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UCKLING u IVEPJTY HIGH SCHOOL University High School. Eugene, Oregon. Infra-red shot by Don Sipe. Published by the Associated Students of University High School. Eugene. Oregon Elizabeth Edmunds. Editor. and Doris Iones. Manager Bike Shed The extensive beautification program found its Way to the school's "patio" in the year '39-'4O. Both corridors were re- painted, and a system was instituted to relieve the congestion of bicycles in the northeast loggia. The "patio" itself receiv- ed another coating of gravel, and-further up the eastern slope-two young trees were planted. Science Lab Budding biologists, physicists, and chem-- ists found-in the fall of '40-the partition between their recitation room and labora- tory removed. The resulting effect ot one long open room is pleasant but occasion- ally provides dramatic sound land srnelll effects from the "lab" as accompaniment to classroom work up front. Library U.H.S. library facilities changed in posi- tion, size, and color during the '39 summer recess. Originally in room 3, the "libe" is now located in room ll-a combination of old English room 12, and math room l3. The seating capacity is therefore substan- tially increased. The interior Was done in delicate tones of aquamarine, to sooth the nerves of many a youngster in throes of some research activity. R. U. Moore. in appreciation oi fit To 1 een years of outstanding lead- ership. for his friendly guidance and sympathetic understanding of student problems. thi ' s annual of 1940 is affectionately dedicated x . ' i Ralph U. Moore, principal of WM ,,,, L.. University High School The doors oi University High School open up new opportunities tor the boys and girls who enter. Graduates have gone on to greater achievement. Many of the names have the added symlools of MD. or Ph.D. to indicate the accomplishment of their possessors. Others have achieved tame in ways oi lite which pre- sent no degrees lout which is just as worthy. The vast majority, however, have achieved a way oi lite satisiactory to themselves and to the com- munity in which they live. The influence oi the school, the teachers and fellow students have played a large part in the successes achieved. The aim at University High School is to better tit the students to live successfully in a demo- cratic society hy experiencing those activities which are essential to democratic living. To those who persevere the opportunities t h o t e open doors become a reality. R. U. MOORE, Principal 3 Dr. Macomber, director of University High School. FIRST ROW: Miss Elizabeth Costello, Romance Languages. SECOND ROW: Mr. Joseph A. Holaday, Social Science: Miss Ora Gledhill, Eng- lishy Mr. Howard P. Backus, Social Living and Dramatics. THIRD ROW: Miss Audrey May, Commercialg Mr. Stanley E. Williamson, Science: Miss Charlotte Plummer, Music. Facult Will you please all iake your seats! Silence! Allez au tableau noir. So much for that. Be that as it may. You have your assignment for tomorrow. FIRST ROW: Mrs. Frances R. Bascorn, Physicial Education: Mr. Vernon E. Kevley, Mathematics: Mrs. Ann Landsbury Beck, Music. SECOND ROW: Miss Saverina Graziano, Arty Miss Dorothy Sherman, Social Liv- ing: Mr. Ray Hendrickson, Physicial Education. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Veola VViImot, Library. 5 FRONT ROW: Davis, Wallstrom, Eslow, Kempston. CENTER ROW: Branson, Nel- son, Failing. BACK ROW: Dedham, Hald- ers, Kendall. 1 '-:vim FRONT: Frazier, Heppner, Wells, Cook, Je son Miller, Strasser, Gillham, Sprague FJ 1 Hughes, wright, Malloy, BACK: classman, Pieterson, Rhysburger, Carlson, Cowles, Frazee. Cadet Teeeher Here are the three groups of noble, patient, striving, unappreciated individuals known as cadet teachers. With the chang- ing of the three University terms new groups honor our halls. This procedure deviates from that of previous years in which the period spent in practice teach- ing was half a year. The cadets now spend a half-day dividing their time between teaching, directed observation, and extra- curricular participation, while formerly they spent but a single hour. The cadet-student relationships are the finest and it is debatable which profits the more. Cadets are able to give consider- able help to individual students, at the same time gaining for themselves an un- derstanding of teaching problems. interest lag of pupils is minimized by the fresh ideas of cadets and by the periodic shifts. As to the training of the cadets Uni High students are adept at stimulating almost any condition which might arise in their teaching career, from model decorium to bedlam. The cadets learn rapidly so il is not long before the first feeble gulps turn to mastery and self-poise. What of these cadets after school hours? To all appearances they are just ordinary college kids, who may be observed in all stages of university life. Some even catch Uni High students in places they shouldn't bel All in all they are one grand group of people. FRONT ROW: Kurtz, Clark, Mueller, Bu- bar. CENTER ROW: Wherley, Hoffman, Falstich, Wilson. BACK ROW: Morrison, Nelson, Fishburn. Gorsage, Gray, Ander- son, Goldhammer, Spitze. M! M M 'IMI WE WHO ENTER . , W is P K .N .. M..- -in-:-:.-: -iw'-ew f ,. ' -':-:2-g g..-t r-1w:m,..f .- :zz , Q .f -5 -if - . ..,.. Q, - gy ff sf' 5'-1 f .: ,sz 2- -M A wtf W S- 'ib S at Oct , x is, X X M ,. i Don Plath, president. Louise Murphy, vice- president. Beverly Bradford, secretary. Senior Council FRONT ROW: Louise Mur- pry, Don Plath, Beverly Brad- ford, officers. BACK ROW: Albert Hoffman, Louise Bak- er, Darrel Adkison, represen- tatives. E lflfl While still in their first year the Class of i940 did away with the mistaken notion that "meek" is an adjective always to be associated with "sophomore". Led by an efficient group of officers: Harold l-landshuh, presidentg Al Hoffman, vice-president, lim Murphy, secretary, and Louise Baker, representative, the class "came out" at a basket social in February. After relentless life- even classes-the young ducklings participated in a memorable class picnic in May. As juniors, under a re-organized governmental system, the class again named Harold Handshuh as leader. Vice-presidents were Helen Rayburn, Suzanne Stickels, and Betty leanne Stockerg secre- tary, Louise Murphy, and council representative, again Louise Baker. Social affairs dominated the class program, although the individual members were industriously making names for them- selves here and there. An autumn dance, the "Harvester's Swing," the first of the highly successful "Club '4O" series, and the lunior- Senior Prom, on the theme of "April Showers", filled the schedule. Returning in the autumn of l939, the Seniors immediately com- menced work on their play, "Wings of the Morning", which, clever- ly staged and effectively acted, played to a full house in December. "Club '4O" returned in February with a floor show and variety acts. On May i6 the class succumbed to the temptations of spring weather and slipped away on senior skip day. Despite vigorous dispute on the questions of pictures, announce- ments and gowns, the class of l94O was graduated in a thoroughly dignified manner the evening of May 29. Then came the senior ball-climax of high school activities. Advisers were Mrs. May and Mr. l-loladay. Darrel Adkison lf Adki is your friend, you have a real one. Louise Baker Louise is very quiet, hut her friends are many. Quintin Barton Art is just Quint's personality. Dorothy Boniface More necessary than any other thing in the World is a merry heart. Beverly Bradford Comfort and encourage- ment are derived from her companionship. K a part of 2. '8 SENIURS Bernice Baldinger Bernice entered from Grants Passg their loss is our gain. Iohn Bergman Berg: "l live the life l love." Smart thing if you can get away with itl Belden Braaten l-lis dish of performance is flavored with punctu- ality. Bob Buck Boh's manner and per- sonality are admired and respected as his position of leadership reveals. Beverly Burger Bev thinks life is a lot of funy We think Bev is. CLASS UF '40 Howard Campbell Silent men often accomp- lish much. Randall Caswell Randall's quiet manner discloses a brilliant mind. Charles DeAutremon'l Glory achieved and shared is alory indeed. Neale Ebright A pleasant bit oi Okla- homa is planted in Ore- aon. Nathan Edwards Nathan is not in the row ol common men. Flora Campbell Flora is iun to have around because she is frank and vivacious. Norman Cannon We know him best by his pleasant smile. Wallace Clark Excellina in skiing is "Killers" hobby. Margaret DeCou Perserverance is a rare virtue. Elizabeth Edmunds lt you want a thing done Weil, let Elizabeth do it. cami' 9 Phyllis Gahan V Delicate as spring flow- ers. Thaine Gailin Tex plays basketball!- and howl Laurel Gilbertson Ability speaks louder than Words. Dorothea Godlove ln beautys book she's a glamour page. Maxine Gregory Max's gaiety goes far toward making friend- ship. ,X , ,, , lO SENIURS Walter Gilbert Speed was never his watch-Word, but he gets there just the same. Bud Goddard Gentlemen prefer blondes-so do the girls? Ruby Goldberg To know her is to love her. Harold Hanclshuh A leader? Popular? Fun? Anything else? The ans- wer is "yes". Margaret Harshman Gentle ot mannerg unaf- fectedg studious beyond compare. CLASS UF '40 Ieff Hodges An all - around, good- hearted fellow, all agree. Peter Howard The wise man measures his Wordsfthafs Pete! Dorothy Ireland As a sports ian she can't be beaten. Iohn Iackson Smoky is always on the job. Doris Iones Doris is busy in a busi- ness Way. Agnes Hewitt Friend to all, enemy to none. Albert Hoffman Al's lite operates on a business basis. Stephanie Huesiis Energy is not measured in inches. Phyllis Ireland No more loyal friend or supporter oi the teanii A1'lene Iohn A live Wire needs no charaina. 51- iyll A ll 'U fi' 'Q j ix ttlt1 ll Olive Kittelson She is full of fun and ready for anything. Wendell May What a 'Calamityl " Louise Murphy In Louise there is a spark ot mischief which often ignites. Wesley Olney Wes is a real pal aground school. Edith Onthank Big surprises come in small packages. bv' Zv- ' 1- ' '--- -fiat-'ffs,?gfP22-. -.