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Text from Pages 1 - 72 of the 1955 volume:

f K-1,54 .,?g-f5,4:,:,' L :,::,, MQ fx Aff-VWL fwffff Sd J3'4""""'vx0W2'J'W'3 C'52--A-819-Q W ' J? M9 fm muy 45 fi My fmhfw 'Mfe4., i,:4I 'mg V'MfQ:Mm3 Mjwwa '7QGZfMM,.,,, W ff W' f4fffM M PKJJGWZ W Wm Www! Zfgjjimwm 41fz'4,?'F'-an W- ma F .y w 1 EQ ai 7,35-:ig 181 . 4" t ' 'W ,Q 3 w r Z?'1,ff'i' :'Q'1'-HL, If af? 95' -97' '-'A -, , ' vs "'J+C5 ' -1' 4, '1 ' V' xww. wa - A A . ' . ' riff F'-'.3.w4 W! ' f A - A 5--iffy. qfffgw If" M ' 51329. 'agp-' M .. , '2f'f'3T! . , -MLLS, , . ,WEEE-xA!!W3'. PRE FNTING 'PH TUNE-TIMF, FDI'l'l0 0F TIIH955 0WIfIi R -' if Q Wi.. W4 .-may ' fH,md W ,Q , ,Xt 'Q' Of' . , .L 1 5? M Q? Q ll, SW-igifgg Lars. f.,,. 4 2 af N. 4 W J ,amy 15' I W H ihfvsszbw, :QR 5 S' W Q 4 in w,,R 1.fffw,.1 , fimwsklnlf "5.1"f. A . ,, W if vwuf mmi, , 'iifgfmffiiif i ,215 wg ff wig' . fs , . r g . f '- i , , - ,. .. , gtg ,gf W a Mx , 'L 4 Y, ,. I . Y, ,g It ..,i,,,g ,Ji-1f,.,, I Q v Q K rg, ,gt K 1 L h l' ,, ,,,. . ,,kkk, - 52:9 ww tes-f 540512 ffi , , 'fiiffiff L?E!'fff5r:f?i si?f?'i2-f.L' ,wasigifs-. r sil- ya sag 151, xy ya hm, x is M ' 9fJ:3fy.g.5:s?!- 35525313535 Wfr- W. - i .:.,1 . ,,,, , gagfz'-2 :sHfiffe52gsgg:?f! 2?-fff1g3fgLf!wI', 1f'fff,:iz,f52eff ..,,,,,....x. QV- .,.. ,. .,... ,. . ,,.. . To you, Miss Helen Starck and Dr. Jean Fligor, we, the 1955 Tower Staff, dedicate this yearbook. We know that the positions you vacated can never be filled in the memories of those who have associ- ated with you here at University School. Your willingness to help when we students needed assistance will always be remembered. In each of you, students and associates have found high standards in teaching and living, a forthright personality, and an outstanding sense of humor. These characteristics have helped us to realize just how much time and energy you have given to your students and fellow-teachers here at University School. As you glance through the pages in our book, please remember, though your names and faces may not grace the pages in the years to come, your influences will be ever-present. In these six letters we hope to express to you what a million could not convey: T HAN KS ! ! Z gn Il IIII W AIIY II' 'IS S III 'I' I III MII' Mr Wyllle assistant sponsor, Dr. Gross, sponsor, Pat Dey Judy Malone and Jim Simon, Dorothy Kinsey L1ll1an Clark, Mary Kay Sharkey, Georgetta Hayes Myrna Gansmann. Editor ...... Senior Associate Editor. . Junior Associate Editor. . Organizations Editor. . . Photographer . . . Photographic Printer Athletic Editor. . . Art Editor . . . Junior High Editor . Lower-Class Editor . Snapshot Editor . . . Advertising Manager Junior Class Editor Senior Class Editor Business Manager Associate Business Manager . Mary Kay Squires, Dr. Gross, Polly Winkler, Dick Randle, and Dede Lingle. SEATED: Harlene Sims, Peter Morris, Joyce Ross STANDING: Mary Ann Rushing, and Jack Lane. . Judy Malone . . Pat Dey . . . Jim Simon Mary Kay Squires . . .Joyce Ross . . Jack Lane . Dick Randle . . Polly Winkler .Myrna Gansrnann . Dorothy Kinsey Mary Ann Rushing . . Dede Lingle Mary Kay Sharkey . . Lillian Clark Georgetta Hayes . . Peter Morris . . Harlene Sims E l0ll TUBE 'l'COUNClL " EIWICE WITH A MILE" The officers dent Council are: for the 1954-55 Stu- . Karen Tedrick . . . . Bill Felts Secretary-Treasurer. Mary K. Sharkey Pre sident . . Vice - Pre sident Some of the projects carried on by the Student Council this year were home coming, freshman initiation, elections, safety campaign,and Christmas dance. Included in the members of the coun cil this year is Judy Malone, Secretary of the Illinois Association of Student Councils. She serves as an honorary member. LEFT TO RIGHT: George Bricker, John Mees, Judy Malone, Mary Kay Sharkey, Karen Tedrick, Bill Felrs, Mary Phillips, James McCallum, Alan Kelley, and Peter Morris, NOT PRESENT. L G U A ,, ,.,.m.mmsm A L S i cu. Iv---I " P ig. ,-...