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PHOENIX University High School Newark, New Jersey2The Spiri of the Phoenix Is the force behind University High School. For like the sun, Its light has given us energy, The strength to grow to maturity 3As a priest, parent, or patron, Strenghtens us in times of trouble The spirit of the Phoenix Helps us to help others and ourselves Enables us to gain quiet confidence And better understand our fellow humans ... 4As a researcher uses an encyclopedia To gather a wealth of information from its pages, We have garnered the knowledge of our teachers Who impart their wealth under the guidance of the Spirit of the PhoenixThe Spirit of the Phoenix Has unified University High In the way that Brother Malcolm X And Dr. King wanted All Men unified ... 9As the Holy Spirit inspired St. Thomas a Becket and Pope John Paul II In their fight for religious freedom, The Spirit of the Phoenix Has imbued in us the perseverence to prevail in our struggle for independence And well put up a stubborn fight Whenever we are threatened ...The Spirit of the Phoenix is ever-present To help make those, our dreams, come trueThe Spirit of the Phoenix does many things. It Nourishes, Comforts, Strengthens, Teaches, Unifies, Inspires, Perserveres, Fulfills, Counsels . ..16This is it; one of the high points of our lives. We came as children, survived adolesence And have become promising adults. We lost old friends And gained many new ones We learned to respect one another's Ideas and positions. We know kindness and unity Which we use for the success of all. Through the accomplishments of the alumni Who paved the way and made it work. We come to appreciate our scholastic and ac superiors And regard their reprimands as teachings They are our friends. We completed phase one But truly just beginning.— Life is difficult with many twists arnt turns But we are prepared, confident and determii We are the UHS graduating class of 1981! Good Luck To All Mary Morgan 17 Mariella Albritton Tom Lea' Armstrong Jac quelyn Boyd Gale Allgood Donna Anthony Gayle Baskerville Cherlyn Berry Marietta Albritton C.M.D.N.J. 4 Dance Troupe 3,4,Newsletter 3,Bandfront 1,2,3,4,Fashion Show 1.2.3, H.R. Representative 1,2 Fashion Merchandising and Fashions, Computer Programing and Business Administration aance-(modern, sewing,biking ... Cate Allgood Prudential Program, Mutual Benefit, . Cornell Program, ... Chorus, .. Advisor, ... Class President 2, Student Representative at Large, Psychology, ... swimming, ... reading, knitting, ... crocheting. Donna Anthony S.T.E.P. 2,3,4, Chorus 1,2,3,4, Newsletter 2.3.4, Bandfront 1,2,3,4, Literary Staff ... Industrial Engineer ... writing, singing, going places, being with people ... Toni Lea' Armstrong Talent Search 1,2, Literary Staff 3,4, . . Professional Actress ... dancing--singing.acting ... Gayle Aliena Baskerville CIT 3. Glassboro State College Fine Arts Program 2, NJIT 4 MXS Cheerleader Manager 3,4, Chorus 1,2,3,4, Track 3, Flag Twirlcr 1,2,3, Commercial Airline Pilot ... sewing, swimming, singing, talking, meeting new people Cherlyn Berry . STEP 3,4, Band 1,2,3,4, Recorder Ensemble 2,3,4, Chorus 4, . Yearbook 2,3,4, Newsletter 2,3,4, Chemical Engineer, Law, roller skating, ... talking, . bowling, ... brothers. Jacquelyn Boyd . . Upsala's Science Enrichment Program 4, College of St. Elizabeth 4, National Honor Society 2,3,4, N.J.l.T. 4 art, tennis, badminton, sewing .. 18Ren6e Calloway Allen Carlton Jr. Robin Braswell Criminal Law Program, .. Chemical Engineer, Metallurgist, ... working, going out, fun, dancing. Audrey Broadnax STEP, Interact Club, Chorus, Flag Squad, Student Council, Newsletter, Chemical Engineer, sewing, singing, bowling, drawing, backgammon, church. Debra Brown Criminology Proram .. Talent Search 3,4, .. Pep quad ... La Chic Esquite 3, ... Industrial Accountant tennis, ... bowling, ... playing cards. Rente Calloway CIT Program 2, Emory Summer Scholars, Architect, dancing, sewing, cheerleading. designing, yearbooking, messing. Allen Carlton |r. College of Medicine and Dentistry, Newsletter, MXS Football 3,4, Ham Radio Club, Heart Specialist, running, swimming, basketball. Curtis Chambers Chorus 4 PAWS Veterinary Inclinde Experience Veterinary Medicine ichtyology, ... Mark Chaplin Prudential Program, . Mutual Benefit, Leba- non Valley, FBLA, SCO, Honor Society, Rutger's High School Scholar, ... International Club, ... Track, ... Law, .. Computer Science, .. basketball, cards. Curtis Chambers Mark Chaplin 19 Leonette Chapman Nancy Clarke Leonette Elena Chapman Prudential 1,Mutual Benefit 2,Martin and Hart Law Firm 3, Chorus 2,3,4,Dance Club 3,4 . Corporative Lawyer singing, danc- ing, reading .. Nancy Clarke St. Peter's Col- lege, Color Guard, Cheerleader, SCO, Pharmacist, ... reading, .. music, ... creative writing. Devvon Crawford Bloomfield College 4, Drama 2 M.X.S. Flagtwirler 3, Co-captain 4, Omega Tau Omicron Sorority 1,2,3, President 4 . Business Administration .. being with funny people. Carrie Dixon C.l.T. 3, St. Michael's Program 4, Youth Employment Training Program 4 Inter- act Club 4, Talent Search 3,4, Internation Club 2,3, La Chic Esquisite Social Club 3,4 Registered Nurse basketball,cooking,driving,play-ing spades Wanda Dozier Seton Hall Uni- versity ... Color Guard 3,4, Business Administration, Nursing, .. skating, .. partying. Yvette Ellis St. Peter's College 3 Chorus, President 4, Class Vice-President 3,4, Color Guard 3, Band 1 ... Lawyer ... singing, backgammon, piano, volleyball, basketball Lynette Dutton STEP 2,3,4, MIT 4, . NJIT, Engineer, ... Medicine, ... sewing, reading, ... music. Devvon Crawford Carrie Dixon 20 Wanda Dozier Lynette Dutton Yvette FllisDarlene Ellis Duane Evans Wyane Faines Darlene Ellis Prudential, N.J.I.T., Mutual Benefit, Lebanon Valley College, ... Yearbook, Newsletter, Chorus, . Project Pride, ... F B.L.A., ... Interact Club, .. sports, ... singing. Duane Evans N.J.l.T 4,Chorus 4 Accountant or Engineer sports,dancing,karate,young ladies Wyane Faines STEP 4, Accountant, basketball, baseball, reading, relaxation. Derrick Foster STEP, Counseling, Student Court, Business Management, football, basketball, base- ball, cards, bowling. Beverly Frazier NJIT, Chorus 2,3, Band Front, Flaglwirler 2,3, Communications, singing, dancing, backgammon. Charles Gibbs Mutual Benefit, Prudential, . Lehigh Seminar, . Case Western University, ... FBLA, SCO, Honor Society. Newsletter, Project Pride, . Track, ... Chemical Engineer, ... Doctor, ... art, reading. Curtis Gittens Project USE, Basketball 3,4, .. basketball, pool, talking. 21 Beverly Frazier Charles Gibbs Curtis GittensAnita Green Regina Harris Julia Graham Selena Green Celso Conzalez Band 1, Coun- selors in training 2, Saint Peters Science Enrichment Program 3, President Aspira Health Careers Club 4, Spanish Club 1.2, Rutgers - Accountant, Computer - Scientist .. reading, baseball, basketball, dancing, swimming. Beverley Green Upsala Science Enrichment Program 4 ... Yearbook 4, Fashion Show 3, Talent Search 3,4 Scientific Research ... drawing, dancing, walking around Anita Green ... Jr. Counselor 3, Project U.S.E. 4 .. Recorder En- semble 2,3,4, Stringed Instrument 3,4, Softball 4 Gynecologist music, dancing, sewing, singing, writing, reading, playing my instrument ... Beverley Green Lisa Gause Selena Green .. UHS Yearbook Committee 4, Flagtwirler 3 Medical Doctor .. sewing, bicycle riding ... Lisa Gause Mutual Benefit, ... NJIT, Prudential, . . National Honor Society, Lebanon Valley, Chorus, ... Band, ... Yearbook, ... Interact Club, ... Newsletter, ... Business, ... reading, radio. Regina Harris Chorus 1,2,3,4, Flagtwirler ... Pediatrician ... modeling, dancing, sewing, reading. 22Nadine Hatcher Tracy Hightower Nadine Hatcher Project U.S.E., C.l.T. 3 Colorguard 2,3,4 Business Administration swimming, skating, partying, having fun Lynette Henry College of Medicine and Dentistry of N.J. 4 Cheerleader 2,3 Medical Technician being out, dancing Lorraine High College of Medicine and Dentistry of N.J. 4 .. Color Guard Nursing ... dancing, hanging out, vollyball, baseball Tracy Hightower Newsletter 2,3,4, Interact Club, Project Pride, CIT, International Club, Student Court, Lawyer, Fashion Designer, writing, drawing, partying, buying clothes. Lynette Henry Lorraine High Marcellus Holton Clyde Horton Clyde Horton Newsletter 3, .. Football 1,2,3,4, Bowling 1,2,3,4, .. Accountant, ... Computer Science, ... bowling, ... talking. Jo-Ann Hawkins ... St. Elizabeth, ... CMU Program,... NJIT, CIT Program, Cheerleader 2,3,4, ... Cooresponding Secretary, Honor Society 2,3,4, ... Pediatrician, sewing, jogging, reading, ... typing, ... writing. Jo-Ann Hawkins 23Ellen Hutson Sharon Ingram Angela Johnson Gail Johnson Jacqueline Jeffrey Ellen Sherri Hutson Yearbook 3,4, Chorus 3,4 Medicine ... singing,dancing,music Sharon Ingram St. Peters Softball Community Cheerleader 2,3,4, Flag Squad 2, Drill Team 2 ... Chemical Engineer ... sports ... Jacqueline Jeffrey N.J.I.T., .. Color Guard 1, .. Computer Science, Business Administration, sports,music,art, horseback riding, frisbee. Angela Johnson St. Peter's College Drama Club 2, ... Chorus 1,2,3,4, Debating Team, ... String Instrument, singing, ... dancing, ... playing cards, backgammon, ... talking, music. Gail Johnson S.T.E.P. 2,3,4, Essex County College 3 Chorus, 2,3,4, ... Electrical Engineer ... bike riding, having fun, tutoring ... Geraldine Johnson St. Michael's, Nurse, Century College, Human Society, laughing, talking. Sheila Jones .. Prudential 1, S.T.E.P. 2,3, N.J.l.T. 4 ... Track, Band 1,2,3,4, Softball, Basketball 1,4,Newark Y Track 2,3,Bowling 1, International Club Treasurer 1, Drama Club 1, Pre-Debutante 3 . Accounting and Business Administration ... sewing ... 