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I 1 A , 5 x T Wx f I 4 X A 1 MWA! J My X X X 07,ffZ7 afyffi 7171! 9075, fr9:9'f Mvnf f C J ' , I ' A14 V, ff I 5 7 X30 1 fl Jw' fl ' X! 4 U! if X, ' ,iff X iq m 1"W,f'! f ' f' 4 I X, 'f 3 1' 90 J fff Hoff f Q f' -x ffb f 0 9 Y X IVXW 4, xy V 1 if If jg W ,, gm, 'X 'iff f" A, j ,-M' , 1 L' if VW ffyw fuwf ' NM f A ,UK in fflf V U" gf!! ' xg, "1' N f, I V g!,, ,- ! X L f' V 4,1 i J QQ ,W fy ! I A ! J fifflf 5 X ' : kJ' f- ' v B 4 V 1 , f vf if a f X XX ,' H ' s 4 - , Af A X fl! If fl 1 W J ,ff W 'f 7 ' 'I' l A k ,dfffww jylrljeiyv ' M41-JU, . . J ,jffi 1 L ' lr, i J 'fig Oifilwwil 7f.4f1 Azlffllf' ,f 1 " c 1 z -Q f fu ", in pf J ff ,A ' 1,fL, fl'f,,c,,fjf'f"' ffil Wahl. ILA 'bf WV W1 . f 1 x Avy, f X X jf 1 ffffl , '71 Dedication PETER LAURENCE HORN 19341951 Roosevelt 49 Student Body Treasurer 3 Golf Team 2 As sembly Committee 2 IRL 2 3 H1 Y 3 Debate Team 2 3 Scarlet Masque l 2 3 Student Council 3 Honor Society 2 3 Boys State 2 To Peter a scholar who made learning respected a leader who Influenced others by hns example a comrade who shared our work and our pleasures the Unzverslty Hrgh Annual Staff wnth grotntude dedncates thus 1952 Ducklsng 7. . . I l -I -I - -I"'--I --I --I . I I I I 1952 DUCKLING STAFF L MGO GtyM g K dkDoI Edltor Copy Edrtor Art Edltor Photography Edltor Sports Edrtor Advertising Edltor Subscrlptron Edltor Advisors Loss McGowon Shnrley Bowers Jockle Kyle Mlrnom Morgon Dole Overdack Bob Getty Dolece Peterson Mrs WlIIlOmS ond Mrs Gehrmg Adm nistration Lloyd Mlllhollen Lfrmersm Hrgh School as monnrorned ronntly by the Eugene Public Schools ond The Unncrsnry ol Oregon The currrculo IS Thor of The Eugene Public SchoolQ bu rnony brrverim students do their orochce feochrng here Dr Korrbl o brolcbsor ol cducotnon as Tl drreclor of Teocher trornrng Dr llrncs rs the sup nntendenr of the Eugene Publrc Schools Mr Mrllhollen IS the onncrool of Unrversny Hlgh ond olso serves os boys counQeIIor ond odwso to student councrl ond budget councrl He olso teoches olgebro 3 Dr Paul Kambly Dr Clarence Hmes Abby Adams Morris Beachy Agnes Best Foreign languages, Jun- icr English, dviscr ta Honor Sa: vand assem- bly cam tee. Virginia Greer Dean of girls, So al Liv- ing, US. Histor, advisor to Girls' Leag . 1 Norman Odom English and journalism, advisor to Highlights, Ambassadors, Quill and Scroll. Ca Music, George Hadley Social - economic prob- lems, US. History, advis- or to Senior Class, IR L., and Debate. ggi' 4 h g avg'- Montana Rickards English and speech, ad- visor to Scarlet Masque. Health and physical edu- cation for gIrlS, l3l0lOQY, advisor to GAA. and Y- Teens. l 'Na'- John Hale Science Lois Sparkman Commercial subjects, co- advisor of Sophomore Class, advisor to Pep Club. Vernon Kerley Jane Gehring Mathematics, co - advisor Art, Advrsar to Palateers to tickets and operations committee. 43" Ray Hendrickson Lottie Lee Lamb Physical education for Librarian, co-advisor to bays, coach, advisor to Junior Class. Golden Mildred Williams Social Living, World His- tory, Sophomore English, advisor to Duckling, co- advisor of Sophomore Class, l, fi Rohm Custodian Secretary. ii' rigonometry Social Liv ir1g Library F I Art ,, J. rench 'fi ' Q'-L V:-.5 .,f , X. K. v ' , Chemistry Dick Lyons STUDENT BODY OFFICERS Student body officers, elected in the spring of l95l, provided leadership for the government of the school, Dick Lyons, president of the student body, presided at all assemblies and meetings of the student council, and represented Uni High at several con- ferences during the year. Hale Hohnstein, vice-president, was chair- man of the assembly committee, and respon- sible for checking on all assemblies and ob- taining the auditorium for assembly use. Janet Lusk fulfilled her responsibilities as Secretary by taking minutes at student body and student council meetings and taking care of all school correspondence Peter Horn in the position of Treasurer kept all the school financial records and posted a financial report for the school each month Rick Pittman succeeded Peter Horn in December Priscilla Campbell was elected Historian a new student body office this year at Uni High Her duties were to keep all student council and budget council bulletins pic tures and all continuous records of the school Hale Hohnstem Janet Lusk Rick pnfman Priscilla Campbell STUDENT COUNCIL BUDGET COUNCIL Dick Members of the Student Council include the student body officers and one represen- tative elected from each social studies class. Through the student council all students have an opportunity to participate in deci- sions on student government and to make any suggestions they wish. A new organization at Uni High this year is the Budget Council, which handled the fi- nancial needs of our clubs. ln October, each organizations budget was approved and plans were made for raising the necessary money. Representatives to this council were the presidents and treasurers of each club and organization in the school. Chuck Adams was elected business manager. Row Row Rally Freeman, Beryl St. Clair, Joan Rainville, Ma Richard Goheen, Peter l-lorn, Larry Flint rita Newton, Priscilla Campbell, Janet Lusk 4: Rick Pittman, Rod Statzer, Darline Gadsden, Diane Young, A 3- Lois McGowan, Mr, Millhollen, Ken Mcriarity, Jim Warren, Bob Grifteth, Gordon Dahlquist Richard McLaren, Madge Barnes, Becky Triolo, Joanne Carlson, lan Walker, Row 2' Janet Lusk, Priscilla Campbell, Jaunita l.emke,. Joanne Rainville, Shirley St. Clair, Silver Sparks Ronnie Anderson, Sally Bangs, Dennie Koupal. Row Linda Muhr, Dick Lyons. I. Chuck Adams, Hale l-lohnstem, Marita Newton, Sandy McCready, Astrid Hart, Miriam Morgan if Ro Mary Conway, Diane Young, Joanne Carlson HAND BOOK COMMITTEE Tuders' Guide, the Handbook for Uni l-lugh, proved very useful, especially in the fall, as students were becoming familiar with school routine and ocluvurues. Joanne Carlson, editor, and her stall pub- lished the Handbook during the brecedung summer, and ut was issued the fursl day of school. w 2-Efiify Trial? lNl23"f- Hprl l.'1 ffif S" 'ful fi 'Ill Y J F l l V l V w I S'Crn'v, Cfznne .i1"i,uu ui, Niruwl 'Y wi 'I A 'T' N" -V57 u' u 1 ' s C u 1 -Lu -ullf, AXAYDAHV Nu- f u-'ef-j f N TICKETS and OPERATIONS COMMITTEE At all home Qants, n'enibcrs of ihc Tuck- ers and Operatuons Committee sold fuckers and roused the flag, They also collected money for varuous functions at school Their chairman was Becky Truolo and Mr Kerley and Mr Hale were co-odvusors Row 3. Dale Overdick, Scotty Wood, Larry Flint, lan Walker Row 2. Jaunita Lemke, Shirley Harrington, Gladys Wells, Priscilla Campbell, Janet Lusk, Anita Maclsaac, Linda Muhr, Diane Young, Donna Brewer, lov I. Steve Foulger, Mark Fleming, Dick Lyons, Madge Barnes, Beth Rutherford, Angie Mohr, Dawn Kester, Rod Statzer. The Social Committee is one ot the larg- est of our student body committees, This committee sponsored three fun nights during the year and secured many new records for the school, Its chairman was Rod Statzer. H C