----W- mn., T Connie Clutts, Lillian C1a2?ITArg?mBr3?,:,:n, Claudia Cutler- Dt' ru TO RIGH 1 FT T0 R1 2 SITTING FROM LEFT -1 Goetz. STANDING. LE U Pat Dey and Eml Y ,, Llngle' d peter Morris. QQ A L K Joyce Ross. an SITTING FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Winkie Lewis, Bob Wheeler, Emily Goetz, Johanna Van Lente, Elaine Bicknell, Mary Phillips, Carolyn Keepper, Susan Garbutt, Elaine Kaplan, and Sally Taylor. STAND- ING. LEFT TO RIGHT- . Mary Kay Sharkey, Par Dey, Peter Morris, Frances Schoen, Mary Blietz, Nancy Benedict, Michael Morris, Dr. Pruis, and Jerry Meyer. '--...kv AC ML Ii J . - 1 , Ill' 0 STROUP'S Munnery and Ladies Wear--609 South Illinois, Carbonda e m is ' 1 se' E l l Film Eel d. Sr SEX T S mom: Phillips- Bello' KQZNDING. LEFT TO DING' LEFT TO d Benedict. Per. Cufler .RIGHT-: Bic STAN Sims songs, an - Rushing and knell, Sha k Van Lame' I ' Goetz. I ey, lil 9 ET' If MIXED UH0ll MAIHHGAL 99 SEATED, FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Goetz, Benedict, Rushing, Cutler, Keeper, Sharkey, Bicknell, Crandle, Phillips, and Van Lente. STANDING, FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Wheeler, M. Morris, Camp, Dillow, Meyer, Robertson, Johnson, P. Mor- ris, and Mees. T. GLEECL Il ffl ,f ii? ,Q an- , 4, M. r .L , .,. .nu ,,,aWf- I tg ',,'-' Q V if' 5 nt . ,, f , ,,x,,,x 1 N 1 , s s W.. 'I -.1 5 I X nf . - , Q ll 1 X N4 x JK 5, I 5 S H3 . 4 n 5 X1 I .. 1 i if 6 I Q A'-"fi " ' A ,- K . Q Qaiinxflwkkm 9 are if 5 . f . 5 X ?' g42lXgQy:' pil .,.. 14 E as X ., i ROW 1: Eddie Davis, Paul Soi-gen, Ronald Harris, Bobbie Williams, Saundra Smith, William Arvin, Bobbie McCall. ROW 2: Mary Kay Sharkey, Phillip Mantovani, Ann Owens, David Rector. ROW 3: Dr. Gross,George Bricker, Don Davis, Dick Randle, John Voss, Joyce Watkins, and Jim Barrow. ROW 1: Ronald Harris Bruce Harris. ROW 2: David Rector, Bobbie McCall, Jim Tudor. ROW 3: Dr. Gross, Supervisor. FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Dr. Brown, Sponsor, Joyce Ross, Karl Kiefer, Jack Lane, Stephen Bracewell, Joh Beimfohr, George Camp, Jimmy Beecher, Larry Etherton, Jim Gumm, Emory Hall, Don Ingli, Jimmy Barrow, Charles Ross, Gary Johnson, David Rector, Amos Lane, Mary Kay Squires. "HIM, IIIM 'NIE LIGIIT " " MILE" LEFT TO RIGHT: Charlotte O'De1l, Fred Sobery, Nancy DuRal1, Martha Davis, Dr. Gross, Darrel Cutler. BACK ROW: Rachel Cecil, Pat Bain, Jim Sappenfield, and Janet DeWitt. I I R T in 43 'lvl iw K 'D X . ,lk. 7 2.' in I 0 T c c I ms... lONT ROW, LEFT TO-RIGHT: Harlene Sims, Connie Clutts, Judy Squires, Mary Kay Sharkey, Judy Brandon, Ruth ammons, Janet Harris, Johanna Van Lente, Sandra Smith, Pat Dey, and Nancy DuRall. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO Gl-IT: Frances Schoen, Martha Arnold, Emily Goetz, Mary Ann Rushing, Betty Young, Carolyn Keepper, Linda randle, Sheila Tedrick, Myrna Gansmann, and Opal Howard. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Miss Bozarth, Miss iller, Dorothy Kinsey, Sandy Modlin, Lillian Clark, Dede Lingle, Georgetta Hayes, Polly Winkler, Wanda Sill, ary Wall, Marilyn Johnson, Margaret Taylor, Jeanie Frakes, and Miss Roos. "I 'I' IT IIIIIII TIC?" "IIII'I'I'0 UP YIIIIII 0IIIIIIIOA'I"' IN THE POOL, LEFT TO RIGHT: Walter Zeschke, Bill Wright, Alan Kelley, Emory Hall, Jon Voss, Bill Chaney, and Jerry Milligan, ON THE DECK, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ken Palmer, Jeff Kennedy, Jim Wallace, Carl Parrish, Ray 0 A Hicks, Mr. Stotlar, Boots Fligor, Jim Rossiter, Terry Modlin, Dick Randle, Richard Norman, Kent Brandon, David Y T A Knust, Jim Simon, Harry McCall, Mr. Wilson, Jim Robertson, and Bob Wheeler. 