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-15, 5 4. . R 'ir ri, "' v Li . 4. Q fe . x 1 ,Lg , no fx kd .f , l ZH., .,x, 'w Wi: fi .2 P 1,31 A l A :U V A i V, NJ! VN Y ,L V m .,. .,.,. ., ,uwugpp5vnswr:Wqg' Y?'M 44 , x we mokw-Aww-if 5? IA .4 0 Q .Q ,fm if Y ,4- li ' -f .Q N ff 1'-M -'12 + 4, Q 'rv H, ,fr 2. V f. gan, .aff gh, , Y , 1, ,, , ,i l, ..., ,.. f ' ,A MM, , .. I ggi: ,xg x W 4 ,Q , 4 .,,, l , ,V egwf, 1 -A:P- -1 M 75,1--,,f4,gu f- ' + 4 I in , :Q jy,0," AV I , Y V ,-, . '1' I f 4 .NIM . I 1 I f Q f 1, ,,-. Zi, ky ," , 1 22 ,......E,f YW , 9, 1 1 ,f V 0 my 4 I 4 I , F 4 , N t 2 2 E Q, P 1 ' F ' ' 5 P4 W . ,gf 4 1. 1 -c .ll fn fx , 2 F ' .1 - ,-igJf1',Q,. 111 ' ' 1-M11 'Pf ' Kzf- f ,, , 111 -m - ' 1:-"E-5':Ti?"'5 Vi A " AE? , X 1 ,- fd , 11- 1 14 1' 1" ,-- 4 'f'TQ' ' , ,-,, , ., gu,1:11:11 J' 1 an 1 1, ,QV 2 1, , " sk, 1 Q . X -J, 1 iw W '1' 14 , V+' px 1 , M21 111' ,W ' ' 4wf1gFf"f "fm if .F "1 13. . 9 L 1A"'3m"' i wg. - 11-11,,11,, if 1' V P' 1 r ,1 3 11 W ff, ' ' -. vi ' .1 Y f""F'-1413 ' ' ' 1z'a.11 Magi- -- 15 , . as 1 1+ , 4. . i- "1"4f1w1, F - 15 j 15,11 mm 1'T',Z-Jfkyefi ' 'Fi' 'fl WZ?-:L lib' ' h ,-'5 ,i!gQ'il'j .,1c3,,' :Q ,, 1 ' , 1 11:4 ' ' . W F17 1 N 9.1 " .i'N'1.1' 1-,4,.'v' ' .Af 1"' ' H7 3 1 fi .1 1 W. Q v 1 mf .,., 1 'Vx 1 ,., ,A H, 1 A ' X X X -XX -XXXX X X.X X X NNXXXXXX X X XXX XX XXX X X. ' X XXSX Nts XXXXXXIX ,XXXQ SX XAXXX. XX. X SX K: Xxx xx X 3- X - X X X X K Q31 T-X1 - X X? XL X M X-, N ' SXQX X XX, XX XX X5 RFQ 'X E S x X X X X X-XX S .X XXX X - X ' RIN XX NX WX. X XY? XXX, ,J 'X 1-41- Mu -X 0 X X iff Av A 4 4-X 4 Q gy ,Q .?'YTXxX,,, un! ue To succeed in this world of creative thinking, one must possess unique ideas. published by the student body university high school west los angeles california iune, 1960 8.1 contents vii.--.----.. .. -, . ff 'ffl E I W Va .G 'U L7 i:1'F 6 xv CQ' p 1 X gzgcyunl OYCI'I1l!!C!!1Z Page 60 seniors 1 ' A"- r xx , N , K , '1 . 1 Ng VC ' N TP A .1 .f . 'Q N- WA -. U rg ' Z A 1,, : fr: A xzd, .'. ix , 5 YN : uf Y K ' Q 5 7- V gm: X. , ,V f Q 4' 1 5 Ilxo 'I if -': get-V ' , .',- ., -A 3C'l2lYl!'fleS Page 82 W r..-.-.-Q. ..-. ,.. .. - --' , s orfs Page 196 aclverhsemenfs Page 134 i o ,fi x A , ix R a Q ,f ilm LTI- 1 , 9 I H ' . Wa I ' - 9 Tw Sf- Hmenl leach us ,f-QRN. D R37 Kp' B E. UH 5 Q , A 1' u gli' 5 XIX yfwl ""l-" 'ff- - 0' Q1 7 A25 2 C35 Xf'4'J Q AE + EB 2 N-5, 'Nag 'Lf NL -449+ S N 9 tl ..-. TQ X fi .sq - i 161, :ssi . L . . ...C ' " N 'N 59 : 1 X X 1 I f 'bv 5. 3" 'QQ ' f -15"-w 'R' E TZWTWW Best wishes to the Elysians ot nv' A-x l Congratulations, Seniors, on a iob well done. Uni will miss you as it "wishes you well" in your future endeavors. We trust that, in the years that tollow, you will recall with pride and affection your reward- ing days at Uni. DONALD R. PELTON Boys' Vice-Principal As the school year comes to its close, the Senior students who leave us take our sincere wishes for their future plans and our confidence in their continued success. Those of us who remain will return tor another year that holds the promise of achievement per- haps even greater than usual because ot the extra effort needed in our large school. l-lowever, we know historically that some adversity pro- vides the incentive to exceed the goals which would be expected under usual circumstances. Here is a tond goodbye to this year and a greeting in anticipation ot the year that ap- proaches. EUGENE OLSON Principal Q ft .iz Q A WW' if QW-ZW "'. ' 1. ,lf , gf f if w g wi, ,. wif r Z? 45: 1, 0, 45 A V, f aifi,f W, , M. 3-. .,. . zr'r.? .,g. it V QQ., 4' ..,.w f 2 ' 44 0 , 1 ' ffnyfz. V I I f. - ff rv , , Q 2 if ff f ,141 ,V 41, V , . MW! .7 whqf f W " fi? ' iff I i A W ' . 4, I X. 'f",.f. 425- fig., ,Q I fjf?Ww f 3,5 I ' Aff' f 2,642 , , ff f ', ', V wiv? j i, j , .. ,I 1 f ,xii A If ,ig jay. i ff . f " f r .M , 60 " M w 1 If IV! 10 4 V 4 WW' 7' ..., ..,.,. ' f A Summer, 1960. Your leadership, combined with that ot the Caribbeans of Winter, l96O, has been largely responsible tor a successful year at Uni. SHEILA BAUER Girls' Vice-Principal administration A. BREES F. RlN!KER Head Counselor Librarian 1 -1 , ,Sa W, ., A. COPELAND Registrar E. OLSTAD Nurse f file, c 1' ff" f'77 f f 7 AIDES TO THE VICE-PRINCIPAL R. Fox, R. Nozcrion, W. Spoefer social studies The Social Studies Department has expanded its program this year to include many unique classes and activities. Among these are the addition of an Advanced Placement Class in College European History and an Invitation to Teaching class. The department also sponsored an Invitational Assembly featuring Mrs. Sobul's Debate Club. M. BLANCHARD ta Health and Safety Board P. BREUER Sub. Teaching B. CARLSON Ephebians D. CHRONISTER IO H. DICK E. LINDOP Assemblies Dept, Chairman R. ENGLISH W. GREENE C. HOWARD R. NORTH Sub, Teqghing Campus Security Sub. Teaching Spring Lettermen J. FADEM F, HARLAN T. LOSEE S. PELZEL Sub, Teqghing Counseling Planning Board Coordinator L. GOODWIN A, HERZEL G. Norman M. SKIDMORE Leadership Counseling 10th Grade Guidance 10th Grade Council G. STANTON Community Re L. THOMAS Counseling R. WALLACH Sub. Teaching lations english During the past year, the English Department, in addition to the regular classes, offered such electives as English Literature, Modern Literature, World Literature, drama, Shakespeare, public speaking, journalism, compo- sition, reading improvement, and College English. For the first time last year, three students won runner-up positions in the National Council of Teachers of English Achievement Awards. At the Fall Drama Festival held in San Gabriel, Uni students received the second place award of excellence and a cup for a group scene. The development and refinement of the skills in writing, speaking, read- ing, and listening enable the students to lead a successful life and to make an intelligent contribution to the future of the nation. x ,, Q g X. .cg i r , 1 ' "xx "'.. is 'I Q tr ' viii.. Z. , 3 A ' .visa -'sa 2.31 rf? .. A " ::j -is 5 1 ii iv EQ S, ' f xx QR -Q 'iv- X N x x ,S- Q 353' z X i C. McDONALD Dept. Chairman E. ALBERTS J. DRURY Dionysians Drama E. AMBROSE E. DYER Coordinator Friendship Board N. DELANEY R. FREYER Senior Sponsor Hearing Board D. GERMAIN Publications Board R. GILBERT Remedial Program P. GUSTAFSON Elections Board F. HOLTBY Activities Board A. JAMISON Sub. Teaching V. JORGENSON Counseling D. KOEGEL Recreation Board A. LYNTON . Coordinator R. ROSENTHAI. Quintillians l.. SELLMAN Sub. Teaching R. SMITH Public Relation D. SOBUL Debate Club s Board 5 Q . Q. -'t'.lil'l' . SJ Q ix....- i , , A .V f Q .. 1 I 1 4 D. STELL S,8. Sec. Sponsor Y. SULLIVAN Creative Writing G. TRETT Graduation M. ZUMWINKLE Ann, Produc. Club ll Y ttf: l. COHEN Dept. Chairman M. ALBER5 Scholarships A. BECKER Campus Security W. BUCK Campus Security Y M. COUGHLIN Campus Security H. DELO Election Board A. HOFFER Campus Security M. HOUGE C.S.F. R. KEECH Squires N. MARTIN Election Board M. McDONALD Coordinator J. PALMER Math Club Uni's music department offers a vast assortment of courses including piano, voice, music appreciation, instrumental training, band, orchestra, and choir. Working with the orchestra, the A Cappella Choir did a marvelous job this year in the operetta "Down in the Val- ley," "Young America Sings," a radio program, the Spring Festival, and singing tor the graduations. l2 P. PORTER Student Service Board B. ROBINSON C.S.F. E. SCHWERIN Ayitas F. ZANGLE Hearing Board music mathematics Uni's Math Department, constantly trying to initiate new and better pro- grams tor the students, introduced an Advanced Placement Program which combines Algebra lll, Trigonometry, and Algebra IV into two semesters. Participating in several events of the Occidental Field Day, Uni's Math Club placed in the first three ot the one hun- dred thirty high schools competing. E. PROVAN E. HEATON S. SPANO Dept. Chairman Counseling Band art Uni's outstanding Art Department offers many different classes. ln addition to drawing and paint- ing, the faculty members teach costume design, advertising art, stage production, ceramics, jewelry, and craft and design. These courses also teach the techniques and procedures for appreciative interest and the development of skills. This year a Uni-ite won third place in the Na- tional Ford Contest. science During the spring semester the Sci- ence Department, in conjunction with the lvlath Department, held four suc- cessful seminars, "Science in Sixty." The fields of chemistry and physics were the topics of discussion. Over two hundred advanced math and sci- ence students attended. The University High School Science Fair was held on january ll, l96O. Many outstanding projects were sub- mitted. Several extra-curricular activities supplemented the Department's work. The Biology Club made frequent field trips, and the Physical Science Club, in addition to several field trips, had some famous speakers. L. HERBST M. ANISMAN Dept. Chairman Swimming Coach V U ff. Q D. FELTON H. HARRISON C. WONG Dept. Chairman Publicity Board Display Board R. FARNHAM Biology Club K. HAWKlNS Campus Supervision R. HEDGES Physical Science Club J. HESSLEIN Photography W. LAYTON Campus Supervision S. MANN Sub. Teaching F. MILLER Girls' League W. MULVEHILI. Campus Security O. PAYTON Sub. Teaching J. PRINCE Counseling l. QUINT Senior Sponsor E. REYNOLDS Decor Board E. VUKALCKC Campus Security R. WlLKlNG Athletics Supervision A. WILLIAMS Jr. Red Cross Board J. WRIGHT School Property l3 . '- ,,., , V! F? tx -4 J. ALK Ayilas F. ALMEIDA Knights L BRISCOE Spanish Club J. GOMEZ Campus Security F. GRANA N. MIDDLETON G. PURNEU. Campus Security A.F.S. Music O. JIMENEI J. NIKIRK E. STARRET Campus Security Counseling Sub. Teaching P. LUFLEUR H. PARKER A. VIDAL Future Teachers Sub. Teaching Counseling C. MARCHACOS M. PASELLA J. WEAVER French Club Specialties PAL Board A. SOROKY Chairman J. MOSCOWITZ Athletic Supervi 14 sion R. WARD H. WEIDEMAN G. WILSON Campus Security Student Court Counseling l.. LIBENSON Dept. Chairman oreign language The Foreign Language Department increased its enrollment to l9OO stu- dents in 77 classes of French, Ger- man, Spanish, and Latin. ln response to the need of its skilled students, the Language Department introduced a special College Spanish class in the fall. Under the direction of Mr. Liben- son, 375 students entered a National Examination in French, and 30 stu- dents took part in a field day at Los Angeles State College. driver education Together, Driver Education and Driver Training help to provide safer drivers and fewer accidents. The department, under Mr. Soroky, took part in a lvlobilgas Safety Economy Run and also won the High School Safety Recognition Program. Pres- ently, they are participating in a Driver Attitude Study in cooperation with UCLA. girls' physical education The aim of the Girls' Physical Edu- cation Department is not only to in- struct in team sports but also to de- velop a program which includes the improvement of coordination and de- velopment of endurance. self-assur- ance, friendliness, self control, and a desirable attitude of cooperation with and respect for others. Self- improvement relating to these prin- ...Wes .s ..s ow.. reward. ll. i X M. RICHARD Dept. Chairman S. ARDIGO Lettergirls 'S-T' B. ARNDT G. HARRISON L. MORGAN Spring Wakiyas Campus Supervision Fall Wakiyas R. BEUTLER T. HARUNK R. STROCK Campus Supervision G.A.A. Campus Supervision F. FISHER M. MCCAFFERTY M. SULLIVAN Natomas Counseling Sub. Teaching boys' physical education Proud of its large and varied ath- letic program, the Boys' Physical Ed- ucation Department provides each of its students with a balance of indi- vidual and team sports. This encour- agement of physical soundness con- tributes to each boy's intellectual and emotional development. R. BECK R. FOX Fall Letterman Boys' league C. BORIO L. HYMAN Athletics Board Activities Board SGT. FRICKER R.O.T.C. R. KAMPMANN Track Coach A. MARVIN Tennis Coach -3 W. SPAETER Dept. Chairman J. TRUMP Football Coach T. WILCOX Football Coach fi. ID business education The Business Education Depart- ment has a dual function of provid- ing vocational skills and contributing to the field of general education. Subjects offered include typewriting, shorthand, transcription, bookkeep- ing, and business law. This department also participates in a variety of community activities. ln addition, the Rose Fountain Award is presented each year to an outstand- ing business education graduate. T. NlCKllN M. FERGUSON H. MARCUS M. STAGE Dept. Chairman Student Service Future Bus. Leaders Future Bus. Leaders J. CARROTHERS H. IVES S. MlTZMAN G. TUXHORN Campus Security Vocational Guidance Drives-Finances Counseling 8. BOYD M. RENNICK V. TSUDA Dept. Chairman Hostess Board Cassettes home economics Outstanding students from the homemaking classes earned top honors in many contests this past year. These tests, varied in nature, provided excellent challenges for future housewives. The clothing classes emphasized the spring se- mester with the fashion show, "Fashion Fiesta." The Hostess Board, the Suitable Dress Board, and the Cassettes lthe Future Homemakers of Americal include some of the extra-curricular activities of the department. 3 .W 3 s industrial arts Representing a broad coverage of technical knowledge and skills, Uni's Industrial Arts Department increased in size to include a girls' Floriculture class devoted to flower arranging, corsage work, and designing. Other creative classes included workshops, arts and crafts, drafting, horticulture, and jewelry. "" S. MCLOUGHLIN L. HOFFMAN l. ROSENBERG C. SYNOLD Dept. Chairman Ham Radio Club Jewelry Boosters Club W. BEYE D. KYLE J. ROSENTHAL A. THOMAS Campus Secwify Auto Shop Wood Shop Print Shop I6 -QQ 1' -ox -QQ 1931 ,-1 CLERICAL STAFF Bofiom row: : '- -- ' .f , n -x --.... is . Sm" top rox-': N B. PATTON SD E. A-DDESON F'ngrv:e Manage x 1 1 K ' . X X 0 ' '-2 ' 'I ,, 4 5, Qx - 'i.i155E.,. n H :Hg . 1. F. ws-QITEHEAD A. THORESON ' "' Q, Tc-rel Averdcnf Cc4e'eric Feed Y 1 CAFETERIA STAFF xl "' ' , " if -- - - A A f ,,,,,,,,, ,W L L 3 5, -:-. 'F .. F' -, ::, -'ez ':'-3 5" top row: -. s - ,Q V ' , I -. I-gg-3' E ': C '- - '-::: es E -3 e 3" C E. , ' ag L Y f L - 1 . A F NEWMEYER C BROVVN TQwelA?Yer1dUnf C.4sfccIcr1 Hee: Boftom row: 01 --i I N5"'xE' 'i 'f-A ' :-A.- i :MM A -,-.-, - . - - -, .,- , .. - -, - -.. , , ,.. , ,, 2, ..'e:' top row: , ,' , - A bl M-L,-.--,. - -new - s QCIHI ' qgamcerxasm-.Xb ,....--.-,, - 2.. frx. 'Q' .' 4-4452 Qi '. - 'lfl' A a 4' I , R .P - - w-Ur if. "2 ' 'Q-.15 1... .- ' X sjigf 1-fra-.if 'Rl .2 : If jg 4:75 LC , get 4' Q ra.: '24, . - a' 0 ygirgqg 9 6' 'ik ef 0 Q:2'-f'vf'- 6 et? . B- ' 5' O -1,3729 4 ' 1 Q ,7 K .I W 4. - I h A A? - - . , - ,xwadgrg ' ' - 1. " 'i'3fk,1fi'5 . '-'1g':3:"' - . . ... - ' o..... .-.----" eco l'll"ZlO ff-'Q Q-x! AXSLL li Lf E Z 1.12 C5 W H I8 ,g.,pn.f KRNW 1 ,ff -2 S60 ' l ' 5 I'-R ..l,YA- , ' ,p 'sr A I 2 COUNCIL Bottom row R Gray M A Parrish J. Brann, P. Stearns, D. Murry, M. Edwards K. Findlay R. Katz V. Nugent, B, Taylor, second row: . M'chaeI B. zier . Mi e K. Allingham, J. Guenther, G. Morgan, V. Scott, T. Krause, R. Rigler, third row: B. Kafka, S, Good- m n, L. Story, J. Addicott, B. Weiss, R. Rogers, M. A. Baker, J. Tar- nutzer, J. Lockwood, A, Fleischer, top row: N. Kafka, A. Lopez De riaga, T. C. Roth, D. Mays, M. Cutlen, J. Hassler, J. Levinson, J. Zallen EPHEBIANS Bottom row: J. Ellmore, R. Gray, W. Slattebo, J. Addicott, top row: B. Weiss, E. Germain, B. Brazier SEALBEARERS R. Gray, D. White i' f, in-7 'mega 'wks A -..-- '-v-.q,uu-.Wvw- ' ,, . ...ow 44 Jw, .,, 11 .1 B-I 2 CLASS OFFICERS A-I2 CLASS OFFICERS E, Germain, J. Lanterman, B. Taylor, J, Hesseldeng, M. Henninger V. Nugent, J. Zallen, S. Goodman, A. Lopez, P. Stearns 20 CLASS SONG Drums at Uni High are beating out A name you soon will know without A .l-..l.L. In our sweaters blue we present to you: THE CARIBBEAN CLASS! Our number's small, but size doesn't rate. It's the things we do that'll make us great, So we sing our nameg we shout out LOUD- THE CARIBBEAN CLASS! Soon it will be a sad day For then we will go our separate ways, But one thing we're positive will stay and that's the sound ofthe . . . Drums at Uni High beating fast A name we know will really last. In our sweaters blue we'll say goodbye to you from the CARIBBEAN CLASS S caribbeans of the blue "c" 4 . ZH v wx i, H, I L jf. mi 1 QQ! r -Y , .ik 4, 5, 'ww fr " ' . swf Miyg., 43' I gifiiaif I ,gg-.W'52f:25:1"i' '43, 'nll"',f1" l ' W 215425 ,giimgww sp,.'i',t me-M 'xiii' ,fs fi pf , K' f Sf 5?e,pl'l'Ls"3i'f, f, ' 1391223 wgwvii la -'IM' r,,'Fff25iwf1f,,,4.f,' ' img, ,L 'X Rf" 'fun' ,,,- il 133. 2 3, 1 4 P, .f 5 124 4. 152: Q, 'ii V QR ,lgxzg f W gg ' Zvi- , y , 6551 'V I ,iiiffgkai 3532 + a vi 31' ,l-Pf. '44, ., ei ft? ' I I ,i w ',"2'1, A 5ff"a ,613 Z 'uf ysihyi sig AIAI ,Q ,gfffmk 3814? .413 ffizirpif' ty, ,gyw 2941 il 5 ,5 55 4,51 g 95.3355 ,' 4 A ' 5492 435. amf'zaQmffaff,Zf':.M3'Jw ,, L wffwff V.iW?aQLy,,,.Q95hV,kYy QQSIUQKQ-iar NM I ,bi snybgffl wg, Mi, ' I "Some of the best things come in small pack- ages" characterizes the Caribbean Class. Though small in number, this class has contributed more than its share of fine athletes, outstanding leaders, and notable personalities to Uni. On campus the Caribbeans were recognized by their royal blue sweaters, but throughout life, they will be recog- nized by their success in social and intellectual endeavors. 