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Text from Pages 1 - 46 of the 1939 volume:

"! "'f'5u-ZR :g,lnf9:'.'f7ii-vf'WL.Q, "f -2vJQ'5:- vw, ' jjzpq Q-,a Ng1k'r-1-55111, ,vhwgf-.1, K r Aw:w."9vqs'rA,-sunew, 'zmfrmw '+' nw-f:awgr,e11m MH:-,4 1-U7:7,'x5,,,kq5 ,,qy-f,-,w-- MW-wvfgfn ,W , , wmv , , V Av, gf,-f.-T-vw' ,, Q yfj Jn N, ' ' f , f A ' T--f ' , X, -. :,fm?'v3':'A x " Fm Vvvwwf,,:.f ,,fM,,-'Jr' ,N X -f ff' i3,,'W-'fvfvf M V115 S ',,-.Mr amp. -' H'-455 'N 5,4 UM . K, k- 1 I ,' 4- ,P ,f,,.n v- -,. .mu . 1 ,,.,.,,'JQ.,,- H.,,.,q',51,g 1- pq Affuqvf, , .' 1'- . X' ' ,' 11, ay' fm 'X - 1 ' ' P? ' 1 - ' 'l-1.11VRj- - :A - v L , .-ww. - ' ' 1 , - ,V Y , , , , xx , N. OAI' ' 1 QM H129 1 . Y , Y' 3 Q . wwlwwwlf Y , lox? xfvx fQ.Y 5 , , ,,,. . M., X .fb-Cf ' R9 A ' ,Ld , A I X W U7 f I Q It ' L QM Wfw 5 JV , A rf +16 Y ,QZ6W a,wQ N , .J .,'. J s ,,' - , A111 f, , j' xg . 1"f'.' 'VM A ii-L, 'jf' W' ,fnljj-for.. 5'-an J IQ1 A jx. 4, ,H..,ff42,1,,,,w,:,,. ' LiQ,1'.:1Af.2.'-,lm ,A P-A, fy V nIi25v?:?f '21,rfifk-W,-'V:afw,:k'fvw 986' wif, I ' '3v71k3 f gi '3"'sU 'J ' adv W .- ,. .T Nfvxj F, : ' 1 i 2 4 v 4 i 5 5 5 3 I f Q E 1 S e 5 i v 1 4 3 X I 5 3 4 1 5 I 1 'N fi Q11 -17125 ., P, 1. ? NR The Spade University H'gln School Oakland, California June 1939 ..,...,n ,,.. '. . 'ill-in Z' fm? presenting a reel of school lile . . . a l4aleidoscopic view ol a term at uni, set in the haclcground ol Familiar scenes, colored hy experiences ol the past and hy hopes lor the luture, enriched hy the music ol Friendship .... its solt out con- stant strains providing a quiet melodic accompaniment to our picture ""s?'5"?'f c rrrf- I Beiow THE DiRECTORS ' of our movie, in guise of the Student Council, supervise ond ieod us in 'ciieiroies we have chosen fo pioy Seoied of table: Cynihica Burrows, Phyllis Hammond, Caddie Newholi, Ruth Mecds, Edloomis. ,Jean Douglas, leon Reinecke, Mcxtiidci Ufer, Paulo 103-'A ' x - b ' Standing: Bi!! Bunker, Paul Woltbour, Aida Link, Roland Lone. John Siroud, Doris Mi:Crey ' , Leif THE PRCYDUCERS , Better known as the administrators have on their shoulders R-noi respon- sibility for our produciiun Left 4:0 rigbiz Dr. Brown, Ur. Conrad, Dr Rice, Mr. Fleming, Mr. Cozens Abosfe I ' ' ri-is Pizesiorenr D I 'of ourimoiionpiciure oompony and friend of every member of ine cost --Dr. George A.. Rice, Principal . 4, 'K - v IHE Left . VIGILANCE COMMITTEE PAUL WALTHOUR, Jusiice JEAN DOUGLAS, Associate Justice Lefi, Center RECEPTION COMMITTEE ELIZABETH BODMAN, Chairman Above HONOR sown sen-I NEIGHBOR, chairman Above, Right SPECIAL EVENTS COMMITTEE PHYLLIS HAMMOND. Commissioner RigI1t,Cenier' I RALLY COMMITTEE A IUICK BERGGREN. Chcifmun Bgaow, mgm ' sovs' LEAGUE COUNCIL BILL BANKER, Boys' League President IIIISI Right SOCIAL AFFAIRS COM M ITTEE CYNTHIA BURROWS, Commissioner Right, Center YELL LEADERS ROLAND LANE. Chief YQII Leader Above STAGE CREW WARREN CAMPLINC-5, Stage Manager Above, Left GIRLS' LEAGUE COUNCIL RUTH MEADS, Girls' League President Left, Cenier EXHIBIT CASE COMMITTEE WINONA GREEN. Chairman Left, 3eIow ELECTION COMMITTEE MARGARET MEKEEHAN, Chairman Ediickr . Ari Ediior . . . Assistoni Art Editor Pimiu Eciifor . . N Eusingss Manager Fubficify Mcncxgev Candid and Sports Baby Piciwe Editor Clerk . , , , CIeric:ulSic1'Ff , Sfmt? Worlers Ediimf HHH . sem :emma ALEXANDER! , , wfwano ,moenscm K . KENNETH Mfxmmen . MARY ALICE SNEAE MARIAH ALLEN , JOHN HAMMGNE . B03 GRQESCHA CARQLYN THEYE L JUAN FULLENGTGN . CLEU LAD? JEANNETTE PEARSON my vmnxwfs SLALQLLEY 'MACPHERSUN Pee messes , VSHELDON snooze Candid Siwizs V, . Drawing of School, HEWUT CLARK Above ' PUELICITY CGMMHTEE PAULA JOY, Commissioner Befow COUNCN. OF ORE-ANIZATICPNS DOSUS McCREY, Chairman Abeve SAIL? U-N-I STAFF MATILDA UFER. Editor Befow Mummy Bomb b Lolemuscms, izfwzfmn L Left. Top SCRAP BOQK COMMITTEE MARTA SHAW, Chairman Left, Center BAND ' AL BARNES, Drum Mqior Left, Bnitom ' ' 'WGURATIVELYZSPEAKSNG WALTER SELSTED, Editor Right, Beiiom 'MOVIE COMMITTEE BOB AYRE5, Chairman Right U2 CLASS COUNCll.' JIM ANDERSON, Ll2 Class Presidenl' 5 , -mLW l Left, Bglow HI I CLASS COUNCIL JEAN PlNCKNEY, HH Class President '----m....,... Right, Center Lll CLASS.COUNClL BARBARA JACOBSEN. LII Class President , Above HIO CLASS COUNCH. JOHN MORTAROTU H10 Class Riglwi LlO CLASS COUNClL JACK LAMB L10 Class Presndenl Presidenl xrskgq . . Qi-fit.: i wi .- ' X w 5 I 13 S E i i f Upper, Right YACHT CLUB AL BARNES. Pmsideni Presxdeni A aff ' 1 v s 'Wim LT, V 'i',,.ss, 5. 5 Z 1 Top, Left ARTS AND CRAFTS CLUB JERRY REILLY, President ' Top. Righf FORUM GEORGE DOUST, President Leif, Center ' LATIN CLUB COUNCIL ALAN FOSTER, Presideni Righi, Center xNTERNATnoNAL CLUB ' BETTY STAFFORD, President Left, Boiipm FRENCH CLUB PHYLLIS FOX, Prcsidenf Right, Bvaftom ARTMETAL CLUB MARJORIE MOORE, Pfesideni X ' .N Wm..-. SKNXXXXB We these views malre up the setting in which the action ot our picture is carriecl on . . . "on location" here tor three years we enact the absorbing olrama ot high school lite . . .inthe library . . .inthe shop . . .inthe classroom . . . our sets are not elaborate but they are genuine lwere represented are shots ot the cast at worlc in various tamiliar scenes . . .tlie library . . .tlie woocl stiop...girls'l1ome problems class . . . print stiop . . . commercial rooms . . . cratts class . . . boys' lwome problems class . . . ctiemistry laboratory . . . metal stiop . .. clothing class ,4 1 '-Ai,-N5 1 nth wg? .:- '- 'm.'. 11:15 i ra' 14? r -'T agsqz la after , W 'v :riffhy Fugbt.-trr 'Sff:'f'3 " 1 f ' 4 .s, E J- -x iF!,.v F 5 -ps. .,,-fa.