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 - Class of 1959

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TE 75 ,1- :E 1: '31 4: fx 5: F 5 1 ' 'S J! , B .1 4 F 52 fa 14 52 if aw 2 IG, Q? gc 'E fi: Q :fa ii 12 fi fix. as fi 5' 'E ,, E -if 'K S E if -E 9: 1:1 3 H Li .vi -if E gg '22 SS E251 E5 va H51 M- M1 'J' :Lp 2555- " P---fi.:-:-'1ilfi'?AJ'faee.'15,"':274..,-'-??9'QE-iiigii-5552535 ' I 'Y-Lf'T-5':'f'!1?I"?-E'-11S4,.L- 3:51a- , -, "' L2-1' -f.f5+14' ,Lim W x1Q.' ei,-gig, --V:.,,.:x,w,a:.:5-'. ':....,':g:.:.-.,-f-- QW, WM 2.1 3 1 Lu Mm I . i 1 2 1 1 5 7 I 2 1 i . 1 1 l 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . I P 1 I I S 1 H - 1 ,1- Www OF FSM.. A as 1 IWGVD 1 I n - ,IV .1 1'- J I he V1 .x 1? -W 1 Wagga ' S .,n-.'v. - 1 fi ,ffm -gi ,W - ,A ... J . ' ig 1 , if 51" 'Q ,T 'Y' 1 -Q E -lr ' A . ' A., ' . H.. . A ' 'S 'E' 1 41- .1 - Ev . ll . Y' I ,. Q . . , 'Tff':',,jgf!,v1 'V f V -A ,. ,Q -'ELEC' . . 'iii '- LQ 'f ' , - 1 5 ' ' '51, J f- "' 1 , "' X 'I " 4 f' 1 - J -P U. 4 5.1 ' 6 . fr Q gi 1 4 E fi 6 Es what is u-high ? W it is staring out the window on a sunny spring day 2 it is reaching the end of an early morning trip through pouring rain is the nearly forgotten routine of a late september, 3 it is sitting on the bench near the bookstore and watching, seeing nothing it is pushing and shoving in the locker room when the day is done. it is running to catch the train when the doctor's appointment is for 3:15. 4 it is the relief of seeing a movie screen and projector upon entering a classroom. it is the anxiety of a final test in the most troublesome subject and the boredom of someone else's difficulty in that least troublesome subject. it is the pleasure of finding a group of friends at a lunchroom table where there is room for one more. Q ', N E il' ab'- 5 's- 'Q- iiwh , ,. ,www ,K ' . .1-wg-vet . ...f+-HW" , ... -.5 Q 9 mf . W1 . ,rv - 1-A 'X , X . r A UE qmwgz H, ' L ' .wwggii I' .-- ' ' it is crossing the street to run, jump, or dive. it is the Joy of scormg just when the gym teacher is watching. 6 it is worrying about college. it is fearing and fooling our teachers it is growing. it is learning. 7 I F' i if ll Q' 1 L a l lf? -4 bf I 5 li 5 U' 1,. -Q blk' , 4 U 1 n . ' ' , 9 Qu OA. it is leaving happily at the end of the day and sadly at the end af the year. Q 3 o W.r I ..- '!i IE I A -,L ,, - 1 , I liiliifi ':g I -. llg '55 va- n H!!'i Ulllih ' W, 9 Q XM J gggtef- 1 ' Q , . 2-gig university high, nineteen hundvfed iii d fiffy-nine L II O y uth comes to jangle nickels and crack-wise.' karl Shapiro 10 mwmfwfwwg 'v wa Amman: tczanxsxmaw sue-uqenn Em ,K 'f rm ,ffgafigb T EQ. - Ylskifll ,of "power to govern, power to teach." an on ymou s ,Q , Ii f 5 747 roy a. larmee - director of pre-collegiate education 12 robert e. ohm - principal robert hanvey-as sistant principal charles saltzman and george graham-psychologists f henry h, bischoff-assistant principal f' helen c. newman-school physician burton w. faldet director of student activities .i Y F morton tenenberg-social science philip rnontag -social science will howard gordon -social science qs .f -sg. robert Wallis -social science vu i ralph Winder-guard mark krug-social science if A I sarane starr-mathematics barney berlin-general Science deanna bernstein -typing A S Y ,J L L. 1 l is richard smith-Science Ns iff bryan swan -physical science etienette hurley-french 45? ' .. MM' ernest poll-science fn .. --wa., 0- Kula , 1 , roy kearns -physical education yyvy , 11 1 7 ance flickinger -social science 4 W, . fha . K ' wf- ,VER UEDITERRANEE W, Lvfbe n. I marie antoinctte martin -french hanford salmon -Dhysical educaiixm lv 5-Q5 5 ,g jsm .L " 4 gn 2 jg-.5 W' af' Mquizif, I , 4 fm- ,kg Lygi gx-13,4152 5, 3111s, 1 X ,Tig 'T I I wi, N - . 