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J L K .Q. aff' i., 1, , 4391 iv f 92 M au VY! i , , 5 . I Y V A I E ! K Y., N Q Sta . 1 z .5 K'-',H'3- - W? ,W 5 0 .ly a A - yy., . r,Q-fi, N if s . . 1 -1 .-.Mm , ,' Y' 4 X -..,,w- K, 1 A 1 . " ,JN L 'K ., we-,, ,f i .M , ,C k 2. ,. -Q X x uf , , " X 1 i a-df' 'V' ' VV. iii QQ .bk if L -1 - A -1 wgu 15 1 v E 5 I 1 ! 1 v I. Sd' sq. F ye? W 1 - an 1,-.1 li Q:fi'f'v V A .45 .qm- faq-,5 4-.... -L.-. 1 p '4 ', . ff: wax ' L SLP'-2gQ5m'w?4"35'f3ai .x7""35ff -AMA Q 4- L , ,h , ,,,, .f ff' + . Y 'wr ' JL -2 -w x ,sl . xu , K1 A 5 Q. fa .L W 'gi ,, E gi. 1 ' W xv Ya X an 3 .-. 03,4195 sr 4 1 Y., .Amy r xr, K A f? ' I 'Q A Sea-u war , - ,,,Z fwfr 5' . at T555 "' 3 "' A A ya i ' vi' jf cl F 51? ws im 1 34' if , 'H Q " .vi iss, in ag ' Q ,..., Q. ifmgf .ir W Z ' ,Q mi, E, - 4 K . K 5 K. E. 4 Qi ? E if ' 3 gp fn N, 3,4 igkipfifgsggn. I .9 ' i get s. . u 4 Sy' GELESQALIFORNIA A NNEE RRRNN F ACULTY . . . . ,, "" FALL STUDENT GOVERNMENT FALL SPORTS ......... . . . 'T STUDENT ACTIVITIES . . . WINTER A GRADUATION CLASS . . . x 4234 rw. ,Av fa A V, . CHIEFTAIN .A , WLT! I SSQS SEVE TY MIDYEAR ........... SPRING FACULTY . . . . . . SPRING STUDENT GOVERNMENT .... SPRING SPORTS ............. 104 STUDENT BODY .... . . 126 JUNE GRADUATION GLASS . . . . . . 142 INDEX ............... . . . 168 fig 'X mi Z.-I 1i"i"" W Dr. Warren Juhnke, Principal -sw...-slf' The Fall Semester of the 1969-70 school year was one of challenge and opportunity for the students of Uni. Some of the challenges were created by the financial conditions of the School District, the first semester of operation of our PTSA, the expansion of our human relations program, and the need to finance and carry out an extensive student activity program for our growing student body. In every instance, the Uni student body came through with a genuine concern for the school, active participation in the program, and the type of excellence in results which has characterized this student body. Through the successful facing of challenges, our student body has shown its quality, both as individuals and as a group. This is really what education is about-learning through experiences to meet and face the challanges of life. When the Senecan class graduated on January 30, 1970, it marked the passing of a milestone for the Senecans are the last mid-year class to graduate from University High. This ceremony also marked the departure of a class that made many noteworthy contributions to Uni High. ln the academic, athletic, artistic, and activity programs, whenever noteworthy achievements were made, members of the class of Winter, 1970 were in leadership positions. As we bid them farewell, we say well done and thank you. Wffyilwefa 1 , , ,t Az,h1,A,z K, , ,L, , V F , A MN! X""""""-Q XX Miss Elinor Offenbach Mr. Richard Miller Girls' Vice Principal Boys' Vice Principal ADMI I TR T10 wr Mr. Jack Moscowitz Mrs. Florence Johnson Miss Dorothy Nelson Registrar Head Counselor Librarian PUPIL PER UNNEL ERVICES Miss Billie Addison Miss Elizabeth Olstad 7 Finance Manager Nurse Mrs. Jeannette Alk Mr. Milton Anisman Mrs. Asta Aristov Foreign Language Science Foreign Language "Bonjour, ca va?" "Now we will study joints." "Thou shalt not cheat." -f Mis Sharon Bardach Mr. Allen Bernston Mrs. Sonia Bloom Social Studies Social Studies Mathematics "Let's love each other." "l'll spit in your eye." "The statement below is true, the statement above is false," 1 Miss Judy Bachrach Foreign Language "Don't waste paper. People are dying in Asia." Mr. George Bonorris Science "Irini Pasi." Mr. Courtney Borio Miss Katherine Boukas Physical Education Health How about a new gym?" "l got one but it's .,... " Mrs. Bertha Boyd Homemaking "l never told you that!" i M.. 1 , Mr. Wallace Buck Mathematics "l'm not going to say anything." Mr. Donald Chacchi Science Mr. Roger Braasch Physical Education lnot showni 3 Yi Mrs Iris Burnham English "C'mon, let's have someone else." Mrs. Kathleen Chacchi Foreign Language Mr. David Braun Mr. Edward Break Business Education Driver Education "We must progress!" "Number 24, answer the question Mrs. Faye Brosnam Mrs. Pearl Breuer Social Studies - Chairman Social Studies "You have stated your opinion: now prove it is valid." "You can't win them all." Mr. Richard Button Industrial Arts ... 1 I I . city. 1 '5 E il? .2 fs Mr. Leonard Christ Mr. Donald Chronister Guidance Social Studies "Give me a cIue." "Burn this on your brain." "Guidance is a two way street." "Do without doing-act without acting Mr. Gerald Citrin Mrs. Louise Connolly Mis Judy Copeland Miss Maurine Coughlin Art English Physical Education Mathematics "ls anyone interested in a litter of "Nice to be back." "Your gym shoes could walk alone" siamese kittens?" Mrs. Lorraine Curry Mrs. Helen Delo Mr. Lawrence Dennison Art Mathematics Science "Give me quality, not quantity." "Ouietl" "Z - 92 - 21" Mis Elizabeth Dyer Mr. Ross English Social Studies Social Studies "They were absolutely abysmal---again!" "We learn from history that we don't learn from history." Miss Karin Erickson Mr. Rex Faulkner Mrs. Florence Fisher Business Education English Guidance "Floyd and Jasmine. . "May l have your attention, students? "College just isn't for everyone." lThat's my little ioke for the dayll" Mr, Flobert Freyer Miss Barbara Fox English English Second Language "Blue, Blue-black, or black ink only, "It takes a sly teacher to out "fox" the Studentsl" Dlease. Mr. Julian Gomez Mr. Walter Gardner English Foreign Language "Moving right along." "If you don't believe it-check it outl f , Miss Linda Friedman English "Class! I have good news and b ad news!" Mr. William Fuller Industrial Arts "The crayfish belong in the pond not on the tennis court." Mr. William Gottsdanker Foreign Language "El verbo de hoyes. . . convencer Mr. William Greene Mrs. Rachelle Haky MY' UOYY-1-HSHSOY1 Social Studies Business Education H Efwllsh . H "Apin---Get to the pointl" "Blonds do have more fun!" Hefe we 90 393m- Mis Colleen Herr Mr. Fwd HONDY Health EHQUSN "Give me feedback!" "Again---Explain...conclusion...what's that?" Mrs, Marjorie Houge J Mrs. Jacqueline Howard Mrs. Klementyna James Mrs. Jura Jodele Mathematics - Chairman Homemaking English Science Good grief! What can I say?" "Now girls." "The last time I saw Boston." "Let'S not get involved into that one now! Wait til the next chapter." Mr. Lloyd Jones Mrs. Virginia Jorgensen Mr. Richard Kampmann Social Studies English Physical Education - Chairman "Anyone for tennis?" "There is 'Nooo way' . J 1 J ix ' in .1 X gvi an isigff Mr. Robert Karlsrud Mr. Frank Kivel, Sr. Mr. Ira Kleinman Social Studies Social Studies Social Studies "You've got to be kidding!" ' "Have a nice week-end, and stay out "Those who are late to class will be of iaiI." victims ofthe no-bell prize!" Mr. David Koegel Mr. David Koral English - Chairman Mathematics "Who, me picket the school!" "lf you had a funny lunch, don't come to class." N.. Wi Gum f'flAPllln1 Mr. Donald Kyle Mr. Duane La Flue Mr. Leon Libenson Industrial Arts Physical Education Foreign Language - Chairman 'You have an unexcused tardy, mop!" "No way without pride." "Again, there is only one my to run f a way" Mr. Edmund Lindop, Jr. Mr. Thomas Losee Mrs. Lulu Lumpkin Mr. Paul Lund Social Studies Guidance English Science "Use your code numbers, please!" "What's the probIem?" "Maintenant, nous allous travailler "Get out a half sheet of paper un peu." Mr. John Magruder Music "Why don't you have your ear replated?" Mr. Malcolm McClellan Mrs. June McC0nlogie English Music - Chairman 'Thouyit without learning is perilous." "Stop acting like over-sexed 3 year olds." 1' 'f M, Miss Ida Matranga English "Seniors are beautiful." Miss Catherine McDonald Erg-lish Mr. George McDonald Social Studies "Let's stay on the ball!" , f ra . S . iw firffisgl.--111.. A .. 7 11l.tifl2r'fvf3. as lll 5' f -' - V I in 'l,l' ff V,.W , N ,hV,A. Ili f In K' 1 i r' ' . My .61 gr t 13-,:Q3Qf'l' h ' we '-- FQ, t . V. 1 V gs' r-,935 rf' . - I 'lag 'li '51 -'F Mrs. Joanna McNeil Physical Education - Chairman "Be fit or you'lI be nothing." Dr. Ellen Millisor, Physical Education "lf you're not out in 10 l'll!!!! Mr, William Mulvehill Science "Mater that slide rule" Mrs. Cecile McKenna English "Our deadline is 3 minutes from , ., X ' 71t2if,Jl1 V . . 3 K ,K rf " ,. -t 4... ' . sat i 1 if is fx.-My . 4 if ww .r. l if A A Q M , , i Q5 ta ff f ,af it 5 , 19+ S now." . Mrs. Julia Nathanson E nglish Mr. Stuart McLoughlin Industrial Arts - Chairman "You can lead a horse to water, but..." Mrs. Nancy Middleton Foreign Language "Childran....." Miss Peggy Meredith Physical Education "Let's go to Europe ..... Europe anyone?" Mr. Sam Mitzman Mis Irene Molchanov Business Education AFI, h l "Has anyone here evar heard of Napoleon, "Yeahl That's better...But it still North Dakota?" stinksl" Mr, Neal Newman Physical Education "Gentlernanl!!" vw , N .1 'r 9 Mrs. Frances Nichols Mr. Herbert Nikirk Miss June Palmer Art Art - Chairman Physical Education "All right class" t "DeadIy" "Don't bring me a NOTE from your mother!" Mr. Jordan Paul Mr. Oris Payton Mrs. Sara Pence Health - Chairman Science Physical Education "Now during the BORE war..." "I don't give a bad grade in gym, you earn it!" Mr. Clifford Pineo Mathematics lnot shownl HPROCRASTINATION is the thief of time" llike all big wordsl Mrs. Edith Proven Miss Linnea Reames Mrs. Mary Rennick Guidance Business Education Homemaking - Chairman Have this signed by all your teachers." "Oh Crunch!" "Rip it out" Mrs. Blanche Robinson Mr. Jack Rosenthal Mr. Arnold Rubinoff Mathematics Industrial Arts Art "I'm buried in chaIkI" "It's not my fault that I was born rich, "Okay, who turned oft the lights?" not beautiful." P iz Q, , H 1 Mr, Gerald Scheib Mr. Leonard Schoen Mrs. Mary Schuyler t Art Social Studies Physical Education 'Strike while the iron is hot." "Ok gang, Iet's get started!" "No one allowed on our gym floor with hard shoes" Miss Edna Schwerin Mathematics "Hold on." t E Mr, Joseph Sedia Miss Ysabel Sullivan Mrs. Joan Swartzlander Mr. Don Tarquin Physical Education English English Mathematics Mr. Robert Sisco Knot shownl Physical Education "Aw-right you ding-a-lings. . .knock it off!" Mr. William Wawerchak Mathematics "Pirates" "Education is the stepping stone to success," Miss Gladys Tuxhorn Business Education - Chairman "Fairl If life were fair, I would be wealthy and beautiful instead of so darn smart." Miss Randy Weinberg Mrs. Francine Weiss Mr. Harold Wessels Mrs. Patricia Whitten Foreign Language Foreign Language Industrial Arts Foreign Language "Ve get too soorn cldt und too late "Get off your fatty acids and get to schmart." work," Mr. Caldwell Williams Mr. Edwin Willumsen Mr. George Wilson Guidance Guidance Guidance "This is the same picture you saw "That's really out of Psych!" "Give me your tension please! last year." 'fur , Mrs. Thelma Woodson Mr. Robert Wright English Science - Chairman "Ah hushl" "This quiz will be an insult to your intelligence." fe' Mrs, Lillian Young English "Be specific!" is 3 x r gifs 'X Fm Qi' if 13 E55 'WY " r 4- 4 . . " ,-5 r ffm lg . 'qui .,... , .. .. .gf Y , A ,V i A . , me w . ,'-.. -1:2' af' LL,, 4. N f12- a , ? y i L .A A PREPARING FOOD DAILY IS THE CAFETERIA STAFF crow ll ivirs. E M Helen Deken, Mrs. Vera Menzies, 'YF , A--,A QE Mrs. Sally Berman, Mrs. Theresa Z,F1 f ,, 1 I -' 51.5 1 Delzer, lrovv 2l Mrs. Evelyn Ander- -.'. f A if 55 son, Mrs. Shirley Lastfogel, Mr. Vin- f cent Martino, Mrs. Portia Hall, Mrs. aivu X Theessie Williams. ' CLASSIFIED STAFF WORKING BEHIND THE SCENE AT UNI' IS THE CL-ERICAL Fran Ainis, Mrs. Amelia Weston, Mrs. Mardell Oliver Mrs. Judy STAFF lrow 11 Mrs. Aya Sase, Mrs. Alice Young, Mrs. Mabel Whitlock, Mrs. Margaret Walsh. HNSERTD Mrs. Ruth Heintz - Kitsuse, Mrs. Bernadine Faulkner, lrow 21 Mrs. Norma Tubbs, Mrs. Fil'1BI1Ce Office 18 WmMmMmWg FQ vs. A , , f-., ,, 7, .... QW Q - . ,ff W'E ,7 is... mrwigfi A'aw'k M www i.:,, 9 V in he M ,M in M A, as 0 4 ,F xv L it .5 . 'R K .4 ez if 1 H, .-f .9-' sq ,M , xr ,,w, ,L,W '1-r"'f 'HJ'-QW fi , I ,1 5 ..-, L fe 1 5 S Q- 5 4 iv V. ,-f 5 WE, L..-V - - W 'uf W K 5 ink I g, 1-Q G0 ,X ? X, Q: ww ,, - A Q7 '--.... ll b , -- ii f i Q A. -::,. ,, , 1 ' Jin KA 5 I -f,' 1 mmfii? -.'ff1: Q. . W. mg., . I EW 5222 'Ne CZ vii in A if ii' PY ,ef .,.w!M, A Ss if! H4 W Wir . A Y ma I www, f' cf' . A 4 . CW 1 ' -p, . fp S PRESENTED WITH AWARDS FROM THE AUTO- MOBILE CLUB OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA FOR RECEIVING 100 PERCENT ON THEIR DRIVING TESTS ARE Irovv II Carl Trachtenberg, Blair Roddan. Irovv QI Mr. Frank Meyers, Bernard Lobjois, Dr. Warren Juhnke, John Doermann, IVIr. Bob Brennan. wfzfiiiig '-..,,,.Mm 21 This past fall semester, l was greatly honored to be ASB President of University High School. While working in my capacity l became acutely aware of the changing attitude of a high school student in the Los Angeles City School System. Leadership class, a branch of the student government, played a changing role this semester. As in the past we were concerned with providing a diversity of activities for all students. The Vietnam lVloratorium and the traditional Uni Gras attracted the greatest involvement. But I found that activities are really not of the greatest concern to the majority of the student body. Leadership class attempted to improve the school through curriculum advancement and adminis- trative policy changes. What students want now is quality education in the entire Los Angeles City School System. At the beginning of the fall semester l'm sure you remember the oneday teacher protest against the system. This was the beginning of a unified effort by all persons involved with the long awaited improve- ment of Uni High. But then as the semester progressed students slowly lost interest in high school and seemed to fall into the trap of "apathy", lt was first interpreted as apathy from content. "Vile have it good at Uni, and are bound by the system anyway, so what can we improve?" was one remark. lt is true we are bound by a system, but we are also greatly bound by the lack of unity and interest to get behind a cause. Improvements can be made by students today!! A minor example is the cafeteria food improvements and satellite acquisition. On a more widespread scale, we have made improvements dir- ectly with the Board of Education. This year I was elected to the Student Advisory Board of the Board of Education. In January this board made many pertinent suggestions for definite improvements in the city. In general they include a Student Bill of Rights, course and textbook evaluations, students finance policy changes, revision of building, designing and decorating of policies, and liberalization of all dress codes in the entire city. Future leadership classes will provide creative activi- ties as we did this semester but will also continue to play a bigger role in the changes that will continue to improve our high school. As Eldridge Cleaver was quoted as saying, "lf you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem." Quang? Z- FALL ST DE TBODY Edward Sternstei n-A.S.B. President FFICERS David StonefStudent Council President Qs.,-gr' Brian BrahrnsfStudent Body Treasurer Debbie ShonAStudent Body Secretary William Martinez-Senate President w . Peter Pang-Chief Justice UNDER THE DIRECTION OF IVIR. JONES, THE FALL LEADERSHIP CLASS DILIGENTLY WORKS PLANNING THE STUDENT ACTIVITIES. THE MEMBERS ARE: Irovv ll Kathy Dorfman, Commissioner of Communications, Annette Lipson, Commissioner of A.F.S., Julie Carlson, Commissioner ot Athletics, Laurie Levy, Chairman of G.L. Board of Design, Bonnie Torf, Commissioner of Scholarship, Charlotte Strem, SH RW President, Deborah Cox, A-12 Senator, Robert Landau, Ombudsman. irovv 2l Nancy Gillette, Head Cheerleader, Anna IVIindes, Assistant Secretary, Debbie Shon, A.S.B. Secretary, Karen Silton, G.L. Historian, Cathy Buckingham, Chairman of G.L. Board of Display, Gay Harwin, Commissioner of Elections, IVIarnie Bodek, G.L.V.P., Shelley Foreman, G.L. Treasurer, Scott Sherman, 12th Grade Senator, John Cohn, 10th Grade Senator, IVIadeline Scallet, Chairman ofthe G.L. Hostess Board. irovv 3I Ronnie Keller, Commissioner of Recreation, Ed Sternstein, A.S.B'. President, IVIarci Weis, Student Council Secretary, Debbie Frieden, llth Grade Senator, Kathy Shon, Assistant Secretary, Betty Goodwin, Commissioner of Public Relations, Cindy Kohn, G.L. Presi- dent, Patty IVlayer, Student Senate Secretary, Franci Gum- biner, Chairman of G.L. Board of Communications, Lark Galloway, 11th Grade Senator. lrow 4l Tim Wolf, B.L.V.P., Scott Jacoby, 12th Grade Senator, Quinn Mayer, B.L. President, Bill Nlartinez, Student Senate President, Dave Stone, Student Council President, Peter Pang, Chief Justice, Shelley Hendler, B.L. Secretary Treasurer, Brian Brahms, A.S.B. Treasurer, Scott Lichtig, 11th Grade Senator, Saralee Turrell, Chairman of G.L. Friendship Board. FALL STUDENT BODY BOARDS HELPING TO MAKE THE SPORTS ACTIVITIES RUN SMOOTHLY, ARE THE MEMBERS OF THE BOARD OF ATHLETICS: Irow ll Terry Zimmer- man, Judy Hendler, Julie Carlson- Commissioner, Pam Meininger. Irow 23 Dave Price, George Gumbiner, Bob Wein- er, Jack Horowitz, Ben Shapell, Jim Larramee, Joel Dashit. lrow 3l Lee Sturman, Julie Jameson, Vicki Werner, Dianne Thayer, Tracy Landis, Sue Sheby, Mike Sugarman. REPRESENTING THEIR GRADE LEVEL IN THE LEADERSHIP CLASS ARE SENATORS: Irovv 'll Bill Mar- tinez-Senate President, Deborah Cox- A12 Senator, Debbie Frieden-11th Grade Senator, Lark Gallovvay-11th Grade Senator, Jon Cohn-10th Grade Senator. Irovv 2l Scott Jacoby-12th Grade Senator, Scott Lichtig-11th Grade Senator, Scott Sherman-12th Grade Senator. CHARGED WITH THE RESPONSI- BILITIES OF RUNNING THE SCHOOL'S ELECTIONS ARE THE MEMBERS OF THE BOARD OF ELECTION: Irow II, Janie Bloom, J od y H orowitz-co-commissioner, Gay Harwi n dell, Craig -commissioner, Jane Sin- Simon, Carla Axelrod, Judy Langer, Irow 4I, Andy Berman, Janie Soloman, Cathy Kurtz, Susie Irow 2I, Doug Wong, Barbara Henry, Pam Fukumoto, Sharon Borak, Jean Knight, Debbie Kier, Marci Weis, Irow 3I, Fanny Grgurevie, Debbie Fine, Patty Carpenter, Liz Pizer, Missy Berry, Tia Flis, Chris Desser, Kohn, Jim Fabe, Jay Schlanger, Jim Laramy, Debbie Frieden. INot shownl Patsy Wols, Wendy Naiditch, Wendy Wortman, Meg Goldman, Jan- ella Vasquez, Craig Wood, Celia Brown, Angela Curran, Felicia Cur- ran, Lisa Karoff, Sherry Linson, Kate Rosenbloom, Richard Shapiro, Lisa Lang. M-,...i .MH H . BROADENING UNl'S HORIZONS, THE FALL AMERICAN FIELDS SER- VICE