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ww r N 1. u--lQ Y :ini Editor . . . Douglas Moore Business Manager . . . Donald Jeppesen I943 TI-IE I943 DUCKLIN6 1 I I: 'I Www 2 wil Published By The Associated Student SOF UNIVERSITY Hue:-I scuool. Eugene, Oregon Volume XI We Dedicalze - To all the Uni High boys who are so courageously fighting for the cause of freedom and for the right to live in a Free and peace- ful world. . . To them . . . to the spirit they exemplify . . . we proudly cieclicate this 1943 annual. 4 f10, .b A f, W N ,X 093 ' ll x Y I: I 4 I 'A 4 3 qopggawup- 1ixfDP VI I A N K I IfS TRATl . i fr N 1 A X FACU LTY SHAFER CRAMER MOORE Akers Conradt Firth Garnet Kerley Koons Kuchera Moore Sgllin Sherman Van Lydegraf Williamson Wilmot Zimmerman WH I v HV: ,nm B N N Q, in Q ,,,'ffQfH 'W af W, N . ,xiikaf Hi 0:35 sis B: 5 Faculty Roster R. U. MOORE, Assistant Professor of Ed- ucation, Principal, Instructor of Geom- etry, Adviser to Student Council. B.A., M.A., Oregon. HOWARD AKERS, Instructor in Edu- cation, Supervisor of Social Studies, Adviser to Senior Class, Adviser for Duckling Staff. A.B., A.M., Colorado State College of Education. PAULINE CONRADT, Supervisor of Art Education in Schools in Alaska and Ore- gon, Graduate work at U. of Wash., Mills College and School of Design, Chi- cago, Instructor in Art Education U. of Oregon. B.A., U. of Oregon, M.F.A. U. of Ore- gon. MARGARET FIRTH, Instructor in Edu- cation, Supervisor of Spanish, English and Adviser to Uni Hi Lights. A.B., Grand Island College, M.A., Univ. of Iowa, Graduate and Special Work, Univ. Boulder, and Univ. of Chicago. MAUDE GARNETT, Associate Professor of Public School Music, Supervisor of Music, Adviser of Choral Groups. M.A., Columbia. VERNON E. KERLEY, Instructor of Edu- cation, Supervisor of Mathematics. B.S., M.S., Oregon State. MARTHA L. KOONS, Instructor of Edu- cation, Adviser to National Honor So- ciety and Scarlet Masque. A.B., M.A., Univ. of Colorado. HENRY KUCHERA, Instructor in Edu- cation, Supervisor of Physical Education for Boys, Adviser of Golden HU". B.A., State Teachers, North Dakota, M.S., Oregon. DORTHA MOORE, Instructor in Educa- tion, Supervisor of Physical Education for Girls: Adviser of the G.A.A. B.A., Colorado. VERNE SELLIN, Teacher of Orchestra. Student, U. of Oregon. DOROTHY SHERMAN, Instructor in Education, Supervisor of Social Living and History, Girls' Counselor and Ad- viser of Girls, League. B.A., M.A., Oregon. VAN LYDEGRAF, Teacher of Bookkeep- ing under Lois Zimmerman. Student, U. of Oregon. STANLEY WILLIAMSON, Instructor in Education, Instructor in Science, Adviser of I-Ii-Y, Boys' Counselor. B.A., Nebraska Wesleyan, M.A., Co- lumbia. VEOLA WILMOT, Instructor in Educa- tion, Supervisor of Library. B.A., M.A., U. of Oregon. LOIS ZIMMERMAN, Instructor of Edu- cation, Supervisor of Commercial Sub- jects. B.A., U. of Oregon. STUDENT COUNCIL Chester Stevenson presided over the monthly Student Council meetings held during the year. This organization repre- sents the school and tries to see that the school activities and regular happenings are run smoothly. The vice-president and sec- retary of the student body along with rep- resentatives from every club and each class make up the nucleus ol? the group. Some ol: the problems that came before the body this year were: VVould it be wise for University High to join with neighbor- ing schools in competition for the best school spirit and sportsmanship of a student body? Should U.l-l.S. adopt the plan pre- sented by the Allied Youth Association? Should a service Hag be purchased for the student body? The Council worked very hard on the War Bond and Stamp campaign and the student body contributed over 552,000 by the end of the year. Other drives were taken up and discussed in regular meetings, the outcome being that they were greatly helped by the cooperation of this group. CHET STEVENSON DORIS NELSON GENE DEUTSCHMANN LEFT TO RIGHT: Manerud, Deutschmarm, Evans, Rogers, Thorsland. Jeppesen. Nelson, Stevenson, R. U. Moore, Moore. Morton, White, Har- vey, Nelson, Woodworth. MISSING: Adkison, Furr, Baker, Quigley. CADET TEACHERS Cadet teachers have become an established part ol: University High School education. They are sent here to get their practical training before going into posi- tions of their own. After observing a class for some time, they take over the instruction and continue on their own plan. A recent change has brought cadet teachers to the science and math classes, which up to this time have been closed to cadet instruction. The cadet teachers for the entire year in alpha- betical order were: Ruth Baker, Lois Baldwin, Kieth Bannister, Robert Bannister, Helen Barklow, Mary Bohonenlcamp, Margaret Brinkley, Elsie Brownell, Elizabeth Clark, Elizabeth Cooper, Billie Dexter, Elerie Douglas, Robert Forsythe, Lila Furchner, Miss Field, Ann Gildersheim, Milodene Goss, Dorothy Cullette, Hilder Hegstrom, Mrs. I-lunt, Miss Kam- erad, Gertrude Kay, Ervin Lesser, Mary Loney, Claire Lyon, Virginia MacLean, Dorothy Mills, Esther Needham, Lulu Pali, Marjorie Phipps, Miss Richard- son, Miss Riddell, Miss Schaid, Elinor Scott, Miss Shoemaker, Dorris Stein, Roger Teel, Mildred Thomas, Maxine Tripp, Miss Tully, Mrs. Van Etten, Dean Van Lydegraf, and Betty Workman. ,... ln.--. . . . " """ . 1 - it r 4:- I -7 , w S- Gopyr'Iy7v7t 'WDP SENIOR OFFICERS The Senior Class was indeed well led by the ofhcers elected at the beginning of the year. They included, I-lerb Baker as presi- dentg Al Rogers as vice-presidcntg and An- dree Manerud as secretary. During the year two seniors were elected to serve on the Senior Council. This group held discussions on problems that were to be brought before the entire senior class. Such things as: what type of announce- ments were to be selectedg whether or not a Baccalaureate Service was to be heldg and what types of clothes were to be worn for the graduation exercises. These things were all discussed thoroughly by'the entire class before any decisions were reached. The adviser for the year was Mr. Akers, and of course, the group was well guided and in formed by M r. Moore throughout the entire year. n HERB BAKER ANDREE MANERUD AL ROGERS LEFT T0 RIGHT: First row, Jeppesen, Rogers, Adkison: Second row, Baker, Manerud, Akers. SENIORS - - - Nineteen Hundred A VERNER ADKISON ROBIN ARKLEY HERBERT BAKER LESLEY BALDINGER EDA RAE BEYMER FRED BIXEL BARRY BLAINE BOB BROWN