24 Geraldine Johnson Sheila JonesDeanna Kee Deanna Kee ... Track 2,3,4, Color-guard 4 ... Dietitian ... jogeing, tennis, writing, ballet, basketball ... Howard Kelly ... Stevens's 2,3,4, ... Prudential 1, ... Yearbook 3, ... Chorus 3,4, ... Engineering, ... Accounting, . Computer Science, ... music. Marcellia Kemp ... Sylvia Scott Law Firm 4 Sigma Phi Rho Sorority 3, Dance Troupe 3 Manager in Engineering and Real Estate .. photography, skating, dancing Marcia Kemp Upsala Science Enrichment Program Newsletter, Dance Troup 3, Sigma Phi Rho, Talent Search 3,4 . Financial Analyst music, movies, taking pictures, having fun ... Clifford Lee ... Band 1,2, M.X.S. Basketball 1,2,3,4, Co-Captain 3,4, Prudential 1, Mutual Benefit 2, Swimming Instructor 3, N.J.l.T. 4, making friends, playing basketball, making money, Rutgers-New Brunswick ... Jackie Lindsay ... Chorus 1, ... Yearbook 2,4 ... Talent Search, ... Charm Club, . Accounting Program 4 Kean Trenton State .. Accounting, reading collecting magazines, ... listening to the radio. Malikah Tamar Majeed .. Rutgers 3, C.l.T. 2, college of St. Elizabeth 3, N.J.l.T. 4 .. Flag Twirler 2, Cheerleader 2,3,4, Newsletter 3,4, Project Pride 3,4, Interact Club 3,4, Student Court 3,4, La Chic Esquisite Social Club 3,4 ... Acturial Science ... dance Howard Kelly Marcellia Kemp Marcia Kemp Clifford Lee Jackie Lindsay Malikah Tamar MajeedTawana Marshall Tonya McDonald Kenneth Means Antoinette McCloud Tawana Marshall College of Medicine and Dentistry 4 Basketball 1, Softball 1, Band 2,3 Aerospace Engineering ... basketball. softball, guitar, drums .. Antoinette McCloud Prudential 2, C.l.T. 3 UHS Band 1. Chorus 2,4 UHS Flagtwirler 2, MXS Cheerleader 3,4 Co-Captain 4, Newsletter 3.4, Yearbook 4 ... Psychology ... hanging out, men ... Annette McDougal Accounting Program Cheney State College, Business Administration. ... Accounting, track, dancing, sew- ing. Tonya McDonald S.T.E.P. 2,3,4 ... Basketball 1 ... Chemical Engineer .. dancing, reading, having fun ... Cheryl McQuiller Newsletter 4, ... S.G.O. Representative 4, ... Yearbook, Glassboro State College ... Lawyer ... track, ... dancing, ... music. Kennith Terrence Means Band 1,2,3, Track 4, Recorder Ensemble 3.4, lunior Achievement 4, N.J.l.T. Urban Engineer 3, Glassboro 1, Newsletter Staff 3, Temple University, Clinical Psychologist running, music, photography ... % Erainya Moore Project U.S.E. -West Virginia 3, Stockton State, Business Executive singing, modeling, jogging ... Dainya MooreMary Morgan Sonya Peacock Barry Morris Mary Morgan Fashion Show 3 ... Journalist, Business Administrator ... modeling, dancing ... Jonetha Moseley .. Accounting Program at Social Enterprise 4 Delta Kappa Rho Sorority 1,2,3,4, Yearbook 4, Colorguard 3,4 Accountant, Computer Programmer, ... swimminc, flipping, dancing, having a gooa time ... Sonya Peacock Drama Club 1, Mutual Benefit 2, Prudential 1, U.V.S.0.1,2, Upsala Science Enrichment Program 3 ... M.X.S. Twirler 2,3, Fund Raising Committee 2,3, ... Medical Doctor .. sewing, reading, writing, twirling, sports Derek Perry Glassboro State College 2, Crimonology 3, Social Enterprise 4 .. Band 1,2,3,4, Football 3, Brass Ensemble 3,4, Wrestling 2 ... Angela Porter C.l.T. 2, Felician College, N.J.l.T. 4 Junior Class Secretary, Student Council 1, Interact Club Business Rhoda Quaresma STEP 2,3,4, Newsletter 3, band 1,2,3, S.G.O. Representative 1,2,3, Computer Science, business administration, tennis, bowling, dancing. Jonetha Moseley Derek Perry 27 Angela Porter Rhoda QuaresmaWanda Ramey .. NJIT .. Newsletter, Yearbook 4, Travel Club, Band Business Management and or Computer Science .. sewing, photography, bike riding and meeting the opposite sex Robert Rice Criminology 2, Veterinary Study 2, ... Drama Workshop, ... Travel Club, ... Chorus 1,2, ... SCO 2, . Yearbook, .. Veterinary Medicine, ... dancing. reading, ... ladies, .. guitar. Cheryl Robinson Upsala 2, . Rutger's 4, National Honor Society, USEP 2, Stars in Motion 2,3, Glamour Modeling Agency 1,2,3, Band 1,2,3,4, .. Marine Biologist, ... ballet, . reading, ... acting. Donna Robinson The Joint Connection 1,2,3, Bandfront In U.H.S. Pep Squad, Yearbook Staff 4 Computer Science Technician or Accountant . . . sewing, dancing, skating ... Tawanna Roebuck STEP 3,4, Es- sex County College, SCO, Student Court, Project Pride, Youth Advisory Council, General Practitioner, reading, sleeping, laughing. David A. Ruff Lebanon Valley College, S.T.E.P., Prudential, ... Band, Chorus, Wrestling Reconstructive Surgeon sports, wres- tling, stamp and coin collecting, reading ... Isa Shabazz S T E P 2 World Awareness Club, Class President 3,4 ... Business Administration ... karate, dancing, yo-wife Wanda Ramn 28 Tawanna Roebuck David Ruff Isa ShabazzBarbara Shells Kairyna Talbert Barbara Shells ,.. Red Cross, Science Club, Youth in Action ... Chorus 1 ... Computer Programmer playing cards, swimming, bowling, bike riding, watching T.V. Katryna Talbert Rutger's 4 MIT Program, .. Interact Club 3,4 Flagtwirler 2,3,4, .. Psycholo- Sy, ... Engineering, ... sewing, ancing, ... track, ... men. Robin Talmadge C.l.T. 3, Feli- cian College 4 ... Lawyer or Mathematician Class Treasurer 2,3, Inactment Club 3,4 ... bowling, crocheting, reading ... Frank Tanksley Amateur Ham Radio 2, Weightlifting 2, M.X.S. Baseball 2,3, M.X.S. Football. 3,4, E.C.P.C. Track 4, Philips Academy 1, College of Medicine and Dentistry 3, Temple University, Accountant, Pharmacist bike riding, swimming, ping pong, meeting people Franceine Michelle Taylor Saint Peters College 4, Criminology UHS Shaker Squad 1. UHS cheerleader 1, MXS Cheerleader Co-captain 3,4 Business Management Economist gymnastics, dancing, cruising Denise Thomas C.l.T. 1,2,3, Rutgers 3 Band 1, Basketball 1, Class Representive 1, Secretary of Information .. Pediatrics soft-ball, basketball, tennis, jogging, kickball, track, church choir Randy Tillery C.M.D.N.j. 4 .. Basketball Fund Raisers Business Management ... basketball ... Franceine Michelle Ta ! Denise Thomas Randy TilleryApril Toler Lynne Turner Debbie Walker Carolyn West Donna Westmaas April Antoinette Toler C.M.D.N.J. 4 Pediatrician swimming,basketball,softball ... Lynne Turner Rutger's College, National Honor Society, Literary Magazine, ... Yearbook, ,.. Band, ... Newsletter 1, Softball Team 3, ... tennis, ... guitar, ... skating, ... swimming, . . going places, .. music. Debbie Walker Color Guard 2, Florida State, Psychologist .. dancing, ... music, .. meeting people, talking. Darryl Webb N.J.l.T. 4, .. bas- ketball, ... Business Administration. Carolyn West Seton Hall Prep 1, Criminology 2, Accounting Program 4 ... Nurse ... reading, bowling, jogging, sewing, partying Donna Westmaas Blair Academy 4, ... Chorus 1, . Newsletter 3,4, Bandfront, International Club, .. English, . . Journalist, plants, dancing, reading. Cecelia White .. Upsala College 4, ... SCO, ... Band, ... Traveler Club, ... Youth Government, ... Flagtwirler, Project Pride, Yearbook, .. Cheerleader, Business Administration, .. Political Science, ... swimming. JO Cecelia WhiteCherise Williams Ernest Williams Gloria Williams Kerry Williams Cherise Williams Fclician College 4, C.l.T. 3, Chorus 1,2,3,4, Project Pride 3,4, Flagtwirler 1,2, SCO Recording Secretary 1,2,3,4, Omega Tau Omicron 1,2,3,4, Business Management reading, sing-•ng ... Ernest Williams Prudential, Mu- tual Benefit, N.J.l.T. 4 Business Administration or Accounting basketball,football,bike riding.base-ball, swimming Gail Williams CIT Program 2, Recorder Ensemble 2,3,4, Travel Club, Yearbook 4, Nursing, playing cards, bike riding, discos. Gloria Williams Prudential Life 2, Mutual Benefit 3 M.X.S. Track 1,2,3,3, Yearbook Staff 4, Plainfield Track 1,2,3, Travelers Club 1 Ac- countant and Business Administration ... jogging, knitting Kerry E. Williams C.l.T. Glass-boros State College Fine Arts Camp Band, Chorus,Wrestling photography,music . . . Gwendolyn Womble St. Peter's College 4, N.J.l.T. 4 Band 1, In- teract Club 4, Student Council 1, La Chic Esquisite Social Society 3 Computer science and Business Administration ... Khadijah Yasin Prudential, Mutual Benefit, . College of Saint Elizabeth, Encampment for Citizenship, ... Rutger's High School Scholar, Gynecologist, chorus, ... bowling, twirler, ... model. (jail Williams Gwendolyn Womble Khadijah YasinDedication We have known Mr. Ronald DeMiglio for four years. As our English teacher during our sophomore and senior years, he has given us a combination of responsibility and support which leads to maturity. He has challenged our minds to think independently, always with the expectation that we can and we will. Because of this, we are willing to put forth the extra effort to better ourselves. He is always there whenever we need guidance. Whether it be for academic or personal matters, we know that he will make every effort to get to the heart of our problems, and together, we can alleviate them. Mr. Donald DeMiglio believes in us. Mr. Ronald DeMiglio Fine Arts Teacher, Mrs. Gwen Jackson, is more than our art teacher and class advisor. She is a witty person who enables us to be open with her. As an art teacher, she tries to instill in us, appreciation for the asthetic things in life. Museums, theatres, and art exhibitions have all been included in our learning experience. Mrs. Jackson volunteered to be our senior class advisor and through her dedication united the class. She has worked arduously in organizing fund raising events which made it possible for the class of 1981 to have more than an academic year. We the senior class of 1981 would like to extend our deepest appreciation to Mrs. Jack-son for giving her time, effort and endless understanding. Mrs. Gwen JacksonDear Senior Class, I am delighted to have this opportunity to speak to you about your graduation and the beginning of your career in college or some other post secondary educational experience. 1981 will be a very critical year for all Americans. Inflation is a very serious problem. Social programs designed to help people will now take a back seat to non-humanitarian issues. The entire form of government will change. These will not be easy times, times. Attending college is a mind expanding experience. It is also a serious preparation for acquiring the skills necessary to help you find a job in the labor market. We need your serious re-dedication to excellence in college so that the community and the nation can reap the fruits of your labor. Best wishes for an exciting and challenging college, graduate and or professional school experience. Willie J. Young Principal To the Seniors, The major objective of University High School is to prepare each of you for a successful career at the college or university of your choice. The fact that we have achieved this objective is attested to by the fact that over 90% of you will be enrolled in college by September. Our basic philosophy has been to instill in each of you the fact that life is too short to wait until opportunity knocks. Given a strong academic foundation, we hope that you will create your own opportunities. Prayerfully I say "Vaya con Dios", Go with God. Remember, always we will be here to help - Don't forget us, we will never forget you. Joseph Malanga Vice Principal J6 Dear Seniors, I want to thank the students of University High School for contributing to the happiness and satisfaction I have always felt in my work with the students of the Newark school system. Although I have attempted to give to you my best effort to share with you my own joys in learning, I have always thought it was never quite enough. I have continued to receive more than I could ever give you. In