MEMBERS ARE: Irow1I, Shayla Blakely, Cheryl Resnick, Linas Kojelis, Rozanne Schultz, Nancy Cohen, Yveline Vauzanges, IAFS studentl, Annetie Lip- son-commissioner, Andrea Teve, Nancy Taylor, Robert Russell, Laura Buchalter, Sue Kaplan, Susan Levitt, Kathi Hoffer, Irow 2I, Ricki Alpert, Louise Lessing, Patty McMillan, Michelle Strull, Shelly Weitzberg, Mary Hartman, Irow 3I, Van- essa Romonino, Glenda Burns, Steve Schwadron, Jackie de Britto, Irow 4I, Andrea Paymar, Cornelie Stoevesandt, IAFS studenti, Irene Mori, Nick Susuki, Bill Lappen. THE STUDENT COURT TRIES PROBLEM CASES INVOLVING STUDENTS: AND HAS SUPREME JURISDICTION OVER CONSTI- TUTIONAL MATTERS: Irow 1I, Peter Selvin, Martha Goodkin-secretary, Peter Pang-chief justice, David Rubens, Irow 2I, Peter Rich, Kim Marienthal, Richard Granstein, Dan Ross, Lee Solow. INot showni, Paul Rogat. MEMBERS OF THE FALL BOARD OF PUBLIC RELATIONS are: Irovv 13 Nancy Felixson, Debbie Kier, Betty Goodwin-commissioner, Ann- ette Haraldsted, Candy Hirschfield. Irow 23 Richard Goldman, Mark Bishop, Jamie Krug, Howard Kipen, Steve Josephs, Hunter Kaplan. Not shown: Mary Hiecke, Lisa Dunitz, Nancy Idgaloff, Lisa Horelick. MEMBERS OF THE FALL BOARD OF COM- MUNICATIONS are: lrow 13 Kathy Dorfman-- commissioner, Joanne Thorner, Audrey Hen- dricks, Suzanne Altman. Irovv 23 Jim Laramee, Lynn Coffey, Joan Coffey, Mandy Bonn-secre- tary, Kim Greene. Irovv 33 Mrs. Nichols, Monica Brembrock, Ruth Feldon, Bill McCrary. Irovv 43 Keith Sagon, Avrom Green, Dave Lawrence, Barry Vllilliams. Not shown: Lisa Binder, David Ruskin. STUDENT BODY BOARDS MEMBERS OF THE FALL BOARD OF REC- REATION are: Irow 13 Dale Klatztiev, Roni Keller-commissioner, Debbi Fine, Ava Kahn. Irovv 23 Linda Wohl, Cathie McClory, Melinda Smith, Jeff Smith, Jean Katz, Julie Silverman, Kathryn Shon. Irovv 33 Ed Rubin, Lauren Levin, Vicki Ebin. Not shown: Debby Strauss, Nancy Epstein, Gloria Peralta. MEMBERS OF THE FALL STUDENT COUNCIL are: Dave Stone-president, Marci Weis-secretary, Carla Axelrod, Richard Beale, Chris Beavers, Doug Beecher, Andy Berman, Linda Bernson, Missy Berry, Judy Bondy, Sharon Borak, Richard Brisken, Celia Brown, Ken Brown, Dave Butler, Patty Carpenter, Laurie Carr, Nancy Cohen, Virginia Conteras, Kim Cook, John Corby, Frances Cron, Ron Denney, Susan Dettmer, Mary Engler, Darlene Ewing, Sally Fischer, Mike Fuhr, Tina Garfinkel, Amy Gibbons, Marilyn Glucksman, Judy Goldstein, Bob Gonzales, Bill Grayson, Patty Greer, John Gumbiner, Chip Hand, Annette Haraldsted, Chuck Hendricks, Bob Herndon, Mary Heyler, Cindy Higgins, Candy Hirschfield, Adam Hofberg, Glenn Holland, Scott Holmen, Earle Hyman, John Jakowczyk, Tony Jackson, Sue Kaplan, Randy Kay, Nina Kenney, Howard Kipen, Kathy Kletecka, Reid Kopel, Cathy Kurtz, Fred Landau, Bill Lappen, Lisa Levin, Mary Lexier, Tracee Linden, Charles McCarthy, Sandy Maahs, Marlene Marcus, Kim Marienthal, Lisa Mears, Darryl Morris, Bob Neches, Tom Neches, Steve Orel, Heidi Ottiger, Greg Perloff, Elena Phipps, Fran Pollack, Holly Reinhart, Laura Rice, Robert Russell, Joann Sands, David Sanett, Jamie Sanford, Pierre Schlag, Bill Schnitzer, Sue Sheby, Craig Simon, Debbie Small, Jean Smiley, Howard Steinman, John Stichman, Ken Stoller, Joanna Sutten, Mark Taylor, Jon Thomas, Terry Thomas, Vaughn Torrance, Stuart Ueda, Randy Vasquez, Tsai Min Wang, Bob Werner, Lau ra Werner,Deanna Wong, Craig Wood. PLANNING SOCIAL AND INTER-SCHOOL ACTIVI- TIES FOR THE CALIF- ORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FED- ERATION iC.S.F.l ARE THE FALL MEMBERS OF THE BOARD OF SCHOLARSHIP: lrow ll Sherry Ross-secre- tary, Kevin Blattel-boys vice president, Bonnie Torf-com- missioner and president of C.S.F., Donna Nagata-girls vice president, Peter Sulli- van4treasurer. irow Zl Mel- anie Rich, Saralee Turrell, Lin- da Leong, Kiyoko Tatsui, Jeanne Katz, Lynn David, Les- lie Wong. lrow Sl Kenny Rose- nthal, Lisa Marks, Martha Schoen, David Charvonia, Jeff Smith, Tsai Min Wang, Deanna Wong, Usha Viswanathan. lrow 4l Mike Stone, Laurie Kester, Chris Beavers, Greg Brody, Nancy O'DonnelI, Daina Koielis, Kathy Russell, Joanna Sutton. irow El Allen Gilbert, Suzanne Kirst, Kenny Bank, Stacie Widdifield, Kathy Berkeley. lrow Sl John Smith, Jeffrey Alpert, Doug Beecher, Amire Bahman, Jeff Perl, Hun- ter Kaplan. Not shown: Judy Miller, Robin Brooks, Jeff Cole, Sue Cullison Jennifer Guze, Ken Hyman, Mary Krasn, Fred Landau, Tracy Landis, Caren Leve, Irene Mandel, Laura Perlman, Bob Ratner, Kate Rosenbloom. Sponsor: Mrs. Francine Weiss. i Co-Sponsor: Mrs. Kathleen I Checchi. PRESENTING TO THE WINNERS OF THE NOON BOYS' LEAGUE VOLLEYBALL TOURNAMENT FOR THE THIRD YEAR IN A ROW are: Quinn Mayer-Boys' League Pres., Jim Sobzak, Phil Mittell, Mark Berman-Director of Tournament. BOYS' LEAGUE OFFICERS are: Shelly Handler, Quinn Mayer, Tim Wolf. B OEIS? LEAGUE PUBLICIZING BOYS' LEAGUE AC- TIVITIES are: lrovv 1I, Mark Berman- chairman, Mark Isaacs. lrovv 2l Robert Tom, Steve Josephs, Hunter Kaplan, James Laramee, Peter Stone, Mark Git- tler. lrovv SI Mr. Gerald Scheib-sponser, Quinn Mayer-pres., Dean Schneider, Mimi Cherbo-sect. lrovv 4I Woody Ro- 3O osevelt, Steve Davis, Bob Kallenbaugh, Steve Sanett, Ricc Bieber. Absentees are: Jay Jacoby-lvice-chairmanl, Bruce Co- operman, Richard Granstein. PLANNING BOYS' LEAGUE AC- TIVITIES are: Irow II George Gurn- biner, Jamie Krug, Andy Berman- chairman, Howard Kipen, Charles McArthur. lrovv Zl, Mark Kawachi, Buster Hyman-manager, Bryan Fisch. lrovv 3l, Hunter Kaplan, Allen Gilbert, Mark Barshop. , V , 1 ,+A 4 w- 3 .- GIVING OF THEIR TIME TO HELP THE YOUNGER CHILD READY FOR ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. THE FALL MEMBERS OF S.I-I.O.P. are: Irow II Deanna Wong, Sue Cullison, Lisa Dunitz, Mike Gittel- man. Irow 2I Laura Biale, Sherri Yatt, Deedee Phillips, Leslie Wong. DEVELOPING BETTER UN- DERSTANDING BETWEEN STUDENTS ARE THE FALL MEMBERS OF THE BOARD OF STUDENT HUMAN RE- LATIONS WORKSHOP: Irow 1I Margaret Robe, Rachael Rubin, Paul Prusan, Clyde Shaver, Charlotte Strem - Chairman, Jewell Parker A co-chairman, Hohn Cohn, Burce Mann. Irow 27 Deena Palatnick, Kathy Kopley, Lau- rie Walters, Faith Wieland, De- bbie Cox, Laurie Levy, Jolie DeVorin. lrow 3I Mike Schw- artz, Steve Katz, Lisa Levin, Susie Levitt, Jackie Kassorla, Wendy Kellogg, Leslie Frier- man, Deonna Wong. Irow 4I Kitty Steinborn, Mr. Willum- sen f sponsor, Gary Roth, Nina Levin, Jeanne McGinnis, Naomi Vaughn. Inot shovvni Scott Sherman, Monique Pel- tier, Holly Reinhart, Kate Ro- senbloom. HELPING THE YOUNGER STUDENTS TO UNDER- STAND THE MORE DIFFICULT CONCEPTS IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. THE FALL MEMBERS OF S.T.O.P. are: Irow II Rory Jaffe, Sue Cullison - Coordinator, Bonnie Lewis, Lisa Dunitz, Sherry Bell. lrow 2I Mike Schwartz, Lynn Coffey, Jean Coffey, Leslie Wong, Jennifer Guze, Shayla Blakely. Irow 3I Jeanne McGinnis, Susan Levitt, Vanessa Romanino, John Lynch, Ken Gould, Bill Effler. 31 R UV,V ffgficiilffg GIRLS' LEAGUE OFFICERS FOR THE FALL SEMESTER are: Karen Silton-Historian, Shelley Foreman-Treasurer, Cindy Kohn-President, Marnie Bodek-Vice-President. GREETING NEWCOMERS TO UNI ARE THE MEM- BERS OF THE GIRLS' LEAGUE BOARD OF FRIEND- SHIP: Irow 'II Janie Bloom, Judy Langer, Lisa Horelick, Carol Yuge, Irow 2I Lisa Fine, Leslie Harris, Vicki Oshinomi, Robin Brooks, Sarah Lee Turrell-Chairman, Martha Goodkin, Peggy Shapiro, lrovv 3I Linda Wahl, Nancy Epstein, Leslie Wonq, Julie Geist, Jane Sindell, Patty Kellman, Melanie Rich, Irow 4I Sherri Perlin, Debbie Perlin, Mrs. Pence-Sponsor, Annette Lawrence, Kris Houge. 3 PUBLICIZING GIRLS' LEAGUE ARE MEMBERS OF THE GIRLS' LEAGUE BOARD OF DESIGN: lrovv Il Lydia Levin, Linda Finberg-Co-chairman, Laurie Levy- Chairman, Millane Spector-Co-chairman, Mrs. Curry- Sponsor, Irow 2I Lisa Doermann, Claire Lipson, Leslie Gehey, Leslie Frierman, Cheryl Resnick Monica Hlivyak, Linda Bernson, Irow 3I Katrina Kuizenga, Cornelie Stoevesandt, lrow 4l Nancy Greer, Liz Goldman, Amy Hayashide, Linda Singer, Carol Rogers, Martha Wall. COMMUNICATING FOR GIRLS' LEAGUE ARE MEMBERS OF THE BOARD OF COMMUNI- CATION: irow 'li Sherry Ross, Pan Adinoff, Francie Gumbiner, Linda Katz, Nina Kenney, lrow 2l Karen Ginsburg, Judy Goldstein, Lisa Levin, Francine Barr, Lorrie Keil, Mrs. Bloom, Michelle Strull, Lynn David, irow 3i Carol Gon- zalez, Linda Spitz, Patty Carpen- ter, Yoshiko Okuno, Shelley Weit- zberg, Kim Greene, Ruth Feldon, Ellen Spencer. lrow 4l Felicia Curran, Miriam Prum, Angela Cur- ran, Joan Richmond, Eleanor Schrader, Carol Swanson, Susan Dettmer, Suzanne Kirst. DECORATING DISPLAY CASES AND BULLETIN BOARDS AROUND UNI ARE MEMBERS OF THE GIRLS: LEAGUE BOARD OF DISPLAY: lrow ll Bambi Van, Tilburg, Cathy Bucking- ham-chairman, Cathy Olish, Candy Hir- schfield, Debbi Fine, irow 2l Cindy Miller, Debbie Fishlyn, Kathryn Shon, Eve Beerman, Margaret Robe, Jane Kal- lenbaugh, Kathy Kopley, lrow 3l Lynn Gale, Claudia Rulin, Mary Reimers -co-chairman, Liz Brown, Linda Zuber, Tina Sieg. SERVING AT SCHOOL FUNC- TIONS ARE MEMBERS OF THE GIRLS' LEAGUE HOSTESS BOARD: lrow ll Mrs. Howard- Sponsor, Susie Kohn, Tracee Lin- den, Debbie Berke, Tonia Chin, Susan Chase, irow 2l Cathy Stern- stein, Sharon Borak, Debbi Sil- ton-Co-Chairman, Madeline Scal- Iet-Chairman, Nancy Felixson- Co-chairman, Laura Werner, Wen- dy Lava, irow 3l Gail Shamberg, Sue Unger, Terri Dennison, Carol Hartunian, Harriet Chu, Nancy Cohen, Janella Vasquez, Leslie Saxon, irow 4l Emily lnouye, Bonnie Torf, Nancy Taylor, Lau- rie Kester, Julie Phister, Judy Fenton, Lynn Maurer, Yveline Vauzanges, Jean Stanley. 33 Girls' League Night At The Forum ticket sales Boys' League Fall Art Exhibit We GOT the whole world w,,,,,,...J SIMON NIH V415 uHIn A016051 wNlQA 4 'M Q--an L' ,Z 'X' ' , V Y rf. fmiv 5'-" ,:?-38 We 1 That GREAT Uni Band readying for the half time entertainment. Ron Riddick over easy Girls' League and their table filled with sweet goodies. Shame. . .SHAME Spectators at Boys' League Art Exhibit. PROMOTING "UNI SPIRIT" THROUGH THICK AND THIN ARE THE VARSITY CHEER- LEADERS: Irow 1I Carolina Ochoa-Nlascot, Irow 2I Roz Lewis, Randy Kay, Richard Ogner, and Ron Riddick. Irow 3I Suzy Weiner, Adrian Schein, Devon Brown and Sheri Barber. Irow 4I Chris York, Nancy Gillette-Head Cheerleader and Adolph Becker. BEE CHEERLEADERS ARE: irow II Laura Werner and Espey Ochoa. Irow 2I Sharon Garber and Neysa Gelfin. RLEAD ONCE UPON A MID NIGHT EERIE. . THERE WAS A UNI GRAS! I F., 4 N, , S fe' NOVEMBER 7, 1969 I A J' F, Q 'L . ..,. 1 2.2 W X wr , .' -fi N - 5 , STUDE NTS ENIOYI NG A LUNCH HOUR L FALL SPORTS F? X. S f O . . 5 ' S, f. Y l Q Efwrbk'frQ,l1,Aw 'EL ,.L?-470 N Aga Q A M KW Bernie Babtkis Mark Borden Greg Cook Randy Dyer Dave Dutra Mark W. Ehring Greg Eichenfield Scott F. Grandi .gg VARSITY Tom Gudauskas David Ikkanda i Eugene Inagaki Nick Jannis Brian Kingman Don Kreuter Tom Lang 42 2, 5'- xg. 5 Si WW H , :ning 'W---.-.-V . V - Y' A A F L:xilA Mmkwimaw ' Ai Coach Joe Sedia Coach Duane LaRue gf UGH! ,Q I3 5 SQ R f , eg ' i . I it ,, . ..-. --,i.,,u ,M Ken Nichols Kenji Mochlcuku John Park 1 Ralph Primo FOOTB LL Mike Riddle Mark Seegel Danny Shane Rick Watt Jim Weinstein Henry Tubbs A' Cortes Nlaff Essen Bill Durslag Leonard P. Tondreau V 3 fa' QI- a f , f5T5"' . ,M Amqgg A QW 1.1 'I Q ., - 1: , ,, .n -wx-I' 1 is . .r --A' . A if-, 7Q?V va 74Mf. QQP wk Frank Glen Stapp ' H -. .F -, A., -., Q J ,QQM ii 1,5 .. ,,,,,B-41. ,fgiof I. v f 4-3,4 fi L 3-lr Q 9 3 5.01 I .. , Q H, f ,A 5, , A 4 ' K ' 1, ,. ,f M., . we " nf- MK ' 'lf' F ' ' A . -U4 ,,1hw. ,W,R, -3' ,Vu ' ff - lvl ' - yu . , q,,,.R.. 'Y +3. v. . .' ' .r -- 3248, .p,4,1,?1fwF-1f4:x,. .U , .:,,f' Sv 5 QM , ix ra A Q ,, If In A fig, A .. if 5 , ,Q 4 L V 2 ' ig. 'E i n - 1. Todd N. Thayer w.QQ Q 44 MEMBERS OF THE J.V. FOOTBALL TEAM are: irow 'li Randy Dyer, John Shroff, Joel Steigers, Leroy Beavers, Randall Glickman, Greg Cook, Jim Newitski, Chris Chamberlin. lrow 2l Rich Watts, Gregg Eichenfield, Seth Morgan, Art Corillo, Tom Longnecker, Mike Mekjian, Andy Pan, Rick xo Qu Tk 'S vmigizy Woods, Tum Gudauskas, Jim Weinstein, Bole Gottlieb. lrow 33 William - Mansfield, Vaugn Torrance, Leo Schwarz, Richard Herman, Mike Melton. lrovv 41 Rich Briggs, Steve Hackbarth, Paul Arulos, Jim May, Bill Moss, Robert Sullivan, Bill Grove. as cl - 117 wil ff-ferafwr M r f M- V .c - - - F as-, ,,v-,,,':.w,,4:1gg'1 f - we ww . la, 5 f' 55, , , , ,Q L. ' W' yur 9'-Ff'-f ,v ,f V - ' ' .,,QL,..-" -, nl V pai--fv"'1'x5Y'::'e 'V F' ,ff 'rw' -W K 'f - N V X ' ' ,ff , W. M " ' A veil-y-,f' I :,- A" a, ': me rw ' 'l- 41" X 3,2 X , 2-'tgL':'f.2?'H ,"f'ff5!::"5"2".. ' , ,,g,...,:: - ' -nf Q' A-1wff?Q'1"f-1" .fs fffk' ""' f ' . R - , Ho- 1 A f my g,'3:5f, ' as ' M4 WET aw' .zz-..- ie s,,.g,f'ifem ., N M if-fisrfw,.rr N ,. fell it M ...,1.... 5" .. Y " f- 4 5 , V A ,fi ibm, W., M i fe' il JN a a, H 'ff' ,i'a. g' - in Q r , w4"'i 'H flims- "' ,al- " I 3 ' yy V 1 " ' ' , , f ,, , 'W' I V s -. 1' T ,.- 'M - M ff 5 C, 5 I L Ta Z W J , gm, L A ,H ,...f int. ,Q if v ' LV 9 ,, , ,.-al. , LH . , A 'M ,Z ',, M 4 iw. . : .,,'f'x6"Z. 1 1, ,, . 1, ,fs , f. I K F d,,,.,,,, -H . Q-, A fe., X AY J " 4 ev ' is L A ... .sat THE MEMBERS OF THE BEE FOOTBALL TEAM are: lrow 1l John Garcia, Bob Koda, John Garcia, Nori Okimoto, Tito Milina, Glen Kulik, Eugene Philpott, Pete Dominguez, Jeff Holcomb, Shogo Kadowaki, Bruce Mochizuki, Marty Tachiki, John Komesu, Dennis Tachiki, Ron Denney, David Levy, Bruce Yoshiwara.irow 2i Barry Rhodes, William Crammer, Nabih Tahan, Steve Van Zandt, Keith Bungo, Craig Thompson, Bobby Reyes, Saul DeLaPaz, Sam Shocket, Danny Mouliot, Adam Jones, Marc BEE FOOTBALL Schneider, Jose Campos, Lonnie Hanlon, Chris Eggen, Jim Nicholson, Ted Niida, Joey Garcia, Henry Estrada, Louie Rodriguez, Ted Naoe, Burt Nishimoto, Robert Koshimizu, lrovv 3i Mitchell French, David Gould, Orrin Esralow, Eddie Fall, Brian Urata, Charles Mozena, Lester Sakoda, John Byers, Gary Morioka, Jack Moffett, Michael Ueda, Ronald Sandler, Randy Taylor, Ken Williams, Greg Wight, Dave Schleimer, Stanley Robinson, Deen Chamian, Steve Kato, Marty Holtzman, Kevin Chapman. Coach Roger Braasch Defensive play characterized the type of football played by the UNI High Bee Team this year. Although the team record for Fall 1969-70 was 1 and 7, the team was in or very close in all but two of the games played. Standout performances on defense were turned in game after game by Eugene Philpottp Middle Linebacker, Tito Molina, Middle Guard, John Komesug Outside Linebackers, Bruce Mochizuchi and Shogo Kadowakig and TackIe,Marty Tachiki, Each game a "Scalphunter" of the week was awarded to the man who scored the most points in the game. Points were awarded to the man on the basis of assisted and unassisted tackles, fumble recoveries, pass interceptions, and tackles of the quarterbacks. The leaders in this department for the season of Fall 1969-70 were Eugene Philpott and Tito Molina. Outstanding performers, offensively were: Pete Dominguez, Fullbackp Glen Kulik, Ouarterbackp Ron Denney, Split End, Lonnie Hanlon, Split End, Bobby Koda, Wingbackg Adam Jones, Halfbackp Marc Schneider, Quarterback: Joey Garcia, Quarterback, and Dave Levy, Wingback. This season was one of great frustration for the players and coaches because of the injuries and inexperience. The watchword for next season is "Experience" as we have 48 boys returning to the Bee Team for the season of Fall 1970-71. mamma s Coach Robert Sisco nnw... ,- 9321 46 ,,,,,. ,, f ., A W .5 1 W., an g. ...- , ,V -fj,2i,,A-f-,,,,,,i,. r g I ,, R ww , wiv A Tito Molina, getting away another fine kick over the Gondo's out stretched arms. 1 J , ,,,., , H... .,., x Q . V , -,. 1 if hai- ffffmm., - me . , vw we-vu' f. I VT 4 .V v,fW'7 vlblwmam ' Nywf A 3 , fy M ,il gn. . A ,.- 3 4- 5 Q1 hfswi , . 3 'gfgh 4 5 47 M. , fy f 1 A ' , A ii " ' , A fm mf-Lf A . .,,.5. .. K v 'ty " , H, 2k,V5,g,,3 V 'Jffnf-v' ,mv ind ' X uf' K I :-1 I .f 5 V Randy Vasquez-Captain 'N-Q. " VARSITY CROSS COU NTRY Peter Stanley i ? A 3 -1 3 ? M Bill Martinez Peter Marks il 1. 3: ' S lr . J' A . . 'Z ff rg' ,- 275 lfvzaz J' if Steve Ku rasch I . w. ' 2 Il Tom Birns S ,Q I -4 A-1 Ken Ganezer Coach Richard Kampmann IQ Howard Brandes Uni's varsity cross-country team ended the season with a record of three wins and five losses. Two of these losses were very close, a loss to Venice by one point and another to Westchester by three. t J Q at s't,i M 44 A--n4. . The outstanding senior, as voted by the team, was Bill Martinez lBl2l, whose performances were strong throughout the semester. Peter Marks, the phenomenal tenth grader was one of the main stays throughout the semester. Bill Martinez "-3 S Peter Stanley Peter Marks X -, l as - mt,' I " , .4 .P-. , 1 . ,V b .Rn 'F 'J.'az'1" ... ..-- vu ',A sv' - ', ,, '4 "1 f"t"'Y-. 5. g . Randy Vasquez f X Z4 -5.5-P P' . ."' 5 3 "' ., ' - -i . X1 Y: Ways, ,f Q ifzird. l . gf K has A 'X 1X gi tn- si E 5 'Kgs I fv . , Q., V tl s-B: "4 .: 11" ' , 1, V N ri, 'frm , M .uf we L ' fi? fl WM, if Q i -f- .milk 1, . 1 K my Y K V . M V J 8 . 3 z Q . A P 'F 0, ' 5: f?' -M ., sn 1 ff W 1 'MH-QW ' X , M Ak a., RZ , V.: ' ' -wean ' ' kr A 'ei-1,-.,y"'-ifyiswjg F 'Q W ir,,f'.fa, ,Aw -.t4u1...-Ke r M3 Tom Birns 49 WEARING THE BLUE AND ORANGE OF UNI ARE THE MEMBERS Sternstein, Quinn Mayer, James Thurber, Jon Roberts, Mitch Sperling, OF THE JUNIOR VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY TEAM: Irovv Il Richard Harris, lrovv 3l Bill Cohen, Owen Atkinson, John Corby, Joe Robert Ratner-captain, Larry Fink, Bill Miller, Paul Rogat, Chuck Greentree, Leif Hanson, Craig Oakford, John Blackman, Ron Flade, Crovitz, Robert Tom, Robert Kaufman, Oscar Alcerro, John Kandelin, Bruce Ohannesian, Mark Helfen. lrovv 2l Hunter Kaplan, Paul Lavin, Eddie Carroll, Stuart Ueda, Ed RUNNING FOR THE FIRST TIME FOR UNI ARE THE MEMBERS OF THE TENTH GRADE CROSS COUNTRY TEAM: lrow 1l Richard Smith, Emmett King-captain, Steve Hayford, Richard Brose, Abel Becerraa, John Levy, lrovv 2l Don Ellis, Richard Bugenthal, Wendell Miller, Peter Anderson, John Bennet, Lee Rosenberg. 6'-0 Ut' an 1 V , , .s . ,A ' Q, v- ' Y, . N . - ' :,'i- A V R .A V- -.QL M f ,At ff' . A' W-' , "Fail 5 vga.. fyl " 1. lg i L .fwjnt A " i - X, R.,-.. 1 ,, .N K A - ., , - 5 .fx -"' :,...,rv- , -,, O ,,. -. - N- IA - .. ...-"QW'l' " 'X' 3' ' - f' 1. 4'-I' of '.-p Q. - k""' af 'f' ' . a, 'A 1 ,.. A . g . J S - , . ri gixy-rt '7 -M , I - . - at - . . I I ,-Q, - A Q A .51 . A - ,ax-.sf . .f . if .. K- ' Chuck Corvitz pacing himself at the halfway mark. Robert Kaufman driving towards the finish line. 