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1. , M,-lu ! , .: , 1 , . "" . . 4 fi L4 ,f,-ww ,,. , -ii ,. ,, A uf 4 4+ . .T- ,:3:. 'ff Z W ,Q , J ,,s A .f A .Avi ,,.., " fzi 1. 0 sr 1 Q'- E ,1 in .La KW, ,N is I Erin p, g una -1 4 4. ,Q "Q, s. 'FU 1 ..- 1 5 'Y ff Q. , - .1 "----.fix 1: ,. ' fe -J ' , ' x 4 ' . .- 42. f,-1 4 2-, f qv H, L'? lg+'Ef5f"l ,E 'l"i ' .- -- A, 19""1 ,'- ' ' - . ' , 'K ', I fb - "K" ' -' LT ' ""-4 fx w'L'7""1559A Ju v- . . '.' f ., G.: ,..-. .A-,.n,f-,Q --1 - .14 . 1 ., , . W, N,--L ,1 A , , .,A,,4-..' ,L 1 1 rf I y . fl -,1, -1 ,, f , '. , ,M , Kap . ,. ,M-,gH, Lg--1 1 . fm f-,xr-4 - , .-.,,,.1 , ,M z.,-H-V., 1 ,. .' 'Q '- -4 ' ' r 23, 9-1:-'+,1:m-f - if A.. -- N ' - -.' - f i ' li -- ,ww-' "1v-lfff' :Q ' f -T .fTfHf2f- ' - ,, ', '-- ff ,f:.-e':.5f,, ,, -'I " -qv' ' .N ,. , V L -'rv . H57 WIDE f S ll u I I W IX Sggl I I WA 1, ' , MK NRQESQM X2 UNIVERSITY HIGH SCHOUL Lincoln, Nebraska I zi '+ - 953's Y I Y I I 3: 9 Qi ' STN N v XAJQU J - XX QT ' 3 i L 7' fivxfv fs-Y , 1 NEW E ' , To our real regret, Miss Gamble is retiring this year. Twenty-eight years of gratifying work denote the fine character and unselfish service to Teachers High and University High. Miss Gamble has received her A. B. degree from the University of Nebraska and her M. A. degree from the University of Chicago. She is a member of Mortar Board, Pi Lambda Theta, and Phi Beta Kappa. Miss Gamble has always been active supervising social studies, class sponsor, and has sponsored many class activities . To Miss Gamble we give our thanks and wish her much luck and happiness. 5 TO THE STUDENTS CF UNIVERSITY HIGH SCHOOL It is a pleasure for me to extend my compliments to the annual staff and the students of the school for the very fine work performed in producing the 1957 annual. Each year the annual has shown progressive excellence. It is one more example of the many ways our students have carried out their responsibilities to make our school one of which we can be justifiably proud. With each passing year this book will mean more and more to you. Again, sincere congratulations. N. F. Thorpe Principal annum! ea 'Qi A N X, ski? mf X., YQ f"'F"1 BEVERLY MOSHER 'KW xiii :ru lu 1 -vw-5 ll ff A Scene of Hilarity R PAUL NLSPLR .., .... MILTON BECKMAN Math LILLIAN CASTNER Girls' Physical Education H . L. CHALQUIST Science PHYLLIS BUSH Junior High 4 .KW ROBERT CORNEER Audio-Visual Director PATRICIA DEPPE As slstant Librarian CHARLOTTE GRUBER Commercial Arts MARY FORNEY Commercial Arts 'P-. - 1-5 B'-f" WK" ,-viii 9,3 Af li - .4 . I . 'D I 5-"' , I xjxigikhf. , V U , af.. 1, j.ji?':g 454 .1-I 5 , J A - -13. i I I DAVID FOWLER Instrumental Music HELEN l-IALBERSLEBEN Commercial Arts MAX HANSEN DOROTHY HAZEL Commercial Arts Industrial Arts F . WAYNE HOUSE Commercial Arts MANFRED KEILER Art W? Y -Q Q NS-3, 'gnu ,ff Q Xkkav VIVIAN LAMBE RT English DUAINE LANG Social Studies S IOHN P. MORAN Music N OT PICTURED IS KENNETH LYMAN Speech GERTRUDE MCEACHEN Languages F LOYD R . M EYE R Librarian MARY L. MIELENZ English MARTORY MORAVEK Homemaking GERALD A. PARKS In du strial Arts IAMES A. RUTLEDGE Science -L ' 'V sm. L Na 'ML Riga. km MINNIE SCHLICHTING Commercial Arts CHARLES SHIPMAN Science if XS.-X' 'Qu is ,fi 'W M .N MAXINE TRAUERNICHT Speech and Dramatics X1 Q Boys' DALE SNOOK Physical Education 5-ul IANE STEWART Commercial Arts EDWARD VOZBUT Social Studies . A Q X M X X COFFEE BREAK! The faculty lounge is available for a much needed moment of relaxation. GRACE BROCK, Lunchroom Manager, NELL YATES, PAT OLSON Lunchroom Assistant. Administrative Assistant vs 'Ki C? I SCIENCE--G. Petting, P. Urback, W. Fields, D. Chappell. SCIENCE--S. Anderson, H. Holloway, E. Wiseblood. fx PHYSICAL EDUCATION--L. Roberts, T. Hofman, D. Brittenhan, PHYSICAL EDUCATION--NL MOYIQ, M- Sfihaffeff D- Rid91eY- C. Snook, L. Birkel, I. Hulse, G. Landwer, R. Hohensee. PHYSICAL EDUCATION--L. Castner, F. Ingold, I. Carneal, T. HISTORY--M. Powell, R. Strasheim, R. Moses, W. Commings Westervelt, R. Nobel, C. Snook, C. Wilcox, S. Bazant, M. G. Johnson, C. O'Grady, G. Raegan, M. Wright, D. Overton, Mong, S. Kilburn, D. Ridgely. G. Britton, B. Ferguson, G. Sperry, M. Christensen. 'r g l 1 gh .. " ' HISTORY--D. Mlnnick, I. Young, W. Reeves, R. Coba, P Jones, W. Goodwin, C. Blamer, I. Aitken, W. Hennessey, l , gi P if .. 'Iwi it . SPEECH--D. Montgomery, I. Elliott, C. Anderson, M. Thompson, T. Scriven, H. Hofler, I. Kenerl, B. Rystrom, I. I- Stoll. Forsyth. 1 . ..-,.- i If . '- A A, Q of rrros ' or . -' N ai 2 " 1 S s 5 ' 7 7.5 .X X x r 3 Q w .Q .. f T 'ff 5.3 ' 'S Q! A 5 fr ENGLISH--B. Rystrom, B. Keenan, A. Mastersl, B. Kos, I. Trott, D. Anderson, P. Dawson, K. DeL1s1e, W. Snyder. ENGLISH--K. Perin, I. Roll, I. Schroeder, M. Herbeck, C. Benson, N. Pitzer, M. Kirk, I. Dawson, M. Schneider, B. Ielgerhuis, I. Iunge, J. Newmyer. HOME ECONOMICS--D. Novotny, A. Thoenes, N. Kuska, A. Lewis. COMMERCIAL ARTS--M. Kramer, M. Dow, S. Toner, M. Schlagel, C. Link, M. Doehring, W. Lieneman, A. Dane, M. Herbekg seated, D. Lesoing. - ' r X A 'J' COMMERCIAL ARTS--D. Fangmeler, M. Clark, S. Toner, B. Konopik, L. Wallin, D. Hamilton. l ' I I H I ravi" A -E , 1 If 1 X A as M14 , . ,, 'N . ' .1 FOREIGN LANGUAGE--D. Morgan, I. Sheedy, E. Hackman, S. Holcomb, C. Marsh, S. Eastwood, D. Knotek. .1 INDUSTRIAL ARTS--G. Coburn, I. Stoll f fbi' INDUSTRIAL ARTS--S. Swarts, L. Carter, T. Iones, W. Plels, G. Coburn X5 ,gk MATHEMATICS--P. Malcom, A. Welch, W. Penner, Dr. Beckman. nam " A - ,. I X S- MATI-I--F. Smeetniak, W. Flelds, C. Scobllle. ART--S. Sokol, C. Campbell. MUSIC--G. Swanson, P. Maloney, S. McPeck, B. Bush, A. Thomas, H. Melnlnger, B. Hatcher, W. Frlestg Seated: V. Stokke, D. Wood. CD EV' WN W -Up, wg:-A - I 'a li ' i K YU Qfgjjg P 7x -A .gif- iv 1 iii ' Q , ,Q , 1 st W We -wi r 'Q Q: . - 'Ar' Cathy Scott, Treasurer of the Senior Class, is giving the t easurer's report to the other officers, I. V. Olson, President5 T Ioan Reifschneider, Secretary5 and Iim Parker, Vice-President. 