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x P r r u K X' El H ll H IEN-IUNIVERSITY HIGH SCHOOL Eli: H IU V NUNC IMITTIS TUNE, 1931 JA .... 1.1: .-X 191 x x N lf El II In ANNUAL PUBLICATION OF THE SENIOR CLASS UNIVERSITY HIGH SCHOOL UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN ANN ARBOR Bl IL H If ll U I D I ll ll il ll ll IE Mai, ,N 11 1 ,,,Q12.1. '1 u1111- 1 .1 W 1 11 ,ff 4 11111, wx .11 1111 .' 1 - 111. -. W 1 -1 11 A 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 JY' 'r-,' -- '12 1919- 1' 1 'P'-17, , 71111 - jfwzg, ,ip w W 1 -' 1 11 ,Q -. R.. , :LM L -11 . .w 1153 ' 1,1 1 -'f?l4,:.- 1 ' . ,rw .'+1,,v- ,-.gk Sfwwuff . 1.51 41 l 1. 'ff , ' ' 1 11", A ,,' W K u,-. 15-'W 4 .or 1 1 "11"'Qg 1 3,6411 -1? ,, r ,, ! .F ,11 11'w:,, .. W M " '11 1 , -1 Q4f.:Yf1?'THfi 'H+ .1 11,1171 1 , 1 1 1 A 1 L , 111 . H1 X 11111 '11 1 11, 111.1114 11 A 1 1, ,X H '1 1' 1m 11' T 1. 1 K 1., , , 1 .1W,. 1, 11 M115WM'Y3?W'??i"7W'?95WWT3f 1.11.11 11-11 1r1.y'-'71, 151.1 1A,. 1 V1 " '45 'I ' 1 -..-ff vw ,1 --.1 ' A1. . 41 1 .' 11' 11.111 n1'- .1 -1' - gg. 1 1 1 I 1 -wr ' I.,-uf 12' 'W , U ,1 -. 1 11 - .1 ' we. 11 P11 . ,. ,. M ff 1. 1 Jw., 1 i V , 1: +- 'X P 3.11 '-xl ,1 . " 171. ' 4 ,E - 1-. HW 1 If ll IE!-1UNIVERSlTY HIGH SCHOOL!-IEII ll ll ll IG at , , Q- 5. Yi r .- ix t To Mrs. Robert Williams who was with us from almost the first, until almost the end of our High School career, we affectionately dedicate this fourth volume of NUNC DIMITTIS. EJI Il ll ll ll ll I EH ll ll ll ll il ID 3 If ll ll ll H lEll:l NUNC DIMITTIS l-IEII ll ll I ll IEI OREWORD-The Class of 1931 has had much pleas' ure in the preparation of this, the fourth annual edition of NUNC DIMITTIS. It holds in its pages a slight record of our activities and those of our schoolmates during our Senior year at University High School Ell ll Il ll ll ll I E I ll ll ll ll ll 1El 4 J! IN P .1 X :Q-Z' -1:2 ,. f ifggazgggz-f .X QASQFFQX X.. 5: 'lf Ni uv ,cw is Wil , ,IM VH! 1'A:V','iy!W T- 'J 7 1' , N, ff K L 4 Q -5 ' M1 1 ,1 V 7 . X w 4 f' 1 7 .f 6-2- JMWQMQI - . f .,1145l4'fml'QQ!!.: ii ff unix gf ff 15 ' f , Y v I I ' X Q fgflyfy 1 , vgklfn' , Q0 rp .p A ' my-'svwfwfs-w. 1 4 94" f7C',1 ,.--1 ' - 5-f ': 2:'i'4W77Z 'X Q71 I?77llLg!? I IWW rdf' 1,111 67144447 ,fy I jf iflilf I l If .fa 14,1 1 ry 1 . , .kink y ul' 11 'f-Q Vp 1 ffehy.2M," Fplzce 5 ' L:-1Nl7NlA IlINlIT'T'IS !-IQ! JL: - QL---4311 "T-lil xx UI H II ll U 'lf' 1Ul ll ll ll II II ID 6 X11 .L M wil i 5 X X 14 N X mf .N X A 11+ xii F Wy ,1l MQNMDIIRQW f' 'Q , K X kk N N 'Q 6 'ff IN X N gf Mg' V V I .. fi gi M Y y 1 L Q g ---1- A , 4 L- 4 1 W K fi ,u ll-1-':Ell.g:iI--tl :ml-l NUNC DIMITTIS n,-um ll n n ll H3 ffl VW f,"k KENNETH XVAl.SXVOR'l'lI Ions: Sci-IMIDT ROBERT HHWETT CIIARLUTTIE NVIIITMAN CLASS OFFICERS President ...... ....................... C harlotte VVhitman El Vice-President . . . . . .Robert Hewett EI Secretary ..... ....... I ohn Schmidt Treasurer . . . .... Kenneth VValswortl1 CLASS SONG JEAN RICE Passed is this epoch, we all wish to hold, On to new worlds, we have conquered the old. Enjoyed was this moment, a brief one it's true But vital and blessed, preferred to the new. We're set afloat on a strange rough sea And we long for the fair days of yore. To be safe in home port, To be back is our plea, In the calm of the still cherished shore. Ell ll ll ll ll ll 1 El I ll ll ll ll ll IB 8 EH ll li il 1El-I UNIVERSITY HIGH SCHOOL!-IEII ll I! 'Il IE FAIT11 ALWAY Her wants but few. her 1c'i.vl1c's are confined Milan High School 1, Z3 Nifty Shop 3g Glee Club 3, 45 Basketball 45 Camphre 4. KATIIIERINE ANNING lt'.r Him' In be uamrul when yozfrv naturally nice Home Room President 4g Council lg Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Hockey 1, Z, 3, 45 Baseball 1, 3g Christ- mas Play 43 Tliespians 3, 4: Glee Club 3, 43 G.A.A. Board 1 3 "The Haunted House" 35 Annual Editor- in-Chief 43 "Three Pills in a Bottle" Z, "Joint Owners in Spain" 2, French Club 1, 2, Nifty Shop 3. HILLENE BELAKOV l'outh'.v dissy rajvturcsf Basketball 2, 33 Baseball 2, 3, French Club 2, 33 Glee Club 3, 4. ICIEITII BILLINIAN 'l'lmrr is a foolish corner in e'z'en the mind ofasagv Glee Club 3, 4, Broadcaster 3, 45 Assistant Editor 4: Debating 45 French Club 3, 4g "The Impor- tance of Being Earnest" 4 . CURTIS BRADBURY I have fought a good figlztg I lmw finished my COIIVSC Baseball lg Glee Club Z, Student Guides 3, Swim- ming 45 Track 4 . l ., 1 K! ji. - .- 5 ii ll Q ,r - -. -x Xia Cixi-Xl E .- .- au- -- 4- Q -. - Ell ll ll Il ll ll l G I 9 u n ui n n 15 Bl ll ll Il ll' 2 Q S E S 2 a-ll K" J fb f 2: um-4 Nuuc DIMITTIS n u u an lm fu . 95554 GARRY llllN'l'lNli llv dia' :mf gain Ivul 'ZE'lI.Y, .v1m'v.vs Basketball 1, Z, 3, 45 Track 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 2 "The Man in the Bowler Hat" 4 . llllxlw Buusucxf S110 van fnryrl mrvs nf an lmur, Only ilu' fll'I'tIf fl1ing.s' last lilac Club 2, 3: Nifty Shop 3. 0 NL -CW JA me C A1u,1'oN , Sin' mix m11.vriv11Iin11.v and fvrnlvr lzvurlvu' f Bottle" 25 Student Council 2, 33 Glce Club 4. RL"rn CARYER .I fair lwlnndv iw' l1u7'c' lll'l'l' Norwuml lligb School 3: Basketball Z, 4: Huckcy dn-nt Guides 1, Z. CIIJXRLIES CRANE nzuny mr firm' Stall' -4. . EI ll ll ll' ' Il il I E I ll ll Il ll ll UE 10 3, 43 lzlruadcastcr 2, 3, 4: liclitur-ill-Lflmief 4: Conn: cil 1: Tlmespians 3, 43 "The Haunted House" 3' French Club l, Z, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2: Hockey Z3 liscanabzx High School 1: "Three Pills in a 1, Z, 4: llascball 1, 2, -lg French Club 2, -lg Stu- llix ir'l'v.vislilvll' yum! ,IIIIIIUV has buff ns ltlllfjlllllgl "'l'l1c lumporlancc of Being: Earnest" -lg Handbook, El ll ll ll :IEW-I UNIVERSITY HIGH SCHOOLl':'1 -- ll u ua E- V DIVX!-T Cl'luuE llvr u'nrk Ifvruzly nz'v1'wl1r'1l11.v - Glcc Club Z, 3, 43 "Nifty Shop" 33 Christmas Play 4. ALICE DICKEY l jimi joy in daring tlziugs 'wvll tilt-u Club 1, 2. 33 "The Importance of Being lCzu'uest" 43 Annual, Art Editor 4. PETEI! FIELD .I rlvruv' lilllc rvdlzcad 'with giant possillilitim Golf 3, 43 Handbook Editor 43 Annual Staff 43 Orchestra Z3 French Club 1, 2, 3g Debating 43 Swimming 4. Josrzru FISHER Om' s1'1'0ng .r1'1v11t man lluslwllmll Reserves 2, 3, 43 Captain 4g Track 2, 3, 43 Council 1, 2, 3g Class 'Treasurer 3. JANE F1.E'rc11E1: Thr qualify of fine fmrfelaifr llaskctball 1, 2, 3, 43 Hockey 1, 2, 3, 43 Baseball 1, 2, 33 "Three Pills in a Bottle" 23 Glee Club 2, -lg French Club. l Tl -. -p 21 IL I 3 E m .