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 - Class of 1951

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A bel , 5 Q' W bv 55 1:5563 .V 'S ,V it xajjiwfvllb? 332 QS' 131 32 f N" 5 nys? , 3' K X ,x x -5' x 4 '75 Sw. ' 5' Vx 15 X ja 'af-15 ciabgfa -S' Ww9k'RQ' , r L E s E 1. r f J mjllbwp' Q71 lfgx Qemf xQCW1W Mf6f Wf gjpyffj Vx fQjjx!rf1:f!jWjjXJJ'iU W M inf! ff a . X 1, 1,, , f-, 1 ww ' rf' AJ: A 1 ,,, ' H-I? ' 1 L Q , 1 I K 1 , 7, X Y mm- ff b fi' I J I. ' ,Ili ,UK rw -ff ,fg ff g, f -,f 1 xml ,?A7.?.f rv-f"4' , ' .mm ,. ,'.-,H X M4 fy' H w f M ,Y .v f' ' H - 'f ,, , . I , ,N ' ,, .N f ' ' X A fx- V- -f f1f X. , X ,fi , N: if K , X .JV f I V 5 I , .-f,Y,,.,-f,,, , V . ,A,,,.5Vo , , v, . A '. -, ' ' Q ' X L3 f ' 4 ,Y if 'J JL. ,,. .v wff' 1, , 1 --'Lfid x,,, ff E P 19 L . s We . H F . 1 N . QT3 I N. .XX . X. i xx' H O' I . , QQ Y E f -5 . RY 2 jf X ' ff- , -t if n, 4, - 2 CA V if Vi A L f,yfQ!1 J 5,,, , J . 3. -' Q? W1 ,f ,lpafy up Lf' ' A fx "'- 4 , ff ,mf ,yfgah xt. -if .V 'Y A. :T 1"- U A, N A Y I xl, I if fig , ,, . ,,f,X,L. ., ,,,l ,, ,fy-, A, 1 J H ,, .4 X ,J ,. 4, ,NT in I, !M,AH, 71,5 ,,wu,L,f , , ,V 7. , .,, ' . It pn Nw, xr ,v,,, , , ff-'23 X 'V ff'f'QX71 W' 'LJ 571' H Rf' ' 1 ' U A T ' f I I U I l.g f lwl sAfkl,f fy 7 L f Ka 4 f f bf R f 1 J A f I Q f it E FR L rw ,K . L yi, fif " V if ' ' f' 1 1 i 5, lfw L 3 f V J f Q University Hgh School -S Bloomlhgton, Indzkzna x! R .L, - m o ,ff If pf' , Lf ,' , f 3 3 3 E N 3 ig w 0 Ei 5 2 f X N mf g - Ms X ? Ns N v iv: X fi 3 5 S hx ii' Xxx X E f Q, Q 1 ,ef X Q XY fgx y ri-. A , V Q3 , MN' .1 'wwf , f .. , w if Nil N 5 i use .Www e , .5 I gd- L4 Vx 5,151 ,WPA Div Q gage. 7 ff , ,So .. 9 ,J ll, H W U ,rf f L ' " V " mfr" L-f X NX 'A kilt i5L!x!NLL!MJ2 tff ,s bill, .541 4 rjfdb I K AZ LLNJ 2 ff,lK'il1 f VAFYWNIQQ .Liga i 1 , gf -f, K UVi2iff'X 9 ian.. 5 Tu' 6 e is I9 1 The Jn-a'annus az- . .. University A new school, a dream fulfilled. Thirteen years ago our school was built. Now with the addition of a new Wing, the structure is completed. We are proud to display our beautiful building to all those who chance to visit it. From Within these walls, hosts of graduates have left to become success- ful leaders in the world. Although they are scattered far apart, each will harbor those certain memories from their glori- ous high school days. Here are the faculty, seniors, classes, sports, and activities. They are recorded for you in this book to remember when they, too, are but memories. High School ' Bloomington, Indiana I Page three K2 mf W WM M ik Xi .03 X in is YQ Page four "'J"',M8l ' 3 After eleven, twelve .ind mhirrccn years at U-School, these fivc SUl'li0r5 ICQIVC thcir QCIIOUI Kl1rOUgh thc JOOYY of :IIC newly-completed south wing. ,pa-li - Ch00 and . .the bustle of Paul's not bashful when it comes to havin' his cords sivncd I 1- 5 by cute seniors. .Si .U New teachers discuss coming events for their first actlwhlies as Siigfiwi year at S sir 151 SL: s fl? C100 "Three spades!" "Have any cokes?" The rec room is a favorite hangout. Page five I I fy, p j ,A 43 Lui Mflyhgjlfg snyjf UNL 'Pi ip fi i" J i , M f I I i L 1 .xx ,f f ' 1 i ' x, X, f I i , i J Q ' X V K i V , J. V A09 P VU 1 r X M M yqpf P ii JLYKWM jf ii Inf MV K vi il Xl , A 4. A Oi Iiy- iw 'W X M X x r fl L X i , A L R. ,J NV Nm " v Q' ,nl ' f i .1 i Nl! 7' if N ' 4 I f i f ' 41 ,J f , . rt- M f iii 'H ix of NX fd Nh O ' l AWN i X W J , X all A X i i K Page six "Wherc's my physics book?" Do you rcally think lhcy can find it, Charlie? k'h00l Cl . he seltlin Harvey docsift seein to like thc paddle Marilyn "Pocahontas" Crouch is ,giving him during the jordnnnus uunvu. Ms '1 'W "HI ,qi "PW A ,,.,? 3. -.Q W.,- M., Q.- 'wa Thy eighth wondnr of the world a quut mdustrnoua study Dwnded attcntion betweun thc ph0to5.,r.1ph1.r md :In I of meat loaf mashed potatocs and Armen beans W1 X. 1 u, K Qi i N 1 X Q V l 3.1 , 2 . ,5 ll l x f fs X? xxx ' V Ny ? ll 6' Xi 6-1 l 1 X i is .r-. 2 y 5 X? , D if Q x xl! ix 5 X Q , X, y i ii 7 x' Q ll S. I i ix lx I - ' fl x 1 1 ' Y .A Q -7, wigs ll s I 'Q 4' it X . Q ' ' ,x ' Xi , K SN. lx. L. 2 1 N 5 ax' x 6 5255 Buddic and lioddy are cnjpying ll Qokc over at Brummstfs ' Kg. - X after zu date. fcddy, looks like Susie is hungry for something, X wb wx too. 5 D - 3s.,,,x-3 - C 00 ...acaen ar X I d M u , X " . N. ,Q In , K, 2 if s IQ Q kg. ' -s , Y N 4- 5 Q Ne X , ii Q , fi, f N X 5 X 5 - '- . Nix X X gQKA7lT,'l'U in x ,q x -1 . 1' . K ix :Y Q ek B' s 'S , X X N' w X' , , 5 f-Us X 3 'ii :H 1 SW T if x- - I Wi X-Q' .Mn A His Majesty Andrew Pierson and Her Royal Highness Roberta . J ,V lk X Full reigning over the 1950 Penny Carnival. U X W 7 R . ' if , Payne night 0 'Q X , Q'Guurd 'cm, guys!" "Please don'r let tlmum wore!" "Gut thc ball!" 'P' ffm!" fi "- 1' L l fly If' 'nj " P: D Qlm2fl5Qf M W awww pzfrr J., - . . . ., m. . l .. A M M Q img? 1' Smilc fellows! Decorating for ilu: sophomore Llancc with six girls c:m't be that bad. Page Nino Page ten Why shouldn't we be happy? We've just received our 'SZ class rings. - Ch00l and. . . the special Queen Mary Beth Stapleton and King Paul Adams smile racliantly after being crowned at the junior Prom by their predecessors, Mary Lynn Stone and Bob Briscoe. iff' 1 gk I A typical Senior party with plenty of sandwiches, plenty of cokcs, and plenty of good fun. moments weill lon remember At last, the long awaited time has come! In just a few moments these two Seniors and seventy-one others just like them will march up the aisle and receive their diplomas. Page eleven, lfiliyillmle WP M University School an KW A school becomes what it is through the combined efforts of the students and fac- ulty. The men and women oi our faculty are a most important factor in molding the present and future lives of the stu- dents. Their high standard for scholar- ship and their interestin the character of the individual make our teachers invaluable in the preparation of U-School Youth. e fut NXj9 hw x X co ore se e isyilli-:Sir - sf? Q Y QS WW ete ea shi MW Nljf sf ,rf sh a l Faculqf e fb .W Qsiif fawfffiss Siggiffif M -1-ga Firxl Rolf: Miss Martha jane Rixscr, Miss Ruth Alexander and Dr. Otto Hughes. Scroml Raw: Mr. A. Dale Allen, Mr. Mark Muffin, Dr. Virgil Schoolcr and Mr. Ben Iirvin. Dr. W. W. Wright, Dean, University. ADMINIS T RA T I ON School of Education 1 Indiana Page fourteen The administrators of our school are trained in managing the problems of school life. They must be responsible for smooth operation of the school program. Striving to cooperate in every Way with the students, they build friendly relationship among faculty and students. Wendell W. Wright, Dean of the School of Education, has been Working with the University School since 1946. He is very interested in our school and has done much to improve it. English, Social Studies Departments Siuzfeilz Mrs. Dorothy Kollmeier, Miss Josephine Spear, Miss Maysel Baker, Miss Ingrid Strom, Miss Martha plane Risser, Mrs. Juanita Green. Slumliug: Mr. Shirley lingle, Mr. Alwyn Cartier, Mr. Calvin Deam, Mr. Eugene Oliver, Mr. Kenneth B. Thurston, Mr. Ben lfrvin, Music, Art Departments Svuliwl: Mr. Henry Busehe, Miss Caroline Furbay. Sfamliug: Mrs. Stella Dickerman, Miss Ann Haller, Mr. Robert Brennan. Page fifteen Science, Math Industrial, Commercial Arts lfirxf Knut Mr. Prevo Wliitaker, Mrs. Rebecca Ibison, Mr. Luft lu Rigbl: Mr, Dean Mnlslmry, Mr. Ifdgnr Stnlll. Mr. Phillip Peak. Robert Huxol. Miss Charlotte Henderson. not pictured. Sl'f'1lVI1l Row: Mr. Vl'.iyne Gross, Mr. jack Munscc, Mr. A. l'rycu Noe, Mr. Smitli, Mr. Robert Vollmnr. Physical Education l5ir,iI Ron 1 Mrs. Doris Stew- art Mrs. lhrlmrii Kiildalil. Siwnlil' Karr: Mr. XV ll l t e r Gray, Mr. Glen llonsett, Dr. Virgil Scliooler. Page sixteen Health and Language Luft 10 Rigbl: Miss Marcella Knudsen, Miss Joyce Konzel- Miss Ruth Alexander and Miss Virginia Kruse. nun, Dr. Ray Borland, Mrs. Lucille Spencer. Office Staff and Cooks S ' ,ri Mrs. Marilyn Wasnmuth, Mrs. Elisaberh Murnan, Mrs. Lefl lo Right: Mrs. Rhoda limpson, Mrs. Nettie Richard. Cecillc Kaska. son, Mrs. Olive Waiiipler, Mrs. Emma Wl1aley'. Page seventeen In jc zzghfc , , 0 WM ' Law-0 ifvjwfff' ' AZJSZMZK. MA .45 W-ws' fmwfefwmf , fer' LZ Jlwm, ' ,4,ymst-yea a' , ' ,Av-40' f 6 it comes, ts a ss 1 y v F Z4 4442 1 i f 1054956 0,1456 jare on just memorie . Wi the W ding ' .- 1 R ff gfct last diploma, olci friends art and , 41,0 . 1 I M ,J-011411 h 1or ste s out 1nt t e World. 1 . W ' ' 7 f W ongare se Qr ords, the n ccgrmal I nces, the ass meetings, the y, , , .. ' I A I fl ' M e ar ies a ro . e r tu p t , h p x i f f , ,awww - name, , b t e c ass o 5 as .fa-Z'444NUl-AJ 1 -f-u-2- Q41-J Q .fzFU'i.24J , hi- fl' ,, .J-a-fob! 34:46. h f' "4"-lvgfb. ll Z swf I' 6740 Class of 251 Page twcn ty "l haf un idea!" QQuick, the towel! J PAUL ADAMS-Varsity Basketball 3, 45 Choral Club 3, 45 Varsity Football 45 junior Class Treasurerg Pro- jectors Club l, 25 Prom King5 Sophomore Councilg Varsity Track 3, 4: U-Men's Club 3, 4, President 4. WILLIAM JAMES ALLMAN-Basketball 1. 2, 5. Vitr- sity 45 Football 2, 3, Varsity 45 Varsity Golf I, 2, 3, 45 Gymnastics Club l, 25 Choral Club 2, 35 Science Club 3, 45 U-Mcn's Club 2, 3, 4. PHYLLIS JEAN AYRFS-lintcred school sophomore year from Delphi, Indian.i5 Band 2, 3, 45 Choral Club 45 FHA 2, 3, Treasurer 35 GAA 45 Orchestra 3, 4. RICHARD MAX BARCIQR-Projectors Club I, 2, 3, 4. MAX -I, BIZATTY-Varsity Paaslxetball 3, 45 Choral Club 45 Varsity Football 2, 3, 45 Gymnastics Club I5 Projectors Club 2, 35 Varsity Track l, 45 U-Men's Club 3, 4. THOMAS GRICGS PQPRNDT-Clioral Club 45 Cross Country 45 Games Club 35 "Seventeenth Summer." WILLIAM F. BOXVEN-Cross Country l5 journalism Club 25 Latin Club I5 Library Club 25 Senior Service Club 35 Student Council Z, 3, Outstanding Member 3. MARJORIF BOYD--GAA 2. 