my effort to repay the joy you have given me, I am reminded of a fragment of a poem by Langston Hughes: We should have a land of trees Bowed down with chattering parrots. Brilliant as the day. And not this land where birds are gray. It is my hope for you, the graduating class of University High School 1981, that when you look back on your high school days, you will remember "A land of trees Brilliant as the day". And that in some small way I will have helped to open to you that land of brightly plummaged birds which sing a happy song to carry with you through life. 37Senior Team Faculty Be always displeased with what you are, if you desire to attain to what you are not; for where you have pleased yourself, there you will abide. But if you say, 'I have enough', you will perish. Always add, always walk, always proceed. Neither stand still, nor go back, nor deviate. St. Thomas Aquinas Joylette Ransome Ronald DeMiglioJunior Team Remember that: "The only man who never makes a mistake Is the man who never tries anything." T. RooseveltSophomore Team "All men should strive to learn before they die, what they are running from, and to, and why." James Thurber Lawrence Shulman James BrownFreshmen Team The dream begins most of the time with a teacher who believes in you, who tugs and pushes and leads you on to the next plateau, sometimes even poking you with a sharp stick called TRUTH. Dan Rather 41 Frank Green Saul HammermanSeventh And Eighth Grade Team "Education makes a people easy to lead but difficult to drive; easy to govern, but impossible to enslave." Henry Brougham Frances Ann Cicalese Anthony Tortorello 42Foreign LanguagesArt And Music 44 Carol Fabbrini G. Barrington Jackson Alvera BarnesGym And Health MP Sandra Hewitt James Kushmerick warn M Burt Wallach Mary Genova 45Paula Eckstein-Librarian Gloria Buck-Social Worker 46Guidance For the extraordinary time and energy you expended in helping us with our college applications, always making sure we knew what had to be done; for talking and laughing with us; for sticking with us through our best and worst, for listening to us and always being our friend; we, the seniors, would like to say, "Thank you very, very much." Rosita HolidaySchool Staff Cafeteria StaffSAVES LIVES I Am A Phoenix My mind is like a bird's flight With wings continuously expanding. Soaring across the universe It collects food for thought and Enthusiastically dives into new challenges. And after a short rest, it moves to another branch of knowledge; For with knowledge even Stars are reachable, and our Goals will be fulfilled I Am A Phoenix By Pamela MorganUHS is known for its rigorous curriculum. The junior class has maintained that rigorous, full and academic program. We have to pass courses such as physics, social science, English, Spanish and French. This year has been one of great importance. Our junior class has participated in seminars and trips concerning our future plans and college goals. As juniors we feel it is extremely important to present a mature attitude towards all of our fellow classmates especially the underclassmen and teachers, creating an atmosphere of love and respect. John Alston Ameen Ansari Robin Avellanet Sharon Baksh Jean Barbee Dwayne BarrRalph Branch Brenda Carmichael Johnean Davenport Jackie Brown Li$a Brown Cynthia Brown Ruby Chambliss Michael Davis Clarence Coggins Judith Curran Jeffrey Edwards Deneen Edwards C D mmm • O D MM • O c 13 MM • o in 51 Myra Evcretl Carlos Farmer Edwin Figueroa Dwayne Flewellen Lucy Gracia Sharon Green Kelvin Hargrove Cynthia Gill $2Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors Juniors JuniorsJulie Newton Bernadette Odom Caynor Pearce Michael Pennix 5455Remolia Simpson Eric Skipper Cherie Stokes Bruce Tanksley Erica Thomas 4 Reginald Sweet Cina Tracy Sandi Tucker Tanya Turner Emily Stubbs Rodric Thorne Kenneth Tyson Martin VelasquezI Allen Williams Charletta Williams Crystal Williams Terence White ' i Juniors Juniors Juniors Rena Williams Romus Wychez Sumiko Anthony Cristino Arocho Dogan Asral Daphine Ates Betty Atkins Staci Kim Baldwin Barnes Donna Bell Janice Bell Milton Pamela Bermudez Bernard Lynette Jacqueline Brevard Brown Loren Brown Tanya Brown Shaun Chunda Bush Byrd Ketisha Byrd Samuel Caldwell Sharanda Campbell Leah Carpenter S8 We have chosen UHS to be our source of education because we feel that it could best prepare us for the future. In order to be well prepared for the future, the curriculum has to be very challenging and it is. As freshmen we were challenged with many responsibilites. We were exposed to Shakespeare, mythology and world history. We were given a solid foundation in Algebra and we began to master a language that was not our own. In our sophomore year, we continued to strive for the best and have better adjusted to the exacting standards of UHS. We will work harder this year so that we may reach our goal and fulfill the need to be individuals. We have learned many new algebraic concepts and techniques. We learned how to apply what we have mastered to solve problems. Our social science exposes us to English and American History. Our experiences in biochemistry include a review of the cell as well as cellular process, the study of atoms and elements, and the study of heredity and chemical reaction. In English we will read about Carpe Diem poets such as Herrick and Lovelace. We will also read Macbeth and The Crucible. As we end our sophomore year, we will cherish our many memories, but we must also look forward to the next two most crucial years of our lives. Barbara Robert Robert Terry Jacqueline John Tanya Coleman Covington Crawford Cunningham Davis Davis Daughety Brett Renee Lisa Clarissa Angela JoAnn Felicia Dawson Dawson Dickey-Kemp Dorsey Evans Ferguson Frazier Maria David Fonseca Garry Lynette Michelle Glasco Graham Elizabeth Grey Bentia Sharon Green Hall 59Melinda Sandra Hawkins Hayward Joseph Henry Alvin Hill Maria James Sylvia Johnston Brian Jones Chanda Kenneth Thomasena Carol Teresa Yvonne Desiree Jones Jones Kee Kelly Kenney lacklair Malone H Karen lleathern Carolyn Matthews McLeod Merritt Todd Mitchell i Si Joyce Miller Scott Miller Allison Moore 60Lisa Murphy Daron Phillips Valencia Reddick Allison Roberts Edwin Rodrigue Maida Rosado Andrea Thompson £rjc Joseph Samantha Melissa ReVoal Richardson Richardson Rivers Darlene Janis Patricia Tonya Rosario Shelton Shelton Shorter Andrfe Cheryl Venechia Sharon Singleton Singleton Small Spring Nicholas Lavcrne Tracee Donna Stabile Stokes Sumter Terry Collette Thomas Denise ThomasKaren Thompson Tina Turner Cheryl Underwood Marisol Villacis Samantha Wall Stephanie Warden Donnella White Troy White Susan Wong Gloria Williams Susan Williams SophomoresKalisha Abercrombie Gerard Allen Joddice Allen Derrick Anthony Alston Arizmendi Travis Armstrong Ursula Atkinson Pamela Johnathan Bailey Baker Saheed Baksh Teia Nicole Barron Benjamin Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Katherine Boyd Charlinda Brown Faith Clement laRhonda Brown Rodney Cobb Karen Kathy Breeden Breeden Trayce Lorenzo Brown Burton Stephanie Walisa Collins Cooper Freshmen, I Suppose Freshmen. That's a nice word. What does it mean? Webster's Dictionary has freshman as meaning newcomers. Newcomers imply new people. New people bring new ideas. Not immature ideas, new ideas. A kind of freshness that can only come from a young mind. There are those who believe that freshmen are nobodies, and they have nothing to contribute. Flow wrong! We have as many things to contribute as our new, refreshing ideas. We have a multitude of other traits: intelligence, varied skills, the way we can bond together swiftly and efficiently in a time of crisis, to name a few. Helping us, instructing us, assisting us in our studies are our teachers: Mrs. Fabbrini, the talented music instructor; Mr. Green, the concerned Algebra I teacher; Mr. Hammerman, the demanding biology instructor; Mr. Lowenstein, the dedicated social science instructor; Mr. Sla-vinsky, the understanding English teacher and our very special language instructors. With the guidance from these people, it is not just a possibility, but a positiveness that we will show our 'colors' yet. 63Jacqueline Eltonya Cassandra Terence Reber Bobby Ixchell Davis Denby Dickey Dixon Eason Cangasarran Garcia Sharon Cause Donna Darlene Gibbons Goodwin Sally-Ann Sherry Grant Green Lucille Warner Griffin Guerrero Andrea Hall Eon Harry Freshmen Renee Holmes Craig Linda Hooper Horton James Houston Winston HowellCarolyn Jackson Pamela Lee Lisa McAllister Twanetta Jeffress Jeffrey Lewis Pamela McCain Aaron Jackson Sonja Kinson Valerie Mason Leonard Jeffries Melvin Lewis I Cara McCann 111 Artis Hunter Dorsey Jones Margaret Mack Adrienne McLean Sarella Kilpatrick Denise Mason Darryl Kilgore Delores Martin Murice Mercer Freshmen Freshmen FreshmenKaren Rainey Fatima Saunders Kim Reed Rhonda Scales Claudia Marion Rei Reynolds David Sharanda Sherman Shabazz Shavette Colleen Smalls Smith Jackie Smith Lenore Smith Freshmen Pamela Josette Karen Penn Pennington Pittman Eric Latanya Rolando Powell Pryor Quihones Dawn James Audra Roberts Robinson Rogers Ashish Aquil Cynthia Shah Siddiqu Siino Keisha Wanda Brian Spencer Stewart Stokes 66Freshmen Freshmen Freshmen Jennifer Stone Angela Stover Tyrone Tarver Eslyn Tate Jeffrey Street Pam Tanksley Angela Romaine Heather Lance Nicole James Bolivar Taylor Taylor Thompson Thompson Tuddles Vick Villacis n A Robin Clara Walker Ward Robin Ward Rhonda Warren Tracey Waters Shonda Darren Webster Wells Denise Williams Jerome Williams Nancy Wilson Bernita Fred Tyronette Katrina White White Wright Yates 67Gifted And Talented Class Of 1981 The Eighth Grade Graduation Class of 1981, is the second graduating class of the Gifted and Talented Program at University High School. Although this marks the students' completion of two years of work at University High School, the program itself was begun three years ago in September of 1978, in an attempt to create and offer an advanced curriculum for seventh and eighth grade students who are academically or artistically talented in the city of Newark. The program has been quite successful. The students have really had a great opportunity here at University High School to be part of one of the best schools in the city. They have been exposed to advanced courses of study in all areas of learning both academic and social. The high school atmosphere has been an invaluable experience. Students have had the opportunity to attend classes taught by the high school faculty in foreign languages, art, music and physical education in addition to the classes taught by the regular seventh and eighth grade faculty: Ms. Cicalese (Math), Mr. Moore (Science) Mr.Richardson (English) and Mr. Tortorello (Social Science). The acceptance of the eighth graders has been exceptional and quite evident among the upperclassmen. Being able to relate to students who are older and more mature has been an educational experience in itself. Our graduates have taken some memorable trips and have had to assume the responsibility of fund-raising activities to help defray costs. Teamwork and cooperation were learned firsthand along with a sense of pride and commitment. You can be assured that our eighth graders will be ready for any high school situation, activity and experience whether continuing at University High School or at any other school of their choice. Congratulations, Eighth Grade Graduates of 1981!!!! Manuel Acevedo Fred Berry Toinette Boyd Charlotte Brown Tonia Brown 68 Maria Acevedo I y Trent Barrett Sheryle Bouie w Todd BurroughsShonna Days Devvan Dowdy Herbert Edmunds Ren£ Fant 69Omar Glenn Christine Ford Willie Fuller Cassandra Grier William Hamilton Eighth Grade Keith Jackson Charisse Jenkins Mildred Goberna John Jackson Michelle JohnsonMonica Johnson Edward Lee Dijuan McFadden Stacey Phillips Elizabeth Malave Nina McDuffie Jacqueline Jones Shonda Laurel I Sylvia Jones Tonya Lee ■ X Carlyse McNeil Maxine RamhiEighth Grade Eighth Grade Eighth Grade Terry Robbins i Ronald Roberts I I . I Adrienne Reddick Vandetta ReidSeventh Grade Jacqueline Abercrombie James Doyle Richard Gaskin 4- I . Jos6 Gonzalez Kayhan Asral Hope Burnett Sherronda Hammond Marnie Arnold Ras Baraka Marilyn Chaparro Zahara Ishaq William Beachum Darron Daye Melanie Adams Dionne Blue Sharonda Allah Marc Brooks James Anderson Lance Calhoun I Harrison • Hogue Rachel BrownSheronia James r Khalil Jenkins Michael Lee Jamil Jeffries Regina Johnson Giavonna Ligon Aliccia Katrina Edwin Christine Mcllissa Sonya Felicia Mason Massey Mendez Mills Morgan Shelton SheppardTinja Simmons Jacquelyn Monrona Pamela Yolanda Yolanda Michael Smallwood Smith Thomas Wade Weems Williams Monica Solomon Felicia WrightHomeroom 300 Mr. DeMiglio Most Athletic Gloria Williams Pernell Johnson Best Dressed Donna Robinson Annette McDougal Most Witty Angela Johnson Julia Graham Most Humorous Mary Morgan Wanda Kamcy Not Shown Most Talkative Gail Williams Toni McCloud Best Looking Jonetha Moseley Nadine Hatcher Most Outspoken Tawanna Roebuck Tonya McDonald Most Scholarly Cheryl Me Quiller Robert Rice 77Homeroom Art Ms. Jackson Most Athletic Tawana Marshall Frank Tanksley Best Dressed Felicia Sanders Isa Shaba z Most Humorous Mariella Albritton Curtis Gittens Best Looking Deanna Kee Randy Tillery Most Outspoken Devvon Crawford Allen Carlton Most Scholarly Barbara Shells Tracey Hightower Most Talkative Carrie Dixon Derrick Foster Most Witty Robin Braswell Clyde Horton 78Homeroom 30R Ms. Sutton Most Athletic Sheila Jones Clifford Lee Best Dressed Malikah Majeed Ernest Williams Most Humorous Sharon Ingram Wyane Faines Best Looking Cheryl Robinson Robert Frazier Robin Talmadge Not Shown Most Scholarly Lynne Turner Charles Gibbs Most Outspoken Lisa Cause Howard Kelly Most Talkative Sonva Peacock Gale Allgood Most Witty Katrynah Talbert Renee Calloway 79Homeroom 107 Ms. Fabrini Most Athletic Yvette Ellis Derek Perry Best Dressed Beverly Frazier Duane Evans Most Humorous Marcia Kemp Jackie Jeffrey Best Looking Anita Green Curtis Chambers Yvette Most Outspoken Kennith Means Marcia Kemp Most Scholarly Marcellia Kemp Kerry Williams Most Talkative Derek Perry Cherlyn Berry Most Witty Curtis Chambers Jackie Jeffrey 80Most School Spirit Tawanna Roebuck Robert Rice Most Unforgettable Devvon Crawford Mariella Albritton Best Overall Most Individual Tracy Hightower Marcellus Holton Most Friendly Yvette Ellis Kerry Williams Most Popular Mary Morgan Isa Shabazz Best Dancers Leonette Chapman Renee Calloway Most Likely To Succeed Lynne Turner Charles Gibbs Most Bashful Darryl Webb Debra Brown Best All Around Katrynab Talbert Mark Chapman Most Talented Cherise Williams Curtis Chambers 81Celso Gonzalez Darryl Webb JoAnn Hawkins Jackie Boyd Gwen Womble Jonetha Moseley Wanda Dozier Felicia Sanders Jonetha Moseley Randy Tillery Lynne Turner Sheila Jones Best Friends Marcia Kemp Toni Armstrong Jacqueline Lindsay Marcellia Kemp Erainya Moore Nadine Hatcher Carolyn West 82Donna Robinson Devvon Crawford Mariella Albritton Katrynah Talbert Franceine Taylor Lynette Dutton Anita Green Malikak Maieed Cherise Williams Kerry Williams Derek Perry Kennith Means Mary Morgan Frank Tanksley Geraldine Johnson Wyane Faines Ernest Williams Ellen Hutson Cherlyn Berry 83April Toler, Lynnette Henry, Lorraine High Rhoda Quaresome, Gail Johnson, Tawanna Roebuck Tawanna Roebuck, Marcellus Holton, Tracy Hightower Mary Morgan, Nancy Clark, Robin Braswell Lynette Dutton, Anita Green, Deanna Kee Gloria Williams, Gail Williams, Barbara Shells Felicia Sanders, Michelle Bell, Tawanna Marshall Robin Talmadge, Angela Porter Sonya Peacock, Gayle AllgoodDevvon Crawford Lisa Cause Malikah Majeed Darlene Ellis Best Friends y i Tawana Marshall Curtis Gittens Deanna Kee Anita Green Tracy Hightower Tawanna Roebuck Renee Calloway Marcellos Holton Celso Gonzalez Barry Morris Beverly Frazier Audrey Broadnax Donna Anthony Cheryl McQuiller Jackie Jeffrey Donna Westmaas Beverly Green Frank Tanksley Pernell Johnson Allen Carlton (Not Shown)2 1 3 It's Motto Time 1 Albritton, Mariella- Yeah Right, Okay 2 Anthony, Donna A- Stop the World This is true also 3 Baskerville, Cayle- Your nose hurt? 4 Bell, Michelle- "Guess what Rob did"? 5 Berry, Cherlyn- Don't Even Try It 6 Boyd, Jackie- Learning to Love Yourself 7 Broadnax, Audrey- Aw Shut Up! 8 Brown, Debbie- You're Bugged Out 9 Calloway, Rene6- So Sex Me Baby 10 Chaplin, Mark- Me No Give No 11 Chapman, Leonette- I've Come A Long Way 12 Clarke, Nancy- .. Please ., Don't Even Feel That Type Of Mind 13 Crawford, Devvon- Wh-at 14 Dixon, Carrie- "That's Life" 15 Dozier, Wanda- Are you going skating tonight? 16 Ellis, Darlene- Be Yourself 17 Ellis, Yvette- I'm Going To Tell My Mother, "Excuse Me" 18 Gause, Lisa- There Is No Knowledge That Is Not Valuable 19 Gittens, Curtis- "Got Him” 20 Graham, Julia- Who's Junk Is This? 21 Green, Anita- What? 22 Green, Beverley- "I Don't Know" 23 Green, Selena- You Know 24 Harris, Regina- I Know I Will Make It. 25 Hatcher, Nadine- Are you for real? 26 Hawkins, JoAnn- To Shake The World With Intelligence. 27 Horton, Marcellus- "That's the worst!" 28 Jeffrey, Jackie- "Heavy" 29 Johnson, Angela- Aw Sugar Now! 30 Jones, Shelia- Get To The Point 31 Kee, Deanna- Alright Miss Honey 32 Kemp, Marcia- Bonjerno, Comesta and Songano 33 Kemp, Marcella- That's So Adolescent 34 Lindsay, Jackie- I'm so serious 8635 Lee, Clifford- "In your face" 36 Majeed, Malikah- The Hope That All Dreams Come True 37 Marshall, Tawana- Don't even try it Petey! 38 McCloud, Toni'- Yeah!! 39 McDonald, Tonya- Don't Even Try That One 40 McDougal, Annette- Are You With It 41 Morgan, Mary- It's Not The Quantity, It's The Quality 42 Moseley, Jonetha- Don't Even Try It ... 43 Peacock, Sonya- "Never be anything less than what you arc!" 44 Porter, Angela- Ooo a roach 45 Perry, Derek- It Ain't Nothing 46 Quaresma, Rhoda- What's Up! 47 Ramey, Wanda- Where Are You Going? 48 Rice, Robert- "Oh Jesus" 49 Robinson, Cheryl- You have Got To Think High To Rise 50 Robinson, Donna- "Ooh you know what?" 51 Shells, Barbara- What? What You Say? 52 Talbert, Katrynah- You don't need to try that one 53 Talmadge, Robin- Let Me Tell You 54 Tanksley, Frank- "Allen C. did it" 55 Taylor, Franceine- You Never Phase Me 56 Thomas, Denise- you Know What I Mean 57 Toler, April- You Know It 58 Turner, Lynne- I'd Rather Be A Sparrow Than A Street 59 Walker, Debbie- I Hear You! 60 Webb, Darryl- "What's going down?" 61 West, Carolyn- "For real!" 62 Westmaas, Donna- "I Don't Believe This" 63 White, Cecilia- I Don't Need That Type Of Aggravation 64 Williams, Cherise- What? For Real? 65 Williams, Gail- I Feel This Way ... 66 Womble, Gwen- A friend is someone with whom you dare to be yourself. • 67 Yasin, Khadijah- Get-out-a-here! 87Remember When Julia and Wanda had a fight and became the best of friends afterwards? We took a class trip during freshman year__to the museum? Randy and Robert F. fought in the snow at a bus stop? Tawanna M., Annette, and Wanda D. had to wash the bathroom walls? Toni A. had a brace on and Dr. Schulman said "turn around swivel neck?" Mary was talking and Dr. Schulman told her to "turn off the faucet and stop dripping and to zip her lip or out the door she will flip?" Mariella and Debbie West were singing "There I Go", and Annette almost got suspended?" I cried everytime I took a math test? We had to drag our chairs from class to class? Tryna had to lie to Nancy to get her boots back? We went to Branchbrook park to take pictures? We had to chase our teacher's to find our grades? I finally passed a French test but the year was almost over? Mr. Green kept his math class after school and locked all the windows and doors and made them suffer from the heat? A mouse chased half of Mr. G?'s class down the hallway? On Senior Day, Toni, Marcia and Marcella danced with Mr. Bender for hours? Someone threw a firecracker in a garbage can in school? Mr. Hammerman never changed his suits? Our school used to be called S.W.A.M.-School within a museum? At a UHS disco, Leonette was going in for a dip and her boyfriend dropped her? Barbara fell down the steps and bust her — -? Anita was chasing Deanna and ran into a wall? Robert F. Scored 42 points (H.R. 105) in a game between H.R.'s 105 vs. 209? Regina broke the heel off her shoe and kept on walking-leaving her heel behind? Wanda and Julia used to argue everyday? We didn't have holes in our school walls? Mr. Young could talk? We were allowed to get sick on Tuesdays and Thursdays only because Mrs. Heck didn't come the other days? Isa and Da'ud jumped Kareem in room 210? Teachers used to use cans as mailboxes? Mr. Ransome and Mrs. Sutton got married? Mr. Bender used to waste his mind-we don't know either? Our chorus and Art's High chorus performed the Messiah? The band went to Virginia during our Freshman year? We packed the cafeteria to support our school? Mr. DeMiglio became a father? Mr. Shaffer gave out an "A"? We worked all day to finish the yearbook?'? i -t—“ k- uerade DayRoyal Court In December of 1980, University High School announced to the world the enthroning of a new royal family. Five teachers had the unenviable task of selecting the winners from the pool of talented and charming aspirants. Romus Wyche and Ren6e Calloway, the emcees, made the occasion a memorable one for all involved. Mickey Bell- Homecoming Queen UHS leonette Chapman- Miss UHS Isa Shabazz- Mr. UHS Janice Bell and Darron Phillips- Mr. and Miss Sophomore Clarence Allen and Devvan Dowdy- Mr. and Miss Junior High 92SGO Officers UHS S.C.O. officers: standing: Cher-ise Williams (recording secretary). Rho-da Quaresma (corresponding secretary). sitting. I to r: Cherylyn Berry (parliamentarian), Clarence Coggins (president) and Sheila Jones (vice-president). Missing-Tawanna Roebuck (treasurer) SGO Representatives S.C.O. Representatives Senior Class Officers UHS senior class officers Sept.