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Q - -H" 2. 4: , f . Q A v , U, --: , ,li , g E dith ,N A - .E V i V jii h I' 2' ifxj A ll if L, I ji? ' fi' 4 I 3 x -+- .1 4' A 2 ,.A. A L' X7-3, f I fi' I 9 IXIVI ll k H -Y--fx 3' - 1 if ' M2 f' , if Lv fs 04 L -f k J i I! ,J n I U 15 Y Q!g.,,j,.x-S Ck f -I A ,P " ' A.. fy-V W 'j' X?" ' f' 5 x LJ-. I5 Tis ' 1, K I 6 Elf!-I I5 ig' I .. ' -5, V . K 1 f - .fr . , I N AN' 2-1 f ' -H L ' V " Q ,. V x J-' ' 2 fi-. W I V ' ' 'gl 1 K, ' A c' ,Y wus.,-I ,xg M A V .Uk - . fx' 4,,g2,,f.f-Q:':f 'fx .V ' ' 1 ,W klx-Q-.lg F' 1 ' f ' " f . -a ' f -W 'gang 1 A4 . O : WK 7 f in H' L G 14, K , my iii: Q - i , 4 -V .J WL: ,. fi -E, .lg D jig' Thx 1 Lf ll ig 7- 9' A . .M . . " .AJ V V, t 'j M1-J ffiir Q .. iggflwffy 1 ff fx Q fi? ffggffigij' fy? if S, f1?3M1fsf5 ff 14" " ,Q ,.f , -S-,.,...q' inf' ew' --'zfQ.:?,fKf- Q-'v..f-V, L-4' MJ - 'ff Lf' - 'v'fTHf39?'A '1 N"" "59! -Y-,T ,kg anim' ,,,,F,.-fqfpfgw. ...n ,T 1 fy i1 , iw .fi GP. f WMAJW 7 ' " pa -7'Y"'l?l"7f 'W' fy .-ff--f n,,.,..,... ,,,a...4:f,...,, 0 jQ2.,e1f.QffL.Mf?"Q-J Q M I cLO,MAwMJf f QQ -QS M iii MQ X5 ii Q, ' Q ' ' A T 11511, QMWW 5- ' , X, ' -, ' 1 3.,..W,,M,,f5Q 2-Q53 Wm I, 1 fi: tQ M W' ,W , J. ' if .11 O - Q U 352' 91' M ,Q V 23 E Qwlsf Ex ff 43 E 6 , H if A7 Bk Q43 S N ,Ex NN Q . N f ' 3X i ff! ,Q fQ'M2n55i5 , QWW o wx L ,Qxxi ia Qywukqy ongefzf junwibeavwef X 2 -.F-K-if NX xx X VX X If n x " 'rf .. T XY I . X X N X ff WWWMM W P E3 f: , ..S,X QX' 5 , ., A-fa I W V WJAQ ,, W W M, M WW ww N N J' A ' 'MI X Y vi' wwf I ,Mfg gg fff 2 V3 Z3 4 CQQX Q ff .J giiyj Q fb X If if 'QT gifbbnx . f if if 5 3 Eg Lqgslgx gf mg iiijw Mlfiifgfiwffw W74f,Z!'.g?7W? W . ' Ka , 'R fp? A WZZQW My ' Ligfmff-ZZ iff Of My ' ' ,fill A ww W ,ef 2? S ,f f' , ' f-X f S my - - iw - 1 X ma, ' ' k fi ' '53 Y XfvffyW,94y0" 1' AW ' X- My ' 5 2 , 2 Warp! WWW" ,Ziff .1 - I 14 ,y - " 'A' VW if 1 Q VE M 'ff M Lf' f OW ' gym . ly' KK' My ' , I! ' s at 7 ff f V' I V. KVM Q ,QQHOGL fy , I fx! A! I 5 'ag of 3 1SjL,x1?5yl 1..zff' .9 TABLE OF CONTENTS Truus and our neighbors will find school in action ,,,, 7 meet the faculty ,t,tt 7 77 7 sophisticated seniors classes are backbone ,,tt, 77 ,tt, 77 clubs for all ,ttt 77 t,,c sports are important 77 77 7 77 progressive merchants 7777 7 777777 7 7 lf' w f ,X , wr L is T, ',:rf!'QS"Q, X, aim' 0111' par! lil Word Uniiyviaffw i' - r ' fb I it pQ fziziie are zfsffio ,guy a MW MJ! 0004 f -. e Jae 155019 ,JQAA4 K fxaf. Jang 4 IQJI , uw W We of the University High School have a place in the community, na- tion, and World. Through participa- tion in class room projects, commu- nity and national activities, We can take our share of responsibility in the world. Being a good neighbor starts at home and involves the entire World. ir , f 1 XY f N f , f Q If xi ' Xu lg 'R ,I i y, Y W l A Truus Sillekens is our Dutch foster child. After her father was killed in World War II, she was adopted by our Student Council. Council members look over Truus' letters. Her notes of appreciation have been arriving since her adoption in 1946. o Page four 21ff"'f5W,9.9',2f W fi. ff 2525 , ,,-.:I'E"' 0 l1eLningf supparl Tl!!! S. .. Money that helps buy Truus things she needs funds are selling doughnuts at faculty meet and helps finance her schooling is raised by the ings and managing the "Roc Room". Student Council. Two of their projects to gain Page fizvc Page six Basketball is one of the fav- orite sports at the University School. Here the Univees are planning for a victory. Keeping morale high at pep session and games are veteran yell leaders Alice Ann Hart, Donna Plcss and newly-clect- ed Diane Abram, Barbara Lee Crouch, and Anita Stapleton. Yell leaders are the symbol of gooci sporssjnanslfgp. -X x y ' D ' N Q ' N l a fl f , f egg I ' 5 5 , . 4' Y 3 f 1 of 1: io 1. 'I if if l bf, I 0 4' J? If l 1 V Q ff, 'M jr x ' ,, i In .Wil A g U J 0 i f, J? ' ' ' f ,- f 1 7l i i lip 'I . 'al iii 3. il ' I . X V'.:jl 'fl in fy vii uf P- 0 preparinf through m10'ies . it. 5 Q 'H ' f , X f "----'WE-Ili.:-.. asus. Supplying U-School with an unusual variety Experiments and projects teach students of books and reference material is the library practical application of what they learn in under the direction of Charles Sembower. Our books. Watch out, it is a chemistry demonstra- library contains 5,000 volumes. tion and anything may happen! Page seven Page eight A long awaited sound is the bell before lunch. A dash, 21 wait, and then food! Our bookstore keeps in stock a Wide assortment of school supplies. Every semester Mr. Malsbary and his student help- ers are kept busy by the rent- ing of books for a new term, yywmaiwfihfif ff, ,1 1 pf l f n AX! ff!!! W . ' MJ' ,W lly mzzrinf in colmlzzlnii fzclivilies. .. Fw, M W lf, Q gi Q Q f 4 5 5' IM I i ' ft S ' s l r X ' rg ,4 3 T If ' 1 I b f, lf ll , Qi fi g wi of !P gl A E 'flu -gf sf tl v-:W l on ya l A A V l l I f " ll' X.: Agia ill? f -.1 Seniors and Juniors participate in community Helping in the nurse's office affords valu- nctivities by helping take the census. The in- able experience to those who plan to make ai formation is being used in determining the career of nursing. How does your finger feel, need for new schools. Nancy? Page nine -1 by lie Ve opiii iiiieresis illrozl h activities. S4 "YiL"' X F' inf Page ten l lx The Future Teachers observe class at Finley school, one of the stops on a county-wide field trip. Through projects like this, they learn more about a valuable profession. L. to r: Harlyne Hilliker, Roberta Fox, Dave McCracken, and Mr. Noe. Young journalists help Write the high school page for The Daily Herald Telephone. Pro- jects like this give townspeople a better idea of school activities. L. to rg Judy Figg, Dick And- erson, and Janet Martin. ey eefeyiegf lile legfeiher. .. janv ? 1 F 5' 1 ' 4 'Yi A i an The MBU men get shaved at the UHS Bar- This year was the first for the new elemen- ber Shop during "pep" session. Programs like tary choir. Their first appearance was at the this are planned for each home game by the P. T. A. Christmas Program where, they were yell leaders and Miss Scott. directed by their leader, Miss Carolyn Furbay. Page eleven New Field is Born The cheerleaders, Diane Ab- ram, Donna Pless, Alice Ann Hart, unroll the sign announc- ing the name judged most ap- propriate for the new field. Student Council sponsored the We e l l l l l "Name the Field" drive. Q ig., ,W rs- ltis Dedication Night Pilrficiparms in the dcdifflfiofl Prosmm Funds for Univee Field were raised by the PTA Athletic were Bill Andrews, president of student C - h - d d - f 1 I h councils Dnotw Hughmprincipalg David ommittee, w ic receive onations rom oca merc ants Smith. rhc Univee of the futures and and friends of UHS and Indiana University. Mr. W. R. Dunn, chairman of the PTA Committee- Booster tickets were the source of part of the funds, as was the purchase of lights by donors. Mr. W. R. Dunn was head of the PTA Athletic Committee. Mrs. Williani Andrews, Jr., was president of the PTA. Dr. W. Stangle headed the special gifts drive. At each home game a special half-time program was plan- ned under the direction of Mr. George Krueger. Some of the highlights were Lights On, Orchids Night, and Dad's Night. Dedicating a new field was not enough for the fighting Univees. The home field record was unblemished by defeat. Page twelve K reen. Bucher, Lludy Krentler, Bill Andrews. line Hicks. Bill Andrews l,l7l ., . President Judy Krentler .. ,,,,, Vice President Art Fell ,,,,77,, . 7,,7,,, Treasurer jane Hicks C Secretary Policy Council Slumling, Ii-ff lo riglil: Miss Spear, Mr. Allen, Mrs. cll'Vlfl'l' rn1z'. lvfl lo Viglmlz Jack Stangle, David Bolfmu row, lufl fn rigbl: Arthur Fell, Ann Baker, Student Council .L Firxf row: Jeannie Peterson, Ann Baker, Stephen Wiser, Marilyn Mills. Srrornl ruuw Helen Topolgus, Phyllis Rich, Alice Ann Hart, Mary Poolitsan, Barbara Craig, Barbara l,ee Crouch. Tfviril rout Marilyn Johnson, Carol Cason, Mary Bouvier, Donna Baird, Anita Stapleton, jane Hicks, -ludy Krentler, Nancy Neal. I'i0IH'f!l mir: Danny Hodge, Bill Spriggs, Dick Anderson, Gene Reece, jack Stangle, Fred Andrews, john Hedges, -I. A. Ifranklin, Phil Richardson. Ififffw rout George McClain, Wiggs Vlfilson, Arvon Allen, Dave McCracken, Art Fell, Bill Andrews, Don Coller, Dave Sonneborn, Bill Robinson. The Student Council participates in a vari- ety of activities. Representatives from each home room meet bi-Weekly to discuss school problems and possible improvements. Some of their projects have been helping to support Truus, conducting the campaign to name the field, selling pickles at home games, and giv- ing the annual Christmas party. Policy Council is made up of five faculty representatives and six Student Council mem- bers. To promote complete cooperation be- tween students and faculty, they discuss pro- blems and ideas that come up in Student Council. Page fl11'rti'vr1 Firsl row: Barbara Bergevin, Kathleen Fagan, Shirley Vfoolery, Alice Ann Hart, Pat Hookey, Nancy Johnson, Barbara Head. Srroml row: Nancy Winter, Nancy Holland, Nancy Hilliker, Mary Bouvier, Ann Poolitsan, Mary Lou Craig, Donna Pless. Tlliril row: Priscilla Mitchell, Jane Trumpy, Margaret Edmondson, Dave Griffith, Dick Fender, Mr. Ervin. Sfumfing: Dan Bailey, Ted Moorman, Bill Robinson. Presenting the 2 2 Page fourteen Iordannus The class of '52 with the aid of Mr. Ervin, adviser, is proud to present a Jordannus with many outstanding fea- tures. The art work is done largely by students with the help of Mr. Mills. The book,s total of 94 pages makes it the largest ever to be produced at U-School. Mr. Berry has served as business adviser. We hope that our theme of world brotherhood will bring us a little closer to people of other lands and especially Truus, Student Council's War orphan, to Whom we are sending a copy of this book. If this book helps interpret University School and its activities to its students, patrons, and friends, its purpose will have been achieved. Left fo right: Members of the business staff are Bill Franzmann, Diane Cason, Ralph Pogue, George McClain, Mr. Berry, business adviser, Judy Krentler, Donna Baird. A Book in Process Editor-in-Chief .,o,. .,.. N ancy Winter Openin g Section ,,,v,, ,,,,....... Faculty Section Senior Section ,,tt, Underclass Section Club Editor ,c,cc Sports Editor c,v,. Art ,,c, Business Manager Priscilla Mitchell -C .... .- Margaret Edmondson Jane Trumpy Barbara Bergevin Shirley Woolery Nancy Hilliker Nancy Johnson Pat Hookey Bill Robinson Alice Ann Hart Nancy Holland George McClain .unw- , W..-naw " 'M' Bob Donclson and Bill Franzmann sign up another merchant in jordannus advertising campaign. Selling Ads Circulation Manager ,,,, ,,rrt. J udy Krentler '11 u kk RCW, 1 L--n Adve tising Manager .,..r,..rr.,rr Bill Franzmann 4 at s ' , L i tprro. " ,.A.'-'A' Ml Ve' f J - , s 4, V .' 