3, 45 Games Club 3, 4: Guinea Pig Tales Staff 3, 4, Art liditor 45 -lordannusg Tennis Club 25 Typing Club 2. BETTY LOU ISROXVN-Choral Club 25 PHA 3, 45 GAA 35 Typing Club 1. PAUL li. BRUMMICTT-Basketball I. 2. Varsity 3, 45 Choral Club l, 2, 3, 45 Chorus 25 Cross Country 35 Varsity Football 45 Student Council 35 U-Men's Club 4. IRMA L. CHITNWOOD-Blue Tri 35 Choral Club 25 FHA 45 Typing Club l. RAY BURCH-Wfithdrew -lanuary, 1951. MARSHA BORTON CLARK-Withdraw January, 1951. JACK F. CONLEY-Entered school sophomore year from Bedford, Indianag Basketball 2, 35 Varsity Foot- ball 3, 45 Varsity Track 2, 3, 45 U-Men's Club 3, 4, Treasurer 4. BETH COPELAND-Choral Club 25 FTA 3, 4, Vice- President 45 GAA 1, 2, 3, 45 Jordannus. BOB COX-Basketball I, 25 Gymnastics Club 1, 2, 35 Projectors Club l, 45 Radio Club 15 Track l. JOHN C. CRAIG-Varsity Basketball 3, 45 Football 2, Varsity 3, 45 Projectors Club I, 3, 45 Sophomore Council5 Student Council 15 Track 1, Varsity 3, 45 U-Men's Club 3, 4. MARILYN SUI5 CROUCH-Choral Club 2, 3, 45 Chorus 2, 45 Student Council l. CHRISTOPHER M. DAVIS-Basketball 2, 35 Choral Club 45 Cross Country 2, 3, 45 Projectors Club I, 2, 35 "Seventeenth Summer." PATRICIA DISTELHORST-Chorus 3, 45 GAA I, 2, 3, 4, Ifxee. Council 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 35 jordan ,lesters l, 2, 3. 4, Thespian 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4, jordannus5 National Honor Society 3, 4, Secretary 35 Senior Class Vice-Presidentg "Seventeenth Summerg' Student Council 3, 45 Yell Leader l. 2, 3, 4. BARBARA A. DOLLFNS-FHA 45 Photography Club 25 Typing Club 3. GEORGE LICO DOUGLAS-Football 35 Games Club 45 Gymnastics Club Z, 3. HARVEY DUKIi-Agriculture-Sportsman Club 45 Book Club 25 Typing Club I. CHARLES ROBERT ELLIS-Cross Country 25 Foot- ball 3, Varsity 45 journalism Club 2, 35 Quad 2, 3, Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, Vice-President 45 Student Council l, 2, 3, 45 U-Nlen's Club 4. fic .J C ass of bl "Buy H J isft 1 mmm new!" 1' Page tivvnfy-one Class of 51 yr llwnly-f um Surprised, Greg? Seniors won't bi NANCY I,IiIi IQLLIS-Illue Tri I, Choral Club Z, FHA 3, GAA I, 2, 3, 4, Games Club 4, vlournalivn Club 3, Quad 3, 4, Iixcliange liditor 4. NI. STUART ISMRY, IR.--Choral Club 2, Ifoolball 2, Varsity 3, 4, Captain 4, hlordannus, Science Club I, 2, 3, 4, Senior Claxs President, "Seventeenth Summer," Student Council 4, Varsity Track Z. 3, 4, U-lVIen's Club 3, 4, Vice-President! 4. NANCY LOU IVLNIIQR-Choral Club I, 1, 3, Gainex Club 4. VIRGINIA Llfli IJARMIQR-Ifntered school iunior year from St. Mary-of-tlie-Wfoods, Indiana, Chorux 3, 4, IJIIA 3 -I, GAA 4. CARO . ,IZABIi'I'H Flflf-lllue Tri 1, I7-I'A 3, ' y 3, President 4, GAA I, Z, 3, 4, Latin WW Z ROIIISRTA IfI'il.l.-Blue Tri I, Carnival Chr, 3, Carnival Queen 3, GAA I, 2, 3, 4, lixee. Council 4, jordan ilesters I, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4, ,Iournaliwni Club 3, Vice-President 3, Quad 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Vice-President -I, Sophomore Council. PAULA LUCILLIQ I3IlL'I'USvIfntered School sopho- more year from Tudor Hall, Indianapolis, Chorus 4, jordan Alesters 2, 3. 4, Tliespian 3, 4: ,lournalism Club 2, 3, Quad 2. 3, 4, Advertiaing Mgr. 3, Chief Copyreader 4. XVILIIELMINA SUIC IIQX-Iland 2, 3, 4, Choral Club 2, FTA 3, 4, President 3, Secretary 4, GAA Z, 3, 4, Orchestra I, 2, 3. 4. NAOLA RAIC GOBIQRT-Choral Club Z, 3, FHA 4, GAA 3, 4, Typing Club I. I KAY WYNN tsouv-uiukl. ' i Choral Club 1, GAA I, 2, 3, 4, Gaines CIILJ , 4,X Iournalism Club X 3, Quad 3, 4. WILLIAM GRIQICNWOOD-Withdrew, March. 1931. CAROL ANN HAGAN--Choral Cub 2, Chorus 4, Fencing Club 2, GAA I, 2, 4, -Iordan -levers 41 Quad Z, 4. mi. .. jACK ARTHUR HAMMANN-Basketball 1. Z, 3. Mgr. 45 Choral Club 3, 45 Cross Country 15 Varsity Football Z, 3, 45 Games Club 35 Gymnastics Club I5 Photography Club Z5 Quad 3, 45 Sophomore Council5 Varsity Track 3, 45 U-lVlen's Club 3, 4. -IOHN A. HIQARN-Biology Club 3, 45 jordannus5 Projectors Club I, 25 Science Club l, 2, 3, 45 "Seven- teenth Summer." MARGARIZT HOADLIQY-Blue Tri I5 GAA I. 2- 3, 4, Iixec. Council Z, 3, 45 jordan jesters l, 2. 3, 4, Treasurer 3, President 4, Thespian 3, 45 jordannus5 Senior Class Secretary5 Sophomore Councilg Student Council I. 3, 4. SARAHLU HO'I'TIfL-lintered school senior year from Broad Ripple High School, Indianapolis, IYILIILIIILIQ Games Club 45 National Ilonor Society 3, 4. MAURICIAI D. HUGHES-Basltetball Mgr. 35 00t- ball Mgr. 3, 45 Gymnastics Club I, 2. 3, 45 U-Men's Club 3, 4. KATI-II.Iil'iN HUNSAKPR-Clxoral Club 25 FHA 3, 45 GAA 35 Typing Club I. jOAN jIiNKIN-Blue Tri I5 GAA I, 2, 3, 4, Exec. Council 45 jordan jesters l, 2, 3, 4, Thespian 2, 3, 4, Secretary-'lircasurer 45 jordannus5 journalism Club 3, President 35 Quad 3, 45 Quill and Scroll 3, 45 "Seventeenth Summerg" Sophomore Council5 Student Council I. RUTH KIOHNSON-Chorus I, 3, 45 FHA l, 2, 3, 4, President 3, VicefPresit.lcnt 45 jordannus5 junior Class Sccrctary5 National Honor Society 3, 45 Student Council Z, 3, 4, Vice-President 4, Policy Council 4. BRYANT KINGSBURY-Cross Country 3, 45 jor- dannus5 journalism Club 3, President 35 Quad 3, 45 Science Club l, 2, 3, 4, President 3, 4: Student Council 45 Varsity Track 2, 3, 45 U-Men's Club 3, 4, Secretary 4. AI.I3liRT LYNN KUNZ-Basketball I5 jordan jesters 3. 45 journalism Club Z, 35 Quad 3, 4, Sports liditor 45 "Seventeenth Summer5" Varsity Track 3. PATRICIA LOUISE LANAM-Choral Club l, Z, 3. 45 Chorus 2, 3, 45 GAA I. PIQGGY LICGIHR-Entered school sophomore year from Carmi High School, Carmi, Illinois5 GAA 2, 3, 45 Games Club 3, 45 jordannus5 journalism Club 35 Latin Club 2, President 25 Quad 3, 45 Sophomore Council. i , Ilow does he rate? Class 0 f Page Iwmzfy-fllree Class' of 351 llf' tl"'l'l'!l'f"Nl' e llearn Hare WILLIAM LUNA-Entered school senior year from Colegio Central America, Granada, Nicaragua. WILLIAM O. IVIENGO-Enteretl school sophomore year from Broad Ripple Iligh School, Intlianapolis, Indiana, Basketball 3. Varsity 4, Varsity Football 3, 4, Gymnastics Club 2, Projectors Club 3, 4, Varsity Track 3, 4, U-lVIen's Club 3, 4. PEGGY Al. PENNINGION-Entered school senior year from Nvartl-Iielmont, Nashville, Tennessee, hlour- nalism Club 4, Vice-President 4, Quail 4. ANNE M. PETERSEN-Class of 'il ANURIQVV L. PIERSON-Carnival King 3, Basket- ball Nlgr. 2, Varsity Football 4, .Iordan -Iesters 2, 3, 4, ilordannus, junior Class President, Projectors Club I, 2, Science Club I, Sophomore Council, Student Council 2, 3, 4, President 4, Policy Council 4, U- Men's Club 4. HARVEY S. POLING-Golf 3, 4, Alortlan .lesters 2, 3, 4, ilihespian 3, 4, Proiectors Club I, 2. BARBARA POOLITSAN-Blue Tri I, Chorus 3, 4, GAA I, 2, -Iordannus, junior Class Vice-President, Sophomore Council, Student Council I. RUSALIA E. KEY-I.3illtt.l 2, 3, 4, Blue 'Iiri I, GAA I, 2, 3, 4, Gainesvqhlb-'33, 4, ,lournalisin Club 3, Latin Club 2, QIYHJ 3, 4, Orchestra Z, 3, Student Council I, Qz! -IEAN LOUISE ROGERS-Pmlue Tri I, Chorus l, GAA l, 2, 3, 4, Exec. Council 2, .3, 4, jordan .Iesters I, 2, 3, 4, Thcspian 1, 4, jordannus Editor, journal- ism Club 2, Secretary 2, National Honor Society 3, 4, Quad Z, 3, 4, Business Mgr. 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 3. 4, Secretary 4, "Seventeenth Summer," Sophomore Council, Typing Club 4, V.1ledictori.ln, ROSELENE P. SARBICR-Chorus 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4, I'I'IA 2, 3. 4, Secretary 3. Treasurer 4, GAA I, 4. ISETTY -IO SCROGGINS-Choral Club 2, IJIIA 3, 4, Typing Clulu I. BARBARA -I. SHRADER-Entered sehool senior year from Starltville Iligh School, Starltville, Miss- issippi, GAA 4: Grimes Cluh 4. SHIRLEY ANN SIETSMA-Choral Club 1, 23 Chor- us l, 2, 3, 43 GAA l, 2, 3, 43 jordan jesters 3, 4. VIRGINIA CAROL SIMPSON-Band l: Blue Tri l3 FHA 3, 43 GAA 1, 2, 3, 43 Guinea Pig Tales, lid- itor 43 jordannusg journalism Club 23 Orchestra 13 Quad 2, 3, 43 Quill and Scroll 3, 4, President 43 Sen- ior Class TYCSSUYCFQ "Seventeenth Summer." jOAN SMITH-Blue Tri l. 2, Treasurer 23 Chorus 2. 43 FHA 3, 4, Parliamentarian 33 GAA 1, 2, 3, 4, President 43 Student Council 23 Yell Leader 3, 4. ANN KAY SPANGLER-Band I, 2, 3, 4: FHA 33 FTA 43 GAA Z, 3, 43 Latin Club 23 Orchestra l, 2, 3, 43 Sophomore Couneilg Typing Club 1. LIQW D. SPANGLFR-Agriculture-Sportsman Club 3, 4, President 3, 43 Gymnastics Club 13 Projectors Club 2. MARY BETH STAPLFTON-Choral Club 2, 3, 4. President 33 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, President 43 GAA l, 2, 3, 4, Fxec. Council 2, 33 junior Prom Queen3 "Seventeenth SUl'l'Il'HCl'Qn Student Council 1, 2, 3, Outstanding Member 23 Yell Leader I, 2, 3, 4. NANCY TALBOT-Blue Tri I3 Choral Club 33 GAA l, 2, 3, 43 Games Club 33 Guinea Pig Tales 3, 43 jordan jestert 43 journalism Club 23 Quad 2, 3, 4, Feature Editor 3, Managing Editor 4, Editor 43 Quill and Scroll 3, 43 "Seventeenth Summer." RODERICK H. TURNER-Entered school sopho- more year from Takoma Park High School, Wash- ington, D. C.3 Varsity Football 43 Golf 3, 43 jordan- nus3 journalism Club 23 Quad 33 Science Club 2, 3, 43 "Seventeenth Summer3" Student Council 4. CARL A. WALLACE-Entered school junior year from Madison, Indiana3 Cross Country 43 journal- ism Club 33 Science Club 4. SUSAN jANE WALLACF-Blue Tri 13 Choral Club 33 GAA I, 2, 3, 4, Fxec. Council 43 Games Club 3, 43 Guinea Pig Tales 3, 4, Fditor 43 journalism Club 23 Quad 2, 3, 4, Chief Copyreader 3, Manag- ing Ifditor 4, Iiditor 43 Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Treas- urer 4. MARCIA jANE WELLS-Blue Tri 13 Choral Club Z, 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 33 GAA l, 2, 3, 43 "Seventeenth SUIXIITIEYQU Student Council 2, 4. DAVID A. WINDSOR-Argiculture-Sportsman Club I3 Gymnastic Club 23 Proiectors Club 2, 33 Sopho- more Council. ANNF DARYL MARSHALL-Entered school senior year from W. H. Lynch Senior High School, Amsterdam, New Yorlt3 GAA 43 jordan jesters 43 Nation- al Honor Society 4, Treasurer 4. Nol Pii'11H'r'J: William Frederick Wenz- laff-Fntered school second semester from Bloom Twp. High School, Chicago, Illi- nois. Mrs. Phyllis Becker-Entered school second semester. 