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' . , Q, , Xfxf ,hx X X 'X-5 - Q - .K Jxlx ji it W... id 7 QRRKXQS XSQYEQJQQNYRXAYNLff?l1i5 f25f7 Ff5iRX3ZxXXN I VZQMNH' 1 44 va , .Tn , K A 4 'Mr' V . , N, 'flff' ' '-iU"f"!'Q? ' .i5QT1lw,,wQ1 J A . X N, me ' "s's,w.-,W ,, , J' 1f"7W",f'a5,:w -N . E 4, H J V, . ' A Y f,wk'lfQw :'Md- J y f W ,V ' w n 1' . J, N f,sy,i" . , H, nu,-X MSW.-, Y 4' 'u .4 W 4 gn J.. , 71. v ,: P ' '11 Q .1 .Vu ww, N , , ' I iff! Wig- " fx, H-.-Nw, . M, w..w33:fQg W ""3,1 . X a,l5,:g'f,uiMi5g,EW ,,,.. Nj A. 4 'wi .I1 ,f , au,-ww M f,,,-NM' Y -'Hw4W"2L-if " - my . v w wr' ' ' .,Qf3Qf: qrifkq' .M ., , , , 1 , ., 'af -:ww 1 , my. . ,,,, 'V'-'H .gh ':: ,,ff,f YiW!w V .NF:,f55H"Eaf3tgTlN:'.9Qfw,'f'w 1 - N in JFW W ' A "1-1 ,ax ' mf 'VN ' -"H 71141 Q, X MQW A M V- - , 'wr WSE' N ufLJWl 'H n' i? r ,M N ' Nw' ,sr ,Q 'W' , ,Mix ' -Eff ' :'11'wif,.-if ' :T MR M , w, 4 , W :Lmv ,, A ' Twig, 1" 19 'fiw' Mew . 1 iwqwyni-W,,,u' f l ,Im ,y..i..1 N 1 -as W w. w,v. ,me . . -, . v ga mr- :E A f. PF- ' " X"-1 ,JLI , , N-g,!,.5 ,N ,A 4,,,,,, wf Nm. " ' Nu. - Af- -W 1- M , 1 ' M,.x.1.. L 13' 'Qvrdlgrirwwgr K' - . sv' 'ya:1LmL-M. ' 1 M , V..1i,,f!Q-'ig'-,,,f.,,u, , W. M Nagin? 5? 23 1.1 'H " " 1 Miva Q A nf'q51MneQ,R5f ' - My-' ' 1 wr-' , ilk. Nlttqiaw :M 'HQ W " xl -ww 'vi' n X dw: ,, :Y w ww ,mx . ml? M v11'2W5-S-1-M' U ff af ' -nw Aw WM" ww xl"-1 . LW f 1 A W,!,,,,,, ,, . ,,v,g,"' Mff 5225 1 Q, ,S-gm QaiJQf'j'? 'W' ' ' 'fu N rlifib' 'LV ' + . ,. "74fu,gy4Y M'5,Q,ifE!" L ' Q' Si " '5fI'f'h'?E:., ' A7' we nhl L v gnu, 'JP 'X ' .'24,,5F1+q' i 'ff . , -ELMFW " ,lr -fwafm., f 'Q 4' X ,Nm fl. 'H I 3 .,. .i. , 315. .M :I- Ypw., , . ., V 4 "6-. 1 R ,. 4,.?M , :WWE V .' M ,cl W: X .,, Nm., ',1Q'wm1lkMa.' .wg mf DEDICA FACULTY SPORTS ORGANIZATIONS 12 You're lypical feens--malzing 'fun soul of worlc--sharing inleresis-F-you like jeans buf canichange 'ro glamour when i+ fifs the occasion. Yes. you're iypical leens--Go steady-aboul 'Five monihsg-Dress up-4 heels for her--lie for him-4-You know howfio drive--rely on lhe family bus-ge? if---say 'lwice aweelc. You snack, walche ielevisione, lislen fo fhe radio while doing homeworli. is W i e W You're a 'rypical high school sfudenf--You gooui for sporls one hun- dred per cenf---You hold clown a iob-baeby-si?--sogneiimesr into the early hours of morning--You workin sioros--garages-Sup lafe--liHle sPare fime. aeer if ll1r,e r ' u u Your daily schedule is a 'Familiar paHern of high school life--gei up 7:30-maybe 8:00-someiimes oversleep--ride l'he bus-go ai' brealc- Y' A-All speed fo cafeferia for lunch--drink colces-munch candy bars and dogs-now and 'lhen you order a real feed--You enjoy ' S' bu+ admil' il-sludy some-lhree hours a nighl'-no-a "A"-well "C"-Anyway you make lhe grade-iusl--bul because you are a sosince you New Q ADMINISTRATION if lf X E. M. DENNARD A. R. DOWNING Superintendent Waco Assistant Superintendent Public Schools Waco Public Schools BOARD OF EDUCATION Seated: William E. Darden, Dr. Howard Dudgeon, Jr., Vice President: Walter B. Dossett, President, Pat Taggart. Standing: J. E. Crews, Secretary and Business Manager, Franklin Smith, A. R. Downing, Assistant Superintendent, E. N. Dennard, Superintendent, C. V. Anderson, Peeler Williams, Jr. PRlNclPAL's MESSAGE W. O. GRIFFIN Students and Faculty of University High Greetings: There is a gradual growth in public respect and esteem re- garding this institution. This accomplishment has been the direct result of the efforts of many worthy students, faculty members, and patrons. As the school becomes more prominent, greater responsibil- ity rests on all of us to be worthy representatives. Let us all assume our share of this responsibility in our daily work here and as we come in contact with others elsewhere. ZAQ Zafjsss ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL MR, ADRIAN C. LUNDAY Assistant Principal, B.A., M.S. FAC U LTY ,,, . A I fIs A ' ISI I A figs. I AII I A, k,-V:' . , 'IAI 1 -:' . ,I, MRS. LH-LIAN MILAM MRS. LAURA MRS. BETTY Regisfrar B.A. CALLAN MCNAUGHTON Counselor B.A., M.A. Secretary MRS. KATHERINE MRS. WANDA ORMEL I. BOYD JESSE CARRELL MRS- ELVICE ALEXANDER BEEMAN B.S., M.E. B.S., M.S. Ind. Co-op CLEMENTS B.A., Eighth Grade B.A., Seventh Grade Voc. Agriculture Tr. B-B-A-, M.S., Math and Rd. and SD. FAC U LTY in MELVIN CORLEY B.S., Hsitofy W. R. CRUMP A. B., M.S. English History JAMES DAVIS B.A., English JESSE H. DAY B.M., M.S. Music 'Es x SV R X CLARENCE DIERKING B.S., Math, Junior High Coach MRS. LENORA DIXON, B.A., M.S Speech ALTHA EDGE M.A., Art MRS. MARY NELL EICHELBERGER B.S., M.S. I-Iomemaking - - 1 - .f 15.112111-.1,..1. f :Q.2ffE.f.-- .1 1 ' -:club-1ff"i,t'-j,-QQ". 'V ' .3 if , is A RRR? 'Q' Rmggilg as-1311.1 ' T' - . LsT:f21f "1 - ri - - 7 - -. .. - - - - - 'I - . -.myst-1225-1' 1 . . . ' ' ' ' A fs - .sig xvxrf. sfs1"f' if is sw: N ., I- f ' .- 'ii 'f . ..,if,.?. . 5... A 21 -. s is-.12 . 'A -- . : sg - - . wa., J. s . 1 was .is K . -- .sa- W. C. FOWLER B.S., M.S. Coach and P.E. MRS. VIRGINIA FURQUERON B.A., M.S. Seventh Grade JASPER GARLAND B.S., M.A. Coach and P.E. MRS. BETTYE HACKETT M.S., Eighth Grade MRS. ETHEL HAWES B.A., Math MRS. ALMA HEGGIE B.S., Math MRS. MARY HINTON B.S., Phys. Ed. RAYMOND N. HOLDEN Voc. Certificate Voc. Carpentry Trades BOB JOHNSON B.S., M.S. Science JESSIE JOHNSON B.S., M.A. Home Economics BILL LAMKIN B.A., M.A. Latin, EngIish PEGGY LEDDY B.S., Phys. Ed. .,2. :Q Www ' X. Q -v. Q XX w wwf 'F' A... , wiv uf ri i. X . 5 5 . ' X sf? X si X 7525 5 X eww - Q.. 519. 4.:. i . .,w..x,, -. .fg..,.mA . ,.gfk X, X .r., L K Qxiwgi. A - ffifxrf- wma . , x 5' ,JSA ,Q - ' I ffgggg ' - -ww-S' , v L2 'Y' S Ms? ASP 4 x xx-x xx wix Q gg ' Q k wg W, EQ N - --55.5 Q X r + Lk 3 ,ar 184 . 3 3 if 3' i N A 5 , 4 I -ar f J W.-rg Jw 1 1. x -xx S. X S-2' 3 ADM, .9 if 'bww-..f f Nw -, S1 3 Q-Mfg, Y'w ,sX..X.f ' F .v',w,'. g b'.s"w fy .w,. f,- b .,-' 3 5 Nxafh .,.. ....-4 .-. if... f..,..v.. N..-1. 41"w., U... -xx.. W. C. FOWLER Coach JASPER GARLAND Assistant Coach H. G. PEARSON Assistant Coach COACHES Bill Fowler attended Temple High School where he played football, lettering two years. At the University of Texas he played freshman football until a leg iniury forced him to quit. He was also a member of the varsity boxing team. After three years of college Mr. Fowler ioined the Coast Guard. He served in the Coast Guard during World War ll. Later he attended Baylor University where he obtained his Bachelor of Education degree. ln 1949 he became head coach in both football and basketball at University High. He has won several district championships in basket- ball and lost the '53 football championship on an official's blunder. Although picked for the cellar in a higher district this year, CUniversity moved from AA to AAA in football and basketballj University finished in a tie for fourth in a field of eight. This surprising showing of the football team earned him the title Coach of the Centex Super Squad and nomination for statewide Coach of the Year. Jasper Garland came to University High in 1950 as assistant coach to Coach W. C. Fowler. Mr. Garland has been assistant coach in football from that time until now except for the year 1952 when he went back into the Air Force. He has a B.S. and an M.A. degree from Baylor and is still attending Baylor working on his Doctor's Degree. Mr. Garland was state Badminton Champion for the years 1948, '49, and '50 and if you ever see him play you can tell that he is a great master of the game. Last year he was appointed basketball coach of the "A" team after coaching the "B" team the preceding years. His last year's team was given a trophy for the best disciplined team in the Belton tournament. Coach Garland is liked by everyone. "Hogo" Pearson is a graduate of Baylor University which he attended five years and has a B.S. and an M.A. degree. Mr. Pearson was a great baseball player for Baylor and had an illustrious career at catching for the Bears. He lettered four years in baseball, was all-conference catcher three of those years, and was captain of the team his senior year. Mr. Pearson came to our school in 1951. He has been the coach of the varsity "B" team two years in a row now. ln basketball he has been "B" team coach the last two years also. The "B" team last year won 10 and lost 13 and this year, in tougher competition, they have won 13 and lost only 4 for a very fine season. Out of the five years that Mr. Pearson has been baseball coach, he has coached the Troians to the District Championship four out of those five years. "Hogo," which is not really Mr. Pearson's name but iust a name given to him for his initial name of H. G., has played semi-pro baseball each year since he graduated from Baylor. Each summer after school is out he heads for New Ulm, Minnesota for whom he plays baseball. ln the five years of semi-pro ball his team has won the State Championship two out of five years and he, himself has made the All- Star team every year. i FOOTBALL " " TEAM X ve-assi' Bottom row: Jay Gardner, Stan Price, Royce Daily. Second row: Lewis Propst, Lanny French, Homer Moeller, Mr. Garland, Mr. Fowler, James Davis, Wendall Crunk, Satch Gonzales. Third row: Stanley Rentz, Frazier Ellis, Pat Henderson, Robert Duty, Raymond Kaluza, George Jurecka, Tommy Dennard, Bill Moeller. Fourth row: Pat McNamara, Bobby Buffington, Bobby McDaniels, Dorman Chambers, Dan Hoffmeyer, Bill Curry, Robert Payne, Bob Segrest. "B" TEAM SCORES JAMES KIRKPATRICK, Quarterback vvooois ROWELL, Guard McGregor University oooo DON BROCE, Quarterback DANNY WOODS, Guard Corsicana Univergitya 4 BILL MEIER, Quarterback LARRY BROWN, Guard Bryan iip- University ffi- JOHNNY ERICKSON, Quarterback HOWARD GEURIN, Guard Temple Un Yan-I 3 Universitynn DARRYL PRINGLE, fullback WAYNE RICHARDSON, Tackle meen University JERRY HUDSON, fullback JAMES SHANNON, Tackle W L " , . CARL GATLIN, Halfback RI 'Qs avega eeee A 6 Un'Ve'S"Y ARTHUR FUENTES, Halfback CECIL DUGAN, Halfback JAMES QUIRK, Halfback GUY MATTHEWS, Halfback ROBERT FORTUNE, Center HERB JONES, End JAMES VOSS, End BILLY POOL, End GAYLE MAHONEY, End JIMMY WEBB, End FLOY KUYKENDALL, Center HOMER MOELLER, Guard LALO BELTRAN, Guard BOBBY NEILL, Manager JOHNNY KIRKPATRICK, Manager JOHNNY BRACKEEN, Tackle "B" TEAM SEASON The "B" team had its first season of regular scheduled games. We started off by beating McGregor 4l-O and ended the season with a victory over our heated rival LaVega 27-6. The "B" team was made up mostly from last year's Junior High championship team. We won three, lost two, and tied one. All of the games were played out of town. There are many promising players for the "A" team. We had a successful season and some of the boys will see a lot of action with the "A" team next year. The highlight of the season was beating LaVega. royans mousn cCallu , 26- ni nouns nmnw its of place UZ! to score only to d nuliified by a later Milan passe for a touchdown red, flag six points OVGI' 1'I'0jB3rl'.lS'1'HIIlD1 11111: Lanny Lewxs Propst, and Stanley Renta one thing--3 victory. . iigured ictorj Fra nc-h, Oni than BOB BUFFINGTON, Captain GEORG and grass of xU1Px Stadium turf before aw ON0 N45 .um 1 crowd of 400 fans. RMNX H NX-OE' Outer Line Backer Center on Super-Centex Squad left E JUR Half ECKA ' AN'Dfsrricr ecka scored the touchdowns and vasaw Ha : in 16 carries for S of the night. N xx-DW r+eN0ERSOna Team A Qdd LEWIS PROPST Quarterback, Line Backer 11-lf CSACH Go . B B7 khkl . O f-mea G NZALES ' B a B u5,d P PI SegO Lei' End' inside B Q L . lfle Bgcker OB E5 Owns me Back WX a L xmxback an ROBERT DUTY Quarterback Rky 7 D awe AN HOFFM5 ll me 'LWHCOI was cm mam m-mmmrmm Sawfw, Gm-ver 15-195' 0 Li Spa-vial in 895, ' ' Ex ltodes Rall nifmse, thttllmg t their daring runs. E ttulzxed in his us df-fm game along w and Hill Moc-Iter, the Trojans rollins ' 1: -i .. iv- xx ith offensive in ,he G a Lmnl Juicdia was P91401 ' Tinian Donald D . ' mm me One' I all time after kick put the .J was injured taken 1 second quar bundle X, F51 ,i - , todod time af lewd H Bm Nt? 'Pimp Aacoans. Gued gi. e Lion 34, F NM-:wth i i. . rfffwefm 221122 .ZF'??fp.i?G'lf9 5 , ' pwked up 1.05 3 till fiat," ' ff -' ,mother bear D WNW' 44,6113 than raced over ti gm-ds in camug tw a iii XQPSIIZEZ " 15 pi.. . N wb , vennitvwl R l3'X'b1'3Y'd Sfflllffi chamh n1'fmff'1l V A , A f zum?" S 2 Yuen L gixenlahle IUPP' 4 'ic was blmked. i The TAYLOR vvmnow the 5125, 27 ' 'B L ,, . Bmww' gm-ed-'n thx V ,X ., W - lm i A lmm 'haltba k Invm-ctr Presb ,nntiicpgtitfrt Zur distrist 99,4 6404 IM,ya:,.d H5532 Right Half kd, 8 Ulf MOE! nlvarlvs Stapp, Bull. .Iain-ksoiz. Tex lining ,1f,,:'1,,.':e glmzw tw ti Clie iw Bm ff' it H tgirl it aff, we ,ilfmi fa'ff'aut:"i. , - ' - 1' 16 N, . tl A ' Qi ,f-cl'c- irxcedturn uni en 9 in e . G 'Y' S8 A 01' ' D LH fm fPf the spasm' XP RWQN Univicix ggltlgriitwlgeiiis iczgiixegltei' A Uard Wild of U10 NVSY D91'l0d- Y nvers1ty's touchdown tvi phi! ,1 me sg-L-ond qigartey Duty called another excellent ,ans apparei1tlyV,6ased up sckg Raaymond Kuluzg 1 line Q and congtantly kept the provont a mnawa ' n ri ,ml d 1 ge urea a, st in paced the ' DJAN right 3, n s e pm ott guard with one other touchdown duri motion when 302 yar was once quarterback line for the raced minutes of the nn the downed C e game ot Stunning Donald De xx try in to U Clint Kopusl. wma! The Ynmnen, A niversitys . it ' was to ms, O' gl .E X points bvhind X . LWMNMM an 'wriifd cxmjrmind A was new -is for John Duuwm mgiiziii-izfilf rntnuteea to 5.1 ,tpufiithe Lions .l sparked H t" VFW ?W?0dl'S ga"?f'- W'--4 QU and , ll In the Be his e I Une! umwunn, naluxux .mmm him mqwnng N A took A han th xml The final ' STANLEY RENTZ tt A it! tru., A Park and rippa e oe oqvnfre - the In-X' n- e fc its way to fravis 44. On tl James Dalfis fUh"mPQ' 393 5' otable we yardfi Cenfef FRAZI ""0lld play ol this Travis serie glarimg..a,gid1e ohgallk Ps r Hof' 1-immpson-S pk,C,,m,,m mf 16,6 51? Eu, necdlvd his ivay'1S'yari . ate Nxpil Backe ' Ymmm ahead 745' Dorman 'Staff S :st down on tue 'lroian 3 Cameyon tw" 1 NXQNP Line A Dan hers' kick Mtg, ,hp it rcfrixrzxmtn Fam: r-Am: n.. twn ot1,Hl1-tive-vvi'. it was a UWT? f1V9'5Q5 PP Tackle' M, m,m,,,,,qi,,,, touchdown had hem im., L --T-- I.. .argmg lrogan lmo as the Leg gl than penalized to its own half-yard iwld and milk the halt on the ' Awgi gtyfpggx lawn 710. Buftmztnn was a riots - , . lsiw tcrrm- during this INHIIUKXVE' I Lmfns femr again threit' stopping throc plugs sinuirhartdm umm Gilmore bmke A wiirf throwing Gtiocli-A tm- Inns: Devs' punt in the next 5 K ' Hgnailiixgg the hiuising Prv was all University durg. l' he stood hr-rw:-r second half, il -- -A -finwk and U7 Trojans started tl A drive from their ov , . dow, ,W Universityk sensat pxcmn vii? George Jureckf - Si,-Paks. ' Kaluza picked mm: X i . my fl-,ma Duty gmbbed a it ' kwk ,ga a six-yard sneak , , - . ,d 13,0 Jurecka, who wa- fl' g t N , 'M on th the march. gain' A i Li . -- tt, '- agtjw ppyio aim t S, A .mi wnirim .' 'N t .- , midfilff fff fb' Nfl I'f',T.QilT.Hl.H"r .Iureckn th ' ' ' de in N10 U ,-ls tlxvn shnnl 1 .Sthn me En' .nrt fl1J!'ll1tI .tht nning little bf N- A 4 v 1 i nl K ,bd -...e six. Duty 5, A 1 f I. , Dl1llIiYei7T11YEreCka W' mom .tofh :ii-llffpxiulillglxz ' f ' H , 'on ... tw tif: nxt:-a point gg' Coy BAILEY ,E was Ride but the 6-T' "Me waa 1 The .rmmu swung! U1 the SCN . good enough tor vict l . ' , ' NK Softs De1'en5iveLeffEnd za The Umm amd 3111 CU :nz with nne mmuii-. BS sc-condi Q yer .I . T - mm I Y A ' , . ' ,Q- ,Q lining tn yslny. Duty r'ii111ux0t QPA-X' CR Une Bac .in the falnixfeiigsg me two lim Wllivll oiltewtvixe wg 1:55 izmigduin '951' gndky ,-yard di-iw fzwmi ttw nm aim Sta. WEN Guard' .inpered the distance toi'iP"3"1iCanY menly matched' Tlhalf Theitight Troisn dgtense 'pst had mm""""1 R Rm" a Cameron Ryghl 4,911 fbuchdouln :Tmian forward wall avwraged 1 ' . ' ' ' " nhip , t P . - ' . . the Lmns to only 57 yards on that ' , 3 01 319 Zfimf-'ill 1 Thompsoxfs kick made it 141-6, agfff'ff'ff to Camemn S,,17f' .. ,. Fm-mmf! .M 19- an ni- .q.. 1 Tim nm,-iq it-B... chu a...t......, Lili... L- KL-A .M .t-..- 1 Z 4, if ,F '1- FOOTBALL nl Bailey, Buffington, and Gonzales get side line tips from Coaches Fowler and Garland during the Killeen- University game. SEASON Sept. 9-Trojans vs. Cameron Yeomen. The Trojans launched their T955 season by outplaying the Yeomen only to lose the game in the last three and one-half minutes. The game opened when the Trojans moved the ball 7l yards to the Yeo goal line only to be stopped by penalties of too much time and offsides. Late in the second quarter the Trojans marched from their own 49 to the Yeo two, only to lose the ball on a fumble. With the fourth period five minutes old Robert Duty sneaked over from the one to put the Trojans ahead 6-0. This lead was short lived, however, for Cameron drove 70 yards to score with a penalty against the Trojans putting the ball in scoring position on the three. The Yeomen then led 7-6 and cinched the game with an intercepted pass run back for a touchdown. Sept. l6-Trojans at Killeen. Trojan fans saw plenty of scoring this Friday night only to see the Trojans fall short in the duel 110-19. The Trojans, however, were again plagued by fumbles as they lost the ball three times. The Trojans scared the Kangaroos with their surprising offensive power by marching 65 yards for a touch- down the first time they had the ball. The attack by the Trojans concentrated for three quarters on the tricky leg work of halfbacks Jurecka and Kaluza. Late in the final period quarterback Robert Duty took to the air and led a 60-yard march which ended, on the game's final play, with a scoring pitch to Donald Dees in the flat that covered eight yards. Defensively Trojan standouts were guards, Bill Moeller and Wendell Crunk and center, Stanley Rentz. Sept. 23-Trojans vs. Ennis Lions. Victory came sweet and gentle to the welcoming arms of the University Trojans at Municipal Stadium as they completely outclassed and overpowered the highly-touted Ennis Lions, 6-0. Duty was masterful in play calling and threw several passes to Henderson who made some fine catches. The Trojans played like an organized unit and were all heroes in winning this one. Dees was the scoring hero pile-driving over from two yards out for the winning touchdown early in the second period. Fine defensive performances were turned in by Buffington, Moeller, Propst, Henderson, French, McNamara, and Rentz. The Trojan defense was so tight that the Lions could muster only four first downs, only one coming in the second half. The Lions were also held to only 57 yards on the ground and T8 in the air. BASKETBALL "A" TEAM Bottom row: Wilfred Schaeper, Wendall Crunk, James Kirkpatrick, Dan Holly, Christian Hansen. Second row: Mr. Garland, Coach: Bill Curry, Pat Henderson, Taylor Whitlow, Royce Dailey, Manager. Top row: Johnny Campbell, George Furqueron, Stanley Rentz, Bobby Sullivan. SEASON Nov. 25: Opening a hopeful season in Waco against McGregor the spirited Trojans downed a tall McGregor team 43-41. Taylor Whitlow had 11 points for high point honors. Nov. 29: The Troians racked up their second win of the season the Belton Tigers. The Hustling Troians defeated Belton 55-53. Dan Holley scored 34 points to set a Troian record. Dec. 2: The Troians iourneyed to Belton and met the revengeful Tigers who won 53-46. Bobby Sullivan dumped in 18 points to lead the Troians' scoring. Dec. 5: The Troians dominated the game throughout as they defeated Cameron by a score of 63-33. Bobby Sullivan was again high point man with 15 points. Dec. 7: Playing in the Heart O' Texas Coliseum in the Coca-Cola Tournament, the Troians met Class 4-A champions Crozier Tech and were defeated 64-44. Bill Curry and Wendell Crunk led the team in points with 10 each. Dec. 9: The spirited Troians met North Side of Fort Worth in their second game and were defeated 56-36. Bill Curry led the Troians with 18 points. Dec. 10: The Trojansplayed in the first televised game of Central Texas as they met the Waco Kittens and defeated them by a score of 44-43. Dan Holley led the Troians in scoring with 14 points. Bill Curry was Tenth high score in the tourney with 34 points. Dec. 13: Travelling to Cameron the Troians met the Yeomen and defeated them by a score of 45-32. Taylor Whitlow had 13 points and Wilfred Schaeper, 12. Dec. 15: The cold Troians entered the Temple Tourney and were defeated 45-42 in the first game against Rockdale. Wilfred Schaeper took high point honor with 12 points. Dec. 16: Playing in the consolations, the Troians played the second string most of the way and defeated the Killeen "B" by a score of 53-43. Wilfred Schaeper led the Troians with 13 points. CContinued at end of bookj DISTRICT GAME SCORES Univ. S 56 Palestine ,,,,,,,,, ,,,., S Univ. 60 Travis ......S..... ,..... Univ. S S SSSSS 42 McCallum SSSSS Univ.SSS SS 44 Palestine Univ SS 62 Corsicana SSSS.S S Univ.S.. SSSS 54 Brownwood Univ SSSSS 53 Temple SS.SSSS. S Univ S SSSSSS 40 Bryan SSSSSSSS SSSSSS Univ SS 37 Travis Univ S SSSS S56 Palestine S SSSSS Univ ,SSSSSS SS SSSS 60 Corsicana SSSSS SSSS S S UnivSSS SSSSSSSSSSS S SSSSSS 51 McCallum SSSS SSSS S Univ,SS SSSS SSSS S 49 Temple SSSSSSSSSSSSS NON-DISTRICT GAME SCORES Univ.S SSSSSSSS S SSSSSSS 43 Hillsboro SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS SS Univ .SSSS SSSSSSS55 Belton SSSSSSS SSSSSS Univ.SS. SSS.SSS 46 Belton SSSSSSS S... S S Univ.SS SSSS S .... 