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-P- 'V LG' ' , , 752155-E 16321 W , -V -f y ,er :Wx . V' Wg,-, :Wfwv-, U ,. - Q 3 'LJ' Uefrigrfif I V 'Rm jailffgw ' uf. 5 .,,' i S-'E V ff m,k,W,4,, J, , ,,., va-1-' UK , mam E , MEM: .i U 6 y l al., N M ave M165 -,.. ' Q f M ,gg 1 ' wwf" x if 'L , . 0 - L Q- . . 2- '+i?53!31"flS' ff 'ff ' , .ay 1 A , lv 0 E17 f ,. E33 15 B V -,:,'rfv-jg .Q .- !'r"?,v,,,-51 l rznfr'--I W I 1 f ,'.' 1 723' I 1 11 4, 4- 1 LIE. ,i 4.5 fig? g'ff , Q T72 Q1-3 ' A' 1 5,5 K I g 11 .- ,fm-g ,., ' 'v s1Q fkf L- M il' , V ff l i : 3 ls. 4 'JA h ,p s 'ij' , , . aff? ' .i W. U. gs, ,,, ,' 'f N' M ' "fn if-gy.i.f'f 1 rn 1,gf7 ' 'w n W 1 ' fvjl ri gk- W ,F W1 fm . K ' N K I X ' ru 'gsm .fr jug hi gM.,?'5,g 1 .R V Y W -sn -S f 'iv 'i.,fi, , ' ' ' ' 1 fffggig-,?4NI?:f fP L. ,A,g' 7- ., fy 2 '- ,H ggi , xx xv? A . f , - I J A L! A- ' ' 2 .X-,. , 1 4, -,fl ,M N BA .I . A Q l , ,,, . 1 f 1 1 - , ' , ' ,- ! - , A -g -,L M, 5: 5 .- xi Q i, V W 3"' .1 Q mi fha 1 V354 'fqv ,fi ' I 'N '16, is ' --9' . 'L- -1. -1" -f'- 1' . . N , 3' A I . ei ,,'.l.v.4N Ji .1 1 A 1 , xx Q 1 g , ., ' ' I ,i A x .1 I .Y , W. K .1 ia 4 .. griixzqr 5' A, OM K ,Q X1 3 4 y h , Q Q s yi- - i.. V. .lu l '. 5 Q ' Q X M . 1 Y in " 5 L Y F23 . WWA E R nf 5 Qrli f . 1. . 1 'J 5 ' ' .,, ff '- F- ', 5 Q I W'-av 1 M "i'ii'k"3Q 'Q' . . Y -us:-1 x h ' w- ,. -' ' .- ,rn-, - f ,, ' - ' , - ' 4 L ,lv , ,L QI, 3, A . 4.1 3, .H , V -,. ,I , Q. . 5 i .5 E v . .. 1 ad. fx Q M, ix -I I 'tm -K . is icing' '- ' -4 ,Q I "' 'L . TNS' 7"7f'f Q ' 9' A 'Q , "4 1. 'gm ' ,Y :Q ' "X l mf- , 1- I . kilt I , In-i . N ' ms - ,rv X , 3 x - ,l . A fr g ' N . Q Q . . Q X . ' ,. V , A 8 My . f' - ' ,Cl A fp -L .- - -1"-sn ' 'A 03" . -- '., . 4 - 1 Nxt fi ' 'K ' Q 'iv 12 "J W ' N yff " - 'li uh' I I Q ' rl.. , f wi. W' . 1 J Q' '. 3, 2 a " . f . K " ' ' v 9 - s ' 'Ir -f'-' ' -f -f .a 'S ' J, Gfg 1 T 1 A i X "They can because they think they can - Virgil Struggling desperately towards the destination of our dreams, we sometimes wonder.. Why? 3, 1 u ., WSW : sf,-11 'sa it Q ""gg:z5w i ? r "ME: win! 'imzihds Q 5' -, 5 V ' ' ' ,'.- 1 1 , qu : Q ,Q - ,. K 1 3 , 5 Q ,qgwwg gg, . 1 r t 3 I gg 57,5911-K. K , - i . 1 , . is ,pa J. :A ,NM W ,,A .,., ,W Q" 'vw vw .',, L, . 'hunk . ,,r+f,4, me 4,000- L 1 -a.,,..,-v-'l"" amqqwvmw ' .M f. 6 We reflect back... Creating images for others to see. Giving of ourselves each - differently. And by giving, we ascend tc higher pinnacles. . 3 4 4 iles 57:9 P Fc if - We Grow by striving. ln our striving, we expand our horizons. Never forgetting the small things that encouraged us to grow. A blurr of days and nights race by like speeding lights and our destinations are reached. 8 5? ' l X M me, yet together! Emotions flash through our being. Faces mirror other's emotions a world of imagination and illusion. 10 We listen, we learn, we grow. We extend ourselves to reach new horizons! 'M KW S c X H ,N X' -,..,- F M Ah- f . 1 V" , nfl .FW 1, im' .4 Q--1 1 1 4 -M X L01 um' 9 zum an V u I . 4 I , f -' .4 ll ' H- 1j an 'e ' WV G X I i X X Y - QP 'FM 3 V 1 yr vi , f W T ' Q 4 , , .N . f R yay .WZ ,,f,-fy m -ff , ,,f, lv "'6' Q 1 - thu wk , Q M X6 ig 'gg "gg ,fi Q N ? 'tn 1 1 yr 1 Vi n V ZA 1-qisons-1 lli Q Wa ' .F Wk ,gr f ,.w.Q f ifxxl lx'-n "M W7 Q ' 'K K ov' Www! A J, !.".4l:"'.!. VLIA' X W sf? Y 5 4 Rlght: Paul Cosby, Sgt. at Arms. Far right: Cheryl Hag- seth, Vice President. Above: Jim Davis, President. Right: Debbie Winnett, Sec- retary. P Wa l ' ' Class of '78 Right: Cheryl Hagseth, Senior Class Vice President, explains delivery procedures for the Senior T-Shirt to a class meeting. Senior Officers Lead Class Activities Below Left: Senior officers -like other members of the class - looked forward to college entrance or other post-high school training. Jim Davis and Paul Cosby make use of the library files as part of their career planning. Below: Planning ahead for the class of '78's graduation announcements, class officers Debbie Winnett and Cheryl Hagseth eval- uate the announcement display prior to order day. Above: Senior Class officers spend much planning time with class ad- visor, Mr. Gerry Manfred. In a pre- meeting session, the officers arrange the agenda to explain ordering pro- cedures for class rings and caps and gowns. JW' Class of '78 Seniors Start Year With Breakfast Senior Spirit "got up early" Friday before Home- coming Week. Over 100 seniors braved a 6:30 a.m. breakfast to show class unity in preparation for the Homecoming event. aux iii S ' iw-Class of '78 Askey, Dan Bates, David Bearden, Linda Adcock, Jim Ady, David Anderson, Joel Arnold, Ken Austin, Bret Baldwin, Randal Balyard, Greg Barnes, Bobbie Baxter, Scott Baxter, Wanda Beach, Cindy Beal, Lorie Bennett, Steve Benson, Shelly Benton, Bob Beresford, Terri m l ,.. .,,,Qfaf ssii, ,,ss ,pf . V Class of '78 mv 'VW B., Class of '78 Black, John Blue, Mark Bobbett, Kim Boyles, Jeff Brown, Jeri Budd, Judy Buelow, Tim Bye, Rick Cain, Connie Canino, Tammy Cary, Mary Chance, Shelly Seniors Show Spirit In Hall Decorating Braman, Staci Bretthauer, Joni Buys, Cathy Cadwallader, Lisa A Fall Circus amazedfamuzed students on Fri- day of Homecoming Week as the foyer came alive with stuffed animals and seniors "clowning ., Christensen, Laurie Clark, Unjoo around for real. Clemons, wan comm, Diane Collison, Darlene Compton, John ,- A 'E' . s 1 1 ml' ill Class of '78 ff ig' i A lot of water, a lot of work, and a few cars got Senior funds off to an early start. A July car wash was the first project for the class of '78. Q 'VW Crosbie, Jeff Cross, Jeff Dazell, Cathy Dearing, Erin L Class of '78 Conat, Bret Getting Early Start for Senior Funds Cook, Dave Copelen, John Cosby, Paul Cox, Pam Cramer, Linda l l Danner, Toni Davis, Jim Davis, Paula Dickson, Raymond Dill, Kevin Dionne, Nancy Crump, Brian Cunningham, Brian Dale, Teresa Deasy, Lawney Debenham, Craig Dice, Kimberly f4 Class of '78 fig C Driot, Pascale Durrant, Brian Duthie, Marie Ehlis, Robin Donkey Basketball Brings Entertainment and Fun to Seniors ma, Fitzgerald, David :N tw ,n Class of '78 Senior letterman Craig King attempts to "get his ass in gear" at the annual Student-Faculty Don- key Basketball Game. Proceeds benefit the Let- terman's Club. Ellig, Scott Engle, Dale Eschliman, Jeff Evans, Marie Ferraro, Tammy Finkey, Marilyn Finley, Marlene Fischer, Kevin Fogg, Dave Forney, Jim Foster, Greg Fowler, Garry mi e Wg O a 27 VV' Q' Class of '78 Lunch for Seniors Is "Time to Enjoy" Glbson, Davld Glrts, Jennlfer Gossllng, Kristin 13's '71 Class of '78 Gillls, Joan Goodrich, Michelle Gourd, Gina ,4- Framplen, Ken Frandson, Kevin Gale. Shirlev Gardner, D80 To what time of day do Seniors most look forward? Going home, of course! What's second best? Lunchtime. Friedlander, Colleen Fruccl, Mike Fuhr, Mark FUFNBSS, Carla Gardner, Eric Gardner, Leslie E Gafdnef, Lisa Geefheafi, Brent Graves, Kristi Gray, Cindy Green, Sherri Grigsby, Scott r QE, Class of '78 Seniors' Teachers: Abused Yet Loved! 8 .Q ' 'fx xx W r,LL I W Qffgges l E Hansen, Kimberly Hanson, Kevin Hanson, Kyle Harvey, Kasi Hatcher, Brenda Haul, Raelyn S55 S L' Class of '78 Haarslick, Tonia Hagselh, Cheryl Hammond, Dale Hanley, Mike Hansen, Bud Hanson, Teresa Harmon, Les Harris, LeAnne Hawkins, Tim Haydel, Julianne Heaton, Ryan ln twelve years Seniors become "critically" .gan-s Janie aware of teacher personalities! They respect their instructors, but who can resist a tongue-in- cheek memory of the following? - "I'm sorry, I can't hear you Mr. Manfred." "We love the experiment Mr. Lusk - and l'm sorry I was yawning." "lt's got to be within a pinhead of the location Mr. Alstrom!'s the wrong conti- nent." "It's the butcher, baker, and candlestick maker, Mr. Traynor. I don't think that the Tinker and Taylor had anything to do with it." . 'X ..,,.Mts.sesN Harris, Ronald Hart, John Henke, Laurie Hill, Jim ff A ' I HIP' bv Fa Class of '78 Jones, C Jones, LaDo Seniors Get Rowdy at Pep Assembly Kenna, Dave Klhara, Mlke Knox, Shelly Knox, Tom T M nr K of '78 ynes, Che Kane, T l af- In twelve years Seniors become "critically" aware of teacher personalities! They respect their instructors, but who can resist a tongue-in- cheek memory of the following? - "l'm sorry, I can't hear you Mr. Manfred." "We love the experiment Mr. Lusk - and l'm sorry l was yawning." "lt's got to be within a pinhead of the location Mr. Alstrom!'s the wrong conti- nent." "It's the butcher, baker, and candlestick maker, Mr. Traynor. I don't think that the Tinker and Taylor had anything to do with it." I .,.h-. . X Harris, Ronald Hari, John Henke, Laurie Hill, Jim Cf8SS of '78 501 f Q JSI' ,fl pau- r ' u 1 W."- X 9 aww Class of '78 XS a .X Hixon, Rlck Holter, Jeff Jacot, Doug Hobson, Sheldon Hoeper, James Honican, Scott Horgan, Layne JHYVUS, Jay Jeffreys, Greg Johnson, Greg Johnson, Pamela Johnson, Todd Johnston, Kevin il' df? Holland, Jull Holley. VICKIG ngen, 'nm lnglbb, DODNC Johnson, Chrls Johnson. Chuck 'ay rj, ..' If 'Ka Pride ln School Causes Invention of Paddle Squad New to Athletic events in '78, Senior Paddle Squad sometimes brought sound direction to out-of-line game attendees. Exercising their arms and authority were: tfronty Jeff Olson, Ken Arnold, Craig King, fbackj Shirley Gale and Dan Askey. 1 1.9 W f 4 Class of '78 Jones, C Jones, LaDo Seniors Get Rowdy at Pep Assembly oynes, Che Kane, T Kenna, Dave Klhara, Mike Knox, Shelly Knox, Tom M 1 of 7 gi Qi ' Hands clapping, feet stomping, and bleachers "' 'A' shaking are typical occurences when the Sen- ., hhlb h p ,. iors stand up and sing or shout the school fight ' Sons. 272551 QA' li ' vu-'M 53M,,w.,.--S W. ...jff i". ' ifir-jw' A l 3 kj M..-1-v""""' E King, Tlm Kltterman, Joan Krlz, More Kwgtdih, Vlckl Q1 - 2 ' 1 ' A - ,, - , - A , . Ze-if' sg Wy '. yzxx X? ' Q' R, gk " ww: .53 ' "f+ 1 v Krulzonga, Mlke Kuglor, Joyce Lang, Jerry Langan, Wade LaPlerre, Bonnie Laury, Julle Class Of '78 ,iw ,f L'i 1 ii 5' 1. Lewls, Cam Llghttoot, Joan Maness, Mike MUHUIHQ, LHUYS X . E BJ I IS' Tense Nerves and Relaxed Smiles Class of '78 Lippman, Carol Lobdell, Greg Longmire, Jeffrey Marelli, Russell Marvin, Gayle Mathews, Chris McDowell, Dan McGhee, Maria McKee, Carla McKenzie, Shelly McLaughlin, McMenemy, Holly Lowry, Donna Lystad, Cuff Malloy, Mary Matthews, Sheri Mathis, U33 McCaslln, Luke .,, it r -JP' N f P 4, ,, Y V V at ,,:,,l "M Throughout High School years exams are a time of panic and last-minute crammingg but not until the Senior year do exams become the life or death U must pass...or stay another yearj situation. CQ, Laila Class of '78 " - U QW McNair, Kelly McRae, Jett Meckel, Steve Megill, Shelly Mlller, Jennlter Mlnnlck, Mlke Momb, Scott Morlan, Tammy Moss, Alleon Murphy, Terry Nelson, Davld Nelson, Dllno 0'Brlen, Dlone iw Class of- '78 Moore, Joffny Moon, Susan Naccarato, Marla Napier, Karon Ogllvlo, Wllllam Olson, Joll Familiar Places - Familiar Faces W-A In three years at U-Hi, Seniors become very familiar with the main office-some more than others. Davy Ady, Steve Ponsness, Frank Thompson and Dan Sackett get an opportunity to joke with Vice Principal Mel Clayton. Others knew him in a more serious vein! lip f-'Y' A Class of T78 Orahood, Lisa 0Sbl'lnk, Kelly Pearson, Sandy gghfqfgl Peffy, RFCH Polich, Carey Ponsness, Steve Potts, Wendy Prlng, Brad Working Together Seniors Make Plans and Build Dreams 4 Pgrkg, Terry Paul, Andfli Peterson, Mlke Phelllh Chfli l l l Senior Class meetings provided a casual at- mosphere for important information to potential RGBIODQT, Cl'8l9 Reed, Ronan graduates. Grant Rodkey takes an inventive Reeves. Bill Re99"fA'e"a approach to getting up on the class info. RGIUY, RICNGYU Rllev, Gale fi Class of '78 - i Individuals Excell In School Projects Personal Ventures nuff J Romero, Clndy Rosenthal, Laura Sheldon, Greg Sheldon, Tlna .QQ Rlng, Tlm Roblns, Carrie Robles, Rlchard Many seniors involve themselves in activities which reach beyond the school walls. Charac- teristic of their work in the community are Lisa Mathis, Competition Rider in three-day eventsg Cheryl Moody, an Instructor in Cross-Country Skiing for Western Outdoor Sports: Dan Mc- Dowell, U-Hi's only senior representative on the 1977 People-to-People tourg and Dale Engle, a student well-known for his outstanding art accomplishments. Rodkey, Grant Rogers, Thomas Roma, Kathy i E i it '52 X- Slchett, Danlel Savole, Tracy Saxton, Julle Sherwln, Robert Shook, Terl Sklerka, Jell Scheunemann, Donna Schlndler, Mlke Schoer, Jen Skidmore, Sue Slater, Teresa Smlth, Janlce jf 'i 5 Class of '78 is lil f 3 Www' Guidance Center ls "Second Home" to Nlaliy SGD iOl'S ee lm' 1-. Class of '78 Counseling information becomes increasingly important to seniors as they think about meet- ing college requirements, test scores, and getting applications filed by deadline time. Here, a group of Seniors schedule for their final semester classes. Smlth, Meralee Snow, Karyn Sours, Daniel Steck, Brenda J K ,5 I T Stokes, Tracy Sulllvan, Jlm Sutherland, Gregory Sutton, Jim Taylor, Llnda Tennyson, James Terhaar, Darlene Thaut, Scott Tondlnl, Gary Towles, Rick Troscott, Debbie Tschottcr, Klm fe gm, lk Class of '78 Classmates Enjoy 'Senior Paraphernalia' Walker, Anthony Whlkef, Jeff Walsh, Joan WBISGY. Pam Waltner, Sandy Wlfill. I-0800 5 X lwmn L- Class of 78 l . Tuckgf, Tgmmy TyIQl', N0m'lln ylgue, scan Vlalntalne, Anne ,ff's-- l A g i is . 'n an Anticipating graduation is one ofthe prlviledges of the senior year. Diane Collins purchases her announcements-just one of the series of Sen- ior paraphenalia items lending prestige to the new graduating class. 1 1 ymponn, Monk. Van Sickle, Kon Van Skalk, Michael Vanvalklnburgh, Dan Vlslntalner, Carol Wadlington, Grace Wagner, Gary Wagner, Wendy Watson, John Way, Jeff 25755 . 1 gl Wells, Robert Wenz, Jeanne ,r 4 JW' Class of 78 -11 'J mid Wlngctt, Alnn Wlmmdl, Dibbll Zlnockor, Klm iz. Class of '78 Wheeler, Doug Whlte, Theresa Wlllmerlng, Roxle Wllson, Larry Wlnlon, Lorl Wltt, Don Flick, Haul Kay, Kerrl Seniors Not Pictured: Andrews, Rick Bascetta, Gary Bass, Jim Bjorkquist, Ari Cencich, Gene Cole, Denise Craig, Julie Crossley, Ernie Croger, Jeff Davis, Greg Diedrick, Aroon Easterley, Connie Ellingson, Peggy Elliot, James Flesland, Stuart Froelich, Lynda Gallardo, Aracely Giles, Margaret Godwin, Bill Hale, Terri Ham, Lester Haneke, James Hanna, Mark Harter, Dan Hawley, Shawn Henke, Douglas Heydecker, Kurt Hess, Jewel Houle, Curtis Jauhiainen, Jaakko Juaristi, Ehrique Keithley, Greg Kralik, Mike Lalonde, Ronald Larsen, Craig Lear, Cindy Linder, Karen Loehlein, Marla Mason, Neil McLeslie, Randy Mjelds, Dan Mulroy, Mike Nukho, Shadya Pemble, Jay Pitner, Tim Ramirez, Angela Renz, Dan Reynolds: Raymond Rodriguez, Dora Secrist, Cindy Shreve, Larry Snedlker, Michelle Stewart, Michael Thomas, John Thomas, Kevin Thompson, Cami Thompson, Frank Troester, Zane Upham, Lori Waldron, Teresa Walker, Bonnie Watkins, Mike Williams, Ronald Wood,,Jerry Alter Twelve Years - Graduation Arrives! Twelve years of work and fun reaches its peak in a flurry of mixed emotions and excitement. You can't wait, but you don't want it all to end. And before you know it you're standing there putting on the cap and gown...and it's all over. 1 np Class of '78 Seniors Name 'Superlative' Choices 1 A. a ., I 1 WANT NGUR SUN! 2 1 BestDressed 3 BestSense of Humor 5 MostAcademic Linda Bearden Shirly Gale Lisa Orahood Craig Debenham Ken VanSickie Zane Troester 2 Most Likely to Succeed 4 BestSmile Joan Kitterman Tonia Haarstick Kevin Fischer Luke McCasIin 50 6 9 ln December of 1977 the senior class voted during their senior history classes for those stu- dents they felt best repre- sented the categories listed on this spread. As a result of that vote, these students are presented as the 1978 "Senior Superlatives." 6 Most Athletic Kim Bobbett Keven Frandsen 7 Most Unpredictable Shelly Knox Flooer Klein 8 Most Talkative Julie Lawry ,Mark Fuher 9Most Friendly Tammy Ferraro Jim Davis 1OMost Spirited Kathie Roma Ken Arnold 51 I Qu 5 N ',-v1 XJ! X. Class of 78 V..,3 :Img,,l:E,,,:u,,,kf,.mi,,Q:,1,i,,,J,,E.5..J,M,5,3f,:,,f:,,1:,.5z,ff,,i,.:., I,I-:ms.uf'f.xs-.11 --se,..:,::w1--ff:we,:av,.:az:fnww-ff 12W-2422fgzrsfs-ei-2wig.fszs,.fz,,2:z5-iw21.. . ..:.,:.,,,:f,.:-,,Q1,f,,:W,,k:,,::,li,,kk,,,,,:,,,.: ..,,,,.,...1,:. ,,.. ,. ,.k.,,kk:,,k.,, ,, ,,.. .,.,,. ,,.. .51 mf ,,..., ,,.. ,,..,.,.g,,-fix,-W,.--W-- H. A 1 A 5+ 9 4 Q. wi2957-f:2:E2iEE:2'i1f553 11:.f:v,, ff-1 M f.:-flf:11,1w..W, Fin l fff if ,.m-,N .,...,,,..,,. , . Class of '78 Q f WW Senior's '78' Sign W ww 91 - ' irfy f 4 'D V' VX' Lg' '99 My "M N of " ' f 1 . .. Q . l . , f. 0 . mv "1m"54' 2' 4" P" H' 693f if DN WC fiv- -, 'WJ Q IAM , , 'm4f: , ,Q 5 c:31eJ,Lq?3E Mblmrbn 1 ' 'vs' U . v. 4 . 4 -4 '?"0 A . ' ' ' -r , 'jg 3' ph- is - X't,, :5 we tr' ,QA 75 D- Sv' 4 0 F QQ 0 ' , . ., . 69 IIR 59637-E-""'4ZZ 8 G' JV Lrg? wil- ' . . :YT ' "t o r 5 'fry gm+X'TsYf.'fy,4- of , 1. TH - bf. ",',, - 9 , Q, ,1 ,J ,af 51,51 "fry, -14 W Wi, V, Q-WG 4 q,o1Af-'1--fffiffms ,, 42 i. w .mm 1 J . 393360-h 822494. IS, 3.0 deb. MG . ,,?ACO5i bfsamomoxacan I Q ww H 5 Q iz. I ' , i,' Ng . N 55 Q. Q - ' . A4 X YYJZAFAJVL E ff' Q cw A ' .SU N ,w s Q 4' 37,9 55 xg ' 'Q' W ' . OI 'S s' N A . K rnflk S 4' EA Ytxk, 1 , U95 6-. 4 M - 'ur Qimqgffil fw , A- T ,Q- 5 L, 0 . if 5 Hr ! 