U Various types of recreation, including ping-pong, noon dances, and a game room, were provided by members of the Noon l-lour Activities Committee, headed by Jim Warren. ROV 3. Sally Maclsaac Joanne Whitt-,arth, Ray TllC'DC. lCVl Walkcl. Chuck Adams' Smdl' Micreadl' L Fl r, r , , Row 2. Naorrrrlwa lplarner, Delores Cook, Pat Lusk, Marilyn Rasmussen, Anita Maclsaac, Dick LyJ1S, Janet Lusk, Priscilla Campbell, I , Row I. Jim Warren, JoAnn Reed, Gladys Wells, Gloria Nichas, JAVNCG l3G9l9Y- DUCKLING STAFF Row 3 Pat Magnusson, Marylin Stamm, Chuck Adams, John Mankamayer, Marvin Hodgin. Row 2 Dale Overdick, Joanne Rainville, Errka 'X-Xfaechter, Lucille McDaniel, Bob Getty, Mrs. Williams. Row I Lois McGowan, Shirley Bowers, Miriam Morgan, Dalece Peterson, Jackie Kyle. HIGH Planning for the '52 Duckling began in September, with subscription lists finished in October, Lois McGowan, editor, organized the staff and planned the annual She was assisted by Shirley Bowers, copy editor, Jackie Kyle, art editor, Miriam Morgan, photography editor, and Bob Getty, advertising editor. Dalece Peter- son was in charge of subscriptions. The advisor to the Duckling, Mrs. Williams, worked with the editor and statf. The Duckling was lithographed by Bernclift Printers ot Portland. Photo- graphs were taken by Kennell-Ellis of Eugene, and John Mankameyer, Chuck Adams, and Marvin Hodgin from University l-ligh, , Each year, the students of Uni l-ligh elect the boy and girl from the Senior Class who are most typical of our school. This selec- tion is sponsored by' the Duckling Stott, This year, Linda Muhr and Ken Moriarity were chosen for this honor. Margie Wood, Marilyn Rasmussen, Kathleen Robinson, Jean Van0rdstrond, Dorothy Ruse, Miss Lamb. The Library Club includes those who check out books and periodicals for the students during study halls and after school, and as- sist with various jobs in the library Miss Lamb, their advisor, helped with Bulletin board displays, which followed several inter- esting themes, including one on football, showing interesting books about this popular sport. A Folk Dance Club was organized for the first time at Uni High this year, They rnet twice each month on Thursday evenings and sponsored a folk-dance night for the whole school in October. lan Walker was chosen as presidentg Chuck Wilcox, vice presidentg and Priscilla Campbell, secretary-treasurer FOLK Row 3. Jounita Lemke, Becky Triolo, Linda Muhr, Sally Plummer, Don Daughtry, Bob Getty, Jerry Bend- Shadler Harriet Neilson Marita Newton Row 2 Kathy Reilly Silver Sparks Bill Porter Steve Foulaer Mack Harwood B b Porter Rod Statzer lan Walker Charles Blackburn L Row I Angie Muhr Nancy Hill Lucill McDaniel Marylin Starnrn Tina Les h A no Maqlgaqq Dgrlgne Cooper Marilyn Rasmussen Joan Reed Joanne Whitworth DANCE CLUB FOOTBALL x Q OQOQQW O Q bg Q, -x x 9 845 69 if 69 SO A QX -x Q Q, -X54 Stag 47 q -x"' m +9 'N -x 6 ,lx 5 6 QQS5 6 Qs '1 'E' bb qib"2,-J A Q. 5 06 Q. ow 4-Phul Newsom Allen Gubrud Dave Caudell Steve Foulger Ken Moruaruty Edgene Roberts Dale Ove-rduck Audue Eggleston Gary Jackson ow 3-Coa h Ray l-lendruckson Bull Nagler Gary Flomme Jum Alleman lverle Langley Ruch McLaren John Shaffner Olun Reud Bob Pterce Rolly Freeman Gordon Dahlquust ow 2 lgickue Booth Bull Wood Tom Suegmund Duane Root Don Mauer Bob Stansb rry Duck Booth Del Whutely Larry Paune Mark emung ow I l-lale l-lohnsteun Mac Harwood Bob Constance Larry Flunt John Rolph John OConner Roger W Larsen Jerry Sheets Team spurut and good playtrug were the reasons for Unu l-lugh s successful season un football These aualutues paud off un bug duvudends tor Coach Ray l-lendruckson s team whuch won seven tued one and lost one game Wuth that record the grud men won the 5 A 2 dustruct champuonshup The tue was wuth our cross town ruvols the Eugene Axemen The loss was to Co quulle un the State playoffs As many state teams do the Tuders ran from a straught T formotuon usung Ken Moruaruty and Al Gubrud as quarterbacks Unu s team used thus forma tuon to uts greatest advantage Operuung the season at Cuvuc Staduum the Tuders made a good showung tn the Jamboree ln the furst outung the team very handuly downed Newport 55 D The next week they stepped over St Francus 33 D From there they couldnt be stopped The scores ran Dakrudge 27 6 Junctuon Cuty 45 O Wul lamette 53 O and Cottage Grove l9 7 All of those were league games except Newp rt and Cottage Grove At that pount the Tuders had won the southern half of the 5 A 2 dustruct Determuned to wun they beat Stayton the northern half of 5 A 2 dustruct champs l4 O In that game the power of Unu l-luah was ex pressed agaun But due to fumbles ut took tull the fourth quarter before Dale Overduck could power over for both touchdowns FOOTBALL On November 9th Unu Hugh faced Eugene Hugh Eu gene was bugaer but Unu was the scrappuer of the two teams un the Mud Bowl The Axemen and the Tuders battled back and forth durung the whole game brung ung only two scorung threats -one by Eugene and one by our team At the end of the game everybody was shocked to fund the score O O The contest was supposed to be a hugh scorung one wuth Eugene l-lugh on top Thus was the furst tume un the hustory of the school that the team went th uuah the regular season undefeated The nunth and last game was wuth Coguulle un the gtgtp pI0,0ffs lncudentally thus was the furst tume l.Jnu has entered unto the state playoffs un the hustory of the school After o hard fought game the coast team came out on top 20 6 L mg wg thcur lo tgarn svu re Rolly ree man Ru h VrLaren D ve Caudell Jum Alleman John Rolph Al Cubrud Ken Moruaruty l-lale l-lohnsteun Dale Overduck Del Whuteley Olun Reud John Shaffner and Duck Booth All regular players were named on the Dus truct All Star ltst 1 . , .. ..,1 Any. A " as 3 at , gi 1 C 3 ' , . er'-. , E . '- x .. --2 .. ' - '. ,. . . 4 " ' - ' . " ,, ' " -H ., " ' ' .1 I' ' -ue " .- . R . X 1 , . X . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 R c ' ' A- u ' ' " I I J I ' I J ! I I I 1 1 - R - Q ' ' V 1 1 1 1 1 Q 1 1 1 1 - 1 ut - 1 f " .' I I I ' I 1 - 1 . . , . ' , , . . 1 1 1 , . 1 - 11 11 - - - - I ., . 1 - 1 ' " ' - - I -1 - .1 . - 1 - , 1 y . . O I ' ' . , I 1 ' - 1 I - ' . 1 ' 1 1 ' , ' - 1 V V0 u ' u 'u 1 J U t ' 1 I . 