63 Cameron SSSSSS Univ... S SSSSSSS 45 Cameron SSSSSS Univ .SSS SSS4O Adamson S Univ .SSSSSSS SSSSSSS 5 6 Mexia SSSSSSS SSSSSS Univ We---A53 Hillsboro INDIVIDUAL SCORES Scorers Wilfred Schaeper Bill Curry Taylor Whitlow Dan Holley Johnny Campbell Bobby Sullivan Wendall Crunk Christian Hansen Pat Henderson Stanley Rentz James Kirkpatrick George Furquerson Billy Ash No. Points 220 215 199 190 189 177 97 55 36 36 16 8 3 Mr. Garland gives the team some extra pointers between the halves. Dec. 17: Playing on Saturday morning the Trojans met Boerne and downed them 57-49. Bill Curry was hot and hit 20 points for high honors. Dec. 17: The Marlin Bulldogs felt they had the consolation title cinched going into the last quarter of the game leading by a score of 53-34, but the amazing Trojans with Bill Curry shooting and Stanley Rentz rebounding roared from behind and won by a score of 61-60. Curry was chosen on the All-Tourney team for his marvelous performances. The Trojans won the Consolation Title of the Tournament. Dec. 20: Going to Big "D" the Trojans were defeated by Adamson of Dallas by the score of 55-40. Taylor Whitlow was high man with 10 points. Dec. 23: Playing during the Christmas Holidays the Trojans defeated Mexia 56-48. Pat Henderson playing his first game since his knee injury scored 11 points to lead the team. Dec. 30: Opening District warfare in a bigger and more experienced district the Trojans met Bryan in their first game and were defeated 69-54. The Trojans made a close ball game out of it for three quarters and then fell behind. Taylor Whitlow led the team with 14 points. Jan. 3: The Trojans gained their first victory in the district by defeating Travis of Austin 60-47. Johnny Campbell led the team with 15 points. Jan. 6: Going to Austin the Trojans met defending champion McCallum and were defeated 64-42. Wilfred Schaeper had 8 points for the Trojans. Jan. 10: Over in the piney woods of East Texas the Trojans met the tall Palestine Wildcats and were defeated 80-44. Wilfred Schaeper led the Trojans with 15 points and Bobby Sullivan led with 1 1 points. Jan. 13: A tall Corsicana team came to Waco and defeated the Trojans in a close game 64-62. The game was led by Bobby Sullivan who dunked in 14 points. Jan. 17: Playing Hillsboro in a non-district game in Waco the Trojans defeated them 53-52. Johnny Campbell had high point honors with 16 points. Jan. 24: The Temple Wildcats tripped the Trojans by a score of 59-53 on the Trojans' hardwoods. The Trojans kept it close until the fourth quarter when the Trojans hit a cold spell and dropped 15 points behind. Little Wilfred Schaeper was high man with 13 points. Barbara, Tommy and Betty adding "pep" at the game. Jan. 27: Traveling to Bryan the Trojans were outscored by the Bronchos 70-40. The Trojans were off in their shooting as basket-happy Bronchos went further ahead. Bill Curry was high point man for the Trojans with 11 points. Jan. 31: The redhot Travis Rebels surged ahead 32-20 at halftime then stalled the second half to whip the Trojans at Austin 57-37. Bobby Sullivan led the Trojans with 11 points. Feb. 7: Playing one of their best games of the season, the Trojans fell before Palestine by a score of 65-56. The hustling Trojans led at halftime and lost the game in the third quarter as they scored only 10 points to Palestine's 17. Bobby Sullivan was high for the Trojans with 18 points. Feb 10: Playing at Corsicana the tall Bengals of Navarro County dropped the Trojans 72-60. The loss dropped the Trojans into the cellar. The Trojans were led by Taylor Whitlow as he poured in 14 points. Feb. 14: The speedy, accurate, District Champions, Brownwood downed the hustling Trojans 73-54 in a home game. The Trojans jumped into a quick lead of 6-4 only to drop it. Playing without their best floorman, Wilfred Schaeper, the Trojans were sparked by Johnny Campbell who scored 18 points. Feb. 16: The hustling Trojans couldn't keep pace with sensational Jay Arnette as he scored 30 points against the Trojans in a home game. The McCallum Knights dropped the Trojans 71-51. Johnny Campbell led the Trojans with 10 points. Feb. 17: Concluding their season with a trip to Temple for a dangerous game, the Trojans lost by a score of 70-49. The Trojans were led by Wilfred Schaeper and Bill Curry with 13 and 12 points respectively. COCA COLA TOURNEY TEMPLE TOURNEY Univ .. 44 Crozier Tech ..... .... . . 64 Univ. . ..... .... 42 Rockdale Univ . ..... 36 North Side ................ 56 Univ. ....... -..,...53 Killeen "B" . CFL Worthj Univ .... .. .. H57 Boerne Univ .44 Waco High ..... 43 Univ ......, . .... .61 Marlin ,. "B" TEAM Bottom row: Johnny Erickson, Billy Ash, Leeverl Moreland, Keith Gaines James Voss Bobby McDaniel Second row: Donald Osborne, Eddie Peterson, Bill Meier, Jerry Herring, Arthur Fuentes Top row Coach Pearson, Harry Hotfmeyer, Chester Webster, Kermit Lassetter, Johnny Kirkpatrick The "B" team had a very good season winning thirteen games and losing four University University University University University University University University University University University University University University University University University SCORES 1 ll McGregor "B B"--,,, ,.,, 49 Belton "B" ,W B" ..,,.... 44 Belton "B" .-- B" ,.e..eea 37 Cameron "B" B" ,aa..... 39 Cameron "B" B" ..s...,, 43 Adamson "B" " ee,ae,,e 56 Mexia "B" " e,,e.,,e 52 Hillsboro "B" B" ,,e,. ---52 Bryan "BP " ..s. ,W54 Catholic High " -.,v,... 44 Palestine "B" B" ..,...,, 66 Corsicana "B' B" .,e,ee,. 40 Temple "B" ,- B" ,e,, ,... 4 5 Bryan "B" ,--- " ......., 48 Palestine "B" B" ,ee,.e,, 67 Corsicana "B' B" ,..,.,,, 45 Temple "B" -- 1 I BASEBALL Univ Univ Univ Univ Univ Univ Univ Univ Univ .,U.A,U, Baseball team from left to right: Jay Gardner, Bill Curry, Varnell Barnard, Jerry Brink, Wilfred Schaeper, Stanley Shelnutt, lewis Propst, George Jurecka, Eddie Petrick. Standing: Charles Mackenroth, Bobby Henson, Dan Holley, Donald Dees, Danny Baxley, Mr. Pearson, Coach, Phil Highfill, Wayne Hefft, Stanley Rentz. O R E S - ...., -0 Adamson CDallasj ....v... Univ. eee..,A eeee,.. 1 Bryan Riverside CFt. Worth Univ.------. Belton Riverside CFt. Worthj Univ.-----, . .4 Temple ,. . La Vega Univ.---,.,. M2 Hillsboro La Vega Univ.,-,,-s- Corsicana Hillsboro 2 Cleburne Corsicana Univ..-.---. WGCO High . Cleburne Univ.--.--- -..I Bryan . Belton . Temple Univ .o.,, s. - ...e,o .O Waco High ..,.e,e ,.,.. . . . 8 5 E A S O N March 5-Trojans vs. Adamson CDaIlasD at Dallas. University lost its season opener to Adamson by a score of 3-O, being allowed only one hit. After allowing Adamson to score in the first and second innings, the Troians blanked them the rest of the way but the damage had already been done. March 8-Trojans vs. Amon Carter Riverside at Ft. Worth. After having leads of 3-O and 6-2, the Troians faltered in the 5th, allowing the Eagles to score 4 runs. The Troians were paced by Lewis Propst and Danny Baxley with two hits apiece. Final score was 8-6. March lO-Trojans vs. Amon Carter Riverside at Waco. Led by Donald Dee's fine hitting and a 3 for 3 day by Danny Baxley, the Trojans avenged an earlier defeat at the hands of the Eagles. After the visiting Eagles gained a 2-O lead, the fighting Trojans came back to make the score 2-l and 3-2 before a four run Uprising in the fourth pushed the Troians ahead to stay. Successive singles by Lewis Propst, Charles Mackenroth, and Baxley, a long fly by Dees, and two infield errors ac- counted forthe runs. Final score was 7-5. March 15-University vs. La Vega at Bellmead. Although each team could get only four hits, the Pirates made theirs more valuable winning by a score of 4-l. All four runs were unearned. The Troians got theirs in the fourth on a single by Wilfred Schaeper, a walk and Danny Baxley's single. BASEBALL INFIELD Bottom row: Bobby Henson, Jerry Brink, Wilfred Schaeper, Stanley Shelnutt, Wayne Hefft. Standing: Eddie Petrich, Danny Baxley, Charles Mackenroth, Phil Highfill, and Stanley Rentz. March 18-Trojans vs. La Vega at Waco. The Troians nosed out the Pirates 2-l, in a game that was shortened by rain. Wilfred Schaeper scored both runs for the Troians. In the first inning he walked, advanced on a hit batsman, and scored on a single by Danny Baxley. The second run came on an error, wild pitch, and Charles Mackenroth's single. March 22-Trojans vs. Hillsboro at Waco. The Troians opened their defense of 7-AA championship in a winning way by beating the Hillsboro Eagles 4-3. Trailing 3-l up until the sixth inning, the Trojans started a rally which saw three runs scored before the fire was put out. The sixth started off on a single by Stanley Shelnutt, Danny Baxley was safe on an error and both advanced as Charles Macken- roth grounded out. Shelnutt scored on Wayne Hefft's single, and Baxley stole home as Eddie Petrich struck out. 'Bill Curry singled to drive Wayne Hefft home with the final tally. March 29-Trojans vs. Corsicana at Corsicana. The Troians suffered their first setback in district competition when Elium Doss scored the winning run in the ninth inning after the Tigers tied the score at 4-4 in the fifth. The Troians could get only one hit, a double by Charles Mackenroth. April l-Trojans vs. Cleburne at Waco. Cleburne's five run second inning was enough to hand the Troians their second district defeat in a row. The Troians scored all their runs in the first on a walk by Wilfred Schaeper, Stanley Shelnutt's double, an error allowing Donald Dees to reach first, followed by walks to Danny Baxley and Charles Mackenroth and Baxley's stealing home. April 4-Trojans vs. Belton at Belton. The Troians and Belton tied 6-6 in a ten inning game called because of darkness. The Troians scored four runs in the fourth on singles by Bobby Henson and Danny Baxley, two errors, a hit batsman and three stolen bases. April 5-Trojans vs. Waco High at Waco. The Troians -lost their third district game by a score of 8-O to Waco High. The Troians were held to three hits and left six men on base. April 7-Trojans vs. Bryan at Waco. The Troians went down to their fourth straight district defeat by a score of 5-i. The lone Troian run came in the third inning as Wilfred Schaeper singled, stole second, and scored on a single by Danny Baxley. The Troians committed four errors, which accounted for two Broncho runs. r BASEBALL OUTFIELD Donald Dees, standing. Others: Varnell Barnard, Dan Holley, George Jurecka, Lewis Propst and Bill Curry. April 'll-Trojans vs. Belton at Waco. The Trojans finished their non-district games with a 7-5 victory over the Belton Tigers. The game's feature was a triple play by the Trojans in the seventh with the bases loaded. Third baseman Eddie Petrich speared a line drive, touched third for the second out and threw to second for the third out. The Trojans scored six runs in the fourth when Jerry Brink and Wilfred Schaeper walked, Eddie Petrich singled and Charles Mackenroth was hit by a pitched ball forcing in a run. Walks to Danny Baxley and Donald Dees scored two more. Bill Curry singled home two more and Dees scored on a fly ball. April 13-Trojans vs. Temple at Temple. With the Trojans smelling victory into the last of the seventh inning the Temple Wildcats rallied in this inning to beat the Trojans at Temple, 5-4. After Temple jumped into a 2-0 lead in the third inning the Trojans came back to tie it up in the fourth inning. Charles Mackenroth singled, Danny Baxley got on with a fielders' choice, and Bill Curry singled to bring in two runs. The Trojans moved ahead, 4-2, with two runs in the fifth as Wilfred Schaeper singled, Mackenroth tripled, and Baxley doubled. Donald Dees went the distance for the Trojans striking out five. April T9-The Trojans vs. Hillsboro at Hillsboro .The Trojans ventured to Hillsboro only to suffer a 3-2 loss to the Eagles. The Eagles led 3-O with the Trojans making a great effort to get back in the game on one run in each of the two innings. The Tro- jans collected six hits with Shelnutt and Curry each getting and RBI. Mackenroth and Rentz did the pitching chores for the Trojans. April 29-Trojans vs. Cleburne at Cleburne. The Trojans won their second district victory by defeating he Cleburne Yellow Jackets T2-8, in a game at Cleburne. The game broke the Trojans seven-game losing streak. Stanley Rentz was the winning pitcher and Donald Dees hit a bases-loaded triple to pace the Trojan attack against four Cleburne pitchers. April 26-Trojans vs. Corsicana Waco. In an exciting game at Katy Park the Corsicana Tigers broke loose on tiring pitcher Stanley Rentz to hand the Trojans an 8-3 loss. Stanley Shelnutt led the Trojans with two hits. The Trojans jumped to an early 2-run lead in the second inning only to let it slip as Corsicana scored five runs in the tenth. CContinued at end of bookj University had a very fine season in track in 1955. Led by Melvin Heaton, the best all-around track athlete in the district, along with Aubrey Bradford, Billy Hinton, Jim Payne, Bobby Wickman, and the relay teams, the Troians fin- ished a very close second to Gatesville, in the district meet. The Trojans lost the Champion- ship by one fourth of a point. I -5 ' ffl , TRACK 1955 man, Jim Payne and Melvin Heaton University led all the way in the meet until the high lump, the final event. When Gatesville took the first and second places, and the best the Trojans coud do was a fourth place tie, the Hornets won the Championship. The Tro- ians entered meets at Cameron, Ft. Worth, and Killeen. At the Killeen Relays the 440 yard relay team set a new record. 77 6 X 4 1 Sxwgll. :ffm Pictured above are Coach Fowler, Bobby Wick- Z - I ' 1. I I if HIGHLIGHTS OF TRACK, 1955 Best Athlete-MELVIN HEATON Hardest Worker-BILLY HINTON Most Embarrassing Moment-Bob Segrest hitting an official at the Killeen Relays. 4' Kneeling: Billy Hinton, Bob Allen, Aubrey Bradford, Bob Segrest, Richard Luevano, Darryl Pringle, Gene Kammon. Standing: Jerry Cowan, Robert Duty, Bill Moeller, Bobby Wickman, Jim Payne, Melvin Heaton, Coy Bailey, Pat McNamara, George Boyce. M, gl H151 a 15 ? , ES gf Q 12 2 , 2 E5 Q55 3 2 Z L 5 5 Q 2 -X S Q X x 5 X 5 5 CHEERLEADERS 4.17 ,R xl x fi Q xt? X! C Kneeling: Barbara Densman, Diane Smiih, Be1ty Frey. Standing: Jerry Herring, Claude Carey, Thomas Baxley. i is T QS A 1-2 X Q fi if T 22,- L' f .LP ' gi 5 5 . . , Xb rH"'f fei ' A -x rie 5, 11 1 L- , I ' A ' ' X-f li .. wgx wii V ,War N ,Q-. Y Q "' . 5 1 5' CLAUDE CAREY MRS. HINTON, Sponsor BETTY FREY if S v - f 1 M .er. ,T l Y A A E 3 FW flu K- 5 " rf , 1 ' . 9, A si : R ' -MM-w ni N K T B mimi Q i llhja T, + ' L gr ' f . 11- Wwis u. 5, -X A M My - X i-ix fi i 'ii i-.'i' r .. I .ez :S 5 ' 555524 E if L, 3 BARBARA DENSMAN JERRY HERRING DIANE SMITH THOMAS BAXLEY PEPPERS Bottom row: Nancy Payne, Jo Nell Hollingsworth, Lillie Pena, Eethel Spear, Marie Chance, Martha Miller, Judy Macy, Jo Ann Campbell, Jean Plasek. Second row: La Vonne McCray, June Clark, Geneva Yates, Janette Crockett, Linda Smith, Mary Lou Nowka, Mary Venable, Loretta Carpenter, Alvena Childs. Third row: Glenda Kornegay, Gail Bartee, Hazel Humphries, Edith Cooey, Barbara Nix, Sue Springfield, Nita Baldridge, Betty Jones, Anne Nix. Fourth row: Arlena Frix, Carolyn Woodliff, Lynette Morris, Barbara Tiller, Liddy Anderson, Martha May, Beverly Gill, Patsy Williams, Peggy McWhirter. Top row: Barbara Oliver, Mrs. Hinton, Sponsor. Not shown: Marcia Anderson. OFFICERS President .aa..aaaaa A.aAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaA B ARBARA OLIVER Vice President ,eee a.aaer M ARCIA ANDERSON Secretary ,,......... ..... C AROLYN WOODLIFF Sponsor eeee ,..,., . .,.e M RS. HINTON AlMS To show appreciation for organized sports through ryhthmic marching and syn- chronized cheering. To help build and maintain good school spirit. z:,..g-:f- ,M - t Q Q 2 4 R, X H vs? , Nr, WR f Sw: I ' ' :Q - '- 1 3. -Q xx 4 R . ,, 1A,,.,,,.,A i Mg M W 3 +5 ,Q A X .sry 2 - A f Y 9 7--f N151 X ii' QE? H at ,usa vifiik BAND l 5 t ' 3 -'JW ff warm First row: Alan Glockzin, John Clements, Susie Shultz, Ann Wheelis, Harold Dickens, Johnny Player. Second row: Fredda Clewis, Martha Lynn May, Kenneth Cepak, Douglas Dato, William fMcCown, Clinton Watson, Orland Long, Cornell Benkendorfer, Jimmy Creed, Gayle McHargue, Bobby Hammock, Third row: James Robertson, June Reese, Bobby Dickerson, Ruby Blackman, Terry Fisher, Mike McCown, Bobby Hopper, James Robinson, Weldon Douglas, Tommy Head, Wayne Douglas, Clyde Smith, Jerry Dickerson, Grady Bletsch, Phil Highfill, Kenneth Knight. Fourth row: Frances Brackeen, Mr. Day, Director, Mary Ann Niles, Richard Yarbrough, Wanda Payne, Sally Clanton, Hope Arellano, Barbara Meyer, Joan Oldham. OFFICERS President ,e,e,.,. E, e.e,, JAMES ROBERTSON Vice President ,,ee . .,,, ,,,e,,,,e C LYDE SMITH Secretary .eeeee, .. e.,, , WANDA PAYNE Treasurer ., e,,,,e , e,,,,ee,, JUNE REESE Drum Major - .,.. eeeee R ICHARD YARBROUGH Majorettes ,,,e, , ,,,,,, , HOPE ARELLANO SALLY CLANTON MARY ANN NILES BARBARA MEYER Banners ,e,e FRANCES BRACKEEN JOAN OLDHAM WANDA PAYNE Director e,,. f ,B ........ MR. DAY PURPLE NOTES Bottom row: Michael McCown, Bobby Hammock, Clinton Watson, Kenneth Cepak, William McCown. Second row: Darryl Pringle, Johnny Player, Richard Yarbrough, Jesse H. Day, Sponsor, Phil Highfill, Grady Bletsh. Third row: James Robertson, Bobby Dickerson, Weldon Douglas, Tornmy Head. Not shown: Douglas Dato, Allan Glockzin, Julian Vasquez, Kenneth Knight, Harold Dickens, Wayne Douglas, Terry Fisher, James Robinson. OFFICERS President .,..,,,,,, ,..,.,,,,,, R ICHARD YARBROUGH Vice President .,,,,s,,s, e ,,,, WILLIAM MCCOWAN Secretary-Treasurer ,,,,, , , KENNETH KNIGHT Sergeant-at-Arms .,cs,c, W AYNE DOUGLAS Sponsor L,,c,e,,,,c, ....,,,e,,....e, , MR. DAY AIMS The purpose of this club is to provide a dance-band for school functions, to pro- vide training in dance music for interested students. SENl0R HIGH CHOIR ' E Ag Bottom row: Mrs. Evelyn Orr, Mary Ann Meier, Judy Macy, Mary Lee Owens, Linda Smith, Mary Lou Nowka, Mary Ann Niles, Ellen Swanner, Elizabeth Londenberg, Sandy Courtney, Lille Mae Pena, Delores Moreno. Second row: Betty Jones, Theresa Erck, Wayne Zinz, Conrad Gamez, Daniel Partida, Glynda Parker, Irene Wade, Loretta Carpenter. Third row: Ruth Foster, Twila Ferguson, Ethel Spear, Martha Miller, Jay Gardner, Wayne Roberts, Brenda Clemons, Nita Baldridge, DeLois Riddley. Fourth row: Billie Rutledge, Joyce Collins, Barbara Clay, Janette Crockett, Darryl Pringle, Sue Springfield, Frances Harden, Ruby Barnes, Linda Bishop. Fifth row: Azalea Watkins, Alice Harden, Charles Nunn, Jerry Duncan, Edwin Yaunce, Bob Segrest, Stanton Hoffmeyer, Donald Sherrard, Wanda Payne, La Vonne McCray. Top row: Robert Allen, Hollis Powell, Milton Anthon, Dudley Anderson, Freddy Burns, Donald Ashley, Jerry Herring, Mary Venable, Judy Koon. Not shown: Marilyn Hicks, Toby Farris, Betty Stodgill, Lavada Willard. OFFICERS President JERRY HERRING Vice President THERESA ERCK Secretary-Treasurer ROBERT ALLEN Sergeant-at-A rms MARILYN HICKS DUDLEY ANDERSON Sponsor MRS. ORR Q Sweetheart and Beau MARY ANN MEIER and JAY GARDNER AIMS To provide opportunities for the enioyrnent of worthwhile experi- ences through music. To learn the value of cooperation in group ef- fort. To develop techniques and standards for public perform- ances. To apply knowledge of correct use of the singing voice and of fundamentals of music. To develop recognition of music as a vocation and as a leisure time activity. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Bottom row: Mary Lou Nowka, Linda Smith, Mary Lee Owens, Bob Segrest, Beaug Wanda Payne, Mary Venable. Second row: Billie Rutledge, Nita Baldridge, Joan Oldham, Judy Koon, Frances Brackeen, Sue Springfield. Top row: Judy Macy, Ethel Spear, Mrs. Orr, Sponsor, Marcia Anderson, Theresa Erck. Not shown: Lavada Willard. OFFICERS President ..,..,a,, aa,.,, W ANDA PAYNE Vice President .,.,,.,,, ,,,,, MARY VENABLE Secretary-Treasurer WWJUDY MACY Sponsor a...a,,e,aa.aa,.. ea,,, M RS. ORR AIMS To provide enjoyable and worthwhile musical experiences for young women. To develop a leisure time activity. To learn techniques of public performance. To learn the value of cooperative oroup effort. lg 21- ' .-n'?F"Ta-s ,E ,-5 3 5? fs : ' . - ' 'S' ffl:-.:,-',1x f ffh 'AA' , t, " t X L ww E .Q l ........ . .. . ,,. 7 ,... 1, X a L x . ,7,f,'Q nyc BOYS' GLEE CLUB Bottom row: Royce Portwood, Jay Gardner, Barbara Densman, Dudley Anderson, Bobby Parsons. Second row: Bobby Hopper, Bob Segrest, Stanton Hoffmeyer, Donald Ashely, Milton Anthon, Mike McCown. Third row: Charles Nunn, Jerry Herring, Mrs.Orr, Sponsor, Bobby Sullivan, Hollis Powell. Fourth row: Bill McGIasson, Darryl Pringle, Buddy Huckaby, Earnest Martin, Robert Allen, Not shown. Aubrey Bradford. OFFICERS President oooo .c oo,,,, W 7.,, ..-ROBERT ALLEN Vice President , , H ,AUBREY BRADFORD Secretary-Treasurer , , c oo,,,,o,,,, JAY GARDNER Sponsor c , oo,,o ,,,,,, c o,,,,,o M RS. ORR AIMS To provide an enioyable musical experienc To develop a leisure time activity. To give opportunities for socialization. To learn techniques of public performance. A i ,tl ,IF' 'N ' 3553225 3 5 e for young men. BARBARA DENSMAN Sweetheart STUDENT COUNCIL Bottom row: Peggy McWhirter, Mike Duttey, Wade Wilson, Paul Wood, Dorothy Lindsey, Sherry Perry, Mary Lee Owens, Carol Ann Davis, Mary Lou Nowka. Second row: Kenneth Loveless, James Davis, Homer Moeller, James Kirkpatrick, Bob Segrest, Bobbie Jean Powers, Eulalia Dunlap, Marcia Anderson, Patsy Walker. Third row: Leeverl Moreland, Danny Wood, Arthur Fuentes, Taylor Whitlow, Jean Plasek, Betty Nothdurft, Thomas Ledwell, John Talbert, Bobby Buffington. Top row: Jerry Herring, Bill Meier, Robert Duty, Stanley Rentz, Joyce Koch, Mr. Lamkin, Sponsor, Alberta Volz, Betty Frey, Loretta Carpenter, Gail Brown. OFFICERS President , ,,,,,,,,, , , PAUL WOOD Reporter ,,,,, ,BOBBY BUFFINGTON Vice President ,,,, ,, ,ROBERT DUTY Historian ..s.s, W .. ,,,L ALBERTA VOLZ Secretary ,,,, ,, SI-IERRY PERRY Fire Marshal ,STANLEY RENTZ Treasurer U, c,,,,c,JAMES DAVIS Sponsor ,,s,,o,s ., NIR. LAMKIN AIMS The Student Council of University Senior High is a representative body ot the school. It aims to: Establish higher and better ideals ot conduct. Train students to acquire experiences and efficiency in the practice of democracy. Encourage students to participate in all activities. Create and foster a spirit ot understanding and cooperation between students and faculty. m-.-.u..- qu-aucdj ,- -if . ...-E ', .........,.L NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Bottom row: Thomas Baxley, Albert Volz, Bobby Butfington, Jean Plasek, Shirley Meier, Joyce Koch, Charles Martin, Wilfred Schaeper. Second row: Priscilla Barkley, Bettye Berger, Barbara Reynolds, Betty Nothdurtt, Mary Lou Nowka, Linda Smith, Dorothy Lindsey, Bettie Dolezel, Marcia Anderson. Third row: Dan Hoffmeyer, Stanton Hoffmeyer, Garland Biddle, John Talbert, Thomas Ledwell, Claude Biddle, Jay Gardner, Jennettie Toten. Fourth row: .Ierry Herring, Robert Duty, Miss Moncrief, Sponsor, Janet Kunkel, Shirley Fleischauer, Peggy McWhirter. OFFICERS President .. a,,a,, ,,,,,,.,,ss,a,, B OBBY BUFFINGTON Vice President ,.,s ,,,,,a, T HOMAS BAXLEY Secretary -, ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, J OYCE KOCH Treasurer ,,e,,eee , JEAN PLASEK Sponsor ,.., ee,,,,e M ISS MONCRIEF AIMS Our chief aims are to be able to benefit the school by any service we can per- form and to promote good scholarship. A member must be of good character and a good leader as well as good in scholastic standing. NATIO NAL H ONOR S OC IETY El 'Z F!! ix? 5 L SPIRIT STAFF JEAN PLASEK Bottom row: Peggy Newton, Marcia Anderson, Jean Plasek, Patsy Walker, Joyce Koch, Molly Coleman. Second row: Mike Duffy, Rex Whitaker, Sherry Perry, Peggy McWhirter, Jackie Reed, Dewey Abbe, Top row: Stanley Rentz, Homer Moeller, Mrs. Milam, Sponsor, Bobby Butfington, Harry Hoftmeyer. Not shown: Barbara Oliver, Ernestine Brusenham, Pat Greaves, Charles Cook, Gene Glockzin. STAFF Editor ,,,,, , ,.,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,c, . ,WJEAN PLASEK Assistant Editor ,E s,,o,,,o MARCIA ANDERSON Sponsor ,,,,...,,,,,,,,,c,,,,.,.,,a,.,,,,,,..,,,, WMRS. MILAM SPECIAL ASSIGNMENTS Subscription Manager ,,,,, MARCIA ANDERSON Photography Manager ,,o,a,o,,o,,o . ,,o,,, JACKIE REED Sports E BOB BUFFINGTON and STANLEY RENTZ HOMER MOELLER, DAN HOFFMEYER Junior High Sports ,,,,,, ,,,,,, , NGENE GLOCKZlN SENIOR WORKERS Jackie Reed Jean Plasek Stanley Rentz Sherry Perry EIGHTH GRADE WORKERS Whitaker Ernestine Brusenhan SEVENTH GRADE WORKERS Charles Cook Pat Greaves Rex TW 'Wm row: PRESS H ' l3Tl0ll ---- nus nm- mcraalm-mm XN Q of-ia-raw MARCIA ANDERSON PRESS CLUB Bottom row: Suzie Shultz, Wanda Burt, Jo Nell Hollingsworth, Linda Bishop, Carolyn Woodliff, Sand Courtney, Bettye Berger. Second row: Pat Larson, Barbara Densman, Claude Biddle, Bob Butfington, Glenda Parker, Elizabeth Londenberg, Claude Carey. Third row: Thomas Bexley, Evelyn Lloyd, Garland Biddle, Mr. Smith, Sponsor, Diane Smith, Thomas Ledwell, Christian Hansen. VARSITY VIEWS Editor ,e,, . ee,,, , e,,,,, ,,,,, . ...THOMAS LEDWELL Sports Editors .CLAUDE BIDDLE BOBBY BUFFINGTON TOMMY BAXLEY Feature Editors e,,,e . .. WANDA BURT DIANE SMITH BARBARA DENSMAN TOMMY BAXLEY Art Editors ,, ,,,, ,. GARLAND BIDDLE EVELYN LLOYD Sponsor , ,,,,, MR. SMITH AIM The purpose of the Press Club is to encourage students interested in school news- paper work, and to publish a paper that reflects the lite ofthe school campus. IQZB Q I ' T ' I EHH5 tl'-1' CH00 .1 :Qs x H oem.-rw. intmn JUNIOR CLASSICAL LEAGUE Bottom row: Martha Lynn May, Pat Larson, Loretta Hammons, Molly Denny, Patsy Oliver, Molly Coleman, Kay Smith. Second row: John Talbert, Ricky Powitzky, Mike Marcia Anderson, Diane Smith, Juanita Johnson, Third row: Harry Hoftmeyer, George Furqueron, Jerry Herring, Bob Webb, Linda Smith, Claude Biddle, Jay Robert Duty, Stanton Hoffmeyer, Allan Glockzin, Mr. Lamkin, Thomas Ledwell. Not shown: Alberta Volz. Duttey, Wade Wilson, Kenneth Hunter, Gardner, Bobby Buttington. Top row: Spo,nsor, John Ferguson, Jerry Brown OFHCERS President ,u,, , uu,, ,BOBBY BUFFINGTON Vice President L W , uu,,u ., ,,,u,, ROBERT DUTY Secretary, Latin ll W so ,WMARCIA ANDERSON Secretary, Latin l ,, , ,,,, ,,,u J AY GARDNER Sponsor L L L L MMR. LAMKIN The Junior Classical League is made up of students who are enrolled in the Latin Classes of University Junior-Senior High School or who have completed two years of Latin. AIMS To encourage among the members an interest in and appreciation of the civili- zation, language, literature and art ot Ancient Greece and Rome, and to give Them some understanding of the debt of our own culture to that of classical antiquity. 7 Z Z Z0 O QL Ile CURTAIN CALL Bottom row: Betty Jones, Priscilla Barkley, Barbara Sachs, Eulalia Dunlap, Della Massey. Top row: Clyde Smith, Charles Martin, Mrs. Dixon, Sponsor, Bobbie Jean Powers. OFFICERS President e,.s..,.,e,,,e,.....,,,e,,,se,,.,e BARBARA SACHS Vice President .,....., e,,e.e,, P RISCILLA BARKLEY Secretary-Treasurer ..e. e,,e..e,eeee D ELLA MASSEY Reporters s,,,,e,...,..... .,.,.es.. E ULALIA DUNLAP CHARLES MARTIN Sponsor ,L,,,,L -. .,,, . ,L.. LMRS. DIXON AIMS To provide constructive entertainment for the school and community. To encourage the appreciation of drama. To further develop dramatic talent. To enable students interested in drama to work more closely with other students having the same interest. , M ill 'I w Ill' A SALLY CLANTON CLYDE SMITH Sweetheart Beau VOCATIONAL INDUSTRIAL CLUB Bottom row: Mr. Carrell, Sponsor, Harold Meadors, Janet Moak, Billy Gill, E. R. Webb, Jane Wilkerson, Frank Shriver. Second row: Robert Chapman, Carolyn Jansky, Kenneth Loveless, Bob Davis, Wylie Martin, .lames Easter, Betty Stodghill. Third row: Virginia Davis, Benny Thompson, Lois Newton, Charles Banks, Bobby Snider, Thomas Berger, Lydia Fuentes, Jo Ann Felkner. Top row: Johnny Frosch, Fred McMurtray, John Crocker, Don Cruse, Boyd Pryor, Joan Koerth, Bobby Watts. OFFICERS President sss,,,ss so s,ooo E, R. WEBB Vice President ,,,, s,,, , v7,,,,,,, B ILLY GILL SWEETHEART Secretary eeeeeoe,e JANE WILKERSON Treasurer .ee,...Y .L ,,eee , sa., FRANK SHRIVER Sergeant-at-Arms o,,e c, HAROLD MEADORS Reporter ,c ,,,o , JANET MOAK Sponsor MR. CARRELL AIMS To unite in a common bond students in voca- tional industrial classes in the various high schools of Texas. To provide opportunities for student members to develop leadership through participation in worthwhile educational, social, recreational, and vocational activities. To develop through action the ability of the club members to plan together, organize and carry out worthy club activities. To promote high standards of workmanship, scholarship, trade ethics, and safety. To create among students, faculty members, patrons of the school and persons in business and industry a sincere interest in an esteem for vocational industrial education. A-""il Jane Wilkerson J.: xx X X X P xi 5 V 1QyQa BanQuet X wnmmzzx gf Host To StQte Conventimn 1954-1955 V. I. C. Helps Needy X . I H mg . ,..,,..,. ,A YS V' L. Q. Qggixl W 69 March of Dimes I 9 ' ..-df MJ' u,,,f A M, W, MM s'-Qu ' w m 4' x Outing -W' ww--1' ,.....J ,1 K. Q. Lp 4QpN" 'F lx 1 Mi. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Bottom row: Barbara Oliver, Mary Love, Colleen Black, Charlene Jobe, Sibyl Allen, Marlene Herwald, Joyce Collins, Loretta Carpenter, Ruby Blackman, Peggy McWhirter. Second row: Beverly Gill, Sherrol Goodwin, Brenda Clemons, Guy Nell Craig, Fredda Clewis, Patsy Compton, Martha Ann May, Betty Dolezel, Patsy Williams, Alvena Childs. Third row: Darlene Polk, Gloria Makovy, Ruth Foster, Silva Faulkenbery, Miss Johnson, Sponsor, Delores Mareno, Mary Morgan, Barbara Reynolds. Not shown: Irene Quintanilla, Fay Shans, Judy Makovy. OFFICERS President ,, 7,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,s,.,,,,,,,.,,, BEVERLY GILL Vice President ,, ,,,, ,,,, , PATSY WILLIAMS Secretary ,,,,, , ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, , , BARBARA OLIVER Treasurer ,,,, ,,,,,,, LORETTA CARPENTER Historian ,,,,, ,,,, ,,,, P ATSY COMPTON Reporter ,,,,.,,,,,s,,, ,,,,,.,,,,,,,, , SIBYL ALLEN Parliamentarian ,,e,, W ,,,e GUY NELL CRAIG Pianist , ,,,,,,,, ,, ,,,, , ,,,, WDARLENE POLK Song Leader ,,,,s ,,s,,,, J OYCE COLLINS Sponsor , ,,,,,,s,,,, . N ,HMISS JOHNSON AIMS To promote a growing appreciation of the ioys and satisfaction of homemaking. To emphasize the importance of worthy home membership. To encourage democracy in home and community lite. To work tor good home and family lite tor all. To promote international good will. To toster the development ot creative leadership in home and community life. To provide wholesome individual and group recreation. To further interest in home economics. F.H.A. - F.F.A. BANQU ET ROBERT CHAPMAN F.H.A. Beau Charlie Clawson presenting Robert Chapman and Mary Ann Diane Holder presents Clarence Mary Ann Meier a gift. Meier. Garland, Jr., F.H.A. Beau, a gift. MARY ANN MEIER F.F.A. Sweetheart Qvvvvvvv' W Mr. Boyd, Miss Johnson, Mrs Eichelberger, and Mr. Griffin Sponsors. it 6 I r aww iw - S WE ALL ENJOYED THE PARTY! v F.F.A. Bottom row: Franklin Ransonette, Frazier Ellis, Jimmy Wooten, Dorman Chambers, Johnny Campbell, Tommy Turner. Second row: Boyd Dreyer, Ernest Whitener, Joe May, William Pope, Charles Clawson, Donnie Wallace, Charlie Spann. Third row: Marvin Rosenbaum, Ronnie Watts, Marion Boatman, Donald Kendrick, Neil Mortimer. Fourth row: Keith Gaines, Jimmie Willingham, Mr. Boyd, Sponsor, Kermit Lassetter, John Lewis. Not shown: Charles Allred, Norman Chambers, Clifford Clendennin, Bobby Henson, James Kirkpatrick, Billy Melton, Wayne Richardson, Richard Tilary, Gene Witt. OFFlCERS MOTTO ' ,M TOMMY TURNER Learning to do President s,,e, . Vice President C, JAMES KIRKPATRICK Doing to learn Secretary . ,a,a a,e,a . JIMMY WOOTEN Earning to live Treasurer , -, NORMAN CHAMBERS Living to serve Reporter ,aee,e DORMAN CHAMBERS Sentinel e,e,e, ,,,e J OHNNY CAMPBELL District Delegate .e,,,, e,e,,.,,,.as K ElTl-l GAlNE5 Sponsor ,,,,,, W ,,,,,, ,,e. M R. BOYD C R E E D I believe in the future of farming, with a faith born not of vvords but of deeds- achievements won by the present and past generations of farmers, in the promise of better days through better ways, even as the better things we novv enjoy have come up to Us from the struggles of former years. l believe that rural America can and will hold true to the best traditions in our national life and that l can exert an influence in my home and community which will stand solid for my part in that inspiring task. QFirst and Fifth paragraphs of the Creedj RMERS o FUTURE FA 1, P I 3 -fff"'X2 mi? F.F.A. ACTIVITIES il Selecting dairy cattle is important to Waco Sheep have their role to play in Central Grass identification and proper grassland economy, Texas, too. management are increasingly important. "Use each acre as it is best suited." Our farmland is not Four proiects helping four boys develop important skills and l"ICfe35lV"9'We have IUSI 2-9 acfes Pei' Pefson- abilities. Attitudes are developed, too. Calves have ailments, too. Frazier Selecting and judging feeder calves is a popular topic in A calf, a boy, a smile-Pride of treats his calf for "pinkeye." Vocational Agriculture. ownership. This is important in individual and leadership develop- ment. KEY CLUB Bottom row: Keith Gaines, Paul Wood, Bobby Buttington, Stan Price, Gilbert Londenberg Pat Mc Namara. Second row: Gayle McHargue, Alan Glockzin, Gene Broussard, Homer Moeller Bob Webb Tornmy Rowell. Top row: Stanley Rentz, John Talbert, Tommy Leka, Mr. Woods Sponsor Eddie Pederson, David Rutherford, George Furqueron. To To To To To President S, Vice President ,,,,, Secretary W A, Treasurer , Sponsor OFFICERS S e,,, ,SGILBERT LONDENBERG JOHN TALBERT Offffof-xvilo RUTHERFORD AIMS ,PAT MCNAMARA MR. WOODS develop initiative and leadership. provide experience in living and working together. serve the school and community. cooperate with the school principal. prepare for useful citizenship. accept and promote the following ideals: To give primacy to The human and spiritual, rather than the maternal values of life. To encourage the daily living ofthe Golden Rule in all human relationships To Our motto is "We Build." W! ll EB:-NOX ill Q XX l t R i ' x X t x l, .i X G' , k?5QQ??f' LETTERMAN'S CLUB Bottom row: Louis Propst, Robert Duty, Bill Moeller, Jerry Brink, Lanny French, Harry Hoffmeyer, Bill Curry. Second row: Dan Holley, Bobby Buffington, Donald Dees, Wendell Crunk, Mr. Fowler, Sponsor, Stanley Rentz, Jay Gardner, Taylor Whitlow, Jerry Herring. Top row: Wilfred Schaeper, Pat Henderson, James Davis, Satch Gonzales, George Jurecka, Coy Bailey, Raymond Kaluza, Pat McNamara. OFFICERS President ,,,,, A ,,,, ,,,,,,e, , ,,e,e D ONALD DEES Vice President ,,e,s e,,s,s, S TANLEY RENTZ Secretary , ,, ,WLANNY FRENCH Sponsor ,,s, , s,e,, MR. FOWLER AIM To further the cause of athletics through better leadership, better sportsmanship in all group activities. f A has E aj l fl il Q fr fi I MARY ANN MEIER Sweetheart DANCE CLUB Bottom row: Janet Kunkel, Billy Ash, Alice Harden, Mary Ann Meier, Mr. Davis, Mrs, Renstrom, Sponsors, Dorman Chambers, Bobby McDaniels, Barbara Smith, Mrs. McCullough, Mr. Garland, Sponsors, Joyce Lanier, Peggy Smith, Gelene Leggott. Second row: Floy Kuykendall, Frazier Ellis, Ruby Barnes, Bernice Shaw, Frances Harden, De Lois Riddley, Patricia Field, Ann Wheelis, Gail Brown, Lillie Mae Pena, Elizabeth Janeway, Mary Ann Snyder, Laurerte Neumann, Barbara Nix, Edward Holmes. Third row: Richard Burney, Joe Edd Tindell, Jo Ann Campbell, Molly Hyde, Anne Nix, Barbara Tiller, Glenda Kornegay, LaVonne McCray, Nelda Shaw, Mallie Harbert, Emma Miller, Leon Wilson. Fourth row: Charles Bennett, Earline Welch, Edwin Younce, Milton Anthon, Charles Nunn, Conrad Gamez, Joyce Woodward, Betty Mayberry, Ima Fritze, Molly Thompson, Donald Osborne, Buddy Huckaby, Norman Chambers. Fifth row: Janice Copeland, Eddie Petrich, Billie Williams, Elizabeth Minnix, Bill McGlasson, David Herbelin, Kenneth Walker, Jimmie Willingham, Terry Fisher, Ronald Sherry, Charles Howard, Arthur Fuentes, Danny Wood. Top row: Henry Wilson, Patsy Williams, Martha Fleming, Jeanette Crockette, Geneva Yates, Woodie Rowell, Robert Payne, Donald Broce, Johnnie Kirkpatrick, Royce Dailey, Bobby Sullivan, Carl Gatlin. Not shown: lrene Wade, Betty Behne, Larry Bowers, Horace Brooks, Edna Cameron, Edward Chapman, John Flores, Marilyn Hicks, Ernest Martin, Mary Ann Niles, Royce Pryor, Helen Strickland. OFFICERS ' BOBBY MCDANIELS President ss,,..,vss .,sss,.,,,,,,s.., Vice President ,... ,,,,s,. D ORMAN CHAMBERS Co-Secretaries ,.... ...,,,ss,. M ARILYN HICKS BARBARA SMITH Sponsors s..s.. MR. GARLAND MR. DAVIS MRS. RENSTROM MRS. MCCULLOUGH X AIM X T xv Q "Better dancing for better dances" Q V lb ' 'fa BOOKETTES Bottom row: Geneva Snipes, Adelene Thomson, Betty Nothdurft, Marlene Smith, Nelda Rhodes Anna Morris. Second row: Gayle Mahoney, Rickey Powitzky, Mrs. Mitchell, Sponsor, Billy Ray Baker Dorothy Watts. OFFICERS President -, e,,,,., A. ,,,,,,,,.,,,,.,,,,,e MARLENE SMITH Vice President ,,,,, .,e,e,, B ETTY NOTHDURFT Secretary .,e,,e,,,, ,,e,.e,,se,,e A NNA MORRIS Reporter ..,, ffff. .ADELENE THOMSON Sponsor ..,,e .,.,e,,,,,, , MRS. MITCHELL AIMS To foster in students a love of books, a growing knowledge of library facilities an ability to use library materials and to assist others in finding and using ma terials, an opportunity to engage in some of the activities necessary In the process ing and preparation of materials for library service. ,ft M X' " X 1 , s1!.l,g 1 tel Wd 1 RADIO CLUB Bottom row: Leeverl Moreland, Perry Brown, Charles Cook, Jerry Stewart, Royce Walston. Top row: Royce Portwood, Donald Kunze, Mr. Lake, Sponsor, Robert Allen, John Clements, Leo Hutchinson. Not shown: Wayne Keeler, George Tiffany, James McMurtry. OFFICERS President e,,...,.,, .,,,....v,e.....e,..,.e J ERRY STEWART Vice President .,,e e....,,e C HARLES COOK Secretary eee,..,e,,, e,ve, G EORGE TIFFANY Sponsor ,,,e, .,,e,,,,,e,,, M R. LAKE AIMS To become familiar with regulations governing amateur radio transmitters and operation. To become familiar with code. To learn the fundamentals of radio transmission and reception. GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Bottom row: Joyce Koch, Gloria Thrasher, Joyce Garrett, Elouise Willingham, Shirley Fleischauer. Top row: Liddy Anderson, Jackie Reed, Betty Frey, Sherry Perry, Mrs. Hinton, Sponsor. OFFICERS President , ,,cc, , c,c, ,c,c , . SHERRY PERRY Secretary , cec, JOYCE KOCH Sponsor ,,,,, ,, MRS. I-IINTON AIMS To prepare girls for accepting the responsibilities of leadership that is required to be a Physical Education Assistant. 