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um 'W Eagle QLAZISAQJ cznfzuafgy Ly ILAQ Lfnurnafism Z626'ZfQP6l19 QSJQAOO! lawrence, ygfzsas I medical tion Ihe staff of the 1948 U.H.S. Eagle dedicates this book to you. It is your book-it is about you and for you. We hope that you enjoy it, for without you There would be no U.H.S. Eagle, 1948. We Come fL5ac42 Qgain- " Drakes for Bakes " 2 mln is tra tion Dr. George Baxter Smith, the Dean of the School of Education, is with us for the second year, after being in the army four years. He came to K.U. from lowa University and was with us one year before leaving for the service. University High is just one small part in his department, but Dr. Smith is really Interested in us and our work. Our principal, Mr. Karl D. Edwards, has been our true friend and leader for the past two years. He is now working on his l5h.D. at the University. Mr. Edwards has a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master of Science de- gree frorn Kansas State and has been in the teaching profession for sixteen years. Best wishes from Weave:"s Department Store ' 3 acufty Miss Ruth Litchen Senior 81 Sophomore Core A.B., A.M. U. ot Kans. Miss Vida Dunbar Q Freshman Core Algebra, Geometry A.M. Kansas U. A. B. Park College, Parkville, Mo. Mrs. Vivian Scoggin Speech and Dramatics English and Journalism AB., B,F.A. Phillips U. M.A. Northwestern U. Mrs. Helen Davis Art and Crafts B.S. Northwest Missouri State Teachers College Mr. William E, Fisher Chemistry Biology Junior Core A.B. Baker University PhD. to be granted i948 Mr. Arthur R. Partridge . Assistant to Director A.B. Kansas U. lssii. Mr. Leslie B. Robertson Twins Shorthand Bookkeeping B.S. Teachers College, Springfield, Mo. M.S. Kansas U. Miss Phyllis Farrell Secy. to Director Q 'kit .4'.' I" Ya.. I-, ,g.i-' ,il - . ,C1 . -,4 - 'sv Compliments of Lawrence Sanitary Dairy "Grade A Products" 4 - f 'L g ,, ,' 'FJ I . , 1, 1 A, 1 7 it -K ' ' -'f .t 116 'V-- ff Mr. Beny Wolfe Assistant to director A.B. Kansas University Miss Maude Beamer Latin A.B,, B.S. in Ed. A.M., Ph.D. U. of Mo. Mrs. Margaret Vannest Miss Demaris Pease Miss Joie Stapleton Librarian Home Economics Physical Education -B.F. North Illinois State B.S., M.S. Ohio State B.S. U. of Kansas Teachers College M.A, Columbia U. Mr. Gerald M. Carney Band, Chorus B.S. in Ed., U. of Mo. Mr. Reginald Strait Miss Connie Herrera M.A. Music Ed. Physical Education Spanish Northwestern U. B.A., M.A. Iowa State A.B.,M.A. Kansas U txt. a V Best Wishes from Runsdall Motor Co. 5 eniors 5? ..,. Caroline Crosier Pep Club '46, '47, '48, Pres- dent '48 Oracle Staff '48 Editor of U. H. S. Eagle ' Senate '47, '48. Sec.-Treas. r -- V Senate '48 ' ,rl ' Square Dancing '46, '47, '48 , 1, Chorus '47, '48 " ' Girl Scouts '46 Dramatics '47 Don Hergert Chorus '46, '47, '48 Senate '47, '48 Band '48 Business Mgr. U. H. S. Eagle '48 Oracle Staff '48 Senior: Class Officers: Senate-Caroline Crosier, Don Hergerl' President-Charles Murphy Vice Pres.-Fred Cooper Sec.-Treas.-Mary Ann Bates Junior Red Cross-Claudia Anderson, Pal' Dixon Don Christian Pres. Senate '48 Oracle Staff '48 U.H.S. Eagle Staff '48 Softball '47 Basketball '47, '48 Charles Murphy Pres. of Sr. Class '48 Editor of Oracle '48 Feature Editor of U. Eagle '48 Cheer Leader '48 Senior Play '47 Chorus '47, '48 Band '48 Square Dancing '47 H. S. Through the Courfesy of Standard Service, 9th and Vt., Bud Shields 6 Mary Ann Bates .g Pep Club '45, '46, '47 Jr. Red Cross '45 Sec.