- I- ,L '-4,1 -up-' , , . wi- 5-.-. - -- ro... .1 JV T. 1? :tif ' 1...,:-se, gp-. inf." .f . - ,.-5 M. ...F ,...,.. ff - 12 ,,.,....,,, M SENIURS lim Murphy Murph is a Very merry tellow who's cares seem few. Beulah Nelson Beulah's vim and vigor can't be beaten. Dewyne Omlid Dwyne has "teed" off to a good start. Mary Ellen Osborne Guilty ot being quiet, but her eyes say something more! Betty Phelps Betty's greatest asset is just being her sweet self. CLASS UF '40 Beatrice Petermann lust the quiet kind whose nature never varies. Stephanie Peterson Don Plath The thing We like about Dons Words are an in- Stephanie is her marked spiration, his abilities an individuality. asset. Leonard Ray Besse Raybould "Uncle" Leonard is the As a student and sports kind of Chao that gets fan Besse ranks with the along with everyone. besl- Helen Rayburn We appreciate l-lelen's artistic contributions and l Eleanor Robb Cfdmife hef gTOfCiOUS ln Eleanor We discover- WUYS- ed our cleverest actress. Della Marie Robinson Keith Rodman Della is quiet, but a spiritf A t ll i ll ' ed friend and sports tan. lo Y Q OW in any crowd. N ,X I 4 A Dorothy Roome V Dot's aboundina good n n 4 nature makes her well ,. lL'i . fl, liked' -I ., Q-iff-li L t l3 Virginia Sallee Ginnie's lovely voice and enthusiasm make her a favorite. Donald Sipe Good humor makes all things tolerable. Eminger Stewart What manner of man is i all care and worry? Storky that he escapes ,ir X . th Betty Ieanne Stocker Halt serious and halt carefreeg Betty is one ideal girl. Martha Iane Switzer Emjay's constant ambi- tion and high voltage en- thusiasm make her dispensihle. 14 SENIURS Sara Spencer Sally's character is mix- ed with just the right in- gredients. Suzanne Stickels Suzy is always winning new laurels in whatever she undertakes. Gretchen Strong A merry smile she be- stows on all. I ess Trunnel A quiet manner and a good fellow in a crowd is an unique combina- tion. David Veblen A gallant gentleman is he, what more need he said? CLASS UF '40 Betsy Young Shy? The sparkle in her eye betrays an inward chuckle. Evelyn Williams There is a modest confi- dence in her ability. IN lVlElVlUP1l AM Lawrence Stephens Class ef 1940 Maurice Vitus Bud's as bio in heart as in stature. Shirley Westfall All admire Shirley's con- servative, quiet Way. Mcxryanna Willoughby li this were a school oi charm Maryanna would lee oi model. Absent: Ira Fox Alonq with him goes his smile and pleasant atti- tude. LA Viet EQ ii ff: -f- l5 J l KNEELING: Wayne Stump, vice-presi- dent, Dick Stafford, representative. STANDING: Marilyn Wiley, secretary, Harold Martin, president: Clover Jean Cox, treasurer. ABSENT: Mary Ross, representative. lunior "The noisiest group in the school" is the toig pinned on the clciss of '4l. However, their reol worth is shown by mgny not- ohle occomplishments, including the elec- tion of six to the Honor Society. Officers for the sophomore yeoir were: President, Keith Clcrrkg vice-president, Phoeloe Srnithp secretory, Polly Gordon: ond representoitives, Betty Russell ond Dick Sigfford. A sophomore pgrty, Cl cowboy oldnce with soddles, hgy, horses, gnd other dp- purtenoinces for or "Dude Ranch", gnd cr class picnic gt Swimmers' Delight on Cx cold hut sunshiny day, highlighted the orc- tivities of their first Yeorr. l939-40 was finished off with Cx jolly time for everyone Gi the lunior-Senior Prom cincl c junior picnic cigorin gt Swimmers De- light. Mrs. Bgscom and Mr. Hendrickson were clgss cdvisers. FRONT ROW: Dick Stafford, Harold Martin, Jack Titus, Douglas Spencer, Rodney Taylor, Alva Moyer, John Gilbertson, George Jensen, Harold Kelly, George Carey. SECOND ROW: John Hesse, Doris Casebeer, Clover Cox, Josephine Filkowski Julia Ur uiri B tt J R th S , q , e y ones, u can- lan, Ann Wilson, Beth Good, Joyce Clark, Phoebe Smith, Carolyn McKinley, Geneva Woods THIRD RO : ' ' ' ' ' ' ' W Gordon Gullion, Winnie Scroggie, Gloria Dunham, Polly Gordon, June Hitchcock, Yvonne Umphlette, Kay Korn, Lorraine Harms, Margaret Thorndyke, Dorothy Barton, Leif Svarverud, Betty Boniface, Paul Everett, Keith Clark, Mr. Hendrickson, Joanne Craft. FOURTH ROW: Bob Scott, Marilyn Wiley, Jean Stevens, Muriel Allen, Betty Russell, Frank Hanns. A. B. Soward, Wayne Stump, Don DuBois, Don Chase, Ronnie Whitelock, Don England. ABSENT: Bob Shupe, Gene Allen, Ace Plath, John Heinz, Bonnie Lee, Bob Moore, Mary Ross, Bud Rost, George Svarverud, Jim Smith. Clinton Travis, Jacquiline Whitney. Uphomore Nothing backward about the class of '42l These Sophs have a pretty firm grasp on the tail of the academic dog and are going to give him a good shaking before leav- ing as seniors. A class party, given exclusively for the newcomers, was one of the social suc- cesses of the school year. While there was no Amateur Masque this year, the Sophs nevertheless partici' pated in many dramatic skits. Their main attraction was a side-tickling, three-act play, "Crashing Society". Sophomore boys have been exceptional- ly active in sports, tor several of them are now lettermen. Class affairs and an unusually broad activity program were carried on through the social living classes under the direc- tion of Mr. Backus and Miss Sherman, class advisers. KNEELING: Don Lawson, treasurer: Dwain Harbert, vice-president. STANDING: Shirley Dillard, repre- sentative: Dick McLaren, president: Mary Alice Sutton, secretary. FIRST ROW: Harold Haggerty, Phil Baird, Dwain Harbert, Don Lawson, Francis Demagalski, Merrill Brown, Ken Lomax, Harry Trunnell, Stanley Silkwood, Clarence Allurnbaugh, Dale Morris, Bob Miller, Fred Forsythe. SECOND ROW: Elaine Gau, Mickey Donovan, Ann Graham, Janeth Peterson, Roberta Rebham, Dorothy Carlson, Dorothy Giese, Barbara Erb, Phyllis Korn, Bernita Gatlin, Suzanne Amspoker, Mary Alice Sutton, Bobby Jean Taylor, James Buck. THIRD ROW: Peter Tugman, Dorothy Palmer, Hazel Northrop, Ed Murphy, Shirley Brace, Colleen Bowen, Shirley Dillard, Pat Stackpole, Yvonne Wechsler, Peggy Bronson, Connie Smith, Wanda Gill, Sara Jayne Hartman, Mary Lou Rosendhale, Bunnie Ross, Doris King, Jean Stamm, Nelda Pat- terson, Kathlyne Jensen, Don Nelson, Bob Bennett, Mr. Backus. FOURTH ROW: Dick MacLaren, Dave Dunsmoor, Don Fox, Bob Hope, Teol Baker, Howard Hall, Joe Dodds, Jack Casey, Roland Stuart, Glenn Schave, Francis Palanuk, Stanton Parks. ABSENT: Joe Lind, Marilyn Kratt, Har- riet Barrett, Eunice Field, Dutch Craiger, Dorothy Ellege, John Freeman, Jean Kilpatrick, Sarah Stafford. came, MN-Y WN,-H M-I , .... ,., . .IITIF TOP: The Di Silvistris, Louise Nlurphy, Dave Veblen, and Dorothea Godlove, in one of three sets built in rear of auditorium. CENTER: Second act of "Wings of the Morning". BOTTOM: Putting on grease paint for dress rehearsal. "WINGS OF THE MORNING" Presented by the Class of 1940 Cast: Eleanor Rololo, Margaret De- Cou, Don Plath, Harold Handshuh Nathan Edwards, David Velolen Louise Murphy, Dorothea Godlove Helen Rayburn, Sara Spencer, Viri ginia Sallee, Edith Ontharik, Eliza- beth Edmunds, Peter Howard, lim Murphy. 18 1 . Z' I' DUINGS UN THE SIDE ssociated tudent Forming the nucleus of student body gov- ernment is the Student Council. lt consists of otticers and representatives ot the school's key organizations. Members ot the council are the student body president, vice-president, and secretary, the president and one representative from each class, and the Girls' League president. The "Merry Mix-Up," first social event ot the year, was sponsored by the Student Council, as was the noon dancing program, later turned over to the Hi-Y. By drawing up a calendar tor the year's activities, the council materially lessened schedule con- tlicts. A committee ot council members did extensive Work on re-writing the consti- tution ct University High, a long neglected task. This year the Student Council leaves a small tund which in time will buy the school a new piano. They were able to do this through the cooperation with the University School oi Music. Harold Handshuh president Bud Goddard, vice-president Dorothy Boniface secretary LEFT TO RIGHT: Suzanne Stickels, Shirley Dillard, Dick lVIcCIaren, Dorothy Boniface, secretary: Harold Handshuh, president: Mr. Moore, adviserg Bud Goddard, vice-president: Harold Nlartin, Don Plath, Louise Murphy. Honor Quiet FRONT ROW: Sara Spencer, Edith Onthank, Margaret DeCou, secret- tary, Doris Jones, Suzanne Stickels. CENTER ROW: Helen Rayburn, vice-president, Margaret Harshman, Elizabeth Edmunds, Yvonne Umphlette, Laurel Gilbertson, Kay Korn, Miss Costello, adviser, Betty Jones. BACK ROW: Randall Caswell, president, Nathan Edwards, Doug- las Spencer, Peter Howard, Keith Clark. ABSENT: Mary Ross. ln recognition for scholarship, character, leadership and service, Uni l-ligh's "Little Phi Beta Kappa" received students into membership twice during the year. At the first initiation five seniors were taken ing at the second, six juniors. FRONT ROW: Edith Onthank, Margaret DeCou, secretary, Phyllis Gahan, Ruby Goldberg. CENTER ROW: Quintin Barton, Wallace Clark, Martha Swit- zer, John Heinz, president. BACK ROW: Maurice Vitus, vice-president, Mr. Williamson, adviser, Sid- ney Ingham, Nathan Edwards, Eminger' Stewart. ABSENT: Flora Campbell. 