1 V I A ' f Atl Q , C 10 IF - THQ '15 F5 Qlu.:l J A s W 1- F -H , U , u. 1 1 , , . -1 f -1 , 1 1 1 . . u T X-V1 I ' - NNW' Cofrvf-'41 - A9""""' ffvifffff Qale Overdnck JlmAllCmGl1 Audre Eggleston ' WM-143' John R Tflckle Fullback U John Shaffner Dave Caudell Bob Pr VW Guard Cent Rolly Freeman Merle Langley Allan G End Tackle Richard McLaren Del Whitely Tackle Fullback and linebacker zyffw ewffrflfff f'4"'fZZf7,'25 GOLDEN U ti pi V115 f 'XA Row 4 Jum Puscas Larry Payne Eugene Roberts Steve Foulger Keuth Harrus Hole Hohnsteun John Rolph Ken Moruaruty Dave Caudell B b Get y Muke Starlung Audle Eggleston Row 3 Ray Hendruckson Ell Port r J hn Manlamy r M rle Langley George Schultz Ruchard McLaren Bob Porter Jum Alleman Allan Cdbrud Gary Jackson Bob Puerce Jum Hute Row 2 Larry Flunt Sam Anderson Mack Harwood Bob Cons ance Rolly Freeman Bull Nagler Ray Cantwell Duck Booth Roy Skoglund Duck Lyons Row! Chuck Wulcox Don Hrll John Shaffner Bruce Holt Dale Oyerduck John Walker Dennue Koupal Del Whuteley Gordon Dahlquust John Sl'1Gffr1GF Allan Gubrud George Schultz 31 .,.. The Golden U Unu Hugh lettermen s club carrued on many actuvutues and projects throughout the year the buggest beung the Golden U F l Oth h I orma ers vuere guardung the gates at games e pung wuth noon hour actuyutues and usherung at assemblueg Twuce durung the year the lettermens club had an unutuatuon un order to et all the l bl b Q eu u e 0 s unto the club ln the sprung an assembly was guv n and a oucnuc held Q Y The otfucers of the organuzatuon were Allen Gubrud oresudent lohn Shatfner vrge regrdenf George Schultz secretary D gf ' V,-,Y wil l ...,,......,.-........... en--, U QC- .' ,- x fi f ',J ' ,aol ' ,nal ,eu 4 .4Mi4 Z -- . Q g 1 .4 H ' X 4 . - . . - I 1 1 I r I A T l I I I L' I I ' V 4 'fx f F13 'x P , , 1 9, ., , . c a o , c , , I I I il I I I ' . y . ' I I I A I I I I , 1 V - I I I 1 I - I I I ' . ' I I1 II - - , I I l I ' 4 ll II , 1 I I f Q L 4 . . . , - , , . I . It I . . . , . , , .l . A ' ' . , K ' I I - , ' , , . 41. in 1 Xu , X , . 'X x , 4 5 ,I If kvkoo X aww wwlqeik x0u" Q W ko!-5 0 yymvmluq OASQ wan ounv' P6 xke, 5,5 You X0 lnaue AQXHIUQ '4 'L x ou-Y' bofed 0 Sxwdleb SDLXX- l0JX GL 'Unsi- AA l have 0, good L0-IL M Hows The letterrnens club of Unr I-lrgh presented thesr onnuol Golden U Formol on December l warn the theme Cocoonut Grove loner Lusk wos presented wltlw one dozen punk roses ond onnounced os thus yeors Girl of the Golden U 1. l ' ' IN l A nl. ' b Nl H It ,r , 1 1 . I xp. , K 3 L Cs W Left fo kighgg Miss Sparkman! Jane Reilly, Mrs Wlummi Dm Anemia Chuck MCCGMA - N fix .5 v xxx X X 4. 4' .L -- - 3 1 A V ' kr" K . X Sophomore ass L 1 e .QA ' N '- ' As The Autumn Ieoves were felling in October ond November, our Sophonwores k ,X v were settling down 'ro the scheduie of closses ond octivities of Uni High gy Chuck McCann vvos elected president of The Sophomore Cioss, Don Anowolr, i g .S-iii I 5 vice-president, ond Jone Reilly, secretory-treosurer fix", An ossernbly on November 30 wos the first octivity of the xcor sponsored by the QF closs of '54, They sponsored 0 dance in the winter, ond enioyedlo picnic in the spring 5 . XR iv MA 1 XM Y' f if x Standing: Chuck Adams Anita Macl M I , saac, ary in Stamm, Sally Maclsaac, Dick Lyons. Seated: llgllarmm Newton, Priscilla Campbell, Bob Porter, Rick Pittman, Squire Bozorth, Richard Goheen on aier. The student council representatives for the second semester were responsible tor planning of student actwities for the last halt of the year. Student body otticers were members of the student council throughout the year. Student Council fSecond Semesterl PUBLICITY COMMITTEE The Publicity Committee was in charge ot publishing information obout school activities keep ing the bulletin boards up to date, and issuing the Tiders' Tattler at the beginning of the year Chuck Wilcox was chairman ot the committee this year. Janet Lusk, Rod Statzer, Dalece Peterson, 7 3, o A li ,51 it 1, A Chuck Wilcox, Marita JinmI5"""" Newton ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE Haie Hohnsteins main duty as student body woo-oresidont was To be chairman of the Assembly Committee, The duties of the cornmimfe included scheduling and planning assemblies throughout the- year, setting up chairs in the auditorium, and cleaning up the stage at various times. S 1 D C 1 I fb S ,4 , - , . W Q ,Ta ' -A - .f f 'ff fl' w- 'W 5' Q 2 'Q 3 35, gi,-ggi 'fa' ,fy L+ My 3? 25 I A fin' ' ' 2' .,f.5' A 'A - ,7 . N55 in ww. . 1 ,, , Q2 y 1 S! f lm- 1 I V 49.21 'bf 9 Q! B1 , I Row 3. Ray Thorpe, John Schaffner, John Rolph, Gordon Dahlquist, Bruce Holt, Bill Nagler, Dennie Koupal, Ken Moriority, Roger Larsen. Row 2. Fred Cutter, Dave Caudell, Ray Cantwell, Chuck Chapman, Chuck Wilcox, Rex Knight, Marvin Hodgin, Jim Puscas, Dick Chambers. Row I. Marylin Stamm, Joyce Hammock, Dalece Peterson, Linda Muhr, Sally Plummer, Priscilla Campbell, Lucille McDaniel, Angie Muhr, Donna Brewer, Margie Wood, Speech Class The Speech Class, under the direction of Mrs, Rick- ards, is conducted for those interested in gaining experi- ence in public speaking. Members of the class participated in several speech contests, both in Eugene and in regional competition, ln December, Lois McGowan won second place in the HI Speak for Democracy" contest, held by the Eugene Junior Chamber of Commerce. Five members of the class presented a symposium on Education over KERG and KRVM during Education Week, and two radio plays were given by the class over KRVM, ln February, representatives from the class entered the annual Speech and Debate Tournament at Linfield College, and in April they entered the State l-ligh School Speech Contest. Une member of the class competed in the American Le- gion Oratorical Contest, and several entered the Oregon Speech League competition, 3:1 K ,egg ,,,. I l SYMPOSIUM Sally Bangs, Ken Moriarity, Donna Brewer, Bruce l-lolt, Joyce Ham mock. D w gadsden Suyc Sparks Astrud Hart Duane Manwarung Eruka Waechter r fuTru PEIEVSOU S ly plL1f'l'lVTW6F KGHTS Reully B6Tl'1 RLJTl'l8FltOVd MGFIIYU Rggmuggen Mfg Grggf Mgfulyn Stomm Glrls League All Unu l-lugh gurls are members ot Gurls League The oftucers and cabunet members uncluded Kath leen Reully presudent Sally Plummer vuce presu dent Van Lou Peterson secretary Astrud Hart treasurer Sulyer Sparks socual chaurman and two representatuyes from each class One of the maun events of each year was the Doernbecher Tea on December 7 Dolls made by each gurl were dusplayed at the tea and then sent to Doernbecher l-losputal un Portland The Sopho mores won the pruze for the best dusplay whuch was entutled Santa s Workshop Other actuvutues were a rummage sale un Novern ber the Knave of Hearts Ball un February and the teas guven un the sprung for gurls from other junuor and Senuor hugh schools Winners Sophomore Class Junior Class Senior Class l Girls' League Couple Kathy Reilly and Chuck Adams were chos- en as Girls' League Couple for l952, They ruled over Girls' League Day, which is held annually at Uni l-ligh. Kathy was president of Girls' League the past year, and Chuck was Business Manager and chairman of the Budget Council. ,M JV , 1 I 4 r as o-Q, l Knave of Hearts Ball 13 The annual "Knave of Hearts Ball," which is presented each year at Uni High by the Girls' League, was ruled this year by Allan Gubrud. AI was escorted to the throne by Sil- ver Sparks, and was proclaimed "Knave of Hearts" and presented with a silver crown. Red streamers with couples names attached, and cupids were the decora- tions for the ball. SEMI FORMAL wr-'NFS mdcrwcmxfw mm L QL fed b cc: eerq c H mm Qfmp rw 'enum I don' of I rdrcshme TFC CL LJ L C L mefve 4 GU L M12 m on th www more wow rw wed Cul C 5 u ' XNOS GQ C5 Q Q Q PkL fb rr 'ww 0Qfl Row 3-Dick Lyons, Tina Lesch, Sclly Bangs, Juanita Horner, Shirley Thessen, LOl0 Kunl