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 - Class of 1961

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NI M gggffif W1 Wi www QR W 327 Um Let us go then, you and I S A E 2 ,gl 4, wr v M 4, 1, Af Q - 1 ,wit-Wake 'W Published by the Student Body Uni ersity l-ligh School West Los Angeles California june, l96l l lam fmlfly 1 'll ' WSJ hgh Nl ,f till Am 0 ' A ,Z i txxxlygcu ll A I, 0 Lil X ' 7 X! f,1f1f1l1 ' Zbffwjbojg lf!! C111'e'ft ln 1961 U4 4051 -XZLZJZMZ' . 'i' Mffakf -42446 ' jf fwwgnf' ,I if C3 O Wwymfffwf ,414 75Z x J ,-ff! , -V, ' R 'C-wks: 471, 2155427 ,wwf R8Nfg5'a- I U , Uw- QQ tj ' WM, MCM UM XBVMM X I x Ln 4- slg mfg X contents '15 as Faculty page six Seniors page twenty-four Government page sixty-two Activities page eighty-six Sports page one hundred ten T7 U il f I W .Milam L "W'hat greater or better gift can we Otter . . . than to teach and instruct our youth?" -Cicero WMM My Wm. Dr. Eugene F. Olson Principal X! 1: ,aff BEHIND THE SCENE Because University High School had an en- rollment of nearly four thousand students dur- ing the l96O-l96l school year, the administra- tion faced a variety of problems. They met the challenge and made this a highly successful year for the faculty and the student body. Next year, with the completion of the new Palisades High School, Unihi will find that many changes must be made. Because of the expert planning and guidance the administration has given in the past, the faculty and student body look confidently to the future. Mrs. Sheila Bauer Girls' Vice-Principal Mr. Donald Pelton Boys' Vice-Principal GN THE SCENE Head counselor, Mrs. A. Breesg Registrar, Mr. A. Copelandg Librarian, Miss F. Vellag Nurse, Mrs. F. Binder have been indispensable and vital factors in uniting and guiding University High School and its student body this past year. Their ability to organize coupled with their patience and understanding has made this school year successful and rewarding to the faculty as well as to the students. 51222525135 4 + 11:11-1-1-2-: . 31121112515 : :I-2'Z-I'Z:Z:'-A411112 f3:3:f""""'-".si- :3:i:?:3:1:i 1 -Jtftfifigig.,-2g1:3:5.-.-.'- -:-'-'-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-: Z-I-I-Z-CZ.-.1 :.:.:.j.g.j.j., '-2:2331'JZ.:.:.:.:.j.1.j.j.j-j-Q 4 :-:-:-:-.-:-. 4. -.g.--g-:-:-:-:- I-1-'-----1':':'i:':' - 'Z-P21113:313:11-ir:-1-:-:-:rt-1-:': ' ' ' 11' "-'f-:-:-:-Z-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-' -:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:3.5:5.g.g.' A. Brees F Vella Head Counselor Librarian A. Copeland F Binder Registrar Nurse .-.-.-.-:-2-1-1-:-:-1-:':-: 1:i:3:i:5:3:7:3:523 ' - ' ' '-:-:-:-:-:-:-:f:-.-. '-'-:-:-:-: --,-.-.1 ' ' ' ' ' fp.hqh1lvln0?'1 ......, Q ....,1-+ ,-,qf.-a-w-- 11-i,.ll'lT""':. -,-.u.sli..+ "L"- i.1u 9' ,,,......"'---+i- .....-........- .. ..1.. - .... ig'--" Q:2:Q:Q:Q:Q:Q:Q:2:2: n- .- :fi-:f:-:-1-:-:-2315: ' ' ' ' 35L4:-:-:-:-:-:-:-.-.- 1' ' I .- ---Jf-:-:-1-1-1-:-1-111115 ' 4 ---'-"""'--1-rfzizfzizizfizgzgzg A 00 - 'li "f'ff?2'2:2:5:2: --4 ' 7:1132 F--IT: 2' 2-1 ' ..,.," 1 1:1 -A 1-1 -+1 4:-1 +17 1 -1- --' 1 12:2 ...E 1 11:1 EEE? 1Qfi2f2i2i2fE2Eii:2 QU M. Albers Mathematics "Yes, dear, now you should have no trouble on your college boards." E. Alberts English "l-lelpl Somebody snap me out of this!" I. Alk Foreign Language "Well, a new addition to the class!" I. Almeida Foreign Language "I'm teaching English next ter." SSYTXGSY it I -nas" - i i 1 3? A- eeee H. ,,,. . ' -1 ' f I M 3 :gf X X S. L N of it NWN , .,., AW5 " -if -1 ur i su s u uu us u . As A: "-, 3 ,. : : 3.5. N t L as 6.v ,A A -f 4463 my 'ur ff '51 Q My :-if-V .. ,, e , , ya , ag" 5, ' .' :1 3 - 5 Y ' 1 Q ,v'3'-:yi-:"15:5.. N ' . N-,KW ' X M. Anisman Science . . and Anisman doesn't upset your stomach." S. Ardigo Girls' Physical Education "Now, remember girls, good posture constitutes lg of your grade." l. Banks Social Studies "Would somebody else like to answer that?" L. Batman Industrial Arts "Fourscore and seven years ago . . 1 L Q, f ii 'fa' fe':'s:. '7- - FQ K Si " Y 4 a v i A, Becker Math 9464300896.7000l l 6 '49 B, Benson Home Economics "Now, let's see here, one, two, three, um. er. . . oh welI!!!!' R. Beutler Girls' Physical Education "The sun is much better than Quick Tanny!!!" W, Beye Industrial Arts "What! Me worry?" i I N' W i xy XX it i :.: :::---y-457 i ff: , ti ....u..... , .qs Es... ,QW 1, ,urs -. M, Blanchard Social Studies "These statistical ledgers are SO fascinating!" G. Bonorris Science "lust tell the pharmacist, Dr. B. sent you!" C. Borio Boys' Physical Education "Here are those accident reports, Dr. Olson." P. Breuer Social Studies "Teaching is FULL ot surprises!" l2 L. Briscoe Foreign Language "En Espafxol please, I mean por favor." W. Buck Mathematics "How was l to know that today is Saturday?" B. Carlson Social Studies "I don't know who originated testing!" l. Carrothers Business Education "I signed up as a teacher?" D. Chronister Social Studies "Welcome to Adventureland . . . I. Clark Science HNOV. L. Coheniit Mathematics "My college professor said there would be days like this!" W. Cole Science "You, tco, can be a chemist!" M. Coughlin Mathematics "You say l'm on candid camera. ..?" N. Delaney English "Has school started ALREADY, Dr. Olson?" H. Delo Mathematics "You should know that one can't mix apples and pears lunless you're making a fruit saladlf' H. Dick Social Studies "Are you SURE this isn't forged?" i ' ' 1. Drury English "How now brown cow." 1. Duffy English "Who let that cat in?" R, Freyer English "l'm not lazy, just highly organized." R. English Social Studies "That's the last time l'lI drive on that freeway!!" C, Eriksmoen Business Education "I used to be a secretary." M. Faigin English 'lYou students certainly write some interesting literature." R, Farnham Science "What's the matter, Cudclles? all tied up in knots!" D. Feltonif Art 'llt's a genuine masterpiece!" I M. Ferguson Business Education "This is the first time a student has used Greek shorthand." 1. Fisher Girls' Physical Education "Well, what does it look like I'm doing?" E. Dyer English "What do you mean, what time does the bell ring!" N. Fricker R.O.T.C. "So you want to be in R.O., huh?" gi. X. 'Ziff . , 'f X K 2 eil? I . O' ' if Z . I-..., 'K 'Pg W X ss ., . fi n '1 A .J f"f"5W 'ilrf Q-,. LF Na--fi'-N.. D. Germain English "But I always sign my name that way." R. Gilbert English "Classrooms are so small: there's no room for me to sit." B. Gomez Foreign Language "Who borrowed my 'tortilla'?" L. Goodwin Social Studies. . "No, dear, the U.S.A. is NOT The Union of South Africa." I4 .WE W. Gottsdanker Foreign Language "I know it's not chalk. lt's a large toothpick." W. Greene Social Studies "Welcome to my classroom. . . P. Gustafson English "Now, pay atvten- I. Hardee Home Economics "The cake fell bec tion I" ause you forgot to put in the flour." G. Harrison Girls' Physical Education "Ah! This is the end of the eighth period." H. Harrison Art "It's lovely .... what is it?" T. Harunk Girls' Physical Education "Yes, I took dancing lessons from the great Astaire." E. Heaton Music "Oh, l'II never find the lost chordf I S. R. Hedges Science "Now, class, watch this puff smoke as it . . . oh well." L. Herbstiii Science "I wonder how many student this answer sheet." A. Herzel Social Studies "Where is Shaboigan?" I. Hesslein Science "Now, how would I go about taking my own picture?" of s saw l. Hill Industrial Arts "Here we have the-uh-er, um .. ." A. Hoffer Mathematics "Why did These candies melt in my hand?" L, Hoffman Industrial Arts "I know it is a good invention, but they already have an electric light." F. Holtby English "But I am an exception to the rule!" M. Houge Mathematics "I have a phobia about blackboardsf' L. Hyman Boys' Physical Education "And until we meet again, remem- ber my high protein bread." A. lamison English "l'm composing a test," O. limenez Foreign Language "On days such as this, it's hard to smile." H. Y fffv' YDUR TEACHER COULD BE WRONG W-THINK FOP. YOURSELF fit Q.. 'Wm .::: 5. A. johnson Social Studies "For tonight's homework, name all the capitals ot the world." V. lorgensen English "These starred classes are certainly fun!" R. Kampmann Boys' Physical Education "Only ten more miles to oo, men' R, Keech Mathematics "I've reached my goal in lifeA l'm in the Chieftain!" ISM wliw' i www 1 fi El EWS .3 M -,,, -"' ' VVVVV ' "" '-" ' 1 .E W W :J ""' -' F f A i g sl - . ' .,:. -'2-- ' ""' "" ' ' 2 . S lzdggaggi 1: .,f.:,b'5:EQ5"51' . . 'Q ' ::-:- all v it 1 . 3 Q ' X' ,f F ef ggigg ,.A,. 5 ' we ' fi . S . J Q , W , x5 355555555 in 'WQYZ .. QlE,3'3'," ggwgifg 1432? wg X' , f .. 3 S age F 2 . M.. L W 2 .:., ff -' ' 1 JM' -- Q.-: ..AA. 'L , ,. QQ ,,f S at N S ' "'1 zz' ' ' L...,w""w...a I. Kleinman Foreign Language "Nyet?" D. Koegel English "What page did you say that was on?" D, Kyle Industrial Arts "Rule number three, always watch what you are doing!" P. La Fleur Foreign Language "l'll bet you didnit know that they W. Layton Science "Only I can defy the laws ot gravity." L. Libensontfi Foreign Language "Those tongue twiste rs l" lvl. Lindsey Social Studies "This was when I was a L. Losee Social Studies boy." R. Lowery Science "l made it myself." B. Lundy Business Education ul can outstare anybody A. Lynton English "l lost my S. Mann Science bus pass speak French in Hawaii." "Tell me about your past history." "l wanted to be a lady astronaut l6 C. Marchacos Foreign Language "just don't pay any attention to him." H. Marcus Business Education "They misspelled my name again." A. Marvin Boys' Physical Education "Sunglasses hurt my eyes." B. Matchett English "Worst chalk l ever ate!" '1"E ?5 : Ei Ei:i5iE5' 'Z .zg ssr , -3 P ! A N , X Q Q i w 5' gt 5:1 Kgs 9' 5, fa -is Y u xx sg? lf y E A, 5 5, , Q 1 .A 'W 3 . 'tix I L P 'Q xx Q4 Q ' 1' 3: X 'DX S qw .fx c. 1- 51 'Q 1 , . to in 4- :tp YM -tg3?f5'1 J, :N - Pg 5 'mv 'RUAA v5ms .5.1-Fl. f 5 ply. ,gg .., ,. . , -, . ' .,-...N - t m .1-H x f - ..-f f f v 7 . 5 .ff as l 5, . hx- g.f1.f' ,I ff-'Q N1 . wx M i. ' .t ' ' M. McCafferty Girls' Physical Education "I knitted this sweater myself. C. McDonaldf11 English "Zucchini is spelled... M. McDonald Mathematics "What makes people tick?" S. McLoughlin:Yf lndustrial Arts "lt will look nice, but the roof will fall in." R. Metzger English "Winnie the Pooh is so inspiring." N. Middleton Foreign Language "I must enunciate and articulate my words." F. Miller Science "Such beauty from a tenth grader." S. Mitzman Business Education "Well, I don't think it's poisoned." if-an we 15.-ef aff tr AY! ai lvggtzh R V we mv 4 1. Moscowitz Drivers' Education "He would have received his driver's license, but . . ." W. Mulvehill Science "Now, we get to the heart of the matter." M. Myles Girls' Physical Education "I used to want to be a singer." R. Nazarian Social Studies "Please, don't interrupt." T. Nicklinif Business Education "l need a new tiling technique." l. Niklrk Foreign Language "This is a lovely evening." G. Norman Social Studies "The sociological implications should be understood." R. North Boys' Physical Education "Now, l don't want to get tough. Understand?" M. Pasella Foreign Language "Five cents for anyone who can kill that fly." M. Payton Science "Unfortunately, the experiment was unsuccessful. Can you hear me?', S. Pelzel Social Studies "Your final project report is excellent, dear." P. Porter Mathematics "If you don't understand something, ask me." s-,. , f tw nwQQsl4MQ ..,.,.. V, QW V, , Q E Sf Aan. ft? X ,Sag o :..... Itt .s:-I1 K i It i ::asa::g.,... 5 .5. N ' ' x 5ff""r XXV M N - ,Z W - s 2. .... I lf. X V .B Wg. is-.MK ..-.algal sf he ww, as x ..:..::..,.:,L , 82? QI its Z N W J 1 3" r 4, Y .U , Q W ' .Y . as . is .. - 1 R.. f f -Z :55:5::Q:5 Z -.-.- fl 1 ,pemgwg ., a . , 5 gwvlv . .t X ' mc., W' is V4 A.. ,, Xa- ' 5 5 1 V I 59 54 'J 4 at Emi' iw 3 f if iw 'Q Q I, K s gf K M74 Lg My S 6 " H x Y 4 . -5 , 1 r ' A lift 'Q 1' ,. , 2 1 W. nfl .e. 5 . X . .,.,. t kia... . . l l- i ' V .j . R 3 + w , t f We , S3 E Na 1 5' 5 I . . if l E ii A 2 S if - 44' l. Prince Science "Why interview me? E. Provan Music "Now, listen for the down-beat." G. Purnell Foreign Language "Oh no! Latin is a very LIVE language!" I. Quint Science "This is my family tree," M, Rennickiif Home Economics "Once my glasses fell into the angel food," E. Reynolds Science ". . . no dear, the grammar school is two blocks west." M. Richardsiit Girls' Physical Education "All right girls, calm down, calm down." M, Robinson Mathematics "Tomorrow is a test day." 1 K? .Arn I I x gm ..... We b MW .. R. Rodd Social Studies "Now, learn that by cardiac." L. Rosenberg Industrial Arts "Oh, that is going to be beautiful." I, Rosenthal Industrial Arts "Hello, . . . ouch, my hand." I. Salcido English "And to get an 'A' you could get one wrong." E. Schwerin Mathematics "There goes Dr, Olson." R. Smith English "Here comes Dr. Olson." D. Sobul Social Studies "lust whistle a happy tune." A. Sorokyii: Drivers' Education "I remember the time the steering wheel came RIGHT off." I9 W. Spaeterfi: Boys' Physical Education "I need a new whistle." S. Spanofit Music "That, my friends, was Symphony'." H. Thurmond R.O.T.C. "I lost my platoon." E. Starret Foreign Language "Once upon a time . . D. Stell English "lt's Friday l. Sugiyama Foreign Language "Repeat that!" l. Sullivan Girls' Physical Education "Good morning, Dr. OIson." C. Synold Industrial Arts " "Now, cut that out! L. Thomas Social Studies "l'm here 24 hours counseling." G. Stantontif Social Studies "Nothing like a good laugh Y. Sullivan G. Trett English English "l told you it wasn't raining," "One class down: four to q l L., f' it F l l7,:"mFIa2. WSW , ,. A ct 33 W' H-.c is f M YJ, at ,. Q sa.. ,If A W . .,., , as . . A WJ' ---- ' .se H w e m ay Fw- Q , -- ss' asm .ma-fnzsrslif .sir r iiliiigfgfiiffifk ga0f.asqa:.a 1 . fn?f-2-Qliw-vxiztaess .. . S., ,. V milf, ,. ,N y ' f ,,,, -4 ' .. .'.,.!::n7f:'l?773s112'li':::111.l4' iii, l .51 1 '-, t " 'ff"ls3'2 e. S A ,?.1 eQFrTn xmairin-11,-sms l x 5 X 1 1,3 334 1 '21, ,, Libs ., '1 it s Q i in 4 i S' . 