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 - Class of 1946

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ff! i P0111 lfLI".5Ql"g 56 00 f PCL lflCLfl0lfL ff' Q G Z lin X. ll! CLI 45. J 7 DZ, 2 L! o 0 Q . , 1 ,I -L NCQ!! aa X , ' x 1 .f7 I X ! is' I 66 77 :Luk em l cl LI10tUL6!ge . . ,J gf0l'l, .gl'ltkl1I1l1.l 1'-pf,-,,,. NX M415 aeheu fo Aid molzroe Counfy I J f 1 fl ,azL10.,fL,- KC f 0l1'll'Yl0l'l 9 Ylziuemify .SJcAooZ gamm- f-""f-"vi ff!!! XXXXx QE!! XXI V A K X xfkf g X 1 1 gif! N Z i ? f Y ff f fm V-z-f:f.?!f'b5d-f az-ofs9iGl.'d 0 5f0l"y 0 JC 00 l 0 5 elle 0,00 5 em an U I' ffalle l POM? llblfifefy Ac 00 t gf!! Uatl0l'l ily f 6 CR 5 PM mm ' Q .. '39 IIEFE ' S FS 7946 or annum IS If-N NJ me hm! Conlacf :UNA fd Thus year the Unnverslty School buds farewell to nts frnend and benefactor Dean H L Smith The Dean s retirement comes after many fanthful years of work deducated to the advancement of educatnon Dean Smnth graduated from lndnana Unlversnty un l898 wnth an A B He received has A M from l U and an A M and Ph D from Columbia Unlverslty Dean Smuth has seen the Unuversnty School grow from a dream to the unstututnon ut us today U H S extends heartfelt thanks to Dean Smnth for hrs work and and through nts fnrst enght years of growth Dr Harold E Moore ns the pruncrpal of the Unuversnty School and Durector of the Bureau of Teacher Recommendatuons Dr Moore graduated from lnduana State Teachers College In l924 wnth an A B degree ln l929 he recelved has A M and In l945 his Ed D from lndlana Un: verslty Dr Moore was elected superun tendent of the schools at Mlshawaka In diana and wall assume hus dutues there August l 1946 Durung the four years an whnch Dr Moore has been connected wnth the Unlversuty School he has done much to promote and Improve our school If ga-New J Mr Otto Hughes our assnstant pruncr pal came to the Unuversnty School thns year from Columbus lndnana where he was the clty superintendent of schools He recelved has A B from Franklin Col lege un l928 and has A M from lnduana Unuverslty In l93O Despite the short time he has been wuth us hrs Interest and has wnllmgness to work for the good of the school have galned the favor of the entlre student body fftff , . . . , , . . . 5 . ' - . . . , , . . ' , u - . , - . , ,, ., .l""5"W':'ifYl CR: N I X , 1 s A- A x V V, 1 Y- ' . 'I ' ,F -.uf Claflky Mr. Ruby Michael returned to us this year as Dean of Boys and teach- er of Freshman mathematics. In 1938, when the University School first opened, Mr. Michael was critic teacher in mathematics He stayed with us and with Indiana University through the second semester 1941 42 I-le then went to Seymour l-ligh School as principal for the remainder of 1942 and part of 1943 ln March 1943 Mr Michael left Seymour for the Army Air Corps Mr Michael received his A B de gree at DePauw University in 1927 and his M A at Columbia University in 931 Miss Ruth Alexander who has been with us since 1938 when the school was completed and opened came from Bloomington l-ligh School where she taught Latin At the Uni versity School she has taught Latin and English she has been dean of girls for the past three years Miss Alexander graduated from the State Teachers College at Terre Haute She received her A B and A M from Indiana University TR-st Mr. Ellerbrook, who is with us for the first time this year, is in charge of the elementary grades at Uni- versity School. Mr. Eller- brook got his B S in Educa qw QRS'- ST M K1 r ' I J tion at Oakland City College Oakland City Indiana and his M A in the Teachers College Columbia University l-le is a c ndidate for his Ed D here at the University ln 1939 and 1940 Mr Ellerbrook was here as a graduate assistant to Dr Franzen From 1940 through 1945 he worked at Morton School in West Lafayette N' rx .AHJ I'I'l0l'Q ' ' Gala? The faculty of the University School is composed of teachers who have had much experience in the fields which they teach, and who are capable of promoting good citizenship and leadership. First Row: Mrs. Bloom Meyer, Miss Angela Mensing, Miss Ingrid Strom, Miss Marcella Knudsen, Miss Esther Boehlie, Miss Edith Shufelt, Mrs. Margaret Westerfield. Second Row: Mrs. Caroline Wildrick, Miss Elizabeth Ohlrogge, Miss jean Fowler, Miss Charlotte Foster, Miss Margaret Griffin, Miss Eloise McKnight, Mrs. Betty Shakes. Third Row: Mr. Clinton Green, Mr. Harry Gunderson, Mr. Gayle Wilson, Miss Anne Noble, Miss Edra Meads, Mr. Prevo Whitaker, Mr. john Thompson, Mr. Robert Bell. Fourth Row: Mr. Harold Manor, Mr. K. B. Thurston, Mr. Virgil Schooler, Miss Blanche Wellons, Mr. A. Pryce Noe, Mr. Shirley Engle, Mr. Phillip Peak. Not Pictured: Miss Phyllis Plichta, Miss Charlotte Henderson, Miss Maxine Dunfee, Mrs. Doris Stewart, Miss Martha Carter, Mr. Frank Smith, Mr. Frank Ross, Mrs. Carrie Eschen- brenner, Miss Mary Frances Mead, Mrs. Mary H. Neill. N ...sf lWC1f Elf ll I lllll xgllqlll l 5 Illll I lll fllll l 100 , IU lllnl Hllllll lllllf fl! Ullllllllj flllfflll llllll IUC I I llll IH? qlfll C llll, lfllll llfll lU0l fl C I7 fly LOIII ll I f Hlfl l Cl Ill J 5lA00 K 15Qg7j is HCL, 1 M -,.11 H11, 11 31 1 1,, ,, , 1!' 'I ' !1f.,9l1f"!Jl1'- 1,11-, 1. 1, 1, 11, 1 1 lIf,f 'fL'1f 0 f L' -W 1061. 1, are W4 f1XA Wx f!x,' N - flgx RY I I K3 5,1 Q ,X wx ,Lg 1 14 N- M., . X ' I 1 Xffi W '. f kid f A 1 1 .. F' l l NURSERY SCHOOL The nursery school provldes a complete day for three and tour year olds lt gnves each chlld a chance to work and play wrth a group The children learn patterns of soclal behavlor by lnvnng together and through expernences nn luvlng playmg and buuldung They learn to luve together un school un the famnly and nn the community and they acqunre good habuts of self control The nursery school room us duvnded unto various actlvlty centers such as the lnbrary corner the reading table and the doll corner The regular program Includes muslc rhythms, and construction work In wood and paper Flrst Row Heather H111 XI H Nlorrxs Bully Nlxlray Dennis Smeem katy Jean Brumfleld John Pomeroy Geraldme Haak Nlargaret Roff Jacqueline Harrell Slffld Frena Qecond Row Bills llatson Tommy Black Richard Crouch Paul Frenv Fllen Hollmnhead Bxll Hull Xlarrxn Nlanor I-hnbeth NI0'XIxllan Thlrd Ross Qtephen Ferguson Mlllucent Hall Mxss Fdlth Qhufelt Rebecca Buell Nlllxt Mlllar KINDERGARTEN Health and happuness are consxdered the flrst alms In all work wnth kindergarten chlldren Other emportant oblectnves of the knndergarten are to help the chlldren to understand better theur own nmmedrate envlronment to provude the opportunity for socual lnvmg In a way accept able to the worthy modern home and community and to guve each chlld experlences which wull prepare hum for fnrst grade An outstanding growth nn language power should be one sngmfucant outcome ot the kunder garten actuvrtnes Through nntormal conversation through gunded duscusslons related to unlts of work through dramatic play through llterature and creative composluon the knnder garten offers numberless opportunltles for growth of vocabulary and power of expressnon Fxrst Row Patty Grogneaux Donny Mllls John Codmm 'llarllyn Nlax Ixbra lm Cleveland Ste phen Parrlsh Tommy Hensley Sherb Nxcoll John Mahan Jlmmy Peak Qenond Row Ianet NIcDan1el Ceorge Ann XX alder Vary Slkes QUSIG Duty Judxth Anderson Holly Rlllllllldll Nanc-x Wentworth Ann I-ostrr Qteve Warner qtThlTll Ron Iomms Xlucllenfuss llllll lxarsell Feorge Dunn Nhss Phyllxs Plxchta James Roff Dlclx 'IYHQI' l . . 1 ' ' , . , - V n l V - rf . ' , '. .- A 'A,: fw :A In C' L.. 'YL I ' I I QA. . - ' ' ' Y kcf , Page ten .rw- FIRST GRADE The furst graders have been learning how to work and play together and how to keep theur schoolroom pleasant How to get to school safely and how to keep well have been gnven consxderable attentnon Learnung how to read has been one of thenr mayor Interests They have not only learned how to read from books but have also composed thelr own stones Fnst Row Fred Bxrnhlll Marsha Pennmgton Jerry Sm.-xlluood Norman llukxrd Sara Jean Peter son Iudy Grow Donna Jean Payne Ann bohy Raymond Iohnwon Phllxp I-azan Denleu Nlcllanlel Peggy Lou Dodds Second Row Ronald Truelflood Vlllllam Hoke Larry Ferrell Jolm hast fllfford Watson Paul Ellis lhnrlms Yhdrll Carl Hall Carolyn Nan Deman John Cruurh Helen Hone xllllllllll ltrxseoe Thlrd Row Douplx-4 Rae Judy famphell Davld Bowen Mxsg Esther Bozhlje Bllly Sprnggs Joan Xelten Bnrry Buell fharles Cleland SECOND GRADE The second grade pupnls are guven new responsubulntles nn lnvung together Each child learns to thunk and to act for hnmself and for the group The students have been especually Interested thus year un studyung lute un the cornmunnty In connectuon wnth theur studv the second graders At the end of the furst semester the pupnls proved thenr abulnty by plannmg and glvung a very successful tea for their parents Fxrst Row Ros fromh Dawld Chambers Nlanlyn Nixlls Barbara Heaton Xlrglnln Sarher Deborah KK alden Xlary Nh ui: Xl alknr Amy Salshury Naomn Stephan Soma Inllard Mronri Row I-u :ne Reuse Prefrn Iolluff Xnna Kline Fapps Xkllla Hflfflllllllltf 'let XHNI1 an Dolon e We-ddle lxathletn Xnrln-ws Martha Hoarlley Julxe Slunner Thlrcl Ron Ronald luolu-en M11-hael Mmnexneyer Daud Davw Hnlllam Owgns Nllss lharlotte Foster Mather Nhllxam Chambers John leant! Beverly Nan Deman Peggy Peterson 1 ., ,y 4 , 1 ,, -."- 4-, ,U ' ll ,v All , have visited the fire-station, a bakery, a dairy, and a grocery. l Page elc' ren THIRD GRADE Th1s year M1ss Elo1se McKn1ght has been teachmg the ch1ldren of the th1rd grade to appre c1ate the world about them Teacher and students together stud1ed the sun and the moon butterflles beavers owls ants and other th1ngs of nature At Chnstrnas tlme the children learned Chr1stn'1as songs the story of each song and someth1ng about the wr1ter The second semester was devoted to a un1t on transportat1on by land by water and by aur The class made a VlSIf to a tra1ler house and they took a tr1p to a f1ll1ng statuon At the end of the semester a program about thear exper1ences was presented to the parents ll 1 1 111 1 11 1 1e 1 1 s 1 1 1 XIII N 111111 11111 111 1111 1 1 1 111111 1 11 s N ll Xll111 1 11111 11 11 1 1 11 N 1 1111111 ss 1 1111 1 L., 111 111 1 1 bllll Nlllll FOURTH GRADE The fourth grade has made a study of our state lnd1ana They have been dlgglng 1nto 1ts h1story and d1scove11ng the beautles and 1nterests of 1ts countryslde and c1t1es By learnmg more about lnduana the fourth grade students are on thelr way to becom1ng bette1 CIfIZ9l"lS Through art mus1c readmg and wr1t1ng the fourth grade has broadened 1ts knowledge of ITS state and learned the meanmg of c1t1zensh1p 1 ll! 1 IN Ill I ll! X I 1 1l1 111 1 N 11111 1 1l1 N 1111111 11 1 1111 1 ll 111 1 111 lllll 11 1 1 11111 1 N 11111 H111 ss 1 11111 1111 1 111 1111 1 - " 7 11, V 'TTT' l ' 'f' -- -14--14-Q K 1 . , 1 1 11' K K 0 . 