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 - Class of 1956

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Text from Pages 1 - 70 of the 1956 volume:

U - HIGHLIGHTS 'ntl i 1 I 's 4 I' is Pi 1 K I . ,L 'E - .1 E., . , ' X' A ,N 1 4" 4 , Y i .A -. ' El W' ai -i Ai ru. , ,L Z h ss - . 1 1 ui 1 l A: ,. Y , w if I s Q t. .' 4 Q f? 1 5 i. s' 2 ,V mc 4- 1 A A! 1 ,gpg-'Q B . ff I, Ax, V VA, A X V I 1 In It im lb X"" 44 1 'L A I, TEVJR V txflff-'f,?,lsa. Cf yA QP! ,, H xg N' in . 1 Q? . ff! f QQ qfwm ,J f , Q Wk my, W, f I X 0 I kb? V ' f K 0 f X CL SWL y - Jw SW - Q, vm fh Q f fb A Q1fLV f1!WQb 1-75 4, K , 'pm I ,, , f"lyZf34U A7 ' v " , , W lb,,1n1'?'A LL,!c,f' Z!w9 'J U my gfvlpy K ' ' f 'rg Lf' J 1 ff' b L. ,,.. A ff 'ff 'N , FX X X , Q 0 W ff, W ' 11' ' i 556440 C9 fffwfcefi ffff WMA' ,, . . 6 X Q f , f4f5'?' f X X 7 ji 105 I 4 . - A fad-iff' j ggi" 2 K J ,KH --xx 'lf , 1, f f Q 1 G-2 VA" ' M! 652 'fy-q5"V6J aw M M ,"N gr : . "2 f " 'j ,g,,:L! J V TO DEVELOP IN MYSELF AN APPRECIATION FOR THE FINER THINGS OF LIFE, TO CO-OPERATE WITH OTHERS IN STUDENT ACTIVITIES FOR THE WELFARE OF THE SCHOOL, TO BE LOYAL TO MY SCHOOL AND TO GIVE HER MY STRONG- EST SUPPORT AT ALL TIMES SHALL BE MY PURPOSE DURING MY ATTENDANCE AT U-HIGH. -HI HLIGHTS 3 ! MRS. HOELSCHER lCoordinator of Student Activities! We of the 1956 "U-Highlights" staff dedicate this record of our school life to the one person who is most directly concerned with each of us and our activities-- Elizabeth Hoelscher. Since Mrs . Hoelscher arrived in 1949 , she has taken a personal and friendly interest in every student. We appreciate her encouragement and guidance which have played so large a part in our achievements of the past year. ' Z I 479 Q o - K Y "' fl -'au B , A A422 ,Z 4 J: gl 0 . Z Q F J ,.., 1 ri3?,.a-::g X , ,, ' D 5:15 ff? -N , Af. 25, X .,3t.. K -'zfffj 1, "f ' f-0. , Q? ff , -,fy-1' ii5a?25gjgQg6?2:e:a11.4 - ' QMEEEEEEX ljpifl ev .5'7'6":" 'frm - 1 ' IEEE? figdsfniiii X " -llli iv? - v Q I U i'V..!.v,v.1 1 yu! ' ' ' UU' '-'Lu quuuI!,!.'.u... - - I , W5 , 1w5..,--- N - J f - 1 'exggl . . NX X ,,,V . ' X an 'i . i , ,Qs A H i N ' , W. . A ' ' I 1 a 1 1 ' ' ai ' - rr, 'J ' ' f ,'7 Q 5 ' Z STAFF MR. HERBERT W. SCHOOLING Director of Precollegiate Education MR. HENRY BISCHOFF Ukdministrative Assistantj MR. GEORGE K. T. MCGUIRE U-Xssistant Principalj MR. OHM . ' . 7. W, I Nr' 1"Q.'Zf MR. ROBERT E. OHM Principal of the Laboratory Schools Social Science De artment Mr. Hanvey, Miss Flickinger, Mrs. Ruml, Mr. Schrock. Science Department Mr. Swan, Miss Wehr, Mr. Klay, Mr. Smith, Mlss Podendorf, Mr. Golden. Math Department Millar, Mr. Moulton, Miss Iohn, Mr. Heyns " S QQcLQQ'77'LLQQcm Language Department Mr, Pillet, Miss Dunn, Mr. Labadie, Mme, Marti Mr. Heggen Qlb ight English Department Mrs r , Miss Bo ss e a rth, Mi H lxnk mp, Mrs. Fulle Library Staff Mrs. Scott, Miss Ianecek Unified Arts Mr. Mason, Miss Kleifgen, Mr. Erickson, Mr. Wittick, Mrs. Rodgers, Mr. Bennett. ABSENT: Mrs. Grumbine. a.. Gym Department Mrs. Murphy, Mrs. Mc:Cau1, Mrs. Rehage, Mrs. Littlejohn, Mr. Zarvis, Mr. Hansen, Mr. Kearns. Records Uffice Staff Mr. Hlcklln, Miss Berger, Mrs. Ellis, Miss Northrup, Mlss Hirakawa, Mrs. Anderson. Uffice Staff Mrs. Groot, Mrs. Taylor, Mrs. Vickman, Mrs. Rudd, Mrs. Wuerffel. Reading Clinic Staff Miss Austin, Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Robinson, Mr. Reed Gym Staff Mr. Ford, Mrs. Zick X kgjmlr www rfTf nf Janitorial Staff ROW 3: Mr. Robert Smith, Mr. Lawrence Henry, Mr. Tom McLin. ROW 2: Mr Frank Garbus, Mr. Ioe Covington, Mr. Clarence Brown, Mr. Inman Griggs, Mr Walter Zick. ROW 1: Mr. Oliver Smith, Mr. Oscar Ballarial, Mr. Merle Lellen berg, Mr. Bill Streeter. xg lf ' QIEQ- 4' f H ff f' H V .-3' g ?X lg' r 'VIE' W i y A ,X VX 1 X37 gg ' K J1f If H - J E fy 'lljf' X A, If f ,ff ' fy M! ff fff' f 2537 U n If 'r X SENIURS ROBERT BANCI Bob Lover boy. . Big Bob. . Cycle. . Garmel's loss, our gain... PHILIP BLUMENTHAL Phil Soc. sci. whiz. . . Democrat ...Intelligence ...... Cool, Mecnanical drawing .... calm, and collected ........ Everyone's friend... MARGARET BROWN Margie Intra. Bd. Prexy. . .I.S. . . . 4-Tones . . . cheerleader . . . . Weaker sex. . . Wheaton. . . . Southern belle. . .Elvis P. IOHN CLARK Johnnie C al City kid .... Stineways . . .Comic. . .Daddy-O. . .Girl watcher. .Blue suede shoes. 12 ANTHONY CORDESMAN Tony S ci. C. Prexy. . .Hypnotist . . .Shakespeare ..... Highway hell-cat. . . . "I disagree". . . Yr. Bk. Layout co-ed .. . TI-LEONITA COX Theo Cheerleader capt .... Iokes .. Jitternugger. . . "Honey" .. . .That laugh. . .Mickey. . . Those skirts... BARBARA GOETZ Goettum Intra. Bd. Vice Prexy ..... I. S .... 4-Tones .... Math. . . Sweet, smart, and saucy.. NANCY DIEHL Nance Hon. G. C. member...I.S... Baaz. Refresh. . . Peppy. . . . Sharp dresser .... Dune bug. PAUL GOTTSCHALK h .. .S..."P r ful-gitogrggniirs. 'I' .He knolz C lass President. . . . .Stomp ' Inn Head...Parenthesis.,. all the Ingles . . Harvard. . . Teacher's teacher. . .Renee ..." Hegner' says..."..... 13 DAN HARLOW U -Highlights Bus . Mngr. . . Canteen .... Dependable .... Audio-Visual. . .card games . . . Oklahoma. .Biology whiz. IOHN KELLER B .C. Vice Prexy. . .J'.S. Lunchroom D.A. . .card games . .. "There's -Nothing Like a Dame". . ,by George!-..... 14 ANN INGLE Girls' Sports Com. Chrm... Star of the team .... "Gott the chalk". .lunch for two. . .8weet, shy, and smart. . . MARIAN HARRIS Little dynamite ..... "Say, Babes". . fashionable. . . . . Conference room. . . . .Sense of humor. . . Cutie Pie. . SUSAN KRUEGER Sue C lass Secy .... "I like soc. sci. because" . . .Sports.. . Oh, Those dimples .... Long tresses. . . N. . - I it ...fs .1 , . -Q f .HE . DAVID LEVINSON Dave "Lucky" boy. .Take five. . . "Yes, Mr. Smith" -fingers . ."The Great Pretender"... GEORGIAN NE MATTHEWS r LISCO Tom The swim team. . .Baaz. Gh. . . .Star gazer. .. . . .Record breaker. . . "Honest Tom". .. Bicycle. ..Pisces. . . SALIM LEWIS Sandy I.S .... New York..."You're off the squad" .... . . .Likes Hershey bars . . Swimmer. . . Fresh air fiend. . . DAVID NEUMAN George Dave Mercury . . .Eloise ...... The. Yr. Bk. Sports Ed .... Flat top athlete 's athlete . . . Never a . .. Power shop. .troub1e. .. dull moment. . . Dear Iohn. . . Clothes . . .Teach mel. . . Horse's Tail. . . 15 CORNELIA PALMER Corny Yr. Bk. Write Up Ed. .I.S.. G .C . Social Chrm . . . School spirit .... Cheerleader ..... Smile . . . Neat and Natural. RALPH RUDDER Fla shy dresser. . .Plerre. . . Yachts.. . Cars. . .Swim team . .... Whiz-everything ..... . Model railroads . . . NANCY RICKETTS Nance G . C . Prexy ..... I.S ..... 4-Tones .... Sea skipper... Guitarist ........... Library luncheons ...... LARRY SAVAGE BARRIE SCHWARTZ Cycle. - -N0v- 4- - - "I guess U-Highlights Ed. in Chief.. V11 he M OSISYUIQ a10IlQ"- - Wisconsin. . .Boy friend's girl - -B5Seb511- ' -Bubble Qum- - friend .... Iiways ..... "Pretty Speedo. . .L.C. my hero.... 16 Eyed Baby". .. ALLAN SILVERMAN Al Class Treas ...... Stomp Inn M.C. . .Campus Cassanova. . . . Pick-up service ....... GORDON STEWART Stud. Council Prexy.."Old M an River" . . .I.S .... Suave . . . Basketball. . . Orator. . . PIKRI SHABANAH Prom the land of Pharoahs. .. Shutter bug ..... Better late than never ...... Clubroom. . Gentleman ............ SYDNEY SPEISEL Syd Science Club Secy. . .. . . Mad scientist. .... Cameral hug . . . Loud sports coats. . . Composer .... HP-R01-D STOTIAND NEMON TAYLOR TYPU19 fie nd- ' B'-'tt0n'd0"'m Baseball .... Baby face. . tabs. . Joker. . .Pool shark. .. schmck Sci. I n Blusheri . HaPPY'90'1'-lcky """' ' ' ' Card games. . .Notes . .Track 17 TYLER TUGWELL TY God's gift to women. .Pole vaulter . . . .Always Probing. .40 MPI-I? . . Soccer. . .Card games. . . i, ? g n ,W ANTOINETTE TURNER Toni I.S . . . "Summertime" . .Fudge . . . Lost Fridays. .Lingu1s"t. . Bracelets. .Man1curist's dream. : IOHN UREY Poster Child Chairman .... Soc . Sci. . .Soccer ..... Card games. .Yr. Bk. Layout Ed. CAROL WENTZ SHARON zz-:IGMAN Yr. Bk. Arr Ed ...... J.s ..... Class Vice Prexy. I .Snacks 4-Tones. .Poster perfect. . . I . I .Get your pins.. . . .Gene Blondie. . .Guitar .... After the . . I Changing coiffeurt . . . . play ...... Elvis P ........ 