'Sit --.S' ...- ' 'A-fl' - - .. -1 , :..,,.,,.-as M , '- ' 'Y .X 'fb a:.54Aqr,,..4.....,5,. A.. A , Riga! . .-,--... -'z "'.., . .4 5 I.. 1 57,391 0134- g-f-f'j?,.5.... n1,.,M'2-., . ,:rf9.,-4.,...,.W ts... , - 'fc , .:'.V3."n"'-sv, ,ww'x': . Bill lVlilIer Robert Ratner running downhill. L . The jayvee team had a winning season, winning five and losing three. Only one of these losses was to another league team, Pali. The jayvees' performances took them all the way to the city finals, led by Robert "Flash" Kaufman illl and Robert Tom lB12l. Both Roberts were key factors in the jayvee victories. Others deserving mention are Oscar Alcerro iB12l and Bob Kandelin lA12l. L, v-9, -. '95 - qi.. A ' f w 'fix-' .za .fff'f'1 . , , W 1. . 4 V, Q A ' ""'x. . - 'f',,fT L ' rf' 1 v I Q A ' ,, Mwox., A A "' if s wm- .... so is ff...4..r..-3,-,,,......:.. M-J-i .-my M Af 5-4. , , .- 4, 'i I .- W , w Q ,nf :w . , , cgfgzs 3'-af -4 1 x - iv .nz , ' f. l W sv l I Bruce Bonynge Guard VARSITY BASKETBALL The varsity ended the season with a 3-7 record, tied for fourth place. The team was led most of the time by Bruce Bonynge, who have averaged 21.2 points per game, and Napoleon Hendrix and Bob Berryman. Coach Courtney Borio, the varsity coach, is quoted as saying, "that he was not disappointed in the individual players themselves, but in the performance as a team." At the beginning of the season, he said, "that the Western League would be the toughest league"and reconfirmed that statement after the final game. li.. 5-155, QU X 1 We M5 Bob Berryman Center 3,53- if J Sing! Jim Sobczak Forward Nlerrill Nisam Forward Napoleon Hendrix Center Courtney Borio Coach OTHER MEMBERS OF THE VARSITY TEAM are: irow 'li Larry Sneir, Bob Herndon. Crow 23 Greg Garrison, Greg Sanchez, David Luckey. QE ew Sobczak hitting one from the charity stripe. Berryman showing his jumping ability. ADDITIONAL MEMBERS OF THE VARSITY TEAM are: Tom Whitlatch, Casey Corless, Rick Bonynge. Bonynge scores with a jumper i"""'L it 5. 2 li MEMBERS OF THE J.V. BASKETBALL TEAM are: lrow 1l Richard Wohlstadter, Henry Tom, Mike Hanafee, Jeff Lipscornb, James Makaki, Lee Nicholl, Jim Roberts. lrovv 2l Rich Hill, Ralph Bell, Richard Taylor, Pat Hanafee, Gary Stone, Jon Tepper - manager. The J.V. team had a fine season finishing in a tie for second in the Western League lead by team captain and most valuable player, Rick Bonynge and top rebounder, Jeff Lipscomb. Uni posted fine win over League Champion Palisades and second place Venice. Other players in the starting five were Richard Wohlstadter, Jim Roberts, and Lee Nicholl. The starting five were backed up by Mike Hanafee, Henry Tom, Gary Stone, Richard Taylor, Ralph Bell, and James Makaki. One of the better players, Richard Hill, was injured early in the season and vvas not able to play. .V. BASKETBALL ,W A 1, 'W Milam K mimi MEMBERS OF THE CEE BASKET- BALL TEAM are: irow ll Dave Okumu- ra, Dan Hull, Fred Sakamoto, Ross Fujino, Ben Childs, James Neville, Crow 21 Gary Penn, Kirk Whitlatch, Ken Bapamoto, Howard Cahn, Paul Matsu- moto, Terry Stevens. lrow 3l Jeff Vllin- dle, Ernie Tashima, Rob Leshin, Chris Buchanan, Evan Bishop, Alen Cohen. Not shown: Scott Lewis, Mike Swartz. MEMBERS OF THE BEE BASKETBALL TEANI are: lrow ll Anthony Anderson, Ron Sakawina, Jeff Gittler, Glenn lnohara. lrow 23 Doug Ito, Carl Trachtenberg, Bruce Mori, Jeff Skinner. lrow 3l Alan Hostrup, Mike Ladd, Bill Goneau, Bob Duban lmgrl. Coach Neal Newman we-,Xl W, flu fi Qlniluunnnl 5' ,A .r 5 Q e I G.A.A. CABINET: Irovv ll Laura Schultz-Sports Manager, Monica Tenner-Sports Manager, Sue Geller-President, Patty Halpern- Treasurer, Karen Skinner-Sports Manager. Irovv QI Debbie Denne- Lettergirl President, Phyllis Cheng-Sports Manager, Salley Levens- Sports Manager, Kim Deffebach-Cheerleader, Wendy Kellogg- Cheerleader. Irow 3I Linda Blitz-Historian, Mrs. Chris Schuyler- Sponser, Susie Levitt-Vice-President, Kim Barber-Cheerleader. Inot shownl Gregg Curtin-Secretary. FALL G.A.A. UNI'S G.A.A. SWIM TEAM AFTER A BIG COMPETITION TAKING TIME OUT FOR A REST. MEMBERS OF THE FALL GAA GYMNASTIC TEAM are: Irow ll Myra Shulman, Linda Blitz, Patty Halpern, Lorrie Keil, Kathy Kopley, Celia Brown. Irow 2l Jill Smith, Lisa Levin, Deanne Shulman, Patty Carpenter, Kazumi Okimoto, Karen Cummins, Kim Deffebach. Irow 3I Tracy Landis, Caryn Davidson, Jean Kaisaki, Karen Hunt, Cornelie Stoevesandt, Kathy Kletecka, Wendy Kellogg, Judi Cabrera, Maureen Ash, Monica Tenner. FALL G.A.A. VOLLEYBALL lrow ll Yukiko Chinen, Leslie Vogt, Darlene Ewing, Gigi Zakwin. lrow 2l Carol Triest, Patti Pagen, Alison Sutton. GAA is an organization for girls who are interested in RELAXING BETWEEN STRENUOUS IVIATCHES. participating in sports and meeting new friends. The sports offered last fall were swimming, beginning and advanced tennis, volleyball, basketball and gymnastics. Last semester we planned a booth for the Uni Gras which won third prize, and planned the semester's activities. The highlight of the semester was the GAA Banquet, held off campus at Bullocks Westwood. Fall trophy winners were: Amy Segoe-Beginning Tennis, Debbie Cox- Advanced Tennis, Sue Geller-Swimming, Alison Schatar- Bowling. . .. .,,, ii: .sq P . e y ...Q Y I it ks Q K W .Wh I V. Q ,V - ' 1 , W A lVlOlVlENTAFlY PAUSE BEFORE GAA BASKETBALL GAME WITH VENICE. .wWmm , - 5 .Q . ., ,...: M was we N Y B, V .Q Q F QL . .,.. ,. A- , - , W +V f K KM I . F i , , 4 Q, . " " f Q f az,-1+-m,,,,, KEEPING THE BEAT MUSICALLY WHENEVER WE NEED THEM ARE THE MEMBERS OF FALL VOCATIONAL BAND: irow 1l Greg Brosius, Jeff Slate, Hector Barron, Greg Eichenfield, Bill McCrary, Dave Lawrence, lrow 2l Ed Carroll, Hector Barrera, Dennis Copeland, Earle Hyman, Steve Rawitz, Joe Kalberlich, lrow 3l Kare Kumataka, Robert Kaufman, Debbie Sills, Mark Modica, Mike Byron, Ed Jackson, Greg Garrison, Ken Morrison, Dave Schonwald, Linda Spitz, Bob Hearnden. MUSICAL ALWAYS IN STEP ARE THE MEMBERS OF THE MARCHING BAND: lrow 1l Cathy Gould-Secretary, Lisa Binder, Mandy Bonn, Suzanne Altman, Kathy Dorfman, Kim Greene, Wendy Lava. irow Zi Dennis Gerow-drum major, Lori Feldman, Lauri Pearlman, Jane Craig, Gina Desopo, Murrow March, Veronica Strange, Audrey Hindricks, Howard Carlip, Bill McCrary, Dave Charvonia, Vicki Day-drum majorette, irow 31 David Millstein, Curtis Shapiro, Annette Deschon, Bab Hirsch, Kevin Blattel, Mike Byron, Nancy O'Donnell, David Birrell, Dan Becker, Angela Curran, Cathy Oka, Harry Field, lrow 4l Michael Lessin, David Lawrence, Henry Hellor, Linda Spitz, Jeff Boehr, Brian Singer, Bob Wiener, Marc Monica, Joe Kalberlon, irow 53 Guy Bull, Guy Snyder, John Zwerzig, Rick Satnick, Andy Bunin, Sim Hoffman, Dennis Copelan, Keith Sagon, Dan Jaffe, Ed Carroll, Bruce Solow, .lohn Doermann, Mark Hansen, Robert Anderson, Mark Rogister, Alan Anderson, Crow 61 Aryell Cohen, Scott Sumbias, Steve Rawitz, Andrew Allen, Joe Bennett, Earle Hyman, David Ruskin. Not shown: Elisa Weller, Paula Fialkoff, Barry Silbert, Tony Robinson, Ralph Rennie, Doug Guffan, Leona Bergstein, David Barnes. ,X I ,Ter , Nant ALWAYS WILLING TO ENTERTAIN US MUSICALLY AT ALL SCHOOL FUNCTIONS ARE THE MEMBERS OF FALL ORCHESTRA: lrow Il Cornelie Stoevesandt, Nadine Rowe, Tsai Min Wang, Lynne Lisby, David Vaughn, Amy Hayashida, Ilene Rosengaurd, Robert Anderson, Annette Deschon, Robin Etingen, Louis Marvick, Louis Hauser, Tim Lavove, Steve Schwadron, Eliot Baral, Mike Lavove, lrow 2l Ellen Davis, Carol Robbins, GROUPS Chris Ogg, Margie Zweizig, Barry Leneman, Steve Kurasch, David Birrell, Norman Krell, Dough Anchell, Ken Ganezer, Dave Ruskin, David Hyman, Ruth Feldon, Bill McCrary, John Zweizig, Aurom Green, Patti Zanger, Cathy Oka, Fran Feldon, Jane Craig, George Lian, Jackie Ganezer, Debby Dwoskin, Diane Ericson, John Kirkwood, Michael Ramey. SINGING THEIR WAY INTO OUR HEARTS ARE THE MEMBERS OF THE FALL CHOIR: lrow ll John Shroff, Rick Watts, Gary Kates, Rosie Denson, Eddy Viramontes, Jan Rosenmayer, Chip Hand. lrow 2I Abigail Melcher, Barbara Navarro, Pam Meyers, Sue Altman, Carla Manning, Roberta Rosen, Roberta Wolfson, Joanie Diener, Vicky Haines, lrow 3l Ken Williams, Shelley Foreman, Sue Hayes, Denise Brown, Robin Borok, Loree Drews, Gayle Elfman, Debbie Glass, Lisa Wanamaker, Gayle Johnson, Cary Glassner, lrow 4l Sheryl Rudman, Desde Cardoza, Liz Taubman, Leslie Sussuein, Esmeralda Alcala, Lonnie Berke, Judi Solursh, Suanne Ware, Vicki Knight, lrow 5l Belinda Reitzin, Brian Clark, Tracie Thayer, Bobby Blankenship, Lynne Young, Maureen Berkus, Debbie Gibbs, Muriel Berman, Cathy Gould, Suzanne Sorenson, Amy Richardson. lrow GI Monica Brembeck, Joyce Reynolds, Liss Miller, Chris Scheurn, Bambi Van Tilburgh, Lisa Binder, Sheri Tuch, Ellen Wallack, Blanca Orozco, Sheila Thompson, Lorna Luft, Elaine Rogers. lrow 7l Gale Ogg, Joey Slattery, Mary Lou Prince, Kim Barber, Karen Graham, Marlene Marcus, Stacy Blair, Connie Campbell, Laurie Wood, Debbie Willis, Heather Roberts, lrow Sl Dave Rapka, Jay Jacobowitz, Scott Jacoby, Sterling Thomas, Will Johnson, John Mc Carthy, Jon Thomas, Toshiya Taenaka. Dan Jenkins, Diane Davisson Jeff Harmon, Phil Epstein, Linda Dickson, UBLACK COMEDY, Glenn Holland, Anna lVlindess, Linda Dickson, Phil Epstein, Jeff Harmon, Robert Martin, irovv 23 Dan Jenkins, Diane Davisson. sly , Dan Jenkins, Diane Davisson, Glenn Holland, iStandingl Anna lVlindess "BIack Comedy" was presented at an invitational assembly, November 26, 1969. 62 CCFLUWER FUR ALGER N" Charlie Gordon, a mentally retarded man, is the subject of an unusual experiment that increases his intelligence to genius level, just as it had for Algernon, a laboratory mouse. Charlie's driving search for knowledge is complicated by his emotionsg he cannot understand his old friends, he needs to find both the parents who rejected him and his own identify. . .and he is deeply in love with his teacher, Alice Kinnian. But when Algernon begins to regress, Charlie's future is place in doubt. Will he remain intelligent? The anguish and stamina of this remarkable man is the drama of "Flowers for Algernon". .lack Bowdan, Dian Phillips, Monica Preussner, Anna Nlindess, Philip Epstein. DECEMBER 12, 1969 Holland. Holland, Jeff Harmon. Jack Bowdan lsittingl, Linda Dickson, Bonnie Lewis, Dan Jenkins, Robert Casey, Glenn Sterling Thomas lsittingl, Larry Oakner, Glenn Glenn Holland, Diane Davisson, Jane Wikland, Sally Casey Glenn Holland, Diane Davisson, 3 he 24 , 6. j t, MAKING UP THE FALL THESPIANS ARE UNI'S GIFTED ACTORS AND ACTRESSES: Irovv ll Bonnie Lewis, Neil Gader, Dan Jenkins, Linda Dickson, Diane Davisson, Miss Sullivan, Irow 21 Jack Bowdan, Monica Preussner, Jackie Kassorld, Sally Casey, Larry Oakner, Jeff Harmon, Irow 3I Phil Epstein, Carla Manning, Anna Mindess, Sterling Thomas, Jane Wickland, Glenn Holland. Not shown: Debby Raffin. STUDE T PRODUCTIONS WORKING OUIETLY BEHIND THE SCENES OF ALL STU- DENT PRODUCTIONS ARE MEMBERS OF THE STAGE CREW: Irow 1I David Mellin, Nancy Cohen, Leonard Ellis, Monica Preussner, Irow 2I Mr. Scheib-Advisor, Sally Casey, Nar- da Lesher, Brian Urata, Gary Bonner, Scooter Cowan, Irow 3l Melani Zide, Robert Mansfield, Mark Giffin, Erin Thompson, Will Mosher, Richard Briskin, Brian Arth, Bob O'Brien. SSI A2525 -31 .xx ki" 9" 4 Yveline Vanzanges, Martinique I would like to thank you for showing me what an American High School is. The past year here has been such an experience for me, as a student from a country which has a so completely different set of values. I particularly thank the faculty who have shown a special interest in me. My stay in the United States was really a success and I hope more teen-agers will have the opportunity to meet and know American people as I did. vw.. AFT Ricki Alpert, Summer Exchange Student AMEBI CAN FIELD SERVICE Last summer I had the opportunity to live with an Indonesian family whose culture is so radically different from that to which I had been accustomed. At first, I was overwhelmed by mosquitos, a new language, and sicknesses familiar to the average person travelling abroad. But the thoughtfulness and generosity of my Indonesian family and friends helped me adjust-and more than that-contributed to my thinking. and grow- ing and fully enjoying the AFS opportunity. The friendships which evolved from that summer made it a worth-while and unforget- table experience. . ' . all i ll :bs ee if Nele Stoevesandt, Germany I want to tell you how much I enjoyed being an exchange student at Uni High. I really have had a wonderful year in Los Angeles. There were many similarities between my school in Germany and Uni. The kids are very much alike. The student-teacher rela- tionships and student problems are the same. There were many contrasts, too. I had twelve subjects in my German School, and here I have only six. IVIy German School was much smaller compared to Uni. There were only 800 students from 5th to 13th grade at my school. I liked that better because I could know more people. Thank you for being so friendly. I wish I had become acquainted with more of you! QOYKJLQJQQ S DID 5 IB Til m+"""""'RM gf.. ff I 3 sn. A t 4 -1 1' 4 T 5 .uuu '-'icq 2 kg 4, ' ., " A , " . , , YP r A A.A , pk X: R 2 ,A A 4 fv- Q 5 - ,Q 9' 153 y I -ff. M .. 'i .L A Y' 5 WM- A 'Yagi Q i ,2- hr 3, Q 1 u Yi X. ,, inlebf ,I f 0 if "vJi'h':1 ,.-as. A, ,,,,,,...x if Y i 314. Y 'SSA J . H X A , g X .f if mir! f 4 V ' f 1:sfiQi,,,.'f pg K 4' 51-. V ,ig I .5 liz W 5 , ,Q Q' Q 'WMUBPWVH' Hfiiimusmwr + ', n ' J-. L. Al Y uh Yr 51 'U v ,'L,!. lv ,- Q '1 n n,P I . f kf in 1 V 'v S lx V x 15 HOMECOMI NG FX-. , 1 .infix P, y Queen Devon Brown We Princess Nancy Giliette .ni Princess Suzy Weiner 68 UEEN Princess Roslyn Lewis Princess Rhonda Cohen Princess Sheri Barber FALL UNI ELECTION , , ' Q, JANUARY 7,1970 Q, L my f 5, ati 8 E 1. Some are losers. H . . . . . Voters are nnfluenced by the candndates themselves. '-X, -6 -L li gg, 5 - , . , . . . . .Few are vvinnersn Ed Sternstein congratulates the new A.S.B. President, Dave Stone. ELECTIONS PINALLY.U. the votes were counted! 69 'awww il FILLED WITH A WILLINGNESS TO PLAY SOCCER AND THE DRIVE TO WIN ARE THE MEMBERS OF THE FALL SOCCER TEAM. Irovv1I Bob Orozco-Fullback, Dave Unger-GoaI, Charles Chan-Fullback, Irow 2I Coach Joe Morgan, Tony Martin- Halfback, Ron Dunn-Halfback, John Lazano-Halfback, Tom Alber-Leftvving, Jan Symonds-Halfback, Jose Sotelo-Fullback, Irow 37 Anthony 'Antoniou-Wing, Graeme Peat-Utility, John Quintana-Utility, Fernando Olmedo-Fullback, Dave-Utility, Mr. Rosenthal-Sponsor. iii, we ,df Q... 4 hm, ,--mass sr-145. tial? WHETHER ITS BOWLING, SWIM- IVIING, TENNIS OR ANY SPORT THESE FALL LETTERGIRLS ARE TOPS: Irow 1I Donna Serlin - Secretary, Debbie Denne - President, Terry Zimmerman - Vice President. Irow 2I Connie Campbell - Treas- urer, Fran Pollak, Laura Schultz, Phyllis Chong, Sue Geller. Inot shovvnl Debbie Cox, Judy Blue, Sheri Barber. .."' Q' .I I if , 5' UNl'S FALL LETTERMENS' CLUB IS NUMBER ONE: Irow 1I Greg Cortez - Vice President, Henry Tubbs, Bill Kabaker, Marcele Finger, Miyata, Mark Seegel, Mark Resnick, Vance Ikkanda - President. Jeff Moot, Hitoshi Nakata. Irow 3I Ken Nichols, Oscar Alcerro, Eugene lnagaki, David Ikkanda, Randy Yoshimoto. Irow 2I Mark Ehring, Brad Kimura, Al Richard Ogner, Ron Yokotake, Frank Stapp, Ronnie Sata, Stan Takeshita. 71 A.F.S. International Talent Show 3,5 3 J J' CA NDID Y- '-,Q M , mx .- Girls' League board sign-ups Q 3 Q at ues. CAMPUS ,.,.--f-"W ,,,,,--'A-A: ,.-f""f f fwfr M , Y F. gi ik tggv X Ri, oq oi ' 9 rr r 'M " 1, Y . Jie ' 'Q iy:"'-f"1.'+ La if QQ' ff' " 1954" ' X ' r .9 1...-.r r , Mfr r 'K -. " Q ZH. r- "WAY" 5 ff' Y' fi fr , H gr? V -Afziaxa Q In f J 1 "f':'1 ,gi A Wm' W 'f 'W' Q- '. .- k..vEX'w, "'x-,-- I Q .i j 4 fr A .,,g,,,f.s or f .-5'.4,,,,4 ow O , f Q ,Q 6. ,E V ju Ao ,Q:i'4'l K if v' .r r ,ffl r va r 'Q 1. "f ' 3,3 AA jf ig? -'- -Qu -it -silvf ,. 'bf K M ' -ul-wave 11" lv if "'- """' fi, , f -. ' i Q Lo 'ff' 4 Q ' gi rlfqg ' f .V ' - 5 K , r r Lfffsraw was . . Q r Q ox? 'QF iff' . fries: if 5 -M Board of Scholarship Snatch-Breakfast VOTING Election Returns FALL ELEVENTH GRADE C.S.F, MEMBERS ARE: Amiri Bahman, Brian Bardfield, Mark Barshop, Laura Biale, Shayla Blakely, Gregory Brody, Jill Brooks, Robin Brooks, Ken Brown, Karen Chan, Jeff Cole, Dan Copperman, Ellie Cornfield, Jeff Corvitz, Sue Cullinson, David Lynn, Susan Dettmer, Jolie DeVorin, David Eichenfield, Nancy Felixson, Robert Fujimura, Sharlene Fukuhara, Connie Gast, Allen Gilbert, Meg Goldman, Betty Goodwin, Fanita Grgurevic, Jennifer Guze, Bonnie Heikes, Barbara Henry, Zack Horowitz, Ken Hyman, Tony Jackson, Cary Jones, Hunter Kaplan, Gary Kato, Tom Kaufman, Wendy Kellogg, Jocelyn Kerr, Laurie Kester, Debbie Kier, Howard Kipen, Suzanne Kirst, FALL TWELFTH GRADE C.S.F. MEMBERS ARE: Warren Allen, Jeff Alpert, Ricki Alpert, Carla Anderson, Owen Atkinson, Carla Axelrod, David Barnes, Clint Baur, Doug Becker, Cindy Bendat, Kathy Berkeley, Steve Biskar, Kevin Blattel, Linda Blitz, Marnie Bodek, Sharon Borak, Howard Brandes, David Charvonia, Richard Cresitelli, Steve Davis, Diane Davison, Kathy Dorfman, Debby Dwoskin, Marcia Fairman, Rochelle Foreman, Stan Glaser, Deborah Glass, Richard Granstein, Gay Harwin, Mary Hiecke, Sim Hoffman, Glen Holland, Eric Jacobson, Albyn Jones, Cynthis Kanstein, Gary Lisa Klein, Katrina Kuizenga, Dave Kyle, Tracy Landis, Linda Leong, Caren Leve, Sally Levens, Scott Lichtig, Jeanne McGinnis, Irene Mandel, Lisa Marks, Bill Miller, Judy Miller, Donna Nagata, Sheri Niemerow, Kahn Nishinaga, Alex Nury, Nancy O'Donnell, Laura Pearlman, Dian Phillips, Julie Phister, David Piece, Martin Pulverman, Ray Pulverman, Robert Ratner, Bill Roertgen, Kenny Rosenthal, Dan Ross, Sherry Ross, Laura Salkow, Pierre Schlag, Mark Schumaker, Andrea Seltzer, Linda Spitz, Mike Stone, Joanna Sutton, James Thurber, Dawn Lllyate, Usha Viswanthan, Tsai Min Wang, Faith Wieland, David Wilner, Patsy Wolf, Deanna Wong, Leslie Wong, Kathy Yamamura, Lisa Zemelman. Kates, Jeanne Katz, Daina Kojelis, Mary Krasn, Fred Landau, Bonnie Lewis, Neal McCabe, Barbara McColgan, Patricia Mayer, Lisa Mears, Anna Mindess, Peter Pang, Jeff Perl, Joelle Pery, Melanie Rich, J. Peter Rich, Kate Rosenbloom, David Rubens, Fraya Sandler, Martha Schoen, Diane Schabelson, Jane Sindell, Jeff Smith, John Smith, Lee Solow, Peter Stanley, Peter Sullivan, Myra Tanita, Kiyoko Tatsue, Bonnie Torf, Saralee Turrell, Janet Wagner, Marci Weis, Laura Werner, Stacie Widdifield, Tim Wolf, Gary Yefsky, Terry Zimmerman. FALL TENTH GRADE C.S.F. MEMBERS ARE: Robert Anderson, Kenny Bank, Chris Beavers, Judy Estrin, Richard Finnell, David Fischer, Debi Goldberg, Jeff Harmon, Dena Kleernan, Lauren Pinter, Robyn Raymer, Edward Rubin, Kathy Russell, Susan Sheby, Karen Skenner, David Stampler, Brad Stru- mausser, Patrice Taenaka, Jim Warren, IVlari- anne Yamaguchi, Bruce Yoshivvara, Carol Yuge. CALIFGRNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION Q 1 3 KEEPING UNI INFORMED OF ALL ACTIVITIES THROUGH THE SCHOOL PAPER ARE MEMBER OF THE WARRIOR STAFF: Irovv II Lynn Silverman-Exchange Editor, Jeff Perl- Feature Editor, Mary Krasn-Opinion Editor, David Handler- Editor-In-Chief, Jeanne Katz-News Editor, Jay Jacoby-Sports Wirth 1 It Q 'iv' Zi Marc Oestreicher-Advertising Manager, Ruth Editor. Irovv Denburg, Rudy Ising, Rick Satnick, Jeff Cole-Staff Photographer, Marty Reitzin-Staff Photographer, Chris York, Jon Tepper, Jeff Smith-Assistant Sports Editor. Mr. Wessels, our own MODERN GUTENBERG! FALL WARRIOR STAFF , .fi 12:- OFGE :Q I ,M K img.. I i , R if CHIEFTAIN STAFF .J BETWEEN MEETING THEIR DEADLINES AND PASTING UP THE FIRST HALF OF THIS ANNUAL, ARE THE HARD WORKING MEMBERS OF THE FALL CHIEFTAIN STAFF: Irovv 17 Lynn Gale, Robert Joseph, Jane Kallenbaugh, Rick Briggs, Napoleon Hendrix, Irow 21 Wendy White, Brooke Wilkinson, Doug BRINGING THE LOOSE ENDS TOGETHER BEFORE SENDING OFF COMPLETED PAGES are Marci Weis and Bonnie Blacklidge. CHECKING OVER FINAL PROOFS AS DEADLINES NEAR. Wong, Steve Cohen, Tito Molina, Shirley Matsuura, Helene Filkovv. RON RIDDICK FINISHING ART WORK FOR DIVISION PAGE. f if wid if 78 , xp V W if Q ' ' aught . -A ' VHA. , 'E -a 'nl 'vi E 4' .. if.lW5lg2a3igiZ" 'Q Q i 'Em I .,, Af, z Q I Vx x A ,Q aff! 2 14 .5 ,F Pa , wa. wk' 3 ,, , , ,. 