0? x Q IOYCE ANDERSON Teens 1,25 G.A.A. 2,3. IOANN BRETTMANN Student Council 45 Class Secretary 35 Y-Teens l,4, Vice-President 45 May Queen 35 Pep Club l,3, Vice-President Z, Secretary 35 Queen Attendant 25 F.H.A. 1,45 District Officer Z5 G.A.A. 2,4, Vice- President 45 Honor Society 2 ,4, Secretary- Treasurer 45 Chorus l,4p County Govern- ment 35 Paper Staff 35 Annual Activities Editor 45 Girls' State Alternate 35 Variety Show 45 Operetta 4. IACK CHURCHILL U-Club 3,45 Chorus 1,35 Band l,35 Reserves 2,35 Paper Staff 45 Plays 3. 5 it MARVIN EUGENE BAUER U-Club 3 , 45 Varsity 2 , 45 Track Z , 4. waxy i its in .Q 7 vs my H 'M 7 Ig.. ' 3 Sis . JIM DALTON Spanish Club 47 Chorus 37 Band 37 County Govern- ment 37 Paper Staff 37 An- nual Business Editor 47 Plays 27 Awards 27 Debate 37 District Speech 2,31 Variety Show 47 Operetta 3. PHYLLIS IOANN DUDEK Y-Teens 1,47 Chorus li Debate 2 . CHARLES COLMAN Chorus 2,47 Band 1,47 Mixed Octet 27 All State 37 District Music Contest 2, Reserves 3, Variety Show 4. VIOLA DECKER Chorus 47 Variety Show 47 Operetta 4. '-if -ei 4. BARBARA JEAN DILL Y-Teens 2,47 Pep Club 3, 47 Chorus 2,47 Octet 37 Trio 47 Paper Staff 47 Variety Show 47 Operetta 3,4. WILLIAM FICKE ROGER LEROY PLOTH DALE GRUNTORAD Plays 2 Plays 27 Awards 2. Wrestling 4. A r . w,' IRENE NADINE HARRIS PSD Club 3,4: GJ-LA. 2,35 Chorus 1,45 Band 15 Paper Staff 45 Variety Show 45 Operetta 3, 4. SYBIL IAY Pep Club 45 Paper Staff 45 Debate 45 Variety Show 4. ROGER HATZENBUEHLER U-Club 3,45 Wrestling 1,25 Paper Staff 4. ROMA IOHNSON Y-Teens 2 ,45 Pep Club 3,45 G.A.A. 35 Dramatics Club 45 Dance Club 45 Spanish Club 35 Paper Staff 45 Plays 4, variety Show 4. ROBIN HOWELL Reserves 25 Paper Staff 4. RUTH KELLER Y-Teens 15 Pep Club 1,3. SANDI SUE HEFFELFINGER Student Council 4, Secretary 45 Y-Teens 2,45 Pep Club 2 ,45 Cheerleader 35 G.A.A. 25 Spanish Club 3,45 Chorus 2,45 Octet 35 Trio 45 District Music Clinic 35 County Government 35 Paper Staff 45 Operetta 3,45 Variety Show 4. GENE KELLOGG Paper Staff 45 Science Club 3,4, President 45 District Speech 3. f ? ge 51. DOYLE DERNS BOB LARSEN U-Club 3,45 Reserves 25 Varsity 3,45 Track 3,45 County Government 35 Paper Staff 35 Annual Associate Business Editor 45 Plays 3. DONNA MARIE KISER Y-Teens 25 Pep Club 25 Chorus 2,35 Paper Staff 35 Annual Photography Editor 45 Operetta 3 . IUDY LEADABRAND Y-Teens 45 Dramatics Club 4, Secretary 45 Dance Club 45 Paper Staff 45 Plays 45 Debate 45 Variety Show 4. BETTY JEAN KITCHEN Y-Teens 15 Pep Club l,3. BARBARA LISBY Student Council 354, Treasurer 3, Vice-President 45 Y-Teens 2,35 Pep Club 25 Chorus 2,45 County Government 35 Paper Staff 35 Annual Faculty Editor 45 Variety Show 45 Operetta 354. HENRY I. KNAPE U-Club 3,45 Chorus l,3,45 Band 15 Reserves 25 Varsity 3,45 Track 35 Wrestling 15 Paper Staff 45 Plays 35 Operetta 3,45 Variety Show 4. IANICE LOEWE Y-Teens 1,4, Secretary 45 National Convention 45 Pep Club i,4, Vice-President 45 F.H.A. 1,3, Vice-President 25 Ir. Chapter Degree 25 Chorus 1,35 Band l,25 Music Clinic 25 Majorette 1,45 Commercial Award 35 Debate 3. DON LUEHR Student Council 47 Varsity 47 Paper Staff 4. :iw RONALD MILLER Chorus 2 4 Band 2 3 Reserves 3 Varsity 4 Operetta 3 4 Variety Show 4 NADINE ANN MCCUM BER Pep Club 3,45 Chorus 2,47 County Government 35 Plays 3: Operetta 3,47 Variety Show 4 . KENNETH MISCHNICK MARYLIN L. MERRITT Chorus 43 Paper Staff 37 Variety Show 45 Operetta 4. IEANICE M. MIXON Y-Teens 1,3,47 P.H.A. 15 Dramatlcs 47 Chorus 45 Commercial Award 47 Variety Show 4, Operetta 4. LEON MEYER xg, Hi-Y 23 Track 2,3g Wrestling 25 County Government 3. SANDIE NEEL Y-Teens 2,45 Pep Club 2,45 F.H.A. 2,4, Treasurer 45 Dramatics Club 47 Dance Club 4- S anlsh Club 3- Chorus 2,4' All State 31 Paper Staff 31 I P . 1 Annual Ir. High Editor 47 Plays 47 Variety Show 45 Operetta 3,4. dhnwlff 3 SANDIE KAY NEWLON Y-Teens 2,4, Treasurer 35 Pep Club 2,45 Cheerleader 45 G.A.A. 35 Chorus 2,45 Quartet 45 County Govemment 35 Paper Staff 35 Annual Ir. Class Editor 45 Variety Show 45 Operetta 3, 4. LOUIE S. QUATTROCCHI Track 2,35 Wrestling 2. BARBARA O'KANE Y-Teens 3,45 F.H.A. 45 Chorus 45 Paper Staff 45 Plays 35 Variety Show 4. LARRY RAP Chorus 35 Band 2,35 Track 3,4. I. V. OLSON Student Council 1,35 Class Treasurer 25 Class President 3,45 U-Club 2,4, Treasurer 3, President 45 Reserves 15 Varsity 2,45 Track 1,45 County Government 35 Paper Staff 35 Annual Sports Editor 4. IOAN REIFSCHNEIDER Student Council 35 Class Secretary 45 Y-Teens 2,4, Secretary 35 Pep Club 3,45 Queen Attendant 35 Cheerleader 45 G.A.A. 2,35 Spanish Club 3,45 Chorus 2,45 Quartet 45 County Government 35 Paper Staff 35 Annual Sr. Class Editor 45 Operetta 3,45 Variety Show 4. IAMES PARKER Class Vice-President 45 U-Club 45 Band 2,35 Reserves 2,45 Track 2,35 County Government 35 Paper Staff 4. WARREN RIPPE County Government 3 Paper Staff 3 Annual Art Edxtor 4 limi mai 53 3' IAN ROWE Y-Teens 1,4, President 45 Pep Club l,35 Rally Chaimian 35 Dramatics Club 3, Secretary-Treasurer 35 Honor Society 4, Vice-President 45 Chorus 1,35 Plays 35 Awards 35 Debate 2,35 District Speech 1,35 Operetta 3. HENRY D. SADER U-Club 3,45 Reserves 35 Varsity 45 Track 3. IACQUELYN JANE RUPP Y-Teens 2,45 Pep Club 2,45 Chorus 25 Paper Staff 4. CLAUDETTE MAE STARR Y-Teens 1,45 Pep Club l,3. MARY A. RULE Y Teens 2,4, Vice-President 35 Pep Club 2,45 Publicity Chairman 35 President 4 Chorus 2,35 Paper Staff 35 Annual Associate Editor 45 Variety Show 45 Operetta 3 , 4. MARGERY MAE STEVENS Chorus 1,2 ,45 Variety Show 45 Operetta 4. CATHRYN SCOTT Class Secretary 25 Class Treasurer 45 Y-Teens 1,45 I.C.C. Secretary 25 Pep Club 2,45 E.H.A. 1,4, Secretary 25 Ir. Degree 25 G.A.A. 2,4, Secretary- Treasurer 45 Spanish Club 3,45 Chorus 1,45 Octet 35 Trio 45 Paper Staff 35 Annual Sophomore Class Editor 45 Debate 15 Operetta 3,45 Variety Show 4. ANNE STONEMAN Student Council 25 Class Vice-President 15 Y-Teens 1,45 Pep Club 1,35 Queen Attendant 25 Cheerleader 2,35 F.H.A. 1,25 G.A.A. 2,35 President 35 Spanish Club 3,45 Chorus 15 County Government 3. ...p "X 5 s Q 'Q KEN TEMPERO Student Council 3,4, President 45 Class Vice-President 35 Dramatics Club 3,4, President 45 Honor Society 45 Chorus 3,45 Band 3,45 Music Clinic 35 Reserves 35 Track 3,45 County Government 35 Boys' State 35 Paper Staff 35 Plays 35 Awards 35 District Speech 3,45 Operetta 3,45 Variety Show 45 Juvenile Crime Prevention 3. EDDIE B. WAIT Class President lg Science Club 3,45 Variety ShOW 4. ELDA MARIE VOLLSTEDT Student Council 15 Class Secretary-Treasurer 15 Y-Teens 1,45 Pep Club l,4, Secretary 2, President 35 Queen Attendant 35 P.H.'A. l,4, SeCret6l'y 31 G-A-IL 35 Spanish Club 3,45 Honor Society 2, 4, President 4: Chorus 1,42 Octet 3: Band 1,45 County Government 35 Girls' State 35 Paper Staff 3: Annual Editor 4: Operetta 3,45 Variety Show 4. KENNETH MERLE WHITE GWENDOLYN L. WAGGONER Spanish Club 35 Chorus 3, 45 Band 3 ,45 Operetta 3,45 Variety Show 4. MARILYN YAKEL Y-Teens 2,35 Pep Club 25 Chorus 2,45 Paper Staff 35 Annual Layout Editor 45 Operetta 3,45 Variety Show 4. IUDY WAGNER Chorus 45 Plays 1,2 . ROCERG ZIEG Science Club 2,4, President 3, Secretary-Treasurer 4. 