University High School - Chieftain Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA)

 - Class of 1988

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University High School - Chieftain Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Cover

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ww vglxbx ngvxiolvs V D C, Q 1 . 0 3393 0024 by Tilly of do UQ M5 Q! NP M 0' a1gvW3'.l5e,s+-esf 'AW A UN Q. FW? N JW K'I'T"Jfq'WLUM B w ,, A - M W 6-HJ' j7leJ Abxcmgiim ibn WPG QB Q WM ' fvlwwzfyg + . 0 1 ' 5 Q .W ow W we W ON X91 I 'ff fl' .+I 1 OL h Hx If C , 0 R+ 9'NfQ'J lflfwvx, I . 651- A' ,I ,I . . Q ' Sq Bn my - . A . ""' Al' ui - ' 41 3 A. q q 1mfeq. fff3,GhdWmf,,w X 8 . :EVA 49550 q3qjr1A,g0dntQ.,qn 52' 9 AO 6' v Q1 ,s X ipc-90 A 'AQ' X25 X60 N Q:- Qs v QN ?' x f 57 3' fl-45 QF Vik fa V0iQ'4?Zfb ref? week 5 X- Q C, C, Q, Q ' 9 " OVx,x DO' QM? QVQQDKONQQS Pd QA' 57 Cv X X3 Q9 ' 1 QQ Gp 0 59 Op XY-3f0UXM'Y0flYc 'Y' AQS 044 5 12- ER' QE? CQ f A Xfxdxjomm' GM owe, -, s AQ QS ,aw M, WJ, MAW, Z-aw .0 fmffi ima L, MAJ. W AMW: 1 W WM 'Of Jw, vw ww WI M A.3WM!5'mf W of QW 12 4 www fi-4114611 wzZ,,,-QWJMIJ U22 WWJ JM LW,,Lf kU.mfwwWf'MA .IGH fyw-JM! flaw 74f4J2,0, ,ww ZDQLG'-if vzwozm M Dull ZQMJJ 0:14. 94177 Oiil. M QV VJM iw P, . W hi'n,e?Qi6L'1T1'l --. ' . L fq,,,i5.w+:,-,A GUEST' LIST ODEMNG. ...,,. . ....... .. ..,. SENLORS, ,,,. .... .... . .,...17 FPCFDEMICS ,... .... ...61 UUMORS ,,,,. .... C.UB5.RORGHNIZHTIONS ..... 109 SOPHOMORES... ...... . ..... .155 SPORTS, ,,.. .........l55 W"""'-M, 1 f,-, ffy. 1 W Q 15.551 V, , ,iz . ggg' ' V- ff' w ' -, W You Can Cheek Gut Anytime Yeu Like But Your Memories Will Never Leave ,nf wi, 'NE 0 W Ml 1, 1 M 4 X' .flfa 3 y '99 J F , as K ,gf , g , . k Q , 1 . -. fe:-Fry, , V L' ,, -3 ' -953 135 4139. u .- -... ' Y! 1 five - Af 5 ' 1. .1 J:-C' X. 2,1 N . X X 1 'A we ,V .N V1 . Tk., f "Wi ,wf'.gg.,g3q if X W AIS' fl, i vf , -3 11' ' . If ah' - . -. A . ..- K -if , A Q I-. Y. :FV .ff V- " '51 's ""'1?' ,.,, . I fr ,S -L,,dIA V5 f -wr ' ft of , - aj. H , , , , . '?' 'A 16-ff" Q QE i f 5 .J , 'L ' JV V, ,Q ' .g3:Q,fj x 'YQ ' ' ,Q If V -In sf - " Q fiiiffw' is is a , ,fu 4, K In 1 4 if ' M . ff. I' 'lm k ,gift gg ' Y 3 , J, W, .Q bf lrg,x Qffwfg 9. +g., I oo XLQ f ..- B r ..- f .,. P 552-42 . A - .pg,,.1- - 1 - -mfwsf M vw. ,M y . aww.. wr Qgxagf-13 1 -W.: .. ,. .,.L. I ff f' , A, ,WW X ...M N. , MQQQQ ww? 5 w.Mm 1:15a -0 4 ,Wa Q'Q,Mjixm 1. ' 2 lf: it -sd' ni . . 2 B iii .31 1242 i ' Q15 Tziflf ' 5' We Arc The Warriors We Are The Most! High school is supposedly the best time of one's life. Meeting new faces, experiencing many exciting times, and learning about life itself are a large part of our time spent here. One of the most essential parts of high school is having a sense of spirit. Uni spirit is present throughout the entire school year. It gives our school a feeling of pride and most of all, UNIty. We show this spirit in many ways, through sports activities, cheerleading, school sponsored events and clubs and organizations. The War- rior name is one that all of Uni can be proud of. Homecoming is one of the greatest events that show Uni spirit. Uni's home- coming includes a pep rally, a parade, the football game and a dance. Unfortu- nately, our homecoming parade was rained out this year but the football game was a success and Uni spirit shined through after all. V ' k1V:f7" f f' . EQ be 1. A M1 ,Q Q. hair D 't J' i ,c 4, ,V .n. W WIS, , ,fd fxxxmixrcunxlxl f 1 1 1 v v 1 1 A x gil fimg' in if liz 5 EE? il an as lil Halloween is the most expressive time of the it's the one time people can become someone or thing theylre not or maybe just become more selves. yearg some- them- 13 SEPTEMBER: Tenth Grade Orientation, Regis- tration, Back To School, Fall Sports fFootball, Girls Volleyball, Girls Tennis, Soccerj. OCTOBER: Earthquake, Hawaiian Dress Up Day, Back to School Night, Home- coming, Halloween, CBasketballJ. NOVEMBER: Senior Pizza Night, Thanksgiving, fCross-Countryj. DECEMBER: Toy Drive, Ski Season, Junior- fSenior Night, Semester Break. JANUARY: Happy New Year, Finals, Elec- tions. FEBRUARY: Valentines Day, Spring Sports, CGolf, Baseball, Gymnastics, Boys Tennis, Boys Volleyball, Girls Softball, Track 8: Fieldj. 14 1987-88 CALENDAIQ CDF EVENTS I N 1 A .. :E-Jim ! N 'ffii . I ,, 5 ,au J, , Fifa 'F Wa", ,aa ' , W, 5 A 11 ' ' . A " " if ,A I 'IN it H X:-4 ' V 4 a' -'1 fi . A ' T 'P4x.,f" ' ' f 1 f' -1 ,P . A ' s-i 3 ' 1 ff . ' w-. fi .R , i ' H1 ' my 7- ,, .-mm. MARCH: Blood Drive, St. Patricks Day. APRIL: Jog-a-Thon, Spring Break. MAY: SENIOR PROM. JUNE: Uni Gras, Yearbook Distribution, Graduation, Schools Out! JULY: Summer Vacation. AUGUST: Summer Vacation. 15 Q. YB. wx-vp? v W 2.13 .. 2 1,. 4,5 . ii fmgk "C-' Q 4 ,, ,lg 1- ,QA - L ,QV A bskfni f V - f W .1v,.,, , is ,1,,,r,,V AW? it 4 ' gag: :X 54 Q a 13" 1 2 , i 3 , Q 4 'A r ' f?,'3f-xg 3 W ,Q 1 .. , ,, ,, - fl 5:554- I 'V l K v' E. ' . y 'V 2- -- -L 'X A -E V. .. ,C 1 .1 fy ' YA x ' ii? . L, " '- ' ii!! ' fi 4 N Q V 5 Q jQlgf51 - 5 25331 . Qi- ' ' WX , i. W3 A W 'P' Y . V ,v .R xg "x ' ol 3 Qgk spas 'X I x "' f - M' N . ' ,K ' 'iff 4, -QL 'gi 1 ' x Bug' 1 3, V V V K -N .e i --J. , K s 5 - K . I ij- Pg. A 1- I , 1 . Ig 1 , N, gg 'ki I , V x v 1 , , 1- 1, . ,QR -MN - ..., ' . f i Q . iz' A 5' .gf-145 N - ff W - fr -mx A W p .Q 'f '1----,:g4.fs-'nw W ,K M '- V K "-J V Y.. ,bg MT ,. :L, 45 V3 -5, 1 551 f f glgzyii. fi. V , " ff: 'di,".,?x'1---gb? .1 . 'Xf.'g5:iZ".-gfinze, :lx i ., ,q Q 5 -Q gm:-1,4 Y zz, ,Q A .,..: ,J-sk, .521 if N - 1 ' 4 ,em yi, , Vizqfiggy., ' M Q , , ,ww f' M3211 Mm K ' LEAQQ Q , , ,,,. ga Ly A .3 : , '- ,5 :M H -.5 Q 'Sf mv. 4 A 1 .?Wa15S .f yy? L X - ' 2 , :SV f. 'Q ,, , ,Q 5 ' ll -- .M ' fc K " 5 7- 5-As if f jx . ,QS-5, . J - , , .12 f -.5 'S--m 21 f, 4,53 Q K N- Nt qv- N-' ' x, , bf' as ',,. , . H f -1 . ,1r':i'f3f' I . 5 , 225- -is we 1. az QI . 'Q M. 1 wnwu., ,, 1. . X ,.,,, , H, S, . Q '2 "' -' ' gt, 2- ' , MWMA--2 V ,wi fx Vqw ,- Q X . ff nf A -L, 4 :5x7A"V1Q 'fEfz.--' Sgr - 5. 3 wa- fi-'4 "WX 9? fs- i ffm, ff- , L 1- 5 ' 9' 2 ' 45 E X 'F ' EQ S 4 n Q2 ff QV-, -,-,.w,fg,1 2 " 'n Q -wh. 6 V ,Q g If ,V if RW 's 4 . K S -2- ,A if '2 5 54 W . J. 2 'X .E I '- -1 521, f v 4 I L ' 4 X ,W , , A ,f J,-X ff z f,zv X 1 . . - -W -1:-'Q 2 132 ' if my A , 'A ' w. x x 5 x .A ,, ?..? j , , ,Q K if 51 ? 5 -x 'bg EF " 1 a 4 XA f xv 4 Q 5 Q 2 --Q - ufw 9. ,- ff 354-. HWS, V ,X . 12,'f?.:,jig V V 1 'KJ X5 K Fl, fix 'iigiii S - -Wlz'k:7'5 . gg 1 f 192 W in . 1239 , 5 : 4 1 Q X ex 1 S li' - Matthew Aberbach Sidney Abrams ..g,,, is 5. , Sarah Ackermann Michael Adler Norma Aguilar 'ST 'Q 15 1 .1 1 Q Maria Alcaraz Eric Allen Jenee Anderson Andrew Appleton Maziar Arghavan - 5, ,Q ,t , LL! Evelyn Argumedo Rosalind Arrington Babak Arshad Kamran Arshad Elahe Assor Jenny Aurthur Norman Avendano Christopher Ayears Sharona Bobai Doiman Baker 18 Ll Seniors l Sherif Baky Staphanie Ballmer Jennifer Bamber Edmond Danayan Andrew Barnet Scott Beber Jayson Bernstein Lisa Bloch Jeanine Beck Johanna Bernstein Diane Blumin Barry Belkin X2 ,K i Marnie Betz Jeremy Bok 3 Wiz, , t - ' J 5 'ig J Avner Ben-ner Summer Bickerton Mia Bonofiglio ison Borrow-Roberts Jon Brammer --'fwfr Sarah Bennett 1, 1 cw J ,.v,f.,w,, ti wwlffakfffif J' Sanford Biggers Jennifer Bornstein Scott Brachman Mark Bray Daniel Brierley Jennine Bright Danielle Brittain Robin Brooks Amora Brown Debbie Brown Akita Brown Monyco Brown William Brown IV Chris Brown 20 U Seniors Brendon Buchsbaum Mindi Burrows Harold Byrd Niko Coin Norma Calderon Thadeus Calucog .vm 139 as .M Kevin Canter Luisa Cardoza Abby Carmel Soo Young Cha Elvin Chacon Christine Chang fl! M Carlton Ching Sandra Chin Susie Chin -as Florence Chong Ji Sook Chong Cqrhy Chou Henry Christian Cristina Christian Bill Chaun Carmecia Ann Carson Dilyn Cossel John Chason lschia Chen Yong Cho Chiwan Choi Seniors fl 21 Matu Cleaver Coleen Clark Jammie Clayton Nile Coates Angelo Cohen Kevin Cghen Marni Colbert an s-4 lf. Samantha Combs Don L. Cowley Cory Cooper Eric Cotton Robert Court Yolanda Crawford HOSSOD CIOFTIWGII Brad W. Crow Calvin Crum Damon Crumley Leticia Cuellar Alicia Cunningham 1 M. ' J c 3 ' 1 . . 5 ' 4 'E l Shaun Dobby Jonathan R. Davis Karen Davis La Shawn Davis Michelle Davy Richard DelAlba .pq L M' Delia De Ando Cecilia DeJesus John Paul DeJesus Chris Dechert Michael Derezin My if V0nd0f10 Dh0W0f1 Chris Dietrich Paul Dimaano Charles Dixson William Dizon .J 1 3: " ' :fi , I Anthony P. Dominguez John Duran Jason Douglas Lance Bergman Charles Augustson fa? di' -ma- Qwkfff H4 Mmm awww Y e 'aiu-1' . .. x . Q ,J Q :Fi Q ' w np- J , LL.. ii X 'EUE'5f. A :ww -1 Y iff? Jason Feldmar Jackie Feldmar Dana Fine Randall Fink Kenneth Fleming Jose Flores Yasmine Fooda Sharon Forouzan Lisa Frank ChriS Frankfort Jennifer Freund Josh Friemon Perri Frymer Maria Fuentes Greg Foerstei I Margaret Fujii I Audry Fujimoto Scott Gains Natasha Garber Baldemar Garcia Q'-v Erin Garcia Isabel Gqrciq Jaime Garcia Heather Gartshore Raoul Germain Seniors ij 25 V , may Q .,5 N 4 , Xi ' Aliza Gevirts Marjan Ghahramanlou Reza Gharajedaghi Maryam Ghavamian Parviz Ghavamian Vi' 1 1 Ariane Gogny Lawrence Goldblum Nancy Goldshine lrit Goldstein Beatriz Gonzalez KS .31 a E 0' as , .- Rudy Gonzalez Victor Gonzalez Ted Gordon Gerard Gorlero Alicia Gotsis A it 3 '- HV' . lag . -If 6 2 Adam Grand Joseph Greenburg M Wi 26 rj Seniors Paul Green Veronica Grembes Keysha Griffin Justine Grossman Justin Gutzmer Jason C. Hall Michaela Haro Tony Grippo Darryl Gruen Gustavo Guzman Ron Hamilton Emma Hamer Jamie Gross Sahan Gunasekera Brigette Hadley Sang Min Han Orlando Hart 1 ll, Patricia Harada RQChel Horel Trevin Hartwell Brian Hecht Stephanie Hechtman Michelle Herman Lisa Hoffman Stephen Hong Ali Reza Hedayati-Rad Gregory Hernandez Shadi Hojati Omid Hosseini i Kenneth Heimer Vladimar Hernandez Thomas Hoffman Tedrick Houston Brendan Huffman Garvin Hung Junko Ido Christopher lge Jennifer Ivory 28 U Seniors 'Y Q ,S K , .-vim... N, k F! -N Diff.-.,,N LJ. , .. I ,N V China Iwata Robin Jackson ,"+'i-B--hi do R5 fm ' - me J K l-lfwi sg, r T E Jr is J Qu i '.'93g:"3 J TMJ 7 -if Tracy James Laura Jansen Michael Johnson Kim Jones 43 ""'f.5Jf Mang Juanlu Larissa Kalife Elaine Kao Melissa Karz Brian Kass Irene Kattus Anna Kawa Heidi Kay Catherine Keirstead David Kenwood Seniors il 29 Shervin Khgrrqmign Angie Kim Darren Kim Eui Joon Kim Hyun-Jeong Kim Joy Kim Jee Sun Kim x S .f i 2 - , 1, 4 .' ' 1 A i, iii PXYOU Kim Sung Won Kim Toe Kyu Kim Lisa Kimuro Matthew Brion King 'PKK Necolle King Lindo Kiyon Mario Kjellin Jennifer Klee Sandro Kleinfinger AmOndO Koblin Dqvid Koh K.- .vu 4' -ml 45" "TEH f V x " s Q X -.. Susie Kohan Benny Koo Michael Kovitz ,.,,.,,N""-Q 'Q -ww Noreen Koyama Christopher Kramer Joshua Kramon v nw ' x ,,., 1. , Charles Kroener Wendy Kuo Michael Kusunoki 'W Angell Laurent Alfred Lavi Eric Lawrence Jessica Lazarus Charis Lee .5 he-f -wa- , S , - . Tir Choel Lee Doris Lee Helen Lee Tami Lee Melissa Leibman A... 'Ci J - ,Miz ,, , K ,Rx Charles Levan Marnie Levitt A. afli 1 -"TV 'fc' fy! ,KJ Kelly Lidard Alex Lim Robert Lin Rachel Lincoln Ahrionne Lindsey as Cindy Linnick Julie Lippman Jill Lipschultz Elizabeth Litten Vicki Litter 32 lj Seniors www . kd, ...WM 6--'Eff ' 'Q Sophia La Brandi Loel Eugenia Lomeli Luz Mqfiq Lopez Susan Lopez Judd Low Shahin Mahallati Jacob Manaster Duncan Martinez Todd May Khalil Mack Edward Lozano Yvette Ludena Todd Mgcenski ,v Humberto Maldonado Julie Malytun Carl Maithonis Cindy Malone Kashawn Mariner Nick Marcus Keisha Martin Kesha T. Martin W 3? Roberto Martinez Susan Martinez James Maruki Kathy Matsumoto www ,fl Jeremy May Jeremy Mayer Wendy Mazursky Nancy MGCIIDO Rosendo Medina I New-fl., Patricia Melgarejo 'Vx Q Antonio Mendoza Giovanna Menendez Justin Merkin Aurora Milos Amy Miller Elana Miller r.m,,,, Q- ? If n. . A Jefferey Milstein Kimberly Miner Andreg Mifqhgll Monica Megerdoomian Vicki Melitsoff Warren Meyers Tanja Miller Takako Miyahira Farnoosh Mehrkhah Matthew Meltzer Sirley Miglierti Raymond Mills Magdalena Montellano - 9? Ernest Moore Mandana Moradi Maria Moreno Salvador Moreno Camille Morris Wade Morris Kai M0rriS0n Neil Muchin Christopher Mullaly Javier Munoz Tony McGIothen Scott McKay Melonee McKinney Sean McMahon Yvette McNally l S Kelsey McNeal Seiken Nakama Jason Nau WM-swf , ill Kourosh Netty Mara Newman Alice Ngai Seniors lj 35 11"- fa 'X .lackie Nguyen My Nguyen Phu Dinh Nguyen Tony Nguyen Michoel Nicholas Marjan Nikkhoo Yuko Nimura Daniel Nishi YOShki NiShi0k0 Danielle Nixon Glenda O'NeaI Joshua Odintz Kevin Ohara 'YN Micah Oller David Ono Stephany Ozaki A fi is Eric Pace Carlos Pacheco Mark Page Song Ho Pak Kevin Parhm l Mark Pariser James Park sf' 'r-rmw-'rv George Park Kiel Patten AmY PeflmUffef Dana Perlmutter l C Matt Pfisterer Danny Phillips Raylette Pickett Raymond Pickett John Park Christina Peak Craig Perry Brooke Pickens Elizabeth Pine Sang .loonPark Dong Ryun Pork f'- La Troy Pepper Amy Perez Clarence Pipkin Angelique Pitts ll .N .J "' W' Q Adam Pontrelli Michele Ponfrelli Travon Pitts Wendy Potts Farnoosh Pourshalmi Queena Pratt Starlett Quarles Jennifer Quasem Joann Quintos Andrew Quon 4 . Umm K l Sharooz Rabizadeh Elana Rafaeil Kenny Ramirez Joann Ramirez Avivah Rapaport it R if I P Michele Rasmussen David Ravitz Kimberly Reisman Melissa Remenarich Denise Rene Mill Rachael Resnick Barbara Rewald Sandra Rexroat Lizet Reyes Gary Richards 'ani f -I, Annette Richmond Devin Riley TammyRiIey Michelle Riftel Jason Roberts l Marcus Roberts Tricia Robinson Catalina Rodriguez Steve Rogers Santiago Rosales David Rosen Robert Rosenberg Abby Rosenfeld Kelly Rosevelt Eric Ross Les Roth Laura Rothbart Arthur Rubio Debbie Ruby Travis Rucker 1 Alejandro Ruiz Jose Ruiz Noel Russell Terrance Russell Roxanne Sadoff Senior Il 39 M 'xr Russell Sakomoto Jennifer Saken Farjad Sarafian Soheil Satbani Suzanne Schechter Kyung Scheinfarb David Schrempf Carrie Schroeder Eric Schwab 40 E Seniors She-'HY SOIWOWYG Alice Sanders ,- ,Ki W, .Ui i sf- E Anita Sanders Gladys San Jose Sharon Saravia Valerie Sarfati Mike Schneider Daniel Schnell Matt Schwab Dana Schwartz q...f.f E gg Jill Schwartz Loren Schwartz Marisa Scott Star Seifert Sang Won Seo Erin Shafkind Paula Shomes Annette Shaw Jean Nate Shaw Dona Shell Jeff Shellow Scott Shigo Tsung Shih Jennifer Shonholtz Shadra Showers Randy Shrimplin Grace Siao Kathy Siao Janet Siegel 1 :MM it " 1 W tw , -it E! WJ 13? ' 'v Seniors U 41 Deanna Silverman Beth Simmons London Simmons Trqcey Simmons Josh Simon v John Sims Robert Singer Suzie Slater Alvia Smith Angela Smith ,V E Hallie Smith Jose Smith Julie Smith Sherri Smith Steve Smith Grant Smith Alfonso Solano Payman Soleimani Steve Solinger Linda Song -pa .., ,-:sf .f,...,.-ff' , M' Afshin Sooferian Jennifer Spear Greg Spector Chris Spreen Melanie Stallings Monikka Stallworth Luke Stern Marlon Suggs Azadeh Taid-Kashani Calvin Taylor Wi 9 -me Lee Standard Brad Stark Bridgitte Steen Jason Stein Greta Stewart Daniel Stockenberg Michelle Stokes Darlene Sturgeon Sally Swiiiart Shannon Swoboda Richard Szpigiel Miryam Taghoozy Claudia Takimoto Nancy Tanaka Sandra Tapia John Taube Daniel Tellalian Amy Teplin Wahwah Thein Constantina Thireos Shawn Thompson Emma Thornber Harms Thursten Cassano Thruston Nicole Tobin Luana Tollefsen Robynne Tullock-Reid Karen Tom Daniela Torres Veronica Torres 'U ,,,k E -- 3 Melanie Toshiyuki Stephen Townsend Jonathon Traynham Ann Tsoo Lori Tudela Leah Turner Maurice Umansky James Upshur Holly Vofi .I V .es Valerie Valentine Jose Valle Mra- E534 Dung Vo Olivia Voorzanger Ginger Waggoner Felice Wai-Ching lp Garland Walker Kathy Walker Stephan Ward Tamica Washington l Troy Wedberg Andrea Weiner Jacques Weissman Craig West Ramona Valenzuela Miguel Velarde Elizabeth Walker Noel Wax '71 Lara Wheeler Carol Whittington Camille Williams Nicole Willis Bill Wingate Liza Wintroub Jon Wolk Tyra Woodson Kabretta Wright Jason Wu Mindy Yaeger Azadeh Yaghmai David Yamamoto l t t l En-Li Yang Chong Yi David Yokote Lee Yoon Kyung 46 E Seniors 1- zu- Miwa Yukawo Rochelle Zimmerman Dana Zipser Charlotte Sprintis Deliesseline Winterer Chou Wu NAU? Elsa Yamamoto Carrie Yotsukura Jose Megia :- Helix 1- 1114-1 if L., 1 ,F T QQ' X . 'VW '21 , , f-'-"" A, . W m,-' R 'C V "3 Q 'digg .X , 4 X mfr if lm, ,M win ,W q. .1 ... .4 w, ,wk -li lvIb'N'a qv, , Aa: MTW ,fw ' S-S ., , 'IA-4 ll nw- Q W , . Q '- begs 4 - . ' 14' ' 11' s ' if ,iH"1:w L'i!v: 1 ' ..-" 'Em 1, K 1 1 M 1 ,M-QW Q, my A rw ,ww n ..-ff, 1, 5. if ,md """""vi Wm. Senior Nite 'Qi WEEKEND ACTIVITY Pa rty Carnal Knowledge Drinking Dancing Movies MUSIC VIDEO BAD-Michael Jack S00 Senior Fo vorires I've had the time of my Life CDirty Dancing sound trackj Where the Streets have no Name - U2 Pleasure Principal Janet Jackson True Faith - New MUSIC GROUP U2 Salt and Pepa Genesis Grateful Dead Led Zeppelin MOVIE Fatal Attraction Dirty Dancing Less Than Zero Top Gun No Way Out Order DREAM PERSON Cfemalel Heather Locklear Paulina Christie Brinkley Demi Moore Heather Thomas SAYING "What's up?" "Kick back" "l think not" "See ya" "Just say no!" FOOD pizza sushi Big Mac and Jum frozen yogurt chinese bo Jack 1. 