1 ' ,gQ:?xb" .x F -c A w g f aWfzff.QQ.,.?23ia?'i? E 1 ' Class of '7 Off..- fd ,M "W . , Yi' HEATQJ J n' ',q0R'u,f"': JL' - Ni -5 'SQ ,959 ,SP V Crmobdt . I 'cj "'.'JLf.0gsSO9vY Q V- 'T " U - ANRZ . NEP , 4 owffk p-+ JS-N' .f ' Q , ' im: Jo'?:.1Gn'fm Agn . ,r . px E, A. '1 st a QW! I I f ex + ' N' H Q x v fi" defy' g W 4 .b m f ' 'L' ss Q " 'E gg .sr 1, ag .QV - 'WL ' mea in + - ay N12 1 L t - A ' 'L . Xzbxiwil C M' D . .sw a42,'35T'?!': ont' s ! g- 'IT' 2 vo 0-gp ,' X 9 ffm L X . Y ko M 6 ,'n, ' M g "N"QHRK-f: - M . x '4 ll v . I I. NV ' ' ' ai ' X X x 4 1' ..-33-fr 5,2 rf in 'mov-3 Q 4-'Ay' of 93 . 0 S y .5 ? .-'S' A -4, ,L n one o . 9 , 1? l,xi"2i':e1"Bv'-?ii3f1xo?Q. - x 8 bf ,,,, 5 g. " , gy. V 'Y-,-O Y ' -.. 'Hu X ,' 'H--'fix 1 I Adams, Todd Adcock, Jim Albert, Becky Allen, Cindy ISE' .3 fl: l """'3 1 Allen, Teresa Altmaier, Jerri Anders, John Anderson Leading the Junior Class through their "middle" year, class officers are Randy Shoop, President, Linda Orahood, Vice President, Cathy Clement, Secretary!Treasurerg and Mick Daly, Sgt. of Arms. 58 Andrews, Jeanette Andrews, Tamye it Aschinger, Teresa Aschenbrenner, Robin Atkinson, Dan Aucutt, Joyce Austin, Rena Azar, Katy Bagwell, Rene Barge, Jeff Barnard, Kristina Barnes, Cheryl Barth, Marty Baugh, Jeanette Beaty, Vanessa Beck, Jennifer Beck, Thomas Becker, Bonnie Beckley, Joe Beevers, Susan Bell, Bob Bergland, Todd Bertholf, Vicki Biermeyer, Pat Black, Sandra Blackwell, Jill Blew, Scott Boardman, Peggy Bobbett, Robert Boblch, Jill Botti, Mike Bottles, Rocky Brauff,'Craig Brookbank, Gregory Brooks, Craig Vhy: 'Q it Brown, Ty Brown, William Bueschke, Diana Busch, Don Byers, CynthiaByrne, Kitty Caine, Jerry Calhoun, Mike Campbell, RitaCampman, Terri Carbon, Debbie Cardoza, Mary Juniors: In the Middle and Heading Strong hp Carlson, Donna Carlson, Misty Carpenter, Steve Carr, Jorene Cassel, Kim Castleman, Rick Cederblom, WendyChapman, Mark Charley, Judy Choate, Judy Christianson, Greg .Cieszewski, Pete 59 'rea-f. ,wtf-gs, 5 H K , ,..,,,. as J-'lffiiu W 3 543.345 , s, . ., Cosby, Phil Covington, Diane Crass, Debbie Crouse, Mike I Daly, Mick Davenport, Cindy Davies, David Davis, Chris H G m I n Davis, Donna Davis, Kelly Davis, Ted Decker, Dana DeGon, Karen Delegans, Chris DeRosier, Renee Denel, Carmen Involvement Gets Juniors Dickinson, Jim Dickson, Mike Dikes, Carol Dikes, David Underway J , J' ,tl ,Ja J 'fi , 'e'r X f L " f - 5. J , x A Xi. ,fi l ,v Clark, Linda Clemens, Shane Clement, Cathy Clifford, Jim Cline, LeeAnn Coburn, Judy , Combs, John Conklin, Scott l, Ai Conklin, Sydney Cook, Barbara "Cowgirl" Cathy Peck chats during classbreak on Cow Valley Day of Homecoming week. Dinsmore, Rosanna.Dixon, Cheryl Dixon, Donna Dodd, Jim Dolan, Randy Dougal, Renae Doughty, Dan Draszt, Mikele Driskill, Lora Dunlap, Robyn Egeland, Kevin Eide, Lynne Ellis, Dave Erickson, John Erickson, Paul Evans, Ben Evans, Mark Farance, Kim Farmer, Steve Fiscus, Gregory Flesland, Tami Fournier, Linda French, Jim Frisina, Roger Fromviller, Mark F ' n sfxsafljatszfffffsfyqes: nmsisrfa vrgzwsrll its 'F av . ,, ,f we , 1 EH! Frost, Elisa Gadeke, Steve Gay. Kim Gerritsen, Louella Gilbert, Sean Gilmore, UOYU Frost, Neal Gale, Sally Gettig, John Giles, Lajena . ,feifffft--:.f:iffi-Sitif - :eilFjwrlgi'sq:g,:gfff,Q:wfi3'1 ' 22535225.2312 f 'finf-fsfffs!ffi.Ef'14fer?'f1s, ffxwl iflxiisewmgfvumstswiixswt Gilmore, Sandi Gimlin, Rick Glennie, Gary Goff, Dave ' , ' . i-f:f3fg!3 Gonder, Marguerite Goreeki, Laura Granger, Susie Green, Lionel Grenz, Barb Griffith, Chris Groce, Maureen Grytness, Tammy Gudgel, Lisa Gulliford, Monte 62 L -, as-W. ' ld 16? 3 kk 'g K f QQ dex, 'ji' .L ' fl 5 I .lf , lr 4 P ' , Q'h' , Gustafson, Dave Haarstick, Melody Hanson, Shelley Franklin, Kathy Harrington, Glen Harty, Emily Haskins, CindyGuylI, DavidHawkins, SarahHanchette, Scott Harlow, Dan Harper, Ty Harris, Joe Haskell, Cindy Hatch, James Heartbarg, Eric Juniors Reach For New Accomplishments Amana: -- ,. ,A Hegr, Roy Hoeper, Julie Hoover, Richard Hennessey, Laura Hubble, Jeff Hurst, Lynn Hergenreder, Chris . , Hutton, Doug , , lsbey, Jim , . Helse, Michael J K K II Holland, Cindl I J I- Howlett, Mike Higgs, Dale Heppner, Darren HC SON, 6 Y Hughes' Came Jeck e, u ie Husa, Craig Higgens, Jamie Hylkems, Lyn lvester, Lori Hill, Dan Jamieson, Scott Jeffreys, Lori 63 Johnson, Allen Johnson, Jim Johnson, Laurie Johnson, Lori, M. Johnson, Pam Kassman, Kevin Keaiy, Patti Keithley, Doug Kennedy, Gregg Kennett, Warren Keys, Diane Kimball, Lori 11 Kelly Floark shadows a referee's touchdown call in the excitement of a stadium game. ink via ,fi il Q ii Zgg I If ff King, Cheryl King, Linda Kinney, Joel Kirsten, John Kitchens, Bob Koontz, Rick Koschalk, Cheryl Kremer, James Krupa, Janice Kuhlman, Scott LaCombe, Steve LaFord, Craig Landberg, Eric Lange, Roy Lawless, Nathan Layton, Vickie Lefrancois, Ross Lee, Sue Leichner, Nancy Lewis, Don Lura, Nancy Lynch, Tracey Lyonnsis, Jennice Mahafrey, Will Malotte, Terry Marks, Nan Martinez, Becky Mazzie, Tammy McCIary, Patty McClure, Lori yag aa McDonald, Kim McDonald, Cari Juniors Compete in Varied Sports MCGU"ef M'ke Mclntosh, McKenzie, Lisa Med len, Mi ke ' Minor, Karin Moen, Mike Monforton, Joe Moorhead, Allen Morlan, Joe Morris, Beverly Morris, Chris Moss, Brian Moss, Denise Mcwser, Leeza Muirhead, Doug Munkers, Tina Murphyt, David Myers, Mike Nalson, Karen Naccaroto, Cindy Naccaroto, Randy Nalder, Jonathon Napier, Mike Nelson, Vicki Nessly, Jill Nicol, Donna Nienhuis, Paul Norton, Wendy O'Brien, Mark O'Brien, John Occhiogrosso, Charles Ogzewall, Susan Olson, Christine O'NeiII, Pat Orahood, Linda 65 Ostrom, Barb Otis, Jim Packerm, Steve Palmisano, Leonard Parker, Sandre Parker, Steven Paxson, Ken Peck, Cathy Pelley, SUS Pendleton, Cathy Pennington, Kathy Peterson, Brent Peterson, Lyle Pfau, Teresa Phifer, Bill Phillion, Chris Q , ,4 s P ' If P Advanced Algebra offered new challenges for Juniors becoming aware of post-high school job and college opportunities. Rawlings, Tom Rennebohm, Gary Richardson, Judy Fi0ark, Kelly Ramirez, Marsha Robertson, John Reed, Todd Rolls, Clay Richards, Stan Rotchford, Mark Ring, Nel Russell, Lisa Roberts, Barry Rocconella, Tom Roseborough, Donna Rumpeltes, Tom T si ,tlr of 4' F, l , A v fligix ni' J ' 7 Motivated Juniors Become Aware Cf Academic Needs 5, , , , A , ,, A an it f m5ff,gsjf11s:z2sffr, 25 . -. gi ., ,. .K L, ,gh M fa,,..,. in , PEW I R W it S 3 ,ai ,,,,l gd.. K l '- ef it i if s Q iv aft. A X Sackett, Dave Sams, Brad Sandeno, Rick Schafer, Glenda Schindler, Teresa Schmitz, Mary Jo Schnieder, Jodi Schreier, Theodore Schuster, Delbert Shagina, Lori Shaver, Jim Sheldon, Brad sniosaki, Mike shook, Kelly 67 Shoop, Randy Sieglock, Connie Simation, Leslie Simmons, Cathy Simmons, Dennis Skidmore, Jackie Slater, Genevieve Slemmer, Gary J 68 Smeltzer, Debbie Smith, Brad Sours, Jayne Spragg, Keith Stanford, Shelley Steele, Holly Stephens, Laurie Stewart, Maria Stickney, Pam Stiltner, Shannon Taff, Lisa Talley, Mark Taplin, Carrie Taylor, Leif V L Taylor, Steve Thies, Todd Thomas, Julianna Thomas, Rick Thomason, Jody Thompson, Bonnie Thompson, Connie Thompson, Laurel Thompson, Lori Thompson, Lauri E. Thordarson, Brent Tibbals, Paula Tombarelli, Lisa Trevaskis, Terry Tunison, Kathie Tyree, Patrick Uht, Steve Vandiver, Gary VanDoren, Prisca VanDoren, Ruthann Vent, Gene Vigue, Jeff Vogel, Vernon Williams, Mark Wagner, Lisa Waldby, Renae Wallin, Michael Walsh, Janie Ward, Danette Warren, Dan Watson, Sheri Wells, Angie Wenberg, Andy Wentz, Dave Wheeler, Neal White, Larry Williams, Kelly Williams, Richard Wilson, Edwin Wingette, Susan Witherow, Ardella Witter, Jeff Wolff, Connie Wood, Mark 5 ,, -.,. Juniors Look Forward to 'Senior Status if I F 'W 1: Qs f e W fig: 4 .y4.,. ,,i,,,,1 . .V , 12? I 1' .3 VW A W 'e' ' orr . Vs W X , 3" Workman, Cindy Yamada, Tim Yang, Raymond Workland, JoAnn Yamada, Jeff Yandt, Terri Zachow, Judy 69 Vrhg h 'L-L-X41 L ,Gul C' 4'- '4 ' ' -ati, .,,,. :sq 1--'gf' fig , rf .ft rfia.!"- . 'A Q W .f 1. vi Q at b , all-Q. "" - +v A 'fshv ' ., af . W r ' 4 -fs -43" . w s.Q4J, . . yt . SW' " .Fw Ahwrdsrnx Y -7.4.4 ' Q .' . -. ' h S R: 5' ., .v U rum., 1 Pnl,-hn14-n .-Hvvgagk, -ting, '. 6L..,Qa-. ,td gndiq Mug Nj.. " 3 . Y I JM -.1' ' P -' Q ' ' I E.: ' x .1 A'iff"iJ-"r ff' ' 1 1, X I Qu: -V' -J .31 -A- 1 ML-.'.'5 0 Q nf 1- if J L . I, 'vie .1 J In :Q ' - I f X 1 ' 'ii' A 'Q ' ,, I 1 ao'a-Jun 5 91" f -r' si '--Q ,. 'iufwiq 41 ' 'xx X Right: "First you wait in line for a ticket, then you wait in line for lunch, then..." Sophomores learned early in the year the details of Titan Life. Below: PE provides a guaranteed activity for all sophomores as they fulfill one of the basic graduation requirements. Adcock, Flon Ady, Pam Albert, Janet Allen, Jay Allen, Kim Allison, Dana Anderson, Cindy Anderson, Molly Anderson, Sherri Armstrong, Lauri Arre, Denis Atchison, Flon Auble, Scot Austin, Jeff Bagwell, Dave Bader, Sue Bass, Debbie Bass, Jon Bates, Georgia Bates, Kevin Baxter, Meagan Beck, Deena Becker, Teresa Benish, Mark ,K :rt G: ' , li . vl UQ' ', ,dir-Kiwi 3 ,gram - -typ gig au! Q2 Q i"f'3'ffi' ' E' , 15 . sw Ri nf' Q R' is ' 'f f...,. 4 to 'ilizi wswi Sophomores Join Titan Clan With Requirements Elections Sophomores elected class officers as one of their first organizational tasks. Selec- ted were Aaron Alteneder, President, Kim Persons, Vice President: Kathy Taylor, Secretary!Treasurerp and Vicki VanCott, Sgt. of Arms. Benson, Denney Beresford, Lori Bertholf, Michelle Bjornstad, Russ Blount, Diane Blue, Joanne Boardman, Jackie Bobick, Mike Boehm, Kathy Boles, Ken Bolyyard, Stacey Bostrom, Rick Boulton, Fred Boyles, Kristin Braithwalt, Margaret Bramen, Sheila Brookband, Brian Brown, Bruce Brown, Susan Brown, Tammi Brummett, Deanna Buclinger, Theresa Budig, John Bumgarner, Gretchen 73 Buska, Doug Buys, Jami Carroll, Bob Chapman, Phillip Combs, Jeff Conrad, Scott Crosbie, Cris Davies, John Dazeil, Bobbi- ' Cunningham, Mary Davis, Bonnie Delegans, Maria Dorothy, Robert Y Dronen, Melody Clark, Ellen Cramer, Scott Donner, Christi Davis, Lisa Diedrich, Aroon Collison, Richard Crass, Patty Davies, Lori Davis, Steve Dixon, Doug Butcherite, Dave Chamberlin, Chris Conrad, Lisa Crouch, Carl Davis, Barbara Deasy, David Doty, Carolyn Campman, Joe Ciesyewski, Glenda Cramer, Donna Dale, Lorrie Davis, Colene Destefano, Tom Duthie, Marvaleen Ehlis, Lynn Elliot, William Ericksgn, Brad ESChlm3I'l, Mark Fall, Christy FIOVY, Brenda Furnish, Scott Galloway, Theresa Gibbard, Kim Gibson, LeAnne Gillis, Lisa GOIUDGVQ, T0m Edwards, James Erickson, Chris Evans, Starell Freeman, Robert Gentry, Allison Giles, Bill 1 " 5f'?':E:, iiggfgigiffnfigi . , X -1, V ,- :f..,- V- SQ, ,zz 5 ,f ir .ff " 5 .ii K Eisenbarth, Kevin Erickson, Jami - Farley, Dorine Gaines, Toni Gibson, Debra Glennie, Scott ,M - Initiation Starts Sophs' Year Ellis, Marc Espinoza, Carmen Fogg, Robyn Gates, Denise Gilbert, Barbara Goodrich, Liz New Friends Bring Class of '80 Together 76 s x ..l,,.t,,:wM ff uf Q fir.. Wiiilifiiiii Gothman, Debbie Grenz, Connie Haase, Craig Hanley, Sabrina Hartson, Terry Haux, Cathy m p f R if 1 X ,.., 6, Q2 .Ln , , ffliififiliiiiiiiiili 221252, 53975233 Green, Aaron Griffith,,Brenda Hager, Julie Haghley, Jeff Haskins, Debbi Hayes, Maryanne ' gflfi K , ' si i ,T . . 'l . E323 'i?fffz31Mw2. " 5 H"fEi:2:l5s':-" 1211, 14:1 ' vt. H, , ,- , x 211131 in qt, , . -ns22s'5i5if5Sl'Z.? - CHQ-, . E5Zi:1m:w,m Riifkwueebi -if . Sy. -.W .... ,,.. X ,.,,,,,-l,,?L1:2's2e,zs5z JQ1V.narzsezirszmzfzsiza-,s.mimeriffs-af.,w,.:f,,,.amfetatefslifur .... 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'A , Hueston, Kami Holts, Greg Jarvis, Sue Kanciruk, Stacey Kite, Larry Lamb, Cindy Hjelm, Kris Howry, Kendel Johannes, Debbie Kenna, Brian Knox, Stephanie Lane, Julie Hoislngton Butch Hussey Susie Johnson Kris Kihara Steve Kramer Bill Lang Larry g lx,,,.M" P riti L it f . ,,,, E 'W Wm 'W M 'V l M 3 4? Jil My ,. , ,,-, ,tt V,,,. , li' time ,.s , ,L I. 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Reeve, Kathy Ries, Steve Roma, Jeff Sandeno, Debbie Schmedding, Larry Seeman, Lynnette Sheldon, Brian f, --li? ,e gg . , Shobe, Tim Smith, Jeanne Sullivan, Marissa Thieman, Gail Tucker, Chris Shreve, Mike Springer, Lori Swisher, Lynn Tondini, John Tufts, Tyler Simmons, Jeri Stemple, Chris Taylor, Kathy Trent,-Julie Turner, Reed Upham, Wayne VanDitto, Connie Y VanSkauk, Craig WW' S' Wim' W , - 1'f: si: ff- ., -Q-M - W1ime-fwil'-'fl fi2fg:: : M X"MMiQZiFl? mwmmmMM www: , ,, ,,,,,,Z,,,.. .,., M l.. tfiifiigf ' ,Q "., 'T 'i is mi x Pi gilt: l 'rf will tk . 1? if 'gf H 'HV 5' Q ' all ' 2. , L :lil ' - at 'jf 4 lg El W? 'l " R W ,il li lt- 1222 9,5531 .1 W ,ig 'ml 1" 4 l 5 - T .,,, . W 4 -E , fs as rigs 3 ri .i W 6,31 K l aww elif: l ---'sf' -mm ,W:m:- , " , 1 iight f -we E I.L....,..,,, N2 " 'K '11"'i-""'T""""J"5Q-'-1-XM MM me ' .V Agal 1 WT' 'ii Ham wa 33. sl WW gN..2'5m'N?iffr-f"'7l:' e ni . L-we ,JYNJJ ...nn-cf ,- W , ,Q -Qy,W.., V fm - eM,,,, "'!" 7.--,,',a.2' Wie - ' fl Sherwin, Dannette A Slater, Shelby Stokes, Mark Tennyson, Mike Tuchek, David Tyree, Phil Shook, Pat Spencer, Scott Sullivan, Matt Thomas, Dave Tucker, Stacie Vancott, Vicki Sigel, Kelly Stadler, Frank Taff, Gail Tovvles, Sue Tunison, Patty VanDiver, Jeff Skierka, Kelly Stockman, Mike Taylor, Linda Tschetter, Terri Tyler, Larry Vantiger, Allan 81 an W.-swWt f5"f': --gf.. f -sf... ""S.i1T:: ..,, 1a :.' if ff-53f5li'fI,l,,e,.s3L.:fae':s -,:,,.i, 4: 'is as S H Q If . S Vantiger, Terri Vogt, Rich Watkins, Sue Wheeler, Alice Whitten, Troy Wimett, Sue Vigessa, Mike Wallace, Robbie Weitman, Dennis Whipple, Renee Whildman, Cindi Witter, LeaAnne Wolf, Bob Woods, Jay Yates, Robert Zachow, Keith Hennessey, Steve LaBlanc, Annette -408 it ft f ,qw Q Vantiger, Allen Van Zuverden, Stuart Visintainer, Steve Liepold Ter' Vogelman, Stuart Wadlington, Joe Waller, Julie TUCKGV J09 Warren, kalthy Watson, Tim West, Vickie Westerhoff, Tammy Wheeler, Charles White, Sheri White, Wayne Wiggs, Bryan Williams, John Williams, Terry Winton, Clayton Wold, Donna Sophomores Not Pictured: Alteneder,. Aaron Anders, Wendy Barnard, Dawn M. Barnard, Gerry Bartlett, Ben Beecher, Michael Blaylock, Kris Bohn, Ray Boyanousky, Mark Brayman, Greg Brito, Mike Brown, Robert Brown, Deanna Bye, Arne Caine, Carla Campbell, Janis Carbon, John Clark, Lee Collins, Todd Colon, Kathleen Cumbee, Debbie Davis, Bill Dunwoody, Dave Fechner, Eddy Fields, Tracy Foster, David Gregory, Jackie Guliford, Mitchell Gusyafson, Julie Hall, David Hall, Mike Hanson, Stacie Harr, Kevin Higgins, Dan Highley, Jeff Hinton, Bonnie Kendall, Jerry Klement, Andy Leichner, William Leonard, Teri Kitchens, Rob Lindsey, Linda Long, Jeff Lothrop, Mona Lynd, Sheila McAuliff, Heidi McClure, Rick McCombs, Melvin McKee, Brenda Martin, Tracey Marohl, Kim Merritt, Gary Misterek, Marcia Mangan, Marlaina Moolick, Jerry Morris, John Mourning, Terry Nukho, Nasser Nystrom, Paul Oakes, David O'Brien, Jim Olsen, Kari Peck, Jim Peterman, Will Peterson, Vickie Phillips, Jim Piland, Mark Ponsness, Dave Powell, Daniel Puhek, Mary Ransom, Larry Rae, Dave Reeves, Bill Riley, Katherine Ring, James Ross, John Roatvik, Mike Scheunemann, John Schultz, Rob Shepherd, Alan Shobe, Tim Sime, Lisa Snidez, Doug Stephenson, Laurie Sulya, Louis Thompson, Patty Tiffany, Paul Walker, Angela Walkup, Don Westfall, Bill Willardson, Jennie Williams, Bryan Wisenor, Kevin Woolcock, Ron Wyatt, Kyle Looking Forward To "Upper- Class Status" 83 as al M.. 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They met in late August to plan Home- coming Week activities. ASB ends the year by planning the coming year's budget, including those of the clubs. Those clubs who wish to plan an activity must get student council approval, fheaded by the ASB Officersj, and admin- istration approval. Right: Mr. Clayton, ASB advisor, and Pres. Craig Debenham often meet to discuss matters concerning ASB. Below: Three of the ASB officers take time out to pose in the library and be recorded for yearbook history! 1 1 -Q ll f?"f"R't' ' 'f' F Craig Debenham Gayle Marvin Ron LaLonde Vicki Krogseth President Vice President Sergeant at Arms Secretary Treasure ...for 15 years of yearbooks! Thank you IVlr. 0'FleiIly Mr. Ward O'Reilly, 15 years adviser to the U-High year- book, officially "retired" from his adviser role at the beginning of the '77 school term. He guided the Kronos from its first issue when the building opened in 1962. The '78 Kronos Staff would like to thank Mr. O'Fleilly for his years of devotion to the University Yearbook. Mr. O'Reilly began teach- ing in 1959' at Central Valley High School. Three years later, he transferred to U-High when it first opened. His years of ad- vising required many extra hours-countless days and nights-in making each yearbook the best pos- sible. 