Row 2-Van Lau Peterson, Kathleen Robinson, Sally Plurnrner, Norrna Harner, Delores Cook, Norma Miller, Jaan Robertson Row l-Jin' Warren, Linda Muhr, Miriam Morgan, Bill Porter, Dawn Kester. PALETTEERS The Paletteers is an organization giving those interested in art an opportunity to further their abilities. The club's responsibilities include making posters for school events, decorating tor school dances, and placing decorations in the halls at Christmas, The main proiect of the club was the sponsoring ot the annual Barn Dance, and the Semi-Formal, which they gave with the Scarlet Masque. Linda Muhr was club president, Sally Plummer was vice-president, Van Lou Peterson, secretary, and Darline Gadsden, treasurer. ' X, Row 2-Joanne Carlson, Gertrude Gamlen, Manta Newton, Ion W I' E th Dad Bob G iff h D l c ieer, e ge, r et , ae Overdick, Sam Anderson Steve Feu' er , - AQ Row l-'Diane Young, Sally Bangs, Shirley Steward, laenifa Horner, Miss Russell, Mr, Odom. HIGHLIGHTS "Uni Highlights," the University High paper, became a member of the Oregon Scholastic Press this year. Sally Bangs was this year's editor, and Mr. Odom was the ad- visor. Members of the staff and the iournalism class discussed and worked out the problems of the paper. Other staff members were' Marita Newton, assistant editorg lan Waller, business manager, Diane Young, feature cditorg Sam An- derson and Dale Overdickg sports iiritersg Juanita Hefner, exchange editorj Shirley Steward and Mary Piclqfhall Dreof readers' and Chuck Adams and John Manlzamcucrf photography Lung, L-E- X 4 .lu 4 1 HI-Y l-li-Y is organized lo uphold high standards of eharaeler, and lo pro- mote service and Christian living Members oi l-li-Y attended various churches as a group during the year. The annual March of Dimes Assembly was sponsored bu Hi-Y and a Mother and San Banauer was held at the Eugene l-lolel an Molhefs Day This means officers werei Ken Meriarityl presiclenrg John Shalfner, vice-president, Bruce Holt, secretary Bill Cage, treasurerg Alan Guhrud, Chaplain. AIN! 5 Y-TEENS Y-Teens fs Sicnscred bu the Ycmg NXf:Ofen'5 Chwsfcf Assccisricm A . V ' " ' ' ' J, cw Ln Ffh C f' nfs. be c mcffbe' In Ncxcmic' S-afrd fvcmbefi S: 'Ye cgi CTTEVCCC C Ncmmnrvg Con- TCTFCC if Pcrfbvd Cf'fC2'S wwf Vfwdfnf 'UG' ' T' x .'c.:-:feeds--1 D-me Yeung: c:fe'o',-fr-fziugq, Dycrw Xugf of grcgfcww givgvrmgn Marilyn mmm. pg,-, 4-Mgf,' fi S-gfvf, L..: lie Mcllcmel Kathleen Rsbinson Rf.-, 3-QUT ': Ffzrwaj 5L71'IEy Steward, Jmfvffi Ccr1sOn Rc.-.' 2-U as E5 st, D :ve Ycmg Eeiky Tncb, Dorothy XXXQHS, Fc.-. I-L:"i ff: Ygrdfe XX'eerfs.M:m:r:e Mood, Dorothy Ruse. I JZ? 45' a c J . Yff af 45" 36 'J QU 2? 0' -'Q' 11 'U Standing: Bruce l-lolt, Rod Statzer, Dennie Koupal. Kneeling: Angie Muhr, Jaunita Lemke, Linda Munr, Gloria Nichols, Sally Plummer, Donna Brewer. Rally Squad The Rally Squad led the Pep Club and the rest ot the student body in yells at football and bas- ketball games. They worked out some new yells this year The boys led thc strenuous yells, and the Pep Club The purpose of Uni l-ligh's Pep Club is to encourage school spirit, team support, and good sportsmanship, Members of the club attended all school sports events, took tickets at home games, presented a Pep Club Assembly tor the student body, and sponsored the annual Football Banquet, The final protect ot the Pep Club was the presentation of the May Court Ball. Madge Barnes served as president ot the club for the past year. Marita Newton was vice-president, Darlene Cooper was secretary, and Silver Sparks was treasurer girls led the rest. Row 3-Norma l-larner, Janice Beeley, Lou Ann Cowlan, Priscilla Campbell, Nancy Burkhart, Shirley Clements, Cecelia Cairns, Beth Dodge, Delores Cook, Nancy Cross, Jessie Davidson, Joyce Hammock, Darlene Cooper, Mary Conway, Row 2-Joyce Kier, Shirley Harrington, Alice Dormer, Juanita Horner, Lola Kunz, Astrid l-lart, Marion Cooper, Nancy l-lill, Nadine l-larkins, Gerry Gandy, Eloyce Anderson, Gloria Bateman Row l-Darline Gadsden, Joanne Brestel, Delores Cook, Emogene Giesvald, Madge Barnes Dawn Kester Sall Ban s M 'l f , Y Q 1 GV' YU Frisbie, Betty Robinette, Jackie Kyle, Janet Armes, Ronnie Anderson, v , W W- 8 -... .... , s,.....,,, ,...,-.4 1 , 5 il 1 gl 4z f?5'mfv, ,ifffi f f uiin 5 3 it ll kjfifl 54 1 ,.-.- cv 2 ,129 t4"'sgg 'QQ' 6 J J f , ei WW -A 1 ll ' bf Y 'Q' 'sjlgi 'L l'g .,r l T s wlvgsl t 5 . V . x 4 Q . lsr I 'Q I S T-U. -A noi I , 1 ll 69 I. , . IJ 'i 5 Basketball For the second sport an o row Un: hos topped oll competltors In dustruc 6 for the rught to enter the stote tournoment Thcy hod o 12 6 record before the distract ployoffs ond ofter the ployoffs they hod o 15 6 record The teom wos very even an scorung compored with other teoms Al Gubrud led the Txd rs wlth 310 polnts an the 11 8 seoson 1-le wos ploced on the Drstruct All Stor lust by unonumous vote Followlng Gubrud wos George Schultz 194 Shoffner 181 Ken lvloruoruty 159 Bob Puerce 154 Dove Coudell 150 ond Del Whutely 91 pomts Stortung the seo on off they dropped Gronts Poss ond Medford 5u 51 ond 51 46 respectlvely Qoosevelt of Portlond then beot them 55 50 In o tourney between Wullomette ond Unl vs Roosevelt ond Woshnngton of Portlond The next nlght Un: knocked Woshungton 56 47 The regulor dlstruct ploy storted wlth o bong loslng to Eugene ond Cottage Grove rrght off Wrth one foot rn o hole they won three gomes an o row then they slipped up In the Junctlon Cnty gome The stondlng ot thot point wos 3 3 ln dnstruct ploy State Tourney Bound Beung the first trrp to the tournoment nn 12 yeors the boys were hoppy but concerned obout wunnung When the teom squared off wzth Cor vollts there wos tensron In the foces of Un: fons lt soon went owoy becouse the boys beot Corvollns hondlly The next night they lost to LoGronde outtlng them In the brocket gorng for 4th ploce After troppung Bend ond losung to MorshfLeld for 4th ploce they were ellmlnoted Thot put them In 7th ploce Cooch Roy 1-lendnckson so d We hove nothnng to opologrze for Grants Pass nn Medford nl Roosevelt 1 Portla ndl Washington lPortland1 nn Eugene nl Cottage Grove m Oakndge nn Willamette nn Springfield m Junction Cnty nn St Francis m Eugene nn Cottage Grove nu Willamette m Sprmgfleld nr Oakridge nn Junction Cnty nr St Francis nr DISTRICT 6 TOUkNEY Oakridge nl Junction Clty nn Junchon Cnty nu STATE TOURNEY Corvallls m LaGrande nl Bend na Marshfreld Un g . QD tl I U' . - U. 5- 'gf . . Q 1 .1 P 'e' U. ' - .I 2 U. ,gl ,gg U.. I . U1 ' -1... 