- - Q - -. - S Ell ll ll ll ll il I El l ll ll ll ll il IE! ll IGF INUNC DIMITTISI-lGl CLINTUN FoRD 7311l'i'CYS a boy with a "three li!'l'f'u Iirniu "The Importance of Being Earnest" 4: Glec Club 4: Thcspians 43 Student Council 4: National High School Orchestra 33 Michigan All-State Orches- tra 3, 4. if X ELSA Gmuuorr l X Her crwy look, Im' cwry smilv, Shot right and left cz score of a1'ro1u.v. Basketball 2, 3, 45 Hockey 2, 3, 43 Baseball 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 2, 43 Student Guides 3, 43 G.A.A. Board 4: "The Importance of Being Earnest" 4: French Club 3, 45 Baldwin High School, Bryn Mawr, 1. Doius GIMMY ,-111 flint is brsf of dark and Izriglzl .llvct in lim' aspect and lim' vyvs Carrollton High School 1, 2, G.A.A. Board -lg Christmas Play 35 Basketball 3, 45 Baseball 3, -lg Hockey 3, 45 Student Council 45 Secretary 41 Glee Club Acconipanist 4. josamuniz HADLEY Ll7'1'l'1fIll'SS can also mask iiilvlliyvzm' Student Guides 3: Home Room President 3: Glee Club 3, 43 "Nifty Shop" 35 "The Haunted House" 33 Thespians 3, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Baseball 1, Z, 3: Hockey l, 2, 33 "Joint Owners in Spain" 23 "The Man in the Bowler Hat" 4: Christmas Play 3: Annual Staff 45 French Club 3, 4: Broad- caster 3. 4. IRENE HALL Sinrvrr in piirpnszx :wart in e.1'r'f11timz Council 23 Library Squad 3, 43 French Club 4: Glee Club 4: Hockey 45 Class History. I U I il il Il Il I IE! 1 2 i Il ll ll il H3 m 1 n u irm:1 umvnnsx-rv mon scnoonn-um ll is u IB 3. ,- .- T fy-1 7 - ' A Q viz., RIICLVIN l'lAIt'l'MAN I . Plain dealing is va.viv.rl mul Iles! X ,N 'l Basketball Reserves 33 Football 33 Glee Club 4. : Roulsm' .lTlliWlE'l"I' Ha' gained an cdllralimz and ll unluplclc rcs! I in .vflmnl 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4g Football 3, 43 Council 1, 43 Ami, Broadcaster 13 Tbespians 3, 43 "The Haunted K House" 33 Glee Club 33 Home Room President 33 S Vice President of Class 4. Romantic ITOWIQLI. A11 athlclc and a student will: zz smile 1 tlml' cannot be dm1if'rI ' Basketball 2, 3, 4, Captain 43 Football 3, 43 Orchestra 1, 23 Council 13 Broadcaster 13 Track 'Amu- 3, 43 Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Home Room President 43 Captain Gold Team 4. Doms jfxififn - Hfiflz heart as light as lwr lzirir' "The Man in the Bowler Hat" 43 Class Secretary 13 Home Room President 2, 33 "Nifty Shop" 33 : Broadcaster 13 Glee Club 2, 3, 43 G.A.A. Board 2, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Hockey 1, 2, 3, 43 Base- ball 1, 2, 3, 43 Thespians 3, 43 Student Council 13 Annual Staff 43 "The Haunted House" 33 "The ' Importance of Being Earnest" 43 "Three Pills in a Bottle" 23 Christmas Play 2, 4. .Lois J0'l"l'l'IR For wlzcrr' ix lm' equal : Council 1, 33 G.A.A. Board 43 President 23 Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Hockey 1, 2, 3, 43 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 43 Broadcaster 43 Glee Club 3, 43 "Nifty Shop" 33 French Club 1, 2, 3. 2 lf' ' ij : El ll ll ll ll ll I E l Il ll ll ll --ll la 13 IE!! INUNC DIMITTXSI-IGI IIIARY KIRRY Sl1f".r 0 wumlvrflrl ull tII'0Illl1I girl Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Hockey 1, 2, 3, 43 Baseball 1, 2, 35 G.A,A. Board 2, 3, -Ig Student Council Z5 Glee Club 2, 3, 4. RCTIIISIQT LANGFORD Liw and laugh as Imylmnzl rum Football 3: Swimming 45 Tennis 43 Band 43 "The Man in the Bowler Hat" 45 "The Haunted House" 3g Thespians 3, 43 Glee Club 4. ANN IIIIITCIIELI. Huw good that she realises flzul IFUIIIIII lowly is tl duly Glee Club 4: Christmas Play 3, 4: French Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Student Council Treasurer 45 "Joint Owners in Spain" Z5 "The Importance of Being Earnest" 43 Thespians'4g Basketball -Ig Annual Staff. MARIZAIRET PULFRI-:Y Just a zc'mna11'.r way to bc irzysterioizs Glee Club 3, 45 Orchestra 4, National High School Orchestra 3, All-State Orchestra 3, 43 "The Importance of Being Earnest" -I. EARL QUACRI-:NRUSH Hf'lI .rurrly find 0 way Basketball Reserves 3, 4: Track 2, 3, 4, Football 3, 4, Glee Club 3, 4. f fi' fl IX I I KM I N 1 A TN-jeff, ,,,'V1,f1., I E I II II Il II 14 II II II II IB El! ll II ll M AIIION RIEXMOLD A f'Ull3i'l'L' maid, dl7'Z'01lf and 111111, Salam' .rtmrlfasl mm' dt"1lIlll't' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 "Nifty Shop" 35 Christmas Play 2. JEAN Rlflf Ilm' !"Z'I'7'j' offinimz 'mrs l'!"1'!'l'F1lt'l'!i and Ull0f'fl'd by flu' rm! nf Us Basketball 1, 2g Hockey 1, 25 French Club 3, 4: Board 33 Student Council 33 Thespians 43 Broad- caster 4g Annual, Literary Editor, Class Song and Class Prophecy: Captain of Purple Team 43 G.A.A. Board 3, 43 President 43 Handbook Staff 4. JOHN ScnMIIrr I am Ilfflilllllllfl In nfvim' fha! girls arf only lmlf diwinz' Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4: Student Council 35 Thespiaus 3. 41 Broadcaster 4: Class Secretary 43 "The Haunted House" 3. INIADELINE SCIIMITT 7'l1I'1'r' is nn krfmcilrdyr' that is not f70'ZUCl'r Petoskey High School 1, 2, 3. ' ,. l DANA SEELI-:Y ' .Hi-1' , , iwl-'P ' ll' 01111111 rant touch nn Basketball 2, 3, 43 Golf 3, 4, Captain 4g Student Council 1, 4, President 45 Class President 1, 2, 3, Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Student Guides 39 Broadcaster 2, 33 Home Room President 2. DI ll ll ll Il ll I G li 15 tml-IUNIVERSITY HIGH SCI-IOOLI IEII ,1 ft IGI-I NUNC DIMITTIS l-lGl ll ll ll ll IE! . .5 ESTIQLLI5 STANDISH A lady -is 11e1'c'." in a hurry Home Room President 15 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Hockey l, Z, 3, 45 Baseball 1, 3, 45 "Three Pills in a Bottle" 25 "Nifty Shop" 35 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Student Guides 4. Nfl' 0 Cmzssv STURGIS N W isccrack for 'wisecrack Council 2, 35 Broadcaster 45 "The Haunted House" 35 "The Importance of Being Earnest" 4: "The Man in the Bowler Hat" 4: Thespians 3, 4. ALFON so S U YM- IVC are glad to call this a1nbassadn1' from the Plzilippiucns our friend International Clubg Spanish Club. EDNA THOMAS Common sense is not a vommon thing "The Haunted House" 35 Thespians 3, 45 Student Council 2, 3. EMILY VAN DEN Bosca Modest and quiet, ye! one must know flu' magiv of her art Orchestra l, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 4: Hockey 25 Basketball 1, 2, 35 Baseball l, 2, 3. Ell ll ll ll ll ll l El l H ll Il ll il IE 16 ll ll IEH-I