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 - Class of 1958

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tx,- " :X KATHERINE DOYLE Kitty. . 1. B.Pres. . . Lone Fraulein. Evening in Paris.Junior Ianecek .... Knitwit ....... STEVEN FISHMAN Steve. . Lakeview, here I come ....... Last Minute Hero. Fish. .Nash Rambler. . Basketball. wiv Q 5 tv- ,ww Laffy wr... ' . i.., '---a--M . "ax ,F-I.-' fy Wig N41 Q .'i. E231 'QQ ww 1 HM "' 5,-gg A i'v. , ' gkgw-W-,TN 1' -.t,- fir . -Guia.. .AK X 45? ' A MURRAY DRY Murray. .B.C. EX- Prexy. .Point of Order. . B.M.O.C."Got your driver's license yet?" . . 'S S' - A Bw., 9 In Q G., 3.159 3 li -1 is r"'?,-'r.3f"a'9 ggi J ',p.g.yE5" Haag ,. fifwifagra 'aiiggbaa 'J "Pt ' - vw' yifagkgrsiy R33 e . , 5999 R ., A IRA FISTELL Ira. Midway Editorial Ed .... Epitome of school spirit. . Train-maniac. . Iraville. "P""""7' A-119' 7 DANIEL EBY Dan. . Dan the Man.. . Cassanova?. . . Sh-boom . "Little Lord Fauntleroy. " . . . Dunko Dan. .gpm ,x 'Quan--nv' 'EN J" ,,,..a"""- r BARBARA EPSTEIN Barb. . "Are you in love?" . .Jewelry collector. . . . .Brother School Dance ROBERT GOLDBERG Bob. .Chgo. Dist. Council Treas. .Ivy League. . . . Assembly Comm.Chrm. . The E9 Kid ......... Rr 'Q 9 "Ir MARSHALL GOLDSMITH Marshall. . Hoosier boy. . if Dear Marcia.Mt. San- antonio. . . . Marshi. . . . 5 STEVEN FLANDERS Steve. . . longhaired cellist. . . Math- ematician. . Uncle Flanders ....... 'IK 'Vi- MITCHELL GRODZINS Helly. .Midway Features Ed. . . "Pick. up service. " Copperhead. . Dean John 8 -fm .,. M sr:-53 BARBARA FLYNN Barb. .Midway Ed. in Chief ...... Flyaway. . In a flurry over Currie Surprise party 1, 2, 3, 4, . .Mile a minute. . . . JOHN HALL John..J.B. IV .... J.S... S.B ..... Bicycle. . Corny jokes .... 'ss ..-es! RICHARD FRIEDMAN Rich. . Elections Comm Chrm. . Be Prepared. . Swim-Team. . Explorer Scout. . . . Sygnet ...... . JOHN HALPERIN John. .French club Prexy. . Basketball Manager. .B. C. Social Comm. Chrm. . . "Our Town." ............ . 1:-fr 5 PETER GAFFRON Pete. . . Star Gazer. . Every brand. . .Crew-cut? . . . . . .Germanite. . YVETTE HINKSON Yvette. . Y.B. pictures Ed. .Mercury Outboard motor. . Decorates Sth Army ....... Biologist ARNOLD HARTIGAN Pogo. . Play boy. . Drama Club Friend. "Ralph Ralph". ."Yo! .Canteen. . 9 MARTHA HEINEMAN Marty. .I.B. Veep. Cheerleader. Deep Purple. .Athlete. . Oh, the Straus and strain of nQ......... EDITH HosH1No Ed1e..G.c. secy .... Hockey Helcat. . .Zoo- keeper ..... Friendly. . PHILLIP HYDE Phil. B. C. House Comm. Chrm. . . Railroads. Drama Mama's Sugar Cookies. . The Host with the Most. JEAN JONES Jeanie. . S.C. worker. . . . . Campfire girl. . . By George. . . Mamie's Buddie. XX. l ROBERT KIRSNER Bob. . .Medic. . . . . Track .... Eg of my Heart. . Russian Soc. Sci. notes ....... . Ve- I0 DAVID KRAINES Dave. .Math whiz. . Handsome. . .Pipesqueak Poetry. . "Where's a Garage?" . . . . .... . .bt ., Y STEVEN KRAMER Steve. . Soph. Sc Senior Pres. Crystallized. . School Spirit. "Passport p1ease." 'mk- In-e 'S--x MARILYN LUBIN Lynn. . .S.C. Pub. Comm. Chrm. . . Arty. . . . STARS ...... Mme Fu Manchu. 'QTY ig! 'ew SYBIL MCCRACKEN Syb. .C.C. Social Comm. Chrm. .Vampira. . . . Sick, sick, sick. . . Let's be Frank. . NORA MCKEON Nora. . . Cheerleader. . J. S. . .Norma Keon.. "But I don't understand!" . . . . Mutilated monocles. 'U' Y .f tri, ""N..s.-0 5...-1 DEBORAH MILLS Debby. .Y.B. Co-ed in Chief. .U. of Chicago Band .... Kim. .Blue nail polish. .Engineer. . . . ew- 'II CLARA MANTA Clara. .Goa1ie. . Refresh- ments. .Big sister. . Linguistic. ELIZABETH MATTHEWS Liz. . Smart dresser. . Hockey. . "Have you seen my new car?". . Beautiful tresses. -cw' 'Q' SYS MORCH Sys. .Y.B.Lay-out Ed. I.B. Treas. .Fabulous CLAUS MQRCH Skier. . Statuesque. Rusty...S.B...... Soccer, Track, Swimming . .Gambler. . After school Math. . Sharon share alike. SHEILA MORGENSTERN Sheila. .Foster Child Comm. Chrm. .Whoosh! ' .P0nyrai1?. .Boy shim, 5 rolled-up sleeves .... an-.K 'K SANDRA MOSLEY Sandy. . Y. B. Co-ed in Chief. .Mot1ey. . Natural streak?. . A Savage amateur now truned H. xax Q 3 , 'I2 SALLY NERLOVE Sal. .Baz.Chrrn. . . . "Sa11y in our Alley. Help. ."I fooled you . . .Tally ho! . . ALLEN MUSIKANTO Al. .B.C. Pub. Comm. Chrm. . Basketball. . Sh -boom . .I Shorr Believe ...... ALFRED E. NEUMAN Al. Ulageline. . .Senior Lunchroom Committee Chair- man. . . Football Captain. . , Princeton man. -so WV 15001, Wai: MARTIN PAGE Marty. . .Audiovisual Prexy Pre-Coll. . Drama. . Library rover. ROSEMARY PREISSLER Rosy. . . Stomp Inn Pub. Chrm. . Dutch Bob. . Library worker. . 'Her voice was ever soft and gentle. . . " RICHARD PENN Dick. . . B. C. Prexy. .2-time Class Treas. . .J. S. . Tennis Champ. . Student Union. I3 -'Wi BARRY PRESTON Barry. . Midway Sports Ed. Jr. Class Prexy. .Quarters Golf. . Debouair youth. HUGH PITCHER Hugh. .Y. B. Sports ed. . Track. . Soft spoken. . Prudie Hand . . . Olympic high jump prospect. Magna, 'C CW' . 2 'RR-' 'QQ T7 PETER PROHASKA Pete. . Swimmer. . . Pro. . "Goodie" . . Cornell Calls . . . . . "What's happening gang?" .... Taxi Service. SHILA SINGH Shila. . Drama Club. . J. S .... Horsetail .... Dissection. . .the quiet one. FRANCES ROSENBACHER Frannie. .S.C. Prexy. . Big little Fran. . . Benevolent despot. "Now that the election's over.' 'ZR' RONALD SKVARCIUS Ron. . . Track man. . . Bowler .... linguist .... Linear accelerator .... 