-:HM .. ,, , - Va ' we ' 71" S " Ffa' i'1:'5.Qf"1f ' 9? if 'T fl. 5? :F 4' Q, if-"' " leg, Fr? 5,3 'Wistse2f-- ' the plot, a series oi incidents or events, is presented on time following pages . . . a plot vvitiiout a villain out not vvitiiout tlwe Climax tiwat every good script should have . . . the situation is notnevv . . . . the series oi events remain mudw time same .... it is tiie ever-ciwanging cast vvimidi brings spirit and iresiwness to our plot . . . vviwidw gives a new twist to a conventional part . . . a nevv interpre- tation ior an oid one Top- Finczle of the FGILLIES. March 24 Righi GIRLS' DAY, Aprii 25 Below, Center Eeun bug booih at the VC"5iRLS' DAY CERCIUS W-i. ff 1 Q,-:f3,?,Wm,w.wmwmem MM. Seinw, Left-and Right Ends HGWARQ KNAFP as David Kings! MARIAN HILUS as Terry in STAGE HOUR, Apvi! 28 Bmtiom, Lefi and Righi Two scenes from STAGE DODR 2 A fs. Q Q W ar? 'vb if Q 'Q Wifi ,Q . . , Nm y"0'4lgi . Q a'1w4. its 4. ,xx SELEJITETI SPURTS SUBJECTS Q by Bob Griesche This semester University l-ligh entered O. A. L. competition in three major sports: basket- ball, baseball, track and tield. The basketball team had a tairly successful season, in which they played many valiant games despite being the so-called under-dog. They completed their schedule early compared to the other teams by playing against Fremont in the 0. A. L. East-West game. Rudy l-lansen, besides coaching basketball, was in charge ot Uni's baseball team, which was the best this school has had tor several seasons, and tor this reason the students were proud to have it represent their school. c The track and tield team was developed into an excellent dual meet organization under Coach Woody Allison. One tine quality ot this team was its depth ot member- ship, but this was not enough to make it superior to all its opponents. They completed their meets by entering in the O. A. L. track and tield meets. ' Cpposiie iz? BASKETBALL TEAM ED LOOMTS, Captain tow, Left g umwsasnv r-sw Don HAWKINSON, Rmiam A low, Left sims' me-itenc Assooiuiom MARIAN COMBS, President Lehi, Top TRACK AND HELD TEAM BILL DANEELSGN, Truck Captain GLENN SPROTT, Fiaid Captain LEH, Cenier BASEBALL TEAM DEND GROCE. Ciupiuin Left, Begow' SLOCK U SQCQETY THE CLIHIHX we come now to the climax of our picture . . . . . the ioart which introduces the stars-W heretofore unidentified .... on the follow- ing pages we shall see the heroes and heroines who by right of their seniority have risen this term to stardom First Row, Across AHERN, GEORGE M. Boys' Glee shows Operetta Intramural sports Athletic Night lnterclass basketball Rally participant AIKEN, GEORGE Vigilance ALBACH, LORRAINNE Gold "U" Pin G. A. A. President Council of Organizations Archery Mana ger Class committees ALEXANDER, BETTY JEANNE Daily U-N-l Editor Spade Editor Follies HIZ Class Council Social Affairs O. P. H. A. ALLEN, MARIAN Daily U-N-I Business Spade Staff Honor Student ALT, GEORGE W. Block "U" Football Captain Basketball R, O. T, C, Captain Competition Platoon Leader ALTER, WARD Fizzikem Klub Intramural football Second Row, Across AMARO, RICHARD Band ANDERSON, WILFORD Publicity Special Events Science Club Senior Court Committee Spade Staff Special art class ARBAUGH, BOB Intramural sports Circle "U" ARMOUR, ROBERT Figuratively Speaking Staff Vigilance Honor Student ATKINSON, BILL Tumbling AUSTIN, BRUCE Junior Statesmen Forum Honor Student Discussion Group BABBITT, MILTON Boys' Lea gue Manager Third Row, Across BACIGALUPI, CLIFFORD Junior Rifle and Saber Club Rifle Team BADGER, MARION Social Affairs Special Events LIZ Girls' League Representative Class council Middy Board Honor Student BAILEY, WESLEY Natural Science Club BANKER, BILL Commissioner of Boys' Affairs LI2 Boys' League Representative Rallv Committee Vigilance Honor Student LIU Class Council BARBER, AVA JEAN Social Atfairs Commissioner Corresponding Secretary of Student Council Senior Ball Chairman Girls' League Councils Girls' League Fashion Shows Honor Student BARKER, HELEN Special Events Social Atfairs Middy Board Honor Student BARKER, LON Daily U-N-I Sports Editor Rally Committee Vigilance Dramatic productions Spade Guard Fourth Row, Across BARNES, ALFRED B. LIO, HI2 Class Councils Drum Major Follies Vigilance Special Events Commodore of Sailing Club BARNEY, EULA Girls' League BASTIN, CONSTANCE T. Girls' Glee President A Capella Operetta Vigilance Council of Organizations BASYE, BEVERLEY Big Sister BEAUMONT, WILLIAM G. Track Daily U-Nal Staff Bcys' Glee A Capella Interclass basketball Intramural sports BECK, KARL NORMAN Vigilance BECK, MARCELLA RUTH HII Council Tennis Club Girls' League Assembly Committee i 'E ' , , ,.,"i:f 'lm 'UW rf . S Fifth Raw, Across' BELL, coizoou Social Atiairs Honor Student Boys' League Council Senior Ball Committee BELLAMY, JOHN Class councils Follies Social Affairs Council Publicity Council Honor Student Election Committee BEN DIT, EDWIN Boys' League BENZ, WALTER Boys' League BIEHL, PARK Class councils Social Affairs Council Follies Cub Carnival Election Committee Honor Student BIGNAMI, BOB Head Spade Guard Vigilance Track BIRGE, BETTY Election Committee Chairman Council of Organizations Middy Board Clerk Special Events Honor Student . - , .,.. V V. , Q. r X XIX, if . , iz W , s, sg. :., 1 --.,ff- - . ,rr : fr . kVV,, ,V Q Li , 1' rg, nfs. i . . if I iiii "" i ' ii ' EFF", - . First Row, Across BLAKEMAN, JIM Hll, LIZ Councils Social Affairs Special Events Figuratively Speaking Staft Honor Student BLANKS, BOB Vigilance Publicity Committee BLANTON, NANCIE CLAIRE Girls' Glee President Council of Organizations Operetta Big Sister BLEST, NANCY LEE Publicity Girls' Glee President A Capella President Follies Operetta Council of Organizations BODMAN, ELIZABETH Council of