11 l 51 'ir K l""st R011 111111111 191111 lt'l'S0ll. M1 Mis Kilnig, 1':1t1'i1-in Willis, .11-111111111 11111111111-, Sh: '1111 Nfl' , li11ll11' .l111- Dildx, 1la11'i1l Y:111 lD11111:11, Blury .I11ll1-11111, Phyllis ti11ly:111, l'l1ili11 lloty, Fra-11-1'i1lc . '11111 1'1-' l I' 'Z llivk H1-1'l'1'tt, Dz11'i1l Hittlv. l,l1'li H1l'ls , J. .L l"1':11l4l'11. l.:11'1'1' H1111'1l. 1l."1'-1-11 K1:1l111, Rl:11'ily11 .l11l111s1111, Kl:11'ily11 Bush, X11 1'1' N1-:1l. Phyllis 1'l1:1111l11-rs. 'I'11111' .'t1-1-11s, XY: 'rs-11 A "1:lt. Tl" R0 'Z l3y'111 ll:11ll1-y, ,l:1l11i1- H1111-, ll:11'i1l l511'l -1', ll:11'1'1-It 1':1111l1-rs. XY, li. lP111111, l':1Ity 'l"111-- ll , Mi." l'1l11ix11 Xl'l' Aglt, 1111111111 1'li111-. 1'1"'11:1 l'111t1'1'li111-, I':1ts1' f'1' lt'll, .X11 - ll1lli11gsl11'111l, Bl:1'1'l:1 N1 ' 1111, .l11:' - ll:1111-, First l'1111'Z R1-l1:1 XY-lll-. l,1-11111111 111111111-'.'1111, S11 l':1 film, .I lj 'I'l11':1sl11-11 l'-11111' lC11111:1L:1-, l':1Is1' ll1l 111-11. 1l1'l'l'Y Yun llylu-. llill Hurts '14, l.z11'1'1' Is1111. li11l1 It -, .I1-1'1'1' Is11111. llirla .11 -1's1111. ,'1-1 RU-5 gush. 1-',.,,l,.,-h X11 X'l1'-k, .l11111-t l'1l'il!llillll, N11 '1' xYilIlll1l'l', .xl'llllll' W-lil1-, .l:11' lillis. Tl" R11 ': 'I'i1111 P:1t1111, B1-1se1'4'111111, Patty T1-1"ell, I'l1ili11 Ri1-l1z11'1lsr111. H1 ':1'1 S11'111'-ll. V:j1 1 , Mics A1121-1:1 NI111si11:', .lin j Stigznll, lic 11tl li11l1i11s1111, .l11l ' llllg. Page fz1 1'I1'1' FIFTH GRADE The fufth grade at Unxversnty School studues about our own country nts begunnungs t growth and :ts reeources The chnldren have a part nn plannmng theur ovm work ralsmg prob lems and gatherlng materuals to solve these problems They have especrally lxked actnvltles related to lnduan colonlal and puoneer lute lrst Row 1nf 1 Il 1 tv t .11x111 Qllillll 011 1 mr: N1111 rl Ill 0 412 C'1rr0ll Nnlfer lun: lr XL I 11 X Xl9Xl!ld9Y' kwtlw-r111e XIUUIQ-' xllllllllt lurk xllltl-1 9ta1e ton Roberta Fo! econd Ron Wurrnn RlCll'l!K190ll Lxll hnapp I mes Butzhu I- nl Xulmuxs I-11111 Pru tt HILIHIIIJH -K1-thur Fcll Dnld Truehlood Pr-ter Hove Iiaxul No11ml1n111 Ilnul Rr1l1111kon 11r4l Ron N11 lllIllJOll Lddu Hudelson ftorge Xhtlun Xu Nlaxms lJ111l'11 C 111 X lexti mm 1 Hun IIIIILPX X en Studgnts not 1n 111 we um ms 1111 Cllll 1l1x Du Il SIXTH GRADE The suxth grade studles the nenghbors of tne Unuted States to the north and south Much of thenr work In language arts musrc and art grows out of thelr soc al studnes unuts xsfll Nmvs Tommx T otto r ll lt P61111 1111: on 1 111 lm 1:1 'lulvlx f'llll0ll 1001111 Rrm Ron llfl NI1ll 1rx111 Xnfly 4 r 1 -11114 H all 1'1l"lPS Nl 111 X 111 rummett 11 111 1-1 111 f 111 111111 1 1 111 X 1rx Br 1 Ntanletnn X 1111 x XX mt: r 1rd Ron nr x ll A I1 ,101 1 u ll 1111 1 11 N 1 14 r d 11r1 111 1s 110111 lfflt arent 1 x 1 l ltr In 111 Page thu teen , . . , L. , . ' i S If' .' 'Z Suszu 1 .lr sl -, t'l1z1'lvs H k -. BI' ' ' I' A ut . Hz rl' 1 I.:-11 .' '1h. Put 'via ,X 1 D d ,'. .fa ' , . 1 i 11'-s, '1 sf , Q: , '. ' . ' . ,' '.: - ' -", . ' 1' xl - S 'I '. - ' I. ' .1 , " ' ' . . a .' . ' 'r' .1 1I'il ' u . LC-0 Tl' ': . :win P11 . ' " ,: , 91 r, - -'Q' , .l' s . - 1 lnlx ,'t'lr0l1. Rol - ' ,iil111 J:1 'k zz rl, "1 - Q 1 ll . 1 ' i'It I J ll' K B' .' R : 1 f 1.' 'iso . First Row: Ht-110 Davis, llmlulll l z1trm1. Bill Rol1i11so11, Ruth llmlmlx. H1-tty lrl'iH'lIt', Boll Imln-lxr111, Kurt- .' A' I' 1' A . ic' ' ' - er, li: : l l ll llillll, J:u'k 1l1llzrrl, 'l'r:1",' Tl mas. '- j S -, ': 1 - ' 5. tie-nv bk' " . Bill . wws. liill l:U'vY6'll. l,2lI'l'j' lm l, .l. 'F a . Flf .' 'A P: 'l' If . .l l X al. Jul f'1'ils-r. Ti XY' 4 :1-l', .lin li'l nr:-, ,iz ,' 'tl Th' ': X11 II ll' nfl. An I t l'tsa11. Kaul l A - l"lZ'lLfil!l. llo il Pl:-M4 ,lllllil St- - -My jumly 1 H10 , f':11'olyl1 I-'ve-. lil! 'l a z .Xl . Xl V: ' l'1A XVII '-k. ll' 'l - - llillllllvll, NN: ll--r Roh' Lang: 11. 'z 'iclu ' I' 11. lfUfll0If' L Inqc foul fvcn I ,AU Jllflllll lll Plgnll gif! 0.5 UIH Cllll llgfll Pl 9 OI? I1 Ullf Clllf I lfl fllqlllg Clleflj Cflflllllg lll5 dl!! :5l70llZf UUUIIIL5 5522 xj X.. C I ,Q ffffff'Qff-ff, f' 1 'LS2 , 1,1 W of H ant! JACIPU many nappy finwj af ,Jar- f 1 . jo x KK , N H x., N ' ,l X X ,ffeX7 Q g ua -nif- I-4 N HST 1 1 1x IV I 11 1 r 1rx1s 'Cr 1 rt Ixl1v1l 1 SPCODII lion I 1I1 1 1 1 111 1111 1 1 Nu' YJOTI6' Nt11.'1ll X nu 'I H101 R0NiIlB Rex Path NI NYIUZQI' Ruth I - 111 111.1 N'1111w 011 N 1rI11 Bur on 1rd Rmx I 1111 B11 Pr TIIH wmders ht Dans NI Lhael H1111 Ii tu N e1er I 011 N 1r garet Howdlew I 11r111a U1-telhursx Joan Jenkm Roberta Pell Ixfu Wsnn 10113, Nqncv 11111 I-tmfr Peizgw Pen111n1:mn Be-th fopeland Ourth Ron I1ll H1nkI1 anna Hflrrlen XITEIIIIT IIIIIKIIYT I' 11a 111111 11 IV111 9I11r QIPYYIII1 Varv Daudeon 'VI'1r1-11 XI elle Sue Fox Bettv Jo Reed lth Row Sumo U aII1ce Nhrxlwn Baldrldge Ianet I-19111 Nwvww Ixlf'IldY'4IS Ie,g5 BIIHTIII XIBYIIVP Crouch Jein Rogers Iiarbarx Iool1t1111 NIarx Jo Xuirux 11 1 I'r111'1lo SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADES The seventh and eughfh grades have been verv acfuve socuallv dunng the year and have sponsored varlous events Among These events were a Valentlne Dance a Ch uftmas Party and a war bond donatuon 'ro some worthy person The sponsors are as follows 322 Mrs Westerfueld 314 Mr Smnth 324 Mr Noe 320 Mr Thompson w ef 11. W vw' siwb We muh J t r Kms aro 111 oder X ere I '1 111s Ixu Tmtrer ncx f11Ipzlal1P , 51111 N 0111 u1e nn rne 11 D 1 ,, A 1.11 11111 wrt, .:1 - Y-' ', . '1 . 11 .. . I x11 ax" . . ' 1'-:1 . ' 1 1 ' 11 Y SPCOFIUI ow: . ir1an1 Ringer. Mary Imuike Homann. Karin Artin. .a'I1111- S 111 . SIZKTUYI Si 1, ar' ham f'r:1I1tr1'1-, Q: 1: '- I -.: 1 - f'I1ar1-1 Ma" . 1111n1- rir' 111-r. 1111 :1yf 111. 1? Ii:1rir1'. 'nynf' Brmkner. I 1111111 I-' str au Neel. I.e1v1S Frpn' . 'rl Row: Rnynmnvi Lnws-ry, .111 ' rltene . 1 ia , . :1riy11 :1 -1'- . Norma rre PY. or1-Q M1'1'a1111 , . 16- 'am 1 . :11 . 111-y 1 r, . 1- 'r111ng, 1 ri:1'111, B011 4'on1lwin. , ther Hrmrd. Hill 11 ", a' S 01 1 4 .1 . ny " 11 111 . 'frurth Row: E :f 1 'r s, l . . 2:1 - V1 1, . ar '11-' 1- 111 . 1r1i11H, 'J 'rv , .Ioan - ' f". - 1 'I 1, . 11111 1- ,nh-. 111- rx -. 1 P- lunn, Q 1, A pl 1111 , ' 11 , ., r- ' , N01 in '11' -1 ':r11 .'u11 ' 151. . ww. . 11 I " 11'-I Page fijtcem Row One Our Pop Beats Egypt Swmgun on a star Row Three Why young men go West Turn the page quick Our hearts were young and gay Page sczenteen , .. H- YL- . . , b Row two: Lift, Lady?Y-Yea, Seniors!-Where's Sam? A SCAOOZ LW! all Slgdl' IJPOCHUC I Ilg Ill ?l'l0ll U! gf fllll C' ULGIIOII ,IPL Jtdfl I ell 7 5 100 C Clyif 6120 CLI? CClI"0 Il PAH! all 50 GL, fl? lllll"l ll llnfl ILL I fl 0 ll I I I ' CCC ILUUU fill llg l g0fl 5 LIT U10 ll lil 1101? UOCClfl0H P AWN L la Sl H1514 fge H0 fo H5 2 H961 f N 0. a afe i JGQHC vflu " lo I-ll-I ,ff JJ- 1, A-Aff ,1 ff ffl Q ,f N f J fl ' f u1!"l milieu law o 1- 1,-rf-10,1 ,f' fa rl l' .- U ,R T fl . rue VS rv f, tl j A X P nm-mermg Freshmen Fnrst Row Carol Kaslow Frances Barnhart Clorua Cadueu Iohn Krnser Kenneth Watt Bob Mobley Davld Snyder Bll Colputts Marge Fusher Maxine Whaley Kathleen McClarn Sophomores Second Row Sally Avery Margone Deckard Davud Clnne Davud Stoner Edwun l-larruson Martha Reavus Carole May juniors Thrrd Row Duck Hansen Luta Slnclarr Betty Rnchardson Rogers jfed In ell The freshman class occupies four home rooms and slnce the freshmen are not organized they elect separate offucers for each home room The off: cers of these home rooms are as follows Room 204 Mr Green Sponsor Marjorie Fnsher President Robert Dnstel hurst Vice Presndent Harmon Deal Secretary Treasurer Room 3l3 Mrs Shakes Sponsor Dave Snyder President Kenny Watt Vnce President Maxrne Whaley Secretary Treasurer Room 220 Mr Wulson Sponsor Bob Mobley President Kathleen Mc Claln Vlce Presldent Carol Kaslow Secretary john Klnser Treasurer Room l Mr Gunderson Sponsor Bull Colpltts Presldent C-lorla Cadleu Vlce Presrdent judy Bruner Secretary Treasurer The freshman gurls made the flrst move nn social events by starting the year off wlth a dance entitled the Fall Hop at whlch a kung and queen were chosen and crowned Page mm teen ' 1 S I A 1 . u 1 T ' 7 ' l J , ,, I A , 4 . . ' 1 . , 1 ' ' . U 1 1 v V I 4 v Seniors, Fourth Row: Doris Deal, Charles Pruett, Maddie Levaggi, Dave . 3 A . 1 , 1 ' , 1 , ' - I - . 2 . Q . Z . ' - 3 - . Q , 1 - , I , 1 . . 5 Q . Q , I . 1 . ' - . , Page twenty Fnrst Row Davnd Baker Pat Barger Fran ces Barnhart Dorothy Bough Doris Baxter Neomu Baxter Second Row Allen Baxter Martha Beck Carolyn Becovltz james Booze Dolores Brmson Roger Brown Third Row judy Bruner Doris Bush Gor don Bush Beverly Butcher Dorothy Butcher Glorna Cadxeu Fourth Row jack Cassndy Norma Cham bers Peggy Colluns Bull Colpltts Betty Col son Peggy Copeland Fnfth Row james Cr'-ure Austm Crane Ruchard Crouch Coleen Crafton Harmon Slxth Row Kevm Declfer Aluce DeWar Robert Dustlehurst janet Edwards Robert Engle Lorela Enterllne Seventh Row julla Farrus Anna Mae Fueld er Marjorae Flsher Ruth Allce Freeman joe Good Patsy Grey Eighth Row james Grubb Gertrude Gun ther Esther Hacker Norma Hall Mary Hall agan Maxlne Hawknns Nmth Row George Heughway Charles Hetrnck Duck Hmkle Barbara Hoadley james Honer cdlth Hopper . Z , ' Q ' - 3 . - I E I , . l 3 , l . ' ' : . . , ' , , , Deal, Martha Deckard. : ' . , ' , . . , . : . , y . - . I I V - ! ' l t l - , . . . . , . Furst Row joan Huber Sammy Hunsacker Becky Sue lsom Bonnie jacobs Vnrgul john son Evelyn jones Second Row Carol Ka low Paul Kent john Kmser Davud Langley Rudolph Langley Karen Lundesmuth Thnrd Row Kathleen McClaxn Nucholas Muhauloff Shlrley M Il Robert Mobley Paunme Mullns Maryetta Ooley Fourth Row junlor Patton joe Plnkston jean Robunson Flfth Row Frank Rogers Mary Alice Row land Bob Shook Paul Slnn james Smnth Norma Smlth Snxth Row Ruchard Smlth Dave Snyder Coleen Solometo judlth Stanley jul-e Strong Bully Tatum Seventh Row Eugene T 1yIor George Tay lor james Telfer Arthur Thorpe Raymord Turpin jane Walden Enghth Row Kenny Vvfalt Maxrne Whaley joyce Whltehead Page twenty one 7 5 - . ' A . ' i S. . Bob Regester, Betty Rice, Dessia Robertson, . . , , V V v v ' X 5570194001 0l'e5 Fnrst Row Loulse Arnett Sally Avery Martha Baxter Wesley Baxter Raymond Bouvner Cor nella Brendel Catherlne Brnscoe Hazel Bryant Burt Butcher Second Row Martha Busklrk