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am KRSMSQ wgmggjlgmwgigwmx 5 M fiilmlfwm WNWLWW K X QWLWM 'N 'Q ' , - 93 vu Lv'--5iO.JW,mhj ' My . N Y? My M . ' 'X QW' xv pf M A11 QD' VJ! M wb ff' , H , I -1 , w, A Q 1 -1' lk, T f : 1 V X ,ff , . ,?' ' pf-if f 'ff if -1 ,IAC Q' M I L K .' Q-if 'Trp AL ' MIM X JLAXQ O ,ff Sw qix X ww Mm 1 YMMIV J xihlmllwfdff W' X MW W www-di 4J-444+ H164 M911 MWWW ,ffnfffv C 41,-' odmifbg qc Ji WW .,4W'V7,AJ,cfV"' if 'Mm V3 qw Jw! Vwff ,ff X I' VX, '13 I 3 K-'is iv R bl' X pf ,Ziff Z 7x Cjf xg, Ln' yff' .....,............i- f R1 4' C R R E L A T 0 R ul Q ff 1 Ox i Il 'IX m8 u , 9 In 'V In A Y YY VY - f Aj, ff 6 N idgkff Rf W tg A' Af. J, 0143 xx ff! nf f'fh '-WS' I. Q bl 'fd g?Iu!AL, U' ' 1, Ab Lv- 5, V , 1 ,v X if L, M . L - "2 ' ' ,-Lc271.iT', f 54?-'-'-" ' ' if K fl 'Z ,,,, Q17'7f,ffLf-'f'lL71f- "R R -, 0, x A 1 .1 5 V, 3 fr 'B EJ ,x -'1 X 'Q gg if ,gi 3 5 J f o i I 9 5 5 ff-'QQQ' f' J , Ai, H - .Jcod??4f 2ff I ,Li zffb-afraid gk, Q 3 5 " ' - - f L ' 'O 271111 .Ega- IOHN HIISS, EDITOR Q IRVING STEIN, BUSINESS MANAGER O MARY LUCKHARDT ART EDITOR Q CHARLES A. STONE, ADVISOR IIIIIII:I"III7 IIIII 'IIIII i1IHIx,I III III IW-III I'III:III'iIII II I , I I I II IIIIIIIIIIIE II I 'IM I I III' W If III IIIIIIIW III. I I. M, IIIIII IIN ,, II-I It If I II WI III III 'III y IIIII1 IIII IIII 'IIIIIII I: "1 III, ,Nl IIIIII I I I II I IIIII IIII I 5"+TyQ-vw'w 11' 1 X, .' xx KLL, H H4 D T Will U4 LHB H presezzf 1 HIHEQH NDR HPD -IRTLIH' SMU Ui UxIVEIlSI' HX UU II XM W l E DI HIQ C 'YY 6, Q9 Ng, if E1 gi X18 x J I X CHIC AGO IN ATE W d9d1CGt9 tbe 1935 Correlator to Mr Lester C Sm1tr1 ecaus H IS a 'most competent and effecmve ass1star1t pr1r1c1pal because h In the 1mY11ate fnend and adv1sor of every boy 111 the s bool oecause he 15 a skuled manual arts mstructor because he 15 the embodxmem of school sp1r1t and good fe11oWsh1p af1d because h IS unammo sly beloved at UD1V9IS1fJ I-Uqb I X 11 K1 a D . A .,- v A. 9 1 . . C.. 917 .1 f C 11. C. I " 1 f1 S . U , .1 ,N X, A 1 1. We have endeavored to pres t in this voiu ne te correlated events of the school year of lQ.54 :Q as carried out by the oraanizations and iiaividuals of University Hi wh We have als endcavarea o presert his possit lc A i dcrnistic ae orativc art therne was therefore adoptecl ana the editors tool special care to follow this ther e in every phasc f the book Ofily the uritirinq cooperatxe efforts 'uf he e tire staff have rnacle possirle this annual which is entirety a product of the hiqh school students We hope that in the years to corne the Cor relator may serve as an accurate souvenir of the unforqettably happy days spent at the University High School 3 . l . f . A en ' ' i T, ., , ' ' , ' . . f no 1 ,' t ' t material in as artistic and interesting a fashion as ' so i. rio 1 ' c' 1 , . ' , ' .n ' A o. '. . i ' ' 1' t I Q . A , , , A VIEWS FACULTY CLASSES CRGANTZATTCNS HCNORS ATHLETICS FEATURES CCNTENTS The U H1911 Creed 'f 1 '." -W z: gr ' ',,' I 1' 1: 1111 1' 'rw f 1 'H' 'Z ' 231. 1: 1 M111 'If 1'f'111111- .1'+T"'1 . 'Ziyi .1" - ll'I?4r"- W - ' g wrf1?f- '.vL'f1 3, .l1"1f: tv 1:11'.'3t1'f+S 337 fi H :rf I The .1f?w4g,f T' rf' ff'1'yf1f Tv :V 'A,' .441 1 211' E111 ::,','.111,i .' .pq T' 1' 1Q. firm ,1 4:fl'. 1" 137122 ,' riif 1 " 11' ' 11' ' 1' 7' 'Y ff. W Il IIWXVR ll I I I I I 'I ' lu E um I Nine Some l-llqh Pomts ln the Hlstory of UH1V6TSllY l-llqh School CHARLES HUBBARD IUDD Head ot the Department of Educatlon The Un1vers1ty Hrgh S hool IS one ot the many outgrowths of PI'GS1d9I1f Harper s broad conceptron of the tunctlons of a umversrty Pres1dent Harper dtvlded the un1vers1ty year mto tour quarters because he saw the poss1b1l1ty of provrdrng advanced courses for protessronal people who are occup1ed w1th thelr regular dutles for most of the tlme but are able to attend the Un1vers1ty for short perlods He organ1zed extensron lectures Members of the Chlcago Faculty gave courses m all parts ot the Un1ted States He brought the htgh school teachers and adm1n1strat1ve ofhcers ot the surroundlng states together at the Unlversrty 11'1 an annual conference where problems ot educatlon were helped to organlze the North Central Assoclatron of Colleges and Secondary S hools He accepted a pos1t1on on the Board ot Educatton of the C1ty ot Chrcago He organ1zed a number of attthated Junror colleges All these moves to broaden the scope and contacts ot un1vers1ty work were express1ons of Presldent Harper s convlctron that the educatronal system of the Un1ted States should be a cont1nuous and mternally well organ1zed umty Many of the mnovatrons whrch he lntroduced at the Untverslty of Ch1CGQO have been taken over by other 1nst1tut1ons Many un1vers1t1es now conduct summer schools The state un1vers1t1es have taken over the extens1on work on a large scale Conferences between secondary schools and colleges are now common One of the largest ot these conferences 1S conducted by the Um vers1ty ot lll1no1s The Jumor college movement wh1ch was maugurated by Presrdent Harpers extended report made ln 1896 showmg the necessrty or d1v1d1ng the conventlonal college 1S today one of the most vlgorous movements for the reorgamzanon of the educat1onal system ot the Un1ted States Prestdent Harper was from the tlme of the openmg of the Unlversmty greatly fn: C O R R E l. A T O R O F l 9 3 5 discussed between members of the University Faculty and the Visitors. He I CORRELATOR OF 1935 1:1 interested in participation in some Way in the reorganization of secondary education He was very sympathetic with the organization under private auspices of a classical preparatory school which was opened in the neighbor hood of the new University in 1892 under the name The South Side Academy In 1897 this academy was definitely affiliated with the University and in 1901 became a part of the University ln the same year that the South Side Academy became affiliated with the University in 1897 another school ot secondary qrade was also taken over by the Trustees of the University after negotiations which had been carried on during the preceding year The school thus added to the Unlversity was the Chicago Manual Training School This instltution was a pioneering school which opened in 1884 as the flrst high school in the City of Chicago to offer technical courses The Ch1CGQO Manual Training School was organized and supported by the Commercial Club ot Chicago The members of th1s club th of 1884 were too 11m1ted in the curriculum which they ottered and that the development of the industries of the city called for the education ot boys along 11nes which would prepare them to assume leadership in the manufacturing and cornmercral actlvities of the community During the decade following the organization of the Manual Traininq S hool a number of lnstitutlons with somewhat srmilar purposes were organized in the city and by 1896 the special contrrbutions whlch the school was intended to make to the education of the youth ot Chicago had been extenswely duplicated both in the public schools and in such instltutions as Armour Institute and Lewis Institute The Manual Training School was at this Juncture taken over by the University and, after a few years of continued operation at its downtown site was moved m 1903 to the Universrty campus The th1rd institution which was united Wlth the South Side Academy and the Manual Traininq School to form the University Hrqh School was the Morgan Park Academy a secondary school which was the property of the Umversity and had for a time been conducted ID the buildinqs formerly occupied IP Twelve I i . I3 leadinq business men ot the city, were convinced that the public high schools Tb! Morgan Park by a Baptrst drvrmty school The Morgan Park Academy was transferred to the Unrverstty campus rn 1907 Durrng the years from 1901 to 1903 the Unrversrty organxzed a School of Educatron whrch rncluded a number of rnstrtutrons whlch were taken 1nto the Unrversrty The mstttutrons absorbed were the South Srde Academy the Manual Tra1n1ng School the Chrcago 1nst1tute founded by Colonel Francts Parker and Mrs Emmons Blame and the prlvate experrmental school con ducted for some years along new lrnes by Professor lohn Dewey The facultles and admrnlstratrve offrcers of all the rnstrtutrons whtch were combrned to make up the School of Educatton were organrzed 1nto a srng e drvrsron of the Unrversrty rn 1903 The Morgan Park Academy was added rn 1907 The result for the Unrversrty Hrgh School was that for some years t had two prrncrpals Henry Holmes Belf1eld who had been head of the Chrcago Manual Tralnrng School from the t1me of rts establrshment and Wrllram Brshop Owen prlncrpal of the South Srde Academy Later the Unlversrty Hrgh S hoo' had three prrncrpals Franklm lohnson prrncrpal of the Morgan Park Academy was made a prrncrpal when h1s 1nst1tut1on was taken over by the School of Educatron Dr Belfleld retrred rn 1908 and the Trustees afterwards named ln hrs honor the burldrng whrch was ere ted and eaurpped wtth the funds r cerved from the Manual Trarnlng School Dr Cwert became prrnclpal of the Normal College of the Crty rn 1909 Franlcltn lohnson resrgned rn 1919 ana 1S now presrdent of Colby College George Latham Harrrs was actrng prrncrpal durrng 1918 19 Srnce that date there have been f1ve prlncrpals Morton Snyder from 1919 to 1921 W1l11Gm Claude RGGVIS from 1921 to 1927 Robert Carlton Woellner from 1927 to 1930 Henry Evert Dewey from 1930 to 1931 and Arthur Krrkwood Loomrs srnce 1931 Durmg the years from 1919 to 1928 Professor Henry Clrnton Mornsor was the supenntendent of the Umve srty Hrgh School and the Unrversuy Elementary School 1 1 - 1 1 . A , ' 1 . . . . . , 1 1 , . . i - 1 1 . . . . . , A I 1 x.f I - 1 1 . . , . . . . n . , Q. C o . , . . . 7 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 -I 1 . , 1 . . T , , , . l1111rt1 I Ififlur Each administration has been characterized in some measure by the speclal educational views and interests of the administration in charge ln general the University High School has served as a center for experimentation The term laboratory school which was first used by Professor lohn Dewey expresses clearly the purpose of the school The curriculum of secondary education is here to be worked out under conditions which are unusual y favorable and ts to be made available for the high schools of the country through the publication of text books Conspicuous examples of contributions in this line are the books published in mathematics French social studies and natural science The school is a center of experimentation in administrative organization The elimination of the eighth grade from the University Elementary School examples of administrative experimentation The fusion of the upper years of the University High School with the first two years of the College is th important experiment now unaer way The University High School is now as it was in the days when it was organized by President Harper the expression of a conviction that the American educational system must be developed as a continuous unit The University regards the school as a laboratory where under the best condi tions which can be provided a well chosen and productive faculty can contribute to the improvement of secondary education throughout the United States The University High School is part of a system which extends from the Nursery School to the Graduate School lt is in process of adiusting itself to the schools below and to the College and University above in a way which can be imitated by other instiutions in all parts of the country l I - - A - 1 and the transfer of the seventh grade to the University High School are early Sfxlrtrz CORRELATOR OF1935 S I ll A if 'U IUI W 5 CORRELATOR OF 1935 MR ARTHUR KIRKWOOD LOOMIS As the fourth year of Mr Loomis duties as principal of U High draws to a close we the Seniors think o the many things he has done for us We will rernerr ber him not only as a teacher and leader but as a trusted friend who would take time from his hard work Perhaps the finest memory of Mr Loomis that we have are a few words he Wrote for a forrner Correlator Have you ever followed the open road on a long anticipated Journey through a strangely beautiful coun lIYS1dG? All life can be like that if you care to keep your sense of ad fenture ahve and your capacity fo enioyment growing Godspeed' Nm I eu 1 - f I - I I I L , . to give us a little advice or a few kind words. K ' ' r I I L' 1 CORRELATOR OF 1935 MR. LESTER C. SMITH Mr. Smith is the friend of all the boys. He is available at all times to give advice or help to the fellows. HIS understandmg nature and cheer ful d1spos1t1on make h1m llked by everybody from the l1ttle Sub frosh to the lordly Sen1or Mr Sm1th has double dutres be1ng both shop mstructor and Dean of Boys Th1s latter pos1t1on places h1m ID conJunct1on Wllh the Boys Club Board where h1s a1d as faculty adv1sor has been mvaluable He has managed to obtcun many donat1ons to lhlS worthy 1nst1tut1on HIS shop classes are as popular as he 1S as the SSHIOYS Well remember Ass1stant Prlnclp als T015 .1-fa' MISS ELSIE M SMITHIES Through her 1ns1ght charm and keen sense of humor MISS Sm1th1es has won a place 1n the hearts of the students of U Hrgh wh1ch no one else could f1ll Although she 1S one of the bus1es' persons 1n the World MISS Sm1th1es always has t1me to help someone BGS1dGS teach1ng Lat1n and be lnq head of the Latm department M1ss Sm1th1es 1S the Glrls Adv1sor ln th1s capac1ty she has proved a real fr1end to every qlfl 1n th school g1v1ng freely her t1me and energy to everyone who needs ass1stance The G1rls Club Boara too has a farthful adv1sor ln MISS Sm1th1es - 1 1 1 1 1 'L 1 1 . . . . . 1 , f . . l X- I1 . . . Q 1 I - I ' ' ' u 11, , I. . . U11 CORRELATOR OF 1935 '-IAROLD A. ANDERSON A.!.1. Egqish Depcrtrxent Umversity of CPXICGQC CHN :'.. DAXE1 .-..:. Loma. DCIGIICS Depur....,m 'X'.'1:tenberq Cellerge R F EARN:-.RD An Sclence Depc tmem I O We e I GLAD S K DO ANI Q col PDYSICIGN X csscxr Collece Rush Me 1C ARTHUR G EOVEE Ph B Fren V DGPCITWQDT mJerS1ty Q fuccqo QLIN D FRANK QI Q zence Department nxe sxty Q' G IC C: Ni R EFEQLI V-I Pin NGYIDQYHGTICS Department Jm ersltv L, 1 CI A MARIE GTE GREENE :M French Depcrvrent O erlm Gcllece rn ISIYY of CPICGHF V Depf' ent L GJM x uuh rf" CORRELATOR OF 1935 GEORGE E. I-IAWKINS, S.M. Mathematics Department University of Chicago X '74 , ' fl' 5 t ' ' ' if1AnYM. ronnson Pho. Art Department Columbia University University of Cliicrrgo HOWARD C HILL Pin D Social Science Department UHIVETSIIY of Cnicagc ROBERT E ICEOHANE AM So ral Science Depart William and Iewell University oi Cal1io nig tBe-rkeleyl LIFEORD HOLLEY S M Science Department De Pauw University Norrhwestern University KATHRYN D LEE Al' Art Department Wesleyan College Columbia University LESLIE W IRWIN AM Physical Educatlon Departnien Missouri Wesleyan College Universlty oi Ill1no1s University of Iowa Umve sity of Chicago HANNAI-I LOGASA PHD Librarian University of Iowa UYIIVGISITY of Colorado University of Chicag LENOWE OHIN Al' Matnematics Department Y' rlc olleae .Inu sity of Clniccao IN Eng D partrn 9 g 1... S C' ' Lment ,, . C , . . . , . vi, Vx. 'Q .-, 4 I ' ' , .- 1 . . , V I if UE. U- I Y, .vl. .. Y A4 F o C . , LV-, V HAH, , AA.. lisii Q ent Baker Universiqf 'Jr1i':e:s1t',' pf D211 '13 1 r I ,.x .,. 4 - A Q T L CORRELATOR OF 1935 YIQLA LZANDERFELD, AM. Gerrian Department Celurnbxa University Y Jniversity cf Chicago CHARLES A. STONE, ALL, LED. Mathernazics Department University of Illinois Untversity ot Chicaqo f 'Lf ' . .: I 1. ' Nlfillt-IPIAXEY, AM. atm Department 7 Untverstty Q lm ts Untv rstty of V1 ago PUSSELL B THOMAS A M Englrsln Department Eureka College Unlverstty o Cl'll aqo lOnN C lflAYElELD Sc1ence Depa tment F rlclx U V ry Unnge S1 to Ch ago X l ,r ARTHUR E TRAXLE., PHD Psycltoloqtst El. ZABETH E SHEPHERD AM Erlqltsh Department V ester State T achers Colleq verst y of Crlcaqo l1ARRlS R VAll. l B Musto Depcrrvrvert Butler Uruversttf rxcan cnservatorv ' Mus S EN SON l D stty Unw o fr nes 'a fruit I 1 t J 1 ffl. ' , 1 ' t ll 0 ' ' e ' ' . C..'c '- ' . . f EC 1-1 Y K A V I s . El., .. . I . 'JK . , f ' V l , . . , . . 1 - V . A A f J e e 'Z . .' T J , . , tn. 4 Arne ' C A ct l ic 'WALTER f. l 'rf' Af . Schacl Physician '.lni'.'et ' of lcwa 'versity f lj: , ct C:,L.l.'.'fN L. Jfll.LEfE?, HE. 7 Phystcal Eaacatrcn Departrnent Dakcta '.2'esleyan U:1'.'ers1t',' I ' flf7V'tf CORRELATOR OF 1935 ROBERT E WEAVER A M SOCIOI SCIENCE Department De Pouw Umversxty Umversuy of Chxcclco EUGENE C WITTICK SB Manual Arts Depcxriment UH1VGfS1fY of IHIHOIS Umverslty of Chlccqo And ihus God moldeth some for cr schoolmcxsters hfe undertczkmq It Wlth desue cmd dehqht and d1SChCIfQ1I'1q 1t wuh dexterity cmd hCIDDY success I Tu Fllfj Your Thomas Eul'eI The Good Schoolmcster . , . - 1 ,V ff I , I L.lLlA..lLlll Q 1 . J ROBURT MERRIAM Presmiem INIDI C9 Wxlham Ada Mr Weaver lrvmg Stem Vlce Presrdent Aclvxsor Secretary Treasurer The Senlor Class The class of 35 has carrled through frve years of the most successful type of work From the very start the class has shown an abrhty of leadershlp and the capablhty of startmg new thmgs As early as 1ts Freshman year th s been made Under the capable leadershrp of Senrors the Boys and Grrls Clubs have set up new const1tut1ons wh1ch w1ll prove more effe t1ve rn the future The Student Counc1l d1rected mostly by Senlors has made a new con st1tut1on started the UI-l1L1tes to replace the worn out carmval and most rmportant of all has started an alumn1 assocratlon wh1ch wrll rn several years be a very rmportant 1nst1tut1on The publ1cat1ons have been capably handled by members of the Senlor class Senrors on the school athletrc teams were very numerous and had much to do w1th the revxval of U Hlgh athlet1cs thls year The Semor class gave an electr1c srgn to the school wh1ch wlll be useful rn future years to lnform members of the school of the comrng actrvrtres Throughout 1ts f1ve years the members of the class of 35 have passed through all trlals and trlbulatlons very successfully always endrng w1th the best of cooperatron and good Splfll whether 1t be athletrcs soc1al events student affalrs or scholarsh1p wh1ch has been very hlgh as shown by their comparattvely hrgh scholastrc ratrng and the large number of members 1 Pht Beta Slgma 1 u IIfX IX 0"Yf'L ' fn of , ,. K , Hx Y. ' VV I v fl Lx X' " xi' ' YA , RRVLELATOR OI-'1935 W' X -s 5 .-, JJ' .h , l class started two clubs, and in this, the last year, more new innovations have I ,T lx p-X, MM CO RHELA 4,2 ,fd 111557, llAVllOlN 4.BBO l D 'N '7 l SI G d S e one th at ts wh v 1 trds her own usrness and or tl t reason ve ee that sre las a great uture ahe-an oossesses a ve y pleasrn pc sonalxty whrclo llf'lIlN rt 114 anon has areat ea e 1 n whlc acl tlcssx wtlt onng he-r unltnute success uo O tc rs 5 P-.rt C u 2 2 4 5 lnte natr nal Corr par 7 Frerc cr y rc' E- Cr' s cckef Class Base all VN. ll.l.tAl 4.3 n s een a e er of te c ass s 'tce he st rted mnaer garten and lras always been one of the best ltked boys rn scho l He IS guzte popular among the lalrer sex also B11 was wo Qej a l a '1 rn 1 er of the Ghost Board an qoute a star cn th tennls tean As a warnrng look out ' hrs runs Crass Oftxcer 2 4 3 Class Executtle Comrrnttee l2 Student Councrl H1Y 5 fnow Chr ago Cluo 2 3 Ghost Board 5 Class Pu 1C Soeakrng l 5 Cass Basketoall Team 2 3 Clas Soccer 7 Class track 2 Tennts team 4 5 lntramural aptam ROBERl ANDERSON Boo ts el known ahout kJ l-ltgh corndors Le-cause he 1s nn sc of or ts asa one of t e namstays swrrnrrnnc team rle 1s secretary of th Boys Cluo CIF'l entered hl1Y rn hrs lunror year He always gtves a lelpmg hand 1r1 r ec rat1ng Sunny Gym for a dance and ca11 usually le t una at any o' these gala aftarrs Cass Executrve Conomrttee Boys Clun Board 5 Cluu O rcer J 4 l'l1Y 4 3 Btology Club l 2 Drama Club 5 Engrnee mg Club 3 4 Math Cluh 2 Sctence Club l Current relator Board 4 Class Pultlu Speakma l 2 Schc l Truck 7 1 Swtmntng Vearn 7 5 4 ODELL Cl-IRACH Here s another proof that ntce thmgs corne ln small pa kages Od1e has provea loerselt to be a noteworthy addltton to the scl' l IF m re ways than n She ts a cornolnatzon of good ooks se se mtelltgence and Just a out everythrng rn e that there rs She left toe school her sophomore year and came LOCK t elo us graduate Vie hope to the mcest of futures or her s Flack y '7 Ca s BGQKQY all 2 C Bas al 1n1er of Athlctt I-lonor 2 PEGQ PNINV SRRQOWS raJeU X'11C,'l" Pgy ootrp tng Nrsh 1st ty ov s sweet s y are Pea 1S a ttne fnenl ' h nv ne w n e S f 1 no' elftfr' e f e e t a 1v1 1' e s 1 e e 'J C- 1 1 I A . A. T , lfarior. 1' a very' lutet sort of att' Lai pleasure to have aroun . ch 1S Q of nose 1' . 1, ri . 1 ' li J ,. I .ia ' 1. i l . '1 1 4 f 7 . 1' of her. She A J . , .r ' ' a XI ' 7 '- . has crouaht her rc A' t e os. ll ' ' a I o d, l of 'let rrni11aif. Q QL lg - lj ' t ' ..- ' ' d Cl ' ff' e . 7 F .. 'Nl ln 17 7 -7 7 7 .1 o es- ' r rienffe Cluli -7 .1 lr Clut: 47 G r ga le Boa... -7 Class HQQ J P f-- C1 ,rx 2 3, " ' I ' E Blll ' a li . nfrnl: ' ti' I 11 1. a " 'A - .., A 4- A r A on . . 1 . 1 Q rl W h ro s c .enlio . " d is 1 ' . . e ' 2 . 7 lor ' 1 XA ' F. 'w ' . C ' 27 P 7 1, A S. c ' 1 ,. 7 f' ' 7 . 1 7 ' . -- -A 1 7 1 - V . . J 7 ' W Q. -. W 1 . C ' 17 3. H 7 7 E ' w ,E o '. ' ' 1 - . not Q a hcl xr 1i't al , . h 1.. ' of tht' . I A t . 7 9 7 L IL ' Q f ' , A . A fl . 7 ' 7 1 - 1 1 17 I 7 L ff 2, 7 V 1 1: ' 7 1 I . r. , . A . 4. ' Affairs 47 Iunior Engineering Club l727 Cwlee Club 27 37 Cor 7 't ' 4 7 7 . ot . , 37 47 ' .1 ' . -7 '7 7 5. Q 1 A1.". KJ ' ' ' ' c , hoo' '. c , A' lt o e. .., ' ." ' l "7 on 7 ' 7 .1 ll ' o 'c . 1 1 ' ' o P. A . I , ' .-. f . . lfath Cfuc 27 Clas ' 1 'e -3 Cl S -' E: 7 lass ei: l 27 VI 1 . - 'C . "Y ff la ', .1 HS I As you 'e ' . .1, e Cj 7 ' arl ' ' l. ha :xl may always "stay a ' f a ou -." o 4 ' 1' ' 1 '7 af.-Jays iegzenaakfle and reafiy' and wtlltng 1: Help a A: . she taxi. Ei-5: scholastxc record rs one that sE.-2 rnay Le n-:ell youd cf and -e o ly regrx that he dd ..,. .Ja some if r 1: Littes to th- X ra-curricular Ill 'ti.fs. .-2:1 'Q'.4:, 1 27 l:.1frnat1',11aQ Correjno md .nc Club 4: Frezfl. Cla: ff ffass Q 2' Class 'lasyiall 1 2. uh nqlnt f f s 'z 'r I V! f, Ly ff IY FABADAY BENEDICT She may be small but what a lot of good qualttfes she has Not the most outstandmg of these are her charm and good sportsmanshlp for Faraday IS about as brtlhant as they come an Ideal U Hrgher She IS not only an actlve member of Phi Beta Slgma but of several other Important orgamzatlons as well Class Offlcer 4 Student Counczl 4 5 Phl Beta Slgma 4 5 Glrls Club Board 3 5 Club Offxcer 2 Blology Club 4 5 Vlusxc Club 4 Correlator Board 5 Class Hockey 5 EVELYN BENNETT shlp Although she has only been wlth us for a year and a half she has made any number of lastmg friends She wont tell you about any of many accompltshments but lets you fmd them out for yourself We suspect that there are a lot of thmgs we dont know about her yet Grrls All Star Swtmmzng Team 4 PAUL BERNSTEIN ln extra currlcular act1v1t1es as ID hrs studles Paul has been a conslstently hard worker As proof of thts one merely has to examme hrs record as adverttsrng manager of our renowned Weekly For the past two years he has been a member of the basketball and soccer teams We all hope for hrs contmued success Sclence Club 2 Mtdway Board 5 Class Basketball 2 3 School Heavywerqht Basketball 4 5 School Soccer 3 4 5 Class Soccer 2 3 Class Baseball 2 School Baseball 2 3 4 5 Wlnner of Athletlc Honor 3 4 5 SUZANNE BIOSSAT Hear the name of Suzanne and Just dare to thmk of any thmg but an extraordmanly charmmg and versatrle young lady For example excellmg ID her scholastlc Work and found rn the thxck of the fray rn all sports yet she fmds txme to keep her rlnglets ln matchless perfection and to see an alumnus or two partrcularly of the house of DKE' Club Offtcer 4 5 Art Club 2 5 Blology Club 4 Glee Club 2 3 4 5 Class Hockey 2 3 4 5 All Star Hockey 5 Class Basketball Team 7 3 4 5 All Star Basketball 4 Class Base ball 2 3 4 All Star Baseball 4 Wmner of Athletxc Honor HARRY BLOCK lf you hear a person boastmg that the Whlte Sox wrll wrn the World Serles for sure you wlll probably flnd Harry the boastful person Harry rs a ball player hrmself besrdes bemg a loyal supporter of other sports He IS always Wllllflq to help the other fellow and for thrs reason has many frxends We know Harry wlll succeed for he never ceases to try Club Offxcer 5 Engmeermg Club 4 Math Club 4 5 Class Baseball 3 School Baseball 4 5 coRHELAyoR,'oF 1935 C f ',f " f' v ' I in - 'V 1' 4 ,O if v, Kgs I I ck 1 . if ,J M .. , f ' .7 I . 4 I : v r f I7 'j K r .ir 4 J",', F! e -IT Evelyn is just the right mixture of dignity and good-fellow- 2, 3, 4,l5. ' A l CORRELATOR OF 1935 NALTER BLUM Wally IS the pr1ze lawyer o' the school He never fans to have somethmg to say IU h1s classes and can back all h1s statements Wllh l1ttle trouble He IS an excellent publrc speaker and seldom fa1ls to take frrst place IH the meets He IS an exceptlonally good student and became a member of Phr Beta S1gma IH hrs Iumor year Ph1 Beta S1gma 4 5 Engrneenng Club 3 4 Know Chlcago Club 7 3 Math Club 2 Sclence Club 2 3 Class Publ1c Speak 1ng 3 4 5 School Publlc Speakmg 3 4 5 EAN BOHNEN lean IS always one of those persons w'1o 1S 1n a Joyous mood She IS one of the most v1vac1ous g1rls m the Sen1or Class She not only possesses a real sense of humor but she IS also a good worker and a great pal to have around lean w1ll always have a good t1me wherever she goes because she has such a joyous d1spos1t1on B1ology Club 3 French Club 4 SCIQHCG Club 2 Glee Club 2 Class Hockey 4 Class Basketball 4 ELLIS BRANDT Ell1s IS noted for l'11s nonchalance on the athletxc helds and 1n the class rooms He has been a valuable member of the soccer sw1mm1ng and track teams for the last two years as well as a popular student at U H1gh and we bet that we know at least one pretty l1ttle m1ss who w1ll rmss h1m next year when he w1ll no longer trod the Alma Maters majestic halls Eng1neer1ng Club 4 Glee Club 3 School Soccer 4 5 School rack 4 5 Swrrnmmg Team 4 C W1nner of Athletlc Honor ,ANP BUCHBINDEH lane or Buch1e as she IS called IS always the center of aughter She IS one of those olly good fellows that everyone lk9S Not only IS she a good atl' ete but also one of the stars of the sw1mm1ng team lanes p1eas1ng personallty has won er a host of fr1ends who all 'OIR IH w1sh1ng her eternal good luck Art Club 3 Bloloay Club 4 Know Ch1cago Club 4 Class Hlockey 2 3 Class Basketball 3 lass Baseball 2 3 W1DH6I 1 Athlet1c Honor 3 4 lOSEPH CANNON loe IS one fellow who 1S always w1ll1ng and glad to do an work around school H has always been a staunch sup porter of school act1v1t1es Du11ng the past two years he has served as presrdent of the B1OlOGY Club and as a member of th Boys cluo Bcara Hts w1ll1ngness and gen1al personalxty ha Je won h1m many 'r1ends Boys Cu Board 5 Club Offlcer 4 HIY 5 Blology Cldb 2 3 4 5 Class Basketball 3 Scnool I.1ghtve1ght Basketball 4 Class Baseball 3 4 I Tuenlg mm' Q. B 1. . , .,: z ,: ' 1 P . , . , . . . 1 ,: N: . -1,5. 1 . 3 -, S l. . . , , - Q K, I . . ,, ,C ., I ' l H if 1 . . 9 . 3 .nt ' , .. . . 