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3,9 Jxyf fiyfooig M5 XM OJ wyjfff I Wx oyxwwbay X L,f!fI40' 4470, MQ Qw 84 6 MM U, X? safe HMM X NEG Us gfmg . 4 H , X mxmcme faffififf W? . Q W QQ Xl. 49? . aww My I 'bffag'-2?-fri . W7 I E WMS ww, N Afwk S3 NSf??j?WK1,,x X EBSQ? E, is ,X xg X wg M Em 5, CD 35 XZ M ,U ,K .M gl 1. .V fl? fl V 'F Vg Q4 '91 ifi 194416 ,E L f',fii,iH.'1, vu uvW!L9.!a jfaiiibx F ifvkf HPR? 49 ,yay-fb W 1 393 -4 . wee, f ' ,ff , . .f . W Je, , my . Q , ff 'Y '14, M A . I ,lk fx-.,MAIkif U-Higlfs Winter Midx bt E1 ,,. x rv, - Lnixersiry High School and Four Year College University of Chicago Chicago, Illinois -YI To JOH CU LIFFE MAYFIELD 'l'o in any a student of biology. or, indeed. of any other subject, Mr. Blavfield has been a niost unportant guide in their high school CZll't't'I'. llis wide knowledge and friendli- ness have inade hini a inost reliable and help- ful "reference library" to puzzled L'-l lighers. llis place in the life of our school could not easily be filled. .N s te acher, advisor, cooperator. and gen- eral aide de cainp, Nlr. Nlayfield has spent his energy for inany years pouring learning of various sorts into L'-llighcrs. XYe. all too often, have received the knowledge unwill- ingly. but without a doubt. through the in- terest aroused by his teaching. we have I gained a great deal. because of his wide teaclnng experience in different fields, Klr. Mayfield has inade "lii. Sci." a liberal educa- lltill Ill llIlllX enough 1 y ways. 'llhe students lucky to work with hiin have alwavs appre- ciated that chance, .Xs ad visor, Nlr. Mayfield refuses to let tht lqnottiest problein trip hun. XX ith character- istic understanding, he is ahnost always able to unravel and replace the limping ' '15 students with a really helpful suggestion Rlanv l llielitis in th - g eu' troubles have found hun an inexhaustible source of coin- inon sense, always available. 'i 'st scheines of would-be biolo- lhe wildt gists and budding inedicos as a rule contain sonie feature which perinits their develop inent undti Xli Xll student sound f' . '. . :yfield's guidance. 'l'ht with an nnpractlcal idea will hnd 1 , takes it to Mr. Mayfield. Not only in cur- ricular activities but in helping at odd tiines when the path of the struggling young scien- tist is rough Mr. Mayfield is the answer to a prayer. .Ns a lllL'llllJQI' of the faculty. he has joined with great zest in athletics and lends spirit to l'hi lieta Sigma ineetings. lf ever L'-High needs a steering aid, Xlr. Mayfield is the person to turn to. ln appre- ciation of all his contributions to the student, faculty. curricular. and extra-curricular ac- tivities of l'-lligh, this Correlator of 1042 is dedicated to hiin. INTRODUCING THIS is the CORRELATOR '42 This is the Correlator, the official year- book of the High School of the University of Chicago. The Correlator has appeared every year since l90+l, published by the current L'-High Seniors. In 1939 the High School organization underwent a major revolution. The Sub-Freshman year, which had regu- larly followed the sixth year of grammar school, was divided into seventh and eighth grades, and these two combined with the Freshmen and Sophomores of the old high school to form the new. Then the eleventh and twelfth grades were combined with the Freshmen and Sophomores of the University proper to form the Four Year College. This was the Chicago l'lan, and the first two years of the newly-created F.Y.C. were divorced from their beloved U-High and transferred away. two city blocks and miles in educa- tional theory. The administrational division did not at once extend to the customs of the school. Regular activities such as Student Council, newspaper, and Girls' and Boys' Clubs were split into two sections, one for the eleventh and twelfth grades and one for the new high school. lint these organizations have not been extended into the last two years of F.Y.C. Athletic activities have stood out like a sore thumb on the smooth new high school-"junior college" system. ln order to continue interscholastic competition, the last two years of C-High and the first two of F.Y.C. must combine again. This explains the presence in the Correlator of a special section devoted to athletics. For certain customs have been only gradually aban- doned by tradition-loving U-Highers. This year a twelfth grade graduation was held, probably for the last time. The twelfth grade Correlator is also appearing, really a sophomore book. In line with the increased division between high school and four year college, this year's book has been divided into those sections also. lt may be the last six-year Correlator, and we hope that it will express the new L'-High-Four Year College spirit. YIEVVS of U-High . . . looking south from Belfield, Gym temp left and Grad. lid. right . . , Blaine Quadrangle, with Sunny gym in the rear . , . XYest end of Blaine. 0 ,lolmuy Xmvcll Fritz Kuhn Allen and Nancy Betty Singleton u Our Book Contains l'.-KRT I F. Y. C... .'XCl1IlilliStl'2I.tiUll amd Organization Activities .. Classes ., PART If L'-High .'XiillliIliSll'2l1iUll Activities .. Clusscs . . PART III Athletics ., BUYS' Sl3Ul'tS. . Gil-15' Spufls.. page .. 8 ..10 ..18 30 . ,... 48 and cJl'gZllliZElf.i0I1 .... .. 50 H56 H58 ..76 N84 3 ....l04 7 F 0 U R Y E A R C O L 1, E G E ' hAR CQLLEGE 111111-1' 111111 1111p1'1' 111'11 y1'111's 111- 1111- 11111131 '1Q11L' sc1111111 1'1'111' just 011111111011-11 11 lx 111 1x111111111 1111 111111111 f1Qxl1llT111K111N 111 111111 1 '1 1 11111 1111'1-0111111 111 11s1111111s11111Q 11111 1'111111g1 11 1 1'1-1'11g'111z1111 llll11. 11ll.1Z1l1ll2l1'y 111'1-1111 N1111 Il 1'1-511111111111 11215 111155611 111' 1111- 1111111 SQ111111- 1l11'IllZl11y 1'1-1'11g111z111g 1111- I 17111 N 1 ll C11111-gc 11s Z1 111111 111s11111'1 from 1111 1 111111 S11Y. 111111 1'1-1-111111111-1111111g' 11111 1-s1111111N111111 111 111 Z1 111-f"1'1'1- 111 1111- 1-1111 111 1111' 111111'111111111 X1 ll 5 '1'111- 1111111111 111111 1'1-1111111-1111-111s 111 1111 11113111 11'111 1"11'1' 111-111-111111111 11111111 11111111111 1111 I . 111-111 11111-1111s 111 1'11111111111' 11'111'k K111stcrs'111-g'1'1-1- 11111-1' 0111111111-1111g NvCIlI' L'1J11L'g'L' 1'11111's1-s. 111' 11111. 111111 1111- 1I1ll111IlL'l11 11111111s111111-111 141111g' llll11L'I'-Q'l'Zl11ll1l1C 111111 111111 1111- 1111-111 171. 1110 111'11' 1'11111'g1' 111-g1'1111. Y1'Zll' C11111-f1'c 11111 111- 1111' f11rc11111s1 1 N L'1111'1-rsity. W., 0 Y 11111111 S8111 XY1111111111111 X111 1 ADMINISTRATIO Xxillllillll lf. Scott Dean of Students Ralph XV. Tyler Chairman, Department of Education Clarence H. Faust Dean ofthe College Zeus l.. Smith Assistant Dean ot the College r , .1 Robert Maynard Hutchins President of the Fniversity The Four Year College is under the same administration as the entire University, with the exception of those administrators solely in charge of the smaller college unit, Over- lapping of administration has been avoided, so that no units of the Four Year College have remained under the jurisdiction of the high school. Clarence H. Faust, Dean of the college, Zeus L. Smith, Assistant Dean of the col- lege, and William Scott, Dean ot Students are primarily concerned with Four Year College regulation and function- ing. Dean Faust has the important function of planning the curriculum for the Four Year College in his hands. Always a ditticult task when pertaining to a progressive school, this job has redoubled in importance the past year. with plans for a degree awarded at the end of the Four Year College necessitating a revamped acceleration of the curriculum, in- tegrating tnore closely Four Year College and previous University courses. The clos e proximity of Dean Smith to the realms of the Four Year College keeps him in constant touch with the curricular and extra-eurrieular activities of students. and it is through his advice that Dean Faust is ahle to make changes in program and faculty. Dean Scott's association with the Four Year College administration is more closely knit to the Lfniversity. He is Dean of stu- dents, and as such. entrance counsellor for the Four Year College. The administration and its program for the Four Year College tend to keep the last two year students apart from students enter- ing as freshmen from other schools. This program is rapidly establishing the Four Year College as a separate unit. which may some day take the place entirely of the pres- ent University education preliminary to a li. A. degree. ll The Humanities Q, ' Gladys Campbell, A.M. John R. Davey, A.M. Knox Hill, A.M. Jere Cornell Muna Maxey, I'h.D. Mickel,A.M. The word "Humanities" long ago became familiar to all students of the Four Year College. It can conjure visions of maps and time-lines and reference books, but more frequently it brings to mind the splendor of Ancient Greece or the triumphs of the Six- teenth Century Spain. It recalls the romance of the Renaissance and the swift reforms of the French Revolution. It helps us to relive the past achievements and disappointments that even now influence our own life. The Humanities course, in three thorough years' work, tells the story of civilization from earliest prehistoric times up to the present dav. it deals with man's progress since the first discoveries of a savage, cave dwelling race, covering religion, art, inven- tion, music. and literature, as well as politi- cal. economic, and social history. This course also gives us an understand- ing of the struggles and dreams that have ever motivated human actions and directed the steps of men. Through the study of other ages and other peoples, we find out how our own era has been molded and developed. XVe are able to learn and profit by the mistakes, the wisdom, the decisions of nations that are now vanquished. Under the skilled guidance of Miss Maxey, Mr. Mickel. Mr. Davey. Mr. Thomas. Miss Campbell, Mrs. Senescu, and Mr. Hill, we of the student body are acquiring a rich background of knowledge that will better fit us to face the problems of today's world. Frances Frazier Russell Brown Senescu, A.M. Thomas, A.M. The Natural Sciences The natural science courses in the Four Year College include Biological and Physi- cal Science, each a two year survey course. Both surveys have the same aim, to give the student a sufficient general knowledge of the scientific forces working about him in his every day life, affecting him constantly. Despite this unified aim, each course goes about this in a different way. As it's name would signifv, the Biolcg- ical Science course deals with all aspects of science in the reahn of living organisms. Starting with lowest forms of plant life. and tracing through the highest forms of life. culminating with man himself. the functions and characteristics of organisms are traced, showing the most important aspects of higher development, and the possible rela- tionship and evolution of all life forms. The Physical Science course, on the other hand, deals with the non-living. The realms of Physics, Astronomy, Geology, and Chemis- try are studied, as well as their effects upon life forms. Hence, the two surveys are inter- related, even overlap in their general demar- cations. XVith Mr. Mayfield guiding the studies of both Bi. Sci. A and ll students, Mr. Holley instructing Phy. Sci. A, and Mr. Nedelsky and Mr. Pickett capably in charge of Phy. Clifford Holley, S.M. john C. Mayfield, A.M. Leo Nedelsky, Ph.D. Arthur D. Pickett, S.M. Sci. li and Phy. Sci. ll lab respectively, the students of the Four Year College have gained a clarifying scientific background. The Social Sciences American Political Institutions and lico- nomic Society are the two years of the Social Science survey most closely connected with the Four Year College. Although the whole survey is a three year course. the last year, Social Science C, has remained, instructor and all, on the University campus. American Political lnstitutions strives to give the student a knowledge of our present day political set up by following the histori- cal development of political parties and con- stitutional law. Under the able guidance of lXlr. lieohane, students of this course are able to see, not only why and how political prac- tices have arisen, but also the benefits and defects of them as they function today. The second year course, lfconomic So- ciety, places little stress upon historical development, and deals directly with eco- nomic organization of today. Although cov- ering briefiy the structures of foreign econ- omy, most of this year has been spent in analyzing present economic programs and needs. These courses will equip us to face our social world with a greater understanding and appreciation of our democracy. As citi- zens we should with this knowledge strive Robert Emmet ' Keohanc, AM. Laurence li. Lcamer, A.lNl. to sustain our government and keep it pro- gressive, and not take it for granted. 13 'lihe nnity of the lfoin' Year College xvonltl not lone' remain intact were it not for the 5 1 ettorts of llean Lens l.. Smith, hllss lzvans, ancl the many others. xvhose quiet etlieieney is taken so for granterl. liean Smith, hnsy keeping the organiza- tion of the school xvell nncler control. has al- xvays time to shonlcler the hnrclen of any stutlet1t's school problems. A-Xssemhlies anal programs plannecl, eollege requirements at- tenclecl to. helpful aclviee given to extra enr- rienlar gronpsg all these are ahly managed hy llean Smith, ancl they are not his only responsihilities. lllne slips, pink slips. white slips. these are Kliss livans' realms. .Xhsenees exenserl or reeormlerl, as the ease may he, eollege appli- eations lilerl on time, announcements postecl xvhere all xvill he ahle to see anfl take notice. aclvisory reports tilecl anfl sent to parents, seeing that rloetors appointments are kept: GLIMPSES. of the School Dean Smith, relaxing the year aronncl. these tasks. taken for grantecl hy the stnclents. are tirelessly at- tenclecl to hy Kliss livans, anil her right hanml helpers Yiola anfl .'Xliee. Reference hooks in clemanml hy the stil- clents are kept in orcler hy Rlarney. our elli- cient lihrarian. lncleerl. this is a task: eheek- ing on reserve hooks, keeping tah on the many nnreturnecl ones. seeing that our li- hrary cloes not climinish in volmnes. Klar- ney's hahitat is the rearling room at 5NlO, where she is to he fonnfl every afternoon. Klemhers of the Student Serviee. who flnr- ing their stncly periorls or other spare time they have, help all these people hy fleliver- ing messages ancl tiling information for them, are rloing ns all a hy no means inilireet service. 'l'o all these people, a sincere vote of thanks from the stuclents for keeping' our school weeks running so smoothly: their el- forts have reallv not gone nnappreeiateil. xi MISS ltvalls . :Xliee Sheehan. her right haml man l-l 1Q1i.X11lN1i 11111111 11111' 1111-11 s111:111 1i111'z11'y . . . 1'1-11-1'1-111'1- 11111111s . . . s111111' 1:11111-5. N1Il1'111'f'. 1i1'1'111l1g' 111'111-1', 1'111'1'1i111Q' 111111118 211.1l'1' s1'1111111 . . . 11111111-111 S111- 11111115 l1111'111Q.1' S1-1111111 11l1111'S. N11111111-1's111111-s . . . Miss 1'1X'1l1lS 111111-1i11g' 1111- 11-ss s1111111111s 111111'1'1'I'S . . . 111-z11'1- :11111 111111-1 1'l'Q'Z11l11'11. '11111' .1Z.1f11'lIS11 1.111'11l1111iI4 . . . 1-1111g'1-s1i1111 . . . 11':111- 1111: 111 11111' 1111' 1'1-s1-1'1'1- 11111111s , . . :Q'L'11111gf 1111- 1:1s111111111..."111'i111g'i111:11'11 1111111'I1l111'11111Q'.11 'AN1111' 11111' 5111111111 1 Q1-1 :1 111111- s1111 1l1111lf'f , . , 1111, 111'llX'1'lIS, 1 1-11111111 111 1'1'1111'1l 111:11 1'1-f s1-1'1'1- 11111111111 1f1'1-1'1' s1'1111111 11111' 111 1111' 11-:11' 11115 15 11.11111111111g. 11115 11.111 111 1111 1111111 111' 1111' S1-1111111 is 1-:11'1'i1-11 11111 Sj'S11'11l1ll1CIl11j' 111' 1111-111111-1- s1:111. l'11111Q1f1..X'11111i 111"11'11'lC "11:11'1- :111 1111- Sl'111111'S 111111 1111-ir 1111-1111'1-s 1Il1i1'I1? . . . 1'11-:1s1- 1111is11 11111s1- S1-111111' 11'1'111-f 1111s . . . 151-1 :111 111:11 1-11111' l'1'Z1l11' . . . 1111111111-:111 11115 . . . 111111151 1.11111'1', 11'111-1'1- :11'1- 11111s1- 111111- 111g1':11111s? . . . 11'1-'1'1- 11'z111111g 11111' 11111s1- 1':111- 11i11s. '11111' 111g11 s1-1111111 1111s 1114111 111111'1- 11'111'1q 1111 1111-11' s1-1'111111 , . . 1111s 1111- 111-1111-:1111111 I11111111g1':11111 111-1-11 11111-11111-11 111: XX 1- 31151 111z1111- 11111' 111-:11111111-1 . . . 1111 111111'1- 111:111-s 111 111- 1-11g'1':11'1-11. 11:11'11:11':1, 11111 . 1 'U 1111- f1I1'1'1'1Il1l1l' 111- 11111 111' 121111111-111 17z11'f , . . 111:11s 11, 111:11 s111:111, 1'11z111111- 111111- 1'1111111 11111 111 111111111s, 1'11111'. :11111 5111111-111111-s 11:1r11 11'111'11i11g s1:111' 1111'111111'1'S, 1111- 1'111'1'1-1:11111 111111'1-. '1'111-I l..111111Q1X'1'111111iS '11111' 1:111111':11111'i1-s . . . 11-:11'11111g 1111'l11lg'11 sci- 1-1111111' 1-X111-1'i1111-11111111111 . . . s1-11i111'1-s1i11':1111111. '11111' 11l'111111l 111- 1111- 1'111', Sci. 11111. . .1-x11111- si:111s . . . 11111'1'11111- s1111-11s . . . 11111s. 1'11'1'11'1111S . . . 1-111111111111111s. 1-11-1111-111s. 1111X1l1l'1'S. 1.1-:11'11- lllg' 1111- 111111-1'1-111'1- 111-111'1-1-11 1111:111111:1111'1- :11111 1111:11i1:11i1'1- :111:111'sis . . . 11'1'1111g' 1111111111-1's1:11111 1111- 1-11-1'11'111111- :11111 1'k'11l11X'111 1111-111'11-s. '1'1-st 111111-s . . .:11'111s.11:1s1-s.s:111s.. .:1111111s.1111111-f 1-1111-s. '1'111-s1- 1111111 1111' 1-X111-1'11111-11111111111 111. :1 1'111's11-111 SL'11'1lk'1' 1-1:1ss. '11111' 141. S1-1. 1:111 . . . 11111 x11 111111'11 1-x111-1'i- l111'1111I1g' :ls 1l1X'1'S11g'Zl1111g '... 111111i11g' 11111 11'11:11 "111:1111-s 111111QS 11111," S1-1-11115 1111- 111i1'1'11- S1-111110 11'11r111 1111111111 111-1'111'1-11111 . . . 11':111-11i11g 1111- 111111-1i1111s 111- 1i1'111g' 111'g':1111s111s . . . g'1'1111'111. 11l'1l11l1L'11l11l, 1111-1111111111111, 11xi11:11i1111. 1J1ss1-1-- 1111112 111'1-1'1'11111i11g' s1I111-:11111s11 111l1lll'1'S . . . 111- 11-1'11:11 111'g':111s 111111-111111i11g' . . . 111'Zll'1S S1111 111'111111g'111 s:111 111111-1' . . . 111-i11g'111-111-1':11111- 111 1111111-1's1:11111 111111. 