Organizations LIZ Council Reception Committee Chairman Special Events Girls' Court Committee Honor Student BOHRER, MARGARET Girls' League BOUCHER, MARDELL Yacht Club H I2 Girls' Box Luncheon Dramatic productions Second Row, Across BOURDAGE, JERRI E D. Transfer from Technical BRIGGS, HARLEY Boys' League BRIGHT, ROBERT Special Events Follies LII Boys' League Representative LIO, HIO, LII Class Councils French Club BRIGHTFIELD, BARBARA Vigilance Cub Life Staff Class committees Honor Student BRODIE, SHELDON Spade Photographer Track Honor Student Class councils Special Events Central Committee Social Affairs BROWN, BOBETTE Big Sister Girls' Day Committee Hobby Day Hll Breakfast LIZ Class Council International Club BROWN, IAN Boys' League Third Row, Across Buss, SALLY Lou Social Affairs Special Events Dads"Daughters' Dinner Chairman Publicity Reception Committee Girls' League committees BU LLOCK, BARBARA A Capella Operetta Honor Student Special Events Vigilance Reception Committee BURROWS, CYNTHIA Clerk and Treasurer ot Girls' League Council Honor Student File Clerk of Social Affairs Council LIZ Council Commissioner of Social Atfairs CADWELL, DOROTHY Girls' League committees Class committees Big Sister Dance Drama Swimming CALAIS, AL M. Associate and Sports Editor the Daily UYN-I Fall Spade Staff Publicity Board Rallv Committee Vigilance Block "U" CALLIOTT, CONRADINE G. A. A. Spanish Club President Astronomy Club French Club Fizzikem Klub Middy Board CAMMACK, JOHN Basketball Block "U" Fourth Row, Across CAMPBELL, JAMES ARTHUR Boys' League CANTWELL, PATRICIA Swimming Baseball Basketball Crew CANTY, DOROTHY Vice-President of Sewing Club Bridge Club Transfer from Oakland CAPONIO, THERESA Vigilance Home Economics Fashion Show CASAVECCHIA, MARGIE Honor Student Spanish Club G. A. A. CASAURANG, WINIFRED Girls' League CAVA, HELEN Girls' League B. . . -... '- T if fiif ., . 5 , em 1 su' .1 -T: V A is iii? We r AQ? 1 'ie -mr f , f i S ... A Y .mg Fifth Row, Across CHANEY, ELLEN Honor Student Natural Science Club Reception Committee CHAPIN, BARBARA LEE Spanish Club G. A. A. Big Sister Crew CHAPMAN, PHOEBE-JANE Honor Student HII, HI2 Class Councils Vigilance Special Events Middy Board Chairman Chairman of Senior Mothers Tea CHEW, HENRY Natural Science Club President of Chinese Club CH RISTENSEN, FRED Basketball Track President of Boys' Club Football Intramural boxing CLARK, DOUGLAS Vigilance Special Events Athletics CLARK, HEWITT Spade Staff Ar- ti' M2 . I K jf I I f First Row, Across CLEM ENT, ROBERT Boys' Glee Operetta Track COAKLEY, BERNICE Class committees Middy Lieutenant Cub Carnival Girls' League Christmas COFFIN, TRIS Honor Board Social Affairs Council LI2, HI2 Class Councils Election Committee Vigilance Honor Student COLBURN, ROBERT Rally Intramural sports Badminton Club 'Vigilance COLE, CLINTON Boys' League COMBS, MARIAN G. A. A. President Vigilance Gold "U" Pin Midd Board - ,Y Big Sister CONE, DONALD Honor Student Football - Wrestling Special Events Crew Spade Guard Party Second Row, Across COOPER, PATTY POE Honor Student Social Aftairs Council Middy Board Chairman ot Girls' League committees Chairman of Senior Ball Committee Class committees COPPEL, SERGIO Tennis Team Intramural basketball CRAIG, KATHRYN EILEEN G. A. A. CRAIG, ROSAMOND Girls' League Advisory Board Chairman International Club President Council of Organizations Honor Student Special Events Junior Statesman CRAWFORD, DENNIS Track CRAWFORD, MARGI E Operetta Follies Junior Statesman Forum CRAWFORD, RALPH Senior Rifle and Sabre Club Rifle Team R. O. T. C. Competition Platoon Third Row, Across CROCE, DINO Baseball Basketball Block "U" CULVER, HELEN A Capella Choir Big Sister Girls' Court Committee Rainbow Club Follies CUTTER, DONALD C. LIO Class President Honor Student Rally Committee Vigilance LI2, HI2 Class Councils CUTTITTA, MARIE PAULA Middy Board Latin Club Class committees DAILY, CHARLES W. A Capella Choir Natural Science Club DANIELSEN, BILL Track Football Block "U" Rally Committee Basketball DAVIDSON, GERTRU DE H I2 Council G. A. A. Big Sister Archery Crew Fourth Row, Across DAVIES, NANCY Thespian Club Honor Student Astronomy Club Tennis Club Natural Science Club DAVIS, ROBERT Vigilance Badminton Intramural sports Follies DELAPPE, GU ERNE Intramural sports DELEEUW, RU BY Girls' League DEL VIGNA, THEODORE A. Boys' League DERENZO, IRENE Girls' League DERMODY, JACK W. Track Fifth Row, Across DI BBLE, GEORGE Vigilance Special Events Crew DILSAVER, LARRY LIO Vice-President Track Basketball Block "U" DODGE, CADDIE HI2 Secretary New Girls' Reception Chairman Vigilance Social Atfairs H I I Council Reception Committee DONALD, EDWARD Boys' League Council H I I, Ll I Class Councils Football Basketball Block "U" Vigilance DOUGLAS, JEAN Associate Justice Assembly Committee Reception Committee Point Awards Committee Exhibit Case Committee Honor Student DREYER, BARBARA Social Aftairs Girls' League committees Honor Student Big Sister Reception Committee EGILB ERT, BOB Football Tumbling Team Crew V-'qu ..... ,....u,. ...rf First Row, Across ELWESS, VIRGINIA Dance Drama Reader tor blind A Capella Big Sister FAERBER, MARGU ERITE U-Nrl Staff Honor Student HI I, LIZ Councils O. P. H. A. Dramatic Night Special Events FALLOON, PHYLLIS Honor Student Senior Ball Committee Class committees FARMER, PETE Follies FIORENTINO, CLARA Girls' Glee Follies Operetta FISCHFR, VIRGINIA Vigilance H I2 Girls' Box Luncheon A Capella Opeietta FISHER, GALEN Special Events Natural Science Club dgc I: 49 Second Row, Across FLEMING, ERNEST Boys' League FORNEY, JAMES MONROE Track Spade salesman Daily U-N-I Printing FORREST, CHARLOTTE M. Dramatics Transfer from McClymonds