41. ,' 1551? iffnzqgg 1 ,gm ig, I .1 I8 lois rosenthal-english audrey borth-english X ,Zi I ...Q-" 'fd wa Wilhelm heggen -german paul moulton -mathematics robert je ske -mathematic S FS 1- T' - A jean devaud-french margaret matchett-mathematics jack mendelsohn -english blanche janecek-library Luitgard xvuadheiler -lnatheniatic J X CIT ITIHSOTI-I'I'1L1S1C margaret gaines -english ellen lzeicsey -library Q53- F9 1 fx bob hinckley - soda fountain joan isenberg and Wesley isenberg physical education, director of lillie house 21 ll 1 james arnold -physical education dorothy young -mathematics A 'I K U m muriel Cohan -music vinfred poole -library joy scott-library eugene wittick - shop H jack mabie-english thomas tourlas -physical education donald Conway -mathematic s sheila belmont -dramatic s 23 barbara wehr-science robert hz-mvey-social science kitty andreani-latin 5 4+ A., n '- . 51 ,W 1 ia R df b K I fa? f N eunice helmkamp - er1g1iSh -Q,g,,,,?Q'alddh1i Q dorothy szymkowicz -home economics 24 isabel mc caul-physical education beverly albright and william hicklin-college counseling -Q william zarvis -physical CA,1.l.1C'1fi"Jl'1 rnatie zick, Chuckie ford, anna johnson- maintenance F arne brekke -german ' I Z ha rbara goldman -physical education 26 john bardwell-audio-visual lenore john -mathematics 'Q if Fil elizabeth rehage -physical education howard palm - shop 27 robert erickson-art office Staff mrs. rudd, mrs. hurley, mrs. wuerffel, mrs. smith, miss owens, mrs deckert, mrs. vickman, mrs. phelps, mrs. diehl building s and ground s lq...-- EW' f sf I N 4 MN - 15-'wb or top row: mr. manes, mr, Wheeler, mr. williams, mr. woods, mr. garbus, bottom row: mr. ballerial, mr. zick, rnr, griggs, mr. beatty, mr. streeter, absent: mr. brown, mr. lellenberg 28 records office mrs, albright, mrs. anderson, mr, hicklin, mrs., nilson, miss reighter reading clinic miss gollena, mrs. stemmler, miss reyes, mr. mour 29 f wno silo rrookw urothure is bourgeois? Hx. JD' 'QW 'IA-A .q"' I ,J oys, WUI LL boys on 1 .- J h uwffyz -,Q N Q, a4jjf.,12, - V, Q Qs, , is Wwx if -V' Wt 1 'Z-f MO Q I S i J Y . wake me when c1ass is over. the dnnry youml WSW VPDSHi ye sinners ARG you up Dody's lookin nth U-HIGH Ill MIEHTY HHN U MA I I UMQGH AHOY ,.- N'-.sgrtlx '-N.:-1:1 distracted from distraction by distraction t. s. eliot top row: jenilu levi, paul evenson, richard ries, howard isador, marian newsome, ada skyles, ned allen, mary ann johnson, eleanor swift, row two: brenda tin, paul boorstin, neil allen, ,jack garvey, betty cramer, alice friedman, sharyn teschner, diana Weiss, vickie pellar, lynne firsel, dan posin, row one: jon sams, bill chayes, karen lisco, bill levi, david collier, ,jim becker, mr. faldet president bill levi vice-president david collier secretary karen lisco treasurer jim becker this year the student council executive committe made very good use of homeroom period. instead of spending thursday mornings in their homerooms, the officers had a party in mr. faldet's office. the coun- cil this year moved up one notch from blaine 214 and competed with the parents' association, the janitors, and miss helmkamp for belfield l59a. another improvement in the meetings themselves was the use of name cards for all council members. these were particularly useful for those representatives who could not remember their own names. the majority, whose memory did serve them, could point to impressive achievements, including a bigggand more profitable bazaarnival, excellent stomp-inns, and an improved system of homeroom reporting. 32 student board X-f . -il IW n 2 4. . , , t .t K - 9' snug, ,, , amimfffatlfv fnmff' W N X K ,ikiii standing: mr. tenenberg, ellen o'f'arrell, ben cooper, ted miller, ben heineman, david passman, seated: ira dubrow, debby scherz, jonathan knight. absent: steve dunham -chairmen jonathan knight ira dubrow debby scherz at u-high, the way of the transgressor may not be excessively hard, but it is clearly marked with road directions furnished by the student board. with the energetic mr. tenenberg as chief traffic engineer, it has this year led more than ZOO wayward travelers, via a detour to mr. ohrn's office, onto the path of righteousness to sin no more. thanks to its efforts, traffic in the halls of u-high moves at moderate purposeful speed with no racing and pedestrian hot-rodding. and the 9 bubbles in its fountains are without benefit of bubble gum. 33 girls' club and-f -Sm... ga--'4 top row: jill winslow, diana Vogel, beth zisook, barb levy, toni helstein, hilary brady, susan furth, barbara atwood, evelyn ekstein. row two: diana adams, ricky martin, ruth bettelheim, sue Watkins, jane englet, nancy seifer, gerry zarvis, ginny meeker, nesta kracke, niki manta, lolly zimberoff, mrs. szymkowicz, mrs. bernstein. row one: elaine adler, sally spiegel, helen Wentz, yoyo lowe, kit kollenberg, angie manta, nina helstein, helen obenhaus, karin Carlson president kit kollenberg vice-president yoyo lowe secretary helen wentz treasurer nina helsetin activities committee chairman angie manta house committee chairman sally Spiegel publicity committee chairman elaine adler social committee chairman helen obenhaus dispossessed by the english and sosh departments, homeless for a sec- ond year, nonetheless the girls' club again demonstrated its hardy vitality by the variety of activities and functions which it sponsored. under the leadership of kit kollenberg, it sponsored the mother-father-daughter party, the christmas toy drive, and many open houses, its supreme skill in the obscure and little-known art of getting along with boys was demon- strated in its successful co-sponsorship with the boys' club of the fall social and canteen. 34 boys' club fldfff ' ' A A it Ce fo, is Q top row: michael erde, peter stenn, peter bornstein, bill mc claskey, richard olson, robert pairs, bill blakemore, drew pfeiffer, hal lieberman mr. wittick, row two: joel mintz, john gelb, wally ries, alan william- son, butch mahone, steve bishop, row one: bob block, norman spaulding, rodger buben, jeff horwitz, absent: paul cockrell, paul dry, rusty elliot, Willard fowler, jim getzoff, ed harrow, jess levine, mcdowell, doug meiklejohn, josh yeidel president joel mintz vice-president peter stenn secretary steve bishop treasurer peter bornstein house committee chairman publicity committee chairman social committee chairman parliamentarian sergeant-at-arms ed harrow chuck buben hal lieberman john gelb jim getzoff henry boys will be boys, and since time immemorial they have gathered together in backyard shacks and treehouses to form clubs and secret societies. at u-high, the boys' club has combined these architectural traditions most appropriately-in gym temp. the club this year sponsored the christmas fund drive, a halloween party and the boys' club dance, and co-sponsored canteen, the fall social, and an open house with the girls' club-all this despite the distraction of the continuing threat that gym temp would collapse 35 yearbook xsiidb top row: paul kosinski, jean hancock, charles buben, meredith eaton, sue thorner, mickie clark. carl bogenholin, john maclean, bottom row: gerry adler, judy goldman, Karin carlson, ,john northrop co-editors-in-chief karin carlson co-layout editors mickie clark judy goldman jean hancock write-ups editor meredith eaton art editor charles buben sports editor john maclean faculty advisers mr. hanvey photography editor paul kosinski miss helmkarnp business manager sue thorner this weary group, as motley a crew as ever manned an editorship, had the job of making the s. s. yearbook see-worthy. their many weeks of scurrying, scribbling, picture-snapping, cutting, and pasting produced this record of an eventful year at u-high, which they hope you will value and enjoy. yearbook credits to jo banks for senior portraits and candids, and for his patience and forbearance. to bud holland for building shots and activities, faculty, and senior division pages, and for his kindliness and indulgence. to gerry adler and john northrop for their excellent photography. to hoppy asher and david collier for their devotion to our cause. to seymour shelist, raundi nelson and public letter 81 litho service for technical advice and assistance. to rnaxwell house coffee, lipton's tea, and jay's potato chips for sustenance. 