-Treas. Soph. Jr. Sr. Class '46, '47, '48 Oracle Staff '43 Eagle Staff '4 5- Chorus '47, '48 A Fred Cooper Eagle Staff '47 Oracle Staff '47 Vice-Pres. Sr. Class '48 Basketball '47 Mgr. Basketball '47 Chorus '47 Senior History: One bright day in September, l9-44, sixteen freshmen trudged up the hill to begin their careers at U.H.S, Claudia Anderson was elected their presi- dent and Mr. Hiatt, their sponsor. The most important thing that happened to them was Freshman Initiation. Claudia Anderson Pep Club '45, '46, '47, '48 Sec.-Treas. Pep Club '47 Girl Scouts '45, '46 Pres. Girl Scouts '46 Chorus '45, '46, '47, '48 Pres. Fr. Class '45 Dramatics Club '47 Square Dancing '47, '48 Senior Play '47 Pres. Science Club '46 Pat Dixon Pep Club '47, '48 Dramotics Club '47 Chorus '47, '48 ,gif ,f Band '48 .I Square Dancing '47, '48 h it Jr. Red Cross Q 1. Best -Wishes to Seniors from Weaver's Department Store 7 James Asby Softball '47 H uh Track '47 Q 'W Basketball '47 I Chorus '47, '48 X, Tig if Carolene Callahan 5 Pep Club '47, '48 Sextet '48 ' Oracle Staff 48 ,gl U.l-l.S. Eagle Staff '48 as i Chorus '47, '48 'N Come the Sophomore year, there were seventeen Sophomores with Myrl Powell as president and Mr. Hiatt as sponsor again. The most important thing that year was that they initiated the Freshmen. John Richard Cochran Softball '45, '46, '47, '48 Basketball '45, '46, '47, '48 Oracle Staff '48 Track '47, '48 Vice-Pres. of Class '45, '47 Red Cross '46 Photography Editor U.H.S. Eagle '48 Chorus '45, '48 Band '48 'E -1,71 L . , ry . : ft' ,--wa ' - :P Wayne Deay Entered as Senior from ,, Oracle Staff '48 ' u.H.s. Eagle staff '48 Compliments of Jayhawk Taxi - Phone 65 8 George Denny Softball '48 Basketball '46, '47, '48 Oracle Staff '48 Ass't editor U.H.S. Eagle '48 N1 iv' John Evers 1 Basketball '46 Square Dancing '46, '48 ' - The class grew to twenty-two people in its junior year, with Myrl again president and Miss Ruth Litchen as sponsor. Their greatest accomplishment that year was the Junior-Senior Banquet, at which they had an orchestra, the first time this had ever been done. . Don Fletchall Square Dancing '47, '48 Chorus '48 Band 48 4 J-55' Betty Griffin Oracle Staff '48 V Eagle Staff '48 ' Through Courtesy of American Service Co. 9 L2 Doris Jeffries Pep Club '47, '48 Home Ec, Club '45 Chorus '45, '47, '48 .V Band '48 ' ' ' .1,.-vi .r . - if fe. '--- ., 4- . V in ,V-b-. 4 14 . 1 .4 -, .11-F at ,,.. .W lJ V I Ex' I u I +4 " is i A ,g M' 5 M. 'CQ . yay, . 4. 'gk , f" -X ' .fi ' K Donna Rae Kirby 4, 4 . Pep Club '48 N Chorus '48 Band '48 Oracle Staff '48 Eagle Staff '48 ix u W Twenty-four seniors appeared in room 21 in the fall of 1947. They elected Charles Murphy as president, and Miss Litchen was again sponsor. important events of the year were the Senior Play, Senior Sneak Day and the Junior- Senior Banquet and Prom. Myrtle Lassen Girl Scouts '46, '48 ',f,',A.A,- ,V ' Pep Club '48 ""' ' "-,-.s Oracle Stott '48 ' Eagle Staff '48 Q35 -FH 1 'J' Cm it S.-f Bob Powers . ,',, , ,V ' Basketball '46, '47, '48 :rj 3 , I f Softball '46, '47, '48 'P 1' . Oracle Staff '48 N in Eagle Staff '48 F4 11- ', 51 ' Jr. Red Cross '45, '46, '47 '4 -ill-3 , - Pres. Jr. Red Cross '47 'F 'Y V' Chorus '46, '47, '48 Best Wishes from Turner Produce Co. 10 .