MOLLY CONNELL ELLI CROSLAND BURTON DAWSON GENE DEUTSCHMANN DAVE EVANS JODIE EVANS FRED FORSYTHE Forty-Three SHIRLEY GLASGOW DICK HINZ LESTER HIXSON DALE HOGAN BEVERLY HOPKINS VICTOR HUFFAKER MARJORIE JENSEN DON JEPPESEN DICK JONES CLARENCE KOCKS DALE LAMBERT VIC MADDEN ANDREE MANERUD ROBERT MCCALL MIRAM MCCALLUM SENIORS LEONARD MICKEL DOUGLAS MOORE NINA MOUNTS VIRGINIA MURPHY BILL NAGLE DORIS NELSON BOB NORTHROP BETTY ANN PARKER DICK PETERS VIRGINIA PORTER ANN POTTER LUELLA PRESCOTT BOB PURKEY ROBERTA QUIGLEY MARILYNN ROWLING AL ROGERS NANCY SAMPSON KATHLEEN SHARP MERLE LYLE STEPHENS CHESTER STEVENSON , JERRY SWITZER MARTHA THORSLAND ROGER TOBIAS VICTORIA URQUIRI VIRGINIA URQUIRI JUDY WALKER CHARLOTTE WILLIAMSON JACKIE FRIEDL MARY WOODHURST SENIORS CLASS HISTORY September 21, 1940 Dear Diary, I guess I really have looked forward to this day. I registered as a sophomore in University High School this morning! Mmwlie October 11, 1940 Dear Diary, We "sophs" had our first class meeting this morning. Victoria Urquiri was elected president, Doris Nelson, vice-presidentg Marguerite Wilsoli, secretary, and Bob Mc- Donald, treasurer. This year ought to be great! Maudie October 16, 1940 Dear Diary, The night finally arrived and we played Eugene High at the Civic Stadium. It was the football game of the season and do you know what, Diary, they had to win, 12-0. Mrzudie November 8, 1940 Hi, Diary, We're really stepping along this year! Several of our girls and boys compose a large per cent of club members, and already most of the members of the newly formed Drill Team are from our sophomore girls. Some of the fellows from our class look like good prospects for future Hlettennenn. Nlauclie January 6, 1941 Back again to school after a swell vaca- tion. As sophs we're really sprouting! We have put on two plays for assembly, three boys have received their athletic letters, and the returns from our first dance were noth- ing to sneeze at! So long! January 21, 1941 Gee Whiz, Diary, The school across the way had to beat us 32-24 in a very exciting basketball game. I think Wayne Stump and Bob Shupe look so cute in their uniforms, don't you, Diary? Mazzdie February 5, 1941 Dear Diary, Report cards out today. My grades were so-so, but live from our class are on the Honor Roll! Wliatta ya know! Marwlie May 17, 1941 Hi fella! Haven't written in you for a long time, as have been so busy. The end of the year is coming and we're quite busy. Marilyn Rowling and Marguerite Wilson are prin- cesses for the May Dance and plans are underway for the sophomore picnic. llflaudie June 1, 1941 Vacation time, Diary! See you next year! Happily yours, Maualie September 19, 1941 Dear Diary! Can you believe it? I'm a junior, a sort of middle-man! Mczuolie October 5, 1941 Dear Diary! Dale Hogan is class prexy, Chet Steven-- son, vice-prexy, Donna Gray, secretary, and Virginia To-rgeson, junior class represen- tative. Goodbye for now, Me. October 10, 1941 Hello Diary! You should have seen the exciting Foot- ball game with our good old rivals, Eugene High, and Dwain Harbert, well, he was wondertul. Although the score was 19-0 in their lfavor I still thought we were going to win. Mauolie December 20, 1941 Happy holidays, Diary! We did it again. Our class won the prize for the best doll display at the Doernbecker Tea this year as we did last year. I guess you know which bunch of girls is clever. M audie I Continued no page 481 THE BLACKOUT GAZETTE THE UNI DIM LIGHTS VOL 366-YVYVNQJ. I-PM WW June 1, 1973 ,NIGI-IT-CLUB QUEEN PUT ON TRIAL Defense Lawyer Frederick "Fingers" Bixel Missing Urquiri twins, famous ballet ar- lniured ln P-38 Crack-Up PFC William Nagle was ser- iouslv in'ured when a P-38 llown . J by Lt. Gen. Bob "Dweit" Northrop crashed into the potato shack where P. Nagle was industriously laboring. Mess Sgt. Albert Z. Rogers reported both were in serious condition ex- cept when the nurse enters the room. SENATE INVESTIGATES Sen. Holcom D. Moore Cliep. Ore.D was appointed head of the Paraguay lnllation Committee. Sec. of Labor, Francis Ann Perkins,stated that the feud between C.I.O. head Victor A. Madden and A.F. of Z. leader Robert B. McCall was rap- idly coming to a head in Paraguay where it has been reported raining. COUNCIL ELECTS SUPT. Richard Peters, I3.F..A., BS., Ph. D., P.U., etc., was appointed to fill the unexpired term of Dale I. Lam- ber, Ceiling Zero, who passed. BUY WAR BONDS A glllli' BUY A f H: MURDERER P. U., Fri., Special.-Connected with slaying of glamorous Nancy Sampson, WAAC Colonel, is char- acter in picture above. Unidentified, last seen in Evans' Snappy Service Station.. 35,000 REWARD LESLEY A. BALDINGER COMMITTED TO ASYLUM L. A. Baldinger, local OPA head, today was committed to the Fred Forsythe Home for the Feeble Minds. Doctors in attendance were Robert Purkey and Burton L. Dawson. After one Luella Prescott came in to the board asking for a retread, Mr. Baldinger threw her through the window of the Prichard L. Jones Seed-Feed Co. PORTER PASSES The town was saddened today with the passing away of Miss Virginia Porter after living here 86 years in her home on Pine Street. Surviv- ing her is her maid Roberta Pussy and a cat named Quigley. tists, are sueing each other for assault and battery after a back stage brawl in which the two beat each other brutally. Also beaten were bass drummer Mary Woodliurst and Hutist Shirley Glasgow when they attempted to separate the two fighters. WCTU Officer Dale Hogan was getting the facts of the missing law- ver. Council for Prosecution Honest John Jeppesen was quoted as say- ing, "My name ain't Honest John for nothing. I honestly think I can honestly handle this case honestly." THIRD ATTEMPT MADE ON LIFE OF CINEMA ACTBESS ELEANOR CROSLAND No Motive Given No Story Either No Nothin'! S E SIDE E OTHER . .al I x 15 LOWCLIMBER By "Bucs" BROWN Now that it is all over the great high school basketball team of the west, University Hi Cof Eugenej really showed what a high school team can do. Under the expert tute- lage of "Treat 'Em Rough" Kuchera they won 54 straight games, losing only once to the strongest team in the series, St. Mary's. Among their impressive wins were the 7 to 6 victory over Lowell and a 2. to O slaughter over local Edison Grade School. Speaking of University High, I got a letter from Cpl. Kay Sharp, WAAC, now in the Komondoskie Islands where she says world wide bowler, Judy Walker, and ex-poul- try producer, Beverly Hopkins, play badminton everyday. There are 126 islands in the group which seemed to have some fascination for one Jerry H. Switzer, missionary, and one time ping pong player of fair standing. ' BOILERBUSTERS VVIN The Boilerbusters, women's foot- ball team, today defeated the pro- fessional Mother Baker's Cookies Team 64 to eleventeen. Star of the game was Andree "Butch" Manerucl, who kicked through with 62 points in an off day. Captain Barry Blaine of the Baker's "Cookies" team, age 44, sprained his esophegus mem- bris. Referee Merye Lyle Stephens had the game under control. fr5:55-:::J::.