11'1- 1l1l1'S1'1Y1'S :11'1- 1-1111s1i- 11111-11 111l'l1l1Q'11 1111- 1:111111'z11111'1' 11'111'11 111 1111- 11111 SC11'111'1' s111'1'1-1' l'l11l1'SL'S. s111111-111s 1111- 1-11111111-11 111 :11-11111111 s1-1- 1111111 1111-1' :11'1- 1L'1ll'11111g' 1111-11- l'1'111'Il11f'. '1111is 1'1s11:11 11111- 111 11'1lI'l1111g :1111s 1j'1'l'1l11j' 11111':11'11s :11'111111'i11g' ll g'1-1111i111- 1111111-1'- S1111111ll1g'111 1111-s1- s1'11-111-1-s. Honors and Awards MEMORIAL PRIZE Awarded each year to perpetuate the mem- ory of the C-High boys who died in the first XYorld XYar, it is intended that this prize of twenty dollars recognize in its winner the qualities of democracy, loyalty, and devotion to duty. It is awarded to the twelfth grade boy or girl, who in the opinion of classmates and teachers. has through perseverence and consistent effort achieved superior scholar- ship and has through intelligent service to the school contributed to its betterment. The vote this year resulted in a tie. XYinners: Vvilliam Kornhauser, David Ruml llonorable Mention: Barbara Raymond MONILAXV MEDAL ln l9l6 Dr. VV. Monilaw, then head of the II-High athletic department, founded this award. It is given to the twelfth grade boy who has the highest average athletic ability, scholarship. and citizenship. In de- termining the award winner, faculty ratings of scholarship and citizenship, coaches' rat- ing of athletic ability, and athletic awards won. are all considered. XYinner: David Ruml MOTHERS' PRIZE This prize of twenty dollars is annually awarded to the twelfth grade girl who, re- gardless of offices held, or distinction gained, is considered by the faculty to have contrib- uted most to the life of the school. The mothers of the Parents' Association con- sider, in awarding the prize, tolerance and breadth of interest. loyalty and cooperative- ness, initiative and responsibility, refinement and courtesy. and moral and intellectual in- fluence. XYinner: Margaret Portis llonorable Mention: Barbara Raymond lfx BLACK ROBERTS TROPHY Presented to the boy who has contributed most during the year to the success and well being of the U-High track team, this trophy was established by two former students of U-High. XYinner: Vernon Gleaves GARGOYLE PRIZE The Gargoyle, yearly literary magazine of U-High, engraves on a cup each year the name of the student who has contributed the best article of that year. The judges are the Reading, XYriting, and Criticism teachers. XVinner: Alice Sheehan Honorable Mention: Naomi Halperin SCIENCE AXY:-XRD In accordance with the condition of the gift fund of the class of 1922, the Science Prize has been awarded for the past twenty years to the student showing superior ability and interest in science work. june, I9-ll, was the last time the prize was to be awarded as an individual gift. The principal of the gift fund will now be used to buy science books for the library. FRENCH AXYARIJ Each year since l935 the French Govern- ment, in order to encourage the study of the French language and civilization. has given a prize to a lf-I-Iiqh student. The winner, chosen by the French department. is the student who is believed to have done the most outstanding work in French during the year. XYinner: Suzanne Heller Honorable Mention: lieverly linllen G. .-X. A. For the second time a cup. presented by the G. .-X. .-X. board of P339-l94O was awarded this year. This honor is given to the twelfth grade girl thought by the gym faculty to have contributed most to intramural athlet- ics, The award is based on responsibility, skill, perseverence. sportsmanship. team spirit, and cooperation, as well as adequate scholarship. Winner: Beverly Bullen .fg .lf JI QTY' ACTI VIT IES I lx! N Student Council A. Kuhn: V. Gleavesg I.. jacobs: C. Bahlke: XY. Kornhanser: ll. llullenq ll. Raymondg D. Rumlg D. McBride: l'. l'ortis. ln the past the Student Council has spent a large amount of time discussing and amending the constitution and the by-laws. This year the Council felt that some changes were necessary. These changes consisted in regulating the fall and spring elections and in making and putting into force a rule for regulating attendance at the Council meet- ings. The fall elections were changed so that all organizations holding elections in the fall could combine these elections and hold them in the second week of the fall quarter. The Council President was placed in charge of this election. These changes go into effect in the fall of I9-12. The spring elections were regulated so that all the major offices will be elected before any minor of- fices. This will prevent the confusion of the past. . . . Council in session 18 During the year the Council also allotted the activities funds. regulated the spring so- cial calendar, and put on a Council Carnival. The Council debated whether the proceeds of the carnival should go to the war effort or to charity. The members decided that all the proceeds should go to the Hyde l'ark Neigh- borhood Club and to the Cniversity of Chi- cago Settlement. These charities are consid- ered very important and have. in the past, depended on the contributions from the Council Carnival. After the carnival had been put on, the question of what the school could do towards the war effort was brought up, discussed at great length, and favorably acted upon. David Ruml .... .............. l 'resident Donald Mcliride .... Senior Class President, Yice l'resident lilaine Grotefeld ....................... Senior Class Representative. Treasurer Rarbara Raymond ....... Correlator liditor. Recording Secretary Reffffy l'ortis. .. .... Girls' Club President. Corresponding Secretary Yvilliam liornhauser. .Roys' Club President Yernon Gleaves ............ Hi-Y President Dorothy liuft ...... XYeekly Representative Stanley Coombs. . l'hi lieta Sigma l'resident lieverly Rullen ........... G..-X..-X. President Arthur Kuhn ........ junior Class l'resident hh Charlotte lfahlke ....................... Junior Class Representative liarbara lioth. .hlunior Class Representative Leslie hlacobs. . .junior Class Representative Zens Smith.. ............ Faculty Adviser C. Keri-kesg li. llul- leng R, Samuels: ll. Rubin: l'. l'ortisg J. Davison: R. NVhitingg C. Price: G. XVillens. M. Miller: W. lla- pzer: l'. 'Fhmnpsnng D. Rnml: W. Koruliau- ser: li. Grotefeldg C. Hopkins: M. Sperry. M. l'ilot' ll. Ray- mond, li. 'lzibbcttsg S. Coombsg G. Daskalg ll. fhenoweth 3 S. llelli r. Phi Beta Sigma Phi Beta Sigma, the honorary society of the Four Year College. has had a very event- ful year. The officers were Stanley Coombs, president: George Daskal, treasurerg and Eleanor Tibbetts, secretary. ln the fall new members from the twelfth grade were selected. They received the tra- ditional informal and formal initiation. Later in the fall a dinner was given for members of all four years of the Four Year College. ln February the members gave a roller skat- ing party for the eleventh and twelfth grades in Ida Noyes Gym. Phi Bete planned to give a dance in spring, but some of the members objected to this on the basis that Phi Bete was not acting or spending its money in ac- cordance with its purpose. After much dis- cussion it was decided not to have a dance but to use the money for a more worthwhile undertaking. Also the informal initiation of neophytes was abandoned. Near the end of school the members held their annual picnic. This was, as always, a favorite and very successful. Gargoyle The Gargoyle, the Four Year College mag- azine. got off to a difficult start this year when no one would take the editorship be- cause of heavy school work. However, l.ois Goldstein assumed the position and under her capable management a successful issue has been published. The staff, composed of Alice Sheehan, Eleanor Tibbetts, Catharine Hopkins, Arlene Kohn, and Stanley Coombs, met every Tues- day afternoon to make plans for the maga- zine. At first, very little cooperation was re- ceived from the rest of the student body, but as the date of publication approached, arti- cles and stories Hooded the Gargoyle office. After much hard work by the staff and its contributors, the very successful magazine made its appearance on May l8. and was re- ceived enthusiastically by everyone. E. Tibbettsg A. Sheehang A. Kohng C. Hopkins: L. Goldsteing S. Coombs. 19 Correlator Yearbook staffs come and yearbook staffs go, but the Corrclator goes on forever. liuoyed up by this hope, this year's staff went to work with a will. Even before school started, way back in September, contracts with engraver and printer were negotiated. Then dummy-making began. Sheets of tis- suey paper floated about the office in Bel- lield. as the newly-chosen staff members out- lined their pages. It was decided to publish a smaller book than usual, due to war's im- minency and rising prices. The F.Y.C. and High School editors worked in their respec- tive student councils to obtain the necessary funds. Pictures after all form the backbone of any yearbook. Therefore Correlator pictures were planned early a11d their taking began in The U-High Staff: David Mohlman: David Maefarlaneg james Meade. 20 November with High School classes and clubs. More photographs were taken. and sent to the engraver. throughout the year Amateur camera addicts contributed candid shots to an ever-increasing pile on the editor's desk. As the spring semester drew to a close,last minute shots rushed through to show the year at school from beginning to end. High School and Four Year College stu- dents worked together in the publication of this l942 Correlator. but an effort was made to separate their fields as they are actually two separate sections of the University. ST A F F Editor-in-Chief ...... . . .Barbara Raymond Business Manager. . . .... Richard XYhiting Art Editor ........ .... A larilyn Miller Photography Staff ......... XYallace Yogler Gordon McConnell Hubert listes F. Y. C. Features Staff ....... Peggy l'ortis Arlene Kohn Catharine Hopkins John Schlossberg F. Y. C. Sports Staff. .. .... Thomas liradel Beverly Bullen Frank Trovillion Melvin Lackey U-High Editor. . . .. .David Maefarlane U High Staff. .. ...David Mohlman James Meade Ci. McConnell A. Kohn: lf. 'liro villiong B. Bullen H. lastest Rl. l'o tis: M, Lackey: L llopkins: T. llrl del. XY. Vogler: B Raymond: Nl. Mil ler. Stein, H. Rubin. Gleavesg G. Vvillensg M. Yam- polsky. Weekly The Four Year College XVeekly has com' pleted its third successful year. This year it aimed to unite more closely the first two years of the college with the last two. To carry out that aim, the XVeekly had a thir- teenth year student editor, .Ioan Ellen Sal- mon, who also edited the paper last year. The distribution of the NVeekly was more widespread than before. All students in the Four Year College received a copy. whether they were on campus or not. Contributions of stories and articles from the thirteenth and fourteenth year students were good, but few and far between. Staff members, except for the editor, were eleventh and twelfth grade students. Dur- ing the past year the editorial positions have managing editor rose and then completely disappeared. But the editors have had a more serious difficulty to cope withg the lack of student eo-operation. The VVeekly has never in its past had the organization that it had this year. and in spite of that, or perhaps because of that, students were unwilling to report and write up events. Several times during the year oral pleas and written ones in the form of editorials were made, with promising results. THE EDITORIAL STAFF Editor-in-Chief ......... -Ioan Ellen Salmon had several shake-ups. The sports editor News Editor ...... ....... l Dorothy Duft was replaced, the business manager was Feature Editor .... ...Geraldine XVillens changed, and changed again. The position of Sports Editor .... .... X iernon Gleaves REPORTERS j. Harris: N. Stroning,B. Bullen: N. Campg A. Kohn: E. Turnerg M. Kreegerp D. Vogt. C. Sbapirag A. Sheehan: D. McBride: C. Walshg C. Hopkinsg P. Portisg J. Davison: J. Dana. H. Halperin, B. Raymond: N. Elliott: H. Kleing -I. Bowmang S. Heller. 21 G. McConnell: M. Herstg O. H. J. Smith: D. Duftl V. I. Dana: C. Mitchell: A. Sheehan: C. Bahlke: E. Emerson. E. Wirtli: S. Heller: P. Portisg M. Miller: C. Hopkins. Girls' Club The Girls' Club. founded thirty years ago, is one of the major organizations of the Four Year College. Every girl upon entering the first two years of the Four Year College au- tomatically becomes a member. The aim of the' club is to further a democratic spirit, to give to all girls the opportunity for service, and to promote a wholesome social life. The club, as its name implies, really be- longs to the girls themselves. The activities of the club are directed by a board of twelve girls and a faculty adviser. Every girl in the school is encouraged to actively participate in its activities by working on one of the four committeesg the Settlement, Service, Publicity. or Social Committee. The Settle- ment and Service Committees sponsored the charitable activities of the club, the Settle- ment Committee centering its interests in . . . meeting 1 22 the University of Chicago Settlement House and the Service Committee sponsoring the Scholarship Drive, Spring Cleaning Drive. and several other drives for charitable pur- poses. The Publicity Committee was re- sponsible for a large part of the success of the Girls' Club functions by advertising them in posters and newspaper articles. The So- cial Committee very successfully supervised the social events which included an eleventh year Mother-Daughter Tea, the Senior- Alumni Tea, a picnic in the country, and the twelfth grade Mother-Daughter Luncheon. The efforts of every member of the board were combined to give "The Snowbelleu, a Christmas party. and "Hearts VVithout Flowers". the annual Girls' Club dance. This year has been very profitable because of the fine co-operation and hard work of the board and .the assistance of Mrs. Senescu, the faculty adviser. GIRLS' CLUB BOARD Peggy Portis .... Mimi Miller ...... Barbara Emerson . . . Charlotte Bahlke. . Elizabeth NVirth. . . . . . . . . .President .. .Vice-President ...........Secretary ..............Treasurer . . . .Settlement Chairman Catharine Hopkins ........ Social Chairman Suzanne Heller. . . Alice Sheehan .... .loan Dana ....... Ann Teller ....... Zoya Sandomirsky Charlotte Mitchell . . . .Service Chairman ..Publicity Chairman Senior Representative Senior Representative Junior Representative junior Representative A is Tl1e 21111111211 fall dance opened tl1e school's Wlllmlll lVm1hauSCf--- ------- lffcslflent I l.. Spivak: ,l. Kanter: R. VVl1iting: F. Trovillioii. D. Tzlfllllllllll VV. Kl1I'llllHl1SCl'Q VV. Lyon: O. Stein. Boys' Club The scl1ool year of '-ll-'42 proved a 111o- IIICIIUDIIS 0110 for tl1e lioys' Clllll. At tl1e be- ginning of tl1e fall quarter, tl1e composition of the board was changed i11 order to have tl1e two classes equally I'C17I'CSCl1tCKl. Also a co111111ittee system was instituted, giving eacl1 1ne1nber of tl1e board a definite respon- sibilitv. social seaso11. Unique decoratio11s proved to be tl1e danee's outstanding feature. Tl1e higl1light of tl1e year's social program was tl1e joint U-High-F.Y.G. meeting spon- sored by tl1e college board. Students, par- ents, Zlllil faculty of botl1 schools were i11- vited to l1ear 2111 address by l'resident Hutch- ins. The tiniely report O11 tl1e program of the l4'.Y.C., its development, and its future, was well received by tl1e largest audience ever U.SSCIlll7lCKl for a Boys' Club fu11ctio11. Several hours before tl1e President spoke, tl1e Boys' Club was once more transfornied lllfll a "temporary" gyin. This was tl1e result ofthe UCClll7Zltl0Il of Sunny Gym by tl1e navy. The club rooms were reestablished in the language corridor of llelfield for tl1e dura- tion. Tl1e joint high school-college kitchen Zlllfl llll1Clll'UUlll being CU1lStI'l1CtCKl by the two boards also l1ad to be aba11doned. However, lilltll cl11bs cheerfully oriented themselves to tl1e 11ew co11ditio11s resulting fro111 the war. The spri11g quarter featured a Boys' Club- Girls' Club dance, the purpose of the occa- sion being to further tl1e school's war effort. Tl1e two clubs also collaborated to SIJUIISOI' other activities to encourage student dona- tions to tl1e war program. BOYS' CLUB BOARD Richard Gibbs. . . Donald Ricl1111a11.. Xvlllllllll Lyon. . .Yice-l resident . ...... Secretary . . . . .Treasurer Frank Trovillio11 Se11ior Representative Richard XYhiting Senior Representative l.eo Spivack .... junior Representative Orrin Stein. . . junior Representative hlulian Kanter. . 'lunior Representative . boys Z3 Miss Bourne: H. Singleton: R. Halvorsen: V. LaMantia: L. Schutzl J. Crage. J. McAuleyg J. Clarkg B, Bulleng E. Tibbetsg VV. Hager. Girls' Athletic Association The G. A. A. carried on widely varied ac- tivities during the year. During the first quarter the hoard spent most of its time making the yearly revision of its Constitu- tion. The newly created ottice of social director was used for the first time in order to co-ordinate social functions under one person. The otlice of vice-president was changed to sports manager. Her duty was to make out the calendar for intramural sports at the beginning of the season so that they would run harmoniously, as well as to carry on her former duties of vice-president. During the fall, the G. A. A. sponsored a hockey tie-up to stimulate interest in the sport. After a game of hockey, the girls hreezed up to the "Y" room for refresh- ments. The most anxiously anticipated event was the Hayseed Hop barn Dance, which was actually a combination of social and square dancing. lt was held at lda Noyes, with such appropriate decorations as hay, dummies, farm equipment. and checked ta- hle cloths. A few days later the hoard gave a winter tie-up with the closing game of has- kethall for the season. For the spring quar- ter the G. A. A. put on the traditional dime dinner, where all the girls were hrought to- gether for an afternoon of fun and a whole dinner for only lOc. To wind up the activi- ties for the year. the hoard held its animal banquet, where speakers were heard and the girls received their merited awards for in- tramural sports. . . . athletically minded Z4 Beverly Bullen. . . Janet lVIcAuley. . . Jean Clark .... Fleanor Tihhetts. . . Ruth Halvorsen. . . Betty Singleton. . . Jeanne Crage .... Laille Schutz .... U Winifred Hager ...... Verna La Mantia ..... G. A. A. OFFICERS .........,President . . .Recordirg Secretary . . . . . . . .'lireasurer Corresponding Secretary ........Spc:rts Director .Senior Representative .....lmp Captain . . . . . . .Pep Captain Publicity Manager . .Social Chairman A. Daslcall ,l. New- cllg 'lf lirzulelg ll. Mc' lirizlm-3 XY, Yoglcrg ll. Riclnnang R,XX'l1itingg 'l'. Riclitcr. l', 'lihonipsong Al. klrossg ll, Rnnilg Xlr. llvrr' R lfrct-'tl'k' R llarlxl-rg lf. Lziiirilscni R. Ronlanog ll. Gowan: M, l.aclu-vg R. .Xclicrg .X. Wiiil- lvlzulg ii, lVlrlionncll. i Llncler the leaclcrship ot Klr. llc-rr ancl Mr. lfrmlinznin, the l'nivt-rsity lli-Y hacl a very successful year. The clnh otificcrs clnring the year yvcrc: l'rcsiflcnt. llill iilcavcs: Yicc- prcsiilcnt, liill l.yon1 Secretary, Vlilllll lira- clclg ancl Treasurer, 'lint Cross. New nicni- hcrs xvcrc initiated into the clnh in Novem- her and hlarch. Meetirg: vc: into wctklv, anal clinncr meetings xvcrc hclcl occasionally throughout the year. Several times flnring the year the meetings were SllPl3lt'Illl'IltK'1l hy special programs. 