'NS an- ii , . I' Q 403253 - "e?v"."'hfq ' fu ' .bffi v k .- I 7 shag' lv O . ' y:0Iv,f, sg ' 1 pp j -: . . - .I ,. . . . , 5 Q U' A I f fl ,Q Q D TOY CHEST CLUB Bottom row: Jimmy Cummings, Jimmy Pool, Billy Jackson, James Sharp, Davis Collier Second row Marvin Becker, Tommy Bates, Dwain Muns, William Rogers, Wesley Lowry. Top row David Johnson Mr. Holden, Sponsor. President .,eeeeee,.,,,,e..,,,,,a.,eee,,,,,,,, Vice President OFFICERS BILLY JACKSON ,UWJAMES SHARP Secretary ,ee,,e,,,, ,,.,,,, D AVIS COLLIER Treasurer ,Yeeee Aw,, L LJIMMY POOL Sponsor ,,,,,, ,e,,,, , MR. HOLDEN AIM To make toys for the Kiwanis Toy Chest. x w ce Q It f sf 4 NW 5 y -I fl : ,X 3. H THE FUTURE SECRETARIES Bottom row: Joy Scott, Linda Vollmer, Cuma Walters, Ima Jean Wright, June Clark, Nancy Payne. Second row: Patsy West, Florence Thomas, Mary Morgan, Patsy Walker, Shirley Meier, La Nell Freeman. Third row: Barbara Reinke, Linda Glazener, Mrs. Scott, Sponsor, Lynette Morris, Marie Chance. Not shown: .lo Ann Borninghaus, Janie Lewallen. OFFICERS President ,,,,e,,.,, ,,,e,ee,e,,. ,,e, P A TSY WALKER Vice President ,,,, e,,, N ANCY PAYNE Secretary ..,.A,,e,e ,LYNETTE MORRIS Sponsor ,,,e, . ., MRS. SCOTT AIM To gain some insight into the many duties, desirable attitudes, and opportunities of a stenographer or a secretary. if CAMERA AND PROJECTIONISTS CLUB N? 'I Bottom row: Wayne Roberts, Larry Compton, James, Allen, Lane Dollins, Bob Segrest, Donald Lewis, Richard Leshikar, Robert Neill. Second row: Norman Lassetter, Arthur Thomson, Howard Geurin, Joel Carey, Dean Hutchins, Bobby Wright, Johnny Causey, Lloyd Ingram. Third row: Don Mezzles, Jerry Owen, Donald Sherrard, Freddie Burns, Mr. Stevens, Sponsorg Ralph Peterson, Alvin Sams. Not shown: Joyce Yerby, Aubrey Bradford, Charlie Sovey. OFHCERS President , Y uu,, s BOB SEGREST Vice President u,cu,uu.c ,,cc,cu,.,cc D ONALD LEWIS Secretary-Treasurer B cc,, AUBREY BRADFORD Sponsor e,c.,c,cc,,.c,,cc,cc ,,c,c,cc,c,cc,,c M R. STEVENS AlNl To learn to operate the visual aid equipment x L D 4 Q s. ?, 'Q A ga 'lisa-E l r lt i QW? I SEMPER SERVIENS Bottom row: Joan Lasseter, Patsy Morris, June Reece, Jean Plasek, Jennettie Toten. Second row: Mary Harcrow, Barbara Meyer, Dorothy Lindsey, Edith Hill, Juanita Johnson, Betty McDow. Third row: Barbara Jenkins, Doris Slovak, Miss Stiles, Sponsor, Gertie La France. OFFICERS President sss,s ,E ss,sss s,s,s J EAN PLASEK Vice President , , ,, ss,, ,, JUNE REECE Secretary ssss cc s,sss, PATSY MORRIS Sponsor ,,, MISS STILES AIM "Semper Serviens" is a Latin motto meaning "Always Serving." That was the name chosen by the Girls' Service Club of University High School because it best ex- presses the aims of the club-to serve the school and the community to their best interests. CHRISTMAS BASKETS THANKSGIVING BASKETS SWEETHEART DANCE STUDENT HEQISPERS Bottom row: Betty Frey, Diane Smith, Joyce Garrett, Gloria Thrasher, Shirley Fleischauer, Sherry Perry, Elouise Willingham, Joyce Koch, Linda Vollmer, Patsy Compton, Sandy Courtney. Second row: Jo Ann Campbell, Marlene Smith, Joan Lasseter, Adelene Thomson, Betty Nothdurft, Nelda Rhodes, Anna Morris, Gayle Mahoney, Billy Ray Baker, Garland Biddle, Christian Hansen. Third row: Juanita Johnson, Jennettie Toten, Marie Chance, Jo Nell Hollingsworth, Patsy Williams, Mary Nell Schnizer, Carolyn Woodlitf, Dorothy Lindsey, Betty Stodghill, Eivelyn Lloyd, Judy Macy. Fourth row: Tommy Baxley, Charles Martin, Robert Allen, Darryl Pringle, Milton Anthon, Richard Crawford, Dewey Abbe, Herbert Buck, Danny Robertson, Robert Wilcox. Top row: Bill Moeller, Woodie Rowell, Stanton Hoffmeyer, Eddie Petrick, Wilford Schaeper, Jerry Brink, Dudley Anderson. SWITCHBOARD OPERATORS Juanita Johnson Elouise Willingham Azalea Watkins Carolyn Woodlift Marie Chance Jennettie Toten Patsy Williams Dorothy Lindsey Betty Stodghill LIBRARY ASSISTANTS P.E. ASSISTANTS Lois Newton Jo Ann Campbell Garland Biddle Linda Vollmer Patsy Compton Gayle Mahoney Marlene Smith Joan Lasseter Christian Hansen Billy Ray Baker Nelda Rhodes Anna Morris Betty Nothdurtt Adelene Thomson Sherry Perry CHOIR ACCOMPANISTS Evelyn Lloyd Gloria Thrasher Judy Macy Shirley Fleischauer Stanton Hotfmeyer Joyce Garrett Betty Frey Diane Smith Joyce Koch SENIOR HIGH STAGE CREW Liddy Anderson Elouise Willingham Colleen Black Jerry Brink James Kirkpatrick Eddie Petrich Wilfred Schaeper Robert Allen Dudley Anderson Milton Anthon Darryl Pringle OFFICE WORKERS JUNIOR HIGH STAGE CREW Charles Martin X Jimmie Joe Helleson ,, Tommy Rowell Leo Barnes Tommy Baxley Billy Moeller DA.-.AIA Cl-.CU-.-if Robert Wilcox Dewey Abbe Jimmie Murphy Charles Rhodes Danny Robertson Jimmy Smith 4 C, 5 mx fb K K - mf X 'W' K 1, Q 1 . Q f Q S 1 S 5 :Xi R M 1 aff: f-fi 1- -- , Y A ?gEi39'iWif'-05: : ': aa A 6 N Si Q , SQ S 9 - fj .i -7 " . W Nb? f's. W s x-Q W Wig Ni fx gawk Jw Q X sw - '41, -K - 1-,f...,, L.w L:'s:fL51Q .. 1 -i A W? - ,iw " U3 BEST ALL-AROUND GIRL .f f B Xi if xx BEST ALL-ARCUND BOY DORMAN CHAMBERS X Q 0 r u 4 K Q Q Fir.: Wm. Q 1 K FOOTBALL QUEEN , 5 . 11 -az: 6 if if f' BARBARA OLIVER X W V, J . FE, gf, N RX X . a Yi B Yr K 9 A fs K E S Q. 2 E X K4 : 11' aglisixi V-:,.:qv' . .Qi A.,d:pJg. .k fly., ,up-gi: L-:imgkx W . 5 ' . - i f .,- BBBB 5 Si i- T 4. I T 9 ffi fz 7 K T55-ffs , X5 XJR ix fb K Q. S E3 X R 1 ws E5 Q X S x :ix X K E .,E., 4 xg X Q -- 1..,: img Q. S SWEETHEART AND BEAU if- R Q . 'ff Bm 'K 1' R Ai WIS' Q3 4 ,is .. . A F Q ,adv W-ix" L ' - A 9655 . T V' f g 5 xA A Q Q if e N ' X: X 2 4 ,Q i new iw 'V A fe e ggggfff' e 75? - ZW ' e e eee E f RY 2 ' -'-- ' X ' X : . X - ' w " 'XY' 1' x . . il- 7? A f. 1 0 3- 5 A EQ ,. . V , - Fm? 'SQ ff-+55 Q Q ' x X in ' ,. - - -'K' ' x - Q Robert Payne and Marlene Smith Q E E gf' X SENICR FAVORITES S' 5 5 5? 1 , . 3 , 'S' fi: by 15- x. 'Q ie ' ,if had Sherry Perry and Raymond Kaluza Ar f """ - fi sis- -1 My .D 335-QZSJS ag: W YS E Si E5 eggs- X 2 .3 Q.- w A A ri' am! l K . S. 2. 3 f .f Q' " 3:2 avi? J , , 6 l A at 1 RAYMOND KA MA -.Vic-2Q Qff:fidei1+ l ? , P ATHEQQQERSON. Pfes1den+ K K .Q k Lbk i i w:LV.i K :q , ::k .gM x A K xx . . . X I HI' K - N K . - -- . i w K K K Y S iczfgi K QUTSTANDING sENloRs Robert Allen Dudley Anderson Liddy Anderson Donald Ashley Billy Ray Baker Thomas Baxley Garland Biddle Linda Bishop Aubrey Bradford Jerr Brink Bobby Buftington Claude Carey Davis Collier Barbara Densman Lanny French f4f5 'IKAWSC7 had aurrvrl Billy Jackson Joyce Koch Evelyn Lloyd Gilbert Londenberg Mary Ann Meier Anna Morris Wanda Payne Sherry Perry Jean Plasek Lewis Propst Jackie Reed James Robertson Woodie Rowell Marlene Smith Paul Wood lnftt yu D1 sPoNsoRs wooos J smes 'SCOTT ' J LAMWN CLASS OF '56 iwzff ,--f- L. . .: ia ALLEN, ROBERT Boys' Glee, Pres., Radio Club, Track, Stage Crew, Senior Choir, Sec., Troianaire. ANDERSON, LIDDY Dance Club, GAA, Peppers, Senior Choir, PE Asst., Cheerleader Club, St. Council. BAXLEY, TOMMY Curtain Call, Press Club, Co-Editor, Office Asst., National Journalist Con- gress, V. Pres., Cheerleader, National Honor Society, V. Pres. ANDERSON, DUDLEY Football "B", Baseball "B", Boys' Glee, Senior Choir Dance Club. ALLEN, SIBYL FHA, Reporter. BLACK, COLLEEN FHA, PE Asst. 'il 11525 55 1 Ls . Riff -- . -V fs we . 1- ,L Tv",-w izi, LL,"Ls2'fsf2??i '1 X-2,5 Q17 f- -:L .. -1 .1 if-i2t'jifw,srE. E.g,I Isis-LizffsifV':lif2.??.-si.: -, .' ' 15. 1 ff:T.sQ1.,fQ,gLIM5.17.-121. z A .H 7.w,L,.-..wsrww..:z:. -.-. - .. , Lu.- 55,1,,,,.k.., DV,. :Q LL. E... Q, - , 1, us: .. .1 D :. Esfilm Qi 15? vflSi?i11'flM'I' K Eli ' - is is ,,.s,,.?,,.5 M,-f -- L sf? -LI, I-, .i ,..,.,.,, .. or , , f25jYLi'i5i f it ,-Yisiii Q. iii? aa A WEE, ,ggi L, s r ggi A tu ,tg -x LM A L ,B ,Lt 2 2 R 5 4 R Y QQLQRNQQQR ,EA Q H , R 55, its Y H is L Wt" , ,dup L KY ,tame T if 5525 I "" is IIN A 5,1 A va NY. X M i7...,..,, . . .U L.i,,,I .,..kk. Ft? 3 A A 2 l . . . BEHNE, BETTY Transfer from Rosebud, FHA, Reporter, Dance Club, Peppers. BE ROE R, THOMAS VIC, Football. A a BAKER, BILLY RAY Bookettes, Library Asst. BIDDLE, GARLAND Press Club, Natl. Hon. Soc., Library Asst. BOWERS, LARRY Dance Club, Foot- ball, Letterman's Club. ASHLEY, DONALD Senior Choir, Boys' Glee, Girls' Glee Asst., Troianaires. BARNES, RUBY Future Sec. Club, Driving Club, Dance Club, Senior Choir. BISHOP, LINDA Press Club, Driver's Training Club, Senior Choir, Peppers, Office Asst. . s..... .,, , ,, . 1 . .If 4, K V -...,.Iz., Avila Tins? ll 9 -- - - -s A- tm. If we IA: 5 I::ef':f,?iT, f stvlrwf -- 'f mmlll , I, I.. ..... II .. .Ve - if-2,53-I Q.: .gem , 3 gsv ,:g,.v, 'l?ll'ii'l5l5lQ342l"7., I .. 15, f. 5g..iI5,,..y.,, e sf. ,.,,...I..S. .mf f '- W ,,. ag, ,Irs .Ia ,,, IN, .W I digs ,, is 5324 1 15242 IIQHCY 95,4225- ' iii?- P HY. fe 5 . . 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B-IgAgIcEEN, FR Band, Peppers, FHA, Press Club, Girls' Glee Club. BR I N K, J E R RY Baseball, Le1terman's Club, Treas. ANCES CAPPS, DOROTHY Transfer from Waco Slate Home. CEPAK, KENNETH Band, Purple Notes. CLAY, BARBARA Transfer from Houston. CRusE, DoN Sr. Coun., Nall. Hon. Soc., VIC Club. DAVIS, VIRGINIA Y-Teen, VIC Club. DEES, DONALD Baseball, All- Dist. Baseball, Basketball, Fool- ball, Le1terman's Club, Soph. Class, V. Pres. of ,am K l,. ., E' ' ,We uk y N A . z.. . il K it ,Q1 M wA a t wy- f X C 2 , ' X DENSMAN, BARBARA Future Secretaries, Pres.g Soph. Class Favorite, Cheer- leader, Football Princess, Foot- ball Queen, Press Club, Sweetheart of Boys' Gleeg St. Coun. FARMER, JOE HENDERSON, PAT Football, Bas- ketball, Letter- man's Club, Pres. Senior Class. FRENCH, LANNY Football Managerp Football, Letter- man's Club, Sec. HERBELIN, DAVID Dance Clubg Football. JACKSON, BILLY Toy Chest Club, ! Qxres. L CLASS OF '56 Him I W ,YI-gy. seam-.,.. Ziliieiifwemgsi-2-ii. T . 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CLASS OF '56 S 40+ McGLAssoN, BILL Football, Dance Club, Transfer from Waco High, Boys' Glee, Baseball, NEWMAN, TRAVIS Football. MEADORS, HAROLD VIC, FFA. 5 .. if at MEIER, MARY ANN Football Princess, Dance Club, Senior Choir. MEIER, SHIRLEY St. Coun., Future Secretaries Club, Reporter. 1-ya-.99 3 in MOAK, JANET Y-Teens, VIC, Reporter. NEUMANN, DONALD FFA, Parl. MORRIS, PATSY Semper Serviens Club, Sec. MOELLER, BILL St. COun.g Foot- ball, Track, Letterman's Club. MORRIS, ANNA Future Sec. Club, Bookettes, Sec., Library Asst., Driver's Training Club. NEWTON, Lois VIC, Library Club, Library Asst. -. 11: K au. ,gi A X N i 495:55 ,iswm .iywd i. f. ,LLL X NX ix Sa, ff gi, . Tk .. .3 In 3 2 ,f s 19 ' 33- Beg! 32 E- ji ' Q Max ,. -:-' Q 7 4 ww X REESE, JUNE Band, Treas., Junior Red Cross, Dance Club, Driver's Training Club, Semper Serviens Culb, V. Pres. RENTZ, STANLEY FFA, Pres., Football, Base- ball, Basketball, Letterman's Club, Pres., St. Coun., Key Club. ROWELL, WOODIE FFA, Office Asst., Driver's Training Club, Dance Club, Football "B" Team. . V ....,, .. . .bw ' ' ' ,fiigwry-S':'23 ifgfiggirwiiiil 251,223 211 . .. P , Asif ,,,.. ... ,. k .ANR V, .L 52. ,. 5. . Q gr, .., esp jr. , n ew ,Q .J , . .. QM, - ,,.,.-1 A. .,.f K ,,-. .wr . . T... ., - f. , E ,cm swf, .. .Ji 17.,,ik,ki.Vk ,. ff..s f.1.. 3. ana. .Q--f-'61'x-Hifi E 311224-.V -. fEi'12lami'Q.? Z . -.,.. ..Q1.m. .,....,,. 1: f iffif-vifwf--we--1-r rss.. M.. .wr . .- ..s..- -X R- .. -.5.-,Wm few gy- .. ., 1,5 V- rrgmategfrzc. .144 A+, -'.2f.54f3i??'-1' is J S' "se21:f-Hz.. - - fifefi. it PE K srpmifggsi S 45' Pm a V Dlilnffallgis T 2 R, a Silmkgelgfff gm nfl-5 iz lx as X A Zpffwi' M sa. . RM gi sv'-W ,. -1.-QEJW . ,Q Q22 l it T A 5 ,a faw T si R 3 T A rt ll W at R X Q58 er 3 ,M X s a H rx x ag r' f , t T is fr 2, gr .. if at .. . , 5 A l ,I rf f Tail? i?'f.'2.1:-f'.:s.f . is 2-llfgfafggffgf . . s r . - ,. v . . 555- A Q .. X 'fi':f.: -. ff -fm-, A ag: fi 1,55 . . , -11,2 -Q - - J -...rzwf 1' . ' - a -1 I ROBERTSON, JAMES Band, Pres., Dance Club. RHODES, NELDA St. Coun., Library Asst., Bookettes. SAFFLE, JACK Mid-term Grad- uate. SMITH, MARLENE Future Sec. Club, Football Princess, Bookettes. SACHS, BARBARA Football Princess, Curtain Call, Pres., Office Asst., Cheerleader Club. SMITH, BARBARA Dance Club, Driver's Train- ing Club. SHARP, JAMES Game Club, Toy Chest Club, V. Pres. SHAW, BERNICE Dance Club. SCHAEPER, WILFRED Natl. Hon. Soc., St, Coun., Treas., Basketball, Cap- tain, Baseball, Letterman's Club. SHERRARD, DONALD Camera and Pro- iectionist Club. s.Jlos'Y' SCHNIZER, MARINEL. Office Asst., Mid-term Grad. gram, Ufyfff CLASS OF '56 TALBERT, JOHN J. Band, Key Club, St. Coun., JCL, Natl. Hon. Soc. VOLZ, ALBERTA Band, Reporter, Natl. Hon. Soc., Sf. Coun., JCL, Cheerleader Club, Purple Notes, Future Secretaries. WALTERS, CUMA Transfer from Miami, Arizona, Junior Favorite, Future Secretaries. l WATSON, CLINTON WATTS, RONNY Band, Purple Transfer from Notes. LaVega. SNIDER, BOBBY WILLARD, LAVADA VIC, Dance Library Asst., Senior Choir, WATTS, BOBBY Girls' Glee Club. Club. VIC. ff li WILSON, HENRY Dance Club. THOMSON, Library Club, Senior Choir, Library Asst. FOSTER, BET ADELINE TY WOOD, PAUL Lagniappe, Parl. and Beau, St. Coun., V. Pres., Pres., Press Club, Treas., Baseball, Key Club, Director. YERBY, JOYCE Band, Red Cross Club, Driver's Training Club, Camera and Pro- iectionist Club. TOTEN, JENNE Senior Choir, PE Asst., Peppers, Office Asst., Semper Serviens, Hist. TTIE WX w Q ai 1 pl ,ggi 5 , g, S' x Eggs., 3 . s S Q r jf I linux 3 . 5 , gf 5 S E E Q 3 if x s 3 if 1 , 3 5 A . sf i OUTSTANDING JUNIORS Marcia Anderson Betty Berger Jo Ann Campbell Loretta Carpenter Robert Chapman Alvena Childs Wendall Crunk Bill Curry James Davis Bobby Dickerson Betty Dolezel Robert Duty Theresa Erck Betty Frey Jay Gardner Joyce Garrett Beverly Gill Jerry Herring Dan Hotfmeyer Stanton Hotfmeyer Thomas Ledwell Tommy Leka Dorothy Lindsey Kenneth Loveless Judy Macy Bobby McDaniels Barbara Oliver Darryl Pringle David Rutherford Bob Segrest Diane Smith Mary Venable E. R. Webb Jane Wilkerson Carolyn Woodliff SPONSORS Ns. MCCULLOUGH RENSTROM MONCRIEF liilss CARRELL CLEMENTS RAISANEN JOHNSON ,-1,-4-Q 'S- .f , at .. 3 , C I, E Q he if for I if Q Allred, Charles Bailey, Coy Baldridge, Nita Banks, Charles AQ Q-an Barkley, Priscilla Becker, Marvin Beltran, Abela rdo CLASS OF '57 1 k,,, 5 C ll G ll M -"f W 5' l 3-iumxlmc, W. , , M, ja.. ..., , C "H 'fri " 3 , f A . 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' -:EF Y-V sgffef ".-EW g K " 'if "iff C L. , W N a . 3, J, E3 X K. 9, s , X Davis, James Dickerson Bobby Dolezel, Bettie OH, THAT "THE PIT AND THE PENDULUMH Im.:-efiuo 11-sv. fi ,t flefwf-5 f ,yl ,kj V. 5,7 .mi T. ilk.. ,ki V ix ' if . ff Q .Xi u " , fig '- 5:75 . 5' X f, Dollins, Lane Douglas, Weldon Duty, Robert, Easter, James CLASS OF '57 S ' all B .3 fi -C . 'if Erck, Theresa Eskew, Donald Faulkenberry, Silva Felkner, JoAnn -""' A Q 1 'Q Q t Q s X S 'Q 1 it F f f ,fi at F ' f" - ' V ,3 Q - K . .. A .m sy.. i t -L', 'A . A " F? ki k ' ki :V B Ferguson, FleiSCl16Uer, Frix, Gardner, John Shirley Arlena Jay Field, Freeman, Furqueron, Garrett, Patricia LaNell George Joyce Fisher, Frey, Gamez, Gill, Terry Betty Conrad Beverly DIG THAT CARL SANDBURG. 31: X 5+ Gill, Billy Glazener, Linda Glockzin, Alan Gonzales, Saturnino 'E fer an-1 . Wt, 1'-eff-'.1s fs': 2 iii' Fixx: 2 51141 if ? my . ' .. .., Q, ,E in . sr . S, l . 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S , t il 'X it ' il'-'Q Q viii 5 -- CLASS OF '57 Gustafson, Wendell Harris, Harold Hartgrove, Johnny Herring, Jerry Herwald, Hoffmeyer, Marlene Dan High, Hoffmeyer, Carolyn Stanton Highfill, Holcomb, Phil ' Ethel Holley, Dan Hollingsworth, Jo Nell Howard, Charles Jenkins, Barbara Johnson, David Kornegay, Glenda FOR VISION, SIR LAUNFAL,SEE LEE'S Koon, Judy Kunkel, Janet Ledwell, Thomas Leggott, Gelene A CLASS OF '57 .A . :gg " y' r Mfl ll it l' 5 R' fl I F QTL: y '33, f . 3' fn MQ' ,f far y -"ff" Li RM , I Leka, Tommy Leshikar, Richard Lindsey, Dorothy Loveless, Kenneth J eh May, Martha Ferguson, Twila McCown, William +5 ' .f ' 5, W , . McDaniels, Bobby McMurtray, Fred McWhirter, Peggy Moreland Leeverl Moore, Ma rie Morris, Lynette BANK WITH ALEXANDER HAMILTON CLASS OF '57 sw E , t gf- ,il ffm V A ' VLK Q 5 - 4-J - , . A I i ,-k:Li ri kk y A if an M, , El gl' Q if-Epsezi' ":' S Q ' FB' A3..., Em f" . iv , 2 , ltll? ak 'Ak. 1' l swf V , . TX 'I - 'Qi ifsf?'.2.?? 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I Campbell Johnny Ca usey, Johnny Cawley, Don Chadwick Don rf I I F.. f, i 4 time CLASS OF '58 .air gifts 'V g slit M -msg if af- li' L2 t if iiyl S i Eggfgffig' AAJ, '-- 1'- ,J Y 5" Chance, Marie Chapman, Edward Clemons, Brenda Clements, John , x 'F K , A 1 M ' ff . V Y wsags m X if A .tr xi .,,, Clendennen, Clifford Combs, Betty Courtney, Sandy Cooey, Edith si wtf, mzsiaii,atvg2,.1 f.- i f.v-' - Caeeeda 'E V ' ,.. 