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X X e 1 'V . . 1, Q ',r, 8 ' fl :nf . 1, ' Nuff, ., V , .. ,, , Hml., f ' V Q . '-, - I' ,' I If 15.4 - . In f "- . " . 4 W- .M U h - ,,. ' f 1 n- .- f,.4"'..Y, 'zQ:?5""i-'f 1 , I vw - 1- , X - ' , pse--,J ' -L.. L If , V pf rf 4' 1 X ', ,- K . . N gr ' , J, A . V . r .. S ' "' , I I" T' L:-4. 5- .1 'A-4' I l 'fi' 'IJ X ' fgkax 14' . 'U ' --l .1 yr - I : n I 1 ,i 4 ' H493 ' I, .f -'I 'JA fi'- L , , jig' ' if . fffqf, ..'1f..'fN ' 5 I I , . .1 I v- X , 1 at :Y ri v. if . ,' J r " X l ,A 1, V u I' f . 1 ' . -1 .- 3 -. ,h . 2 ' ' 'B' Q v ,Q ,fi ,V ,. A ' ' 1 44. A 'K g .- . zz- .lf ,, ."' ,Qi fy -- 1. 2 A, f , 'Jn If.35l:,6h K jg i,,,,1.-,154 1. 01' V On. 1. ' Tw M 4., 'W' ' ', 'N 3"""k8'A 1 " .hu -' 4. - - r1olf" . fb-Us ' . I ,,,. L . P . - , -fe .. 1 ., ,, H ,nl , , ii , A , I, nz- 1 .4n..4.ahL. I I 'G SF' it JL ""C' ' KW' 'WC " WCM' "" 'CW' JG 6 44- 'G S an U55 55600381 :hifi- -sa K Published by THE ANNUAL STAFF qlnlvazsify 0'-figff 5:16005 NORMAN, OKLAHOMA 7955 N N M M M it M M M It M Ii If' The center of studies and recreation is Building 602. The center of U.H.S. sports is Building 1005. Arts and ac- tivities are developed in Building 605 Nfmsg Building 601 houses science, home ec , and Dr Strom -2- Foreword This book you are now opening is more than just an annualg it is a reali- zation of dreams that we hardly dared hope would come true. A hard-fabric cover, improved pictures, and additional pages have been made possible this year for the first time. So it is with great mude that we, the staff, pre- sent to you the 1954-55 Schooner. taff EDITOR James Rhyne ADVERTISING MANAGERS Carol Conley Diana Burdick PHOTOGRAPHER James Rhyme EDITORIAL STAFF Culleen Bryant Diana Burdick Judy Cathey Steve Cathey Carol Conley Ruth Franklin Kathleen Livezey Jean Peach Henry Speck Judy Stevenson ASSISTANTS Dominique Noth Larry Poston Jim White SPONSORS Mrs. Frances Dunham Mrs. Ruth Fell .4.. Qigj EY ,v::'1-'M' 4 N Viv? L . ,, , 1: we Qzfiwfp ffflf, 1 K pf ' v 1 k,1 fcuwf 1.2, 1, Faculty Mrs. Gretta Puckett lr. Lonnie Huddleston Shop Drivers' Education lh a..,lea 53? I Q Dr. Benjamin Cartwright Science Senior Class Sponsor rom Mrs. Ruth Fell Business Education Schooner Sponsor Sooner Cub Sponsor Assembly Committee Sponsor Freshman Class Spdnsor Home Economics Senior Class Sponoor Mrs. Mary Reynolds - 'rg ,g .M..l......ffq r fx, f 15 in 2LW4n3f,ss" , J,f :fs ss' HV' ' 'A I ' if M1715 - vw,M.pff. ?f!'w1im5i gngggwwigg l'f r',!iQifiaa2 alfyf aaa , WA. he f,v'L V , 'Ax f z Mrs. Mildred Chisolm History Junior Class Sponsor Hobby Club Sponsor Miss Eunice Lewis Senior High M thematics Student Council Sponsor Sophomore Class Sponsor r Q, K WJ' A 1. U I Mr. Charles Caldwell Junior High Supervisor Red Hot Sponsor Eighth Grade Sponsor 8 Assembly Committe RCU 1.5, S-K . 'affzg A in ' my W 2 lmwf gsm Mr. John Luce Orchestra Director Sooner Cub Mrs. Dolly Ward chorus Director -. -7- Mrs . Mildred Stewart Foreign Languages lr, Hoy Stgne International Club Snonsor Boys' Physical Education Sophomore Class Sponsor Basketball coach Mrs. Frances Dunham Freshman Class Sponsor Senior High English Junior Class Sponsor Sponsor QPVICQ 0' ' ..cxlOe2y5,b-9 . Sgtbo-I' AAS-I tb 39 0- 15 Qb ' 0 595' Kp' S Z' 'IQ s v- 0 1' Q6 ci Qin, 1' G 90-Q, a 66 . QI e, 'wifi Office Assistants, Steve Cathey, James Rhyne, and Robert MacMinn W Johnny Wiens, Stuart Crook, and Bruce Am- spacher keep busy working in the lunch room. look over a lunch room report. Miss Wilson, Mrs. Pendergraft, and M s. Price serve food to another hungry University High School student while James Rhyne punches tickets. -3- fM,:,gs4f12,L, bww , H vffieff, v V i, -N Ng iw L. V,,, L ' ':' W ,- fl 1 V E KM 'W "5v,.Qx enior Steve Cathey . t Bobbi urrlgh Class Pres. 2 Red H . e Ch Lyle Car. 1,232 Class Vice-Pres. 3,74 Red Hstts llrch well es, Class Treas. ' ill Cho S pre l dent C0 VicefPT 2 U Student Council l- Fus S. -4 Stu Cyl 1, 'M Student Council Treas. E Chorus 4 5. Conn 1 2, Student Council Pres. SO Seqr 5 ub ' s c b 3 u Omer etar 1-4 nun Cl X te '5 ooner u ,M ASS Cub .Y gbal aide 3 Schooner Smbly h Ba5Ke gg Can All State Chorus Lib COmm1 h S' 5"a 1' "U" club 2- raria the BOY - state 2 "U" 1 b v' -P 1+ Libra D 4 5 H 1 Qu ice res. 1-ia I BOY ria . Boys State Candidate Ye US Jr- Rota U31-S' Junior Rotarian E ers Ht U.HSeC- 5114 Ye3rS a Basketball Manager 2-M -S: 14 Office Assistan M 5 F.O.H.S.S.C. Delegate M ' Years at U.H.S: 9 view iii iiiif5FQi?Qi?EH 'fl' 'l" as ' C' U z Iris Luschen Robert Mac Minn Carolyn Michael Luis NHHSZ Senior C1858 Secretary h Class Secretary 1 Red Hots 1,5 Years at U.H.S 2 Girls' State candidate 3 Class Treasurer L' Librarian 3,u Red Hots 2,3 Student Council 3,h Chorus l-h Years at U.H.S: 3 St. Council Treas. M years at UIHIS: Basketball 1-LL Orchestra l-H "U" Club 3,14 MUN Club Sec.-Treas. M Office Assistant M Years at U.H.S: 5 Abbat ,Mmm Conley 39 eil . 3 7 c St . Couraub ef 'ge 2ggE??eEtate Candida iii Gif S ' Oqgjgfa Brix-an 3 ,kyl- - r C QTUS lab hofus 2'h Ch ate C U All St' ts 3 7 no ?igefxiggi?QpE?n 2 ke ,H- ' gziirs at U X155 Mm , px James DuBoise Class President 2,3,h Chorus President M Chorus 1-h "U" Club 2, 33, President of HUM Club M Basketball 1-h St. Council Treas. 