Harold Butcher Carolyn Callahan Patsy Conner james Cham bers Davnd Clune Nernna Cola Norma Colpltts Dons Conner Thurd Row Sara lane Correll Charles Dane Phyllis Davls Marjorie Deckard Mary Deckard Maxine Deckard Melba Dollens Phulllp Douglas Nancy Downs Fourth Row Howard Duck Herman Enterllne Mary Ann Ferguson Err-ogene Fvelder DD Foster Robert Fowler Don Fultz Norma Fultz lane Coby Fifth Row Hannah Lou Hare Edwin Harrsson Harold Hartgraves Barbara Hawkuns Charles Hawkms june Hearn Donna Hendrucks Allce Hendrlckson Charles Hendrux Page Ml entu two - 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 - - 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 ' - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - - 1 1 1 ' 1 - - 1 1 1 1 ' - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - v - First Row lV'artha Hendrlx Martha Hoke Frank Holland Darrell Hooten Phyllis Hopper Chnstune Hunter Nancy jones Don Kellogg Katherune Kung Second Row Melvulle Kung Muckey Love Bull Mann Waneta Matlock Carol May Wullnam McCaw Dale Mntchell joyce Moore Thomas Moore Thurd Row Patrucua Moran Constance Newman Eddne Nrchols Allyn Noe Dons Penmng ton Flo Polnng C-lenn Pryor Martha Reavus Carol Reed Fourth Row Vaughn Race Becky Robertson jack Robinson Phyllis Rogers Harruet Ruble Duck Shook Enleen Slddons Donald Sunn Bob Sknrvun Fntth Row Bull Stanley Buddy Stapleton Lucrlle Stevens john Davud Stoner Marjone Stout Sophia Telfer janet Van Dyke Charles Waldrlp Phyllis Waldrlp Suxth Row Laara Lou Ward Nancy Whlte Thelma Whute Nancy Wlldes Iva Wulloughby Page twenty three l - ' - - . r v - - t - ' t Q , v v n v v - - - - - n ' t v v , A . . t v u r - v r - - v 1 n n r v y 1 ' - r 1 u - - lll'll0I" G55 The junuor class of l946 was wldely represented In many actjvutles nn the Unuversuty School just before Chrustmas the juniors In accordance wlth the spmt of the season gave a dance for the school Three other dances followed during the year Then In March came the Penny Carnival whlch was a bug success under the leadershlp of Llta Sunclaur Wlth the comlng of May the junuors gave the bnggest socnal event of the year the junlor Sensor Prom Havlng fave members on the varsity basketball team the juniors also excelled IH the sports field Those members were Bob Snoddy Phnl Gnlmore Bob Good Frank Barnhart and jack Beatty They also took their share of honors wuth the track team Flve junior class members of the tumbling team traveled to Chucago to make a movle on tumblung They were junnor Mann Wunfred Rumple jlm Lane Lee Shack and Bill Shnck jo Ann Branam Albert Brown Wlldns Burch Second Row Bob Burger Betty Butcher john Butcher Phyllls Coleman Susan Cornacchlone Robert Clnder Susan Davls jamce Dlllon Barbara Dorsey Thnrd Row l- ed Dunlhue Mary Lou Eckels Paul Flerst Robert Fleener Cara Mae Floyd Loss Floyd Bull Franklin joe Franzman Charles Fultz Fourth Row Phlllp Gnlmore Robert Good Dorothy Goodwun Leonard Gunnerson Bob Gunther Lnlllan Hacker Ann Hamilton Duck Hansen Verna Hawklns Flfth Row Max Headley Rlchard Hendrlx Tom Hoadley Tuna Hoffzlmmer Ann Holland Phnlup Hosler Loulsse Hubbard Duxon Hughes Nancy jackson First Row: Bill Adams, joyce Adams, Frank Barnhart, janet Bartley, Bob Baxter, Bob Beatty, Page twenty-four The junior class officers were Duck Hansen president Lita Sinclair vice president Betty Ruchardson secretary and Phil Gilmore treasurer The spon sors were Miss Wellons Miss Strom and Mr Engle Dixon Hughes and Bar bara Thompson were elected as editor in chief and business manager re spectuvely to serve on the 1947 jordannus The juniors realize the responsibility which will be theirs as the seniors of l947 and they hope to be worthy of the honor of graduating from the University School First Row juanita jones Tom Klnser jim Lane Nancy Lane john Lindley junior Mann Betsy Martin Lynn Martin Bill McDonald Second Row Rose Mcllveen Don Meadows Marilyn Meyer john Miller Betty Mobley Lousanne Noe john Noyes Philip Owens Patricia Pierson Third Row Patricia Pless Wilma Pope Dick Reed Betty Richadson Bonnie Ridge Leon ard Robertson jim Ross Winfred Rumple joyce Scales Bob Snoddy Dwight Snoddy jo Ann Southern Fifth Row Donna Stapleton Phyllis Stevens Phyllis Strain Frances Taylor Barbara Thomp son Marguerite Thompson Byron Trujillo Mary Wampler Martha Weamer Sixth Row Gene Wells Mary Lou Winter Patsy Wylie Page twenty five . . . . Z ' I . I , - ' 1 v f - ' - - l , - , . . I 9 ' . : I . . ,- . , . ' . . . . n - Fourth Row: William Scoville, john Seeber, Bill Shick, Lee Shick, Lita Sinclair, Charles Smith, , , - - . , . , - : , ' , ' . 0- rl Q' 5 Q3 'R A- sr Q. , . L T W 4 ,: 9' s. t v 2 K in fv 6 X 'F "" 1 QIQLOIW5 0 .Al fadf l 50Hl0l" yea? 105 Cll LULC HI fo llgdl' GHC! 60171 IAP fl I Ling JCIILOFJ ld 501101011 cL fd 0C g fl0 fA0llIfAl 0 ACLULII9' fo C'ClU0 il l'llUQl"5l!y L 00 il? OH y JL 00 1006 Clll0ll.5 Cll.llUlIlC5 Oll ,ICU :SKIILOP AON LUQI' ana! Cll'0 Lallg f lil Cl Llllll' llflll un alll lielnenf 6716! fA0 0 Hell! IQQFLQIICQJ o 7 46 l'.I' ' I 'r' PL L 'LSP k " f lfff ofgf' f ' ' 1 l 1 I! f I A l I f ' lc' U' ' SWA Z I f QA f fgey Lowe Lnown since early cliff!- ll?!1 .-f,J f'- aw" riff f ex- , A fl 351 2l'll0l" .MZJOIV The class of I946 with eyes toward a promlsung future made up the fresh man class of l942 43 Although we were not offncnally organuzed we were working for our class We gave two box suppers to raise money for the class As sophomores we started what we hope wlll become a tradltlon of the school We organized as a class offncually We were not able to accomplish a great deal as we dnd not organlze until late nn the school year However we dad sponsor a dance and planned and arranged our next year s work as the gumor class Beang thus prepared for our task the gunuor class of l944 45 moved quuck ly to nts work Perhaps the flrst publuc notice of our efforts was a dance spon sored by the juniors Then we came forth wlth the Penny Carnnval The entire class worked together to produce one of the best Penny Carnuvals of all times As our last but by no means least effort of the year we presented the junior Prom Orrglnal Ideas and vlvld color marked thus prom as a real event at U H S When at last and yet so soon our sensor year arrlved we chose our offncers and lmmednately started all the many actlvltues a sensor class has Wlthm the fnrst months of school we had presented a new pep song to the school Thus song has been accepted by the students and we hope It wlll be the pep song for many years to come Senior dances found thelr way into U H S socnal actlvltles The sensor class presented thear play Best Foot Forward The cast uncluded a talented group and gave our class success We leave U H S a lnttle bnt older and a luttle but better we hope than lt was when we came Several marks of our presence wall be found stall a part of Unuverslty School after we leave We thunk the Ideas and tradutuons we have set forth' are good lt IS for those who follow to prove us wrong or rught We have put a great deal unto our school lufe but we carry away the greatest part of It wnth us The school the teachers and the students have gnven us much of our past our present and our dawning future I I - , . , , , . - . - , . . . I , , . 7 1 ' Page twenty seven BARBARA ADAMS Communuty Sung 3 Typung Club 3 lordannus f4 G A A 2 3 Blue Tru 4 War Bonds and Stamps l KATHERINE BLACK Chorus 4 Entered school senuor year from Shortrudge Hugh School lnduanapolus Ind Eu MER BRYAN Hu Y 2 Varsuty Bas e all 3 4 U Mens Club 3 4 Quad Staff 3 4 lordannus Staff4 lor dannus Skuts 4 Track 2 Projectors Club l Safety Patrol l 2 3 Aeronaut ucs Club l 2 War Bonds and Stamps 2 4 Bache lors Cookung 3 Soft Ball WALLACE CLELAND Scuence Club 3 Or estra l 2 3 4 a 3 4 lcrdannus Staff 4 Best Foot Forward Track 2 CELlSSIA CROUCH Orusl 2 G A 3 4 War Bonds and Stamps2 3 Vuctory Gar dens 2 SHIRLEY DUANE Gurl Reserves 2 Quad 3 4 A War Bonds and Stamps l Knuttung Club l KATl-IERI NE ALTMAN War Bonds and Stamps Entered school senuor year fom Baldwun Hugh c ool Baldwun L New York REBECCA BLACK Chorus 4 War Bonds and Stamps Entered school senuor year from Shortrudge Hugh School lnduanapolus Ind MARGARET BRUMMETT Gurl Reserves l 2 G A IOE COIA Mens Club 3 Gymnastucs Club 4 Best Foot Forward 4 Track 2 3 -1 Safety Patrol l 2 Aeronautucs Club l Bachelors Cookung 3 BARBARA DAVIES Orchestra l 2 lordan nus Staff 4 IANE DUNLAP ur Reserves l lo an lestersl 2 3 4 Chorus 3 Quad Staff 4 lordannus Staff 4 The lmagunary lnvalud The Barretts Best Foot Forward Brother Goose Letters to Lu cerne Student Councul l 4 'Thespuan 2 3 PATRICIA BAKER Gur' Reserves l jordan lesters 2 3 4 Chorus l 2 3 4 lordannus taff Nune urs Best Foot Forward G A 2 3 4 Thesp an BARBARA BRICKNER Ente ed school senuor year frorn Central Hugh School Kalamazoo Much BETTY BURCH Gu Reserves l 2 3 Communty Sung 2 Com mercual Club l Z Typ ung Club 3 Quad Staff 2 lordannus Staff 4 Stu nt Councul l 4 dannus Skuts 4 G A A 4 Blue Tr 4 uectors Club l Safety Patrol 2 3 War Bonds and Stamps l 2 IAMES CORRELL cuence Club 3 lordannus Staff 4 Best Foot F rward lordannus Skuts 4 Prouectors Club 2 Aeronautucs Club 2 Raduo Club l DORIS DEAL Gurl Reserves 2 Quad Staff 3 lordannus Staff 4 Student Councul 2 3 A 4 L ader 3 4 Secretary Senuor Class War Bonds and Stamps 2 3 LOREN DURNAL Projectors Club 3 4 Sa ety P rol 3 ar Bonds and Stamps 2 MARIORIE BEARD or n esters 2 Chorus 4 lordannus Staff 4 Letters to Lu cerne Antuc Sprung Student Councul l 2 3 A 4 a er l 2 3 4 puan 3 4 War Bonds and Stamps 2 uoAN BROWN Gurl Reserves Z Typ Club F H Knuttunq Club l usfxu BuRcH ur Reserves l Communuty Sung 3 Com mercual Club 2 ordan es ers l lunuor e Cross lordannus Staff A 3 4 Tru 4 Prouectors Club l XN ar Bon s an Stamps BERTHA CROUCH o u Z 3 4 Club 2 3 G A 2 3 4 Vuctory Gardens IOAN DES lARDlNS lor an jesters 3 4 Student Councul 4 En tered school lunuor Year from South Bend Central Hugh School South Bend n BARBARA FAGAN ur eserves l or an lesters 2 3 Orchestra l 2 Band l 2 Quad Staff 4 jordan nus Staff 4 Best oot Forward C- A A Page twenty nzne I ' ' c I c H : l da l - 32 Staf 3 , 3 343 r ' ' 3 3 3' l l S l 33", - ' 3 S h 3 ', . l., 43 " ' G' l "3 " "3 " ' ' "1 3 3 3 i 4. 43 G. . A. 23 3, 3 Yell Le d , 3 3 3 Thes- 3 ' 3' E' 1 ' E' ang 3 . .Af 33 43 '- : A - A . 1 . 'rl . , 1 C' l . 2: k tb 3 3 - ' A. . 23 3. ' 3 - ' ' 3 - . 1 , ' . : - ' 1 l Q 4 1 - A 1 : 1 t 1 ' R d A l 3 l de A ' 3 lg lor- 43-C. I., 23 3 3 Blue ' l ,l ll 2, 3, S3 'u . : Pro! F. H.lA. 43 Safety Patrol v 3 . : - ' . , 2, 3: 3: d d A Z - U- ' 3 43 S ' 3 43 Ch r s 3 3 3 Typ- ch 3 3 3 3 B nd ' 3" 3 " ing 3 3 . . A. - Q ' 4 ,Zz Q I ' c Ch 3 3 . . A. 3 3 - ' 3 d , 3 2, , : A - . Q V 'h 3 - . ' ' ' of . A. 2, 33 3 veui - e . 