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The 1951 CLARIDN Umverslty Hugh School Normal III o o o I o This book is the DTODEFN of ,ooo A ooo,o In Dedication . . . For his assistance in all of our class proiects since we became U High students four years ago, we wish to dedicate our 1951 annual to our class sponsor, Mr. Harold Moore. 1 'aio 'sis i In . 'bf ""'1s-nts. sf' V -.e,.f9 -M 1 . . . Recognition 'UN 14, N, Financial problems, deadline problems - all kinds of problems- made the iob of putting out the annual more difficult than many people realize. We wish to thank our adviser, Mr. Don Temple- ton, for the time and effort he spent in helping us solve those problems. With the entire university to think about, Presi- dent R. W. Fairchild still had time to discuss U High matters and give us a boost when we needed it. Our Administrative leaders Under U High's self-government system, it has been easy to realize that we were nearing adult- hood. Principal H. D. Lovelass, who gave us fair and honest decisions when called upon, stood back of our Student Council and encouraged it to make its own decisions at all times. Faculty Miss Ruth Huggins Dean of Girls Theodore Almy English G. Bradford Barber Speech Ralph Benton Agriculture Allie Ward Billingsley Spanish Francis Brown Mathematics Ann Cameron Home Economics Helen Chiles Latin Regina Connell latin George Conrad Art Harold Deweese Science Helen Dooley Library Alice Eikenberry Social Science Margery Ellis French Raymond Eaworthy Business Education Harlan Farnsworth Physical Education, Science Elinor Flagg Mathematics Robert Hammond Mr. Douglas Boy Dean of Boys Industrial Arts, Driver Training Max Honn Printing Verna Hoyman English Marie Jena Business Education Bernadine Johnson Home Economics Margaret Jorgensen Psychology Blanche McAvoy Biology Clyde McCormick Mathematics Neva Mcbavitt Geography Helen McEwen - Business Education Edna Nonkog Mathematics Burton O'Connor Director of Athletics Charles Poppenheimer Social Science T. E. Rine Mathematics f-:gf ,.,v" Q4 GNQ +vo- IN THE OFFICE-Betty MacMurdo, Georgetta Barnard, Miss Mildred Dillingham, Dr. H. D. Lovelass. Harlan Shaw Dramatics Grace Shea Nurse C. W. Sorenson Geography Ruth Stroud English Thalia Tarrant Social Science Biarne Ullavilx Mathernatics Arden Vance Music Mary Webb Business Education Bertha Whitmore General Science Jennie Whitten Spanish ' W""""v'-an Vlledictoriln of the Class Helen Holliday Salutaforian of the Clan Patty Orr Senior Clan Officers-Julia Beebe, Vice Presi dentg Dona Sizemore, Secrehryg Mike Michalski Yreuurerp Dewayne Davis, President. Seniors Y Ellen Alvis Short and Sweet Play committee 4 Wayne Alvis The Country Gentleman Baseball 3,45 Play committee 3,4 William Amacher Llttle Cat Everybody's Pal Football 45 Golf 3,45 Play 35 Play commit- tee 4 Glen Anderson "Beef" The life of every party Baseball l,2,3,45 Basketball 25 Football l,2, 3,45 U Club l,2,3,45 Play committee 4 John Anderson "Andy" Oh, Johnny, how you can love! Baseball 2,3,45 Basketball l,2,3,45 Play committee 3,45 Football l,2,3,45 Industrial Arts club 25 Junior Red Cross l,2,3,45 U Club 2,3,45 Homecoming King attendant 4 .lim Baker "lovef' Speedy l'O?'! Play 35 Play committee 45 Library club 35 Track 3,45 Football 1 Jim Barnes "Tank" Calm, cool, and collecting Baseball 35 Basketball l,2,3,45 Football l,2, 3,45 Track l,2,3,45 U Club l,2,3,45 Play committee 4 Julia Beebe "Julie" Cream of the crop Government club 35 Latin club 1,25 Student Council 2,35 Secretary 35 Play committee 45 Apportionment board 45 Class Vice-Presi- dent 4 Leroy Brush "la Roy" The Orator Clarionette 3, Play 3,4, Harlequins 2,3,4, Football I, Student Council 1,2 Carl Burger "Mouse" Quiet and noble Science club I, Play committee 4 Kenneth Burnett "Kay" Love that boy Transfer B.H.S. l, Clarionette 4, Football 2,3,4, Track l,2,3,4, U Club 2,3,4, Play committee 4 Robert Burnett "Pancho" Personality Kid Transfer B.H.S. I, Football l,2,3,4, Track 2,3,4, U Club 3,4, Rostrum 4, Play com- mittee 4 Owen Cluts "Red" The pedal-pusher Band 2, Mixed chorus 2, Noon chorus I,2, Play 3, Play committee 4- Nate Connell "Nippy" "There's an X in the middle of Texas" Baseball 3,4, Basketball 3,4, Clarionette 4, Play 3, Play committee 4 Dewayne Davis "Curly" An all-round guy Baseball 2,G,4, Captain 4, Basketball I,2, 3,4, Captain 4, Play committee 3,4, Foot- Q ball 3,4, Honor Society 4, Student Council 2, U Club 2,3,4, Class Vice-President 3, Class President 4 Robert Davis "lolz" Who's goin' to pay for the gas? Assembly committee 2, Band I,2, Play 3,4, Play committee 3, Ensemble 1, Latin club 3, Science club 3,4, Pep Band 3 fi' In V537 Ralph Faust "RaIphino" Eat at Ralphino's Play committee 4 Janet Faso "Fanfic" A lump of sugar, sweet and refined Mixed chorus 35 Clarion 45 Play committee 3,45 Harlequins 2,3,45 Treasurer 35 Presi- dent 45 Government club 45 Honor Society 45 Orchestra 1,25 Thalian 3,45 Secretary 35 President 35 Student Council 35 Play 4 Farrell Foster "Butch" The Gentleman Latin club 25 Science club 1,25 Play com- mittee 4 Norrin Foster New, Nifty and Neat Transfer LeRoy 45 Clarionette 45 Football 45 Junior Red Cross 45 Library club 