36 midway UI! g it standing: mr. mabie, david passman, sally Spiegel, hal lieberman seated: mike rothschild, marianna tax, billy chayes, absent: sarah lamm, judy bergmann, candy love, missy hauser, mal kovacs editor-in-chief marianna tax editorials editor marianna tax news editor mike rothschild features editor sarah lamm :ports editor bill chayes assistant editorials editor david passman vusiness manager judy bergmann assistant news editor mal kovacs vroduction manager missy haus'er assistant features editor sally spiegel nffice manager candy love assistant sports editor hal lieberman the midway this year has rebelled against its inaccurate classification as a student organization. only the non-reader would dare to say that it is organized. as a new policy this year, the midway has come out weekly. astronomers will be surprised to find out that there are less than 25 weeks between september 23 and june 10. just as the sun-times exposed orville hodge, the midway has shocked its readers with the great radiator stink and has brought to light the bubble gum plot against our water fountains. only in smaller ventures has it failedg gym temp has been made a symbol of the futility of journalistic Crusades. the thought which has guided it through the year has been: "to err is typographical, to correct pedantic. " intramural board standing: miss goldman, bonnie dry, narinette allen, jane ingle richard sllverman, david rehage,knight coolidge, row one: martha liveright, betty clark, janet thelen, mary steinbach, eric barton absent: karen jensen president janet thelen vice-president betty clark secretary mary steinbach treasurer karen jensen girls' sports committee chairman martha liveright boys' sports committee chairman eric barton all u-high students are familiar with the massive greystone building located across the street from our beloved belfield hall. but, alas, not all u-highers are aware of what goes on there after the final bell finishes reverberating down the musty halls. ah, but there are some rare u-high students who are lucky enough to realize that this is the time to obtain relaxation, team spirit, Qno, it's not vic tanney'sj and personal benefits in many extra-curricular sports. 38 jirnmie shantie s back row: bill chayes, roy nerode, sperry goodman, kathy bailey, thomas bailey, john maclean, ruth bettelheim, row three: jean hickey, meredith eaton, row two: steve riskind, mike newsome, don vandegriff, roberta chroman, mickie clark, candy love, betty clark, janet friedman, nancy seifer, diane bickson, barbara levy, carol bergman, kathy mcquown, verda johnson, terry sawyier, row one: paul butterfield, gerry zarvis, jean hancock, bonnie thornton, brenda tin, ingrid sergel, kathy posin, carol aldrich, carol williams,ellen eisendrath, judy levine, clyde Watkins jimmie shanties this year, although it has been plagued by many vacanc gave a nunaber of very good perforniances. its spring concertwwas on a rather well worn field, but had a new twist in choreography. most of the vacancies were due to seniors, with only five holding out. a possible explanation has been given that these absences were due to an overload of physics homework. ,-f 4 f ' if :KM A 5 f,4y,.,. ' Zflifffi X it I k t a re 39 ies german club Y no ,gr 'Qt' 4 sv 1 Q . QU ,..l:I, row four: curl bogenholm, herr heggen, fred dolin, mike rothschild, dwvid Collier. ruth bettelheimg row three: john northrop, sally Spiegel mwstu krucke, Jeff magnus, danny rosemfelsg row two: nina helstejn, muriwnnw tux, missy hauser, Kirsten williamsg row one: dwnny levinsou, rem g usberg, marthm liveright, gerry mdler audio-visualclub 4 ISI gf 1 sr' top row: norman sack, larry moore, lure frunzen, walter guterbock. row two: jordan swndke, dan rosenfels, bob factor, david friedmau, lov ormnn, row one: steve rlskind, kurt komives, george leposky, Sperry Qoodmuu, jim orr french club ,..