'l'hcsc programs inclnclcfl snch entertainment asinovics, speakers, ancl sports nights. The annnal lli-Y Ranch llancc was given hy the clnh for the l0th. llth, ancl l2th graclcs in ,-Xpril. lt was xvcll attenrlccl ancl highly sncccssfnl. The lli-Y l'icnic in -Innc provccl to hc cnjoyahlc ancl vcry sncccssfnl. :Xs a scrvicc clnh. lli-Y is clcsigncfl to aifl school anil connnnnity hy setting up and maintaining hcttcr citizenship. The clnh ac- complishes its purpose hy npholcling the lfonr Us: clean living, clean speech, clean sportsmanship, and clean scholarship, and ir contrihntcs extensively to thc activities of thc school. This year the clnh has carriccl on snch charitahle activities as contributing to charity through thc Student Council Carni- val. llnring the year, the nienihers of the chili issued several Hi-Y Ghosts, which Hi-Y hclpccl to encourage greater participation ancl attendance to support the athletic activ- the clnh unfortunately lost the scrviccs of one of its aclviscrs, Mr. Iirchnann, who felt it xvas ities of the school. ln thc spring quarter. his clnty to rctnrn to thc navy. Hl-Y Ul"lflCliRS Bill Gleaves, ...... President Bill Lyon. . . . . .Vice President Tom Hratlel. . ..... Secretary -lim Cross . . . . .Treasurer . . Ranch Dance 25 IE. bl. bnuthg l. Reynohlsg VI. Kompare. N. Srronin, jg lfriedemanng J. Scotrg Al. Kompareg C. .X.5lZt'l'll11llQ'l. liowinang Nl. 5 merry: lf. Remington. Art Club The .Xrt Cluh this year Cll'lUyL'flZll1lCllll3CI'- ship larger than that of several previous years. L'nexpeete1l enthusiasm was clisplayecl at the heginning of the year ancl several meetings were heltl, and the members eleeterl .lean llowman president. Biology The lfour Year College Biology Clnh this year hail a series of very interesting tielfl trips to ilitlierent lahoratories at the lfniver- sity. This gave the memhers a View of what is heing clone in some of the many lielcls of Biology. XYith ,lohn Stoutler as the Cluh's presirlent ancl Mr. Mayfield as its Adviser. the meinhers visitecl, among other places, the l 1 Remington. M. Sperryg l. Gerstlyg bl. Clarkg W. llaeger. Music Club The Music Club this year got away from the traclitional phonograph-reeorfl programs. .-Xinong the events which took plaee at the meetings were cliseussions of the evolution of music, following of orchestral scores, ancl a trip to the Carillon. Club Orthogenie sehool anrl lliologieal Supply House. They also saw some experiments he- ing earriecl out on the behavior of white rats. In spite of the faet that the Biology Cluh had one of the largest inemherships, the incliviclual interest throughout the year was excellent. lfstes. Bowman: ll. Singh long R. .Xelierg K llopkinsg ll. llullen. Stoutlerg Mr. May lit-lilg lf. Tihhetts. Nl. llnnklenizing ll XYelnm-ierg Nl. tlron ertg I". .Xlseliulerg Il ll, Ilarr: ll. l.uIu1.l R. lsaaes: Nl. Nam polskyg IC. XX'iltg ,l 21,5111-1113 1, 51-11113 11, XX 1'1g111: XX, 1.11111: XX, X11g11-1: IJ. X1lk1:1A1'11': X. 1111-:111-Q: ID. 1311111 1' ,1111-g1-1'1,1, 1111111111111-2 5, 51l11111. N511-11111113 X1. 111-151: 12. 1111111-11: 11. 511111112 X111 11111: 1, 1311115111111111111.: X. 1.11X1:1111111. Chorus 111111' 1111111 X'1-111 K.1l11k'gL' 1-11111115 1-111111g1-11 g1C-XX'111lg1L'171111111Il111X111Q'1l1111 1111-11111111--11111111 11111-1-1111's 111 1111' S111'1l1Q' 111111111-1. X11. 1i1117X 11-1'111'11111gs U1-1111' 1111111115 XX'1'1'1'1111'111Q'11 S111l1N 11111, 111111 111-g'1l111ZK'11 1111' g'1111111 Z1 XCIII' 111511, 111' 1111' 211-1.21111 1111s 1-11111-11 111111 l1I1111Ill'X' s1-1111-1-. .X 11-11111- X111 1C11 111'1'1111ll1l1, Z1 1111111g' g'l'1111llIl1L' S111 1'Zl11X s111'1'1-ss1111 12l1'1'XX'1'11 1111111 XYZIS g'1X'1'll 1111' 111-111 111111 111-1111-11 1111- 1411111115 XX'111'1l 1111-1 snug 111111 111 .X11111 111 1111' l111U1'llS. X11. 11111's111111- 211 1111- 111115 1111111 11111-11 111111s1-, is 1111' 1111-s 1-111 11111-1'1111' 111 1111- g'l'1Jl1l1. Playfesters 1'111111-s11-1'Q l1l111L'1'1111'111111'1l11111I11,f1'111L'111111 111-111 1111-111, Il1111111g' 1l1l'11l1'1' 111 1111- 111s111111111111 .Xl'11'1l1' 1Q1l1111, XYZIS 11111111-111111l1l' 11115 11-111' 111 1111-111s 111 1111- g'1111111's 11121115 11111111- 111 1111- 111-- 11l11111lg'111111'11111101 111111Q1:111-111s11111-1111111-11 g'1l1l11llQ,l' 111 1111- X'C2l1'. 1111111-11-1, llIJIN11.l1111115 111 11s 111111 s1:1g'111g' 111111 1'11s111111111g' 1111'111111-s, 1111s g'1X'l'll 1111 1111-111111-1s 111 111'111'111'1- 111111 1111 111111 111 1111- 111'1-111'1'111111111111 111 11s 111111s1f1, X11. 1111111- 1111-11 1111111111111' 11111111-ss 111 l11l'1'1111Q'S '1'1111111:1s, 111111 1111- 111'1'1-11-11111-11 I11'11Q'l'1ll11 1111 .X11111lllg'11 1111111111111 1111s 11-111. 1111-1 1111111- 111:11 1'111111111s. 11511111 1'1111111-111111111 1111111 1111- 131114 1111'X 11111 11111 111- 1g111111111111111s11 1111g11111-11. 11111111' .XSS1lK'11l111l11 111' 1111- 1vl11X'1'l'S11X' XX'1lS 11111 EMR X11 I! lfis11111-111- 'Y R1s111-1s1111 11. Slll1111 'J gr 1, .X1w1-11111 1X 1 111111 I 111 ll 111 , , 11111111l111s1g 511111112 1. 511111111112 11. M1111 1111111111111 11-1-w1-131 'X111 11131111111-111-1-1111 -11-111-sg M. X1111111111 x1 1, 1 1111111-1' X1 111-ret' 11 111111 1 H1111 1- 3 1. :111 X 1x1111111.1. 17111111111 1 XX" ' ' 1 1111-11s1N.1111'11s: 'X1.11111111:111 1'I11-111 1,, S1'1lll1L1 ll. 111111: 5. 111-111-1' X1 N11-111111113 1X1.Kl'1-1-f rg X. l',111111. Z7 ti, McConnell: l'. 'l'hompson3 M. Lackey: R. lllaguireg li. Olin: 'l'. llrarlel: .'X. XYinbla1l. g, D 'VI Rlul VN o XY. Yogler: l". 'l'rovill'on3 ,l. Sehlossber "3 .i c " eg '. l,y n. Rifle Club The Rifle Club was organizecl this year with Klr. lierr as aflviser and sponsor, ancl Hob Maguire as acting presiclent. The Club met more or less regularly at the range in Stagg tielcl, but activities were hampered by the rlilliculty of obtaining range officers. Ap- parently the army neecls marksmen more than the woulcl-be sharpshooters. Bowli 'l'his year the Howling Club has reachefl an unusually high membership. lt was organ- izecl in orcler to promote a sport which is very popular now. and many joinecl either to learn to play or to improve their skill. 'l'he Club's sponsor, Miss llourne, along with the presiclent. Ruth Halverson, ancl the The small membership matle it possible for all members to use the range at one time, ancl informal matches between inrlivirlnals helpecl to keep up interest ancl enthusiasm. All members ofthe Club are also members of the Cniversity of Chicago Rifle anrl l'istol Club, and of the National Ritie .'Xssoeiation. ng Club secretary, janet Mc.-Xulty helped to make the meetings interesting and well worth one's time. Some members startecl as beginners and can now compete with the best. An aclclecl feature of the year's program,whieh arousefl great interest, was a tournament, open to all bowlers. l l 2:4 Il. ,l. Smith: Y. l.a- xl2lI1ti2iI ll, llnllen: Xl. llerst: ll. Greene. M. iiilfillan: ,l. Davi- son: l.. hlaeobseni C. Kerelces3 IJ. Dawes: N. Rashevsky. Miss Bourne: ,l. Kle- ,-Xuley: R. llalvorsen: ll. StL'!lStI'UlllI ll. lluft. ASSE f x IJ, IJ11f1g 17. X11'111'1111'I .-X. S111-1-1111113 11. XY1'11I111'11'l'. Twelfth Grade '1'111s j'1'1ll' 1111- 1111-11111 g'l'21411' c111ss K11q1.1CC1-S 11111111-1111111-15' 1-1l111lXX'1I1Q 1111- 1111211 111151iK'115:111 11'1-1'1- 1111sy 1111ll1I11Ilg' 11ss1-11111111-s, 1J2ll'111'S. 111111 g'111111- 111 1111- 51-11s1111. 111111 111l'I'l'1-1lI'4' XYIIN 11111- 111111-1' 111'111'1111-s. '1'111- 111gg'1-S1 s11c1111 1-V1-111 11C1112ll'1yI11J1J1'1D11l'1Zl11'. XX'IlS 1111- Q'11l'1S1lIl1lS 1DZ1l1CL' gin-11 1111' 1'-1'11g'11 111 s111'111g' 1111- 111111111-111s 111111 111-1111111-s 111- 11111111111 111 1111- 111-y1111111s 011113. 1:11111 1111111111111 Q'l'Zl11llZl111Jll 011111111-11 1111- 11111-1'1-s1 111 1111' L'1ll5S. g'll1'S1S s111-111 1111 1-11j11y111111- l'YL'l11llg' 1'1-111-11'111g 1111- 1-Z1C1l11j' 1-1111-1'1111111-11 1111- gg'1'1111111111-5 111 11111 111-111111111111111'1-s 11111111 1111111111111 211111 1-111-1-ry 1111-11' 11111111111 11-11. 71117 1111111 1111 1111-11' s111-1111 1'111'1s111111s s111'1'11111111111g's. '1'111' f111'1111y 11'11s f11111'111111s 1111' 1111- 11-111'. 1111- Sl'I111ll'S g'111111-1'1-11 l1l'l'5K'l11. 1'111111111g' 1'11111111111111s1y 111111 1-x-s111- 11111-1' 1111111 L'XZlll11Il1l111l1lS 111 11111'111111- 111 1111- 1111- 111-111f 11111111- 1111' 1111- 1111111111ys. 1111111 1JZ1ll1Il1L'1. '111'll1Zl11X'l' 1'1-111111111 111111-s 11'1-1'1- 11l1I'11lg' 1111- 1111111-1' 1l11111'11-1' 1111- 11111111111 S1-1 111111 Z1 11111- 111111' was 111111 111' 1111, 1111111' 11:11'1y g11'1-11 1111' 1111- 1-11-v1-11111 g'l'Zl11L'I'S 1111r11- 1111-111-1-1111-111 111lf' 111'1111g'111 1111111 1111- s1-111111's 111 11111-1-11 Il 1'1'1-S11 111l'Zl 211111 Il 111111-15' 1111-1111-. "'1'111- 1111111- 1'1111s 111111 g1111'11s 1111' 1111- 1-x1-1'1-1s1-s X'1l'11lI'y 111111.11 IIS 11 11'11s C11111-11, 1111111 111111-e 111111-11 11'1-1'1- 111-111 111 111lC1i1'11'111'I' 141111111-1. S1l1Ql'1'S . . . 11?l11'11l'L'SS1l1Q 123.311 1'11y. 511.1 1114Y 5111111112 . , .11ff1-1'1111111111-141111111 .111 . Personals lQ.'Xl,l'll .Xlililfli--91's-cl lu-:ul . . . lwiglit :mtl Cllcwy . . . willing' liclpcr l"lQ.'XXK iXl,SL'l'lL'l.lflQWz1i'list . . . piwnu isiug' yiuiug zlrcliilm-Ct . . . rliligvut uurllisifll Ccmiuuiu-1' I3Ii'l"l'Y hlli.XN H.XRR4t1'uc Iwinlugis . . . winning smile . . . iuuclcru flzuicc . lmluc eyes IIQXN IiOXX'BI.'XN-Art Club . . . :mm lmlic ClZl.l1CL'l' . . . "I saw him lust night zuul' THUM.-XS HRfXlJl2I.-sports cclitur . . out for ew-i'ytliing' . . . cut-up in class .IUNIQ l3RL'KlI4.-XL'Gll -cmupuscr quiet wit . . . imlcpcucleut HlCX'IiRI,Y liL'I.l.IiN-G. A. A. . . strawlmerry blcmclc . . . fllillilllf suiilc . . . full of fun . . . all round girl NICHOI..-XS CAMI'-gulfvi' , . . Nick .. friendly . . . Latin scliulzir STANLEY COOMBS-l'l1i Bete . . . 6 feet 4? . . . raconteur . . . effortless A's .IAMIQS CROSSP-good fellow . . . Z1 1112I1l'S lllllll . . . amizlble . . . athletic ,IOAN ILXN.-X M- .Ioan and ,lolmny . . . sports XY0lllZl.l1 . . . eo-zlutlior . . . congenial Al.l.liN ll.-XSKAI. - lzulies' 1112111 . . . swi111111i11g cliamp . . . most good looking . . . good l111111orecl GICORCSIQ lJ.'XSlifXl.-g'oocl Clllllllillly . . . clepemlzllmle . . . o11tstz111cli11g student . . . lmrigllt .l.'XNlfrll IDAYISON - e11tl111si:1s111 . . . boosts ull our teams . . . out for athletics IJUIQUTH Y lJL'lf'l'-llotty . . . "XYl1ere's yo111':11'ticle?" . . . linger i11 every pie . . .our .lenny l.i111l M.1XRSllAI,I, lDL'Mlilil,Nl:XN -- Cyclist . . . "U Q'z111z1cl:1!" . . . L'YCl'3'lDiJtlf"S friencl . . . Zlllltlllltlllllt' trouble NANCY lfl,l.lCVl"l'+lii'iglit :mtl cliccrj . . . clzlrcflcvil . . . good company . . . good :ulvicc IBORUTIIY l"lSHlilflN-"lJo4ly" . clzmccr . . . fricmlly . . . fun ,-XI..'XN G.-XRlilili-violinist with L'. of C. syiiipliony . . . tall . , . music Zllllllllfllf' ll-XVI, iilCRS'l'l.l2Y - l'z1clci'cwski . . "l'm not sure about that" . . . silent typc . . . good looking VERNON Gl.Ii.'XX'IiS-lli-Y . . . truck still' . . . trumpetci' . . . scvt-11 comic clc-vvii LUIS GUl.lJS'l'lClN-tlic nortli short' . .. iiiclcpcmlcntly uiiinliilmiterl . . . thc Cizirgoylt' . . . charming smile . . . Lf S. N. .IUAN GRINKICR-sti'z1wlmc1'ry lilomlc? . . . like-s or dislikes . . . artistic :1 lu Petty li1'ig'l1t cycs MARY LYNCH CillllNlfR'li-biologist . . . clissccts zmimztls . . . friendly ICINXINIC l2IQO'l'liFlEl,lD f golrlcn hair . . iiltcllcctiiul curiosity . . . moclcrii clzmcc . . IllllSlClZlIl 'IIiRlQOl.lD ll.-Xl.l,.-XM-f"4lc1'1'y" . . . thc lwoy from Riva-rsiclc . . . lizlsclmll licro RL"l'll ll:XI.YURSIiN PA thc lmp . . . quict workcr . . . good in sports . . . likcnlwle IUAN ILXIQRIS-tl1c:1tc1' critic . . . talks 11 lmluc strcnk . . . curly top . . . "Did you l1c:11'f" SUZAXNNIC lllfl,l,l2R - pcrsonzllity clzmcci' . . . uxxililllll you like to CUI1lIl'll5lltC?H . . . lots of pcp N.fXRll.YN lllflQS'l' - Coy sopliisticntc . . collcgc XYCCli-L'lNlS . . . but tllCIl .-Xir Corps . . frzmk C.-X'l'll.AXlQlNlC lIUl'liINS-"Kitty" . . . Social Clllllflllilll . . . big cycs . . . out for zlctivitics ICHNQX ,LXIQGIQR--tops 11:4 21 lmowlcl' . . . Il gm-ntlc smile . . . rcscrvccl . . . plcz1sz111t HELEN KLEIN-college fratcrnity gal . . . clriving the gang in the Buick . . . ath- letically litlie ARLIENIQ KOHN-l'layfcstcrs . . . por- sonality plus . . . intriguing stories . . . rccl cheeks DIACQUICLINE IQUBIIHXIQIC - ",lackic" . . . lmowlcr . . . sinccrc . . . always a smilc XYll.l.lAM KORNH.-XL'Sl2R-"Korny" . . . liovs' Club . . . going to reform the worlcl . . . lifg of the party Rlfl-IARID KUS'l'liRl,lTZ-piano virtu- oso . . . inatliematician . . . super in tln- ops-ra . . . intcrcstccl in tlic liner things of lili- M.AXlQjORlli lililflflilflifsliii kisscfl rcrl licacl . . . lmanrl box ncatncss . . . lnstrionic characterizations shy . . . sinccrity ALAN liL'l'lflQ--"l311zz" . . . Crux' Uni . . . tennis . . . junk cars Ml'.l.X IN l,.-Xilxlza-serious Clown . . piano virtuoso? . . . sports YICRN,-X LA M,fXN'l'l.-XfGreek profile . . . conservative . . . "clark eyes" . . . sports GICURGIC l.lNl7HOl,Bl-"So Big" . . . jolly . . . spins yarns . . . one of the gang' XVll,l.l,-XM LYON-inzin of few words . . . liunclsome . . . swimmer ANIJRIQXN' Bl.-Xfl.l2lSH-"Sandy" . . inclepenclent thinker . . . likecl by all . . . "back home in Rliocle lsluncl " RUIEICRT MAGL'llllf-blossoming econ- omist . . . scliolursliip winner . . . Republican . . . blackjack . . . ritleman IJONALIJ lXlcl3RllJE-class pres . . . all American boy . . . conscientious GORDON MCCONXELI,-"l.iniey". . pliotograplier . . . 'll read somewhere" RlCHARlJ ME.-XNA-"Rick" . . . the lVeekly . . . liuir splitter . . . unconventional MARILYN MILLER-"Minii" . . . artist . . . striking blonde . . . aristocrat MARVIN MILLER-sports manager . . . master inincl . . . prodigy ROBERT MORGAN-musician of note . . . cowboy boots . . . mystery man JOHN NEXYELI.-joan anal Johnny . . . co-author . . . track man liLfR'l'UN Ul.lN-flraftsman . . . sailor of note . . . our goocl humor man KAYIZ l'll'I2R-peaches ancl crcam . . . apathy . . . personality that catches all cycs MARGARET PORTIS - "IR-ggyn . . . "Girls' Club" . . . "Happy Face" . . . "Most" girl BARBARA RAYMONIJ-vcrsatilc . . viyacious . . . charm CIELIESTIC REMINGTON-sweet . . . new Parker pen . . . curly hair and blue cycs lYlCAl'l RIZYNOLIDS - enthusiastic square clzmccr . . . loyal . . . interestccl lDONfXl.lJ RICHMUNI!-gooclwill and fclluwslnp . . . patriot . . . sticks to it RUlll2R'l' Rcllglflqrllgfjlq--llC-1112111 . . . clivcr . . . tall. clark. and llll.IlClS0lllC . . . drum- nwr lmy ROI! KRT RUM.'XNO-xmulc uf rulmlxer . . . "l7un't hit me llcil" . . . blackjack IJ.-XYIIJ lQL'Kll.--Stnclcnt Council . . . top swimmer . . . man about school ZUYQX S.-XNIJOMIRSliY-cuslnopolitzln . . . rcfrcslming spmmtztlwity . . . goocl Conver- szxtimmlist .IOHN SCHl.US5lSliRG-"O hlflllllllllxn . . . pcrcnniztl sun tan . . . our Glen Cunning- llillll . . . snnmtlm CORINNE SllgXI'lRA-"Corkv" . . . an- gelic face . . . writes poetry during class . , . Chinese talons 4Xl.lClf SHlfl2.AXN-posters for all occa- sions . . . Yi's right hanrl man . . . always cheerful BETTY SINGLETON-the "Pep" . eqnestrienne . . . pleasant manner BETTY .Ii-XXII SMTTH-carrot-top . . nice smile . . . good company SHlRl,EY SMITH-giggle . . . song anrl dance . . . twinkling eyes MARFIORTIZ SPICRRY - the Modern Dance . . . sparkling . . . inclepenclent JOHN STOUFFER-Biology Clnh . . reservecl . . . gets things clone ANN Till.I,lfRAinfections laughter . always fun . . . sympathetic IR-XUI. THOMPSUN-geologist . . . pcps up any group . . . smart as a whip lCl.lE.-XNOR TIISHETTS-"Tihhy" . . high stanrlarcls . . . out-of-floor girl . . . con- gcnial GEORGE TRESSEI.