18 Camp. . . Commuter .... .. A lg A 3 cuxss CSFPICERS n President. . . . .... . ...... . . Marty Gralsl Vice-President . . . . Sharon Zeigman Secretary. . . . . .. Sue Krueger Treasurer. . . . .Al Silverman Last Will and Testament of The Senior Class Bob Banci, bequeath a chin cushion to Mr. Schrock for his informal classes . Philip Blumenthal, bequeath my beautiful baritone voice to Jeanie Dames to help her increase her range . Margie Brown, bequeath my volleyball ard good serving arm to Lorrie Aaron, an up-and-coming athletic senior. Johnnie Clark, bequeath all my talents which made me notorious this year, to myself, so that I can use them again next year. Anthony Cordesman, bequeath my copy of Das Kapital to Mr. Schrock in hope that the Broyle's Bill will soon be there. Theonita Cox, bequeath the captainship of the cheerleaders and my white saddle shoes to Kay Hodes . Nancy Diehl, bequeath my H ----- to Janet Diehl. Barbara Goetz, bequeath the Intramural Board to Mr. Hansen. Paul Gottschalk, bequeath my photographs of Mr. Schrock to Mr. Schrock. Marty Grais , bequeath my vocabulary to Ron Malkin. Dan Harlow, bequeath my Oklahoma accent to Miss Helmkamp. Marian Harris, bequeath my small feet to anyone who can't stand on his own two feet. Ann Ingle, bequeath all my French books to Felicity O'Meara. John Keller, bequeath some General Motors designers to Ford Corporation, which can use them. Susan Krueger, bequeath my long walks to school every day to Pat Probes, who can carry on the tradition. Dave Levinson, bequeath my great brain, my witty tongue, and my deep thought to Miss Helm- kamp's senior English class. "I thank God for my humility." lKing Richard IIIJ Sandy Lewis, bequeath my school spirit to Murray Dry. Tom Lisco, bequeath my swimming ability to a fish. Georgianne Matthews, bequeath my pony-tail to Ginger Speigel. David Neuman, bequeath my lunch period to Mr. Schrock, who has already taken it away. Cornelia Palmer, bequeath my more bounce to the ounce to the Pepsi Cola Company. Nancy Ricketts, bequeath my gavel-worn table to the next G. C. Prexy. Ralph Rudder, bequeath my math ability to all those who find U-High trigonometry difficult. Larry Savage, bequeath my unbleached hair to Sandy Mosley. Barrie Schwartz, bequeath all the troubles I had as Yearbook Co-Editor to Pandora, who had a box to keep them in. Fikri Shabanah, bequeath my toupee to Mr. Smith. Allan Silverman, bequeath my chauffeur's license and tool kit to Lorrie Aaron in the hope that he will eventually learn to drive. Sydney Spiesel, bequeath my next German "A" to Madame Martin. Gordon Stewart, bequeath my Rose Tattoo to Mr. Schrock. Harold Stotland, bequeath my unfinished shop projects to Mr. E. C. Wittick. Nemon Taylor, bequeath my mental ability to Nemon Taylor, who needs it most. Tyler Tugwell, bequeath my ability to cooperate with Mr. Smith to Richard Padnos. Toni Turner, bequeath "La Cigale et la Fourmi" to Barbara Diffay. John Urey, bequeath my ability to sell myself to the voters to anyone who wants to lose an election. Carol Wentz, bequeath my tone to anyone who can find three others. Sharon Zeigman, bequeath my naturally curly hair to Elsie Hughes . ,CVS fi A3 'W f Xe '1 ' 2 , o 455 fi 1 F3 "'xx "lr L.e'o X 'W I Q- '. UNDERCLASSMEN ,if-. ,W sts. 