- ,v i standing: candy love, david epstein, adrian sachs, sue thorner, brenda matteson, diana adams, cathie wanzer, Kirsten williams, seated: janet shorr, sue lubin, sandy lach, mme. martin, sally hutchison drarna club top row: kiron nerode, harry epstein, frank mayer, bo brown, ira dubrow, john maclean, jeff magnus, bottom row: janet friedman, jean maclean, mary steinbach, marianna tax, mickey clark, louis yeidel 41 pre-freshman class officers billy williams, presidentg gail epstein, vice presidentg barbara Schulman, treasurerg jory blakemore, secretary sophomore class officers phil pritchett, treasurerg sharon abrams, vice-presidentg mickey komornik, pres- identg Sheila miller. secretary senior class officers jean maclean, presidentg martha liver- ight, vice-presidentg gerry adler, treas- urerg judy bergmann, secretary freshman class officers erika dilys, presidentg sydney osborne vice presidentg lynda kovacs, secretar absent: henry palmer, treasurer will 55 fi . fi-A5 ,. l e u we f y .x r M ,LL , X,X L, . e X :S - LX. junior class officers peter neff, presidentg Vickie kamberos, vice -presidentgr allan dunham, treasure gretchen wright, secretary frosh-soph basketballteanm mf-N? tg . Q' or y. 1- rL!Q154Q' 31 X E5 I - A top row: mr. tourlas, robert stepto, john meeker, david stern sidney osborn, harvey wallack, lloyd graff, bob field, morton may, bottom row: arthur hasbrouck, knight Coolidge, john dames, steve dunham, david williams, kenny dry, russell elliot, rich deuter, absent: dan brunner, peter sinaika, peter stern, jon horwioh varsRy'basketbal1tean1 4711145 li, top row: mr. salmon, bill mc olaskey, mike winter, art wernicke, doug grant, merrel booker, row two: bob field, mike koch, ben heineman, peter dames, eric barton, andy porte, row one: bob metculf, paul dry, bo brown 44 frosh-soph baseballteanu top row: bob field, steve jacobe, steve friedman, morton may, rodger buben, mr. tourlae, row two: eddie williams, knight Coolidge, bob bianchi, tonu nun, steve dunham, ellsworth hes- brouck, row one: mike komornik, gerry kraines, david Weiss, bob stepto, robert nuesbdum varsmy baseballteanu N Ysxwff back row: andy porte, mark winter, Charles buben, richard silver- man, bob metcalf, mr. salmon, first row: mike Schwartz, pete dames Steve fuhrman, gene meyere, ben heineman swimming team top row: mr. Kearns, peter neff, wally ries, phil leavitt, doug kirkpatrick, randy delave, dave johnson, richard goldsmith, terry platt, peter bornstein mark winter, row two: peter shire, mike erde, peter tobias, rodney eiger, bob lewis, ross lambert, henry mc dowell, dev bowly, row one: barry allen bill hlakemore, henry palmer, jud morris, chris mayer, chris platt, sandy meiklejohn, drew pfeiffer, marc cogan y . ' the swimming team this year rose to that formerly inconceivable plateau of first place in the p. s. l. this was only accomplished by the driving force behind all swim meets: "coach kearns. al- though his whip is worn rather thin, kearns is positive that he will conquer all corners next year also, and add still another trophy to his growing collection. - Q l LH J 46 top row: bruce Collier, john fleming, will white, bob pairs, Carl douglas, dick gill, bob katz, mr. arnold, bottom row: wes Cochrane, hal lieberman, paul butterfield, joel mintz, tom bailey, Charles swan top row: bruce Collier, will white, Carl douglas, steve marcus, bob lieberman, bill blakemore, drew pfeiffer, mr. arnold, row two: rusty elliot, dan brunner, john fleming, mike erde, wes Cochrane, ron aska- nase, jim beoker, sidney osborne, row one: doug kirkpatrick, hal lie- berman, paul butterfield, joel mintz, tom bailey, Charles swan 47 girls' hockey top row: Vicky reitman, jane ingle, nesta kracke, betty clark, jean hancock, barb nichols, jean fuhrman, Vickie kamberos, row two: sarah winter, martha liveright, marcie rothschild, gerry zarvis, jane englet, gretchen wright, row one: scratch acree, candy love, mickie clark, kit kollenberg, barbara horwich, mary ann johnson, mary steinbach girls' basketball l top row: mickie clark, Vicky reitman, kathy bailey, jean hancock, monica gerson, jean fuhrman, row two: jane ingle, martha liveright, nesta kracke, gretchen wright, mary steinbach, row one: scratch acree, candy love, Vickie kamberos, mary ann johnson 48 cheerleaders back row: diane weiss, gretchen wright, betty clark, jean hancock, ellen o'farrell, front row: renee bennett, candy love, barbara medwin pep club wi top row: jean hancock, eleanor swift, erika dilys, norvell brown, betty clark, ellen o'farrell, row two: charlyn