UNIVERSITY HIGH SCHOOL EBI KENNIZ'I'l1 VVALSWORTII A large part of living lies in being cvcryluodyb friend Appleton High School 1, 23 Football 3, 45 Bas- ketball Reserves 4g Glee Club 4g Tennis 45 "The Haunted House" 33 Broadcaster 43 Class Treas- urer 4g Thespians 3, 4. CuAR1.o'rT12 WHITMAN The nicest thing: come in small fvacleagcs Baseball lg Christmas Play 43 Student Guides 35 Thespians 43 Council 15 Glee Club 2, 3, 4g "Nifty Shop" 3g "The Importance of Being Earnest" 45 President of Class 49 President of Travel Club 4: French Club 4. DOROTHY WIKEL There ix no wzkdonz like franknrss Basketball 1, Z, 3, 45 Hockey 1, 2, 3, 43 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 43 French Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Board 43 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Student Guides 3, 4. Cizc11.v SELLARS Genius finds its own road and carries its own lamp France 3. Ell ll ll ll ll ll I El l 17 Irene Hall Bl ll ll ll Il lEl-I NUNC DIMITTIS I-IE! ll H Il il IE! IFAN RICE ROBERT HEWETT KATIIERINE ANNING ALICE Dichrv ANNUAL STAFF Katherine Anning . . . Jean Rice ..... Robert Hewett Alice Dickey . . . . Editor-in-Chief . Literary Editor . . .Sports Editor . . Art Editor U1 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS ' lu Much of the credit for this voluine is due to others than the Editorial Stait The Stall? wishes to take this opportunity to extend its appreciation to the following for their services. Jean Rice jean Rice . . . Class Prophecy Class Song Class History Crcssy Sturgis Nesbitt Haas Doris Jaife Ann Mitchell Peter Field ............ . . . Kenneth VValsworth .... Dana Seeley ......... Josephine Hadley Garry Bunting Charlotte VVhitman Dorothy Wikcl Iilsa Garriott Keith Billnian Class Will Junior Class Portraits . . . . . Portraits Group Pictures Snapshots . . . . . Remarks . . . . Remarks We also wish to express our supreme gratitude for the help we have recelvecl from Mr. Darling, Miss Hayes, Miss Copass and Mr. Good. ll " ll HT H ll i B I il il il ll il IE! 18 E!! ll ll ll IDI-I UNIVERSITY HIGH SCHOOL EH! ll ll Il lm CLASS HISTORY By Immn HALL The class of 1931 began its memorable career in the second year of the school's existence. Even then it was well known that we were an exceptional' class and everyone was confident that before we left the school great things would have been accomplished by certain individuals in our midst. Nor will you think, as you peruse this record of our achievements, that this confidence was misplaced. In that Grst year we of course did not occupy a very im-portant position in the school, but in our own minds we were characters of the utmost merit, for were we not enrolled in- "Model High"? We carried ourselves with dignity and esteemed ourselves worthy of the position. VVe passed that year under the able guidance of Mr. East, who succeeded in an exceptional way at the stupenduous task of separating the continually warring factions of boys and girls. In time, however, it took more than one man to manage us all so the responsibility for the girls was given to Miss Greenland. It was in the eighth grade that we made our first venture into the field of drama. Under the supervision of Mrs. Cannon we presented "The Knave of Hearts." Everyone had a part in its production, and we considered it a great success. The school was then, for the first time, able to see the talented actors and actresses that were to make our later plays successful. It was in this year that our first class picnic was held. The girls gave a wienie roast for the boys, but the guests of honor did not turn out in very large numbers and the hostesses were disappointed as well as chagrined. During this year the game of tag in the halls was very popular until the faculty intervened. The next year the boys were so unfortunate as to lose Mr. East, but found la very competent successor in Mr. Good. The girls had a change also, their group being divided and half going to Miss Fast. For the Freshman picnic, held at Lakeland, the class turned- out in a body and pronounced it an overwhelming success. By unanimous agreement, the class pic- nic became an annual affair for us. On returning, after another summer vacation, we found ourselves in senior high. We benefitted not only from the position itself but from the privileges that went with it. Being eligible to evening parties was among the most enjoyable of these. We also had afternoon parties. One of the most memorable of these occasions was one at which the boys entertained the girls. This was almost the first evidence on their part of an- interest in the feminine members of the class, but from this time on we found them very congenial. Miss- Copass took Miss Fast's place as Home Room teacher for part of the girls, which meant that up until this time part of the girls had had a different Home Room teacher each year. As juniors many of our boys were on the basketball squad, and at the end of the year several were called upon to take places left vacant by graduation. Rod Howell was chosen captain of the team, Dana Seeley was elected' President of the Student Council, and Garry Bunting was picked for editor of the Broadcaster. Our greates-t claim to fame that year was the presentation of "The Haunted House." We succeeded in collecting more laughs and squeals than any previous performance. The Junior-Senior Prom was also a gala affair. It was very generally attended and thoroughly enjoyed. This year we returned to find ourselves Seniors after all these years of looking up to those mighty ones. We have tried to live up to the traditions of dignity, and hope that we have succeeded. Our last dramatic production was tremendously accepted. We will not soon forget "The Importance of Being Earnest." After six years here we feel a part of t-he school life and we sincerely regret leaving. Never will we forget these years at University High School. Bl ll ll ll Il ll I B I ll ll ll ll ll QE! 19 ll ll il ll ' lBl-l NUNC DIMITTIS L:lBfT1I-"- PROPHECY ByjaANR1cE To reckon with.your destinies I call upon the god of fate, He looks into the ball and sees Your futures written on a slate. ill lk IF D. Seeley wears a parson's frock, And gets the pawned souls out of hock. Keith Billman, too, the gospel flings, He makes his "dough" in christenings. Kat Anning is an aid to love, With Dorothy Dix runs hand in glove. Rod Howell wields