1 t. , iii l. Trump Boys' Physical Education "I need my contact lenses cleaned' V. Tsuda Home Economics "Are you sure this isn't a road map of Los Angeles?" G. Tuxhorn Business Education "At least pretend you're listening." L. Vance Girls' Physical Education "Look at that disgraceful posture." --l W W ...Q-u Y i . Vg .T 3 D, ,W,....A HX., -X gg ia. X X A, Vidal Foreign Language "Uno, dos, tres, tour. Who out that here?" E. Vukalcic Science 'I . . and then the MP. says to this fellow . . R. Wallach Social Studies "Silence is golden." R. Ward Drivers' Education "Now class, DROP!" E ff was 5 C: . i RH . I 'wx ,. ji-K W H, Ware Mathematics "You know, you can have FUN with numbers." H, Weldeman Drivers' Education "Now, we have a movie. M. Wilcox Boys' Physical Education "We'll warm up by running the 44O." R. Wilking Science "These confounded machines!" N. Williams Science "I thought that cage was lockedlll' G. Wilson Social Studies "Sure, you could avoid traffic there but that's the pedestrian tunnel." C. Wong Art "You put the paint on the brush. the brush on the paper, the. . R. Wright Science t'l forgot my lunch," Zl c .,:, avi ASS A MW ' Lw rn X A EI: Xi K t g Es' as F. Za Math "Tea B Patton Secretary Bottom row: 1: Colnon E Sprung Second row M Deguchl I Shepherd Bottom row H Carter A Thoresan F Bond V Fanlkner Second row M Kitsuse, M Lanz A Young Top row I Smith D Gish 1 Whitlock L Hlght M Butler C Hull L Basterfleld M jehllcka E Alexander Top S Stephan. row C Rrley V McFarlane E Doby J Mr. Robert Fox Mrs. Frances Harlan IN MEMCDRIAM "Yet the strong man must go: For the journey is done and the summit attained, And the barriers fall . . ." --Robert Browning "We build the beginning and the end of this streetg we buiid the meaning." -T. S. Eliot - CAA! W'6l 'n NEW YORKER CLASS SONG At Uni l-ligh in '61 a class will graduate 'Twill be prepared to face the world and cope with any tate. We are the great New Yorker Class and we will tell you why, We've got the type ot Boom Boom Boom not anyone can buy. Our charcoal sweaters worn with pride divide us from the rest, we New Yorkers wear top hats to show we are the best, lf in your mind you have doubt remember then this line, New Yorker class has the Boom Boom Boom that's mighty hard to find. We know that we will soon be gone but we will not forget, the fun we've had as seniors not a thing do we regret, at Uni the New Yorkers will live on in memory and they'll not forget that our Boom Boom Boom took us to victory hnston S c t ry cDowell S tary ice res: en William Krauch Dee Shropshire Harvey Stein Vice-President Vice-Presiden Fall Class Officers CLASS HISTORY Sweater Presentation . . . April 29, i960 Senior Field Day ........ May 27, i960 Senior Prom ..... ... june l l, l96O Senior Field Day ....... November 2l, i960 Senior Prom ..... . . . january l-4, l96l Graduation . . . .... january 26, l96l Spring Class Officers David Kuhn President V P d T Abbey, Crystal Abrams, David Abrego, Renaud Adashek, Allen Aigner, lean Allen, john Alpert, Paul Alvarado, Peter Anderson, Linda Anderson, Marion Anderson, Shirley Andrews, Mary Sue Asher, Michael Asher, Susan Atlas, Richard ff-2, .., Q ver ,R Ks fe .,-:. We , t f ff-as , ..,.,, . ., ff f Barnberger, Cathy Bankey, lordene Barbey, Earl Barnett, Richard Le Tre', Yvette Barr, Thomas Beck, Thomas Becker, Marcia Bird, Dorothy Bousfield, William Brill, lere Brisk, Barry Brooks, Noel Brown, Sandra Buettner, William Burns, William Bushard, Alice Carr, Michael Carr, Penny Cate, Terence F., :ae M-,X Davison, Merrill Delgado, julian Dennis, Virginia Deflie, l.yall Diaz, Victor Dominguez, Richard Donner, lack Dordigan, Dennis Dorfman, Susan Dunlap, Daniel Dunlap, Sandra Dunn, ludith Dysarf, Lynn Ehrlich, Roger England, Christopher Feiger, Roberta Feinstein, Louise Fielding, Frances Frankenthal, Marlene Friedman, Iacqueline W' Q Chamie, Donna Cheeseman, Cynthia Chilberg, Marjorie Clark, Ronald Clarke, David Coker, Marie Colvey, Donald Conroy, Deborah Copeland, james Cornwall, Dianne Costill, Margaret Crawford, Audra Crider, Ronald Davis, Marsha Davis, Pamela jfs QQ' '94 . Jimi Z r 4 ,,-wig, fi," ' i sf-sf ii. , 'iz' 1. " ' Q ii" f1' ' E1, ' ,El In ,.,, A li- Lv ,,,s lzuln 'ii . .,., ...VZV - 1 ,,E.:EE.: In , '- . f D zi, gg, i'-i"'- f 1: ' f . zv- ' ff'::::::f1 i'. 1 i-. 1 V .f EEE A si, 29 Griffin, Dennis Grobman, Bonnie Hall, Leonard Hall, Peter Hall, Robert Hamilton, Ann Hathorn, Sam Haytin, Daniel Hess, Stephen Hilgers, Stephen Hill, Douglas Hoeffding, Harald Holden, Sally Holguin, Leonard Hollinger, Spencer Holmes, Fredrick Homan, Steve Hoppers, Steven Horeczky, Patricia Hunt, Roger S TQ W-atqiwn 5 A , Q 1. x - Q 1 , ' A f t- ..f: ':-:E"'EE , hi 5 3 . 2 2 A I' W I 5 +1 Lb 4+ -'FSF' Fukuhara, loy Futterman, Elaine Futterman, Susan Gaines, loAnn Gardner, Timothy Garner, Susan Garrett, Shirley Gillespie, Gilbert Gonzales, Herlinda Goodman, Earle Goodman, Karen Goodman, Kent Grandi, Donald Grayson, Florence Gresham, Ann lge, Aiko lkkanda, Richard Ireland, judith ltami, Bruce jacobsen, William jacquarr, Lee jaffe, Barry jalof, Kathe jameson, julie jefferson, Barry johnson, Stephanie johnston, Virginia johnston, Richard B. johnston, Richard C. jones, Richard ,M , iiiiiiiiii Q 3 .. r Q r 6? W .,,,,::: R fw- fs, Sa 5" ,X gi ll f vi Ava 'hc S Sl z 2 P- 'Da IW QTW' 23 ww X H few' 'aww 2 is r: Q Q vw M 'QW' W . 2 jordan, janet Kaizuka, Allen Kimball, Gayle Kingman, john Kinsley, Gary Kinsley, Philene Kistler, Kerry Klein, joel Kline, joan Kohn, Barbara Korengold, Ann Krall, Fred Krauch, William Krom, judy Krueger, Donald Kuhn, David Kulwin, Darryl Lagerson, Sally LaMotte, Richard Landry, Robert A31 Q5 v-sy' Latimer, Margaret LaVine, julie Leonard, Ronald Levin, jolene Lewis, Leslie Lindenbaum, Sidney Litow, jeffrey Long, Linda Lundberg, Alan Luske, Peggy Lynn, Marie Lynton, Carol Mackenzie, Mary Ann Marcus, Micheal Marrocco, Richard V ' - ' 41 1 'X Marx, Fredrick Matsen, judith Mautner, Karen Mayeda, jane Mayer, Garret Mayhew, Stephen McDowell, Melanie McEachen, Gary MCLorn, Dana McMorrow, Nancy McWhirter, james Meyer, Bruce Millman, Gordon Mockbee, Eileen Montoya, Connie Murray, Micheal Narahara, Betty Natvig, Keith Neil, joe Neuls, Allen I0 QW 441' fi 5: Eire gs , 'gg fa,- Q W' I Powers, Carol Prew, joan Prowizor, Eugene Rady, Cynthia Raznick, Alan Reyes, Celia Ring, Harold Robey, Sue Robinson, Lorna Roof, Donald Rose, Carol Ross, Betsy Sacks, Natalie Safren, Dennis Sallows, Clark Sanborn, Walter Seitz, Gary Seminoff, Wayne Semple, Robert Sendejas, Fernando Newman, Ellen Newton, Bing Niles, Nancy Nollman, Deborah Noonan, Michael Nugier, Allen Olmos, james Olson, Hugh Oswald, Victoria Pardee, Anne Parker, Ronald Parry, Susan Pierce, Randall Plank, Dorothy Pollack, Robin JI. ,,.,t. - xx W' Stanley Patricia Staudenmayer Ralph Stegall Kenneth Stein Harvey Stein Richard Strauss, Morey Strong, Kathryn Sturges, Ethel Sturza, Marcia Surni, Takako Swensson, Juliana Tarne, lo Taylor, james Taylor, Sandra Taylor, Sara Thompson, Richard Tidwell, Stephen Tochioka, Mikio Tominaga, Elsie Torchia, Dennis 'f -r 'UW "Q--rr-r fklfrivizfg. 'E' Seward, Susan Shachtman, William Shaughnessy, Gary Shropshire, Dee Siegel, Karen Slmonds john Skoller loyce Smith Barbara Smith Craig Smith Marilyn Smith Vida Sobel Linda Spargo Lee Speck Robert Spinner Nadrna Toshiyuki, Stephen Townsend, jack Triplat, Douglas Troxler, Virginia Uchida, Delcene Udkoff, judith Ullman, janet Uyeki, jo Ann Varner, Raymond Vasen, Richard Velleman, Harriet Venable, Robert Villalabos, joseph Wallace, Peter Wasserman, jeffery C3 ir E? .':: :iz E3 as 5325, QW 'A xt ,,., fri? NF. 4' W" M mf:-as . -4 l ,..,,,.,-,,,,,,. Alwag, Ronnie Arnorelli, Benny Anderson, judy Anderson, Thomas Averbrook, Peggy Berger, Robert Bernstein, jerry Bloeser, Robert Cabot, Christonher Calloway, David Cirlin, Mark Clayton, Diane Consolazio, Elena Crandell, john Dailey, Merritt Duke, Woody Dyer, Kenneth Friedman, Milton Ganz, Sharon Gordon, jeffrey Griffin, Daniel NEW YORKERS-CAMERA SHY Grobman, Bonnie Halleck, Dennis Hernandez, Arthur Hoffman, jeri Lynn Holmberg, Brian Horner, Harry Irby, Ben Franklin Kajii, Deanne Lawren:e, Darnon Lees, john 33353 l it 2 Levy, Steven Lopez, Guadalupe Meldy, Owen Moore, Marsha Muniak, john Newman, Randy Oser, Brenda Parmelee, Arthur Parsa, Syrus Pederson, Harold f age 'a is W' -H 2 vfftyj' ww ,J me Pitt, David Plant, Allison Riskin, Robert Sanez, Richard Secour, George Sherman, Rochelle Sherwood, Roster Siemsen, Harry Sorelle, Nancy Spiegel, Henry Waterman, Martin Waterman, Stanley Watson, Sandy Weisberg, Timothy Weiss, jacqueline Wells, Barbara Werthan, Barbara Wexler, Philip Wheaton, Lynn Wickens, Caron Wirnmick, judy Wisdom, Suzenne Wood, john Wood, Marsha Yoritsune, janice Sprague, Thomas Stanley, Patricia Strong, john Thaw, Teresa Varner, Raymond Venable, Robert Wade, john Wambaugh, Michele Wendell, David 'Wood, john ISLANDER CLASS SONG Down the way at Uni l-ligh where the Islander Class will be saying good-bye, we're large in number which doubles the fun of the things we'll be doing and the things vve've done. But we're sad to say welre on our way and 'fo Uni our respects we pay, and during june of l96l the class in blue will set with the sun. Fnkle P e d nt Sandy Stagman Sprung Class Officers b Pt Rb S fy T CLASS H I STORY October 4, 1960 November 21, 1960 january 14, 1961 May 22, 1961 june 10, 1961 june 15, 1961 a Class Officers Arnold, Nancy Aronson, Gayle Arthur, james Auricchio, jane Axelrad, Stephen Babcock, Lynne Babior, Adrianna Babson, Robert Baer, Kim Baerthlein, john Bagshaw, William Bakaleinikoff, William Baker, janet Baker, jerry Barberis, john Barker, Keith Barker, Trudy Barnet, Eileen Barra, Antonia Barton, Barbara Abraham, Brian Abrams, Virginia Acquisto, Rita Akagi, Kenneth Albright, Larry Alcala, judith Aldrich, Steven Allan, Wilda Alona, Teresita Altfeld, Karen Anderson, Clyde Anderson, james Andreson, Nanette Andrew, Barbara Argula, Terry Jl' . if QF! Barton, Robert Bauer, Robert Bellanca, Peggy Bennett, Diane Bennett, Iudith Benson, Richard Bernstein, Vicki Best, Floyd Binder, David Birnbaum, Philip Blanc, Nancy Blanchard, Iudith Blanchard, Nancy Blate, Ilene Blessing, Karen 'iv 'ft 5 R ,ga fi ,Q 5 'J' Ma wr i f 21" 7: X1 Q-wr QV Q, VM QQ--1 1155 fi' U, J Bloom, Marilyn Boehrne, Muriel Boehr, Kingery Bolger, Barry Bollinger, john Bomse, Stephen Booth, Richard Boozell, Robert Borden, Ellen Bornstein, Suzanne Q' Bosshard, Stephen Boudeman, Stephanie Boyle, Roxanna it wi. if E, Bowen, Winston W ,Z ,g :X aw Q Braddock, Gayle Brann, Robert Brannual, Reve Braun, Carole Bredberg, William Brenner, Eric 39 Brothers, jacqueline Broudie, Alan Brown, Carolyn Brown, james Brown, Kathryn Brown, Linda Brown, Wayne Brunner, David Budris, Bari Buerk, Rosa Buerkle, Bonnie Burchard, Nancy Burleigh, Catherine Burns, joan Burstyn, Karen Buteyn, Marilyn Byler, Kenneth Cabot, jill Campbell, lan Campbell, jeffrey Candow, Candace Cann, William Carey, Kingsley Cartrango, Carol Carleton, judy Carlsson, Gustav Carmen, Pat Carpenter, jerry Carpenter, William Casillas, Chuck Chadbourn, Leslie Chambers, Lynn Champagne, judith Chan, Cynthia Cheeseman, Sandra 49- 'fri W, U fs. ' 'ii 4 Conviser, Richard Cooper, Nan Cowdry, Frank Cowley, Donna Crawford, Ralph Crittenden, lacquelyn Crundell, Carolyn Cummings, Fred Cunningham, Philip Dalquist, Peter D'An'iore, Robert Dane, Peter Danielson, Christine Davis, Carole Davis. lill Davis, Richard Davis, Richard Deadortt, Maryann Dehner, Kirsten Delameter, Patricia RRI' bw' . Q' 'Till Chester, Sharon Clark, David Clark, Michael Claxton, Christy Clemens, Sue Cleveland, Ann Clewett, Allan Cochran, ludith Cody, Betty june Cohan, Margaret Cohen, Neil Cohen, Ruth Cohen, Stanie Cole, Ralph Colwell, Barbara Drumm, lean Drury, Morley Dugow, lris Duke, lenny Dunkley, Peter Dyer, Martin Ebsen, Alexandra Eddy, Dana Edge, Betsy Edwards, Dianne Ehinger, Sue Elder, Stephanie P Elford, Pauline - V, Elowitt, Nick Ellsworth, Kathleen Emrich, Robert Entin, Michael Erhardt, Lindv Esling, Terry Feigel, Leslie Dellis, Neil Dennison, Teckla DeSimone, Susan Dianda, Thomas Dible, Craig Dickey, Charles Dimitroff, Patricia Dinnes, Marjorie Done, Stephen Donlevy, ludy Doran, Karen Doriss, Susan Doty, Donna Downs, Seiglinde Drake, Linda Fields. Ardith Fields, Sheila Fillerup, Denna Findlater, john Fine, Linda Finkle, William Fisher, Barbara Ford, Ronald Foreman, Nancy Forshee, Walter Fox, Lynn Fox, Shirley Fradis, Barbara Freed, Allan Freeman, Pamela MZ' J 'A l gi :jz SQ D ,aide is nik as was :P rg: '13 , ,s w W ,fj'i2, aww'- ,Qu ,915 -Q 4 Y -rm-K fs all me as 1? ii? 1. Freeman, Richard Frick, Mary Lou Frick, Miles Friedman, Stanley Frogley, Christopher Gagan, Karen Garcia, Mary Gardner, joan Garlock, Wayne Garza, Ralph Gassaway, Lee Gatewood, Gay Gerlough, Constance Giba, james Gilchrist, Pamela Gilliland, Donaldl Glisson, Mary Goden, Alexyne Goerke, Williami Gold, Vicki 43 Golden, Kelly Goldstein, Carol Goodale, Barbara Gordon, jane Gordon, Sharon Gordon, Sylvia Gore, leftrey Gorley, Sandy Gorlin, Barbara Gorner, George Goshert, Richard Gorshow, jean Graham, lames Grana, Steven Graveline, Dianne Gray, lacqueline Greenberg, Eldon Greenberg, Lauren Greenberg, Stevie Greene, Patricia Greenwald, loan Grigsby, Gail Grossman, Lenny Grossman, Peggy Grosten, Andrea Grove, Feller Gruenberg, Susan Guest, Robyn Guibert, ludith Guss, Melinda l-laas, Kathy Hagler, ludith l-lale, Gary Hammock, Carol l-lamner, Lois 'dill' ,fv- ff' 'E' pm . aw, , ww., New 7' s.. Hampton, David Hance, Alice Hancock, Carol Hannum, Mary Harada, Stanley Haren, Shirley Harper, Katherine Harrington, Gilbert Harris, Alan Harris, Dorothy Hatch, Linda Hauck, David Hauser, Betsy Hayes, Michael Hearsh, Bonnie Heileman, Robert Heintz, Philip Henneberg, Gerene Herman, Dani Hersh, judith Hetrick, Paul Hawkins, Robert Herzel, Michelle Hestens, Carolyn Higa, Lawrence Hersh, Michael Hirsch, Nancy Hirschfield, Sue Hoberg, Karen Hoffberg, Karen Hoffman, Frank Hogan, Betty Hogue, Ann Hokama, Fred Holland, Penelope A , fi A 2 if '15 'ill VJ w.. 'K is W in " vi ... " ff: w avi 'V' ,. mr 1 'su-A 43 .,,,..