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 The door to a new Newark School has opened UNIVERSITY HIGH SCHOOL (formerly School Within A School) A Special School for Special Students The City Is Our SchoolComing from all parts of Newark, our academically gifted students pursue a rigorous college preparatory program.Those who meet the competitive admissions requirements arc with us eleven months a year. The stringent and diversified curriculum - four years each of humanities, mathematics, science, and foreign language, plus electives - not only challenges, but prepares students for admission to, and success in college.CONSTANTTeam 6Concept Because we are convinced that knowledge is unified, we avoid excessive departmentalization and compartmentalization. Each of the four grades has a team of teachers, one from each subject area, coordinated by a team leader. Each team meets daily, formulating schedules, conferring with parents and students, and tending to necessary paperwork. But the team concept is far more than this: it affords the staff real opportunity for professional growth — for example, how curriculum can best be coordinated and presented. The team concept conveys to the students the school's real sense of unity and purpose about their education. 00 ACADEMIC ENTHUSWithin our school of only 400 students and staff there is an air of informality and intimacy, which grows out of this limited size. Students are guided, nurtured, and taught according to their individual unique talents and personalities. We all know each other, and we all know that students learn best when treated holistically. The monthly parent-tcacher-student-organization meetings are well attended and parents are free to visit with us concerning their child's progress.CREATIVE LEARNINGIT’S ANDOT ALL WORK NO PLAY91 vDianaTION WE DEDICATE OUR BUILDING University High School completed its transformation from a program, SWAS, to a high school, when we dedicated it on November 18, 1977. The ceremony was very ably conducted by Ed Cunningham. Dignitaries included representative of the business, educational, professional. And religious communities. A1 De Rogatis, a vice president of Prudential, and Seymour Spiegel, the founding director of SWAS, were given special commendations. The library and conference rooms were dedicated to them for their unflagging support and determination which helped make University High School a reality. It was a day to remember, and who could be blamed for becoming emotional when two SWAS alumni, Marvin Comick, Harvard, ’77, and Valerie Hazelton, Connecticut Wesleyan, ’77, addressed the gathering. Everyone, especially the students and parents, agreed that this auspicious beginning could only mean continued success for University High in the future.A BUILDING IN TRANSITION Our building, 240 High Street, was previously the home of NJIT’s chemical engineering program. A significant renovation process was necessary to transform it into University High School. In September, 1977, students and staff demonstrated one of our hallmark qualities-flexibility-as ve were housed in four separate locations in neighboring institutions. The Newark Public Library for the seniors. Hill Hall at Rutgers for the juniors, NJIT for the sophomores, and the Newark Museum for the freshmen, were our “schools” until “240” was ready. The renovation process included three phases: one, the creation of 12 classrooms, an office complex, and cafetorium; phase two, completed in March of 1978, the renovation of eight additional classrooms on the second floor; and phase three the anticipated addition of a school-ready third floor, with additional classrooms, labs, and offices. TRANSITION I -fell BRAR' MUSIC lOfc 107 m I sm LADIES ROOIf iWe dedicated more than a building — we dedicated our ourselves. The success of University High School can be attributed to the solid dedication, perseverance, and zeal of students, teachers, parents, and supporters. While we arc relatively new (born in 1969) we have already established a track record second to none. Some 93% of our graduates have finished, or are still attending college. Capable students, talented teachers, concerned staff and administration, combined with a family atmosphere help explain our success. Our graduates to to find schools, including Harvard, MIT, and Princeton, stay there, do well, graduate, and pursue valuable and important careers. Above all. University High students are prepared to face the increasingly complex challenges of life. 21Success demands hard work and sacrifice. Upon completing the 8th grade, students arc required to attend school during the month of July. Courses range from English to criminology. In-coming freshmen, some 200 each year, are screened, consulted, counseled, and evaluated. It is a probationary period for all of them (and for us!). They take arithmetic, composition, introduction to laboratory science, French and Spanish, and geography skills. New 10th, 11th, and 12th grade programs vary, but the emphasis is on enrichment. We can do much more in July than during the “regular” school year. For example, the course on criminology involves not only student research, but SUMMERfield trips to the municipal and county courts and police headquarters. We also entertain guest speakers, experts in the field. Many other students pursue their studies in special programs, where they are introduced to college and the world of work. Over the years, UHS students have participated in programs including: Prudential Actuarial Program, Stevens Institute of Technology (STEP), Minority Introduction to Engineering at Carnegie Mellon and Lehigh Universities, Glassboro State Music program, Encampment for Citizenship, and many others. The summer, by consensus, is “the best month of the year.” SCHOOL 23Dedication We, the graduating class of 1978, wish to pay tribute to Mr. Seymour Spiegel, founder and former Director of School Within A School. School Within A School was the forerunner of what is now University High School. Mr. Spiegel, as early as 1968, saw a need for a school for highly motivated students. It was his effort and foresight which enabled such a school to come into being. His tenacity of purpose and his devotion to the idea that SWAS should be housed in a building of its own are the reasons that today we enjoy such a building, and that building is being improved constantly in order to house better and more efficient facilities. We, and all graduating classes of University High, owe a debt of gratitude to Mr. Spiegel. His vision and imagination are the primary cause of the existence of University High School. Mr. Spiegel is no longer involved in public education. He has sought a new career in private enterprise. We deeply feel that it is the business world’s gain and education’s loss. He was always there when he was needed; he was always willing to listen to both faculty and students; he was always open minded and circumspect in his thinking; he was always the one to whom we could turn when problems arose or some difficulty needed arbitration. It is with these thoughts in mind that we wish to dedicate University High School’s first yearbook. It is with these thoughts in mind that we wish to thank Mr. Spiegel for his efforts in our behalf. Few men give as Mr. Spiegel gave — of his time, of his imagination, of his kindness, of himself, night and day. So, Mr. Spiegel, please accept this dedication as our meager thanks for all the sweat and worry and disappointment you endured in order that we might reap the benefits of your efforts. You are, and shall be greatly missed. 24 mm FACULTYDirectors Message It has always been the dream of the administration, faculty, parents and students of School Within A School that one day we would have our very first independent graduating class. That day is now, and you are to be our very first graduates from University High formerly School Within A School. The Class of 1978 will always be special to us as we develop and grow as a prototype of an urban academic high school. The academic background which University High provides, will enable you to succeed in your future endeavors both in college and within the larger society. Always remember that anytime you need the advice of the faculty or just a friendly person to discuss your individual goals and objectives with, the entire faculty is at your disposal. The problems of our cities and their immediate survival will demand creative and innovative ideas. The young people of your generation will have this tremendous responsibility of resolving the problems or lessening their impact on society. I encourage each and every one of you to continue your active participation in community organizations. The Newark community needs you today more than ever. Our graduates have always made a commitment to obtain expertise and then to return to Newark and provide professional service to the residents as doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc. this is a tradition that I personally hope will continue to characterize the graduates of University High. On behalf of the administration, faculty and the Parent Teacher Student Organization, I congratulate you on your graduation from high school. I hope that your educational aspirations will continue until your ultimate career goal in life has been achieved. Mr. Willie J. Young University High School’s first director is Mr. Willie J. Young. For seven years he was the counselor in the SWAS program, taking one year off to serve as head counselor for Malcom X Shabazz High School. A product of Central High and Montclair State, Mr. Young now resides in East Orange. In the middle of the many changes of 1977-1978 — the physical renovation of 240 High Street, the transplanting of students, staff, and supplies from Malcolm X, and the coordination of parents, teachers, and students — Mr. Young was always there to see that things ran smoothly. Administration 28Mr. Joseph Malanga, our new deputy director, is one of the founders of SWAS-Universi-ty High School. He chose to pursue his educational career in the city where he was bom and raised. After teaching fourth grade for a year at Newton Street School, he taught social science at South Side High School (now Malcolm X Shabazz) for twelve years. In his transition from teacher to administrator, Mr. Malanga has kept his professional integrity and personal dedication without losing any of the warmth, consideration and congeniality that make him much more than just an administrator. We at University High consider ourselves fortunate to have Mr. Malanga as one of the heads of our “family.” Mr. Joseph MalangaDaniel Bender Business Thomas Boose Physical Education James Brown Mathematics Joseph Carangelo Science Jean Charles Foreign Language Fred Cuculo Guidance Edward Cunnigham English Terri Dangel Foreign Languages 30Faculty Ronald DcMiglio English Paula Eckstein Librarian Foad Fahmy Walter Genuario Mathematics Mathematics Frank Green Mathematics Saul Hammerman Science Rosita Holiday Guidance Barrington Jackson Art James Lowenstein Nellie McCloud Social Science Nurse Vivian Newmark John Ransome Foreign Languages Music 31Edwin Selby Music Lawrence Schulman Social Science Steven Shaffer Gloria Sheldon Social Science English Joylette Sutton Science Maureen Vanderbrande Foreign Languages Linda Veal Science Joan White Science Faculty Elizabeth MarinelloBetty Jackson Security Mary Armstrong Secretarial Viola Williams Secretarial Thomas Jefferson Security Reggie Saunders Security Joseph Angelo Fiore Romano Victor Maybank Custodial Ray Dawkins Josephine McDonald Evelyn Tyson CafeteriaThe Advisory Board has also been an essential component of the University High Program since 1969. Composed of some 25 individuals, including representatives of parents, labor, local business and industry, local colleges and universities, community organizations, and organizations of teachers and school administrators, the Advisory Board serves on many fronts. In addition to advising on curricular matters, it has given us substantial financial support and scholarships, and money for the purchase and renovation of our building. Prudential Insurance Company has been very cooperative in developing a mathematics program for our students in the summer. The Newark Public Library has provided its extensive facilities, and those of the Newark Museum over the years, times too innumerable to list. Rutgers and NJIT have been of incalculable value to us - through the High School Scholars Program, the special college-level calculus and physics program, and by providing classrooms in the previous summers, and especially Hill The Advisory Board Hall for the Seniors, in the 1977-1978 school year. Additionally, many foundations have made, often through the good offices of the Advisory Board, significant contributions to the school for which we are deeply appreciative. 