7 Class of Page taifvrzty-j'i11P Seulril: jean Rogers, Carol Simpson, joan ilenkin, Stuart limry. Sfamlingz Rod Turner, Bert Kunz, Pat Distelhorst, Mary , Stapleton, john Hearn, Marcia Wells, Kit Davis, Nancy Tal- bot, Tom Berndl. M eventeenth ummerw The presentation of the senior play was an important event of our last year of high school. With the combined efforts of everyone in the class the play was a complete success. This play was centered around Angie Mor- row. In her "Seventeenth Summer" Angie had her first date sailboating with jack Duluth, the bakery delivery boy. Most of their dates were routine onesg but through the medium of the everyday and the ordinary, their affection for each other grew. They met interference cllil' fill' llll' IHUIICY, IVVO fill" YITC Sl10VN', fl1I'CC to gEt ready. from Jane, an old girlfriend of Jack's, and a misunderstanding developed. Also involved in the plot were the antics of Angie's ten year old sister, Kitty, and the trials and tribulations of her two older sisters, Mar- garet and Lorraine. After many laughs, tears, and misunder- standings, Angie left for college. Boarding the train, she realized that nothing would ever be as wonderful as that "Seventeenth Summer." Cast Angie .... ,- , ..,,,. . ..,,,l Joan Jenkin Margaret ...... Nancy Talbot Lorraine ,.r. .. Mary Beth Stapleton Kitty .rrr .,.rr Mrs. Morrow Mr. Morrow Jack .... i . Art .... Martin Tony Margie .,,,r jane , ,..r ,, Fitz Carol Simpson Marcia Wells Kit Davis Stuart Emry . Tom Berndt John Hearn Rod Turner Jean Rogers Patty Distelhorst rr v.r,r Bert Kunz U CHOO A D M MORIES With the flashing of senior cords and heads tilted a degree higher than ever before, we step- ped into our new roles of "sophisticated sen- iors." We made elaborate plans for the year and then watched them unfold. Our class officers assumed their duties. Danc- es were planned after each home football and basketball game. Positions were assigned for the yearbook staff and work on the Jordannus be- gan in earnest. To promote the sale of our year book we planned the Jordannus Skits for a con- vocation program. "Seventeenth Summerf, our senior play, was presented in December. As the final curtain closed, we knew that there was a lot of hitherto undiscovered talent in our class. Blue and white robes were chosen for our graduation. During the second semester we or- dered graduation announcements, name cards, and robes in preparation for the long awaited day of commencement. As we realized that the last days of our high school career were coming to a close, we began to reminisce. When we entered high school as freshmen, our first job was to choose from the wide va- riety of courses which would best suit our needs. Miss Virginia Kruse, Mr. Frank Smith, and Mr. A. Pryce Noe were chosen as our class sponsors and they ably guided us throughout our high school career. The "Freshman Frolic" was the first dance that we sponsored during the beginning of our high school venture. A picnic at Spring Mill State Park began a tradition which was follow- ed up to our senior year. By the end of the year, we found ourselves well acquainted and looking forward to more fun and good times together. When we were sophomores, the foundation for our class organization was laid by the Sopho- more Council. This council consisted of ten members who planned our major activities, which were a dance a semester and a class picnic. At the beginning of the junior year, our first official class officers were elected and activities began. A picnic, Junior Joe Day, and several dances were held. For Christmas presents we received our class rings. Perhaps the highlight of the year was the Junior Penny Carnival, based on the theme of "The Circusf, Among many outstanding features of our carnival was a stage show musical review and the royal cor- onation of the King and Queen. When the spring of our senior year came, we appeared dressed in outlandish costumes for Tramp Day. Then the juniors gave us the tradi- tional banquet and Junior-Senior Prom of 1951. Our baccalaureate was a combined program with Bloomington High School. And then May 25 came with a mixture of gay and pathos memories. We marched down the aisle as a class for the last time. Some will continue in academic pursuits and others in chosen occupations. There is so much ahead that the feeling is overpowering. May we be worthy of the les- sons learned at our alma mater. Our class sponsors during the four high school years were Mr. Frank Smith, Miss Virginia Kruse, and Mr. A. Pryce Noe. i P R54-, D 3, 3 14' luv :fly l'l..1 OCR Sf N X 2, X Riggs fyf' Z aa Y ff M I Universl'Qf School Classes play an important part in training U-School youth for their future lives as citizens. In these informal sessions, the stu- dents gain not only a knowledge of text- book material, but also invaluable infor- mation in discussing every day occur- rences. Through learning acquired in these classes, a student is prepared for a more secure place in the World. Classes all 1 ar, Class of 9 Barbara Allll Bill Andrews George Appleyard Dan Bailey Donna Baird Barbara Bergevin in Mary linuvier iz N K l Belly Bower "' yi 1 I ., 5 gf' F if Ted Cfidacu 1, ,-1h . K Diane Cason ' h. Pfixiii 1 i X1 FFHHCCS C255ldY iw 2' I Greg Deveiian Ruth Dodds , . Q K Bob Donelson ft 1 " GI 1: 1 "' SL , Don Donham KN ky Margaret lidinimdsnn A X5 K Kathleen Fagan 1 f. 7 1 Dick Fender l as N ' I4 sd livelyn Fielder Bill Franzmann Betty Fultz Fern Gray Dave Griffith Glodene Grubb Nancy Holland Peggy Harden Alice Ann Hart Ann Hawkins Nancy Hilliker Phil Hodge Pat Hookey jack Hubbard Bob Hunter Nancy johnson Vernon Kent Judy Krentler Sponsors Leading the junior Class through a successful year were their sponsors, Mr. Calvin Deam, Mrs. Doris Stewart, and Mr. Alwyn Carder. They organized and directed the junior Carnival fol- lowed later in the year by the junior-Senior Banquet and Prom. Class of 35 joella Lane George McClain David McCracken Ronald Mills Priscilla Mitchell Delmar Mullis ohn Neal Ralph Nelson Russell Noyes Harold Ooley Ralph Pogue Pat Poling Ann Poolitson Frank Pruett Gerry Ratliff Kenny Rose Phil Spangler Frances Taylor Esther Tiemann William Wilson Tim Wininger Nancy Winter Shirley Woolery Mary Lou Craig jerry Hughes Vonna jo Pritchard Ted Moorman Donna Pless Bill Robinson Jane Trumpy Bud Turley Bud Wylie Susie Fisher Officers Preparing for a busy year ahead, the Juniors organized early in the fall term. In their first meeting they elected Bill Andrews as President, and Alice Ann Hart as Vice-President. Their Secretary is Nancy Winter and the Treasurer is Bill Franzmann. Class of 9 . F- Y 1 iw ,Lf iv 7 Ma- ,,. 'T' 'su as ,Q Page thirty-two 10' flu Q., r , W- , -f .3 Wu' we 'si JW' 'R' I ai .Q ge -l K Qi ! . S ,V A , lr' x Arvon Allen fl! N 1 F5 K Francey Allen fi Fred Andrews t 4.L' ing john Andrews if A x Paul Bonney 1 I . 'il 5 l " -- Paul Bradley Don Brown H Leah Butcher Duane Carmony john Crider S' V, R ie i. ra A fe 'fi ' .' y. . -'1:- - mix Barbara Crouch Patty Dodds Arthur Fell Wilber Fleetwood Roberta Fox Bob Gilmore Leo Haganman Weir Hall Jane Hicks Harlync Hilliker Alinc Hodges Barbara Hopf Norma jean Honeycutt Eddie Hudelson Suzanne Keck jim Kinser , -V Paul Kinser , K- In K i Bill Knapp lie' . , Fritz Krueger : Luella McCammon 7 5 3 if one Y Luclla Penrose Cecil Ratliff Bill Ream Phyllis Rich Warren Richardson jon Rickert Dave Robinson Judy Ross john Runden Carol Sarbcr Carol Sinn John Smith Dave Sonneborn Walter South George Spangler Anita Stapleton Billy Stidd Sandra Tregilgus Gilbert Trinkle Russell Turley janet Waldrip Bertice Walker i Betty White Dorothy White Marie Wilson Eddie Wilson Phyllis Prince Virginia Gibbs George Weymouth Class of Z5 ' ,, T -- ii Page thirty-three Class 0 a E I l ,. x Page thirty-four Diane Abram Barbara Alexander Dick Anderson Robert Appleyard N Tom Barton Bob Baker Norma Baxter 3. , i Q Dick Binford 'l ii Wi X Martha Brown B Y Mildred Cain i i '.-' john Campbell is I Janice Casner K A Carol Cason 6,2 Sammy Chandler i W Hazel Corman V Bob Dickerman Q Larry Dollens rj Carolyn Donclson if , is Ellen Douglas W. R. Dunn Barbara Durnal Lois Eads Frank on son jay lfllis H -f A 3 A Susie Fender ' H Marvin Fielder 4- a AQ Judy Figg ' K' ':"- N janet Franklin b . A Martha Fultz 3 Q ha H ililii M gi wig, ir Q 2 F .JM lf A sf my Charles Gaston jim Gobert Don Goodwin Irma Gray Don Gunnerson Dave Hankins Judy Harden Patsy Hubbard jerry Isom Larry lsom Esther Irwin Ruby jacobs Betty Johnson Billy Jones Bill Kingsbury Deane Kingsbury Billy Kinser john Krentler Tom McCammon janet Martin Nancy May Evona Montford Harold Moore Wayne Mullis Shirley Noel Teena Patton john Poling Mary Poolitsan Peggy Ramage Margy Rash Nancy Reeves Wilma Reeves Keith Richardson Phil Richardson Connie June Robertson Kenny Robinson Larry Rudclick Buddy Sanders Nila Schramm Opal Scroggins Bill Seagers Patty Shields jack Stangle jeannine Staplcy jim Stigall Bob Stone Betty Strunk John Tangemcn Patty Terrell Virginia Trumpy Veralyn Turner Jerry Van Dyke Kathleen Walker Fred Wampler johnny White Kay Winn Sandra Zike Mitchell Deckard Chwso 9 Q ' is f 1-1L KL! X., -3 , ae?a,sse ia "' i -X S T4 S sesesss,ss , S .Q we ,t. s as ighii ,eva ak if LX q. , H E ,. A. l Q 1, 4 3 fe,isie - Z 55' 1795? , , 4 W 4 , S ,X ' .,,. 