'A ' " C !f ' gl l . In I v ,Lt . . Art W Pastlng Pictures N A Artists Nancy Holland, Alice Hart, and Fasting pictures are Nancy Hilliker, Mary Lou Craig, Bill Robinson, Mr. Mills look over art work. Priscilla Mitchell, Shirley Vfoolery, Pat Hookey, and Nancy Winter. u Page fifteen uad Quill and Scroll Firsf row: Harlync Hilliker, Phyllis Rich, Pat Hookcy, Nancy Hilliker, Nancy Winter. Sc'4'o11J row: Margaret Edmondson, Ted Moorman, Bill Robinson, Mr. Ervin, Nancy Holland, Priscilla Mitchell. Page sixteen Firxl VOID! Virginia Trumpy, Pat Hookcy, Francey Allen, Alice Hart, ,lane Hicks, Shirley W'oolcry, Nancy Holland, Nancy Winter, Pat Poling, Roberta Fox, SLTOIIII row: Dean Kingsbury, Jerry Hughes, Bob Edwards, George McClain, Bob Donelson, Bill Franzmann, Phil Rich- ardson, Jack Stangle. Third row: Veralyn Turner, Diane Ab- ram, Janet Martin, Judy Figg, Mary Bou- vier, Barbara Lee Crouch, Harlyne Hilliker. The Quad, U-School's bi-Weekly newspaper, is sponsored by Mr. Ben Ervin. The staff, under the editorship of Nancy Holland and Shirley Woolery, increased the number of ex- tra-page issues this year. The concession stand, rummage sale, and convo were some of their other activities. Members for Quill and Scroll, national journalism honorary society, are elected in their junior and senior year. Qualifi- cations for membership include being in the upper third of the class scholastically and having 150 inches of published material. Mr. Ervin is the sponsor. Publishing of the Guinea Pig Tales, literary magazine, is a project of this honorary. Firsl muv: Priscilla Mitchell. Barbara Hopf, jackie Sims, Nancy Hillikcr, judy Krcntler. Svrmnl role: Duane Carmony, Dave Son- neborn, Wiggs Wilscrn, Margaret Iidmond- son, Barbara Alm. Tfrml' row: Phil Hodge, Bill Robinson Russell Noyes, Bill Andrews, Mr. Thurs- lflll. Scholarship, leadership, character, and service are the points Natiollal I-101101. S0111 ty considered in electing junior and senior members to National Honor Society. Only 20 percent of the senior class and five percent of the junior class may be chosen. Since the found- ing of U-School in 1938, it has had a chapter. The UHS chapter of Thespians, Dramatic Honorary So- cciety, is sponsored by Mr. Walstrum. Points required for membership can be earned in both working and acting fields. Extra distinction is acknowledged by the addition of one or more stars to the members, names. Thespians Nancy ilohnson. limb Donclxon. Sonneborn, pres. lfiml run: .-Xrvon Allen, wt li lm HlCkS. Vice-pres.: MV. Wh! xtium lug Srvwlil lIJIl'f Alien- llart, Ninn Vein Phyllis Rich, Shirley XVoolcry Umm Q Tfrirfl l'4IIl'f ll.lI'l3.ll'.l llurigu X Lrl i n Iurncr, George Spaiigler. ilinm oiitr lfdwnrds, Hill l'.l".lIl7l1lLlllIl. lhtlx Nmlrrson Page s'e1w'11I First row: Bill Marshall, john Clayton, Morris Binkley, Mary Walker, Dave Bucher, Anne Marie Van Wagteiidonk, Sue Ann Hayes, ,Ioan Bartlett, Eleanor Fleener, Rita Baldridge. Svvoml row: Pauline Smith, Jean Peterson, Libra Jan Cleve- land. ,lim Yale, joe Flinn, Bill Spriggs, Bob Tulley, Pat Hoadley, Rebecca Stoner, Dudley Appelman, Max Butcher, judy Krentler, Steve Hoadley, Tom Barton. Tlliril row: Dick Ream, Chris Smith, Dick Hudelson, Gene Reese, Bob Dickerman, Phil Fagan, Barbara Alm, Dick Berrett, xl. A. Franklin, George Appleyard. Sfullillllg: Sandra Tregilgus, Amy Salsbury, Bob Waldon, Phil Doty, Norman Deckard, john Bender, Mary Strain, Dave Bowen, Don lillson, Phyllis Galyan, Mr. McQueen, Dick An- derson. Drum Major Dudley Appelman steps high. Fira! rmv: Ann Brodie, Melissa Baldwin, Ann Foster, Vcralyn Turner, Sandra Tregilgus, Margaret Edmondson, Sylvia Jean Carlson, ,Ioan Velton. Svmrzfl row: Dudley Appelman, Max Butcher, Judy Krentlcr, john Clayton, Bill Marshall, Anne Marie Van Wagtendonk, Dave Bucher, Rita Baldridge, Barbara Deckard, Marcia Meyers. Tfwinf ruir: Dick Hudelson, Gene Reese, Bob Dickerman, Bar- bara Alm, Al. A. Franklin, George Appleyard. Slamling: Dave Bowen, ,lane Trumpy, Amy Salsbury, Phil Doty, Norman Deckard, Phyllis Galyan, Mr. McQueen, Dick Anderson. Page eighteen This year for the first time a marching band was organized for half-time shows at football games. The U-School band did not confine its fine marching exhibitions to Univee Field alone. It also traveled to North Ver- non to boost the team's morale. At home basketball games and pep sessions, the gym echoed with peppy martial music play- ed by UHS band members. During the UHS- BHS game, our band put partisan feelings a- side to join with BHS in bringing the spect- ators a half-time program. The concert given in April showed our band's proficiency in a variety of music. Classical numbers made up the main part of the program, while such pieces as "The Stud- ent Prince Overturew and "South of the Rio," added the lighter element. The U-School Orchestra played its first performance of the year before PTA. The program consisted of a variety of concert music. A select group of orchestra members participated in the Orchestra Festival in Indianapolis. Here they joined stu- dents from five other Indiana high schools to form an or- chestral group of 100 members. The object of the Festival is to train music students to work together as a well co- ordinated group. As is the custom, the orchestra concluded its year's activi- ties by playing an important part in baccalaureate and com- mencement exercises. After spending many years in U-School's busy auditorium, the band and orchestra at last have a room of their own. It is equipped with music and instrument racks, and a special floor with raised levels. Mr. Vfilliam McQueen is the new director of both instru- mental groups. Band and Orchestra Page twenty Iordannus Skits, Homecoming Last minute change of costume! Dorothy Lamour and South Sea Island friend join senior chorus line. Freshmen display bed and Ford -Bedford, get it? juniors extend warm welcome to Homecoming grads. Convocations Oh you liar! This ought to boost subscriptions! "Dear, Dear Aunt." Better use the front door, Santa. There is a stork's nest in the chim- ney. N 'fl bv gwir AN . i F ' Ik- f Q r Page twenty-one 'I' ,Mf.'V'! 'W ' Royalty Galore at U-School fQ M! il, Royalty for the Carnival are elected at the Carnival vot- rf Carnival and Queen ing booth. The winners don elaborate costumes to take part ' in the coronation pageant. At the climax of the ceremony, f the royal couple is crowned by students in the role of high priest and priestess. Mr. Carder is in charge of the corona- tion, which is the climax of the Carnival festivities. . The King and Queen of the Junior Prom are elected by PI'0Il'1 Klng and QUCCH members of the Junior Class. The boys vote for queeng the girls, for king. Returning for the occasion, the preced- ing year's sovereigns crown their successors in the dimly- lit gym. . The Homecoming Queen was elected by members of the HOITlCCOH11Hg QUCCI1 Girl's Athletic Association. Wearing a G. A. A. sweater for the occasion, she was crowned at the half of the Home- coming game. The Queen rode onto the field in an open convertible, where she was crowned by Dr. Hughes. The Football Queen was elected by members of the foot- Football Quggn ball team. At the half of the Dadis Night game, the Queen and her three attendants were given corsages by four fathers of team members. They planned the prom. Wheels behind the carnival. Qitii 11,5 Page twenty-two Ujzjnrr lrfl: llis Majesty George McClain and Her Royal Highness Fern Gray pose in regal splendor after the eoronation etremony .lt the junior Carnival. High Priest Zeke Pierson and High Priestess Paula Feltus hold candles used in the elaborate service. Ujrlfwr rlgfil: joint sovereigns in their own right, Bill Pranlmann and Alice Hart reign over the junior Prom. I.ou'rr lwfl: Homecoming Queen Ann Poolitsan was chosen to welcome the returning grads and rule at the Homecoming game. 1,1111 rr' rigfnl: Diane Cason, Queen of football, holds the symbol of her royal office. These members of the Class of '52 got plans under way for the Junior Prom, They picked "Moonlight and Roses" for the theme of the dance and decided that a golden cres- cent and lattices entwined with roses should provide the at- mosphere. First row: Diane Cason, Pat Hookey, Shirley Woolery, Alice Hart. Second row: Ann Poolitsan, chair- mang Priscilla Mitchell, Nancy Holland. Third row: Kath- leen Fagan, Judy Krentler. This committee goeyplans rolling to transform the halls of UHS into the gay streets of New Orleans at Mardi Gras time. First row: Ann Poolitsan, Mary Lou Craig, Shirley Worilery, Nancy Winter, Alice Hart, Pat Hookey. Second row: Judy Krentler, Diane Cason, Priscilla Mitchell, Donna Baird, Nancy Holland, Barbara Alm. Third row: Bob Donel- son, Bill Franzmann, George McClain, chairman, Bill An- drews, Dave McCracken, Phil Hodge, Don Donham. Prom Committee Carnival Committee Page twenty-i111-ee P g ,twenty-four f K h task o g this school live . l . up its re . 3, s an idea school ' i i i . '- that r a u ulty has helped us to acco - lish this goal. I J 5 07-6,19 H X I-,H I4 IS L mgvf 5 5?igz,f:5,5l ' 7' X " -W fs 8 P 'R' xl if 'A s iv,-.3 g9XQ-,g'lx X Q -M y - F Q 2, 'Q' x Q5 Eg - ,lx , 1 V - , W , 2 " '00 - .M ,NNN :K Y Q f ,W , S fb. ve., K ? AN my -SSRN 'X ,Q .gi fiikib X w .- ,.. .s-:iz ,N -wa. 5 ' ' A , .se ws. gf, X V . :1l nk, N . ,iiv-:m.ff ,K .... K R w 2.245 - .4 -1. xv V -xmg gmfg Q,,. A ,,,. .,1 ' ,--,kgmf 1.1, -nw '- . gg M wif. . V, ,ff , .yy 5,. Q . n - ywikiyi K jgsyghfgwg- 53, A M k mx, . fm N 5 iQi:'??ifL?5f ,lp ' xifwiiw N' I. , 'Qifx?i3f .3 A- N 3 fy fi If Y mx, 5 A r"s-wi.. 'Phu mf 1... Q' sf 9' F' , 4 ...-' sq-uni-Q , K as 6 K -'-: mlm , I A 6 f E -git N , it XX, if . 1 il Y I "V . K K I L' 1 iff wmv' " 1 , qua t K 111111111 , A '::::::::t:. ..,..4.,...,.:. Q fs . , M-1-+-v'5':. .gg '11 ' -. ,. av" 1 ., 151 o'5isif':'.",. Dr. Otto Hughes principal. Dr. NW. W . XY 'Y 13 v Administration ' 'rip.,iit, can of the School of lialueation. The administration of our school is com- posed of the principal, assistant principal, ele- mentary supervisor, and the deans. It is their job to keep the school running smoothly and gmmlmqy mn Vmn M VW Dcvmll iron out problems that arise in daily school life. A. lhle Allen. Siflintq: Miss Ruth Alexander, Dr. Otto Hughes, Miss Martha .lane Kisser. gi' im'--Mtv Page fwcnfy-six '3..-N 1'q it Facull MISS RUTH ALEXANDER Dean of Girls A. DALE ALLEN Assistant Principal MRS. ANGELA ISEATTY Fourth Grade GEORGE BERRY Mathematics GLEN BONSETT Physical Education, Health ALWYN CARDER English MISS MARTHA CARTER Art, Department Chairmln CALVIN DEAM Language Arts, Social Studies M. VERE DeVAULT Elementary Supervisor SHIRLEY ENGLE Social Studies, Department Chairman BEN ERVIN Dean of Boys, English, journalism MISS E. CAROLYN FURBAY Music WALTER GINGERY Mathematics NVALTER W. GRAY, AIR. Driver Education, Physical Education, Health MRS. .IUANITA GREEN Language Arts. Social Studies IE. WAYNE GROSS Science MISS CHARLOTTE HENDERSON Business Education. Department Chairman ROBERT HUXOL Industrial Arts Page f'wm1ty-seven Facult MRS. DORIS JONES Second Grade CHARLES KOIELSCHE Science, Part Time MISS JOYCE KONZELMAN Home Iiconomics MISS IVIARCISLLA KNUDSFN School Nurse MISS VIRGINIA KRUSIT Frvncli, Spanish MRS. IIIETTY KUNTZ Speech and Hearing Therapist DAVID McINTOSII Music, part time WILLIAM MCQUFIQN Music DFAN MALSBARY Business Ifducation, Bookstore FRIQD MILLS Art JACK MUNSITIZ Science A. IIRYCIS NOE Mathematics IIUUIINF OI.lVIiR Language Arts, Social Studies I'IIII.I,.IP PICAK Mathematics. Department Chairman MRS. SARAH PHILLIPS Third Grade MISS MARTHA RISSIZR English, History, Social Dean VIRGIL SCHOOLIER Physical Education, Health, Department Chairman M ISS GAYLE SCOTT Physical Education, Health Page twenty-eight ? Q I .:,. .... H. r.. .2 , Q 6455591 at rx 1. 5 I i wha Facult mir mm.-. ' 'SS Y W . S7 an-Q is gl . ililfifff-fl-f , Yaivahsm 'R Q L as-v 'lb- CHARI.lfS SIZMBOWER FRANK SMITH MRS. DOROTHY SNIDIER MISS JOSISPHINE SPEAR MRS. l.UCfll,l.I'i Sl'IfNCfl'ili Librarian Mathematics Fifth Grade English Home Ileonomics, Cafeteria EDGAR STAHI. MRS. DORIS STEWART MISS INGRIIJ STROM K. B. THURSTOINI DONALD XWALSTRUM Industrial Arts Physical Iiducation, Health English, Department Chairman Soeinl Studies English, Speech PREVO VUHITAKER MRS. CAROLINE NWILDRICK MRS. MARGARET lVIIfRCII.I.If Science, Department Chairman Sixth Grade First Grade Noi Pirlurt'tl: DR. RAY BORLAND MRS. STELLA DICKITRMAN MISS NANCY NUNNALLY School Doctor Elementary Art Kindergarten MRS. FTI'IIfI. CARPENTER MISS BETTY GRIEENLFAF ROBERT PFIEIFFIZR Nursery School History ' English Cooks: Olive Wampler, Emma Whaley, Ojfirc Slug: Mrs. Elizabeth Murnan Nettie Richardson, Verna Dyer, Rhoda Mrs. Bette Barr, Mrs. Jeanne Umemura. Empson. Seniors Xl? if fiifgijllk gig? MQ' 6 an if i X . X N .V K .f i xl rg K , i ' xg X i i , ' I it I i , Q H X X i Q X . X fx X V u ' , X, fl L v is ' Qi ii Qhiffm W M HA, af is QE ng U . W im Q fwyifgjgfygp Truus would find the seniors to be a proud class. They have waited twelve years to reach the peak of sophistication. Seniors provide much of the school leadership. Graduation this year will mean the beginning of additional school- ing for many in colleges or universi- ties. Still others will be in military service, Working, or assuming home responsibilities. fofwwfwwwqlwiwiw fdfwmewkiwe TP' Mb - 5 M 0, rim? ww when W 29" 'YW' 'N a M . 