2. 3. SCHOOL HANGOUT Grove Holmby In front of Rm. 100 COLLEGE UCLA SMC C PICO TECH J UCSB USC SDSU SONG Push it I've had the time of my life I think were alone now Adore I want your sex DREAM PERSON Cmalel Charlie Sheen Rob Lowe Bruce Willis Mel Gibson Mark Harmon CAR Porsche BMW Ferrari Corvette Jeep SPORT football basketball volleyball tennis baseball REASON FOR ABSENCE senioritis hang over illness 18 and I say so! couldn't find a parking space Deans office Islands Mnners 1987- 1988 SHYEST: Brendon BuchsbaumlAndrea Leiberman MOST SOPHISTICATED: Kevin Parhml Danielle Nixon I BEST SMILE: Carmecia Carson f Ron Edwards FAVORITE UNDERCLASSMEN: Kix Ryan! Richard Talley MOST LOVABLE: Charles AugustonfAurora Milas MOST SPIRITED: Trevin HartweIIfAmy Teplin PERSON LIKE TO MEET IN TEN YEARS: Avner Ben-NetlLuana Tollefson MOST GOSSIPY: Harold ByrdlHeidi Kay BEST BODY: Reggie MoorelMia Bonofiglio ,,, I . K r Ne I I r 4 Kk Q' K: 5 ' T , ma MOST DESIRABLE: Noel WaxlGiovanna Menendez FAVORITE TEACHER: Mr. Takagaki MOST TALENTED: Trevon PottsfMyesha Smith Seniors lj 51 BEST COUPLE: RJ. GermainfErin Shafkind BEST PERSONALITY: Chuck Hegemanf Melonie McKinneyfSheri Smith fic MOST FLIRTATIOUS: Noel WaxfLaurie Tudela MOST INTELLIGENT: Mike AdIerfMicheIIe Rasmussen "J5fff? CLASS CLOWN: Avner-Ben-nerfKim Jones BIGGEST MOOCH: Duncan MartinezfYvette McNally BEST FRIENDS: Stacey DougIasslSummer Bickerton BEST EYES: Reggie Moore!RayIette Pickett MOST FRIENDLY: Marcus RobertslMindy Yaeger W A ' 5 Mi' W V X fi? QQ WMM 5 W 255 f A A f WLM fjikjisiitgggg Y .N J X' aA5.f! L7! jx N5 f7l,Z6?QQfW Winffaf FXS 2 ws 5 QM5 Q52 Sf xr We ? mf X Q sw x N , N4 QE F379 ii xg C535 5 fa v 1 - ,WW X K ,T Q X ':. ' A ? W- Wg Annette Shaw Kathy Slao Olivia Voorzanger Jammle Clayton Dana Zipser - K Chieftain 'X X gs QS 2 53 R swkfixw Brandi Loel William H. 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A N ii . 'L "I x -s.. s , . . ,. . . - ,, ,vp A ff Fm i 's s 44 . i -5 N 4f'f'x-aw4,- , .... S.: - S 5 ,gfg A. D -A EX. X: srfy, Q M! N 5 37- 'Af-r ' A K' Vi ' K Nj ,sb e my ,, 1 ...- Keiko M. Hentell Assistant Princinal '-...K ssss 'ff .Y Thomas M. Rayburn Assistant Principal Jack S. Moscowitz Principal Administration Q -VST , sql if L ,eases ff- s u -ig? v ..... tis M.. ., LQ mx j H . K .. , Q K ,r.r Q f A - ssss I s 9 ' - ---- . 1 ri --ii -' K -"' , ' Q -- - .. .....,,. K ., -. - A--- -- V- - - x . -' h-J., ,t , t -- .X h I , A . -5, ---- . ,..,,.. Aug. D ' f aa...aa V ' - f 'H ' , K 3 ' ' h x k i ' ' A L' Bruce Gilbert Assistant Dean S .-.X Jane Fanganiello William Mulvehill Assistant Dean Connie Buffkin Administrative Dean Head COUDSGIOI 9? pm nm pm !WW -.,,,.N 5, RH is Counseling Staff fl , yi' James McKenzie Sharon Mednick Counselor Counselor A Q-wfwxaafl V lm via r l ll ll' -. oo o Connie Semf Counselor 8,7 lim 3: rf. A Rose McClelland Psychologist ' X Edwin Willumsen Counselor 2 at r V E 'M - C 1. lr R be 5 -.1-. f 'n,,j lllr 1 Matilda Rosen Librarian ,, ,V HAL5 W, W, Y , his YM lil Donald Olson Gayla Rabin Counselor Counselor ,SYN r ,ty f-J Dorothy Nelson Rona Silon Librarian Nurse Wfllfef M0ffi0 Eddie Harrell Security Security .ljil -o ilv ff Academics lfl 63 if ,MAN N Tom Anderson Physical Education -1 Joseph Berland Mathematics 64 U Academics Alan Berntson Social Studies Asta Aristov Frankie Autry Foreign Language Business ,ly 1, H ' JZ, My ' 3 ' ' -Nxswwhg-.arm ' ww' ""---......, if ,JF ,gf 1 'S ,J ,V ,LQ 12 Laurie Bickove Suzanne Borenstei Foreign iganguage English muy! -H Patricia Brys-Overeem E.S.L. Karen Carmichael Mathematics 1 ' ! i F l 1,335 sg s nxx ,E ' 1, mx 3354i ffl , fs 1. vm V 1-3553 ,, - .M ' K uw' jr TBI 1 r rr .F ' ' -ri .' 1 f3'i:?:Rx LU ,vm Donald Checchi Mathematics Foreign Language Fine Art Kathy Checchi Gerald Cltrln ,,vuQ'Y Beverly Byrd Special Education iw..- .WW .I ay Carter Science r s l I Y X X ,c cg,-.4 f ' X lg ,-S' ' x I , ' A VX 1' X X X x X x N QU ,4 Academics E 65 , .., ff 4' Joanne Collins Jeffrey Corchaine Frank Mathematics Physical Education If 'Wa ji.- V-'W Leanne Domnitz Michael Duffy Monica Fiello Special Education English English 66 lj Academics veg' Lynn Cu Sandy Fine Business Montserrat Fontes Robert Fordioni English Physical Education Barbara Fox Hursey Fortenberry Industrial Arts English r r i ts aw, fi Walter Gardner Barbara Golding Ron Gould English English Special Education W xx Q Nw it 449 if T .ef AMW .f A H ' i f ' ' i Segunda Gradford Special Education Academics lj 67 Terry Gray Brad Greenberg Rachelle Haky Terry Henderson Mathematics Foreign Language Business English Fred Holtby Cleo Ingram Virtue lshihara Reiko lshimaru English Special Education Science Mathematics S W ff Y x w 5 , ,Mc " -vw fm V- ' A : f ! V V,-. V M .Q V V M Z ' 'r f :' '- , f'1f1:'1? 7 jf , H ,,,, , , ,W ,sic . f , , Barbara .limerson Frank Jacob Foreign Language English A x S N , .X L Lloyd .Iones Social Studies I I Erin Kim Science 1 x hi-nf' M his an.-0, an iq' 'S x ,me- , 1 K 9 A32 xfim is is it vt' if Q., H are , M342 g, gf .,,i S S ,, ,Ei ,,,, Y Ek ff ' 45' ri. ' , v,,,, H Q, V3 'f ' ' :Zil':V.f?,V": ti 3,1 'Vg2x.xi:fs..'3 i , ,iz aiilkii' if 1 flfrvrggfgiii prof - 'igiiriigi fs 1- M, 1 l' Q s 4, David Koegel English Chris Karlovich Science Linda King English Duane LaRue Physical Education Academics l l 69 S IQ S I r f , ff 'E ,f,,,, , fi if 14? , 'W f. "" r, , s,X5k1'W' , 'ww 'I 3511. L ' f1W315iih'5+lE?Q'5 ' iififfxa. " "x'-432:-AvL'i - .f A '15 ' 3 L.Q7"'??7:-'V7 --L, 13 , . ' ' glzf ' 1 'lily I ff" Q . '- ,'41:a.14' '15 -1.365 f i . , , , Hx, if Vi A V W, ,,,,,,, U s V , 4 . , W .5 ' A ay 'K V ,riff .51 7 Wy L L Q. .. Q4 iw 3,247-' QQ 55 ,g M my M XX V W ' ' f Z W' E. 5 9 '4 1,:q?,j.'-.., f i W W f- rem ,MA .sep -- 1 l ,, 4 5 5: S ,J 'J IQ z,,,,.'g.:f, 'K H ,wff,K, V L1 am, x f xii ' ' .1 v 4, v A W 'S ,,fQ'-392 Z 'L QV: 4' S, Eff! Y .AU gm A' , Q MQSX, , if , W1 F: K 3'1" im A .rW fy fi ,Ez Q . I M 2 I M 4 1, X314 w va K 4' .A alt., ,4 at Q E hu A Pamela Latham Ralf Latham Mark Leos Christine Lind Science Physical Education Special Education English L ,,,,, ,. ,,,,,, W ll., , N , S 4' l, , Mario Lomeli John Magruder English ' S Fine Art ' 1 . 3 . - . ..,, if A L ff New E N. I xx . 53-0' Alexa Maxwell Richard Moreno Social Studies English 70 U Academics f .R Qs Q 2 32, Laurie McNeal Paula Morris Brigit Mullane .llm Nakabara Mathematics Special Education Science Mathematics S ,,,, wwm WW-xg: 'S si 64RLl'GRAN75 AND . ln.. Annabel Nelson Neal Newman Frances Nlchols Michael O'Connell Social Studies Physical Education Fine Art Science Academics U 71 Gabriel Orozco Kevin Paulsen Parry Peisner Daniel Pellow Science "' "J i"i A Social Studies f I W! ,,ii N hi 7 Phyllis Porter Brad Ratcliff Linnea Reames John Reece Social Studies Physical Education Business English 72 U Academics Z. Sanford Robbins Arnold Rubinoff Mathematics Fine Art Robert Schatz Joseph Sedia Physical Education Physical Education New Richard Simcox Martin Solig Suzanne Solig Ted Songer Science Mathematics English Social Studies Academics ll 73 Gretchen Stein Richard Takagaki William Wawerchak Thomas Webb English Social Studies Mathematics Foreign .- .- ,.,... , ..., kkke K WL i W X!! l X3 li i sg., Glen Werdon Patricia Whitten Nasira wiiiuns Bonnie Williams 74 Industrial Arts Foreign Language Mathematics Social Studies ""'Wal"""zWJ ,-Zh all Carolyn WilIiamslMarshaII Business Wendy Wilson Social Studies Carol Wlnkelman Madeline Wright Albert Yu Helene Zazlove English Education and Career Science E.S.L. 75 Planning Office Staff 3 Anito Albeck Janet Fukuhoro Clerk Typist Senior Clerk I t 31 Q, I F an-..v'! 5 Amelia Weston Lillian Tsukohiro Senior Clerk Clerk Typist Intermediate Clerk ff Y ' A C afereria Staff Yoshi Kaneshivo, Auguetta Ward, Cynthia Thomas, Roberta Crockett, Juliana Schaber, Cecilia Sanchez, Maria Ovitz, Ida Lubrano. Mary Patino Irma Ashe Educational Aide ,4L8. Community Based Instruction Fr0nk Smith Plant Manager affair 3 i Pat Kelly Ralph Gibbons Educational Aide Educational Aide Easter Haney Educational Aide Photograph y I Harold Byrd Nikki Henderson L 1 4 I V5 ,V 4 o, ,W W Kim Miner y-wff-""!"""!"""fZ"WV 9 2 rr,r M eg K M, M A, M5 M Kim Miner 78 ij Academics Kim Miner vxegg N vii SS 3 I fi SSW Nnkkl Henderson Bu inessflndu fry Auto Shop Auto Shop Computerized Typesetting X4 Students from University High may partici pate in many outstanding classes to learn, te earn in addition to the courses offered in the regular high school curriculum. These pro grams are sponsored by the Business Industrj School and are located at business or profes sional or high schools throughout the Los An geles area. High school credit is earned by successfully completing these classes. In addi tion to credits, students gain saleable skills te 'help them earn after high school. Popular classes have been: Bank Teller Cosmetology, Hotelfkestaurant Occupationl and Data ProcessingfProgramming. pictured on these pages are from A' -v High and are preparing for their future r Businessllndustry classes, formerly known J Regional Occupational Programs. l Offset Lithography School P ogrom We , -ft. 'Q 3 Nursing Assistants 48028135 1 C if Mental Health Assistants i Il 1 ii I ' ,ff HP C .V ss ttt y if , ' "'i - , iv 1 ff 7 X " f ,ttt cyl? n N - my I 'i gr 1 i f l , K fl M .-ML, it , x W ww ,., K. , 10549 ' ' f ,,,,4 ge ' ' 2 ' A M i,, sti, ,, I A f -Q k "ff tw , , V, ., K, M . - nt Wil Nursing Assistants Extended Day Programs are those sponsored by the Adult School and offer students opportunities to enhance their career horizons by taking classes at Uni after school or on Saturdays. New courses on Saturday at Uni have been Auto Shop and Graphic Arts. Intro- duction to Computers helps students gain confidence in using this important tool. Although not pictured on this page, courses at the Regional Occupational Centers, Abe Friedman and West Valley Occupational Centers, have aided nu- merous young people in the College and Career Cen- ter the honing of their job skills, particularly on Satur- day. Ms. Linnea Reames is the part-time Career Ad- viser who helps students in room 212. Free training is recognized as a help up the ladder of success and Uni students are to be recommended for taking advantage of these fine programs to pre- pare for tomorrow today. EZ ut A 5 5 5 5 Bank Tellers 4 'f l 2 A V 'W A me 0 ll 'ffl 5 l W4 ll v in y, .... A f 5 y . ' t ' f :MEG-W 2 ' . -if-lv, FW gl, V Nw: ,f, ,,,,.. M U W .tr Q 4 C' Wt? C' -ft--lm f, l l 1- VV,, ta , Introduction to Computers Bank Tellers V Academics D 81 Humaniras Americana 1 1th Grade r ,i wmmm , I mm: u ,,,. Top Row: Alexa Maxwell, Hilliary Frileck, Terry Preston, David Weiner, Brooke Smiley, Bren Fitzpatrick, Remberto Valenzuela, Brian Rupp, Jimm Trapp, Kameran Nazarian, Todd Tira Middle Row: Steven Shim, Kane Shahabi, Terry Henderson, Jessica Auerbach, Joe Miraki, Tina Krepack, Adam Wallace, Kim Horton Bottom Row: Isabella Broniewski, Jennifer Hayman, Heather Rodie, Scott Nord, Dorothy Scroggins, Helena Maldanado, Donna Park, Georgina Perez, Claudia Rojas, Mike Lubin, Greg Siegel , I f. , I V R ral ag ' A I .,' ' Q I 3 A 'ww ,,., ,.,, V p X .rf Humanitas Americana is an interdisipllnary course that examines the connec- tive elements inherent in fine arts, literature, history, and philosophy. l. individualism THE AMERI- CAN DREAM ll. Revolutions Ill. Innovations IV, The Melting pot: Myth or Reality? The course utilizes the many cultural and edu- cational institutions and re- sourses of the greater Los Angeles area and is funded by the Los Angeles Educa- tional Partnership through a major grant hom the Rocke- feller Foundation. 82 Humanities 1 1th And 12th Grades A ul -3js,l"'-4 SITTING: Authur Rdio, Jennifer Quasem, Josh Frieman, Matu Cleaver, Kimberly Reisman, Alfonso Solano, Ariane Gogny, Azadeh Yaghmai, Noel Russell STANDING: Gerald Reichert, Rachel Lincoln, Brad Crow, Andrea Bessey, Jennifer Soken, Brian King, Sanford Biggers, Soo Cha, Laurie Matsumoto, Steve Peck, Eric Lawrence, Yong Cho, Mrs. Nelson W,,,,.,... 1. Rick Takagaki, Tim Batiste, Susie Chin 2. Lety Aguayo, Angelique Pitts, Daniel Stockeberg, Jennifer Bomber, Matthew Aberbach, Amy Perez, Karen Davis, Wiles Coates 3. Adam, Fain, Scott Gaines, Kelly Lidard, Ken Sato, Ali Hedayati-Rod, Steven Smith, John Ryder The Humanities Academy at University High School offers interdisiplinary, team-taught in- struction in American Literature, and Composi- tionfU.S. History AB C11th gradej and Humanities AB 612th gradel. Funded by a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation and administered by the Los Angeles Educational Partnership, the Acade- my emphasizes thematic studies that integrate the arts, humanities and social sciences. Partici- pating students receive many opportunities for cultural enrichment. School trips this year took Humanitas students to see Sarchphagus at the Los Angeles Theatre Center, a technical perfor- mance of the Dance Theatre of Harlem, classical musical programs at Royce Hall-UCLA and the Music Center, as well as exhibits at the Los An- geles Musuem of Art and the Museum of Con- temporary Art. Humanitas teachers include Mrs. Henderson and Mrs. Maxwell, 1-ith grade: Mr. Citrin, Mrs. Nelson and Mr. Takagaki, 12th grade. ROW 1: Matt Melzer, Kai Morrison, Lisa Frank, Sara Corri- gan, Mara Newman, Jeanne Beck, Richard Spziegel, Da- vid Pearson, Tony McGathern, Mrs. Golding ROW 2: Ni- cole Morin, Monyca Brown, Latasha Dove, Kassy Kim, Star Seifert, Dong Ryun ROW 3: Reza Ghavajedoghi, Natasha Garber, Brendon Huffman NOT FEATURED: Su- zanne Shechter A 'if I 3 s i . HJ 'iifiiy M U -are-Jeff-v' ...Ar N fa fi 3' V 1 s , , Z ,-1 -...W -:xv tw. TOP ROW: Jennifer Levine, Gladys San Jose, Sahar Solimi. Michelle Rittel, Duncan Gordon Martinez, llja Bedner MIDDLE ROW: Micheal Streams, Chris Kramer, Christine Chang, Marnie Betz, Samantha Matthis, Jeremy Bok BOTTOM ROW: Terrance Russell, Theirry Wong, Andrea Mitchell, Gerry Citrin, JoAnn Quintos, Trina Smith Academics E 83 American Field Service 'W 'WJ "'i"""' -, wwzwwuwmwww 'W 1 ZZ! ri AFS Club: Front Row- Manahil Jad Second Row- Jill Lipschultz, Valerie Kokelaar Back Row- Thorsten Harms, Sarah Ackermann, Daniel Schnell, John Chason, David Schrempf The American Field Ser- vice is a worldwide ex- change student program. Each year foreign students attend high school in the United States, and American students do the same for ei- ther a summer or a year. Mindy Burrows - Turkey 'll' ,V 4 Q . tri 1988 Summer Finalists: Litisha Akins, Ryan Song, April Frerichs, Laura Sauber, Kev Yoshida not pictured: Mindi Burrows, Dalia Quinones I AFSers To Unr l Sarah Ackermann Cfrom Switzerlandj, Daniel Schnell Cfrom West Germanyb Exchange Srudenrs Summer '87 Valerie Kokelaar Caroline Lammers To Greece To Germany rm.. A at , , , v.::,,sEr: '5ifs": if ' 1' fm. f A f ,,,, "" f rc, -12 A I X Vfff J ' V V in fr M: ' , W W' .,:. A , g , V W QW? N U , rf, 4 ' '2:7f'Z:f', ffr2 - Josh Greene To Colombia B4 l l Academics David Schrempf To Australia Scott Beber To Finland not pictured: Stephanie Ozaki Cto Brazilj, Lau- ra Jansen Cta West Germanj, Benjamin Mad- Iey Cto Israel for the entire yearj Kelly Kopperman To Japan ff .r ff -1 in A cademlc Decathlon This year was a very good one for Uni's Academic Decathlon Team and class. The team placed second in the city: continuing Uni's tradition of placing within the top five. The Uni "Fokl-ters" represented Uni with dis- tinction. The class, which provided the pool from which the team was picked, was held for the first time this year. It provided assistance to the team in its studying. The class is selected by the Decathlon Coach Mr. Reece and is open to 11th and 12th grade students of all GPA ranges. This year's team was made up of a majority of seniors. The class' sole junior, Steve Lubben, will return to lead Uni's '88-'89 team. i it W if W of A is " T ..., 'fi Aww f U ? f,,,, 5 if 1": H24 ' M45 til Academics U 85 Q. 'fwmifip Ay up vf X395 ' ak mx ag ii KM ff :ff . 5 , R Q ESK :Stain 2 ,mn : pw wx' x N is 11 1 A W my . ,X X3 66 . X5 K mwgvf 5 a iii ...kkki Xi.-gg E4 '15 Zh' ' QXYQ 1 QM W .... , 1 - Q MATT-S .. H ,L ., Xfgliflif -1 wx KN X N t hi r 4, X x X , wg x 'SW 3...-ef ,M -...NX J U N I O R S Steven Ackerman Harry Addison Marah Adelson Brian Adler Q 495- Luis Aguior Samantha Ahdoot Evan Ainbinder Heide Aita Litisho Akins Azadeh Attarzaden Mike Austin Erlinda Avelar Jessica Averbach Patrick Aristakian Tamra Armelin Aminra Artiga Siamack Assil Sean Astin Elizabeth Alatorre Wendy Albert Javier Alcaraz Vora Alejandro Eric Alexander James Alexander Alejandra Amador Shira Amitai Michelle Anderson Dimetra Angels Luis Antonio Ville Roberto Arce Lisa Barron Delorise Bealer Denise Beason Luis Becerra Stephen Beck Embibel Belew .lerold Benson Da pha no Ben-Zeev Arash Bereliami Gerard Bertet Andrea Bessey Priya Bhalla 7. 