20 ln the fall, Sara Spencer, Laurel Gilbert- son, Doris lones, Nathan Edwards, and Wal- ter Gilbert were invested. The "lunior Six" were elected in March: Douglas Spencer, Keith Clark, Mary Ross, Katharine Korn, Yvonne Umphlett, and Betty lones. dence Club The Science Club is making real strides in the fields of scientific activity. "individual Research" and "Science as Applied to Daily Life" are its underlying motives. Meetings consist of experimentation in which each member develops his pet scientific interest, speaker demonstrations, and field trips, consisting of visits to almost anything, from a laboratory engaged in the disection of earthworms to an observa- tory to view the heavens. The club started last year when a small group of scientific-minded students Got together with Mr. Williamson. Recently it affiliated with the American institute of Science and Engineering Clubs. Pep Club l Janeth Peterson, Harold Kelly, Roberta Rebham. Uni-Hi, Uni-Hi, Rah! Rahl Rah! With plenty of school spirit and living up to what lies, the Pep Club formed the nucleus for athletic "umph" this year. Yell leaders Harold Kelly, laneth Peterson, Roberta Rebham, turned out for perform- the name imp ance rain or shine. A dance was given after e lunction City to help the team th football game with on to further victories. The gridiron foes were invited and the dance proved one ot the most successful of the year. The group appeared outstanding with clever purple and gold corduroy outfits for the yell leaders and uniform sweaters, white with emblems in the school colors, for members. B verly Burger presi- FRONT ROW: Dorothy Carlson, Olive Kittelson, e , Bobby Jean Taylor, Mary Alice Sutton,-Hazel dent, Mickey Donavan, Northrup, Della Marie Robinson. SECOND ROW: Louise Baker, Virginia Sallee, Roberta Rebhan, Janeth Peterson, Anne Graham, Suzanne Ams- poker, Nelda Patterson, Doris King, Shirley Brace, Yvonne Wechsler, Phyllis Ireland, Bessie Raybould. THIRD ROW: Phoebe Smith, Beverly Bradford Maryanna Willoughby, Dorothy Boniface, Gloria Dunham, Pol- ly Gordon, Yvonne Umphlette, Jean Kilpatrick, Phyllis Korn, Dorothy Giese, Joyce Clark, Joann Schenk, Miss Costello. FOURTH ROW: Doro- thea Godlove, Bernice Baldinger, Betty Jean Stocker, Dorothy Palmer, Elaine Gau, Connie Smith, Shirley Dillard, Pat Stackpole, Carolyn Mc- Kinley, secretary, Margaret Thorndyke, Lorraine Harms. ABSENT: ' , J'm Murphy, vice-president. Dorothy Roome i "Mr. Pre and FIR presld term advise beth ROW: Keith David are not all heated debat M .peakers have appeared observe the operation ment. Forum sident! This person's remark ' is obliterated by its obscuration " Th . . . e Eorum's bi- " ' " Weekly sessions , however, e. any splendid C' this year field trips were taken ST ROW: Nathan Edw ards, second 'term ent, Douglas Spencer, Peter Howard, 'first president SECOND h . ROW: Sara Spencer, Edith Onthank, Margaret DeCou, vice-president Martha Switzer. THIRD ' ROW. Nlr. Holaday, r, Louise Murphy, Helen Rayburn, Eliza- Edmunds, Eminger Stewart. FOURTH gvallace Clark, Randall Caswell, secr t Ia k ' ' e ary, r , John Heinz, vice-presid t. SENT: M en AB- ary Ross, secretary, Peter Tugman, Veblen, Walter Gilbert, June Hitchcock. Piadioca ter FRONT ROW' Stepha ' . me Peterson, Elaine Gau, Hazel Northrop, Doris King, Nelda Patterson, Suzanne Stickels, Eleanor Robb C Murphy Harriett B . ENTER ROW: Louise , arrett, Yvonne Wechsler, Shirley Brace, Shirley Dillard, secretary, Pat Stackpole, Connie Smith, Elizabeth Edmunds, chairman, Vir- ginia Sallee. BACK ROW: Bernice Baldinger, Don Plath, Quintin Barton, Albert Hoffman, A. B. Soward, John Jackson, Jim Murphy. ABSENT: Mr. Backus, adviser. Every Wednesday afternoon at 3:30, The casters this year became attiliated University l-liah was introduced to the radio with the National Scholastic Radio Guild audience throuah the facilities ot KGEE. Each organization and school department was aiven the opportunit t radio picture ot its activit y o presenting a ies. Whose scrips th ey occasionally used. Elizabeth Edmunds and lohn laclcson were the return announcers while many were atv th ' ' ' 1 en e opportunity ot participation. ot the city aove before the group to rn- Hi .V Rho., li' ll F 1 ""' ---ff' -f M- l .,'L1,, SWL t t i will f is K i f '2" i : Wag ' i We tts it'ti fi "', f , ,. . l S "I lag' , I 'V lxih, up G. , 'z' ls! "F: . . ii it rg Silva it il ? : FEW - 2 ,,V i . ' . X t ' i iifixi alt i'efej.f ef - " - ----fla w ' i' :l l . I ' I ' - .X il " ' rf 'AH will Us . . l ite? k g , : : eg . i s. all fin . " 5 , if ,ji l 4153 V l iii? ' X 'll Q, , , 'f n -we l tt- ' We gfxltli 2 i ft- ' ., 1' 2 37? . tal t 3 E' 1 '-'- -' f lil: mi lf . r,f5?,'5' 1 'fy ' 2 ll, 'Wi' n it Hit W' v L ra , 3, 5. isgfqgiggr gym 'K I 6 ., t .A,,L W li 952 ,li li M X ills ' FRONT ROW: Bud Goddard, Jim Nlurphy, Peter Howard, Bob Buck. president, Don Slpe, Keith Clark. CENTER ROW: Georde Jensen, Quintin Barton, Albert Hoffman, Bob Scott, Leonard Ray, vice-president, Don DuBois, Douglas Spencer, Harold Handshuh, Eminder Stewart, Wallace Clark, Don Plath, Mr. Wil- liamson, adviser. BACK ROW: Randall Cas- well, secretary, Gordon Gullion, John Hesse, 'h Rodman, Belden Braaten. ABSENT: Martin Dick Kelt Bill Keene, Dave Veblen, Harold , Stafford. he twenty-tive members i-Y chapter have experienced T Highs H active year. b saw eight members go to ot University an the Decem er e ' Q l . There, Conference at ca ern Older Boys 1- Keith Clark was dent, a signal honor. During spring Vac der the chairmanship ot Don Plath, elected conference pres ation, l-li-Y members, took un ' ' ' t layground tor the er the direction o a p ov E ne recreation system. uge 'ble tor the pro- Th chapter was responsi e t highly successful Southern Wil gram o a ' Eugene ll Hi Y Conference lamette Va ey - , , ' ' ere two U Also in the spring W March 3 . , ' h Father- tor the parents T e annual attairs . - d-Son and-Son banquet, and the Mother an breakfast. h Hi-Y Climaxing an ev picnic late in May. enttul year was t e At the Hi-Y "Seaweed Tangle". Band Peter Howard, Carolyn McKinley Ken Lomax S'd l , , I ngham, Joan Schenk, Harold Handshuh, Randall Caswell, John Gilbertson, Douglas Spencer, A. B. Soward, Jack Casey, Laurel Gilbertson, Bob Scott, Miss Plummer, directing. Absent, Leonard Ray. University High's band, class "C" state champions in 1939, won second division rating at the l94U contest in Albany. The fourteen-piece organization was handicap- ped by its small instrumentation, but made a worthy showing nevertheless. Directed by Miss Charlotte Plummer, the group par iicipated in numerous school programs during the year, principally pep assem- blies, and played at the University High- lunction City football game in the new civic stadium. Quill and Croll The Eric Allen Chapter ot Quill and Scroll, the International Honor Society tor High School lournalists, stands behind all the school publications and publishes the "Duckling lunior". This year it sponsored a Christmas contest in the Uni Hi-Lights. Awards went to Marilyn Kratt, Nathan Ed- wards, Bobbie lean Taylor, and Stephanie F. Peterson tor stories and poems. Members are elected twice a year- iuniors in the spring and seniors in the tall. lnitiations have been held at the Col- lege Side lnn tor both groups. The guest speakers were Mrs. Eric Allen and Protes- ' sor Turnbull. FlRST ROW: Don Plath, vice-president, Randall Caswell, Suz- anne Stickels. SECOND ROW: Miss Gledhill, adviser, Eleanor Robb Doris Jones re 'd t , , p si en, Margaret DeCou. THIRD ROW: Edith Onthank, Helen Rayburn, secretary, Sally Spencer, Laurel Gllbertson. FOUR ' ' TH ROW. Dorothea Godlove, Elizabeth Ed- munds, Peter Howard, Harold Handshuh. carlet asque "Headed for Eden," three-act comedy presented by the dramatics club in April, was the major opus. The cast included Margaret DeCou, Kay Korn, Harold Martin, Elizabeth Edmunds, Nathan Edwards, Sara Spencer, Edith On- thank, lack Titus, Eleanor Robb, Bob Scott, Helen Rayburn, Ruby Goldberg, Stephanie Peterson, Keith Rodman, Suzanne Stickels, lim Murphy, David Veblen. Members Were also active in other school drarnatics, including the senior play. The first outstanding event oi the early School year was the Masauers' initiation banquet at the Anchorage in honor ot the sixteen neophytes. The Scarlet Masquerade, one oi the larg- dances ot the season, upheld a Worthy tradition tor colorful and clever attire. Oi their gold, masque-shaped pins, new thi s year, members are particularly proud. FRONT ROW: Margaret DeCou, vice-president, Dorothy Roorne, Sally Spencer, president, Virgin- ia Sallee, Beverly Burger, Louise Baker, Sidney lngliarn, Suzanne Stickels, Harold Hanshuh, Jack Titus. CENTER ROW: Kay Korn, Winnie Scrog- gie, Helen Rayburn, Eleanor Robb, Joyce Clark, Phoebe Smith, Keith Rodman. BACK ROW: Jim Murphy, treasurer, Nathan Edwards, Elizabeth Edmunds, Dorothea Godlove, Don Plath, Harold Martin, Louise Murphy. ABSENT: Edith O thank, secretary, Peter Howard, Lorraine Harms R "Headed for Eden" D eer at the Scarlet Masquerade on Lawson as a Roman chariot uby Goldberg, Mr. Backus, adviser ki Club Reorganized in February, the aim oi the Ski Club was to promote interest in com- petitive and recreational skiing. At an assembly, given by the organization in April, movies were shown oi skiing in the Swiss Alps. FRONT: Dorothy Roome, Al Hoffman, president, Elizabeth Edmunds, vice- president CENTER: Margaret DeCou, Bill Keen, Helen Rayburn. BACK: Bud Vitus, Gordon Gullion, Martha Switzer, secretary, Quintin Barton. on a full activities' program. The Gridiron Swing, a sport affair, and a matinee dance, honored the athletes. As a token of their appreciation the Golden U sponsored the presentation ot a blanket by the boys ot the school to Coach Hendrickson. Girl of the Golden U, Dorothea Godlove, was elect- ed in the spring and a picnic was held in her honor tor members and their dates. At this time new members were initiated. The Golden U, lettermen's club, carried I Ll I I FRONT ROVV: Belden Braaten, Rodney Taylor, John Bergman, secre- tary, Chuck De Autremont, Bud Goddard, Harold Kelly, Jim Murphy, Francis Palanuk, Wesley Olney, Dewyne Omlid. CENTER ROW: Jeff Hodges, Jack Freeman. Alva Moyer, Dutch Craiger, Ace Plath, vice- president, Don Plath, Darrel Adkison, Leonard Ray, Peter Tugman, Dorothea Godlove, Mr. Hendrickson, Irvin Sterns. BACK ROW: Tex Gatlin, president, Har- Girl of the Golden U old Hanshuh, Bob Shupe, John Jackson, Dwain Harbert, Harold Martin, Don Lawson, Jack Titus. lsnuiaums-mmm , nnwnun-nn-'v--pr., ---H, Maman-we-yum,-, '-'M-...r ""' Y' 'mf-ww" '-f----w-w- Y W-W -'a4 umm --M--e-fm' Girls' thletic ssociation Tuesday and Thursday afternoons found athletically-minded girls playing this year at volleyball, basketball, and soccer. Four games of volleyball were played With Eu- gene High, and University won l out of 4. The club had a play day with Roosevelt lunior High and a round robin