'Kp Q53 2 1- . .2 ZZ 'NJ Juniors cu-tss OPFICERS President .... . . David Sensibar Vice-President . . . Jean Dames ,Treastufer . . . . Iean Pritchett SGCFGTHTY - . . Ginger Speigel Mr. Swank Home Room ROW 4: Mr. Swan, B. Reese, S. Seder, P. Butte-rfie1d, D. Swan. ROW 3: E. Hughes, B. Beyer, B. Strozier, R. Padnos, I. Illes, B. Despres, L. Aaron. ROW 2: S. Herlihy, A. Perry, N. Lee, I. Woolpy, M. Abbell. ROW 1: S. Wickens, I. Rehage, I. Hirsch, P. Probes, K. Hodes. ABSENT: X. Rajewsky. fufg -- 'K 'Nl' 8 Mr. Smith's Home Room ROW 3: R. Younker, B. Stenn, P. Schultz, H. Dixon, D. Sensibar, B. Cohler, A. Sabanas, A. Metcalf, I. Robbins ROW 2: Mr. Smith, M. Page, I. Ganford, C. Obenhaus, E. Goodman, B. Pois, F. Tefft. ROW 1: L. Radner, I Dames, I. Pritchett, G. Speigel, C. Loomer, M. Shabanah. . I ,.. ,- wa.,- .si Sophomores CIASS OFFICERS President .... . Steve ,Kramer Vice-President . . Barbara Flynn Treasurer . . . . . Sue Rosenblum Secretary. . . Iane Westberg Mr. Hanvey's HOHIE R00m ROW 4: A. Musikantow, P. Sykes, H. Turner, P. Gaffron, M. Dry, D. Hill, Mr. Hanvey. ROW 3 C. Bolton, D. Penn, S. Morch, C. Barton, B. Stewart, S. Flanders. ROW 2: P. Chern, I. Jones, P Turner, M. Shaw, B. Kirsner, F. Falkenstein. ROW 1: I. Westberg, N. McKeon, S. Ner1ove,F. Rosenbacher, I. Clark. ABSENT: L. Trail. f m v . Miss Dunn's Home Room ROW 3: H. Pitcher, N. Wallis, S. Washbum, A. Udesky, X. Gordon, I. Halperin. ROW 2: C. Neff, S. Wilkinson, K. Doyle, C. Younker, Y. Hinkson, D. Mills, A. Rubin, M. Brill, B. Flynn, M.lReitman, B. Levy,B. Wolfberg, ROW l: R. Denney, T. Bowers, Steve Ullmann, H. Simons, P. Hyde, R. Friedman. ABSENT: S. McCracken. Mrs. FuIIer's Home Room ROW 3: I. Hall, R. Morch, D. Eby, S. Fishman, T. Rothschild, S. Beaver, Mrs. Fuller. ROW 2: M. Goldsmith, K. White, B. Loomer. ROW 1: S. Singh, P. Bennett, E. Matthews, R. Preissler, V. Hill, B. Epstein, M. Lubin, S. Morgenstern, E. Hoshlno, F. Rosenson, B. Zisook. iw: f we i , . 1 Madam Martin's Home Room ROW 4: H. Alrams, A. Harrigan, Mme. Martin. RQW 3: D. Kraines, D. Shire, R. Goldberg, I. Fistell, S. Klein, I. Strauss. ROW2: C. Butler, B. Diffay, S. Kramer, N. Sommers, M. Grodzins, A. Swift, M. Sillen, B. Simpson . ROW 1: C. Manta, M. Clark, M. Heineman, S. Mosley, I. Diehl, S. Rosenblum, B. Berg, G. Vatter. .. JH ir A ,, - , . ' G I f Am. up ,ce X ,az 2 - X ' 'D -- -A ' 4 a 'av-. rv ' -1-.wx .1 C X ' Lila:-WO 21 " , I 4 I hx . 5 4' , "' :sf f ' Y rm . rf' Q: ,9 .-.2220-f'J:as9?-f-7'- r X ws. ff" -u?:'.1If!el+fv:o.-W1 O N f f f P " ---, A H ' - -uhlli-,, Hr Y Y - 26 ATX Freshmen CLASS OFFICERS President . . . . . . Mike Winter Vice-President . . .Franklin Tugwell Treasurer . . . . Richard Meitus Secretary . . . Candy Love Mr. KIeifgen's Home Room ROW 4: Miss Kleifgen, D. Scott, G. Hubbs, T. Darrah. ROW 3: I. Stern, O. Cramer, A. Manta, R. Ginsberg, M. Mahone, B. Phillips, B. Levi, M. Winter, D. Pinkert. ROW 2: S. Lamm, K. Carlson, D. Levinson, R. Meitus. ROW1: E. Adler, P. Barenbaum, I. Shorr, I. Hatfield, S. Lubin, I. Maclean, S. Sherman, Y. Lowe. ABSENT: S . Barnett . n .3111-vw , ,Q Q ma.. . as W - 1 1 ,S 1 28 91. 1 ii Miss Wehr's Home Room ROW 3: Miss Wehr, M. Rothschild, I. Utley, M. Clark, I. Casey, C. Bogenholm, I. Sams. ROW 2: E. Currie, P. Stenn, I. Williams, I. Marks, I. Goldman, I. Hancock, T. Gordon, I. Butler. ROW 1: W. Gelb, P.Kos1nskl,, I. Bergman, K. Kollenberg, S. Carmichael, D. Adams, T. McSloy, G. Leposky. ABSENT: I. Northrop. Mr. MilIar's Home Room ROW 4: Mr. Millar. ROW 3: R. Greenfield, F. O'Meara, I. Meltus, G. Adler, S. Shapin, I. DuBrow, D. Goldberg F. Tugwell. ROW Z: B. Herman, N. Kracke, M. Tax, K. Williams, C. Wanzer, M. Morgenstern. ROW 1: B McCloskey, H. Wentz, A. Acree, C. Love, S. Bishop, I. Knight, L. Ganford. ABSENT: D. Collier, B. Epsteen, A . Ginsburg . qv 9 H M' WK: 4 .war i l 9' fd N., .. 4'-5' - fi.. 5. . 1 ' I Mr. Erickson S Home Room ROW 4: D. Grant, H. Brown, P. Dry, K. wuson, G. Bowman, Mr. Erickson. ROW 3: L. Harris, P. Stutzman B. Allen, I. Perlman, I. Mintz, A. Bramson. ROW 2: H. Wyatt, S. Kadison, E. Shapiro, G. Dillard, M. Baton, D. Livingston. ROW 1: B. Zisook, K. Cramer, G. Simpson, N. Vogel, G. LeRoy, M. Liveright, D. Scherz O ' 2 ,fwmwf , f fi' I 1 f Vxpx X' -. , f I . Cwmk 2 NIE worm ? Pre - Freshmen President . . , Vice-President Treasurer. . . Secretary. . Mr. KIay's Home Room ROW4 M Morganthau C Silverman, Mr. Klay. ROW3 P Bernstein H Baskin G Werderich, R Ahrendt A Dlmham ROW2 S Hall, G.Wright,E. Pitcher B Ebert O Fentress G Meyers ROW 1 M Schwartz N Helste1n N Foss, S. Robateau, A. Sheridan I Hill B Kravets ABSENT P Dames