2l meet the caribbeans I I I I I I JEAN ADDICOTT Community Relations KAY ALLINGHAM Commissioner MITSUNOBU Mawgndgg ICHAEL ADAMS co-Ed omfef AKUTAGAWA c.s.F. GAYLE ALSTROM CAROLYN ANDERSON AVID ARKIN ROBIN ASSALI CAROL ATTLEY Football C.S,F. Iudent Council STEPHEN BABBITT Letterman Swim Team BETTY BAKER MARY ANN BAKER Girls' Clee G.A,A. ROGER BARTHELI. CAROLE BELDEN ROBERT BERK FRANK BETTGER GARY BLOESER G.A.A. Boys' League President Wakiyas Student Service Board Letterman BROOKE BRAZIER JOANELL BRANN SUSAN BRAUN Ephebian JOHN BROCK Suitable Dress Board Wakiyas Honor Service Board Student Council ITH BORBALS DAVID BRANDT Hostess Board Red Cross Board Chairman Senior Council O CE BRODKIN WILLIAM BROESAMLE DONALD BROWN SHIRLEY BROWN LINDA BUNN rs-Country Team Student Council Student Council Student Council Mawandas 'or Council .l.V. Baseball Board of Service Elections Board G.L. Board of Hearing THOMAS BURKE Varsity Football A Cappella Choir JOYCE BODOLAY Student Council G.A.A. GARY BUSHNELL LINDA BYBEE LINDA BURTON Varsity Football Honor Service Board MICHAEL CALLAHAN A Cappella Choir Varsity Baseball Drill Team R.O.T.C. CAROLE CARPENTER CHRISTINE CASE PAUL CASTILLO MARIANNE CHADBOURN WILLIAM CHADWICK RAYNOR CHRISTIANSON BONNIE COLEMAN Varsity Football Drill Team Warrior Staff Knights Sealbearer Letterman Community Relations Board of Athletics C.S.F. Board CAROLYN COPPIN Lettergirl Dionysians DIANE CORWIN DEXTER COUGHLIN JOSEPH CROMWELL MARIA CRUZ THOMAS CUMMINGS MALCOLM CUTLER Suitable Dress Board Cashier Varsity Football Suitable Dress Board Varsity Basketball Varsity Baseball C0.Cl-,qirmqn Student Service Student Council Mowandas KAREN DENKE Design and Publicity PAUL DePAULO THOMAS DREW STEVEN DU BOIS GERALD DYKHOUSE Board Cross-Country Team R.O.T.C. STEVEN DUBEN Varsity Football R.O.T.C. A Cappella Choir Senior Council Rifle Team Captain R.O.T,C. J.V. Baseball Student Council at ff gm MEDA EDWARDS Mowandas Design and Publicity Board Chairman JUNE ELLMO RE Ephebian Girls' State 1 diff Af I 'B' I I .fs A 1 'A ERNIE FARHAT KATHLEEN FINDLAY ERIC FISHER Tenth Grade Council Mawandos Cross-Country Team Drill Team ANN FLEISCHER Student Council Red Cross Board Q' 'JJ' r' . GAYLE FOX Red Cross Board Friendship Board RICKI FREIBERG Design and Publicity Board Publications Board EDWARD GERMAIN Student Body President B Football Captain DANIEL GHORMLEY Varsity Football Letterman JAMES GIDLOW B.L. Board of Hearing Board of Athletics DOUGLAS GILLIS LOUISE GLASSMAN HARLENE GORDON Head Cheerleader Associate Justice DIANE GRUNER Wakiyas Honor Service Board SYDNEY HAMILL Warrior Stal? Co-Editor of Drum Beat JOHN HASSLER Letterman Knights SUSAN GOODMAN Sr. A Vice President Co-Ed Olticer JERROLD GUBEN Knight President Planning Board Chairman Recreation Board ROSALYN GRAY JOAN GROSSMAN Ephebian Student Council AUDREY GROVE Justice of Student Court Friendship Board F.B.L.A. JULIE GUENTHER KAREN GUSTAFSON Display Board F.B.L.A. KAI HABER UCLA Honors Program President of Physical Science Club I BARBARA HAMMOCK Secretary of Lettergirls Hostess Board JULIA HASSLER Natomas Honor Service Board JAMES HARRIS ROBERT HASKEL SUSAN HASSEN Swim Team Natomas B.L, Board of Hearing Mawandas LYNNE HAWKINS JOHN HENKEL MICHAEL HENNINGER Honor Service Board B Football Sr. B Vice President A Cappella Choir Tenth Grade Council Letterman W ,f I RONALD HOCKENBERG F,T,A. Student Service JAMES HOLIDAY PATRICIA HOLLMAN JOHN HOUGHTON WILLIAM HROMADKA ,if DANA HUNT JOHN HUGHES oriu Team Warrior Staff Design and Publicity ISAMU IKEDA B-L B-wfd of Hwffvs Board s Baseball Hloeo ISHIMARU ,-, 5 4 12. ' g lv? . , F 4 ' G Q Ld ' , N 'N new WAYNE JOHNSTON BONNIE KAFKA NANETTE KAFKA GALE KAPLAN Swim Team Senior Council Natomas Student Council Honor Service Board Honor Service Board LOUIS KARPF ROBERTA KATZ KENNETH KAWAMOTO KATHLEEN KEISER Kandahar: Senior Council Sound Crew Tenth Grade Council Board of Recreation Student Council DOUGLAS KERSTEN KATHLEEN KINDSFATER VICKI KOCHEVAR CHARLES KOPP X , TERRI IZENOUR CAROLE KARNES KEITH KELLEY B.L. Vice President B,L. Board of Hearing Chairman JOYCE KORAN 40-Wf 77' GORDON LePAGE B Football f ,X 'Q " V SYLVIA LESLAU , ML , Q2 .. :V Q R be ff f f 5 if f f f f W M W 17' 5 f Recreation Board . , , , ff ,if 5, i Student Council if I f MICHAEL LEVITT Varsity Basketball President of Lettermen's Club ELAINE LIVESEY Senior Council Senior Usher 7 .IANICE LOCKWOOD Student Council Senior Council W ff ERNESTINE KRAUSE JOHN LAMPL THoMAs LANDES JUNE LANTERMAN Senio, Council Knighfg Varsity Football Ephebidll Student Council Board of Planning Sr. B Vice President MICHAEL LOGAN Cross-Country Team Track Team DIANE LAVINE G.A.A. Wakiyas ALEX Lopez f DE ARRIAGA H Sr. B Vice President Knight Vice President 25 JUDITH MARTIN G.A.A. Secretary Suitable Dress Board EATRICE LUCERO tudent Service JOSEPH LUTES BRUCE MocKINNON R,O.T.C. JAMES MARTIN CARLOS MARTINEZ 'lj'-v S AVID MAYS HAROLD McARTHUR DAVID McCONNELL VICKY MCKIMSON LAWRENCE MCMULLEN JOHN MCNAUGHTON V. Cross-Country Student Court Bailiff Girls' Glee R,O,T,C, R.O.T,C, mior Council Knights Band A Cappella Choir ELAINE MILES G.A,A. Cheerleader Senior Council PETER MELLINGER DEAN MERCILL RICHARD MEYER PATRICIA MICHAEL JAYNE MIDDAUGH Athletics Board Student Council Varsity Basketball Student Council A Cappella Choir Letterman Track Team B.L. Board of Hearing Senior Council Senior Council KATSUYOSHI EORGINA MORGAN DONALD MUETING DONNA MURRAY GLENN NARAMURA NISHIMOTO nior CounciI Sound Crew Drill Team Co-Captain B Football B Basketball 'ctions Board Radio Ham Club Co-Ed Officer KENNETH NAKANO B Track Squires C X Xb 'S 'Q -- I A 25 G HIL dp6i'f'g - 3. ,C - 2- ,Q ix , f A A X ,-. 6 J we 1. . Y X Affgfg , L NODA MICHAEL NUESCA VALERIE NUGENT GEORGE NUNEZ ROBERT O'BRYANT JUDITH OGENS ity Football Track Team Sr, A Secretary Athletics Board Letterman rman Lettergirl Varsity Football 26 'W WILLIAM PLOEGER DENNIS OLSON Knights MERRI OLSON PAULA PALEY Natomas C.S.F. MASAO OKU STEPHEN OIESON Chess Club Senior Council Health and Safety Board JOHN PARLETTE L X, MARY ANN PARRISH Senior Council F.8,L.A. CAROLYN PRICE Student Service Health and Safety Board PATRICIA RICE LEON ROISMAN Wakiyas Elections Board Q.. N s 5 MARC PATTERSON DAVID PEAIRS BETH PEARL CHRISTINE PEARSON MICHAEL PIROSH Drum Major ot Band Student Service Student Council Dance Band Library Practice Publicity Board rv' sri JAMES PROCK DONNA RAPPAPORT Cross-Country C Track THOMAS RICHARDS SYDNEY RICE R.O.T.C. ANTHONY ROTH LOIS RUBINYI Student Court Justice C.S.F. Knights Red Cross Board I JOHN REES JOHN REYNOLDS Warrior Printing Staff Sound Crew ROBYN ROGERS Chieftain Staff RAE RIGLER RICHARD ROACH Senior Council ROBERT RUEDI RONALD SAFER ROBERT SAHARA Rotary Award R.O.T.C. Letterman 27 GSK. L cgi.-1 7 .fi HARVEY SERFASS B Football MARILYN SALOT Natomas 'nsof Wakiya President MARJORIE SANCHEZ G.A.A. Drill Team WENDY SLATTEBO Ephebian Mawanda President 'FQ DALE SANDORE W I ,'.,, Tai" ,lift W3 xwriw' X Q ig nj -4 'Y ' if 4'i' MICHAEL SCHER Student Council PENNY STUVER G.A.A. BEATRICE TAYLOR Sr. B Secretary Student Council JOHN SCHWARTZ Tennis Team Letterman i VALERIE SCOTT Senior Council "ff I D Drill Team LORRAINE SEGAL Honor Service Board JEANINE WAGNER Student Council Co-Ed Ofticer csr. 28 KATHLEEN SHEFFIELD ROSS SHOEMAKER Student Council Athletics Commissioner Student Service RONALD SHER Varsity Football HENRY SICCARDI an fs, 1 -.,r, X NN 44,15 WARREN SMITH JAMES SMITH PEGGY STEARNS LINDA STORY Lcftcrman Sr. A Treasurer C,S.F. Student Council Mawandas Suitable Dress Board I REWJI SUENAGA JONATHAN SUNKEES JANET TARNUTZER JOAN TARWATER I Varsity Football Senior Council F.B.l.A. Student Council Student Service BARBARA TROUTMAN ELISABETH WAGNER G.A,A. Cheerleader MICHAEL WACO G.A.A. Natomas JAY VIZCARRONDO Track Team Student Service X SHEILA WARD LINDA WATERS G.A.A. Senior Council JUDITH WEINTRAUB C.S.F. Red Cross Board BARBARA WEISS Ephebian C.L. Vice President I PENIS WHITE LINDA wins LAUREL WOODLEY si-iizus YAHATA i STEPHEN WILHELM c:.A.A. EVELYN WOODALL Leiiefgirit' Pfesideni G A A P ier Red Cross Board Student Council G.A,A, M d JOSEPH ZALLEN ANN ZAVITKOVSKY JOE ZERGA Sr. A President G.A,A. Vice President Student Service Student Council Com Ed Germain joe Zallen Peter Garrison jim Gidlow Ed Germain Chuck Plotkin Ed Germain Oscar Villasenor Mike Levitt Keith Kelly jerry Guben George Nunez Frank Cook Gordon LePage Dave Kasday john Brock Dave Kasday Keith Kelly Mike Levitt Gordon LePage john Brock Mike Levitt Dan Ghormley missioner CARIBBEAN CLASS POLL Done Most tor School Done Most for Class intellectuals Class Clowns Most Likely to Succeed Favorite Underclassman Best All-Around Caribbeans Best Smiles Best Excuse Makers Always Organized Fashion Plates Dreamy Eyes Non-Conformists Most Natural Best Dancers Flatterers Future Stage Stars Most Sophisticated Goldbrickers Happiest Seniors Best Looking Best Exaggerators Best Athletes Bobbie Weiss Sue Goodman Roz Gray Sue Goodman Bobbie Weiss Linda Parlette Sue Goodman Harlene Gordon Kathy Sheffield Wendy Slattebo Elaine Miles Val Nugent Gail Alstrom Kay Allingham Sue Hassen Bea Taylor l-larlene Gordon Elaine Miles Bea Taylor Harlene Gordon Chris Pearson janet Tarnutzer Laurel Woodley Sm 5 n The r eyes VV 11 THQT g I n The font row please odlusf her W Q9 1959 1959 1959 1960 elysian euphoria CLASS HISTORY Sweater Presentation .October 23, 1959 lst Senior Prom ...... january 9, 1960 2nd Senior Prorn ......, june 1 1, 1960 They soiol it couldn't be done! My A234 '21, M, "1-,-g -. if or 1st Field Day ..... November 25, 1959 2nd Field Day ......... May 27, 1960 Panorama Picture ..... March 3, 1960 Graduation ...... .... 1 une 16, 1960 These Springcnlciter shoes redlly work!! New Mr. Clark, qu'es'r-ce que c'est 'Poyolc1'?" How long did you soy youd been with the Rockettes? elite elysians .."" B-I 2 CLASS OFFICERS Bottom row: S. Andreson, S. GifTln, J. Jenkins, top row: H. Stewart, T. Hersh A-I2 CLASS OFFICERS P. Head, L. Pearson, D. Gosherr, D. Williams, G. Beye WINTER SENIOR COUNCIL Bottom row: T. Robinson. E. Rokaw, S. Beltin S. Andreson, S. Gifin, J. Jenkins, S. Ball, S dale, J. Rubens, J. Burns, P. DeFore, J. Nelson, K. Komaroff, L. Nordlinger, third row: N. Hockelt, H. Kraedelien, E. Vanclegrift, K. Freyermuth, J. Rumph, S. Curry, H. MacArthur, L. Pearson, top row: L. Guerrero, J. Edmunds, J. Pefiker, J. Kreis, M. Hembree, J. Streckewald ELYSIAN SEALBEARERS Bottom row: R. Steele, A.Mal1arc1m,S.NaThansen. M. Kurashila, P. Dewhirst, K. Forney, M. Carter, C. Jenkins, second row: F. Lukofll, J. Galbraith, R. Jennings, J. Cropsey, R. Florence, L. Sherwin, T. Hindin, S. Silbert, J. Ritter, top row: J. Barrman, B. Shiflman, T. Hersh, P. TiHany, T. Howe, D. Howe, R. Kaplan T. Taranouski, A. Harman 1 ELYSIAN SPRING COUNCIL Bottom row: L. Pearson, G. Beye, W. Hecht, B. Bullock, S. Thomas, D. Spencer, C. Bliss, S. Kohn, M. Walsh, D. Oleson, T. Anderson, second row: F. Ghinassi, S. Helm, B. Johansson, M. McDonald, C. Weiss, C. Goodson, P. Brandchaft, P. Heacl, S. Belcher, P. Goodale, D. Benner, A. Gowland, J. Schakne, third row: A. Spear, K. Feldman, S. Taylor, S. Bloeser, C. Barra, M. Grossman, R. Florence, D. Gosheri, P. Jordan, S. Tow, M. Kaisaki, K. Sloar, top row: B. Lea, T. Felsman, C. Johnson, S. Bass, S. Gutiman, M. Poschin, P. Bonner, S. Greene, S. Smith, F. Slavin, A. Harman McGowan, T. O'Reilly, second row: R. Rosen- garlen, M. Kurashira, B. Tennenbaum, P. Good- CLASS SONG Hallelujah, Hallelujah w ev TTTT eww we're out this day Shout Elysians, sing Elysians We're the best class in every way. Sweaters of bright green We can be seen, we'lI hear 'em say, There go Elysians, great Elysians In our memories here to stay, Summer l96O ends our years at Uni High, So let 'em hear us, let 'em cheer us, For our spirit will never die, Hallelujah, we're Elysians Summer '60, Uni High 1 elysians "dwellers in paradise" "Summer l96O ends our years at Unihif' So ends a part of their lives which no Elysians will ever tor- get. ln years to come these seniors will recall their timid underclassmen days, their gradual prestige, and finally their coveted position as seniors, with their senior Field Day, Prom, and Grad Night. With the distinction of being one of the largest classes at Uni, the Elysians are proud of having left a worthy impression on those who will follow. 5' 1 KL I PATRICIA ALVARADO ROGER ANDERSON ROGER S, ANDERSON Student Service Biology Club Service Board HELEN ALATORRE NEAL ALBERT F.B.L.A. JULIANN ACKERKNECHT Walciyas GAA. 'P 5-w CLARKE ADAMS Spanish Club Golf Team TOM ANDERSON SALLY ANDRESON EDITH ARMSTRONG GRANT ASHBY GENE ASHDOWN Student Council Ephebian C.S.F. A Cappella Choir Varsity Football Senior Council B12 Class Chairman Honor Service Board Boosters Student Council LAURENCE ADAMS STEPHEN ADAMS SALLY ASHE HILARY ATTWOOLL PETER AUDE DANIEL AUERBACH .IO ANN AURICCHIO physical Science Club Elections Commissioner Health and Safety Public Relations Board Student Council B Girls' Court Commissioner Varsity Football Prom Committee oosters , Student Council SUZANNE BALL DAVID BALOGH Mawanda Vice President Health and Safety CAROL AXELSON MARY BAKER ROBERT BAKER Suitable Dress Board Board ALLEN ADASHEK Bll Class President C S F 'Q- ALAN AKASHI IVN lf, A42 SPENCER AKW5 KATHIE BARBASH JANET sARsouR KATHERINE BARD ROGER BARON DENNIS BARR VUVSLI7' FOOIIDUII Walriyas Community Relations Lettermen's Club " Varsity Baseball Decor Board Board President Student Service Varsity Basketball CANDY BARRA ROBERT BARTLEY JOHN BARTMAN JOANIE BAUERMEISTER Natomas Golf Team Sealbearer Student Council Friendship Board CATHERINE BARTELS Kandahar: Student Court Drill Team 'T' ef' 1 I X BONNIE BLICKENSDERFER Student Service Wakryas "'..'Sf' Mb- uv- ,au EDMUND BAUMGARTEN CAROL BEAR JOHN BECK RONALD BECK SALLY BELCHER Swim Team Tenth Grade Council Tenth Grade Council Spanish Club Q1-rr X. ARTHUR BELL Swim Team Senior Council Suitable Dress Board Senior Council JOSEPH BLINN CHARLES BLISS Letterman Senior Council Q: i Q--1 , 'Klu.,f, DITA BENNETT WILLIAM BELL DONNA BELL MARY BELLIN DONNA BENNER SALLY BLOESER Warrior Sports Editor Writers' Club Community Relations Senior Council Publications Board Wakiyas Board Swdem Council Senior Council SHERRY BENNICI KENNETH BERRY STEVE BERRY Design and Publicity Football A Cappella Choir Board Co-Chairman ROBERT BERK Baseball Boosters NOEL BOYKIN WILLIAM BRACH JOHN BETTIN SANDRA BETTIN GERRY BEYE ANTHONY BION ROBERT BISHOP Student Council Tenth Grade Council A12 Class Secretary Kandahars Varsity Football Track Manager Senior Council Suitable Dress Board Senior Council Tenth Grade Council KIRK BRAINERD 35 TONI BRANDLER KAY BRANNAN BONNIE BRAUNGER ELIZABETH BROOKS lr. Red Cross Board PAL Student Council C.S.F. SCILLA BRANDCHAFT Wakiya: F.B,L.A. H R N A LA D BRAUN G.A,A. Student Council '8- w-N... San: .-.7 I S. .UDIA BROWN DEANNE BROWN JACOUI BROWN MARILYN BROWN PAULA BROWN STEPHEN BROWN omas Student Service Student Council School Plays Track Team 'tions Board Drill Team Writers' Club Chieftain Staff cs 'M' gn..-1 SANDRA BROYARD JOYCE BUCKLES LYNDELL BUCKNER SANDRA BUERMAN BARBARA BULLOCK Student Council Lettergrrls President Drill Team Mawandas BEVERLY BUDWORTH Mawandas Wakiyas Girl of the Semester Dionysians ARA BURNHAM JUDY BURNS SUSAN CALDERON . Senior Council VIRGINIA BYWATER Wakiyas cal Science Club Drill Team Publicity Board Student Service LYNN CALL ELIZABETH CANARY ff 'tn My T CAPLAN ANDREA CARLSSON EDWARD CARTER MARY CARTER f Sygff Wakiyas Jesters Band Sealbearer lion gourd C,,A,A. Dance Band Honor Service Board 36 GARY CEAZAN Varsity Football Varsity Baseball GNL LINDA CIRLIN Eleventh Grade Council Publicity Board WILLIAM CLARK LANI CLINE RICHARD COHEN SQUIYC President Senior Council ROGER CLINE Stamp Club Knights RICHARD CLEVELAND CORINE CLICK Boosters Baseball Team Chess Club C. YW 'CT' .5-v LINDA COHN NANCY COLE WALTER COLLINS LINDA COLWELL SUSAN CONNICK DON CONVISER Student Court Varsity Track Drill Team Drill Team C.S.F. Natomas Student Council Decor Board Suitable Dress Board Athletics Board tr- cvme cooreiz R.O.T.C. Service Board we' H' fa. "Wi ,af 1 4 DIANA COOPER DIANE COOPER JERROLD COOPER RONALD COOPER JUDY CORBRIDGE Hostess Board B Football Spanish Club PAL Student Council GRETCHEN COX JUDY CRAWFORD JEFFREY CROPSEY Mqwqndqg F.B.L.A. President Sealbearer Student Court MICHAEL COX Honor Service Board Knights DATHA CROSBY 43' 'Z' M GARY CURTIS Track Cross-Country to 'rev DOUG DANGERFIELD DONNA DAVIS RALPH DAY JAMES DEARBORN STEVEN CURRY Publicity Board Chairman Knights PENNY DeFORE Cheerleader Co Ed Officer 37 X , W I G-1 .1 PATRICIA DEWHIRST Ephebian Mawanda ANTHONY DIETRICH MICHAEL DONOVAN LESLIE De HAAFF Prom Committee Boosters Eva is .ff -sin - DENA De HAAN A A N"F"9'e Drill Team ! A S , - , , K, I, ..,.-u-wx ,Y U-'4l!t4"""' L, ' f X t v , ,if L . L x Cassettes an I M, 1, A 35.5 '--1 .f K ' f Wi 'mfr ffmfi L-5. A A A BEVERLY DELANEY I SUSAN DEMERJAN I X ' M...-.V was MICHAEL T. DONOVAN ROGER DRAKE RONALD DUERR V"-r, A+! 5,ud,,,, C0,,,,c,, SANDRA DUMAS JAMES DUNCAN DENNIS DUNN Recreonon Board Student Service B Football Varsity Football Prom Committee Warrior Stuff Siudent Council EDWARD EASKOLD PENNY EDGERT STEPHEN EARL A Cappella Choir Student Council DOROTHY DURY C,S.F. KEITH DUNN Band KAREN EISHTADT Wakiyas DEWEY EDMUNDS Student Service GARY DENNY Varsity Football .QI SYLVIA DEUTSCH Debate Team G.A.A. L7 JAMES DEWAR TIMOTHY ELLIS SUSAN ELLIOT TRUDY ELLISON SUSAN ENNIS UVYINI ERSHOFF Planning Board Student COU11Cil Student Council Display Board A Cappella Choir Recreation Board Tenth Grade Council LESLIE FALICK MARY LYNNE FARLEY Publications Commissioner Student Service ROBERT ESKIN HOLLY EVANS EUGENE FAGAN Warrior Columnist Student Council 1' 'Q 11" QW -1-I' CLAIRE FRISCH Display Board Chairman Chieftain Staff YT" 5 C., CHRISTIAN FRITZ STEPHEN FAUST KAREN FELDMAN TRENT FELDMAN KEITH FELTON DEBORAH FINE Senior Council Senior Council Eleventh Grade Council French Club President Elections Board Health and Safety Board Senior Council Student Council Honor Service Board Ma wanda Natoma 4 KS CECILIA FINGER LYNN FISHER RONALD FLORENCE MARJORIE FORD Sealbeorer Ephebian PAMELA FOURNIER DAVID FOX VIVIAN FOX Eleventh Grade Council Recreation Board 57Ud9l1f5efYlC9 Tenth Grade Council Tennis Team JUI-IAN FOX F-5-l--A- I f -as Q as 61 I' ill an I KATHLEEN FORNEY Sealbeorer Spanish Club JUSTIN FRANK Knights C.S.F. 25 L3 T5 V1.1 KATHY EUHR Honor Service Board Red Cross Board BARRY FUJINO Eleventh Grade Council B Football JUDITH FURST PAL Wakiyas JOHN GAGE Squires Knights JAMES GALBRAITH PHYLLIS FRANK STUART FRAYNE MARGARET MARLENE FRIEDMAN SARA FRIEDMAN Ephebgc,-, A Cappella Choir Track Team FREUDENSTEIN Wakiyas Eleventh Grade Council Seqlbeq,-ef mom Commmee Le,fe,,-na,-, Recreation Board Health and Safety Board Q 9' 1-5 C5 "S-1 bf 3 39 DEUNE GARCIA ed Cross Board ecreation Board mt- 11.5. FRANCES GARCIA SANDRA CELB Community Relations Board ANNE GENTILE Student Service THOMAS GARVEY Health and Safety Board G.A.A. RICHARD GERDL AVID GEROW FULVIO GHINASSI SANDRA GIFFIN DANIEL GIST JOAN GITTELMAN FRANK GLASER AFS Exchange Student B12 Class Vice President Laboratory Assistant Display Board from Italy Mawandas tfandahors Recreation Board 'S ""' -cr DOUGLAS GLEASON CATHI GOFF ROBERT GOFF JUDY GOLD SUSAN GOLDBERGER NANCY GOLDEN Eleventh Grade Council F.B.L.A, Varsity Football Health and Safety Board Drill Team School Service Varsity Track School Play Tenth Grade Council KATHLEEN GOLDSMITH ALAN GOLDHAMMER Girls' Week Chairman MARY LOU GOLDSMITH Debate Club Design and Publicity PAL Vice President ARILYN GOLDFARB Warrior Staff ALAN GOLDSMITH Board Chairman Publicity Board SUE GOLDSTEIN RICIA GOODALE or Council fandas 40 x-P If ALLEN GOODMAN 41547 rf-v-ff 1 "2 of Q., SQ 6 4 -f -or CLELLA GOODSON CHARLES GOODWIN DONNA GORDON NIKKI GORHAM Student Council Senior Council ERRY GREENE :kiyas .L.A. President LYNN GOTTLIEB DAVID GOSHERT RICHARD GOSTING Design and Publicity ANN GOWLAND AI2 Class President Chieftain Art Staff Board Drill Team Co-Captain Ephebian Tenth Grade Council Hostess Board JAY GOULD Recreation Board SALLY GRAJEDA GAII. GRANT RICHARD GRANT BYRON GRAVES JOHN GRAY JULfE GRAY BRUCE GREENE Publicity Board Athletics Board Knights G.A.A. Letterman Lettergirl +r'7' iff RONALD GREENFIELD GLEN GREENROCK TIMOTHY GRZBBLE BONNIE GRIFFITH DONAL GRIFFITH Student Council Kandahars F.B.L.A. Varsity Track Boosters Student Service MICHAEL GROSSMAN MICHAEL J. GROSSMAN SHERRY GRUVER LUPE GUERRERO MONTY GUILD Planning Board Letterman Student Body Treasurer Eleventh Grade Council Swim Team ELAINE GROSS Senior Council Student Council Recreation Board Senior Council Student Council X jf ,f STEVEN GUTTMAN BEVERLY HACK CAROL HOCKENBERY DUANE HAIJSMAN ANN HALLATT CHERRILLE HAMILTON Sfude,-,f Council G,A.A. Publicity Commissioner Health and Safety Board Senior Council Lelfefglfl Student Court Dance Production 4I BETTIJANE HARTHAN DOUG HART Design and Publicity ELIZABETH HAYNES PEGGY HEAD Knights President Board Honor Service Board Cheerleader Recreations Commissioner GAA. LYNDON HAWKINS Red Cross Board G, L. Secretary I'- if JAN HAMILTON 5' Kandahars Student Service E7 FELICIA HANCE ELAINE HEARST WENDY HECHT CAROL HEINMILLER SHARON HELM MICHAEL HEMBREE Health and Safety Student Council Annual Illustration Class Mawandas Knights Commissioner Senior Council Senior Council Senior Council Mawandas LEONARD HANSON I 'Y' T L In.. ,gr NANCY HARGREAVES Honor Service Board MOIIY HERRERA . ROBERT HERBEL Student Service RANDY HERRON Te""' Gmde C0U"f" ELIZABETH HENDERSON CAMILLE HENNING Service Board Chairman Spanish Club Varsity swim Team THOMAS HERSH MELINDA HESS Ephebian Honor Service Board Cheerleader A Cappella Choir JENS HEUMANN ALVIN HARMAN Ephebian C.S.F. Secretary-Treasurer SAN TOYE HARNESS G,A.A. F.B.L.A. fx sy we-4' LINDA HARNISH TERRY HIGGINS JUDITH HILLMAN SUSAN HINCHLIFF Community Relations NUIOITIU5 WCIUYUS Board Honor Service Board Comumnity Relations Board HTJR HINDIN LINDA HIVELY NORMA HOCKETT STEPHEN HOHL 'rior.StafT Tenth Grade Council A Cappella Choir Varsity Football lications Board Student Council Lettergirl JOANNE HOGAN Varsity Track 1 S 15 PN CN un., I,--Q. IU! 