1 ' , . ' 3 l d. A 3 G'l 3 23 ' 3 5 G' l R 3 23 Staff 3 3 G. A, . 23 rd 3 3 3 3 f at 3 W l d . . 41 ' - A url: ru l 3 1- l F - "3 " "3 . . , 23 "3 " 33 4. , 1 l ' , , 4- DAVID FARRIS Derense CouncII I ScIen e Club Z jordan lestersl 3 Mgr VarsIty Team 3 4 jordannus Staff 4 Best Foot For ward ordannus SkIts AEFOUBIUICS Club Z War Bonds and Stamps I RICHARD FRANKLIN Band I Safety Patrol 2 3 jordannus Sklts 4 Aeron utlcs Club 2 3 Reserve Basketball 2 3 Bachelor Cookmg 2 GEORGABELL HENLEY GIr Reserves I or n e ters I Choru I Quad Staff 3 4 jordannus Staff 4 Brother Goose e ters to Lucerne NIne Gurls Best Foot For ward Student CouncII jordannus SkIts 4 A 2 3 4 pIan 3 4 War Bonds and Stamps 2 SUE ANN HILL IF Reserves I 2 CornrnIanIty SIng 3 Typ g Club 3 jordannus t4 G A A 2 ue IOHN HOOVER HI Y I GymnastIcs Cu 4 Quad Staffl Pro ectors Club I 2 3 4 AeronautIcS Club 3 TOM LOCKIE I Y 2 Projectors Clu 3 4 IAMES FERGUSON nd I 2 3 Typl Club 3 Quad Staff 3 4 jordannus Staff 4 Best Foot I-orward Student COUHCII 4 jordannus SkIts 4 Projectors Club 2 3 AEVOHBUIICS Club I Morse Code Club 2 War Bonds and Stamps 3 GLORGE GAVIT Varsty Basketball 2 34UMensCIub23 4 Qu d Staff 3 ordan nus Staff 4 Stu ent CouncII 2 Track2 3 4 Yell L der I PresIdent junIo Class Safety Pa t I I AeronautIcs Club PATRICIA HENSLEY Ir eserves I Chorus I 2 uad Staff G A A 2 3 Bonds and Stamps I F A MARY KING GIrI Reserves Z jordan jesters Z Quad Stff I Morse Code Club I War Bonds and Stamps I LFSLIE LANAM Projectors Club 3 MARY LOU MARTIN GIrl Reserves I jordan jesters 3 Quad Staff 3 4 jordannus Staff 4 Student CouncIl 2 3 C- A A 2 3 4 War Bonds and Stamps 2 IACK PIKE H Y I Safety Pa rol 2 3 jordannus SkIts 4 AeronaI,.tIcs Club 2 Bachelors Cookmg 2 MARIORIE GRABER GIrl Reserves 2 G A A 3 4 jordannus Staff War Bonds and Stamps LOIS HEPNER GIrl Reserves I Chor us 2 Quad Staff jordanru Staff 4 Best Foot Forward Antlc rIng G A BRUCE KINSEY Student CouncIl 3 RICHARD LANAM ProIe tors Club 3 Aer onautIc Clubl 2 VICTOR MclLVEEN SCIENCE Club 3 HI Y orus Band U Men s Club 3 ad Staff I 2 dannu Staff 4 Best Foot Forward Student CounrIl I 2 jordannus SkIfS 4 Track I 2 3 Projectors Club I Safety Patrol I Golf Team I 2 IOAN FLEENER GIrl Reserves 3 Com m rcI I Cl b junlor Red Cross jordannus Staff 4 Blue TrI 4 Morse Code Club 2 RUTH GROSS Iflg Club I F A 4 Morse Code Club 2 LII,rary Club 3 RICHARD HERRMAN Orchestra 2 Band I 2 3 VarsIty Basketball 3 4 U Mens 3 4 Quad Sta jordannus Staff 4 j dannus Sluts 4 Track 3 4 Aeronauhcs Club I IACI4 HOADLEY Y Z Chorus I VBTSIIV Basketball 4 U Men s Club 4 uad 3 4 jordannus Staff 4 Best Foot For ward Student CouncIl 2 Bachelors Cookmg 3 MADELINE LEVAGGI or an esters 2 3 Quad Staff 4 G A A 2 3 4 VIce PresI t Semo Class Best Foot Forwau War Bonds and St mps 2 IACK MOORE Orchestra I Band I 4 U Mens u 3 4 jordannus SkIts 4 Track 3 4 Page HIII ly une ' ' 3 Ba , , 3 'ng i- 1 T I Q ' - 5 3 -.3 , 3 , 3 ' 3 e 'a u Ig ' . 1 . ' 2 " ' " , - 31 1 , 5 I I I y , I U 5 - ' Typ' 3 . H. ' 'Q ' . Q 2 Ia I I I 3 4: I I 2 . s ' 3 I d Il. II I V ea I g III I ro Ig I I I. 'I , I - Cl R , 2: I 4 ' I , da Is ,2,3,4g , ,Q : 2-42 , , ' s Q , 2, 31 ..., Q War ' 5 H In . 2, , I - ' Club 1 1 I : , ,, 5 2, . : ff 3: " I. II, "L t- H. . l. SP 3 ' ' A' 2' 3' 3 or- II. -- A 4, War Bonds and Stamps A . 2 I. 2:I ' 1 G. , A. , , g Thes- GI , 3 ' : I I - HI- : . 3: In ,I , ' I 3, 41 G.IA. A. 2, 3, 42 - ' ,Q ' Staf 3 ..., 3, 43 - I I Staff . I BI -Tn 4, F. I-I. A. 4. - : " A - '- I ' ' . If 1 ' I d I . I I b 1 3 4 ' ' 3 . . . I j , , , , A, 5 ' 'den H- 1 A I 1 A : '- : . b , , 5 , 23 Ch I, 2, 3, 4: 2, 3, 5 - ' Cl b I ' . : I 4: QUJI I , 1 lOf: I I . . I 'A I 9 I I . , .4: BETTY NEAL A G r serves I Commerclal Club BETTY PATTEN Gurl Reserves I Com munltv Sung 2 Chorus 3 Typing Club 3 C A A F l'l A 4 Bonds and Stamps 3 Knlttn g Club I ROSALIE RATLIFF Glrl Reserves 2 Chor G A Knut In Club I H A MARGARET SARBER T ungClub3 F H A RALPH SMALLWOOD H Y 3 Varslty Bas ketball 4 Safety Patrol I 2 4 Aeronautlcs Club I 2 Bacnelors Cooknng I U Men Club 4 It EZ STEVENS Cornncerclal Club oru 2 G A ue Trl 4 A War Bonds and Stamps I 2 DOROTHY NEAL T .. nf: Club 3 IH nlsh Club 2 WAINIETA PATTON Gurl Peserves 2 Typnng u 3 F H A 4 tung C ub I DAVID ROGERS Defense Councul Y 2 Orchestra Band I Varsuty Basket b 3 4 U Mens b 4 Quad Staff I 3 Best Foot Forward Student Counclll 3 lor clannus Skuts 4 Track 3 Yell Leader I President Senlor Class Safety P trol I 3 War Bonds and Stamp 2 WILLIAM SIETSMA 3 4 uad Staff 4 lor dannus Staff 4 Best Foot Fcrward Georgue Porgle Student Councll I 2 Iordannus Skuts 4 Projectors Clubl Thes plan 4 Safety Patrol 2 3 l3acl'elors Cooklng ELEANOR SMITH nr Reserves I Communlty Slng 3 or n lesters I Quad Staff I 4 Letters to LLcerne Georgle Porgle Best Foot For ward G A A Thesplan 4 War Bonds and Stamps Z 4 IULIA TATUM Chorus 4 Typung Club Student Councll 3 G 3 4 Blue T H A 4 Knlttung Club IOHN NEEI. Spars Club 3 I ence Club 3 4 Hu Y 4 DORIS POLLEY Glrl Reserves 2 Com munlty Slng 3 Chorus I 2 Student Councll Z G A 4 Finn C u I PHILLIP ROGERS Gymnastlcs Club 4 Typlng Club 3 lordannus Staff 4 Projectors Club I Bachelors Cookung Cl-'ARLES SINN Projectors Club I 3 Safety Patrol 3 RUTH SMITH Gur Reserves I Comrrunlty Sung 2 Stu dent Councll 4 G A A H Sa e ty Patrol 3 Home Eco nornucs Club 3 Blue Tru ROBERT TAYLOR Protectors C u 4 Safety Fatrol 3 Aeronau tlcs Club 3 Morse Code C ub I 2 jAN NELSON Community Slng 3 Chorus I Orchestral B n I Quad Staff 4 ordannus Staff 4 Stu dent Councnl I G A A F H A 4 Bonds and Stamps 3 Home Economncs Club I CHARLES PRUETT clerce C ub 3 lordannus Staff 4 Best Foot Forward lordannus Sklts 4 Treasurer Sensor Class Projectors Club 2 Aerfnautlcs Club 2 CHARLES ROLL :ence Club 3 Quad Staff 3 Projectors Club 3 jordannus Staff 4 BETTY SKIRVIN Bonds and Stamps I 2 IOI-IN STAPLETON Corrmunlty Sung 3 HI Y I 2 jordan lesters 3 Varsutv Basketball 3 4 U Mer Club 3 4 u dent Councul 2 4 or clannus Sklts 4 Safety Patrol 2 3 4 Bachelors Cookmv 3 Softball Team DOROTHY ULAND If eserves I Communlty Sung 2 Stu d nt Ccuncll 4 F H A Vfar Bonds and Stamos 4 Home Econo mlcs Club 3 I aye Ilzzffy tlnee G. A. . 25 il Re- I YW L a F' - .5 I1 5 Sc- ' ' z 2. I A I I I I a d I : I I - I 1 - 2,3,4g. .'.lgWar 3. ' I 3 , ' I . ' ' , - s' . I , 4g - - . . CI b , . . . 5 Knit- - - - , -I U , 1 1 . I I ' I . 1 H- 2,3,4g. .ffwak A. .2. 3. 1 ' ish ' : 4 ' Q l ID . I I, ' '1 , I 1- ' . ' 3 - V I A I5 4 A g Sc' V , 43 us 23 . A. .45 '- H" .5 . ll . A5 , M 5 l t S , F. . . 4. an ' t 5 W Gu 5 ' , A 25 . - 3. 1 , .49 . 1 ' a- Girl Reserves 2, 33 HI-Y 25 jordan lesters OVCIWCSLV3 l Z Band I J Girl RGSGFVGS 32 War YD' 1 . . . . Q Q 1 - ' ' ' 49 - - 4. Q " V - I- Q ' - GI , 25 'I , A . 22 . ' ' z '- Q . ' ' Q I - ' . 5 ' I 5 5 ' . ' , d 1 , 2, 3, 43 5 ' - - 'X . 1 QM - I . a ,SH 2,3,4gF. .A,45 f- - ,-S ,55f- - S. l g Us .. . H 5 H - 4- , 3 j - ..2,3...i 4. - , ' lg 4 3 ' Q ' I b Q G' I R , 23 Ch s 3 . A. . 23 33 ' g . ' 1 - I v l I - Bl ' 3 F. H. . 41 A. A 3 VI 45 3 9 Z - - V F. . , g ' ' I . . 4: , ,3. 2. A 1 - , -. - . LUNITA WARD Curl Reserves l G 2 4 Blue F H A 4 Home Econo mlcs Club 2 3 ALTON WINDSOR HIV 3 Gymnastics Club 4 Student Councl BETTY WRIGHT Gurl Reserves 2 Com munlty Sing 3 lordannus Staff 4 Student Council 3 4 lor Class Vnce Presldent War Bonds and Stamps 2 Page thzrty foul IANE WHEELER Chorus 3 4 uad Staff 4 jordannus Staff 4 Student Councul lunlor Class Secretary STANLEY WOOD H Y 2 Orchestra l B d Aeronautics Club 3 IO ANN BRANAM Curl Reserves l Com munrty Sung 2 3 Chorus Typung Club 3 G A 4 Tr 4 H A 4 Knitting Club Home Economlcs Club 3 Flnnlsh Club 2 ANNA KAY WILES Girl Reserves l Chor 2 4 unlor e Cross 3 Quad Staff 4 jordannus Staff 4 C A A 2 3 4 Safety Patrol ROBERT WOOLERY Hu Y 2 3 Gymnastxcs Club 4 Track 3 Projec Patrol 3 4 nautucs Club l Bachelors Cookmg 3 you-IN MILLER lordan lesters 3 4 Quad Staff 3 4 NOT PICTURED WILLIAM ADAMS Varsrty Basketball 2 3 U Mens Club 2 3 U S Navy March 30 43 March 3 46 FRED DUNIHUE jordan Iesters l 2 3 ua Staff 2 3 War Bonds and Stamps 2 SAM EZELL Entcred school sensor year from Burlingame Hugh School Burlmgame Callfornla IESSIE THOMAS Entered school senior year from Boise Hugh School Bolse Idaho ' : . A. , 1 Q ' I - A. , 3, 3 Tri 43 '3 us , 3 1 ' R d .I . . : - 3 I 3 ' 4: 5 1 - I Z.. l l y , ' - ' . l ' '-- 1 ' i- 1 , '- , : ' . : 2.3.41 an 1.2. 3. 4: 3 Q ' - Q d '. ' ' 43 Track 4. Track 33 Safety Patrol 23 tors' Club 3, 43 Safety 1 ' ' ' , D l, 2, , 3 Aero- i ' ' l l . l . ' ' - ' 1 - ' , : 5 I . ' ' l ' . . 3 , . ' . y Z , . l . 1 ' 4: ' 9 - - 3, 43 G. A. A. , QIUY1- 2, 3, 3 Blue i 3 f 22 5 ' ' 5 . .!4lf lffIgI'61l7 1.5 .fgcfiuifieri HHH I 1 'iiii 1 Iv: ' gg' lag!! lf 11" I 11' Hu' I age tlzzvty sz 66 77 66 77 elll an llgdl' LHC! flflyl ile lfllUOI5l!g SCAOOI A615 l'l'l0I"0 ilall OIFHCI C' llLCllll0II f O!! 051 05 lla U1 , Plflll Clll Ili IITICILL, l10l'0 L5 H UI!! L' Jl"0gl"ClIH 0 l'All"6l Cllflllll fll ClLflUllLC5 fo L 10050 l"0I'll 1156 6llllU lllflif glU0 CWM all Liga? CLl'l'll9 0 09l90lfllI1Lig fo l9LlI'5lle 501710 5,301,161 U1!0l"05f5 CLI? LII mall? L6L:f0if l"L'lUl"I'l UC! lla 8 50l"ULl05 fo fle JL 00 'N X C! rl 5 f 1 f ! ' cl f 0 er. Z? Ut!.aa..a -1,0 7 sf f ,717 - . D . K 77 KLSQ 77 K I A . N ,f f M '- I A Z 7 , f F33 0s f - K 0 4 ' ,17, cj' 7 -. Nkx G3 1 Ki K 5- z K N? X0 .05 ff XX Ad Y ,f X ialdn vw J I lx Fnrst Row jane Dunlap Becky Sue lsom Martha Hoke Ruth Smlth Rosalla Rey Ruth johnson Betty jo Reed john Cleveland Dave Farrns Second Row Betty Burch Betty Wrvght jane Wheeler Herman Enterlune Nlck Mlhalloff Charles Dane joan Shrnner jean Rogers Nancy Barr Bob Brnscoe Thurd Row Mary Alnce Rowland james Ferguson D D Foster Alton Wmdsor Dorothy Uland Norma Kunz Ruth Aluce Freeman Lnta Slnclaur Fourth Row Mr Mnchael Bull Colpltts john Seeber Betsy Martin Ann Holland Dave Cllne Bob Gunther Frances Barnhart sS?Ll6!el'lf COUIICL The Student Council rs an organlzatlon establnshed to and the students and faculty In making a better and happler school for all Two representatlves from every home room lncludmg the fnfth and sixth grades together with four elected offncers make up the council Officers for this year are Pres: dent jane Wheeler Vice President jane Dunlap Secretary Betty Wright and Treasurer Betty Burch This year the Student Councll has sponsored dances provided busses for transportatlon to basketball games and presented a fine Chrlstmas party. The Councsl has tried partlcularly to get