,„ Sor,„ SV,r MEiNi-:. ii:ky B.S.: ,.,..,, I:.l„ralu,n ]H iill.l. BS.:Muinr:(lu ' ,uhlr M(), ' T(;.(,)Mi-;k iiakk ' y il B.B.A. MOTES-CONNIiRS. C. J. B.S.: Major: Chcinslrv Mrc l ROY DONALD B.S.:Mcw„r: f„„ , , OAKI-N IM ' ;KTI1A MAI- B.N.. ,N n, ,r. S,.,„„s , PALMER. lACK .5.: A ii or; R ' ss , At inims rci ion PILRd " ni-TTY 1 " XJOLE. NL RY EDXA B.. .; A a or; Eno ,s i I ' OROTTE, .lEWELL B.S.: A ti or: £ng is x ' or KM., YXTrni; ;. .: N .„n,; ;n„ , , KM, DDK K I.DYTIII-: Sc1-:LL1£S, MARGl ' l-RITIi B.S.: Major: Edurnlion ( ll(,OM, l-AW ' YF. II. SIIIRAR MR . ( .I:RTRI ' I)E B.S, la,u,:EJurol,on STANLEY. LOUISE B.S.. Major: Eng is i SURBAL GH. PAL L C. B.B.A.: Major: Busincs .llinuush TII()MI ' M) , lll-. ' RY S. B.BA.:Moiur: Business A,l,nua.l, W. l )i:. WALLACE 6.S.; Major: Geologv WEBB, LCK ' ISE B.S.: Maior: is ory Wi:iM ' .R l( )l l G. •! ■ : ,,,,,r Geology W ' llJJAMS. DANA B. B. .: Major: Education WILSON. CHARLES H. B.S.: hlajor: Chemistry WOOD, MRS. M- RY A. B.S.; Maior: English WOODS. MARG.-XRET B.S.: Major: Educaliojt YANCEY. OSSIE MAE B.S.: Major: English JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS IW.ulcni TED O ' LEARY ' „v Proulrnl BOYD SIIINN St ' ovlary D( )R( )TMY IK )| IL Cuunnl Rcpivscnlatu ' c P. .1. STERNE U BaWriclge. J. Q. Alexander. ElizaLeth Ashley, Charles - IP .. ' J l (5 ' ■ Barnes. Carl Glyn Bright. Marguerite Conaway. Ed I ' H QH 4H|H| SV Cowett. Phihp M. Crawford. Francis Crawford. Frazicr Crow, llthel Ruth Dean, Boyd DeW ' .di l.iK M,l IJe oung, Edward Elder, Laura Fox, Eloise hmm Frank, Mary Joyce 1 lager, Richard E. Harris, Gwendolyn 01£ I I, J, I, I) ll,v Mang. Aubrey F. Mesirow, Beatrice Mill.M, l),.i,K. Mings, June Moerer. Auflrcy Monroe, r3oris Morgan, A, D. O Leary, Ted l arcit Bol, I ' arLcr, Arthur Pollard, Nc Poller, Joe Porter, James Lloyd Porter, James Adolpnus Priclgen, Louise Raasch, Albert R„4imo,Kl.Rnlh Roliinson, Garland John Schlief, Gerald Scott, Russell Shiuu. Boyd Spates. Dorntlix SlalTord. A. Cella Sterne. P. J.. Jr. Stone, (. Svvink, Glen J. Sy|)Krctt. Nancy Tavlor. E. H. A % i f mk 0 ' Waddle, James W. .W » ' Jk ' W ' fl Williams. Mrs. Laura Wood, Margaret Ann SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS ' „..„ ,.„ STEWART MORRIS ' ,rc Presulcnl PI IIUI ALIJN Socrclurv II ' NE CARTER Council Representotivc WEED PETERSON U AILn Ph.l.pR. Arnnld. B. C. Bering. S. E. 3rigance. diaries Bunting. Nina Lo Burke. EIn Carlon. Elizaheth I ' . Carter. Anna June Chan. EHward K. CKelf. Alpha Rulh Cobh. Mary C„l,l,. o, Colher, Delia Brile Corder, |-|, al„.|h DavitlAli. Dawson, Kitty Lou Durr. Madeleine Easton. Maxine nil Ail Lf - ill Ml ,v,n, R„..,T I ■„ I In,,, Dyer (;„l..„.,l„rk r.ravlHll, M„n I),!! CMecM.I ' l.ylhs Grc,se,,l,o,L.Ma,v. . Il„,l r.wen 1 lecsrlie, W ' einer Helton, Frances l ulli il.w,ii,T. P. I lonier, Jc ■nm. Thomas P. .luhn.ton. Doris Jean .lorclan. Ja,nes K. Kciitlall. Sherman Kiiiera. Clem Lansrorcl, Carmelita Mahr. Frank Mano, Conrad Manley. James O. Mansell, IMarjorie Mar.h, Rl.lh A. Ma ow, F.dylliP MrCmnell. .1. D. MrFarlancI, Rnherl B. MrFarIa,„I.Mr.. WiIIk-M. M,ll,r A. W. Morris. Jcannetle Morris, Sk-wart Peterson. Weed Pierce. Kempton PoimKeauf. I lelen Preston. Gle, RocLett. C. A. Schnurr. Gladys Schott. Herbert Slu-i Stewart, l„li„ StnrLw,.