'ls Ax . K Ng.g-1.1,-MV -su x s M L, ,, J .E ws.,ggs1..,aw2 ,gy i 22. KRW .A N. ff xx . N www K: :. ..,. :Q Rst M X QR as ,SSW NN' ,bt X if SE 2 gk 5 QQ wi ..L,1,gw. 4 x 'S x J f MARY li. ISOUVIliR--I'lnte1'ed junior year from St. Mary- of-the-Wtiods. Choral Club 35 Games Club 45 G.A.A. 3, 4, jf lrxecutive Council 45 junior C:trnival5 Senior Play, Proinpteri Student Council 45 Chorus 3, 45 Quad staff 45 Jordannus Staff. BETTY LOU BOVUITRS-Iintered junior year from Emmerich Manual Training in Indianapolis. Game Club 35 F.H.A. 4. TllliODORli N. CADIIQU-Projector Club I, 2, 3, 45 Foot- ball 45 Cross Country I, 2, 35 Basketball 3, 45 Golf I, Z, 3,,. Reserve Basketball I, 2. DIANE CASONAG.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, lfxecutive Council 45 Prom Committee5 hlordannus Stafl'5 junior C.iL'lI'I1IV.llQ Football ueen 45 Chorus 45 Music Club 25 Games Club 3, 4. FRANCES JOAN CASSIDY-Chorus l, 2, 3, 45 G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 45 .Iunior Carnival Stage Sbow5 Music Club l, 2, 3, 4. MARY LOUISIT CRAIGfG.A.A. I. 2, 3, 45 Blue Tri 25 Game Club 35 Chorus 45 Jordannus Staff. Page thirty-two BARBARA LOUISII ALM--Band I, 2. 3, 45 Orchestra I, 2, 3, 45 Blue Tri I, 25 Fencing Club I, 25 Treasurer I5 Service Club 35 Game Club 3, 45 ,Iunior Carnival5 National Honor Society 4. NVILLIAM H. ANIJRIWVS llI--Valetlictorian of class of 'S25 Varsity Iiootball I, Z, 3, 45 U-Men's Club I, 2, 3, 45 President Junior Class5 Student Council 3, 4, Treasurer 3, President 45 Policy Council 3, 45 Future Teachers of America 45 Band I, 2, 35 Orchestra I, Z, 35 .Iorclannus StaI'f5 Game Club 3. GIQORGLI T. AI'l'I.I"YARl3 Ill-lfnteretl from Sherman, Texas, -lunior year. -lunior Carnival Stage Show5 Chorus Club 3, 45 Chorus 45 Band and Orchestra 3, 45 Prom Decora- tion Committee. DONNA .IANF BAIRD--t3.A.A, I, 2, 3, 4, lixecutive Coun- cil 45 Student Council 3, 45 Music Club I, 25 Games Club 3, 45 junior Carnival Stage Show: Chorus 45 ,lordannus Staff. DAN PAUL I3AlLl'iYvC1'oss Country 2, 3, 45 .lunior Carni- val5 Chorus Club 45 Science Club 3, 45 Gymnastics Club 25 Games Club 45 U-Men's Club 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 35 Track 2, 3, 45 "Cbarlie's Aunt." BARBARA MARY I3lfRCil'iVlN-G,A.A. l, 2, 3, 45 jordan jesters I, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, 45 Thespians 3, 45 ,lordannus staffg Junior Carnival5 Stage Manager "Charlie's Aunt"5 Prom Committee. Cftzxx CJj7i4'm'.i: President Bill Robinson, Vice-President Phil Hodge, Secretary Priscilla Mitchell, Treasurer Nancy Hillikcr. Sjmzzxurx are: Mrs. Stewart, Mr. Stahl, and Mr. Berry. Class of 9 FRANK RICIIARD l5liNDlfR-Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 4, Varsity Football 2, 3, 4, Projectors Club l, 2, 4, Gymnastics Club 3, U-Men's Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4, Varsity Track 2, 3, 4, Golf I, Band I, 2, 3, Orchestra I, 2, 3, jordannus Staff 4, Quad Staff 4, junior Carnival Stage Show. ICVICLYN FIIQLDICR-Xvithdrew from school February, 1952. W'll,1.IAM j. FRANZMANN-jortlan jesters I, 2, 3, 4, President 2, 4, Business Manager 3, Thespian 2, 3, 4, Pro- duction Staff, "Charley's Aunt", junior Carnival Stage Show, Treasurer, junior Class, Quad Stal? 4, jorclannus Staff, Foot- ball Announcer 4, Student Council 3, Drama Night I, 2, junior Prom King, Chorus 4. FIQRN I.AURIi'l"I'A CRAY-Typing Club I, If.II.A. 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Style Show 3, junior Carnival Queen. DAVID XVARRIQN CRIFFITIPIWU-Meii's Club 2, 3. 4: Re- serve Football I, Varsity 2, 3, 4, Reserve Basketball 2, 3, Varsity 4, Track I, 2, 3, 4, Music Club 2, 4, jordannus Staff, Chorus I, 4, Senior Athletie Club 3, Agriculture Club I, Sophomore Council, junior Carnival Stage Show. ALlClf ANN HART-G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Blue Tri 1, 2, President 2, Cheerleader I, 2, 3, 4, Choral Club 3, Sophw more Council 2, Chorus 3, 4, Indiana State Regional Track Queen I, junior Class Vice President, jorclannus Staff, junior Prom Queen, Student Council I, Z, 3, 4, Quad Staff 4, jordan jesters 4, Thcspians 4, junior Carnival Stage Show, junior Prom Committee, "Charley's Aunt", "Out of the Frying Pan." A group of Seniors look over prospective customers for magazine sales. They are Ir'-fl lo rigfil: David McCracken, Shirley Wfoolery, Phil Hodge, and Ted Moorman. sm. 3-:ts st? fx Class of 25 GRICG Dl"VIfjIAN--Agriculture Club I, 3, 4, Games Club 4, junior Dance Chairman, Football Z, 3, 4, Varsity 4, Golf I, 3, junior Carnival Stage Show Set, Advertising Stalli, jordannus, Prom Decorating Committee, U-Mcn's Club 4. RUTII l.AVADA DODDS-Ailiyping Club I, 2, 3, Blue Tri I' 2, 3, Future Nurses Club 4. X ROBERT VERNON DONlfl.SON-jordan jesters I, 2. 3 f 4. President 3, Outstanding Thespiau Boy 3, "Charley's A um", jordannus Staff, Chorus 4, Projectors Club I. .X DONALD li, DONHAM-Chorus 4, Rand I, Z. 3, Orchestra I, 2, 3, jordan jesters I, 2, 3, 4, Drama Night 2, 3, "Out of the Frying Pan" 4, junior Carnival. MARGARIYI' -jlfAN IZDMONIJSON--Typing Club I, Choral Club 2, Future Teachers 3, 4, Orchestra l, 1, 3, 4, G.A.A. 3, 4, jordannus Staff! .lllnior Carnival, Chorus 4, National Honor Society 4, Quill and Scroll 4. KAROI. KATHLFEN FAGANiCI1orus 2, CQ.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4 Ifxecutive Council 3, junior Carnival 3, jortlannus Stall, Music Club I, 2, 3, 4, Prom Committee, Chairman junior- Senior Banquet. Page fltirfy-flzrefr NANCY ELIZABETH HILLIKER-National Honor Society 3, 4: Music Club 1, 2, 3, Games Club 4, G.A.A. l. 2, 3, 4, Executive Council 4, Treasurer Senior Class, -Iordanus Staff, Junior Carnival, Chorus 2, Quill and Scroll 4. PHILIP L. HODGE-Transferred from Ossian High School in junior year. Reserve Football, junior Carnival, Science Club 3, Vice President Senior Class, Games Club 4, National Honor Society 4. PATRICIA ANN HOOKEY--Choral Club l, 3, Journalism Club 2, 4, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Executive Council 4, Secretary 4, Jordan Jesters 4, ,Iordannus Stall, Quad Staff 4, Circula- tion Editor 4, Technical Staff "Charley's Aunt", Technical Staff "Out of the Frying Pan", junior Carnival Stage Show, Quill and Scroll. NANCY ELLEN HOLLAND-,Iordan jesters 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Quad Staff 3, 4, Editor 4, journalism Club 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Vice President 4, Jordannus Staff 4, Junior Carnival Stage Show, Prom Committee, Chorus 4, Technical Staif "Charley's Aunt." CARL ROOSEVELT HUGHES-jordan Jesters 1, 2, Thespian 2, 3, 4, Drama Night 1, 2, 3, 4, Quad Staff 4, Journalism Club 3, 4, ,Iordannus Staff 4, Honor Thespian 3, 4, Technical Staff "Cl1arley's Aunt", Junior Carnival Stage Show, "Out ofthe Frying Pan." 3. 4. NANCY LOUISE JOHNSON-C1.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4, Jordan Jesters 1, 2, 3, 4, Honor Thespian 3, 4, Student Council Z, jordannus Staff 4, ,Iunior Carnival, Drama Night 3, G.A.A. Executive Council 4. Sfllfi!1lIl'l'AY Sales: .laynie Taylor, Nancy Holland, Pat Poling and Anne Peterson. Class 0 15 VERNON LEON KENT-Chorus 4, Football 2, 3, Typing Club 3, Gymnastics Club 1, 2, 4. LIUDITH ANN KRENTLER-Band 1, 2, 3, Orchestra l, 2, 3, G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4, President 4, Student Council I, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 4, Policy Council 3, 4, Music Club 1, Games Club 2, 4, Typing Club 3, National Honor Society 4. -IOELLA MARIE LANE-Quad Staff 2, 3, Junior Carnival Stage Show, Prom Committee, Typing Club 1, Chorus 4, -lordannus Staff, Blue Tri Club 2, Games Club 3. GEORGE AURTHER MCCLAIN-Jordan ,lesters 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Thespians 1, 2, 3, 4, Honor Thespian 2, 3, 4, Re- serve Football l, 2, Varsity Football 3, 4, Student Council 3, 4, ,Iordannus Staff, Quad Staff 4, "Charley's Auntn, U-Men's Club 3, 4, junior Carnival, Chairman, Sophomore Council, Drama Night l, 2, 3, ,Iunior Carnival King, Chorus 4. DAVID BRANCH MCCRACKEN-Jordan Jesters 1, 2, Games Club 3, F.T.A. 4, Treasurer 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 3, Manager 4, Cross Country 2, Golf 3, 4, jun- ior Carnival Stage Show, Jordannus Staff, Student Council 1, 2, 4, U-Menls Club 4. RONALD DAVID MILLS-Football l, 2, Varsity 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, U-Men,s Club 3, 4, Projectors Club l, 2, Games Club 3, 4. Page thirty-four ,W P' 1 .f..,. ,fx v -fs xl ff-3 PRISCILLA ELLEN MITCHELL-G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 4, Execu- tive council 3, 4, Secretary 35 Blue Tri 15 Games Club 25 Typ- ing Club 35 jordannus Staffg Student Council 1, 25 junior Prom Committee5 Junior Carnival, French Cafe5 National Honor Society 3, 4, Secretary 35 Secretary Senior Classg Band I5 Quill and Scroll 4. DELMAR P. MULLIS-Gymnastics Club 1, 35 Games Club 45 Varsity Football 45 Agriculture Club 25 U-Men's Club 4. .IOHN D. NFAL-Projectors Club l, 2, 3, 45 Football Man- ager 45 U-Men's Club 45 Student Manager, Projectors Club 4. RUSSELL NOYES, NIR.-Cross Country 35 Track 3, 45 Science Club l, 2, 35 Bird Club 35 Future Teacher Club 45 Quad Staff 15 -junior Academy of Science l, 2, 3, 45 Latin Club ' 15 junior Carnival: National Honor Society 45 National Ree- ognition in Science Talent Search. HAROLD J. OOLFY-Senior Athletics 1, 25 Projectors Club 3, 45 Track 45 Wrestliiig 45 U-Men's Club. ANN PETERSEN - Transferred from Frauensacheschule School, Hamburg, Germany. G.A.A. 3, 45 Chorus Club 3. 45 Nurses Club 4. Making decorations for a senior dance are It-ff In rigbf: Ann Poolit- san, Bob Donelson, W'iggs W'ilson, Shirley NVoolery, Nancy Winter, Nancy Holland, and Alice Hart. ...YN -...gunf Q., Q Class of 15 DONNA KAY PLESS-Chorus Club 35 Blue Tri 1, 25 Jor- dan ,Iesters 45 "Cl1arley's Aunt": xlorclannus StaiT5 G.A.A. 1' 2, 3. 45 Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 45 Junior Carnival Stage ShoW5 Sophomore Council5 jordarinus Skits5 Chorus I, 2, 3. RALPH E. POGUE-Fencing Club l, 25 Jordan jesters 2, 3, 45 Chorus 45 "Charley's Aunt"5 Projectors Club 15 Thes- pian 2, 3, 4. PATRICIA BLANCHE POLING-Typing Club 1, J.,u.-ml- ism Club 2: Quad Staff 2, 3, 45 F.H.A. 25 G.A.A. I, 2, 3, 45 Prom Committeeg Music Club 45 Games Club 35 ,Iordannus Staff. ANN POOLITSAN-Sophomore Council Z5 Blue Tri I, 25 Jordannus Staff 45 Chorus 15 G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 45 junior Carnival Stage Show5 Homecoming Quvxn 45 Regional Track Queen 35 Music Club I. VONNA JOAN PRITCHARD-Blue Tri l5 F.H.A. 2, 35 Music Club 4. FRANK D. PRUFTT-Science Club 35 Projectors Club l, 25 Games Club 45 U-Mcn's Club 45 Football l, 2, 3: Varsity Football 4. Page fhirty-five Ns. . 'Q ,N 4 xl-bk yi' 'H Q . A iq., "IZ"-X r CHARLES ERNEST XWYLIIQ-fVarsity Basketball 45 Cross Country I, 25 Football 3, 45 Track l, 2: Golf 3, 45 Projectors Club 2, 3, 45 Latin Club I5 U-Men's Club 3, 4, Treasurer 45 junior Carnival Stage Show5 Sophomore Council. BARBARA HEAD-Transferred to UHS in junior year from Bloomington High School. Blue Tri 35 F.H.A. 45 jordannus Staff. THEODORE IOUDIQN MOORMAN-AProjectors Club I5 Chorus Club 45 .Athletics Club 25 journalism Club 35 U-Men's Club 2, 3, 45 junior Carnival Stage Showg Quad Staff 3, 45 Cross Country 2, 3, 45 Track 3, 45 Basketball 45 Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 4. RALPH AIENNINGS NELSON II-Future Farmers l, 25 Science Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Choral Club 45 Basketball I5 Football 1, 2.3, 45 W'restling 35 U-Men's Club 4. NOT PICTURED DONALD DUANI2 CARMONY-Entered U.H.S. in soplae- more year from Mislaawaka High School, Mislaawaka, Indiana, Projectors Club 25 Bird Club 35 Math Club 45 Kiwanis Spell- ing Bee5 National Honor Society 4. SYLVIA HILI, HARRISON-Entered UHS from Kodaikanal, India. F.T.A. 4. Page thirty-six MARY GERALDINE RATLIFF-Typing Club 15 Reading Club I5 F.H.A. 