'Xif Yanira Barillas Kourtney Barnes Arman Barroukh Mary Borraza Erik Barrera Gamaliel Bianco Brett Billig Ali Binazir Natalie Blanco Kelly Lee 'if' Jon Barn Annette Bak Rahrm Baldwin E Brian Ballou Michael Banayan Erica Banks Stephane Bardin 3 3 me f f e f Peter Boctor VAAA Chaka Booker -1 ,A,VL ,:gIQ::,,, - Kensee Bostie Michael Botvinick 2 4 C 0 Takina Branson Adam Bregman Kevin Brenner tx 2 .. vvvv f 'W' l wi ,f A, X if M Juniors lzl 89 A f Adam Buttons Eric Calmey Adam Camras Zanetta Carlisle Sergio Carmona Eric Carr Ericka Carson Leyvin Castillo Marc Castleman Edith Castro Teresa Cervantes Lainie Chalk Kimmy Chan David Chang Ji Chang Jolie Channel Tisha Chapron Daniel Charles Kirk Charnelle Chien Chen Jack Cheng Suzy Chesler Albert Cheung Sun Doo Choe 90 lil Juniors Rachel Bresler Peter Breunig Lashawn Broady Isabelle Broniewski Lillian Broulrhim Amara Brown Eric Brown Trey Brownell Ricardo Buhain Dung Bui Donald Bunch Tracy Burk 3-:wuz jing, 'Q .5 Monti Dotta Craig Davis Kimberly Davis Shone Delaney Nazila Day-Zadeh Joseph Deal Richard De La Torre Jesus Delgadillo Norma Delgado Victor Delgado Chantal Demauregne Cynthia Del Rio David Chung Eric Clark Lance Clark Jillian Cohen Katrin Cohen Oliver Coke Adam Cole Gregory Cole Kimberly Coleman Leslie Coleman Rusty Cooke Edgardo Correa Sarah Corrigan Vance Cowart Jason Craig Doug Crismond Ana Maria Critiz Carlos Cruz Celio Cruz Debbie Curral Cameron Curtis Kesha Curtis Kamya Daneshgor Matthew Darling Juniors U 91 Judith Duran Manuel Duran Melvin Easley Maria Ebora Azi Ebrahimi Elhom Ebrhim- nehoray Robert Edelstein Aaron Edwards Noel Edwards Matt Ehrlich Shaun Ehsani Morris Elie Joseph Elisha Pamela Ellis Farbod Esmailian Chantal Espinoza Calvin Evan Lesa Evans Sheri Ezzat Victor Fain Fabio Fantone Maryam Farazha Shady Farshadfar David Featherstone 92 U Juniors Seong Dilg Gary Dinkin Alexander Delvaughn Preet Dhillon Michele Dixon Raymond Dominguez Jennifer Dixon Laura Drake Jessica Drapkin Jennifer Dressler Amina Driver Phan Dung Gregory Dorame Kevin Douglass 1 f i ,fa-.v41svm ., q mf? l Andrea Feldberg Tara Feinberg Ruth Fernandez Ramon Ferrufino William Feuerstein Cynthia Figueroa Laura Finkel Laden Firouztale Richard Fisher Eric Flores Hector Flores Hector Flores Lidia Flores Ruben Flores Benjamin Florez Tracey Floyd Charles Flowers Thomas Flynn Alva Fong Julianne Foon Donald Ford Courtney Forsyth Sheila Foruyan .gf J if rl!! Ei Jeffrey Fox Jonathan Fox Mary Francis Darren Franks Christian Freeman Stacey Freeman April Frerichs Juan Garcia Eric Garfield Alfrie Gallegos David Garcia Jorge Garcia Hillary Frileck Dean Galinato Alex Galyuz Juniors fl 93 Trina Gelbord Duarte Geronimo David Gersten Neda Ghadoushi Steven Ghalili Niloofar Ghodsian Shahriar Ghodsian Matt Gibbens Terry Ginoza Christopher Gipson Katherine Gitelson La Tanya Givens Kathy Glass Jacqueline Glover Michelle Goldberg Charles Goiff Carrie Goldstein Jason Goldstein Carlos Gomez Jamie Gomez Joe Gomez Susan Goosen Robert Gordon Jeffrey Gottlieb Katherine Govier Macormick Gozum Karina Grain Aura Granados Veralicia Granados Joseph Gray Michele Gray Heidi Green Matthew Green Shanda Green Suzanne Greenberg Douglas Greenblatt 94 Cl Juniors s- SLS -x X. if J x Nx Q Josh Greene Robert Greene Tanya Greig Gonzalo Grijalva Joaqu Guevara Oscar Gutieruez Brigette Hadley Hwi Hahn Yasmin Hakimi Tony Hammitt David Han Seung Hwan Han Tanya Haney Tiffany Harmon Christopher Harris Dawn Harris George Harris Leonicia Harris Elizabeth Harmetz Kofi Harris Kevin Hashizume Jennifer Hayman Darreil Haynes Arjang Hedayati Mark Hedlund Anne Hellend-Jens Chris Helton Joshua Herman David Hernandez Jose Hernandez Teresa Hernandez Benjamin Ho Khanh Ho Jeffrey Hoefflin Jennifer Hofflund Anne Holloway en Juniors lj 95 Stuart Holmes Jane Hong Sue Hong Gary Hoover Alison Hornichter Ray Horten David Horvoth Angela Howard David Howard Craig Hudson Josie Huerta Terry Hughes Eun Jung Huh Rosa Hurtado lsaac lny Chris Jackson Manahil Jad Katrina James Shannon Jefferson Chris Johnson Ingrid Johnson Numberous Johnson Remus Johnson Wes Johnson Darcelle Jones Joseph Jones Marquette Jones Shirdawn Jones Tiffani Jones Tara Jose Allison Josho Lela Juarez Yolanda Juarez Grace Jun Sandy Jung Delaram Kabehie 96 El Juniors if M-in If 'aww J 1.4 Q-Tag 'Sw Beheshteh Kalhori Newton Kaneshiro Daniel Kang Kimberly Karp Kamyer Kashani Jason Kato Jeff Katz Shirley Kawaguchi Matt Keitzman Kevin Kemmerling Gregg Kenefsky Michael Kessler Chris Khan Mitra Khanjani Fariborz Khodadverdi Daphne Kim Jamie Kim Peter Kim Lulu Kim Shin Kim Soyeon Kim Susan Kim Eric Kingsley Mike Kinsey Leigh Kivowitz Tamara Klein Kellen Knecht Inna Kogan Joanna Kohn Valerie Kokelaar Dong Koo Kelly Kooperman Nicole Krajhir Laura Kravitz Tina Krepack Brad Kubisen Juniors lj 97 Mary Kui Corey Kurtz-Nichell Julia Kwata Renata Lahner Keane Lai Miguel Lara Sarah Larsen Chong Lee Chang Hui Lee Jeong Min Lee Jong Lee Kyung Min Lee San Yoon Lee You - Kyung Lee Young Lee Daniel Leem Nora Leibowitz Charles Leipziger Shelby Lerner Ching Lau Juliat Laui Consuella Lelleau Charles Lebo Benny Lee John Levi Carlos Leviste Stefanie Lewin Lisa Lewis Masekela Lewis La Jo Lieberman Nicholas Lrebeskrnd Hyemec Lim Megan Lipton 96 El Juniors Michal Litov Josh Lmman Chris Medina Mn Grant Loel Samuel Loewenberg Catalina Lomeli ff Dann Loo Alma Lopez Ashley Lopez Claudia Lopez Sandra Lopez Xenia Lopez Kurt Lorandi Bobi Lott Lanette Lovett David Measer Elizabeth Megio Andrea Merrell Romain Martel Cedric Martin Cristina Martinez ldania Martinez Joel Margolis Angel Marin Nicole Marin Helen Marquina Peter Mavraganis Edwardo Loza Stephen Lubben Marifel Lubiano Michael Lubin Leslie Lum Christine Ma Arthur Mack Vincent Mackey Jesus Magana Helena Maldonado Zara Manteuffel Rachel Marcus 2 ...ef Juniors D 99 David Merrill Francis Mikhael Bahaa Mikhail Kevin Millar Jennifer Miller Kevin Miller Ted Mills Ray Milton Steffanie Ming Alisa Mitchell Jolie Mitnick Joanna Moctezuma David Montrose Sylvia Moore Ruben Moran Ali Morro Kimberly Morrow Mohammed Mostafa Edward Munnerlyn Edwin Murakami Joe Murakl Kevin Murray Micah McFadden David McGruder Krishna Mclver Charley McMahon Ashley McNally Gary McNelley Lori Nakama Kristine Naramura Michael Nastro Mariam Nathan Kamran Nazarian Edward Neeley Jennifer Newman Bret Nickerson 100 lj Juniors Casey Nobles Scott Nord David Norman Debra Nussbaum Rachel Oberstein Jamie Ohye Kerim Oltan Ilda Ordaz Sandy Ornelas Ana Ortiz Jeremy Osher Roya Oskoui Joe Osnaya Danny Ozair Anna Park Donna Park Sara Hyon Park April Parker Kahti Paydar David Pearson Tracy Lynn Person Wendy Peel Lissette Peralta John Perling Johvin Perry Jenna Peterson Tuan Van Phan Cheyenne Pierce Rocio Pineda Louis Posen Helen Polyak Theresa Preston Clara Prieto Ronald Pualani Dhen Puengprechawat Filomena Quintana Juniors Cl fir' BER Hahn. Naomi Quinones Sherry Rafaei Yohanna Ragins Dita Rahban Shiva Rahimizadeh Channon Randle Melissa Rappaport Mary Rastegar Afsoon Razavi Felix Razon Michael Reisman Sonja Renz 102 ll Juniors Rudy Reyes Rex Reynolds Behnaz Rezazadeh Dana Rhode Rebecca Rich James Richmond Jason Richmond David Rieger William Reingold Jonathan Rigney Jeanette Rittel Otto Rivera Marvin Robles Azuri Robinson Elvira Robles Holly Rockwell Ramon Rodarfe William Rodgers Alma Rodriguez Valerie Rodriquez Claudia Rojas Bradley Romo Chris Rosales Jennfier Rose i' Jason Rosen Corey Rosenberg Jeffrey Rosene Joanne Lee Ross Jonathan Rouse Stephanie Row Thelma Ruano Mathew Ruderman Ana Ruiz Brian Rupp Aina Ryen Ariel Sabar Jessica Sacks Toubin Safai John Sager Jane Salins Paul Salva Exkano Sams . in Alice Sanchez Elizabeth Sanchez Fabian Sanchez Michelle Sandoval Presi Sandoval lcilda Sanford Jonathan Sands Verena Sandsfede Kristina Saroff Laura Sauber Jacqueline Sayyah Sandi Schiff Lincoln Shlie Jeffrey Schiamberg J Gary Schlosberg Danielle Schulman Corey Schumacher Eva Talavera Schutz Juniors lil 103 Dorothy Scroggins Antonio Sevilla Victoria Shabanzadeh Limore Shalom Ravi Shara William Shaw Kimble Sheets La Shawn Sherman Elizabeth Shores Batyah Shtrum Gregory Siegel Anthony Sierras 5 Simone Simberg Brandy Sims Jeffrey Singer Michael Singer Michael Sivrican Peter Sjostrand Myles Skolnek Alvia Smith Ivan Smith Trina Smith Bryan Snyder Sodabeh Sobouti Sherri Solinger Guillermo Solorzano Kouroush Somekhian Min Joo Song Ryan Song Tauria Sportsman .. -- -f Q2 ,,,.. , l j ssll , K S Ss , 1 ggg so X i X fr .:E:- T " .V kk. V . J SQ N is X Daniel Stanlsaulljevlc Yvette Staten David Stein Pw'4l5g5',,Qfiif me 'K X 5 Kyle Tippit Todd Tira Ana Tobar John Tomich Carlos Tobar David Tobin Rajesh Tharanee Sean Thomas Peter Thorne LaShawnda Tinson ,f , Y' Brian Tarr Greg Taylor Matumaini Taylor Troy Taylor Brad Temkin La Keith Stevens Kasia Stewart Robin Stone Jon Strauss Chong Suh Alexander Sultan Angela Sunigal Jeffrey Swartz Eric Tabak Sandra Taban-Nejad Sean Tabibian Siamak Tabibzadeh George Tabor Gary Takimoto Richard Talley Glenn Takenaka Rohm Tamir Carl Taniguchi Juniors lj 105 Joseph Tong Veronica Torres Brian Townsley Shelayne Turner Nunette Wilcox Sharon Umansky Kristina Uusiniemi Sepehr Vafi Remberto Valenzuela Jennifer Vann Jose Vasquez Hubert Ventura Boris Vernik Michele Vieco Charles Walker Jay Walker Adam Wallace Karyl Wallace Kenya Deshelli Ware Evelyn Warheit Chesley Walton Angela Wehr David Weiner Coryn Weingarton Melissa Weiser Keith Wheeler Shawn Whelan Eric White Sharon Wilder Dana Wilk Tasha Willaerts Antonio Williams Marc Willims Heidi Williamson Eugene Wilson Quincy Wilson Jonathan Wilzig Stephanie Wise Camilla Woddilove Chris Wolfe Gabriel Wolfenstein Heather Wolson Gregor Womos Thierry Moana Wong Rynaldo Woodard Josh Woods Lena Wu Wei-Han Wu Maria Wuertemburg Yoshiyoki Yamada Yu-Ching Yang Yoon Jung Yang Stacy Yarber Mike Yassini Ali John Yeganhe Arthur Yeow-Fong Paul Yoo Andrew Yorra Kevin Yoshida Chul Koo You Kamran Younai Chae Yu Tim Yu Chul Yuh Catherine Zarrabi Lila Zarrinnam Nathalie Zodan Kenneth Schwartz 2' Juniors Cl 107 With out him life isn't the same. He added a sort of ener- gy to everyone who was in his presence. Pure cane sugar. He used to be afraid of the dark, but when he left he was proud of it. Life won't be the same. "Meet me at the south side" we always said. When I got there he was shredding the manhatt waves. He was the life of the beach. "Get our of the star," I would hear him say, a best friend. One that wants more. One that goes for what ever he wants and gets it. One that lives for friendship. One that loves, day and night. War and peace, life and death, two different things, but somehow the same. We all love you Har- ry. Peace Harry CAKA Superflirtb You always went out of your way for me Ceven in the pintolj I miss summer when our future had so much promise . . . even though you were reckless, I be- lieved you were invicible. I loved your surprise "drop-ins"! Where are they? Where are you? Sometimes, I wonder what would have happened to all of us. We would have made a great cheerleading squad, you and Craig with your sexy legs. I miss you so much, and I want you back. But Harry, you know things don't always go the way you want. I love you forever. Keep me laughing. Thanks for being a part of my golden years. Hugs and Kisses, I Love You April Frerichs "You bring me joy Don't go to far away If I can't see your face I will remember your smiIe!" Anita Baker "I use to cry for Harry cause I wanted to see him again. But sometimes- sometimes- life ain't always the way . . . sometimes it snows in April. Sometimes I feel so bad so bad. Sometimes I wish life was nev- er-ending: But all good things Cthey sayj never last . . . " Prince 108 In Memory Of Harry Lee Addison J. Harry Lee Addison, Jr., son of Vivian and Harry Addison, Sr., was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on November 6, 1971. After graduat- ing from John Hancock Elementary School, Harry attended John Burroughs Junior High. He attended Inglewood High for two years before his transfer to University High in September 1987. During aChristian camp experience in August 1987, Harry made the most important decision of his life by choosing our Lord Jesus as his personal savior. On November 4, Harry went home to be with the Lord while dozens of relatives and friends supported him and one another in a vigil of love that will be long remembered. Certain organs and tissues of Harry's body have been donated to give the gift of health to others. The reciepients, who will never know Harry, will become beneficiaries of a living legacy. Harry-I always tried to catch you when you were falling, but I never succeeded. I'm sor- ry. "The two of us need live no more. We both found what we were looking for. With a friend will see, you've got a friend in me" Michael Jackson I Love You Always and For- ever! Tanya Grieg CP.S. You be whoopen me, boylj I dedicate "could have been" by Tifanny to you. This has been the best year of my young life simply be- cause l shared some of it with you, Harry Lee. We were just beginning to find out each other and we just started to love. I can't only think of you as a big puppy. So young, cute as a button, hard to keep a hold on and captures the heart of who- ever you meet. I love you truly and forever. Ingrid CDoobieJ P.S. Thanks for trying to teach my mom the cabbage patch and by the way I told my dad about the Chinese balls. You would have been the best and the cutest Var- sity Cheerleader. You and Craig would have I-oked so cute in those little skirts. G Fall Leadership : "au sl',.q' 'T- GENERAL ASSEMBLY: Top row left to right: Scott Brachman, Thorsten Harms, John Yamada. Brad Kubisen, Alex Levy, Duncan Martinez, Daniel Schnell. Row 2: Matt Meltzer, Michael McBean, Richelle Williams, Marquette Jones, Jenny Saken, Giovanna Menendez, Bridgette Steen, Shariar Ghodsian, Shervin Khorramian, Jennie Bright, Brooke Pickens. Row 3: Peter Bocter, Justine Grossman, Grace Siao, Lara Wheeler, Larissa Kalife, Anna Kawa, Josh Greene, Mossy Lewis, Kathy Matsumoto, Cedric Martin, Shaney Fink. Row 4: Trevin Hartwell, Jamie Kim, Susan Kim, Monika Stallworth, Adam Grand, Yvette McNally, Tene Harris, Kesha Martin, S. Kelly Kopperman, Melissa Rappaport, Limore Shalom. Row 5: Dana Zipser. Row 6: Laura Finkle, Jillian Cohen, Trina Gelbard, Laura Sauber, Dana Perlmutter, Suzanne Greenberg, Nicole Krajchir, Shelley Zimmerman, Lincoln Schlei, Jason Feldmar, David Rosen, Mara Newman. Row 7: Amy Teplin, Michelle Herman. ASB Officers "What o class! What women!" Left to right: Jennine Bright- ASB Secretary Kathy Matsumoto, ASB Senate President Amy Teplin- ASB President Shelley Zimmerman- Speaker of the House Giovanna Menendez- Chief Justice Nomads eff to right: Top row: Duncan Martinez, Alex evy, Brad Kubisen, Daniel Schnell, Michelle lcBean, Massy Lewis, Matt Meltzer. Row 2: Shar- ur Ghodsian, Thornsten Harms, David Rosen, Jen- y Saken, Giovanna Menendez, Tene Harris, Lau- : Sauber, Jennine Bright, Brooke Pickens, Kathy latsumato, Shervin Khorramian. Row 3: Larissa alife, Jenny Freund, Amy Teplin. House Of Representatives Left to right: Top row: Trevin Hartwell, John Yamada, Peter Bocter, Yvette McNally, Monikka Stallworth, Adam Grand. Row 2: Dana Zipser, Josh Greene. Row 3: Scott Brachman, Lincoln Schlei. Middle row: Limore Shalom, Jason Feldmar, Lara Wheeler, Nicole Krajchir, Shelley Zimmerman, Trina Gelbard, Dana Perlmutter, Justine Grossman, Grace Siao. Row 5: Mara Newman, Laura Finkel, Susan Kim, Jillian Cohen, Jamie Kim, Bridgette Steen www Senate Left to right: Kathy Matsumoto, Cedric Martin, Richelle Williams, Anna Kawa, Kesha Martin, Suzanne Green- berg, Melissa Rappaport, Marquette Jones, S. Kelly Kopperman, Michelle Herman, Shaney Fink 111 Sp ing Leadership Maw, , VV A Chris lge, Masekela Lewls, Derek Hudson, Remberto Valenzuela, Limore Shalom, Jermy Osher, Shahriar Ghodslan, Louis Becerra, Cedric Martin, llja Benner, Daniel Schnell, John Yamada, Ted Gordon, Marquette Jones, Tene Harris, Al John Guerrero, Micheal Honlgstein, Matthew Meltzer, Yuna Oh, Susan Kim, Jackie Feldmar, Marjan Ghahramornlou. Grace Slao, Trina Smith, Shervln Khoramian, Trevin Hartwell, Nicole Krajchier, Jason Feldmar, Mary Kui, Randy Fink, Kathy Matsumoto, Kesha Martln, Giovanna Mendez, Jennifer Saken, Bridgette Steen, Leah Turner, Nicole Tobin, Gwenn Watkins, Jenine Bright, Monikka Stallworth, Yevette McNally, Tamlca Washington, Mallssa Rappaport, David Rosen, Shan Fink, Michelle Herman, Camilla Waddilove, Richelle Williams, Scott Brachman, Bahaa Mikhail Nomad Masakela Lewis, Jermy Osher, Derek Hudson, Ilja Bedner, Sher- vin Khorramian, Bahaa Mlkhairl, Marjan Ghahramonlou, Randy Fink, Trevin Hartwell, Jennlne Bright, Gwenn Watkins, Jenny Saken, Shany Fink, Kathy Matsumoto, Nicole Tobin, Jackle Feld- mar, Davld Rosen, Milissa Rappaport, Micheele Herman 112 lj Clubs Senate ASB Officers -W MME Q ww ' Y if Zim, f ff iris lge, Tene Harrls, Susan Kim, Kesha Martin, Jenny Freund, Cedric Martin, Trevin Hartwell, Jenine Bright, Michelle Herman, Jason Feldmor, David Rosen ichelle Herman, John Yamada, Rlchelle Williams, Marquette Jones House Of R epresenrorives Shahrair Ghodsion, Matt Meltzer, Yvette McNalley, Nicole Krajchir, Remberto Valenzulas, Al John Guerrero, Daniel Schnell, Luls Becerra, Scott Brachman, Ted Gordon, Mlchoel Honigsteln, Mary Kui, Yuno Oh, Tomica Washington, Glo- vanno Mendez, Bridgette Steen, Leoh Turner, Jason Feldmar, Llmore Shalom, Monikka Stallworth, Trlna Smith, Comillo Waddilove, Grace Siao Clubs Cl 113 Fall .Senior Council fi Brendan Huffman, Dilynn Cassett, Melissa Karz, Rachel Resnick, Kim Jones, Lauren Schwartz, Daniel Tellelian, Jeremy Mayer, R.J. Germain, lllija Bedner, Trevin Hartwell, William H. Brown, Dana Zipser, lrene Kattus, Harold Byrd, Mark Panser, Ted Gorden, Steve Rogers, Lance Bergman, Liza Weintraub, Cindy Linnick, Jennifer Ivory, Wendy Mazursky, Christina Peek, Erin Herzog, Heather Garshore, Rachel Lincoln, Sarah Bennett, Erin Shafkind, Monikka Stalworth, Justine Grossman, Missy Dory, Ischia Chen, Jennifer Shonnoltz, Johanna Bernstein, Abby Rosenfeld, Yolanda Crawford, Queena Pratt, Aurora Miles, Angie Smith, Arianne Lindsey, Angeline Pitts, Marjan Nikkhoo, Stephanie Hechtman, Amy Perez, Olivia Voorzanger, Diane Bly- .Q Y 5 w 114l l Clubs 'Y 7 fa- min, Grace Siao, Michelle Herman, Shelly Zimmerman, Eden Ehrlich, Debbie Ruby Mara Newman, Giovanna Menendez, Carmesia Carson, Leah Turner, Yvette McNa ly, Ingo Hanjojo, Sandra Chin, Cathy Chou, Dana Perlmutter, Dana Shell, Rache Harel, John-Paul De Jesus, Anna Kawa, Mike Kovitz, Suzanne Schechter, Jessici Lazzurus, Tammy Riley, Jackie Feldmar, Amanda Koblin, Jennifer Saken, Sher Smith, Larissa Khalife, Kesha Martin, Micole Tobin, Jennine Bright, Michael Derezir Susan Cohen, Mandy, Jill Lipshultz, Jennifer Freund, Karen Tom, Sophia Lo, Am Teplin, Neil Muchin, Alice Ngal, Florence Chong, Hyun Jeang Kim, Vandanl Dhawan, Donyelle Evans, Helen Lee. Senior Council has one important function: Keeping the spirit of thi senior Class elevated by supporting various activities and dispensini information pertinent to all members of the class. Officers: Jennifer Saken Cpresidentj, Jackie Feldmar Cvice presidentj, Larissa Khalifl Cvice presidentj, Michael Darensan CHistorianJ, Jill Lipschultz Csecretaryl, Michael Adle Ctreasurerj Sponsors: Mr. Carter and Mrs. Maxwell ,f L ioe- ,X i X X ff A.