1 1 U.. . Un' 'Al. I I T' U.. r y 7 U. w H ,A ' . UZ E .H I . U. l. ' U. 2. U. 3. U. 4. .' I yi' 1 T Standing. Scott Otfood, Jack Gafnbet, Gordon Dahlqutst, Chozk Wilcox, Rtchard McLaren, Gary Flamrne, Jerry Sheets, Beryl Barlow, Ray Hendrtqkggn, Seated: John Rolph, Allen Gubrud, Bob Pterce, George Schultz, John Shaftner, Ken Monarity, Dove Coudell, Del Whtteley. Standing: Don Anowalt, Clarence l-loulgren, Mtke Starling, Rtck Thocher, Merle Langley, Lomar Morttn, Keith Horris, Roy Cantwell, Don Stegmund. Seated: Roger D, Lorson, Don Szhmole, Mark Flemlng, Roger W. Lorsen, Roy Holland, Chuck McCann, Rtchard Goheen, Glen Knowlton. George Schultz-Center Anon Gubrud-Forward Ken Moriarity-Guard Del Whitely-Guard John RolPh Dove Caudell-Guard John Shoffner-Forward Forward Bob Pierce-Forward I Standing Mass Lamb Roger W Larsen Mark Flemmg Mr Hale Seated Janet Armes Junior Class Wnnter serves as the medrum between tall and sprung and lnkewlse tl'teJunnors had stall another year at Un: l-lzgh to look forward to On November 9 an after game dance was sponsored by the Junuor Class and nn sprung they put on the Junuor Senuor Prom and sponsored a Class plcnrc Sandy McCready was president of the class and Mark Fleming took over as presrdent when Sandy left at the end of the trrst semester Mass Lamb and Mr Hale were Co advisors Others Included Roger W Larsen vrce presrdent and Janet Armes secretary treasurer I i . t -"1 'N Q 0 t -, My . X V ,- ,. , L . : , Q I , . . I I 1 - I - I V I 1 4 I - I I - ' X 1: Q Rom 4-Marvin Erabham, Charles Blackburn, Royal Cook, Beryt Bartow, Sam Anderson, Row 3-Chuck Chapman, Jack Barrd, Jerry Eendshadier, Duck Anderson, Shrrley Clements. Rcvt Z-Gtana Bateman, Janet Armes, Mary Conway, Cecelta Carrns, Donna Brewer, Darlene Cooper Row 1-Betty Bobrnette, Ronnte Anderson, Joy Eyerlee, Srurley Bowers, Margre Beard. Row 4-Don Foster Marwn Hodgin, Steve Doty, Kertn Harris, Wayne Crandetl, Audre Eggleston Row E-Darlzne Gadsden, Steve Fautger, Larry Ftrnt, Mark Ftemrng, Mack Harwood, Raw 2-Gerr Gandy Snrriey Harrrnqton Nadrne Harkins Jayne Hammock Beth Dodge, Nancy Cross 5 , e , , e r f Rory I-R950 Copetan, Astnd Hart, Gertrude Garnten, Nancy HMI, Jesste Davidson. RQ D .34 2? 9, Af-1 iff Row Row Row RCW Row 4 Wayne Bell BMI Porter Jerry Sheets Bob Prer e EL.,e1 Roe r 5 Row Don Schmole Make Sforimg Roy Skoglmd Joe Potters rw Jorrw Ofenncr Row 2 oonne Whntworth Shurley Steward Joyce Procrew Barbara R hordson w JP? 'S i 8' -,,..-- gf 3 'Ill Wfonted J J F Whots thus? The Tune up. Three Muskete- The Whtstler. 9, The escope! Just killing ttme TO. Out our woy. Ozzte ond Hornet. JI. But' J J Just one ot those things 12. "Give em the Tide' I5 Lonesome gol. Just we two, huh? I'IT Yoke o dmmsttcld S PRING .Ii if fra lurk. H. 471 r IS' I ir 1 l Back Row: Sally Maclsaac, Marita Newton, Mr, l-ladley, Anita Maclsaac. Front Row: Bruce Holt, Dick Lyons, Janet Lusk, Merle Langle, Priscilla Campbell, Bob Porter, l. R. L. The International Relations League is a club for those interested in politics and world affairs, Several members attended a state .l R, L. conference on the University of Oregon campus in March. Officers of the club for the past year were: Bob Porter, president, Priscilla Campbell, vice-oresi- dent, Janet Lusk, secretory, and Merle Langley, treasurer. Quill and Scroll Quill and Scroll is a national journalistic honor society, with members chosen for outstanding work in the field of journalism. New members chosen this year from Uni High were: SeniorsHLois McGowan, Miriam Morgan, Dale Overdick, Marita Newton, Bob Gritfeth, Mary Pickthall, Jaunita Horner, Juniors-Shirley Bowers, Jackie Kyle, Sam Anderson, Shirley Steward. Row 3. Mr. Odom, Sam Anderson, Bob Getty, Dale Overdick, Jaunita l-larner, Lois McGowan, Mrs. Williams. Row 2. Mary Pickthall, Sally Bangs, Dalece Peterson, Jackie Kyle, Shirley Bowers, Miriam Morgan. Debate This year was Uni l-ligh's second year of experience with a debate team. They began their activities for the year by taking port in a debate tournament at Pacific Univer sity in January, ln February, they entered the state tournament at Linfield College, and the Wiliam ette University Tournament at Salem, The district debate meet was held in March, and the final ists went to the annual state speech contest, which was held here in Eugene in April, Row Row Row Row GCD Jtm Warren, Rrck Prttman, Rex Knrght, Ion Walker, Beryl Barlow, Denny Koupal, Chuck Adams, John Walker, Dove Kerley, Charles Blackburn, Jtm Anderson, Sally Plummer, JoAnn Reed Mrs Rrckards, Vee Vcrrner, Rcnnte Anderson, Jounlta Harner, Lolo Kunz, Rod Stotzer, Erlka Woechter, Shrrley St Clalr, Dn-.le Lee M,LJtnnts, Morton Cooper, Pat Potter, Altce Dgrmer Darlene Cocper, Joyce Hammock, Dorltne Gadsden, Emogene Gresvold, Mary Conwdy, Nancy Burkhart, Beth Dodge, Manta Newton, Bruce Holt, Dcnnd Brewer, Jone Reilly, DKBIWGYOUHQ,JO8Hl1E'XXfl'llTWOI'lh Sully Moclsooc, Marrlyn Rasmussen, Kothy Rellly, Van Liu Peterson, pflSrlllO Campbell, Mdrg B d, Sl S k, A ' Muhr, Beth Rutherford, Jockte Kyle, Duck Lyons, Jean M llhollen Astrtd Hort, Anrto Maclsaac, le ear tyer par S, ngre A llll at 3 A 5 ' l. 1 ' t, l 'lfrl A tg I' fi g-133' Scarlet Masque Scarlet Masque rs the dranmfr clap of Una I-hgh Opportanrtues were given for partrcrpatrng rn pa s fa thc studcnf body and garnrng experience an behrnd the scenes rcspansrbrh rc connected wrth the presentatran of each pa The presrdent of the dab was Manta Newton vrce presrdent Bruce Holt secretarx Astnd Hart and trcasarcr Ronnrc Anderson Mrs Rrckards was adxrsor The mann plaxs amen daring Th ear werc Wrldcat Wrrire Canes The Tarkex f r Thanksguxrng The rcrgatten Man presented at Chrrstmas You Can r Take It Wfrth Yo ana a fVT6TOCTVOFY1O rn Max H s o -P 1 W KN CS . f T Q, , r Hd ' . ', ' - , s fs N 6 Q -XS V I I I T I I , 'H W 5 Q fl I " H ' . A 'j T r 'E V, y I I I' ' L. , 1, f- ff fr ' G ' r ' KJ I I I I 1. f + U, r A I 1 If 'isF'9! T . 1: .M 1 ,, f . ' Y . , ar 5 li 1 ff , ,ga -- ' o h.nQg...-Q. - ' ' " Junior - Senior Prom Eoch yeor o prom is given by the juniors in honor the groduoting seniors, This donce wos held in April. Severol members of the junior closs were chosen for committee to moke necessory orrongements. Jooni Whitworth wos Choirmon of the committee, ond The then thot wos Chosen for the prom wos "April in Porisf' , . 1 G. A. A. -'b 05.5, Xb QQ Q-Oiisoxlldyoecol A 2- 02? ws ty -Q x29L'e,eQ' Q51? ww 006 F051 V540 Q0 Xa The by oe 9+ AN' G' I 1 I X20 yo Q- 79 'ls .ee Qi Q2 QL Athlet- ,xbo'1QxQ we WW of ic Associ- Qgwikofs Q09 Q39 QQ ation. held GODS QQCQ QPR XAGQ mee ings on 55 .9 Q, X ,QQ Thursdays af- vW'.,,Q 49 ,398 -sol ter school for f-,Ned dx' Q abt those who were in- terested in volleyball basketball, swimming, and softball. Their activ- ities included a picnic for new members in October, volleyball play day at Willam- ette High School in December, and a swim meet in the spring. Officers for the past year were: president, Lois McGowan, vice-president, Beth Dodge, secretory-treasurer, D o r I i n e Gadsden, activity chairman, Shirley Bowers. 