-Y, ,sf Mc ,QQ if Xtwh zgzii ziri . '1"" "' , 2 'vs Q "HM, 2: lx-,, W if 1 ,J ' A al 'Wx 'ima' fl' c F Q. ..f is yi .. ,,,, 'asf' V Q fa, A ,,,, ' '-:.. .. H i"l . Howlett, Stafford Huckans, Philip Hudson, Thomas Hughes, Gary Hughes, Mary Hull, Beverly Huntington, Ray Hurst, Lynne Hurst, Linda Hutchins, Sharon Hyman, Sheryl Ikeda, Eunice Irmler, Susan Isaacson, joe lsono, jerry lwamoto, Milton jacobs, Susan Jacobson, Martin jacobus, Fred jacoby, joanne Holmes, ludith Holzer, Thomas Honeycutt, Linda Horner, Gene Horton, Mary Horton, Nancy Hostetter, julie Houser, Susan Houy, Barbara Hovey, Ann Howard, Deborah Hubert, Craig Hubert, Steven Howard, Rio Howe, Nancy jahn, Carol james, Marion jansen, Raelea jardine, janet Ienkis, Eugene jotfee, Eve johnsen, Liv johnson, Cheri johnson, Kenneth jonathan, Wayne 3' as 5, 3 ,gsm ls- ..,,. S ,X 'W' K t sl! VF' fl 52 'C' V. ,,,. . - 1: , 1 sv- Z A s sr-x X' r-f , 3 3. l l jones, Bonnie l jones, Leannah jones, Marie jones, Robert jordan, William Vx x. i 7? ,T give? X . Q9 l l l , 6 ? i , ' iii? ' Y, ' be E an -1 1 W . f,,frf-' , 4' "'.. x rm C'-ww 9 ,ws if E ,,.,, I 5:33 Z ,gs 4 , s N. 2 '53 . 2 izz .. , f' ii' Q zsi i ., ., I ,F fxwfeqili , 5 1? , ,M K is 41. 5 f .. ,:E51,,:a , v, , 3 Q-will .,,,, j .,,' I , jorgensen, Mary josef, Rony joy, Robert Kaderli, Linda Kahn, David Kalry, Art Kamm, Stexen Karasick, Susan Karph, Diana Keller, Elizabeth Kenberg, Henry Kent, Larry Kern, Stuart Kerr, Diane Killingsworth, Stowe Kimerlin, Greg Kimura, Edith King, Roberta Kishi, Carol Kitsuse, Suzanne Kleinman, Richard Klein, lohn Klein, Pamela Koke, Carol Kosak, Kerry Kositchek, Ellen Koury, loan Kramer, Stevie Kurokawa, Taeko Kuppin, Michael Kuhlman, Ernest Kroot, jeffrey Lacey, Linda Lancaster, Dewitt Lappen, lohn Larson, Robert Laskowitz, Marty Lattin, Leilani Laufs, ludi Lazaroff, Richard Leavenworth, Randy Ledeboer, Dianne Lederfine, Sanford Leslie, lohn Letzkus, Susan Leventis, Connie Leveson, Nancy Levin, Ernest Levin, Penny Lewis, Carol Lewis, Patty Liebowitz, judy Lindley, ludy Linton, Tom 'flaw 'X ' 1,,f QQ X ,wma if X ii, 5 Q, 2 'SQ , if K SR N X if D' , Wg! ii 13 J X 'r if 1 'H-'WT 'ir' if .M if '17 ae A Maguire, Gil Mangold, Stefanie Malrnen, Patricia Malmin, Trina Mann. john Marcus, Norman Marks, Clifford Martinez, Cynthia Martinson, Bonnie Mashman, Sandra Mathison, Mark Matorian, Meryl Matsubara, Katsuko Matsumoto, Shirley May, Pamela McCloud, Holly McConkey, Carol McCord, ludith M:Dole, Murray McDowell, Io Anne Lipp, David Lipsy, Ronald Lopez, Mary Lott, Stephen Lucas, Mary Anne Luck Marilyn Luster Dale Lynch Dennis Lyon Patricia Lyons AI Lyons, Glenn Lytton, Timi Machado, Mikie Mack Mari Magnani Roni , ,Q X S ff, 44' 'E :., 3 Q Q ilif ..,, I aui,. L M ,i.yy,,, ww sg f I V! ..f:':':" V 5: .zEa::::.:., ta .,., A.:.:4.:.:. zzzzz lf i AAA:::,i,, ZEI, AA.,,. . Miller, Brent Miller, ludi Miller, Karen Miller, Rae Miller, Susan Miller, Theron Minkoff, Myra Mitchell, lack Mitchell, Shary Mollring, Melissa Moniaraz, Lupe Moody, Leanne Moore, Edward Morales, james Mori, lrene Moroney, Michael Morris, Diana Morris, Paul Morrison, Donald Morrison, Mark mms McEache rn, David McGovern, Sherry McKenzie, james McKinney, Richard McKinney, Rita McNaughton, jane MCWethy, William Mecum, Marie Menzies, Nina Meresman, Larry Merrin, Lynne Meyerson, Steve Meyrowitz, Linda Michael, Nikki Mike, Andr 63 b ,mr ' NMA .::s:- WWW l f M A M 'ff '15 VM Morse, Sonia Mosher, lohn Moss, Glen Moss, Steftani Muchnick, Carl Muller, Stuart Munsch, Paul Myers, Robert Nagata, john Nakagawa, Sam Nakamura, Marsha Nathan, Claudia Nelson, Michael Nettleback, Frances Nettles, Mikell ,-FW' ,fmm L-'W as . J' -3 sr:-f ffm I ' 01. ,ef , 1 . Y' 'Q Y q X, , f' 'O ,. X 1 ' at r ,ff sf? 'D our . -2 A. gfmwag f V rs X Vsifif nv 'i t - O . Q R is '7 ' 2:' .:,,, .,,, ' . M 3 -' :,.' - . X 2 Newbauer, Kathy Neukirchner, Sandra Nisenson, Michael Norton, Michael Novak, Dianne Oku, Yasuo Okubo, Linda Older, Vicki Olson, janet Olson, Ronald Ontiveros, Al Ortiz, Linda Ora, Bryan Ousey, Ellen Owen, Barry Ozer, Susan Parker, Eleanor Paddle, Rosseen Paige, Michael Painter, loan ,V in A 9? 4 Palmer, Renee Panzer, Michael Parnell, Susan Park, Patricia Parra, Connie Parson, Donald Patterson, Ann Payne, Bonnie Pease, Karen Pecsok, Katherine Pellar, james Pepper, Cary Peratis, Laurie Perkiss, Robert Perl, Marc Peter, William Peterson, Beverly Petras, Edward Philips, Donald Pine, Stephen Plasencia, Richard Polen, Michael Pollack, Barbara Poole, Vicki Porter, joanie Porter, Kathy Postell, james Powers, Patty jo Prestine, Douglas Preston, Howard Purcell, janet Rangell, Susan Ranftl, joseph Raskin, Noreen Redfern, David sk. i Roed, Sandra Rogers, loanne Rohbough, Douglas Rome, Dina Rose, Dennis Roseland, Nancy Rosenberg, Brad Rosenblatt, Iudith Ross, Bernice Roth, Geri Rubio, Frances Ruiz, Iessie Russell, jay Russell, lune Russell, Karen Safer, Carolyn Saito, ludy Salisbury, lill Salter, Robert Sanchez, Michael X 3 0 Reher, Thomas Reineck, lack Reiner, Robert Reise, Richard Resler, Karen Rich, Michael Richner, Silvia Rickards, Io Ellen Riley, Timothy Ripps, Michael Ritchey, joseph Roberts, lewelian Robinson, Mary Robson, Patricia Rodriguez, Henrietta qw' ,J Y, .4 m. - as- .3 if W --,.- f"u 53 Scoville, Warren Seay, Ted Segal, Roger Sehestad, Sfeffeney Seiberf, Susan Seprneyer, Adrienne Serber, Lorraine Shager, Sylvia Shaw, Dorothy Shea, Nancy Shelley, Ronnie Shimasaki, Edward Shirnamura, Ernie Shipley, Anne Sidy, Susan Siegel, Anne Silver, Hilary Singer, Vicky Skarsfedt, Mark Sloane, Erika Sato, Calvin Sawyer, lerelyn Schaefer, Susan Schaeffer, Vicky Schavemaker, Gemma Schechner, Ann Scheffer, Richard Schenck, Marilyn Schindler, Susan Schoolfield, jeffrey Schneider, Lee Ann Schultz, Susan Schuster, Lee Schwider, Al Scott, Melissa nn., fm ,fwffv-. Smith, Ann Smith, David Smith, Dave Smith, Gayle Smith, Pamela Snow, Carolyn Snyder, Louellen Sognnaes, Thor Spalding, Peter Sparks, Russell Spievak, Marilyn Spilker, john Spiro, Vera Spitzer, Mary Sprague, Lynne "5F"1"' IFN-E' ,Q tg, :---- .E .., I . :Wi 8, i X ri cm ' my Q, .f""-'X sb iz' ' ' :- S ' x , 'Q ,,.-- 5 Xp 2 N is ' ,y,, ,-::--:rr-- if or 1.1 :1' ::- - ,f , Zl. .:' t A .,,. 3 a mx? ww:- is - A Qu S Q 'srl E ,.,. ' ME? Springer, Robin Stagman, Sanford Stahler, Ann Starks, lacquelin Stern, Carol Stern, Lee Stern, Susan Stevens, Gary Stevens, Marshall Stewart, Cary Stout, Roberta Stafford, Lynn Stuart, Ann Suenaga, Eiji Sugarman, Barbara Sunkees, lerry Surtees,Linda Suzukawa, Steven Swanson, Scott Swedlow, jill we Sweeny, Patricia Tabor, Michael Takahashi, Larry Takeuchi, Dianne Tamkin, Carol Tashiro, Gerald Tatum, Vernette Tauxe, George Taylor, jana Taylor, Sandra Taylor, Sue Thomas, Darlene Thomas, janet Thompson, john Tiffany, Barbara xII':-iisslqfi , 4 fm -3 'S il MQW M 41 in we Talbert, Cecilia Tinturin, Lenny Tominaga, Nancy Toth, Dennis Townsend, Karen Turkel, Robert Turner, john Turnharn, Tod Tuttle, Donald Tyler, Sue Unitan, Donald Valdez, Gloria Valadez, Victoria Van Atta, Martha Vander Schalie, Sylvia Vandergritt, judith Vincent, Diane Van cle Water, john Van Hoot, Maureen Viller, Nancy Wedlock, Linda Weed, Camille Weeks, Gerald Weimann, Pamela Weinberg, lane Weise, Ioan Weitman, Douglas Welch, Rose Wheatley, Paul White, Kathleen White, Sharon Whitney, Steve Wileman, john Wilken, lack Willens, Roberta WilliamS, lohn Williams, Leslie Willson, David Wine, Alan Winstein, Bruce ,. . , Q , V . .-.-::5:5q4:5,:. Vizcarrando, Ann Volz, Edward Wagner, Suzanne Wakelee, Wendy Wald, Brian Waldman, Ellen Wansink, Paula Watanabe, Pauline Watson, Diana Watson, Douglas Watson, judith Webb, Kathryn Webb, Monica Webster, james Wedgeworth, Mary Lou if - - :' Qs W3 wtf, , t , 2 X 'lt Qt? Wolf, Kenneth Wolff, Linda Wollman, Carol Wood, Christopher Wood, Travers Woodruff, Gary Vifright, Diana Wulfson, Donald Yagi, Gary Yasuda, Margaret Yoshioka, Mikio Young, Dennis Zachariades, Angelo Zaions, Charles Zellman, Margaret Zetfel, David Ziello, Corinne Zimmerman, David Ziff, Nicole Zalk, leanne NQ B jk I, JVZ Aw Q of is f L 1 ISLANDERS Acone, Tony Altar, Betsy Avallone, Peter Barnard, Randy Barry, Richard Barshop, Steve Bassan, john Beaman, Sheri Benglen, Rusty Berk, Beverly Beyer, Treacy Biller, Betty Bilton, Monica Bobrick, Michael Bondo, Robert Bosworth, Riley Bowman, Edward Brandt, Derek Brodwick, Malcolm Brooks, Robert Byrne, Michael Caplan, David Carroll, Kenneth Casseres, Marisa Chavez, Sylvia Corlett, Richard Dailey, Merritt Delman, Linda -CAMERA SHY Devor, Paul Downs, Marty Dunlap, Carol Fass, loanna Fein, Ronald Fisher, Steve Fistoulari, Marina Fletcherm, Robert Florence, Claire Fragley, Chris Friedman, Linda Gierson, Steve Gray, Pamela Green, Allen Greenberg, Susan Groman, Steven Gustafson, Richard Haldeman, Dorothy Hale, William Hart, Lannette l-lartwig, David Harvey, lanet Hershey, Richard Hine, james Hoffman, Clifford Hoffman, Ted Howard, Rich Hunter, Larry Stone, Marsha israel, Peter jaeger, Robert jafte, Stephen jankey, Pete jeffries, Robert johnson, Louise johnson, Nancy Knox, Gladys Knutson, Loyd Kolb, William Kosser, Ronald Laquey. Sharon Lassise. Frank Lewis, Rider Lettleton, Thomas Longman, Richard Lucas, Larry Luna, Victor Matthews, jack McDonnell, Bette McMillan, Daniel Meisel, Frederick Mercill, Keith Mills, Patrick Montes, john Moorman, james Murray, Eugene Palmer, Arthur Parnell, Susie Platsky, Vivian Pollack, Barry Plotkin, Karen Polkinghorn, Carol Pollett, Kay Pond, Edward Prendergast, Pat Ramsey, William Rapaport, Susan Rees, Helen Reynosa, james Rich, David Riegert, William Roach, Stephen Robertson, john Ross, Robert Rudnick, joseph Sanchez, Rosa Sanez, Richard Schreiber, Eleanor Schulz, Eleanor Scott, Linda Seale, Melba Sheats, Peter Sills, john Silver, Steven Stratford, Ralph Strock, Leslie Talamantez, Virginia Talamantez, Yolanda Tamiya, Richard Taylor, Susan Thorburn, Harold Usman, Belkis Fatma Wagner, August Wagner, Patrick Wilner, Danna Winslow, Pamela Wohlmut, john Wood, Dennis Woodward, Darrel Yeader, Bonnie FALL NEW YORKER COUNCIL Bottom row: E. Tominaga, T. Sumi, M. McDowell, C. Bamberger C. Reyes, P. Davis, A. Korengold, L. Sobel, R. Feiger, 1. Kline V. Dennis. Second row: B. jefferson, B. Riskin, K. Goodman B. Krauch, l. Udkoff, K. Goodman, N. Sacks, I. Skoller, C. Lyton S. johnson, L. Deflie, S, Anderson. Top row: l. Mayeda, B Werfhan, F, Grayson, D. I-laytin, R. Atlas, S. I-lornan, D. Wallace l. Klein, F. Marx, B, Sachfman, R, Hunt, R. Pierce, P. Vasen A, Bushard. SPRING NEW YORKER COUNCIL Bottom row: M. McDowell, C. Bamberger, C, Reyes, P. Davis, A, Korengold, L. Sobel, A. Gresham. Second row: l. Friedman B. Riskin, D. l-laytin, B. Krauch, N. Sacks, l. Udkoff, M, Mac- Kenzie, l. Yorifsune, K. Goodman. Top row: P. Wexler, K. Goodman, R, Atlas, K. Nafvig, R, Newman, S. Homan, P. Wallace l, Klein, D. Grandi, A. Adashek, B. Shachfman, R, Pierce, D Vasen. EPHEBIANS Boltom row: A. Pardee, l. Aigner, 1. Yoritsune, lvl, Lynn. Top row: D. Kuhn, D, Stein, T. Beck, B. Krauch. SEALBEARERS R. Hall, A, lge, l. Aigner, D. Stein. FALL ISLANDER COUNCIL Boffom row: B. Babson, L. Okubo, l. Vandergritt, P. Lyon, B. Goodale, H. McCloud, L. Lattin, S, Stagrnan. Second row: B. Rosenberg, M. Sanchez, S. Ledertine, G. Hale, A. Kalty, 1. An- derson. Top row: V. Bernstein, B. Pollack, L. Kent, 1. Mann, N. Cooper. IN APPRECIATION With all sincerity, we, the NEW YORKER Class of Winter nineteen hundred and sixty-one, would like to express our appreciation to our sponsors: Mr. Almeida, Miss Myles, Mr. Hyman, and Mrs. Delaney. Their advice and many devoted hours certainly con- tributed toward the development, the spirit, and the attitude of the individual, as displayed by many of the New Yorker graduates. The ISLANDERS would like to express great ap- preciation to our Senior sponsorsAMr. Almeida, Miss Myles, Mr. I-lyman, and Mrs. Delaneyftor the many hours which they devoted to the class. We, the Islander Class of Summer nineteen hundred and sixty- one, will always be grateful for their enthusiastic leadership, which was responsible for our success as a class. SPRING ISLANDER COUNCIL Bottom row: L. Okubo, B. Babson, A. Siegel, T, Linton, l. Vander- grift. S. Stagman, I. Painter, L. Kent, I. Purcell, D. Prestine Second row: I, Gray, L. lohnsen, S. Schaefer, M. Horton. I, Miller V. Singer, A. Kalty, B, Goodale, S. Chester, K. Ellsworth, B Rosenberg, 1. Koury. Third row: P. Greene, T. Linton, C. Gold- stein, l. Salisbury, S. McGovern, L. Crtlz, A. Shipley, S. latte S. Lederfine, M, Yasuda, M. Sanchez, S. Muller. Top row: B Finkle, M. lacobson. D. Willson, B. Cann, B. Barton, 1. Baker E. Kuhlmann, A. Schwider, D. McEachenn, L. I-lvnter, G. Hale. ISLANDER SEALBEARERS Bottom row: I. Rosenblatt, R. Howard. C. Wollman, L, Lattin, S, Greenberg, L. Friedman. Second row: G. Grigsby, E. Borden. K. Blessing, P. Lyon, M. Casseres, D. Takeuchr, N. Leveson. P. Mills. Top row: K. Boehr, C. Muchnick. R. laeger, R. Schetter, E. Kuhlmann, E. Greenberg, T. Beyer, T, Holzer, R. Conviser. Mr. F. Almeida and Miss M. Myles is 504151 1.11541 .. ..... ...... ... ......... . ..-.....-n-.- .--...--4-I-. .-...--...ufn -..--f.-.-..- ..--..--1...-. .--........-- ---1...---...- -..........-a .-.....-.....- n...-.-.Q--.- ............-- ...--...---.f --.......-Q... -...-.......- .---.un-n-uf.. -...-....---- -.--..----...- -.......-..-- ....f.-..-...- .....-.-..--- ........-..-.. 1.-f..--u-1---. --.........--. .....---Q-.-.- ...........-.- --4-..---f...- ,.........-...- ...Q----..--.1 X..---.----.-f. --1.-........-. V.-.. --1-.