- .1 it Myrl Powell Pres, Soph. Class '46 Pres. Jr. Class '47 Chorus '46, '47, '48 Band 'film 7 48 , L' Pres. o orus '4 , ' QQ' Pres. of Science Club '46 , " '- ' ' ' Square Dancing '46, '47, '48 Oracle Staff '48 ' ' Eagle Staff '48 Wayne Puckett Chorus '48 ' Band '48 ln June i948 came the day they had been struggling toward for four . . . . - A years. During these four years only six of The original sixteen Mary nn Bates, Doris Jeffries, Claudia Anderson, Dick Cochran, Lois Wustefeld, and John Evers-remained. Carol Tupy Dramatics Club '47 Band '48 Pep Club '47, '48 Sec.-Treas. of Pep Club '48 my Lois Wusfefeld Pep Club '45, '46, '47, '48, ,A -J., ,5 n A: ,. 1, Jr. Red Cross '45 "Sooner or later you see everyone at the Rock Chalk" I 1 l Chorus '48 Ul'l,l'OI'S BMP: I-. s"' - Q ,l l li J il f l il 4' ll W" H. Ei" fill, ' J J lv - '. .b l Junior Class Officers: Senate-Lee Barlow, Pot Daniel President-Carl Sneegas Vice Pres.-Betty Van Camp Sec. Tres.--Nadine Blackwood Junior Red Cross Rep,-Donna King, Carol Blackwood Top Row-Lee. Barlow, Pat Daniel, Carl Sneegas, Betty Van Camp, Nadine Blackwood, Carol Blackwood. Second Row-Donna King, C. J. Elliott, Margaret Lati- mer, Jim McCoy, Angela Stavros, Buster Proctor. Third Row - Marie Jeffries, Edwin Stene, Ralph Weichman. Compliments of Russell Morgan and Frank Case, Bridge Service Station 12 .l'?,r '- 1 flaw. J if ,B 'r '- 1 1 Fi V K ii KH, CSDOlDllOI'l'lOI'Q.S' l l li 1 lt. iff? r y fs: if ,, ri ' f.f"f-xw clysv' B' , 3 LW l l 1? R li ,A '53-gl ' 1 'Q 4 ,' ez.. gm 15, lf . ,fa iv- lfff 'f i V i , i " il i i i , .. 3. l 4 lm i. lil .' -. - un- .ll- ? i f ul .er -, '1 'N i ea J -M I " v . , i . ' ' , --rf' at f- --:meg l U, 1 -l' ' z ,fa " ,rv f if falQfl'l1'7?, Sophomore Class Officers: Senate-Phyllis Lytle, Don Grebe President-Bill Moomau Vice Pres.-Don Hutchings Sec.-Treas.--Peggy Keeter Jr. Red Cross Reps.-Myrna Cooper, Ethel Mae Houk Top Row-Phyllis Lytle, Don Grob, Bill Moomau, Don Third Row-Marvin LeSuer, Julieta Moojen, Bill Nuff, Hutchings, Peggy Keefer, Myrna Cooper. Teresa Osma, Gene Perry, James Ragan. Second Row-Roy Axline, Wallace Couper, Ethel Mae Fourth Row-Clifford Tatharn, Gaylord Tefft, Haroldean Houk, Dean Fisher, Diane Fisher, David Fleagle. Tranbarger, Martha Vannest, Betty Wendt, Dan Young. Best Wishes from Morgan Mack Motor Co. 13 C9188 IVZQH, A .. v Freshman Class Officers. Senate-Irene Rickey, Bill Krone President---Dale Kerr Vice Pres.-Harry Patterson Sec.-Treas.-De Etta Clark Jr. Red Cross Reps.--Betty Underwood, Judy Daniel Top Row-Irene Rickey, Bill Krone, Dale Kerr, Harry Patterson, De Etta Clark, Betty Sue Underwood. Second Row-Judy Daniel, Leon Bays, Orval Craig, Etta Louise Eads, David Johnson, Susanna Johnson. Third Row-Gaylene Kennedy, .lack Lamb, Warren Mo- line, Robert North, Margaret Parks, Teddy Shoemaker. Fourth Row-Gerald Snyder, Earl Sommer, Luiz Moojen, Louise Verhage, Frances Wendt, Don Woodard. X Fifth Row-Thomas Amyx, Geraldine Siler. Compliments of Channel Sanders l4 Xfx -F EE .H , . Cluiumfl, Clutumn 'nodding o'er Uwe 14g'llow131ain fl, Gafencfar Sept. l5-Broke away from mamma's apron string. Washed ears carefully. Holiday in afternoon. Sept. 16-Oh, those holidays! Sept. l7-Learned definition of book. Sept. i8-Found the water fountain. Sept. l9-Lost baseball game with Linwood. Went to school mixer. Got mixed. Sept 22-Opened a book. Sept 23-Seniors order class rings. l l-k l l CQ Sept. 24-Elections of class