'iw ww' f. w 1 Mr. O'Fleilly...1959 Mr. Ward O'ReiIIy maintains a casual atmosphere in his Civics classes, and enjoys the lack of yearbook hassles this year! Principal Jim Stickney re- minisced that many times Mr. O'Fleilly used his own time to gather individual pictures from the photo- graphy studios and more than once had to drive his own car to Pasco to get the books back to the students on time. No one works with year- books without anxious, hu- morous moments! Mr. Stickney remembered such incidents as the time he misspelled a principal's name, lnot Mr. Stickney's!J and of the embarrassing times he forgot to put film in the camera for a group shot! Looking back on the vol- umes of yearbooks, Mr. O'ReilIy concluded Annual was always a fun class. Deadlines were the biggest headache, he said, but he always had a good group of kids that worked hard and got the job done. -Thanks Mr. O'ReilIy for a iob well done! 91 Far Rlght: League of Kronos Officers are Joan Kitterman, Juli Lawry, Bobbe Barnes and Kim Zinecker. Right: A weekly meeting of League members provides planning time for coming activities. Below: Executive Board Members are Cam Lewis, Mary Malloy, Lori Shagina, Shelley Stanford, Sandra Howell. Not' Pictured: Wendy Anderson. Far Right: League of Kronos Officers are, Kneeling: Bobbe Barnes and Julie Lawry, Seated: Kim Zinecker and Mrs. Jydstrup, advisor. Standing: Mrs. Gru- ber, advisor, and Joan Kitterman. s .., ffm. .l,. fl.. I 1 .. -- I Shirley Gale Gayle Marvin Mary Malloy Most Uninhibited Most Talented Gentlest League of Kronos Spurs Social Activity U-Hi's League of Kronos may be the most active and least under- stood organization! The ten mem- ber combined League is respon- sible for such school activities as the Father-Daughter Dessert, Sweetheart Dance, Spring Fa- shion Show, and the Mother's Tea. The actual League is composed of four senior officers, elected by the student body during a spring campaign. A six member Execu- tive Board assists the League. Two students are elected from each class to serve on the Executive Board. ln addition to social activities, the League sponsors an annual "Girl of the Month" competition. Sev- eral girls are nominated by the student body according to a specified quality for that month. A "Girl of the Year" is selected in the same manner based on all- around character and person- ality. Lisa Orahood Juli Holland Joan Gillis Friendllest and Girl of the Year MOS! 0PfimiSfiC MOS-i Warm Hearted Spirit Week Sets Enthusiastic Pace Enthusiasm overwhelmed University as the school became involved with 1977 Homecoming Activities. The week began with "50's Day," followed by "Cow Valley Day," "Teacher Appre- ciation Day," "Lick 'Em, Sock 'Em, Top 'Em Day," and the Gong Show. The week ended with "Color Day" and a rousing Pep Assembly. According to Mr. Mel Clayton, over two-thirds of the student body par- ticipated in C.V. Day by dressing like cowboys, which highlighted the events of the week. Above Right: Cow Valley Day provided many laughs for western-attired students like Kenna Eisenbarth. Above: 1958 or '78 - It makes a person wonder! That was the general question of Graffiti Day. K 49" X5 Tis Lett: "I like that, but then again l like..." mimics U-High Gong Show emcee Greg Sheldon. Far Lett: On Graffiti Day each person symbolized a journey down the endless corridor of time... From yesterday...into tomorrow. Above: Mike Medlen shoots it up during a break in Homecoming Week's Cow Valley Day. Lett: "Beat Those Bears" was the chant at Friday's Pep assembly 9 as U-High students prepared the team for the C.V. - U. High ame. 95 Homecoming Means Cheers, and Fears A change in U-High's traditional Homecoming procedures involved more students in '77, Instead of nominating couples, three individual guys and girls were nominated from each class to run for King and Queen. Elections were held to choose one guy and onegirl as "Royalty" from each of the classes. The class from which the King and Queen were chosen was determined by the re- sults of class competition held during the week. Mr. Stickney announced that the seniors were the winners of the overall competition during half- time of the Homecoming game. Trophies were given to King Ken VanSickle and Queen Kim Tschetter who represented the Senior Class. The game itself capped the week. Suspense was high as Central Valley held the lead until the fourth quarteruwhen a last minute touchdown was made by Kevin Fischer. University won the game with a final score of 28-21. Homecoming Royalty Candidates, Front Row: Glenda Schafer, Vikki Momb, Terri Tschetter, Peggy Boardman, Kim Tschetter, Joan Gillis, Lynne Eide, Linda Bearden. Row 2: Zane Troester, Chris Tucker, Jeff Yamada, Darrell Pope, Scott Reckord, Ken Perry, Ken Van- Sickle. we Mx. . J.: . 2'-fe Upper Left: Univer- sity's "pride and joy" performs at the Home- coming halftime show. Upper Right: Rifle Corps members inter- pret "lf l Were a Rich Man" for half-time entertainment at the Homecoming Game. Above: Homecoming Week ended tri- umphantly with a 28-21 victory over rival C.V. Left:"Let's get a little bit rowdy" yell the cheerleaders at the C.V. - U-High Homecoming Game. Cheerleaders Guide "Great Year" Varsity cheerleaders guided a "g reat year" for Titan sports by not only directing cheers, but, also by plan- ning pep assemblies, sport ban- quets, and parties for individual teams. The year began early in the summer with a cheerleading camp at Univer- sity of Idaho, Moscow. They learned methods of presentation, and im- proved cheering techniques, "so they can look their best," said Juli Hoiland, Head Cheerleader. During the year the Varsity Cheer- leaders teamed with the B-squad to direct about 18 pep assemblies, assisted the athletics department in three sport banquets to recognize individual athletes, and accomplish- ments of each one. Juli Hoiland then explained "we gave each team an appreciation party." The Cheer- leaders made "goodies" for these events. - From Left to Right: Juli Hoiland. Renae Waldbv. Vicki Nelson Jennifer Girts, Shannon Stiltner, Bfenda Steck, Lisa Ol'3h00d The Fighting B's B-Squad cheerleaders maintained afull schedule backing the "Fighting B's" in all sports competi- tion. Head Cheerleader Les Simanton indicated that the tremendous backing from Titans made the year extra active. "We had a great year supporting the B-squad teams. Hopefully next year will be just as exciting as this one. We're all looking forward to it," Les Simanton concluded. ii picturedl. From Left to Right: Les i L Simanton, Lynne Eide, Debbie Haskins! Diana Bueshke lnot Below: Mr. Clark, yearbook advisor, checks Senior pictures for final lay- outs. Right: Editor Cheryl Hagseth approves a camera-ready mat prior to shipment to the Pasco plant. Far right: Renee DeRosier pastes up a pre- liminary dummy for the book's drama section. Yearbook staff studies a layout. 't 1153. ,...,...,,,-a.-..f-av-F H ,olvfdnq Annual Staff Changes Style Making change their objective, the '78 Kronos Staff began the year with a trip to the Herff Jones Yearbook Plant in Pasco. There the students learned procedures for camera-ready pasteup, and writing and designing their own pages. These new procedures placed extra work upon the staff during the year, but allowed them greater design freedom. The book itself reflected the most change, being designed with a con- temporary magazine style format and emphasizing story-telling copy, larger pictures, and more color pages. According to Mr. Clark, the new annual class adviser, the objective of the class is to have each student develop an appre- ciation of good layout, develop skills in putting a good page together, and develop the best yearbook they're cap- able of doing. Front row Peggy Ellmgson Gen Slater Lisa Tombarelln Mark Cheryl Hagseth, Laurie Henke, Kim Tschetter. Row4:Jim Otis, Wood Joni Bretthauer Row2 Ftena Austin Lisa McKenzie Dan Ftenz, Beth Lamm, Pam Cox, Kristi Graves, Cami Pam Stickney Joan Lightfoot Wendy Potts Mr Clark Row3 Thomason Not pictured: Katy Azar, Tom Keith, Scott Sam Cathcart Renee DeFtosler Shlrly Gale Raelyn Hauf Reynolds Regina Gourd. 1. 2. 3. 4. Mr. Gilchrist, newspaper adviser, leads the Mercury Staff in an evaluation session of the paper. Craig Brauf, Terry Travaskis, and Dave Benner discuss new copy for their next issue. Flay Dickson shows intensive reporting interest while writing his front page story. Kris Barnard and Chris Mathews edit the final paste-up before U-Hi's newspaper goes to press. 5'Misty Carlson reviews copy for the next Mercury deadline. 102 K R A ll -H' "4 ., 'inf' .t i lg M .1.i C 3 Fall Difficulties Plague Newspaper Staff 5 Difficulty in the fall "caused some problems" for the Mercury staff's first edition, but on the average the newspaper came out once a month. Mercury advisor Bill Gilchrist noted that the fall paper "was not close to perfection." Each issue of the paper is prepared by the editorial team. The staff members gather article information and after outside type setting, the Mercury staff pastes up each page of the paper for printing in the U-High Graphics lab. Mr. Gilchrist's plan is to allow the staff to do as much of the production work as possible so they can learn all aspects of journalistic production. Next years staff will be looking for more people who are enthusiastic, willing to put in some extra time, and who feel they have some journalistic skills, said Mr. Gilchrist. Seated: Misty Carlson, Chris Barnard, Joe Marlan.Front Row Standing: Mr. Gilchrist, Advisor: Debie Taylor, Bonnie Thompson, Craig Brarff, Joanna McCaslin, Terry Trevaskis, Dave Benner. Back Row Standing: Scott Baxter, Patty Kealy. 103 Facial expressions are a type of body language used in Drama. Students at various moments of concentration and involvement demonstrate triumphs. Right: Neil Mason applies make-up as he assumes his dramatic role. X X ""9N 'B asa Q53 Above: Drama students present a bouquet of flowers to Mrs. Crowley to show their appreciation. Drama Plays New Role Drama students have partici- pated enthusiastically in three major plays ranging from ser- ious drama to musical comedy, as U-Hi's Drama department has taken on a new role! Besides school performances, individuals competed through- out the year in area college speech conferences winning several awards in Oral Inter- pretation, and other individual participation events. Class activities range from developing expertise in mime and character acting to make- up and technical stage pro- duction. Mrs. Laurie Crowley, new Drama instructor, feels that students participating in dramatic activities develop a more confident self-image, re- fine their creative imaginations and generally have a better outlook on life after leaving her classes. 1 Above left: lt may look like nap time but it's reallya breathing exercise for Drama. Above: Drama students watch a make-up demonstration as Lisa Bates is transformed to her new role. Left: Mrs. Crowley gives special instructions to the actor's on stage. Dance Profits Benefit Activities University Titans danced through two evenings of money making and good times in the '78 social season. Both the fall Sadie Hawkins Dance and the mid-winter Sweetheart Ball were benefit dances well supported by the student body. The "Sadie" filled the student cafeteria with a variety of strangely-clad individuals fulfilling the L'il Abner tradition of "the girl gets her man." Sponsored by the Mercury staff, the dance earned over S900 for the publication of the school newspaper during the '78 season. The League of Kronos organized the Feb. 18 Sweetheart Ball and profits from that dance benefited the spring Senior Mother's Tea. Voyage provided music for the evening and six students were randomly selected for royalty. tmmm gram: Top above: Wilma and Fred Flintstone tGreg Jeffreys and Kim Bobbettj made a guest appearance at the Sadie Hawkins and walked away with the best costume prize. Above: Couples gather at the Sadie Hawkins dance to compare costumes during a break. Right: Leslie Warga demonstrates a little jungle technique on "how to get your man" tDan Askeyl at the annual Sadie. Ruthann Van Doren tface hiddenl seems less willing to pose with Mike Kihara! la- 4 ,.4B Junior Jackie Skidmore was named Senior Sandy Pearson Sophomore Sandra Howell "Queen" of the Sweetheart Ball during Escourt Wayne Morgan Escourt Brad Pring the Feb. 18 dance. Escourt Mike Hanley Sweetheart dancers each had their own passport for a special "Voyage" - both the dance theme and the per- forming band! '78 Ball Seniors Remember "Always and Forever" SS at id and yalty C O I 108 Seniors met in the Red Lion Ballroom, Saturday evening, May 13, forthe final dance of their high school years -the Senior Ball! Programs encouraged the Seniors to remember such songs as "Always and Forever," the theme of the dance. Dorian's Studiotook pictures of the couples in flowing gowns and tuxes. The Senior Class Officers and Prom Committee members, Cheryl Moody, Kevin Fischer, Kim Thomp- son and Brad Pring, worked several months in advance of the date to make arrangements for the dance. They also supervised the selection of three couples of the Senior class to vie for the honored title of King and Queen of the '78 Ball. Eight couples were nominated as royalty during a Senior class meeting. Three of these couples were later elected as the finalists. The King and Queen were voted for the night of the dance and announced at the SeniorBalI, which lasted from 9 p.m. 'til 1 a.m. 1, ' vw Kim Dice Kim Bobbett Debbie lngebo John Coplen Greg Jeffreys Walt Clemons Prom Highlights Junior Year Juniors converted the large cafe- teria into a danceland fantasy Saturday, March 25, to host the Junior Prom, the biggest event of their class year. "Starry, Starry Night," the theme of the dance, reflected the mood of the couples as they danced to the music of the Blew Wind Band. Pictures were taken by Burchettes to record the nights' events. Prom Committee members, with the help of advisor Cheryl Miller, made dance decorations and arranged the selection of the Prom, Queen. In a preliminary election, the Junior class nominated six girls to run for the title. Later, the class voted on these six, with the top three vying for the Queen title the night of the dance. Nine Juniors headed plans for the dance. There were: Cathy Clement, Linda Orahood, Lisa Wagner, Jen- nice Lyonnais, Diana Bueschke, Robyn Dunlap, Jayne Sours, Donna Roseborough, and Nan Marks. Junior Royalty candidates ttop to bottoml: Renae Waldby and Todd Bobbett, Shannon Stiltner and Keven Frandsen, Vicki Nelson and Kurt Lystad Right: Lisa Orahood, 1st runner-up in the Junior Miss Contest received a S200 scholar- ship, a trophy and a plaque. A jazz dance for her talent presentation helped Lisa win the additional "Poise and Ap- pearance Award. Far Rlght: Joan Kitterman, 4th runner-up, received a S100 scholarship, and a plaque for her Junior Miss participation. Above: Gayle Marvin won the "Creative and Per- forming Arts" plaque for her singing of "Angie Baby" at the Junior Miss pageant. Right: U-Hi's representatives for Junior Miss share the excitement and tension of awards announcements with other Valley candidates. X 3 Seniors Gain Recognition ln '78 Junior Miss Pagent Eight U-Hi girls competed in the 19th annual Spokane Valley Junior Miss Pagent and three gained special recognition during the competition. Lisa Orahood earned the first runner-up position and also won the "Poise and Appearance" Award. Joan Kitterman took the fourth runner-up position and Gayle Marvin won the "Creative and Performing Arts" Award for the evening pagent. Each year the America's Junior Miss Pagent, Inc., searches for the high school senior girl most representative of her classmates in every American community. The standards set by the Pagent Committee are exceptionally high, with special emphasis on: character, citizenship, high school activities, personal ambitions and lady-like poise and demeanor. Judging is based on abilities and qualities displayed by the contestants during talent appearances, personal interviews, and informal conversations with the judges. The contestants agreed the excitement and enthusiasm of the program brings out the "real American spirit" of the teenage girl! Mrs. Lucy Jydstrup was faculty advisor for the participants. U-HI Junlor Mlss Can- didates ol 1978 are: seated, Michelle Snei- dicker and Lisa Ora- hood. Standing: Gayle Marvin, Joan Kitter- man, Wendy Wagner, Debbie lngebo, Kasi Harvey, and Bobbie Barnes. 111 U-Hi Junior Named Miss Spokane Valley For the first time in five years a U-High candidate, Karin Minor, was chosen Miss Spokane Valley. The judges chose Karin from among twelve con- T testantsgthreeJuniorgirIsfromeach of the four Valley high schools. Com- peting from University were Robin Aschenbrenner and Vicki Nelson. At U-High the girls were selected th rough nomination and voting by the entire Junior class. According to Mrs. Annette Lancaster, advisor, judges based the final choice of Miss Spokane Valley on 13 person- ality and poise, 23 appearance, and 3l speaking ability. In reality, the most important area is that of the girls' ability to work with local adults throughout their senior year. They attend luncheons, grand openings, and other social activities. In a preparation period before the final judging, all twelve girls attended luncheons and other such social activities to become familiar with merchants and officials of the Valley. After the preparation period there is a coronation ceremony which, this year, was held on January twenty-eighth. 