R DeLave D Goldman M Graebner, E. Harrow, P. Kagan T Platt HL'l-Dvwi Miss FIiokinger's Home Room ROW 4: Miss Flickinger, S. Freeman, C. Swan, A. Loewey. ROW 3: C. Friedberg, N. Allen, D. Kirkpatrick, F. Meyer, E. Loosli, W. Ries, H. Obenhaus, E. O'Farrell. ROW 2: B. Barton, D. Iohnson, M. Manning, I. Gelb, B. Metcalf, P. Neff, M. Kovacs, L. Fussler, N. Brown. ROW 1: M. Turner, R. Heath, S. Washburn, A. Mills, L. Banfield, S. Sykes, S. Younker, K. Lisco. Mrs. AIbright's Home Room ROW 4: D. Bowly, M. McKeon, A. Loosli, B. Savage, I. Magnus, Mrs. Albright, I. Maclean. ROW 3: M Newsome, B. Horwich, I. Englet, I. Hood, C. Bowie, M. Brice. ROW 2: I. Shapiro, K. Seidman, N. DeLee M. Perkins, R. Bettelheim, M. Harrelson, R. Goldsmith. ROW 1: A. Eiger, L. Moore, G. Mosely, S. Lach, K Jensen, B. Clark, G. Zarvis. ABSENT: B. Vatter, I. Friedman. F YS diy? x of it Q i ': is 5' li dw 7. . l , n A 1 5 1 'K ---'K Q ,W Q W. -V: s vm, if R2 gy aw ' ' . i fx- - 2.- 4, f A' V- 12 A ff ' J ,, if dv, ff v ry Jr - so f 44 A x w X f X2 S 1 I X L" X. , , I , ' ,R . isbn X " N77 Ujfgi' :X x ff' 1 " f ' f l 5 Q i. J 3 1 . .J . ,..,.. Q - ' fs: L w y, gsv,.,-5. f L 'I' wiv " -, . .2 B v' 5?-..- i fl 3 if if iw 3121 2 Ma' i s M U 41" -we J . Mx. " ff' ' df if 1 f ' r 3. Y 'A ,ij 1 5 - , . ,- 3, y I R-,,,:2z,A A f W Ei., Az: 1 A 3-: if I , If- ,:'f,.'.,5-EA,-' I A , Q '55, V f 4,2-V - 1 in I M V. A, ' " L,,, ,mf ,-f' " H ff .Q 4,,,,,1 .,w,,,. -f .. ,'.,.,'-..-,M -' ,s,,.mv,:.,. ,.., ,. M ,, ' w .MN-mimi xxf QI 9? m Q L?--i ?f,7 W f nf' 1' X ACTIVITIES Student Council ROW 3: F. Rosenbacher, Gf Stewart, C. Loomer, B. Stenn, Mrs. Hoelscher. ROW 4: D. Harlow, R. Rudder, G. Meyers, ,K. Hodes, T. Lisco, D. Shire, M. Grais, I. Mintz, B. Preston, B. Levy. ROW 1: S. Lewis, C. Priedberg, I. Sams, K. Cramer, I. Goldman, M. Tax, B. Flynn, R. Goldsmith, N. Lee. President ..... . .Gordon Stewart Vice-President . . ..... Buzz Stenn SSCFGUHYY- - - . Fran Rosenbacher Treasurer ......... . . . Carol Loomer The 1956 activities of the Student Council followed the traditional pattern. Most of the work was done by committees, and the biweekly meetings were devoted to matters of policy and to committee reports. Some of the functions of the Student Council were to maintain a Student Activities Pool, plan assemblies, sponsor the Bazaarnival and Stomp-Inns, select cheerleaders, hold elections, run a canteen, help enforce school rules, and hold regular meetings where problems were discussed and Where students voiced their opinions through their representatives . The Student Council also branched out into new areas. This year we helped support a high school girl in France. All this and more added up to a successful 1956 for U-High's Student Council. mi H U Amee ,f Q, Wf Vlgfdf, f f W SQQQ1 ff Mx X :s:11LN,Xf'::gN,: Girls' Club ROW 3: Y. Lowe, E. H0Shi1'10, A- Rubin, P- Probes, Mrs. Rodgers, Miss Ianecek. ROW 2: I. Rehage, I. Hirsch, A. Swift, N. Ricketts, C. Obenhaus, M. Shaw, C. Palmer. ROW 1: I. Bergman, L. Fussler, B. Zisook, A.Sheridan, C. Love, N. Diehl. ABSENT: Lou Radner. President ..... . . '. Nancy Ricketts' Vice-President . . . . Connie Obenhaus Secretary .... . . . .... Alice Swift Treasurer ........... . . Mimi Shaw House Committee Chairman . . . .Ioan Rehage Activities Committee Chairman . . . Iane Hirsh Social Committee Chairman . . .Cornelia Palmer Publicity Committee Chairman .... Lou Radner The Girls' Club's Big-Little Sister Tea-marked the beginning of the school year. This was followed by an Open House and the "Pumpkin Prance" social held in co-operation with the Boys' Club. Early in November, the four Girls' Club committees: Activities, House, Publicity, and Social, combined and the committee suppers were held. The Christmas season was an especially busy one for the Girls' Club this year! The annual Christmas Gift Drive collected a record number of gifts for the University of Chicago Settlement House. The Christmas Open House, for girls only this year, was planned by the Pre-Freshman members of the Board. The