-S4 X if-N' ,W l ,, if li! R ,ll c J ...QJH -c,. ..f" ., -Q X .1 f' .Q J '..' X' .gj3v-?f1L0f,fz-- , . is I lf Ja? uv' ', 'Ri'-If 73' "HN-A ? i1M'S'? '- -.1 Effjgqg-N.xv ', 5.35" . " . 1 Q33 .gf- lx.gJ,3.l,' lil!" Q V 3 A cs ' QW I- rw XC rl l,., , ii., 'N is x x QNX Junior Council Melissa Rappaport, Jeff Schiamberg fVice-presidentj, Kenn Brewner iPresidentJ, Jeff Gottlieb, Bahaa Mikhail, Jason Marks, Charles Lebo, Helen Polyak, David Norman, Dana Wilk, Jennifer Rose, Lila Zarrinnam, Ashley McNally, Luis Becerra, Limore Shalonn, Victoria Shabanzadeh, Stuart Holues, Nicole Marin, Jeff Hoefflin, David Gersten, Bryan Snyder, Maricela Chaidez, Jeff Fox, Victor Fain, Niloofar Ghodsian, Jenny Newman, Joel Margolis, Chul H. Yuh, Stephane Dardin, Jenny Vann, Eric Garfield, Jon Bain, Peter Thorne, Nazila Day-Zadeh, Preet Dhillon, Stephanie Row, Ted Mills, Pam Elfenbaum, Kimberly Karp, Elizabeth Harmetz, Jeff Singer, Jonathan Fox, Ravi Sharma. Junior Council is an active organization which offers great equal opportunities for juniors on the Uni campus. lt gives juniors the possibility to express their desires, and together they collaborate to fulfill their desires. Junior Council is involved in many school events and class activities to increase the spirit of all juniors. They encourage all juniors to be a part of the Junior Council and participate in working to make the Class of 1989 the best. Sophomore Council The Sophomore Council con- sists of tenth graders who run and support the Class of 1990. The Sophomore Council plans and discusses upcoming events and activities of the sophomore class. Hopefully, the Class of 1990 will have the most excit- ing and the best junior year ever. First row: Jessica Thomas, Tene Harris Cpresidentj, Kak Harris Second row: Phillip Oliff Cvice-presidentb, Lattice Jones, Netti Miller, Kim Sanders, Mi- chelle Kato Chistorianb, Laura Tukahara Fall Play Production NSW Top row: Trisha Robinson, Jason Marks. Lauren Schwartz, John Chason, Lainie Chalk, Mario Lomeli Csponsorj Middle row: Camile Morris, Laura Jansen, Elana Miller, Angelique Pitts, Luisa Cardoza, Margaret Fujii, Jill Lipschultz, Danny Phillips, Marnie Levit, Catalina Rodrigues Bottom row: Melissa Rogers, Jenna Peterson, Mindy R5 Yaeger, Tami Lee, Elisabeth Litten, Amanda Koblin, Jamie Kaufman Not picturel Debbie Ruby, Scott Brachman, Adam Buttons, Yvette McnaIIy,k Tamica Washingtol Chris Zeismer, Josh Kramon. 116 lil Clubs Maintaining the award winning tradition, this year's play production class faired well, not only at the annual drama festival, but with its outstanding production of "Jabberwock," Left: Cast of Jabberwock Bottom: Cast of Jabberwock at work D amo P oducrion Top to Bottom, Eric Lawrence, Jenna Peterson, Josh Kro- men, Reza Gharajedaghi, Mario Lomeli, Matthew Meltzer, David Merrill, Allison Hornichter, Lainie Chalk, Brad Kubison, Justin Merkin, Vicki Melitsoff, William Win- gate, Laura Jansen, John Chason, Camille Morris, Sa- mantha Mathis, Angelique Pitts, Jonathon Wilzig, Stuart Holmes, Evan Ainbinder, Elana Miller, Jill Lipshultz, Trico Robinson, Marc Castleman, Jason Marks, Yvette Mc Nally. Mindy Yaeger, Margaret Fujii, Debbie Ruby, Scott Brach- man. Not pictured: Daniel Phillips l ' , ill it-.J Clubs Cl 117 l Fall Annual P oducfion 6 A 1 J '50, "ii , f , "ff - -ez' H' WW S at Wa fi QLZQ' N l 118 Ill Clubs .Y .,.,....f---- ...--of ,.,,.....---f I - ' 'E it ii S l 3' -P e- 1 fl C x ,- fl 4' xv' F: v .r ll I " vc Y Row 1: William Dizon, Perri Frymer, Dana Schwartz, Lisa Frank, Monica Megerdoomian Row 2: Olivia House, Stephanie Wren, Irit Goldstein, Nicole Marin, Melissa Remenarich, Amanda Koblin, Daphne Kim Row 3: lrene Kattus, Brandi Loel, Erin Herzog Row 4: Tracy Mikolas, Suzanne Schechter, Florence Chong, Camille Morris Row 5: Debby Ruby, Hyung Kim, Carmecia Carson Not Pictured: Heather Gartshore, Luke Stern, Elizabeth Wang 'Wx SY' -lf 5 Hx' nah ' f ' 7 X ,Aff , Sp ing Ann ual P oducrion 1f1 J M Wllll'm,,w, Q Q 'QR Xggfgi 2 l lb.. 0-. Row 1: Kamran Nazarian, Dana Schwartz, Nikki Henderson, Chuck Hegeman. Donyelle Evans, lrlt Goldstein Row 2: Laticia Aguayo, Julianne Foon, Carmecia Carson, Raylette Pickett, Nancy Goldshine, Jason Roberts Row 3: Angelique Pitts, Raul Nunez, Harold Byrd, Suzanne Schechter Camera Shy: Kevin Canter, Justin Bllger. Latasha Dove XX Journalism S X ff I ee, M it , s sss, 5 ,S 4 5 S S 1 ::i:' fi-17 .- S S ffii' . LL-",.: A .1 -. , - ' s '-N Q - . J 5? 5 A if sf S 3 ,Six-fd Q ,SN-w F s l 1-' ,.:.f , f 'N' H - , X f X if - , " S . If .-k... K .: , M Q K -,,,,,,, A Nw ' N . "ef 1 m ..' "vi F 5 S J :, ,L Rise 1 S K? A ,. ::., S. .KM . - ,,,g,.... . ,K n s in is ' 3 ' m':A: fi - r - 6 s ,Q A L fre--fi ' N wi -' L 'QQ Q fx.: I Nm-JQMNQQ-5-A G't Ison Casey Nobles Ken Helmer Brendon Huffman, Ben Koo, Avner Den-Ner, Top row: Robin Brooks, Josh Frieman, Dana Shell, Missy Davy, Jon Bramer, Katie le , , , St ve Ro ers, Elsa Yamamoto, Olin Bjork Bottom, row: Micah Oller, Steve Ward, Russel Sakamoto, Chris Kramer, Daniel Tellelian, David Schrempf, Ada, Bregman, e g Arthur Rubio, David Stein Editors: Brendan Huffman, Missy Davy, Josh Frieman, Ben Koo, Rachel Lincoln, Steftanie Ming, Susie Chin, David Tobin, Natasha Garber 120 ,jgigs ,. TS XJ X , ,X The Warrior is University High School's weekly newspaper which focuses on issues of interest to Uni students. It is devoted to the well-being of the school and its students through the freedom of the press. Ed 'TOYS Ch ' Kramer, Dana Shell Not shown: Ken Helmer, Avner Ben-Ner, Russel Sakamoto, Steve Rogers, rrs A.P.B.A. The Association to Promote Black Awareness CA.P.B.A.J the new name of the former Black Student Union. This ew revised club is open to anyone who is interested to e a part of it: not just black students. A.P.B.A. has put in emendous effort towards its main goal by having as- rmblies during Martin Luther King week and Black Histo- ' month. On a daily basis, it tries to promote Black wareness by helping those in need and by stirring up :hool spirit. The A.P.B.A. is confident in its work and is etermined to do more next fall. rst Row: Tamica Washington, Monikka Stallworth, Mrs. C. Williams! arshall Csponsorl Second Row: Erika Banks, Tammie Riley, Angela nith, Bridgitte Steen, Ahrianne Lindsey, Carmecia Carson, Clarence pkin, Kiel Patten, Sherri Smith. Third Row: Jolie Channel, Raylette ckett, Matu Taylor, Yolanda Crawford, London Simmons, Cindy Ura- ne, Kimberly Davis, Harry Addison, Ingrid Johnson, Trina Smith. David cGruber. Row Four: Nicole Dunn, Kofi Harris, Luladaye Defekado, mone Simburg, Zanetta Carlisle, Robert Greene, Katrina James, Azuri zberson, Sean Thomas. it ........ , . g 903 .0 f V ? i,-Cm' W, Debate Club The purpose of the Debate Club is to provide an ave- tue of intellectual stimulation for High School students. It was been set up in order to help students identify and understand different view points. ln a sense, its purpose 5 to help open our minds from our prejudices and pre- onceived notions. enney Aurthur, Ali Dinazir, Kevin Cohen, Jeffrey Fox, Jonathan Fox, Ali iilani-President, Jenny Hon, Niv Hartman, Brenda Huffman, Casey ames, Melissa Karz, Marlowe Kurtz, Homer P. Madonna, Mark Man- Iell, Danielle Nixon, Steve Smith, Bryan S. Snyder, Jason Wu, Mr. Rick akagaki CSponsorJ. M92 Student League Student League is a school and community ser- vice club. It brings together all the students that are willing to help their school and community. Its ac- tivities range from helping the homeless and needy children to participating in food drives and different school events. Lilian Broukhim, Florence Chong, Nazila Day-zadeh, Julianne Foon, Niloofar Ghodsian, Macormick Gozum, Engawati Handjojo, Linda Hidayat, Shirley Kawaguchi, Hyun Jeong Kim, Mary Kui, July L. Lee, Helen Lee, Kathy Lee, Andrea Lieberman, Jason Marks. David Norman, Melineh Ohanjanian CPresidentJ, Victoria Shabanzadeh, Limore Shalom, Ravi Sharma. Azadeh Taid-Ka- shani, Elizabeth Wang, Eun He Yang, Dae-Son Yoo, Lila Zarrin- nam. Clubs lj 121 K.Y.C The purpose of the Korean Youth Club is to allow its members to become involved in various activities and to give them a chance to have broad experiences and amusements. lts activities involve Homecoming, Uni Gras, sports tournaments, and holiday celebrations. ln addition, KYC members are informed about college semi- nars, SAT preparation classes, group camping, and other useful information from the Korean Youth Center and Korean High School Allocation. Top: Song Han, James Park, Ryan Kim, Shin Young Park, Tae-Yun Won, Han Jung Yon, Sung H. Pak, Daniel Kong, Paul Yoo, Toe K. Kim, Alex Lin, David Koh, Mr. Virtue lshihara Csponsorj Bottom: Stephanie Minh, Pachi Horada. Anna Park, Amy Lim, Sung W. Kim, Mi Y. Stokes, Kassy Kim 122 Persian Club Students from a broad spectrum of religious and cultural backgrounds have come together to share common lan- guage, common experiences, common hopes and dreams. One primary goal of the club is to encourage and promote a positive self-image, thereby improving attitudes of fellow students. Amir Abedi, Samantha Ahdoot, Elahe Assar, Sharona Babai, Michael Banayan, Bijan, Lilian Broukhim, Afsoon Cohen, Ka- trin Cohen, Nazila Day-Zadeh, Beatrice Ezrapour, Babak Ez- zati, Alireza Farrohi, Niloofar Ghodsian, Shahriar Ghodsian, Shadi Hojati, Reza Kazemi, Alfred Lavi, Mariam Nathan Cvice-presidentb, Kourosh Netty, Stormin Norman, Maziyar Ohebsian, Sherry Rafie, Bita Rahban, Shiva Rahimi-Zadeh, Nahal Rasmi, Abdollah Safa, Farjad Sarafian, Limore Shalom, Firouzeh Simab, Payman Soleimani, Sean Tabibian Cpresi- dentb, Siamak Tabibzadeh, Maleh Vafi, Sepehr Vafi, Cath- rine Zarrabi, Mr. Webb Csponsorj J.A.C The Jewish Awareness Club is a club open to Jews and non-Jews alike. The club discusses issues that affect every- one, such as prejudice, cults, the future, and the Holocaust. They are also concerned with giving charity to those in need. Samantha Ahdoot, Elahe Assar, Sahrona Babai, Arman Bar- oukh, Marc Bodman Csecretaryj, Orit Borowsky, Nazila Day- Zadeh, Eden Ehrlich, Joseph Elisha, Beatrice Ezrapour, Jackie Feldmar Cpresidentj, Jason Feldmar, Niloofar Ghodsian, Shahriar Ghodsian, Tally Goldenberg, Elana Miller, Stormin Norman, Josh Odintz, Phillip Oliff, Elena Rafaeil, Shiva Rahi- mizadeh, Nahal Rasmi, Julie Reisman, Limore Shalom, llana Simantob, Lee Standard, Sean Tabibian Cvice-presidentb, Oli- via Voorzanger Cvice-presidentj, Miryam Yaghooty, Kamran Younai, Mr. Pellow Csponsorj Math Team The Math Team is for students who enjoy mathematics and who like competition. Most importantly, Math Team members enjoy the comraderie and enthusiasm of friendly competition in an atmosphere in which intellectual ability is given the status it deserves. Kneeling: Robert Singer, Arun Venkateson, Eric J. Lawrence Cpresidentj, Ali Dinazir, Jason Wu, Jack Cheng, Michael Feuerstein Standing: Mr. Berland Csponsorl, Jenny Yang, E- win Murakami, Oren Ben-Zeev, Chong Yi, Christopher Chen, Joseph Greenberg, Garvin Hung, Mark Hedlund, Shahroooz Rabizadeh, Mark Mandell, Henry Yang, Sophia Lo, Alice Ngai Qi' 'Wi , --'S 'N-cs Y.C.S. YCS CYouth Community Servicej is a group in which students help their community. Students sacrifice a few lunches or week- ends in order to collect donations, or assist in fund-raisers. Dung Bul, Chiwan Choi, Leslie Coleman, Nazila Day-Zadeh, Preet Dhillon, Eden Ehrlich, Engawati Handjojo, Jasmine Hakimi, Elizabeth Harm, Khanh Ho, Stuart Holmes, Alison Hornichter, Newton Kaneshiro, Kimberly Karp, Shirley Kawaguchi, Lisa Ki- mura, Linda Kiyan, Mary Kui, Keane Lai, Ching Lau, Michael Lee, Nicole Marin, Ashley McNally, Takako Miyanira, Edwin Murakami, Stormin Norman, Josh Odintz, Melineh Ohanjanian, Naomi Quinones, Stephanie Row, Terrance Russell, Yoon J. Shin, Janet Siegel, Simone Simburg, Beth Simmons, Jeff Singer, Jenny Vonn, Timothy Yu, Mrs. Wilson Csponsorj 4?-,. 'f'. ' J A -. - -3,7 s 3 -3 if 4 - . xl. , gif, Role-Playing Game Club This year we have a unique club. Role Playing Games Club draws people from all walks of life to fight Tiamet, the Queen of the Evil dragons. Members can find them- selves in all sorts of dangerous, funny, and sometimes even rewarding situations. ls this real? Are these kids insane? Of course not. They are simply enjoying them- selves. That's what Role Playing Games are all about. having fun with your friends as you expand your mind to think of all the creative ways to tame a wild goblin. Scott Brachman, Heather Hoffman Corganizerj, Christo- pher Chen, John Perssivg, Michelle Goldberg, Mr. Cour- chaine Csponsorb, Josh Rigrod v E 123 ffl e Ping Pong Club The Ping-Pong Club with its fifty plus members is one of the most popular and dedicated clubs on campus. lts sole purpose is to gather fun-loving Ping-Pong players to have a chance to find out their ranking at Uni and improve their skills in Ping-Pong. Established last year Cfounder: Henry Yangb, this club has earned high recognition among many enthusiastic students at Uni. Front row: Jenny Yang CPresidentJ, Elizabeth Wang. Florence Chong, Tae-Yun Won, Ung-Chol suh, David Lee, Tae W. Seo, Arman Baroukh, Virtue Ishihara CSponsorJ. 2nd row: Ali Binazir, Garvin Hung, Susan Kim, Min Joo Song, Kimmy Chen, Dao Khousavath, Felice lp, Dimo Diakov. 3rd row: Young-Su Byun, Brad Tenkin, Siamak Tabibzadeh, Payam Taghiza- deh, Payman Soleiman, Bahador Mikhak, Jerry Luo, Han Jung You, Jae Hong Choi, Brian Ahourian. 