'Q' 14 1 SUSAN ROSENBLUM Sue. .S.C. Veep. .J.S. . Stomp Inn Comm. Chrm . . . Long socks. . . Fluture virtuoso ............... ,f"""s 5, Q,:a'gPg'7'Q-ll' Q AVIS RUBIN Avie. .THE dance. . . Westside boyfriends. Monograms. . "Sweet Sixteen and. . . . . . . . ?'f7""i' MILDRED SHAW Mimi. . .THE Girls' Club . ."I'm not at all in love" . .Persona1ity. . . Goodby Jamaica. . .... . .... . . 2 A 5. ' M- ' i .fl wi? -- , : -f - If ' - - n., c .W as I S I I RICHARD SHAPIRO 1 , Ricky. . Soccer. .J. S. . . Big Bad Black Six. . . Fruit boots. HERBERT SIMONS Herbie. . .Card Shark. . Tennis. . . Lovable. . . Michiana crows .... T111 sf NICHOLAS SOMMERS Nicky. . .Y.B. Photo Ed. . . Doc Sommers. . .Midway . .German Scholar. . "I'l1 volunteer my dog . " K I5 'EZ' BARBARA SIMPSON Barb. . . Stomp Inn Dec. Comm. Chrrn. .A duo- citizen. . .Wasp-waist. . . Quiet beauty. . . ALAN STEINBACH A1. .From one U-high to another. . Wake up little Susie. . Studebaker studier. . . mmf -Q""' hiv J " -Y- Q LL f - tx' ' S-fklj f , .1 -., 4 7 X 3 v ,wf,f.f ' ROBERT STEWART Bob. .The U.N. Club. Tennis. . Stew. . Bridge "How's the weather up there?" CHARLES STOREY Charlie. . Senior veep. . . Choo choo. . Cha Cha. . . Vests . ALICE SWIFT Alice. . S.B. . . Soph.G. C. Sec'y.bubbling personality Alluring leopard skin JENNY STRAUSS Jenny. .Library worker. . I. S. . .Intellectual. . . Locker room lark. .Yellow car. . . PHINEAS SYKES Phineas. . .Mike. . Sic, sic, sic. Phiny bones. . Pepe. . . Sox and Bear fan. . . Really lucky. . I6 HOMER TURNER Homer. . Soccer, Track. . Scientist. . Mathematician . . The strong silent type. . NANCY WALLIS Nancy. .Return of the Native .... Archer. . . " Hall, hail to Michigan" .. . "Hey, sir." PATRICIA TURNER Pat . . G. C. House Comm . Chrm ..... Luther Leaguer. . .P.A.T. .Class baby. . . Female lawyer. . .Goodby Jamaica. . n U sHERwooD WASHBURN Tucky. . .The decline of the West. . .Tennis Champ . . .Mental chess. . . Nuclear science. . .Inventor. STEVE ULLMAN Steve. .lB.C. Veep. .. Sir Stephen the Great. . The nose knows. . . " Wow! Some Boy!". .QL He's no icelgfrg ..... ALAN UDESKY Al. . . Wrestler. . . Tool kit. .Faulkner Chauffer. . "We are the Harvard boys. . . 'S' WI, , 5' ' vi" 'f J 1 N.-3..... , -.f:..--1. ,- .., . ..- ,,-5. -,.g ,-.'.':' i ' 13.-3.5 .ff 3: .- .' 13:23:11 :'- j.:3lQ-',':1.'.-'f- . j-:I-gl-1.-",.-,LQ ' '.:,.:,.:,.1j,15,.,--.,".g- 'fsdlyf STEPHEN WILKINSON Steve. .Midway represent- ative. . . Tennis. . . Camp counselor. CATHY YOUNKER Cathy. . . publicity posters Y. . . .lntram Board enthus- iast. . .Iinx Sphinx. . . She Horses around. . What Pretty Eyes! "Huff BARBARA ZISOOK Barb. . . Little Zis. . . She got it Ealabed. . . Sorority Girl. . . 10 o'c1ock scholar Xa., 'qu ' ,,p1pI'n X0 1 s V! my ,.,.,-,,., .1 ..--1 5'-. ,......-- K Q . AW M P622 X A 'Q x ww fw N.2s,Qi, tm 'ww ,Q g h f -Q hx- 'V1'fx'!-xp y ', . K . -fi Q- 'X , . A 1 ' f , -, S X . . W 1 -1:51-Q, ig- - ef -Q Pu. , -'4' t N . -my ' , lgfif: is ,. jf'-.5-ii. -' ,,1',igg. , 3 - 5- ' ' X gg- . -J .. ii' -2 . ' N ,. FN, - " 'V F. ' "" QQ ' ,.Q D is 2 I f tj , v-YQ 3 1 1 -4 A I . N, . . 'ii .. -M . ff ' -. ' w-gf. , I 'I ' - ' ff? , - 4 'NWSSWPIQ . x 1 559" V ' - awp PW? ' is N , K ' ' - ' ' vw. , X - . . Qs.- N 5, y , U .gk ., 'ix ,., , - -P .J -Q 4-' ' b- , yrf-'4..f- --W'-, 4 '- ,Q 4,31 - . ' f Q-fi WN W J au, A 5' 'S A ' . 'XL 1 , -V "bk-','.gy If . " 10 . ll 1 any r ,...4.-. s Ev if . i ., v .' 3' i L sv .l Who's Who Hugh Pitcher Barb Simpson Howie Abrams Sally Nerlove Richard Friedman John Hall Al Musikanto Steve Kramer , Cephus Butler Fran Falkenstein Peter Prohaska Yvette Hinkson Alice Swift Murray Dry Mimi Shaw Fran Rosenbacher Barb Zisook Nicky Sommers Nora McKeon Charles Storey . Cathy Younker . John Halperm Nancy Wallis Helly Grodzins Steve Wilkinson 51. Debby Mins Judy Clark Barb Diffay Janet Diehl Barb Berg Sandy Mosley Edie I-loshino Kit Doyle Mildred Clark Anne Crystal Jenny Strauss Barry Preston Rusty Morch Clara Manta Liz Matthews Sue Rosenblum Pam Bennett Tucky Washburn Jean J ones Cynthia Barton Pat Turner Marty Heineman Rosie Preissler Sys Morch Al Steinbach Bob Kirsner ' . A, I, , 'fi . X Qj , , . ,l E 5 I my d"'m ' 20' x M.: '21, 1. 6" 341' 24 , 4' A " Wat' 'ar ,-E., ,rt in ' wx V, r Ami 27 .ami 53.4 3 .71 his 'K S. .N V 3 I L5 1: 2 ., .N .Q I: A U 4 A W S' ' ,. 8 1 mv Us 3 X f Q N N, W 'xnxx , Q QQ HE 38 39 Sr Q lx 37 s.:x.. 43 F4-v-" X A ,ui Y' K W 'h X so Rx 'LJ x N? F425 5 1 ly +I Senior Bequethe Barb Zisook, do hereby bequeath my ponytail to Sue Sherman who could use it to pull whenever she wants. Cathy Yoimker, do hereby bequeath the school to anyone who wants it. Steve Wilkinson, do hereby bequeath my radioactivity to Mr. Swan. Sherwood Washburn, do hereby bequeath my chess genius to Matthew Morgenthal. Nancy Wallis, do hereby bequeath my senior gym clothes to any maroon-clad U-Higher. Stephen Ullmann, do hereby bequeath my nose to Sally Kadison. Alan Udesky, do hereby bequeath the part of my car that goes out the tailpipe to my sister Sue. Pat Turner, do hereby bequeath my love for digressive conversation to Mr. Conway 's future students. Homer Turner, do hereby bequeath my naturally speedy pick-up to General Motors so that they can keep up with the Edsel. Phineas Sykes, do hereby bequeath my luck to Dan Posin. Alice Swift, do hereby bequeath my limp to Mr. Conway. Jenny Strauss, do hereby bequeath my bun to a doughnut factory. Charles Storey, do hereby bequeath my ability to sound to Butch