2 Lunch Room Assistant l-M Years at U.H.S: 6 R Orchestraonald Hill Years at U -las George papaconstantiugu Patsy Saunders Mike Scruggs Joan Skinner 52252 S303 Qsglstant 3 Red Hots lvu Years at U.H.S: 1 years at U H 5 ' ' ' Red Hots Vice-Pres. M Librarian 3,h Librarians' Vice-Pres. M Years at U.H.S: 5 W ,.., Q, 2,15 2 ls Chomits Queen, N Bea 'LGB-'be 2 B 'B . X4 cava .H-91 'ieafa at U 'M Judy Stevenson Robert Vaughan Ro Y nnie will l Senior Class Secretary 1+ Baseball 33' Bask B.P.w. Girl of the Mentbh Years at U'H-S' 3 Yeerftffll st. Council vice-P1-ee. 1+ U-ILS: 39+ sb. Council Sec. 3 2 Sooner Cub Co-editor ls Librarians 3,14 Red,Hot 2 ,SJ-4 Red Hot Secretary 3,1+ Schooner 2,3,l+ Years at U.H.S: 3 were . ,gin Km-en Wheeler Preston Willoughby Denny Basketball 1-1+ Sooner cub " Basketball 1+ goozezbcg 33' "U" Club 24' Chow 1'2'h Baseball lg Basketball s k E Orchestra 1'1" Red Bots 1,2-'fl' Years at U.H.S: 1 Iai e ii E05 Seperh Boys' State Candidate 3 Librarians 1+ Ygaigngt S U 2 Baseball 39+ Years at u.H.s: lv ' ' ' Class Treasurer 3 All Conference Team ll Years at U.H.S: 6 ..1 2- A By electing James DuBoise presi- dent, Steve Cathey vice-presi- dent, Judy Stevenson and Iris Luschen secretaries, and Robert MacMinn treasurer, we are hoping to go places. The day had arrived!! The senior class was be- ginning their last year at U.H.S. For the first few weeks they tried to convince themselves that they were really sen- iors. Those seniors who hadn't already learned how to make passing grades without cracking a book, how to argue Dr. Cartwright out of going to study hall, and how Representing the senior class on the senior high kasketball team are James DuBoise, Pres- ton Willoughby, Ronnie Wall, Jerry Warren, and Robert Mac- Minn. Q? Zn YJ 5.115 Ggox f ' fig. Gfqff 2 TKVUELQQ- James DuBoise sells candy in order to make money for the senior trip. to make the lower class- es feel inferior, soon acquired these Senior habits. As the year passed they discovered that be- ing a senior was some- thing to live up to. Those who weren't lead- ing the school's activi- ties were kept busy fin- ishing up necessary graduation requirements. Jane Sloan and Karen Wheeler are among the many seniors working for a senior trip. Getting ready to leave on the senior trip are Lyle Cartwright, Steve Cathey, James DuBoise, and Karen Wheeler. When their last year at U.E.S. drew to a close, they suddenly realized that they would be leaving behind much they would miss in the years ahead. -13- Diana Burdick Charlotte Cotts Junior For officers, the junior class elected the following: PI'9Si- dent, Forrest Franklin, vice-president, Thomas Mueller, secretary, Diana Burdickgtreasurer Frankie McFarland, and social chairman, Lucy Payne. The Student Council representatives were Bob Brandenburg and Thomas Mueller. In the second sem- ester the president was Thomas Mueller, and the vice-president Frankie McFarland. Diana Bur- dick was re-elected as secretary, and Bill Woodward was treasurer. Ruth Franklin acted as social chairmangand for Student Council, Jerry Marita Bragg Bob Brandenburg Harrie Brown .1-bn 4 if Clara Cruz 2 Q,,,,,,,, X,,, I ' 5 class rings belonging to Bruce Shobert and Bonnie Knight. John Herring Kendall Warren admires the new Scott K1-Witzky Frankie McFarland Forrest Franklin Ruth Franklin -14- 'QTP' pw ,ffm I 'UQ W'-1' Bruce Shobert Henry Speck Kendall Warren Jerry Morrow IWW aww! N ,few Morrow and Rnuest Fran- klin served. For both semesters Larry Poston was reporter. The juniors had a gay time at two parties of their own making ---- the class party and the school party, both real gone affairs. The class party started out near Noble but was chased to Bob Brandenburg's house due to interference from the local native resistance group. This was the Halloween party and such things had to be expected. The school party was on the first of April and everyone came dressed as every- thing. This and the usual gloom over the state of the treasury rounded out the junior year, with one more left before the ax would fall Thomas Mueller Helen Norman -sl Darlene Woodward Newell Wright Lucy Payne Larry Poston Class officers, Thomas Mueller, James Rhyne Diana Burdick, Kstandingj Frankie McFarland, Forrest Franklin, and Bill Woodward plan for a class meeting. Amparo Gomez Mary Jean Hampton may ..-.l"- What's so exciting about a notebook for of- ficers James Reed, president, Judy Cathey, treasurerg Stuart Crook, vice-president, and Kathleen Livezey, secretary. Judy Cathey wnmW' Stuart Crook Alexis Gallegos 1 , ?