4th row: Abdi Safa, Shahin Mahallati, .loseph Elisha, Thomas Tse, Wei-Han Wu, Jack Cheng, Shin Young Park, Michael Feuerstein, Chul Yuh. 2 at , fi - K ,f Medical Careers Club The Medical Careers Club meets each Tuesday at lunch and features speakers on health careers. Frequent field trips introduce students to hospitals and other health fa- cilities. Discussions of locations of volunteering inform fu- ture physicians of opportunities which enhance their col- lege and medical school applications. The information gained from speakers aids students' selection of careers and appropriate colleges as well as subject require- ments. First row: Linnea Reames CSponsorJ, Tanya Haney, Helen Cho, Ethel Legaspi, Lila Zarrinnam, Sithy Farok. Second row: David Norman, Amir Blachman, lnna Kogan, Angela Wehr, Yuna Oh, Nancy Soland, Shady Farshadfar, Renata Lahner, Raluca Uleia. WH 124 lil Clubs Pep club Front row: Matu Taylor Row 1: Mickey Howard, Delanie Proby, Akita Brown, Simone Simburg, Angie Synigal, Fa- Ieshia Zemault, Angela Howard Row 2: Litisha Akins, Cheyenne Pierce, Michele Gray, Shaun Sledge, Develyn Rhodes, Shanel Branson Row 3: Monae Holman, Kasia Stewart p Amnesty International Amnesty International is a human rights organi- zation founded by a London lawyer in 1961. Al works through a world wide network of people to pressure governments into abiding by the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights Act of 1959. Al works to free prisoners of conscience and stop all torture and executions. The Uni chapter was founded by Annie Burke in 1986. .isa Frank, Chris Hilker, Julie lny, Justin Merkin Cpresidentj, Laura VlcCabe. Danielle Nixon, Josh Odintz, John Perling, Michele Ras- nussen, Melissa Rogers, Terrance Russell, Star Seifert, Batyah ihtrun, Steve Smith, Mr. Takagaki Csponsorb W Wh. R ,, , ir' ,if f, ,,f C5.F The California Scholarship Federation CCSFJ is an wonorary membership society. It welcomes stu- :lents who have demonstrated exemplary aca- :lemic performances for a nominal fee. The Feder- :tion opens its doors to new members at the end of each 20-week marking period, and an election of 1ew officers follows shortly thereafter. A potential nember earns points for every A's and D's and if 'he student obtains a total of 10 points, he may join ISF. ln addition, CSF runs the semesterly quiz neets. Upon graduation, if a student has been a Tmember of CSF for 4 semesters, he earns the title of 'Seal Bearer" and receives a gold seal on his diplo- TIG. Aichael Adler, Scott Beber ipresidentb, Ali Binazir, Scott Drachman, Lilian iroukhim, Florence Chong, Monti Datta, Naxila Day-Zadeh, Doaa Fathal- ah, Jeffrey Fox, Jonathan Fox, NNiIoofar Ghodsian, Newton Kaneshiro, David Kenwood, Hyun Jeong Kim, Corey Kurtz-Nicholl, Keane Lai, Helen ee, Jacob Manaster, Edwin Murakami, David Norman, Josh Odintz, April 'arker, Naomi Quinones, Shahrooz Rabizadeh, Michele Rasmussen, Mi- helle Rittel, Russel Sakamoto ivice presidenth, Gladys San Jose, Jeff chiamberg, Janet Siegel, Michael Singer, Steve Smith, Siamak Tabibza- Ieh, Ann Tsao, RalucaUlei, Paul Yoo, Lila Zorrinnam, Mrs, Porter Csponsorj Ski Club The Ski Club is an organization at University High School that gives the students the opportunity to meet other people and make friends. Its purpose is for students to have the opportunity to go skiing during the school year wherein three ski trips are made. So come join the Ski Club and have fun skiing! Melissa Barnett, Priya Bholl, Ali Binazir, Long Dong, Shady Farshadfar, Jeff Gottlieb, Dana Holley, Christopher lge, Anne- Line Helland-Jensen, Elaine Kao, Ariel Sabar, Kyung Schein- farb, Jeff Schiamberg, Matt Schwab, Linda Song, Brad Stark, Melanie Toshiyuki, Camilla Woddilove, Shari Wilder, Mr. Orozco Csponsorb Clubs LJ 125 x " IS? S 53' ' A - A . . Msirtsw 35 , i - , x w J.S.A. The Junior Statesmen of America is a nationwide, non-partisan, political awareness organization designed to prepare American youth for the rights and responsibilities of living in a democratic nation. Chris Karlovich Csponsorj, Dana Glassburn, Laura McCabe, Chris Hilker, Troy Stevens, Nora Leibowitz, Kennx Taka- hashi. Jeremy Katz, Den Ho, Michelle Goldberg, Matt Green, Thomas Flynn Cpresidentb, Eve- lyn Worheit, Renata Lahner, Naomi Quin- ones, Lila Zaranam, April Parker, Dung Dui, Brian Sysnder, Newton Kane- shiro, Kahn Ho, Tayna Hanex, Jaime Kim, Kathy Glass, Jennifer Cobb, Cvice-presidentj 126 Clubs .. X - C , ?:E- J Q Tlftcsl, ' K RM' 1 - , 1 ...., 3 C as az gt i iffiilii f N is li Sc f RE' M s M1 W Q S- gk sf . X S 'P' T Y X X N ff' x Nw S X S anus 3 C.5.A. The Chinese Stu- dent Association is one of the many foreign culture clubs at Uni. It brings all students interested in Chinese culture together to learn about the distinct customs through various activities and chinese holi- days. The club also offers free tutoring to its members and talk about college informations. Steffanie Ming, Jenny Yang, Robert Wang, Shao Chen, Henry Yang, Jason Wu, Evelyn Juanlu, Wendy Kuo, Gar- vin Hung, Sandra Chin, Cathy Chou, Nancy Tan- aka, Teresa Wang, Fe. lice lp, Florence Chong, Alice Ngai, Charis Lee, Alfred Wu, Doris Lee, Dao Khousavath, Kimmy Chan, Robert Lin, Sophia Lo Cpresidentj, May Haung, Mrs. Aristov Csponsorj, Ray Hwang Q. A C T I V I T I E S ,Wig Q l Brendon Huffman, Steve Rogers, and Ken Heller performed a song called, "Senior prom Blues". Tamica Washington, with great emotion, danced to "Free", by Stevie Wonder. 128 U Activities Talent Show Harold Byrd sang, "The way it is", by Druce Hornsby and the Range. His back up musicians were Mr. Berland, Mr. Magruder, Travon Potts and Greg Hernandez. 11 if ii Kashawn Marinar, was a member of the dance group "RAW" who, with coordination and style, danced its way to a very entertaining perfor- l'hOf'lCe. Ron Edwards smoothly sang to the girls "I need Love" by LL COOL Jay. His back up musicians were Alvia Smith, and Chris Ayres. 1 'QQ M- 4, ' abs-f QW .. V- . M, - .f JW WL UNI Blood Drive Vis w,,Yf4!l? than The first blood drive of the year was on October 19, 1987, and as always it was a great success! Every year we try to collect more blood than in previous years. We usually collect 75-00 pints of blood. This year we collected 93 pints of blood. Thanks for donating UNI: thanks for saving so many lives. 130 Cl Activities f, ,JV 9 i Vf C A C amp Life W ! f an W, X X ' . -fn, 851 FI w 'f'if,1.-4'1'.'J'535f7 , 1 r g , X 1' 0 vw'- 232 s:15i:22222:22:2E H215 2: 2 2 552 2 41:51:31 32:22 1 mmg 2:25 md.. 2 M2mW2:::, gg ggggi,L.21L222222:3' K :W , 1 122,21 2 .2 L 2 2 X , 2 9 2 11 wa 222 1-4 1 2. f M Q 2 aw my 20 me 22.2 1 2z::222222:g1gf22 2 25251511 2 2z222::gs222222 2 2 2 2 - - 2 2 ev.QQ ,, 2 G ,2 22 ,.w2W2,2,M wfwillifii' Ziiliifff' ' 4 2 2 1 4 4 . 222222222532 2 2222: mm2z21q2ggfggggg22g ,WNM3 Bemis 1 am 6, 2,- as is X216 2 2 2 2 2 U' 2 212 22212222215 'W 212252, X 6 , 3 2, 2 222222222'2ie211,2152252522252 .222 222222 2 222 222 W22.22222gmg5g-3522224 em ,1 an Q 2 QQ 31 M 2- 232 H 3 2 4 as 2 as 2,22 2 'ww 22 1 WM 202.2 222 2 2 3 E imiiixifliiib MM M 2122 222962-21'52il2,22 12' :gfgQ:,3gi,:-55331221 :g'y242gMf.2..,2,-,,22,2,M 2::ggmgWw-12 Q5 W2 211 2 3 BM 4 fgmm Q Q ig 3553341 225 9 Mggj?5iQ?Qg5Y,ggEjggig5?. ,fi 2 3332333 if 2 ahve W 235 221, 5 6 ? gg Egg 213 2 'i?wS:5z3"r532.12 224' 3.5 22 F235 2 222222 222252 22: 22 2. 22 222 vm, 42252-2, , in 2' 352:22 2QLgk QRWE11 32822552 15335 222222 M 2 Q 221225 W5 2 6 21 2 222 2' 6255 K 2 Q 2 2 22 2 may 542532 niiiifiil, mmm W 23323233 X ,.,,Q3'1s:.'i""2 22' M-MM +,.,,w.,,..p., , 2.,...,2,N,.2,2M ,Mm M, lmwm' ,W g...,.,.., 22 Maw W2 any 5' was 0 E f3':E??J2 222 W if 2 22 Q 2222? 2 5 S2-93332 W5 2221122 9 2259, 2.2 M 222951 2 , fqjggy 251215 Q22 TKKEPEQM Km MN . WD 3 2 K an 2, X2 Q 6 aw, A5 W 2. 225 21 Q W 222222 H191 ! T? K' mf as 232,36 fm 23 5 2522 2 Gam Q35 -if ayfw 2. ? E I 5 k gw M 2. fm? 1 M 2 1 W.-1 'WS ::is,f:1,::-::,-:a-:-.:-.2 1 1 1 M me v J. 2 22 uw, 22 x " Qs:-1, M W..- 18 Q wx 4,2 me EW.,-1's"m:."?m' mm ...K 1mw.ww2, ww 5252 , m.,..m. Yf,,'9'gg-ggv, ' "f.,.,.'T:.5 Kham WW ,wil 2 22 ,rr . - -:: ::'::: ::.g:.:a-: 1 1 6 M: :a: ::,:- ,m 1 MN... menu QE 4 af Wm is ':::-:5:-ie: ,z 1 M-wg www mm? 11 212535 W. 4. me-1 1 A33 HV '2 5 'WW W 4 8 1 ,5 ,W'3iQ" 5321-1 2 22 1? mga 2522 Y wimg Q1 - :sa f:::eg.::.: N .2 in-25222 Nw 2. gf: Jgrwf . 2 , Ez 2 '22 Q22 2:W..Xf':3ig,? 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Bonilla Rachel Borrow-Roberts Brooke Boray Troy Boshers Bob Bosley Demea Bracken Sophomores lil 135 Gabriel Byers Young Su Dyun Ana Calderon Jaime Calderon Alysia Caldwell Brandon Camacho Patricia Campbell Elizabeth Cardenas Dionicia Carrasco Iris Castaneda Edgar Castillo Christopher Cei Stephen Chabot Steve Chan Khalid Channell Debi Chaves Christopher Chen Christopher Kennet Chen Jeff Chin Huei-Ching Chiu Helen Cho Jae Choi Ester Chong Hwan Chong Edmund Choo Eui Chung Ki Suk Chung Mia Clarkson Terrell Clegg Greg Cobs Jennifer Cobb Brian Coffin Harold Colson Johanna Combs Cameron Compton Landry Conner Diane Contreras Natalia Contreras Pablo Contreras Ruben Contrerras 186 E Sophomores Latasha Cook Juan Corona Maria Correa Miesha Cowart Elvia Cruz Hector Cruz Jose Cruz Sean Cruz Angelique Curtis Joe April Dabby Teddie Dallas Fahey Damian Jeff Daspit Maria David Marc Davis Whitney Davis Anthony Dee Wilhelmina DE Jesus Patrici DeLaCuadra Robert De La Pena Miguel De Pablo Cesar Delgado Dimo Diakov Norberto Diaz Chris Dietrick Jason Dietz Maria Dimaano Albert Dimapilis Zachary Di Pego Joseph Di Stafano James Donath Lien Dong Neil Donner Yumio Dornberg John Dorobek Adrian Dreckmann Michael Dunn Hillary Dupuis Carlos Duran Miguel Duran Sophomores Il 137 138 lj Sophomores Bennie Dyas Emil Echiverri Shiri Elad Michael Eljaick Elke Enkeboll Jodie Escarsiga Lee Ann Eubanks Roman Evans Beatrice Ezrapour Kevin Faist Dominic Falco Jiran Fallohi Valerie Farnsworth Sithy Farook Erin Feldmar Jose Fernandez Alvin Ferrer Jerry Ferrufino Luisa Ferrufino Lisa Fierro Shaney Fink Deanne Fisher Ilana Fisher Kellie Figoten Robert Flore Esmeralda Flores Leonardo Flores Paula Flores Jason Foerstel David Footlick Chris Fox Gaisha Franklin Barton Friedman Luis Fuentes Naomi Fukuda Carriem Fuler I Ze so Maria Gaeta Salvador Gaeta Rhonda Galang Veronica Gallegos Anna Gambino Edwardo Garcia Rosa Garcia Rosie Garcia Thelma Garcia Todd Garvey Ari Gati James Gerard Anne Ghareeb Dahlia Ghodsian Alan Gibbs Mollie Gilbert Melissa Gilmore Samual Gilstrap Jonathan Gibson Alfred Girgis Jason Gittin Dana Glassburn Nathan Goldberg Revita Goldenberg l , Lauren Goldsberg P Lucas Goldstein , Michael Goldstein l 1 Jaime Gomez Wendy Gomez Danilo Gonzalez Marco Gonzalez Em Goodman 1 David Gould J Maricel Gozum J Jeanine Gray Meli Green J si - - but tt.. 'ah' I Sophomores D 139 Julie Gross Allan Gumarang Edith Gutierrez Joel Gutierrez Jose Guzman Anthony Hagler Gideon Haimovitz Matt Hale Jeffrey Hall Jenny Han George Hanna Alfredo Haro Nonno Harris Tene Harris Tiffany Harris Shannon Hart Raz Hartman Joanna Hathcock Gayle Hawkins William Hawthorne Evangeline Heath Sabrina Helas Roy Hembree Fabrice Henssens ff if N I 9 . N 1 se ,A X gf' , Vw Y I S 4 s.A Wall sera 140 lj Sophomores Arasely Hernandez Jason Hervey Albert Hezghiayan Daylond Hicks Linda Hidayat Christopher Hilker Melissa Hill ' Lisa Hirako John Ho Nicholas Hobbs Heather Hoffman Mari Hoffman QKA 2? Liani Hollousy Dana Holley Mon Hong Michael Honigstein Joanne Hosek Michelle Howard Ellen Huang A Derek Hudson Gregory Hudson Betty Hung Emily Hung Erika Hunt SESS? J! WWW I ...r. x , ,. 3' Luons Huyah Nam Hwang Yun Mi Hwang Claudia lbarra Sylvia lbarra Gregory lge Kelly lkehara Julie lny Georgina Ipac Azlan Ismail Dian Jablon Anne Jaivorshi Norma Jasso Joseph Jenkins Heon Jo Laura Johnson Michael Johnson Latrice Jones Scott Jones Gallegos Jose Marina Josho Lee Jossel Suzy Jung Peter Kagawa Sophomores II 141 r Lara Kajajian Tamarza Kaltman Keita Kakutani Dana Kampe Helen Kang Dizo Katz Shahrouz Kashizadeh Jeremy Katz John Kavakelis Reza Kazemi Jon Kelly Khamla Khousavath Ruriko Kawasjee Jennifer Kelley Jeremy Kenner Thomas Kidd 142 U Sophomores Byung Kim Min Kim Jin Hee Kim Tricia Kim Jones Kimberly Kamel Kiss Lyman King Andrew Kiang Alexander Kukrudz Willis Kwok Jeannette Koh Jeremy Kuwayama Michelle Laguna Tomas Lqinez 6 Q Robin Landau Gifford Larchein Tony Laurent Sharen Lead Lisette Lahana Vicki Land ini ' CQ L, W .WM g xnxx A A NN. Heather Lee Joseph Lee Jae Lee Judy Lee Potty Lee Sang Hun Lee Richard Lee Shelbi Lee Todd Lane v Elizabeth Lardenas Rodolphe Louro David Lee Sophomores U 143 Ethel Legaspi Elizabeth Lopez Elvy Lopez Linda Lopez Eduardo Loza Cristobal Luna Liliana Luna Marcus Lunieski Lamar Lyons Keren Mabourakh Luz MacDonald Freddy Machuca Mandana Mahmoudi Claude Maike Sonia Maldonado Amir Malekghassemi Katrin Malmed lssaac Manaster Mark Mandell Evelynn Mango Wayne Maniglia Camille Mansouri Mischa Mantcuffel Antonio Marella 144 Cl Sophomores Julie Lieberman Kylee Liepert Diana Lin Francisco Lomeli Monty Levenson .Iason Levine Evan Levy Yolanda Leiva George Leon l I .5 5' ag r gg Romi Leibzon x x ,m Reynaldo Mariano Heidi Martin Trista Martin Judy Massaro sm K Altagracia Maximo Guadalupe Maximo is -ip Simon Mechian Benjamin Medina Elvia Medina Carlos Mendoza Mima Merida Nanette Messian Joshua Miller Erik Miramontes Veronica Mireles ll , V:., if 5' 2 ' f i :L Q :gf . Scott Mitsunaga Leka Moayeri Farhad Mohammadi Carlos Molina Walter Molina Omar Montalvo Miguel Monterrosa Claudia Mora Nora Morales Susie Morales Brian Morrison Mike Mostafa Ray Mouton Edwin Murillo Khai McBride Laura McCabe Angela McDonald Mary McKinney Sophomores lil 145 William McLaughlin Rachel Nabizadeh Sam Naficy Mayumi Nakahara Jeffrey Nakakihara -- V Stacy Nameth Greg Navarro Tanaz Naysan Nicole Neal Shannon Nichols Russetta Nichols Sharon Nik Bobby Niksefat Kenji Nimura Gavin O'Connor Kristin O'Connell Mike Okumura Phillip Ollff Yuna Olt Peter Onruang Susan Ormsby Anatoly Orshansky Cesar Ortega Vahan Ouzounian 146 U Sophomores Maria Paguio David Palomares Robert Panza Dena Park Susan Park Amin Patel Keyianoosh Paydar Omar Penate Cesar Pernisco Matthew Phillips Adriana Pichardo Brandon Pierce Hector Pineda Catherine Pincu Manuel Placehsia Allan Po Karen Posner Tobi Potash Lance Powell Rhodora Prado Howman Rabbanian Tracey Railey Arash Raminfar Edwin Ramirez Oscar Ramirez Alicia Ramos Veronica Rangel Robert Raper Nahal Rasmi Rosette Razon Tracy Reid Julie Reisman Andrea Reissman Jeffrey Reuter Debbie Rewald Rudy Reyes Brian Rho Develyn Rhodes Sandra Ribeneck Angie Richardson Albert Richmond Joshua Rigrod Anthony Roberts Raul Robles Stephen Rodgers Alma Rodriguez Merced Rodriguez Stephen Rom Sophomores E 147 148 l l Sophomores Heather Ross Marva Ross Matthew Rubenstein Miriam Ruiz Deanna Rosen Deanne Saffren Ali Sagha Mark Sakaniwa Danielle Salem John Samore Kamara Sams Kimberly Sanders Gabriel Sandoval Sharon Sandow Raney Schackne Peter Steigleder Matthew Schoen Darron Schulte Myrrh Seeley Mark Segelman Enrique Serna Anna Sevilla Hoomah Shabatian Rachel Shaffer Doug Shemer Kristy Shigo Brian Shin Park Shin Suns Jin Shin Tommy Shin John Shloml Angelo Shlvers Galen Shostac Roman Shvarts Edlth Slerra Veronica Silva Firouzeh Simab llana Simantob Scott Simpson Michel Sina Tiffany Sisak Raena Smith Michael Smith Nancy Solano Jin Koh Soo Rachel Sperber John Spiva Peter Stafsudd Peter Steingleder Jesse Stephens Heather Stewart Joshua Stewart May Storms Sean Storms Kathleen Strouse Alex Sultan Roger Sun Ung Sun Preecha Sutinatikul Seo Tae Won Tae-Yun Kenny Takahashi Laura Takaragawa David Takenaka Jeanne Tanaka Rosa Talamantes Serlna Tallaferro Hitoshi Tanaka Vigil Taralisa Joshua Taxon Jessica Thomas Manual Thomas Sophomores El 149 Victoria Turkel Benjamin Tusher Brown Tyrone Kirk Uchida Doina Uleia Alex Uyeda Margarita Valencia Margarita Valencia Sara Valenzuela Charlyn Valimont Josh Van Adler Deloras Vara 150 lj Sophomores Priscilla Thompson Robyn Tippit Don Toombs Monica Torres Jim Trapp Guadalupe Trigueros Anthony Trimarchi Guadalupe Trigueros Kiu-Chung Tse Steven Tudela Jose Turcios Manuel Turcios Angelica Vasquez Jose Vasquez Jose M. Vasquez Veronica Velasco Martin Vera Claudia Verhoeven Greg Vernon Ronald Viera Hector Vieyra Favian Villarreal Chew Wai Kai Steven Wall Iwen Wang Makeva Ward Leslie Weinstock Hayden Wengrow Christine West Christine West Corey Williams Latonia Williams Richelle Williams Terrance Williams Donna Wilson Shea Wilson Eun Hee Yang Michael Yang Paolo Yates Kassie Yi Maro Yim Dae-Son Yoo Jin Hee Yoo Shannon Yoshid Andy Yoshida Enrique Yoshinaga Han Jung You Michael Yoy Gerald Winik Hillary Wollmun Andrew Wong Niko Woods Brandon Woodward Stefanie Wren Jason Wright Kenyon Wright Kiarash Yadegar Hossein Yaghmai Natasha Yagoubzadeh, Diane Yamamoto if it Sophomores U 151 Chiwn Yu Porhom Zomoni Angelina Zorogozo Sydney Zekley Ynon Zon Juon Zunigo Athena Zahn Faces Of The Class Of '90 JC, Dgemf 12'gyfW1fwf21v'3K is M -'VVJQ eww +-,, Q C sss is we Mn e mm, v1w,ef K ' ! 3, L, 'Y " X fun L 152 E sopho NX , dw QLXWL, K jk X is SX Dx XID V9 CW Ox vi-wa.w....,,, ' 'illqfii Tri-.School 'lung H W 3 Tenth grade students at Uni have the opportunity to take part in a special program called Tri-School. In this program, the students take English, math, and Biology during 2, 3, and 4 with variable scheduling. AE classes are also offered within the program. Tri-School has the privilege of taking many field trips to places such as the Los Angeles Zoo, the Botanical Gardens at UCLA and the museum of Science and lndustry. Tri-School also takes part in special activities that include Career Day and University Day. Tri-School includes: Mr. Reece and Mrs. Solig in the English department: Mr. Solig and Mr. Checchi in the math department, and in the Biology department Mr. Lund and Ms. Mullane. The program offers students a chance to become closer in a rich learning environment. Sophomores U 153 . ,,.. 1 I , Y-Q11 N N 3' L . J: K :.,, . S -..,f,, 'Eh' , N F: : S Nik: Y ., ...M I wiv ,J -',, Q.-:Q is H Q : 1 35 3 J Q ,D 1 ix f Q, in it . gy 37:1 ix if f ' , , ff ' :,, , ,, Q. ,P,.Q . R. ff - ig? - 'QA H -::.-' k r - fi, X "5:R'f:' --,,,,... ., ' 'E :"' N 1 ,..f' ' 5 V 'Q :-- I ..: L"' - A i m l gs l ,, ,,. :QQ ff f WX X M M. pw M 25 " L V M, . , if 5 waf ywf . S:S2JSfi:g 4. , z , H V ' 4, ,A ' f ' gg -- f Q . Q Km h L , J f -. q an f 1 i .. x N 1 KA, Q f , . - ' i n: i , . 1 If ' XQVJ' R RX fi t- X Y H ' ' -- -- -K ' N- ' Q Q W , K ' 1 , N L Y L L .- L X A H Rfk E E un M A M ,, A i A 1 3.573 V 'W-1-,,g,:' 0 ' - ,1 5 E x ,...,.. ,.. it A' g Mi f, we V N ,,,, .,,,,,...... . ,,., 1 . K M . - . .3 , "" , .,... q ' 1 ""' V ' 1 Q , ,,,, , ,,4?,,,,,. . 