the students ideas and help as it has worked this year. Page thirty-seven Fxrst Rom Nmnleg Wood Keno XX ell lhxl Hosler Dun Kellogg Duxfl Stoner Ruth Xhce Ire? min Jack Nloore Margucfrlte Thomp on Lmsfmne Noe Ne-Cond Ron Xlarllxn Nlfwel Ienl ll mx llllll umm R Uh r es 111 flll Smith VllldlS Burch kenneth ll nt Robert Klelwnd Bill Rnlxgt Kunmml Ioxxerx Bill Shxck lunc Hearn xrd Row Toxrv 'Klonu Inc ll N uc xn or x s 1 ilel U11 l'llUQl"5lfy .Si 00 560161 The Unuverslty School band IS composed of students from grades 9 l2 They have played for pep sessions and basketball games during the year Among the varied accomplnshments of the band us marchung nn formation which they have dnsplayed at the games nn the Unlvee gym The band par tuclpated un a contest held IH Bedford A series of concerts was lrntlated to rause funds for unnforms Under the direction and sponsorship of Mr Manor the band has had an Important part In buuldlng our school splrlt Flrst Rom Phxllls Strfun Ruth lfreenmn Iorolla lnterlms- Second Ron Nlxrs I Homin Ioxce 'llooro XX alluv ileland Rolnrt Clelmd 'lhlrd Rrm Blll Rehl. lvxrm Xrtln Frank Holland Collsen Crnfton nnrth Kms I 1 umm os nc lrn Stun Vo Don hc cl uns rvncm lx nnx W All f'l1 lrles Hltrxck 1th Ross rof mon nu or ur onor III nr' 1 mlm NIH UPCA ed lfd The hugh school orchestra has played for the senlor play, the jordan jesters play, and for Baccalaureate and Commencement Several soloists and a strung quartet from the orchestra played In a contest at Terre Haute, Indiana, on March 24, and the orchestra played at a contest IH Bedford, lndnana, Aprll 27 Page thuty eight ' . ': T . ' ' , 2 ' s, P ' , , ' r , 1 " .' . 4 ' ' ,Y 4 . ' - , , ' , 5 , ff A' , 1 , l - ': A ' 'jv , '. . "s FH 'lY. C0 '- ANo ' 1 1, lit-e ay, . a l x Het" 'ki I :rlrw Thx ': . ,' . '-, . P' lkSTl1!l, Ls-0 .'l ' -lc. Ally' N 1. l'h,'lli. Strain. XY: llzu-v ' 1 l. Harold Manor, Director, Tom Ilozulle-y, Byron Trujillo. Volleen l'1':1ftnn. linlx lliswllnlrst, Klux ll1'2Hll0Y- U O C Q 'l F "z ,okz - N -. .In 1 lln-: , F: ' oll, ' ll ggzd lf I" l, '0 j 'z . F'f ': .700 Vinlcslon, Hn ll NI: ', D' ' X 't , lla "1 St , XVI lk Bu ' l . Flu A '. I ith. Miss Marcella L Knud sen RN Barbara Fagan Dr N Culmer lvlargorle Beard lean Burch 4 0 IT lit OFM5 The hugh school chorus under the durectuon of Mass Edra lvleads has per formed for convocatlons and snngung festlvals throughout the year They caroled IH the halls at Christmas tlme and In collaboration with the Dra matucs Club gave a program of Chrustmas melodies They also took part nn the Baccalaureate and Commencement exercises ,Medal .SZPULLB The precious health ot the Unlversnty School students IS under the capable guidance of Mass Knudsen and Dr Culmer These two have become true friends to every student No matter how large or how small our ailments the nurse and doctor are ready and vvlllmg to serve us Mass Knudsen s home IS In lndnanapolus She recelved her R N degree at St Vlncent s Hospital In Indianapolis and her B S degree at lndlana Unlver sity Before coming to the Unlverslty School she worked at Warren Central Hugh School lndlanapolus as school nurse and health teacher Mass Knudsen has been wuth the Unlversaty School three years Dr Culmer has been school doctor for all Bloomington schools for fnve years l-le received hrs B S and lVl D degrees at the Unlversrty of Louusvulle Loulsvllle Ky R m Sxllx hers ll lion n Nfl li lk 11 lx Nu lsnm 1 1 1 ell IL N fund lnrl lll I u k Q I 0 N l In ual lu 1 xr tr: num lunl ml x lllll Irma I r 11 ll ut lll X 1 Hull Snot Q w v xt N urll u Y 1-1 l r Q 2 V1 1 2 Il P 1' A ' 4 an jj , I Vim! 4 ': U: N' , 2 j. S' a, " mf Xu VY ' N. M: ' lu e-' '. I - sl.-1.-y Mills. lar.-'Wy .A .1 .- , - ' ' l'uI Ihkr-1 Nl: ry H: z ram. Nl: ziurv-I Vfrllins, xx - "4 Row: 1 'S 1.0 'se - ' lillsll. Ku ll:-rim' lil: K1- 'V ' 'YV lu-vc-:1 Hlzm-ls, IH-ggy 4' 1 -la ml. f ". 'fl ilivf' - " ', lil-rtllu Fr ll'll. , JL Kl:'j T51-: I. B4 '- ,:'ls, 5 .4 ' '1'l"s Vow: XV'l a T - 9 ' ,I+-:un liol insnn. l':lI Pit- :ml ' .lzmv XVI --lf-r, .lan-k Robinson. l,it:l Si! 'l:lir. lit 'othy li - vln-r. C Vullrtll Row: M: '-lfll Mvy- , I 1-r. Yi' Nl:-llvn-rn. -' l 1 '. fm Y R1 se Slvll Hen, .Ia l X ' lXll'l', v l Q l - - l l . t - A . - . . I OH N ll hlll Rein Hulold e tus Un Bu-'1 X tu 1 uuulu ururu lux First Row: Br-tty McCoy. Nuunuvy lillis. Bliss .Ivan Fow- lu-u'. Kuuszuliv H931 Suwlurull liuvwl Nuunvy Tzullunl. Num Frm. li-'tty Seelwr. IM-- lnru-s lllll. .luluufrt l"'lu-ld, Both l'uu1u-l:uuuul. Maury .luv .Xululu'uwxs, Suusiu- Walllznu-u-. llvluuuw-s llill ,,, , l'ru--lull-uul I . Xuulu X ale-I lflI'll0I" 01718 COI'l0l'l'llC6 The purpose of the lunuor Home Economucs Club us to prepare the uunuor hugh students for entry unto the F H A and to promote unterest un senuor home economucs Thus year the lunuor Home Economucs Club under the guudance of Muss ean Fowler made stuffed anumals to guve as Chrustmas presents and are plannung to make an afghan The purpose of the l-lu Y us to create mauntaun and extend throughout the school and communuty hugh standards of Chrustuan character Durung thus school year under the sponsorshup of Mr A Pryce Noe th l-lu Y sold sub scruptuons to magazunes and sponsored two convocatuons On March 25 four teen members of the group went to Shelbyvulle to the Tenth Duvusuon Hu Y conference Presudent Glen Pryor Vuce Presudent Allyn Noe Secretary Marshall Reavus Treasurer Bob Morrus Sergeant at Arms Bull l-lunkle Wi. lu. lum ll-. 1 ll l u 1 u .gil x u u u X, uruu u yu Nu uu-V 'luulluuut ,, Yin- l'u'vsiulvuut W' J , - ' Kluury' ,lu . lw-vs -- ,-,,,, - ,, Sv-' ary zuuuul 'l'1't-uuguuut r ' ' ff A ll - v l , n L - - V I ' cu '- - , . . , N, . u , - j, A If ,. 4 . A ! l'u'st R 'z ,Ir 'sr 2 y , J ,H u ' J ff--:-, . :Q attj. , , f' ' lin-ujrzs' llalzufzuuu. Vluuuules Holm -' . l-Illus. Hill .Ivlll-max. lil -s "A NY -'um-u'. 5 uf , u . N1--uuuuul Huw: l'luuuu'l4-Q l'l4lf 5 ' , Q 1,5 lf lYtll'1l -Y: 'l-u'. ll: rvvy l' lluugr, l X' liull ll lll'ill', ,lnluu llu':l'ru. uuuuuu- A fi ' H Iulfl ll3l5'4ll'll. .lllguu Nu-, 'l"1u , Nil 'Tm V at 1 " f f I 'l'luiu'rl Vow: Bill Rvluu. Plums. ,' , ls, lil . lill-uuuu l'rjx'uuu'. .L l'r'yl'1- X012 51' sm-. B.ul Bluuuuu. Brl ,'-'UIQ Lita Sinclair, Susan Corn- acchaone, Marj Beard, Doris Deal. olza err! Try outs are held and the yell leaders are elected by majority vote at the beginning of the basketball season The yell leaders play an important part in promoting school spirit and encouraging good sportsmanship Their lob is to lead the cheering section at basketball games and pep sessions During the year they have done an excellent yob and helped lead the team on to its first sectional victory' .SZ ef, pafrof Through all kinds of weather the Safety Patrol is on duty before and at the close of school sessions The Safety Patrol boys patrol the mann Inter section and assist school children in safely crossing the streets They serve as traffic regulators In emergencies and when conferences and conventions are held at the school building an ix if 1 I N mm 1 rr ll r lfll ru tll I' Ill 'in N lllf HN 1 ll! UHF l YIIIU X III!! II Il N I4 1 th up x 1 an 0 x I' ill i ll IIII I I I' lrn ? If Z! xulfvtl lu up X ml 1 "' v T hu r It N xth Hou + 9 in P Ru um Y I 5 I III Y mIi lar Nmith ii. 1 x um Minus on ru ir im l 4 llll I' mth fm nn Burt: u mn num 41 Iirlstnf u 1, u I rxor UN 41 ln lx I N nflnr Il x ui loin Bind and Safety Patrol - , . . First Ruw: IMI liistvlliurst, Nz: Ile: llr-y. liul f'li-luml, I'nIm-n f'r:nft4n. Hr. .I: '. S1--mul It xv: Tm Hmnlln-y, By' I 'I' jillo, Ku 'rw an. Jn. .'tuno-r, '1'l"I K 2 I,uisnnm' Nu-, I.:-wis Ifrt-in-Il. Klum: -ritv 'I'Imn1psmi, Joy:-v NI v, .Iuvk Nlmm-, I"'ulll'tI Row: Iizij ml I.m'vry, ,I - Ht-1 ' . Iiill R1-Ill. Iiill .'Il"k, I"'f If VZ U':lI:l1'n- f4If'IilIlII, Phyllis Strain. I.e-4- SI11:-ly .Ii - Pinks il. ,tlljn Nm-. fi. 'Z fin-uv XY -lla. fl It-y XX'omI. Marilyn Mi-yi-r. Ii: it !'iC f'm1l1it- Nu- ' nn, V In Sew-ntl: Iiuvi f'I1:rlw-s H " I , ' rivii, Phil Iluslvr, Kr- .-' XV: V XI" ls Iiurvln. 1'l Iva .' ' I'l"l1th Hn: .ll . a .I ' Yr ng, Nl: -Imll I : ' .lurk I.:lmm-lt, .Iill NY-i '. N' It 'z Ti A I H: 'I-n. IS li Uv rm- II:ill:i'nn. It I ' V '41 NI , 'I'I1 upsmi V 'l'v-mln It 'Z Ii ll Itnlf s --a , I,ulli4-r .lim time lat f' IP A Holi Homlwin, yn 5 ICI:-V4-i1tIl lhiw: XII. Iis-: ., ' F 5 Q l'lun'I+-s It: It Art Iillise 'I im va ' i 'Wil - s. ur'--5' I' l'ng:, . b ' Iv: . - g 9' TA lc.-1 III v 1 U - ery, . 0 S :All -ton. 11st R011 lll 11111111 1 111 1 s ll 1 ll M 11111-1 11111 1 N me 011 N 113 B1 1001111 R011 'X 1111 I 1110 11 llllllllll ms e-111111 11 111 N rum N 111 B111 1111 lx 111s 1 0111101 ll 11 111 1 111101 1 01' 1111 Ill Y 111 1 X 111cx D011 11s I 110011 bnldons 11111 R011 1lTl1Xl1 NIPX9! 11 1111 gels 11 re 191 11111 lrm ll Bunce 0 P 11111, XIII! 1011 1'clc-ls etsx N1rt111 lnss NXxl1e NL1r,,u1r111- 1110ll1I7N0ll 111u1s1 1:11111 1111111 C11l1l1tts 'K rthfx RQININ Xl IX 1011 Xl 11't111 lan Ne son nurth R011 Ilx 1011 If x lll ll ll Oll 111r1 l'1 111 H11r1l+1t Rune 1111111118 110111.11 Quad 5? f The Quad staff sponsored by Mass lngrld Strom meets once a week to plan the monthly publucatlons of the Quad Thus year the staff has under taken a new project the publecatlon of a magazune every other month Page folty two Edltor ln Chlef News Edltor Feature Edltor Sports Editor Buslness Manager Shurley Duane A K Wnles Mary Kung jack Hoadley Fred Dunlhue F" 'Z .101 1 ' 1 ', 151111 Bl'.'2 , N2lll1'j' VV11ite. Gene XV -1l.', ll 113' H - 11,1 .1 1 12ll, Bill 811111111111 11211-' Dill . .Ia " -11111. Sf ': fa 11 . Tina H ffu' L H I 1:"l ft . 111 " 111 1 '. XNIW. q.111'k H. 1 Sh"l D 1110. 1121101 B' 'l 151-1111 511' 1, Jil - V1 -11 Tl B: ',' - ,' 11" Rn' R111 1811- F' 11 1 , F1 -l'z '- 1 1, 1'l ol' 1, 1 1 1 I 1 4. B 111 ' . ': . 1 1 " 1 ' " 1' . 