-liistrionics . . . cle- hatcs any point FRANK TRCJYILLION-tennis champ . . . health acl . . . all round athlctc lYAl.l.ACIf VOCII.ER-"Snook1nns" . . . tall, hloncl ancl lanky . . . photographcr HUGH XXJEHMIEIER - politician . . . model 'I' Ford . . . clips when he dances . , . frank RICH AR ID XY H lTl NG-business man- ager . . . "Dick" . . . how tic . . . enthusiasm GIERALIJINIE XYIl,l.l2NS-"Gcrry" . . . carccr woman . . . talks a mile a minute . . . cookies for her boys in the Air Corps ALFRED NVINBLAD-swimming Illall- ager . . . poet . . . witty comments ELIZABETH NVIRTH - "Lizzie" . . . effervescent . . . "He has all the right ideas" . . . radiant complexion FRANK VVOJNIAK-crew cut . . . golfer . . . "Ugh" . . . pow! ROBERT VVRIGHT-track man . . keen . . . chess player Former Classmates Molly Allee Nancy Alling Doris Brandenberg Nita Coffman Dorothy Cole VVilliam Embree Lewis Emmerich Betty Erman Elinor Feiwell Vincent Fotre Dorothy Hall Sanford Dean Heil Katherine jones Adelle Kraus Donna Lipman Hamilton Loeb Jean MacLellan Elizabeth McCully Robert McIntosh Edmund Martin Patricia May Patricia Millar Dorothy Mooney Elizabeth Nelson James Palmer Evelyn Petersen jean Roberts Carolyn Seidon Mary Shilton Elizabeth Small Barbara Spencer janet Stoll Marjorie Tufts Mary Louise XVatkins SENIOR ACTIVITIES 1940-1941 1941-1942 Acker, Ralph--Biology Club-4l,4Z: Hi-Y: Indoor Track CNu.J Alschuler, Frank-Biology Club-41,42: Playfesters Barr, Betty Jane--Riding Club: Biology Club Bowman, Jean-Art Club-4l,42: Weekly-41,42: Chorus-4l,42: Biology Club Bradel, Thomas--Hi-Y-41,423 Weekly: Correlator: Rifle Club: Bowling Club: Soccer CMM: Indoor Track CMU: Baseball Bullen, Beverly-Student Council: Phi Beta Sigma-4l,42: Biology Club COfficerl3 Girls' Glee Club-4l,42: Correlator: Weekly: Bowling Club: Imp-Pep Hockey-41,42: All-Star Hockey-4l,42: Imp-Pep Volley Ball-4l,42: All-Star Volley Ball-41,423 Imp-Pep Bas- ketball-41,42: All-Star Basketball-41,423 G.A.A.CBoardj-4l,42: All-Star Pin-41,42 Camp, Nicliolas-Weekly-4l,42: Playfesters: Indoor Track: Golf-4lfMi.j,42 Coombs, Stanley-Phi Beta Sigma-41,42 COFficerj : Indoor Track CNu.D : Tennis-41 CMM-42: Weekly: Student Council Cross, james-Hi-Y-41,42 COtIicerj : Soccer-4lCMi.J,42CMj.j 3 Heavyweight BasketballCNu.j : Outdoor TrackCNu.Q: Chorus Dana. Joan-Class Exec. Comm.: Girls' Club Board: Weekly: Imp-Pep Hockey-41,423 All- Star Hockey-4l,42: Imp-Pep Volley Ball-41,423 All-Star Volley Ball: Imp-Pep Basket- ball: All-Star Basketball: Girls' Chula Board: All-Star Pin: All-Star Emblem Daskal, Allen-Bowling Club: Hi-Y: Swimming-41fMj,j,42CMj.Q Daskal, George-Phi Beta Sigma-41,423 Boys'Club Board: Current Affairs Club COfTicerj: Playfesters fOFficerj Davison, janet-Phi Beta Sigma: Playfesters: Girls' Chorus-4l,42: Debating Club: VVeekly: Bowling Club: Imp-Pep Hockey: All-Star Hockey: Imp-Pep Volleyball: All-Star Vol- ley Ball: Imp-Pep Basketball: Imp-Pep Emblem: All-Star Emblem Duft. Dorothy-Class Officer: Student Council: Playfesters-4l,42: Weekly'-4l,42: Bowling Club-41,42: Chorus-4l,42: Imp-Pep Basketball: All-Star Basketball Dunkleman, Marshall-Biology Club: Soccer CMU Elliot, Nancy-Playfesters: VVeekly: Bowling Club Fishbein, Dorothy-Biology Club: Playfesters: VVeekly Garber, Alan-U. of C. Symphony Gerstly, Paul-Music Club-41,42 COfTicerj V Gleaves, Vernon-Hi-Y-41,42 lOfficerl: Student Council: Boys' Glee Club: Band: VVeekly: Bowling Club: SoccerfMj.J : Indoor Track-4lfMj.j,42CMj.j g Outdoor Track-41,42 Goldstein, Lois-Playfesters: VVeekly-41,425 Gargoyle Grinker, .Ioan-Bowling Cl11b: Playfesters: Weekly Gronert, Marylynch-Biology Club-4l,42g Art Club-4l,42: Weekly'-41,42 Grotefeld, Elaine-Pl1i Beta Sigma: Student Council: Class Ofliicer Hallam, Jerrold-Student Council: Hi-Y: Debating Club COfficerj: Weekly: Soccer CMH: Indoor Track: Outdoor Track-41,42 43 Halvorsen, Ruth-Riding Clubg Weeklyg Bowling Club fOfficerjg Imp-Pep Hockey-41,42g All-Star Hockeyg Imp-Pep Volley Bally All-Star Volley Ballg Imp-Pep Basketballg All-Star Basketballg G.A.A. Board-41,425 Imp-Pep Captain Harris, Joan--Playfestersg Weeklyg Imp-Pep Hockey-41,423 All-Star Hockeyg Imp-Pep Vol- ley Ball-41,425 Imp-Pep Basketball Heller, Suzanne-Phi Beta Sigmag Girls' Club Boardg Playfesters-41,42g Imp-Pep Hockeyg Imp-Pep Volley Ball Herst, Marilyn-Playfesters-41,423 Weekly-41,423 Girls' Chorusg Bowling Clubg Imp-Pep Hockey : All Star Hockeyg Imp-Pep Volley Ballg All-Star Volley Ball Hopkins, Catharine-Phi Beta Sigma-41,42g Girls' Club Boardg Biology Clubg Gargoyle: Cor- relatorg Weeklyg Imp-Pep Hockeyg All-Star Hockeyg Imp-Pep Volley Ballg All-Star Volley Ballg Imp-Pep Basketballg All-Star Basketball Jaeger, Emma-Girls' Chorus-41,42 Klein, Helen--Playfesters-41,42g Weeklyg Bowling Club Kohn, Arlene-Playfesters-41,425 Weekly-41,425 Correlatorg Gargoyle Kompare, Jacqueline-Music Club-41,42 COfTicerj 3 Art Clubg Girls' Chorus-41,42 Kornhauser, William-Student Councilg Phi Beta Sigmag Boys' Club-41, fOfficerj,42 CPresi- dentjg Debating Clubg Weeklyg Lightweight Basketball CMj.jg Soccer-41 CMH, 42 CMj.j, CCapt.j 3 Tennis-4lfMj.j,42 Kosterlitz, Richard-Rifle Clubg Indoor Trackg Tennis Kreeger, Margery-Bowling Club-4l,42g Weekly-41,423 Playfestersg Imp-Pep Hockey Kuper, Alan-Indoor Trackg Tennis Lackey, Melvin-Hi-Y-41,425 Basketball-4lfMi.j,42QMj.j3 Baseball-4l,42g Rifle Club LaMantia, Verna-Girls' Glee Club-41,425 Imp-Pep Hockey-41,423 All-Star Hockey-41,42g Imp-Pep Volley Ball-41,423 All-Star Volley Ballg Imp-Pep Basketball-41,423 All-Star Basketballg G.A.A. Board Lindholm, George-Hi-Y-41,423 Class Social Committeeg Student Councilg Rifle Clubg Bowl- ing Club: Indoor Track-4lQMi.j,42CMj.J 5 Outdoor Track-4lCMi.j,42 Lyon, William-Hi-Y-41,42 fOFficerD g Boys' Club Board COf'ficerJ 5 Chorusg Rifle Clubg Out- door Track-4l fShieldj-42 Swimming Team-4lfMj.J,42CMj.j Mac Leish, Andrew-Swimming Team McBride, Donald-Class President-42, Student Council fOfTicerHg Hi-YQ Weeklyg Chorusg Rifle Clubg Bowling Clubg Indoor Track-41CMi.j,42fMj.jg Outdoor Track Maguire, Robert-Weekly-41,423 Current AfTairs Club-413 Rifle Club fOfTicerjg Debating Clubg Outdoor Trackg Golf McConnell, Gordon-Hi-Y-41,423 Boys' Club Boardg Class Social Committeeg Rifle Club: Rid- ing Club fOFficerjg Weeklyg Soccer-41, 42 CNumeralsQg Outdoor Track-41, CNumer- alsl-42: Indoor Track CNumeralsj Meana, Richarcl-Weekly-41,425 Student Council: Debating Club fOfTicerjg Soccerg Indoor Trackg Outdoor Track Miller, Marilyn-Girls' Club Board-41,42 COfficerj 3 Art Clubg Correlatorg Imp-Pep Hockey ' Miller, Marvin-Phi Beta Sigma-41,423 Current Affairs Clubg Indoor Track-CMi.j, fMan- agerjg Outdoor Track fManagerj . Newell, John-Hi-Y-41,423 Boys' Club Boarclg Bowling Clubg Weeklyg Indoor Track-41 fMj.j,42fMj.jg Outdoor Track-fMj.j Olin, Burton-Rifle Club 44 Piper, Kaye-Weekly-41,42 5 Portis, Margaret-Phi Beta Sigma-41,42, Girls' Club-41QOfficerj,42CPresidentj, Student Council, Biology Club, Correlator, Weekly, Imp-Pep Hockey-41, 42, All-Star Hockey, Imp-Pep Volley Ball-41, 42, All-Star Volley Ball-41, 42, Imp-Pep Basketball, All-Star Basketball, Imp-Pep Letter Raymond, Barbara-Phi Beta Sigma-41,42, Weekly-4l,42, Student Council, Current Affairs Club, Correlator Board, Imp-Pep Hockey-4l,42, All-Star Hockey Remington, Celesta-Art Club-41,423 Music Club Reynolds, Iveah-Art Club, Music Club Robertson, Robert-Sportsman's Club, Golf, Tennis-41,42, Swimming Team-41CMj.j,42fMj.'J Richman, Donald-Hi-Y, Boys' Club Board, Lightweight Basketball, Heavyweight Basket- ball, SoccerfMi.j, Tennis fMi.j Romano, Robert--Hi-Y, Rifie Club-41,425 Biology Club, Indoor Track Ruml, David-Student Council fPresidentj , Hi-Y-41,42, Phi Beta Sigma, Playfesters, Out- door Track, Swimming TeamfMj.j, CCaptainj Schlossberg, John-Weekly, Rifle Club, Correlator, Lightweight BasketballQMj.j, Heavy- weight BasketballCMj.j , TennisQNumeralsj , Outdoor Track Shapira, Corinne-Weekly-4l,42, Phi Beta Sigma, Girls' Club Board, Art Club-41,42 fOffi- cerj, Weekly, Gargoyle Sheehan, Alice-Class Officer, Phi Beta Sigma, Girls' Club Board, Art Club-41,42 COfficerj , Weekly, Gargoyle Singleton, Betty-Biology Club-41,42, G.A.A. Board, Imp-Pep Captain, Imp-Pep Hockey, All-Star Hockey, Imp-Pep Volley Ball, All-Star Volley Ball, Imp-Pep Basketball Smith, Betty Jane-Math Club COificerD , Art Club, Playfesters: Riding Club, Girls' Glee Club-4l,42, Weekly-41,42, Bowling Club-4l,42, Imp-Pep Hockey-4l,42, Imp-Pep Vol- ley Ball-41,42, Imp-Pep Basketball-41,4-Z, Imp-Pep Letter-41,42 Smith, Shlirllciy--Chorus-41,42, Class Social Committee, Imp-Pep Basketball, All-Star Bas- ket a Sperry, Marjorie-Phi Beta Sigma Stouffer, John-Biology Club-41,42 fOfficerj , Indoor Track-4l,42fMi.j , Outdoor Track Teller, Ann-Bowling Club, Biology Club, Girls' Club Board, Weekly, Imp-Pep Hockey, All-Star Hockey, Imp-Pep Basketball, Imp-Pep Letter Trovillion, Frank-Hi-Y-41,42, Class President, Student Council, Boys' Club Board, Rifle gfgub, Bowling Club, Soccer QShieldj, Basketball-41 fMj.j,42 CMj.j, Tennis-4lCMj.j, Thompson, Paul-Phi Beta Sigma-4l,42, Hi-Y, Rifle Club, SoccerCMj.j, Indoor Track-41 fShieldj,42fMi.l : Outdoor Track-41,42 ' Tibbetts, Eleanor-Phi Beta Sigma-4l,42, Class Officer, Biology Club fOfficerj, Gargoyle- 4l,42, G.A.A. Board, Imp-Pep Hockey-4l,42, All-Star Hockey-41,42 Tressel, George-Playfesters-41,42, Blackfriars ' Vogler, Wallace-Hi-Y, Chorus, Rifle Club: Weekly, Correlator, Indoor Track-41, 42, Tennis Wehiiieier, Hugh-Class Officer-4l,42, Hi-Y-41-42, Class Social Committee, Biology Club- 4l,42, Golf, Swimming-41CMi.j,42CMj.5 Wliiting, Richard-Phi Beta Sigma, Hi-Y, Boys' Club Board, Class Social Committee: Play- festers-4l,42, Correlator-41.42, Gargoyle, Debating Club, Weekly-41,4-2, Indoor Track -41CMj.j,42CMj.j, Outdoor Track, Tennis-41CMj.j,42 VVillens, Geralcline-Weekly-41,42 fBoardj, Phi Beta Sigma, Bowling Club, Playfesters Winblad, Alfred- Hi-Y, Rifie Club, Swimming Team Manager, Indoor Track-CMD, Outdoor Track-41, 42 CMM Wirtli, Elizabeth-Phi Beta Sigma, Girls' Club Board VVojniak, Frank-Hi-Y-4l,42, Class Officer, Class Social Committee, Biology Club-4l,42, Indoor Track, Outdoor Track, Golf-4lCMi.j,42 -Swimming-41fMi.J,42CMj.j VVright, Robert-Current Affairs Club-41,42 COfficerj, Boys' Glee Club, Soccer CMj.j, In- door Track-4l CMH, 42 CMH, Outdoor Track-41 CMj.D, 42 fCaptainD 45 Class Ufficers: VYilson McDermut: Arthur Kuhn: ELEVE TH GRADE The .Iunior Class of l9-12-43 lived up to all expectations and survived the initiatory year to go into the famous "con1ps." The mem- hers of the class were the mainstays of al- most all the interscholastic teams of the school as well as actively taking part in puh- lications. social events. and student govern- ment. :X large group of scholarship stu- dents entered the class in the fall, and this intelligensia helped maintain a high scholas- tic average for the junior class. Early in February a "'luke-Jive" dance was given hy the class for juniors only. Yast quantities of soft drinks and cookies were consumed, and lots of solid "jive" was given out hy the juke-box at the Reynolds Cluh. However the higgest and most successful event was the junior-Senior l'roni, which was held near graduation. Mr. Keohane. as class adviser did much to make the life and studies successful for the new students as well as those entering from U-High. Nadja . . . Nancy and Coop . . . Schwartz and Ellie -111 L11111v1'12 -1. Llslgvi 17. 1,lI1I1IL'11L'l'112 11. 1:1111-1'sm11 11. 1',Q1w1 11. 1',w1w1 L X111 R1 1 Kun 1'!1'1L'l 1-111:11111. I 1 ' I I ' ' I I I ' I ' 1111-1 R. 1'1'L'L'Jl1'1iI 1'1': L. 1-111111411 1x, 112l1'1iL'1'j 1. 111-111'111'kq 11. 111111111111111sl1 11. L 11111111111 17. L4111-111m'1'1111 1 L 1:11'1s, 11 1w1'1w-113 IQ. Ixznzwsg 1..,l:11-1111Ng 1..-1:11-111151-113 -1, 1X2l111L'1'Q L. 1x1-1A1'1wx1 .X. 1x111111: 11. 1.215111 L l.:1111'11fL'11g L., 1.z1111111z111. 1.11111xg X1. 1111111111111 11. 11111111113 11.1-1111111111-g 12.111111-111'1 XX. 112lQL'1'Q .X. 11!l1'1'1NQ X. 11:11- 1IL1'111: 17. 11z11'1. . L'11L'11Q KI. XL'11'1111111: NI, 1'1.u11 li. 1'm-11L'1: X. 1'111'11f1 L.. 1l1'1L'Lk1 X. 1q2lN11L'X'N1ij'1 1 -L'1111lll11f 1. 1x1v1111-11 I 1.111111111111112 X. 1.1111I1l1 17. 1.111111 IDA 1.1111L1g1'L'1lQ 51. N1L'.'X111L'j'1 XX. N1 1mz11111. XX. X1L'L'1l2ll1. 1 1111'11L'1Q 1.. 51I1Y1l1iI X. 51111111111 L. XX1l1s1l1 Ll. 511-1113 1'. XX 1-1553 M. XYl'1l11IL'1'gQ X1 811111112 11. 1X111I111. -111111111111 lf. XY111: l.. SL'11ll1Z1 hl. SL'11XYZ11'17I .1. Scott: ID. XR 11. S1K'11N11'LI111, L'1JL'1'l111l1I 11. X12l1 ugll N1. N:111111111s11 WW bk x 1 a 5 V l fx 1 y H UN ERSITY HIGH SCHOOL The main event of this year, in . most students' minds, was undoubt- -N edly the navy's taking over Sunny Gym. Because of this, the Boys' Club "" had to be moved to the Language :fi 5 N .-1- ' Corridor and two ot' the adjoining i:: 'I I , , rooms just as it was going to open l ' its new kitchen. Many of our class- 1' TX I - tl rooms had to be moved, too, and for A 7 .Jr V 4' 3 1 a while some students were going 17 3 ' i C .4 .. 15 to their old rooms and finding no one , JI. .- "' Q' i there. Soon. however, system was 1-m"'.1"' . regained and work continued as -' " usual. Incidentallv, the sailors were ' quite a diversion for the girls in their leisure time. W'ith the permission of the faculty for eating "oft Campus", many students complained that there was not enough time for lunch period. A committee of students and parents got to- gether and recommended a iifty-minute lunch period during a trial period of two weeks. The ten minutes were taken off the 11:00 class and the 12:30 Know l2:35l classes. This plan worked out so well that it was carried on through the rest of the year. All in all Lf-High has had an active year, mainly because of the war emergency. The stu- dents have participated in Red Cross work, in the shop, and in collecting paper in the drive. They have all worked with willing hands and minds. ln their leisure time. many successful parties have been given by all grades. the council, and the Boys' and Girls' Clubs. Money for furnishing Sunny Gym for the sailors was raised in the Council Carnival. All agree that this has been an active and beneficial year. l'aul Ii. Jacobson Principal l'niversity lligh School 50 lflsie M. Smithies Assistant Principal Vniversity High School Stephen Xl. Corey Superintendent Laboratory Schools Miss 5111111111-s' 111111'1-. 1111- 111-11 111. 1111L'l'1'- 11111111', is 1:1s1 111-111111111115 21 11'1111111l111 111 13 1111111. 11 18 11111-1-1'111111 11l'L'11115K' 11111-11 ll 511111- 1111111111117 111111' w1111 1-111111's, 11111- 1l1'X'1'1' 11111111's XX'1l1'11l1'1' 111- If 111 111- 1'1-111'11111111111-11 111' 011111- 1l1l'11l11'11 1-111' s111111- 1111s1 111-1-11. 1311 171111'11111g's111111'1-1s1111ss11111'11111-111'1111- 11l'S1 111i1'111111I1'1'S 111 1111' s1-1111111, N1111lf' 111'1- 1111- k'lI1S, 11111'11s 111141 111'1115K'F 1'1-1111-1111-11 11l1'1lllQ,'11 111111 l11-11l'0 111111 111s11. 1111' 11111'1111's 111'1- 1'1111si11- 1-1'1-11 1'Il111l'1' g111111111- 1-111' Q1'1111lQ' 1-x1'11s1-s. 1111- 1,l1D1'I11'f' IS 1111111g111 111 111 lllllllf' 1111111'- 1-111 11'11ys. S111111- S111L'l'I'l'1f' 1111111 11 111 111- Z1 51ll11f'11ll11S1111111L'1 11111111f11.l1I111111g1l1111111111141 111- 111-111111, f11111'I'S Q11 111111' 111-1'1111s1- 1111-1' 111111' 111 211111 1-1111s1-11111-11111' 1'1111s1- 1111 11111'11111' 111141 11'1111'11 1-1'1-1'y11111- 1'Y1'l11ll2l11j' -111111s. X111 1'11'1l1l1i'S 111-111 11'111s 111'1- 111s11 1Il11I111Zl1' s1Q'111S 111111111111 s1'1111111. 1111'1'1' s1-1-111s 11111-:ws 111111-11g'1'111111111 s111111-111s 111'11111111 s111111- 1111511 111' 1111111111-1' 111111 Il 11111 111'l11.k'55l1141111 11PlP1i1l1Q' 1111111 111 1111-1-1-1111-13 111'1-111-11111g 111 111s 111s1-11111-s 1111111- 111- XX'1111111's 1111 s111111- s111-1'11111-11. Marguerite Eloise Schular, A.M. Babette Katherine Lemon, A.M. Edith Elizabeth Shepherd, A.M. Lang Again this year the members of the Lan- guage department were Miss Smithies, teach- ing Latin, M. Bovee, teaching Latin and Frenchg and Madame Green, teaching French. As a continuance of the change made last year, when Mr. Bovee started to teach Latin for the first time, Miss Smithies is teaching First year Latin and Mr. Bovee second. Next year the procedure will be re- versed and Mr. Bovee will take the first year 1.1 English Again, as for the past few years, the mem- bers of the English department are Miss Shepard, Miss Lemon, and Miss Schular. The arrangement of the classes was much as in past years, Miss Shepard taking all the tenth grade classes, Miss Lemon teaching half of the ninth grade classes and all of the seventh, and Miss Schuler teaching the other half of the ninth grade classes and all of the eighth grade classes. Aside from their regular duties of teaching Miss Lemon and Miss Schular were also faculty members on the Girls' Club Board and were both an asset to their committees. Miss Lemon was also co-adviser of the MIDVVAY with Miss Merrick for half of the year, and when Miss Merrick went to work for the Navy Miss Lemon took over all the responsibilities of adviser to the MIDVVAY. ages class and Miss Smithies will take the second. Mr. Bovee is also teaching French IA and IB, while Madame Green is teaching a French 1 class, two French 2 classes, and a French 3 class. The students not only learn the grammar of the language. but get a thor- ough background by reading the best litera- ture of the civilization in its original lan- guage. Elsie May Sl1lltlll6S,A.M. Arthur Gibbon Bovee, I'h.B. A. Marie Cote Greene, A.M. 52 Social Science The Social Science department consisted of three men, all of whom happened to be class advisers. Mr. XYhipple was the tenth grade adviser Mr. Rehage the ninth grade adviser and Mr. XYeaver. adviser ofthe sev- enth grade. All three of the teachers have been trying new, progressive methods in which the stu- dent is given more responsibility and chance to work independently. On the whole, the classes have responded favorably to this sys- tem, excepting a few which were unwilling to make the necessary effort. Glenn O. Blough, A.M Orlin D. Frank, SM, Physicians Dr. lflizabeth Downing has been a girls' physician in U-High for several years. Dr. Arthur Turner takes care of the boys. lt is through their con- tinual efforts that Lf-High has been kept healthy. As Drs. Downing and Turner have administered to the bodily health of our students, so has Klr. Sheviakov, of those in trouble. Many thanks to these doctors for keeping U-il-ligh healthy and happy all year. Bertha M. Parker, SM. Kenneth J. Rehage, AAI, Robert R. NVeaver. A.M. VYard D. Whipple, A.lXl. Science The members of the science department this year, just as in the last few years, were Mr. Frank, Mr. Blough, and Miss Parker. Mr. Blough and Miss Parker taught general science in the seventh and eighth grades while Mr. Frank taught biology to the tenth grade. The ninth grade was dividedg the first part of the year half of the class took biology and half took general science. ln February the classes were exchanged. This plan worked rather well this year as it has done in years gone by. so it probably will be very much the same next year. Rl. Elizabeth Downing, lXl.D. Artlmr Ray Turner, Rl.D. Mr. George Sheviakov 53 Music llarris Rockwell Robert Aitken Vail, lXlus.ll. Mason. AB. Due to Mr. Yail's sickness during most of the year, Mrs. Holley substituted for him in the music classes and did an excellent job. Mr. Hill of the College substituted for Mr. Vail in the Boys' and Girls' Glee Clubs, and the tenth grade, and if it had not been for him neither of the clubs would have been able to continue. Mr. Vail came back in April and was able to take over all his duties again. Mr. Mason again worked with the hand and orchestra and did a very fine job. The band played at almost every assembly and the orchestra played at one or two. Arts liugene Charles Lester Carl Kathryn Dean Margaret Hope Nellie Louise XYittiek, ill. Smith, A.lXl. Lee, A.INl. Pritchard. All. Merrick, A.fXl, This year the arts program has been run in units. There were live groups into which a person could go in the units. The groups were Shop under the supervision of Mr. NYittick, Home Ifconomics under Miss l'ritehard, Art under Mrs. Lee. and Typing with Miss Merrick. The First unit was a free one. The students went to the teacher in whose field they desired to work. Miss I'ritchard's group voted to have outdoor cooking, and during that tive-week unit they cooked in Scannnons Gardens. ln Shop the students made things out of wood and metal. ln Art a drawing course was carried on while the rest of the class modeled. ln Typing a newspaper was started. 