'V Ms. 1 V - D 5? 6+ 1 E' if aa 'ie 'Sf - ,,,,,. ' ? . N , V1 ffm tw ? i wi ggi 1 m, If ' xf,M.f-' A x y if ' VM, L-annum "Www-.4 L Fixx: 12 QA in - 'K L2giAff?'i'5WfYWg'- 'a . 1- - . 'PF ' ' .QR Q33 W " . ,.ffw-fu's,f'aZam,Hgf4 I . w w .g.,.,3f,, - '. , 1. Q. qv f , :,..', 2 ' .. Q V N ,, 5 1 I A A .-19, flag? M If atv! M f fu M 533 .mf sun-.NQM Fhum U SENECANS ,A-.. LVM if STUDY FUN AT REST PLANNING THE ACTIVI- TIES FOR THE B12 SEIVI- ESTER ARE MEMBERS OF THE SENECAN COUNCIL: Irow 'II Judy Katz, Jamie Weiss, Jay Rosenthal, Larry Hoytt, and Rick Goldman, Irow 23 Andy Ades, Bob Brandt, Gary Dixon, and Doug Anderson. Sv , 5 I I B T Janne Cowen Treasurer Stacy Bunn Gurls Vnce Presldent Gary Dlxon Boys Vnce President Andy Ades-President Mr Lund Class Sponsor, and helper 'S SEN AN CLASS Marian Bieldeck-Treasurer Rick Goldman-President tr Jamie Weiss-Senior Historian Judy Katz-Girls' Vice President Bob Brandt-Boys' Vice President Cindy Tasbima-Secretary PLANNING "SENECAN HAPPENlNG" FOR THE FALL SEMESTER ARE THE MEMBERS OF THE A12 COUNCIL: irovv 1i Judy Kata, Julee Silverman, Jamie Weiss, and Elisa Weiler, irovv 23 Larry Hoytt, Laurie Levy, Ava Kahn, Debby Cox, Michelle Plachte, and Cmdie Tashima, irow 31 Bruce Ohannesian, Bob Brandt, Rick Goldman, and George Harding. Elliot Abromovitch Parry Adelman Andy Ades Pat Delgado Linda Dickson Rick: Alpert Doug Anderson Christine Asanuma . Gary Dixon Mary Ann Athey Mitzi Beblch Kathy Dorfman Marian Beildeck Paul Eagle Kathy Eggen Stacey Binn Lynn Bohlmann Jan Bower Hannah Einbinder Rosa Escobar Bob Brandt Neil Buchalter Sally Casey Janice Childs Mary Chu Bruce Cooperman Margo Estrin Jerry Field Nancy Franklin Jeff Freeman Randy Couch Jane Cowen Deborah Cox Paul Friedman y Matt Fry Marcelo Finger Joan Fischer Steven Gerstl John Gillham Rick Goldman Nancy Gottlieb Nancy Greer Rich Griffin Sue Hada Pam Haidy Laura Hall David Handler George Harding Margaret Haro Linda Held Chris Hiller Jeff Hirashima Jane Hiroshima Scott Holmen Chris Hostrup Larry Hoytt Rich lkebuchi Vance Ikkanda Eugene Inagaki Douglas Ito Eric Jacobson John Jakowchik Craig Johnson John Kandelin Mark Kaplan Judy Katz Brad Kimura Mikiko Kitajima Curt Laborde Lori Leboy pu.. 11x 4-an K., RMWBQ Z 'rea 11- - ". W' ,. ,ge sm Gary Lefsky Louise Lessing Lauri Levy Lorrie Lieberman Judi Loewenthal Laurie London nne McOuade Chris Matsumoto Robert Means " Ronalyn Meyers Dianne Mochizukix Tito Molina Bruce Ohanneslan Mark Olmon Roberto Orozco Jeff Peltz Michelle Plachte Gary Ramus Joan Rector Marty Reltzln Mark Renneker Hewitt Reynolds Joyce Reynolds Chris Rivera - 3 Terry Robbins Susan Rosen Jay Rosenthal Craig Rubin Lynn Rubin Alison Rudolph ff ,. , ' -, ' Janet Murad A 1 Merrill Nisam Q V , Fred Sakamoto A, S r ' Ron Sakoniwa ' r'- ' -- . K A gi' 'A E ?,XLaura Sallop 84 ga W W Mes qw r xx, Judy Sallop Luz Santana Karen Schick Bruce Shannahoff Diane Shavelson Craig Sherwood Deborah Sills Julie Silverman Paul Skipper Claudia Smyth Guy Snyder Judi Solursh Larry Sperling Jim Stern Dave Sullivan Leslie Susswein Dennis Tachiki Dave Takayama Stan Takeshita Ken Tanaka i x -1-Mr ll ...Ms :,. agwi, J 5 tr. il W X l ag Ely- , ,, . t Bi '. j, 'Z if - ,. - agwww, . - A , 4"r"4B?' E "WM , flh- 'flb fr is ia Leigh Tanda Cindie Tashima Peter Thorson Ray Tiger Liz Tsukiashi Steve Vanesian Janet Watson Elisa Weller Suzy Weiner X Jamie Weiss Robert Weitzman i-I. Cecil Widdifield Barry Williams Christy Wilson Gregg Wolff Lynne Young Diane Ziegler ,f ..-I i f y if 'f N, ,mf 5 .grae .Z Si We ', ' Looking gleefully toward the future is graduate Susie Fiske with friend Nurit Nloore. b r -g,,.f an Cheering their class on during the year are: lrow ll Jamie Weiss, Judy Katz. lrow 2l Julie Silverman, Elisa Weller. 'NY Holding back the tears of sorrow are Ava Kahnand Julie Silverman. 86 "Happiness is being canned!" '23- Candidates for the Ephebian Society are among the top students of each graduating class-chosen in a proportion of one out of every forty members. These individuals are elected by classmates, teachers, and administrators for their outstand- ing scholarship, service, and character. fill NX Ricki Alpert David Handler Eric Jacobson Merrill Nisam Cindy Tashirna IA NUARY 29, 1970 3 EIGHTY EIGHTH COMMENCE N GIG tl K -Qgk N 1 .,. fx 3- 4 -K nlf, 1 Zig J 9:2554 Z? 1' , .V xx Y. .A X 4.1 intl' L ,gb ' I J X V9 Qu. 4 .ASC--. Cy. fl 5 , Xia ,- YY as li' Q 1 lil Tum' We Q, 'pig A' mr. .NW , Q.. ff X X ..-H' sw' ia "'l1eQ.'x V' U. . E i L-i .gi M 1 . i .1 L, I I i ", ! X. wx . WS A great deal of concern has been expressed in our society over the general apathy of the majority of the population. Evidence of this same apathy has been seen during the past few years at Uni. During the Spring Semester of the 1969-70 year, positive programs were developed by the student leaders and faculty to involve more Warriors in the curricular and co-curricular programs of the school. Besides the many experimental courses and curricular innovations, the program of guest speakers for department invitational assemblies, concerts, a fund-raising drive, an all-school campaign against pollution, and a renewed interest in a highly successful Spring athletic program to name just a few, helped to involve larger numbers of students than at any time in recent years in Uni High. To the members of Herbert, the first Uni class to graduate in Pauley Pavilion, our congratuilations on many other note- . maxi ,,, sa, S 'si as xis QW-7 .-'. Dr. Warren Juhnke, Principal. worthy achievements during your three years at Uni. Not only have you made many important contributions to our school, but the experience you have gained through the successes and failures you have experienced helped to make you more complete human beings. As you leave Uni for new experiences and new role in our society, our congratulations and best wishes go with you. if 1 in x 2 J V -.,,nV sxrffsxfjsx XJXD5 I-.xp Xxx Mr. Richard Dau kas Mrs. Theresa Gray Miss Sheila Guider "BIonds do have more fun! FACULTY M iss Jan Horowitz DDITIONS NOT Shown Mr. William Pappas Miss Wendy Savitt Mrs. Nan Sanio Mr. Richard Simcox 1 Mr. Homer Gansz is greeted by Mr. Richard Miller, who is leaving to become Fairfax's new Principal. "In our complex society, governments are changing, feelings and emotions are changing. As students in high school, we are being sheltered and denied this change." This quote is from a speech I gave during elections. But I believe it also explains, partly, the direction and motivation behind this spring's student government. The draft lottery, ecological problems, civil rights, and helping the under-priviledged are but a few of the problems of today's society dealt with in student initiated programs. New classes have been added to school curriculum in an attempt to make it more related to society. Seminars and independent study programs have been offered in many departments to enable high school students to assume more of the responsibilities of adulthood. However, I see these types of programs as only part of student governments role. The other is reflected on campuses throughout the nation as a changing attitude towards student involvement in their schools. No longer does it exist to provide only fun and games. It exists, rather, to assume its rightful position as the voice of the students in determining school policy, formulating educational programs, and main- taining vital student body functions. IVluch has been accomplished in that direction this spring, but still more lies ahead. Student body officers, and I am no exception, have complained for years about a lack of participation, interest, and concern. Some have said that there was a communication barrier within the student body. In short, "apathy" has reigned supreme. VVhy? Because student government, in the past, denied the students the fact that they were in school to learn. They have covered up this reality by providing an abundance of activities instead of attempting to correct obvious inequities in the school. Perhaps student government will continue to gain its rights and freedoms, becoming meaningful to each student in the school, The cries of apathy and communication have softened this year, and perhaps in years to come they will no longer be heard. Being Student Body President isn't easy. It runs no regular hours, nor has it guidelines to follow. It is what one makes it to be. There were times when it took priority to my personal life, or brought me between friends. Sometimes I felt a sense of accomplishment, and other times I felt nothing but frustration. But regardless of what I felt, I did what I thought was best for all concerned. MMM Dave Stone, Student Body President -qv"'?' Scott Lichtig, Student Senate President Richard Shapiro, Student Council President -,,, ts, 3 - hs .f s 3 WN Peter Pang, Chief Justice Bonnie Torf, Student Body Secretary F1 Fx I Brian Brahms, Student Body Treasurer SPRING LEADERSHIP CLASS: irow ll Lloyd Jones- Sponsor, Cathy Kurtz-10th Grade Senator, Matt Jampol- Ombudsman, Craig Wood-B.L. Publicity Board Chairman, Rick Shapiro-Student Council President, Gay l-larvvin- Student Council Secretary, Craig Simon-12th Grade Senator, Saralee Turrell-12th Grade Senator, Scott Lichtig -Senate President, Gigi Zakvvin-Senate Secretary, Debby Raffin-G.L. Friendship Board Chairman, Nancy Cohen- Assistant Student Body Secretary, Bonnie Torf-Student Body Secretary, lrovv 2l Dave Stone-Student Body President, Andy Berman-Boys' League President, Lark Gallovvay-11th Grade Senator, Nancy Felixson- Commissioner of Public Relations, Brian Brahms-Student Body Treasurer, Karen Silton-Girls' League President, Ken Brown-llth Grade Senator, Madeline Scallet-Girls' League Secretary, Quinn Mayer-Noon Activities Coordina- tor, Linda Feinberg-G.L. Design Board Chairman, lrovv 3l Phyllis Chang-Girls' League Vice President, Sharon Borak -G.L. Hostess Board Chairman, Shelley Hendler-B.L. Secretary-Treasurer, George Gumbiner-Boys' League Vice- President, Jay Goldinger, Tony Jackson-P.T.S.A. Repre- sentative, Chris Beavers-P.T.S.A. Representative, Melanie Rich-Girls' League Treasurer, Robert Landau-Commis- sioner of Elections, Madeline Bonn-Commissioner of Communications, lrv Shapell-10th Grade Senator, lrovv 4l Kathy Schon-Commissioner of Recreation, Robin Brooks -11th Grade Senator, Lisa Lang-10th Grade Senator, Chris Desser-10th Grade Senator, Zach Horowitz- Commisioner of Athletics, Peter Pang-Chief Justice, Richard Granstein-12th Grade Senator, Bill Levinson- llth Grade Senator, Peter Sullivan-Commissioner of Scholarship, Steve Davis-B.L. Activities Board Chairman, Rich Sweezy-12th Grade Senator. 94 wr! ., . ,W isfjiiffizjl I 1 4 4 2. EU M ay ,, Q lx Q. SL Y, X , tx Ar if " L, A A W J' .gg - i' ' ,- , ., V , ', g 'V V k 5- - me H I 'T4'l,!f!fsg f 'xy ,fx kjdw. i fb 'L , W Q , f ..-f -wi , 1 1' ,f Q - 'fd ,- v "L A, i f-. . f. A Mk Q1 .WMI AM ,.h..,.f.,,,,Q,.-i.z.m.M-.,-- if -N -V Y A wr ,.9k,, H Jimi-.,'!-,?'?'.:'R':..M 1 , V ,, ,..., "M . an H. av.. SHIP 1970 MEMBERS OF THE SPRING BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS are: lrow ll Nancy Felixson-Commissioner of Public Relations, Madeline Bonn-Commissioner of Communications, Kathy Schon-Commissioner of Recreation. lrovv 2l Zach Horowitz- Commissioner of Athletics, Robert Landau-Commissioner of Elections, Peter Sullivan- Commissioner of Scholarship. SPRI NC STUD REPRESENTING THEIR GRADE LEVEL ARE THE MEMBERS OF THE SPRING SENATE: lrovv 1I Ken Brown-11th Grade Senator, Lisa Lang-10th Grade Senator, Gigi Zakwin-Senate Secretary, Lark Galloway-Ilth Grade Senator, Robin Brooks-11th Grade Senator. lrow ZI Saralee Turrell- 12th Grade Senator, Scott Lichtig-Senate President, Chris Desser- 1Oth Grade Senator, Cathy Kurtz-10th Grade Senator, Bill Levinson-11th Grade Senator. lrow 3l Richard Granstein-12th Grade Senator, Craig Simon-12th Grade Senator, Rich Svveezy-12th Grade Senator, Irv Shapell-10th Grade Senator. NT COUNCIL Mti--.suv-'MIT fl 4, vs' 0.5 I Yf PREPARING FOR NEXT YEAR'S OFFICERS ARE THE MEMBERS OF THE SPRING BOARD OF ELECTIONS: lrow 1I Sue Kaplan, Melanie Rich, Robert Landau4Commissioner, Edward Sternstein, Debby Frieden, Madeline Scallet, Bonnie Torf. lrow 2I Deedee Philipps, Betty Goodwin, Debbie Kier, Mike Schwartz, Linda Vllahl, Kathy Berkely, Suzanne Kirst, I - E un 'wwf Q -W WILLING TO ADVERTISE FOR ALL ,. SCHOOL ACTIVITIES ARE THE -A aA"' 'PQ' f MEMBERS OF THE STUDENT BODY ,W,J BOARD OF COMMUNICATIONS: Irow 'I I I' II Joanne Thorner, Lisa Binder- Secretary, Mandy Bonn-Cornrriissioner, Suzanne Altman. Irow 2I Bill 'IcCrary, Ruth Feldon, Audrey Hendricks, Cathy Gould, Monica Brembeck. lrow 3I Keith Sagon, Mrs. Nichols. Inot shownI Lori Feldman, Kim Greene. . Y J tl- Laurie Kester, Lynn David, Quinn Mayer, Saralee Turrell, Jane Sindell, Lisa Horelic Sherry Linson. Irow 3I Stuart Ueda, Randy Spiro, Tommy Dettmer, Mike Freedman, Deanna Wong, Cathy Okumoto, Nancy Igdaloff, Susie Cohn, Marcie Weiss, Leslie Harris, Sheila Suzuki, Helene Filkow. X . 41, M,M,,. ,W MAKING THE EXCHANGE STUD ENTS FEEL AT HOME ARE THE SPRING MEMBERS OF THE A.F.S. BOARD: lrow II Patti Kentor, Karen Chan, Leslie Wong, Yueline Vauzanges, Cornelie Stoevesandt, Glenda Burns. lrow 2I Steve Schwadron, Faith Vllieland, Nancy O'Dormell, Patty McMillan, Julie Phister, Marilyn McMahon. lrow 3I Bill Lappen, Jennifer Guze, Sue Cullison, Carol Lannes, Annette Lipson- Commissioner. 97 GETTING INVOLVED WITH CURRENT SOCIAL PROBLEMS ARE THE MEMBERS OF THE SPRING STUDENT HUMAN RELATIONS WORKSHOP: Irow Il Clyde Shaver, Hamilton Cloud, Aliza Karney-Vice President, John Cohn -President, Deanna Wong-Secretary, Margaret Robe, Irow 2l Paul Prusan, Kathy Kopley, Bruce Mann, Lisa Levin, Rachel Rubin, Robin Prentiss. irow 31 Annette Haraldsted, Leslie Frierman, Patti Kentor, Steve Schwadron, Patty McMillan, Nancy O'DonneII, Karen Chan, Laurie Walter. irow 4i Randy Spiro, Tommy Dettmer, Mike Schwartz, Faith Wieland, Jeanne McGinnis. MEMBERS OF THE SPRING STUDENT TUTORIAL OPPORTUN- ITY PROGRAM are: Irow 1D Sue Sheby, Keith Kitano, Annette Lipson, Laura Danon. Irow Zi Mike Schwartz, Lisa Levin, Claudia Hurwitz, Robert Joseph, Daryl Morris, Jeanne McGinnis. frow 37 Steve Schwadron, B. Effler, Patty McMillan, Faith Wieland, Rory Jaffe, Martha Wall, Karen Chan, Lee Sturman, Lisa Garrigues, Laurie Walter. 98 INVOLVING THEMSELVES IN THE JUDICAL BRANCH OF THE STUDENT GOVERNMENT ARE THE MEMBERS OF THE STUDENT COURT: Irow ll Lee Solow, Peter PangfChief Justice, Peter Rich. Irow 25 Dan Ross, David Rubens. Inot shownl Kim Marienthal, Peter Selvin. MEMBERS OF THE SPRING BOARD OF PUBLIC RELATIONS are: lrow 'll Kathi Hoffer, Nancy Felixson-Commissioner, Betty Goodwin, Steve Josephs-Co-Commissioner. lrow 2l Mark Barshop, , Howard Kipen-Co-Commissioner, Richard Goldman. MEMBERS OF THE SPRING BOARD OF THE CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION are: lrow Il Kenny Rosenthal-Co-Chairman Ephebian Committee, Allen Gilbert-Assistant Treasurer, Martha Schoen-Independent Study Card Chairman, Jeff Perl-Vice President, Kevin Blattel-Treasurer, Peter Sullivan-Commissioner of Scholarship, Jeff Alpert-Co-Chairman Ephebian Committee. Irow 2l Jim Laramee, Usha Visvvanathan, Sue Sheby, Tsai Min Wang, Lisa Lang, Jane Bloom, Kiyoko Tatsui, Jeanne Katz-Newsletter Editor. lrow 3l Burt Hermey, Peter Davidson, Jim Warren, Kahn Nishinaga,Tom Alber. lrow 4l Nancy O'Donnell, Patty McMillan, Rachel Rubin, Carol Yuge, Harriet Chu, Christine Wahl, Dave Charvonia, Steve Josephs, Kenny Bank. lrow 5l Amy Seagor, Carol Rogers, Bahman Amiri, Katrina Kuizenga, Liz Goldman, Laura Pearlman. lrow 6l Glenn Holland, Robert Anderson, Doug Beecher, Keith Kitano, Steve Schwadron, Nick Susuki, Chris Beavers. Z,-4' 1 V ,fps ASSISTING AT ALL ATHLETIC EVENTS ARE THE MEMBERS OF THE SPRING ATHLETIC BOARD: lrow Il Dave Price, Zach Horowitz-Athletic Commissioner, ., .' Ben Shapell, Joel Dashut. lrow 2l Lee Sturman, Neil A Steinberg, Bob Wiener, George Gumbiner. lrow 3l Diana Fishburn, Paul Prusan, Karen Chan, Ron Denney, Leslie Frierman. ,,,., F. K GIRLS' LEAGUE CABINET FOR THE SPRING SEMESTER are: Irovv 1I Linda Feinberg-Board of Design Chairman, Phyllis Chang-Girls' League Vice-President, Karen Silton-Girls' League President. Irovv 2I Patty Halpern-G.A.A. President, Madeline Scallet-Girls' League Secretary, Melanie Rich-Girls' League Treasurer, Sharon Borak-Hostess Board Chairman, Debby Raffin-Friendship Board Chairman. Inot shownI Susan DettmerMBoard of Community Service Chairman. 