34ESSENTIAL SUPPORT Since its inception, and continuing to the present. University High School has been able to exist and to flourish due in large measure to the support of two organizations: The Parents-Teachcr-Student Organization, and the Advisory Board. The P.T.S.O. Parent involvement has always been an essential ingredient in the UHS philosophy. Without the encouragement from concerned and loving parents, our students would not feel secure enough to face the challenges of growing up, and the demands and pressures of an academic high school. The parents meet monthly, learn about the program's ups and downs, help in teacher selection, raise funds for student activities, and when necessary, cajole, demand, and demonstrate before the powers that be. The parents know the value of University High; their commitment is real. Ms. Robbye Lee, current PTSO president, follows a line of able predecessors: Mr. G. Van Horne, Ms. L. Kirby, Ms. Naomi Chambers, Ms. Gladys Ray (2 terms), and Mr. Clarence Wright, (3 terms). To all of the officers and members, we say “thank you!” 35UNDERCLASS A DAISY A man once told a story About a daisy in the midst of a mudhole When everything around this daisy Was tattered decayed and cold ‘So straight!' he said that daisy stood With pride and dignity Until the daisy, not the mudhole Was all that he could see. Looking at this daisy There was something he wanted to know In the midst of all this debris How could that daisy grow? He thought and thought it over The answer remains unknown But one thing he certainly realized It wasn’t impossible for it to have grown. I don’t know whether the story is true But there is something that can be learned That through work and perservcrence Anything can be earned. M. E. Blue-Friedman9 Barnes, Kathy Bermudez, Christobal Blue, Monica Boyd, Phyllis Brown, Marie Burnett. Susan Bynum, Donald Carlton, Michelee Carter, Tracey } Chambliss, Carlton Clark, Kevin Denard, Patricia Diggs, Ayesha Edwards, Tanya Ellison. Renee Epps, Robin Fairley, Vanessa Fitzpatrick. Doris 38Flowers, Melisa Hush, Carolyn Frcidy. Alexis Fulton, Robin Hayes, Darrell Ingram. Debra Jenkins, Veronica Johnson, Steyen Holt, Dane Holt, Darnell Lane, Carolyn Larkins, Debra Lathan, Gwen Lawrence. Obctte Lee, Marcia Lewis. Gillaine Lynn, Cynthia Maddox. Gail 39Norman. Marie Pcan, Gerard Peppers. Renee Purdie, Bridgette Ramirez, Jesus RcVoal, Robyera Roper, Diedre Shabazz, Saadi Shelton, Bobbie Shorter, Andrea Sneed. Vel Stradford, FeliciaWilliams. Mary Woods. Lisa Wright, Carl Swinton, Michael Williams, Gloria Williams, James Wade, Janet West, Scheherazade Williams. CraigAdams. Carol Allen. Carmen Anthony. Patricia Armstrong. Sabrina Baker. Joe Bess. Loronia Bradley. Leslie Brantley. Lisa Breeden. Wayne Caldwell. Tina Campbell. Susan Chambers. Alease Christian. Cynthia Clanton. Michele Curtis, Don Daniels. Stephanie Diggs. Katrina Dowdy. Darren 42Gray, Colleen Green, Lynda Griffin, Valerie Goode, Sheila Gilliam. Michael Gibson. Barbara Hughes, Woodrene Jackson. Cynthia Jackson, Early Jefferson, Michele Holt, Monica Hill, Leonard 4)Luciano, Ivan Macon. Stephanie Maddox, Wayne McCoy, Retha McGill, Rosalie McLaine, Ruthie Jones, Debra Lee, Almeria Lee, Bcrnadine Lucas, Selena Lockett. Robert Jones, Pandora Jones, Trina Jones, Willie Kareem, Raziya Lambert, Earl Lee, Joan Lewis, RafiaPinero, Victor Pitts, Marion Plummer, Doris Richardson. Cheryl Riles, LaNetta Pierce, MichelleSmith. Tracey Smith. Troy Spann, Sheila Stuckey. Ernest Swinney. Veronica Tate. Nichelle Thompson. Clark Turner. Ramona Turner, Theresa Williams. Angela Williams. Barbara Williams. Joseph Vann. Linda 46 White Marqus Taylor. Denise White. Alonzo Thomas. Gladys Thomas. ChrisAdams, Wanda Albritton, Mariella Allen, Louis Anthony. Donna Alexander. Edward Allgood, Gail Armstrong. Toni Baskerville. Gail Boyd, Jacquelyn Broadnax, Audrey Bermudez, Yolanda Berry. Cheryl Brodie, Linda Brown. Jess Carlton. Alen Chambers, Curtis Chaplin, Mark Chapman. Leonette 48Clarke, Nancy Crawford. Devon Dixon, Carrie Dowdy, Todd Dozier, Wanda Clapps. Dana Dutton, Lynette Ellis. Yvette Faines. Wayne Fields. Gladys Fitzpatrick, Marsha 49Gordon, Carlos Graham, Julia Green, Anita Hannah. Jacqueline Harris, Regina High. Lorraine Hightower. Tracy Horton, Clyde Hyatte, Frank Ingram. Sharon Jacobs. Lisa Gonzalez, Celso Johnson, Geraldine Johnson, Pernell Jones, Sheila Kec. Deanna Johnson. Angela Kelly. HowardLee, Clifford •-rfV » Majced, Malikah Means. Kenneth McCloud. Antoinette McDonald. Tanya McCoy. Bernadette Morgan. Mary Morgan. Victor Morris. Barry Oliver. Richard Peacock, Sonya Perry. Derekf■ 9 9 2 Roberts, James Robinson, Cheryl Robinson, Karen Robinson. Twila Roebuck, Tawanna Rogers, Felicia 19 9 $ 3 Shabazz, Isa Shorter, Sharon Simmons, Krystal Stevenson, Cheryl Talbert, Katryna Taylor, Franceine Thomas, Denise Tillery. Randy Toler, April Traynham. Kenneth 520? i i Troxlcr, Devon Turner, Lynne Walker. Debbie Walton, James Weeks, James Wesley, l ymmi West, Carolyn White. Cecilia Williams. Cherise Williams, Derrick Williams, Ernest Williams, GailPhoenix Advisors - R. DcMiglio and J. Lowcnsicin Business Cynthia Brown, editor Kcrhan Caldwell Phyllis Bradley Mymonah Miah Mary Ruff Kim Sharpe Susan Burnett Marie Brown Robin Epps Debra Ingram O’bette Lawrence Dcirdrc Roper Janet Wade Pat Anthony Elisc Chambers Selena Lucas Literary Donna Benson Sheila Daniels Juanita Jordan Yolanda Morgan Toni Singleton Sharon Thompson Carlton Chambliss Cynthia Christian I-ay out Deanna Flewellen Kelly Riley Andrea Shorter Victor Piftiero Sports and activities Kathy Flowers Tony Melvin Chanda Ware Business Staffs Literary Layout Staffs “And the winners of the Phoenix Booster Contest are_____” Diedre Roper - 70 Tony Melvin • 60 Wanda Dozier - 10159Basketball Junior Varsity, 1978 R. Oliver, T. Smith, R. Williams, C. Lee. M. Gilliam, J. Baker, M. Chaplin. R. Frazier, G. Smith. W. Maddox Varsity, 1978 W. Johnson. D. Hayes, S. Hall, A. Crossley, T. Melvin. E. Johnson, A. Calloway, B. Howell. The coach of both squads is Mr. Reggie Saunders. JV Varsity Al Calloway Walter Johnson Tony MelvinBarry Howell Aaron Crosslcy Ev Johnson Reggie Saunders Coach “Satch” Girls’ Basketball 61Twirlers And Color Guard M66 Chanda Ware Deanna Flewellcn f Captain Sheila Daniels % Co-Captain Yolanda Morgan Twirlers67. 'Ml 'UPep Squad Kcrhan Caldwell Robin Young Phyllis Bradley C a P t a i n DeNeice Williams Co-Captain Charlette Collins Robin Mitchell 69Cheerleaders Dawn Toler Co-Capiain Love Armstrong Gail Carter Linda Connor Co-Captain Loretta Williams Captain 70R E e n c s o e r m d b e 1 r e 71Student Government Organization The purpose of the S.G.O. is to provide a better learning situation and establish unity among all the members of our school community. The student senate raises and appropriates funds, communicates with the various homerooms, classes, faculty members, administration and advises the student body on matters of student policy and conduct. Officers are: James R. Taylor, III, President; Bridgett Purdie, Vice-President; Cher-ise Williams, Recording Secretary; Lisa Gause, Corresponding Secretary, and Alexis Friedy, Treasurer. The advisor is Mr. Edwin Selby. Drama Club Composed of aspiring thes-pians, the drama club, in a workshop setting, reads and acts out scenes from plays. The president is Howard Washing-ston. The co-advisors are Ms. Joan White, and Mr. Ed Cunningham. Future Business Leaders Club The F.B.L.C. provides interested students an opportunity to learn about the world of business, their local business community, and about themselves as possible future business leaders. The advisor is Mr. Daniel Bender. 72National Honor SocietySENIORS There are several things we have to learn. Our journey has just begun. We are reaching for the world. Trying not to leave anything undone. There will be obstacles in our way Some we’ll have to ignore. But we will keep on moving. Even if we have to detour. You see, the river has been crossed But the ocean lies ahead. We will find it a challenge. Yet things remain unsaid. Yes, the future is ahead of us And we all must admit Things have been a little hard But baby, we made it. Donna Benson MY LAST GOODBYE TO THE CLASS OF ’78 The easiest part has almost come To an end and I must go on But, Really, am I ready to leave? To leave my friends and this old Home behind me? To go to new Dimensions far greater than I can Possibly conceive? Yes, I’m ready and I’m sure you Are too — willing and eager to see Just what this world has in store For you and me. Yolanda Morgan IT’S UP TO YOU A diploma's very special-It’s like a golden key That turns lock on any door Marked “opportunity.” But one thing to remember If you want to get inside-It’s up to you to give the nudge That swings it open wide. So use your key, but be aware It’s just a key at best And remember that it’s up to you To go and do the rest. Yolanda Morgan 74Virgina Love Armstrong Armstrong. Love Virginia Cheerleader 4. Stevens Technology Enrichment Program 3.4. Surgeon, Scriptwriter, Engineer. “To live and learn is to dig and be dug in return." Arvin, Phcon Kiz Nickname: Kizzy Track team 1,2 Band 2. All City Chorus 2. Prudential Actuary 2, Journalism Explorers’ Post 2, Honor Society 2,3, N.J.l.T. Engineering Program 3, Carnegie-Mellon Action Project 4, Who's Who 4. Civil Engineer, Writer, News Reporter. Sagittarius. Arvin, Renee Band 1, Honor Society. Who’s Who Among American High School Students 4. Track 1,2,3, Prom Committee 4. Transportation Engineering Program at N.J.l.T. 3, N.J.l.T. Engineering Program 4. Civil Engineer, Accountant, Airline Stewardess. A Thoughtful and Considerate Person. Capricorn. Barnes, Phyllis Marie Nickname: Nickki Computer Programmer. Photographer, Secretary', I’m quiet, cute and a fun person to be with. Cancer. Benson, Donna Nickname: W.G. Band 2, Yearbook Staff 4, Managing Editor School Newspaper 4. Aljay Model 3,4, Volleyball 4, Drama Club 4. Pediatrician, Corporate Lawyer, Actress. Whimsical, witty, loving, considcrat. "I love it.’’ Cancer. Bradley, Phyllis Nickname: Cowboy Flag Twirler 2. Business Staff of Yearbook 4, Child Psychologist, Physical Therapist. I’m a very friendly person who likes to meet people. I’m also fun to be with. Leo. Phcon Kiz Arvin 76 Renee ArvinBrian Brandon Cynthia Brown Brandon. Brian (Khalif Rasul Allh) Bilalian Student Union. President of the Leaguers Summer Program. Social Psychologist. Computer Programmer. Social Worker. I am affectionate and looking for the unwanted challenge; my goal is to conquer success, and to live and let live. As Salaam Alaikum. Libra. Brown. Cynthia Nickname: Cindy Chorus 1.2,3,4, MXS Band 1, MXS Drum Majorette 2,3, UHS Drum Majorette 4, Student Government Association 1,2,3,4, Drama Club 2. Newsletter page editor 4. Business Explorers Program 3. Montclair State College NSFA 3, Yearbook Staff 4. Accounting (C.P.A.). Business Management, Music. Popular, self-confident, amibitious. Capricorn. Caldwell. Kerhan A. Nickname: Qu ran Prom Committee 4, Business Staff of Yearbook 4. S.G.O. 4. Accountant. Registered Nurse. “Love, happiness, and peace is the key to a very successful life.” Capricorn. Calloway, Albert Nickname: Wumpy Swimming team 1,2, Band 1,2,3. Chess Club. Computer Science, Clinical Psychology. An efficient, shy. sensitive young man. Pisces. Carruthers. Joan Track 1.2,3.4, Chess club 1, Drama Club 1,2, Flag-Twirler (Captain) 2,3,4, Financial secretary of Yearbook 4. S.G.O. 2,3,4, Prom Committee 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Newsletter staff 2,3,4. Broadcast Journalist, Speech Pathologist, Communications. I am armed with beauty, intelligence, love and understanding; wit and cunning; wisdom and knowledge plus a strong ability to communicate and exchange ideas with others. Gemini. Carter, Gail Felicia Modern dance 1, Alpha Khi Gamma Sorority 1,2,3, Cheerleader 3.4. Stevens Institute of Technology Summer Program 1,2, Encampment for Citizenship Summer Program 3. Yearbook staff 4, Band 1, Gymnastic Club 3. Dental Hygienist. Dental Laboratory Technician. Dentist. Thoughtful, aggressive and intelligent person. Pisces. Cartwright, Cybelia Mixed Chorus I, Track Team 2,3,4, National Honor Society 2,3,4. N.J.I.T. Summer Program 3. Newsletter staff 3, Prudential Actuary Program 1. Civil Engineering, Fashion Designer. Psychologist. A fun-loving person and a seeker of excitement. Libra. 