Mahone. Bob Stewart, do hereby bequeath nothing because I'm taking it all with me. Al Steinbach, do hereby bequeath my dragging ability to Dan Eby. Nicky Sommers, do hereby bequeath Mr. Hanvey to the Supreme Court of the U. S. for he can find loopholes in any document. Ronald Skvarcius, do hereby bequeath my money to Hodge and Dave Beck to be divided equally. Shelia Singh, do hereby bequeath my early morning hours at Jimmie Shanties to some future soprano. Barb Simpson, do hereby bequeath my last four years to a bottle of Vodka in which to forget them. Herbie Simons, do hereby bequeath my controllable wit to Steve Kramer, Mimi Shaw, do hereby bequeath my scarlet ribbons to Mr. Bennett's hair, where-ever it is. Ricky Shapiro, do hereby bequeath my bequeath to Pam Bennett. Avis Rubin, do hereby bequeath my French accent to Joel Rubin who will take Latin. Sue Rosenblum, do hereby bequeath my knee socls to George Leposky. Frances Ann Rosenbacher, do hereby bequeath my incompatability to MMG who needs it. Peter Prohaska, do hereby bequeath Mr. Kearns to the Mickey Mouse Club. Barry Preston do hereby bequeath my autographed picture of the Armymule to Mr. Conway and Mr. Swan. Rosie Preissler, do hereby bequeath Steinways to the old dope peddler. Hugh Pitcher, do hereby bequeath the saw dust in the high-jump pit to Mike McKeon. Dick Penn, do hereby bequeath the Boys' Club budget to Mr. Fauldet to invest in penny stocks. Martin Page, do hereby bequeath my unusual physicalattributes to an octopus. Alfred E. Newman, do hereby bequeath my happy smile to Happy Hanvey. Sally Nerlove, do hereby bequeath 24 packs of Juicy Fruit Gum to Miss Borth, Al Musikantow, do hereby bequeath myself to that special someone sweet. Sandy Mosley, do hereby bequeath my sister to California so she won't have to make any more long distance calls. Sheila Morgenstern, do hereby bequeath "definition" to my sister who can spell it. Rusty Morch, do hereby bequeath nothing to nobody because what I have I bequeath to myself because I will definitely need it. Sys Morch, do hereby bequeath my name to anyone who can not pronounce it. Debby Mills, do hereby bequeath my parties to someone who has a good liquor cabinet. Nora McKeon, do hereby bequeath my frecklecream to Sue Sherman. Sybil McCracken, do hereby bequeath my college Soch. course to Mr. Hanvey who needs it. Elizabeth Matthews, do hereby bequeath my MG to Sheila Harter. 22 Clara Manta, do hereby bequeath Archimedes' Principle to Mr, Swan, Marilyn Lubin, do hereby bequeath my skill in geometry to Sue Lubin, Steve Kramer, do hereby bequeath my "halo" to Herb Simons, David Kraines do hereby bequeath Gerry Kraines to U-High to carry on the Kraines tradition at U-High, Bob Kirsner, do hereby bequeath all my flourescent green socks to Mr. Erickson. Jean Jones, do hereby bequeath my initials to Janice Jones. Phil Hyde, do hereby bequeath all my code books to Mr. Conway. Edie Hoshino, do hereby bequeath my name as a future stumbling block to all teachers. Yvette Hinkson, do hereby bequeath my hidden talents to anyone who can find them. Marty Heineman, do hereby bequeath my hockey stick to Mr. Hanvey. Arnold Hartigan Ir. , do hereby bequeath Canteen, Mr. Montague, and all "regulars" to Sue Sherman. John Halperin, do hereby bequeath my genius for betting to Al Loosli, who may need it where he 's going. John Hall, do hereby bequeath the traffic situation in Judd Hall to Sophia Hall. Marshall Goldsmith, do hereby bequeath three quarters to Barry Preston. Miriam Grodzins, do hereby bequeath my compatability to F. A. R. who needs it. Bob Goldberg, do hereby bequeath my crew-cut to Mr. Smith whose crew has jumped the ship. Peter Gaffron, do hereby bequeath my next grade in German to Mr, Heggen who can have it. Richard Friedman, do hereby bequeath the Elections Committee to anyone with enough courage to take it. Barb Flynn, do hereby bequeath my cousin Jack to Miss Borth, Steve Flanders, do hereby bequeath a paper mustache to Miss Flickenger to help her keep up with the rest of her department. Ira Fistell, do hereby bequeath nothing to nobody because it is more blessed to receive than to give. Steve Fishman, do hereby bequeath my "do it yourself" dunking kit fbasket, ball, and ladderj to Steve Natonson. Eliot Finkel, do hereby bequeath nothing because I forgot to hand in my bequeathal slip. Frances Lee Falkenstein, do hereby bequeath the presidency of the Girls' Club Vice to Mike Rothchild. Barb Epstein, do hereby bequeath R. P, and J. K, to my sister who thinks she loves them more than I. Dan Eby, do hereby bequeath my U-High letter sweater to Art Loewy. Murray Dry, do hereby bequeath my cooperative attitude to Mr, Salmon. Kit Doyle, do hereby bequeath my nickname "Kit" officially to Kit Kollenberg who has already taken it any- way. Barb Diffay, do hereby bequeath my strong volleyball arm to Barb Zisook. Janet Diehl, do hereby bequeath my "musty" alarm clock to Mr. Bennet. Anne Crystal, do hereby bequeath all my clothes to my sister so I can get new ones. Mildred Clark, do hereby bequeath my Cha-Cha ability to Mme. Martin. Judy Clark, do hereby bequeath my Cheerfully leading footsteps to my sister Betty. Paul Chem, do hereby bequeath my ping pong playing ability to Douglas Grant who needs it most. Cephus Butler, do hereby bequeath my natural athletic ability and bowling bag to Herman Brown. Tom Bowers, do hereby bequeath any new stories that I might bring back from the Navy to Mr. Conway. Corny Bolton, do hereby bequeath my briefcase and full supply of books to anyone wishing to develope powerful shoulder muscles and longer arms, Bob Blood, do hereby bequeath "it's up to you" to you. Barb Berg, do hereby bequeath U-High to my sister, Judy, hoping that she will leave it standing, Pam Bennett, do hereby bequeath the bags under my eyes to any happy sack collector. Steve Beaver, do hereby bequeath some of the skill I have gained through my year of "practice" to Rick Shapiro Cynthia Barton, do hereby bequeath my brother Eric to Wendy Grampp. David Backus, do hereby bequeath my Peters edition of J, Pietierszoon Sweelinck to Mr. Bennett. Howie Abrams, do hereby bequeath my used razor blades to Mr. Hanvey to repair the dilapidated state of his soup strainer. 