4 r ' ii A Page thirty-five 'N -W- QW' sw, 'lm- lnxl Run: I5.ul1ful l'.1ul-.lf 'l'l1.1t old player-pi.1nu. ,IAILH lp.m.1 xmilc! Slfuml Run: 'Hu' 4lL.ll1Q1.S .Ill lwrc. lx lifc that bad? IIHUI' xcnim' snmothics. 'l'f1fr.l Run: Umor Nancy. I'l1irsxy. liryxml? Yum. yum! ll's gvllulf llll' lmlvllv Run: Thu d.xring.g Liglu-rope w.1lknx'. Mud-lwaluicsl Pfryv flllfflll-Sl-.17 gg, 8Al Ifirsi Knut Virginia liast, lvan Corman, Buddy Bruce, XVilma Hardin, Belv .1 Whaley, Sarah Cummings, Beverly Will- den, jusline Dane. Swrnnl Row: Albert Cain, Patsy Crouch, Marlene Clay, Kay Melilhinney, Sue Robertson, joan Boruff, Linda Hawkins, W'ilma Hollers, jeanne Gilmore, Tlriril Rout liugene Harding, Donald Caller, Byron Hadley, Cygna lfnterline, jean Galyan, VL7ayne Axsom, Charles Free- man, john lfvans, Gilbert Harding. SA2 Hrs! RlIIt'Z Robert South, Carol Cassidy, janet Stafford, Phyllis Galyan, Marilyn johnson, Barbara Kingsbury, john Clay- ton, David Kay, Kenneth Batehellor, john l.eavitt. Srrorzil Rout Maivereen Knapp, Bill Bayliff, A. Franklin, joan Hillenburg, john Hedges, l.aVonna Kent, Dick Hudel- son, janet Henry. Tlriril Row: Philip Doty, Donald De- Boy, W'inifred May, Gretchen Krueger, Bob Lake. jamie Hope. Dick Berrett, Clark Kasehube, David Bucher. 8A3 lfirtf Row: Holm Neumann, jon Reg- nier, joe Rippetoe, Tommy Stone, Naomi W'alker, Peggy Wfilson. Martha Tiemann, Rena l,ou Stump. Sufoml Row: Mackey Mclloberts, Bob Tully, Sharon W'ylie, Tressie Turley, Lynn Ridlin, Helen Topolgus, Marie Scroggins, Phyllis Van Hook. Tllirif Rout Don Starbuck, Gregory Hardy, Bertha W'illiamson, Ann Moorman, Morris Starbuek, Robert Wfebb, N a n C y Neal. P 1 QQ? f n P . , 'J - I Q!! , 'id 5 4 ' iw' W. x - , , Q , V 4 v ww, o,,. ,, gf QL W .Q W .3 4 . L M951 Wim. M, ,- , . 2 in . .K 3. k i -. 'n ie' Ji" X " LJ Qi n gg- -,igllanswnmg . ji it L- .fw ' ' E' M,,.m,, 1- 1341-I .1 H ' .nw-f if in M Q A X fi nz .Qi 5 5 J, a i U at , ,1-e',5t,,i -ffqgl 1 f ll U L N gn 'F .1 " I Q I , , ,XA ' ,5 n V 1 1 1, hz K Sty .ax 5 affafgf 'V M " .Q -12 f'j""",,..3i' 1 F A 7 , QS' LS .nv"" , . K f ' .fp A A ' '-0 W L 9- -1 ig V r ,, Q -Lv: ' 57 A, f , wr 'E f,,.,h,1.,, . . N' H A-'k f uw W as V , fr hy' Li 1 1 1, , ig A Qgw, , 6 - f rig' 1' X H ' F 0 3 X7 ' , 4 3 . f W' KA aj. I -1,g, 'K Y L Ai? K " x , ' mf, , Y A ff ' X' 5 a .fs 4 , 'A ,f we S Q X . y 9? 7 ' Z, A W vs .. , V Q A X4-4, ' A 5 A, ,, Ma , 1 ff? ,a G. if 8 O b . : V -A 1 ' K A ' V' m f 1 1:25 " Gif '- I V, Q R' ' ' V " 73? , 'Q' ' Q VF K L-,Q A . ,u 4 0 1 . ,.. A-5, 'ig iklw - - fel as I sz f U 1- K , -rs , il f V . 3: Ulf V "" ' sr ' -Q li 4 94" Q B. F 1-A W? f.,5 W ww a f ,W Sixth Grade Ijflflf Raw: Robert Waldeii, Paul Me- lfvoy, jaines Ray, Jeannie Peterson, Fred- die Barnhill, Becky Abrams, Libra Cleve- land, Mary Sikes, Marilyn May, Frank Goldsmith. Serum! Ruud Bryan Herbin, Stephen W'iser, Mary Baker, Helen Hope, Paul lforrest, ,lane Stangle, Norman Deekard, Kay lfdmonds, Douglas Rae. Ronnie True- blood. Tlriril Rout Mrs. Wildriek, Erick New- man. jerry Smallwood, Paul lillis, Mary Alice Strain, Ann Foster, Donna Payne, Ann Goby, julie Pxergevin, Bill Briscoe. liollrffl Rule: Robert Wylie, Tommy W"eir, Charles Clelland, Pamela Moody, George Dunn, Williaiii Spriggs, Deneise Moody, Roger Cuffey. Fifth Grade Firif Rout .Iune Seagers, jerry XWarning, Cameron W'ilson, Douglas Wilsoli, Patty Brogneaux, Susan Weiser, Marilyn Sarher. Serum! Row: Alice Turner, A ud ree Hedges, Ann Crowell, Sandra Nelson, janet McDaniel, Donna Bush, jerry lftnier, Mike Myers, john Mahan. Third Rl1ll'Z Miss Duffy, .lan Van Wag- tendonk, Pat Murphy, Tommy Thompson, Steve W'arner, Phil Karsell, Suzanne Doty, kludy Anderson, Susan Spriggs, Madie lior- rest. Fourth Grade Firxl Rout Steve Fergusen, Paul Frenz, Tommy Black, Larry Fuller, David Smith, Paul Irwin, Teddy Legge, Ronnie Mills. Serrmil Row: Carolyn Dale, Barbara Mooney, Sigrid Frenz, Evelyn Meyer, Judy Attesun, Barbara Lyons, jackie Harrell, Karen Beard, Janice Witriaer, Brent Lowell, Bill Brummett, Joyce Green, john Woodexi. ka fi "'5'f"5fN.f5I' ,ani kye 1 S ,Qs 4 Third Grade Iiiril Run: judiih lliurston, Buddina l lerhin, Chris. Melivny, Danny MeI'heron, Raren Laws, Dennis l lale, Sarah llarker, Clara llalel, Marlin llidney. Mr. Vere DeVault. Sernllil RIIIUZ David Campaigne, jane Rhodes, Sara lfllis, Ann Christenson, llolly Crowell, l..irry Reine hardt. Larry jelinek, Anna Stokes, David Coller. Tlriril Rolf: Mary Ann Diekerman, Sherry Myers, Wfilliam Snyder, lfranla lloraek. Timothy liagan, Donald Cameron, Philip Cialyon. lfullrifl Run: Ricky Newton, lflivabetli lloueher, Douglas llorlon, Sally lfemal, llalel Coffey, Sandra liayliff, ilihomas lludwon, jemison lfauwt. Second Grade Fifi! Ron: Patricia Ross. Karen Neuman, Martha Otleson, Carol Cameron, Richard Hudson, james Applewhile, Sharon Sarher, Samuel Vfentworth, lfred Dunn. Seuulil Ruin David lfrye, Kenneth Cassell. llarhara Seheiek. Keith Nelmn, Virgil llippus, Douglas Dixon, Ralph Seifert, W'illiam Diekerman. Marilynn Brown. Tlliluf Rolf: W'illiam W'ylie, Nancy Irwin, Vfilliam Hoge, Kathy Snyder, Richard Skirvin, Stephen Young, Sylvia Doty, john lfosler, l.owell Carmony. lirmrllr Ron: Bryan Quarles, Peter Schmidt, Mary Slcornia. Richard Hendricks, llarriet Hedges, Sue Allen, Brenda llrummetl, Mareia Mee, Robert NX'att- son, Mrs. Doris. jones, First Grade Ifirit Ruff: Kenneth Rayl. Stephen Myers, l,ynn Ann VanMeler, jimmie Leonard, jay Bradbury, David llogue. Sermnl ROIl'I joanne Darby, Mary Anne Coller, Mary Meyer, Charles Gray, Mary jo Fagan, Ronald Reinhardt. Tlziril Row: Howard Vfileox, james Herbin, Peter Wfattson, W'illian1 Harrington, jamie l,ee lidmonds, Vicki lfaust, Katherine Schmidt, liarhara Rarsell, Audrey Ushenko, Craig Moody. I'vUlH'fll Rout Richard Allen, joe Strain, lileanor Fell, Teena Freeman, jon listes, Aliee Daghlian, jean Martin, l,anda Dale, Richard Seritehfield. Martha Taekitr. Kindergarten Ifiril Row: john lfllis, lfileen Willeford, Billy Bynum, Ronnie Rutl, Helen Neu- mann, joel Hale. Sem1nlRou': Danny Fuller, joyce Bippus, Stevie Frye, Mike Owen, Wayne Mooney. Sue Eaton. Tbiril Rout Duncan Rae, Linda Mc- Clintock, jane Anne Hoge, Marilyn Hud- son, Martha Miller, jimmy Barker, Mark Sehoenfeld, Irene Cuffey. David Lee Schick. Kindergarten Ifirxf Row: Daun Krack, Patty Talbot, john Linnemeier, Karen Mann, Donna Hayes, jack Brummett. Si'r'r1nif Row: Sue Ann Merchant, Carol Ann Sukman, Tim Snyder, jim Bob Laugh- lin. Tbiril Row: john Pershing, Miss Nancy Nunnally, Carol Ann Martin, Pamela Phillips, Bobby Richey, Billy Rash, john Burton, Donna Horton, Steven Sherer, Sandra Shorts. Nursery School Firxf Rout Stevie Bridgewater, Rickie Richmond, Lee Skornia, Mary Ellis, Faris Vahdat, Rena Bidney, Douglas Canright, judson Mead, Edward Hoppe, Caroline Van Whigtenclonk. Srroml Rauf: Karen Kottlowski, Mary Thacker, jan Thurston, Sarah jane Hope, Steven Bodemer, Susan Black, Bobby Voll- mar, Reed Martin, john Gaiser, Susan Meiser, Skippy Cromwell, Scott Deliruif. Tbiril RIlll'I Mrs. Horace Harrell. QMMJKY4 . 4,,, ZW '.'AZ,5,5y,,r, A ,ww . - N 'N' 1' 4 Vw-J.9..! Qfwu 'I M 4' , JW! M ' ' I mano-M1 MMA, ,Jw Cho , , 4' LL ' ddajports at U-School play one of he m t im- I i J' XQ ,rufuo-L. fvngx p r ant parts in a stude s life during his ' 1 hwa:4 Www t 6"'Jfd""" oo Years. - . , Achool s ored teams m cla ses, I ' 6 1 , and intramurals all combine to make up f the letic rog? ,Thi purpose o , 1 I : p 126 suc a program is to tefhfachiand E E 5 K - Z ev student tgatitt kes wilktg wi a courage tgose. ' 0, Q . M - ,MJ . 41,45 VV'J '5"L"""J 3 1' 6r i444V"9! W ,AH M X 4 5 I , -21 gfuwl eo-e. f f 0 MLW NQJ " 4 Q4 km Wfgfw' L64 ' Wrkhorses 0 bnckg Bill Mengo, fullback, tackle Swrlrlif Raw: Bud Greenwood guard, Dick Fender, quarterback Tbinl Row: Ronnie Mills, tackle Eddie Wilson, halfbackg "Demon' Craig, end. Fourth Row: Bud Wylie, guard Zeke Pierson, tackle, end, jack Hammann, center. is ' 'fx ' if 'W wr X , , f .i. vi. M f 1 -Ax X , i Y 'Q Y K , Q, K wk ' -- 1 fl ifggqiwkfwgxk., 17 .f.. 6:31, -HJ., .Mkp - . , -. V. ,,,, ff . if -A i Q L .sg , ,.., Mu ,AWA if hi ,, ' gfzffzfsaasfmsafaii' Q mm .MMM wsasfaqssfwfifsiis' iPv1fnsv-sizisilviisiss fgsafvgi-egE?iEgQ152f1-4 :L-X: +sXm 'f ,H , xl by -'S Lf IQ . f . Q - . 'm s' . V. -N.,,t 2 , "H 'Lf W, e ' , ma, "2 W 'W 1 9- wi km ,Zjggmf 5 ykfih 1 Q. ,. V L"L V 'F 1 ' f P ,pf f H+ fr L A5325 at Q 5.42 f Q F i ' ' ' 1' ' 1 'Q Q gw Q! new 9+ - . v. L Q Q . . 'V+ i 7' ,i M M V v K 4 fn. , 1--qw M X . -'jaw 'Y 7' , J 'Q .yy- ,,,,. ,Q LA N, R Kg ,A .,.,, an ,M Q-. M. -2, ---Q - 'Q 1, Q -5 . .W .Q an . Q.. A i ' 'K W . . . ,... .M F ww QYUV M.,,.M ' . 'E Q W , , may i N., , K g ,Z Agri' y W ,I f J' , w.-,, K' 1 .4 xk B' y Raw? . 1 W ' 256 -we .. A k F 5 -A 3-rf' .35- 3 M? 'n 'w F uti Wxlllff Gray served his llllI'Ll season ul the lit-Im of nut' ligriililcrs. vlvhe lir.1y-men holtl .in over-.ill reuortl s .mtl Il defeats. Dugger University Linton University Bedford University Martinsville North Vernon University last .mtl ru3.g3.:v:Ll .ietion .ls the Univees down -Iasonvillc. IS-6. 