FOX, DOROTHY Art Metal Club President Council of Organizations Yacht Club Astronomy Club Fizzikem Klub FOX, VIRGINIA LIZ, Hl2 Class Councils Class committees Home Economics Fashion Show FRANCIS, NATALIE TALIA Home Economics Fashion Show Daily U-N-I FRANKLIN, JANE Ottice Service Crew Third Row, Across FRICKSTAD, BOB Vigilance Assistant Football Manager ,,-my rw FRITZ, BARBARA Girls' League Council Student Council Assembly committee Vigilance Honor Student Publicity Board GAIN, FLORA Library Statf A Capella Girls' Glee Swimming Class committees GALLAGHER, ED Football GALLI, DINO Boys' League GATES, JACK L. Basketball Follies GATES, JEAN Middy Board Big Sister Class committees Fourth Row, Across GEORGENIS, GEORGIA Vigilance Lieutenant A Capella Big Sister Girls' League Advisory Board Crew Girl Reserves iii X 6 ,.,. -, GESTER, PETER W. Figuratively Speaking Staff Social Atfairs Vigilance Special Events Election Committee GIACOLETTO, PAT Dance Drama Home Economics Fashion Show GOLDBERG, HADASSAH Special Events Ll2 Class Council Dance Drama GOTELLI, HAROLD Boys' League GOULD, GLADA Girls' League Council Special Events Vigilance A Capella Follies GRAY, CHARLES LIO Class Council H IO Class Committee Special Events Central Mlddy Boaid Giidbnrgobfiommittee Reception Committee Ch . n Honor Student auma, Honor Stuoent GOLDSWORTHY, MARGARET 'rhespian Club President GREEN, LUCILLE JACCJUELINE Council of Organizations Honor Student Stage Door Shakespearean Assembly Special Events GOODWIN, ED CIeanfUp Committee GORDON, PAT Girls' League Fifth Row, Across GORDON, WALTER Spade Guard Honor Student Football I-.J i Q , I in QR, Xe Publicity Committee A Capella Choir Pride Club Class committees Follies GREEN, MARGIE Girls' League GRI ESCHE, ROBERT Spade Statl Social Affairs Special Events Honor Student Stamp Club Figuratively Speaking Staff ..,. sa, , , A ' S ' eiraimw I-irst Row, Across GRI M ES, CHARLES Basketball Glee Club Tennis Follies Operetta GROSS, BOB Baseball Basketball Track Boxing GROSSMITH, JARED H. Junior Rifle and Sabre Club Rifle Team R. O. T. C. Competition Platoon Follies Senior Rifle and Sabre Club GROVE, MERLE Business Manager of Daily UYN-I Class committees HAMLIN, PATRICIA Orchestra Fashion Show Publicity Special Events Class committees HAMMOND, JOHN Special Events Social Affairs Dailv U-N-I Follies Spade Staff Chairman of Boys' League Advisory Board HAMMOND, PHYLLIS Special Events Commissioner Publicity Commissioner Girls' League Publicity Chairman Exhibit Case Chairman Honor Student Second Row, Across HANES, PATRICKA Class council Follies Operetta Girls' Glee Big Sister HANSEN, FLORENCE Natural Science Club Art Metal Club Girls' Court Committee Midclv Board Honor Student HANSON, ERLE CHARLES Band ' Follies HARDING, GORDON LIO Boys' League Representative LIO, LI2 Class Council Social Affairs Special Events Rally Committee Honor Student HARDY, PAT HI2 Girls' League Representative LI I, H I2 Class Councils LII Vice-President Social Affairs Honor Student HARRISON., WILMER Vigilance ' " Big Sister HAVEN, URSULA Chairman of Scrapbook Committee Special Events Election Committee Honor Student Council of Organizations Girls' League Reception Committee Third Row, Across HAYES, KENWARD Boys' League HAYS, BILL Football . Block "U" Society HEIDER, MARY LOUISE Exhibit Case Chairman Council of Organizations Publicity Board Big Sister A Capella Choir Follies HEIM, NORMA SALLY Bridge Club HESTER, DOROTHY MAE Big Sister Midcly Board HIBBS, FRED NEAL LIO Class Council HICKS, EMMA JANE H I0 Class President Council of Organizations LIO Class Council Special Events Girls' League committees Class committees Fourth Row, Across HILLIS, MARION Special Events Social Af'fairs Vigilance Girls' League Council Chairman Senior Kid's Party Chairman New Girls' Reception HOFFMAN, BETSEY Student Council Girls' League Council Honor Student Special Events HOLLAND, DOROTHY Big Sister Dance Drama HOURTANE, VALERIE Class committees Big Sister Carnival HOWARD, JUANITA Girls' League HOWARD, LORRAINE Girls' League I X HUBBARD, BEVERLY AGNES Daily U-Nfl Staft Vigilance Class committees Girls' League Advisory Board Fifth Row, Across HULTEN, ALFRED Vigilance LIO, HIC Class Council Intramural sports HUNT, CHALLEN Track Block "U" Spade Guard Social Affairs IINO, EDDIE A Capella Choir Intramural sports Transfer from Technical IN MAN, DON Baseball Football IVEY, HENRY CARLTON Football Manager Track Block "U" Vigilance JEFFREYS, BELLE LAVERNE Secretary of Movie Committee JEWELL, JUNE Big Sister G. A. A. Archery Crew . J f -wa sw- .,.srs:ms1-vs, First Row, Across JOHNSON, DAVID T. Vice-President of Stamp Club Natural Science Club Council of Organizations Cub Carnival JOHNSON, MARY JANE Middy Board Big SiStCr Publicity Committee JOHNSON, WALTER Band JONES BETTY ANN Vigilance Dramatic productions Girls' League committees Chrisimas Assembly Reception Committee Honor Student JORDAN, JUHNE ELISABETH Girls' League eonemittees N. Y.A. Swimming JOSEPHS, BETTY JEANNE Honor Student Election Committee Arts and Crafts Club Exhibit Case Committee Big Sister I Girls' League committees JOY, PAULA Publicity Commissioner Student Council Honor Student Dance Drama Second Row, Across JUDKINS, LOIE H ll Class Secretary Middy Board Chairman Social Attairs Council Exhibit Case Committee Honor Student Special Events KELLEY, ALFRED A Capella Choir Junior Rifle and Sabre Club KENWORTHY, EUGENE A. Boys' League KERMOYAN, ALEX Intramural sports Spade Guard Vigilance KIMURA, THOMAS Transfer from Oroville High KINDT, BARBARA Honor Student Social Affairs Special Events Council Middv Board Girls' League committees Class committees KING, BETTY Spanish