23 R it .gpg wg' N fa is Junior CLASS OFFICERS il- MIKE WINTER DAN POSIN BETTY SI-LAPERIO GERRY ADLER Vice -President President Secretary Treasurer 1 . n ' 11 if 1 'W'W'fW E'VEWQU!" Bc 977 . 302 C aaucus , 959 YT9 '19 IW ld: Ill. TOP ROW: J. Nelson, B. McClaskey, P. Dry, A. Ginsburg, S. Shapin, C. Bogenholm. SECOND ROW: J. Hancock, R. Meitus, D. Collier, M. Mahone, J. Stern, M. Clark. THIRD ROW: K. Williams, A. Manta, J. Thelen, F. Dolin, S. Larnm, H. Brown. BOTTOM ROW: B. Chayes, A. Acree, G. Dillard, J. Mintz, N. Vogel, Mrs. Albright. ABSENT: J. Maclean. TOP ROW: B. Levi, L. Libles, D. Scott, G. Hubbs, R. Greenfield. SECOND ROW: E. Adler, D. Levinson, S. Bishop, S. Thorner, K. Sack. THIRD ROW: B. Zisook, C. Love, S. Kadison, J. Goldman, D. Scherz. BOTTOM ROW: J. Bergmann, S. Hutchison, J. Shorr, K. Kollenberg, Miss John. ABSENT: P. Stutzman. vy rv ' F .X A K A Iliff , Li' "" " f YJ TOP ROW: I. DuBrow, P. Stenn, I. Utley, S. Barnett, D. ROW: Y. Lowe, J. Knight, C. Heine, K. Carlson, J. Adler, G. Leposky.. THIRD ROW: M. Morgenstem, C. Simpson, J. Northrup, P. Novick, D. Adams, H. Wentz. BOTTOM ROW: M. Tax, G. LeRoy, M. Eaton, B. Shapiro, S. Lubin, R. Ginsberg. ABSENT: Miss Borth, B. Tin, M. Muench, D. Livingston Goldberg, S. Harter. SECOND rffssi TOP ROW: B. Allen, R. Olson, M. Winter, D. Grant, D. Posin. SECOND ROW L Gan ford, A. Bramson, M. Rothchild, J. Sams, E. Kracke. THIRD ROW: C. Wanzer S Sher man, P. Kosinski, E. Cohel, S. Carmichael. BOTTOM ROW: A. Sachs, M Feinberg W Gelb, M. Liveright, R. Elrod, Mme. Martin. ABSENT: S. Lewison. T A is M24 X 4 E f Qs.: v" ' L X x All 41 I 4' 1 f ,,x '73 W Sophomores 43' IQ MAL KOVACS' PETER NEFF VICKIE KAMBEROS PETER DAMES Presideht Vice -President Secretary Treasurer 'A y.r.. !. - - . 1 -rx. . ss .gr . -. Q. ms. mi. r 'E R 15. 15 S ey: ,SEN vw- . , , X- M: . '- 51-,1-.', - .-. S . ' ' TOP ROW: D. Epstein, S. Fuhrman, R. DeLave, J. Rubovits. I. Dresner, R. Nerode. SEC- OND ROW: B. Clark, P. Butterfield, P. Leavitt, B. Horwich, A. Loewy, M. Luftig. THIRD ROW: B. Metcalf, S. Kimbrogh, M. Kovacs, J. Englet, H. Epstein, W. Grampp. BOTTOM ROW: Miss Gainsboro, A. Sheridan, G. Mosley, M. McKeon, M. Brady, M. Rothchild, Mr. Boyd. ABSENT: S. Gilbert, N. Seifer. TOP ROW: D. Zalesky, A. Wernicke, F. Meyer, P. Barnow, I. Becker, V. Reitman. SEC OND ROW: P. Kamberos, I. Magnus, J. Levi, J. Maclean, N. Brown. R. Chroman. THIRD ROW: M. Winter, J. Goldberg, E. Myers, L. Pavian, E. O'Farrel1, M. Manning. BOTTOM ROW: D. Cohen, T. Pizer, C. Buben, L. DeKoven, I. Jackson, Mr, Moulton, ABSENT: S. Lach, K. Seidman. 1 'ET "' NJA -- X 'QY4 L.. lin, . .,r TOP ROW: D. Kirkpatrick, E. Loosli, W. Havinghurst, M. Morganthau, J. Hood, M. Turner. SECOND ROW: E. Silbar, M. Koch, H. Lieberman, D. Johnson, D. Gill, K. Lisco, THIRD ROW: A. Levinson, M. Harrelson, P. Neff, F. Anderson, O. Fenrress, B. Kravets. BOTTOM ROW: N. Helstein, S. Robateau, G. Meeker, N. DeLee, R. Goldsmith, R. Gold- smith, Mr. O'Dea. ABSENT: D. Bickson, J. Saly. TOP ROW: D. Bowly, S. Jacobs, D. Roth, H. Savage, A. Loosli, W. Ries, A. Dunham. SECOND ROW: J. Bradbury, T. Pearson, J. Getzoff, B. Bass, E. Harrow, G. Wright, G. Meyers. THIRD ROW: M. Steinback, S. Spiegal, G. Zarvis, M. Perkins, P. Dames, M. Greenburg, C. Friedberg. BOTTOM ROW: Mrs. McCau1, M. Schwartz, L. Fussler, R. Gertler, J. Gelb, M. Newsom, D. Passman, T. Platt. ABSENT: R. Lozar. , af' :xml Q I ' ' TOP ROW: E. Allen, T. Miller, D. Pearson, S. Holmes, C. Swan, M. Bald. SECOND ROW: B. Matteson, S, Hall, M. Luftig, E. Barton. R. Lieberman. R. Askanase, S. Gordon. THIRD ROW: L. Moore, H. Baskin, K. Jenson, A. Williamson, M, Beavers, L. Banfield. BOTTOM ROW: M, Brice, M, Marcus, P. Bornstein, S. Salinger, A. Kaplan, Mr. Smith. K5 B S .32 OL ,Qi . 'LK ,I 3' ,:-3 ji. , , . ' ' n I Jvi ,- ."' t r' 'fig " nu'-'Q..h2.I.-. . , A 6 Q , M -- , . . 4 NTKA..,,,,,. it ,. . Q K , ,SX 55 rw W: , af ..,s, ' X ' N X 3 if v ..kq-- Q Q' S W -'Af 1 v wr, l N593 -4 'QL x Freshmen BETTY KRAMER SHARON ABRAMS GERRY KRAINES NANNETTE ALLEN Treasurer Vice-President President Secretary NZ,Sf,,,,,,..,,.,...,a7 , "2 ,gczfag , '7 AEM! A-1 ff 'Lf Z.1.,,.aM, ...A 0 t g I ,, ZZ, pf Z !'L"7'L 114, W-- Qj 7 i-,fa , Kia A-w.5Lu M p,,v1,....o1A.u Ofluf- pw-'QQ !L01f'39 H2""" vw ' f I 1 I' X K 1 5, f 1'4 Q -, 2 ' v TOP ROW: K Dry K Komives P Sinaiko S Riskind S Goodman B Shapiro H Landan. SECOND ROW: R. Eiger, J. Glueck, B. Kramer, C. Fugo, M. Herzberg, P. Stern. THIRD ROW: S. Sykes, I. Sergel, R. Goldman, M. May, J. Hilter, C. Williams. BOTTOM ROW: H. McDowell, R. Bennett, J. Feingold, A. Porte, S. Younker, G. Benjamin, M. Cernius. ABSENT: J. Von Simson. TOP ROW: S. Jenkins, K. Johnson, D. Jefferson, L. Kramer, P. Pritchett, D. Weiss. SEC- OND ROW:P. Piers, M. Komornek, J. Johson, D. Pfeiffer, G. Shapiro, N. Johnson. THIRD ROW: K. Posin, L. Yeidel, E. Corsini, P. Teitelman, P. Shire, G. Kraines. BOTTOM ROW: J. Hickey, C. Crawford, 1. Silbar, M. McCartney, S. Savage, Mr. Erickson. AB- SENT: J. Johnson, P. Flynn. 