'CE SIE HOIJER BARBARA HOLOFF NICK HOLT CAROL HOLZ CHARLES HOMEYER Ydehf C04-H1Cll Student Council chestra Knights 1 Xb ,aw ST EV EN JACOBS Student Council SUSAN JAMIESON SHARON JAMISON kRlAN HONNEN STEVEN HOPWOOD BARBARA HORN DARLENE HORTON SANDRA HORWITZ CECEUA JENKINS aalth and Safety Board Rifle Team Captain Honor Service Board Student Council d Cross Board Physical Science Club Orchestra Sealbeme' TNET HOWARD RICHARD HOWE HUBERT HOWE DAN HUCKS udent Council Scholarship Commissioner Ephebian Varsity Football 'alciyas Ephebian Sealbearer Letterman JAMES HUDDLESTON JOSEPHINE JENKINS 1 G.L. Vice President B12 Class Secretary ROBERT JENNINGS Sealbearer UCLA Honors Program win Hucnss DIANNE HUNN CRAIG Husrori :Nemo isAKsEN LYNN iwAsA BRUCE JENSEN Fooybqll F,B.L.A. R.O4T.C. Honor Service Board B Track Tenth Grade Council Student Service Eleventh Grade Council Recreation Board 8 Football BARBRO JOHANSSON AFS Exchange Student from Sweden DNY JESSEN Mawandos ROBERT JOHNS CAROLYN JOHNSON FREDRICK JOHNSON LYNDON JOHNSON tri' VCHAEL JOHNSON JOHN JONES LINDA JONES SUE JONES WARREN JONES POSEY JORDAN Yenth Grade Council G.A.A. Spanish Club President Student Council Varsity Track Band Boosters Design ond Publicity Spanish Club Varsity Basketball Board 6- U -sg fb MICHAEL JOSEPH BRUCE JULIAN JOHN KABAKER HENRY KAHLE MICKEY KAISAKI VICKI KALLER Student Council Physical Science Club Senior Council Service Board YNIE KAMINS BARBARA KAPLAN ident Council HENRY KAMISATO Warrior Stal? lletic Board B Football Captain LOIS KENEL STANLEY KANESHIRO SHARON KANIGER Annual lllustration tk -fn -if E KAPLAN R'CHARD KAPLAN RICHARD KARAS BARBARA KATZ DANlEL KATZ W'LL'AM KATZ f.: ,fbearer '- ': 'dyas Chiefiain Staff C QF Vice President Red Cross Board Sludevt Servic: 44 SHIRLEY KAWAGUCHI KARL KELLOGG Friendship Board Planning Board GARY KAUFMAN F.B.l..A. HIDEKO KAWASHIMA FRANK KAZMAR LARRY KEARNEY Kandulrars CHRISTEEN KENT LYNN KERIN MURA KIEVMAN NANCY KISSEL SUE KITCHENER JUDY KLEIN C.S.F. Siudenf Council Boosfers Drill Team Jr. Red Cross Board Decor Board EER KLEINMAN VALERIE KNIGHT STEVEN KOHN KATHERINE KOMAROFF GLENN KOPPEL JEROME KORAN A Cappella Choir Sfudenf Council Sfudeni Council Afhlefics Board Elevenfh Grade Council Senior Council Jr. Red Cross Board J.V. Baseball Co-Chairman JUDY KOVEN ROBERT KORMAN Tenfl1 Grade Council HANS KRAEPELIEN WINNIE KRONE C.S.F. Publicily and Design Elevenih Grade Council Elections Board MEREDITH KROOT Sfudenf Service Board Senior Council JANE KRASNA Warrior Siaff Siudenf Service Board MARGARET KURASHITA JANE LANCASTER CAMILLE LARRECQ DONNA LASSISE MICHAEL LAVELLE LINDA LAVERACK Sealbearer C.S.F. Mawanda President G.A.A. Chieffain Assaciafe Edilor Wakiyas Decor Board Chairman 45 sc is? gg dh A 'I 1 MELINDA LAYKIN Elections Board Student Service Board BRUCE LEA Walriyas Senior Council SALLY LEIPZIG Decor Board Publications Board RON LEVENSON DICK LeVINE Track Team JOAN LEVINE Honor Service Board Wakiyas SUE LEVITT Health and Safety Board Student Council GALE LEVY HARRIS LEVY NANCY LEVY KATHRYN LEWIS CAROLYN LIGHTFOOT Student Council C.S.F. Publications Commissioner Drill Team Student Council Publicity Board Student Council Suitable Dress Board Suitable Dress Board Tenth Grade Council 4. ,, T7 727 MYRA LINDLEY ALAN LINDMAN GALE LINK SHERRY LIVINGSTON Boosters Prom Committee JUDY LOCKRIDGE Suitable Dress Board Student Service Mawandas GL Board of Hearing -1' MARVIN LOTZ ttf, SHIRLEY LUCIER Varsity Baseball JAMES LOWRY Red Cross Board Varsity Basketball Warrior Staff Honor Service Board ANDI MAHARAM THOMAS MALCOLM TAY MALPEZZI Ephebian B Football Drill Team C.A.S.C. State Secretary Student Council Kandahar: as. ., FREDRICK LUKOFF MICHAEL MacDONALD Sealbearer Student Council Letterman PHILIP MANDEL ROBERT MANDELL Tenth Grade Council Tenth Grade Council Band Cross-Country Team CHARLESITA MANN DAVID MARIOL Warrior Editor-in-Chict Publications Board JUDY MARTIN G.A,A. Boosters are KAREN MARTIN TERRY MARTIN Drill Team Lettergirls' Club Vice President PEM MASON Siudenf Service Board E MASCHLER A11 Planning Council YOSHI MATAGA 1 wg., JE MATTISON MICHAEL MATURE DUANE MAXTED Team Honors Program A. Sf ERIE MCCOY MARGUERITE MCDONALD JOAN MCFARLAND SALLY MCGOWAN Cross Board Mawandas Posfure Queen Publicity Board or Council Ephebian CO-Ch0ffm0fV Mawandas STEPHEN MEYERS EPH MEANS Debafe Club President lions Board Community Relations GUNDEI- MERTEN5 'enf Service Board JANNIEL MENDOZA French Club ROBERT McKEE Afhlefics Board HARRY MILLER Cross-Country Team Track Team 'YY 3' 4"" sg ES MILLER LUANN MIRANDE CYNTHIA MITCHELL SUE MITCHELL Sfudenf Council Sludenf Service Board iesfra Natomas Baosfers l Drum Moior 5- PHILLIP MITSUEDA pun. 05.7 FRANK MIYAKE N EIL MONTANK Varsrfy Foofball IRENE MONTES f VICKY MONTGOMERY Drill Team Leffergirl MICHELE MOORE G.A.A. Folk Song Club ROBIN MOORE Warrior News Editor Mawandas Z' in , F ,Y v MARTY MOREHOUSE iF C.s.F Communily Relations I Board 9 47 CHRISTOPHER MORGAN MOLLY MORGAN JAIME MORRIS GARY MOSELLE Dance Band Student Service Board A Cappella Choir Cashier Concert Band Natomas FELICIA MORRIS G,A.A. R.O.T.C. ALICIA MOWAT ERNEST MUELLER MICHAEL MULLEN ELVIA MUNOZ GALEN MURAKAWA PETE NAPAVANCE SUE NATHANSON Senior Council Ephebian Service Board Suitable Dress Board Chairman 4"' , ue' Tiff I Q, :nz f fi M I BINNIE NEEL TED NEIMA JULIE NELSON MARY LOU NERI ALICE NEUMAN PETER NEWMAN Drill Team Senior Council Publicity Board Student Service A Cappella Choir Drill Team VALERIE NIVENS CAROLYN NORD LINDA NORDLINGER STEPHEN NORDLINCER Display Board NANCY NOBLE Elections Board Wakiyas Varsity Baseball TRACY NEWMAN Drill Team Student Service School Productions Senior Council Athletics Board f P f 3' DOROTHY NOTARTE GARY NUDELL GINNY OAKLEY JANET OHNO KENZO OKUBO DELL OLESON Annual Illustration Class Service Board Student Service Knights Varsity Football Decor Board Warrior Staff Student Council Letterman 48 MARIE ONTIVEROS Cheerleader sYLviA onn PAM osBoRNE Eleventh Grade Council Red Cross Board Warrior Managing Editor Secretary TERRY O'REILLY ROBERT ORENSTEIN Wakiyas PHILLIP ORTEGA Band 'Q SALLY PALOMINO DALE PALMQUIST A Cappella Choir Cashier PATRICIA PANN Mawandas Drill Team STANLEY PAPEL LINDA PARLETTE STAN PARKER Scholarship Board Student Body President Student Council Girls' League President TRI? .W ""vna-f Xi C ,wig is ' f dei? IPHEN PARKER PEG PARMENTER DONALD PEAIR5 LINDA PEARSON PAULA KAY PEARSON TINA PEASLEY ketball Team Red Cross Board Cheerleader 'erman Chairman A12 Class Vice President JEANNE PEER THELMA PELLICAN JACK PETTKER Honor Service Board G.A.A. Varsity Cross-Country HELEN PECSOK Publicity Board ROBERT PEITZKE Student Service MICHAEL PETERS Letterman LINDA PIKE DIANE PINES DAVID PITT FRANK PLASENCIA MADELYN PODRAT MICHAEL POLES Tenth Grade Council Football Team Student Service Board PAL .CH iw-i STUART REINSCH DONALD REINER Elections Board KAY REITZEN PAUL RAYBURN B basketball WILLIAM REINERT Science Club Creative Writing Club MADELINE POMERANZ Student Service SHEREE PORTER Boosters JERRY REKERS LORETTA REYNA BARBARA RIBLETT DEBBIE RICH DIANA RICKARDS Athletics Commissioner Recreation Board Varsity Baseball Drill Team MICHAEL POSCHIN Senior Council Stage Crew DONALD POSTHUMUS TOMI RICKER SUSAN RIIIAND JAMES RIITER WILLIAM ROBBINS THEODORE ROBINSON Honor Service Board Ephebian Tennis Team CO-Chairman Sealbearer Letterman LYDIA RODRIGUEZ ENID ROKAW A Cappella Choir Senior Council DOROTHY RODE F.B.L.A. Treasurer PETER ROGERS Suitable Dress Board CHARLES ROONEY KEILA PRATT ag Drill Team 'Uv Student Council 49 f CHERYL PRITCHARD Wakiyas Student Council f ff-I, "x DAWD RAGSDALE FRANCES ROOP RICHARD ROSENGARTEN CYNTHIA ROSENTHAI RICHARD RosIN SHARON ROSS Student Council Student Service Swim Team Warrior Exchange Scholarship Board Natomas F.B.L.A. Letterman Editor Warrior Staff Student Service Board JUDI RUBENS 4ElLA ROSS ANTHONY ROTH MICHAEL ROTHSCHILD JOAN RUBENS Design and Publicity Ephebian Letterman Girls' Court Board Chairman Chief Justice Recreation Board Mawandas Mawandas Secretary Q' EVAN SANDOVAL I , ." I 1 HODA RUBIN ROBERT RUECKER RICHARD RUIZ JAMES RUMPH JILL RUTKIN Al- Pf95lde"" Tenth Grade Council Wfvble Dress Board Annual lllusrrafion Class ACHILLES SARGENTI br' S' CHRIS SARNS Warrior Printing Stat? Band jf IELINDA RYAN DENNIS SAFFRO RICHARD SAKLAD ELLEN SALAND TIM SAMUT rill Team Knights Student Council Band ommunity Relations Student Council Efcventh Grade Council Boosters Board - - ... cs S is A .. A MARK SARROW CAROL SAUNDERS CAROLYN SAUNDERS G.A.A. RICHARD SAVAGE Recreation Board Warrior Staff air 1? 51 JILL SCHAKNE STEVE SCHEINMAN LISSA SCHIESEL FREDERICK SCHIP:- AROLINE SCHAEFFER Chieftain Staff Health and Safety Board Decor Board Swim Team 0057215 Senior Council MARGARET SCHAUB Lower Division Board Student Service Debate Club 1? O0 'Q ENNETH SCHIFF ROBERT SCHLESINGER LORAINE SCHMIDT CAROL SCHNEIDER MARGARET SCHONFIELD ALAN SCHREIBMAN Mawandas Friendship Board Red Cross Board Athletics Board Student Council G.A.A. Cabinet Golf Team VALERIE SEAVER EDWARD SEDGWICK GARY SEPULVEDA JOHN SEQUEIRA DARLENE SERNA MARIA SEVILLA Health and Safely Board Chieftain Staff Kandahars Student Service MADELYN SHELHAMER JBA SHADDOCK RICHARD SHAPIRO Suitable Dress Board DAVID SHEPARD ecor Board JERALD SHAPIRO Lower Division Board Chairman Activities Board XL Board R.O.T.C. Biology Club DENNIS SHEBEL Mawandas Secretary Chieftain Stafi pn I DY SHERMAN LA, 52 LAWRENCE Ephebian Sealbearer -15 Q 1-f SHERWIN CARRIE SHIBA RAYMOND SHICK BERNARD SHIFFMAN KEN SHINTAKU Friendship Board Sealbearer G,A,A, UCLA Honors Program 'W LEE SIGFORD STEPHEN SILBERT Amateur Radio Club Sealbearer BARBARA SHY JOHN SICILIANO Physical Science Club Varsity Swim Team ANDREW SIMMONDS STEVEN SIMMONS CHRIS SIMONS ROGER SIMONS LAURIE SINGER DIANE SKEBE FERN SLAVIN SYDNEY SLOAN Recreation Board Student Service Eleventh Grade Council Community Relations Wakiyas Senior Council Board 'F'- IOMAS TREEWATER KIM SLOAT JACK SMALL BRENDA SMITH GRANT SMITH SHARON SMITH 9 Club President Varsity Track Debate Club Senior Council itable Dress Board Senior Council Drill Team ELIZABETH SOTO G.A.A. Treasurer WAYNE SNYDER Lettergirls' Club SHEILA SMITH KATHLEEN SMURAWSKI Boosters DONNA SOLOMON SUZI SORRELLS Vice President L7 DOUGLAS SOUTHERN EDWARD SPANDAU Boys' Club Representative Community Relations Boosters Commissioner Chieftain Associate Editor AUDREY SPEAR Mawandas Suitable Dress Board Co-Chairman DAVID SPENCER JOHN SPIETH ANDREW SPILKER SlUde"f CO'-'mill Lower Division Board Health and Safety Board Bgqfd of Elecfio,-,S 53 kt? SUE STEVENS RONNIE SPRINGER Student Service Board DEAN ST. CLAIR Track Team "QI" Knights wzffv eg-Q HERBERT STEWART B12 Class Vice President 'Wyfi Track Team PAULETTE ST. PIERRE F.B.L.A, G.A.A, ROBERT STEWART R.O.T.C, PAULINE ST. PIERRE G.A.A. F.B,L,A. LANA STOLEROFF RICHARD STOLEE BARBARA STOLLER JUDITH STONE G,A.A. A Cappella Choir Natomas Decor Board Lettergirl Student Council Suitable Dress Board MARJORIE STOLTZ Drill Team CHARLES STEELE T- ' Chief Justice Commissioners' Board R.CHARD STEELE UCLA Honors Program Student Court STEVEN STRAUSS JACK STRECKEWALD SALLY STRONG STEPHANIE STROUD SHELLI SUNSHINE WILLIAM STEINBERG Knights Senior Council Tenth Grade Council Honor Service Board Senior Council Senior Council Walriyas Stage Crew JSERT SWEEN SHELDON SWICKARD evenfh Grade Council Amateur Radio Club TODD TANNER THEODORE TARANOVSKI rnior Council Boosfers Gall Team Sealbearer JODY TAYLOR USAN TAYLOR BETTY TENENBAUM PATRICIA THALL ANNETTE THOMAS phebian Honor Service Board Chieffain Staff Eleventh Grade Council lealfh and Safely Senior Council Display Board G.A.A. Board Commissioner GERALD THOMAS '62 tru SANDRA THOMAS CARRELI. THOMPSON JAMES THOMPSON SUSAN THOMPSON 'Iealfh and Safety Board Sfudenf Council School Play Senior Council B Football Dionysidrvs PAUL TIFFANY DIANE TINCKNELL Sealbearer Make Up Sfaff UDY THROSSEL Band Boosfers RONALD TINKHAM i TERRY THOMPSON G.A.A. Cheerleader Sfuclenf Council MARY TOOKER Sfudenf Service Boosfers DON TRYON KITTY TYTLER Chieffain Staff Design and Publicify Board Co-Chairman EEMI LIE UMANN School Plays Boosfers ANNE UTLEY F.T.A. G.A.A, JUDITH VALENTINE TEPHAN TOW LOUISE TRATTNER LEE TROXEL TERI TRUCANO 'arsily Tennis Sfudenf Council Band PAL B0Ufd fudenf Council Senior Council Recreation Board Library PVQCHCH JACK TUCKER Spanish Club Treasurer EDWARD VANDEGRIFT R.O.T.C. Senior Council PAT VAN HEULE ATHERINE VAN TUWEN LEE VENEKLASEN DIANE VILLA 3tl10l-H1011 V JONATHAN CAROLE VAUGHN Kandahar President Tenth Grade Council TED VOSS urls League President VANNERSON G.A.A. Planning Board Honor Service Board C.S.F. 6 lf , . . S- IUCE WAGNER JOHN WALKEY DIANE WALLACE MICHAEL WALSH HELGA WALTER KAREN WALTER Student Council Varsity Baseball Health and Safety Board Tenth Grade Council Senior Council Wakiyas MEICHING WANG WILLIAM WARD POPPY WARREN WENDY WASHBURN MARIAN WASSERMAN ALEX WAUGH Mawandas Student Council Scholarship Board PAL Board Knights Honor Service Board Student Service Student Service Board Student Service B.L. Board of Hearing XRTHA WEBB JOHN WEBBER SANDY WEINSTEIN CAROLE ANN WEISS DENNIS WELLS 'tool Plays Cross-Country Team Publicity Commissioner Senior Council Varsity Football AA. Letterman JERRY WEIN Mawandas Health and Salety Board Varsity Swim Team iffff fx, ,- :GS 6. 'Q' EN WERKSMAN CAROL WESTIN PAULINE WHATLEY JANICE WHITE JUDITH WHITE ANTHONY WHITE Mawandas Varsity Swim Team Honor Service Board 56 ANNE WIEMAN GENE WILLEN DAVID WILLIAMS Eleventh Grade Council B Football A12 Class Vice President DON WHITEHEAD Honor Service Board SPENCER WILEY Student Service Squire President MICHELLE WILLIAMS Q, Lwfx wr 1 S I LINDA WILLIAMSON YVONNE WISEMAN SHANNA WORTHY JAMES WRIGHT JAMES YAGI SUSAN YATES C.S,F. Stage Crew G.A.A. R.O.T.C. B Football Health and Safety Board Spanish Club F.H.A. Stage Crew .Senior Council buf gn-'ff SIDA YEAGER ROY YONEDA CLARA YORKER Jdent Service .lr Red Cross Board Prom Committee DOUG YOUNG JULIE YOUNG KARIN YOUNG WILLIAM YULE ALAN ZEKLEY Head Cheerleader Girl of the Month Student Council Student Council J.V. Cross-Country Swim Team JOHN YOUNG Suitable Dress Board Senior Council Senior Council Chieftain Staff CAROL ZELONKA DENNIS ZEPP REX ZIDE ARLENE ZIMMELMAN MELANIE ZIMMERMAN SONIA ZIPPERMAN Mawandas Activities Board Annual Illustration Class Senior Council C,S,F, Tenth Grade Council Prom Committee Recreation Board 57 Stephen Burian Larry Gonzales Roland Abrege John Ahlt James Barton Theodore Benglen Peter Brill Richard Brodie Harold Compton Frank Cook Stephen Drake Alan Dunn Barbara Finch Peter Garrison Jerry Haile CARIBBEAN CAMERA SHY Felicia Hance David Kasday Santord Ladd Jerry Levinson Kenneth Matsunaga David Podryski Douglas Renton John Rich John Roze Edward Schwartz Dale Seybold Russell Shipp Robert Prucher Priscilla Talamantez Barbara Troutman John Van Cott Oscar Villasenor Dennis Virkler Leonard White Timothy Wingard Martin Wolpert Steven Aaronson Ronald Alwag Benedict Arnorelli Stephen Barnard Kathleen Barry Robert Bass Marianna Beals Frank Berberich Mark Bernstein Michael Birnkrant George Boettcher Helen Bolte Patricia Bonner Paul Bowinkel Bruce Boyer Ronald Bray Stephen Brenot Robert Brooks Cecil Brown Brian Bruderlin Bruce Buckingham Steven Burger David Canales Fredric Chuckovich George Clark Bruce Cole Julie Collins Charles Cullian Jim Cummings Donald Darling Ronald Darr Carol Davis Eugene Davis Richard Doyle Frank DuPoint Bruce Eby John Edmunds Cary Eurist Patricia Fadden Thomas Flanigan Kirk Freyermuth Annette Funicello Frank Gaskill Michael Gaylord Rich Gibbons ELYSIAN CAMERA SHY Jill Gibson Del Gransee Nancy Guillou Ralph Hansen Lynda Harris Marshall l-larris Richard Hauck Anne Heald Michael Hecht Sandra Heinemann Robert Henn Jettery Hensley Betsy l-loetler Barbara Holland Frederick Hollander Robert Humphrys Jon Jergenson Steven Kaner Joseph Kelner Hoyt Klinck Barbara Knickerbocker Jettrey Kreis l-litomi Kuwabara Renee Lamoureux Thomas Levin Marcia Malby Maureen Mahoney Russell Martin Wayne Maxted Michael McGarrey William McKeever Michael Menkin Allen Miller Mary Mounts Judith Ogens Paul Palmer Richard Peterson Yvonne Piade Charles Plotkin Margaret Regan Patricia Rice Daniel Rogers William Ross Patricia Ruckert Harold Schwartz Dale Seybold Gerald Sheehan Richard Shumsky Augustine Sinkys Roland Smith Judy Spiegelman Alan Spievak Edward Stanton Stephen Sweetland David Tashiro May Tsushima Dennis Turner Gina Valakos Cornelius Van Zeyl Dennis Virkler Reva Wallingford Douglas Wasson Lisa Welborn Dianne Whitaker David Wild Sheila Ziegler sw, Mrs. Noncy Deloney 1 In appreciation ot the sincere guidance and sup- port given this year to the seniors, the Caribbeans and Elysians thank Mrs, Delaney, Mrs. Quint, Mrs. Reynolds, and Mr. Spaeter, the senior sponsors. Their equable advice and the many hours devoted to the successful senior activities certainly contributed to the development ot spirit, ambition, and promising futures displayed by many of the l96O graduates. senior sponsors Mrs. lsobel Quint Mrs. Elizabeth Reynolds Mr, Willigm Spgefer 59 O I 1 x 1 D 1000 uh? 