a surgeon's knife, I-Ie's learned the art of saving life. Jo Hadley, perching on a horse, Is mascot of the running-course. A five-point badge Jo Fisher chests, In arch-preservers, too, invests. John Schmidt had dreams of owning Cords, But keeps a shop for crippled Fords. A plow and horse for Peter Field, He cultivates, the earth gives yield. Ann Mitchell, in a garret gray, Is working on another play. "Chuck" Whitman sings in "op-er-ies' She circum-navigates high C's. And Elsa Garriott, still quite lean, Of two lads and a man is queen. Bloomers and blouse for Miss Jaff-e. She's a recruit of old P. E. Marg Pulfrey, with her bow in hand, Is striving for a one-girl band. Now Marion Reimold raises chicks, And teaches them egg-laying tricks. Earl Quackenbush, the engineer, In building bridges has no peer. And Melvin Hartman, dairyman, Is pouring cream into a can. Cecil' Sellars' verse-narratives Buy her the food on which she lives. Suyat afar across the foam Is teaching at his island home. Jane Carlton warbles through the mike, N.B.C.'s her lucky strike. Curtis Bradbury chauffs a car, He drives the great both near and far. A drawing-pen's Miss Dickey's curse, Her weapon 'gainst a thinning purse. June Curry aids society, She works for those in poverty. v Faith Alway guards the Camp Fire girls, And teaches them the ways of squirrels. Now Mary Bursley lives in France, The beach at Nice she does enhance. Clint Ford plays overtures to stars, And thinks he's president of Mars. Miss Doris Gimmy runs a home For tough young bloods who love to Bob Hewett calls his fruity wares, He wheels a cart of Bartlett Pears. And Garry for a lawyer's fees Is rivaling Demosthenes. And Lois Jotter, fond of rule, Finds pleasure, now, in teaching school. A sooty face for Thomas Crane, He's nursemaid to a choo-choo train. While Mary Kirby sits and sews, And keeps the "femmes" in pretty clothes Bob Langford runs a river barge, It's trim and speedy, if not large. fO3m Ken Walsworth sports a sergeant's stripes, The army dances while he pipes. jane Fletcher guarantees to fix A homely face with cos-met-ics. Cy Sturgis, with an artist's bob, Makes Greenwich Village "wimmen" sob NVhile Dorothy Wikel sits for ads Of combs and other "cheveaux" fads. "Em" VanDenBosch, with tinted brush, Is capturing the sunset's Hush. Edna Thomas finds there's art in Teaching kids in kindergarten. VV ith numbers Irene Hall does work And solves what myst'ries therein lurk. An outfit white for Mad'leine Schmitt, Thermometer and nurse's kit. A Standish, by the name of Stell, A basket-balling boy did fell. Ruth Carver now is out to win, Salvation Army took her in. Miss Helen Belakov, so Heet, For Western Union moves her feet. ,lean Rice is just a cub at play, She gathers tidbits of the day. lk lk 1 The Prophet now can see no more, She's drained the future to the dregs, Dissatisfaction she'll deplore, Hence for your tolerance she begs. ll -ll' ll ll I I3 l ll ll Il ll ll IE 20 ll ll ll n n nmzi uuiveizsrrv man scuooi, 1:11:15 it ll u CLASS WILL I, Charlotte VVhitman, do will my utmost savoir faire to Rudolph Weiner. I, Katherine Anning, do will my locker to Richard Lorch. I Dana Seely, do will my dignified aggressiveness to Rollo McCotter. I, Joe Fisher, do will my susceptibility to feminine allure to Edward Adams. I Cyrenus Bunting, do will my nose for news to Judy Trosper. 9 5 I, Curtis Bradbury, do will my bonhomie to any hermit with pronounced gre- garious instincts. ' I, Melvin Hartman, do will my likeness to John Gilbert to any seventh-grader expecting to be a fiend with the women. I, Clinton Ford, do will my scientific tendencies to the art classes. I, Doris Jaffe, do will my Thespian inclination to Tom Kleene. I, Mary Kirby, do will my blush to Carl Weeks. I, Jo Hadley, do will my youth to the ages. I, John Schmidt, do will my serious decorum to the seventh grade. I, Peter Field, do not will my oratorical ability to anyone, for I intend to keep it forever. I, Keith Billman, do will my demeanor to Julliard Carr. I, Dorothy Wikel, do will my swank to Becky Bursley. We, Lois Jotter and Ann Mitchell, do will our matriarchal positions to Dr. Johnston, with no comment but a smile. I, Jean Rice, do will my ability at everything to anyone insignificant. I, Alfonso Suyat, do will my collection of telephone numbers to any Junior. I, Doris Gimmy, do will my secretarial position in the student council to any- one with a better knowledge of slang than mine. I, Earl Quackenbush, do will my fleetness of foot to the Student Body. I, Rod Howell, do will the Junior Girls to the Junior Boys. I, Madeline Schmitt, do will my literary tendencies to Elizabeth Allen. I, Elsa Garriott, do will my complete indifference to all modern social problems to Fred Densmore. I, Margaret Pulfrey, do will the contents of my locker to John Spiegelburg. I. Bob Hewett, do will my ability to sleep under any circumstances to E. Vin- cent Moore. I, Ken Walsworth, do will my gullible nature to the Faculty, who need it. I, Ruth Carver, do will my languor to Dan Schurz. We, Edna Thomas and Jane Carleton, do will our efficiency at baseball to Hugh Gingerich. I, Jane Fletcher, do bequeath my complexion to its original container. I, Charles Crane, do will my scaffolding to David Underdown. I, Cy Sturgis, do will my ability at writing class wills to the nearest person contemplating suicide. I I, Mary Bursley, do will my endless man-chatter to Catherine Purdom. I, Bob Langford, do will my ability to slay with a glance to Bob Wurster. I, Emily VanDenBosch, do will my position behind the Cafteria Counter to Jean Seeley. I, Cecily Sellars, do will my verse-writing ability to Howard Carrothers. I, Faith Alway, do will my ability to play "Man, Crab, and Monkey," to Jean Keppel. I, Irene Hall, do will my position behind the desk in the library to Stek Mc- Callum. I, June Currie, do will my absence record to Joe Hewett. I, Marion Reimold, do will my quietness in moving about the halls, to Miss McKinney's home room. I, Estelle Standish, do will my raven locks to Kelly Goss. BI ll II ll ll il I El I Il ,Il ll il 'll IE! I 21 :n u 11-n n IGI-11 mme nmnrxsr-nan n in 1 n Ja MOCK ELECTICNS Most Popular Girl .... .... K atherine Aiming Most Popular Boy .... .... R oderic Howell Best Bluffer ........ ..... P eter Field Most Bashful Girl. . ...ixliarion Reimold Most Bashful Boy .... .... J oseph Fisher Prettiest Girl ....... .... A nn Mitchell Handsomest Boy ..... .... R obert Hewett Best Girl Dancer ..... ...... J ean Rice Best Boy Dancer ........ ..... D ana Seeley Most Surprising Person .... ..... I lelen Belakov Most Athletic Girl ..... .... ..... M a ry Kirby Most Athletic Boy ................ .... Roderic Howell Girl Most Likely to Become Famous. . .... . ..... Lois Jotter Boy Most Likely to Become Famous. . .4 ........... Peter Field Class Baby ............... ...... 3 .... Josephine Hadley Teacher's Pet ............ ,' .... ..... D ana Seeley Best Girl student ....... I ..... ..... I rene Hall Best Boy Student ..... .i . .. .... John Schmidt 2 3 EI :li ll ll ll ll l,B I ll ll ll H ll IE 22 i- ' 11g-' - - I , TU N DIIMR HIBJ 4 23 'X ...I ll ll il ll ICH-l NUNC UIMITTIS I-IGI ll ll l ll VJ Bottom Row: t'arl XYurster. Alton llewett. Keith Isaacson. Richard l,orch. Nesbitt llaas. Kelly tloss. ll'-ss Overton, Orlando Stephenson, George Szymehack, Victor Smazel. Robert johnson. Second Row: Ru- dolph XYi-int-r, 'l'lu-ollore lhaun. Winston XYalker, Marion Muddy. jean Keppel. jean Seeley. lilaine llryant. Ynrginia tlrahani. lX'agar tilas. Manley Osgood. Third Row: james Reed. Albert llolecek. Robert XYurster. lln-ster llangln-rty. Russel Kimberley, t'arl XYeeks, l'hilip Mct'alluin, Allen lihlers. Toni lileene. Fourth Row: Richard Anderson, lilizabeth Allen, Nina Pollock. Katherine Marie llall, Genevieve Anderson. Nancy XlacX:nnee. Mary .lane Swinton, Edward Adams. Top Row: Ralph llraun, Robert liickert. lidnar-l Sehultv. llaxolfl tlreen. Ilan Schurz. Alan lligbie, Frederick llensniore. THE JUNIOR CLASS After many years of patient waiting and hard work. the junior t'lass of 'Sl has at last realized its ambition. tfan it be possible that we are to become Seniors next year? lt seems only yesterday that we tirst entered this school. XYhat a time we have had within these friendly portals. :Xt times many of us have become dis- couraged, but not for long. Our existence in U. High has, by far. not been without incident. .X few of us can not remember our Freshman picnic without chuckliug a little. .X picked committee was sent out in search of a suitable place. After tindiug a most de- lightful spot at Bass Lake, they turned homewards, only to run out of gas at a point about three miles from .Xnn Arbor. The picnic was held at XYhitmore l.ake instead and the hard work done by the committee had gone for nought. The Sopho- more picnic was also held at XYhitmore l.ake. Our Sophomore year was a memorable one. lt was the time when we were allowed to attend Senior lligh parties. Vliheu our turn came to give one, how we fussed and worked to make it the most outstanding one in the history of the school. It turned out to be a huge success. The girls of the class were instrumental in much of the success, for they worked day and night making the dill'ereut tix- tures. The boys distinguished themselves in intramural athletics by defeating the juniors consistently in baseball and pressing the two higher classes hard in basket- ball. Our junior year was still more amazing in athletics. Six of the eleven boys on the lirst team in basketball were juniors: three of them being on the regular starting tive. The juniors also won the title in intramural basketball, but not with- out lighting hard for it. As we look forward to next year with much interest and anticipation, we eau not help but wipe a tear or two away when we think of its being our last year at U. lligh. However. we know that we will do our best to obtain the honor of being the finest Senior class and that the ideals and traditions of the institution will be upheld throughout our stay in this school. 1. Dl ll ll Il Il Il l U I ll ll ll ll ll 'lil 2-l ki SOPHOMORE CLASS Bottom Row: Rnlli llriggs. lk-tty llcwt-lt, KL-nnvtli Alllljllllg. J-asvpliiilc llnll. llxirlmx ll-ulgt-. lit-rqiluliiir linux. Nt-ll 1,11-N, llzirrict lluzitli. ,lnily Tmspt-r. ,l.ine liclinonsmi. llzxrrict Kznimifc, lla-:ly ,Xnnr lim-lfv, Nixon lfinvli. Second Row: Klang .lnlillst-il. llurotliy Rrttig. liste-llr Miller. llnrutliy Slzigill. Nlzu'jm'ir ll-lil-r. Nlil- ilrvil Hunt-rs. Xlzirizm llill. Xl:n'gzn'et liunqr. Rlnnln l'L-ck, llclvn Sclnniml, l'l1:Arluttm- l.s-nis. Xlxiry liznnplwll. liililzi Nlmlilt-i'. liilt-vii Lay. llullis lizipp. Third Row: llcrnzml Sliielcls, john l"risiiigvi'. Rnln-rl lluxu-ll. l':unl lir:nllnn'y. l':n'ltwni lluiiglltziliil, Rulrc-rt llyrn. Rulncrt llnuliler, llnnzilil XYZAIL-rnizni. Ilunzilml Stxwlilvi, l'l1:ilnwl'w Yzliilln-iillnxcli, xY:il4lmn:u' lic-iniulrl. Artlnii' lknnler, llnnciln Tlmnlzis. julin l'rn-rsinxin. 4'liIl'u1il llulvlx. Fourth Row: llc-lvn llirml. l'lmrluttc Ruegcr. t':ii'ulimA File-lillle. lizxtliryn lh'NYulfv. lin-111-x'icx'v X-rllzlx, llyrllu lfzillul. 4':itlic1'im- Pnrilmn. Phyllis lirinnm. Mary Nliclmcl. Nlzn'gzn1-t Sclnniilt. lin-lyix XX'-ilili, li'nnr:uul We-31'ivli. Ilzwvl Ilirrl. XYilliclinin:i L':11'1'. llzirvcy Muller, lmnis ll-rlilingy Top Row: K'l1:n'lt-5 llzigznix. Rviii llzLilm-y. Kin-uigu l"wl'N5'tln-. julin lfursllcc, Rwlwrt Huuglitulin. Oscar Olson. Rollin NlCl'uttcl'. Sli-plu-ii Slxintuil. t'l:n4- linirl. Vlint--n Ilzlrris. llngli Gingrricll. l'li1n'lcs liilily. Roln-rt lirunn. XYilli:nn Rullnnxni. Rwlnnil l'rit-wt. NINTH GRADE Bottom Row: Nlnlwl .Ka-nipf. Grace Keck. Olivo Super. juffliirk Kimlmxill. Ja-:num-tlv Oilily. llgirrim Imngi. ,lnnv Xt-im-r. lit-tty llnntingl-nn, llnrotliy llunglltalln. jane Higlne, Mary lxucli. Second Row: ll-qw llgirt- , n'ip:.-llumtliy Sncstlzniml. Rt-vu Rnlmlrc.'ll:i Miller, Ann lluychnck, Ruth llIlU.'lllIl!l. livn lnlk, Immtln Vnrtiw. l'l41n'vl'li:nnljc-rlin, llt-lun lfylrn. Rngciimlwc Sim-lr, llclgxnliiitz. fNl:n'iun NI-ucniiiln-r. Third Row: Ruli- vrt lirznxn. Nlcrlv In-rn. Ilona NX:-im-i', ltileen 5nsIclzn'tli, Xirgnna Hunt. Msn-Jm'ie lor. 1.1-rtrn4lv I'nlIvr. Iilimln-tli XYliirnt-y. lilnisc- .lcmiilm llorntliy Xullar. llovrzml l':n'rotlie-rs, llcnry Klngcr. Top Row: l'i't-sinus l-.rust-. Lynn Stn-ing, I,:n'crc l'rf-stmi, Rnsssl Nlrnior. Kenneth Martin, NYilli:nn Sh-plu-zismi, Rnlmt-rt Young. ,Xlfrwl Im-im-ll. .lulin Young. lluvifl l'nmlf-rmlnwn. Blnxwi-ll Anning, john Klziclicnzic. 'l'riQt:in Klviin-ckr, Vlii lnril Nlzirtin. 