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM S. ROBINSON4Prcsidcnt Senior Class 45 U-Men's Club 1, 2, 3, 4, President 45 jordannus StafI5 Quad StafI 3, 45 Math Club 4, President 45 Science Club I5 Cross Country 1, 2, 3, 45 Track 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 15 Student Council I, 45 Games Club Z5 Projectors Club 25 Band and Orchestra l, 25 journalism Club 3, President 35 junior Carnival5 Nickelodeam Quill and Seroll5 National Honor Society 4. PHILLIP R, SPANGLER4QCl1orus 45 Future Farmers 2, 35 Games Club 45 Typing Club 15 Basketball Manager 35 jun- ior Carnival. KIACQUELINE SIMS-Transferred from Sheridan High School in 1951. F.H.A, 3, 4, Secretary 3, 45 National Honor Society 4. FRANCES TAYLOR-F.H.A, I, 2. 3, 4, President 45 G.A.A. l, 2, 3, 4. CAROLE jAYNE TAYLOR-Transferred from Nazareth in Sophomore year. Choral Club 25 Transferred from Nazareth in Senior year. jordan jesters 45 "Cl1arley,s Aunt." THOMAS EUGENE TROTTER-Projectors Club l5 Drama Night I, 25 Transferred in junior year to Ellettsville and re- turned for Senior year5 "Cl1arley's Aunt"5 jordan jesters I, 2, 45 Thespian 2, 4, Honor Thespian 45 jordannus Salesq Chorus 4. DOROTHY jANE TRUMPY-Typing Club I5 Chorus Club 2, 35 F.T.A. 45 jordannus Staff 45 junior Carnival 35 Chorus 45 Orchestra I, 2, 3, 45 Fencing Club I5 G.A.A. 3, 4. WILLIAM EDNVARD WILSON III-Transferred from Boulder High School in junior year. Track 35 journalism Club 3, Secretary 35 Games Club 45 Student Council 45 jun- ior Carnival 35 National Honor Society 4. HENRY TIM XVININGER-Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 45 Var- sity Cross Country 2, 3, 45 Varsity Track 2, 3, 45 U-Men's Club 2, 3, 4, Vice President 35 Projectors Club 35 Games Club 45 Math Club 2. NANCY RUTH W'INTIiR-jordan jesters 1, 2, 3, 45 journ- alism Club 3, 45 Quad Staff Z, 3, 4, Business Manager 45 Sec- retary junior Class, Student Council 2, 35 Drama Night I5 Quill and Scroll 3, 4, President 45 junior Carnival Stage Sl'1ow5 Tbespian 45 G.A.A. 1. 2, 3, 45 jordannus Editor. SHIRLEY jO VVOOLERY-Blue Tri 15 jordan jesters 2, 3, 45 Thespians 2, 3, 4, Honor Thespian 3, 45 "Charley's Aunt"5 Drama Night 2, 35 journalism Club 3, 45 Quad Staff 3, 4, Editor 45 Cv.A.A. l, 2, 3, 45 Executive Council Z5 jordannus StaFf5 junior Carnival, French Cafe5 Student Couneil I5 Technical Staff, "Out of the Frying Pan"5 Prom Committee5 Fencing Club 2. 539 wi' 'X' ...f--Y' Mardi Gras UII!1!'V lr'-fl: Dick Fender, Joella Lane, Diana Stoute, Nancy Winter, Dave McCracken, Ann Poolitsnn, jerry Hughes, Donna Pless, Frances Cassidy. Upjwr riglvl: Priscilla Mitchell, Rosalie Sarber, Mary Bouvier, Mary Beth Stapleton. Lower lvfl: Joella Lane, Barbara Bergevin, Frances Cassidy, Ann Poolitsan, Nancy XVinter, Nancy Holland. l.0u'i'r riglwf: Pat Hockey, Bud Wylie. The proverbial unlucky day of Friday 13 proved to be very lucky for the class of "SZ" last year. Friday, April 13, 1951 was the date of the Junior Carnival last year. Built around the theme of the Mardi Gras the car- nival provided plenty of gaiety of New Or- leans. The stage show entitled "Show Boat," included darkies, can-can girls, and wealthy Southern families. Voices from the past echoed through the halls of U-school as famous entertainers per- formed in the old time "Nickelodeon.', Nora Bayes, Lillian Russell, and many others were present. A colorful floorshow was presented at Antoines, French Cafe. French pastries and coffee were served. As the grand finale, Fern Gray and George McClain were crowned King and Queen of the Mardi Gras, This royal Coronation was in East Hall. Pages and ballerinas escorted the King and Queen and their court onto the stage for the crowning. Page fhirfy-seven GGCha1'lie,s Auntw First row: 1. "Do you have a Sixpence, Sir?" 2. "So that is the sweet old Aunt!" 3. "Do you smoke?" Srvomf row: 4. MHCre, you have to help usl' S. "That voice! It is! Oh no." The Cast Stephen Spettigue ,u,.uA..,...,u,u,,u.u,.. Ralph Pogue Col. Sir Francis Chesney ,. u,u,,u George McClain jack Chesney e,ee,eA.A..e,ee.e.,.e e,ue7.e T om Trotter Charley Wykeham ,e,ee,e. e,e,e, D an Bailey Lord Fancort Babberley ,e,,,,e,,,, Bob Donelson Brassett ,e,e,,e,e .,v,, ,e,e,.r,,,e,,,,e. e.,,e, J e r ry Hughes Donna Lucia D' Alvadorez ,,,e,. ,, Jaynie Taylor Kitty Verdun ,t,,,, .,t,t ,,,..,..t D , .,t.. D onna Pless Amy Spettigue tttt.t tt,r.t,.. A lice Ann Hart Ela Delahay ,,t, t,.,... S hirley Jo Woolery Page thirty-eight "Charley,s Aunti' by Brandon Thomas was chosen as the Senior Play this year. Charley and Jack wanted to invite their girls to their rooms before they left for a vacation. Des- perately in need of a chaperone the announce- ment that Charley's aunt was arriving at noon seemed to solve the problem. Later they received a telegram from his aunt saying that she wasn't coming. Consequently, Lord Fan- cort Babberley made a charming aunt dress- ed in Wig and black dress. Later the trouble all started when Charley's aunt really arrived and brought her niece, Ela Delahay, along. Through 'thick and thin everything finally came out alright with the coming marriages of Jack and Kitty, Charley and Amy, Ela and Babberley, and Sir Francis Chesney and Donna Lusia D, Alvadorez. Memories The halls looked wide, long and scary to many of us, on the first day of our freshman year at UHS. After we broke the ice of newness, we sponsored the first dance of the class of 1952. The cafeteria was decorated with pink and blue streamers and large silver raindrops to usher in April and to carry out our theme of the dance, "April Showers." The sophomore year started with an e- lection of the sophomore council. Led by the council, the sophomore class planned its second dance. Trying to get away from the traditional dances, we decided on "The Hobo Hop" and required eveyone to dress as much like a hobo as possible. The idea caught on, and the cafeteria look- ed more like a hobo convention than an ordinary dance, as everyone came dressed in patched jeans, floppy hats and barefoot. The theme of the dance was carried out with decorations of a huge hobo on the wall and an electric train with the pro- verbial "hobo fire" in the middle. Clos- ing our sophomore year as we had opened it, we had our election of the officers for our coming junior year. Rings were the first things that occupi- ed our thoughts, as our ring committee vot- ed on and selected our class rings. An excit- ed class slipped their rings on and knew when they did so, that the class of "SZ" was truly recognized. After the excitement of class rings was over, our carnival practices started with weeks of hard work and fun put together. Not one of us will ever forget the "Mardi Gras Stage Show," the French Room, or the halls filled with people, all enjoying our big success-the carnival. Our annual dance during our junior year was the 'tSnowflake Shuffle." The sparkling, artificial snow and large silver snowflakes made it one of the best dances of the year. On Junior Joe day, we came to school with suits, heels and frills galore. The junior class tried to look their best on this annual occasion at U. H. S. Our senior year started off with some- thing brand new. This was the first year for our new football field. The first sea- son on our new Univee Field was success- ful, and there were none prouder than the first seniors to play on the fields. A senior was elected for both football queen and homecoming queen. Our homecoming game was the time for one of the most interesting activities of the year, when all four classes constructed homecoming decorations. The lawn was filled with signs, posters, cars, and beds telling how we were going to win our game. A prize was given to the class with the best decorations. We watched our last sectional tourney, and many of our boys play for the last time. In spring We realized things were draw- ing to a closeg and in one last fling before we became serious graduating seniors, we had tramp day. Costumes, old corncob pipes, lanterns and torn jeans adorned the halls and classes all day. The Junior-Senior banquet and prom for- mally opened senior week-a time of part- ies, picnics, and dances, that were our last good times with our entire class. Last of all in our high school career, came commencement and baccalaureate. These were sad moments for us all, when we saw some of our friends for the last time. These were happy moments too, for We realized We had reached our goal after four years of hard work. We took our last look at the halls of old UHS and wished that these four years had not rushed by us so quickly. Page thirty-nine dwjfcuo Ox Classesyf N ' f 5510?-Aggw off Za 5 fold! X GLWQL- ,ou-vvv X h ,vgkd Q 4 IQ QX fLv"'V"'Lf 'ig QAM-fVQf . " , N Classes are mternational. Through ww 3 our classes,welearh of the World and W ' our part in it. We are proud of our W classes for they are fhe backbone of igifm ci mise fe - Hs 7 J-Jfffffcfff 'MMWA . o Qiiwipw W F - Q my M-My M My my HQ ' 4 , . ' f f '45 .swf s fe To ' M fl o ,fi A W 3:1 , 1 W' ,WM if . ff 4' f eww " ' tQVE1g76Q'VA'Q! ' Page forty ' 6 ,ff f ,. .X x Q 241:55 x s X x 2 E fx 5 K I , X ag! K '1 we V, .: .,. i r X' fs ' 'wwf K ., N XMNNW Y xxx ,ff . L K P X mikmgmrq Junior Class sponsors were Eugene Oliver Miss Virginia Kruse, and Alwyn Carder. Their officers were Arthur Fell, president, Fred And- rews, vice-presidentg Phyllis Rich, secretary, and Arvon Allen, treasurer. They worked to- gether to lead the class through a busy year. Iuniors Arvon Allen Francey Allen Fred Andrews John Andrews Mary Ellen Bowers Paul Bradley Don Brown Leah Butcher Duane Carmony Barbara Crouch Patricia Dodds Arthur Fell Phyllis Floyd Roberta Fox Robert Gilmore Leo Haganman Sylvia Harrison ,lane Hicks Harlync Hilliker Norma Honeycutt Barbara Hopf Eddie Hudelson Sybil johnson Suzanne Keck James Kinser Paul .Kinser 4 Bill Knapp Fritz Krueger Luella McCammon Jonathan McFall Mr. Oliver explains point in U.S. History to Walter South, Bill Ream, Fritz Krueger, Roberta Fox, Francey Allen, -lohn Smith. Katherine Moore Iiouella Penrose l Phyllis Prince Cecil Ratliff Bill Ream Phyllis Rich Wnrrelm Richardson ,Ion Rickert Dave Robinson .Iucly Ross john Run-:len Carol Sarber Ci lrix l Sinn john Smith Walter South Anita Stapleton Billy Stidd Sandra Tregilgus Gilbert Trinkle Bertice Walker Kay W'enzlnfT Berry White Dorothy Wliite Eddie Wil stmii Hi zrtm ld Yale George Spangler Dave Sonneborn Russell Turley junior Class members elected Dave Sonne born as chairman of their Junior Cunival The carnival had as its theme, "San Frmcisco and the Barbary Coast." They also sponsor ed the annual Junior-Senior Banquet and Prom on May 10. Class of . l x I f ... Q ...J In addition to sponsoring successful dances on January 25 and on March 21, the Sopho- mores ordered their class rings this year. Their council-members are Sandra Zike, Jan Casner, Carol Cason, Miss Spear, Mary Poolitsan, Diane Abram, Mr. Malsbary, Bob Baker, Kenny Rob- inson, Jack Stangle, Dick Anderson and Phil Richardson. ophomores Diane Abram Dick Anderson Bob Appleyard Bob Baker Tom Barton Martha Brown hlildrcd Cain John Campbell .Ian Casner Carol C ascl n S111 11x1 iy Chandler Hazel Corman Caroline Deekard Mitchell Deckard Bob Diekerman Carolyn Drmelson Iillen Douglas W. R. Dunn Barbara Durnal Lois Ruth Ends Frank Edmondson Bob Edwards Jay lillis Susie Fender Marvin Fielder Judy Figs Martha Fulrz Charles Gaston james Gobert Irma C.