1 1 N ' 1 1 ' 1111 1 1 1 Zl 1 1 1 ' , .A 1'1 . F ' '1 S21 j A ' N11t11l'- Ihlllll. J' 1 Fvg s . Bz1'11 1 11212 . ' 1 1 ll Fnrst Row jack Ho dley Phul Rogers jack Flke Dave Farrus Second Row Barbara Adams Sue Ann Hull Dot Uland jane Wheeler Anna Kay Wules Barbara Fagan Mary Beard Betty Wright jane Dunlap joan Fleener Loss Hepner Dody Henley Thurd Row lan Nelson Dons Deal Betty Burch Margaret Brummett Mary Lou Martln jean Burch George Gavlt jlm Ferguson Charles Pruett Wallace Cleland Fourth Row Phsllup Peak Elizabeth Ohlrogge Ann Noble sponsors Ma yorle Graber Bll Sletsma Bud Bryan john Stapleton Duck Herrman Vxc Mcllveen Joi' Llfllllflif t The jordannus staff IS made up of students from the Senior Class The enture sensor class elects the edutor un chuef and busuness manager who un turn select the students for the varuous posutuons on the staff The functuon of the jordannus Staff as to ednt and publush a good yearbook for the student body This year for the flrst time In the history of the University School the jordannus has a staff back cover and the I946 jordannus staff IS proud to be the fnrst staff to obtann at Editor In Chief Barbara Fagan Buslness Manager Marjorie Beard Assustant Wallace Cleland Advertlslng Manager Dody Henley Assastants Lots Hepner Phul Rogers Clrculatlon and Publsclty Manager Dave Farris Co Art Editors lane Wheeler lane Dunlap Co Sports Edntors George Gavlt Duck Herrman Snap Shot Edltor Anna K Wules Assnstant Dorothy Uland Organlzatuon Manager Vlc Mcllveen Asslstants jack Hoadley jum Ferguson Dlstrlbutlons john Stapleton Bud Bryan Bull Sletsma lack Flke Patsy Baker and Margaret Brummett Lsterary Betty Wrnght jan Nelson Marjorue Graber Mary Lou Martm Dorls Deal Typnsts Betty Burch Sue Ann Hall Barbara Adams loan Fleener jean Burch Charles Roll Fmanclal Advisor Charles Pruett Page for ty three r " ,' . . : f" .i J SJ Assistant .... ................... .... .... . ........... 1 i m Correll Dody Henley Mr Nllson Charles Pruetf Maddie Levaggl Dave Rogers Loss Hepner lane Dunlap Skipper Fagan Pat Baker lum Correll Kneelmg Wallace Cleland lBottoml Eleanor Smufh Maddne Levaggn Bull Snetsma lack Hoadley Dave Rogers joe Cola 0l'll0l" The sensor class chose as nts play thus year the well known comedy Best Foot Forward The cast was chosen by lvlr Gayle C Wilson after try outs were held The cast nncluded a talented group of sensors who en yoyed cooperatung with thear fellow students to produce the play Page for ty four it l ,S V v Il Q' e il L Eleanor Smith, loe Cola, Vic Mcllveen, lim Ferguson, Dave Farris, lack Headley, Bill Siefsrna, iq,-uv-F Q l Flrst Row Carol Reed Nancy Vxfhlte Mary Lou Wlnters Skvpper Fagan jane Dunlap Dody Henley Marg Beard Eleanor Smith joyce Mocre Seconc Row joyce Adams Cornelia Brendel jane Coby julle Strong Barbara Thomp son Lula Sinclair Donna Stapleton Dnxon Hughes Marge De kard Tom Kunser Thurd Row Dave Farrss Nancy ane Tuna Ho tznm mer Rose Mcllveen B Quersma Bull McDonald Pat pa er IC H n fl 'ohnny Vuller john Staple cn Fourth Row joe May Gayle Wu' on sponsor Phu Cllrnore 0 v OF! flll 05 UP4 The function of the jordan jesters as to cre ate actzve Interest In dramatucs There are three types of member shup Thesplans who have been admitted to the National Dramatic Honor Society Actnve Membe s who have served a year of ap prentnceshup and who have been admutted to the club Heelers who are serving theur ap prentnceshup The Heel ers gave a program each week to earn actnvnty points for their rnltla tion Durlng this past year the jesters have convocatuon a Chrust mas program which In cluded the chorus a two act play Nine Girls a drama night and a three act play In the sprung Sprung play l945 Brother Goose E' ti Y 'A ' lf I ii-, "Q W . . ' 5 A ' .1 fi" ' ,, 5 Y l,a , 374 . . - . rx I ,Sl I A ,fl Jam . N - 1 J r 5, me r- f is-1,3 I I l l I - K 3 .sf .s in ,ilf ' I ' ' - fi, I , if ' ' ,VN X Q, A 'I' Q j l presented: a play for 'Q , f L ,I f ' l . , ill sy ., . D k a sei rs ,' 3 l Cwncc' The Importance of SCIENCE IS recognIzed at UnIversIty School by otfermg scIence as an actIvIty as vvell as a class Th range of Interests has been varIed but Includes expenments In electrIcal Instruments mIcroscopIc study and botany The sponsor for the SCIENCE Club IS lVlr Prevo WhItaker yljllflg A The purpose of the TypIng Club IS to teach students who have had no typIng classes howto type and to acquaInt them wIth the typewrIter so they wIll have a general knowledge of ITS proper use The sponsor of thIs actIvIty IS lVlIss Charlotte Henderson jIrn Correll Charles Pru e Edwn l-larrIson M Whutaker Robert Engle By ron TruIIllo FIFST Row john Stoner Don Kellogg Burt Butcher BIII SCOvIl'e Secono Row Mss Char lotte Henderson Norma Fultz, Nancy jones LOIS anne Noe I ' ll I tt, ' S V ' , r. Ullfllde 0l'l'lel'YlCL 0125 0 WIQFICCL The home ns the smallest and most Important of the unlts that make up our world The gurl who prepares herself for managnng a home us truly pre parrng herself for a career The gurls an the F l-I A have these obyectlves to develop teamwork and promote fruendshup to learn how to carry the re sponslbulutnes of a home to develop self expression and creatuve arts mn do mestrc actlvrtres to foster lnternatnonal good wlll through the International fellowship fund and to co operate wnth the local state and natuonal home economncs groups N3 The Blue Trl us a branch of the Young Women s Chrustnan Association and Curl Reserves Club Its purpose rs to and the community and school Organ uzed only part of a year the members have collected Chrustmas baskets of organrzatron has made progress and h s a promnsung future Stout ga ret Sa rber Kung .Ad ue ri food and toys and made red and white paper mops for the sectional. The lv fl ' Q, . Tat ,'T' va Z ff- f , Flrst P w Ruth Smlth lean Burch Patsy Conner Second Row Ann Noble sponsor Lonnta Ward l Ann Branam Sara Correll Rosalne Ratluff Marlorle Thlrd Row luanuta Pat ton joan Brown lan Nel son Dot Uland Pat Pless Dorothy Goodwln ody Southern lnez Stevens Mar Fnrst Row Barbara Adams lnez Ste cns lulra Tatum lane Walden janet Van A Dyke Carol Reed Martha Busknrk Taddy Bnscoe Second Row Carrie Esch enbrenne sponsor ane Coby Sue Ann Hlll Betty Patten, Betty Burch Mary Aluce Rowland Katherane Fust Row Mlchael Artln Roberta Fell Fred Andrews Suzanne josppe Marcla Borton janet Evans julla Segrust janet Fleld Patsv Alexander Phnllup Richardson betty Seeber Bea truce Ray Second Row Tracy Thomas Harold jeff rs David Sonne born james Butcher Davrd Rob unson Ruth johnson ohn Hearn Sue Fox Nancy Ruch ar s Rosalu R y Thlrd Row Bll Robnnsow Ray Burch Barbara Alrn Trm Sanders Ball jellema Mr Man or Nancy T lbot Nancy Wan er Flrst Row Duck Hmkle Gor don Bush jlrn Ross Bob Good wln joe Young Tut Adams George Hallagan Bob Robxnson David Baker john Klnser jm Crane Kenneth Watt Davud Snyder joe Good Second Row Roger Brown Vaughn Rice Nlck Mlharloff jack Cassudy Pete Dunn Bob Clark Duck Fee Mlckey Love Bob Good Bob Woolery john Hoover Loren Durnal Bob Mobley Third Row Frank Holland john Seeber D D Foster jlm Ross Charles Hawkuns Bull Col p s Phll Douglas Mr K B Thurston Bob Shook Bob Tay lar Tom Lockle Charles Sinn Harmon Dca j rn Booze Charles Dane Tom Moore Tom Burton Lll'll0l" Orc 05 fl"6L The junior Orchestra has played tor elementary convocatuons and par tncvpated ln one of the concerts glven by the school thus year l"0,2Ci0I'5 The Projectors Club was established seven years ago by Mr Lloyd Muller a teacher In science now at Purdue Unuverslty Mr Thurston ns the present sponsor The object of the club IS to traln boys to operate the dnfferent pro jectors rn the classrooms of the school Page forty ezght , . , , 1 . . . , - e ,j ' L V 1 1 F - , , 1, Y I 1 ' d , a a . ' 2 i ' ' a , Y Y ' I - . 5 . ' l' . : . . , - l ' 1 T , . jack Lambert, Luther Hoard, 1 1 . , 5 - 1 . . . 1 ' 1 Y v 'T n . 1 Y ' -A I 1 I I I I 1 T ltr , , . . . Y ' - 1 V - Y ' V Y . 1 Y' I. I , . A I , . .fgfllkfwfs V9 l l7fll IIC!! flfl ill J 7 Ill, llll Cllll llqfll 5 llg I JL 100 l I Cdl? LII H0 IUCLL C OULI' 00 261 em AHCJ5 fling fo lJCLl'flLll96lfC Lll IP00 lI1fCIf'5L 10 Clif LL if 90l"!5 50 f Cl 7 9fl,I" lil I1lll'l'l0I"0ll5 LIlfl"6lllllll"CL 6lL lUl ,Lili llqflfif Cl, Ulll Cll IICUCIWICIIL5 fllf llflllfll fo fLc Q .A .X4 llIfl"Cl Illllffl l9l0qIClI'll IJffJ jr' 4' IAQ' in U, W 1651 ,inf--I Qf f ff, V - I, 4, ,f ffl "Cf 7, . . , . Lcwgefgaff ann! fracg. .Ale ago H4405 , 1' ' f ff"- f ff ' 1 1 . . . ' - .pg f . N 'ilk Q W U Cl 77 Ola For three years now any discussion of sports at the University School has also been a dis- cussion of Coach Virgil "Pop" Schooler. Few coaches have built up in a similar length of time as enviable a record or as great a popu- larity as "Pop" has in his service at the Uni versity School Schooler coached Univee teams have carved victorious seasons and they have been finalists in two sectional tourneys Pops track squads have faced and taken their share of wins from the best cinder teams in this region The reasons for Pop s success are many He is a true athlete himself still acclaimed at Ball State as the greatest athlete to attend that school He has the gift of giving his teams the will to win and along with that the will to work hard and train well He has the ability to teach understandingly and to handle his boys with an easy but firm hand The University School owes a lot to Pop Schooler for besides successful basketball and track teams he has given the school a broader view of sportsmanship Win or lose he has always expected the team and school to conduct themselves well The University School is a better school because of the in fluence of Pop Schooler Page University University Elletsville University University Burris Muncie Sullivan University University University University Columbus Seymour University University University Bloomington University University Bloomington University Martinsville University Columbus University fifty VARSITY Greencastle Bloomfield University State Terre Haute Stinesville University University Bloomington Mooresville Martinsville Spencer University University SECOND TEAM Greencastle Bloomfield Ellettsville University Mitchell Stinesville University Mooresville University Spencer University 33 Seymour ' ' ................. 3l .... . ' ' ................. 39 " .... . ' ...........,..... 32 ' ' ..... . ' ' ................. 28 ' ' ................. 42 ' ' .... .. ' ' ............ ...34 ' ' ' ................... 35 ' ' .... . ' ' ................. 39 ' ' ' ................. 39 ' .... . ' ' ................. 34 ' ' ' ' ................. 40 ...... . University ................. Ellettsville ..... ' ' ................. l7 ' ' ................. Z7 ' .... . "' ................. 20 ' ' ............... 23 ' ' .... . ' ' ................. 28 ' ...... . ' ' ................. 49 ' ' ' ............... 34 ' ' .... . ' ' ................. 22 ' ' ' ......,......... 33 ' ' ' ' ....... .,... ..... 2 2 ...... . 