4 Play committee 4 Donna Fry Pretty Baby Transfer B.H.S. 35 Clarionette 45 Play com mittee 3,45 Student Council 4 Richard Gaddy "Dick" He keeps plugging away Art club 3,4, Clarionette 3 londsy Gaiter "Boo" "Mr. Boo to you, chile" Transfer B.H.S. 45 Baseball 45 Basketball 4 Clarionette 45 Play committee 4 Roger Getty "Getty-gurglo" The class cut-up Industrial Arts club 2,35 Latin club l Math club 35 Play 4 Raymond Goetsch "Ray" All the world's a stage Clarion lp Play 35 Play committee 3,45 Honor Society 45 Industrial Arts club 2,3 Arthur Goetz "Emo" Always there to pitch in Government club 45 Library club lg Science club 2 Charlotte Goetz "Char" Our little book worm Janet Graf "Ducky" Queen of our hearts Girls' chorus lp Mixed chorus 45 G.A.A. I5 Student Council lg Play 45 Homecoming queen 4 Joe Green "Fingers" Stands out in a crowd Basketball i,2,3,45 Clarionette 45 Play 3,45 Football l,2,3,45 Latin club l,25 Math club 45 President 45 Science club 2,35 U club 2,3,45 Student Council 2,45 Track 'l,2,3,45 Class co-treasurer 3 pf'AJ7 Betty Jo Haefele "The Haefe" A Modern Peter Pan Transfer Clinton 35 Clarion 35 Clarionette 45 Editor 45 Play committee 3,45 Government club 45 Junior Red Cross 45 Library club 45 Thalian 3,45 Vice-President 45 Science club 3,45 Student Council 3 Patricia Hannie "Joy" Pleasant and pretty Girls' chorus l,2,45 G.A.A. 15 Play com- mittee 4 Mary Ann Hans "Mary" The go-getter Apportionment board 35 Secretary 35 As- sembly committee 2,3,45 Secretary 2,35 Co- chairman 45 Band ly Maiorette and baton twirler l,2,3,45 Cheerleader 2,3,45 Clarion l,2,3,45 Assistant editor 45 Clarionette 3,45 Play committee 3,42 G0Vefnm9f1f clvb 3,41 Library club 3,45 Secretary-Treasurer 45 Pub- licity committee 2,35 Student Council l,2, 3,45 Secretary 2 at 5' '36 new Willard Hilburn "Sonny" Big, blonde and beautiful Play committee 3,4, Football I,2,3,4, In- dustrial Arts club 2, Vice-President 2, Track 2,3, U Club 2,3,4 Dorothy Poasloy Holland "Dotty" D EA' D A box full of fanmail Girls' ,chorus l,2,4, Clarionette 4, Play committee 4 Holon Elizabeth Holliday "Horn" She gallops at a snail's pace Play 4, Play committee 3, Government club 3,4, Vice-President 4, Honor Society 3,4, Vice-President 4, Latin club l,2, Secretary 2, Orchestra l, Thalian l,2,3,4, President 2, Vice-President 3, Secretary I, Treasurer I, Science club 2,3, Student Council 4, Play 4 Margaret Hugllos "Many" Cute Cookie Transfer B.H.S. 3, Play committee 3 4 ' .lack Hurloss "Cy" King of levis Basketball l,2, Play 3, Play committee 4 Football l, Golf 3,4, Publicity committee I Student Council Treasurer 4 Holon Jolhrson "Jollio" Pretty Kitty Girls' chorus l,2, Mixed chorus l,2, Clarion 'l,2,3,4, Editor 4, Play committee 3, Play 4, Honor Society 4, Latin club l,2, Vice- President 2, Thalian l,2,3,4, Secretary 3, Sergeant-at-Arms 3, Quill and Scroll 3,4, Play 4, Class-night committee chairman Virginia Jordan "Jonny" A little ole Southern Belle Transfer Comer, Georgia, 3, Girls chorus 3, Clarion 3, Play committee 3,4, Latin club 3, Home Economics club 4, Science club 3 lynn .lorgomon "Hi, therel" Transfer Columbia, Mo. 3, Art club 3, Clarion 3,4, Co-Art Editor 4, Honor Society 4, Junior Red Cross 3, Science club 3, Stu- dent Council 4, Orchestra 4, Play commit- tee 4 UFHD Robert Kadlec "Moose" Our Hero Baseball 1,2,3,45 Basketball lp Football 1,2, 3,45 Captain 45 U club 1,2,3,45 Track 25 Class President lg Play committee 45 Home- coming king 4 Nancy Knuth "Nan" All cat up Mixed chorus 2,35 Clarion 35 Play commit- tee 3,45 Government club 45 Latin club 1,25 Secretary lj Orchestra lg Thalian 45 Science club 3,4 Charles Koehler "Chuck" Silent but efficient Mixed chorus 1,25 Junior Red Cross 1,2,3,45 Latin club lp Library club 45 Math club 15 Play committee 4 Ronald Kuder "Peanuts" He leads you in the dark Science club 1,2 Fred Marsh "Mush" We have to take the bitter with the sweet Apportionment board 35 Band 1,25 Baseball 3,45 Basketball 1,2,45 Play 35 Play commit- tee 45 Football 25 Government club 45 Latin club 1, 25 Math club 45 Orchestra 1,25 Stu- dent Council 45 Rostrum 45 Science club 1,2,35 Class Co-Secretary 3 Marilyn Martens "Marty" Destination Steak 'n Shake Band lp Mixed chorus 35 Play 45 Play com- mittee 3j G.A.A. 1,25 Home Economics club 45 Vice-President 4 Steve McCormick "Muggsie" Short and mighty Baseball 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Foot- ball 1,2,3,45 Honor Society 3,45 President 45 Latin club 1,25 Rostrum 3,45 U club 2,3,45 President 35 Class Vice-President lp Class President 35 Play 4 Marilyn McVicar "Mac" Clarion's money man Clarion 2,3,45 Business Manager 45 Play committee 35 Play 45 Student Director 35 Harlequins 1,2,3,45 Secretary 45 G.A.A. 1,25 Library club 2,35 Secretary 35 Math club 2,3,45Tl'l6ll6f1 2,3,45 Treasurer 35 Sergeant- at-Arms 45 Quill and Scroll 3,4 D509 Jessica Means "JezzabeIIa" Our favorite Girls' chorus 1,2,35 Mixed chorus 25 Clarion 2,3,45 Play.committee 3,45 Harlequins 25 Government club 45 President 45 Student Council 2,35 Class Secretary 25 Clarionette 45 Homecoming queen attendant 4 Adam Michalski "Mike" "Let's have a secret ballot" Baseball 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,35 