-.-:J:Ii-:Q 'I 'I 'I '.- 'I :I if :I l ' I :I Il 'll , IJ wr :I l' I-I U' 'l fig. 4l 4, 1, :I ,. ' . I- ' 'I , E' I I 'l , .Ji il 'I il? f 'I ll IN.. 37 lb 4 ' I I kgs:-" at . ' , 4, - M , 4, il W 6 1: 4 5' .A " 1, 4 I li. .1 :I :I 42 Flowers by Thorslcmd .Q 4, 4, I , 4 4I M. Thorslcmd. Florist 4: 1 1 I 4 4,:::.-:::.-::,::::.-.-,:,,, 16 HUFFAKER RUNS MILE Coach Victor Huffaker ran the mile here Tuesday to prove to his students it can be clone. Hutfakefs waist length beard merely gave him trouble once as he ran it in record shattering 40889. Sideline fan and firm believer in "Roosevelt For a Tenth Term" was Robin "The Rip- per" Arkley. Tobacco was imme- diately rendered after the run, to revive Huffaker, by Graduate Mgr. Richard M. Hinz. CITY NEWS NOTES OR BACK FENCE GOSSIP By CLARENCE Kocrcs VVhat's for today: 1:30-Recital by Violinist Loren Ohowhestinski Grant. 3:00-Outdoor garden club meet- ing at the home of Miss Tilly M. Jensen, where the eminent Oliver G. Deutschman will speak on the Gilded Lily. 7:30-Doris Nelson's famous play, "Arsenic and Old Lice" at Lone- some Polecat Playhouse. Highlighting the events of the weekend is the funeral of Leonard Mickel, philanthropist. Services are at the lovely Stevenson and Deutsch- mann mausoleum. I saw a beautiful hat on the head of the mayoris wife, shapely, young Marilynn Rowling C83D today. VVe heard it was a creation by V. Toots Murphy, owner of the Metropolitan Emphorium. Wedding of the week is that of Josephine Evans, poetess, to Sgt. Albert Z. Rogers. 300 persons at- tended the secret wedding. 6 llnuulInmullnlullullllnlunnunnnn Inn inema :::::::'-:'A::::::::::'K A D K I S O N ' S 1' CHINESE THEATER 51 Mon. thru Tues. 4: Starring Edu Rue Boynton' 4, 4 THE MONSTER 1E VVe Change Our Shorts :I Once a Week ,I Q- :::::::-:::::::::::47 'I PLYMOUTH ROXY 1: Barry Blnim- and 'I Fharlotte Williamson in 'I Abe Lincoln in Florida lf also :I Bugs Bunny 4: - :::::::.- .-:::,,.-::::4 v ------------ - ------- -I 4, 4 ' IACKIE FRIEDL gf Music Store :I Keep Us On The String 4: D 4, - ::::::e-.-:::::.- .-::::4 nv 5-A -II:-A-' 55:53-A-Aiiiin 1+ LEAVITT'S 3- 4:Clothvs for Men and B10I'0llS4: If you have a drape shape VVe've got the sack-to :I l-it you 4' I - -------------A-- --J Little Boy Blue Go : Blow Your Horn Or If It Don,t Vvork Bring It to Mm-C'ALLl'M'S GARAGE 18th and Oak : sec MIRIAM MCCALLUM 0- ::- :::::::::: Stevenson :S Deutschmcxnn l Funeral Home 1375 E. N. W. St. u E A T A T slllll lllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllll llllfe M O L L Y I S 5 Stop In At 5 . Mother Bakeis Fme Soup G Nuts Q Cookie Shop MOLLY DONNELL E Try Our Crumless Cookies 5 Head Nut 21 uunnIlnuInununnunnnnmmlmulnlnl ::::: '::::-':::::":::-3 'a SENIOR ROSTER VERNER ADKISON: Roosevelt Jr. High '40 Golden "ll" 1, 2, 3: Pres. 3: Football 2: Hi-Y 2, 3: Sec. 3: 'l' 1, 3: Co-Captain Il: Student Council 3. ROBIN ARKLEY: Raymond High '40 Hi-Y 2.3: Chaplain 3: S.tJ.C. 2: Track 2, 3: Duck- ling 2, 3: "Kind Lady." 2: Scarlet Masque 3: Duckling Subscription lid. 3. HERBERT BAKER: Roosevelt Jr. High '40 HI-Y 2, 3: Football 1, 2, 3: Swimming 1, 2, 3: Scarlet liliu-:que 2, 3: Honor Society 3: Student Council 3: "Give Me Credit" 1: Senior Class Pres. 3: Senior Council 3: Baseball 1: Basketball 1. 2, 3: Golden "ll" 1, 2, 3. LESLEY BALDINGER: Roosevelt Jr. High '340 Golden "U" l, 2, 3: Football 2, 3: Basketball 1, 2, 3: Capt, 3: Baseball 1, 2, 3: Mr. Unl-Hi 21 I-ll-Y 2, 3. EDA RAE BEYMER Roosevelt Jr. High '40 G.L. 1, 2. 3: lllilc Club 1, 2, FRED BIXEL: Woodrow Wilson '40 Football 1, 2, 3. BARRY 'BLAlNE: Grant High, Portland, Oreg.. '40 Golden "U" 2, 3: Baseball 2, 3: Football 3: Hi-Y 2,3: 'l'rca.s. 3: S.0.C. 2. BOB BROWN: ' Sequoia Union High '40 S.O.C. 2: I-ll-Y 2: Honor Society 3: Duckling 3. MOLLY CONNELL: Harding Jr. High, Harshfleld '41 Scarlet Mztaquc 3: G.l.. 2, 3 CROSLAND ELLI: Roosevelt Jr. High '40 G.L. 1, 2, Il: Pin 1: Skit 1, 2, 3: 'Drill 'I't-am 2: S0.C. 2: Scarlet Masque 3: "Give Me Credit" 1: "Ring Around Elizabeth" 3: "The 'Phinlu-rs" 2. BURTON DAWSON: Oakesdale H. S. '41 GENE DEUTSCHMANN: Roosevelt Jr. High '40 Baselmll Mgr. 1, 2: Golden "U" 1, 2, 3: Sec. 3: li'nskotba.ll 2: HI-Y 2, 3: "Kind Lady" 2: "Ring Around Elizabeth" 3: Scarlet Masque 2, 3: Vice- Pres. 3: Student Council 3: Vice-Pres. Student gfmdy Ia: Feature Editor Duckling 3: "'l'llzcr's .aw" , DAVE EVANS: Roosevelt Jr. High '40 Football 1, 2: Baseball 1, 2: Swimming 1, 2, 'Z Goldcn "U" 1, 2, 3: Swim. Capt. 3: Hi-Y 2, 3. JODIE EVANS: Roosevelt Jr. High '40 Drill 'Peam 1: I-li-Lights 2: Ed. 3: G.L. 1, 2, 3: Count-ll,2, 3: Skit 2, 3: S.O.C. 2: Rifle Club 2: Honor Soc. 2, Il: Sec. 3: Student Council 3: Quill it Scroll 2, 3: Duckling 3. FRED FORSYTHE: Roosevelt Jr. High '39 Golden "U" 2, 3: Tennis 1, 2. SHIRLEY GLASGOW: Franklin High '41 G.L. 1, 2, 3: Council 3: Girls' Choir 2. DICK HINZ: Santa Clara High '41 Rifle Club 2: S.O.C. 2. LESTER HIXSON: Roosevelt Jr. High '40 Golden "U" 2, 3: Scarlet Masque 3: Hi-Y 2, 3: Prg. Ch. 3: Football 1, 2, 3: Capt. 3: Basketball 1, 2, 31 Baseball 1, 2, 3: Student Council 1: 'f'l'iger's Claw" 1: "Ring Around Elizabeth" 3: Duckling' Jr. l. DALE HOGAN: Woodrow Wilson '40 Golden "U" 1, 2, 3: Football 3: Baseball 1. 2, 3: Capt. 3: S.O.C. 2: Vice-Pres. 2: Rifle Club 1: Duckling 2, 3: Hi-Y 2, 3: Student Council 2: Pres. Jr. Class 2. BEVERLY HOPKINS: Roosevelt Jr. High '40 G.L. 1, 2. 3: Council 2: Skit 3: S.O.C. 2: Hi-Lights 2: Art Ed, 3: Duckling 3: Art Ed. 3: G.A.A. 3: Honor Soc. 2, 3: Quill St Scroll 2, 3. VICTOR HUFFAKER: Roosevelt Jr. High '40 S.O.C. 2: Duckling 3. MARJORIE JENSEN: Roosevelt Jr. High '40 G.L. 1, 2, 3: G..