4 Three Junior candidates represented U-Hi in the rightj Miss Spokane Valley Competition. They are lleft to Asche Vicki Nelson, Karin Minor and Robin nbrenner. Photo courtesy of Cunninghamis Studio Below: Who wouldn't shed at least one tear? Karin shows the emotion every girl would love to feel. Opposite page: Vicki Nelson before the judges. Vicki was named "Miss Congeniality." 113 0 '.g on s - C - X ' - Y Q '4.'.?9r-:-..- . I I ' K ,:g.-- Q r'4"""' 1. , rl GL . R 5 O . f Q, ." af. 'si' Bei QQ l 5 1- Q 2 ,T -gp Q utr. - "Q lv' , sr LLTV' . Q N: 49 N' Q , 4- Us-f -,.g9'., . 1 -, - HJC:-.2-'iii Sf'23'iE.g'f'2?""'3'5" EI M " -ni ,pf I 2 .... Q -I". T .- - ""' , "ws ' ., ri-5" 5 it ' 9 go A ' A ' 0 , ' 0 D - ' . u - ' A 4 ' ' 1 'T' " " .. -V . . 0 ' ' ' .5 A . . .,- :O ' ' rx ang X 'Xl ...A V .XT-..,.-'A' .Q .O ' o . " X ' K 7 . L . Q . 5 1 -Q Q A - 1- if f H-" Q D ' 8 ' I., -5 .' - f Ds' ..4. C '1:.s ggi.. T .W 5 ' . L 5 Q .Q xmas gl S. lgsa, Q1 'ff' . " fw' FE.. .5 - - 90 I. 51 ' . Q -I 'f-is... . fu- T to if Cf 577 ' 'KL ' 1-: . - ,-in ' . 'iulvtbfs-, - v , .I 6?-'iijt ' "J 'p , q . , -4? K MJ.--.4.a V ,.....7' ,- gsg',I5f1'Gf-7":"J'f 52 'P "J"-mtv? an pas' 1:45- QIF' "" :gal ""-1'Q"'9' rf X .4 . - ug d , - -. ' ' O - . . s - .., A -' Q. .luv 54,5 .0 fr .req - , n if X ,I . lx. -.71--'14 J -, 1 : V ' . . ' - 4, , - 1 U- - 1 . . ' ' 'J ' ., 'S . A -. .das V-1 ' - . . , -. wg -' -. . "nl ' ug ' g ' ' - ' "R -D' f.. 'V -Q' 'v" 4 'vo' I . . A - - - ,., , Y, - - . - r- ,-- ., I A - .f if-Lf ' , . G . - f In ' K.-K ' . Q -0, f . . 45-- -4 C., ' g A ,.1., ' ,-4 T' . ' 3 - ,- - - ' -'N -- ' . D Titans Strong in City League A Titan get toppled. Coaches Holmes, Janke, Fiessa, and Isotolo join the team. Kevin Fisher 1301 tries to break a block with the help ofJim Haneke 1793 and Jim Groth 1611. Greg Christianson keeps on going while an opponent hangs on. U-Hi Titans proved themselves to be a strong team during their second season in the Greater Spokane Football League. Losing their first game, which was a non- league bout, the varsity squad came back to win five of eight league contests -two of those being to eventual state champion contenders Gonzaga Prep and North Central. Greg Sheldon, Scott Honican, Mike Peterson, Kevin Fisher, and Jon Jordan were selected as all-city stand- outs. B-squad posted a more impressive record, being undefeated in all games played. They were forced to forfeit a game against N.C. because of the teacher strike. The North Central forfeit placed the sopho- more team tied for first place with Lewis and Clark in the finale. Coach Sam Janke said about the team, "lf they are really willing to work over this summer and during the year, I feel we will have a very good varsity squad out of them and the returning junior players." Front: Mike Peterson, Kelly Floark, Mike Maness, Dave Benner, Rick Towles, Dave Ellis, Greg Sheldon, Paul Cosby, Ken VanSickle, Chris Johnson, Kevin Fisher, Jim Davis, Lester Ham. Row 2: Mike Medlin, Scott Honican, Chuck Johnson, Brad Sheldon, Mike Crouse, Darrell Pope, Keven Frandsen, Mick Daly, Jon Jordan, Jeff Way, Craig Husa, Greg Christianson, John Ro- bertson, Alan Moorhead. Row 3: Bill Phifer, Walt Clemmons, John Hart, Jeff Moore, Mike Kruizenga, Jim Adcock, Curt Lystad, Kevin Dill, Jim Sullivan, Scott Ellig, Dave Guyll, Dan Warren. Row 4: Scott Grigsby, Don Witt, Tim Buelow, Dan Doughty, Doug Jacot, Doug Hutton, Steve Bennett, Joe Monforton, Brad Pring, Jim Haneke, John Anders, Jon Nalder. Front: Adam Peterman, Kyle Wyatt, Frank Stadler, Mark Ftotchford, Bill Kramer, Brian Sheldon, Carmen Es- pinoza, Jon Holland. Row 2: Dave Bagwell, Mike Brito, J.P. Carbon, Dave Kircher, Dave Oakes, Brad Erickson, Jeff Rooks, Keith Zachow. Row 3: Jerry Moolick, Mark Stokes, Dave Flay, Don Witt, Brent Littler. Row 4: Chris Olson, Aaron Alteneder, Mike Vigesaw, Scott Williams, Craig Haase. Row 5: Ted Davis, Mark Wall, Jim Clifford, Steve Carpenter, Ken Wisenor, John Combs, Matt Sullivan, Jim Dickenson, Bruce Lightfoot, Scott Reckford, Jeff Roma, Ron Wilcox. Row 6: Larry Schmedding, Tim Watson, Brian Wiggs. Flow 7: Kevin Rotchford. 117 Scott Ellig DB Ken Van Sickle Mike Peterson WR All City Don Witt OLB Chris Johnson RB Kevin Fischer RB-DB Kevin Frandsen DB-RB Jim Davis DB Jim Sullivan DB Jon Jordon DB-RB Tim Buelow OLB Paul Cosby OLB Brad Pring LB Jeff Way C Dave Benner OLB Curt Lystad DL Mike Kruizenga DL Greg Sheldon OL-LB All City,' All Valley Doug Jacot DL Kevin Dill OL Jim Adcock UL .lim Henke UL Scott Grigsby WH Chuck Johnson WR Not Pictured Steve Bennet DL Scott Elliott DL Lisa Bates Trainer 118 V gi 22 ' : :lkailfi 1,15 -. ' 45115. 1' ' E . Mike Maness LB Lester Hamm DB Jeff Moore DB Scott Honican TE Les Harman LB John Hart Trainer All City Jim GFOUW OL Walt Clemans Trainer Rick Towles DB I Senior Football Players Above: Touchdown! Titan Team mates confirm an off- camera referee's call - despite the passive reaction of a second official. U-Hi ultimately bowed to Gonzaga by a one-point margin, 14-13. Below: A Titan drive ends in a crushing mass of players in one of the season's less memorable events. Bottom: U-Hi's line attempts to close in on a CV hand-off during a night competition on the home field. 119 Above: Titan team members take the Albi Stadium field between ranks of the Flag Corps and Cheerleaders. Leading the pace are Darell Pope f41y, Dave Benner 4661, and Ken VanSickIe i12y. Right: Todd Bobbett 1357 drives for additional yardage as Scott Honican 1891 provides blocking in the U-Hi - Mead game. 120 Left: Jeff Way icenterj prepares for another play as the Titans face Mead on the 5 yard line with "goal to go." Dan Warren 1113 receives. Below: Don Witt 1245 attempts to break up a pass during an Albi Stadium game. Participants "Raise HeIl" Seniors Win Narrowly ln Annual Powderpulf Due to the tight Homecoming activity schedule, this year's Powder- puff football game took an afternoon position as the traditional "feminine" teams battled to an 8-6 senior victory. Mr. Jim Lusk and Mr. Ken Richardson coached the Seniors through practice each night after school. Mr. Bill Clift and Mr. Dudley Mizoguchi molded the juniors into a competitive foe. After the Seniors engaged in "exhaustive and intense training" they won a narrow but rousing victory over the stronger than usual junior team. Kathee Roma, the Senior's team captain, probably summed up the feeling of all team members as she said, following the game, "Both sides played real weIl...and boy did we raise hell!" x qw 7 W., LE - ' N , ,,.. W sy , ,w?k1m- Y Q gn Q1- in ,L 2? I m LL,,, 3 5 S as M429 f - .--. 'ii WVLJ x.,, . Gymnasts Are Tops The Titan gymnastic team this year was at the top rung of the Greater Spokane League ladder. At the time of publication our girls were holding their own with 7 wins and 3 losses, enough to put them in third place behind tough teams from Shadle Park and Ferris. Mrs. Oswald, the coach, commented that the most outstanding player was the whole team. "With an individual sport such as gymnastics it would be impos- sible to pick one from the rest. Each tgirl is doing her best for the team. A perfor- mance can vary from meet to meet." Since the team is made primarily of juniors and sophomores, the future holds many promises. Front 0 to rj: Kathy Reeve, Jami Buys, Patti Tunison, Row 2: Bev Morris, Teresa Becker, Gail Theiman, Sheila Bramen, Teresa Allen, Mrs. Oswald. Row 3: Kim Allen, Stacy Bol- yard, Renae Waldby, Jackie Skidmore, Terri Budinger. Top: Sue Beevers. Cross Country Sees Individual Growth Below: Boy's Cross Country Team Top Left: Bob Benton, Rick Bye, Greg Lobdell, Gary Tondini, Craig Debenham. Bottom Left: Brett Thordarson, Robert Yates, Wayne White, Mr. Mac Phee. Not Pictured: Jeffy Boyles, Tim Hawkins, Chris Phillion, Larry Kite. 1978's Cross County Team had a "season of personal triumphs," according to coach Glenn Mac Phee. All runners improved on their previous best times. Featuring seven seniors, the Cross Country Team was the most experienced in the schools history. "Four underclassmen who added depth to the years team and will help mold the nucleus of next years squad," coach Mac Phee said. lla' 126 lt Greg Lobdell and Larry Kite push to overcome I in the District Invitational Meet. Far Lett: Chris illion leads a Bulldog competitor in the fall ghlander Invitational Cross Country Meet. Below: nn Mac Phee, coach, discusses strategy with the I s Cross Country team before a fall meet. Left: Girl's Cross Country Team Top Left: Dana Allison Mary Cunningham, Sara Hawkins, Leslie Warga, Kim Hanson, Mr. Barbero. Bottom Lett: Sue Jarvis, Judy Heggem, Angie Wells, Kitty Byrnes, Jill Nessley. Far Left: Vigorous exercise paces the daily routine for team members warming up for practice. Volleyball, Golf Try Their Best Volleyball and Golf teams mustered a great deal of enthusiasm according to their coaches, but failed to put in a winning record this season. Volleyball team began the season with a win over L.C., but didn't out-play any other opponent. Mrs. Oswald feels, "the reason we lost this year was because the team was not use to my conditioning or technique." She also feels that, "next year we will improve." Golf had a similar season with its participants earning one win and tying two matches, but failing to post an overall win. Mr. Robey stated that, "we were an inexperienced team, but will improve." Mr. Robey is working for an unbeatable team next year. Above: Golf Team members are front row: Randy Dolan, Tim llgen, John O'Brien, Dan McDowell. Back Row: Coach Robey, Todd Johnson, Bill Giles, Mike Moen, Ed Marier, Rich Williams. Above Right and Right: Randy Dolan fabovej and John O'Brien demonstrated reasonable golf form in fall practice sessions. The juniors hold promise for next year's team, Coach Robey indicated. 128 Left: Both Varsity and J.V. Volleyball Teams had new coaches for the 77-78 season. Relaxing between practices and adjusting to their new situation are Mrs. Hastings and Mrs. Oswald. aw ..,f-+"""" an .,,... Varsity Qabovel Front Row: Laurie McCray, Jackie Boardman, Stace Tucker. Row 2: Renee Bagwell, Joan Walsh, Teresa Mclntosh. Flow 3: Mary Malloy, Wendy Wagner, Michelle Snedicker. J.V. Qbelowj Front Row: Dora Rodriguez, Gail Taff, Liz Goodrich, Brenda McKee. Row 2: Linda Cramer, Anne Visintainer, Coach Marilyn Hastings, Kris Johnson. 129 Titans Have Unpredictable Season The Titan hoopsters mustered an above average season by winning eight and loosing five during league play. Featured on the team were three returning Iettermen, one from Junior Varsity and one B-squad player as the starting five. At the three-quarter mark in Greater Spokane League play, coach Marv Ainsworth declined to make any predictions on the season "out of fairness to the group." Ainsworth emphasized the importance of the Gold Unit which ran opposition offense and defense patterns prior to the games so the starting five could be better prepared for the meet. While coaching staff members would make no pre- dictions, the 8-5 record with three games to be played seemed to preclude any play-off spots for the Titans. The Junior Varsity team was said to have improved over the seaon by Coach Ainsworth. The junior squad won a total of ten games and lost only three in the first round play, but came back to win all of their second round games so far. Outstanding players for the team include Chris Gaiser, Dave Gustafson, Chris Griffith, Jon Nalder, Paul Nienhuis and Jeff Yamada. Keep a look out for big 6'6" Ben Evans next year. Fronl ll to rl: Greg Fiscus fmgr.J, Ken Van Sickle, Mike Peterson, Don Row 3: Randy Shoop, Jim Haneke, Tom Rawlings, Scott Honican, Marc Witt, Kevin Fisher, Coach Bill Clift. Row 2: Zane Troester lmgr.J, Greg Kriz, Head coach Marv Ainsworth. Sheldon, Craig King, Dan Warren, Keven Frandsen, Coach Bill Ames. 130 1. Tom Rawlings 1443 goes up for the rebound. 2. The cheerleaders help the crowd get ready for the annual rival game against Central Valley. 3. The team and coach pay tribute to the flag before the commencement of each game. Front 0 to rj: Jeff Yamada, Darrell Pope, Tim Yamada. Row 2: Chris Griffith, Jon Nalder, Andy Wendberg, Flick Sandeno, Coach Bill Ames. Row 3: Chris Gaiser, Dave Gustafson, Ben Evans, Paul Nienhuis. 131 Varsity Basketball Mike Peterson Scott Honican Keven Frandsen Greg Sheldon Ken Van Sickle Chris Johnson Tom Rawlings Don Witt Kevin Fisher Craig King Randy Shoop Jim Haneke Marc Kriz Greg Fiscus, Mgr. Zane Troester, Mgr. Left: Ken Van Sickle goes for a jump against Pasco in a home league game. Below: Titans vie for the ball at a CV game. ,P ,gl-..,, M, I, ,, 5-,wfi I N ,. . K 5 + L ,krfxfgg t' ,Q 7 Right: Tom Rawlings 1443 jumps against a Pasco opponent. Above: Cheerleader Renae Waldby gets a boistrous response from the U- Hi cheering section at the CV game. Right: B-Squad team members are: Front Row: Robbie Wallace, mgr.g Tom Destefano, Kevin Bates, Mark Rodkey, Randy Robinson, Larry Schmedding, Coach Bill Clift. 2nd Row: Kelly Sigel, mgr.g Kieth Zachow, Brian Seldon, Rick McClure, Steve Shagina. 3rd Row: Scott Olsen, Chris Erickson, Aaron Alteneder, Jim Peck, Chris Tucker. Above: U-Hi scores 2 points against CV and Aaron Alteneder 1551, Chris Tucker 1311 and Jim Peck run back on defense. Right: Titan Mark Rodkey 1213 guards against a Rogers score. U-Hi won the game 60-54 to earn 3rd place in the league with a 12-7 season. Above: Representing the Titan squad in Re- gional competition, Tim Hawkins goes foratake- down. Wrestlers Have "Best Season" Three Go To Regionals... Above Left: Dave Bagwell faces a regional opponent at Mead hoping to ear a state berth. Far Above: Greg Peterson strikes a "ready" pose waiting his state competition following his wins at regional wrestling matches labovel. , .' ,l'V' 1 1: , 'A , "Qr .I M' - , , 14 H, - -..-M. . ,5 if .-mfiki-,.T'1'. ' 1 be 'X x ' .-ul.. . , - 4 , 5.5, , ' - 'If P P N I M' 1 QS u : x ..-10' " KY u n A N M N E . . J 1 ,.,,.,W kr 411. ...As Wrestle Take 2nd "We had the best season's record in the school's history," gloated the Varsity Wrestling Coaches Rick Sicilia, Jim Lusk and Ken Richardson! Titan grapplers earned second in league with a 12-win, 4- loss record. Coach Richardson emphasized that the 10 successive wins in this season also set another school record. Three Titan wrestlers, Greg Peterson, Dave Bogwell and Tim Hawkins ad- vanced to regional competition and Peterson made it to State competition in the Tri-Cities. Left: Dave Bagwell gets a hearty welcome off the mat after winning his match with a pin. Varsity Wrestlers Front Row Greg Peterson Scott CI6mm0rlS ROW 32 Mr- Rick Sicilia, h68d 608611: Glennie Dave Bagwell Jeff Walker Row2 Mr Jim Paul Cosby Brad Pflng, Jeff Wlfief. Dan DOUQMY. Lusk asst coach Brian Wlggs Andy Jackson Brad Sheldon Tim Hawkins, Jeff Moore, Mr. Ken Craig Debenham Jeff Skierka Luke McCaslin Walt Richardson asst. coach. FS Varslty: Front row: Sara Hawkins. Row 2: Cheryl King, Kim Bobbit. Row 3: Kitty Byrnes, Jody Thomason, Maria Duthie. Flow 4: Wendy Wagner, Renee Bagwell, Teresa Mclntosh, Donna Cramer. Row 5: Laurie McCrayg Man., Shirley Gale: Man., Terri Williams: Coach Jenke. Below: Teresa Mclntosh concentrates on hitting the basket for an extra point during the U-Hi -- West Valley game. Y' sl sf as 55, 5 I Outrageous Season for Girls Basketball yi l,i lAV ,, ,.,,,...-o1P""'h4 Below left: Titan girls get ready to rumble. Below: Captain Kim Bobbet swishes the net for two. Q , HWGW Far left: B-Squad: Front row: Brenda McKee. Row 2: Mary Cunningham, Coach Russa, Rhonda Nicol. Row 3: Julie Gustafson, Liz Goodrich, Mary Maxwell, Julie Waller, Gail Taff. Immediate left: Junlor Var- sity: Front row: Dora Rodri- guez, Brenda McKee, Coach Hastings, Pascale Driot. Row 2: Man., Terri Williams, Col- leen Windsor, Sue Jarvis: Man., Shirley Gale. t:...,. -----f-' Jane Walsh and Jeff Olson earned Tennis Teams Split Season With Fall 8t Spring Schedule The fall U-Hi boy's tennis team posted a 0-10 record, but Coach Bill Gilchrist noted the players are anxious and ready for upcoming mented Mr. Gilchrist. The gals earned a 1-6 record and looked to the spring matches, "With dedication and spirit," said Coach spring matches. "With their good SHUGY Over man- attitudes we should be able to really make Something happen," com- The tennis teams play 12 matches plus the Inland Empire tournament and the State qualifying match. the 411 spots this fall and Debbie Trescott and Dave Fitzgerald peg- ged 82. ., ,. me Varsltyg Front Row: Debbie Trescott, Janie Walsh, Jerri Altmaier, Kim Gay, Emily Hart. Row 2: Kathie Tunison, Kathy Reeve, Marcia Mistared, Tracy Flelde. Row 3: Todd Reed, Kevin Cox, Barry Roberts, Dave Fitzgerald, Ben Evans, Jeff Olsen, Dave Olser, Nathan Lawless, John Compton. Above: Jeff Olson - 32 Boys tennis player - stretches for a return in spring practice. Right: Kevin Cox, is poised for his opponent's serve. Kevin earned the 84 position in spring play. 140 Junior Varsltyg Front row: Kim McDonald, Nancy Leichner, Maria Delegans, Patty Tunison. Row 2: Kristi Danner, Dora Flodriquez, Linda Taylor, Cari McDowell. Row 3: Mike Kuester, Kelly Sigel, Dave Hall, Tom Beck, Jim Otis. Above: Barry Roberts slams a return in spring play. Above rlght: Debbie Trescott, awaits the volly during fall practice. Tennis teams face a dual season. Right: Theresa White runs forward to the return. The gals worked in spring practice to better their 1-6 fall record. 