Club G.A.A. Third Row, Across KING, STANLEY LIO, H IO, LII Class Councils HII Vice-President Social Affairs Class and League committees Honor Student KLINE, DOROTHEA ROBSON Figuratively Speaking Staff Honor Student Publicity Committee Astronomy Club Bulletin Board Committee Natural Science Club KLINGMAN, LORRAINE K, Girls' League KNIBBE, SCHUYLER Boys' League KOCH, IRENE LENORA Girls' League KUSHINS DOROTHY B. Chairman of Exposition Bulletin Board Girl Reserves Special Events Social Atfairs Photographer for Girls' Day LADY, CLEO U-N-l Staff Spade Staff Dance Drama Class committees Council of Organizations Fourth Row, Across LANE, BARBARA Social Affairs Advisory Board LII Council Girls' League Reception Committee Girls' League Bulletin Board Committee Dance Drama LANE, PRESTON Natural Science Club Football Crew Forum LlO Class Council LARKINS, WILLIAM President Aviation Club Junior Rifle and Sabre Club Photography Club LARSEN, BARBARA Vigilance Girls' Glee LARSON, BUD Boys' League LOOMIS, ED Social Affairs Special Events Basketball Varsity Block "U" Fifth Row, Across LOSEE, THOMAS E. Intramural sports LOVE, POLLY Girls' League Vice-President Council of Organizations Chairman Hll Girls' League Representative LII Class President H IO Class Secretary-Treasurer Honor Student LOVECCHIO, CATHERINE Carnival Committee LOVELACE NORMAN Boys' League LOWELL, JANICE H I2 Class Council Social Af-fairs Vigilance Reception Committee Honor Student Girls' League Scrapbook Committee LOWELL, MERCEDES ELAINE Spanish Club President Honor Student Vigilance Reception Committee Dance Drama Class committees Student Body President LYNCH, CHRISTOPHER Baseball Varsity Boys' Lea gue LAMP, ELWIN R. O, T. C. Competition Platoon President Senior Rifle and Sabre Club Stage Crew is l 8 , 7 s. H. H ',,."'i , j f , in mi ' mr- . sara: 53 ect t e N f L, ga jE,,, . . sv f it . -2 it . r M Z .. Q U --. 2.7 ,. ,,, H, f.. , . ,, 1 9- ' 112, I r it r -'.. - 5 - , ' I M , 4., ,. . s ,.., I li? I r rr 14 1 4? ' 1 S ,Z .ar A f t t Ar if r' sie 62 1' f.. ff T WW V S 5 . 1 ,MSX A V , an gf? Q " J ? .- ref 2 cw ' i fr new Kar X ra A f 1 t 5 First Row, Across Second Row, Across Third Row, Across Fourth ROW, Across Mgygigiq' El-EANQR LYPNCH. SAE t MALOINEY, Tom MAYCOCK, JOHN MCKEEHANI MARGARET Vigilance Vi'Q'f,Z'nCeU an BOYS L-wave Football Election committee Chairman MILLER, BETTIE Special Events MARINO' JANE MAYN E' BERNICE Council of Organizations Sports Big Sister Q,,i5' League Gold "U" Reception Committee Reception Committee SPOVYS Special Events Pfth R A A Capella chair MARTIN, JIM Q MCALUSTER CMMS i-ioriarsfuderif ' OW' msg LYSONSI PEAR, giasketblill Varsity LIZ Class Cgundl Girls' League Qgmmiftges MILLER, GEORGE A. pecia vents OC " " ' Badminton Publicity Committee Student Body Treasurer Argitvlpftlai Cliiicbr MCKLBBEN- WARREN Basketball XLSIIGVICC 4 Vigilance Dance Drama VISIIGHCG lnfiamiiiai Sportg airman Carnival Dance Social Affairs Honor Student Natural Science Club Spade Guard Dally U'N'l Candidates' Examination Opmetta President MACCAUGHEY, NANCY commiiiee MCCANN MSE Erection committee MILLER JOHN W- Middy Board - r ' gi m CI bg Follies Election committee MASLIN ANNE G"'S Glee 5 - D U wgtaw sir krvi Class Committees ' Operetta Chairman of Advisors' Tea as Mage' Big Sister MACMANNUS, BILL Boys' League MAFFEO, MINNIE ROSE Natural Science Club Dance Drama Transter from Technical MAGUIRE, AUDREEN Girls' League MALLORY, ELIZABETH Girls' Council Council M. I0 Board Daily U-N-I Statf Special Events Council Girls' League Class Secretary Social Atlairs A Capella Choir Honor Student MATH EWS, PAT Boys' League MATTHEWS, JANET LOUISE G. A. A. Dance Drama Club Exhibit Chairman MATTHIAS, JOHN OTTO Honor Student Special Events Election Committee Pride Club Junior Ritle and Sabre Club Class committees McCORMICK, ELEANOR Social Atfairs Publicity Board Cub Commentator Editor Bulletin Board Chairman Daily U-N-I Statf Council of Organizations McCREY, DORIS Council of Organizations Chairman Bulletin Board Chairman Middy Board Special Events Honor Student McDONALD, RUSSELL W. McPHERSON, STANLEY G, Spade Staff MEADS, RUTH Commissioner of Girls' Attairs Girls' League Vice-President Student Council Girls' League Bulletin Board Chairman HIO Class President Honor Student MEDDAUGH, MARY KATH RYN Vigilance Honor Student LII, HI! Class Councils A Capella Choir Student body performances MILLER, NANCYLEE Crew Bulletin Board Committee Big Sister MILLIMAN, VIRGINIA Class committees Big Sister Girls' League committees Swimming MILLS, BARBARA JEAN' Bridge Club MIZUNO, WILLIAM G. Boys' League MONAHAN, CONSTANCE Daily U-N-I Staff Transter from Berkeley Vigiiaiigg Reception Committee Tumbling X N, elvliddy Board - UM., as W' :H ir ,. t 1 rig- . rg is .. , , We , sf ii. A . as 1, -1 ,wus . . has ts .,. . J .Si 2 First Row, Across MOORE, MARJORIE Council ot Organizations Natural Science Club Election Committee Art Metal Club Girls' Court Committee MOORE, ROBERTA Vigilance MOREIRA, ROSEMARY Rainbow Club MORROW, ELEANOR Vice-President Natural Science Club Reception Committee Honor Student HIO Class Council MORTENSEN, JEANNE Girls' League committees MOSEKIAN, VIRGINIA LEE Follies Art Me'al Club Operetta Carnival MURCHISON, DARRACH LI2 Vice-President H I I Class Council Boys' League Advisory Board Election Committee Social Atiairs Crew Second Row, Across MU RDOCH, SHIRLEY V. Social Attairs Secretary Sailing Club Secretary Fizzikem Klub Secretary and President Astronomy Club Forum nm MYERS, STEPHEN HI2 Treasurer Honor Student R. O. T. C. Competition Platoon Vigilance Stage Crew Natural Science Club NAUGHTON, DAN LIO Class Council Social Ai'iairs Boys' League