officers. Sept. 26-Baseball game with Jarbalo. Played a noble game despite the fact we needed a few more scores to win. Sept. 27-Carolene Callahan became an aunt. CSay that's the cutest kid l've ever seen. Signed C. CJ Sept. 29-Senate meets. Heap much gas. President's remark: Veto. Oct. 2-Had game with Lansing. They seemed to enjoy winning. Noble U.H.S. Oct. 3-Oread Oracle makes year's first appearance. CGood paper. Signed the Oracle Staff.i Oct. l 9-Journalism class began annual. That was the beginning of the end. Oct. lO-Baseball game with Bashor. Oct. l7-Masquerade Party. Scraggs ran splinter in foot. Oct.'2O-Know big news. Whats-his-name is positively nuts about what-cha- ma-call-her. Oct. 24-End of first six weeks. Faculty assembly goes off with a bang. Bang! Oct. 27-Make big resolution. "Study at least one night a week." Oct. 30-Girl Scouts organize. l.Q. Tests. Kind faculty-won't tell scores. Nov. 3-Seniors go to court. Moral learned: Drat, it slipped my mind. Nov. 4-School paper made second appearance. Convocation-Play by Speech Class. Nov. 6-7-Teacher's meeting. Big vacation. Big fun. No work. Jack not such a dull boy. Nov. ll-Armistice Day. U.H.S. quiet for two minutes. Nov. l2-Reception. Brought mamma and papa to meet teacher. Nov. l4-Lights went out at Puckett's party. Nov. i9-20-English, Math, Social Science tests. Oh well, we always liked Junior High. Nov. 2l-Caroline Crosier and Myrl Powell decide to drink Pepsi-Cola the rest of their lives. Nov. 24-Big celebration. Our big brothers mauled the Tigers. Nov. 25-30-We're thankful for our vacation!! COMPLIMENTS OF WEAVER'S DEPARTMENT STORE 16 The stop that refreshes. The Andrew Sisters? 61 Speak no evilg see no evilg hear no evi-I. I told you I loved you, now get out. Compliments of The Walker Shop .17 Ziegfield Follies and nothing less. ST? 'Q--fi 1 i G-' ,X ,..-num-nuunllll1 V -if Q 69 xx x X 1, "' . M, Q- 'VL ..... " if ff 'W' xX Q M 5 QQ? f, M fl? X3 V --3 fwjlfifi 5056011 4 A 1-xiii 'fm G if . N , .P,, ,J 4:3 X, Z Egg QQJSL QP50 f J X? .4 3 X . GN xx V X X ,QL naw Q . -1452, - I, X r"'F W ' Q j ,Jglf X .'Ff5ifl" .3234 IGF! 'Ft' 1' -' ' Compliments of Dar WL J, I km M. EMM. X I ' jf? fgf paaaqgfvv Three little girls Look af the legs!!! l Two Pats get together l egglelllll! , , . ,. -.- e.- . f,,. . W U A ,,..- , , W A ,.'..4-vf -.5--gn -51,7 Y . w ,. A A ,-4' 1. Romeo Compliments of The Coffee Shop 20 Ain't he cute??? A BX 'Q .4 .,-' . x ff -.7 Pat Dixon, Chas. D. Murphy, Angeline Stav- ros, and Don Fletchall swing it out at the Mas- querade Ball, presented by the Senate, in the Kan- sas Room, October 24, 1947. Buenos ninitos!, Bon jour!, Bonus puellosi, Wie gehts! These are a few of the many languages rep- resented at the Senate Masquefade Bali. Compliments of Lon's Barber Shop 21 'N "'xI'T 'B' I Q, 54' -1 Hx- '5 x f.' ,.. '80 qmQ5e,0 6 QCNGX-X64 , Q6 X0 0 dd' 0 NXO fi-'X C0 O0 'XS ,f 409 05+ "' 300 A 'BK flu Ne, Q ' ig., A. .L sf' s WT W' 3 -, . 9-f5wi'r.'i5+ Yi?i":?5'33Z.' ' . ' 4.19 ff W, 'rg-3' ' 'N X if 14+ JL ,, 'ifyiul A qs I d.,-' QQ" 'V - 6, . A! - 4 A - ' Ce 3 AQ Q04 ON 669. ' -X00 O45 25 .XSK RQ U Q. QQ do X0 - 890 04 Vx 5 X O04 Q0 N 100600 compliments of The R0YaI College Shoe Shop 22 What sober faces! ls that a pose? Delicate operation. Our Student Senate - L to R Lee Barlow Phyllis Lytle Irene Rickey Caroline Crosier Mr. Karl D. Edwards, Principal Don Christian, President Don Grob Don Hergert Pat Daniel Bill Krone Are those comic books you freshmen are studying? Sponsored by Fritz Co. Phone 4 "Lawrence's Best Service Station" What it's like from the inside look- The fun starts at ing out. 400' The Seniors take in a Mr. Powers during his movie- week off. Does he look inspired after hearing President Tru-i man speak? Compliments of the Kansas Electric Power Company. ' 24 'LULTFEQT P . 