78 Albert CallowayChristian. Arleada Roberta Nickname: Chippy Health club 1,2, Library club 1.2. Art Exhibitions Contestant 2. Track Field 3, Peer Counseling 3. Who's Who Among American High School Students. Clinical Psychologist, Interior Decorator. I’m a very demanding, direct, considerate, gentle and a sincere young lady. Libra. Clark. Kimberley Juanita Flag twirler 3.4. Modeling Club 1.2. Modern Dance Club I, Drama Club 4. Lawyer. Fashion Buyer, Psychiatrist. A beautiful and bright young lady who enjoys talking, traveling and meeting people. Cancer. Collins. Charlettc Dcnicce Model club 1. African Dance 1, Pep Squad 1,2,3.4. Church Choir 2. Mixed Chorus 3.4. NAACP 3.4. Registered Nurse. Child Psychologist. Writer. Charming, witty, easy to get along with, an all around person. Sagittarius. Connor. Linda Cheerleader 2.3. Co-Captain Chccrlcading 4. Corresponding Secretary 2.3, Recording Secretary 4. Track 4. Drama Club 4. Gymnastic Club 3. Business Administration. Banking, Fashion Buyer. "Be ever wonderful!" Leo. Crossley, Aaron Jr. Student Government 3.4, Band 2.3.4. N.J.l.T. Summer Program 3. Engineering. Business Administration. Psychology. An outgoing, friendly young man who enjoys music and sports. Virgo. Dais. Rodney Bruce Junior Class Representative S.G.O., Senior Class Representative S.C.O., Mechanical Engineer. Aeronautical Engineer. Automotive Industry Proprietor. An innovative and very observant young man. Gemini. Kimberley Juanita Clark 80 Charlotte Denise CollinsLinda Connor Aaron Jr. Crossley Bruce Rodney Dais 81m Deanna I. Flewellen Sheila Joness Daniels Harry Edgerton Jaques Leon De Vose II Lisa Dyesfm Ta Relic Franklin Annie Frazier Daniels. Sheila Joness Nickname: Sherri Twirler 2. Majorette 3. Captain 4. Montclair State Summer Program 3. Junior Class Representative. Yearbook Staff. Lawyer. Political Science. Teacher. The main objectives of life arc to be loved, share happiness, and enjoy peace. “Love. Happiness, and freedom of thought should be shared by every human being." Sagittarius. Dcvosc, Jacques Leon II Marching Concert Band 1.2,3, Newsletter, Science Club, Yearbook Staff, S.G.O. rules committee. Politician, Journalist Photographcr. Electrical Engineer. Musician. “I have many hidden qualities that only a special few discover.” Cancer. Dyes, Lisa Nickname: Grandma Concert Chorus 1,2,3, S.G.O. 4. Travel Club 4, Cinema Club 4, Interpreter, Computer Programmer. “I will struggle to succeed in all my future endeavors." Pisces. Edgcrton, Harry Outdoor Track 1,2,3, Electrical Engineer. Accountant, Doctor. A young man with a nice attitude, who loves keeping himself healthy. Gemini. Flewellcn, Deanna I. Nickname: Flo Twirler 4. Modeling Club 2.3. Swimming Team 2,3, Yearbook Staff 4. Newsletter Staff 4, Drama Club 4. A determined, friendly lovable young lady. Pisces. Flowers Kathy Nickname: Teddy Bear Band 1,2.3,4, Tennis 3,4, Track 1, Gynecology. Pediatrics. Art, A bright friendly young lady. Gemini. Franklin, Ta-Rclle Nickname: Tee-Tec, Cinammon. Lollipop Track 4, Honor Society 2,3, S.G.O. 2, Color Guard 2,3,4, Stevens Institute 2,3,4, N.J.I.T. Summer Program 2,3,4. Dancer, Electrical or Mechanical Engineer. I am carefree, fun loving and sweet but I can also be serious and understanding, with just a touch of stubborncss and assertiveness. Leo. Frazier, Annie Nickname: Twiggy MXS Band 1,2,3, MXS Track 1, Trip Committee 4. S.G.O. 4, Business Administration. Sweet, kind, fricnly. "Really, Mymonah." Scorpio. 83Freeman. Sharon Marie MXS S.G.O. 4. Fundraising committee 4, Registered Nurse, Accountant. Computer Scientist. “The only way to accomplish your goals is to go to school and get an education.” A friendly girl. Virgo. Grant, Yvonne Modern Dance 1, Trip Committee 4, S.G.O. Representative 2, Flag Twirler 4. Beautician.Fashion Designer. Witty, amiable, congenial and even-tempered. Sagittarius. Hall, Samuel B. Nickname: Benic Band 1.2,3,4, Explorers 1,2, Kiwanis Leadership Institute. Recorder Ensemble 3. Pisces. Hayes. Shelia Alpha Khi Gamma Sorority 3.4, Future Nurses Club 1,2. Newsletter 1,2,4. Second page editor 4. S.G.O. 4. Senior class trip committee 4. Stevens Institute of Technology, Mixed Chorus 1,2,3. Sociologist. "I enjoy being around people who understand the true meaning of being themselves at all times.” Pisces. Howell. Barry Student Government 1,2, National Honor Society, Swimming Team. Explorers Club. Electronic Engineer. Dcn-istry. Medicine. An intelligent and friendly young man. Aries. Hyattc. Heather Estelle Nickname: Boo MXS Chess Club 1. MXS Modern Dance I, Conquerors Club Treasurer 1,2, Conquerors member 3,4, Newsletter 1.2.3, Page editor 4. Sophomore Class President, Senior Class Vice President, STEP Program 1,2,3. Gospel Team 1.2.4. Mathematician, Vocal Music, Together, Cross. Shelia Hayes Barry Howell Heather Estelle HyattcWilliam A. Jones Sharon Little Jeffries, Debra Michele Nickname: Webbie Cornell University Advanced Placement 4, N.J.l.T. 4, Prudential Actuary-Program 2, Who’s Who Among American High School Students 4, Chorus 2, All-City Chorus 2. Neurologist. Gynecologist. “Do unto others before they do it to you." Cancer. Johnson, Vincent Reginald Track 1,2, Cross Country Track, S.G.A. 1,2,3, Library Club 1. Dentist Radiology, Data Processing. Intelligent, charming, quiet young man. Gemini. Johnson. Walter E. Basketball 2,3,4, Chorus 1,4. Professional Musician Vocalist. A bright and playful young man. Virgo. Jones. William A. (Saleem Hassan Fardan) The Bilalian Studcns’ Union 3. Physician, Business Administration. Management. “I am one who is hard working and determined to survive and succeed in life." Cancer. Jordan. Juanita Marie Band 1,2,3,4, Softball 2,3,4, NHS 3,4, Recorder Ensemble 2, S.G.O. 2.3.4. J.C. Financial Secretary 3, Yearbook Committee 4, Newsletter page editor 4, Prudential Actuarial Program I, Glassboro State College Music Enrichment 1,2, Carnegie-Mcllon University 3, N.J.l.T. 4. Who’s Who Among American High School Students. S.C. Executive Board Committee 4. Actuary, Chemist. Leo. Little. Sharon Band 2,3,4, S.G.O. 3,4. Engineer. Accounting. Psychology, A charming, sweet, honest young lady. Gemini. Mayers, Lisa D. Tennis I, Prudential Actuarial Program 1. Band 2,3,4, Montclair State College NSFA 3, Who’s Who Among American High School Students. N.J.l.T. 4, Yearbook 4. Business Administration. Computer Programmer. Management. Quiet, anxious young lady. Gemini. McCargo, Calvin Bruce Band 1,2,3,4, Alpha Phi Kappa 1.2.3,4. Engineering. Performing Art Mu-sic. “The world will come to those who wait." Taurus. Lisa D. Mayers Calvin Bruce McCargo 8788 Brenda Jean Means Tony Melvin Mymonah MiahMeans. Brenda Jean Nickname: B.J. Chorus 1.2, Band 1,2, Tennis 1,2, S.G.O. 1,2.3.4. Track 1,2, Modern Dance 1,3, Softball 2, Library Club 3, Travel Club 4. Yearbook Staff 4, Cornell Summer A.P. Program. Surgeon. Medical Doctor, Genctical Biologist. “I'm a friendly person as well as a person in my own right.” Libra. Melvin, Tony Swimming Team 1.2,3,4, Football Team 2. Class Treasurer 2, Sr. Class Officer 4, Swimming Captain 2,3,4, N.J.I.T. 2.Carnegic-Mellon Action Program 4, Engineering, Accounting. Virgo. Miah, Mymonah Nickname: Mickie Tennis Club I, S.G.O. 1,2.3, MXS Band 2. S.G.O. 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Cornell Advanced Placement Program 3, Pediatrician. Sociologist, Lawyer. Pleasant, outgoing, cheerful. Leo. Miller, Donna Jean Track 1,2, Band 2,3,4, STEP Program 2,3, Veterinarian, Research Scientist. Concert Pianist, An intelligent, friendly, soft-spoken young woman. Pisces - Aries Cusp. Mitchell. Marcella Eunice Modeling Club 1,3, Track 1, N.J.I.T. Engineering Program 4. Carnegie-Mcllon Action Program 3, National Honor Society, Tennis Club 2. Senior Class Treasurer, Civil or Chemical Engineer, Business Administration, Flight Attcndcnt, A sweet and tender young lady, intelligent, quiet and affectionate. Loyal, trustworthy and friendly. Taurus. Mitchell, Robin Renee Pep Squad (co-captain) 2,3,4, Modeling Club 1, Modern Dance 1, Track 1,3. Recorder Ensemble 2,3, Prudential Summer Program ‘75, Carnegie-Mcllon ’77, tf.J.I.T. ’77-’78, National Honor Society. Pharmacist, Physical Therapist, C.P.R. “Country Puerto Rican-you know what I mean.” Donna Jean Miller Marcella Eunice Mitchell Robin Renee Mitchell 89Eric Mobley Yolanda Morgan P WM m. Valerie PryorMaria Magdclcna Ramirez Miriam Ramos Kelly Delores Riley Mobley, Eric Nickname: Moc Man Prudential Actuary Program I, Track 2,3, Football 3.4. Class Officer 4, N.J.I.T. Urban Engineering 2, N.J.l.T. Engineering Program 3.4. Psychologist, Dentist, Engineer-Fun-loving. serious, generous and stubborn. Morgan. Yolanda Nickname: Yo-Yo Twirling Squad 3, Co-Captain 4. Yearbook Staff 4, Newsletter Staff 4. Blair Summer School, Encampment for Citizenship 3. Journalist- Communications, Speech Therapist. Political Scientist, Warm. Sensitive. “I am interested in developing my mind so that one day 1 might be better able to affect the quality of life.” Pryor, Valerie Nickname: Val Alpha Chi Gamma Sorority 2, Sergeant-At-Arms 3.4. Sergeant-at-Arms Jr. Class (MXS) 3, Color Guards Co-Captain 2,3,4, STEP Program 3.4. Student Government Organization 4, Prom Committee 4, Pediatrician. Registered Nurse, Intelligent, nice. Aries. Ramirez, Maria Magdclcna Nickname: Magic Band 1.2,3,4, Recorder Ensemble 1,2, Swim Team 3, NHS 3,4, Who’s Who Among American H.S. Students. S.G.O. 3, Tennis Team 3, Newsletter Staff, Senior Class Fun Raising Committee 4, Basketball 4, Prudential Actuary Program I, GlassboroState College 1,2, Carnegie Mellon University 3, N.J.I.T. 4, Conscientious, Ambitious. Libra. Ramos. Miriam Chorus 2, Health Careers Club 3.4, Senior Executive committee. Pharmacist, Nurse. ‘‘United we stand, divided we fall.” Taurus. Riley, Kelly Deloris Band 1,2, S.G.O. 1,2, Yearbook Staff 4. Law, Early Childhood Education. Journalism. A responsible and confident young lady. Libra. Ruff. Mary Library club 2,3, Yearbook Staff 4, Fundraising Committee 4. Montclair State College National Science Foundation, Nursing. Registered Nurse, “By working hard you will accomplish something.” Cancer. Sharpe. Craig Track 1,2,3,4, Chorus 1,2,3,4. Crosscountry 1,2,3,4. Engineering, Doctor. Military, A quiet, charming, ambitious, warm young man. Capricorn. Craig Sharpe 91Dawn Jonette Toler Sharon Thompson Chanda J. Ware 92I Sharpe, Kim Modern Dance 1, Jr. Class Representative 3, Yearbook Staff 4. S.G.O. 4. Prom Committee 4, Youth Organization 3. Newsletter Staff 4, Business Administration, Management, Nursing, Looking for success in the near future. Capricorn. Singleton, Antoinette Daricc Nickname: Toni Band 1.2,3,4, Swim Team 3.4, Dance Club 1,2,3.4, NHS 3.4. Recorder Ens. 1,2.3, Newsletter Staff (page 4 editor) 4, Basketball 4, Yearbook staff 4, Prudential Actuarial Program 1, Glassboro State College 2, MITE Lehigh Seminar 3, Carnegic-Mellon University 3, N.J.I.T. 4. S.G.O. 1.4. Who’s Who Among American High School Students 4. Determined, Dedicated, and Diligent. Cancer. Taylor. James Nickname