-LA. 1, 2, 3: Pres 3: Honor Soc. 3: Girls' Choir 2. DON JEPPESEN: Santa Clara '40 Honor Soc. 2, 3: Pres. 3: S.O.C. 1, 2: Rifle Club 1, 2: Hi-Y 3: Sr, Council 3: Student Council 3: Duckling 3: Business Mgr, 3: Band 1: "Ring -Around Elizabeth" 3. ' DICK JONES: Hills Military Academy '40 Basketball 2, 3: Tennis 1: Baseball 3: Football 2: Golden "U" 2.3. CLARENCE KOCKS Santa Clara High '41 DALE LAMBERT: E.H.S. '42 Basketball 3: Football 3: Golden "U" 3. VIC MADDEN: Roosevelt High, Seattle, '42 Football 3: Baseball 3: Duckling 3: Hi-Lights 3. ANDREE MANERUD: Roosevelt Jr. High '40 G.L. l, 2, 3: Council 2, 3: Pin 1, 2: Skit 1, 2, 3: Drill Team 1, 2: Blondie 3: Duckling Jr. 1, 2: Hi-Lights 2: Duckling 2, 3: "Tiger's Claw" 1: Scarlet Masque 2. 3: Sec. 3: Seo. Sr. Class: "Ring Around Elizabeth." McCALL ROBERT Santa Clara '40 1 SENIOR ROSTER MIRIAM MQCALLUM Beach School, Portland, Ore. Honor Society 3: Band 3: Duckling 3. LEONARD MICKEL: Roosevelt Jr. High '40 Rifle Club 2. DOUG MOORE: Santa Clara '40 Hi-Y 2, 3: Pres. 3: Honor Soc. 2, 3: Vice-Pros. 3: Student Council 1, 3: Duckling 2, 3: Editor 3. NINA MOUNTS: Pleasant Hill High '40 G.L. 1, 2, 3: Girls' Choir 2: Duckling 2. VIRGINIA MURPHY: Roosevelt Jr. High '40 Band 1, 2: G,L. l, 2, 3: Council 1, 3: Pin lg Vice- Pres. 3: Skit l, 2, 3: Drill 'Peam 1, 2: S.0.C, 2: Treats. 2: Rifle Club 2: Sec. 2: Duckling 3: "Give Me Credit" 1. BILL NAGLE: Roosevelt Jr. High '40 Band 1, 2. DORIS NELSON: Roosevelt Jr. High '40 Drill Team 1, 2: G.L. 1, 2, 3: Council 1, 2: Skit 1, 2, 3: Student Council 1, 3: Student Body Sec. 3: Soph. Vic-Pres.: Miss Uni High 2: "Give Mc Credit" 1. BOB NORTHROP: Roosevelt Jr. High '40 BETTY ANN PARKER: Page High, North Dakota, '42 G.L. 3. DICK PETERS: Gardner Jr. High '40 Q Q Golden "U" 1, 2, 3: Hi-Y 2, 3: Honor Soc. 3: Bas- ketball 2, 3. VIRGINIA PORTER: Lewis 8. Clark, Spokane, Wash., 42 U Uni Hi-Lights 3: Feature Ed. 3: Duckling 3: G.L. 3: Skit 3. - ANN POTTER U Harrisburg, Ore., High '41 LOUELLA PRESCOTT: Roosevelt Jr. High '40 G.L. 1, 2, 3: Skit 1, 2, 3: Honor Soc. 2, 3: G.A.A. 3: Duckling 2: I-Ii-Lights 2: Lit. Ed. 2: Quill X Scrcall 2, 3: "Matrimonial Agency? Duckling Jun- ior . Boa PURKEY:. Roosevelt Jr. High '40 Golden "U" 2, 3: Track Team 2, 3. ROBERTA QUIGLEY: Roosevelt Jr. High '40 G.L. 1, 2, 3: Pin 1: Skit 1, 2, 3: Drill Team I, 2: Scarlet Masques 2, 3: Pres. 3: "Kind Lady" 2: "Ring Around Elizabeth" 3: "Give Me Credit" 13 "Matrimonial Agency" 1: Hi-Lights 2: Soc. Ed. 2: Duckling Jr. 2: Duckling 3: Student Council 3. MARILYN ROWLING: Roosevelt Jr. High '40 G.A.A. Princess l.: CLL. I, 2, Il: Pin l, 2, 3: Skit l, 2, il: 'I'rc:1s. Il: Council 3: Scarlet Masque Il: Honor Soc. Ii: "Ring Around Ellzalzctlf' 3: Yell Louder 2: Drill Team lg Duckling 2, Il: Girl of Golden "Ll" 3: Principal G.L. Day 3. AL ROGERS: Roosevelt Jr. High '40 Hi-Y Ii: Golden "U" Cl: Football Mgr. Il: Sr. Claws Vice-Pres.: Duckling Il: Band 1, 2, Il: Baseball 2: Fagskctlmll 3: Stage Mgr. 3: Sr. Council 3: 'l'rnck NANCY SAMPSON: Lowell High, San Francisco, '42 G.L. 2, 3: Sec, 3: Council 3: Skit 2, Il: 1-'in Il: Duckling 3: Scarlet Masque il: "Ring Around Ellzaln-th" 3. KATDHLEEN SHARP: Stadium High Tacoma, Wn., '42 G.A.A. 31 nil.. :ig Skit :zz Duckling ::. I MERLE LYLE STEPHENS: Roosevelt Jr. High '40 G.L. 1, 2, 3: Pin l, 2: Skit 2: "Give Mc Credit' l: G.A.A. l: Scarlet Masque Il. CHESTER STEVENSON: Hi-YL 2, Cl: Band 1, 2, 3: Track l, 2, Il: Capt. 2:1 Jr. Class Vice-Pres.: Student Body Pres. II: Duckling Il: Photo Ed, tl. JERRY SWITZER: Roosevelt Jr. High '40 Golden "U" l, 2, 3: HI-Y 2, 3: Studcnt Council 3: Basketlvall 1. 2, 3: Cant. Il: All-Star Scoring 'I'itlc 3: Prifi. Ch. 3: Duckling Jr. l, 2: Mr. ljni Hi 3: "Give Me Credit" l: l-li-Lights l. 2. MARTHA THORSLAND G.L. l. 2. Il: Council 2, II: Pin l, 2. Ii: Skit I, 2: Pres. Il: Drill Team l, 2: Duckling' Jr. l, 2: Duck- ling 1, 2. Il: Copy Ed. 3: Hi-Lights 2: News Ed. 2: Honor Sofa LI: Scarlet Masnue 2, SI: Student Coun- cil 3: Quill k Scroll 2. 3: "The 'l'iger's Claw" 1: "Ring Around lSllz:ilrcl.l1" 3. ROGER TOBIAS: Corvalis Jr. High '40 Rifle Club 1, 2: Truck 2. VICTORIA URQUIRI: Roosevelt Jr. High '40 GJ.. I, 2, 3: Vice-Pres. 2: Skit I: Council I, 2: Yell Lcndcr l: G.A.A. 1, 2: Hi-Lights 2: Student Council l. VIRGINIA URQUIRI: Roosevelt Jr. High '40 G.L. 1, 2, fl: Skit I: Yi-II Leader I: G.A.A. 1, 2. JUDY-WALKER: Longview, Wash., '43 G,L. 3: Skit 3: Duckling 3: Miss Uni-Hi 3. CHARLOTTE WILLIAMSON: Roosevelt Jr. High '40 G.L. I, 2, 3: G.A.A, 1, 2, :ag Count-11 1. 2: Yi-11 Leader 3: Drill Tegim 1, 2: Drill Louder 3. JACKIE FRIEDL: Stayton, Ore., '42 Girls' Leauge 3. MARY WOODHURST: Coquille High, '42 Orchestra 3: G.L. 3. .., . " dia inf' W , , x , . gil'-KZ, ily ' E -X .' W", 111 '.: 'fl V QoQ341!19Nt ,WDP M Student Body Meetings The student body meetings ol" this school year were presided over by our jovial presi- dent, Chester Stevenson. The oliice of vice- president was occupied by that industrious VVar Bond salesman, Gene Deutschmann, and that of secretary by the always friendly and cheerful Doris Nelson. Our meetings were notably marked by the number of pep assemblies which were presented. Of the twenty-odd assemblies no less than ten were devoted wholly or in part to ringing out a few yells for an ap- proaching game. Perhaps this shows an in- creasing interest by more students of Uni High in sports. Many of the student gatherings were honored by guest speakers. Among these were locally and nationally known figures such as Major Harvey Blythe, Lt. Charles VViper, a former student of Uni High, Dr. Hay Brig, travelling speaker for the Allied Youth Association, joe Cordon, famous star ol' the New York Yankees, and Dean Jewell, the old friend of Uni High who never refused to speak to the students even when busy. Because of lack of talent and the fact that the Program Chairmen, Jerry Switzer and Jodie Evans ran out of suggestions for original programs, it was decided that each class should be responsible for one assem- bly program. The seniors presented Profes- sor Franchare and his history of jazz music. The juniors came forth with Coach How- ard Hobson who showed pictures of the 1940 basketball team and their trip to Ha- waii. When the sophomores presented their program they had some musical numbers and an original dance by three of their own boys. Uni High had its share of local talent in the meetings this year. Under this came drama by the Scarlet Masque, piano num- bers, a wrestling match, a poetry contest, and many other presentations by the stu- dents themselves. JUNIORS After successfully emerging from their so called "green stage", about