'O' U. ,s,-.qc ' U ,.,op..o! . H vn"flOl.' if vnu fin' . .. . .-:-1-:g.s . aqg ,,:.a:. I gf! Z- . . A.-,'s s U.. . ion n U-,N X' 0 .424 ,fo 'c ,O 'lo',u ...LJ 1 -v -.',0o. ,M . 'u ,, I' ,v ag Q , U . 'f - I,-. 4 . - on., , .. 5 .. D' u u pf'- , 4 gn ..,. 'A ' 4 -- 0 OPI. I . . g.. .' - 01 C ' Q ' 5 C I 1 . -. . . 9 0 , . . . . . , . 5. :.-31353-.., - 'J : '.' ' I , ,, . . . , u I ' ? I::'. EIL. ,'! , -.,' 1-. :Q-.',,-!.'gg:,..1,..--, ., ,.,:, 5- .- . -1'r-Eg:.gfI::5-.:-.,- - i ' .- --f::g:..-g.'g,-.3 ,V-:I-:,'.1gr:--.v x . -- .1 Zg2':z2:gg:g:,"ff:::. u 'r-'.'.'-"5 "0 ' , M -,-an-.-C-5... 0 ' '5'1f- - 'ETH . .-.eff 5-, Q 0 -.1-.lf . -'-2-5 -':.1 . , 3 " -2411.1-1' ".f 01:1 : 1 ::'f:1'F-'Y 5:1 'F-'-1 "3 -Z' -. ' .' -f. --'.','fC."f'f'.',',711'-.3 :jf-T: . , ,'. 5f-1-- ::.-:1-1:4-.--gg x -3- - ...ln .,:,.: .:.-, . ' 3vf.'lf1:f.r.,.'.,:'i:132- -,:1f,l.g- JI- 1Xk-,-:!5'.'- 5' 25-.3 - tj Q P ' ' .. 'e1f:'1f2-fr:'f:a-1z.'- 1 -Lf .ua 116 xl.-..1U.:... 4 ,Ja ' ' ' .7'.' f?:,1-5216:-:'5ifrfQ:f.' . ,- . -LZ.. ,,-...- -I 1 ' 1' -5' 1:.5f,' .,-:ff.z5'l I! '-2 W' ZIQ3-,pu-'f:1s552 .zglih ,'. I. ,uf-.--.-,..3. A -1- . -. ' .-.,: e..-1t"l7:':'-1345s1.- -uf:5.,5',Q11-iglzt.: . 2 . -s 1 .,1E:g'I::.g-gf.: ,!':',1E:.: ' 2:-I S1521-':t'ii-134 ' '-'kdlhi ' ' ffsfx fifing .4 af :af 32 4-A 'F , ,T if sg!r,13'! ' bi 2' ' a- u W. Ruta, ' YJN Wh .u'q:??, E 5 "'E , 3 ' 'lr ' 5 . . -5, - - . . .W ' i'f1mf5v 5 . 'y I r xl! Jw 119 N.Nq 'I R p- . - 'fb 1 ' Y vu!-LJ? ' J 1 ig .,a-Vlilt ig I"-s-tvprldorcvn-1-v""""'h E: 72 f H .f 2 ' 1f W4KIYA5aQ if e ea , Rx ans, pnnf'-A lf" g js' 'MN-L. .Hunk Nea.: ..,.n-xv .. 1 -uhh Nnwnuaznsnnd .iii E 1 :Imm,,y,3v,5w4y,al0:ttUl28IAQl10'Jd1lA'4-'0' X! HS UNI students provide ED GERMAIN LINDA PARLETTE BOB BERK Fall Associated Students' President Fall Girls' League President Fall Boys' League President flu. an , , ff E Q A ' C A K , sy WF, t ne w fy 'so' X M U , U in O Cx ee -4 ' "ff!fi!5?!,f,y' JANICE YORITSUNE SUE ROBEY CHUCK STEELE he :agus Student Body Student Body Chief Justice ,T Lx ,tiff f,jl5 Treasurer Secretary l Url' DAVE GOSHERT ROSS SHOEMAKER DICK HOWE Commissioner of Commissioner of Commissioner of Community Relations Athletics Scholarship A: 'q.-,ug h 0 .. X ., 9 -ex Q '93 E K Q Q r Q li L ' A ' I' -L 5 f, I it K, Alf? TONY ROTH DOUG HART SUE TAYLOR LESLIE FALICK ANN HALLATT SALLY ASHE Commissioner of Commissioner of Commissioner of Commissioner of Commissioner of Commissioner of Student Service Recreation Health and Safety Publications Publicity Elggfiong unequaled leadership e.-14' ROGER ERHLICH KATHY VAN LEEUWEN LINDA PARLETTE Spring Boys' League President Spring Girls' League President Spring Associated Students' President , r iss sf DICK HOWE JERRY REKERS ED SPANDAU Commissioner of Commissioner ot Commissioner ot Scholarship Athletics Community Relations TONY ROTH SUE ROBEY SHERRY GRUVER Chief Justice Student Body Student Body Secretary Treasurer ...-1, Q ss JEAN DRUMM SANDY WEINSTEIN NANCY LEVY ELAINE HEARST MARGARET YASUDA BILL KRAUCH Commissioner of Commissioner of Commissioner of Commissioner ot Commissioner ot Commissioner of Elections Publicity Publications Health and Safety Recreation Student Service FALL SCHOLARSHIP BOARD BoHom row: E Borden, C Wollman, D. Rome, B Berk, D. Howe, Howard, A. Harman, S. Silbert, top row: P Confrser, T. Howe, Kaplan, P Hall, S. Papel J FALL BOARD OF ELECTIONS Bottom row: B. Kohn, C. Brown, C, Bear, J. Rubens, S. Ashe M. Spitzer, P, Robson, H. Zealand, M. Morgar- top row: L Hrga. J. Frank, J. Means D. Hoag T. Beyer, J Kalmrck J Cohen 64 FALL BOARD OF ATHLETICS Bottom row: F. Sherwood, J. Ritter, R. Shoemaker, J. Barloeris, H. Stein S. Stagman, K. Sloat, second row: P. Alpert, S, Jaffe, R. Thompson, J Cvidlow, B. Kamins, C, Marks, Icp row: A. Harris, D. Williams, J Rekers, G. Bushnell, B. Cann FALL BOYS' LEAGUE BOARD OF PUBLIC RELATIONS D, Wells, P. Jordan, P. Castillo, A. Neuls, C. Bliss FALL BOARD OF HEALTH AND SAFETY Bottom row: S. Scheinman, J. Cooper, R. Florence, J. Friedman, S Taylor, C. Weiss, S, Helm, M. M:Donald, second row: S. Thomas, N Hockett, M. Goldsmith, D. Spencer, S, Golclberger, S. Balogh, R, Hock- enloerg, top row: J. Levine, M, Pirosh, D. Dangerield, J. Gage, C Johnson FALL BOARD OF COMMUNITY RELATIONS Bottom row: B. Bullock, R. Gosherf, D. Gosherf, D. Savage, J. Udkoff, B. Kafka, M. Rich, second row: K. Boehr, A. Pardee, G. Kimball, J. Aigner, J. Hillman, E. Spandau, S. Elder, top row: M. James, T. Barra, J. Turner, L. Singer FALL BOARD OF RECREATION Boftorn row: K. Alrfeld, S. Sidy, B. Cody, A. Korengold, R. Feiger, J. Kline, J. Zalk, S. Gruver, P. Brandchafr, S. Fields, T. Esling, second row: D. Okura, M. Yasuda, C. Bamberger, P. Luske, B. Pollock, S. Doriss, B. Jaffe, D. Abrams, S. Jacobs, Icp row: C. Safer, F. Covvdrey, T. Ellis, J. Prirkin, D. Horl, M. Hayes, N. Howe, B. Payne, S. Hess FALL PUBLICITY BOARD B. Fishman, J. Robinson, L. Meyrovviiz, M. Friedman, S. Feybush, J. Painier FALL BOARD OF PUBLICATIONS M. Davis, J. Girrelrnan, F, Fielding, L. Harnner, L. Brown, V. Older xl FALL BOARD OF STUDENT SERVICE Boitom row: J. Wagner, N. Rosenberg, C. Hammock, G. Kaplan, P. Mason, T. Roth, V. Singer, S. Ross, M. Casseres, E. Tominaga, second row: M. Laykin, M. Freiheifer, J. Duke, D. Shaw, A. Spilker, E. Good- rnon, A. lge, R. Buerk, third row: W. Krone, P. Goodcile, I-I. Vogel, J. Bariman, P. Wheatley, T. Linton, M. Cirlin, top row: N. Hirsch, L. Kaderli, C. Cooper, L. Orfiz, L, Stern 65 SPRING SCHOLARSHIP BOARD Bottom row: K Kis1Ier, M. McDonald, D. Howe, C. Wo'fnmn, A. Har- 'TWOVL R' KOPIUH: top row: B. Stein, B. Lindenberg, B Hall, R. Rosin, J. Cropsey SPRING BOARD OF ATHLETICS Bottom row: K. Sloat, C. Forshee, B. Karnins, J. Barberis, S. Axeirad, J. Vannerson, T. Esling, S. Sfagman, S. Jofte, second row: R. Fox, A. Schreibman, G. Koppel, S. Friedman, M. Nisenson, P. WheatIey, M. Walsh, J. Rekers, top row: S. Mepherson, J. Steiner, J. Addicott, B. Venuble, B. Finkle, D. Abrams, D. Jennings SPRING BOARD OF ELECTIONS Bottom row: K. Freyerrnurn, K. Pecsak, N. Hirsch, J. Zalk, M. Shel- namer, L. Greenberg, J. Dramm, S. Helm, D. Cornwall, S. Fields, J. Kalmickg top row: J. Cohen, M. Laykin, P. Edgert, M. Hoel, R. Howard. B. Graves, S. Jamieson. D. Hoag, R Pafferson G. Serna 66 SPRING BOARD OF PUBLIC RELATIONS Bottom row: S. Curry, D. Willson, C. Muchnick, J. Vannerson, A. Lev inson, top row: B. Berger, J. Myers, S. Galbreath SPRING BOARD OF HEALTH AND SAFETY Bottom row: J. Burns, M. Honnen, W. Krone, S. Dernerjan, E. Hearst L. Falick, C. Hamilton, C. Zelonka, S. Gelb, S. Yates, top row: C. Barra R. Baron, D. Rosengarren, C. Frisch, D. Spencer, S. Thomas, P. Dewlfmirst T. Peasley, W. Sanborn SPRING BOARD OF PUBLICATIONS Bottom row: N. Levy, D. Howarcl, B. Owen, P. Freeman, V. Singer, top row: S. Leipzig, L. Friedman, S. Roed SPRING BOARD OF COMMUNITY RELATIONS Bottom row: J. Gray, L. Harnislw, B. Berk, M. Leslwin, P. Robson, E. Soandau, J. Levy, J. Gorslwow, L. Jones, A. Hovey, top row: S. Strauss, L. Rose, G. Abrams, A. Vizcarronalo, B. Roscia, J, Meyers, S. Brown, 3. Watanabe, J, Miller SPRING BOARD OF RECREATION Bottom row: P. Luske, V. Webster, A. Hatton, G. Aronson, P. Brancl zbatt, M. Yasuda, M. Sclwenck, B. Martinson, V. Schaeffer, L. Graham second row: C. Barnberger, L. Okubo, A. Garcia, A. Maltoram, B. Pollack, S. Frazier, S. Sidv, B. Hogan, C. Snow, top row: M. Guild J. Kroot, F. Best, B. Conn, D. Savage, D. Goshert, D. Fox SPRING PUBLICITY BOARD Bottom row: A. Neuman, G. Grant, S. Weinstein, S. McGowan, J. Hill- man, top row: R. Salter, D. Benner, H. Hoeffcling SPRING BOARD OF STUDENT SERVICE Bottom row: A. Grant, M. Rosenberg, P. Mason, M. Jorgensen, B Krauclt, J. Salisbury, L. Mock, S. Friedman, second row: R. Springer C. Quinn, K. Butler, K. Abbott, S. Kamm, H. Vogelg top row: M, Cirlin K. Adashelc, R. Rescb 67 Q- A! if ""'4 'li FALL DISPLAY BOARD Bottom row: D. Holdeman, S. Dorfmon, B. Stoller, C. Snow, C. Frisch, J. Salisbury, E. Kositchek, l. Dugow, top row: V. Nivens, B. Hogan, J. Prew, S. Rapaport, K. Webb, P. Klein, L, Erhardt, S, Schaefer, J. Groy FALL FRIENDSHIP BOARD Bottom row: A. Shipley, J. Gorshovv, V. Gold, S. Hyman, L. Jones, L. Greenberg, P. Roston, F. Grayson, S. Kerton, P. Grossman, second row. G. Koshimtzo, A. Vizcarrondo, D. Crummett, S. Sehestecl, V. Erteszek, M. Zellmon, P. Lyon, L. Schuster, T. Kiyonof top row: J, Drumm, J. Boker, J. McDowell, G, Troxler, P. May, R. Palmer, L. Lottin, K. Kistler, M. Normonclin 68 I FALL BOARD OF DECOR Bottom row: C. Leventis, K. Miller, L. Olcubo, K. Mautner, B. Fiadis S. Matsumoto, T. Kurokowa, N. Menzies, top row: K. Pecsok, B Colwell, M. Jorgensen, L. Merrin, P. Lewis, C. Crundall, P. Smith A. Patterson FALL BOARD OF DESIGN AND PUBLICITY Bottom row: L. Friedman, N. Forman, L. Lacey, J. Jameson, S. Wein- stein, K. Tytler, L. Gottlieb, S. Seibert, top row: J. Rogers, P. Groy, J. Liebovvitz, P. Delameter, S. Bennici, C. Broun, G. Johnston, D. Shropshire FALL HONOR SERVICE BOARD Bottom row: C. Westin, R. Rubin, A. Thomas, D. Villa, S. Ritland, B. Brazier, J. Buckles, N. Hargreaves, S. Jamieson, second row: K. Fuhr, D. Gruner, D. Fine, E. Armstrong, M. Hess, B. Tenenboum, S. Lucier, M- Wong, top row: L. Byloee, J. Burns, J. Peer, T. Higgins, J. Crawford M. Schenck, R. Guest FALL HOSTESS BOARD H.. ,... .. . B. Ross, A. Gresham, S. Miller, M. Herzel, M. Becker, L. Sobel, C. Rose, J. Chanpagne, C. Koke, top row: M. Guss, J. Ireland, S. Moss, S. Johnson, J. Vandegrift, R. Sloane, M. Cohan FALL JUNIOR RED CROSS Bottom row: P. Parmenter, A. Garcia, M, Baker, E. Hearst, G. Aron- son, K. Russell, E. Consolazio, M. Anderson, second row: S. Kitsuse, S. Greenberg, B. Hearsh, A, Bushard, D. Takeuchi, L. Moody, top row: L. Hurst, L. Hurst, S. Garrett, D. Luster FALL SUITABLE DRESS BOARD Bottom row: S. Nathanson, J. Lockridge, D. Murray, A. Spear, M Shelhomer, J. Rubins, J. Martin, top row: K. Lewis, S, Ball, J. Brann, J. Addicort, B. Taylor FALL PAL BOARD Bottom row: J. Alcala, D. Kerr, N. Andresen, J. Lindley, P. Grossman K. Miller, K. Ellsworth, L. Lattin, N, Arnold, second row: S. Letzkus A. Schechner, S. Neukirchner, J. Russell, S. Goldsmith, H. Kuwabara I. Mori, top row: K. Haas, L. Wolft, J. Pooley, J. Hogan, M. Spievak C. Bronnan I I N-g spring girls' GIRLS' LEAGUE Decorating bulletin boards, maintaining dress standards, setting proper behavior standards, hos- tessing, and providing en- SPRING BOARD OF DECOR Bottom row: P. Nutt, L. Eisenboch, N. Menzies, J. Chompogne, A. Smith, C. Hewitt, top row: C. Crundoll, L. Merrin, J. Soboroft, P. Dovis, T. Boker SPRING BOARD OF DESIGN AND PUBLICITY Bottom row: S. Jomison, S. Bennici, J. Rubens, P. Gruy, K. Nilsson, top row: V. Erleszek, J. Moix, N. Cooper, K, Hoflberg SPRING DISPLAY BOARD Bottom row: C. Booth, L. Tonke, S. Dorfmon, R. Feiger, J. Gittelmon, A, Korengold, top row: S. Hutchins, S, lrmler, J. Russell, S. Doriss, S. Morse SPRING FRIENDSHIP BOARD Bottom row: H. Zeolond, T. Kurokowo, S. Kitsuse, J. Johnson, C. Beaver, L. Gerpheide, R. Sloone, L. Williorns, K. Horper, L. Lotting top row: C. White, J. Bortmcn, J. Jacoby, J, Prew, G. Coulson, G. Kosrimizu, T. Kiyono, N. Arnold league boards BoARos. uisuoue tertaining assemblies in- clude some ot the activi- ties which make the Girls' Leaque Boards strong and unified. l l SPRING SUITABLE DRESS BOARD Bottom row: C. Bear, A, Speor, S. Nathanson, J. Greenwald, J. Buckles E. Newman, L. Sobel, A. Pardee, J. Jameson, second row: B, Stoller, B, Bullock, K. Webb, M. Freiheiter, V. Gold, D. Shropshire, D. Best top row: J. Vandegritt, J. Young, G. Beye, G. Johnston, E. Rokaw, R Rubens, M. Kurashita SPRING HONOR SERVICE BOARD Bottom row: P. Davis, M. Davis, F. Grayson, B. Tenenbaurn, R. Rubin, M. Lynn, K. Fuhr, M. Goldsmith, C. Goodson, J. Prew, second row: S. Anderson, M. Davison, E. Armstrong, C. Westin, B. Horn, R. Guest, D. Uchida, B, Soto, top row: J. Mayeda, S. Ritland, T. Higgins, S. Stroud, N. Hockett, J. Levine SPRING HOSTESS BOARD Bottom row: S. Garner, B. Goodole, M. MacKenzie, M. Becker, J. Klein, L. Gottlieb, A. Gresham, top row: D. Cooper, P. Delameter, K. Burstun, S. Livingston, B. Ross SPRING JUNIOR RED CROSS BOARD Bottom row: A. Bayes, D. Watson, S. l-lirshtield, S. Greenberg, J Brothers, B. Edge, J. Olson, top row: S. Reich, S. Bayes, S. White l-l. l-logue, D. Kerr FALL GIRLS' LEAGUE EXECUTIVE CABINET E. Newman, K. Van Leeuwen, P. Head, J. Lariierman, L. ParIeTTe I i i i I- I I l ii 5. LV FALL BOYS' LEAGUE EXECUTIVE CABINET Bottom row: D. Halperin, J. Galbraith, B. Berk, R. Sparks, D, He-rbei, top row: R. Ehlrich, P. Jordan, J. Hassler 72 ,pd 4 'Z FALL GIRLS' LEAGUE CABINET Bowom row: L. Jones, S. Weinstein, M, Shelhamer, L. Parleite, K. Van Leeuvveri, M. Becker, B. Brazier, top row: E. Newman, P. Head, J. Lantermari, C, Frisch, K. Mautner SPRING GIRLS' LEAGUE EXECUTIVE CABINET D, Rome, D. Vincenr, P. Grossman, J. Jenkins, K. Van Leeuwen wr. fi ffkwf SPRING GIRLS' LEAGUE CABINET Bottom row: G. Kimball, S. Nathanson, J. Rubens, K. Van Leeuvven, J. Jenkins, N. Leveson, D. Rome, top row: P. Gross- man, R. Feiger, N. Menzies, D. Vincent, M, Becker, M. Lynn nl SPRING BOYS' LEAGUE EXECUTIVE CABINET Bottom row: B. Finkle, S. Curry, E. Goodman, S. Cockins, top row: J. Wein, L. Sherwin, R. Elwrlick, B. Burns FALL STUDENT COURT Bottom row: B, Wmss, W, Slnlivlno, R, Only, C Slmlv, J El! more, H. Condon, D. Rome, top row: T. Rolla, .J Cu C'-vlrncnn, H. McAl1l1ul FALL GIRLS' LEAGUE BOARD OF HEARING S. Glflln, J. Lonlerrnon, G, Cox, S. Hossen, S, Livingston l d FALL BOYS' LEAGUE BOARD OF HEARING Bortom row: A. Lopez De Arriogo, J. Lufes, K. Kelly, F. Lukoff D. Borr, A. Harmon, M. Birnkronf, R. Meyers, top row: H l-loeflding, E. Goodman, R. Steele, R. Klein, J. Gidlow SPRING GIRLS' LEAGUE BOARD OF HEARING L. Fox. J. Rubens, D. Rome, P. Brondchoft, A. Gresham, K. Goldsmith SPRING STUDENT COURT R. Steele, D. Hart, T. Roth, A. Porclee, A. Hallett- Iop row: S. Andresen, l.. Cohn, C. Steele. D. Goshert, J. Borrmcn WX Q SPRING BOYS' LEAGUE BOARD OF HEARING Bottom row: G. Prowizor, A. Wcugh, S. Stonwyckg Iop row: J. Kreis, P. Aude, H. Kroepelien, M. Birnldom UNI COURTS INTERPRET OUR CONSTITUTION Once again the judicial system, com- posed ot three departments comparable to that of the federal government, did an outstanding job in supporting Uni's Constitution. The Student Court han- dles the major violations while the sub- ordinate courts, the Boys' League and Girls' League Board ot Hearing handle the minor violations and the first of- tenders. M2- L qv u 'I I I ALI FALL BOYS' LEAGUE LOWER DIVISION BOARD Bottom row: P. Doyle, A. Slwabo, R. Sparks, K. Adaslfmek, J. Addlcottg top row: D. Schwab, G. Finkel, G. Metcalf, R. Fox SPRING BOYS' LEAGUE BOARD OF ACTIVITIES Bottom row: D. Shepard, B. Rothenberg, M. Aslwei, E. Goodman, K. Kellogg, H. Horner, second row: B, Furry, M. White, P. Randall, D, Schwab, D. Dangemeld, ,I, Weirf- top row: G May C. Wilson, G. Metcalf 76 CHARLES PLOTKIN President, California Association of Student Councils ANDREA MAHARAM Secretary, California Association of Student Councils BOYS' LEAGUE BOARDS FALL aovs' LEAGUE BOARD or SERVICE Bottom row: D. Brown, M. McDole, R. Anderson, D. Lawrence J. Grodin, G. May, D. Saffroy top row: K. Byler, S. Strauss, D. Fox B. Herbel, L. Sherwin, P. Napavance FALL MAWAN DAS Bottom row: R. Gray, B. Brazier, S. Weinstein, A. Hallatt, J. Lanterman S. Livingston, W. Slattebo, K. Findlay, P. Pann, S. Yahata, M. McDonald S. Helm, second row: K. Pratt, J. Addicott, M. Shelhamer, A. Spear, L. Schmidt, C. Larrecq, J. Rubens, K. Allingham, J. Ellmore, K. Gold smith, P. Stearns, third row: S. Nathanson, A. Maharam, S. Taylor, L. Bunn, S. Hassen, L. Parlette, J. Rubens, M. Edwards, J. Buckles B. Weiss, G. Cox, P. Dewhirst, top row: M. Wang, B. Johansson, S. Ball, K. Von Leeuwen, P. Goodale, J. Jenkins, C. Fritz, S. McGowan S. Giffin, S. Andreson FALL NATOMAS Bottom row: C. Dunlap, B. Hearsh, B. Ross, J. Drumm, L. Okubo, N Menzies, S. Rapaport, second row: L. Jones, P. Luske, L. Sobel, J Jameson, D. Vincent, A. Pardee, M. Lynn, S. Bennici, G. Johnston J. Salisbury, M. Matorian, third row: S. Doriss, K. Pecsok, M. Casseres L. Kaderli, L. Wedlock, J. Blanchard, M. Becker, R. Feiger, A. Gresham C. Chan, B. Goodale, T. Kurokawa, N. Leveson, fourth row: S. Robey G. Kimball, K. Mautner, R. Sloane, B. Smith, J. Yoritsune, E. Torninaga D. Takeuchi, B. Pollack, V. Schaeffer, top row: D. Shropshire, B. Kohn J. Ireland, N. Howe, B. Martinson, P. May, R. Howard, L. Erhardt, M. Minkoff, J. Aigner, C. Brown LAW ENFORCEMENT: TOPS FALL KNIGHTS Bottom row: J. Zallen, J. Ritter, A, Waugh, J. Lampl, M. Pirosh, D. Hart, J. Galbraith, R. Florence, B. Graves, second row: A. Lopez De Arriaga, J. Guben, J. Frank, J. Edmunds, B. Berk, L. Sherwin, J. Hassler, J. Bartman, D. Barr, third row: K. Okubo, C. Plotkin, J. Levinson, T. Roth, M. Lotz, N. Holt, J. Gage, D. Howe, top row: H. McArthur, R. Christianson, J. Vannerson, T. Hersh, S. Strauss, D. St. Clair, T. Roth, E. Germain, S. Curry FALL SQUIRES Bottom row: L. Higa, J. Kroot, R. Goshert, D. Schefter, T. Wood, R. Newman, R. Atlas, H. Stein, D. Grittin, T. Beck, second row: B. Finkle, B. Cann, P. Wheatley, G. Wendelburg, A. Adashek, P. Wexler, D. Watson, E. Greenberg, T. Beyer, third row: R. Lipsy, M. Nisenson, K. Goodman, M. Stevens, K. Boehr, F. Best, M. McDole, D. Halperin, top row: S. Stagman, M. Rich, J. Isaacson, R. Fein, B. Bauer, B. Wald, C. Muchnick, J. Gore, B. Krauch U 'W l ,f J? X J? if FALL YEOMEN Bottom row: J. Kalmick, P. Canan, D. Hoag, P. Doyle, A. Slabo, T, Murdock, P. Miles, J. Miller, second row: J. Stanton, B. Bank, D. Schwab, J. Geissman, S. Stanwyck, A. Zimmelman, J. Klawans, top row: D. Howard, J. Cohen, R. Keeler, D. Levine SPRING KNIGHTS Bovtom row: J Vunne-rson, J Crogsey, S Curry, D. I-lar' K. Okubo J. Putter, E