Govern- ment club 45 U club 2,3,45 Class Treasurer 45 Play committee 4 Beverly Morrison "Bevey" "Have you seen Eleanor?" Girls' chorus 25 Mixed chorus 2,35 Play 35 G.A.A. 1 Marilyn Nelson "Mernie" She makes everybody yell Band 15 Cheerleader 1,2,3,45 Girls' chorus 1,25 Latin club 15 Math club 45 Orchestra 1- Pep club 45 Science club 1,3,45 Play com: mittee 4 Claude Nichols "Naud" Quiet Type Play committee 4 louis Nordine "Luigi" Where's your tardy slip? Clarion 1,25 Photography Editor 25 Track 15 Play committee 4 Bernie Nybakke "Panther" Peoria in 26 minutes 4.5, VEHV Art club 1,25 Assembly committee 1,2,3,45 Band 1,25 Boys' chorus 1,2,3,45 Clarion 1,2,35 Clarionette 1,25 Harlequins 2,45 En- semble 2,3,45 Industrial Arts club 1,2,35 Orchestra 1,2,3,45 Play committee 4 Daniel Oborn "Dan" Music, Maestro, please! Mixed chorus 1,25 Play 35 Junior Red Cross 1,2,3,45 Latin club 1,25 Orchestra 1,2,45 Science club 1,2,4 Jayne Olson "Janie" A bevy of boys Girls' chorus 1,2,45 Noon chorus 2,35 Clari- on 15 Harlequins 15 Home Economics 3,45 Secretary-Treasurer 45 Play committee 4 Patricia Ann Orr "Patty" Follow the leader Apportionment board 1,25 Assembly com- mittee 1,3,45 Secretary 15 Co-chairman 3,45 Mixed chorus 35 Clarion 2,3,45 Play com- mittee 3,45 Play 45 Government club 3,45 Secretary 35 Honor Society 3,45 Secretary- Treasurer 45 Latin club 1,25 President 25 Science club 1,2,3,45 Secretary-Treasurer 25 Quill and Scroll 3,45 Thalian 1,2,3,45 Secre- tary 15 Treasurer 25 President 35 Vice-Presi- dent 45 Sergeant-at-Arms 35 Class Vice- President 25 Student Council 3,45 President 4 'UF ..1' S. 51 R56 wig, gg klafafow 5. ' , f .gifs , .e t - ,: ' , ' " 515. . . 1' i w : A , '+. ' U2 . 'fm H' u ' A w ' - 7: . - 51 5 uf, ,I Q V ' " 3 ' 1 I X Mi 15 -1,4-I. 'iaifip Y, gwgi, yi- ' 1 X32 'ln -ana' X Richard Osborn "Dick" A great big guy Art club 45 Football 1,3,45 U club 45 Science club lg Play committee 4 Alma lou Powell "Polly" Everybody loves her Girls' chorus 1,2,35 Clarion 2,3,45 Play com- mittee 3,45 Government club 45 Honor So- ciety 45 Math club 45 Thalian 3,45 Secretary 45 Student Council 45 Secretary 45 Class Sec- reta ry 3 Roy Robinson "Robbie" OOH, that smile! Basketball 1,25 Football 1,2,3,45 U club 45 Play committee 4 William Sanders "" A friend of mine Baseball 45 Clarionette 45 Play- committee 4 Lila Shepherd She uses Ponds Girls' chorus 2,35 Clarion 2,35 Clarionette 45 Home Economics club 35 Treasurer 35 Sci- ence club 25 Play committee 4 Robert Shillington "Bob" "All right, Louie, drop that gun!" Transfer Culver Military Academy- 45 Ros- trum 45 Play committee 4 Marian Shinneman Beauty of heart and soul Girls' chorus lp Mixed chorus 2,35 Play committee 3,45 Latin club 1,25 Vice-Presi- dent lp Science club 2,3,4 Dona Sizemore "Jo" Our sweetheart on parade Girls' chorus 1,25 Mixed' chorus 35 Clarion 2,3,45 Play 3,45 Student Director 35 Govern- ment club 45 Secretary 45 Orchestra 2,45 Thalian 2,3,45 Treasurer 35 Vice-President 45 Science club 2,3,45 Student Council 25 Class Secretary 4 .loan Smith "Slinky" I hate girls that flirt Mixed chorus 35 Clarion 2,3,45 Clarionette 45 Play 3,45 Harlequins 45 Treasurer 45 Or- chestra 1,25 Thalian 3,45 Vice-President 35 Class Treasurer 2 Marilyn Smith "Smitty" The silent partner Girls' chorus 1,25 Clarionette 45 G.A.A. 1,25 Science club 2,3,45 Play committee 4 557-Gia w 5 I, . ws, 'Ju X Ago Robert Snearly "Bob" Watch the birdie! Band l, Clarion Photographer l,2,3,4, Cla- rionette Photographer 2,3,4, Play commit- tee 3,4, Industrial Arts club 4, Quill and Scroll 3,4 Jacob Stern "Jack" You're wrong Clarion i,2, Clarionette l,2, Government club 3, Play committee 4 Gloria Thomas "Glo" "O Heart" Transfer Quincy 2, Band 2, Mixed chorus 2,3, Clarion 4, Play committee 3,4, Gov- ernment club 4, Latin club 2, Thalian 3,4, Secretary 3, Sergeant-at-Arms 3, Science club 2,3 Lou Arm Unxiclrer "Louie" A real friend Noon chorus 2, Clarion 2,3,4, Co-literary Editor 4, Play 3, Play committee 4, Govern- ment club 4, Honor Society 4, Latin club l,2, Thalian l,2,3,4, President 2, Vice- President 3, Treasurer 4, Sergeant-at-Arms I, Science club 2,3, President 2, Secretary 3, Quill and Scroll 3,4, Class Co-Treasurer 3 Richard Volk "Dick" He likes his transfer Transfer NCHS 4, Football 4, Play commit- DE Richard Wachter "Dick" The willing power behind the scene Clarion 4, Sports Editor 4, Play 4, Play com- mittee 3, Clarionette 3, Football l,2,3,4, Track l,2,3,4, U club 3,4, Quill and Scroll 3,4 William Wachter "Bill" Mad Professor Clarionette 3, Play 3,4, Chess club 2, Sci- ence club 3, Track 3,4 Fred Williams "H0glly" Silly Willy Football l,2,3,4, Track l,2,3,4, Play 4 RU C We Seruiars have lsasl a wonderful, busy four years The freshman year started off wsth a bang back sn 1947 and now sts endung the same way Here are some of the hsghlsghts between explosuons We were green but we caught on qusckly We chose our class officers that first year from the football squad wsth Bobby Kadlec as presudent Steve McCormsck as vsce pressdent and Gene Seyster as secretary treasurer We ended our freshman year by puttsng on the class nsght party Up we moved to our sophomore