sixty-five sophs marched back to Uni High in Sepf tember of '42 to become 21 class of loyal juniors. All the newness gone and with an air of confidence, the class settled down by electing Hal White as president, Rod Woodsvortli as vice-presidentg Louise Furr as secretary, and Nadine Morton as Stu- dent Council representative. The junior boys continued to turn out for athleticsg seven received letters in foot- ball and the B squad for basketball was largely made up of boys from this class. FOURTH ROW--LEFT TO RIGHT: Chase, Martin, Hohnstein, Woodworth, Porter, Blythe, Young, Carlyle. THIRD ROW: Morgan, Unsoeld, Underwood, Edwards, Hill, Axtell. SECOND ROW: Smith, Sutherland, S. Gifford, Gibbons, Freeman, Gilkeson, Parsons. FIRST ROW: S. Jensen, Trabue, Best, Robinson, E. Glasgow, Babb, Gaaler. They were fully represented on the swim- ming, track, and baseball teams. Many class members took advantage of their rights as juniors and joinecl organi- zations, liorbiclclen to them as sophs- namely, I-Ii-Y, Scarlet Masque, and seven juniors were eleetecl to the National Honor Society. Thus runs the tale of junior doings. VVhat lies aheacl is unpredictable, but, with a Feeling of satisfaction and accomplish- ment, the class looks forward to a senior year of great knowledge and prosperity. White, Morton, Furr, R. Woodworth FOURTH ROW-LEFT TO RIGHT: O'Hearn, Lawson, Bylund, Anderson, Jaqua, Olney, Gilbertson, THIRD ROW: Cole, Croft, White, Neer, Mannilng, G. Dyck. SECOND ROW: Harvey, Bennett, Marten, DeCou, Fredricks, Huestis, McCallum, geltola, Rae. FIRST ROW: Bogen, Furr, Chapman, Eaton, Erickson, Handshuh, rown. 21 SCP!-IGMORES The first morning of school in '42 Found a new group of sophomore "recruits, enter-- ing the doors of Uni High. Soon they began taking part in various activities and it was apparent that they were not lacking in talent. Adrian Nelson was chosen to head the class during its Hrst year, with Andy Ander- son as vice-president, Mary Roome as sec- retary, and Anne Woodworth as represen- tative to the Student Council. In the spring an interesting assembly was presented for the student body. It consisted of a few musical numbers, everything from an accordian solo to a trio of girls. The clever program was climaxed with a dance carried out by three boys from the class. In the field of sports, outstanding contri- FOURTH ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Gellanders Everett, Hefner, Evans, Brueg- ger, Hardusty Scroggle, Moore, Kalkoven THlRD ROW: Smith, W. Near, Pat- node McGee Chase Nelson Talbot, Means SECOND ROW: Jefferies, Hinz, Albro, Yates Slglsmund, Woodworth, Phetteplace, B. Gifford, Foster, Kron- stelner FIRST ROW Plath, Burr Torkelson, Breen, Clark, Conley. butions were macle. Three boys were given their letters in Football, Dick Hardisty, Ancly Anderson, ancl Adrian Nelson. Two sophomores made excellent contributions to the basketball squacl, namely Dick Hartl- isty and Dale Bruegger. It looks as if some all-stars are in the making for next year. Two sophomore girls clistinguishecl them- selves by being electecl to Girls' League oflices for the coming year. They were Anne VVooclworth as vice-president and Mary Roome as secretary. About Five or six ol: these new members of Uni I-light were Consistently on the honor roll during the year, ancl the I-lonor Society hatl better have its eyes open for next lfall. , In g,1q.jQ-Q-'j,'f7 mf 9- ,xr A . f .1 , 5' 9 - I 7. 5 F2-'H-'. - . f ' ,,.,, . ,,, , , f... ,A . J" f x .' .," '..' H I' I " I-. '-. S ' A '-.95 ll' f - - ff, . .... ,.g,1g5. s 'Ji' " ., - 1: ' . gn . lg .. . W .. reg 1 -.0-1 -f Z. , H , .,.,- W .- Q, I 1 ' 5 - . , X '. A ' 1, - ' ' .rrif -.f -l .. ' ., ' 'Z'5i..-iii iii B " , , Z. . . 'T . E. J' .' :iif1'l'- .4 l , P 'I.'1j-- ' ,A .LQ .3-..:ff3'k- iw lt.. Anderson, Roome, Woodworth, Nelson FOURTH ROW-LEFT T0 RIGHT: J. Connell, Warren, Cornelius, Simpson, Salts, Yoder, M, Anderson, Boyd, Bailey. THIRD ROW: Jqckson,.AIlison, J. Dyck, Greene, Haley, Sargent, Lusk. SECOND ROW: Reese, Maller, lrtsh, Dr-oste. Roe, Roome, Hemenway, Payne, Sampson, J. Mlckel. FRONT ROW: Peter- mann, Beltz, Rebhan, Lewis, P. Murphy, Metzger, Umphlette, Sutton. 1 l t 23 T 1 1 , , if MJ X ,.' 'Sl J H N .rl . i , U71 JfWUwH ' -wf' 1,6 Aff'4 f 'f5' ' X ,w-i fd Eqopypggn: wnfwf Honor Society Although wholesale rationing is sweep- ing the United States, it seems to have little or no effect upon the number of stu- dents who continue to maintain high schol- astic standings for themselves. These are the students who are now, or will be in the future, members of the National Honor Society. They are elected by the school society members with the approval of the teachers, in the light of their scholarship, character, leadership, and service to the school. Early last December in an assembly, the students chosen for membership were pre- sented with the Honor Society certificate, and afterward received the right to display the symbolic gold pin to their fellow class- mates and the rest of the world. These at- tractive pins are given to the incoming members at initiations which are held twice a year. Each school has its own set of officers heading the Honor Society in that particu- lar school, and this year University High's officers have been the following: Don lep- peson, president, Doug Moore, vice-presi- dent, Jodie Evans, secretary. THIRD ROW-LEFT T0 RIGHT: Axtell, Baker, Brown, Underwood, Morgan, Unsoeld, Jeppesen, Peters. SECOND ROW: J. Evans, Bennett, Thorsland, Prescott. Sutherland, M. Jensen, Smith. FIRST ROW: M. McCallum, Rowling, Manerud, Harvey, Hopkins. MISSING: D. Moore. JEPPESEN, President Girls' League The Girls' League president, Martha Thorslandg vice-president, Virginia Mur- phy, secretary, Nancy Sampson, treasurer, Marilyn Bowling, and social chairman, Betty Bennett, led the ever-active League through a highly successful year. Early fall found the girls enjoying them- selves at the Big and Little Sister party. The seniors walked off with the prize for the best rag doll display presented at the Doernbecher Tea late in December. This tea is an annual event for the purpose of sending dolls to the children at the Doernbecher Hospital in Portland. February 13, the auditorium was trans- formed into a sweetheart's honeymoon for the most successful formal dance of the year, the "Cupid's Ball." Lace and red hearts made the programs outstanding, elaborate decorations made the evening complete. 