3 " F if i Ei f l 1 r'l f 'B ' f- . ., C ml in 35' - .JJ f ' ' .:f,i S gknqtrtfgx. I N affix. A 5 1 if fin' 1-w,'w..,jX 'ifg N' X in ' lrl fflfiiff 512 1 ' l lf E 3. lrla i E if t nera' S Q. t Y u pig ' 3 ' - ,, , 4 'N ,, ,,,l' K l'.,' , f. -A . . -f st. " 1' t is if , i. 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J , l Johnson, Kirkpatrick, Lassetter, Little, Juanita Johnny Norman Sylvia Jurecka, Kuykendall, Ledesma, Lockbaun, George Floy Toby Karen Keeler, Lasseter, Lewallen, Londenberg, Wayne Jerry Janie Elizabeth Kirkpatrick, Lassetter, Lewis, Lowrey, James Kermit Donald Wesley 95 A' as Q wg' Q X J . in 0' ' Qi....f"' .1--' Mahoney, Gayle Makovy, Gloria Makovy, Judy Mathews, Guy DIG THOSE CRAZY FROG LEGS I Mayberry, Betty McCown, Mike McCray, La Vonne McDow, Betty gi 1 ' K Q, .V ... - - I lf " wil 2 -3 'gf ' , , 4 ff fa a,,- emwmwf ff t'mw B X 507 B?"-354 51: ,, ' : ,I - ' - 25 L.. A TF, 2 -I J - '5. ' U , .:,:.,., ,W . .. , ,HZE b: 41 gi' sz- B -I easy' 'A , xi-of . L: 1. A , ., In W-1 'l al an 1 AK? A fi.. 4s.v'Uf fr B f wh f , , rf s' A 4 ,fi i Jil! it R CLASS 0F '58 A 1 ,wg-' Z . ,iq McHargue, Gayle McMurtry, James Meier, Bill Meyer, Barbara Mezzles, Don Miller, Emma Miller, Nlartha Moeller, Homer Moreno, Delores Morgan, Mary E. Morgan, Mary M. Mooring, Felecia Mortimer, Neil Mullen, Jimmy Munns, Dwain Neill, Bobby , 5 : sd-lffiz ,raa N X 4, Neumann, Laurene Newton, Peggy Nix, Barbara Nunn, Charles DI D I RlEPiLl.Y SIEVV 'TllE Sl.E EXIE lhl T H E hlEiC K? - , ,sq Q we 4 4 Q .rf 3 rf, V- ' f i : in fi' +. i s de r KQ9 gi wr ,,,f, tv, .F N is fm 6 A K .f""' I K its if 1 l Osborne, Donald Owens, Jerry Parker, Glynda Parliament, Ralph fgsf Sym, CLASS OF '58 .W un -dint :lf 33 it an ,J ef xi Aa My J, . F " 3 ki :za " V ,nf 'E' . ,sz -Qs. A Q W 1--as 5 4 gig Agifgfgfgmx if 3:29 HEI, ,z 5 1v,1 5.5 rg , ii T av y M -fa I my T ' Q " , . I X SK T A fi ll " zl E Scott, Shelton, Joy Claudie Shannon, Sherry, James Ronald Shans, Shultz, Fay Susie Shaw, Skyiepal, Nelda John aw.. .XL yr ,..,., - I mm X me 5 Y . fl Egg K . 5551 S . 3 Q, , SN S Y ,i ...L . . H it I Q, . -Q fl ' .. ggi 3 K -,., 1. iw J. ,.., ,.,, , W, ,, ,,,,,,f,.,..., vig., x ' 5253 . .. ,,.. H . ' - : Vfiufff, 4 - TM.. f iFeifs32g73'1f.4f,fI,- vi: hgj . .. 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X A it Smith, Clyde Smith, Earl Smith, Wayne Snipes, Geneva Q at fi R 5 f - E, 5 S ' i 5 X il l 'i s Snyder, Mary 'Ann Sovey, Charlie Sovey, Henry Spearman, Ma udine THE HOOF IS TO THE HORSE AS THE ARE TO THE SENIORS ., 3 , - ,as sw, ,IX YT. , X A ii ,J Spritz, Florence Stewart, Jerry Sutton, Lavone Swanner, Ellen SOPHS 'I , W ca .a,. 1 71 19.4121 K' 1 ' ' i?3TQ'i?ffif T ,---r'4,i Thomas, Florence Thomas, Linda Thomas, Ronald Thompson, Mollie CLASS CF '58 ,fg C . . sp I s b, ,QQ fl," B ' A fi . 'f I . L Q 3 1 -wi X fi W Akx. ..:' f,Qfsf,,1. l ji ',: W Q ' s 1 1 ff' X W ,g fx., f p xl' f F fs ' W I - Za' 'S 'E ' , i' l, .-- ", 2 Y i at L7 7 'T V B T sr sl1 N- ...fs 5 var 2 T T I uditnnsn ff if f "ff N 5 5 B sr T T is we A NE I sg , t ey s B ,,alH" . Xt . K Q Qi X, , ix B. ,LQ . 'ii K wt K 'X ' I ly A A ,QQ A dvr' .j els of .- w B t 4 A it in-Q H . E I gif- ' ' 4 fl If , ' - .776 all ":' -. B 1 X ,A ' 6 L - V '-A. .ir i , E A K. - K s A-H . . '1 ' -. L3 K x 5 'q i 2 4 , A A I Gs.. - , K ..., 1 5 -,qw X b , ,.., 1 I. . X K .I i t ,Qs Thomas, Van Zandt Walker, West, Wilson, Wright Speedy Faye Patsy Marilyn Wade Ima Tiffany, VOSS, Walston, West, Wood, Yafesl George James Royce Patsy Danny Geneva Tiller, Wade, WGTTS, Williams, Woodward, Younce, Barbara Irene Dorothy Billie Joyce Edwin Tindell, Walker, Webster, Wilson, Wright, Zi,-,Zi Jo Edd Kenneth Chester Leon Bobby Wayne lhi ihi fgf fgf OH! THAT TYPING! ,Ad W ff -il-kit 1 ' Jam: - E 5531 pil' WS' .,, . gg 5 :L 51 . .f r .. 'iii 5 WL' ri ' f. t-.1 ,vsw tm. , l" E',- tg.. at 2 mfs 'M S A 5 wylfjg im 'QW . L ,5 5 ra , W Y S as '58 A 9 i M wwf . . lxgtigyf- Qi ,ga a ri, X ,E 1, J, 5 r i 1 af Alsup, Mary Ash, Billy Boen, Edwin Bolton, Lori v,.,,., K ,fm I' f ,W ""'vgf4 Brown, Donald Clanton, Sally Clark, June Donaldson, Norman CLASS OF '58 dw ia, . Q 1 , 9 in ' ':1,.- . if? L 3253? M j .n i - l A S S A ' ' r ,, -4,93 221553-7. ,- in .- r -,, t 1 --gg,,y3:xi,,., S . ,, i s A 5 2 . fi t 1 'Q' AUM Graves, Carolyn Hopper, Bobby Jones, John Pulley, Melton Larson, Patricia Massey, Della May, Martha Melendez, Luciano ff? L. Minnix, Elizabeth Patida, Daniel Ra nsonette, Franklin Reinke, Barbara I WAS SMART IN THE NINTH GRADE! Smith, Tranquilla Stanley, Barbara Wheelis, Ann Williams, Patsy L. 5 U . K 1 I I x I 9 ,N A N , 4 . . 1 , ,gi A4 N 0 fx i " sa: 'El . RMS v s W, , wg ., ' an - fi 4.11 79' '51 HIGH SCHOOL DAY AT THE FAIR x vi 9 'S J' lima.. . ,, .. ,, ,- , - 5. i t..r"w ...:"-.- ii sENioRs' LAST wiu. AND TESTAMENT Robert Allen leaves his first seat in Miss Stiles' English Class to Charles Allred. Sibyl Allen leaves her quiet manner to Judy Koon and Nita Baldridge. Dudley Anderson leaves his place in Chorus to Darryl Pringle. Liddy Anderson leaves her favorite teacher, Mr. Woods, to Wanda Burt. Hope you like him. Donald Ashley leaves his talent to sing to Jimm Willingham. Billy Ray Baker leaves his curly hair to David Rutherford and Stan Price. Ruby Barnes leaves her typewriter in Secretarial Training to Priscilla Barkley and Bettye Berger. Don't fight over it, girls. Betty Behne is leaving her shorthand book to Ruby Blackman. Tommy Baxley and Claude Carey wish to leave their cheerleader suits to Thomas Ledwell and Bob Davis. Hope they fit. Garland Biddle leaves his knowledge to Abelardo Beltran and Johnny Hartgrove. Linda Bishop leaves her sister Diane to Linda Vollmer and La Nell Freeman. Coleen Black and Barbara Clay leave to be with their husbands W'Ifarry Bowers leaves his place in Home and Family Living Class to Albert Carlisle and Robert Chapman. Frances Brackeen leaves her place in Miss Moncrief's class to Arlena Frix and Anne Nix. lt will take both of them. Aubrey Bradford leaves his job as Vice President of the Glee Club to Phil Highfill. Jerry Brink leaves to Stanton Hoffmeyer his place on the baseball team with David Johnson as Substitute. Bobby Buffington wishes to leave his athletic ability to Gene Broussard. ' Dorothy Capps wishes to leave Tommy Turner to be taken care of by Miss Mon- crief. Kenneth Cepak wishes to leave his place in the band to Dorman and Norman Chambers. Davis Collier leaves his mixed-up name to Charles Howard. Guy Nell Craig leaves the first table in the cafeteria to Mary Venable and Judy Macy. ves his quiet manner to Jerry Herring. You need it, boy. Donald Dees wishes to leave his baseball suit to Fred McMurtray. John Davis and Virginia Davis leave their commonly known name to Shirley Fleischauer and Silva Faulkenberry. Barbara Densman leaves her "know how" to get a diamond ring to Betty Frey. lt's doubtful, but keep trying. Joe Farmer leaves his chewed gum under the desk to Grady Bletsch and Freddy Burns. Boys, there is enough for both. . Toby Farris leaves his best wishes to Marvin Becker and John Lewis. You will need it in your senior year. Lanny Fr'ench leaves his pretty black hair to Coy Bailey. Johnny Frosch and Wiley Martin leave their ability to get out of school half a day to Charles Banks and Claude Biddle. Lydia Fuentes leaves to Irene Quintanilla and Julian Vasquez her ability to sew well. Howard Garner leaves his ability to daydream in Civics Class to Fred Bohanan and Jerry Brown. Christian Hansen leaves his oh-so-quiet ways to Wendall Crunk and Bill Curry. Frances Harden leaves to Twila Ferguson her bookkeeping book. Good Luck, Kid. Pat Henderson leaves his love for practical English to Harry Don Hoffmeyer and Kenneth Loveless. You will like it, too, boys. David Herbelin leaves his pleasant manner to John Ferguson and Terry Fisher. Preston Howard and JackuSaffle leave to Wendall Gustafson and Bobby Sullivan their ability to get out of school at mid-term. Billy Jackson leaves his ability to doze in Home and Family Living Class to Joel Carey and Richard Childs. Carolyn Jansky and Janet Moak leave their jobs in l.C.T. to Patsy Compton and Theresa Erck. Leonard Jiminez leaves his ability to drive to Johnny Martinez and John Flores. Be Careful, boys. Charlene Jobe leaves her quiet unhurried way to Ethel Spear and Helen Strickland. You will need it, girls. Continued at end of book ,5-fv..,6, I 2-. I H' , I ,,,.,,-1 w si rv, .Qui 4 A E. I ,gg ' ,i ip. M mg? ffffi JN K H fx, , QW! ' Wh X Q ' ,A , , f - 4 A 'Lf ,W iv A J 3 X Y in g - 4. . ,A 0 'I + couNc.u. 3 X , VJ V- .. 'FQ , X . Q ' girfi Y K uf A q,. Q .. 'A ""' ,fd - A gr ' ff:.Qf1 ,,f f' .cv fuikgf " WL? Vf ' , V,..- ,K Lg-R-gluing' A x xx 'sv lp W A i up G Xa ,-ff-x.,xA QM, 4 Q fl - W xx XX 4 W F' -, - Q VF s. , XX V xx I - Q ., ' i , -1-,'+ A .,, A wk' fy Wm, ,N 3 PAT 'UP 3 CLAUDE CAREY JDYCE KOCH 3 Q ln- . Y as 1 5 BOW MARY ANN DONALD MMLENE RGBERT PRYOR MEIER mmm: SMITH PAYNE SHIRLEY MEIER mn. Cx sw QA Q. Sify A, 1 .I Q :W lg .mf:, f1iTJ-ilili'-fx was -- L .fig ,Wim A ,W .,. . 'W,. KP' .. . 1 W wr, L,f,,,.p ..11,U, M., ffl' it we-. .S YH www f 'gm- W gqgy,-fy!-Q fmf?fK,,1,1m-,- uireufl. riufwu Nzlmidib 7' 1 A " nw, 'kixfii All-i nikki .M f., , Maw A Q., f 5.Xw.' 11' "ew Sie? Mk, ,Aw Q H W2 , f , Q. -gsm ., ., SHSIRRY Y iiififf' GUY NEILL CRAIG 3,77 , , . 'Z 2 Jm,f'DT A L Q3 'EH T .x.x.xxN,.' D. up qw ,LJ , , ifiliiiif 5 A .. 4 rf.rf'Hg"'3'wQ." ?QV??Y.'xf3.T LA LD EK JQSNNEITTILLI TOTEN A FLASH FROM THE FUTURE I The alumni of the Class of '56 is assembled in the huge dining room of the famous N,Q1yman and Watson Hotel. Travis and Clinton decided to give Waco something better than the Roosevelt. It is June I, 1971, and we have all enioyed the fifteen years since our high school days. Our toastmaster for the evening is Billy Ray Baker, that famous diesel technician, who with his partner, Garland Biddle, designed a truck without wheels for winter weather. "Cuma Walters! l'm so glad you could come back for tonight. This homecoming banquet is just the thing. Everyone has certainly changed in the past fifteen years." "Yes, Joyce, I hardly recognize some of the people here tonight." "Look, there is Jackie Reed. Poor thing! She never married. I understand that she has given up kindergarten teaching for something more soothing-taming lions in Raymond Kaluza and Lanny French's famous French and Kaluza Circus. Robert Allen has recently taken a position with their circus too. He is the mu- sician who plays the piano while Joan Lasseter, Patsy Morris, and Liddy Anderson do their high wire act. "Robert Payne is a very prosperous scientist. His secretary, Janet Moak, told me that Robert has lust invented a serum which when iniected into chickens makes scrambled, fried, poached, or deviled eggs. This invention really pleased Donald Sherrard, who has taken over the Youngblood's chicken business. 'l L.-11 Mf'Betty Ramsey is working in Barry Bower's law office. She is here tonight on crutches, accompanied by her nurse, Wanda Payne. The reason for the crutches is that she was found by Mrs. Ruby Barnes Bowers sitting on Larry's lap telling funny little stories. "We miss the 'old favorite' Thomas Berger tonight. He has been driving a dynamite truck and Bill McGlasson told us that Thomas went to pieces when the dynamite exploded. He has to be kept quiet for a while. "Carolyn Jansky must be having a terrible gime. She is sitting by Virginia Davis, who iust graduated from Donald Kunze's school of nursing. Since graduation she has become very careless with her needles. She carries one around with her constantly and uses it too. "For entertainment tonight we have the 'Four Spades,' Dudley Anderson, Ken- neth Knight, Donald Ashley, and Aubrey Bradford. Since the fall of the 'Four Aces' from popularity these boys have become quite famous. "Linda Bishop and Colleen Black are warning Sibyl Allen Frosch about how men are after they are married. Sibyl and Johnny were finally married last week. "What used to be Bird Kultgen's business is now owned by Jerry Brink, Henry Wilson, and Paul Wood. The name of it now is B.W.8QW. Hotrods. "As I was talking to Jean Plasek just before I came over here, she told me that she and Wilfred Schaeper are on the teaching staff at Darlene Polk University. Oh, yes, and guess who the president of the university is, yes, Woodie Rowell! He has become a great success. Jean also said that Marlene CSmithj and Charles Martin live near the university and have two lovely children. "Glenn Pope is now Mayor of Robinson. He said that he was not going to let that city go to the dogs. Sherr Perr and Alberta Volz are really the ones who are doing the work though, they are his a visors. Mary Ann Meier and Barbara Sachs are in Hollywood. They recently co-starred in a movie called "It Came from the Unknown." A FLASH FROM THE FUTURE QCONTINUEDJ Stanley Rentz and Ronald Dees were able to be here tonight only because they were on their way to California for a bowl game. They play professional football for the Cleveland Browns. Dr. John Talbert is getting rich fast since he went into the medical profession. He and the druggist on the next block, Lewis Propst, do a lot of business. "Pat McNamara and Boyd Pryor bought out Wm. Cameron and Company and in their huge office have seven head stenographers. They are Gu V g k Shirley Meier, Evelyn Lloyd, Anna Morris, Betty Nothdurft Petrich, and Jennettie Toten. But head of the head stenographers is Barbara Densman McNamara. She stays there to keep Pat from being too friendly with the other girls. Betty married Eddie Petrich, who is doing a thriving business where the old Brass Rail used to be. It is now Petrich's Parlor. His chief customers are Preston Howard, Billy Jack- son, James Robertson, and John Davis. "Don Cruse and Tommy Baxley are professors in the English department at Baylor University. "Claude Carey is now residing in New York and word came by the grapevine that he is known as the most eligible bachelor there." "Joyce, don't you think that Barbara Smith and June Reese did a good iob baking this delicious ham? They both are chefs at the Rhodes Restaurant, for- merly, the Elite Cafe. Nelda has increased it to twice its original size. Howard Garner is her head waiter. "Beinice Shaw, LaVada Willard, and Joyce Yerby are all married, and LaVada runs a diaper service for extra money. Joyce furnishes her with enough work so that she should be able to retire with a neat little nest egg. Bernice still can't be- lieve that she is married and is all black and blue from pinching herself to see whether she is awake." "A celebrity in our midst tonight is Billy Moeller, who is Hollywood's present heart-throb. He brought Marinel Schnizer and Adelene Thompson, his beauticians, with him to see to it that his curly locks are kept presentable at all times. "Remember the Roundup on North 25th Street? Well, it is now the Trail Ride owned by Joyce Lanier. She has some of our class working for her. Mary Love, Gertie LaFrance, Barbara Clay, and Frances Harden look real sharp in those cow girl suits. "Harold Meadors, Jack Saffle, Bobby Snider, Wiley Martin, and Leonard Jimenez are still driving those same old ialopies they had when we graduated. "University's teaching staff consists of many of our classmates. Bobby Buffing- ton, Christian Hansen, and Pat Henderson are the coaches. They are looking forward to coaching Joan Koerth and David Herbelin's and Mary Ann Niles and Frank Payne's boys. Senator Woods, our civics teacher, had to give up teaching for other duties. Gilbert Londenberg has taken his place, and Charlene Jobe has replaced Miss Moncrief. "Texas Power and Light Company is no more! Ronnie and Bobby Watts have established the Watts and Watts Electric Company. "The Rivoli Theater, which closed the summer before we graduated, has been opened again by Kenneth Cepak, Toby4'arris, and Donald Neumann. Betty Behne is the ticket girl and Lydia Fuentes and Donald Capps are working at the candy counter. Davis Collier shows the movies for them while James Sharp and Joe Farmer take tickets at the door. "Look, there is Lois Newton. She is making the Navy her career. "Cuma, I hope it isn't fifteen years before I see you again." "Yes, and Joyce, I hope your name isn't Koch next time I see you. Bye now." 11' l jg xo.. ff' if M Rims 7 as ' is 1 3 Q . 1,131 K ss X X S i 3 x SY ,Rr a s . :Ri New earn g I Lie m ' R s is 19 PREPARING TODAY FOR LEADERSHIP TOMORROW V.I.C. SNAPSHOTS: C11 V.l.C. Christmas Party C21 Carolyn and Virginia collect for March of Dimes C31 Louise, Joan, Wiley, and Thomas deliver Christmas Basket to needy C41 Elaine and Freddie at Christmas Party C51 John, George, Curtis, Bobby, Wiley, and Ronny on V.I.C, fishing trip C61 Carolyn and Ronny, Bobby and Rita, Janet and Don at Christmas Party C71 Thomas eats while Wiley looks on C81 Mr. Carrell shows V.I.C, members how its done C91 Wiley and Boyd at Christmas Party C101 V.l.C. Group on fishing trip C111 Bobby, John, and George at Lake Whitney C121 Wiley and Curtis on V.l.C. fishing trip C131 Carolyn helps with March of Dimes C141 Bobby and E. R. carry out basket of food for needy C151 Janie and Frank peddle peanuts for Polio. C :rw-gb -- YFiiEPARiNG roDAY ff' FOR A Y ,, L Q 5 LEADERSFTIP rokiohiowf ,wks ss W5 -sms 1' I 1 fm. A ,W , r S NS ,Sy -I, 3:49, X , x N ...., 1 kg i 'f N.-5. r fs Q ""C 1 dk.. V, N2fxX 109 ai If al ' I'. X3 Q- Q lQ15j'916!Z,:1A -,f,.S7-an-X .dy ' Mig. 79' r J 1- ,zg "Q 'rx QL, Z FV 4. A Y ,L 111 77:4 'fi-1 ,EW . -fnx 33 A' , . .- i ,sw -. 'ffm -JA " 1? aw 0 -,. fffggifxfl Zifwf WM, V a ,, 5 ah M f W WF 5' M' m iff , Wigan MSM In 3 - fwnfwaf, , ,gf M Mc, rf, Kei X f ,ZWMQ M i . 1.1 rw nAaLf T0 ahnawm -- Z Q --gas ,I age. uw: f , 2 izewafsxglii ' 'I ' 1 ., - W S -s::,,, M gig 2 P-f Q- P hu- S -rv 'f?ifYi Q V Ci n :H Q ,L . gn ?'7"3-.k:T'5? T153 1-1 X ,W ngTf9 K fm :wg f'?Tf7 fr QS' 6' NJ ,.+: w M4y..Q X " palfmf Qavlamd Q W .W-ang i' WPG A119 FUSK tw5iQ NFB xr F3 Qi-.QTM11 -' 32-:'1fNf'wY'5 Ml wq nm Nil V, MQ! ROQEOX lllllllll ANI SHHTUP! TGVMSILA? LL ?AndIhD L in OH POPULAR CAN YOU GET? REMEMBER THE DEADLINE Go1NG SGNEJHERE? REAL GQQEL THvHE'o PLLWLY HGH Jg? Q. HBA? 313 CHIEF n IH CLASS? l?'YPf3 PMEILY 6UYl CUUNCIL'S SORNER 5 S r1Fx A 'K 54 7? 3' DIG THOSE CRALY LQUS JUST ONE! AAY.NE Hoa A CGLLBJE CAPALQG? HOd y ' Fwy THE LUNG AND S GBT GF IT gjINTmhdSTINGl Q is sw S JA' mf.. , , NORKING HARD? 3 N? L W - .W 1 I GOGD MCRNING, UNIVERSITY HIGM SCHOOL THEY'VE UONE IT AJAIN TTU? MNATIQ TW-1A"P9 ........-an T-PUPFPADT-TV! TXTTT 19 Nmwg PRETTY BGY IDEAL SENIOR GIRL Popular like Barbara Densman Smart like Alberta Volz Peppy like Liddy Anderson "Flirty" like Jackie Reed Clothes like Barbara Sachs Quiet like Joyce Koch Tiny like Mary Ann Meier Friendly like Sherry Perry Easy-going like Patsy Morris Studious like Evelyn Lloyd Dainty like Shirley Meier Sweet like Betty Nothdurtt Neat like Virginia Davis Ambitious like Jean Plasek lndustrious like Marlene Smith Sociable like Mary Ann Niles Fun-loving like Betty Ramseyw ,,,... Serious like Janet Moak Eyes like Cuma Walters Hair like Barbaga Smith A QI 'J C ll fx Z IDEAL SENIOR BOY ff kv -QS . Jitw' 5 Manners like David Herbelin Witty like Thomas Berger Handsome like Raymond Kaluza Cute like Claude Carey Ambitious like Paul Wood Quiet like Kenneth Cepak Settled like Donald Dees Musically lnclined like Dudley Anderson Nature-loving like Donald Kunze Athletic like Bobby Buffington "Flirty" like Woodie Rowell Studious like Donald Cruse Easy-going like Stanley Rentz Friendly like Robert Payne w A "bookworm" like Billy Ray Baker Steady like Wilfred Schaeper Built like Pat McNamara Care-free like Lann-y French 33755 S X T Q " K- 3 W ? fi as Q-Y E ,iz 4 3 is """-N-was-.g.......,X Q ' ,a1s....,, 5 wi , .M El ww 5'7" , ff. -.5 . '15 , . ? 