- This year the sophomore class has proved that NIt's quality--not quantity-- that counts.W Although the smallest class in the school, the sophomores have entered actively into all school events. Members have participated in basketball, base- ball, NUW Club, Red Bots, Orchestra, Chorus, Ducklings, Student Council, Schooner, and Sooner Cub. Whatever or wherever, there were the sophomores-- few, but important! Late in the spring the sophomores had their class party at the country club. They and their guests had a big time pic- nicking, swimming, and dancing, as they looked back on a wonderful year and real- ized that they had just two more years for fun. Ann Rodke is a swell galg She's working all the day, And has a very special pal, Her little daughter, Gay. He's on the ball, he's on the beam-- David Tim ons is the guy we mean. He has a smile and a great big HHi For everyone who passes by. Iv Beverly Keylor's a new girl this yeaq In the Red Hots she helps us cheer. Don't ever think she's shy Cause she's going with a good looking guy. Tall, lean, and lanky Stuart Crook is his name, He plays the drums pretty swanky And he's also our 'brain.H .4g. The sophomore party is a big success to Judge from this group enjoying the dance at the Country Club! Mary Jean's another bright faceg She's known for politeness and her grace, She's quiet and hardly makes a sound But we'd be lost without her around. HBuenos diasu is familiar to all As we pass Amparo and Alexis in the hall. They're awfully far from home we know But no one wants to see them go. Judy Cathey, the belle of the room, Always happy and never spreads gloom. She's also cute as a bug in a rug With a little nose that's really pug. Johnny Wiens, the Wcardn of the class, Provides us with lots of fun and laughs. Teachers with fur coats are his pet peeve And he's always got a trick up his sleeve. She's got the brains and good looks too, She always smiling and never blue. If you don't know by now who we mean, Think twice, of course, it's Kathleen. Our president is James fAll Starj Reed, He's good looking, as we all agreedg He's sharp on the court and the diamond too. And the first to notice the girls who are new. James Reed David Timmons John Wiens Planning a party is hard work. Just ask Ann Rodke, Alexis Gallegos, Amparo Gomez, and Johnny Wiens. Beverly Keylor Kathleen Livezey Working out the details of their class party are Tim Ragan, Culleen Bryant, Judy Conley, Jamy Crawford, Jean Peach and Neil Roberts. Louise Farmer Fre hmen Sam Franklin Karl Greenshields Tommy Gunning Joe Foreman Bobby Frank 'FH 'PDR Awvvl' QR Jim Boggs Culleen Bryant Judy Conley Jamy Crawford Dianne Daniels Ann Ewbank The freshman class started the year by electing Tim Bagan, presidentg Louise Far- mer, vice-president, Jean Peach, secre- taryg Bobby Frank, treasurer. Judy Con- ley, Bobby Frank, and Sam Franklin were class representatives to the Student Council, and Joe Foreman served on the Assembly Committee. Second semester offi- cers were: Sam Franklin, presidentg Diane Daniels, secretaryg and Tim Bagan, treasurer. The Hobby Club soon revealed that the ninth grade included one philatelist and two numismatists. A class party at Virginia Thornton's home and an all-school dance Ccomplete with moonlight and real musicD on the patio of Building 602 on May 6, were very special occasions. 'gy-an 41079 Lee Roy Wilford M rlys Watson Marilyn Turner President Sam Franklin lectures as officers Dianne Daniels. Jean Peach, Bobby Frank, and Tim Ragan pause for a break. Virginia Thornton Ben Stegall Neil Roberts Tim Ragan Jean Peach Willis Nbore 91" Kathy Kelley Johnny Houck Dennis Hawley -19- V? J an Humphrey Wilberta Livezey we Lucy Havard Phil Horning Lou Ann Aynesworth Joel Barbour hbredith Boggs Carolyn Bragg o Ronnie Burkett Jere Cade Judy Gilmore The eighth grade started the school year with the election of Roberta Livezey, president, David Pugmire, vice-president, Carolyn Bragg, secre- tary, and Ronnie Burkett, treasurer. Mr. Caldwell was the class sponsor. A trip to the Canadian River was taken, to get the little group more acquainted. It served its pur- pose for the eighth grade had its share of fun during the first and sec- ond semesters. Judy Gilmore and Lucy Havard had to leave the class, but things were J W3 Reviewing parliamentary procedure are of- ficers David Rennie, Ronnie Burkett, Martha McCarter, Carolyn Bragg, and David Pugmire Kstandinglg Joel Barbour and wilberta Livezey fseatedj -201 Ann MacMinn Martha McCarter Dominique Noth Jean Noth David Pugmire David Rennie Jack Riley brightened by the arrival of Mike Kes- ler. The second semester found the class officers being Joel Barbour, presi- dentg David Rennie, vice-presidentg Martha McCarter, secretaryg and David Pugmire, treasurer. During the second semester, there were excursions to Oklahoma City's television stations. Eighth graders were also busy at work for the Science Fair. All considered this year was a very good one for a happy eighth grade class. r my Looking over a Science Fair project on dinosaurs are Jean Noth, Roy Cowan, and David Pugmire. Diane Roberts Danny Timmons Margaret Warren Elizabeth Wofford 'VW uq John Adams Lee Cate Joe Lee Clem Nu-s,. ' V V , ,- QE 'l EEE t Bruce Amare-Cher ees if deff i5i'r , Wtfi J 'fl 7-.L , EYKT df JEQESQT ?r gq ggi fi, .W ' uififhl V Charlotte Clevenger Nancy Conover At the first of the year the seventh grade elected officers: David Wallace, presidentg Warren Cotts. vice-Dresidentg Lee Cate, secretaryg Bo Southwood, treas- urerg and Bruce Amspacher, parliamentar- ian. Mrs. Kathryn Buchanan was the class sponsor. Student Council representatives elected were Linda Pulliam and Terry Rutherford. John Adams represented the class on the Sooner Cub staff and Jim White and John Adams were members of the Schooner staff. Last year's seventh grade bought ma- terial for classroom curtains, so this year the seventh and eighth grade