1 "Comic Cut-Ups" was the theme for the annual Girls' League Day in April. The election of "Blondie and Dagwoodn was the outstanding feature of the clay. The couple, Andree Nlanerud and Don Blythe, was crowned at the evening sport dance. Print dresses, class skits, an assembly, and girls reigning as teachers and principal, com- pleted the day. New otlicers were installed at the last meeting of the year, and another year of work was completed. SECOND ROW-LEFT T0 RIGHT: Manerud, Furr, Harvey, J. Evans, E. Glasgow, Brown, Sherman, Torkelson. FIRST ROW: Bennett, V. Murphy, Thorsland, N. Sampson, Rowling. MISSING: Droste, S. Glas ow. THORSLAN D, President Hi-Y i The I-li-Y is an organization of outstand- ing boys grouped together for the purpose of "Creating, maintaining, and extending throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character." In ac- cordance with this they have had a full schedule of service projects, varying from the Red Cross Drive and Prisoners of War Fund, to the conducting of noon dances for the purpose of buying records for the school. This organization of I-Ii-Y boys is con- nected with the Eugene Chapter of Y. M. C. A., and the use of the "Y" Hut for weekly meetings is a traditional help during the year. The boys use the recreation facil- ities at the Hut and appreciate them greatly: The peak of the year's activities was the Upper Willamette I-li-Y Conference held here in Eugene on March 23. Here, with U.H.S. showing outstanding leadership, the meeting ended with the election of Clenn Morgan as secretary of the group. Club officers for the year were: Doug Moore, president, jerry Switzer, vice-presi- dent, and Verner Adkison, secretary. Ad- viser for the year was Mr. Willialnson. FOURTH ROW-LEFT TO RIGHT: Morgan, Chase, Martin, Porter, Axtell. THIRD ROW: Williamson, Baldinger, Evans, Jeppensep, Blaine, Peters, Baker. SECOND ROW: Rogers, Hogan, Croft, Blythe, Switzer, Hixson, Ste- yAe'nssgJrNGF'IlgSKA ROW: O'Hearn, Adklson, B. Brown, Arkley, Deutschmann. DOTS D. MOOR E, President Scarlet Masque The Scarlet Masque is a dramatic organi- zation for those who are interested in be- coming actors, directors, property managers, or some other phase of the dramatic field. After tryouts held in November, twelve people were elected to membership in the Scarlet Masque. The initiation banquet was held at Seymouris Cafe, with the follow- ing officers presiding: Roberta Quigley, president, Gene Deutschmann, vice-presin dent, Andree Manerud, secretary. In April a three act play entitled "Ring Around Elizabeth" was presented. The plot deals with the trials of Elizabeth who in- herits a legacy and her relatives are all eager to help her spend it. The proceeds were used to make the final payment on the velour curtain which was installed in the early fall. THIRD ROW-LEFT T0 RIGHT: Blythe, Baker, Arkley, Deutschmann, I-Iixson,.GiIbertson. SECOND ROW: Koons. Thorsland, Rowling, Crosland, Samp- son, V. Murphy. FIRST ROW: Stevens, Manerud, Quigley, Connell, Sutherland. QUlGLEY President Golden "U" ADKISON, President At the first meeting of the year this club elected Verner Adkison president and Gene Deutschmann secretary. During the course of the year the club has sponsored several activities, topped by a most successful Golden UU" Day. The Gol- den "U" took over one assembly during which Eugc-:ne's own Joe Gordon talked to the student body, and this was followed by a very impressive awarding of football letters to several boys. The Golden "U" Day ended with a very outstanding dance at which time the members elected as their "Girl of the Golden U", Marilyn Rowling. Several other meetings were held during the remainder of the year, at one of which jerry Switzer was elected as the most out- standing athlete of the year, and it was decided to raise a fund for the purchase ol' a sterling silver cup to show their appre- ciation for his outstanding sportsmanship and ability during the basketball season. This year was completed with the annual Golden "U" picnic at which time initiation was held for the incoming members. FOURTH ROW-LEFT TO RIGHT: Forsythe Peters, Bruegger, Bylund, Olney, A. Anderson, Un soeld. Blaine. THIRD ROW: Manning, D. Evans Baker, A. Nelson, Lawson, Green, Purkey, Deutsch mlann, Kuchera. SECOND ROW: Rogers, Lambert Bixel. 0'Hearn, Croft, Jones, Blythe, Switzer, Hlx son. FIRST.ROW: Hogan, Hardisty, M. Anderson Rowling LGU-I of Golden UJ, Adkison, Baldinger Stevenson. U U Duckling This year through the efforts of the Duckling Editors and their individual staffs, a true picture of Uni High life has been compiled for you. Because of the national War effort, it was slightly more diHicult to put out an annual that included everything that you, as students, desired. The editors wish to thank all the stu- dents and teachers who helped to speed up the work this past year. Especially to the advertisers who so generously contributed, We give our thanks. Editor-in'Chief ..,.... H ........,...,.,, Business Manager- .....,,......, - .... Advertising .,...... - .....,.......... -.. Molly Connell Lee Everett Ioan Umplette Copy Editor - .........,......, ...,.,. Gene Harvey Nina Mounts Kay Sharp .Doug Moore Don Jeppesen --Don Blythe Bob Brown Judy Walker .Martha Thorsland Chester Stevenson Gene Deutschmann Ginger Quigley Betty Bushman Pat Burr Arlene Plath Ierry Switzer Dean Axtcll Marilyn Bowling Louella Prescott Andree Manerud Glenn Morgan Anne Woodworth Miriam McCallum Betty Bennett Dale Hogan Marjorie Jenson Subscriptions ,...........,........,.....,.. Robin Arkley Harriet Harper Jodie Evans Dunbar Norton Bob Brown Photographic Editor ....... ..,.... Dale Hogan Bill Evans Nadine Morton Chester Stevenson Helen Huestis Dean Axtell Marilyn Rowling Nancy Sampson Mary Ericson Art Editor .,........ u ........ .,...,.. B everly Hopkins Bob Martin Features ,.,..............,.., W.. --,,.,.. Virginia Porter Vic I-Iuffaker Casstj Sports Editor ....... u .,......,......,.,., Vic Madden Al Rogers Adviser .........,,...... .,......,.,,..... Bill I-Iohnstein .Gene Deutschmann Betty Bennett Mildred Eaton .Bed Gates Les I-Iixson Mr. Akers FOURTH ROW-LEFT TO RIGHT: N. Sampson, M. Connell, Umphlette, Walker, Hluestis, Ericson, Sharp, Quigley. THIRD ROW: Thorsland, Man- erud, Rowling, J. Evans, V. Murphy, Morton, Bennett, Eaton. SECOND ROW: Arkley, Akers, Jeppesen, B. Brown, Gates, Blythe. FIRST ROW: Rogers, Hogan, Martin, Switzer, Deutschmann, Stevenson. D. MOORE, Editor l-li-Lights Despite the fact that the journalism class this year was one of the smallest in several years, the traditional one every three weeks publication of the Uni-l'li Lights continued with good results. Mildred Eaton served as editor of the paper for part of the first semester and Lyle Gilhertson took the load on his shoulders for the second term. The l-li-Lights was under the supervision of Miss Kendall and then lVliss Firth during the last semester. The reporters and editors of the Hi- Lights have clone well this year even though they were all new on the job and had num- erous handicaps. The "Duck Twacksn Cthanks to Ginnie Porterl, and the sports page Cthanlcs to Red Q. Gates and Vic Nladdenl, kept the school well informed on who's who and why. The clever editorials and good front page stories made the paper of interest to all students, teachers, and parents. Special thanks and praise should go to those who had any part in the mechanical part of the paper- that really is a job!! THIRD ROW-LEFT TO RIGHT: Firth, Gil- bertson, Gates, Er-lckson, N. Sampson. SECOND ROW: Chapmen, Norton, Bennett, Eaton. FIRST ROW: H F H t' . MISSING: V. Por- arvey, urr, ues is ter, Madden. HARVEY, GILBERTSON, Editors 6. A. A. This year the Girls' Athletic ,Association has been reorganized. A new constitution has been written, sports activities have been rearrangedg and membership has grown. During the winter the main activities were swimming, basketball, volleyball, and work on the apparatus, but when spring came, hiking and bicycling were the main sports. On March 20, the G.A.A. Carnival was held, for the purpose of raising money for the May Dance. The Carnival was on a larger scale than ever before and was a great success. Of interest to many was the initiation of new members on April 15. Seventeen new members were initiated. The biggest event of the year was the May Dance, held May 15. The Queen elected from the senior class, reigned over the dance with her court of six princesses. On the executive council this year were: Elaine Glasgow, president, Ellen Suther- land, vice-president, Sylvia Jensen, secre- tary-treasurer, Junior representatives Frances Babb and Betty Bennett, sopho- more representative, Beverly Droste. v FOURTH ROW-LEFT T0 RIGHT: Peltola, Miller, Sharp, Huestis, Gilkeson. THIRD ROW: Reese, Prescott, Hopkins, Jefferies, Irish, Harvey, Payne. SECOND ROW: Sutton, S. Jensen, Bennett, J. Brown, Rae, M. Jensen. FIRST ROW: Fredericks, Babb, E. Glasgow, Droste, Sutherland. E. GLASGOW, President , 1 H I: ,, Wt' 211 f J w .. -5.1 'J :V I 4 . ,Q ' . I ul, :fag 'f AM, , " , 3 f if-f' ' 9 W V , f N vw ,nf , 7 fivlv' ff ,f -5. ,?'f5lZ1!NU7'f' MIDI?- 4 ' ' K .' li -K W P 4 w A 1 J W " :vu r f Vx t ,A ,, .1 .fv ll. "' ' w '-, , ,F ,"- 'V 1 'Al I V I v L N 4 ,N .QV f I W - r Y' LL-, . 1 A y , ,. . H 'N 1 1' , 1 f. . lf 1,-A I ,rv Y Football A none too successful season on the grid- iron was enjoyed by University High this year, but prospects are indeed bright for a successful campaign in 1943. The season was finished with one win, four losses, and two ties. University scored 40 points to their opponents' 50, indicating they were a walkaway for no one. At the end of the year Billy Unsoeld, junior end, was an unanimous selection for all-star. Mike Lusk, Les Hixson, Fred Bixel, and Dick I-Iardisty were placed on the sec- ond team. Coach Kuchera will lose the Following men who will graduate or are in the armed forces at present: Les Baldinger, Les Hix- son, Mike Lusk, Herb Baker, Dale Hogan, Nick Sargent, Pat Coggin, Dick Mallory, Barry Blaine, Victor Madden, Merle Trout, Verncr Adkison, Dale Lambert and Bill Lambert. Back for next year will be: Don Blythe, Bill Unsoeld, Ward Croft, Art Anderson, George Olney, Adrian Nelson, Dick By- lund, Andy Anderson, Dick Hardisty, and a transfer from Roseburg, Bill Hohnstein. THIRD ROW-LEFT TO RIGHT: Stockstead, Byland, Hogan, Mallory, Talbot den, M. Anderson, A. Nelson, White, Blaine, Olney, Allison, B. Lambert, D Evans, Unsoeld. FIRST ROW: Baldinger, E. Lusk, Blythe, Goggin, H. Sargent Hixson, Bixel, D. Lambert, Baker, A. Anderson. Emmons, H, Lusk, Croft, Boyd, Haley, Kuchera. SECOND ROW: Rogers, Mad- 1 SECOND ROW-LEFT TO RIGHT: Kucherja, Bruegger, White, Switzer, Sargent Huxson, Green. FIRST ROW: Peters, Baldmger, Lawson, Lambert, Hardisty. FOURTH ROW-LEFT TO RIGHT: Salt, Gillanders, Means, Haley. THIRD ROW: Kuc-hera, Warren, Manning, M. Anderson, Bruegger. SECOND ROW: Eillythe, Blaine, Switzer, Hogan, Croft. FIRST ROW: Baldinger, 0'Hearn, Jones, ixson. BasketbaH 18-l 5 and l26, two sets of numbers, will distinguish perhaps more than anvthing else the 1943 basketball season at Univer- sity High. The most outstanding thing was, of course, the 18-I5 victory over Eugene l-ligh. Before the game was under way local ex- perts didn't give U.l-I.S. a chance-but five boys completely upset the dope bucket and spilled the Axemen for their only league defeat. Jerry Switzer, unanimous choice for all-- Still' center, poured through 126 points in ten games, for an average ol: 13 digits per BasebaH Greetcd by a host ol? veterans from last year's District 6 Championship team, which brcezed through a ten game schedule with- out a loss, Henry Kuchera and Captain Dale Hogan, were again looking forward to another champion team for the third straight year. Promising lettermen from last year who should make the season look 1- - S game to capture the individual scoring championship. YVe Hnished the season in third place, winning and losing to each team once. Seven players received Golden "USU, namely, Ierry Switzer, Les Baldinger, Dale Lambert, Dick Peters, Art Anderson, Jack Lawson, and Dale Bruegger. .Q Y A Q I ' if i bright were: Baldinger Switzer Hixson 7 3 7 Croft, Blaine, and Manning. University has as yet not played any league game as we go to press, but have one practice tile under their belts, blanking Pleasant I-Iill 5-0. Les Baldinger and Ierry Switzer each showed good mound form by limiting the "Billies" to one hit each while their team showed good hitting form and played errorless ball afield. xxx! l Swimming Because of not getting started until late in the season, Uni-Highs aqua-men did not enjoy a very profitable season. Only two meets were entered, both with Eugene High, and both were lost to the school across the way. SECOND ROW-LEFT TO RIGHT: Kuchera. Baker, B. Evans. Everett, Jaqua, Byland, Haley, Lambert. FIRST