-qu Class of 3 Don Goodwin Don Gunnerson Dave llnnliins Lludy Hirden Steve llimclley lfwtlier lrwin lerry lsom Larry lsom Rulwy -laeulus Bill .Innes Deane Kingsbury Billy Kimer qlolm Krentler june! Martin Tommy Melfiimmon W'giyne Mullis Shirley Nucl Teenn Patton -lolin lloling Mary P00lilN1lIl Peggy Rainnge Marjorie Bnili june Reeves Nancy Reeves Keith Rieli.1r1.lson Phil Rielmrelson Beverly Riggs june Roberleon Kenny Robinson L.1rry Rmlnlieli Russell Snnnlerx Nila Selirnmm Opal Scroggins Pat Sliields -lack Stnngle Jeanine Stnpley -lim Srignll Bob Stone Betty Strunk -lolm T.ingem.ln Virginia Trumpy Vernlyn Turner lorry Van Dvkc l'red Wlirnpler hlolin Xvliite Sandra Zike janet Franklin Bill Segigere The Freshmen have been active in their first year of High School. They held a dance on March 15. They also followed their basket- ball team closely, electing Leona Wallace, Dudley Appelman, Kenneth Faler, Judy Step- hens, and Carol Cassidy as their yell-leaders. Freshmen Page forty-six Dudley Appelman Don Atkinson W'ayne Axsom Bill Bayliff Dick Barrett Joan Boruff Buddy Bruce David Bucher Mary Ann Burger Sarah Burke Betty Butcher Albert Cain Carol Cassidy Catherine Craig John Clayton Don Coller Patsy Crouch Ivan Corman Sarah Cummings Justine Dane Don DeBny Carol Donahue Phil Doty Ann Cade Kenneth Ifekland junior Elkins Cygna Enterline Kenneth Faler John Fierst lileanor Fielden Phyllis Fleener A. Franklin Charles Freeman Barbara Fuerst Phyllis Galyan Shelby Galyan Sun Grins Roller Dcrby Tl1at's our team! Room for one more Page forty-eight Cold? W'l1osc? Oucll! S0up's on llarly date Babe in Arms Guin' places? Texas Gal Yuungcr Dale XXLVIILIYS new? Silence W'l1.1 Happen? Things lmvc clmngcd .lust thinkin' Nighr Owls 8A' lflrif mn: lforrest Vfells, Ralph Reeves, john Sira, Rawlin W'alker, lfddie Crouch, Merlin Bennett, Mike Ross, Richard Sau- vain, Louis Silvervtein, Sondra Terinin. Srroml r'mz': .lanet Staley. Virginia Sar- her, Marilyn Mills, Debbie Wnldeli, Bob Talbot, Bill Smith, Shirley Richardson, ,Ioan Rice, Terry Thompson. Tflirfl run: Marsha Richardson. Barh- ara Spannuth, Alanna Zoe Peake, Zannie Rieh, Alohn Stempel, Nancy Hughes, Betty Mclianitnon. Stuart Mitchner, lftldie Ciruhh. l'-0Ill'f!V I'0Il'i ,Ianet Rogers, lmogene Pat- ton, Helen May. Michael Coyle, Kenneth Vfall, Peggy lleterwon, Morris Stivers. 2 lflizxt mu: Fred Qlollitf, wlamex Yale, Bob Ncllis, Fdgnr Arthur, Ciilhert Set-her, Dick Ream, Ray johnson. Srfomf vnu: Phil legge, Martha l.ou Flecner, Laura King, Joanna Gottfried. Na- omi Stephen. Amy Salshury, Martha Hond- ley, Rebecca Stoner, Phil Fagan, Dave Bowen. 'l'lm-il rnu: Ross Ritter, Anne Brodie, Rita Baldridge, Sue Ann Hays, Mary Meade Whlker, Vernelle lfcrgtuon, -Ioan Bartlett, Pat Brown, ,lack Doyle. l"our'Ifv mu: Dick Alonen Howard ling- liih, tiene Reese, Morris Binkley, ilohn Ben- der, Chris Smith, Max Butcher, Bill Hodges. -5 I-'irif run: Tracy Turley, Richard Bar- row, .lames Ahhit, tiilhert Mullis, David lfultl, Bill Barger. Sruumf mir: klohn Bailey, Boh -lohmon, qlcrry Krcbhs., Daniel Hodge, Retta Krebbs, Sharon Herbin. Betty Cooper, Myrtle Hat- ehett, Sheila Harrison, Cieeil Hudson. Tliinl rout Ronald Keene, jack Barns, Richard Gilliland. Helina Oinae, Barhara Craig, lfdna Covey, -lohn Hardy. l'o11rll1 Y'U1l'f Bob lioster, lired Fox, -lohn lfvans, Bob Fleetwood, .Iamcs W"ork, james lfcltland. Ruth Baker, l'ranees Ranard, Sue Lanam. tr mm 7A1 linxl rout jason llillenhurg, Claude Stiyers, Iirie Neuman, Douglas Rae, Steve Wiser, Phillip Deekartl. Sr't,'0llil role: Dorothy Meyerx, Karen Sims, Ann Baker, Marilyn May, Mary Silces, Carol Gilliland, Iierneee XValker, Peggy Dodds, l,eroy Fleener. Tlvirfl run: Clifford Van Hook, Helen llope, Sue Baker, Ann Gnlvy, Alulie Berge- yin, llarlvara Richardson, W'antl.l Stan- eomb, Shirley Kinser. Iiunrffi rmr: Donna Payne, Kay lfclmoml- son, Nlfinnie lvlmier, Deniexe Mellaniels, Carol Appleyarel, Phyllis Dulse. 7A2 liizixl Hill: Cecil Mullis, Nlfilliani Nelson, .lean Carlson, ,lane Stephens, Clara I,ee Shatlley, Alane Stangle, liarlmra Deekartl, -loe XY'illiams, Pauline Smith. S4'1'UlIi1 I'UIl'Z Daviil Deeliartl, 'lierry lxlir lilhinney. Melissa lialtlwin, David lfowler, Rose Marie W'elilm, Libra .Ian Cflcvelantl, Marcia Meyer, Alean lleterxon. liolm XY'alLlen, Marvin Whaley. Tfliril Voir: .Ierry Smallwonml. Xlfarren Melflary, ,lack l'iV2lI1h, larry Sinn, Pat lloadley, Pat Burnett, lfugene Hollers, Don larngdun, .lim Terman. l'i0lIVf!7 run: Richard Deekarnl, Ann lfoxter, .loan Velter, Susie Summers, Bill Spriggs, Norman Deekartl, Bill Krueger, Don Fllson. 7A3 lfirif mir: Melville Declurel, lfretl Barnliill, W'illarel Stevens, lfmmon Shaw, Paul lforrext, Paul Melfvoy. Swrallif run: Bill Briscoe, Larry l,aymon, Donald llray, Ruth Meiilintoek, Glenna XV,hite, Becky Abram, Barbara Abbitt, Thelma Staneombe. 'lifriril run? l.incla foerner, Sandra Lan- tlreth, Nancy lluntington, Maude Richard- son, Maxine lflarding, I.imla Robertson, Ruth Robertson, Ruth Kenter, Janet Nleatlows. lionrlfw ron: Hola Xvylie, Charles Cflelantl, Billy Harmon, Paul lillis, George Dunn, Tommy XVeir, Myrtle lfnglish, Phyllis Barnes, Dorn Stewart, .leanettc Adams, liolwlwy Docltlw, Tiiu Raun. Sixth Grade l'4Il'Sf run: Mike Myers, jerry Wlarring, Milo Sampson, Cameron Vfilson, Steve W'arner. Sl'1'UIIil mu: Douglas Vfilson, .lan Von- XVagtendonk, Susan Spriggs, Pat Murphy, Susan Moss, -lohn Mahan, Patty Brogneaux, Donny Mills. Tfviril mir: .Ierry lftnier, Ann Crowell, Susan W'eiser, Audree Hedges, Sue Dale, .Indy Anderson, Donna Bush, Marilyn Sar- her. l"nurllv rout lilivaheth Zorn, ,lune Seag- ers, Susanne Duty, Frank Lewis, Nanev Wentworth, Sandra Nelson. Madie Forrest. Fifth Grade final mir: Phil lfgan, Teddy Legge, Alohn NVonden, David Smith, Robbie leon- ard, Ronny Mills. Sffllllil mu: ,ludy Otteson. Iillen Mal- oney, Sigrid lfrenv, Carolyn Dale, Beth Bruner, Karen Heard. jackie Harrell. Tllirif rout Mrs. Snyder, Kay Hensinger, .Ioyec Green, .Ianice W'itmer, Tommy Blank. Paul Irwin, Bill Bl'l1lHlUCll, Paul Frenl. Noi I'iif11ml: lkey Iluls, Teddy Dar- nell, Iiarlenc W'ingard, Larry Fuller, Bar- bara Mooney, Gladys Bruner, Virginia Dowes, Steve Ferguson. Fourth Grade I-'nal ruu': Larry Reinhardt, Martin Bid- ncy, Bill Snyder, Chris Mclivoy, jimmy Fagan, Tommy Hudson, Douglas Horton, David Collcr, jerry Carpenter. Swullil rout ,luelith Thurston, Donald Cameron, Karen Laws, Oran johnson, Mary Ann Diekcrman, Alemison Faust, Sara lillis, Philip Galyan. 'flririf mir: Sarah Barker, Danny Mc- Pheron, Sherry Myers. Polly Crowell, Hazel Culfy, Buddina Herhin, Denny Hale, .ludy Talbot. Fourflv role: Sandra Bayliff, Ricky New- ton, Sally lfemal, Frank Horack, Ann Christensen, Anna Stokes. Third Grade lilrxi row: Billy Hoge, David McMullan, Keith Nelson, Marty Otteson, Williani Diekerman, Ligaya Soriano, john Bruner, Patty Ross. Srrmzil mir: jimmy Kent, Rickey Hud- son, Robert XV.ittson, Ralph Seifert, Sharon Atkinson, Stephen Young. Karen Neuman, jimmy Applewhite, Carol Cameron, Sam XY'entworth, Ann Burton. Tfwiril role: johnny Bob Foster, David Frye, Sylvia Doty, David Morgan, Nancy lrwin, Peter Schmidt, Sue Allen, Dickie Skirvin, Brenda Brummett, Dick Hendricks, Harriet Hedges. I"unrllr mir: Stevie Taekitt, Mrs. Phil- lips, Lowell Carmony, Miss Stansberry, Freddy Dunn, Marilyn Barnes, Miss Nel- son, Mareia Mee, Kathy Snyder, Billy Hart- man, Miss Spray, Marilyn Brown. Second Grade I"irif1'n14': Dick Seritehneld, Ronald Rein- hardt, Nwillicim Harrington, W'ayne Wit- mer, Stephen Myers, Bryan Waldeii, Strom! mir: Vicki Savage, Vieki Faust, Landa Dale, james Leonard, Charles Gray, Katherine Schmidt, Barbara Karsell, Peter Nwittson, Martha Taekitt, I.ynn Ann Van- Meter, joe Strain. Tfiirif rnu': Carol Andres, Mary Myers. Mary Ann Collar, Thomas Louer, Mary jo Fagan, llleanor Fell, Merilynn Beard, joannc Darby, Dale Retallaek, Teena Freeman, jon lfstes, First Grade l'iIl'Xf rout Bill Bynum, Susie Stevenson, Pamela Harrington, Billy Peterson, Helen Neumann, Patty Talbot, jane Ann Hoge, Rusty Abram, Wfayne Moon. Sugorzil rout jack Brummett, Karen Ful- ler, David Talbott, jane Coffey, john Bur- ton, Susie Whiltz, Donna Hays, joey Hail, Maggie Dyer, Michael Monroe. Tlriril Voir: Fileen XVilleford, Marilyn Kenna, Michael Gl'iourdjian, Marilyn Hud- son, Tim Snyder. Donna Horton, Bob Ruley, Cynthia Bartlett, john l,innemeier, Karen Mann. Sondra Shotts, Susan Ransome, jimmy Bartlett. orning Kindergarten lfiriif ruir: Steven Bodenier, Skippy Cro- well, Micliael Owen, Dierk Bynsburger, Nelda Barker, Caroly Gustin, Tommy Ol- sen, Craig Fowler. Rena Bidney. Colleen NX'ilkinson. Siwiriil mn: Gail livans, Antliony Lokot, Susan Black, Stephen Obenlantl, Nancy Brown, David Spriggs, Caroline Von WAIK- tendonk. Mieliael Nordlierg, Becky Vfliit- aker, ilifiiril r11u': Don Cline, Carlyle Hill. Ruth Beliarriell. Cliris Rivers, Pamela Reil- ing, Diana Bennett, Linda Lou Koepku, Steven White, Anna Alexander, Susanne Talbot, Diane Dixon. Afternoon Kindergarten Siurlml: Sarali jane Hope, Alan lrwin, ,lan Thurston, David llennnn, Greg liais- ley, Faria Validat. Shlrnlingf lirancea Stokes, ,Iolin Gaiser, liddie Hoppe, Don Adam, Doug Canriglit, Rickie Richmond, Diana Brogneaux, lirie Applegate. N01 I'ii'luri'tl: Scott Greene, Susan Mei- ser, Judson Mead. ursery School Ifirxf Voir: Ross llowe, Chuck Tlionip- son, Vincent Savage, Butcli Broatltluw, Heidi Krack, lfdward Long. Semriil mic: Bobby Hendricks, Donald Learning, Susan Mann, Georgia Tien, Diane Vance, Bobby Berrett, Gary Gray, Ricky Darby. 'I'lriril' mir: Claire Malian, linda Dale, liric Wintlier, Patty Morgan, Susan Keisler, lfdwartl Mcifrea, Will Dunn, Virginia Peak. .e ' me . .. .... et. t..taM.N. wkimmMtttte,e.evXXxvtWw Vasa: if ani '94 U, M efeeee ' . l fe . u iff' l Way t cu re orgamze at 'fkaif 'Q M ' H-Echg . Here st dents- e able to Q eet - d rmg e sc oo a re a l'e . Q fda 74 ga SL' I Mlas oom ro' c s. W ' Ac 'vi s,are many and varied. . - 01116 s 'Qgfdrfgffg skits, , ' some ' n pr1nt pub- -,67?,d4!j I 'flfb ' ' ome build useful bje ts ut 4414-L of oran e ates,an ot ers ta epart !mdj ina et1cs. 5 kj! ,,,,. - f 4 A-4-ge M '-fe A fd-416,-,gf , I , I A ! I Q -we, V I . f Q? 44144 V 1 - ...fn I I I J 2 4 ' L f , M It ' , 'calf' f Qt ffm , Ld al ' ' ug-W uit: ,sv , f X Y X 1 0 D' RW! ' 0' WWW - fih? '7'5 QW Q' ,, lI'fJfhi' WM WM iA'5,, ' HQ ! - , awk : '. ,W wyom- M77 Mfcwe yt' .7 Iordan I esters Officers Silfiugr klaynie Taylor, Barbara Bergevin, Pat Hookcy, Shirley Woolery, Alice Hart, Barbara Hopf, Jan Casncr, Nancy llohnson, Kitty McClintock, Anne Marie Van W'agtcndonk. liirxl row, .xlizlliflrlgi George Spangler, Nancy Xvinter, .Ieannine Staplcy, Carolyn Donelson. Mary Poolitsan. Aludy Pigg, Sandra Zike, Donna Pless, Anne Cade. Svrmlil ruu': Kenneth Faler, Veralyn Turner, ESKIICF Irwin, Diane Ala- ram, Kathy Moore, Phyllis Rich, -lane Hicks. Tliiril mir: Dudley Appelman, Dick Anderson, Kenny Iickland, Nancy Holland, Tom Trotter, Sandra Tregilgus, Suzie Keck, Georganne Vfhaley, Betty Strunk. I'.UlH'fl7 muf: Bob lidwards, Ralph Pogue, Bill liranvmann, Bob Donelson. George McClain, Arvon Allen, Dave Sonneborn. President Bill Franzmann, Business Manager Phyllis ich, Vice-President Bob llimelwn, Secretary Barbara Ber- kevin. Page fiffy-six Jordan Jesters, dramatics club, is divid- ed into three groupsg heelers, regular mem- bers, and Thespians. Tryouts are held in the fall to admit new members. The club has as its goal, the sponsoring of theatrical and dramatic activities within the school, maintaining the stage, and generally striv- ing for high standards of dramatic presen- tations. Mr. Donald Walstrum is the club's sponsor. Bill Franzmann is presidentg Bob Donelson, vice-presidentg Barbara Ber- gevin, secretary, and George McClain, treasurer. Norman Ruse ,, Marge Benson W Tony Denison ,. Kate Ault .ee, is George Bodell e,7., Dottie Coburn ,,ee, Mrs. Garnett .... Muriel Foster ,,,e c Arthur Kennedy Mr. Coburn ,,,, c First Cop ,,,e Second Cop ,,,e, CG0ut of the Fr ing Pang, CAST Dick Anderson .,.e,e, Alice Hart Dudley Appelman Diane Abram Carl Hughes Jan Casner Francey Allen Veralyn