girls made them in their homemaking class. Sure! the boys had to hang them. They Warren Cotts Stephen Foreman Allen Kerr Elnora Livezey Vartin M0ses Class officers -- Bo Southwood , Warren Cotts , David Wallace, Lee Cate , and Bruce Amspacher ---- call a class meeting to order. -22.. eventh Lucia Rohrbaugh Terry Rutherford Mary Ann Smith Bo Southwood David Wallace Jim White Grade also bought a combination screen and bul- letin board and several potted plants which altogether made their classroom very attractive, and to some of them-very UKAT.W They celebrated with a Uhouse- warmingn at which their parents were guests, and they presented a program of songs and Indian dances. Of course there were reireshments, and the games and dancing were Cas usualj the most fun of all. They're planning to use the room from now on as a Junior High Center. Are they social? Sure, they arel Dur- ing the year they had a series of infor- mal classroom parties, and before the end of school they entertained the eighth grade with a WSpring Frolicn which was really U N F O R G E T T A B L E ll Valerie Graber Charles Phillips Joe Mike Woods awww L?iF fourth-hour class. ..25.. Linda Pulliam Jimmy Reinish Interested seventh graders study books in reading ie" "Bibi es mi pa More p 1'0blem,3 of'1Je 1110 Ora 1 Henry VI ,Y-X36 Kg II sat here' " c O 12 CY? Y Fi . the Border rst come fu-gt cut: ,, of L A goilth U M ,T W " , f K' Q . Avi-,V f . ng You 'I' 5 Sgri e Outgg Y o 11 98 ng-1,15 -24- t :Qi W . aw., f i s 'k ' A Q if Q fa x X . f 'QR 'W' X 3 -f T 1 Y if x . an Q is ' my gf? mi' K' wx. af .X PVD Q, , Aw f f, My 1 , W ,V V. V W mf 4 , 'Sky' 1 . , K ' V fy ' 1 vy If -x 'ff A ,f I , ' f an ' X , ' 4 34 A Mia :sm 1521 1 , A X . Jug. , x ,J 1 , ys?Efg2A'M. Q.. X kg 'V f- , 5 f jg A Q M . 5 ,Hg ff W WJL ,. , f 1 aryicg , 'Wm x, ff' 1 if , s,, 3 "L- L Kr , ,, ,X Q QS, 1 'i Q QL X 5' ' s W, K . 1 , I -V L, V"!-fn LW' w N K W A tudent Council Robert MacM1nn, treasurer, Steve Cathey, president, Ruth Franklin, secretary, and Judy Stevenson, vice - president, discuss plans for a meeting. Steve Cathey pre- sides at a meeting while Ruth Frank- Ready to leaye fol lin takes minutes. the State Conven- tion in Duncan are Q Ruth Franklin,Miss Lewis, and Steve Carol Conley sells Cathey. paper to Linda Pulliam as Terry Rutherford watches. Student Council members are: Lback rowj Miss Eunice Lewis Qsponsorl, Sam Franklin C9thB, David Timmons flOthD, Jerry Morrow Thomas Mueller, Forrest Franklin Cllthl, Qsecond rowl Judy Conley, Bob Frank f9thl,Judy Cathey QlOthI, Lyle Cartwrl ht Ql2thD, Kathleen Livezey LlOthJ, Bob Brandenburg Qllthj, Carol Conley Cl2thi: Cfirst rowj Steve Cathey, Ruth Franklin, Robert MacMinn, Judy Stevenson aofficersl. -26.. 'Wifi :J Library J Marita Bragg demon- strates to Helen Norman, Bobbie Church, Patsy Saunders, Judy Steven- son, Karen Wheeler , Carolyn Michael , Char- lotte Cotts, and Ann Ewbank how to check out a library book with Mrs. Dunham supervising. ervice Mr. Caldwell and Dr- Percy Buchanan discuss Asiatic customs. Assembly Elnora Livezey, Ann Mac- Minn, Judy Cathey, Jerry Morrow, Bobbie Church, and Joe Foreman, with supervisors, Mrs. Fell, Mrs. Stewart , Mr. Cald- well, and Mrs. Holter, plan the assemblies for the year. af,f'T?1, Q? ev, ,.,. c fl z YN sage from Macbeth while Mr- Caldvell, Steve Cathey, and Robert MacMinn look on. Marita Bragg, Helen Norman, and Charlotte Cotts trace a lost library book. Club Ai 127, COMBINED ORCHESTRA: Cstandingl Jerry Morrow, Mr. Luce, director, Jack Mitchell, student teachers, and Stuart Crook, Cback rowl Robert MacMinn, Ronnie Burkett, Looney, Jerry Warren, Jim White, Steven Foreman, Dominique Noth, Charlotte Clevenger Willis Moore, Marita Bragg, Helen Norman, Jim Boggs, Mary Jean Hampton, Dennis Elnora Livezey, and Dianne Daniels, Cfront rowj Thomas Mueller, Kathleen Livezey, Wiens, Karl Greenshields, and Bob Frank. Planning for the an- nual orchestra Picnic are the officers, Dianne Daniels, secre- tary, Kathleen Livezey, vice-president, Larry Poston, reporter, Helen The students who are intent on music for the All-State Orchestra are: Cstandingj Larry Poston, Thomas Mueller, Bob Frank, Stuart Crook, Kathleen Livezey, Nancy Conover, and Karl Greenshieldsg Cseatedj Charlotte Clevenger, Normana ligrarifii Willis Moore, and Tim Ragan. groupe aroun e president, Thomas Mueller. Mrs. Luce serves punch to our director, Mr. John Luce, at the orchestra tea. lig- Mary Whitaker, Frank Ristau, Tommy Gunning, Jack Riley, John and Nancy Conoveri f2nd rowj Hawley, Lucy Havard, Jere Cade, Tim Ragan, Meredith Boggs, John The orchestra started out with a big bang this year led by a new director, Mr. John R. Luce. Early in the year they entertained orches- tra members' parents with a tea and concert. Nine orchestra members were selected for the annual All-State Meet under the baton of prominent directors. The annual district and state instrumental contests were entered by soloists from the string, wind, and per- cussion sections of the or- chestra. Under the direction of Mr. Luceg the student teachersg and the student con- ductors, Thomas Mueller and Larry Poston, the orchestra spent a large part of the year rebuilding sections. As a climax to the year's Work, the combined orchestra Larry Poston and Thomas Mueller as student conductors have directed the group in several pieces. presented a very successful spring con- cert. To top off the fine year the annual picnic was held. It was a gala event en- joyed by all the members and their guests. Beginning string orchestra and the directors assemble for a practice session. 