Advisory Board Honor Board HII Class President NEIGHBOR, BETH Honor Board Chairman Girls' League Council Social Atlairs LIO Class Council Special Events NEWMAN, ESTHER Big Sister Middy Board Class committees NEWTON, ELIZABETH -Social At'-fairs Council LIO Girls' League Representative Girls' League Reception Chairman , Chairman Hello Day Dance Honor Student NISHISONO, ASAKO Girls' League Third Row, Across NORRIS, JOHN HI2 Class Council Honor Student Swimming' Team Vigilance Figurativelv Speaking Staff Discussion Group OLIVER, JANE MARILYN Vigilance Middy Board Honor Student Big Sister Dance Drama Bulletin Board Committee OLSON, DAGNY Girls' League OLSON, HERBERT Boys' League OWENS, MARJORIE Middy Board PACKARD. PAT Commissioner of Special Events Chairman ot Council ot Organizations Girls' Day Chairman Social Attairs Honor Student Vigilance . its 'Q A, H i s .f A :, ,gr1' V irt, " A .ff 'lii E PALMGREN, JUIN Girls' League Fourth Row, Across PARISI, JOSEPHINE LOUISE HIO Vice-President Special Events Honor Student PEARSON, CLARENCE J. R. O. T. C. Competition Platoon Junior Rifle and Sabre Club Stage Crew PEARSON, JEANNE City Editor U-N-I Decoration Chairman for O. P. H. A. Dinner O. P. H. A. PEDERSEN, AL Block "U" Football Social Attairs Intramural sports Vigilance PEEVEY, FREDA Honor Student Vigilance Girls' Glee A Capella Choir Reception Committee Big Sistcr ' jf 0 -Zigi' 14' . Q, PENN, ELYSA Figuratiyely Speaking Editor Middv Board Council ot Organizations Big Sister Honor Student PERIPIMENO, JOHN Intramural sports Fifth Row, Across PERSON, JEANNETTE Spade Statf Home Economics Fashion Show PETERSON, EVELYN M. Girls' League PHILLIPS, DOROTHY HI2 Class Council Exposition Guide Book Committee Big Sister Class committees Crew Archery PHILLIPS, SARAH G. A. A. PHILLIPS, WENDELL Intramural sports Band POND, BOB H IZ Class Council PORTIER, BEATRICE A Capella Choir Big Sister Dance Work Shop rr ra' . Y First Row, Across PRENTISS, BETTY Girls' League Treasurer LII Girls' League Representative LI2 Class Council Social Affairs Council Vigilance Honor Student PRICE. HELEN Big Sister Follies PRICE, LILLIAN Honor Board LI I, HI I Class councils Social Affairs Vigilance Girls' League Advisory Board Figuratively Speaking Staff PRING, JOHN H, Follies Operetta Social Affairs A Capella Choir OIIINN, JOHN JOSEPH Basketball Block "U" Band President Council of Organizations Operetta Baseball OUINVILLE, FRANK Junior Rifle and Sabre Club RAZUM, ALBERT A Capella Choir Junior Rifle and Sabre Club Second Row, Across REDKO, HELEN Honor Student International Club G. A, A. Class committees Tenth Grade Dramatics Club REED, BOBBE Social Affairs Council Vice-Commissioner of Social Affairs LII Class Council Girls' League Treasurer Honor Student REED, HOLLISTER Boys' League REIS, JACK Football Track Block "U" RIDELLA, JOHN Baseball RIDONE, JEAN R. O. T. C, Officer Vigilance Track R. O. T. C. Competition Platoon Rifle Team ROBERTSON, BILL Social Affairs HI2 Boys' League Representative LIZ Council Track Team Third Row, Across ROBINSON MARSHALL Publicity Council Boys' League Council Assistant Yell Leader Vigilance Pants Drama Football RODDY, ARTHUR Boys' League RODGERS, ROSS Vigilance ROGERS, JOHN Intramural sports ROMIE, JEAN Social Affairs Big Sister HI2 Class Council Senior Mothers' Tea Class committees ROSENBERG, BARBARA Middv Board Bulletin Board Committee Reception Committee ROTHWELL, KATH RYN Girls' League X Fourth Row. Across f Senior Rifle and Sabre Club Block "U" RUSSELL, MARY N R. O. T. C. Rifle Team Honor Student Dance Work p , x 1 ' ' I ga Q l Mn I . . ,I , ,Q 1, ' 'V it Q if ' if I .. I ,Q-. if 2 r-17" Q . b. ' . 2 WU 0. in 1 'M 445' W if 5 . f I 2 . 4. I ' ,s .. rf" 'ws of . t -eg, . A a 'L U13 I , I cp ,,, W., , g ...W SALO, OSCAR MARCUS Latin Club Baseball Intramural sports SALVO, NORMAN Boys' League SCHARBACH, ELEANOR LI2 Class Council Special Events Social Affairs Vigilance Honor Student Class committees SCHILLER. JUNE LIO Representative Dance Drama Vigilance Girls' Court Committee SCHMIDT, BETTE Girls' League Council Girls' League Bulletin Board Chairman Ll I Class Council Social Affairs Middv Board Honor Student SCOTT. LOXLEY Social Affairs Track , Honor Board A' HIO, Hll, LIZ Class Councils Vigilance Fifth Row, Across SELLING, HOPE Big Sister Exhibit Case Committee Home Economics Fashion Show SELSTED, WALTER Vigilance Editor of Figuratively Speaking SHARP, HARWOOD Band Advanced Orchestra Sailing Club Special Events LII, HI I Class Councils Vigilance SHEEHAN, MARGARET Middv Board Hl2 Class Council A Capella Choir Big Sister SHERMAN, ROY Vigilence Track Block "U" Football Captain SHERWIN, DAVE Spade Guard Social Affairs Hll Class Council SHUEY, MAURICE Tennis Team so-. vue Mr. as 'S it 9' 4 rr , . . 15' 'Q Q W f ...., , 1 - , Q r , ' S A A1 First Row, Across SILVA, BETTE LOUISE Girls' Glee Operetta Rainbow Club SIMPSON, JACOUELINE Dramatics Thespian Club Dance Work Shop Follies Special Events Honor Student SIVILS, CHARLES Basketball Track Block "U" Intramural sports SKINNER, MYRTLE MAE Follies A Capella Choir Girls' Glee Operetta Big Sister Standard School Broadcast SMITH, CHARLES C. Stamp Club Thespian Club Natural Science Club SMITH, DOROTHY M. Big Sister SMITH, KENNETH H. Football Football Manager Second Row, Across SMITH, TIM Football Block "U" Baseball H I0 Boys' League Representative SNOOK, PATSY Publicity Board Social Affairs Council Girls' League Big Sister Chairman Decorations Chairman tor Senior Ball SNYDER, RAY EDWIN Block "U" Football Figuratively Speaking Staff Track SNYDER, ROBERT Boys' League SOBELMAN, BOB Follies Basketball Dinner Entertainment Track Stage Door Transfer from