basketball tournament between classes of which the juniors were the victors. Under the merit system installed last year, many girls have earned class num- erals and miniature Golden U's. Rifle At the R.O.T.C. range, the Rifle Club held its activities for the year. One pie shoot and several other contests gave the high-school marksmen ample opportunity for practice. Ken Lomax headed the organization as president and Mr. Kerley served as adviser. BACK ROW: Beverly Burger, Dorothea Gcdlove, senior princesses. CENTER ROW: Polly Gordon, junior princess, Queen Phyllis Gahan, Gloria Dunham, junior princess. FRONT ROW: Shirley Dillard, Suzanne Amspoker, sophomore princesses. FRONT ROW: Beulah Nelson,point cus- todian: Julia Urquiri, secretary: Laurel Gilhertson, president: Doris Jones. BACK ROW: Doris Casebeer, Stephanie Huestis, Suzanne Amspoker, Connie Smith, Peggy Bronson, Mrs. Bascom. Business of the organization was handled by a council consisting of officers and sports managers. ln honor of the May Queen and her court, sponsored by the GJ3-r.A. and elected by the student body at large, the annual spring formal was given May 3. Club The members: loe Lind, Margaret Harsh: man, David Dunsmoor, Stanton Parks, lune Hitchcock, Sid lngham, loe Dodds and lim Murphy. Fall term the squad was coached by Mr. Adlard and Mr. Warren, University of Ore- gon cadet teachers. Girl ' Lea ue H E It is the purpose of the Girls' League, now in its sixteenth year, to make every girl feel that she has a place in Uni High by , X,l r providing her with a wide variety of activi- ties in which she may participate. ln the early fall the Big and Little Sister Party helped the new girls get acquainted. This was followed by a rummage sale, a Thanksgiving party with Eugene High, and the Doernhecker Tea. After vacation, the annual cafeteria was held followed by the highlight of the year's functions, the Girls' League Formal. r Q , . H i nit li? x t il' ln ' X 'lil 1. ii lil I i' iii, L ' if 132.25243 ' ' Suzanne Stickels, president Spring blossomed forth on Girls! League Day when spring dresses and hairribhons were worn and the complete administration was relinquished to the girls, Louise Murphy acting as principal. The senior' class won the skit cup tor their play "We Offer You". A matinee dance concluded the program. Terminating the events of the year were inter-school teas and the Mother-Daughter Banquet. The lousiness of the Girls' League is carried on through the council, pictured l loelow. Decorations, GMS, League p,.,,.ma,, counesy All activities were under the supervision Chase Gardens. of Mrs. Wilmot and Miss Sherman, FRONT ROW: Hazel Northrop, Peggy Bronson, Helen Rayburn, vice- president, Betty Russell, secretary, Suzanne Stickels, president, Doris Jones, treasurer, Louise Murphy, Kay Korn, Joyce Clark, Phoebe Smith. CENTER ROW: Ruth Scanland, Ann Wilson, Doris Casebeer, Laurel Gilbertson, Bobby Jean Taylor, Mary Alice Sutton, Dorothy Carlson, Yvonne Umphlette. Lorraine Harms, Margaret Harshman, Mrs. Veola Wilmot, adviser. BACK ROW: Miss Dorothy Sherman, adviser, Beverly Bradford, Elizabeth Edmunds, Eleanor Robb, Edith Onthank, Margaret DeCou, June Hitchcock, Sally Spencer, Dorothea Godlove. as-Kqmwuaa'efew-wmma ez-ae .ammuaffm-war we MW mgwawwrgfti . wt Ducklin lunior What's that cute blond's address, and when is the G. L. formal? This information including the names, addresses, and tele- phone numbers of all students and teachers in University High, and the tentative dates of all important events of the coming year is found in the fourth edition of the Duck- ling lunior published October ll. This useful booklet is the work of the following members of the staff: Editor, Doris lanes: subscriptions, Elizabeth Edmunds: compiling of the names and addresses, Laurel Gilbertson, Ruth Scanland, RubY Goldberg: stencil work, Randall Caswell, Margaret Harshman, and Mary Ross: soliciting, Sally Spencer, Helen Rayburn, Don Plath, and Edith Gnthank. 1 r.,r ,, ,. 4, ., .... .. ,. .., ..,,m, .V WM, page V' f X - :i-1. ----- -V -"'- . -- "-' .,,. ffrzzi-we--err-f'Pmrfl-5,-55' Qifeirff ::-.. r Af " - : "" I F - J., s , :V.,c. ,,-- .. .- ,,,,, . ww, v , A Narita.. ,,,. N,-,gg m,t.h,re'::.,. f V . V- - r . ,g.V:A.,.f-V-5:-Ee-,,, ,,.., 4 .Ji V -.-4-. t ,E -,fs-. ..,, .Eg-, - -.-- ,, M .. ., A r -,--r ':-"fire"-A - 1-. ....... .. ,. - -V --:.-fl... g- ---r-: .- e . .f .- 'f.-1-its-..-M-.:V.: ..-af: ,-.fv. ,+-f:--,.- ...... 1 : ' M e-:,,..,.,. . infra. -1 --2-,K .e :.. . Q .. . , ..,., ,.,., , , . . uf.. ,- -.-. -. ' , e -"--- - ""' ' .,.. .,.,p ,.., - , r. 5, W- .4...1..,,,.,a..,,. -, ,... ,H,,.hW , . Vg., ,.,., - - ,QQ-I V v,'E,,g..:,n Q , , 13- .. - N .53 ..-,,,,,. ' - .5,,.,,. , I ' f ' ' - Fr?" H , if 4 V iw A'-Ei V, --Iz:V 1: I f, 4. , . J iff A " ' 4' 3,2 , ,V V 55 ,K W . .-1-if V VV ' 2' .J - MW ' i 121' -: ' 1:-:'....:i. 5,3 : .:::V.-1. -W 'MEM 'U Q., " if ' 'T f 7 l 3' . . -,S .,., , ...ii VE WMU 4 , K 4 Lu Q 3 , . w x , R f l EM A P ,.-, ' i l -"fa" if ., EE '. z" , U , v Vfl' ..,. ...,.:..:2.fip: J 1:2351 Ei' ""' 5 --'ff-:2:V" ' ' "2 ,iq ., -, Sf , 1-5 'i is-' 1 Vg'-E fE'?722j'1, . ,,..,.. 1' f 55- , ",'? :EV: V: , W ., -ri U -I2122s:2:I,-'-.,"..::2E.1Es:Es,:2-f2EE2Efif'51E1"' M .1 Q. 'E V .. ,e ' Q,: ,3:g,:V-V:1-V-2-ff--1--'gif-'-'-5, . -V+ '. -f Z2 , ' ' , . .:z:: ...., ' ..... -1"' "-i1:Pra2:...:.,:21::::":2 , , , :V :- -1:-, A " 'Q-12:2 - , , 5 ,- N . Y "" .' 'QV -W -- r- g -------- J V -I . . ., , J-'M-'H ,Mu na ,gf ,vt 1--2-2221-1.5221 ,,,::i:ga:g.,.:':.,.. ..,, " , ,am .,-. , A .S " . .,,.,. , ---- - - ., ,, 2:.,.-:V,.,:f-..- It 3:g:V-5f5,2-,u2,2,2-2:-:V-'xi -- -g,3""A'M "" " ,Meme 'W V .. ,,- - ' "" .. -::,.'::QA'f,,. W- ---4 M93 .' FRONT ROW: Suzanne Stickels, June Hitchcock. Laurel Gilbertson, Peter Howard, editor, Dale Morris, Dorothea Godlove, Keith Clark, Margaret DeCou, Doris Jones, Betty Jones. CENTER ROW: Dorothy Roome, Betty Boniface, Wanda Gill, Helen Rayburn, Edith Onthank, Kay Korn, Martha Switzer, Eleanor Robb, Elizabeth Edmunds, Miss Ora Gledhill, adviser, Virginia Sallee, Beverly Burger, Dorothy Boniface, Beverly Bradford. BACK ROW: John Bergmen, Bud Goddard, Winnie Ccroggie, Bernice Baldinger, Sally Spencer, Carolyn McKinley, A. B. Soward, Don Fox, Dave Veblen, Don Plath, Harold This year University High's official stu- dent periodical was a regularly published, bi-weekly, six page, mimeographed paper. Special features included the editorial page, wittily conducted by Keith Clarkg "Quacks by the Ducklingsf' a very person- al chatter colurnn: "Our Leaders Say," in which school big shots aired their personal viewsg "Golden Tide Glancesf' wherein our sports world was competently review- ed by Don Plath and Don Fox, "Peda- Handshuh, Louise Murphy. gagues' Preachings," in which our instruc- tors talked more informally than their usual class style: and HUHS Spotlight," which picked out personalities in school for presentation to the student body. High point of the whole staff's work was the special Christmas edition, a sixteen page, two-section paper, covered in com- plementary shades of red and green, and cleverly decorated by staff artist, Helen Rayburn. vuslevewezm Ducklin Duckling Staff Edirol- in Chief ,,,,YY,, ,,AA, E lizabeth Edmunds Business Manager ..,,. .............. D 0!'iS JOHES Subscriptions .,..,,,7, ..,.,, S uzanne StiCkelS Jim Murphy Laurel Gilbertson June Hitchcock Harold Martin Bobby Jeanne Taylor Harold Hagerty Advertising ........,,..,,, V. Martha Switzer Al Hoffman Nathan Edwards Keith Rodman Copy Editor ,,,,.ii,,,,,..Y.... Activities Harold Handsliuh Eleanor Robb Margaret DeCou Dorothea Godlove Peter Howard Randall Caswell John Heinz Polly Gordon Bernice Baldinger Shirley Dillard Features Beverly Burger Dorothy Boniface Dorothy Roome Beverly Bradford Pic-ture Editor .........,,......,. Student Photograpliy. Keith Rodman Sid Ingham Art Editor ......,.,,,...,....,.....Y, .. Nathan Edwards Quinton Barton Sport Editor ....,,.... Don Fox A IIVISPI' ...,,,,..,,.. ,,,,.Edith Onthanli ..,,,,Sara Spencer ...Louise Murphy ..,,,.,,.,Don Sipe Helen Rayburn .....Don Plath Miss Gledhill Doris Jones, business manager, and Elizabeth Edmunds, editor -in - chief, busy at work in the Duckling office. "Doors" is the theme of the Duckling this year. To carry it out Helen Rayburn made insert drawings which Nathan Ed- wards executed effectively in linoleum cuts. Many other new features were initiated such as a book-like cover, colored inks, interesting angle arrangements, several tull page activity layouts, extension of ad- ministration and feature sections. For financial success the business stait should be commended. FRONT ROW: Suzanne Stick- els, June Hitchcock, Eleanor Robb, Helen Rayburn, Edith Onthank, Elizabeth Edmunds, editor, Doris Jones, business manager, Louise Murphy, Dor- othea Godlove, Margaret De- Cou. CENTER ROW: Dave Veblen, Nathan Edwards, Har- old Handshuh, Peter Howard, Don Sipe, Laurel Gilbertson, Polly Gordon, Miss Ora Gledhill, adviser, Sally Spencer, Martha Switzer, Bobby Joan Taylor, Beverly Burger, Dorothy Bon- iface, Beverly Bradford, Keith Rodman, Randall Caswell. BACK ROW: John Heinz, Ber- nice Baldinger, Harold Hager- ty, Quintin Barton, Sidney Ing- ham, Don Plath, Harold Mar- tin, Walter Gilbert, Jim Mur- phy. ABSENT: Shirley Dillard, Al Hoffman, Dorothy Roome, Don Fox. ia,,T'.m,E,:JN:,a:fi,,- WJ,-577 V Y a-r, , .,.... J " 1, , if 2 4 HI-lNDP1ICIf1SUN'S BUYS -Paul Doutst'-hinan Photo. Chuck DeAutremont, Wiltshire Award Winner, basketball all-star, all-state second team, football co-captain. Opponents UHS Sweet Horne ,.A. 6 26 Albany .,A.,A. 7 7 Reedsport a,A...,7 U 6 Roseburg 7 Z6 Eugene .... 6 U Springfield ...7.. 6 Zl Cottage Grove 20 O lunction City v,.. U l3 FRONT ROW: B. Moore, I. Sterns, J. Hodges, B. Braaten, D. Craiger, Bussear, A. Plath, manager. SECOND ROW: D. Adkinson, T. Gatlin, B. God- dard, C. DeAutrennont, D. Plath. BLACK ROW: Coach Hendrickson, Ford MuIIen,as- sistant coach, B. Shupe, W. Stump, J. Dodds, J. Titus, D. Harbert, D, Lawson, W. Ol- ney, H. Martin, F. Hanrls, J. Freeman, Don Towers, assist- ant coach. 