ellison, sharyn teschner, chris Lanz, sneila miller, barb nichols, ricky martin, row one: bonnie tbornton, sara winter, karen sack, diane Weiss, carol williams, Vickie kamberos oo f L . reap fgm. y iii' f Khymgi I' Q53 Q Q s WMGQAMMQM "and still they gazed, and still the Wonder grew, that one small head could carry all he knew, " oliver goldsmith nw. erlCkson's b omeroom Loy row! mr. erickson Lhomus stern ymul breslln john boorstln vloki pellur murgnret hnrris Joe lumm puulette bishop ,VLHQ l1FOCkUm1H david rehage row two: Josh ye I del lynn Jones m I m i powe- ll enrol bothwell gnll epsteln vrlo gould grng black muri Leltlomnn POW OTIQZ IHil1'I llll rnce31f21? sue goldsmlth toni nelsteln Jmcob goldgruber paul mwltzer penny hlrsh kim mosley r I Phflrd :iL.l1Jn:1,n mrs. gaines' homeroom top row: toni Clarke margaret nelson virginia wallis paul evenson susie Eurth bonnle holland mrs. gdines row three: gordon fulks alan stern kay johnson bonnie dry andrea shlien row two: jnnice urry bob spencer sean cardenas bruce kresnoff judy bibermun douglas meiklejohn andy robson row one: frear streeter arnold clsco billy williams charlie goetz bob factor peggy kadison jane bodfish absent: libby storr E55 miss flickinger's homeroom top row: miss flickinger bob block bruce hiller mark obenhaus jon bloom walter lowe row three: frank gersh susan diehl sue fels leonard evans andrea epstein michele futrell row two: david siegle gary widiger dicktlansing barbara seidman lynne firsel mndelammm jackie ellis row one: carola murray barbara schulman jimmy matthews ben cooper peggy moon barbara atwood absent: glenn goldman nancy rottenberg I fl mr. berlin's homeroom top row: dan heekin chris wilkinson joanna olmstead deirdre swift jerry rossen ylo ormiste mr. berlin row three: richie ries andy gelman jon kovler heather grampp jory blakemore janice smith margaret sayvetz row two: steve cochrane hilary brady margaret keck sue hodge laura lathrop rod dalitz row one: kathie abler pepper brice barbara eaton tizzy block iris sachs jeff jorwitz mr. moulton'S homeroom top row: mr. moulton joan brown henry Palmer bobby sinuiko hmrold marx david weiss bob Stepto row three! lionolle nurloy mdw Skyles John bmrgmun Lex lwI'fTl?IT1I1.Il chris moyer F- nw Lwol hwlwlld l1Irs1UmLn jfwlru Fwdlrrmarni LUIHI :mln Hn1'h: moskow mildrod euburks Lorri drmy rom 1,,' ne: :'LrLl'11U' l1:a,Sbro11C willmrd Vowlvr dj inn 'fogyil terry stmgmmn b1WlCKX c:QlllIfWr joyue llobormmn absent: tom Jensen mr. Cernlus' homeroom top row: nm. cernius jane inggle rusty elliott john meeker jay moore sydney osborne lmrs frnnzen row three rmlph pinkerL chris ylntt sandy meiklejohn erikn dilys elennor swift sherry ldnslng row two: lesley evans neil allen udele cumybell andrew suskl terri tinker betsy meyer row one: knight Coolidge john dames bob biuchl chris greene barbara schatzmun eddie williams absent ddil neugarten Kn fi rx w 1 p f Ulf X' x - . .l.i- - A-Mg X mr. tenenberg's homeroom top row: ronald berger carl douglas jon horwich john ford don Vandegriff steve dunham marian newsom mr. tenenberg row three: kathy mcquown dan mintz larry moore walter guterbock barbara nichols edmund bolton row two: yarka prec penny mcgee pam marks abby dorfman lynda Kovacs gregg Shorr row one: naomi bettelheim jordan sandke norman Spaulding steve Seder lee erman peter gilkey I-1 Egg l H r, 4 K - - .in .ci ' FY' S' - W.. 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1 X Awww ng! -,lgz e F2 K 5 XX 'ish qqgf-M5 "a life of quiet desperation" henry devid thoreau annie acree the most completely lost of all days is that day on which one has not laughed. - chamfort diana adams the world is always ready to re- ceive talent with open arms. - holmes elaine adler good humor may be said to be one of the very best articles of dress one can wear in society. - thackeray gerry adler and wisely tell the hour o' th' day the clock does strike by algebra butler barry allen unless there's a boy C1-Wl'1lSflln9 the music will not be complete. floruit steve barnett i am bound to furnish my antag- onists with arguments but not with comprehension. iudy