2 tx 2 x 49, . A :fu " Sag 7 11 :il 2 5 I Sf . 4 ii? X I .P -3 s 'FH' 'JK 1 S ,. 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M Abbe, David Abbe, Dewey Alexander, Albert Alsup, Don Anderson, Toni YQ A we -if ,A Ash, Linda Ashley, Retha Baker, Henry Balch, Harold Barnes, Leo Barnes, Rodney Barnett, Fred Bates, Tommy Bayer, Howard Bearden, Wanda ff 114111: - Boatman, Marion Bowden, Joe Brink, Judy Brown, Janice Buck, Herbert nassaui' A I 1' R Eg as x Burleson, J. D. Calderon, Delores Cargill, Bert Cargill, Tommy Clawson, Charlie 5 ' 2' and ki . 'x it Coleman, Molly Copeland, Nancy Cranford, Earnestine Crow, George Dalrymple, Joe ... ' get f A X be X Q xx A is -5: .Z.A ,, ati? 'ai if-,1 CLASS OF '59 ,,, L-iwifg,g3stfwz,Pz,gfi1 ilpgiili ., " - t lgfifii sit- 7553 Wi? S5521 "nw 11 iwifwv L7 15? ll lu K X' - LJ 'X f , L- N 551 agggiieivgisi 5,-1 V , ,i l Y Elsffiff Sf?se2fZ'lfd?h1ig,f5g,?.55sl5i5k'i51ri'z'i5 fa. a .G iiiilfillll ' ., - i YZ N EESQQBQ3 , Jam- - ' F -as ww f - gf Hutt " ffsiizfitazw it if ,:z,.,gg 2. S ,..., 55? 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" E 7 --1 ..,,: A A I Vk ,Vt EM . . 5 i l ,a,,i gs-5 s 1 Dreyer, Foreman, Greiner, Boyd Virginia Jo Ann Dugger, Fuller, Guthrie, Patsy James James Easter, Fuller, Haddock, Maurice Jimmy David Ellis, Garland, Haggerty, Tomasania Clarence Marlin Farmer, Glockzin, Hammit, Roberta Gene Billie ix Q i N Q 3 . , 5 E ai? me sc Hammons, Loretta Harbert, Gene Hardin, Margo Hill, Ronnie Haynes, Charlene CLASS OF '59 -v f ii- ,xiii ,-:- A S K ,Sr i 1 X f . 5. ef? a . I-ve Y .: El i: Es ""f 1 l .., V -P 1' 1. E 6 i -as if 1 9 'X A , ws ' Q2 f - ,: Q i fr 3 W . V A LL.L . A N . 1.:, Lkk h Holcomb, Marie Holcomb, Russell Holder, Diane Howard, Janice Howingion, Sue df- lli' Huckabay, Gaynell Hunter, Beverly Jennings, Rebecca Jolly, Deanna Kendrick, Donald Kennedy, Tox Kimsey, Martin King, Shirley LeBkowsky, Gloria Leggio, Tony Lindsey, Joe Long, Orland Love, Garland Makowsky, Milton Markwardi, Ella Mae K XX " i . ., JE sg s .Q :ss Q an X X R :P X ,Neg -- s cg.. 9 a,...:. 'Q' i .iii fi a , so " xyy ' is Q Martin, Moreno, Earnest Tony May, Mosely, Joe Mary Ann Midkiff, Murphy, Donald Jimmie Miller, Nelson, Richard Sue Moore, Murphy, Joe La Verne va .xc CLASS OF '59 K -ff ' te 4 - Y' . . 1' f- f - -Y. I, V Y LE? T, .Z I r if ' g iw 121 , -5 7 1- ,111 5. ' . ' . Ima- i . .. K ' ' L LL f fqii ' J' V V, '-',L - , ' il lla K , X 7 K' 'K ' . K- ' WK .K l ,f ti '- ' fl V , S f t, M ,, , it 542' f 4 ' 2 3gi33sf:Vf, V X as . fi . 1 . ' V 'V ' 5- , VV ,Qi T KK ' if ., 1 -.-' iw,fQsa'qfV+ V V K 'KK Kf.. -' l l' N tt V t 5 - M' '- ' 5 -'11 . tt' E ' -, f . 2 1:1 ,. KKsSf K' K V 4253 s ' ' 3? V' 'Eff K 'K , . K ,W S L. .,. L , J , S ' m L V if W- m,, hm. t . ,, V f V K ,V ,s 5. t-t5i,,xV,i- V ,..., A ,3?,,5:::f,,:,,i,jk-h.T ., .,.,:. .,,, , ikgcmitkig ww ' " F " - a V I i A an 13 , . -5. ,V H 5 T . , L--. ., 't ,F V w' fa J 3 x F' V, ,A,., , , V 1, S . ,,g,:t" ' V ' gi: :f,'7g'l,fVi, ig! K . 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V J K' , I, K , V V . my A VVV VV V V, ,,..4s V V j C a S f , , , i J V X-,N V J, I Nicklow, Jimmy Norris, Eva Oliver, Patsy Oswalt, Johnny Ozment, Jean Peacock, Linda Pope, William Portwood, Chester Portwood, Royce Pryor, Kenneth Quirk, Ann Ramsey, Ronald Redding, Karen Rhodes, Charles Riddle, Marvin Robertson, Danny Rogers, John Rosenbaum, Marvin Sharp, Betty Sharp, Sherrill Smith, Ellis Smith, Kay Smith, Mike Smith, Patricia Spann, Charles Sutton, Ronald Tallent, Randy Tallent, Sherrin Tate, Mary Helen Taylor, Charles -H77 2,....-- 1 4 al si- ' Q, 1:9 I K R -Q- im 5-4. w "' f . " -, r '5 if 3 ' 5 :" M,-f. X Q W I ---.v - Taylor, Tanthea Thomson, Arthur Thrasher, Lena Toten, Edna Tull, Jimmy CLASS OF '59 g? ,.... I if rid 51,5 f, r h R aa if 1' C Q- qt N! 'Sf -X . , '31.- T T f at V , 5' K .sc -film g . 'N . , X H Vqqr f F., J: FCS on , if R, t : K A kr -' l v . 1 l K rra.,V - rv,,, a, R fi i fssggql :-, :., g 'fr' TTTT Af i , :fr , Vollmer, Watson, Charles Barbara Wallace, Weeks, Donnie Larry Ware, Welch, Alvis Merl Warnock, Welch, Gerald Robert W6Tl4lf1S, Whitener, Winston Earnest 'C :,.. fa' P: fp: K -it X 1 -J , K V A lx 5 B is Gai. af ' fs: F, .. , A , e-y., J. rar X A vi my E 35 S ic " I r fl' 2m S Q is 73- 1 '- V .X Q. Willeford, Benny Williams, Bobby Williams, Scott Willey, Shirley Wittie, Claudette Wood, Nancy Wooten, Sue Baker, Charles Copeland, Betty Holley, Edna 'nfs' Hunter, Kenneth Morgan, Bonnie Morgan, PQQQY Scott, Frank Shilling, Helen ,T S my V 4 .M I ar if rx N f, Y. Yi fi' va Q 2 up -1 5 ..kkk. Q E Q A N Ns 5 X 1 my X , IS L: ST ' S 15555 g S? . . F 3 FS C A W 1535 f sk if Q - X Q CLASS OF '60 .-f K rg, - .em ,K-Kks, Q 'W 4 K K l K K .. i K I K K .,' K, ' is A L- 1 - JMAK. K ss .' V' i' F ,,.a. - l - . :.,, ,.' 3 . Q s - .v Y ff' 'Ji Q X -W ., 1 L' W ' at ' Q 1 11 Lili Mi.. V- f lf .ill or ' N Aft ? . A 9 S- .1 in K - . army. K K i . .mi K' KP, ' if ' . ' Q: K . r S 1 .K K K K , . . Q JK -K K SK K. .' iii- . 3' i . if K .- . F: ' A -'Mi' K KKK:j1QK?K .K K. KK K - KK ,Jfx iK.if'lKKij L13 1.31 il 1 J' .. KJ., ..-.., ee..-+-. as t .. J . . . A K5 K K . . , K it : K KKK .. K ? 2 + r B ,ee B B 1. or . ,, . H...-Q.. me . facie' J f...,.w aw 'B r iii? T54 F V - fi F . .Ji F' z 3 V X ,1 .gi 1 M 52 . . X . K K .... K SK ..KKK , K KS.. KKK JK x 1 JP! ' ' 4, K, at - .W of ' ' Nil. K, - 2: f if ... . fi- ,iff J' an A B . 1 v"'f"' C .ff Sf X- W M ,, if 'lil nf K C 0' ee --.K .. ' pf' '. K. i f ' .f ' ' K KKKK K KK K ,Je B, .9 - 1 .... . ..K K ES K J'K K RK"K..5gf K ' . 5 X -' F - " F . f ' ,iii Q . . B B i eb fi gf' f C A-11 -i ' - .ff "iw- fr ii 1, F r B as . sf B i l if - ng K l iz X F I 0- fs' W inf! ii if' ' , 5 as . . J B 5 B I at tw- 2 r"'L . KK K ,K K K K. ...K K . 1 J I Q , f KK K . K K K, K S , Q . .J il K Y I -we M 'J 5 ., 'if First row, Adams, Raymond, Baker, Retta, Ballew, Brenda, Barnes, Betty, Barnes, Doris, Barnett, Wayne, Bayer, Louis, Bell, Patricia. Second row: Beckham, Wayne, Black, Billy, Blair, Janet, Boatman, Robert, Bohanan, Lou Ann, Bray, Lena, Brewer, Jimmy, Bridges, James. Third row: Brisby, Johnny, Brown, Ben, Brummett, Beverly, Brusenhan, Ernestine, Burdette, Jimmy, Carpenter, Darlene, Chadwick, Larry, Cherry, Sue. Fourth row: Clemons, Mike, Cockrell, Ray, Cole, Don, Corenfield, Henry, Cotten, Carolyn, Courtney, Ruby, Cox, Darryl, Crouch, Aubrey. Fifth row: Curtis, Nancy, Davis, Linda, Dayhoff, Beverly, Deaver, Judy, Earhart, Wilmer, Freeman, Geraldine, Furqueron, Mignon, Gildwell, Georgia. Sixth row: Granger, David, Grisham, Gerald, Gummelt, Sandra, Guthrie, Ernestine. CLASS OF '60 ' - L. W . .K 1 -K ,- , K "'- 'L K' ll 3 .. K K i f' . K, 'K , K. Q -E . f IK' fi '55, - .i K - "f ' A: ,55 f . ' . . 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K- 7 Jiff ff qf ,i, 'W 'Q 4,55 li i'W'?f1'l i,ir 2 , ASKK? 'K 'K"' it flif i- -5.37 ,g,.f,,,,., - - 'ii f, K, -' A 'KE 1,-K2 "Kel -A Y ' ifewfss-iQ, 1K f" K ff'-fs Q - I ' 'LLA 'ii-'fiiih fif A - 52, ,Q K' -Q QQ-Vi F Q , ' ' 1 ' ' 'iff' K Kfgp' 45, If , K -'-f K ' . .i,i,' " , 1 K . 1-K K K K'jK K : Si? ff 'L ' L ' , 1 51 " AL" ffl? l ,K . A Ka ll K A-L I K K -V -,--Ki, K : f S ,K -- ,wi ,.K,.- S .: Kia,, ,' , K K K K 3. ,g t yjpi K K W X if-fi-if-K-1 i z 'K K Kf Stl,-Q L I ggL'g Ki fin l ,,,,,J in 4' K 'MV ' if N . iK SPM " K K-'f" ' f KW. l 1 5: ,la it M-I, sf sw?-I 'Q if f K. ' ' . , ---- , . . . K K' - K A . .LM-s'1,s1:tf-2. - . ' K K -'ltr-K K " S f? f, K 1 ii-If " ,. - K , i .r- ' X H' 2- , fs: Q35 , . . - -fe . 5. mf- if ,fflf , -. K ' , -' li E, :pf ' ' V. ' "" I -f K' fK -, :J-QQ, K ,WV-in ti ' 5 2.5 .3 , " 2 -, r wifi? V . Q 3 J - - z . K: -A , K- K i' ,ls-i. K , J 2 -MJ K' 111. ,K -- - , -. ..,- -- ' .,.. ,r - - V 2- - wk- .. . 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Third row, Kinsey, Tommy, Kirkpatrick, Janet, Lamendola, Salvadore, Yarbrough, Shirley, Langston, Diane, Lovvorn, John, Ling, Clarence, Londenberg, David. Fourth row, Lyon, Nancy, McClintock, Michael, McCormick, Woodie, McKenzie, Ronnie, McLemore, Dwain, Meier, Donald, Miller, Freddie, Miller, James. Fifth row: Molitor, Ray, Montague, Zula, Montemayor, Lee, Moore, Jeannette, Mostyn, Claude, Muckleroy, Robert, Murphree, Delores, Norman, Johnny. Sixth row: Nunn, Travis, Owen, Elva, Payne, Claude, Petterson, Mary. K, ,if CLASS OF '60 S , - if S f - ad' . . ,vu ,F ef me .. sr- 'X csv it ' . L, -Q I J - 'H -' J . V ,, Q . . K ,ix - -- .Pl t f if alle . P fi 13' -af gm? fxiitf m , S ,, ,Q .X lik . . -F. K ' h . J K V: T-ik . . 9, ,J A 13 t M ' My l t- ,, .ff f Y- 1 asf , J . M. ' t . Y ' as J .. f . 2 . . 1 , 1' 1' ' ' ,, M fe -D 4 5- K ff- ,,, . e I A we .yl lriti 1. ' 1 : Y 6 I . S ev W., S S he :tif H. . H Q fi L- V, .. V V ni . i: N K 1 .. i 1 mA: ig f . f ,5L.,1?. I S "M ' . 'its . ? J, 1 A ' 3351? . ,444 W 1 ... -g - . 1 .'f.:vf . . ..-!,a'::i - A .2 l . , ff . ...J ' . S J A F I . . IQ . . - '1 1 ,av 8 M , c I - X 1 A I i K: - . . . FF . ' S W 5 ' T' i Q . 'Y as 'ir in ,WJ 'S 21 - N S if - . -Q P i sg +-4' "SPT" - : . - A - A R 'ra' -S . " ' .R In ff' . ., .Ni .M no ffl 1 1, Ari.-1.i-f2.fE2,. r. , L ,gpg A Yxtwa 4 S t ,gag :F K a S-1 ix . x N Q t tl K Nm' ,Q if ' 3 ,:',e . X . ..f", HP" , f in 'I .. ., H. F' . F -' :ff ififgiiiis 1-Q I 1 ' , 11 . . if - h. - ' " S 2 .. f pgs . , . t ,Mia A . Q. Q :- 1 if kai? fs ' . J 1 Q . ,' ' r I . , ' J . . J J . f ' I' ' fl 382' .iii '1 Y A A 4 , g "i,,,,, 'Q l First row: Phillips, Frank, Pitcher, Jack, Powitzky, Billy, Quintanella, Fred, Quintanella, Richard, Read, Lloyd, Reyes, Mary, Richards, Aubrey. Second row: Robertson, Max, Schimschat, Barbara, Scott, Carolyn, Sedberry, Bryan, Shaw, Philip, Sheldon, Fred, Smith, Jimmy, Sorrels, Frank. Third row, Spear, Evelyn, Spence, Bud, Stahr, Larry, Statham, Jeanie, Stead, Jim, Stead, Sally, Steddum, Riddle, Steele, Curtis. Fourth row: Svvanner, Tommy, Tanner, Ann, Taylor, Virginia, Taylor, Rayburn, Thompson, Carol, Thorne, Gloria, Thorne, Nancy, Todd, Lloyd. Fifth row, Tulloch, Elenor, Ustick, Wilburn, Vivian, James, Warneke, Richard, Washmon, Marilyn, Weathers, James, Welch, Tom, Whitaker, Rex. Sixth row: Wilcox, Robert, Williams, Alice, Young, Billy, Carpenter, Patricia, Ferrell, F. W., Martinez, Rosie. OFFICERS OF CLASS OF '61 3 si is 2 L i L 5 E f , I Q E Q 3 F as ii E95 Frances Hancock, Secreiaryp Barren Moore, Vice Presidenfg Frances Tusa, President. MAILANDER BEEMAN sPoNsoRs . . . - . 5, Lg7Li',:ma:x:v1.fgzg,vW31,fzrzgxgggvgf-:rc -Xf, iiL-5i'iwi3gfzgEgggfggsiiQ1f1S2 L 5 miiesifiiilsxitirmiggigii21212: .5 - 1 -w rggg WSQEQQ- .- H . i,,,Ac is fffiiiiwy 3525355512212 ef , V -V: ma x fH5K'11fLf.f. tissue-V 'fiirwiii Ei 'Z' Ykffssfil 25 1 -ga g- f , im - ,. iff f Eiiizirgi- S 1:-f QQ!-fgsziriii, if Q 1 W i - 7 .5msgZ.,g9y: I fi , , I R E K, iviiw, 1 M - 9 1 -I I if ' egg., 1 : :Q QQN xsxqggfky-f , 7 ,:.,1 H ' 1 N s ?Ei?'eirisr2ffasf1.2a . Ifssf 2 5 -..:.:.-: lpziw-Lie, ,,,Qi:f, Q ,SSQSMVW-ir,. .. .wr 5 Eagan ,,32gf:ig?kSz,!15,si74?1h ., 151111125 53 SE fsW'iL25i:59zIbz:i QM Q1 K - L . 5jf'fjEi3i . . ' Y S " iiffiflf' . 'Yr gfkiwimasfzzf'avi-w:1fW Sz - J f P wwwgswus,-:Sg2zfgq31-- : ff' if .A -, .mr-fa :.1'i4'g9i, 1 s -, A Y , f' - fy, - iv! 5 : ff ' wffm "b-af WILLIAMS LEDDY CLEMENTS FURQUERON it A i . JPY' 'G H, , i 1 - 'j x c ,, viii . 4. ,. . N A i 'V .si Q is 5 i- CLASS OF '61 4 Z ' ' . A . A i f J if' tw if fi i 1,W:mi,A i 1 I if Q nf' t. A xg -K, 4 U ,L V Q- K ,- if N t sis X K Q , 6 E 5 JA- 11 4 A ' .. 5 fl ' I 3 . ji, to J f K A A i .,.,. ,, , F 1 X gif i K . ,rg - x t Ek -E f, 'Q ,gt ih ' g , fin an 55. Qi 1 hh. Q i s g . , i ,S , , ,Af 1 ,K kk 5:7 -5 A lf- -i X A X sh- 5.3 . Q Vi Q LLL 'Z .. 4 s., fa I 2 . F ' K it S .-2. ' , A J'-i t be ff ff ' 5 , D Q' 5 .Q-1 ig , 'F' . if ' , Q Q .3 ' . ...L -. -ti F 5 - g 'A X me - ,I i' a Lhil I i , -1 - 1 .,,. V - K I J na g Qs. . .ee . J! , Al l ' K i ,K l, , WV if. K A AI' I ' mx: to - he -s' f k jf-2' L' X .-ff 1--fl into i l . f -as if 5' .r 5 ' . va' . ' N. 5 Q ,z .f,. wi sw . t . "l"'lQft 'i bs 'A - A , tl .r A ,ff . 75 5,4 ' c i lg sm g E 9, .A 1 ,E i 5 1 s --w rt -i vu K 5 .. C X N' s 3 A ' A Q5 " gi - -Q ,LKX I' wi . ' 1 i in xl LEX i . . hm i - . ,, Q ., . E . , ' . A .J 5 ft. B J f f Qiirf A "' 1' A f 3 i 5. F A A - ,ye - A 4 i'Li??i, -5 2 ,QS 1 is ,eff i l - . ' ff 'A k 1. , -. , if VX, 'V 4'-f?v Q , . t in .li .k:7 in 3. , 12 ix ., S . T - . A V g iii? . V ' sf A s 'Z X t ras ' .fig A il' . 'xiii' 5 . Q f N ' ll ' i i ' Jie- ' X ' . y 'X , 3 11: ' . . - ff-' , 5 L l L ffl 1 , ' Q' i s ey I K ,+R I . ,,.-1 -H 4 1. ' x- . , fm' :" 3 1152?-,B .5 Q 5' 't -on-wmv if , "' Iss A if " 7 1 ,xy ,..- W. if ic 3 Wih: A I gi igtff " M' K V X..,X, S , ep First row: Abbe, Donald, Aldridge, Riley, Allen, Joe, Allen, Robert, Arellano, Reba, Armstrong, Tommy, Roy. Second row: Barnes, Delores, Bayer, Fred, Black, Joe, Blackburn, Larry, Edward, Booker, Anna Karl, Brock, Jerry. Third row: Brown, Arthur, Brown, Billy, Buchanan, Carlton, Butler, John, Callaway, Glenda, Calvery, Rita, Carey, Harrington, Carpenter, Sandra. Fourth row: Carroll, Joey, Chadwick, Barbara, Childs, Anita, Cobb, Patricia, Coleman, Julia, Cook Charles, Copeland, Billy, Covey, Gary. Fifth row: Crawford, Richard, Davis, Paul, Deal, Donald, Dennard Patsy, Desmuke, Jaunita, Donaldson, Peggy, Drum, Jackie, Dunkin, Garland. Sixth row: Dunn, Robert Dyer, Jerry, Edens, John, Ellett, Harold. Baer, George, Baldridge, Boatman, Joy, Boleman, I I I CLASS OF '61 . , . " "" "-. so .J A i J fi .fx ss.. . X :" i K if - , ' , 1 . at ,si fl .s , . - ' ' K ' ,ii if -.,L ' 5 ., K i A ' ae, ,sf i f -1 w S . asss . as S ' 'Xp-P A ' Sh- I ,ass F' ' - 4 RX I., '56, - X ' , 1 ..:.:p:,,, We Q 4 is , 21 , - J 56 V . nf' ' Q Q 5 gg K-.Q f tv . . . 1 K S K gg E Q K S . v, H-:L ---1 M ' l ll ll 1 its L il my " u wx aff Y Q? 'Y A A, J' A -1 K X f' s me 'tg fi + 6 s , t t , 1 : ., kk ,L X t xi sv 1 s X .. - 1 il ,Km E .. an 1. af . A t , S . Q .M .J v "' an Eqwiy., . . is lg. i. . . - gag, .S . ,, R iv- -K . xml , M x 4 -'Q .. V. .. Rf I in l :,. . .L QVJ fxs ' X ,xi -Q' S life N Q . F , 4. .. j ar. Q .,.M,.X3,a. , ,A ii ws 5' Q i fs X gf 'Q' J s ,px 2... X R 75" 59535 S Q A lf i i ' S S 2 ' ., .ni , f ' ' M 1- l .X..-g'. - -'21 Q B mg. ,A f , g . -:til 1.5, it 5 1 J 6 as - ' ., f , 1 X1 A R 5 A : -- if W . ' Mi - k"'N""" Rpm' , S , -. A fl Q,-5' 1 S ,h-. ., K - fggeia ' is A , " as , ' , , -A'- " , 1 83551 fi '58 U A 2 ' 4 'L ' , -, . Jw 1 J fx fu" , I r.....,a.,s ii :M . .f l l Q " - ' A 5 .t . . - S Q : - , ' 5 i 'J Y ' ,. . -f . 1- L il LX Q . ' . s J bfi! y 1 ' S mm'A f i l - 1 iii g i L-k., A yA-' .ff i t -- , - ' :fl P I ff! li A First row: Kerns, Wayne, Kidwell, Dennis, Kilgore, Orval, King, E. C., Kinsey, Betty, Koerth, Margaret, Koon, Nancy, Kurtz, Annie. Second row: Lee, Bobby, Lopez, Margaret, Luedke, Dovie, Macy, Jay R.- 1 Markum, James, Marrs, Tony, Martin, Dean, Martin, William. Third row: Mayes, William, McCormick, Sue, McKay, Jack, McMeen, Beverly, Mendenhall, Lee, Moak, Sherry, Montgomery, Harold, Moore, Barret. Fourth row, Morris, Wendell, Murphree, James, Nelson, Wayne, Narcross, Carl, Nunn, Don, Norris Linda, Oates, Norman, Oliver, Esther. Fifth row, Paul, Gay, Parker, Shirley, Poore, Janet, Portwood, Noel, Powers, Bobby, Racobs, Michael, Reyes, Carmen, Richardson, Alfred. Sixth row: Rinewalt, Judith, Robert- son, Bobby, Robins, Bobby, McKay, Ronnie. 1 f' L . E 4 f 1, ., yr- Pyle-A i VN if 2 . , ,, Q 5. . gg .M I L l X' ll' fi WR lf! f xg, WMS. wi: '1 .,,,e,xm. . 1 ,,. . K S, .gg . ,i1,c,j1 j V gf f , 1 h Q , gi 5 4, . f . as , .. s, K L its A at ing ii t. I 3 5 K f. .S .A I' if r gg- f .3310 CLASS OF '61 'FK ' 1 9 fem - 1 af? . -ic, X X ,pf i f .5 Q, i :AP N 3 , ,, f -. NEI W. i i ' . ,.,, Q h'.' . . - M , ' I - istr . : Q W .fe we i , K -., ,,., .....-is , .V, A.:,Vkk my i..Si , 3 i 1 fifif f ,- i ' - . l 5 ., f G lc f S at sv .1 if ll . Q S :Z S . Q . ,.. , .e , ,, f il 1 .. ,"- s . 3 75,15 'G 1 B - K H I -L', .X ,I K k Kgs, .. Z -Af. 'SY' :k, ' - T 53' , 1 ., , ef :,- I 'V h e ' "':.:- V 'Ni 2 X' K K :lg X . . - L ...MJ Q, ' , ... . his fill s.f?'?' ,-,zeqsgif - ., , -f l, ,S W,-is-, X ara, , . 5iil?5li?iF3?l' ikiiffimfii- zesszifwz, ' asa-a,,g,g.f fflfifik' fl' 5 4 mf ig es' 511. ' i w .,, ,, ,Q ,J 1, 1, 1:53 i. fi"?Lsii,i, seliifiie -- sil. 'ig iii,-W ,F ,W iw' Q, ,Q in , X ,f .4--gp' 1 2 ' K .nr 1 .. rw- 1' 'QF S wg L M . : A "- V,-:F 'l r , .. - - a. . me-.,g. f. 43' A 5 de 15? J 1, ,L V1 'N ,' - f ' , A , , - ,ge,f3.s ,R J . H ,. a ,. alla shit' rg if L it f i 115 2 we R . . . as F . D , . . 53. X , sf- ' at LK" ' Lm,. :'V,. Q , S X., , ,.ra ,,.A.,, , s . . S L First row: Robins, Mervin, Robinson, Sharron, Russell, Charles, Ryno, Kay, Sanchez, Chrespin, Scott, Carol, Doty, Wayne, Scott, Donald. Second row, Segrest, David, Sharp, Patsy, Shaw, Billy, Smith, Jo Carol, Smith, Thomas, Grantham, Donald, Statham, Carolyn, Steele, Jerry. Third row, Stone, Nell, Stoermer, Kenneth, Taub, Betty, Thompson, A. L. Trantham, Floyd, Turner, Jim Ed, Tusa, Frances, Underhill, Linda. Fourth row, Ustick, Grace, Wyse, Otto, Verba, Lynnwood, Wallace, Janneta, Wallis, Eldred, Ware, Eva Lou, Webb, Donna, Whitely, Jackie. Fifth row: Williams, Eugene, Wilson, Holley, Wright, Donna, Wilson, Melba Lee, Svaida, Marilyn, Medlock, Donna, Grantham, Rita, Rice, Joe. Sixth row: Rosas, Mary, Rosenbaum, Leona, Tipton, J. D., Little, Darvin, Pitcher, Billy, Quintero, George. ? ,...,. , ,F .K QQ N ies-"' L ' S ki. sz . 2-if 'S .Q i s x . . .., A l CHEERLEADERS 1 E S P E 2 E - 2 x - ' f 1 Q . l f 4 Standing: Virginia Foreman, Kay Smith, Mignon Furqueron, Sitting: Alice Williams, Molly Coleman Patsy Oliver. C ,- 'T ' c: Sponsor Mrs. Hackett wa.. gk if.. 4152 FOOTBALL CLARENCE E. DIERKING, Coach Mr. Dierking attended Brenham High School, played football and ran track. In football he was All-District, second team All-State, All-Southern and Honorable Mention All-American. He gradu- ated in nineteen fifty one. In nineteen fifty one he attended Baylor. Mr. Dierking was a four year Ietterman in football. His position was guard and linebacker. He also lettered in track. He graduated from Baylor with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Education. His minor field was in Education. .... -fi' V. it ' 1 -' - , ,ff... r,.W.-L tai - ,,i5,3.g,igJ:,g1:g.grire Ja in -:ti--w 1,35 ,.g5..,rt4.7 wg? .tte,5fftsm ,. 1se4YEQlw1sf,Q5i2 1 - to Nap: fi , we , F, ffxt' - tw. . ff. at egg tv ti 'mia- xt 151551, -,l"-QM -: , "1 B . . .-,f tt . fi . - - ' . 5? ' ,w.t.agP,'iY.s'fig.. ...s 'E .., 1254 as , swf,-Qi . Gi! fm 215,51 'df .g g A ,. .F , L XS .rg . JH.. 'fi r R iii 1 -1 fit, rg., me - r my f - 1 ELBERT L. YOES, Coach Mr. Yoes graduated from San Angelo High School and San Angelo Junior College where he played football. He went to Howard Payne Col- lege in Brownwood, where he played football, and basketball. Yoes was also a member of Who's Who In American Universities and Colleges for two years. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in 1948. Later he received a Master of Arts Degree from Baylor. He has coached at Pecos, Los Fresnos, Lorraine, and Bronte. In 1954-55 he came to University. Bottom row: Danny Robertson, Noe! Portwood, Billy Brown, Ronnie Hill, Marvin Riddle, David Haddock, Randy Tallent, Robert Welch, Jimmy Glockzin. Second row: Milton Makowsky, Darryl Cox, Joe Moore, F. W. Ferrell, Jim Fuller, Tommy Swanner, George Crow, James Guthrie, Jim Murphy, Kenny Hunter. Third row: Clarence Dierking, Coach, Donald Alsup, Donald Midkiff, Charles Clawson, Jimmy Tull, Leo Barnes, Scott Williams, Ronny McKay, Alfred Richardson, Elbert Yoes, Coach. Top row: Gene Harbert, Gene Glockzin, Jimmy Nicklow, Ronald Ramsey, Joe Bowden, Claude Dollins, Larry Weeks, Gerald Warnock, Clarence Garland. OFFENSE UNIVERSITY LITTLE TROJANS The flashy University Little Troians gained a nice shiny trophy by winning all their games in city competition without being scored on. Though the fast, hard hitting Little Troians were beaten once in their marvelous season by a powerful Central team, they won the city championship and avenged last year's only defeat by beating the West Yellow Jackets I4-O. SCORES Universitywc.. u,,,o,, IO East University o,,uL,o u,,o,, 3 4 South L so University ,,s.,, ,o..,.. 2 2 Reagan ..,. University 21 North ,,o,,, University ,Ls..c ,,,..s. 2 7 LaVega so,, University. ,,L,,o. 41 West Station University oo,.vv ..,oo. I 4 Central ,ss,s,,.,u .,s,ss 3 5 University s,oo,u ss..sL I 4 West ooLoo,oo,ou DEFENSE if BASKETBALL Univ Univ Univ Univ Univ Univ Univ. ,,,,, Univ Univ Univ Bottom row: Larry Weeks, Gene Glockzin, Scott Williams, Gene Harbert, Charlie Clawson, Harold Balch, Claude Dollins, David Haddock, Second row: Mr. Dierking, Coach, George Crow, Donald Midkiff, Marion Boatman, Joe Bowden, Richard Miller, Mr. Yoes, Coach. Top row: Kenny Hunter, Manager, Danny Robertson, Manager, Jimmy Fuller, Merle Welch, James Tull, Milton Makowsky, Manager. GAME SCORES INDIVIDUAL SCORES South I5 Claude Dollins .L ,,o,, ,,,, L ,36 La Vega o,,o, ,,,,a, I 8 Gene Harbert so 32 East ,U , a,,a, 20 Larry Weeks 3, . a,,,,o,. 2I North ,,.,a aoa, L L 36 Donald Alsup ,,,c,,o.22 West 29 Gene Glockzin .L a,aU, ,Uo-,,aa A 9 South o,,o ,oo,oo 2 2 Harold Balch ,,,, A .c,,c,,c 32 La Vega ,.,o, ,c,,a, 3 I David Haddock ,,a, ,U 222222 North 3I Charlie Clawson 29 West c.,,,, .,c,,c 2 9 Merle Welch , ,,c,,c. ,U 33 East .c,c, 30 Scott Williams Joe Bowden ,...v, George Crow ,c,,, S E A S O N The Junior High Basketball team had a good season in '55 and '56 losing to only two teams, West and North, both twice, for a 6 and 4 record in city competition. We started the season with three straight wins and then lost two in a row. We then began winning again and won three more and lost two more, one to North 3I-22 and one to West by one point 30-29. The Junior High team not only won third place in the city, but went to the finals in the City Tournament losing to West again by a slim margin of 3 points 35-32, after beating Connally 33-IO, West Station 41-30, and Corsicana 35-30. BAND First row: Marilyn Washman, Janet Blair, Ben Brown, Alvis Ware, Joe Bowden, Mike McClintock, Jimmy Burdett, Molly Denney. Second row: Patsy Oliver, Brenda Ballew, Gene Glockzin, Paul Henderson, Violet Holmes, Nancy Curtis, Clarence Ling, Gerald Grisham, Wayne Beckham, James Guthrie, Lloyd Todd, Don Cole. Third row: Ronny McKenzie, Davis Barnes, Georgia Glidewell, Robert Welch, Fred Barnett, George Crow, Philip Shaw, David Herbelin, Joe Moore, Johnny Brisby. Fourth row: Ronnie Keeler, Mr. Day, Director, Sharon Tallent, Toni Anderson, Betty Sharp, Margo Hardin, Barbara Watson. OFFICERS President MOLLY DENNEY Treasurer E , ,E , MARGO HARDIN Vice President so E C GENE GLOCKZIN Sergeant-at-Arms E ROYCE DAILY Secretary , ,, so PATSY OLIVER Reporter 7 GEORGE CROW Director , 7 , , MR. DAY Toni Anderson, Margo Hardin, Barbara Watson, Betty Sharp. JUNIOR HIGH CHORUS Bottom row: Carolyn Scott, Sally Stead, Janet Kirkpatrick, Sue Cherry, Ann Tanner, Billie Hammit, Jim Stead, Larry Stahr, Robert Wilcox, Danny Robertson, Jimmy Murphy, Mary Tate, Darlene Carpenter, Delores Murphree, Mary Moseley, Janice Howard, Annette Kitt. Second row: Evelyn Spear, Barbara Schimschat, Linda Haddock, Gay Huckaby, Charles Rhodes, Bert Baker, Travis Nunn, James Bridges, Don Meier, Jimmy Smith, Patricia Carpenter, Judy Deaver, Diane Langston, Virginia Foreman. Third row: Carol Thompson, Betty Barnes, Eva Norris, LaVerne Murphy, Lena Thrasher, Retta Baker, Ruby Courtney, David Haddock, Albert Alexander, James Fuller, Ann Bohanan, Jeanette Moore, Ernestine Guthrie, Gloris Thorne, Elva Owens, Nancy Lyon, Carolyn Cotten, Alice Williams. Fourth row: Sue Nelson, Doris Hall, Lena Bray, Eleanor Tulloch, Frank Phillips, Richard Quintanilla, Freddie Miller, Robert Boatman, Jack Pitcher, Billy Powitzky, Chester Portwood, Janice Brown, Gloria Lebkowsky, Judy Brink, Jean Ozment, Ella Markwardt, Deanna Jolly. Fifth row: Sue Wooten, Diane Holder, Shirley Willey, Linda Ash, Retha Ashley, Wanda Bearden, David Abbe, John Rogers, Sherrill Sharp, Henry Baker, Tom Welsh, Curtis Steele, Mrs. Orr, Sponsor, Clarence Garland, Milton Makowsky, Lloyd Read, Ernestine Crawford, Marie Holcomb, Claudette Wittie, Bonnie Morgan, Loretta Hammons. OFFICERS President MILTON MAKOWSKY Vice President VIRGINIA FOREMAN Secreta ry-Treasurer MARY HELEN TATE Sergeant-at-A rms CLARENCE GARLAND Sweetheart and Beau BONNIE MORGAN and CLARENCE GARLAND AIMS To provide opportunities for the e n i o y m e nt of experiences through music. To learn the value of cooperation in group effort. To develop techniques and stand- ards for public performances. JUNIOR HIGH DANCE CLUB ' e ll il i Bottom row: Miss Mailander, Sponsor, Rebecca Jennings, Alice Desmuke, Barbara Watson, Marie Holcomb, Edna Toten, Ann Quirk, Kay Smith, Molly Coleman, Margo Hardin, Molly Denny, Patsy Oliver, Sally Stead, Darlene Carpenter, Carolyn Cotton, Shirley King. Second row: Mrs. Williams, Sponsor, Dewey Abbe, David Abbe, Marion Boatman, Jean Ozment, Evelyn Spear, Patricia Bell, Judy Deaver, Linda Haddock, Lena Thrasher, Billie Hammit, Virginia Foreman, Gay Nell Huckaby, Sue Cherry, Mrs. Hackett, Sponsor. Third row: Gerald Grisham, Sherrin Tallent, Joan Greiner, Joe Bowden, Bonny Morgan, Ella Markwardt, Nancy Woods, Lou Ann Bohanan, Dixie Hicks, Virginia Taylor, Carol Thompson, Shirley Statham, Zula Mae Montague, Charlene Haines. Fourth row: Randy Tallent, Mary Helen Tate, Tony Anderson, Jimmy Nicklow, Ann Tanner, Danny Robertson, Alice Williams, Ruby Courtney, Jimmy Smith, Retta Baker, Mike McClintock, Beverly Dayhoff, Jack Pitcher, Claudette Willingham, Mr. Dierking, Sponsor. Fifth row: Darryl Cox, Ronald Ramsey, Gene Glockzin, Kenneth Hunter, Jimmy Murphy, Milton Makowsky, Michael Clemmons, Brian Sedberry, Bill Killen, Freddy Miller, Billy Powitzky, Wanda Bearden, Patsy Dugger. Sixth row: Jimmy Fuller, Tom Welch, Marvin Riddle, Claude Payne, Robert Boatman, Wilmer Earhart, Jimmy Burdette, Frances Nunn, Garland Love, Larry Chadwick, Robert Muckleroy. Top row: Larry Weeks, Gene Harbert, Ronnie Hill, Mike Smith, Ernest Marlin, F. W. Ferrell, Don Meier, David Granger, Woodie McCormick, Wayne Barrett, Curtis Steele, Charles Vollmer, Charles Taylor, Winston Watkins. President Co-Vice Presidents Co-Secretaries Treasurer LARRY WEEKS MARION BOATMAN ANN TANNER JIMMY MURPHY BONNIE MORGAN GENE GLOCKZIN Sponsors AIM MISS MAILA DE MRS. A. WH-HAMRS Better Dancing for Junior High Students. MRS. HACKETT MR. DIERKING r A r :ft ,C L -4 E? JUNIOR STUDENT COUNCIL Bottom row: Mignon Furqueron, James Murphree, Sally Hardin, Betty Taub, Bobbi Sue Robins, Kay Smith, Kenny Hunter. Second row: Ruby Courtney, Molly Denny, Patsy Oliver, Molly Coleman, Frances Tusa, John Brisby. Top row: Gene Glockzin, Norman Oates, Bobby Powers, Mrs. Heggie, Sponsorp David Londenberg, Jimmie Murphy, Larry Weeks. Not shown: Diane Holder, Bonnie Morgan, Barrett Moore, Joe Dalrymple. OFFICERS President ,, u,a,a,,u, a,.,,a,u,,u, . ,,.a KENNY HUNTER Vice President ,,,e,, .BONNIE MORGAN Secretary ,,,,,,,,,, , ,,,, MOLLY COLEMAN Treasurer ,.ea a,,e , JOE DALRYMPLE Reporter ,u,u, ea,e,, M OLLY DENNEY Sponsor ,,u,, ,,,e,e,e M RS. HEGGIE JXIAAS To establish higher and better ideals of conduct. To train as students to acquire experience and efficiency in the practice of democ- racy. To encourage students to be ot service to others. .-1 dvi u 1 ---. .7 7 A 5 5 e f 'ii ll X f BOYS' ACTIVITY CLUB Bottom row: Aubrey Crouch, Mike Howard, Richard Warneke, Larry Sfahr, Bud Spence, Aubrey Richards, Salvadore Lamendola, Ronny McKenzie. Second row: Tommy Kinsey, Johnny Norman, Henry Coren- field, Mrs, Alexander, Sponsor, Lloyd Read, Frank Sorrels, Claude Mostyn. Top row: James Miller, Clarence Ling, Rex Whitaker, David Lonclenberg, Louis Bayer, John Lovvorn, Billy Black, Durwood Herbelin, Philip Shaw. OFFICERS Presidenf ,,,,...... - so ,,,.,,,, AUBREY RICHARDS Vice President c,,... ,,c,L L ,,,,....., . .,c,, B UD SPENCE Secrefary ,ccsc.a.,.o.. .,cc,,c....,...,a,,c R EX WHITAKER Sergeant-af-Arms ....,o,. SALVADORE LAMENDOLA Sponsor LL,,.,,.o,,,,,, ......,...,,,,,, M RS. ALEXANDER AIM To develop skill and sportsmanship in playing games Together. fa-2 J 1 HOBBY CLUB Bottom row: Lee Mendenhall, James Murphree, Harold Ellen, Richard Crawford, Barren Moore, Johnny Brisby, Jimmy Brewer. Second row: Ray Cockrell, Dean Marlin, George Quintero, Joe Gonzales, Tommy Golay, Lloyd Todd. Third row: Philip Howard, Riddle Steddum, Richard Quinranilla, Mrs. Beeman, Sponsor, Holly Jean Wilson, Joy Marie Boatman, Delores Howard. Fourth row: Woodrow Johnson, Don Cole, Ronnie Keeler, Robert Wilcox, Jay R. Macy, Ray Moliror, James Weafhers. Not shown: Ronny Mckay, Otto Wyse. OFFICERS Presidenf ..,... ....... RIDDLE STEDDUM Vice President ..... .. BARRETT MOORE Secretary ......... .. GEORGE QUINTERO Sponsor ....,. , ............. MRS. BEEMAN AIMS The aim of The Hobby Club is To further The interest of sludents in such indoor games as, checkers, dominoes, cards, and chess. YV Y T Si: .O - 5, lirze. K Wg .. , I -gn rl T ' ?4 L ur -lib CHARM CLUB Bottom row: Margaret Koerth, Janneta Wallace, Davie Luedke, Sharon Robinson, Sally Hardin, Judith Rinevvalt, Kay Ryno, Nell Stone. Second row: Janet Poore, Beverly McNein, Donna Herbelin, Linda Norris, Mrs. Clements, Sponsorg Patsy Sharp, Anna Karl Booker, Pat Greaves, Bobby Ann Feldman. Third row: Betty Kensey, Peggy Ann Donaldson, Edna Gibson, Leona Rosenbaun, Eva Lou Ware, Rita Grantham, Barbara Chadwick. Not shown: Dorothy Greene, Donna Wright, Judy Kelley. OFFlCERS President ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, J UDITH RINEWALT Vice President ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, S HARON ROBINSON Secretary-Treasurer ,e,, e.,,,e,,a B EVERLY NlCNlElN Sponsor MA,A,-.,- , ,,Y,Y -,v,-,,,, ,,,,,, Nl R S. CLEMENTS AIM The aim of the Charm Club is To learn to live graciously. The purpose is for self improvement. 0 Ni N N , . f V N - ' 0 l ae U! .311 " xivsi! 3 .qwreea-, A-I 4x5h . CAMPING CLUB Bottom row: Tox Kennedy, Ernest Whitner, Orland Long, Charles Rhodes, Joe May, Maurice Easter Second row: Jerry Dickerson, William Pope, David Haddock, Mr. Corley, Sponsor, Donald Kendrick, Charles Clawson, Claude Dollins. Third row: Tony Leggio, Ellis Smith, Bobby Williams, Herbert Buck Robert Welch. Not shown: Don Alsup, Joe Moore. OFFICERS President ,,,.....,,,,,,,,,.,....,.,,,,,,,,,,,., , ..fff JOE MOORE Vice President ,,,,, W ,.,,. V ,ffff DAVlD HADDOCK Secretary-Treasurer cc,,,cc ..,ss sfffsss E L l-I5 SMITH Sponggr YYYYYYA----wYYYYYY , ,.,,, MR. CORLEY AIM To develop efficiency and safety while camping. ' V 2 5 I J file? X M X K' xwlll' sei as .fl 'f l -QQ? .. 5 - as ! E mnnngih U, N ff: V ' AW K SKETCH CLUB Bottom row: Nancy Koon, Linda Fuentes, Bobbie Robins, Jim Ed Turner, Reba Arellano, Carmen Reyes, Annie Lou Kurtz. Second row: Jerry Brock, Earl Ellis, .loe Farley, Douglas Kattner, Miss Edge, Sponsor, Tommy Armstrong, Norman Mayes, Bill Holder, Bill Copeland, Porter Beckham. Third row: Raymond Adams, Norman Oates, Fred Bayer, Kenneth Stoermer, Glen Horn, Harold Montgomery, Joe Gates, Bobby Powers. OFFICERS President ,,,s,ss,,,e, S, ,,,, ,WGAY PAUL Vice President ss,s BOBBIE SUE ROBINS Secretary . , ,,,,,, BOBBY POWERS Treasurer 7 CARMEN REYES Sponsor S as U ssss 7 EMISS EDGE AIM The purpose ofthe Sketch Club is to have fun sketching with various media. JUNIOR FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Bottom row: Betty Banes, Lena Bray, Janice Brown, Retha Ashley, Tornasania Ellis, Beverly Hunter, Diane Holder. Second row: Doris Hall, Virginia Hennigan, La Verne Murphy, Shirly Doty, Gloria Lebkowsky, Elva Owen, Mary Ann Mosley. Third row: Geraldine Freeman, Diane Langston, Ernestine Guthrie, Mrs. Eichelberger, Sponsor, Annette Kitt, Eleanor Tullock, Jeannette Moore. OFFICERS President ,E ,,,,a,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,7,,,,7,,,,, D IANE HOLDER Vice President ,, GLORIA LEBKOWSKY Secretary ,ccae ceee ccceccceeecc J A NICE BROWN Treasurer . ,,,, ..,,c BEVERLY HUNTER Historian ,,u,,, ...,.,,,,,,,,,,,, RETHA ASHLEY Reporter cccccccccucuc uuucc, V IRGINIA HENNIGAN Parliamentarian ,LA VERNE MURPHY Song Leader ,,,,, ,, ,,,c,, ELEANOR TULLOCK Sponsor ceccccccc cccccc M RS. EICHELBERGER AIMS To emphasize the importance of worthy home membership. To encourage democracy in home and community lite. To work tor good home and family lite tor all. To promote international good Will. To provide Wholesome individual and group recreation. To further interest in home economics. To promote a growing appreciation ot the ioys and satistactions of Q' CLARENCE GARLAND Beau homemakin BOYS' ACTIVITY CLUB Bottom row: Lyndon Jaynes, John Butler, George Baer, Bobby Robertson, Orval Kilgore, Jimmie Holley, Terry Holt. Second row: Joe Black, Noel Portwood, Darvin Little, Wayne Doty, Kenneth Kerns, Rowe Dean Haddock, Pat Horton, Robert Allen. Third row: William Martin, Dadton Buchanan, Riley Aldrich, Mrs. Furqueron, Sponsor, Jerry Steele, Carl Floyd, Mervin Robins, .lack McKay. OFFICERS President ,,,,,,A,,, ,,,v,,,,,.,........ N OEL PORTWOOD Vice President .... ............... W ILLIAM MARTIN Secretary .,..,... ........ R OWE DEAN HADDCCK Sponsor , ,.,.,,.,..,,,. ,MRS. FERQUERON AIMS To Provide Pupil Planning To Teach Better Citizenship f l K or ,U f i I ,Vt 5,s':x': B:-i55 ' l' it ,f x Fe T fi ,X x X SCIENCE CLUB Bottom row: Merl Welch, Benny Willeford, Richard Miller, Joe Lindsey, James Fuller, Arthur Thomson. Second row: James Tull, Clarence Garland, Fred BarneTt, Henry Baker, Gerald Warnock. Top row: Tony Moreno, Mralin Haggerty, Mr. Johnson, Sponsor, Donald Midkiff, Johnny Oswalt, OFFlCERS President ,,,,,,,,,, , ,,,, , ,,,,, CLARENCE GARLAND Vice President 7, , H ,,,,c, W JAMES TULL Secretary ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, A LBERT ALEXANDER Sp0n50r YYYYY YYYY Y Y, MR, JOHNSON AIM To increase student inferesf in making science a career. 5. 5 QI f 4 ? .445 Q-Q 'E' - , l 1 I , .Jin J' -1 pr h I X . If M: 4 I - sy ., 4 6 , NN .I A.. lx 'i 4 ,Q - X- I J BOYS' ACTIVITY CLUB Bottom row: Don Nunn, Ray Gambol, Donald Deal, Joe Allen, Benny Franklin, Thomas Smith, John Edens, Jackie Whiteley. Second row: Wayne Nelson, Charles Jones, Eugene Williams, Robert Dunn, Quentin Haug, Carl Norcross, Roy Baldridge. Third row: Eldred Wallis, Max Robertson, Kenneth Jenkins, Miss Leddy, Sponsor, Earl Haugh, Alfred Richardson, Donald Scott, Jimmy Jones, Top row: Ronny McKay, Wendell Morris, Paul Davis, Kenneth Evans, Gary Covey, A. L. Thompson. I OFFICERS President ,, ,C , , ,,o, , ,,,, ,THOMAS SMITH Sergeant-at-Arms ,o,,,, ,JNALFRED RICHARDSON Sponsor ,,,, I ,,o,, ,. ,,,,,o,o,,, ,MISS LEDDY AIM To provide added opportunity for recreational activities. G? Q59 f s' J 4 'S s Si Y-TEENS Bottom row: Gloria Thorne, Mary Reyes, Patricia Carpenter, Delores Murphree, Brenda Ballew, Beverly Brumrnett, Sandra Gummelt. Second row: Barbara Schimschat, Nancy Lyon, Carolyn Scott, Darlene Carpenter, Janet Kirkpartick, Kathleen Harbert, Linda Davis. Top row: Barbara l-lairel, Georgia Glidwell, Violet Holmes, Mrs. Raisanen, Sponsor, Nancy Curtis, Janet Blair, Marilyn Washmon. OFFICERS President ,as.,,,.,,a,a,a,a,a,. ,,,,,sas BRENDA BALLEW vice President ssss of s, sssss MARILYN WASHMON Secretary ssssssss as KATHLEEN HARBERT Treasurer DELORES MURPHREE Sponsor ,,,, ,,,, , ,, MRS. RAISANEN AIMS To grow as a person, to grow in friendship with people of all races, religions, nationalities, and to grow in knowledge and love of God. v :X F ax 1, se agen' Q va? XX I ACTIVITY CLUB Bottom row: Charles Russell, Garland Dunkin, Arthur Brown, Rex Hampton, Donald Abbe, James Ethridge, Lynwood Vrba. Second row: David Segrest, Leonard Holle, Bobby Lee, Weldon Glockzin, Elwod Harris, E. C, King. Top row: Larry Blackburn, Dennis Kidwell, Charles Gonzales, Mr. Pearson, Sponsor, Jimmy Glockzin, James Harden, J. D. Tipton. Not shown: Roy Baldridge, Gary Covey, Paul Davis, Jerry Engleclow, Kenneth Evans, Jimmy Jones, Max Robertson, Donald Scott, Wendell Morris, and Donald Grantham. OFFICERS President L .,.,., .JIMMY GLOCKZIN Vice President .LARRY BLACKBURN Secretary ,,,o , . , ,,,, W.. . ..... GARY COVEY Sergeant-at-Arms .,,,, ,,,. . HMAX ROBERTSON Sponsor H ,, ,,,, ,,,,,,, Nl R. PEARSON AIMS To develop responsibility both as a group and individually. To develop sportsmanship. How to get along with others. To develop a carry over interest in sports activities.- To develop social recreation. To acquaint the students with all types of activities. To improve healthful living. To find and develop some interest for every individual member. To develop teamwork and relate it to everyday outside situations. , f sq Q' 4' - 9, , 1 , 9 J 4 l it CHARM CLUB Bottom row: Betty Taub, Shirley Yarbrough, Shirley Hall, Linda Underhill, Julia Coleman, Frances Hancock, Jackie Drumr Second row: Donna Webb, Jo Carol Smith, Donna Hammock, Carol Scott, Shirley Parker Rita Calvary, Particia Cobb, Kay Carpenter. Third row: Michael Racobs, Sue McCormack, Marie Howard, Mrs. Williams, Sponsor, Margaret Lopez, Francis Tusa. OFFICERS Pfeside-nf cc cc I ccccccc L cccc or MARILYN SVAJDA Vice President oeoo , I eeeo I Aeooe JULIA CQLEMAN Secretary , , , SHERRY ANN MOAK Program Chairman L .e,,, LINDA UNDERHILL Sponsor eec. cccccc. . ccccc ccccc M R S. WILLIAMS AIMS The aim of this club is to learn to be a more attractive and gracious person. We are striving for self-improvement. n .I UL f l cl GAME CLUB Bottom row: Kenneth Pryor, Paul Henderson, Ben Brown, Donnie Wallace, Fred Sheldon James Vivian Second row: John Rogers, Thomas Deal, George Crow, James Guthrie, Dwain McLemore Leo Barnes Top row: Scott Williams, Mr. Crump, Sponsor, Harold Balch. Not shown: Tommy Davenport President , ,e,, 7 ,C Vice President ,ree Secretary-Treasurer Sergeant-at-A rms ,,,, Sponsor ,S OFFICERS AIMS DONNIE WALLACE ,HAROLD BALCH ,SCOTT WILLIAMS so ,GEORGE CROW , MR. CRUMP To develop good sportsmanship in competitive game To have fun. P .Fly .-R, me X..- 'Q 47? 4- Q, .f if g gg SSE!! .fffxd k g S , , Yip? A F1 M iq. , Q J sp. QS' sing . 