9 E II 'I' II I I 0 I "lEl'll KNEWN YEE WEEE EEMI ' l'EA EAKEE A EAKE FEEEIE LA EUAEE EL E SEATED CLOCKWISE: Dyke Howell Nellie Lybarger Pat Dey Mary Kay Sharkey Mary Ann Rushlng Rachel Cecil Peter Morris, Jim Simon Dede Lingle Ray H cks Geoffrey Kennedy Joyce Ross John Paul Mees C1aud1a Cutler Connie Clutts, Sandy Fritze Kent Brandon Sally Taylor Frances Schoen Marilyn Belford Mrs Rieke Susan Garbutt, Harlene Sims, Elaine Kaplan Barbara Reeves Jim Medlin Stevie Williams Jim Sappenfield John Hand Linda Crandle, Mary Phillips Mary Blietz George Bricker Mx" 'V - K K' gamma Exif' ' " Q 'MU ITE -1259 'X vi' A I H' .. -93 41 245 Jim .. J: if - N ' 4' L1 5 X L ff? ' 25 Rim' ' , ' Q P air' we f wi' . fiat: gl .Leif 'ff' . M, A L U .A, , . H , ..,,,..,, ,,. S. f 'f 31+ j, ' M N ' if : 1719156 ' , wash, mms: I 'asf ' k , I A ,V 55 W SW f - ,. ga 5 A ' I if M., K L Lf. ,L K'-T22 'J , as:-W W A Q a , , 4 . W, , N gA13 A -mai '? i ' i 5 . ,ix A, 4 N +152 "L" 'WN w , . F r-'2""21 , , y 'j ,, - M5 5 , - , .yaffem as :Y ' '5 X S w: , M , W ' '- -gig'-5 f' I , fx .-, -,L '+-:2v'3iw: nl? 4 xr , ' wr. 'W gyvf J is -T' - f ' 1:24 7 A 53954 ,E K Lf A . F fiflfflfi x M V , fy. . H Mm M TUBE TUIIU Cllr Ann McRoy, Charles Ross, John Hexmbaugh Mr Harley Teel Sponsor Connie Elder Caryl Klingberg. ABSENT FROM THE PICTURE ARE Stephen Bracewell Pam Gilbert and Ka rl Kiefer. QQ K T D FRONT ROW Charlotte Davls MIDDLE ROW Pam Gllbert Judy Chaney Ellen 99 "You Furnish the Girl, We'll Furnish the Home" RHODES-BUFORD'S FURNITURE CO. 112 N. Illinois Avenue Carbondale, Illinois Il0MECOMlNG QUEEN 1954 W3 M--wg m COR0 ATl0 ATTENDANT Myrna Gansmann and Mary Kay Sharkey. Mary Phillips and Susan Garbutt U DERULASS Winkie Lewis and Pattie Bain Twila Pigg and Pam Gilbert 16 DANCING IN THE DARK "0Lll SIl0ll " XAXWHERJ' 9 Mx H ll 0 'L l x 'X VOGLER MOT OR C O. Incorporated "Your Ford Dealer Phones 250 and For Over Thirty Years" Ek 833 yi Carbondale, Illinois Q' X X X JUNl0R- E l0ll BANQUET lZ "SPM ll FEVER" The 1954 Junior-Senior Banquet was held in the Woody Hall Cafeteria on May 14. A message was given by Dr. John Pruis. Following the banquet, Boyd LaMarsh furnished the music for dancing in the University School Gymnasium. The Prom and Banquet are sponsored by the mer were the faculty sponsors. JUNl0R- E l0Il PIHIM Junior Class annually. Miss Starck and Mr. Plum- "Deep Purp1e" "S'i1 Vous P1ait" NABU "Sh-Boom" BO0GlE Little White Lies" "Goofus" "Tea for Two" CUMMENCEMENT 1954 BYE-BYE BLUESU ROTARY AWARDS LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Winkler, Amelia Felts, Mary Black, Fred Davis. Q 9 BAUSCH AND LOMB AWARD Randolph Hand " TARS I YOUll UIHIW " NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Judy Malone, Ann Bracewell, Mary Black ATHLETICS 'WIIISPERING' "1 F00'l'BALL BLACK mn BLUE TEAM fn? lar..- i - A A rg 1 J BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr: Quilman, Mr. Theriot, Duke Keller, Harry McCall, Jim Wheeler, Dyke Howell, Mike Morris, Jeff Kennedy, Fred Sobery, Jake McCallum, Amos Lane, Don Ingli, Eugene Jackson, Dr. Stotlar, and Mr. Thate. MIDDLE ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: David Price, Lyvon Martin, Ken Palmer, Jack Lane, Jim Medlin, Steve Williams, Peter Morris, John Mees, Joe Morgan. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bernard Greer, Elbert Simon, Ralph Dillow, Jim Simon, Jim Wills, Robert Robinson. Q! .f ,.....r..W4.,...L.,: COACH STOTLAR COACH THATE 99 VEATH'S SPORTS MART "Everything For the Athlete" CAPTAIN GREER FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Welch, Kent Brandon, John Paul Mees, Bill Chaney, Jim Wills, Robert Robinson, Elbert Simon, Bernard Greer, Lyvon Martin, Boots Fligor, George Bricker, Mr. Wilson. SECOND ROW: Mr. Thate, Dick Randle, Jim Wallace, John Hand, Jeff Kennedy, Terry Modlin, Richard Norman, Jim Travers, Wayne