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I X out .gcioof 11 a ufotfcf ln :mature Umversnty High as a world In mmnature the world s problems are our problems gov emmenfal educational social and physical problems are faced by the world nn general and Umversuty Hugh :rm parfncular If us our purpose To sbow how an our mnmatore world we are preparmg to take on these responsubulmes In me pages of the Tie 1945 70'C0!dl'll1ll.'1 UNIVERSITY HIGH SCHOOL BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA . 'A' :,'l lj J 'I' R L V 4 ' xl ll- :bl V .X " n- I If - H XX wx, Ju' U ' I ty' I N . F I g e 0 I . - s A' K, X If J I VV I X51 XJ X RX, A 1 Lxxgg xv? ly. H l W 'Q fy!! XX ' l lt Xfzl f ' of-x .,l, 1 . l 0 I X.! mlli -.1 hw ,H-t is! ... QQ n rance and exit in one. As -udnwf vwopem these oors fc Cdr mwrvafwe world. A, l'r.dJat-s we Cose them to tak., iur mace m a larger world 'me .gettin ot Uut lfnnmtute Wotfl The doors of our Unuverslty School are a symbol a symbol of our rnunzature world Six classes haxe g ne out ot thus world galn :ng experrences on which they can look back and knovx ledge that wnll and them In the larger world outsude Thus book us a record of the seventh year nn our small world On nts pages are pnctures ot the way an which the students work and play They ar the people who make up the populatuon ot our school some stnll wxll have many new and excntnng expernences an school and some are soon to leave enriched wnth all the thnngs only hugh school can brnng The small stream flowing beslde our school and through the ln diana Unrverslty campds may also be a Symbol Winding its way over every obstacle lt svmbolxzes the path that every student must gourney mcetxng challenges II1 school and honestly overcomnng them The entrance and the jordan Rnver represent our school a mlnna ture world wnth Its crtrzens the students and teachers 1 .if xii? -i Q f? u.',f.'47 ' 'NZ' M -2- atle 'iff 033' 9-A '0- fig? N 0 . 0 0 . . . . A I O . , , 1 . . . I - Cl . . . Y , . , . . . I . . l . - o . , - . , -- ' , Q Wt - Q - Y-f-,- T so i ' 4 offs A 1 ,wi , . arm tv: I ' I , Moa. " I , , if of : if-2' , gf A" " l""1'-V' V, r g 1:1 ' .. A Vi Via -T "-as Af' 'Q' ' r V f -fin .fry , ff- , 1 Na t . 1,7 .',..1fAf - , 'MQ A W Exif' gain" A X wliga , jeagf-5-3,5 -.fig K 5 V. V3 v . ,.7 .gl-.515 'psig' 1 ' '. ' 2" '-.- W 4 --3-QR-'l '4 W' g, ,Q -, , "sg T +':2q.,n I' X4 'T' V ,L , - M, Q. ., 2, .f, A ,A -9 ,NV - 1- ,, -,3,. .: A ' nf ,-fe Q. -lag li "1 :af ?l'wf'3'l' ,V , lg 1 K -Q : 33111 yy Vx ,'f--re.Sa,53s.x. ,-'V Kg , I 3 ,, :tg ' 7 f' ,f . M . .- Y Q ' K at U21 Mi . ' , lg.. f 4 1 . . ,M x41 ufotfcf we dedicate the l945 qotcfannui IA wil' 5 in ll 'l llpll We have written here ot two worlds: our University School as a miniature world and this big globe on which we live as another world. But in reality. there is only one worlde-our world. This is the world for which men have fought and given their lives, Men who were boys only yesterdayg boys like Bill l-loadley john Snyder and Rupert Wininger, whom we knew as freshmen and sophomores. juniors and seniors in our classrooms and corridors: who joked with their classmates' dated and danced with our classmatesg studied and worked in our classrooms and laboratories, It they are buried on foreign shores, they are not lost to us, Instead, through their partaking in an international struggle, we have become part of the larger world. To these boys who have sacrificed their lives tor Democracy and a better world, we dedicate this annual. April l4, l9-45. o Me hyd who have given Meit Hire: at a letter ii A c' l , , it iii li ,. it y M" 0 y iii i rig, li They uzcfe 0 'c ffnnmtute Wat!! M Harold E Moore ounsellng stu ent teacher HAROLD E MOORE The man who guldes our mnnlature world us Harold E Moore Prnnclpal of Unnverslty School Has complete tntle IS Director of Bureau of Teacher Recom mendatlons Prnnclpal f Unnversnty School Asszstant Professor of Educatlon Thus ns not all he does because he ns hap puest when he has half a dozen jobs Nevertheless whatever he IS dolng M Moores one arm us to make Unnversuty School the best unaverslty school there as MAX R OOODSON C-uldlng Unrverslty School as Assistant Prrnclpal us Max R Ooodson Mr Good son as our frlendly counselor He ns often so popular we slt an lnne to see hum Wuth these two prunclpals as a force of helpful teachers who lead us through our Unwersuty School world Our word would not go around without them all our prunclpals deans classroom teachers health service offlce force and lanutor al staff Mr Max Coodson O O I ll r, . c ,' a d f-7g1.6L Tke acufty em6eu p a an qw- al. .. 1: ww k.: -X . ::-1':z .'1'..':x!l '-:::1-- , ix- vw-v, IPI-nm I'-vt-'-t-. I-Q-lim I .,I .x Nl 1 .I lx 11 lm I 1 Xl 1 1 Mt N hx x an I1 XI1 l'1Wu Nix 'v X14 Xl gymwg. , ,4 2.x .w'N"4. ll.1:-Hi Xlzn "f-' . IN'-M111 Hqw, kvvnrlz 'lkiwlxx-tum, Nhwrrfn fwzxzkfw. .X l'v5m Nm. llf uf 5r11.l. .Xml XUH4. MM: liuxm- I mf In HL 1 1 I az! mf-xx : KI! ','az'L-I Hfrfizl. Pkylfz- Viidiia. Milffcff 'I-lint'-Iux,z.-Martha f':n'tm-11 I4l:4m'T'm- XVWH-1.N. T1:x':'f gtwrz' Ftzmzfliyrui I Q XX'2:1mkm-!'. Chr-flzxzc XY1lfir1rR. XL-xi: Ifiickixurt. hluiec Mclxzzlult. IJ- rw Hfm-'lj1:'. Iifwxxuhx- Hu Nllvumritn XYL-tltllflfl. 1 1 tm 12:14-1. X I 3 xv'::--I: HUM, ,XI'x,41whv.R1Jf::1 Hifi, Um 'L l!i:1.zu. l'f.:1:f-flu' PU -ur. Xlzuumvl ilw-12-1-1.. 4f.1Zf11t4 H :flu-xv. Xlmu' 1 - N mi. Huy Null. l'3.11:3 I'm:.l,. Xzuz. N3 Ht. .I--2.11 'll1+f:z11Nm. Hug-In XYQIMVU mlaottatnt part ln out was Mass Alexander Home town as Bedford Pastimes are readang workang puzzles goang to movaes Lakes baskctball symphonac musac cats and dogs Favorate food banana cream pae Thralls to Greer Carson and Laly Pons Mrs Allen From Vancen res Spends spare tame sewing Lakes basket paano mu ac Brahms Svxas steak losep Cotton and Greer Garson Mass Appel Bushton Kansas Enaofs readang and bradge also football games and swimming Mr Barkes Haals from Greenwood a-avorate sport as golf Lakes faction lrash musac and gardenang Mr Bell Came from Charlottesville Favorite daversaons bridge bas ketball sema and classacal musac Schubert Fav orate food T bone steaks Mass Boettler Shuf fled here from Buffalo N Y Prefers to spend her leisure dan ang readang rooting at a football game or playing faeld hockey or swimming S e lakes symphony or smooth swine sea food l grad Bergman Spencer Tracy travel Prout De Bussy and T Dorsey Mrs Franklm Week ends home an Columbus Lakes swammand and bridge hamburgers watl' onaons sema classacal musac and the song Holiday for Strings Daslakes aazz musac Mrs Goodson rr-oved here from Ur b na lllanoas Her anterests are bridge non fac taon and anteraor decoration Feed her steak or anvate her to a pacnac Mass Griffin Holidays home an Spaceland Hobby as flower gardening Follows basketball games reads biography and flower and fresh vegetables from her Victory gar den Mass Henderson drives over fr rn Craw or svall eacn fall She collects coans reads short storaes tunes an on pbpular musac and Strauss walt e gets exercas bowling dancing and playing Golf Mrs Meyer Came from Han over Partaal to partaes to go to or Gave Keep her hapov with French novels autobaographaes ace cream and angel food fake and Melancholy Baby Mass Miner Dotes on food wath lots of caloraes Bach the NBC Symphony Orchestra Greta Garbo Fabber McGee and salted peanuts Favorate pastame cooking Sorry she as going b1ck home to Burlangame Kansas Mr Noe Grew up Freetown Pastames are readang and woodworking D te ham for pang p ng t nnas or ashang He lakes storaes of the north an w st wath lots of acaon He lakes Bach an Sprane Song for musical moments Mass Petta one ls a Cr wn Pointer Rat s as super o Daano boogie woogae and Duke Ellington Pete ohnson and Albert Arnmons Beatan th Boog hamburges and Bugs Bunny Mass Ras mussen Bcrn at Ravcr Falls Wasconsan Spare tame spent t dressrn king color photography bradge Favorites modern art Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontaine skaang horsebaclr riding pre war travel rare steak and non factaon Mr Schooler Home an lndaana Brookston refreshes himself readang hastoracal faction and baography Ludwig Von Passen and Winsor listening to sema classa cal musac and eatang T bone steaks Takes a swing at golf and fashang sats on the sade lanes for baseball and Hedy LaMarr movies Mass Strom Came out of the north from Duluth Man nesota Thralled at the very thought of basket ball games Shakespeare the Minneapolis Sym phony theater going and meat and potatoes Mass Stull Shes from Massoura Salem Leads a busy lafe eatang hakang watching basketball bowling playing badmanton and readang lpoetry mysteries humorous e says and Thurberl lasten ang to Duke Ellington and Brahms and seeing Bette Davis and Paul Robeson Gave her red poants for teak Mr Thurston Migrated from East St Louis lllanoas Wants an lafe are sample musac basketball biography and roast beef M Whataker Calls Terre Haute has home town Lakes gardenang readang huntang and fashang Wants to retare on a lattle farm He reads actaon and achievement books lastens to sema popular musac eats beef lakes animals Mr Manor Started tootang an a band at Wanchester Away from musac collects stamps swams fashes or reads Edna St Vincent Mallay Lakes Beethoven datto Spencer Tracy wants to travel Mr Green From Casey lllanoas oraganally Prefers classac laterature ace skatang and ace cream Would Mass Fowler Saw light of day farst at Owensboro Kentucky Favors novelty aewelry pecan pae George Sanders bowling baking basketball mys tery storaes Favorate song You Always Hurt the One You Love Mass Noble ls from lndaan ola l o way where the tall corn grows After work you wall fand her readang biography cro chetang eatang chocolate cake wath fudge frost ang or going to a movae to see Ronald Colman Some day she hopes to have a tea room M Thompson ls a raatave of Bloomington Has weak nesses are musac lplays the trombone lakes aave and Stardust J Brenda loyce and butter scotch pae Mr Peak Came here from Chadron Nebraska He as happaest when polishing has car radang horseback eatang ham readang Lud wig collecting coans gardening or teaching math Home on the Range does somethang to ham Ambition a far-n of fifteen to twenty acres Mrs Westerfleld Makes Bloomington her home Whale waatang for her husband to come back from the Pacafac Pastimes tennis readang lastenang to symphony records and going to plays Choco late fraed chackew and Iunaor Hagh rate tops wath her Mass Wellons Reads all the best new books when you ask her What s coolfan f she ll maybe say Peach pae Shes a natave Hoosaer from our own home town o o 9 , u A . . . , . Z , , ., , , . , ' I ' ' '- '- I . I H ' ' I ' - - a . . ball, ' s', , "s , h : ', , X . A . , A . . . : ' , ' , . ' I' - r . - " - 8 a . . , . r 1 - ' F a l . - I n . . . 