51214 ' . .. . f 4 - .1 ' .-. . - .v,.pc ,vs , ' f 'ui' ..- . . , N.A,.,o-ar - I H- M .H ' ' J , D "1 n,55"7':T7""fk" 'gi' x f-Q .4.:,3,Em5 ,.. w1fe """"" ' 'Q 1 4.2, 'H -- ,aw - -. ,. n I 4 .:. .J 2 .. ', ":"'!lQ' ' Seefqldinter comes fo rule the varied year 25 Dec. Dec. Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec J an. J an. J an. Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb Feb. Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb 6.- Winter Calendar -Twenty-four shopping days until Christmas. 5-W.P.A. Party lNot bad shopping girls, but you'll get better bar- gains atter Christmasl. -Get Christmas spending money. -Saw beautiful dress, had to get it. -Saw bargain shoes, got them. I5-Did Christmas shopping early, got family Christmas cards. -Christmas Formal. l8-Christmas Cantata-Parents enjoyed it immensely. l9-Everyone went home till the New Year. Happy New Year! George Denny winks at girl. l5-Y-Teens and Hi-Y organizell?l l9-Partridge wins ping-pong game from Axline. 23-Girls leap lat boysl. Getting to be a habit. 24-Mary Ann loves Martin. 5-Student teachers storm core. One-half student per teacher. ll-Junior Box Supper. l8-Boys gallantly march to Tri-County Basketball Tournament. Girls gallantly march back. f I9-Seniors Scintillate iRlNG DAYJ. -Girl winks back at George. --School goes twirpy at "Twirp Party." -Oh, Pardon me! Compliments of Winter Chevrolet. 26 U. H. S. boys receive con- solation trophy of the district tournament. Denny versus opponent in high powered jurnp. U. H. S. saved a two- pointer. Cochran shoots again. Compliments of Stadium Barber Shop, Joe Lesch, Proprietor. 'Wriifigwv'-N5-,L JM fmx V f, , . E' l . .. ..... f.,, . . ,.. Dick Cochran, Regu- lar Forward, leading Joe Dunham, Regu- lar Center, who . x"--Eu i9T"':, ff'--V-..,.. rx , mx 1 ' - vi---sa, .-,,.f3l-., : ' -R scorer, and helped much on the offen- sive drives George Denny, Reg- ular Forward, poten- tial scoring threat, and a good rebound- er under both buck- El'S. Don Christian, Reg- ular C-uard, a good ball handler and a fine defensive player C. J. Elliott, a very capable substitute for any position and helped out the others very much Compliments of Rapid Transit Co. 28 helped the team in scoring and on the defense. Lee Barlow, a good basketball player who helped out on both the first and second string teams. Bob Powers, Regular Guard, second in scor- ing and great help all around. Best Wishes from John Stavros "The Golden Gate" 7,011 These are the boys who won the right to go to the regional tournament Left to right 'lst Row Fisher Barlow Denny Dunham, Christian, Elliott, Cochran Axlme Znd Row Tefft Perry Tranbarger Craig, Coach Strait, Sneegas, Naff Krone 29 5 .- 695 x was .'.ii'f'!" 4 , TQ - A .4 - f-vi-5'-. ., ,, , , Ja , w :ff 'E Qs? The Walking Man Compliments of Keele,-vs Book store. we 30 "Oh-oh," no Hflirtin' ' go wc gox. 