713415 'ufW,.u,. Students and supporters aluke can be uustly proud of the wunnung hardwood fuves that Pop Schooler gave Unuversuty Hugh thus l945 46 season Wuth real fure un theur eyes and smoke comung out of theur ears the Cuunea Pugs made a name for themselves all over our faur state To start off U H S s seventh basketball season Pop had sux returnung letter men and four numeral wunners The appearance of Columbus Martunsvulle Burrus of Muncue and Mutchell on the Unuvee s schedule thus year provuded the stuffest competutuon All ten members of the varsuty squad saw plenty of actuon as they took measure of Green castle and Bloomfueld The flu bug and Ellettsvulle handed U H S uts furst setback 32 28 Durung December the Cuunea Pugs gauned an even break wuth the other two laboratory schools Burrus of Muncue and State of Terre Haute Mutchell s last second fueld goal upset our boys furst appearance at the Second Street gym where all home games except Bloomfueld were played thus season Next Stunesvulle was trounced 42 32 un the funal contest of the month Sulluvan squeezed out a 35 34 vuctory but on anuary lS the Cuunea Pug unaugurated a fuve game wunnung streak by edgung out the B H S Panthers 37 34 By beatung our cross town ruvals we retaun possessuon of the B H S U H S trophy A l944 Sectuonal defeat was avenged as the Schoolermen now travelung to away games vua school bus trummed the Mooresvulle Puoneers 39 3l Vuctorues contunued over the Martunsvulle Spencer and Elletts vulle quuntets by 4 ll and l2 pount marguns respectuvely The Columbus and Seymour cagers each decusuoned U H S on successuve Frudays despute muraculous second half rallues These games however condutuoned the team for uts February 22 entry unto the sectuona In the short space of thurty hours the Schoolermen tucked away our schools furst sectuonal crown Sounds easy yet ut was the thurd straught year our team had reached the funal game Thus year we cashed un The followung Saturday as one of 64 furst round champs the team faced Lunton un reguonal paurungs The Muners were hot and only by brulluant team fught dud our boys rally to knot the count at 34 all as regulatuon play ended The zone defenders forged ahead agaun and that was the ball game Lunton 38 Unuversuty 36 Tough breaks luke thus were over shadowed by the great honor of wunnung our furst sectuonal whuch came to our school a week prevuously Furst Row lack Hoadley Bud Bryan Ralph Smallxfood lack Beatty Davud Rogers Ceorge Gavut Second Row Mr Schooler coacn Bob Good Duck Herman Phulup Culmore Frank Barnhart Bob Snodsly john Stapleton Dave Farrus Manager o u va . . . . . ,, , , , . . my . . - .u H . . . . . , - . ' V u - at vu - . . . . . . , ' . . , . - . , - - v . , - , - . . C . V l VJ . .t uw . . I u - V ' ' U - u u A , , u. . F . . - u ' v - v v - u 1 u - . , , - u 1 - I It , . . V 4 ' u u u - . - 1 u - - ederue gadefgdf The Guinea Pnglets chalked up a very fine record thus past season Nlne out of thlrteen starts were captured by the team The victory combunatuon averaged sux feet In helght Starting In good style the team won over its flrst three opponents before losung to the B H S junx However the squad found nts slghts by qunckly defeating Stlnesvulle and Mltchell by goodly mar guns The Pnglets did not stop wnth the fnve out of sux early vuctones but waded through the remalnder of the season wnth a never say dne spurlt Sullivan Mooresvulle Spencer and Seymour were among the scalps taken durlng january and February Pop Schooler had on has squad eught or nlne boys who saw regular action Remember that the confidence won In curtaun ralsers thus year wlll spell success or defeat next year for these boys who wall make up the varsity Hats off to our coach Pop Schooler manager Bull Franklin and the entire Piglet crew Fnrst Row Bud Stapleton Phil Douglas joe May Max Headley Phll l-'osler joe Good Second Row Mr Schooler coach Gene Wells Dick Shook Bull Colpltts Bob Burger john Butcher Bob Fleener, Bull Franklin ' 1 . . . . , . . .4 . 11 . . 1 1 1 . 11 11 . . . . 41 11 . - 1 1 r- 1 , . ' 1 1 1 1 ' 1 - - - 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . ag, af VA, Eg, 5 Nm r Z 2 Q 2 'EQ X x , f 1 ia Q E1 Q A E ' I W 22" :gm Il k..x , f If E fx 1 IW 5 s 'Q ' 5 xg A-f .K My 'J' f im ' P .17 .fift.!f fly O a moud filo oy UA. Ylniuemify llllleecf ln order to mamtaun a steady flow of player maternal to the varslty team the Unlvee team has become a part of the sports program of Unlverslty School The team IS dlvrded Into three groups the freshman team the eighth grade team and the seventh grade team Each of these groups plays a separate schedule The teams hold regular practice sessions under the dlrectlon of theur coach Mr Thompson The season record for each of the teams as as follows freshmen won seven and lost two eighth grade won three and lost flve seventh grade won flve and lost two Farst Row Harvey Polnng Klt Davls Leighton Pierson Tommy Berndt Harold jetfers Bob Cox Burt Kunz Charles Bob Ellrs Tum Sanders Max Beatty Ray Burch Mnchael Artun Bull jellema john Hess Bull McCoy Second Row George Hallagan Paul Snnn Bob Pryor Bob Goodwm Marshall Reavus Luther Hoard joe Young Tut Adams Bob Brlscoe Lewus French Pete Dunn Bull Hlnkle Duck Be der jack Hammann Thurd Row john Thompson jum Goss Donald Hayden Duck Smlth Davld Baker Bob Mob I ey junior Patton jlm Smath john Klnser jlm Crane jlm Booze Frank Rogers Kenneth Watt Manager Fourth Row Duck Hlnkle Bob Shook Robert Engle Harmon Deal Arthur Thorpe Sam Hunsaker Davld Snyder Tom Burton I , , , A A , , . . : I 1 , . A , , , . , . , - I ! ! 3 y l l :Q ' V A 3 A A , l A . A A . ' I . l , ' , ,.,. , - , . , . Page fifty fwe Furst Row Max Headley john Seeber Duck Hansen Dave Rogers Bob Baxter jack Moore George Gavut Second Row Davud Clune Vuc Mcllveen Bob Good Duck Herrman Bob Snoddy joe Coua jack Beatty Bull Colputts jack jfam The Unuversuty School track team of l945 enjoyed a very successful season The team was undefeated untul the local sectuonal where they placed sec ond U H S wuth wuns to show over Martunsvulle Mutchell Columbus and a tue wuth B H S durung the regular season and wuth many returnung letter men ought to be a defunute threat Among these are joe Coua Vuc Mcllveen Duck Hansen Dave Clune jack Moore Duck Herrman Bob Snoddy and Bob Good The team wull also be bolstered by many promusung numeral wunners such as George Gavut Dave Rogers jack Beatty and john Seeber The furst meet of the season was wuth Martunsvulle un whuch the Unuvees 86 ll2 to 22 ll2 On the next Fruday the Unuvees unvaded the B H S athletuc fueld and came out un a deadlock wuth the purple aggregatuon The score was U H S 54112 B H S 54112 The followung week was spent un rubbung off the Mutchell cundermen by the somewhat lopsuded score of 78 to 31 The Unuversuty track men next ventured to the Petersburg relays where brulluant showungs were made by Bob Snoddy who set a new meet record un the hugh hurdles and by the relay teams composed of Bob Snoddy Dave Clune Duck Hansen and joe Cola who ran both the half mule and the mule relays The relay team won the mule relay but was dusqualufued because of a collusuon wuth another runner They also won theur heat un the half mule relay Wuth only one meet remaunung before the sectuonal U H S got down to hard work and polushed off the Columbus Bulldogs by a 75 34 count ln the sectuonal U H S placed second The team was led by Bob Snoddy who took furst place un both hurdle events and Dave Clune who won the lOO and 440 yard dashes These two boys gauned the rught to partucupate un the state meet un whuch credutable showungs were made by both Bob Snoddy was elected captaun of the team by hus teammates 1 ! l ' showed power in defeating the Artesians by the overwhelming score of i 1 D ! l I ' Page fifty-six Parallel Bars Don Marlun Raymond Turpun Alton Wurudsor Paul Sunn jum Smuth Bob Bax ter Sam Hunsaker Duck Smuth Allyn Noe Hu Bar junuor Mann john Hoover Bull Shuck Phul Rogers Rungs Wunfred Rumple junuor Patton Mats Furst Row Bob Bruscoe Tom Adams james Weumer Second Row loe Young Marshall Reavus Sprung Board joe Coua gl'llIla5fLC5 Mr Thompson took the responsubuluty of coach and advuser The purpose of the club us to teach safety skulls basuc technuques and advanced exercuses on the apparatus the school us fortunate to own Exhubutuons were guven durung the halves of several basketball games and the club also gave an advanced exhubutuon of tumblung before the students at a convocatuon Thus same pro gram was guven at Crane Naval Ammunutuon Depot Camp Atterbury Wake man General Hosputal and at the half of the lnduana Unuversuty vs Ball State basketball game Feb l9 The apparatus the club has at uts dusposal uncludes flyung rungs tumblung mats parallel bars horuzontal bars and sprung board The Gymnastucs Club has proved to be very popular and under the guudance of Mr Thompson has brought recognutuon to the school from many sources The Gymnastics Club was organized this year at the request of the students. Page fifty seven Fnrst Row Bob Robinson joe Young john Adams Bob Goodwin Lewus French lam Wenmer john Thompson Second Row Pete Dunn Bob Pryor Marshall Reavns Bob Briscoe 0g6 egnffalnblfaf I90l'f5 The athletic department of University School reallzes the need for physical education beyond the regular school requnrements consequently they provude an extra time In whnch all boys of junior and sensor hugh school may work on the games and skulls whnch they enjoy and an whrch they need Improve ment This IS not a requlred class and pupils are not dlscrlmlnated against for not partlclpatlng It ns however very popular ln the fall the home rooms decide on a room manager and captain who IS usually ln charge throughout the year The home rooms compete wlth each other ln practncally all mayor sports baseball touch football basketball and track Lettermen of the school offncnate at these games The track meet nn the sprung IS the finale of the program 7 S Page fifty-eight HVUVWQEVQ WWW Fnrst Row Martha Beck Carolyn Callahan Pat Baker Ruth Smlth lean Burch Maddne Levaggl Nancy White Lonnta Ward Anna K Wzles Barbara Thompson Second Row Barbara Adams Ann Hamllton Ann Holland Cara Mae Floyd lannce Dlllon Mary Beard Sknpper Fagan Betty Patten Sue Ann Hull Thlrd Row Mrs Stewart Hanna Lou Hare Pat Puerson Lnta Slnclalr Betty Burch Natalie Kunz Rose Mcllveen Eleanor Smlth Dody Henley Fourth Row Mary Kung Betty Wrlght Tuna Hoftzummer Dons Conner Betty Mobley Nor ma Colpztts Dorls Deal Pete Martin g,4,4 The Curls Athletlc Association was organized three years ago by Mrs Stewart and Mrs Franklin lt IS an organlzatlon whlch through competitive teams partucnpates nn such sports as basketball speedball volleyball softball track table tennls horseback rndlng and bowlmg Durmg the year bus ness meetungs were held at the homes of members To be a member 50 points or more are required and addltlonal points are given for partucapatlon nn each sport Twice a year awards are