25 EIGHTH GRADE Bottom Row: l'lx:uln-N lC1lmumls, liwvlwrt Nlilcln-ll. lhxlgllt A4l:uns. llill5 i':nn1:u1, Rlvgllzml linvxxn, lim'- l-:un li:x1x-nm-, l'riwill:l Alllml. lim-tty llzulgvr, ll-cil l-'r:mkiug. Suzzmm- lim-mu-l. Second Row: lla-tty lim-nl. l,5I':n linlm, IC:-clay lillrslvy. ,luxm-4 llunlzlp, -lwlm lilvl-llc. l"l'm-mlm-llclx llllllw. .ll'IllHlk'llt' llzngims. Nl:ng:n'L-I llvlvnxlxx, lmulx llupkimy, liznil l'11lxx:n'mls. Third Row: l'llyllis llvlllwtl. l'l1rlslim- IPL-srll. ll:u'lm1:x llvulll. -lrzan Rwlu-aw-ul, l"lfvrum'v X:lll.Xlilwl'v11, Nlmrclzxlvllv l'ullim'. Xl:ll'p1llc:'itc Kl:mzl1m'n.Rlltl1 Scllfwlimg, Iluwplmim- Vlmpm. ,lfrwpllilw Sallu-l.l'utl'lclzn Nliclliu-l. Fourth Row: linlmlxy Sxullvr. llzlvicl Slwrxxin. llwvmn-1' Xl:u'N:u11a-r. Alllllinnl l':ul', Nl-'lm XY:ng'1n-l'. llrllrv XlL'lJmml4l. Rulu-rt ilmftrul. jim l,:1lll1L'. vlzlm' llilgilll. Top Row: lCwllm1nul 42:4-mn, lmnnlll llx-Hai. lla-nry gxllllllli .lily Uflmrnln-. 1'l:n'c11cc liitclwn. sEvE,,NTHl GRKDE Bmtom Row: l'ri5L-illgl XYmull1r:nl. Alive SCllll1llll. ilcrlrumlc Nlvlfnllzl. Alimr liltrlmrll. lfllxzxlrrilx Vllzlllcius, ll'-Ill lfliulu-. l"1':n1u'n-N 1lrr,nf,X'i1'gini:u llufur, Xlllgllllil Usgu-nl, .ln-:ul l.:mgfu1'nl, llctt5 Iliw. Second Row: Yin- gimzn I.ulug Yllginin Sxlmllnfugf'liqlu-1' llum-yxxn-ll. lClizulu-tl1 xYllI'Nlt'!'. lllllmlmxwl NYlxr1-lor, lil--n'gv llzum. 414-f,,-,gp R514-, bl-mlm XY4-llrr. Russn-ll Xlcihllzn. .luv limlwzlxwls, Third Row: lilvznwul' llrivr, .lm-:ul XYills. l"r:lm'vs Nlmlin. Xllllllllil llflglllllll, lfrzllncw llvn- fle-lx-nl, lzum-N Xuxris. Stull Hxlw, l'llilip ti-mly. Ifivlfl, Fourth Row: Klum l'm-in-fl. .Xllnwn lkmlix, l,uIllvl:u lluas. Mur- uuu-t Mm-Im-luv, .Xvmxm-l llc-nrtl. Slxmla-5 Sxxultuxx, XX alllzlm l lzmwlvll. llzum-I Wln-n'lm', Top Row: .Xlfrul l.Q-m-, l'l1illp Nm-xxnxzul. Nlalllllvl-1 Vlzuuv, llryzml Rllllxvvn. llvrly Rzltllll. llzxvill liiu-lu-n, llill lluntinglml. SUBSEVENTI-I GRADE lflmllx XYl1ilm-y, lfilvll 'l'illnt4-nl. Sinn- lvy Xl.-lm-. Ruin-It lluxl. l':uul Snlnpl:-. 26 U U L, l'f W NN 1 N si xy mmzwulmuwzznunfrfzzzznlr 4 Q' 'Dun uv""4 Qqlmlfmlnmlafllrmwfaff f , H sg Qjidi' 1' Q, Q5 3 Z, mash' HN jyixvg-f ,K ILM ' 2'139E: ei , Www w 2 W fx X4 S Xfx, 'Univ IIIIIIIVIIWIHIUIMS 331235. , J: N I J M , X K M LK '0 xx a lt K I xx 'IL 5 L ML gn 1 X Fl ll ll li ll ID!-I NUNC DIMITTIS I-IEH ll ll ll E Seated: Roliert llonell, Rolxert llewett. Garry Hunting. Roderic llowell, Riclianl Lorch, Philip Mcfal- h'ni, Vlufstt-1' Ilznuzlierty. Standing: llonald Slaeliler. student manager. Ned l.oos. assistant inanager. Kelly tloss, llana Seeley. Rieharil Anderson, Nesliitt llaas. Nr. East, coach, Mr, Darling, faculty manager. BASKETBALL liy winning their way to the finals in the Class Cf State llasketlmall tournament. the University lligh School team made the most impressive record ever achieved in L'niversity lligh School athletics. 'l'he two most exciting scheduled games of the season were with the :Xlumni and St. 'l'homas. The entire Alumni game was marked hy close scoring, neither team heing more than four or live points ahead of the other. The game ended JZ-21 favor of the School team. The game with St. Thomas was nip-and-tuck until the linal quarter, when Seeley sank a sensational shot, and two more baskets so disheartened the St. Thorn- as team that University lligh won the game 28-18. The other games on the schedule were rather mediocre, and the team won them handily. 'l'he team won the District Championship hy defeating Northville and Saline without any trouhle, llefeatine' Chelsea and 'Ionesville hy conifortalxle margins, the team advanced to the tinals ol the Regional tournament, where they played lllilan. Milan gave much more opposition than was expected, hut the team came through with a 27-21 victory. The lirst game in the State tournament with Gladstone very nearly ended our title hopes. ,Xt the heginning of the last quarter the score was l8-12 in favor of Gladstone. ln the tirst minute and ten seconds of the last quarter three baskets were made hy University High. This evened the score, 18-l8. VVith one-and-a-half minutes of play left, Howell was granted two free throws. Scoring on hoth of El! Il Il ll Il Il I E1 l Il ll ll Il Il IE! ZS E11 ll ll ll lEl1:! UNIVERSITY HIGH SCHOOL EEN if ll ll iD these, the team gained a lead of two points which they maintained till the end, winning by 20-18. We reached the finals of the State tournament with an easy victory Over Charlevoix, 25-16. The score was 23-5 at the end of the third quarter at the time the reserves went in. Although we lost the finals to St. Augustine of Kalamazoo, 24-14, the entire school is proud of the record made by our team. The peculiar offense of the Augustines baffled the team during the entire game. The team will lose Rod Howell, Dana Seeley, Garry Bunting, and Robert Hewett by graduation 5 Richard Lorch and Richard Anderson will be lost through ineligibility. Captain-elect Goss, Haas, McCallum, Lefty Howell, and Daugherty will be back next year, while the second team will also furnish promising material for next year's squad. The Second Team also had an enviable record, being unbeaten throughout the season. Too much credit cannot be given to Coaches East and Rasmussen for their splendid work, and there is every indication that next year's team will have a very successful season. ' SCHEDULED U. H. S. .... 69-Manchester ..... 6 U. H. S. .... 24--Farmington ..... 7 U. H. S. .... 22-Alumni . ....... 21 U. H. S. .... 53-Clinton . . . . .. 4 U. H. S. .... 19-Wayne ... ....15 U. H. S. .... 27-Saline . ....... . 4 U. H. S. .... 29-Chelsea . ....... 18 U. H. S. .... 21--Roosevelt fYpsij. 8 U. H. S. .... 28-St. Thomas ..... 18 U. H. S. .... 38-Milan .......... 9 U. H. S. .... 30-Dundee . ....... 19 U. H. S. .... 35-Lincoln . . . . . . 6 395 127 DISTRICT TOURNAMENT U. H. S. .... 34-Northville . ..... 13 U. H. S. .... 36--Saline . ........ 20 REGIONAL TOURNAMENT U. H. S. .... 25-Chelsea . ....... 14 U. H. S. .... 41-Jonesville . . . . . 9 U. H. S. .... 27-Milan .......... 21 STATE TOURNAMENT U. H. S. .... 20-Gladstone . ..... 18 U. H. S. .... 25-Charlevoix ...... 16 U. H. S. .... 14-St. Augustine . . .24 Bl Il ll ll ll Il I El l ll 111 ll ll ll IB 29 RESERVE BASKETBALL TEAM 11 lxl111 Svzltcrl: 12111 XY11141-1'. Nwlu-It XY1l1'Nt1'1'. Al41s1'pl1 l"isl11-1'. .Xllvll l'll1l1'1's. XY:1g:11' lllzu, S15-lnrli g: '11 IU11 XX X I 111 111111111 I0-H1111:111. l1111l1-5 lsgl 11. 1111111 l"411sh1-11, K1-11111-111 XY11I511111'tI1. lx:11'l XY11-lv. H1111 lj11,11'1111 11141. XI1. NAN11111-N1-11. 