- -... ... ... --- . . , 1 Y OTE Xb l. IX VII -out-F I I "Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fa- tigues of supporting it." -Thomas Paine ROGER EHRLICH Fall Associated Student Body President PEGGY GROSSMAN Fall Girls' League President STUDENT GOVERNMEN Student government attords an ex- cellent opportunity for development of important leadership qualities, Uni's large enrollment created unusual prob- lems not encountered by other schoolsg but the Leadership class, under the guidance ot Mrs. Goodwin, in conjunc- tion with the various Councils and the WILLIAM BURNS Fall Boys' League President jEAN DRUMM Spring Girls' League President DEVELOPS LEADERSHIP Board of Commissioners, worked to- ward a more efficient and successful year of self-government. The accomplishments of student government this year included a campus clean-up drive, a heightening of school spirit, and the promotion ot overall school unity. SAMUEL COCKINS Spring Boys' League President RICHARD GOSHERT Spring Associated Student Body President Richard Goshert Linda Okubo Leilani Lattin Harald I-ioettding Alan Harris Commissioner of Ayris Hatton Student Body Secretary Student Body Treasurer Chief justice Commissioner of Athletics Community Relations Commissioner ot Elections .sf Q. Leannah jones Ann Siegel Kerry Kosak Peter Sheats Rio Howard Anne Pardee Commissioner of Commissioner of Commissioner of Commissioner ot Commissioner of Commissioner of Health and Safety Publications Publicity Recreation Scholarship Student Service CGUNCILS AND COMMISSIONERS FALL STUDENT COUNCIL Bottom row: R. Nakamura, N. Hale, S. Garner, M, O'Brien, S. McGrew, D. Grayeline, j. johnson, B. Fishman, j. Brothers, L. Fox, M. Garcia, S. Wagner, T. Alona. Second row: R. Kochevar, S. Friedman, T. Esling, S. Hughes, W, Sanborn, j. Hickey, T. Barra, S. Sidy, M. Lucas, M. Yasuda, j, Tochioka. Third row: P. Klein, j. Simonds, R. Resch, R. Fox, K. Friedman, L, Sobel, R. Feiger, P. Lyon, N. Howe, j. McDowell, B. Sugarman, C. johnson, N. Cooper. Fourth row: M. Asher, D. Lawrence, T. Wilson, S. Baak, V. Miranda, S. Oshinomi, C. Kingman, E. Gierson, S. Roed, C. Senclejas, S, Andrews, j. Painter, B. Lones, K Resler, E. Frank, D. Newcomer, S, Kaugh, C. Dunlap. Fifth row: K. Ambrose B. Ross, V. Kay, D. Dombrow, D, Dordigan, D. Kuhn, F. Krall, G, Sherwin, E Borgson, B. Biller. Sixth row: G. Bennett, M, Prentice, D. Barry, D. Morrison T. Holzer, j. Van de Water, S. Kern, P. Allen, j. Son, M. Casnos, T. Delong j. Kuhn. Top row: A. Schwider, F. Sherwood. lW3'!ML,QW Linda Meyrowitz Student Body Secretary Carol Hammock Student Body Treasurer Martin Dyer Eldon Greenberg Chief justice RANK S Ann Hovey Nan Cooper Lee Schuster Commissioner of Commissioner of Commissioner ot Commissioner of Health and Safety Publications Publicity Recreation loan Miller Commissioner of Community Relations 5 Rio Howard Commissioner of Scholarship ESSENTIAL T0 STUDENT GOVERNMENT Bottom row: A, Rieber, A. Moomaw, C. Pann, M. Rogers, P, johnson, S. Parnell, C, Drake, M. Bandel, V, Kay, I. Miliman, D. Greenwalt, Second row: C. Ford, R. Albert, C. Martinez, E, Trattner, T. Bernstein, D. Graveline, B. Goodale, M. Tobias, L, Tanke, R, Stamton, S. Frenkel, B. Gordon, C. Beauer. Third row: P. Powers, S, Larson, G. Silber, S. Duncan, S. Bayes, S, Seibert, I. Donlevy, B. Fain, SPRING STUDENT COUNCIL L. Germain, S. Baak, I. Mason, L. Dalkey, C, Corlk R Hart S Morse Fourth row: P. May, D. Smith, K. johnson, W. McKenzie R Sparks F Borgeson B Dorne, P. Birnbaum, R. Harris, S. Olander, B. Lindenberg Top row I Bellanca M. Lorimer, H. Mcl-Ienry, A. Kalty, B, Waldo M Stevens S Kern A Harris "'QE3-.c Q D f 24" BOARD OF ELECTIONS Bottom row: V. Spiro, L. Madden, E. Trattner, B. Maynard, S. Friedman, A. Shipley, A. Hatton, H. Krom, K. Kistler. Top row: C. Muchnick T. Alona, P. Haas, D. Schwab, L. Blankfort, L. Easton, P. Verger. BOARD OF ATHLETICS Bottom row: K. Adashek, B. laffe, R. Fox, A. Harris, S. Friedman 1. Addicott. Second row: T, Bernath, B. Axt, K. Paddie, P. Chesler C. Forshee, W. Brooks, Top row: A Shabo, A, Schwider, j. Kroot B. Kling. BOARD OF SCHOLARSHIP Bottom row: E. Borden, C. Wollrnan, R. Howard, B. Ross, M. Minkoff B. Lindenberg. Top row: M. Kuppin, R, Conviser, M. Nisenson, W jonathan. BOARD OF HEALTH AND SAFETY Bottom row: C. Brown, C. Hammock, A. Havey, L. jones, E. Kositchek S. Schaefer, A. Fields. Top row: C, Braun, R, Davis, E. Ellsworth R, Buerk. BOARD OF PUBLICITY Bottom row: l. Bollinger, S. Furniss, C. Booth, B. Raisin, S. Olancler M. Findlay, K. Kosak. BOARD OF PUBLICATIONS BOARD OF COMMUNITY RELATIONS Bottom row: I. Porter, S. Anderson, A, Seigel, L. Brown. Bottom row: L. St, Clair, I, McKenna, R. Goshert, I, Miller, N. Holoff Top row: S. Hutchins, M, Leshin, I. Mori. M, Shieff, S. Strauss. Second row: I. Burns, P. May, S. Stanwyck, I. Sigal S. Nickel, C. Denke. Top row: j. Searight. L. Sealy, S. Loring. FALL COMMISSIONERS' BOARDS Under the capable guidance of Uni's commissioners and their respective boards, University High School experienced a stimulating year. The Board activities included the annual P. T. A. Drive, sale of the new Student Activity Cards, and the A. F. S. assemblies. Through these and other activities, Uni's Boards worked together for a more efficient Student Body Gov- ernment. BOARD OF RECREATION BOARD OF STUDENT SERVICE Bottom row: 1. McDowell, F. Grayson, L. Meyrovvitz, P, Sheats, L. Schuster, 1. Devore, A. Bayes, S. Bayes. Second row: H. Zealand, E. Horvitz, H. Pres- Bottom row: G. Sarna, R. Neuman, M. Licht, A. Pardee, S. Kerton, B. Payne, ton, L. Stern, B. Goerke, 1. Spilker, Top row: S. Sehested, L. Friedman. B. Mason. Top row: B. Cody, I. Geissman, N. Keeney, B. Pollack. W. Allan, M. I-lannurn. M. Entin, M. Freiheiter. SPRING COMMISSIONERS BOARDS BOARD OF STUDENT SERVICE Bottom row: S, Optner, S. Beckwitt, M. Luyken, I. Schenkein, K. Adashek, C. Muchnick, E. Frank, W. Stark, I. Kellogg. Top row: T. Alona, L. Gartside, I, Barker, S. Lindenbaum, S. Sperling, D, I-loward. BOARD OF RECREATION Bottom row: L. Rosenbaum, A. Nloomaw, E. Horvitz, T. Argula, P. Verger V. Laken, M. Peitzke, C. Shepard, I. Prew. Second row: I. Hickey, S. Schae- fer, D. Reel, L. Schuster, D, Payne-r, D. Willson, S. Sehested. Top row l. Setoguchi, W, Wakelee, R, Benson, R. Klein, B. Swetow, C. Fairbairn I BOARD OF COMMUNITY RELATIONS Bottom row: A. Van de Water, M. Gilbert, L. St. Clair, I. Miller, l. McKenna, D. Weiss, S, Duncan. Top row: L. Easton, P. Kirshbaum, T. Poschin, S. Strauss, S. Loring. BOARD OF HEALTH AND SAFETY P. Ruston, S, Weinstein, S. Richner, A. Hovey, M. Leshin, D. Kerr. 70 . i ' I 'F ' BOARD OF SCHOLARSHIP Bottom row: M. Karpen, B, Maynard, R, Howard, P. Lyon, C. Wollman. Top row: R. Conviser, K. Boehr, R. Lindenberg, Nl. Kuppin. BOARD OF ATHLETICS Bottom row: R. Mandel, S. Giacomi, I. Schiesel, T. Wood, B. Kling, B, Cann. Top row: I. Bellanca, D. Card. I. Baker, B Babson, I. Dimsdale, I. Braridler. BOARD OF ELECTIONS Bottom row: B. Friedman, L. Germain, S. Hurst, V. Williams, M. Darling, S. Faugh. Top row: E. Atkins. L. Reiss, E. Borden, P. Steele, I. Schechter. BOARD OF PUBLICATIONS Bottom row: S, Wagner, B, Payne, M. Dyer, L. Tanke, M. Baskin. Top row: G. Tashiro, R. Davis, H. Vogel. BOARD OF PUBLICITY Bottom row: H. Levy, B. Raisin, N. Cooper, F. Levy, S. Furniss. Top row: E. Mindlin, D. Bilsky, C. Ford. .gyrw 16 FALL STUDENT COURT Bottom row: E. Newman, H. Hoeffding, B. Altar, A. Gresham. Top row: R. Stein, D. Scheffer, j. Brown. STUDENT Comprised of the Student Court and the Boys' and Girls' League Boards of Hearing, the Student ju- diciary acts as a vital branch of stu- dent government in handling the problems of Uni's students. FALL GIRLS' LEAGUE BOARD OF HEARING Bottom row: 1. Meyers, G. Kimball, L. Fox, R. Feiger. Top row: B, Owen, M. Lynn, A. Korengold. FALL BOYS' LEAGUE BOARD OF HEARING Bottom row: B. Finkle, B. Bauer, M. Hayes, D. Hoag. Top row: S. Gould, D. Kleiman, l. Lappen, B. Franklin. J SPRING STUDENT COURT Bottom row: I, Greenwald, L. jones, E. Greenberg, A. Hatton, S. Hirschfield, Top row: B. Bauer, T. Hclzer, 1. Brown, UDICIARY The Boards handle first offenders and minor offenses, while major problems and major offenses are re- ferred to the Student Court. This judicial branch of Uni's government provides another opportunity for the development of leadership qualities. SPRING BOYS' LEAGUE BOARD OF HEARING Bottom row: T. Linton, I. Bassan, I. Baker, Hoag, R. Resch. Top row: R, Lipsy, B. Fin Nl. Hayes, M. Nisenson, A. Shabo. SPRING GIRLS' LEAGUE BOARD OF HEARING Bottom row: N. Leveson, I. Meyers, S. Rapaport, C. Burleigh N. Hirsch. Top row: L. Hurst, G. Coulson, A, Siegel, M, Darling LEAGUE FALL GIRLS' LEAGUE EXECUTIVE CABINET Bottom row: N. Arnold, G. Kimball, P. Grossman, N. Leveson L. Germain. FALL GIRLS' LEAGUE CABINET Bottom row: 1. Drumm, B. Pain, N. Hirsch, L. Germain, N. Arnold, M, Grossman, N, Leveson, G, Kimball. Top row: M. Herzel, L. Greenberg, L. Schuster, K. Pecsok, 1. Marx, L. Eisenbach. FALL BOYS' LEAGUE EXECUTIVE CABINET Bottom row: E. Greenberg, Nl. Enfin, T. Linton, H. May, S. Cock- ins. Top row: T. Wood, R. Heinrich, B. Burns. SPRING GIRLS' LEAGUE EXECUTIVE CABINET Bottom row: I, Drumm, L. Fox, S, Rapaport. Top row: B. Hearsh, K. Hunt. A-sm: SPRING GIRLS' LEAGUE CABINET Bottom row: C. Hewitt, L. Stern, K. Hunt, B. Hearsh, I. Drumm, L. Fox. L. Eiscnbach, L. Lattin. Top row: I. McDowell, S. Rapaport, L. johnsen, K. Harper, V. Dingman, S. Greenberg, C. Mar- tinez, SPRING BOYS' LEAGUE EXECUTIVE CABINET Bottom row: P. Sparvdau, D. lermmgs, S. Cockms, R Fox, S Hughs. Top row: B. Finklc, 1. Kroot, H. May. A--ox FALL GIRLS BOARD OF HONOR SERVICE Botiom row: S. Wagner, C. Sfern, L. Greenberg, S. Gorshaw, N. Ziff, S. White. Second row: S. Gordon, L. Perafis, R. Guesf, K. Brown, T. Dennison. BOARD OF DESIGN AND PUBLICITY Bottom row: L. Ross, D. Gerow, K. Pecsok, G. Kirchner, S. Hcafh. Top row: I, Prew, M, Holmes, S. Hodge, I.. Anderson, L. Rosenbaum. HOSTESS BOARD Bottom row: D, Walson, N. Roseland, B. Marfinson, A. Gresham, M. Herzel, S. Greenberg, l. Champagne, T. Kurokawa, Top row: N, Howe, P. Lyon, M. Schenck, P. Powers, A. Pafferson, L, Kaderli, C. Koke. JUNIOR RED CROSS BOARD Bottom row: P. Kaufman, D. Okura, B. Saunders, I. Marx, K. Harper M. Spifzer, L. Feigl, B. Dunifz, T, Poschin. Top row: C, Lewis, M Ieniye, P. Bottom ro Rosenberg, L. Easfon, M. Wood, l. Harvey, I. Garfon. S. Child, I. Levy, I. Tronvig, I. Lighfner, S, Friedman. PAL BOARD w: K, Haas, D. Burr, D. Wolf, V. Bernsfein, B. Alfar, M E. Kallrnan, I. Miliman, C, Korman, D. Payner. Second row K, Brownyard, M. Perlis, H. Buerk, E. Lafler, C. Miller L. Ginoza, B, Worth. Third row: L. Robbins, I.. MacDonald G. I-lenneberg, S, Spievak, S. Fields, R. Miffler, M, Macklin Top row: B. Peferson, S. Kaplan, M. Popoyich, N. Roseland lacobs, V. Riskin. EAGUE BOARDS BOARD OF FRIENDSHIP Botlom row: G. Koshimizu, K. Finlay, K. Greentaum, L, Lane, C, Schal lon, E. l-ladin, P. Kirshbaum, G. Ginsberg, P, Davis. Second row: A, Grant, R. Rubens, B. Fain, D, Wolf, K. Butler, S, Watts, M. Maharam, M, Nakamura. Top row: E, Williams, S. Tarpey, M. Crater, C, Bartley, D. Reel, M, Fuchs, N. Schneider, L. Morales. BOARD OF DISPLAY Bctiom row: l. Weissman, K, Russell, N. Tomiriaga, A. Smitls, l. Olson T. Araki, Top row: N. Hirsch, R. Danziger, L. Stern, B. Colwell, R l-lowells, S. Dorfman, 1--1 I BOARD OF DECOR Boffom row: C, Hewitt, L. Merrin, L. Eisenbach, l. Soborcff, G, Tolchin Top row: K, Layton, C. Macloff, l. Williams, M. Wangsgard. BOARD OF SUITABLE DRESS Bottom row: K. l-lottberg, P. Davis, l. Heather, D. Shropshire, 1. Drumm M. Yasuda, l, Salisbury, Second row: J. jameson, M. Murray, S. MC- Gowan, l. Russell, rl. Sokol, M. Becker. Top row: P, Torgrimson, G lulsnston, M. Schoenbrun, P. Luske, D, Best. SPRING GIRLS Bottom row: I. Cole, D. Burgoyne, M. Popovich, L. Robbins, L, MacDonald, IVI. Rosenberg. Top row: L. Brown, L, Lane, L. Blanktort, K. Greenbaum, H. Sokol, E. Horwitz. BOARD OF DISPLAY Bottom row: B. Russell, I. Isaacson, L. Stern, 1. Soborotf. Top row: S. Stock, C. Neima, G. Hirsch. BOARD OF DECOR Bottom row: K. l-laas, G. Smith, C. Hewitt, C. Wigton, H. I-lawes. Top row: S. Givens, I. Holyoke, S. Givens, K. Gerber. BOARD OF SUITABLE DRESS Bottom row: N. Levenson, IVI. Braswell, I. Ellsworth, M. Schoenbrun, L. Lattin, I. Gorshow, L, Okubo, P. Grossman, P. Greene, Second row: M. Tobis, I. Blanchard, S. Doriss, N. Arnold, L. Greenberg, I. Gray, G. Hicks. Top row: S. Brown, N. Roseland, S. Feybush, I. Williams, L. Seely, C. Gerwin, 78 LEAGUE BOARDS BOARD OF HONOR SERVICE Bottom row: T, Kurokawa, N. Rosenberg, L. Eisenbach, C. Trope, G. Koshimiz L. Morales. Second row: 1. Marx, 1. Jacoby, S. Morse, S. Rerton, P. Watanabe M, Nakamura. Top row: L. Graham, D. Ledebore, P. Delameter, D. Crummet BOARD OF DESIGN AND PUBLICITY Bottom row: S. Hauge, M. Beye, l. McDowell, B. Fain, M, Crater. Top row H. Rolf, D. Gerow, M. Holmes. HOSTESS BOARD Bottom row: D. Watson, A. Patterson, L. Hurst, M. Freiheiter, S, Greenberg E. Tarpey, P. Powers, Second row: P. Nutt, T. Kiyono, P. Freeman, N. Howe B. Gelb. Top row: M, Horton, V. Spiro, B. Owen, S. Kalkstein, JUNIOR RED CROSS BOARD Bottom row: S. Friedman, K. Mueller, M, Gillette, K. Harper, B. Sugerman, 1. Miller, D, Karpf. I. Champagne. Second row: X. Chaeffer, S. Hodge, C, Haber, D. Burkett, V. Mead. Top row: M. Perlis, M. Scott, F. Bunn, K. Bechtol, E. Lafler. SPRING BOYS' LEAGUE BOARD OF PUBLICITY AND SERVICE Bottom row: E. Borgeson, S. Swett, P. Spandau, S. Bornse, G. Finkel. Top row: D, Carr, D. Ward, B. Axt. SPRING BOYS' LEAGUE BOARD OF ACTIVITIES Bottom row: R, Reise, T, Duffy, D. lennings, I. Kroot, S. Friedman. Top row: L. Seales, S. Killingsworlh. BOYS' LEAGUE BOARDS FALL BOYS' LEAGUE BOARD OF ACTIVITIES Bottom row: P. Doyle, B. Ziman, lvl. Entin, R, I-leinrich, 1, Gotfesman M. Gluckman, Top row: T. I-lolzer, T. Zallen, 1. Brandler, B, Landy. FALL BOYS' LEAGUE BOARD OF SERVICE Bottom row: R. Opper, G. May, T. Linton, I-1. Vogel, A. Levinson. Top row P. Spandau, B, Srnon, A, Raznick. FALL BOYS' LEAGUE BOARD OF PUBLICITY Bottom row: M. Dyer, T. Wood, J. Simonds, S. Bomse, S. Lindenbaum. rg SPRING MAWANDAS Bottom row: A. Siegel, T. Kurokawa, P. Lyon, K. Pecsok, N. Leveson lvl. Van Atta, L. Eisenbach, L. johnsen, C, Hewitt, L. jones. Second row G. Koshimizu, j. Marx, G. Grigsby, G. Coulson, S. Richner, P. May, j Blanchard, K, Ellsworth, P. Grossman, L. Lattin, Third row: j. McDowell S. Doriss, C. Chan, D. Rome, S. Rapaport, E. Borden, B. Pollack, D. Take- uchi, M. Minkoff, L. Kaderli. Top row: j. Gray, j. Greenwald, R. Howard, N, Menzies, V. Schaeffer, N. Howe, D, Vincent, L. Okubo. L. Schuster, FALL MAWANDAS Bottom row: D. Takeuchi, E. Tominaga, G, Grigsby, j. Gray, P. May, B. Ross, j, Yoritsune, M. Minkoff, E. Borden, R. Feiger, G. Abrams, L. Kaderli. Second row: M. Lynn, L. jones, j. Drumm, T, Kurokawa, R. Sloane, S. Doriss, B, Smith, M. Van