'OO 0 e, 2060 N? x x 'oooqoo . gxlocxd C' 9 K9 Q 5 C595 by That care-free, casual look University High's Float receives ovation Senate meets again Biology class interviews new student I The illustrious freshman class The "lndustrious" Journalism class Best Wishes from Hillside Band Box Cleaners 32 spring I Come, gentle spring! In all thy loveliness 33 March March March March March March March March March Spring Calendar 2-Faculty Meeting iheck of a way to start a calendar.l 5-Y-Teens Slumber Party. 6-No Y-Teens at school lSaturday, you dopesll l2-End of 4th six weeks lOnly two more to goll Tri-county League Play Festival lToo much for one dayll -St. Pat entertains U.H.S. students, courtesy Senate. -St. Pat's day-Murphy and Calla- han very happy ibecause they're Irish, of cor'sel l9-Music Festival. Kohl my achin' vocal chords.l -We entertain l?l Winter General patients. 23-Pep Club Formal lGeorge Denny kisses all comers.J March 25-29-Easter VACATION l l l April l-Box Supper. April 8-Track meet at Baldwin iGeorge ties for lst in high jump.J April 2l-22-Elections for senate president April 23-SENIOR PLAY End of 5th six weeks. April 29--Hi-Home Nite. May 7-Freshman Party- Regional Track Meet. May l4-l5-State Track Meet at Manhattan. May 2l-Junior-Senior Banquet and Prom. May 30--Baccalaureate. June l-Honors Assembly June 2-Commencement June 4-The End. P.S. We had to shorten this thing up cause they're putting the will at the bottom of the page. Class Will Don Fletchall wills his piano playing ability to Gene Perry. Lois Wustefeld leaves her quiet manner to Angela Stavros. Doris Jeffries leaves her Trombone playing ability to Carol Blackwood. Don Christian leaves the Senate Presidency to who ever stumbles into it. Dick Cochran leaves his athletic ability to C. J. Elliott, who needs it. Bob Powers leaves the school to anyone who will have it. John Evers leaves his argumentive disposition to Teresa Osma. Wayne Puckett gives his bookkeeping book back to Robertson. James Asby leaves his Ping Pong ability to Harry Patterson. Don Hergert leaves his lost week-ends to Edwin Stene. Betty Griffin leaves her married life to her sister. Myrl Powell leaves his voice to Bill Krone. Claudia Anderson has nothing to leavei Mary Ann Bates wills her ability to catch men to Margaret Latimer. Caroline Crosier leaves her scholarship to Orval Craig. Carol Tupy leaves her ability to look dumb and be smart to Gaylord Tefft who looks smart but is really ...... George Denny leaves his speed to Clifford Tatham. I Carolene Callahan leaves her height to Bill Moomau. Myrtle Lassen leaves her love life to Buster Proctor. Pat Dixon leaves her acting ability to Carl Sneegas. Donna Rae Kirby wills her artistic ability to Phyllis Lytle. Wayne Deay leaves his Army experience tale telling to Joe Dunham. Chas. Murphy wills his evenings to Dean Fisher. Fred Cooper leaves his way with college women to Ralph Wiechman. .ziggy ,L rv- Qffif ' . 5: l.L.' , 1 'xi -42.1-,.f 1 Each year the Pep Club honors the basket- ball team at a Pep Club Formal. lt is the custom to have a queen, and attendants, chosen fin- ally by the basketball team. On the night of March 23, l948, the annual event was held in the Kansas Room of the Union Building. The Queen and attendants were to be announced promptly at 9:00. As the time grew near, excitement grew. The uppermost thought in every girl's mind was, "Really fellows, I don't see how you could have elected anyone but me." .A ,. R dyes-, . .. 