10' Nl -uv' 4?-J N 4 , x 3 Q UA ffpxw M 'ff MLW A gz 5 :G , I I. a' f Q I 94 f l . fd f ' 9 f , A L -In 212936 Y 'MA' WW f 5" I 'X' ' N ' ,., Y M 'I' x mf 1' if 4 You Lynnette Bonow and Iohn Colman watch fascinated as Lois Miller seriously prepares to apply her lip- stick. ., ,,?,,,,,,,g. . M A' 154: l V, f mf' - ' s v A. '1 ' ,fiffsir , 'ij H, K ':..,, .. X 5, ,. .., x 4 V AE ,JI 1 -1' ffl' 'f-f' .+ I- 5' iii!! R33 fi 1. 1 A' X ,Vw-is vs, 1 A .. A' uf ' - ,O Qsfifsm. lun, BILL BARAGAR JUDY BEAVERS KATHY BENECKE MARVIN BLACKETER ELAINE BOHI. LYNNETTE BONOW ARLEN BOUCHER RAY BURCHAM BILL CAMPBELL pf Q 1 lik Looks as if Iucly Smith is having trouble with two of X, ' l ,. ., her classmates, Elvin Rickert and Andy Kaltenberqer. X I 1 mf 3 KN V . ,, ' I x I MARGIE CLAUS JOHN COLMAN KATHY CRAIGLOW ALICE DUCKER DAVE FENNER 29 1 V' .N g f,: 5 ZK. A j , YE M . vi SHIRLEY GEORGE JAMES GOODWIN This year's Iunior Representatives to County Government Day were: Seated: I. Smith, M. Claus, K. Myers, C. Weichert, L. Bonow. Standing N. Schafer, A. Kaltenberger, B. Campbell, I. Beavers, N. Haase, P. Iohns and D . Fenner. CARL GRAY DENNIS GREEN NaDEAN HAASE RONALD HAMSA DON HARRIS HELEN HERHAHN ROBERT HOY PAUL IOHNS ANDY KALTENBERGER IUDY KORELL BETTY KREICI IERRY LIMBECK DONNA LOSTROH Gs K . X l Participants in Casual Day are from left to right: Bonnie Vrana, Iudy Peitsch, Douglas Pendray, Marianne Miller, Sandra Swanson, Dick Schrader, Don Harris, Bill Campbell. In back are: Alice Ducker, Connie Wiechert, Ianet Schleiger, Elaine Bohl, Bill Barager, Lois Miller, Marvin Blacketer. SHARON PICKEL CAROLE ROSS MABLE RUNGE NORMAN SCHAFER LOIS MILLER MARIAN NE MILLER 1 'UQ CELIA OWEN JUDY PEITSCH DOUGLAS PENDRAY GEORGE PIERCE PRED RESS ELVIN RICKERI' ROBERT MILLER KENNETH MYERS -tif fflfbf' X fungi' n...Av 5' 54? Nu., ...I f Wiz 1 L, un, X 2 6-2 , ' Q? V -n"Q XV urn V, , 2 :R X ,f -S1 , N54 ' S' di , ' mv' 3 N at p ig ? ski A r . F , , s A A iii 4' ' ff' ' " ' P . t . V...-vligf' 5 -1 . - I Q . IANET SCI-ILEIGER DICK SCHRADER EVELYN SCHROEDER SANDRA SHERWOOD PAT SIECK IUDY SMITH CONNIE WIECHERT VERNON WILLIAMS PAT ZELLERS .uw Gv I J 1 'aw- E ANN SCHROEDER BARBARA SHERMAN SANDRA SWANSON BONNIE VRANA Heading a busy year for the Iuniors were officers Norm Schafer, Presiderxtg Dick Schrader, Vice-President and Lynnette Bonovv, Secretary-Treasurer. Dancing's the thing in the Activities Area at noon as these Sophomores rip it up with the crowd. cr Q I' V' 'Q if Y 'Il .M MN? 1 , , we Hey Mani Dil! the CFGZY Chick! SOPVIOYTIOYSS lUdY Sophomore Class Officers for the year 1956-'57 are Umberger, Maxine McConnell, Nancy McLaughlin, and Maxine McConnell, Secretary-Treasurerg Ierry Friis, Marlene Plautz pantomime "Standing on the Corner" in President: and Iudy Umberger, Vice-President. the all school variety show. X , I .,,L, ., ... , .,.,., E , .,,,,g ,O af . .' -q w , M x x X N, A .... L , I A H, y . . ,. ., .Q ,,,. wif, Q. ,SMI . H if E -.-" '. I ,, A i , O xii- A nu. an-..,-fm T N A,- F, I 5 Y' if IUDY AMES WILLIAM ARNOLD ERNEST BAUM NORAH BREHM VALENE BROWN BETTY BU RC HAM X ai JP 5 B K, P r JY Y' ? Q, We 4 Q bf 'Q " x ' i 35,5 ffl ,, - rg km hx u A V , , 4 V .V QMM M Es., - -'S -Q iw: 5 -A 'SL 'T Q RONNIE CHASE MARGARET COLE LOIS CONVERSE DON CRABLE ELIZABETH DERING RONALD DEINERT DOROTHY DUDEK Z.: --H ., Q' 1 K 1 KENNETH EHRLICH X N Lf Aga l I M , Nw IERRY FRIIS DeWAYNE F ROSCHEISER i QF. xx, 1.4 I I I .L Qw E fn.,- xml-S5 M 1 35--kk 'Q 'EE' Iii iw, ..,.. M. Q . M in IN xx "' DALE GIEBELHAUS ROSE MARIE GRAY SANDRA GRIFFITHS CONNIE HED RICK IIMMIE HELTER GARY HOFFMAN BETH IOHNSON LONNIE KUENNING ULDIS LEVALDS DARLENE LOST ROH A 4. . f l Q' 1 S- 41 IUDY HOFFMAN KENNY IDEEN KAREN IVEY ROBERT IACKSON MAXINE MCCONNELL NANCY MCLAUGHLIN , yu fy A 'TTL 1 I -vzwi' gf 'QF Q -Qs' ,,,. 4 L. i in - , rl A EE , WA Ark ,Q L I . X , I I if 1' STUART MAHLIN 5 pf? .L V ' DAN PETERSON 3 ' .Q .E 'rf A I Oi W QED 3 'ss Yu R I N : ' ' iq' I I Of, s 3 . . . 1 1 'Sf .. f X Q I X . .. -A I f f A if L. , v.pu1.w , g .al f c ? - M-'HH ri . 1 , ww O, A x MARY M ECKEL SHARON MEYER RICHARD MILES Aw I ' I I' ' 9 J I 55- 9. K I xs. ,- . -F : - I 5:1?1fWf . vi. 4 ii .. ,gf K 5 lil.: MARLENE PLAUTZ SHARON P URBAUGH ELVIRA REED MARILYN MILLER BRUCE NICKERSON ROBERT O'KANE DONALD PACE MARGARET PARKER IERRY SCHAAI' CHARLENE SORENSEN F X f I N, A A I -ilk DWAYNE SOVEREIGN ROGER VOLLSTEDT KENNETH STANLEY IE RRY STARCHER RUTH SWANSON STEPHEN TEMPERO ROBERT THOMAN fsfJ"f I Q, , 5 9: MARJORIE WHITE BARBARA WRIGHT -M-M. 7 ,f ,M if . If' X, 5 : 4, , Si, 4 Li 5 ,+A-A - ,,...R ,ff4"ifL:: g I " VICTOR WRIGHT Q -' . 1 F I I 1154: I V' , I x I J E , M QP., A IUDY UMBERGER ERIC UMLAND ROGER VEST DENNIS YANK HW f f 1 fi r 1. I, , ,X LINDA ZIMME R O Ncmh .hy I Q bg I - mg' MV ,A fllfkjy' - C X 5 Y O o br f ain t 1 I . 12 F 206 bij HOME ROOM 111 HOME ROOM 112 Members of the Chef Club are ffrom leftl I. Rippe, K Umberger, M. I. Bovey, I. Keech, and L. Miles. G. Nelson, K. McCreight Vice-President, M. Schwindtg President, N. Block, Secretary-Treasurer, B. Kasten. 1' 1 .. iv c- .s sv E 5 Nr Members of the Y-Teens are: Clark, Miles Wiechert, Bolkowatz., Schwindt, Rippe, Sommer, Fisher, Umberger, Bovey, Kasten, Anderson. .y ,sex vi I.A.. H "K t A . 