141 A Whole New Team! Baseball Looks Good An outstanding hitting and de- fensive team headed Baseball Coach Dan lyall's list of reasons why he expected "to do well" for the '78 season. Coach lyall rated the team's batting better than in years past. The '78 squad lost 11 seniors from last year, but retained one pitcher. Seven lettermen will return to the Titan squad, with 9 juniors and 2 sophomores filling out the ranks. Catcher Jeff Way has earned some pre-season attention from major league scouts, and Mr. lyall pre- dicted that his performance this spring could earn him some scho- larship attention. The team looked forward to playing all May league games at the lndian's Fairgrounds Ball Park, afeature new to this season and appreciated by the team, concluded Coach lyall. Varsity, Front Row: Patti Kealy, hat girl,' Chuck Johnson, Ken VanSickle, .leff Way, Scooter Ellis, Marty Barth, Scott Becord, Dale Engle. How 2: Coach lyall, Dan Warren, Scott Conklin, Scott Dlson, Allen l-lurst, Darrell Pope, Mike Peter- son. Bow 3: Dian e Keys, bat girl,' Lisa Bates, trainer,' Don Witt, Tim Buelow, Jon Nalder, Brent Littler, manager. 1. Darrell Pope throwing a man 2. out during practice. 2. Chuck Johnson with a full- ' powered swing. 3. Bat Girl Patti Kealy keeping the bats in line. 4. Darrell Pope slides safely in- to third. -L -V: kYf,...,, K it A , , , Front: Matt Sullivan, .lon Hoiland, John Davis, Andy Jackson, Scott Conrad, Coach Lusk. How 2: Dan Collison, Dave Gregory, Carmen Espinoza, Larry Schmedding, Tom Destefano, Chuck Wheeler, Dave Hay. How 3: Assistant Coach Heimhigner, Nick Thompson, .lay Allen, Steve Henry, Keith Zachow, Steve Schenk, .lerry Udall, Dave Phifer. H ,.., N. 7. XM.. i 5. Mike Peterson concentrating on the ball. 6. An elated Mike Peterson after hitting a three-run homer. 7. Dan Warren with the winning pitch. 143 Softball: Two Winning Years? "I expect to be in the thick of the race to the championships," said girls' softball head coach Mr. Dudley C'the boomer"l Mizoguchi. This season theteam has seven returning Ietterwomen: Patti and Paula Tibbals, Sarah Hawkins, Maria Duthie, Lorie McClure, Rita Campbell, Candi Allen, and Sandi Gilmore. The girls only lost two seniors from last year's second-place squad. Another plus and hope for the season is the new "expanded" schedule. This will allow the team more time for practicing and resting up before each game. Softball's own Mr. Kent tBulIetJ Richardson is considered "a great help in all the little aches and pains acquired from tedious work-outs," concluded Coach Mizoguchi. Sarah Hawkins slugs one out to left field. Patty Tibbals waits and watches from first base fora team-mate to move her closer to home. Varslty ttopl Front: Rita Campbell, Paula Tibbals, JoAnn Workland, Wendy Potts. Row 2: Coach Mizoguchi, Patty Tibbals, Staci Tucker, Glenda Schafer, Sandy Gilmore, Maria Duthie. Row 3: Gail Taff, Julie Waller, Kathy Boehm, Lori McClure, Sarah Hawkins, Colleen Windsor, Candy Allen. B-Squad lbottoml Front: Rammy Schafer, Marv Duthie, Theresa McCaslin, Brenda McKee, Rosanna Dinsmore. Row 2: Theresa Galloway, Terri Moore, Janice Hicks, Cathy Warren, Jackie Boardman, Peggy Boardman. Row 3: Coach Richardson, Mary Puhek, Kris Kieffer, Lori Springer, Judy Richardson, Denise Moss, Vickie West. To State... Row 1: Rhonda Nicol, Scott McCombs, Diane Mathis Eric Krauss, Arun Deidrich, Kim Kraft, Mark Rodkey Helen Clark, Paul Nystrom. Row 2: Terri Budinger, Butch Hoisington, Debbie Gibson, Bruce Lightfoot Dana Allison, Robert Yates, Kim Gibbard, Brian Kenna Molly Anderson, Ted Gorder, Barbara Greene. Row 3 Steve Visintainer, Chris Chamberlin, John Schuneman Mary Anne Hayes, Jeff Van diver, Liz Goodrich, Craig VanSkaik, Renee Hanson, John Tondini, Mary Cun- ningham. Row 4: Dave Foster, Aaron Alteneder, Kevin Bates, Renee Whipple, Doug Kricher, Kim Allen, Frank Stalder, Robin Fogg, Tim Shobe. Row 5: Dave Olson, Rick Bostrom, Dave Oakes, Ron Adcock, Brian Wiggs, Chris Tucker, Jeff Rooks, Larry Kite, Tim Watson. Track Looks Track '78 "We expect this should be one of our best seasons," sta- ted track coach Bill Ames. "We antici- pate being in one of the top five spots in the league." Besides the running events, Ames also stated the squad was very strong in jave- lin, high jump, and shot put, and should go to state in at least one of these events. continued, next page 145 ...Places Hope on Lettermen continued from preceeding page As Mr. Ames looks towards state, he is placing his hopes on the performances of Jeff-Boyles in the mile and two-mile, Kevin Frandsen in the hurdles, Steve Uhtinthehighjump: and Dan Askey in the javelin. The whole season seems to be based on Mr. Ames' fav- orite quote, "Don't tell meg show me!" The track team has agreed they will show him! , ' -it-f Row 1: Sam Cathcart, Teresa Mclntosh, Joe Mon- forton, Kitty Byrne, Ty Harper, Cheryl King, Mike Meyers, Randy Shoop, Angie Wells. Row 2: Rick Sandeno, Jill Nessly, Gary Vandiver, Jorene Carr, John Robertson, Renee Bagwell, Carrie Taplin, Greg Christianson. Row 3: Jim Clifford, Syd Conklin, Craig 3 Laford, Shannon Stiltner, Jock Hatch, Gene Vent, Scott Kuhlman, Lisa Tombarelli. Row 4: Lori Shagina, Steve Uht, Kelly White, Chris Phillion, Paul Nienhuis, Craig Brquff. Row 5: Mick Daly, Mark Wall, Andy Wenberg, Jeff Hubble, Mike Crouse, Greg Fiscus, Jim Dickinson. -s...,...,,.,....,.......,..., ,...W .. ..., ,, .Lt...X Q.. .,.,,,,,,,, H ..,,f:sf,.,,g Senlor Track Members, Front row: Tim Ilgen, Jim Davis, Kevin Frandsen, Lester Hamm, Leslie Worga, Dan Askey, Allen Wingett, David Bates, Gary Bascetta, Greg Lobdell. Row 2: Walt Clemons, Gary Tondenni, Kevin Fisher, Chris Johnson, Kevin Dill, Linda Cramer, Greg Seldon, John Copland, Craig King, Grant Rodkey, Mark Kriz. Row 3: John Jordan, Scott Grigsby, Rick Buys, Jay Pemble, Bob Benton, Jeff Halber, Jeff Boyles, Rick Robles, Scott Honican, Dan McDowell. 3 " s A 4 f' Qi 4 Letterman's Club U-Hi Letterman's Club members - in addition to earning their position in the club by lettering in a school activity - maintain a busy club schedule. A Donkey Basketball game in December pitted Letterman against Faculty and two other fund raising pro- jects took club members' atten- tion at other times of the year. Front row: Donna Cramer, Cheryl King, Teresa Mclntosh, Angie Wells, Lisa Bates, Gayle Marvin, Kitty Byrne, Leslie War- ga, Shirley Gayle, Don Witt. 2nd Row: Kim Gay, Mary Cunning- ham, Lori McCray, Tim Haw- kins, Jeff Skirka, Dave Ellis, Ken Arnold, Jim Davis, Chuck John- son, Scott Grigsby. 3rd Row: Jerry Altmaier, Bob Perry, Ken Wingett, Kevin Fischer, Ken VanSickle, Keven Frandsen,Jeff Olson, Rick Rowles, Curt Ly- stad. 4th Row: Larry Shreve, Dave Benner, Mark Fuher, Eric Gardner, Brad Pring, Jim Hane- ke, Terry Murphy, Carrie Taplin, Ranae Bagwell, Lori Shagina. 5th Row: Mike Crouse, Brad Sheldon, Joel Kinney, Mick Daly, Joe Monforton, Rick San- deno, Dan Warren, John Nalder. 6th Row: Kevin Dill, Scott Ellig, Jim Sullivan, Mike Kruizenga, Mark Fromviller, Gary Glennie, Allan Moorhead, Bob Bobbett. 7th Row: Mike Krez, Dale Engle, Jim Adcock, tim Buelow, Mike Frucci. Dan Askey, Zane Troe- ster. 8th Row: Kevin Cox, Ty Harper, Randy Shoop, Chris Johnson, Craig King, Scott Honican. teacher Don Chadwick in the Letter- man's sponsored Donkey Basketball game. 150 Top above: A few of the Lettermen have a meeting to discuss plans forthe spring car wash. Flight: Curt Laystad gets a firm grip on fall term student Activities A spring car wash gave Letterman some fresh air and income and the Cheerleaders - Letterman Dance was the major spring project. Letterman's Club is not overly active, club adviser Darryl lsotalo explained, because of members involvement in other activities and sports. The club is as much an honorary as an activity group. x 'l- 1- in ,.,,, .J Deutscher Klub Front row: Jim Shaver, Ed Fechner, Eric Crouss, Scott Conrad, Mark Eschliman, Rod Adcock. 2nd Row: Mrs. Moore, Terri Yandt, Jill Blackwell, Holly Steele, Mikele Drazt, Denise Moss, Hope Rossmeier. 3rd Row: Connie Grenz, Janis Krupa, Jill Nestle, Lisa Gudgel, Kim Farance, Diane Bushky, Angie Well, Shelby Slater. 4th Row: Brenda McKee, Terri Campman, Denise Gates. 5th Row: Lora Driskill, Linda Shaffer, Roberta Barnes, Misty carlson, Brian Brookbank, Butch Hoisington, Kevin Bates, Larry Kite, Steve Parker, Raymond Yang, Molly Anderson. 6th Row: Kevin Cox, Mike Wallin, Jim Ottis, Ted Schrier, Mark Benish, Greg Braman, Rob Schultz, Robert Freeman, Sam Cathcart. e l l l Above Lett: Spanish CIub's Christmas project included carol singing at Univer- sity Manor nursing home. Above right: The German Club has dinner at the Hofbrauhaus Restaurant. Club de Espanol Front row: Julie Thompson, Susan Moore, Kelly Osbrink, Mr. Espinoza, Mike Shiosaki, Craig Husa. 2nd Row: Lisa Orahood, Susan Brown, Beth Lamm, Michelle Snediker, Laurie Henke. 3rd Row: Beth Herber, Linda Taylor, Marsha Misterek, Barb Cook, Carrie Taplin, Cathy Clement, Emily Hart, Bill Kramer, Carmen Espinoza. 4th Row: Kelly Jackson, Judy Choate, Mary Cunningham, Starell Evans, Dana Allison, Lori Peterson, Sabrina Hanley, Judy Rigger. 5th Row: Debbie Haskins, Larry Schmedding, Daniela Meserve, Kris Kieffer, Shelly Hager, Donna Wold, Stacie Tucker, Brian Sheldon, Kathy Taylor, Rhonda Nicol, Lisa Conrad, Zane Troester, Don Witt, Mike Minnick. 151 Titans Apply Communication Both French Club and Forensic Team realized benefits in '78 from hard work over the past two years. French Club has worked since 1975 to earn enough money to sponsor Amity Scholar Alain A. Dautricourt. Mr. Dautricourt is a native of France who came to the U.S. for firsthand experience teaching U.S. high school students the French language. The French Club raised the funds to sponsor Mr. Dautricourt through the Amity Institute of California by selling doughnuts to hungry U- Hi students. The Forensic team has grown considerably in proficiency and willingness to work, according to coach Darryl lsotalo. They had six regular debates with each school in the district league. Over 60 students participated in these matches throughout the year. Students also participated in invitational matches at area colleges. The Forensic class visited the University of Idaho, Eastern Washington University, University of Oregon, Whitman College and Gonzaga. The Forensic class also competed in district tournaments at the end of the year. The Forensic class was a member of the National Forensic League and participated in atournament held at the end of the year to judge the best student speakers. The highest ranking students went ot the final competition of the National Forensic League. Individual students went to workshops in the summer at Washington D.C., California, Utah, Idaho, Bellingham, and Gonzaga. Money is received from the Student Body, from bake sales and a raffle dance at the end of the year. Students paid their own way for the trips made in the summer. Above Right: Forensic Team, Front Row: Laurie Crowley, Gale Martin, Teri Leonard, laura Hennessy, Joe Morlan, Kathee Roma, Cheryl Hagseth, Lori Stephens, Linda Anderson, Teresa White. Row 2: Nancy Leichner, Mary Cardoza. Jim Otis, Carmen Deuel, Tammy Grytness, Mike Dickson, Linda Nicholaysen. Row 3: Darrel lsotalo. Dale Higgs, Ray Yang, Todd Adams, Clayton Winton, John Thomas. Not Pictured: Debbie lngebo. Right: French Club, Front Row: Laura Hennessy, Jennice Lyonnis, Cathy Tunison, Jeri Simmons. Row 2: Lisa Wagner, Holly Steele, Joan Kitterman, Bev Morris, Maria Delegans. Row 3: Teresa Johnson, Ari Bjokquist, Linda King, Mrs. Waters. Not Pictured: Marlene Finley, Alan Dautricourt fFrench Aidl. 152 Drill units Fly High "Their great! l'm really pleased with them. From last year they improved 5000fo," says Mr. Gary Green, coach of the flags, rifles, and majorette drill units. Along with the band the drill units received an invitation to march during the Oakland half-time, in which they displayed their new routines and the enlarged units. Mr. Green, Kimberly Dice, and Vicki Krogseth worked together in forming new routines and in teaching them to the girls. An important quality of a flag member was to be sharp and look good, they emphasized. The flag members had practice from 7:00 to 7:45 in the morning. Kimberly and Vicki felt "that it was a pain, but once you got there it was fun." The girls have come a long way, and we feel that they will be even better next year. We are really proud of the them," concluded Kimberly and Vicki. Mr. Gary Green. 153 Above Iett: Lynnette See man and Tammy Canino Lett: "The Great U-Hi Flag Corp." Alphabetically members are: Kimberly Ann Dice and Vicki Lynn Krogseth, Captains. Jam: Buys, Kitty Byrnes, Mary Cardoza, Mary Cunning ham, Lora Driskill, Lynn Ehlis, Elisa Frost, Mary Ann Hays, Patty Kealy Cheryl King, Sheri Mathews, Karin Minor Tami Moorlan, Kathy Peck, Mickey Schmitz .Jackie Skidmore, Shelby Slater, Gail Taft, Lisa Taft Kim Tschetter, Carol Vis intainer, Teresa White Terry Yaundt. Alternates Sandi Gilmore, and Flenee Hanson. Director Phil Tyree, Michelle Quigley, Lori Davis, Lynn Ellis. Flow 3: Craig Philips, Dave Stevens, Mike Roache, Carri James, Mark Williams, Scott Auble, Steve Farmer, Lori Winton, Bob Bell, Dave Oaks, Dave Phifer, Ron Williams, John O'Brian, Craig Van Skaik, Larry White, Scott Haskins, Dennis Weitman. Row 4: Terri Tschetter Kathy Tunison, Candy Allan, Steve Henasy, Connor O'Flegan. .A 1 E i ji R ygippanmuwww -9 "OUTSTANDING YEAR FOR BAND" The marching band did an "outstanding job this year," says Mr. Green. New uniforms forthe flags and rifles added much color to the band. Students were picked from the Crimson and Gold band to form the marching band. The Crimson band attended three concerts and two festivals a year. Gold band won superior ratings for the past several years and rated outstanding band at the Shoreline Community College invitational con- cert held in Seattle. The theme song that took them to Oakland where they received standing ovations by the 65,000 people was Fiddler '77, Gold Band, Front Row: Mike Fruccl, Roy Lange, Teresa White, Laura Driskal, Bob Sherwin, Molly Anderson, Kevin Harr, Cathy Pendleton, Suzy Hussy, Laura Henasy, Mary Jo Schmits, Lisa Taft, Jerry Caine, Cindy Byers, Donna Nichol. Row 2: Mickey Schmits, Tammy Schafer, Connie Wolf, Eric Krouse, Lisa Mathis, Mary Malloy, Randy Dolan, Greg Lobdell, Stewart Vogelman, Rick Bye, Teresa Slater, Ted Gourder, Selby Slader, Marty Orr, Rick Bostrum. Garv Tondini, Steve Kihara, Don Doughty, Andy Wenberg, Brent Thoradason. Row 3: Jlm Davls, Clayton Winton, Bruce Brown, Lori Winton, Kevin Fischer, Dave Bates, Greg Sutherland, Mike Van Skaik, Rick Hixson, Ryan Heaton, John Coplan, Keith Harr, Allan Moorehead, Tom Repeltes, Casey Harvey, Cyle Jones, Russ Marelli. Row 4: Poncho Bonn, Gretchen Bumgardner, Lori lvester, Cami Houstan, Jim Sutton, Bill Reeve, Jay Jarvas, Paul Osborn, LeAnn Harris, Kevin Egeland, Tim Overman, Randy Shoop. ............,.........-....-- EXIT Stage Band Members are, Front row: Beverly Craft, Marty Orr, Stuart Vogel- man, Randy Dolan, Lori Armstrong Kevin Harr. Row 2: Allan Moorehead Keith Harr, Scott Haskins, Clayton Winton. Flow 3: Kevin Egeland, Joe Harris, Paul Osborn, Phil Tyree, Dave Bates, Greg Suterland, Andy Wenberg. Jazz Band Members ere, Front Row: WSSYBY. Standing! Tim Overman. Russ Greg Lobdell, Mike Frucci, Bos Sherwin, Mafelli, CYIS JOHSS. T001 ROPSWGS- Cindy Byers, Ron Lange. Row 2: Bruce Brown. Row 3: Rick Hixson, Ryan lseatedj LeAnn Harris, Bill Reaves, Lori Heaten, T0m COPIHU. Bf6l'1fTh0fd8S0f1- 4 x x 4 - Si 1 ,.,-. - A L 1- i i I L ., -KJ -5 Titans Raid Oakland In October Mr. Green, the marching band, flags and rifles hard at work were rewarded when they were invited to perform during the Oakland Raiders!Denver Broncos halftime. Arrangements were made by Mr. Gary White la former scout for the Raidersj as Mr. Green and the band perfected their drill. The drill featured "Fiddler '77" - a medley of tunes from Fiddler on the Roof. Practicing at 6:30 in the morning everyone became involved. Even those living within blocks of the school were involved as they were awakened by the patter of frozen feet and the inspiring sounds of "Sunrise, Sunset." . -4 if . -f ,A Opposite Page: Titans both 'look good' and relax during the Oakland weekend. From benti ng pent-up emotions at a Fledding, California lunch stop to performance perfection, the final exhiliration was simple exhaustion! Practice resumed in the evenings from 6:30 to 9:30, just in time to put the neighbors to bed again with "Sunrise, Sunset." During a two week period the band succeeded in raising 820,000 and the backing of the community for theirtrip. On October 13, five brand new Greyhound busses and 150 stir crazy band members rolled out of the University City parking lot for Oakland, California. When performing they never failed to receive a standing ovation with 65,000 in the Oakland Raiders stands. M wvwswa 9'-5... Perfecting the show before the big game. 158 -W.-.,...,..-,,.. 