54 Other units were Hobbies, House and Home. and Occupations and Vocations. The last unit was a free one also. Near the mid- dle of the year Miss Merrick left, and the program was cut down to four groups. After each unit the students wrote out their grades. Then the teachers wrote their ideas of the grades, which seemed, amazingly enough. to he higher than the students'! This arrangement of going from group to group gave the students a chance to get ac- quainted with all the groups. ln the seventh. eighth, and ninth grades the students chose a more advanced, con- tinuous arts program from one of the fields of which the seventh graders were free to trv all. Mathematics The members of the Math. department this year were Miss John, Mr. Hartung, Mr. Hornback, and Miss Alexander. About the middle of the year Mr. Hornback was taken by the Navy. The other members of the de- partment have carried on very ably in his absence. Miss Alexander, who is new this year, has started out very well and has taken on the heavy load of teaching ninth, tenth, and eleventh grade classes. Mr. Hartung has also taken on a heavier load this year and is teaching both ninth and tenth grade classes. Maurice Leslie Lenore John, A.M. Hartung, Ph.D. joseph Hope Martha D. Hornbaek, A.M. Alexander, S.M. Physical Education The physical education department has probably been moved around more this year than any other due to the fact that the Navy has taken over Sunny Gym. NVith the help of most ofthe boys in the school, the instruc- tors were able to move almost all of the lockers into the basement of Belfield and all of the desks and files into the new offices in Blanc and Belfield halls. It was decided to put the boys in old "gym Temp" and to move the girls over to Ida Noyes. This was quite a job since the Boys' Club had to be moved and the floor boards in the Boys' Club had to be repaired. The job was finally finished, however. and everyone is satisfied with their new quarters. All the members of this department, Mr. Irwin. Mr. Lauritsen, Miss Rahl, Miss Jack- son, and Miss Foster. all showed their ability to carry on in the face of difficulty and the students are grateful to them for this. Leslie XVilliam XVilliam Harold Dorothy Katherine Mary Paul Harold Irwin, Ph.D. Lauritsen, Ph.D. jackson, A.M. Rahl, A.M. Derr, A.lXl. 55 John Grerar Scholarship Prizes From the income ofthe John Crerar fund of 55,000 a prize of S20 is awarded to an outstand- ing shop student in each class of the High School, and a four year scholarship to the University is awarded to a student in the tenth grade who has the highest manual training average. Four Year Scholarship ..... .... R ichard Grinker Honorable Mention Tenth Grade Prize. Ninth Grade Prize. Honorable Mention. . . . . . . Eighth Grade Prize Honorable Mention Seventh Grade Prize .... Honorable Mention. . . .Edward Lyon Robert Bohman . . . .George Steele Robert Thurstone Charles Schwartz Leo Himmelblau William Gray William Escoube Arthur Haelig Richard Holtzman . . . .Richard Day . . . .Robert Mohr . . . . .Samuel York Joan Alizier Gerard Wayne Ronnoc Connor Herbert Bahlke Suzanne Friedman Alzada Carlisle CTIVITI 612 X XB wx., l'. llcrstg S. lxovaks: R. l,IAIL'L'I U. Xlactarlancg Xlcaflj K. Scars: -X llachg: bl. Sharp: ,l. Kunstaflcr. l'. XX ilsoug -I. Romano: X. l'latt1 ll. XX arclwcll: ti. f?il'Tt'l'2 bl. l.iutlsay: l.. l.2llQI'llZ,N1.NlClllU3ll1- Student Council thu' ll!-ll--ll Stuclcnt Council, unclcr thc lcaflcrsliip of Gilhcrt Cartcr, tlitl anothci' tinc joh of lcct-ping our stuclcnt activities running slllootllly. St-vt-ral spccial rcqucsts niaflc thc task of organizing' thc hinlgct all thc more cliliticult. lncl tluc to scvcral other things, thc fonncil was forccrl to spcntl niost of thc first sonics- tci' eliscussing thc lnnlgct. 'l'hc standing coinntittccs of thc Council all rlicl a linc joh in thcii' rcspcctive hranchcs. 'l'hc ,XSSt'llllJlX' fonunittcc ht'oug'lit us many hnc asscnihly progranis among which wcrc talks hy our olfl fricncls, Slllll XX'illianis anfl Sain Caiupht-ll, talks on l.incoln anrl ,lcl'fci'- son. anrl scvcral typcs ol motion picturcs. 'liiwo inixcrs wcrc givcn anrl wcrc prohahly mort- succcsslul than thosc in past ycars. I ,X lint- bluuioi' lvccl cross organization was sct up hy thc Council anrl niciuhcrsliip was . . . our l'1't-s. FN otlcrccl to all thc stuflcnts. lfunrls wt-rc raisctl hy collecting wastc papcr ancl ganics ancl othcr things wcrc inanufacturcrl in thc shop for the hoys in the scrviccs. 'l'hc prospccts of having an Rl J.'l'.t'. unit wcrc loolcccl into. hut this was founrl to hc impractical. 'l'hc L'-Hilitcs of lf?-12, anothcr activity sponsorcrl hy thc Stuclcnt Council. was ht-lfl in lcla Xoycs, hccausc Sunny Gym was occu- pictl hy tht- Navy. .Xs in thc past. tht- pro- ccccls troni this wcut to thc L nivcrsity bct- tlcnicnt anfl thc llyflc ll!ll'li Nciglihorlioofl Cluh. lhc Stuclcnt Llounctl ot N42 has surclv hclpctl L'-lnligh niark upanotln-1'hannci' vt-:ut tiilhcrt L'ai'tci'. .. lflliot lfpstcin. .. llarlan XX'ai'rlwcll ,lcannc Lintlsay . lzlhot lzpstcin. .. lonathan Sharp.. Rohm-rt l'i'icc ...... ... ,lohn Kunstacltcr. l.0l'l'2llllL' Lakritz. .-Xrthi r llacligx ., llarlan XX'arclwcll Dick lilliot ...... ,lt-an Romano. .. llcrry llcrst ..,.. Xliriani Nicrniau. lloh Xlican ...... Nancy l'latt. ., llill Xlullins ..... l'anicla XX'ilson.. llavicl Xlacfarlant Stanton Kovacs. . .. .. l'. ll. Vlacohson. .. li. ml. Rchagc. .. li. ti. Siuith.-. .. l'.. Xl. 5llllflllt'5.. ................,......l,ll'5l!lt'lll l ...X'icc-I rcsitlt-nt .... ......,Scci'ctai'y .. .. . . . .. . . . , ,.il-l't'1lilll't'l' ..,.lllth Grarlc l'i'csiilcnt lllth tiraclc lhfprcscntalivc lllth llrailc Rt-prcscntalivc ......Vth tirarlc l'i't-siilcnt .Oth tirarlc Rt-nrt-scntativc ... ...Uth flratlc Rcpi'cscl1tativc ..,...8th Kiratlc l'i'csirlcnt .Sth tirazlc litqmrcscutativt- ,Sth liratlc Rl'llI'R'5R'lll1lllX't' . ..,..... fth Mraflc l'I't'Nlllt'Ill .fth firaclc ltcprcscntativc ...'ith tirarlc Rcprvscnlalivt- ......fii1'ls' tiluh l'rt-sitlcut ,.,.l1oy-s' liluh lil'l'Nl1lk'lll ..Xliclway liciwcsciitzntivc llUl'I'k'lIiltl!' llcprcscntativc .....klluh lQt'lll't'Sl'lll1lllX'k' .,...............l"aculty ...lfaculty ...l'aculty ...lfacultv R. tirinker: l7. Lewis: M.l3ay:.l.Bonner:C1.Schn1iclt: I. Slight: A. Russel: R. Davis: Rosenthal: F. X'N'liitel1eail. fi. Schutz: K. Satley: D. lflliot: l.. Lakritz: M. Bay: j. Smith: M. Shapiro: M. W'ong': Miss Merrick. N. Yocheni: ,l. llansen: R. Koruhauser: C. Sch wartz: l'. XVilson: XY. Gray: R. Holzinger: F. Bloch. Midway The MIIDXYA-XY took off in the fall with 55600 ancl 17 hi-monthly issues to look for- warrl to. Miss Merrick was again aclvisor, with Miss l.Cll1Ul1 couiing' in as eo-advisor in the seconcl seuiester. XYhen Miss Merrick was askecl to head the teaching of typewrit- ing' on the raclio training program for the sailors' training' on the canipus. Miss l,einon was given the full responsibility. The MllJXY.'XY strove for school spirit anfl high stanclarcls in L'-Highgancl t'Y0!'j'- thing' else in the L'-High Creecl throughout the year. lt put stress on interscholastic sports, almost always giving a banner heacl on the fourth page antl often giving them noticeable space on the front page. This served as an important factor in the large, loyal attenclances at most of the gaincs. lt puhlishecl some very goocl erlitorials anfl con- tinueil the "X'oice of the Student" which gave stuclent opinion an excellent outlet. The main problem facing' the eclitorial lmoarcl was that of efficiently Ul'g'2llllZlllg' the reporters. They recognized their loose. hap- hazarcl organization of their reporters as a glaring' fault, and though the clearing up of this clifliculty was slow it was steacly. mak- ing' the joh facing next year's lnoarcl niuch easier. Right after Christmas the MIIJXY,-XY un- flertook the sale of XYar Stamps anrl con- tinuecl for the rest of the year. Kirk Sattly heaclecl that joh ancl was aluly assisted hy others. lflJlTORIAl. BOARD lfrlitor-in-Chief. .. Managing' litlitor.. News lfclitor. . .. Feature lfclitor ..... Girls' Sports lirlitor lloys' Sports lirlitor If xlitorial Associates.. ...llEllllt'l2i NYilson Charles Schwartz Ruth K ornliauser . . .... Francis Block .... . . . .Ruth llolzinger ,. .... julian llansen ...Dick lilliot if? amiiltsuinuaw., . ,l. Xeedlenian: Rl. Cox: -I. llonnerg V. Bernstein: Nl. Mather: H, Morris: M. Hay: F. Carlin: j. lrwin. Nliss SIlIltl1lL'Sl lf. Katz: -I. llirschg Y. l'latt, G. Schmidt, lf. llarrisg Miss SClllllCI'. Girls' Club The Girls' Chili, headed hy a hoard of rep- resentatives from all the classes, is an organ- ization to which all the girls in the school helong. The activities of the service coin- niittee extended beyond the fall. this year, and formed a junior section of the llritish XYar Relief Society as well as working on charity driyes. 'l'he year hegan with the llig-l.ittle Sister 'l'ea to introduce the new girls to the school Une successful party was the kitchen shower for all the girls in the fall. 'l'he three coni- niittees held slippers in the clnh and worked Girls Lluh lea 00 together on a ping-pong tournament. 'lihe ils Llnh dance. which this year was CII" "Heaven Can XYait". really was llcavenly. The Father and Daughter get-together was loads of fun and the year ended with the new hoard giving' the joint-lloard supper tor the old board. 'l'llli GllQl,S' Cl.L'l5 HUA-XRIJ Nancy l'latt ..................... President Gwendolen Schmidt. .. ..Yice-l'resident .lean llirseh ..................... Secretary lfnid H iii 'IH iti HMS .... . Yiolet llernstein. Marjory Mather. . lietti 'C'IlS1l"' 10th Grade Representative lOth Grade Representative e Morris ............ llouse Cionnnittec ......Seryice flUllllIllllK'l' Phyllis Lox ...... Annette Sherman ........ Social Connnittee Mart tl une ha liay ...... lion n er ..... Frances Carlin. . . ,Indy llutchinson. june Marks ...... Pegg y XX'ilson .... Sth Grade Marilyn Cox ..... .Ioan lfliza -lean Miss Miss Miss Miss lrwin ....... heth Katz. .. Needlenian. . Sinithies .... 9th Grade 9th Grade lxepresentative .Sth Grade ' .Nth Grade .Nth Grade Representative Y Representative liepresentatire liepresentativc Representative Representative Representative .7th Grade Grade 7th .7th Grade Representative .7th Grade Representative . . . . . . . . .Faculty Adviser tlohn .... Adviser to House Committee l,ClllOll. . ..-'vi SCl1lllCl'. .-Xzlv viser to Social Connnittee isar to Service Coininittee ' 1. s .asiltczstzi II. Mohr: Il. Illum- hergg Mr. Smith: D. llllillerq ll. Rhodes, S. Kovacs: ,I. llanseng Mr. Iiranlrg I.. Ilan- seng I.. Sperry. Boys' Club This year's lloys' Club has had one of its most successful seasons since the separation of the upper and lower classes. Cnder the excellent leadership of the Iloys' Club lloard the club has put on many of the school's social events, including' the two memorable dances, the ".-Xir Raid XYigg'le" and "Anchors :Mveig'l1". and open houses for the girls. Also they have entertained the mothers and fathers. The board meetings were held every 'l'uesday morning at 8:15 at which all of the week's business was discussed. Perhaps the most important issue was the appropriation of 55250 from the Student Council tto be followed by an equal amount next yearl for buying' equipment with which to furnish a kitchen. Unexpectedly the Navy took over . . boys Sunny Gymnasium. whereupon the gym classes had to use the club room. This action spoiled our plan of a kitchen as we were compelled to move into the Language Cor- ridor and two of the adjoining rooms. Since we had already bought much of the equip- ment we moved our stove and refrigerator into the Girls' Club kitchen with the under- standing' that we might use them when we wished. The unfortunate emergency which occurred this year was met calmly by the students, who cooperated with the school to the fullest extent. The lloys' Club has done a splendid job this year in meeting emer- gencies and we expect that they will con- tinue to be a good iniluence in the years to come. BOYS' CLUB BOARD Rennetli Sears ..... ............ I 'resident Bill Mullins .... ...Yiee-President julian Ilansen. . . ...... Secretary I.yle Hansen .................... 'Treasurer Stanton Kovacs. .l0th Grade Representative Bill Tolley ...... 10th Grade Representative llruce Schimberg. .9th Grade Representative David lllumberg 9th Grade Representative David Miller .... Sth Grade Representative Rob Mohr ...... Sth Grade Representative Harker Rhodes. . . 7th Grade Representative Leonard Sperry. 7th Grade Representative O. IJ. Frank. .. I.. C. Smith.. . . . . . . .Faculty ...Faculty til Ruth Kornhanser. .............. Treasurer, N. Aubrey: E. Sharp: M. Goodman: j. Hirsch: Miss Foster: Miss Rahl: Miss jackson: N. Friedman: M. Menaul: J. Victor. R. llolzinger: R. Kornhauser: L. Callahan: I. Lindsay: J- Craig: C. Bezarkl G. 015011. G. A. A. The G. A. A. completed a highly success- ful year under the capable presidency of ,Ieanne Lindsay. Although many unpre- dicted changes were brought about. the or- ganization continued to fulfill its purpose. Every girl is automatically a member and it is hoped that she will be stimulated to par- ticipate in the activities offered in intramu- rals. In addition to sports the G.A.A. offers many parties scattered throughout the year. One of the favorites is the Dime Dinner. Everyone agrees that you get more than your money's worth of fun. There is also the hockey jamboree in the fall and volleyball playrlay was held with Franclis Parker, and Faulkner. It was an interesting experience to play against girls from other schools. A new award system was introduced this year, which placed the emphasis on partici- pation rather than on skill. It was felt that in this way that awards would be given to girls who really came out and worked, in- stead of those who were just lucky enough to be highly skilled. In order to do this the old lmp-Pep structure was abolished in favor of class teams. All-star teams played one game at the end of each season and the playing was the reward. ln the spring the awards were given out 02 at a picnic instead of at the banquet which is usually held for that purpose. Thus ended a wonderful year. G.A.A. BOARD Jeanne Lindsay ................. President Jean Craig ....... ...Social Chairman Lenore Callahan ........ ........ S ecretary 9th Grade Repre Barbara Ernst .... 9th Grade Repre Jean Victor ....... Sth Grade Repre Margery Menaul. .Sth Grade Repre Eugenia Sharp.. .7th Grade Repre Nancy Friedman. ,7th Grade Repre sentative sentative sentative sentative sentative sentative Jean Hirsch .............. Hockey Manager Peggy Goodman ....... Volleyball Manager Ruth Holzinger ....... Basketball Manager Grace Olson .......... Swimming Manager Cynthia Crawford ....... Baseball Manager Clare Bezark ............. Tennis Manager Carol Kreeger.Recreational Sports Manager D. Jackson ....................... Faculty K. M. Rahl. .. .. Foster ..... .. . Faculty . Faculty 1111111 511111112 I-. 1',1'IlNIl XI. X1:1l111'1'1 11.501111 Glee Clubs C1lRI.S , . . , . . . , , , . . .. , ,. 111111 I1. XIlIlIJk'X'l'llIi'1'Q la, II:11'1'1N: XI, 41111111111-1'g: I.. 1'1A1111 IIIZIIIQ N X111-111'1113 11, 11151113 DI. 1'11-M111-1'3 X,IXl1lgQ II. 141111111 X, I'x1'L'I1I1ll1lIl. wx: NI. X1:11'11111 L. X11'11111fg I., I.11111s:1y3 X. lI1'1'11sI1'1111 AI. Lrzugj lx. I1111y111g1-1'3 -1. 1111'w111 ID, I'1-111111 1'. X1:111'1'. ', . 7 , f '..' . ". -. 1 ' , . NI 1 . 4 1 . . . : .. :wN:,.1 11: ,-: 1 . N1111, XI, N11-11:1111. 'A N11111 Ii.SI1z11A11:,I.1l1:1w111': XI, XY1111g: if ,11111w. I I X1111A1'1x3 1'. K wx: 5. I.:1XI:11111:13 I.. lz111:111:111Z I 11:1v1111'f1: NI, I'111111-1'1111. BOYS 111111111111 11 1111111 111 l Q11l111 I X111111 II 'l11 N11111111x I X1 111 I IR1111111 IK 11111111 IQ Ii1111111:111w1'3 I.XX11N1111: VI, 1x11111:111111 VI. 111111'11111N11113 1'. XX11 171v1w11113 11. X1:11'1':11A1:111vZ 11,1111-11111111 Ii. 51'111'a1 If. 1'.11sI1111-3 UI, 1311111-111112 IC. 1'1'11'1'2 WI. 511111111 I. 114111-N XY, 11:1gv11x. , . .i , . . l.I111111111g, l, 511111111173 In 1.:1111I1s: 1.1 1'1':1111s1'11t11:1I: II.XX1-1111111145 1115111-1-11 11.511111 11. X111I11111:111. 11l'l'l'XQ XY, I1l'Ilj'Q 11. X1111111 11,711-11111-111 XY. lifts 1111-1 IQ. II:11'1Ng AI. 11111111113 lx. K 11:11'c'. 11 l'. Cox: .l. lluswelli Klr. Mason: J. Meinl: IJ. Mzlvfarlziiiei R. lltlltllllillll Xl. fox: Rl. Slmpiro: ID. Mohlnizxnq L. brliwzirtz: lx. lhuveg l'. Lzirling Nl. llziyesg l' tiooflinzin. xl, llirsehg ti. Selnnirllg .l. Coinnlong l'. llayes: lf. l.eitel'g M. Leiter: lf. Lyons: vl. lfislilmein. Orchestra 'llhough it has heen flitlieult, the niore faithful nienihers of the orchestra have tuni- lwlecl out ol herl ezirly in the morning' in orrlei' to he :it the seiiii-weekly, eight o'eloek re- hezirszils. The orehestrzi is tliininisliiug' in size. hut in :it lezist one way that is :ln zul- YIllllIlQ'L', for it has now only its hest ztncl niost interestecl players. The inet that it lost its reliezu-sul rooni in Sunny liyinnzlsiuin clifl not rlzuint the orehestrzl hut rather servecl to spur it on so that :ill who were in the vicinity of the new eentei' of zletivities might enjoy the niusie which eznne forth. The Ol'Cllt'Sll'Zl. unrler the tlireetion of Nlr. Nlzison, hzlcl plzinnerl to Cooperate with the chorus in sex'- er:1l eoneerts. hut flue to Nlr. X':1il's long' ztncl unfortun:1te illness only one of these pro- grsuns took plzieefthe Spring' Music Festi- vall. Ar this the orchestra presentecl its greatest uehievenient ot the year: the first movement of' Sehuhf:rt's "l'ntinished Symf phony". ln zultlition the orchestral has several times opened zissenihlies hy playing some short nuinhers :intl also aeeoinpzinying the singing of pzltriotie songs. The nienihers feel that heing m4 Zl part ol the orchestra has helpeml thein to partieipzite in sehool zletiyities inore eoni- pletely :incl more eujoyzihly than woulml oth- erwise have heen possihle. 