3 ' Q 4 1 I K S A ,..,, ,M , W- -' Qi 1 QM - 'f A'M", Y mf ,J -W 'mi m mf.. .5 154 H am i . Vi i .. SS xx i 5 D .3 H: .ES as . ? 5 f.-PQ . ff,, 3 5 ' s s 5 . 5 53 ll, ES E 4 ,,,,, , IQ? aw 5. .M ....... X.. .-is if M... Xl X52 i s . Q ! iii 4 E. ei . 5,5 SSH G .AQ X 5 .REEL .... ,, 1 S i, 1 Q NS 1 Q w J.: 'JrJ 1 -.I i NS X 3 Q TAKES A LICKING Rop Row: J. Perry, M. Eljaeck. C. Flowers, C. Perry CCaptainJ, R. Edwards CCaptainJ, B. Chaun CCaptainJ, H. Christian, J. Herman, J. Walker, J. Levitt, L. Lyons, C. Gipson, P. Steigledger, J. Richmond. Third Row: B. Ratcliff CHead Coachj, K. Mack, C. Ayears, T. May CCaptainJ, S. Moreno CCaptainJ, M. Davis, A. Grand, R. Moore. CCaptainJ, W. Rodgers, B. Hightower, J. Gray, M. Ehrlich, G. Blanco, J. Fiery fAsst. Coachl. Second Row: J. Drapkin Cmanagerb, O. Coke, C. Diason. G. Anderson, B. Townsley, D. Schremf, T. Willwams, R. Woodard, K. Presley, B. Nickerson, C. Harris, J. Compton CAsst. Coachl Bottom Row: M. Colbert Cmanagerj, T. McGlothIen. R. Talley, E. Murillo, G. Grijazva, J. Kato, D. McCoy, D. Measer, S. Lewin Cmanagerl 1987 Marked another fine year for the J WARRIOR FOOTBALL SQUAD. With only 2 re- turners from the 86 LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM, many people thought this would be a rebuilding year for our program. Through hard work and dedication our players overcame their inexperience and proved to be a force in the tough PAC-8 League. Reaching the play- offs. for the fourth consecutive year, was the highlight of our season. Leaders of the domi- nant "NO JOKE" defense included Ronnie Ed- wards, Chris Ayears. Mike Davis, Salvador Moreno, and Henry Christian. Key performers ofthe league's predominant passing team included Craig Perry, Reggie Moore, George Anderson, Todd May, Noel Wax, and Bill Chaun. The nucleus of next year's team will revolve around returning starters Brian Townsley, David Measer, Reynolda Woodard, and Charles Flowers. As my first year as Head Coach, I couldn't have asked for a finer group of young men to work with. Congratulations, Brad Ratcliff 156 U Sports BUT KEEP ON TICKING , - 1987 Varsity Football Schedule . , f W L P PRACTICE ll ' .,. 'aff Lea WWW ,, fgwf: I K X QM'W'L l gg, i H ky ' ' y 7 it l R is is fl R l 'Z fm- im? ,V I - , , , Vlfwhr' 3 .-::.f1- ' H uw' ':. W f Yywggcccfqf ,nf ,, is Uni-16 vs. Uni- 7 vs QUE: Uni- 7 vs Uni- 7 vs Uni-14 vs. Uni-33 vs Uni-28 vs Uni-12 Uni- 8 vs PLAYOFFS: VS. Hunington Park Eagle Rock Grant North Hollywood Polytechnic Venice Westchester Reseda Sylmar Uni- 0 vs. Roosevelt R it R .9 -was 333-x , k ,e . . , L w Q E Rx so r 15 fi Q, if sg K Q r ,E --,, sv is 4. 16-af . -.N Pg ' 1 wif .,,-Wm. K Ps .K ...ln-Q, v sr ...f 11- -- 'S-"-52.5" 1967-86 Football Managers Cleft to rightbz Jessica Drapkin, Morni Colbert, Stefanie Lewin g Varsity .l.J. Walker Ronnie Edwards Brian Townsley Charles Flowers Craig Perry Todd May Adam Grand Chris Ayears Richard Talley Reggie Moore 109 GFOY Reynoldo Woodard Tony McGlothen Tony Williams William Rodgers Gonzalo Grijolva Charles Dixson Edwin Murillo Lamaar Lyons George Anderson l Gama Blanco David Schrempf Matt Ehrlich David Meoser Chris Gipson Roster 1987-88 88 I I t X1 ,f f , I f " K v fx , , ? ' E , , 5 '-9'iW:',5'gQ, V, 41 gui,-ev H- 3: 5'4" ' N V -1,5 5. fr M4 I J, YA 1,-" x 'TQ' -1 T' 4 fn' ' ff f gf' ,, JOSOI1 KOFO 10591 Herman Joson Richmond Henry Chrisrion Chris Horris as If Bill Chuon Mike Dovis Peter Steigleder Oliver Coke ,, i Sol Moreno Khohl Mock Brion Hightower Brett Nickerson Mike Eljoiek W., , Q . X 1154 I f Q gm - A XA an um 1 .r.,,mt , vu - W, , ,, "J Gm H+ ' ff-V, V73 'V ' I w r 9 5 it sriier 159 ., . B Un: s Killer ees Back Row: C. Duran, M. Huerta, M. Laurent, D. Alexander. A. McNally, S. Rodgers, G. Cobbs, R. Kazemi, C. Ortega. 3rd Row: Coach Viramontes, T. Kidd, M. Rubenstein, K. Daneshgar, T. Taylor, T. Boshers, H. Adams, A. Ismail, B. Rho, Coach Schatz. 2nd Row: M. Placensia, A. Abedi, R. Saravia, M. Easley, D. Featherstone, E. Carr, E. White, A. Yeganhe. 1st Row: V. Gordillo, W. McLaughlin, A. Marin, G. Lindheim, A. Safa, A. Yoshida, CiC. Williams, E. Garcia 160 l l Sports 'ii f-Xp 9w f ffflqffffff f -1 X1 if W .if 24 ,gf j 1 , M ,.,f. - .P p f w ls llfl uf I nfluz fw I QW: -1 ll." V fx ll lr' - I- ' I :I .QI I' 1 73 - '11 91V XG , nf LMI, if Xm - v ff' YQ ,, Lf. "2 1. " wx l if 5 L fx 'Q A x K Z2 'f 2 X ' "FV f A f' 1 'RA , L ..- It f -'A 5 M., iv W lf? X - Sports l I 161 UNI Bee Football an TG N at Horace Adams Brian Rho Melvin Easly Eric Carr David Featherstone Delvaughn Alexander Ashley McNally Thomas Kidd Eric White Kamyar Daneshgar William McLaughlin Roberto Sorovio Greg Cobbs Aodoloah Safa Ceaser Ortega 162 lj Sports Gifford Lindhin Eduardo Garcia Marcus Laurent Angel Marin Victor Gordillo Varsity Basketball Top Row: Coach Jim Nakabara, Eric Clark, Jason Douglas, Charles Hegeman, Greg Spector, Remus Johnson, Ronald Preyer, Jose Smith, Bottom Row: Garland Walker Daniel Leem, Angelo Cohen, Raymond Pickett, Miko Garcia, Nick Liebeskind l ,,, , tj? , gl 27 7 Q' . mr, v 7 X ,ff 41 i QQ f AJ' .-.I il X " -. , f Q 4 mf' f f ,fi , A ' 6 1 3 4 Y L E ' ,,, , fe. 1 fy "4 ,L V f - ' ' it J 4, 9 I I 1 C, sm... Z wan an ,HN If 's Been . ..:: sv- ' A H 'K ' K5 T T - , 1 .. -. si.. -3, - f 4 " V ltd' wits kiwi STR is N Nl Q NirifsM1W1""" xiii :if fi S ' Q g - swam as me is gin G Xf'gf,3.a, cixm iixwi sw f lf' ff ' swiss' 'x .w M s P s 2 1. 5- - S Ms w X Q3 Sf "Q K . :ss Q E K as 6.59 'K' id NQw:ff'l,'Qf,3..,, airing RQSQM ws fif'QifQKss .wi siifjlgjg sl. tint X ' xswvsss - . .. gwnsfw -. .wsauixm - fi... gsm: ms. im ' . , 0 vmexug LL . wish L s. ns rig ,. .- be Msw. L . hitmettfmgwxf Ifqrlxzeii Q5:,NJ:ifT:'f'nim., NWN ta . ggi. ziifggklxl .,m,.sl i,..y.? L i i -sw a-as. s- - in .L . ff .L .4 'f My 8 1 Q wikis. 1. mm M L .. + swim me ss. fx:ti:'q.3,mz.xlvW: Q E . .4 xml M.-ssftfsw as ,mc time N55 S-guess si T ' .n.""N" ' , v vw' .. , ms ,N fllElfflJlTlPSJ8ffBfS0li E. 2 2 I mr css. N3 . .. L' . I ..xsi16"4w ., -- ""' S H2510 A , f'-- s if i'i'f A LN H K it f iff. f' ...A X Ly. .. T si .., ss Il 0 T. ... .gs .N L... ., lo ,, HQ wif:-vi"' is A . X. .....LL.:rQff.g:..M3s,..-fL.s fs 1' 1,2 . 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' ---- . fm W 'W Q m,f'f 'fix L' ff ff' ,. . -:gr QV: s 1 .eww ""il..'-if NN, 'Sill' LL'L if "'.A A fissiw 'iss W . if - i in .s . As.. ,ne A. .......f ..c .XJS35,: ?5.c..... ..-ff . . , . A 3 - ss N. fwmifgwwm 'ts' sm... S, .L 'Riggs fi , .. fy 'N xi LX Ms... tw fNk .,. Wlwkwmw s T T 'A 53 'i . XRS ss . sittin mc... bbw-.Q ...fn 'V sw. . N . - - - . Q 10- 4 MA L.. . ,mt 'asf . - , , L . ..... ,, The varsity basketball team had a fantastic season this +. year. Their pre-season record of C8-83 gave the hoopsters two second place tournament trophies, and the desire to take it all the way. During season play, the hoopsters went on a spree, winning nine of ten games which wrapped up the title of league champs in the Pac-6. The hoopsters entered the playoffs top seeded with home court advantage. They breezed past their first two opponents, Roosevelt ond Bell High School. The hoopsters were halted by Grant High in the Semi-Final round of playoffs. They played their hardest all season and we congratulate them. s nj Air We '15 ..,,,,.. , ,. W' ,Lf . ., ,L il' ,,,,.,,. . . M.,-mm.. - I i A .2 ...Q L I ':E: 5 ff 1 " 'lffi 'Tk 9 Z W it -urn, 3 w 1 x 'it V .. 1 s- . X . NVLL N M t Q Q . N if. E ,is .1 I N A, ...rv -I n L, m,ul gggg gp 4 .... X ., Q he 5.31 5 Q, A34 745 lg s . - ' .. v '39, ,. . Q.. . ' it 4 'sag' I , L Q-tjrw y , , fag ae I so . V In L , ZS-:gf f 133 I x VV I 4' ' L. - Xk,, . LL ' .'5 X V H A , R Q Q .. so sssss s f U s ' - . 3 . f 2. 1. . , ...L T L L L Q . 'V lf' -. .. Qi l W . . if ' ' ' . ' ,I M MA 9 . F . jj? X , fi - i r ,. L tw Q. L. '47-it in , YI ,,.1f K , Great Year! dv PRACTICE GAMES 'UN 90 UNI 154 Birmingham ScmFemcmdo Fremont Ndrbopqe Conogo Pork Kennedy QCHAMPIONSHIP GAME? EAGLE ROCK HIGH TOURNAMENT , k 54 Syimor I Soughgxife Tag, I ,m,',',, 2 Frehjdmj Q I A I 4 I ICHAMPIONSHIIPIISAMED PAC 6 LEAGUE GAMES U 'fl I iUNI 67 ' ' 52 um soo Holiywood Jordon Venice Lbs Angeles Jefferson Hqlrvwoms 5' 7 I Los Afsgeses Jefferson V PLA YOFF GAMES UNI 49 UNI 75 um 51 Rooseveh Deli Grant UNI 43 27 UNI 53 51 UNE 42 45 UN! 80 72 . ' HAMILTON HIGH' TOURNAMENT ' UNI 57 Polytechnic 44 I 49 59 UNI 75 39 UNI 52 43 UNI 74 f 66 U I 69 UNI 117 50 UNI 67 65 UNI 81 67 UNI 52 49 Nl 78 43 UNI 86 48 I If , ,, f , -, If f as QUVERS1 I, 223 N.. ff A 0, ,I f if 1 K' V I - VIVLQ: Maw , ,Mg , eii' ,W ,,,, ,, , ff , 1' Illia! II, IIJ, WM' I WT' Q23 , I Q , Ie W: YJ f Sports I ' 167 , J J. V. Basketball Top Row: Coach Jim Nakabara, Arash Raminfar, Del Alexander, Lamar Lyons, Michael McBean, Terrell Clegg, Kouroush Somekhram Joy Lee Bottom Row Daniel Kang, Kamau Lawson, Milton Ray, Jason Clark, Greg lge, Kris Mclver, Michael OkuMura PRA CTICE GAMES 54.01 UNI 65 Birmingham 37 UNI 70 San Fernando 60 UNI 55 Fremont 50 UNI 59 Narbonne 48 EAGLE 'ROCK TOURNAMENT C1-22 UNI 27 soufhgmecvy 70 UNI 50 SyImarCV3 42 UNI 58 FranklinCVJ 63 LEAGUE GAMES C9-12 UNI 75 Hollywood 45 UNI 56 Jordan 54 UNI 56 Venice 45 UNI Q-6 LA. 50 UNI 54 Jefferson 75 UNI 96 Hollywood 55 UNI 67 Jordon 57 UNI 75 Venice 55 UNI 54 LA. 49 UNI 79 Jefferson 61 PAC-6 LEAGUE CHAMPS!! 168 ff? ,-W I x Ayiyf 3' X ' V I :-r fir: rr :aa f 2 -1: ' 'yifiwtkfi'Z1cffi'i"'was ,,., M ,QM r,swwW,,,, f 7 ' W L .QM QM' TL: 'gihlfff in IU I, - ,JIIILSIQ F 2 . ,J - 5 iii , W LL, qu - Q- :- 5 H A Z GIRLS VARSITY BASKETBALL LEAGUE GAMES UNI 65 VENICE 37 UNI 51 NARDONNE 36 UNI 51 PALISADES 43 UNI 69 SAN PEDRO 40 UNI 49 HAMILTON 30 UNI 65 LA HIGH 26 UNI 46 VENICE 47 UNI 56 PALISADES 54 UNI 63 SAN PEDRO 24 UNI 45 HAMILTON 28 UNI 59 LA HIGH 07 LEAGUE TOTAL 11-1 SEASON TOTAL 19-3 W.-1 ,, H 170 lj Sports Girls' Varsity And Coach Peisner, Sharron Fink, Kesha Martin, Terry Ginoza, Ruth Fernandez, Shirley Kawaguchi, Diane Yamamota. Martha Zargoza. Latrice Jones, Nanette Messian, Sulema Fernandez Junior Varsity Coach Peisner led our Girls' Varsity to a great season this year. Our Varsity league record was 11-1 and the season total was 19-3. Coach Peisner also led the team to the play offs where they lost in the final round. Yet they had a marvelous season overall. Junior Varsity Basketball J' ,,, K ,, .J 3 7 . ' 0? .ai I , A,,, ,Z , Nw A .... Y' Q-1 aaaa, K,aa, Q ,455 S ff i f Q ,, ,... ., Y ..... s. Xf: i - "SQ: 'I .I -:M an -gfigf ,- A .gg Q, , . .Wi --,k A 5 Ja 'N 5 i ri A, 4, , L Q--fa ga 'sagem-ml' X" 4 1 i af i t O X fx NN., pf Sports U 171 Girl ' Varsir y Volleyball GIRLS VARSITY LEAGUE: CHATSWORTH TAFT CANOGA PARK EL CAMINO CHATSWORTH TAFT CANOGA PARK FIRST IN LEAGUE THIRD IN CITY Top row: Casey Nobles, Shaney Fink, Jennifer Saken. Nathalie Zodan, Azadeh Yaghmai. Bottom: Yasmine Fouda, Tara Jose. SEASON RECORD '87-'88 WIN LOSS 2 0 2 O 2 0 2 0 2 0 2 O 2 0 2 0 Girls Junior Varsir y Volleyball " I ',,:. 1 P NN ig gf X 3 Q' fiat l 5 , Q ,.. X Q Rt ,I , ,N i ,, ..-. ki Q K X- - . . E' , Xa r'rr rr X in K. Si ,:::. Standing CL-RJ: Cynthia Borlelo, .lane Solins, Dawn Harris, Jin Kim, and lin Yoo Kneeling CL-RJ: Leila Mooyeri, Laura Kajajian, Joanna Kohn, Kox Ryen, Allison Behm Laura Kravitz, Katie Strouse. Chantel De Maureane, and Dorthy Scruggins Sports lj 173 Girls ' Varsity Tenni S S c, ,, QQ f ' 1 gr - If 3 5 Q ' rrrr , rr,,, on Q , , '55 -M , ' , 1, ' I'f'?3ifff 3 V , , if 5 L- f x- , ,tttl , f ..,,, N " , it 1 , V , ,,., , L,,, V f g 1 , ., ,, z ' ' A I ' . ff,'. ' , rt" iw l A , ,VIV N vzryy in ,A Y xv: My 1 , 'V . ' 'f ' ,ff fW4WWw,W A ' .'1, A f Q f 1 , 4, W ,,,, T ok i , Q V ,, T , it if , 17 ,Z 1'V1 ' 1'-f 3 ' I ' , V ' 'L ff .,.,, f am. fur K 7 , are ..w e fi X 1 - f ' v J t t , , ,- ? , I-ily fr: : H 4 ' 0 W ' -1' Junior Varsity req, Top row-Coach Peisner, Sepideh Maniva, Catherine Peacock, Elizabeth Megia, Zvon You, Danielle Salem, Bottom row-Michal Lltov, Helena Maldonado, Alison Hornichter, Shannon Nichols, Larissa Kaliffe. , ,.-,rr'.. Sf Z? .a 15 A A ' 4 Top Row-Coach Peisner, Janet Siegal, Ann Tsao. Abby Rosenfeld, Katherine Gitelson, Annette Bak, Botton row-lo Lieberman, Andrea Lieberman, Jennifer Spear, Michelle Herman, Stephanie Hechtman. v , K. .M-.Q-Wham ,,...,.,,..,-w-M' ' 2 ,c,c,, 5 A .E . in K an . my-' A A ..,' ii . A' ..ll, - . GSW K1 ,,. - ,, o S 4 ,iie ' :g.k ,G Xs,lpsfQ f-vii, ,. t-. ssss ccc . ciii sccci ooriiil silii 1 ,cr K f ,, 5, K ..'f ,-'k,f i jx r'... 1' 'gf '-.,i' 1 174 Cl Sports tw15irSf5fZff5if'lffi kllllllll l lll sifgrg qiliglss ifiggiffef NE MEMRI!!! 8535! 5fQfsr.erf,sfft t 0 I z , T 3 S Soccer 's -nir- 4--1 Front Row: Coach Galbraith, Angel Vasquez, Ruben Moran, Julio Flores, Jose Vasquez, Reza Gharajedaghi, Kiel Patten, Gregor Worms, Marc Davis, Carlos Cornejo Back Row: Dong Park, Bahador Mikhah, Fairbarz ARzani, Rene Sayas, Darryl Gruen, Matthew Aberbach, Adrian Dreckmann, Josh Miller, Keyianoosh Paydar, Russell Sakamoto Missing: Jose Hernandez, Luis Barrientos, Edwin Ramirez ,im --may-4-Q K k,,.,.....H... ., ,...., ,, . N. Ali: ,... .sk i S K 1 ' f ' . is 125 H . iw -- I, I. Qual'-8 i . 4 i - 3, Q Q .. r. 5' 5' 1' -- 'f if 5 N N WNAAA mwvw x, , s 5 A . I 8 ,Ms -gr ' QNX-2. . X - -f , - -- Mr- - 5 'is f V. K 5 ., any 333: ' .. K 'K 11 52. H V , ' 5 2 k f in? 4 ' I K if .X In k K -"-- ., f "li .f , ...... i, ,,,,,N,, My 47"--Q.-..,.,.A,,,Qf , f -sf.--....., Q ' V s--- H QL"?E"P1' Sports lil 175 ,am W, , M' Maw rm L Z fmt F Varsity Cros Country Varsiry Cross Country Top Row: Darren Sand, Duncan Martinez, Kengee Bostic, .lon Sands, Jon Bain, and llja Dedner Bottom Row: Brian King, Dung Vo, and Nick Eleftheriow J. M Cro s Country A 'L I yn' 'S Zvi! . J.V. Team Rick Kingsley, Otto Rivera, Thomas Flynn, Jeff Fox, Chul Yuh, Favian Villareal, Michael Reisman, Travis Rucker, David Tobin, Larry Klein and Micah Oller Girls ' Cross C ounrry Girls' Team: Top Row: Jeanette Koh, Mara Newman, Kellie Hans, and Lisa Hoffman Mlddle Row: Angie Haro, Crystal Rodgers, Kim Davis, Nora Leibowitz. and Shaun Dabby Bottom Row: Marj Nikkhoo, Mandy Yousefmorani, Michelle Sandoval, Jessica Auerbach, Lauren Goldberg, Tiffany Slsak, Vicky Bryer and Joy Dabby Sophomore Team ,, Sophomore Team: "---- Daniel Aragon, Chris Kahn, Jon Baer, Albert Collins. Matt Phillips and Luls Loza Sports CI 177 ,V , H . NE- 1967-88 Varsity This year's Varsity Cheerleaders are very special. These 16 young ladies, all seniors, worked together to win the highest awards possible from USA cheerleading camp and competitions. It is the duty of these spirited young ladies to promote school spirit to a maximum regardless of whether a team wins or loses. To become a Varsity Cheerleader it takes alot of hard work, time, and practice. They are very dedicated. Therefore we congratu- late the 1987-88 Varsity Cheerleaders for a job well done! 5 5h9ffY Smifhf C0Pf0if1 Keisha Martin, Captain Karen Tom, Co-Captain Amanda Koblin, Co-Captain wr f 178 Melonee Mc Kinney W Not Pictured: Bridgette Steen, Yael Efron , f Giovanna Menendez Cheerleaders - ff Charlotte Sprintis Queena Pratt M KTA' -. 'QEQ 'ggi' "N t'tt e e M ,:. A X kxik rt. f 5 . A X ff 7 xv E e " ':'y Q Myres 'WY' 9-'fi , fr S Q .. X 5 H t 4" K R x hif' Y K A uk , ' -- - ' ,1- -A . ,Si :Qt ,fr-::..' ,X " L ' ' fi' - fi, S53 Y X 'iii K X ff ' z -. N L' is 1 H95 N H X f X .1 X 'rf 1 y Q ,W ,gr ".,A Ktt' Glenda O'NeaI Junko Ido .1-er XR Ek 5 Susan Martinez 3 K K ,Q Q by 3 " gl S t 5 Leah Turner in Nam Q- 1--ff' Tamica Washington Starlette Quarles Sports U 179 Songecmlers 57-68 ,, ,.,, ., ,, , 1, I , i N , V s , - , W -.W ' Nicole Willis, Heide Aito, Nicole Tobin, Stephanie Wise, Koshown Mariner, Jennifer Dorenstein, Cormecin Corson, Lulu Kim. Not pictured: Roylette Pickett, Kathy Huh ,,W,4 , ,,VVV ,V A Wig , V 1 , l all W4 9, t, ' 'rm ftll "Mecee" Carson, Coptoin Nicole Tobin, Co-Captain 180 U Sports 1.-f 1c'f"., . lf, 3137 'rl 161' 1- 'iffy ' V'g:'ii'T' , ,E V 5 2 'Q' 3, ' 259' 1 F J r y S t y- W, ' 2 Az' A f ML fx ,5.' 16+ " 5 , I -f. +M . :W " A ' 4 M A,.,, gfihi WWQWQFWWQ :AZ . W if ,,,, V , ,. I K A' , , we yfwM'Y7 w 1 rl, 'gg ' at ' I L ' V' ' "QM Heide Aita Are In Effect Raylette Pickett Kathy Huh no Stephanie Wise WQEQQWAQ yQM2f,4fmQ ej,54W ,Vg--y15gv ,J ,V ,fQqQ?w1 ,tg ffee ff 'W"MV "t1 ,ttt. W. QQ? , V,-' ,,,, - i Ml i tttt J W 4 ul , -1 ,Muff ' , P W 'WV vm, W wwf h ,M 09' f W! W X H JI' 1 H f if 4,444 ' iff J' ' k , ,. -WW 'L 4 1' K, , G ,Q ,,,, . -1 A W W V ..,,g 9 ,,,, .4 .... 9 ' V ,,,,, W4 QE1g1Zf""?fQ,:5 1' MM ' ,qw 'f' f W wmv f' 71, j . f , , . , 3 .lf M ,7 5 f Q. W ,Q X W. f' 1.1-A . 0 , .ff 3 ,, ' T A, , ,ill 1 ' N. PEM! M--'SZ' WW M ,f , f 'Q ,4M,f 5. . fig. M 2 2 J A' .M ,HI 2, I f Jennifer Borenstein Lulu Kim Nicole Willis Kashawn Mariner Sports III 181 'f .ff KW. 45, 2. . - . Bee Cheerleaders Are On To !!! QW J' r Yvette Staten, Captain April Fericks, Co-Captain Kimble Sheets Kimble Sheets, Jamie Kaufman, Tanya Greig, April Fericks, Debbie Corral, Yvette Staten, Ingrid Johnson 182 ,Q at , Z V 3 ' T9 ,, K in , ,wr , Ingrid Johnson Tanya Greig Jamie Kaufman Debbie Corral + Flags 6 Mascot '87-'88 ww! Dede Beoler. Co tom YI d C f d p Angelique Pit 0' We Gof The 5pirir!!!! ts, Moscot ia, '1 L ML' Jw, , .4 , gg. ,"'hT'75f't, N 4 '21 'I , Sports II 183 Announcing Crew 6 D ill Team First Row: Aurora Milas,-Captain, Iris C., Esmeralda Flores, Jessica Trazaire, Ana Calderon, Tracy Reid, Angela Chang, Monise Edwards-Captain. Row 2: Monica Alvarez, Riko Kawajsee, Taralisa Vigil, Sylvia lbarra, Claudia lbarra, Serina Talifero. 