year and to gsve the gurls a chance we chose Janet Ksnder pressdent Pat Orr vsce pressdent Jesssca Means secretary and Joan Smsth treasurer It was that year we sponsored our first all school party and we thought ut was a successful one too It had a sprung theme Aprsl Showers and we ex hsbsted our talents under the dsrectson of a commsttee headed by Helen Hollsday Then came our predscted successful sunsor year Were we ever bug shots man' Sellsng candy cokes and everythsng else folks would eat at noon and at ball games we buslt a treasury that provsded the sensors wsth a fine send-off dsnner prom nsght We needed two secretarues Alma Lou Powell and Fred Marsh and two treasurers Lou Ann Unzscker and Joe Green to carry the load Steve McCormsck and De wayne Davss were pressdent and vsce pressdent Those officers were real celebrutses Alma Lou was chosen as sports The prom wsth a Southern Plantatson theme wound up our sunsor year May 24 1950 but not be fore we presented Arenssc and Old Lace as the class play and saw three of our class Steve McCormsck Pat Orr and Helen Hollsday chosen as members of the Natsonal Honor Socsety At long last our sensor year' But now looksng back st dsdnt seem so long We elected Dewayne Davss as pressdent for our last year sn U Hugh wsth Julsa Beebe Dona Jo Sszemore and Mske Mschalsks fillsng the other posutsons Bob Kadlec was elected Homecomsng Kung after a vugorous poster campasgn and Janet Graf was elected queen John Anderson and Jesssca Means were thesr attendants One thsng well always remember about our sensor year ss our football team that went undefeated for the second strasght year Wsth Bob Kadlec as captasn our class furnsshed almost all the first team Sensors Qn the squad sncluded Glen Anderson Jsm Barnes Wsllard Hslburn Steve McCormsck Joe Green Kenny Burnett Bob Burnett Dewayne Davss John Anderson Roy Robsnson Dsck Wachter Dsck Osborn Norrsn Foster Duck Volk and Fred Wsllsams The Inter Csty and Corn Belt trophses stayed wsth us for another year and several of the fellows were named to All Csty and All Conference teams Jsm Barnes rated all state mentson for hss outstandung work at tackle The basketball team dsdnt compsle the record of the football team but they gave our good rsvals from Nor mal Communsty two good battles and lost a number of other close ones Dewayne Davss was captasn and Sensors Jsm Barnes John Anderson Nate Connell Steve McCormsck Lendsy Gaster and Joe Green were the backbone of' the squad The end of the basketball season also meant the end of the cheerleadsng careers of Marslyn Nelson and Mary Anne Hans Dewayne Davss moved from the basketball court to the dsamond as captasn backed up by fellow sensors Bob Kadlec Fred Marsh Glen Anderson Mske Mschalsks and Steve McCormsck Sports wasnt all we starred un as sensors for we added seven more members to the honor socsety sn cludsng Alma Lou Powell Janet Fese Dewayne Davss Lynn Jorgensen Helen Jefferson Lou Ann Unzscker and Ray Goetsch Wsth Helen Jefferson and Helen Hollsday as two teen agers on thesr first trsp abroad our sensor play Our Hearts Were Young and Gay brought much hearty laughter from an apprecsatsve audsence Leroy Brush as the father of one of the gurls caused much of the uproar We had plenty for whsch to thank the sunsors after thesr wonderful treatment at the Junsor Sensor Prom May 25 1951 It was wonderful to leave the money worrses to the uunsors and lust relax and ensoy thesr Up sn Central Park program We decsded to try a new Iocatuon for our Sensor Sksp Day pscnsc and traveled to Fox Rsdge Park That was the begsnnung of the end We had already had the prom class nsght and baccalaureate but Sksp Day meant the end of our hugh school lsfe All that remasned was commencement June 8 and we were ready to leave the halls of U Hugh to the Class of 1952 wsth the sure knowledge they would leave thesr mark sust as we hope we have The Class of 1951 , . , . , I - I ' s , , . , I I I ' I I I I . - ' ' ' , , r r - I ' ' 1 , , . . t ll ' II - - I I - . ' ' .. ' I - - , , . ' ' - I f . . . . . . I , , , I I ' r - ' , U. Club queen, and the boys were all prominent un 1 , . . ' I , r I - rl - n ' I I 1 , . - . . I I 11 v rr , ' I ' 1 I I . I I , , . . , . I I ' lr . .... I I . . 4 s . , . I I II ' II ' ' I . . l I 1 I I I . - . , , , I I I N 'C yu-In lg Vvl Fig 'id """ H ........., ,..,, ... ,g,y ,...---...,.... W., ..,. ,, 'S if v---g-M K N N in 'V"" ' W We N.,h...- , - A E53-Q jf ' 5 5 an-nut" ru-N" T-A --5 ,F wwwfw .V,.,.X,1,m v -fw l """" x , 4 ws- 'Q' s 5: is fs, 554 f-Q if ,A f 4, .