'l'llL'il' only re- gret was that the group was not larger :intl eoulcl therefore not attempt niore :unlwitious pieces of inusie. Ulifl l lfS'l'lQgX Nl lCKl li KRS lilszi Leiter Violins Nlfllllllllff l,eiter Cilll llirseh 25 . llruee Seliiiiiherg' lqlL'llIlI'1l lltlllllllilll lflutes tiwenclolen Sehniirlt lfrzniees Carlin Yiolzt Peggy filltltllllilll Nlllflllll Sliziiuro C ellos -lohn Coinpton l':u'olyn llziyes l'egg'y lluyes lfreneli llorn Hill Mullins Cornet .I une U'llrien Charles F-eliwzirtz lizlss l'i:1no .lohn llusxyell l'hyll1s Cox flzirinets -lolin llernslein The Band '111l1' 1v1l1X'1'1'S111 111g-11 511111111 11111111 1s 1111- 1lI1C1'1lt1Yl' 2l1'11Y11y 111111 1111111-11 111 1111- 1111511111- 11ll'g'1'S1 111s11111111-111111 1ll'Q'lll11ZIl11111l 111111 11115 111111111 Il X'1'1'j' 1'1l11ll'1'll1 1l1'I'1l7I'l111l111'1' 111 1111 1-11-1' 111'1'll 11ss1-1111111-11 111 1111' 1'Il1X'1'I'S111 1111511 111111g111111s. S1'111l111. 11 1s g'1'1111'111g' 1Zll'g'1'1' 1-11-11 11'Zll'. 11s S1'X'1'l'2l1 111' 1111- 11111111 l1l1'l111J1'I'S 111Il1'1'11 inf 1l11'g'141l1llA5111111111241111101115 1-1111-1 111g'11S1-1111111. S11'lI1l11'l11Il1 s11111s 111 1111' llSS1'l1111111'S 1111 1111 N111 l1l11Y is 1111' 111111111111 1111111'1lY111g' 11111 1111- g'111111- s1'1111111. ll111l111r 11115 1111111-1111011 111 1111- 1111- f'1'1l1'S s1111'1- 11111111 1111l1111111Il, 111-1111 1111ZlY1'. 111111 I'11i1111 11 1111s l11'g'Ill11X1'11. 11311111311 S1Zlg'1'11 Il "S1111'11 111' '711" 111-1 111111 '11111' 11111111 111111s 11111. 1111.111-111111 11ss1-11111111-s Ili 1111111-11 111 111- Il X'1'1'y 1111111111111 lllllI1111'1' 111 1111 111-11 IIS 1111' 11111111111 11111-s 1111'l111g111l1111 1111' 11-111. 1'11111'1'1'1S. 1'1111111X11lQ' 11s111'111'1111-s111 1111- 131111111-s111-114 '11111' s1'1111111 11l11'1'11IlS1'11 111111' 111'XY 111-111 111'11111s Q111111. 1111s 11-111 211111 111111111 11111111-11s1111, X1Zll'11JIl 1'11'Jl111'1'S 1'1l1'11II, 11111111111 1.1-11'1s, 111111 N1Il1" .XllS111l, 1,111-111111' 1.1-111s, 111111 .N11111 S1'11l11Z 1111 11111 .X11s1111 11111l1Y1l11'11111111111 1XY11'1111g' IIS Il 1'11' 11111Ilg'Zl1'1'1'11112l1111'111111111-1111l11Il11'11l1'1Il. 51, .X11111-11 .X, 5111111111 tl. 1 1111111111111 N111 x11l51111: XX. 11'XXlI11 17. 1111-g1111, Al. 1'1511111111': .X1 1111ssl11-1: 11. l,1-111-1: Nl, 1.1'111'I'Q -1. 171-111111-11 1. l11111s111111-1 ll. N11'll11I ID. N1111111 I. 1'111's1111s lf. 1.1-11'1s: 11. 111-1s111-1. 1 VI. 111111-sg ll, ,111111-sg ll. 1311'14s11111-1. l'1-g111-sg -I. 1111111111: 11. 1.2lI'h1'!11 14. N11111111111-11 17, 111-111111-jpg IJ, ,Xll1lI'1'y V1. 1311111111111-1 11. 1'11111'1-I -1. 5111111-1. 11, 121-1'11s11-1113 lx, 1.111111 11,51-111's1 1. 51'l1w1111y: 11. XX 11111111-111 R. l'1'1-1-11111: Nl. I11111-sg M. 1.1111111111111, 11. 1,1-111s3 NI. .X11s1111: 12 111I'11Il. 113 . , ,. . P M., , . l. immliimiig IC, Knight: S. l.:iXlnntizig ll. Nlzzicrg vl. llzu-ligg ii. Svlnniilt: .l. Sniitli, l.. Rusvlltlmlg Y. llL'l'llSlClllQ LA. Nivlmlsg ll. Xi21lllJl'VK'lllk'l'1 ll. lii'lSlllL.fl'l'Q .l. xxiflgllll S. Kliiicnlwrg. Nl. UI. Nl.nlin: -I. lluinicig Q. I'lnlipg la. l.L'l21llflQ.l. hziylnrilg Rl. l'lIllll'l'llll, Music Club horus 'l'lu- piwsimlviit lflivzilmvtll l.c'l:1ml,tliv vice- 'lilic Cliuriis tlizlt was tlI'g'ZllllZl'Il ln' Kli' lbI'K'5lflQ'lll. fillflbllll llziycs, ilu- sm-ci'ct:n'y, Bla- Yzlili11tl1cspi'iiig'ofll?-ll tu sing' un tliv rzuliu rim' hlcnn Alllfllll, .lnrl Klrs. llully, who was was SlIlg'lIlg'IlQ'1llll tliis yn-:ni lh'c:ii1scuf Klr zlrlvisrn' during tlic zllmsciicc uf Nlr. Yziil, Y:lil's illncss tliv clnvrns wm'kn-ml inust ul' ilu lic-lpn-cl thc clnlm tlnmngli :ln cxt1'ciin'ly snc- yvzn' witli Klr. liclizigc-. Sliurtly zlltvi' tln ccssfnl scrivs ful imfctings. lfvc'i'y invinlx-1' spriiig' vzlczitimi Klr. Yzlil tmilq uw-1' :again viiwiuyc-rl tliv lllllIlK'l'KlllS p1'ug'1':n1is of classical ",liinniy Sliznitic-s" lmnill np Il l:1i'g'v iwpa-1'l1vii'c ninsic, lic-lrl trips, gimiip singing. lllllSlC1ll i'i mwlci' to lic' pix-p:11'a-cl tu sing fm' Q"l'HlllJs gznnvs Illlll stnrlc-nl lzilvnt 1ll'lPg'l'ZlIllS. Ullll'l' than L'-lligli il tlic clizniu- cu-1' cznnc R. Davis: rl. lluys: Il. Dickson: li. Mullins: j. M1-acl: l.. llzinse-n: K. Scars: ll. Klzicfm- link R l'liLL ll vi '-: . Mn-acl. l Q A . A H. lirziv' I X ictnrg N. Platt: Nl. Mc-nanl: l'. Wilson: la. Lclancl: vl. Snntlig l.. Lnllzilizinz NN. lligcnsg ll, Mulilinzln. Mr. RL-lmgc: A. Slim-i'n1:m3 l'. flunfliiiaiig X, Yuclicnig M. Matlicr: l'. Cox: ,l. l.incls:1yZ nl. Craig' IV: -L.. 1. 1'11111'11111111: 1'1. 1111x111111111: ,1. 11111ss11r: M. 112lyQ l.. 1'C1'1i1I1S1 R. R111s: 1', 51111111 N X 111111111 '11 S1111111' V1'11j1111111: 1N1.,I. 11:11'11111'11: ,1. Y11'111-. 1 ,l, N11111111111111113 C. 111111111 17. 1.1111111s: R. C11s113 R. S1'11111111111r: '1', R11g111's3 11111 Ll S11 Miss 1.11111 1 . Purple Masque 1 .1 1 llf 1111 1x11 1 g'1111111111'11111 1 ss ,111111111 111s 12 ' v111'y s "SS.l1 s1111s1111. 11 llllll 111 11111: ll 1 111s 71 11 111111 111 s '1 s 11111'1a111i1111 11 'I11 111111s11s 11 's 1 ' ' ' ' '11 1111111111 111 1111111 111-11. 11s 1'1 1"'1 111' 1 '11 1111'111111'l'S 111 1'11't11'1 11110 111 1111111111'1111s 11111 V. - " -1 1111 1111 111s 11' 111: '111e1 11 t11 111111v11 1 11s 11s. .1 111111111 111' '1c111'11111s 11'111'11 cos 1111- ing, 11111 '111 ' 11 1111110 s1111f11:, 1111111111 17 1 11'L'C11l1h', Zllll c11s1i111'. XY111111 'I11 11111 11r11jeC s '1111 ' 's 11 1 11 1 ',t '11'11 ' '-1 " 1s. S 111f 1 11111 11111 11111t11111111111s w111'11 1111111111611 1'1 1 11'1111111 111 Ill 1 is 111111 c11111 32l111CS. 1111, 1 11111s1 s11cc11ss ll 111 1111 y11111'. 11'11s 1111111111 1s '1 11s 1r111 11111 1-' 1111 11111111111rs 111 - s111'11s. " 11 C1111 111111 11111'1y-11v11 11161115 i anna 11. U111'111': Y. 11111'11s1111111111 M. 511111111111 11. 11111111111 C. 11111111111 N. 51111111 1 S11111ff11' X D111 111 '1'11- 1jl11'1111' M'1s Ill 1 111111- 1 1 111 '111 ' N11 1 1 1 111 .1 1111- KL 1 1 '1'11 ' ' 1 1 1 1 1 1c11 1 I I 1 1111 ,, 1 . f ' 1 11111 111'1111111. '111111 1111111, 1111111g111'1111111 111s1 yC'Zll', 11.1 1111111 111 .11111111.1t11 111.ljN 1 111 ' 'ts 111 ' 11 1 gs '1'1 11 11,11 111 1 .1111-11 . 1 11111 1- 1 1 1 1111 1 1 1 11.11 1111 11111 1 1 X 1 . 11 1x 1.1 1 1 1 1, s 5 111s 1 11 1 1 1 t XX1 11111 11 11 11 1111 11111 111' 1111 N111 1111 111 111s11111111 .11 L 1111111 111111 1111 11 s 1 1 1 Ill 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 O 1111 1 1 1 1 11111 1 111 1 11 1 1 1 C111 1 1 11 1 1 C18 t111s y11111' 111111 1111111' 11s 1111111111111's fr11111 g1'111111s scv1111 t11r1111g11 1011. '1'1111 111'11s1111111t was C1Zll'C 1111z111'11, 11111 s11cr11111ry, Mary 1111116 1111r1111r11, 111111 1116 v1c11-111'11s111c11t was .1111111 Stoffcr. P -I. Marks, l. Portls, J. ROIUZINU, Mrs. Luc, A. Russcll, A. Sllvcr- mam, N. Kcrr. lf. .-Xlrl'u'mlcr, lf. Hcllcr, R. lohusun, l'. Vlllson . v Q. lxrucgcr. Art Club Photography Club .xlllltlllffll tluw' zlrc willumut tlulir suumclcs ,. . .. :uul tzuushlu-rc :lrc llIl'IlllM'l'S ul tlu' .Xrt Club. Huh Ijlmmgmllllfl Lluh .gm QM to ll ll-Um! l'urlvr tlu-ir :ulviscr Mrs. :uul tlu-ir zllmlc Start your Wlth fl .scrws ul talks ulfum lbI'l'hl4lK'lll. .Xflclyu liussa-ll. ilu' .-Xrt flulu has thvc 'l'.l'S'f"1f lllmxlifll .l'll"t"Sll'l'll5- mum lux-u la-ucliug' its l2ll0IllS to llllllilllg' pustcrs ID- dlnclcul 'f'f'lf'lf"r ffl, the duh' .Hmllmlf :uul lu-lpiug ilu' Scrilmlmlcrs Clulm iu publish- new 'dm gncn lm fl'l"'l'l'T"2 ing ..l,i,g.nm,"' Hu. ,ww nmgazim, for Lv- lJl'lllflllg'..Zlllill7llUlUg'l'1ll1l1yl.CC.llll1lll1L'5. Nu'- lligll. .Xuy pupils frruu tlu' scvvuth grzulc to ml mmlws .WCW S'f1?"Ul Wlnfll 'login WMI ilu- tl-utll wcrc 4-ligilmlc for IllL'IlllJCl'Sllll1 su it mkmg lf'm?1f'S Hull Wlth thc llullllllmhlllw 'll was llllllll' up ul tlursc who were ullurcstccl. l'l'f'tf'1f"ll'l"L f'lll'?l'F?""l' 'Ns Mmm 'lb tht XX-'Wu my Art Club was not busy with XYSZl.ll1Cll'XYIISIlL'!'lIllS5llJlCll1C IllCIIllJk'I'Sfll1Sl1'fl INMOIR :md lm,tul.L,S fm. --I,Cg.uSll5-- :md Post- ull tlu-u' trusty czuucrzls :uul gut Il.ClI1lllL'l' lu HS fm. my R041 C-ross. Chalk. Pcncils' :md try out smuc ul tllC.lllCtllUilS :uul lllk'ZlS tluu pl-uf :lppczlrwl :uul cu-1'yu11c spout tlu' club Hwy had bwn Stmlymg' mm! dmumg lmlthmg tho ulmtml' , Fur ul'-llilitcsn this your tlu- clulm lmuk :l ,Mlm-lyu liusscll ................. Vrcslrlcut jllllllltlll-l-l'OIlllllL'l1SllZll1JlllJlUQ'l'Zllll1lCk'Xllll1ll L'u'ul lQl'l'l'g't'l' .. ...Yicl--I'u-siflcxlt Zlllll took pictures of smuc of tlu- :uullvucn Nuucy Kc-rr .... .......... S ccrctary lustezul, lu tlu- sc-ttiug' ul :lu ulrl-f:1sl1imu'1l llHlll'lllC5' AlUlll'.. ..l'ulmliclty Blzluzlgcr pluntu shop. all C. Nt'XX'lllll'j'f ,l. Rosa-utlualg lf. XYI1itn-lxcarl: Mr. llartuug: l'. XYilsou: XY. XYolfg Xl, XYuug. R. .-Xllcu: R, Davis: XY. l'1St'O1.llJL'I Ii. licllg I.. lllIlllllL'llJlZlllI .'X. Kraus. U. hlelinek: ll. tierstley: IS. Baker: M. Lavis: j. Myers: S. Rathje: S. Taitel: K. Sattley: ll. Kahn: F. Car- li11: M. llayes. Miss Sehuler: l-. Matkin: M. Hay: l.. Lakritz: N. Aubrey: ti. Sehroyer: H. l'asek. Scribblers "Something new has been added!" Very new, i11 fact. Tl1is year the members of the Scribbler's Club have experimented with an entirely different idea: a literary magazine, llZlIllCtl PEG.-NSllS.' Most of the meetings have lJ0l'l'l devoted to writing and criticizing con- tributions for the new publication. The club advisor, Miss Schuler, giving 111ucl1 valuable Zlllil 11eeded aid by helping tl1e members to correct and rewrite stories a11d poems. The club started a contest, witl1 tl1e hope that it wo11ld l5CCUIllC an annual project. Ex- eepting the Scribbler's Club, all other 1116111- Modern The Modern llance group was an entirely new club this year. The membership was open to all seve11tl1 and eighth grade girls. During the meeting times the group worked till the techniques of tl1e lllUClCI'l'1 fl1lllCC a11d learned a great many things about rhythm and design. Many enjoyable and appreciated club hours were spent in limber- ing up the very work weary bodies of the members and in trying out their creative ability by composing very beautiful dances. The meinbers regretted very much though that their club could meet so seldom for they found that to keep from being stiff and sore all over they were required to li111ber 1113 hers of the High School were eligible to en- ter. The winning articles were published i11 the magazine with much publicity. The club niembers acting as editorial stall' of the p11b- lication, welcomed all contributions from the student body. The magazine was brought out only once this year. but there is hope for two or three issues next season. The magazine proved very successful. un- covering n1uch u11used talent among the stude11ts. Dance every single day. They surely hope to have a larger group next year witl1 which to exe- cute lllU1'C elaborate dances. J. Busby: M. Cox: E. Katzl C. Crage: F. Potter. 69 X-Vzlter Sports 111111111111111 1 1111 ll11I1l111I 111 1111- XX 'lI1'l' 511 111-:1111-11 111' 111111111 1 XX 1' NF. 1 ' V1-1 111111 1 11111 111-1'111111 1X 11'1-1111-11' 11111111-11111 111 1111111 1111111 '11111 11111 B 1':11'1-F. 11:11'111-- 111111 111 11111 111 1111- 1111111 N I111- 1-x1'1111111' 111111 111 1111- 1'1111111111:1111111 111 A 1111- I11X1l1Q 1-11111 11.15 1111 1111 111 1111 11111111 111 1111- XX'111'll 1111 X lX X 1111111 1lX1'1'X11111IX 1.1111 -X 1111-11 1111' '11-1111111 111 1111 1111117 11111 X . N 11 1111111111111 11111 111111-1-11:1111-1111X 111111 1 5" 111111 1ll1I1111'11111''11l111111l11I1g 111l1Q1l 1111- XX'l11'I' 11:11'1 111 1111' 1'1Il11 111 5llll'4' 111-1- ' ' 11111g'f111111g. 11:1 .X1l1 111w 'x 111111111 1111-1111111 lQ141'l'111'l1 1111-1 1111111111 1111 111111, 1 I,v.'rff. I1 11111111,XX.1.1'z11L111111111-11:11.111111--1XX.11111 111'11v 11.1.111111.111. . , . . . 1 S 11111.X, 111111111 ll 1111l111111,, XX1 1.1N111, 1 11.11111 111 1 . 1 1 N I . 1 --1.- 1 I11111111, 1,. 1111111 11, X11111112 x1..X1lN1lI1I,1.11I1'N111 1 1'1'11-11111:1111 X 111111 X 11111111111' li 1111111111 17 X1l111'l' X111 1,:1111'11x1-11. 11111111'XX'A 'V 112111,1',.511.ll11,11,111IN111.1:.XX1'1N ,X 171-11111111x111' 1. 147111 113 11-111 D. llaty: J. Donahue ll. Gibbs: Mr. XVeaver R. tloldcnsoni S. tiosch l'. llellerl l'. llerst. -I. llortong -I. l.even tbalq A. l.orenze1 ,l. l'ar sons: bl. Peeuesg ll XN'ardwell. R. Mohr: C. XYest bergp J. Keogh: R. liber- hardt: Mr. XYhippleZ l.. liubanksg R. Larsen: A Sciakyg IJ. Aubrey. XY. lrwing ll. Moore A. Schutzg li. Donahue S. llenvenisteg ll. Mohr' ll. Nlilliken, Sportsman's lub The Sportsman's Club is devoted entirely to sports and outdoor activities. The pur- pose of this club is to give its membe1's an opportunity to study and discuss sports in which they are interested. Only those stu- dents who appreciate and show an interest in this activity belong to the club. Our membership totaled sixteen. The meetings were held in Room 210, lllaine llall. Mr. XYeaver was adviser to the club. The officers were: president, john llortong vice-president, Stewart Peacock, secretary and treasurer, Stanley Gosch. At meetings throughout the year, the club members discussed many of the sports they liked, including football, hunting, target shooting, hockey, camping, fishing, baseball, and tennis. Movies, panel discussions, and individual speakers enlivened the programs. The club members all agree that they had one swell time. llesides otTering fun for the members, the club also teaches one the principles of the major sports of this decade. Aviation Club This year the members of the Aviation Club have met with a common interest in airplanes and model building. The club has therefore set forth to study such things as war planes, constructive models, and the history of aviation. It has conducted several tlying contests of different kinds, and has helped to make scale models for the govern- ment. These models will be used as illus- trations for airplane spotter classes in col- laboration with civilian defense. ln the fu- ture the club hopes to learn a little of flight theory and control. Mr. XYhipple, our new Social Science teacher. has been the aevisfr this year and has taken quite an active interest in club af- fairs. He has turned his room into a shop twice a month and has often made some very useful suggestions. For L'-Hilites the club prepared a special exhibit of modern war planes. constructed by the members. 71 The Home Economics Club This year the llome liconomics Club con- centrated on eooking. The members learned how to prepare many delicious dishes such as pies, meats, and salads. .Xt each meeting a dillerent recipe was tried. .XII eight mem- bers of this club appreciated having .Xlzada Carlisle as president. Iiyeryone agreed that each time they met they accomplished a 4 . , U A M great deal. Kliss Pritchard not only made I" 'Elm'IBil,f.'lIIhbil'lig' Mmlmlm' 5' Mwllnmn: the Home Iiconomics Club useful but inter- . I , 1. ' . . esting and enjoyable. The Biology Club The Iliology Club enjoyed a most profit- able series of meetings this year. Dr. Frank was the adviser, with -Iolm Compton as Pres- ident, l,enore Callahan as vice-president, and Isobel Slight as secretary. The club was quite a large one. with 30 members at the start of the year. For their first speaker the club had a lady doctor from Billings llospital to talk about Vitamin K, and a few interesting cases received there. Several held trips were made, one to the Rosenwald Museum and another to the Botany Green- house. Mr. Mayfield showed his colored travel movies at one meeting and the l'lant I.ife movies were shown at another. Toward the end of the year. the club turned itself into a discussion group to talk about their L'-Hilites exhibit. and also to talk about Biology in general. Under the excellent guidance of llr. lfrank and John Compton the club meetings were well planned, and everybody thoroughly' -11- joyed them. 5 ' 1 -I. l'letcher3 C.. Olsen: X, king: DI. Craig: -I. Lindsay: IXI. XYeinstin: II. Iirnst: ul. Ilutchensong tl. Campbell. l'. liannong A. Shook: C. Klolander: Ii. Ridley: A, llulse: D. Delany: I. Dean: U. Zinuuering: XY. Ilalkeg R. Thurstone. XX. K ohen: .I. I'ISlll7lt'll1 II. IIISOIIQ -I. Qompton: Mr. Frank: I.. Calahan: I. Slight: IJ. lirnstg tl, XYayne. wx + .A 4 - Advanced Science Club The .-Xdvanced Science Club was formed this year for the purpose of discussing the higher aspects of science. lt was decided that no actual experiments would be done during club meetings, but that between gath- erings the members would read on the sub- ject that was to be discussed at the next meeting. Hill Mullins. the president, did an excellent job of leading the group in its discussions. 'l'here was a high degree of participation, as topics of interest to all were chosen. .-X unanimous decision against keeping minutes saved time and also served to make the meet- ings more informal. .-Xltogether, the ,Nd- vanced Science Club more nearly resembled an advanced science panel or discussion group. The club has lived up to the highest expectations of its members, and undoubt- edly such a valuable addition to the club pro- gram will be continued in future years. Mathematics Club As usual, the membership of the Math Club was small this year. lt consisted of seven students aided and abetted by Miss .Xlexander acting as adviser The group re- warded Robert Krooth for bravery in being the only boy in the club by electing him pres- ident. No other otificers were thought nec- essary. During the first part of the year miscel- laneous subjects were discussed. such as the slide rule and various types of puzzles in- volving both arithmetic and algebra. Dur- ing the latter part of the year the discussions ofthe meetings centered around the study of ditlerent number systems. From the studies of the latter part of the year our U-Hilites exhibit was made. Math clubbers consider that this year's work was both informative and stimulating to the intellect,as well as helping develop a worthwhile hobby. F. Bloch: K. Chavez R. Karaschg Miss l'ar- ker. Xl . Cotter: R. tirinker: A, llaelig: C. llugginsg D. l.autman. li. Leiter: l'. Ratajik' R. Krooth: C. Crawford D. Feitler: R. Holzingcr: Miss Alexandcrg lf. llarris. 