1 The officers, James Du- Boise, Judy Cathey, Preston Willoughby, For- rest Franklin, Ruth Franklin, Carol Conley, Bruce Shobert, and Bobbie Kay Church, Choru with the chorus, started the year off with the festival at Still- water. -50- - 4 V. V- we " , ' 3 ' xii' fl' ,t ,ll 'Wk kfgfff 4 1. 5, ' . , .fm Clst rowj Roy Cowan,Jim White,Warren Cotts, Lee Cate, Joe Clem Bo Southwood, Terry Rutherford, John Adams, Stephen Foreman, David Wallace, Martin Moses, Alan Kerr, John Brandenbur , Mike Kesler Bruce Ams- acherg C2nd row? Bill Woodward. John Herr- 'k,,, ,gf-f K N lug, M s. Staten, Miss Foley, Bruce Shobert, Preston Willoughby, James DuBoise, Carol Conley, Ruth Franklin, Bobbie Church, Miss Brown, M ss Edwards, M s. Hill, Elnora Livezey, Linda Pulliam, Lucia Rohr- baugh, Jan Humphrey, Ann MacMinn. Judy Gil- more M rigret Warren, Q3rd row, Karen Wheeler. rita Bragg, Lucy Payne. Jane Sloan, Carolyn Michael, Jean Hampton, Char- lotte Cotts, Jack Riley, Jean Noth, Ronny Burkett, Phil Horning, Diana Burdick, Jean Peach, Virginia Thornton, Bertie Livezey ganna Mscariaer, Lucy Havard, Meredith Oggs o r Ann Smithee Diane Roberts: ?ithy?owQ Zigi Dolly Ward,,Marilyn Turner, Diane Daniels, Judy Conley, Jamw Crawford, Culleen Bryant, Frank McFarland, Bob Brandenburg, Henr gpeck Tim Ragan, Neil Roberts. ob Frank, ohn Houck, Marlys Watson, Darlene Woodward, Charlotte Cleven- ger Nancy Conover, Mary Ann Smith, Eliza- beth Wofford, Lou Ann Aynesworth. and the Christmas concert. for state contest la...-4 we started practice After All - State ChOrHS, which Marita Bragg, Henry Speck, Carol Conley, Virginia Thornton, and Culleen Bryant attended, ...M- Ng :V ld -is ,GEF 4 +.,x " 4 ,Q N ,M Q A L' x J A wx 'A"- v k Va-'f s Captaln Jams res ..324. .. 'W il yy .M K X , 1 " V, My 543555 , ' 'm" ' + Ifs51 :f,: I ,,,:.,,, A quartet of crooners en- tertain at the Christmas Dance. - W-we--e----My ' Vh f it Qfourth rowj Jamy Crawford, Culleen Bryant, Jean Peach, Marilyn Turner, Dianne Daniels, MBT3-YS ggi l ill i iw M WMM Watson, Kathy Kelley, Mary Jean Hampton, Carolyn Michael, Margaret Warren, Elizabeth Wofford, and Judy Gilmore. Cthird rowl Karen Wheeler, Lucy Payne, Jane Sloan, Mary Ann Smith, Linda Pulliam, Wilberta Livezey, Martha McCarter, Elnora Livezey, Mere- dith Boggs, Ann MacMinn, Carolyn Bragg,and Diane Roberts. fsecond rowl Lou Ann Aynesworth, Nancy Conover, Charlotte Clevenger, Ann Ewbank, Kathleen Live- zey, Ruth Franklin, Judy Stevenson, Bobbie Kay Church, Virginia Armstrong, Darlene Woodward, Amparo Gomez, Clara Cruz, and Mr. Charles Cald- well. lfirst rowj Judy Conley, Judy Cathey, Virginia Thornton, Diana Burdick,and Carol Conley. y -sf 511 1 1 Q-V K . M I K V, A N: ia' f 2 U , , K fi ,J m K, ,.,,, V Q V C . K A x A Wh K ,.,, i. ,,V - V v " " 1 X . ,,, , ,.,., ,.,,, L , Preside - fr 'iieera J Ht Bobb' ' K Secret ' le Church- ' J K ary' Judy Steven J. v1ce'PI'esident p C J J Porter Kathi son: Treas ' Etsy Sauna ?5iF?saY2:Qf55a-?nif P ' een Livezey urer, Ruth Frankli ers jgig 1 ,,,, 7,,,, V - n. R by iiv e ' S' yiiai eica 1,25 --,-- e ,:',,f ss iff? - sawW'mwEeffl if . ,A , i y B B 555 I ,. , 3, r V Dj I in -,Yffea f. ., ann B. , Peao S Dan ,. N.: ug-Q'g'?NJ,,, , -J at in ll . Hd Bobbie Church pops a "fun- tlationflork duMfj'.V 'Ein ny" at the Red Hot Banquet. ng ini? -53- Univer it High Jhmes DuBoise Stuart Crook Bob Brandenburg Robert M cMinn Jerry Warren enior High Lyle Cartwright Forrest Franklin Scotty Kuwitzky James Reed Johnny Wiens Bruce Shobert Preston Willoughby Mr, Sigue, Frankie Mcparland Ronnie Wall, captain, proudly Ronnie Wall Billy Woodward Cgach receives the third-nlace tro- phy in the Lexington-Purcell tournament. Ba ketball 2,3 Joel Barbour Joe Foreman Karl Greenshields Tommy Gunning Junior Hlgh Jim Boggs Bobby Frank nnis Phil Horning . , J . 'A'i 5 9,4 fl J E ts' ,QS L. Stew? C9-they David Timmons Sr. Manager Ronnie Burkett Sam Frankl1n . Walters Jr. coach M . Stice Jr. coach Jr. Manager Tim Regan David Rennie Neal Roberts Danny Timmons EIIIIQ xxiefeo C9 d u DNIBOXEB 6211 von gto lips X n o yiineclutcxsesab- Noble 32' as Calle past Wa Noble coo win 45 Sh M to 35' t "' yells Bob Prank while Phil Horning and a fix- P18-yer converge on m- The J . H1 35 to 1' Sh 'on nYou take it,H sayb Reea as he passes off against New- castle. Newcastle downed Cubs 58 to M7 seen GI? tt-Ing 'Q rrom De ht his fires -Ln 10 a . d . qgrren layers ,Va-7.1 . Paws eta, C Edoxjnevw to nn. Dlbble ,ffl gngbbiolil toalo a to 5'1.onte-'St -36- COI'Q QWWYQ0 Z' C9 es luv? 111 'ic' Hall. Ku a Wit 'Popp Zjqy, 1 sandy ich e oise fore C ag Q13-f B159- 'eortf Qwppea Casadg 53 'oo ed 'C his ufges S W I E as 4823-S. 0345- 31- E Aiumh i Same : 8.5 t 3 he Jr, MCC Waliliuig-lPS up Ronni S Alumni e win. High w 19. Cubs bow ed 55 t O 32. gwam qs ea! J? C!'O0ked Iexin gtOn..Pu-r cell ST: 'UTCSK .Tame 'Chr S DMB hits ia hoctav d ollgh oi se 'nobert