- A www Q zz if 11 wx 'ax ,iii -.,,, Ima' rg. "', Jim ' A Ml 4 5 31 Q Junior Cless Olleen-Harold Frye, Presidenip Helen Charles, Secretary: Esther Unxklzer, Finan- cial Secrehryg Shirley McVicer, Treesurerp Sandra Andersen. Vice President. Juniors- Juniors if Row l: Tom Brigham, Jim Howard. Row Il: Sandra Anderson, Eleanor Aldridge, Wilma Wieting. Row I: Shirley McVicar, Phyllis Thomas, Lorna McMullin, Jeanne Phillips. Row Il: Ronnie Ayers, Dale Campbell. Row I: Fred Wade, Jack Grosenbach, Jack Turpin. Row II: Alma Canerdy, Kay Blakney, Dawn Butler. Row I: Jim Phillips, Edwin Pike, Ronnie O'Connor. Row Il: Margaret Schultz, Doris Ely, Georgia Jor- dan. Row I: Barbara Ball, Sally Danenberger, Joan Smith. Row II: Marguerite Micken, Janet Reusser, Ralph Gooding. Row I: Kenneth White, Junior Ahng Row EVCIYU 5ChneblY, Joan Sears, Clark Cole. Juniors Juniors I gps? H29 I all .f L., Row I: Bob Truesdell, Jack Kerr. Row II: .Io Ann Trunnell, Leona Hashman, Myrtle Goetz. I: Donna Buford, Helen Charles, Ruby East. Row II: Patty Shipps, Bruce Kuss, Bill Anderson. Row I: Jack Herrington, Harold Frye, John Bow- man. Row II: Gertrude Lowell, Irene West, Sidney Jennings. Row III: Joe Metcalf. ilk . XR Row l: Kenneth Fry, Bruce Williams, Jim Neff. Row II: Elmer Griffin, Jerry Skinner, Marcella J- Schwartz, Aliene Brush. Row I: Jim Crowley, Jeanne Rice, John Saran- takos. Row ll: Esther Unzicker, Ellen Mathis, Suz- ette Sunwall. Row I: Bill Whitehall, Richard Cotherman. Row ll: Ollie Ontis, Helen Robinson, Shirley Donahue. Juniors .lllniors Y-o ooX6s . ?'xsYNex X A . uf V-ow XX-. Bo V-ow X2 Bob Cnaddq , Nanci C,a6xNeXX. Samet, QM XNYixKeYNaXX. ow vixciv Nxafwo 06 N Coess, 1 Bean SQNV. 60 QI X-. YN 9-ov! oXs, Y: 'Look , ook bbc?-ev Cana XX-. YKKKGK . 3 Wt., The illnio Perf ' Pl 0rm.:Y c', , ce gf t,s':l.xe, venge 'ft emh9r I sum Sui: 'ns' gssful Sophomore Clan Officers - Harpor Roohm, Presi- dent, Marlo Putman, Vice President, Bonnie Gib- son, Secretary, Mary Jennings, Trouuror. Sophomores- Sophomores 'K- g wcwglgbg Rowl Kay Woodruff Jackie Geiger Joyce Mwst it Soyez Row II Louis Williams Ronnie Ker meen .1 Row l Gordon Atteberry Jack Bell Alan Mc Vicar. Row ll: Donna Saylor Judy Orendorff Mary Jennings. Row I: Otto Johnson, Leta Ten Eyck, Lois Sin- gleton, Audrey Martens, Barbara Lichly. Row ll: Charles Sheppelman, Richard Clough. 39' I Sophomores Row I Donna Anderson Sue Baker Mudge Deak Row ll Tom Jackson Glenn Adams Bob Mulluns Row I Bob Wnlson Harper Roehm Jim Wall Row II Sylvna Grnflin Lnlluan Hnckstem Delores Sebring Row I Bull Barger Damarus Goodwin Darlene Scharfenberg Marne Putman Peggy Johnston Row Il Jerry Norton Ray Elston 1 1 1 - : 1 I 1 I I . 3 1 1 Z , I I I I : , . Sophomores Row I Delores Petrie Barbara Herrin Luevena Gound Row ll Su Sorg James Byrd Jam Oswald Row I Peggy Kring Joy Schaaf Row II Nancy Sizemore Muruel Macy Jackie Hmfhorn Row I Ray Zalesku Donald Choate Row ll Rhoda Evans Marnlee Hanelme Marilyn Jep sen 5 3 4 1,3436 cllllg-gg" Hu' " 'xmifll r f or ' .fy-2 4 1 glfiw ' ' - I EQ ' 1: 'T ij., 2 " 4 5 1- 'f 3 " A v ' a -9, ' :av , an fY'ff???5"?7f f ' 'V-fi ff -V my ik h Q4 , W Vlrffwz -ff. ' U ,fax J.- . ' . M c,.,r,., A. .iv Q , K 'N '.r. 3- '35 Q E Q M if! M L W af'-' ff ,., S 9 ,E M Q1-,FE ,.. ga A F + A M .Q A 4-. 5 N T a ,. ' .,,. X H ' ws X "' ' , ' Y V., -H W A , , -. . 4, L. V. - A . .,,.-K.. 5 J 3 . , A '41,-.,., , , F I, - x 1 . .L - , 5 - 1' ' -'J . fail! 5' ' 5 i 'Q U' , N' X-QPR ff .V 1 ly Vw 0 ' Q ' 'K' "'-'pm-F ' ' 3 . -1' " A 2 1 . N + -1 5, 5? W 5 yn c , K 'K 1 S- 7 , V LA I Vkkh V 2 L. K W ,S ' . . .S 1.5 LL xr,-f , ak., , . will I :EH .0 .-f Y .... , V ,, s lag F, ,pai -4: 5 Q y Isl 'nfs H 'W 'WTR a V55 'WFQF iw 511.5 "" A11 Sopliomores Row I Richard Marzolf Jim Ahng Row ll Carol Nordme Woodie Smith Joan Hensley Row I Philo Hinshaw Hubert Adams Row II Marilyn Thedens Bonnie Gibson Mary Kay Freitag Row I: Gordon Schultz Donna Williams. Row ll: Sharon Vetter Jean Allsopp Patricia Mar- ton. -4-l,NN ga ,rv sri Sophomores Jai ll"- Rlchald Wfcllman Laxry Kxlbrxdc Alan Clarkm Ned Hopkms Y Sophomore commlttee worries about its Pl"7Y And makes a big success of it ' ., f. , 4 , ,g-gyg f, 4 1 4 R-nexus, , A M: "L H . V 1 'ggi, f,p, f oL ,Mg,,i'5e'f',f-. A 'Q 1 f gr X . ' u ' , , - ' ' s ' , a , . 'F ,y ' 1 , , az I , K v 9 - " 2 'ca s I X. ' wi x Freshman Clan Omoers-Mary Charles, Secre- iaryp Sarah Gipsen, Vice Presldentp Ray Cluh, Treasurer: Kay Orr, President. Freshmen- ...j l Row I: Beverly Dillon, Carolyn White, Kay Worth- Row I: Glen Plotner, Jill Rorabach, Chuck Mc ingfon. Row Il: Marcia Volk, Parker Oborn, Jim Dermand. Row II: Sarah Gipson, Pat Simpson Ruschmeyer. Elizabeth Aldridge. Freshmen ,rw , Row I: John Pitfenger, Greg Lowell. Row ll: Sue Williams, Dean Sears, Beatrice Marquis. Row I: John Davidson, Rex Reed. Row Il: Andy Row I: Ronald Jenkins, Joe Harris. Row II: Gene Cade,. David Anderson, Mary Charles, Rowena Pitcher, Gerald Thompson, Karl Putman. Green, Jayne Rice. Freshmen .4 x 'V Row I: Shirley Hayslip, Barbara Davis. Row ll: Sue Danenberger, Judi Ahlers, Kay Orr. Row I: Bill Mitchell, Dicic Keeran, Ronald Blan- chard. Row Il: Betty Lou Jenkins, Philip Jordan, Betty Goetz. f+9",' I 3 s xii fe xt A ,A we "i"' 4. i Row I: John Beebe, Ray Cluts, Robert White. Row II: Don Swartz, Dwayne Kunz, Ronald Ross. f ,ff 11 ,f if Af i,ffHg3y4, ,1 y Y t ,fiffi , Freshmen Row I: Fred Robinson, Harold Barling. Row ll: Alice Davis, Clydette Scogin, Delores Ford. x . E at 533 Mig 'EA :S if 'dy C Row I: Jim Jones, Charles Hawkey, Jim Murphy. ROW li Darlene Grove, Delores T'3Yl0f. -lane Kil Row ll: Phyllis Kuder, Jo Ann Billings, Donna Qofe- ROW ll: 5l1l"leY Campbell, C3l'0l P9BSlSY Rae Wiley. Mary Lou West, Myra Conner. Freshmen X XXL Row I: Scott Parkay, Jerry Gaddy. Row ll: Ann Mathis, Winhie