1-0' 3. Q-0' X 'b K O X509 xp X349 GQ. 5+ 39969 L25 C Q'-1 Q f Q0 Q, i ,Q :XO S .ox C530 U ,NL Ox YOYZ ' Q-O Q90 64. Q52 e 0 no 0 o X, 'ki Q, wb C3 , A O 9- QQ, CK M QQ XO QS 4 we Q9 4. K ei i Q i X0 Q. 4' Ri2eXceQQcQQiFw ,LI QQ SQ! SZ Q94 its x 1,29 2.42590 xi Pt SAC Q90 NZXOQQIQ 595' X30 ,023 . srl i vffbezv ee Sal O GX XQIX Q5 QI QM N05 ,XQQTX QZOQX ,XQSZOQQ Z7 L30 ex xy 01 , . x SOO qs-co are qs seal 0 as et tx X50 QD Xb. 0,0 e is O ei 0 0 QQ Og. 23+ 0.53 .OZ X ,DQ db 59 OX sb Q5 K+ srl WSW BasebuH The baseball team has a tough season wlth bug schools to play. Eugene, Sprlngheld, Cottage Grove, and Junctlon Cnty are the largest ot the opponents. Wuth plenty of returnung veterans, they are expected to run very hugh IO distract connpetttuon They play St. rrancus, Elrnlra, and Junctlon Ctty for the dlstrlct charnolonshup. Veteran letterrnen are Al Gubrud, a utuluty player, Ken Ivlorxanty, putcher, and second baseman, Charles Xllfllcox, outfuelder, Ray Cantwell, outttelder, Dave Coudell, pncher, and Bob Porter, outflelder. Some ol the nevvcorners are Bob Constance, Jlnt Anderson, Jack l-lennen, Roger Larson, and Jtrn Alleman. Ed Klor, Dale Todd, Eugene Roberts, Beryl Barlow, Charles Thompson, and lionnue Johnson are others ' 'Ed M ' 3221 , Y Row 2. Rlcky Breunen, Mgr, Jan Gtlhousen, Doug Caudell, Chuck Thompson, Jtm Alleman, Jack Hennen Ronnle Johnson, Bert Kerns, Coach Row I. Beryl Barlow, Bob Constance, Roger Larsen, Chuck Wllcox, Ray Cantwell, Bob Porter Dave Caudell, Al Gubrud. We I 5 f 4 K1 llama t 'gtw l?"'t"'t" in T .. 1, in 1 A 'H 4 T 14 l 2 y . A-rp NXVUVY1 , i 4 J x , Truck The Unuyersuty l-ligh track team has a busy schedule tor the '52 season They .uuull compete un the Xllfullomette Valley Rcuays a meet wuth Roseburg and Eu- gene the l-layvyard Relays another rreet dustruct meet a dual meet wuth Wullamet e and ut anyone aualutues the state meet As un the past the cundermen are short on senuo s C the nune out only sux are rcturnung letuermen They are Cordon Dalnlauust Ru h McLaren Bruce l-lolt Dale Dye duck Duck Lxons and Duck Booth To become eluguble tor the state meet one must place un th county meet and be one ot the top two un the dustruct meet Dave Fletcher was the last Unu u-lugh track man to do thus I-le placed second un l948 and thurd un l949 run nung the 880 The returnung lettermen probably vvull carry the load ot the events Duck Booth Duck Lyons B uce l-lolt and Gor :lon Dah aouust vyull run un the varuous track eyerts Ruch McLaren and Dale Oyerduck wull partucupate un the tueld events A ma,oruty ot meets wull be at Hay ward fueld Row 2 Duane Root Rex Knught Bra e Holt Roy Houland Steve Lesch Al Jones Dale Overduck Rchard Goheen Chuck Blackburn Peter Buxbaum Guy Jacobs Don Knught Don Charles Mgr Row I Duck Lyons Don Schmale John Mankamayer Merle Langle Ruch McLaren Keuth Horns Denny Koupal Roy Skoglund Gordon Dohlquust Rod Statzer Romey Armes Bull Wood 3 EERE J MSD 954' ug '50 fi at 1I""""g 96 1'-ww Q sn 'A 1 rm 'UQ 2 Golf .lohn I-lale's young golfers are ex- pected to be one of the best in the state and the history of the school. The team was not damaged by the pre- vious year's graduation as many teams were. The loss was none and the gain was Don Anawalt, Dick Booth lsophl and Earl Kendall. Don went to national playoffs in North Carolina last year. Last year's captain, George Schultz, missed the All-Star Team by one stroke last year. The meets scheduled this year are at Salem, Marshfield, Cottage Grove, Corvallis, and Albany. There will also be home meets with the above men- tioned plus Eugene Springfield and neighboring schools George Schultz Don Anawalt and Bill Nagler are shooting in the 705 Don Hill Hale l-lohnstein Mike Starling and Earl Kendall are in the low 805 George Schultz Mr Hale Hale Hchnstein I I I I . . - 1 , I h I I - I I lj E 4 L . Standing: Earl Kendall, Don Anawalt, Mike Starling, Don Hill Bill Nagler Kneeling: Dick Booth, bevel Kerlyl A r .N Row 4. Jerry Allison, Harlan Peter, Romey Armes, Chuck Wilcox, Jim Peterson, Dick Chambers, Bob Peterson, Steve Doty, Marvin l-lodgin, Dale Fanning Row 3. Kathy Reilly, Jaunita Lemke, Sally Plummer, Donna Brewer, Lou Ann Cowlan, Jessie Davidson Gloria Bateman, Priscilla Campbell, Eloyce An- derson, Marlene McKean, Van Lou Peterson, Nancy Cross . Row 2. Mr Beechy, Barbara Richardson, Shirley Clements, Janice Beeley, Shirley Spicer, Joanne Qobertson, Alvera Reddig, Jeannie VanOrdstrand, Shzrley Bowers, Gladys Wells, Ronnie Anderson, Roberta Bowers, Verdine Weems. Row I. Gerry Gandy, Rose Cope- lan, Betty lngold, Angie Muhr, Jackie, Kyle, Mirdza Linkaitis, Vee Varner, Ger- trude Gamlen, Joy Byerley, Betty Bobinette. Mr. Morris Beachy was the di- rector ot the University l-ligh Choir this year Several student teachers from the University ot Oregon assisted him ln November, the choir presen- ted a Thanksgiving Assembly, and at Christmas they gave the an- nual Christmas program with the Scarlet Masque and participated in an all-city Christmas Concert ln April, they presented an Easter program for the student body, and participated an a Negro Spiritual Festival at MacArthur Court They entered the state high school music contest at Salem in May, v no we ox X89 Bruce Ho t Senior Class As the sngvs af sp mg Carre gradually mia wew the Semor Class Ol of ae elceed rw aaerslwp and example e ser Q s C , D, lee mg an Gahraa 1 of the Class Rall, Fre rrar was C ass resl w darma the r As s mars th ,f 0 CT d Rncjhard McLaren presldenr mme H wee presrawt ard Dalece Peterson secretary treasar r Mr Hadley vxas llle semor Class advlsor The class sponsored a fan malxt darmg tlms last year and presented their fmal assemlnl, rr Jane before baccalaureate and commencement Dalece Peterson Mr Hadley Janet Lusk Kelly '49, Paletteers l-2-3, Secretary 2, Scarlet MosGH9 If RGD Clllb l-2, Student Body Councll l-3, Studt'-nt Bivflv 59ff9l-BW lt Ullls LCOQUG Treasurer 2, Noon Hour Atttvtltt-s Ctrnrn 1, Tlrlttts and Operattons Comm 2, Glrl of the Golden "U" Ptlbltt lly Ctgrnm 1, Soctal Comm 2-3, Budget Council 3, Chorr 3 Dick Lyons Roosevelt '49, Student Body Pres ?, Class Vtce-Pres 2, Flnance Comm Chm, 2 Honor Soclety 2-3, Paletteers 2-5, Debate 3, Scarlet Mast-JUS 2.3, EXQ-feuttve Board of state Asst- ct student cauttftls 2-2, student Councll l-3, Duckllng Staff 2, Foetbzll l, Basketball l, Track l-2-3, Budget Councll 3, Golden "U" l-2-3, IRL , 3,,Soclal,Ccmm 2-3, Noon Hour Actlvttles Comm 2-3, Folk Dante Club 1, lfoYS 9019 2 Ronald Matson Roosevelt '49 fb Lucille McDaniel Roosevelt '49, G A A, 2-3, Pep Club 2-3, Ambassadors 2-3, Duckllng Staff 3, Y-Teens 3, Folk Dance Club 3, Ltbrary Club 2, Ttckets and Opera- .TIOHS Comm, 2-3, Lois McGowan Mlnerol County Hlgh School, Hawthorne, Nevada '50, Honor Soclety 2-3, Peo Club 2, Ambassadors l-2-3, Vtce-Presldent 2, Program Chm 3, l Ttckets and Operatlons Comm 2-3, Chrn 2, GAA 2-3, Presldent 3, l t Scarlet Mosque 2, Llbrary Club 2, Duckltng Staff 3, Edltor 3, Chorr 2 Qulll and Scroll 3. ' Marlene McKean Eugene Holt School '50, cltatt Pap Club 2-E, GAA ot, Gtrls sex. tette 2, Tlckets and Operatlons Comet 3 Richard McLaren Mount Vernon Unlon l-llgh School, Mt Vernon, ltllfash '53, Fcotboll 2-3, Basketball 2-3, Track 2-3, Student Ct'ur'ctl 2, Ht-Y 4, Colden "U" 2-3, Budget Councll 3, Honor Scclety 3, Class Prcs t ' Verla Miller ','. 