||. I ;,lv ,li. 1 Icnry Taylor. June Tofle. riinrles Fred Towell. Billy Walker, Frank Weeden, Garrett ' l,i,ldon.GayIe Williamson. Nanaline Womack, Jesse F. WoodruH, Margaret ' erxa. To in iHemoriam WIRTII LAXCFORD TII()M. I. Ki;. TI ' G lanuarv 1. I ' ' 30 WILIJAM W. IMM(A ' S Mav -X l " -,c, ■The ,plrn,lu„r, of „• [,muunrnl ,- linv Mav l,v ,.,■ „,.«., . bul are eMuuin,sl,e,l nul: Like stars lo their appointed hei ihl ihev rhmh. And death is a km: mist irhicit cuinul hh.l The brightness it may red. — LoRra Byro FREShlMAN CLASS OFFICERS V,-M, c ' ,, BILLY ROIM-RTS ' .v P:vsulcnl L CK1H HART Scavlary FARRAR STORM Treasurer FRANCES 1 EATT ' CnunnI Reprcscnlaliro PUNKY SPENCER U Able, Genevie e Antoine, Patricia Atkinson, Norman Ba.llio, Dorotliy Baldriclue, Be ' erly Barrington. Etnely Berr)-. I " ranees Lee Board, Harry Clay f. I ' i ' ¥{ Briggs, Edelyn Broobhier, Betty Brunner. X ' iryinia Bunnell, FJgarG. Butler, Louise C ampLell. Ruyniona Chambers, James C. Cbiasson, George Cbristianson, Virginia Cbumley, Wanda Elizabetli ( l,„L,|-|,.yM,u. Coe.A,„nl,l (■ lon,RnlK.rtE kvarJ ( OoL Jessie Lee Cornwall, Glen William Cotton, E. A. ( ullcn, Barbara Daxis. Edward F. Davis, Genevieve M. Deacon, Estelle M. Del Castillo, Gloria Dennis. Mary Elizabeln Dial, Elsie Dicncr, Lurline Doss, Grace Yvonne Dutel. Lawrence J. Ellis, Jane Evans, Bernice Fenzl, R. J. Flelcher, John W. Fouhs.W. B.Jr Fransee, Gabriel I ). Gaitz, Miltcn Gharles George. Gerald Gotr, Russell Frederick Guenard, Bettie Anne Haillev. Marv K. Harrell, Wilson Hart Jarquelinc Hatfield. Wanda Eloise Haynes, Fred Healy. Pat .loseph Hecker, ( atherine Juli. Herzog. CKarlotte Hightower. Josephine Hogan, Mary Jo % % 2m Ilnll,r,.,,k,|-; Mull,. Do.nll, I In,, I Al,l„,-.l. ,Ls l ' M.|lvr, ' . Alirr Sue JoiR-s. Mary O. Kcnn.Ol., M„ lv.n,.,lv,l)o„C. Kn|K.,,nsk,,llc„ryA. ..uhn. FrcJ Laiicr. I lolen La ' a,l,M.,llM. Le,lncr,( " arlM. Lowcry.Joc-Ann Ma.lclox.BcUyLou Mai.ry, John T. MrClenclon.Ja M, Whorl,-,, Preston Miller, Annie E. Miller. Arthi Miller, Margaret Moore. Marian Moore, 1 homas A. Morhan. Mary Catherine Morris, Rohert.lrC.), I, iH Nelson. O. ( iitl, O ' Brien. Patricia Orr, Betlv Pans. F.B. Perry. Myrth Quinn. .lane Rchecf Retleker. Frances C. Remhert. Hannah Rice, .lames K-J,r,.n„.Wan,l„ koncr.. |-M,il Safilcii. Leonard Salzer. Katherine M. Sanders. Gene Sanders. Nora Jeann Slav, Joe Snecd. Richard Stendebach. W. N. Steding. Nellie Ste cns. Edna Eade Stokely, Chades F. Storm, Farrar Strong. Seth Summers, Rosemary Taylor, Allan „l.ert F. To ia, [ivcK Turner. Me Tynes, Mary Faye X ' anden, James Delbert West, Clopton W,H„l, ' nrn,a i,ynn l ' )c,ill Irances arnerrv. Maria 4, W ' calhrr ln,h. and Gad! Cold What a hole! CioniroLis Gcirv and Not Marl,. I loiint hean s on Bill s Inllcr end. W ' odwlwll. KelU Hecanl Paccio pinqs home the prize Kelly uijuin: jjaid jujlilical adi Floyd Gibbons. and Bill Kirk s ivee one. I urn around Morris we re the ones who should be staring. Ranlv cxlrannlmairv ' A, i .nc 7 in iin ininosuni sltiilcnlidnus. No nsv .s (j; i( . )iiiilH ' V— she s flown llic coo ) jor good. Killcnisli Ihtir ou (imbs auollwr! Todav I van iiDd nnini Prc ' xv-c ' lert preacher. Gldinoiir (Jill (ijj (j iuinl. The iiiuiillahli-: (lop. Tl ' ,1 sounds ofl-nuuin! • (( W ' c irannci hile. VoM run lake nolcs inirinti il ill ilic (lir (loilie. Oh. von kid! Gwannow] I Boom. Piiicjfis. BcnmJ lusl n jillc 4 . H ,. ' I l rullvs ;,,. , ., The Oleander I hirhrss. ' nss Imcps U up. Slihli! Slw s (jnl (japosis n o llnhJ iusi (lUwrs ihv linwlklhl. Sifoetheart uj tlw Sk( :,„„ ' ran I . ■ ,„ ),„ . juiw dreiinis — and il s nol Miintqonierv. r er a. 2305 Jac T-u ej ? ■J 939 Sti-e Iffle aij ' ten ' L-ht ' ' i , 939 „ " ' ua ' ' -for - ' uaif eeei ' tije iffic °° ir ' r ' Win„ " 5« aa?i? Wad tftat ' Sent ■ idei- -tz- o l:- ° Pte aii ' tir. °°«ibie?.« ifui ' y be f o 7s S eh- f:sC, JacaUELUiE czrfazt Mlj Xou yl acidox Ijazxaz h f W ' 0 . i - dta SsCCs Cotli LEX yi f - { {axaUEzitE ceLU± CnziitinE :yl {aiHn i- 1 m ( axryiELita J an roxd . 1 1 I HOUSTONIAN STAFF OFFICERS Editor JACK PALMER Bminess Manager ARTHUR DIMNEY Sponsor C. F. McILHENNY LOUISE PRIDGEN Assistant Editor MAXINE EASTON Club Editor FLORENCE DA ' 1D Art Stafj HOUSTONIAN STAFF . .1. STERNE, JR. Assiskint Business hianayer EDYTHE REDDICK Historian ALICE DAMD Club Staff GCY IIAMiLTON, JR. Circulation Manager LORINE BUTLER Assistant Circulation Manager LC L ' ISE BL ' TLER Club Staff I ' .i ' Tij-.k IK )MI. ' EI ' )P I L ' TLER COUGAR COLLEGIANS OFFICERS Prevalent LORINE BUTLER Vhx ' P,v,uk ' ni LOUISE I )liTLf-:R Scavlury DURUTl lY HOI IL Treasurer LOUISE WEBB i MRS. B. M. EBAUGH Sponsors I MRS. PEARL C. BENDER F.rsI n,u Frin.f. B, as WiU Orr Lthcl Bamnglon Beltv Lawrence. W ' voma Cotb. Lorine Butler. Vera Mae Loughridge Lou..e Butler Dorotli 1 lohl Louise Webb. Helen Lauer. Genevieve Abie. Siconj rni, Nina Lois Bunting Bernice E an lune Carter. Nanaline Williamson, Margaret Woodruff. NlarN loA.e FranU Dax.d BexerK Baldn.lge. .larlcie Hart. Christine Martin. Louise Kosl. Betty Lou M„ddr,x r.rr.,r ' lorm. Wanda Robtrson. Third roM .Xl,v I ,,-l.u, Grace Keller. Frances Russ. Delia Belle Collier. EcKll,. K ' . .1.1,, L l ,M,„„ Sum,,,. , I..,,„, 1.M,„.. Yvetle Poujol. Carolvn Lindlev. Mary Ellen Specie. I,-.,,,,,,!!, M..r,,-, I ' I.nII,- Cm-, (,!,„K- V, l„„„r n.„.,ll, 1I..II,-, Doris Jean Johnston. ElizatetK Carlon. Ethel Ruth Crow. Joscpl,,,,. Il,.jl,l..u., ( ' , ,„ ll.rl K,Mv l.ou Daw son. Genevieve Davis. Mrs. Bender. Mrs. Ebaugh. Fourth ran- I r„„. . ,,,,, M„rv „„ ( .„rM.nberlc. Betty Caesar. Elizabeth Alexander. Suzanne Larimer. Ehzahelh Carder. Alece linyan, e, I Jons Monroe. Margaret Woods. Minalee Muerv. Elsie Dial. Mickey Marsh. Beltv Pierce. Gerrv Benlley. Patricia O ' Brien. COUGAR COLLEGIANS Among the activities hi the ( oiifjar Colleoians for the fall term were a tea. a sport dance, and formal inilialion in ( )clol cr. 1 ne week-end of Xovemlier 5 a hav parly was held at Casa del Mar, an.l ihc „„n„al ( hnslmas Open House was held Decemhcr 29, 1938. The formal dance - -rnpids Mn,.. ' - was heM |-ehruary 10, IT ,, and at ihis affair the nominees for the Vanih I cur seiiion of the I ioustonian were presented. I he spring initiation was