Goodmfm, F Pollw second row: D S' Clam A Waugh D Gaslnerf, B Graves, T. Hersh, D. Howe, D Sol?ro. lop row: B. Yule J GGQ6, J Gullzrravh J B:1rrmon,D Barr, B. Kraucn F3 f3'los SPRING SQUIRES Botiom row: M McD9le, D. Watson, P. Wheatley, R. Goshen, F. Bert, J. Brown, D, Hrrlperln, K. Caron, T. Murdock, second row: B. Bauer f. Muclrnrrk, K l-LOf3lIf, M Enlrn, B. Cann, G. Wendelburg, S. Quick l. llrqvr, lhird row: T Beyer, E. Greenberg, T. Lrnton, S. Sragrnan, T Wood, I bon-, M Slr-vans, J Kroof, top rowa R. Lrpsy, D SchefTer ll lrrrlflr-, J la frvlf 'ron SPRING YEOMEN Bottom row:L OTTUVIZIFZJK R Keeley A, Zrmmelman J Ge ssman B. Suffer G Fnkei D Szrwwno J. Klawons D. Layrne 5. l'43DlC1Vl' 'OP row. 5. I-ISHS Q, 5,-,Cf J gwonas FI. Moe? B. Eresse' Q Resin K, Adosloek I-1 :el""f1 S S'GfTW'rClS 78 I x 1'- SPRING MAWANDAS Bohom row: C. Westun, M. McDonald, S. Helm, J. Rubens, J, Rubens C. Larrecq, J. Yornsune, G. Cox, P. Dowlnrsr, C. Zelonka, second row K. Mrzulner, B, Johansson, M, Vllang, S. Livingston, S. Nclthrlnson, A Mahoram, P. Pann, K. Van Leeuwen, S, Grmn, third row: J. Jflrnoson M. Lynn, M. Kurashna, E. Newman, M. Slrellrarner, B. Bullock, J Mayeda, S. Andreson, S. Boll, C. Frrlz, top row: S. McGowan, A. Sperm E. Hearst, L. Parlelte, J. Jenkrns, P. Goadole, J. Buckles, R. Moore K. Golclsmilh SPRING NATOMAS Bolle:-I row: P. Nutr, C. l-lewin, B. Berk, P. May, L. Janes, M. Van Alfa K. Pecsok, P. Grossman, J. Gorshow, L. Laflin, second row: K. Ellsworth S. Dorass, C. Chan, M, Casseres, M. Normansin, B. Pollack, B. l-leorsh K. Hoffberg, L. Kaderlr, T. Kurokawa, P. Lyon, N. Menzres, ihird row L. Okubo, D. Okura, L. Graham, L, Eisenbach, G. Abrams, D. Takeuchi L. Schusrer, R. Sloane, R, Palmer, S. Givens, C, Dunlap, top row: T Robinson, S. Kerfon, S. Glvens, M. Freiheiter, G. Koshimrzu, G. Coulson N. Leveson, J. Greenwald, N. Howe, V. SchaefTer, T. Kiyono FALL WAKIYAS Bottom row: S. Kerton, M. Freiheiter, J. Marx, B. Fishman, S. Sasaki, C. Hewitt, P. Nutt, T. Araki, T. Kiyono, second row: M. McGowen, M. Leshin, J. Green- wald, V. Gold, A. Hatton, J. Jacoby, J. Gorshow, S. Givens, top row: S. Reich, C. Gilbert, C. Troie, J. Bartman, A. Bayes, P. Auerback SPRING WAKIYAS Bottom row: F. Schwartz, K. Hunt, S. Strauss, J. Miller, C. Bartley, B. Cochran, B. Hyland, J. Lakes, M. Darling, second row: L. Brodie, T. Wasserberger, C. Blackwell, A. LaMont, K. Mueller, R. Rubens. S. Ginsberg, K. Bartholomew, B. Champion, L. Mock, top row: P. Larned, T. Tarrant, P. Kirshbaum, T. Poschin, L. Blanktort, S. Friedman FALL AYITAS Bottom row: L. Mock, V. Laken, D. Reel, S. Strauss, D.HKnego, A. Sher, R. Mahoney, J. Weissman, S. Brown, J. Meyers, S. Furniss, B. Ross, B. Russell, second row: L. Blanktort, K. Greenebaun, L. Seely, S. Mackintosh, T. Altman, J. Searight, B, Saunders, S. Friedman, A. Grant, D, Welch, V. Hirsch, J. Wil! liams, S. Hodge, M. Rekers, third row: D. Dietz, B. Champion, C. Clark, H. Rolf, H. Hoel, P. Steele, C. Crane, J. M:Wethy, P. Torgrimson, L. Lamken, L. Rubin, M. Clapp, M. Crater, K. Finlay, S. Hutt, fourth row: B. Roscia, L. Zeuner, K. Burns, R. Gordon, S. Carp, C. Davis, L. Ross, J. Fleishman, T. Tarrant, S. Hadel, S. Taroey, top row: M. Burian, C. Winium, E. Davie, J. Steele, A. Gommel, J. Sigal, D. Gerow, P. Cox, J. Miranda, M. Schoenbrun FALL AYITAS Bottom row: U. Scott, J. Metzler, C. Benner, J. Tronvig, J. Prew, K. Mueller, J. Isaacson, J. Miller, B. Fain, B. Levitt, R. Rubens, M. Carson, second row: M. Beye, E. Williams, M. Maharam, S. Watts, K. Layton, B. Dunitz, B. Hyland, J. Levy, M. Dean, B. Raisin, C. Booth, B. Bergman, G. Blav, third row: C. Blackwell, S. Nickel, S. Fuller, B. Shield, A. Dinneen, L. Colebourn, E. Wultke, M. Shieft, L. Lane, K. Bland, L. Brodie, S. Loring, M. Holmes, fourth row: M. Luyken, C. Denke, B. Mayhard, J. Cole, N. Holott, B. Cochran, J. Heald, C. Bartley, K. Hunt, J. Burns, M. Peitzke, C. Greenfield, J. Lakes, S. Frazier, top row: J. Lengyel, N. Keeney, L. St. Clair, R. Dickerson, S. Thomas, J. Evers, P. Kirshbaum, T. Poschin, M. Rosenberg, S. Ginsberg, V. Miranda SPRING AYITAS Bottom row: M. Crater, J. Levy, N. Napeer, N. Holott, N. Keeney M. Kramer C. Carlson, S. Commons, C. Wigton, H. Hawes, G. Hirsch, M. Walker Y. Kitahara, second row: S. Jamison, S. Loring, L. Bloch, K. Kazich, L. Gaud- ghir, B. Saunders, N. Schneider, S. Stantield, R. Gordon, G. Blate, W. Stark K. Gerber, J. Delameter, S. Avila, C. Ball, K. Boas, third row: S. Gertz C. Lachman, V. Feigl, X. Schaeffer, B. Gelb, D. Wetteland, L. Stern, H. Levy E. Block, E. Gierson, T. Bernstein, L. Hada, C. Neima, S. Stock, L. St. Clair M. Holmes, fourth row: L. Seely, M. Maharam, R. Halmen, P. Jones, L. Reiss K. Finlay, P. Dauber, D. Gerow, A. Goldy, J. Campbell, S. Friedman, P. Steele B. Roscia, H. Rolf, P. Kinney, J. Campbell, top row: J. Kellogg, l. Bondermgri N. Whipps, J. Prew, C. Madott, D. Duncan, B. Friedman, M. Braswell D. Burkett, E. Trattner, H. Pittler FALL STUDENT COUNCIL Bottom row: R. Fetger, M. Freihreiter, J. Aurncchio, A Bayes, B. Fishman, E. pl Bmndchoftr HI Mcpleneryl H. Swan' gr Broesgmlel M, Hermmge,-, D, Cerrnain, S. Reich, T. Robinson, L. Hatch, P. Davis, L Schmidt, second row: Sgencerr MI Levin: 'op row: J' Friedman' K' Findlay' J' VUHOI pl Koyullmg. M. Kurasliita, R. Howells, E. Sasaki, V. Gold, L. Ortiz, C. Aronson, J. Gorshow, M. Cliarbourn, A. Korengold, l, Fisenbacli, L. Crash, third row: J. Skoller ham, K. Prc1tt,P. Pann STUDENT COUNCIL Uni's Student Council admirably fulfilled its expectations this year in representing the school. Acting as a liaison between Leadership Class and the student body, Student Council emerged as a vital and efficient organization in the carrying out of its job. Many excellent ideas for the improvement of Unils Student Government came from the Council and the homerooms repre- sented by its members. SPRING STUDENT COUNCIL Bottom row: K. Butler, S. Furniss, S. McGowan, L. Jones, K. Ross, B. Furby, C. Pichard, S. Buerman, T. Robinson, A. Hatton, J. Hersh, B. Barton, N Hampson, A. Siegel, second row: M. Collins, S. Linderbarrn, R. Kaplan, L. Harris, N. Blanc, S. Fox, D. Spencer, O. Rau, T. Kronman, P. Delate, L. Cohn B. Gilbert, B. Champion, B. Goodale, C. Goodson, third row: S. Sperling, J Garocochea, R. Cooper, J. Mayeda, L. Meyrowitz, P. Luske, A. Pardee, V. Carole, H. Hoeffding, A. Vizcarrondo, B. Dunitz, S. Elliot, S. Sorrels, P. Brand chaft, G. Johnston, S. Elder, J. Klein, D. Bennett, E. Brenner, D. Ragsdale E. Lennar, fourth row: B. Sattler, H. May, D. Smith, G. Shefield, J. Kincaid M. McDonald, S. Eddy, B. Kamins, B. Bank, K. Ellsworth, S. Holden, M. Chil berg, H. Attwooll, L. Delate, C. McConkey, S. Lederine, H. Braun, J. Heu mann, S. Kamrn, top row: M. White, B. Reinert, C. Thompson, S. Akins, F Lukoff, N. Holt, D. Huclcs, D. Goshert, J. Galbraith, F. Schilt, B. Riegert, M Nettels, D. Dunn, T. Wood Sl naiures 1' Q . 1, S L! L? ,ff qv :J ! ,4.. I' 4: , :- 'J ,I . 'iN T Nw- E I f u i fi KX If X! X N : O ig tune oui ' for fun '- ' , Y rr X I WJ K.. nf' ...x V A .IX 1'- X f L 2 1 Q , : '-1 . .... 1 -'- -- ' X. Q Q 5 ff 1 i A High-Spirited Cbeerleoder NOVEMBER l l-C.S.F. Assembly I6-Report Card Day I8-Boys' League Assembly-GL. Activity 25-Senior Field Day DECEMBER l-Three Act Play Drama Class-"Harvey" i I2-Cross Country City Semi-Finals I 6--Christmas Assemblies l8-Alumni Day l l this year at uni SEPTEMBER l4-School Begins 24-G.A.A. Get Acquainted Party 29-Rally for S.A.C. Promoted OCTOBER 2--Unibi Day I6-Milk Bowl Game-Manual Arts here Zl-Exchange Assembly, Fairfax at Uni U N i l M, C l 'af l J :zfwa fi 411645591 1 fm-say , M, fffffrftitf G 4 ffflf 4..4r,f,fJ Big Uni Worrior ond Coocl'1's Little Son lANUARY 4-Nomination Assembly 9-Senior Prom l l-Final Election l5-Girls' League Breakfast l9-Installation Assembly ZO-Fashion Show 22-Z6-Finals Prim oncl Proper A Wonclertul Yeor ot Uni 8 , l 4. l fl Hit! Hi MARCH T! Hit! APRIL I-Luncheon for Girls and Administrators 6-A-I2 Talent Show 8-Band Festival ZI-Play Day at Uni 29-Kiwanis Vocational Conference MAY I7-Presentation of Candidates Assembly I 8-Nominations Assembly 26-Fashion Show 27-Senior Field Day J uz..,m-.Z, . Tug! Tug! Tug! FEBRUARY I-Spring Semester Begins I8-SAC Promotion Rally I9-Noon Movies I-Social Studies Invitational Assembly 3-Senior Panorama Picture I I I-Red Cross Drive ZI-American Field Service Assembly Click! Click! Click! IUNE 2-Band Snow 3-Girls' League Installation Breakfast 4-Senior Prom B-Installation Assembly 9-G.A.A. Awards I 5-Graduation Assembly I 6-Graduation looking at uni through pictures ,YP Every sfifch counts N N-Q1 A A.-...A Boys enioy This Type of draffing Uni's leading Squavvs 3 1 E E Q X3 Don'T spill any Annual fashion show-a 'rreai for Uni's Squavvs Kathy Brown Steve Brown Dave Fox Claire Frisch Bill Katz Margaret K urashita Marv Lotz Kenzo Okubo Laurie Peratis Sandy Roed Mark Sarrow Jill Schalcne John Sequeira David Shepard Ed Spand au Pat Thall Annette Thomas Kitty Tytler Pauline Watanabe Gary Z ekley 'RE CHIEFTAIN EDITORS K Okubo, M Kuraslmta, E. Spandau I 960 Chieftain staff L? 2 CHIEFTAIN STAFF Bottom row: J. Schakne, P. Tholl, Mrs. M. Zumwmklz: lsponsorl, A. Thema P. Watanabe-5 Iop row: M. LOTZ, S. Brown, K. Brown, L, Peratis, K Tytl S. Roed, D. Shepard 5. 55-5 ' ,lv . ANNUAL ILLUSTRATION B H ow: M. Wombough, D. Notorre, B. Knickerbocker, Icp row: S. Of J R ph D. C-051mg WARRIOR EDITORS C. Mann, P. Osborne Bill Bell Bob Caplan .leff Cropsey Leslie Falick Alan Goldhammer Sydney Hamill John Hughes Bill Krauch Penny Levin Nancy Levy Charlesita Mann Robin Moore Pam Osborne Robert Rislcin Cynthia Rosenthal Tony Roth Dick Savage Larry Sherwin I 960 warrior staff Published weekly, the University High School WARRIOR is written and printed in its entirety by students. Headed by Editor-in-Chief Charlesita Mann and Pam "Doris" Osborne, Managing Editor, the staff frequently participates in numerous annual journalism contests throughout the state. With its humorous features, comprehensive news coverage, and exciting sports articles, the WARRIOR is one of the most entertaining high school newspapers in the city. WARRIOR STAFF Bottom row: R, Moore, P. Levin, L. herwin, . humskyg lop row: D. Sav g th I S R S T. Hindin, B. Caplan, C, Rosen a 89 FALL, 12TH GRADE C.S.F. Bottom row: H, Gray, G. Koplon, J. Ritter, F Honce, L. Porlette, D. Howe, S. Popel, S. Silbert A. Spilker, second row: M. Kuroslwito, B. Weiss A. Mohororn, S. Notlwcinson, S. Zippermon, R Freiberg, T. Hersh, J. Golbroith, third row: J Wogner, M. Boker, A. Heold, L. Story, P. Dew- hurst, P. TiFfony, D. White, R. Rosin, top row: J Ellmore, T. Howe, B. Jennings, R. Steele, J Croosey, B. Colernon. fall california scholarship federation FALL, HTH GRADE C.S.F. Bottom row: W, Jonotlton, E. Goodman, B. Pollock, N. Leveson, D. Howe, P. Lyon R. Howoid, L, Lmttin, S, Greenberg, D Tokeuclti, secowd row: L. Higo, K. Moot ner, G. Kintlsoll, M, Nisenson, R. Conviser, B, Bouei, C. Wollmon, D. Rome, C. Muclw nick, K. Boeltr, M. Kogpin, third row: J Brown, B. Finkle, K. Sloat, E. Kulwlmonn D. Eddy, J. Gray, G. Grisby, J. Blonclword top row: E. Borden, M. Cosseres, B. Heorsli J Aigner, M. Yosudo. 35 FALL, 'IOTH GRADE C.S.F. G Sorno, B. Snercw, J, Gold, J. Bortmon, D. ne, A l'lCl7iO'7 T. Kiyono, L. Grohom, J, Greenwold SPRING, 12TH GRADE C.S.F. Bottom row: A. Miller E. Rokaw, C. Zelonka, S. Nathanson J. Jenkins J. Buckles, D. Howe, A Harman, M. McDonald, K. Kistler, P. Dewhirst, G Cox R. Steele: second row: R. Karas, K. Kellogg E. Armstrong, K. Tytfer, M. Kurashita, T. Robin' sen, J. Ritter, C. Jenkins, K. Forney, M. Kievrnan M. Carter, S. Bennaci, A. Thomas, D. Stein, M. Marcus, third row: H. Braun, J. Frank, R. Korman S. Silbert, R. Rosin, J. Cropsey, F. Lukofi, D Griitin R. Koolan, T. Toranovski, B. Shiffmanr top row: J. Cooper, S. Papel, J. Bortman, T Roth, D. Barr, J. Galbraith, L. Sherwin, P. Tiffany, B Jennings T. Howe i spring california scholarship federation SPRING, IOTH GRADE C.S.F. Bottom row: P. Klein, T. Poschin, J. Dratler, S. Langley, B. Raisin, D. Howe, J. Miller, B. High- tand, J. Lakes, V. Williams, M. Rosenberg, S. Friedman, second row: K. Bartholomew, P. Larned, R. Holden, S. Jamison, K. Muller, M. Crater, K. Bottler, J. McKenna, V. Laken, P. Kirshawn, B. Donitz, third row: M. Murry, D. Bergoyne, B. Maynard, C. Blackwell, S, Nickels, T. Tarrant, J. Fleishrnan, M. Burias, H. Tager, D. Shwab, top row: L. Kramer, T. Bearson, M. White, B. Sattler, B. Lindenberg, H. McHenry, R. Heinrich, G. Mount SPRING, IITH GRADE C.S.F. Bottom row: R. Longman, D. Rome, J. Rosenblatt, L. Friedman, S. Greenberg, B. Altar, D. Howe, R. Howard, P. Lyon, J. Gray, G. Grigsby, N. Leveson, C. Dunlap, M, Brodwickp second row: K. Blessing, L. Okubo, L. Graham, S. Jamison, M. Cas- seres, D. Takeuchi, S. Rapaport, M. Jorgen- sen, L. Moody, L. Lcttin, L. Greenberg, L Peratis, C. Wo'lrnan, L. Shumsky, D. Clark G. Sarna, third row: E. Greenberg, E Brenner, M. Minkofi, M. Freiheiter, J Gorshow, J. Bartman, N. Cohen, H. Vogel B. Winstein, B. Kuppin, M. Misenson, L Kahan, top row: P. Mills, R, Conyiser B. Canright, R. Jaeger, T. Beyer, J. Brown W. Jonathan, C. Muchnik, A. Shabo, M Polen, D. Schefier 1 CAFETERIA CASHIERS Bohom row: L. Dollis, R, Ariiluuiso, Icp row: J Mi-ana C, Smilli, D. Prilinquisl, B. Rotlicnlnorg LIBRARY STAFF Bottom row: P. Cunkley, D. Cooper, R. Maschler, C Martinez, T. Trucano, M. Hamilton, M. James, J. Davis L, Singer, second row: J. Gordon, J. Lane. N. Sacks A. Bushard, M, Kurashita, A, Stuart, D. Howard, G Thomas, N. Albert, top row: J. Bollinger, M. Ryan, B McConnell, F. Thoresen, J. Bauermeisfer, C. Hancock Warch those calories! CASSETTES Boffom row: K. Doran, M. Glisson, D. BesT, M. Freilweifer, N. Roseland, E, Hauser, G. Grigsby, Top row: K. Masada, C. Lewis, A. LaMont, D. Def-Joan, M. Boehrne, M. Hayashi F.B.L.A. Botiom row: M. Wedgevvorflrm, J. Ariaz, M. Clapp, J. Davis, N. Sacks, B. Cody, P. Alvarado, second row: H. Marcus, P. Custer, M. Maharam, C. Lightfoot, B. Troufman, J. Dear- born, S. Kawaguchi, L. KcmeI,S.C1reene, top row: T. Barker, B. Grifmh, J. Crawford, F. Poop, D. Cavasmo, M. Williams, J. Scott DEBATE CLUB Bottom row: S. Meyers, B. Affcr, A. Cvoldr1ammer,M. Laykm, top row: B. Shigman, R. Eosin, P. Kleln BOOKROOM STAFF L. Kaderll, J Sequiera, L. Wesfiock, B. Karz, J. Means, L. GofTleib - Q -by f 1 3 RADIO CLUB Bohom row: H. Zollrnnn, S. Kaufman, B. Soles, S. Swanson, R. Boron, J. Puckert, J. Carter, second row: G. Meiccxli D. Andrews, B. Kutl, C. Leuvilt, G. Stahl, G. Krmhrullg Iop row: J. Pnulin, B. Hawkins, J, Scquurercm, .l, Mofms, 8 Kom- D. Mclrtin, B. Korrncln, I, Sigiord FRENCH CLUB Botfom row: P. Tlwoll. L, Meyerwifz, J. Rosenblorr, D. I-Iermon, G. Merfens, B. Wold, J. Zolk, L. Fiechfer, top row: S. Levitt, M. Nisenson, M. Stevens, J. Rudnick, B. I-Ieorsh, J. Gardner 'SQ ., s 1 had SPRING STAMP CLUB B. Bloeser, R. Cohen, R. Korman, J. Taylor ABJWI SPRING SPANISH CLUB Botfom row: D. Vrllo, A. Thomas, E, Goodman, K. Forney, M. Sturzo fop row: P. Worren, F. Fleldxng, J. Hrllmon PHYSICAL SCIENCE CLUB Bohom row: '. Defsons, R. Shapiro, R. Korman, L. Sigford, M. Kupprn, B. Jufiane top row: E-4. Dresron, G. Koppel, P. Rice, F. Schiff, R. Sfaudenrnayer MATH CLUB Bonom row: A-. Mrnfer, M. Enfin, B. Kobashigawa, M, Brodwick, G. Sarna, L. Kohan, P. Conan, M. Kuppin, top row: J. Palmer, L. Higa, K, Marhews, K. Boehr, C. Macnnick, E. Brenner BIOLOGY CLUB Bottom row:D,ScI1roeder,C. Porter, M, Burian, R. Heard, M. Brodwick, B. Kobashigawa, J. Guyrnon, B Kaumeyer, top row: P. Dauber, C, Lachman, R. Opper, G. Kinslev, B. Kepner CREATIVE WRITING Botiom row: D. Bell, P. Brown, V. Nivens, S. Soskin, K. Reirzeng top row: M. Honnen, M. Hayes, A. Waugh, R. Grace Martha Webb Janet Ullman Christopher Cabot Sally Grajeda Harlene Gordon David Kasday John Lees Judy Harriet Steve Lott David Podryski SG ll ll harvey J. Ullman, C, Cabot, D. Podrysku, J. M. Polen, O. Meldy, S. Thompson, F. Ghinossi . l "sabrina air" Bottom row: B. Oser, S. Goldberger, C. Nord, L. Sobel, J. Gray, S. Fuftermcm, M. Webb, G. Grisby, top row: F. Ghinossi, O. Meldy, A. Onriveros, S. Thompson, M. Polen, D, Morrison, S, Lott Boifom row: S. Fufferman, F. Ghinossi, S. Loft, top row: A. On? G y O cl . Meldy, C. Nor Carolyn Quinn Jackie Gray Sue Golclberger Gail Grisby Sue Futterman Owen Melaly Steven M. Lott Martha Webb Mike Polen Alan Ontiveros Carolyn Nord Susan Thompson Donald Morrison Fulvio G hinassi S. Simmons, R. Assoli, M. Walsh, L. Troxel, E. Corter J. Ritter, L. Long L. Coheri, P. LoFleur, T. Horunk, E. Alberts, C. Howard, F. Fisher mAh, come on kids, it's Christmas" 'Com poh, Oom poh" DIONYSIANS FALL DRAMA FESTIVAL WINNERS L. Mock, H. Gordon, S, Fuftermon, W. Lobel Bottom row: C. Quinn, S. Loft, D. Hovvcird, C. Cabot, S. Fufrermon, J. Lees, L. Mock, D. Welch, M. Kramer, second row: B. Shield, C. Bcirley, L. Lone, S. Cohen, K. Miller, K. French, P. Brown, B. Altar, D. Breslow, J. Klein, third row: S. Ronsford, W. Lobel, R. Sloane, H. Hoeffding, F. Sheller, J. Schenkeing top row: G. Blau, O, Meldy, G. Berlonf, N. Blcinc, P. Lieberman GIRLS' GLEE Bottom row: L. Hodo, C. McAbel, R. Rogers, L. Bishop, K. Horthon, S, Bouck, G. Blote, B. Furby, D. Lockey, second row: E. Hurwitz, A. Sexton, N. Borber, J. Delometer, D. Moy, S. Stock, R. Stout, T. Coldwell, R. Dovis, top row: K. Pollett, P. Smith, C. Axelson, L. Stern, B. Biller CHOIR Bottom row: S. Wotermon, L. Wedgeworth, S. Livingston, J. Hersh, P. Fronk, M. Lucos, S. Goldberger, J. Levy, K. Horper, S. Hciren, G. Miller, N. I-lockett, K. Corey, J. Morris, B. Smith, J. Nelson, S. Demerion, N. Horgreoves, R. P. Hockett, W. Hedding, H. Loew, D. Edmunds, D. Krueger, E. Eoskold, M. Rubin, second row: M, Molloy, S. Loring, M. Koszto, third row: F. Sonez, K. Motoison, R. Goskin, J. Delgado, top row: D. Polmquist, D. Hughes, K. Boehr, Komonski, M. Ontiveros, B. Bullock, C. Lorrecq, L. Rodriguez, K. Doran, C. E. Dovis, S. Toshiyuki, E. Pond, S. Berry, S. Boss, T. Robinson, P. Parker, Townsend, P. Pormenter, M. Schenck, P, Lyon, B. Tenenboum, S. Bennici, G. Ashby, T. Dietrich, B. Jensen, S. Sweetlond, T. Jocobellis, R. Stolee, D. D. Rickords, fourth row: A. Hernondez, D. Torchio, J, Buckles, D. Cooper, Binder A CAPPELLA CHOIR AND GIRLS' GLEE Music plays a vital part in young people's lives because it is one of their main sources of entertainment. Though their taste in music tends toward the taster tunes, they will still enjoy and greatly appreciate the lovely pieces sung by Uni's A Cappella Choir and Girls' Glee. Under the leadership ot Edith Provan, the A Cappella Choir brought Uni pub- lic recognition by their broadcasts on KFI radio. Their talented voices also added much to the success of this year's Christmas program. Because the Girls' Glee is a training ground for the choir, many of its fine members will become part of the A Cappella Choir in the future. DANCE BAND Bottom row: P. Devor, J. Laskey, P. Christlieb, M. Hirsch, second row: L. McHairy, C. Sarnis, L. Kearney, D. Haiisman, third row: E. Lennard, A. Shaloo, C. Morgan, R. Nahamoray top row: J. Graham, B. Mc- Donald, T. Robinson ORCHESTRA Bottom row: G. Clark, P. Wheatley, P. Carpenter, J. Valentine, B. Horn, L. Hurst, B. Ross, H. Pitter, R. Holmen, M. Kayser, B. Brisk, S. Thomson, C. Dickey, S. Gierson, second row: M. Deming, G. Kinsley, J. Fowler, C. Levin, M. Zell, G. Tolchin, P. Dunnette, S. Keene, C. Burleigh, M. Johnson, third row: S. Spano, D. Posthumus, B. Heurtl, L. Wheaton, D. Burntord, K. Good- fried, E. Mihalina, S. Feld, M. McDonald, S. Holler, J. Evers, S. Parry, top row: R. Meser, C. Dible, A. Shabo, D. Webster, B. Howard, J. Haiisman, J. Miller, L. Kearny lOl a- , A A. . F 'e , 1 - V .