-Jan: standing, L to R: Katrynah Talbert (recording secretary), Audrey Broadnax (treasurer), Curtis Chambers (sergeant at arms), sitting: Duane Evans (2nd vice-president), Isa Shabaz (president) and Yvette Ellis (1st vice-president). Missing, Jo-Ann Hawkins (corresponding secretary) Last 6th Month Class Officers UHS senior class officers Feb.-June: standing. I to r: Jo-Ann Hawkins (corresponding secretary), Audrey Broadnax (recording secretary). Katrynah Talbert (recording secretary), sitting. I to r: Mark Chaplin (2nd vice-president), Yvette Ellis (president), Mary Morgan (2st vice-president) 94Junior Class Officers Junior class: back row- Jilleta Riley (recording secretary), Judy Mitt (treasurer), Dana Garvin (homeroom representative), and Elaine Kalionsky (1st vice-president), front row-Jackie King (parliamentarian), James Presley (president), and Shindora Reliford (2nd vice-president) Sophomore Class Officers Sophomore Class: lleathern McCloud (corresponding secretary), Lynette Brevard (treasurer), Kim Barnes (treasurer), April Carthan (president) and Shawn Bush (vice-president) 9th Grade Officers Freshman Class: Adrienne McLean (treasurer), Travis Armstrong (president), La-Rhonda Brown (vice-president) and Twanetta Jeffress (secretary) 8th Grade Officers 8th Grade: 1st row, l-r-Mindred Goberna (corresponding secretary) Omar Gleen (treasurer). 2nd row, l-r-Lilla Daniels (president), Toin-ette Boyd (recording secretary) and Devvan Dowdy (vice-president) 95UHS Chorus Director- Ms. Carol Fabrini UHS Band Conductor- Mr. john Ransome UHS Recorder Ensemble Director- Ms. Carol Fabrini %Modern Dance Troup Standing left to right-Annette McDougal, Malikah Majeed, Donna Robinson, Jonetha Moseley, Mariella Albritton. Kneeling left to right-Wanda Dozier, Devvon Crawford, Ka-trynah Talbert. Missing-Cherise Williams Sororities Delta Kappa Rho Sorority Delta Kappa Rho Sorority- Jonetha Moseley Omega Tau Omicron Sorority Omega Tau Omicron Sorority- Devvon Crawford and Katrynah Talbert. Missing- Cherise Williams Architecture Class Instructors - Bud Dietrich Jeff Gogan 97Yearbook Assistant to the editor-Beverly Green Editor in Chief-Lynne Turner Yearbook Staff-missing-Tonya McDonald Editor of Layout Staff-Donna Westmaas Editor of Literary Staff-Gloria Wil liams Editor of Business Staff-Cherise Williams Yearbook Staff-Sophomores-Pamela Morgan and Sonji Cauthern 98National Honor Society Advisor Mr. Madison Willis National Honor Society Seniors Top Ten Standing: Mark Chaplin, Gail Johnson, Lynne Turner, Charles Gibbs. Seated: Sonya Peacock, Cheryl Robinson, Lisa Gause. Missing: Khadijah Yasin, Katrynah Talbert, David Ruff Senior Planning Committee 100 Senior Trip CommitteeNJ IT Scholars Stevens Scholars Rutgers Scholars Bloomfield ScholarsCoach Mr. James Brown UHS Girls Track Coach Mr. James Brown UHS Boys Basketball UHS Boys TrackUHS CheerleadersUHS Pep Squad Jonetha Moseley Donna Robinson Debra Brown Wanda Dozier Mariella Albritton 104Allen Carlton Frank Tanksley Clyde Horton Shabazz Football Team Derrick Foster Antonio Harris Carlos Farmer 10SShabazz Sports Softball- Lynne Turner Basketball Curtis Gittens Softball Sheila Jones Basketball- "Ish" Lee (co-captain) Track- Gloria Williams (captain) Track- Sheila Jones 106Khadijah Yasin (captain-twirlcrs) Sonya Peacock (co-captain-twirlers) Deanna Kee (color guard) Devvon Crawford (co-captain-flag twirlers) Katryan Talbert (flag Annette McDougal (flag twirlers) Sianding-Toni Me Cloud and Franceine Taylor. Bending-Janice Bell and Deborah West — Gail Baskerville (Cheerleader manager) ______(Cheerleaders) 107Newsletter Editors- Newsletter- Underclassman Reports Newsletter- Senior ReportersSOCIFTY'S CHAUINCI To My fellow Graduate : life continue alter 8V, Don't lit around, be lary or live (or (un; Take on a challenge and be optimhtic. Help mankind and be altrurttic; live (or a purpose, live (or love. And. d you may prosper Thank the God above. Don't be velfnh i( you become rich Don't give up i( you become poor. Don't concentrate on inugnifkant matter There are many other thing that We ha in More; Think. Money h only green paper Onto which white men put much value. They built our nation with pro(it m mind Not (or everyone, only a lew. Don't become a product o vooety’t conditioning See the world a it rcalivtically i . Thing have to change, beginning with a critical view Tho h a big tob that we have to do. Khodiph Yo m LOOK TO THE LIGHT NO DEEP DARKNESS IN THIS WORLD CAN OVERCOME THE LIGHT A SINGLE CANDLE FLAME WILL BURN AGAINST THE DARK NIGHT. LET ALL THE WORLD OF DARKNESS COME RESENTMENTS, ENVIES. FEAR, THEN LIGHT THE SINGLE FLAME OF LOVE THE DARKNESS DISAPPEARS! BY BARBARA SHELLS I CAN THINK AND I CAN DREAM I CAN LIVE AND LEARN AND LEARN TO LIVE A FULL LIFE ON A BEAUTIFUL PLANET. PLEASE LET ME HAVE MY PLANET AND MY MIND UNPOLLUTED, UNALTERED BY YOUR MADNESS. I WILL SHARE FREELY AND GLADY MY DREAMS. OPEN YOUR EYES. BY LYNNE TURNERMany Moods Of A Classroom Our Day When will our day come? The day of joy. The day of happiness. The day of triumph. When will these days of bitterness. These days of hardship, These days of pain end? When will it be Our Day? Will it be tomorrow? Or will it be the day after That Today. Today will be our day. We must unite. Become one. Now is, Our Day. Kelly Yvonne McQuiller I would like to express my gratitude to University High School for its excellent college preparatory curriculum and its dedicated faculty. They enabled me to seek an invaluable learning experience that still has special value in my life. I attended the Encampment for Citizenship program for six weeks during my senior summer in Washington, D.C. with 51 other students coming from all over the world, with diverse cultures and backgrounds. Living with these strangers was a unique situation in itself, almost Utopia, completely opposite to our present society. Everyone learned and grew together in harmony, with sharing and trust as the most demonstrated character traits. Some of the topics discussed were values, competition and its affects, media, capitalism, racism, sexism and world foreign policy. Upon my arrival, the Encampment accepted an ignorant, conditioned product of society, and upon departure, the Encampment released an aware, mature, altruistic critic of society. Khadijah Yasin ''I will take each man and woman of you to the window, and my left arm shall hook you round the waist, and my right shall point you to the endless and beginningless road. Not l-not God-can travel this road for you". Walt Whitman 113 Congratulations To The 1981 Graduating Class Of University High School june 16, 1981 UNIVERSITY HIGH SCHOOL ADVISORY BOARD 4a 114£ - v F0R EVERY SCHOOL 15 WEST 38TH STREET NEW YORK, N. Y. 10018 (212) 840 2290 SCHOOL SPECIALTIES CLASS RINGS AWARDS BUTTONS.' AUTOGRAPH ALBUMS 4 MEDALS FLAGS A CAPS GOWNS, DIPLOMA CASES TROPHIES.' BANNERS INSIGNIA, FUND RAISING Congratulations Khadijah Yasin FRIENDS OF YOUR UNCLE DONALD YEE Essex County College AUTO FIRE LIFE CRIME MR EDWARD S WAOOOO lNSu“ANCC BAOM " AAVtlCONSWl M BROTHERS SERVICES MOVING I V«ovf Mine in MOTION t tra u ! J n±u I finer ■ Vy ry 410CHANCELLOR AVE , NEWARK N J 07112 PHONE (20M 372 5727 Mark IV Enterprises Inc. POSfM TOXUODNS PO Boi 't» Nnwk NMjntr 07101 ■|W|MHW PmONI 026 8620 STEWARD'S RESTAURANT home Cooking in a friendly atmosphere Cloud mom. a Tut . OPIN WIO. to Sat. 7 A.M. TO S P.M. Sun. S A.M. TO S P.M. John Steward, mo . 272 Lyons ave. Amelia Steward, prop. Newark, n.j. 07112 To Robin Talmadge I Wish Much Success And Happiness In Future Endeavors A Friend Always WILLIAM PHILLIPS SR. To Class Of '81 Much Success In All You Do BLESSED SACRAMENT CHURCH Good Luck GROSSMAN FURNITURE CO. INC. To Robin Talmadge Much Success To You. BOB BRUTON FAMILY A FRIEND. 115Best Of Luck In All Future Endeavors Congratulations For Four Successful Years At U.H.S. THE PRUDENTIAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANYBest Wishes from New Jersey’s biggest bank Seotfrec (checking Dram Pay Regular Savings Aee nmts Time Savings Accounts Mortgage 8c I Ionic Improvement Loans Aut 8c 1 Vts mal I a ans Personal Trust Services Retirement Plans (IRA and Keogh) Safe Deposit Boxes MEMBER f DiCCongratulations To The Class Of 1981 From JOHN O'HARA CO. East Orange, N.J. Best Of Luck To The Class Of 81' We Wish You Much Success In College THE U.H.S. FACULTY Vincent Altiere James Brown Jean Charles Frances Ann Cicalese Ronald DeMiglio Paula Eckstein Mary Genova Walter Genuario Roberto Gomez Frank Green Saul Hammerman Alice Heck Rosita Holiday G. Barrington Jackson James Kushmerick James Lowenstein Betty McEachin Gloria Sheldon Joylette Sutton Burt Wallach 118Congratulations! We're Proud Of You. WILLIE J. YOUNG, PRINCIPAL JOSEPH J. MALANGA, VICE-PRINCIPAL JOEL ZOIS, SUPERVISOR Congratulations To The Class Of 1981 From The UNIVERSITY HIGH SCHOOL PARENT, TEACHERS, STUDENT ORGANIZATION President - Duke E. Moore, Sr. Vice-President - Ibraham Sharif 2nd Vice-President - Walter Genuario Secretary - Gale Moore Treasurer - Mary Kelly P.T.S.O. 119X L . +- O o CO CDt)l key, Cnundu Dukemon, K. Diggs, Tracy Dismukc. Fua Dixon. Isabelle Duly. E. D.J. Donohue, Matucen Donova, R Dorney. Margaret Dowel. Eddie Dressd. Robert DuH. Ro cndo Duggins, Cloru Dungee. D. Dunk. Mr Mr . Don Up, Jamc Duma . Mattie Davis. Sclwnij Davn. Schama Davi . ScFiama Dav i , Schama David, Schama Day . Lorraine Day . Tonya Day . Tonya E Easterling. Win Easterling. Winnie iatma. live Ida. Rosa Edge, Denni Edge. Irne t L. Edge. Mabic tdge. Monique A Terre fdne , Traoe Idward . C (dward . lonme Idward . Mildred I dward . Shahid lliabeth. I.A. tlliot. lame III! , Anita I. I Hi . Horace H. Hit . Myrtle I lli . Shareka Alkanee I Hi . Sheene t. IK . V ki S IMhon. Debbie lure. Vet dell Ivan . Angela Ivan . Barbara A. Evan . Clarence Ivan . I rankte Evan , pqueline Ivan . Joseph Evan . Ruby Ivan . Shenetta Iverette. Mr Mr Everett. Cleo Ivertte, Mi Artie F faine . Clarenge lame . Bebra Faine . Larry Faine . Virginia Frank, A. Frank. Penny Franklin. Linda Frannurr Far dan, loanne Farohar. Far rad Fauntler. Vincent Felder, Wymga Feller. Aimond Ferguvon. Deborah Fergu on. lame Ferguson. Shonda Ferraro. Toni Fkklin. C. Ficklin. C. Fkklin, Grace Field , Cheryl Finch. Yvette FeHi , F. Findley. Desiree