1 . F , - ' C' , ' , A ' s . . : ' l ' 'sa . fl' '. . ' , . r. , C 1 . . . - ' a ' . '- ' ' ' . ' 3 ' C '- a ' ' ' ' V l ' - 4 - I I 9 I ! 4 D . I ' , 3 , , : ' ' v ! ' fiction, listens to semi-classical music, eats cauli- like fo be an explorer, Diglikeg jack Benny, . 1 . : . . V , ' . Z V C ' - I i I a f d F 9 l ' V ' a I i l l i a ' f 2 S, ' -2 ' , ' . ' : ' - A . a V x G. . . . . . , - ' ' : ' . r. ' , A . . . 2 ' . A ' . ' ' f' " lf ll ' ,. .I 'V B . . - C ' e . I ' , , ' . ' . - e ' t . ' d " " ' ' . H- A Y .. Q . I . .- .. Y I . D b .: o . .e g lf, . ' : ' I ' . .. U . S - . . h A . 2 . ' a ' , . ie". ra, . ' - , a , ' . - ' a a ' , , ' , ' : . 3 ' I . .. .. . .TH . ALL THE WORLD IS A STAGE 9146 5 'wa Z' h .l ere Il e a slsgrwf Dausef r 51 fuer' udmtufaca I rx SCREEELECH jolfn Stapleton Take your seat' Out of rms w rld' W: fr bn 9 For the Eastu Parade 2111011 earring the lnnzatute Wotfd at 'zeatet 0 f Dnploma uh hahd we emors set forth h Search of nor place IO The world We hope to make dreamb a realm Vxfe hope The world UGC S our xoofh eher 5 ahd suhcere aspwr derhocritse way I . Q I A f S ' e i d . g f. - ' - ations To contribute To our way of life, The c L ' . ,. fu, L , Q A-':g.f-X, j 4 .. e jf O X ' fi NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Election to National Honor Society represents the highest single award made by University School. While students must be in the upper third of the senior class to qualify for election to the group, they must also show prom- ise in the fields of leadership, service, and character. All high school teachers in the University School have an opportunity to express an opinion on the worthiness of students for this honor, and final selections are made by a representative committee called the Faculty Council. ln naming members of the Society for 1945, the faculty not only commends these students on their four year record in high school but also challenges them to maintain in to- morrow's world the high standards they have set for themselves in the world they now leave. Dale Alexander Rosemary Coleman Barbara Evans Richard Franzen William Graber Donald Herrman MEMBERS Norman Wong james Love Barbara Lusk Shirley Moore Donetta Reese jack Strain Robert Watt Top row Norman Wong james Love Robert Watt Rosemary Coleman Donald Herrman William Graber Dale Alexander Bottom row Barbara Lusk lack Strain Shirley Moore Barbara Evans Richard Franzen Donetta Reese Page ten - - i n i - 1 n i , SENIORS l945 The seventh grade began our uunuor hugh world We were duvuded unto two home rooms whuch offered much competutuon un untramurals Events planned by our Club for Bugger and Better Tumes uncluded a number of partues one at Chrustmas tume another on St Patruck s Day a bucycle trup and pucnuc But not all the tume was devoted to play much tume was spent studyung and pre parung for hugh school ln our freshman year we began our socual season wuth a Hallowe en Dance Two skatung partues gave us a good start on our hugh school career Home room programs were guven wuth much unterest on Frudays Our sophomore year followed much the same pattern As uunuors we began wuth a skatung party as un prevuous years Durung thus year the class was duvuded un two home rooms gurls un one and boys un another Wuth thus status we had very helpful guudance programs Our annual unuor Penny Carnuval was the buggest success un years It was the untroductuon to a wonderful Manhattan Prom Durung the year three members held Open l-louse for the fun of the whole class and later a swurnmung party completed our socual calendar In our senuor year the class started socual events wuth a skatung party The jordannus Skuts made sales of the annual a success Our senuor class play Thumbs Up proved the actung abuluty of many of our members Our socual events for the year have uncluded two partues at members homes one at Chrustrnas and one the nught of the senuor play The senuor home room sponsors are Mrs Marcule Franklun and Mr Vurgul Schooler Duck Bartuey Presuclent Rosemary Coleman Secretary Bull Graber Treasurer Bob Colputts Vuce Presudent , 1 ' ' . An 11 Q I AA , . . Z 5 . - P V ll Page eleven Page tu 0111 Dale Alexander Mariorie Andrews Ray Bartlett Richard Bartley Robert Beatty Kathleen Brown Leona Bush Charlotte Butcher Rosemary Coleman Robert Colpntts Waneta Corban Ceorgna Costas Robert Crlswell Nancy Dobson Babs Evans Richard Pusher Martha Flynn Zetta Ann Franklun Rnchard Franzen Ruth Coodrnan ,YY 5 ll , , 2 1 , ' 1 V SENIORS rw 1,1 rr :x f X L , r my f fp P -. 3 V, Lv 1 f , 1 'Lf TTv NNW P' ff Qhxf. lwfwx ' X ,Hx ' V Y' v I ,, jx , 1 41 ' ' f' ' ':1y,c1Y, w ' 1 W 'N f ww" H ww I4 1 ' V Uv ly L W ' Rf-v , U W ll p - ,H vu ' -. f 1 , lx t T I '. ' . .N , 1 T A X 1 V F " x r w 1' -'9 H Page fourteen f -I Wilbur Graber joseph Hamros Clyde Hare Barbara Hazel Donald Herrman Herman Hepnr-r Richard Herrnung hausen Warren Herrn mghausen Vlfblnla Hoadley George Hoke john Huntington Mary Frances Robert Kung Paul Kerr Robert Kmser ames Love Barbara Lusk Esther Marian Erma Marr james May ONES SENKDQS f 1 ,' , Wi , w I IJ ' F 1 - sw! ' , t ,,n " f , I 'V 1 .f K wf' ' L V ' w wr Page szftc en Duck Mllls Mary Evelyn Moore Shirley Moore lm Olsen Patsy Osborn Charles Partee Donetta Reese Pauline Ridge jack Rogers Dave Rowland Bob Sflgall lack Stram Dorothy Todd Wocflyard Varner lvlary Vlsher Paul Wampler Madalyn Warren Bob Watt Luculle Wllloughby Norman Wong l l Cail Voegelin SENIORQ J iw. I ka N K V w L '. '.7U',f: 'V '-'iifff 19 Wig' U V 1 if"lX EN. ' i r" Njnr x F 1 Y Y- 1. ' 'J.'fjf M 9+ rw ffsvfw vi- WHLV- f I X. V V lk, 3 X IV., , 4, .. ,i , .I .' . T' H X I ' " Q31 I F ,MN f' Y I 'N ' Aff T 1' - ,, L V I I 4 F A M I 'W -f' f ' 4 ,f 7 N Y 1 , , -- 1, 7 3 W f Nl X. H ' ' ,lun 1 ' ' rw' 1 1 , 1, 4 ' '. " 1 ., 'lx vii., M BE WISELY WORLDLY BE NOT WORLDLY WISE 9 All 51 P h spcnt four years rn the lrbrary gazrng at the lr THE WORLD TOMORROW Ten years ago the class of 45 held rts farewell party at McCormrck s Creek Today we are broadcastrng the whereabouts and gorngs on of these noble senrors Dorothy Albrrght and her ex sarlor husband are lrvrng on therr South Carolrna plantatron Mary Frances lones has frnallv broken SO rn bowlrng Barbara Lusk strll can t make up her mrnd about those two great track men Paul Thompson and Duck Buskrrk Th states famou sleep walker Patsy Osborn Frnley' Lrvrng at Spencer and strll devoted are Ice Franzmann and Mrs Franz mann the former Carl Voegelm Donetta Reese has grven a prano concert at Carnegre Hall Vrr grnra Hoadley rs runnrng a hrp reducrng salon A well known Englrsh teacher rn lndranapolrs schools rs Audre Carlthers Shrrley Moore has set rp a hot dog stand rn the mrddle of he Shortrrdge football freld lohn Huntrngton now models for Kremel Harr Tonrc the before srde Bob Watt and hrs famous band are playrng at the Paladrum rhrs we k Swoon Crocner Bob Kung and Waneta Corbrn are feature attractrons n a nearly fatal accrdent Mary Vrsher went swrmmrng t the old L Hole on the nrght of january 3 She drved rn and drsfovered too late the rce was srx rnches thrck Lucllle Wrlloughby and her Wallopers Baseball Team are playrng the Brook lyn Dodgers at Ebbet s Freld Martha Flynn has marrred a famous baseball star and dexelops her lung power cheerrng for hrm The former Esther Marlrn and her ex navy husband have quadruplet boys He teaches the boys navy knots and she untres the knots rn the quads three cornered pants Woody Varner rs Assrstant Prrncrpal of U '-l He served hrs aoprentr eshrp at Sung Sung Bob Cruswell rs edrtorral wrrter for the Bloomrngtcn XrVorld Telephone Duck Frsher has become a crusader rn a movement to reform mrs chrevous pranksters Ray Bartlett rs housefather at the Pr Phr House He rs lookrng for a beautr ful Jlonrle lrke the one he lost there years ago Professors Norman Wong and Bud Carter after years of study are tryrng to rnvent a parachute that goes up rnstead of down Mr and Mrs Morrrs Chrtwood she was Leona Bush are tour rng the country on hrs World Trtle Wrestlrng Ex hrbrtrons Thcrr chrldren are Whole Nelson Half Nelson and uarter Nelson Vllle Costas has her own Beauty Salon she has been prctured rn Prc Peek and Borng Magazrnes The dance team Babs Evans 8 lrm Olsen are dorng a coast to coast non stop rrtterbug tour loc Hamros rs lookrng for a rob as a trght rope walker The Reverend Clyde Hare rs pastor ot the Methodrst Church at Bean Blossom Rrchard Franxen the second crnstern has drscovered a fifth drmensron Duck Bartley presrdent of the L H N T B A O F C tLearn how not to be afrard of females club! rs tryrng to understand women D lack Rogers and hrs wrfe the former Nancy Dobson have a health resort on Stony Lonescme Herman Hep ner rs Dean of Women at Vassar r-lrs vast e perrence rn the freld makes hrm well qualrfred Mr and Mrs Bob Kunser have settled down to a q ret VI marrred re wrth ten bo s arg says That s all there rust am t any more' Ruth Goodman has dscovered the shade of lrp strck all men are ravrng about Prnk Supporter Malcolm Clayton the great magrcran was ar rested because of a serrous accrdent whrch hap pened durrng hrs show Erma Marrs hrs beau trful assrstant who nrghtly gets awed rn half s now really rn two preces Instead of one Malcolm sard My only reeret rs that l broke frve teeth off my new hack saw Dave Rowland rs strll prnrng for Wanda Zeller and Shep hrs farthful dog rs strll prnrng for Dave Duck Mrlls farlure to graduate from l U rs unexplarnable srnce he bra rran Zetta at the Happy sufferrng from the Democrats strarght racket Ann Franklm Dale Alexander rs Dale Rest Home at Cnaw Bone an acute mental breakdown srnce won rn 48 George Hokc rs rn a because hrs superhuman strength garned through a Charles Atlas Correspondence Ccurse endangered the lrves of Bl omrngton crtr zens Charlotte Butcher rs a famous artrst Irv rn Parrs Mary Evelyn Moore and Paul Wampler are marrred They have thrrteen chrl dren eleven or a football team one for a sub strtute and a grrl for a cheer leader Paul Kerr and Don Herrman are In Hollywood wrth therr choru grrls producrng Follres of l95S Pau me Rrdge has been actrng on Broadway for nrne years Barbara Hazel rs man ger of the Hazel Grocery and Meat Market the store rs one block long Rosemary Coleman rs the frrst woman pres :dent of the Lnrted States Dorothy Todd assrst ant secretary to the assrstant secretary of Presr dent Coleman rs carryrng on her correspondence wrth Wrllram Stewart who rs strll rn the army Marrorre Andrews marrred a handsome soldrer she n.rrsed back to health after she completed her nurses trarnrng Charles Partee and the Herm mghausen boys are runnrng competrng bands all t-up rank lrm Love rs manager of the Bloomrng ton Parnt Store Bob Shgall has a flower shop Bob Beatty runs a delryery servrce Mr and Mrs Robert Colprtts have therr own drug store lrm May has stayed rn the Navy lack Strarn contrn ued to parnt stage sets at U H S after Thumbs Up Page nmeteen . . , , - . ' ' . r. - r . - - , 1 X- . e s 2 - . U - If y. M '. .. . . . . ., . . a ' A . I, .