73 .l. llk'I'llSlk'llll ll. llrilll 'l'. lJz11'1s1 l". l.011'is: .X. SICVIIZ l'. xYt'lIIslt'lIl. 'l'l10 liz11li11 Q'l11l1 tl11s ytill' 11':1sl1:1111li0a1111c1l :1111l t0l0visi1111, 111 1x'l1i0l1 tl11-5' 11'0r0 0s111-0i:1ll1 l11 l1:1vi1111' 1111l1' ll l'1-11' IllCllllBCl'S l111t 11s 0v0rv- lIlfCl'CStCtl. lt was tl10 Hlll' 111s0 11t tl11-0l11l1 111 PN . . . I7 I 1 i I . 11110 wus IlClIN'L'lf' lIllL'1'0SlK'll 111 1'z11l111 111110l1 l1111l 11111 11'l1z1t It 01111l1l 1l11111:1011v1-ly l11-l11 llll lS :1001111111l1sl11-1l. ll10 lllCllllDl'I'S l1Qz11.l ll 11110 Wm- P,-Hg,-mn. It was 1Qm.m.,1 that if 11,1 Ulllml' tp lwcmmk nlmlh lmltwlcllt. m lllCIlllJl'l'S l100z11110 llllJl'L' skill01l. llll'y mig' xl1lI'S0 QUflL', Ill l111tl1 s0111l111g' :1111l l'CCClX'1Ilg'. I.f f 1. t . . i I - - 1 z ' 'z 1 '11 ff' 's-11'111 Xl111'l1 t11110 was s11011t KllSCl1SSlllQ' tl10 tl1011ry llull 5 ul l TU lu 'l'l"'N Ulm K K 4,1 1-mlm' 11u,.ing.t1u. 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H1 IS :1 g'11111l 111'g:1111z:1t11111 t11r 1111111110 llllk'I't'Slt1l lllllfll as 1111ss1l1l1-, :1111l 1l0x'11t01l 11110 11100t111g . tl U f tl lI't I I f -- ff - " 1:'.:1 111 XX'11I'lilllQ Ill tl11-sl11111. lllllj' l1z11'0 l1ste1101l m K lllo 7 HHN U I ll mln l ll li HT Ur U, tm, k.Xu.11t.m SI,mkC,.S WIN, lwlpwl U, gin, 1111311110 111t01'0st01l lll llillilllg' 1l1lI'l 111 fll5fllN tl10 0l11l1 Il ClK'Ill'L'l' 111-11' 11f 1Jl'CSL'llf 11211 lJI'UlJA s11111s 111 tl11s s11rt. Y Y I 5 K11r11l1:111s0r: ,l. KllllSl1lfllk'l'Q lf. l.l'Ylllk'I I1. Xlorris: Bl. fJlTClllK'l'j.fI l.. l'Al'?lIllit'llll11llI ll. lxl1111l0s1 XY. l1111 lllI11ll'l'I Ki. St'llNYZlI'lZ. R l111l1111:1111 XY. lJL'lllSCl1I li, l':ITSlL'lIlQ S. Kovacs: H. Ifr011111l: 'lf Katz: R. K0st11I1:111111. CLASSES Z K! W . gp I I.Xl XI. Llvx. . ll1.l,.'Xll7lt'I'2 IQ. .'Xlle-ni l'l..'Xllllk'llIlR'I'1S.l:l'l1'lll1IHI1Q ll. llznlmlkc: Il. lluxlmyg .-X. Curliflc: li, Uulmmr I lJvl:1m'x" I. 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Al. l.eventlt:tl1 IJ. l.ewis1 VI. Xlziyerg lx, Xlieztng ll. llellerq ti. Oliver: Rl. XlCl'lllZlll1,l. Xeetllenntn. l.. l'ui'tisg ll. Rlnwclesg hl. Rosentlnilg ll. Seutti Nl. Senior: li. Sliztrpg .'X. Silvernizniz X. Slight: l.. Sperryg if 'l'hni'stune. li. X':tt73 li. XX':tyne: l". XX'llllk'llk'ZltlQ Nl. XX'njniz1k: XX'. XX'oltg nl. XX'oolpy: ll. XX'i'ig'ltt: IJ. Zinnnring. Jtttentleml. These meetings were lm' the l1llI'- the seeoncl zttlztit' and was helrl on l'lClJl'l1Zll'X pnse ut clisenssing elztss zttl':tii's :intl elztss 20. lfitty people tif the elztss were present pzlrties. Un every prujeet the selnml nncler- ztncl spent :L must Ulljlbylllllt' 2ll.lCl'lllNJl1. The tmflq the seventh grzule hnelcecl it whole- l'Cll'CSlllllL'lltS were Coen Culzl. runt heer, :tnfl he:n'te1lly. cookies. 'llliuse un the sueizll eunnnittee 'l'he elziss utitieers mlitl :tn exeellent juli. Klr. were: Klztrimi .Xnstin, eh:1i1'1n:1n 1 .luhn l.ex'- XXl'1lX'l'l'. the zulviser. gave freely of his tinie enthztl. jerry Rwsentliztl, Li1ll'lJlX'll tiiwtge. :intl was :tn inspirutimi In the ullieers :incl l.emizn'cl Sperry. .leunine linshy. :incl llztrry elnss nienihers. lle euntrihnteml excellent tlihhs. stiggestimis tu the elztss :incl gnimletl the .X mixer wus helfl in eunjnnetiun with the gmlip tln'nng'li its inztny pruhleins. eighth grztcle ztnrl helped tu :tecltutint the ,llllk'l'C were two elztss parties. The tirst. lIlCllllJCl'S ut' the seventh Q,1'l'Ilflt' with their helcl nn Nmwenihei' 7, was very nnnsnztl. he- fellnw stuclents. .X seenncl niixer was plzinnetl ing' inznle np of Il hztskethztll gznne hetween hut eztneelletl heeilnse ul the reqtiisitiuiiing' two very highly :nlvertiserl tennis. 'llhe of Sunny Clyinnztsintn hy the Navy. teznns ennsistecl of hnys ehusen trnni the The seventh grztrle is prutnl ul its niztny elztss. liefreshinents were lnmttlngs zlncl Coen :tecmnlilislnnents niztcle cltn'ing.g' the pztst yt-:nt tlmlzt. 'llllt'l1lll'lyXX'IlS enjuyecl innnensely hy lt expects tu ztttztek the pruhletns uf the :tll whu ztttenrlecl it. 'l'he new :trts llI'tJg'l'Zllll eighth grzule next yezn' with vigm' ztnrl ins wnrkecl hzinrl in h:tn1l with the elztss prepztr- terest ztncl lnrpes tu he one uf the utitstniicliiig' ing for the pztrty. .X roller skating' party wits elztsses in lt!-H. 77 l3..XlIllI't'j'1 lS.l1:tl4t'r: Xl. llztriiztiwli R. l!t'ttm:t1i1 la. llllxllilllllll la t urliii: X. lJ:1i'i'ttw: R. llstyg I,. llrstqstt-tlt. li. lxllitttg l.. lztilmiiltsi Nl. l'1llllL'l'1ltlQ l.. l'1'ztt1l4t-litliznlg ,l, liztyltmrtli -l. t,l:1sst'1': ll. ttttltlt-ilsttii: ul. llztrhgg K . llttugitis. I. lltitrlimsttiig XX. Irwin: li, Alttlmstnii X. lxt'i't'2 R. l.:1i'st'i1: lx. l.t'itt'r: .X. l.tti't-11.ft': vl. XlztrltsL ll, Xlvzitl. Xl, xlL'1l2llllI ID,Nlillt-1, li, ltttltlt-11st.ii. li. Xltthi , 5. Nltwiiis. It Xltwiilrls, t . Xtwxlvtiiy. l,, film, 5. l tutttitlt. EIGHTH GRADE 'l'ht' liighth tlrzttlt' gut itlttw tht- swing tit' llttli Xltvhr, l.:ti't'y Olin. :mtl llt'Ill'j' Nlt-:ttl ttt tltiiigs twtrly this yt':ti' with its vt'i'y :1lmlt't'l:1ss ht'lp kt't-p tht' yt':1t' glttwing' with StllIll'l'l'1lllf' ttIlit't't's. Il2llIlt'lf'. llztrlzm XY1ll'tlXX't'll. pi't'si- gtitntl lillllilllllL'll1ll'llt'S. tlt'i1tg liilly XYt'iiilmt'rg, x'it't'-prt'sitlt'nt3 .Xlzm 'l'ht- l't'Sl1llS ttf tht' t'lt't'titm wt'i't- twti wt'll l,tvrt't1xt', St'Cl't'l1ll'j'Q lltithztiiii Qltulmstm, ti't':tsA :1ttt'ntlt-tl t'l:tss p:ti'tit's with tlztitciiig, gg':tii1t's. lll't'l'. :mtl with tvtit' f1'it'1itlly :mtl t'llit'it'nt zltl- :mtl plt'nt5' ttf gtttttl wl1ttlt'stv1ht' i't'ft't'sl1i1it'i1ts Xifllt. Miss 5ClIllll'l', Bliss ,lftllll llvltwfl. 100. :mtl :t mixt'i' ht'ltl with tht' st-vt-nth g'l'1ltlt'. iii liK't'lblllg' mit' hztlf ttf tht' rtntmi iiitt-t't'stt'tl. 'l'tt ttap tttl' tht' yt':ti' tht- ltt'st party til' :ull wats XYlit'n tht' t'lt-ctitms for tht' t'l:1ss tvllit't'i's givt-it in Kllly. XX't'l't' twt'i', :1 strciztl t'tmimittt't' wits t'lt't'tt'tl. ,Xll in ztll, this has lvt't't1 Il must stit't't'ssl't1l with liztlph l5t'tt1i1:11i :ts tht' Clllllflllllll :mtl yczti' for tht' lfighth tlrzttlt' with its splt'i1tlitl llll'llllIl tiztmplwll, Sully Kltrrris. Xlztrjtmry lt'zttlt'1'ship, tint' :tt'tivitit's, :mtl its ztll :trtvitlitl Nlt-until, Xllfgllllll ll:u'i't:w, l:I'2llll'l'S Kltnilrls, gtitttl pupils. I nm N. r , .V I. I l,Nllt , I. Iuw111.111u' I. lC11ltr11Iw1'g1 .X. N'I111171 XI. 5I1.1 111112 l,ht11cIfsg I.511111tt1-1-3 14.8111-vig l.X'i1111 ' ' ' . . . V , , . ' .. ' . 1. ' U,.. ., . . . 1 l,X11,Im1, Il.XX.111lx11-Il. XX. XX1111Iw1g. lx. Imgwl l. XM-s1I11-1'g: I'. XX1Is11113 IA XX111s111111 X1.X1-1-1-1111 CI:1ss Officers ...XY H:11'I:111 XYz111IwcII. . Billy xyL'II1I'CI'g. . M1111 1,1111-1120. .. RurI1:x1111 .l11l111sm111., .11'1I5,11111' uI41ss111m-s11lv111. I'1'cs1LIL r cc I,l'L'SILIk Sccrct ll x I Vczls 4 i A.. uv' ffl!-,L fi H, . jiiiii 14" 41 x ff HIL! X. .X11111'1'1'1 IJ, 111111: KI. Ilayi 5. 111'111'1'111st1'3 11. 111'1S1llQl'1'Q 11. 1111111111: NI, H1111111111urgg 17.1Z11111111111 I7 I'1r1 11. 1'11:11'1': 1'. 1.2ll1ll11ll. XI. 11111111: 'lf Davis: IJ. 1311111111-1: QX, 1JK'II111111I51Qy: IZ. 1'I1'11s1: XY. 160111111113 13. 151-1111'1': ,1. 15111111 ' 11111111 ,1.1'111111111111. 11' ' " 'A .111-1's111'1': I',1,111111111a11: 1.1,1'a111111.111-111111. 11'11'1111' 11 I1'l111'. 1. 11111 111: 12, 111l1'11 L 11 IX 1 I 111'111'1'. A 1 1 1 N . . 1 I.. 1111111111-11111111, 41. 1111s1'11, VI. 11llNl'11, R. 1111111111113 R. 11111s111a11: 11. 11111111111 .X. 111-1s1 U 11111111 l ,111111-si 11. 141111111 -1. 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Soccer Team llll1l1'l' 11s ll1'XX' 1'11111'l1. NIV. fAll1lI'lL'S lfrclf CF 1lll.1ll'lllZll 11-11111. Isl-17111 Ill1's1' g':11111-5 I" 111111111 11'l1111s111111'1111l11- N1111, l'-ll1g'l11'11111- ll1g'l1 1'1'1'1-11'1'1l Stllllt' 111111111'1:1111 111111111-1s 11l1-11-1l 1111111l1111' s111'1'1'1' s1'11s1111. rlwllk' s1'11s1111 l511111lly, Il Qilllll' 11'11s 15lZlj'1'1l. l,lll' 111 1111-v llllglll l1:11'1- lT1'1'll 111111'1- SllL'L'1'SS1lll 1l11111 11 11'11s. 111'1'11'111'1' 1'-Il1gl1 l11s1 111 lly1l1' lmilfli I11' 1l11 l X111'l'l1'll1'1' 11'11s 1l11- 11111111 llllllg' 1l11' 11-11111 cl11s1- sc111'1- 111' l-0. I'-ll11gl1's 1l1-11-11s1' l11'l1l 1111 l11'k1-1l,14:1111. Hill li111'11l11111s1-1' l11-111g 1l11- tllllf' 11111s1 111' 1l11' g'111111'. l1111 111 1l11' IIISI 11111 Illllll1l1'S 1lllll'll1l11f l1'111-1'1111111, .-X l111'g1' s1111111l 1111'111-rl ll1'1l1- l,111'k sc11r1-1l. 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'l'l11' l11111l1' 1'1'1' 11':1s l111lf. 1l11-1'1' 11'1'1'1-11'1 11111' 111ll11's. l111l11-x1-1-11111l l11'1ll 'l'lll 1111l11-l111ll." l111l1' Nl1111s1- lQ111lk111s s1:11'1c'1l llllI1g'S 11'l11'11 l11 111111l1' 1l11- 111's1 g'1111l. 111111. Hill li111'11l1111151-1' lI1'1'JlllS1' 111' llilfl XX'1'1l1ll1'I' 11111' 11111l11111111s 1'11ll1111'1-1l s1111 11'11l1 Il 111-l1l Qllill. 'lll11'11 'l'11111 lxl1'lil'l'5 11'1'1'1- 4llSIl1l1llJllIl1'1I Ill l1111'111g' 1l11'11' I1l'Zl1l1'l 1-111l1-1l 1l1c s1'111'111g' I11' l111111111g' 111 llll' N1 IIHIII' 15111111-5 1'11ll1-1l 11ll'. ll1111'1-1'c1', Illilllf' 1l111'1l 111111 l11s1 Qtlill, 'l1ll1' l11s1 11111 g'1llllK'5 111111'111'1- g111111's 11'111'1- 11l111'111l 11'11l1 1l11- l'. 111 11'1-1'1- l11s1 111 011k l'111'k 11111l 1l11- .XlllllllIl. 1 , .N11l1-l1111w GC: LFIS RFI! LHB CHR RHI! Ol, Il. CF IR OR lineup Glcuvcs Scars ll uyes Cross XYrigl1t Hallam liUI'I1ll2lllSt'I' Raclkins Brzulel Thom pscm Gray H igh High -High Hgh -High High Scores Oct. 20 Oct. 27 Nov. 3 Nov. l3 Nov. 15 Nov. 17 WATCHING THE HCHAMPSH NVORK OUT Hyde Park Oak Park Hyde Park Crane Oak Park Alumni Coach C. lirdmann: E. Molanderg R. Freeark: J. Hansen: J. Bernstein: D. Rlumhergg 11. Schimlmerg: C. Schwartz. li. Ridley: ll. Dicksonp l.. llansen: A. Radkins: sl. Donahue: D. Haty. Lightweight Basketball The lightweights began the season with a new coach and a new policy. The coach, Charles lfrdmann, who also led the soccer squad. hlled the vacancy left when the Blur- phy hrothers enlisted in the Navy. The pol- icy allowed only freshmen and sophomores on the team. and transferred promising play- ers to the heavyweights. Travelling to XYheaton for the first league game, the squad met an experienced hut slow team on a small floor and triumphed 18 to 14. The team dropped their hrst home game at llartlett to a taller Christian live, 3-1 to 15. A small floor failed to check l2rdmann's little men. and led hy Captain Hansen who contrihuted eleven points, they easily heat Latin 26 to 7. Out after two in a row, the squad encoun- tered North l'ark in Sunny Gym and eoasted to a 24-15 win. Crinpled hy the loss of the Hansen hroth- ers. the team fell hefore a Harvard avalanche and lost. VVith a cheese-hox for a gym and the ref- eree the cheese. the lights lost a close game to Parker, 15 to 13, after leading most of the way. 88 Cp against the league leaders at Todd. the team played good hall against a taller squad and lost hy 3 points, 19 to 16. Although they were ahead at the half the liartlett hoys couldn't keep the lead, and lost to Luther. 21-17. Thus the lightweights finished the season with 3 won and 5 lost. The team's lack of experience prohahly caused the dismal tive, hut the last three games were lost hy mar- gins of 2. 3, and 4 points respectively, and if the hreaks had come for. instead of against them, the squad would have won 6 out of S. Players Positions Awards l.yle Hansen center Major Ulohn Bernstein forward Minor .lerry Donahue forward Minor David llaty guard Minor Bruce Shimherg forward Minor Hale Dickson forward Minor Robert Freeark guard Minor .lulian Hansen guard Minor Andrew Radkins guard Minor Dave Blumherg forward Shield Elton Ridley guard Shield Charles Molander guard Shield I Hill lXXl llill'l' llX9lili'l'l!gXl.l. SLI HR ICS l leeemlxer lllllllllff' Illlllllff' l'l Xxvlllilllrll I4 fl Lllll'lSll2lll 3-l lfm l.:1ti11 7 Illlllllfj' .23 l:11111:11'x l eln'u:u'y l k'l1l'llIll'f' l eln'u:11'y Nurtlm l':11'l4 I5 30 llZll'lil'l' 15 l3 'l'ml1l ll? 20 ll:11'x':u'rl 37 27 l.utl1e1' ll -.1 A llll1lll.ll1ll'l'S Super-:mlmmlzmee of letters . . . llznily x with llle hezlvies. with zleeem Ull win' A"l'l1e ulfl g'i11g'e1"' . . . "Kluelci-lui" . . . lflu znrlfs luelqy lung' shuts zllmmg' with his zxllmm sllues . . . "l71'ix'e it lIUlllL'l '... llieksfm ln Ll1 ulu xml ilu free gum . , . "l'ne - ' 1' . . .1 llll mruvemellt ul the Sl'CUllKl1lllfl tlnrcl strm l -W ers flue to tlle xx'm1rle1'lnl ewzu-lm1g:1ml llun own cluggenl ill'lQ'l'llllIl2lllHll. f41lIH'l1 .Xlulm-Vsmlg li, l'iI'L'4'Ill'li1 tl. Slxzxrpj l". 'l'rr1villm1, lL':1pt.l3 tl. Svlmwzlrtz. lXlg1',l l ,lllvwlvxl ,l. Svlllmxluwgg if l,2llll'ltNl'Il1 .'X. Kulmg Nl, l.zu'kvy, I-leuvywelght Basketball Hur llczxvyxvn-iggllt lmskctlnnll SCZISUII cnulcl with fcntl-1' .Iulm Sclllmslu-rg zuul f++rxx':11'fl ll lrmlly lu- uzlllccl Il SIICCUSS frum tlu- won zuul M4-I l.:1ckcy. :Lll tlum- g'rzul11:lti11g' sm-uim's, ss lminl ul' vu-xv. 'l'lu- tvzun vquzllccl tlu . . ,,. , , , , .. uclml svt by lust yc:u"s lCZlIll :uul clul not "lull l'H'll I5 lll IX "lull Hb xxin :1 QZIIIIU. lluwcvcr from tlu' stzuulpuint NYU NWI' lft JRlSli'l' - - - 5' '-1 .. ul vn1m'uu-nt, gmul lcllowslup mul team Nl nl? Um fum wld Nulull Fl lxhl mm, 1, , ' il , .- . . .. . . .. .. . . . llu- L r:u'kc1'lumx guns ul L lll'lSll1Hl zuul I :lr I .ly um uw 11.1551-fl .L 5llLLl'55l.lll FUKISUII. , , I ,. I I II I II I I km' . . . llu- I'l'll'I't'0 :lt lnrlu-r . . . llu HW Ill' l 'H l"h"'1U KIM' 'f'5W"l' CFM Qllflwllllll lmls . . . llu- 1151-la-sfxll-55 ul ilu IIHIV 5 HIITI5 mmmfl 5I0 If MIEUHIM' ' HU l,11tin flcfczlt . . . llllL'lil'lS l.:u'lu'x' . . . 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N111 11l'1'1' 1J11ll'l'11 his 1111-11 11-1-11 111 11111111- 1111 1111' 1111- 11155 111111 S111-1-1-1-111-11. 111111 XX'1'ig'111 1111s 1-1111111111 111111 K12ll'X'1l1 X11111-1' 111111111g'1-11 1111' 11'1ll11. ill. llviicmlvlx M. Mills-r. Junior Outdoor Track 'llhis j't'2ll'lS outclooi' ll'2lCli 50215011 has hccu zu vi-ry succcssful om' for thc juuiors. who proiullj' shou' :ui iiiiclcfczitccl rccorcl. lluriug thc outclooi' truck sczisou tlu-rc ure ll grczit iunuy iucvts iu which thc juniors CZlIl'l1ZlI'tlClf putt' iu :is scuiors, hcucc tlu-rc :irc times wht-u thc juniors :irc CUll1l1L'IlI1g'ZlgZlll1Sl llltll oltlci' :uul more iuztturc thzui thvy arc. lYith thc cxpvrt Ctlllflllllg' of Klr. llcrr :uicl tho ClJUlbl'l'Zltltlll of thc hoys, thcy llzlvc lx-vu l1usgl7,l.ull1:l..l:u tt-rg U. M:u't'gu' Mr. llc-rrg XY, Mul W, Gray. J. llnnsc-u B. Slii-lulu-1515f',ilI'unt :thlc to huilcl up thvir hoflics, clcvclop ucu' skills :lull lcztru thc szlcrccl Coclc ot sports- iuzuiship. The boys wt-rc ll2lllKllC2llJjDCtl this yt-zu' Z1 littlc hcczuisc of thc loss of llzirtlctt gyiu :is Z1 tfllllllllg' ccutcr siucc the HZIYX iuovccl in about April l. XYith this yczu' forgotten thc tc-:nu is look- ing foru'zu'cl to Zlll0l.llL'l' scztsou of hzu'4l work zuicl victorics for L'-lligh. U D April 17 .April 25 May 22 May 29 April I7 April 25 May 2 May 22 May 29 l '.H i gh Pu rlzer JUNIORS PROYISU RELAYS Morgan Park M. P. Bloom Hyde Park South Shcrre SIENIORS l'.l-ligh 62 l'.l-Iigh 75 l'.High 60 l'.High 59 l'.High 45 l'.l-ligh 42 l'.l-ligh -ll lxnigh 62 l'.High 72 Morgan Park M. P. Bloom Parker Hyde Park South Shore 'RlY4X'l'li SCIIOOI, MEET May I6 63 Latin 5 Christian I3 Harvzlril lil Concordia my 1 Cilezlycs-6 way tic fur fourth and fiftl in l'1lU'l1 Julnp-LQ point. bw K ANKAK 1212 May 8 filC2lVCS-'l2l1I'Q6 way tic for third tim and fifth pole vault-2 points. lileaycs-Fi1'st place in high jim: points. xhqligllt-'l1l1ll'fl itlucc in 220 lim' hui 3 points. XYright-'I'hirrl plzicc in 100 ycl. hi h hui clles-3 points. Relay Tczun lfirant. Ruml. XXII filcuycsl l point. fifth plzlcc 440 ynrrl ulu I 1. lliffllwlfiftli place-l-l point 90 Sehwarlrg -ll. lfreu ll. W ehnieier. ousg ll. Daskal Clillivray, Swimming Once in ten years a swimming' team like onrs is horn into L'-lligh. An nnclefeateil cliver W- liolm liohertson - who just misserl placing' clown-state. Our relay team who looli lonrth plaee clown-state, nosing out six ol the state's lirst teams. .Xllen llaskal lwho was also an exeeptional haekstrokerl, Knml ancl liarker tour linest erawl menj ancl liill Lyon, eomposecl the relay team. XX'e were very strong' in all other events also as provecl hy lint one tleleat all season. This sinlfle Fw . . eliampionsliip swimmers qmail drop in our average was eansecl hy illness. Mr. lVlcGillivmv-ffthe swirrrrirtz rezinfs he- lovecl coach "Klae'Pfnever failecl with his eoaehing, interest, ancl wit. The team showecl an exceptional Cooperative ancl anihitions spirit. lts greatest triumph oeenrreml when we won the Private School League swim- ming meet hy allowing' the other eompeting teams a surprising' total of fifteen of the ninety points possible.'s make a fervent wish that it won't he another ten years he- fore L'-lligh has another star team. ll, llartg XX. Mem hang ll. l'iseherg t ml ll. Ruml, tl'apl.J lf, XYojnaial4: ll. ld l R lQseonlu-3 tloaeh Mi I Baseball Team ,l. Sliarjvi T. llradel i Ilv 'Nl l ul R. l'reea": . . .1 'Q , ey: l,.,laeohsg1'.l,:ui ritseng j. Spencer. Couch llotl, 'l' ichterq R. llarker IJ. llarlg A. Kuhn: R llaty: D, ll,lumht-rg G. Steele: Rfliseouhe Schwartz, Xvith tive regulars lost through gradua- The hattery eonsisted of jacohs on the tion, the hasehall team had its work cut out. mound, and Capt. Mel Lackey on the re' Coach lirdmann started practice early. llut ceiving' end. llave llaty at hrst hase. Ray nfter only two weeks as coach, Mr. lirdmann lfreeark at second hase. .lohn Sharp at short- was called to .