Bootsy Band 1,2,3, S.G.O. 1, Who’s Who Among American High School Students 4. Aerospace Engineer, Mechanical Engineer. System Operations Technician, "I am a clam, cool, loyal, energetic person, wishing for future comfort and luxury. and being able to share my talents with everyone.” Taurus. Taylor, Sonja Nickname: Abbic Recorder Ensemble 1,2,3, Track Team 1.2, S.G.O. 3.4. Chorus 4, Trip Committee 4. Yearbook Staff 4. Computer Technician, Psychologist. "Keep Smiling.” Leo. Toler. Dawn Jonette Nickname: Dawnie Modern dance I, Crochet Club 1. Chccrlcading 1,2,4. Swimming Team 4. Stevens Institute of Technology 2, Gymnastics 3.4. Representative-At-Large 3. S.G.A. 1.2.3, Modeling Club 1,3. Child Psychologist, Physical Therapist, Sociologist. "Life is a challenge that is to be conquered.” Gemini. Thompson, Sharon Bowling Club 1, National Honor Society. Junior Class Representative. Peer Counselor 3, Explorers Club 2, Yearbook Staff 4. Student Government 2, Industrial Psychologist. Confident, intelligent, sensitive. Capricorn. Ware, Chanda J. Nickname: Froggic MXS Track 1. MXS Band 1.2,3, UHS Band 4, Yearbook Staff 4, S.G.O. 4, Ring Cap and Gown Committee 4, Electrical Engineer. Civil Engineer. Accountant, Hardworking, witty and friendly. Sagittarius.I.orctta Denise Williams Pamela Patricia Williams Williams, Alvin Newsletter 1,2, Radio Television Workshop. N.J.I.T., Journalist, Computer Analyst. A serious, devoted young man. Virgo. Williams, DcNcice Bernetta Pep Squad Captain 2,3,4, Modeling Club 1. Modern Dance Club 1.Track I, Recorder Ensemble 1.2. Prudential Actuarial Program 1, M.J.I.T. Summer Program 3, N.J.I.T. 4. Corresponding Secretary, Junior Class. National Honor Society, Medical Career, Physician. “Always and Forever!" Libra. Williams, Gloria Nickname: Glo Track I, Health Career Club 1, Band 2,3,4, Jazz Band 3, Prudential Actuarial Program 1, Radio Choir 1.2,3,4 Executive Board 4. Chorus 1, Social Worker, Sociologist. Urban Engineer, “Knowledge is the ever flowing fountain and I am the vessel trying to receive all that is issuing." Taurus. Williams. Hylia Nickname: Candy Modern Dance 1, Track 1,2, Flag Twirling 1,2,3,4, Yearbook Staff 4. Traffic Engineers of Port Authority 3, Bell Laboratories 3. National Honor Society 1.2, Prudential Insurance Co. 1, Tennis 4. Recorder Ensemble 3. N.J.I.T. 4. Civil Engineer, Certified Accountant. Taking care of Keiyanez. Somewhat sophisticated. Capricorn. Williams, Loretta Denise Modeling Club 1, Library Club 1. Modern Dance 1, Cheerleader 2.3, Captain Chcerlcading 4, Yearbook Staff 4. Student Government 1. Saint Peter’s College Summer Program 3, Doctor. Lawyer. Political Scientist. Kind, understanding, playful, young lady. Gemini. W'illiams, Pamela Patricia NAACP 1,2.3.4, Drama Club 2. Modern Dance I, S.G.O. 1,2,3,4, Fund-Raising Committee 1,2,3,4. Pediatric Nurse, Business Manager. Registered Nurse, "Don’t ever say you can’t, because you can only do it if you try." Aquarius. 95Youngc, Derek McKinley Nickname: Ricky MXS Band 1,2, Recorder Ensemble 2,3, Newsletter 1,2,3, Editor in Chief 4, S.G.A. 3. S.G.O. 4, Cornell Advanced Placement Program 3, Debating Team 4, Drama Club 4. Vice-President Sophomore class. Vice-President Junior Class, Prudential Explorer Post for Journalism 2,3, Gospel Team 2,3.4. Lawyer, actor, author. Intelligent, humorous, ambitious and optimistic. “Nay, In all these things, we arc more than conquerors through Him that loved us ... " "Cross of Jesus Christ.” Young, Robin Nickname: Kecblcr Band 2. Chorus 2, Yearbook Staff 4. Who’s Who Among American High School Students 4. S.G.O. 4. Newsletter Staff 4. Journalism, Commcrical Art. "Do unto others and they won’t do unto you." Aquarius.Last Will And Testament We, the senior class of 1978, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath and set in motion this last will and testament. We do not intend to discredit, embarrass, or create problems for anyone. Our sole intention is to pay tribute to the deserving seniors friends, underclassmen and teachers of University High School. We would like to begin by expressing our appreciation and gratitude for our past four years at University High School. We would also like to thank Rutgers University for the use of its facilities, and the college experience we received while we were there. To Robin Mitchell, a better friend, you deserve it! To Brian Brandon, all the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding you need and deserve. To Annie Frazier. “If you can’t be good, be careful." To Kerhan Caldwell, a book on how to curb your diet. To Joan Carruthcrs. “Phoney of the Year Award.” To Marcella Mitchell, accurate records. To Cybelia Cartwright, a tu-tu you can handle. To Yolanda Morgan, a scarf you can wear with every outfit. To Valerie Pryor, a zipper to keep your mouth shut. To Charlette Collins. Support Can Be Beautiful, but in your case-impossible. To Leon De Vose, a new camera that works. To Harry Edgerton. a position on Santa's sleigh as head reindeer. To Kathy Flowers, the man you’ve always wanted. A.C. To TaRellc Franklin, a five year meal ticket. To Sam Hall, Now it’s time to Move Ahead. To Sheila Hayes. Walter Johnson. To Vincent Johnson, a vacation for the working man. To Kelly Riley, life-time membership to Elaine Powers. To Craig Sharpe, a class you can be president of. To Robin Young, a body to match the size of your head. To James Taylor, a pik, better yet..a rake. To Sharon Thompson. “Follow your nose. Snoopy!". To Juanita Jordan, a pair of leather boots. To Love Armstrong, a friend who will keep your secrets. To Phcon Arvin, a muzzle. To William Jones, a year’s supply of Effcrdcnt. To Renee Arvin, a sister who won’t always get you over. To Lisa Mayers, What’s up Zom- - -Bie? To Phyllis Barnes. Albert Calloway. To Brenda Means, Chapstick - Lip Balm. To Mymonah Miah, some panty shapers. To Calvin McCargo, K 2 R Spot Remover. To Tony Melvin, a pin to let the air out of your muscles. To Eric Mobley, Much success in your future endeavors. To Donna Benson, a career as Erica on “All My Children." To Linda Connors, Have a good year and lead a good cheer. To Bruce Dais, a lie somebody will believe and a ticket out of the Mafia. To Phyllis Bradley, a horse. To Donna Miller, a good straightening comb. To Gail Carter, someone you won’t get smart with. To Albert Calloway, a heavy duty toothbrush. To Kim Clark, a pair of shoes you can’t turn over. To Aaron Crosslcy, a chance to pick the woman you really want.To Heather Hyatte, "Mother of the Senior Class. To Debra Jefferies. "Big Bird Contest Winner." To Sheila Daniels, someone’s man you won’t chase after. To Barry Howell, maturity if you can handle it. To Walter Johnson, the “Jock of The Year Award!’ To Chanda Ware, a lily pad to jump on. Froggy. To Dc Neice Williams, a private place to carry on. To Derek Younge. a teacher that you can’t debate with. To Hylia Williams. May all your fantasies come true. To Yvonne Grant, a little kindness never hurts. To Gloria Williams. The Gloria Williams Public Library To Loretta Williams, a cage in the zoo so that you can be tamed. To Pamela Williams. We’ve created a mon - - - - ster. To Alvin Williams, a computer to bug out with. To Sonya Taylor, an outfit to compliment you eyes. To Miriam Ramos. "Ms. Congeniality." To Mark Parker, a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court. To Deanna Flewellcn. a relationship between Donna Benson and yourself that will last more than one day. To Kim Sharpe, someone’s business you don’t know. To Maria Ramirez, a couple of F's to face reality. To Cynthia Brown, the look of a woman your age. To Lisa Dyes, all the freshmen boys. To Arleada Christian, a perfect paper in Mr. Charles’ class. To Sharon Freeman. Thanks for proving to us there is always someone for everyone. To Mary Ruff, candidacy for sainthood. To Dawn Toler, an act we can’t sec through. To Antoinette Singleton. 1 in the class..... Luck Next Time. To Sharon Little, a dip in chocolate so you’ll match your mate. To Mr. Fahmy. a pyramid. To Mr. Cunningham, a group of students that won t fall asleep on you. To Mr. Hammerman, a new pair of galoshes. To Ms. Sheldon, a cooperative Newsletter staff. To Mr. Charles. Clean up your act! To Mr. Brown, a bandfront that will win first prize. Ms. Marinelle, for many hours preparing us for college entrance — THANKS! To Mr. Malanga. Look out below! To Mr. Ransome, Ms. Sutton. To Ms. Eckstein, some books to put in your library. To Dr. Schulman, We finally made it. I guess we told you! To Mr. Selby, a together recorder ensemble. To Mr. Carangelo, Ms. Marincllo. To Mr. Cucolo, THANKS. To Mr. Dc.Miglio, your very own yearbook to write and edit. To Mr. Young. Much success with you new school. To the class of 1979, You’re not grown yet, give it a little time, you'll get there. To the class of 1980, Maturity, wisdom, and much success in the years ahead, because you're going to need it! To the class of ’81, This is your school, make something of it! If there is anyone who feels they have been discredited, embarassed, or now faced with a big problem, we leave one last word: TOUGH!!!! 99Words Of Wisdom From What we've undergone the past four years is quite subtle in comparison to what lies ahead. We as a people can remake this world. Remember, “opportunity you grasp today, tomorrow it may not come your way!” Yolanda M. What you want to be is something you are now becoming. Love A. Now is the time for us to face the real challenge of life and the world that has to be won. Cynthia B. “Be a leader, not a follower.” Deanna F. Life only exists once, so go out into the world with your acquired knowledge and grasp your chosen career, develop it to your fullest potential and distribute it among the world. Robin Y. “To thine own self by true!" "Our yesterdays follow us; they constitute our life and they give character and force and meaning to our present deeds.” Phyllis B. “Whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well." Valerie P. May many hours of love and happiness follow us throughout our lives. Kerhan C. Hey! What more can I say, to a class that has class. I know we're going to pass. So be it. Peace! and may Allah bless you all. Craig S. “Life is too short and precious. Therefore, don’t waste one moment. Do what you can today, because tomorrow may never come. Whatever you do. I wish you much success and happiness." S. Daniels. Life must go on. “Genius is one per-cent inspiration and ninety-nine per-cent perspiration." Marcella M. “Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for Humanity." Renee A. 1 wish each and every person in the graduating class of ’78. the best of luck in all your future goals. Gail C. As-Salaam-Alaikum. Saleem J. Life is serious. Whatever you decide now will determine your future. Remember, nothing is as easy as it seems. Just be on guard. You’ll be suprised how much you can learn by watching, listening and being in the right place at the right time. Arleada C. Instead of worrying about what everybody else is doing and has done, concentrate on what you can do and what you will do to better yourself and the world around you. Albert C. Each person is an individual, with an individual mind. Do not conform to the ways of others. Always remember: You are unique. There is no one exactly like you. Therefore, you are a special being capable of controlling your own life. Pheon A. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you; but always look out for 1. Look to this day because tomorrow is a dream and yesterday was reality.The Class Of ’78 Looking beyond the silver lining is not enough, but g ing beyond it can be fulfilling. Kathy F. Don’t let the storms of life get you down_Remember the sun will shine and the rainbow full of colors will brighten up your life. Stand up for what you believe, even if nobody else agrees with you. Someday everybody will honor you for being yourself. Miriam R. I wish you success, and all your future desires to be granted. Vincent J. Love is a feeling you feel when you’re about to feel a feeling you’ve never felt before. Good Luck. Class of 78. Robin M. For those who didn’t know but were afraid to ask: we seek we grow we discover we make we lose we go we recover we please we create we give we achieve we will live Khalif B. Life’s the most precious gift of all. The chance to experience the physical and spiritual things that life itself offers is the most precious treasure of all. Kim S. Ours is the challenge to try to do morc-to contribute to our sisters and brothers-to take the lead and say. yes; forget the word "impossible”. We, working together, can bring people together. DeNeicc W. We’ve come a long way: and we still have a long way to go. Walter J. Reach out and touch the many opportunities life offers you. Develop all of the talents within you. Try to accomplish all the things that will make “you” a happy person. Charlette C. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Eric M. Well, it’s time to move on. people, on into the real world. As we continue to mold our lives, I hope we will never forget the memorable moments that we’ve shared together. 1 pray that we will all be blessed and truly pursue any ambition that will help both your society and you. Be strong and hold on ... cause we’re gonna make it. Now that we arc free to determine the outcome of our lives, rebuild the world, shape it. and love it for today and tomorrow. Yvonne G. This is only the beginning; what we’ve gone through so far can only be a small portion of what we have to face. Remember ... the effort applied is the ointment to the failure and the foundation to success. Leon D. To look back on our past in the presence of the future allows us to remember the roads we’ve journied to accomplish our goals in life. Sheila H. Achieve your goals today because tomorrow is the farthest reality. Aaron C. 101Senior Directory Armstrong. Love 172 Huntington Avenue Newark. N. J. Daniels, Sheila 16 North Fifth Street Newark. N. J. Jones, Williams 420 South 11 Street Newark. N. J. Riley. Kelly 16 Huntington Terrace Newark. N. J. Arvin. Pheon 9 Grumman Avenue Newark. N. J. Dais, Rodney Bruce 132 South Ninth Street Newark. N. J. Jordan, Juanita 21 Wolcott Terrace Newark. N. J. Ruff, Mary 208 Camden Street Newark. N. J. Arvin. Renee 9 Grumman Avenue Newark. N. J. Devose. Leon 161 Johnson Avenue Newark. N. J. Little, Sharon 515 Elizabeth Avenue Newark. N. J. Sharpe. Graig 88 Somerset Street Newark, N. J. Barnes. Phyliss 18 Buffington Street Newark. N. J. Dyes. Lisa 440 Elizabeth Avenue Newark. N. J. Mayers. Lisa 87 Chadwick Avenue Newark, N. J. Sharpe. Kim 732 South 18 Street Newark. N. J. Benson, Donna 296 South 11 Street Newark. N. J. Edgarton. Harry 114 Barclay Street Newark. N. J. McCargo. Calvin 165 Wccquahic Avenue Newark, N. J. Singleton, Antonette 54 Boyd Street Newark. N. J. Bradley. Phyliss 351 13 Avenue Newark. N. J. Flewcllcn, Deanna 189 Seymour Avenue Newark. N. J. Means. Brenda 686 South 11 Street Newark. N. J. Taylor, James 80 Sunset Avenue Newark, N. J. Brandon. Brian Apt. 10-H 49 Lincoln Street Newark. N. J. Brown. Cynthia 430 North Fifth Street Newark. N. J. Caldwell, Kerhan 246 Renner Avenue Newark. N. J. Calloway. Albert 215 Renner Avenue Newark, N. J. Carter. Gail 274 West Kinney Street Newark. N. J. Cartwright, Cybelia 105 Keer Avenue Newark, N. J. Flowers, Kathy 145 Hedden Terrace Newark. N. J. Franklin, Debbie 299 Clinton Avenue Newark. N. J. Frazier. Annie 814 South 19 Street Newark. N. J. Freeman, Sharon 339 Leslie Street Newark, N. J. Grant, Yvonne 437 Badger Avenue Newark. N. J. Hall. Sam 171 Hillside Avenue Newark, N. J. Melvin, Tony 274 West Kinney Street Newark. N. J. Miah, Mymonah 26 Beverly Street Newark. N. J. Miller. Donna 463 Fourth Avenue Newark, N. J. Mitchell, Marcella 381 Badger Avenue Newark. N. J. Mitchell, Robin 319 Belmont Avenue Newark, N. J. Mobley, Eric 135 James Street Apt. 10E Newark. N. J. Taylor. Sonja 274 Littleton Avenue Newark, N. J. Thompson. Sharon 117 Vassar Avenue Newark. N. J. Toler, Dawn 97 Prince Street Apartment 3A Newark, N. J. Williams. Alvin 732 South 18 Street Newark. N. J. Williams. Bernetta 191 Dewey Street Newark, N. J. Ware, Chandcr 797 South Tenth Street Newark. N. J. Carruthers, Joan 754 South 19 Street Newark. N. J. Hayes, Sheila 413 Clinton Place Newark, N. J. Monroe, Beverly 126 Chadwick Avenue Newark, N. J. Williams. Gloria 141 James Street Newark, N. J. Christian, Arleada 14 Schecrer Avenue Newark, N. J. Howell, Barry 253 South Seventh Street Newark. N. J. Morgan, Yolanda 595 North Fifth Street Newark. N. J. Williams, Hylia 335 South 12 Street Newark, N. J. Clark. Kimberly 678 South 18 Street Newark. N. J. Hyattc, Heather 15 Dewey Street Newark, N. J. Parker. Mark 7 Bock Avenue Newark, N. J. Williams, Loretta 477 University Avenue Newark, N. J. Collins. Charlotte 24 Riverview Terrace Newark, N. J. Jeffries, Debra Newark. N. J. Pryor. Valicric 62 Seymour Avenue Newark, N. J. Williams, Pamela 326 14 Avenue Newark. N. J. Connor, Linda 373 Seymour Avenue Newark, N. J. Johnson. Vincent 435 South 11 Street Newark. N. J. Ramirez, Maria 706 South 19 Street Newark, N. J. Youngc, Derek 746 South Tenth Street Newark, N. J. Crosslcy, Aaron 166 North 12 Street Newark, N. J. Johnson. Walter 837 Hunterdon Street Newark, N. J. Ramos, Miriam 202 Montclair Avenue Newark, N. J. Young. Robin 96 Grand Avenue Newark, N. J. 102Advisors Message They say that the first time around is the hardest. It's impossible to imagine things getting anything but easier! University High did not exist until September, 1977, and we did not move into our building until a month later. Advisors had to volunteer, staffs had to be recruited, a photographer and publisher contracted with, al! at the proverbial last minute. We were very fortunate in all respects. We are deeply appreciative to many — staff members Yolanda Morgan, Sheila Daniels, Maria Ramirez, and Sharon Thompson, along with a host of others, for the hours of meetings, writing, editing, rewriting, typing, and going slightly beserk with us as we faced deadlines. To the business staff which labored heroically for long hours on the booster campaign, raising well over $2,000, profound thanks, especially to Cynthia Brown, Susan Burnett, Kcrhan Caldwell, and 20 more. To our colleagues, with particular appreciation to Paula Eckstein and Walter Genuario, many thanks for the assistance in fundraising, and patience with us as we made demands on their time and nerves, to get the work done in a quality way, and on time. Special thanks to our director and deputy director, Willie Young and Joe Malanga. for their wisdom, guidance, understanding, and help in a hundred different ways. We are particularly indebted to Mr. Lou Esposito, the yearbook publisher's representative, a pro in every sense of the word, without whom this book would have been impossible. And finally, thanks to Mr. Louis Allen of Glamour Studios, for his fine photographs, and many trips to the school. And, of course, thanks to the class of 1978, the raison d'etre of the first PHOENIX. Ron De Miglio Jim Lowenstcin 103 P.T.S.O. Congratulations to the class of 1978 from the University High School Parent Teachers Student Organization President: Robbye Lee Vice-President: John Breeden 2nd Vice-President: Saul Hammerman Treasurer: George Lane Congratulations WILLIE J. YOUNG, DIRECTOR JOSEPH J. MALANGA, VICE PRINCIPAL 104 Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die Life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly. -Langston Hughes May your dreams come true! Class of ’80 SOPHOMORE FACULTY Walter Genuario Gwen Jackson Steve Shaffer Gloria Sheldon Joylette Sutton Maureen Vanderbrande Guidance: Fred Cucolo NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY S.G.O. The Student Government Organization of University High School wishes the best of good fortune to the class of '78. Mr. E. Selby, Advisor Seniors DeNeice Williams, President Pheon Kiz Arvin, Vice-President Cybelia Cartwright, Secretary Juanita Jordan, Treasurer Renee Arvin Terrell Franklin Barry Howell Debra Jefferies Marcella Mitchell Robin Mitchell Eric Mobley Maria Ramirez Antoinette Singleton Dawn Toler Derek Younge Juniors Phyllis Boyd Carlton Chanbliss Renee Ellison Debra Larkins Mary Williams Sophomores Michelle Clanton Lynda Green Woodrene Hughes Cynthia Jackson Clark Thompson Raymond Williams Advisor: Ms. Sutton 105You Made It! Our Hard Work Paid Off! Congratulations from THE U.H.S. FACULTY. Come back and see us sometime. Vincent Altiere Daniel Bender Thomas Boose James Brown Joseph Carangelo Jean Charles Fred Cucolo Edward Cunningham Terri Dangel Ronald DeMiglio Paula Eckstein Foad Fahmy Walter Genuario Frank Green Saul Hammerman Rosita Holiday G. Barrington Jackson James Lowenstein Nellie McCloud Vivian Newmark John Ransome Edwin Selby Lawrence Schulman Steven Shaffer Gloria Sheldon Joylette Sutton Maureen Vanderbrande Linda Veal Joan WhiteYOUR FRIENDS AT BALFOUR the craftsmen who MADE YOl R ( I ASS RI C A MASTERPIECE and Lionel Russell, Jr. 221 Hopper St. Westbury, N.Y. 11590 (516) 334-5773 JOIN IN SENDING THEIR Congratulations and Best Wishes TO A GREAT CLASS IN A FINE SCHOOL )mm r mm At t (.« » if » A AACWtf W 375-4000 CONGRATULATIONS P O. Box 8235 HENRY A. DYSON, PRESIDENT James J. Williams, Vice Pres., Social Services George Marable, Vice Pres., Maintenance Willie J. Edwards, Vice Pres., Finance Samuel Stubbs, Vice Pres., Real Estate SOCIAL ENTERPRISE ASSOCIATES, INC. S.E.A. REALTY CO. ALL REAL ESTATE and CONSULTING SERVICES REAL ESTATE MANAGEMENT - APPRAISALS 694 Clinton Avenue Newark, N.J. 07108 Best Wishes To The Class Of 1978 DOLORES AND ED CUNNINGHAM Best wishes to the first graduating class of University High School SAUL HAMMERMAN To the graduating class of ’78, We wish you lots of success in your future endeavors. May your educational goals and aspirations be met with love and happiness. CLASS OF ’81 V. Altiere F. Green L. Veal J. White FARRAKHAN’S OASIS 1 SUSSEX AVE. Congratulations to the graduating of University High, 1978. As-Salaam-Alaikum 108l est Wishes from New Jersey’s biggest bank Seotfree (’becking Dial’MW Regular Savings Accounts Finie Savings Accounts Mortgage I lome Improvement Loans Auto Personal Loans Personal Trust Serv ices Retirement Mans (IRA and Keogh) Safe Deposit Boxes MEMBER EDlC" ,» ,v'C v'' s • R -i-LJ—L to "ft " . !«« —: CONGRATULATIONS S-ft "tnh ••... Sv - The First Graduating Class , WtM School V, '" i-iwi-- ■• Commencement June 14,1978 ,V 'll University High School Advisory Board f.T jrS? ■ ■' m . »"' 'Hit, Jgfe '»H. rSv.1:u.- noCONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1978 from JOHN O’HARA CO. East Orange, N.J.EVALON INC. Congratulations Mount Calvary Baptist Church 235-251 Seymour Avenue, Newark, New Jersey Rev. J. Wendell Mapson, Minister; Fred Riley. Chairman of Deacons; James O. Melton. Chairman of Trustees; Mrs. Thelma Chapman. Financial Secretary; James Wright. Treasurer. NEWARK FAMILY PHARMACY SISTER SADIES BEAUTY 641 Clinton Avc SALON Newark, N. J. 07108 Prescriptions - Cosmetics - Surgical Supplies 446 Clinton Place Everett A. Jackson RP in Charge Newark, NJ Congratulations to the Graduates from the An Irish Blessing: May the road rise up to meet you. HIGH STREET GROCERY May the sun shine softly on your face. STORE And may God hold you in the Palm of His Hand Home of the Quick Pickit Until we meet again. Candy, Soda, Ice Cream MR. JAMES BROWN Corner of High James St. Quick Efficient Service DONALD E. HILLNER A Sgt. Duane Alif BOOSTERS Christe Alston Ruth Arrington Aljay Productions Kalif Rasul Allah Joanne Alterman Artie Abdus-Sabyyr Family Elaine Alston Jessie Artis Dexter Adams E. Allcroft Obed Alvarez Jessie Artister Irene Adams Allen 4c Julie Sonia Alvarez Michael Arthur Ruby Adams S. Allen Russell Amats Arvin Family Paul Aiellos Anthony Allen Arnicihia Allen Lucille Amos C 4c D Arvin Willie E Aiken Alfred Anderson Curtis Ash Willie L Aiken Clara Allen (2) Barbara Anderson Mr. Ashwood Al Ernest Allen Cora Anderson Namon Ates Dora Albritton Fannie Allen Savanah Anderson Beverly Atkinson Joseph Thomas Albritton. Sr Joe Allen Andy George Atkinson J. Albritton. Jr. John Allen Ann and Curtis Kayran Atkinson George Alexander Kaiyri Allen J. Anthony Fitzpatrick Augus Ida Alexander (II) L. Allen Mr. 4c Mrs. H. Appling Norman Archer (2) Aunt Betty Jerome Alexander l.uthcr Allen. Jr. (2) Dolores L. Austin O. K. Alexander Richard L. Allen Mrs. Arington Mr. 4c Mrs. Clifford Alford Robert Allen H. Armstead B Mr. 4c Mrs. Randy Alford Zack Allen Annie Armstrong Fabulous Al Terri A. Almeida Argonne Cleaners Watson Babcry Bahiyyah Ali Orlando Almeida Bill Arnold John Bagley Shakir Akbar Ali Bessie Alston H. Arnold (2) Baiao 112H. D. Bailey Jane M Bailey Mary J Bailey Milton Baily Taye Bakare Camille Baker Dorothy Baker Edward Baker Jason Baker Louise L. Baker Nicohale Baker C. Baldwin Devetta Banister Delores banks Mary Banks Mrs R. Banks (2) Robert Banks Sheila Banks John Bannister (2) Mike Baptiste Martia Barbee Bill BarclifTc Margie Barksdale Matt Barlow Brian Keith Barnes Irene Barnes Norman Barr Doris Barrington Peggy Barton Denise Base Kashra Oman Bascombc Mr. Mrs. Stuart Bascombc Gayle Baskerville Robert Baskerville Jose R. Bastidas Pat Bates Harold Batson P. Battaglia (S.L.) Johnnie Mac Battle Kay Battle Sandra Battle Wayne A. Battle Larry Batts Joularlof Batulx Jeannie Bavahar Rossic Baxter Roy Baxter Pamela Bayer Jimmy Beard Alma Beatty P. Bcckcrman Be Cool P D. Bcjun Edna Bell Golden Bell Johnny Bell Ray C. Bell Wanda Bell William Bell Yanne Bell Phillip Bellamy Crystal Belli Arthur Belvin Doris Bcmbry Mr. Mrs. Frank Bembry Sr. Mr. Mrs. Glenmore Bembry. Sr. Daniel Bender D. Bender John P. Bennett Lloyd Bennett Martin Bennett Sam Bennett Adrienne Benson Eric Benson Grace Benson Mattie Benson Blair Bergen Aida Bermudez Barbara Bermudez Bermudez Grocery Migdalia Bermudez Milton Bermudez Raphael Bermudez I Raphael Bermudez II Scooch (Yoli) Bermudez Sonia Bermudez Victoria Bermudez Yolanda Bermudez Mr. Bernard Dora Berry Rose Bertino Babs Bcsbord Larry Beslow Hakana Bess Mary Best William Best Best Wishes. Kim (2) Claudia Beverett Peter Bicnko Najla Q. Bilal Bill Eartha Bing Sue Bing Dorthy Bishop Carolyn Blackburn Dolores Blackmon Minnie Blackmon Julian W. Blackwell Mr. Mrs. William Blackwell Mary Blake Maynard Blalock Elizabeth Blanch Bryan Blaney Mrs. Blaney Priscilla Blevins Pierre J. Blocker Harrison H. Blowe Kalvin Blue Patricia Boatwright Rick Bobrick Gency Boggs Debbie Bolden Crystal Bond Boogadi (2) Catherine Booker James Booker (2) Peggy Booker Zillic Boone Fr Paul Bootkoski (2) Annie Borden Boston's Terry Boudoosingh Boukie Annie Bouldin Cassandra Bowens Fr. Edward Bowens Pearl Bowen Terry Bowens Curly Bowers Jacqueline Bowman Dr. Joseph Boxer Emma Boyd Jackie Iris Boyd Johnnie Boyd (5) Charles Boyer (2) Sam Boynes Leslie Bradley Phyllis Bradley Tanir Kareem Bradley T. J. Brady Irving Brafman George Branch Helen W. Branch Delano Brandon Henry Brandon Louise Brandon Tammy Brandon Agustin Bravo Marion Braxton Robert Breeden Mrs. Alfonzo Brewer Jennifer Brickhouse Mrs Bridges Bright Spot Snack Shoppe Moses Brisbon Bettye Brodus Bronner Family Denise Brooks Jim Brooks Luther Brooks Wayne Brooks Anna Brown Anthony Brown Carrie Brown Charlie Brown C. L. Brown Cynthia Brown Dcloris Brown Dorothy Brown Florence Brown (2) Harold J. Brown Henry Brown Juanita Brown Jessie Brown Ken Brown L. B. Brown Lucy Brown Mr. Brown (2) Mr. Mrs. Randolph Brown Ronald Brown R. Brown Sernether Brown Taft Brown (2) Willie B Brown Ms. D. Brownly Thomas Brothers Wesley Bruko John L. Brovaco Anthony Bryno Calvin Bryant Katrine Bryant Agnes Buchanan Mrs. K. Buchanan Essie W. Bullock Mary Bullock Butch Burch Bettie Burgess John Burgess Jerry Burkes Marie Burke Robert Burkhardt Gladys Burnett Susan Burnett Vanessa Burnett Cecil Burr, Jr. Maxine Burse Ethel Bush Vivian Butler Butter Ms. Eldicst Butts (2) Franklin O. Byer Phyllis Byers Donald Bynum Weldon Byrant Charles Byrd Mrs. L. Byum C William Caban Genevo Cade Anne Caines Cecelia Caines James Caines II Joan Calabrese Good Luck. Kerhan Caldwell J. Caldwell Pervies Caldwell. Jr. Mr. Mrs. Pervies Caldwell. Sr. Conway Calvin Carolyn Calloway Caller Charley Mae Cameron Amanda Camington Elder Campell Louis Campbell Edward Cann Cornell Canady Anthony Capasso Jerry Caprio Michael Carangelo Buson Carlton Poopy Carlton Katie Carr Sheldon Carr The Carr Family Mike Caroll Willie Carroll Clinton Lamar Carswell Mary L. Carswell Carleasc Carmen Carter Good Luck. Gail Carter Iris Carter Kevin M. Carter K. Carter Linda Carter Ramona S. Carter Teddy Carter Willie Carter Arthur T. Cartwright Bertha C. Cartwright Booker T. Cartwright Cybclia Cartwright Gloria L. Cartwright Nichole Cartwright Pamela Cartwright Senetor Arthur Cartwright Jim Casey Donald Cason Sennet Cason Jerry Castillo Daniels Castro Muriel Castro David Castu Ali Cathar and Sarah Jones Linda Celfo Ed Cerato Mr. Chainey Luke Chalmers Carol Chambers Dorothy Chambers Hattie Chambers Mitchell Chambers Olctha Chambers Samuel Chambers Louis Champicin Leon E. Chapman 113Patricia Chapman Thelma Chapman Ruth Chapter 20 E. S. Victor Chan Borja Chedcbcau Richard Cheek Sister Clara Checscboro Cassette Cherry Hawallion Cherry Joe Cherry Lucinda Cherry Mr. Sc Mrs. Richard Cherry Faye Chesner Sarnie Childress Freddie Childs Marylou Chieco Adrienne Chiles Felton M. Chillions, Sr. Telia Chinn Peggy Chisholm Rose Chisholm Drcse Cicael W. Cichouicz Elizabeth Christian (10) Ann Christine Eugene Christmas Darken Christopher Duane Rahecm Christopher S. Christopher Dwight Christopher Mr. Mrs. Anderson Churchwell Anthony Clark Arlene Clark Doia Mic Clark J. B Clark Malik Clark The Clark Children Mr. Mrs. Loring Clark Mary Clark Calvin Claton Edward Clanton, Sr. Julia Clanton Mary Clanton Inez Clayton Irma Claxton Dorothy Clyburn Warren Clements Betty Clemons Pat Cline Uncle Clint Laura Clinton Myrtle Clinton Vig Clinton Mr. Sc Mrs. Clogton Melvin Cobbs Cocoa Sc Oggie Dennis Jo Calandrillo Inez Cohen Mr. Sc Mrs. George Cole Bessie Coleman Janet Coleman Mildred Coletta Nicholas Coltre Calvin Costly C. Colston Auther Collins Charlctta Collins Derrick Collins Katie Collins Kenneth Terrell Collins (2) Lois Collins Lula Collins Ronald S. Collins (4) June Conley Jimmy Conery Congratulations to Loretta Brian Conningh Daniel Connor Dorothy Connor AI Conyers Harry Conyers Barbara Coggins Cooney’s Candy Store Hughe Cook Jim Cook Frank Cooney Ann Cooper Bertha Cooper Boy Cooper Sc Family Tracy Cooper Jackie Copeland Ida Copclin Alice Corbin Goody’s Corner (2) Natividad Cortez Shorne Cortie Linda Cortiss Joe Cotten (2) Jeanette Counts Anna Cousar Rcdell Cuff Betty Cully Mr. Sc Mrs. E. J. Cunningham George Cury G. Curry J. Curry Raymond Coverdole Christine Covington Dorothy Covington Sarah Covke Bob Cowan L. Cowart Mr. Mrs. Ronald Crawley Diane Crosby Esther Cranford Eddie Cranatella Carmine Crancro Lydia Crandell Leslie Crawley Ernest Crawford, Jr (2) Mr. Sc Mrs. H. J. Crawford Rena Crawford Theresa Crawford (2) Blimpie Crew Donna P. Crews Alfonso Crincoli Mickey Crocth Gladys Crossley Alberta Crude Miriam T. Cruz Mr. Sc Mrs. James A. Curtis D J. Dacosta S. D’Amato Diane Dahlquist Ann Dailey Mary Dailey Mr. Sl Mrs. Isaac H. Dais Linda P. Dais Dallas Cowboys Terri Dangel Andre Daniels Annie Daniels Brenda Daniels Duane Daniels Teddy Daniels Brad Darby Diane Dargon Vickie Daulphiw Bcttic Davie David Davie Alfred Davis A. V. Davis Charlie Davis Deborah Ann Davis Denise Davis Doris L. Davis George R. Davis Mr. Mrs. James T. Davis Lois Davis Mr. Mrs. Lonnie Davis Melvin Davis Molly Davis Oscar Davis Pauline Davis Pearl Davis Ray Davis E. Dawkins Mrs. Ray E. Dawkins Dawnie-Gemini-'78 Bernice Dawson Clive Dawkins Dorothy Dawson Leon Dawson Nat Dawson June Day Dorothy de la Para Sara Del Valle Margaret Delaney Margaret Demond Lillian Dcnnard Denise Sc Robert K. Denno Bernard F. Dent Nannie Dent Detroit Barbara Dc Vore Bennie Dc Vore Cynthia De Vosc Richard Dc Vosc Frances Dcvreaux Linda Dickerson A. Dickey-Kcmp Marquita D. Domenico Jo-Ann Diggs Rosa L. Diggs Viola Dillare Earnestine Dixon Pat Dixon Rudolph Dixon Dominque loves Ernestine Mr. Domingo Dolores Sc Denise Donald Donald Sc Melvin Andrew Donaldson Gloria Dorsey Sc Family George Douglas Mr. Sc Mrs. Lee Douglas Rev. Eddie L. Douglass (4) Hallic Taylor Douglass (5) Herman Dowdy Liston Dowdy Maldine Dowdy Palm Dowdy Clarence Downey Dowrz A. Dressner Charles Driggins Drumm Family Alice Du Bois Miriam Du Bose Shelia Du Bose Sarah Dudley Gloria Dukes Mr. Duke Doris Dunaway Mrs. Gail Duncan Jackie Duncan Ruth E. Dunne Ludy Dunnings Brenda Joyce Dunstar Margaret Dunstar Charles Dunston Allen T. Dupree Leonard Dupree M. Dupree Stevie Dupree Durant Family Sam Durant D. Dvorsky Barbara Dwyer Lisa Dyes E Penny Early Royal Eason E. Easton Willis Edcrficld Anthony Edgcrton Bertha Edgcrton Alice Edmond Don E. Edmond Geraldine Edmond Burt Edwards Carolyn Edwards Jesse F. Edwards Joseph Edwards William Edwards Osiellc El Minnie Elam Emily Elliott Zora Ellis Anita Ellison Rufus Ellison Patrick Epps Equitable Life Assurance H. Eray Marion Esler Marite and Max Espinosa Esteles David Evans Jocile Evans Ruby Evans Shirley Everett Debbie Ewtuch Coonc Eyes F F. Fahmy Edith F. Falcone Mildred Farehand Abdul Mark Farrakhan Wanda Faulcon Deborah Fenn Dwayne Fenn Joe Fenn Katrina Fenn Kyle M. Fenty Ferg XXX James Fergus Marie Ferguson Mercedes Fernandes Bennie Fcrnoy Pinkeye Fernoy Susan Ferraro Tom Festa, Jr. Agnes Figueroa James E. Fillmore Barbara Filmore Vincent Finch Betty Finn Eugene Finitely 114Connie Fischetti Carlton Fisher Renee, Sheila, Sonja Fisher Ros Fisher C. Fleming Hodge Fleming Sol Fleming Dwayne Flewcllcn Johnny Flewellen Louise Flewellen Vanctia E. Flewellen Flowers Family Ale Flowers Charles Flowers James D. Flowers. Sr. Jerry Flowers Kathy Flowers Shirley Rowers Calixto Fonseca Charles Forbes Joseph Fornarotto Jim Forster Dwayne Foster Mr. Mrs. P. Foster Jeannette Fouchc Foxy Grandma Joseph Frajkot Francisco Ms. Franco Joseph Frank B. Franklin Bernice Frazier Betty J. Frazier Charles Rashon Frazier George Frazier Helen Frazier Margaret Frazier Mary Frazier Patricia Frazier Patrick Darnell Frazier Teddy Frazier Tyisha I.aguan Frazier Williw J. Frazier Mark Frederick Alexina Freeman Carol Freeman Cheryl Freeman Hyacinth Freeman Lawrence Freeman Richard Freeman Susan Freeman Debra Friday Rebecca Friday A Friend The Frvat Family Doris Faircloth J. Nic. Fairlin Ismael Altcric Farmer Jauquan Antrc Farmer Chcrissc Fitts Jeanette Fitts First New Born O.F.B. Church Mr. A Mrs. Frazier Ta-Relle Franklin Babe Fresolcnc Bolen C. Frias Cheryl Frizzclle Melvin Frizzclle Richard Frye Bernice Fuller G Marie Gabara Gabc X2 Author Gainer Manny G. Bobby Gaddy Pearl Gadsden James Gainer Phyllis Gaines Ezcgicl Gale E. Gallman Leroy Gallman Kathy Gallman Cathryn Gardner W Garner Chaunccy Games Junious Games Ernestine Garrett Lcnora Gaskins Dec Gaston Joyce Gaston Waller Gates Dr. Ronald Gautreau Roman Gavin John Gay Pat Gentry Walter Genuario Henry Getho (2) Gladys Geval Jerry Ghidclla Jim Giallombardo Eieasc Gibbs (3) Anna M. Gibson Brenda Gibson (S) James Gibson Mary Giddens Vera Gierseh Billy Gilchbist Charles E. Gilliam Jeffrey L. Gilliam Helen Gilliam Joe Gil Justino Gill Vivion L. Gilliom Kathy Gilmoitu Sharon Gilmore J. Giodanu Lisa Giovannucci Helen Gist Joyce Gist Marshall Gitter Frank Givens, Sr. Robert Givens Rosears Givens Ronald Gloster Samuel Glover Ann Glynn lleana Gobcrna Rosetta Goins Rcndic A. Gold Rita A. Gold J. Goldberg Ann Golden Goldie A Friend Dr. Martin Goldman R. Gonneli Celso Gonzalez (2) Evelyn Gonzalez Jesus Gonzalez Laura Gonzalez Maria Gonzalez Raymond T. Goodall Belinda Goode Reginald Goode (3) Good Luck, Class of 78 (3) W. Gordon Charles Gorcc Bobby Gorham Marie Gowans R. Gradnaver Harden Graham Mr. A Mrs. James Graham Katrina Graham (S) Mark Graham ($) Mary Jacqueline Graham Bernice Grant Shirley Grant Gwendolyn Grant Doris Grate Kathy X. Grate Yolanda R. Grate Edna Graves Hasit Graves Edna Gray Marie Gray Alma Green Alwyn Green Beatrice Green Harold Green Mr. Mrs. David Green Dorothy Green l-ee Green Lucille Green Mose Green Roger Green Viola P. Green Jordan Greene Kevin Greene W. Greenwood Rosalie Greenwood Roscoc Grey Alyce Griffin Mr. Griffin Evelyn Griffin Hyde