- . ,, , ,, . , ' - , . , , - - ' - - T - . A s. ' ,i . - , h, . . , . eh ' , . V , . - . I .Q , . . . . , . a . h V .. r , ,., - ' , , . . , ., . . , . , E I . I-. I . , r - r , o - . - rng . . .. S. , c , f , - - 1 k ' . .H C . . .. . ,. I- - , . . . - . a l , ' . , , , , , , - A . . , ,4 , 1 ' - 1 " 1 - r ' , - ' ' . , . Q r . r . r , . , , . - ' I . ' ,. . , . . . , H , .,.. . . .. ., , ,Q-, 4 1.11 Log, LOOKING AT THE WORLD THROUGH ROSE COLORED GLASSES Page 111 cnfy Sn rle5 fur lucky bo 5 Danger Wolrush gleams rn boys exes Beautiful IDI Dreamer Check The Streamlmed h bulldmg Then the Navy pot hum Hold on to your hat A bicycle bull? or th ee 493 One version of the half Nelson They truQt each other lh nal B M C C Local gobslp center Plemy to laugh at Underclauei They peolafe O '15 fffznzatute Wotfd lt fakes wll lamds uf people To make a world In our Umversuty Sclmol world we have four teen levels of boys md gurls they range from nur ery school To upperclwssmerm MJ Inf . Q c I C ' c I ' 9 , c . ' QQ 1 ,, ,X ' .XXX N Ylx xx X X kj ' jr ff ff Page Q ,pf 'UQ' 56 'BS his -QW Us 'Ln Q fuenty two M."k'?M'L ', K - x ' 1 7 - U xii' I o .xJ,vv a 2 I all C' ,N x, . ir in c 'N z , .V 4 is is S A ," A , as 43 f ' 'I PM -is x V N ff 45 52 D A L-, .a Q .., 0 5' 'p +3 3 fi S K Q s 5' 9 JUNIORS Bafbafa Adams For three hugh school years the class of 46 has been atm Patsy Baker Doggrjxgggrd :ng at the top for tts posttton un the Untverstty School world D'iiel?JfrjgTanam Knowing that doing ns more Important than talklng we staged loagugfgxgn a Penny Carnival that was super successful not only un fun but also ln finances We were the tlrst class tn the hnstory of the BelLZgiELQE5Ier Untverslty Hugh School to be organized on a class basis dur Afwidlgiifrggatd Ing their sophomore year Our ablllty to work and play to loiggg Cowell gether has been demonstrated In our soctal actuvnttes a beau BCFTDBCYOUCD tnful prom box suppers plcnlcs skattng partles and dances Gelussa Crouch Barbara Davles Dons Deal joan Des lardunes Shurley Duane Fred Dunlhue George Gavtt Prestdent Loren Durnal y g D0g'jrE'5'Q2aQan lane Wheeler Secretary Davld Farrls laTffaFr?l3eLf'glq Glenn Wampler Treasurer lack Fuke Legs Fofeman Mr Glen Barkes Mass Anne Noble :ck Franklnn G Mass Harriet Stull Sponsors eorge Gavut Marge Graber Ruth G oss Lllllan Hacker Donald Hays Docly Henley Pat Hensley Lots Hepner Duck Herrman Sue Ann Hull lack Hoadley john Hoover Mary Kung Bruce Klnsey Leslne Lanam Dtck Lanam Madcllc Levaggn Tom Lockne Mary Lou Martln Vlc Mcllyeen Barbara Mntchaner Wnlma Ooley Dorothy Neal lan Nelson Betty Patten Waneta Patton Charles Pruett Charles Roll Dave Rogers Phtltp Rogers Margaret Sarb Martha Shtelds Btll Sletsr-na Charles Smn Betty Sklryln Eleanor Smith Ruth Srnlth john Stapleton Inez Stevens Mary Swart lulla T1tum Robert Tay or Dorothy Uland Glenn Wampler Loluta Ward lane Wheeler Anna Kay Wnles Stanley Wood ler ROgEllQNv7?,Qhl lane Wheeler George Gavut, Betty Wrnght Page tu 4 llfll fluff lane DUMP Bett Wri ht ................. Vice President if C- vent y jour 'Fa fl 1Y'l 43: 45' Pi 2. iB'!R X?-xfN WM W ar as K .MQ 1YWr A-f 1 Xxx I 5- y ,f W'-fx mv' up vt? X 0- N J of SOPHOMCRES Bull Adams joyce Adams janet Bartley jack Beatty jo Ann Branam Albert Brown Chloe Brumley Bob Burger Betty Lou Butcher john Butcher Don Campbell jo Ann Church Phyllls Coleman Suzanne Cornacchlone Robert Crlder Bull Davls Susan Davus Glenn Deckarrl Mary Lou Eckels Betty loan Edwards Betty Faust Ken Flelder Paul Flerst Cara Mae Floyd Lots Floyd Bull Franklin Karl j Franzmann Charles Fultz Phlllp Gilmore Bob Good Dorothy Goodman Bob Gunther Ann Hamllton Duck Hansen Mary Helen Havens Verna Hawklns Max Headley Bull Helton Tom Hoadley Tuna l-loffzlmmer Ann Holland Phll Hosler Louise Hubbard Nancy Ann jackson Betty johnson Harold L Kent Tommy Klnser Gert Lammers jlm Lane Nancy Lane Wanda Lawrence junlor Mann Betsy Martun Marllyn Meyer Bally Mobley Betty Irene Mobley Mary Mullls Cecil Meyers Loss Anne Noe john Noyes Phnlnpe Owens Pat Pierson Pat Pless Doris Polley Wrlma jean Pope Duck Reed Betty Rlchardson Bonnie Rldqe Margle Ellen Roberts Leonard Robertson Wlnfred Rumble joyce Scales Bull Scovllle john Seeber Blll Shack Lee Shack Evelyn Shlelds Lrta Slnclaur Charles Smuth Bob Snoddy Dwnght Snoddy jo Anne Southern Donna jean Stapleton Phyllus Stevens Robert Lee Stldd Phyllls Strain Frances Taylor james R Taylor Barbara Thompson Marguerlte Thompson Byron C Trujillo Martha Wermer Betty Lou Welch Gene Wells Mary Lou Wlnter Patsy Wylue Thls IS the second year that a sophomore class has been organlzed The commuttee was formed and re presented the sophomore class as a body whlch IS one of the largest classes that has ever been ln U H S During the freshman year the boys relay team won flrst place In the freshman half mule relay at Peters burg The gurls of the class felt that they could not let the boys have all the honor so they won flrst place IH the G A A softball tournament Many successful dances and skating partles were held throughout the year The home room sponsors of the class are Mr Phlllp Peak Mass lngrld Strom and Mlss Blanche Wellons 9 J wir Sophomore commuttee offlcers are Pat Pless Suzanne Corn acchlone janet Bartley Gene Wells Leta Slnclalr jo Anne South ern Patsy Wylie Page twenty ,file I I xy' lg" 'A , il , sa Q ,fy Dick Hendrix V Qi Q' K Jfl ts , . Z I Q gf, A T ogy ff ' ul? 45 it i QQ 'W Pugf menly sm 'ini 1 1'7- 06000 36V QD BQUVHA I? c Louuse Arnett Bob Barrow john Bastun Martha Baxter Wulluam Baxter Rosalue Berry Tatty Brusc Wlldus Burch Martha Buskurk Edna Butcher Bert Butcher Carolyn Callahan Harold Butcher Patsy Canner james Chambers Davud Clune Neruna Coua Norma Colputts Dorus Conner Sara jane Correll Charles Dane Phyllus Davls Marjorue Deckard Maxurue Deckard Melba jean Dollens Phulup Douglas Howard Duke Duck Evans Duck Fee Mary Ann Ferguson Mary Emogene Fuelder D D Foster Robert Fowler josephune Freeman Don Fultz Norma Fultz j Herman Enterlune jane Goby Ross Hacker Hannah Lou Hare Edwun Harruson Harold Hartgrave Barbara Hawkuns Charles Hawkuns june Hearn Aluce Hendruckson Charles Hendrux Phulup Hunkle Martha Hoke Frank Holland Rayman Hughes Darrell Hooten Chrustune Hunter Nancy jones jum Kent Eugene Kent Donald Kellogg Katherune Kung Melvulle Kung Larry Kurkman Natalue Kunz Muckey Love Bull Mann Waneta Matlock Betty Carole May joe May Bull McCaw Bull McClary Rose Mcllveen Dale Mutchell joyce Moore Tom Moore Pat Moran Eddue Nuchols Allyn Noe Mary Ann Pardue Dorus Pennungton Flo june Polung Suzanne Pronko Glenn Pryor Martha Reavus Carole Reed Vaughn Ruce Rebecca Robertson jack Robunson Phyllus Ann Rogers jum Ross Harruet Ruble Duck Shook Euleen Suddons Donald Sunn Bob Skurvun Lee Sonneborn Bully Stanley Bud Stapleton john Davud Stoner Maruorue Stout Bully Sturgeon Sophua Telfer janet Van Dyke Charles Waldrup Phyllus Waldrup Laura Lou Ward Nancy Whute Thelma Whute Iva Wulloughby FRESHMEN The freshmen are the green sprouts ot the Unuversuty Hugh School Our scholastuc athletuc and extra currucular record shows we are brught energetuc and tull of promuse We have had the usual home room actuvutues and government and are lookung forward to the days when we can do more concentrat ed work as a class The tour trosh home rooms and theur ottu CGFS are Home Room 2 4 Mass jean Fowler Sponsor Carolyn Callahan Presudent Katherune Kung V Presudent Martha Reavus Sec Treas Home Room 220 'Vlr Gayle Wulson Sponsor Wulluam McCaw Presudent Harold Butcher Presudent Marjorue Deckard Secretary Norma Colputts Treasurer Home Room 322 Mr Harold Manor Sponsor john Stoner Presudent Hauruet Ruble V Presudent Neruna Cola Home Room Mr Prevo Whutaker Bob Wasosku Cornelua Brendel Phul Douglas Secretary 202 Sponsor Presudent Secretary Treasurer Q- g-rwv FRESHMAN HOME ROOM OFFICERS Front row Bob Wasosku Davud Stoner Harold Butcher Bud Stapleton Phul Douglas Bull McCall Bull Colputts Back row Neruna Cora Marge Deckard Phyllus Dans Norma Colputts Katherune Kung Martha Reavus janet Van Dyke l-larruett Ruble Carolune Callahan Page fu'e,zf,j sew uz V oe ' Y 1 - . D . . . . I 1 . ' ...... . A .... Martha Hendrux h- --VI - - - - i -v4 A Q .af,.f+a- . 4... N. QA: n . . - 'D ' 'idx lux- f ' 1 EIGHTH GRADE Huw Iviljmi ,Illini-Iv Ihtrmx. IHVIQ Ivnn. SIIIIIL5' XIIII-. Hvxxin RUNWII- NYIIIHJA kIa.n1 HIINIII, XIIIM' I'xmnIw, ,Ivy vm- XXI111vI1m:nI, Run luv.: IMI' Ihggnxtu. Ilan- II.4Iu1..I,411nN Imllnw, I-,IvIr:1:11 41:II1I1u. .IUIII Flu-113.-Iguu XX.IIfIIx,, IMUII S!c11I1znl. Ibm''I'Ialu:,l111lIAl:mn. Hwy .Umm IQm.xI,ImI. Ilqnx Nwyliu, I.utInx II+v:uvI. XI:nwvv' I"I-51113 I'n::5 ll-pnlquul. JQIIIII llyr. Run I'Nu't NIV. 421141. Xidx XIxi1:IiI-MI, l'Im1Iw Iiurm. .Xvtlwm 'I'I,H-II, IMI: Si.-I-III. I"::mIx R-mu-. K:ntI.IuyI Xlcfflain. Van-vl Kzulwxx. Ax u U I IL xgtx Ulu IJ mln A L I In lu 1 x ml llllu 1 I rcp I Ron IU mx x Q 1 L I In um Page twenty ezght Rf ilu-1 -Iim liuum. ,In Ii Vuwilly. IIIHB I'lIIi2 MV! Hin 1111. l':IuIit.c NIuIIiN. Ik -I li 'Iam-13 NI:u'I Rui' . Blzx'gm-riu- IJ-N klgmlinx, Run In-I: Iizngmfmfl I.wuQ-rg. IIIMHIL-x IILIVICIX. ISLIIIIMQA llnmlle-3.,I:1xIfl IinIxx:urI-, l.1mlgI I'lx1tc1'Ii!1q. I":'zu1cL Ii:u'nIumlt. -Iul'1I I"zIrxiN, R- ' 'II '-r: RHII-rt Clvlzsul. Kim-rtrnxvic ll lIlL'I', Aluvly 141' Illnrm l':x1iru. Ruth Alix If nzzn. '13-111 fwtzx-. 5 ur: liUIf'1 l'Ici:unl. ,I-fu liwlfl. ,I-K 1'i11kwIn. My XI,-. Hzxm-In IJ'LxI, Ri-hz I H' "Ia SEVENTH GRADE I1 11 U11 Il 1111 H:151l111. R1-11111 Hzarimg, H1-11:'4v H:U'.l:111. Il11"11-1 IW-111, X'11.1l1f ,XI1x.m1h-r. Nam-1 1 111' 4'-'4-'X11 l'1-4113 H1111 R1!1:11.1.- , . , , 1 lx 1 I I' li"-1-11 I111 X-I'1111N Ii1'1-1 l'1111:. 11111 4l'1-11'x1-', 1411. 111111. N 111111 H11111 l'1'-11. :111w K1111-,114 N, l'.11 X. . IV1111' I.11x1. I1 1 'IW 1- I'11"'- H11111, H111 il-1-111111, l1-11:'j- .X1l:111N. 1544. li'1.':1:', .X11.1f1 flu-,.1 N11 l11l11 H1z1v:'.,l11:111 5.1 111.. ,I .1... H1.1. N, 1 1 H111 N 1 1 x 1 1 1 Y Page tu Cnty nzne R111 43112 4.1'1-I S11 VR--, H11 14.13. Kay 'lk:11t11t'. -T.111tw XY 311112 Nl.uJ':.T1 Run:-. -lm: X-1'111: 1x1-1 T11-1 lf:1111- Ymm-1, 5111115 51r1-111.1..l111fy XX.v:1'. 