-Xnnapolis to serve in the Navy. stop. and hlohn Spencer at third hase com- lfor a couple of weeks the team was uneer- prised the infield. The outfield had lfritz ain as to whether they would have a field Kuhn in left, George Steele in center, and to play on and who would he the coach. Mr. Tom llradel in rig XYallv llock was selected as the new coach. , , ,, . , ,, , , , . , Nlel l.aekey was elected to he captain ofthe llll'Hl'H'll 15 Ol' W1 5l"'X5Ux U-mn. . . . Two-toned uniforms . . . l.acl4ey's The L'-lligh liopefuls worked under a waterlnelon hall . . . snappy stockings . . . handicap since they couldn't have the held super field at XYheaton . . . hreczy songs and house diamond until 4:20 l'. M. heeause the stories 011 U10 l71l5 l'1fl1'S . - . ,l211'1fl1'S l111111f' 1'1111 Yavy Signal Corps was on the field until . . . l.auritsen's uniform from the gay ninef then. Nevertheless, Coach liock and the ties era . . . sailors at the field house . . . eat hoys prepared for a successful season. at l.ooie's . . . Coneordia's variety of uni- .Xfler a few weeks with the hovs, Coach forms . . . the shortage of hasehalls . . . Ilock came up with the following lineup. intrafsquad games Us High High High High High High High High High Baseball Scores S XYhc-:limi In iiyfii- mi-ii 3 Cmlcimlizl 2 Liithci' F1 Nurth Sliuru I Nl. l'. M. .-X. 3 Latin 6 Harvzmi 4 M. P. M. .-X. I . , i ' ' 5 . is, TE lieeztnse of the loss of only one nieniher throngli g'l'Zl4lllZ1lllJll, this ye:1r's tennis team looltefl fofwzml to Il l'1'ivz1te School League elizunpionsliip. llllflCl' the gniclztncc of XYally Ilelmert the team has clevelopecl rzlpiclly, flue to his excellent instruction. Przletiee was helrl in the Helclhonse until F Trovillon' R XYhitingg S. K-ouullllxsj ll. lfstesg XY, Korn hsinserl .X. Knper. N villion snlmclnerl his niun hy :1 score of l0-3, 6-2. ztnrl XYhiting' clefezltecl his opponent, U-7. 6-l. This year the conference tennis meet will he held here on Klzty 23. lt promises to he :ln exciting event zlnml we hope it will nit-:ln ll victory for L'-lligli. the weather perniittecl the hoys to move ont- SCORPAQ sifle, l'l:ivers were assigned their singles A -'Xllrll lf herths nsrfollowsz lfrztnk Troyillion. oneg lv'HlP1'll 3 , V M- ll' M- fx' 0 llielc XYliiting', two: Hill Kornliztnser, threeg . fllml ls Stun Coombs, four, :tml liohertson, lfstes, lhlllifll 3 . llill'V5"'ll l Illlfl Cooper tillecl in the reniuining positions. - -'xllfll 24 4 I . . L'-llwh fm Loneorclm 0 Starting' the seztson sneeessfnlly the teznn A MMV I clelezlterl Klorgzni l':n'k4 Klilitztyy .Xezlrlelny Lv-Hiwh 5 'fl-hurum I,-l.m,timmI I 443, ll2ll'X'Zll'tl 3-l, :tncl Coneorcliu, who were 5 Mm. LJ lust yezn' s l'1'ix':1te School l.CZlQ1'llC Meet win- Lf-High 3 ' lIm.x,:ml 0 NUTS, fl Nlzly ln the meet with Concorclizt. L'-lligli l7fHigh 5 l'1ll'liCl' l showefl its superiority in ull niutehes with hlllj' 23 only clHllK'Ul'lllIl.S nninher one ztncl two sin- l'1'ivz1te School l.L'Zlg'llC 'llennis Kleet gles nien showing' strong' competition. 'l'1'o- lsr Plziccf l'-High H. Gownng N, Campg F. Xvojnaik, M. l'ilotg l.. Fishbeing NV. Mcc- han. GOLF This year's golf season was looked for- ward to with apprehension because the two best men were lost through graduation. However, as the day of the first meet ap- proached, prospects looked brighter. Frank VVojniak and Nick Camp moved up to the number one and two positions, and several newcomers came out to fill the gaps. Among these were Hugh XVehmeier, Martin Pilot, Wlill Meehan, and Justin Fishbein. The boys practiced daily on Stagg Field and by the time of meet with Harvard the boys were in fine condition. The long awaited day arrived and we came, we played, and we conquered. The final score was U- High, 854 points, and Harvard, 3M points. This was the first time U-High van- quished Harvard in some ten-odd years. The golfers practiced more than ever because they realized that in the return match, Harv- ard would be out for revenge. One of the best schedules the team ever had was drawn up by Coach Spyros K. Vor- res. This schedule includes meets with Mor- gan Park Military Academy, South Shore, and a return match with Harvard. The high light of the season will be the Private School League meet at XYoodstock, lll. SCORES April 27 U-High8z Harvard May l5 U-High 3 Morgan Park Military Academy 9 May 25 U-High 3M South Shore SM june l Private School League Meet U-High 2 Latin 4 Todd 5 Harvard 0 101 High School Intramurals The High School intramurals this year were again under the direction of Mr. Laur- itsen. All seventh and eighth grade boys and those ninth and tenth grade boys not in interscholastic sports were urged to partici- pate in the program. Amount and quality of participation were quite satisfactory, even though an unprecedented number of boys reported for interscholastic sports. In the fall fifteen teams competed 1n a full touchball schedule and had very good re sults. Numbers of boys and teams were smaller for the winter and spring intramurals due to athletic team participation. How ever, full schedules for basketball, baseball track, tennis, and swimming were completed AUTUMN - TOUCHBALL 7th Grade League W L T Pts 9th Grade League Team 2 ......... .... 7 0 1 15 Team 1 --------'- Team 1 .... .. .,.. 2 5 1 5 Team 3 ------- -- Team 3 .... .... 2 6 0 4 Team 4 ---- Team 2 .......... Sth Grade League 10th Grade League Team 3 ......... .... 8 0 0 16 Team 2 .......... Team 4 .... .. .... 5 3 0 10 Team 4 ........ .. Team 1 .... .... 3 5 0 6 Team 3 .... Team 2 .... .... 0 8 0 0 Team 1 .... TOUCHBALL CHAMPIONS 7th Grade 8th Grade 9th Grade Ernst Aubrey Fishbein Gibbs Goldenson Himmelblau Gosch Newbury Jelinek Leuenthal Pegues Krooth Sperry Sweet Ruby Wardwell Schimberg WINTER SEASON - BASKETBALL 7th Grade League Team 1 CGibbsQ .. Team 3 CHerstj .. Team 2 CThurstonD 8th Grade League Team 1 fWardwellj Team 3 COlinQ 102 VV L Pts ..11 7 .22 ..11 7 22 413 8 10 6 20 9 7 18 6 1 4 3 3 4 1 6 6 0 4 2 2 4 0 6 10th Grade Freeark Lautman Lewis Steele Stern Team 4 CDragstedtj ...... 7 9 Team 2 flrwinj .......... 6 10 49th and 10th Grade League Team 3 fLeslieJ .......... 13 3 Team 4 CKrausj .......... 9 7 Team 2 CFishbeinj 7 9 Team 1 fKunstadterj ..... 5 11 7th Grade Gibbs Whitehead Gosch Wolf Team 1 Donahue Gosch Bucchold Ernst Gibson Dean Zimring Team 1 Chave Ruby D. Mohr Luehr Elliot Shook Landis Parsons Frankenthal BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS 8th Grade 9th and 10th Grade Wardwell Leslie Elliot Chave Baker Leuhr Miller Bloomberg Frankenthal Shook SPRING - BASEBALL 7th Grade League Team 2 Rosenthal Gibbs Whiteheacl Wolf Leiter Delaney York Sth, 9th, and 10th Grade League Team 2 Team 3 Kraus Weinstein Freund Bloomberg Newbury Brill Gerstly Bettman Goldenson Dragstedt Jelinek Waterman Spiess Pegues Lewis Miller Irwin Team 3 Herst Thurston Heller Leventhal Mican Sperry Team 4 Wardwell Rogers Delaney Lorenze Sweet Hulse Huggins Larson Milliken lx. lilxluelsg X. l.:1 Nlzintixig l'I.Singlet1m I Nl Kula x I l ini 3: li. livin-rsmil li. Ray- mumlg l'. I'tPl'flSQ Al lla visung R, llznlvm sen: M. llerst. t', llupkiusg ll. llu len FYC Hockey All-Star Awards .Xt the heginuiug of the seztson the hockey- ists ture clown the Miclwzty with their usual yigm' :tml high-flying sticks. After the ini- tial Ill'2lCl.lL'l'S zieeumpzmiecl hy stiffness :tml hruiserl shins, they ezilmecl clown umler the euzteliiug of Miss Burns. .-'Xu early tie-up lmruug'l1t more people out for exciting com- petition :mil even more exciting refresh- ments. Using the hlue :tml recl Imp-Pep sweat- ers lmrruwecl from Sunny gym, the girls wurkerl up team spirit fur the trzulitionztl lmp-l'ep gzunes. The lmps came out zthezul in the first game 2-l. hut the l'eps rztlliecl to triumph in the seeuncl. 2-0. The play-ull gzuue wzts pustpuuecl several times clue to the lmml weather. XYhen it was tinzilly plziyecl, peuple euulfl have usecl bathing suits clue to the excessive mucl. After everyone hzicl usecl great elllurt in sliding :leross the tielfl. the gzune euflecl :lt Il tie. 2-2. During the clrier clzlys of the season, Z1 large assortment of girls turnecl up fur the twu gzunes seheclulefl with lTZll1lliIlCl'. lluth gzunes were victories for the lf. Y. Cl. The lf. Y. C. enrlecl the seztsun sueeessfully hy heating' llirseh lligh, 6-O on Z1 Sziturrlay plzu'-rlziy. ltl-l lieyerly liullen juan Ilzmzl -Izulet llzlyisun Ruth Halvorsen Catliarine llopkins Yernzx l,z1Mz1uti:i janet Klc.'Xuley Peggy I'urtis Y. l.aNlaiilia: ti. lltipkiiisg ll Qin l tim R llilxoi iii I. llavismig nl, Nlc.Xiilcy: bl. llaiiag l'. lkvrtisg Xl, llt-rst: ll. lhillvii. I. l3.m.i, l', l'uitis, R. llal- i'vi'sim-t lluplm ll ll lltii I. ltlrt-Xtilvy: IJ. lltitli X. Las ltlaiitiag S. Smith. .gn 3 . z"s-3 4's3t.ii'3 I". Y. C. X'Ul.l.liYl4.'Xl,l. llcspitt- many stitl' arms :mtl swullcn tin Qt-rs, this your s rwllcyliztll season was hill of lim and success. 'l'lu-rc was siitliciciit ti tm' practice licfurc thc lmp-l'cp and .Xll-Stat gain 1 cs were slam-cl. aml tmclcr thc cxccllc cuztcliiiig' of Nliss liutiriw. cx'ci'yuiic iiiipruv iii flay ul thc linp-l'0p gaiiics. aiicl lmtli tca skill. lixcitcuicut tillcrl thc gym on INC nt cel thc ms harl a guml turnout. XYlivii thc captains had asst-mlmlccl thc-ir tcams, aml Bliss limiriic hz talwii ht-r place- as i'cfci'tic, thc gaimis startvcl. Xft tm ttcl vi' thc lirst ga L- the lmps we-i'v cla ul lliul lutiv it 1ip,aml thcii XX'lll iii tlicciicllvy taking' tht' thirml g'1llllt'. In-utiisc tht-y hacl wmi. hut thc l't-ps ra ' mu it XII .XllsStar tram was elitist-ii. hut s' '- hacl mi titht-r tt-ams tu play, cx'ci'ymit- was clisappuiiitccl. lu rt-im-fly this, scvcral mom- lwrs of thc .Nll-Star team tlmuglit up thc iclca ul playiiig' thc' mcii s tactilty vollcyhall tcam. lava-ii tlimigli our .Xll-Star tt-am was luarlly lit-atvii hy tht' mt-ii hy a scmx- of l50-l7 1-xx-i'yuiiv playt-rl wt-ll aml hail fun. Lxltlltlllfrll this ycar's vulloyhall st-astm wmincl up xx' 5 ith a clctcat, it was an imtisual aml llll'l1lU1'Zll3lC l'X'l'Ill. I". Y. C. lit-XSlilC'l'li.'Xl.l. "Sliuut" provccl tu hc thc slioutcfl slogan of thc girls fur months. Cmiiim-iiciiig im- mccliatcly after Christmas. haskctlwall was the favorite sport vt the girls until well into .-Xpril. :Xftcr much practicc umlcr thc clircctur- ship uf Kliss liouriic, thc liiip-l't-ii teams wciw' chosen frum aiming' thusv who haml ht-vii out at lvast tive times. :Xftcr thc tirst gaiiiv was Callccl ull, thc in-xt two we-rc fui'l'cita-rl, thc tirst hi' thc lmps aml the scfcuiiml hx' thc' l'cps. The wiimcr was thus clcciclt-rl hy tht- last QZUIIC. wmi hy thc lmps, 'lllit-ii. alta-r cliimsiiig tht- .-Xll-Star tcam, it was rlccirlccl that this tt-am wmilcl CllIllll'Ilg'0 aiiutlivr scliocil. A-Xltcr main' scliuuls clvs cliiiocl, llirsch was askt-cl. 'lllioy 11004-iitvcl, aml clcfcatc-fl our team twice-, the tirst gaine- playvcl at lcla Nora-s, aml thc svctiml playwl at llirsch. lluth games we-rc fullmrt-cl hy i'cfi'c-slmlciits proviclccl hy thc' i'cspcctiv0 tl. A. .-X.'s. Also, cluriiig this timc. a L'iiivcrsity tmir- iiamciit was ht-ing' he-lcl iii thc cvciiiiiqs tmrlvr thc lc-aclcrsliip of imortcfl, our tt-am aml twu lusscs. Miss liurus. Hit-ll sup- tiiiishccl with lllI't'l' wins U-I-li Hockey In spite of the fact that school started late. and the rain fell almost continuously for three weeks, the girls enjoyed a good hockey season. Yarious changes were made in the game, and the method of competition. In place of the usual Imp-Pep competition, mixed All- Star teams were selected to play one game with each other. The G.A.A. board decided that it would be better to select two mixed seventh and eighth grade teams, and two mixed ninth and tenth grade teams to make safe and even competition. The most important change of the season was that made in the game itself. A six player game, invented by Miss Rahl of U- High and Miss Maurie N. Taylor of Mc- Henry Community High School, was used instead of the regular eleven player game. It proved to be very popular with most of the girls because it was faster and provided better teamwork. The half sized fields that were used made it possible for more teams to play at the same time, and there was much less substitution during the games. The season was closed with the annual hockey jamboree, which most of the girls thought was one of the best that the school has had. 106 . . . bullying l U-I-Ii Awards The plan for girls' intramural sports which was developed and adopted by the G.A.A. board this year is based primarily on participation, equality, and individuality. The members of the G.A.A. board spent a great deal of time in studying and discussing the plans that have been used during the past few years and devised a more satisfac- tory system. The two division Imp-Pep structure has been replaced by a plan which benefits every girl and stresses individual participation in the sports for which the teams are organ- ized. The chief emphasis is no longer on the girls of higher ability in skill, but on every girl's interest and participation throughout the season in every sport. This new system provides each girl with an opportunity to play with or against any other girl in her class according to the team line-ups for a particular seasonal sport. Every girl has had an equal chance to play throughout the entire sport season and no one is eliminated. The award system was revised in keeping with the emphasis on individual participa- tion. It is possible to receive one award each year, and the awards are somewhat dif- ferent for each grade. A girl who partici- pated in three-fourths of the games sched- uled for her team in any four of the seasonal sports offered was eligible for an award. The captains, managers, and advisers for each sport considered the participation and inter- est of the girls at the time of giving the awards. . . . lIC1lSC 11l0lllCIlt . Francis Parker tie-up High School Volleyball NVhen the volleyball season came, a large number of girls turned out to join in the fun: some to try their luck at spikes and vigorous over-hand servesg but most of them to play just good old volleyball. After a week of practice, nine teams were formed: two in every grade except the ninth which had three. A good many of the games were close, but it seemed as if the tenth graders showed the superior skill and teamwork. Several games were played in the lower gym which resulted in a large amount of spiking, especially on the part of the tenth graders. Near the end of the season, two all-star teams were chosen from the seventh and eighth grades and two from the ninth and tenth. Both the games were hard-fought battles and resulted in some of the best play- ing of the season. The climax of the season was the volley- ball tie-up at the end. Color teams competed against each other, ending a fairly successful volleyball season. High School Basketball Our basketball season this year was one of the best ever, despite the fact that it was cut short by the entrance of the Navy in Sunny Gym and no All-Star team was chosen. The season started with a few practice games which were followed by matches or- ganized so that the two Seventh Grade teams played the two Eighth, the Eighth played the Seventh Grade plus the three Ninth teams: the Ninth played the Eighth and the two Tenth Grade teams later. This type of organization was used so that none of the younger girls would be matched against the oldest girls. These games af- forded a wonderful chance for developing skill and practice in both refereeing and playing. The last event of the season was a basket- ball tie-up with the Ninth and Tenth grade girls of Frances Parker and U-High. The players from both schools were divided fairly equally on each team, and all the girls played at least two games. Later everyone went over to the Girls' Club for cokes and pretzels. 107 FYC Recreational Sports The G..-X..-X. organized intraimiral compe- tition in several minor sports this year. The ample facilities in lda Noyes enabled the F.Y.C. girls to participate in such sports as ping-pong. badminton, bowling. and archery. These were played ofl' by lmp-l'ep eliinina- tion tournaments. ln the fall Catharine llopkins won the table tennis tournament hy defeating Hex'- erly liullen. lloweyer, there was a majority of l'eps in the semi-finals which gave the l'ep team two points toward the battered trophy. Oscar. Later on badminton became a yery popu- lar sport, especially for those who had been taking it in gym. The girls were allowed to play in both singles and doubles tourna- ments. In the singles Beverly liulleu de- feated .Ioan llana, and in the doubles joan Dana and Shirley Smith defeated Catharine Hopkins and Gerry XX'illens for the champ- ionships. The lmps as a team were crowned victors. During the spring quarter some of the girls entered the Hale American tourna- ment which was sponsored hy Cfivilian Ile- fense. There was much keen competition during the bowling season. liy bowling in gym classes and on free afternoons, there was plenty of time for making high scores. The contestants were placed upon lmp-l'ep and All-Star teams according to the scores that were the highest each week. The final win- ner was Yerna l,aBlantia. who defeated her opponents with a score of l60. During the spring quarter archery was the final sport sponsored hy the G..bX..'X. Tourna- ments were held on Dudley Field. Other sports that were popular among mixed groups of boys and girls were bil- liards, pool, and roller skating. .-X few peo- ple also swung golf clubs on the practice green of lda Noyes. Some F. Y. C. girls were admitted to the University's swimming club, Tarpon. .-X course in life-saving was offered on two aft- ernoons each week. Along with the minor sports of spring, the G..-X..-X. offered two major sports. Baseball had a large turnout despite frequent rain. Un rainy days practices with softballs were held inside the gym. To complete the season tennis matches were held until the end of the quarter. After the awards were totaled for each person, they were distributed at the banquet. Baseball, Baseball. Baseball 1: , W, u -E :Y J E: H3065 STQUDUQDS Established 1887 185 NORTH WABASH AVENUE Telephone State 0113 OFFICIAL CORRELATOR PHGTOGRAPHER . 1930 1931 1932 1933 1934 1935 1936 1937 1838 1939 1940 1941 1942 Special Prices to U. H. Students at All Times 7"fW'fff'w6C,g,6m, ,-w Q 0",7""0""7vf!Q-44.4 ""' ,cub "WJ"l"'L9l?'y MQW . WMWQT , , ,- , QQ - EV, as 4 8-QW-in SHR . ,. WM A I? LU fliocfgfbry Q A ,u w. W1 ww 41 H+ L. ,. , ,Q LE' I' EQ MQ , J 4 NAM Q, N, ,fe Q4 Cfwlxw xx 2 I . 0 I I .g. 22? ,ff ' E -I .fl ' Q f fl! ff ' H 1 H av '1ofvW'1 W jmfvw . if . pL4,,,w A ,J DMJWMJJWK of -Q bv' Ji gram n M by YQ wig iii xwijji 055 WWW Q ff ,XL L 9'w 3:9 ik O PX Xia 'MWA lung '. MWELW if? JVM M FW ' -J ix Q QQ 5 31X

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