3rd Row: Luladaye Besekudu, Kamara Sams, Liana Holloway, Rosa Gracia, Kim Havis, Iwen Wang Top Row: Michael Dunn, Sharooz Rabinzadeh, Jacob Manaster, Scott Deber. Bot- tom: Limore Shalom, Nick Eletherron, Stephanie Ming 164 Q Sports Y Marching Band And Jazz Band Bottom Row: Ramona Kellie "Drum Major" Valenzuela, Brian "Mayhem" Rupp, Scott "Shulker" Gaines, Jim "Anton" Trapp, John "Jet" Taube, Nikko "Drum Major" Garcia: Back Row: John "Ol Goat" Magruder, AI John "Fungus" Guerrero, John "Quest 1" Sims, Rimberto "Remi" Valenzuela, Evelyn Warheit, Laura Drake, Roy "Ninja" Hembree. Not shown: Oren Ben-Zeev, Adam Wallace, Sithy Farhook, Jeanie Grey, Kamran Nazarian Back Row: Raz Hartman, Joe Murak, Ron Preyer, Greg Sigel, Galen Shostac, Kari Morrison, Ariel Sabar, Ariane Gogny, Reginald Moore, Peter Kim, Noah Haidu, Adam Pontrelli, Judy Massro, Carol Whittington, Travon Potts, Christopher Frankfort, Richard Hersel, Brian Rupp, Danny Brook S U 185 ports l Varsity: Peter Breunig, Kelsey McNeal, Daniel Kang, Randy Fink, John Sager, Greg Spector, David Stohl, Garland Walker, Colin Gerard CCaptainJ, Peter Thorne, Neil Muchin if 166 U, Sports Boy 's Varsity And Junior Varsity Volleyball V. AI V H W-WWW' I A ,,,. ,.. ,, A I ,, . VVVV ,,.. . K W -, if f lllll ' jg K i ',,,, Q f 'Q 1 ,X A Junior Varsity: Steve Peck Ccoachl, Eui Chung, James Gerard, Brian Coffin, Mike Okomura, Farbod Esmailian Cco-captainj, Craig Davis, Kevin Murray. Jon Gip- son, Som Gilstrap Cco-captainl, Greg Ige, Greg Taylor, Nathan Goldberg, Steve Judelo, Doug Shemer. Coach Tim Vincent. M WMM. '..' WM' J W ,"'- 'i.' .M S ' it S ' 1.,, Sports ij 187 Boys ' Varsity Tenni en. Top Row: William H. Brown IV, Jeremy Mayer, Vincent Mackey, Eric Clark, Arthur Mock, Jason Cla Hoefflin, Michael Derezin. Eric Schwab, Lucas Goldstein ,H 'Y .X 5 1 K A L. 1 K E ' r ' , ' . Q W,-. 168 E Sports if ,,,... rr.. . ,asf rk. Kneeling: Jeff Schaimberg, John Kelly, Jeff mwif 1 my imaW.,,,. , .,, um Junior Varsity Tenni ,WW ,g.,,,' .- ei.: Peter Bozil, Jasper Kim, Huong Pak, David Stein, Lee Jossel, Jeff Singer, Rodolphe Louro I , fwwfwcvm W ' vwwWwwWWwWwWwwwfmQ,, W W? Mggiig iwmmmgffwfkwmm -V f V MH, W, 'www ' I 9, :www rQwmQwWMQMM mr3WQWwww 17,5 , gm, ,,,,. I I I I kkkk f - 5 U . ,.,. "1 f , ,Q ,,,, , ff ,,.,," Mm' ' ,,,, H ii ,:, E , j - 'L , A V ill ,,,,, ,. ' 'iff ' .' ,f 4 , Qf , , ,. , , , nlgggll ...iii ii nlll""'::ull"'::IIN" rT,, 'iff llpll:::::.g1l::::'lll:::: 'I' fam- 1 I nl ' ? 7 rw, W " l'::'lllf-'ghlllggglgli f ,,,,,,, , l '. 'jlll , 'gli' r . ' I3 r , ,,,, f ew r , r L A-' 'Wx L,fL,,j,. 4, ,,., r ,,,, 'fa ' f 5 l' 5 4-la -v ,,3g, 7.53: ,ram -,,,,Q ' 4 1 Wffwz' :ff A, -a,w..r,Q.r.M.- '- ' , ,, , I V' ' " 'V If f N- W' ,,,, 7 ' 'W' 657' "il "I ' 35 , 11-llllll , I Ill!-lllll g-5-.ggggnnn zu lllllllll 5-'gg-ggi!!! umwuqllgfgglill , Q ig,,,, Sports U 189 ll Boys ' Varsity K Top Row- Kevin Millor. Greg Fuerstel, Scott Beber, Tony Dominguez, Joy Walker, Sal Moreno, Jomie Carrillo Botm. Row- Thomos Hofimon, Josh Woods, Noel Edwords. Carlton Ching, Betu Maldonado, Eric Allen, Josh Abelson ww iw tiff ' 4 ' " I , , A CVM' It by 'yy gy, . A V 7 , , ' 1 m ' JM 2- f fm' f lf: Lani: A f , ', Q of T ,t., k , """QV 4' X, f ,M L. . ,,,. ,, , .M , .W +. '44, Wu , f , f I ,A Q f. wwf. ,Wa 4 -N 'Q 190 ll Sports Baseball 2' 3 1 4 , W 6 ww' -h D h 4 X '... M., maya. 1x'A K V7 V A ,gvi ' HZA' ' ,, , , A 5P9ff5 E 191 J. V. Baseball Bottom Row: Steve Wall, Rick Brown, Miguel DePablo, Jose Cruz, Kenji Nimuro, Shane Watson,-Josh Stewart, Jaime Calderon Top Row: Coach John Compton, Manager Marni Colbert, Dong Koo, Jeremy Levitt, Ken Schwartz, Peter Sjostrand, Lamar Lyons, Coach Jim Friery, Martin Vera, Matt Darling, Robert Gordon, Jerry Ferrifino, Issac Manoster, Manager Jane Salinas. Coach Brad Ratcliff V ,....s.--f 'C Wwfif fi EA L 192 U Sports wwwmwwf. Top Row Pot Pelsner Llllono Luno Kumble Sheets Stephanie Hechtmon Botyoh Shtrum Shoney Funk Ruth Fernandez Ano Ruiz Bottom Row: Danielle Butter Q'2n:, . 1 4,5 'ttq x X tg? 1 . 95. 1 Q mir MM" N -- as K X X 2 Ag X in X SB as P 1 -- .awe -- Q?-: ' il an X QJVQ MW W' wiki 'WSm, Wm, Girls ' Junior Varsity Softball 1 we +1 i l l Top Row- Coach Nakabara, Jeanne Tanaka, Claudia lbara, Alisa Ramos, Sylvia Ibara, Ana Calderon, Esmeralda Flores, Monica Alauez, Rosa Garcia, Helen Kang, Litisha Akins, Angela Howard, Asha Gunasekera, Sulena Fernandez Botm. Row- Nanette Messiah, Michelle Kato, Genene Zimmel, Shirley Kawaguchi, Terry Ginoza. Rachel Shaffer AM 'Q Wh s 194 W Sports -- ,W,,.,......,., ' "'isnug,g Gymnastics Flexibility Bottom: Victor Fain, Parviz Ghavamian, Victor Darraza, Steve Solinger, John Paul Delesus, Mike Kovitz, Adam Fain, Kerry Ikehara, Neil Donner. Second Row: Ben Ho, Khoi McBride, Richard Szpigiel, Kenny Garcia, Kirk Uchida, Hitoshi Tanaka, Newton Kaneshiro, Rey Mariano, Scott Nord, Yong Suk Cho. Top Row: Brenda Herrera, Brandy Sims, Meli Green, Evelyn Manago, Yumi Fain T WWE " QWWA vzjlivf ' of .- Kenny Garcia Richard Szpigiel Ben Ho falls asleep supporting a "V" Sports Cl 195 Boys ' Gymnastics 196 lj Sports Yumi Fain Adam Fain Mike Kovitz Victor Fain Chris Moore competes against Coach Schatz for his grade. I Varsity Track Front Row: Ricky Kingsly, Trovas Rucker, Kengee Bostic, Larry Klien, Brian Rho, Moro Newman, Nick Elftheriou, Jason Kato. Second Row: Joe Gray, Reginald Moore, Miko Garcia, Tredis Dratton, Brian King, Duncan Martinez, Kamau Lawson, Jason Foresfel, Mosse Lewis, Tony Williams Back Row: Joe Perry, Del Alexander, Henrey Christian, J.J. May, Chuck Hegeman, Adam Grand, Josh Herman, Jason Richmond. ,A md' "" v ... ,ww ,.,W,,m,,r c,,,, .,,,W ,, 4 C 13254 'Mamma ww fm' UW and wwe WWW' M wir U 1 N ,,',1,ya fairy' 7 ,bww , .....,......, , ,, we W. fm , .ff 6 v 4, 1, lx , ,W W NN I I u Ar 4.92 if nu ' U ,M ,ff -- V+ e ' -ff? , we ' QQ ,,,, jd -J i 5, "Mfg 'Z ,, if ,, ,1,,a1's2,fw., "" ""',: jj l., ' , ,,,,, in, , g ,," , -4:22 - , , ryy, 1 .... i ., 1 -- 5"'TZ,. ef, ,sl T' - - ,I f--- Yffll -uf ' ,,,,,, . ,f , r ,fa 2, ' fu-ff , we-.1 1' ' f' " pzmghtzs- AGNA " . 'n w - , , ' - ,, 1 , s 1. - J , .W - '-'J , , . ,gr ' f Q -"- 'Y Quia' ' 44 Wg 95? Top Row Nora Llebowltz Klx Ryen Michelle Sandoval Kamaro Soma Nicole Woods Lauren Goldber Jessica Auerbach Kimberly Davis Knstlna Sarott, Melissa rg..x,x wi-mf x xc S X Bee And Cee Track :ttom Row: John Dorobek, Tamica Washington, Jolie Channel, Matt Phillips Second Row: David Tokenaka, Andy Yoshida, Steve Ackerman, H Jlson, Michael Reisman, David Featherstone, Chul Yuh, Micha Oller, Embebele Belew, Back Row: Jeff Fox, Stephane Dardin, Kayan Paydar, D :hnelI, Thorsten Harms, Tom Flynn, Josh Miller. I I 5 f Q Row: Lisa Hoffman, David Gerstn, Inna Kogan, Starlett Bottom Row: Kassie Yi, Jennifer Yu, Kashawn Mariner. arold aniel X Z Xiu... if if E' w i54Z 'mkwf J . V, w Rah' W , xx Qs. N, M .rm y., ,. ., ITN. wr QQ? XV.. lm A . Q .A ,W xx ,..,. km , W 1 fm X X .-ws.. 3 EO OUR FRIENDS- NE'LOVE YOU, HANKS EOR MAKING .IGH SCHOOL GREAT. A7E'LL NEVER FORGET ,Sj- 35MEDS'af7MEES4WNg X Ig N , X A HEEITI f FROZEN YOGURT RANDY , FOR NOW FOREVER I 'JULIE YOU ERANDI JULIE LIZA O- QkwfF7 4 A M A 'I Y ' I IP YWEWS ES SEXYCJULIEH,DROOPY4EEANDIJ, OMYWf3 CHIIEI FRIES Q AND SPAZQLIZAT, ARE SQ ERUM1 , A PHOTISTS LIVE FOREVER 'LK'fVA FOOD IS AGAINST OUR RELIGION I FEEL THE NEED, THE NEED EOR 2 SPAZ HAS POTATO I LOVE YOU THIS MUCH THERE ARE PLACES I'LL RA ALL MY LIFE - THOUGH SOD SOME FOREVER, N SOME HAVE GONE, REMAIN. ALL THESE P VE THEIR MOMENTS, wTTH FRIENDS, I STILL CAN ARE DEAD AND SOME A - IN My LIFE, I'v LOVED THEM ALL, BUNNIES AND BEARS FOREVER -Lencmfncgar I LOVE YOU - BRANDI SENIORITI wmbWw,AEA,49,QAEzjQHEE faffb :LISA "L- Digi ? M jf' ANN a N I r A xi: w imwffg . . 4761 MINT OREO ICE CRE CHIPS UP HER NOSE. KILL A-ROPE LOOK AT THAT LADY NAMED HENNA! wMIAffY?iwE3M A X'-A Dwi- 101, '3,wf1'Y'f"'r3r1 wma.-kv:-If fi', X Z,,,,kv,t,,,,, ,,--., Y II., jiri-. 47x?xi fi px -X. 5 :LRIN HLRZOG,IRENE THE BEAN CINDY HCINDLLSH,SUZANNE SCHECTER NECTAR, ERIN HIRWINH HA .AND THE REST I LOVE YOU GUYS SOOOO MUCH' YTER,TINA,JENNY SAKEN, THANX FOR JUST BEING THERE. iOM: DANA HZEPESHEH OO CEAROIRO EQ DAN DON'T LIMIT YOURSELF H REMEMBER I LOVE YOU ALMmY5 TRY AND PLEASE ME I LO VE YOZ, THF WAY YOU LLI O Y x TINA WE ' JUST TWG LOST SQTLS CVIMMING IN A FISH BOWL ,J 'v THROUGH THE GOOD TIMES AD I 'ANA GD THE BAD TIMES STILL CARE W Qi if f 'I CAN'T LIVE WITH OR WITHOUT YOUH TAR AFTER YEAR RUNNING OVER TEE SAME OLD WHAT HAVE WE FOUND THE SAME OLD FEARS PINK FLOYD ,gn rm, lpon Cl' hDont walk infront of me, dont walk behlnd me, S t lk be 'de me and D6 my frlend jus wa. Sl , 2696 QOX' KX QS: kxfvf 4 Qrfoiff e385 fb X , 9 9 o YS oO exft ' QV. 45' eff' Qolp K igNEi gggg dgj glgi we e fg fb cruising Westwood 204 L wk ,,,,. , Q ewwlggeg SX Throu h the ears, we've grown together, E Y Learned and shared and loved together. Now it's time to laugh together, Over the very special memories We will forever share. uLaugh At All My Dreamsu NNERVESU nLet'S go to the Bahamasu NHang loosen ,v Yosemittee N 3 Boinker? Who me? Nooooo! 25 of ' wg , Baby Panza Ar A 1M Years To my family: Thank you for dedicating this senior page to me. I want to thank you Mom for putting up with me all these years and I know it wasn't easy and I want you to know QUE TE QUIERO MUCHO!!! To my sisters, Mar and Gab, Thank you for backing me up when I needed it. I love you guys but don't let it get to your head. To my bro Bern, Thanks for being such a ???? but we're still brothers hand in hand. To my little brothers, Brand and Chris, I love you guys. Call me sometime. To Papi, TE QUIEROIII Thanks for helping me throughout the years. To My Bab CAnnette Shawnj Love is gentle, love is kind Love is you on my mind Loving you, l'll keep you from harm Love is you in my arms Love is eternal, it never fully dies Though it may fade from nervous alibies Love is cherishing the good times Forgetting the bad Fighting but loving When we make each other mad All these definitions may be true But my definition of love is simply you. I LOVE YOU ALWAYS, CPANZAJ GERARD B. GORLERO To all the homeboys and homegirls you know who you are, see you in the years to cum. THE BIG CLASS OF 88 LOVE YOU ALL 979-4379 CPANZAJ Gery CPanzaJ Es una gran alegria y una satisfaccion muy grande verte graduado en este ana 1988. Te felicitamos y te deseamos suerte en Ia nueva etapa que comienzas. Dios te bendiga siempre. Te queremos, Mami, Mar, Bern, Gab, Brand, Chris y Papi Panza In His .Senior Year 205 Rachellderz Yo U Ge' 'lam mlfg 090 Jen, Kim, and Wendy: We all have been through so much together from our Emerson to our Uni experiences. We have spent our most important years togeth- er. I will never forget them! Your friendship has added so much happiness in my life, I don't know what I'd do without you. Our future years together are ahead of us. I love you! Mom, Dad, Adam, Mev, and Tony: You have all contributed your love in so many ways. You are a part of me, I wouIdn't have gone through it all without you, I love you forever!! Noel: We have learned so much from each other. My memory of you will never be forgotten. I love you . . . RACH Rach, Kim and Wendy: We have all been through some of the most memorable times together. Rach-from the oth to 12th grade, you've always been there. Kim- you've always managed to put a smile on my face. Freddy and Ra Ra. Wendy- through good and bad, you've been the one to count on, and I give you alot of credit I will always be there for you. P.S. Do you want to split something JEN Rach, and Kim: The best friends I could ever ask for. Thanks for being understand- ing! l'll always remember the fun times, we can always count on each other. K it 4 ' 3 ' ' , 5 K I Af ..... , M . , M 29 ..,,,,,,i fob 03 Friends forever! Jen: I'll always remember the fun times: singing Beatle songs, "rettes" You are a beautiful person. Call me if you ever need me. Peter: l'Il never forget. Thank you for everything- especially for undertstanding and caring. There will always be a place for you in my heart. WENDY Rach, Wendy and Jen: l'm so lucky to have you as friends. No one could ever take your place. We have shared so much and we have so much more to share together. I love you! Mom, Dad, Buzz, and Vicki: You all mean so much, thank you for always being by my side. I love you so much!!!!q Mazurskys: If it wasn't for you I wouldn't be at Uni, and I love you for that. To my Hami friends: David, Michael, Brian, I miss being with you. KIM To all our friends: Our memories will always remain in our hearts, we will never forget them. WE LOVE YOU, Rach, Jen, Kim, and Wendy!!!!!!!!!!!! 1i3'g 'N-. if .- N, , 'ix us J, N is N Q4 'ly S 4 we 'Y " N Q RN .fx ' ,, x -4' Y wg S M am N 3 4, .N R Q' NSF , 71 if 5 gig? L ' 4 0 Ni f N i x. Q 'W 5 : , A af' " -, Z' 5 it wi' X W6 , E 'F X , V 421 Qgggg fgg So Offfll 1 512' and Uzzlzff 1 1Ccw112f ffm 1114111 2f!z1'12g5 zucfvcf- 7126 ,fuzz 411111 ffm ,!711Ac112d5, fha 1411115 1m 1156 had Z'czgcUzQQ. . . 0,1 001112 sc' IVECIV-'TC zucwcf 501120 df11 1 5, 2111111115 we, wc112,1Z0Qc'd how we IIZUJQ. lf. !311i 111111 ZfZllC'!ZLf6f?.,l'f7 flcfffycd 115 Uuwugfz. M1111 1110 1121111 .GQ f3l'Vf3ClfZCIfC'CZ Qui' ,fha Clam! Z4 stiff? 1f!'10QL'. 70101211-sfz1'p 120,511.6 1116 fogycfzffzcfni. - l J "719Jf Af11.Xx ?f11QHk'16 f .' 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A, L3 7 AB4,.Ly ygfbii ' fxfiffv Ng ix er 'FZLX T" 'F' L f."f'x-li-5 3372?--52.7 VQXXTA Q,-f b 'vQ,, W., em mx' if, 1-3 , s . xx 7 KS ,f',.f 'Y ' ' - ,N 1 ""x .,.. fl, X HMS L,-.msff Q cam f 'QGVYTE Xvfsxbws EMKKQ l3'vQ f?111'rY".9'i1xR" X K -3- LT. xz.if..,,R 5.3. Cjgxdxfh 'f,akvx.x,,XNxQ-4? RU 53 ' 'Wfkfi sf ml 4. 5 3 W X fp, il, E 'x,,,.4ff?YQ:'lf:i ix? EW,-X j',j,i.ff1.f Nx.,Xkx,3,j7.S'VA1' N ,N YW g X" gf 5 m .' i 'kX'cf':'g gl' 'gg x , ' i 1 W- M' K Mfg A ', ., XM.. TQ 'M' 31 fi, 5--QQ '-4715 L31 if . x..4"x1xft ,. Q ,vw mop 5 Y, ., X, ,X .Xf,Xw.yXq f . 5 I J,-.j,.x..i, M' "' mf' x 3 E-EEF 7 'g'?x'X9" CZ: xx?- sf 4,4 ,. x 7, lx V - A ., 11,4 71, 1 QV W if sr' fi , if rs J? ff K . 4 W F' A + Y 'Wa 2 ,f, Mb . . X wi , 'f I I f M W, Vg 'I .4 . if wwf HEY 's WAN HAVE' To 4 ".. V H1 Q, ' 3 U ma 75 I i LET ..Q,V+ ov' fi QOTYA QQ yqvvwl si fun EVERY5opYi A COMEODAN I5 'if ff-Q0 COMM ENT PM QPU gd LINDA SUNG CHRISTINE NIA GRACE JUN NIEIANIE TUSHIYUICI ELAINE ICAU TW Pl FRIENDS Tiuf-rw arv many peoplv tim! we melt in our lives 21 but emly a few will make lasting impression on our minds and hearts It is thefsc- pffoplv that we i will think Uf1liiIf"U and who will always rvmair important I0 us 'mme FRIENIJS. KYUIVG SCHEINFARB 4' Y,-' ,,.,.w"""' K mf Wifi' " 'U M va f , ,,..,- I :ZW Y f ,N.m.,.WW1 ..,,1+- FZ? 7231? 'WH' 7 gf, Z4 M if :fwf 4 MW' M 3 M9 5 4, My ff ,gf A A 4 - M, ,,,...M 2 Q WM, ........--2- A we E K ,,,,,,Zew-WM. u. 4, f 5, M' 5 'F T4 Tw? if 3 K if 5 A Q3 ' ff 5 gi 35 J ,Q 4, M V QQWV WI, EVE-Ii DUT WITH A FiFiliNO HAND YOU WILL SUN MSE llulill WHEN XOUR FRIENDS ARE THERE KYKRYYHINC'S ALRIGYL LAM MNA, MNA, 3 0 V HELLEY LARLQEA, MA FHIEMES FOPuEX?EHiii XXQXJ -V3 X6 Q53 Q 2,1fiUQXzi?2 9959 T5 N AJ 3, 6 1 1: E 7 , QSHXQRA W X59 Y 'WQQW IN 'LEXIS GREAT FUTURE YOU CANT FORGET YOUR MFE IS CHEAP, MHS wvfhm Norms Aim, Your the beet friend' LauPie,Ji11,Eandca,Jenn, ' Could eV?flhaVE' Each, Him,Luannal4eathgf I WOW VUL" " 1 Love mu fame! Dame m denalda, no mon-,, d.b. y sleepovene, driving with you driving, Fatual attraction, P.5. Amanda, CFi5tina,Jenny f ,7 Za pe. 4 a mar-It, mr-15, - b Et Wea, AQ? my my aunts house, Gun cooking, Thanke for che 5 tmvthe 5 Miff L 'i'V the beach, rice, 7 day diet, of NY Xifei H?Pe: F ,W fgv ,oh my god, julie, el compadra, , future and ue. -1 A15 and ,W if ii' home coming, dancing, we need cioths, I TUV? Y0u',?zwk5 ' 15 X ioriever-1. i f say it mat mme, .J.T.F'.r5.r'1.u.R.E. UEHHQ V I X 2 hi im am and this is iamie, my porch, movies Hlm an Y , Y an '- diet coke, wana +1ower? stone canyan,i!1 pay, 5.5. J i1l change in the morning, ill buy 1unch!!!! F'-lend'Sh'P 'S a'S"'6"E 50'-PL Dwellunca KN Two bodies! ANSTQHQ 5'-'G an-1-I Twme A5 Hard, CL355Gg1'88" " P 1 " Javlel Mgnot , ,,,, C-2 f IO: Pachgco iJ fY .wg 3 Z 'MEXKPN PDPULAK Souls 'fllf4El1f,.n-...... 4. ..-. -au .-r-,,-. .,. - Wie, ,f', f F Senior Prom Blues to pounding cold orews..,T-P ing Dana's rom house...Palm Springs., The T.J, boys... Sweet Stanon... Holmbg Park Bust... Riding a Schvvinn,..Varsity Smashball... Nectar... "Men Without ates".., Aqua OKQN5 ,965 Verde, Glenroy, Caslano, Boscornare, Woodcllff ragers... Sailing on "La ,de X506 Diana"... The Ben'Ner abduction at l-lolrnov Park...Too ofthe World... 