111111-U Xl,l',1111'1111', I'!xy1l1- IQ-F-1 K.1 .X11'11. H1111 Rm:-N. Nl..1'y 141,11 S111111. X111111.1 l.1111l'.1-fn-y. lx 111 'l'E:11: XI.115f, 11 l!:1'1l1'11lg1-. XIM11511 I'.111c"--1t'. X4 cy V: '11.1t1P. 1111111 H-1-Eu,-l.114111111:11- 5:11101 4'E14a1'lw 1 7 . MV, l.u111- l'1n11u11, NY-415 Hall. JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL There are tour home rooms un our uunuor hugh school vvorld Whule a part of the bugger league ot classes that make up the total tederatuon ot Unuversuty School the seventh and eughth grades have unterests peculuar to themselves ln the same way we as future cutuzens of a new world vvorkung for unter natuonal understandung vvull also have unterests un our ovvn local communutues unuor hugh school rooms have sponsored convocatuons 303 gave a play For Heavens Sake 322 sponsored a talk on Avuatuon by Mr Andrews They have learned the communuty cooperatuon needed to make druves a success room 204 led the school un the sale of war bonds and stamps Room 303 was l00 percent un Red Cross contrubutuons All rooms have contrubuted gen erously to unuor Red Cross Red Cross and War Bond and Stamp sales The eughth grade home rooms have prepared themselves for hugh school and theur future careers by studyung program makung All rooms have enuoyed several partues dancung skatung Chrustmas Valentune Day and others FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS 22 03 ulue Ann VVarner Presudent Presudent ohn Adams Kay TTOTTSY ICC PI'CsIClQr1T EQD B 5 3 ICP pre-zudfvruf M V l'Hll Reavus '5CCVCT1fy Natalue Alexander Secr tary l-GWIS Ff9f'lClW VGBSUYSV Ceorge Hallagan Trea urer Helen Hosler oe Young Student Councul Suzame LOVE Bob Brugqoe rd r C I Marv Lynn Stone james Weumer J U tr mmm C"lf'WOC3f'CYW Tommy Furton Bobby Prvfu Ccnvocatuon Kay Trotter Charles Sprunger Helen ua k Lambert BLbRQpmf,,-1 Stamp and Bonds Muss Sugrud Rasmussen Sponsor Mrs Mirguerute Westerfueld Sponsor 2 4 324 R ll Cglpu fs Prcsudent Franc Barnhart Prcsudent Dave Snyder Vuce Prcsudent um Eco Vuf Pr su cnt Bud Decker Secretary Treasurer lane Wald n Frank Rogers Stuc ent Councul Becky lsom Dave Snyder Convccituon ru rw Stamp anc Bonds Mr Clur n re w Sp nsor Page fhzufy orua C l Secr t rx Tres urer Gertrude Cunthcr oc d Student Councul Charles l-letrufk Canvocwtuun Tunu Ccstis Carolyn Becnxut Stanr' and Bonds lvlr Rrycc Nee Sp nsor 3 3 l ' afff V-V-V J sw, ,, , , fa- ------- ,V ' ruce ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,V , . H as.t ' ,,,, ,, . , , WY Q ' 7' , --------- -----I U u, Q .,--,s ,,,,,, E . ,, u ' ' YV YYYYYYY C 51 ,,,,.,-,-,A,,,.., ,,,,, ., 'Q V vrrfw . Y - A c u , X s ,, ,,,, , l-losler, laccuuelune Smuth ...,s. ,, , rn YYYYYYYY Wrrsfpyqpg and Bgmdg ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. . s , 0 su t H, ,,. WH, 'cs ' MW ' K u in ,WW J l ze , , ,e e d W , - Cl aueu ,. 2 e 2 3- as Q, ' -.s, W H .l Ono ,,,,,, ,, s , ' sus, 1 ' . ,,, ' f 7 juz' s Q ., ,s ms .rn C au ,,,,,,,,, o , 4 , H ns, 3 c Suxfh Grade Row one Max Beatty Tum Sanders Bull ,ellema Robert Pafford Rosalna Rey Charlne Ellns Dxck Barger Nancy Ellns Row two Bull Bowen Paul Brum mentt Kat Davls R.1th johnson Marsha Borton Nncy Etnuer Bll Robinson Marjorie Stngall Nancy Talbot Harvey Polnng Row three Mary c Andrews Beth Copeland Dolores Hull Rob rta Fell Marcia W lls Madonna Shaw Margaret Hoadley 'Cay Wynn Coby Mary Beth Stapl ton Peggy Pennnng ton john Hearn Row four Carolyn Fee janet Sue Evans joan jenkuns Marulyn Crouch anet Fneld jean Rogers Barbara Poolutson Sue Fox Sylvua Rothley Bull Mengo Flfth Grade Row one Donald Pat ton Frank Pruett Betty Craebe jams Fusher Ruth Dodds jack Hubbard Tom Trotter lfenneth Rose Arla Mae Locke Row tfvc Teddy Cadleu Ronald Mulls Bull Andrews Charles Wylae Russell No es Donna Pless Pat Pol Row th ee Larry Good Marlen Camden Marcua Camobell Tum Wnn Inger james Hall julia Se-crest Su zanne Good Nancy Holland Row four Ralph Nelson C org McClain jlrnmy Cnlrnore john Neal Fourth Grade Row one Warren Rlchardson Fred Andrews Davud Robunson Bully Ream Marvln Pen nnngton Roberta Fox Bwrba 2 Smith Anita Stapleton Nancy Nukvrk Suz anne jospe Patrucla Dodds ow two ames Butch r Bl hlw Charles Hoke Arthur el Eddve Hudelson Suzanne Keck Leo Haganman jay Ellns Reba Weddle Davld Sonneborn cw three ackle Hazel I Knapp Carroll Sarber judy Ross Karhle Moore Patsy Alexander Peter Hope Arthur Weddle Robert Cllmor UPPER GRADES Page thu ty one . A I . . n j D Q v ji ' , 'a. ' , i : j 1. , , e e , ' - j V ' . ' b. Y - v ' ing, Ann Poolitsan, Barbara Alm r 2 'N t , - 9 R : j e , lly S r , ' , , F l, R 1 j ' , B lly ALL THIS FOR A PENNY Standing Phnl Culmore as La Petute Cllmore Marg Beard mustress of ceremonnes jane Wheeler drrector of costumes jlm Ferguson Les Lanam Vac lvlcllveen Bob Taylor and Stan Wood as the Clunk Cutle Parbara Fagen and john Hoover as Antuonette and Antlone Srttnng Fred Dumhue as Fungers Dunuhue Dave Rogers as Caramel Mernngue Maddle Levagg: as herself The mnnute I stepped unto U H S l was swept unto a lme l was jostled and pushed to a masslve table There l bought a large yellow trcket for snxty cents Penny Carnival I strolled about the halls notucrng the welrd changes Solemn class rooms were now rntruguung dens of mys tery and entertainment Everywhere there were throngs of people shoutnng laugh :ng makmg nolses ln the gym screams mangled with laughter as the ghostwalk got Into full swung The constant thud of a basketball call ed you to get In lune and try your luck at free throws Upstairs bingo lured many people to stay and try to wan a carton of cokes A dellclous aroma fultered through the heavy anr and followlng my nose l came to the cake walk I heard the cakes were fnne Suddenly someone ran through the hall shouting Only fnve minutes before Page thu ty two the Stage Show' l jomed the stampede to get a good seat The hnlarlous talent ex hrblted at the club 46 was fnnushed with a superb finale by the Clunk Cutles the basement once more Crnmy cards were punched as eager hopefuls trned to wnn a war stamp at darts pang pong toss or bean bags I found the cafeterna dimly lst for dancing At one end of the floor cokes and popsncles were sold by the dozen The odor of popcorn penetrated unto every corner Ten oclock' What had seemed lake mmutes had actually been hours' l had tume to have just one more game of bnngo and see the last carton of cokes funally dragged from :ts safe Monday mornang the school had once more taken on Its famulnar aspect of class rooms and halls but the memory of the carnival stull was vnvud as one of the bug gest and best occasuons of the school year worth of fun at the annual junior Class After the show I turned my steps toward ctufzfzei 'comote goopetatzon m 0 'L fffuuatute Wotfd BV dounq things together at school we learn now an a small way to do thnngs together rn the larger world comrnunrtues Here we part: crpate In government socual servlce and jour sm as wel as re reatuo a culturw an nractocil ictrvrtles 1 A156931 EBM -ll.,-1K Inf H Q o 0 B o 0 o 0 ll nal. . ' I C n I, el. rd V1 , C C A I . eff K, yi. . , VV Q ,731-Ellfil Nf' ,Dt 1' X A 'Yeh I t - e - t-tj L I r' X .I V, YY , X , , .IV fflllrlffeflffhf STUDENT COUNCIL The school as a munuature world should be governed accordung to the best practuces un the world at large Government by consensus and consent of people us the government most consustent wuth our Amerucan way of lufe Thorugh theur partucupatuon un the Student Councul the students of Unuversuty School have the opportunuty to cooperate wuth staff members and patrons un makung school polucy Thus the Councul helps to make ut possuble for all of us affected by a polucy to have an actuve part un makung ut The students un each home room grades 5 through l2 are represented un the work of the Councul by two students who are chosen by the home room group Convocatuon Hosputaluty Socual and Calendar Ways and Means and Plannung Commuttees do the prelumunary thunkung about appropruate problems Theur recommendatuons are then referred to the Councul as a whole At the begunnung of thus school year a HANDBOOK was dustrubuted to all the students of the hugh school The dustrubutuon of the HANDBOOK repre sented the culmunatuon of a project that Student Counculs have carrued on for two years QUADS have been mauled to all the alumnu of Unuversuty School who are now un the Armed Servuces A Servuce Flag has been presented to the school wuth a specual memorual servuce I other ways the Councul has Charles Wylue served the Unuversuty School communuty OFFICERS OF THE STUDENT COUNCIL Maruorue Beard Vurgunua Hoadley Mary Swartz Duck Franzen MEMBERS Fufrh Grade Nunth Grade Davud Clune Mary Beth Stapleton Suxth Grade jean Rogers Bully jellema Seventh Grade Suzanne Love Bob Bruscoe Eughth Grade Bull Colputts Gertrude Gunther lane Walden Frank Rogers Page thu fy foul Catharun Bruscoe D D Foster Maruorue Deckard Maruorue Stout Edwun Harruson janet Van Dyke Buddy Stapleton Tenth Grade Duck Hanson Dorus Polley Gertrude Lammers Bull Helton Gene Wells Vuce Presudent Treasurer Secretarues Mary Lou Wunter Duck Reed Susan Cornacchuone Eleventh Grade Betty Wrught john Stapleton Davud Rogers Dorus Deal Bruce Kunsey ulua Tatum Twelfth Grade Bob Watt Paulune Rudge Warren Hermunghausen Ruchard Franzen . . . . I n . Shirley Moore ,........................ President . . I . Bruce Kunsey Wallace Cleland Vuc Mcllveen Bud Bryan George Gavut Duck Herrman Mus ean Fowler BACHELOR COOKING AND AERONAUTICS CLUB BACHELOR COOKING Many a G l oe has learned the value of knowung the fundamental pruncuples of cookung The boys un the Bachelor Cookung Club have learned about food preparatuon table manners table etu quette The hugh lught of the course was a dunner prepared by the boy members Don Baxter Bud Bryan Bob Butler Wal lace Cleland joe Coua Loren Durnal George Gavut Duck Herrman jack Hoad ley Bruce Kunsey Duck Lanam Vuck Mcllveen Charles Sunn Glen Wampler Duck Branam Bob Colputts D D Foster jack Straun joe Hamros Bob Stugall j m Love Bud Stapleton jum Olsen Paul Kerr Charles Partee Max Head ley Bob Taylor Mr Green D D Foster Bob Cruswell Bob Pryor Donald Hays Tom Lockue john Hoover Charles Ro Stanley Wood Duck Shook ,ao-1 AERONAUTICS CLUB In the world of tomorrow aeronautucs wull play a very umportant role Recognuz ung thus the aeronautucs group studues navugatuon meteorology theory of flught servucurug aurcraft and C A A tlught re gulatuon The boys learn the basuc ele ments of ground traunung and some ofthe qualufucatuons prelumunary to the traunung for a pruvate pulot s lucense james May Presudent Robert Cruswell Secretary john Hoover Treasurer Mr Green Advusor Ji Page thuuty fz e MUSICAL ACTIVITIES ILXNIJ: Clarinets lion- III-tII XXJIII. XI:IIIIyII Huy' rr. IIKIII K4-Ilnxqu. llrm- .K . Tru pets I IL III X Ill rums XIII ILIX I In orns I a I B ntone IIIII I xt Trom nes I IX X Ix x I x 5 I I I I I 1 1 II mes lull Ic XI III,xIeIItm XIIIIL I III Inu The musIc lIke the world goes round and round There IS hardly an hour when there IS not musIc In the aIr In the halls at UnIversIty School It may be the band playIng as they march the orchestra practIcIng or vocal groups harmonIzIng Mr I-Iarold Manor who has charge of SenIor HIgh School musIc IS a graduate of I U School ot IVlusIc lVIIss lVIIner does vocal work wIth elementary and IunIor hIgh school chIldren and Mr Newell Long from the School of lVlusIc works vvIth younger chIldren Interested In Instrumental musIc x x I In I I Clarmets t Q S xes I I l I rumpets ll I III IIII I orns Orc s tra Trombone 1 Drums I ano I4 e o I Il I II I Page tlmty szx M ,U ? W XX Ils. MIIIIIII XXIIII-I. I 4, ' I I'IIII IIWI.