also in hehruary, and in March a hridge parl .ind .L|)pr( ' ( ialion dance were given. The week-end of May 6 was given over to the ( ' ,.il ( " -l,,ii lieach party, and concluding the year was the senior luncheon May 30. COLLEGIATE DRAMATIC SOCIETY Worlhy Director WILBUR SMITH ' or( ,y SUujc Manager ED ' THE REDDICK Worthy Business Manager GEORGE CHIASSON The annual show this year was " Let L ' s Be Gay. starring Evelyn Nicoll and Nat Davis. Four new members were taken in in iiicmorahle initiation rites held in conjunction with the Tri-Cities cast. Matrimony mowed a wide swath in the membership, counting Treadway, Golden, and Loughridge among its victims. The C. D. S. members directed sexeral one-act workshop plays for the Red Masquers, and again this year Shakespeare failed ti) [irciduce a suitable script for our use. Inst „nr: Robort TalKv. |-r,„.L Walter. Joe Poller. G« en Hart. Fred I.arkin. Rosemarv Summer Norman Pollard. N ' cra Slae lougliridge. Douglas Carter. Edvthe Reddick. June Carter, ' ].. Standle Mitchell. Second row: Nat Davis. Rav Campbell, llarrv Monlgomen-, Lorine Butler Louise Kost, Elsie Dial, I.el Blount, Kitty Lou Dawson, Frank Mal.r, iWttie Hayes, Sarah Alsup, Josephine ll,,d,lovver Tlurd ,-ow: Russell Scott, W.lhur Snnth, .Mfierine Allen, Delia Belle CILr I V, l ' „r, , Nanalin Williamson, Marv Fave Tvnes, Bellv Orr, Doris Jean Johnston, Mi. L, v M,„-l, , |„x,ae La lo, Botlve lonU -,„„(;, ,..„ I,„l P.ilmer, Edgar Bunnell, B.,1. Condon. Jmimv Rice, Clem Ku.era, Edna Siev.-ns, Mai I ,, ,„l, llM ,,rd Ellison. ' ,vienne llauhell. Mazow, Frances RedeLer, , hh,e Jean Hunt, Paul ,.„, Il,„rv lauh, Cloplon We .Sta.N I ' .dl Roberts. Fred Haynes ro» Dver Fulton. Fred Hamilt Mdes. Genevieve Able. Dorothy Miriam Smith. Mary Turner. lor.lan limmv Manlev, Ja, L ( .a.len. Ceorye Chias.o an.b.rl N ' mMnia Brunner. Rosalie Sullivan. ..e Webb. Marjorie Landreneau, Foster Mnnlgo Alece Brigance. Fislc Dyserl, Mary Jo I logan. THE RED MASQUE PLAYERS PresidenI DOl ' GLAS ( ARTHK Vice President N ' ERA MAE l.OI ' f d IRinCI- Second Vice PresaU-nt ROSEMARY SUMMI ' RS Secretary Il ' M] ( ARTER Business Marmger NORMAN POELARI ) Assistant Business Manager DON MILLER Largest membersnip in nrstnry — nnc niinrlren ana five players, . . . Sta e Drjor llrst play of year — new lalent disrovereri. . . . " Holiday and " Red Liar est maintain high standard of Red Masque productions. . . . Five one-act workshop plays, using all new talent, presented. . . . Burlesque and Spring Festival botli financial successes. . . . Two picnics at McGregor ParL . .. Annual Bay party at Galveston. M.iry l.aus. i I.Tvy W 1 l.-r,-, Wrnon Jolinson, l.o.n.o Bu Second roir; Rol,,,! |)„I1 R l ' , Bruns. Wgil McCowen. [iob McMillan, Chester Davis. Billy Moo .1. G. I ynrh, Tlunl ru,r: II. I). MorRan. Cecil SniilK. Ncwion Cramer. Norman Follar.l. Cella Staffor J. John Ols. THE GAVEL AND GONG CLUB OFFICERS First T.nn PrcsulrnI CECIL SMITH ' rrr. Prcsuicnl DEE COLE Sc rr.tary-Trcasurcr RICHARD BRUNS OFFICERS Second Term PresulenI N ' ERNON JOHNSON Vice President LOUISE BUTLER Secretary-Treasurer LOIS ALDERS Reporter LEE KEDING Motto: It s not only what ua say. Lut how you say it. 1 2 3 ■• 1 5 r, J » , J » - tu 70f - — !? rr n M m m i«i f lii J p. " T iirH w ' A nL A ' ' l ' gpTfl Hh " ■ t be MsiB, I B bH B jfl BsH i.l,. y. Clem Kurern. Clarence W,il,«m illiam Giesler. Roger Ervin. Phillip Allir Wi, ..,„ll,.,l, I l.irvey W. Willu Seronri rmr: Margaret Jones. Frances Milslead. Nannie Walson. Phyllis Ccer. Ann M.ller. J. K. Mether Blanche Jewel, Russell ColT, Katherine Salzer. James Sharpley. Thml ,:.