- 1 f X f,,3, f .INV Rr if' ' if 'ex .j 7 41 . A ! 'LS 7 ECS x via , W .frm 1 i.a'fL' O i 5 1 . u K. ' I U t 2 F 4 'Nw M 7 f 14 4, , I 1?ZZf7i ff ,, gf., Z 5 fi ! We f W 4 NX X, 'W M, B Z PS Z -4 IO4 BAND Bottom row: M. Hirsch, T. Miller, D. Dury, A, Wagnet, B.Mar1segis, M. Paige, K. Wolf, J. Miller, third row: J. Kaplan, D. Kahn, B D. Eddy, G. Mount, L. Wheaton, S. Spivak. W. Jonathan, J. Porter, McDonnell, S. Engstrond, J. Vulld, P. Fink, T. Howe, S. Jenkiss B. Kiliz, R. Zide, J. Weiss, K. Seale, C. Dible, M. McDonald, T. Robinson, T. Somut, C. Gerlough, J. Green, P. Heinz, M. Dyer T. Weiseberg, S. Parry, J. Weise, J. Lubitz, G. Vargas, P. Israel, top row: M. Patterson, C. Anderson, D. Tuttle, T. Pearson D. Gerow, S. Mackintosh, second row: P. Devor, J. Jones, J. Gra- S. Gierson, B. Kolb, B. Brisk, B. Cowie, P. Tiffany, B. Bloeser hom, S. Tyler, D. Webster, D. Merrill, A. Harman, A. Slwabo, M. Pauzer, M. Mathison Jay Miller Band Leader vom. Perfect precision . .Mi ivy:--Q Y , 1 DRILL TEAM Bottom row: A. Gowland, D. Murray, second row: V. Montgomery A. Hovey, J. Kline, P. Pann, K. Fuhr, C. Reyes, E. Sandoval, C Westin, L. Bybee, A. lge, C. Kishi, S. Livingston, J. Ellmore, M Wood, K. Lewis, R. Buerk, third row: L. Pearson, R. Carr, S. Sorrells, S. Gruver, P. Brandchatt, J. Skoller, A. Hallatt, S. McGowan, N Cooper, L. Hurst, M. Salot, V. Nivens, K. Tytler, J. LaVine, S. Hirschfield, S. Connick, B. Bullock, S. Johnson, T. Higgins, B Colwell, fourth row: D. Del-laan, K. Findlay, K. Walter, L. Lattin LETTERMAN CLUB Bottom row: G. Ceazan, M. Lotz, D. Oleson, D. Hucks, D. Barr, K. Berry, D. Dunn, S. Parker, H. Stein, second row: S. Hohl, D. Rosengarten, W. Robbins, J. Galbraith, F. Lukoft, J. Webber, D. Goshert, C. Bliss, third row: A. Goodman, M. Hembree, B. Graves, D. Williams, J. Rekers, D. Dordigan, R. Bray, S. Silbert, top row: A. Schwider, M. Guild, J. Bartman, D. Grandi, J. Pettker, N. Montank L. Jones, R. Rogers, J. McDowell, L. Schuster, L. Colvvell, M. Ryan, S. Yahata, K. Van Leeuvven, H. Gordon, A. Neuman, A. Spear, L. Mattison, J. Burns, D. Rickards, S. Ritland, S. Andreson, M. Coker, top row: J. Brann, D. Wallace, P. Davis, S. Weinstein, S. Garner, J. Buckles, P. Goodale, C. Fritz, K. Pratt, A. Gresham, J. Jenkins, M. Hess, L. Hatch, P. Holland, K. Martin, A. Patterson, C. Johnson, S. Bloeser KANDAHARS Bottom row: M. Gelman, L. Reese, B. Hyman, A. Grant, P. Torgrimson, J. Marx, D. Schwab, L. Veneklasen, A. Miller, J. Turner, L. Sher, K. Spencer, A. Sher, D. Coe, J. Wilson, second row: R. Keech, K. Findley, S. Silbert, N. Holoft B. Aldar, A. Seigal, J. Rubens, T. Malpezzi, S. Miller, T. Barra, C. Carfonio, P. Hutton, B. Mason, S. Schlon, M Maharam, R. Karas, R. Steele, third row: B. Brann, S Strauss, J. Kellogg, J. Delemeter, D. Wolf, J. Evers, N Schneider, M. Crator, C. Bartley, S. Morse, J. Vandergritt M. Murray, K. Cossack, fourth row: T. Bion, C. Schneider, E. Sedgwick, C. Barra, M. Goldsmith, S. Duncan, C. Madoft, P. Delameter, J. Gittelman, G. McGuire, D. Howard, top row: M. Entin, C. Wilson, T. Kronnan, R. Meigs, S. Axelrad, F. Huberty, J. Emmery, B. Rosenberg, N. Blumenfield, B, Reigert, G. Moss f 4 lO'5 4-I---L nllllll ' .IIIIIIIV lllllll' ll .llllll lllllll' llll llllllf IIIIIV llll lllllll I ll-I-.ll ' lllIlIll lllllllll -I-I--.- lllll ..- MR "-. che ers and ch allen cies Cooch Beck Cooch Trump varsity With several veteran lettermen re- turning from last year's championship squad, Coaches Beck and Trump greet- ed a team which seemed sure to repeat its former standing as Western League champions. But due to extensive losses of key players, the team experienced its f VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM First row: R. Shoemaker. D. Oleson, B. Moss, D. Donn, G. lwoili, J l-lotle, gon, D. Colowoy, Coach Beck, third row: D. Corleft, J. Lutes, E. Pond J. K, Berry, G. Ceozan, v Diaz, P. Aude, S. Akins, F. Krall, J. Sunkees, B. Burns, Boker, R. Benglon, G. Bushnell, T. Riley, J. Brown, B. Bishop, B. Reigert N. D. Hucks, second row: Coach Trump, B. O Bryonl, S. l-lohl, S. Scoor, C. Loddo, Monronk, M, l-lenninger, T, Lgndegl M, R011-ischildl D. Wells, C. Nodo, D. While G. Sepulvedo, J. Sonk-ees, D. Cosrillo, D. Dordr- IOS football biggest and most frustrating handicap and suffered a series of repeated de- feats. In spite of this obstacle, the Warrior machine still managed to tie for second in league with a three-win, two-loss record. Little Ceozon scoots Ghormley hits his stride UNI 7 6 O UNI 38 O I3 6 20 Lutes on roge-run drounol end SCHEDULE PRACTICE GAMES Huntington Park Los Angeles Manual Arts LEAGUE GAMES Fairfax Westchester Hollywood Venice Hamilton OPP. I4 I9 6 OPP 6 I4 I9 5 I2 Zi! 1 John Sunkees All Western League MOnfGnk Gary BUSPIHEH Don I-locks 1 Bolo O'Bryon'r Ross Shoemaker Jerry Hoile Bob Bishop 1 -' ., ge ff . if X L AX 'DM . 2 x , Q Dennis Dunn Ken Berry Corl Nodcw Gary Ceozczn Vic Dioz 'WV' . f WW w 2 f , ' I W MH ' ff A " ff , I , . ,W fwwfff , ,lf f ,f ,, f f, ,f f,, Joe Lufes Dell Oleson John Brown All Western League gywgqe, Q' f fwfhzs- gfwf ggff w ,I X .. 1 A6 X ee l Ill Coocli Anismon I l f' llsliaskf Cooclw Wilcox UNI 6 7 6 O IZ 7 7 6 B FCOTBALL SCHEDULE Huntington Park Los Angeles Manual Arts Fairfax Westchester Hollywood Venice Harnilton OPP I3 I4 O 6 6 I5 I4 7 FIRST STRING B'S Top row: J. Nogotcu, B. Meyers, J. Yogi, R. Cooperg bottom row: M. Toclwioko, J, Townsend, S. Nokogczwo, L. Lone-, H. Komisof E C c, . wermoin, B. Proctor. B FOOTBALL TEAM Bottom row: C. LesI:e, M. Schwenn, D. Byrne, D. Zimmerman, S. Stcugmon, D. Hoyfin, E. Germoing third row: D. Rosengorten, J. Yogi, J. Wohlmer, J R. Cooper, J. Townsend, L4 Lopez, J, Mcvvhil-fe,-I D, Cawlwinl R. german. Gcirrochocheo, S. Cheap, M. lchio, A. Chihoro, R. Kosser, D, Shirey, C. Hubert B. Proctor, D. Dioz, M. Tochiokog top row: L. Higo, S, Nokogowo, B. Yoruto d : M. K ll, M. H ' , ' ' sewn row e Y enmnger' P Munch' G' Yogl' C' Leslle D. Ikkcndo, J. Nogoto, B. Moedo, R. Lipsey, S. Robbins, S. Jofte, V. Noro M. Hembree, B. Myers, S. Leidefein, R. Grizzle, R. Goshert, J. Livingston, mara yy Tanaka 5. Haber, HA Kamisafa BV Marshall- The little papooses, coached by Milt Anisman, fought through a frustrating, but losing season. The loss of many former letter- men due to graduation and promotion to Varsity hurt the B's immeasurably. Trop to left Cooper snogs poss ll3 rg Y, il' its if Cooch Morvin A warrior Again, as in previous years, a typical University come-through basketball team was produced by the masterful methods of coach jerry Marvin. With only three lettermen returning from last year's city team, Coach Marvin VARSITY TEAM J Rekers D Grande, P, Jordan, M. Loiz, T Cummings, E. Stanton, M, Levitt, D. Borr, G. Shoughnessy, 'V -f XM ligms B Berk Q, Meyers S. Port ive triumph built a never-say-die five. As under- dogs all the way, the Warrior team fought valiantly for a tie for the West- ern League title. Playing above their heads, the Warrior five triumphed to the fourth seat in the city ratings. CITY TOURNAMENT Uni Opp. 6O jefferson 59 4l No. Hollywood 42 38 jordan 53 62 Birmingham 4l ni 60 73 42 48 6O Athletic Coordinator Borio LEAGUE GAMES Fairfax Westchester Hollywood Venice Ham i l ton Opp. Uni Opp. 43 35 Fairfax 3l 63 52 Westchester 53 46 5l Hollywood 53 36 59 Venice 48 43 6l Hamilton 57 t Morvin uses strotegy TWO OVW live T, Cumwmmgs D. Grande R, Myers G. Shounessy xj 42 B' M '60 basketball line-up M' M. Lofz J. Rekers EA Stanton P. Jordon D. Borr D. Williams B BASKETBALL TEAM Bohom row: R. Fine, J. lsono, D. Domingues, A. Adu- shek, F. Wexler, F. Lukoff, B. Wold, top row: F. Harris, B. Reiner, B. Finkle, N. Smith, J. Addicoff, B, Quick, C. Henricks. J.V. BASKETBALL TEAM Bottom: T, Horton, D. Kuhn, T. Beck, H. Gordon, J. Miller, J. Steiner, A. Harris, top row: D. Scheffer, E. Greenberg, D, Phillips, B. Wcishousen, G. Scheiafieid, T. Borr, H. Krom, B. Jacobson. VWW C BASKETBALL TEAM Botiom row: S. Hoppers, T. Clark, C. Leib, M. Walling N. Sopoznick, top row: B. Wilkensen, T. McGuckin, E Fohel, J. Isoocson, R. Heinrick. H7 i i T 1 99' Q1 9? VARSITY TEAM Bottom row: M. Logon, H. Spiegel, S. Curry, D. Mays, H. Stein, K. Kelly, top row: J. Pettker, E. Fisher, S. lrriync, R. Srilrrr, IX. Schwelder, J. Webber. Cooch Fox Lg W' . L J.V. TEAM Bottom row: J. Alltop, A. Goodman, B. Crawford, B. Jetterson, D. Bron, E. Petris, M. Diondo, J, Kroot, top row: H. Olson, M. Miller, P. Dunlcley, K. Slocit, S. Swonson, N. Von Zeyl, . R. Lozeroft. '11 harriers sweep league This year's cross country team proved to be unparalleled in the Western Loop. Under the fine guidance and training of Coach Fox, the harriers had a perfect league record and con- tinued their string of consecu- tive Western League dual meet wins to thirty-one in a row. .f f f ff r , I 5 , 1 A f " ,Mfg M, ,ffff X 10th GRADE TEAM Bottom row: J. Holl, J. Jolly, second row: L. Goddard, J. Jocobsong top row: L. Smith, R. Carr. W! f fmm4w-wr Coach Anismon ..,...n- , -.....,-W 1. H. mn VARSITY Bottom row: A. Linclmen, B. Bogshow, J. Wrother, M. J. Grossman, S. Silbert, P. Heintz, M. Guild, D. Barr, S. Fizclole, D. Goshert, R. Lippmon, top row: D. Young, J. Price, M. Drury, R, Porker, S. Thompson, R. Lipsey, R. Horrin, A. Neuls, T. White UNI SWIMMERS CAPTURE LEAGUE CROWN For the first time in their four years of existence, the Warrior tinmen captured the league crown. The Anismen emerged victorious in their four league and three practice meets, winning by at least thirty points in almost all cases. Part of the success of this year's swim team can be attributed to coach Milton S. Anisman and captains Dennis Barr and Mike Grossman. i i B TEAM Bottom row: J. Drotler, S, Hoffberg, D. Alef, B. Pessin, J. Levin, M. Boss. J. Becky top row: B. Gilbert, S. Jciffe, B. Emerich, T. Weisberg, L. Mobberly, R. Lcizoroff RELAY TEAM D Barr Coach Anrsman M Grossman RELAY TEAM R Joms D Barr J Gore M Grossman T White M Emrich, F, Schiff D. Rosengarten, S. Jaffe, B S br P Hrluniz A Neu Gu bert, R. Bauer, D. Young, P. Spalding nr- D- I' I' 1- 1- r- '- ,- 1- -- - PM fy .W-V ',...,..,,,,. M7,,....,,.. ' X X x ' , W WAlK A Lmdman D Goshen' H Sliver R Grlberr KWiTChyeI'kiCkir1' TENNIS TEAM Bottom vow: S. Taub, B. Robbins, D. Fox, J. Galbraith, T. Gardner, S. Meyerson, second row: T. Alena. G. Johnson, D. Schwab, S. Sperling, J. Sunderland, M. Hennlngerg top row: S. Tow, V T. Barr, H. Krom, J. Martin COUCl'l MUVVIU racketmen sweep league The Warrior racketmen, as in the past, proved to be one of the strongest teams in the Western League. The majority of the success of this year's ten- nis team goes to Coach Marvin, who in his last seven years of coaching has had six City Championships. I E I I I I SA, ., k. K K - , . .,. f. , ,wg g . -. -fy .,,s,,,,'M V- f, I k f, . . 1 . f '.,,,..,.f 4 I f f 1 f Q ff., '.Aswa,4,.,,f Q- J J f ,NN , ' TS f .,, X if X Awww - 2:- . J. U 1 .J i. if N 1 i. I ii T 1 T NW 1 ' . ,, . 5... , . 4 ...- , A Q F, 11,g.,gf,'.'.11,,.11. X , . 4 . 4 ,A y. . . Ig - ,V h ...r ,fggx ..., L Q, . ..., , . . . . ..... y . :1:12:1t11.111..1. Jigs. J. Applebaum J. Galbraith and D. Fox S. Meyerson , spikesters capture CI NDERMEN HURDLE LEAGUE Walloping most competition by wide margins, the Warrior track team once again proved to be unparalleled in the Western League. Possessing depth and Coach Kompmonn ., 4 l J' . """l ,ilu 5l..l' l l VARSITY TRACK TEAM Bottom row: D. Hoytin, D. Whitehead, G. Lopez, J. Webber, P. Jordon, B. third row: D. Philips, F. Busch, K. Sloot, J. Borberis, B. Gofe, D. Kuhn, D. Sf. Siemsen, J. Peffkerg second row: S. Sfogmon, E. Spondciu, B. Jel?erson, K. Clair, L. Porletle, J. Kroof, T. Woody top row: R. Rogsdole, G. Horner, S. Goodman, B. Graves, H. Spiegol, S. Froyne, H. Stein, A. Schwider. S. Curry, Aoberg, G. Curtis, W. Collins, B. Wolf, H. Stewart, B. Boozel 122 league title strength in almost every event, the cindermen under the brilli- ant direction of Uni's great new coach, Richard Karnpmann, reached new and greater heights ,,....-, V. the League Cham- pionship. Schedule UNI OPP. 37 V2 Mcinuol Arts 66lf2 53lf,, Canoga Pork 5O3!4 78V3 Fciirtox 25 213 84 Westchester 20 80 Hollywood 24 79 me venice 24 :me 56 U3 l-lomilton 47 V3 Uni pulls ciheod Cooch Wilcox Spiegel Sfevvorf S. Curry Peffker E Spondou A Schvveider 1 ga f Up and over B'S SPRINT TO SECOND IN LEAGUE Showing promise ot great potential and depth in every event, this year's 3 team enjoyed a highly successful season, winning tour out of tive league meets. Much of the success of this year's squad can be attributed to the athletes' desire to win. --., Q . ff A It -. .3 1 L -- Pl .- ,X I B TRACK TEAM Bottom row: B. Proctor, J. Vessels, A. Goodman, H. Miller, H. McHenry, J. Livingston, B. Leits, M. Goodman, second row: L. Goddard, S. Durbin, R. Goshert, R, Bray, P. Doose, K. Goodman, D. Hayden, M. Tochioka, P, Berger, third row: R. Oleson, J. Hall, Harris, L. Smith, B. Haas, D. Rott, P. H:1'l, J. Dunken, B. Kgming DOVWWGV, 5. l'lOppers, P. Schiry, top row: Y. Tanaka, T. Anderson Finkle, B. Jefferson, G. Himes, B, Clark, L. Iwasa, H. Olson Dunkley, T. DiAnda 2 Uni one-two M l DGETMEN CAPTURE LEAGUE Stronger in over-all strength and depth than any other C team in years, this year's team humbled all opponents by devastating margins and finished the season with a tive-win no-loss record, to capture the Western League Title. .L EL 3 Qi C TRACK TEAM Bottom row: S, Stover, B. Moedo. J. Wolfberg, J. Short, G. Finkle, E. B, Cohen, G. Yogi, L. Nishincgczg top row: M. Collins, B. Soles Vcindergrifr, B. Ross, second row: J. Buerge, P. Spondou, J. S6?OQUCl7', f'lC1CNGm0fO, R4 Ff'JbOSllll0, 5- 5UZUkOWO V-W Y Y ...L ,f Bottom row: T. Whiteman, R. Burriston, M. Walsh, V. Diaz, S. Nordlinger, D. Berry, G. Ceczzon, P. Wexler, R. Kosser, D. Zeunner, top row: B, Semple, S. Akins, J. Provo, J. Brown, T. Horton, M. Lotz, K. Carrol, K. Berry, T. Beck, P. Doyle HORSEHIDERS AT THEIR BEST For the past three seasons, Coach Bill Spaeter has led the University Warrior baseball team to three league championships. This year it would not be surprising if the Warrior nine tin- ished high in the city ranks or even won the city championship. Again, as in the past seasons, Coach Spaeter has produced a first-rate infield and one of the best outtields in the city. As usual, the Spaeternnen were expected to have a fine hitting ball club, but because ot relentless practice and expert coaching, this year's team is the best hitting team to be produced on the Cavanaugh Diamond. Cooch Spoeter Uni shoots the oleuce N. Montcmk M. Lofz S. Akins Proctice Gomes Nl OPP 7 S.C. Frosh 2 7 Culver Cify 3 6 Washington 2 2 Bell 3 T. Horton K. Berry G Ceazan B Semple League Games UNI OPP. 1 1 Fairfax -4 4 Wesfchesfer 2 1 1 Hollywood 4 4 Venice 3 2 Hamilfon 1 S. Nordlinger J. Rekers V. Diaz i wif , J. Provo T. Beck P. Doyle Q 1 A , 'ox Q"""'l! Pita' I 3 , 31, 'x 5 P. Wexler T. Whiteman X J f W., u Calf? K M. . 1 V' , X K R Q-1 wafwv Gunn f I b A: " 1 . , A A f I X 3 ,, . ,.., , K , .W . , I Nga , . ,, ,.., " , '11, ws.. , -ml, wx -. '4 . ' W' -1, ff V ' - '-HM, - 1' "gf"- ,E3'b,,k, , ,. ' W , .ly ,M I 'FYQDWQLQ L, . .15-fm' . 'qs 19 gy A 4-if,r:fY?w:-an 2355, gf?"3 'QW- .1,,.,w,f-43 rw-1 . ii 1 fSs1'1f-ir'f- mf,,,:f,, , .,Qm',.,w.L nv..-ffyf-.,,1,.g ' v 4, Hy ,335-,,,613'f" ' R17-xfgwf,-.AN '- I - 15" A -'w w' '- .we Aww 1. Y wiv wif iw-gd X . XX Q QQ .. - 1 X- S + . 5 .N swf X . ,X x pf., my gs x gg I h fM.,..c,,. . . . ., C N.-v - X ,A I: R ,V f , K lJJ,,,,m..., vnmimxtw H ss :ss - -of ns: Ns ,, M , W, . ,J-I.. as 'fl I R X 'iw I I X X S X X L M K X -as ., ' K V . .'Nl -M1 4' f xy .a X , x .,. l W x Zak, x ,fx J.V. TEAM Bohom row: D. Berry, B. Furry, D. Baum, R. Cordova, B. Gordon, R. Fox, H. Landis, C. Pardoe, top row: loword, S. Eddy, B. Grayhead, R. Buriston, L. Siceles, D. Rugetti, D. Zeuner, R. Kosser, D, Jennings IR. NINE IMPRESSES FOES Working with a mostly inexperienced ball club, Coach john Trump, the former North Hollywood varsity baseball coach, pushed the j.V. team to one of its finest seasons. Besides leading the jr. l-lorsehiders to a winning season, Coach Trump has produced at least tive outstanding ballplayers for next year's varsity baseball team. A Out . . ch! D, Berry Coach Trump l3l Bottom row: T, Tonner, T. Hersh, L. Dovis, G. Adelmon, lop row: T. Roth, J. Bortmon, R. Anderso N. Elowill GOLF TEAM This year University High School produced its first officially recognized golf team. Under the direction of Mr. Richard North and Mr, Robert Fox, the team upset such powers as Hamilton High, Reseda High, and Beverly Hills High School. -kwin. Cocich Fox ond Cooch North N. Elovvitt R. Anderson L. Dovis FALL G.A.A. Bottom row: C. Hockenbery, K. Martin, B. Bullock, P. Pann, L. Woodley, K. Findlay, V. Montgomery, V. Montgomery, P. Pearson, second row: A. Zavitkovsky, J. Hassler, M. Edwards, B, Smith, S. Yahata, K. Walter, M. McDonald, L. Rodriguez, top row: T. Uyeki, D. Uchida, J. Martin, N. Hockett, R. Rogers, B. Soto SPRING G.A.A. Bottom row: P. Nutt, C. Hewitt, B. Berk, P. May, L. Jones, M. Van Atta. K. Pecsok, M. Grossman, G. Gorshaw, L. Lattin, second row: K. Ellsworth, S. Dorris, C. Chan, M. Casseres, M. Normandin, B. Pollack, B. Hersh, K. Holtberg, L. Kaderli, T. Kurokawa, P. Lyon, N. Menzies, third row: L. Okubo, D. Okura, L. Graham, L. Eisen- bach, G. Abrams, D. Takeuchi. L. Schuster, R. Sloane, R. Palmer, S. Givens, C. Dunliilppz top row: T. Robinson, S. Kerton, S. Givens, M. Freiheiter, G. Koshimizu, G. Coulson, N. Leveson, J. Greenwald, N. Howe, S. Shafer, T. Kiyono SPRING LETTERGIRLS Bottom row: M. McDonald, G. Braddock, B. Hauser, K. Martin, B. Bullock, B. Soto, B. Smith, V. Montgomery, D. Thomas, top row: N. Hockett, C. Hockenbery, S. Ross, J. Levine, K. Walter, S. Bonde- man, K. Pollett, P. Pearson, L. Rodriquez, P. Pann, C. Martinez FALL LETTERGIRLS Bottom row: P. Pann, B. Bullock, P. Pearson, L. Woodley, B. Ham- mock, K. Findlay, V. Montgomery, J. Martin, second row: N Hackett, M. McDonald, L. Rodriguez, B. Smith, K. Walter, S Yahata, A. Zavitkovsky, top row: S. Gelb, J. Levine, M. Edwards V. Kochevar, K. Martin, S. Ross, B. Soto ads 'n' ends CAROUSEL ICE CREAM PARLOR 11719 San Vicente Blvd. - GR. 3,8619 BIG Date --A Carousel WESTWARD HO MARKETS 11737 San Vicente Blvd. 1515 Westwood Blvd. IQ.. BILL RUSSELL'S TEXACO STATION 115 So. Barrington at Sunset GRanite 2-1116 134 X XXX4 X ,f, ,Q 9 CARL ANDERSEN'S CHATAM 10930 Weyburn Ave. Westwood Village X nf W , 447 1 , 26142 H yn, .471 fm , 47 yf C ifff' 3 1721! DlEBOLD'S PHARMACY 11674 Son Vicenle Blvd. GRoni're 8-8258 fliirs 111 :ni we VIENNESE JUNIOR 8726 W. Pico Blvd. Sizes 5 To 15 f ,.L.,,,. 