A. Grossman Nettie B. Grossman Milton Gross Louise Grosso Yolanda Gullettc William Gural Gutierrez Family Yolanda Guyton Alma Guzman H F. Hairston Mr. Hairston Yvonc Hale George Hale Stephanie Hall Robert J. Hall V. Hall Pcrscphanec Hall Connie Hall Karen Hall Alice Haller Edward Haluszka Denise Ham Mary Hammonds Magnolia Hankins Armelia Hankerson Patricia Handerson LaToya Hankins Barbara A. Harbin Shirley Harde Mary Ann Harden Mahdi Harrington Virginia Haskin Harriet Scscnic Harp Erdine Handy Clara Hargrove Fr. William Harmes Diane Hardy Viola Hardwick M. Hardwick Abdul Harnzah Steven A Pat Harper Titus Harney Mr. Mrs. R. Harris Ethel Harris Tootie Harris Tina Harris Damonc Harris Percy Harris Moses Harris Rorcncc Harris Fannie Harris Essie Harris Whitfield Harrison Vikki Harney Lozcl Raoof Hassan Hassan Margaret Hatch Dunal Hatchett Mr. Mrs. Hatten Jerry Hawkins, “78” Hattie Hayes Irene Hayes Elizabeth Hayes Allyson Hayes Antoine Hayes Bernard Haynes Sir Vincent Hayes Georgia Haynes Bcrnardine Haynes Henry Hazzard Kathie Head Mildred Heath Rochcl Heflin Rosa Hemmingway Lonnie Henderson Shirley Henderson Samuel Hendon Katie Hendon Mildred Henriques Annie L. Henry Sgt. Arthur J. Henry George Henry Lyon Henry Lucy Henson Ncrcida Hernandez Baby Hernandez Mr. A Mrs. Hernandez Benito Hernandez Joseph Hickman Mrs. Hicks Dorcnda Hicks Alestine Higgins Cynthia High Lorraine High C. Highsmith Wayne Highsmith Tracy Hightower Bcrnadine Hightower Frances Hill Thelma Hilliard Hills Doreatha Hills Barry Hillman Carol Hillman Tracy Hillman Tashon Hillsmorc James Hines Chaunccy Hinton Agnes Hinton Annie Hinton Babbra Hinton Earl Hinton Ernest Hinton Francclla Hinton Irene Hinton Joseph Hinton (2) Lewis Hinton Mary HintonMonroe Hinton Rosa Pearl Hinton Stephanie Hinton Wanda Hinton Alyce Hobbs Hodge Hodge Family Mrs. Ann Hodges Shirley Hodges Tom Holcomb Pamilia Hollan Lenia Holland [ oris Hollaway Georgianna Holey Jerome Holley Sharon Holley Yvonne Hollis Daniel Holmes Hook B. Hooker Mildred Hooper Cliff Hoover Mae Hopson John Horne, Jr. Clyde Hortore Barbara House Frank House Ann Houser Lucille Howard 0. Howard Paul Howard Ray Howard Mayjorin Howell Rev. J. T. Howzi Clara Hubbard S. Hubbard Morris Huges Alfrohia Hughes C. Hughes Robert Hughes C. Hunt Charlie Hunt Charles Hurt Leroy Hush Mildred Hush James Hush Lasandra Hutchins Roy Hutchinson Susan Hynes I Lucille lacullo Sybil Ifil S. Isnacuinos I’ll Love Dawn Always 1. M O J. O J. I. M O L. L. W. I. M. O. R W. S. C. I. M O. S. R Viola Ingrasm Debra T. Ingram Jean Innis Annie Isac Richcllc Isac Charlie Issac Ivory J Abdulah Asboor Jabir Alexander Jackson Carroll Jackson Creshonda R. Jackson Darron S. Jackson Dessaree Jackson Elaine Jackson Elijah Jackson Ernestine Jackson Frances Jackson Hattie Jackson James Jackson Icelean Jackson Lucille Jackson Lula Jackson Marian Jackson Marjorie Jackson Jackson Family Otis Jackson Pertania Jackson Ray Jackson Richard Jackson Ruth Jackson Sandra Jackson Solomon Jackson Warren T. Jackson William Jackson Shirley Jacobs J.D. Bernice James (2) Carl James Dawson James Della James Joyce James Dorothy Jenkins Helen Jenkins Joanne Jenkins Robert Trudy Jenkins Sonja Alfonzo Jenkins Loretta Jenner Barbara Jennings Henry Jentes Yvette Jeter Lertie Jiggetts Jo Nancy Oliver Jamison Jermaine Jasper Jeanette Robert Charles Jefferson (2) Essie Jefferson Lisa Jefferson Marc Seana Jefferson Mr Mrs Thomas R. Jefferson A. Jeffers, Sr (2) Helen Jeffers Faye Jeffrey Ina Jeffrey Agnes Jeffries Daisy Jeffries Kevin Jeffries Patricia S. Jeffries William C. Jeffries Joe's Store John-Boy Mary Ellen Tommy John Alfredia Johnaon Bernard Johnson Bernice C. Johnson Bill Johnson Mrs. C. B. Johnson Cora B. Johnson Earl Johnson Elder W.E. Johnson Eveline Johnson Frances Johnson Garlec Johnson Gwendolyn Johnson John Johnson Johnnie Mae Johnson Kathrine Johnson Leona Johnson (2) M. Johnson Michael Johnson Mollie P. Johnson Nate Johnson Rev. Bcnnet Johnson Mr. Mrs. David Johnson Oscar Johnson Ozie Johnson Q. Johnson Ree A. Johnson Rose Johnson Russell Johnson Sarah Johnson Shelia Johnson Shirley Johnson T.C. Jermaine Johnson Walter E. Johnson (2) William Johnson Winchester Johnson Yvette Johnson Yvonne Johnson Keith Johnstone Al Jones Ann .'-Mies Anne U. Jones Bob Jones Charles B. Jones Clinton “Cerrone" Jones Clinton "Beef Jones Daisy E. Jones Deacon Eddie W. Jones Effie Jones Eugene Jones (2) Mr. Mrs. Ernest Jones Ethan C. Jones E. Jones H. Jones Hattie M. Jones Helen Jones Joane Jones Luccal Jones M. Jones Marylou Jones Maude Jones Paul Jones (2) Rev. Willie Jones Richard Jones Reltew Mae Jones Patrica Jones Mr. Mrs. Richard Jones Roy Jones (2) Sally Jones Sharon Jones Shirley Jones Thurmon Lois Jones Zina J. Jones lx uisc Jordan Bernice Jordon Buddy Dog Jordon Donald Jordon Mr. Mrs. F. Jordon Gail Jordon Gary Jordon Juanita M. Jordon Margaret Jordon Norman Jordan Sharon Renee Jordon Thelma Jean Jordon Trudy Jordon Yvonne Jordon Ben Joseph Ronald Julian K Tony Kahm N. Karnegie Clifford Kee Virginia Kee Keep on truckin' Kelly Allyn Kelly H. Kelly (2) Howard Kelly Mary Kelly Patricia A. Kelly Roberta Kelly Ken Teds Bar Louise Kennedy H. Kenney Elizabeth Kennon Three Ken's Darlene Kentis Mr. Mrs. George Kerr Josephine Kelts Thomas Kile Mamie Kilsorc Zeno D. Kilpatrick Al Kimbrough Alice Kimbrough Mrs. Americus King Anthony King Claud King David King Lizzy Louise King (5) Lucille King Maria King Millie King Nosmo King Bernard Kingery Mrs. Van Kingsberry Al Kinebrough May Fair Kirk Bernice Knight Sonia Knight Mrs. Thcora Knight Edward Knott (2) Patty Knyff George Koehl Richard Koretz Anna Korncgay Jennie Sheri Korncgay Mary Korncgay Robert Korncgay Dr. M. Kottler Jerzy Krypiatz Janice Kuczewski John Kugler B. Kuharetz M. Kurash L L. Labeqa Gwendolyn Lacy Lopez N. Lacy. Jr. Judy Laferrcra Anthony Lage Robert La Man Beverly La Marr Jean Lam Marion Lambert Jack Lamia Lamplcy Frank Landolfi Chris Landrum Cheryle Lane Dyann Lane George Lane George Lane. Jr. John Lane Patricia Lang Mary Langley Tammy Langry Gail Langston J. Lardier James M. Lardicri 116Debra Larkins Donna Larkins Del Lassita Carlton Lastigue (2) Ann Lasusa (2) Angeline Latta (2) Patricia Lattimore Patrick Lavan Dorothy Lawrence Judy Lawrence Mr Mrs L. Lawrence Marg Lawrence O’bctte Lawrence Georgia Layscars Hollis Laysears Mrs. Robert Leaks Almcria Lee Barry Lee Bernice Lee Blinky Lee Clifford Lee (5) J. J. Lee Jerry Lee la Mot Lee Lorainc Lee Olivia Lee Robbye Lee Rosetta Lee Samantha Sherita Lee Wilma Lee George Lei Jerry Lcnilan Mary Lcnihan Helen Lesko Sherman Lessanc Craig A. Lewis Edith A. Lewis Guillaine A. Lewis Harold Lewis Maggie Lewis Miriam Lewis T. Lewis Trevor A. Lewis Yolanda A. Lewis Louis Liberator Robert Earlthe Lier Irene Liggon Edna Ligon James Ligon Vivan Ligon Melody Liquor Park View Liquor Angela Little Brenda Little Clifton Little Constinc Little Linda Little Mary Little Pauline Little Phillip Little Phyllis Little Rhonda Little Willie Little Sharon Lloyd Lobob Peter Loder Hosea Betty Lofton Valeria Lofton Andrea Logan Londell London Mc-organia Loney Lavernc and Lonnie Lorretta Victor Lostua Harry Piere Louis Bill Love Eva Love Bob Lowe James Lowenstein Avant Lowthcr, Sr. Alline Lucas Beatrice Lucas Christine Lucas James Lucas Mae Lucas Mary Lucas Selena Lucas Thaddeus Lucas Joe Lunch Lucy John J. Lynch Tyrone Lynch Armesta Lynn (4) Juanita Lynn John Lytle M Elsie Mabry Jimmie Mac Dorothy S. Macdonald Bernice H. Mack Leroy M. Mack B. Mackay Alice Macri Charles Maddox Gail Maddox Helen Maddox The Mad Dog Family Robert Maghcr J. Magrino Muhsin Mahdi Raymond E. Makul Malachi Family Zain Ashanti Malik Clara Malloy Rev. Mrs. Amos Malone Louis Malone Mama Jerry Mamie Diana Manners Bernice Manns Lcnard Manns William Manns. Jr. W Maple. Jr Rev. J. Wendell Mapson Elizabeth Marincllo Dr. Marsc Catherine Martin Dorothy Martin Elizabeth Martin Lorenze Martin Robert Martin William Martin M. Martino Mamie Marx James E. Mason Mrs. Mason Willie Mason Eugene Massey Frances T. Massey George Matis W Matha M. K. Mathew Matthews Family Eunice Matthews Louise Matthews Tina Mattina Ezekiel Maxey Gloria Maxwell Boyd V May Gary May April Mayers Lisa D. Mayers Bernice E. Mayes Catherine Mayo Bernice Mays V. Mazmanian Victor Mazmanian (2) Connie Me Adams Gertrude McBride Robert Me Bride Jai McBurrows B. McAllister Oswald T. McCain Delores McCaretny Calvin McCargo Columbus McCargo family Mary McCargo C. McCall Mary McClain Willie McClain Charles McClester (6) George T. McClish Helen McClish Richard McClish Antioncttc McCloud Beatrice McCloud (3) Edward McCloud Mark McCloud Mattie McCloud Shirley McCloud Stella McCloud Mr. Mrs. Thelma McCloud Lcpolian McConnell Felix McCoy Gladys McCoy The McCoy Sisters Marion McCray Herman McDonald Mary McDonald Milton McDougal Pearl McDuffie Mr. McDowell David McElveen Julia McFarlin (3) The McGill Family Rosale McGill Tyrone McGill Donna McGregor Kim McGregor Mr. Mrs. Shelly McGriff James McIntosh Benjamin McKinnon Walter McKnight M arse Ices McKonzie Terry L. McKay Edmonia McLaughlin Patricia McLoughlin Katherine McLeod Ruth McLeod Tyrone McLeod Victor McLeod Bob McMillan William McMillan J. McMillcr Fred Swan McNair Henry McNair Lottie Me Nair Joyce Best Partecia McNealy Gladys McNeil Krystal McNeil (2) Murphy McNeil William Ray McNeil John McNeill James McNeir Allison McPhattcr Mr. Mrs. R. McPherson Derrick McQueen Pam McQueen Ruby McQueen Me Queen Charles McSwain Geraldine Means James Means Jennifer Rcnn6 Means Mary F. Means Nancy Means Phyllis Means Robert Means Ruth Means Synee Means Tony Means Sal Melillo James O. Melton June Melson Ann Melvin Muscle Men E. E. Menangill Juliela Mendez Bobby Mcola James Merklingh The Meriwethers L. Meriwethers V. Meriwethers Barbara Merritt (2) Francis Merritt Robert Merritt Jeanne M. Mesidor J. Middlebrook Ella Miah Mynonah Miah Mike T. Miles Mike Sl Billy Miles Butch Miller Clarence Miller Hcrmie Miller Jacqueline Miller Myra Miller Pearl Miller Viola Miller Essie Mills Rev. Mrs. C.T. Milton Jerry Mincey Ms. Minor Mitchell Avis Mitchell Dale Mitchell Doris Mitchell Eunice Mitchell Frances Mitchell Mary Mitchell Mitchell Family Navis Mitchell Nicole Joy Mitchell O.L. Mitchell Heating Ruth Mitchell Starky Mitchell Viola Mitchell Willie Mitchell Robert Mitchum B Mobley Eric Mobley J. T Rogers N. Mobley N. Mobley Nora Mobley R Mobley Aljay Models Dr Modi Michael Mohair Mr. Mrs. Billie Mollctt J. F. Molone (2) Samuel Moncrieffc Marian Monk Rose Montanari V.M.A. Monte 117Darathca Montfcrret Beulah Montgomery William Moody Bob Moore Carol Moore Dcrclyn Moore Joan Sc Bob Moore Keith Moore Linwood Moore Madeline J. Moore Naomi Hinton Moore Mr. Mrs. Moore Shirley A. Moore William Moore Theresa Mooring Laura Morales Miriam Morales Willie Bubba Moreland Al Morgan (2) James R. Morgan. Jr. Joan Morgan (2) N. Morgan Wanda Morgan Eucelyn Morrast Rev. R. L. Morrast Inez Morrif B. Morrison (2) Harold Morse Eleanor Morsch Greg Morton Nicky Morton Joseph Mosby Mae Moses Marie Moses Willie Moses Harvey Mosley Linda Mosley Ralph Mosley Rosyln Mosley William Mosley Charles Moss Mr. Sc Mrs. William H. Moss Barbara Motley Ethel Motley Charles Moultrie I rad Movis Mary Mowy (2) F. Mueller Fred Mueller Abdul-Al-Nur-Muhammad Ayesha Muhammad Elijah Ali Muhammed Hasan Alim Muhammad Muhammad (2) Rashcen Muhammed Carolyn Munncryln Theodore Murchison Dominick Murgolo Catherine Murphy Laura Murphy Tom Murphy Helen Murray James F. Murray Joseph Murray Queen E. Murphy Vivian A. Murrell B J. Muse Joyce Muse Timothy Muttari Walter P. Muse Mrs. Frank Myers Aunt Myrtle N Gail Napolitono Arnold Nash. Jr. Stephen Nason Felipe Nazario Dorothy Nelson Evelyn Nelson Lcovia C. Nelson Loretta Newell The New Jersey Voice (2) James Sc Roger Mac Newsome Keith B. Nickerson Richard J. Nightingale Michael Nimeroff Mildred Noble Garnetta Lea Noel Kay Noone Norman (2) Willie O. Norman Candis Norton Sc Family Mr. Norwood Shirley Norwood S. L. Nusbaum O Bernard O’Connor Cedric Odom Helen Odom Barbara Oglesby Margaret Okeife Milton Oliver (2) Richard Oliver Monkey Olivo Joseph O'l.oughlin W. Omytysryn Mrs. Osborne