„■ -W M. Sullivan. Ben Noble, lohn Weber, E, C, While, Gus Ueiss. I lowarJ Bauer, Charl Wilson, John Scearce, THE FILIBUSTERS CLUB OFFICERS First 7 enn President G, W W, l i I Vice President CI lARLES McLEROY Secretary-Treasurer CATHERINE SANFORD Reporter DYER FL ' ETON OFFICERS Second Term President WILSOX GIESLER Vice President 1 lOWARD BAl ' ER Secretary M. RGARET .lOXES Treasurer PFhLLIS GREER hilld: W ncn Villi speak speecn, speaL gooJ speecn. r.n .Slewarl. John .ill CiiiT.ip, Virginia Brunm-r rU-r ( l,„rl,-s Briennce, Thon BAPTIST STUDENT UNION B. S. U. Council 1938-39 OFFICERS Prv.ulrnl BILL CRUMP Hnlargcmcnl Yirc Prv.ulvnl (Dov) lOHN STEWART Enlargement Vicv Prrsulml ( u,l,l) CHARLES McLEROY Enlargement Ywe Prrsulml (Xujhl) MARY FINK Nhm, Vice Prrsi.lenl JEAN RAY S„nal Vwc Prvsi,lrnl ALICE DAVIDSON )ernt,onal Vice President W ' ALTI R MrCU|-|-|E Secretary LOUISE STANDI .EY Treasurer ZEB KIRKI ' ATRK ' K Regular activities were tlie lluec ceU (le i l ,il meeliiies. two monthly Council meetings. Sunday night after i hui. Ii I. 11, ,u .hip hmiis ,.n l proorams at the Star of Hope Mission and the Tuherculosis Hospital monthly. In addition a toy hospital was estab- lished at Christmas for poor children, and a Thanksgiving breakfast was held at Second Baptist Church. Representatives were sent to the Southwide Retreat at Ridgecrest. North Carolina, and the Southern Convention at Memphis. Tennessee. T wo retreats were held during the year at Casa del Mar on the bay. and an installation banquet was given for the new Council. P( 1 H nsT yj m ■ K rJ Ml Infl f ' JBBi 1 m ii 9 n,; „,„■ ' ir(, A„l,r,-y Mane Warner. C- FranL Main, 1,1 Srhl.ef, All.n Taylor. P. .1. Irrnr. Conra.i Mang. nmrs Cravlon. .lames Troller, E,l Conoway. Ralph I ' .. rl,„.l ,,.»• .lohn Tanb, Joe Cole la.bon .lolinson. Busier May, ' , UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON SQUIRES OFFICHRS President BOYD SHINN Vice President EARL BROKAW Secretary F. H. HOLIJS Treasurer CLEM BALDWIN Reporter CONRAD MANC Sponsor ' AL JEAN MrCOY Exeriitire Co P. J. STERNE GERALD SCHLIEF IRA WARNER VERNON JOHNSTON The L ' niversity of Houston Squires is an organization of yotino men students whose purpose is to he of service to the Llniversity and further social hfe in the school. Nu- merous [)arties and smokers were held duriiig the year, chmaxed hy the Annual Spring Dance. Such services as ushering for the High Schonl [Reception and assisting in moving the horary to the new campus are actix ' ities of the duo. , K,nn.-v, f-ranr,.s Mil W. Frenrh. Boulah Ron,.., C Tine Butler. Ernestine Milst, Emma Fisher. Fannye Sr K..I1,, Norma Meyers. Mrs. Do lloua„l Parker. Maude Burwe AESCULAPIAN CLUB First Te, idTe MABEL PARKER Presuh-m MRS. BEl ' LAH BONO FRANCES MILSTEAD Vice Pa-sulmi FRANCES MILSTEAD EOUISE FAL CETT Scm-iary LOLilSE FAL ' CETT MRS. M. B1J{ MrKINNEY Trmsnrrr MRS. MABLE MrKINNEY l.