'rp-A SPBI NG GIRLS, LEAGUE PROMOTING FRIENDSHIP AMONG UNI STUDENTS AND STUDENTS OF OTHER SCHOOLS ARE MEMBERS OF SPRING GIRLS' LEAGUE FRIENDSHIP BOARD. Irow II Lorrie Keil, Sherie Perkin-Co-Chairman, Debby Raffin-Chairman, Bonnie Torf. Irow 2I Beverly Bole, Francine Blair, Debbi Silton, Peggy Shapiro, Lisa Horelick, Quinn Mayer. Irow 3I Kathy Morgan, Leslie Wong, Nina Kenny, Carol Yuge, Saralee Turrell, Robin Brooks. Inot shownl Martha Goodkin-Co-Chairman. PUBLICIZING ALL ACTIVITIES SPONSORED BY THE GIRLS' LEAGUE ARE MEMBERS OF THE GIRLS' LEAGUE BOARD OF DESIGN. Irow II Carol Gonzalez, Candy Hirschfield- Co-Chairman, Linda Feinberg-Chairman, Debbi Fine-Co-Chairman, Martha Wall. Irow 21 Nancy Epstein, Maura Framson, Linda McCullough, Lisa Horelick, Mrs. Curry-Sponsor. IOO lungs MM, U5 ASKING FOR YOUR DESIRES, "COFFEE, TEA OR MILK?" ARE MEMBERS OF THE HOSTESS BOARD: lrow 1l Connie Berke, Cathy Sternstein, Shelley Foreman, Bella Kallick, Harriet Chu. lrovv 23 Deby Torres, Jean Stanley, Pam Adlin-Co-Chairman, Sharon Borak-Chairman, Wendy Lava-Co-Chairman, Peggy Spellman, Jody Goldstein, Patty Wigman. lrovv 3l Jeannine Vanesian, Nancy Cohen, Mary Speigel, Sandra Maahs, Jan Warsaw, Carol Hartunian, Melody Sandberg. lrovv 4l Lynn Maurer, Marlene Osterfeld, Janet Byers, Susie Kohn, Kathy Kopley, Connie Gast, Glenda Burns. lnot shovvnl Karen Cummins, Marguerite Morin, Heather Roberts, Cindy Kohn. tc-H if il ,pf- 1 43, ,, X , yr ,, fx, .Q .Lia SPRING MEMBERS OF THE GIRLS' LEAGUE BOARD OF COMMUNITY SERVICE are: lrow 1l Miriam Prum- Co-Chairman, Mrs. Bloom-Sponsor, Susan Dettmer-Chairman, Vanessa Romanio-Co-Chairman. lrovv 2l Faith Wieland, Jani Bloom, Liz Goldman, Laree Drews, Lynn David, Patrice Taenaka. lrow 31 Patty McMillan, Nancy O'Donnell, Linda Singer, Sherry Bell, Suzanne Kirst, Eve Beerman, Jeanne McGinnis, Diane Fishburn. lnot shownl Francie Gumbiner, Deanna Wong. 4 X Y Nliliil .lU.bJ'l 1-1 mm rs' 1 'w wrni' vu: -B 110 lynx 21 13154 lOl BOYS' LEAGUE BOARD OF PUBLICITY MEMBERS are: lrow Il Mr. Schieb-Sponsor, Joel Dashit, Craig Wood-Chairman, Zach H orowitz-Co-Chairman. lrovv 2l Alan Fisher, Steve Sanett, Jeff Okun, Rick Bieber. PLANNING AND EXECUTING ALL BOYS' LEAGUE ACTIVITIES ARE THE SPRING MEMBERS OF THE BOARD OF ACTIVITIES: lrow Il Mr. Pappas-Sponsor, Steve Josephs, Allen Gilbert, Steven Davis, Ted Teweles, Robert Kauffman, Andy Berman. lrow 2l Marc Morriss, Mike Kawachi, Hunter Kaplan, Ken Rosenthal, Dave Price, Greg Brody. lrow 3l George Gumbiner, Alex Nury, Mike Stone, Tom Longenecker, Rick Gottlie, Andy Pan. lrow 4l Doug Birus, John Corby, John Carrington, Carlos Hanlon. BOYS, LEAGUE ACTIVITIES LEADING THE BOYS' LEAGUE ACTIVITIES are: lrow ll George Gumbiner-Boys' League Vice President, Andy Berman-Boys' League President, Craig Wood-Commissioner of Publicity. lrow 2l Steve Davis-Commissioner of Activities, Shelley Hendler- Boys' League Secretary Treasurer, Jay Goldinger. SX A Z , gi' X Q., i i N in, 1 'Nm y fs A AV I A 'Ha- ig ., .., A 'xx ,, -N awp' H171 mg WL 'MW W w ,L W v. 'Hmmm -ffj-ff! V s,g,C!-gr-f MEMBERS OF THE VARISITY TRACK TEAM are: irow ll Bob Popovich, Todd Thayer, Ron Flade, Craig Leeds, Bill Martinez, Randy Vasquez, Oscar Alcerro, Henry Tubbs, Bob Koda, Benny Alvarez, Woody Roosevelt, Lee Nicholl. irow 2l David Unger, Charles McKenna, Tony Grant. Wendell Miller, Pete Dominguez, Bill Kabaker, Howard Brandes, Milt Calhoun, Tom Dettmer, Steve VAR ITY TRACK FIELD 1' --wg' 'Qs MT' x., t, W- ,P V , ,km A Y " l P 'T' l 'el "-'mv NVQ X if Www " gen my 5 fywgui if wigs? x 1,1 T M y T C A if '7" . y,,. .56 ,Y yi A A. fw ',,. H ' xt Q X 5 ,5 55 -:v I .,f,,f,m:awv.ia,, Pass off from Craig Leeds to Oscar Alcerro. Top middle distance runner - Randy Vasquez 'igyyg ,, - Coach Roger Braasch - V'l,.' ,1 ew Hayford, Ken Ganezer. irow Sl Bill Grove, Peter Stanley, Richard Herman, Joal Steigers, Steve Miller, Lonnie Hanlon, David lkhanna. Leif Hansen, Tim Schorre Craig Oakford. lrow 4l LeRoy Beavers, Mitch Rosenfeld, Pat Hanafee, Mike Hanafee, Will Mosier, John Park, Ed Jackson. Greg Garrison, Richard Taylor Casey Corliss, John Corby, Steve Kurasch, Mark Seegel. Coach Richard Kampmann ",a!I?s'fg'5.,"1.l?'f'-M-.'+'2E"I: onl y , ,iw pd! Vasquez-Alcerro Mile Relay Ken Ganezer Two Miler Benny Alvarez Top Pole Vaulter 7' W9'?'??F all .. - in 1-pm' than .-'gag V V 3 E' fMl"'z K' . ,fifl , " ' 8, .. rf? V N- Lee Nicholl rolls over the bar. H :f+,f' rms W 543:91 Beavers and Dominguez winning in 180 L.H. l Dittmar Two Miler Garrison, Leeds, Vasquez easy winners in the 220 aaiaai R , .. 1 ww i ,, Q 3 'ii 'Q Leeds takes hand-off from Martinez in Mile Relay www Isle'-ff 4 Jackson goes up and OVER xp Q w BEE A MEMBERS OF THE BEE TRACK AND FIELD TEAM are: lrow ll Mike Levine, Paul Rogat, Robert Tom, Cary Jones, Bob Kaufman, Glenn lnouye, Rudy Harkens, Dave Levy, Ken Rosenthal. lrovv 2l Anthony Antonion, Ed Carroll, Henry Tom, Dale Hendler, Kevin Cunningham, Robert Fujimura, Steve Plachte, Bill Miller, David Okumura. lrow 33 Chuck Crovitz, John Olney, Bob Ratner, Jay Goldinger, David Wolstader, Howard Steinman, Bill Ebin, Bob Sussman. 'lrd l John Olney Top Pole Vaulter. Kaufman and Crovity-660 runners. C. Jones, D. Levy and B. Ebin racing towards the tape. G. Inouye and R. Tom Best Hurdlers. EE TRACK AND FIELD MEMBERS OF THE CEE TRACK AND FIELD TEAM are: lrow 11 Richard Smith, Adolph Becker, John Levy, Stuart Ueda, Bob Yudovin, James Thurber, Don Warrington, Phil Butler. lrow 21 Lee Rosenberg, Ramon Alcerro, Richard Goldman, Robert Koshimizu, Nick Susuki, Reid Furakawa, Mike Watanabe, David Yoshiwara. irovv 31 Wayne Endo, ae Wallace Tanita, David Gould, Richard Brose, Peter Anderson, Paul Matsumoto, Abel Becerra, Mark Yamamoto, Emmett. lrow 41 Richard Evans, Randy Kaplan, Bill Simon, Chris Beavers, John Bennett, Milan Jelic, Eddie Alan Hostrop, Evan Bishop. msmi BSN Q i Watanabe 120 L.H. R. Tom in driving finish. 'te :Wifi .Ju bn R. Furakawa winning a close 660. K-L R, Smith breaks the 1320 tape, J. Levy, D. Gould and A. Becker placing for UNI. .Le annum-wanna .ti .-,wifi Y' . M ,. M V, . MEMBERS OF THE COMPETITIVE GYMNASTICS TEAM are: lrovv 11 Ron Reznick, Brian Wong, Scott Kubota, Ron Yokotake, Kanzi Yasutomi, Ronnie Sata, Nabi Tahan, Shogo Kadovvaki, Dennis Sata, Jose Campos, Jeff Hall. lrow 21 David Tolkan, Bob Stallone, Frank Hattori, Mark Resnick, Jeff Moot, Saul dela paz, Tim Kudo, Robert Nishi, Ron Riddick. lrow 31 Benny Ferdman, Barrie Barr, Randy Yoshimoto, Aurielo Carlos, Jose Carrillo, Lee Varis, Hitoshi Nakata, Glen Hirashiki, AI Kabaker, Richard Ogner. lrow 41 Marc Rogister, Larry Oakner, Al Widen, Rudi Ekstein, John Lynch, Julian Reed, Gary Fox, Jeff Crovitz, Tom Casey, Danny Smith. lnovv shovvnl Steve Sanett. gig S ' 1 it W Coach Duane LaRue I 'VVA NON-COMPETITIVE MEMBERS OF THE GYNMASTICS TEAM are: lrow 11 Sam Shockett, Steve Kato, Mike Spellman. lrow 31 Jack Ruben, Robert Fiske, Tom Albers, Jim Kagawa, Robert Pullan, Marc Bolger, Arturo Aguayo, Greg Marc Mrazek, Tony Bonita, Kevin Chapman, Albert Hazim, Ted Nace, Bruce Corob, John Hill, John Tepper, Jim Holcomb. lrovv 21 Eusebio Mecenas, Barry Fullman Glaser, Hector Barron, Richard Engler, Chris Ogg, Richard Sanett, David Blattell, 110 12 L, ASV .- yi 4 Va Q H? xfba - uv W we f QQ 1, ml, M V F 4.2 V-Q 'Q 'A M""'N --1. muh- L mr, W Q6- httiji .1.Q at-.A gif-525 'T WM- fy- ,W K7 ., H a ttjuigijj K . W4 g .3 SWI MI NG MEMBERS OF THE VARSITY SWIM TEAM are: lrow 1l Bill Reich, Scott Lichtig, Robert Landau, Doug Kato. lrow 2l Frank Middleton, Peter Lentz, Randy Kay, Craig Thompson. lrow Sl Peter Sullivan, Bob Cavaglieri, Brian Brahms, Kenny Brown. lnot shownl John Nowitski. --.,-,l Q at r 5, Q 559.5 ff' 'T I , 62522 1 6 V .. ' V. - A ,via iv-. . fs . , , - fu 1, ,r ' V 1- " -f Q, 'Ei V ' aSiG591f1Qtf1'f - .ti . 'S' A t . . - in 4' . L, -,- - , R -P' 'Yi r ' 4,3 -.1 .. -f'- 4. 1 .. .. f +4 .t ' r .. we gf a- , fi sz , , , W, . Lk gr I A ,S aa. .7. .v,,,.-855 L7 5 f A. . 4' 3 r ip 5 - .Ma ,:,.- Aw- -f 'QI -gr .r ...afagimfiilfl BWP Bill Reich-Breast Stroke Bob Landau-Butterfly "'-'- ka.. A iw V H, . 3 A figs- , ill., , tee A P" 'K v, if SW-fzefsfr mr'-fx law. 'V as ww T if. V ,z :M it . ...M .gi it P . ' ' vf' mx, ,fm ,, sf T- 2 1 Q - bf' . i i -- x - ' f i-fi3Q7iSi1r2sf:Q.',-A - f ' Randy Kay-School Record Breast Stroke Coach Neil Newman. Holder. ,A ,pw 12371, Ken Brown at a strong finish. ff, N. '- ,,.. .Ewa ls-mm rmmaswavuu mmf inns 'x .- X Working on Starts are Bill Reich and Scott Lichtig. Practicing Backstroke Starts are Kenny Brown and Todd Lesner. Yi 5 MEMBERS OF THE BEE SWIM TEAM are: lrow 1l Greg Wight, John Mitamura, Scott Wada. lrow V, 2l Marc Nusinow, Bill Lappen, Todd Lesner. Scott Wada Best in the Butterfly. J ' Q- ' -53.95-' et.t "fav, Qi Swimmers resting between 100 series. Promising 10th Graders are Flich McCrary, Greg Wight, M -' M - '--" 1 'T' Marc Rischall, and John Byers. ll.llll.."...9 ii 'M' Q-- Q L-..,-.Ms -ms, E .Q..:sg.fzIf .....,,,,,1 III3.. 1 MEMBERS OF THE CEE SWIM TEAM are: lrow ll Steve Mendelson, Ron Tonini, John Pizer, Vance Gerdau, Marc Rischall. lrow 2l Rick McCrary, Terry Dribin, John Byers, Jon Lewis. if nav" ..,, J, ,. Weap- ., . k f-: - , MEMBERS OF THE TENNIS TEAM are: lrovv ll Richard Cole, Tom Neches, Mike Kawachi, Orrin Ezralow, Hunter Kaplan, Ralph Bell. lrow 2l Greg Perloff, John Holsoh, Ted Teweles, Dean Schneider, Jim Hayes. lrow 3l Allen Gilbert, Brad Landis, Peter Stone, Dave Stone, Benji Golvin. 9111- f X I Winner, Benji Golvin being congratulated by Coach Borio. ...-sw" if y , 3 ' Rave David Stone and Peter Stone- Doubles Number One Man-Benji Golvin C. TENNIS .ff f ,X' fx A - , 1 Y 1 ,K p i I If ,X V 1" ,K jr' A v 'KXXY i-fJif'X1r X ?-'E -' iff if .f X lf: gr ,hi 5 by fm., X 3, K, .i il , R' 1., 1 if wk . 'J?'h,, , ...ff 15.1 K rf 1. ,xkyiv yyikyyjfyfl AIX' M! Y ,xqfy... 1 Y 'rx ,vw 3 ,r 1 fi . 'r ,Q 3 I figlyljiji m 4 Y John Hoisch 1-Lg Allen Gilbert Warming up are Dean Schneider and Brad Landis. Coach Courtney Borio V Leaning into a serve is Ted Teweles. H5 er ' rf LT if r ,tk LL , X T? A , -I ,, Q MEMBERS OF THE VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM are: irow 1i Leonard Trondreau, Rick Bonynge, Jim Sobczek, Craig Salvage, Bob Herndon, Duff Harris, Dan Shane. irow 23 Randy VARSITY Stoner, Steve Danney, Leo Schwartz, Mark Berman, Hanley Friend, Bob Kallenbaugh, Danny Ross, Jamie Krug, Harold Rosenberg, Mike Sugarman. irow 3i Dennis Copeland, Ralph Primo, Brian Kingman, Bill Martin, Jay Jacoby, Jim Esterbrooks, Steve VanZandt, Dave Short. r BASEB LL 'fn .vlliali ax RX-'X-' , ,k sy, . .. , f 5, ,A F ' 5f 4l:4,.!,tYi:"ii 'f'T::,1'9-'A-by!! fl,-.'-1" 2 LGS ifab'IQ''vff'5Wf""fff2'iifff1'wif j VD af -xxywxxkufg ui-'pw-,',i. ff g 7,11 ' J, -1.1 , 1' 'u 4' 2 C-Q-aff? J: -Angela-'f-,,1,s, . i E " N i Q 31, 7 i P an i Leonard Tondreau v I i A .AQQ ,'!.' X' S x -,N , R fx ,'-NN.m A 'w . 1 .s I , ' I wr -' ut! "H---.,-... Z1 T25 f .K - fx, L 5 V ' . R 41 W " ' k ' ' '- ,,-1.5-Aw,i '. ' z:.,T1ff-ff,-A f L V. . 1 V , Q, 4- 5,. '.,w , ,,,. K,, ,nq,:,.Q ..f, My ,- 4, ,Wm X iz35.f?1zgTi'e:+f. Q1 X M' . - ' W4 - ' A M Bob Kallenbaugh-Putcher ' L ,,f,1, ' A M 2' W V , , M M - gf - , ,H Bull Durslag-Center Fneld jyggf' :,,.. ,. ,gg 'f A , 1 . 1 Jay Jacoby-Thurd Base , nf . 'f'-Qa!f'l -is Ralph Prumo Short Stop Jam Sobzeck-Furst Base L90 Swartz-Fielder Mark Berman PltChEl' If Rick Bonynge-Second Base BFUCG BOHYUQS-CBYCIWV Craig Salvage-Right Field OR VARSITYB EB LL ra. . MEMBERS OF THE JUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM are: lrow ll John Gargia, Henry Estrada, Jeff Green, Brian Urata, Steve Szarko, Jim Neville, Alan Cohen. lrow 2l Jon Roberts, Mike Hirsh, Jeff Gittler, Doug Ziegler, Mark Schneider, Rick Tempkin, Adam Jones, Dan Cooperman, Tim Curry, David Bauman. lrow 3l Coach Sisco, Bill Cramer, Jack Goetz, Steve Hackbarth, Dan Desenberg, Mark Fineman, Nancy O'DonnelI-Scorekeeper, Patty McMillan- Scorekeeper, Leslie Wong-Scorekeeper. lil H 4 t i ...... 'IH N .L I 4 ' 1. I Qt Coach Robert Sisco 118 rg 1 I W? i , , 1 7 7 . 'ff' . f . .WM ' 4 32 y.r.1fff 4231-f if , M 'ne in 4 .e m,..g..Ma- W Q1 X if sv "' xg ., ,Q -K x M X. f. fs 1 X 'U x l . YW V' , x ,ff if Q V, ik ff' M . 5 5, ,Q-""-link. s,.,..,, 'V ,Ag ' K K A , MWZu,l.Q"x9,:-'1'f' if 'key' .-'KN NL' W , ' 739' 'Q 'ff ' Mf".,-".'-f.::Qf ,L , , ,I gf-I 'Y ,,' , :Kim-:42.."":h+ ,.0' -, 68,1 -5' 'U' ','fQ.-'f- R L,,,,, Cr :ew ,I ,. , -www, .- , nag gf? . 'vp-F3 f:f"gCM 3,..'-'f?f?!'?'.?"f'ff:f37'igz12'f:51' K A ff .V L. ' W' ' Q. :'?'L'f-Q'3fi1:J"'5',i 51" iii-A L?f'1E'i'l' -5- ,gm -rf ag -f . M... Q W My V L ., ,am 1 2, ,4 A V 'fad' I J - M H- U .. ,, 4 - ,Q :H 'sv L . 3 ' W' " 1 ' f ,, D, f 4 fgk.. n , 2 fwbf.ff,N 3 " K " Ad l . f""'f I In-.hp-14 -Q. S ,I--""" 5 fi if 11332 A Xxlllkiili' ur- , .U If 'lk 3 W ,A iii. 1 ! ,A Sf 'E 5 2 A li 23 ,Q Q :Ei GE .3 Q ,S 5 4, X S w -1 Q 3 5 5 4 1 5 x I i x 5 E and 1 6' fx"--e Q1-. 'E' fa S- -1151 gh EN:-'-"" 3 ...ini -nb f .-I kwnxrs' i4 'if W ff ..x,v 9' f ff' by , fl' qv MEMBERS OF THE SPRING S.H.O.P. are: irow Il Rory Jaffe, Aliza Karney, Annette Lipson, Daryl Morris, Bill Lappen. irow 2l Laurie Walter, Faith Wieland, Lee Sturman, Deanna Wong. lrow 3I Paul Prusan, Sue Sheby. WORKING BEHIND THE MAIN CURTAIN WITH LIGHTS, PROPS AND FLATS ARE THE SPRING STAGE CREW: Irow ll Kenji Mochizuki, Randy Bebish-Chief Carpenter, Narda Lesher-Chief Electrician.. irow 2I Ron Flade, Leslie Cowan, Jean Zwart, Lynn Silverman-Asst. Manager, Leona Bergstein, Jane Wiklund-Stage Manager, Mr. Scheib. lrow 3I Keith Cowan-Chief Flyman, Brad Firth, David Mellin. Inot shownl Matt Eggen, Henry Heller, Dan Jenkins, Glenn Kulik. 122 3 4 -.M . MEMBERS OF SPRING THESPIANS are: Irow ll Lewis Hauser, Carla Manning, Dede Phillips, Dan Jenkins-President, Jane Wiklund. Irow 2I Debby Raffin, Diane Davisson, Dale Davidson, Anna Mindess, Monica Preussner. Irow 3l Philip Epstein- Treasurer, Jack Bowdan, Larry Oakner, Glenn Holland. Inot shownl Bonny Lewis- Secretary. -..,:.:. W 0 5 ' 9.203554 ,, nip? ,- -3 F 70-Q i B L L N l It 1 'S W M if A 1 vs, 3 gmixb R ., if il ' fm, fpfn . '1 L. 'var rf. J 124 . a I -xi V n A rs 5 A A W , I gm L lvy A. , I , I A , '?f , f , I A ai' .- tr 4,4 1 N . ,., 3 - ' Q 1. . - .j A .V sg In ve. iw , ee 3,5 .,, W . at 1 f V" . . E ' Y g et S, fi. , V . -I if x .. :, . rw .aw I A f. ,V ..,. L ,ff - Li. we npr-.v , M l 11 f , " V r K , 9-I ' K A -, L . l e A srl A W' f Z V? if ' B A fa . K :iii M A r . ' f -1 . ' f i ff? M' a s Qi. if , 5 we VT 4 if rg ,gg-,Ass Q W V 4 ,X S -1 N t A - iii 2 J g1,. Ji- y if, QU i f-A -M . -,.,. W, wha" f V ,,f- wwf , A 'M , z , Y ' - :e S rv I ., , , , .,,, . ' , 128 . 1. +1's.u-Fw. . -4, an V, z.swvn:ff,:1' ' ' 11 ' ,,. . .. Q , ' -F H Q K . -l r-0 z fi ei u,,,, , I . e,...5 - ri 'Jr' ' QB'-9: ' - 5 . if V ' A - " . Os JY ..,: f X 1' is ? I ve 3. 1. ,X Q an Wiz f A J My I A V , 5 ii V 7 In .W ,M WML -. , 5 -, . A 9 . --i , . se- ' - - .,- ,Q V , I 3 - , af XM' 12 .. ta t sa if we L s. 5 E m v 3 EDCRADBE lsaac Abraham Chris Adams Pam Adinoff Salli Adler Rose Ainoios Buzz Alexander Cecelia Alfano Andrew Allen . I Louie Alvarez Bahman Amiri Debbie Anderson Nancy Anderson James Arikawa Mike Armstrong Maureen Ash John Ashley Sudaluck Atthakhosolsuradi Angelina Avalos Patricia Baeza Janasue Baker Nadine Baladi Bonnie Balch Jim Barber Kimberly Barber Brian Bardfield Denise Bardovi Vivian Barela Hazel Barnett Hector Barrera Linda Barron li ,L N. Francine Barr Tom Barron J Mark Barshop William Bastien Capton Beafheart Garfie Beale Adolph Becker Hans Beimler Ralph Bell David Benezro Denelle Bentley Monica Benton Patrick Bercell Terri Beresford Lonnie Berke Maureen Berkus Riki Berlin Andy Berman Muriel Berman Jeff Bern Robert Berry Randi Berryman ' Ellen Bey Laura Biale Ruth Bienenfeld James Birrell Larry Birstock John Blackman Stacy Blair Shayla Blakely an ,tv -5 2 la Jou , Bleak Q Maya Blei Gila Blei Deborah Blood Barbara Boyle Beverly Boyle Rick Bonynge J Jane Borders Jack Bowdan Ed Brener Phillip Bricker K Mark Bridge 3 Mike Briere , Rick Briggs ! Meg Bright fa ii -f fi: -.ff Q a ,-...J 5.-fm J R faaa fi 1 ,J- .Q .f. 134. Y u' D J' -A' K' si' s w A., W , f pr' ' i , ,,. .4 5 '56 w ' Q. i i 4 . ' L L: J ,Ar Akai is A M if S fl .L if . ii F il' W' 'B 1 . . vs in A A . J 1. 6 'f Hi ,.a fn. .2 'T 3 ,. , V , Q s ff 5 we 3 'I-'L Q ia? .iik K A i i s aww I it - , we fee, M. .M -we J is -. an -s fs X .2 I 5 sf J Q I. A wiser - , gl! 1. if i er ,J -Q a ai iii X . fl is X 39 as 'ea ra... I Q J i wi H-- 1' r 41 me 'W 39 r ii Ja.. - ez 3 4 5. Ju, Q a . J .ea Em, 1, 4 , 5 ,' ..- W. K , f 6 'Tl Wir, W ry. 3 5? 41, -f :ii ff' ia ,Faq K l X gf an 'C A . 3' :Sf Q Y if as ,, V ,, .g 2, ,. Basie A - ofa .wg , New ,nazi " 1 A 2-' 1 r s .. .. .Li e 3 Q, lg . 7 - an i?-JF i '- 1 ggiw-V ' f ff-qiazg a 1 at f a 2 ax 1 1 t i l - Y 1 ,rf . 15 1 M FW, TS, ,Zvi . . ,at Kim Brockman Gregory Brody Shirley Broger Jill Brooks Robin Brooks Jeff A. 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A get John Komesu Cindy Komet Mike Kompaniez Debbie Kopanski Elaine Kosan Kim Kramer John Krasno Janet Kravetz Eric Kretschmer Don Kreuter Jamie Krug Scott Kubota Tibon Kucharik Maliso Kui Katrin Kuizenga Glen Kulik Claudia Kunin Steve Kurasch Danny Krystall Dave Kyle Margie Kyle Patricia Kyllonen Steve Lacy Tracy Landis Steven Lavetts Paul Lavin Michael Lavove Timothy Lavove Kent Lawenda Nancy Lawrence Shelly Lawrence Kathy Leavenworth Debby Lederer Susan Lee Sheri Leemon Richard Leib Mark Leiger Mindy Leiterman Linda Leong Pete Lentz Cathie Lepow Leslie Lepow Caren Leve Sally Levens Donald Leventhal Nina Levin John Levine Michael Levine Bill Levinson Susan Levitt David Levy Jackhong Lew Scott Lichtig Judy Linkroum Donna Lippus Jeff Lipscomb Annette Lipson Claire Lipson Lynne Lisby Josie Lismay Elyse Litvack Peter Lo Libby Lohnes fhomas Longenecke Sue Lubitsch Stanley Luckey Rebecca Lyies John Lynch Chris Macera Shirley Madland Joe Magana Vincent Maizy Jill Mallery sae, ,X , i Q' 'H- -?" 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I Halle Mandel YK Irene Mandel Bob Mansfield H'-'ji Y, Magued Mantoura Elizabeth Marcus Kim Marienthal , Lois Marine Qu V Hillary Markman ' "' ' Dana Marks Janet Marks - Lisa Marks Robert Martin Ray Martinez Louis Marvick Make Marx .-' i Richard Mason Janine Mather Elaine Matsuda Joan Matsumoto Iris Mayo Charles McArthur Q L ff' Jim McCarthy Babette McDonald , ig "" ia . - A 23 N 'X K i ff' ,.f A, :ml Jeanne McGinnis 'f Dirk McKnight 1' Patty McMillan K Kathy McSweeney 7 Casey McVey 1 I 3 Abigail Melcher Dean Mermell .2 Pamela Meyers ' my Sue Meyers Rosa Meza Harry Michaelian Mary Middy ' Bill Miller cindy Miner Judy Miller X ea, Steven Milder David Millstein Drew Mirsch Harriet Mitzman Jack Moffett Qi Darlene Monoz Otis Monsoon Kathy Mooradiar. Marc Modica Gary Morgan al E-- A Caroc Morlta Jack Morris Kenn Morrison Donald Morrow Paul Moss Y A Danny Mouliot Stephen Muir .1 Nancy Mullen t V, A Bill Murphy fe Donna Nagata - , 'i 'ii li . l. , f Lv, 4,-.ns 'LT ii. l L. 