'iiaifiv . ' -- , , -A . J A K 'I j Members of the Tutor Civic League are Kfrom leftj, Dick, McCreight, McQuire, Goodwin and Sieck. Those not pictured are: Nelson, Weeks, Diekmann, Kasten and Diekmann. Members ofthe Hi-Y are Mutz, Block, Vosbut McCreight, Bell, Diekmann, Jakub, Fischer, Hempel Keech, Iohnson, Nelson. Q K 2 K 4 A we 5 . M . rf' .. ,L Y 'P V i'..i,L-g - ...- ,f- ...QE .J -, , Q.: 'mv' : w ...D 1 s fl Y if f , ,W f Rx-af: A ,. XL. I ' E . 1 V L.. if K L M , gg' Q , :Q vff .I " A aff , A ' , vs N f ' 'ki A lf ' f , ,fww 4 T, ,tk I 'y ' E gg ' V 0 : 12 . ' Q T55 , f ,A " ffz - Ap. ., gf ' K X LW' fi 'h"4 , QW 3 vm, g,,',, g ' : 2 'S f ' 'mf I E A if A A - . ' 44" ,, IH N? Q, Vk,. Ng V- 6 -E - n D ' ,vhs I ,:. Q.. V i aw. g.. t ' - 3 5 ' an-r , ' 5' ,- t A Q , A ,Q H xziif' 1 " :if 'piif f A .,. t , K X .K X ' f- ' I- ' asm , . A 4.1 A QA' - ,,,1,, I l ' , 3 --'- , A' .gh 2 . X W""'l"" if I i h ' J I fl'-eng. 'H 2 ' li ' 'w M , ' ' 21 If W1 '.f'm?5SEi1 I :fn 'K , Wa- ff' if if '32 .er - A . 1 . - ' 1 Y ,Q 4 21.- z , .,,, A ,. , A C,,,i -VQ- .. . A f A I 1 M? 'V 1' I il . AH I f 4+ A IEENE ANDERSON IIMMIE BELL SHIRLEY CLARK ROBERT DIEKMANN GARY GLOVER MIKEL HANSEN ROBERT LAMASON BETH LOMMASSON MARILYN MEYER STANLEY MILLER RICKY OLSEN TRANDA SCHUL'I'Z KATHRYN WRIGHT ROBERT ZIEG MAX ANDERSON I OAN N BOLKOWATZ IAMES COFFEE MARIE KATHLEEN DEINES VICTOR HEMPEL CAROL HYTREK BARBARA KASTENS STERLING MUTZ GARY NELSON IUDITH RIPPE NEIL WACHTEL CAROLYN WRIGHT JOHN BELL CHERYL DEINERT IAMES DICK ANN MARIE IOHNSON CHRIS IOHNSON LINDA MILES LUANA MILLER RUSSELL THOMPSON LINDA LOU WIECHERT NORMAN BLOCK MARY IEAN BOVEY THOMAS FISCHE R IOAN GORDON IACK KEECH KEITH MCC REIGHT MARY SCHWINDT KAREN UM BERGER CHARLOTTE BENECKE IANET BURCHAM i ' f g-52 f 2. 1 ,V-, jgi r y -kY:fj iS .,el L ' in. - 1 , fl 9 '- and A MN- ,A . A ff f ' 11 16511 i 1 N gag. 1 IHH 1.5 PW gl. 'H-f W I w xl. . X 1050 at I -'s .. A, K 3 all K M 5' X' my ,451 1 f 'ig ll 5 if I ' .v-V S., A I K . 1,3 K ' ,' ' T A bi I S 1 W "' .A fl .ggiwlji : Y .. . W' ya., A , uf W 'wwf ,zzz-,,,, . I ,.,1,VL JMR fCI Q., IA IHCI ff K 55 ,mvgx f i iiggfgqiggif Lei fsigz- f wi K vez RV' RQ W MF' I E f i 4 QL X ' - ,Jin r I Y , I I Qtr I . .3 L S1 . X X.. I . , :fx .. .Q Q I s '69 7.9 wx? , .Mf IFS 4: ' . fig ' ' Ofaigak f""f.. rex ,Q .,. Q A 2: .29 9. w.Q: Of I i A. fy' i 'N Kgbax S A ,. N N' '67 . X O ...L ..f g+ff.f- LKLL A, - , ,Z wil. ' , dl' 6 ' - . 4 A I ,N 'LI I I 52.5 .Qi A I Q... NIA . , 'Exif' J ' 3 QQ 'fi , ,i y N ga ,4p"- 66 A .Q-uv . ..k, . 'nib' I 2 T .. , If Vi I 'Q' N xx qv DE 'S -.wir . -4 xxqtl X is 5 1 what -ll-' ' KKm h. - 1 - - . . . . 1 1 , Q 3-Q . ,R q .- Q vi Q lg 3. WILLIAM DICK RICHARD DIEKMANN GOZEN EKER SHARRON FISCHER KAREN I-'OREMAN IUDITH WHITING IOANNE FRAZIER MARA GARBARS IIM GEORGE LARRY GIEBELHAUS IOANN GOODWIN JAMES GRAY KEN HOFFMAN NEIL HURT IERRY HUTCHISON DAVID IVEY MICHAEL IAKUB DENNIS IOL-INSON IUDY IONES ICANN LOHMEIER DONNA MCGUIRE IILL MERRITT GARY METCALF IIM PACE IACK PARKER VIOLET ANN PETERSON RICHARD PICKEL JOYCE ANN RAPP cmu. ROBINSON DONALD SOHAPER SANDRA SIECK RUAN SKAAR PENNY SOMMER SUSAN STANLEY BRUCE WEEKS BEVERLY WHITE DON WIECHERT LYN N YO UNGQUIST wr K W . A 6 5 J! if 3 . .,. ,gg vf 1 ff L., ,fi my '25 K .- lk .if " , f ' ' e .4 , W .- T NEYQWQ A 2 13 kk - Mb. ..., , . ' '-O., 5 gi ar - -. N x K1 Q, L uf - Q, - A . I 2 if vf 'ge' up If J., Q "VN v T Q V 1 W Q-. x' ' fi ' v -11 'SSI 'f 'nk V iii ff' Q . 4 mv'- I 9 4 N1 fl.. J .,, -vf Xiviflvx CO " ' I 1 .. S . f QU QM... AX Q fl ,x 1 fo I X Q. National Honor Society presideflt ViceePresident Elda Vollestedt Iamce Rowe Kenneth Tempero Dave Fenner Leader Service ship Secretary-Treasurer Ioann Brettmann Lois Miller N.H.S. members are selected by the faculty and chosen on the basis of their service, scholastic, leadership and character. Chosen in their Sophomore the same time Sophomores Lois Miller and Dave Fenner. Sponsoring the Honor Roll and Convoca- tion are the main projects of the N.H.S. year '55' were: Ioann Brettmann and Elda each year. Vollstedt. Chosen in their Iunior year Miss Gertrude McEachen was chosen by were: Ian Rowe and Ken Tempero, and at Dr. Thorpe to serve as Sponsor. 46 P Stud nt Coun il Registering at Student Council Conference held at Northeast are: I. Umberger, I. Brettmann, R. Chase, B. Lisby, D. Fenner, and K. Tempero. Sponsoring assemblies, hour dances after home basketball games, special days such as Casual Day, working with P.T.S.A. , selling Decals, making and selling student Directories, purchasing and selling pencils, and sponsoring an all school picnic in the Spring are the many things that Student Council did for the school. This year's officers were President Ken Tempero, First Semester Vice-Pres- ident Barbara Lisby, Second Semester x xg v Q v-ru MIX!! L ni uc rs ICF YO H5015 W IIIMIUU -.1t:r..fum:euuwmuuu Vice-President Iim Parker, Secretary Sandi Heffelfinger, and Treasurer Dave Fenner. Representing the various home rooms as pictured are: Seated: C. Ross, I. Brettmann, D. Peterson, K. Benecke, R. Chase. Standing: Dr. Hesper, Sponsor I. Umberger, D. Leuhr, Treasurer D. Fenner, Secretary S. Heffelfinger, Vice- President I. Parker, and President K. Tempero. we wi ew gel toe 6 aw de- U ao X92 9-Ol' oe' gait 5909 ,gait dc. ' 2 axxeiegxdegwbex dex 500910-Qwltxsf' 0 'EL 1'- -QQ rw ,ref Oox ' ga 5 -3- qc 03 . Cai Qt - oivveolzigaxde we ef NUC 9 1' Lo' NI' at o- 'S S We Y q.l'1f69a0 Vojjs A101917 O ge aiieci XO li .1 X. 