Zeschke, Wallace Pulliam, Eugene Jackson, THIRD ROW: Bob Wheeler,Jerry Meyer, Harry McCall, Jim Medlin, Stevie Williams, Amos Lane, Dyke Howell, George Camp, Don Ingli, Mike Morris. BASKETBALL ,X I W' 0 U. SCIIIIUL IHRAWS MURPHYSBUIHI will ilxlw Nl "JEIl EY BOUNUE" .SY NW' 'Q N LYNXES' Basketball Schedule 1954-1955 Nov. Vergennes Home Hurst-Bush Home Q Cobden Away 0 Dec Elkville Home 1 Christopher Home j Jan. Sesser Away 0 Zeigler Away f Hurst-Bush Away Carterville Away Steeleville Away Cobden Home Feb. Elkville Away 3- Vergennes- Away S Carterville Home Sesser Home S Christopher Away Steeleville Home Zeigler Home BOTTOM ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach Welch, D. Randle, J. Wallace, H. McCall, J. Hand, G. Ken nedy, J. Travers, W. Zeshke, W. Pulliam, Coach Wilson. TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: B. Wheeler, J Meyer, I. Medlin, S. Williams, A. Lane,D. Howell, G. Camp, D. Ingli, M. Morris, Eugene Jackson RE ERVE U. School vs. Christopher "0NCEl AWIIILE' CHR1STIAN'S STANDARD SERVICE 941 West Main Street Phone 1011-Y l Lubrication, Washing, Tire Service 31 it Carbondale, Illinois "TAKE ME EET T0 'EEE EALL GAME" GAME SCORES OPPONENTS U. SCHOOL 14 CCHS 0 7 Attucks 1 7 7 Vergenne s 1 9 CCI-IS 2 1 5 E1kvi11e 1 9 Vergenne s 4 14 Attucks 1 7 EASEEALL FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Larry Grissom, Kent Brandon, Bill Chaney, Warner Widdows, Randy Hand SECOND ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Fred Davis, Eugene Jackson, James Stevens, Boots Fligor. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT Daryle Green, Lynn Morrison, 32 WITE SWAN Laundry and Dry Cleaners Phone 218 and 219 Carbondale Illinois "IT ALL IIEPEII 0 YIHV' JU lllll lllllll BASKETBALIJ 'lllcolln CATCH' BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Rodney Brod, Clifford Dey, Mr. Blackman, Ronnie Klamp, John Beimfohr, Eddie Davis, Coach Stotlar, Dick Fulkerson. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Barretr Holder, Jimmy John- son, Bobby Williarns, Dick Camp, Tommy Goetz, Theron O'Dell, Chuck Brown. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Denny Hill, Karl Kiefer, Lary Etherton, Charles Ross, Jim Gumm, John Heimbaugh, Jimmy Beecher. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Chuck Tudor and Paul Sorgen, 'ERI'-'EE 195 RIT PARAEE EPTEMRER Registration "There's A Long, Long Trail Ahead" Cheerleader Tryouts "Shake, Rattle and Roll" Freshman Initiation "The More We Get Together" A EETRRER GAA Workshop "You Gotta Move Fast" Foreign Language Club "Hinkey Dinkey Parlez Vous" mrs -v .iQy,:QA ,Ti N.f,gAr1sQ .wx .,,,, Af . :gg - . V - ,,f.:J:A , 'K ' "laws A 5:5 II, A sf? . ,. , .LL Homecoming 5 .:.,,:. 5 5 , "Me1'1'101'ieS" Q . iz A -f.,L' 0E E M B E R T' iiil uuii F r ant ic F ro lic "1 cami show My Face" ti eg :" . g Hurst-Bush Game VVAAA A 'A 1 A "A Ghost of a Chance" fWe Wonlj DECEMBER Christmas Operetta "I Hear a Rhapsody" Christmas Dance "All Through the Night" Christmas Vacation "I'm Sittin' On Top of the World" JA EARY GAA Swimming Meet "I Cover the Waterfront" Twelfth Night Party "These Foolish Things FHA Informal Initiation "Mess Hall Polka" Semester Grades "The Alphabet Song" "The Place For the Good Food" ANDY'S CURB SERVICE 1114 West Main Street Carbondale, Illinois Zffifflf fiff ,,fl'71fif:'5f5f:7,1f'Aff ffffflifzif5ffl1fiQT7z:5f:fSf'ffQ.f '- mf .l, R5W5l5 :5.QiE5Wf- EHR? H sv -- T I.. .. ., :mr :vig -355:71 V I .i :v,:14f..A,. f i I aww1-H- nwwrwg IWMVW EERREARY March of Dimes Game "Stumbling" Tri-Hi Dance "Stomping at the Savoy" Elkville vs. U. School "Hit and Run" Yearbook Deadline "Time Marches On" MAREE District Basketball Game "Lucky, Lucky Me" GAA-FHA Dance "Show Me the Way to Go Home District Music Contest "Say It With Music" APRIL State Student Council