1-11:11'I1. SWIMMING Seated: HM-111 U1-1-11. H1111 S1'l1111l. IlSll'Xl'y Xlllllvr, RUI11-ll l.:111p.qf111'1l. H1111-IN-111 R11v1'I. lQ111111'1l1 XI1 I11, I11111N Ixlilfullllj. Slaridingi I"11-1l1'111'k IM-11a111n1'1-, 111:111:Lg1'l'. XIV. 0151111 1'1v:11'l1. l"l1'1l1'111'k H11111, 511-1111111 1 111-111. XI11 ll1f1INl13. w1.11'11. 30 TRACK TEAM Bottom Row: Rfulmrt ,lulmsrn1. flurry Bunting. Varl Vl'11rste-r. Riuhzml l,m'cl1. XY:1g:u' illus. Rulwrt XY1111 ln-1'. Riclmnrml l'1'i:-st. Middle Row: Mr. fllllllllllhk coach, Nlr. liast, coach. XYillinm Rutlmlzm. ,Ines-pix lfixlu-1'. ,lu-rt llnmrlxtznlixl. l"rc4lL'l'icli llc-nsmurc. mzmagcr. Top Row: llullis liamv. Alam lligluic. Flaw llunl. Ilzlr- y AlllllL'I'. lizlrl Quuckcmlmslx. furtis llrzulluxry. TENNIS TEAM Seated: Rulse-rt I.angfm'1l. Rulwcrt llyrn. Dau Sclmrz. Robert Howell. l'a1'l VVeuks. Standing: lin-lnmullx 'ulswm'1l1. N:-sluitt llnzls, l'lKlW2ll'll Schultz. Robert Hewett. Mr. llacCm'mick, cnncl1. 31 .ir ll ll ll ll IE!-1 NUNC mMI'I"i'lS l-IEIL ll- ll l, U lI1 GOLF TEAM cated: l'1-lm' lfim-lil, lJ.m:i Sm-lvy. Philip xlK'l-Ellllllll. Standing: ,lmuuf lim-il. I"i'i-iluiiclx Illini. .Xlln-ui llilmis. Xlxuilm-y Uagmul, G. A. A. BOARD Seated: N'ii'gn1i:1 lirnliuni, lliwrip llinimy. ,la-:ni Rive, lilfu llzirrinlt, Nlury liirlwy. Standing: Blm'i.:11mi1c K mill in ll u limlpl lx in Sulu Yiigiiui Usg, i nl U'..'1l 'Yi'. 'I ."','- 'lf I .WK . UK Il ll ll ll IV IGI ll ll ll Il 1 'T 32 I 1.- 2 1 1 J 33 STUDENT COUNCIL Bottom Row: .lwlm I"risinga-r. Rurlulpll fX'vixu-r. IMF. Ilurlinpz. Iluris Klimmy. Ilzmzl Su-Ivy. Philip RI4 inllum. .Xml Mm-Iuvll. Rwlwrt ll-nu-ll. I.-mls llupkms, Alarm-s llunlalp. Second Row: Hill Iluntimglun Ilnllp NUXAYIIIAII. l.31:l Kznlm. Hctll UARUIQQ-. lilixzxlwtll Wlltkills. Mary -lullnsmx. Ruth Iiriggs. lh-In-11 Iiixwl In-Vlznxlq Iiimlwnll. Third Row: Kzntlu-l'im' Muriu llull, jmw Krllxnmwln. Nxuwy H:1cX:nm-1-. Mzuiwm Kim-:nn In-1, Nlzuj-W3 ilu-. I'I1yIIis Ih-nm-tt, Ruth HZIIUIIIQHI. Tristizm Nlvlm-clir. Top Row: Rlrlwrt llwugI1t:llin, Rui: uv Kirk:-11, Ilwlwvl llc-xx:-tt, Ilnrulml iirm-n. .I-:Im l"ursl1s-4-. l'lim-nl If-ml. R-11:1-rl Yu1n1g'. BROADCASTER Seated: Ifitrh 'I'illnlwn. Yirginiu Usgnml. lluruthy Hugill, Garry lluntiug. lim-itll lkillzmm. ,lmn Rivv. Xliu Ryflnfr. H:n'l::u':n'Ilvfnth. Standiqg: Phyllis Hl'llllHll. Yillcl-nxt-M-H111-, Ifzutricizl Nlichzu-1, IM-llm-th XYHIN- vrtll. lmxw .lutu-l', Ng-dnt! Haus, hlnznlwth Alh-11. in-ssn-y Nurgm. ja-:nl lu-pm-I. ,I-mlm Svllmxflt. Ilnv,-plxim un Iizullry, Ilqlllll Iiluvmu Rulvcli lim . 34 v ... in 1 , 1 STUDENT GUIDES Bottom Row: IJ:-mihy XYiknl, llm-len liyrn, l'h1n'Iutte Lewis, Mzngrlrlim' Vnllimw, Nl:u'gzm-1 ll.-Ivniu Middle Row: Nlyrtlc lfxlllni. I':Yt'lj'1i XX'nlIEl'. -IL'lHl!lt'flt' liilmh. Estelle Stzuulielx. lilsu Hzuriutl. ,Inq-1.I1ip.l Sum-:'. lfvzn Vfullc. Top Row: .lawn Ygumllcullusclm, Ulu-stvr Uxulglu-rty. 1'h:u'lrs llngum. Kin--uxgv I"-n'-ylln ll:m SVWIIIIY. Xml laws, 'l'1v111 Klcuxw. Arthul' Ilzmm-V. DEBATING TEAM 1 lBottom Row: Ninn I'uIIwck, l'n-tn-1' Via-lnl. f'hllI'luHE' liz1vgu1'. Top Row: Tum R11-vm-. Miw Ilrlslilk K ul lu I '-v: ' , v'f1l llillmxm. 3 1. , 11' A' 44' 'ill ' f,-LW 35 Eli ll ll ll ll ll I Cl ll ll ll ll IE!-I NUNC DIMITTIS I-IE! ll ll ll il IE LIBRARY CLUB The Library Club was organized in September, 1926, and is composed of ten members taken from the 9th grade on up. There are two groups in the club, the first composed of the students who have been in the club for two years, and the second group is made up of students who joined this year. These two groups meet alternately every Tuesday. This yearis president is Irene Hall, and the secretary is Helen Schmid. The members of the club help in the library during the day and by doing so get prevocational training. FRENCH CLUB The French Club, which was organized in 1925, is composed entirely of stu- dents from French classes. The governing body of the club consists of a president, a secretary, and a board of directors, chosen from the various French classes. The club is sponsored by the French department. The usual attendance at the monthly meetings is about 40 people, but at spe- cial meetings there are a great many more. These special meetings draw many who do not even take French, for instance at the annual Christmas meeting, at which a play is presented and carols sung, the assembly room is almost entirely filled. The meetings are opened by the singing of the Marseillaise followed by pro- grams which are the outgrowth of the work in the various classes. The programs generally consist of plays, recitations, speeches, song fests and the like. An especi- ally enjoyable program is the one at which moving picture films of French scenes are shown. A new departure from the usual procedure was made this year when the club held a party in January, at which French games were played and French songs sung. The prizes to the winners of the games were tiny French flags. The Club has been very successful this year under the leadership of Josephine Ball, and we hope that it may continue to grow. TRAVEL CLUB The Travel Club is a new institution this year. The purpose is to give inter- ested persons an opportunity to hear lectures on foreign affairs. The meetings are held about once a month in the school cafeteria, where dinner is served for the small sum of thirty-five cents. An outside speaker is invited and speaks after dinner. Since the meetings are held on school nights. it is necessary to dismiss by eight o'clock so the students will have an opportunity to do their studying after- ward. Charlotte VVhitman, the president, ably assisted by Wager Glas and Bob Howell, has worked hard and faithfully to make this club a success. 