'Q I ffl' Choir Advances U-Hi choral groups amassed an impressive performance recrod in 1977178 being involved in over 30 concerts, competitions and demon- strations all under the direction of Mr. Dave Cross, who joined the U-Hi staff in September after working at Shoreline Community Col- lege. Mr. Cross termed his new position "Great! I loved it, it was super." He feels the department saw a good turn-around with significant expansion and growth. Perhaps the biggest honor this year was the Jazz Choirs' invitation as demonstration group for the EWMEA's annual convention. Jazz Choir also participated in the Jazz workshop at Eastern Washington University, and the Tri- Cities Jazz Festival in April. Choir performed in six concerts and compe- titions giving beginning music students ex- perience and skills to later work with Advanced and Jazz Choir. Jazz Cholrg Above right: Todd Adams, Jeff Barge, Pete Cieszewski, Cathy Clement, Shane Clemens, Bret Co- nant, Jeff Cross, Erin Dearing, Lawney Deasy, Kim Dice, Steve Gadecke, Maureen Groce, Laura Gorecki, Tra- cey Lynch, Gayle Marvin, Jerry Moolick, Tina Munkers, Donna Rose- borough, Gary Slemmer, Joe Tucker, Wendy Wagner, Ruth Van Doren. Not pictured: Craig Debenham, Steve Visi- tainer, Kim Dice, Jeff Barge, Dianna Bueschke, Shelagh Wilkinson, Barb Grenz. Left: Glrls Cholrg Front Row: Theresa Fiverraies, Robyn Fogg, Lynn Swisher, Terri Van Tiger, Dannette Sherwin, ArDella Win- thro, Kelly Shook, Teri Graves. Row 2: Mr. Cross, Cerri Robbins, Lori Beal, Sue Oster- back, Kim Persons, Karen Niehenke, Julie Hafner, Virginia Little, Treasa Gallowway. Row 3: Lorrie Springer, Jackie Boardman, Carl Ferness, Chris Manos, Jamie McKenzie, Sonya Lusk, Connie VanDito, Tracy Swan- son, Cheryl Ludvick. Row 4: Lisa Gillis, Mary Puhek, Lori Stephnson, Deanna Brummett, Janice Campbell, Pam Addy, Jannett Nic- colls, Theresa Johnson. Advanced Choir: Row 1. Gayle Marvin, Teresa Allen, Laura Gorecki, Susan Moore, Tina Munkers, Wendy Wagner, Jeri Simmons, Dianna Bueschke, Erin Dearing, Judy Coburn, Cathy Clement, Dawn Pogue. Row 2: Maureen Groce, Julie Waller, Donna Roseborough, Lisa Gudgel, Kim Farance, Stacia Porter, Renee Moore, Tracey Lynch, Diane Mathis, Teresa Schindler, Linda Clark, Ruth Van Doren, Deena Beck. Row 3: Brian Moss, Bill Elliott, Keith Zachow, Paul Nystrom, Jeff Cross, Doub Keithly, Jerry Moolick, Pete Cieszewski, Bret Conant, Tim Kane, Bill Davis, Dan Atkinson. Row 4: Steve Gadecke, Joe Tucker, Doug Hutton, Gary Slemmer, Alan Orr, Lawney Deasy, Todd Adams, Ted Schreier, Shane Clemens, Rick Williams. Not Pictured: Shelagh Wilkinson, Craig Debenham, Jeff Barge, Jeff Vandiver, Ross Lafrancois, Leslie Simanton, Barb Grenz, Connie Grenz, Kim Dice, Aracelly Gallordo. ,.. -l Emi 4 ' ' 1 W? L. X i N I ' lo: l,.- 4 i 7 , f" ' ' A -4jff"'9 fs. 8 1- r.Q0Q51 9' I 'T i3 Ri. W1 I S.E.L.F. Helps Kids Seniors give of themselves in orderto enhance their own experience, and at the same time help younger students in the Central Valley school district improve their educational skills - all through University High's unique S.E.L.F. program. Organized in 1974, S.E.L.F. is a program which allows seniors a means of extending theirskills through out-of-school experiences. S.E.L.F. members contacted principals and teachers at elementary schools within the C.V. district to establish their volunteer program. U- Hi seniors assist at Broadway, Chester, McDonald, Opportunity, South Pines and University Elementary Schools, explained Mr. William Ames, program director. Above: S.E.L.F. students are, Front row: Roger Klein, Dan Askey, Mr. Ames, Raelyn Haut, Teresa Hansen, Lisa Cadwallader, Rose Florin, Diane Nelson, Maria McGhee, Debbie Wimmett, Cindy Beach, Michelle Goodwich, Linda Beardon, Julie Holland. Back Row: Sheldon Hobson, Cam Lewis, Carla Furness, Karen Liddner, Shelly Knox, Shirley Gale, Kristi Graves. Leslie Waraa. Far Rlahtz Honor Socletv members are, Flrst row: diagonally, bottom to top: Ron Reed, Walt Clemons, Brenda Steck, 164 Brian Crump, Lisa Mathis, Mike Shiosake, Lori Shagina, Mike Minnick, Dan McDowell. 2nd Row: Connie Easterly, Chris Johnson, Susan Moore, Joan Kitterman, Gary Todini, Morine Grose, Donna Nicol, Todd Johnson, Teresa Slater, Wade Langon, Joel Anderson. Row 3: Zane Troester, Roberta Barnes, Kelly Osbrink, Teresa White, Diane Collins, Lisa Orahood, Anne Visintainer, Lori lvester, Jill Blackwell, Laurie Henke, John Thomas. Honor Society Taps Leaders Honor Society is a special group of students recognized for their academic accomplish- ments and contributions to the school. As an honorary, the organization has no activities other than admitting new members each year. A student is eligible for Honor Society as a sophomore with a 3.8 cumulative g.p.a., as a junior with a 3.4 g.p.a.g or as a senior with a 3.2 g.p.a. This scholarship requirement does not guarantee acceptance. The criteria for final selection of a candidate depends on his or her eligibility in leadership, service and character. Final selection is made by the faculty, as students are not permitted to vote on candidates. Honor Society usually meets in the spring. Its prime function is to assist students applying to college to gain honors at entrance, explained Mr. Jeff Brown, coordinator. C I tl CENT Scholarships Honor Gthers Grahood Tops Class List Recognizing three years of aca- demic excellence, Lisa Orahood, Susan Moore, and Joan Kitterman were name Valedictorian and Co- Salutatorian for the Senior Class of 1978 by Principal Jim Stickney. Ten other seniors were singled out for other academic awards or honors at that time. Valedictorian and Salutatorian titles recognize those students who have maintained the highest cumulative grade point average through their high school years. Lisa maintained a 4.0 gpa, Susan a 3.97 and Joan a 3.96. Mr. Richard Naccarato, head coun- selor, listed ten seniors who had received scholarships and other regional awards as of March 10. He emphasized that not all the scholar- ships had been awarded and that many more were pending. He predicted "the list will be con- siderably longer by the final pre- sentation ceremony on graduation day." Practicing i?l standing at attention for their future military careers are Naval Academy appointees John Thomas and Doug Jacot. Q of Commendation, Mr. Stickney, and Todd John- son, Finalist. Terry Parks, also a Finalist, is not pictured. Principal Jim Stickney congratulates National merit Scholarship win- ners. They are Joel An- derson and John Tho- mas, recipients of Letters Joel Anderson Q0 National Merit Scholarship L. Letter of Commendation GJ C Paul Cosby C Spokane Valley Elks Scholarship ...- for students going to a 2-year college Craig Debenham - Activities scholarship ' .Q- Brigham Young University E .um Haneke Q Football Athletic Scholarship cu Idaho State University -, Q A Scott Honican -C C0 Football Athletic scholarship 5 Idaho State University O ,- OCD Doug Jacot IN gf Appointment to " od United States Naval Academy H- -5 O C0 t.. Todd Johnson 'U CU National Merit Scholarship W L- E Finalist CD tu-.- cu 3 0 Mike Klhara "" 3 Deans Engineering Scholarship O 4 -...f Gonzaga University Joan Kitterman Junior Miss Contest Fourth Runner-up Lisa Orahood Spokane Valley Elks Most Valuable Student Miss Contes . First John Ron 409 .1ggm,,,,., Awards and Scholarshlp wlnners, Front: Todd Johnson, 2nd Row: Ron Williams, Craig Debenham, 3rd Flow: Mike Kihara, Doug Jacot, Scott Honican, 4th Row: Joel Ander- son, Jim Haneke, Back: John Thomas. Lang. Group Largest Language Arts is the largest department in University and the most balanced between men, women faculty members, explained Mr. Carl Welch, Department Head. In the sophomore level, Language Arts emphasizes the paragraph and a variety of short stories and novels. The Junior level emphasizes the complete composition with American Literature courses. The senior level works on college term papers and essays with the expansion of World Literature, Shakespeare and Mythology. Th ree years ago the Language Arts department changed to an elective course, dropping requirements for the Senior level. This department is especially important to the college-bound student who uses a variety of writing skills necessary to succeed in college, Mr. Welch concluded. - K Q all Above: Mrs. Waters keeps a sharp eye on her Language class. Above right: Mr. lsotalo works with Debbie lngebo. Far Right: Mr. Espinoza shares his Spanish background with students. Mr. Carl Welch Mr. Joe Espinoza Mr. Bill Gilchrist Mr. Jeff Brown 168 oi' an-nn.. Left: Mr. Gilchrist wishes he were somewhere else! Below left: Mrs. Jydstrup reviewing for her next Senior English class. Below: A hardworking student keeps busy in Mrs. lsotaIo's Language course. .E '?'11' al 1 1. - - my ' 356 "V'?'-'ff . ' V ','i -, r rl M n riii n - J f ff' .21 ' ff-71. fr ' ff 2 I2 "H 'S '.i2i3v3zl I9, Mrs. Carol lsotalo Mrs. Lucy Jydstrup Mrs. Sandi Overman Mr. Clancy Schierman Mr. Daryl lsotalo Mrs. Judy Moore Mr. Ernest Richlie Mrs. Nan Waters Mr. Mike Robey Superior Instructors Lead to Business Growing interest in business courses made it necessary to add one new staff member and expand course offerings in 1978, according to Mr. Roy Dyer, Department Head. Mrs. Sheri Culver expanded the business teaching staff to six members. Mrs. Culver commented. "This year l noted an increasing interest in business courses." She ex- plained she felt students were becoming more aware of the opportunities in business fields. Growing interest in Business Law and Business Education courses will necessitate expansion in these areas in the future Mrs. Culver predicted. Business Department courses include not only traditional business classes, but also Home Eco- nomics, and Graphics and photography courses - all relating to post high school job training opportunities. "The main function of our entire department is to prepare students for work skills and job oppor- tunities," Mr. Dyer explained. Mr. Dyer Mr. Clark Mrs. Culver Mr. Flatt g ,ff Mrs. Gruber Mrs. Miller 170 Mr. Ames Mrs. Hastings Mr. Holmes Mr. lyall Mrs. Oswald Mr. Trembly e w . Tw 4' 5 X 'Q s 11' . t'l?' L jifxff , nr ' .L - - E2 fs ff J, ' fe 1355: -, 2' -1 . Physical Fun With the addition of archery instruction in 1978, the P.E. Department continued it's goal of stressing lifetime sports. Instruction in the underclass P.E. courses emphasize such sports as tennis golf, jogging, and cross country in addition to archery. All sports which can be continued on an individual basis after high school, according to P.E. department head Joe Trembly. More girls are expressing interest in physical education electives and this has placed new emphasis on girls sports and intermural games. The addition of new instructors backed with new equipment continue to allow the department to make new areas of study available to students, Mr. Trembly concluded. Math Scie U-Hi math-science classes pro- vide a strong basic curriculum, and the department offers more advanced courses because of larger student body according to Mr. David Orahood, Dept. Head. Students taking senior math are equipped to start their college math courses with calculus. Some of the advanced courses are Chem. Ill, genetics, physics, and computer programming. Above right: Mr. Orahood chats with Chem. Ill stu- nce Develops Skills dents. . ...., . Rlghtz For an expert on squares Qand other geo- metric figuresi Mr. Gardner shows an "up-to-date" en- thusiasm on C.V. day. nnnnuifit f .l Right: The study of light often leaves Mr. Lusk and Physics students in the dark. 172 it i at 'ff MWFW Mr. Jim Lusk Mr. Marv Ainsworth , , Mr. Bob Barbero "'A Mr. Jon Barstad 1'-Q was X Mrs. Carol Fiskland -.s . ,gl as V? .Jus 6, 1,,sr . r 5 Q Y' 1 Mr. John Gardner . + Mr. Sam Jenke A, Mr. David Orahood i N f Mr. Glen MacPhee Mr. Gerry Manfred Mrs. Helene Mir Far left: Mr. Manfred "takes a test." Above left: Mr. Ainsworth discusses the fundamentals of math...AND last night's game. Left: "Happy" MacPhee poses for the photographers. 173 Social Studies Department f f -fwxwgfff, -,wg - ' Y H, John Traynor g gi- ry, tl Rex Alstrom 'ff' if L Social Studies offerings introduce students to important areas of live - areas which involve political, social and economic concerns. Hopefully through an examination of these areas, the student will graduate from U-Hi with an adequate base of knowledge and experience from which he or she can make critical and responsible decisions as a citizen, said John Traynor, Social Studies department head. The social studies courses are: Amer. Economic History, Amer. Foreign Policy, Critical Issues, Cultural History, Comparative Religions, Philosophy 8t Revolution, Cont. International Prob., Oriental History, Rise of lsms, Com- parative Economics, European History, Civics, Psychology, Sociology, and Washington History. Bill Clift Dudley Mizoguchi , .sli.. Ward O'Reilly Kent Richardson Mike Van Matre Cooks and Custodians lg sg 'Y-?'3? Above: A new food service program offered Titans more variety in traditional school lunches this year. Lett: Handling the massive job of keeping U- Hi clean after a daily invasion of 1400 plus people is the task of custodians - Robert Stallman, Dorothy Harrison, and Richard Gorley. Uppasite Page: Above Right: Mr. Ward O'ReiIly becomes a familiar face for all seniors in required Civic classes. Right: Quantities of papers are common to all social studies teachers - Mr. Van Matre is no exception! Lett: A quiet sense of humor and a quip are constant tools of John Traynor in his classes. 175 Ind., Fine Arts Teach Skills Fine Art and Industrial Arts Department share a common goal of introducing students to various skills necessary forfuturejob levels. Growing by one staff member this year, the Fine Arts Department served a variety of student interests in Drama, Art and Music, as well as library services. Due to increased enrollment Mrs. Marilyn Hastings was added to the Fine Arts staff after school opened in September. The Fine Arts Department is a composite of special interest courses encompassing art classes, music offerings and all drama and stagecraft. All the classes are designed to provide introductory and advanced skills in these performing areas. Students interested in library services also gained skill experience working with the library staff. Industrial Arts also emphasizes skill building-but attempts to acquaint students with careers, jobs and skills available in American lndustry, explained Mr. Chuck Pierce, department head. Industrial Arts courses center around four basic areas of study: drafting, woodworking, metalworking and automotive. Mr. Billie Kenny Mr. David Cross WTI Mr. Don Ressa Mr. Gary Green .6 Mrs. Laurie Crowley Mr, Paul McKinney Mrs. Marilyn Hastings 176 Q, . Above: Survey students Mark Wall and Dave Reeves check their project with Mr. Fields. Left: Being "dramatic" is expected of all drama instructors. ln her first year teaching drama at U-Hi, Mrs. Crowly has lived up to expectations! if 1 Mr. Chuck Pierce Mr. Emit Gumm if . Bob Gehres . Kermit Kilcup 11 , . 59, fs vt s l. Mr. Gary Fields Top above left: Future Leonardo DaVinci's struggle with their art projects. Donna Scheunaman and Dora Rodriguez concentrate to complete their paintings. Top above rlght: Mr. Flessa examines the project for a grade after he figures out what it is. 177 Administration:Times of Guidance The administration this year has received a new member which is Mr, Louis "Skip" Drew. Mr. Drew was Vice Principal in Tacoma, Washington. Along with the other administrators Mr. Jim Stickney tprincipali and Mr. Mel Clayton fan assistant for Mr. Stickneyl the three compose a team trying to improve University having as many fun-filled activities as possible. These activities allow the student to become more active and more enthu- siastic towards U-Hi. The administrators agree they love working with the students and trying to help the with their problems, so long as the student will also try and improve. The principals are always busy, whether during the day, after school or eveing, they support all ofthe activities thatthe students are in by going to all of the band and choir concerts, drama plays and guys and gals athletic games. .. ,awww sl' V it Lylz ..,,L A A i E Jim Stickney Mel Clayton Asst. Principal Skip Drew Asst. Principal Ruby Hawkins Secretary ft 3 Pat Moll Mary Gregerson Mrs. Dawn Rainey Business Office Attendance Clerk Library Cl9rkfSec, Far Lett: Darrell Driggs answers questions on IBM and computer processing. lmmedlate Lett: Pat Moll checks on student records and accounts. Far Left Below: Mel Clayton, Skip Drew, and Jim Stickney meet regularly for administrative purposes. Below Left: Jim Stickney is a familiarface around campus. Below: No editorial comment. ary' V 1 t 5' 'W B '42-53? Q I ff' Marilyn Olson Margie Lamm Dar,-en Driggs Annette Lancaster Richard Naccarato Llbfafy Clerk Counseling Clerk Counselor COUHSGIOV Counselor 46 SENIORS A Adcock, Jim 20, 117, 150 Ady, David 20 Anderson, Joel 21, 164, 167 Andrews, Rick 49 Arnold, Ken 21 Askey, Dan 20, 106, 150, 164 Atchison, Lloydeen 20 Austin, Bret 21 B Baldwin, Randall 21 Barnes, Bobbe 21, 93, 113, 151 164 Bascetta, Gary 21 Bardavid, Gonzalo 49 Bates, David 20, 155, 157 Bates, Lisa 20, 150 Baxter, Scott, 21, 103 Baxter, Wanda 21 Beach, Cindv 21, 164 Beal, Lorie 21 Bearden, Linda 20, 50, 94, 164 Benggr, Dave 20, 102, 103, 117, Bennett, Steve 21, 117 Benson,.Shelly 21 Benton, Rob 21, 126 Beresford, Terri 21 Bjorkquist, Ari 49, 152 Black, John 22 Blue, Mark 22 Bobbett, Kim 22, 51, 106, 108, 1 Bolyard, Greg 49 Boyles, Jeff 22 Braman, Stacci 23 Bretthauer, Joni 23, 101 Brown, Jeri 22 Brown, John 49 Budd, Judy 22 Buelow, Tim 22, 117, 150 Buys, Catherine 23 Buys, Rick 22, 126 Bye, John 22 C Cadwallader, Lisa 23, 164 Cain, Connie 22 Canino, Tammy 22, 153 Carey, Mary 22 Cencich, Gene 49 Chance, Shelly 22 Christensen, Laurie 23 Clark, Unjoo 23 Clemons, Walt 23, 108, 117, 137 164 Collins, Diane 23, 164 Collison, Darlene 23, Compton, John 23, 155 Conant, Bret 24, 160 Cook, David 24 Coplen, John 25, 56 38 COSby, Paul 18, 19, 24, 108, 117, 137. 