6 Football Uni-Hi's Golden Tide hung up a fine season's record by tieing with Cottage Grove and Reedsport for the Lane-Douglas league championship-by gaining a .7l4 average which was .l l4 points higher than any preceding Uni-High pigslcin aggrega- tion had attainedgloy' placing a quartette of gridders on the All-slar team-by de- veloping a player who achieved the finest tribute ever to be paid a player wearing the colors of University High. Charles DeAutrernont, the Tides greatest halfbaclc and winner of the Wiltshire award J was paid due tribute by his fellow students when they voted unanimously to hang up his nutnloer "ZS" never to be used by an- other University High football player. FRONT ROW: lrvin Sterns, all-star, end: Jeff Hodges, all-star tackle, co-captain: Darrel Adkison, guard: Bob Moore, center: Bill Bussear, guard: Belden Braaten, tackle: Dutch Craiger, end. BACK ROW: Don Plath, right-half: Tex Gatlin, all-star, full- back: Bud Goddard, quarterback: Charles DeAutremont, all-star, left-half, co-captain. Ba ketbail Annexation of the third successive Dis- trict Seven hoop crown was the achieve- ment ot Coach Hendrickson's Tide basket- hall squad. The l939-40 season saw the Tides' stock go up at the end of the league and down at the end ot the state tourney. fn league play they went through the entire ten games with no defeats, a record that Fas never been achieved by another league team. For the first time in six trips to Salem the campus preppers were de- ieated two in a row Record tor the entire season includes l7 wins and 6 losses tor a .739 percentage. Individual records were also claimed as Tex Catlin won the District 7 scoring crown with 99 points followed by Chuck DeAutre- mont with 95 points. Both lads placed on the all-star team and Don Plath gained a berth on the second team. Chuck De- Autremont brought hack consolation from Salem by placing on the all-state second team. TOP: University High, Eugene High vie on McArthur Court. University High players. LE!-T TO RIGHT: Don Plath, Chuck DeAutremont, cap- tain, Tex Gatlin, John Bergman, Bud Goddard.-Register-Guard Photo. BOTTOM-Front Row: Don Plath, Chuck DeAutremont, Jess Trunnell Bud Goddard, John Bergman, Tex Gatlin, Darrel Adkison, Ace Plath BACK ROW' Wayne Stum W Ie OI D , . p, es y ney, on Lawson, Dutch Craigerd, Clarence Allumbaugh, Dwain Har-bert, Bob Shupe, Coach Hendrickson Photo by Warren Teeter. I I i i Opponents UHS Iunction City' .... l3 26 Springtield ...... l8 20 Cottage Cfrove 23 37 Iunction City .... l7 28 St. Mary's ..t,.... 23 30 Eugene High ..., l5 36 t Springfield ...,.. 20 29 Cottage Grove 23 43 Eugene High ..,. 20 27 St. Marv's .,,Y.... 28 43 LEFT TO RIGHT: Rodney Taylor, Dewyne Omlid, captain, Bob Buck, Paul Everett, Philip Baird. Ba eliall Demonstrating batting power and de- fensive ability in their early games, the Tide baseball nine was batting its way into a successful season. A host of sopho- more talent pressed the five returning let- iermen for starting positions. The squad featured a fast infield, one of the finest to come out of Uni High in several years, to Golf Around the nucleus of two returning let- termen, Rod Taylor and Dewyne Omlid, the campus preppers built a team compos- ed of those two, Bob Buck, Paul Everett, and Phil Baird. ln the fall meet the Eugene Axemen were defeated by the Tiders. ln other meets the revised Uni-High team came in first and second against Salem, Eugene, and Corvallis. At Marshfield they succeeded in defeating the Coos Bay and Eugene golfers. Their greatest victory was over the strong University Erosh whom they beat by 5 points with Rod Taylor carding a sub par 69. back up their three pitchers, Tex Catlin, returning veteran, Dwain Harbert, and Dutch Craiger. Both Catlin and l-larbert played infield when not on the mound, while Craiger played outfield. Other meni- bers of the team included Don Plath, Bud Goddard, Ace Plath, Chuck DeAutremont, less Trunnell, and Don Lawson. FRONT ROW: Coach Hendrickson, Don Lawson, Bud Goddard, Dwain Harbert, Don Plath, Don Fox, Merrill Brown. BACK ROW: Gene Allen, manager, Ken Lomax, Dave Dunsmor, Chuck DeAutremont, Tex Gatlin, Ted Baker, Pete Tugman. 33 Tenni "A year of development" is what the l94O University l-ligh track season was termed by Coach Hendrickson, since Alva Moyer, Frank Hanns, and Chuck DeAutre- mont were the only returning lettermen. The remainder ol the team Was built up from inexperienced juniors and sopho- mores. The Tide cindermen met the University Frosh and Eugene, Springfield and Rose- X :M N 4 .. K .,.,. ,l il mq GwXk1 s .r.r ,4i., ,ri p 4' 't" ' ' i i :.i51:,- , M ,f,.. ,..: A I Q J . ,. ,,,., , 11 i I 3 E , 'ri Q E it rf ir i vv, F - ti,,,i:::gii:l, .i 2 i t , , , ,. -lllitzllt tfi 7 ii ii ' Ulla: In ,t Sill is gill? tit L i A t W 'i"i" ' ll T if l. l A ,,: 5.5 il 'C E . University l-ligh's tennis team Was faced with the task ot building a team around one returning letterman. Bob Buck assay- ed the role of veteran and was bolstered ieebly by tive other tennis aspirants: Wayne Stump, George Carey, Harold Kel- ly, Fred Forsythe, and lim Buck. ln early season matches the squad won one and lost one. They played scheduled meets with Corvallis, Eugene, Monroe, and St. Marys FRONT ROW: Fred Forsythe, Jim Buck. BACK ROW: Harold Kelly, John Gilbertson, George Carey, Wayne Stump, Bob Buck. llrack burg, and lunction City and Springfield in three-way meets. Completing one of the biggest schedules that any Tide track squad has ever had they participated in the 'Willamette Valley, District, and State meets, and the American Legion Play Day. W 1, ' T'-1. 'Pi W"5?'5St ,im , , ,, u . We li 1 iam? ew .r,, 2.5 fm s M- Www' W: -f-V W P . it Ww w 1 mg? 'ww ,,,.- Q 2: - gy y l lg lilftg ,W rsre iwwt 1' ,ig tits titt A ttt f- W YM ra -Wg '. , "9 Fl ' wllllwlllzffxi if 577 Zz. li 4 iiil :ill F lg El Egg l V .v. 'Q ,ll '1 i Q5 Y, :T '- V- ttft tit' it , , ,, it f il it if it B ,t- test fi' "t i Emil.: Nia K - K H5535 2 we ll a :ftf"llY:i?t,QTk gg i, S lL li? it IE ite it.: i i f i' 5 til it ftt, .lst y it 1 si fthe ,ig it it"fr t- i ' 3 M 1 T itkttmlitt f t gilt 1,52 K Y f lg if i r 5' it l llkyiglw 1 2 li i it s sl 'r'-' Z it tt i , y ,si f FRONT ROW: Frank Hanns, Coach Hendrickson, Stanton Parks, Chuck DeAutremont. Francis Palanuk, Jack Casey, Joe Dodds, Dick MacLaren. CENTER ROW: Gene Allen, manager, A. B. Soward, Dutch Craiger, Francis Demagalski, Dwain Harbert, Don Lawson. BACK ROW: Alva Nloyer, Bob Shupe, Roland Stewart, Jack Freeman. EMU Us IZ EEE! P I LIFE BEGINS AT '40 Ut '40 Fad and '40 Folk . . . Nineteen hundred and forty! That gradu- ating class left more memories than any class for a "coon's age." They started some of the silliest, but most self-satisfying, fads that ever our school did see. Key-chain swinging, for example, start- ed with a gentle whirr when "de boys" had to find something to do with those flashy but oh-so-useless presents they re- ceived on Christmas. Soewhirr they did! The technique, we are told, principally in- volves the ability to start on the little finger and, without stopping the rhythmic revolu- tion of the chain, to eventually wind up on the thumb. The year of '40 produced a distinct class of boys aptly given the name of "Queers". lf anything out of the ordinary happened 'twas they who did itl What a funny thing are "Queers," They have fun and shun the jeers. With big pipe "Ann" and several small lt seems they try to shock us all! "lust a chip off the old block!" Uni l-ligh gals weren't long in picking up the wooden- shoe rage from the campus, and half socks, silly as they may seem, came right along with the new footwear. Leather moccasins, that the skiers brought home from the mountains, were worn by both boys and girls. As a new accessory came "greasy spoons," bent to form bracelets. Skipping, and not the rope variety, got to be a cutting word around school. ln the good old days, Washington's birthday always brought at least a half-day vaca- tion. The fellows, namely the athletes, de- cided that good old George should still be honored. So . . . there was a walkout. The library several nights following, was over- crowded. MR. AND MRS. UNI HIGH Dorothea Godlove and Charles DeAutr'emont The Paper Boy By Gretchen Strong A little boy with dirty hands, Dirty face, britches tattered, Cap torn and battered, Stands on a street corner Selling papers amidst the noisy din, Smoke, and dirt ot the big city. l-lomely little orphan, without anoth l-le lives with an uncle in a filthy, Dingy little flat-and his poor old Uncle is as blind as a bat. The little boy, we'll call him loe, Looks down at his toe that has 91' TCXQZ Pushed itself through his worn-out shoe. He should be out with other little boys Cutting capers, instead of standing On a street corner selling papers, Selling papers, selling papers . . '7 S c'::f-:: - - -::f:::::::f::: - f-:::::-::- :--: ::::::::::::::::: . Manufacturers Eugene Neon Sign Co., Inc. Signs Displays Phone 1018 73 West 5th Lxxx.-::::-xxx'--- xxx.--:NN,H,::..- -,.,,,,.i,- Hxoi fx'::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Byrom :Sv Kneeland THE MAN'S SHOP 5 Q 2 E 32 East IUth Ave. Eugene L::::,HH::::N- -::,,:H. p,,::,,:,,::,::::::::,::::,: - -, I ::,:::::::::::.-:::::4-4-:::: Crmgratzzlatioozs CLASS 1940 Eugene Hardware Co. 93 East Broadway Phone 670 , - . - SW.. - Y- .- 1' BETTER PICTURES -and- PERFECT SOUND A llll..'