113 : : - 1 C' ,.,:C -J -1 I ' 1. ' at Jiri? ,, M I Yfmly PAUL CANNON Paul or P as he IS known to many of h1s fr1ends IS I1 l-I1gh s A number one woman hater and consequently he tmds rrore tzme for h1S studles h1S labors as Pres1dent of H1Y and h1s tropxcal fxsh Paul IS one of U Hrgh s best athletes and s noted for h1s SGYIOUS efforts at all t1mes May we w1sh h1m all of the best Class EXQCLIIIVQ Comm1ttee l Student Counc1l 5 Club OIIICGI 2 4 5 H1Y 4 5 Eng1neer1r1g Club 4 Sc1ence Club 2 Glee Club 3 4 Class Basketball Team 2 3 School Heavy welght Basketball 4 5 Class Soccer 2 3 Class Track 2 3 School Track 4 5 Class Baseball 2 3 Intramural Captam 2 3 MARGERY COHN Margery IS a qu1et unassum1ng g1rl but IS always welcome 1n any gathenng Although she has not part1c1pated IH many extra currrcular act1v1t1es she ha been a success rn the ones IH wh1ch she has taken part II Marge doesnt make as man: fnerrds at college as she d1d IH I-hgh School well be greatly surpr1sed and there 1sr1t much chance of our be1ng surprlsecl Internat1onal Correspondence Club 4 French Club 3 4 5 Sc1ence Club 2 ARTHUR COMPTON been away from us for lengthy perlods the past two years He has made lumself outstandmg because of h1s accomplishments On the held of athletlcs he has made h1mselI 1nvaluable on both the track and sw1mm1ng teams wh1le as a student he excels many of h1s classmates He also became a member O' I-l1Y ln h1s lumor year I-I1Y 4 5 Drama Club 3 4 5 Glee Club I 2 3 4 5 Cla Soccer o 4 Class Track 3 4 School Track 3 4 5 Class Base ball 2 3 Swnnmlng Team 3 4 5 VtI1nner of Athlet1c Honor MARIE STELLA CONNOR Mar1e IS one of those gxrls whos always ready to oblrge a Inend She IS also a very good athlete for she has made many Imp and All Star teams throughout her tour years at U H1gh Her sense of humor IS envled by many and all 1n all Mar1e IS a grand g1rl and U Hlgh w1ll certa1nly m1ss her Club Ofhcer 5 Internatlonal Correspondence Club 3 4 Glee Club 3 4 5 M1dway Board 5 Class Hockey 2 3 4 5 All Star Hockey 4 5 Class Basketball 2 3 4 5 Class Baseball 2 3 4 5 Class Volleyball 2 3 4 5 All Star Volleyball 5 IOI-IN COROS Iohnny came to us lh1S year from Duouaue Iowa H made many fnends because of h1S ready wrt and Ublllly t tell 'unny stones Iohnny has been a great help to the baske tall team and also to the tennls tearn Vfe wtsh he had comc here sooner to drown any sorrows we had 1n earlrer vea s SChCO1 I.1ghtwe1ght Basketball 5 Photography Clu 5 C O Ft R E L A T O R O F 1 9 3 5 x, f I I 1 l , 1 I 7 ' It '- J ff - , ' , ,I Q I l ll Q f s' ' Q Art is well known about school despite the fact that he. has ' I- ,I 7 I l , , 7 ,,,, 7 ss 4 ' l,2,3,'4,75. A I 2 ' : 'l ,I .57 ' ' A , . e IEANNE COURSHON What would the school do without leanne the girl who always has a sympathetic ear for everyone enough brains for several people and one of the best dancers in the clas 3 Besides all this she has worked on a number of social com mittees and when it comes to acting and directing stunts she s unsurpassable She cant help out make a success of any thing she may undertake and she certainly has our best wishes Drama Club 4 5 lnternational Corre pondence Club 4 Clas Hockey 2 3 4 Class Basketball 4 5 Class Baseball 3 4 lUNE COVER lune has been in U High ever since her sub freshman year and has certainly accomplished a lot during that time She has been an active member of several clubs and has also served on the Midway Board Besides all oi this lun is a very likeable person and U High will certainly miss her when she leaves for college Art Club 3 4 lnternational Correspondence Club 3 4 5 French Club 3 4 Science Club 2 Glee Club 4 5 Midwav Board 3 4 Class Hockey 2 3 Class Baseball l 2 3 4 Class Volleyball 2 3 BARBARA CRANE One would never think to se Barbara running wildly down the hockey field that in a few hours she would be a graceful addition to the dance floor but besides these lighter activities she has been active in many clubs and is a fine student Barbaras pep and personality are welcome additions to any company Club Officer 5 Art Club l 2 3 4 Drama Club 3 4 5 nte national Correspondence Club 3 4 5 Glee Club 3 4 5 Class Hockey 2 3 Class Baseball 3 4 Class Volleyball 2 3 4 IEAN CRAVEN Personality and plenty of it thats Jean With a flair for athletics and enthusiasm for almost anything in connection with school life The only thing anyone has against her is that she hasnt spent enough time at the good old alma mater Here one year and gone the next, lean is always welcomed back, because she isn't the kind of a girl that people forget as soon as she is gone. Class Officer lf Girls' Club Board 35 Bio ogy Club l,3, French Club 5, Class Public Speaking l' Class Hockey 3, 5, Class Basketball 35 Class Baseball lg Winner of Athletic Honor l, 3. RUTH CRIST Rumor has it that Ruth will become a taxidermist, because cf the clever things she does with skins, or a Parisienne, be- cause she braved, creditably, fourth year French. However, we believe that she plans to devote her life to the devising of unique tortures for Phi Bete neophytes, from whose ranks she graduated this year. Phi Beta Sigma 5, Girls' Club Board ly Club Officer 3, 4, 5: Biology Club 3, Drama Club 3, 4, 57 French Club 4, 5, les Club 47 Correlator Board 4, 5: French Magazine Board 3,-'lr Class Hockey 2, 3, 4, Class Basketball 2, 3, 4, All Star Basketf :all 4: Class Baseball 2, 3, 45 All Star Baseball 3, Class Volley- , ll 2, 3, . I Tlfirg -one ffyes of W' ,pb J 04.1. wilt JAM' HAI' LF' I Ll. .J X x- nr nz by 'L hy L. 0 .45 ,s I L U' Ar I CW ,sky CORRELATOR Of' 1935 I Thirty two 1 f l 14 HERZI. DASKAY Herzl IS one of Ll Hlgh s brlghtest puplls He never fa1ls to g t excellent grades IH all hls sublects and may often b seen hurrymg about the halls after school 1n the act of completmg an extra protect For these reasons he became a member of Pht Bete ln hrs lumor year He ts one of those bnght Honors students and has been a mamstay on the Public Speaklnq Team for se feral years Ph1 Beta Slgrra 4 5 Engtneermq Club 4 Know Chtcago Club l 2 Math Club 2 Sclence Club 2 M1dway Board 5 Class Publlc Speaklng 3 4 5 School Publlc Speaklng 4 5 MICHAEL DAVIS Everybody knows Mlke as the fellow who will lend a hand but mechan1cs and electrlclty are his best bets Mrke has been a ma1nstay on the swxmmlng team for four years and this year hes captam Elected to H1 Y rn his lunlor year he has been of great assrstance to the club The school loses a big asset when Mrke leaves Class Executxve Commlttee 3 4 5 Club Offrcer 2 3 4 5 H1Y 4 o Brology Club 3 Enqmeenng Club 4 Math Club 3 Glee Club 3 4 5 Class Basketball Team 3 Class Soccer 3 Class Track 2 3 4 School Track 3 4 Class Baseball 3 Sw1m mmg Team l 2 3 4 5 Wlnner of Athletxc Honor 3 4 5 THOMAS DAWSON Although Tom drd not enter U Htqh untxl thrs year he has made h1s presence felt by a great many of hts classmates Hls ablllty on the track team hrs excellent work tn h1s studles and hrs ,ov1al personalrty made h1m at once a very respected member of the class We regret that Torn has not been able to spend all four years w1th us School Track 5 RAYNA LOUISE DeCOSTA Hlddle Whos that blue eyed Susan over there? Whos not so hard to look at? Who makes everyone want to do student serv1ce7 Who made Phl Bete th1s year and who parleys francars wxth a cute l1ttle accent all her own that charms the members of her club? Answer lts Rayna' We know that she ll have an mterestlng future Class Executlve Commtttee 3 4 Ph1 Beta Slgma 5 Club Offxcer 3 4 5 Art Club 2 Bxology Club 3 4 French Club 4 5 Glee Club 2 3 Correlator Board 5 Mrdway Board 3 4 French Magazme Board 3 4 Class Hockey 2 3 4 5 Class Basketball 2 3 Class Baseball 2 3 4 Wlnner of Athletlc Honor 2 3 4 5 RICHARD DUDDY D1ck IS U Hlgh s stellar athlete and everyone knows him to be a good sport and an all around swell fellow He enters 1nto many extra curricular act1v1t1es belnq treasurer of the Boys club and an actlve member of H1Y The professlonal way rn whlch Dlck handles the Boys Cluo books assures htm much success ln later llfe Boys Club Board 4 5 H1Y 4 5 Glee Club 5 Correlator Board 5 Class Basketball Team l 3 School Llghtwetght Bas ketball 3 4 5 School Soccer 4 5 Class Soccer l 2 3 Class Track l 2 School Track3 Class Baseball l 2 3 School Base ball 4 5 lntramural Captam 2 3 W1nner of Athletlc Honor 4 l AV' xl 1' Nl , 1 e ' ' , e 4 1 A I I . '- I 1 'L A A- ' : ' ' ' ."-' r ' , L X. Q ' A A . n 4 sv, 5,11 U. rx TTAJ x 1 ' a.--r- , ." 1 hxglt' UCX .34 lx ' I I - . I Aa ' ,lriv su, 4 . l I H .- ' 1 s- A .1 , - .v ' ' .J-"I ..."' A. h , 4 gr .ew . . . 'B .,n'l .uv f - - T' ...- ,S T T ' . A . . .1 l - . . , - s , ' . . ' . . I A. ,gt I 4 ,. V. . I I , , y , . 7' H ."1 , ' ' ' ' ' ' 'X-.H-' 31.4 ' ', t 7 , . , 7 P k' ' , : , , 5 ' . ' ,,,. J J - N. ,,. I A I . , V, I . . .., I . . . , ,... , , , - A ' l if 'C V, . 1 , :VMI . , 7 t . . . - g 34 .5. A CORRELATOR OF l93S ARTHUR EAMMAN Here IS tl' l r'r1 hallolnt and all around t r o th school Art 15 a "1em r of many athlet1c teams pres1dent o Ph1 Beta S1gma a memoer ot H1Y and one of the smartes students at U H1gh He 1S noted for h1s cheerlulness and readv Wll wh1ch make b1m one of the school s most popular fellows Good luck to h1rr' Class Executwe Comrruttee 3 Ph1 Beta S1gma 4 5 H1Y 4 5 B1ology Club 3 4 Glee Club 5 Class Basketball Team School l.1antve1ght Basketball 4 5 School Soccer 5 Class Soccer 7 Class Baseoall Z 3 School Baseball 4 5 lntra mural aptam 7 Wtnner ol Athleuc Honor 4 5 ROBERT EGER Bob lS ont. ot the most SIHCGYG members of the Sen1or class He IS mterested 1r1 study1ng horttculture and phgtograp y H1 talents at the Pmg Pong table are realrze Q a w hav had the m1sfortune to challenge lum to m fy Ihas? a member of the soccer team the l o yeafs B1ology Club 3 4 Know h Clu , Scho cer 3 4 5 Class Soccer l 9 s Bas b l Z! Ph qraphf Club 11 'J RICHARD EIGER My D1ck has many 1 er outs1de school 4141 lo th reasor HIS lassrnates have been deprtved of,h1s c hy to qut an extent tlus year ln h1s lu 10 year D1 a a r on the soccer team and s1n U H1g E has been a s1gn1f1cant a1d to athlehcs A 66d stu ntl E oc1ally 1ncl1ned he IS a pra1seworthy memb r o e class Club Ofhcer 5 French Club 2 C r GZ? Class ketball 2 School Soccer 3 Class j ool Tr C I ' te o. er -I " - sal f .e A WA 7 I I Yun A I 7 ll fi 4 OP I 954'-l . ,' I I , ' L . -. Hi L I rv' YL l . l f fk Y ll I 'tj 1, A I 1 4 1 p 1 off' A-7 V N I, 'ogllllntefod . V 1 ' Class Baseball 2, 35 Tennis Tearr1'4q ulal,?.vQ51i2.-V llffil I , Q. lfll , If 1 J ' , . ya ' 969501 ' 'c . I 1 .I I U' l c fe? 1' 'fl ' Vfflv ' I fl lv -fl' ' I fkd-nt, rik,4,4.' l'. . Us ' ' e 'M 1 Mr- I k ,c 'L ' ' ?' LQ, , re 'Q ' 1 b Q1 ,l- 4 yj ' . ' ' ' ' xp ' ' kk ,1' 4 y fflflf ,Nl HAROLD E1sEN 'Z sq ,Cf f Harold came to us th1s year from a I1 Prim wh! h he has been attendlng for the past few yeayfi-jine ou for the school soccer team and met Wxth faxr H 1 A qu1et and reserved fellow and all h1s fnends dr g d o j We only w1sh we had had the pr1v1lege of vm h1m at school several years earller Frencn Club 5 School Soccer 5 PAUL EPENSHADE Pau IS one o' tho e students who IS taktng several colleg courses ut he st11 manages to keep very act1ve 1n school affatrs One may md hun at the Boys Club Board Meetmg on tu sa ys at BPO IW the M1dway Oll1C6 or at asketba pract1ce H1s populauty may be shown by h1s elect1on H1 Y IH l11s lun1or year Class O'f1cer 2 Class Executue Comrruttee l 2 Boys Clu Board 5 H1Y 4 5 B1ology Cluo 3 Eng1neer1ng Club 4 Sc1ence Cluo '7 Correlator Board 5 M1dWGY Board 5 Class Baske ll Team 2 3 School l.lqhlVJGlql'll Basketball 4 5 Class Soccer 2 Class Baseball 9 Intramural Captam 2 3 'W1nn cf Ark Fll Hon r 4 Photography Clu 5 I Tblrlg lb n 1 x., I-fb VVV JL!! iii fd' CORRELATOR OF 1935 ll BICHAF Evnlvw Although Dlck has only been at U Hrqh for twr e rs h s ,rrsonallty ha won htm many frrrnds and mddr one ct the most popular ellows at school H all thmqs has been proven by the qooa rob he made ehtrnq the Mtdway ln athletrcs D1ck has shom on tl: ttamonft O' those most hkely to succeed Dlck w1ll be at the top Student Councll 5 H1 Y 5 Enqmeermq Club 4 Q G ee Clul 5 Mldway Board 5 Board of Publtcatlons 5 School Soccer 5 Class Soccer 4 School Baseball 4 Sw1mm1nq 1 4 5 Wznner of Athletlc Honor 4 5 MABlOF'E EW INC: Cute and clever' Thats MGIJOTIG a very tactful person never wrthout a w1tty remark She has now completed har fourth successful year at U Hugh crownmq her alhrevements ly bemq elected to PH1 Beta Slqma tlus year and by bemq the authoress of an extremely clever play for the Phl Beta SIQITIG entertamment Marge IS a very hard worker and never stops t1ll she succeeds as her marks show Phx Beta Srqrna 5 Club Offrcer l 2 French Club 4 5 Correlator Board 5 Mlclway Board 4 Gargoyle Board 3 Class Pubhc Speaklnq l Class Hockey 3 4 Class Bask tball 2 Class Baseball 3 Wlnner of Athletlc Honcr l 2 lOHN NTON lohn IS one of the ew rather quret members of the Senlor Class He was a rre'nber of the Playfesters very sutccessful manager of the tennis team as well as a prohcrem player We are sure that he w1ll make Just as valuable a c1t12er1 1n the future as he was durtnq hrs years at U Hrqh Bloloqy Club 3 Drama Club 4 5 Sclence Club 2 Class 'lIOClf 3 Tenms Team 4 5 EDWARD FLLKINJ Vlhos that nuclcus of l1ve powe and school sp1r1t'9 You guessed 1t Eddy' Hes m everythmq everywhere all the txmel A v1tal coq rn the teams and Boys Club Board Ed made H1Y IH hls luruor year and IS now an ofhcer of that ma fron Ed Boys Club Board 4 5 H1Y 4 5 Glee Club 5 Class Basket hall Team 2 3 School Heavywelqht Basketball 4 5 Cla s Soccer Z 3 Class Baseball 2 3 School Baseball 4 lntra mJral Captam '7 '2 'Wrnner of Athletl Honor 5 IOHIX. V Cl- 't frf our sc ll Hfwcvcr I as sr Jn ktrrsf c rnc qran w Cl rrcr urrn tl past year an ny tl ,rt he rruaht ha Je entered 0.11 school sr nf Jr yr a s rtcnd ora fe W1 rn l r a h 1 vw -Y , W .D . J . ' . ' , ' . Q yea i ' s f ' . 'J t f htm , 1 , f . ts I Xltty to dc . ' . ', ' 1 12 ' . 3 , - - I. 2 4 5 , 5 7 ' ' Tear , 7 .. I ' N f' , ' J ' , . . . 7 fy I ,G , : 7 ' 'f 1 , .3. FE . 4 v .4 . l - ' T ' r ' ' . organization. Hes in the swirl socially too, we'll be hear- ' 1 . l fx . '- . - . U f , 7 ' , 57 S , 1 , : , 5: - t V Y .., op 4 'C . l . FSC IE' 'zlgn ent: d hccl just last la . , Y' 1 , in th Z srxzt tlrne lze li 'ict' .1 . :lf tc J : il fellow. He has an rn : y f fnds ci Q .re , , d c l '.-fish .V ,, 'l , ' , - fo er. He is fr Bo 'y' f 1 '1' ,r- 'll' cg to eufl elf: :iq hand. CORRELATOR OF 1935 l lA RTYN FOSS Marty agatn graces the halls ct Belheld after an absenc c' two years He IS one o' the most mechamcally lnclrned members of the class of 35 He excels ln classes of a scx entxhc nature Hrs practtcal tand unpractxcall Jokes have been welcomed readlly Unfortunately Marty has been able to go out for athlet1cs Club Offrcer 2 5 Sclence Club 7 Photography Club 5 BARBARA FURRY Smce flrst grade thrs exerlaughmg always breathless G A A presxdent has graced these humble halls w1th her mfectxous laugh and her outstandmg sportswomanly skrll The masterful way rn whlch she handled the GAA thxs year stands wltness to her executrve abrhty and moreover each Wednesday mornmg as secretary of the Student Coun C11 she gets non wrtters cramp We dont lrke her not much' Student Councll 4 5 Sclence Club 2 GAA 3 5 Cla Hockey l 2 3 4 All Star Hockey 4 5 Class Basketball l 2 3 Class Baseball l 2 3 4 All Star Baseball 3 4 W1nner of Athletrc Honor l 2 3 4 5 Swlrnmlna Team 4 EANNE G AYTON G od locks plus mtellrgence plus personalrty plus charm and you have leanne ln the class room on the dance floor r Just anywhere she 15 a r1val for the most outstandrng grrl Add to thrs that shes always w1ll1ng to help a friend and you know why shes one of the most popular g1rls 1n the class Grrls Club Board 5 Drama Club 4 5 Music Club 4 Mldway Board 5 Phr Beta Srgma 5 IACK GOLDMAN lack rs noted far and w1de at U l-hgh for hrs all around hrs lunlor year lack 15 also one of the mamstays of our champronshlp swrmrnmg team of whlch he was captatn last year lack 1S a hard worker and contmually gets good marks HxY 4 5 Brology Club 4 Engmeermq Club 4 5 Know Chtcago Club l Glee Club l 2 3 4 5 Correlator Board 5 Class Basketball Team 2 3 Class Soccer l 2 3 Swzmmmq Team l 2 3 4 5 Golf Team 3 4 5 Wrnner of Athletlc Honor ALICE HA MILTON Alice one of U Hlghs oest students was elected to Pl'1 Beta Slgma IU her lunlor year She also was qutte actrve ln extra currtcular acttv1t1es as may be wltnessed by the fact that she was v1cepres1dent of the Muslc Club thts year Her specral mterests are muslc and clrem1stry She took College Humamtles thts year and made qulte an envrous record '1 the campus 1 Beta Srgma 4 5 Club Off er 4 5 Brology lub lftuslc Club 3 4 5 Ilia h Club Sclence Club 2 Glee Clu 4 3 Class Hoc ey 4 ass Basket loss as al 4 Vtmner of Athlettc Honor 3 4 I Timm mc' lxrb- T N X LVN. Ask K JA Jw! GMX ifufzort o-J f If . V I A un- Ai 4- r l 1 . A I R - in 1 ,ssl 1 try X L- l l A l , I ' - A , u . sg' I- A ' ' Al U ' . , I I.. lx l ' , : ' 7 . . . , 7 SS . , I I: V . I 7 A . 7 , K, good-fellowship. As proof of this he was elected to Hi-Y in . A I 2,3,4,5l"l' 5 MT' l E . l H. . A . ' 77 A .. A. I . ' . C. Pht ' ' .cf 1 if .dv ' . C 5: tfzyey Q A A kr' 34 ,cf T ,ba1l3qlC, B-ei lp l 3, 5 " ' , . Y I of 0 7 lurly six BIRGIT HAMILTON! And here ladies and gentlemen we have the other one of those remarkable tw1ns the Hamrltons B1rg1t has a heart of gold a wonderful ear for musrc and a prohle that remmds one of a lovely prcture She wr1tes grand stor1es poetry and artrcles on musrc for the Gargoyle Some day when she becomes famous well be proud to have known her Club Offrcer 3 5 Blology Club 3 4 Muslc Club 3 4 5 Scrence Club 2 Glee Club l 2 3 4 5 Gargoyle Board 5 Class Hockey 2 3 4 Class Basketball 7 3 4 Class Baseball 2 3 4 Wrnner ofAthlet1c Honor 3 4 Phl Beta Slgma 5 FLORENCE HARVEY Peppy yet conscrentrous and always 1nterested ln some student actlvrty descrtbes Florence Her comments 1n class are apprecrated by all even the teachers As far as We have been able to frnd out she s the only person who dared tell Mrss Smrthres she hadnt done her homework That shows what a d1st1nct1ve g1rl Florence IS French Club 4 5 Musrc Club 2 3 Glee Club 2 3 5 Class Hockey 2 3 4 5 Class Basketball 2 3 4 5 BAIRD HASTINGS Barrcl IS that tall and studlous looklng boy who 1S often hurrying along the corrrdors of our school He has recerved good grades rn hrs classes but he IS not a grmd Thrs IS attested by the fact that he has also found tlme to do an able Job as news edltor of the Mtdway He was captam of the tenms team th1s year Engmeermg Club 5 Mrdway Board 5 French Magazrne Board 5 Tennrs Team 5 Wmner of Athlet1c Honor 5 IOHN HEIDE Iohn farred for hrs long hour and long stnde has been a constant source of amusement for the class of 35 Hrs humor rs known and apprecrat d by all He rs an authonty on all matters pertalnlng to radro or photography He has been very valuable to the hurdler and middle drstance runner Club Offrcer 4 5 Biology Soccer 2 3 Class Track 2 3 School Track 3 4 5 Class Base ball 3 lN1nner of Athletic Honor 3 4 5 Photography Club 5 track team as a hrgh Jumper Club 3 Scrence Club 2 Class IO-IN HESS lohn IS one of thos envred few who has rrsen from an xnsrgnrhcant freshman to become one of the outstandrng mem bers of the Senlor class H be Judged by thls book which h edtted He IS not only outstandrng at school but also on the basketball floor and baseball dramond lf his hrgh school days are a Judge of h1s futu e Iohn wrll go far and do great things Club Ofhcer 4 lnternahonal Correspondence Club 4 Current Af'a1rs 5 Correlator Board 4 5 M1dWGY Board 3 Board of Publrcahons 5 Class Basketball Team 2 3 School Heavy wetght Basketball 4 5 Class Track 3 Class Baseball 2 3 School Baseball 4 5 Wrnner f Athletrc Honor 4 H1Y 5 IS orrgrnallty and cleverness can C O R R E L A T O R O F 1 9 3 5 - 5.3 l ,'-1 1 I 'V v x. IV ,,5' ' ,7 ' ' . J Ill: AAI- l MARY HORRALL Marys an excellent student as is shown by her election to Phi Beta Sigma this year Besides excelling 1n scholarshlp she has taken part wrdely in extracurricular activities Sl'e is now secretary of the Math Club and is an all around good athlete particularly mterested ln volley ball and hockey Sh IS also a member of the Girls C-:lee Club Phi Beta Slgma 5 Club Officer 5 Art Club 4 International Correspondence Club 3 Math Club 4 5 Glee Club 2 Class Hockey 3 4 5 Class Baseball 3 Class Basketball 3 FRANK HORWICH Sin e our Sub Frosh days Frank has taken an active part in school activities He has been a mainstay of the track team being one of the highpomt men HIS ability in speak ing has made him a great asset to the public speaking team Frank has been very popular in the Senior class and is one of its intellectual giants as any member of the A P I class will tell you Engineering Club 4 Know Chicago Club 2 Correlator Board 5 Class Public Speaking 3 4 5 School Public Speakmg 4 5 School Soccer 5 Class Soccer 3 Class Track I 2 3 School Track 2 3 4 5 Class Baseball 2 3 School Baseball 4 Tennis Team 5 'Winner of Athletic Honor 3 4 5 LOUISE I-IUFFAKER When beauty and brains get together the combination is infallible This of course applies to Louise who certainly can of the Daily Exhaust an actress of note and one of the star athletes To this list she adds the dlstmctron of having become a member of Phi Bete this year Here s to you Louise' Class Executive Committee 2 3 5 Phi Beta Slgma 5 Club Officer 3 Art Club 3 Drama Club 4 5 International Corres pondence Club 4 French Club 3 4 MUSIC Club 3 Glee Club 3 5 Daily Exhaust Board 5 Class Hockey I 2 3 All Star Hockey 5 Class Basketball I 2 3 Class Baseball 1 2 3 WILLIAM HUTH German is one of those quiet unassuming fellows that are popular in any group and is one of the most likeable chaps at U High He is one of the original members of the class of 35 and IS one of the reasons why the athletic pres tige of the class is so high Bill especially shines on the soccer neld and has made many an opposing goalie quak with fear Biology Club 3 Sclence Club 2 Glee Club 4 5 Class Bas ketball Team I 2 3 School Heavyweight Basketball 4 5 School Soccer 3 4 5 Class Soccer I 2 Class Track I 2 School Track 2 3 Class Baseball I 2 Tennis Team 4 5 Intramural Captaln I 2 Wmner of Athlettc Honor 3 4 BETTY IADWIN With Betty around you have no time for tears Whether in the classroom or on the hockey held she is always up and at em If you are inclined to thmk that she isnt com petent all you have to do is to ask a classmate about th way she took the minutes at the Class Meetings When as a Freshman Betty was class secretary We neednt worry about Betty she will always be on top Class O '1cer 2 lass Executive Committee 2 Drama Club 4 5 Internatlonal Correspondence Club 3 4 French Club 3 4 French Magazine Board 3 4 Class Hockey I 2 3 4 5 Class Basketball I 2 3 4 Class Baseball I 2 3 4 Winner of Ath Ietxc Honor 3 5 Class Volleyball 3 Jy.fX..j My lvsfgf , .f Lv-wk X L gba!! 051 xx xi koxwf-A fi-I .cclwtf-gf Tblffy sewn 1 C O R H E L A T O R O F I 9 3 5 V ,J 5 Q ' .yalx , fr t .ff , 114 A ' . I . . , A , , f 2144, 'H,,f, . '. - . . .. I A' ' Av!-,Jf' , ' 5 I : ' I , : I : , I . . , . I C , .f ' . A ' xf LL -,T - I n '23--Lf' 2 'vf 7 A 1 I A I I 7 L , .Q N ,lshq I I 4 I I 4 nc claim both. She has been active in class activities, editor I AT "' r . . . ' . . '. . 'K-A s ' 4 , - . . I In I I I. V. A 7' UQ. , 5.5.-X 1 0 W I : I , : .I 1' 5 X I' S 5 - Ax . , : I I: I i I h X L N -Ax lr H - I Y I , ' ' ' - 9 I i i'i , ra I I - 1 I ' ,. -, C ., , . X2 'XJ I Tfuvft ugfrl EUGENE lOHNSON Among hrs many accompllshments Gene takes SPQCIGI prrde 1n some of tlcem He has qurte a knowledge of radlo he 1S a proud member of the Latm IV class he rs the schools best car skldder he IS a loyal supporter of the Playfesters and he has b en on the track team for the last two years Blology Club 3 Drama Cluo 5 SCIGDCS Club 2 Dally Ex haust Board 5 Class Basketball Team 2 3 Class Track 2 3 School Track 4 5 Class Baseball 2 3 WELLINGTON lONES Buds achlevements are so numerous that we cant possrbty do h1m Justrce m the lrttle space we have Class presldent athletrc representattve to the Student Councrl Boys Club Board H1Y and membership on the track and soccer teams are lust a few of Buds more rmportant coups Buds rnterest 1n act1v1t1es plus hrs popularrty and socral 1ncl1nat1ons assure h1m of a brlllrant future Class Offrcer l Student Councrl l 5 Boys Glee Club 2 3 4 5 H1Y 4 5 Biology Club l 2 3 Drama Club 4 5 Know Chlcago Club l Glee Club 2 3 4 School Soccer 4 5 Class Soccer l 2 3 Class Track l 2 School Track 2 3 4 5 Class Baseball l 2 3 Intramural Captam l 2 Wrnner of Athletrc Honor 2 3 4 5 HELEN KATZ plcture of a frgure rushxng down the alley on the hockey held close on the heels of a little whlte ball and usmg the mot adro1t strck work youve ever seen But shes no dumb ath lete She has a brarn and uses rt Thats why shes alway on the All Star teams French Club 4 Current Alfarrs 5 Class Hockey 2 3 4 5 All Star Hockey 4 5 Class Basketball 3 LOIS KELSAV Here rs one of those people who takes on lmportant Jobs and gets them done wrth the greatest of ease not to mentron nonchalance LOIS has chalked up a really lmposrng record of well done deeds Thrs year she was busmess manager of the Midway and there never was a better one She 1S one of the well known g1rls of the Semor class Club Oifrcer 4 Art Club 3 4 5 Internatxonal Correspondence Clqb 3 French Club 4 Glee Club 3 4 Mldway Board 4 5 Board of Publzcatrons 5 Class Hockey 7 3 Class Basketball 2 lass Baseball Z 3 GEORGE KEMP May we present George th boy who IS always w1ll1ng to accept any responslbrllty and carry 1t through to a suc cesstul f1n1sh As presrdent of the Boys Club he has proved lnrnself a splend1d leader as anyone who attends those early mornrng board meetrngs wrll tell you We look forward to hearmg great things of George someday Class Othcer 3 Class Executlve Commlttee 3 Student Couh ctl 3 5 Boys Club Board 4 5 Club Oll1C9Y 4 5 H1Y 4 5 afna Club 4 5 Engrneenng Club 4 Scrence Club 2 Gl Cul 3 lvlrdway Board 4 Class Soccer 2 3 Class Track 7 School Track 2 3 Class Baseball 3 4 Intramural Captarrt Wlnner of Athlenc Honor 3 Phr Beta Slgrna 5 I E C O R R E L A T O R O F l 9 3 5 'r 1 1 I 1 , 4 l 4 x , J I ' ' . . ' I ' : -'f f ' 7 . , 1 , : .Y , , 1 ' , : ' ' X f w fl -q , 1 J ' N J! Helen Katz! That name always brings to our minds a ry ' A I V , . . OSEPH RRUG loe is the Cassanova of J High and one of the schools est dressed boys He has been kept very busy as business manager of the Gargoyle a pos1t1on which he held with the greatest of success But that isnt all Ioe 1S also an honored member of the Playfesters ot the Ghost Board and of the track team Class Executive Committee 4 Blology Club 3 Drama Club 4 5 Engineering Club 3 Glee Club 2 3 Gargoyle Board 4 5 Ghost Board 5 Board of Publications 5 Class Soccer 2 lass Track 2 3 School Track 7 3 4 5 Class Baseball 2 3 SAMUEL LAWTON During his attendance at U High Sam has been a leading as well as a popular member of his class Witness the fact that he 1S a member of H1Y and a Student Council repre sentat1ve ln athletics Sam has been the pride of the track team being co captain this year His magnetic personality has and always will bring him many frlencls Student Councll 5 Club Officer 4 5 H1Y 4 5 B1ology Club 2 3 Engineering Club 3 Math Club 2 3 4 5 Science Club l 2 Glee Club 3 Correlator Board 5 Class Basketball Team l 2 School Soccer 4 5 Class Soccer 1 2 3 Class Track l 2 School Track 2 3 4 5 Class Baseball l Wmner of Athletic Honor 3 4 5 MARIAN LEE Marian is on of the tall dark and handsome types Sh has a line character and a quiet selfe'fac1ng personahty that is very appealing Her reserve and poi e are to b commended for Marian zs always a lady Although she doesnt parucipate 1n extra curricular activities Marian has alway been a aood c1t17en of U High French Club 4 :n BETTY TANE LINDENBERGER lf you havent had the pleasure of meeting Lindy allow us to introduce you to her Her name may suggest flighu ness but shes not since she has both feet firmly on the around She has done more than her part, as a member o the Girls' Club Board during the last two years, to make th- club a success. ir c' Cl 'b oard 4, 57 ub Office. 4,57 At Cub , 7 Biology l b 3, 47 International Correspondence Club 47 Science Cluo 27 Glee Club 37 Class Hockey l, 2, 3, 4, 57 Class Baseball 7 7 . ADLLE LOEWENSTEIN Here is to Adele! You meet her and like her because she . .un pe.son1fied. Her sense ot humor is delightful, yet she know.. hen to be se.ious. eo .as mud- many frien ' dying ,.e. four years at U. Higl, and we expect big things from 1. r in he futu e. Dont fail us no.-1 Ade e. International Correspondence Chic 7 FYGHCH C ub 37 r-nC?. magazine Board 4. Tllirlvt -uint' fa..-f I Latgl 1-,pkg-,'g ist: .,-QL.. fix Ag., I sr -14444 44.14 CORRELATOR OF 1935 I F0113 'VIARY LUCKHARDI Every class has 1ts artrsts and thrs years Semors were fortunate enough to have Mary Besrdes havlng led the Art Club through an eventful and most successful year when she was a lumor she shared the art work of the Correlator thls year Mary can hold her own m the class room the buslness rneetmg and on the dance floor Hows that for a combma hon? Class Ofhcer 4 Art Club 4 Drama Club 5 Glee Club l 2 4 Correlator Board 5 Wmner of Athletrc Honor 3 4 Phl Beta Srgma 5 IU DITH McKlBBEN One cant say enough for ludy She 1S always cheerful and ready to be a frrend when needed She has been around U Hxgh for a long txme and there Lsnt anyone IH the halls who doesnt know her She has a sense of humor which few people possess Above all ludy takes her studxes serl ously and IS a hard worker Biology Club 3 5 Class Hockey 2 FBED MCKINSTRY Who IS that Well dressed fellow who dashes about sportlng a mlty southern accent Why thats Fred Mclimstry a prod uct of old Savana Georgra Fred entered our school as cr Freshman and has been a brg asset to 1t ever smce Thls last year he served successfully as presxdent of the Photog raphy Club and as Photography edltor of the Correlator Club 3 4 Correlator Board 5 Photography Club 5 NYE MCLAURY Behold the lad1es man of the class of 35 But Nye rs no srssy for he has been a member of the swxmmmg and tenms teams as well as an mtramural star m hrs earher days The school rs losmg more than merely a handsome srx footer when Nye graduates for rt also loses an all around good fellow possessed wrth an unusually fme Splfll and character Engmeermg Club 4 Muslc Club 4 Glee Club 3 4 5 Class Basketball Team 2 3 Class Soccer 2 Sw1mm1ng Team 2 4 Tennls Team 4 5 ISABEL McNElL Isabel must have more than her share ol gray matter lf thats what rt takes to make one brrght ln school work She s one of our shlnlng examples who made Phx Beta Sxgma in therr Iumor year and she really hves up to all expectatxons Shes quxet but plays plng pong llke a natlonal champlon Phr Beta Srgma 4 5 Art Cluo 3 Internatronal Corres pondence Club 3 Muslc Club 4 5 Mxdway Board 5 Class Hockey 3 4 5 Class Basketball 3 4 Class Baseball 2 3 Club Officer 55 Engineering Club 4g Science Club 27 .Glee 9' l CORRELATOR OF 1935 EVELYN MACK We regret that Evelyn spent only tw years wrth us She has the happy faculty of sayrng the nght thrng at the naht trme 1n the rrght place She seems to know all the answers even rn Englrsh IV That deserves a hand and all U Hrgh rs ready to grve rt to her FRANK MACKEY Frank rs an old trmer 1n thrs sch ol He may be heard argurng wrth the teachers or hrs frrends much of the trme He IS a good dresser and when seen walkrng down the hall he rs laughrng and Jokrng as 1f he never had a care He IS a good student and a member of the track team Hrs socral calendar IS seldom found empty Brology Club 3 4 EHQIDGQPIHQ Cub 4 Glee Club 4 Cor relator Bo d 5 Class Ptjilrc Speakrng 4 5 School Publrc Speakrng 5 ool Lrcjttwerght Basketball 4 School Track LEAN MAKHLE Vleq 'is of those people who always seem to be full f p anti vrtalrty She has entered 1nto many extra c,1r ricnlprr a rvrtres rnarnly atlnletrcs and rs one of the best all bround rls of the class lean has such a wonderful per sonallty that we re sure she wrll make a go of anythrng she attempts rn later years lnternatronal Correspondence lub 4 Class Hockey 2 4 'LOIS MAEHLE Here 1s,tl'ze other member of an already famous team One of ther? many clanns to fame rs the fact that one cant tell them gp t Lots besrdes .berng a frne dancer rs a clever student and IS very popdlal Rumor has rt that thrs talented young C1 w1l have a successful stage career we know It k1'aIn tfonal Correspondence Club 4 Class Publrc Speakmg 2 4 Class Hockey 2 Class Basketball 2 4 Class Baseball MARY LOUISE MANN Who 15 that tall nrce lookrng grrl comlng down the hall? lt rs none other than Weezy Wee y 15 endowed wrth one of those quret lrkeable personalrtres that rs welcome anywhere rt goes and popular rn any crowd where tts proud possessor may mrngle Mary Lourse rs rntellrgent always sm rtl, dressed and lots of fun so you can see why the class f 35 has been happy to have assocrated wrth her lnternatronal Correspondence Chr 4 5 Scrence Clu Class Hockey 3 4 Class Basketball 4 Class Baseball l 2 5 4 Forty one "l1Ylf . 