1 Q - E' f -Vf 4 en 4 ' ff? F7 I at -W . ...uns f .55-K. ., " H 1 'VN f . X mms . TOP ROW: J. Morin, P. Morch, D. Brunner, R. Goldberg, M. Perelmuter, B. Thornton, B. Heineman. SECOND ROW: C. Aldrich, D. Soble, J. Pellar, M. Erde, L. Katz, S. Fried man. THIRD ROW:C. Tanz, E. Hasbrook, S. Teschner, S. Marcus, R. Kinney, M. Cogan. BOTTOM ROW: B. Natof, L. Shonfield, P. Shaeffer, C. Ellison, B. Anizter. ABSENT: Miss Rosenthal. TOP ROW: A. Friedman, C. Olmstead, P. Dry, R. Lewis, J. Rubin, S. Watkins, B. Lane. SECOND ROW: J. Westberg, S. Miller, B. Medwin, Y. Lerow, J. Bowen, J. Orr, J. Fleming, M. Walsh. THIRD ROW: P. Zeckman, J. Jones, S. Block, M. Nedelsky, R. Lam- bert, J. Catlin, D. Rosenfels, Miss. Starr. ABSENTg R. Gordon, E. Weiss. - ig. -Q TOP ROW: T. Rossen, B. Field, J. Pitts, M. Palmowski, H. Wallack, D. Stern. SECOND ROW D. Edelberg. I. Golding, N. Manta, L. Biberman, S. Washburn, K. Levi. THIRD ROW: T. Sawyier, M, Goldman. G. Furth, I. Epstein, M. Johnson. BOTTOM ROW: N. Sussman, J. Levine, R. Johnson, K. Sams, R. Martin, M. Tenenberg. ABSENT: B. Pairs. 1 I XX .L M 38 1,4 ,7 ,f KN! 17 x fx A S ff' ,C Q IX - rlikr' I ,I 1 A ' 1" Q34 wg , ' U Oo ' I f New s VVKOFN A 'V XLS 'Q W-4,-fi X TOP ROW: S. Abrams, P. Tobius, B. Swan, D. Silverman, U. Johnson, D. Young. SECOND ROW: L. Weinstein, G. Epstein, B. Levy, S. Soble, C. Flech, D. Pekarsky. THIRD ROW: C. Seigal, N. Allen, B. Blakemore, E. Tyszka, P. Boorstin, E. Spitznor. BOTTOM ROW: Mr. Wallis, G. Smith, P. Johnson, S. Meitus, E. Ellis, R. Crystal. ABSENT: R. Nussbaum, L. Preston. T7 .. l - F9 . ff -dl. 5: Xi' " 1. . lllu ?L-,..--.,L ,Q V -...W . s 'A - f 3 I 5 .. A V ,. h-rg 1 - 'Q , . V 9 .Q- L , fs! h ff Qi asf 1' -fb . '- .1 'w ' . .5 lsj f h . I Q, N N335 , 4' -jd rw" ',J N ,gx X V 'NV - V VJ '- A VJ Y' rwi S S 'XX RLY A ,. LXR"-X f -T 'N 4, , V, ' Y Sf ff A Q S J ,ff 4 U' xv kv' ,f J jf " N H Y - fx Ur. X J 'v SJ 5 ' X 32 X X V 'ir r I AJ 1-f -NX ' - L! V J - f' XP H 1 X s 4, K p- I --.1 td? ,js Y' F V ,X x 'X S' X73 kv 5 Q N X XJ , 1 W ? 35' X3 vi! 2 S+ A-f 1, S f U Nj W' , V . 4? XJ in X 11 x W x W V f 7 , YJ 'N ,Q .Qyfrg NJ fJ T32 f', A , NCQ Vik Q -,lj S 1 Q' U ,J f-f 1 ,S 1 V R' fd , QQ? ky ,X SVJ 1 X ,K , 'TJ , f ' Q - P S TJ H K if 2 J xi! K, A gli? 'XT 'J SN fi" 45 SJ , . S ,V , A .-'U , -J F' , L f we 3 PM f ff cf , Q. , M X, Q in Sb ' 5 S' JV, K Lf 73.1 rg Y 73.3 Jvrdf- :VP 1 2 mjJ l 5' . V .JV -W fl V - XJ A' Sf I N V V XA A x 2 SQ 0' N lf' . AJ -is XX, Q- , LU , X J XM xx xjx- , K M X' f J ' ij' 'H-3 NC,-414 if J' V RQ ' M ' , Q ,Q 1 WB Q V fi x J N , Jn E Q1 X V xi L52 M -973,3 SST A 'P 1 v Y-' A KJ . ft, 1 K yu Sv W N X + , ,MX 7- JX1 XJ H N xx L, J - in 4 F J, C ,XJ TJ! rx I X 4, D A ' , F' jf P CLASS OFFICERS mf, CO Q0 E STEXiS?5ifEFAM Vii1i?'2,2JaZSt HETfZa5,iZZ?4ER HSENDRATH Secretary TOP ROW: A. Green, K. Mann, S. Wimby, E. Swifi, J. Horwich, C. Mayer. SECOND ROW: F. Becker, I. Frueh, M. Raines, H. Palmer, S. Meiklejohn, B. Collier. Tl-llRD ROW: N. Spaulding, P. Cockrell, G. Show, C. Bergman, C. Platt. BOTTOM ROW: J. Sandke, E. Eisendrath, R. Nerode, E. Banfield, W. Fowler, Miss Flickiner. ABSENT: C. Watkins, R. Buben. TOP ROW: S. Morrenko, B. Tepper, J. Ingle, B. Sinaiko, D. Alinksy. SECOND ROW: J. Bergman, J. Levine, A. Skyles, S. Shaw, T. Aun, D. Johnson. THIRD ROW: J. Winslow, R. Spanier, K. McQuown, T. Freeman, E. Bolton. BOTTOM ROW: A. Hasbrouck, S. Seder, D. Williams, P. Gilkey, N. Bettelheim, Mr. Poll. ABSENT: K. Kirkpatrick, D. Telser. 5151.11 ,sian IUISN llll a., I v ye.. TOP ROW: M. Erde, R. Cordesman, I. Lane, W. Korach, M. Shaw, P. Grant. SECOND ROW: P. Dinger, T. Tinker, R. Stepto, T. Jensen, J. Meeker, B. Meyer. THIRD ROW: S. Drake, R. Buben, C. Reich, N. Sack, J. Morris. BOTTOM ROW: D. Neugarten, E. Fax, S. Winter, A. Dorfman, P. McGee, J. Dames, Mrs. Johnson. ABSENT: D. Vogel. TOP ROW: M. Newsom, D. Lazar, S. Osborne, C. Douglas, R. Elliott, E. Dilys. SEC- OND ROW: J. Brown, A. Cambell, J. Ford, W. White, S. Dunham, J. Fuhrman. THIRD ROW: P. Marks, L. Kovacs, B. Schatzman, Y. Prec, B. Katz. BOTTOM ROW: F. Sut- herland, B. Bianchi, C. Green, B. Cooperman, B. Brunner, K. Coolidge. ABSENT: N. Allen, C. Sergei. 1, f N' .1354 Y 1' T gk It 'Q , -txiani. H 4 - . L J a '33-x il Bin W fb 1' 9633 li! Rf: MJF' t,Lf,,NlXi. 4 1 X In-F ,Z 3 4 if E 3. el' A I- s s 'f - . 1 X 1 main'-:.: f 1 Faculty c IBHUBHIS Presented by i the University of Chicago High School Chicago, Illinois 1957-1958 Engli h LEFT TO RIGHT: Miss Borth, Mr. O'Dea, Miss Helmkamp Mrs. Johnson, Mr. Boyd, Miss Rosenthal. - 5 Mr. DEV3UdfF1'Cf1ChJ, Mrs. Andreani fL3IiI'1,, Mr. Hegger1fLatin and Germany, Mme. Martin fFrenchD. Language Math matics TOP ROW: Mr. Conway Mr. Geiser. BOTTOM ROW: Mr. Moulton, Miss John, Miss Starr, Miss Wundheiler. I , xx X x Ns-X -X 51 ' , 1 Q X 1 .ia NX .- ew' X - ' 6::'I.,LfL"-"""xi-' -.,f ' ugh!