despite loss to C W1 to lx-U. Opus Cubs Eu-le Pl 3 to Pu,.un8es 37. cell '37- Coach Walters assembles the intersquad team ports UNow boys...,H begins Junior High Coach Walters during a halftime before a contest. Bob Brandenburg beats Bob Gilley's peg to second under the waiting hands of James Reed. MUN Club, lettermen's organization, members display various expressions for the Schooner lensman. -53- ll We can take 'em,H Lyle assureg Coach Stone during intermission talk. Hockey plays an impor tant part during the fall. The girls wait impatiently for spring so they can play softball. Spinning the racket is good way to start an excit- ing tennis game. During a close basketball Self Everyone watches tensely, hoping this Jill be two P3-BYGTS Jump for Possession the winning point of the volleyball ame of the ball. Girl ' .w AC mf 4' 5, This year the Sooner Cub joined the ranks of the weekly newspapers. Covering the news, collecting gossip, and commenting on the happenlngs at U.H.S. were: Cback rowj Charles Richards, Larry ros- ton, Bobbie Kay Church, Marlys Watson, James Rhyne, Steven Catheyg Csecond rowj Ann Ewbank, Carol Conley, Diana Burdick, Dominique Noth: Qseatedj Judy Stevenson, Denny Wofford, Ruth Franklin. ooner Cub Production managers James Rhyne Noth Pre'tyPeS a cleft, and Charles Richards in the Sooner Cub office prepare to mimeograph an iSSue Ann Ewbank looks over his of the paper. 195k-55 editors Denny Wofford Cstandingj, Judy Stevenson Cleftf, and Ruth Franklin dis- the latest issue of the ..40l. viii Yearbook Staff: fSeatedD James Rhyne, Editor, Carol Conley, and Steven Cathey. fStandingJ M s. Fell, Jean Peach, Judy Stevenson, Kathleen Livezey, John Adams, Larry Poston, Culleen Bryant, Jim White, Ruth Franklin, Judy Cathey, Dominique Noth, Diana Burdick, Mrs. Dunham, and Jean Noth. chooner So you think it was easy? Well, let us tell you! What could be more frustrating than to have your best pair of scissors sticky with rub- ber cement, to have hundreds of pictures to paste on lay- outs by tomorrow, and to have correctly typed cut- lines turn up misspelled! Watching Kathleen Livezey design a page layout are Steven Cathay, Ruth Franklin, and Judy Cathey. Advertising managers, Carol Conley and Diana Burdick, design a page of advertisements. But always that bumper crop of Schooner subscrip- tions spurred us on, even when Rhyne's flashbulbs failed at the Red Hot Ban- quet, when the electric typewriter jammed, and when the staff relaxed with a glue fight. In spite of all calamities, at last, with the editor's fine leadership, with overtime, hard work, and lots of laughs, the staff com- pleted this 1955 Schooner. grapher James Rhyne adjusts his camera be fore taking a picture ,411 Hobby Watching Bobby Frank make a tape record- ing are Marilyn Turner. Kathy Kelley Neil Roberts, Tim Ragan, Willis Moore, Joe Foreman, Sam Franklin, Mrs. Chis- olm, and Jean Peach, all members of the Hobby Club. Macs, uso vu-... 4. cauu. vu va Q uulucu. if watch Jean Peach as she works Nations test they took. Tim Ragan watches Bobby 8 CT0SSV0Td Puzzle- Frank put a new tail on his airplane. Interna- tional Members of the In- ternational Club: Ruth Franklin. Mar- ita Bragg, Larry Poston, Clara Cruz, Forrest Franklin, Charlotte Cotta , Denny Wofford, Diana Burdick,George Papa- constantinou, David Tim ons, and M s. Stewart Qseatedl watch as Mlil Lee. instructor , explains a map. Q . .W wha 142.- wwf. :X x ' NA' N km we ,QJ,g,w,A , v M LN Xi A if 'gg ,v gf if W QQQQ ggi! gi? df E , F Q '? - if Q Q ,S 3 Wav N ww W R W 25 fs . is Q 3? if'ffeff, vi55g,g53w,fg uf is all EYES COMPLEXION ANN CAROL AND AND JAMES HAIR THOMAS -44- JAMY AND DANNY PERSONALITY JUDY AND STEVE P x CLARA DIANA AND AND JOHN FRANKIE ,PN y,'V , ,A FIGURE AND PHYSIQUE CLOTHES UBURTIEU AND UMACU SMILE JUDY AND JAMES iJ GRADES MANNERS i KATHLEEN AND JAMES ALPHABET greeable. . ......... Ruth Franklin ald , , , . . Mr. Huddleston ute .... . - wilberta Livezey -ancer .... . . .Phil norning -xtraordinary. . ...... Seniors -reckles . . . ... . .Joe Foreman -amblers . . . lst Hour Study Hall XQ -appy .... ..... After Exams -rresistible - - Skipping Classes x 1, -oker ---- - Preston Willoughby N fel. -at ,... . , , Bruce Shobert X W X ', .X -ittie . . . . . Linda Pulliam SQ 1' fysterious. . . .Lunch Menu I .1- -0 Good . . . . . Textbooks -bnogious - - . . The Editors Q -opular . . .... Deignan's f K' -uiz Kid . . . . Judy Stevenson ' 4 H -emarkable . . . . Dr. Strom -mart . . . . . . . Teachers -alkative . . . . . . Judy Conley ef 'npredictable ........ Grades 1gx -aluable . . . . Mrs. Dunham's Advice sented - - - ----- More Red Hots XX ' ' - - - U.H.S. Couples Oung - . . Robert Mac Minn owie ............. Girls' Phys. Ed. il' 33 sw? P A CAN YOU IMAGINE . Kathy Kelley in a tight skirt? La Verne with her natural color hair? James and Judy not going together? M ss Lewis without her du b first row in geometry? Charlotte Cotts with long hair? Lucy not screaming all the time? The parking lot without Dennis? M s. Chisolm without her student teachers? What it would be like to have food in the cafeteria? John Herring short and skinny? Chewing gum in Mrs. Dunham's classes? Denny Wofford without manners? Neil Roberts with straight black hair? The school without at least one Franklin? Kendall Warren with a girl friend? The lunchroom without James Rhyne? The Sooner Cub without Cave Ramblers? David Rennie at 6'3"? -46. MOVIE TITLES 1:0815 mekend 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 o o 0 senior J No Way Out . . . . Dr. Ca1'bw1tlght's Study Hall .1 up fl"-,q Waterfront . . . . . . . . . East Side of 1005 Qt- 1 Johnny Guitar . . . . ..... Bruce Shobert 51 5, Rear Window . . . . . fGensoredD ff V Young at Heart . . . . Mrs. Chisolm , v ,f f Living Desert . . Biology Class f d I Lucky Me . . . . . . . 