!,.,,.,I!I!I 'IQZLZ DAY- NITE GARAGE AMBULANCE - TOIVING If it'S BETTER SERVICE VVQ Have IT 30 llearllkuyf Sept. 11-Great to be back and see everyone again. What a year this is going to be! With all the enthusiasm that's in evidence there shouldn't be a dull moment! Sept. 14-Girls get well acquainted at the Big-Little Sister Party, midst dancing and a fashion show. Sept. 15-Everyone, including some grads, get into the swing at the Merry Mix-Up. Surely Dorothea Godlove and Bud Goddard, most "danced With" couple, have sore feet. Sept. 224Football is off with a bangeor Whis- tle as the case may befand Uni High's Golden Tide sent home Sweet Home, 26-6. A crowd of more than 25 Uni Hi'ers were at the game, but Albany scouts threatened to outnumber us. Sept. 29fAlbany game! P.S. XVe wongwell. morally. Score: 7-7. Oet. 6-Golden U's "Gridiron Swing" turns out to be a marvelous dance. Adorning the walls were charicatures of the brawny foot- ball heroes, drawn by our talented artist, Helen Rayburn. Oet. 14-Our Golden Tide barely noses out the Reedsport Braves with a score of 6-O. Yell leaders, Janeth Peterson and Bobbie Reb- ham, added to the interest of the game, but not until the half, because of an extremely belated appearance. Oct. 16-Scarlet Masque banquet at the Anchorage is a big success, even for the neophytes, who ate very little because of the required songs, talks, and impersonations. Oct. 20-A few straggling spectators brave the Roseburg fog to see our Wonderful Gold- en Tide team trounce the Indians 26-7 Oet. 27fUni High's spirit is damp, as well as everything else in sight after watching this battle. Eugene High's axemen beat our much-pushed-in-the-mud team 6-0. ff'O1'1llllUt'd on Page SEND T":::::::::::::::::::::-::::::f-'V r 5 1 ji Kuykendall Drug Co. z fl 61 XVest Broadway 2 :r I Phone 23 t U 1 . . :I Fine Cosmetics E if and Perfumes t I ' - s :i Parker, Sheaffer, Waterman 1+ , P 3 PENS 5 L "::::"'5:ffffff-efrffffffffffff :I Fine Things in Leather Goods if: 2.exHung:,.,M,HHN::,N,:,l: Q-'::::::::::::::::-:::::'-:::::f ., 2 9 . it . . 3 ' 'lilly IEEE Ir Compliments of it 11 +I DOUBLE MILK BREAD 1 4 . . +I J- C- PENNEY 8K CO- tl made of six simple foods :' :P Flour, Yeast, Sugar, Salt, Sh0l't'6l1illg 41 .1 and DOUBLE THE MILK t,,,::,,,,,:::-.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.l Z,xxx,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,,,xx , ---------,--------------------- fx v --""' vv"" "" ' """' """" """ '-"'- -vvvv ------v-- - 17 I 1 I I We re for you -- NOW and after you graduate The BROADWAY Inc. 30 E. Broadway I 4, :,:,,,,,:::,,,,..:..:,,,,.,,,,,,,,.-::..,,,..::,,,,::,,,,,:,,,,,,:,,e AFEI FFEE SH D e mourls - ON THE OFFICIAL DOWN TOWN RENDEZVOUS FOR UNIVERSITY HI STUDENTS FOR 10 YEARS 'rv 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'si Q, 'sf L.:-A'-'s,s,c,-f D EAR DIARY : Nov. 37The rooters seemed to have more enthusiasm than the team this afternoon, even though our Tiders beat the Springfield Millers 21-G. From the Way the girls on Jack Casey's car yelled on the way home, they must think it quite a victory. Nov. ll-Sad. sad day. If our famous football team had won we would have had the Lane- Douglas Championship. But they didn't win -rather they take a 20-0 beating at the hands of Cottage Grove. Nov. 16-U.H.S. and E.H.S, girls prove that all isn't rivalry between schools at the Girls, League party at Eugene High. Thanksgiv- ing baskets are made up. Nov. 17-Our tide gridsters beat a weak Junc- tion City team 13-0. Afterward the pep club's "Victory Dance", for students of both schools turns out to be a huge success. The auditorium was appropriately decorated with our purple and gold and J. C.'s wine and gold, Nov. 22-ZGYVVheeeeeeee-vacation for a few days! Nov. 30-Mr. Moore leaves for Stanford, to be gone 2 whole Weeks. This afternoon an all time low for 2 o'clock study attendance is hitfexactly 9 people ! Dec. lfln assembly, Don Plath suggests we hang up Chuck DeAutremont's football let- ter, No. 25, never to be used again by a Golden Tide player. Idea unanimously ac- cepted! Virginia Sallee sings "Scatterbrain', and this afternoon the Whole school hums the song. tContinued on Page 3t'I 5-:::::.-::::::v-.-v-v-:v-:::::::::::: I FILBIS - KODAKS Carl Baker Film Shop Everything Fotographic Tth and Vvillamette ,,,,,,,,,.,,.,,,,,,,,,::,-,.:::::::.., W,-.-.A,-:::.-::::.-:.-::::::::::::.-: CO, 8 Fountain S01'vic'e 1 School Supplies w. Bi-oiuiway Phone 271 Drugs 5 DOMESTIC SAWDUST 1 2 LEMON - o - PHARMACY BURNER OILS 2 13th and Alder 5 S dk H Green Stamps 5 L. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,::::,Q vane: 6-::J:::::::-::.-:::::::-::a DEAR DIARY: Dov. 6-Tex Gatlin, Chuck DeAutremont, Irvin Sterns, and Jeff Hodges are Lane-Doug- las All-Stars and pretty soon each will be sporting a little silver football. Dov. 8-Uni High looks like a side-show, as cowboys, cossacks, ancient Romans, and everything else imaginable, mix for a gay time at the Scarlet Masquerade. Dm-. 18fSenior girls win top honors at the Doernbecker Tea with their "NVizard of Oz" doll display. Dev. 20-Every senior in "VVings of the Morn- ingu, turns out a wonderful performance. Vile heard that the party for the cast at Murphy's afterward was swell, too! Dec. 22-Vacation again and students trek eagerly homeward to Watch for old Santa. Jun. 2+Most Uni-Hi'ers return to school still recuperating from a happy, happy new year. This is the day, of course, when all New Year's resolutions are broken. Jan. 5-6-Uni Hi starts its basketball season with high hopes and split a series with Medford. Jain. 15, 19, 24eGolden Tide hoopsters start league contests by beating Springfield, Junc- tion City, and Cottage Grove by large scores. Jun. 26iCowboys and city gals clash in the drama class play "Moon River Rancho". Al- V'::::':::::"':::"""':::::"::7 though everyone handles his part wonder- 2 H ,, 1: fully, W'endell May, as a born and reared- 1, A GOOCI SCILUOZ '1 in-the-west cowboy detective, takes honors. V Feb. 17A Memorable day for University High. 2 Eugene Business College 1, Chuck DeAutremont is the first student of 41 Ph 666 M- B -1d- . 'P tffontinued on Page 5lJ EL one lner ul lug ::,,::,,,,,,::::::,,,,,,,,,,,,Q g-::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::-z tT,:::::,,,:::,,,,:::v.:::,,,,,::2 1 WRIGHT'S 1: CROCKER'S ART CRAFT II 5 :P 56 'West 13th Avenue :P Products R.G. Radios z 1: . , Q Q 1, Early Amerzcan Gift Shop ty B10EiClW2ly and Oak Pnone 222 2 1: Complete Dyapeqw Departwwnt 2 L,,,,,::.-:::,,::,,,,,:.A:,,,,,,,.-4 4,,:,,,::,,,,::::,,,,::,,,,:,,,,,y E 1 l , N Q l P LUILLQUGHS I SCHOEEUW . IQ-Q, , E ex s ,V -N Sw sr , ra f lf- Frzxgls Nw 'MEZZ 0N7"f'f K H X X URN PETHISON P W.yrfA.WEl4,7fA2ug - NT M. D S . KI RODM TRKNNELL D. SIDFAN AY MAD erlomwg Moxie 7-Q T LA W voice Qyrgffw Jem g g Lessom D-PLATH , ' BSODDARD ' 'FMR SHO liunayifbamq, DOT. ROOMS Mel. S. weswmu. me. osuorws H419 no 131: J X 1 354, 1 ' rm fm W l V lHTlUlS uscmrnuumcr W ml F . V Q bwibxiv 5 BUNIFACUNC , jmcfo rfs. W NTT' ' x Q 1 V' DP' -rn QTF gy B ,I nm .W W M DCI'-LERW' gmggvnovo :wuz + MTW P 1 I1 O r ...- px ' W X V is + 3 NW' 5 FF a ELlAmow wggg H JIM rllxxnvbw I NOTA :wa mm o :ces 4 C M um 4 , VHUTHER GODLDVES, VZIJQSQAM., TRY ow, Bkanrorung ' ,,m,,,m me 'y9"i?wB.uf4Qu SQ! E.w unms I 'DL Q. sm NG Y w. PHE fi. ,5To KQP. - M EBRKJHT A SH' E 'J-",.,,.- T H xl mwvwr uv. CARL N GW- X X Q, g U. X 'xv 5 gal AL NN X QCDV 21 P5 PM E P' 5 E N UW MB Z-' LE 5nv0 S5 XG! Q9 I v-I muff """1C 'A 1 lfwfs gwi' E or! MM , Wy ' 1 Pig :L D m,.,f,- VLPELD ., ' 1 gb ,tv Q-J 4 c B NEI-SDN N UDN 'Amel xg: nh IIUNQ 41- V A Y KWH C Al el KK 'MUCH' 961111 P4 I C T5 ' ohfcs X ' 1-as '1 "N An'-EN O I X X X llflglli ll lift: figs: D .Niall E XX I Q , f V1 HY I In x Q45"'b'f4'o,-X 1953 0 0 Q. v X ' I 1 ,le Q .rg f I f QQ Q, E l' I U K 5 2 E ' Qft - num X fx I Q www P, L..-S X X I " A N Tumvml XX 96:-:UNF 2 lfl.LL-1' ' : F5 I!! Nome V W' Q' X , mx . W x Q f 3 ' U X q,uu"'f'- f- W1 Bo' .'0fxQf,' ' wid X evxn , I,-,YN I uxr u - gl I In NWA f , PEL -If X , N 9 ':7,, A IRNA N I hub? X X N ' Win Q. MA,-vnu x I 'U A X Qybggvliexu L E si' 'Pu "U W . :LET rf X , I E4 . I! N ' ' UT x WO 7? 5' ,gg . - - dhgwfelf QN X h QQ, X . , 1 x .f ' , , X - , W GI FINE FOODS ,-,Ziff 74' X X Xhxsf 6' -0 N if v 'Luis WM ,XL U 51 A k yn. HAHSHPQPN S, ST uw. 1- PWQL SINLI n ' 974 'nm funn' E E 2, f- ,n-sewn x 55,4 .' A I KHTLESQN " "A fl 4 e- M GIIQGO 'N wx T A ' 12.00 0 THFF , . f ,N 6 L -1 U, B, DPU, ' Sf-WN' 5 MPN EUQTS- srrw" , f M1 -r N- QUILDMP' N-N 1 2 ,MLW O Q Z 3.2 UFFMAN INC STREETClfANUlg 3 7 gdfjm W lf 8 Jjfezmrzz Rkmxio 32.673 v::-::-::::::::::::::::::::::--1 ve::::::::::::: A - -e:--Aeeeefewv Z Sundahl S B I K E S 3 . . . 1 l Pay Less Drug Renta!s-Sales-Servicc-Repairs 'l 5 SG E. Broadway Phone 232 11 I R-0lll0llllDl1l' You Pzly Less z 1, 9 UH Y Ulu' Drug Meds 1 S5 W. Sm Phone 3113-M .Q 1, N- .wv.v..'---.-v.,v.N,.NMNM.,vv,e-.N-.,,,- 1,:::::::.Hf::::::::::f-f.---- :--O--'mn qN0r:4:r axefrQfnQrf0Nzeo0 ::-:::v-::::::-f:::::::::::::::: 1 EN , 1 Q 2 EUGENE S BEST 1+ C-uf 1, F012 DRINKING! 11 2 Mello-Rich 4 fl, Homogenized Milk 2 5 1, FOR COFFEE AND CEREAL- 1, z 'P Crvarnoro 1011, H0lll0g'ClliZ0il. It :P 5 If z takes the place of a, l'l'03,lll and costs 4: z 51205, 1, half as much. 2 1 W , 1 4 1 . S C OLD MlDAl , P S 5 Ezzgenels Fcasluooz Center 2 ' 1 1 A 1 2 z 3 'i 1V,,:U., if i 2 , . 1 l 1 . ,r' "V :P 2 907 Wmamette - 1 HL A LL' Iv 99000613 3 l 1 Phone 393 l ef: :::::::':- -::::::::::::::::: V :::::,:,.-,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-,..,,,:g veeeeeeef:::::e-ve:-:::::eee::ev Veefeea-:-eee:::-efeefeeeeefeej 1, 1 BROWN MOTOR CO. In A-mf: , .ni if V. C. May Roy C. Mr-ad .' ES, 4 gag! 1, 3 l 1: ee ,513 51155324 ff ' :T -Qf lg lifllfdligfu- If Chrysler - Plymouth 1: Q EEF: 151153 xgilgilifnlgiv 11 Sales and Service 11 -QE all 1 5' If 'A' 1, - 111 7. -V 1: , r i '1'1 "" "" " :Q-' Broadway and Pearl ,1 og. , ,, Phone J757 7: ' ' 5: '1 '1 Selected Usecl Cars I1 E Z.-:,,:::-::.-::.-.-:::::::H:H::.-J Lxxxx:::.-::H:HNH::::::l s First s P ff YOU'LL FIND I WHAT You ' WANT. 4 1-fihillllllilll Hall- CONGRATULATIONS AND SUCCESS E "Eugene"s Own Store" 5 up 15 1 lhonm 1101 2 5 TRY AT THE QUFQP CCNGRATULATICNS! To the Class of '40 -:rn v' v :fin .-f, v 'v dz. fig: TX, u9ene'5 fafzgesf Depafzfmenf foie MONTGOMERY WARD 0-.0,.,N,w,,f--J 6-:::: 0,' .r.,N,,, 'r 'r S 5 S 6 'T 'r 4 4 S 4, ,::,-v-,,,,,-,,,,,::: I ,4N.,-.,-N,-.Af ...AJ-A,-.A.-.A A,A-A,A.A:.A:.A.A::,A:.-:.A: - A A A A A - A A A 'I I 1 I I Clwnm .Iv 1 ,,.,, S IFE? 1 Ni I SANITONE CLEANING 2 L -::::::::::::::::::::, ,,- N---.-.-.-.A:.