36 E I ll ll ll ll ll"'1El UI ll ll ll lEll-I UNIVERSITY HIGH SCHOOL I-lEll - -ll ll ll IE ORCHESTRA Bottom Row: Rhoda Peck. Evelyn NYoltT, Margaret Schmidt, Margaret Pnlfrey. Charles limldy. jose- phint- llall, Phyllis lirunnn. Alice lirigham. Maxnell Anning. Second Row: Vtfilliani fi1'Ill1tli'll, llurntliy Ra-ttig, Margaret lllacmnher. Jean Seeley, Frederick Hunt. John Schmidt. Clinton Forrl. Rolnert johnson, lleury lilagcr. Third Row: Jan LaRue. James Dunlap. Louis Hopkins. Henry Adams. Stanley Mnnre. Rollo alcliottcr. David Shernin, john Swixher. .lulliarcl Carr. Top Row: Robert Grafton, Robert lniyrn, lg:-n Striving. Vl'illiain Steplu-nsnn. Russel Manor, Frederic Guthe. CllZlllllCl'S Vanlienliosch, llilly Carman. MUSIC Our school has reason to be very proud of the acconlplishnieuts of its ment- bers in the field of music. XYe are very fortunate in having a great deal of re- markable talent in our midst. The orchestra and band have thrived under the leadership of Mr. Falcone and Miss Olson. The band is a new feature this year. It was organized about Christ- mas tiine, and was sutificiently advanced to play at one or two of the later games. The Glee Clubs again deserve great praise for the spring cantata. The effort was exceptionally beautiful and impressive. The Clee Club has had its share in furnishing a great many other entertainments also. XVe are particularly proud of our representatives in the National and State High School Orchestras, and we wish to extend our congratulations. DI ll ll ll ll ll IE! Il ll ll ll' 37 GIRLS' GLEE CLUB -Bottom Row: Nlilflra-fl Huxu-1'a: XI:11'y Xliu11:1ul. vl1v11,u lI11lI. IJ111'-11l1y XY1l4n-I: liI1:wl11 I'rck. lim-I511 XXUIH Vzulun lllll. l1111l1:1111l XX 1-5'114'l1, 41c1':1l1l1111' Il:1:1N. fillllllllk' l':1m'l111lm'. lh11'f1II15' h:11'.5L'1'. 131111 'l'l1:v1'111-111. H111 1 llvl111w11. Second Row: lllylhs IIV11111111. Mary lx11'l1y. Ruth l:11'xm1'. l',1I1w-11 l,:eg.. Nu-111 l'111cI1. 4111111-11111 X11fI1-lvvlx. -l:1111- lflm-lvl1v1', Il-111s tli1111115. l,111x ,lwttn-1'. hlllmly 'l'1'11sp1-1', ll:1111L'l ll1:1ll1. li11t111'1'i11r .xllllilYj.1. l'h11 If-Uv XNl11l111:11v. Thlrd ROW: Ilxluizl XI111l1l1-1. lx:1l1111'111v Nl:11'11' Ilslll. I'.Ix:1 I1111'11w1t. X111:1 I'-:ll-wk. l':11ll1 Xl 11115: H:11111-1 lx:x111111w. QIJ1111- l'.1l1111111w111, Nlnry hlllm' 5111111-111, XX1ll14'l111111:1 l:11'1'. ll111'1s Al:1H1'. ,I1111v 1111111 Xl:11g:1lm't 51111111-ll. lfmily X'1kIlINVll:fINL'I1. ,lc:111 lin-p1n'I. lfwlrllv SI:1111lisl1. Top Row: li:1tl11y11 IMWXIII1 111-111-x'im'xv Xwllul. Ruth lhiggx. -I41w11l1111v Hull. l'l1:11'lfvtln- N111-gclk H1-ity .X1111m- lim-M-. -In-:111 Su-Ivy. -l:111v l'11I 1111. Xullvy Xl:u'N:11111-v. Nl:11g:111-I I'1llI'11-3'. NI31'1I1- l":1ll-11. Xl:11ifr11 R1-11111-Ixl. llvln-11 llvl:1lwx. Yi1'g1111:1 1111111111 I Iuim- Ii1x.1111, BOYS' GLEE CLUB Bottom Row: 1'l111Nlv1' Il!1llLIII1'Ilj'. RivI1r1r1l A111l:'1'm11. lC:11'I U1111vl:c-11I111wI1. XY:1g:11' Ulm. l7g111:1 S1-vlu 1 1 Xllvll l'1l1l1-lx. IJ1111:1l1l S114-i1Iv1'. K4-ith I11ll111:111. Second Row: Xcel'-l,1nw. lim-111111111 H111-l1l1g. lvulu-1'l Iluxull Hwlm-1'1c llfmrll. H1111 N111117. lu'11114tl1 Uz1lNxx1v1'tl1. Rm1l11'1't l.:111g't111'cl. lC11l11'1'l I-1l111wv11. RHTIUII H1-11111 R'1l1ll1 1 1 1 1 1z11111. Top Row: Ixivl1:111l lricft, 1'li11tu11 l"111'nl. li1Ixx:11'1l 1X1i111114, lI:111'y I11111111111. F14-flm-1ivl1 Hunt. lx1cl.1 lv111'l1. lI:111- l11111i. XI1-Ix111 H:41'1111:111. l11-111'gv l'111's5'1l14z 38 El II ll ll IEIl+l UNIVERSITY HIGH SCHOOL EE!! ll ll N IB DRAMATIOS I THE SENIOR PLAY ' The Seniors gave for their play this year The Importance ,of Being Earnest by Oscar VVilde. It is a comedy, the humor lying inthe lines and the fact that Jack Worthing, who, when a baby, was found in a suitcase, is in love with a girl whose mother will not let her marry him until she learns who his parents were. Another love plot matures between Algernon, the friend of Jack, and Cecilyg' Jack's ward. Miss Prism, the governess of Cecily, is in love with a Dr. Chausable. The roles of Jack Worthiiig and Algernon Moncrief were played by Clinton Ford and Cyrus Sturgis respectively...Margaret Pulfrey played-the 1par-t,o-i-Gvven- dolen, opposite Clinton Ford, and Charlotte Whitman took the part -of Cecily Ann Mitchell as Miss Prism and Keith Billman as Dr. Chausable,.added to'-the humor of the play. Lady Bracknell, who refused to allow her daughter to marry Jack, was played by Doris Jaffe. Elsa Garriott and Thomas Crane, as servants of the household, helped the plot to proceed. I I A THE JUNIOR PLAY The class of 1931 in their Junior year presented The Hafmzted House by Owen Davies. The plot revolves around a mysterious murder of a woman, the fiancee of Jack Driscoll, who had married someone else. The country characters, aided by the mother of the bride, and the neighbors, arrived on the scene only to complicate matters, until the fiancee returned. Her second appearance cleared the mystery, and proved that it was only a cow that was shot. Katherine Aiming played the part of the bride, while Cyrus Sturgisf-plajyetli the part of Jack Driscoll, the bridegroom. The discarded fiancee was acted by IJo,se- phine Hadley. The tramp, the milkman, and the constable were 'taken by Kenneth VValsworth, Richard Lorch, and John Schmitt, respectivelyq Robert.Hewett, the city detective, Garry Bunting, a Writer ofdetective stories, and Doris Jaffejhis wife, all helped to mix the plot. The arrival of Edna Thomas iasrMrs. Evans, the bride's mother, and Robert Langford, her chauffeur, cleared the mystery of 'the plot. - - The cast was well selected by Mrs. Huber, who directed the play. THESPIANS CLUB r - ' This organization was founded in 1929, and in that first year, consisted only of the members of the cast of the Senior Play. They carried on by themselves for most of the following year but invited the cast of the Junior Play to make a nucleus for the following year. This society is responsible for at least one assembly a semester, andas many more as they care to prepare. One very successful play The Ma.1z in the Bowler Hat, which was presented as one of the programs, was enthusiastically received. The members held tryouts in November, and later in the year 'three members of the Senior Play cast were chosen. The present membership is as follows: Rich- ard Lorch, director, John Schmidt, business-manager, and Katherine Anning. scen- arist, as officersg Bob Hewett, Ken Walsworth, Doris Jaffe, Jean Rice, Clinton Ford, Charlotte VVhitman, Ann Mitchell, Tom Kleene, James Reed, Charlotte Rueger, Phylis Brumm. Bl il ll ll ll ll i E l ll' ll ll Il ll IE! 39 - 1 +. 1 1 -- lg! I iq H5 1' W H H! W 1, ii xi Ei w .1 wg w. is fy ul L, 54' 's f. M i 41? i gif ful fff 15 li? in f 4 W !': ,lg N v 145 m s U xi il M UI if W ff V LM , V: Q ,si U1 Q 1 iQ EQ li lr- 1 m VE W I' 'f fx, 1 l's .fi P! UE UQ U 1? 14 M4 wi U1 r . . Nj Ui M u J ws M f ij! '?1F11i iwi 47" -1 "T if i j L7 Lfiii iifl gli, 7"'iT,'EJ.2TLlf,1Z1?:E1 3.1.1 Y. 40 5 : E G Z

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