1 Passed CQQZTN , Woman's World . . . U.H.S. Girls T l Cellblock ll o o 0 0 0 0 o o , n Livin' It Up . . . . . . . . Arbuckle Trip Treasure of Lost Canyon . . . . Senior Money Walkin' My Baby Back Home . . . Jr. High Couples 4 ,, Money From Home . . . . . . . Foreign Students "' Singin' In the Rain . . . . Walking to Chorus ' Little Fugitive . . . . . John Her-ring Q ! 1 - The spy .... . . Student Teachers Dj Q I 15'.'.'ll?ig- ggi,-...ggi SONG TITLES Sincerely ............. Diana and Jerry Smoke Gets in Your Eyes , , Bruce, Scott, and Bill Dear John ........ ..... John Herring I'l1 Always Love You . . Judy and James The Happy Wanderer ..... .... Bob Gilley Pledging M Love ...... . . Lucy and Steven There's a Tavern in the Town ....... Jack's What a Crazy Guy ....... Preston Willoughby No Other Love .......... Jamy and Frankie I've Been Waiting a Long Time ..... To Graduate ,Lax Waiting for the Sunrise .... . . Chorus Trips E 1 ,Q-pgs Hearts of Stone ....... . The Faculty A A I " 15142, This 'Ole House ...... . . Building 602 " Hold My Hand ........ . . Carol and Mac 3' :Q That's All T went From You . . . A'e in sends for 1 The Bandit ......... . , , Danny Timmons , K 1 S Dancing in the Dark . . . U.H.S. Sock Hops 1 sf' 2 v I'm Bashful ..... . . Robert Vaughan N V "' I Love Me ..... ..... J ames Reed "D'- Money Honey .......... Senior Candy Sales 'tjfrpyp fy'-v-Y-Te High end Mighty ...... U.H.s. Basketball Team U I, ' Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend . . June Thompson ll' I 'fn ' ,f .Scatterbrain ............. Ann Ewbank VNHRVT' xJD'X,fr-N Hernando's Hideaway . . . .... Deignan's Typewriter Song ...... ..... Mr s. Fell Shake, Rattle, and Roll . . . Basketball Trips .47- A5 Xxx 1 A Q QQ Q 9, Q Q ms. Q- Qs AV 1 6 Q Q! 1, G , 9, ' . 9 Q gl 9' X 3 . ,g ' K5 2' xg , Si 3 . , 5 , Q f 1 6 ' Q js O ' gx rx PESJR ,- Q 1 -3- 9 Q, K. ,. by xi Q A ,, .4 , I 'ff 'Q , 9 5, , g, ,s 5 3, ' 9 gs ' A gs, Q M-ff' Q ' x V .4 ' 0 Q! 9, l Si Q .A -, S! , ,i., .4 Q L- .4 2 -'N 1 L' 3, '54 V ,, " 1, 1 1 xi A-,' f g j jl ,'g,' Q, Q, p ' 3 Q - F F' 0 ' s ., A 5, '.1.,,,,a1p' , ' 1 ' ' 'I ' -L" Q N 4 5 X Q f Qs . Qi N -My ,f x fa O2 5 ,, - " .y-g.,'.- .N AJXQIQZQQQJ, J I x .0-,efbxagitv T . ,,1Q4iQ9 pil, " -fa. n, A t 3' Way' in 'dr 09 K' 'Su Jo ' uw sf 3: V, X Ei .+ww MQ?-42,4 A 0 Y ,.w lx ,ff LQIQ S x Z2 -' '- -f afT'f' K 1 wk' . X ' 3 4 nStudying hard Wnoopsli Grim Conf 1 1, HStarry-eyedu .id girls?u fs Ag! Hello! said....and he said...n ,iii ,L ,l,"1, 3 A I . M X KAL ry A Q nDon't let it sliplu Checkn Q i Wo dough, no go! Captain Joel 149.- N8 35 " Q' -if 'Y ,5 AWG I, .. ,be who, me? Q, as DO'-fa f ' 1450 ' 8111! O 8 I Q Q e. k 'V I ' if 5 , , 5 s,..-, W ,-,LtiZ-A WW gf " 5 , v-VVQ- if 2 Q wwmwuwpfl YQ es , ff wd 'i X , flifffcriw ,." nl5j . ig Praise Allah 1 4 f: 'mix 'S vrfim Q Qkaiiwii' V, f-.2 , f- W, A ifamhi ?fwE?5 in rfamww ff-iQ. V QzQFef,Q'5' izL Y I . 1 V , xv-1 , " 1 - V w . -X ,..,. 3 f Ml 'za his Bottoms up ! Crazy man, crazy ..50- Whose knock-knees ? Don't miss that boy 1 Vw.. . U V ' I 09 WO e 35 Q09 9: xi 5 Xe , L, 2 .,,.L 1 29 '- L , . 3 fm I ' V 1 3 r ff WWE f f 'fulf9gl "3??? E LRF -Hwy w ,. Mg 2 ,A 6 ' . Remember your p a r l iamentary procedure. o go go O51 e gp Wie 'ws yo G9 be' 6 Now people I 3 , shouldn't have to e tg. our .Ped We don't talk about our food likes and dis- likes. :," evii eEw5 EH A e , F 5, Qf,gg pw elmo Posture, kids. ,?gA,3 lpn, pwrt N '4,' 1-2 K . it 4- ' ' WEE What's a deal? M fe? fFfLV53?5V12 Ili . M-T ' 'M' ' Y . , - we "rug-WX f Mg r gx'W4i1'vfyf'1 - Elmiff , 1 f g xl " - H K A , . 11- if: M ,:'f QguimQM'fim Zu? i " JJ ' "'k " I .,.- , 1? 6 MWQXHEJ "" 2 e If 'S QQ iwii X 1HQQEQgF'.f don, t ,M , y , ' Lz' g pzgvz w ji. t 111 Lfkfiwiiy H I ,ww V. it yo 8 pepp . l - U Se Pay ,, ,. 6. Now people, seriously 3 -51- Call slavery! won't work for him' , I. S HGet 'em cleanlu uMake it shine'H HWho'll make it 911 ll ax collectorn L A V E WEEK "K.P. Duty" 'Don't make a messln ,fi -52- J' SINGER SEWING CENTER m s. mm Phone 2205 .SQQ Reqlal new SSW 19 0 Cleese lathe!-t 8 vfwo 53 ST' 0-25. e bb G ER E go wx '5 fo "4f'T""? Marita Bragg and Kathleen Livezey try A'4f'4II'Q' out a machine at Singer Sewing Center. I O fllf ' serving the great Southwest since 1922 H IT SERV ES SAVES YUU YUU BETTER MURE! Pricing a dress in Anthony's are Bobbie Kay Church and Ruth Franklin. In 'Noi-man since K1-927 ,53- CID CSITTMQCTQJE Entering Gilt Edge Dairy are several University Scnool Tel 130 ff Bonus Fiction Gift Shop Children' B k R tal Library UNIVERSITY TEXT BUUKS I VARSITY BOOK SHOP 789 Ap - Phone 83 students. - Compliments 0 'f DeLISO DEBS ix , RHYTHM STEP 4, A V33 I :T F ig f S Q 4ghT NO ST 0 so I. if v- ' ,.,. uf lg? A N ff 317 ff' T' , Q' I 61 Q .. 