'Sd SC 66171 fad? Z 'hem 016-sr bers ger We- foaluefzdy P el Sjfsobfsob 'reyd' 41,3 ry e,- A, ' Q17 We ci add, Y-Teens Learning to have fun and doing things for others along with improving one's self are the purposes of Y-Teens. Members were able to do this by attending meetings , social functions, and by working on Service Projects . Service Projects for the year were col- lecting Butter-Nut key strips at Christmas time, toys for the Malone Center, and sent Easter favors to the Old Folks' Home. Various social activities were the Slumber Party at the Havelock Y.W.C.A. , Snow Ball at the Hotel Cornhusker, Roller Skating Party Heart Sister Week and a Sweetheart Leap, Spring Party, and Mother-Daughter Banquet where the new officers were installed. Y-Teen members are: Standing: Iackie Ruff, Alice Ducker, Bonnie Vrana, Evelyn Schroeder, Kathy Craiglow, Pat Sieck, Nora Brehm, Iudy Smith, Anne Stoneman, Sandie Newlon, Margie Claus, Iudy Hoffman, Peggy Cole, Karen Ivey, Betty Burcham, Charlene Sorensen, Marianne Miller, Elaine Bohl. playing: Iudy Umberger, Cathy Scott, Lynnetter Bonow, Maxine McConnell, Marlene Plautz, Margaret Parker, Linda Zimmer, Dorothy Dudeck, Phyllis Ducieck, Roma Johnson, Barbara O'Kane, Iudy Leadabrand. . pb ti. vain V mnfl EEG oafhviiglax. and Ma U . . sea da Vo s- YA membei nmann' BIG scam Starting the year off F.H.A. invited 9th to 12th grade girls to a Coke party so that they may become familar with the club. Working towards degrees and an Honor Chap ter, kept the club busy throughout the year. Highlights of the year were: Miniature Golf Joann Lohmeler, N r B h P1 Cabin fire. a'7121'n VHP", - P 'Mi gba M the F ' HQHX - Sits Ss M ddy D Sw- Ok toqemerviesxeck, e nell Vicexlgh, preslfiravek Ste NH O , x resldenrdentf Kai: 017305 ' one of . 1' S t y Beneckzndje Ngifkljghligh ' Sec'SraQ,,T'eGSuiZ M1111 A ,- andlq r'- Jud . I 1106 y D Uckerl Party, Installation of F.H.A. officers at Exeter, District Convention at Seward, Caroling at the State Hospital, Chili feed for parents and basketball players, host- esses at State Convention and Installation of officers. o a re m, Susan Stanley, Barbara O'Kane, Iill Merritt, Iudy Whiting, Charlotte Benecke, Marlene Plautz, Connie Wiechert Iudy Umberger and Peggy Cole. P i G. A. A. Girls in Iunior and Senior High who are in- terested in all phases of sports can become a member of G.A.A. The club meets every Thurs day. This year events were: playing Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, Stunts and Tumbling, and going to Play Days at Southeast and U. of N. Parties held during the year were Christmas Party, Slumber Party, and inviting all Lincoln High Schools to a Volleyball Sports Day. Girls who were interested in obtaining official ratings in different sports were able to do so. Looking over the poster for G.A.A. are: Seated: Ioann Brettmann, Vice-President, Standing: Cathy Scott, Secretary-Treasurer, Miss Castner, Sponsor, and Iucly Korell, President. G,A.A. members are: First Row: I. Smith, C. Sorenson, Miss Meerkatz, I. Burcham, P. Zeller, I. Korell, Second Row: Miss Castner, Sponsor, A. Peterson, B. Vrana, I. Jones, I. Ames, A. Pickel, S. Griffiths, M. Garbars. Third Row: C. Wiechert, E. Schroeder, A. Schroeder, Miss Ridgley, Teacher. EX MQ! k 03:1 S Q ' ' . Q 'iihnu f" M S 75 5 R RQQTQ U1 T xf a jig 5 Q as -Q it 9 53 5 Q5 Fame? fgwiw w U5Ki f.UEW QQ1jgW WSEUSWLW, MW! 95955 g2J2Egeg Qe. Q Af s+ i W W gwiiwev an R ,W , 45. ,Q, wg, Qs., ni in .Er V cw Furthering their interest in Science are: Bill Campbell, Ed Wait, Roger Zieg, Gene Kellogg, Steve Tempero, Paul Iohns, Bob Miller, and Sponsor Dr . Rutledge . Science Club Students who are interested in knowing more about Science are able to belong to the Science Club. This year the officers were: President Gene Kellogg: Vice-President Douglas Pendrayg Secretary-Treasurer Roger Zieg. The outstanding project of the Club was the Science Exhibit which was held in the Spring. Spanish lub To permit thinking on phrases of Spanish not covered in regular class activities and sociability is the main purpose of the Spanish Club. One of the projects this year was the inviting foreign students to talk to the Club about their homelands. Officers were: Pres- ident Iohn Colman, Vice-President Stuart Mahlin, and Secretary-Treasurer Iudy Beavers Looking over souvenirs from Mexico, shown by Miss McEachen, sponsor are: Seated: Sandi I-Ieffelfinger, Marianne Miller, John Colman Stuart Mahlin, and Iudy Beavers. Standing: Ernst Bahm, Elvera Reed, Elda Vollstedt, Eric Umland, Cathy Scott, lim Dalton, Ioan Reifschneider, and Paul Iohns. I ' K--w,,,,g,1,w Q 3, ' i . -Sita'-t:.,x f ii 11 f 2355 : gl x fi his Y at Q15 gil fl Making plans for the future plays to be given by the Dramatics Club are: Steve Tempero, Iohn Colman. M155 Elliot, Sandie Neel' Iudy Leadabrand, Roma Iohnson, Sharon Purbaugh, Paul Iohns, Marianne Miller, Bill Campbell, Eric, Umland and Ken TemPCf0- Senior High Students who are interested in Dramatic work and receiving further ex- perience in all phases of dramatics can belong to this organization. The play "Arsenic and Old Lace" was presented by the Club at the Variety Show. Officers this year were: Ken Tempero, Presidentp Marianne Miller, Vice-President: Iudy Leadabrand, Secretary, and Steve Tempero, Treasurer The Debate Class this year was quite busy. Starting the year off the members were heard on the radio program, "Voice of The Young Citizen," had a practice debate with Southeast High School, attended a debate clinic at U. of N. , and participated in two tournaments. To get the students of University High interested in debate the squad held a cross-examination debate in an assembly. Working on the debate question this year: Resolved: That the Federal Government should sustain major agricultural products at not loss than 9096 of parity are: Standing: Marianne Miller, Bill Campbell, Iohn Colman. Seated: Judy Leadabrand, Dick Schrader, Sybil Iay, and Paul Iohns . SQ -f "' llti C"'tT:TL'l"-is'-w Qvfisiivx i Q or :Vi an Mgt A A ..,,., y ENE f Q 5 S Q i t"f'fi i ,Z wifi? 52 2 Q Wm: mi 'hu il 'll 's n lu A -:rv ings! 1 bv Ei: w-Q Front Row: Bonnie Vrana, Indy Smith, Gwen Waggener, Ken Tempero, Steve Tempero, Dave Fenner. Second Row: IoAnn Goodwin, CGW llolfnran, Bill Colman, Bill Barager, Ernie Baum. Third Row: Richard Miles, Bob Toman, Don Crable, Bill Arnold Teaclurrsz Mr. Frnszst, Mr. Thomas, Miss Mclweclc, Dan Peterson, Stuart Manlin, Elda Vollfstcdt. MAIORIITTILS Maxine McConnell tiharon Purluaugh Band One of the most progressive organizations in the school is the band. The members worked diligently the first semester, now they are a lively pep band. Second semester the band played for the rallies and home game. COMBO Dave Fenner, Richard Miles, Stuart Mahlin, Ken Tempero, Gary Hoffman, and Don Crable. Vernon Williarn MAIORETT L Ian Loewe S. Swanson, C. Scott, D. Peter.