bergmann the blush is beautiful, but it is sometimes inconvenient. - goldoni steve bishop a gentleman is a man who can disagree without being disagree able. merrel booker everybody has his own team of which he is manager. - anonymous alan bramson a retentive memory is a good thing, but the ability to forget is the true token of genius. - hubbard herman brown why then do you walk as if you had swallowed a ramrod. karin carlson the artist drew a great many lines and saved the best of them. - butler sandy carmichael it must be a hard life to be the child ofa psychiatrist. - anonymous bill chayes we are growing serious and let me tell you that's the very next step to being dull. - addison michele clark so much one man can do that does both act and know. - marvel elise cohel 'twas her thinking of others made you think of her. - johnson Q-N .WA f ig' david collier i don't give Q hang for o mon who can spell a word only one woy. elliot currie i once knew cz fellow who spoke cz dialect with on occent. - coblo gwen clillord good humor is goodness ond wis- dom combined. - meredith fred dolin he liked to like people, therefore people liked him. - twain presron dry the art of silence is as great as that of speech. - german proverb ira du brow a lion among women is a dreadful thing., - shakespeare meredifh eafon love your neighbor, yet don't pull down your heclgee - franklin roberfa elrod high heels were invented by a woman who had been kissed on the forehead. morley gg' -ggi , if A 7 V r 4 11, XX Ji fl lf lucy gonford rich not gcxuclyg for the opporel oft proclaims the mon. - shokespeore walter gelb the will to clo, the soul to dare. - scott monicci gerson her bright smile haunts me still. reo ginsberg cz little nonsense now ond then is relished by the wisest men. - anonymous arthur ginsburg what should a man do but love excellence? - mac leish donald goldberg oh, with song he pleaseth the gods above and also those below - anonymous judith goldman why don't you get a haircut, you look like a chrysanthe- mum. - wodehouse douglas grant i have suffered a lot from being misunderstood: but i would have suffered a heck of a lot more if i'd been understood. - darrow 75 Sf' nil' as richard greenfield no excellent soul is exempt from a little madness. - aristotle jean hancock 'on with the dance, let joy be unconfined' is my motto. whether there's any dance to dance or any joy to unconfine. - twain sheila harter sentimentally i am disposed to harmony, but organically i am incapable of'a tune. - lamb missy hauser i came, i saw, i conquered. - coescr cliftord heinz success to the strongest, who are always, at last, the wisest and the best. - emerson gilbert hubbs life is too short, and the time we waste in yawning never can be regained., - stendhal sally hutchison on their own merits modest men are dumb. - colman sally kaclison he does it with a better grace, but i do it more natural. - Shakespeare jonathan knight trust everybody, but cut the cards. kit kollenberg enthusiasm is that temper of mind in which the imagination has got the better of the iudgment. ernesta kracke knowledge and human power are synonymous. - bacon sarah lamm it's the people who are comfort- able who have time to worry over little trivial things. - mc fee george leposlcy and recognized ever and anon the breeze of nature stirring in his soul. - wordsworth georgia le roy every man has a perfect right to his opinion, provided it agrees with ours. - billings william levi music resembles poetry: in each are nameless graces which no methods teach and which a master hand alone can reach. dan levinson i do not like the way the cards are shuffled, but yet i like the game and want to play. martha liveright they mocked thee too much for thy curiosity. - shakespeare dinah livingston true merit, like a river, the deeper it is, the less noise it makes. - halifax candy love nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. - emerson yolande lowe loveliness needs not the foreign aid of ornament, but is when unadorn'd, adorn'd the most. - thomson susan lubin the eyes are the windows of the soul. - anonymous