0 -ff' P 0 Ugg 'TT MV, 6' Q LUCERNE Wi' ,W C 0 ff OLD MAINE 714554 IG Q QV 5 TROTTERS ' f LT ARTHUR MURRAY " I' 1 - J. D. RAMBO IPJSllRJXhK1E In business for your protection CHICKEN SHACK 900600000 69000009000 czlkklll , 3 IN THE fl Rouen , ' e C V , fr wb 'E G u-s. BAT- OFF 1 , ' QQQQQQQQQQOOOQQQOOQO dw A Discussing athletic insurance Phvne 727 120 E-M350 with Mr. Rambo are Joe Lee Clem and Robert MacMinn. Norman' okla' 113 S. Peters Ave. Box 149 aughn Admiring the beautiful class rings at Waugh's are Clara Cruz and Ronnie Bur- kett. -ll 7 6 3 A s P -55- WARD'S DRUG STORE "The House of' Service' .215 E. Muin I"Eonu T143 NQRMAN' OKLA. Enjoying cokes served by Mr. Ward are Bob Frank, Lyle Cart- wright, and Judy Conley. G o R D o N 9 S gl mms and Bnvs' smref Q 220 East Main Phone 274 NORMAN, OKLAHOMA 0Lfan4!.ey'4 Jlffuaia Oqlgum Q9 Ns' S Y N 6' Q, L 69 J 7 754 ASP Phone 4622 Norman, Okla. ew fl,OC4.7'E'Zi Phone 347 - 335 W. Boyd Q FREE DELIVERY if Wire Service and Flowers For All Occasions Looking over the wide selection of shorts in Peyton-Marcus are Diana Burdick and Carol Conley. SAYRE BUILDERS SUPPLY Cod! 45562, 6' QCQO Phone if 30 I 008 125 South Crawford 6' V F. Morelg Manager I L- HZGSHSUYFS H. H "Bob" Sayre SMITH-NEWNIAN MUTUR CU. if Oldsmobile as Cadillac 222 South Porter - - Norman, Oklahoma Ph ne 1073 if Cg4aneoeJ 750 ABP NORMAN, OKLAHOMA I- TEXT BOOKS 'Q ffyljlifffaz STIL Q, -- SUPPLIES ,AX Q0 THE Mews sToRES v eq" Q ow' X 964 9 M in and Universit Cam us xx we CAMERAS 106 E. 6 Y P N9 we PHOTO NORMAN, OKLAHOMA lihliilrrsitg jiiuhius H . D. D A M S . U FOODS We Spemahze in YOU1' Red Cap and Gown Portraits and Wh- lfe FO Od Sto Fe 217 W. BOYD 325 East Comanche Nnrnum, Oghlulgumzl :ig N . N 0 Q A do ISS CAMPUS gawslzy 0 2, A ' U .A . 4. 'F .'..lf61Lg " ,f , WATCH Q- ' 5' A 'X 4' Q25 REPAIRING A S"" o 902- 2 . .9 Z ff 04,80 uae nn SOUTHIQRN-MllJXVlfST S6 GOOD FQOD Q 321 fast Comanche - Phone 698 5 0 9 S' P O R T E R 6' wzsr Bow SDEOHE 577 PHONE 4020 Noksmx, Om.,-moxm '11 E',,R,Sf9,,YfS BURDKK PRESCRIPTIONS OUR SPECIALTY Ref r ' q e on C 0 t w ' f L h"m"" S L'For Quality - The Vmzim Burdickf' ond Pongburn's we DELIVER S6 Pnows 362 Nouwm, OxumoMA 706 Dakota Street Telephone 3606 I .J TGSTY 0 Repairing - Accessories 1 Auto Parts XII, C T-1 5c to S1 .00 1--1 ,900 6 'fo G '96 -16 Norman, Oklahoma 6 1 PHONE 19 Downtown - Campus 302 EAST MAIN s Qxeerwhieldb U H S TYPEWRITER SERVICE Qfnasier gon! Cmarlei RENTALS SALES SERVICE 212 EAST GRAY STREET sz' PHONES 2081-2082 577 Buh Ave. Ph 319 Ik K E N ' S FOOD MARKET 7 K J' . I E ffm, Jw, O HIGHER QUALITY 0 LOWER PRICES O FRIENDLY SERVICE CIGSSSII Phgng 327 WHITE STREET NORMAN, UKLAHDMA PHONE 4610 -E.. L ,Y .-- i I L 11 Phon GOODNCTS gZEUIEZTy NORMAN'S CREDIT JEWELER e 107 201 East Ma Qlzrmpws fgrunzrg Zfootdee L' 752 Asp Ave. Phone 395 s PRESCRIPTIONS COSMETICS SUNDRIES Complete Fountain Servico Alk CONDITIONED For Your Shopping Pleasurl Use Our Friendly Service Fast FREE Delivery p muon s Dnu ' Mn.. Careful uf.,5g.,v' 232 E Nam ' Vnan: 552 ' '4r':af-, Ol LESLE MERLE'S Baaufy cgafon RADIO - TV ani! Efllllarlzei B d d EI ' T h ' ' FRESH MEA-I-S Personalized Hair Styling on e emomc ec mums GROCERIES' Permanents of all types Blosdel-Morton Electric Co. Facials and Hair Tinting 317 wh' s , Ph ne 4717 213-215 WEST BOYD STREET W. Boyd ne 9 0 J TAI LO R I N G Z-Q . . If Qnqn M1 B W AND wllii S6 CLEANERS I QW Welcherl Shoe and I 90 Saddle Repair Shop QQ' HANDMADE BELTS 111 :Arr MAIN AND BILLFOLDS NORMAN OKL Ho INVISIBLE HALF SOLING . A M 578 - PHONE 459 A we S. CRAWFORD H cunp Music co. Phone 19' 109 E. Main Bsfzamfmmt cglfoms All Makes of Records 126 E. MAIN sr. Au . GN ' 4V NORMAN. OKLAHOMA ofl' Phone 299 New and Used Pianos 124 FRENCH ICE DELIVERY SERVICE ART LOPEZ. OWNER SOUTH PORTER-TELEPHONE 33 NORMAN. OKLAHOMA i 1 l 1 1 l 1 : -60- Y .Hn 1 i I 1 i Z 1 v 1 1 :- 1 5 . I 4 I S i 2 I . - I Q wr .I 1.9 ,. ..q1 1 Jug.: - 'V ,' .7 , 1 Jr Y Q .., my, 4 1 - M ' - I-'f'f..--4'-,6 3 4 1 We 1 1 in ' 3 f V-s""f1' .-'PL Q r I .nt bg. A' j:...,,.... . , "Rx . ...l- V T 'C-'X vi 5:-14 an R 6 4- -.V I . 1 ..x.,.., 1 9.-t ,,,,. il F I . 3' .3 5, g -v. Al' I I i - I .9 . 5 1 ' 'r ' 4 ... ' 5 f s 5 . . Z 1 1 . , , 5- , 5' v" 5 1 ,C Y 1 " ,.w '-1 . ' ve. i ,f ' .- -Q . h Q' I 1' -" 5 -V I 7 '!. .1 c .

Suggestions in the University High School - Schooner Yearbook (Norman, OK) collection:

University High School - Schooner Yearbook (Norman, OK) online yearbook collection, 1925 Edition, Page 1


University High School - Schooner Yearbook (Norman, OK) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 18

1955, pg 18

University High School - Schooner Yearbook (Norman, OK) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 44

1955, pg 44

University High School - Schooner Yearbook (Norman, OK) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 55

1955, pg 55

University High School - Schooner Yearbook (Norman, OK) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 14

1955, pg 14

University High School - Schooner Yearbook (Norman, OK) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 7

1955, pg 7

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