'lscn '49, Miriam Morgan Eugene l-llgh School '50, Ambassadors ll-IL 4, Debate 3, Duckllng Stoll 3, Photography Edltor 3, Budget Coun tl 3, Poletloers S, Secretary 3, Honor Soclety 3,Glrls Sextette 2, Assembly Comm 3, Cholr 2, Qulll and Scroll 3. Ken Moriarity Kelly '49, Class Vlce-Pres l, Student Body Vtce-Pres 2 Hi-Y 2-3, Presldent 3, Football I-2-3, Basketball l-2-3, Baseball l-2'-5, Mt um Hlgh, Student Ccuncll l-2-S, Ptlblrfdy C2f"""'S 2, Assembly CQVYVYX 2, Golden "U" l-2-3, Budget Cctntttl i ,af l ,,,,c,:.,, ,, Marion Morris Kelly '49, Golden "U" Football l 2, Efsslfball E-Q, :asp-tiall 2 ,' Linda Muhr Kelly '49,,Paletteers 2-3, Prcsldent 3, Budget C-Lufnctl 3, Folk Dance Club 3, soetal comm 2-5, lltl Mu- ut. l-.Qt -, bsfutttg start 2, 5, GAA l-2, Rally Squad 2-3, Pep Club l-2-,p ,Z l , XL Wesley Nelson ? ly Roseburg Hlgh Srbaol, RlfSCllJtlVQ, Ort' , , , ty' Marita Newton tl" Roosevelt '49, Scarlet Masque l-2-3, Serretcry 2, Presldent 3, Glrlg' P League Coblnet 2, Paletteers 2-4, l R le Folk Dance Club 3, GAA l-2, Rep Club 2-3, Vlce-Pres l, Slllflfull Cornell 3, Asslstant Edltor of H1-Llghts 3, "SprlnQ Fever" 2, lit. Vtncg 2, PML' i ty Cimm 1, Budget Counctl 3, Qulll ond Scroll if nv Dale Overdick Rc-:sevelt '49, Golden 'U' I S-51 ala 2 SlLld'L'SA Cilfltl lf, Dufkllosl Staff 3, SDCr's Edlhr - lf'--'la' 1-2 3 Tre'-r l-2-1, Scflol Qgrv-no 3, Urtl Ht-L:Qnts ', Spark fi A iid STC Merrill Lee Parrott Sprlngfteld Htgh School, Sprtftgfcld, Cr, -, Pep Cao Y dl' "' 9 1 Harlon Peter b 27 Kelly '49, Chou' l-2-3 Richard Peterson Rocsetelt '49, Chotr 2- A , 3 'S ss, xi Dalece Peterson Newport High School, Newport, Ore '49, Pep Club l-2, Librory Club l, Scorlet Masque 2, Handbook Comm, 2, Choir l-3, Quill ond Scroll 2-3, Publicity Comm. 2-3, Moy Court l, Senior Class Secretary 3, Duckling Staff 3 Subscription Manager 3, Hi-Lights 2, Student Council 2 Van Lou Peterson Rcgggvelr '49, Scarlet Mosque l-2-Q Arrl-ssszdors l-2, Palerreers 2-3, Secrerary 1, IRL l-2, Pep Club l 2--i, Se retry 2, Choir l-2-3, Tickers or-d Coerorions Cyrrrr fl '-AA l A A ". '--3 Chfr F, Y:-rls' League Seirelary I Richard Pittman Foresr Grove Union lluli S ii,-ul, Foes' ,ve Ore "lu l'l'Y 23, S-e:r'c-' M.sczue -, Fnmfbf' .', lli l, - S :1 ri. lm-.. Q Studerll Ccurecn 3 Sally Plummer Krcsr-we ' -lil, -AA l 2, l:-'ll full ' .2 ' l':-L--'v' 7, lvlll SQU3-l 2, P311-'-1-55 l Q ly- Q--Pr-5, -, mins lvclfjwz' Yi:-3rc-s 5 IRL 2-5, 5 :r-1' Nl.isc1i.e QV l, L'-rls' l.eauiiv Cxifm-f A May Ccurkr 2, Hi-Lights Slqfl jp bu lr 'lil Jfill 2, Sui al C-mm 2, F ' lla' C Qll-U 1 Bob Porter Mglse-1:-e High SCFlO3l fp, llfl ' l-res - Fel-C Lane Club 1, llc-Y 4, inzzlden "U 2-f Bash-'hull 2 - :..-L 3 ff Sud-.-ri' Ccuniil Q' Jim Puscas Corvolls lnign S,n,ol 'Aw Fygtlgall ' lr E ..rlt-' lvlasuuf- 2, AS5Q'T'D'y COTVY' 2, bolder U' 2 Olin Reid Rocsevelt '47, Foolball 2-4, Colden "U ' Kathy Reilly Berlin Jr l-ligh Sihcol, Berlin, NH '-li, S urler Nlascue 2-5, Pep Club l-2-g, GAA l-2, IRL l-2, Cifrls' League Seirerory 2, President E, budge! Council f, Folk Danfe Club - Ass-Q-'r'7'. Comm 2, Llafdbonlf Cornrr 4 Cncir Z-g, Hone' Si lex Q Herma Kathleen Robinson Red Bluff Union High Schoo', Red Bluff, Co if '-99, Y-Teens 2-3, Pub- licity Chm 3, Ambassadors 5, Ambossodcrs Ccurfcil 3, Pep Club l-2-3, GAA 2-3, Tickets ond Ooerorrons Cumrr' 2-3, Dalelfeers 2-3 X4 li ' .' R f , 2 . 'L ' ' -' " i Y' yq 14 , I A it 1 if' 5 2 i ifilillll xv- IT, , ay I .' r John Rolph' U-.1 1-i , 1 Kelly '49, Golden "Ll" 23, lil Y Q- -, Fein, 2 tes-e'loll Trcck l, Dorothy Ruse . ,N Kelly '49, Duckling 2, GAA 1, L.b-sry cus 3 w'-TMS fr all Beth Rutherford ' Wilson '49, Pep Club l-2-3, Closs Secretory l, Assembly Comm l, , l , tv- X Ecarler Mosque l-2-3, Rally Squod 2, Q--rls Le-Ligue Cabinet 4, Sociol i 5 lfgigf -,,' omm 3. A June Scott Roosevelt '49, lRL 2, Choir w, Ro li, Sound 2, Ccss Secretory 2, Girls' Leogue Cobinef l, GAA l-2, Sarle' Mssuue l-Q, liaierreers 2, Pep Club l-2 Leamon Scott Pocsevel + '49 George Schultz Q Cleveland High School, Searrle, vtosl' '-43, lninir Sq ery 2-J, Segrelory i, Golden "U" l-2-3, Treasurer l:1sPe'iaV --1 golf l-2-J Wesley Seamen Kelly '49 John Shaffner Kelly '49, Honor Society 2-1, Vice-Pres , H-Y 2-1 Vige Pres 3 Pres 3 Bob Sova Roosevelt '49, Ambassadors l, Eisseoad l- Foeibeii 2-1, ewefisall 1.2--i, Tre-1 lf- f, fu 1.3.2 vue! X. H9 X i 5 It 'Wwe Qi... Q an--r -'SED Shurley Sparks Eugene Hugh School Sl Pep Cob l me la e Cltclr Marylln Stamm Roosevelt 49 C AA Durkl ng S alt FOK DOH e Club 5 Ambassadors 2 3 Club Co ml Comm 2 3 Y Teens 5 Progrom Chrr ood Ooerotvoos Larry Sfelner r Gl L N Rod Statzer RC sfvelt 49 So lol C m rt C tr k S Bose C cn ll od arte lv soue J Budget Cour ll 3 l A mov Charles Thompson W ls n 49 Boseball " Ray Thorpe bam Jr Hgh S w u llurmrw l-leur tvltles UWT F 5 .3 r Dale Todd Wlls n 49 baseball 3 Manlyn Trlolo Roosevelt 49 Arroassodors l 2 Clrls League C l net 7 Y Teens 2 5 e Pres 2 Pres J Folk Don e Cl llu Pe C ln l 2 3 Trckets Cperatlorls Comm l 23 Cltm Fmome Comm 2 Budget Comm 5 Jean Van Ordstrand Roosevelt 49 Arrbasscders l llolrlt, lt Llbrarv Clu 'T Vee Varner eosorlt Hull lllgl Selteel C Pep Clu arle Mosque 1 Tlcke'ts and Operatons Comm 2 Clrls La 14,1 S X 7 Folk Dome Cholr 2 2 Ian Walker y 49 S orlet 'la que l 'lo Comm ets and Operators Comn l 2 r F lk Dart e ub Pres 5 H Llghts Busmess Ma w r John Walker scvelt 41 S let Most l-l Y 5 Jam Warren sevelt 49 Pub y Co aff Assemzy re V T ram U lm l rn r Joan Weems W soft 49 Pep C to C If 3 Dorothy Wells Eu et li go S Amoassadors Iva P' v. Fr Ie 'I f . 1 1 A iv' .tg I., Iv, fit? lb' -97" . iimagg ,Q t. ' V 51 if ' Q , 1 . l he s Comphments n r- n Lr- rl tix rr. Q W d r Fabrics I4IllIIllllIIIIIlilIIIIIIIllIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIlllllmllfnlllllililllllmhllllliiilllllilllilfdillllIuwIIIInnumIIummm.nmuulunmmn. Qaafziion Begin: wiffli Lge gakk 878 will 1 "Students Today Better Businessmen Tomorrow" Coast to Coast Stores Hardware. Car Accessories Sporting Goods Locally Owned Everythmq for the Farm, Home, Automobde 73 W. Broadway Phone 4 1261 We1sf1eld's, Inc. Northuest s Largest Credzt ,leuelers 885 Wlllalllette PHONE 44201 Draperncs Upholstery Floor Covermgs Mountjoy and Carmlchael HOME DECORATURS Squire Boxorth Donna Brewer ond Benny Wheelon emoy ng 73 E Broadway Phone 4 5312 rest O Check Stand Your Fr endly BIG Y MARKET w shes success to the Students of Umvers ry Hugh Smart Apparel for Women ond Mnsses CLOTHES YOU LOVE TO WEAR Congratulations I0 The Class 0 S2 I'Ol'I1 PRED LUTTER and RICK PITTMAN I k e wide variety of hlrl A POWELL DRUG co li l wk 941 Rner Road Plum. 4 S812 mfr 7'9" Th I rnr a Y V 5 Q E' x , 0 0 wie ' ' in , . . , sr Je I I A ' , , ' i. O H ,, . ll ll . 6 , I -I 9 Y r W If f ef I Willamette ur Tenth . f 3 f v ' A' oo ing over th b . . 5 . 5 C ' ' N vb- Q9 is at A Q ' " ' J 'N 11 - Yi I . . ' ,X 0 ff N fff6ff'?ff,f,rf "fm L0 fy O e 'auorite Co e -8th and Willamette PAK A SACK ff D DRIVE IN CURB SERVICE u4.,....,, it Ahh D9"0'l'V Wells Benl' l"90ld JOIN" Shaffnf' 1ndlAud-e Egglnfo qoanq into Fords for lunch Where Un: Hr Students Meer for the FINEST IN DRIVE IN SERVICE 1769 Franklm Blvd lVz mules South on Hlway 99 inv,--1' Mn Nino Brush showmg Jeannie Mrllhollen and Menon Cooper the large selection of sweaters B! MILLER9S Your headquarters for BLOUSES, SKIRTS AND SPORTSWEAR 840 Wlllamette m s chnstlanson fha mortgage locxns Q11 msurcrnce 1241 Oak St Phone 4 6279 KEEP WARM and HAPPY Phone 4 1211 MANERUD IlUNTINGTON FUEL C0 997 Oak St Wood Sawdust Hogged Fuel Coal Kmg and Royal 011 Standard Fuel Bu er and Stove Charhe Elhott s University Barber Shop 1239 Alder Euqene rx 5.1 C ' ' .