Stuart Osborne Jesus G. Osoric Mycascr Outerbridge Tiffany Outerbridge Ray Owic Mrs. B. Owens James Owens Owl Package R. Oxford P Marion Pacclenko Raymond Padgett Angelo Pagano P. Paglia Sofia Pagliula Priscilla Paige Louis Painter E. Palostina Sarah Palmer Tracy Palmer Mrs. Vivian Palmer W. Palmer Pam Phil Pampinella Angela Pandolfi Park Lane Garage Donald Parker (7) Doris Parker Francis Parker (2) P. Parker Mrs. Parker Omega Parkaway C. Parris Phyllis Partyka Philip Pascal Marion Pascale Phil Pascal Glinda Pashall Phyllis Pasqualc Macanden Pate Wayne Patric Bessie Patterson Mrs. Patterson Patty Jimmy Paul Sc Marlene Mike Pawlowicz Feliz Payan Alice Payne Eliva Payton Al-Rahim Peacock Sonya Peacock William L Pearson. Ill Robert Peek. Jr. Carol Pekelney Betty Ruth Penn Deshanna People Jametta Peoples Sc family Pepper Carol Perelney B Perez Gladys Perez Luz M. Perez Eula Pern Walter Perry Louise I. Pete Leslie Peters Marec Peterson V. Petriglano John Pctrochko Pamela Petty Mike Pezzuto Alberta Pharr Daisy Phelps Phillips George Phillips Ruth Phillips People’s Photo (2) R. Pickett Sonya Pierce Pike Richard Pinkney Rosemary Piotti Victoria Platt Catherine Pointer Alvaro Polido Michael J. Polite Slyvia Pollack Popeye Post Drug Sylivc Poteat Camille E. Potts Ann Powell Rev W. L. Powell Joe Presha Leroy H. Price Reggie Price Priccc Family Luretta Pringc Dorothy Pron Jane Pritchard Loretta Pritchett Ann Pryor Charles Ervin Pryor Ann Puddin Bro. Purcell Rosa Purcell Bridgette Purdie James Purdie Mary Purdie Mr. Pretty Purdie. IV. Murriel Purwcll James Puryear Q Edna Quaresma Quark - The Source Jessie Quintero (2) R Bernice Rain Latifah Rajah Amcca Rajeeyah Marie Ramey Wanda Ramey Marissa Lisa-Ramirez Abigail Ramos Benny Ramos Luis Ramos Miriam Ramos Providencia Ramos Rev. Bienvenido Ramos Annie Randolph Randy’s Raheem Atif Raoop Caliph Rashid M. Rawles Ray Ray, Junior, and Bump Shirley Reddick Reddick Mrs. Reed Priscilla Reed Rahmann Reeds Kim Reeves Sissy Reeves Dora Reid James Reid Reba Reid Dorothy Reilly Linda Relford A. Rentos H Reyes Autrey Reynolds Clint Reynolds Dois Reynolds Lillian Reynolds Teasla Reynolds Tina Reynolds Robert L. Rice Theresa Rice Richard Vivette Ricketts Ulyssie Richardson Derek Riley Janet Riley Joyce Riley Clara Rio E. Rishcr Marisa Rivera Mirla Rivera Ovidia Rivera Ms. B J. Rivers Risa Rivers Solomon Rivers Nicholas Rizzitello Anita Roberson Bobby E. Roberts Chantey Roberts J. Roberts Jean Roberts Ruby Roberts Rufus Roberts Anita (Nadirah) Robinson Charles Robinson. Jr. C. Robinson Donna Robinson (2) Dr. Herbert Robinson H. Robinson Helen Robinson lola Robinson J. Robinson Jesse Robinson Lonnie Robinson Lovic Robinson 118Mrs. Norma Robinson C. Rodgers Cynthia Rodgers Debra V. Rodgers Jackey Rogers Rev. James Thomas Rodgers Joseph Rodgers Kathryn J. Rogers Kay Rodgers l.orena Rodgers Melinda Rodgers Eugene Rogor clski Gloria Rollins Latonia S. Rollins Lester Rollins Monique Rollins Margaret Roman Miguel Romers Marjorie Ronalds Anne Roper Evelyn Roper Joseph Roper Raschccd Jamaal Roper Richard Roper Otto Roquemore Dr. La Trances Rose (2) Rose Rosenberg Bernic Sue Rosner Claire Ross John Ross Rev. M. Rountree Moses Rountree. Jr. Adrienne Christine Rouse Diane Rouse Joseph C. Rouse Curly Royster Viola Ruff John Ruggieri Jerry Ruse Alvah L. Russell Carol Russell John Russell Mrs. R. Russell P. Russo Robert Jo Russo Richard Ryals S Yasuf Addus Sabur I.ouis Safonte Hakam Abdicn Salaam Rashcedah Salaam Lionel Salazam Edward Abdus Saleem Kenneth Jihad Salir Arlene Salley Raymond Salters Rose Marie Salters Sylvia Salters Efrain Salchcz Ms. Sandy Marion Sandoz Flo Santigo Satch-o-mo Earl Sauls Carrie Sanders Denis K. Sanders Jerry Sanders Jimmie Sanders Rosa Sanders Ruby Sanders Reggie Saunders Mary Scaduto Shirley Scales Joan Scantling Margie Schmitzer Lawrence Schulman Allan Schuster Susan Schwankcrt Steve Schwartz Dolores Scott E. Scott Henry Scott Jessie Scott Latcria Scott Phyllis Scott (2) The Scott Family Vernie Scott Daniel Scotti, D.D.S. Samuel Scruggs Doloras Searcy (2) Melvin Searcy Timmy Searcy Alexis Selby Ed Selby Joan D. Selby Theodore Selby Selena Hope Jay Sellers Gloria Semo Darrill Sexton Khalif Aquil Shabazz Kasim Malik Shabazz Rashcedah Shabazz Takeisha Shabazz Rahman Shaheed Taubccdah Shakir Raymond Shanks Akbur Sharif Bor. Zack Sharif El Amil A. Sharif Hassan Sharif Khadijah Sharif l-atifah Sharif Sama Sharif Zack Sharif Sharma Sharonda Kim Sharpe Roy Sharpe John Sharpless Curtis Shaw Mary E. Shaw Catherine Sheffield Congratulations Sheffield Pansy Shell William Shell Christie Shepard (2) The Sheparas Richie Sherwood Agnes Shipley Virginia Shipley Mildred Shipman Rachel Renee Shipman Lawanda Shorter Lurine Shorter Steve Shorter Timothy Shorter Robert Showers Najeebah Bahudinah Siddiq Paul S. Sikorabed Betty Lu Simmons Charles Simmons John Simmons (4) Bertha Simon Kathy J. Simon Patricia Simpson Teresa Singalewitch Betty Singletary Carita Singleton Cheryl Singleton Craig Singleton Katrinia Singleton Kevin Singleton Lynettc Singleton Mary Singleton Stacey Singleton Toni Singleton W. Singleton Willie Singleton Arthur L. Sirkin Sandra Skecte Oral Skecte Marie Skouras Sylvia Slappy Eva Slater Johnnie Mae Slater John Slizewski Lawrence Sloane Al Smith (2) Alice Smith Allen Smith Ann Smith Bernice Smith Bessie Smith Curtis Smith. Jr. Duane Smith E. Smith Eddie Smith Edwina Smith Hank Smith Lester Smith Lloyd Smith Mary Smith (2) Patrica Smith Ricky Smith Ronald Smith Ruth Smith Troy Smith (2) Ulysses G. Smith. Sr. Good Luck Smithie Jackie Smottlers (2) Gladys Smyre Marion Smyth Samuel Snead. Sr. Ronald Snell Wanda Snyder Sanda M. Soler A Iona Soloman Bessie Soto Ernestina Southerland Evelyn C. Spaights Ike Spann Gregory Spann Michael Spann Mr. Mrs. Peter James Spann. Sr. Sheila Spann The Sparks James Spalola Gloria Speaks P. Spickcrmann St. Micheals' Podiatry Clinic Masinc Staggers Verdcl Stamper Robbie Stanford Mr. Mrs. T. O. Stanley Phro Stater Frank Staton Janice Staton Eileen Steinbach Heather Steitz Bertha Stephens B. Stevenson Barbara Stewart Eddie Stewart AI Stokes Osborne Stop Si Shop Glenn Stringer Harry Stuart V. A. Sturadivant Charles Suite D’Alma Sutton T Nellie Tabron Juanita Talbert Ruby Crystal Talbert Ethal Taliaferro Bruce Tanksley Clyde Tanksley Frank Tanksley Janice Tanksley Juanita Tanksley Kevin Tanksley (2) Pamela Tanksley Tiajuana Tanksley Jessie Tatum Menasha Tausner Charles Taylor Eva Taylor Hattie Taylor (2) James R. Taylor, III. Jean Taylor (2) Joan Taylor Joanne Taylor Marie Taylor Roger Taylor Royston Taylor Rushie Taylor The Taylor Family Tressy B. Taylor Willie James Taylor Mrs. Teasley Laura Telfair C. O. Terry Tetha Geneva Thaxton Adline Thomas (2) Ann Thomas Ben Thomas Billy Thomas Clara Thomas (2) Dorothy Thomas (2) Edison Thomas Elizabeth Thomas Helen Thomas Rev. James Thomas Joe Thomas Johnathan B. Thomas Mr. Mrs. Lorenzo Thomas Mary Thomas Mrs. Thomas Philert Thomas Ruben Thomas Shirley Thomas Teddy Thomas V. Thomas Willie R. Thomas Yamisi Thomas Bobby Thompson Charlie Thompson Daniel Thompson Daisy Thompson Gloria Thompson Helen Thompson Horace Thompson Julia Thompson L. Thompson Moses J. Thompson Ronald Thompson Shirley Thompson Ted Thompson Verbcl Thompson Joan Thornton Nettie Thornton Rercy Thornton 119Sharoulyn Thrastcr Dorcus Tillery Amos Tillman Today, Tomorrow. Always R.G. Marvin Toland Irma Toler Kenneth Toler Mary Toler Cara Tolliver Ted Tomaszcwski Clara Toney Toney Family Tony Neal Torrcy Ale Torronez Ann Touch Andrt D. Toulon R. Towler Lee Towners D. Trammell Shirley Trammell Doris Trawick Artie Trent Darryl C. Trent Junius Trent Maurice Terrill Tribble Mr. A Mrs. K. Tribble Mrs. Tribble W. Troop Saundra Troublefield Denise Trower Gus Tsaras R A. Tucker Tucker (2) A. Marie Turner Andrew Turner Betty Turner Dcidra M. Turner Floisc Turner Hazel Turner Jim Turner Leon Turner Lloyd Turner Maicy Turner (2) Mr. Turner Phyllis Turrc Tina L. Turner Roderick S. Twyman U M. Ubungcn Laurincc E. Uital D. Upshaw Lcnita A. Utuk V V. Vairinhos Lois M. Vanderhost Edward Varjian Carlos Vasques D. Vasquez Gloria Vasquez Jessika Vasquez Colleen Vaughn Elizabeth Vaughan Mary Vaughn Mavis Vaughn R Vaughy Vincent V. Vazquez Cyrus Veescr Vic Ventura Joann Jean Vicks Kitty Vigna Erica Villanova Al Vines Ms. Viola Andre Nino Virgil. Jr. Lawrence E. Vital Patrica Vogel Margaret E. Voorhces W Antiono Wade Janet Wade Leroy Wade Marion Wade W Wadood Ann Wah Linda Waith Gwen Walker Carol Walker Ernestine Walker James Walker Joe Walker Lillian Walker Lonniel Walker Ozella Walker Troy Walker Walter Wall Blanche Wallace Elizabeth Wallace Michell Wallace Frank H. Walters. Jr. N. S. Walters Annette Ward Charity Ward Eulis Ward Arlene M. Ware Chanda Jean Ware Robyn C. Ware Ixnfc Ware Lee Warner Andr6 Washington B. Washington Booker Washington Belinda Washington Wasington Cleaners Geraldine Washington Percy Washington Rev. Mrs. Washington Family Shirley Washington Mr. Mrs. Willie Washington Denise Waterman Bernice Waters Carl Watkins Marion Watkins Beatrice Watson F.lainc Watson Fccta Watson Earnest Watts Dc Witt Wayne Avon Wayne Teddy Wayne Nancy Weavers Dorothy Webb B. Weems Willie Weens Esther Wccncr Sr. Wertz Stephanie Wcsco Eugene Wesley Tymmi Wesley Carl Wesson Jonathan Wesson Orlando West Susie West D. Westmaas Mrs. Annie I. White Barbra White Carol White Glenn White J. White Jean J. White Larry White Rosalec White Mr. White. Sr. Sammy White Meredith Whitefield Roy Whitefield Delfina Whitfield Norma Whitfield James Whitlock Carolyn Whitley Betty Whitmer R. Whitlow Olivia Wicker Wilbur Ethyl Rev. Bette Wilkins Claudie H. Wilkins Rose Wilkins Alvin Williams Armintha Williams Beatrice Williams Mr. Mrs. Calvert Williams Cathy Williams Christine Williams Cleophas Williams Coleman Williams D. Williams Donna Williams Earnest Williams Edward Williams Ethel Lee Williams Gloria Williams Hattie R Williams J. Williams Jacqueline Williams James Williams James W. Williams Jason E. Williams John L. Williams Joseph Howard Williams Judy Williams Keyanez Kamillah Williams La-Tisha C. Williams Lula Williams Ms. Williams M. Williams M. A. Williams Mary L. Williams Norma Williams Olive Williams Orissa Williams Philip Williams. Jr. Philip Williams. Sr. R. Williams Rashccn Williams Rose Williams Roosevelt Williams T. Williams V. Williams Veronica Williams Viola Williams Uidct Williams Wiley Williams Wilson Williams Xavier Williams Willie’s Seafood Arlester Willis Arthur Willis Pamlette Willis Stafford C. Wills James L Wilson S. Wilson Shcrryl Wilson B Windham O. Winfrey Felicia D Winston Hattie Winston G. Winston L. Winston Lucille Winston Marie A. Winston Micheal D. Winston Willie Witcher J. Wolfe Joan Wolfe Harold D. Wood Elenor Woodard lola Woodard Samuel Woodard Silas Woodard Fred Woods Lcishcl Woods Tywana Worsley Barbara Worthington Clara Wright Cris Wright Elsie Wright family Ennis Wright Florence M. Wright Hilliard Wright Joseph Wright Levoyn Wright Mabel Wright 0. Wright Viola T. Wright Gcorgella Wyne Nettie Wynn W. Wynn X Joann X-Ray Maryann X-Ray Rose X-Ray Y Idus Yarbrough Leona Yarbrough Anna Youmes Betty Young Bob Young Clifford Young Denise Young Grace Young Katherine Young Marc Young Robin Young 1. Younger Roscttal Younger Z Steve Zamrin Antal Zcleszko Leslie Zayas 120

Suggestions in the University High School - Phoenix Yearbook (Newark, NJ) collection:

University High School - Phoenix Yearbook (Newark, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Page 1


University High School - Phoenix Yearbook (Newark, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 1


University High School - Phoenix Yearbook (Newark, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Page 1


University High School - Phoenix Yearbook (Newark, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 40

1978, pg 40

University High School - Phoenix Yearbook (Newark, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 8

1978, pg 8

University High School - Phoenix Yearbook (Newark, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 16

1978, pg 16

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