girls sang carols, had refreshments, and Mr. Bennett, our mystery Santa, passed out gifts to all. V The House Committee Worked very hard to finish our new draperies, which added a lovely touch to the Open House. The Pre-Freshman and Freshman Party, "Ianua1yIump," was a great success. Thornton "Wilder's play, "Our Town," was presented by the Drama Club for the Mother-Father-Daughter Party. This year the Girls' Club sponsored Bingo, a very popular concession, at the Bazaarnival. The Girls' Club Dance, "Spring Fever," ushered in the season and Lower Sunny was transformed into a flower garden for the occasion. The year ended with the annual Ioint Board Supper, welcoming the newly elected officers. Many thanks to our advisors, Miss Ianecek and Mrs. Rodgers, for a wonder- ful year! n was I Q 5 M ,NMA 4 LM., f' 5 ' 5 i Boys' Club ROW 2: Mr. Wittick, T. Rothschild, I. Robbins, B. Beyer, H. Brovm, Mr. Hicklin, W. Gelb, P. Dames, E. Barton C. Butler. ROW 1: S. Ullmann, I. Keller, I. Woolpy, M. Dry, H. Stotland, I. MacLean. President .... . . Ierry Wooply Vice-President . . Iohn Keller Secretary ........ -. . .... Murray Dry Treasurer .......... . . Steve Ullmann House Committee Chairman ...... Bud Beyer Publicity Committee Chairman . .Tom Rothschild Social Committee Chairman ,.... Ion Robbins The Boys' Club is the center of activity for the upper school boys. After school the Club provides facilities for playing ping-pong, billiards, pool, chess, checkers, and cards . During the year the Boys' Club sponsored many of the big parties of the school. These were the Tea-Dance, inter-grade parties, the Pre-Freshman and Freshman party- "Ianuary Jump" - a Social Cheld jointly with the Girls' Clubl, The Sports Dance Khekd with the Intramural Boardl, and one of the biggest events of the year--the Boys' Club Dance. Besides the socialpactivities the Boys' Club also sponsored the Spook House, a concession at the Bazaarnival, the Ioint Board Supper for new members, and its annual Christmas Fund Drive for the University of Chicago Settlement House Party. Uk M-""W N -1' I X- ' f H X is 'u Q E Q 3 ,4 . 1.:"'x E 'E 1' f m g 5' 2 Intramural Board . ROW 4: M. Page, P. Stenn. ROW 3: W. Ries, I. Pistell, D. Levinson. ROW 2: A. Ingle, D. Bowly, M. Eaton, M. Heineman, C. Wentz, S. Kn: ger, A. Perry, Mr. Hansen. ROW 1: Mrs. Murphy, B. Reese, K. Doyle, M. Brown, B. Goetz, A. Eiger, I. Maclean. ABSENT: I. Clark, I. Halperin, R. Heath, P. Sykes. President .... . Margie Brown Vice-President . . Barbara Goetz Secretary. . . . . . Iudy Clark Treasurer .... . . . . Tookie Perry The Intramural Board had a successful year sponsoring the afternoon sports program. Ann Ingle was Girls' Sports Committee Chairman, Iohn Halperin Boys' Sports Committee Chairman, and Mrs. Murphy and Mr. Hansen its advisors. The Board gave U-Highers a well-rounded sports schedule which included hockey, volleyball, and basketball-officiating for the girls, football and water polo for the boysp and basketball and softball for both girls and boys . Among the year's special activities were the student-faculty hockey, basket- ball, and softball games, and the girls' basketball game with Francis Parker. A new award system was the most important project completed by the Board this year. Another new project which the Board co-sponsored was the Sports Party. The annual spring party- an afternoon of sport activity, a dinner, and an evening of dancing -, climaxed the season. SWUV' ,, EQ 'F- -4- Us iii? mug x Yr wir K W , Kyiv' X i 5. ,,, .f :fu V , L' were-.fafa'nf6'i'Oi Q-55" 1i'e"'f I Midway ROW 2: B. Strozler, A. Metcalf. ROW 1: S. Seder, A. Perry, Miss Barth. Editor in Chief . . . Allan Metcalf Associate Editor . . . . .Sue Seder Associate Editor . . . Alison Perry Associate Editor ...... . . . . Bob Strozier During the year 1955-1956, the staff of the U-High Midway produced a printed four-page newspaper every three Weeks . This made it the first full-year school newspaper service at U-High since 1952-1953. Last fall the Midway's first edition