4. 3, 4, 5. -EI I- f' 'I I I V 'I , ,sf ,I c V up X A " A Q -r rf ' 'I ' I to V ' ,K l " Juv -' 1 A , - . Y ArVO..9 1 A , , "j Class Basketball 2, 47 Class Baseball 2, I I if" 4' . ' Q' .a' ' ' '. 1 li ll I . : - 4 ,I . l.,l Ji.. .4 l 1' f 1' II' . I-PI It Q.. ' . , , ,Q 1, L l V- ,. . 1 , I , I: 4 91? I 7 I I A y ' .I 7 r : I , : ' ' ' Yi- 2, 4. 5 .J CORHELATOR OF 1935 lt ALMON MANSON Al IS a qutet reserv d sort of a fellow who never says much but who accompllshes a great deal He IS one of the class of 35 s star track men He has been a valuable asset to U Hlgh and through hts good fellowshlp and reserved manner he has won many fr1ends Wherever Al goes he lS sure to make a success B1ology Club 3 Drama Club 5 Sclence Club 2 Class Socc r 2 3 School Track 2 3 4 5 Class Baseball 2 3 W1nner ot Athletrc Honor 2 3 4 RUtl-l MARSH Ruth IS one of the most brtllxant students 1n the Senlor class Durlng her years a U Hrgh she has made a very tnvlable record for herself havtng een elected to Phl Beta Srgma IH her lunlor year Ruth ts very gu1et and reserved We are sure that she will contlnue to r celve scholastlc honors where ever she goes Pht Beta S1gma 4 5 Brology Club 3 lnternat1onal Corres pondence Club 5 Math Club 4 Sclence Club 2 Glee Club 3 MARGERY MARX Vrvacrous blonde blue eyed Margey' Personable patrl CIGH perfect' An asset to any class we are proud to call her one of us Margery IS a lady to the nth degree and popular you know ntl Anytlme you see a smartly dressed Venus r1dmg rn a powder blue roadster you had better look lW1CS and then wave to that bundle of charm IS sure to be Margey Marx Club Offlcer l2 Drama Club 5 lnternatlonal Corres pondence Club 4 French Club 2 3 Mldway Board 2 3 Class Hockey l 2 3 4 Class Basketball 3 4 ROBERT MFRRIAM Bob IS the boy to whom a good share of the credlt for our classs fmal year of success goes As a leader and a worker he has proven rnvaluable He IS a member of many of U Hrghs athletxc teams and has won himself an env1able reputatlon Everyone knows and lrkes Bob and he has made n any fnends durmg the years he has spent at U Hlgh Class Offtcer 4 5 Class Executtve Commlttee l 5 Student Councll 5 Boys Club Board 2 H1Y 4 5 Drama Club 4 5 Engrneermg Club 4 Glee Club 3 4 5 Class Basketball Team l 2 3 School L1ghtwe1ght Basketball 3 4 5 School Soccer 4 5 Class Soccer 2 3 Class Track l 2 3 School Track 3 4 5 Class Baseball 2 3 Intramural Captaln 2 3 W1nner of Athlet1C Honor 4 5 SUE MILLER For mterest IH extra currlcular act1v1t1es Sue ranks among the frrst Instrumental rn startmg an underclass wrlters club Nh n she was a mere Su 'rosh she was as a Semor an rmportant member cf th Rlayfesters Club She stuck to the wr1t1ng too however and edtted the Gargoyle very satls qc rlly durrng her Sem r wear What would we do wtth on Sue? Ofrcer l 2 3 Corre ator Board 2 n J y oa var 5 Board fPubl1c to s 4 5 . , D ' . T. ' . 0 , - , , 4 . Lx . . , .3 4 . D . , . , f . Y . : . , : ' , : l I I I . 5 ' : '- , 1 , : ' e . ' . " , , , CO' ' . ' ' - if to' ' 'o j- . ' - Club f' . , : Drama Club 4, 55 2 .7 l."':i'.' a B rd 27 C goyle Boazd 2, 3, 4, 7 o ' a- t n ,'. CORRELATOR OF 1935 lACK MYERS ack l'1ny as he IS often called IS that tall dark hatred fellow vho can be se n towenng above the heads of hts fellow student Hts lassmates look up to htm IH another sense too for he IS not only qutck wttted and ot scholar but can tr1m most anyone tn squash or handball Medtcme ts lacks chosen professton BlOlOQY Club 4 Engmeertng Club 4 SCIENCE Club 2 Current Affaxrs 5 Glee Club 4 5 School Soccer 5 Class Soccer l 2 3 Class Track l Q School Track 3 Class Baseball l '7 Tenms Team 5 FRANKLIN NARDI Franklm was a new student thts year We soon found he had a good sense of humor and became fast frtends wttl' htm He went out for the heavywetght basketball team and upported other school act1v1t1es wtth much zest He ts a reg ular fellow tn all ways and ts a b1g help 1n taklng the blues out of llfe School Heavywetght Basketball 5 ROSS NETHERTON Ladtes and gentlem meet the lrvmg obb of the Sentor class and the co edtfbr' of the Ga qoyle A pasttme wh1ch ftnds favor W1 ss IS the plottmg of some mgentoup schefne w1th one at cronxes to sprfng on some hapless feflow tudent O e szde h IS a very valuable eniaer of the track team and a very ons1ste potntgetter at that Club Offtcer 5 Arr Cluo 5 now Chtoaq Club 4 Current Affalrs 5 Glee Clhb 5 Gargoyle Board 4 5 ubltcatrons Board 5 Class Ba li tball Team l 2 3 Sch l.1ghtwe1ght Basket ball 2 Sch l Soccer 2 3 Class Socber 1 2 3 Class Track of Athlet1c Honors 3 4 5 LCUISE NEWMAN Although Loutse IS very reserved IH talk1ng about herself she IS one of those students who does everythmg thoroughly and one of the few the teachers can always depend upon She IS a very refmed demure young lady and possesses many sterlmg qual1t1es She w1ll be successful wherever she decrdes to go as she has all the necessary YEQUISIIGS lnte nattonal Corr spond n e Club 4 French Club 2 3 4 5 ROGER NIELSEN If you want any thmg done around school and done well consult the Rah ah Durtng l"1S attendance of four years at U Hrgh he has gatned the reputation of bemg one of the rtardest worktng ovs IH the cass l-le was elected to 1-I1 r' tn hrs T mor year and became a rr rnber of Pht Bette Jn hts Sent yea He was secretary cr H1 1 sports edttor of tn Vtawaw and manager o' se feral teams thts year Pht Beta Stgma 5 Club Oftcer f H1Y 4 5 Engtneertnq Club 4 5 Glee Club 3 Mtaway Boa a 5 School Heavywe1g t Basketball 5 School Soccer Vftnn r of Atl' et1c H nor 5 Purim Ihr e 5 V4- fJ'6'L1,f, C 'L' fl, f I , or ' ' t , ' . ' ' K i 1, . 1 " ,V ff' 1 ' X V, 1 . " if . ef ., ' U. s . n ' If ' J I nf - 1 'H Q gf ' 1 Q, 1 : V A I 1 1 I I' I A ' l,2, 3:IScho Track 1,2,l3,'4,5g Class Baseball 37 Winner ' s r ' e e c 1 ,,,. X! 7 Lf' I fl If 1 A . V B 1 1 A b A 'Q . 1 , . A I ' Q , X 5 WV I 1-0117 four RICHARD NOLT Drck was the manager of track squad as well as berng one of the teams best at putting the shot As a member of thls year s Ghost board he has kept up hrs reputatron as a hard worker bemg very mstrumental rn the success of that publl anon We are sure that U Hrgh wrll mrss Drck s good nature next year Blology Club 2 3 French Club 2 3 Ghost Board 5 Class Soccer 2 3 Class Track 3 School Track 4 5 Class Baseball 2 3 Intramural Captarn 2 3 Wmner of Athlettc Honor 5 NATALIE NORGREN Natalres leadershrp rn her class started way back rn irrst grade and she has been gomg strong ever srnce Durlng her hrgh school career she has served on the Grrls Club Student Counc1l M1dway and Correlator boards and has been about the fmest presrdent the class of 35 ever had Nanny acts as chref confessor for all the grrls and manages to hold her own wrth the boys as well In every sense of the word she rs the rdeal U Hrgher Class Offrcer 2 Class Executrve Commrttee 2 3 Student Counc1l 2 3 Grrls Club Board I 4 5 Drama Club 4 5 Cor relator Board 4 5 Class Publrc Speakrng 2 3 School Publrc Speakmg 3 Class Hockey 2 3 Class Basketball 2 3 Class Baseball 2 3 Phemle IS one of the pepprest and most versatrle mem bers of the class She rs Imp captazn and on almost all the all star teams She IS gettmg nght along wrth her mus1c and really knows her dance steps Her polly laugh and good sportsmanshrp have won her many friends who wrll always remember her as a booster and an all around grand grrl Internatronal Correspondence Club 3 4 5 Glee Club 3 G AA 3 5 All Star Hockey 3 4 5 All Star Basketball 3 4 All Star Baseball 3 4 Wrnner oi Athletrc Honor 3 4 5 All Star Volleyball 3 4 5 VIRGINIA PLUIVIB Vrrgrma rs a quret grrl who has lots of frrends She rs an excellent student a member of Phr Beta Srgma and a good athlete She IS an ambrtrous person and rs always on the rob She IS often seen helprng rn the Gxrls Club as she IS charrman of the Household Commrttee Vrrgrma has an ex ceptlonally pleasant drsposrtlon and rs well llked by every one who knows her Phl Beta Srgma 5 Grrls Club Board 5 Art Club 2 lnterna tlonal Correspondence Club 4 5 Glee Club 4 Gargoyle Board 5 Class Hockey 4 Class Basketball 4 All Star Basketball 4 Class Baseball 2 4 IULIETTE PORGES Strck to lt lveness ought to be Iulrettes mrddle name For pure spunk we grve her the crocheted rce prck Good humor and a ready laugh make her fnends thrnk that she has no equal as a compamon lulrette IS one of those rare persons who can be smart wrthout flauntrng rt lnternatronal Correspondence Club 3 French Club 3 4 5 CORRELATOR OF 1935 gg I Q! MARY PHEMISTER l ft ffvt M4 'xx ELATVM ALBER1 PULVER Here IS Buzz the genxal gentleman of U Htgh ln nl years that he has graced U Hrghs halls he has won hxm self a reputatron for gemahty and ready wrt and from tn way rn whrch the glrls fall for h1m there may be someth1ng more but all yokmg aslde we know that many frlends where Jer he goes Club Officer 5 HIY 5 Drama Club 4 5 Gargoyle Board 5 Ghost Board 5 Class Basketball Team 2 3 School Llghtwelght Basketball 4 Class Tract: 2 3 School Track 4 5 Tenms 'Team 2 3 Wlnner of Athletrc Honor 4 Buzzre w1ll make ROSEMARY ROBERTS If you havent heard some of ROSIG s cracks your educa t1on IS not complete Her capaclty for saymg the wrong thmg at the nght t1me IS not equalled anywhere Her capa b1l1lY as an art1st may be Judgecl by th1s Correlator of whlch she was asslstant art edttor Wtthall though and enhrely un suspectlngly she IS one of the most charmmg and amusmg persons that you could hope to meet Class Execunve Comrmttee 2 G1rls Club Board 2 Club Offlcer 5 Art Club 5 French Club 2 Glee Club 3 5 Correlator Star Hockey 5 Class Basketball l 2 3 Class Baseball l 2 3 Wlnner of Athlet1c Honor l 2 3 5 BETTY BOLLC Betty 1S an excellent student havmg made Pht Beta Srgma 1n her Iumor year Not only rs she a student but she IS also a valuable contnbutor to the Gargoyle and on rmportant member of the Girls Club Board Betty ln her pos1t1on as halrman of the Soclal Commrttee was largely responstble for the success of the G1rls Club events thrs year Phr Beta Srgma 4 5 G1rls Club Board 5 Art Club l French Club l2 3 4 5 Darly Exhaust Board 5 French lvlagazlne Board 5 FUCHARD RUBENS D1ck has been wtth us a long tlme and has made many fnends especxally wrth those rnterested m sclence for h rs an up and comlng chemrst He may often be found tn the chemlstry room after school worklng on exper1ments of al klnds Drck ts capable of getting good grades ID hts other studies too and we know he wtll succeed wherever ht may go Engtneerlng Club 3 4 Math Club 2 Current Affa1rs 5 HELEN SAWYER Perhaps Helen IS best descrrbed by the word sweet she certaxnly IS that She has one of the most amlable sonalrtres to be found and her flashing smxle and gay rm phng laughter 15 already famous She has a host of frtends because she has the knack of maktng and keeplng them She IS a good student as everyone knows Art Club 3 lnternauonal Correspondence Club 3 4 Fren u l 2 3 Cl ockey 2 3 5 Cla k 2 3 ass Baseball l 2 3 4, forty Hz! LU-cvvlrxwb A. hA75'++-X W Bukflq, vm-0,0-v..,Sl.f-ij JM fvxxzil jkj -'XLS f-if Km., 'food MWT Dxvg QDTAOXZ1. QYYNA Dig KS, -tug fix , 42 "T ' 'J .4-I 5 . f T f 1: I - . If, fr - - . 4 wi 'V c o R R , I R ,f o F 1 9 3 5 fl f , -'V ' M 5- 5 LV! ' ' " " ' , ' . tie . . I I V 1 L . : I - 7 ' ' I ' ' ' . ' . . ' J . Rf" A f J . - .1 .. A . . . ' I . - -4.5 I. ' ' . ' , , ' - . mg, ' -' : ' .' : ' 9 . A ' U ' K c Board 57 Class Public Speaking 2: Class Hockey l, 2, 3, 55 All , , , . F , V., dx ZA , Q .n . . . . gl-,A . . . I . , I 4 T M fl 5-1, .. T 4 4 f . 4 ef- wh 1 -I - ' a Cl b t, , 57 ass H l, , ,4, up ss 'Bos etball lu , : Cl I I I fir N X Xl BEITV AWN SILBLBMAN Betty Anne IS one of the arrls that we remember from way back rn the days of Elementary School Shes a perfectly grand sport and we are more than grateful for the many rldes whrch she so generously QIVSS m her beautrful new car But you should see her taklnq honors ln horseback to realrze what a versatrle qrrl she IS French Club 4 Sclence Club 2 Current Affalrs 5 Class Hockey 2 3 4 5 Class Basketball 2 3 Class Baseball l 2 3 BETTY ANN SMITH Betty IS qulte an athlete bexnq a hockey basketball ana baseball player of note Her 1nterests are not confrned t atnletrcs by any means thouqh She rs an ardent bxologrst plays the cello and smgs a mean alto Though naturally qulet she has a keen sense of humor which IS thorouqhlv enloyed by all her frrends B1oloqy Club 3 4 lnternatronal Correspondence Club 3 4 Musrc Club 5 Scrence Club l 2 Glee Club 3 4 Class Hockey l 2 3 4 5 All Star Hockey 4 Class Basketball 2 3 4 All Star Basketball 4 Class Baseball 2 3 4 All Star Baseball 4 DOROTHY ANN STEIN You have probably notrced thrs pe1ODY blonde hurryrnq throuqh the halls elther to a board meetlnq or to a swrmmlnq meet for Dltty as her many frrends call her IS one of our most versatlle Senlors Besldes belng an all star swrmmer she holds an rmportant posrtlon on the Correlator board and 1S a member of the Playfesters How s that for a record' Club Offrcer 2 Drama Club 4 5 Know Chlcaqo Club 4 5 Math Club 2 Scrence Club 2 Correlator Board 4 5 Class Hockey 2 3 Class Basketball 2 3 Class Baseball 2 3 Wmner of Athletlc Honor 2 3 4 All Star Swrrnmrnq Team 4 Class Volleyball 2 3 4 IRVING STEN Bud rs another one of those fellows who are always ready to help any school funchon He 1S an all around good student and an allaround good fellow Although he does better than average work m all of hrs classes xt IS rn the ones of a screntlftc nature that he excels He rs a member of the swlmmrnq team secretary treasurer of the class and busrness manager of the Correlator Class Off1cer 5 Class Executrve Commrttee 5 H1Y 5 Bloloqy Club 3 4 Enqxneermq Club 4 Know Chrcaqo Club 2 3 Scxence Club l 2 Glee Club 3 4 5 Correlator Board 5 Board of Publ1cat1ons 5 Class Soccer 2 3 Swrmfnrnq Team 2 3 4 5 Wmner oi Athletrc Honor 2 3 4 5 ADELE S1EB'NI Adele 15 one of those people that you can always be sure of havmq a good t1me wrth for she IS known for h r good nature and sunny drsposltmon She has been w1th .rs ever smce frrst grade and durmq her years at U Hrqh has made an envzable record Wrth her personalzty and pep Ad le rs sure to rnake many frrends rn the future Club Offrcer 2 Bloloqy Club 4 Know Ch1CGQO Clu 4 Class Hockey 2 3 4 Class Baseball l 2 3 4 Class Ba ket all 2 3 CORRELATOR OF 1935 M CORRELATOR OF 1935 FRANK STERN Frank rs that good naturea cu yharred chap who always eems to be rn a hurry Durrna hrs stay at U Hrgh Frank has shown hrmself to be a vahrable man on the swrmmrng and track teams and a good student Frank has been a c nsrstent backer of school actrvrttes and a frrend to everyone French Club 4 5 lxnow Chrcago Club 1 2 Class Publrc Speakrng l 4 5 School Track 2 4 Swrmmrng Team 3 4 Wrnner of Athletrc Honor 4 JOHN STERN lohn Nert to hrs frrends rs a star scholar and athlete He easrly transters hrmself from a complrcated drscussron how to blow up the chemrstry laboratory to the athletrc freld where he starred on the soccer lrghtwerght basketball a baseball teams lohn rs noted for hrs rather quarnt humor and sly wrsecracks HrY 5 Engrneertng Club 4 Correlator Board 5 Class Bas ketball 2 3 School Lrghtwerght Basketball 3 4 5 Scho l Soccer 5 Class Soccer 2 Class Track 3 Class Baseball 2 'I School Baseball 4 5 Intramural Captarn 3 Wrnner of Athletr Honor 4 5 EARLE STEVENSON Earle or Steve as he rs krown to hrs frrends wrth hrs captrvatrng smrle and ever ready wrtty puns rs one of most popular fellows rn tne class o 35 I-le has been staunch supporter of school actrvrtres and a noble member of I-I1Y Durrng the past yea he successfully gurded the Brology Club along the road of success Club Offrcer 4 5 l-lrY 4 5 Brology Club 3 4 5 Engrneerrna Club 4 Scrence Club 2 Mrdway Board 4 Class Basketball Team 3 School Lrghtwerght Basketball 4 School Heavy werght Basketball 5 Class Basehall Q 4 Intramural Captarr 2 Wrnner of Athletrc Honor 4 MILTON SURKIN Many feel that Mrlton w1'l become a lawyer sorre day for he never ceases to argue hrs pornts He not only argues wrth hrs frrends but wrth hrs tea hers too especrally M Stone He can usually be found rn the chemrstry room tryrng new experrments after school When Mrlt does somethrng he does rt wrth a great deal of zes a qualrty whrch rs sure to brrng hrm success Br logy Club 3 Engrneerrng Club 3 4 Scren e Club 2 Current Aflarrs 5 Glee Club 4 5 MINI THOMAS I l'er frrst name descrrbes a small darnty young pers r who rs ferrrrnrne to her very frngertrps Mrrnr rs rrghtly name Ho 1 such a package of charm and vrvacrty could come fro ut of the wrld and Wooly wastes of Texas rs bey nd all of .rs NV only wrsn the aoresard stdte had sharea 'r r wrtn s a r rt sooner than thrs year Cluh 5 r s Ho rc y Sc Pu lrc Speakrna 5 lorlg YI 1 bf Q I l ' ', rl ' . , A4 . . . R . , . ., . ' 4. l A Z. , ' I' I Q. V ' ' ' ' ' ' of , ' ' , nd ' : I 7' : Y if S,- . , , , , , U ,, I , . . .F .4 I .. , , , c V , . .. . , " K lc I X , I .. ,, ,. . , , , , u lf' r ' - , the . . , , H I . a .- , Y . I ' . I . V l . ' 4 if r r A 1 1 r r 1 , . M - . , 1 I ll A ' ' ' ' ' c , , ' r. 'c : ' ' ' , : ' C : ,r 9 l ' ,.w . K' ' .. ' ' f nr o . .. ' f 1 . ' c r , ' no 'I . f 1. '. r ' le fl u , . .5-.rt B g G rls' Glee Clui, 5- Clas C' e 55 hzcl I I - r Fl I. I IA. ' I ' J af L 1- DONALD TELLEF Don was a newcomer at the begrnnmg oi the year but he gulckly adapted hlmself to h1s new surroundings He made many frlends and 1n the short trne he had he accomplrshea a great deal H1s outstandmg GCl1V1lY was baseball and he dtd not fa1l to l1ve up to hrs excellent reputatlon m that sport starrlng at the f1fSl base posxtlon School Track 5 School Baseball 5 LOUISE TIBBETTS Lous electron to Phr Bete proves her extraordrnary schol astrc ab1l1ty She has taken part 1n extra curricular actrvrtres consrderably Last year she was presxdent of the Muslc Club and thls year she accompames the school orchestra on the prano She IS also qulte an athlete as evrdenced by her berng on the All Star Hockey team last year Phl Beta Slgrna 5 Club Offzcer 4 lvlusrc Club 4 5 Glee Club 2 3 Gargoyle Board 4 5 French Magazlne Board 5 Class Hockey 4 5 All Star Hockey 5 Class Basketball 4 IEANNE TOBIN leanne truly represents the ldeal U Hxgh qlrl Attractlve smart and loads of fun she sets a hlgh standard as PIGSI C O R R E L A T O R O F l 9 3 5 l ,iw I 4 4 , 47 -' r L 1" - - -- n ' V ICJ 'I p , -L . lf' -ff-I .fl ,Li v. N ' I KVA, ' f A r r . 1' rl . ., I . - . K I 7-ll LY, I I - I ' ' fllyrll , . , . f ,- ,H - . -IL I 4l 'r I ' ' IM 1 Lf' - ' , - , - , f ,qw fn ' . ' . " A .1 1 ,,,. , . ,: D ., , , . Ll 'lf' " I ' 1. Lf' Il, vp,-1 fix", ' - gl? ,V I ' . , ' . A . . I' wif rf U . -1 I f . 4.4 ,af yi I I . ' I tx ' " -, t C , ' I A,,A" Q ' :I ,.,:', ,,: V' 7 b Q Q' : ' ,z ' ' 9,1 , : ... : I. ,.,, 1 ly: A 1 I g xi V ' ' KX. 1 ,,,. ' --'gm fc." I 4 I ' yr 'N ' - , I ' Q l Q , yn MT 195 I I Inv It flglrl dent of the Grrls Club Interested ln athletrcs studles and extra currrcular act1v1t1es she seems to be able to accompllsh more than any other two people Th1s doesnt mean that Ieanne cant have a good trme for she IS popular as well as etflcxent Class Oftrcer l 3 Class Executrve Comrruttee l 2 3 Student Councll 5 Phr Beta Slgrna 4 5 Grrls Club Board 4 5 Club Olhcer 2 Art Club l 2 3 4 Drama Club 3 4 5 Glee Club 3 Correlator Board 5 Mrdway Board 3 4 Class Publlc Speakmg l GAA 2 Class Hockey l 2 3 4 5 All Star Hockey 5 Class Basketball l 2 3 Class Baseball l2 3 Wlnner of Athletrc Honor l 2 3 4 BETTY VINCEN Bettys arrstocratlc type of beauty IS extremely decoratlve She IS not only decoratrve however for her ladyllke man ners and her polse glve her an unusual type of charm Betty may not be a leader but she IS a follower that any leader would be proud to have Beautltul well dressed and porsed she IS a credlt to the school Class Otfrcer l G1rls Club Board 2 Class Hockey 2 Wm ner ot Athletlc Honor PAT WARNEP Pat lS the dramatlc art1st of U Hrgh ln h1s capacrty as p esrdent of the Playfesters the school was able to wrtness h1s uncommon talent rle IS also a track man excellrng n the hrgh Jump Pat rs espec1ally famous for h1s lokes whrch have entertarned U Hugh for the last 'ew years Club Otfrcer 5 Drama Club 3 4 5 Glee Club 3 4 5 French l agazme Board 4 Class Publlc Speakmg l Z 3 Class Bas ketball Game l 2 3 Class Soccer 2 3 Class Track 3 4 5 School Track 4 5 Class Baseball 2 3 Wlnner of Athletxc Hon r 4 CORRELATOR F1 BHODA Vv EAKL r' Trck ta k trck tack One two three four llrst xs the metronome the second the VOICE of Mtss Weakly plano teacher You drdnt know she taught? Well here are some thlngs you do know about her schoolwork good execu txve aL1lxty wttness the teachlng personaltty charmrng avo CGYIOH ptano player extracrdrnary for the entlre school Club O' tcer 5 Muslc Club 5 Glee Club 5 ANN WENIPLE lf you want to know who s been gettrng all the hrgh marks 1ts Ann Her lntelllgence good sportsmanshtp and gooa crt1zensh1p make her a worthy member of Phl Beta Slgma Thls doesnt mean that she ts a grmd or a prude erther for Ann lrkes to have a good ttme as much as anyone else Ph1 Beta S1gma 4 5 Grrls Club Board 5 Club Otfrcer 3 French Club 3 4 5 GAA 4 Class Hockey 2 3 4 5 Clas Baseball l 2 3 Wrnner of Athletrc Honor 3 LOIS WENIX Lols Dlq brown eyes and very frlendly smrle are the trrst thrng one nouces about her She certalnly makes up for her lack of srze W1ll'1 her pep and personallty ln her Iunlor year Lors was charrman of the class soc1al commtttee and the class part1es were excellently managed and very successful Everyone knows that she wlll contlnue her success throughout A e Brology Club 3 lnternauonal Correspondence Club 4 French 2 3 4 Class Baseball 3 3 4 Wrnner of Athlet1c Honor 3 4 SUZANNE WOLBACH Sue 1S the gtrl that rs leadmg the Peps to vtctory for what ever Job Sue undertakes IS sure to be carried out to a trrum phant hmsh Partly because of her excellence m athletrcs but mostly dle to her wxnmng ways Sue has made a frlend ot every member of the team as well as a host of other class mates Art Clu 2 Brology Club 2 3 French Club 3 4 5 Scrence Club 2 GAA 4 5 Class Hockey 2 3 4 5 All Star Hockey 3 4 5 Class Basketball 2 3 4 3 Class Baseball l 2 3 4 5 GLORGE Vv ORKB George was the orrgrnator of the Radio Club known a the only club rn school wrth a pnvate club room When and Mtke Dovrs get together tt sounds lxke Marconi and Edrson bawng a usrness chat George has also been a memoer or the Engtneerrng Club to whlch he lfas been of valuable asstst ance W'e a e sure that Georges many frtends wtll mtss h1m W en l' leaves them Cluo O ICGY 4 5 Enqrheerrng Club 3 4 S hool Ltghtuletgnt Basket al 4 5 Tenms Team 3 Radto Clk 4 5 I hnlg nine 'S Lax KLA-4.1.41 .99-u W CALCVM-inf ufoo-A,f,.H.,..J,1,f, LA-O 444-Gbvfq, Jfll-cv f5M1"-f 14.4. MI, A42 4,4lu,d, ko ff'-SLJQ. -.nq,xJrxk.u.J-1 L1 '-v.1Ls.fuu.A1-- a,l4,,,1,1 Once-+- -lf!-Qu A-4' +4 1. ,4 Nec O 9 3 5 I A . .Y l I h . , . A X' k I A K I I I 7 - I 1 Io I 'X-. ,cox 1--.--. ,JL 3 4 , - Q , ' ' " ' 'ctw A ' ' .L 1 m1 - - '- C 1 1 fl V' - - I V 1 1 1 I Q , I I I I f- I -'ll f I' ' '1 . I I I 4 P i f' lt . Club 51 Gres cub 3g Class Hockey 2, 3,4, 5, Class Basketball , ' 1 ,Q . . I I I I I I A V . 3 I F' . . . . v ' . V I I . I, I - . I ' . '4,,1.' I Iv 1 1 1 , I -V 1 1 1 I M K 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 V M 1 1 1 1 he U- 1 ' . N I, o ' r ' ' ' ,' my .- S be . V I Fxfty PLAN WYNEYFN Al came tc us only thrs year lut hc lcas had no trouble rrrakrng lrrerrds wrtlr all He has a very humorous manner about hrm which attracts hrs classmates and he has been a great help to the track team thrs season ln addrtron to thrs he supports other class and school actrvrtres We only wrsh We had met Al several years earlrer Math Club 5 Ccrrelator Board 5 School rrack 5 Wrnner of Athletrc Honor 5 School Heavywerght Basketball drY 5 HARLES ZERLEH Chuck as our rllustrrous Student Councrl presrdent car rred out one o' the most successful programs the school ever had l-Irs hard work enabled th Councrl to run thrngs smoothly all year and we are all grateful to hrm for hrs excellent rob of managrng Chucks other actrvrtres rncluded the Play esters the track squad and the soccer squad Class Offrcer 4 Class Executrve Commrttee 4 Student Coun crl 5 Club Offrcer 2 4 5 HrY 4 5 Broloay Club 3 Drama Club 4 5 Scrence Club 2 Glee Club 2 3 4 5 School Soccer 5 Class Soccer 2 3 Class Track 2 3 School Track 4 5 There rs a trme rn every man s educatrorr when he arrrves at the corrvrctron that envy rs rgnorance that rmrtatron rs surcrde that he must take hrmself for better for worse as hrs portron that though the Wrde urrrverse rs full of good no kernel of rrourrshrng corn can come to hrm but through hrs torl bestowed on that plot of ground whrch rs grverr to hrm to trll Ralph Waldo Emmerson Self Relrance C O R R E L A T O Ft O F 1 9 3 5 Former Classmates I I 4 mid th x Dpmt r edm' uccm Hear Ye' V . 1319 iieqal-'-1.1 ty 'I p70.5r'5fs. . 'rr' f1f'iJ'1f?'i Ovid C12 T31 fzr. "" X- if . me .iff "'1i'f:l 'fy . :fir 11111515 'f . :. ..-ft Grid rn- f'lf1 '11- Elf cfzmvu, :-. 2 'lf fri, "-L ,: ','.' 'iii ,f iodizy. 1' '..' LLL" '.'.' ,lrl ',.' , x-mg hut. .'i:1i.g1l'. Qi 3'.,xgiQA, the " ' 4,1 'f 1m,r,g,, ellfiritrqfefpffe- X .1. 1'1f:1 '.'f fur K'.'fIl1, '.'.' 21131, li .psf -'xl 1- Mzg. - :uri Cc: - 51 ', 1':i ii .fz. "-' i ',4.f' all 151:11 1 ' f,i1:'1:r :F N: If-Qf,VL3f'l wi iI'1f"iY' m.r1':: X rfiriff f1:': 'rw 2 A.f' 1'OTc'11rf: f irfmtiliit 1. . I0 CORRELATOR OF 1935 HARRY MCMAHONI Preadem JIIIJINIUIQ 1 O O O I I O C O O O O O O O O O Q O O 0 I ..,,' Left to Rlght Frrst Row E Haber B Cohen N Rrchter D Gtllet M Gerson Mr H1ll N Smlth I Day H Ford E Coambs I Novak Second Row M Hollander I Poms S Ellrott L Stubbs M Howells B Sutherland IG1lruth I. Aurelzus E Essmqton W Ellmgton Thlrd Row W Wurtele F Reach C Goldstme G Gates W Molrls T Steele ICorcoran M Stem I Courshon THE IUNIOR CLASS The Iumor Class has done much to better and marntarn the rdeals and th accepted respons1b1l1t1es about the school ln the past 1t has been especrally noted for 1ts eager part1c1pat1on and support of school attarrs Both among th grrls and boys athlet1cs have been grven a great deal of t1me and energv wrth rather surprrsmgly tme results Its members have been respons1ble to a large extent for many ot the team successes ot the past two years notably rn swrmmlng basketball and track Regardmg the outlook for the next year we teel conhdent that the school w1ll be carrred to greater hetghts than ever betore wlth all due respect for Robert Iorcmson Mr Hull V1 Pre 1 ent A 1176 U CORRELATOR or 1935 'QQ' 'gd dvxsor I f'Y','-fur COHRELATOR OF 1935 .5 gs Marion Gerson Secretary-Treasurer the lme work of the present semor class The tme accompllshments and con structlve work ot the past year may also ln a large part be attrlbuted to th class s lme cooperauon and earnest endeavor The standards of cttlzenshrp good sportsmanshtp and courtesy exhrbrted among the Iumors w1ll mdeed set themselves out as an excellent example for the other classes to follow Although there have been relatlvely few class meetmgs durrng the year the fact that w1th1n forty itve mmutes ttme they were able to run off prlmary fmal and t1e decrdmg electlons may serve to show the sense of responslblllty and acttve part1c1pat1on on the part of the members The rather close relatron shlp between the Iumors and SQHIOFS served as an 1nsp1rat1on toward a great Iuntor Senlor Prom and fmal send oft Left to R1ght FIISY Row E Eaton B Kahn E Freund N Bwssat S Hopkms M F1shbe1n Huxley D Bell B Letqh R Gellmg D Wtlscn E Hlrsch R Schrmtt I Strauss lhrrd Flow Q McCree K l. os F R1 hter Wye E Staple N D l'lSli11I1 E Peters n A Bond VV Herschel Fourtft Row W Sayne R Graham rt M l ah n W omas '34 t anson D Sayner M Mueller W orcoran Fl Troworldge W Knall Fxflg fi e Second -Row Erwln, AE. Fletcher. D. Herlzert, H, lv'fcDiarmid, l, Metcalf, D. Dodge, I. Martin, ""..' V A , . , . c. , f, Q , , s, ' ..tot Q , . o , , , ' 1 A' . f, . ft. C .1 Q 'ef . , . I . N, lx JUNIOR RELATOR oF1935 SfU!I3lI4fOlN Olllll RCBERT IAMPQUS Preslcie-mt Qqoooooooooooooooooo I f.