gnven to mem bers havnng the requured number of pounts These awards are flrst a gold key second achenllle U and thnrd numerals Vlce Presldent Secretary Softball Manager Speedball Manager Horseback Rndung Manager Bowling Manager Basketball Manager Track and Fleld Manager Ruth Smith Ann Hamnlton jan Nelson Betty Burch Anna K Wnles Sue Ann Hall jean Burch lo Ann Branam Page fifty 'nme l M, N I I l . I . President ........................., Dody Henley JQAJ4 The unuor C A A ns a new organlzatnon thus Year The constututnon has been made and a point system set up tor awards Ottucers Include man agers tor actlvntues and home room representatives Forty gurls have partucn pated un the dltterent games and skulls ottered by thus organlzatlon Presudent Patty Dlstelhurst Vice President Marcla Wells Secretary Treasurer Phyllis letters Furst Row Nancy Branam Peggy Pennmgton Marcna Borton Nancy Talbot Rosalene Sarber Lounse Hoard Margorue Stlgall Margaret Hoadley Patty Slesslnger Nancy Ellns Betty Hasseld Nancy Roberts Second Row Deanna Harden Betty Seeber Delores Hull Beth Copeland Roberta Fell Kay Wynn Coby Patty Dlstelhurst joan jenkans Phyllus letters Betty jo Reed Thnrd Row Mrs Betty Shakes sponsor Suzie Wallace Nancy Rnchards janet Evans Shurley Sletsma Mary Lynn Stone julne Warner jackle Smuth Marilyn Patterson Norma Presley Fourth Row Marulyn Baldrudge Martha Trueblood janet Fueld Freda Carrpbell Pegge Bran am Marilyn Crouch jean Rogers Barbara Poolltsan Marcia Wells Mary D vldson I' Page szavty abr r. . . . - mmm rr'-r':-"'."xn""l NIIIIUL ,E ' F' F 1 at F U - 3 IQ? Q 4 1' - 3' l ' ' , , .- f V 'mal' X . , 3 I ' 4 . S , 3 l .Q we U 1 4 3 'QT .nur J? -iff Fnrst Row Beauty and The Beast Hubba Hubba She fuzzes effervesce and explodes Betty and Madje are you studymg99"7 Look pretty please Second Row Who Wouldnt Love You? P de of the I C What s your rrouble9' Thnrd Row Vvhlch way dnd she go jack? Who threw thwt Jfaglnne Ambassad S of good will Page su ty one if f O 3, I X My 2 W ,f in J, 'ff Y 1 5 ,MW-"MV D I g N 3 , ' ,L v X Y , 1 Y W ,V Q , , 'S v it - Q ., , . ,7 .I . ,U . , ' Q . g - - . K. S - fl A - , ' , 1 ' . - rn . .- ' ,. 3 , . , .YYY - ' .9 - ' ' - or, '9 KJ I' iqwngww Fnrst Row Our future draw back Eager Beavers Second Row Dansy won t tell Don t take that picture' Stars and Ctrnpes Thnrd Row Amour Its great to be back In the States lame Fourth Row Three Musketeers How dn do dee gurls We were knds once' Page smty two el'll0l' all .l5!Cll'l'leIl! Durung the course of our senuor year we the senuors of the class of l946 have kept a sharp eye out for those poor underclassmen who seem to be un need of some of the thungs we are nnore fortunate to have therefore we the senuors of the l9-46 senuor class do hereby wull and bequeath our worldly goods as follows john Hoover wulls hus senuor cords to Muss Alexander Bruce Kunsey wulls hus swummung abuluty to the fush un the Buology Lab Les Lanam wulls that lpana Smule to Tatty Bruscoe john Neel wulls hus quuet manner to Ann Holland Dave Rogers wulls hus abuluty to stay true to one person to januce Dullon harles Sunn wulls hus car back to hus father who would apprecuate usung ut now and then Bob Taylor wulls twenty pounds of hus weught to Harruet Ruble Alton Wundsor wulls hus luttle boyush and quuet manners to Bob Snoddy who ought to practuce more of both Bob Woolery wulls hus tall dark and handsome appearance to Tom Kunser Loren Durnal wulls hus motor scooter to anyone wuth the energy to push ut jum Ferguson leaves the rught of free speech to the future Government students jack Fuke leaves the checkered hood of hus rattletrap to the Hu Y game rocm Duck Franklun wulls hus burr head to john Butcher George Gavut wulls hus level headedness un a basketball game to Bob Shook Al Herrman wulls all hus motor vehucles to anyone who want them jack Hoadley wulls hus ears to Drano Lane Vuc Mcllveen wulls hus joe college mannerusm to Country Lane Charles Roll leaves hus job at the Feltus Pruntung Co to anyone fool enough to take ut Margaret Sarber wulls her peaches and cream complexuon to any freckle faced gurl or boy who would luke to have ut Betty Skurvun leaves her athletuc abuluty to loyce Whutehead Eleanor Smuth leaves her sweaters to Shurley Suetsma Bong' Ruth Smuth leaves her two cute brothers to the gurls of the freshmen class who are tryung hard enough now to get them lnez Stevens wulls her naturally curly haur to all the gurls who go swummung un the summer julua Tatum wulls her abuluty to get along wuth all of her teachers to Tuny Gulmore Lonuta Ward leaves her basketball abuluty to the boys of the second team Kut Altman wulls her charmung and quuet manners to Luta Sunclaur Barbara Adams wulls her cute fugure to Martha Hendrucks Kut and Becky Black leave theur companuonshup to the Mobley twuns Betty Burch wulls her extra class rung to the junuor Class jean Burch leaves her enthusuastuc outlook on lufe to Ellen Dobson Barbara Davues leaves her nuckname of Punky to Betsy Martun Dorus Deal won t leave jack for anyone jane Dunlap wulls her abuluty to say the rught thung at the wrong turne to joe May Skupper Fagan leaves her sympathy to Duxon Hughes as the next jordannus Edutor joan Fleener wulls her duamond rung to all the young hopefuls Marj Graber wulls her scholastuc abuluty to Buddy Stapleton Sue Ann Hull wulls her guddy guggle to Muss Ohlrogge Pete Martun leaves Bob Gunther but not for long she hopes Dot Uland leaves Chemustry class wuth a sugh of reluef jane Wheeler left for college long ago-she had to get away from the worlf puled on her at U H A K Wules leaves on horseback Betty Wrught wulls her bangs to Barbara Dorsey Bud Bryan leaves Nancy White wuth wonderful memorues Wallace Cleland leaves hus abuluty to survuve four years of Latun to Patsy Wuley who seems to be doung all rught herself joe Coua wulls hus shoulders to Mr Hughes jum Correll leaves hus Floruda tan wuth Marulyn Meyer Dave Farrus wulls hus fruendluness to Kenny Kung Duck Lanam wulls hus wavy blond locks to Duck Hendrucks Tom Lockue wulls hus curly haur to Susan Davus jack Moore leaves hus track abuluty to Dave Clurue Charles Pruett leaves the Senuor Treasureshup to next year s senuor treasurer Phul Rogers wulls hus country home to all those who attend open houses and need a rest after wards Bull Suetsma leaves hus clothes to Bull Franklun john Stapleton wulls hus sex appeal and good looks to junuor Mann Stan Wood leaves hus band to Mr Manor Pat Baker leaves joyce Adams a bottle of pouson joan Brown leaves her long haur to Ann Hamulton joan Des jarduns wulls her fauthfulness to her man un the servuce to all gurls who are wautung for them to come home Ruth Gross leaves her dark black haur to Martha Buskurk Maddue Levaggu wulls her vouce to Donna Stapleton Betty Neal leaves her good tumes to Muss Wellons - 'MU Barbara Brickner leaves her sweet smile to Mr. Micheal. . . .us A Page sixty three Toots Neal wills her flippant remarks to Carol Reed, lanice Dillon, janet Van Dyke, ludy Brun- er, and Nancy White who seem to be doing all right on their own. lan Nelson wills her dimples to whoever wants them. She dOesn't. ' Betty Patten wills her long eyelashes to the girl in the junior class who is wearing false eyelashes. Waneta Patton leaves her many boy friends to ludy Bruner, Marj Beard wills her ability to always have a man to Martha Reavis. Maggie Brummett wills her cheerfulness to "Happy" Hansen. Bertha Crouch leaves senior math to next year's unfortunates. Celissa Crouch leaves to meet her Navy man. Shirley Duane wills the Quad to Miss Strom and next year's editor. Dody Henley wills her bubbling personality to Betty Hutton. Pat Hensley wills her slinky walk to Rita Thompson. Lois Hepner gives the Palmer House back to the population of Chicago. Mary King leaves her dry humor to Lynne Martin. Doris Polley wills her soft voice to Natalie Kunz. Rosalie Ratliff leaves her troubles in shorthand to Miss Henderson. Ralph Smallwood leaves his basketball ability to lack Beatty. Fred Dunihue leaves his utter disregard for rules to Miss Alexander. ohn Miller leaves his enthusiasm to all the little Eager Beavers. lo Ann Branam leaves a year early. Bill Adams leaves wishing all the boys a good time in the service. Sam Ezell leaves in his navy car. lesse Thomas wills her ability to cook and sew to the home ec classes. .All f0gI"CLl0 if wi Hff Olin' K if l X' If . I y . , ogy .9 , R? Q of ' f l f D Jy if fl U' if Q ,flu . Page sixty-four 'Ili 3, Al! Mill lf' llX gk l Vx if? .fda 09 rap 1.5 I rzqr szrfq sl Craduation day arrives, and memories of days gone by and the many happy hours spent at the University School crowd 'lClem" and "Sugars" minds, Memories of their friends, both students and faculty alilqeg of the paper vvads, pigtails, and ink wells connected with their grade school lifeg of the fresh- man class picnic: of their struggle to organize as a sophomore classy of the fun of planning and giving the junior Penny Car- nival and Promg of the thrill and last minute excitement of presenting the senior play, Allin all, their school life from nursery school to graduation day has gained for them knowledge education experience happiness and many pleasant memories and so they leave the University School Y Y I, ..-..1 K 4 X TW , k x'Q xy, T L Ofvv W W 'Vs L I mm Imllanl mud Ig fha Benton Remus Iulnll h 15, Il mx Q1 Illillllld. Page S1.LtllS8LeZ X A A N- O 1 1 X, - X L Ex1g:1'zwiz1g:s by Imiianupolis Iing'1'zxvix11' Fo., Iuliz zlolis, 'z 2 Pl" ' by ' - ' ' ' As ir " Fw., I Q., F 'l ', 'z ' AQIQFUL ld !lOI1 The sprung rauns have come we have donned our knee length boots to wade gnngerly through the turbulent waters ot the jordan Vxfrth the comnng ot May thus book became a reality The statt ot the lordannus takes thus opportunity to express appreclatuon to the und-vlduals and the groups that have made thus annual possible the sponsors ot the sensor C' ss Mnss Ellza beth Ohlrogge Mr Phlllp Peak and Muss Ann Noble the ad Hughes Mr R E lvlncnael and lvluss Ruth Alexander the tac ulty the lndlanapolls Engraving Company the Benton Review Publnshlng Company Inc the S K Smnth Cover Company the Campus Studio and the Visual Aids Department ot lndlana Unrverslty To Mlss Ohlrogge vve gave sincere thanks tor her helpful and patlent guidance We loin her In hoping that thus lordannus sn years to come vvlll be a reminder ot pleasant years In Unlverslty School The Statt .21 " T ' . . I . Ia ' , . g ministrative statt, Dean l-l. L. Smith, Dr. l-l. E, Moore, Mr. Otto Page szxty ezglzt

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