19 0 Record VARSITY University Greencastle University Mitchell University Jasonville University University Mooresville ' 11' f0l'f!l-HIJ' RESERVE FOOTBALL Firxf Rout George Spangler, jerry Isom, Don Gunnerson, jerry Van Dyke, Walter South, Bob Stone, Deane Kingsbury, W. R. Dunn, Larry lsom, Tommy McCammon, Robert Baker. Siwfllll Rout Frank Pruett, David Sonneborn, Charles Gaston, Jay Ellis, john Krentler, Don Brown, Fred Andrews, Don Donhan, john Smith, Dave Hankins, jack Stangle, jim Stigall, Dick Anderson, Dick Binford. Tbiril Row: Larry Dollens, Rolf Turley, Dave McCracken, Greg Devejian, Arvin Allen, Ralph Nelson, Phil Hodge, Coach Walter Gray, Eddie Hudelson, Fritz Krueger, Larry Ruddick, Kenny Robinson, Bill Seagers, Bill jones, "Meatball" Hughes, student manager. Although weakened by heavy graduation losses and handicapped by a lack of size and experience, University Schoolis grid squad com- piled a 4-S record this year, its fourth season of interscholastic competition. The record is deceiving in that it was recorded against schools with larger enrollments than U. H. S. Coach Walter Gray found himself with only a handful of lcttermen when the season's drills began in mid-August. He also found what easily could be called the smallest team in the history of the grid sport here. As things turned out, the Univee footballers were outweighed by their opponents in eight of nine starts. Dugger's strong offense and the bulky line threw the Univee footballers off balance in the season opener, the Graymen losing, 31-6. The Univees took an abbreviated 6-0 lead on the first play when Bill Mengo scooped up a fumble and ran into the end zone. University atoned for its opening loss by clipping Greencastle, 26- 12, led by the running of junior fullback, Bill Andrews. Again upon the weight disadvantage, the Univees dropped their next game to Linton, 43-6. The U. H. S. gridders upset highly-re- garded Mitchell, 6-2, in their next outing. Men- go converting from tackle to fullback, dashed off tackle for the only touchdown of the con- test. The Univees scored the first two times they got the ball at Bedford, holding a 12-0 lead at the end of three minutes. The Stone- cutters, however, rallied in the second half to Win, 19-12. Although outweighed considerably, the Gray- men downed jasonville, 17-6, on Dad's Night. It was University's second Win in as many years at the expense of Jasonville. The Univees faced Martinsville next and were upset, 21-12. An Artesian score on the first play and another on a "sleeper" a few moments later were the decid- ing margin. North Vernon, one of the tough- est teams in Southern Indiana handed Univer- sity a 39-6 loss. Even rain and mud could not check the Univees in the season finale. They tripped up Mooresville, 28-6, in surprisingly easy fashion. Andrews, star of the first game, also was out- standing in the last. He accounted for two scores by fielding fumbles and galloping over the goal line. Senior tackle, Stuart Emry, a tremendous de- fensive performer and a bruising blocker, was elected captain of the team by his teammates. Page forty-seven Krlrwlfvlg: Bill Allman, Dave Griffitlm, Dick lfender, Bill Andrews, Tim W'ininger, Max Beatty, Bud W'ylie. Sliluillrllez C,o.1cl1 Cilen llonseu, lfddy vyyllklill, 'lied Ciadieu. I'.111l l5r11n1n1etl, Paul Adams, john Craig, Bill Mengo, 'lied Moornnn 'lack llammann, m.1n.1ger. Coach Glen Bonsett's cagers challied up the most impressive record here since tl1e 1946 sea- son this year, winning seven of sixteen games in an extremely tough scl1edule. Illness and fn- jury cost the Univees the services of a few key players earlier in the year, accounting for the team's slow start. But later in the campaign, with the full team intact, tl1e Univees showed signs of greatness upon occasion. Bonselt could call upo11 only four letterme11 at the outset of the season, but inherited an outstanding group of performers from last yearis fine reserve team. After the first six games, tl1e team molded into a highly efficient unit. The hoopsters started off on the right foot, drubbing Wforthington, 68-31. But de- fending Regional champion Ellettsville and per- ennially strong Terre Haute State handed the Univees defeats in their next starts. University slipped past Spencer, but bowed to Vfaldron and Bloomfield before getting its next victory, a close 45-42 decision over Shawswicli. City rival Bloomington beat the Univees but they bounced back in impressive style, winning their next three games. x 1 , guard .lohn Craig, for11'.1rd Bill Andrews, forward Paul Adams, center Dieli Iiender, bu rt - ,. nm 3 A -1 -v J if x H ,F is x 4 I wx: ik 2 WE vivrfwf an w W, A 'K r Kll4't'lf7IKQZ Don Brown, Ted Nloornmn, Dave Sonneluorn, Dan llniley, Dave Robinson, R Ilolin Smitli, lon liicliert, Ronald Mills. SHHIAHIIQQC Walter Gray, coach, Tim W'ininger, Arvon Allen, Dave McCracken, Geurge Mefllnin, lltltlie llutlelson, lldcly W'ilson, Dave Griffith, Phil Spangler, IIILIIILIQLLT, .7 Iflrif Rolf: -lerry lvom, liobldy Stone, .lay Iilliw, mnn.igerg NY. R. Dunn, Deane if h 2 Kitigwldury, . Swami Rolf: 'llmmmy MeCt1n1n1on, Clmrles Gaston, Frank lfdmonson. Larry lsmn, Bob linker, llnroltl Moore, -lim Srignll. X 'l'lm-il Knut Mr. Combs, student teacher: l,.1rry llnllenw, klnlin Pnling, klnlin Krentler, l'l1il Rieliartlstm, Dick liinford, Kenny Robinxtm. Don Goodwin, Glen linmett, etmelm. Page fifty fi. 3 i 1 ,W :MX in' X i 1 X.. ,r Slumlingz Tom Berndt, Russell Noyes, Frank Fdm Dnt Robinson, Carl Wallace, Kit Davis, Ted Cadieu, Don iooilwin, Bob lidwards, Bryant Kingsbury, Dan Bailey, Ted norman, Tim XY'ininger. IVVIIIIAQZ Cmucli Glen Bonxelt. S illml: Coach Wkiller Gray, john Taylor, Dick Anderson, But Greenwood, ,lack Stanele, Bill Brahender. .1ss't coach. LIIIAIIIIIQZ Bill Seagers, Ralph Nelson, Stuart lfmr ll I 445 Kim-ling: -lay Fllis, Larry Isom, Coach Glen Bonsett. Slumling: Bill Allman, Dick Fender, Ted Cadieu, Dave Mc- Critken, Charles "Bud" Wylie, jack Hammann, Greg Deve- ii Rod Turner. I age flfty-two Cross Country The University Hill and Dale men completed their cross country season by defeating I5 of 26 opponents. In the Terre Haute Sectional they plac- ed 6th out of a field of 15 teams. Tim Wininger, junior, finished 2nd in the Sectional, and 21st in the state finals at Indianapolis. The Uni- vees were hampered during the sea- son by the loss of Bill Robinson, jun- ior, due to an injury. Wrestling University School fielded its first wrestling team this year. The team was coached by Mr. Walter Gray and Bill Brabender, an ex-I. U. grappler. After only one practice meet, six boys were entered in the Sectional Tourney. They were Bill Seagers, Stuart Emry, Tom McCammon, Bud Greenwood, Ralph Nelson, and Bill Jones. McCammon placed fourth in the 121-pound class. Golf The golf team, made up of twelve senior high boys, had a successful year participating in seven meets. All home games were played on the green of the Cascades Park golf course. Bill Allman and Dick Fender were the only returning lettermen, but re- serve letter winning Ted Cadieu dis- played good form. Glen Bonsett took over the coaching reins of the squad this year. Track Thirty-three men responded to Coach Walter Gray's first call for track men this year. Des- pite the loss of several lettermen through grad- uation last May, there was a lot of strong mate- rial for che squad. With distance men Bill Robinson, Jack Con- ley, and Tim Wininger forming a strong nuc- leus for the squad, the thinlies entered the Howe Relays at the I. U. Fieldhouse on March 24. On April S, the team faced Ellettsville in a dual meet. Columbus, Bedford, and Ellettsville pro- vided competition in a four Way meet on April 13. The following Week, the Univees faced Martinsville in another dual meet. The Graymen went trophy hunting at the Linton Relays on April 24. Still hungry for trophies, they Went to the Delphi Relays on April 28, and the Washington Relays on May 2. This completed the regular season and left the thinlies in top shape for che Sectional held at the I. U. Stadium on May 11. , 5 0 Lettermen Lrfl lu Rigbl: Bill Robinson, john Craig -lack Conley, Tim Wininger, Paul Adams. Krivrlillgz jack Conley, Ted Moorman, Dave Griffith, Dick Fender. Slumliugz Bill Robinson, john Craig, Stuart Fmry, Tim XVininger, Bill Mengo, Paul Adams, coach Walter Gray. Page fiffy-flzree -he Sullnl: Dr. Virgil lf. Schooler. Slizmlillgz Coach W'alter XV. Gray, Coach Glen lionsell. oaches and Managers KIIUVIIIIQQZ Phil Spangler, .lack llammann Sfurlillng: jay lillis, Maurice Hughes. The coaches at U. H. S. are well-qualified for turning out successful teams. Besides the more obvious job of guiding a team to victory, they have much to do with the development of character and sportsmanship at our school. These men behind the teams have brought cred- it and honor to U-School throughout the year. Virgil "Pop" Schooler is the director of the athletic department. Coaching football, track, wrestling, and reserve basketball is Wfalter Gray. Glen Bonsett handles cross country, golf, var- sity, and junior high basketball. The unsung heroes of athletic organizations are the managers. They are the behind-the- scene Workers, who make sure every boy has a uniform and equipment at each game. Besides going to every game, the manager must attend each practice ,and see that the equipment is in shape. This makes it necessary for him to be the first to arrive and the last to leave. Their job is one of great responsibility and should not be scorned. The boys this year have done their tasks efficiently and well. Junior fb' h Basketball Sudini: joe Lake, Buddy Bruce, David Bucher, Don Starbuck, Mike Ross, Bill Marshall, Jim Smith, jay Ellis, manager. Stumling: Mr. Hammel, jamie Hope, KI. A. Franklin, Don Collar, Byron Hadley, .lack DcXVitt, Bill Bayliff, Dick Huclelson, Glen Bonsett, coach. Ph sical Education Slumfiug: Bud