Fink. JJ. Fioravante. Gen I iquena. Carman fitch, Alda Flumeola Floretta' Aunt Floretta' Uncle Floyd. Ada Floyd, Ada Floyd, Kelly Ford. Charle Ford. Flora Ford. Shirley Fornarotto. Joseph Fo ter, Cyntheia fenter, E ter Fenter, Patrria Foiler. Victoria Franer. Ada Fra iet, Bertha Fra ier. frluia Fra ier, lelecia Fra tier, Lewi Freeland. Carolyn Freeland. Harry Freeman. Angeo Freeman. Cheryl Freeman. Sarah Freedman. Fugene Friend Friendly Friday. Sally Fuller. B Furniture. Myer'i Fuquan. I. Fuquan -N-Nma For be . Reginald For be . Ruth "Freedom Not Far Dnunce" G G. Hubbard Calauaz. Margarita Ganaway. George Garcia, Carmen Gardner. Katherine Garvin. Craig Garvin, Dana Garvin. Keith Garvin. Sue Garvin, Wiliam A Garvin. William B Geigem. Horace George. Barbara George. Valerie Geroge and Gail German. Tony M German. Evelyn Gerrl Gibb . Patrcia Gib»on, Cynthia M Gib on. Syreta M Gidden. Michael Giddi . LeRoy GilH. lee Gip on. Lula Gipson, Tonya R Grvene . Frank Glover, Roietta Scnlell Glover, Steve Godbolt. Tracey Goddard. Eycene Godfrey, Lillie Golditon. Ann Goldwin, Je i Gonraler. Amelia Gonzalez, |o c Gonraler. Maggie Goodlnend, Andrea CoodFriend. Henry GoodFnend, Lilian CoodFriend. Whitney GoodFnend. Larry CoodFriend. Wall Goodman. Walt Goodwin, |amei Goodwin, Viola Gorden, George Gordon. Peg Grace. Arnderve Grace. Arridene Graham. Sarah Grant, Gwen Grant. Gwen Grant. Gwen Grant. Ralph Grant, Sally-Ann Gravely. Nadine Grave . Carol A Grave . Diana L Gray. Futon M Gray. Mane Green. Ocelle Green. Add) Green. Carolyn M Green. Ernie Green. Eulalia Green. Mr. Mr Green. Victor. Green. Victor Greene. Brenda Greene. Cigi Greene, Gigi Gregory, Monique Gregory. Vivian Grier. Cassandra Gner. Isaiah Grier. Kareemah Grier, Kennith Griffin. |. Grover. Davrne Guiik. Mane Guten. Martha Gwen Gewn. Blakeley H Mahne . Don Hakeem, Eazy Haley. Vivian Habcki. Val HaB, Curtn Fiamcn, Roe Hammond, Kay Hammond . Mary Hand, Chri Handcock, Cheryl Handcock. Darryl Hancock. David Handcock. David Carey Haneef, Brother Hanley. Barbara Hanna. Sammy Hardaway. Phylln Hardaway. Phyllt Hard . EIFreda M Hardin, Mr A Mr . Tom Hardgrove. Dally Harper. Oclavia Harper. Oclavia Harrey, A. Karri . Alfrida Harm, Alice Harrn. Fay Harm, Godfrey Harm, Norma Harri . Pete Harm. Roger Harrn. Roberta Ham. Mr V. Harri . Vanesia Harm, Viteria Ftarmon, Fannie FUrry, Chri Harty, Gordon E Flarry. Eon Flatty. Patricia Hatkim, D. Hawkerson. Pal Hawk in , Callie Have , Mr B Head. Cynthu Heaven On Earth Hector. Mr t. Hector. Tyrone Henderion. Raheem Hernandez, Nichola Hewitt, Sandra Hickman, |o eph Hick . Donna Hkk on. Alma Higgm . Celtic Hill, Mamie Hill, Virginia Hme . Robert Hme . Rocky Hine . Roena Hockiday. Doug Hodge . Betty Hogan , lew Holden. Pamela Holy, lohn Holman. Geri Holme Holme . Verdell R Holme , Vivian Hook . Gracie B Hook . Donald Hook . G B Hook . Gwendolyn Hook . Karen Hook . LaTnha Hook . Michael Hook . Shaqunah Horne. Irene Horne. Irene Horton. )oe phine Horton. Ro e iiouston, Ann Houston, |ame Howar . A. Howard. Franc me Howard, Gein Howard, Jamal Howe . l.R. Hud peth. Dorethy Hughe . Ida Humphrey, Allen Hunt. Cassandra Hunt. Ernestine Hunt, Clen Hunt. Icrry Hunt, Jewel Hunt, Matfrance Hunt. Mattie Hunt. Shela Hunt. Tasha Hunter. MKhael Hunter, Toma Hurhton. Gerti Huiuin. Najiyya Husband . Merlene Hush. Mtedred Hush. Mtedred Hutcfiin . Eula lacuUo. Lucille Ike I nee, Mary Ingram. Kathleen Ingram. Keith Ingram, Sherrill InnareHa. Philip R Interprets. Sue Irizarry, Tony Irving. Charle Irving. Frank Isom. Darry D. Isom. M . Gail Isom. M». Gail Israe l o . R lackson. Adell M Jackson, Consuncc Jackson, Earl Jackson. Fuzzy Jackson. Haigie Jackson. Inv. B. Jackson. Jackie Jackson. Jerome Jackson, Leroy Jr. Jackson. Leroy Jr. Jackson. It k Jackson, Marie Jackson. Mel Jackson. Mr L Jackson. Muriel Jackson. Walter Jackson. Wanda lamah'l. Carey Jamaal. All Kaseem James. Betty James. Gallon James, George lame . Georgia James, Geraldine lame . GeraldineJames. Nyah limo, Windy lann . lindi IB IHIenon, Mrs. R (wlm, twJyn lenkws. Evelyn lenkms. Floran lenkins. Florence lenkins. M. Jenkins. Helen lenkins. Hemsley lenkins, Roulrr lerman. Mary I esse A Joey limcnez, Rick John. Maurice lohnvon. Al Johnson. B.F. Ill lohnvon. B.F. Ill lohnvon. B.F. Ill Johnson. B F III lohnvon. B.F. III lohnvon. Calhnne lohnvon. Dunne lohnvon. Diny Hupivn lohnvon. 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C.M Krdik loan Krotenberg. loan Kwinta. Richie Kalmovki, Elaine Kalinovki, $. Kalmovki. S. Kalmovki. Sheila Karriem, Saladme Ket King, Felecu Kuechle, Roy L lacewcl, Mrs Edna lacewrll, Mr Ben)jmm lacy. Gwendolyn lamb. CEseryl lamboy. Irene landrum. Evtell laracoente. Ruben lavd, Vivian lavviter. Babaka Lassiter, fovie latta, Mrv D. Laura Lawrence. Evangelist A Lawrence. Lob Lawson. Leon layria. Joe laran. Ron lazzar. Lorretu leak. Loune Leary. Carmen lee. Al-Freda lee. Argueretta lee. Bunny lee. C. lee, Mary lee. Mrs Olivia leniham. Dennis leniham, Dennis leniham. Dennis leniham, Jerry leniham. Mary leniham. Sheila lenna, Kevin leo. Ann Leon. lewis. Alice lewis. Henry lewts. Sadie libby. Karen little Manes little. Patncu lizzie lockett, Maureen Lockett. Robert Lockhart, It. K logan. Pnvicilla Lombardi. Angela loola. Allioen loregnard. Kelvin Lorraine loughlm, Karen Louise, Toscano lowe. Deborah I Owens I ci n, James loyd. Mark A lozada. Angel I. lozada. David lozada. Elena lozada. Maria lozada. Maria lozada. Migdalu lozada. Zobcida lugo. A wilda lugo. Lillian luke. Andre lukeman. Bro lynch, Annie lynch, Doris M Mack, Cora Macklin, W.C Majeed Family Majeed. Makerma Magd. Miss Taahira MaSett, Delores Maldonada. Willie Mangm. lorn Manley. Delores Mapson. Charles Mapvon. Georgia Marbury. Rozell Marcus. Sharon A. Marie. Bta ewski Marlon. Benny Marlon. {Jenny Marlon. Bemmy Marlon. Benny Marton. Benny Marrantmo. Angela Marrantmo. Angela Mar sc he. P O Derek Michelle A Martha Martinez. Eliezer Mascatello, Bill Mason, Hanna Mason. Valerie Mavvelle. D A. Matav, Pauline Maulvby, Hilton Mas well, lyboria Mayes. 8 Mayo, C. McArthur. Esther McCall. Dorothy Me Call ester. James McCandv. Cailal McCary. Marioa McCargo. Patncu McClivh. Mr, Richard McCIcen, Eleeh McClordle. |uln McCoy, Anna 8 McCoy. Larry W McCray. Franceine McCullough. Aaron McCummmgv. David McCurtis. Doris McCuttis, Marvin Mae McEachin. Betty McEntee. Helen McGee. Shared McGrady. Al McIntosh, Mary McIntosh. Willie McIntyre. Gerlyne McKenna. Mary McKenna. Mary McKoy. Anrue Mclaughin. Willie McLean. Shelia Mcleon. Barbie McLendon. Be? die McNeil. Car lyse Me Per son. Helen Meeru. Makati Melton Melton. Nooella Melton, Thelma Melvin. Ethel Merritt. Doretha Merritt, Samuel Merlucci, Mike Mevaros, linda M.G.M Clique Michau . Monique Mic helTs Bar Middleton. Maigarrt Miller, Charles I. Mi Her, Mrv Hcrmie Miller. Marilyn Minor, Joyce Miss Mills Mistretta, M Mistrctta. P.|. Mitchell, Greg Mitchell. Howard Mitchell, Jorsnie N. Mitchell. Mary Mitchell. Shelly Mockaber. Arthur W Mockabor, Nellie M Mole , lillun Monaco. Fred Montague, Eleanor Montccallo, Jim Monttoi. Eleanor Moon. Eulu Moore. Willu Moore. Iris V. Morsan, Mary Joyce Morns. Angela Morris, Evelyn Morrison. Ann Morton. Chester Morton. Cornelius Moses, Pat Morales, Ehirou Morns A Tracy Mosley. Gloria Mott. Mrs Berta M Mr Brendan Mr Dennis Mr Harvey Mr. Mathis Ms. Kelly Ms. Kelly Mohammed. Abdul Ravhed Malik Muhammad Family Muhammad, Havana Muhammad. I'neevah (Angie) Muhammad. Naduah Muhammad. Rahsheen Muhammad. Saboor Muhammad. Saboor Muhammad, Zaklrah (Angirl Mullens. Devidra I.C.S.C. Mumin, Hakim Mumm. Haneefa Muntaquim A David Murry. D. Murry, lames F N Nanm. Mane Nanni. Marie NAPE Neal. Leonard Neal. Verier Nette. Evta Newkirk. Rove Newton, loveph Newton, loveph Newton, Sharon Norman, Wanda Nowlin, Carl O'Bryant, loanne Ocasin. Fell I O'Connor. Roger Oeymelle Oliver. Belle Olmedo. Pedro Orange. Brenda Ortiz, Ana Ortiz, Anna Owens. Bill Owens. Daisy Owens, Louise P Padgett. Raymond Par ell. Philip J. Parhams. CFurles Parhams. Jet aldine Park Coffee Shop Park Coffee Shop Parker. Clyde Parker. I. Parker, liUian Parrish. James Patel, Narcndra Paterson. Mae Pauls Market Pauls Quality Mkt Paunda. B.lly Payne. Elks Paywe. Ellis Peacock. Al-RaFum Peacock, Sonya Pearce, Gaynor Pearce, Sharon Pearl A Monique Pearson. Lucy Pearson. Richard Peeples. ViolaPeru. WandJ Penn, Joe M Pertuz, Sadyt Pezez. Elena Perry, Atmar R. Perry, Windj C Perryman, Ahon Pettigrew, Caudme Pettigrew, Ctaudinc, Lucille Phinkce. Hazel Phlllts George, Queen Ronald K.elh, Stacey Pierce. Carol Pierce, Jet Ruth Pierce, Michelle Pierce, Pauline I. Piet, Denite Pine, Df. Cha.let Pinnie family Pinto, |ohn Playboy Shop Poiethutk. Jean Polk. Wi.llum Popovich. Holly Poku. Joyce Pope. Dot Porter. Angela Porter. Angela Porter. Angela Porter, Angela Porter. Belinda Porter. Belinda Porter. Eddie Porter. Eddie Porter. Eddie Porter. Eddie Porter, frorena Porter, frorena Porter. Julia Porter. Ollie, Porter. Ollie Porter, Renee Porter, Sharete N Porter, Sharete Porter, Sharete Porter. Tijuana Porter. Tijuana V Powel. Crystal Powell. Beverly Prince, Lawrence Prince. Wanda Puzzuoli. Palma Pryor. Jean Q Quiiet, lun Outlet, lunito Quilet. Raty Outlet. Vamily Quinonez, Olberto R Ramhi, Manor Ramt. Aqueel Ramot. Meralda Randolph, florean Rantome. John Rayam. Doreen Raymond. Irit A. Reete. John Reevet. Irene Reid. Michael Repka. A Revette, Sidney Rhea and family Rice, Catherine Richardton. florme I. Richardton, Janet Richardton. Ion Richardton, Samantha Riley, Mary Riley. Rufut Rivera, freddy Roberton. E C Robertt, Creig Robertt. Donald. Robertt. Jenifer Robinton, Grace Robmton. Ruth Robiton. Lottie Rollins, Mr. loit Rollt Royce Rodriquez. Angel Rodriquez. Carmelo Rotamilia. Terry Rott, ludy Rudolph. Katherine Rullm. K. Ruttiter. Kevin Ruzich. Carol Roberton. Kay Roberton, Mel s Sal a. Kofi Salet. Chrn Sanchez. Ricardo Sandert. Mary Sandert. Richard Sandert. Viola Maurice Sandert. Mrs lenor Sandford Evxon Sankt. lizzie Sanaig. Betty Sarrell. Bart Satter, ludy Satterwhite. Mrt. Deoriet Saundert. Mr Mrt Joteph Saunder. Geraldine Savage. Dorothy Scheider, W.J. Scialfo, Mary Scotl. Anthony A Scott. Cat tine Scott, Edward Scott. Ltelie Scott. Mary Scott. Sakah Scott, Wilhemina Seart. Tom Seibert. Dane Shabazz. Al-Jamar Shabazz. Ameerah Shabazz. Jaalibah Shamberger. florence Sharif. H Sharif. Omar Shear in, Robert Sheldon. Rebel ah SheBt. Dortey Shelly. Mattie Shelton. McArthur Shepard. Chntty Chepard. Christy Shepard. Chmty Shepard. Chntty Shepard. Chrhly Shepperton. I. Sheildt. letue Shirley. King Shorter. Mrt Shultz. Stanley Shore. Selma Stele. Itrgga Simmod. Marion Simmont. Barbara Simmont. G Simmont. Cep hut Srmmont, Cephut Simmont, Cephut Simmont. Cephut Simmont, Cephut Simmont. Mr Char let Sr. Simmont. Clurlet Jr Simmont. Derek Srmmont. 