-I. m . ' ' - FIIIII I"nI'IgIIsnII. XX"IIIIIs ' ' K ' , IIII 'II. l'II:IIIn-s Ilt-trIvIX. I' l'II.IIIm-s SII II. IIIIII X': . - D . -II X411-. I.mI' A SII"'. ,IIII I'IIII4-IIIII. XX':IA IQIQI' Vlt-IJIIIII. IIIIIII .XII'- I"I'n-IIIJIII. H ' 'IIIIIII Hflzulln-5, lJ:IxIII St-IIuI'. Tub .L-m' SIIIIIIQ-IIIII'II. a ' ,' .II ' -, - bo ju" StI:IIII, .I:.' Hvzrllvy, l'IIIIrL'II i'I':IItIIII. IJIXIQ I"u'. S3 8 ,I lllt IIQ-:II'II. IIIII Slick. lIy'IIII 'I'I'IjiIIII. Ru-IIIIIIIII I.IIxX- rry. IDI-It II -I'I' Inn. Fl V: " IizIrIIII:II't. VI:-I4 XI --I- II'..I'I 'I'IIIIIIIpsIIII, I.IIis . - Xue, KIM IIJIIWIIII NI: -II'. III'--III: I I I lj ' , IIIII lIIiSI'l'.X: Violins I'IIIIIi. I I I g SIIXIIII. ,I-'Xu NI-I-II'I. I'IItI ,XI 'I I I ' I' I"I'III'III.III, I.u NIIII 1-IIIIIII. NIIII5 Q I.1IlI IIIIIIIJIII. I':IIIIiIIt XIIIIII-, XXI: If I II..-It I'ItII.II.I. IIIIIW-II I'I.II.II.I, I I.III4I:I I'IIIhI'I'IIv, I I IQII- I V IIIIII Xx'..II. I-IIII IIII-1.. sI..IIIt-I ' XXUIII-I. IIIIII K-II--44. NIJIVIIII NIIUI, 'IYIIII XIIIIM-, a J IIII SIIII, IIIII4- H -IIIII. ICIIIIII-'II I.-In I5 T ',IIIts IIII- III'Ix. XXIIIII- II th. l'II:II'Its SII I. Il-III XX':tt. H I 'IF-III IIII:IIIIIx. IPQIXIII FIIIIIII. 'hei- YII'ItI l":I'I -I" . , -III I"I:ketII'. I,II NHT-.. Pi II:II:I::IIIII1m1,C II '- .IIA BAND ORCHESTRA CHORUS CHORUS Row one lanet Bart le Babs Evans ane Dunlap loyce Adams Patsy Baker Row two Sophla Tel 8 Mcllveen Llta Slnclaur Ann Hamulton Donna lean Stapleton Row three Phil G I more Vuc Mcllveen M Harold Manor Bob Snoddy lack Headley Ha ry Douglas THE BAND Dressed In colorful red sweaters and whute trousers or skirts the band has made nts appearance at basketball pep sessions and the local U S O THE ORCHESTRA The orchestra has added to our enjoyment of plays and convocatlons THE CHORUS The Hugh School Chorus has performed for three chapel periods this year and will perform for at least one concert Baccalaureate and Commencement The chorus oruglnated the Idea of the chapel perlod as such The chorus car oled at Chrlstmas tame ln the east end of Bloomington Page tlurty seven e , . a ' ' f M' 3 A T , cv , A 7 .1 l , , . - l y. , l A . . fer, Cleor ia Costas, Rose : ' i - . A . V- r GIRL RESERVES AND HI-Y True Christian principles will guide us toward better living in school and after graduation. Girl Reserves and I-Ii-Y are high school organizations spon- sored by the Y, W. C. A. and Y. M, C. A, respectively. As their names imply, they foster Christian fellowship. GIRL RESERVE OFFICERS I-ll-Y OFFICERS Ann Holland .......... President Suzanne Cornacchione ,........i ' President Secretary Treasurer Sponsor Vice Mary Lou Eckels ...... Gertrude Lamrners Mrs Ivlarcile Franklin ,C 9.2 49 Bob Woolery .......... Ralph Snnallwood .. Vice I-Iarmon Deal . Allyn Noe ............ Mr Pryce Noe 36 of ...sf Sw President President Secretary Treasurer Sponsor SU I lmmu il x lil I ii X x LIXLI 1 tx ii i X i u n I I illi I I Q 7 XII I X UI I I JUNIOR RED CROSS Rox One Carol Ixasloxs Nlarw Xhce Ronlanfl Barbara Hoafllew Frances Barnhart Becln Sue lsom Jane VN al rlen Iorela Emerlme Julie Strong Ruth -Khce Freeman Nornla Colpltts Ron Two Nfargle Deck 1rd Carolyn Callahan Mar june lfxher jean Robinson Xntomx Costas Miss Stull lnrllyn liecoutz julxa Ifar lx nlllnen NlcCla1n Mar tha Ruflln The junior Red Cross has done various things such as making Scrapbooks decoratung nut cups for the servuce men and makung rag dolls for the chnldren nn Ruley Hospltal at lndlanapolus They collected combs for the people nn Eng land and magazlnes and books for the servlce men They had two dances one was a Tramp Dance and the other was a Sprung Hop The money raused was used to carry on varlous proyects One project was the maklng of lap boards for the service men In hospitals They were made by the boys In the lndustrlal arts classes and decorated by members of the art classes There were about thurty members the fnrst semester and about twenty members the second semester Furst Semester Second Semester jane Walden Presudent Clorla Cadleu Margie Deckard Vuce Presudent jean Robinson Norma Colpltts Secretary and Treasurer jane Walden Mary Hallagan Drive Chairman Pat Pnerson Muss Harrnet Stull Sponsor Page thwty nme in f ' ' 5 - 'y . ,' A ' , fy , I' '-V - 5 , ' ' 6 . ' ' - v ' 5 9 - 1 X M 4 1 , J 5, 5 , 2 1 4 ' v , . 2 - - . Q rw. z - . , - , . , . . , . . QUAD STAFF Babs Evans Shirley Duane Fred Dumhue Sitting: Mary King Standing Marporle An drews lane Wheeler Reed Woody Varner Hermmghausen Muss Strom tAdvlserl Warren Her mnnghausen George Motherwell Patsy Osborn Robert Crlswell Vlrglnua Hoadley Dave Rogers Duck Duck In a democracy freedom of the press IS essentlal ln our munlature de mocracy the students rnght to express themselves IS practuced In thelr school newspaper Seven lssues of the Quad have been put out thus year The Quad ns a member of the lndlana Hugh School Press Assoclatuon The National Scholastlc Press Assoclatlon and Quull and Scroll Page forty THE STAFF Babs Evans Edutor lane Wheeler News Edntor Bob Crlswell Edltorlals Dave Rogers Sports Ed u tor George Gavnt Duck Herrman james Ferguson jamce Dillon Dons Deal jlm Taylor Pat Hensley Lots Hepner lack Hoadley Mary Lou Martm Don Mead ows Tuna Hoffzumer Bud Bryan and Rose Mcllveen Reporters Vurgmua Hoadley Busuness Manager Miss lngrld Strom Adviser Patsy Osborn ...................... Feature Editor JORDANNUS STAFF Your world has been our world Thus book has been our actuvuty S0 every one s busuness has been our affaur Thus yearbook us a duary of our actuvutues as well as yours Seated Esther Marln Pat Osborn Nancy Dobson Zetta Ann Franklun Dck Mulls Bob Kunser Standung Ray Bartlett Bob Watt Dck Bartley Madal n War en Da e Y Aefcander Dave Rowland Bob Colputts C d l-' re Herman Hepner lack Ro ers Du k Franzen Nancy Dobson Edutor un chuef Duck Mulls Busuness Manager Duck Franzen Curculatuon Manager Dale Alexander Sports Edutor Bob Watt Gaul Voegelun Photograph Edutors Dave Rowland lack Rogers Art Edutors Maruorue Andrews Donetta Reese Mary Vusher Honor Roll Babs Evans Zetta Ann Franklun Clyde Hare Herman Hepner Bob Kunser Madalyn Warren Duck Bart ley Ray Bartlett Esther Marlun Assustants Muss Charlotte Henderson Muss Sugrud Rasmussen Advusers .l l. Page for ty one Lucille Willoughby ........,.......... Typists , l lr , ll I , ly E .2 COMMUNITY SING CLUB The Community Sung Club was organized wlth the purpose of urglng more community slngung an the school Durnng the semester they presented a con vocatlon rn which the whole student body partlclpated ln sunglng camp songs hymns partrlotlc and popular songs At Christmas time they caroled many homes Thesr snnglng during the actlvnty hour was always unaccompanned wlth everyone addlng thelr own harmony The second semester It was turned unto a Musuc Llstenlng Hour Donna jean Stapleton President Bob Snoddy Vlce President john Stapleton Secretary Mr Harold Manor Sponsor Row one Dons Penmngton los phnne Freeman Martha Baxter Waneta Matlock Becky Robertson Ioyce Whitehead Betty Richardson janet Bartley Mary Helen Havens Euleen Suddons Cert Lammers Betty Patt n Hazel Ceorgua Costas Harruet Ruble Dorus Polley Sue Ann Hall Donna lean Stapleton Bar bara Adams lo Ann Branam jean Burch Ruth Smith Row three june Hearn Elean r Smith Betty Wright Betsy Martin Ann Hamilton Tatty Brlscoe Dorothy Goodwun Cellssa Crouch Bertha Crouch Cara Mae Floyd Betty Faust Su zanne Cornacchuone Leona Bush Katherine Kung Row four Bob Snoddy jan Nelson Bull McCaw Betty Bush D D Foster Bud Stapleton Ann Holland Patsy Wylie Mary Lou Eckels jan: e Dlllon Mary Vusher Hannah Lou Hare Pat Moran Phyllis Coleman Mr Manor Waneta Corbin Row two: Alice Hendrickson, Phyllis Rogers, Lucille Willoughby, Melba Dolles, Barbara I V O . ' . V . v . V . l ' l Q l A 5 l 1 ' , l i 5 v l 'E 1 f 1 llll llflili l ll lllll l Inge forty-two SAFETY PATROL Row one Charlot Butcher Bob Bnscoe Luth er Hoard james Weumer Tut Adams Marshall Rea vas Bobby Pryor Row two Paul Kerr joan Burch Ellue Smuth e e Dunn jean Burch Ruth Smlth Charles Slnn Row three joe Pmkston john Stapleton Bull Sletsma Bob Woolerv Mr Thomp son Loren Durnal The problem of safety ns a challenging one In thus modern machine age lt us a problem wlthun our school world as well To promote safety the Safety at safe places dsscouragung jaywalknng and promotung safety nn bicycle nd :ng The membershup thus year has uncluded forty students who serve on alternate days under the dnrect supervusuon of four non commussuoned offlcers before and after school and durnng the noon hour when students are comung to and form the buuldung The large membershap has promoted greater co operation among the student body Two social functvons have been enjoyed by the patrol thus year a wenner roast and boatlng pucnuc at Yellow Wood Lake In October and a pncnrc ath letnc actuvlty at lVlcCormuck s Creek State Park In Aprul Page forty thzee I te . " ' , ' P f j j Patrol was organized. Our work includes directing students to cross streets JORDAN JESTERS On ladder: Patsy Osborn, Virginia Hoadley Row one: jane Dunlap, Babs Evans, Dody Henley Row two Mary Evelyn Moore Shirley Moore Patsy Baker Marjorie Beard ohn Huntington Barbara Fagan Donetta Reese Bar bara Lusk Row three M Gayle Wilson Mary Lou Martin im Olsen Paul Kerr Dave Farris john Stapleton On ladder joe May Row one Cornelia Bren del joyce Moore oyce Adams Rose Mcllveen Lee Sonneborn Tom Kinser ow two B r b a r a Thompson Phil Owens Row three Lita Sinclair Mary Lou Winter Tina Hotfzimmer Nancy Lane Carol Reed Nancy White The ordan jesters was organized to create active interest in dramatics There are three types of membership Thespians who have been admitted to the National Dramatic Honor Society Active Members who have