ROW: D. Moore, Smith, D. Evans, O'Hearn, J. Connell. THIRD ROW-LEFT TO RIGHT: Leavitt, Unsoeld. A. Ander- son, Byland. SECOND ROW: Kuchera, Jackson, Talbot, A. Nel- son, Stevenson, D. Nloore. FIRST ROW: Allison, Arkley, Adki- son, White. Track "Well, at least we always put out a team of some kind or another," would be an appropriate excuse for any Uni-High track man to say. As was expected no track championships were brought back to the Campus school, but the team fought against heavy odds. 36 l as A KV X41 L WN I I i x. F1 M f ' ' fu' - .l iidgmgjw was ' 1 - 1 Personalities This year the War Bond and Stamp campaign was greatly helped by the electing ol "Blon- die and Dagwoodn. The ideal couple that was to represent the comic strip characters was elect- ed as a part of the theme for the annual Girls' League Day. Blonde Andree Nlanerud and jovial Don Blythe received the funny paper crowns at a sport dance given in their honor. VV hen the some thirty-odd let- termen of U.l'l.S. got together and decided to find the girl that they felt had every quality desir- ahle for the "Girl ol' the Golden "U" For '43, Marilynn Rowling was their choice. She was pre- sented at a sport dance given by the organization, and as a tolcen of their admiration she was hon- ored with the gilt of an olheial Golden "U", This year Uni High picked two well-known seniors, Jerry Switzer and Judy VV alker, to represent them as Mr. and Mrs. Uni High. This Couple is chosen annually as the "typical twoi' to portray the real spirit and whole- someness ol? the entire student hodyi. "Everyone who knows them and likes them" might well he their ollieial title. Snaps W I 5? iw 5 -L '.'i' IVVI A.. 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BAKER FILM SHOP 608 Xviull-lll0ttC St. Phone 535 BEST CLEANERS 'ED SIICGMUND, Uivnor-Maumgor 821 E. 13th - - Phone 740 By the Campus Cleaning' k Pressing 1k Alterations f:::.- AAA- :::.-: - - -:::::.-::- EHiott's Grocery "If It's Good to Eat We Have It" 1298 Patterson Phone 95 and take your change in VVa,r Stamps -----,.------ Byrom 6-Kneeland "The Man's Shop" 32 East Tenth Ave. Phone 364 ' T : ' filih .- I . 1 L, m" r1..r.fz:..r.. u qraplflhv z" f surf 11.16 Willamette Phone 164 McDoncnld Theater Bldg. Smart Apparel foo' the Miss and the Matron' 1004 Willamette Phone 633 ' There ls Always ' A Better Show ' at the Congratulations, Class of '43 Keith's University Pharmacy PRESTON 8: HALES 857 XVilI:unett0 St. Phone 665 Fuller Paints and Wallpaper Luggage and Leather Goods of All Kinds CHARLEY ELLIOTT'S University Barber Shop New Service Laundry ir Eugene's Finest Laundry Seryicen i' 839 High Street Phone 825 - 826 :::::::' ::::::::::::::::::: ':::::::::::":::::::::::::::::"::""TP If 'I 'I TI EE fl I 'I 'I 'I 'I EE 'I TI 'I for 1: 1 Engravings, Cameras, Films, Art Supplles, :E Greeting Cards, Gifts If 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I fi I 1045 Willamette Street 1: Next to Register - Guard :I I fl -::::::::--:.-:-.-::::::::::::-:x ::::::::.-.-::::::::::::: --A--.. X Oxxxx:x'A::::::N:x:x::F ::xx:":"':::"::5'A:::::x:x:Z Complimeffzts If LEMON Hon If I, " The BROADWAY, Inc. .1 fl 'I I Wemmg Ammmel - - DW Goods 1: N. 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Shelton-Turnhull-Fuller Bu., Inc. 32 East. 11th Phone 1663 R. A. BABB HARDWARE Sporting Goods 771 Willamette Phone CONGRATULATIONS FROM . . Western Thrift Drug Store . . C. M. Urey . . Electric Cleaners . . Leed's Shoe Store CLASS HISTORY IContimced from page 141 February 21, 1942 Ho, hum, Diary, I am ready to hit the hay tonight, fella. Our junior Class dance, "Club 21i', was more than a success, it was super-colossal! Matwlie May 2, 1942 Dear Diary, We gave the seniors a wonderful sur- prise with the Junior-Senior Prom. It was called "Anchors Aweighu and everyone had a good time even il' we couldn't have it formal because of the war. Maudie September 22, 1942 Well, Diary, I ani a senior at last! I rather hate the idea of it being my last year, but I have so much to do I better not start worrying about that. Mczudie October 8, 1942 Dear Diary, The year won't be uneventful, I assure you, but we shall be liorced to cut down on a lot of things so we can win the war, and that is only right. I-lowever, under our class officers, I-lerbert Baker, president, Al Rogers, vice-president, and Andree Man- erud, secretary, we ought to make this as good a year as any, if not much better. Maudie October 15, 1942 Cosli, Diary! I had so hoped we could beat Eugene I-ligh in football just once while I was in high school, but it looks like I'Il have to hope for something else because they iust beat us 13-O in the most exciting game. They didn't get their last six points until the last few seconds of the game so they didn't really win by so much, do you think so? Maudie December 20, 1942 Again we won the prize, Diary! The girls did it again at the Christmas tea and walked off with the prize. Maudie February 16, 1943 l-lurray, Diary! At last my high school education is com- plete. VVe beat E.H.S. in a basketball game 18-15. It was so exciting, and after the game we all ran home in the snow. Mmwlie April 30, 1943 Greetings, Diary! l-Iave we been busy. Our class is all in a clither in a decision about graduation ex- ercises! Shall we wear caps and gowns or the traditional formals and such? VVe might have the latter unless we aid the war effort more by combining Baccalaureate and the exercises and dress accordingly. I shall have to have my picture taken and I have al- ready ordered announcements and cards. Mcmolie June 2, 1943 XfVell, Diary, My high school education ended tonight at eight o'clock. It's goodbye Uni High and weire off to look for a college education. My but these years have been fun! Mcmalie X Montgomery Ward 6- Co. Eugene's Largest Department Store 1059 Willamette Telephone 4200 -:: :::::::.':::.-:::::::: ::,-4-::: Photography . "The Duckling" By Kennell-Ellis Afrtvlst Photog'rczphe1's AFEI FFEE H D :mom pm .Wi 5.04 e mouth AIR CONDI TIONED The Ofiicial Downtown Rendezvous for University High Students for 13 Years 986 XVILLAME'l"'l'E STR-EET MANERUD-HUNTINGTON FUEL CO., Inc. "Anything and everything in the way of fuels" Phone 651 997 Oak St. "Say It With Flowers" CHASE GARDENS 58 E. Broadway Phone 4240 EUGENE HARDWARE CO. 94 E. Brozuhvzny Phono 670 Congratulations U IVER ITY C0-C qv

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