3, - T T ef- M- Q ,s+Jffe. - -Q P-A At 9:00 on the dot Caroline Crosier came in and announced that Ethel May Houk had been elected Queen, with Phyllis Lytle and Pat Daniel as attendants. Ethel May then came through the open door escorted by C. J. Elliott, followed by Phyllis Lytle and Bob Powers, Pat Daniels and Lee Barlow. George Denny then crowned the Queen. Following the coronation, Teresa Osma played a violin solo and Margaret Latimer sang a solo. Oh, yes! What a gorgeous evening and what a beautiful Queen. Compliments of the Frifzel-Jayhawk Dairy Senior Class Prophecy lt was a dark lonely street with the wind whipping through the air. Suddenly a car tore down this street and stopped with a screech of brakes. A body was thrown out, and the car made a swift departure. From a faintly lighted window above, someone saw this drama. Quick- ly the knitting neighbor dashed to the phone and asked for the police. "Claudia Anderson calling from 94 Speigelbaum Avenue. A body was just dumped in front of my house." Police Chief Cochran answered tersely that an investigator would be sent immediately. . Five minutes later a rather blase figure appeared 'on the scene. This was the inves- tigator. Fred Cooper, the ambulance driver, and Dr. Robert Powers informed the inves- tigator that the person was still alive. They stowed the body into the ambulance and drove off. After the ambulance clattered away, Chas. D. Murphy, investigator, began work. He bounded up the stairs to the abode of Miss Anderson. The most interesting thing she told him was that the car was a i955 Atometer car with the license number "OO9835." Her eyes were too weak to see the color of the car. Investigator Chas. D. bounded down the stairs and rushed to a telephone in a nearby drug- store. He checked with the police department on a stolen Atometer. Mr. Murphy bounded fagaini into a run- down night club. "You the owner?" questioned investigator Murphy. "Yea" answered Mr. George Denny. "Lost an Atometer car?" "Yea" answered Mr. Denny. "Know who stole it?" "Na" answered Mr. Denny. ,With the conversation thus exhausted, Murphy started to leave the night club when a piano player, Don Fletchall, began to ac- company a singer, Carol Tupy. The song struck Chas. D., and so did a blackjack. The two pretty nurses-Pat Dixon and Doris Jeffries-rushed to the telephone and called Police Chief Dick Cochran. They inform- ed him that a patient found on the doorstep of the hospital-efficiently managed by Mary Ann Bates and endowed by the great artist, Donna Rae Kirby, - kept yelling that the song "Your Red Wagon" was a clue. Cochran called the famous lady detective, Miss Lois Wustefeld, on the case. She, follow- ing the scientific method, decided to visit the person who had been thrown out of the stolen Atometer. This man, millionaire Don Hergert, said he had been kidnapped, his wallet had been stolen, and he had been dumped into the street. Following investigator Murphy's hunch, she ask him about the song "Your Red Wagon." He told her that his high school friends had often associated that song with him. At last on the trail, lady detective Wuste- feld visited the singer. Carol, who had known Mr. Hergert in school, after fearfully looking in all the dark corners, whispered that the Skull had done the dirty work to Hergert, had stolen the car, and had blackjacked the inves- tigator. She had overheard the Skull when he was at the night club one evening. James