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"ii Am at is K VV i xrjl ,. , , ,,iy S., EQ M s iff' its ' sl y W Wanda Sobieski Cynthia Soble Noah Sosa Jose Sotelo Mitchell Spellman Scott Spencer Laurie Sperling Richard Spiro Linda Spitz Marti Spivack Bruce Stainbrook Brian Stear Cathy Steele Henry Steinman Melissa Stein Louise Steinberg Fred Stern John Stichman Dave Stillwell Cornelie Stoevesandt Michael Stone Cindy Stordahl Veronica Strange Lee Sturman Jonathan Sugar Mike Sugarman Mike Sugarman Hiroko Sugitani Scott Sumbles Robert Sussman Joanna Sutton Sheila Suzuki Carol Swanson Robert Tabachnick Marty Tachiki Nabih Tahan Agnes Tatz Eliza Taubman Nancy Taylor Leigh Tefkin Susan Teller Niki Tenner Jon Tepper Dianne Thayer Todd Thayer Debbie Thiras Craig Thompson James Thurber Sue Thurston Donna Tildon Dave Tolkan Henry Tom Marc Trippett Monica Trojillo Franki Trujillo Shelley Tuch Sheri Tuch Nancy Turner Mark Yamamoto David Uchida Stuart Ueda Dawn Ulyate Setsuko Umeda Gregg Van Allen Shelley Van DE W Randy Vanesian Francie Vanminden Bambi Van Tilburg Barbara Varela Rosalind Villegas Usha Viswanathan Michael Walker Ellen Wallack Lisa Wanamaker ks ' 'al N - , 'a 0 fe . if asf- ' w- ' " J . , 2' , ,L , I 1.-Luv-s Z 'W A-A , 1' er' ,, 2-was A A A . .. 1 ff C is . 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Archer Candi Arevalo Maria Argumedo Pam Arikawa Diane Armstrong Mike Aronsohn Charles Aruio Del Atwood Paul Avalos Marc Azari Kenneth Babamoto Robin Bacca Gina Balaban Marna Balin Robert Balopolk Kenneth Bank Maria Barajas Elliott Elaral Manuel Barba Gary Bardovi Barrie Barr .loan Barr 1 f I I' 1 'vi A X .f H , 5. as if-1 2 ' , ',.. it il X 7 .I 4f'.l-l "'i'i .l"'T,,' E l,: H , i':,' ' ll? ' iiixjgiiwl 0 ' .fo Y .. X 'Q Q - by E 1 I -sm .5 y I, ' Q K ,B I. V if 4 ' - I ' . ,fda A19 fs s , . mv an 7A I I J 'J t W A l A e Q D is J 1, ws . Eg IQ: xl sig , Iii A 'r,: Q f M ' L if' W . 'lx . , Y- , 25" ' A x iii! if is "J 'E , L '1 i' J., , 7 A L' 'T 1' , my ' , Q 'fig' , A 4 Bob Wiener Vicki Williams Debbie Willis David Wilner John Wilson Bill Winant Brenda Winters Patsy Wolf Rita Wolf Robyn Wolf Albert Wong Deanna Wong Leslie Wong William Woods Kathy Yamamu ra Chuck Yee Robin Yodowitz Chris York Paul Zahler Sherri Zatt Lisa Zemelman Lawrerwe Zieve John Zweizig Hector Barron Debby Basch David Bauman Kathie Baumoel Greg Bay Christopher Beavers Abel Becerra Dan Becker Eve Beerman Sherry Bell Dennis Bellauia John Bennett John Berger Connie Berke Debbie Berke Lesley Berko Cheron Cheron Missy Berry Tony Bertucci Bruce Bidlack Janet Bieber Frank Bill Lisa Binder Fletcher Birge Debby Birns Bob Bishop Evan Bishop Jack Blankenship David Blattel Jane Bloom Jeff Boehr Jeffrey Bohn Mark Bolger Judy Bondy Tony Bonita Mandy Bonn Gary Bonner Jewelene Booker Sam Boon Les Boone Michael Borok Robin Borok Sue Borucki Robynne Braun Tim Brenot l29 X F' 1 1 , g t ' 33 V . 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JN ,,, we llsl -A , 4 gk S Candy Hannig Annette Haraldsted Jeff Harmon Sandra Haro James Harris Leslie Harris Mark Harris Alice Hartman Mary Hartman Carol Hartunian George Haskin Lewis Hauser Amy Hayashida Paula Haydell Jim Hayes Colleen Heffernan Karyn Heilbron Cathy Heller Cindy Helm Randi Herner Eric Heizelman Audrey Hendricks Diane Henlein Peri Hernandez Howard Herrold David Heveron Mary Heyler Merrill Heyman Cynthia Higgins Elva Hignodoz Candy Hirschfield Mike Hirsh Monica Hlivyak John Hoisch Jeff Holcomb Kurt Holg Mike Holman Jeff Holtzman Lisa Horelick Dennis Horwitz Alan Hostrup Kathy Howell Ted Hucldleston Dan Huebsch John Humphrey Karen Hunt Deborah Ige Bessie Imada Carol lnabu Glenn lnohara Emily lnouye Dawn Isa Mark Isaacs Rory Jaffe Marilyn Jakowchik Randy James Julie Jamison Kevin Jamieson Matthew Jampol Jeff Jeffries Milan Jelic Glenna Johnson Sandi Johnson Adam Jones Lynne Jones Robert Joseph Kathy Kaba Joan Kahn James Kagawa Debbie Kahane Jean Kaisaki Donna Kakehashi Joe Kalberloh 131 gig' 'i 73g xml Q' L . 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' 1 W' , . n ssav J A 'r S - Bruce Leventhal Arlen Levin Diane Levin Lisa Levin Lydia Levin Harmon Levine Valerie Levitt Jamie Levy Joyce Levy Leslie Levy Pamela Levy .Ion Lewis Sandy Lewis Scott Lewis Mary Lexter George Lian Brad Lichwala Tracee Linden Linda Linfoot Peter Linhardt Sherry Linson Andrew Lipkis Linda Litzko Tommo Lo Elva Loaiza Cindy Long Judi Longer Robert Lopez John Lozano David Lubin Candy Luckenbaugh Ken Lundgren Sandy Maahs Mario Macera Ronnie Mackler Mary Macleod Bruce Mann Andy Nlanoff Kathy Manzano Murrow March Lauren Marks Peter Marks Marolt Metka Melanie Martell Alycia Martin Bill Martin Robert Martin Authony Materna Paul Matsunoto Chris Maurer Lynn Maurer Connie Mccabe Cathleen McClory Scott McCosker Linda McCullough Jill McElmurry Terry McGilIivray Wendy Mclntyre Alicia McKelvey Bill McKibben Sara McRinnie Tom McMahon Dickson McMurray Dwight McNavghton Grace Mead Eusebio Mexenas Aurelia Medrano Jerzy Meduski David Melhuish Steve Mendelson Monica Merlino Jim Merrill Max Metz Denise Meyers g ri .fs ' Q l , ' .ax X , . 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Q: 10 V A., M.. , P Debbie Miller James Miller Wendell Miller Burn Kim Minn Bruce Mochizuki Debbie Moers Mindy Molo Rebecca Montano Michael Moore Thomas Moore Bruce Mori Diane Morikawa Gary Morioka Elaine Morris Sherry Morris Paula Morrison Marc Morriss Karen Morrow Charles Mozena Pat Mullen James Murez Carla Musselman James Nakaki Jennie Nakamoto Ted Naoe Bob Neches Thomas Neches Larry Nevonen Michele Neff Darryl Nemer Jim Neville Jim Nicholson Steve Nickles Ted Niioa Burt Nishimoto Victoria Nodilf Melodie Norenberg John Nowitzki Sheila Nury Christopher Ogg Sun Oh Barbara Ohannesian Evelyn Ohno Kazumi Okimoto Tom Olish Bob Olmedo John Olney Mary Olson Randy Ora Denny Orchard Vicki Oshinomi Susie Ostiller Naomi Osugi Heidi Ottiger Grace Ouchi Debbie Parker Feff Passarelli Mark Passin Jerry Paul Drew Pauly Albert Peake Andrea Payrnar Eric Pearson Dawn Peel Afton Pelner R alph Perez Sherie Perlin Brian Perrochet Nick Persson Geraidine Peters Joe Peters Janet Petraitis Don Petrie Cathy Pezzoni Vicky Phelps if it if-Q Q A L Fl? 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A 13 4 Robert Russell Keith Sagon Kim Sakaguchi Toshi Sakanina Midge Saks Mary Sallows 'Joan Salzman Marla Samson Ronald Sanborn Cathy Sanchez Melody Sandberg David Sanett Ronald Sandler ' Richard Sanett Laura Sareyane Dennis Sata Lori Saunders Mike Sawai Steve Sawai Muron Sawicki Darrell Scales Peter Schau ben Chris Scheu rn David Schceimer Rolfe Scheffel Margie Schmidt Susie Schneider Marc Schneider Tim Schorre Eleanor Schrader Roxanne Schultz John Schuyler Steven Schwadron Michael Schwartz Mark Schweitzer Sherrie Score Amy Seagoe Andrea Serotta Laurie Shacknove Gail Shamberg Irv Shapell Curtis Shapiro nga Shapiro Sue Sheby Garth Sheldon Devore Sherman Cathy Shimazu Marsha Shimotsu Paul Shiosaki Keith Shirasawa Sam Shocket Amy Shorr Myra Shulman Roger Siboni Christina Sieg James Silberberg Claire Simmen William Simon Linda Singer .lon Singerman Steve Sirell Karen Skinner Stan Slap Joey Slattery Gary Smart Cindy Smith Jack Smith Jill Smith Richard Smith Sherryn Smith Les Snider Barba Socorro Gcri Solomon Janie Solomon Bruce Solow gli r iccc r , ,., .gtg N at .t A, an ,.s.,,f4 z J . 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A , i ., q Q, g. ,, ,. rx.- J Y ti l J V J ilii J S 1, il Jay Solursh Stan Somers Susan Sowers Ricky Speetor Michael Spellman Peggy Spellman Ellen Spencer David Spikings Randy Spiro Shirley Spradlin Lynn Sprague Mark Sprecher David Stampler John Stang Jean Stanley Debbie Stapholtz Bob Steinberg Neil Steinberg Tere Steinberg Kitty Steinborn Howard Steinman John Stern Cathy Sternstein Terry Stevens Nolan Stewart John Stone Pam Stone Peter Stone Debbie Stout Philip Strauss Michelle Strull Brak Strumwasser Laurie Stuart Tina Stulberg Nick Susuki Phil Sutton Robert Sutter Vanessa Swann Mike Swartz Jan Symonds Steven Szarko Denise Tachet Patrice Taenaka Carol Takayama Joni Takeshita Wallace Tanita Joan Tannenbaum Ernie Tashima Kevin Tatz Lisa Tauber Evan Taylor Lucy Taylor Randy Taylor Richard Taylor Rick Tempkin Joii Terada Chris Thomas Mark Thompson Joanne Thorner Wendy Thorpe Salle Todd Ron Tonini Kathleen Turner Linda Twomey Michael Ueda Stephan Underhill Susan Unger Brian Urata Cary Uyemura Ralph Valdez Jeannine Vanesian Steve Van Zandt Vvonne Vatis Janella Vasquez Naomi Vaughn G vi hi " ... I .fig w H 1 t V qgkk lilxi X . . ,, ' Q A 2 f j N' i f ie I 'AAA are 1 ff 7 ' kv is tA.,L. Q ,fi J, , . d W ' W R " infer 'G-if V rv 1 M f M , f , A fm , if -.. ,, , r , M, 2 191 K ',g,"73' 'iii A 'hu - f - L gs A 3 -1 " if Q, I Sui .- . - ' V, ' QNX , ,J 'FHA Q iw- ' e 1 " ' J' v 1 . ,P .D 5 af. sf Q. 'VX af , 4... ,ru- Helene Vergos Michele Viault Michele Victor Jim Voorhees Michael Voorhees Scott Wada Linda Wahl Mark Wald Martha Wall Marlin Wallace Sandy Walston Laurie Walter Stephanie Walz Jim Warren Donald Warrington Ines Watkins Owen Webb Roberta Weber Hilary Wiener Jan Weisbart David Wessrnan Shelley Weitzberg Dedra Welan Jennie Wetterau Kirk Whltlalch Linda White Greta Wick Jenny Widdifield Greg Wight Sue Wilburn Tim Wilcox Valerie Wilkie Deirdre Willat Randy Willens Doug Williams JI!! Williams Dennis Wilson Scott Winant Jeff Windle Lucila Wing Sandra Witrhofr Wendy Woli Allan Wolfe Roberta Wolfson HanfLien Wu Patty Wyman Ron Wynn Marianne Yamaguchi Kanji Yasutomi Yoshiaki Yasutomi Sandra Yavitz Jeanette Yoshimura Bruce Yoshiwara Mamia Younan Bobby Yudovin Carol Yuge Anna Yung Glenn Zahler Irwin Zalkin Patti Zanger Theresa Zataraio Stephen Ziegrer Jacqui Zink Linda Zuber gu- '-f-S ll 2 tax ' Q , ' QQ it CALIFORNIA SCHOLAR HIP FEDERATIO SPRING MEMBERS OF THE 12TH GRADE C.S.F.: Warren Allen, Jeff Alpert, Carla Anderson, Owen Atkinson, Carla Axelrod, Douglas Beecher, Jacqueline Bellows, Cindy Bendat, Kathy Berkeley, Mark Berman, David Bernstein, Steve Biskar, Kevin Blattel, Judy Blue, Howard Brandes, David Charvonia, Phyllis Cheng, Hamilton Cloud, Susan Cohen, Richard Crescitelli Peter Davidson, Steve Davis, Debby Dwoskin, Vicki Ebin, Steven Epstein, James Fabe, Hilary Farberow, Shelly Foreman, Tina Garfinkel, Deborah Glass, Richard Granstein, Gay Harwin, Burt Hermey, Mariko Hibbet, Mary Hiecke, Adam Hofberg, Sim Hoffman, Kristin Hogue, Glenn Holland, Scott Jacoby, Albyn Jones, David Katz, Jean Katz, Roni Keller, Daina Kojelis, Harriet 1 SPRlNG MEMBERS OF 11TH GRADE C.S.F.: Bahman Amiri, Brian Bradfield, Mark Barshop Shayla Blakely, Jack Bowdan, Robin Brooks, Jeff Cole, Dan Cooperman, Ellie Cornfield, Chuck Crovitz, Sue Cullison, Jolie DeVorin, Philip Epstein, Judy Estrin, Darlene Ewing, Nancy Felixson, Geoffrey Finkol, Robert Fujimura, Neil Gader, Connie Gast, Allen Gilbert, Betty Goodwin, Patty Gordon, Scott Grandi, Kim Greene, Francie Gumbiner, Bonnie Heikes, Zach Horowitz, Ken Hyman, Tony Jackson, Cary Jones, Steve Josephs, Alan Kabaker, Jackie Kassorla, Douglas Kato, Gary Kato, Jocelyn Kerr. Laurie Kester, Debbie Kier, Howard Kipen, Dena Kleeman, Katrina .i Kremer, Fred Landau, Elaine Lasarow, Alan Lilien, Michael Mahoney, Patty Mayer, Barbara McCelgan, Lisa Mears, Anna Mindess, Peter Pang, Cathy Pegg, Jeff Perl, Rami Razouk, Yvonne Renoult, Peter Rich, Melanie Rich, Paul Rogat, Theodore Rosenberg, Kate Rosenbloom, David Rubens, Freya Sandler, Martha Schoen, Laura Schultz, Jane Sindell, Jeff Smith, John Smith, Robin Spivack, Peter Stanley, Edward Sternstein, David Stone, Charlotte Strem, Peter Sullivan, Paulette Tahan, Kiyoko Tatsui, Leslie Vogt, Janet Wagner, Christine Wahl, Ronald Wayne, Marci Weis, Laura Werner, Tim Wolf, Danny Yamazaki. Kuizenga, Glen Kulik, Paul Kuttner, Dave Kyle, Mark Leifer, Sally Levens, Susan Levitt, Lisa Marks, Louis Marvick, Jeanne McGinnis, Patty McMillan, Steven Wilder Donna Nagata, Wendy Naiditch, Sheri Niemerow, Kahn Nishinaga, Michele Nourafchan, Alex Nury, Nancy O'Donnell, Jeff Palmer, Jewell Parker, Laura Pearlman, Denis Pelli, Julie Phister, Monica Preussner, William Roertgen, Kenny Rosenthal, Dan Ross, Pierre Schlag, Peter Selvin, Debbi Silton, Joanna Sutton, Nancy Taylor, Monica Tenner, Stuart Ueda, Usha Viswanathan, Tsai Min Wang, Jan Warsaw, Faith Wieland, David Wilner, Leslie Wong, Kathy Yamamura SPRING MEMBERS OF 10TH GRADE C.S.F.: Thomas Alber, Robert Anderson, Kenneth Bank, Chris Beavers, John Bennet, Janet Bieber, Jane Bloom, Madeline Bonn, Mike Borok, Melissa Bretherton, Donald Brunsten, Timolin Burke, Susan Chase, Harriet Chu, Lindsay Conner, Hilary Davis, Chris Desser, Lisa Doermann, Shawn Doherty, Orrin Ezralow, Diane Fishburn, Deborah Fishlyn, Robert Fiske, Maura Framson, Lynn Gale, Jack Goetz Jeff Gold, Debi Goldbert, Joni Goldfarb, Elizabeth Goldman, Lauren Gordon, Leslie Harris, Mary Hartman, Carolyn Hirschfield, John Hoisch, Kathy Howell, Mark Isaacs, Rory Jaffe, Marilyn Jakowchik, Lynne Jones, Kathy Kaba, Sara Jane Kallonbaugh, Randy Kaplan, Alisa Karney, Steven Katz, Mike Kawachi, Patti Kentor, Keith Kitano, Lars Kojelis, Kathleen Kopley, Vincent Krieg, Bill Ladden, Lisa Lang, Bill Lappen, Jim Laramee, Paul Lawrence, Lisa Levin, CAUSING THE SCHOOL, COMMUNITY AND GOVERNMENT TO TAKE ACTION AGAINST POLLUTION ARE THE MEMBERS OF THE ATTACK CONTAIMINATION TODAY, ORGANIZATION: lrow ll Joni Goldfarb, Anaka Goldfarb-Secretary, Tom Alber, Evan Taylor, Dan Brunsten- Correspondence Committee Chairman, Kim Marienthal-Director, Craig Oakford, Assistant Director, Charlotte Strem-Public Relations Chairman, Ken Williams-School Awareness Committee Chairman, Annette Lawrence, Cindy Leve, Judy Adler, Randy Tarlor. lrow Zl Lydia Levin, Carol Rogers, Lynne Jones, Laurie Walter, Denise Raach, Bonnie Zanger. lrow 3l Jeff Noot, Paul Lydia Levin, Harmon Levine, George Lian, Ilene Lieberman, Bruce Mann, Bill Martin, Wendell Miller, Thomas Neches, Shiela Nury, Vicki Oshinomi, Dreu Pauly, Sharon Perlin, Janet Petraitis, Cathy Pezzoni, Elena Phipps, Miriam Prum, Michele Raddish, Yvonne Renoult, Robert Resnick, Joan Richmond, Margaret Robe, Carol Rogers, Paul Rosenbloom, Edward Rubin, Rachel Rubin Kathy Russell, Lori Saunders, Steven Schwadron, Michael Schwartz, Mark Schweitzer, Amy Seagoe, Susan Sheby, Marsha Shimotsu, Myra Shulman, Janet Silber, Linda Singer, Ricky Spector, Jean Stanley, Kitty Steinborn, Michelle Strull, Brad Strumwasser, Nick Suzuki, Patrice Taenaka, Sharon Wallach, Jim Warren, Marianne Yamaguchi, Bruce Yoshiwara, Carol Yuge, Linda Zuber. Prosan, Lory Jaffe, Debbie Fishlyn, Lisa Doermann, Timolin Burke, Janie Bloom, Leslie Frierman, Lisa Lane, Harriet Chu, Steve Cohen, Bob Martin. lrow 4l Harmon Levine, Steve Schwadron, Bruce Fuhr, Jerry Paul, Robert Balopole, John Bennett, Dale Klatzker, Ed Rubin, Zach Horowitz, Mimi Cherbo. lrow 5l Jim Miller, Bob Ratner, Tommy Dettmer, Lynn Crale, Jane Kallenbaugh, Bruce Mann, Jackie deBritto, Mary Hartman, Sue Kaplan, Joel Dashut. lrow 61 Joanna Sutton, Joseph Smith Jr., Jim Lanamee, Lynn Maurer lnot shownl, Martha Wall lnot shownl, Jim Warren lnot shownl, Bruce Yoshiwara, Craig Simon-Program Committee Chairman, George Gumbiner. 137 MUSICAL GROUPS MEMBERS OF THE SPRING VOCATIONAL BAND are: lrow 1l Fran Feldon, Karen Kumataka, Hector Barron, Earle Hyman, Alan Anderson, Dennis Copelan, William McCrary, David Lawrence. lrow 2l Bob Herndon, John Lopez, Bill Murphy, Hector Barrera, Dean Mermell, Michael Byron, Gregg Eichenfield, Ed Carroll, Aryell Cohen, Bob Kaufman. lrow 3l Kenn Morrison, Steve Kurasch, Joe Kalberloh, Gregory Brosius, Marc Modica, Steve Rawitz, Erin Thompson. lnot shownl Greg Garrison, Ed Jackson. MEMBERS OF THE SPRING BAND are: lrow 1l Murrow March, Jane Craig, Lori Feldman, Nancy Desser, Audrey Hendricks, Kevin Blattle, Doug Guffan, Robert Hirsch, Bruce Solow, William McCrary, Earle Hyman, Vicki Day. lrow 2l Annette DeSchon, Dave Schonwald, Janet Williams, Kim Greene, Laura Pearlman, Michael Lessin, Angela Curran, John Kirkwood, Alan Anderson, Kathy Oka, George Lian, Guy Bull. lrow 3l Paula Fialkoff, Joel Goldstein, Howard Carlip, Joe Kalberloh, 138 Henry Heller, Rich Satnick, Tom Titus, David Birrell, Nancy O'Donnell, Jeff Boehr, Marc Modica, Dan Jaffe, Cathy Gould, Toni Robinson, Leona Bergstein, Joe Bennett. lrow 4l Sim Hoffman, Linda Spitz, Richard Harrison, Dennis Gerow, David Barnes, Keith Sagon, Robert Anderson, Scott Sumbles, Andrew Allen, Mark Hansen, Brian Singer, Bob Wiener, Steve Rawitz, John Doermann. Knot shownl Barry Silbert, Gina D'esopo, David Charvonia, David Millstein. 8? 'W""' my U ded ' :ww ' T ' li ww: is W ' ...qs la , . kwbmaxnf .. Aft' 25.41- MEMBERS OF THE SPRING CHOIR are: lrow 1l Pam Meyers, Nancy Desser, Shelley Foreman, Roberta Rosen, Sue Goldman, Cathy Pegg, Loree Drews, Lisa Wanamaker, Abigail Melcher. lrow 23 Tracy Landis, Lauren Pinter, Robin Borak, Sue Hayes, Vicki Haines, Ken Williams, Brian Clark, Vicki Knight, Gayle Elfman, Ed Brener. lrow 3l Carla Manning, Roberta Wolfson, Cathy Gould, Sue Anne Ware, Lisa Binder, Desde Cardoza, Blanca Orozco, Jo Sisson. lrow 4l Richard Harris, Lonnie Berke, Bella Kallick, Liz Marcus, Gilda Cano,Yolanda Escobedo, Roberta Weber, lrene Mori, Sue Sorenson, lrow Sl Stacy Blair, .lon Tepper, Jay CW . gba, an me-V 'V Jacobowitz, Rosie Denson, Toshiya Taenaka, Bambi Van Tillburgh, Chris Scheurn, Debbie Willis, lrow 6l Alan Widen, LisaMiller, Tracie Thayer, Cari Glassner, Marlene Marcus, Kris Hogue, Bobby Blankenship, Joel Silberman, Pat Mullen, Ben Lesko, lnot shownl Sue Altman, Monica Brembeck, Denyce Brown, Kim Collen, Debbie Glass, Cindy Helm, Neal Katz, Yuzo Ochiai, Gale Ogg, Patty Price, Amy Richardson, Heather Roberts, Jan Rosenmayer, Sheryl Rudman, Danny Smith, Liz Taubman, Janet Williams, Laurie Wood, Caryl Fischer. MEMBERS OF THE SPRING ORCHESTRA are: lrow 1l Elliott Baral, Frederick Eisenman, Norm Krell, Curtis Shapiro. lrow 2l Robin Etinger, Fran Feldon, Jewelene Booker, Audrey Hendricks, Ilene Rosengard, Patty Zanger, Cathy Oka, Jackie Ganezer, Annette Deschon, Ruth Feldon. lrow 3l Alfred ,e...,.,.ss M SH in-... Hancz, Earle Hyman, John Kirkwood, Lynne Lisby, Angel Wong, Cornelie Stoevesandt, Jane Craig, David Birrell, Edward Rubin, Jim Hoffman, Mike LaVove. lrow 4l Joe Bennett, Tom Titus, Lewis Hanser, Ken Ganezer, Henry Steinman, Alan Anderson, Tim LaVove, Robert Anderson, Avrom Green. l39 SPRI NC WARRI OR TAF F KEEPING THE STUDENTS ABREAST OF SCHOOL ACTIVITIES, UNDER THE LEADERSHIP OF MRS. McKENNA ARE THE SPRING MEMBERS OF THE WARRIOR STAFF: Irovv 1IRichard Satnick, Jeff Perl, Jeanne Katz, Jeff Cole, Mary Krasn. Irovv 2I L nn Silverman Ruth Denbur Rudy Ising Jeff Smith Kahn Nishinaga Robert Schuss. V . 