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I.. 22. 66, 69, 76, 78, 102, 117 Addison, E., 17 146 Adelman, G., 132 Aigner, J., 65, 78, 90 Akashi, A., 34 Aklns, S., 34, 81, 108 Akutagawa, M., 22 Alatorre, H., 34 Albers, M., 12 Albert, N., 34,92 Alberts, E., 11,98 Alcala, 1., 69 Aldar, B., 105 Alef, D., 119 Alexander, E., 17 Alk, j., 14 Alllngham, K., 22, 29 Alltop, j., 115 Almeida, F., 14 Alpert, P.. 6-4 AiSTfOl'11,G.,2Z, 29 Altar, B., 91, 93, 99 index ,127, 128 ,78,8l Alffeld, K., 65 Altman, T., 80 Alvarado, P., 34, 93 Arnberso, R., 92 Ambrose, E., 11 An ero ,C.,22, 104 d s n Anderson, M., 69 Anderson, R., 34, 76, 132 Anderson, R. S., 34 Anderson, S., 71 Anderson, T., 32, 34, 125 Andreson N , ., 69 Andreson, S., 32, 34, 75, 78, 79, 105 Andrews, D. , 94 Anisman, M. 13 112, 1 Aoolebaum, G., 121 Araki, T., 80 Ardlgo, S., 15 Arraz, j., 93 Arkin, D., 22 19,120 Armstrong, E., 34, 69, 71 Arndt, B., 15 Arnold, N., 69, 70 Aronson, G., 67, 69, 81 Ashby, G., 34, 100 Ashdown, G., 34 Ashe, S., 34, 62, 64 Asher, M., 76 Ashton, T., 102 Assali, R., 22, 98 Atlas, R., 78, 79 Attley, C., 22 Attwooll, H., 34, 81 Aude, P., 34, 75, 108 Auerbach, D., 34 Auerback, P., 80 Auricchlo, j., 34,81 Avila, S., 80 Axelrad, S., 66, 105 Axelson, C., 34, 100 Babbitt, S. 22 Baer. k., lb2 Bagshaw, B., 119 Baker, B., 22 Baker, ., 68, 108 1 Baker, M., 22, 34, 69, 90 Baker, R., 34 Baker, T., 70 Ball, C., 79 Ball, S., 32, 34, 69, 77, 78 Balogh, D., 34, 103 Balogh, S., 64 Bamberger, C., 65, 67 Bank, B., 77, 80 Banks, L., 17 Barbash, K., 34 Barber, N., IOO Barberis, l., 64, 66 Barbour, l., 34 Bard, K., 34 Barker T., 93 Baron, R., 34, 66, 94 Barr, D., 34, 74, 77, 79, 116, 119, 120 Barr, T., 117, 121 91, 105, Barra, C., 32. 35, 66, 105 Barry, D., 131 R:-trtelrc C. 35' Darrriolurrlcw, lx., iv, 91 Bodkin, D., 102 Bodolay, 1., 22 Boehme, M., 93 Boehr, K., 65, 77, 78, 90, 95, 100 Bollinger, l., 92 Bond, F., 17 Bonderman, l., 79 Bonderman, N., 133 Bonner, P., 32 Booth, C., 70,79 Boosman, M., 103 Borbals, R., 22 Borden, E., 67, 90 Borio, C., 15, 115 Bosworth, j., 102 Bouck, S., 100 Boyd, B., 16 Boykin, N., 35 Brach, W., 35 Braddock, G., 133 Bradley, S., 102 Brainerd, KE35 1 Bran, D., 1 Bartley, C., 35, 79, 99, 105 Bartman, j., 32, 35, 65, 70, 75, 77, 78, 79, 90, 91, 105,132 Barton, B., 80 Bass, M., 119 Bass, S., 32, 100 Bastertield, L., 17 Battindale, R., 103 Bauer, B., 77, 78, 90, 120 Bauer, S., 8 Bauermeister, 1., 35, 92 Baum, D., 131 Baumgarten, E., 35 Bayes, A., 71, 79, 80 Bayes, S., 71 Bear, C., 35, 64, 71 Bearson, T., 91 Beaver, C., 70 Beck, 1., 35, 119 Beck, R., 35 Beck, R., 15, 108 Beck, T., 77, 117, 127,130 Becker, A., 12 Becker, M., 69, 71, 72, 73, 77 Belcher, S., 32, 35 Belden, C., 22 Bell, A., 35 Bell, B., 89 Bell, D., 35, 95 Bell, W., 35 Bellin, M., 35 Benglen, R., 108 Benner, C., 79 Brandchatt, P., 32, 36, 65, 67, 75. 80, 105 Brandler, T., 36 Brandt, D., 22 Brann, B., 105 Brann, 1., 22, 69, 105 Brann, R., 118 Brannan, C., 69 Brannan, K., 36 Braswell, M., 79 Braun, C., 68 Braun, H., 36, 79, 91 Braun, S., 22 Braunger, B., 36 Bray, R., 105, 125 Brazier, B., 22, 69, 72, 77 Brees, A., 9 Brenner, E., 79, 91, 95 Breslow, D., 99 Breuer, P., 10 Briscoe, L., 14 Brisk, B., 101, 104 Brock, 1. ,22, 29 Brodie, L., 79 Brodkin, B., 22 Brodwick, M., 91, 95 Broesamle, W., 22, 80 Brooks, E., 36 Brothers, 1., 71 Brown, C., 36, 64, 77 Brown, D. 22, 36, 76 Brown, G., 17 Brown, 1., 36, 78, 90, 91, 108, 111 Brown, K. 88 Brown, L., 65 Brown, M., 36 Brown, P., 36, 95, 99 Brown 22 36, 67, 79, 88 . 5-. . Broyard, S., 36 Buck, W., 12 Buckles, l., 36, 69, 71, 77. 73. 91. 100, 105 Buckner, L., 36 Budworth, B., 36 Buerge, l., 126 Buerk, R., 65, 105 Buerman, S., 36, 80 Carp, S., 79 Carpenter, C., 23 Carpenter, P., 101 Carr, M., 102 Carr, R., 105, 118 Carrol, K., 127 Carrothers, j., 16 Carson, M., 79 Carter, E., 36, 9 Carter, H., 17 Carter, 1., 94 8 Carter, M., 32, 36, 91 as 23 C e,C., Casseres, M., 65, 77, 78, 90, 91 Castillo, P., 23, 64, 108 Cavasino, D., 93 Cawlwin, D., 113 Ceazan, G., 36, 127, 129 Chadbourn, M., 105,108,109,111, 23,80 Chadwick, W., 23 Champagne, 1., 69, 70 Champion, B., 79, 80 Chan, C., 77, 78, 113 Cheap, s., i 13 chlhara, A., 113 cililberg, lvl., so 23, 77 Christiansen, R., Christlieb, P., 101 Chronister, D., 10 Cirlin, L., 36 Cirlin, M., 65, 67 Clapp, M., 79,93 Clark, C., 79 Clark, D., 91 Clark, G., 101 Clark, l., 103 Clark, T., 117 Clark, W., 37, 125 Cleveland, R., 37 Click, C., 37 Cline, L., 37 Cline, R., 37 Cochran, B., 79 Cockrell, l., 103 Cody, B., 65, 93 Coe, D., 105 Cohan, M., 69 Cohen, B., 126 Cohen, l., 64, 66, 77 L Cohen, ., 12, 98 Cohen, N., 91 Cohen, R., 37, 94 Cohen, S., 99 Cohen, L., 37, 75, 80 Coker, M., 105 Cole, l., 79 Cole, N., 37 Cole, S., 102 Colebourn, L., 79 Coleman, B., 23, Collins, M., 80, Collins, w., 37 Colnon, Colton, Colwell, B., 68, Colwell, L., 37, E., 17 K., 78 90 1 26 105 105 Commons, S., 79 Connick, S., 37, Consolazio, E., 6 105 9 Dauber, P., 79, 95 Davie, E., 79 Davis, ., 79 Davis, D0 w xl oooooooo BJDJDIDIDJDJDJBJ 3 s.s.s.s.s.s.s. Qogrrrwlnr J ??57-'Z!'T!"" i."Z2l.Q,,'-x,g- 4 Opmuig 8 xlo ' N0 -- :fel w O0 -O B U1 Dean, M., 79 Dearborn, l., 37, 93 DeFore, P., 32, 37, 102 Deguchi, M., 17 DeHaaft, L., 38 DeHaan, D., 38, 93, 105 Delameter, 1., 79, 100 Delameter, P., 68, 71, 105 Delaney, B., 38 Delaney, N., 11, 59 Delate, L., 80 Delate, P. ,80 Delemeter, j., 105 Delgado, J., 100 Dellis, L., Delo, H., 92 12 DeMamiel, V., 152 Demerjan, S., 38, 66, 100, 152 Deming, M., 101 Denke, C., 79 Denke, K., 23 Denker, j., 17 Denny, G., 38 DePaulo, P., 23 Deutsch, S., 38 Devor, P., Dewar, J., 101,104 38 Dewhirst, P., 32, 38, 66, 77, 90 Di Anda, M., 118, 125 Diaz, D., 113 Diaz, V., 108, 111, 127,129 Dible, C., Dick, H., 101,104 10 Dickerson, R., 79 Dickey, c., 101 Dietrich, A., 38 Dietrich, T., 100 Dietz, D., 79 Dills, S., 102 Dineen, A., 79 Domlngues, D., 117 Donner,l. 125 Donovan, M., 38 Donovan, M., 38 Doose, P., 125 Doran, K., 93, 100 Dordigan, D., 105, 108 Dorfman, S., 68, 70 Doriss, S., 65, 70, 77, 78, 133 Doyle, P., 76, 77, 127,130 Drake, R., 38 Dratler, l., 91, 119 Drew, T., 23, 103 Drumm, 1., 63, 66, 68,77 Drury, D., 38, 104 Drury, j., 1 I Drury, M., 119 Duben, S., 23, 102 Benner, D., 32, 35, 67 Bennett, D., 35, 79 Bennici, S., 35, 68, 70, 77, 91, 100 Berger, B., 66 Berger, P., 125 Bergman, B., 79 Bergoyne, D., 91 Berk, B., 67, 133 Bullock, B., 32, 36, 65, 71 105, 133 Bunn, L., 22, 77 Burian, M., 79, 95 Burias, M., 91 Burke, T., 22 Burkett, D., 79 Burleigh, C., 101 , 78, loo, Conviser, D., 37 Conviser, R., 67, 90, 91 Cook, F., 29 Cooper, C., 37, 65 Cooper, D., 37, 71, 92, 100 Cooper, D., 37 Cooper, l., 37, 64,91 Cooper, N., 70, 105 Cooper, R., 37, 80, 112, 113 Berk, R., 22 Berk, R., 35, 62, 72. 77. Berlant, G., 99, 102 Berman, R., 113 Bernstein, T., 79 Berry D., 127,131 Berry, K., 35, 105, 108, Berry, S., 35, 100 Bert, F., 78 Best, D., 71, 93 Best, F., 67. 77 Bettger, F., 22 Benin, 1., 35 Bettin, S., 32, 35 Beutler, R., 15 Beye, G., 32, 35, 71 Beye, M., 79 Beye, W., 16 Beyer, T., 64, 77, 78, 91 Biller, B., 100 Binder, D., 100 Bion, A., 35. 105 Birnkrant, M., 74,75 Bishop, B., 35, 103. 110 Bishop, L., 100 Blackwell, C., 79, 91 Blanc, N., 80, 99 Blanchard, I., 77. 90 Blanchard, M., 10 Bland, K., 79 Blankfort, L.. 79 Blate, G., 79. 100 Blau, G., 99 Blav, G., 79 Blesser, B., 77, 102 Blessing, K., 91 Blickensderfer, B., 35 Blinn, 1., 35 Bliss C. 32 35 64 105 Bloch, l.., 79 Block, E., 79 Bloeser, B., 94, 104 Bloeser, G., 22 Bloeser, S., 32, 35, 105 Blumfield, N., 105 Boas, K., 79 78, 114, 111,127, Burnford, D., 101 , B., 36 Burnham Burns, B., 108 Burns, l., 32, 36, 66, 69, 79, 105 Burns, K. , 79 Burristorl. R-. 127. 131 Burstyn, K., 71 Burton, L., Busch, D., 23 103 Bushard, A., 69, 92 Bushnell, G., 23, 64, 108, 110 Butler, K., 67, 80 Butler, M., 17 Buttler, K., 91 Bybee, L., 23, 69, 105 Byler, K., 76 Byrne, D., 113 Bywater, V., 36 Cabot, C., Calderson, 96, 99 s., 36 Caldwell, T., 100 Call, L., 36 Callahan, M., 23, 103 Callaway, D., 108 Cameron, l., 152 Campbell, 1.. 79 Canan, P., 77, 95 Canary, E., 36 Cann, B., 64, 67. 77. 73 Canright, B., 91 Caplan, R., 36, 89 Carey, K., 100 Carfonio, C., 105 Carlson, B., 10 Carlson C., 79 Carlsson, A., 36 Carole, V., 80 Copeland, A., 9 Coppin, C., 23 Corbridge, 1., 37 Cordova, R., 131 Corlett, D., 108 Cornwall, D., 66 Corwin, D., 23 Cossack, K., 105 Coughlin, D., 23 Coughlirl, M., 12 Coulson, G., 70, Cowdrey, F., 65 Cowie, B., 104 Cox, G., 37, 74, Cox, M., 37 Cox, P., 79 Coyle, B., 102 Crane, C., 79 78 75, 77, 78,91 Crater, M., 79, 91 Crator, M., 105 Crawford, B., 11 8 Crawford, C., 17 Crawford, 1., 37, 69, 93 Cromwell, l., 23 Cropsey, j., 32, 37, 66, 78, 89, 90, 91 Crosby, D., 37 Crummott, D., 68 Crundall, C., 68, 70 Cruz, M., 23 Cummings, T., 23, 114, 116 Cunkley, P., 92 Curry, S., 32, 37, 66, 77, 78, 118, 124 Curtis, G., 37 Custer, P., 93 Cutler, M., 23 Daby, E., 17 Dangerfield, D., Darling, M., 79 37, 64, 76, 103 DuBois, S., 23 Duerr, R., 38 Dugger, l., 17 Dugow, l., 68 Duke, j., 65 Dumas, S., 38 Duncan, D., 79 Duncan, l., 38, 125 Duncan, S., 105 Dunkley, P., 118, 125 Dunltz, B., 79, 80, 91 Dunlap, C., 133 Dunn, D., 38, 80, 105. 108, 111 Dunn, K., 38 Dunnette, P., 101 Durbin, S., 125 Dyer, E., 11 Dyer, M., 104 Dykhouse, G., 23, 102, 103 Earl, S., 38 Easkold, E., 38, 100 Eddy, D., 90, 104 Eddy, S., 80, 131 Edge, B., 71 Edgert, P., 38, 66 Edmunds, l., 32, 77 Edwards, M., 23, 77, 133 Ehrlich, R., 63, 72 Eisenbach, L., 70, 78, 80 Eishtadt, K., 38 Elder, S., 65, 80 Elliot, S., 38, 80 Ellis, T., 38,65 Ellison, T., 38 Ellmore, l., 23, 74, 77, 90, 105 Ellsworth, K., 69, 78, 80, 133 Elowitt, N., 132 Emerich, B., 119 Emmery, 1., 105 Emrich, M., 120 English, R., 10 Engstrond, S., 104 Ennis, S., 38 Entin, M., 78, 95, 105 Erhardt, L., 68, 77 Ershoff, B., 38 Erteszek, V., 68, 70 Eskin, R., 39 Esling, T., 65, 66 Evans, H., 39 Evers, I., 79, 101, 105 Fadem,g., 10 Fagan, ., 39 Fahel, E., 117 Fallck, L., 39, 62, 66, 89 Fam, B., 79 Farhat, E., 23 Farley, M., 39 Farnham, R., 13 Faulkner, U., 17 Faust, S., 39 Felger, R., 65, 70, 73, 77, 80 Felgl, V., 79 Fein, R., 77 Feld, S., 101 Feldman, K., 32, 39 Feldman, T., 39 Felsman, T., 32 Felton, D., 13 Felton, K., 39 Fergjuson, M., 16 Fey ush, S., 65 Fiechter, L., 94 Fielding, F., 65,94 Fields, S., 65, 66 Findla K. 23 10 , Y, . ,77, 80, 5,133 Flndley, K., 105 Fine, D., 39, 78 Fine, R., 117 Finger, C., 39 Fink, P., 104 76 Finkel, G., , 77, 126 Finkle, B., 66, 77, 78, 90, 125 Finlay, K., 79 Fisher, E., 23, 118 Fisher, F., 15 Fisher, F., 98 Fisher, L., 39 Fishman, B., 65, 79, 80 Fizdale, S., 119 Fleischer, A., 23 Fleishman, I., 79, 91 Florence, R. 32, 39, 64, 77 Ford, M., 39 Forman, N., 68 Forney, K., 32, 39, 91, 94 Forshee, C., 66 Fournier P., 39 Fowler, I., 101 Fox, D., 39, 67, 76, 88, 121 Fox, G., 24 Fox, L., 75 Fox, I., 39 Fox,R.,9,15, 118,132 Fox, R., 66, 76, 131 Fox, S., 80 Fox, V., 39 Frabasillio, R., 126 Fradls, B., 68 Frank, Ii, 39, 64, 77,91 Frank, ., 39, 100 Frauch, B., 63 Frayne, S., 39, 118 Frazier, S., 67, 79 Freeman, P., 67 Freiberg, R., 24, 90 91 93 Freiheiter, M., 65, 71, 78, 79, 80, , French, K., 99 Freudenstein, M., 39 Freyer, R., 11, 152 Freyermuth, K., 32, 66 Fricker, N., 15, 103 Friedman, B., 79 Friedman, I., 64, 80 Friedman, L., 67, 68 91 Friedman, lvl., 39, 65 Friedman, S., 39, 66, 67, 79 91 Frisch, c., 39, 66, 68, 72, as Fritz, C., 39, 77, 78, 105 Fuhr, K., 39, 69, 71, 105 Fujino, B., 39 Fuller, S., 79 Furby, B., 80, 100 Furniss, S., 79, 80 Furry, B., 76, 131 Furst, I., 39 Futterman, S., 97, 99 G ,I..39 64 77 78 Gg?I.:'aeth, Si, 66 ' Garrison, P., 29 Garvey, T., 40 Gaskin, R., 100 Gaudghir, L., 79 Geissman, I., 77 Gelb, B., 79 Gelb, S., 40, 66, 133 Gelman, M., 105 Gentile, A., 40 Gerber, K., 79 Gerdl, R., 40 Gerlough, C., 104 Germain, D., 11 Germain, E., 24, 29, 62, 74, 77, 80, 1 12, 1 13 Germain, L., 102 Gerow, D., 40 Gerow, D., 79, 104 Gerpheide, L., 70 Gerreu, I., 17 Gertz, S., 79 Ghinassi, F., 32, 40, 97 Ghormley, D., 24, 29, 109 Gldlow, I., 24, 29, 64, 74 Glerson, E., 79 Gierson, S., 104 Giffin, S., 32, 40, 74, 77, 78 Gilbert, B., 80, 102, 119, 120 Gilbert, C., 79 Gilbert, R., 11 Gillis, D., 24 Ginsberg, S., 79 Gist, D., 40 Gittelman, I., 40, 65, 70, 105 Givens, S., 78, 79, 133 Glaser, F., 40 Glassman, L., 24 Gleason, D., 40 Glisson, M., 93 Goddard, L., 118, 125 Grossman, M., 32, 41 G"0SSm3Y1. 68, 69, 73, 78, 133 Grove, A. Gruner, D., 24, 69 Gruver, S., 41, 63, 65, 105 Guben, I., 24, 29, 74, 77 Guenther, I., 24 Guerrero, L., 32, 41 Guest, R., 69, 71 Guild, M., 41, 67, 105, 119 Guss, M., 69 Gustafson, K., 24 Gustafson, P., 11 Guttman, S., 32, 41 Guymon, I., 95 Haas, B., 125 Haas, K., 69 Haber, K., 24 Hack, B., 41 Hecht, W., 21 Hada, L., 79, 100 Hadel, S., 79 Haijsman, D., 41, 101 Haijsman, I., 101 Haile, I., 108, 110 Haldeman, D., 68 Hall, B., 66 Hall, I., 118, 125 Hall, P., 125 Hall, R., 67 Hallatt, A., 41, 62, 75, 77, 105 Halperin, D., 72, 77, 78 Goff, c., 40 Goff, R., 40 Gold, I., 40 Gold, V., 68, 71, 79, 80,90 Goldberger, S., 40, 64, 97, 100 Golden, N., 40 Goldtarb, M., 40 Goldhammer, A., 40, 89, 93 Goldsmith, K., 40, 75, 78 Goldsmith, M., 40, 64, 71, 105 Goldsmith, S., 69 Goldstein, S., 40 Goldy, A., 79 Gommcl, A., 79 Goodale, B., 71, 77, 80 Goodale, P., 32, 40, 65, 77, 78, 105 Goodtricd, Goodman, Goodman, Goodman, Goodman, Goodman, Goodman, K., 101 A., 40, 105, 118, 125 E., 65, 74, 76, 78, 90, 94 K., 125 K., 77, 125 M., 125 S., 24, 29, 102 Goodson, C., 32, 40, 71, 80 Goodwin, L., 10 Gomez, I., Gorby, M., 14 103 Gordon, D., 40 Gogcin, H., 24, 29, 74, 96, 99, 105, 1 Gordon, Gordon, 1., 92 R., 79 Gore, I., 77, 78, 120 Gorham, N., 40 Gorshaw, G., 133 Hamill, S., 24,89 Hamilton, C., 41, 66 Hamilton, I., 42 Hamilton, M., 92 Hammock, B., 24, 1 Hammock, C., 65 Hamner, L., 65 Hampson, N., 80 Hance, F., 42, 90 Hancock, C., 92 Hanson, L., 42 Haren, S., 100 Hargreaves, N., 42, Harlan, F., 10 Harman, A., 32, 42, Harness, S., 42 Harnish, L., 42, 67 Harper, K., 70, 100 Harriman, M., 17 l-larrin, R., 119 Harris, A., 64, 117 Harris, D., 77 Harris, F., 117 Harris, I., 24 Harris, L., 80, 125 Harrison, G., 15 Harrison 33 69, loo 66, 67, 74, 91, 104 , H., 13 Hart, D., 42, 62, e5,75, 77,78 Harthan, B., 42 Harthan, K., 100 Hartman, H., 152 Harunk, T., 15,98 Haskel, R., 24 Hassen S., 24, 25, 74,77 Garshaw, l., 67, es, 78, 79, so, 91 Gasharf, D., 32, 41, 62, 65, 67, 75, 78, 80,10'5.119,120 Gasherf, ., 65, 77, 78, 113, 125 R Gosting, D., 88 Gosting, R., 41 Gottlieb, , 68, 71, 93 Gould, I., Gowland, A., 32, 41, 105 Grace, R., 95 Graham, I., 101, 104 Graham, L., 67, 78, 90, 91, 133 Grajeda S. 41, 96 Grana, F., 14 Grandi, D., 105, 114, 116 Grant, A., 67, 79, 105 Grant, G., 41, 67 Grant, R., 41 AI' .ss Graves, B., 41, 66, 77, 78, 105. 124 Gray, I., 41, 67, 68, 90, 91, 97 Gray, P., 68,70 Gray, R., 24, 29, 74, 77, 90 Grayson, F., 68, 71 Greathead, B., 131 Green, I., 104 Greenbaum, K., 79 Hassler, I., 24, 72 77 Hassler, I., 24, 133 Hatch, L., 80, 105 Hatton, A., 67, 79, 80, 90 Hauser, B., 93, 133 Hawes, H., 79 Hawkins, B., 94 Hawkins, K., 13 Hawkins, L., 24, 42 Hawks, S., 103 Hayashi, M., 93 Hayden, D., 125 Hayes, B., 103 Hayes, M., 65,95 Haynes, E., 42 Haytin, D., 113 Head, P., 32, 42, 72, 102 Heald, I., 79 Heard, R., 95 Hearsh, B., 69 ,77, 78, 90, 94 Hearst, E., 42, 63, 66, 69, 78 Heath, B. 103 Heaton, E'., 12 Hecht, W., 42 Hedding, W., 100 Hedges, R., 13 Galbraith, I., 32, 39, 72, 77, 78, 80, 90, 91, 105, 121 Garacochea, IJ., 80, 113, 131 Garcia, A., 4 , 67, 69 Garcia, F., 40 Gardner, I., 94 Gardner, T., 121 Gardner, S., 71, 105 Garrett, S., 69 148 Greenberg, E., 77, 78, 91, 117 Greenberg, L., 66, 68, 91 Greenberg, S., 69, 71, 90, 91 Greene, B., 41 Greene, S., 32, 41, 93 Greene, W., 10 Greenfield, C., 79 Greenfield, R., 41 Greenrock, G., 41 Greenwald, I., 71, 78, 79, 90, 133 Gresham, A., 69, 71, 75, 77, 105 Gribble, T., 41 Griffin, D., 91 Griffin, G., 17 Griffifh, B., 41, 93 Griffith, D., 41 Grisby, G., 90, 91, 93, 97 Grizzle, R., 113 Grodiri, I., 76 Grosh, L., 80 Gross, E., 41 Grossman, I., 24 Grossman, M., 41, 119, 120 Heinmiller, C., 42 Heinrich, R., 91, 117 Heinz, P., 104, 119, 120 Helm, S., 32, 42, 64, 66, 77, 78 Hembree M. 32 42 ,105, 113 Henderson, E., 42 Henkel, I., 24 Henning, C., 42 Henninger, M., 24, Henricks, C., 117 Herbel, B., 76 Herbel, D., 72 Herbel, R., 42 Herbst, L., 13 Herman, D., 94 Hernandez, A. 100 Herrera, M., 42 Herron, R., 42 Hersh, B., 133 Hersh, I., 80, 100 Hersh, T., 32, 42, 7 Herzel, A., 10 Herzel, M., 69 80,108,113,121 7, 78, 90,132 Hess, M., 42, 69, 105 Hess, S., 65 Hesslein, I., 13, 152 Heumann, I., 42, 80 Heurtl, B., 101 Hewitt, C., 70, 78, 79 Higa, L., 64, 77, 78, 90, 95 113 Higgins, T., 42, 69, 71, 105 Highland, B., 91 Highf, 1... 