Convention "Chattanooga Choo-Choo" District Academy of Science Meet- ing "I Wonder! I Wonder!" MAY Junior Senior Prom and Banquet "The Navy Gets the Gravy but The Army Gets the Beans" Seniors Chicago Bound "Money Burns A Hole In My Pocket" Picnic Madness "Get-Away Blues" JE E Senior Assembly "Put On Your Glad Rags" Graduation "Bye Bye B1ues" or "March- ing to Georgia" End of School "Till We Meet Again" or "Its Been Fun" B1 gp "Be Anything Ca UN Cahn 6 X36 196 Uloke K. P- 1IAt Ease" Long, Long, Ago If Ou, bat-ds fl 64465 DR. DOUGLAS LAWSON DR. DELYTE MORRIS DR. CHARLES NEAL Dean President Director U IVER l'l'Y Cll00L AIIMI l TRATIO DR- I- D- MEE5 DR. T. w. EDWARI Pfincifml Assistant Principal MRS. EVELYN RIEKE DR. CLYDE BROWN MRS. JEAN KENNER Counselor of Girls Counselor of Boys Assistant to the Director 'THE A 7 E T A Ruth, Martha, Marsha, Mabel. X and Mrs. Pearce. ue' LEFT TO RIGHT: MR. HARLEY TEEL, MISS GLADYS SMITH, DR, TROY EDWARDS, AND DR, MABEL BARTLETT. U WEB ITY CIl00L FAC LTY LEFT TO RIGHT: MR. EUGENE WYLLIE, MRS, JEAN KENNER, MRS. ALMA DEY, MR. SHELBY SHAKE, AND MR. JOHN PLUMMER. LEFT TO RIGHT: DR, CHALMER GROSS, MR. DILLA HALL, MR, CLARENCE STEPHENS, AND DR, CLYDE QT N WN N BROWN. N868 ff lf, 1, 10, Wy! LEFT TO RIGHT: DR, CHARLES WILLARD, MISS LOUISE BACH, MISS DOROTHY LOCKMAN, AND DR. IOHN PRUIS. am LEFT TO RIGHT: MRS. EDNA STIEF, DR. JOHN STOTLAR, MISS NANCY ROOS, MR. CHARLES THATE, AND MRS. HELEN GOETZ. 1954-55 FAC TY LEFT TO RIGHT: MR, MILTON SULLIVAN, MR. CHARLES PATERSON, MRS, EVELYN RIEKE, AND MISS MARGARETTA CAREY. '.ufQQgf44," J, x vp Qfx ULASSEX ' Igy 'A HUNTING WE WILL 60" 'J' Green, Vice-Presidentg Iudy Malone, President. NANCY BENEDICT "Three Coins in a Fountain" Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Sextet 2,45 Mixed Chorus 3, 45 Chorus 45 Madrigals 45 Fall Play 35 Science Club 15 Dramatics Club 2, 3,45 Hi-Tri 15 Art Club 2, 3, Secretary- Treasurer 45 Queen Attendant 4, MARY BLIETZ "Till Then" F.H. A, 1,25 Dramatics Club 1,2, 3,45 Arts and Crafts 3,45 Foreign Language Club 3, 45 Graduation Usher 3. ANN BRACEWELL "Little Miss One" Glee Club 1,3,4g Mixed Chorus 3, 45 F.H.A, 15 Dramatics Club 15 Homecoming Attendant 25 Fall if X, 5 JUDY BRANDON '6' "Sh Bm'- , Glee Club 1,2,3,4g Chorus 45 Mixed ' Chorus 35 Band 1,2,3,45 G.A.A. , 3g Bowling Club 35 Swimming M Club 45 Arts and Crafts 1,45 Science lub 1,25 Dramatics Club 15 . ech Play 15 Foreign Language '42, 'K'-f 44-sQl1b3g F.r,A. 3, Play 25 Arts and Crafts 4. LEFT TO RIGHT: Nancy Benedict, Secretary-Trasurerg Daryle dw WMM 5 ' .,1,' NW146' R , ua, I . 'bgblh L if ',o P N Lflgl ,N I .9 I ,,,.-" 1 U' P .1 - . ,, ,T . .f-.1 'V 1 . -f' .il -. ie fe, 3" F, .J 'A '. ,J- -.r' A H,',.'-5' , uf' f - -4 yr., X 5 Y A 1 V nf' Rf' L fll BARBARA BARGER "B1ue Moon" Harrisburg Township High School 1,2,3, mud . I HELEN BRYANT "Skokian" F.H.A. 1,23 Dramatics Club 2,3 Arts and Crafts 2, 3. ,gp ,- as A X X 'vY'Z'S5 qbzofs' as an otzzx 5 a f X ss-'y LIl.LIAN CLARK "Mystery Street" Band l,2, 3,45 Glee Club 1,2,.3,45 Sextet 35 Mixed Chorus 35 Swim- ming Club 45 F. H.A, 1,45 Junior and Senior Class Editors of Year- l EMILY GOETZ "Goodnight Sweetheart" National Forensic League 1,2,3,45 Dramatics Club 1, 2, 3, President 45 Speech Activities Club 45 Speech Plays l,2,3,45 Debate 1,3,45 Speech book 3,4. Contests 1,2,3,45 G.A.A. 1,2,3, President 45 Glee Club l,2,3,45 Sextet l,2,3,45 Madrigals 45 Mixed Chorus l 3,45 Foreign Language Club 2,3,45 Secretary Treasurer 25 Future Teach- PATRICI-A DEY ers of America 3,45 Yearbook 2,35 -'Hey There-' Science Club 1, Senior Arts and Dramatics Club 1,2'3: Speech Crafts Club 1,25 Class Secretary- Contests 1,23 Debate 1,23 Fall Treasurer 25 Class Vice-President 35 play 2, National Forensic League Graduation Marshall 35 Homecoming 2,3,45 G.A.A. 2, vice-President 3, Queen 