-son, C. Sorenson, N. McLaughlin, B. Burcham, M. Parker, B. Dering, B. O'Kane, B. Dill, M. Clark, R. Iohnson, S. Sherwood. Second Row: A. Bourcher, B. Wright, I. Peitsch, E. Bohl, S. Newlon, 1. llarris, S. Griffiths, C. Owens, F. Ress, M. Meckel, S. George, S. Heffelfinger, B. Vrana, M. Stevens, M. Miller, M. Yalcel, B. Sherman, I. Reifuchneider. Third Row: L. Converse, I. Beavers, L. Miller, I. Smith, B. Baragar, G. Waggoner, S. Tempero, B. Lisby, B. Colman, R. Miller, Mahlin, K. Temliero, I. Mixon, S. Neel, V. Williams, I. Brettmann, E. Vollstedt, I. Goodwin, D. Yank. Y? DUET Goodwin and McLaughlin Choru Many performances were given by the Chorus this year. Starting the year off the Chorus had the open- ing songs in the variety show, "Dreamers Holiday," followed by the Christmas Program "Christmas Songs." The Cperetta "Annie Get Your Gun" was presented, with the consent of Irving Berlin, April 4,5 , and 6. ..- 6 Q, -L Y: 4 'Q QUARTETTE Lois Converse Ioan Reifschneider NaDean Haase Sandie Newlon fi f- , 5' .. K! 5 ' . - Q 5 ,PV Kim., Sandi liciif-liinger ---ff. . .,.. ....., ., 'V 1' K f f ' I 4 . - li: tm, 5 E f Ig 55 . ..,. . ,, . . . tw., '...' gg 7 - - . . Q .f - . 2 --I . Getting instructions in operating the stage lights are: Standing: Paul Iohns, Bob Miller, Don Wiechert, Iohn Colman Mr Forsyth siponsoig .md Steve Tempero. Kneeling are: Neil Watchel and Tack Parker ! 1 ' Stage C rew The :Stage Crew is a newly organized club this year. Its main function is to take care of the stage for all things held in the Auditorium. Stage manager was Steve Temperog Head of Scenery, Iohn Colman, and llead of Lights, Ed Wait. The club rendered their services for the Variety Show, Assemblies, and the Musical Comedy. Audio Visual Audio Visual's main purpose is to teach student teachers how to run machines , carry equipment to and from the classrooms, repair equipment and tape music for noon dancing. Ron Chase l.l'iiI'l11IlnJ to thread Ihr' projector are: Mr. Cornuer, Sponsor, lack Parker, Iim Pace, Ron Deinert, Don Wiecheri, Ierry l'r1is, and Neil Waurhel, mum 1' O as " :A-uf. fn. Q A' The Paper Staff members are: Dill, Iohnson, Merritt, Meeting the deadline for the second semester paper are: Leadabrand, Knape, Kellogg, Ruff, Hatzenbuehler, O'Kane, Smith, Iohns, Miller, Bonow, and Campbell. Not Pictured: Harris, Iay, Parker, Mr. Langenheim, Teacher: Heffelfinger, Ducker, Haase, Hamsa, Peitsch, Schafer, Schleiger, Schrader Lehur. ebraskanette The main purpose of the Iournalism Class is to put out issues of the Nebraskanette each semester. Writing and putting out the paper first semester were fourteen seniors. Second semester fourteen juniors put out the paper and also prepared themselves for next year's annual. A. Schroeder, and Zeller. Tutor Fourteen energetic Seniors worked hard in planning and putting the '57 Tutor to- gether. Staff were: Editor, Vollstedtg Associate Editor, Rulep Business Editor, Dalton, Associate Business Editor, Larson, Layout Editor, Yakel, Photography Editor, Kiser, Art Editor, Rippe, Faculty, Lisby, Seniors, Reifschneiderp Iuniors, Scott, Sophomores, Newlonp Iunior High, Neely Activities, Brettman and Sports, Olson. Arranging pictures and writing copy are: Seated: Barbara Lisby, Marilyn Yakel, Mary Rule, Warren Rippe, Sandie Neel, Sandie Newlon, Cathy Scott Standin B b L M - . g: o arson, rs. Severs, Teacher: Donna Kiser, Io Brettmann, Elda Vollstedt, Jim Dalton, Ioan Rcifschneider and I. V. Olson. ,i .fx n g, . N ' 'iw ,n onors and Awards W 1-X M. Boy and Girl Staters for 1957 are Dave Fenner and Lois Miller. Regents Scholarship entrants Uni gives St. Bon's of Columbus the "works." Recelv ing the Betty Crocker Homemaking award is Barbara Lisby presented by Miss Moravek, Home Economics Supervisor. 5 8 Ra "Dreamers Holiday" presented by the Chorus was the openmq song of our first Varxety Show. Rall ari ty Sho A touch of modern romance was added by the VVYlQllY. Sisters whon they sang "Tonight You Belong To Me." One of the hiohllqhts of the Vdrlcty Show was the alemonfstratlon ol .3 classroom oy the Universxty Faculty. Uni halts Wahoo Warrlors r 5 9 in 9 Princess 0 alty G QUEEN The annual Y-Teen Snowball was held at the Hotel Cornhusker Ballroom January 5. University High Y-Teens chose Lois Miller for their Princess and Ioan Reifsch neider for their attendant. Escort to the Princess was Larry Witt and to the attend ant was Marvin Bauer. All four Lincoln High Schools had a Princess. Y H. Me 514 I 1 Y' I , F gi... iv V X 'fr X 9 , 04, 47' X sf 1 Ji :1 x 5 it A Wm N 3 E A.-I f Q2 1 f 463-Zell: f' , 025' Z3 f ' fl ww 'Q Q-Wtsf . - x's'4!xK rv' Io ' f QQ, 'Q ' X 1 ,.,..nW' wry .w g .N -51 Q ,4 Z f L-'axe .3-xi. Q WM , . E W . P, ' L X if yi 'I x I " W QP1' f ,QQ Si ,Q x x-iffy? -M ,, . gQwgt r??S7Q vw Q r K, k he ' me if 11 ., Q Tutors Finish Season ith 2 Win and 4 Loss Record Uni returned to the hardwood this fall with five returning lettermen, two from the previous year's starting five. After the team was formed, the players came through in winning style. The 1957 team consisted of eight seniors, two juniors, and two sophomores. Uni started the season with a 48-47 win Falls City, 1955 Class A State Champ, over Geneva. The Tutors were down five was dumped by Uni, 52-39 . The Tutors points at the half, but came back strong. had a sparking defense,- and Sader and Marvin Bauer was high with 14, and Uldes Bauer led the offense with 13 points each. Levalds scored 12 points. Uni dropped Holy Name by a score of 41-33. Once again Bauer was high point man with 13, and I. V. Olson was close behind with ll . Olson paced the Tutor win over Ashland with 21 points as Uni won 58-40. Bob larsen played a good floor game and added 1 6 to the score. Uni was upset by the South- east Knights by 47-41. The cold Tutors were never able to get started. -Larsen was high with 17 points, and Henry Sader had 8. It was Bauer's 23-point out- put that was the big gun as Uni knocked off favored Tecumseh by a 68-55 score. Sader had 15, followed close by Larsen's 13 points. Once again it was Bauer's