167 Cox, Pam 24, 101 Cramer, Linda 25, 128 Crosbie, Jeff 24, 154 Cross, Jeff 24, 160 Crossley, Ernie 49 Crump, Brian 25, 164 Cunningham, Brian 24 D Dale, Teresa 25 Danner, Toni 25 Davis, Jim 18, 19, 25, 51,117,150, 155 180 4 Iqndex - Davis, Paul 25 Haneke, James 116, 117, 130, Dazell, Cathy 24 132, 150, 167 Dearing, Erin 24. 160 Hanley, Michael 31, 107 Debenham, Craig 24, 50, 90, 126, Hansen' Bud 31 137.167 H ,K' b I 30,127 Deasy, Lawney 24, 160 Higgs: Kgvinegg Diedrich, Aroon 49 Hanson Kyle 30 Dice Kimberly 28, 108, 153, 160 Hanson: Teresa 30 164 Dickson, Raymond 25, 150 Dill, Kevin 25, 117, 150 Dionne, Nancy 25 Durrant, Brian 26 Duthie, Kathleen 27 Droit, Pascale 26 E Easterly, Connie 164 Ehlis, Robyn 27 Eisele, Merv 26 Eisenbarth, Kenna 26, 94 Ellig, Jerry 49 Ellig, Scott 27, 117, 150 Ellingson, Peggy 100 Elliot, James 49 Engle, Dale 27, 150 Eschliman, Jeff 27 Evans, Marie 27 F Farley, Becky 26 Ferderer, Casey 26 Ferraro, Tammy 27, 57 Finke, Marilyn 27 Finley, Marlene 27 Fischer, Kevin 27, 50, 116, 117, 130, 132, 150, 155 Fitzgerald, David 26 Florin, Rose 26, 164 Fogg, David 27 Forney, James 27 Foster, Greg 27 Fowler, Garry 27 Frampton, Ken 28 Frandsen, Kevin 28, 51, 109, 117, 130, 132, 150 Friedlander, Colleen 29 Frucci, Mike 29, 150, 155, 156 Fuher, Mark 29, 51, 150 Furness, Carla 29, 164 G Gale, Shirley 28, 50, 92, 101, 138, 139, 150, 164 Gallardo. Arcely 49 Gardner, Dan 28 Gardner, Eric 29, 150 Gardner, Leslie 29 Gardner, Lisa 29 Geerhart, Brent 29 Gillis, Joan 28, 96 Gibson, Daniel 28 Giles, Margaret 49 Girts, Jennifer 28, 98 Goodrich, Michelle 28, 164 Gossling, Kristin 28 Gourd, Regina 28 Graves, Kristi 29, 101, 164 Gary, Cindy 29 Green, Sherri 29 Grigsby, Scott 29, 117, 150 Groth, James 30, 116 H Haarstick, Tonia 31, 50 Hagseth, Cheryl 18, 19, 31, 100, 101, 152 Hamm, Lester 117 Hammond, Dale 30 Harmon, Les 31 Harris, Mary "Leanne" 31, 155, 156 Harris, Ronald 31 Hart, John 31,117 Harter, Dan 49 . Harvey, Kathleen 30, 113 Hatcher, Brenda 30 Hauf, Raelyn 30, 101, 164 Hauf, Rick 48 Hawkins, Tim 30, 137, 150 Hawley, Shaun 49 Haydel, Julianne 31 Heaton, Ryan 31, 155, 156 Henke, Douglas 49 Henke, Laurie 31, 101, 151, 164 Heydecker, Kurt 49 Hill, Jim 31 Hixon, Rick 32, 155, 156 Hogan, Leone 49 Hobson, Sheldon 32, 164 Hoeper, Jim 32 Hogan, Scott 32, 130 Hoiland, Juli 33, 93, 98, 164 Holley, Vickie 33 Honeyman, Glen 49 Honican, Scott 32, 117, 130, 150, 167 Horgan, Layne 32 Hurst, Alan 32 I llgen, Tim 33, 129 Ingebo, Debbie 33, 108, 113 J Jacot, Douglas 32, 117, 167 Jarvis, Jay 32, 155 Jaufllainen, Jaakko 49 Jeffreys, Greg 32, 106, 108 Johnson, Bryan 32 Johnson, Chris 33, 117, 132, 150, 164 Johnson, Chuck 33, 117 Johnson, Greg 49 Johnson, Pamela 32 Johnson, Todd 33, 129, 164, 167 Johnston, Kevin 33 Jones, Cyle 34, 155, 156 Jones, LaDonna 34 Jordan, Jon 117 Joynes, Cheryl 34 Juaristi, Enrique 49 Julian, Roger 49 K Kane, Tim 34, 160 Kay, Kerri 48 Keithley, Greg 49 Kenna, Dave 34 Kihara, Michael 34, 106, 167 King, Craig 34, 130, 132, 150 King, Rob 34 King, Tim 35 Kitterman, Joan 35, 50, 92, 93, 113,152.164. 166.167 Klein, Roger 34, 51, 164 Knox, Shelly, 34, 51, 164 Knox, Tom 34 Kraft, Beverly 34, 157 Kralik, Mike 49 Kramer, Maria 34 Kriz, Mark 35, 130, 150 Krogseth, Vicki 35, 90, 152 Kruizenga, Mike 30, 117, 150 Kugler, Joyce 35 L Lalond, Ronald 90 Lang, Jerry 35 LaPierre, Bonnie 35 Langan, Robert 35 Langon, Wade 164 Larsen, Craig 49 Lawry, Julie 35, 51, 92,93 Lewis, Cam 36, 92, 164 Lightfoot, Joan 36, 101 Linder, Karen 49 Lippman, Carol 36, 164 Lambert, Joyce 49 Littlejohn, Theron 49 Lobdell, Greg 36, 126, 155, 156 Longmire, Jeffrey 37 Lowry, Donna 37 Lystad, Curt 37, 109, 117, 150 M Malloy, Mary 37, 92, 128, 155 Maness, Mike 117 Manning, Laura 49 Marelli, Rusell 36, 155, 156 Marvin, Gayle 36, 90, 92, 113, 150, 152, 160 Mason, Neil 49 Mathews, Chris 37, 102 Mathis, Lisa 37, 155 Matthews, Sheri 37, 153 McCaslin, Luke 37, 50, 137 McDowell, Dan 36, 129, 164 McGhee, Marie 36, 164 McKee, Carla 37 McKenzie, Shelly 36 McLaughlin, Leslie 36 McMaster, Karen 49 McMenemy, Holly 37 McNair, Kelly 38 McRae, Jeff 38 Meckel, Steven 39 Megill, Shelly 39 Miller, Jennifer 38 Minnick, Mike 38, 151,164 Mjelde, Dan 49 Momb, Scott 38 Moody, Scott 38 Moody, Cheryl 38, 164 Moore, Jeffrey 39, 117, 137 Moore, Susan 39, 151, 160, 164 166 Morlan, Tammy 38, 153 Moss, Aileen 38 Murphy, Terry 38, 150, 136 Myers, Bob 38 N Naccarato, Marie 39 Napier, Karen 39 Nelson, David 38 Nelson, Diane 38, 164 O O'Brien, Dihan 38 Oeser, David 38 Oqilvie, William 39 Olson, Jeff 39, 150 Orahood L' 40, 5 , 113, 'i51I??64, 1g6?:2g?8' Orr, Cheryl 40 Osbrink, Kelly 40, 151, 164 Overman, Tim 40, 155, 156 P Parks, Terry 41, 151 Paul, Andria 41 Pearson, Sandy 40, 107 Pemble, Jay 49 Perry, Bob 40, 150 Perry, Ken 40, 96 Perry, Rich 40 Peterson, Mike 41, 117, 130, 132 150 Phelan, Chris 41 Pitner, Tim 49 Polich, Carey 40 Ponsness, Steve 40 Potts, Wendy 40, 101 Prince, Dana 49 Pring, Bradley 40, 107, 117, 137, 150 R Ramirez, Angela 49 Reasoner, Craig 41 Reed, Ronald 41, 164 Reeve, William 41, 155, 156 Regan, Alesia 41 Reilly, Richard 41 Renz, Dan 101 Riley, Gale 41 Ring, Tom 42 Reynolds, Brett 49 Robins, Carrie 42, 164 Robles, Richard 43 Rodkey, Grant 42 Rodriquez, Dora 128, 139 Rogers, Thomas 42 Roma, Kathleen 43, 51, 152 Romero, Cindy 42 Rosenthal, Laura 42 S Sackett, Daniel 42 Savoie, Tracy 42 Schunemann, Donna 18, 43 Schindler, Mike 43 Schoer, Jan 43 Secrist, Cindy 49 Shilggn, Greg 42, 95, 117, 130, Sheldon, Tina 42 Sherwin, Robert, 42, 155, 156 Shook, Teri 42 Shreve, Larry 150 Skierka, Jeff 43, 137, 150 Skidmore, Sue 18, 43 Slater, Teresa 43, 155, 164 Smith, Janice 43 Smith, Meralee 44 Snediker, Michelle 113, 128, 151 Snow, Karyn 44 Sours, Daniel 42 Steck, Brenda 45, 98, 164 Stephens, Neva 44 Stewart, Michael 49 Stokes, Tracy 45 Sullivan, M. James 45, 117, 150 Sutrerland, Gregory 45, 155, 157 Sutton, Jim 45, 155 Swanson, Traci 44 T Tally, Jamie 44 Taylor, Debra 49 Taylor, Linda 45 Tennyson, Jim 45 Terharr, Darlene 45 Thaut, Scott 45 Thomas, John 152, 164, 167 Thomas, Kevin 49 Thomason, Cami 101 Thompson, Frank 49 Thompson, Kimberlee 44 Tibbals, Patty 44 Tondini, Gary 45, 126, 155, 164 Towles, Rick 45, 117, 150 Trescott, Debbie 45 Troester. Zane 50, 96, 130, 132, 150, 151. 164 Tschetter, Kim 45, 96, 101, 153 U Upham, Lori 49 V VanDoren, Monica 18, 47 VanSickle, Ken 47, 50, 96, 117, 130. 132. 150 VanSkaik, Michael 45, 155 VanValkinburg, Dan 47 Visintainer, Anne 18, 46, 128, 164 Visintainer, Carol 47, 153 Vogt, William 49 W Wadlington, Grace 47, 160 Waechter, Steven 49, Wagner, Wendy 47, 113, 128, 138 Walker, Anthony 46 Walker, Bonnie 49 Walker, Jeff 46, 137 Walsh, Joan 46, 128 Walser, Pam 46 Walther, Sandy 46 Warga, Leslie 46, 107, 127, 150, 164 Watson, John 47 Way, Jeff 47, 117 Wells, Robert 47 Wenz, Jeanne 47 Wheeler, Doug 48 White, Theresa 48, 153, 155, 164 Williams, Ronald 154, 167 Willmering, Roxie 48 Wilson, Larry 48 Wimett, Debbie 18, 19, 48, 164 Wingett, Allen 48 Wingett, Ken 150 Winton, Lori 48, 154, 155 Witt. Don 48, 117, 130, 132, 150, 151 Wood. Gerald 49 Z Zinecker, Kim 48, 92, 93 JUNIORS A Adams, Todd 58, 152, 160 Adcock-, Jim 58, Albert, Becky 58, 154 Allen, Candy 58, 154 Allen, Teresa 58, 125, 160 Altmaier, Jerri 58, 150 Anders, John W. 58, 117 Anderson, Linda 58, 152 Andrews, Jeanette 58 Andrews, Tamye 58 Aschinger, Teresa 58 Aschenbrenner, Robin 58, 112 Atkinson, Dan 58, 160 Aucutt, Joyce 58 Austin, Rena 58, 101 Azar, Katy 58 B Bagwell, Renee 50, 58, 128, 138 Barge, Jeff 58 Barnard, Kristina 58, 102, 103 Barns, Cheryl 58 Barth, Marty 58 Baugh, Jeannette 58 Beaty, Vanessa 58 Beck, Thomas 58 Beck, Jennifer 58 Becker, Bonnie 58 Beckley, Joe 58 Beevers, Susan 125, 158 Bell, Bob 58, 154 Bergland, Todd 58 Bertholf, Vicki 58 Black, Sandra 59 Blackwell, Jill 59, 151, 164 Blew, D. Scott 59 Boardman, Peggy 59, 96 Bobbett, Robert 109, 150, 159 Bobich, Jill 59 Botti, Mike 59 Bottles, Rocky 59 Brauff, Craig 59, 102, 103 Brookbank, Gregory 59 Brooks, Craig 59 U-Hi students respond to academic challenges, as usual, with enthusiasm and interest. Brown, Ty 59 Brown, William 59 Bueisgtbhke, Diana 59, 98, 151, Busch, Don 59 Byers, Cynthia 59, 155, 156 Bymgs Kitty 59, 127, 138, 150. C Caine, Jerry 59, 155 Calhoun, Mike 59 Campbell, Tina 59 Campbell, Rita 59 Campman, Terri 59, 151 Carbon, Debbie 59 Cardoza, Mary 59, 152, 153 Carlson, Donna 59 Carlson, Misty 59, 102, 103. 151 Carlson, Rhonda 59 Carpenter, Steve 59, 117 Carr, Jorene 59 Cassel, Kim 59 Castleman, Rick 59 Cathcart, Sam 59, 101, 151 Cederblom, Wendy 59 Chapman, Mark 59 Charley, Judy 59 Choate, Judy 59, 151 Christiansen, Greg 59, 116, 117 Cieszewski, Pete 59, 160 Clark, Linda 60, 160 Clemens, Shane 60, 160 Clement, Cathy 151, 160 Clifford, Jim 60, 117 Cline, LeeAnn 60 Coburn, Judy 60, 160 Combs, John 60, 117 Conklin, J. Scott 60 Conklin, Sydney 60 Convington, Diane 60 Cook, Barbara 60, 151 Cosby, Phil 60 Cox, Kevin 150, 151 Crass, Debbie 60 Crossley, Steve 60 Crouse, Mike 60, 117, 150 Collins, John 60 Cosgrove, Shawn 60, 117, 150 18 D Daly, Mick 60, 117, 150 Davies, David 60 Davis, Chris 60 Davis, Donna 60 Davis, Kelly 60 Davis, Ted 60, 117 Davenport, Cindy 60 Decker, Dana 60 DeGon, Karen 60 Delegans, Chris 60 DeRosier, Renee 60, 100, 101 Denel, Carmen 60, 152 Dickinson, Jim 60, 117 Dickson, Mike 60, 152 Dikes, Carol 60 Dikes, David 60 Dinsmore, Rosanna 61 Dixon, Cheryl 61 Dixon, Donna 61 Dodd, Jim 61 Dolan, Randy 61, 129, 155, 157 Donovan, Robert 61 Dorothy, Frank 61 ' Doughty, Dan 11, 61, 137, 155 Draszt, Mikele 61, 157 Driskill, Lora 61, 151, 153, 155 Dunlap, Robyn 61 E Egeland, Kevin 61, 155, 157 Eide, Lynne 61, 96, 98 Ellis, Dave 61, 117, 150 Erickson, John 61 Erickson, Paul 61 Evans, Ben 61 Evans, Mark 61 F Farance, Kim 61, 151, 160 Farmer, Steve 61, 154 Fiscus, Gregory 61, 130, 132 Flesland, Tami 61 Franklin, Kathy 61 Fournier, Linda 61 French, Jim 61 Frisina, Roger 61 Fromviller, Mark 61,, 150 Frost, Elisa 61, 153 Frost, Neal 61, 154 Fischer. Sue 61 G Gadeke, Steve 61, 160 Gaiser, Chris 131 Gay, Kim 61, 150 Gale, Sally 61 Gerritsen, Louella 61 Gettig, John 61 Gilbert, Sean 61 Giles, Lajena 61 Gilmore, Lloyd 61 Gilmore, Sandi 62, 153 Gimlin, Rick 62 Glennie, Gary 62, 136, 150 Goff, Dave 62 Goodman, Mark 62 Gorecki, Laura 62, 160 Granger, Susie 62 Green, Lionel 62 Grenz, Barb 62 Griffith, Chris 62, 131 Groce, Maureen 62, 160, 164 Grytness, Tammy 62, 152 Gudgel, Lisa 62, 151, 160 Gustafson, Dave 62, 131 Guyll, David 62, 117 H. Haarstick, Melody 62 Hanchette, Scott 62 Hanna, Dixie 62 Hanson, Shelley 62 Harlow, Dan 62 182 Harper, Ty 62, 150 Harrington, Glen 62 Harris, Joe 63, 157 Hart, Emily 63, 151 Haskell, Cindy 63 Haskins, Cindy 63 Hatch, James 63 Hawkins, Sarah 63, 127, 138 Heartburg, Eric 63 Heggem, Judy 63, 127 Hehr, Roy 63 Heise, Michael 63 Hennessey, Laura 63, 152, 155 Heppner, Darren 63 Hergenrder, Chris 63 Higgins, Jamie 63 Higgs, Dale 63, 152 Hill, Dan 63 Hoeper, Julie 63 Holland, Cindi 63 Hollingsworth, Sandra 63 Hoover, Richard 64 Howlett, Mike 64 Hogan, Bob 64 Hogan, Tim 64 Hubble, Jeff 64 Hugill, Earl 64 Hughes, Carrie 64 Hughes, Dori 64 Humiston, Brian 64 Huntley, Kathy 64 Hurst, Lynn 64, 136 Husa, Craig 64, 117, 151 l-lutton, Doug 64, 117, 160 Hylkema, Lynn 64 I lsbey, Jim 64 lvester, Lori 64, 156. 164 J Jackson, Kelly 64, 151 Jamieson, Scott 64 Jeckle, Julie 64 Jeffreys, Lori 64 Johnson, Allen 64 Johnson, Pam 64 K Kealy, Patti 64, 103, 153 Keith, Tom 64 Keithley, Doug 64, 160 Kemme, Kathryn 64 Kennedy, Gregg 64 Kennett, Warren 64 Keys, Diane 64 Kimball, Darron 64 Kimball, Lori 64 King, Cheryl 64, 138, 150, 153 Kingen, Linda 64, 152 Kinney, Joel 64, 150 Koontz, Rick 64 Kopp, Duane 64 Koschalk, Cheryl 64 Kremer, James 64 Krupa, Janie 64, 151 Kuhlman, Scott 65 L LaCombe, Steve 65 LaFord, Craig 65 Landberg, Eric 65 Lange, Roy 65, 155, 156 Lawless, Nathan 65 Layton, Vickie 65 Lefrancois, Ross 65 Leichner, Nancy 65, 152 Lura, Nancy 63 Lynch, Tracey 63, 160 Lyonnais, Jennice 65, 152 M Mahaffey, Will 65 Malotte, Terry 65 Marier, Ed 65, 129 Marks, Nan 65 Martinez, Becky 65 Mathis, Janice 65 Mazzie, Tammy 65 McCaslin, Joanne 65, 103 McClary, Patti 65 McClure, Lori 65 McDonald, Kim 65 McDowell, Cari 65 McGuire, Mike 65 Mclntosh, Teresa 65, 129, 138. 150 McKenzie, Lisa 65, 100 Medlen, Mike 65, 95, 117 Michelli, Jerry 65 Michelli, Marie 65 Minnick, Kelly 65 Mionr, Karin 65, 112, 113, 153 Moen, Mike 65, 129 Monforton, Joe 65, 117, 135, 150 Moorhead, Allan 65, 117, 150, 155, 157 Morlan, Joe 65, 103, 152 Morris, Beverly 65, 125, 152 Morris, Chris 65, 154 Moss, Brian 65, 160 Moss, Denise 66, 151 Mowder, Leeza 66 Muirhead, Dougless 66 Munkers, Tina 66, 160 Murphy, David 66 Myers, Mike 66 Naccarato, Cindy 66 Naccarato, Randy 66 Nalder, Jonathon 66, 117, 131, 150 Napier, Mike 66 Nelson, Vicki 66, 98, 109, 112 Nessly, Jill 66, 127, 151 - Nicol, Donna 66, 155, 164 Nicolaysen, Lisa 66, 152 Nienhuis, Paul 66, 131 Norton, Wendy 66 0 , Oakley, Bill 66 O'Brien, John 66, 128, 154 O'Donnell, Mike 66 Ogzewalla, Susan 66 Oliver, Rick 66 Olson, Christina 66 O'Neill, Pat 66 Orahood, Linda 66 Ostrom, Barb 66 Otis, Jim 66,101,151,152 P Palmisano, Leonard 66 Parker, Sandra 66 Parker, Steven 66, 151 Paxson, Ken 66 Payne, Mike 66 Peck, Cathy 66, 153 Pendleton, Cathy 66, 155 Peterson, Brent 66 Peterson, Frank 66, 136 Peterson, Kent 66 Peterson, Lyle 66 Pfau, Teresa 66 Phifer, Bill 66, 117 Phillion, Chris 67, 126 Phillips, Dan 67 Podd, Tami 67 Polich, Kelly 67 Pope, Darrell 67, 96, 117, 131 Pulver, Kim 67 Purrington, Brenda 67 Ramey, Kevin 67 Ramirez, Marsha 67 Rawlings, Tom 67, 130, 131, 132 Reed, Todd 67 Rennebohm, Gary 67 Richards, Stan 67 Richardson, Judy 67 Ring, Don 67 Ring, Mel 67 Guiding the destiny and plans for a class of 369 students requires a lot of "hands on" work by the senior class officers. Roark, Kelly 67, 117 Roberts, Barry 67 Robertson, John 67, 117 Rocconella, Tom 67 Rolls, Clay 67 Roseborough, Donna 67, 160 Rotchford, Mark 67, 117 Rumpeltes, Tom 67, 155 S Sackett, Dave 67 Sams, Brad 67 Sandeno, Rick 67, 131, 150 Schafer, Glenda 67, 96 Schindler, Teresa 67, 160 Schmitz, Mary Jo 67, 155 Schmidt, Kevin 67 Schneider, Jodi 67 Schuster, Delbert 67 Scott, Wendy 67 Shagina, Lori 67, 92, 150, 164 Shaver, Jim 67, 151 Sheldon, Brad 67, 117, 137, 150 Shiosaki, Mike 67, 151, 164 shook, Kelly 67, 161 Shoop, Randy 68, 130, 132, 150, 155 Sieglock, Connie 68 Simanton, Leslie 68, 98 Simmons, Cathy 68 Simmon, Dennis 68 Skzdsgore, Jackie 68, 107, 125, Slater, Genevieve 68, 101 Slammer, Gary 68, 160 Smeltzer, Debbie 68 Smith, Brad 68 Sours, Jayne 68 Spragg, Keith 68, 136 Stanford, Shelley 68, 92 Steele, Holly 68, 151, 152 Stephens, Laurie 68, 152 Stewart, Marie 68 Stickney, Pam 68, 101 Stiltner, Shannon 69, 98, 109 T Taff, Lisa 68, 153, 155 Talley, Mark 68 Taplin, Carrie 68, 150, 151 Taylor, Leif 68 Taylor, Steve 68 Thies, Todd 68 Thomas, Julianna 68, 151 Thomas, Rick 68 Thomason, Jody 68, 138 Thompson, Bonnie 68, 103 Thompson, Connie 68 Thompson, Laurel 68 Thompson, Lori 68 Thompson, Laure E. 68 Thordarson, Brent 68, 121, 155, 156 Tibbals, Paula 68 Tombarelli, Lisa 68, 104 Trevaskis, Terry 68, 102, 103 Tunison, Kathie 68, 152, 154 Tyree, Patrick 68, 154, 157 U um, steve ea V Vandiver, Gary 68 VanDoren, Prisca 68 VanDoren, Ruthann 68, 106, 160 Vawter, Allen 68 Vent, Gene 68 Vigue, Jeff 68, 154 Vogel, Vernon 68 W Wagner, Lisa 68, 152 Waldby, Renee 68, 98, 109, 125 Wall, Mark 117 Wallin, Michael 68, 151 Walsh, Janie 68 Ward, Danette 68 Warren, Dan 68, 117, 130, 150 Watson, Sheri 68 Wells, Angie 68, 127, 150, 151 Wenberg, Andy 68, 131, 155, 157 Wentz, Dave 68' Wheeler, Neal 68 ' White, Larry 68, 154 Williams, Kelly 68 Williams, Mark Williams, Rick L. 68, 160 Williams, Richard 68, 129 Wilson, Edwin 68 Windsor, Colleen 68, 139 Wingett, Susan 68 Wisenor, Ken 68, 117 Witherow, Ardella 68, 161 Witter, Jeff 68, 137 Wolff, Connie 68, 155 Wood, Mark 68, 101 Workland, JoAnn 69 Workman, Cindy 69 Y Yamada, Jeff 69, 96, 131 Yamada, Tim 69, 131 Yandt, Terri 68, 151, 153 Yang, Raymond 68, 151, 152 Z Zachow, Judy 68 SOPHOMORES A Adcock, Ronald 72, 151 Ady, Pam 72, 161 Albert, Janet 72, 154 Allen, Kim 72, 125 Allison, Dana 72, 127, 151 Alteneder, Aaron 82, 117, 134 Anderson, Linda Sue 72 Anderson, Molly 72, 151, 155 Anderson, Sherri 72 Anderson, Wendy 92 Armstrong, Lauri 72, 154, 157 Arre, Denise 72 Atchison, Ron 72 Auble, Scot 72, 154 Austin, Jeff 72 B Bagwell, Dave 72, 117, 137 Baker, Sue 72 Bass, Jon 72 Bates, Kevin 72, 134, 151 Bates, Georgia 72, Baxter, Meagan 72 Beck, Deena 72. 