Atta, B. Berk, K. Ellsworth, L, Lattin, V. Schaeffer. Third row: N. Leveson, j, Mayeda, D. Vincent, R. Howard, K. Mautner, E. Newman, L. johnsen, S. Richner, P, Grossman, L. Okubo, C. Chan. Top row: j. jameson, S. Robey, A. Pardee, G. Kimball, A. Korengold, P. Lyon, L. Wedlock, N. Howe. SERVICE DRGANIZATICDNS l LJ' ia! SPRING KNIGHTS Bottom row: D. Watson, C. Muchnick, A. Shabo, F. Best, B. Cann, R. Pat terson, G. May, I. Kalmick, S. Pine, Nl. Entin, Second row: L. Higa, M McDole, j. Brown, T. Holzer, M. Stevens, K, Boehr, K. Kosak, D. Ward, R. Goshert. Top row: C. Forshee, R. Lipsy, R. Freeman, lVl. Polen, T. Wood, B. Bauer, B. Caroenter, j. Baker, S. Stagman, R. Fein, W FALL KNIGHTS Bottom row: j, Spilker, j. Litow, B, Bauer, C, Muchnick, B. Krauch, E. Goodman, j. Klein, R. Stein, K. Kosak, Second row: D. Safren, lvl. Stevens, R. Freeman, B. jaffe, M, Nisenson, T. Linton, M, Entin, B. Cann. Third row: W. Brooks, E, Greenberg, D, Watson, D. Scheffer, T. Barr, F. Best, R, Lipsy, P. Wheatley, j. Isaacson. Top row: T. Beck, G, Prowizor, T, Wood, B. Finkle, S. Stagman, K. Boehr, L. Higa. T' IQ FALL WAKIYAS Bottom row: E, Trattner, L. Stein, M. Kramer, A. Sexton, D. Gilbert, 1. Kellogg, L. Brown, L, Reiss, S. McGowan, 1, Neuman, Second row: L. Bloch, V. Feigl, C. Carlson, S. Commons, M, Bras- well, C, Ball, M, Steward, D. Burkett, S. Friedman. Third row: B. Friedman, D, Schwartz, 1. Campbell, W, Stark, L. Hada, K. Gerber, B. Gelb, S. Silbert, G, Blate. Top row: R. Hollman, M. 1eniye, L. Stern, 1. Zebelle, H. Levy, M. Walker, P. Dauber. FALL NATOMAS Bottom row: B. Cohen, 1. Burns, F. Schwartz, 1. Greenwald, M, Crater, K. Hunt, B. Cochran, S, Friedman, D. Okura, Second row: L. Eisenbach, 1. Prew, L. St. Clair, S. Nickel, 1. Cole, L. Blanktort, C. Hewitt, M, Frieheiter, L, Graham. Third row: M, Kuyken, K, Mueller, 1. Marx, G. Koshimizu, L. Ross, G, Coulson, T. Kiyond, T. Poschin, P. Kireshbaum, B. Dunitz, M. Murray. Top row: 1, Searight, V. Dingman, S. Givens, S. Givens, 1. Heatlcer, B. Raisin, L, Germain, B. Fain, K. Bartholomew, SPRING NATOMAS Bottom row: M. Popovich, T. Altman, 1. Burns, S. Friedman, B, Fain, B. Maynard, 1. Neuman, L, MacDonald. Second row: S, Friedman, W. Stark, M. Rosenberg, L, Germain, M. Crater, B. Dunitz, T. Poschin, L. Blankfort, B. Cochran, C. Greenfield. Third row: C. Neima, 1, Kellogg, L. Brown, 1, Prew, 1. Williams, 1. Cole, V. Dingman, K, Hunt, K. Mueller, R, Rubens, Fourth row: S. Silbert, C. Madoft, M. Licht, T. Tarrant, M. Walker, R. Holmen, E, Trattner, 1. Delameter, l, Bonderman, G. Blate. Top row: M. Okano, D. Burkett, 1, Lightner, M. 1eniye, L. Hada, C. Ball, L, Bishop, L. Easton, L, Ross, M. Luyken. SPRING SQUIRES Bottom row: H. May, S. Hughes, S. Sperling, K. Paddle, R. Simon M. Zell, R. Resch, Top row: C. Leavitt, F. Huberty, 1. Preminger 1. Auerbach, S, Gould. FALL SQUIRES Bottom row: A, Zimmelman, 1, Huerbach, R, Patterson, B. Kal- mick, G, Sarna, G. May, T. Murdock. Second row: S, Ccckins S. Swatt, K. Paddle, R, Resch, R. Simon, D. Ward. Tcp row: R. Norton, S. Quick, A, Dodd, H. May, P. Labin. FALL YEOMEN Botiom row: C. Rudnick, C. Wilson, R. Kaplan, P. Randall, D. lvlcNamara, S. Feld, R. Alkana, D. Boyle, D. Rice, L. Korengold T. Mann. Second row: G. Chadwick, G. Garcia, T. Oleson, D. Card, R. Mandel, l. Bellanca, D. lennings, R. Tomkins, A. Ashe B. Furry, A. Muclnmore, B. Gindotf. Top row: P. McWhorter, B. Fuchs, lvl Zeide, B. Henstell, E. Borgescn, T. Lazar, D. Robin- son, A. Kroot, R. Thomas, N. Simminds, R. Dorman. SPRING YEOMEN Bottom row: A. Dantes, A. Kremer, S. Weinberg, S. McArthur, R. Sokolove, R. Mandell, D. De Groot, 1. Kobashigawa, P. Mc- Whorter, D. Card, A. Steiner. Second row: R. Kaplan, S. Manilidi, I. Bellanca, B. Friner, S. Tepper, T. Lazar, B. Eisenberg, S. Feld, B. Neel, S. Zweiback, A. Lurie. Top row: R. Alkana, R. Tomkins, B. Tucker, S. Brent, E. Davy, R. Lenat, G. Fick. B. Brodersen, L. Cahan, 1. Tomkins, P. Spiegel. X? FALL AYITAS Bottom row: V. loslin, M. Sherwood, W. Salter, M. Tobis, l. Milliman, B. Worth, M. Silvert, L. lamiezon, F. Cole, W. Parker, W. Schuman, R. Rudner, F. Temkin, P. Engle, N. Rity, E. Frank, E. Trihuilo, B. Sfutt, A. Huntington, S. Hurst, M. M. Maclane. Second row: L. Ganoza, N. Smith, D, Saks, C, Armstrong, N. losphe, A. losphe, K. Oleane, L. Mendel, L. Rubin, C. Murry, MV. Kamins, E. Harris, l. Strouce, M. Bandel, L. Abrams, S. Beckwitt, C, Gleeny, M. Work, l. MaCollen, l. Grebler. Third row: l. Whitebook, D. Katz, S. Ziering, S. Senkowsk, M. Moon, S. Optner, K. Freyermuth, K, Darsie, L. Erbe, E. Hayes, B. Lomas, L. Loeb, L. Leibsohn, P. Samuel, C. Friend, D. Bilsky, B. Zukin, C. Berk, M. Coleman, B, Bishop. L. Horn, N. Hale, l. lacobson, M. Lubitz, D. Payner, M. l-lonig. Fourth row: E. Atkins, V. Kay, 1. Madoff, K. Bectol, C. Cooke, K. Fredericks, L, Weckler, N. Wexler, M. Gillette, P. Kinny, E. Sturza, L. Cole, S. Herrmann, l. Sokol, P. Rokaw, N. Wolfberg, R. Beldon, M. Rogers, L. Adler, N. Papalezis, A. Arbogast, S. Faugh, L. Moss, R. Gentile. Top row: K. Gardner, G. Rose, M. Chapman, A. Masom, K. Bulmer, K. Pearce, D. Newcomer, L. Poe, L. Ford, S. Beyer, N. Strohm, A. Hattenbach. SPRING AYITAS Bottom row: M. Schiesel, T. Duben, D. Kaufman, S. Gould, L. Leanse, R. Garb, P. Blank, B. Schlesinger, C. Hunter, S. Ward, N. Tlnompson, M. Lukoff. Second row: N. Woolfson, A. Stuart, M. McKean, B. Raddish, C. Wright, S. Livingston, A. Pfaff, L. Milstein, C. Reid, N. Krauch, l. Koskoft, P. Lewis, K. Starr, l. Ebell, M. Garman. Third row: C. Davis, C. Patterson, E. Conroy, G. Silber, S. Hammock, D. Landstron, M. Knight, D. Blank, B. Kishi, P. Cohen, S. Sacks, C. Kane, G. Gruening, L. Bramson, D. lackson, K. Huff, B. Ross. Top row: M. Anderson, D. Lott, N. Cohan, K. Ballsun, L. Finkle, l. Kirschner, P. Whittel, K. Higgins, C. Givens, B. Gayle, N. Uller, R. Daily, C, Bullock, C. Bennici. SPRING WAKIYAS Bottom row: C. Drake, B. Zukin, K. Gardner. A. Bockting, L. Loeb, L. Leibsohn, L. Moss, C. Berk, M. Moon, A. Sheldon. Second row: M. Garcia, I. Grebler, N. joseph, C. Armstrong, M. Macklin, C. Cooke, S. Herriann, E. Mindlin, N. Wexler, K. Pearce, Vl. Gillette, l. Ohara. Top row: H, Nakagawa. M. Tobias, K. Darsie, A. Huntington, S. Faugh, M. Gilbert, D. Bilsky, S. Optner, S. Clark, E. Frank, B. Worth. FALL ELEVENTH GRADE COUNCIL Bottom row: P. Haggerty, B. Landy, I. Dillon, G. Hines, 1. Wieden, P. Spandau, P. Boyle. Top row: C. Synold, I. johnson, D. Hoag, C. Ford, T. Whiteman, C. Trope, I. Hooper, UNl'S JUNICDR CITIZENS SPRING ELEVENTH GRADE COUNCIL Bottom row: I. Scudder, B. Aidells, G. Finkel, G, Galbreath, R. Resch. Wolff, L. St. Clair, I. McKenna, B, Cohen, P. Steele, N. Sapoznik, T. Second row: S. Klein, I. Miller, lvl. Peitzke, N. Harmon, 1. Sigal, R. jacobellis, G. Post, R. Lafferty. Top row: T, Wildman, S. Tarpey, M. Stanton, B. Berres, S. Winter, l. lacobs. Third row: R, Kneubuhl, B. Beye, S. Venable, B. Gilbert, C, Morefin, H. Loew, I. Kinney. FALL TENTH GRADE COUNCIL Bottom row: R. Wagner, M. Kaplan, C. Carlson, T. Bernstein, R. Schoolfield, B. Kierulff, R. Smith, B. Greer, S. Fujino, G. MacDonald O'Brien, E. Harris, S, Hughes, S. Freeman, A. Abelson, D. McNamara, K. Ross, M, Sheats, S. Hall, C. Colvey, I. McGinnis. Fourth row: S P. Randall, B. Reed. Second row: L. Rubens, W. Kamins, I. Peterson, King, I. Miller, I, Shecture, M. Fritz, M. I-Ionig, P. Bartman, S. Brown M. Ieniye, I. Lockwood, D, Roseman, D. Ring, B. Hovey, K, Lazich, G. Wood, M. Smith, D. Guild, B. Slott, P. Rokaw. Top row: S. Opner C. Drake, T. Zallen. D. Chernow, Third row: B. Peterson, D. Coe, G, B. Gordon, B. Carlton, S. Hurst, I. Ellsworth, D. Perry. PRACTICE STUDENT GOVERNMENT SPRING TENTH GRADE COUNCIL Bottom row: M, Rears, I. Hillman, R, Pucker, A. Bocktrng. L. Lelbsohn, P. Chiesler, B. Kierulft, R. Mandel, M. Wexler, R.i Koslow, S. Hurst F. Temkin, S, Frenkel, A. Stawisky, S. Silvert, B. Slott, Second row: ToP l'0W1 M4 SDCCHT. M. I'-Ionig, N, Wolfberg. E. Atkins, C. Ames. ,gl I7 YA . .... . ......, ...................... .......................... ........................... ........................... v.......................... ........................... ,........................... ........................... ........................... ........................... ........................... ........................... .............,............. .......................... .2lllliliilliiliiiiiiiiii'' ......................... ....................... ....................... ..................... ..................... ..................... ................... ................... .................. .................. ................ ................ .............. ............. ............. ............ .......... ......... ....... ,...... f..... f... ... .. .. .. . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. N.. .. . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . lb' .. . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . .-A" t the O 1 of nl' OW 'r1 endlc s a e b rw S hacome rs YT! kha ar Win M Ed S he "ff TOLTO O I k .... ..111Z111. ......... .. ...........1... .................. ..................... ....................... .......................... ......................... .. ............................. ................................. ................................. . .................................... ..................................... .. .......................................... ........................................... ............................................. .............................................. . ................................................ ................................................... .................................................... ...................................................... ................ .................................... . ........................................................ . .................... ...... .. ............................ ................................................ ............. ............................................................... ............................................................... ......................... ...... ............ .................. . .............................................................. .... ................................................ .................... ..................................................................... . ................................... ... ........ ...................... .......................... ............... .. ........................... ........................ .............. .... .............................. .............................. .................. ......................... ............................................................................. ............................................................................. . ............................................................................... ................ ........................................... .................. ........................................................ ..... .................. ............................................................ ................... .................................................. .. ..... .................... .................................................................... ......... f..... ............... ................................... ..... ............... ..................................... ....... ............. ................... ............... .. .............. .......... ................................. .......................................................................... . . ............. ................. ........................................... ............................................................................. ........................................................................... .......................................... .............. .. .. ........ . ............................................ ...... ........ ............. .................................................... ........ .. ...... . . ...................................................... .... ......... - ............................................... ...................... .................................................. ... ............ .. ....................................................................- ............................................................. . .. - ................. .............................................. ............................................................... ............................................................. . ................. . ............................... ...... .. ..... ........................................ ....... ................................................ ....... . ................................. .................. .. ................................................- -.. ....................................... ..... .............................................. -........................................... ........................................ .................................... ............................... ...... ....... ... .. .. ......... Zh... " mr' ' A 3 "" 5:23235- '--::"l. --., '-u. 3:72251 "Good morning, good morning. The best to you each morning." IT SEEMS LIKE YESTERDAY SEPTEMBER l2-School Begins 20-S.A.C. Rally 30-Unihi Day OCTOBER l2-Tenth Grade Talent Show l4--Milk Bowl Game--Uni at Manual l9-Exchange Assembly from Westchester at Uni Z6-Uni's Westchester Exchange Assembly at Uni Mrs, Claus should see this! Mr. Keech does his best for the Community Chest. Who will Uni choose? NOVEMBER l4-Report Card Day Zl-Senior Field Day 29-The Crucible DECEMBER 9-Roaring Tvventies Night l 5-Christmas Assemblies l6-Yuletide Sing in Girls' Gym IANUARY 4-Nominations Assembly lO-Final Elections l3hGirls' League Breakfast l4-Senior Prom l 8-20-Final Exams 23-25-Report Cards 26-Graduation 30-Spring Semester Begins FEBRUARY 3-New Girls' Party 3-New Boys' Orientation 28--SAC Promotion Rally MARCH l -Senior Panorama Picture 2-3-Dionysians' play Teach Me How To Cry l3-l8-Girls' Week Sylvia Richner of Switzerland and Liv johnson of Norway, this year's A.F.S. exchange students. APRlL l O-Report Card Day i8--American Field Service Assembly 25--Open House Z6-lOth Grade Talent Show 28-Career Day MAY 30-6-Boys' Week 9, lO, l2--Pygmalion l6-Presentation of Candidates Assembly Z3-Final Elections 24-Band Show 26-Senior Field Day 3l-Car Show lUNE 2--Girls' League Sunrise Social 6-Girls' League Fashion Show Queen fel' e Semester 8-lnstallation Assembly lO-Senior Prom l4--Graduation Assembly l 5-Graduation The new trophy case is still not big enough. Top Squaws plan Girls' Week. ,Al I ,, , ,QZVC -' " ' ' K I just found an egg , . . plant. Now, about those cough theorems and corollary thrombosis. . . UNI'S VAR Now that l've taken physics, I can tie my shoe and know what l'm doing. Dear Mom, because of circumstances beyond my control . . . Now, if we only had keys. Shhh, here comes the librarian! V" ' LIfMW UI The arm holes aren't really 6KCL -I- 3l'l2SO4 -l- 6Ca lt's as easy as making an IBM machine. sewn together, are they? lOHl 2 -9 um, well, er. . . IETY PACK FR U17 " Q A ,.j,:,1.:.gj,j. ,,,,,, A,e..,.,.. .Z,l,,.1.4 ll for homework tonight . . . Will summer ever come? Moscow will be glad to see these l may tail, but at least l'lI get a double 1:1111 E 3.3. Pl .,.. W- W I LEARNING FALL LIBRARY STAFF Bottom row: P. Smith, S. Furniss, R. Viele, E. joffee, N. Andresen, M, Haslag, A. Dinneen. Second row: D. Kerr, I. Brothers, N. Sacks, 1. Duke, T. Turnham, K. French, C. Mead. Top row: G, Pozzo, T. Barker, P. Donnette. G. Bryan, L. Albright, K. Huckens, I. Sanchez, G. Tanii. CAFETERIA CASHIERS Bottom row: K. Golden, T. Mann, M, Lott, A. Hogue, R. Torres, D. Hampton, K. Palrnquist, O. Woodward, Top row: I. Van Camp, P. Lieberman, S. Clemens, B. Andrew, I, Painter, P. Kaufman, S. Lott, FINANCE OFFICE AND STUDENT STORE CLERKS Bottom row: S. Thornton, S. Kummer, M. Keller, G, Smith, C. Martinez, Left to right: N. BOOKROOM STAFF Sacks, C. Florence, M. Costilrn, S. Sehested, G. Mayer, D. Chamie, M. Moore, M. Robinson, G. Stevens, Second row: I. Wilken, A, Lundberg, L, Sher, S. Scott. P. Levy, M. Teller, P. Boyle, T. Lazar, I. Kantor, P. Nutt. Top row: C. Ham- mock, K. White, I, Matsen, E. Mockbee, H, Gonzalez. 92 I VHILE SERVING I I STAGE PRODUCTION Bottom row: I. Kindschi, L. Guttery, M. Moroney, B. Irby I. Van Nimwegen, R. Gatewood, S. Friedman, B. Hodad Second row: F. Harrison, K. Strong, B. Hurst, E. Lewis M. Parrish, B. jefferson, B. Bilier, W. Preston. Top row S. Engstrand, M. Murray. I. Russell, R. Hershey, I, Zor- i dich, B. Abraham. I I I I SOUND CREW Bottom row: S. Goldfield, R, Hawkins, I. Arthur, D. Korte. Top row: S. Swanson, D. Martin. V. ,, PHOTOGRAPHY Top row: I. Graham. M. Marcus, R. Riskind, R. Clark, S. Parsa, I. Mills, Bottom row: K. Pease, G. Hickman. C. Hendel. FALL AUDIO-VISUAL Bottom row: P, Coyle, D. Haytin, I. Bankey, L. Detlie, I, Donlevv, D. Spin- ner, R. Barnett, B. Miller, I. Skoller. Second row: D. Barry, B. Lorenzo, G. Lopez, R, Atlas, R. Hawkins, P. Ratterree, S. Hess, W. Preston, S. Homan. Third row: I. Weber, I. Dieckmann, A. Nozawa, P, Huckans, I. Gicliano, B. Perklss, S. Lindenbaum, G, Mayer, B. Sugarman, Top row: M. Moroney, P. Ranfil, R. Waters. I. Iacobsen, M. Henninger. I. isono. D. Tuttle, I. Co- izrac, B. Irby. 93 A CAPPELLA CHOIR Ecttom row: R. Kneubuhl, D. Shropshire, l. Levy, N. Bazbez, G. lohnston. Second row: T, MaIoney, T. lacobellis, K. Carey, V. Webster, L. Bishop, S, Givens, S. Givens, K. Hartloan, S. Bouk, l, Gaines, C. Weed, M. Schenck, l. Hersh, R. Collins, D. Krueger, D, Binder, j. Hamer. Tltird row: H. Bissell, R. Davis, A. Sexton, C. Townsend, P, Dunnette, C. George, M. Mecum L. Hada, L. Stern, C. lahn, P. Lyon, S, Haren, S. Rainsford, M. Findlay. Top rcw: D. Barnitz W. l-ledding, M. Secour, A. Hernandez, S. Toshiyuki, I. Delgado, A. Albeck, M. Shields, l. Engel M. Waterman, S. Waterman, D. Livingston, D. Faster, K. Boehr, P, Diggins, W. Brooks, C Manliolt. 1 AND THE BAND I. Steinberg. Ken Wolf Band Leader 94 Bottom row: P. Israel, l. Weise, C. Ambrose, K. Darsie, M. Tobias, D, Gerow, G. Vargas, M. Coleman, D. Chase, B. Hewitt, 1. Weiss, S. Hoffberg, R. Butler, M, Kuppin, C. Gerlough, B. Kiltz, S. Spivak, C. Dible, D. Eddy, L. Wheaton, G. Mount, S. Gierson, S. Pine, W. jonathan, V. Gold- stein, M. Gillette, K. Bitting, Y. Kallman, B. Martsegis, S, Parry, K. Kistler, K, Bridges, K. Smith, L. johnson, R. Pietschmann, S. Woodward, 1. Lasky, S. Kline, M. Panzer. Top row: G. Packer, R, Nelson, B. Dumas, G. Anderson, B. Brisk, B. Cowie, R. Thomkins, B. Kolb, C. Anderson, 1. Becker, R. Brandt, D. Tuttle, B. McDonald, S. jenkins, D. Kahn, K. Wolf, M, Waterman, M. Hirsch, 1. Loeb, P. Fink, S. Enstrand, S. Waterman, G, Tolchin, S. Tyler, B, Larson, F. Cummings, A, Shabo, 1, Taylor, P. Heintz, L. Hughes, B. Henstell, D. Cherrxow, V, Gonzales, D. Hollingsworth, PLAYED ON . .. DANCE BAND Bottom row: S. Pine, M, Hirsch, L. lVIcNairy, D. Devor, S, Woodward l. Lasky. Second row: R. Smith, G. Anderson, K. Wolf, B, Larson Third row: R. Wagner, V. Gonzalez, E, Lennard, A. Rose, R. Grigsby A. Wagner, 1. Brown. Top row: S, Clark, D, Kahn, l. Loeb, D, Defore l. Beck, S. Spano. R. Patterson, winner of Long Beach Young Artist Competition, and L. Tinturin, winner of musical contest at S.M,C.C, in which he represented Uni, ORCHESTRA Bottom row: R, Park, G. Tolchin, G. Fick, l. Evers, L. Hurst, A, dal Piaz. Second row: l. Steele, M. Lott, C. Ambrose, M. Coleman, K, Bartholomew, l. Selfman, A. Pfaff, K. Darsie, C. Dickey. Third row: C. Burleigh, B, Kilfz, B. Hartwell, C. Gerlough, B. Hewitt, I. Holmes, S, Thomson, W. Salter, D. Lipp, G, Dickey. Top row: I, Darff, S. Kline, C. Coverdale, D. Webster, A. Rose, l, Taylor, T, Crumplar. 95 D. Chodos, K. Dehner Arthur Miller's "The Crucible" was pre- sented at Uni in the tall. Among the other tirsts, central staging was used, creating a new and exciting relationship between the actor and his audience. Mr. j. Drury, pro- ducer-director, echoed the opinion of the student body by proudly announcing that it was the best production to be given at Uni. j. Schenkein, S. Mueller, M. Kramer, j. Ullman, S. Kern, D. Chodos, A. Shabo S. Lott, j. Schenkein, S. Sidy, S. Mueller, D. Welsh, A. Shabo, S. Kern THE CRUCIBLE CAST john Proctor ........... Daniel Chodos Elizabeth Proctor ...... Kirsten Dehner Reverend Samuel Parris ..... Stuart Kern Deputy-Governor Danforth . Bruce Kerner Reverend john Hale ....... Stephen Lott Mary Warren ..... .... C arolyn Quinn Giles Corey ...... . . .jim Schenkein Thomas Putnam . . . ..... Alan Shabo Tituba ........ ....... S ue Sidy Rebecca . . . . . .janet Ullman ,ff Henry Higgins .... Eliza Doolittle ..... Miss Eynstord Hill. Nepomuck ....... Col. Hugh Pickering Freddy Eynstord Hill Mrs. Higgins ...... Alfred Doolittle. . . Mrs. Pearce .... D. Chodos, K. Dehner "Pygmalion,l' presented during May at Uni, was also a tremendous success. Written by George Bernard Shaw, "Pygmalion" is the story from which the Broadway hit, "My Fair Lady," was taken. Mr. l. Drury again scored a triumph in proving high school dramatists are capable of such fine acting. PYGMALION CAST M rs. Eynstord H i ll .... Daniel Chodos Kirsten Dehner .Donna Kaplan . . .Bruce Kerner . .Stephen Lott .Lynne Merrin .lim Schenkein . . .Linda Scott Mark Skarstedt Paula Wansink stdt K Dh D. Chodos, M. Skar e , . Dehner, D. Chodos, M. Kramer, S. Lott, M. Skarstedt K. Dehner, S. Lott, P. Freeman, D. Chodos, L. Mer FALL DIONYSIANS Bottom row: M. Kramer, S. Greenberg, B. Cody. Second row: K. Dehner, L. Lane, S. Cohen, H. Hoeffding, L. Mock. Third l row: M. Karpen, L. Sfern, O. Meldy, C. Kelly, Top row: A. On- W tiveros, 1, Schenkein, N. Blanc, 1. Klein, D. Safren, R, Fein, D. Breslovv. SPRING DIONYSIANS Bottom row: M. Rich, N. Blanc, L. Mock, D. Welsh, NI. Kramer, L. Gartside. Top row: I. Bokelman, L. Lane, M. Blandford, D. Chodos, 1. Cohen, B. Alter, B. Cody. DIONYSIANS Mrr1mm,what's the next word? A rose, is a rose, is a rcse cha, cha, cha. All together now . M .m ms i ,N s f If only I weren't glued to this bench. Who says it's a mar1's world? R.O.T.C. never had this much fun! wi H reef WARRIOR STAFF Bottom row: 1, P'erre L. Serber D. Best, R. Grac , M. Ha econ row: . Hun , . 'ns er , . v' K, e'ma, E. O w' z, . erns ein. op row: G, Magu're G. May M. Dyer, a pen, C. ' e, . ar s, . S e n P. Dane R. Cor ova. WARRIOR EDITORS-IN-CHIEF P. Levin, M. Hayes WARRIOR EDITORS Bottom row: L. Serber, G. Maguire. Top row: P. Dane, L, Stern, M. Dyer. WARRIOR REPORTS EVENTS OF TODAY This year's Warrior staff, under the editorship of Penny Levin and Mike Hayes, would like to express sincere thanks to Mr. D. Germain, sponsor, to Mr. j. Hill, print shop advisor, and to the entire faculty. Their cooperative assistance and helpful suggestions have made the weekly newspaper especially outstanding in its presentation of events and news at University High School. CHIEFTAIN STAFF Bottom row: P. Berger, P. Watanabe, L. Peratis, K. Brown, B. Rivlin, R. Paddie. Top row: S, Roed, I. Schenkein, R. Guest, K, Greenebaum, S, lacobs, I, Livingston, D. Takeuchi, L. Babcock. CHIEFTAIN EDITORS K. Brown, associate editorg L. Peratis, editor-in-chiefg P, Berger, associate editor. CHIEFTAIN BUILDS GN MEMGRIES Under the excellent guidance of Mrs. D. Stell, the l96l Chieftain has under- gone extensive Changes. Each section has incorporated unique and original ideas to add to the reader's enjoyment of the book. The staff, with the help of Mrs. C. Wong's annual illustration class, and the photographer, Mr. l. l-lesslein, has worked smoothly and diligently to make this Chieftain an outstanding yearbook for the student body of Uni- versity High School. ANNUAL ILLUSTRATION Bottom row: C. Nledieros, P, Bayer, Second row: N. Rosenberg, M. Webb. Third row: S. Mackintosh, M. Vanzandt. Top row: E. Miles. FALL 10TH GRADE C.S.F. Bottom row: R. Howard, P. Dauber, C. Ball, R. Holmen, 1. Carter, A. Rieber. Top row B. Furry, C. Wilson, B. Franklin, L. Reiss, R. Brown, E. Borden. FALL 'HTH GRADE C.S.F. Bottom row: E. Davie, M. Popovich, S. Friedman, B. Dunitz, T. Poschin, S. Loring B. Saunders, G. Mount, V. Williams, Second rcw: B. Pollack, T. Whiteman, I. Dillon L. Graham, K. Greenebaum, R. l-loward, B. Raisin, S. Langley, I. Dratler, C. Wake- man, T. Parsons. Third row: M. Burian, G. Coulson, K, Mueller, K. Bartholomew, I Lengyel, R. Neuls, B. Pain, l. Cole, N. Drury, D. Schwab, R. Schaar. Fourth row: M Karpen, M. Luyken, M. Rosenberg, R. Fox, F. Schwarts, R. Patterson, L. Kahan, B Ziman, B. Kobashigawa, S. Mickez. Fifth row: B. Lindenburg, I. Addicott, K. Adashek B. Sattler, R. Park, T. Tarrant, l. Heather, C, Denke, B. Maynard. FALL 12TH GRADE C.S.F. Bottom row: M. jorgenson, l. Gray, C. Muchnick, P. Lyon R. Howard, M. Nisenson, C. Dunlap, K. Kistler, L. Wheat- on, 1. Champagne. Second row: H. l-loeffding, D. Binder, T. Linton, D. Eddy, C. Wollman, L. Peratis, D. Takeuclfi M. Kuppin. Third row: B. Finkle, K. Boehr, E. Volz, M. Polen, G. Seitz, M. Marcus, E, Kuhlmann, W. jonathan. Top row: M. Entin, L. Freidman, N. Levenson, l. Brown. lO2 xwwrwwxwpvvfr Zmwwzcu 'wma rm IRSHIP FEDERATION SPRING 'IOTH GRADE C.S.F. Bottom row: L. Weckler, N. loseph, C. Armstrong, M, Bailey, R. Howard, R. Haines. B, Bishop, K. Leonard, M, Tobias, K. Bechtol. Second row: M. Schakne, N. Papaleyis, S. Beyer, N. Strohm, M. Gilbert, D, Bilsky, I. Sperling, B. Goodsmith, L. Salit. Third row: C. Murray, S. Patterson, L, Gartside, D. Greenwalt, G, Rose, L. Leibsohn, L. Adler, E, F.ani4. B. Kicruff. Top rcw: V. Goldstein. R. Butler. D. Myers, I. Slade, T. Smer- ling, S. Slarz, B. Neel. SPRING 'l'lTH GRADE C.S.F. Bottom row: R, Ross, P. Dauber, A. Rieber, S, Friedman, 1. Isaacson, M. Braiwcll. R. Holmen, M. Walker, M. Licht, Second row: M. Luyken, G. Blate, L. Stern, L. Greenfield, M. Karpen, R. Howard, T. Poschin, S. Loring, B. Dunitz, W. Stark. Third row: A. Fobelzuist, S. Kaplan, K. Mueller, M. Baskin, R. Rubens, H, Sokol, B. Fain, S, Ginsberg, P. Kirshbaum, T. Tarrant, B. Schweig. Fourth row: L. Mock, B. Maynard, K. Adashek, V. Williams, I. Dratler, M. Rosenberg, 1, Lightner, B. Thoburn, E. Tratt- ner, B, Kawashima. Top row: B. Furry, L. Kramer, G. Mount, R. Lindenberg, R. Schaar, R. Fox, G. Smith, T. Phillips, R. lavor, B. Franklin. SPRING 'l2TH GRADE C.S.F. Bottom row: L. Friedman, B, Fishman, L. Hammer, l. Rosenblatt, A, Siegel, R. Howard, I. Roberts, I. Fass, I. Champagne, G. Coulson, C. Muchnick. Second row: R. Park, R. laeger, F, Rabelais, D. Binder, K. Boehr, C. Wolle man, G. Grigsby, S. Richner, M, Minkoff, A. Shabo, L. Kahan, Third row: S. Rapaport, E, Borden, K. Blessing, D. Takeuchi, L, Schuster, P, Lyon, L, Okubo, L. Latfin, L. Leveson, L. Graham, E, Greenberg. Top row: R. Con- viser, G, Moss, I. Ritchey, M. Polen, B. Finkle, R. Lipsy, B, Bauer, E. Kuhlmann, M. Kuppin, M, Nisenson. D, Scheffer. BATTLE GROUP STAFF OFFICERS B, Pollack, M. Norton, S. Loft, M. Carr, M. Teller, B. Irby A RIFLE TEAM Bottom row: F. Heller, M. Moroney, M. Norton, B. Shelnamer, R, Kasfel, B. Kerner, M. Gorby. Top row: B. Irby, I, Davis, S. Dorman, P. Wagner, P. Clarke, I. Van Nimwigen. 