Wylie, George Douglas, Bill Allman, Greg Devejian, Bill Mengo. Ou fbi' bar: Alolin Craig. Page fl-ffll-fill! lp xml lfirlf Row: Mary Stapleton, Shirley Sietsina, Donna Pless, Carol Simpson, Peggy Legicr, Phyllis Ayres, Carol Hagan, Frances Cassidy, Susie Fender, Esther Tiemann, Iisthcr Irwin, Teena Patton, Mrs. Doris Stewart, sponsor. Si-mm! Roux jean Rogers, Pat Distelhorst, Margaret Hoadley, Shirley jo Woolery, Nancy johnson, joan jenkin, Virginia Trumpy, Diane Abram, Carolyn Donelson, Patsy Hubbard, Nancy Reeves, jan Casner, Patty Terrell, Barbara Hopf, Martha Brown, Nancy Talbot, judy Krentler, Tlrlril Rum: Nancy Winter, Ann Spangler, Alice Hart, Anne Marshall, Naola Gobert, Buddic Rey, Pat Hookey, Carol Cason janet Martin, jane Trumpy, Roselenc Sarber, Betty Brown, Harlcne Hilliker, Roberta Fox, Virginia Farmer, Pat Poling. lforzrllx Row: Barbara Bergevin, Kathleen Fagan, Mary Lou Craig, Mary Bouvier, Frances Taylor, Susie Wallace, Diane Cason Margy Boyd, Phyllis Rich. judy Figg, Barbara Crouch, Anita Stapleton, Suzanne Keck, Carol Sarber, jeanine Stapley. Iiiflb Rauf: Beth Copeland, Kay Goby, Carolyn Fee, Priscilla Mitchell, Nancy Hilliker, Barbara Shrader, Nancy Holland. Marcia Wells, Donna Baird, Francey Allen, jane Hicks, judy Ross, Ellen Douglas, Roberta Fell, joan Smith. Girls 9 Athletic ASSOCIU tion G. A. A. is an organization for girls who are interested in athletics. It was organized in U- School in 1943 and since then has grown con- Offlcers siderably in size. At the present time there sifting: Priscilla Mitchell, we.-mas., Mrs. are about seventy-five girls on the roll. Dom Stewart' Sponsor' A variety of sports are offered throughout S I u ll il i I1 gz judy Krentler, vice-pres., joan Smith- Pm- the school year, including softball, speedball field hockey, volleyball, bowling, basketball, horseback riding, deck tennis, track, archery, and tumbling. The point system is so set up that each mem- ber receives points for regular attendance and participation in the various activities. Awards are given to the members according to the num- ber of points they have earned. The number of points required for the numerals is 150, 300 for the chenille "U", and S00 for the gold key. An executive council, composed of the heads of the different sports, plans all parties and manages the sport activities of the club. Mrs. Doris Stewart is the sponsor and adviser of the club. W,..1-7' " g ff , , X 2 J '-X, K F Wifk 'di' Q ! 1 ,dun-Q,-.- fi? Q rebut-ne! Iur 14' l'iff!f-wiylrf E-v Q? if c?l X X N62 R 1 X KQC- Universily School and c hfahxqc 3 is HJR x XX KF' .- Through the various activities offered at U-School, opportunities to pursue individ- ual interests and talents are present. In the numerous clubs, students may gain the ability to lead as Well as follow. These clubs yield many interesting experi- ences Which will be of Valuable use in later life. ACfl.Ul.fl.6S gk x Silfiug: Ruth johnson, Dr. Otto Hughes, Zeke Pierson, judy Figg, Mr. A. Dale Allen, Phyllis Rich. Polic ouncil The Policy Council with Dr. Otto Hughes as chairman is composed of five other faculty members and six students re- presenting thc Student Council. The Council meets every month to promote complete eo-oper- ation of faculty and student body by exchanging ideas that come from the students through their governing body, the Stu- dent Council. Slumling: Byron Hadley, Miss Ruth Alexander, A. Pryce Noe, Miss Martha jane Kisser, Bill Andrews. tudent Council The Student Council is our student govern- ing body with all pupils represented. The Student Council sponsored the annual Christmas Party which was a big success. the chairman, was helped by Dr. Paul Seagers of Indiana University in planning the work. The actual painting was done by the students themselves, some of whom were not members This is the fifth year they have supported of the Council' UTYUUSH Sillekcns, h21ViUg 1ld0PfGd her in 1946- Zeke Pierson served as President with Ruth johnson, Vice President, Phyllis Rich, Secre- tary, and Bill Andrews, Treasurer. This year's big project was the redecorating of the council's recreation room. Marcia Wells, Ifiril Row: Ruth johnson, joe Lake, joe Rippetoe, Bill Smith, jackie Barnes, Martha Hoadley, Debbie Walden, Sue Ann Hayes, Sandra Zike, Phyllis Rich. Svmzlil Row: Zeke Pierson, Mar- garet lloadley, Patty Distelhorst, Nancy Winter, Byron Hadley, Bryant Kingsbury, Mary Poolitsan, judy Iiigg, Carol Cason, Bill An- drews. Tliiril Rauf: Bill Bowen, Charlie lillis, judy Krentler, David Collar, jane Hicks, Donna Baird, Anita Stapleton, Suzanne Keck. lfuurflr Row: john Poling, Bill Knapp, Bud Wylie, George McClain, Stuart limry, Bill Franzmann, Arvon Allyn, Marcia Wells, Rod Turner, llave Sonneborn. l ,J Page sixfy ix M . X WI MM. ,,, 'stu AMW., , ,. -an gs ' - if ' W ay.. .1 7, -.1 Iv my ' M. J - , K . 'L F . Furl R011 Susie Wallace Carol Simpson Nancy Talbot Roberta Ftll Carol I'IlQ,lH Ray Cobv Pegg Legier, Nancy Ellis, jean Rogers is SITUIIKI Row: Bryant Kingsbury, jack Hammann, Nancy Wiliter, Paula Feltus, Ralph Pogue, -Ioan jenkin, Bob Edwards, Buddie Rey, Bert Kunz. Quad The Quad, U-School's newspaper, is publish- ed for the purpose of informing the student body of timely school news and events. A staff of 25 members, under the editorship of Nancy Talbot and Susie Wallace, carried out many ac- tivities along with editing the Quad. A conces- sions stand, convo, rummage sale, and dance were some of the varied tasks undertaken. Mr. Ben Ervin served his first year as sponsor of the publication. - Quill and croll Quill and Scroll is a national honorary journ- alism society. Members are elected in their jun- ior and senior year. In order to qualify for mem- bership to this club, the students must be in the upper third of their class and must have writ- ten 150 inches of published material. The main project sponsored by this society is the semester publication of "The Guinea Pig Tales,', a magazine. Mr. Ben Ervin is the sponsor. Iiiril Row: R ob c r L a li el l, Carol Simpson, Susie Whxllaee, .lean Rogers. S1'f'oml Row: Margie Boy d, Paula Fcltus, Buddie Rey, ,Ioan -Ienkin, Nancy Talbot, Nancy Winter. l Page sixfy-mzv 3' -7 Jordan Jesters President 7 7 Margaret Hoadley Vice President 7 Roberta Fell Secretary Barbara Bergevin Treasurer 7 7 7 Esther Tiemann Business Manager 7 Bill Franzmann lmfl In Riglvlz lfsther Tiemann, Treasurer, Bill Franlinann, Business M. urmq 1 gerg Margaret H rsin dley, P!'C'ildCl1l1 Roberta liell, Vice-President: Nol pictured: Barbara Bergeiin, Secretary. jordan jesters is organized to provide experi- ers, regular members, and Thespians. Mrs. Dor- ence and encouragement to those interested in othy Kollmeier is the club's new sponsor this the field of clramaties. Tryouts in the fall admit year. In January, jordan Jesters presented sev- ncw "heelers" or pledges. This brought the eral short skits for Convocation. Drama Night total membership to nearly sixty students. The was presented in March. and a three-act play club is divided into three classifications: heel- was given in late April. - .. - A 4 X ff ,V l lfirxl Role: Shirley Sietsma, Phyllis Rich, Alun: Robertson, Nancy johnson, Jeannine Stapley, Sandra Zilte, Barbara Hopf, Susie lfisher, -loan Ilenkin, 'Iudy Figg, .laniee Casner, Mary Poolitsan, Paula Feltus. S1-4-will Row: listher Irwin, Veralyn Turner, Suvanne Keck, .lane Hicks, Sandra Tregilgus, Barbara Bergevin, Anne Marshall. lixther Tiemann, Party Disielhorst, Nancy Holland, Margaret Hoadley, jean Rogers, Shirley Xwoolery, Roberta Fell, Nancy Talbot, Carol Hagan, Mrs. Dorothy Kollmeier, Nancy Wiiiter. 'l'lul'il Rule: Don llonham, Bob Donelson. joe Kent, Ralph Poguc, Bert Kunl, George McClain, Harvey Poling, Bill liranvmann, Zeke Pierson, Bob lfdwards, Dick Anderson. Pagf' sia'fy-two l J 1 fd- -plea 'P 4 Qflf L ,, . WX M , K f- , .Nag . 5 f-5 4, 5, . a,1wLi,. . ,iff-'sf ww ef f, Wwe., maya! farm.. ff 1 5575 Wzesplons Actors and actresses who have attained cer- tain goals in the field of dramatics are the mem- bers of this national honor society, the Thes- pians. Thespians organized this year for the first time at U-School. They selected all plays that were given by the jordan Jesters. The officers who served were: President 7 Bob Donelson Vice President Pat Distelhorst Secretary-Treasurer Joan Jenkin fri Firxl Row: Patty Disrelhorsr, Nancy johnson, Mrs. Dorothy Kollmeier, joan jenkin, jean Rogcrs. Margaret Hoadley. Svrflllil Row: Bob Donelson, Bill Franzmann Shirley Woolery, George McClain, jerry Hughes Paula Feltus, Ralph Pogue. 