Lou Parsons, Hope Hougham. ff Qui , who 4. s Row I: Janet Tomlinson, Lois Rediger. Row ll: ROW I1 Adrian VBUCG, DOUQIBS Spear- ROW ll: Ann Dorthea Long, Iris Martin, Janet Ritchie, Pat Staubus, sandy EVelSiZer, Betty Theivagt, Eleanor Green. Brown. Freshmen Helen Jefferson delivers a monologue in the senior play, "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay." Watching an Leroy Brush, Dick Wachter, Dona Sizemore, Bob Davis, and Helen Holliday. Clubs und Activities Student Council worked, studied woys of improving school government TOP - Seated: Jack Hurless, Pat Orr, Alma Lou Powell. Standing: Fred Marsh, Sue Barker, Harper Roehm, Mr. Bey, Harold Frye, Steve McCormick. CENTER-Seated: Dewayne Davis. Stand- ing: Betty Jenkins, Donna Williams, Mary Kay Freitag, Kay Orr, Helen Holliday, Jayne Rice. BOTTOM-Seated: Barbara Lichty, Donna Saylor. Standing: Edwin Pike, Ray Cluts. l Honor Society recognized scholastic attainment l Seated: Steve McCormick, Helen Holliday, Pat Orr Standing: Ray Goetsch, Helen Jefferson, Janet Fese Dewayne Davis, Lynn Jorgensen, Alma Lou Powell Lou Ann Unzicker. latin Club made language study fun and practical ig X., 1. ly. Row I: Gordon Atteberry, David Anderson, Scott Par- kay, Andrew Cade, Parker Oborn. Row Il: Miss Chiles, Sue Danenberger, Sharon Vetter, Miss Connell, Beatrice Marquis. Row lll: Betty Theivagt, Peggy Kring, Bonnie Gibson, Marie Putman, Joy Schaaf, Kay Orr, Jim Agner, Carolyn White, Shirley Hayslip, Rhoda Evans, Mary Jennings, Jane Kilgore, Miss Fox. ,amid we V V Seated: Evelyn Schnebly, Bud Barner, Marilyn McVicar. Standin - Donna S l ' g. ay or, Jane Kilgore, Mary Kay Freitag, Jim Howard, Shirley Hayslip, Darlene Grove, Darlene Scharfenberg. Seated: Joan Sears, Mr. Barber, Carol Nordine. Stand- ing: Winnie Lou Parsons, Judi Ahlers, Donna Williams, Mrs. French, Tom Brigham, Dick Wellman, Betty Thei- vagt, Beatrice Marquis. Harlequins staged Christmas play, sponsored a dime-dance Vi ' ' Miss S td: Betty Jo Haefele, Wmme l-OU Parsons' Diiylly, Judi Ahlers. Standing: Roger GGTTYI Donna Williams, Carol Nordine, Noffln Foster' Mary Anne Hans, Charles Koehler, Eleano' Aldrldge- library Club learned that librarians work 7 THALIAN-Seated: Dona Sizemore, Helen Jefferson, Gloria Thomas. Standing: Jill Rorabach, Helen Holliday, Alma Lou Pow- ell, Nancy Knuth, Janet Reusser, Ellen Mathis. Seated: Patty Orr, Joan Sears, Marilyn Mc- Vicar. Standing: Miss Eikenberry, Betty Jo Haefele, Rowena Green, Alice Davis, Kay Orr, Evelyn Schnebly. Band gives us Go lt, U High!" BAND-Jim Agner, Mae Jean Allsopp, David Ander- son, Ronnie Ayers, Bud Barner, Kay Blakney, Andrew Cade, Alma Canerdy, Ray Cluts, Richard Cotherman, Sally Danenberger, Sue Danenberger, John Davidson, Barbara Davis, Ray Elston, Sandra Evelsizer, Damaris Goodwin, Pat Green, Rowena Green, Darlene Grove, Shirley Hayslip, Philo Hinshaw, Jim Howard, Iris Martin, Lorna McMullin, Carol Nordlne, Parker Oborn, Rex Reed, Andy Ritter, Evelyn Schnebly, Nancy Sizemore, Phyllis Thomas, Beverly Thompson, Esther Unzicker, Carolyn White, Bill Whitehead, Sue Williams, Bob Wilson. Musicians deserve praise .15 W' ' . 1 for great improvement ORCHESTRA-David Anderson, Ronnie Ayers, Bud Barner, Kay Blakhey, Eleanor Braun, Alma Canerdy, Sally Danenberger, Rhoda Evans, Sylvia Griffin, Shirley Hayslip, Joan Hensley, Jim Howard, Mary Jennings, Lynn Jorgensen, Jane Kilgore, Lorna McMullin, Mar- guerite Micken, Carol Nordine, Danny Oborn, Parker Oborn, Judy Orendorff, Janet Reusser, Janet Ritchie, Andy Ritter, Evelyn Schnebly, Joan Smith, Delores Tay- lor, Leta Ten Eyck, Beverly Thompson, Marcia Volk, Bill Whitehall. '+'f't' MIXED CHORUS-Judi Ahlers, Donna Anderson, Ron- nie Ayers, Barbara Ball, Bud Barner, Herta Bredemeyer, Aliene Brush, Donna Buford, Shirley Campbell, Alma Canerdy, Helen Charles, Myra Conner, Sally Danen- berger, Beverly Dillon, Jackie Geiger, Luevena Gound, Janet Graf, Sylvia Griflin, Joy Hannie, Joan Hensley, Jackie Hinthorn, Jim Howard, Peggy Johnston, Charles Koehler, Phyllis Kuder, Barbara Lichty, Dorthea Long, Audrey Martens, Marilyn Martens, Zelvin Mitchell, Lily Myers, Jim Neff, Marilyn Nelson, Jayne Olson, Jim Oswald, Winnie Lou Parsons, Jeanne Phillips, Marie Putman, Lois Rediger, Carol Riggs, Andy Ritter, Donna Saylor, Clydette Scogin, Shirley Shinn, Pat Simpson, Jerry Skinner, Joyce Soyez, Delores Taylor, Leta Ten Eyck, Betty Theivagt, Esther Unzicker, Dennis Van Ord- strand, Dick Volk, Mary Lou West, Bill Whitehall. Seated: Helen Jellerson, Editor. Standing: Ellen Mathis, Jeanne Phillips, Bob Snearly, Marilyn McVicar, Mr. Templeton, Mary Anne Hans, Janet Reusser, Lynn Jor- gensen, Dick Wachter. Clarion tried o new money-maker, ' Clarion Stal? Ed"0l' ,,------.,--......,...., ........,,.......,...... . . Helen Jefferson Assistant Editor D -,,,,,.-,-,,,--,,----, ---.- M ,ry Ann. H.ns QF' Edllon .,.....,...,.,.... lynn Jorgensen, Jeanne Phillips I-Iterlry Editors e..,.,....e. Ellen Mathis, Lau Ann unziakar Pl'0'09"IPl"Y Edlwl' ..,...........,.,.... .........., J :net Reuner Chief Photographer ,,,-,-.,--,,--- , .