served a year of apprenticeship and who have been admitted to the club Heelers who are serving their apprenticeship The Heelers give a program each week to earn activity points for their initiation During the year the jesters put on a pro gram for convocation put on a Christmas play with the high school chorus and a three act playin the spring The officers are Marjorie Beard President john Huntington Vice President Dody Henley Secretary jane Dunlap Treas urer Virginia Hoadley Business Manager Mr Gayle Wilson Sponsor Page forty fozn , . v 1 - j : r. j . . . .l , . R : a . . . . . , , , . , . , - . . ' - - i i 1 I D ! I T . . . - , - SENIOR PLAY On the evenings of March l5 and l6 the sensor class present d the three act comedy Thumbs Up Both perform ances were attended by large auduences The play which de plcted the trnals of the aver age Amerlcan family ln war time provided the rught blend f dramatlc suspense and sparklmg humor Thumbs Up was durected by Gayle C Wulson with the following sensors un the cast Phyllis Dugan Barbara Evans Texas Klncaud Duck Franzen Mollle Kuncaud Madalyn Warren Shurley Blaur Shirley Moore Mrs Wmkle Call Voegelm Idaho Kincaid Pauline Rudge Alabama Kuncald Esther Marlin Lucy Parsons Vurgunna Hoadley Emma Lowry Waneta Corbin Betty Barker Patsy Osborn Bruce Watson lack Strawn Mass Nlchols Mary Evelyn Moore Mr Smith BnllC1raber Calufornna Knncaud Duck Malls Page for ty file MODEL BUILDING CLUB The world has taken to wnngs so too have the boys of the Unnverslty School In the Model Bulldnng Club Each member of the M B C has made a navy plane These were displayed In April The boys have a large collection of anrplane books handy for reading when they are not domg constructnon work The group IS organized wuth flight leaders and dufferent rank officers Max Headley Flight Leader Charlle Hawkins Asslstant Flnght Leader Glen Ba rkes Sponsor L to rnght Charles Hendrux Mr Glen Barkes Phulup Hlnkle George Hal lagan Pete Dunn Paul Fuerst Kenny Watt Darrell Hooten Bob Bruscoe joe Prnkston Luther Hoard Bob Sknrvln lohn Bastln Charles Hawklns Page for ty su: ohn Bastin ...................... Fli ht Ser eant l 8 S eft ' : lr A V l v PROJECTORS' CLUB Row one Loren Durnal Phul Douglas jack Cassudy Bob Baker Charles Dane Vaughn Ruce Dave Baker lum Crane Dave Snyder Charles Bunn Row two Tom Moore Ruchard Fee joe Punkston Tom Hoadley Charles Hetruck john Seeber Lee Shuck Arthur Thorp Duck Evans Charlue Smuth Row three Cene Wells Bob Shook Bull Colputts Bob Cuood Bull Breeden K B Thurston Ium Ross Harry Douglas lohn Noyes Paul Kerr Duck Hansen Frank Holland lum Lane The Projectors Club has been actuve thus year un sponsorung uunuor and senuor hugh convo s un provudung hourly prouectuon servuce for students and teachers and un traunung the largest membershup an the clubs hustory All members of the club were requured to earn lucenses on three pueces of equup ment thus year and many of the boys are now qualufued to operate all the auduovusual equupment un the school Prouectuonusts who are statuoned un the Auds Room at dufferent hours of the day do much behund the scenes work un cludung repaur of tulms cleanung and oulung equupment and routung fulms to and from teachers Monday meetungs are devoted to traunung whule Wednes days are guven over to the enuoyment of new puctures of general unterest Duck Hansen Presudent Bull Colputts Vuce Presudent Tom Lockue Secretary Treasurer Mr Kenneth Thurston Sponsor . . 9 . . . . . . F , , . . . . Page fm fy at 1 tn SCIENCE CLUB We lnve an a scuentlflc world The Importance ot sclence as recognlzed at Unnversuty School by offering science as an actnvuty as well as a classroom subgect Second semester actuvutues of Science Club illustrate the range of our Interests lum Correll Wallace Cleland Charles Roll and Charles Pruitt nn the luquud alr expenment which was presented at a convocatuon Bob Regester Bob Cleland Frank Rogers and Nnck Mlhanloft nn the botanical group june Bronson jnm Telter and Make Pronko nn solless plant culture Duck Fnsher and Phrl Rogers an clay modelzng ot animals Byron Truynllo George l-leigh way Lee Sonneborn and Vac Mcllyeen an mncroscopuc study Several boys have expernmented with spark coll and gas fnlled tubes as well as other elec trlcal experiments lncludlng radlo The Club IS a member ot the lndnana State junior Academy of Scrence under the Unuverslty School junlor Academy of Sclence um Correll Presldent Duck Fisher Vice President Wallace Cleland Treasurer Duck Franklin Secretary une Bronson Correspondlng Secretary Gillitlnihllfi ur row lack Ca sro Bob Regcster Davld Baker lames Telfer Mnke Pronko um Crane Cnarle Hetruck Second row Byron Tru "' yr o G or He-ughfvav L e Sonneborn Frank Rogers " R ert Cleland A r t h u r Thorp Nrcholas Muhaulotf 'T T :rd row urn Correll Charlne Roll Vrc Mcllveen Mr Pr yo I a Charles Pruett Wallace Cleland Page Im ly czglzt l' ........................... ' 1 ........... . . . ' lvlr. Prevo Whitaker .................... Sponsor 1 '4 4 ,D I K 'B 3 B ei F' st 1 s ' 'y, r P I , ' ' V gy gps: j' , l s ' i' J, r V X Z f - A ' m All. e 32 w.. e n? Y Cb . Y I I . 1, u gy 4 hu 1 Al' , . L . -3 'wh f ker: K- l . TYPEWRITING ACTIVITY CLUB Front row jum Ferguson Charles Smith Lee Shxck lm Taylor Phul Ro ers lulla Tatum Back row Pat Pless lo Anne Southern Erma Marrs Bull Shuck Sponsor Mr Robert Bell Slnce the typewrnter has become so commonly used un buslness and every day affairs our group was formed so that more puplls maght learn Its oper atlon Typewrutmg as usually taken by all majors nn busuness educatlon so membershlp In thus group was lumsted to those pupnls who were followmg touch and to set up copy attractuvely on the page At the begrnnmg of the second semester the plan was changed un order that pupuls who had taken typewrltmg un thelr freshman and sophomore years mlght have an opportunlty to refresh their skulls Thus was partucularly lm portant for those who were preparnng for shorthand transcrlptuon as well as those who desured addntaonal unstructlon and practuce to make thenr skulls more usable Those enrolled durmg the second semester whose puctures do not appear were Barbara Adams jo Ann Branam loan Brown Margaret Brummett Betty Burch Waneta Corbnn Bertha Crouch Celussa Crouch Sue Ann Hull Bruce Klnsey Mary E Moore Dorothy Neal Betty Patten Waneta Patton Pauline Rudge Margaret Sarber and Dorothy Todd Page forty n ne 1 U -, ' ' g f other curricula. During the semester we learned to operate the keyboard by Row one Mary I-loman Ioyce Whitehead Karen run Kay Trotter une Ann Warner Betty Reeves Natalle Alexander Nancy Colglazler Norma Richard Row two Susan Davls loan Shrlner Carol Pess Marnlyn Baldndge Pat Lar sen Nancy Knowles ac quellne Smith lulla Bdrch Row three Marllyn Pat erson Mass Crlftln ean Pope Sue Prenko Barbara Hazel Carl Creed Davld O er Norma Eultz zanne Love Betty Edwards Marjorle Gr ber Rosemar Coleman HOME ECONOMICS CLUB The home IS the smallest unut that makes up our world The glrl who learns the many arts needed to manage a home has prepared herself tor an Important ca reer The gurls nn the Home Economics Club have there objectlves to develop teamwork and promote trlendshlp to learn how to carry the responslbllrtles of a home to develop self expressnon and creative arts IH domestic BCIIVIIIES to foster lnternatuonal good wnll through the operate wlth local state and national home economncs groups Ruth Smlth Presldent lean Burch Vlce Presldent Marjorle Andrews Secretary Pat Pless Treasurer Mass Ann Noble Sponsor Page jzjty R w one Le na us Burc Carol May Ruth Smlth N n y R chards arorn S NVllma Cr n P ll Mu In ROW fwl y 115 xcns Paty Cwnncr Betty Butcher nne Rl e R lls C lem n Edlth yer Marguerute De lard n Row three Mlss Noble ry Mullus Pat Pless Anne Southern law Nelson Martorle Andrews Mary Fran es I nes BOOK AND LIBRARY SERVICE The enjoyment ot good books and knowledge of how to use a lubrary IS a school hablt that wnll make us world con sclous whether we become globe trotters or stay at homes That ns why the Book and Llbrary Servuce Clubs were formed The hugh school group does such services as typlng for the Inbraruan pastlng cards In books openlng new books cleanlng Rosemary Coleman Presldent David Stoner Vlce President Betty Rlchardson Secretary Treasurer Mass Margaret Oruttun I-lngh School Mrs Marguernte Westertleld unfor I-lrgh School Sponsors L' 3 3 B h. lean In v Ish , ,tklfl L I I bl SO , a,llne I s J: Phgl' Ste- ' , leg I ' ag, hyl C 'V a , D t Ma ,I , ld . I . international fellowship fund, and to co- IDOOIQS- and SIWQIVINS books, . . 1 ll. ', I I - V I : , A i J - J I , Su- pkyilcaf fcfucatlon yevefolai pkyizcaf tztneu an 0 'z fffzmatute Wotfd In a balanced program of athletucs for all and competmve sports for groups we develop our bodies lewrn good health habits and the code of good sportsmanshlp to make us strong r and healthier Citizens lf! l I . . . I Q U A X fix? xx 'Nix , XX XXX f lil sex fees lfg l 'T 'XXV 'V al 1.2.7 l QC,,i,g,-sf or Nvf Y rs 365 Puff: ffrff THE VARSITY Under the leadershup of Coach Pop Schooler the Cuunea Pugs have completed theur most successful season to date agaunst the strongest opposutuon ever The addutuon of such teams as C-reen castle Bloomfueld Sulluvan Bloomungton and Brazul made thungs a lot tougher but even un the face of thus schedule the Cuunea Pugs successfully completed sux teen games losung only fuve The furst four teams on the schedule then State of Terre Haute gave the Unuvees theur furst defeat of the season Durung the rest of the regular schedule the Unuvees won nune out of a possuble thurteen And so the season closed but there are many schools who wull paunfully remem ber thus year s Cuunea pugs and the tough brand of basketball they played VARSITY BASKETBALL PLAYERS lack Rogers now un the Servuce was thus years captaun He has four years of varsuty basketball behund hum Page fifty tuo Duck Bug Al Herrman our hugh scorung center us co captaun elect He was also voted by hus team mates to receuve the Barnard Sportsmanshp Award for thus Year George Peanut Cavutt was a sparkplug of thus vear S team and us next years co C ptaun George us small but defunutely powerful Duck Crobbue Branam had the hughest pount total for the season He was noted thus year for hus muraculous shots from hus forward spot johnny Stapleton was a regular starter at guard posutuon Hell be hard to stop next year Dave Rogers was a reluable substutute thus year Counted Duck Mulls dud a lot of good ball playurug thus year at forward Duck us a senuor Bob Colpltts another senuor was a dangerous guard to the other team Well muss Bob next year as a morale buulder as vel' as a ball play Bud Bruno Bryan has had another good year and wull be one of Pops most valuable players next year Phrl Tuney Gulmore the pugget man on the team us lookung forward to another year Glenn Fuzz Wampler us a guard and long shot specualust Bob Watt us a hard druvung tast senuor wuth plenty of spurt who really gets un there and goes were polished off in quick succession. but He has um of fight and dropped 'em in when ut l ' , Q u . er. Umvcrsnty Umversuty UI'1IVel'SIfy Unuverslty State lTe Unuversnty Unuversuty Unnverslty Unuversuty Unnversuty Unlverslty Oolntuc Un1vers1ty Brazul Umversnty Umverslty Seymore Unlversuty Un1vers1ty Umversuty rre Hautel THE GUINEA VARSITY Greencastle Bloomfxeld Unlonvllle Ellettswlle Unlverslty Orleans Stlnesvl l le Loogootee Sulhvan Stmesvulle B H S Mooresvulle Unuverslty Spencer Ellettsvn I le Unuverslty Sectnon Stnnesvulle Elleftsvllle 52 Martnnsvnlle Bloommgton 43 Unlversuty PIGS RECORD Greencastle Bloomfleld Un1vers1ty Bloomungton Unlverslty Bloomungton Unuversuty Unvversnty Unuversuty Umversuty Unnverslty Unuversuty Umverslty Ellett ville Seymour THE RESERVES Dou Unlverslty Unuversuty Unlonvnlle Umversaty e Overtume Ove rt1 Elletsvllle Unlverslty Orleans Loogootee TT1 Sulllvan Stlnesvllle Bloomlngton OOlIflC Spencer Unuversuty Unuversuty Page fifty th? ee 1 A A .......... 