shooting and Olson's rebounding that beat the tall St. Bon team. Bauer had 28 points on 13 field goals: Larsen ll, and Olson 10. Final score was 55-42. Uni dropped a rugged Wahoo team 59- 49 , but not without a hard-fought battle. With three minutes left Wahoo went into the lead by two points. Uni caught fire again and won by 10 points. High scorers were Bauer 19, and Larsen 15. A 34-point output by Bauer led the Tutors past the Blair Bears, 69-52. Bauer had 13 field goals, mostly long jump shots. Uni was upset by a rugged Holy Name team, 63-57. It was a nip-and-tuck game all the way. Bauer was high with 28, and Olson had 13. A strong Westside club in- vaded the Uni gym but were knocked down by a 54-49 score. Larsen was high with 18 and Olson 16, as Uni beat the high- ly rated Class A team. Hebron dropped Uni 50-48 with a jump shot by their Larry Dankenbring in the last few seconds. Luehr cleared the boards as Bauer hit 16 and Larsen 14. A bucket in the last 13 sec- onds gave Uni a 44--42 win over the tall Crete squad. It was a close game from start to finish. Bauer hit 18 and Larsen 1 O. Uni had another close game as they beat Minden 43-40. Olson controlled the boards and Bauer was high with 16. Sader scored 14. An intercity clash with Pius X had the Tutors on the short end by a 47-44 score. Olson led the scoring with 14, as Bauer and Sader each had 10: Uni wrapped up the regular season with a 65-43 win over Class A Plattsmouth. Bauer and Larsen went on a scoring ram- page as Bauer hit for 28 and Larsen, 20 points . 66 Bob Larsen ll drives through the Geneva defense and adds I. V. Olson 77 drives ln and adds two as Henry Sader moves two more points for the Tutors, as Henry Sader 34 moves ln ln and Marv Bauer and Bob Larsen keep up court balance. for a rebound. It took a little add but Marv Bauer 44 drove under and Stretching high Henry Sader drops in two points as Marv hooded two more as Henry Sader and I. V. Olson watch the Bauer 44 watches the action from the background. play. UNI SEATED FIRST IN DISTRICT TOURNEY Uni was seated first as the Class B STATISTICS District Tournament began at the Public School Name Games Pg Pt Fta Tp Activities Building in Lincoln, February 26 to Bauer , , 15 105 79 273 Larsen. . 16 63 72 182 March 2. Olson . . 16 56 92 158 Sader . . 16 48 39 121 Other teams in the tournament were Luehr . . 16 17 39 62 Levalds . 9 8 8 20 Tecumseh, who was seated second, Pius X, Schafer - 7 5 10 17 Knape . . 8 4 5 10 Wymore, Pawnee City, Humboldt, Wilber, Friis . . 2 1 0 2 Miller . . 3 O O O and Milford . Fenner . . 3 0 0 0 Parker . . 1 O 0 0 University had its first game with Milford Totals 308 344 847 on the opening night of play. Nobody but Un1ve1s1ty1s going to get this rebound is the Sader 24, Levalds 34, and Olson 77 all get a hand in tl ina of Luohx as he grabs the rebound. Bauer 44 and Olson act trying for a rebound from a Geneva player. 7 are willing to give a helping hand as Larsen ll and Sadci 4 lool, nn. lm, Working hard to control this rebound from a Westside Ron Hamsa 55, SXGYKS his: drive Ulf U10 DGPHCCY -35 ROQCT player is Andy Kaltenberger 77 and Jerry Frils 66. Vollstedt W6tCT'1f?S UIC DIGY- RESERVES WIN 4, LOSE ll The Reserves gained much valuable experience needed for next year. The team was well coached by Lane Berkel, but a rough schedule did not do the team justice. Reserve team members, are: Front Row: Left to Right: Bruce Weeks, Lonnie Kuenning, Gary lloffman, Bob Dlekman, Dewayne Trosckeiser. Standing: Ron Hamsa, Elvm Rickert, Donald Schafer, Roger Vollstedt, Andy Kaltenberger, and Coaches Roberts and Berkel. j,r,'gg Y ' A dl! ' 3 A K If nm., indermen Prepare for Season Uni Thinclads had three returning lettermen from last year's team. They were Bob Larsen, a one-year lettermang Marv Bauer, two-year lettermang and I. V. Olson, three-year letterman. The team was a strong contender for State, with Bauer strong in the broad jump and dashes Olson, dashes and weights, Larsen, middle distance races: Hoy, dashesg Levalds and Vollstedt, weights, Luehr, pole vaults: Rickert, high jumps: and Rap, the mile. The meets were scheduled in March. Track team members are from Left to Right: I. V. Olson, Uldes Levalds, Norman Schafer, Ron Miller, Don Luehr, Coach Snook, Marv Bauer, Leon Meyer, Ken Tempero, Bob Hoy, Iim Parker, Dave Fenner, Don Schafer, Bob Tolman, and Elvin Rickert, Kneeling: Bruce Weeks Bob Larsen, and Larry Rap. U-Club The U-Club, in its second year of organiza- tion at University lligh, has made great pro- gress in stressing the importance of competition and good sportsmanship. The club membership is made up of athletic lettermen in basketball, wrestling, and track. Some of the activities of the U-Club are taking care of the trophy case, cleaning the trophies, and conducting the intersquad track meet in the spring. U-Club officers are: I. V. Olson, pres- ident: Bob Larsen, Vice-President, and Marvin Bauer, Secretary-Treasurer. R ,. 5 . F? lx .WJ H . if . N X X 1 F 1 . X x U-Club officers are from Left to Right: Bob Larsen, Vice-President, I. V. Olson, President, and Mary Bauer, Secretary-Treasurer. Members of the U-Club are: Front Row: Left to Right: Ron Miller, Norman Schafer, Ron Hamsa, Elvin Rickert, Bill Barager. Second Row: Coach Snook, Marvin Bauer, Henry Knape, Bob Larsen, I. V. Olson, Dave Fenner, Andy Kaltenberger, Roger llatzenbuehlcr, jim Parker, and llenry Sader. 4 -1-fs' 2 YW' X 4 . I fi V, 1 MA X Q , R .. , ,.... , .l si' i l , Air 5 I I K Nu x I I XL fl' 15? K fi? ff? I f I A, o 4 ,fbi ni" 6? R 0 Q1 if 4 5 .f A 4,-6,25 NJ 74 gr e, f -9 fm Q f f Q '55, X H 'Y ' , , 'iii U fx ffl X N V' W 1 If ' l ., , 19 ,W ' f 'zzj qv tp f J M' f 'W ,1 my 0 1 I xl i 5333, 4 Q f " any ff" f f eiifl I,-Q X .-f" X ssiiriiif Stopping at the drive-in teller window of the National Bank GAS COMPANY salesman K. R. Peterson demonstrates to Pat Of Commerce is T10 chore f0f Barb 1-iSbY, Marilyn Yakel, and Zellers the new Bendix Gas Duomatic Washer. Stop in and Donna Klser. This is banking the easy way. Drive right in See it for yourself, and see for yourself. NATIONAL BANK "THE GAS COMPANY" OF C O M M E R C E 12th and "N" Streets Phone 5-3521 13th and "O" Streets Phone 5-3251 Remember. . .only GAS does so much. . . . DRIVE-IN TELLER WINDOW yet costs so little .... Located at 1227 "P" Street ,A ,., , ' 2 PPO xl' .X 'ty vw .