-::::::::::,A A:::-3 2 I I ISHOP A 1: 1, 1, ' , I jf PENNY WISE :I If for your Drug needs I 1, 1 I I 'I 'I 'I 'I I' - I I 'I I' I 1: A Xxvhfjff' Y0u'll Save Dollars - S 1: I I I awe: - - - - - AAA- ---A - ,::-,I Ivlm:m:"'iH':mm'm:'wF I I If Be voted f'Best D'7'6SS6Il,' when the If I Class Prophecy Is R6ClCl If 1, 1 1, I 'I I I I I 1: 09112 1: 1, 1 I 1 :E Dress Shop I I I 991 wiiiameme Phone 3070 I I 'I l,,,:e,,,..:.,,,,,,.. ,H :HMI f":::::::: -:::: :::::'::::-: 'I ll T :I I 55 Del Rex, Gage 'I ' Fine Foocls Excellent Service Moflerclte Prices I 'I 'I 'I I I ::::'::::::::::::::::.-:.A.AvA:::4 I 'I Electrical Refrigeration Oil Burners I :I I I I H. w. WHITE ELECTRIC co. I 'I ' K H V Everything Electwcal 1: Banquet Room Available A,,i1fQ,EffiYi2,,,,,,,fEfTLii1,l l,,, -,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,1 ":e: ::::f::::':":::' ':":::: ::::::::::::::::::::::' 'eeey I The Booth-Kelly Lumber Co. I 2 5th and Willamette . Phone 85 1fA:::::::::::AA::.A::: ee: -Ae: ,feee ::::,:::::,Q QA- -A--- AAAAAAAAAAA- - --- A+- - - - - v - v - - - - - - - v W v v v v - - ,iv , , -:A ff-IJr:::r:::::::::::::::::.--I-:v-: T- A- H O F F M A N fl CLAYPOCLE and VAN ATTA I NMA 1 DRUGS 1: Student Supplies, Prescriptions, E Broadway. at VVi1la1nette V! Cosmetichs H ' 2 Grgfluatzgqq, Watghgg 1 Zn ll hone 1086 13th and 1X1lll'Zl1ld NN:,:::::::-::::-:J:-A::v.:::::JQ ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-.'.-.,-.-.:::-.-.-. - ,Nr On the Mill Rave Steaks and Jointed Fried Chicken 1 Phone 30 for Banquet Reservations THE ANCHORAGE E Q I .i..-. , '-.xl.llijLlHN.'L.EN.GLRND - - .f 2 997 Franklin Blvd. 1 2:::,v-::::::::.-:::::.f:::::,,:::r,5 5 5 ' 1 5 1 Elhott s Grocery 1 5 5 Corner 13th and Patterson 5 5 Phone 95 2 A 5 E 3 2 "If it's good to eat z z we have it". 4. 2 FRESH MEATS, PoL'IfrRY 5 FRESH BAKED PIES E FINEST OF GROCERIES z 5 5 ' 1 S K H Green Stamps 5 5 Q 5 o'::::-:::::::.- --::::::-g " :L HHNH::"' ::""'::N'T VHH: ' 'MH:H"::::N:""'5 ll 1' 2 5 2 Buy Home Products 2 1: Preston H a es 5 5 5 4 5 5 Try MAJ: and S57 VViH3I11Gtt9 Phone 665 E U 5 . X Other Quality Canned Goods 2 :I . I: 1 Q Fuller Paints . . . 1 IL Pfwked by 1: Ii A They Last 5 1, 1, 1, 1 1 q 1 EUGENE 1 1 ' 1 1: 1: Q Fine Lf-utlier Goods z E FRUIT GROWERS 1 2 B 5 1 zlgs 5 5 5 1: 2 Zipper Notebooks 2 1 Z- .A:- ,,::.-:xueev-x: : -xl le.-Hx-H:::::HN::----:Y-:v-HQ VHS: 'ii:HH::HHN::"HH'F:NHJ":'W:N::""::'W::: WE 11 Congratulations - To Your Team and Yearbook E 5 II R. A. BABB HARDWARE CO. 1 :P T33 Vliillalliette St. PHONE!- S 51 E. 7th St. EUGENE 47 - 46 J J Q' ----A--------------A- :::::::: 9, - A ----- A - --A-- ---A---A- : ::::.- J N' 'W . . . 2 'v 2 UnlVeYSltY Bl.lSll:leSS College Eugene Hglne Appliance A Complete Bustness Course 2 Company, Inc. Edward L. Ryan, B.S. L.L.B, Manager 2 2 2 Phone 2761-M 2 2 Courtesy -:- Servzce 2 360 Willillllltffi' Sf- EUEPIIP N2 2 S56 VVil1amette Street Eugene, Oregon ,-0,::::::.-:::-:::::.-:::::::::: g,,,.v.,.,,,,,::'.,,:,:,:,::,,::,:::3 MERRICKS 2 2 WHITE PALACE 2 2 2 51' 1- Szuldwiclws - 100 2 2 Classes for Adults, Children, 2 2 252. g Moms , 302. 2 2 Begznneis and Advanced 2 2 57 East 101311 Avenue 2 e,:,::.-.-::eee::::-:::::::::.A:::.s ':--.-eeee-:::::.-:::::--A-: -.A:,g 9 1" . ' 2 2 2 , 2 if 77 ' 2 2 The eyes have xt 2 2 2 2 Be sure they will always 2 2 give you the best ot siqht 2 s s 5 Consult -- 2 0, 2 , Q 5 1 o 0 2 2 Qplomekwl 2 , Z , Lf:J--f:::::::v-::::-A:::::oJ 2N':H':::':::"'H":':"'"H::":7 'v':'A" Tx' '::::N" "AM 2 649 Xvillillllllftlx Phone 1188 2 2 2 2 2 2 MODERN LIGHTING 2 s Q s 2 S 2 2 Adds to the pleasure of students 2 2 2 2 and protects their eyesight 2 2 Furniture Company 2 2 2 ir 2 2 Be sure you have 2 2 2 2 Proper lighting foo' study hours 2 2 Quality Furnitzzre at 2 2 2 Low Cost 2 Q . 2 2 Armstrong Linoleum 2 2 I, 9 9 , . 'Z g JY, , 2 Thor WVashers 2 2 he 'A' 2 2 2 Z wxex- ,..:,,H,:,,,,,,,.,,.....s L,e.,,,,,,,,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Vx'N'":H""'H""'::H:NH"N""::'NNN::":NH:::::HHNN'? S 7 2 DQNQFFQ 5 - - cz dress wear store for young fellows Sv."'r"'f stvled new graduation suits .,i.......,,..i.,i..,....,,,...........,,,,,,, 9525.00 2 2 Palm Beach White Coats .,.. 5511.75 Gaberdine Vvhite Coats .... 95 6.95 2 Bring your 6l'7'68S wear problems to DENEFI-'E'S -Q-:: ::-:-:::--if----'--:Jv-::-A:-7-YQ-v---v--N'---+-:-'A--:--v-v---:::::::: A - -::J B R STUDIOS Qjour OFFICIAL ANNUAL PHQTGGRAPHER , , , 55 pfzmfmg, us"' Q92 of ' XSg3 TifZ77qfA1f,f3gAAf -f ffl -I' holton-Turnbull-Fuller Co. Printers of scholastic publications for the schools of Uregon For information write to us at Eugene, Oregon 'friends . Chase Gardens Fred G. Stickels Clark Electric Corson's Music Shop Schlick's Barber Shop Star Furniture Co. Harold L. Edmunds Tiffany-Davis Drug Co. Quackenbush's Dr. M. L. Handshuh Bristow's Tewelry Store lll l ll Phone 297 PHOTO -ENGRAVERS ARTISTS AND DESIGNERS RUBBER STAMPS 1049 Willamette lGuard Buildinql Artists' Materials Photographic Supplies Greeting Cards ----,N,--- HAIL TO THE PURPLE Univezsiw High School, We Emi! thee Golden Tide: Thy name is ever cleanest, We'lE iiinq thy bcmnfzrs wide: Univerfsiiy High Sahool Wil! win sim viciory. For we wiii fight Ami was will cheer With iaith and Emrcxiw. Y 0 Q1 W ,gag 'gggggz 1I.C,j SXCG. EUGENE OWNED, WITH NEW YORK BUYING CONLZECTION Colors Gfgiardboard w P co- Ailaiili-liiaiglt All Occasions B0 East 11th Ave. - - - Phone 1963 and Brushes lenior cti ity P10 ter Darrel Adkison Roosevelt Football 1, 2, 33 Basketball 1, 2, 33 Track 1, 2, 3: Golden ll 2, 3: Baseball 33 Student Council 33 "Moon River Rancho" 3. Louise Baker Roosevelt Amateur Mas. 13 Pep Club 1, 2, 31 G-L 1, 2, 31 pin 1, 2, 33 Student Council 1, 2: Class Council 2, 33 Scarlet Mas. 33 G,A.A. Princess 2. Quinton Barton Eugene High, Junior V I Y Science Club 33 Duckling 33 Ski Club 33 H1-H 3. Bernice Baldinger Grants Pass High, Senior i Radio Club 33 Hi-Lights 33 Pep Club 33 G.,-LA. 33 43.11. 3. John Bergman Vllilson Basketball 1, 2. 33 Tennis 1, 2, 33 Track 2, 33 Golden 1.7 2, 33 Sec. 3. Dorothy Boniface Roosevelt Amateur Mas. 13 Pep Club 1, 2, 33 Glee Club 13 Hi-Lights 1. 33 Duckling 33 Class Council 23 Student Body Sec. 33 Council 33 G.L. 1, 2, 33 Council 23 G.,-X.A. 1, 2, 3. Belden Braaten Roosevelt Football 1, 2, 33 Basketball 1, 2: Rifle Club 33 Track 1, 23 Assistant Swimming Mgr, 1, Mgr. 23 Golden L7 2, 33 Hi-Y 3. Beverly Bradford Eugene High, Sophomore Hi-Lights 1. 2, 33 G..-LA. 1, 23 G.L. 1, 2, 33 Council 33 pin 2, 33 Pep Club 33 Duckling 33 Class Sec. 3. Bob Buck Roosevelt Tennis 1, 2. 33 Golf 2, 33 Basketball 1, 23 Golden U 1, 2, 33 Hi-Y 2, 3, Pres. 3. Beverly Burger San Leandro High, Cal., Junior G.L. 2, 33 Pep Club 3, Pres. 33 Duckling' 33 Hi- Lights 33 Scarlet Mas. 33 "Moon River Rancho" 3. Flora Campbell Silverton High, Senior Science Club 33 G.L. 3. Howard Campbell Silverton High, Senior Norman Cannon Roosevelt Randall Caswell Roosevelt Amateur Mas. 13 Scarlet Mas. 23 "XVho Gets the Car Tonight?" 13 "Spring Fever" 23 Forum 1, 2 Sec. 33 Hon. Soc. 2, 3, Pres. 33 Hi-Y 2, 3, Sec. 33 Store 1, 23 Band 1, 2, 33 Q. and S. 2, 3. 1s..,,:::::::,::::,,::::::::::::: 1, Y 1, 1, 1 1 1, 1, 1, 1, 'l lVlll,l,E2R' 'I 1, 1, 1, 1, I' , I' ,: Eugene S Newest ,I 1, Department Store 11 1 .3 1 1 1: 1: 1, 1, I' 1' 1: S40 Wlillainette St. Eugene 4: 41 '1 1 gL,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,:,,,,,,,,,J Wallace Clark Roosevelt Ski Club 2, Vice-pres. 23 Hi-Y 3: Science Club 33 Forum 3. Charles DeAutremont Eugene High, Sophomore Basketball 1, 2, 33 Baseball 1, 2, 33 Track 1, 2, 33 Football 2, 33 Golden ll 1, 2, 3, Vice-pres. 2. Margaret DeCou Cook Academy, Montour Falls. N. Y. Forum 1, 2, 3, V. Pres. 33 Hon. Soc. 2, 3, Sec. 3, Q. Q S. 2, 33 G.L. 1, 2, 3. council 1, 2, 3, pin 1, 2, 33 9 3 fi . Amateur Mas. 13 Scarlet Mas. 2, 33 V. Pres. , Duckling 2, 33 Duckling Jr, 2, 3: Hi-Lights 2, 33 Mech. Ed. 33 Pep Club 13 Ski Club 2, 33 Radio Club 23 Science Club 3, Sec. 3: G,A.A. 1, 2, 33 Girl Res. 1, 23 Vice-pres. 23 "Be ln By Midnight" 13 "Wings of the Morning" 33 "Headed for Eden" 33 Student Body Prog. Chr. 3. Neale Ebright Norman High School, Oklahoma, Senior Elizabeth Edmunds Roosevelt Hon. Soc. 2, 33 Q. and S. 2, 33 Duckling 2, 3, Ed. 33 Ski Club 2, 3, Pres. 2, V. Pres. 33 Amateur Mas. 13 Scarlet Mas. 2, 33 G.L. 1, 2, 3, pin 1, 2, 3, Council 33 Pep Club 1, 2,3 Forum 33 G. A. A. 1, 23 Duckling Jr. 33 Stage Designer Soph. Play 13 Hi-Lights 2, 33 Feature Ed. 33 Radio Guild 2, 3, Chr. 33 Student Body Prog. Com. 1, 23 "Spring Feveru 23 "Christmas Trimmingsn 23 "XVings of the Morningu 33 "Headed for Eden" 3. Nathan Edwards Todd County High, Mission, SD., Junior S. NV. Radio Club 23 Hon. Soc. 33 Scarlet Mas. 33 Science Club 33 Forum 3, Pres. 33 Duckling 33 "1Vings of the Morning" 33 "Headed for Eden" 3. Ira Fox Roosevelt Football 2, 33 Baseball 33 Golden 1' 2, 3. Phyllis Gahan St. Petersburg High, Florida, Senior Science Club 33 G. ll. 33 G. A. A. Queen 3. Thaine Gatlln Roosevelt Basketball 1, 2, 33 Baseball 1, 2, 33 Football 2, 33 Golden U 1, 2, 3, Pres. 3. Walter Gilbert Roosevelt Band 1, 23 Photo Fans 13 Duckling 1, 33 Football 23 Forum 33 Hon. Soc. 3, Laurel Gllbertson Kern County Union High, Bakersfield, Cal., Junior G.A.A. 2, 3, Pres. 33 Girl Res. 2, 3, Pres, 33 G.L. 1, 2, 3, Council 3, pin 23 Hon. Soc. 33 Pep Club 23 Q, and S. 33 Hi-Lights 2, 33 Band 2, 33 Duckling 33 Duckling Jr. 3. Ruby Goldberg Garfield High, Seattle. XVasli. Pep Club 13 Amateur Mas. 13 Scarlet Mas. 2, 33 G.L. 1, 2, 3, Council 33 Science Club 33 Duckling Jr. 3, D0l'0tl'l63 Godlove Roosevelt C.A.A. Princess 1, 2, 33 11.11. 1, 2, 3, pin 1, 2, 33 Council 3: Amateur Mas. 1: Scarlet Mas. 2, 33 Pep Club 1, 2, 3,2 Q. and S. 33 Hi-Lights 2, 3. News 11111. 33 Duckling 33 'Duckling Jr. 3: "Spring Fever" 23 HXVings of the Morning" 3. Bud Goddard Eugene High, Sophomore Baseball 1, 2, 33 Football 2, 33 Basketball 2. 33 Golden I' 1, 2, 33 Student Council 33 Student Body V. Pres. 3, Hi-Y 33 "Moon River Rancho" 3. Maxine Gregory Corvallis High Pep Club 2, Pres, 23 Yell Leader 23 Scarlet Mas. 2: "Marriage Proposal" 2. Harold Handshuh Roosevelt Class Pres. 1, 23 Student Body Pres. 33 Yell Leader 13 Pep Club 1, 2, 33 Golden U 1, 2, 33 Amateur Mas. 13 Scarlet Mas. 2, 33 Hi-Y 2, 33 Q. and 2, 33 "Be In By Midnight" 13 "Spring Fever" 23 "VVings of Morning' 33 Band 1, 2, 33 Duckling 1, 2, 33 Hi-Lights 2, 3. Margaret Harshman Roosevelt G.L. 1, 2, pin 1, Council 2, 33 Hi-Lights 2, 33 Hon. Soc. 2, 33 G..