9, , . , Irow 3I Larry Gurwin, Randy Spiro, Jim Esterbrooks, Chris York. Irow 4I Marc Oestreicher, Candy Hirschfield, Pam Adinoff. Inovv shovvnl Jon Tepper, Jay Jacoby. ,E W I ' 'I 5-Q 3-V, iffy Ji PRINTING UP THE WARRIOR ARE THE MEMBERS OF THE SPRING PRODUCTION PRINT: Irow Il Mike Goldstein, Bill Fallowfield. Irow 2I Jeff Bay, Jeff Woods, Dave Pulham, Jeff Budman. ADDITIONAL MEMBERS OF THE PRODUCTION CREW ARE: lrow1I Mark Giffin, Pat McAdams, John Blackman, Greg Bay, Glenn Hirashiki. Irovv 2I Dan Gardner, Jon Christinsen, Richard Fisk, Ralph Bell, Bernard Lobjois. 140 Mark Schroeder SPRING ANNU L STAFF WORKING ON THE SENIOR SECTIONS AND STARTING WORK ON THE GOLDEN YEAR OF UNIVERSITY HIGH SCHOOL are: David Stone, Debra Frieden, Nancy Gillette, Ed Sternstein, Marci Weis. Q43 dx ....,, A PREPARING THIS RECORD OF THE PAST YEAR'S ACTIVITIES ARE THE SPRING MEMBERS OF THE CHIEFTAIN STAFF: lrow 'll Masayo lge, Laura Danon,Roz Lewis, Nancy Elliott, Robert Joseph. lrow 21 Ernest Okano, Jack Lew, Andy Webb, Dave Noel, Clyde Shaver, Mark Giffin, Helene Filkow, Rick Briggs, Mars Webster. ' 2 E? X me , I k. t E . .. 1 it f 'pp' E, i fr ,. E11 ' it -...ffllr ,fx 157' . :gl ,- I I X 3 ns U Li SPRING G.A.A. VOLLEYBALL MEMBERS are: lrow ll Gigi Zakwin, Lynn Coffey, Sally Levens-B Captain and Sports Manager, Linda Leong, Joan Coffey, Carol Takayama, lrovv 2I Bambi Van Tilburgh, Loree Drews, Mary Hartman, Toni Chin, Julie Jamison, Mizuyo Nakata, Irene DeLa Paz. lrow 3I Alison Sutton, Carol Triest-A Captain, Yukiko Chinin, Darlene Ewing, Mrs. Sara Pence, Leslie Vogt, Patti Pagen. Lettergirls is a Service Organization of G.A.A. which assists at all athletic events whenever needed in such jobs as timing at track meets and selling football programs. SPRI NG G.A .A READY TO SERVE ARE THE SPRING MEMBERS OF THE G.A.A. TENNIS: lrow II Bessie lmada, Nancy Frey, Loree Drews, Cindy Long, Phyllis Cheng. lrow 2I Bambi Van Tilburgh, Carol Inabu, Lynn Maurer, Michele Fladdish, Mary Reimers. lrow 3I Barbara Endow, Mary Raach, Janet Petraitis, Martha Wall, Donna Lippus, Claudia Rulin, Mrs. Schuyler, Vicki Oshinomi, 142 SPRING G.A.A. CABINET MEMBERS are: lrow II Judy Blue, Patty Halpern-President, Linda Blitz-Vice Presi- dent, lrow 2I Mrs. Chris Schuyler-Sponsor, Carol Takayama, Sally Levens, Jeanne McGinnins-Treasurer. lrow 3I Sue Geller, Phyllis Cheng, Karen Skinner- Secretary, Laura Schultz, Kathy Kopley, lnot shownl Monica Tenner-Historian. 41 .. SPRING G.A.A. BOWLING: lrow ll Lisa Marks, Mary Hartman, Alison Schatan, Vanessa Romanino, Yukiko Chinen. lrow 2l Sheila Suzuki, Helene Filkow, Marianne Yamaguchi, Leslie Wong, Cathy Shimazu, Linda Leong, Darlene Ewing. lrow 3l Donna Seilin, Mrs. McNeil-Sponsor, Jan Goldstein, Alison Sutton, Kandy Roberts. 5 SPRING G.A.A. TENNIS MEMBERS are: irow Il Joanne Thorner, Francie Barr, Harriet Chu, Lisa Lang, Debbie Fishlyn, Lisa Marks. lRow 2l Kim Sakaguchi, Grace Ouch Kinuko Kubota, Judy Blue, Charlotte Strem, Elena Phipps, Tina Sieg, Phyllis Cheng. irow 3l Marilyn Allardyce, Carol Yuge, Dianne Thayer, Lynn Gale, Debbie Denne, Amy Seagoe, Jeanne McGinnis, Laura Schultz, Miss Judy Copeland. SPRING G.A.A. SWIMMERS are: Irow Il Donna Lippus, Loree Drews. lrow 2l Karen Skinner, Lilian Finger, Nancy Andersen, Jeanne McGinnis. irow 3l Carol Takayama-Sports Manager, Sue Geller, Miss Judy Copeland-Co-Sponsor. I fi... C- 'Naf' 'mm i SPRING LETTERGIRLS are: lrow Il Karen Skinner, Sue Geller-President, Phyllis Cheng, Maureen Ash, Leslie Cowen. lrow 2l Donna Seilin, Connie Campell, Lisa Marks, Laura Schultz, Kim Barbera. lrow 3l Judy Blue-Vice President, Teri Rath, Sally Levens, Sheila Suzuki, Debbie Denny. Inot shownl Monica Tenner, Patty Halpern, Linda Blitz, Terry Zimmerman, Leslie Wong. SPRING GAA GYMNASTICS MEMBERS ARE: irow 1l Kim Barber, Linda Blitz, Lori Saunders, Rebecca La Branche, Celia Brown. irow 2l Kathy Kopley, Karen Hunt, Lisa Levin, Jill Smith, Maureen Ash. irow 3l Kim Deffebach, Karen Skinner, Deanne Shulman, Cornelie Stoevesandt, Wendy Kellogg, Myra Shulman, Monica Tenner, Miss Palmer, Judy Cabrera. - -R ,g . ,vm ,-.-.k- f' " - . 1 tw? -- Q M d , ' 'I' 3 . A at ' . M we . , .W L-fk' ' ., - ,ww iixlwsa 1,55-'. , A , , , fwwel'G'E5Q3W 422- Wfyw , H ' ,Q ,:.v X- ,.L.v,A, , . S Q g W, .. wfgfw-. . . . ' 5,11 fvvv' - ' 11' ': -1 .L 1 - f f -www--gk :., g ,- - ,. gf ' 12 1 z- ' ' ' fm2Q4ri?fQ?:mKeg5212igzaffwf'iw'L ' , .. mmmiggwg,,5,,nx1:yg-'.,,:- f- 1 2i4.v4f'Qs1w37iJi1-vw , , f --,.1,M1fv,,q1 1, Q , ' Q fiffsrfg Tiff , IQ. ' ' 1 SQ,-' , .7 Q .-1. X W, NA .,,::f- 1: 72 '4 "' ' 1? Er A A 47, 1 ' ', Kg Ii IIIOK' . gl 5 . , 'fm . it M , ,Z .K my ' 1, XX' 'L 5 uf- 'Q W, . ' HPS, H- :Hi : . -M VY H V: .?,,,Kf:,?,,z? YV , ...Egg if Y, 5?-.1rk.g3M , wma ? HERBERTS AT FUN I f fy me-WL f 4 M , UU NIU : - ,L 3 Q l l if 5 -'v hr 'flh- u 5,':ni-.rg it f .J LV., 4-, 'L ,y-," --.Kg rf ,W s EL 4,6 J , 1 X X , ,mqxd f. Xa L 4SX1m -. x d l Y K x-I N fy ,,4-if 0 ,1 .2 A ,Q 2 X 1:53, ' 21 ! S x ' X " A z ' 4 E J x Q' f. 'Wr- Wk Y? FMR!" 1 'Y-'7' zen f ,M ,gf'K'?fW .. ' , xxx-L wg mrwyw, ,M W +1 1.4 7 W i I MEMBERS OF THE B12 COUNCIL PLANNING ACTIVITIES FOR THE HERBERT CLASS are: lrovv Il Fran Pollak, Jane Sindell, Joni Deiner, Julie Laub, Judy Hoffman, Linda Steinberg, Karen Silton, Debbie Raffin. lrow 2l Denise Brovvn, Patti Judson, Dede Goldman, Patty Halpern, Cindy Kohn, Sue Mann, Alice DeAnda, Leslie Voit, Craig Simon. lrow 3l Carol Triest, Diane Chichester, Linda Bernson, Susie Kohn, Brett Richman, Cindy Bendat, Oscar Alcerro, Doug Vllong, Brian Adams. lrovv 4l Rhonda Cohen, Tom Birns, Lee Solow, Shelley Hendler, Mike Armer, Randy Vasquez, Bill Martinez, Ron Lumley, Robert Houch, Craig Wood. Brett Richman President Doug Wong Cindy Bendat Rhonda Cohen Susie Mann Boys' Vice President Girls' Vice President Secretary Treasurer Susie Mann-President Randy Vasques-Boys' Vice President Julie Laub-Girls' Vice President :.. V K .fx.iagf i S 1 ieii I ' Oscer Alcerro-Treasurer BFIINGING THE HERBERT CLASS ACTIVITIES TO A CLIMAX ARE THE SPRING MEMBERS OF THE SENIOR CLASS COUNCIL: lrow II Linda Steinberg, Masayo Ige, Fran Pollak, Jane Sindell, Bonnie Torf, Saralee Turrell, Julie Laub. Irow 2I Mimi Malsin, Leslie Axelrod, Dede Goldman, Linda Bernson, Claudia Taylor, Rina Hander, Cathy Oka, Kathy Reese, Susie Mann, Marnie mf' ' 1-I Q rr, iw it I - 3 , . M 5, , 4 me whiny life if Q., ,M S A A N, Q - s. Mary Hieke-Secretary nl 1' A Greg Perloff-Historian 'FRU F39 ' I .44 in Bodek, Mary Hiecke, lrow 3I Diane Davisson, Lisa Mears, Susie Kohn, Sharon Borak, Marisa del Valle, Hamilton Cloud, Marci Weis, Espey Ochoa, Paulette Tahan, Wendy Silden, Cindy Bendat, lrow 4I Bert Hermy, Edward Sternstein, Randy Vasquez, Paul Rogat, Greg Perloff, Doug Wong, Howard Miller, Oscar Alcerro. 147 Paul Acker Brian Adams Judy Adler lsmeralda Alcala Oscar Alcerro Louise Alfano Warren Allen Jeff Alpert Suzanne Altman ' Carla Axelrod Leslie Axelrod Jan Balaban Barbara Baldridge Sheri Barber David Barnes Benny Alvarez Alan Anderson Tony Anderson CQ' 'gm Clint Bauer We Jeff Bay Carla Anderson Michelle Andrade Ken Arai Mike Armer Kathie Armstrong Linda Aruio Karen Ashby Owen Atkinson Tim Auer Mark Becker Doug Beecher Candy Behrens Randy Beibich Pam Beitel Marsha Bell Jacqueline Bellows Jose Beltran 1 Stacy Bence Linda Blitz Judy Blue f Marnie Bodek Cindy Bendat Leona Bergstein Kathy Berkeley Ken Bonish Bruce Bonynge 4 Sharon Borak Cathy Berman Debbie Berman Mark Berman Mark Borden 7' Tom Borders Martin Borko Linda Bernson Olga Berrocal Robert Berryman Kelly Brady Brian Brahms Bill Brah.. ' Richard Bueber Philip Bienenfeld ' Sherri Bierach Howard Brandes Erich Brandt Monica Brembeck Doug Birns Tom Birns David Birrell Andrea Bricker f Lynne Brimhall Richard Briskin Steve Biskar Bonnie Blacklidge Kevin Blattel Edyie Britton Denise Brown Devon Brown in If ,,,.f-"-'-"-. v"""'M Georgie Browne Lindsey Browne Paul Bubrick Phyllis Cheng Richard Chenoweth Diane Chichester Louis Buck Kathy Buckingham John Buckley Karl Clark Terry Clawson Melissa Cleator Guy Bull rf' Pip Burns Pam Butler Tina Clemensen Hamilton Cloud Aryell Cohen Judy Cabrera 'f Lynne Cadle Connie Campbell Rhonda Cohen Susan Cohen '5Cathy Conradi Petra Campos Julie Carlson Laurie Carr Q 1 Louis Contreras Virginia Contreras Diane Copes Vicki Carr Roberta Carreau Darlene Carter Greg Cook John Corby Allyn Cordingly Randi Carter Gail Charnas Irma Chavira Al Cortes '4 Lynne Cosman Jean Crawford ,E Gregg Curtin Lila Custer Laura Danon Kathy Dougherty Chris Drake Dave Dupzyk Beth Davidson Peter Davidson Brian Davis Bill Durslag Debra Dwoskin Vicki Ebin Steven Davis Diane Davisson Alice De Anda Cathy Edmonds Mark Ehring Gayle Elfman Diana De Chene Ruth Denburg Deborah Denne Nancy Elliot Sharon Endo Elaine Endow Loren Dessei Max Dial ' Rachel Diaz Steven Epstein Rich Evans James Fabe Carol Dicksa Joanie Diener Steve Dirlam Robert Fabro Marcia Fairman Hilary Farberow Mike Donegan Thorne Donneley, Jr. Marilyn Dorf Peter Feather i Mark Feigen Charles Feltman Janice Ferber Joel Feuerstein Shelley Foreman Laurie Foster Ron Francis Lisa Frank Nancy Frey Pam F ukumoto Elizabeth Galaviz Kenneth Ganezer Sharon Garber Tina Garfinkel Pat Garrison Lorrayn Gay Richard Gayle Julie Geist Neysa Gelfan Ilene Gemeiner Steve Gendel Dennis Gerovv Jeff Gersh Susan Giffis Nancy Gillette Mike Gittelman Karen Glanz Stan Glaser Debbie Glass Cary Glassner Laurie Glick Melinda Goffstein Philip Goldenberg Diane Goldman Susan Goldman Kathy Goldrich Ruth Goldsmith k.wM.2-M. : S1f..,22i1Naw2 ,. .. ,ma , W .QW X ,, ess .Y '?+4A 3155 A' , Merlyn Grossman Randy Gruen Tony Guarino John Gumbiner Terry Gumbiner Hector Gutierrez Patty Halpern Nina Hammerstein Melinda Gradillas - Marina Handler Sherry Hannig Rudy Harkens Vicki Hartsock Melissa Gradillas ' Richard Granstein Richard Harris Gay Harwin Linda Hashi Mark Helfen Debbie Hemmer Diane Hemmer Shelley Hendler Napoleon Hendrix Michelle Greenlee Kathy Henry Richard Henschel Burt Hermey Debbie Herr Nancy Herrera Marika Hibbett Mary Hiecke Cameron Hight Noreen Hilton Gitania Hirayama Steve Hirsch Debbie Hlivyak L Deborah Hoar Holly Hobbs 5 Adam Hofberg Judy Hoffman Sim Hoffman Kristin Hogue James Holcomb Judi Holcomb Glenn Holland Laurie Holmes Shirley Holmgren Debby Holzman Steve Horenstein Pam Horch Q Ziva Horowitz 'I Robert Houckr' Jay Jacoby Scott Jacoby Julie Johnson lVlarilee Johnson Nancy Joseph Patricia Judson Sylvia Kaimins Tetsuya Kakimoto f' Kristine Kakehashi Gay Howell Robin Houston Claudia Hurwitz Masayo lge Jolette Inohara Glenn lnouye Rudy Ising Joan Iwasaki Bob Kallenbaugh Bella Kallick Cynthia Kanstein J Kathy Kantro Neil Kaplan g aw X A if 2 ii ' fi. ir R 5 H T gl K 'E .1. Ayyh Q N v vj: i f. . 5 f X l l X .,.,. WWE? as sf r Y U1 tlrt , -we phd Za L Claudia Kastan' Gary Kates George Katsuyama Sarah Kattus David Katz Elaine Katz Jeanne Katz John Katz Randy Kay Roni Keller Linda Kelley Patty Kellman Sheryl Kelman Yungtoe Kim Arthur King Jeff Klein Naomi Kobashigawa Cindy Kohn Jerry Kohn Susie Kohn Daina Kojelis Mui Koo Reid Kopel Robert Koven Mary Krasn Harriet Kremer Kinuko Kubota Marsha Kubernick Michael Kudo Ken Kumagai Fred Landau Robert Landau Grace Lares Kenny Largent Karen Larrabee Elaine Lasarow Julie Laub Janet Levy Bonnie Lewis Roslyn Lewis Robert Lieberman Dave Lawrence Karen Lawrence vi a Denise Linson Alan Lilien Susan Looney David Luckey Stephanie Lazo Lawrence Lee Nancy Lee Craig Leeds v Ron Lurnley Sharon Machida Sheila MacLeod Rory MacManus Julie Magidow Chris Makinster Adrienne Malconian Mimi Malsin Tony Leon-Guerrero Jeff Levin Lau ren Levin Susie Mann Jean Mannheimer Carla Manning Marlene Marcus Danny Levine , Julie Levitti Jackie Levy Tom Martell Bill Martinez Meg Matthews Paulette Matsui Pamela May Mike Mayer Patty Mayer Quinn Mayer Neal McCabe Debra McCombs 1 i Bill McCrary Adele McHugh Mary Meza Howard Miller Anna Mindess Dale Mishkin Bill Mitchell Melissa Mitler Philip Mittel! Greg Miyata Marilyn McMahon Lisa Mears Maria Medrano Bill Meehan Pam Meininger Kathy Mekjian Jon Memsic I Lupe Mercado " Paul Mlyniec Nurit Moore Eileen Moorefield Jeff Moot Cruz Moralez Kathy Morgan Seth Morgan lrene Mori Lisa Morlas Gwen Morrow Will Mosier Joanne Nadler Denise Nagata Mark Nakano Lark Nakazaki Josh Needle Dorothy Meriwether Bill Merrill 'S' Barbara Nefsky Morton Neikrug Carol Nelson Melanie Nelson H ? Ken Nichols Bob Nishi Chris Noble 74. Jeff Perl Gregg Perloff Joelle Pery Sharon Nomura if Larry Oakner Robert O'Brian Anne Carroll Peterson Cheryl Peterson Cindy Pitzer Espey Ochoa Susan Ogg Cathy Oka f Fran Pollak Denise Poncher Nina Posner Cathy Okurnoto Rachel Olivas Susan Olney Debbie Powell Mary Lou Prince Lisa Prussin Janice Onami Mark Ono Natalie Osajima if Lorene Radoff 1 Debby Raffin Lesley Randel Sari Pariser I Debbi Passin Wi Tina Paul Y Elli Pearce Cathy Ravdin Janet Read Kathy Reese Richard Pepper Rosa Perez f- Ethel Reeves Yvonne Renoult my Bill Reich Mark Resnick Rami Rezouk Peter Rich Melanie Rich Kiyoko Sakurada 1 Don Salka Amy Richardson Rory Richardson Brett Richman f Ron Riddick Jo Ann Sands Heidi Santschi Mike Riddle Heather Roberts Kathy R obertson Paul Rogat Ronnie Sata Madeline Scallet we 'H-" fs... Elaine Rogers I Robin Rogers Mark Rogister Richard Rohal V Janie Schauben Sharon Scheffel R oberta R osen Barbara Rosenberg Harold Rosenberg John Rosenberg Adrian Schein Debbie Scheurn Sue R osenberg Kate Rosenbloom Jeanie Ross Terry Rowen David Rubens August Schnieder Martha Schoen Joan R ubenstein Delia Ruelas Linda Runyan Garry Schonlaw David Schonwald - -3 5-51152 ,155?EEf?E 'Hi- 5'f'5i .. 5555 fi - W? X. .. V-ir fi 'am .- zyhyf -is t ri? H I .aim RN gr 'fa , A Y it Q www, if Qt-rfgsf H Y x 4 5' 3 E 'X if A S 8' . V. V -.-::.-,.:, X 1 . . , -- r ragga . V ' ' "H" 9 -. - " 1.54, ' ' - '- -r -f "lf-ffE?33eff J'zri:?,f:' 2ei,j2f,,gf55,gffi. 1, ' 2 r- ' 'fl' -. 55231: fi - 'Pi j ti -- xl f-H ,1 , f KH... I '+ J itz. ., 12113 ,ll-7i,t. i G - we rg, '-H rwgr, e 1 wa. s 160 Laura Schultz Rochelle Schultz 'f Bob Schuss Matt Schwartz Jean Scoll Richard Scott Pat Scully Brent Seagoe Mark Seegel Donna Seeman Rick Seidman Bertha Sevilla Michele Shames Richard Shapiro Debbie Sharp Clyde Shaver Don Shiosaki Debbie Shon David Short I John Shroff 3 Wendy Silden Karen Silton Lynn Silverman Jessica Simmonds Debbie Simmons Jim Simmons Bill Simms Craig Simon Julie Simon Mark Simon Jane Sindell Steve Slaff Deborah Small Joan Smiley Danny Smith Jeff Smith Vicki Smith Laurie Stoller David Stone Eric Stone Randall Stoner Wendy Smith rry Sneir Debby Strauss Charlotte Strem Faith Stringfellow Debi Stuart arcia Sola Lee Solow Roger Strull Peter Sullivan Vicki Swartz Toshiya Taenaka Susanne Sorenson Mitchell Sperling Paulette Tahan Myra Tanita Doreen Tannenbaum Kiyoko Tatsui Marc Spigelman Robin Spivack f Claudia Taylor Mary Taylor Kathy Tennesen Ted Teweles Peter Stanley Tracie Thayer Jon Thomas Teri Thomas Robert Tom Linda Steinberg Edward Sternstein Sharon Tominaga Leonard Tondreau Janet Toohill Bonnie Torf Vaughn Torrance Sandy Toshiyuki Terry Townsend Carol Triest .Af Henry Tubbs Theresa Tucci Saralee Turrell Glenn Umeda Wendy Urbach Randy Vasquez Bruce Vaughan Yveline Vauzange Leslie Vogt Don Vucurevich S Janet Wagner ' Christine Wahl Louise Wakcher Rich Wanderman Sherry Warschaw Ronald Wayne Sheila Wayne Jeannee Webb Kevin Weber Kris Weber lVlars Webster Marci Weis Alan Weiss Janet Weisskopf Lau ra Werner Barbara Westrem Debbie Wh ite Wendy White Stacie Widdifield Patti Widom Jane Wiklund .ft ag , , 7 3 r Y I' 4 5 2, I lv Asif 8 K :X ' wx" 'gl . 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FLOWERS AND GIFTS. 11701 Santa Monica Blvd. Los Angeles 90025 473-1158 PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS Behrens' Candy 148 Berman, Mark 29, 116,117,136, Beibgchl Randy 148 Bennett, Joe 60,138, 139 149 Beildecr, Marian 81,82 Bennen, John 50, 109, 137 Berman' Muriel G1 Beitel, Pamela 148 Bergstein, Leona 60, 122, 138, 149 B9mS0f1. Linda 29, 32, 146, 147. Bell, Marsha 148 Berke, Connie 101 149 Bell, Ralph 54, 114, 140 Berke, Lonnie 61, 139 B9l""51elV'fD3Vid 136 Bell, Sherry 101 Berkeley, Kathy 29, 74, 97, 136 Berrocal, Olga 149 Bellows, Jacqueline 136, 149 149 ' Berry, Missy 27, 29 Beltram, Jose 149 Berkus, Maureen 61 Be"'YmHN. R0ber1 52, 149 sencesfacy 149 Berman, Andy 27, 29, ao, 94 102 Bm' Tom '08 Bendat, Cindy 74, 136, 146, 147, BefmHf1.CHfhv 149 ' Blalel I-aura 74 149 Berman, Debbie 149 Bieber, Janet 137 Qualify and Service since 1921 SAWTELLE LUMBER GUMPANY lllll Santa Monica Blvd., West los Angeles, Calif. 90025 479-4201 879-9576 ,, . fr 'H L-.1 ,Mil- e 1 3 we 5-'2 9 UM!7l'HZLll!IIlLfUl1 ' GNow that you have your diploma you can start a job almost anywhere CBut you can start a career at General Telephone. 17- :.............,,. I 1 Y fr, ,fr H' ,I aff: j- 'ff ' f ft' iw, is ff.f 2 2 ua Wuraeriea ana! jdzwera I A , Q11' di . -ij, ,I A xi 1 I Q J ju I Jr I Q' I " 3 . s Www W f 11 . A 'Q W i 3 -'95 , ' 4 41 I 12424 VVILSHIRE BLVD. VVEST Los ANGELES, CALIF. 90025 -I Q in ltllu v Q Ili: f , , M., 3 manga, - I gunned 1. WESTWOOD MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS ,... 'Q'-I::11.'z3i, .. 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Richard 50, 109 Birrell, David 60, 61,138, 139, Bfosius. Greg 60. 138 149 Brown, Celia 27, 29, 58, 143 Bishop' Evan 56, 109 Brown, Denise 61, 146, 149 Biskar, stephen 74, 136, 149 Bf0wn.D9v0-1 68, 149 Blacklidge, Bonnie 77, 149 BVOWYM 15111319901 33 - f Blackman' John 50, 140 Brown, Ken 29,9-1, 96, 112 , ' - Blair' Stacy 61' 139 Browne, Georgie 150 Y, Browne, Lindsey 150 W Blakely, Shayla 27, 74,136 Blankenship, Bobby 61, 139 Blattel, David 110 Blattel, Kevin 29, 60, 74, 99, 136, 138, 149 Blitz, Linda 58, 74, 142, 143, 149 Bloom, Jane 27, 32, 99,101, 137 Blue, Judy 136,142, 143, 149 Boehr, Jeff 60, 138 Bodek, Marnie 24, 32, 74, 147, 149 Bohlmann, Lynn 82 Bole, Beverley 100 Bolger, Mark 110 Bondy, Judy 29 Bonita, Tony 110 Bonish, Ken 149 Bonn, Madeline 28, 60, 94, 96,97, 137 Bonner, Gary 64 Bonynge, Bruce 52,116,117, 149 Bonynge, Derek 53, 116, 117 Booker, Jewelene 139 Borak, Robin 139, 101 Borak, Sharon 27, 29, 33, 74, 94, 100, 101, 147,149 Borden, Mark 42, 149 Borders, Tom 44, 149 Borko, Martin 149 Borok, Michael 137 Borok, Robin 61 Bowdan, Jack 63, 64, 122, 136 Bower, Jan 82 Brady, Kelly 149 Brahms, Brian 23, 24, 94, 93, 112, 149 Brahms, Bill 149 Brandes, Howard 48, 74, 106, 136, 149 Brandt, Erich 149 Brandt, Robert 80, 81, 82 Brembeck, Monica 61, 97, 139, 149 Brener, Ed 139 Bretherton, Melissa 137 Bricker, Andrea 149 Brunsten, Donald 137 Bubrick, Paul 150 Buchalter, Laura 27 Buck, Louis 150 Bucke, Timolin 137 Buckingham, Cathy 24, 33, 150 Buchanan, Chris 56 Budman, Jeff 140 Bugenthal, Richard 50 Bull, Guy 60,138,150 Bunin, Andy 60 Bungo, Keith 46 Burns, Glenda 27, 97, 101 Burns, Philippa 150 Burstein, Dan 137 Butler, David 29 Butler, Pamela 150 Butler, Philip 109 Byers, Janet 101 Byers, John 46, 113 Byron, Michael 60, 138 Cabrera, Judi 58, 143, 150 Caddie, Cindy Cadle, Lynn 150 Cahn, Howard 56 Calhoun, Milton 106 Campbell, Connie 61, 143, 150 Campos, Jose A. 46, 110 Campos, Petra 150 Cano, Gilda 139 Cardoza, Desde 61, 139 Carlip, Howard 60, 138 Carlos, Aurelio 110 Carlson, Julie 24, 26, 150 Carpenter, Patricia 27, 29, 33, 58 Carr, Lauri 29, 150 Carr, Vicki 150 Carreau, Roberta 150 Carrillo, Jose 110, 111 Carrington, John 102 .1 ., or., A 1 f Q 4 Q, ' Wiki, , The youthful approach y ll to Men s Clothing MEN'S STORE Campbellis Westwood 10925 Weyburn Ave. Westwood Village 24 Gr. 7-7231 Bank Americard 0 Master Charge v Lay Aways ' Charges Welcome Do-Re-Mi-Music. 