was issued on the second day of school. Since then it has been distributed every third Tuesday Cwith some exceptionsl to U-Highers. Among the best-liked features this year were the "Question Box" lappearing every issuel, the reviews of all the Drama Club plays, a list of the campaign promises of the presidents of U-High's major organizations, and the clear, attention-getting photographs by Paul Schultz, the Midway's photographer. The staff, met once a week in the Publications Room where, under the direc- tion to the publication of the Midway. Yearbook ROW 2: P. Schultz, D. Neuman, I. Urey, D. Harlow, T. Cordesman. ROW 1: K.. Hodes, S.Krueger, P.Probes, B. Schwartz, C. Palmer, C. Wentz. Editor in Chief .... Barrie Schwartz Activities Editor ..... Sue Krueger Layout Editor ..... Tony,Cordesman Sports Editor ...... David Neuman Write-Ups Editor . . .Cornelia Palmer Business Editor. Editor in Chief . . Activities Editor . . . Layout Editor . . . Photography Editor Art Editor ........ . .... Dan Harlow . Pat Probes . Kay Hodes . Iohn Urey Paul Schultz Carol Wentz The graduating class of 1956 presents "U-Highlights, " a joint effort of the Junior and Senior Classes. It is the sincere hope of the entire "U-Highlights" staff that we have given our classmates a yearbook of which they may well be proud . Drama Club ROW 3: D. Hill, B. Cohler, B. Beyer, Mrs. Rodgers, A. Hartigan, T. Bowers, P. Hyde. ROW 2: D. Mills, S. Morgenstern, M. Heineman, G. Speigel, I. Rehage, A. Swift, F. Falkensteln, B. Flynn, S. Singh. ROW 1: R. Ginsberg, S. Wickens, C. Obenhaus, M. Tax, M. Shaw, I. Pritchett, I. Dames, E. Goodman. ABSENT: N. McKean, P. Bennett, N. Lee, I. Hirsch, I. Robbins, I. Il.1es, S. McCracken. President . . . Noble Lee Secretary . . Ieanie Dames Last year, the Sophomore Class formed a Dramatics Club with Mrs. Rodgers as the advisor. They met early in the spring in order that a play could be prepared for the Girls' Club Mother-Father-Daughter Party. The play Letters to Lucerne was given and the students who participated in it were theifirst .members of the Dramatics Club. This winter, under the direction of Mrs. Rodgers, The Happiest Days of Your Life was presented. In order that students might get experience in directing and producing a play, the performance of Suppressed Desires, given for an Upper School assembly, was handled entirely by members of the Dramatics Club. The last production of the year was Our Town, directed by Mrs. Rodgers. Besides giving plays involving the work of many students, members of the Dramatics Club have worked on small skits and monologues that were presented to the Club for criticism. .V .rv ,gtg V0 MPS' 5 .. " 5,7 .. ,, if ,K ,H . 1: ' ' 'P' -T ' X, -1 -. z 1, , mum ' ' Q fi J essi ggi, S f V.-,L . ,aj H Y 5? , , A 4' 4- Q 6 X 3 . F 1 2 1 R 4 4 , """"'Rw- A Q usic Jimmie Shanties ROW 4: C. Obenhaus, S. Wickens, D. Swan, I. Keller, S. Lewis, A. Musckanrow, D. Eby, A. Metcalf, A. Perry, C. Palmer. ROW 3: M. Brovm, A. Tumer, I. Pritchett, P, Dry, B. Strozier, N. lee, T. Rothschild, B. Stenn, G. Stewart, N. Ricketts. ROW 2: G. LeRoy, I. Maclean, I. Hirsch, B. Levi, D. Penn, N. Diehl, P. Turner, H. Wentz, M. Eaton. ROW 1: I. Dames, S. Rosenblum, C. Wanzer, I. Westberg, D. Pinkert, C. Wentz, B. Goetz, N. Mclieon, Mr. Bennett. The Iimmie Shanties enjoyed a year crowded with new experiences and ex- cellent performances. Rehearsals were held four mornings a week from 7:45 to 8:25, and much success resulted from the efforts put forth voluntarily to make early rehearsals possible. The year's activities includedan appearance before the Chicago Rotary Club in the Louis XIV Ballroom of the Hotel Sherman, the Thanksgiving program at Rockfeller Chapel, a television appearance over WBKB-TV, a joint program with the choir of Dr. Preston Bradley's, "The People's Church," in the presentation of the Christmas portion of Handel's "Messiah", a Christmas assembly, carols at Billings Hospital, a revue, "Broadway On the Midway", and the Spring Concert. The Pre-Freshman Glee