- .- ,mM"' W at f' . - , I l j - 7 s , - -- 'f """S" .v"'Pz--ar-mv-rising - I' f M..-' an 1 , 1- Q ..i K n J, 1' , 1 r Y'- '. I jx -ff .,. V. U55 I -f , " W, .audi 'f 'mb l S 1 - ' rv A ' V ' l v V + ...- , n i J I O O '1,"'M'z-, d ir . 1 . - df' Wh x A 1 ' J I I I - ' I I R. I I ,4 ' as N 3 .. .. - Mi ' - ' J- - rn , gr I 4 I I I Art Richardson show ng Chuck W Icox o d B II Nagler some of the Spr ng sport g goods llENDERSHOTT,S SPORTING GOODS AND ATHLETIC SUPPLIES Home ofthe Famous Wht g A a d Sweat r 770 Wluamette St Dlal 4 9325 Nu Way Cleaners For Better Appearance 200 River Road Phone 4 7311 P L FAHNLANDER AUDREY WEAKLY lI0FFMAN9S jewelers 873 W1Hamette Eugene Oregon The Sugar Plum Shop Home Made Candy Fresh Dazly Fountain BURGERS 'A' LIGHT LUNCHES 'A' SANDWICHES BOOKS i' MAGAZINES 'A' NEWSPAPERS 'A' COMICS GREETING CARDS 'A' SPECIAL GIFT BOXES OF CHOCOLATES 13th and Hllyard Phone 5 8356 md' ' Buaaclfffalaauz' FLOWERS To Say You Care eww eu: 4z......4 plea.. Q44 910 RIVER ROAD Ph 4 67 Fresh Vegetable Julces Cereals and F lours Ground Danly Salt Free Dlabetlc Allergy Foods HEALTH FOOD CENTER 787 OLIVE ST BEST CLEANERS ED SIEGMUND 821 E 13th 'A' Phone 5-6321 By the Campus CLEANING -- PRESSING -- ALTERATIONS I1 ,iv em ARTIST Tl PHOTOGRAPHERS Photographers The Ducklmg The Studio Building 13th and Willamette Good 'V Madge Barnes Lmda Muhr Rod Statzer and Chuck Adams have found a large varety of Chefs Famous Foods CHET S frozen Tamales Chlcken Ples Chlcken a la Klng R2V10h 1 lilly! ' HW EL:-v Truly Yours EUGENE S FASHION CENTER Ewiw Complete Burldlng Moterlol Servrce Pamts Hardware A A 4.1 IIIHBFP fo Phone 1845 Fronklm Blvd 4 3273 Eugene Oregor Hutch's Bicycle Store Home of Famous Bruce Holt, Jrm Alleman, and Dawn Kester lookmg over the S ' ' wade selection of leather goods at chwmn Blcycles rn Eugene 27 years 85 T HGHTH Luggage, Leathergooas Pamt, Wallpaper 'f r':'v,'i'..'w- 1',..' -' T."','..s s.'.i.:..fii.v' .YI .ii . :,- :lf-..'.j1A 0 I M, ,turn V , I IW 1g'n"'f "fm H ll 'iii rl I u1!l1EiM!M',MIl f' XN 'Wg' AE i.. 'W if MIM' 'I u 4 JIEQIEV' C My .'.' 'IM I 44 'D r I F Q. '.3 r 'Haw - ll, - f I .' f 45' . 1 ,if k 2.111 ,Q 5 Z . ' QQ. o f, I li ll .Q' 9 11 t r i I I ,V f . 5 - .cl 9 I 4 I A ' . Ph. 4-2015 v 56 W. 10th Congratulations to the Men and Women of the Class of 195 2 From Your Florists . . . MAXINE and VINCE FARINA FLOWERS UNLIMITED 193 E Broadway Flowerfone 4 6244 Your Headquarters or School and Offlce Supphes Weddlng Announcements Statlonery Valley Statlonery Co 76 West Broadway lan Walker Bull Porter ond Nancy Hull ore be ng shown o Comero by Mr Coburn at the COBURN FILM SHOP Cameras 0 Projectors 0 Photo Fmnshlng PHONE 4 824, 7TH AND WILLAMETTE ii Lu Savage S show ng Hornet Nlelsen ond Joan Robertson the large select on of sweoters ot FOR 25 YEARS AT 30 E BROADWAY gzzazwyfs. HOUSE OF DIAMONDS 1016 Wlllamette Eugene, Or Next to the McDonald Theater Cg0I1 It s Smart' VISIT Rubenstein OFTEN at the Corner of Elghth and OIIVB f .' ' i .V I ' ff W ' I ar" . I , ,S 1 I ' ' i ANG-M Complzments 0 Rrver Road Market 29th St Super Mart 645 Rlver Road 2890 South Willamette TWO OF LANE COUNTYS FINEST FOOD STORES I cl p ty d Don Romame and Fred Rath Owners CONGRATULATIONS TO THE N CLASS OF 1952 K U G from P 4 LINDA LEE9S THE EUGENTYS LARGEST APPAREL STORE B E S T For Girls and Boys SHOWS Sues 0 14 Also Subteens Fust in Quality Reasonable Prices ss w nnonnwmr Duu. 4-4a21 5 9 " 0 h V BW 3. Sully Plummer Prlscnlla Campbell Cecelia Cairns Mrs Martm Lnen .loan Reed Pat Lusk 8 Joyce K er ore ottend ng o Teen Age Sew ng Class ot SINGER SEWING CENTER -k Spec ol Rate of S800 for n ne two hour lessons -k Form Your Own Group or Apply Ind vnduolly 1032 WILLAMETTE 1k PHONE 5 8421 CLUIHESWQMEN E BUYS 1088 Wxllametie Jackie Kyle Manta Neuron and eth Rutherford , Qommif WOMEN Congratulauons Class of S2 THE LEMON 66099 The Place to Meet Your F rrends for a Soda 801 E 13th PHONE 5 9346 Everythmg Ln Hardware Rzver Road Hardware 675 Rwer Road. Eugene Phone 5-7823 Plumbmq 'k Sportmq Goods Pcunts 'A' Apphcmces 'A' Garden Supplies Tmmed Hands Never Idle Eugene Beauty College 162 Wear E1ghth Donna Brewer as shown pmmng a beautiful corsoge on Dalece Peterson For Beauuful Flowers Wm Dyke 995 West 7th Phone 4 8411 Eugene Oregon RQGHFIELD ' Gcrsollne ' M621-or Olls Ich Heat Burner Olls X A T Froedruck Distributor Phone 4 8124 Eugene Sprmgfneld CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS' W X ww l.,......J.l ,.LL..'l ,pfv- L 1 r I1 Jock Robe tson John Wa e o d Robe t Sh sler fo to be see Your Wxllcxmette Valley Sportmq Goods Center IOHN WARREN HARDWARE Phone 5 3353 771 Wxllcxmetie Fresh Dazly Bakery Goods MADE WITH HIGHEST QUALITY INGREDIENTS Rollmg Pm Bakery Three Bokerres to serve you Rnver Road 9 Sprmgfneld 9 Bug Y Market CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS of 52 from The Appliance Center 70 W 10th RCA Rudxos and Records Maytag 0 Kelvmcxtor 0 Bendix ' Capehart ' . Q, i N., . , 1 'I -X. sl Q A, - XM ' s , hx. X X -,P A. . NX it X '. gb .. ' ' X, '- , , H, 'xx ' Q f , -, , x ,I X " L g X A K Q xx .. s K. " ,T . T ' 1 ' " ' ' I ,h , t H'-.. F 'M-. h y x W ' 7 xx Q - I v R 1 . X , 2 ,Q N. . .wxxx NN, ' M I , . IWW V , J ' I W M , Mtv' io' 2 I A ot A I , .f M 4, I am K ' 0 0 SL . 4 r- . r N V f N X f I ,' A ' ' 1 ,A ' .. jf -ig' il I 'MP'- - XL - .j,3,.,1, 1,,,J.,,o - o - . ef ang f' r , rr n, rw r i ore mrIior men n or ' , . The Place Where You Will Always Meet Your Friends Dick and Jim's EI Pronto Drive In SEVENTEENTH AND WILLAMETTE ii Rvluu 740 Willamette Phone 5 4356 BUTAN E PROPANE M""" D 2 0 C 0 9 9 'GY Q S0 BULK AND BOTTLED GAS delco s ce c e D A316013 Magic Gas and Appliance Co Unwerszty High s F avorzte Dairy Products 2810 West 6th Eugene ses OLIVE PHONE 4 6225 Phone 4 2283 E Dc Lyo Rc dML J pct edoboe 240 RIVCF Road Ph0I16 5 3385 If l 4 , Jon i , ian Y ung, ond Di lu Booth r n' in me ofthot iiui romby.., O O I . . . , . . , l 5 l g fb A D o . ew , 4 . "4 l -' .. - +V 'Ll 1. , . i k ns, i har c aren, Bill Porter and Al ones ore 1 ur v Qasaxb CQJQSAAJ' x,.J, Q Qi C5e,.,N,-.psjL3xn.J as Rig-fxci Q.JX.r-S-D30 gnoxgs ,Q.Nxs:5.oLSm:.3Nl.sYxQXxJ..Q,.S.SQ,,Q E E Q :S .-. 3Q1,Rx,E.MydLxxQ.xak9m1Q.:k,ELQ,,Q.yxb.QJhJ,,1s,.XNQ mwxskgg v1-f'xLJ.jNS'x.o..s-4xQs-fx.vqkQ-,F'lSfxs.Jx3Qss4Nd. 9,9fXQ.5gg,Xsw..J,S:-Xc:uoQ.1.S.:m.u.sYxo.v-x .QQJASSXJAJLLD u9ueNxJJlxMU 050Q3'JQi-Av anxuqqibst SQNSWXOJ Ffifpx Nns3unvm.QeQkucQ gang QAMmgSv MhixQJAQb3 ABQ QQ, 3u::'l-D-N-N-'-N4YYN.:.D Mm Qywtiiki xmmgdwqmixxlik wxguj sg I i Q-LMYYNJ3 X E, X bg-,xn:s.JoLJ.5-vxsrfxfhig . X Exgisxg aa? Ml-YN'-Sfx 'awmuvxm ES R gig5PSb?nv Qbdmm AQXSQS Quang. 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