--pf V v.,9' Left to Ftraht Bottom Row Rathbun Chadwxck Zanathy Huffaker Stxckney Anderson Iampohs Tarnapol Mead Second Row Rubens Boqert lrwrn Venwlck Iones Phmpton Sonnenschern Adams Farr Third Bow Hlll BIOSYGK Rzce Perklns Felsenthal Koos HGm1l1OU Brown Stevens lop Row Fans Anderson Kahn Cohen Watkms Bloch Malmo Robertson Morrlson SOPHOMORE CLASS career and hopes to qam greater honors 1n the remammq two years As we glance mto the past 1t IS evrdent that thls class has done much m advancmq school Splfll and the members have entered 1nto all phases of school act1v1ty Th1s has been espec1ally true durmq the past year The Sophomore qlrls recelved corsaqes from the Grrls Club for thelr enthuslasm m supportmq the Grrls Club Dance The p r entaqe of boys parhctoatlnq m mtramural ath letrcs was relattvely small because the maJor1ty of them played on varsltr teams and many won letters Those m rntramural athletlcs made a cons Gregory Huffcker ll-me TGHIOPOIG V1c Pr slden G UI I Ilfft fzqlf CORRELATOR OF 1935 GY . I The class of '37 has successfully completed three years of its high school A ' I l I T l f ' 5. 9 ' Ag Tre 1 er CORRELATOR OF 1935 Mr. Anderson Marion Stickney Advisor Secretary mendable showing The girls competed in athletics and participated with ability and enthusiasm as members of the lmp and Pep teams In class enterprises the class of 37 has once again displayed its superior qualities For the first time in the history of the school the Sophomores were granted the privilege of having night parties and because of the splendid cooperation between the members of the class and the faculty the parties were successful Class meetings were frequent and order and parliamentary pro cedure were maintained at all times The Sophomore Dinner sponsored bv the Parent Teachers Association was something to be proud of and a grand time was had by all The class of 37 has been and will continue to be a great asset to all phases of school life Left to Rlaht Bottom Row Stern Dickson Wxlsor Pearse lohnson Strouse Upton Evans Kirchheimer Kmaham Second Row Smith Elliott Lutaert l-le zinger Ogburn Blair Drap r C nnor D Siloerrnan Third Row L Silberman Grossrnar Blumenthal lnaheimer Strauss Hirsch Buswell Kraus Buridesen Petrz1lek T p R w Cover I-'took Tracht Appe Harris Leberrrarr L e er Abb tt Rinder Henry I Flfly mm' lb - 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 . v 1 . , ' ' 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 - , ' - 1 1 5. 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 . . 1 ' , , , -L , , , 9 , O 1 . . 1 . X . 1 V . , . 1 . 1 1 -1 . 1 ... 1 1 1 M-1 1 O O r 1 1 1 ., . 1 1 ., C S , CJ , , 1 SOPHOMORE C O R R E L A T O H O F 1 9 3 5 UVNK PO 'ER IHIQIIZYII-IIIVH IN v ,A K1 .' wr p,Q:.,gL, . 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Lett to Rrght F1rt Pow A Goldberg A Hamrlton B Debs F Freeman M Frank B Wyle Wrlson B Grlbert Mr Davey C Shaw Second Row H Nrelsen E Cahrll B Eppstem A Northrup M Teach I Mullrns C Edwards Drckson I Stelner B Taub D Fenwick C Kzeterstern D Works Thrrd Ftow M Rosenthal I Cross D Burkholder I Magerstadt L Kunstmann Fourth Row A Klern A Vrner N Trbbe ts C Qumn C Sergel I Hower R Chrvers E Magnus Mclimsey I Clarrdge K Young W Nedvar R Crane I I-lersler THE FRESHMAN CLASS Thrs year the Freshmen have constrtuted one of the largest classes rn the school The class was greatly added to by some forty new students whrch now make the class total 107 The otfrcers for the year Iack Hower Presrdent Iohn Russell V1cePres1dent Krtty Marks Secretary and Burt Marx Treasurer have fllled therr oftrces very well and have done all they could for the betterment ot the class The splendrd efforts and careful plannmg of the Socral Commrttee have resulted rn the very successful Freshman Partres The attendance at all trmes has been large The Freshmen Parents Assocratron Drnner held at Ida Noyes Hall was the largest Freshman event of the school year The faculty members parents Iohn Russell Mr DuveY Vrce Presrdent AClV1SO1' I S1113 luo C O H R E L A T O R O F 1 9 3 5 E. Vail, I.VailI IlEachmaeyer., I.Glassner, I. Miller, L,l.a1oidus. V I I U V CORRELATOR OF1935 Kitty Marks Treasurer and the members of the class brouqht the number to approximately two hun- dred quests The boys have drsplayed a keen mterest 1n the mtramural sports offered thrs year A number of the boys have gone out for the school teams anal have been qulte successful The qlrls have parttclpated tn a number o sports also The ofhcers elected for next year are well su1ted to and capable of ftllmj thetr posrtlons They are Arthur R1ssman Pres1dent Norrls Tlbbetts Vrce Pres1dent Arthur Vrner Secretary and Luctlle Lapldus Treasurer Mr Davey the class advtser IS owed a vote of thanks for h1s cooperattort and help durtnq the ent1re year L ft t Fttqlt D Ellboqen B Hell r E Sch tier V Eoqert Ll Ander on D Dleclcrnan D N lander H Emerson M B eed M Bean P Schwartz L Magnus B Wernsteln F Daly B IGCOL on I Gayton A Hortcn Thrrd Row B Iacason I Levlnschn D Rtcl ards A Groak B Hlrsch C Seltq E Rosenberg H l-Iamrrtel I. Welsh C Bloch W Iaccbs C Martm F Gtesbert Fourth Row B IVICKITISSY I Hollan S A len E W ollman F Reed B Korach A Rrssmar' H Htrsch I Markham I Thompson M Marcus I Slxlg Ihre: - - - A - f . 1 . I I , I I I I , A V . 1 I I I l K I e c ' t . , . 9 , . , . , t . s , . ' , . .3- Second Row B.IDietz, H, Wurzburq, I. Gordon, K. Marks, A. Sultzberqer, B. Marks, W. Martin, . A , . , 4. , . ' , V 1 A , - Y . 4 Y . . , . 3, . l , . .. , . , . , . ., FRESHMEN CORRELATOR OF1935 '39 al? EAMES lROVf SIUIBIFIIQ M-4 dr 5 Presideru oooooooooooooo oooooo x ll Lett to Rtqht First Row P Perkrns IGooclman IS1l1 M Cary M Herschel Mtss Shepherd I Trow K Axelson M McCollum E Wetman M Shauqhnessy V Allmg P Kelly Second Row R Rorem N Lesser B Steele E Brooks B. Thomas B Crawford M Abbott R Hlrsch H Gordon A Vcnl R Spake Thrrd Row M Rathle B Fenn IHarrxs M Barnard E Teller G R1ce MIosel1t T Mullms R Snoddy I Hoqness I Rathxe R Schwartz S Wagner L Wrlson Fourth Row IRob1n F Gordon ILansk1 H Htrsch IPtaelzer IGolclsm1th D Rubens M Ellboqen S Peters C Lteber M Chave I Altman E Hlrsch M Irwm D Sabbath Frfth Row R E1senstaedt M Ma ors D Headley D Robertson R Buchbmder C Mather SI Aurelrus R Crust H Mathesxus I Skrnner R Kmcheloe R Wrrght W Russell SUB FRESHMAN CLASS Thts year the Sub Freshman class has accomphshed a great deal When school opened rn the tall the class conststed of s1xty SIX members hfty one of whom came from the Ul"1lV9TS1lY Elementary School Mtss Shepherd was the class advrsor Early tn the year the class ofttcers were elected They are the prestdent Iames Trow vtce presldent Mary Herschel secretary treasurer Kenneth Axelson Of the events of the class three were outstandlnq In the fall on October twenty srxth a splash party was qrven by the soclal comm1ttee On February twenty f1fSl the comm1ttee gave a stunt party Both of these parttes were rmmensely emoyed by the class because of the noble efforts ot the comm1ttee ary Herschel Kenneth Axelson Vrce Pres1den Secretary Treasurer I SlXfJ .tn CORRELATOR OF 1935 eff? I M ...X - w Nz SUB-FRESHMAN N ww x 1 ' ' LS 1' 1. 13.1. .5 1 I.1'. ' f 7 1 N" " ' .' 1 2 ' l . 'T ' ' Lff:1:.1 -I , Q - 513.7 '1 1 1 . - 1 . .V 1 : , . 3. .7 7 S' fn. 31.11 Fjikf- ' -- -' 'Q -2 N.. Wi .. '.'rk...2' QQ L.. V 'y fy " .37 Pflf, 11.1 V V L' -1 , 5 ' ' ' ' 5- fs: .T .. 1 ' .11 'Q . -. . - . , , '- I .. 111. 5 -- - -' U.. . A .. . .lxlff .1 11711. ' fl" L . 5.1: 15. 'ff 131.-' .2 i V .ng I- - ' ' , V5 ... Q' 1.115 ' 'Q .r1. ' 41 51511 11.1 '.'.'T1'1:'.i Q " ' . 1.:"1z.t: Titr' 'L' L "' T"T".' ' 'CIW TTY' . 11. f. fv . i-1, 1, 1- 1 .. .1 1, :.,,,. Y. 1 1 -. . L. ......... fi, ..-.. '-... ..., ,... . . ,.,. 1. ' D511-5, f if. ' .-Hit . 3:21-5 -I1 fzigf-fs. 7 - Elqlrplr-r11.'.: Q. .,. -2 .1 if-l'1.'1I1.I.1. ,1,fl:.if '.,.'.1. . , 11.11 f.' 111' 1' lf: ff..f"11i Qf.'.x:. . ' ff..f1.' .:. .5 H1111 .' 1 .l.f5':.:s. Q2 '1:..1t f:,:r.1.'-f-tiff: QQ.: Q' QS.-.1 f-2 lfiif-iii I Six: Ef'Q'If'1. .' i fifzfzilst 1 If 1. g 'jzifst ?'..xr.:. . -f II 1 ff ff.E..:f:'1 1.5. 1 ..'.'1.:5 ?1.x1 .1" Q12-1:cL'.1: . P'.1l..i .fg - 'Q ff"'1'.i 3. Li .1 21:55:21: fx., 'Z . 51 'l'!3-T EY" 'QQ " 1- '- ' 11'-1 .' .1111 4 ' k 15'-. 41 .ll f'-1. Pf' LQ11f.1, 47 Q 1.-f f":i:if-'. 'z. T. I... Sill: F 1: N, f , r 1 'vm 11, as '1 fDlIQMxlNlI1MIl1DlNS Q., .M O., S "mm 5-5 'K ul. 1 X WWTWW fobfjlr CORRELATOR OF 1935 f LW!-1 - ,fo Gb you-f IDN,-J-fx kx J cHAaLEs ZERLER Presldent STUDENT COUNCIL UH1gh 1S known throughout the Unlted States tor 1ts unusual rn thod of student government embodred m the Student Councll The Student Councxl 15 the organrzatron authorrzed to act on everythmg pertammg to student act1v1 tres and to the student 1n general The dernocratrc sp1r1t of U l-hgh 15 rllustrated 1n the work of the Counc1l The Councrl serves as an effectlve med1um between the student body and the faculty conferrlng often w1th the latter lt has planned and carrred out means for the betterment of the school The members are representatlve of all the rnalor orgamzatrons and the Councrl takes part 1n every actrvlty carrred on by the students elther as drrect sponsor or as the body back of the orgamzattons carry ng on these act1v1t1es Th1s year the weekly meetmgs have been reported rn the Mrdway showrng the school at large what the Councrl has accornpllshed Followrng the lead of the Councrl of l933 34 several successful lvhxers have been held most of whrch were planned tor the evemng An appropr1at1on was made to the Commrttee on Athletrcs for the purchaslng ot new unlforms for two ot the teams and for new robes for the swlmmmg team The srxth annual Book Farr was the Councrl s usual great success The varrous clubs partrcrpatmg vred tor the honor of a prlze w1nn1ng exhrbrt The cup was g1ven to the club recervmg the hrghest numoer of votes The Crrcus of course was the most outstandmg achrevement and th Councn apprecrated the cooperatron ot the student body rn thrs as well as rn all the other actrvrtres I S x I3 :une .lf , 1fx -ff A u nl -' ' ' ' e 1 -' I 1 L-. CORRELATOR OF 1935 t Rrqht Fr nt Ro I Ho er C Phrnpton B C he C Zerler W Iones E Cah1ll Thomas Second Row M1ssSm1th1es I Tobx B Fu ry H Mcltflaho M L o s P Cannon F Benedict Mr Smrth rd Ft w A F stman G Kemp R Evans R M rrtam S Lawton R Iamp hs I T ow PERSONNEL OF THE STUDENT COUNCIL Charles Zerler Presldent of Student Councrl George Kemp Presldent of Boys Club Ieanne Tobm Presldent ot Cflrls Club Arthur Eastman Presldent of Ph1 Beta Srqma Paul Cannon Fresldent of H1 Y Barbara Furry Pres1dent of G A A Secretary of Student Councll Robert Merrlam Prestdent of Sentor Class Faraday Benedlct Representatrve ot Senlor Class Treasurer ot Student Counc1l Harry McMahon Presrdent of Iunror Class Beatrlce Cohen Representatrve of Iumor Class Robert Iampohs Presldertt ot Sophomore Clas Carolyn Phmpton Representatrve ot Sophomore Class Iack Flower Presrdent of Freshman Class Elsbeth Cah1ll Representattve ot Freshman Clas Irm Trow Presldent of Sub Freshman Class Ruth Thomas Representattve of Sub Freshman Class Wellrnqton Iones Representattve ot Boys Athletrcs R1chard Evans Representatrve ot Pubhcatrons Sam Lawton Representattve of Clubs S fj l Left o ' - o W -. W , , '. , . 0 n, . , . , . ' , R. l. - ' '. 2. Y ' ' . 3. ' -- ' ' ' C . 4. 3 ' ' ' . 5. 5 ' '- . 6. f ' . . ., '. 7. ' - ' ' . 8. ' - ' A , 9. - - ' ' . lU. ' -f' - ' ' . ll. ' . ' I s. 12. ' f- ' . l3. -f ' . l4. I J ' s. 15. ' J ' - o . lb. W- ' - , . l7. ' '-'- ' ' ' . 18. ' e ' ' ' , l9. ff ' . - .ffl jr, CORRELATOR' OF 1935 of T JJ , ff J ff' ff I fn! , T ff , I jf! l f J jf' GEORGE KEMP Preslclent THE BOYS CLUB The Boys Club IS one of the most popular and largest orgamzahons at U Hlgh The club has been rn exrstence slnce the early days of the school When rt Was founded rn lf-307 only the most popular boys were taken rn as members However that polrcy was changed many years ago so that now every boy automat1cally becomes a member of the Boys Club upon enter1ng the school No dues are charged of the club members The men of the faculty the club 1S to create good fellowshrp among the boys and to provrde a place where they can spend therr lersure trme to best advantage The club provrdes facllrtres for pool p1ng pong and bxllrards as well as furnrshmg a radro a DIGHO magazrnes eatrng tables and comfortable lounglng furnrture The Boys Club IS located 1n the northern half of old gym temp Although thrs IS not a perfect locatron the fellows have made the most of 1t Durrng the past two years the club has carrred on a large program of rmprovlng 1ts bulld mg Thrs program has been very successful due to the cons rentlous leader shlp of George Kemp and the whole hearted cooperation ot the boys of the school The organrzatlon sponsored several successful socral events dur1ng the school year The most rrnportant and popular of these were The Fathers and Sons Get Together Th Athletrc Banquet and the fall and sprrng program aances S1111 jf f f' , ' J f X ' l 1 KT w l f f ,T 1 J of f fl J X , I ' l X may ennoy all privileges of the club except that of voting. The purpose of I 'V ull 'fill' Left to Rmb' Fxrst Row Vt Anderson W Iones In Fran-c G K np pres Mr Snnh A Ermn R Duddy Second ROW U Ellk 'Jqen D Sl1bE?f1T1GI1 R Br1ckrrG1 Gnnon F Gzlristme F R GCP H GOI 1 T 1rd RCW TN 11 Dtts F Fllklns P Esp nsncl C 1 1 PERSONNEL OF THE BOYS CLUB BOARD PI61S1d9Ilf VICE Prfnslde-nt Srcrrtory Trecxsurpr G11 e U 115 O rn Q "nn ot th U get' rs Senror ,lass Reprfs ntcuves Iunrcr Class Represcntcrtzve Sopromore Class ff presentcztnfs ras nan lass 73 was ntcml S bu Er srrncn ,cs R pr sento 1V S GG-orqo Kmnp Arthur Erwrn Robe-rt Andnrs n Rlchclri Duddw hnc' n n lor fxrncn warn F1 kms Paul Esupnshud Chorl s Gd istlne Front: RQQCH Hoq r Bnckrrcn DGV1d S11 rrftcrn ITIS 1 av E1 Ur 'Jr T IL. 1ns S1 ulrt-1141 Aff. CORRELATOR OF 1935 I - PL' T If J' l lEANNE TOBIN Presldent THE GIRLS CLUB The Girls Club was started some twenty three years ago for the spe 1f1C purpose ot promoting a democratic spirit among the girls and giving them opportumtres for service to the school Every girl upon her entrance to the school automatically becomes a part of the Girls Club and receives both its responsibilities and privileges ln return tor the use of the club room and the many soc1al activities she is expectea to do a certain amount ot work on one ment The work on these committees is made both beneficial and mterestmg and through them a girl may really becorne a part ot the Girls Club and the school During the school year the Girls Club board sponsors a number o activ ities of various krnds There are the Faculty Senior Alumnae and the tour Mothers Daughters Teas in addition to the Stunt Party the Girls Club Dance two Girls Club Showers the Style Show and the Senior Luncheon A Big and Little Sister Plan a number oi drives and the Sixth Grade Tea als come under its supervision The Board of 193435 headed bv the extremely competent leanne Toom have made many additions and impro Jements to the club and its curr culum and has thus carried on the fine tradition ot passing on to the next 1: a d a little better club than it found Srl 1113 fbr e v ' - M .i yn . rr . , y or ,fl I ff V' t V f' r if X' f , . ' A l , , . , - C. . of the tour committees, the Social, the Home Service, the House, or the Settle- . , A . , , , 1 L ' , , C - I . W I I V l l Y I Y ' 4 ' ' ' l rx v- - r I 4 - - z' to rqht rortt Row E C rd 1 ae-rtectrct T orqren M1SSSW11I 1 s Lmdertbe qer dle Row S P t V Plurtt A Worrtpvle I Gov FH ack Row E Cczhlll rsorr R L etlmc' G Provvrt PERSONNEL OF THE GIRLS CLUB BOARD Vrce Presrdertt Ncrtolre Norqren Secretory Retto Lou Geltmq Trectsurer Dorothy Gtltet Socrol Corrtrruttee Chorrmcm Betty Rollo Settlement Commrttee Chcurmort Iecmrte Goyton House Com rttee Chcurrrcm Vrrqrruo Plumb Home Servrce Commtttee Chcurrrtort Ann Vtlempl In the Glrls Club S 1 IIIX I 11 C O R R E L A T O R O F 1 9 3 5 Left Pt' F Nuo ot, F. J, " , INN , , ' A '52, I 911 3 Mid L .z. N151 D.G1t1et 530114, Q t- . E .o1. At, . B R. it gmoe .sf , ., . President ................................... Iecmrre Tobin ' Q ' ...,....... 9 I CORRELATOR OF1935 PAUL CANNON Pr srdent H1Y The H1 Y Club was forn1ed 1n 1924 to create mamtaxn and ext nd through out the school and commun1ty h1gh standards of Chr1st1an character Smce 1lS estabhshment the club s popular1ty has stead1ly mcreased untrl now 1t 1S one of the schools foremost organ1zat1ons Any lun1or or Sen1or boy IS el1g1ble for membersh1p 1n the club The mem bers of the club and n1ne members of the faculty cooperate ID the electron of new members New members are elected rnamly on the bas1s of the 4C s re Clean L1v1ng Clean Speech Clean Scholarsh1p and Clean Athlehcs After the formal and mformal 1n t1at1ons a pledge becomes a full fledged member of the club Meetmgs are held exery Thursday evenmg at the Hyde Park YMCA wrth Whrch the club 1S affllrated Here the members eat dmner llsten to a thrs year by U of C professors ard other people Movles were also shown occas1onally Dues of f1fteen cents a week are colle ted from each member Most of thrs money goes toward supportmg the Ray School Mllk Fund wnrch buys food for needv ch1ldren H1 f has helped several school funct1ons such as the Book Farr and the Carmval th1s year ln aad1t1on H1 Y sponsored a umque alled thc Chr a Qhancc S1 113 IH 1 Q , , . , , , speaker, and transact business. There were many interesting talks presented I - . 1 . I school dance c .1 1. Cyn town o 1' les. I 1' ll - V 4 McMahon 'Second Row Da IS Ade Ke p N the-rton ICann n McCree Lawton Ze le Third R East an Merrram Duddy N1elsn Coambs Erw Anderson Stern Frlkrns Goldman SENIORS VV1ll1am Ade Robert Anderson loe Cannon Raul Cannon Norrrs Coambs Arthur Compton Mlchael Davrs Rlchard Daddy Arthur Eastman Paul Espenshade Rrchard Evans Edward Frlklns lack Goldman lohn Hess Welhnqton lones eorqe Kemp 9 lx-tix' MEMBERS OF Hx Y Sam Lawton Robert Merrram Ross Netherton Roqer N1elsen Albert Pulver lrvlnq Stem lohn Stern Earle Stevenson Alan Wyneken Charles Zerler lUNlORS lames Cummlns Arthur Erwm Edwln Fletcher Donald Herbert Robert loranson Wrlson Knall Ralph McCollum Ronald McCree Harry McMahon Donald Sayner Walter Savner Clarence Srlls Roger Serqel Roland Schmrtt W1ll1am Thomas Frantz Warner C O R R E L A T O R O F 1 9 3 5 Left to Right Front Row-f'Ste-venson, Pulver, Knall, Mr. Weaver, PQ Cannon, Iones, Stein Evans A V' , , m , e . , . o , , , r r. ow m , ' , , ' o , , in, , , rw J CORRELATOR OF 1935 Lett to Rrqht Front Row D Powers J Martm I Metcalt M St1CkI'l9Y V Boqert A Sultzberger R Roberts Second Row Mrs Lee I.. Kelsay M Abbott B lacob on Mary Ellen Bean Margaret Breed Helena Emerson Sue Blossatt Emma Lou Freund M1mlThOmGS Robert Korack A Rlssman THE ART CLUB Rosemary Roberts Thts year althouqh the attendance has been somewhat cut down due to the of a puppet show presented durlnq the latter half of the Sprmq Quarter Plans for the puppet show were started early ln the Fall It was declded to QIVQ three short plays lnstead ot one long one as thls would allow all the members to take part rn the productlon 1nstead of rust a few selected from the group Flrst the stor1es were chosen and wrrtten 1nto the appropnate play form Then the puppets were made and dressed Also the scenery and stage propertres were prepared by the club Although the puppet show occupled most ot the trme dunnq the meetlnqs some ot the more prof1c1ent members of the club frequently offered to make posters for the outsrde orqamzatrons It can readrly be seen that the Art Club turnlshed many varled flelds of op portunlty alonq the art l1ne and that every member of the club may have chosen the treld 1n whrch she was most rnterested The success of the club was due to the splendrd perseverance of the prest dent Rosemary Roberts and the helpful cr1t1c1sm of the advrsor Mrs Lee I Sc: N115 sewer: new arrangement of club meetings, the Art Club carried out its annual tradition Lett to R1qht Front Row A Robertson G Hulfaker R Malmq R lrwrn K Hare E Stevenson Mr Frank C Golclstme D Sayner M Wurtele Second Bow E Coambs D Gxllet E Novak E Felsenthal R Leberman M Loeser H McD1arm1d S Elllott I MCK1bblH M W1lson I Iones E Esslnqton M Stern S Hopluns F Benechct M Trachl Th1rd Row B Sutherland M F1shbe1n I Cannon I Day G Brown G Mead M RICE C S1115 W Appel N Smith I Gulruth I 1-l1ll BIOLOGY CLUB Earle Stevenson The Bloloqy Club was orqanlzed 1n 1931 usmq the old SCIGHCQ Club as 1ts foundatlon and has s1nce become one of the most popular clubs 1n the school The act1v1t1es of the club are many and varled and do not conslst solely ot d1ssect1nq frogs and llstenlnq to lectures as one m1qht expect Th1s year most of the meetmqs conslsted of held trlps to such places as the F16-ld Mu seum Art 1nst1tute and the Museum of Sc1ence and lndustry Several 1nterest mg 1llustrated lectures were q1ven by men prom1nent 1n the b1oloq1cal held and local talent was also ut111zed The three annual events sponsored by the B1oloqy Club are the exh1b1t at the Book Fan the Terrap1n Derby and the Zoo at the Carn1val The exh1b1t at the Book Fa1r was one of the most 1nterest1nq and well orqamzed d1splays there as 1llustrated by the tact that 1t placed second Almost the ent1re school turned out lor the Terrap1n Derby and everyone w1th a terrap1n was el1q1ble to enter 1t At the Carn1val the Zoo IS always one of the hlqhhqhts and l1v1nq tlfnnqs ot the most unexpected xarlety are to be found there I Smrnlx ugh! C O H R E L A T O R O F 1 9 3 5 M. Hamilton, Bloch, Rothstein, K. Hirsch, A. Bond, 13. Biossdt, I. Turner, H. VV'urzburg, VI. Coheni CORHELATOR OF 1935 I left to Right Seated B Sllberman Mr Keohane R Fiaer D Silberman Standing G Rindex H Katz M Surkln R Netherton R Rubens B Cohen I Hess THE CURRENT AFFAIRS CLUB Richard Eiqer The Current Affairs Club made quite a record for itself since this was the creased to twenty which is remarkable under the new club membership system The main proiect of the club was the drawing up of the constitution which was completed during the latter part of the year Other meetings have been devoted to floor talks and informal discussions by the members A few prom ment men also addressed the club The Book Fair 9Xl'11b1l was a very interesting collection of front pages of newspapers printed during the last twenty years which depicted the outstand mg events during that time Some reels of movies pertaining to current topics made an interesting supplementary feature Richard Eiger the president and Davia Silberman the se retary and only other officer aided by Mr Koehane the faculty advisor made the meetings very interesting as well as profitable Although this IS the youngest club in the school it offered much to any student who was interested in public speaking or history in the making We feel sure therefore that it will continue to be as successful next year as rt has been this I Seventy um: dv f ' n 0' I I f c' .4 :A I . l I first year as an official club. lts original membership of five has been in- ' l I I 1 I f '11 . C CORRELATOR OF l'935 Left to Rrqht Ronald McCree Marshal Hollander Ralph McCullom Karl Koos Mr Holley Emxl Hrrsch lack Goldman Baud Hastlnqs Dlck Evans ENGINEERING CLUB lack Goldman The Enqlneermq Club IS one of the most mterestlnq clubs at Umversrty Hlah The purpose of the orqanrzatlon 1S to acqualnt 1ts members Wrth the var1ous irelds of enqmeerrnq lt does th1s through three medlums speakers held tr1ps and mov1es Some of the subJects covered thls year were the 011 and 1ron1ndustr1es coal mmrnq transportatron radlo concrete work heatmq and who talked on some of the above sublects Some of the held lI1pS whtch the club took rncluded the Unlversrty of Chrcaqo hecrtlnq plant and the steel mrlls As usual the Enqlneermq Club had an exhlblt at the Book Farr Th1s year the members devoted the1r entrre table to electrrclty and set up a most rntnqurnq clrsplay It was through the cooperatron of Mrchael Davrs that the club secured most of the apparatus Usually the club has been one of the larqest rn the school but thrs year 1t was one of the smallest Thrs fact farled to hrnder the GCl1V1l19S of the orqamzatron however The club was under the very able leadershlp of lack Goldman as presrdent and Mr Holley as advrsor Other offrcers lncluded Ronald McCree NICE presrdent and Ralph McCollum secretary I Ezghlg l l . I I I I I ' I I I I I I electricity. The club secured several interestinq speakers durinq the year CORRELATOR OF1935 Left to Rxqht Seated L Wenk R DeCos1a A M Greene R Crlst M Ewmq Standmq L Newman M Cohn S Wolbach M LeBosky I Porqes A Wemple I Goodman I Poms M Chave H Sawyer FRENCH CLUB Rayne De Costa Le Cercle Francats alms to gtve the mterested student of French an oppor tumty to mcrease hls practrcal knowledge of the language and to apply rt to h1s advantage The meetmgs are conducted ent1rely 1n French and the group Thls year the French and MUSIC Clubs combtned to form a Jomt meet 1ng rn Whlch a very approprlate Chrrstmas program was presented Thls year due to the tact that all the clubs met at the same tlme each student had to choose Just one club rn whlch to belong thus creatmg smaller groups Because Le Cercle Francals rs the only fore1gn language club of the qchool and because there 1S a wlde spread lnterest 1n the language among the classes the group has been very complete and happlly select Due to the smcere efforts of the off1cers Rayna DeCosta as presldent com bmed Wllh the helpful gurdance of Madame Greene varred lnterestmg and well planned programs were presented and wlth the complete cooperatron of the members the French Club experlenced one of 1ts most successful years I Exgblg one l programs are for the most part presented by various talented members of the CORRELATOR OF 1935 Left to Rtqht Front Row A Hamtlton C Serqel P Upton F Whrtford W lacobs prestdent L Smlth Mr Wrttrck adv1sor D Abbott D Anderson Second Row B Well H Hrrsch F Reed I Gordon B Chzvers I Hower E Ellzott B Lutgert R Blaxr K Holzxnqer Th1rd Row H Mathestus R C one B Dretz C Qutnn S Allen K Younq B Dtckson L Welsh H Nrelsen IUNIOR ENGINEERING CLUB The lumor Enqmeers although a comparatlvely new club has neverthe less become one ot the most outstandma of the lower class orqamzatlons Membersh1p 1S open to Sub Freshmen Freshmen and Sophomores The act1v1t1es are practtcally the same as those of the Enqmeermq Club although those of the latter are naturally somewhat more advanced The chtef GCl1V1lY of the lunlor Enqlneers IS model burldlnq the most common models bemq aeroplanes autos boats and tractors The boys are QIVSD a chance to dtsplay and run thetr models at contests sponsored for thts purpose Model ratlroad bulldtnq 15 also one of the chtet 1nterests as shown by the exh1b1t at the Book Fa1r Durmq some of the meetmqs dlscussrons on some phases of enqmeermq were held The toptcs were presented etther by some member of the club or by a v1s1t1nq speaker In many cases rnov1es were shown wh1ch tllustrated the subrect of d1scuss1on Whenever practtcable fleld trtps were taken on Saturday mormnqs to places of rnterest such as the Museum of SCIGHCG and lndustry The proqrams no matter what they were always held the 1nterest of the qroup by bemq rnterestmq as well as educatlonal I Exgbij lu 0 ff' f. . ,. ,. ,. , 7 . , . , 5. ,. . g. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. , . , . , f. ,.. ,. ,. ,, ,. ,. ,. , I I - - I I ' 1 1 I I 1 - , . I - 1 , . - I 1 ' I I , . CORRELATOR OF 1935 Top Row Lett to R1qht Cah1ll Debs M1ller D1eckman B Marks Mrs lohnson K Marks Borroum Molander Anderson Hammel Mlddle Row Taub K1eferste1r1 Eppstem W61nSlSlD Rosenberg Mullms Wyle Bottom Row Burkholder F' Schwartz Northrup Heller Frank Freeman THE GREENWICH VILLAGERS A very excellent mmlature art club termed the Greenw1ch V1llaqers com posed solely of Freshmen q1rls was orqanlzed for the purpose of QIVIHQ the younger qlrls an opportun1ty to mdulqe 1n the ever popular f1eld of craftwork The Greenw1ch V1llaqers have had the dehqhttul experlence of 1n1t1at1nq a brand new club In accordance W1th the qeneral 1dea of the school the club has three oftlcers pres1dent V1C9 pres1dent and secretary treasurer Th1s year s ofhcers are as follows Pres1dent Ahce Northrup VICS Preslaent Barbara Eppstem and Secre tary Treasurer Betty Wyle It IS the pol1cy of the orqan1zat1on to elect llS new ofhcers durmq the f1ISl meetmq 1n the fall The Greenw1ch V1llaqers have a very umque method of obta1n1ng d1vers1f1ed programs At each meetrnq the pres1dent appo1nts three qrrls to make plans for the tollowmq qettoqether The followmq 1llustrates some ot the act1v1t1es carrled on by the club the makmq of clay pottery and clay models the carvmg ot hqures out of soap the drawmq of plctures to 1llustrate popular songs the makmq ot leather obJects such as purses and book marks the maklnq ot block prrnts and to top 1t all the orqan1zat1on v1s1ted the Taft Art Stud1os 1n the spnnq Mrs Iohnson 1S the club s faculty advlser She IS to be commended for her eff1c1ent asslstance to the club I Elgbtg three 1 1 1 1 . 1 - 1 - 1 1 1 1 . 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 . . . 11 . . 11 I - 1 , . 1 . 1 . 1 . 1 ' 1 ' - . . . . . . 1 . l . 1 1 ' 1 1 ' - I . ' 1 1 1 I - 1 . 