Technical SOULES, EDNA ' G. A. A. Volleyball Operetta SOUTHER, HAROLD Boys' League Rally Committee Third Row, Across SOUZA, MANU EL Boys' League SPRACKLEN, ALICE Operetta Dance Drama Dance Work Shop A Capella Choir SPURRIER, MARIE LORRAIN Natural Science Club Reception Committee STAFFORD, BETTY Middy Board Vigilance Council of Organizations International Club Presiden Big Sister STANTON, LORETTA MAE A Capella Choir Girls' Glee Rainbow Club STEARNS, EDWARD Track Social Affairs Special Events Boys' League Assembly Committee Boys' League Publicity Committee STEILBERG, ROSALIE Council of Organizations Secretary Special Events Clerk Girls' League Council Honor Board Vigilance HIO, HII Class Councils L, Fourth Row, Across STEINHART, LOIS Big Sister Publicity Manager for Carnival Vice-President of Tennis Clu Publicity Committee STEPH ENSON, FRANK H I2 Class Vice-President Social Atlairs Vigilance Spade Guard STEVENSON, ANN Honor Student Vigilance Reception Committee Art Metal Club STEVENSON, ERNIE Junior Rifle and Sabre Club R. O. T. C. Competition Platoon STEWA RT, DAVID Social Atfairs Stage Crew Honor Student Intramural sports HI2 Class President Senior Ball Committee STOCKFLETH, RUSSELL Operetta Follies Boys' Glee STOCKWELL, JAN E Follies Dance Drama Dramatic productions b Fifth Row, Across STOKES, TH ELMA Girls' League STONE, ALBERT Reception Committee Social Atfairs Boys' League Treasurer Special Events Track LIZ Class President STOVN ER, GRAYCE A Capella Operetta STRAYER, GENEVIEVE Girls' League STREIB, HOMERJ. Band Advanced Orchestra STROUD, JOHN Stage Manager Commissioner of Assemblies Honor Student Vigilance Class committees Movie Committee STUCK, ELAINE International Club Rainbow Club Operetta Dance Drama Publicity Committee Big Sister am ,I r .. I "TR is 1 4:1 3, ' . - X 5 ' i i .. T it ir rtrrr ,.. I ' ri.,,,r'rr .-2' J 'Z' ,, ' i' i. A. 9 IQ ,-7 a J, My Mu RH uw!- was H-'ra First Row, Across SUFFNER, BOB Junior Rifle and Sabre Club Rifle Tcam SULLIGER, ETHEL Special Events Erection Committee LII Class Council Honor Student Class committees Girls' League Bulletin Board Committee SULLIVAN, BILL Boys' League SUTHERLAND, JEAN Social Aftairs Vigilance H I I, LI2, HI2 Class Councils Follies Operetta SWIFT, PEGGY Vigilance Publicity Committee Follies Exhibit Case Committee Dance Drama SWITZER, JANE Junior Statesmen Big Sister Class committees TABER, BOB Band Second Row, Across TAKEI, EUGENE M. Vigilance Lieutenant TAYLOR, MAU RICE Boys' League TERRY, BARBARA Ll I Class Council Publicity Committee Dance Drama Girls' Court Committee Girls' League Bulletin Board Committee THEIS, CAROLYN GRACE Vigilance Special Events Soade Statf Follies Class committees Dance Drama THOMAS, FAY CHIVENS R. O, T. C, Junior Rifle and Sabre Club THOM PSON, CAROLYN Vigilance HI2 Class Council Special Events Follies Girls' League Publicity Committee Big Sister THORPE, JUNE Girls' League sa ,Q 6. Third Row, Across T T RAYNHAM, BETTY Dance Drama Crew RUMPLER, ELISABETH JULIE Chairman Senior Luncheon LII Class Secretary Council ot Organizations Vigilance Honor Student H I2 Class Council TUTTLE, FREEMAN N, Boys' League TWEEDT, ANDY U Boys' Lea gue FER, MATILDA Daily U-N-I Editor Student Council Vigilance Honor Student Council of Organizations LII Class Council VAIL, LORRAINE V Vigilance Class committees RANG, ALICE G. A. A. Archery Manager Chairman G. A. A. Christmas Fourth Row, Across VUKASIN, VOYIN Honor Student Cadet Lieutenant R. O. T. C. President of Discussion Group Junior and Senior Rifle and Sabre Clubs Council of Organizations Social Affairs Council WAGENET, FLORENCE Special Events Middy Board Lieutenant Social Atfairs Bulletin Board Committee Class committees WALKER, HAMILTON Crew WALTHOUR, PAUL Vigilance ChiefJustice Student Council Assembly Committee Junior Statesman WARD, BARBARA Junior Frolic Middy Board Vigilance WARD, RICHARD Baseball Traci: LI2 Class Council Intramural sports WAUGH, AVELINA Publicity Committee Big Sister Spanish Club Dance Work Shop Fi fih Row, Across WEBER, SHELDON Boys' Lea gue WELGE, LESLIE H I2 Class Council Honor Student Senior Court Chairman Rifle Team Vigilance WHALEN, MARJORIE Girl Reserves Girls' Glee Art Metal Club WHITE NINA JEANNE Transfer from Massachusetts WHITTINGTON, MAXINE W Vigilance ILDING, CATHERINE Social Affairs r Publicity Committee LIO, LIZ Class Councils Dance Drama Middv Board Lieutenant Honor Student fly DOROTHY ,'V JN Spread Chairman of Model Set for Stage Door 2 Y - I - -1 . iii Metal Club 'f A I Yrs -r' . s .fr. J. L s Y . ex 3 ,nm ., V? , ie L vt' 1. ie 5 X . a 1 4, 4 ,, Q , 1' -,bib ' 'U' 2 ar- we "E", 1 311 KV wr ii. K, sf l tif: .at jfrsiYf?if , riff' .- 5 , 1, an f annum ,,,., .mat First Row, Across WILLIAMS, BETH Operetta Class committees WILLIAMS, DOLORES MARIE G. A. A. Girls' Glee HI2 Class Council Operetta Exposition Guide Book Committee WILLIAMSON, STANLEY C. Latin Club Follies WILLIS, CLAIRE Middv Board Lieutenant LI2 Class Council Honor Student Class committees A Capella Choir WILLSON, BOB Boys' Glee President Basketball Tennis Follies Operetta WILSON, WARREN Boys' League WILSON, WILLIAM A. Fizzikem Klub Intramural football Second Row, Across WILZINSKI, FRANCES Honor Board Girls' League Council Social Affairs Special Events Girls' League Assembly Committee Dramatic productions WING, ROBERT President Natural Science Club Honor Student Council of Organizations WIRSING, ALBERTA DOROTHY Girls' League WISECARVER, DOROTHY Honor Student Vigilance Astronomy Club Art Metal Club International Club Pet Club WISECARVER, ROBERT LIO, HIO, HII Class Councils Track Follies Orchestra WISMAN, MAXINE A Capella Choir WOOD, PERRY S. R. O. T. C. Band Daily