-' X . Q m H LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Wallis, Mr. Shapiro, Mr, Tenenburg, Mr. Han y M Flickinger, Mr. Gordon. Social Studies IIKQ 'FIRE IUE11 I if - - RHI! L CB T hm x X xxuff , J 50 QJZLACTD lTidl Dm QD Q 'WQLUQQQ P h ' I f. Miss Si11s, Mrs. Rehage. MIDDLE ROW: Mrs. McCau1, Miss Goldman, . FIRST ROW: MI. Tourlas, Mr. Kems, Mr. Salmon. i f 3 1- I M M LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Fauldet, Dr. Newman, Mr, Larmee, Mr. Bischoff, Mr. Ohm, Mr. McQui:e. A - s 'T Administration Office Staff .X- j - BACK ROW: Miss Owens, Mrs. Wverffel, Mrs. Rudd, Mrs. Diehl. FRONT ROW: Mrs. Vick man, Mrs. Phelps, Mrs. Englund, Miss Rouland. Mason, Mr, Bennett, Mr. Unified Arts TOP ROW: Mr. Smith, Mr. Henry, Mr. McLin. SECOND ROW: Mr. Garbus, Mr. Covington, Mr. Brown, Mr, Griggs, Mr. Zick. THIRD ROW: Mr. Smith, Mr. Ballaricl, Mr. Lellenberg, Mr, Streeter. Janitorial Staff Mr. Rose, Mr. Wittick, Mr Erickson, Miss Symkowicz, ff! U41 fb Mr. Graham. Mr. Hicklin, Mrs. Albright, Miss Reighter, Miss Nilson, Mrs. Anderson. Records Cffice Reading Miss Mozzi, Miss Nash, Mrs. Library ., 5 w 1 f Clinic Stemmler. ABSENT: Miss Koch. r M M , ff s i M f , M M I- I t, c:N,',.g F QR ' i M X O ,V Q, -......- . 54 Miss Janecek, Miss Kersey, Mr. Poole, Miss Cheeseman. A Activities DICK PENN KIT DOYLE Mnvu SHAW FRAN Boy's Club Intramural Board Gir1's Club ROSENBACHEB Student Councll Dedication I s I Z' E .,. f ' , 'I -- ' . S Q -.,. . A 'X ' s h N E vu It fi ' ' , 'f 1 'las-ff! 1 7' . . . ' 74' K g .L V., , . . ,F xv A - , asus-'ffisltlaq i 'rbi' X 41-'f 1,3 'ga' 'H-we "' H iw - . V-.---mu We, the Senior Class of l958, gratefully dedicate our yearbook to our college advisors, Mrs. Albright and Mr. Hicklin, who through their wise counsel and genuine personal interest, have done so much to guide us to- ward the achievement of our educational goals. 2 S'-Iv rw, STANDING: Nicky Sommers, Yvette Hinkson, Pam Bennett, Barbara Berg, SEATED: Sys Morch, Sandy Mosley, Debby Mills, Judy Clark. ABSENT: Hugh Pitcher, Mr. Bischoff. Yearbook Staff Co-editors . . Debby Mills Writeups . . . Pam Bennett Sandy Mosley Business . . . Barbara Berg Photography . . Nicky Sommers Pictures . . Yvette Hinkson Layout . . . . Sys March Sports. . . .Hugh Pitcher M QQ wily? FV! "From one madman to another, "This was a happy committee." You can be sure that through the time-pressing deadlines and nerve-wracking writeups meetings, this group remained happy. Although this staff was rather large, by cooperating and coordinating their efforts and abilities, they produced one of the best yearbooks this school has ever had. YEA!!! " Aen 4-nl' TOP ROW: I. Fistell, B. Preston. BOTTOM ROW: M. Grodzins, Miss Shepard, B. Flynn. M i cl Editor-in-Chief. . . Barb Flynn Feature Editor . . Mariam Grodzins Editorial Editor . . . Ira Fistell Assistant Features Editor . . . . . Assistant Editorial Editor . . . MC1rCle Feinberg Marianna Tax Sports Editor. . . Barry Preston "This is our school newspaper.. It kept us infonned about school happenings and brought to light many controversial subjects. Unfortunately they never printed my name under any of my 'letters to the editors'. Nonetheless, U-Highers always looked forward to each issue. .This was truly a Barbaric organization." 'QB 9 X fy me 5 BEF? ,e,1 5 09 STANDING: Ed Harrow, Dave Soble, Paul Boorstin, Tonu Aun, Bob Brunner, Gerald Shapiro, Walter Gelb. SEATED: Mr. Bennett, Tom Bowers, Hal Leiberman, Peter Bornstein, Steve Ullman, Mr. Wirtick, John Halperin, Steve Flanders, Steve Bishop, Greg Shorr, Philip Hyde. ABSENT: John Meeker, Sam Block, Peter Sinaiko, Stan Washburn, Randy De Lave, Charles Buben, Peter Stenn, Richard Penn, Richard Shapiro. Boys' Club Prexy . . . . Richard Penn Publicity . . . . Joel Mintz Vice Prexy . . Steve Ullman Social. . . John Halperin Secretary. . . .Tom Bowers House . . . Philip Hyde Treasurer . . Peter Bornstein QQ, E5,4-,,y KX-:,ff!5 ,A sf "This was an organization. Unfortunately, the Boys' Club was "aced out" by the lunchroom. Nonetheless, with Dick Penn as president this organization had a very fruitful year. They con- tributed a large sum of money to the Mary McDowell Settlement House and the South Chicago Neighborhood Club, and a T.V. to a lucky prefreshman. Sponsoring assemblies, tournaments, and of course the Boys' Club Dance were some of its additions to U-High social life. In comple- tion, my only comment is "This was the best Boys' Club this school has ever known." YEA!! l " Aen O ,.,gf l,!g' IN TOP ROW: Sharyn Teschner, Lynn Fussler, Ellen O'Farrell, Sheila Miller, Gail Mosley, Nors McKeon, Mildred Clark, Candy Love, Annie Acree, Mary Ann Johnson, Anne Levinson, Peggy Piers, Caryn Siegel, Barbara Schatzman. SECOND ROW: Diana Adams, Elizabeth Matthews, Sandara Motrinko, Karen Mann. FIRST ROW: Helen Obenhause, Clara Manta, Nancy Wallis, Kit Kollenberg, Fran Falkenstein, Mimi Shaw, Alice Sheridan, Pat Turner, Sybil McCracken, Karen Carlson, Yolande Lowe. ABSENT: Renee Bennett, Marcie Feinberg, Diana Vogel, Miss Wehr, Mrs. Szymkowicz, Girl ' Club Prexy ...... Mimi Shaw Activities . . Yolande Lowe Vice Prexy . . Fran Falkenstein House . . . . Pat Turner Secretary. . . Kit Kollenberg Publicity . . . Karen Carlson Treasurer . . Alice Sheridan ' Social . . Sybil McCracken 'ixfsgbjy "This was a very feminine organiiation. It seems that in our school, accommodations for English and Soc were more important than a girls' lounge. However, under the direction of Mimi Shaw, the Girls' Club flourished. lt sponsored some 'very successful events such as the Christmas Toy Drive, many open houses, the Mother-Father-Daughter