160 Becker, Teresa 72, 125 Beecher, Michael 83 Benish, Mark 72, 151 Benson, Penny 72 Beresford, Lori 73 Bertholf, Michelle 73 Bjornstad, Russ 73 Blaylock, Kris 83 Blount, Diane 73 Blue, Joann 73 Boardman, Jackie 73, 128, 161 Boehm, Kathy 73 Bohn, Ray 83 Boles, Ken 73 Bolyard, Stacey 73, 125 Bostrom, Rick 73, 155 Boyles, Kristin 73 Braithwait, Margaret 73 Braman, Shila 113, 125 Braymen, Greg 83, 151 Brito, Mike 83, 117 Brookbank, Brian 73, 151 Brown Bob 73, 155, 156 Brown Deanne 83 Brown Robert 83 Brown, Susan 73, 151 Brown, Tammi 73 Brummett, Deanna 73, 161 Budig, John 73 Freeman, Robert 75, 151 Furnish, Scott 75 G Gaines, Yoni 75 Galloway, Theresa 75, 161 Gates, Denise 75, 151 Budinger, Theresa 73, 125 Bumgarner, Gretchen 73, 155 Buska, Doug'-74,154 Butcherite, David 74 Buys, Jami 74, 125, 153 Bye, Arne 83, 155 C Campbell, Janis 83, 161 Campman, Joe 74 Carbon, John 83, 117 Carroll, Bob 74 Chamberlin, Christine 74 Chapman, Phillip 74 Clark, S. Lee 83 Cieszewski, Glenda 74 Clarke, Ellen 74, 154 Collison, Richard 74 Collins, Todd 83 Colon, Kathleen 83 Combe, Jeff 74, 83 Conrad, Lisa 74, 151 Conrad, Scott 74, 151 Cramer, Donna 74, 138, 150 Cramer, Scott 74 Crass, Patricia 74 Crosbie, Cristopher 74, 154 Crouch, Carl 74 Cunningham, Mary 74, 127, 139, 150, 151,153 D Dale, Lorrie 74, 161 Danner, Kristi 74 Davies, John 74 Davies, Lorie 74, 154 Davis, Barbara 74, 154 Davis, Bill 83, 160 Davies, Bonnie 74 Davis, Colleen 74 Davis, Lisa 74 Davis, Steve 74 Dazell, Bobbi Rene 74 Deasy, David 74, 154 Deidrich, Arun 74 Delegans, Maria 74, 152 Destefano, Tom 74, 134 Dixon, Doug 74 Dorothy, Robert 74 Doty, Carolyn 74 Dronen, Melody 74 Dunwoody, Dave 83 Duthie, Marvaleen 74, 138 E Edwards, James 75 Ehlis, Lynn 74, 153, 154 Eisenbarth, Kevin 75 Elliot, William R. 75, 160 Ellis, Marc 75 Ericksen, Chris 75 Erickson, Brad 75, 117 Erickson, Jami 75 A Eschliman, Mark 75, 151 Espinoza, Carman 75, 117, 151 Evans, Starell 75, 151 F Fall, Christyun 75 Farley, Dorina 75 Fachner, Eddy 83, 151 Fernesy, Carla 161 Fielde, Tracy 83 Fiverrams, Theresa 161 Flory, Brenda 75 Fogg, Robyn 75, 161 Foster, David 83 Gentry, Leigh 75 Gibbard, Kim 75 Gibson, Debra 75 Gibson, LeAnne 75 Gilbert, Barbara 75 Giles, Bill 129 Giles, William 75 Gillis, Lisa 75, 161 Glennie, Scott 75, 137 Goldberg, Tom 75 Goodrich, Liz 75, 128, 139 Gorder, Ted 76, 155 Gothmann, Debbie 76 Graves, Terri 76, 161 Green, Aaron 76 Greene, Barbara 76, 154 Gregory, David 76 Grenz, Connie 76, 151 Griffith, Brenda 76 Groth, Sue 76 Guinn, Jim 76,136 Gustafson, Julie 83, 139 H Haase, Craig 76, 117 Hafner, Julie 76, 161 Hager, Shelly 76, 151, 154 Hall, David 83 Hall, Mike 83 Halverson, Debi 76 Hanley, Sabrina 76, 151 Hansen, Blaine 76 Hansen, Karley 76 Hanson, Renee 76, 154 Harr, Keith 76, 155, 157 Harr, Kevin 83, 155, 157 Haptson, Terri 76 Harvey, Traci 76 Haskins, Debbi 76, 98, 151 Haskins, Scott 76, 154, 157 Hatch, Addy 76 Haux, Cathy 76 Haydel, Brian 76 Hayes, Maryanne 76, 152 Heidecker, Pauline 76 Hennessey, Steve 82, 154 Henry, Steve 77 Herber, Elizabeth 77, 151 Heuston, Kami 77, 155 Hicks, Janice 77 Higgins, Dan 83 Highley, Jeff 83 Hoiland, John 77, 117 Hoisington, Butch 77, 151 Hollen, Janet 77 Holts, Gregory 77 Howell, Sandra 77, 92, 107 Howry, Kendel 77 Humiston, Nelson 77 Hussey, Susie 77, 155 J Jackson, Andy 77, 132 James, Carey 77, 154 Jarvis, Sue 77, 127, 139 Jay, Lisa 79 Johannes, Debbie 77 Johnson, Kris 77, 128 Johnson, Teresa 77, 152, 161 K Kamceruk, Stacey 77 Kemp, Don 77 Kenna, Brian 77 Kieffer, Kris 77, 151 Kihara, Steve 77, 136, 155 King, Dan 77 Kircher, Douglas 77, 117 183 Kite, Larry 77, 126, 151 Klobucher, Marcie 77 Knox, Stephanie 77 Krafft, Kim 77 Kramer, Bill 77, 117, 151 Krauss, Erik 77, 155 Kuester, Mike 77 L LeBlanc, Annette 82 Lamm, Elizabeth 77, 101, 151 Lane, Julie 77 Lang, Kelli 77 Leicher, William 83 Leonard, Teri 83, 152 Liepold, Teri 82, 154 Lightfoot, Bruce 78, 117 Littall, Virginia 78, 161 Littler, Brant 76, 117 Lobaol, Natasha 78 Long, Jeff 83 Ludvik, Cheryl 78, 161 Lus, Tina 78 . Lusk, Sonja 78, 101 Macpherson, Mark 78 McCaslin, Theresa 78 McClure, Rick 83, 134 McCracken, Brad 78 McCray, Laurie 78, 125, 128, 138, 150 McKee, Brenda 83, 128, 139, 151 McKenzie, Jamie 78, 161 McLaughlin, Sandy 78 McNair, Terry 78 Mahaffey, Danny 78 Mahlum, Lori 78 Manos, Chris 78, 161 Marohi, Kim 78,83 Martinez, Ramona 78 Mathis, Kiana 160 Maxwell, Mary 78, 139 Mang, Ron 78 Marritt, Gary 83 Meserve, Daniela 78, 151 Miller, Glen 78 Miller. Ron 78 Mistared, Marcia 83, 151 Momb, Vikki 78, 96 Mangan, Marlaina 83 Moolick, Jerry 83, 117, 136, 160 Moon, Tammy 78 Moore, Renee 78, 160 Morris, John 78, 83 Mourning, Terry 83 Muirhead, Debbie 78, 154 Nausley, Tom 78 Niccolls, Cathryn 161 Nicol, Rhonda 78, 139, 151 Niehenke, Karen 78, 161 Nowaski, Randy 78 Nukho, Nasser 83 Nystrom, Paul 83, 160 O Oakes, David 83, 117, 154 O'Brien, Jim 83 Odell, Jerry 78 Oglesbee, Bob 78 Olds, Greg 78 Olds, Sheldon 79 Olsen, Kari 83 Olson, Dave 79 Olson, Kris 79, 117 Olson, Scott 79, 134 O'Regan, Conor 79, 154 Orr, Allan 79, 160 Orr, Marty 79, 155, 157 Osborn, Paul 79, 155, 157 Osterback, Sue 79, 161 Otten, Rick 79 184 Owens, Kathy 79 P Packer, Rick 79 Palmer, Scott 79, 154 Parks, Darryl 79 Peck, Jim 83, 134 Pelley, Kay 79 Persons, Kimberly 79, 161 Peterman, Adam 79, 83, 117 Peters, Steve 79 Peterson, Gregory 79, 137 Peterson, Lori 79, 151 Peterson, Vickie 83 Phifer, Dave 79, 154 Phillips, Craig 79, 154 Phillips, Jim 83 Pogue, Dawn 79, 160 Polignoni, Alice 79, 154 Ponsness, Dave 83 Porter, Stacia 79, 160 Powell, Daniel 83 Powell, Debi 79 Provo, Wanda 79 Puhek, Mary 83, 161 Q Quass, David 79, 154 Quingley, Michele 79, 154 Radermacher, Brett 79 Rae, Dave 83, 117 Flawson, Cindy 80 Reasoner, Suay 80 Reckord, Scott 80, 96, 117 Reeve, Kathryn 125 Reeves, David 80 Reger, Judy 80, 151 Rentel, Scott 80 Riley, Katherine 83 Ring, James 83 Robinson, Jami 80 Robenson, Randall 134 Rothe, Mike 80 Rodkey, Mark 80, 134 Roma, Jeff Rooks, Jeff 117 Roma, Jeff 117 Rooks, Jeff 117, 136 Ross, John 83 Rossmeier, Hope 80, 151 Roatvik, Mike 83, 136, 154 Rotchford, Kevin 80, 117 S Sanders, Lisa 80 Sanve, Doreen 80 Schafer, Tammy 80, 155 Scheunemann, John 83 Schmidding, Larry 117, 134, 153 Schmitz, Michele 80, 151, 155 Schultz, Rob 83, 151 Scroggin, Pat 80 Seeman, Lynette 80, 153 Shagina, Steve 80, 134 Sheldon, Brian 81, 117, 134 Shepherd, Alan 83 Sherwin, Danette 81, 161 Shobe, Tim 81, 83 Shook, Patrick 81 Sigel, Kelly 81, 134 Sime, Lisa 83 Simmons, Jeff 81, 152, 160 Skierka, Kelly 81 Slater, Shelby 81, 151, 153, 155 Smith, Jeanne 81, 154 Spencer, Scott 81 Springer, Lori 81, 161 Stadler, Frank 81, 117 Stemple, Chris 81 Stokes, Mark 81, 117 Stephenson, Laurie 83, 161 Sullivan, Matt 81, 136 Sulya, Louis 83 Swanson, Tracy 161 Swisher, Lynn 81, 161 T Taff, Gail 81, 128, 139, 153, 154 Taylor, Julian 77 Taylor, Kathy 81, 98, 151 Taylor, Linda 81, 103, 151 Tennyson, Mike 81 Thieman, Gail 81, 125 Thomas, David 81 Thompson, Patty 83 Tondini, John 81 Towles, Susan 81 Trent, Juli 81 Tschetter, Terri 81, 96, 154 Tuchek, David 81 Tucker, Chris 81, 96, 134 Tucker, Joe 82, 160 Tucker, Staci 81, 128, 151 Tufts, Tyler 81 Tunison, Patty 81 Turner, Reed 81 Tyler, Larry 81 Tyree, Steven 81 U Upham, Wayne 81 V VanCott, Vicki 81 VanDitto, Connie 81, 161 Vondiver, Jeff 81 VanSkaik, Craig 81, 154 Vantiger, Allen 81 Vantiger, Terri 82, 161 Vankyverden, Stuart 82 Vigessa, Mike 82, 117 Visintainer, Steve 82 Vogelman, Stuart 82, 155, 157 Vogt, Rich 82 W Wadlington, Joe 82 Walker, Angela 83 Waller, Julie 82, 139, 160 Walkup, Don 83 Wallace, Robbie 82, 134 Warren, Kathy 82 Watkins, Sue 82 Watson, Timothy 82, 117 Weitman, Dennis 82, 154 West, Vickie 82 Weaterhoff, Tammy 82 Vheeler, Alice 82 Wheeler, Charles 82, 154, 136 Whipple, Renee 82 White, Sheri 82 White, Wayne 82, 126 Whitten, Troy 82 Wiggs, Brian 82, 117, 137 Wildman, Cindy 82 William, Bryan 83 Williams, John 82 Williams, Terri 82, 138, 139 Wimett, Sue 82 Winton, Clayton 82, 152, 155, 157 Wisenor, Kevin 83 Witter, LeeAnne 82 Wold, Donna 82, 151 Wolff, Bob 82 Woods, Jay 82 Woolcock, Ron 83, 117 Wyatt, Kyle 83, 117 Y Yates, Rouen 82, 126 Z Zachow, Keith az, 117, 134, 160 As the year good Warm-Hearted Congratulations! from the SATURDAY BANK A good bank to grow with ! The Farmers 8 Merchants B ank ,..,,..y musk. sm,-.,.. NJLDQM '4 ' J,-QM7' v ARTISTRY IN PHOTOGRAPHY 926-8998 Back Street A 81 Alleyways young and contemporary clothing... pl: A . CORNER OF SPRAGUE 1 I -Q fig, ' AND SULLIVAN IN THE VALLEY Sh n 928-1252 'Pon .l0h"5o il""f 2. 12516 Sprague spokane. wa. 99216 V 1 5,4 9 . 5511 K 1 44 You are tomorrow . . . You are tomorrow . . . You are tomorrow. . . You are tomorrow. . . New, bmght, beautlful. Fresh, clear, dawnmg. Eager, HHXIOUS, hopeful. Today. QSEA rr1.E-FlHsr1vA TIDNAL QQ SPUKANE BRANCHES: Spokane and Eastern, Hillyard, North Spokane, Security. SPUKANE VALLEY BRANCHES: Dishman, Millwood, Opportunity. 186 I We congratulate University High, its laculty and students for their achievements and contributions during 1978. ,. bfi Fifa -27.10 MQW" In ' F . 1 J' Dishman 8. Upportunity HIILPIIYSMIZSMTITIASY TREASURE RUUITI 11406 E. SPRAGUE PHONE 928-9500 0PEN 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Daily E. 10812 Sprague W. 828 Sprague U. City East 45091 838-5882 15095 928-1900 Spokane 99206 S K QLsf W W F ng fMsl'i1e.vt!gJjLelf.f5 WlMPY's FAMILY DRIVE-TN E.12024 SPRAGUE Congratulations to U-l-li's Class of '78 from Nancy 81 Irving Clemons I I-LI 1 I- 22 :Hal L9 EAST 12828 SPRAGUE SPUKANE, WASHINGTON IS Womans Corner Larger and Half Sizes Exclusively University City and Northtown Open 10-9 Mon., Thur., Fri., 10-6 Tues., Wed., Sat., Closed Sun. Size and Style for All Qccosions Fashion is a state of mind. The way a woman views life. Change is her only constant and her wardrobe is organized accordingly. Let Woman's Corner change or add to your fashion concept. There's sportswear, formal wear, coats, coordinated sep- arates, intimate apparel and lingerie, and acces- sories . . . contemporary styles to take you every- where. Exclusively for sizes 14112 to 26V2, 16 to 52. When you come in to Woman's Corner, you'II find looks that let you express yourself, styles that look great on you. Because at Woman's Corner we're in tune with your personal lifestyle. For refreshmq pop at down-tc- earth pmces. Danny and ice cream products, too! E. 11522 Sprague ig Q and Bowdish X7 wi 926-7801 ' , "DAIRY QUEENIBRAZIERH Dalfll E. 11422 SPHAGUE AVENUE Ulleen sPoKANE,wAs1-11NGToN 99206 4' PHONE: 928-1373 JOHNNIE 81 BEV JOHNSON OWNERS let? allggo 19 true 188 -WW LMdRf ble W G., T., Burchetts , 611 W. First 838 6407 WILEY STUDIO N. 1213 ARGONNE 924-0715 CLASS OF '78 ...remember us as you build for The fufure... LUMBER BUILDING MATERIALS DIAMOND INTERNATIONAL CORP. EAST 6206 TRENT 535-4681 Kronos Staff Not only as individual students, but as groups, we strive for new horizons: find new challenges, earn new successes. So it was for the 1978 Kronos Staff as they approached their yearbook production in a whole new manner. This year our Kronos staff altered the style of the book and attempted a 1000!n camera-ready program. The only other west coast schools attempting this are at the college level. The program gave us more design freedom in preparing our own materials. In short, we had more creative options because we assumed a program normally used by only professionals. The yearbook was advised bythe graphics facility to create many of our own special effects-effects that are normally too expensive when a professional printer accomplishes them. Collectively the staff accepted the the challenge of pasting up an exact replica of all the type and window masks for each individual page. This task is normally done by the printer. To do this we had all of our type set here in Spokane. This gave us the opportunity to use more variety than we would have had from a regular printer. We also composed some of our headlines by using hand set type. Essentially, then, the Kronos students executed about 20010 more preparation work than is routinely accomplished by a yearbook staff. We accepted a challenge. We struggled. We accomplished. Now we look forward again-each in our own way--to strive for yet another new horizon. Cheryl Hagseth Editor g Finds New Production Challenge l ,, l thought it would be easy acknowledging those who contributed in the production of this book until l reflected back and realized just how many individuals supported us. With them, we strived, we solved problems, we set goals, accomplished and touched new horizons. lt is to those people I say thanks...Everyone at HERFF JONES YEARBOOKS, of Pasco, Washington. Especially HELEN THOMPSON who worked closely with the staff handling technicalities, problems, and requests, and checking the consis- tency of our DONNA COOK -who conducted a training sesson to familiarize our staff with graphics and paste-up and special effects...DALE QUINCY - our local Herff Jones service representative who worked directly with our adviser helping solve the late deadlines, enabling our books arrival as close to schedule as possible...PAT MOLL - in our business office who handled all the sales and budgeting for the book...the FACULTY MEMBERS that allowed our excusal during deadlines...TlM MC WILLIAMS-a local free-lance photographer for his time, advice and beautiful cover, end sheet, introduction, color section, and closing photographs...MIKE KINNE - a local typesetter extremely patient and helpful during our production schedule...1978 KRONOS STAFF - to those who put in that extra time needed to meet our deadlines and all who helped considerably in the completion of the yearbook...ln every staff are those members who excel in loyalty and dedication towards the book, Kronos Staff '78 is no exception. l personally extend appreciation to SAM CATHCART - our photographer, for all the hours after school, developing, printing, and working extra hard on the division pages photographic RENA AUSTIN - for all her hard work, and overall greatness she displayed assisting the graphics team prepare window masks and paste type...and finally to TED CLARK. From our adviser-to-Kronos '78 poured an endless faucet of knowledge, determination, dedication, and enthusiasm. With respect and sincere gratitude we say thank you. Cheryl Hagseth Editor ...Expresses Thanks to Contributors Book Specifications: Cover: Lithographic reproduction from 4x5 trans- parency: 160 point binder's board. Paper: 80 pound yearbook enamel dull. Type: Megaron Medium, with bold and italic. All type from Mike Kinne Typesetting, Spokane, WA. Specialty headlines hand set with Formatt Bookman Bold. Prlntlng and Blndlng: Herff Jones Yearbooks, Pasco, WA. Graphics and Layout: All special layout effects, all page layouts and preparation created 10096 camera ready by the Kronos Staff, University High School. All rights reserved: No part of this publication may be reproduced without the express permission of the Kronos Staff, University High School, Spokane, WA. 'va- Sr- N... . . xp-E fm xx v 1 - -s, - f-w:::w::fd,w-was-N 1f.:gfiT,.,.4w,:f,- .: 2 .wv-' sgggim-ig,,:fAN....u1..Q.Ems'fM-. .Q.::Jya:.f.f-H LAf4Qw.5T,1w:-5::,4:-1:-:ggi-.-1EQiw5.Tfia,,.fq Q.-vv.-...qwf-ff'--4,ff:47m,..wfwk... ,- -,qwn fm -N.--,...,-- P -- W., . ... 7 X r. V 47 -- if -,... ....,,,.-- ,,,, ,,..,,, vw, ,,,,.,, Ai V ' ' f1'4Wa2iE+fFI1"ef 'Qfil' 1 ' 12 ' V ' ,- Ssgwmpe. na."Lw,- 1 1,.- 3.595 V 5' LQ , 32,-5,1 :N N ,, HY. :Q Y A. QA ' "W 2 f ' vi " 'EQ 'X?53!ff'.! .' gf Th' 1 ' iii! , W ::,,:'i1,Eu ffm!-, Y' gfxata, f , f V. Ny, ,.,g,4 , 4 M 1 ?i5T9li,,. , f 1:1 "' ,, 531, xc" J 2 4h 5 My' 5 1 LWEPEJ 1 . .. Efiiw ,Z I 'Ev 'lp V 'rx Q My vp v 1 1 , 4 Q X . f mil , K X ' .N 4fvxff1.3slj3'5 fy ,, -' ' eww?-f'1fff','f A "Lg " Y 'Q?ffl,f'f f , -fi , - , A 1 2 J- V -fig , SH fffwik . fi' is-'N X -1, ' ,, -7, 4 , - Hr , . . , 17 X I A 1 Y W - I . , , 11, , 2 , , Y 1 ,, , , 'Q ' A 1 1 A :- w.p'.wf V , f .WL il x fag-1,7 , 1, . - h , " -if ii 3 an 4 2 ,N Y4NV , K ,A Q if, in 1 ME if .312 Q 2 :jf 'J 1 5 Qjlai-ifliw ' ' 13.7-!3af:Y . :L '-2'5" K' ig., E i 'P b tw I ' ' Q' Q Q A 4 ,S -'R L"z".t.k, Ii 'igjgjq 'Qi 3.4 MMU . ,- 4, .E ' Vw wx. R L. ' W ' ' ,, 'f 'L II wg, . t 71 ' A . V 1-J" Q M3 "alla Q - llisgfid - ' S' f 1 i 1 V 1 Q- - ,- ., I . "3 'S . 3 - , 4 ,, ,FQ iw-f y 'jf' s. N , In ' ,K .,. Q m , N a 4 , X ' 'Lx Q 'wr wx f f 1 " :pb '-I W. Q .. - Quai . ' ' , '-S. ,- 1 Q ' , . 4 t Qi , H 1 X 1 - , -. , ' . . AA . - K 3 'pn s v' van- va " ' ' in 5 A I 1-11 -'O ,,-" rx . 1 , 2 , Q av 5 X ' ' At - -L -- .. ' sk Q K Q. 'f ff' K K .. . . W ' g -ae'- gg, 'ig-f A-5 f1"'g 'Ya . ' W 1 . wfi' Q- .K . v M . l w 3 kk , ,"' M , ix K 4, I " : W 4 ' H 1 f V .. . K . - fa 5 -'11 N ' ' " ' ' ' - - ' "' fi." n " ' ' fl v 4 -fr L ' Q 1 , il , 15 -of " . , M1 ' N , ".- V Q ' ll tg ' 4' f ' q. "' Q vw A '51 ,N 1 N , z " 3 '5' - - .. 5 Q N n fi, , 1, A W 44 sm 1 5, mx I x Q f ag , , 1.9, . V - . 3 ,- be , 'Q-.,.,.' L, ' A. .J 'ff ' , 9. I . Q r . I 1, .. . A , 7 . vi - , 1' - 1 - , ' ' ' f af X it A .,mw l .., I sg! 0 V ik :I V0 V., w, but M , 5' ,Q 4 ., - 5, Y. -it . E , rx' Q V - is ' t . .. 'f - ' - -1 ""' x. ,K i '. ,P W. -' N . ,jg -f 311 - , V ...ix U V. . V ,nga J fx , ' , . u Q-.8 Y., . .Q is Q. I . .L A 5.4, -I . H . E. P , , , V4 . A L x x n sf". 3 .Xa 6: 'IL ' Q m I 1 A SQ. t' - ', x I' ,' - . . , , ., , " Q . , K ' . Q .nj 'Q' X Q s ' " 2 -ft po 4 'V '- ' 1 vi Q 4 ' F V 'QQ . .J H? xx f . 'F' -- , - gm-..--1--.QQ-,T Q, lfirfwi-A'-V-uwme-mmm-xwg?fm- - -fzr wwf' ff-'-feF.fT1.+4-f'-fklflrf' f-ff-4+-1-----1----f+'-Qdgf--A 'X 3'

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