3l ....... 27 ,,,----, 31 ' A ------,A 29 A A .......... 30 ' ...c,,. 29 ' -----,-- 31 A 1 ---w-A-- 21 ' A ---------- 37 ' ' ......e 20 ' ' .,.,..,. I9 ' ' ...... --1s A A ---4------ 31 ' -4..... 26 A ....... I5 ' ' ........ I4 U35 A A ....... 33 A A ...... .t---43 ...... ---Zl ' 1 ...,...... 48 - ....... 35 , ' ' ..e.....,. 35 ......, 32 bl A A ,,....,.,, 28 A ......... 22 A A .,....., 20 A ....,,,,. 20 A ..,,...,,, 37 A A .....,c 29 A ...,,. Zl A A ,....,.. 20 A A .,........ 37 . , . ,..,A,..A. 34 A A ...,.... 21 ...,,,A, --l5 A A ,.,...,,..., 35 University ,.,..,, Z9 Stinesville ..,..,,, 23 University .,,. ,,,, I 8 A A ,........ 52 A .,.... 37 A A ......,. 34 .,,...., 33 A .,....,...... 43 A ...,,., 40 A A ,,........ 39 ..e..v... 35 1 ,......... 37 ..,.... so V -----,,----22 A -Y,---,2O 9 A ' ,...,.., 22 A .,,..,,... I8 A A ........ 40 A A ........ 29 ' al A ' .,...... 30 A ,...., 2l ' ' ..,-,..,.. 47 ' ' ...,... 23 A A .....c.. 32 A A ......,.. --27 ' ' ,......... 53 A ....... 28 A A Y....... 22 .......... 20 A A .......... A A ...... 37 S A ........ 3l A A ....... -25 A ,,,,-,-, ' ' ,,,..., .......... l 9 A A ........ I8 VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM O Row one hn Stapleton Ruchard Herrman Phulup Gulmore Ruchard Branam Clyde Hare Dave Row and Ro two Ray Bartlett Dave Rogers Don l-lerrman Bob Colputts Duck Franzen Bob Watt Duck Mulls lack Rogers Bud Bryan Bob Kunser George Gavut Glenn Wampler lack Hoadley RESERVE BASKETBALL TEAM Bob Burger Bob Good Bob Snoddy Frank Barnhart Gene Wells Dave Farrus Manager Glenn Wampler lack Beatty joe May Ralph Smallwood Robert Fleener Charles unn w three lack Hoadley Phul l-losler Duck Franklun Harry Douglas Max Headley wmv. Z an if BOYS PHYSICAL EDUCATION PROGRAM The Physucal Educatuon Department thus year has endeavored to provude a well rounded program of developmental rand recreatuonal actuvutues for all students both boys and gurls from the furst grade to the twelfth on a tuve day a week basus The elementary grade program has largely consusted of group and team games tumb lung stunts and rhythms Free play days and combuned boys and gurls classes have also been enjoyed The hugh school boys have partucupated un and learned skulls un such seasonal sports as touch football basketball speedball volleyball wrestlun softball TRACK Row Bo Burl George Cavut Glenn Wamp ler john Seeber Phulup Ho ler Tom K n er Rom two Mr Thompson Dave Clune Bud Bryan joe oua Duck Har-sen ack Hoadley Duck Mulls Vuctor lvlcllv en Row thre Bob ood Phul Cuulmnre john Staple ton Frank Barnhart B0 Snoddy Duck Herrman Coach Pop Schooler and johnny Thompson and track and fueld events The hugh school classes have also taken part un such tutness emphasuzed actuvutues as calusthen tucs mass games and contests cross coun try obstacle courses and combatuves The boys untramural program provudes for boys desurung extra currucular partucupa tuon Boys posesssung outstandung abuluty and Interests are encouraged t9 compete ,for posutuons on the varsuty aN'1letuc teams basketball and track whuch serve to motu vate the enture program of actuvutues as well as provude an object un student loy alty and an expressuon of school spurut Page jzfty flue R I . 1' IL 1 Q ll 6- QQ, 4 ku , 2 2 A . xv, I M ,K I at 1 : . . . ' . ' ' - , . f , T - . , . . . . . . , . . . ' - I I - . . gf . - , R E LL.: one: b er, W w , - , 4 l ,, 4 . . ' 3- . i Q C ' , ' - . l 1 ez C- , . . b GIRLS PHYSICAL EDUCATION PROGRAM xTg'N'--,xi if We kE MIss DorIs Boettler and Mrs IVlarcIle Fanklln off PhysIcal EducatIon In UnIversIty School IS thought of as an Integral phase of educatmg the whole IndIvIdual The work In the gIrls physIcal educatIon classes therefore prepares the gIrls to leave school wIth stronger bodIes better health habIts greater Interest In healthful and wholesome EXSFCISG and better balanced mental and emotIonal reactIons The actIvItIes In the gurls classes are varIed The sports partIcIpated In In clude volley ball badmInton baseball archery pIng pong speedball and bas ketball RhythmIc work Includes folk dancIng and the modern dances Other BCTIVITIES are tumblIng, calesthenIcs, apparatus work on hornzontal and par allel bars, rope work, and rIngs Cnrls who desure addItIonal athletIc actIvItIes may get bowlmg, horseback, and tennIs In G A A There IS careful coordIrIatIon between the health servIce and physacal edu catuon, therefore practIcally all gIrls In UnIversIty School DSTIICIDBIG In the physIcal educatIon program, because the SCTIVIIIGS In all classes are adjusted to the lImItatIons and strength of each gIrl .v -,le ,ra - , A .1 S ' Q 71, ' 4 -. ,. f lu Y, 'Ma O, .Q Lf.. It ' vr'-X, Q. ff, , A 531 ,wk gf' . A as f fwfr -N +,-I-smufdfsx rf ' - if T ' , ,l'1., all I' F -1,f1'.h. . XM ,il-. 1 fifzlfql is ' fufffu -W , Stl G 'xh-43553 ,-sa .2 ,wi . T . r ' , . I Q' . 1 I v , I , ' 1 1 f ,' 2 I . I , I Y V V Y I v - Page fifty-szx GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION G. A. A. Seated: Maddie Levaggi, Patsy Osborn, Shi I Moore, Nancy Dobson Dod Henley Ruth Smith Standing 'vluss Bo truer Doris Polley Dorus Deal Ivladalyn Warr n Pete lvlar tin uta Sunc air rs Franklin Each year the Curl s Athletic Association guves pounts to members for par tucupatuon un after school untramurals Last fall the followung sports were of fered horseback soft ball and soccer Winter months made undoor sports necessary so basketball pung pong and bowling were offered Aprul brought more softball and rudung with track un addutuon These sports developed our skull sportsmanship and bodies Points were also made for selling cokes at basketball games beung a cheer leader taking care of elementary school chuldren at noon hours and for beung an officer or a councul member un the club Our socual events consisted of two nosebag dinners a very successful Sadie Hawkins Day Dance and an Award Tea un the sprung Membership un the club us offered to any hugh school gurl expressing her of membershup The governing body of the C A A us composed of the officers the councul and the sponsors The councul us composed of gurls who have been elected heads of the sports offered Thus body plans actuvutues makes rules and keeps record of the pounts Five hundred pounts made during the term un the club earns a gurl the top award whuch us a gold medal Three hundred pounts earn a chenulle letter and one hundred and fufty points earn a small letter Nancy Dobson Presudent Maddie Levaggu Vuce Presudent Luta Sunclaur Secretary Page fifty seven r e y I . Y ' , Ll 7 'u ', M I desire to be a member and attending a meeting at which she takes her oath xn- IN THE WORLD OF SPORTS 1 9 411047 W' 'Vu 'Q .g LYY Sock nt to em Madalyn' What makes gym class so fasc:natrng9 Orchrds to our two team managers both Daves Dave Rowland varsrty team manager and Dave Faris, second team manager. Golf team: Tom Hoadley, Harry Douglas, john Stapleton, and Vic Mcllveen. Big pep session in process led by Marge Beard, Doris Deal, Nancy Dobson, and Chloe Bromley, Page fifty-eight 'Ratuzea TA Wozfd 11 a Later Totter O IV School Mvos are Serious md sullv d md Ifmppx :mo armor ind frwvolous filled with om md iowm WW X X W XR I Xmk I 0 e - L . C ' , sa , c f, L, c c V. , L , L I, , O W 9 -R f ff I -I 1 N J! F E 5 X I ' x ' : Wx H--Q r X' f '4 , 4 N Xo'o+- ff? o X N X ? f Fx ' 'lx lf V X ff ni? 'V' 1 XT Q A Ni! 5-Q jflfw ftff Adams Bll Adamson Myron Alling Emery Atkinson Harold Aynes Arthur Aynes Harold Aynes Lawrence Beck Morris Beck Paul Becovltz Bill Beldon Bert Bender Keith Berndt Hugh Black joe Bollenbacker ohn Bonney Bennie Breedlove Vernon Brummett Gerald Brown Warren Buechner Alan Butcher Earl Buskirk Allen Buskirk Dick Cameron Theodore Church David Clayton Malcolm Clendening Leslie Cleveland B'll Cookson Ruth Con unior Cook jack Cro er Bill Dickey john Duane Tom Dunlap Alan Dyer Homer Fluck, jim-disch Foley, Philip Foster, Owen Fowler jack-disch Franzen, Charles Page sixty HONOR Franzen Heydon French erry Frlberg Burt Gavit Mac Gilmore Bill Glover Bob Goodman Bernard Goodman Sam Greene Don Gregory Fred Grubb Ronald Hacker Harold Hallagan Frank Hamilton Eddie Harbaugh Tom Hardy junior Harshman Keith Hartgraves Gene Hartgraves jack Havens irnmy Headley Irvin Headley Leon Headley Ivan disch Henry Charles Hensley joe Hettle jack Hines Charles Hinkle Herbert Hoadley B'll:t Humphreys john ellema Dirk judd Theodore Kendle Paul Kerr Ralph Kinser Bob Kink 'm Koepkey, Bud Kunz, Hal Lewis ack Lewis Preston Love, Bob ROLL McClain Bill McFaddin Larry Malott Floyd Marquis Wayne Marshall Gene May Bob May james Milligan john Mitchell David Moffat Douglas Morrison Phil Murray Dick Murray ohn Myers Dick Nice Mark Olsen Ray Pate john Patterson Glendon Patton Todd Pearson Pete Pearson Bud Pearson Watson Pennington Bob Pennington Phil Poling oe Powell Bob Prickett Ralph Reed B'll Reid Bob Robertson Milton Rogers Bob Rogers Bob H. Rogers jack Rogers ' Rogers oe Ross, Henry Rowland Dave Ryors, Bud Sanders, Bill Siddons, Pat Simon, Cal Skirvin ack Smith Everett Snyder john Staats Bob Staats Charlie Claude Stapleton Carl Stevens Loren all Bll www Stiles jennings Sto sdlll Bill Stone jimmy Stout Bob Stout Marion Stull Dick Sullivan Bob Swartz David Tennel William Terril Keith Thompson Sam Tompkins B ll Turflinger Robert Turner Dick disch Van Meter Louthan Visher Paul Walker Tom