1--Q.. IO4 SPRING CO-ED OFFICERS 1. Gray, S. Hodge, E. Frank, G. l-licks, C, Burleigh, L, jones FALL CO-ED OFFICERS Bottom row: E. Sasaki, M, Braswell. Top row: L. Nicholson, G, Johnston, M. Lynn, A, Pardee. COLOR GUARD S. GoTlieb, M. Nefson, D. Michel, I. Davis 753459:-m'i' R.O.T.C. A COMPANY Bottom row: G, jenkis, E, Volz, B. Kerner, N, Paynter, l. Frank, L. Reyes, F. lnkster, A. Van Amstel, j, johnson, R. Meyers. Second row: H. Thorburn, I. Kanaly, M, Zell, Pvt. X. I. Easkolp, R. Korte, E. Rock- ower. Third row: C. Hawks, W. Stickney, M, Kenny, P. Diggens, N. Simmonds, F. Williams. Fourth row: R. Kastel, C. Ford, I. Carter, R. Bosworth, R. Ackerman, D, Fishman. Fifth row: 1. Seelings, G. Davis, P. McWhorter, I. Lowe, R. Gatewood. Top row: W. Preston, R, Lafferty. R.O.T.C. DRILL TEAM Bottom row: M, Carr, G. Benjamin, B. Blesser, B. Pollack, R. Thomas, S. Feld, M, Zell, l. Pershing. Top row: R. Wood, B. Lewis, G, Chadwick, P. Wagner, B. Carpenter, E. Rock- ower, M. Hayes, R. Kastel, M. Moroney. R.O.T.C. B COMPANY Bottom row: F. Meisel, R. Reed, H, Banuelos, R. Hoover, M. Hayes, C. johnson, S, Slayton, S. Howlett M. Moroney. Second row: M. Gorby, T. Hooper, B. Curland, S, Ruthven, B. Keiser. Third row: E. Quarter- mont, R. Lewis, G. Benjarmen, S, Heubinger, l. Carillo. Fourth row: P. Wagner, R. Blesser, K. Weston G. Hudson, R. Weisbroth, l. Rios, G. Tanii, Fifth row: C. Howard, F, Heller, D. Davis, I. Teeter, T. Mag- noni, P. Coyle. Top row: P. Fink, R. Feathers, R. Thomas, C. Lamola. Bottom row M McCartney M Gllleffe S Roed K Leonard N Wexler L Moss M lessen Top row E Brenner H. Warren Bottom row I Ruchery H Zellman S Gottlb R Webb, S Goldfneld T Sterlmg J Klngson B Korte 1 Carter G. Stahl 1 Mann T Henry Top row D Andrews T Mann S Swanson Levinson Carfagno Top row I. Steele "wqr,..1 151 FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA Bottom row: 1. Auricchio, M, Wood, C. Reyes, R. Welch, L. Wedgeworth, P. Davis, S. Anderson, C. Monioya, D. Chamie. Second row: R. lansen, l. Fellbaurn, 1. Koury, S, Nashman, B Grobman, D. Karpf, B. Cody, M. Frick. Third row: D. Doty, C. Leventis, I, Mori, I. Sensson, P. Kinsley, 1, Miller, L. Snyder Top row: I. Watson, B, Buerkle, R. Brannuall, 1. Sawyer, I. Cabot, L. Wedlock, 1. Eriksmoen, K. Neubauer, FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Bottom row: A. Dinneen, K. Layton, 1. Bokelman, P. Delameter, A. Dinneen. Top row: L. Schneider, I. Schechter, A. Sieqel, M. I:1:s. BIOLOGY CLUB Bottom row: M. Chisnall, C. Knapp, P. Dauber, I. Prince, L. Fiechter, l. Holmes. Top row: S. lacobs, S. Roed, C. Darwin, J. Bokelman, B. Kobashigawa. FOLK SONG CLUB Bottom row: H. Bissell, P. Dauber, R. Holmer. Top row: B. Riskin, S. Loring, S. Gordon. CASSETTES Bottom row: M. Smith, S. Messick, K. Venetoulis, K. Bridges 1, Noska, B, Hauser, N. Roseland, D. Best, B. Cody. Seconcl row K, Smith, N. Neal, P. Nutt, M. Freiheiter, C. Hewitt, M. Glisson L. Eisenbach, L. justus. Top row: G. Kirchner, S. Heath, M Boehme, A, Dinneen, A. Dinneen, A. Gommel, SPANISH CLUB Bottom row: P. Fink, F, Fielding, S. Cohen, S. Friedman. Top row: K. Gerber, T. Alona, G. Blate, A. Dinneen, Y. Kallman, A. Kingsburg. JAZZ CLUB Bottom row: M. Brodwick, L. Babcock, S. Groman, C. Dible, l. Gordon, T. Beyer. Second row: R. laeger, M. Enfin, B. Riskin, T. Linton, l. Gore, M. Cirlin. Top row: j. Lees, D. Reich, P. Dane, A. Zachariades. DEBATE CLUB Bottom row: G. Berlanf, G. Moss, C. Marrs, K. Pecsok, S. Stagman. Top row: B. Ziman, D. Morrison, l. Findlafer, D. Gilliland, K. Clark, S. Bomse, PHYSICAL SCIENCE CLUB Bottom row: l. Draller, T. Parsons, E. Keller, F. Fielding, S. Huff, B. Pollack. Top row: A. Shabo. D. Canan, D. Clark, M. Hayes. 'xr ftp. T 4, fy, aw , Wx Ns WP" ,vm , R!! X 1 5,q1mwNM W, W-.L -lnymmliymm N,1 '- . ..,-'- -l-num 'i "" E """l!" '!211'6x1y. ' - XT "n"l:l"l Ill ' -, . . -."' 'l ' an It I lx lIl'l""'n m 1 "' -":::""5" "WI Hw1hHJ MMMAUMU m, K' 'nm' "'352 5?:::5Z! q" "Ri5"Ml1 Wmwmq -n MM um II X H"'M'vfNfi?"QW?5?mw3w1xmm 1 1 an. . gn Q -Q n 'N N Wx 'fn' .... , .... ,,.. so" .I " 1:22- .,,.. .-3' , .5 , WM M Af A W 2 1 I! h, ,M Yiyl WwW X W l HM lm. m,,M.,. ww. M, y, X mm ,uw Umm, MM um wmm, umm ww .H . Q 4 Q u "nu vo.a u FV!--Y "' ".u-""'-'.,--- 's"0",n. ....:",'..":n"':2' ..',,'..s.. " 'D' .rA'.,"..":..v W ,.. ..u,U'p.-. -,, ln.oo.4o' --D - ' -' 'o.n,, of -. , .'- .,a, " 4 . i .l.... .ll I .n. , 1 , .,.au an 'I ,anna .'o. ' ' ,Q -,, - -.. A I . 'll .. :..o. ' U 0 .auv" ,v.. '. I a u:. ll I ' a . .UA ,O ','l ." 'I-0, .e,-',-,, "G, -A -'.", qu," 4 u, 'a'- "v'n..""' Q ': . Q' lf' "' ut ' ' 'A -.I . l.....: .4....0 ,, a'...... ... Q, l, ...N ,.e.'.. . " ',".n., . A.':'."l,'I' 05 .' "'.g' . I 0 -, nu.. U- ,-s.. t.. .,.- .r,. ., .i " '.'.. 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Q ' '.',r .Q .-' - v .. ,.','.' 1 , . .-'u' ,,' f .- n ,' ," f .io ,. ,.',.' ,f v ' , 1' . Q' .' u' u - u ,O . u , n Q ,u I . u - , . v - , . I " ' -' . 4 n' ,' 1 Q o Q U .u , 'I . .s .Q '4' . ,n'.a ' .'.-' o' v' a' 1 1 0 , .' ,' . ' o . . u v Q o . , a 1 , - , , . u . v v , a n' 0 - u 1 1 o .1 , - n , . ,' I o ' Q -" ' ' ' U 1 v ,'-u'.',n.u , . n Q o , u s 'p' ."c " ' l'. 1 in . e o'.u ..' n a"u.o..a.. . ., Q .u , u ..0, v , a .n 'Q .. Q 0 I 0 s . , , - - ,Q ,- ,' .' Q , c n - .' ,Q ',, .u . Q ,' . . u . ...,.' .1 'g' . .n ' 4' . .. ,s .n . ., .u . .Q . ' Q - o 7.0 . '.n.. u u.,o.,.a ' a Q o 4 .0 ' 4 Ill COACH TRU MP E COAC H N ORTH I VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM Bottom row: S, Durbin, J, Sunkees, L. Lopez, D. Kroil, E. Nosko, B. Leitz, B. Meyer, B. Moruyomo. Second row: S. Killingsworfh, D. Berman, R. Hawkins, I. Sianfon, D. Weitman, P. Wheaiiey, D. Dordiqan. 1. Taylor. Third row: D. Kuhn, R. Lewis, B. Semple, R. Goshcrt, P. Stouremeycr, R, Benglen, B. Burns. Top row: T. Riley, T. Ahberg, F, Hess, P, Birnbaum, D Diaz, C, Pardoe, S. Siagman. FIRST STRING VARSITY B Mom w: T. Riley, D. Krall, B. Maruyama, B. Burns, D. Dordigan, E N k R B ql T p row: R, Lewis, V. Di z, B. Simpson, R. G h t STUDY IN FRUSTRATION This year's varsity football team broke two city records, Coach Trump and As- sistant Coach North filled out 43 injury reports and used over 2,000 yards of tape. Captain Dennis Dordigan All Western League, Guard Uni was hurt by the early season injuries of Rich Goshert, Butch Simpson, Tim Ah- berg, and Dan Haytin, plus the ineligibility of Vic Diaz and Craig Latta. Uni had one of the hardest practice schedules in the city which included Man- ual Arts, Huntington Park, the defending city champions, and Los Angeles, this year's city runner-up. When the league competition finally began, Uni met some formidable oppon- ents and lost its first four encounters to Hollywood, Westchester, Hamilton, and Venice. ln the last game of the season Uni gave an outstanding performance and beat powerful Fairfax. Leading players for University this year were team captain Dennis Dordigan, Bill Burns, lim Taylor, Barry Lietz, Bob Maruyama, Flip Wexler, and Dave Diaz. S. Durbin D. Kuhn C. Pardoe T. Riley S. 4 Stagman P. Wexler B. Burns R, Lewis F. Krall l. Surikees B. Maruyama l. Taylor Stagrnan takes through line Durbin rolls out to throw VARSITY FOOTBALL SCH EDU LE Practice Uni O Huntington Park 39 Uni 7 Los Angeles 20 Uni O Manual Arts 40 League Uni 7 Westchester 32 Uni O Hollywood 38 Uni l 3 Venice 2l Uni O Hamilton l-4 Uni 42 Fairfax 6 Coach Trump teaches Lopez blocking hints Diaz boots a long one is 2 gags , 45 , K V J .Z 3 M gii+,i4,iiitL4 ,N,, 2' 2 "'. - ,vi f lz.. H -1,3 ,.,,: 2 3?fi'2'ff l 5 ',.' 3 .. ,:,. fl f Ei, M .- 'QQ it Egg? ,V',', 2-- 'if.l ...", I, r i z W M ,Q ,wiv 1 I ' 'fa 4. Q, , Ji: ':': 2, ,Mu A, -:- 1 A 1 i-' ' "iiii 24 , A' ""': 5 is .g Y, Nga! ig 11 ' A f'- ,,1i '-.' . ,.,, ,,,,,, , f' L t .,., 32.5 z .','1 ,gk ,,,, 1 f 7 , 723' 'nf W'mfiii "1' ,. 1, .Mz:sz ::: 5 :'.,-' 2, YW V :,:: sgesga: -2 .-' EE: W1 12, ,Mi Q isivvjgg x.,. ,gf 1,. :::::e ':""': i:":i:i:ii'."f2i W' T Q I '------:v S, , , i 5514 , IZ' ...... v.--v ,,..... ..,...., , 4, ,, , , p l E. Q I2- k A ' "'i"l """'4':':'i:'l': J - valr .....:..:,., 3 rrrasaaaaasaasa2a2a i,' I:::i .....',, ' V H5 COACH Wl LCOX COACH AN ISMAN MIDGETMEN BREAK RECORDT The mighty Uni High B Football team nearly captured the League title this year. The B's, led by Head Coach Milt Anisman and Assistant Coach Tom Wilcox, showed polish early in the season by beating such city powers as Huntington Park and Manual Arts. After defeating West- chester in the League opener, the B gridders were upset by Hollywood with a tie game. The B's made a strong comeback by routing their next two opponents, Hamilton and Fairfax. Crippled by injuries and an interrupted practice schedule, the Warriors were edged by Venice in the League Finals. The B's were led by Gary Yagi and jim Livingston ljim set a city record by scoring 76 pointsl. All-League honors went to Arthur Chihara, jack Townsend, Sam Nakagawa, Mickey Tochioka, Gary Yagi, and lim Living- ston. All the graduating seniors had starting positionsg they were john Wohlmut, Steve Hubert. Alan Clewett, Craig Hubert, Larry Higa, and Steve laffe. Bottom row: D. Andrade, I. Kuhn, C. Fairbairn, A. Chihara, B, Yabuta, 1. Shorr, S. Hubert, C. Hubert, L. Grossman, S. Nakagawa, 1. Wohlmut, 1. Allison, G. Yagi, M. Tochioka. Second row: G. Olander, R. Mael, G. Noda, T. Bartz, S. Giacomi, R, Walker, S. Jaffe, I. Townsend, R. Uchida, R, Gilbert, R. Grizzle, 1. Cooper, B. Hutchason, S. Hayashi. Third row: L. Higa, l. Ohlsen, P. Abrams, R. Fujimoto, T. Nakamura, ll6 P. Vassel, 1. Lockwood, H. Stuart, B. Bernie, B. Kilmer, G. Dorame, W. Flor, M. Henninger, 1. Garrochea. Fourth row: D. Araishi, T. Moore, L. Addison, S. Pitchell, M. lkkanda, B. De La Motte, D. Peter- son, A. Clewett, M. Mitsueda, J. Hatton, L. Cercedez, D. Hoffman, P. Martorian, F. Sahara, Uni Scores Again B FOOTBALL SCH EDU LE Uni Uni Uni Uni Uni Uni Uni Uni l9 O 40 26 l 3 26 47 6 Huntington Park O 24 Manual Arts 6 Los Angeles LEAGUE Westchester O Hollywood l 3 Hamilton O Fairfax l3 Venice l4 Sam Nakagawa lack Townsend Gary Yagi All-League All-League All League COACH MARVIN COACH BORIO ni ni ni ni ni ni ni Athletic Coordinator VARSITY BASKETBALL SCH EDU LE 5I - Bell 38 55 - Van Nuys 47 83 - jefferson 85 4I -Manual Arts 42 LEAGUE 69 - Westchester 57 6I - Hollywood 45 42 - Venice 38 Uni Uni Uni Uni Uni Uni Uni CITY TOURNAMENT Uni 59 - San Pedro LEAGUE Hamilton Fairfax Westchester Hollywood Venice Hamilton Fairfax VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Bottom row: G. Shau hness , T. B M II . Morreson, . Galbraith, C. Hendricks. Q v I I I T p T A D Grandi, D.Ph1llps, G.Sheff1eIcI, N. S th T H t G GII Borr scores dgoin SPIRITED CAGERS WIN LEAGUE University l-ligh School's Varsity Basketball jerry Marvin, honored as Bay League Coach Team won the Western League Championship of the year, coached the team to its success. with a 9-l season record. Tony l-lorton was picked for the All-City second The Starting five sparked by Tony Horton string team and was player of the year for the and Captain Don Grandi, included Neal Smith, Bay League team' Tom Barr, and lon Miller. Don Grondi, teom coptciin Smith goes up ll9 5 2 Gr lxil , Q ..:s::sah::,EaEE:f:.... . ,Q , vnu, sy -, A M X N u .... . .. kwa? a i g I Q 41 K. X EXW W1 K w X Qs , 1 , vm ,pm ,5 1 xx Q ' Qqaka A 3 I D' X X 5' 4 1' 'X N W b , rw S A '21, X YQ AO Q X . X J ,,, R, .QQ K ,.,, is .r W X Q Xxx. ' .. .Q A I X sw 1 -K -55? 'J .... ' ., s NM' 2,- .s g xv ' I Mm? ,.,,.3pQ , Q - ,,..5E:.:, x . , lull 1 , . ,. ,.., , - .V M JM' ' .... ma ff S -xx I ip W XSS N N Bc if .L 'V fi Q-A2 ' - - -Q '1 SX w-L24 XX Ex r N R X 1 ,X Q gm X . 'Rv iw N' 5 iii? , SQ 3 4 gk A? 2 Xb " z i 1 1 1 jx: P' , fi 3 1, 90 5 2 X Rh f wk A E Q SE 3 1 Z' 5,-X 1 I -Aviv 5 ,L . ,. ..,..,,, ,, y.. f.s4 5 ....,... z QW . , W1 A2-5:::.a . , , ., .,....,. : 'L' 'I' ' wi' 2 A , f 4 uf! ' if ,:5,:::.:. 1,2 3 ' :: 6 Q if SX f y X is Q. I , 1,. , t. Ky X531 . 4.4 1 ,Q- , ,r-' l , if WW 4 , a w 3 S B BASKETBALL TEAM Bottom row: S. Hoppers, M. Walling, R. Fine. G. Rud- man, N, Sapoznik, G. Hankawa. Top row: T. Flash- man, I. lsono, B, Reiner, C. Leib, G. Tokuda. P. Ches- ler, E. Fahel, D. Robinson, R. Brown. I. V. BASKETBALL TEAM Bottom row: B. Quisf, G. Sherwin, 1, Bellanca, R Heinrich, S. Eddy. Top row: T. McGuckin, I. Addicott P. Chesler, R. Lipman, D. Culner, R. Waters, B. Gordon C BASKETBALL TEAM Bottom row: D, Catalano, S. Van Camp, B, Andre, S. Hughes, R. Star, B. Ito, Top row: M. Mills, B. Berkowifs, T. Elliott, T. Kishi, R. Smith, M. Wexler, L. Fukuhara. CQACH KAMPMANN VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY TEAM Bottom row: L. Goddard, P. Berger, H. Spiegal, A. Hernandez, H, Stein, A. Schwider. Top row: B. Finkle, T. Wood, j. jacobsen, j. Kroot, j. Hall, L. Smith. HARRIERS SWEEP LEAGUE The fine coaching of Dick Karnprnann carried the Varsity Cross Country team to another Western League Championship. The team continued Uni's spectacular record ot never losing a dual meet. Uni won all its practice meets-the first a triple meet with Garfield and San Fernando, the second with Dorsey. Varsity Captain Harvey Stein's injury was a tremendous handicap, but his spirit was an inspiration to the team. Top runners on the team were j. jacobsen, Al Schwider, and jeff Kroot. Backing them were Henry Spiegal, Pete Berger, Larry Goddard, john Setoguchi, and Larry Srnith. Steve Hoppers joined the team for the last few meets and proved to be outstanding. The junior Varsity and lOth Grade teams also had a winning season, both capturing league titles. TENTH GRADE TEAM Bottom row: K. Gerdl, B. Provisor, D. Severy, j. Schwider, G. Wilken, D. Howard. Second row: j. Weiner, D. Curry, E. joseph, M. Alcala, H. Hassen, R. Gray. Top row: j. Manwaring, Q. Carp, P. Randall, D. Hertzberg, G. Girmm. JUNIOR VARSITY TEAM Bottom row: H. Walther, D. iVlcEachenn, R. Crawford T. Di Ancla, D. Van der Grift, Nl. Entin. Second row S. Swanson, G. Finkle, D. Howard, S. Sladen, R. Cowie, B. Ziman, N. Panzer. Top row: H. Olson, B. Maxwell P, Lopez, j. Setoguchi, L. Nishinaga. , VARSITY SWIM TEAM Bottom row: B. Gilbert, D. Kahn, 1. Beck, S. Fizdale, P. Heintz, j. Reitman, j. Gore. Top row: S. jaffe, j. Gould, B. Bauer, D. DeGroot, S. Thomson, R. Lippman, K. Kosak, T. Lazar, M. Anisman. UNI SWIMS TO WESTERN LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP Meeting some of the toughest league competition in many years, the Uni Swim Team under the coaching of M, Anisman captured its second consecutive League crown and achieved a highly successful and enviable record for the newest member of the Western Swim League, The Varsity, defeating such teams as Dorsey 58-28, Westchester 57-27, and arch-rival Hollywood 48-38, went undefeated in League Competition. Outstanding in this team effort were such stalwarts as three-year letterman Captain jeff Gore l5O-yd. freestyle, lOO-yd, freestylel, Stuart Thomson llOO-yd. backstrokel, Sophomores john Reitman tlOO-yd. butterfly, ZOO- yd. freestylel, and Don DeGroot 150-yd. freestylel, as well as Philip Heintz and john Beck. The Varsity Free Relay was clocked in city time of l 137.6 