4- Secretary 45 Bowling Club 35 Swim- ming Club 45' Rifle Club 35 Glee Club 2,3,45 Mixed Chorus 35 F.H.A. 15 Art Club 2,3,45 Foreign Language Club 3, 45 Secretary- Treasurer 45 Yearbook, Business Manager 3, Seventh and Eight Grade Editor 2, Senior Associate Editor 45 Queen Attendant 2, DARYL5 GREEN GEORGETTA HAYES "It's In the Book" "Star Dust " East St. Louis Rock Jr, High School G.A. A. 1,2,3,4: Bowling Club 3: 15 East St. Louis Sr. High School Swimming Club 45 Glee Club 1.3.4: 25 Foreign Language Club 25 Basket Mixed Chorus 35 F, H.A, 1,2,3,45 ball 2, 3,45 Baseball 2, 3,45 Class Speech Contests 35 Yearbook Senior Vice-President 4. Class Editor 4 BERNARD GREER "Some Day You'l1 Want Me To want You" Letterman 4 years, Football 1,2,3, 45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Football Co-captain 45 Baseball 1,2,35 U Club 1,2,35 B.A.A. 45 Science Club 1. ART'S TEXACO SERVICE "Ts Illinois at College ,Q Carbondale, Illinois W 0 X io ef' 099 0331 , , EDDIE HELTON "Some Where Along The Way" F.F.A, 1,2,3, CAROLYN KEEPPER "Mr. Sandman" Glee Club 1, 2, 3,4p Mixed Chorus 31 Sextet 3,45 Madrigals 4g G.A. A, MARIANNE IENNINGS "Mood Indigo" Science Club lg Hi-Tri 13 Photo- graphy 1: G,A.A. 1,2g Yearbook 2: F. H. A, 2,33 Glee Club 3. ini GARY JOHNSON "Dragnet" Band 1,2,3,4g Mixed Chorus 3: Madrigals 4g Vice-President of Class 2, Projectors Club lg Dramatics Club 2. 1,2,3,4g Bowling Club 3: Dance JAMES MCCALLUM Club g' Rifle Club 3,4g Swimming UIII11- "Steam Heat" Club 4, Dramatics Club l,2, 3g Fall p Museum Club 1, Projectors Club Play 2,33 Science Club 1. ii Y 04" 1-43 Football 4: B.A.A. 4, Ja' EIND JUDY MALONE "Little Things Mean A Lot" Student Council 1,2,3, Secretary- Treasurer, 4, Honorary Member- Illinois Association of Student Councils Secretary 45 Yearbook 1, 2, Associate Editor 3, Editor 45 Glee Club 45 G,A.A. 15 Dramatics Club 1,25 F.H,A. 1,25 Cheerleader 2, 3, 45 Class President 45 National f ,feaeiayei--o 5 ' ?""'ff'- 2"'2fW?31f EJ? 7'E-fvgqav-G-v"Q6?9"4'?'t4 f. .1 4 SUE PHILLIPS "Why Should I Love You" Glee Club 1,2,3g Sexter 35 F.H.A. 15 Science Club 15 Foreign Language Club 1,2, 3,45 Dramatics Club 23 Arts and Crafts 2,35 Fall Play 35 F.'I'.A. 3- Queen Attenda t 3 Z Jf 'L l4oo-I if-1 Honor Society 3, 45 Graduation Usher 35 Majorette lg Queen Attend- PETER MORRIS 2 am 3,45 Science jim 1,2. "Dim Dim The Lights" 4 " ' A , mx 7,V,,,,,f' .. National Forensic League 1,2,3,45 f g 5 5 1: 24 it 724441 Debate 1,a,4: Speech Plays 1,2,3,45 . ,fi ' 'Od' 54 .. gf Qvaygf, Dramatics Club 1,2,3,4: Basketball j f ji-3241 "Ze 'W Cui ,. Mg 2,3,45 Football 3,45 Yearbook 45 wa 4 'DMU' 'L' ' to ' 2 Photo h Clb1'S d '1 5 - . f 1 ,CL grap y u , tu ent Counci . 46-ff i 3,45 Band 1,2,35 Foreign Languag 4766 - , .ec Q M07 Club 3, ,gg - . Aw-o.44e.a,, fat at exif' 'Z 5- ffeoio-' ' 70 .Qnc4,Z4AM.,I faeae-42 .Jar-1 "N H, , ,,. 1 W I Wawvmwaeg I 2 ,' 5 44' Q A dc! X, ' ,asc 1246! if-if ,Q 5.0, Lf 1469- .1 . zziihf ffl' fo? 1 .Hz -A 1 I -M Magda-'97 f My D7 . I Lufytgi? 'f' wax ?476f.ff'f ' t ' , rf' ' 6Lv4f1-f'f60J2" 7 1 DAVID PRICE C ., "You'll Never Walk A1one" Football 2, 3, 45 Sports Club 15 Swimming Club 45 Dramatics Club 15 Fall Play 15 Band 15 Museum Club 15 F.F.A. 15 Projectors Club 1,2,3,45 Class Vice -President 1, I RALPH ROWDEN "Knock On Wood" F,F,A, 1,2,3, NAUMAN'S STUDIO Portraits of Distinction 703 South Illinois Avenue Carbondale, Illinois JUDY SCHWBGMAN "Ebb Tide" Dramatics 1, 25 Arts and Craft: 15 Foreign Language 1,2,3,45 Student Council 35 Yearbook 1, 2,35 Science Club 1, 25 Octet 25 Graduation Usher 35 Photography Club 2, N 1 ,xf,f THOMAS SMART "Bananna Split" Photography Club 1,2, 3. M,. 9-fQw.wJi'7U' WWW "'T"'TbsJf5Uv- 5. 