---'---------,,,--- Bgb Sl-.girly Pvfinw Minnow -- ....... Marilyn mcvim Record committee looks solemn Seated: Patty Orr. Standing: Janet Fese, Gordon Atteberry, Alma Lou Powell, Dona Sizemore, Gloria Thomas. School Records Pg-ttinq the school song on the record Seated: Dennis Van Ordstrand, Mary Anne Hans, Caryl Fisher, Shirley McVicar. Stand- ing: Joe Green, Paul Goetz, Dorothy Hol- land, Donna Fry, Bud Barner, Lendsy Gaiter, Betty Jo Haefele, Joan Smith, John Bow- man. Editor, First Semester Betty .lo Haefele Editor, Second Semester Shirley McVicar Clurionette received First-Class rating Mr. White and Mr. Honn talk over a print- shop problem Seated: Jessica Means, Sandra Anderson Standing: Lila Shepherd, Marilyn Smith. Science Club members had many prize-winning proiects TOP LEFT-Kneeling: Barbara Lichty. Standing: Mary Jennings, Nancy Sizemore, Donna Saylor, Nancy Knuth, Rowena Green, Ruby East, Betty Theivagt. BOTTOM LEFT - Andrew Cade, David Anderson, Ronnie O'Connor, Philo Hinshaw, Ray Elston, .lim Crowley, Jerry Skinner. TOP RIGHT- Rhoda Evans, Carolyn White, Bon- nie Gibson, Bob Truesdell, Parker Oborn, Kay Orr, Shirley Donahue, Darlene Grove. MIDDLE RIGHT - Seated: Jack Kerr. Standing: Bob Davis, Dona Sizemore, Evelyn Schnebly, Jack Grosenbach, Joan Sears, Patty Orr. BOTTOM RIGHT-Bruce Kuss, Richard Marzolf, Bob Wilson, Mrs. Whitmore. .W fix Q .1 ,A U' L-we V JUNIOR RED CROSS-Shirley Campbell, MATH CLUB-Seated: Esther Unzicker. Betty Jenkins, Miss Tarrant, Duane Kring. Standing: Bucky Gooding, Gordon Atte- berry, Tom Brigham, Henry Chess, Kenny Fry, Joe Green, Phyllis Kuder, Miss Nor- skog. They believed in service They had fun with math They looked closely ut democracy GOVERNMENT CLUB -Seated: Miss Eikenberry. Row I: Janet Fese, Gloria Thomas, Jeanne Smith, Janet Reusse , Jessica Means, Dona Sizemore, Mary Anne Hans, Helen Holliday. Row Il: Alma Lou Powell, Patty Orr, Jim Barnes, John Sarantakos, Fred Williams, Lou Ann Un- zicker. ' Seated: Mike Michalski, Row la Phyllis Thomas, Jeanne Rice, Marguerite Micken, Nancy Knuth, Sarah Gipson, Marilyn Zook, Ellen Mathis, Caryl Fisher. Row ll: Jack Grosenbach, Mr. Stahlheber, Dennis Van Ordstrand, Fred Marsh, Arthur Goetz, Joe Green. ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE -seared, Barbara Lichty, APPORTIONMENT BOARD -Seated: Miss Webb, Judy Orendorff, Mr. Poppenheimer, Shirley Mc- Barbara Davis, Sandra Anderson, Dr. Lovelass. Vicar. Standing: Hubert Adams, Gene Pitcher. Sfandlligf MV- VanCef KSVWY FYY- They handled our money, and assemblies They encouraged cheers, sports participation G. A. A. - Row I: Lily Myers, Dorothy Robinson, Eleanor Aldridge, Beverly Thompson. Row ll: Ruth Fuller, Myrtle Goetz, Doris Ely, Patty Shipps, Miss Bird. CHEERLEADERS - Row I1 Winnie Lou Parsons, Ray Cluts, Mary Charles. Row Il: Sarah Gipson, Marilyn Nelson, Mary Anne Hans. U CLUB - Row I: lack Herrington, Dewayne Davis, Steve McCormick, Mike Michalski, Bob Kadlec. Row II: Jim Crowley, Dick Osborn, John Sarantakos, Jim Barnes, Sid Jennings, John Anderson. Row Ill: Gordon Atte- berry, Paul Goetz, Dick Wachter, Fred Williams, Willard Hilburn, Kenny Fry. .cm Eggiilil N1f'f"'9x , 1 6 , f aw Y K, I yr-5 Captain Kadlec congratulates Captain Herrington They boosted combined chest Walking the halls Angels wanted Harp for veep Happy sideliners- U. High 97, El Paso 34 First string sits one out Art CIub's Beaux Arts Ball a succen 53533253 . W 2. Ja I Joe Green, Mary Anne Hans adiust Homecoming , Homecoming tea mean! free cider and doughnuh The winner! campmgn posiefs Uncierneaih land hard on! the arches Queen Jane! Graf, Affendanf Jessica Means Then malemes' Kms Bob Kuna: and Qlmon Chaufieur Ralph Faust I Jane' Graf "f"'?r 'r Wfrr. Glen Anderson rams through a big hole for a big gain Athletics Rowl Ken White Norrin Foster Ronnie Ayers Duck Osborn Capt Bob Kadlec Steve McCormick Jack Grosenbach Ollie Schultz Jack Herrington Ronnie OConnor Row II Gordon Atteberry Fred Williams Bob Truesdell Ralph Gooding Harold Frye Dick Wachter John Bowman Paul Goetz Bob Burnett Glenn Adams Sid Jennings Ken Fry Row III Asst Coach Pomrenke Asst Coach Carr Willard Hnlburn Ken Burnett Joe Green John Sarantakos Jim Crowley Jim Barnes Roy Robinson Dewayne Davis John Anderson Glen Anderson Coach OConnor Dewayne Davis John Anderson Jim Barnes Bob Burnett The Football Squad completed U Highs second straight undefeated season . High Varsity Football Record Won 8, Lost 0 Monticello Normal Bloomington Clinton Urbana Pontiac Trinity Morton Opponent 2 M Kneeling: Gordon Atteberry, Jack Herrington, Sid Jennings, Dewayne Davis, Ronnie 0'Con- nor, Ken Fry, Steve McCormick, Fred Marsh. Standing: Coach Farnsworth, John Anderson, Lendsy Gaiter, Jack Turpin, Joe Green, Nate Connell, John Sarantakos, Ralph Gooding, Harold Frye, Asst. Coach Pomrenke. Absent: Jim Barnes. Bucky Gooding Harold Frye Ronnie O'Cennor Sid Jennings Jack Turpin The Basketball Squad compiled an ll-I3 record SCORING SUMMARY Fl' FG Davis ,-,-- 156 McCormick .