The C team took League this season. COACH ANISMAN B and C SWIM TEAM Bottom row: j, Singer, W. Newmark, R. Herman, S. Frogley, I. Barron, P. Falk, L. Reyes, D. Gray, M. Shields, l. Schieseh. Second row: j. Dratler, M. Moriarty, K. Friedman, M. Sheats, D. Guild, D. Langston, B. Neel, B. Kern, B. Landon, j. Henkes, H. Reynolds. Top row: A, Welch, T. Grossman, j. Sommers, B. Thayer, H. Walther, S, Galbreath, S. Hoffberg, j. Sherwood, j. Levine, S, Ginsburg, S. Davidson. S 5 2 TRACKSTERS MEET STIFF COMPETITICN Uni's Varsity Track Team, while posting a 3-2 record in the Western League, scored decisive vic- tories over Westchester, Hollywood, and Fairfax. COACH WH-COX and Venice and Hamilton nipped the Warriors in two close meets that snapped Uni's League victory string at 44. COACH KAMPMANN Coach Kampmann showed his outstanding training ability by developing largely inex- perienced athletes into some of the top men in the Western League. Leading runners were: Sandy Stagman, l00 and 2203 Al Schwider, 440 and 8805 Trav Wood, 8803 jeff Kroot, mileg Bob Boozell, high and low hurdles. Field event leaders were: Bob Boozell and Richard Wolf, shot put, Dex McNamara, pole vaultg Bob Haas and Steve Hagoski, high jump, Pete Spandau and Ken johnson, broad jump. :Sw-wh. J VARSITY TRACK TEAM Bottom row: B. jones, R. Sakahara, E. Brenner, 1. Baker, 1. Galbraith, M. Drury, L. Harrls, T. Dianda, D. Lynch, R. Wolf. Second row: 1. jacobsen, 1. Mann, S. Stagman, S. Durbin, M. Clark, N. Smith, R. Fly, L. Parlette, B. Hass, P. Dane. Third row: P. Sheets, S. Hagoski, l. Postell, 1. Barberis, R. Goshert, G. Himes, BL' LGdddLS'fhlMo'onJM'nT oKJh BF'kleDMNa . lefz, . o ar. . ml , , rrls , . orl . op r w: . o nson, . In , . c am ra, A. Schwider, T. Wood, 1. Kroot, P. Doose, D. Roof, B. Vorhies, S. Barshop. Stagrnan and Finkle take first and second Schwuder wins for Uni Uni Uni Uni Uni Uni Uni Uni 22 I6 69 7 l 42 48 905 VARSITY TRACK SCHEDULE Practice Manual Arts ....... Dorsey ........... League Westchester ....... Hollywood . . . Venice . . . Hamilton . Fairfax . . . A. Schwider S. Stagman T Wood K. johnson B. Finkle 126 acobs Af. Barberis B TRACK TEAM Bottom row: 1, Millnitz, T. Albert, R. Napier, I. Hornsby, I. Gobetti, P. Spandau, S. Hurst, G. Grimm, D. Howard, Second row: S. Sferver, G, Yagi, R, Reimers, P. johnson, T, Glass, M. Collins, B, Maxwell, G. Finkle, Top row: B. Sales, T. Afuso, 1. Shorr, J. Hall, P. Berger, A. Sachey, 1. Isaacson, B. Ross, K. Gerdl, R Fox. B'S TROUNCE LEAGUE FOES Coach Richard Kampmann fielded a fine B track team which won the West- ern League championship. The two outstanding performers for the B's were Gary Finkle and jim Liv- ingston. Gary set a school record by pole vaulting an impressive twelve feet six inches. lim also shattered the school mark in the shot put by heaving the iron ball fifty-three feet four inches in League competition. Other sure winners for Uni were Pete Berger in the l32G, Mike Collins in the sprints, Gary Yagi and Bruce Veenker in the hurdles, and Steve Durbin and Mike Clark in the 660. wmwf, 'Z www 3 ir 'V , Ewi 1. Livingston M. Collins P. Berger '93 C TRACK TEAM Bottom row: l. Whittemore, I. Slode, G. Miller, T. Sterling, 1. Setoguchi, B. Manwaring, S. Pitchell, I. Schwider. Second row: L. Fukuhara, L. Nishinaga, M. Alcala, D. Curry, W. McKenzie, D. Hertzberg, R. Rohrer, B. Hovey. Top row: 1. Myers, M. Ono, S. Woodward, E, joseph, M. Wexler, B. Collins, P. Randall, B. Tucker. C's CAPTURE LEAGUE The C Track Team won their first four League meets and are heading for the Western League Championship. Coach Kampmann states that this year's team is one of the most outstand- ing C teams that he has ever trained. The leaders on the team this year were: Lindy Nishinaga, johnny Setoguchi, Eddie joseph, Larry Fukuhara, and jim Schwider. j. Setoguchi j. Schwider L. Nishinaga COACH MARVIN TENNIS TEAM Bottom row: T. Allina D Schwab, S. Meyerson, S. Taub. Top row: G. johnson, G Sundorland H. Krom, R,R . TENNIS TITLE IN SIGHT The Unihi Tennis Team is well on its way to another Western League Championship. After defeating Westchester 5-2, they had even more impres- sive victories, triumphing over Hollywood 6-I and Venice 7-0. Coached by jerry Marvin, the Uni netters hope to cinch the League title by winning their last meet, against Fairfax, who will be their strongest opposition. Captain Steve Meyerson, who led this winning team, is one of the top ranking players in the city. S. Meyerson . vs , I I . J- I D. Schwab, S. Taub G. johnson, H. Krom, G. Sundorland IZ9 COACH SPAETER Zeuner tags out Garacochea in squad game HORSEHIDERS COMBATING STRONG LEAGUE Baseball season found Uni's Horsehiders facing the strongest competition that the Western League has offered in many years. The Uni nine downed Hollywood and l-lamilton but were defeated by Venice and Westchester in close one-run decisions. Coach Bill Spaeter's team is steadily improving. lt is looking forward to a successful conclusion to the season when it meets Fairfax and re-encounters the other teams of the Western League. VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM Bottom row: j. Bellanca, P. Doyle, D, Zeuner, 1. Garacochea, R, Kosser, D. Barry, T, Whiteman, R. Fine. Top row: R. Burriston, T. Horton, T. Acone, 1. Sheffield, B. Gordon, K. Carroll, J. Cobrae. Qi? T, Horton R. Kosser B. Gordon R. Burriston T. Acone 1. Garacocnea D. Barry R. Fine T. Whiteman K. Carroll P. Doyle D. Zeuner l3l JUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL Bottom row: M. Geiger, B. johnson, C. Rupman, C. White, j. Hatton, K, Paddle, Nl, Lazlch, S. Sugerman, B. Matsui. Top row: j. Danielsen, B. j, Lockwood, D. Catalano. S econ d r w: R. Fox, R. Brown, j. Ceazan, Furry, R. Cordova, S. Eddy, P. Chesler, L. Seales, G. Sherwin D jennings, is-0461 .l. V. PITCHERS PROVE STRONG B Coach john Trump's junior Varsity Baseball Team is led by re- ' lilililx turnin l ' ' NI L g ettermen Richard Fox, Lloyd Seales, and Doug jennings. I The first league Qame against Westchester was a heart-breaker with a score of l-O despite a no-hitter pitched by Rich Cordova. hw " Uni downed Hollywood i8-l, also a no-hit game pitched by jim .7 Corbrae. Coach Trump says his team will go far this season with his , excellent pitchers, if backed by some strong hitters ' 9 COACH TRUMP Fox caught off second base GOLF TEAM B H D H k N EI tt A. Kalty, L. Leigh, Top B K pp L D L C Golfers Drive To Success Under the leadership of Coach David Koegel, this year's golf team pitched and putted its way to a successful season. They met and defeated such fair- way powers as l-lollywood, l-lamilton, and Monroe, who previously had been undefeated. Led by Lee Davis, Nick Elowitt, and Bob Copp, all of whom played near par golf all year, the Uni golf team completed its second year of competition to give Unihi another winning team of which to be proud. COACH KOEGEL L. Davis N. Elowitt L. Corwin GYMNASTIC TEAM Bottom row: C. Wakeman, H. Silver, G. Crocetti, T. Cooper, 1. Durbin, T. Moberly, 1. Schoolfield, D. Stewart. Sec- ond row: D. Forrest, 1. Hanlon, S. Rob- bins, E. Vaughn, G. Schoolfield, B. Wolff, H. Silver, H. Kuwabara. Third row: M. Barry, I. Reinsch, I. Porter, M. Prentice, S. Venable, D. Hauck, I. Gold- stein. Fourth row: C. Miyamoto, I, Clarke, K, Bayer, M. Lorimer, D. Rein, R. Sanchez. Top row: B. Fox, W. Gra- jeda, 1. Slattebo, E. Porter, B. Holt, E. Wells, G. Tashiro. SCENE Coach Larry Hyman reactivated the gymnastic team this year after an eleven year lapse. Coach Hyman was impressed by the enthusiastic response that was shown throughout the The outstanding gymnasts on this years team are Haven Silver Hilary Silver, Gary choolfield Eddie Vaughn Steve Robbins john Cooper left Goldstein and Guy Crocetti. I. Cooper .W ix ' S !43 A Q ... Www M-Q 'Qfx Y qu, .K 'nf'-'rv'-ef-"""'f' W VJ' V " .--3. .P M ,..: -f -.........4 ' W 1 Q . 'Ai ' . I du! . giih' Q 'm ' ,L H W X ,r Y , ., . ' 'iff' 14 W W WMV g-'ik V . utzyvr, - Y, was x , 9? px 3 9? " :Mx 1 ,W x -' x , ,Q , ' 'WT X 1 'Ffh ' P ' Y . . A, Wi ' X J in ,fix xg Er It 'Y A A 1 V y , 1 1 ' , 1 x O 1. s - ., ' . M ' ' ' Q 5 y 9, V? Q . 'S fx l 1 Xigffgf- 7 x K , .,.. f fi' c '1 'Q' 4 fb ' f- n A 2,5 :UQ A , ,4 ,Hi ,x X f ,-.QM Y . J 9x"!Y y if ' V, M, 6 ff ' M' A 1 -Q M Y ping , , v ' V '34 W 9 K ' ff if EM ,v.3,', '- ff- , " Q V Y 'X 'I F X :iff 8 . if if" V if + .T 4-pug .X Wwmmawnmm 1.1. 5 K . K4 mf nfs 'j . 45: , ,g . V. " Q. 5 . 'rf 1- wg . ' H' Q me .F 2 A Q J - f v :Q , gl 1. gf ga Q w I Sw f if qw Q 5 'M ' ,. A, -wiv WA 2 ' ' if ' up 2 L . , fa ,, if 'Q YJZQ 4 ' ' -- 5 'if 2 55? 'Wi X 5 4' A 'gi E a ' K' ii Q 'ff . : ,. ' ' Q F . fp AL' Kg- e , ., A F f Y' .. A x I , ' , ' ' V i VW .. f ,. 21' 1 ' 'f .ar 2 . 1 4 . 1 ' I x - X!! ,gv A. ,X f' ,, ' , ur -fi - 1 . f ! 2' . 5 .F V -EH xv K 3 f Si Q 4 8 x . ,g g 5 x x gp 9 , we ' y ' XS . i I I ft r . K '. .' 1 1 ... M -l"4'f X' , , ,, f , ye . ' . J A, 4 ' 1 ' , , , f " ,g, .iff --fe ,., -xv Q , f ri' .11 .fisi JY 't .1 , zfgf 1 ' , V. ', l., ff' 7: ,. V :ff is 2 gf:'gf1"4 fr? fgfxkz-1fs+ ,gg Tl, J , iw 17 ,ku Yin ' ,V of . 'mf :ing ,fa-. 32 fi 'L P .34 qsfks' Ji 55" .iv ff . 'J -fvff' Q 4 L g?1XiT,,'Za33f5?z?5 'HQ' -' ,K 'F ,.f'1,,g- LJ 'TN r. "' 5. . JNL, - .1 2,213 'xi-3:4 'gQ -Q 1' lx f"f ASV? fi ' . A: was 'vw-w 1 . . y,Qf5?m ,. 1 . fg. -1 -V ,,,,,. .,,,,,:,,. , Q, . ,g,,.,,,g-, I sn' of . x ,-4 : 'ag nk- 1 'f Miva vii' ' 1 . if f, 7 A rw Q Ryzyj 1- Q I , 'Q iv:-I 4 an A f , ,. ' -V ---- 5 r' -::'V- 2 K , .. K W- "ed .1 'mu FALL LETTERMEN Bottom row: D. Kuhn, H. Olson, H, Spiegel, D. Dordigan, H. Stein, R. jones, T. Whiteman, A. Neuls Second row: B, Meyer, R. Goshert, D. Grandi, P, Doyle, P. Wexler, S. laffe, T, Weisberg. Top row: B. Burns, G. Giilespie, T, Barr, S. Fizdale, T. Beck, S. Stagrnan. SPRING LETTERMEN Bottom row: D, Berman, G. Tashiro, D. Zeuner, P, Birnbaum, A. Schwider, I. lacobsen, P. Berger, J. Seto- guchi. Second row: S. Thompson, S. Killingsworth, P. Wheatley, P. Sfoutemyer, N. Smith, B. Boozell B. Proctor. Third row: 1. Gore, 1. Sunkees, B. Maruyama, C. Pardoe, L. Goddard, S. Stagman, R. Fein Top row: L. Parlette, B. Lietz, R. Hawkins, F. Hess, P. Doyle, R. Goshert, S. Durbin, FALL G.A.A. CABINET Bottom row: L. Stern, M, Kramer, B. Gclb, A. Sexton, M. Leslriin, S. Kitsuse, C. Martinez. Top row: I, Kel- logg, B. Maynard, M, Darling. FALL G.A.A. LETTERGIRLS Bottom row: S. Givens, C. Martinez, G. Braddock S. Boudeman, B. Hauser, A, Hogue, I. Holvoke, S Givens. Top row: B. Cody, C. Rundall, L. Hurst, M Leanin, D. Thomas. SPRING G.A.A. CABINET Bottom row: M. Popovich G. Macdonald, C. Martinez M, Braswell, I. Kellogg. Top row: S. Fauqhm, D Bennett, M Garcia. SPRING G.A.A. LETTERGIRLS Bottom row: S. Givens, C. Crundall, G. Braddock, B Hauser, K. Pollett, I, Holyoke, S. Givens, C. Martinez Second row: M. Popovich, M. Darling, E. Brainerd M. Leshin, B. Hewitt, I. Evans, I. Van Camp. Top row: B. Cody, L. Wyckoff, A. Hogue, S. Boudeman S. Weiss. ADS AND ENDS TREAT-O-RAIVIA 11100 Santa Mcnica - GR. 9-1266 Tacos at Their Best f NX' c 6 1 Z BERTS MENS WEAR 10814 W, Pico Blvd. 3 doors east of Westwood Blvd. SCl-lEUBl.E'S IEWELERS YAIVIAGUCI-ll 11308 Santa Monica Blvd. - GR. 7-4517 2057 Savvtelle Blvd. Student Courtesy Discount West Los Angeles 25, Calif. PACIFIC TELEPHONE COMPANY EMPLOYMENT OFFICES: WOMEN1 63l Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica MEN: 740 South Olive St., Los Angeles, Calif FRANKS FLOWERS AND NURSERIES NUMBER ONE DRY CLEANERS lZ424 Wilshire Blvd. l l-lour Martinizing Service GR. 3-3336 GR. 3-6633 l IZO Westwood Blvd., Westwood Village 4 O SMlTH'S SPORTING GOODS FOSTER'S FREEZE Corner of Westwood and Pico The Best in the West GR. 7-i249 BR. 2-5765 Corner of 20th and Pico, Santa Monica CAMPBELL'S BOOK STORE l O91 8 Le Conte Ave., Westwood Village GR. 7- l 291 CONROY FLORIST 10754 W. Pico Blvd. - GR. 9-3201 Biggest Display - Lowest Prices FOOD PALACE MARKET 12121 W. Pico Blvd, Where the Customer is King 1. H. HENKES, IEWELER NOBBY KNIT SHOP 10915 Weyburrm Ave., L.A. 24 1056 Westwood Blvd. Westwood Village "Make Nobby Your I-lobby" 141 POTTER'S HARDWARE IO935 Weyburn Ave. Los Angeles 24, Calit. I Compliments Of I LANE GALLERIES COLLEGE BOOK COMPANY OE CALIFORNIA WGSIWOOCI Village IOB7 Broxton Ave. Westwood Village KABUKI GIFTS AND IMPORTS Distinctive Oriental Imports I Santa Monica - IO928 Le Conte Ave., Westwood Village Pick Up and Delivery HERBERT'S TUXEDO SHOP I i663 Wilshire Blvd. GR. 3-8705 BASKET BAZAAR I I675 Wilshire Blvd. at Barrington IMPORTS WEST LOS ANGELES BICYCLE and HOBBY SHOP HOUSE OF UNIFORIVIS I I339 Santa Mcnica Blvd. 334 N. Beverly Drive West L.A. 25, Calif. - GR. 3-9346 CR. 6-3OI I l42 xiwi xg "The sum of things to be known is inexhaustible, and however long we read, we shall never come to the end of our storybook." --A. E. Housman to I l4 We, the editors of the l96l CHIEFTAIN, wish express appreciation to Mrs. Diana Stell, our sponsor, who willingly gave of herself to promote the completion of this book. Mrs. Catherine Wong and the illustration class, who demonstrated competence and orig- inality in producing the art work for the year- book. Mr. joseph l-lesslein and his students, who faithfully served us with photographic assist- ance. Mr. and Mrs. jules Le Baron and Dorothy of the Westwood Village Studio, for their cour- tesy and help concerning the senior portraits. Mr. Raymond Prochnow, jr. of the Superior Engraving Company, who supplied us with the necessary engravings. 4 Mr. lan S. Cameron of the Citizen Print Shop, for the oustanding printing and for his pa- tience throughout our difficulties. Miss Billie Addison, who aided in the financial direction of the annual. Mr. l-l. Hartman of the S. K. Smith Company, for the production of the attractive Chieftain cover. Weber-McCrea Company, for binding the book so well. The entire faculty and administration, for their understanding and cooperation. The conscientious staff members, who made the l96l Cl-IIEFTAIN possible through their diligent efforts. With deepest gratitude, Jaurie perafid Editor-in-Chief gown and! pefe Alger Associate Editors

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