Party, and the ever-popular Girls' Club Dance. Man to man, this was a really great Girls' Club group. YEA! l ! " Aen f-Bl ...A x xi? TOP ROW, R, Friedman, J. Jones, Mr, Berlin, T. Jenson, N. Allen, T. Freeman, C. Tanz, R. Crystal, E. Swift, J. Goldman, P. Dry, M, McKeon, G. Meyers. SECOND ROW: J. Becker, H. Abrams, K. Lisco, B. Chayes, S. Rosenbloom, F. Rosenbacker, B. Levi, D. Collier, I. DuBrow, M. Winter, Mr, Faldet. Stud nt Council President. . .Fran Rosenbacker Secretary . . . Bill Levi Vice-President . .Sue Rosenblum Treasurer . . . Dave Collier "This was a Frantic Organization. Although they rejected my idea to give the second graders night pam I must admit that they ran the school very capably. Canteen this year, held in Lilli House, was open every afternoon and almost every Friday night-although not for second graders. With the soda fountain as an added attraction, U-Highers spent much time in Lilli House. Stomp-inns, the Bazaarnival, and the Foster Child Fund were some of the impor- tant projects of the Student Council. It is evident that this was a Really Active Student Council." YEA! ll ! STANDING: Mr. Gordon, Sara Winter-, Gretchen Wright, Cass Friedberg. SEATEDg Alice Swift, Rusty Morch, John Hall, Marianna Tax. Student Board Chairmen . . Alice Swift Rusty Morch John Hall 92 W .v 42 "This was a very law abiding organization. Through experience and frequent contact with them I have learned to curb my Mad emotions and to swallow my apple, core and all, before I reach old Belfield Hall. The Studem Board owes its success to its competent monitors and judges. Though only in its second year, I can truthfully say that this is the best Student Board this school has ever had. YEA!! I " Aen TOP ROW: B. Kirsner, A. Rubin, F. Rosenbacher. SECOND ROW: D. Mills, S. Morganstern, M. Grodzens Mme, Martin, J. Halperin, E. Matthews. LE CIRCLE FRANCAIS "The French Club was new to our school this year. Its purpose was to give French students, a chance to practice speaking. I'm sure that in the future years this club will con- tinue to be an important part of U-High. " French Club AUDIO-VISUAL AIDS "This was a reelyorganization Thanks to the Audio-visual club, we have been able to see many enjoyable films. This year they have certainly made their presence known. They're a hard working crew! OFFICERS: M. Page, T. Bowers, and A. Harrigan. Audio- Visual Aids y TOP ROW: S. Singh, I. Thelan, B. Matteson, D. Eby, F. Dolin, S. Riskin, B. Levi, B. Chayes, C. Butler, R. Shapiro, M. Clark, B. Thornton. MIDDLE ROW: J. MacLean, C. love, S. Rosenblum, S. Kadison, S. Goodman, R. Meitus, R. Askanase, P. Butterfield, D. Penn, S. Bishop, H. Savage, E. Loosli, D. Jefferson, P. Bennett, N. McKeon. BOTTOM ROW G. LeRoy, B. Elrod, M, Clark, C. Wanzer, I. Levine, I. Sergil, C. Aldrich, Mr. Bennett, B. Medwin, M. Eaton, H. Wentz, W. Grampp, J. Bergman, J. Diehl, P. Turner. JIMMIE SHANTIES "This was a really 5 organ- ization. At three in theAmorn- ing when you'reJn bedfjthe - r Jimmie Shanties are being led CThey sing oU0know!l Aside, from contri uting much enter- tainment to U-Highers, such as assemblies and Broadway on the Midway, they performed at Orchestra Hall . This was the most successful year J.S. has ever had. fPersonally, I'm not singing while the flavor lasts," Orchestra By Mr. Bennett LEFT TO RIGHT T Dames C Fugo C Johnson A Friedman T Pearson J Ford S Dunham R Elliott C. PIB!! B Collrer Duector Mr Mason ,fW I 8 v D ' ,Q At 16 . If I Sport 1tn'wwf,Sf?'3 llMfHAd' 'x HM Q X. " W. Q., I,A,gi IG xi " 4' "VF-95' , , MATTHEW PAUL MORGENTHAU WASHBURN GRANT CHERN TUCKY DOUG ' AL! if if 4 Q r A1 if gf' STEVE KRAMER President Seniors CIASS OFFICERS ANN CRYSTAL Secretary CHARLES STOREY Vice President T, A. 4 , Q. .- ww- H? PAT TURNER Treasurer TOP ROW: S. Barnett. J. Thelen, J. Bradbury, Mr. Tourlas, L. Preston, E. Barton. BOTTOM ROW: K. Coolidge, C. Younker, C, Barton, Miss Goldman, B. Clark, M. Heineman, K. Doyle, K. Jenson, P. Chern, P. Sykes, R. Cordesman. ABSENT: J. Hickey, Miss Sills. Intramural Board President ..... Kit Doyle Treasurer ..... Karen Jensen Vice-President . Marty Heineman B.S.C. Chairman . . . Paul Churn Secretary ..... Betty Clark G.S.C. Chainnan . . Cynthia Barton "This was a sporty organization. Besides sponsoring Intramurals, intergrade sports, girl's interscholastic teams, the Intramural Board party, and of course the various student-faculty games, this year the Intramural Board also sponsored the Basketball Sock Hop and a Freshman Splash Party. .As captain of the football team I have worked hard with this organization and know how much they have done to promote school spirit." Yea! Yea! Yea! Yea! Yea! 66 High High High High High High High High High High 53 15 10 28 22 27 5 11 10172 10 Track SENIOR MEET Lake View 29 Sf. George 31 172 W. Phillips 57172 Austen 66 Shurz 20 Dunbar 47 Lane Tech. 57 Leo 37 Hyde Park 35 Crane 38 Hyde Park 35 JUNIOR MEET Lake View 41 Sf. George 31 W. Phillips 35 Austen 44 Shorz 29 Dunbar 23 Leo 52 Sf. George 37172 Crane 43 172 Hyde Park 36 172 B. Kirsner, H. Pitcher, G. Hubbs, M. McKean, C. Buben. G. Meyers, J. Mintz. Hi 49 Varsity Team TOP ROW: Mr. Hansen Qcoachj, M. Dry, C. But- ler, S. Ullman, I. Cast- les, H. Simons, I. Halp- erin fmanagerj. SECOND ROW: L. Libles, M. Win ter, D, Eby, S. Fishman A. Musicanto, I. Fistell Qmanagerj. Tl-HRD ROW: P. Chern, H. Abrams, H. Brown, H. Turner. Varsity Scores Hi 70 St. Micheal Hi 74 Luther