-- 81 Green - ,.,, ,,,- 74 Barnes -,,,,-, 67 Anderson -,., 54 TP 372 235 208 197 135 '45 'M Capt Dewayne Davis J G " ""' Corn Belt Varsity Basketball Record Won ll, Lost 'I3 U H'9l' Opponent Springfield flanphierl lov'rt'el 40 Pontiac Wenona Trinity Gibson City Forrest Pontiac Holiday Tournament Alton New Trier Lincoln Henry Bloomington Morris Normal Chenoa Lexington Mooseheart Clinton Normal Bloomington Clinton Pontiac Trinity rbury Regional Tournament 97 El Paso 54 Normal , , SWE .. .vf .A j I ii i "'.' .4,,'!"'w .w'i"w ' T i"'t ""' V if at A gl 'i's 5' in f Q 5 r - ,,,,., ,it , 'ii 19 lost I 4 4 5 6 lost l 3 4 4 Joe Green makes unusual play in l'G9l0"il Seated John Beebe Jnm Ahng Louis Williams Ray Zaleskn Jerry Gaddy Don Swartz Richard Clough Dwayne Kunz Rex Reed Ron Kermeen Chuck McDermand Gordon Atte Barger Jam Wall Harper Roehm Joe Harris Ray Elston Chuck Mauna Ken Pnest Tom Jackson Asst Coach Pomrenke The Sophomore Foothall Squad had poor record, good spirit Freshmen Sophomore Football Record Won O Lost 6 U High Opponent Trmuty Bloomington Normal Trlmty Bloomington I4 Normal berry. Standing: Doug Spear, Phil Jordan, Glen Plotner, Otto Johnson, Gene Pitcher, Bill 0 ' ' 19 7 ' 'I9 ' 0 7 6 ' ' 7 0 ' 45 26 The Sophomore Basketball Squad won the Normal Invitational Tournament Freshmen-Sophomore Basketball Record Won II, Lost I1 U. High Opponent 28 Springfield llanphierj 44 28 Pontiac 27 30 Wenona 40 37 Trinity 28 38 Gibson City 20 30 Forrest 48 28 Lincoln 41 38 Henry 40 35 Bloomington 42 35 Normal 42 40 Chenoa 39 45 Lexington 29 25 Mooseheart 47 28 Clinton I8 32 Normal 43 28 Bloomington 39 51 Clinton 57 38 Pontiac 3I 37 Trinity 36 Normal Invitational Tournament 49 DeLand 41 53 LeRoy 32 47 Gibson City 41 Row I: Harold Barling, Jim Ruschmeyer, Dwayne Kunz, Jack Bell, John Beebe. Row Il: Coach Bass, Gene Pitcher, Harper Roehm, Jim Wall, Phil Jordan, Chuck McDermand, Glenn Adams. Row III: Ollie Schultz, Ronnie Kermeen, Dean Sears, Glen Plotner, Don Swartz. Row I Ronme OConnor Glen Anderson Mnke Mlchalskl Ollue Schultz Jack Kerr Glenn Adams Row ll Jack Turpm Jack Herrnngton Fred Marsh Sud Jenmngs Dewayne Davus Steve McCormuck Bob Kadlec Row III Coach Farnsworth Asst Coach Zlebell Chuck Mc Dermand Harold Frye Alan Clarkm Gordon Atteberry Asst Coach Bass The Baseball Squad had Its eye 1951 Baseball Record U Hugh Opponent Danvers Trmlty Clinton Pontiac Pontnac Normal St Bede Bloommgton Trmuty Danvers Lexmgton 3 Clanton Bloommgton Normal Moms Morrus O O on the state tournament agam 7 3 6 ' ' 2 12 ' 2 12 ' 0 8 ' 6 16 0 6 . 11 0 ' 5 19 ' ' 0 3 2 8 ' 1 ' 10 The Truck Squad showed early power Opening its T951 season with a win in a triangular meet with Trinity and Clinton, the U. High track squad took part in two relay carnivals, the Corn Belt confer- ence meet, and a dual meet before the state series. Dropping their only dual meet to Bloomington, the Green and Gold showed signs of developing one standout performer and several others of good quality to back him up. The standout was Kenny Burnett, hurdler, dashman, and broad iumper, who was always good for points in each event he entered. Paul Goetz, intercity mile cham- pion, was another consistent point-getter. U. High placed third in the conference meet behind Pontiac and Normal High. Row I: Tom Jackson, Dale Campbell, Joe Harris, Don Wilburn, Bill Anderson, Junior Ahng. Row Il: Ken Burnett, Bob Burnett, Jim Wall, Jim Baker, Sid Jennings, Bill Whitehall, Ron Karmeen, Fred Williams. Row III: Asst. Coach Radunzel, Dick Wachter, Paul Goetz, Joe Green, John Sarantakos, Jim Barnes, Bucky Gooding, Bob Snearly, Dewayne Davis, Coach O'Connor. These businessmen and Individuals helped the Clarion linancially The Coop Book Store 319 North Street Normal Hellers Meat Markets Normal and Mlmer Normal Hardware Co 204 Broadway Normal Lrttle Boss Dairy Dacro Sealed Milk Wilsons Home Made Ice Cream Ice cream of superior quality flavor Bloommgton Rug 81 Carpet Co Franklin 8- Dnvlsron Streets Normal Yates 8- Little Auto Exchange 811 S Mann Street Normal A T Jackson Good Furnnture Normal Snow White Automatic Laundry 106 Beaufort Street Normal Normal Sanitary Dairy 300 Broadway Normal Crafts Grocery Bischoff Grocery 204 S Fell Normal The Sherwm Wullnams Co 422 N Mann Bloommgton Grassfields Jefferson Cafeterna John Grassfield owner Bug Heel Shoe Shop Normal Illnnons Hubbards Cubord Routes 9 and 150 Bloommgton Freese 8. Jefterson Inc Insurance 213 W Jefferson Bloommgton Sigmund Sorg Inc South Side of Square Buuck Sales 81 Service Corn Belt Motor Co Bloommgton Strlegel s Glazed Rrnglet Co 618 N Mann 8. 1112 E Oakland Bloomington Sterns Furniture Company Bloommgton lllrnoxs McLean IlTino1s Sears Roebuck 81 Co 312 N Center Bloommgton Maller Music Co 419 N Mann Street Bloommgton R W Gnpson Agency Insurance 111 E Washington Street Bloommgton Burroughs Fuel 8- Heating Co 106 S Linden Street Normal Russell S Proctor Inc 210172 E Washlngton Bloommgton Murray Dalry 1112 N Mann Bloommgton Wholesale Dealers Duvusuon of Clark Cole Inc 905 E Oakland Avenue Bloommgton We wish to thank them for their Interest rn our work We also wash to thank Ken Way Photographers and Mr Robert Mullins representatrve of Semco Color Press Inc producers of this book for their assistance rn production . O O O I , , , , , . , . los E. Beaufort, Normal D'X'e Tfuckef? Home , , . . , , 1 , , . . , . , . , . , U ' I . I , .

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