1-Simmont. loteph Simmont. loteph Simmont. loteph Simmont. Joteph Simmont. Joteph Simmont. Kurt Simmont. I. Simmont. Malinda Simmont, Melitta Simmont. Mrt Simmont, Sondra Simon. Anglca Simon von. Ellit Simt. Debbie Singletary, |. Smglety. Willie Siriek. Rotlet Siwak, Madeline Slim Smallt. Carlene Smallwood. Bob Smarqiatti. Karen Smelly. Carrie Smith, Carole A. Smith. Chnttme T. Smith. Clarence f Smith, Darrell Smith. Dorothy |. Smith, fern Smith. George Smith. Hilda Smith, la met Smith. J.H SmiRi, Jamet H. Smith. Jmmy Smith. John N. Smith. Jonme Mae Smith, lorry Smith. Margaret Smith. Mary Smith, Mrt Smith, Ricky Smith. Rutha Smith, Tamir T a than Smith. Winifred Smith, Winifred I. South Orange Music Store Spaightt, Mrt. Evelyn C. Spellman. Jamet E. Spencer, Motell Spencer. Motell Spicer, Alfreda Spivey. Shirley Stafford, fleanor Stalfor, Sharon Stanford. Bobbie Stanford. Robbie Stawley Stebbmv Abby Steele. Ctaael Steele, Cattel Steele. Cattel Steir. Imd Stewart. Margaret Stephen!. Ann Stephen. Clara St event. Char I in ne Stewart. Cigngva Stewart, Robbie Stewart. Yvonne Stoelting, RE. Stoket. franemner Stoket, Loretta Stood. Bill Strickland. Trejen Strong. Mrv Margie Suggs. Perry Sulyn, Charles Sutton. Al Sutton. Al Sutton. It we Sweet. Cefia Sweet. Reggie Hat van Sweet, Ronald Swinton. Tephevhda T Tabron, Imda Tabron. Nellie Talbert. Crystal Tanktley, Bruce Tanktley, frank Tanktley. Juanita Taylor. Dune Taylor. Jamet Taylor. Josephine Taylor. I. Taylor, Niecte Taylor, Rote Taylor, Tina Terry, Stlat "The Kid" Thtelman, Mary Thomas, Eliabeth Thomas. Betty A. Thomas. Dolores Thomas. Grady Thomas, Reica Thomas. Hattie Thomas. John Thomas, Johnnie Thomas, lots Thomas, Mary Thomas. Pamala Thomas. Patncu Thomas. Peter Thompson, Andtea Thompton. Dorothy Thompson. Marilyn Thompton. Travin ’oler. Daw n Toler. Irma Toler, Apryl Towe, loteph Townes. Rote Townsend. Tyrone Trotter. Donna Troy. Sandy Truitt. K I. Tucker, Catherine Tucker. Donald Tucker. Mrt. Tucker. Donald Tucker. Donald Tucker, Dow Tucker. Don Tucker, Robert Tuff. Ronald Tucker. Oliva M Turner, Mrt. Turner, Carole Turner. Carole Turner, Mrt. lewit Turner, Lynne Turner. Mrs. Margaret Turner, Mr Reggie Turner. Ruth tyndell, Angela Tyson, franklin Tyson, franklin Tyson, franklin Tyson, franklin Tyson, franklin Tyson, franklin Tyson, franklin Tyson. Jamet Tyson, Sheri Tyton. Sheri Talbert, Juanita Taylor, Delores Taylor. Hiram Terry, Nancy The Carol Horton family The Houge family Tillman. Gregory Turner. Dierdra Turner, Dierdra Turner. Geioge Sr. Turner, Leon Turner, llyod Turner. Marie Turner, Mara Turnet. Martha Turner. Moire I. Turner. Shaik Turner. Sha Turner. Tara Turner, Tina Turner, Tina I. Turnet. Tina Turner, Tina Turner, Tina I. Talbert lavern The Thomas family The Tom family Thomas. Michael Tom's Chicken Shack Tom's Chicken Shack Tom's Chicken Shack Tom's Chicken Shack u Ursula V Valttburg Girls Track Team 123Van Dykr. Bwthj Vonghan. Elizabeth Vanliew. Annie Vanncr. Ice Vaughn, Colicn Velazquez. PatriCU Velazquez, V Villunova. E'lCl Vimnn Gcssner w Wokhuchu. N Jen Wal. Drloras W'olden R I Wolkw, Aundro Wolket. Bcirutlciic Walker. Brenda Wloker, Carolyn Walker, Carolyn Walker, Ivetyn Walker. Kathy Walker. Theo. Walker. Mts W B. Wall. Torledo Wall. Daisy W allot c. Michael Walls, Edward Walters, Barry Wardeet Warren. Forrest Warren. Mr M. Waters. Phyliss I Watkins. Ethel Watson. Belita Watson, Clarence Watson. Dorris Watson, lohnny Watts. Dana Watts. Mattie Watts. Rhonda Watts, Tyrone Webb, (ay Weedo. P A Welch, John Welleors, Ruby WelK. Fran Welton. Charles West. James Whitaker, Sip White, Mrs. C. White, Marqus White. Mary White. Maurice White, Roshon M White, Roby Whitehead. Felicia Wicks, Yolanda Wigfoll. Dome Wiggins. Mormon William. Mr Mrs Gary Williams. Hrance William, Kissim William. Queen William, Rufus William. Ruth Wiliam. Sonya William. Andre S7 William, Andre 57 Wilium, Andre S7 William. Andre S? William. Andre 57 Williams. Ann Wiliams. Annie Wiliams, Arlene Williams, Bettie Joyce Wiliams. Charles Wiliams. Charles Williams. Mr Mrs Charles Jr Wiliams, Chet iso Wiliams, Cyntha Wiliams. Daisy Wiliams. Donna I Wiliams. Dorothy Wiliams, flame Wiliams, flame Wiliams, Elizabeth Wiliams, tmmo Williams, frnestinc Williams, fsther Wiliams. F Wiliams. Fannie Wiliams, Fannie Williams. Fletcher W iliams. Gail 124 Wiliams. Geraldine Williams. Gerry Wiliams. Grace Williams, Gorge Wiliams. Fiohsann I. Wiliams. ). Wiliams. James Williams. James Wiliams, lames M Wiliams. James T. Wiliams, Ms Janet Wiliams, Mr Mrs Johah Dorothy Wiliams. Kevin G. Wiliams, lee Wiliams, louisc Williams, Mrs Mary Williams, Mildred Wiliams. Minnie Williams. Paula Williams, Rita Williams. Robert Wiliams. Rose Wiliams. Sollie Wiliams. Steven Wiliams, Verdell Willis. Annette Willis, Judy Witts. Mr M Willson, Annie Wilson. Beatrice Wilson. Beebe Wilson. Donald Joseph Wilson, lulo Wilson, lynctte Wilson, Thelma Wilson. Virginia Silsom. Mr Wiliam Winkler, SoHy Winston. Quentin Wotosich. |ohn I. Woodard. Wolik Woods. Youck Woodward, Jerome Wooten, Sophia Wooten, Sophia Wotten, Wiliam Wren, Jacquelyn Wright. Alsrn N Wright, Anthony Wright, Dorothy Wright. Dorothy YVyatt, flora Wychc. Alice Wycho, Angela Wyche. Charles Wychc, Drrrick Wyche. Maran Wyche. Romos Wyche, Tawona Wyche. Tokeyo Wyndie, Wiliams Wynn. Mattie Y Yoblonsky. Naomi Vasin. Aliyah Yosm, Amma Yavm, Azizoh Vasin. Grocic Yasm. Kamilah Vasin. Khodqoh Vee. Phyllis Yodh. Sneha Young, fmma Young, Nancy z Zock Zahro. Amira Zayas. Albert J. Zielinski. Woldemor Additional Boosters Joe Nudes Jackie Osborne Sylvia Johnston Byers |. Randlcman Daniel Amonacci Palm a Pettit finestme Rice Joe tones Ruth Blue Timothy Blue Kevsn Blue Inez Fotaine Ithel Brown Jackson Brown Eba DiOno Lilian Policostor Pat Santortello Iris fnsley Frieda Schewinoster Barbara Cherry Nancy Wheeler lockie Perryman loan Shumate Mr Bender Lula Walker Porta loveJace Mrs Dora Settles Fvelyn Johnson Vernice Crume Mardene Rucker lohnme I Lockett Johnnie I Hush Charles Lovelace Jr. Yolanda Lockett Mr Daniel Bender Mi. Leslie Davis Mi Mrs Leslie Oasis Mi Mrs Carlton Richardson Mr Mrs. Carlton Richardson Carlton Richardson Mrs Lillie Somi fort Wesley lee. Jr Candace Acehi c Helen DeMyrick Norman DeMyrick Colo rude Coffee Shop Lilian Wiliams I ohn Smith Charles F Gardner Barry Peggy Gray Anthony Racaniello Mr Zockery Mosley Aunt Dane Fjrmer Auni Diane farmer Ossie At mislead Angelino Idna Barnes Gioru Parker Rachel Bragg Loretta Ownes Josee Klesoint Cos Tsairis Wendy Gray Barbara Parker Valerie Walker Betty Evans Ida R Parker Ruth Holcomb Adcle McPook Mary Stephens Irey Marrow Cladis Velazquez Sergio Rodriquez Richard West Terry Taylor Diane Lockett ktry Cannon Alma Fuller Mrs Adell lee Sam Hunt Mr. flemon Porter Johnnie I. Hush Kim larole Lovelace Maty Riddle Lari Coombs Donald Thompson lames D Weston Audrey Valentine Gloria Banks Dorothy f Risers Glenda Odom Dorothy E Rivers f only Ross Serena Wiliams Mr Mrs. Keith W Wormack IV flizabeth Anderson Elizabeth Anderson Booker T. Simpson Aha Jordan Lesscl Wiliams Shawn Davis Carlton Melissa Richatdson Carlton Richardson Ernestine Watson Brenda Council Roshan All Shaba z Dougla Hodge Elizabeth Grier William Gier Vincent Alticte Mr. Racaniello Ruby ftost Herbert Edmunds Mr Bobby Blocker Mr Bobby Blocker Mr Bobby Blocker Mr Bobby Blocker Mr Bobby Blocker University High University High Bernadette lomusoo Susan frdukowitz Anette Ramsey University High Charlene Hedgepeth Louise Dancy Theodora Gray Paula McCnght Joanne Brown littlemon Squire David Sc hob Herb Sc hob lorvctha Caldwell Derrick Agricola University High Edna Johnson Aunt MaeMae francinc Smith Jackie Osborne Jackie Osborne A lieu Carpenter Norma R. Henry Charles I Henry Tonya Little Marion Greene Herbert Greene Minnie Parker George Carpenter Marilyn Del Russo Barbara Garrett Iris You mans Mary Wilson Sarah Wilson Jackie Wilson t Roberts Mary Johnson Jamilta Abdul-Raz oq Kim G. Snell Mane Dtez Leah Carpenter Herd Sc hob 1 M.A.P. class of University High School: Thanks for the memories Master C We will always love you. The original Map Class (The Morons, Idiots and Chinese Khadijah Cheryl Robert Wyane Ernest Khalilah Jo-Ann Clifford David Sheila Gwendolyn Jacaueline Sharon Sonya Darlene Leonette Angela Renee Robin Lisa Tracey Charles Mark Lynne Gale Gail Congratulations, Success, Health and Happiness to our Khadijah Love eternally, Ummi, Kamilah, Aliyah and Azizah To Jo-Ann Jameelah Hawkins: You have successfully completed one part of your life goals, and now you must move onward. We know you have the ability, intelligence and motivation to become a pediatrician. We hope all your dreams turn into reality and success will forever be yours. Love Always, Mom, Daddy, Melinda, Cornell, Venus, Mediah and Kenyatta. Congratulations And Best Wishes To KHADIJAH YASIN With Love, From, NANA PHYLLIS UNCLE DONALD KATHY OTSY JASON TSUYA Best Wishes To KHADIJAH YASIN And The Graduating Class Of 1981 CLINTON AVENUE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL STAFF Congratulations To Our Granddaughter KHADIHAH YASIN May God Bless You In All Your Future Endeavors With Love, PAPA AND GRANDMA BERT Congratulations KHADIHAH YASIN Friends Of Your Uncle Donald Yee ESSEX COUNTY COLLEGE LOUIS T. WHlTflClD WALTER WHITFIELD CARDINAL WINE LIQUOR "Our Pleasure is Pleasing You" (201) 824-4350 .620 BERGEN STREET NEWARK. N. J. 07108 Congratulations KHADIHAH Lyons Bowl Irvington, NJ 926-1700 Congratulations, To My Love, KHADIJAH Hoping You Fulfill All Your Goals And Future Aspirations With Me By Your Side. . Love, Eternally, DEREK JX? | 125NEW CARDEN BAKERY Birthday Cakes Our Specialty All Baking Done On Premises 749 Irvington Avenue Maplewood, N.j. 07040 V Thanks for four wonderful years. Esta Nette and Lynne Turner Good Luck Seniors From-Richard N. Golden, Esq 24 Commerce Street Newark, New Jersey Good Luck Seniors From-R and J Grocery 92 Lindsley Avenue Newark, New Jersey High Street Grocery Open Daily Dependable, Friendly Service We carry a full line Newark Family Pharmacy "Evalon, INC.'' 641 Clinton Ave., Newark NJ 07108 243-5233 Beverly Jenkins and Robert Edwards Congradulates — Donna Westmaas and wishes the best of luck Social Enterprise Associates SEA Realty Co. 694 Clinton Ave. 375-4001 In memory of Thelma Chapman The pastor, officers, and the whole church extend warm congraduations to the graduating class of 1981 University High School, as you go forth in your endeavers in the larger world, (poem) May the roads always rise in front of you. May the winds always be at your backs. May the sun always shine in your faces. And May the Cod of the universe always be at your sides. From-To