U-N-I Printing Orchestra Junior Statesman Vigilance Third Row, Across WOOLCOTT, BETTY Girls' League WRIGHT, BARBARA Exhibit Case Chairman A Capella Choir Follies Publicity Committee Publicity Board Council of Organizations YAEGAR, CHARLES Boys' League YOU NG, CLARE Girls' Glee Operetta ZAIDEL, DOROTH EA ELLEN Middy Board Honor Student Girls' League committees ZIMMERMAN, KARL H. Boys' League Lens Shy I-IAUG, LEONARD KING, VIRGINIA SOHM, JOE SUTHERLAND, VIRGINIA TORREZ, LUPE WARWICK, RICHARD 1 X 2 2 K 2 i 5 E 2 K Q E s X f f f K E E X X 1 E Q Q 3 2 .our stars when they were but Starlets . . . I9 Pat l-lamlin Russell MacDonald Cay Wilding George Miller Carrie Theis Bob Friclcstacl Maxine Whitington Steve Myers Loie Judlcins Joan Lyons John l-lammond Liz Mallory B. J. Alexander Caddie Dodge Bobbe Reed Bill Maernannus Bob Griesche Tris Cohfin Margerie Moore Jean Douglas Betty Prentice Stanley King Janice Lowell l-Ielen and Lillian Price Betsy l-lotfman Ava Jean Barber Shirley Murdock Phoebe Chapman Barbara Fritz Patty Cooper Pat Paclcard Carolyn Thompson Pat Hardy LeRoy Sherman Dot Cadwell blithe 'and crazy we ,romp thros L Shoe Sfaine Boy 2. Hey babe! I 3. Poe Prom-ing - 4. Ummmmm 5. Sfudious Siegms II. Suckers! 12. "My friends" I3. OOO! Hflys! !4. lpcnc QS. Snakes alive! A 1 ,..,, . .1 - . 1' .., - . FW- ,-. ,.,, '. L , ,.-,5,a,Q.-nina-.u-m,-gg.-L ,--1, -xii 1:5.wr-'am-,-rg.-3-,..-5,-.1-:..g--Y --..v:,... H. .--. .:.a. - 9, ..-.vivtibz-xp :Ia nprfft-'14 .- ff 4"1?'I1-15 -2 I if s-1 13. .,:,9.g.-x,gaN::u:.L4:i'1..g- r sr- f 6, ,,.::,., ,.-:sg an C..-. sz, '.-,.,f,,-a-gr' .12 f,. ', - - .f,5.5iQfE,ihi,g,iQiEi-:.I?::v,7, JT, -5 . . . "1z:fxs1p.11f, .?.1.y.-FH -1 f . .-,,. 3-15.5. I,V, .5 ,.,. .. ,. , -1 -gl 'trfvil-"..,i' . 'J' i.',' .' ,..4, H saw., 'X l!" "-Q!li'. . 21' ' ,.sZevi?Li:?xl,F5'Q-sa-gg izp ., - fl' ?Qh3f.Sl-1'41-'Y-:iffy a 4 . Ju. L ax, - . - film az, . , . , Anus. qi'-,:2q':', - s wi,-, '- 3.. y" - -az. A, 21-ifgff gl idffwdi : ' 7 R S . J ui :LH Hs' '-' ' ,lb 1 M., TM' - ..1,.,,,a3-1' .L-. -Y i ts . .,.-an A. . . vi'..i?aW':?1- , A :Ax ,. Qi 5- -, I-h . . .5 "'i,J,r,g,-:-.p- 1'- ' , j -:I"qt- JI 1 -+uf2Q:z11f,:1.1 f f?i55 3'i ii v. .wx-ls, , ,g,1p,.35 -' .-.1 . '41 5721- . - ,-no r. '1- ,afff . '- fiiaaxrarf' 25 ,sf:a'!gw ffm.-' ,agfrvf fn: -'f - : 'f-'92 'Muir-21 . -, Q .aff . seguso- ., ... . . 3-"Egg -fi, 41 -4w.f.f. uri. 2-:rn H259-, - v - 1325-y,Q,i335aw4t1'Liv2f, 1 .71 - ,' ' at Ymw ,-,.- -55:62:31-1 J gl I V' - . fp.,,f.',-.:w'f'-puff. lor the stars ol our play the malce-believe drama is nearly over and they are about to step out into the drama ol the world outside ..... Wistlully they recall that carefree riotous night at the l4ids, oarty . . . . . the graciousness ol the senior mothersytea Where old and new lriends met and mingled ..... the glamorous senior ball ..... remaining yet are three events soon to climax this swiftly-moving plot . . . . the exciting senior assembly . . . . the senior luncheon with its last precious hours ol Warm com- radeship and then the iinis-graduation ..... their acting here is at an end and the seniors are departing . . . . . may they have equal success in the greater role they are beginning ff- r u N-,i-,a1,y.y,.,.. , .1-.,,. , . ...w -. :-,,-. : s. :3-,-!:- -4.4L,xN W sf .. .. c,,.,,s.,.,.Mv ,,frgf..5i.,s5,-: .T eggs- V V p 5 - w fn? 'Ha V' 2 1-. - :L ng ... F, , .xfff -ws:'z- Q'-s'24f'4..i wr.-.3 ms:-vs. yf-" E?3--11433f46vi::5'1ef1w:::--ifykismi' .' . ' v.-iw1722rrv-wrlmaiiffssikzyit- ,'f'34?' . ,, g r, ,i:,. , fl,-,. . ' -4M:',:i5f:i4ga'Fe?H-:!f,'3Pf--si riff.-5 ur' I .24 3 -rw: km--,J"". :-,ff-5' .s -F - -1 ' Ig?5.3s3:f1'1fg-.cfkl-' 1 -1. ':iw5:L.9f-3-1p1,,sj' . 1 '- -1 '- f .. .. fr .,-.-,-- JC. "ff -,-'-'.5-ff-'. if: '- ' 4. ,ff L'r7?,i5f-4. ,- 5 -, .- .' -. Z'If.".',,.' .pr .- - .. .-g1f?- - I-"J r . . ...1,.-.7 L, A 4 w-' V .-f6,'.- ani- ' f Q5 MQ!" MEM, yn- , 14 ,vs- . ,4,iy.m.',:fl-.. z t, i.. Q ,.:..:-1,--, .maj A,f'.2J,':"'a3"'.'.i'-.' '- -'V 3 ' .,s-- ,- , . ,JM , . -. .V---.vfwza ,- - 5. -, '-it af" 2' 'fx gfP:2::11r1.f,:,-Qfgri 1251- ':r:- 1- ' 10.9 - .. ,jp , - f I, ,,4 ' .' J' A?G'ff"" Jr Q f',' 3 '. A.-',: -. . 7 1: -.ag4r..?- 1-." ,,g,g'- 1.7 ' 1 vw. 'rg ,f5'?SSg53.?fE3,22.33,i7fff1 '7 J, .sv X . M, . Q, ,,- b hqpe fsg gi .-,f.xx- ,nj r ' 51 ",..,-sci?-'S' iota-vgggyariiggy. r4r9f.Zh395fy1yi,- V Q- ' - 52541352- : imma ffm-' -if-1 'I-eff? Mkq2f'i"f5'C0 ' -eg-, 97 gSp'f'1LE'f'-3'a2e4a!fs 1 , Q- ' 41332 . -L52 -. . :,:E:-sglvxsgg liffflis ' ,-n-,.--- 1,1-s 1- ,f .. u .,.-918-akwglad 11551 A. .J Irie' . ..,n -. . 'Y'44':2-GE-wr-1 1'-,av -iii' 4, C - T.-1653'f:z:L:1'-"X'f':3f-555: 1 'Sur - , 1 - ' 'fc tf.-.hat 3,-1,--eg,-u A .,. .,,.,,v .. .... .,-x v.-'."'t3:5.9 I 1 . . , J, .-f. r.. 2f"'9-w.-"- awrlr' ' ' '1 " -- .'-wr-'Q51'--'ffA.'x'Mu.. - 4 'H . V lui!- 'KU Q w T 1' :f f-, .- f Id N53 H Q .g - J... ,. 'gl ,iv gy K gr- tj , ,QQQQ Wfadfpwvewoi nffowlffcj f Q ! Mgfm, M WWW ' " ,V 7' ii 4 -:. if 4. 5 up --1 5? .1- I ond deeper emotion ond mingled joy ond regret which c ing something well done thot we o Us the picture is over. . .the leoots hove left the sto h'l ge w ie others ore woiting to ossume the recentl Voc: t d y o e ports . . . it hos been oi well-rounded ro r t p g om o coretree loughter it is with o sigh ot omes ot leov- rrive ot THE END W' n awww A WWZOQW 3 X WW! Mau I Have Hour Hutnqraph? 4 n W.. QQEQXWW ..6JJ:QjM'fWLf7f ww WWW! 1, G'--9 f fj ' Y fwi W M K X 741 Q- ' K 6 . Q90 M wwwk 3 3,'X,J3'qQ,,9GJN . QF, 02:4 f aww Qujiflgy If fw-PL 9- b I Wfwjf KM i 'ffff Q AW, ,WLM , MM X50-fm 01.7 21 MM, NM W WL W2 WNW vgligf' Www 1 z X I S E v I X V I

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