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Pico Blvd. Los Angeles, Calif. 90064 GR S-31 I4 Carroll, Ed 50, 60, 108, 138 Carter, Darlene 150 Carter, Randi 150 Casey, Robert 63 Casey, Sally 63, 64,82 Casey, Tom 110 Cavaglieri, Bob 112 Chamian, Deen 46 Chan, Karen 74, 98, 99, 97 Chang, Phyllis 100 Chapman, Kevin 86,110 Charnas, Gail 150 Charvonia, David 29, 60, 99, 136, 138 Copelan, Kennis 60, 116, 138 Cooperman, Bruce 30, 82 Copes, Diane 150 Corby, John 29, 50, 102, 106,150 Cordingly, Allyn 150 Corlise, Casey 53, 106 comfield, Ellie 74, 136 Corob, Greg 110 Cortes, AI 44, 150 Corvitz, Jeff 74 Cosman, Lynne 150 Couch, Rand 82 Cowan, Keth 122 Cowan, Leslie 122, 143 Cowen, Janie 80, 82 Cox, Deborah, 24, 26, 59, 81,82 Craig, Jane 60, 61,138,139 143' 150 Cramer, william 46,118 Crawford, Jeanie 150 Crescittellim, Richard 74, 136 Cron, Frances 29 Chase, Susan 33, 137 Chavira, Irma 150 Cheng, Phyllis 58, 94, 136, 142, Chenoweth, Scott 150 Cheibo, Mimi 30, 137 Chichester, Diane 120, 146, 150 Childs, Bef' 56 crovm, Jeff l'10, 111 Childs, Janice 82 Chin, Tonia 33,142 Chinen, Yukiko 59,142,143 Christiansen, Jon 140 Chu, Harriet 33, 99,101,137,143 Chu. Marv 82 Curran, Angela 27, 33,60. 138 Clark, Brian 61,139 Clark, Karl 150 Clawson, Ken 150 Cleator, Melissa 150 Clernensen, Christine 150 Cloud, Hamilton 98, 136, 147,150 Coffey, Joan 142 Coffey, Lynn 142 Cohen, Aryell 60, 130, 150 Cohen, Alan 56, 118 cohen' Bm 50 Dashut, Joel 26, 99, 102, 137 David, Lynn 29, 33, 97,101 Crovitz, Chuck 50, 51, 108, 109 136 Cullison, Sue 29, 74, 97, 136 Cummins, Karen 58, 101 Cunningham, Kevin 108 Curran, Felicia 27,33 Curry, Tim 118 Curtin, Gregg 58,151 Custer, Lila 151 Danney, Steve 116 Danon, Laura 98, 140, 151 Cohen, Nancy 27, 29, 33, 64, 94 , 10 Davidson, Beth 151 Davidson, Caryn 58 Davidson, Dale 122 Davidson, Peter 99, 136, 151 1 Cohen, Rhonda 68, 146, 150 Cohen, Steve A. 77, 137 Cohen, Susan 97, 136, 150 calm, John 24, 26, 98 Davis- Bw' 151 cole, Jeff 29, 74, 76, 136,140 0av9S.EI,Ief1 61 cole, Richard 114 Davis. Hilarv 137 Cone,-1' Kim 139 Davis, Steve 30, 74, 94, 102,136 15 Conner, Lindsay 137 Conradi, Cathy 150 Contreras, Louie 150 D Ivy 138 ay, IC 1 , DeAnd3, Alice 146, 151 1 Davisson, Diane 62, 63, 64, 74,122 Contreras, Virginia 29, 150 Cook, Greg 42,150 I Cook, Kim 29 DEBYIKKO, Jackie 27, 137 Cooperman, Dan 74, 118, 136 dechenef Diana 751 Goldstein, Janice 143 cB00k.f For All Agar In Paperback And Hardbozznd " , ... - ae, ..,, . .,.. fs , Y : ,. . .,,, 3 , lllififril ElH1lll1ill'S Hlilili Slllli , , lO91Bl.ECoNTEAvENuE Books are lcsllng gifts in wsstwooo viLi.AGz Give books for all occasions Los ANGELES, CAi.iFoRNiA 90024 477-1291 Deffebach, Kim 58, 143 Deiner, Jon 146 Delgano, Pat 82 deLa Paz, Irene 142 deLa Paz, Saul 46, 110 Del Vakle, Marian 147 Denburg, Ruth 76, 140, 151 Denne, Deborah, 58, 143, 151 Denney, Ron 99 Dennison, Terri 33 Denney, Ron 46 Deuson, Rosie 61, 139 De Schun, Annette 60,61,138, 139 Desenber , Dan 118 Desopo, Gina 60, 138 Dessec, Chris 27, 94, 96, 137 Dessec, Loren 151 Dessec, Nancy 138, 139 Dettmer, Susan 29, 33, 74, 100, 101 Dettmer, Thomas 98, 97, 106, 107 137 Devorin, Jolie 74, 136 Dial, Max 151 Diaz, Rachel 151 Dicksa, Carol 151 Dickson, Linda 62, 63, 64, 82 Diener, Joan 61, 120, 151 Dirlam, Steve 151 Dixon, Gary 80, 82 Doermann, John 21, 60, 138 Doermann, Lisa 32, 137 Doherty, Shawn 137 Dominguez, Pete 46, 106, 107 Donegaeu, Michael 151 Donnelley, Thorne 151 Dorf, Marilyn 151 Dorfman, Katherine 24, 27, 60, 74, 82 Dougherty, Kathy 151 Drake, Chris 151 Drews, Loree 61,101,139, 142 143 Driben, Terry 113 Duban, Robert 56 Dunetz, Lisa 28 Dupzyk, Dave 151 Durslag, Bill 44, 117, 151 Dutra, Dave 42 Dwaskin, Debby 61, 74,136,151 Dyer, Randy 42 Eagle, Paul 82 Ebin, Bill 108 Ebin, Vicki 28, 136, 151 Edmonds, Cathy 151 Effler, Bill 98 Eggen, Chris 46 Eggen, Kathy 82 Eggen, Matt 44, 122 Ehring, Mark 42, 151 Eichenfield, David 74 Eichfield, Greg 42, 60, 138 Eindininder, Hannah 82 Ekstein, Rudi 110,111 Eleventh Grade 124-129 Elfman, Gayle 61, 139, 151 Elliot, Nancy 141, 151 Ellis, Donald 50 Ellis, Leonard 64 Endo, Sharon 151 Endo, Wayne 109 Endcvw, Endow, Engler, Engler, Barbara 142 Elaine 151 Mary 29 Richard 110 Epstein, Nancy 28, 32, 100 Epstein, Philip 62, 63, 64, 122 136 Epstein,Steven 136, 151 Erickson, Diane 61 Escobar, Rosa 82 Escobedo, Yolynda 139 Esralow, Orrin 86, 114, 131 Esterbrooks, Jim 116, 140 Estrada, Henry 64, 118 Estrin, Judy 75, 136 Estrin, Margo 82 Etingen, Robin 61,139 Evans, Richard 109, 151 Ewing, Darlene 58, 136, 142,143 Ewing, Joyce 29 Fabe, James 27, 136, 151 Fabro, Robert 151 Fairrnan, Marcia 74, 151 Fall, Eddie 46 Farberow, Hilary 136, 151 Fallowfield, Bill 140 Feather, Peter 151 Feigen, Mark 151 Feinberg, Linda 94, 100 Feldman, Lori 60, 97, 138 Feldon, Frances 61, 138, 139 Feldon, Ruth 33,61,97,139 Felixson, Nancy 28, 33, 74, 94, 96, 99, 136, Feltman, Charles 151 Fenton, Judith 33 Ferber, Janice 152 Ferdman, Benny 110 Feuerstein, Joseph 152 Fialhoff, Paula 60, 138 Field, Harry 60 Field, Jerry 82 Filkow, Helene 77, 97,141,143 Finberg, Linda 32 Fine, Debbi 27, 28, 33, 100 Fine, Lisa 32 Fineman, Mark 118 Finger, Lilian 143 Finger, Marceto 83 Fink, Larry 50 Finkel, Geoffrey 136 Finnell, Rick 75 Firer, Leslie 32 Firth, Brad 122 Fisch, Bryan 30 Fisher, Caryl 139 Fisher, .loan 83 Fischer, Caryn 80 Fischer, David 75 Fischer, Sally 29 Fishburn, Diane 99, 101, 137 Fisher, Alan 102 Fishlyn, Deborah 33, 137, 143 Fisk, Richard 140 Fiske, Robert 110, 137 Fiske, Susan 89 Forman, Rochelle 24 Forman, Shelly 32, 61 , 74, 101 , 136, 139, 152 Flade, Ronnie 50, 106, 122 Flis, Tia 27 Foster, Laurie 152 Fox, Gary 110 Framson, Mayra 100, 137 Francis, Ronald 152 Frank, Lisa 152 Franklin, Nancy 82 Freedman, Mike 97 Freeman, Jeff 82 French, Mitchell 46 Frey, Nancy 142, 152 Frieden, Debra 24, 26, 27, 97,141 Friedman, Paul 82 Friend, Harvey 116 Frierman, Lesle 98, 99, 137 F ry, Matt 82 Fuhr, Bruce 29,137 Fuiimura, Robert 74, 108, 109, 136 Fuyino, Ross 56 Fukuhara, Shrlene 74 Fukumoto, Pam 27, 152 Fullman, Bruce 110 Furukawa, Reid 109 Gader, Neil 64, 136 Galaviz, Elizabeth 152 Gale, Lynn 33,77,143 Galloway, Lark 24, 26, 94, 96 Ganlezer, Jackie 61, 139 Ganezer, Kenneth 48, 61, 106, 107 139, 152 Garber, Sharon 37, 120, 152 Garcia, Joey 46 Garica, Johnny 46 Garcia, Johnny Joseph 46 Gardner, Dan 140 Garfinkee, Tina 29,136, 152 Gargia, John 118 Garrigues, Lisa 98 Garrison, Greg 53, 60, 106, 107, 136 Garrison, Pat 152 Gast, Connie 74, 101, 136 Gay, Lorrayn 152 Gayle, Richard 152 Gehry, Leslie 32 Geist, Julie 32, 152 Gelfan, Neysa 37, 152 Geller, Sue 58, 59, 142, 143 Gemeinhrer, Ilene 152 Gendel, Steve 152 Gerdav, Vance 113 Gerow, Dennis 60, 138, 152 Gersh, Jeff 152 Gerstl, Steven 83 Gibbons, Amy 29 Gibbs, Debbie 61 Giffin, Mark 64,140,141 Gifis, Susie 152 Gilbert, Allen 29, 30, 74, 99, 102, 114, 115, 136 Gillam, John 83 Gillette, Nancy 24, 68, 141, 152 Ginsburg, Karen 33 Gittelman, Mike 152 Gittler, Jeff 56, 118 Gittler, Mark 30 Glanz, Karen 152 Glaser, Barry 110 Glaser, Stan 74, 152 Glass, Deborah 61, 74, 136, 139, 152 152 Glassner, Cary 61, 139, 152 Glick, Laurie 152 Glucksman, Marilyn 29 Goetz, Jack 118, 137 Goifstein, Melinda 152 Gold, Jeff 137 Goldberg, Debbie 75, 137 Goldenberg, Philip 152 Goldfarb, Anaka 137 Goldfarb, Joni 137 Goldinger, Jay 94, 102, 108 Goldman, Dede 146, 147, 152 Goldggan, Elizabeth 32, 99, 101, Goldman, Marjorie 27 Goldman, Meg 74 Goldman, Richard 28, 99, 109 Goldman, Rich 80, 81, 83 Goldman, Susan 139, 152 Goldrich, Kathy 152 Goldsmith, Ruth 152 Goldstein, Goldstein, Anthony 153 Flora 153 Goldstein, Joel 138 Goldstein, Judy 29, 33, 101 Goldstein, Golvin, Be Michael 140 niie 114 2 E5 Stampler, David 75 Stanley, Jean 33, 101, 137 Stanley, Peter 48, 49, 74, 106, 136, 161 Stapp, Frank 44 Starr, Peter 161 Steigers, Joel 106 Steinman, Henry 139 Steinberg, Linda 146, 147, 161 Steinberg, Neil 99 Steinborn, Catherine 137 Steinman, Howard 29, 108 Stern, Jim 85 Sternstein, Cathy 33, 101 Sternstein, Edward 22, 24, 50, 68, 69, 97,136, 141,147,161 Stevens, Terry 56 Stichman, John 29, 120 Stoevesandt, Cornelie 32, 27, 58, 61, 64,97,139,143 Stoller, Stoller, Ken 29 Laurie 161 Stone, Gary 54 Stone, David 23, 24, 29, 68, 94, 114,136,141,161 Stone, Erie 161 Stone Michael 29, 74, 102 Stone, Peter 30, 114 Stone, Randy 116, 161 Strange, Veronica 60 Strauss, Debbie 28, 161 Strem, Charlotte 24, 136, 137, 143, 161 Stringfellow, Faith 161 Strull, Michelle 27, 33,137 TED'S IMPORTS M.G.'s ' AUSTIN AMERICA - MIDGET Sales - Service - Accessories 4636 Lincoln Blvd., Marina del Rey 823-5344 870-7687 Strull, Roger 161 Strumwasser, Brad 75, 137 Stuart, Debi 161 Sturman, Lee 26, 98, 99, 122 Sugarman, Michael J. 26, 116 Sullivan, Dave 85 Sullivan, Peter 27, 74, 95, 96, 98, 99,112,136,161 Sumbles, Scott 60, 138 Sussman, Bob 108 Susswe Susuki, Sutton, Sutton, Suzuki, Suzuki, Swanso Swartz, Swartz, Swartz, n, Leslie 61, 85 Nick 27, 99, 109 Alison 58,142,143 Joanna 29, 74, 136, 137 Nick 137 Sheila 97,143 n, Carol 33 Leo116, 117 Mike 56 vacky 161 Swezey, Richard 94, 96 Szarko, Tachiki, Steve 118 Dennis 46, 95 Tachiki, Marty 46 Tacnaka, Patrice 74, 101, 137 Taenaka, Toshiya 61, 139, 161 Tahan, Nabih 46,110 Tahan, Paulette 136, 147, 161 Takayama, Dave 85 Vauzanges, Yveline 27, 33, 65, 97, 162 Viramontes, Ed 44, 61 Viscovich, Usa 74 Viswanathan, Usha 29, 99, 136 Vogt, Leslie 58, 136, 142, 146, 162 Vucurevich, Don 162 Wada, Scott 113 Wagner. Janet 74, 136, 162 Wahl, Christine 99, 136, 162 Wahl, Linda 32, 97 Wakcher, Louise 162 wan, Marina 32, 98, 100, 137, 142 Wallack, Ellen 61 Wallack, Sharon 137 Walter, Laurie 98, 122, 137 Wanamaker, Liza 61, 139 Wandertan, Richard 162 Wang, Tsai Min 29, 61, 74, 99,136 Ware, Suanne 61, 139 Warren, James 74, 99, 137 Warrington, Don 109 Warsaw, Jan 101, 136 Warschaw, Sherry 162 Watanabe, Mike 109 Watson, Janet 86 Wayne, Ronald 136, 162 Wayne Sheyla 162 Watts, Rich 43, 61 Webb, Andy 141 Webb, .leannee 162 Weber, Kevin 162 Weber, Kristin 162 Weber, Roberta 139 Webster, Mars 141, 162 Weiner, Robert 69, 99 Weiner, Susan 68, 86 Weinstein, James 43 Weis, Marci 24, 27, 29, 74, 77, 97, 136,141,147,162 Weiss, Allan 162 Weiss, Jamie 80, 81, 86 Weisskopf, Janet 162 Weitzberg, Shelley 27, 33 Weitzman, Robert 86 Weller, Elisa 60, 81, 86 Werner, Laura 29, 33, 37, 74, 136, 162 Werner, Vicki 26 Westrem, Barbara 162 White, Debora 162 White, Wendy 77, 162 Whitlatch, Kirk 56 Witlatch, Thomas 53 Widdifield, Cecil 86 Widdifield, Stacie 29, 74, 162 Widen, Alan 110, 139 Widom, Patti 162 Wieland, Faith 74, 98, 101,122,136 Wiener, Robert 26, 138 Wigman, Patty 101 Wikland, Jane 63, 64, 122, 162 Wight, Gregory 46, 113 Wilder, Steven 136 Silkinson, Brooke 77, 163 Schneider. August 159 Schneider, Dean 30, 114 Schneider, Marc 46. 118 Schnitzer, Bill 29 Schon, Cathy 96 Schoen, Martha 29, 74, 99, 136, 159 Schonlaw, Garry 159 Schonwald, Dave 60, 138, 159 Schorre, Timothy 106 Schrader, Eleanor 33 Schroeder, Mark 140 Schultz, Laura 58,136,142,143,16O Schultz, Rochelle 160 Schultz, Roxanne 27 Schumaker, Mark 74 Schuss, Robert 140, 160 Schwadron, Steven 61, 98, 99, 97, 137 Schwartz, Matthew 160 Schwartz, Michael 97, 98, 137 Schweitzer, Mark 137 Scoll, Jean 160 Scott, Richard 160 Sculley, Patrick 160 Seagoe, Amy 59, 99, 137, 143 Seagoe, Brent 160 Seegel, Mark 43, 106. 160 Seeman, Danvta 160 Seidman, Rick 160 Seltzer, Andrea 74 Selvin, Peter 27, 136 Serlin, Donna 143 Sevilla, Bertha 160 Shamberg, Gail 33 Shames, Michele 160 Shane, Dan 43, 116 Shannahoff, Bruce 85 Shapell, Ben 26, 99 Shapell, Irv 94. 96 Shapire, Curtis 60, 139 Shapiro, Peggy 32, 100 Shapiro, Richard 27, 94, 93, 160 Sharp, Debbie 160 Shaver, Clyde 98, 141, 160 Shavelson, Diane 85 Sheby, Susan 26, 19, 75, 98, 99. 122, 137 Sherman, Scott 24, 26 Sherwood, Craig 85 Shimazu, Cathy 143 Shimotsu, Marsha 137 Shiosaki, Donald 160 Shlrimmer, Dave 86 Shocket, Sam 46, 110 Shon, Debbie 23, 24, 160 Shon, Kathryn 24, 28, 33, 94 Short, C. David 116.160 Shroff, John 61, 160 Shulman, Deanne 58, 143 Shulman, Myra 137, 143 Seig, Christina 33, 143 Silber, Janet 137 Silberman, Joel 139 Silbert, Barry 60, 138 Silden, Wendy 147, 160 Sills, Deborah 85 Silton, Debra 33, 136 Silton, Karen 24, 32, 94, 99, 146, 160 Silverman, Julia 28, 81, 86, 85 Silverman, Lynn 76, 122, 140, 160 Simmonds, Jessica 160 Simmons, James 160 Simmons, Debbie 160 Simon, Craig 27, 29, 94, 96, 137, 146, 160 Simon, Julie 160 Simon, Mark 160 Simm, William 109, 160 Sindell, Jane 27, 32, 74, 97, 136, 146, 147. 160 Singer, Brian 60, 138 Singer, Linda 32, 101, 137 Sisson, Jo 139 Skipper, Paul 85 Sius, Debbie 60 Skinner, Jeff 56 Skinner, Karen 58, 75, 142, 143 Slatf, Steve 160 Slate, Jeff 60 Slattery, Joey 61 Small, Deborah 29, 160 Smiley, Joan 29, 160 Smith, Danny N.110,139,160 Smith, Jeff 28, 29, 74, 76, 120, 136, Takayama, Carol 142, 143 Takeshita, Stan 85 Tanaka, Ken 85 Tanda, Leigh 85 Tanita, Myra 74, 161 Tanita, Wallace 109 Tannenbaum, Doreen 161 Tashima, Cindie 81, 85, 87 Tashima, Ernie 56 Tatsui, Kiyoko, 29, 74, 99, 136 Taubman, Liz 61, 139 Williams, Barry 27, 86 Williams, Dave 163 Williams, Carolyn 163 Williams, Williams, Janet 138, 139 Ken 86, 61, 137,139 Willis, Debbie 61,139 Willoughby, Joan 163 Wilner, David 136 Wilson, Christine 86 Windle, Jeff 56 Taylor, Claudia 147, 16-1 Taylor, Evan 137 Taylor, Mark 29 Taylor, Mary 161 Taylor, Nancy 27, 33, 136 Taylor, Randy 46, 137 Taylor, Richard 54, 106 137, 140, 161 Smith, John 29, 74, Smith, Jill 58, 143 Smith, Melinda 28 Smith, Richard 50, 109 Smith, Vicki 161 Smith, Wendy 161 Smyth, Claudia 85 Sneir, Larry 53, 161 Snyder, Guy 60, 85 Sobczak, Jim 29, 52,116,117 Sola, Marcia 161 Soloman, Janie 27 Solow, Bruce 60, 138 Solow, Lee 27, 74, 98, 146, 161 Solursh, Judi 61 Sorenson, Suzanne 61, 139, 161 Spector, Millane 32 Spector, Ricky 137 Speigel, Mary 101 Spellman, Maria 101 Spencer, Ellen 33 Sperling, Larry 85 Sperling, Mitchell 50, 161 Spigelman Marc 161 Spiro, Randy 97, 98, 140 Spitz, Linda 33, 60, 74, 138 Spivack, Robin 136, 161 Stallone, Bob 116 Tempkin, Richard 118 Tenner, Monica 58, 136, 142, 143 Tennesen, Kathleen 161 Tenth Grade l,D,'S 129-134 Tepper, Jon 54, 76, 110, 139, 140 Tweeles, Ted 102, 114, 115, 161 Thayer, Dianne 26, 143 Thayer, Tracy 61, 139, 161 Thayer, Todd 44, 106 Thomas, Sterling 61, 63, 64 Thomas, Jon 29, 61, 161 Thomas, Teri 29, 61 Thompson, Craig 46, 112 Thompson, Erin 64, 138 Thompson, Sheila 61 Thorner, Joanne 27, 97, 143 Thorson, Peter 85 Thurber, James 50, 74, 109 Tiger, Ray 86 Titus, Tom 138, 139 Tolkan, Dave 110 Tom, Henry 54, 108 Tsukiashi, Liz 86 Turrell, Saralee 24, 29, 32, 74, 94, 96,100,97,147,162 Ueda, Michael 46 Ueda, Stuart 29, 50, 97, 109, 136 Ulyate, Dawn 74 Umeda, Glen 162 Ungar, David 106 Unger, Susan 33 Urata, Brian 46, 64, 118 Urbach, Wendy 162 Vanesian, Jeannine 101 Vanesian, Steven 86 Van Tilburgh, Bambi 33, 61, 139, 142 Van Zandt, Steve 46, 116 Varis, Laurence 110, 111 Vasquez, Janella 27, 33, 120 Vasquez, Randy 29, 48, 49, 106, 107, 146,147,162 Vaughan, Bruce 162 Vaughn, David 61 Wohlstadter, David 163 Wohl, Linda 28 Wohlstadter, Rich 54 Wolf, Tim 24, 30, 74, 136 Wolff, Greg 86 Wolfson, Roberta 61, 139 Wols, Patty 27 Wong, Angel 139 Wong, Deanna 29, 74, 97, 98, 101, 122 Wong, Doug 77, 163 Wong, Douglas D. 27, 146, 147, 163 Wong, Franklin 163 Wong, Leslie 29, 32, 74, 100, 118, 136, 143 Wood, Craig 27, 29, 94, 102, 146 Wood, Laurie 61, 139 Woods, Jett 140, 163 Wortman, Wendy 27 Wrobleski, Ray 163 Yamaguchi, Marianne 74, 137, 143 Yamamoto, Mark 109 Yamamura, Kathy 74, 136 Yamazaki, Danny 136, 163 Yamalski, Dennis 163 Yang, Jimmy 163 Yantomi, Kanji 110 Yetsky, Garry 74 Yeung, Diamond Yokotake, Ron 110, 163 York, Chris 74, 140 Yoshimoto, Randall 110, 111 Yoshiwara, Bruce 46, 74, 137 Yoshiwara, David 109 Young, Lynne 61, 86 Yodoyn, Robert 109 Yuge, Carol 32, 74, 99, 100, 137, 143 Zakwin, Barry 163 Zakwin, Gigi 58, 94, 97, 142, 163 Zanger, Bonnie 137, 163 Zanger, Patty 61, 139 Zemelman, Lisa 74 Zide, Melanie 64 Ziegler. Diane 86 Ziegler, Doug 118 Zimmerman, Terry 26, 74, 143, 163 Zuber, Linda 33, 137 Zwart, Jeanmarie 122, 163 Zweizig, John 60, 61 Zweigig, Margie 61 G I ai' il-Aff :ii lm' U. VA l y , ,se s l l A I u 'KA l . 7-1 5 As the school year draws to a close, so does this 1970 Chieftain. The Staff hopes that it has captured through photographs and written word the highlights of the year which seems to have involved a greater number of students and changes in traditions. The greatest of these being senior class graduating in the Pauley Pavilion which launches the first annual promotion in the Los Angeles City Schools. Good-byes are always most difficult, especially to old friends, but to many, particularly our graduating seniors, it is only the beginning. To others it remains only a summer good-bye as Uni will greet them in September. To our teachers we give our appreciation for their assistance and guidance throughout this Bi year. To those teachers who are retiring this year we save a fond remembrance in our hearts as they leave Uni and teaching after years of service. Many special thanks to those who have made possible the assembling and printing of this 1970 Chieftain-Ron Riddick for his design of the division pages, Miss Addision for keeping the account straight, lVlr. Powell of the American Yearbook for his understanding, and lVlr. Davis and the Davis Studio for their willing assistance always: and above all, thanks to you, lVlr. Nikirk, our Chieftain Sponsor, for your untiring steadfastness which has brought this book to realization. i AMERICAN vu naoox COMPANY

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