Turner Bob Edwards Don Donham Kenneth Faler George Spangler The Jordan Jesters presented as their chief activity of the year a production of "Gut of the Frying Pann. This was a three-act comedy about six stage-struck boys and girls who, after many days of hard luck and odd adventures, finally land parts in a big play. In order to have a place to live, the three boys and girls live together in one apartment which in itself causes misunderstandings. The fun just begins when one of the girl's father finds out about this arrangement and the police are called in on a murder which is ZICE- ually only a rehearsal for the play. Club mem- bers constructed the set with the help of Don- ald Walstrum, sponsor and director. In March they took a trip to Indiana State Teachers College in Terre Haute to visit a theatre workshop. Earlier in the year they attended a speech workshop at Indiana University. The heelers presented a one-act play for the club members. Later, regular members Worked with Thespians to present Drama Night, a series of three one-act plays. Jordan Jesters provides dramatic experience for those interested in the field of acting. Chorus Firsl row: Alice Hart, Mary Bou- vier, Donna Baird, Sandra Tregil- gus, Janet Franklin, Diane Cason. Sevoml rout Donna Pless, Phyllis Prince, Sarah Burke, Leah Butcher, Mary Ann Burger, Frances Cassidy. Tllirrf rout Harold Yale, Dan Bailey, Bill Franzmann, Kenny lick- land, Mr. McQueen. Fonrlfa row: Ralph Pogue, Bob Donelson, George McClain, George Apple-yard, Don Dunham. Math Club Science Club The purpose of the Math Club is to stimulate interest in mathematics and to get a glimpse of some non-classroom aspects of math. Bill Robinson is president of the club and Mr. Walter Gingery is the sponsor. The members have done some Work concerning the fourth dimension. The requirements for membership in the Science Club are to pass an examination in science and to carry out a project. The club meetings are discussions of reports and field trips. Jack Stangle is president and Mr. Wayne Gross is sponsor. Page fifty-eight Firxl row: Duane Carmony, Dave Robinson. Seroml row: Bill Robinson, Mr. Gingery. Fin! row: john Richardson, john Clayton, Sybil johnson, Mackey Mc- Roberts, Albert Gaston, I 0 h n Hedges. Seroml row: Clark Kaschube, Larry Ruddick, Jack Stangle, Tom Barton, john Tangeman, james Hope, Philip Doty. Pirxl row: Judy Hardin, Beverly Vfaldon, Gerry Ratliff, Frances Taylor, Sue Robert- son, Barbara Head, Ruby Jacobs. Suvoml row: Mildred Cain, Lois Fads, Shelby Galyan, Betty Bower, Martha Fulu, Miss Komelman. Third row: Jackie Sims, Vonna Jo Pritchard, Fern Cray, Fllen Douglas, Irma Gray. I-'irxl row: Holm Neuman, Don Wilbiir, Phyllis Pedro, Naomi Wlalker, Carol Dona- hue, Tressie Turley, Sarah Cummings, Srroml row: Joan Boruff, Wilnia Hol- lers, Joan Hillenburg, Eleanor Fielder, Betty Hawkins, Hazel Corman, June Reeves. Third row: John Leavitt, Phyllis Flecner, Maivereen Knapp, Patsy Crouch, Marie Seroggins, Sarah Burke. liourllr ruu': Mr. Malsbary, Don Star- buck, Bertha W'illiams, Fred Wanipler, Bob Dickerman, Bill Baylilf, Patty Shields. With Miss Joyce Konzelman as sponsor, the Future Home- makers of America have participated in numerous activities. They stuffed toys for the Christian Center and sponsored a style show for convocation in the spring. Frances Taylor is president of F. H. A. The members of the Typing Club are taught the basic fun- damentals of touch typewriting by Mr. Dean Malsbary, their sponsor. Naomi Walker is president of the club. After master- ing the technique of the machine, they spend time typing themes or letters. FHA Typing Club Page fifty-nine FTA -Mengs Club During the year the Future Teachers of America visited the county grade schools and attended a class in elementary educa- tion. Roberta Fox is president, Harlyne Hilliker is secretary, and Mr. A. Pryce Noe is the sponsor of this club. The pur- pose of the club is to inform the members about teaching. The aims of the U-Men's Club are to create an active inter- est in athletics, to afford an opportunity for boys with athletic ability, and to represent the school in sports. This year the club provided printed programs for football and basketball games and awarded the "Al Hermann trophy. Walter Gray is sponsor and Bill Robinson is president. Page sixty First row: Margaret Edmondson, Roberta Fox, Mary Ellen Bower, Sylvia Harrison. Svfoml row: Jane Trumpy, Barbara Hopf, Kay Wenslaff, Harlyne Hillilter. Tbinl row: Russell Noyes, Mr. Noe, David McCracken. First row: Dick Fender, Tim Wininger, Bud Wylie, Dave Griffith, Ronald Mills, Eddie Wilson, Mr. Gray. Second row: Delmar Mullis, Frank Pruett, Ted Moorman, Bill Ream, Greg Devejian, Dave Sonneborn. Third row: Cecil Ratliff, Billy Jones, Bill Seagers, Kenny Robinson, Bill Andrews, Dave Hankins, Tommy McCammon. Fourth row: George McClain, Bob Gil- more, Arvon Allen, Ralph Nelson, Eddie Hudelson, John Neal, Dave McCracken Bill Robinson, Ted Cadieu. Firsl row: Janet Martin, Suzie Fender, Martha White, joella Lane. Svroml row: Kathleen Fagan, Ann Pooli- itsan, Mary Lou Craig, Frances Cassidy. Third row: Ted Moorman, George Ap- plcyard, Dan Bailey, Priscilla Mitchell. Firxf row: Barbara Durnal, Louella Mc Cammon, Shirley Noel, Anne Petersen, Phyllis Floyd, Carol Sinn. Srrond row: Patty Dodds, Judy Ross, Carol Sarber, Miss Knudsen, Betty White Ruth Dodds, Evelyn Fielder. The members of the Choral Club are mainly interested in group singing and enjoyment. During the meeting they also listen to classical and popular records. Mr. William McQueen is sponsor of the club and there are no officers. The goals of the Future Nurses Club are to learn about the field of nursing and how to administer minor first aid. The Choral Club members sponsored a convocation and visited the Indiana Uni- versity Medical Center. Miss Marcella Knudsen is sponsor. Page sixty-one Pro eetoras Club Iournalism Club Page sixty-Two The Projectors Club is headed by jack Frame, student spon- sor, and Mr. Thurston, faculty sponsor. John Neal is student manager and Paul Kinser is his assistant. On one of their field trips the members went through the Indiana University Auditorium. The Journalism Club, sponsored by Mr. Ben Ervin, helped with the Quad concession stand and held a rummage sale this year. Members work to earn points for admittance to the Quad Staff and help prepare school news for the town paper. Ifirxl row: Greg Hardy, Albert Cain, Paul Kinser, Dick Hudelson, QI. A. Frank- lin, Harold Yale, jim Gobert, Marvin Ful- ler, Billy Kinser. Srruml r'r1u': W'illard Hawkins, Wiiiifreil May, Eddie VUilson, Byron Hadley, Dick Fender, Bob Tully, Wilyiie Mullis. Tfliril ruu': .lack lirame, Mr. Thurston. l,eo Haganinan, Gilbert Trinkle, Bud Wy- lie, Dick Berrctt, Bob Appleyard, Bob Baker. I'i0IH'fl7 mir: ll4'll'4lld Ooley, Bill Knapp, Russell Turley, john Neal, Ted Cadieu, Donald Cfoller, John Campbell, -Iohn Krent- ler. Ifiraf r'uu': Alice llart. Nancy W'inter, Nancy Holland. janet Martin, Nancy Reeves, ,Iudy liigg, Carol Ciason, Diane Abram, Shirley W'oolery. Swouil row: Pat Hookey, Rena Stump, Carol Cassidy, Harlyne Hillikcr, Sharon Wylie, Virginia Trumpy, jane Casner. Tlrirrl rou': Gretchen Grueger. Cather- ine Craig, Francey Allen, Helen Topolgus, Mary Poolitsan, Barbara Crouch, Car- olyn Donclson. Iiolfrllr rou': Don Atkinson, Bill Mar- shall, Cygna Iinterline, Nancy Neal, Jeanne Gilmore, W'alter South, Anita Stapleton. Fiflfr rout Veralyn Turner, llsther lr- win, Bob Edwards, Phil Richardson, Margy Rash, rlohn Ficrst. I-'irsl row: Barbara Fierst, Norma Honey- Cult. Second row: Beatrice Walker, Caroline Deckarcl. Third row: Dorothy White, Luclla Pen- rose, Phyllis Prince, Mr. Sembower. First row: W. R. Dunn, john Runden, Bill Ream, Fred Andrews, Carol Cason, Nancy Recvcs, Diane Cason. Scvoml row: Jay Ellis, Wigs Wilson, john McFall, Donna Baird, Nancy Hilliker, Barbara Alm, Judy Krentler. Third row: Greg Devejian, Frank Ed- mondson, Art Fell, Dave Griffith, Frank Pruett, Mary Bouvier, Miss Spear. Faurflr row: Tim Wininger, Bill An- drews, Phil Hodge, Ronald Mills, Fritz Krueger. Members of the Reading Club are given the opportunity to preview new books bought by the library. Panels were also formed to discuss the merits and defects of the new books. The club started a scrapbook of all school activities appearing in local newspapers. Members of the Games Club are mainly interested in enjoy- ing the sociability of friends and providing artivities for their leisure time. Bridge, canasta, chess, and many other card games are played. Miss Josephine Spear is the sponsor. Reading Club Games Club Page sixty-three Sc1'apc1'afte1's Blue Tri The officers of the Scrapcrafters are Paul Bradley, presidentg Cecil Ratliff, vice-presi- dent, and Billy Stidd, secretary. Throughout the year the members have made useful and at- tractive projects out of usuable scrap materi- als. Mr. Edgar Stahl is their sponsor. Firxf row: Bill Stidd, jim Kinser, Mr. Stahl. Srroml row: Paul Bradley, Fddic Hudclson, Cecil Rat liff Page sixty-four The Blue Tri members work jointly with the Reading Club members in helping with the library displays and exhibits. They made scrap- books for hospitals, rag dolls for underprivi- leged children, and collected articles of cloth- ing to be distributed by the American Red Cross. Firxt row: Mary Ann Bur- ger, Justine Dane. Svroud row: Miss Kruse. First Formal Part monkey. Alice? just logifin' S ' . " Our Iiditor linux' C'I.1y Pigeons nmg Plfl, . Scniur Sunshine l'l.1sric nun "XXX: want .1 loiiciuimviilu Tc.: fm' two Pagr' si.1'fy-ffm' ports faem, ,Za J, A,,HfX'7'L!"""9 'V NVD fryg floss' 714. vy' fu ,wwf 5!,AQf!4,,fa 453 I fl"'V'- ff' ' 'f ' ,f ,XM !,4!Jlff,AJ H N1 1 .J 5. fi A visit to the University School athletic department would show Truus what a tremendous part sports play in the life of the American boy and girl. Of 140 boys enrolled in school, 100 are candidates for the varsity teams. Those candidates have a choice in the fall between cross country and footballg in the winter between basketball and wrestling, and in the spring between track and golf. The girls are equally sports minded. The G.A.A. offers opportu- nities to play basketball, hockey, softball, volleyball, track, and other activities. A e f fffxf fsfx I X -Q p 'TD X-if -" ijji! fi'-'Zi--,-dl-ffal X Y xr fe ml L N y r 'J Xe, as fl Magi? M Wg Page sixty-six Q ink sf NR A Dlcili TIQNDITR BILL ANDREWS DAVE c2luFIfITII University Duggan' University Greencastle University Linton U University Mitchell University Bedford BUD NVYIHZ "R ANR PRL! lf'l"l' ,IM WN. 'l'l-'IJ CAIJIIQU RALPII NICISON I Q I7l'l,'XIAR MUN IS 15015 LQHMORI 11' N iv s 1 in-, MI URMI XIM I AIN CQRICI III-'VIQIIAN RON XIII I S University I9 jnsonvillc , 7 University I9 Martinsville 0 University 0 North Vernon 6 University 24 'MoorcsviIIc 6 Ill III'IJI'I.SUN IYD XYIISON ARVUN All I-'N mu, JON!