1 1 . . CORRELATOR OF 1935 , Left to Rlqht Seated Mrs Mahrn M Connor R loranson B Crane M Mann I Cover Standrnq C Connor L Koos W Thomas M Grossman W Herschel V Plumb C Krnaham B Watkrns E Iohnson I Moland r INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENCE CLUB Robert Ioranson The Senror lnternatronal Correspondence Cub was orqanrzed two years aq to promote frrendly relat1ons between students of Unrversrty Hrqh and students of other countrres lt has been the a1m ot thrs club to rnterest 1lS members 1n fore-ran peoples thelr customs therr European relatlons and therr pol1t1cal background The club has had a number ot unusual meetrnqs Members have read letters recelved from lapan Austrla England France and Germany qrvrnq an 1ns1qht 1nto the hves ot therr correspondents Guest speakers have talked on the1r excrtrnq adventures rn foreran countr1es and members ot the club have told ot therr own experrences rn Europe A V1Sll was made to Inter natlonal House where the club wrtnessed a Iapanese movre and heard Mr Sakakrbara the pres1dent ot the Iapanese Students ASSOC1Gl1OD rn Chrcaqo speak on srmrlarrtles between lapan and the Unrted States whrch proved to be rntensely lnterestlnq Wrth the help of Mrs Mahrn and ot the ottlcers Robert Ioranson Marle Conner and Barbara Crane the meetrnqs th s year have qrven the members of the Internanonal Correspondence Club a wrder apprecratron ot forerqn hte I Efgblx four - f . , . , . ,. --. , . , . , . , . l . . . A K! 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . . . 1 .. . . 1 1 - 1 1 . 5 , I I A . 1 . .. . , CORRELATOR OF 1935 Left to Rrqht Seated L Laptdus H Block I Tarnopol R Cnst Standxnq W Henry M Horrall R McK1nsey L Srlberman P Bnckman R Morrtson R Schm1tt Mr Hawkms F Ogburn W Nedvar Mrssmq Members S Lawton A Wyneken MATHEMATICS CLUB Harry Block The Mathematrcs Club affords a rendez Vous for those puprls who have an mterest 1n mathemattcs The offlcers attempted to plan programs that would further the mterest of the students rn mathematlcs and at the same trme 1ncrease thelr knowledge of the sublect Thrs year the members declded to make the central theme of the programs the applrcatlons of mathematrcs as found 1n other branches of learmng A number of professors from the Unlversrty of Chlcago talked to the club on thrs sublect At some of the meetrngs varlous members d1scussed related toprcs whlch were therr spec1al rnterests The members also recelved mstruc t1on from Mr Hawktns on the use of the sltde rule qulte a b1t of the ttrne belng spent 1n practlce of the fundamentals of tts operatton Mathematlcal recreattons frequently furnlshed a httle drverslon as part of the programs The Math Club sponsored an attracttve exhlbrt at the Book Falr Many of the rnstruments whtch are used m navrgatton surveyrng and eng1neer1ng were featured and the most unrque rnstrument was a Very del1cate mechantsm used for drawrng perfect eltpso wh ch proved to be one of the most lnterest mg oblects exhtbrted at the Book Farr Thls year Harry Block acted ln the capacrty of presrdent and was asststed by Mary Horrall secretary and Sam Lawton treasurer Mr Hawklns sklll fully handled the pos1t1on of adv1sor for the club llgblg fze - Y 7 . , . , . , . . 7 . , . , . , . , .. , . , . 1 - - 1 . , - 11 . . . . . 11 f 1 ' 1 1 1 r . . C 4 A ' A A . .4 , Q, A 1 1 1 ' - ' CORRELATOR OF 1935 Standmg Cleft to nqhtl-M Hershcel L Aurelrus E Eaton I McNexll E Vall Srttmq R Thomas B Hamllton R Weakly M Teach A Hamxl ton I Vatl THE MUSIC CLUB Rhoda Weakly The MUSIC Club 1S one of the most valuable organlzatrons at U Hrgh on the basrs of the cultural beneflts 1t affords the students who have a genume rnterest 1n the var1ous l19ldS of rnusrc The club possesses some very frne muslclans who have the opportunlty of pertormmg from txme to tlme thereby ga1n1ng expenence and a chance for self expressron All the members have th1s chance to perform and by thls means much talent 1S uncovered and grven an oppor The var1ous programs planned for the members are of great rnterest because they present a VCl'I'19lY of ITIUSIC whlch encourages a Splfll of appreclatlon and understandmg rn that f1eld Thrs year the club s programs were of var1ous types wh1ch rncluded lectures on muslc student talent performances and re cltals grven by well known muslcrans from outslde of school A great achlevement drstrngurshed the Mus1c Club thls year when an hon orary cup was conferred upon 1t for havlng the best exh1b1t at the annual Book Farr Thrs exhrbrt was most unrque as 1t drsplayea many beautrful musrcal rnstruments Perhaps the reason for the great success of the Musrc Club thrs year may be attrlbuted to Mr Vall 1ts advrsor and Rhoda Weakly 1ts presrdent who have excellently gurded the club along the road to suc ess Lglly tunity to develop. I 1 I -xfx CORRELATOR OF 1935 Left to Rlght Seated P Espenshade F McK1nstry Mr Weaver I He-xde Standmq Frrst Row I Cores I Kraus VM Elhnqton F Freund M K Smrley M Bu well F Mackey Standmq Second Row M Foss R Eqer W corcoran F Rlchter PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB Fred McK1nstry The Photography Club 1S one of the newest clubs of UH1qh as It was 1n1t1ated thrs year and 1ts purpose 1S that of brrngrng together all the students who desrre to cooperate w1th one another 1n the scrence of photography for a better understandmg of the art The club at flrst progressed farrly slowly because the members found rt rather drfflcult to correlate therr varlous amounts of mformatlon on the subJect but after they had developed a more enthusrastrc rnterest 1n the meetrngs th formatron of a real club began The members gave throughout the year many mterestlng 1nformal talks whrch provlded the speakers Wllh valuable exper1ence 1n correlatmg the1r knowledge and IH presentmg 1t effectlvely Arso varrous dernonstratlons m the held of photography were grven ln whlch many of the members part1c1 pated Thus the programs were hrghly mstructrve and were greatly ap preclated by the club The adv1sor Mr Weaver was at a d1sadvantage because he had l1ttle prev1ous knowledge or experrence rn the held of photography but he undertook the responsrbllrty as faculty adv1sor for the club and dld a very commendable rob It IS smcerely hoped that the Photography Club w1ll be contmued 1n the future as lt has been so successfully launched and well carrred out llS frrst year I lvqblj sewn "' 4- 1 - , '. 1 . 1 . . , .. S , . . ' 1 1 1 1 1 . . . . . D , V 1 1 1 1 - 1 I - . , ' . , . , 1 1 CORRELATOR OF 1935 Lett to Right First Row Miller Zerler Bell Warner Mr Thomas Krug Ado Corcoran Second Row Courshon ladxvin Marks Harris Petrzilek Gerson rist Crane Haber Third row Huffaker Gellmg Tobin Sem Huxley Plimpton Dodge Creevy Leigh Luckhardt Fourth Row Sayner lampolls Evans lohnson Manson Kemp Merriam McMahon Sonnenschein Compton THE PLAYFESTERS Patrick Warner Playfesters is an organization of students with dramatic ability both 1n acting and in writing Each tall new members from the Sophomore lunior of an exhibit at the annual Book Fair a Mid Year program tour assembly programs and the Playtest A contest in play writing which is open to the entire school is held every year and the best play is produced at the Playfest The name of the author of the winning play is engraved on a cup which 1S the property of the club and which forms a permanent record for the school At the Playfesters table at the Book Fair a demonstration by an ac complished makeup artist with a student as model showed the startling changes to be obtained by a telling line here and there The Mid Year program which was held on March 15 and the four assembly programs proved to be very entertaining to the audience and were enthusiastically received Meetings were held every month at which short plays were given and guest artists featured Mr Thomas has given much time and thought to the activities of Play testers and Patrick Warner the able president has had the tull cooperation ot the members a combination which has made this year one of the most successful the club has yet had I Flygf I3 fight " 1 J l I V 1 A 1 l 1 1 C ' , , . . i I . I . I 2 . I I , ' I I ' I ' I . I and Senior classes are chosen through tryouts. The year's activities consisted , , I ' 1 - I I I I I I I ' , I . , , . , f . I I I I , COHRELATOR OF 1935 Left to Rtght Standmg D Sabbath I Skmner G Works Martm I Gayton E Woolman I Trow M Malors RADIO CLUB George Works The RGd1O Club was organtzed last year by a number of boys 1nterested tn rad1o A constderable amount was accomplrshed tn obta1n1ng a large club room ln the Boys Club a recetver and an abundance of radto ap paratus Th1s year the Club has cont1nued 1ts progress by butldmg a trans mttter and operatlng an amateur radto statlon The members have also communlcated by radlo Wrth several forelgn amateur statlons The Club lh1S year was not very large but 1t accompltshed many worth help ot Iohn Gayton B1ll Adams and Mr Wttttck the advtsor very mterestmg meet1ngs were planned The RGd1O Club ts probably one of the most acttve clubs of the school Meettngs were held very often IH order to work on equtpment and dlscuss VCIIIOUS techntcal subtects Also many experts 1n the held of radlo were engaged to talk to the group at several of the rneettngs F1eld trtps were taken to amateur stattons radto manutacturlng concerns and to other places of tnterest The Book Falr exhtbtt was remarkably well planned The operat1on of an amateur statlon was demonstrated featurmg all the necessary equtp ment 1nclud1ng a transrrutter and recelver ln order to carry out these d1f ferent GCl1V1llGS the Club exacted dues from tts members at regular tntervals I Eight 5 mne THE while things. George Works ably led the group as president, and with the CORRELATOR OF 1935 Sllllflq I Hogness S I Aurelrus D Robertson I Hresler D Hoadley C Show A Vrnen K Axelson I Thompson R Sello D MCKIHSGY A Groak D Rlchards C Mather R Hlrsch Standlna Mr I C Mayfield D Wrrght R Snoddy I Markham I Holland THE SCIENCE CLUB Iohn Thompson The Scrence Club 15 now tour years old and IS a combmatron ot the or1g1na1 Boys SCIGDCS Club and the Glrls Scrence Club Last year Sub Freshmen were permrtted to Jom the ranks wrth the Freshmen Those students who are mterested rn scrence have a hne opportunrty to lncrease thelr knowledge m the specral held m Whrch they are most mterested So the schedule of programs was qulte drversrtled Thrs year the programs have mcluded a fme glass blower whom many saw at the World s Farr last summer tn the Belgran vlllage He gave a spectal exhrbrtron at the school Wh1ch was of great mterest The members took a llvely mterest m the actrv 1t1es and have glven tloor talks and made some tme demonstratrons One of partlcular mterest was the electrrcal demonstratron rn Whrch each of the members prepared an experrment and performed rt for the club Iomt meet lngs offered specral opportunrtres such as the trrp to the weather bureau Wrth the Engmeerrng Club The clubs act1v1t1es have been notrced about school too as 1t had one of the most popular exhrbrts at the Book Farr The members and ottrcers are to be congratulated on thrs especlally suc cessful year Davrd Works and Iohn Thompson were the pres1dents the f1ISl and second semesters respectlvely and Mr Maytreld was the able faculty advtsor I IX melj m. , . . , . ,. , . f - 1 - , . , . , . , . .. I . . I . . , f . 1 ... . . 1- , CORRELATOR OF 1935 Left to Rlqht Zerler Works Mernam Evans Hower Martm Surkrn W Saynner Hrrsch Oqburn Netherton Coambs Davxs McCree Wurtele Sonnenschern Sllberman Atlcmson I-luffaker rracht McKmsey Rrssman Frlkms Rrncler Iacobs Pans Stevens Mcl.aughl1n Ioranson D Sayner Graham Stem McGlory Warner Holzlnaer THE BOYS GLEE CLUB The Boys Glee Club endeavors to q1ve 1ts members a valuable tratmnq rn vo1ce culture In addltron 1t seeks to cultrvate an apprec1at1on for good musrc As stated the Boys Glee Club 1S cred1ted w1th be1nq both advantageous pate rn tts act1v1t1es Durmq the past year over srxty boys were enrolled 1n the orqamzatron Mr Vall rs the ever 1nsp1r1nq mfluence of the club Under hrs able leader shlp many successful performances have been presented by lt In the late fall a most excellent Mlnstrel Show was qrven by the boys the entertamment bemq executed m Sunny Gym The boys were extremely fortunate 1n makmq over one hundred and twenty frve dollars by the sale of t1clcets The mlnstrel show was made more spectacular by the unrform maroon sweaters worn by the ent1re chorus Another actlvlty worth mentron was the operetta ln Arcady Thrs two act comrc operetta was produced Jomtly by the Boys and Glrls Glee Clubs The club holds 1ts qettoqether every Monday evernnq rn the Boys Club ln conclusron all members have expressed the1r qrattrtude to M1lce Davrs manaqer and Grant Atklnson treasurer for the1r competent ass1star1ce rn th atfalrs ot the club I X mrtg one and enjoyable to its members. Due to this, a larqe number of fellows partici- Left to Right Front Row M lrwm M Chave I Goodman I FtathJe R Thomas M A Rathie Rohm I Sxll M Cary Mxddle Row M Hxrschl H Sawyer B G1lbert M K Smrley N Drckson I Varl L Kunstmann Bachmeyer Back Row R Roberts H MacD1arrn1d N Puchter E Essmgton V Plumb M Connor L Aurelxus E Coambs B Crane E Va1l The Grrls Glee Club was dlvrded rnto two groups thls year the under classmen retalmng the former name The Work has been perhaps even more conslstent and worth whrle than rn former years The members had a large reperto1re as therr schedule was rather strenuous At the Chrrstmas Carol program they sang wrth the Boys Glee Club and the orchestra The chorus of mmgled vorces was splendrd and many complrmentary remarks were heard 1n the audrence At the Book Farr the varrous mus1cal orgamzatrons Jolned under the head of the Musrc Club rn therr exh1b1t of mus1cal mstruments and orchestratrons of f1ne musrc The exhlbrt W1th 1ts f1n1sh1ng touches Won the f1rst prrze as the best eXh1b1t At the Song and Dance program the club sang folk songs of many peoples 1n an arrangement s1rn1lar to that of the Chrrstmas program and at trmes they accompamed the dancers A number of semrclassrcal favor1tes added greatly to the populanty of the performance A group of the Glee club mem bers danced and sang rn the show Much of the clubs success lS due to the enthuslasm and understandmg of Mr Varl who lS the dlrector and the faculty advrsor The good vorces of many of the grrls have contrrbuted also to thls most successful year I Nmelg luv C o H R E L A T o R o F 19 3 5 THE GIRLS' GL!-:E CLUB W 6+ A CORRELATOR OF 1935 HE ORCHESTRA MrVml One of the tmest organ1zat1ons of the school IS the Orchestra as rt provxdes 1r1struct1on cmd pract1ce rn a very valuable cmd Worthwh1le art Its worthy leader Mr Va1l IS one who knows a great deal about musrc and the mem bers are mus1c1ans of the school who are startmg out Wllh an appreclatlon for the hner thrngs of l1fe through expenence w1th good musrc and orches tratlon The Orchestra was organrzed about SIX years ago as the result of a very excellent suggest1on Mr Va1l was 1mmed1ately selected the leader and has kept the 1mportant pos1t1on ever SIHCG Th1s year there was a sllght 1ncrease ln membership over last year as about hfteen students took part ln the Orchestra of wh1ch f1VG members were players of the cello The meetmgs were held every Tuesday and Thursday morn1ngs at elght oclock 1n the Lower Gym for practrce Th1s year the Orchestra played at the very specral and dehghtful Chnstmas program and at the Spnng FGSl1VGl The orgamzatlon also lent 1ts a1d to an operetta that was g1ven by the upperclass comblned Glee Clubs wh1ch proved to be qu1te an undertak1ng However 1t was glven very successfully Surnmmg 1t all up through cooperat1on talent and good leadershlp the Orchestra has gone through a very successful year I N mely lbrn l w . 1 1 - 1 1 ' . . . . 11 . . . . . 11 . . . - 1 1 , . . 1 1 . 1 . , . 1 1 1 1 Left to Rlght Back Row B lacobson B Gnlbert G Rrce M Shaugnessy E Teller C Block I Rathye V Alhng B Penn I Hams I Levmson E l-hrsch S Peters Thlrd Row F Gordon M McCullum M Cary I Robm I S111 P Kelly M Barnard M Rathne P Perkms Second Row M Rosenthal D Elbogen W Russell N Lesser C Lieber L Wllson ILansky H Hrrsch M Abbott I Altman advlsor M Eckhouse secretary C Edwards vxce pres1dent E Brooks C Wllson THE IUNIOR CORRESPONDENCE CLUB The Iumor Internauonal Correspondence Club was formed last year as a result ot the successful and mterestmg Work of the Senlor Correspondence Club The latter 1lSGlf a young club organ1zed such a splendrd 9Xh1b1l at last years Book Farr that lt created an mterest among the under classmen and they soon formed a s1m1lar club of therr own The Iumor Correspondence Club cons1sts of Sub Freshmen and Freshmen members Wllh Mrss Shepherd as 1ts very competent adv1sor and Iohn Russell as 1ts presldent The club does a great deal of d1vers1t1ed Work The members carry on regular correspondence Wllh students 1n many forergn countr1es the cor respondence often be1ng carrled on 1n torexgn languages At the meetmgs some of the letters are read aloud and drscussed to the emoyment as well as the beneht of all The programs of the rneetrngs are not however llmlted to thrs as speakers are occasronally obtamed as well The club also keeps a bulletm board on whrch are always found a great many mterestmg thlngs pertarnmg to 1ts work I Ninety four CORRELATOR OF 1935 .Front how-I.Pfdelber, D. Euben, B. Steele, I, Goldsmith, I.Russell,presidentg Miss Shepherd, CORRELATOR OF 1935 The Student Exchange SPECIAL RESPONSIBILITIES The system of spec1al respons1b1l1t1es was maugurated last year and has been IH an experlmental stage unt1l Just recently Last years expenences gave the author1t1es a good 1dea of what dangers were llable to arlse from th1s plan and th1s year has seen rap1d strldes toward the abol1t1on of the evlls lt should be recogn1zed that much of th1s progress has been accomphshed and made poss1ble by the tolerat1on and cooperatlon d1splayed by the students and faculty Speclal respons1b1l1t1es are qulte m keepmg w1th the so called New Plan that has been set up at the Un1vers1ty Hrgh School Specxal responsrbzlltles are extended to all students who are deemed capable by the faculty of plan nlng and be1ng responslble for the1r own t1me and uslng 1t to the best advan tage Students who plan and use therr t1me under th1s system are free to come and go as they see f1t Just as long as they keep and mamtam a h1gh scholastlc standard ln order to safeguard th1s restr1ct1on 1t has been found among the l1st of classes that students may attend at therr own d1scret1on Th1s restr1ct1on IS the only curtallment that has been necessary and seems to satlsfy all who are concerned The sort of respons1b1l1ty that IS extended under the spec1al respons1b1l1ty system 1S especlally valuable to those students who attend classes on the campus of the Un1vers1ty of Chlcago lt IS also a great boon to those who hold h1gh OIIICGS 1n tnetr classes and school and who f1nd 1t desrrable to devote a good deal of scattered t1me to extra currrcular act1v1t1es wh1ch demand that the student be able to come and go freely Such students are leaders 1n then' feld d have hc ped make specrat respons1b111t1es a suc ess Nmetg fu necessary to exclude foreign language and physical education classes from 4 ang .M A1 A - .- 1 1' ,- AA A D 5.111 1 v - I Av' ,- , CORRELATOR OF 1935 Fxrst Row Bachrach Sxlberman Mr Davey Cohen Haber Second Row Mackey Horw1ch Evans Wurtele Blum Stevens Thxrd Row Daskal Rmder Marx Henry PUBLIC SPEAKING Walter Blum Among those act1v1t1es whlch have been notrceably rev1ved under the new extra currtculum plan publlc speaklnq ranks near the top of the l1st Upon the theory that an early tralnlnq leads to later success regular pubhc speak mg classes were orqaruzed m the three lower classes These classes under the able d1rect1on of Mr Davey were dlrectly responsrble tor an mcreased 1nterest ID class pubhc speakmq and 1n the school team The publ1c speakmq season began very late 1n the tall Wlth the upper class tryouts Shortly afterwards tryouts were held 1n the three lower classes as part ot assembly programs The turnout for these tryouts qreatly exceeded that ot any recent year and the lnterest shown by the spectators reflected the attrtude of the under classmen towards pubhc speakmq The tryouts for the school team were held early m March All members of class teams were ellqlble to compete for the honor ot representmq the school and nearly a tull turnout was recorded The team wh1ch was selected ap peared to be strong and members of the team eaqerly looked forward to mterscholastrc meets Due to curtarled act1v1t1es tn the pubhc schools of the clty 1t was dlfflcult tor the team to schedule meets By the m1ddle ot Apnl only Francrs Parker was encountered a meet wh1ch resulted m U H1qh wmnmq by a score ot 48 to 62 lowest score wmnmq Nuwlx sn 1 1 - 1 1 - ' 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 - . I I I - - 1 ' 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 , . , . R R E L A T O R O F 1 9 3 5 ,,-..p I IPM llQ2lL!IMx1I1I4DHN5 oooooooooooooooooooon Seated Muller Evans Hess Kelsay Standmq Krug Stern Netherton PUBLICATIONS BOARD The U l-hgh Pubhcattons Board IS a body whtch has for 1ts functlon the coordlnatlon and cooper at1on of the efforts of the three prlncrple publrca tlons lts members are the edltorsrn chtef and busmess managers of the Correlator the Mrdway and the Gargoyle These students elect from the1r number one to serve as presrdent of the Board and to represent 1t on the Student COUDCII Th1s year the l1terary pol1c1es of all three publr catrons had been so well planned that few meet mas of the Publtcatlons Board were necessary The sublect of advertrsmq rn the Correlator was the only controvers1al matter mvolvrnq the Stu dent COUDC1l and the Board of Pubhcatrons One of the most notable results of the Board s work has been the promotron 1n an rnformal way of a sp1r1t of mutual lnterest amona the three l1terary staffs It has tended to ellmlnate unreasonmq rrvalry and thus has rendered practlcable the exchange of 1deas between the year book the monthly rnaq azlne and the weekly newspaper Because of the Pubhcatrons Board 1t has been posstble for each publrcatlon to support the others thereby enhanctnq the mterest of the school as a whole tn student wrrtmq Richard Evans IX Illffj 1 ight C O R R E L A T O R O F l 9 3 5 , ,yty - T - T t I L5 Aff! U4 TOHN HESS T HE CORRELATOR The Corrffqtovls the only publ1cat1on at U H1 that has ex1sted under a s1ngle s1nce the foundrng of the school 1n 190 Among h1gh school annuals 1t has a reputatron that lS worthy of U H1gh The purpose of the book as the name 1rnpl1es IS to correlate or to summar1ze the outstandrng features and events of the school year Besrdes the class p1ctures the Correlator contalns plctures of clubs ath let1c teams and publ1cat1ons w1th a wrrtten summary of each to tell 1lS fur1ct1ons ID t' e past year The board th1s year produced an espec1al ly successful book due to the able leader shrp of lohn Hess the ed1tor Agarn th1s year Mr Stone offered hrs whole hearted support to the pubhcatron It IS 1HC1deHllY Mr Stone and Iohn Hess who are largely respons1ble for the 1nst1tut1on of many novel rdeas thus producrng a new and dlfferent Correlator The art department of the Correlator whlch has always been consldered an 1m portant factor to the success of the book has done a f1ne Job under the leadershlp of Mary Luckhart and Rosemary Roberts The fact that the advert1s1ng drlves were suppressed by the Student Counc1l made 1t 1mperat1Ve that the budget be followed out very accurately Irvrng Steln the busrness manager has been largely responsrble for the successful operat1ons rn th1s s1tuat1on The cooperatron offered by the board was h1ghly commendable Every person d1d hrs or her part to perfectlon and th1s book 15 a product of excellent teamwork and unceas 1ng rndustry IRVING STEIN I X mrlj uma' . y f T f yy . ' 1 -J" ' L' L I, - , 1 ,- 1 V! J, fi J 'W - -g ' I '--4 f c o R,-1rh7L,fA T o R o F 1,9 3 5 V . ,1 If 4 ' ' fr ' 1 wi ' 'Y L, na ' ' ' CORRELATOR OF 193 THE CORRELATOR BOARD Top to Bottom R Cnst organrzatrons A Wyneken GSSlSlGHl edrtor and advertxsmg R Dudd Y boys Wflle ups R Roberts art F MCKIHISYYY photography N Norgren feaures I Stern athletrcs O B edltor M Luckhardt art P Espenshade crrculatran F Benedlct soclety D Stem assocrate edxtor Center C A Stone advlsor We are also greatly rndebted to R DeCosta grrls sports C Sonnenschern mtramurals and D Srlberman general arde I Om Hun Intl 1 . acharach, honorsq F. Mackey, snapshotsg M. Ewing, girls' write-upsg S. Lawton, managing , 1 .. XXX MIDWAY The purpose of the Mrdway as the school news weekly rs to present the rnost mterest mg and rrnportant news occurrng rn and about the school Thls year the functrons of the Student Councrl Boys Club and Grrls Club were followed more closely than 1n past years The Whos Who column was a new creatron whrch rntroduced to the school the more prornrnent leaders The student body as a whole had more to do wrth the paper th1s year than ever before Aslde from The Inqurrmg Reporter there were The VOICE of the Student The QU9Sl1OH Box and students were even per mrtted to place Want Ads RICHARD EVANS At the begmnrng of the fall term the Mrd way was handrcapped by an almost corn pletely mexperrenced staff There were only a few of the prevrous year s board member who ma1nta1ned posrtrons thls year The board however has had a successful year under the leadershrp of Rrchard Evans Ed1tor1nCh1ef and Lots Kelsay Busrness Manager Mr Barnard was agam Faculty Advrsor and because of hrs experlence w1tn the paper h1S ass1stance was rnvaluable to the staff At the begmnmg of the year there was the usual lnstrgatlon for the enlargement of the Mrdway Th1S plan however would have been exceedlngly rmpractrcal f1rst because suffrcrent funds would not have been avarl able and second because rt had been found that a larger paper than the present on would requrre paddrng of the stones LOIS KELSAY I Om' Hu mlreal One 5 C ,fo R R E l.. A T O R O F l 9 3 5 X all C . .gtg . . , llrg f T ' ' ' A N y " , " 5 CORRELATOR OF 1935 Left to Rrqht Seated B Hastlrgs L Kelsay R Evans I Gayton Standmg R Nrelsen P Bemstem R Espenshade H Daskal Edltor rn Chlef BUSIHGSS Manager Managmg Edrtor News Edrtor Sports Edrtor Glrls Sports Ed1tor Advertxsrng Manager Proof Ed1tor Faculty Advrsor I O H a' rdTuo MIDWAY BOARD R1chard Evans LOIS Kelsay Herzl Daskal Ba1rd Hastmgs Roger N1e1sen Ieanne Gayton Paul Bernstem Isabel McNe11 Mr Barnard N Feature Editor ........................... ................ P aul Espenshade nl' H11 f ' THE GARGOYLE Years ago there was a br monthly magaztno called the Mrdway The purpose of thrs pub l1cat1on was to act as a vehrcle for the hterary talent of U Hrgh When the U l-hgh Darly wa dlssolved the new newspaper took the nanfe Mrdway and the magaz1ne was chrrstened th Gargoyl For some trme after thrs the Car Qoyle acted as the outlet for the products of the Wrrters Club but recently the Gargoyle ha expanded and lt has been necessary to look tnto other frelds Th Gargoyle now draws mater1al not only from the Clubs and Creatrve Wrxtmq C l a s s e s but from the whole student not only an outlet for l1terarY productron but an lnstrument for cul t1vat1ng lrterary talent The Gargoyle was well managed thlg I oe Krug Sue Mxller year and 1ssues wer orought out ever y month Fmancral suf' cess was assured bY he act1v1ty fee and subscrrptlons Several changes rn formate gave a pleasfng effect that was an 1mprove ment over the efforts of former years The magaz1ne was prepared by carefully oss Netherton selected edrtortal and busrness staffs Thts years staff was headed by Sue Mrller ana Ross Netherton wh le the busrness department was managed by joseph Krug Recogmtron should also be grven to Mrss Campbell who has grven valuable help and exerted a Sl1I'I'1Ll latlng tnfluence at all ttmes The effort put forth by thrs years staff should act as an 1ncent1ve for further productron along th1 me I Om Hundred Tbrre C O R R E L A T O R O F l 9 3 5 body. This magazine is 1 I I Q . , if L I V ' - L ' ' ' r 's I l' . R C O R R E L A T O R O F l 9 3 5 Left to Riqht-First Row---Fishbein, Campbell, Miller, Netherton, Bell, Pulver Second Row- Krug, I-Iomilton, Plumb, Abbott, Tibbetts, Upton I One Hundred Four Bock Row Gellrnq Gerson Ccrhrll GARGOYLE BOARD EDITORS IN CHIEF Sue M1ller Ross Netherton BUSINESS MANAGER Ioseph Krug ASSOCIATE EDITORS LOUISE Trbbetts Vlrgrnrcr Plumb ASSISTANT EDITORS Retto Lou Gelllng MGYIOH Gerson Elspeth Cahlll Dons Bell Phrlrp Upton Grcmt Atkmson BIIQII Hcrrmlton Iohn Corcoran ASSISTANI BUSINESS MANAGERS Albert Pulver Mc1rJorIe F1Sl'1b911'1 Seated Nolte Lelqh Pulver Standmq Kruge Ade THE GHOST The Ghost 1S a m1meoqraphed pamphlet that 1S pubhshed at varlous lnter vals throughout the year at strateqrc trmes 1n order to promote school sp1r1t The Ghost although not appearrnq for the soccer season made three appear team the track team and for the sw1mm1nq team on the eve of the State Sw1m mmq Meet There were two appearances 1n the spnnq one for track and one for baseball The Ghost was very successful 1n carryrnq out 1ts purpose for followmq 1ts publ1cat1on the attendance at athletlc events rose to new he1qhts Wxth the able help of the edltor Buzz Pulver and the faculty advlsor MISS Loqasa the Ghost has had an unusually successful year THE GHOST BOARD Albert Pulver Edxtor Rrchard Nolte Wrlham Ade Ioe Kruq Betty Lerqh Mrss Loqasa Advrsor Albert Pulver I One Hundred Fw: CORRELATOR OF 1935 ances during the winter sports season. Ghosts appeared for the basketball be-ated Iohnson Abbott Huttaker Rollo btandmq Erwin Louer Upton THE DAILY EXHAUST The purpose of the Dally Exhaust 1S to brlnq to every U Htqher the unportant news of the day wlthout h1S havlnq to read the entlre mornrnq paper to frnd rt The Exhaust cons1sts of artrcles and cartoons clrpped from the CDICGQO Trrbune and placed on the bulletln board rn the l1brary Thls servlce also makes rt poss1ble for lazy U Hrqhers to sleep later 1n the rnornmq and read the paper at school The ed1tor1n ch1ef of the Exhaust IS plclc d by Mrss Loqasa and he or she 1n turn 1S dlrectly responsrble for the choosrnq ot the rest of the board Whlch usually cons1sts of an asslstant edrtor and trve datly edltors one for each day Thls rel1eves any one person from belnq overburdened Wrth the Job EDITOR LOUISE Huftaker ASSISTANT ED Charles Louer MONDAY ED Phrllp Upton TUESDAY ED Charles Loner NEDNE AY LD Marron Abbott NAIUESDAY ED Betty Rollo FRIDAY ED Arthur Erwrn Louxse Huifaker I Om' Hundrrd Six CORRELATOR OF 1935 l UID S Il-l 10 IN - ........i --1MB-LH!