1 Bob Edwards, jane Hicks, Phyllis Rich, Mary Poolitsan, and Dick Anderson rehearse their Drama Night production of "The Importance of Being Ernest." Thespians Bob Donelson, Paula Feltus, and Nancy johnson rehearse for "High Window," the second Drama Night presentation. Page sixty-three Nlaiorelles Susie l'emler, llstlier 'l4ieni.inn. .lune liolserlson. . ' --1. ,pm- Band lrfril Run: Phyllis Ayres, David llutlier. Kenneth llateliellor, lludtlie Rev, ,Iudv Krentler, Sue lfox, Clark liaseliube. Srmnil Run: -lolm Clayton, Anne Marie Van Wfagtemlonk, lieluhera Stoner. Mary Meade Welker. Nwilliain Marshall, David Ray, Hill Ream, Robert South. Gene Reese, Dave Robinson, Don Donliani, Sonny South, Dick lludelson, llarhara Alm. Tfilril Kult: Diels lllllfflfll, rl. A. Franklin, Diels llinford, Ann Spangler, George Applevard. Sfilllillllgi Amy Salshury, llaroltl Moore, llliillip Doty, Arthur l'ell, Phyllis Cialyan, Dieli lfensler. liill Andrews, Dick Andrews, Mr. liolwert llrennan Page sixiy-four Band and The U-School Band, forty-five members strong, have made themselves an integral part of the sports season this year, particularly with "Bandjive." "Swingin' out" for all the pep sessions and games, the band has left a vivid im- pression with its rendition of the light and fan- tastie. But also concerned with the serious side, UHS's musicians have given two public con- certs, marched for the annual Halloween pa- rade, presented a ehildren's eoneert, and per- formed for the PTA and other sehoolgrelated groups. This year three maiorettes paced the hand in their march formations. Orchestra Undaunted by the loss of many key players due to graduation, the UHS orchestra made rapid strides toward a master symphonic group in thc early months of the SCl100l ycilr. In conjunction with the band, two public concerts were presented plus participation in the Thanksgiving program, the Mid-State Or- chestra Festival at Connersville, and the IMEA Clinic at Indianapolis. As in the past, the or- chestra contributed a significant part of the commencement program. Mr. Robert Brennan is the director of these two instrumental groups. A E Orchestra liirsl Rolf: .lane 'l'rL1mpy, Veralyn Turn- er, David Bucher, Margaret Ifdmonson Phyllis Ayres, Kenny Balchellor, Sue liux Leona Wallace, liill Kingsbury, -lack lint-hi rig, Ann Brodie. Srrrnnl Ron: Sandra Tregilgus, Waller South, George Appleyard, judy Krenxler David Ray, Don Dunham, Dave Robinson Clark Kaschube, Barbara Alm, il. A. lfranlxl lin, Dick Binford, Ann Spangler. Tlfiril Razr: Philip Duty, Arthur lfull, Phyllis Cialyan, Dick liendcr, llill Andrews Dick Anderson. 2-W we 4, I Mr. Robert llrennan, Director liditor .lean Rogers and Sponsor Mr. Ben Ervin. ,JJMMWPQWN i ZAJ :,Q,2U,4.J-4110 d 4 I 1 I ,rjriffvk fall f'L"'L"pf:n4 X i"""' I Svuicilz jean Rogers, Mr. rvin. Stand ng: Carol Simpson, Ruth johnson, ' Barbara Poolitsan, Margaret Hoadley, john Hearn, Margy Boyd, jack Conley, Rod Turner, Peggy Legier, Patty Distelhorst, , Oan jenkin, Stuart Emry. Zeke Pierson j fordannus Slap' ' The Seniors this year are proud to claim many new features in the Jordannus. For the first time pictorial ads are introduced in the book which boasts an all-time high of eighty- eight pages. Color in the opening section pro- vides new interest. The cover is embossed with second color added. Editor-in-Chief o,..,e, ,.,o,, J ean Rogers Business Manager U .,e,, ,.,,,,.. S tuart Emry Literary Editors ,e.. -, r..e,,.,e, - Pat Distelhorst Margaret Hoadley Advertising Editor r .,e, ,re,,. C arol Simpson Art Editor . ,,,,, Y, , W Margy Boyd Publicity Editor ue,. ., ,- B, Peggy Legier Circulation Editor ,,,e, , ,e,.. Joan Jenkin Sports Editor ..tttte.,...., ..e... R od Turner Photography Editors ,... e ,,t..t,t.,,,. John Hearn Bryant Kingsbury Index Editors ..,., .,,, Ruth Johnson Zeke Pierson Chief Typist ,,,,t Barbara Poolitsan i C, ll Page sixty-siw 1 il l 1 Y Hu... 5 QI we I ,cars Snaps, Sports, Photography Literary, Typists Svulml: Rod Turner. Imfl in Right: Nancy Talbot, Barbara l'oolits.iu, Slandiug: llgirvcy Poling, .Ioan jenkin, Barbara Dollins, Milf?-WWI Holdlcy- Smlc wlilllilcc- PHUY Dl5WlllUfU- Bryant Kingsbury, Beth Copeland, .lobn Hearn, -lack Hzimmann, Bert Kunz, John Craig. Circulation Advertising, Art, Publicity Snzlvilz .loan xlcnkin, Mary Stapleton, Nancy Ellis. Svaivil: Carol Simpson, Paula Feltus, Mnrgy lloyd, Sliunliug: Carl Whllacc. Shirley Sietsma, Kay Goby. PCHSY Legler' Phyllis Ayres' Siamlingz Buddie Rey. joan Smitli, Carolyn Fee, Mar- cia Wells, Sue Fox. Page sixty-sf'vrn National. Honor Society There are seventeen active members in the University School Chapter of National Honor Society. Mr. K. B. Thurston sponsors this group which promotes and recognizes outstand- ing scholarship, leadership, service, and charac- ter among high school juniors and seniors. Ifril Run: Nancy May, Peg- gy llarilen. .Srinllil Knut l,uella Xlcilam- mon, llarhara Uurnal, Vonni lu Pritchard, Miss Virginia Kruse, l'hyllis l'rince, l' a t i x limlds, l'yona Monlfornl. Page sifty-eight Q ,ji lvrif Ruiz: Margaret lloatlley. llarolyn liee. liuddie Rey. Marx Stapleton. Patty Hislelhorst. Ioan hlenkin. .'4'i'r1l1il Rolf: Anne Marshall. Nancy ilialhot, Ann Spangler, Susie wl.lll.lCC, Nancy llilliker. Priscilla Mitchell. Sarahlu llol- lel, Russell Noyes. iliflilhl lillllf Bill Andrews. Alcan Rogers. Margy lloyd, Ro- berta Ifell, Mr. K. IS. Thursion, sponsor. Blu Tri Blue Tri, svonsored ln f Miss Virfinia Kruse is l 5 5 a national service organization, affiliated with the Y. XV. C. A. The group led the Thanks- giving Basket drive, collected various articles for soldiers at Cam Atterbur , and knitted an P Y afghan for the Red Cross. .S-. wnwwmfwww Iflril Karr: P.1ttyLanum, Ruth johnson, Kathleen Hunsaker, Mary Stapleton, Donna Pless, .Ioan Smith, Carol Hagan. Snwnl Row: Mary Bouvicr, Phyllis Prince, Norma Baxter, Frances Cassidy, A l i c e A n n Hart, Patty Distelhorst, Shirley Sietsma. Third Roni Sandra Tregilgus, Virginia Farmer, Paula Feltus, Roselene Sarber, Betty Brown, Leah Butcher, Mr. Brennan. Science Club The Science Club is organized for the purpose of advancing science here at U-School. The officers are Bryant Kingsbury, Presidentg Charlie Bob Ellis, Vice President, and Russell Noyes, Secretary. The twelve members are sponsored by Mr. Jack Munsee. Chorus The Girl's Chorus, under the leadership of Mr. Robert Brennan, consists of twenty girls In addition to many other performances, the girls sang at PTA gram at East Hall. and at the Christmas Pro- Imfl lu Kigflfz Bill Allman, Rusty Noyes, Carl Wallaee Charlie lfllis, Sponsor Mr. .lack Muncie, Frank Pruitt, Bryant Kingsbury, Stuart limry, Phil Hodge, Rod Turner. Page sixty-nine v Cireg llevejian, Dave Xwindsor. .Ion Ricliert, Bill Knapp, Paul FHA The big project for the Future Homemakers of America the first semester was the observance of FHA week. This week involved various ac- tivities including a radio program and installing a new chapter of FHA at Ellettsville. With Joan Smith President of the club this year, Miss Joyce Konzelman is the Sponsor. F i r x f R n u': li uby -Iaeohs, Martlia Brown,'Kl1.l Flllll. Srrrulil Rolf: Kntlileen Hun- saker, Betty liultl, li r a n c e s Taylor, Gerry Ratliff, Virginia Farmer, Betty Scroggins, BCIIQ' li row n , Carol Sim pson. Tfrinl Rolf: Glodene Grubb, Luella Penrose, livelyn Fielder. limrlmra Dollcns, lillen Douglas, Ruth johnson. A g-Sportsman Club A newly-formed activity this school year is the Agriculture and Sportsman Club. This group of thirteen members is divided into two sections, one for those interested in sports and another for those in agriculture. Under the guidance of Mr. Prevo Whitaker, projects such as visiting dairy farms and camping trips Were carried out. If i 1 Sl R rr lv: l,ew Spangler, Arvon Allen. SFVIIIIAI Roll: Dave Robinson, Bonney. 'I' fu i r fl R Il1l'Z Nwilber Fleet- wood, john Andrews, George Spangler. Page seventy Firxl Razr: janet Waldrip, Shirley Noel, Judy Krentler. Patty Shields, Bertiee Walker. ,lean Rogers. Sworn! Row: Priscilla Mitch- ell, Gilbert Trinkle, Marie Wil- son, Carol Sarber, judy Ross, Hazel Corman. Tbiril Row: Lois Ilads, Dor- othy Wlmite, Carol Sinn, Wilimaa june Reeves. lfourib Row: Vernon Kent, Mildred Cain, Norma Baxter. F. T. A. The Future Teachers of America are organ- ized to learn more about the field of teaching and to promote more interest in this vocation. The first semester the club held a very suc- cessful bake sale. During the second semester FTA visited classes at Indiana University and Ball State Teachers College at Muncie. Mr. A. Pryce Noe is the Sponsor of this club. Typing Club The aim of the Typing Club is to give each member the fundamentals of typing. Mem- bers learn how to type themes and letters. Once they have mastered the technique of the ma- chine, they spend most of their time at meet- ings typing homework or other material. This year Judy Krentler is the President of the club. Firxi Row: Carolyn Fee, Beth Copeland. Srroml Row: Harlyne Hillik- er, Roberta Fox, Francey Allen, N Mr. A Pryce Noe, sponsorg Margaret Edmondson, Sue Fox, Ann Spangler. 1 ' Page se-nmzfy-mic Choral Club Enjoying vocal music is the main purpose of the Senior Choral Club. The members select- ed this club because they enjoy vocal music and desire to increase their knowledge of music. Composed of twenty-eight members this club is sponsored by Mr. Robert Brennan. ,, X Iiirxf K 0 lr: .lane Trumpy, Frances Cassidy, Kathleen F.1- gan, Alice Ann Hart, Donna Pless, Phyllis Ayres, Barbara Lee Crouch, janet Franklin, Peggy Kamage. Serum! Ron: Anita Stapleton, Ann Poolitsan, Leah Butcher, Marcia W'ells, Marilyn Croueh, Mary Bouvier, Nancy Hillilter, Aline Hodge, Patty Dodds, Vir- ginia Gibbs. Tlriril Row: .lack Hammann, Tom Berndt, Paul Brummett, Paul Adams, john Craig, George Appleyard, Kit Davis. Biology Club The Biology Club, consisting of 25 members, is sponsored by Mr. John Dragoo. Among other activities, the club held a Christmas party. Judy Ross served as President, with Roberta Fox, Secretary. 