-'S Best Season ix, xi NX I IXVNNY RUISINSUN 'IONINI Y NIcCU'XNINION .1 's 5 5 jr ., s N fffv-4 I I I I 1 Anil 130110111 rout Bill Marshall, Mackey MeRoberts, Cfharles Freeman, John Clayton, Don Starbuek, Diek lludelson, Byron Hadley, -lim Smith, jay lillis, Bob Stone, Deane Kingsbury, Glen Bonsett, assistant coach, Vlkilter Gray, varsity coach. SKTUIIKI rout jamie Hope, -lack Stangle, Phil Richardson, Dave Hginkins, Ed Hudelson, XV. R. Dunn. Charles Gaston, jerry Vin Dyke, lired Andrews, .Iohn Smith, Don Coller, .Iohn Neal, vnanngerg Dave McCracken, manager. Tfvirfl raw: Larry lsom, Keith Richardson, Vlhiyne Mullis, Bill Jones, Tom McCnmmon, Kenny Robinson, john Campbell, Ceeil Rit lilf, Dave Robinson, Delmar Mullis, Bill Andrews, Dave Bucher, A. Franklin. I-'onrllw 1'nu': Frank Pruett, Dave Griffith, Bud NX'ylie, Ted Cadieu, Dick Fender, George McClain, Ralph Nelson, Ronnie Mills, john McFall, Dave Sonneborn, Fritz Krueger. Tofu run! jerry lsoni, Bill Seagers, lid Vlfilson, Sonny South, jim Srigall, Bob Gilmore, Aryon Allen, Rob Tully, Bill liaylifli, Gr Devejinn. The year 1951 was a bright one for Uni- versity Sehool's football team. Competing for the first time under the lights of the sehool's new field, the team compiled the best record any Univee football team has made. DAVE SONNEBORN CECIL RATLIFF COACH WALTER GRAY MANAGER DAVE McCRACKI3N Although left with young, inexperienced personnel this year, the Univees opened by smashing Dugger S4-0 to avenge the two pre- vious defeats by Dugger. Sparked by an on- slaught of end runs by Wilson, line smashes DAVE HANKINS MANAGER JOHN NFAL l5ll.I. SICACICRS Gl.liN ISONSIZTT Assistant Coach IW' ..s.. Q. w, it 5 i.. - T 4 5 iw New Q bf p 213,255 5 if s K is s Eli will A 'iif i ,. .V Ssgisifffki Ei 'iii .fiflx i 1 , 1 - ' - '- ,aw-Vg,-girl 1 by Andrews and Fender's passes to Cadieu and Hudelson, the score climbed. Midway in the third period Griffith made a 75-yard dash to add another touchdown. Later Gilmore covered 53 yards in an end-around play to score the last T D The Univees opened their home season on the new athletic field by easily downing Green- castle, 13-0. Showing much power in the line, although outweighed, the Graymen came through with T. D.'s by Andrews and Gilmore. Next on Linton's field the Univees bowed 31-14 to the Coal Miners, rated second team in the state prep rankings at the time. Showing brilliant defensive play and an aggressive of- fense the team romped over Mitchell 19-0 for the third win. For the third home game and fourth victory, the Univees halted the Bedford Stone Cutter's winning streak with a 12-U win over them. At ,Iasonville the University men came back from an early 7-0 deficit to overcome the Hornets, Win 7g Lose 2 19-7. A 43-yard touchdown was scored by half back Dave Griffith who advanced 127 of the Univee's 153 yards gained on thi.- ground. On the night that Univee Field was named, the UHSers routed Martinsville, 19-0. The second defeat was suffered at the hands of North Vernon. The luekless Univees, after a number of drives stopped just short of the goal line, were edged by North Vernon's lone touchdown in the fourth period, and lost. 6-0. Iinding the season by downing the Mooresville Pioneers, Z4-6, the Univees came out with .1 season's record of 7-2. Outstanding seniors who saw action for the last time were Dick liender, lid Wfilson, Bud Wylie, Dave Griffith, Bill An- drews, George McGlain, Ronnie Mills, Greg Deveiian, Ted Cadieu, Delmar Mullis, lirank Pruett, and Ditto Nelson. Fullback Bill Andrews and quarterback Dick Fender were honored by election as Co-cap- tains. Halfback Dave Griffith and Fender were rated all-state honorable mention. Roll em our' U115 completes pass. llIlL'1'k'Cpll0l1. llel .1 Univee got ill Best Season inee 946 Bill Andrews, Ted Cadieu, Bud XY'ylie, Dave Griliith. Dick Fender, lid Hudelson. Ted Moormnn. Fd Vfilson. Bob Gilmore, Dave McCracken Tim Xvininger, Glen I- lionsett, coach. The Univees posted their best season record Brownstown Holiday Tourney. They Went all since 1946 with a 13 Win 8 loss record. The the way by beating Brownstown 47-36 and in Univees highlighted themselves by taking the the final game beating Medorn 63-54. Page Rl"I'P7Ify-f7l'lJ Wylie, lwl Wilson. Ted Moorman. ln the Sectional tournament, the Univees won their first game against Stinesville, 42-35 and in their second game lost to Martinsville 27-49. Three of the eight games lost by the.Univees were in overtimes. The losses were to Elletts- ville S4-60, Oolitic 36-38, and to Wglldron 60-62 in a double overtime. The Univees lost their first home game on Bloomington high sehool's gym floor, but did not lose one home game on their own gym floor. In the first game of the season, the Univee cagers cracked the U-School basketball scoring record against Worthixugtoii by one point. The score was 80-34. Further on in the season the boys broke the record again. This time by three points, beating Stinesville 83-67. At the close of the season, members of the team elected Dick Fender and Ted Cadieu as honorary co-captains. Dave McCracken was awarded the trophy for hitting the highest percentage of free throws. Two victims of the Univees, Shawswick and Jasonville, were sectional champs this season. RFSFRVIZ BASKIZTBALI, lxrlrrlllllq: larry lsom, klerry X an Dyke, ,lack Slangle, Tommy Meffammon, ,Iolm Smith, Bob Stone, Don Goodwin, ,Ierry Isom. Slmnlnzg: ,lay lillis, statislieiang liritl Krueger, manager: Frank lfdmomlson, NX'arrCn Richardson, l.arrv Roddick, Phil Richardson nhn Campbell, Alohn Rrentler, Arvon Allen, Dave Sonneborn, Dave Robinson, Kenny Robinson, Coach VC'alrer Gray. VARSITY BASKETBALL KIIVVIIIIAQI lirill Krueger, managerg Glen lionselt, coach. XYl.lllCl' Gray, reserve coach: ,lay lfllix, slatistician. Sftlllzlillgf Dave Griffith, liill Andrews, Di ek lfender, Tim XY'ininger, Bob Gilmore, Dave Mcfracken, Ted l'atlieu. I-'tl lludelson, lim Page s1'1'f'r1fy-lllrm' Upjiii: 'fini t.iltes .1 tlive in lfllettsville game. ilietl Qlndieti gives Lifter b.ilI, l.un'i'i': Gilnmre lungs the lull in game with lllnninington Pantlitis Q trorcboartl gf' s1'1'f'i1fy-fi Univerxitv University Universit v University University U niversitv University U nivermit v University University U niversily U niversitv University University University Univerxit v U IllVL'l'Sil v ltltm University University University SU S4 S3 49 39 67 47 63 S4 41 Hu S2 49 41 44 S3 60 uls 43 hl LVARSITY5 , XY'nrtliingttin 34 , lzllettsville 00 qnverti , State 611 , Spencer 40 , Blonmf:lelCl 52 , Smithville S0 , Brnwnsttrwn 36 ltnu r , Metlnra 54 Qtnurneyl , Simwswielx 45 , liinuiningttm 33 mel neyl , Onlitie XX lUVCl'lilNC4 , Muuresville 37 , fllirtinsville 45 , lieeeli Grove 34 , llllettsville 46 , Stinesville 67 , Xxvtlltlftlll 62 le nvertimel ,4I.lN0I1VillL' 42 , lirovvnstown YS 42, Stinesville 35 Nl.l4'lil1SVlllL' 49 Unversitv 27. l,ll1lXL'l'Nll4 Univerxitv University Univervity Univerwity University University University University University University Univerxity Universit v University U nivermiiy University University 44 4I 30 40 22 44 47 Z9 44 41 Sl FX 59 S7 ji 36 U llil Sl'RX'lfSl XYm'tliii1gtnn I7 lfllcltwville 27 State 21, Spencer I7 liltminlieltl Z5 Sinitliville ,U Slmwsvvielt 23 Blnomingtun W ,Online 50 Nltiurexville 23 Martinsville 14 lieeeli Grove 30 lfllettsville 45 Stinesville ZS NX'.tldrun Z9 hlnsnnville li llrnvvnvtnxvn ill This year the Junior High did not fare so well, but they did all right for the size of the boys. The junior High had a new coach this year, Fred Mills. Mr. Mills came to University School from Ohio. The won, loss record of the team was, 2 wins and 8 losses. The Freshman team this year was under the coaching of George Berry. Mr. Berry is new at our school and he comes from Anderson High School. The freshman team played nine games. The team won one game while losing eight games. QIUNIOR HIGH I'mASKl?TliAI,l, Junior High Freslnnen K!li'1'ljllXf l'retl Mills. coach, louis Silverstein, l1l.lI1.1gCl'1 Danny Hodge, lU.ll1,1gCl'Q Ronnie Pfiller, .issistant coati Sfilfltlillxf l'red llollitli, Phil Lange, Dick Ream, Bobby Dodds. Paul lfllis. George Dunn. liill Hodges, Dick Ciillilintl I'-ill Spinggs 1 Stivers, Mike Ross, Phil T:.lg.ll1,B0lD Nellis. FRPSHMAN BASKIi'l'l5AI,l, KlIA'i'lfllvQ.' llolni NL'llI11.lllI!, I11.ll1.'lj,U'l'Q Dick Hudelson, Buddy Bruce, ,lohn Richardson, .lim Smith, Bill Marshi xt to llCI'l'Y,CU.'lCl1. Slilrlillllg: .Iohn Cilayton. Alamie llope, Bill lhyliff, tl. A. Tiranltlin, Phil Doty, Byron lhtlley, Don Stulmcli, john llat ts Slamliug: Tim W'ininger, Bill Robinson, Uan Bailey, Ted Moorman. KIIl'l'li7lXf George Berry, coach, Bob Diekernian, Steve FIULICHCY, Bill Ream Four years of building a cross country team were climaxed in the fall of 1951. The team swept through an undefeated season to the sectional championship. Not content with that, they went on to win second place in the state meet, topped only by Anderson, for the most successful season any Univee team has had during the school's history. The Univee's leader and pacer Tim Wininger, like the team, was undefeated Harriers Cop through the sectional and captured second in the state meet. The Harriers started the season by out- scrambling French Lick on the steep hills of the French Lick golf course, 22-33. The next week on the Rea Park sectional course in Terre Haute, the Univee Hill and Dalers swamped Concannon of Terre Haute, 18-37. The Univee Ridge runners opened their home season on the Cascades Golf Course by rocking Bloomfield by a perfect score, 15-41. The Univees swept across the finish in the first five places: Wininger and Robinson, Ream, Moor- man, and Bailey in that order. UHS next met Bloomington in a six-way meet. The Univees romped over the other five teams with ease. The scores were UHS, 25, BHS, 42, Gerstmeyer fTerre Hautej, 79, Columbus, 82, Bloomfield and Fil- more, 130. Again visiting the Rea Park course, the Univees ran in the annual pre-sectional meet at Terre Haute. UHS was victor- ious with 26 points and the others finish- ed in order: Wiley, 61, Pimento, 71, Gerstmeyer, 85, and Concannon, 93. Wininger, Robinson and Ream finished W ininger, Robinson lead the pack! Bailey finishes strong. i Ream crosses the line. Nioorman beats his man. Wininger wins the sectional. Coach Berry figures the score Second in State in that order with Moorman 9th and Bailey 11th. In the sec- tional the Univees captured the title with 37 points. The next nine places were: BHS, 74, Wiley, 1115 Gerstmeyer, 1133 Pimento, 1203 Jeff of Lafay- ette, 122, Frankfort, 1673 Fil- more, 170g Attica, 193 and Garfield. The state meet found the Univees in second place behind Anderson. The next six places in order were North Side Fort Wayne Qtied for secondj, Shortridge, Tech of Indiana- polis, and Muncie Central. The building process of the team has been aided by four different coaches in the past four years. This year's coach was Mr. Berry, who came to University school from Ander- son. Wrestling In their second year of wrestling, supervised -Q Q- On your mark! Get set! Off for a perfect score against Bloomfield. Four of this year's first five members, Tim Wininger, Bill Robinson, Ted Moorman, and Dan Bailey, are seniors. The one returning letterman, Bill Ream, will join with Steve Hoadley, Bob Dickerman, and Phil Doty to form a nucleus for next year's team. Bolfom row: Don Brown, Mackey MeRoberts. Dudley Appel- man and John McFall. T012 row: Dick Anderson, Buddy Sanders, Harold Ooley, and student coach, Ken Barnes. by Coach Gray, the Univees grappled in the sectional at Bloomington. Harold Ooley, wrest- ling at 133 pounds, placed thirdg W. R. Dunn copped a fourth at 128 poundsg and Buddy Sanders wrestled his way to fourth position at 96 pounds. Others on the team who wrestled in the sec- tional were Bill Seagers, John McFall, Dick Anderson, and Dudley Appelman. Charles Gas- ton didn't get to compete because of a broken ankle. Page sefuenfy-sevUL -an From' row: Charles Freeman, David Bucher, Walter South, Bob Dickerman, Larry Isom, Bob Stone, Bill Ream, jerry Isom, Dean Kingsbury, Jim Smith, Bob South. SUCOIIKI row: Don Goodwin, Kenny Robinson, Steve Hoadley, Harold Ooley, Ted Moorman, Warren Richardson, Bill Seagers, Cecil Ratliff, Byron Hadley, Bob Lake, John Smith, John Andrews. Tbiril row: Bill Andrews, Dan Bailcy, Dick Fender, Don Coller, Tim Wininger, Bill Robinson, Larry Ruddick, john Campbell, john Poling, Eddie Wilson, George McClain, Dave Robinson, Coach Walter Gray. Track Team Strong in Relays As the Jordannus goes to press it can carry only the hopes and the schedule of the '52 track team-its record has not yet been writ- ten! The hopes of the team are necessarily based on the results of the successful season of 1951. During that spring the track team added tro- phies to the school's collection from the Lin- ton, Washington, and Delphi Relays. Dual meet victims included Bedford, Martinsville, Returning lettermen are