-ILMMH CORRELATOR 0171935 ARTHUR EASTMAN Presxdent PHI BETA SIGMA Phr Beta Srgma IS U Hlgh s esteemed honor soc1ety It rs open only to lunrors and Senrors who because ot therr scholarshrp and crtrzenshrp are rnvrted to become members Thls year the constrtutron ot Phr Beta Srgma was changed to allow two elec tlons of new members durmg the year The new Senror members were elected rn the fall rn order to grve the socrety the beneflt of therr assocratron durmg the whole year The lunrors were chosen 1n the sprrng Thls system also permrts two 1n1t1at1ons per year and the new Senror members are grven lmpartralrty IS the key note rn the selectron ot new members The students themselves vote on the crtrzenshrp of therr classmates whrle the faculty pro vrdes the scholarshrp records The members ot Phl Beta Slgma then make recommendatlons based on these two lrsts and the taculty makes the frnal selectron of the new pledges The members of Phr Beta Srgma endeavor to carry out at all trmes the purpose of the socrety whlch rs to 1nst1ll hrgher rdeals 1n the student body Th1s year b9S1dGS revrsmg the UBook the socrety sponsored a very good dance and two other entertarnments for the student body These entertaln ments were put on by the neophytes as part of therr 1n1t1at1on requrrement I Om' Hun Ir fSeLrn the opportunity ot "taking it out" on the lunior pledges. Left to Ftlqht Front Row L I-luffaker Mrss Campbell A Eastman A HGm1llOD D DeCosta M Ewmg Second Row H Daskal R Marsh B Rollo V Plumb A Wemple F Benedlct W Blum Thlrd Row L Tlbbetts M Horrall I Tobrn R Cnst MEMBERS OF PHI BETA SIGMA SENIORS Faraday Benedlct Walter Blum Ruth Crtst Herzl Daskal Rayna DeCosta Arthur Eastman Manory Ewmg Ieanne Gayton Ahce Ham11ton Blfqll Ham1lton Mary Horrall Lou1se Hutfaker George Kemp Mary Luckhardt Ruth Marsh Isabel McNe1l IUNIORS Beatr1ce Cohen Susan Ell1ott Betta Lou Gelhng Mar1on Gerson Robert Ioranson M1lton Mueller Harry McMahon Betty Sutherland Morton Wurtele Roger Ne1lsen V1rg1n1a Plumb Betty Rollo Lou1se T1bb9llS Ieanne Tobln Margaret Horton absent member Faculty Advlsor Mlss Campbell l One Humfrnl Exgb! CORRELATOR OF 1935 'NC PHI BETA SIGMA AWARDS w f uv w H110 v H v 11 JNQ HJLL Sophomores Freshman 1.L1L11v Lc1gu1f111 Sub Freshman ll H41IrIX1 L1 r QEf,:2x's ff ,:. 2 S QL iy prgzos in MH ruvrzj wr 1111.11 Q1 1 1 x 1' 5 5 A H11-1 ::.y.11 s'1z:v-i::.1i1111y 11'e,1 p M1110 1111111119 41:11 q11c11111C 1 11 I1 11111 Beit: S1 Ilil 1, 'f'111.f '-.VVII1 I1 3 'WS ww Xriuw Il tw 1111 1'511i N11 Q , V, x ' IW , J- 113 11 1. ,a11:'- kS11E'2!rz:1rL Jf1:t:5'11'Q:r.- 3' 111:19 11111:1i:1i11,1. :.i1','K11s 'Ii-'fi' V-1 E212 kI11L1f11N 11,5 .,V1:11 " A f is L 2p,1tE1!f1:11Q1Q F311 M1111111:fs 1f','H2:fif.'-Q Pe P4I1C1.l:' zffxii Eff :fly D1'.'1fi11f,fzf11'1',' Th T-11CfI."S f1v11rf2L1-y:,wr 2125 '.'f111141:11 Hms,-sc-1. VI JV, K. . STUDENT COUNCIL MEMORIAL PRIZE Ever s1nce the close of the World Vtfar a prrze has been awarded to the Semor who rn the op1mon of the faculty and the Semor class has contrrbuted most to the lrfe of the school The pnze was es ablrshed through the efforts of the prrnclpal of the School and the Student C uncrl of l92O to perpetuate th memory of those U Hrghers who d1ed dunng the World War Thrs year the prrze rs awarded to George Kemp who well deserves thrs honor leanne Tobm recerved honorable mentlon THE MOTHERS PRIZE Thrrteen years ago rt was decrded by the Umversrty Hrgh School mothers that a prrze should be awarded to the Semor grrl who regardless of offrces held or drstrnctrons won IS consrdered by the faculty to have contrrbuted most to the school ln awardlng thls prlze the followrng factors are taken rnto consrderatron rmtratrve breadth of mterest responsrbrhty refrnement and courtesy moral and mtellectual mfluence and tolerance Thrs year leanne Tobrn w1ll have her name placed on the plaque IU the corrfdor THE MONILAW MEDAL ln l9l6 Doctor Monrlaw former head of the Department of Physrcal Educa tron offered a medal as an 1ncent1ve to the boys of the school to greater athletlc endeavor Smce rts estabhshment th1s award known as the Momlaw Medal has been consrdered one of the hlghest honors attamable by a U H1gh boy lt IS awarded annually to that boy who havrng mamtarned a satrsfactory scho lasttc standrng and havmg rn all other respects shown hrmself to be a valuable member of the school ts consrdered to haxe represented the school most effectrvely rn athletrcs Thrs year the award rs presented to the worthy Robert lvfernam lrvlng Stern and Wellmgton lones recerved honorable mentlon O H la'T l' V , t 4 . . I ' ' o ' e , . , , . - , I I - , I - . A V , HC' N111 lt' IH THE HUGH MCBIRNEY III SCHOLARSHIP Th s sch l rsh o rs prow d a bv lVlr Hugh lvl Brrrey rn r 'n rv of hrs son hugh MCB rn v lll who wa a stuaen at U l-hah Crtrzenshrp ana scholarshlp are the basrs t r thrs award Wh ch s an en to th lum r st aualrtred to rec we rt The prrze cons st of a tr e sem r y ar at U H dh The wlnner thr SCIENCE PRIZE Each year the s rence department selects a Semor who be ause of rnerrt Jn screntrtrc trelds and superrorrty rn achrex ement s deservrna ot drstrnctron and awards The Scrence Prrze to htm The prrze consrsts ot money to be used by the wrnner to buy sclence bOOKS Thrs cornmendatron was earned by Donald Rrchards lohn Thompson recerved honorable rnentron LATIN MEDALS lsabel lVlcNe1lT Lourse Trbbetts IOHN CRERAR SCHOLARSHIP Thrs tour year scholarshrp to the Unrversrty of Chrcaqo rs an honor coveted by all lt IS to be won only by superrorrty rn shop work and consrstent applr catron rn all other trelds ot school hte Robert Anderson rs the wrnner thrs year and we all agree that the chorce rs well Justtned Honorable mentron lahn Stern R qer Nrelsen Paul Espenshade THE BLACK ROBERTS TROPHY Two lormer track stars ot U l-hah created an award to ao to the mernoer ot the school track team who shall have contrrlcuted most to the success ana welfare of the track season The Worthy wrnner thrs year IS Wellrnqton lonoc Um Hun In I Ifl 1 FII t ca lA' '1lS1.A . TLC r 'rreroy l , ' ' o ' , ,i . i " . e 'o be " e ' ' ics e 'o e . 1' . ' 's year ls Morton Wurtele. O C' ' , c ' O , O A I 4 r lil ' 4 I I , o ' , r , O ' I ' r THE IOHN CRERAR SHOP PRIZES Twenty dollars are awarded to each winner. lUNlOR SHOP AWARD Elwood Peterson HONORABLE MENTION Edwin Fletcher Karl Koos Ronald lVIcCree SOPHOMORE SHOP AWARD Lester C Sm1th lr HONORABLE MENTION Donald Abbott Donald Anderson FRESHMAN SHOP AWARD Iohn Levmsohn HONORABLE MENTION Allan lfleln Howard Ntelsen SUB FRESHMAN SHOP AWARD Kenneth Axelson HONORABLE MENTION lames 'lrow Davld Hoadley Herman Mathestus Margaret Chave GARGOYLE AWARD The Gargoyle Award IS probably the newest feature of the Emblem Day program The prtze IS a gold trophy donated by the Gargoyle to be awarded to the wrtter of the best short story that IS submrtted and prmted tn the Gargoyle durlng that year The award IS based on a dectston by the ed1tors and faculty adv1sor and the wtnner s name IS engraved on the stde of the trophy The short story competxtton IS one of the schemes that IS betng trted by the Gargoyle 1n 1ts efforts to rev1ve and arouse mterest tn creattve wrrttng among the students Even though the competttron ts only two years old a great many stortes were contr1buted thts year and the Gorgoyle ts haDDY to announce that the wtnner of thts year s award ts Btrgtt Hamtlton Ollllll . , . X 1 . . 1 . . , . - I . . V , . . . 111' um rm ' Il 1' rt' N Q 'Hill v 1 0 0 0 4 o Q o o'2'I+!'t'!'!'!v!+!If. . '64mz:!v..: vililll illlil IIIIUHI Hlllllll .,. 'ofb ' Y 'AQ' A' X ,fo 0 'Q' 0 xivts 'Q o'o'o'o 9 . O 0 ' ' QVQ' 0 O .Q .'.gQ OQO1f 0.990 X o 0 0 0 9 O gag? 0.0.09 X . 0.00000 I E! Mil E I iMill lNl fm, .,,, xg 1 .nz-1' 'N' ,Z ix N I ILIUHI E Y 6 if IWIIIIIII 7f f 2 L, 4,01-Q5 X ix O M If uunuv i4ll!llllIIlIIllln!ln:gi " " , I ,!'1I'l1IHWmlfg mlllllll , +, , V RICHARD DUDDY Ccrptcun SUEQCID C O R R E L A T O R O F 1 9 3 5 3 I C O C Q O 0 Q Q O . Q . U O 0 . Q C O I One Hundred Tbirleen COHRELATOR OF 1935 Left to Rlght Front Row A Eastman E Brandt W Thomas R Duddy R Merrram R Brlckman R Iampolrs Second Row Mr Hoffer R Ntelsen F Harwich C Sllls S Lawton H McMahon IStern E Fllklns Thlrd Row C Sergal W Huth P Bernstem A Bond H Ersen W Sayner H Rossen W Knall W lanes THE LINEUP Robert Merrrarn Lett Outsrcle Arthur Erwm Lett lnslde Ellls Brandt Center R1chard Duddy Captam Rlqht Insrde Arthur Eastman Rlght Outs1de Harry McMahon Alternate Lett Halt Wllson Knall Alternate Lett Halt Roger Se g 1 Center Half Clarence S1113 Alternate Rrght Hal Sam Lawton Alternate Rrght Half B111 Huth Left Full Wel11ngton lones Rlght Full lohn Stern Goal Guard Substltutes Roger Brrclcman Robert lam polzs B111 Thomas Harold Rosen lack Myers Managers Edward F11k1ns and Roger Nrelsen Coach Mr Holter Ell1sBrandt Bud 101195 , ....................................... Q. . . I I , ' ' ' Ir 1 I 1 A 'X I ' Om'HunJl'1JlI1Ifr1Nn O SOCCER The past soccer season has not been a successful as was at fxrst hoped W1th f1VC letter men returnmg prospects looked br1gh but for one reason or another the team Just ouldnt seem to Wm Throughout the sea son the defenstve play was good but the 11ne only had the needed punch 1n a fem games However the two Oak Park gam s J X team was capable of great thlngs Iohn Stern Bob Merriam THE TILDEN GAME U Hlgh l T1lden 1 The hrst game of the year was a hard fought affalr end1ng 1n a l l dead lock U H1gh scored frrst on a penalty k1ck by Brandt and T1lden scored later on a freak goal Captarn Duddy and Merrram 1n the 11ne and Iones and Sergal m the backfreld played well for the U H1gh team THE FIRST MORTON GAME U H1gh 0 Morton O Our f1rst loss of the current soccer season was glven us by Morton at Greenwood Freld Although the U Htgh team outplayed the west srders the hne d1d not seem to have the punch necessary to put through some goals Good defens1ve play by Sergel and I Stern featured the play of the Maroon and Black team Stern xnalnng ex save nn the Oak Park game I One Hundred Fxfteen C R R E L A T O R O F l 9 3 5 C , I . x V- l J X , 9 Y , A and the first Harrison game showed that the , , ' 1 1 . V J I THE FIRST HARRISON GAME U HIGH 4 Harrrson l The U Hrghers played thelr best game ot the season 1n thexr trrst game agalnst Harrrson Coach Holter put Huth and Sergel 1n the hne and the1r added power gave the l1ne the needed punch All our goals were scored rn the hrst halt Huth mak1ng thr e of them and Sergel the other THE FIRST OAK PARK GAME U Hrgh O Oak Park l The tamed Oak Park1tes barely defeated the U H1ghers 1I'l a well played game at Greenwood Freld The U Hrgh team tr1ed especrally hard to W1n as 1t was the last game but Oak Park pushed through a goal rn the clos1ng mmutes ot play lones starred for the home team by hrs brrlhant detenslve Art Eastman plaY THE SECOND MORTON GAME U H1gh O Morton 3 The U Hlgh soccer team was upset by Morton at Sparta Stad1um ln the tlrst away from home game Reasons for the defeat may be charged to the results of a wrld Halloween Nlght Although most of the team played 1n ct lacaclarsrcal manner Eastman and Srlls played heads up ball 'THE SECOND HARRISON GAME U H1gh O Harnson l The U H1Qh6YS expected an easy vrctory rn therr re turn game w1th Harrrson but were dlsappornted when Harrlson put up a strong defense Thrs tact plus an apparent lack of pep on the part ot the U H1gh team lost what should have been an easy vrctory The Second Oak Park Game U Hrgh 2 Oak Park 2 The b st played and most excmng game ot the seaso 1 was played at Oak Park The U Hxghers scored tlrst but lost the lead after two goals by the Oak Parkrtes How ever our last goal scored rn the clos1ng mrnutes of play t1 d the score Thls was the last game for Captatn Dudcly Eastman Stern lones Merrram Huth Brandt Lawton and Meyers I OMH nd :JS ter Sam Lawton C O R R E L A T O R O F l 9 3 5 fs S T . ' ' ' X , ,,,' , , ., 1 u 1 ix YI WILSON KNALL Lxqhtwexqht Coptcxm cmd IAMES CUMMINS HGGVYW9lQhf Coptcun I M IMI TIlIMallIl I O re Huml ml Sex rnlem CORRELATOR OF 1935 5 k P oooooooooooosoooooooe CORRELATOR OF1935 5 cted Hess P Cannon F 'Warner ltfcllahon Erwm tandmg oach Hoff r F1llfxns Manager N1 lson HEAVYWEIGHT BASKETBALL Wrtn none of last years regulars returnrng prospects looked mrghty drrr for a decent season as the heavywelght squad was made up ot rnexperrenced men The heavres tarled to Wm a game although rn several encounters they played good basketball and deserved to WIH but talled rn the trnal mrnutes Captam hm Cummrns and Paul Cannon were trxtures at two of the pos1t1ons ana Art Erwrn lohnny l-less Ed ljrlkrns Harry McMahon and Franz Warner alternated at the other three posrtrons Clarence Srlls was also a regular untrl he had to stop playlng because ot rllness U lnlrgh l6 Deerlreld 34 The U Hlgh heavres opened the1r drsastrous season by berng defeated by De rlleld Although tryrng hard the heavres could QD lrttle aga1nst th smooth attack of the experrenced Deer from the start and held rt trll the end U Hlgh ll Bloom 30 The l-le rvres lost the1r trrst league game at the hands ot Bloom Townshrp rn a somewhat lopsrded game Th heavres were frghtrng a losrng battle from the start to the frnrsh but we f rn there try ng Paul Cannon U l'l1gh center l d the losers wrth srx pornt Paul Cannon Iohn Hess U1 he , , , , , , . l , t , ' ' . S ' C e , ' ., l 'e . :J ' ' ' ' - A , l e I' . ' ' ' l ' ' e lf field team who secured the lead right C ' ' ' , 1 X ,- 1 ,f X: A A I ' ' ' r.: ' A l . 1 , . .' . ', e l ' ' t 1. I It llumllrtl Ifigfrhwl U Htqh 15 Deertleld 45 The strong Deertteld team aqaxn defeated the D Hlqhers th1s ttme more d9C1S1V9lY The opposrtton had a qood btq team one ot the best 11 the state and featured a strong of tense and an tmpreqnable defense U Hrqn 15 Thornton F 18 U H1qh came near wmntnq tts flrst qame of the season but the An Emm heav1es played qood ball but were Ham' McMahon nosed out tn the closlnq rnrnutes when Fracltonal rallled Clarence Sllls and lohn Hess starred for U Htgh almo t turntnq defeat tnto vlctory U H1qh 21 Kankakee 2:1 The heav1es aqa1n tatled to connect as they dropped a close qarne to Kankakee at Bartlett The heav1es led for most ot the game then lost tt IH the last quarter only to ftnally t1e tt up 1n the last mmute and lose tn the overt1rne McMahon Cummlns ana Hess led the U Htqhers 1n thelr valtant ttqht U Hlqh 25 Thornton Townshlp 34 U Hlqh put up a Wonderful t1qht aqa1nst Thornton Townshlp the runner up tn the state tourney as only 9 potnts separated the two teams at the end McMahon Cummms and Cannon aqam scored the ma1or1ty ot the t ams polnts The up-off xn the Blue Island game I One Hn mired Nun leen C O R R E L A T O R O F 1 9 3 5 ri I - ' . . . I ' i breaks were aqainst them. The CORRELATOR OF 1935 H U I-lrgh I6 Blue Island 28 The heavtes were beat P rather d9C1S1VGlY by a smooth workmg team from Blue Island Blue Islands early lead proved too btg a handrcap for the heav1es although tn tho second half the score was about even U I-I1gn I4 Thornton Fracttonal to After ga1n1ng a I2 3 advantage at the end of the hrst half the heavtes scored only 2 pomts to the1r opponents 12 ln the last half The heavles outplayed Fracttonal and should have won but tree throws decrded the game Captam Cummms Frfmfr Warner and Cannon each mad srx pomts U Htgh Kankakee 32 Kankakee swamped the U Hlgh team ln the return game by showlng an lmproved offense Kankakee led l9l at the half but the last half U Hlgh almost held the1r own Franz Warner played well for the heavles makmg half hrs team s pomts U Htgh 18 Thornton Townshtp 41 Thornton Townshlps great team came to Bartlett and ran all over the frghtmg U Hlghers who played to the best of the1r ab1l1ty whrch was not good enough to make an 1mpress1on aga1nst the b1g fast and clever Thorn ton1tes U Hlgh 26 Blue Island 49 Although runn1ng up the1r blggest score of the year the heavles could not convert the game as the1r opponent was the strong Blue Island team The heavtes offense 1n th1s game was a great unprovement over the1r DFGVIOUS play Ilm Cummms and Paul Cannon each made 7 pomts to be hrgh scorers U I-Ilgh 24 Bloom 25 U I-Ilgh lost the1r twelfth stralght game th1s ttme to Bloom The U Hrgh team came near w1nn1ng as they made an 8po1nt rally 1n the last quarter but bad luck lnterferred and they Iatled to get the decrdmg basket Cannon who was hlgh po1nt man wrth 8 pomts Hess F1lk1ns and Huth all played the1r last games for U I-I1gh U Hrgh 24 Tuley 32 any x U Hrgh had the honor thls year to enter the Unrver srty of Chtcagos annual Chrrstmas Week Invttattonal Tournament A comblned team of heavtes and lrghts began the game Duddy Cummrns Cannon Erwtn and Hess Later tn the game Knall Memam Stern Szlls Maclvlahon Warner and Ftlkms also played Drck Duddy I1ghtwe1ght flash starred aga1nst Tuley as he made IIVG beautltul baskets Edhlkxns :H 11 71? y . 9 A . . 1 ' ' ' V ' . - I I e ' ' . . ' 12 Q - I v I . . . . I . . . I . 1 1 ' . , . . - ' ' I . . . . . I I ' ' I I I l I I I . X . . .1 4 ' ' ' ' ' 9 . . ' ' ' K 'Xt-in, , , , , I , k Q K ' 1 1 1 ' 'If I I I I I I In . I . , I . . ,, . I fill 111 1 rnl ' 1' nl ' CORRELATOR or 1935 Seated Eastman Duddy Knall Merriam lStern Standing Espenshade Hollander Coach l-loffer Brickman lampolis LIGHTWEIGHT BASKETBALL The goal for this year s lightweight team was the South Suburban League Championship as all but one of last year s regulars returned Although start ing slowly the lights finally reached the top only to lose two of their last 'hr e games The lights were really about the best in the league although finishing third and were surely the best U High team in many years Much credit is due Coach I-loffer for his untiring efforts in moulding together a teani of championship calibre U High 22 Deerfield 12 U High s scrappy lightweights got off to a good start in the current basket Duddy starred for the winners by virtue of his fourteen points although the rest of the team also played well The Lineup xg, Richard Duddy right forward Arthur Eastman left forward Captain Wilson Knall center Robert Merriam right guard lohn Stern left guard Bob Merriam An Eusumm U 1 I gg l ball season when they defeated Deerfield in their first game at Bartlett Gym. '75 , J , , X 1 I rt' f lllltlftll Tutrlfi- llc U Hlgh ll Bloom Our somewhat cocky hght we1ghts lost therr frrst leagu game to a team of dead eye basketeers from Bloom Cham p1onsh1p hopes were dlmmed somewhat as the avalanche ot baskets made by Bloom com plete1y demoralrzed the loser Dmk Daddy Iohnny Stern U Hlgh 16 Deertreld 18 ln the1r return game wrth Deertreld the pon1es were not as fortunat they had prevrously been Led by Captarn Knall the pon1es gamed 8 pornts 1n the last quarter to tre up the game but were nosed out 1n the second overtlme U Hrgh 13 Thornton Fractronal 29 The llghts lost therr second league game th1s t1me to Thornton Fractronal Jn a poorly played game The U Hrghers agam appeared rather stale and lacklng therr basket eyes but on the who1e Fract1onal appeared to be a better team By th1s t1me the 11ghts had 'lost the1r cockyness U Hlgh 25 Kankakee 13 Playmg perfect ball the f1rst half the lrghts slaughtered Kankakee for therr trrst league w1n In the second half they were content to hold therr lead Wlth the seconds play1ng the last quarter W11son Knall Iohnny Stern and Drck Duddy led the U Hrgh otfenslve Wlth srx polnts aplece Duddy shoots a hee throw nn the Blue Island game I Om l11rl1Jur1Tur'r1l5 tua C O R R E L A T O R O F 1 9 3 5 ' V .. , . ' 30 Bl ,ft M ,, ,, 4 '11-1 s . ' s. P An 1' ' ' ' e as I 1 U H gn 26 Thornton T wnshtp 16 a err s Q A t11t th starnnf s ow1y th t an 11I1G11N t gan to tnnchoh CIW 111 t1e sr at 1 eat rq D11 w J r1a T1 an K a C 1che 1 aan e U 111gT1 16 B111 1s1and 9 e 1 nt 1 s n ar a 1 aan 1ead a r dov rnnr Btte 1s1and at Bar t O Jer ne1d to tx a ,1c4ets CCIQVT11 Kn 111 aaa11 starred as he rnad 10 ot the 16 polnts U Hugh 24 Thornton Fracttonal 19 Thornu n FFCICHOIICI1 was th tgurth stratght xt 11111 ot the tujhttnq U Htjhers who t1na11y were t1ed for the 1ead U hugh wow tn the se ond overttrne after an excttn 4 qarne Daddy and Knah scored 1! potnts tetween them to 1ead the WHIIIQTS U Hugh 32 Kankakee 18 The DOIHGS won thetr second ot the year tron1 Kankakee at Kankakee afte D111I'1CJ up a 29 1U 1ead at the end of the 3rd quarter Th1s was the fttth straught wctory for the pon1es who were st111 tted for th 1ead The1r offense was 1ed by the-1r two hugh scorers K1'1a11 and Duddy who each made 10 po1nts U Hugh 19 Thornton Townshtp 26 A tast scraDDY tearn trorn Harvey upset th U H1qhers who p1ayed a 11te1ess qan1e The on1y brught spot to U Hugh was Bob 1V1err1arr1 who kept h1s tearn 1n the game W1th 8 p mts unt11 Tnorwton put on thetr 1ast quarter v1ctorw ra11v L H h3O B111 1s1ahd 20 Sho 1nq the1r o1d 111119 torrn the hqhts outtought a qood B1ue 1s1and team tor the sxth 1eaaue Wm The whote tear p1ayed we11 but dtd not rea 11 tts top spe d ur1t11 the t1'11rd auarter vhen a rug ra11y put the qarne on ICS U Hugh 19 B1OOIT1 21 Tne U H ah tearn 1ost the de unnq ga ot th season to B1OOI'1'1 at Chtcaqo Hetahts The tea'n IS to be Commended as they came near wtnnmq the game and ar o the Charnptohshtp Whhout D1Ck Duday, Who was stok They qot off ta an eartv 1ead hut tost tt 111 the 1m-:t quarter hfforrtnrnl Uwtfly Ffvqfmgnl Steno 1 a Esoehshade oayed therr 1ast pasketea11 for U H1311 Um Illnzlrttl 11111111 llmt c T -1" f-X f The p :nes journeyed :pri to H I3 1-1111 th ' .eoond 1erg1xe qarne, 11c1g. pp' 3 1tA,1f3?I " jfei '11, 1d' 1o1a' AIC rter a ten pizni ra11y 1,,e".1TQ1 ddj, Tier ' I , d n 11 .iz ed t1 e . ' e Th, 1:31 wet: hte e' e ' t1 e le 1 ' iiet 1 ' 1- "1 - Z- 1ett. The tearn p1ayed qood defensive t5a11 and was det1n1te1y superior, as h Risers v o e ' vp Ee' 1 . f A r pf 'r e V x U YP : ' e ' C fc ' ' " ' . k : ' A ' . . ' 1 ' C ' 1 1' . j ' ' F ' 1 I - 1 , If e . ' , T 7' 1. ' ug e . . 'WN I I T 1 ' 1 I 1 . ir i ' . U ' 111 ' C. 1' . 1 . C me ' e 1 . 1 ri '1 it ij 3 fp , 1 ' 1 4 1 INTRAMURALS Thrs year as rn past years the lntramural Athletrcs at Sunny Gym vere carrred out on a hrqh level Schedules were run ott on tlme owma to Mr lrwm s frne work and the co operatlon ot the varlou team captams All dur rnq the year the teams showed traht and qood sportsmanshlp a good stan for the future of rntramurals lntramural CIC11J1119S were carrred or' tn so Cer touchball swtmmrnq basketball handball olleyball baseball and track We belreve we may do well to congratulate Mr lrwrn Mr Walker and all of the partlcrpants tor therr hne Work SOCCER Thx year we had an exceptronally tlne soccer season lhe ttrst and secona place team rn the heavywerqht d1v1s1on were neck and neck untrl the fmal day of the season ln the lrqhtwerqht drvrsron frne sp1r1t and sportsmansh1p was shown by the younqer boys All rn all the soccer season was well planned well run and consequently most successful Frnal Standmas Heavyweraht Total Team Won Lost Txed Pornts Orchrds Keymen Umv Hrcks Bananas Hawks Squozes Lrqhtwerqht N T Kmqhshes Mules Frnal Touchball Swrmmrnq Pornt Scores Awarded Heavywerqht Team Touchball Swrmmrnq Total Pornts Keymen Unrv H1CkS Orchrds Bananas lnqhtwelqht N T 1 Kmqhshes Mules Yanks O Il Ill fx! ' ................................ 8 1 0 16 3 0 12 '. ' ......................... ...2 4 3 7 T. . .'s ............................... 7 0 2 16 ' ' .............................. 2 5 2 6 Yanks ................................. 2 5 2 6 ' - ' ' ' as 75 75 150 '. ' ............................ 25 100 125 ' ............................... 100 0 100 50 50 100 T. . .'s ....................,......... 100 100 200 ' ' ............................. 75 75 150 50 50 100 25 25 50 TOUCHBALL t ALL SWIMMING Touchpa V1 tts second year ot defeloprnent as an rntrarrural port Nas well attended althouah only one round vas played Because of the shortness of tm e lt was declded to comprn what was 5 be known wrth Touchl al and to que one letter for path Th sports under nany tryrna clrcumstances showrna that the boys better sp1r1t rn reqard to thelr playln 1 than they have had IH as Fall Swunrnrna were run on tune are developrnq a several years Th1s year lt was dec1ded to cornlnne swunnuna and touchball and to qw only one letter tor hoth sports Thls Nas to oe aone l y means ot a po1nt systern whereby the team wh1ch took hrst place qot lUO DOIHTS second place 75 pornts th1rd place 50 polnts and fourth place 75 potnts The hrst table shows the results ot th touchlaall season the second the results of the three swrn nmg rneets and th last the cornhrned pnlnt ratlnas whtch decrded the hnal standlnq Fxnal Touchl all Standrn js Hea fywelaht Tearn Orchrds Keymen Bananas 'UNIV Hlcks Llahtweraht Klnqhshes Mules Yanks F1nal Swrntmtna Scores Hea Jyw laht Tean Untv Hlcks Keyrnen Bananas OfCh1dS Lrqhtwerah N T Klnahshes Mules Yanks Nov l6 Nou 20 Nof Tot Pts Total Polnts Won Lost Pornts Awarded Pts A ward O1 t U 5 lUO ' .................,.............. 2 l 4 75 '. ' ,............................ U 3 U 25 T.N.T.'s .............................,. 3 U 5 lUO ' ' ......,....................... 2 l 4 75 1 . ', x27 . . . ' . '. ' ' ..... 30 32 40 lU2 lUU l6 32 U 48 75 30 O U 30 50 ' ......., U O U U O T. . fs ....... 31 34 35 lUU lUU ' ' ...... 28 30 24 82 75 l9 15 l3 47 5U U U 16 16 25 rv Ilumfrfd Twrn y-jim WINTER INDOOR INTRAMURAL SPORTS Thrs year Indoor Track Swrmmmg and Handball were all run off m tlse ame sportsmanlrke manner of former years The scormg system for swrm mlng track and handball letters was as follows Intramural awards wer glven to the members of the team whtch won the champtonshtp of sw nmrna track and handball Three swtmmmg m ets and the same number I tracl' meets were scheduled Po nts for wtnnmg the champtonshrp rn each sport were gryen as rol ows Heavywerght League lst place 2nd place 3rd place 4th place 5th place 6th place l00 pornts 80 pornts 50 potnts 40 pomts 20 pornts 20 pomts In cases where teams tred the total pomts of the two places were added together and drvrded by two Both teams gett1ng the same number of pornts The total pornts earned rn each sport were added together to determm the champtons of the combrned wmter sports FINAL STANDINGS INDOOR INTRAMURALS 'I eam Screwlooses Screwlooses Flymg Dutchm Werrd Goons Spades Team Ghosts Aces Shootmg Stars Apes Goo Goals 1934 35 Heavywerght League Swrmmrng Track Handball Total Pomts Ltghtwerght League Swrmmlng Track Handball Total Polnts INTRAIVIURALS FOR THE SPRING QUARTER An extensrve program for sprtng mtramurals has been worked out by Mr Walker who ts IH charge of mtramurals thrs quarter He has planned 31 schedule for competrtron ln the followmg sports baseball track swrmmmg and tennrs He may also add golf and horse shoes Both the Lrght and Heavywerght Leagues are made up of evenly matched teams The fellows have shown a gooa sptrrt and lrke to play the games therefore th sprmg rntrarnural program ts sure to be run off wrth the sam pep and gooa sports manshrp that has been shown throughout the year Our Iuntnr urn 80 80 90 250 Cats Pajamas ............... 40 40 90 l70 l00 20 40 l80 ' en ..........., 0 l00 60 l60 ' ................ 60 60 20 l40 20 20 20 60 l00 80 90 270 80 l00 90 270 ' .............. 20 60 50 I30 60 40 20 I20 40 20 50 lI0 1 11,11 -15- CORRELATOR OF 1935 WELLINGTON JONES cmd SAM LAWTONI Co Ccxptcms W A Ou Huzlred Tuenlg :men I O O I O O O O O O O O O O O O O O I O l ! Z H la ' - CORRELATOR OF 1935 Kneelxnq Nolte Mcl.aughl1n R Sergel lones Horwxch Hetde Zerler Standtnq ManagerCoc1mbs Netherton Lawton l'lGYYllllOIl Rxchter Pulver Wyneken Dawson Teller SENIOR INDOOR TRACK Th1s years Senlor Indoor Track Team had a very successful season as they won over halt of the1r meets The nucleus of the tearr was made up of last years return1ng letter men mcludlng the stars of the former Iumor team as well as Alan Wyneken a transfer student from Evanston ln1ur1es hampered the team constantly as CoCapta1n Lawton was out most the season w1th a pulled muscle Bud lones the other co captam and Chns Sergal were the most cons1stent wmners Coach Mernam and the team expected an even more successful outdoor season although tndoors the team Won tour out of seven meets The Sulhvan Meet lan uary 19 l935 Home U H1gh 44 Sulltvan 4' The Semors proved the1r strength by beat tlrst meet of the year The score does not 1n dtcate the strength t the U Hlgh team as a dropped baton was re spons1ble for the loss ol the relay team Bud Alan wyneken Tones and Alan Wyne Chns Serge! ken vere h1gh scorer wrth 8 po1nts ap1ece ,QV I One Hundred Tu mtg rxygbi I - I 4 Y - 1 ' I 1 I I - I . ' ' f . 