Club performed for the Pre-Freshman and Freshman Party and several other occasions during the year. The Girls' Quartet, or the 4-Tones as it was more commonlyknown, was kept busy for many school functions and also for "Broadway On the Midway. " The Boys' Quartet made their first appearance in "Broadway On the Midway, " and presented a program of spirituals in the Spring Concert. C-lee Club ROW 4: A. Eiger, R. Ahrendt, K. Seidman, C. Swan, A. Loosli, F. Meyer, B. Horwich, M. Har- relson, H. Baskin, M. Turner, H. Obenhaus. ROW 3: E. O'Parrell, M. Perkins, 1. Hill, S. Hall, J. MacLean, W. Ries, E. Loosli, D. Kirkpatrick, O. Fentress, A. Sheridan, G. Zarvis, R. Heath, M. Brice. ROW 2: N. Brown, I. Hood, E. Barton, B. Metcalf, P. Neff, C. Friedberg, S. Sykes, N. Foss, Mr. Bennett. ROW l: M. Newsome, A. Mills, M. McKeon, B. Kravets, D. Goldman, P. Dames, M. Kovacs, K. Lisco. Girls' Quartet- Four Tones Boys' Quartet M- Brown, N. Ricketts, C- Wentz, B- Goetz. D. Swan, B. strozier, P. Gottschalk, G. Stewart 47 ,M M Hs 5 5 w 9 F , , Broadway on the Midway 'il Bif i V W- ? SPURTS C eerleaders BACK ROW: M. Brown, A. Perry C Palmer rRONT ROW: P. Bennet T. Cox fcaptainj, K. Hodes Frosh - Soph M Q 3 lp., ak it ROW 3: A. Musikantow, M. Winters, G. Hubbs, H. Abrams, Coach Zarvis, T. Rothschild M Goldsmrth I DuBrow K. Wilson. ROW 2: S. Fishman, C. Butler, S. Ullmann, M. lky, D. Eby. ROW1 H Turner I Utley H Brown B. Wolfberg, F. Tugwell, S. Barnett. UHi UHi UHi UHi UHi UHi UHi UHi UHi UHi UHi UHi 49 Parker 49 Christian 52 North Park 42 Luther South 49 Luther North 45 Harvard 48 Wheaton 43 Elgin 43 Latin 65 Glenwood 39 North Shore 42 Walther Jr. Varsity ROW 2: Coach Stampf, D. Sensibar, B. Weiss, S. Goldblatt, G. Stewart, L Zand P Randa o I Davey ROW1 L. Kass, B. Stagman, G. Becker, B. Hauser, R. Padnos, R. Kralnes, I. Woolpy H H ll UH1 UHi UHi UHi UHi UH1 Um UHi UH1 U1-11 UH1 UH1 IUNIOR VARSITY 49 Parker 4 O Christian 49 North Park 57 Luther South 40 Luther North 3 2 Harvard 2 7 Wheaton 5 2 Elgin 5 7 Latin 59 Glenwood 2 6 North Shore 49 Walther Soccer i fx ROW 2: I. Urey, T. Tugwell, I. Keller, N. Taylor, B. Strozier, Coach Hermanson. ROW 1: H. Wyatt, I. Utley, H. Brown, F. Tugwell. ABSENT: S. Spiesel, T. Cordesman. G mnastics ,yuvgfem ROW 2: D. Swan, Coach I. Condis. ROW 1: M. Page, R. Denney, I. Mintz. UHi UHi UHi U Hi UHi SOCCER UHi 1 Morton 2 UH1 O Lavne Tech 6 GYMNASTICS Leyden 5 5 New Trier 7 0 Lindbloom 31 Proviso 5 3 Leyden 6 6 rack ROW 2: Coach T. Hayden, D. Swan, N. Taylor, 1. Keller, K. Wilson. RDW 1: K. White B. Kirsner, H. Brown, F. Tugwell, G. Hubbs. ABSENT: T. Tugwell. Swimming ROW 3: Coach Keams, T. Lisco lcapt.l, D. Fraser, D. Siegel, I. Robbins, R. Rudder. ROW 2: D. Hill, R. Morch R. Priedmann. ROW1: I. Casey, S. Bishop, P. Stenn, B. Herman, M. Rothschild, R. Meitus. Q any 3 3 kia: KN X NWI? Um 'I 5nl'!Iliilng'Z ' Pt! ' NIJ' , 'f Q Q fi 1 N 1- I , - vl x " , til'-W' M5 . iq wkn we . 'u U. 5 :Films lx"- IW -55 1,f5'?'liM.!ifli7fW W Sn- :15 fiiawigifiw .nfl up N, "ui ix-K 5? yuiglll' wlggizfglifli 425 -'W 'fiif Hx ---l-:3:'!'- gases! y zmegg, Irflk :LP L.:-L.: E' 'ix is Eff I' - 1 39' 4 ii I 'fx . x f X fn I , .lf 'U' lu fi 'luhlulgjkg I. 10' wif' xx ' ,L-,ZA, ,li 4 SNAPSHUTS fx . . f 'nn "Yes, the weather is lovely today. " "Where have you been all my life?" I ll protect you . -W...-f x.A. V' , I-11V WA LS W ORT H. x.mmq..,r...-1 a. anna by WALBWOIITH BROTHERS Haxcolilw. lo-. U. B. A, "The Tender Trap. " "And the band played on N s ' 2. V Y ' , f "-'Y ' -f' nf w 1' 'Q , 4 , V .li .,A. 3 Q 5 ., K, ' 15. yi? fa 'X , E X , fx HA 45' 1 fb A if 6512 if Q A 5 ,ff f ,k,. .k .f-A ,N f--- ' ' "' : Q, 1 '51 . ' f ., 5 xii - ,' ' , 3 A 5 - Q ,WW 'I f- Q - Q,-93-V I 'hffm 7 f . 5 X 4 4 E ' if , gf 2. I 4 Q ff ,F . nf ggi ... rf' -I-....,.m. ' J '-"r f-'L--""" " 2Q 5!Wfh 1-QLWQG - ,Kg ,, gll rf W M, i -ijfiisifig. ' '1 W M 'W'-M W w rit- 1 1 , . W J W --ff' fffwaw, L,.. , ,hw A -4... :fy t ,. , 2 wii.Qr4gff51swj:1g,Ju4f- . . - a

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