Bill Ream, miler, Tim Wininger, miler, who was defeated only once during the regular season in 1951 and placed third in the sectional, Ted Moorman, sectional champion in the broad jump, Dick Fender, sectional champion in the high jump, Bill Robinson, half-miler, sectional champion and third place winner in the regional, and Ed- die Wilson, quarter-miler. Robinson and Wil- son were members of the mile relay team which Won the sectional, placed second in the regional and fifth in the state meet. and Bloomfield. X Sfumliug: Ted Moorman, Tim XVin- inger, Bill Robinson, Dan Bailey. Firxi row: Dick Fender, lid Wilson, Bill Ream. Page seventy-e'iglzt During the '51 season Wininger set a new school record of 4:44.6 in the mile and Robin- son set new records of :53.1 in the quarter and 2:03.0 in the half mile. Bolstering the returning lettermen are a host of new comers including last year's freshman half-mile relay team which won trophies at Linton and Washington. With these prospects Coach Walter Gray hopes to continue his win- ning ways. This year the team participates in the Howe Relays, March 29, meets Bloomington April 10, ll goes to Linton Relays April 23, travels to Rose Poly for the Wabash Valley meet May 3, and enters the sectional May 9, regional May 17, and state meet May 24. Golf Frou! row: jim Stigall, john Hedges, Dick Hudclson, Buddy Bruce, Don Brown. Burlz row: Coach Bonsett, Jay Ellis, Dave McCracken, Ted Cadieu, Bud Wylie, jack Stanglc. W'iningcr lines up for the mile. Wilson grabs baton in state meet Robinson guts away in mile relay The '52 golf team was left with an entirely inexperienced group of players due to the graduation of all lettermen from last year. Only a few of the returning boys have had actual competition. The season opened with Linton on April 9 and was followed by meets with Bloomington, Sullivan, April 17: Gerstmeyer, April 194 Columbus, Martinsville, April 24: Washington, April 26, Garfield, May lg Bedford, May 8: Crawfordsville, May 155 and the sectional on May 17. The only boy out for the team and not included in the picture was W. R. Dunn. Executive Council Firxl row: Patty Hookey, sec.-treas.g Judy Krentler, pres., Phyllis Rich, vice-pres. Svrolnl vow: Luella McCammon, basketball and tumbling, Mary Bouvier, volleyball, Diane Cason, bowling, Judy Ross, softball, Nancy Johnson, specdball. Tlairil row: Mrs. Stewart, sponsor, Suzanne Keck, basketball and tumbling, Donna Baird, hockey and publicity, Priscilla Mitchell, track and archery, Nancy Hilliker, ping pong and deck tennis. Noi pirllrruzf: Anne Peterson, hockey and publicity. Upperclassmen G.A.A. The Girls' Athletic Association was organized in 1943 by Mrs. Doris Stewart and Mrs. Franklin. Mrs. Stewart is still its sponsor and supervisor. The G. A. A. was organized to get the girls more interested in sports. The sports which are offered throughout the year are softball, speedball, hockey, volleyball, bowling, basketball, deck tennis, ping pong, track, archery, and tumbling. Awards are given to members twice a year who have the required number of points. To become a member, one must have S0 points, additional points are given for participation in each sport. The number of points required for the numeral is 150, for the chenille "U" 300, and 500 for the gold key. The Executive Council is composed of the man- agers of different sports. They have meetings at which they plan the activities, social events, make rules, and discuss problems which have arisen. Every month, there is usually a social event which members and pledges attend. During the month of October, there was a Halloween party given in the recreation room of the school. ln the spring, there is a week set aside for rush week. Every day during this week, something is planned for the members to do. At the end of the week, a slumber party is held in the school gym. liirxl row: Kathleen Fagan, Donna Pless, Nancy Wiiiter, Alice Ann Hart, Patty Hookcy, Barbara Bere gevin, Nancy Johnson, Mary Ellen Bowers. Smvml row: Luella McCammon, Barbara Hopf, Roberta Fox, Mary Bouvier, Diane Cason, Frances Cassidy, Sybil Johnson. Third row: Jane Trumpy, Frances Taylor, Harlyne Hilliker, Judy Ross, Anita Stapleton, Phyllis Rich. Folrrllr row: Barbara Lee Crouch, Nancy Holland, Donna Baird, Kathy Moore, Suzie Keck, Kathy W'inslaff, Judy Ross. Iiiflli row: Carol Sarber, Anne Peterson, Margaret Edmondson, Jane Hicks, Priscilla Mitchell, Nancy Hilliker, Mary Lou Craig. 1 1' . ,V nxt!! . mx, b 15. :',,7,,'x -.-.3159 1 :--: ,N nf ,-M1 Zfllombi Payne "SeII the Clothes" East Side Sq BLOOMINGTON INDIANA Pho 4922 DRINK . In Bottles COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY K BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA W 1oWgijF My IOC slons , GN Ufiiwfy BRUMMETT'S PHARMACY Fountain - Cosmetics 1300 East Third Phone 7271 "Your Specialist In Sports" SOUTHERN SPORTING GOODS STORE 113 E. Fifth Phone 6093 THE VOGUE Fashions for Young Women East Side Square BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA DAY FUNERAL HOME 24-Hour Ambulance Service Telephone 6331 Stephen Campbell William Apple Page Pfghfy-thr P ght SUPERIOR LUMBER 8. BUILDING COMPANY 0 Millwork 0 Insulation 0 Roofing 0 Siding 0 Building Materials Phone 3210 MINTON BODY SHOP Complete Wreck Rebuilding 24-Hour Wrecker Service Phone 4931 and 7524 Night lSOM'S MARATHON SERVICE 1401 E. Third Phone 7969 BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA CAMPUS DRUGS Sundries Medicinal Supplies 1825 East Tenth Phone 5589 SUNSHINE CLEANERS Corner Fifth and Dunn Prompt Pickup and Delivery Service Jack and Virginia Smith Phone 7613 BLOOMINGTON U-DRIVE AND NEWS STAND Greatest Stock of Comic Magazines and Pocket Books in Bloomington Corner Fourth and College Phone 7120 DR. PEPPER BOTTLING CO. 1220 North College Phone 4646 THE GRIDIRON Good Food at CI Good Price 1434 East Third riglzfy Page eighty-six ALDENS 122 W. Sixth Street Phone 6855 BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA KAHN CLOTHING CO. "Kahns, The Place To Go For The Brands You Know' Men and Boy's Clothing South Side Square BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA BLOOMINGTON PAINT 8. WALLPAPER COMPANY Smith--Alsop Paints Complete Art Supplies North Side Square HANSON MOTOR Your Pontiac Dealer 1327 N. Walnut Phone 2-3321 BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA 7 WILES PHOTO SUPPLY Rapid Film Service Phone 3354 BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA RONE MUSIC CO. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS RECCRDS RECORD PLAYERS 10115 East Sixth Phone 3975 GODSEY'S SUPER MARKET Open Seven Days a Week 202 West 17th Street BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA ,-- -.l , 0 E112 Star Gunner 3339-I 1314.5 '-- mu f--- - vp IH00'Illl'IIgf0llyS Nationally Known TVPURIH Publishers-Commercial Printers Feltus Publishing Company, Inc. 106 EAST K1RKwooD Telephones 4000 and 7288 age eighty-seven I ,- :ff V ff 7 M I 52 ...', N ,x , fi lf :gf Ng, x ., 1 I ,ff fd! wilful Qtiffip' T,- yf' I LV E EAGLE ff 17 ag fp? ' 'J 1? aj T. ,f D 2, ff QL 'iff T1 WWW "Your Men's Store" 53, ' "1-yy -, ,gm 54 Zvi. y4Q W WEST SIDE SQUARE ' QL jf.. ' ff Best Wishes L 1 9 O, fff - , ff M K7 THE VARSITY STUDIOS Yearbook Pictures Phone 6031 10315 W. Kirkwood Best Wishes H. E. Mackey YOUR DEPENDABLE SHOE STORE : l I , . - 122 North Walnut CANTOL WAX PRODUCTS COMPANY In Every Kind Belt Wax In Liquid, Of Industry Paste or Bars Best Wishes, Seniors Thomas L. Lemon, Owner 17th Sz COLLEGE BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA P g eighty-eight QED' "For The Gifts You'l1 Give With Pride, - , Let Your Jeweler Supplies For , , B Y G 'd " All Bullcllng Needs e our ul 6 COOPER'S JEWELRY 4- -1- -1- 121 East Kirkwood For The Finest 337 South Madison In Jewelry Phone 7208 Phone 2-2793 BLOOMINGTON c. R. BARTLETT'S NATIONAL BANK MARKET A Member Of The "Good Things to ECT" Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Across Third Street From UNIVERSITY SCHOOL 1310 E t Th' d 104 East Kirkwood as lr Phone 2-2197 P .11 yhty WOOLERY STONE CO. Inoliana Limestone LAUNDROMAT HALF-HOUR LAUNDRY Do Your Washing While You Shop 417 East Kirkwood THE GABLES The Campus Meeting Place 1 14 South Indiana HEDRICK'S D-X SERVICE STATION Road Service Firestone Products 1320 East Third Phone 6424 FELL IRON AND METAL CO. Dealers in Scrap Iron, Rags, Paper, and Metals Established 1917 North Rogers - Phone 6884 7fze 7Uic4A ea. BIoomingIon's Department Store Since 1876 WTTS 1370 WTTV I0 Sports B1oomington's News Television Drama Pioneer Music It Pays To Play With Sports Equipment From UNIVERSITY SPORTING GOODS "The Sportsmerfs Headquarters" 200 North Walnut Phone 9573 lofi! WTWM MN PENNEY'S The Newest and Best in Styles For the Teen-Age Crowd The Store that Thrift Built 115 N. College Ave. THE CHATTERBOX For The Treat That Can't Be Beat A Special Every Day Across Third From University School Your First Thought In Dairy Products JOHNSON CREAMERY CO. Dependable Milk Products Since 1912 Page uinefy-two law S Lf' W , M593 wlagfo' t5,,AN""Wfi0p A ,.M'v' MODERN CLEANERS 24 HOUR SERVICE Loba "Jack" Bruner Wendell Brown 112 East Third Nlfll A""'f'l-Z" ff .fv-t , . wr' . ,ff ' if .fffVff"-9K -ff' A READ THE T171 Eailp Iiaeralh Qielepbone First in Bloomington f For 0 Sports 0 Funnies 0 Local-State-National and World-Wide News 0 Thought Provoking Columns -h o Style-Value-Living Ideas t l in the Advertising Q, f . of s 9 ' - g . t I Z 1 My Mmfgmws cuPBoARD 1 more 6 . JD 5g,jjyjJSp3:iUi1gEdivery Phone 5780 49 09 X W 424 East Kirkwood Ave. Mb' Best Wishes To The Class of 1952 A CK I Big enough Io SAVE you looney .. Iwo BIG Stores 0 BEDFORD: Ph, 3375 O BLOOMINGTON: Ph, 23230 Small enough 10 apprggiatg ygufhugingg Southern Ir1dic1ncx'S LARGEST Home Outfitters! ON THE NORTH SIDE OF THE SQUARE Page ninety-three ur0 ra4 S WQYV ' ag? if QSQSEW' Gigi! Q iii? igg Qyfy gfEK4QEi? QS iy5Sp X . Fymwkjjygg SES? xy MMG Q Sf M UMD 'ai 0- , . " w QV W f Y ' . fQyf?ffMlMWM?Sfy aff My MW A Q1 JU M , PM 5 Q! , A M K 1'I,'fQi"l'Ifi'ZLTZQ.F'3f'Zff Qwyyx A M?mQwm5g 1 5 ,A 3 J M! W ,N W f 1 if Harry lflllxon ajmd Sons, lfxchm , I-ndla a r UV gil, U D Varsxty Studxos, Bloomm t , India . df! i 1 p' x up . Page ninety-fourw JU' , ' j x., n 4 v -R, ' ' ' ' . . V 1-. f 1. . -. , 4, 1 E .'. M. W . Q .11 .Q i ' -2 1 . 1 . 1 f 'J ' 1 ..- -, , , v kt., , g x r of lc.- " .Na w x K 4-Q, 4:2 ,-.r"g-4'."Jn- K 1.35: iviibq 3' 7.1 ' -',.x.. x v Y 5 a -. A 1 Ju A Z,mWWf,g5gz-ffm E ix K, Y Milk ffff ,V ,,.. , T f ' 1 f f' A ,, 5 Lk ,,.,, E Q, .K Q.-TT. .f,f!, f 1 -.fn V A M Ag L - I K ' ' ' f 9 ,,.. L , V ' x 5 5 ' W www g,.Q if HI, W-T' xg' ' QWM gb Zi. Ewa, F, iglffi :LFG M aa:-L,. fp-3. QL , Q g,,,,,,.,,5 OS' X . V ,15- t 'f .No--49-1 BNw.,.S...,..,,.LJ . 9 1 l g, -b...Xm'u'i3i.S1'T M qw H 2, X wk .,..:xh-mu 3 .tx 93.5 .,Q.Q3e.,..'Ys N5.,.,,,,,.Q.c,g . q QA 'US-90 +'-'Kb fab- 1 0'Q"Q-'-Q5-"" -WW -'+L'-W QM Q 'i Nw- sf ...L a-v-x.9- i Qj 3 5551: 52 G24 N : X Q Q 555 2532 fi MQW Wfimiwg' 4""fff"Lw-wtfwM1 WJ 4, I 9WQy1Q?-J, WA 'g'fc-vfvytluiflwfafclr,-,z..,w. ,ZazJLm.- FALL. :vga yn. ms. , M26 A 2'WQf3m""W R331 H g,f22fif+1fgf b ' W' gi?-an ' Tab QQ ia QQ'-J Kei? if: ff ff WWW lff U o 7oQ4,wiW7lf1j gf 'WVQRW iii 'rfimtj E wigfhgp - Q - Lam If ' Zigffia SEQ MQW M -' - ,X WE., fs Aiixgi Mfmafg gfgif EE i'4ifQf f n My Mm 7 . , WJ. -H.s,3 AJ 0, 1:12911 ' fm vim 'Jff 9 Q Q Q QV? Rflf MW wo, yOsyyMZ3VMff"' 655.17 , My mmm E mQ6?f9i?J fum S3 S3232 gig 3 Q Sl im ' X f,i,"ff?f

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University High School - Jordannus Yearbook (Bloomington, IN) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


University High School - Jordannus Yearbook (Bloomington, IN) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


University High School - Jordannus Yearbook (Bloomington, IN) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


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