- ., lf Cathy Scott and Jacob Reifschneider examine a bag of fresh, Cathy Scott and Bob Larsen look on hungrily as Ann I-Iellerich Juicy apples of the very best quality found at Reifschneider' and Grace Young package Ice Cream mix to freeze into that IGA. luscious MEADOW GOLD ICE CREAM. YOU'LL ENIOY SHOPPING AT. . . MEADOW GOLD PRODUCTS ARE. . . . REIFSCI-lNEIDER'S ...MMMMMMIGI-ITYGOODII... 1216 North 10th Street Phone 2-4756 Dial 2-6541 For Home Delivery 74 BEATRICE FOODS COMPANY H 1 Want to improve on your homework? D0 as Uldig Levalds and Marilyn Miller stands nonchalantly holding a one-hundred Iim Dalton are doing. Purchase a Portable Typewriter from the dollar bill in her hand while a clerk at Continental National NEBRASKA TYPEWRITER COMPANY and see how your schooling Bank helps Beth Dering join the Christmas Savings Club. improves. NEBRASKA TYPEWRITER The Place To Bank Is At The COMPANY CONTINENTAL 125 North llth Street Dial 2-4284 NATIONAL BANK llth and "O" Streets Dial 2-6681 Wher0's the best place to buy cosmetics? ? Ioann Brettmann shows it':s at ALLEN DRUG. Take a tip from Io and visit Allen's today. ALLEN'S DRUG STORE 1400 South Street Dial 3-2325 For Free, Prompt Prescription Delivery. 'me i am Y Going to college next year? If you're going to NU, you'll want to see Dean Keller about an "N" Sweater, as Bob Larsen and lim Dalton are doing. . .School Texts and Supplies . .Books of every kind NEBRASKA 'it Book K M S-TORE 1135 "R" sneer Dial 2-1227 75 Flavorful hot chocolate is served to Bill Barager, Sonny Sader, Pat Zellers and Kathy Craiglow while they relax in comfort at MAYFAIR GRI LL Open Every Day From ll a.m. to 12 p.m. 1317 "O" Street Phone 2-1123 v DON'T TRY IT YOURSELF! Plumbing Repairs Could Cost More In The Long Run! Call REINHARDT BROTHERS Plumbing and Heating Specialists Guaranteed Work ..... Prompt Service 402 "F" Street Telephone 2-5610 HOLLYWOOD BOWL "Lincoln's Newest and Finest Recreation Center" 24 Lanes, ,,,, , Automatic Pinsetters Open Alleys - Friday, Saturday, Sunday Free Parking for 260 Cars 920 North 48th Street Phone 6-1911 For the Most Exquisite Brands in . . .Diamonds . . Watches . Silverware Visit SARTOR'S JEWELRY COMPANY 12th and "O" Streets Phone 2-3616 Is Larry Rap going to learn how to play the trumpet? It looks as though Dietze Sales- man Gene Stoll has him sold. Visit Dietze Music House soon and find out about their wonderful lines of music. DIETZE MUSIC HOUSE, INC. Lincoln's Largest Music Store 1208 "O" Street Dial 2-6526 Buttermilk, anyone? Paul Iohns enjoys his glass of cool, refreshing Roberts Buttermilk and agrees that all Roberts products are delectable. Reach for ROBERTS DELICIOUS DAIRY PRODUCTS At Your Door .... Or Store For CUSTOM-BUILT FURNITURE at LOW, LOW PRICES Visit PECHOUS UPHOLSTERING COMPANY Upholsterers for Three Generations 2792 South Street Phone 3-6615 Cathy Scott seems to be flowing on air, but actually she's floating on skates. Skating in pleasant rink surroundings with good organ music is easy at "THE ARENA" Roller Skating Club 300 North 48th Street Phone 6-5040 It's The Biggest BUICK Yet! See It At . . MOWBRAY BUICK 1400 "Q" Street Phone 2-1027 "HOME OF THE LONGEST DEALS IN TOWN" Mary Rule and Ioan Reifschneider discover the latest in teen fashions at Hovland- Swanson. They know that when you shop here, you shop for the best. HOVLAND-SWANSON 1240 "O" Street Phone 2-6657 W rf' W. Ig Looking over the selection of fine foods to be found at the Chef Restaurant are Nadean Haase and Warren Rippe. They look puz- zled, and no wonder--The Chef has so Enix good things to eat. T H E C H E F RESTAURANT 1307 "N" Street Phone 2-4666 Famous Names in Carpeting M OHAWK MAGEE GULISTAN l'IRTl'l are found at H E N R Y S T R O ll Carpeting and Linoleum Company Expert Installations in Homes, Offices, Stores, Churches. 3116 South 13th Street Phone 3-8884 77 For Groceries it ' s YA K E L ' S "A GOOD PLACE TO TRADE" 1845 South llth Street Phone 3-4535 Look to. . . K R A M E R ' S G R E E N H O U S E S Flowers for ......... W EDDINGS Getting a few tips trom a Commonwealth Company employee on CORSAGES how to save the easy way with a safety deposit box is Bonnie Vrona. Banking is easy with a safety deposit box from the BOUQUETS Commonwealth Company. YQUR " BEST GIRL" For Banking For Savings 10th and VanDorn Phone 3-6444 For Loans ..... It's THE COMMONWEALTH COMPANY 126 North 11th Street Phone 2-2746 Enjoying one of Treat Drive-In's wonderful sodas are Paul Iohns and Valine Brown. Take a tip from these two. Drop in at Treat and see if you don't enjoy their delicious food. When you want a delightful refreshment go to the TREAT DRIVE-IN at 1341 High Street. 78 Phone' 3-629 0 .1 ir 1 'if' L tb . A s-31 , ' t matic ALSWDRTH WALSWONT "" .Q Sonny Sader confers with Mrs. Swindle on taking out a savings account at First National Bank. But Sonny knows that whatever money problems he has, he can receive advice at ............ FIRST NATIONAL BANK 10th and "O" Streets Telephone 2-8561 Q . ,,..., W, , K . . W., rg ' . 1 vxx, Q .X X 122. 5,4 2-Z XX Nt . M . Si : tg -- xf ,Wx . X x X-. gg .Q if S il' M l QW fax Qsgw 1 X989 iqj 5? l 5 I I N Iv F' E

Suggestions in the University High School - Tutor Yearbook (Lincoln, NE) collection:

University High School - Tutor Yearbook (Lincoln, NE) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 12

1957, pg 12

University High School - Tutor Yearbook (Lincoln, NE) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 10

1957, pg 10

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1957, pg 70

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1957, pg 24

University High School - Tutor Yearbook (Lincoln, NE) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 31

1957, pg 31

University High School - Tutor Yearbook (Lincoln, NE) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 13

1957, pg 13

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