2 1 t - 'X I ing Sullivan in their 3 ' 4 , ' . , y I .. ,. O A f f ' , v 5 X- . A . 'V I 53 The Roosevelt Meet Ianuary 26 1935 Home U Hrgh 65 Roosevelt 17 The true strength of the Semors team was shown rn th1s meet The Semors took rune of the ten hrst places the relay be1ng won IH especlally fast tlme Wyneken Tones Sergal Warner Lawton Rlchter and Nolte acqulred the f1TSl places for U H1gh The Napervtll Meet February 2 1935 At Naperv1lle U Hrgh 31 Napervrlle 74 The U Hlghers tmally met therr match when they Journeyed down to Naper v1l1e to be defeated by a really crack track team Although U Hrgh entered two relay teams nexther could do much agalnst the Napervllle team Whlch set a new held house record 1 Qs. I Iohn Coros Sam La mon The Bowen Meet February 8 1935 Home U Hrgh 41 Bowen 45 The Semors expected to take Bowen down as they had taken Roosevelt but they recelved a set back as the score 1nd1cates Although a good lead was obtarned 1n the track events the team tell down badly rn the held events Co Captam Tones scored 11 1 4 polnts to lead hrs team rn scormg The La Grange Meet February 16 1935 Home U Hrgh 22 La Grange 64 Several of the stars of the Senlor team fa11ed to make an appearance due to IHJUIIGS phys1ca1 or mental and so the strong La Grange team dec1s1ve1y beat the U Hlgh team The Hyde Park Meet February 22 1935 Home U Hrgh 44 Hyde Park 42 Wrth the return of the several 1n1ured stars the Semors were able to take one ot thelr b1tterest r1vals Although Hyde Park took most of the hrst places U Hrgh cashed ln on the seconds and th1rds The moot wgf: gf: Af d U la the U Hrgh relay team ran the1r fastest race ot the year to wln by yards O ll 1' JT: C C R R E 1, A T O R O F 1 9 3 5 I I ?T ' I I V , , , ' re , , - ' . 1 f . f , I, f "sv 1 I 1 xy i Ax K is I , 5' wg' ' fx si I I ' I , . I I i ' 1 1 1 1 i - . , . D . I . ' ' ' , , ...,-. - J e p when I nt' um rv wnly-nirte The Lrane L1 dhlorr Meet March 1 l935 Horne U Htqh 501 2 Crane 281 2 Lrndhlom l8 The U l-lrqhers eas1ly won the-1r last meet of the rndoor season hy deteatmq both Crane and Lrndblorn The Senrors polnts were rather evenly d rcled wlth lones aqarn htqh pornt rr an as he won ooth hurdle races Althouqn th relay was not needed to wtn the home tea n won rt hy a wrde mararn Bu z Pulver Duck Nolte Tom Da son THE OAK PARK REL!-XYS The Senror team also entered the Calc Park Relays whlch were won tor the htth successwe trrne by Oak Park All ol U l-lrqhs Sl 2 pornts wer qalned by Chrls Senqal star polevaulter who tred for second rn hrs event Manson Warner lones and also the relay team reached the lrnals out each qot srxth place whrch orouqht no polnts 42 Iohn Heade I3 Our Ilrmdnrl Ibntx K' O ll ll tl l. A 'll O R O ll l 9 3 Q 1 1 up 1 Url ff r Q ish- llf- . Y CORRELATOR OF 1935 IUNIOR INDOOR TRACK At the beqrnntnq of the season 1t d1d not seem as 1f there was qornq to be a lunlor team at all as no letter men were returntnq but by dtnt of hard Work on the part of the team and Coach Merrram a squad was raked together Thls squad was very small consrstrnq of only seven men and one mar' that was a Iunror but competed Sen1or These seven men were Captaln Srlber man Strouse Stern Serqal Adanes Sonnenschren and Groak As the tearn drd so Well lndoors the members looked forward to the South Suburban Leaque meet outdoors Let to Rxqht Grcak Adams Strcuse Sonnenschem F Warner C Sergei S11berman M Stern The Sull1van Meet Saturday Ianuary 19 1935 Home U Hlqh 31 Sull1van 27 Everyone was surprlsed rncludmq the Iunlors themselves after the Iunror team had defeated Sull1van rn the1r f1rst meet of the year Speedy Stern started to plle up hrs po1nts 1n the meet and was leadmq scorer The relay team was barely nosed out but 1t made ltttle d1fference as the meet had been cltnched before The Roosevelt Meet Saturday Ianuary 26 1935 Home U Hlqh 38 Roosevelt 17 If the score was any 1nd1cat1on the Iunlors appeared to be lmprovmq Roosevelt obtalned only one frrst place the rema1n1nq flrsts qomq to Stern Strouse Serqal and the relay team from U Hxqh Incldentally thrs relay team dubbed the fattest team on re ord ran a n1ce race to w1n Om' Ifllllllffll Tbntt on 1 , . , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 - - - T Y' . H , , 1 - . - 1 . - - 1 1 1 - 1 1 . . . . 11 11 , . 1 1 1 1 ' ' , . 1 1 , , . . 11 11 . . 1- 1 N- 1 - . - F 'f11f ' 1 Tift U. Hifyll 32 Bowen 18 Bowen was not supposed to have any luntor team at all, but the valiant U. Htghers turned them down in good style for their third straight win. The relay team, desptte rts abundant puage showed tts stuff wrth Captarn Srlber man s tmal spurt wrnnrng the relay for U Hrgh The La Grange Meet Saturday February 16 1935 Home U Hlgh 31 La Grange 28 A strong La Grange team came to the Freld House and was barely nosed out by Coach Merrtam s hard worktng team Bob Strouse and Stern agarr were hrgh scorers whrle the relay team won and so the meet went to U Htgh agarn Ross Netherton The Hyde Park Meet Frrday February 22 1935 Home U Hrgh 431 2 Hyde Park 15 1f2 The Iunrors completely slaughtered the Hyde Parkers rn thelr next to last meet of the season The Hyde Parkers were astonrshed and embarrassed by the sound drubbrng they took from therr lrttle rrvals The fattest relay team of Stern Sonnenschten Adams and Captatn Srlberman ran the1r best race of the year to wrn 1n record trme The Crane Ltndblom Meet Frrday March 1 1935 Home U Hrgh 33 Crane 3U Lrndblom 12 By drnt of hard work the lunrors ended up therr undefeated season wrth thetr srxth strarght wrn Bob Strouse was hrgh pornt man tor the Iuntors wrth wrns rn the hrgh Jump and the hurdles and mtght also have Won the 660 had he not been dtsqualrhed on a technrcalrty The relay team agarn came through wrth a wrn to wtn the meet for U Hrgh O11 f T I I - 1 1 . 1 1 1 I I I -Y - ' 1 . 1 . , . .N .. Q ' 1 1 1 7 - . . 11 . . 11 11 11 . . . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 TT - . 1 1 1 , . nc' 1111117 1ITl1irI5-1110 C O H R E L A T 0 R O F' i 9 3 5 SENIOR OUTDOOR TRACK The prospects for the outdoor season were very bright . . . much brighter than they have been for many years. The indoor season was not as successful as it might have been because of injuries, but all the athletes, except Manson, the star hurdler and dash man, were in good shape. Under the leadership of Coach Merriam and Captain Boss Netherton the team should have gone very far. Naturally, because of the outdoor season being so late in the year, we are unable to say whether or not the team was successful. The best way to see what kind of a team U-High really had is to analyze each man The captain Netherton was a very fine hurdler and should have been right up among the top scorers Iones and Pulver the other hurdlers were also valuable men and should have gained as many points as their captain Bud Tones indoor high scorer will also have competed in the field events and was expected to have garnered many more points in this way Chris Sergal the first really good pole vaulter U Hrgh has had in recent years 4 Bob Mernam Bud lones was expected to take many firsts and in so doing to break the old League record Merriam was to broad Jump and run the dashes and Warner was going to take time off from baseball to run up points for U High tn the high Jump Lawton whose leg 1S now healed and Coros a recent find were going to hold down the dash places Wyneken Richter and Heide were to do their part by running the distances Dawson Nolte and Lawton were expected to garner many points in the weights The schedule Thornton at U High Apr1l27 Blue Island and Sectional May Hyd Park and State Meet May South Suburban League Meet May Morgan Park Military Academy at U High une One Hundred Thirty three . . ' -'Si tg., .X , .x l Bloom at Bloom .................................................. May 4 ' ......................................... ll e ........................................ 18 " -L .......................... I l JUNIOR OUTDOOR TRACK The Iunror track team was undefeated durrng the rndoor season but rt rs doubtful rf they wrll do as well rn the comrng outdoor season Although the Unrversrty Hrgh School has always had a good lunror team never havrng lost a South Suburban League Meet there are several reasons why thrs years tean wrll have to try extra hard not to mar thrs frne record The most rmpo tant reason rs that the squad rs very small and the stars of the team wrll hav to partrcrpate rn so many events that they wrll not be able to do Justrce to ant of them Mr Merrram wrll contrnue to coach the lunrors but as yet no captarn has DOOR chosen George Rrnder Roger Bnckman work by dorng the dashes hurdles broad and hrgh rumps the shot ana drscus The younger Sergal s polevaultrng has been rmprovrng and he rs ex pected to contrnue hrs good work rn th comrng season Adams one of the heaxy boys of the team rs rrnprovrng rn the dashes and the werghts Srnce Strouse left to grve the baseball team a boost Srlberman rndoor captarn wrll take hrs place rn the srx srxty and also the hurdles Several new men have come out for the track team thrs sprrng all berng underclassmen Roger Brrckman star basketballer wrll follow rn hrs elder brother s footsteps by runnrng the hurdles and hrgh rurnprng George Rrnd r shows srgns of becomrng a good dash man Chrvers Klrne Allen and Blarr are other new men out for the team but so far are an unknown quantrty U1 llfnlxr r 1, . l . r- ' tr E' 1 . 1 r , ' ' ' e l t , , A' 5 "Speedy" Stern, indoor high point man, will agarn take on the brunt of the an It fl'fr1.frrr V 1' Y -,'0!lr MICHAEL DAVIS Ccrutcrm MJ! INlNIliN R R E L A T O R O F 1 9 3 5 . FL . ' 0 . O O . O . . Q Q . ' . . f 0 - N Ourll I' llf I3 h CORRELATOR OF 1935 Left to Rrght Bottom Row E Brandt T Steele K Koos R McCree A Robertson Mxddlo Row R Anderson R Chadwlck N McLaury I Stem D Evans Top Row Coach McG1ll1vray F Stern R Ioranson Capt Davrs I Goldman F Reach THE SWIMMING TEAM U Hlgh sw1mm1ng team has been qu1te successful thls year Although the percentage of meets won was not as great as last year the opposmg teams were much more powerful The squad at 1lS max1mum was composed of elghteen fellows After three meets Ralph McCollum captaln elect was taken rll and was out untll the day of the State Meet when he came back wlthout practrce to swrm the tree style relay ln the tlrst meet lack Goldman was also 1ll and unable to sw1m Both these meets were lost but had 1t not been for these handlcaps both mrght have been won The U Hlgh boys were up agamst some very sk1lled squads As compared w1th our squad of erghteen, two other teams had squads of over a hundred men Even then they con quered one of them and came w1th1n three pornts of wmnrng from the other Many tunes the whole meet depended on the correct placmg of the men ln erght dlfferent events wrth v1ctory 1n the balance untrl the last man swam ln her dual meets U l-hgh made 264 polnts aga1nst her opponents 186 F rank Reach was the star thrs year be rng hrgh polnt man and wrnnrna every event he entered rncludrng the State 100 yard tree style race Captam Mlke Davrs second hrah pomt man won every breast stroke race he entered except the State n Whlch he placed second He deserves a great deal of Cfedll for the success ot thrs years team Bud Stern and lack Goldman were h1gh pomt men and were two of the great est stars and mamstays of the team Coach McG1ll1vray IS to be commended for h1s excellent coachlng and help Frank Reach 1ng the boys to success I One Hundred Tbzriy .wx - - , , . , . , . , . . i - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - - -f-Y , . , . , . , . , . . - I ' I 1 , . - 1 , . . , . . . 1 1 4 Y r... t 1 . 'fn 1 . . 1 ' I ' 1 , 1 1 4 1 r l ' , ' 1 1 . 1 . U H1gh 52 Parker 23 Parker Hrgh came to the Bartlett pool to be very oadlf defeated on Ianuary l5 by a score of 52 23 Although Reach was unabl to swlm the team came througl' vallantly every man outdomg hrmself U Hlgh 45 Englewood 30 Englewood who were the 193334 Clty Champrons came to U Hrgh on February l to be defeated 45 30 The meet was 9XC1l11'1Q and fast Reach be1rg hrgh pomt man U l-hgh 36 Malne Townshrp 39 On February Oth U Hrgh went to Marne Townshtp H1115 31-andy State Champlons Reach was agaln hrgh polnt man wmmng two ev nts The meet was the fastest closest and most rnterestlng of the season U Hlgh 42 New Tr1er 33 A return meet w1th New Trrer on February ll resulted the other way w1th U H1gh wlnnmg 42 33 The meet was close and mterestlng wxth Reach wm mng two events U High 60 Thornton Townsh1p l5 A meet w1th Thornton Townshrp on February 2lst was the last dual meet of the year U Hlgh was v1ctor1ous wmmng by a score of 60 15 Thls over whelm1ng v1ctory showed the real power of the U Hlgh team 'I'he Staie champlon medley relay team Goldman Davzs Stem I One Ilumlrml Tblrlg :mm CORRELATOR OF 1935 High to be defeated 39-36. Maine was 1934 and 1935 The 1ll1DO1S State Champ1onsh1p Meet was held at the Northwestern pool on March lst and 2nd In the prel1m1nar1es U Hlqh qual1f1ed four men 1n f1V9 events Reach 1n the 100 yard free style Ste1n Dav1s and Goldman 1n the 180 yard medley relay and each of these men 1n the 100 yard back stroke 100 yard breast stroke and 220 yard crawl respect1vely ln the fmals U H1qh reta1ned 1ts second place t1tle of last year placrnq after the same wmner Ma1ne Townsh1p Captaln M1ke Davls placed second 1n the 100 yard breast stroke Bud Ste1n placed th1rd 1n the 100 yard back stroke and lack Goldman placed fourth 1n the 220 yard crawl Frank R ach reta1ned h1s t1tle by w1n nmq the 100 yard free style He 1S also State short pool record holder The last and cl1max1nq event was the 180 yard medley relay 1n wh1ch the above ment1oned boys swam They were eas1ly v1ctor1ous crackmq the old state record by four seconds Captam M1ke Davls has been sw1rnm1nq on U H1qhs vars1ty squad for four years He has been awarded three maJor letters and one m1nor letter 1n that sport As1de from breast stroke he also sw1ms the crawl qu1te prot1c1ently He held the South Suburban Champ1onsh1p 1n hrs Sophomore year and placed second 1n the State th1s year He 1S a member of the State record holdmq medley team Frank Reach came to U H1qh 1n h1s Sophomore year and started rraht out by be1nq a star He has been awarded two maJor letters and been South Suburban Champ1on and State Champ1on two years 1n successlon He also holds a State record 1n the 100 yard tree style Bud Ste1n has been w1th the team as long as 1t has exlsted He has won three ma1ors and one m1nor letter He sw1ms back stroke and crawl the one almost as well as the other He held the South Suburban Champ1onsh1p last year and placed th1rd 1n the State th1s year He 1S a memb r of the record hold1nq medley team lack Goldman IS also a veteran H ha been awarded three maJors and a mmor He 1S our d1star1ce man and also a relay man He swam 1n the South Suburban Champ1onsh1p relays and 1 the State relays last year and th1s H IS a member ot the record State medley team and placed fourth 1n the 220 yara free style H1qh Po1nt Men Reach 51 Dav1s 41 2X 3 Ste1n 40 213 Goldman 37 2X3 Robertson 24 Alan Robertson Brandt Um Humlrul Tbnl1 clgfzl CORRELATOR OF 1935 '.e 20 C' O H R H L A T O H O F Q 9 RICHARD DUDDY Cclptcxm I AMQlQlxllIl 0 . . O 0 . O 0 O . O . Q . 0 C I O Q O 1 Um I nu, n, A 'ir -un - lllllfy Left to Rxqhi FIIST Row W Henry H Block C Connor R MOTTI on Thxrd Row R Nlelsen R Strouse I Cummms Mr Hoffer F Warner P Bernstem I Stern Ed Fxlkms Shortstop Franz Warner Pucker Wxlson Knull Cerner Held Robert Iampolxs T eft Fleld Iohn Hess Fust Bose I Om' Hundred Forty COHRELATOR OF 1935 Second Rowili.. Ecstmcxg Duddyl, Kncxfl, Hess, Fvilkins,-,R.iQmpo1is. CORRELATOR OF 1935 Iohn Stern Catcher Iames Cummmg P1tcher and Left Fxeld Paul Bernstein Rxqht Fxeld Robert Slrouse Catcher and Shortstop Arthur Eastman Second Base BASEBALL Th1s years baseball season should be a successful one from pre season 1nd1cat1ons F1rst there were several return1ng letter men and also reserves from last year s team The squad IS very small numberrng only about hfteen men The team has already had two severe losses 1D that Don Teller star t1rst baseman became 1ll Wllh scarlet fever and w1ll be lost most of the season and Iohnny Stern regular catcher spramed h1S ankle thus bemg put on th casuallty 11st for several weeks From t1me to t1me throughout the spr1ng there have been pract1ce games Wllh three C1lY schools Hlrsch Parker and Hyde The hrst Alumm game of the year was won by U Hlgh by four runs Most of the U H1gh runs were scored on errors by the Alumm The hrst regular game of the season was played agamst Deerfleld at Iackman held on Aprll 24 Although the U Hlgh team scored 4 runs 1n the flrst mnmg on one h1t the Deerf1eld1tes came back to w1n 12 6 Iohnny Hess a converted shortstop played excellently at f1rst base Art Eastman led the U H1gh attack Wllh 2 h1ts as well as makmg several fme catches Although these two players stood out rn th1s game great th1ngs were expected of several other members of the team Dlck Duddy and hm Cumm1ns both showed great form m pre season pracuce I One Humlrvd Forty ont ' I I l I I I . . . Q I I I N' l ' ' I I I I Park, and the team has shown great promise. I I I ' - 1 I CORRELATOR OF 1935 GOLF TEAM Left to Rlght Frank Mackey Charles Zerler lack Goldman Arthur Erwm A Goldberg GOLF The annual tryout for the Golf Team was held m late Aprll thls year at the Cherry H1ll golf course A fa1r S1Z9d group came out for the team whrch con slsted of Erwm McMahon Knall Goldman Marx and Goldberg Wlth four returnmg members of last year s squad the team looked forward to a very successful season The mam hopes were centered on Art Erwrn who has been shootmg consrstently 1n the seventres As yet no meets had been defmrtely scheduled except for the South Suburban Champ1onsh1ps whrch were to be held sometrme rn Iune The boys were polntmg for thrs meet and stand a good chance of w1nn1ng rt TENNIS The UT11V9fS1lY Hlgh tenn1s team was expected to have a successful season lh1S year as there were several veterans on the team At the t1me of tht wr1t1ng MOITIS Horwlch Herschel and McLaury played slngles and Captam Hastmgs and Fenton and Graham and Morrrs composed the doubles teams Atkrnson M Stern F Stern Staples and Works the manager also were used rn some matches The f1rst meet of the year was w1th Lake Vrew and the U Hrghers Won 7 3 Two meets were held wlth Hyde Park who Won the frrst meet 7 3 but U H1gh won the second one by a score of 3 2 The f1ghtmg tenms team then turned back Lmdblom 5 l The tennls team was look1ng forward to meets wlth Argo Culver M11tary Academy Blue Island and the South Suburban League Meet I O11 Hu I fforlg luo . I ' N I I I I I ' . 1 1 . . ,F , . .J 1 1 1 , . 1 - 1 - 1 1 1 1 - 1 v' 1 . W f . A 1 1 1 - 1' H1 ru - CORRELATOR OF1935 Sue Wolbach Barbara Furry Mary Phemisier PQP Captain Pr:-sif'ler1tG.A.A. Imp Captain lElIIl?IlRMiI4IlIl1IIlM :ooooooooooooooooooooo I Q I Um l!lIllalH'4I l'urlwl,'21.1' CORRELATOR OF1985 Left to Rrqht Seated K Hrrsch S Wolbach B rurry M Plcemxster E Klrchlemer Standmq N Lesser M Breed ITurner B Fenn M Howells B Hlrsch GAA The Grrls Athlet1c Assocratron was founded IH l923 wrth the purpose of arousmg an lnterest 1n athlet1cs and ot promotrng sportsmanshrp and good health Thls purpose whrch has been tultllled throughout the prevrous years has agam been successfully completed All the grrls 1n the school automat lcally become members of thrs assocratron as long as they actually par trcrpate rn athletrcs Due to the clever and capable management of the G A A by Barbara Furry th1s years pres1dent the W1ll1ngness of the board to work and the excellent support of the grrls athletrcs have had a very successful season Interest was partlcularly great dur1ng the hockey season but the spnng sports also brought a revlval of pep and enthusrasm The GCf1V1l19S of the past year were the numerous hockey teas and spreads the Drme D1nner the annual banquet and several m1nor funchons 1nclud1ng the awardlng of emblems and the choosmg of the class and Imp Pep teams G A A BOARD I O1 Hun ln Barbara Furry Mary Phem1ster Sue Wolbach Marlon Howells Katherlne Hlrs h Emlly Klrshelmer lean Turner Margaret Breed Bertha Hlrsch Betty Fenn Nancy Lesser llorfx four Presrdent Imp Captaln Pep Captam Treasurer Chalrman Under classes Sophomore Representatrve Sophomore Representatrve Freshman Representatlve Freshman Representatrve Sub Freshman Representatrve Sub Freshman Representatrve I - , . I 4 I V I Pauline Schalk . ............................ .... S ecretary ' ' c .................. ' - rm' 1 'A : U'-4 CORHELATOR OF 1935 Lett to Rxght Seated S Bxossat S Wolbach E Coarnbs I Tobm R Roberts P Schalk Standlng B Furry H Katz M Connor L Stubbs L 7-luffaker M Ph9m1StSf UPPERCLASS HOCKEY Th1s year there could be no cornplalnt about 1tS belng too cold to play hockey because the glrls wore Skl pants or long pants ot some varlety Even wrth that the Peps were not able to defeat the vxctorrous lmps who also won last year The score of the hrst Im1:rPep game was 4 l the second only 2 1 There were several d1fferent games W1th the College all of whlch came out very Well for the I-hgh School Upperclassrnen The lmps played a nlce game defeatmg the D1v1s1on 4 0 The Peps dldnt do so well 1n p1ay1ng the College team but they held thelr own Wlth a no goal score In the Upper Lower All Star game the Underclassmen put up a good tlght but the odds were too great and the score was 80 Oh welll the Upper classmen have to l1ve up to belng Upperclassrnen Sue Wolbach Eleanor Coombs Ulall If 111113 e , . I 1 ' - I I , . ' 1 , if 1 f I 'ar 'Q ' Y '5 J I r ' lllAH'1 ' r -'-fl' Roboris V179 S111h91lc1Y1d HOWQHQ BO WOlfGCLl Le1qh DQCQQTG Croxen TOLDIII Siem T1bYe11a L111dQ1 Furrv LII Gdruth Siubbs Fuffcxker IGdW1 1 P11911 12161 Q OG 111 U B102 CTT O 111Q1 VX7e pk Ro 15.13 ...... 1 c rqer P 1EAW'S V NF TEH MS L VV ALL STAR TE QM IO p A HG 1111011 WI D G111 1d Huxle P01115 Gdlei I-101011 Meiccuf B nedm EIGHT Cl Day N S1111th 11211111 Ewmcf vldamd Harve 1 1111c1 Phchter GQN111 TVICNQ 1 P111 111 Cf x OI ....,..R.'W. Schcrlk .......................................,...................... . . Stulfbv ...... Huffcxker ..... Vlollicxch .................,.................,.,.....,,.............. L. N. Phe.1.1st.,1 ................,.. . QQ11111 5 ...... CI z TQ1 1111 . . Biossczt ...... CO.IT'1f5. ..... . F IVA .......,................................,,.................,.. .-. 0 -11 .1 11- '11- UPPERCLASS HOCKEY TEAMS P1151 Pep SQCLI' PQ, L , , ' Ill' ..........,.,....... RVN. .......,.............. . IT! . , , ,......,,.....,........ Rl. ........ ............... 1 C 1 1' L ..........,.....,......... CF. .,......................... y ,H ...,...........,..,.....,,.... Ll. ...,..........,.,............ ' V . .......,....,.,....,..... L.W. ......................,.... . ' ' ,,.. ....,....,.., .... R . H. ..,.....,................... '. 1 ....,..................... CH. .............,,.......,..,. W ' ...,....,.................,. LH. ...,......,.............,. Q N 1 Q, V , b? , ............ ..........,................ . FITS 11111 51:91 ' IU , Kuhn, Schclk ..................... HV17. .........,...........,.. Essinqion ' ........................... HL ........................... ' , Q ........................... CF ...,..................... E' 1 er . , .....,.................... .,...............,........ Y XY ...........,..........,.... . . ............................ Ellbii , 1. , , Lr111t11 .................. RH ,...............,...... Silk? ,1111 C 1 ..,..,........,.....,.... CH. ...,.............,......... ' , Kin .............................. ....,...........,.......... 1 ' 45 ' ..,........................ RF. ...,...............,...... . i C 1 ' 1 ......,...,.........,..,... LF. ........................., . 1 3 1111 y ...................,...... G.G ,........ ,.................. f 1 f YN 1' HI J Q CF LI 'X 11 Q RH L r FP K 1, ' L P RT J 1 ' LT Ll J GC UN DERCLASS HOCKEY I-I CKEY preceded speedpall durrng the autumn s aso ana a large nun per c lower classmen were part c1parts 1'1 thts aan Not nly were the g1r1s who were famrhar wth the ga 1 xaluaple assets t the tea s l:.1t a great many new gtrls M ere a'1x1ous to learn the game and they soon caught on to tne trrclcs of the trade Re gular pract1ce hours were held weekly The f1TSl part of the hockey seasor v as a1ded bv the espec1ally cr ad weather rt l rernarnder ot tl1e s as '1 J hrnderea Ly a pad turr1 n the clrn ate The Peps won the only game that was played durrng the lrnp Pep sertes g1rls who were chosen to re on the All Star Team They are B H1fSCh Breed Strckney Buswell Penn Mullms Krrchenner Vahtll K H1rsch E Varl Thomas Dxclcson and Sulzherger Mary Phemxster SPEEDBALL Tr11s tall speedball enl sted tne mterest and the enthus1asrr ot all the under lass a1rls Do you ask why? The unusual feature of th1s game s that 1t 1S the comb1nat1on of both soccer and oaslcethall Thts combrnauon not only makes the garne l1Vely ana xery excrung 'out as well 1t makes rt extremely dttterent There 1s no dou t 1 anyones rmnd of the great success of thrs garne The season cutnunatea w1th the 1nter class games and the Imp Pep ser1es was won by the Peps The All Star tean1 was chosen, and conststed of Breed, Buswell, Hams, K I-hrsch, Gralao, Lesser, Felsenthal, Krrchetmer, Mulhns, Suclcney, and Thomas Om Iluwdrrtl 10115 min: rc T ' ' ' J 1 se -1 n, ' . 1- V t Q . ' 1 . J 1e. 3 ' c. ' l ' .' ' 1 e ' ' o m , ' T 1 1 1 7 A 1 Y o A , V ' - v 'f 5 ' fx 4 . I ., 'A X. ,wo , tt 119 ' . e o. v as ' ' 'X ' ' i , ' 1 . though it was no easy taslc. Special mention should be made of the fortunate V I I I I ' V V l I ' I V ' l I ' I K TR 1 S A 1' f f tt 1 I i Yx 1 - . . , A . Cl N ,T . . ' 3 4 1 ' . - . - - Y 1 M . 5 CORRELATOR OQKQISSS NQNQ7 MP H1fSCh B Buswell Thomas Wyle McNe11 HGIIIS Gllbert Stlckney Delckmarm Rathbum Sulzberqer W11son Hrrsch B Buswell H1rsch K Var E Krrchermer Shckney O H roxr Left to Rlqht Seated R Thomas E Cahxll K Hrrsch M Strckney B Hrrsch M Breed Standmg M Buswell N Dlckson I Mullms E Klrchezmer B Penn A Sulzberqer J -44.411 QJLLAAAA DL KJ 7A,0A4,a,u. ALL STAR W Breed Perm Cahlll Mulhns Dlckson Subs Sulzberqer Thomas PEP Perm Heller Hrrsch K Cahrll Breed Mullms Herschel Val E Va1 I Drckson W HOCKEY TEAMS , Q Q'-' I . ' , .......................... L.W. .......................... .. , ..................... L.H. ........................ ' , . ' ............................ L.F. ........................... ' ' .................,.......... Rl. ........................... . ' ........................... C.H. .......................... ' ' .......................... CF. ......................... ' Lesser ............................ R.W. ........................ Eckhouse ' , .............. R.H. ........................... 'l, . ' ........................... ".G. ......................... ' ' , . ................... L. . ............. ........... R .L ' , . .......... .......... L .H. ' ............. .......... B .F. 'L . ........... ........... L .F. ' ............ .......... H .H. ' ' .................. CH. ' ........... . .......... G.G. ' ..................... CF. -- , . I ur umlr J F rl. - ig, I UPPERCLASS VOLLEYBALL SEASON Were We surpnsedl Th1s year there was actually a good volley ball season tor the upperclass g1rls We guess the Iumors brought some of the old Sunny Gym enthus1asm Wlth them and the Senlors Just couldnt let the Iumors out do them The number of glrls at practxce every day was really astomshmg By the ttme the Imp Pep Games arrtved the g1rls had become so expert after all thelr pract1ce that the games were most exc1t1ng and the lmps won them only by the1r greatest efforts Even after the Imp Pep games the enthus1asm of the grrls became more mtense as the 1mpend1ng Upperclass Lowerclass All Star games approached The dltflcult Job of choos1ng the Upperclass All Star Team was done by the At last the prlde and Joy of the upperclass glrls met the lowerclass gurls 1n a most thr1ll1ng game So bttterly was each polnt fought for that the gammg or los1ng of 1t seemed a matter of hte or death To end up 1lS volley ball season Wlth a bang the upperclass team fmally managed to brlng 1lS score above that of the lowerclass team Wh1cl'1 played Wllh the greatest sklll and lost llke only good U H1ghers can lose Lcft to R1qht Cea ed E Coombs I Gtlrutl M Phermster P Schalk N Smnh S Bxossat Standmg B Kahn D Gtllet B Sutherland L Stubbs M Connor M Howells I Om Humlred Forty mm CORRELATOR OF 1935 G.A.A. Board Which, incidentally, picked a "peach" of a team. '1 ct f 3 ALL STAR Phemister Smith, N. Howells Connor Schallc Stubbs Coombs Suuth N Howells Sutherlaha Stern Nolbach Gtllett Tobm Sawyer Hextmann ub Furry Lurena Stubbs Gtlruth Sutherland Subs Blossat Kahn Mane Connor MP Schalk Stubbs Connor Coambs Kahn SID1ll'1 B Phemtster Katz Each half tmfe B1ossat Gtlruth Sub Essmqto Puulme Schalk l T X , S 1 rf' 'e. ' X ,X jf X t , f to aw V I 5 I x ,Iv x I. VA 4 lg ' -I -j L .9 :A 4, 1 , ' Q v -Q, W J I Om' Illarztfrnf H1715 Left to Rrqht Seated E Bennett M Phemlster V Plumb M Connor Standmq S Blossat E Coambs L Huffaker N Smlth UNDERCLASS VOLLEYBALL The underclass volleyball season whlch started before Chrlstmas and ended durxng the month of February was emoyed by all A large number of en thus1asts were present at the class cmd after school pracnces Not only d1d the grrls fa1thfully attend the1r practlce perlods but they gamed much sk1ll 1n the sport and are to be congratulated upon the1r excellent playmg The class teams were chosen wlth dtfhculty because so many people came out to sup port the teams The lowerclass volleyball tournament was very 9XCll1I'1Q' and hnally resulted 1n v1ctory for the Sophomores Then the Imp Pep teams were chosen and after a great deal of actlon was exhlbrted by the two teams the lmps hnally won the ser1es The All Star team was chosen after much drscus s1on Although the underclass g1rls played a good game aga1nst the upper class glrls they were hnally defeated due to the1r 1nexper1ence MP Stlckney Buswell McNe1l B Nelson M H Wyle G1lbert Marks B Bean Sulzberger H1rsch B Barroum Lesser Thomas Rathye I ALL STAR Breed D1ckson Penn Gxlbert Hlrsch B Hlrsch K Krrchelrner Marks B Mulllns Strckney Sulzberger Varl E Wyle RathJe P P Htrsch K K1rche1mer Mull1ns Breed Grabo Marks D1ckson Penn Va1l E Cahlll Northrup Lmdhelmer H1rschel RathJe M O :Hu J ed Fifty one C O R R E L A T O R O F 19 3 5 I E - - 11 ,B, ',. ',I. CORR ELATOR OF 1935 Left to Right Seated B Marks E Kxrchetmer B Wyle B Gxlbert I Mullms I Rathle Standmg E Vall B Hlrsch A Sulzberger A Dickson B Penn M Breed BASKETBALL Upper Class Basketball Agaln a large turn out of Star Basketeers answered the call for actlon and after several weeks of extenswe pract1ce a representatrve team was selected by both the Imp and Pep capta1ns to carry thelr colors to V1ClOIY Th lmps proved themselves the stronger team wlnnmg both games l3 4 and 192 The All Star team was then selected and cons1sted ot the tollowmg Phemlster Connor Coambs and Bennett guards and Plumb Hutfaker and B1ossat forwards wtth N Sm1th and Kahn as substttutes The College Honor team defeated the All Stars 15 5 and the season closed Wlth the All Star team deteatlng the U Hlgh Alumm team by 21 15 All rn all however th1s year s basketball season was a speftacular one mp B1OSSGl Hutfaker Plumb Coambs Kahn Connor Phem1ster Plumb Huffaker B1ossat Bennett O H1r1'lFf3 fl0 A LL STAB TEAM Phemlster Connor Coambs Subs Sm 1th N Kahn ep Horrall Sm1th N lvIcK1bbm Furry Sutherland l , I P ' ............................. F ........................... , ...................... G ........................... Bennett ' .......................... G ....................... ' ......................... P ........................ G I nf' lll rn il - L UNDERCLASS BASKETBALL The basketball season thts year recetved a n ost enthus asttc turnout awtong the gtrls of the lower classes Such a drsplay of ab1l1ty was shown that tt was dlffrcult for those who were assrgned the task of choostng teams to carry out the1r task Class games were played f1rst and the Sub freshmen were the nctors These games were followed DY the Imp Pep sertes After a long struggle the Peps aga1n proved therrselves worthy of the basketball cham p1onsh1p An All Star team composed of the pest tmp and Pep players was chosen at the end of the basketball season 'K-'Q' vf x A j li x Louise Huifcker Mane Connor BOWLING Durmg the w1nter quarter about thrrty gtrls were accomplrces 1n d1sf1gur tng the bowlmg alleys tn Ida Noyes Hall The bowlers had no consrderatron for the ptns and never spared thetr feeltngs The gtrls certarnly became expert bowlers and competed w1th each other to g t the largest scores Grller S therland and Lergh were among the dead eye bowlers BASEBALL The real Arne-rtcan nattonal sport whrch keeps the world talkmg from Aprtl to October was not neglected by the IJ Hrgh grrl athlete Many enthustastt oaseball players took the1r places on the dramond th1s sprtng and the weather whtch was always on our srde helped to make thls season a LDGDDY and en thustastrc one The baseball teams both underclass and upperclass could be d1sttngu1shed by the glow1ng faces of the parncrpants the wrzzrng of the balls and the clrckmg of the bats The s ason culm1nated wrth the class Imp Pep and All Star games Om Humlntl Flflx lbrre C O R R H L A T G H O P' t 9 - ', ' ' ' ' 1 c 1 ' .. Y . 1 , - A ,. jf! , f fr . P44 N X.. 4. -. a K. ,I r 1 xi? -s.,7vl l . . . , I T , l I , 1 I P - 9 I ' - , GOLF Golf Wa tauahl at lda Noyes three days a weelf aurmq ihe rerreshrr Sprmq days Mosl ol the gurls wer lrexperrehcea and w1th the excelleur ms ruchon lhey recerxed they a 1111 d au te a rr hrs w llfr aame The qolfers frequently plav d m Iacl s Il Para aid th v rmarr ou emoved therr llttle Jauhts TENNIS Serve' Ahoiher acel And the lenms s asor was h Thrs sporl rapra qamed favor among both the eager oeqmrmers and the more accomphsh a alhletes durmq the sprmq quarter And why ot? Excellent lehms CO,lTlQ were at therr chsposal r1qh1 across the M1dWGV ar C1 mth such qlorrous weathe who would not feel hke playmq l9I'1I'11S'p .s, N X x l X Q X r I One Humlrrd Izfly four If O N H li l. A T O H O ll l 9 5 ' T ' " , ' Cx 're , 1, lat of skilll 1 4 ell-Qiowr, e ' ,,::'o X l, 1 eA rirrz sly . . , ' e 1 '- o . ' "ly 6 l j N xc A -- XX 'xx V XX I lax, S ' o a .,. . If IUMI IU Ili? Ill R W I ll O O ll C Q I C O R R E L A T O R O F I 9 3 5 At the Arctxc Amble DANCES The Fall Roundup The Boys Club rnstead of snealclnq around the d1ff1CLlllY by chanqrnq entrrely the trad1t1onal theme ot therr fall dance faced the rssue squarely and poked lt tn the nose by producmq on November 28 a beautrfully dec orated dance The Lower Gym for three all too short hours was maqrcally transformed 1nto a typrcal western town hall w1th the customary bundles of hay and cornstalks pushed mto the baclcqround by the novel waqon wheels brrdles and harnesses wh1ch were tn evrdence The frnal touch was the bar over rn one corner where thruout the evenmq one could rest one s foot on a qenume ratl quench one s th1rst on c1der passed over by the qenral barkeep and srlence the pangs ot hunger wrth doughnuts w1thout bemq aeprlved of the mus1c of Gene Davts and h1s orchestra The Sportsman s Prom The h1story of th1s dance ts a traq1com1c one The Iunrors and Semors aqatn pooled thetr resources 1n order to hare a qood evenlnq party but upon the makmq ot plans many d1ll1CUll16S arose The boys decmded to try out a unlque lottery system for qettmq dates by wh ch each boy drew a qlrls name out of a hat Unfortunately however after the drawmq a few d1s appornted lads carrred on a brt of oartermq and rt became necessary to rehnqutsh the rdea and to postpone the dance unttl De emoer 8 Gn th1s date Sunny Gym decked rn sports costume mtended to arouse some ot the much souqhtatter school sptrrt was the scene o arent fmlm f-md in ml tr wlth Gere Davts coachlnq the tean on the hner pomts of h1s rnustc Un In If I . . . . . 1 f Y I - 1 1 I - . , . I I . , , , . . , . 1 I w . . . , 1 ' X . . , . V . 1 , . l . , . . 1 I , . ' V I - . . -, , , , V . . , . . , ,- , . c . A , . A - ' Y f V ' 'X ix A , . 1 -1. I so ,.-,.. ..,..- ...... ....,..,1, Y rl 1. wtf lflffx-flu' Semor Alumm Dance To a mob of delrghted Senlors cr rather premature Santa Claus dumped out of hrs sack frgurattvely speakmg of course a record crowd of alumm and nae Both 35s and those who have gone before seemed to emoy themselves lmrnensely and great was the amount of handshakmg and How are you? l havent seen you rn years' On December 2l the only posslble decoratrons are Chrtstmas ones and the Senror comm1ttee drd excellently w1th srx or seven lrghted and decorated trees a wonderfully realrstrc ch1mney and frreplace colored streamers and a lrttle electrrc tram that ran tfor the f1fSl hourll Chmatown Shambles The H1Y boys return1ng to mdrvrdual efforts thrs year on lanuary lz transported rn fancy at least a large percentage of the three upper classes over to the streets of Shanghar where we marveled at the beauttful Ortental Wall panels thrrlled to the str1kmg effect of the red and black streamers and shuddered when on approachmg the harmless appearlng stuffed flgure of o mandarm srttrng on the floor Wrth folded arms tts eye was cocked at us and solemnly wlnked t dont be afratd chtldren sard our date 1n on the secret tts only George Works P The food was deltcrous and the musrc our old frlend Gene Davls best The Arctlc Amble The G1rls Club outd1d 1tself thrs year rn presentmg somethmg new and xery drfferent rn the way of a dance Usrng the Land of the Mrdntght Sun as a model half the glrls tand several of the boys as the former are forced to admttl rn the three upper classes worked on the decoratrons from the ftrst of Ianuary untrl 7 OO on the evenmg of February 2 Promptly at 8 30 the frrs couples gazrng mterestedly about them and at therr programs rn the shape of a hooded Esktrno couple stepped through a huge crepe paper rgloo onto the dance floor Where behmd a parade of pengums the torrtd rhythym of Gene Davrs lent warmth to the snowy scene ln one corner a red and Whrte strrped barber pole wrth a gay Amerrcan flag on top asserted that thrs was the North Pole whtle behmd the orchestra as 1f to corroborate tts comrade s story flashed the Aurora Boreahs Servma tno we dld not have frozen punchll was carrted on from another lgloo The Hobo Hobbies When the mtellectuals of the school brought thelr rnrghty mtnds to the constderatron of a Phr Beta Stgma dance worthy of the name they tudged and rlghtly from the tremendous success of last year s Panlc Prom that the school lrkes hard trmes partles So tt was that on Apr1l 27 m approprrate costume SGDIOTS lunlors and Sophomores rallred round to fmd themselves greeted by park benches and p1cn1c tables srgns and streamers rn short everythrng the lntellects could thtnk of to make happter hoboes fUntted Press Flash Hoboes leave Phr Bete dance happrer after good ttme good food and good musrc by rt s gettlng to be a habrt Gene Davts the HCIDDY Hobol U11 H ml: 11-1113 tt, O R R E l. A T O R O l l 9 3 5 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 11 11 11 1 . 11 . . , 1 1 1 1 . . . . . . 1- - I -' I 1 1 1 -1 1 1 I . 1 . 11 1 . . 11 . . 5 I I I 11. 1 11 1 . . 1 - 1 . . 1 Y . . . . , 1 1 I . I I 1 I - 1 1 1 e . . . . 1 1 1 1 - , 1 - 1 1 . 1 . I ' I - 1 . . . 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 . . 1 . . . , X , D 1' I t '11 I U -AIX' The Sprmg Boys Club Dance We re going to be perfectly frank with you gentle reader As we go to press we know exactly nil about this dance except its date May 25 Father Time would not permit us to peek into his Book of the Future m order to report to you the name decorations and refreshments which the Board de vised However knowing the Boys Club as an organization and having already sampled their ingenuity and found it far from insufficient we may safely wager that you all emoyed the clever decorations the delectable refreshments and the excellent music provided at this dance The Iumor Senior Prom Prom we understand is short for Promenade but as far as we can see there s little or no promenadmg done at this annual farewell affair given the Seniors by the Iuniors except that which occurs during the sprightly stepping However aforesaid Father Time probably has something up his sleeve here also for we hear vague mutterings from the committee about summer formals ships tables waiters and the like The dance is scheduled for Iune ftrst and we have been instructed by the Seniors to thank their hosts in advance for the wonderful time they know will be given them CLASS PARTIES Sophomores The socially minded Sophomores came through again this year with the November 23 Roger Boylan of the University with his three piece orchestra plus Bud Elliott the class s talented drummer furnishing the music Delicious refreshments consisting of cake cookies and punch were enioyed by a large turnout Then wonders of wonders what should they do but put on another evening dance on May 3' This time however the cash was a bit short and so some of the refreshments were donated fpersonally we think they must have b en Just that much better l An excellent orchestra was engaged and the com mittee did beautifully with the necessarily second hand decorations Freshman The freshmen too became frisky and introduced variety into their parties At their first on November 2 dancing for those who danced and games or those who didnt were the order of the day with the addition of course wellplanned refreshments and decorations in a post I-lallowe en spirit Then on February 8 they frolicked in that part of Sunny known by the im press1ve name of Natatorium until a halt was called and all a bit dampish as to hair and blood shot as to eyes repaired via the locker rooms to th Lower gym where tne afternoon was roundea out with dancing and food O1 1111111111 lj C O H B E l. A T. U H O F I 9 3 '- first class party to be held in the evening. lt was held from 7:30 until 9:30 on 1 1 ' V 1 , ' e ' ' 1 1 ' 1 f ' ' , , ' ' ' , , Of ,A f"v. - - - 1 - - " ' ' A gf. 11 1 1 "1 '-trzru Now thrs IS really too much fre hmen wrth an orchestra' Oh but you see thrs was d1fferent they used home talent and 1t cost them nothrng And they d1d someth1ng else novel all comers were d1v1ded mto three groups and dts patched upon a treasure hunt whtch successfully and hrlarrously completed was followed by danctng and somethmg Just a httle d1fferent m refreshments 1ce cream and cake All thrs happened on Aprrl 12 Sub Freshman Those perky ltttle Sub Freshmen started the1r socral season off wtth a bang on October 26 w1th a splash party ID the pool followed by refreshments games and danctng m the Lower Gym We hear that asrde from the fact that the danc1ng was done to the v1ctrola and that sard mstrument could not be heard over srx feet away the afternoon was a huge success On February 21 they had a regulatlon class party remarnmg landlubbers thls t1me and conf1n1ng the1r acttvlttes to ballroom ones Vague rumors reach our ears of delrclous food a fatr srzed crowd and a really wonderful t1me They cla1m they re to have a beach party on lune 7 We re certam though a we wrlte 1t has not yet occurred that every Sub Freshman attendmg des p1te the sand whrch prevaded the atmosphere emoyed h1m or herself perfectly haDDY estate' G A A EVENTS The G A A D1meD1nner The GA A Dtme Drnner th1s year was d1fferent for rt was carrred out rn the manner of a good old fashroned County Fa1r Everybody came from a town such as Skunk s Mrsery Dead Horse Bend etc The Mayor was on hand to present the s1lver Pl cup to the wmnmg team after the scores were added up Newspaper races balloon races peanut scrambles and such were some of the events whrch afforded competttton among the towns Several stunts were presented rn order to g1ve the contestants t1me to catch the1r breath and then vartous games were played unttl supper was announced The dlnner was excellent constdermg that tt all came out of the money fronn the trckets sold The G A A Banquet The flnal event of the year to be sponsored by the GAA was the annual Banquet wh1ch was thts year qutte an affatr lndrndual awards were glven to the g1rls and the mcommg G A A offrcers formally took over the1r Jobs Also the lmp Pep Cup was presented to the wmmng team durmg all whrch act1v1 tres the toastm1stress ruled over the large assemblage w1th a rod of 1ron 1n a velvet case and played an actrve part tn mak1ng the Banquet a success On H1111 lzrl Flflj exgbl PI , ' A l ' ' ' , , , , . , . 1 ' l 1 V - c ' ' . ' . I 1 I I I I and went home sorry that but three days remained of being a Sub-Freshmans A- , . I T 1' t ' t 'I - 5 L ' C li 'f Q 'lf C: ff C 2 1 Q g ,. STUDENT COUNCIL EVENTS Mxxers Thls year the Student Counc1l really accompl1shed thlnqs 1n the way of dances for lt succeeded 1n puttmq over four very successful mrxers The f1ISl an all school event was held 1n the afternoon of the last day of the f1ISf week of school and was very 1nstrumental 1n qettmq the newcomers acauamted The attendance was marvelous The second m1xer was held after that far famed performance the great Mnstrel Show put on by the Boys Glee Club The aud1ence of the show seemed to qravltate down upon the f1n1sh of the show parents and all to the Lower Gym Where Gene Dav1s and h1s orchestra were performmq for the benef1t of all A qood t1me was had by these same all for the rema1nder of the even1nq The upperclassmen were treated to an evenmq m1xer all the1r own on March 2 at wh1ch Mr Bane the father of one of our Sophomores off1c1ated and called out the f1qures Th1s too was a very successful party Sammy Ross and h1s orchestra prov1ded the mus1c The last mrxer of the school year was once more held on a Frrday afternoon March 29 and was another all school affarr The rdea of parental d1rect1on had been so enthus1ast1cally greeted at the last m1Xer that Mr Iones the father of one of our prom1nent Semors and a dyed 1n the wool U l-Ilqher h1mself was asked to help us out and he d1rected some very clever cot1ll1on f1qures All 1n all the Counc1l should be thanked for four very emoyable affa1rs all well carr1ed out Book Fcnr Th1S year as 1n former years the Book Fa1r l1ved up to llS reputatlon of bemq one of the Student Counc1l s most successful enterprlses As usual there were exh1b1ts of books on all subJects The talks wh1ch were q1ven by the speakers 1nv1ted for the occaslon were both enlrqhtenma and 1nterest1nq The Student Councll aqam offered a s1lver cup to the club Wh1Ch presented the most lnterestlnq and or1q1nal exh1b1t Both the Playfest ers and the Art club had f1ne GXh1b1lS but the MUSIC Club was awarded the cup for 1ts excellent exh1b1t1on of lnstruments and mus1c U H1 L1'tes The Kmq IS dead lonq l1ve the Kmq' Thats the s1tuat1on ln a nutshell The Carn1val 1S dead lonq l1ve the U H1 Lltes The Carn1val 1n the Counc1l s op1n1on was so worn out that expenses could barely be met 1n some d1v1s1ons of 1t let alone makmq any money for the Settlement So many of our wrse counc1lmen met W1th representatrves of the Parents Assoc1at1on and concelv ed the 1dea of a C1rcus to take the place of the deqenerated carn1val The c1rcus 1dea has been shqhtly mod1f1ed to become a klnd of stunt show such as the G1rls Club presents annually W1th each orqan1zat1on puttmq on a number As the Correlator qoes to press all orqanrzatlons are workmq frenz1edly on the1r stunts for the U H1 L1tes w1ll have appeared f th f c a y 1 on Frlday nlqht May 3 Many happy returns of that day' Om' Hundred Flfly mne 1 - 1 - I , . ' 1 4 1 . A . I I I 1 - 1 1 1 , ' . ' I I - - - - I 1 - ' - I - I I . . I . , - H , , . . H I . . . , . . I - - ' I I , . , . . I . . . I - I . f . . . . , . . 1 ' . '. ' ' nr Q tv-of +frv1,, f-W-. v-.W -4 3 , .V -f ov.-- -cu UC Tuul 1.1111 U11 11 :J UQ., , . . H GIRLS CLUB EVENTS Th1s year the Gtrls Club has had an unusually full program havmg 1n troduced several new features Of course near the frrst of the year on Novern ber 9 to be exact there took place the annual Stunt Show whence much t everyone s surprtse and pleasure the Freshmen carr1ed off the cup for the b st performance wtth thetr tngentous shadow play Then too throughout the year there have been the usual teas faculty Sent r Alumnae Sub Freshmen Mothers and Daughters up to lumor Mothers and Daughters Teas but even here we found somethmg dtfferent for at the last mentroned affalr representatlves from qurte a few colleges spoke to the g1rls and thetr mothers and afterwards answered quest1ons Beal rnnovatrons were the Krtchen Showers wlrnch put the Grrls Club kttchen back on tts feet as a gotng concern The experrment was frrst trred on the up perclass g1rls who were mvtted to an lnferestlng and entertammg afternoon of parlor games and refreshments one s trcket of admrsston berng a grft for the krtchen Thrs party was so successful and all the g1rls had such a grand ttme that 1t was dectded to gtve one for the underclass g1rls whtch was every btt as successful as the f1rst On March l the Settlement Commlttee gave a wonderful style show to whlch all the mothers and daughters of the school were 1nv1ted the proceeds of course gorng to the Umverstty Settlement Sprlng styles from the South Shore Vogue and from Mrs Katz s Shop were worn by our own g1rls wtth the ease and grace of profess1onal models By the t1me Iune 8 has rolled around and passed the Sen1or g1rls and therr mothers w1ll have Just been entertamed at a luncheon by the Curls Club They w1ll have been served by the capable members of next year s Board and they w1ll be regrettmg by that ttme we re sure that wlth the exceptron of the Sen1or Alumnae Tea to whrch they w1ll always be welcome thts IS thetr last Grrls Club affarr BOYS CLUB EVENTS On November 7 occurred the ftrst event sponsored by the Boys Club on the socral calendar of the year the Father and Sons Get Together Thrs affarr frlls a very obvtous and rmportant need that of getttng the fellows really acquamt ed wlth thelr own and others dads and the latter wrth each other Thrs pur pose was ably accompllshed thrs year for wrth the certatnty of an mteresttng program and the customary ctder and doughnuts the attendance was excellent lt has been customary for the Boys Club to sponsor a Basketball Track Ban guet along sometlme at the end of the lndoor track and basketball season for the purpose of presentmg awards Thrs year however the Board dec1ded to put the whole performance off untrl nearer the end of the s hool year lune 5 to be exact gtvmg out all awards at that t1me Though we cant tell you rust what happened there the boys really should know and rf they dont there s no poss1ble excuse for 1t for we hear everyone had one of those rousmg good ttmes tnat only a group of boys can foster U11 17111111 ISHI3 . . , f, O H F l A T O B O I' l 9 3 I 1 I - . , ' A I I A I Q e . IIN. I I Q I - 1 1 , . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 - 1 1 . 1 1 I I - 1 1 . 1 1 1 . 1 1 .. I - I ' T 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 ' '- N' I I , . . 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 l. L't'L-,' CORRELATOR OF 1935 I-IQ wg-if INTIMATE GLHKPSES OF SOME OF OU? U, I-HG!-IERS CORRELATOR OF 1935 OYING MYX WORK AND P' A. ' CORRELATOR OF1935 ff,- X X ff K PLACES OU have fimshed hugh school but you have Just begun that School of Llfe beyond the Classroom Meet nts requlrements confldently equipped for success with the pr tlcal busmess traxnmg which this school provldes tralmng that has gxven Bryant SL Stratton the reputatlon of The School of Suc cessful Graduates graduates who go places' Vzszt, wrzte 01' phone RAN 1575 for Catalog South Michigan Avenue, Chicago O1 H4 1edS1vl3 H' Y' X X, 'dmv-'a - it N . , .. 0 .i .. c i. a?: BRYANT 81 STRATTON I lv :mr '. -fif C O R H E L A T O R O F 1 9 3 5 Man of the Largest Manufacturers of Electrlcal Refrlgerators Metal Beds Metal Sprmgs Metal Purnlture Kltehen hqulpment Hospltal Appllances Bath Room Equipment am Numerous Other Artncles Uw PORCELOID Made ln two forms H13,l1 Heat Qfor balungl and Low Heat xx hleh also ur dries ls ad lptable to both exterlor or mterlor use on xarlous surfaees a Hmslm resnstant to acnds or alkalxes heat or eold molsture or llght grease or gas fumes elastne and adhesne enough to stmd an unusual hard enough to present marking, or prlntlng, from heavy objeets that may be plaeed on nts surfxte lylflllgtd pl lets ean be elsllx spotted ID BRADLEY VRQOMAN C0 2629 35 Dearborn Street CHICAGO T . A , . - .7 1 . V - v I S w 3 .k . . e ' x- s W 1 I V 1 N I' amount of vibration and knocks without chipping, and still fr f ' 7 l . 7 'v' 1 i -' V "N l V y' ' o - 1 U I1umf1'r'rl Sialj--Six 9 ' S KXXXK n '5 J NN J CG! CMI' Sfnvmcf- 6819 GUSPP-To X of--- 4' fspuobvtflsemf- g- QQ Q I ' U x N 0 'U Q CHIRGPGDY CHIRQPODY, 19 dehned 111 the st1tutes of the Stsate ol Ill1no1s, 15 the llltfflfcll, l'ItC'lJ61lI1l al 1nd SHI 111111 trewtment of the :ulments of the human foot, 'and m 195120 IH connec tlon therewxth, except 1mput1t1on of the tot or the foot, and except the use of 1n1esthet1cs other than local, and e septlcs Cxl11C"lgO College of Clnropodv offers 1 THRI I' YI AR course of study 111 th1s lnterestmg VOCHUOII, lL'1dll'lg to tht Degree of Doctor of Surgncal Clmropodx The SCSSIOH of 1935 1936 begms on September 23 Our 1I'lfOI'Hl21K1VC prospectus w1ll he mauled on rece1pt of S our request Clucago College of Clnropody 26 South LOOITIIS Street c HIC AC O Q, 0 ll R ll L A l O H O ll l 9 3 5 0 I L C " . . 1 ' . . . x- cept the use of drugs and medicines other than local anti- ' ' : ' : 1 X K ,C Q 1 . X . 7 I . . . . . 7 Q C O Q L 5 O 1111111111117 Si,xf'x-1'igfJ! I 6? L11111 lllllll IIIQN nf .L S0 Ch1C3gO Bu1ck Pontlac C0 11 1 I ll 1 X III PHOXIS I LRC Xl X N BRUNS FLORISTS It P01111 R xxxx ll JI PXXQNIXIKINI LIILIIJX O Ei Ei EQ 1. .-'. f' O H O E Q , 1 1 1 1 1 - 0 0 o 0 ' o X61 P c.UININL'I'Ci.1I .XX '. S1-xl. is 1 I'1xR'1's 1 Sl-ilwlcili XXI' SIU '111f1L.1' 111 Ilfgfv Ci1'111f1' l'11111' .1111f 1111775 Y' 'K licgunl 1-HI - Rugcni 71011 XYIQ C .Xl.l 'AOR YO ' Ll .NND lJlfl,lYlfll I'l4 l'lilQlf Ol- Clll. Rfflf I CO. 111, 1 '1 XVIC I7Ifl,IX'If 1 .' 'Y' f Iflilf D1'f11'111f11f1f1' 'l'1'l1'j1f1111' Swziu 511-H .1.iAcn Kai 7 K' U11rll1111,111'.f Sin, Il Cf O H H E 1. A T O R O F 1 9 3 5 WCODLAWN MARKET HOUSE N. XV. Corncr Circcnwoml 81 47tl1 St. I DRFXPI 9564 Olldllfy 'vilf ATS GROLERIES OSSI' BUSINESS COLLEGE 4' The Business Col-lege with Yhe Universiiy Atmosphere Only Four Year High School Graduofes Enrolled Bullehn Free on Request NO SOLICITORS EMPlOYED 116 South Michigan Avenue Chicago Randolph 4347 Phone Hsdt Plrk 6533 34 ADVANCE GRCCERY an MARKET I Nlitthtl Prop C om :la I4 Slorl Fresh Salt, Smoked Meats Fish Etc 1 p 6 Cmcaro FANLH IMPORTED AN D IDCMESTIC GROCERIES Home Made PHSIFICS and Candles L G KUNZI' Int L KUDIL L 1 RXNIDOI 1 H STR Rmdolpli -+957 Umursitx 4454 I O 0111 rm' lSf1rnty - . 1 I I f j ' '. 'z of , , . . 1, '. 1 ' 12. ,. Pr-Q. liivc Deliveries Daily: 9:30, 11:00 n. n .Q 1:30, 3:00, 5:00 . m. 18 f. .1 .' 1 . FFT 153 -38-40 E. 55TH ST. A , 4 f- If 71 1 ru Q HAINAIN S fu :lr Hfxxxx Axn Sox 151 1 mn Unison IIOLRI N NLRSINC IST DISTRIC T Il l INOIS STA I'l NURSES XSSOLI XTION C'm11pl1n1u1fs 0 ibm SPNIOR CLASS POP Grocery Co Ouulzfx Aluup il :NL s Dom nsur v w Nlxdvs IX 3090 91 South Shore Garages nu C nz with C arzg S ru TIRES AC QI-SSORII-S R R Trrprmm, 4 7 W l 1 I xrlx HOTI L SI-IORFLAND rm Ix PHONI Pl XLA 1000 fu S1 xlmm C 1 IHIII lr Xl lf!7IIIlf C91 1,L1l1m1 Om un Vx r rr C' H Ii IQ L. 'I' Ei Q 3 . 4 f T Y! fiLlI'1'fV'4'x' S H O lf S mu' fm 1114 Vfnl ,A v , , . . . . . ,. , . , . XV.l,sl. 1. .l' If . v ' v 1 ' ' N . A . A Y lf -1 ,n...m U1 www.. W.. nu- -m.1m,, N ' ' ' rr, . ,,.. ,C I-, 11.1-1."r.1r1,, , n !!l .1 LJ' .nl - Nl L: v U. ,If- QQ4, , 1 pu. I-Zu!!! .- .. . -I 1, 1. 1- . ,. , V r- -I- I'mIu- Imul -1-lu-1 rznvrwz lu .' , if .' N r .' 4 Snuvh XII4-Iuunvl .Xwnm 4-,x1.1, S'I'.X'I'l'I Cum: F , I W fu f ' ' Q clfn' 11' "VU , . ' , H , I H - , V - x 7--.C ..kc J. ' Ave. - 4 . Sinn Snulfr' xr " 1 KE r ' C .1 ' 7ls1' SH il ,xl .IIIIIKIX Ax y 'L rm. -- ,, .,.r. X - -- -.1-r.' I.: 1.-- I k1'4 I. -V H. vw' . m w Cup- -mai -- 1-I V-1 my-fun.-ful. All Plmnc : l 'l ' ' ffillb llrfuw I ml,.1lQ.Qr'.' A ' V111 JIY 1" ' lx UL! rr' flu." I 'fl J 'JS'l'IfX II ROOT STUDIUS SIII SN I X I Ujphcmf gvkofoqmpkels 1935 onefafm 5717111 Imax fo U Illjffl SfIIl,l'lIfN nf All T1IlIl'S I I I X I K If5'I','XI'mI,I ' 'IIP IHU7 185 N. XYHIIUHSII Avenue TIQI,-QI'I'IO.'I-1 STAT f 4111 ' f f 0 Jr 0 'St Y 4. ' K, 11 f IS 4- ' C Ei II IQ I . 'I' O Ei "Q 1 l 3 Q- LINDEN PRINTING COMPANY 517 South Ieiferson Streei CHICAGO PIIIIITERO IIIE ORHELAIQI? Bdfom Grldultum Aftnr CJl"1dL1'1flOl1 PM flu 7tNfl1I BOOKS 1 STATIOWIRY 1 GIFTS UNIVERSITY OF FI-IICAOO BOOKSTORES 5 - P :C U' , ' I ' , I 1 I ' . PATRONIZE YOUR CAMPUS STORE me Bmlxli H.-x1.l. .md mu 121.115 Ixvxi. II .I .IN Y! I Om H11mlrmiSumfx tour Admlnlstratlve Qfflcers and Faculty for l935 Robert Maynard Hutchrns LLD Presldent Charles l-lublcard ludd Ph D LLD Dean of the school of Education Wlllxarn Claude Reavxs PhD Supervisor to Department of Educatron Artnur Klrkwood Loomls PhD Prrncxpal Elsre May Smzthres AM Assrstant Prxnclpal Latrn Le ter Carl Srnrth A M Assrstant Prrncrpcl Manual Arts Harold Albert Anderson A M Enqll h Edward Claude Bolrneler AM Research Secre tary Arth rr Crbbon Bovee PhB Assrstant Professor of tle Teachlnq of French Prnst R Breslrch PhD Assomate Professor cl the Teachrna of Mathernatlcs Glalys Campbell PhB Lnqlrsh Iohn F. chord Davey A E SOC1Gl Scrrnce Cecll P Denton PhR Fnqlrsh Gladys Krndred Dolan M D School Pl'lYS1C1CII1 Gertrude Doxey Ph D Soc1al Science Orlrn Denton Prank SM Scrence A Mane Cote Greene AM French Wrlllann L Gunn Physlcal Educatron G orqe Edmcn l-lawkms SM Mathematrcs Howard Copeland l-l1ll Ph D Assrstant Professor of the Teachrng of Soc1al Scrence Chfford Holley SM Sclerce Leslre Wrlham Irwzn A M Physrcal Educatlon Lenore Iohn A M Mathematxcs Marf McAll1ster lohnson Ph B Art Rob rt Emmet Keohane AM Soc1al Sclence Ka frryr Dean Lee A M Art Babette Katherme Lemon Ph B Enqllsh Harmol' Loqasa PhB Llbrarran Vlola Manderfeld AM German Mlrna Maxey AM Latln lohn Cunhtte Mayfield AM Scrence Helen Morehead Nlehotf A M Physlcal Educa tlon Leda lay Sallemr SM Physical Educatlon Edrth Elrzabeth Shepherd A M Enqllsh Charles Arthur Stone A M LL D Mathernaucs Russell Brown Thomas A M Enqlrsh Artnur Edwm Traxler Ph D PSYCllOlOQ1Sl Arthur R Turner MD School Physrclan Har rs Rockwell Varl Mus B MUSIC Galvin LeRoy Walker A B Physzcal Education Robert Bartow Weaver A M Socxal Sclence Eugene C Wlttlclc SP Manual Arts COHRELATOR OF 1935 Q Y" ', ' UNIVERSITY H SCHDDL A f 1 1 X 1 w 11s I1 'lf U1 51 X fsck vw 1 Il'b 1 1I1fIIl 411 S 3 UINITYEESITY DF CI-IICAL:D ' Q2 fi 2 i P f f F. f' C fi Q P Q ' ' I K,','F.Sf5 11.11 1 ',.' 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