So. Hi 35 Hyde Park Hi 51 Christian Hi 46 No. Park Hi 47 So. Shore Hi 61 Morgan Pk. Hi 41 Wescott Hi 44 Bowen Hi 67 Luther No. Hi 61 Harvard Hi 51 Wheaton Hi 77' Elgin Hi 74 Latin Hi 82 Gleenwood Hi 55 No. Shore Hi 64 Walther Hi 49 Luther So. Frances Parker 39 53 58 48 49 49 50 67 51 45 54 56 41 54 40 38 68 61 34 Frosh-Soph Team Frosh-Soph Scores U-Hi 40 St. Michels 42 U-Hi 40 Luther So. 43 U-Hi 20 Hyde Park 31 U-Hi 46 Christian 47 U-Hi 29 North Pk. 27 U-Hi 41 Morgan Pk. 27 U-Hi 27 So. Shore 41 U-Hi 43 Wescott 35 U-Hi 25 Bowen 29 U-Hi 40 Luther No. 34 U-Hi 32 Harvard 29 U-Hi 35 Wheaton 51 U-Hi 32 Elgin 26 U-Hi 68 Latin 27 U-Hi 35 Glenwood 26 U-Hi 23 No. Shore 42 U-Hi 36 Walther 27 Lutheran U-Hi 34 Luther So. 37 U-Hi 41 Frances Parker 22 U-Hi 55 Bateman 17 QAD U-Hi 20 Bateman 18 QBD 1 1 TOP ROW: A. Wernicke, A. Loosli, W. Havig- hurst, J. Pitts, H. Savage, E. Loosli, Dave Roth fmanagerj. SECOND ROW Mr, Salmonfcoachy, A, Loewy, B. Heineman, P. Stern, E. Silbar, D. Stern, P. Dames, A. Porte Qmanagerj. THIRD ROW: P. Dry, D. Brunner, R. Silverman, B. Metcalf, P. Sinaiko, E. Barton, C. Friedberg Qmanagerj, 'D Qld' 1 J 681 liix ,J 3 laws 4 Soccer Scores K Soccer Team D. Grant, C. Butler, M. Rothschild, H. Turner, I. Knight, P. Chem, D. Kirkpatrick, W. Riis, E. Barton, M. McKeon, A. Dunham. D. Gell. J. Gelb, M. Winter, E. Looslie, P. Shire, B. Swan, S. Block, B. Blakemore, B. Heineman, D. Stern, P. Stern, K. Dry, Swimming Scores JUNIOR SCORES -Hi 42 Hyde Park 22 -Hi 35 So. Shore 41 -Hi 40 Hyde Park 26 -Hi 30 So. Shore 40 SENIOR SCORES -Hi 41 Elgin 45 -Hi 36 So. Shore 30 -Hi 30 Hyde Park 28 -Hi 39 So. Shore 45 -Hi 35 Hyde Park 29 -Hi 21 Luther No. 64 -Hi 68 Christian I8 -Hi 36 Francis Parker 54 Swimming Team 4 P. Neff, M. Winter, R. DeLave, R. Meitus, B. Allen, R. Friedman, A. Steinbach, H. Leiberman, T. Platt, R. Goldsmith, N. Allen, D. Johnson, D. Bowley, P. Bornstein, D. Kirkpatrick, M. Morgenthau, L. McDowell, S. Washburn, B. Blakemore, B. Lewis, P. Shire, M. Perlmutter, R. Eiger, M. Erde, Coach, Roy Kearns. Dfw 9 . ii.,,Ag. " "" 'T 5' fm XHWAL , " A TA , 6 ' ' S .M " JK. ll' Q W A l Q f. Q ,il :L H .' . .. 1 . . .......s....... U-Hi 0 Von Steuben 0 U-Hi 3 Von Steuben 2 U-Hi 4 Elmwood Pk. 0 U-Hi i Oak Park 3 U-Hi 0 Morton 4 U-Hi 0 Oak Park 7 V1 3 X F ,X . gf,gfsg fQ' Es Q , if g59Q'Qfi5i 1535 Qi -,., . . 1-Q : -Y x'-Q' , Q jf: 'S - Q 5? 3255 wg i Nora McKeon, Marty Heinemcm, Pom Benneff, Gretchen Wright, Betty Clark, Candy Love X h N 1 .W f MVVPX x ' LJ x N L xx Qw QL fm K X QA 4051. if is X232 5 J ' W X 35 f4f flf5f fM K F AN it Mmdfxwk I fy R idifzgdzdax , 5 NS, ,, 55 V X 5555?- il gi 4 f W X, X Q p. , , , f f, Mx f , .rc M X If I, Q-, 7 1 1 xx tv KZ! NX V , 4' ,,. ,, 4 L , W .EQ gf MB, 13 ,gil .U f Q If X -, XT?-4 ,X l 1- Vg A . - ff fs X 1 ' ,, 1' I f . W, X 3 5 51 NZM x TL Y R l 4 , 2 :I l .3 V Q5 3 QNK5 Q J 1' xi kb l NX '1 . 31 K1 3 J 1 .5 X 5 " X X Xa alt! , xxx N 4 if u X if ,NQQ , 1- .,-J.--.,: -- , f, - - K, JJL, " 'K I 1 'if x X X -9' - . ' ' X fl' R f - ! , x 9? Y -A , - . X f f' ' f 17-cf 1 fA,.f, ,t . ' X , A fxx E7 ff , f 1 1 1 1 V V f . f Y ,-fit X' Y - -X, 7 N,,, ,n wr- XXI X 1 L . Y i' ,-x I, , if ,xx ", f . V. f ,-.,,-1 g I x ,x 1 1-1' '. fc f-gy ir V NJ Xi N O X! x C xl? 'H A -X ,1 "fx, "v ff-1:-fir. , 'K HOWARD ABRAMS Howie. . A-Bomb. Math whiz .... Speedy. . T.O.M. .av-A. - 1- P S if ,...,.,.,,., N'b"'14 1 .QQ " " "ff .Q2N':'fEffsfi .....,,.,,,: if f-f1'3mfS J Lffr..-'lHff5'?f ,i',U'a":'Qr1i : Nfl? .- . J--.1,. - v 2: 5.315 STEPHEN BEAVER Steve. .Eager Beaver. . . . Sednatary. . . Wrestling. Soccer . Conn . plates . ,.. . "2 sash' ,ip .,,...f DAVID BACKUS Dave. .Poet Laureate of U-High. .Organist. . . Midway contributer. . Executive type ..... A . XXX xx ,mug Aff: PAMELA BENNETT Pam. .Y.B. Write Ups Ed ....... Cheerleader Capt. "And the band played on." J.S. Jitterbug. 4 CYNTHIA BARTON Cynth. .Gir1s' Sports Comm. . . Copper-topper. "Hey, Simpson" .... 1 ' artiste. . .ptr 715 BARBARA BERG Barb.Y.B. Bus. Ed. Midway staff. .Junior Sec'y. . Classic profile. . . "Better never late. " 9-. K.. K :xv - -,wx :- .ggmfb-Ja ,, if H -A'r+veaL9Qf-Q.-.':. A X 5 H Q-' 'z-: Efql- I :Q .-'1- '-' I I -Q , n X HN5- -Q . -.ay:.- -1-1 L-.fl ' , ggi! 'Q 313,831 ' r , 1-iw' T.. .f 1-,.. 'q- .151 ". 14, I. :- J.-?'.' Wg .1 1. ..,f .- - . - 'iz-, qi' 421. fill.: S.. 57,5 - .Jr 44:0 Q- - - f . ,F . . If f, .fi- ' ff J nfl. 1. Lv: '. 1 .4 , .4 ,i..q1,1, -rr ::.:w-.'z. 1i'.gf' .zi4f3Ef1.j ri-' T...-,in i,f,.p.fs,-.,. 4- . .f...-f.v'A1:.'ar:4-.- . 3- ,-3,-,QfJ-.?f.-1f- -','.f'?n ,,4.5..f.j., 22:1 54.3, 1 .... ..- hi, ,. ,J :Wu .Cv -X-.,4-wh.: - -, f .. iff ear 4' 'Q 211513-"-, 'f I I F M, A.-yur, 9,4 - 99 i 1'-":5:.'.--'B A. C .N .1 K, .,- 15 I v.j gn .az jg., ., . Wa. if., '- :uf-.Zig surf- f FJ :lf -A gp ', Z' 51 '5 .-.' .A ,N -ri:-...X ,555 ., .374 - Aff" . Lziffyjlif 222' W 71.,-.',1, .j. frgsvi '- f " F-5 ,IQ . '-e -f A gulf. f -9!I'f' ,LW fir . lr:-fs ., ,, fe, fr E Ea: ' 12- -t -9:3 . :. Ysx: 221:-'v,'. X '42':-. fi.-'-.. - ., ..., .. .it-.4. '25, I sl, .... 51,54 ix., Q . 'y '315-f' 5311? gif, :-'1--- ' 301: .Z 5-2-:Z-' Lmnef. 23?-if 11 J - .N ..-az,--1 -1' . 1 ia" I.. f ii 5-jk:-f wifi Eff?-In hi-35. 'Suzi-P 'fig-Ib F . . 1 f '-1-Es: : .fn pl., A-x hx G1 xv + ix x r.. , .x ,rn K M 71" .3 Y rfi-f , af gf 'f Q' 'g5T::r5-,f ix Q ':"3:. X1 .yy .I , 73:55 i.- ,IIQJ-klp '4 . '.'.1.7'Y .2553 " . ,i wr. 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