3 Y lfnwl Row: -lane Ilieks, .lohn R. liragoo, student teacher, lftldie Vl'ilson, Arvon Al- len, john liieltert. Serrnnl Row: Suzie Keck, Harlyne llill- iker, Paul Bradley, lion Brown, Mr. Prevo Wfllilalter, sponsor: Charlie lillix, Tfurrl Kult: ,Iutly Ross, "Sonny" South, George Spangler, Bill Knapp, George W'ey- mouth. Pngr sf-:willy-Iilm l at to T 4. "'H'.Nf Kun: Nancy W'inter, Ted Nloorinnn, Peggy Penning- ton, Xyiggs Whlson. S li i rl e y Xlfoolery. Sl't'UIIil Kolb: Klan Casner, lis- ther Tieniann, Nancy Holland, Bob lfdwards, Waltsr South. Projectors Club Mr. K. B. Thurston heads this group of twen- ty active members that prepares boys for ser- viee in the Audio-Visual Aids room. Each meeting hour is divided between the showing of educational movies, and training of newer club members by more experienced projectionists. These trainers work one hour daily in the Audio-Visual Aid Room, serving grades 1-12. Journalism Club To prepare students for Quad staff is the aim of the Journalism Club. Their written work, plus other activities are based on a point system. When they get the required number of points, they are eligible for Quad membership. The number of members increased from ten to twenty-three during the second semester. The sponsor of this club is Mr. Ben Ervin. liirxl Razr: Fred Wanipler, Leo Haganman, Bill Stidd, Paul K i n s e r, Harold Ooley, Bill Knapp. Sw-rnnl Row: Bob Appleyard. Ray Burch, jack Hubbard, Bill Mengo, Ted Cadieu, Bud Wylie, Duane Carmony. Tbirrl Row: Eddie lludelson, Tim Winiiiger, Bill Robinson, john Craig, john Neal, Mr. Thurston, sponsor. Page seventy-three Games Club The Games Club is sponsored by Miss Ruth Alexander and Miss Josephine Spear. The club meetings are spent playing various games, such as canasta, bridge and chess. The members con- centrate on learning the mental rules so as to become better players. Iiiril Ruiz: Toni M c C .1 in ni o n, Don Goodwin, Keith Richardson, Kenny Robinson, Charles Gaston. Scroml Row: -lim Stigall, Mitch- ell D e c lc a r d, George XVeyinouth, Don Brown, -Iohn Smith, Dave Hankins. 'l'limI Row: Billy jones. liddie Wfilson, Larry Roddick, Maurice Hughes, Larry llollens, Delmar Mullis. lirurrllr Rolf: ,lolin Campbell, Bill Sengers, Bud Greenwood, Coach Walter VU. Gray, Dave Griffith, Dick Fender, Bob Gilmore. l Page seventy-four liilisl Rout ,loella 1, a n e. Diane Cason, Peggy Legier, Nancy Ellis, Susie Whillace, Buddie Rey, Betty Bower. Serornl Rauf -lohn Run- den, Mary Lou Craig, Bar- bara Alun, Donna Baird, Kay Coby, Barbara Shrader, Sar- ahlu Hottel, Bill Ream. Tliiril Rout Arthur Fell, Bill A n d re ws, Dave Me- Craelaen, Ronald Mills, George Douglas, Fritz Kreu- ger, Bob Hunter. Athletic Club Softball, basketball, tumbling, and soccer are only a few activities of this club this year. Sponsored by Walter W. Gray, the club's purpose is to develop physical, mental, and emo- tional well-being. This year the club has grown to 28 members. F i r it R 0 w: Jack Conley, Stuart Emry, Paul Adams, Wal- ter Gray, Max Beatty, jack Hammann. Serum! Row: Dan Bailey, Ted Moorman, Dave Griffith, Dick Fender, Bill Allman, Bill Rob- inson. Third Row: Bud Greenwood, Zeke Pierson, Ronnie Mills, Tim Wininger, Bill Andrews, John Craig. Fourib Row: Rod Turner, Paul Brummett, Charlie Ellis, Maurice Hughes, Bill Mengo, George McClain, Bud Wylie. U-fllen fs Club This year the U-Men's Club consists of 30 boys who have won a major award in sports. The purpose of it is to carry out sportsmanship at U. H. S. During the year the club provided programs for the football games and sponsored a dance. Another big feature was the rough and formal initiation held for the new members. U-Men's club originated the Al Hermann Scrapcrafters A newly formed club this year is the Scrapcrafters, spon- sored by Mr. Edgar Stahl. They make articles for use in the home from wooden crate ma- terials. During the first semester the members made bathroom util- ity cabinets from orange, lem- on, and grape crates. They con- tinued this program through the year. T sportsmanship award and bought the plaque which each year bears the winner's name. At the end of the year, the boys select a Senior who is considered outstanding in sports in all ways. Officers this year were Paul Adams, Presi- dent, Stuart Emry, Vice President, Bryant Kingsbury, Secretary, and Jack Conley, Treas- urer. Walter NV. Gray is Sponsor of the club. Svafml: Buddy Sanders, jim Kinser. Shzmling: Mr. Edgar Stihl, Paul Bradley, Cecil Ratliff. Page seventy-five Page liirxf Run: Brown County licnuticw. Thu' Thinker. Rcstiif! Locks interesting! J Sriuml Run: lfun in furnuls, Thinking hard? luck-gi-hun! ililYlI'il Ruiz: 'l'ln- hnrxu is sclrcti too. Peg! lintw! Tctitiy. ,lihc palm: that rt'ft'twl1us liunrlfr lilllfl Good iukc, uh? Turn around, hlcrryl Stag-linc. "Mc.ith11li's" horns seventy-six ,,....,.f ' , LQ ,aww . ,7""Z0'A 64..-.df Kid-4 f2H-4l1- 724-u...44u,Ze.fu -.ffbv ffdfj- sb 4,745-1' 104 Zilla-vc-7 ,diff-11-A., 54 M la Q2 1 W A.. N G s Pago seventy-right Bloomington! Department Store ':'-' Since 'l BARNARD MOTOR INC. 419 North Walnut BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA lub... QW 99.-s,2B""?" BLOOMINGTON' S NA TIONALLY KNOWN WEEKLY Feltus Printing Company, Inc. Publishers - Commercial Printers Telephones: 4000 and 7288 GODSEY'S SUPER MARKET 202 West 17th Street BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA Opened Seven Days a Week Eat at THE GABLES The Campus Rendezvous 114 South Indiana BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA WILES PHOTO SUPPLY Rapid Film Service Phone 3354 BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA Before this happens to you see . . . FEE 8. FEE INSURANCE 118 S. College Ave. Phone 2-2514 I S O M ' S MARATHON sERvlcE 1401 E. Third - Phone 7969 BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA Page s y 'fi fl QSO so ng THE SARKES TARZIAN STATIONS it . THE VOGUE Foshions for Young Women For The Best Flowers ELLIS t . FLoRAL co ii in if Sh All in ill East Side Square 304 East Fifth BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA Phone 7201 ig 3 gi WTTS - wnv The Only 5000 N Watt Station In ' . ' 9 On The Dial Q 'B gi 3 An ABC Affilate B iii is The Limestone Belt ' 1370 Page ez I asic Affiliate Of The NBC CBS ABC Dumont Networks Channel 10 4 BUY WITH CONFID ENCE BRANDS YOU KNOW Nurre Mirrors Aladdin Lamps Simmons Bedding Simmons Hide-A-Beds Florence Gas Stoves Mohawk Carpets and Rugs Storkline Nursery Furniture Kroehler Living Room Suites WYLIE FURNITURE CO. 14 Mend cooPER's JEWELRY f'For the Finest in Jewelry" 122 W. Sixth Street 121 E Kirkwood Phone 6855 ' BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA P J 'yhw B. G. I-IGADLV N5 QUARRIESR INC. iigsgf fi HOMESTONE Q S ix loomington, Indiana L1 PENNEY'S The Newest and Best in Styles For the Teen-Age Crowd The Store that Thrift Built 115 N. COLLEGE AVE. DRINK I mmf MAH. IN BOTTLES Coca-Cola Bottling Company BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA I I I I , I fs! Lf. I , ,fl 1 I , . ' I . . I THE w I,IuRREi,fcoMPANIss I X if . 41.-. IJf1'fA1 "fn It 4 i Co f' , , . J I W I A f , V . .- 'I ' ' ', lg ' fl ,I u 1 ' ull F I Ifi. ILM- . I.41Jv'f' "?s" 1,,VK '4v,,', M II . -4 ,A .' f I - C . . F yi, x , Y LIVING PICTURE MIRRORS A I X 'iv' A X ' I. mir.-,Tl X " 'V F VV' V . Ati., IVA ,. ,.Af 2 A . , Branch Blants Located At: I ,,e -5 ' 1' A fx -, ',x1'+. . A ,X L. ff! S' ' .I . J Dubuque, Iowa gn St. Louis, Missourig Iiansas City, Missourig i klVI,einpi1is, Tennessee:-Egg Hzirbjorl New 'Jerseyf Dofhan, Aid.. IJ W W N? I Q7 NN 4 l l! T: .1 -.. THE 765 if Iv 1 wo Ann5 BLOOMINGTCN I T III -- DVA jg-sunmil VX o if vy J' . .., I NATIONAL BANK , The Sign of Good Membelm D I C P g right Insurance 104 E. Kirkwood Ave. Phone 2-2131 BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA Citizens Bank Bldg. y-four Man M, HENDRICK'S D-x Lady sERvlcE sTATloN Sell the Clothes Road Service East Side Square Firestone Products BLOOIVIINGTON, INDIANA 1320 E, Third Phone 6424 It Pays To Plav With Sports Equipmeht From ' FEl":'AElrl?Ac?-NCCQND UNIVERSITY D I 0 S I' ea ers m crap ron, Tyflzolil-ING HGEJOQCS Rags, Paper, and Metals S' e tpor smen's ea quar ers" . 200 N. Walnut Phone 9573 503 N. Roiigbhshed wlghone 6884 BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA Page eighty-five Page eighty-six DAY FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Service Telephone 6331 Stephen Campbell William Apple BUILDERS' SERVICE O Millwork 0 Building' Materials 0 Insulation I Siding 0 Roofing Superior Lumber 8. Bldg. Co. Your First Thought In Dairy Products fofuuon eaeafneny eo. Dependable Milk Products since 191,2i1p,o,f1'J J rj 1 Y npfgj fell ,Lf'4,'DlQ? fx CQLWLL fill X I , V7 McCLAIN S W UL' www CUPBOARD MW For Free Delivery Phone 6455 424 E. Kirkwood Ave. BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA HANSON MOTOR CO. Hudson Motor Cars 1327 N. Walnut Phone 2-3321 BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA BRUMMETT'S PHARMACY Fountain - Cosmetics 1300 East Third Phone 2-2120 Imperial Washable Wall Paper Smith-Alsop Paint Products Bloomington Paint 8. Wallpaper Co. North Side Square MC YOUR DEPENDABLE J SHOE STORE! ft -' QQ f.!icQ ' 'iffilsz ,,.. ' : ll U .u- jwfasijam, ,Jw mt T' rd 1, f R lp Jlfu-vi! 122 NORTH WALNUT ""R"'b H mn 4M 7? 'Q 5 X-1 vw, I 7'-fugzjg ju x MM, ,7,,, gui I K f fl-57 Avy"-Z Mp 9 41 . . . QS , "Your Speclollst ln if amd Sports" XV WEP' Ce 0 'the SOUTHERN sPoRrlNG , YQ f ds new ooons sroms Wy l1Z3r'Q5l.1di1'kw'ood Ave. usa E. Fifth Phhhe 6093 df W Aw 5 0 954 JSM g ,r -Qi MODERN CLEANERS ,.,-iw., - . . ,N ' N -,N Hour Service 13.3 5. 3.1-XR A UN Xlnba E:Tack', Brune , axe' 'N'Y 'Q K mggpae ,Ohh M .- vi X f- 1- xx 'X N' ' Us 5-,Q my S ,X X115 fait Third ze, P A 4 k'-' , NN 2 5 te' Q .ss lwiml-41 lay 'l'Hl4I l5l'1N'I'0N 1il4lVII'IW I'l'l:, my IN XX KN ""-s. 'CN- . -4 ... MK, Page eight X, 0-AIN' 3.-Qwd-kb-Q. A-so-gs-.s..., Sis' S15-9-G h 1 kb x a w 1 lQ bi 4 . A -fgww-lgda. ME-S'cwM . ' Swvq -m.Q...m:, W A-me Qu Q38 WN .Ja-Q oy-M. Je-Q-15-W-7fa.L1:,k, TM XS ,'.:", SQL b QQ, JM1MQ.Y'jhgQNi'S-D Avx MIS V5 xakwgxgaxwlx ., Ovxgwa-M , Wie'-9rkgcxX . XNXJ Q lf i 4 5 A 1 ., ' " . " . , .' W 1- 4 A L ,gr , ,. 7, , '. ,r . --,, ,.f-VQZLT4..- - - - -1 . 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