5 1 xx Nam ,...-1 1 s 3 5 'll' r'in 'fsmmmmm aim Nw, f BTP? Mm wkw X , . 1. ,Fm QQ X I ,X Q 5 5 N -- -. Wf- au... ,mf ' S hi FX? I S Ji' A vb f X 2 fx Y gi? ifskal! vm- dia Z I . K-gif 'H MM 5 if-rfkf Q' W 1 Q52 5 Rs. Q .U . Qsg1"i'f, 2 ff -7. TGHASAHIA ELLIS ,ik SQA A . 5, W, mrs, LX lfilff ,A fn.. E , xv if R s MARILYN WASHMON KENNY HUNTER VIRGINIA FORENAN .L Z? ? ,fgk Q, 'QQSQSE giA fill ,A., "b :' :9 f i Igi :+' , ?5 fgQ fwM DON COLE .x- xv X fs xii nfwaun, QAVQD a DMWEY safa THE THREE SHARPS SHERRILL, BETTY, PATSY E X A E3 , ,L it ALICE AND SCOTT WILLIAMS -w DEANNA JOLLY fs, , N mf.. sf Bm ,,a2f1f3e,,.. 1,2 '15 gif' ,. ,.,,.g ,fm 7' c .ut is mnrmn , 'H'?rf1'snIf2f53'fi .M 1nw.,,x , Fx.: " zu il my -u -J, W. uf :- A5 ya WV, A W ,X L. x ,Www ss, 5 airy 'lab .N..f.Awi5mw2n- i -iw wa ,N Q., ....g,1gm. ,X A ,N x K 'Qui WW 5 it 959.3 llllts F QU' 10" .QW sms ww 1' WM. CAMERON 81 CO. Building Malerials and Services SINCE I868 FLOYDE LITTLE MOTORS, INC. LINCOLN-MERCURY DEALER Phone 3-248I IO07 Ausfin Ave. Our Ihanlcs Io FLOYDE LITTLE MOTORS who supplied us wifh a MERCURY converiible for 'Ihe Foolball Queen Coronalion. JIMMIE WILLIS STUDIO PHONE 3-5361 zeoo WASHINGTON AVE. Thank you, Mr. Willis, for all +he +ime and good work you have given 'ro +he Spirir of '56. Elire Cafe ,I DQYQJSYETSHTE , ,nl Two Locarions jll F Circle Elile af A ll II Il Hub of 4 Highways V COLIAS BROTHERS 15 xg L Since I920 f v , Congratulations Graduates! Whether you go turther with your studies, or enter business lite, our best wishes go with you. Whenever you need apparel or home turnishings you'lI tind quality-right, style- right and price-right assortments in this big, friendly store. Always a Good Place to Shop PAT RUTl'lERI:ORD'S Hickory Smoked Barbecue Charcoal Broiled Steaks Texas Fried Chicken I82I LA SALLE ST. PHONE 4-4975 3 BIG FRIENDS WOOD BRCS. The Store tor Men 509 AUSTIN AVE. WACO, TEXAS Jewelry Always Means More in Boxes From fx! Tlgyfyxffp siNcE :soo fy' V' JEWELERS AND SILVERSMITH Waco's Finest Name in Jewelry S ' L .N B HI d 0 e Tl1ougl1+'Fulness ALSO W 5' '-" . L WILKTRSON AND HATCH ,Je+ Tlliq k' Frul+ Flavors 1 Q FUNERAL HOME Orange- GNPQ ' , D Lemon-Lime, S'rraw- ,ff A I2+l1 and Washlnglon Phone 3-369l be,-ry' Cher,-Y Cola ww .2'- BYRNE BEVERAGES, INC. Waco Complimenls of THE WHITE PHARMACY OBINSOIIS Fasf Free Delivery 352-its 'soo FRANKLIN 2500 BOSQUE PHONE 4-2355 'An-RML5 WACO' TEXAS Complimenfs of SHERIFF C. C. MAXEY SEG U. S. PAT. OFF. NXQAQTYSQLPLQTJQQ L WBSQQQSJJ FUNERAL HOME I000 Washingion Ave. Phone 2-3407 ' WACO'S OUTSTANDING MORTUARY Macle From Real Oranges CALICO SHOP Feafuring New Braunfels Fabrics TOP QUALITY AT LOW PRICES Hwy. 6 and DuHon Ph. 4-4998 RADIO CENTER Home and Aufo Radio Service Public Address Equipmenf TELEVISION - SALES AND SERVICE TOOLS TOYS "For Hardware Thai' Takes Hard Wear" See W. L. PROGAR HARDWARE IO24 Highway 6 Phone 4-3l6I Compare Our Prices Before You Buy PAINTS HOUSEWARE BILL AZBELL PH. 4-057I Owner I8I3 Speighi' COGDELL'S Highway 6 Phone 4-56I I EVERYTHING FOR THE HOME W B. G. CAMP SERVICE STATION 24 Hour Service AT-TH E-CIRCLE WACO TEXAS Have NoI'iced Your Hair Laiely? Orhers Have VIRGINIA'S BEAUTY SHOP 440I MEMORIAL DRIVE Call 3-2I7I The Besi' for Less gil!! A umullll' lflllllf. S' annul U YOUR FAVORITE CIRCLE PLUMBING AND HEATING CO. Plumbing Hea+ing Air Condi+ioning MIKE FREY, Prop. 2000 So. 23rcI S+reeI' tl I N K f I ,,L0EfI, Ulivrru fwf U74fQ'4,5V4" I 5' ' , I 'I X I , If ' ' y I 1 I I 1' I iw I ICD fy ICI cp fi .,c'fff4,,4fa,c! Waco, Texas I N Wesfinghouse Appliances CBS- M0+0'0'a BEAUTY CULTURE Television HARRY J. LEWIS CO. 923 Ausiin Ave. Phone 2-4334 An Approved School of High S'I'ancIarcIs II4V2 NORTH FIFTH WACO, TEX. HILL PRINTING 81 STATIONERY COMPANY "SERVICE SINCE Isao" Washing+on aI' I 2I'h 'II' is 'if rfllf Ivllpff COMPTON'S FUNERAL HOME I024 Aus'I'in Ave. Phone 4-I44I CQ-ji ' '-"K7'L,N x - f SINCLAIRQH, I I BEDDING Co. Waco's Largesi' and Besi Equipped MaH'ress Shop IOI5 S. 8TH STREET Phone 3-I555 PI1. 4-476I Free Pick-up and Delivery KELLY MATTRESS CO. -4, W f J ' f I '4MaI'fFessf Rencrvahng We Specialize in FeI+ed and Inner Spring Ma'Hresses WORKMANSHIP GUARANTEED 42I S. I III1 Sfreef Waco, Texas HEALTH CAMP Frozen Cusfarcl SERVING WACO'S FINEST MALTS - HEALTHBURGERS - SUNDAES On +I1e Circle WACO SAM PASS COMPANY Home - Business - Aulomobile Life Insurance a+ SubsI'anI'iaI Savings 3429 MEMORIAL DRIVE Phone 6-2333 CONGRATULATIONS! UNIVERSITY HIGH GRADUATES Do as So Many of Your Friends Have Done "FOUR-C YOUR FUTURE" Enroll Any Monday Nominal Tuifion FOUR-C COLLEGE SAM KNIGHT, Pres. WM. BAINE, v. Pres ,gr ouX+"'g9 ,JWW TEXAS POWER 81 LIGHT COMPANY Serving Home, Farm, Business and IndusI'ry Wi'I'I1 DEPENDABLE, LOW-COST ELECTRIC SERVICE Complimenis of CENTRAL BUTANE CO. 2225 La Salle WACO, TEXAS THE CHICKEN SHACK Specializing LESLIE'S FRIED CHICKEN Privafe Rooms for Parfies Cafering Service PHONE 3-9406 PIREI.O'S BARBER SHOP in Beverly Hills 5 BARBERS TO SERVE YOU in Two Lrocafions Refrigeraled Air Condilioning HIWAY 6 MEMORIAL DRIVE WESTERN HATCHERIES Soui'I1wesf's Largesf THERE MUST BE A REASON I807 La Salle Phone 4-2742 "A FINE STORE OF SPECIALIZED SHOPS" 541' '10 THE NATIONAL Day and Nighi' Classes ' L OF BUSINESS Sienographic. Secrefarial BooIcIceeping.Accoun1'ing J MRS W E ABBEY P O Business Adminisfrafion ' 5' .'f 1' C- F: VVEI-is B0B-A. Qfgg-Erefrer Compfomefer, Business Machines 'T um JERRIE WELKS' B.A.: Secremy Dicfaphone I us'i2,u, Confinue Your Training Wifh NATIONAL SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Il7If2 Sou+h Sixfh S+ree+ Phone 4-305 I CONGRATULATIONS CONGRATULATIONS I O WWW . 0 4 50. I Aus'l'in A HOME OWNED WACO INSTITUTION 7I3 Ausfin Ave. Waco, Texas CompIimen+s of THE WACO NEWS-TRIBUNE FRANK SMITH 8: SONS IMorningI Home' of THE wAco TIMES-HERALD HEART O TEXAS Iliveningl FRESH THE wAc:o TRIBUNE-HERALD FRYERS ISunc'IayI IF YOU WANT FURNITURE TO MAKE YOUR HOME REFLECT BEAUTY, CHARM, AND FRIENDLINESS Then Visif SIHBIIQ 'i'5IB',C IEEH Sth at Austin Phlno 3-5381 x. SENIORS' LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT Raymond Kaluza leaves his favorite teacher, Miss Moncrief, to James Davis and Robert Duty. I know she'll be yours, too, boys! Kenneth Knight leaves his vocabulary to John Crocker and Lane Dollins. Joyce Koch leaves for California the night after graduation. I wonder why? Joan Koerth leaves her nickname "Queeny" to Bessie Gale Brown and JoAnn Campbell. Donald Kunze leaves his love for Mrs. McCullough to Dan Holley and Harold Harris. Gartie LaFrance leaves her love for reading to Loretta Carpenter and Alvena Childs. Joyce Lanier leaves to Mary Lee Owens and Joan Oldham her place in bookkeeping. Joan Lassetter leaves her "D's" in English to Janet Kunkel and Anita Reinke. Evelyn Lloyd leaves her place in the Press Club to Johnny Campbell and Bobby McDaniels. Gilbert Londenberg leaves his little sister, Elizabeth, to George Furqueron and Jay Gardner. Take care of her, boys. Mary Love leaves her back seat in English class to Fredda Clewis and Joyce Collins. Charles Martin leaves his place in the National Honor Society to James Easter and Donald Eskew. Bill McGlasson leaves his ability to get help with book reports to Allan Glockzin and Tommy Leka. Pat McNamara leaves his favorite study hall teacher, Mr. Davis, to Richard Leshikar and William McCown. Harold Meadors wishes to leave his civic book to Bettie Dolezel and Janice Cope- land. Don't fight over it, girls. ' Mary Ann Meier wishes to leave her "flirty" ways to Jo Ann Felkner and Patricia Field. Shirley Meier leaves to Ethel Holcomb and Jo Nell Hollingsworth her favorite sub- iect, Secretarial 'Training. Billy Moeller leaves his brother, Homer, for Elouise Willingham and Dorothy Lindsey to look after. Anna Morris leaves her ability to stay unattached to Joyce Garrett and Gloria Thrasher. Patsy Morris leaves all of her teachers to Linda Glazener and Marlene Herwald. Donald Neumann leaves his convertible to Bob Segrest and Alvin Sams. Trav' wman just hopes to leave. ois Newton leaves her unmistakable giggle to Carolyn Woodliff and Diane Smith. Betty Nothdurft leaves her place in the library to Barbara Jenkins. Frank Payne leaves his ability to get away with chewing gum in Miss Moncrief's class to Billy Gill and Leeverl Mo-reland. Robert Payne leaves his nickname "Birdie" to Bobby Dickerson. Wanda Payne leaves her hand to Weldon Douglas. Sherry Perry leaves her ability to get out of class to all of the Junior girls. Eddie Petrich and Paul Wood lea,ve the "drag races" to Richard Tilary and E. R. Webb. Jean Plasek leaves to Marcia Anderson her iob as editor of the annual. Darlene Polk and Marinel Schnizer leave their ability to graduate at mid-term to Azalea Watkins and Gelene Leggott. Mary Ann Niles leaves. Glenn Pope leaves all his good grades to anyone who needs them. Lewis Propst leaves to Mrs. Orr his truck. Boyd Pryor leaves to Marvin Welch and Virgil Wiechering his ability to always keep several girl friends on hand. Betty Ramsey wishes to leave her witty remarks to Patsy Williams and Peggy McWhirter. Jackie Reed wishes to leave her good "ole days" at University to Linda Smith. June Reese leaves to Gail Lowrie and Martha Ann May her old boy friends. Stanley Rentz leaves his height to Bob Webb and Jimmy Wooten. Use it boys! Nelda Rhodes leaves to Marie Moore and DeLois Riddley her good grades. James Robertson leaves his ability to write stories to Kenneth Wilkinson and Richard Yarbrough. Woodie Rowell leaves his ability to get along with his teachers so well to Benny Thompson. Barbara Sachs leaves her gracious smile to Barbara Oliver and Beverly Gill. Wilfred Schaeper leaves his place as Basketball Captain to Arthur Smidt. '. '.. 1 . 1. b' ' All I SENIORS' LAST WILL. AND TESTAMENT lCont'inuedl James Sharp leaves his little black car to Jimmy Webb and James Quirk. Bernice Shaw leaves her good looks to Manske Smith. onald Sherrard leaves his charm to Glenda Korne a Bar afa Smith leaves to'Sue-Spnhgfield her catch a boyfriend. Marlene Smith leaves her charm to Earlene Welch. Bobby Snider leaves his short height to Norman Lasseter. John J. Talbert, lll wills his place in the Key Club to Conrad Gamez. Adelene Thompson,leaves to her brother, Thomas, all of her teachers. Jeannettie Toten leaves to Doris Slovak her ability to never cause trouble in class. Alberta Voltz leaves Taylor Whitlow to Mary Lou Nowka. Cuma Walters leaves to be with Jerry. Clinton Watson leaves his ability to always get excused absences to Saturnino Gon- zales. Tommie Shelnutt leaves to Barbara Reynolds her loud mouth and loyalty to Univer- sity High. Ronnie Watts and Henry Wilson leave their desire to go to University to all the Juniors. Lavada Willard leaves her job to check roll in Civics to Betty Stodghill. Don't make a mistake, Betty! r Joyce Yerby leaves her ability to make up late book reports to Jane Wilkerson. THE END FOOTBALL lContinuedl Sept. 30-Trojans vs. Corsicana Tigers at Municipal Stadium. The Trojans, sensational in every phase, crushed out a 14-7 victory over the Tigers as they made it two in a row and also a district opener win. Defying bad breaks and capitalizing the ones they obtained themselves, the Trojans streaked on to victory following Coy Bailey's recovery of a dropped Trojan punt on the Tiger 30-yard line late in the third period. Every Trojan played his heart out and earned the well-deserved victory. Kaluza was the outstanding ball carrier, picking up 130 yards in I4 carries. Buf- fington was the standout on defense along with Moeller, Propst, McNamara, and Rentz. The Trojans marched 96 yards to score along in the second period with Dees plunging over from the one yard line. Chambers' kick was good and the game was 7-O. Corsicana managed to tie it up 7-all just before halftime. The winning drive began when Dees punted and Bailey obtained possession for the Trojans when the ball trickled off a Tiger punt received. Four plays later Duty sneaked over from the one yard line. Chambers converted and the Trojans led T4-7. Oct. 7-University Trojans at Bryan. The Bryan Bronchos proved to be a rugged team as they won a hard fought game over the Trojans 20-6. The loss put the Tro- jans' AAA record at one and one. Bryan turned a first-quarter Trojan fumble into a touchdown and pounced on three more in the third quarter. The Trojans' lone touchdown came on a brilliant 43 yard touchdown run by Raymond Kaluza on the fourth play of the last quarter. Oct. 14-Trojans vs. Travis Rebels at Austin. The Trojans exploded in the first quarter for three touchdowns and then proceeded to crush Travis 26-7 for their second District SAAA victory. George Jurecka was the "man of the hour," scoring one touchdown, a 68-yard jaunt on his first carry of the night, and picking up l6O yards in T7 carries. The eager Trojans jumped on an early Travis miscue and converted it into their first touchdown and after gaining possession of the ball again after the kick-off, Jurecka unleashed his 68-yard scamper to pay-dirt. Duty completed the scoring late in the fourth period from 2 yards out after a 43-yard drive by the Trojans. Buffington once again was the backbone of the Trojan defense along with Bill Moeller, Lanny French, and Lewis Propst. Oct. 21-Trojans vs. Temple Wildcats. The University Trojans, overpowered but not outfought, went down against the fired-up Wildcats, 38-6 before a homecoming crowd of 3,000 fans. After holding the Wildcats on even terms during the first period, the scrappy Trojans gradually gave way to the consistent onslaught of the Temple team. Jurecka brought the only sunshine to the Trojan fans when in the second period he muffed the Temple kickoff on his 15 yard line, scooped up the ball on the 20 and raced 80 yards for the Trojans' lone touchdown. FOOTBALL lContinuedi Nov. 4-Trojans at Palestine. The Wildcats stunned the Trojans with two touchdowns in the first six minutes and went on to win the game 35-7. Duty kept the Wildcats constantly off balance with a terrific first-half passing display while Kaluza turned in several fine runs to account for the majority of the Trojan yardage. ln the line, Coy Bailey, Stanley Rentz, Wendell Crunk, and Bill Curry were the standouts for the Trojans. Nov. l l-Trojans vs. McCallum Knights. The University Trojans struck with the fero- city and finesse of district champions during a three touchdown second half as they smothered the McCallum Knights of Austin 26-7 to clinch fifth place in the District 5AAA standings. Jurecka scored the Trojan's first two touchdowns, one from the 4-yard line and the other on a 34-yard burst through the right side of the Knight line with his path being fully cleared by a sensational block by Earl Cownover around the McCallum TO-yard line. Kaluza scored the Trojans' final touchdown from two yards out after setting up the third on a pass play from Duty to Henderson with Henderson lateralling to Kaluza who raced to the Knights' 9-yard line on a 2l-yard run. Donald Dees then went 9 yards right up the middle to give the Trojans a 20-7 lead. Kaluza turned in a fine defensive performance also for the winners to share the spotlight with Crunk, Henderson, McNamara, Buffington, Propst, and Stan Price. Nov. 18-Trojans at Brownwood. The Brownwood Lions had to stage a miraculous comeback scoring 20 points in the fourth period ot down a fighting band of Univer- sity Trojans, 32-20. The loss brought down the grid curtain on Coach Bill Fowler's charges, giving the Trojans, who were not expected to win a district game, a 3-4 district 5AAA record. Kaluza got the Trojans rolling to their first touchdown in the second period, returning a Lion punt 46 yards to the Brownwood 19. Four plays later, Dees blasted over from the one. Chambers' kick made it 7-0. Later in the second quarter, James Davis recovered a Lion fumble on their 34 yard line which led to another touchdown. The Trojans scored again in the third quarter when Duty plunged over from the one yard line after Jurecka had put the ball on the three on a 30-yard run. Stanley Rentz and Dan Hoffmeyer were also outstanding for the Trojans. BASEBALL fContinuedi May 3: Trojans vs. Waco High at Waco. The Trojans lost their second game of the year to their cross-town rivals by a score of 7-5. Although they out-hit the Tigers nine to five the Trojans made five errors which accounted for their downfall. Bill Curry and Stanley Rentz led the Trojans with three and two hits respectively. May 6: Trojans vs. Bryan at Bryan. Again errors led to the downfall of the Trojans as they allowed the Bronchos two unearned runs in the third which was enough to win although they added one more for good measure. Lewis Propst scored the only run the Trojans produced. May 9: Trojans vs. Temple at Waco. A three-run outburst in the last inning netted Temple the runs necessary to win their second game in district play from the Trojans this year. The best catch of the year was made when Lewis Propst raced far in to- ward the diamond to spear a fly and then jumped up in time to throw to first base for a double play. FAREWELL TO YOU WW I Qafwy ig My MM UWMQW WW W M5 QWQW TQ A52 gif ,WWXSWW 0 11 'V w Q fi WM ffQ m WW fQff .gulf WW AW" ' I Rf? Sign E2 '1 , 4 1 1 1 1 N 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 Q 1 . 1 11 43, 1 :. 1 ,, . .- A - u 1 .I 1' 1 ' ,1 11 - I Y. 1 1' 'A , 1 . , 1 1 1 . ' h .. 1' , 1- 1 , . 5, V, f .H L 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1. " 1 . ' . 1 74511: 1, '-' V W , 1 V4 W 1 xl, 1'.1.. ' 1 A '- 1 . A 1 ' . . 1 - ' x ' ,,. 1 W 1 ,M 1 1' -1 . 0 1 , 1 1 . 1 X, V. A 1 1 V - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 .1 . 1 1 A . 1 1 9 ' 1 1 1 , 5. 1 , .1 . ,1 ' , J , 1 . V X 1 A L ' .a , - H- "f- f, 'X y t 1 'I 1 1 1' 1 I' 1 ,M J 1 -1 ,P I MV: 11 1 !W. u.. v A 1 x 'xl F, 4 , gif. M 4 ., ., . . ,v ww: A 1 f .,.y.L "..f. . A L ' ,W ,, N . f 1 ' ' 1, w 1 1 -w A X L , fi- ' K . .1 1 . .1 v IQ , - 1 4. ,X il ,,. t P " uf ,,,,, ,, y ,v--' k ' 1 I , ' Q, v K . . ,B f, r w " J4,...f . .,---f , 1 X- 1. R me R' 4 , r, ! V, v .sg ,..s, , 5551,-f1:,:4 m'gz,q'F' u l' 1 , , 3: B' , w wx, 57791 f "ak f 'rg , , N Q F12 X " ,, . -Fl 4, , '1i'1w1F,.'a 1+ M Q W9 wffgk 'L 'lf ,M ., S "vo 'I . 'ww s" A 5!5V.!1,- V f ,2"-ki PM- - fa F3 A , ww ' , '4 , VM, , ,. , H , ,4, lb. k ,,. -, 1. x wf az ,aw , ww n, , V., 4, A 'a rgfify , ik' ' YV- - -3, "k3"'3 ' ' ,I 151:17 x 7 "mln ' -J: k -mg '- ' ',1,,' ' g,:-I 'Q 1 " ,. .1 W-5: , gli: K by nd- 'Z j.v.' L T . Gy. H, . U Q ,E Q K s ww' KMW7! M S 1 , , . , ., j,, - - ,.,,. -, W' Qi". , , X i. . ' .1 , , ,, 1 5 - ' WK ,. 1, LBS, f ., ,, .A . .4 ' . . ,, W ' 1 , , x X ,Tri . , ,L , 4 , Q n 1 I I Q m , x4,. V 1 Y, . - Q , - . X .UH my X s 1. A ' ,vw .,,, ,f " 1' K ' Jan -ff" 1 ' My B' V 1 L5 i Lw,gh,, M 1, if ' '3 A uh xx 'H Q 'T' 'Lmgiekxligl ,X ,, pl. '- , ,fp -f ffyffy :Q X '-L , K. X , N X X xx xx CX X 5551 x Q X s X x X X X .xx J' X xx L21 , 4 , ,,, , im .H " 'X 1, r jx'--f ' 1, vif e' V -Txfxnj .,-x l Y . - V V, , h "xS. 5 X xxx f ff' lf!!-"af ,XR Xx wx NX I fl , X f ! ,c I, , ffl If 4, j E B E 2 X Xb .lx I ,J S X xx x xl., X xx w Q X xx :Q . 'X 1 f 4 :ff ' 1 1 If 9 I '--Y X "1 '- 5 ,Q S , . QL " 2.

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