jean maclean reason and judgment are the qualities of a leader. - tacitus marcus mahone i can resist everything but temptation. - wilde angela manta what wisdom can you find that is greater than human kindness? - rostand YMQWU 5.55-f ,was si 5 Qwwmwq mwmr w fi? A4 QhF bill mc claskey i could see that, if not actually disgruntled, he was far from being gruntled. - wodehouse richard meitus matches are made in heaven. joel mintz the race is not always to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, but that's the way to bet. - runyon mary morgenstern beauty is truth, truth beauty. - keats lay nelson fhe music that can deepest reach, and cure all ill, is cordial speech. - ellis john north rop i hate the drum's discordant sound. - scoff pat novick no civilized person ever goes to bed The some day he gets up. - davis richard olson what thiscounfry needs is a good five-cent cigar. - marshall GR 'Sgt- dan posin give him a laundry list and he'll set it fo music. - rogers mike rofhschild may my last breath be drawn Through a pipe and exhaled in a pun. - lamb adrian sachs The pen is the Tongue of The mind. karen sack well, if i called the wrong numb 8 why did you answer The phone. - Thurber Q Q ionathan sams i disapprove of what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it. - voltaire deborah scherz few things are impossible to diligence and skill. - iohnson clon scott to speak as the common people do, to think as the wise men do. - ascham scott shapin fortune favors the audacious. - e rasmu s 1 '0- of T' ... .,.,M,, 4 s f To js J betty shapi ro i rise from bed the first thing in the morning not because i am dissatisfied with it, but because i cannot carry it with me during the clay. - nye sue sherman i am not arguing with you, i am telling you . ianet shorr within her tender eye the heaven of april, with its changing light.- longfellow carol simpson a graceful girl, with candid tongue, and purpose in her eye. - masefield judy stein a fine morning nothing the matter with it that i know of. i have seen better anal i have seen worse. - longfellow mary Steinbach nothing is rarer than true good nature. - la rochefoucaulcl peter stenn i am no orator as brutus is but, as you know me all, a plain blunt man. - shalcespeare jack stern my idea of an agreeable person is one who agrees with me. - jerrolcl I I stephen stigler the mathematician has reached the highest rung on the ladder of human thought. - ellis Peter stutzman for music is like a voice, a low voice calling. - browning marianna tax the duty of a newspaper is to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. - author unknown janet thelen ah, give me one who hath energy and exuberance. - anonymous Ex?" 135' x VIL' iiif sue thorner i haven't been abroad in so long that i almost speak english without an accent. - benchley brenda tin a fine head of hair adds beauty to a good face. - plutarch jonathan utley i never dare to be as funny as i can be. - anonymous cathie wanzer ol she will sing the savageness out of a bear. ,gi helen Wentz -'X Q, ' . . . IQ I play a musical Instrument some, but only for my own amusement.- , allen 'lv kirsten williams I love me, love my clog, michael winter size is cz matter of opinion. 5 ' ELL lollie zimberoff her voice was ever soft, gentle, and low, an excellent thing in a woman. - shokespeore -if' beth zisook no gems, no gold she needs to wear, she shines intrinsically fair. - bedenfield 5 3 RFQ camera shy: carl bogenholm there are very few persons who pursue science with true dignity. davey michael muench often i leave my television set to listen to my wireless. - nash paul kosinski space has no top, no bottomg in fact, it is bottomless both at the bottom and at the top. - nye I x Q .9 r mp Q. .wi - e 'Nm Q--N-.-....,.,,,,,, blackbored jungle the enchanted and d1senchanted ,DOWN , WITH Y-NKRYTHING 94 "i'11 'tw .1 co quietly. 4 I send th i to Camp Q . 2. A , ff: 'S I M 'K X r..N ,X H the 931 fl door l'5'f'fS ll"-4-+ w ' lg l l a wfiifm - N E V K rasaif AKA, Q' ,, I, will enable . . . . . 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