Warren Darrell Watt Bob Weatherwax Chuck Wells james Welpott jack Whaley james Williams Marc-disch. Wiseman Phil Wininger Rupertz' Woolery james Wray Bob Wyatt, Bob 'lled 'n rv' . D'sch. Honorably dscharged pril, l ', UNIVERSITY SCFKDOL . i , ' , ' ' ' ,j . . j ' . ' . . ' . ' ' . Stig , 'l , , ' , ' ' , im . . . j . . j . ' . . ' Branam, Bob-disch Haring, Dave Overman, Bill Sundermeir, Charles . . l' . . . . . l , . l . , l . . , I . , , j . , . . l . . , k ,... .l . , lim l. - - 1 l , . l . ll . i l , , Ki I se ice Aj 943 I LITERARY WORLD ELLEN S BEST BEAU As Ellen stood on the station platform and peered down the track she could see the heavy black smoke pufflng from the engjne She thought of hum leaving for actlve service an officer When she was a chlld they used to discuss ambltjons hers never his l-le never seemed to care about hlmself She was crazy about hum l-le had Mother s approval too Mother llked hum because well Ellen djdnt know Other boy frlends were always wel comed but not luke hum Tom had flu once and couldn t take her to the Sensor Stomp so she called hmm at the bank where he worked and asked hum to escort her She thought at sounded a but forward on her part but when he accepted so enthuslastlcally she felt much easler They always had fun at school dances l-le danced wlth other gurls and Ellen was never jealous Ellen danced wuth other boys and he dldn t fume Yes he was better all the way around than the other boys Evenlngs when they didn t want to leave the house they d play rummy checkers or brldge jf they could corner a fourth Sunday afternoon hlkes were an unstntutlon l-le could always out run her but he could never out walk her Rlght now she would have gnven anythjng un the world to have just one more hnke or just one more rummy game lt was too late The bottom had fallen out of her world Mother came to the statuon Ellen wasn t jealous of Mother just concerned But after all he was her Mother s husband wasnt he? So long Dad she called as he boarded the trajn Anna Kay Wlles 46 ORIGIN The country has been chopped Cut, sawed and mown And wuth nts treatment at has shown The ull effects that shocked a people When they funally realnzed to what extent the thlng had gone Great mrncls were made To wrestle wnth the problem Strong backs were buult To execute the plan And now we trust that once agaln A problem has been remedued Whnch had its orugln nn man Ruchard Eranzen 45 . Page szxtu one WORLD OF DIFFERENCE THE Q worms WANT ms nm TO use P ZTJOTCHH aff milk FAH2 ' XJ www NN V YOU xx QQAC Q9 I g!E!ANT TCQE E wo comuvc ou 9 V Off Youre Efxres 'cf PUQE our or Youre EQES TO GET BEAT QUNET QOQA WGHT I kv S g I 3 W YOU LL NEVER X1 MAKE THE DEADLINE lF LVQLJ DON T GET To WO EEK 'ziis ia if jig E f - A F , fm: ff! ISK 1 Q 4 -ixu ,rf Mi J I ff Q 5 V Y -Nt Y ' X X ,, ,A 5 W QF O 5 w G 5 A CN XX 13 X I Q C f N2 t X il I X V Y xx 0 X f ' F X af x CJ E 7X hx Q X Nix. L f N . . wmv. X Q ,pp , il , XXX Q. ,gr" ' . 'jk 'gg wffffff 4 I "W J P 333 5 K9 5: E f -r , l ' ' 'XTX ', 'L Q 5' I J ' , M I E J 2 X X Zfffx , I ER ' I F kr! A C P g ' ty-t IT MIGHT MAKE' UIQ Hou v L, HEAR TW THIS ONE Q ABOUT WELL IQLJE55 HE LL NOT U SKID X f AGAIN' 'W Sf Novv CHILDREN REMEMBER THE HIGH A LIQTES' I5 I-IE LEAQNED SO IVIANKH R ULES HIS HEAD WAS LET 3 FILLED VVITI-I THINK THIS S, RULER5f T1-A THING pf X gf OVER G- T TALK ABOUT sri? qg EQ IT LATER I3 Ov 5 V WATCH W If 'X YOUR an CLEAN UP TIME' il . mfr: ag! I wx n' 5QQ Qx I kf I I L :Q i 5 EI V' T 5 . I F - 5 I sa 1, -f N: it V X 2 I f':I L.-I , . J I ' I f I Z ff! ' ft F . 7 'FI' I J T ff I j H IN jx' X , Sai-fag. 15:39 I I5 I I I IL I IT I' ' I I X I K -,- ' L , Qzf L I QQ' I I F f T' Q 1 f I Q Q7 I T T of 'LQ ,Ik I ' 1 I , lf W g O . I4 . li f 4 In , 'J Q .- 1 A N t ,QQW 4 I , Q D5 .api i I I ,I 4 - ' R! I T I -I 1 L 3 I I YZZT , ' 'qw If To I I I ' ' LI I Lf ,010 six I-tz ffl WHAT MAKES OUR WGRLD GO AROUND? flweck and double check by Dr Colm and Mrs '4r1orlsen :Tody In what every sfudem dreams of all mornmg Offlce blg shots Mass Alexander and Mrs Sommer Last one lw me s a greasy grmd Coffmg the rug In the lower lmall Please slr down and walt I r Mr Co dsorm Pagr' szxly four Y . CT' f 3. . . . ' . 1C . 1, . THE SENIORS BEQUEATH THEIR WGRLDLY GOODS We the Sensor class of I9-45 besng sn sound mund and not so sound bodses after those Physscal Fstness Programs do bequeath and smpose upon the underclassmen and teachers of U H S the followsng artscles Georgua Costas lea fes her d rk crownsng glorv to all the vsrls who are plannsng on havsne crew ruts thus summer Bob Cruswell leaves hss model asrplanes to the Aeronautucs Club Dlck Fusher wsshes to leave nss pretty nose to Nancy Vsfhstc Martha Flynn l aves her quset manner to Dody Henley Ruth Goodman leaves her tsny vwasst to all the gurls who stav up nsghts wrstsng to thc DuBarry Success Cour e Bob Kung leaves rsght behsnd Waneta Paul Kerr leaves hss actrng abslsty to Dave Rogers Ioe Hamros opened both dv rs wsde and left wsth no dsffsculty at all Woody Varner l aves a warnsng and the famous record Smoke Gets sn Your Eyes Tu the sunsors ohn Huntsngton leaves hss well rondstsoned car tn Bruno Bryan on one condrtson keep johnny Stapleton away from st George Hoke loaves hss abslsty to concentrate lsbrary to Fred Dunuhue Herk Hepner leaves hss quset tender manners around gurls to hss understudy 3ob Snoddy Duck Mslls reque ted that he leave hrs wavy hasr to Al Herrman who would really look sharp Zetta Ann Franklsn leaves her brothrr to any gurl who thsnks shu. can get hsm Shu, also leaves a two but bet that no one can hoolf ham Nancy Dobson leaves her fasthfulness to one boy to her younger ssster Ellen who needs that but nothsng else Bart Bartley leaves hss superb management of the sensor class to the next sensor class pressdent who wssl really have to go some to beat hsm lack Rogers leaves hss basketball captasnshsp to George and Al and wsth st go hss best washes for next year Patsy Osborn leaves her B sweater B psn B H S class rung etc etc to lan Nelson whos worksng prettv hard and not wsrhout success Bob Colputts leaves hss abslsty to be an all around good gay to all the underclassmen lboysl who wsll have a run or sheur money to equal hsm Barbara Lusk leaves ner athletsc prowess to lane Dunlap Norman Wong leaves hss class room manners to Bruno Bryan lAlso hss brasnsl Madalyn Warren leaves her snappy comebacks to Mr Phslsp ltongue tsedl Peak Mary Vusher leavcs her over stuffco masl box to all the gurls wnose nr n are far away Dave Rowland leaves hss slenderness to Phsl Gsl more Babs Evans leaves her low sultry volce to Donna lPspsqueekl Stapleton Donetta Reese leaves her abslsty to catch on qusckly to all the slow wstted underclassmen Bob Watt leases hss dark colorsng to Mary Lou Eckels Dale Alexander leaves hss manly ways to loe Cosa Vurgsnua Hoadley leaves npr lsttle feet to Rose Mc llveen Bob Beatty leaves hss parcel delrverx truck saunts to all the ksds who hoof st every day Ray Bartlett leaves hss Rooert Taylor looks to Happy Taylor Bud Carter newest sensor class member leaves nss abulstv to mak frrends ew sly to any new comer to U H Shlrley Moore leaves her smart clothes to eager und rclasswomen and leaves U H S un a barrel Martha Wulloughby leaves her blushung manner to that dems e sunsor who has Sf much sn com mon wsth Martha Loss Hepner jum Love leaves Dody to Bob Burger who s wsllsng Esther Marlsn maves over and leaves her seat by the long dustance phone to Marge Beard who also has a man sn the Navy Marlorue Andrews leaves her tall and wsllowy fsg ure to Chloe Brumley Waneta Corbun leaves that kuss sn the sensor play to all the oroolsng gurus sn the ba k row Clyde Hare lea es hs fsery hasr to Betsy Martsn wnos sn the same boat Paulune Rudge leaves her cheerful buoblsng per sonalsty to Pet Martsn the Pepsodent Smsle ueen fU H Bull Stretch Graber leaves hss abslsty to knock down few bucks for shot malt to the next Duck and Warren Hermsnghausen and Charlue Partee leave thess 1svey ways to Vsc Mcllveen Paul Wampler leaves for the Armv Duck Franzen leaves hss A studded report cards to the boys of Horne Room 3l8 lum Olsen leaxes hss 70 mules per hour journeys plus hss parksng place at Herb s to the crowd who walk Dorothy Albrught wslls her abslsty to get a man and keep hsm to the sophomore class who would lske to know the art Audre Caruthers leaves her love for Calsfornsa to tne U H S boys who wsll be shspped there Barbara Hazel leaves her attentsveness sn Health Sf lass to the leettle devsl who put the tack on the teachers chasr sn the above named class Mary Frances jones leaves her love for Home Ec to Ruth Cross and hopes she wsll get more out of Erma Grace Marrs leaves her beat up Model A to Bull Helton and Betty Rschardson Mary Evelyn Moore leaves her quset serene way of Isfe to anybody who wants st Bob Stugall leaves Ellss truck sn one piece h hopes lack Straun leaves hss success sn the Sensor play to next years star sf they have one Dorothy Todd wslls her man hatsng attutude to that eager beaver ludy Brunner Gaul Voegelun leaves her abslsty to master Englssh 8 '31 to all the next years greasy grsnds Charlotte Butcher leaves her wsnnsng smsle to the gurl whose smsle has so much sn common Dorss Deal Rosemary Coleman wslls the sensor class rnlnutes to next years secretary We hope they are as frllcd wsth good tumes and good rneetsngs We asked Leona Bush to leave that beautsful hunk of man but she wouldnt do st Tne Senor class rust leaves We hope Page szxty five . , s 5, V I 3. V . . V 1 - . . . ' ' . . . , . ,. . me , 15. 1 - . , .H . . , . F Q ' . e - . . . ' 3 . y . . . I r ' ' ,, ' - I- I I ' A s f - I , ' ' . ,, , , P Q I . . . - . - S , I l uv . - I ' P l ' f I . . X - V 'S ' ' ' - y - . , . . s , is ' ,b . ' ' 51 ' . In Q S ' ' - ua ur Q V - s I V - I . ,' 'I a .r s , . . . lucky sensor treasurer. f . 2 . ' 1 ' b s K . .. .. - , , ' , ' ' .A ' . Y su -ss , , , and a ery Q . , I . . I A . - ' . . , 1 . it. ' I I - . . . , . . ' e - ' ' .e . , , , . . I A A v f . . - P . ' , I - . . f . l ' A s - ' AND LEAVE THE REST OF THE WORLD BEHIND Sensors leaxmg th ur mmratore world for the bugger wcrNd ACKNOXNLEDLEMENTS Photographers Semor Ptct es Engravers Lanms Haze, mdlo Blooming? n Indiana Indnartapohs Eragravmg Co Induahapohs ln Prmters and Bmders The Benton Revuew Publnshmg Co Inc Fowler Indiana Mr Fred Adams Bloommgtorw Induarma The Campus Studro Also courtesy of Vosual Auds Department of Ind Bloomington Irmdlana ana Umversuty to use puctures from theur fnles Page szrfy slr Q T 2 T fc , J F nw T H T 1 2 x ,I 4 Q g. A ' yt, ,h Q , 5 A ' ' LAY W W 1 N. I., , f 1 ff-

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