Aid Rev. J.W. Mapson Mt. Calvary Baptist Church 235-51 Seymour Ave. mYOUR FRIENDS AT BALFOUR JOIN IN st: l)l u THEIR THE CK FT" MEN VUIO M iu; o| H I.ASS KIN . A i stkritkck and Lionel Russell. Jr. 221 Hopper St. Wcstbury. N Y. 11590 (516) 334-5773 Congratulations and Best Wishes TO A GREAT Cl. ASS IN A FINE SC. II CIO I. • — mm MM . mnhhm4 . mtiuit . TMMifC • W AOtffi • 01 M Ai • CMMK«C(M£NT WVlTAVlOm 127Boosters A A, Mahamed A boy me. Marie Abrams. Gwen Abzug. Liz J. Adam, VerneM Ad«m, Bjibiii I. Gwendolyn. Admit Adams. Unset Mrs Mamie Adams Adams, Maiy Adams. Mel Mrs Adelle Adrien. Jean-Jilien Adorno, Dionisio Affliq, Michael Ahscholer. H. Albert A Shirley Allen. Delores Alexander. Marie Ms. loyce Alexander Miss Khaalia Alexander Mrs W Alexander AUs Tailor Shop Allison. Chester All. Mia Umirah All. Sookrally Ali, Rahman Al, Albeoti Alegre, Juana Allord. Chnsteen Alford. Randy Alford, lohn Alphonzo. Felix A Isobrook. i. Alston, Evelyn Alum, Luis A Alvauzar. C Allen. Mattie Allen, Bran Allen. Carol AHen. Denise S. Allen. I. Allen, lames AHen. Jeanette Allen, Jeanette Alien, Joddice Allen. Joddice Allen. Keraya Allen. Robert Allen, Robert Allen. Robert Allen. Robert Allen, Robert Allen, Sherabim Allen. Walter Allen. Wandell t. Alligood. Linda Ambrose. Leona Ames. Samuel M. Amin. J. Amir. Kanem Amos. Lilian Andrews. Bridget Anderson .Darryl Anderson. Darryl Anderson. Darryl Anderson. Derreck Andrade, (nilza Andres. Victor Aneiros. GLadas Angel Anthony loves Carolyn Antonio, lohn D. Antonio. John S. Andrews. Annie Aragora, frank Archibald, lerry Arenas. Pat Arias. Marhat Armstrong. Casper Armstrong. Casper Armstrong, Casper Armstrong. Casrep Tom Mr. Gregory Armstrong Armstrong, lei Armstrong, lei Toni Armstrong. LeRoy Armstrong. Love Armstrong. Mary Ann Armstrong. Ola Armstrong. Sabrina Armstrong. Silver Armstrong. T.l. Ms Toni lei Armstrong Armstrong. Travts Arnold. Joe Arvidson. Mary Jane Arrington, Shelia Arrington. Stephanie Arrison. Thomas Ashford. Renee Ashley. Colyn Ates, Dana Mr Mrs. Gifford Ates Mr Mrs James Ates Ates, Jeffrey Ates. Kim Ales. Monique Ates. Raymond Atsaugp Jimmy C. Audam. Audrey June Auriemma. Jimmy 128 CUra Austin. Shea Auster, fdward B 8. Mr Badka. Une a by. Otis e Shop Baker. Brenda Baker. Christopher Baker. Evelyn Baker. Mr. M Baker. Mr Mrs lames Baker, loseph Baker. Lucy Baker. PershilU Baldwin, Major Jr. Ballesteros. Carlos Bam Low si a. Bernice flanks, Ann Canks. Carolyn Banks. Rachel Bankston, Carol Bankston, Carol Barfield. Edna Bargain AC. Store Bariletto. J Barnes. Chantrice Barnes. Umes Barnes. Lillie Barnes. OdelU Barnes. Stewart Keta Barnett. U.G-Bamett. U.G. Barnett. U.G. Barnhill, fffie Barnhill. Larry Barrett. Tanya Barrett. Trent Barron. Albert Barron. Al |r. Barron. Allen G. Barron. Amelia Barron. Dock Jr. Barron. Ellen Barron. Mattie Barron. Ida I Barron. Jesse Barron. Joe Barron. John Barron. Lillie Barron, love Barron. Pat Barron. Robert Barron, Willie Barron. Wvrsette Barrasso. Camille Barry's Barber Shop Bar tell. Alyce Barhe. Cassandra Bartels. Bill Bass. Shirley Bates. Erica Bates, loyce G. Battle. Clara Bauknrght. Tom Beck. Herz Beckermon. Som Beesley. Elieen BeU, Dorothy S Beil, Geraldine Bell. Gregory Bell. Howard Beil. Janice Bell. Janice Bell. Johnnie Bell. Ronnie Bellamy. Hattie Ben ham. Helen Bennett, Cathy Benntee, Donald Bennett. Louise Bennett. Michael C. Bennett. Shirley Bennett. Ter-Berge. Christopher Berge. Ste-hen Berge, Theresa Bernett. J. Bernstein. Gertrude Bernzolt. Beatrice Berda Carolyn Berrios. Ann E Berry. G Berry. Mr. Berry. Mr. Berry. Mrs Berry. Mrs Bertymen. Kelvin Best. Geven Best, Donte Best. Mary Best. Moe Best. Tantsha Best, Tanisha Best, Yvette Best Wishes Bethea. Chas Bethea. Unet Bethea. Shirley Bey. Marie Bey ah, Maim Mbs. HU Big Mon Biggs. H B.IUe Carell Billingsley. Carolyn Billingsley. Carolyn Billingsley. Carolyn Billingsley. Carolyn 8illingsley. Carolyn Billingsley. Carolyn Billingsley. Geneva Billingsley. 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Ilrahn Ortiz, Wanda Ovborne Sweet Shop Overton. Howard Oriord. Chet P Page. Barbara Palladium lanev Paiott. W Pampmella. P. Pankey, Judy Pannuizo Pantaleon. lyden Paul. Sara Par harm, Geraldine Parker Charlie ol Memory In Parkv, David Parker, larnevt Parker, lewn Parkin, M Parkinvon. lisa Parvonv. Tonh Pavqua. Ralph Pavvarella. lames Patel, Avhok Patel. Manivha Pattervon. Allen Pattervon. levter Pavedev. lun PecoreUi. Gerald Pello. Mike Pendleton. Fleador Penmz. E. Pennn. Jo-Ann Peoples. Pamela Peoples. Michelle Perez, hmary Perez. Joel Perez. Velma Perk my Tom Perry. Carrie Perry. Regina Perry. Sarah Perry. Waite Per von. David Pervon. David Pet ter von, Delorev Pettiford A Mr Pettilord. Rich Petty. Mr Petty. Mrv. Petty. W Mr. Peyton, Jerry Pierdy Pierre. Joe Pietropollo, Frank Pinckney, leroy' Pinckney, leroy Pinckney, leroy Pinckney, Sadie Pmho, Vicky Pmtknowvki. Edith Pittv. Verdell Pittman. Barbra Pittman. Evtlver Pittman, George Pizzlemnti. Maru Pleasant. Henry Mr Pogue. Pone Pope. Denne Pope. Hakeemah Ponton. Matilda Porter. Gerald Porter. Jackie Porter. Yvonne Poctuese. Thomas Posted, Wiliam Powell. Bndas Powell. Carol Powell, lynette Powell. Mrs Poventud. F Prase hak Pauline Prather. Yvonne Prescott, Van Presley, lynn Preston. CJvrn Pretty. Dawn Prieto, Evelyn Primamore. Betty Printing Delete Produce Farmland Pryou. AUce Pudlak. Sandy Puggie. AntJvony Puggie 7 Butter forever Pupek. Edward Puve. Walter Pumpkin Purefoy. Cecil Purefoy. Chris Purefoy. Darla Q Quarevma. Edna Quaresma. Rhoda Quattlebaum, Carrie Quattlebaum. Benjamin A Rita Quattlebaum. Micheal Quattlebaum. Simon Quinn. Mr A Mrv M Qumn. Tillie R Mr Racamello Ralph Ralph Ramey. Mane Ramhi. Aston Ramhi. Aston Ramhi. Aston Ramhi. Aston Ramhi. Aston Ramhi, Veronica Ramhi. Veronica Ramhi. Verorwca Ramhi. Veronica Ramhi. Verorwca Ramhi. Velma Ramos. Israel Ramos. Jorge Ramos. Amela Ramos. Alberto Randcll. Dorothy Ranzy. Herbert Rawles. Shayla Rayford, Phillip Red Reddick. 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Street, loyeph M. Street. Kenny Street. Mike Street. Mike Street. Maiikah Street. Tyrone StfKkUnd. John StrKkUnd. Warded Sween. M S wet yon. Rodney S' mak. Edward T Taaffe, Connie lamanna Talley. Joyeph Talmadge. Art Talmadge, Brain Talmadge. Darlena Talmadge. Cenlyn Talmadge. Robin Renee' Talmadge. Robin Renee' Talmadge. Robin Renee' Talmadge Jr., Rvnyefl Talmadge Jr.. Ruyyell Talmadge Sr.. Ruyyell Taylor. Katherine Tarantino. Jaye Tarantino's Reyturant Tariq and Judy Tarkuy Tarver. Carla M Tarver. Dawne Tarver, Donald Tarver. Jeannette Tarver, Jeannette Tarver. Karen E. Tarver. Karen I. Tarver. Karen E Tarver. Karen E. Tarver, Karen f. Tarver, Lora Tarver. Mary Tarver. Mary I. Tarver. Tyrone Tarver. Wiliam Tarver. William J Tarver. W.llom J. Tarver Jr.. Wiliam J. Taylor. Al Taylor. Clarence Taylor. Denne Taylor, franc erne Taylor, franceine Taylor, Guy Taylor. LuU B Taylor. Marie Taylor, Vernon Teli. Paiykay Teltiy, Paine Terry. Ann Terpak. M Tetterton. Gwendolyn Thomay. A Thomay. 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Jackie Wayhmgton. Joyephme Wayhmgton, Kim Wayhmgton. Royc Wayhmgton. Sharon Way.. Shakeerah Wayi. Teneeihah Wayick. Eddie Watkmy. Florence Watyon. Dorn Watson, R.N.. Ph D Watty, Jeyye Watty. Mattie WaytowK . Celina WBGO - FM Weatherly, Philip Weatheryhoe. Eddie Webb, I. Juanita WeE ster, Icon Weekv. Arneita WeeUnd. Phoebe WeequahK Day Nuryery Wemtraub. Michael Weiyman. Arthur Weiyman family Welch. Lear Welch. Nicole Welch. Sandra Welly. Mane Wert , ann»e Wert . Artemuy Wert . Bruce Weyt. Bord. Weyt, Carolyn Weyt. Carolyn A Berda Weyt. Jackie Weyt. K K. Weyt. Rodney Barne Weyt. Rove Weytmaay, Ba.yel Weytmaay. Dee Weytmaay. Dee Weytmaay. Donna Weytmaay. floe me Weyton, Mable Whaley. Marvin Wheeler, E. Wheeler. Sean Whitaker. Gary White Eliza White, Ollie Mry. White Selvtn White. Shaviy Mr. White. Shreata White. Uryula Whitehuryt. Mry A Mr W hit hr Id, CedrK Whitney. Vera Whitney. Vera Wtcky. Linda Winery. Phyfln Wiggball. Lenny Wiggball. Teddy Wigginy. Rebecca WWns. Roland Wilder. Grant Wildman Willumy. Alfred Willamy. Alma Willamy, Annie Willamy. Beverly Willamy. Bernadette Willamy. Bmky Willamy. Bonnie Mry. Willamy. Bonme Mry Willamy. Betty Willamy. Betty Willamy. Bran Willamy. Bran Willamy. Catherine Willamy. Chenye Willamy. Chenye Willamy, Cyntha Willamy, Dorothy Mry. Willamy. Earneyt Willamy, Eddie Mr. Willamy. ELoiye Willamy. Eloiye Willamy. Erneyt Willamy. Erneyt Willamy, Essie Willamy, Eve Willamy. family Willamy. Family Willamy. Gloria Willamy. Glona Willamy. Gloria Willamy. Grace Will am. Ida Willamy. Irma Willamy. Alien Jimey Willamy. Hattie Jamey Willamy. Jess Willamy. John Willamy. Kate Willamy. leanor Willamy, leyycl Willamy. Lula Mry. Williams. I W Williams. Maggie Mry. Williams, Maggie Williams. Marcia Williams. Mary Willamy. Michael Willamy. Michael Williams. Michael Willamy. Minnie Willamy. Minnie Willamy. Natalie Willamy. Natalie Willamy, Olive Willamy, Pinky Willamy. Willamy. Robert Willamy. Roland Willamy. S My Willamy. Stella Williams, Sydeny Willamy. Veronica Williams. Veronica Willamy. Veronica Williams, Veronica Willamy, VeronKa Willamy. VeronKa Willamy. Veronica Willamy. Viola Willamy. W Williford. Jessie Willis. GJora Willn. Madison Wilborn. Conela Wilson, Elena Wilson. Ellen Wilson. Ella Wilson. Glenn Wilson. Jason Wilson. Juanita Wilson, Larry Wilson. Mark Wilson. Nancy Wilson. Norma Wilson. Robert Wilson. Ralph Wilson. Ralph Wilson, Ralph Wilson, Ralph Wilson, Ralph Wmkey. Evelyn Winkey. Leslie Winston. Marie Wlnfned. Luc us Wmsiow. Theodore Witcher. Judy Witcher. Linda Withers. Herman Witherspoon. James Witherspoon M. Mrs Wolf, Shirley Wolfson. Abe Wolfson. Martin Womble. Gwen Wood. Harold Mr Woods. Michele Woodward, lerome Woodbndege. Lorraine Wrazz, Dawn Wra z. Patt Wrazz. Tammy Wright. AlKe Wright, Charles Wright. Dorothy Wright, Ernest Wright. Lula Wright. Lula Wright. Raymond Wright. T Wrulsten. B Miss Wrust. Barbara Wyatt. Al Y Yogod. Mir am Yancey. John Ray Yancey. John Ray Yancey, John Ray Yarbrough. Daney Mr A Mry. Willie Yates Yates, Bercy C. Yates. Katrina Yates. Stacey Yelardo. Charley Mry Carlene Young Young, Alke Young. Carmen Young. Denise Mr. Larry Young Yskame. Andrew Z Zaccone. Miram Zachau, Erma Zahradmk. M Zaneey. Elmira J Ziegler. Wini Ziegenfuss. Mr Zuu. Anne Zutis. Zinaida 131

Suggestions in the University High School - Phoenix Yearbook (Newark, NJ) collection:

University High School - Phoenix Yearbook (Newark, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 1


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1981, pg 40

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1981, pg 45

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