6,,i,.,,,g3" JAMES WILLS "Shake, Rattle, and Roll" Letterman 4 years: Football 1,2,3,4, Co-captain 44 Basketball 1,2,3,4g Baseball 1,2,3,4g Most Valuable Player 23 U Club 1,2,3g B,A.A. 4, Science Club 1, 50 I I GENE STEELE "Crazy Man, Crazy" Carterville Community High School 1,2g Football 3g F.F.A. 3. SANDRA SMITH "Stranger In Paradise" Band 1,2,3gG1ee Club l,3,4g Chorus 3g Mixed Chorus 35 G. A. A. 1,2, Secretary-Treasurer 3, Vice- President 4, Bowling Club 3g Swim- ming Club 4g F.H.A. 1,2, Historian 4g Class Secretary 1. KAREN TEDRICK "I Spoke Too Soon" Speech Play 2, 3g Dramatics Club 2,3g Hi-Tri lg Glee Club 1, 2, 45 G. A. A. 33 Junior Class President 3, Student Council President 45 Homecoming Queen Attendan 1, . SHARON YOUNG "Oh What A Dream" 1 1X2 years Marion Township: G.A.A. 3: Cheerleader 45 Queen Attendant 4. MELBA PAGE "That's All I Want From You" G.A.A. 1.,2,3g Glee Club 1,2,3g Chorus 1,2, QQ -5' rbls E Hill APBACK 0 Y Oh Yow! fb fn? as W uh Who Me? Chow Please! Well-Hello Joe C OX 'T DJ N 'Y' 8 Always Sober! Drag, Anyone '? Ho! Ho! Ho! Look at This! hick. Some C Pretty Please? See Page 59 CLASS OFFICERS Julian Bowe rs Vice -President C1aud1a Cutler President Jim Simon Secretary-Treasurer Mary Kay Squires W 9-Qs' SA Louie Cecil Claudia Cutler Don Davxs Jay Feero f Bill Felts Boots Fligor ! Ruth Hammons 111 nes , , 5 1 ,WW flisi-all x ::u-Sl' . m 'f ml 'yy X . James Glasford I Alan Kelley Jack Lane KS FROM A FAVORITE JUNIOR X Lyvon Martin Bill McI..afferty Jerry Milligan Ken Palmer P . s ' BIRKHOLZ CARDS AND GIFTS ' 209 South Illinois ,Q Carbondale, Illinois Y..f- Phone 796 A , S 5 -3 Y 47 lf Q Q 0,9 R ING HEY 5,909 Loon CQ.,- L JW Carl Parrish I Geraldine Pritchett Robert Robinson Joyce Ross 416111. 4:9 4,0--'4": Q4,4,odfv'V' fr or wco-7'4'f"L" Nr 1 Mary Kay Sharkey Elbert Simon Jim Simon Mary Kay Squires fad, 75:41 Alknqlxaa.-A 4 PQAAA-+A f Q anti. otaelaaern, , 5. fff'J"7"""' 4,-.-Q4 G :E X- J . ,. I V ' Vxnvx. 1,-Ny ,JA X ff A' , cv. ', fb 1 . A - Www W7 X kfL,Lt winks Margaret Taylor Terry Thalman Polly Winkler Walter Zeschke CLASS OFFICERS, LEFT TO RIGHT: Secretary-Treasurer Patty Bain, President Kent Brandon, and Vice -President Martha Kay Davis. Martha Arnold Patty Bain Marilyn Belford Kent Brandon George Bricker Rachel Cecil Bill Chaney Linda Crandle Martha Davis 0 . O Ls-., -so 5' 2 Ow- QX an Nancy DuRa11 Albert Etherton Sandy Fritze Emory Hall M Ray Hicks M 0 4 .. Opal Howard Eugene Jackson ,gn if il rf.: J Shirley Jones Geoffrey Kenne 1-wwf MW Charlotte Knust Donald Knust ' I James Manning Judy Milligan Sandra Modlin Lois Kilmer Winkie Lewis Janet Jackson Marilyn Johnson Dorothy Kinsey Maurice Klllge Dede Lingle Nellie Lybarger 7 Terry Modlin Joe Morgan MODEL SHOP Infant's and Children's Wear Pre-teen and Sub-teen Boys two to sixteen 302 South Illinois Phone 455-X lea liz! ,v-1' if 53,9 ... 'le I Richard Norman Dick Randle Jim Rossiter Mary A n Eushing f,-mf! ftufjf 7 ww 2.23527 W Frances Schoen Wanda Sill lene Sims Dolores Smith James Stevens Betsy Swindell Jim Travers Brenda Triplett I 4 I rn. James Wallace Patsy Widdows Wright BRUNNER'S OFFICE SUPPLY 403 South Illinois Avenue Carbondale, Illinois 1161 Phones 1561 Jon Voss Dolores Waldrop 1-1 0Nk'B0o ' Dick Young Shelby Wright CO. Joyce Albright June Albright Elaine Bicknell George Camp Darrel Cutler Dick Daniels Janet DeWitt Ralph Dillow Tl-4 Lgof' 04 Lua 4,3-J Ml L7-D 71-o.n,Jeanie Frakes Susan Garbutt John Hand Lowe' Janet Harriss 9'aw.-11,34-1a,,.1,.,,,a, Dyke Howell Don Ingli Donald Johnson Elaine Kaplan Duke Keller Amos Lane Harry McCall Ursula McClarney M ! WW WCA, 1 ? 