( )RI ' |-: lil ' TLI-R P„U,nls- (luunnan EORINE BUTLER J u annnol (. u,nlrv C uU. I,nn of new nuMnhcr,. was Kcl.l al ( .olfrrcst Cntuitry Cluh. Another ; arlivities was ihe dinner danre wliieli was also given at Colferest .Kvard Chan Mary Jo m-: JoKn L. Salzc ■ Taylor. Elsie Dic Evelyn Dailv. Ma . Gloria del Caslill F., Boll, Fanr Margaret W ' l Schlom, Mary K. lone Is. Elhel F ull, Crow. EL FORO ESPANOL OFFICERS P,rsulrni STFW ' ART MORRIS ' nv I ' rcsulcnt 1. F. W ' OMAOK Secretary BERTI lA MAi-: OAKFS Assislcml Secretary ELIZABETH DAIIJ Y Treasurer lEANNETTE SERPER Corresponding Secretary ELIZABETH DENNIS Reporter GEORGE CHIASSON Co-clmirnmn EI W ' ARH GFIAN Co-chairman MRS. ROBf-.RT I ll ' LL The initial Kaiiqiiet of tine year was at El CKarro in October. A Ghristnias party was gi ' eii at the lioine of Mrs. Soule in Deremlier, and a dinner to honor stiiflents of Escuela M.litar Ramirez. Bogota, Onloinhia in L ' .Trn.ux, The Pan-Ameriran Day celebration was highlighted by a talk b l) .niini. ,iii ( ,,ii,iil Rafael Espaillat in April. The major aims of the rlub are two: the intei. h.nige of scholarships between the I ' niversily of l loiisl,,n and iho Latin American repnblics. and the constrnction of a Pan-Ai bnildi, lew campus. 1 n , IVunn.T 11.11 |-,„,.,n, I,.,,,..- ,- , Horenre David, Fran, rs Redeker. Roger Ervin. Ma na , Hela Bayle.. UNIVERSITY SINGERS OFFICERS Prc ulenl FOl ' lSE WEBB Vice President X ' lRCINlA BRUNNNER Secretary FLETA BA ' LES Treasurer HILL FEAGIN Puhlicitv ALICE DAX ' ll) .s ,ns,-r MRS. HELEN C PERRY Motto W ' lu ' ii innsic and courlesy are better understood and appreciated— there will he no war. FRENCH CLUB OFFirERS Firfl Term Second Term l-TI IRL Rl ' TI 1 TROW PrrsiJcni FTI lEL Rl ' TI I ( ' ROW MARY J.W ' F PARK ' ,rc P,e,ulcni I:1JZA[M:TI I ( ARI.( ). MARY K) CE I- RANK Secreiarv MAR ' K ) C i I- RANK ELSIE SCT ' LLY Treasurer MAI ' TRONE WALTER BABIC Sergeant at Arms 1 iILL FEAGIN Sponsor; MR. .ll ' LI ' S X ' EI N DiirinH the roiirse of the year six travel films of France were shown, anri one French film of miernalional fame, ' Vn Garnet de Bal " was |.re.enl..l. Two ,,„ nics were eiijosecl, anil a ( hristmas party was gh ' en at the home of Miss ( row, A iiionlliK ' paper. La Feinlle de (liou, was nnhhshed hy memhers. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION CLUB offi(1-:rs PrrsulenI F. II. 1 lOLLIS Vice President J. Q. BALDRIDGE Secretary rJOROIFH ' SPATES Reporter BOYD SHINN Sponsor R. W. BALDWIN -al Jcnn McCoy. Guy C Davis, Baldwin DeYoun Robe, F,rs( ro,r: Will Gay. Sam Speer. Ursula Morgan. Roselle Ka A. White, R. W. Baldwin. Mr. Dee. Mrs. Small, Gen ScconJ roir; Henry Taut. Virginia Chrislianson. J. L. Salzer. Edward Chan, Nat Davis. Gerry Benlley. Sarah Alsup. Esther Edmiston. Dorothy Tuckr. Wanda Hatfield. Stewart Morris. Thml nnv: Boyd Shinn. Elmo Bnrte. Frances Helton. Mickey Marsh. Nanaline Williamson. Elizabeth Alexander. Elizabeth Carter. Fleta Bayles. Elizabeth Dennis. Josephine Hightower. Janet Smith. Fouill, wir: Ira Warner. Frank Walker, Howard Ellison, Lorraine Thompson, Mary Fayc Tynes, Paula l-r„nt . Korff, Betty Lawrence. Alice David. Ethel Ruth Crow, Ruth Crawford, F. H. Hollis. Haubelt. Elizabeth Quirk. Bettvc Jonks. Conrad -r. George Russell. J. Q. Baldridge. ;•, ( , ro,r: T.dbot X ' iereck. Frazier Crawford. N ' ivi Mang. Norman Pollard. Arthur Parker. II. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION CLUB Meniliersfiip Is composed of all Business Aclmlnistration and Economics students. During the year three very enjoyahle parlies were held at the home of Dr. Baldwin. The annual banquet, with Judge Roy Hofhcinz as guest speaker, was held at Ship Ahoy. May 20. 1939. The purpose of the organization is to create a spirit of friendliness and cooperation among the students and faculty of the School of Business Administration. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION CLUB . Guv llamillon. Jr Montgomery. Ed Conouay, P- All,.n Taylor. Clem Baldwin. Horace Johnston. Vernon Johnson, Joe Colo. John Taub. John L. W ond row: B. G. Elliott. Tom Calvert. W. J. Crawford. Earle W. Brolc Heesche, Russell Scott. E. E. Smith. A. E, Beeler. Ira Warner. Third mnie Mayes. Jimmie Kirkpatrirk. Bess Pennington. Ariel Ki CrawforrI, Courtney Curry. B, C Cardwell, Elizabeth Quick. Fourlh Leiand Chu. John Mcl.e BobLy Scott. Myron Vogan. Fihh row: Buford B Frith. V, Dnner Jackson. Wer ttredge. S. E, Bering, Frar :,hn Moran, Henry Thomps ...„,..„,.. Pat Porter, Royre Bond, Bill Suhler. Margaret M.ller. Alpha Ruth Chelf, L. A, Foulis, Emmet Fore. Gus Bergstrom, Zcb Kirkpatrick. Louis J, Muery. ' • Lambe -y. r -l- - . - . , . -.. - . . .,. ;i.«w.,ss« ,. ,..-•...■ -... ' ■ hn k.llv. Ed Uo- oung. Ed Stockwell. Louis Shepherd, John Bolhng, Jo , hw;rlz, Robert K. Walters. F. E. Hangs. Jimmy Grant. Davrd Br.ttor W I ' . KdnuHnK,,,,, Ralph Disqire. IhJI..,, Im ll.uinhon. ,■,„,., „,M r, - k ' n- Ralph Huetner. Tom Calverl, M„v Roar, I ,MM ll.n, I ,a,h. Robert Molnari. Bob Y,.,I„..m,, Tlurd ,„n .1 r I )U,,n Wilham Marasek. Jack Daniel, K..v h. .i! ( .1 M,,|,., ( ,„„„,. Daniel I lannon .Mlr.d Foule, .- lb Tl Burton. Tommy DeWalt. R. H. Ames, Carl Larrd. ..„ , ,..„■: Vernon Ploeger. Boyd Shinn. Jack Bovd. Bill Crump. W. T. Sprague. Buddy Girar.l, W ' ernc I h ,,, he. Ed Conoway. Hugh Asbury, G. C Buschardl. Arthur Miller. Arthur Slattery. Fred Tofle , Buddv Griffith, Joe Homer. Clarence Robb. T. E. Levi. George Henkel. George Nerhel. W ' alte lurdlran. Chester Davis, Fred Larkin. Cella Stafford. Bill Kirk, Clopton West. Charles Mallyn. Fosle xth row: F. B. Par,. Pierce. Flarry K, Bennett Andersu, mas Moore. Beverly Bush, A. D. Morgan. Cha,L. W, ett. O. D. Hutlo. Leonard Genusa. Jean S,,,,,!,,., ack Rollins, R. C. Stolz. K,,nplor I Sloan UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON SOCIETY OF ENGINEERS Ol-Firi:RS Presideul M. ' . KillJ.V ' „v IWsulrni GAYIJ-; W ' l lll}l)( )N S. ,T,;,„v-7V,„ nrer EDWIN STOf KWTil.L Cluej Eng,nvvr EDDIE Dl£ OUNG Sponsor E. L. GREEN The Engineers made many field trips to points of interest and presented several outstanding speakers at general assemblies. At the Elks Chdi. in April, the