-X.A. 23 Duckling 23 Duckling Jr. 3. Agnes Hewitt Chelvalis High, Chehalis, XVash., Senior G.L. 3. Jeff Hodges XVashington High, Portland, Oregon Football 1, 2, 3, Capt. 33 Track 1, 2, 3: Golden 1' 1, 2, 33 Assistant B.B. Mgr. Albert Hoffman Roosevelt Class V. Pres. 13 Baseball 2. 33 Swinuning 2, 33 Ski Club 2, 3, Pres. 3, Hi-Y 2, 33 Student Council 13 Duckling 33 Radio Guild 3: "1Vho Gets the Car Tonight?" 13 "Moon River Rancho" 3. Peter Howard Roosevelt Amateur Mas. 13 Scarlet Mas. 2, 33 Forum 1, 2, 3, Pres. 33 Duckling 1, 2, 3, Duckling Jr. 23 Hi-Lights 2, 3, Ed. 3: Q, and S. 2. 33 Hon. Soc, 2, 33 Hi-Y 2, 3, Prog. Chr., Band 1, 2, 33 "Hanging l'ncle He-nry"13 "Be ln By Midnight" 13 "Christ- mas 'FI'11l1IU1I'lg'SU 23 "Spring Fever" 23 "YVings of the Morning" 3. . Stephanie Huestis Roosevelt G.A.A. 1, 2, 33 G,L. 1, 2, 3, Council 3: Pep Club 2, 33 Glee Club 23 Athletic Numeral 3. Phyllis lreland Roosevelt , G.L. 1, 2, 33 Pep Club 1, 2, 3: "Moon River Rancho" 3. Dorothy Ireland Roosevelt Y G.L.. 1, 2, 33 Pep Club 2, 3: Glee Club 1. John Jackson XVilson Football 1, 23 "Cabbages" 23 'lMoon River Rancho" Arlene John Roosevelt . Pep Club 2, 33 G..-LA, 2. 33 G.L. 1, 2, 33 pin 3: Hi-Lights 33 "Moon River Ranchol' 3. Doris Jones Condon High School, Condon, Oregon, Junior Pep Club 23 Girl Res. 23 G.A.A. 2, 3, Council 33 Hi-Lights 2, 33 Duckling 2, 3, Bus, Mgr. 33 Duckling Jr. 3. Ed. 33 G.L. 2. 3, Treas. 3, pin 2, 33 Hon. Soc. 33 Q. K S. 2, 3, Pres. 3. Olive Kittelson XVilson G.L. 1, 2, 33 Pep Club 1, 2, Il: Sen, Council 3. Wendell May Senior t'Moon River Rancho-" 3. Jim IVlurphy Roosevelt Rifle Club 1, 2, Pres. 1, 2: Amateur Mas. 1, V. Pres. 13 Golden 1' 1, 2, 33 Hi-Lights 1, 23 Class Sec. 13 Scarlet Mas. 2, 3, Treas. 33 Swimming Mgr. 13 B. B. Mgr. 13 Duckling Jr. 23 Duckling 2, 33 Pep Club 2, 3, V. Pres. 3: Hi-Y 2, 33 Radio Guild 33 t'XVho Gets The Car Tonight?" 13 "Spring Fever" 23 'tChristrnas 'l'rimxnings" 23 "VViugs of The Morning" 33 "Headed For Eden" Louise Murphy Roosevelt G..-LA. 1, Princess 13 Amateur Mas. 13 Class Sec. 23 G.L. 1, 2, 3, Sec. 2, Council 3, pin 2, 3, G.L. Day Principal 33 Duckling 2, 33 Forum 2, 33 Scarlet Mas. 2, 33 Class V. Pres 33 Radio Guild 33 Student Council 33 Class Council 33 "XVho Gets The Car Tonight?" 13 "XVings of the Morning' 3. Beulah Nelson Eugene Hi, Junior Pep Club 2, 33 Girl Res. 23 G,A,A. 2, 33 Council 33 GJ.. 2, 3, pin 2, 33 Hi-Lights 2. Wesley Olney 'Roosevelt Golden L' 2, 33 Football 2, 33 Basketball 2. 3. 50 Dewyne Omlid Roosevelt Basketball 1, 2, 3: Golf 2, 3, Capt. 3: Glee Club 23 Golden 1' 2, 3. Edith Onthank Roosevelt G.L. 2, 3, pin 1, 2, 3, Amateur Mas. 1: Hi-Lights 2, 33 Feature Ed. 33 Scarlet Mas. 2, Sec. 31 Forum 2, 33 Ski Club 2, Sec. 2: Duckling 33 Q. and S. 33 Hon. Soc, il: Science Club 33 Duck- ling Jr. 33 "Be ln Bv Midnight" 1: "Spring Fever" 23 "XVings of the Morning" 3: "Headed for Eden" 3. Mary Ellen Osborne Roosevelt G.A.A. 23 Glee Club 1, 23 Pep Club 1, 21G.L. 2, i' Betty Phelps Hood River Hi, Senior G..-LA. 33 G.L. 31 Radio Guild Il. Beatrice Petermann Rackland High, Junior G.L. 2, Stephanie Peterson Roosevelt Glee Club 13 Girl Res. 1, 2. 3, Treas, 23 G.1,. 1, 2, 3, pin 1, 2, 3, Council 3: Scarlet Mas, 2. 31 Radio Guild 33 Hi-Lights 3: "Absent Minded Profes- Sor" 23 "Headed for Eden" 3. Don Plath NVilson Golden ll 1, 2, 3: Duckling Sport Ed, 1, 2, 33 Hi- Lights Sports Ed. 1, 2, 3, Ed. 2: Duckling Jr. Sport Ed. 2, 3: Q. and S. 2, 3, Y. Pres. 3: Radio Guild 2, 33 Class Pres. 33 Hi-Y 33 Scarlet Mas. 33 Student Council 33 Football 1, 2, 33 Track 1, 2, 33 Baseball 1. 2, 33 "XYings of the Morning" 3. Leonard Ray Roosevelt Band 1, 2. 3: Golden ll 2, 33 Assistant B. B. Mgr. 1, Mgr. 23 Hi-Y 2, 3, V. Pres. 33 Forum 3. Besse Raybould Roosevelt Pep Club 1, 2, 33 Glee Club 23 G.L. 1, 2, 3, Council 33 Hi-Lights 3. Doris Helen Rayburn Roosevelt Amateur Mas. 13 Scarlet Mas. 2. 3: Q. and S. 2, 3, Sec.-Treas. 33 Hon. Soc 2, 3. V. Pres. 31 G.L. 1, 2, 3, pin 1, 2, 3, Council 2. 3, V. Pres. .253 Radio Club 1, 23 Pep Club 1: Ski Club 2, 3: Duck- ling Jr. 2, 3, Art Ed. 23 Duckling 2. 3 Art Ed. 2, 33 Hi-Lights 2, 33 Class V. Pres. 2: Class Council 23 Forum 33 "Hanging 1'ncle Henry" 13 "Spring Fever" 23 "Cabbages" 23 'tNVings of the Morn- ing" 33 "Headed for Eden" Eleanor Robb Cheny Hi, Junior Hi-Lights 2, 33 Girl Res. 23 G.L. 2, 3, pin 2, 3, Council Scarlet Mas, 3: Q. and S. 33 Radio Guild 33 Duckling Jr. 3: Duckling 33 "Absent Minded Professoru 2: t'XVings of the Morning" 3: "Headed for Eden" Della Marie Robinson Roosevelt Pep Club 1, 2, 33 GL. 1, 2, 33 Glee Club 2. Keith Rodman Roosevelt Rifle, Club 1, 23 Duckling 2, 33 Ski Club 23 Scar- let lllas. 33 Hi-Y 3: "Headed for Eden" 33 Swim- ming 13 Basketball 13 Football 1, Dorothy Roome Roosevelt Amateur Mas. 13 Scarlet Mas. 2. 3: Pen Club 1, 2, 33 G.11. 1. 2, 3, pin 1, 2, 3, Council 33 Girl Res 13 U1-Lights 2, 33 Ski Club 33 Duckling Jr. 33 Duckling 3. Virginia Sallee Roosevelt Pep Club 1, 2, 33 Radio Guild 1, 2, 33 ,Amateur Mas. 13 Scarlet Mas. 2, Duckling 1, 23 Hi- Lights 1, 2, 33 G,L. 1, 2, 33 Council 2, pin 33 'tXVing:s of the Morning" 3. Don Sipe Roosevelt Camera Club 13 Duckling 1, 2, 33 Ski Club 23 Hi-'Y 3. Sara Spencer Roosevelt G-le lv 21 3, Din 1, 2, 3, council 23 Amateur Mas. 1: Scarlet Mas. 2, 3, Pres. 33 G,A.A. 1, 23 Pep Club 13 Radio Club 23 Hi-Lights 2: Duckling Jr. 23 Hon. Soc. 3: Q. and S. 3: Duckling 33 Forum 3: Hlllings of the Morning" 33 "Headed for Eden" 3. Eminger Stewart San Diego High, Senior Forum 3: Hi-Y 33 Scarlet Mas. 31 Science Club 3, Suzanne Stickels Roosevelt Amateur Mas. 1, Pres. 1: Scarlet Mas, 2, 33 Duckling' 1, 2, 3, G.L. 1, 2, 3, pin 1, 2, 3, Council 1, V. Pres. 2, Pres. 3: Pep Club 1, 23 Forum 1, 23 G.A.A. lg Class V. Pres. 23 Hon. Soc. 2, 3g Student Council 35 Hi-Lights 3, Duckling Jr. fl, Q. and S. 31 t'Hanging Uncle Henry" lg "Christ- mas Trimrningsn 2: t'Headed for Eden" 3. Betty Jeanne Stocker Roosevelt Amateur Mas. lg Pep Club 1, 2, Zip G.A,A. 1: Ski Club 23 Class Council 2, 35 G.l.. l, 2, pin il, Gretchen Strong lddwardsbury High, Michigan, Junior G.L, 2, 3, Hi-Lights 3. Martha Jane Switzer Glens Falls High, New York, Senior Hi-Lights 35 Duckling 35 G.L. Iii Science Club 3, Ski Club 3, Sec.-'l'reas. 3: Forum 3. Jess Trunnel Eugene High, Senior Basketball 33 Baseball 3. Dave Veblen Roosevelt Rifle C'lub 1: Hi-Lights 1, 2, Camera Club 13 Hi-Y 35 Forum 3, Science Club 3: 1" 2 "NVings of the Morning" 33 "Headed for Edei I. Maurice Vitus Roosevelt Science club 33 Ski Club il. Betsy Young Great Falls, Mont., Junior G.L. 2. 3. Shirley Westfall Roosevelt G.L. 2, 35 Glee Club 1, 2. Nlaryanna Willoughby Roosevelt Pep Club 1, 3, G.A..-X, 1, 23 U.l.. l, 2, 0 Q Evelyn Williams Coburg High, Senior GL. 3. 'A' DEAR DIARY: this school ever to receive the VViltshire award. The boys present Coach Hendrick- son a big purple blanket, with a large Golden U in the center, as a token of their apprecia- tion for all he has done for them. Feb. 2-3--Our hoopsters suffer a big defeat both nights at the hands of the Astoria fish- ermen-the one game that got away!-but they did have a wonderful trip! Feb. G, 8, 10fStill going strong we trounce Junction City, Saint Mary, and Roseburg hoop teams. Feb. 13-is not unlucky for this school, for we beat Eugene High's hoopmen 25-15, to cinch at least a tie for district 7 top honors and a trip to Salem. Feb. 14-Valentine's Day. VVith leap year and the Girls' League Formal coming up, hearts fly freely around school as girls get their men. Feb. 15-Our Wonderful basketball team beats Springfield 29-20 on their own court! Feb. l7fAt last the social high-light of the year, the much awaited Girls' League Formal. It really goes off "nifty", under the capable co-chairmanship of Emjay Switzer and Louise Murphy. Fcb. 23--Our agile University High hoopsters beat Cottage Grove 43-20, cinching the Dis- trict 7 championship. Fcb. 26fScore: 27-20. For the first time in S years University High has won both games from Eugene. Mar. 1-After trouncing St. Mary's 42-26 Uni Hi'ers attend the Duckling Dash in the ap- propriately decorated auditorium, where Dorothea Godlove and Chuck DeAutremont are elected Mr. and Miss Uni-Hi. Mar. 12-Golden U's matinee dance for our Salem-bound District 7 champion team is quite a success. Mar. 154Basketballers return from the State tournament a sadder and wiser group of boys. Mar. 16-Chuck DeAutremont again chosen on All-state second team. Quite an honor. especially since his team made no showing at Apr. Apr Apr May all! 3-Girls' League Day-very little study- ing is done with the girls as teachers and Louise Murphy as principal. 17-Scarlet Masque play "Headed for Eden", with a cast of 17, is the second-big dramatic success of the year. 19-Hi-Y boys, guests, and dates dance mid "seaweed" and eat crab cocktail at the "Seaweed Tanglef' 3-Honoring Queen Phyllis and her court, the girl-date formal May Dance is a colorful event. May 17YJunior- Senior Prom ? 'Z ? May May May M ay 21+Seniors abandon school to go to Silt- coos outlet where they spend a wonderful Skip Day. 26-Baccalaureate, and all seniors go to church! 29iClass of '40 get diplomas and attend the Senior Ball for one last good time. End of school for seniors while everyone else grinds away! 31YSchool ends as Uni Hiers leave school books and worries behind and head for parts unknown. BULLETI As I D O n 'P lath- Elk s Choose. ddinq Orcxwf SBU . Lane COUIIKY Amari Cgnlsm Speedfsii? Cash P-Wgfd' Nets S11 Q azqahe s . 1. Good lie lckejs fof' .pts lvq O U12 se 112 O Q 11 6 l of ly I C1 SSf O' Sbjb Q,-fps l UQfJb17 BQSJS Theta Sigma Phi Honors Editor At Matrix Table - E. Edmunds Chosen Out- standing lourncilisi. l X QwLdC0 f ---v--i--vv----vvv--- :::::::::::.-::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: E There is ALWAYS cr G1 'N X, A iw- ' J 1- E x ' Q x J 1 X -. 4 Q , X v . Y -. - ew X 6 . s , - ,,, K x ,V-w a.' X "' v .W-A. ,, 4- W ' - 1 X Q , I 'S ' X lg, AY , ow -vw GN"-3'u A 4 . 9 -:QQ 1 . ' "' 4 'v 'C 1.

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