552 J 2 Joy McGinnis Jim Medlin John Mees Jerry Meyer Mike Morris Charlotte O'Dell Mary Phillips Wallace Pulliam arbara Reeves James Robertson David Rowden Jim Sappenfield Freddie Sobery Judy Squires Kay Taylor Sallie Taylor Sheila Tedrick Johanna Van Lente Mary Wall Bob Wheeler Stephen Williams Betty Young Peggy Young Wayne Zeschke BACK ROW: Jim Barrow, John Beimfor, Roger Keepper, James McLafferry, Jim Gumm, Phillip Mantovani. FIFTH ROW: Eddie Davis, Dick Fulkerson, Jim Beecher. FOURTH ROW: Larry Erherton, David Rector, Karl Kiefer, Farrell Trousdale. THIRD ROW: David Ross, Mary Ann Shryock, Connie Elders, Ruby Lynn Norsworthy, Paul Sorgen. SECOND ROW: Ann McDaniel, Katherine Srroman, Kay Brown, Mary Ellen McKereghan, Ellen Brown, Pam Gilbert. FIRST ROW: Stanley Strusz, Jean Lautz, Karla Faye Meyer, Susan Cald- well, Jane l-Iinners. EIGIITII GRADE GLASS 0FFICEllS President . . Stanley Strusz Vice-President . . . Ellen Brown Secretary-Treasurer . . Kathryn Stroman 'ir inn cnossnolnsr 54 ,rf ' 3 1 be 'WF' BACK ROW: Bob Williams, Jerry Brunner, Ronald Harris, Ronny Clamp, Bobby McCall, Eugene Hopper, Stephen Bracewell. FIFTH ROW: Clifford Dey, John Ogur, Rodney Brod, Tom Goetz, John Heimbaugh, Chuck Tudor, Harry Wallace, Fred Washburn, Larry Chamness. FOURTH ROW: Alice McDaniel, Karen Davis, Caryl Ann Klingberg, Joyce Watkins, Dick Camp, Sue Tomlinson, William Arvin, Sandra Schmidt. THIRD ROW: Pat McGowan, Donna Buboltz, Libby McGowan, Susan Clodfelter, Twila Pigg, Jeri Schwartz. SECOND ROW: Janet Sue Smith, Ann McRoy, Carol Feirich, Kate Lewis, Carol Bair, Linda Davenport, Carmen Manus. FIRST ROW: Sandra Wheeler, Charlotte D vis, J y haney, Brenda Dillow, Ann Owen, Saundra Smith. my Wi . I I MOM avr rn unlnrwffiifiyo GLASS IIFFIGEIR President . . Dick Camp Vice-President . . Charlotte Davis Secretary-Treasurer . John Ogur "'l'IIA'l' 0LIl GA G 0F MI E' 'l'0WIlR BEST APPLE POLISHERS "Yes, We Have No Bananas" Jim Simon and Judy Malone f' STRONGEST AND MOST DELICATE "Nature Boy' Paper Doll" Mary Blietz and Jim Wills "FOI All We KU0W" "Mil T 0F ALL" BEST WITS "You're Driving Me Crazy" Mary Kay Sharkey and Bill Felfs BEST LOOKING "Smi1e, Darn Ya, Smile" Carl Parrish and Pat Dey Emily Goetz and Peter Morris 56 'l'0l' "'l'0 EACH Ill 0W " MOST SERVICE RENDERED "Don't Ask Me Why" Peter Morris and Judy Malone MOST TALENTED I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire" Peter Morris and Emily Goetz MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED "I Wanna Get Married" Mary Kay Sharkey and Peter Morris W-ov-v Ga., ' ' :2. BEST PERSONALITY "Sunnyside Up" Bill Felts and Mary Kay Sharkey MOST ATHLETIC "Take It Easy" Lillian Clark and Bernard Greer 57 I Z if Q QXNXKS IMI' Z om Wxmxmxx W Wx G QQ S mm? This room was the scene of much hard work. Yes, it's flnally f1n1shed! Hope you 11ke 1t. BAC KS vow yi- xxw NRS X NSN wx WWW 1954-55 19 "THA K Fllll 'HIE MEMMIIE " Our yearbook was financed with the help AL-A-BY DRIVE IN ARNOLD'S JEWELRY ART AND EARL'S SHELL STATION BAPTIST BOOK STORE BIGG'S CITIES SERVICES BORGER'S DRUG STORE DILL INVESTMENT DILLINGER'S FEED STORE DOWNSTATE CHEVROLET EGYPTIAN MUSIC STORE FAMOUS LADIES' WEAR HEWITT'S DRUG STORE HIGGlN'S JEWELRY HOUSE OF PETS IRENE'S FLORIST JERRY'S STUDIO KAMPUS KLIPPER KAY'S DRESS SHOP LESLIE'S SHOE STORE of the following Carbondale patrons LUNGWITZ STORE MALONEY'S SHOE SHOP MAX'S DX SERVICE PASTRY KING PATTERSON'S HARDWARE PEER'S STORE PRINCE HOTEL RAY'S JEWELRY ROSS' LADIES WEAR SAWYER'S PAINT AND WALLPAPER SlEBERT'S DRUG SMITH MOTOR SALES ' SOBT-:RY's BAKERY sTEARN'S REFRIGERATION TOM MOFIELD wALKER's WELLER PLUMBING COMPANY WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE WILLIAM'S STORE ZWICK'S LADIES WEAR ., I , ' ., '. , Q- vw, Q 'fm' .1 -'2C?Uf1p5HRS?'i-E, 16, D Ylfllllll Ol CHAIN! .,- , o ,lL?a,f,,g, Zu fmam-. VW"-MW ,Q 21fff223QifQ f?Q f ' gl , 'L" ' '.'. I' ' n A A' ' DIA-59' Z 9.:g0.4,Q,-,,,,f f ' '6Y,,7.,-H-'J lk - c L07L5 J -F L V of , ' , 19 rf' LH' N QQ lf' rp all X WJWJ 5 3 QE 5 . gf! xx B5 E Eg S 5 N? iii? X Q9 an-' an ' - X yi au' LM " . C1 dw - ' fm W gf' Q 2 .,, .

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