society held its annual dance, and presented Marguerite Scelles as the Sweetheart of the Engineers. THE FOIL CLUB OFFICERS President WILSON MORRIS Vice President CONRAD MANG Secretary FRANCES SHERRILL Treasurer HILL FEAGIN Publicity CluurnKm HENRY TAL ' B Activity Cluurnuu, JACK FIGl ITMASTER I )urinH tKe fall semester, the I ' oil Club made a name for itself liy virtue of four memijcrs placing in a Recreation L epartment tournament. The cliih has had a weekly column in the paper and participated in several Recreation I3eparlmcnt parties. M.„y L,„n„r,l J,-.s„- ] ,;■ C.„,i. I ' .,l Carney, Eclilh Mcs.rou . M,„ Lrw ,-, I R l„l : Eddie DeYoung. Alire Davi.l, Dorolhy Evans, John Stewarl. LoliIs Sl, -plicrd. FoslcT Monlgomcry, FranL M.,l,r, l,,ll„. Harris. Billy RoIx»rls, Dy.r El,1|„„, C.U;m G THE COUGAR STAFF Editor PAT GARNE ' Business Mamiger lOHN STEWART News Editor ALICE DAVID J CONRAD MANG " ' " I DOROTl 1 - E ' ANS ( f .LENN (_ .REEN Features | L)Y|-:R IT. ' LTON ( P. M. SLILLIVAN (FOSTER MONTGOMERY- Lolumns •; I GEORGE CHIASSON Sports RALPH DISQUE l.nuuluulur In-jniv „• (]nnn UlJ luuuh. .(.MLS ) nil ; ( ( ' (7 on — ( •(■ I an I Tsk! mi iii I Iw suvet. Carcjul ' YuuH ;,(■ hurl. i Siirl, iK ' nulil ' ul k,icvs! Gaiil Bcd ' urvJ The dean appriiiu hcs: Air (■i)it(liliijini]u lei WurUmu- ira,UIuH, iioil oj nie dreuimf. i ' o Cro bies. we hetcha. Slime Snudlev InmiUed or once. Dver. O Learv and Tick Tuch Toe. Slop s no luord jor it. High pockets Campbell lets the girls see the face not even a mother could love. J 11 V iruz tiiilil ' ' srry, u Inn. Willie S v c. a la (yican lusl i ,. ' Snniller Bibbs? junior League? llvll. no, that ' s Pinky] More those hams, we wanna see too. (Juit kichin that plumb line, Eddie. How the dcril did they get in here? Thai niusla been the night we got drunk. llvrvs thai double i Dracula again. Yon guessed it. O ' Leary bribed us. If- :) Science buihiing shoots up lagoon. Puhncr. Marlm. .. , . Hamilton, inspecting the progress in October. Unirersity ojjices: Yintage 1955 Glorified Ujuileani. tlnn I yaii think? Talh ' Y s history class— most p(,pular proj in sch, ,l ' (i er joimtains. There s only one ironl jor it: Magnificent. I .(i(il«Hil. l.otKilirhlge, we ve ( I) (ii irilli Ihv qoods- I:. I wan I ' ' J l.aWnl n„ s. 1 )inuivy ivas drunk again. I ' m " ' ««fl!i n ' lie iHiiiv! Wham Clemen I J J J Coiuhoy rides again. ew campus— in tne raw. So we re coiKeited—so what? Not Much on iniRulc irilli jiiii rrunre! Lcnnir uj llu- Kcnijun (■(inliiuivnt. Iluurl i lldiis. and migairJ. () Lfurv aqain! lh)l flolil. us curlsying. ami I oni ) crxa. jiisl. Don ' t hohl so li(,hl. Coirhoy- sfw iron I jail. IWulijul Bcnllcv. rcnilv quern, ami Shark Palme nillt oncf.s a-lirillcr. What s id jihont ' number} She ' s reelimj. hut Tallev lost money just the same. M : rl rv ti I ' tilrf on vaitr I ' lncc, I U ' s luiriiKi iHilhiiiiHilions. Sircclhcnrh — ' iN diul ' ' ( (iniintl iHiiRcr siiptvni ' Inre enqincers—llit ' V orihvd u Ilarl.Srlu,[jin;u,ul Mar: models. Blonde lorrlmnte deluxe. He speaks jor hunselj. ( mipl ell Irlls em lunr I he editor s most entiriny I ' ien I

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