0290 goto ga, , oi Black and Blue Mud Bowl 88'...Big Wave, Toucan, Guac. at lslands... Cheap l,D.'s...Tri 5406 OW' gow X965 'T Benners...Warrior Statt..,Nautilus, Ylv'lCA...lvlen of Progress... Ski Q43 Bren WNV .Xe Qefl '- f Trips-Mammoth, Utah, Tahoe, Colorado, Parleys Surnrnit...Berkeley N66 X960 O95 gel? f' i Boys...Free with a WAC...Volleyball at ff25...D9Ul'-VS at 4 am. ...House of Zoo ,Natl My 4 it ,, ,L Nerds Pool Tournament...Berg BowlaWinning raditionn, Whats Your NN Gael ,059 ti? A xr li . Story'?... My Pecks are so Sore... Main Event- Brawl on the Beach... X0 OXO F r Buffles.,.Kl.SX...S.D.- Skinny Disaster... Be-served Parking.. Arrest at Capri QOK ,ill "Y r .. talmostl.,.lr'norov... Not Anot er Semi Formal... M-M-lvl-M Campbell... . 331, Varsity Tennis, Volleyball-Bee Football, Basketball...Sign Hopping...Tornrn 's, ,yi CAPS Fatbnurger, Subway, Surnrnit...Avner will Drive..,Shotgun...Narne that Tyune... Li. 5? Pedrddle, Siapbug...Trarn Tracks-lift ern...Mike Eating llook outll... Hobble... aura, Sweetheart. lzuve you. Youre always there for me, and l'lI always he rw.. Ml. .M .J NAA 3 iv A5 J . 14. Mi., ,V .K 1 there tor you. r H M .... , H Love Lance f K SSVVV A VV.. 4 . I 'Ziff '-'l',, I VA W A is . ' "f'-- r i "' . f D I 'ff fx N "f rr hgh. 's -1 -2 . ,V , gba V. R ef ,fy x g . imb- ww! ? 'Nix HL Q N1 E leer' franc ?i'3i'5. L. 23. 5553, Dada 53 lV'fh'5i'lKS FG? the anamzrref . -A, -, 2, y wucker-trucker... lvloDog ie...P.S. Csteepln o tsd ,B ' I ' ' ,!'4'fve,,! 3122, t33df'22fL,Q1t2'2fiC'ZjyjQfj2t Vornit -Lllllikeiloylng rtggcevrgq Qgvimrlg agH1cUkeyf?.. oifvgnseieapnggrpecmgl , e 1 . A -y , . y A -grrs... lars o erwr re at ar s... asianoN' ht...St tN tt' y07SQf0eO, f7'f74f6 f?QgfZ ggwkfim B's lovers-The front line...Hot Shot, Tosh, Alpachdge...ACx5??Ji3 Pulrelgoxseat, Ogof, ffzbl. QCA, Qxgmxr r. M63 . mt I 9 fwar Flakey Jakes, Sebrells... Who called who...WlncheIls-Farmer fl didn't come 'Sed 966. one Eh, ' Keep gailingfedntf rn wlth a straw in my halr7...B.A. ...Pressed l-lam...Now you're nerratlng... E foal? 0500! 1,66 Bmydem Huffmn em' Q Teasermleem Ha-Ha 6-12...Bl'l3l'WOOd Park...15O on the Field... .B-loads... S ,-6. . or Just wautltlll l tell the l3oys...Teco, Wlseguy, Jolly... Pam fQuestlons'?l... Q '0467 510 Two Lrter Party... Chnoken Littlesn. l'm going to throw some fists... Q0 HOW 'Clap-Clap ----- Clao...Dalry Queen... Chuckwagon and Shakeys Buffet... ,060 much you Benchrhg'?..,Palm Desert C.C. ...Nerd Herd... Faces of Death... Can l A XS. Borrow some Money?... Blomle... Suzukr... Laserium...Ponderosa rm 9...The A ' We Take care of all Your memories, 6700 pgiqk''Siiggn''i.Iqa5gi4hg?geDN'?1hf-ycgmffe D0V6I'lVl5ll lhrilf 92 DCEJGDH- Ffofball . w V H rs ey an oung nes... on yt on- want a V . for you cannot relive them Bob Dylan preee-nudgehnudge... l don t know where the partzes are, Cghuck dldn't call M . me Sklnlorltes... Powder Wrestling... Jacks... Swrng ut... Scoop... Ohhhh ' , 5 Myyyyyy... Best excuse for drtchrng - l was wrth Jon...Rasta...Cahuenga... " .V by X A , rvl What are you new?... Vote for me or lll lose... Tweeeeety... S 1G3...ln a nut 'E ,V... ' shell. Vfmml lLlfFK'l'NU Thlpf TIF Pxflf?TlV.Q A91 TTT! T17 Fffl- WNV? . ,I Q . wi. .:,.1. .7 . cf! K 5.-iJ'Y:v!,w!P-U L. !.l.ff'7lN1f QIGHT !T,4!.r' A7 VG LM, JENNY, I' lei .rf M 4 KV, I. VV ' - ., f, f ,- ' we I nur MV ME 7Ol?IES M1124 V00 Mile! SC r' I Y . I, THANKS FUR' ALLUAYS BEING THERF FOR' ME. YOUI? THE HFS7 r"lNHTAH'v A fl!!! FRIED LJAF3 I I F1115 Vflfl IF AMANDA S Wf- iffw MEMORI Wixlej Y we 2 QQ 'W Af 7+ ,W E ff K AJNTLCME GRAND' R 4617 S... , -f 1 0,9 +0 ho G W7 W4 LFE ww Aw 'W , 4 Nye 8 7. N15 ,ff fYg9x 43 X46 eg? Sify W4 H, 9 W Max W 05 Hlvky 7111515 .STQW4 ,it all of these played a small role in the last three years o our life. "Hold on to 'Sixteen' AS long as you can. Changes come around real soon Makes us women and men. " -John Cougar Mellencamp uwlvensny hiqh school VQVQEUTIONIAISLEK Q lspx J5EiST V L ARTHUR RUB I 9 ,Ji 2 ,2 4 ,, W M E ire. K' 1 ,I ,,,G -1 fm . f , "We busted out of class f is f H d to get away from those fools. a We learned more from a three minute record L Than we ever learned in school." f -Bruce Springsteen- r f f TQ 'I'7k'16E' yglflzags puff? '88 what was the most valuable lesson we learned in school? lilas it playing poker on the bus or the circulated football pool? was it bragging about the concert from the night before? Ur rushing to make class before the teacher locked the door? was it learning how to study the night before an exam? Even after being told it would be useless to cram? was it giving the substitute For the day an ulcer or two Knowing your regular teacher would REALLY have it in for you? I don't think any of these was our most valuable lesson learned After all these years of work, you know your grade was earned. F Cutting through the tension of school like a razor sharp knife. But after years of building Friendships and other relations with some, The biggest lesson learned is still yet to come. Vou'll realize that Calculus exam was a piece of cake. And t-hat using a friend's ID card was easy to Fake. when compared to the lesson of learning to cope r lilithout the people who gave you support, Confidence and hopel -ARTHUR RUBIO- 219 Class of '88 -TACE-you've always here for me.I know lways be close.l'11 m ou in France! LTZ-1 Oy, W9've been thv 'll miss you next In-1t's only been it some of the best times! fmyorm msmfyw know who Tu are5-I LOVE You ggd FHANKS! TO in FMILYQ -Ove YOU all.Thanks for OUP Support, yc-u're the " There could us er me a replacement A 5 R the Best, 1'll mis 1 se much! Liss Q Liz- Zfve has the BQST time with U 2? Family- Than A averynh1ng...FBANCA1 6've always been inere -eve u! f Tehdsw E'l IBlSS everyone, . ,I '11 fr forget UNT!!! jtaee esfg "2 C: I L ,V UUYNA . LL NEVER FORGET YOU 'Vive o 45 "Aww AVIN r I A 3974? 634' is X. 15696 sgqef WXYXSW JN can year the fun seem endless Thanx T luv u 4 it. BOD- don't ever change I luv u 8 I'm here 4 u always. Lizard- U scare me but I still luv U. Manda- Thanx 4 the rides I luv u. Familyu Thanx 4 the luv ,u0pert. Your great. Q M I miss A will al- 5 luv U. LQVG LlSS5. SE 3,where w 1 be wi lped me mswtall that hae luv U 95?5 ! Sum' sorry the sucker. LissMNevc e youugCJamesDStaCeks0r abeui that wall!David-ti 5 these special times Tami-l'll never fergc the rad concerts! Am- anda-you always make me smile. To all of u The memories we sharec wa never die! Leye,Eli2nh ,QV W 19 Q '19 920 Q Q4 WON KNQN M4033 OLD ?EQVSi NMMS MQW? TO D941 NBBW. QOYx?XNrXSbXG WNY WEAR N95 NMR YKVME, CML QQAMSNY M352 LETYEY255 '29-MX GENJA WE. UP. vm? WQQSEQW GUN OUT ALTOGENEQ YOUQ M oxsewxees mb Nlou N TE OF AIA BFEELE LXKE PN CQU- UNYNL SHE LENES. WE DO 'ur 774 ONE M PLAY A wmeew aww Uime Q .. O CQJfDfim,Qw. Sf SH E4 SQ Q, lo ue, Mom. lHom,I5f1CLgJwNx ,, Ma , M ' w X 5 Q? A H6 , ,Z 3 M is I Love You Lam. fl I L. OVC You Kale! 1 will mlwayp IOVG ou FORE ER W I J' sn f A M W 2 V? J ., S' W W V K , iaiw ii ifff Jig -I-Q ,W , MW. gf. fw 5 x.- 141, . iv ,f 3.-WH 4: :mm 3 'fi- 4. -W mu 224 Xi .Q , , 1gp1.--av .L if 'mg I ,J 'Cl Elf + - 1 1-,J , ,Ii , .pi-J lag-f 'J' i 1 AQ hffM + g,W:,g N wi LO fn-rf-. f gf. 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C angrarularians Class Of 1 988 .,.,. , ,nv af Q ,354 Jaf AW the av sfme ou V101 tha! la! L. K1 ,Q .Spen6Lng the past year and F-fperience. .1e've la.g?.eu 1.ogether..we've gram :age memorzes- Valentines foamball games. Dag, ..Iiew igars. Santa Barbara. , smmgt peacy mah.. the Coast.. can't drive Jake. yowv how to love and no matz of the won: A5 my love never end, yummy . .poo poo. rainy nights sg " not ywier e taqgh: me :nc and how is be er what the fu: erfal xxemcixes r 42 as my ffien Jane . . .Z love a Half -with yo. Xa: ae-er: we most wsnn-e:'f,.L together . ,w:'ve, axe: LQ,f1r.Er.,ws'x'P 'L' 'ares ther. 'fggethir' LS the may wars. .Campfires at me manners.. .Lane ArrQmaea':..'1fv1gco,.ialzn -grirg5s..EvOv-'gori.. legs summer r.LE1r.:s.."goc: l:.crc"..-:e zreaxr come.. .Doo bomkessy -fan..tlglebitziesucirgves sown ent holcgirqg one a:.sLEer..nolfi you.,"Jen, glrls standlng' mcviflsnii-.'S. .1-r'z:,.5a:1zzgs, :me :eating of we were 'Love' . Yo, rggnt :ce -zved. 1 am coniizienn with our relaziznsripa re hclds for us, P11 nevb' forffet yog an: all .han we".e mags- tcgtethei. 225 11, I hone :nat car 51,150.51 reiatlcmshxg, will yOu! H! Anna- lt is a rare and special thing to find a friend who will remain a friend forever. Thank you sooo much for being there when I needed someone to talk to. lt's hard to find someone these days who will accept you for who you are, not what you are or how you look. Always remember that I will always be there for you whenever you feel down or just when you want someone to listen to what you have to say. Love you Iatzll! -Junko E G Junko and Anno The basketball team- You guys were the best part of the school year. Thanx sooo much for your friendshipl!!! Love, Anna E: Junko To the spirit leaders of 87-58- Thanx so much for your love and support. Take care and remember that I love you guys!!! - Junko Junko- U G I are friends And no matter what else happens in this crazy world of ours l'Il always be here for you in whatever way I can be to cheer you up to keep in touch to dry your tears to share your smiles to care about you forever , . . l've never had a true friend till I met you. Thanx! I luv you!!! F! -Ann Daniel- Words cannot express the way I feel for you. You will always hold a special place in my heart. I hope what we have lasts 4-ever! Luv always, Junko Daniel CRiceJ- "Friends like this are hard to find. With time to talk and confide: if you need me I'm by your side" -Squeeze One more year! I luv you! -Anna Stephany- Tho' we haven't done much, l'll always love you. You always had time to listen and understand. Thanx sooo much for your love Much love, Junko Stephany- Thanx for everything! I luv you! K.I.T. -Anna Pachi- Hey macho! You are such a Kul-e! I still love you! -Anna Daniel K.- "Oh how i wish ljust didn't care at all, cuz when you don't care you don't cry, it won't hurt if you don't try." -Fame -Anna Greg- "Still what couldve been is better than what can never be at alI" - Tiffany IQQY- Thanx for all the pool games! -Junko To all the seniors in my life- Yau have changed 6 helped me so much. You'II always be with me. forever! I luv U!! K.I.T. John P. U promised! -Anna Steph O. Cr Sang Min- Don't drink too much! -Anna 55' ALLIAL Woes 6 F gajcef i X 3 L1 'S'-'We f Q . , 'K' 5 gui? bi' Wi-7 S45 0046 -v0"3?,QJE 3 QMW Lg REMEARSAL. K A N ,WW W1 jf QR 'l QQ QM bomb mv 'fi Wgiffh 31 Y, if by 5 4 V-'64 rs 23,6 0 A-9 3 I fa Q W A 95 fig? K. 1 45 f ,M -,. ,J '3 ff 4 D 1 s I3 ,Q M, A va 657,52 f Wray : .gr W W F2 .EFS M . EV Q . Xf s s u if f A X- . ' L , fini, gf ' +5'QL- . ? , .ak Nj ,r, K . M ef df. QW' --5 .,..- ' Y 1 . All fh , s . 1 yi ,. 5 M y 'Q Y , .' : 124 fl' -2' Q, , '- ,Q kgs " rig I i ,W gi ' Q ,gg - ,sn f Z x gr. if, v,3iVxn- - f , , :ff K sb , 1 X - :A 'Lf h Ji, s LT' ,ss Y fy 5 x I K Q, f Q Si-""rkf i'fi . M5 Lfgjww Q ffffgyv xi , ,Pix w ,v fgy fx 1k Aff? ip QW " A., k,, Q K R iw! , NY- Q Mk . ' 'Z ' M, g15g:,,,.f K, L1 A N, . ,gg HW' 5, X - " f Lg ,f ' ' - T59 . ' A . ' Sf' - A fx gfyzx Y - 1 f al Q s + 7 1. fj,..,f -if I x K ' U ff' 29, Z' . Y Q L . , Q s .1 33, wb X535 Q1 K: W h , s W, if X x Q, ' . x Y X, , ' 5-.ff , lx wk, gmxf. X 'X "Q Q 4 2,15 2251232 54? an JZ M amz 'ffm hw' L M, .M , W,,,f 57? ,, K K 5,-vw . M, ' ,WW ,,,,,,,,, iff? 'E W , 5 iw.. v 2 we E5 li , A 1 JWWS , , V7 "1 fwmqf M' W., WJ w Aww? ww ' ,W Q2 Jil WMA yi Jw 4 wwf 3 5 Z Wu. , , E Z ,WMS 2. f 1 ',,f 'z ,saw , , 'Q ,,,,,,, W nl i ., AN,,, A M ,,,, M . i 'A 0, ,., 5 5 -,Mm wwf WMM f, WW, W , ,,,,4 W 'fu-f W ,JY .Mr 4, mm 1-wav ?,,f,.,,,f .Af ff, K, ,M f W n,, ww ,WW ,gg , 41 ui W QM M . 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Kiwi ws ' W, ,,i.f ., . , X .ww s V35 s : V gm M ,f w Y .- if I X ,Q . iwET???23f'i fiiiiifilffi , STEP? ,. R N. ,Wg P fx X 4 52 J , 1 , 73, gf ,, Q Q 36 h,, V GN 5' N H X K M W 2, ' ., Q ww M-f , W , NW, V , V : H 1 . 5 f Wm' -, ,f ,, 4 1 Q f Q M' '3,.4,,, 'Wf x ' K' Q Y Eff' W xix A M iW"""E Q, ,L 5, K N .gpm f W-' ,..,,e0 xic Y f M, Q W .,,,,f WW, 'Sb GX w M JL., W 1,glQ,'Q M-I5 Aww M ,,, wg an M3 '-V1 f , I f 'A' W. A, j 4, 'A ,, f ,ZF .. fy -QQ as-' ,M , QI? ww ,W CT! "T ,YL X X W" .SQL A f J' 7 , ' fi , My z 2 12,559 WP ' xg 5: 4 ,Q f fe . 214 ,M " EQ4 N' 1 ,f x v ., 414 5 viii 1:"i:VW'2z5 5,1 , ' "G+ ' ff 'W-M ' 3 , 5 ,if Z Iggy fc f A5 515 121 H, ,f . 1 K, .L , lx? , ,L ,g 2' ' pw A' ' 'ifgfv 7, ' vm W, ,V ,, Q , , WW WM- fy , E243 3, H 31235 4 5s3,Eyf 5Q, -"4 iififfff as ,,,n,g,5 t4g3g.4!,? ,. 55,5 J , , N AJ M Ugnp W Q L mi 21 azz, my 'E '21 I fin 2 f?fw"5UV5 f ff A if If ifwupfw ,, Q I ', f- ur? K, ,nk yi WJ W, 25511 .,-aff Lw,iifL,51f,,.? ?g tww?"Vff, ,hugh ffm M257 -ggi,"-,?5,, ,Lf .mg I 4.6544 3 . , Pg , - 'fy M: www . E Mfnaa ew :H f'M'Wi2 fAz"'H'MWif2Mf izwzw M,W,,f ,.,. . 'Q W. V, , KA wa W' .N ,E f XV A , " K ,Q ...Ri 2 " X Q 'Zi A 'T If wr. ' " -Qi A , 1 -'7 yoj. , ,K ri, Q, K X : 4 -X' K Y l , f"7ii of ,f 'J :VV M .Q JENNY AND ANDREA "To the good friends we have and the good friends we have los!- along the way." -B. Marley "There's too much caffeine in your bloodstream and a lack of real spice in your life" -The Smiths 3 ' I ,I cps :V A f 5 ji 9' i A , 'ai A' if w ,re or J f gf 5 3 f WZ' 7fL-' fm- ,Z " Z My YQ, i"- -A ,- 'k"AQ in S Q ' ' z T v S X W R SQQ ' if xx .Sw 53532 . ,Q '35 I Q , 'N Us 8 5, Q ri 1 L E 4 lvl 3 THIS I5 OUR PA GE This is our page . . . because this school deserves a decent last look at the two funniest, sexist, coolest, nicest, proudest bold-out buck studs in the L.A.U.S.D. Our three years at Uni have been a ball, but its time to go L and we're overjoyed. We're captains of our teams CFoot- ball, Basketballj and got much respect. We would like to thank our parents, our coaches, our teachers, our counselors and some of the administrators for all their support. And we would like to thank the big guy in the sky. Cold Chillin since the second grade and still going strong. And to our third amigo that completes the trio, Andre R. Henry kick'n it at Fairfax Che's a baller tooj. - To the underclassman and thot's really what some of you are Ha, Ha we're leaving and you're staying. And to those people - To the people that we don't like, we REALLY DON'T LIKE YOU. and to those who think we don't like them You'RE Right. - To all you fakes, who we won't mention, listen to WhooDini and "be yourself"! - Remember all you got to do is pass the P - Y There have been great men who are not CHUCK and TODDS, but all TODDS and CHUCKS are great men!! E 3 GI ff Q 1 1 I 5 E 22 Q i Z 1 5 .. ----- .. Q., ? - v-vffu,-wfAw.f fW,,,..1i..-.....,........mW......,.,.M ., ,,,,, --WWFW-.,,,,,W,,N.,,.M,.,. S3323 qgwgfwo- ,1-1 -',L N ews i A tree has been planted in the Angeles National Forest in Mem- ory of Harry. It is a tiny tree, but as a symbol of hope and new life, it will stand tall as a living memorial. As the tree grows, we hope you this friendsl will find continuing comfort in THE GIFT OF LIFE ............... w.,, FACULTYXSTAFF AND STUDENT BODY with deepest gratitude, Thank You for your thoughttulness and kind expression of Sympathy. when we needed you, University High School ..... You were there!! We appreciate your continuous support, concern and heartfelt compassion with such caring warmth. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.. Love and Prayers, Harry's Family sg a ' iff' rx 3 'KK KX F5 s Q r 1 , i ' mx' ,r 5 M 5 V. .. , ,... , .. -ff Qs , N. .ww . Fc'-,X s "' X S. , 1 5 Q R if ,W X X Q v- F an f . 'I " X - sq X, W . 4 if I fy' J chic? ' A L' x ze K, ,Al , 46" X'- LR If , 1 , vfV,A ky XL 2x nf RP X if , L. I ! 1' 1' 'sv Nt 0 ,zvff-e-J' by K ,g-eq , M 1 WS AS Q N s gg Q X x Q 'R 1 A x V N C A fx -QF. .:g.,g ,-. .jg ijt. .. ., , is 6 ., C Q '4' wi x , ,J Vu! 'f ,S .1 1 f 3 '55 4 Q . X 5. ,Leif 4 ' e i Q, , ,. , M 1 M 1 ,QQ xfw zz-in c if v '- In A K Fx. T2 1 ig-,L 14, at 32 W 2 f w-Q.. XQ .A .W Q' ' , f . . qi, ,. x,,: X T .Q L I . A AU zz r ' J M,,,,g Vg -QPU' J ? 5 qv ' " f' . g ,YW if b iii ,Q lf Cx Lf' .TH N A ,ff , K . ,...Z, A-1, XJ 2 of?" ,X in ,f QQ, Wy vii O X C X15- f X Q1 5' -. Te SA is g R I :A K S W i. .. . W gi ' if A A - W "o 'ff 1 ,...i QV Q 1 F ff Q ix r- x C' X i p u 23 fy J 1' X xi ic 1' fx! L0 4Q.,f N x xx kms' , ty- U, Qpa V Sf W W WU - ,ff P 6 by fwfr Nj Pffbygnxjbufy ,M YP? .w Pg .ffm Egzwaiqi' Xp M Mwfwf fu if ?P,Jfxymfw.Qwonz+A dj QK H L U. m4 RH Wig W af f' U ff f MXDJ M cf' 99 68 og '17 I Z ,4 NWM' s T555-?X?f"E w'fU,Wb 5'Rw"4f xl fm Smlliimf WWPSWVKWVMWWWXML 552223352 of l' Af +5 W v.2fQ4Sisf vi' b Xgyfh' C gif-s Q: E vfY,M'W,NXM0ffv,0M 2522-'mggigm v' I Efx ai-wg Mwxwwy ef' Deb XP W' Hqfouffag' L'0Pe -0' 9F taf'.9c4 Q Q To eQ.i- L9. ond L'-'Cief Q- rvgiilmmff- Amt ffffzr. ,ff Q f W, V VZ" ,,wfz.f, ff Hmfc CL gfzqf Summer' fQK4f Jpwmaf-Ifn RG4Z.' Ctjfpjlf 'AWJL' AOL lava , goo! 7Lf.mL ca!! Me, Cy-7-ff fl 5q,,f,1-Q-Ape-K 01 fwwr' , ML 906- f,,ce,-nj hyd 'M A KJ' fa!-M90 f Z ' bf 47,01 WW Aw V21 ff-Auf? 7414 , Mfg!!! wZy1zff5'ffW7 y644fa.,f!4w'f4ff-fvvfcf Q-in-.1 ffgvvaf, X47 W 2lC'f5'f7 6'3'L . '-'Z-p

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