Asby, a garage owner, called Miss Wustefeld and told her that the lost Atometer had been brought to him for a paint job. Detective Wustefeld climbed into a cab driven by Wayne Puckett. The cab was rather unusual because it continually went ta-pocka ta-pocka ta-pocka. VVith her she had her secretary Caroline Crosier, her body guard Wayne Deay, and the world famous photographer, Myrtle Lassen. The taxi ta-pockated them to the garage where they hid under some empty gaso- line drums. When the unsuspecting Skull walked in to claim the car, Myrt snapped a picture of the Skull, Lois arrested him, Wayne applied the handcuffs, and Caroline took down his confession in shorthand at five hundred words a minute lthe Skull talked double-talki. The right honorable Judge C. D. Christian sentenced the Skull to five years in the Army with Sergeant John Evers over him, after the jury had agreed he was guilty. Detective Wustefeld and investigator Murphy were honored for their sleuthing at a reception given by Mr. Hergert. Carolene Callahan sang at the reception. Two other distinguished guests were Mrs. Betty Griffin, the famous novelist and Mr. Myrl Powell, the renowned chemist. Compliments of the Skyline Club rganiza tions The mighty cheerleaders who never let the team down. Our Scintillating Pep Club This page sponsored by Your Commonwealth Lawrence Theatres Girl Scouts Hi-Y Y-Teens and ' , f o v px" , q 1 -o W' ,..,i,!l 1 ,QS B ,5 ' L-. g' F' - ' " P, . L - , - k , , , -4 1 My , . ML " oi,vQ.- ' A I , "nv Hn I -' Y A Z . f 1 4 A mp.. ' ' ,V l .-,.:,AQY i A 5,41 vm- -- - .. . an f f A , -o 'keaqwbzf 1.3 A nafecfed by Mr. Gerald M. camey 7Tlixecf lzorus Compliments of Hunsinger Motors Directed by Mr. Carney aa -L I'ClC ul-lv .' v, ,K Elliott, when he took second at the Baldwin meet. l 5 I lv , ,7,,,,- ,,,,A, - ,,,,,,, ,, .. . ,. 5: Craig poses for a snapshot. Good jump by Moline. n , - l my a::51ga1.o '+ ,gl 'fizfrlif - Y ' ' ' ' 1 V - Q4 -,Q ffi 'f"' .':!'.V' ' ill'-X . V 1 ' f -N fkfr' A gy 1.'---3555-Sfgzk hlrlziivgtlllgiflll l ' ' ' -': H al' '- Y ip 2.-1e.l:Ffff.ln.J ',i-f'rHfEl- , ' ' ' . - ' 2 'i""1E"iff' "Ll5f""'.ez" ,DT iilli f ' , ' '- ' - " " 5 y , , 1' . I V. E al5".51'- ., ' ' I 'Anvil' V '- 1 Agn,- a ' . V 3 , l A ll ' V, rf , l t Q lt' l ., .a an oi ' l T-s-'-- 1 a l l a 1- ' l ,-4 'l9"T 'l - "EL ' .. -Q , .MU ' 2, ,, -' -ppp ' M . -" H V- ' -A1 !'1'ff1"".f:Y' 'gfsfa-.11E.:f.3".5C-'Ig-T ,g ff l! Lamb almost reaches the put. L.. DDQ X o ,'t1a'- ,wa hart--.,e,fa,t, vu- Lamb clears 8 feet. sponsored by sen Music 39 Staff I Back row-George Denny, Ass't Ed.: Dick Cochran, Photo-Ed.: Don Christian: Bill Slamin: Bob Powers: Middle row-Mary Ann Bates: Donna Rae Kirby: Chas. D. Murphy, Feature Ed.: Carol Tupy: Carolene Callahan: Mrs. Vivian Scoggin, instructor: Front row-Pat Dixon: Caroline Crosier, Ed. in chief: Claudia Anderson: Myrtle Lassen, Class Typist: lDon Hergert, absentl. We the students, faculty, and Eagle Staff of University High would like to express our appreciation to the Sponsors of this 1948 Yearbook, the Law- rence business men and merchants, who made possible this tribute to MW Business Manager University High. Just before finals 9 '-151i - - it L' A , . , 7 Neff -Ig it-tr ,.. ' r. ' it ' - - "xf s Q ' " '- 1 il ,..v-Q-. The end 40 r ICTOIIAI. YE BOOKS MYERS 7 C0 Tons pictmizfvnmf KA. ANS.

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