17 Hill, K., 17 Hillman, I., 42 65, 67, 92 Hirnas, G., 125 Hinchliff, S., 42 Hindin,A., 32, 43,89 Hine, F., 103 Hirsch, G., 79 Hirsch, M., 101, 104 Hirsch, N., 65, 66 Hirsch, V., 79 Hirschfield, S., 71, 105 Hively, L., 43 Haag, D., 64, 66, 77 Hockenberg, R., 24, 64 Hockenber C 41 133 Hockett, nfl 32, 45, 64, 71, 100, Hockett, P., 100 Hodge, S., 79 Hoeffding, H., 67, 74, 80, 99 Hoel, H., 79 Hoel, M., 66 Hoffer, A., 12 Hoffberg, K., 70 78, 133 Hoffberg, s., 119 Hoffman, L., 16 Hogan, B., 67, 68 Hogan, I., 43, 69 Hogue, H., 71 Hohl, S. 43 105, 108 Helier, S., 43, 101 Holden, S., 80, 91 Hollman, P., 24, 105 Holiday, I., 24 Holmen, R., 79 Holmer, R., 101 Holmes, M., 79 Holoft, B., 43 Holoff, N., 79, 105 Holt, N., 43, 77, 80 Holtby, F., 11 Holz, C., 43 Honnen, M., 43, 66, 95 Hoppers, S., 117, 125 Hopwood, S., 43 Horn, B., 43, 71, 101 Horner, H., 76 Horton, D., 43 Horton, T., 117, 127, 128 Horwitz, S., 43 Houge, M., 12 Houghton, I., 24 Hovey, A., 67, 105 Howard, B., 101 Howard, C., 10, 98 Howard, C., 102 Howard, D., 67, 77, 92, 99, 105 Howard, I., 43 Howard, R., 66, 67, 77, 90, , 133 91 131 Howe, D., 32, 62, 63, 66, 67, 77, 78, 90, 91 Howe, H., 43 Howe, N., 65, 77, 78, 133 Howe, R., 43 Howe, T., 32 67, 90, 91, 104 Howells, R., 80 Homeyer, C., 43 Howlett, S., 102 Hromadka, W., 24 Hubert, C., 113 Hubert, S., 113 Huberty, F., 105 Hucks, D., 43, 80, 105, 108, 110 Huddlesten, I., 43 Hughes, D., 43, 100 Hughes, I., 25, 89 Hunn, D., 43 Hunt, D., 25 Hunt, K., 79 Hurbert, L., 17 Hurst, L., 69, 101, 105 Hurwitz, E., 100 Huston, C., 43, 102, 103 Hutchins, S., 70 Hutt, S., 79 Hutton, P., 105 Hyland, B., 79 Hyman, B., 105 Hyman, L., 15 Hyman, S., 68 o Ichio M 113 lga, A., 65, 105 lkkanda, D., 113 Ireland, I., 69, 77 lrmler, S., 70 Isaacson, I., 77, 78, 79, 117 lsaksen, I., 43 lsamu, I., 25 lshimaru, H., 25 1sono,I., 117 israel, P., 104 Ives, H., 16 lwasa, L., 43, 125 Izenour, T., 25 Levin, I., 119 iacobellis, T., 100 acobs, S., 43, 65 Iacobson, B., 117 Iacobson, I., 118 Iacoby. I., 70,79 Iaeger, R., 91 Kievman, M., 45, 91 Kiltz, B., 104 Kimball, G., 65, 73, 77, 90, 94 Kincaid, I., 80 Kindsfater, K., 25 Kinney, P., 79 Kinsley, G., 95, 101 Kirshawn, P., 91 Kirshbaum, P., 79 Kissel, N., 45 Kishi, C., 105 Lennard, E., 101 Le Page, G., 25, 29 Leshin, Leslau, M., 67, 79 S., 25 Leslie, C., 113 Letzkus, S., 69 Levenson, R., 46 Leventis, C., 68 Levenson, N., 73, Le ve H46 ,yi -, Levin, C., 101 77, 78, 90, Kistler, K., 66, 68, 91 Iafte, B.. 65 Iafte, S., 64, 66, 113, james, M., 65,92 119,120 jameson, I., 68, 71, 77, 78 Iamison, A., 11 Iamison, S., 43, 66, 68 Jamison, S., 70, 79, 91 efterson, B., 118, 125 jenkins, C., 32, 43, 91 jenkins, 32, 43, 73. enkiss, ., 102 Ienkiss, S., 104 Iennings, B., 90,91 Iennings, D., 66, 131 Iennings, R., 32, 43 jensen, B., 43, 100 Iessen, T., 44 Iimenez, I., 103 jimenez, O., 14 77,78,91,105 johansson, B., 32, 44, 77, 78 johns, R., 44 1?K"7?9'7- 9-1 ??f 554 54' 105 Kitahara, Y., 79 Kitchener, S., 45 Kitsuse, M., 17 Kitsuse, S., 69, 70 Kiyono, T., 68, 70, 78, 79, 90 Klawans, I., 77 Klein, I., 65, 71, 80, 105 Klein, I , 99 Klein, I., 45 Klein, 68 91, 93 Klein, P.. . R., 74 Kleinman, R., 45 Knego, D., 79 Knickerbocker, B., 88 Knight, V., 45 Kobashigawa, B., 95 Kochevar, V., 133 Kochevar, V., 25 Koegel, D., 11 Kohn, B., 64, 77 Kohn, S., 32, 45 Koke, C., 69 Kolb, B., 104 Komarotf, K., 32, 45 Kopp, C., 25 johnson, L., 44 johnson, M., 44, 101 johnson, O., 17 johnson, S., 69, 105 Iohnston, G., 68, 71, 77,80 Iohnston, W., 25 jolly, I., its jonathan, W., 90, 91, jones jones, P., 79 jones, R., 120 jones, S., 44 jones, W., 44 104 , I., 44, io4 Iortngg i.., 44, 67, es, 72, 77, 78, so, 105, jordan, W., 32, 44, 64, 72, 116, 124 Iorgensen, M., 67, 68, Iorgensen, V., 11 joseph, M., 44 julian, B.. 44 91 Koppel, G., 45, 66,95 Koran, j., 45 Koran, j., 25 Korengold, A., 65, 70, 80 Korman, R., 45, 91, 94, 95 Korte, R., 94 Koshimizu, G., 68, 70, 78, 133 Kositchek, E., 68 Kosser, R., 113, 127, 131 Koszta, M., 100 Koven, I., 45 Kraepelien, H., 32, 45, 75 Krall, F., 108 Krasna, j., 45 Krauch, B., 67, 77, 78, 89 Krause, E., 25 Kramer, L., 91 Kramer, M., 79, 99 Kreis, j., 32,75 Krom, H., 117, 121 Krone, W., 45, 65, 66 Kronman, T., 80, 105 Kroot, I., 67, 77, 78, 118 Kroot, M., 45 Krueger, D., 100 Kuhlman, E., 90 Kuhn, D., 117 Kuppin, B., 91 Kuppin, M., 90, 95 133 Lauelle, M., 45 Kabaker, I., 44 Kaderli, L., 65, 77, 78, 93, 133 Kafka, B., 25, 65 Kafka, N., 25 Kahan, L., 91, 95 Kahle, H., 44 Kahn, D., 104 Kaisaki, M., 32, 44 Kaiser, B., 103 Kalier, V., 44 Kalmick, j., 64, 66, 77 Kamanski, K., 100 Kamins, B., 44, 64, 66, 80 125 keinieere, i-i., 44, itz, iii Kamm, S., 67, 80 Kampmann, R., 15, 122 Kanel, L., 93 Kaneshiro, S., 44 Kaniger, S., 44 Kaplan, B., 44, 89 Kaplan, G., 25, 44, 65. 90 Kaplan, j., 104 Kaplan, R., 32, 44, 66, 67, 77, 80, 91 Karas, R., 44, 91, 105 Karnes, C., 25 Karpk, L., 25 Kasdau, D., 29, 96 Kastel, R., 103 Karz, B., 44, as, 93. 94 Katz, B., 44 Katz, D., 44 Katz, R., 25 Kaufman, G., 45 Kaufman, S., 94 Kaumeyer, B., 95 Kawaguchi, S., 45, 93 Kawamoto, K., 25 Kawashima, H., 45 Kayser, M., 101 Kazmar, F., 45 Kearney, L., 45, 101 Keech, R., 12, 105 Keeler, R., 77 Keene, I., 103 Keene, S., 101 Keeney, N., 79 Keiser, K., 25 Kelley, K., 25, 29, 74, 118 Kellogg, I., 79. 105 Kellogg, K., 45, 76, 91 Kelly, M., 113 Kenel, L., 44 Kent, C., 45 Kepner, B., 95 Kerin, L., 45 Kerr, D., 69, 71 Kersten, D., 25 Kerton, S., 68, 78, 79, 133 Kurashita, M., 32, 45, 90, 91, 92,152 Kurokawa, T., 68, 70, Kuwabara, H., 69 Lacey, L., 68 Lachman, C., 79, 95 Lackey, D., 100 Ladda, C., 108 Lafferty, R., 102 La Fleur, P., 14, 98 Laken, V., 79, 91 Lakes, I., 79, 91 Lamken, L., 79 LaMont, A., 79, 93 Lampl, I., 25, 77, 103 Lancaster, I., 45 Landes, H., 131 Landes, T., 25, 108 Lane, I., 92 Lane, L., 79, 99 Langley, S., 91 Lanterman,7I., 25, 72, Lanz, M., 1 Larned, P., 79,91 71, 78, 80, 88, 77, 78, 133 74, 77 Larrecq, C., 45, 77, 78, 100 Laskey, I., 101 Lassise, D., 45 Lattin, L., 68, 69, 70, 78, 90, 91, 105, Levin, P., 89 Levine, D., 77 Levine, I., 46, 64, 71, 133 LeVine, R., 46 Levinson, A., 66 Levinson, I., 77 Levitt, B., 79 Levitt, M., 25, 29, 114, 116 Levitt, M., 80 Levitt, S., 46, 94 Levy, G., 46 Levy, H., 79 Levy, I., 67, 79, 100 Levy, N., 46, 63, 67, 89 Lewis, C., 93 Lewis, K., 46, 69, 105 Lewis, P., 68 Lewis, R., 102 Libenson, L., 14 Lieberman, P., 99 Liebowitz, I., 68 Lightfoot, C., 46, 93 Lindenberg, B., 66, 91 Linderbarm, S., 80 Lindley, I., 69 Lindley, M., 46 Lindman, A., 46, 119, 120 Lindop, E., 10 Link, G., 46 Linton, T., 65. 78 Lippman, R., ii9 Lipsy, R., 77, 78, 113, 119 Livesey, E., 25 Livingston, I., 113, 125 91,133 Livingston, sg, 46, 71, 74, 77, 78, ioo, 105 9 Lobel, W., Lockridge, I., 46 Lockwood, I., 25, 69 Loew, H., 100 Logan, M., 25, 118 Long, L., 98 Longman, R., 91 Lopez, L., 112, 113 Lopez de Arria a A., 25, 74, 77 Loring, s., 79, 106 Losee, T., 10 Lori, s., 96, 97, 99, 103 Leu, M., 46, 77, ss, 105, ii4, 116, 127, 128 Lowe, F., 102 Lowry, I., 46 Lubitz, I., 104 Lucas, M., 100 Lucero, B., 26 Lucier, S., 46, 69 Lukoft, F., 32, 46, 74, 80, 91, 105, 117 Luske, P., 65, 67, 77, 80 Luster, D., 69 Lutes, I., 26, 74, 108, 109, 1 Luyken, M., 79 Lynn, M., 71, 73, 77, 78 Lyriton, A., 11 Lyon, P., 68, 78, 90, 91, 100 lTl MacArthur, H., 32 MacDonald, M., 46 Mackenzie, M., 71 MacKinnon, B., 26 Mackintosh, S., 79, 104 MacNamara, R., 126 Madoff, C., 79, 105 Maeda, B., 113, 126 Mael, R., 77 11 Maharam, A., 32, 46, 67, 76, 77, 78, 90, 102 Maharam, M., 79, 93, 105 Mahoney, R., 79 Malby, M., 100 Malcolm, T., 46 Malmick, I., 66 Malpezzi, T., 46, 105 Mandel, P., 46 Mandell, R., 46 Mann, C., 46, 89 Mann, S., 13 Laverack, L., 45 Lavine, D., 25, 77 LaVine, I., 105 Lawrence, D., 76 Laykin, M., 46, 65, 66, 93 Layton, K., 79 Layton, W., 13 Lazaroff, R., 118, 119 Lazich, K., 79 Lea, B., 32, 46 Leavitt, C., 94 LeBaron, I., 152 Lederfine, S., 80, 113 Lees, I., 96, 99 Leib, C., 117, 131 Leipzig, S., 67 Leits, B., 125 Lengyel, I., 79 Lennar, E., 80 Marchacos, C., 14 Marcus, H., 16, 93 Marcus, M., 91 Marks, C., 64 Mariol, D., 46 Marshall, B., 113 Martin, D., 94 Martin, I., 26, 102, 103 Martin, I., 26, 46, 69, 133 K Martin, ., 46, 105, 133 Martin, N., 12 Martin , T., 46 Martinez, C., 26, 92, 103 Martinez, N., 102 Martinson, B., 67, 77 Martsegis, B., 104 Marvin, I., 15, 114, 115 Marx, I., 76, 79, 105 Maschler, R., 47, 92 Mason, B., 105 Mason, P., 47, 65, 67 Masuda, K., 93 Mataga, Y., 47 Mataison, M., 100 Mathews, K., 95 Mathison, M., 104 Matorian, M., 77 Matsumoto, S., 68 Mattison, L., 47, 105 Mature, M., 47 Mautner, K., 68, 72, 77, 78, 90 May, D., 100 May, G., 76 May, H., 80 May, P., 68, 77, 78, 133 Mayeda, I., 71 78, 80 Mays, D., 26, 118 Maynard, B., 79, 91 iviaxted, D., 47 McAbel, C., 100 McArthur, H., 26, 74, 77 McCafferty, M., 15 McConkey, C., 80 McConnell, B., 92 McConnell, D., 26 McCou, V., 47 McDole, M., 76, 77, 79 McDonald, B., 101 McDonald, C., 11 McDonald, M., 32, 104 McDonald, ivi., 47, 64, 66. 77. 78, 79. 91 101, 133 McDonnell, B., 104 McDowell, I., 68, 105 McFarland, I., 47 ivieoevw-in,s., 32, 47, 67, 77, 78, 80. 105 McGowen, M., 79 lvlcGuckin, T., 117 McGuire, G., 105 ivienairy, i.., ioi McHenery, H., 80, 91, 125 McKee, R., 47 McKenna, I., 91 McKimson, V., 26 McLoughlin, S., 16 McMullen, L., 26, 103 McNaughton, I., 26 McWethy, j., 79 McWh1rter, I., 113 Meanswj., 47, 64, 92, 93, 94 Meigs, ., 105 Meldy, O., 97, 99 Mellinger, P., 26 Mendoza, I., 47 N., 68, 70, 73, 77. 73i 133 Mepherson, S., 66 Mercill, D., 26 Merrill, D., 104 Merrin, L., 68, 70 Mertens, G., 47, 94 Meser, R., 101 Metcalf, G., 76, 94 Metzler, I., 79 Meyer, R., 26 Meyers, B., 112 Meyers, I., 67, 79 Meyers, R., 74, 114 Meyers, S., 47, 93 Meyerson, S., 121 lvleyrowitz, L., 65, 80, 94 Michael, P., 26 Michel, D., 102 Middaugh, I., 26 Middleton, N., 14 , F., 102 Menzies, Meisel Mihalina, E., 101 Miles, E., 26, 29 Miles, P., 77 Miller, A., 91, 95, 105 Miller, F., 13 Miller, G., 100 Miller, H., 47, 125 Miller, I., 47, 77,101,104,11 Miller, I., 67, 79,91 Miller, I., 104 Miller, K., 68, 69, 99 Miller, M., 118 Miller, S., 69, 105 Miller, T., 104 Mills, P., 91 Minkoft, M., 77, 91 Miranda, I., 79 Mirande, L., 47 Misenson, M., 91 Mitchell, C., 17, 47 Mitchell, S., 47 Mitsueda, P., 47 Mitzman, S., 16 Miyake, F., 47 Mobberly, L., 119 Mock, L., 67, 79, 99 Montank, N., 47, 105, 108, 11 Montes, l., 47 Montgomery, V., 47, 105, 133 Moody, L., 69, 91 Moore, M., 47 Moore, R., 47, 78, 89 Morehouse, M., 47 Morgan, C., 101 Morgan, G., 26 Morgan, L., 15 Morgan, M., 48, 64 lVlori, l., 69 Moroney, M., 103 Morris, F., 48 Morris, I., 48, 100 Morison, D., 97 Morse, S., 70, 105 Moscowitz, I., 14 Moselle, G., 48, 102 Moseley, G., 17 Moss, B., 108 7 o, izs 149 Moss, G., 105 Moss, S., 69 Mount, G., 91, 104 Mowat, S., 48 Muchnick, C., 66, 77, 78, 90,95 Mullen, M., 48 Mueller, E., 48 Mueller, K., 79 Muetlng, D., 26 Muller, K., 91 Mulvehill, W., 13 Munoz, E., 48 Murdock, T., 77, 78 Murray, D., 26, 69, 102, 105 Murry, M., 91, 105 Myers, B., 113 Myers, I., 66 Myers, R., 102, 116 Nagata, I., 112, 113 Nahamora, R., 101 Nakagawa, S., 112, 113 Nakano, K., 26 Napavance, P., 76 Napeer, N., 79 Naramura, G., 26 Naramura, V., 113 Nathanson, s., 32, 69.71, 73, 77, 78 90, 91 Nazarian, R., 9 Neel, B., 48 Neima, C., 79 Neima, T., 48, 103 Nelson, G., 32, 48, 100 Neri, M., 48 Ncttels, M., 80 Neukiechner, S., 69 Neuls, A., 64, 119, 120 Neuman, A., 48, 67, 105 Newman, E., 71, 72, 78 Newman, P., 48 Newman, R., 77 Newman, T., 48 Nickel, s., 79, 91 Nicklin, T., 16 Nlkirk, I., 14 Nilsson, K., 70 Nisenson, M., 66, 77, 90, 94 Nishimoto, K., 26 Nishinaga, L., 126 Nivens, V., 48, 68, 95, 105 Noble, N., 48 Nord, C., 26, 48, 97, 108, 111 Nordlinger, L., 32, 48 Nordllnger, S., 48, 127, 129 Norman, G., 10 Normandin, M., 68, 133 Normansin, M., 78 North, R. 10, 132 Notarte, b., 48, as Nudell, G., 48 Nuesca, M., 26 Nugent, V., 26, 29 Nunez, G., 26, 29, 108 Nutt, P., 70, 78, 79, 133 Oakley, G. 48 oeryeni, iz., ze, 108, 110 Otfarzarzak, L., 77 Ogens, I., 26 Ohno, I., 48 Oku, M., 27 Okubo, K., 48, 77, 78, 88, 152 Okubo, L., 67, 68, 77, 78, 91, 133 Okura, D., 65, 78, 133 Older, v., 65 Oleson, D., 32, 48, 105, 108, 111 Oleson, R., 125 Oleson, S., 27 Olson, D., 27 Olson, E., 8 Olson, H., 118, 125 Olson, I., 71 Olson, M., 27, 118 Olstad, E., 9 Ontiveros, A., 97 Ontiveros, M., 49, 100 Opper, R., 95 O'Reilly, T., 32, 49 Orenstein, R., 49 Orr, S., 49 Ortega, P., 49 Ortiz, L., 65, 80 Osborne, P., 49, 89 Oser B., 97 Ota, S.. 88 Owen, B., 67 Paige, M., 104 Painter, I., 65 Paley, P., 27 150 Palmer, Ii, 12, 95 Palmer, ., 68, 78, 133 ga:mQuISt.SD..4j99. 92, 100 aomino, ., Penn. P.. 49. 77. 78.80, 133 Eapel, S., 49,P67630, 91 aramenter, ., Pardee, A., 65, 71, 75, 77, 80 Parker, H., 14 Parker, P., 100, 119 Parker, S., 49, 105, 114 Pardoe, G., 131 Parlette, I., 27 Parlette, L., 29, 49, 62, 63, 72, Parmenter, P., 49, 100 Parrish, M., 27 Parry, S., 101, 104 Patterson, A., 68, 105 Patterson, M., 27, 104 Patterson, R., 66 Patton, B., 17 Paulin, I., 94, 103 Paizer, M., 104 Payne, B., 65 Payton, O.. 13 Peairs, D., 27, 49 Pearl, B., 27 Pearson, C., 27, 29 Pearson, L., 32, 49, 105 Pearson, P., 49, 133 Pearson, T., 104 Peasley, T., 49, 66 Pecsok, H., 49, 66, 68, 77, 78, Peer, I., 49, 69 Peitzke, M., 79 Peitzke, R., 49 Pellican, T., 49 Pelton, D., 8 Pe1ze1,S., 10 Peoples, L., 17 Peratis, L., 88, 91 Persons, T., 95 Pessin, B., 119 Peters, M., 49 Petris, E., 118 77, 78, 90 133 Pettker, I., 32, 49, 105, 118, 124 Philips, D., 117 Pichard, C., 80 Pike, L., 49 Pincs, D., 49 Plrosh, M., 27, 64, 77 Pitt D., 49 Plttier, 1-1., 79, 101 Plasencla, F., 49 Ploeger, W., 27 Plotkin, C., 29, 76, 77 Pochien, T., 91 Podrat, M., 49 Podryski, D., 96 Pohen, M., 97 Polen, M., 91, 97 Poles, M., 49 Pollack, B., 65, 67, 77, 78, 90, 103, Pollett, K., 100, 133 Pomeranz, M., 50 Pond, E., 100, 108 Pooley, I., 69 Porter, C., 95 Porter, G., 12 Porter, I., 104 Porter, S., 50 Poschin, M., 32, 50 Poschin, T., 80 Posthumus, D., 50, 101 Pratt, K., 50, 77, 80, 105 Preston, H., 95 Preston, I., 103 Prew, I., 68, 70, 71, 79 Price, C., 27 Price, I., 119 Prince, I., 13 Pritchard, C., 50 Pritkin, I., 65 Prock, I., 27, 29 Proctor, B., 112, 113, 125 Provan, E., 12 Provo, I., 127, 130 Prowizor, G., 75 Purnell, G., 14 Suartemount, E., 102 uick, B., 117 Quick, S., 78 Quinn, C., 67, 97, 99 Quint, 1., 13, 59 Rainsford, S., 99 Ragsdale, D., 50, 80 Raisin, B., 79 Randall, P., 76 Rapaport, D., 27, 68, 77, 91 Rassin, B., 91 Rau, O., 80 Rayburn, P., 50 Reed, R., 103 Reel, D., 79 Rees, I., 27 Reese, L., 105 133 Reich, S., 71, 79, 80 Reiner, B., 117 Reiner, D., 50 Reinert, B., 50, 80, 102, 105, 108 Reinsch, S., 50 Reiss, L., 79 Reitzen, K., 50, 95 Reksg., I., 50, 63, 64, 66, 105, 114, 116, Rekers, M., 79 Rennick, M.. 16 Resch, R., 67, 77 Reyes, C., 105 Reyna, L., 50 Reynold, E., 13, 59 Reynolds, I., 27 Riblett, B., 50 Rice, P., 27 Rice, P., 95 Rice, S., 27 Rich, D., 50 Rich, M., 65, 77 Richards, M., 15 Richards, R., 103 Richards, T., 27 Rickards, D., 50, 100, 105 Ricker, T.. 50 Riegert, B., 80 Rigler, R., 27 Riley, C., 17 Riley, T., 108 Riniker, F., 9 Riskin, R., 89 Ritland, S., 50, 69, 71, 105 Ritter, I., 32, 50, 77, 78, 90, 121 Robbins, C., 113 Robbins, W., 50 Robeins, W., 105 Robey, S., 62, 63, 77 Robinson, B., 12 Robinson, I., 65 Robinson, T., 32, 50, 78, 80, 91, 100, 101, 104, 133 Robson, P., 64, 67 Rockower, E., 103 Rode, D., 50 Rodriguez, L., 50, 100, 133 Roed, S., 67, 88 Rott, D., 125 Rogers, I., 68 Rogers, P., 50 Rogers, R., 27, 100, 105, 133 Roisman, L., 27 Rokaw, E., 32, 50, 71,91 Rolf, H., 79 Rome, D., 67 73, 74, 75, 90, 91 Rooney, C., 50 Roop, F., 50, 93 Roscia, B., 67,79 Rose, C., 69 Rose, L., 67 Roseland, N., 93 Rosenberg, B., 105 Rosenberg, L., 16 Rosenberg, M., 67, 79, 91 Rosenberg, N., 65 Rosenblatt, I., 91, 94 Rosengarten, R., 32, 50, 66, 105, 113, 120 Rosenthal, C., 50, 89 Rosenthal, I., 16 Rosenthal, R., 11 Rosin, R., 50, 66, 90, 91, 93 Ross, B., 69, 71, 77, 79, 101,126 Ross, K., 80 Ross, L., 79 Ross, S., 50, 51, 65, 133 Roston, P., 68 Roth, A., 27, 74, 77, 89 RotIg2A., 57, 62, 63, 65, 75, 77, 78, 91, Rothenberg, B., 76,92 Rothschild, M., 51, 108 Rubens, I., 32, 51, 69, 70. 73, 75, 77, 78 Rubens, I., 51, 64, 77, 78 Rubens, R., 71,79 Rubin, L., 79 Rubin, R., 51, 100 Rubin, R., 69,71 Rubinyi, L., 27 Ruckert, I., 94 Rudnick, I., 94 Ruecker, R., 57 Ruedi, R., 27 Ruiz, R., 51 Rumph, I., 32, 51, 88 Russell, B., 79 Russell, I., 69, 70 Russell, K., 69 Rutkin, I., 51 Ryan, M., 51, 92, 105 Ryan, R., 102 Ryle, D., 16 Sacks, N., 92, 93 Safer, C., 65 Safer, R., 27, 118 Saffro, D., 51, 76, 78 Sahara, R., 27, 103 Saklad, R., 51 Saland, E., 51 Sales, B., 94, 126 Salisbury, I., 67, 68, 77 Salot, M., 28, 105 Samat, T., 51, 104 Samut, T., 104 Sanborn, W., 66 Sanchez, M., 28 Sandore, D., 28 Sandoval, E. 51, 105 Sanez, F., 100 Sargenti, A.. 51 Sarna, G., 66, 90, 91, 95 Sarnis, C., 101 Sarrow, M., 51, 88 Sams, C., 51 Sasaki, D., 102 Sasaki, E., 80, 81 Satter, B., 77 Sattler, B., 80, 91 Saunders, B., 79 Saunders, C., 51 Savage, D., 65, 67, 89 Savage, R., 51 Schaeffer, C., 52 Schaffer, S., 133 Schaeffer, V., 67, 77, 78, 79 Schakne, I., 32, 52, 88 Schasfer, S., 68 Schaub, M., 52 Schechner, A., 69 Scheffer, D., 77, 78, 91, 117 Scheffield, G., 117 Scheinman, S., 52, 64 Schenck, M., 67.69, 100 Schenkeln, I., 99 Scher, M., 28 Schiff, F., 52, 80, 95, 120, Schiff, K., 52 Schiry, P., 125 Schlesin er, B., 52 Schlon, 105 Schwenn, M., 113 Schiesel, L., 52 Schmidt, L., 52, 77, 80 Schreibman, A., 52 Schneider, C., 52, 105 Schneider, N., 79, 105 Schoenbrun, M., 79 Schonfield, M., 52 Schreibman, A., 66 Schroeder, D., 95 Schuster, L., 68, 78, 105, 133 Schwab, D., 76, 77, 105, 121 Schwartz, F., 79 Schwartz, ik, 28 Schwider, ., 105, 118, 124 Schwerin, E., 12 108 Scoot, S., Scott, I., 93 Scott, V., 80 Scott, V., 28 Seale K., 104 Seales L., 131 Searight, I., 79 Seaver, V., 52 Sedgwick, E., 52, 105 Seellng, I., 102 Seely, L., 79 Segal, L., 28 Sehestad, S., 68 Seibert, S., 68 Sei al, A., 105 Sel?man, L., 11 Semple, B., 127, 129 Sepulveda, G., 52 108 sequeafe I., sz, els, 93, 94 Serfass, 1-l., 28 Serna, D., 52 Serna, G., 66 Seto uchi, I. 126 sevaiie, M., 5'z Sexton, A., 100 Shabo,A.,76,91,101, 104, Shaddock, L., 52 Shapiro, I., 52, 103 Shapiro, R., 52, 95 Shaughnessy, G., 114 Shaunessy, G., 116 Shaw, D., 65 Smebel, D., 52 Sheffield, G., 80 Sheffield, K., 28, 29 SheIhamer,B., 102 Shelhamer, M., 52, 66, 69, 72, 77, 78 Sheller, F., 99 Shepard, D., 52, 76, 88 Shepard, I., 17 Sher, A., 79, 105 Sher, L., 105 Sher, R., 28 Sherman, I., 52 Sherwin, L., 32, 52, 76, 77, 89, 91 Sherwood, F., 64 shine, C., 52 Shick, R., 52 Shieff, M., 79 Shield, B., 79, 99 Shiffman, B., 32, 52, 91, Shintaku, K., 52 Shirey, A., 113 Shipley, A., 68 93 Shoemaker, R., 28, ez, 64, 108, 110 Short, I., 126 Shropshire, D., 68, 71,77 Shumsky, L., 91 Shumsky, R., 89 Shwab, D., 91 Shy, B.. 53 Siccardi, H., 28 Siciliano, I., 53 Sidy, S., 65, 67 Siegel, A., 80 Sigal, I., 79 Sigford, L., 53, 94, 95 Silbert, S., 32, 53, 90, 91, Silver, H., 120 Simmonds, A., 53, 103 Simmons, S., 53,98 105,119,120 Simon, R., 77 Simonds, I., 77 Simons, C., 53 Simons, R., 53 Singer. L.. 53. 65, 92 Slnger, V., 65, 67 Skebe, D., 53 Skidmore, M., 10 Skoller, I., so, 105 Slabo, A., 77 Slater, R., 67 Slattebo, W., 28, 29, 74, 77 Slavin, F.. 32, 53 Sloan, S., 53 Sloane, R., 69, 70, 77, va, 99, 133 sloar, lc., 32, 53, 64, ee, 90, 118 Small, I., 53 70 Smith, A., Smith. B., 53, 77, 100, 132, 133 Smith, C., 92 Smith, D., 80 Smith, G., 53 Smith, I., 17, 28 Smith, L., 118, 125 Smith, N., 117 Smith. P.. 68, 100 Smith. R., 11 Smith S., 32, 53 Smith, 102 Smith, W.. 28 Smurawski, K., 53 Snow, C., 67, 68 Snyder, W., 53 Sobel, L.. 69.71, 77,97 sobomff, I., 70 Sfvhlll ,D 11, V' DODOZDICK, N., ll 1 Soroky, A., 14 Sorrells, S.. 53, 80, 105 Soskin, S., 95 Soto, B., 71,133 Soto, E., 53 Soto, l., 133 Southern, D., 53 Spaeter, W., 9, 15, 59, 127 Spalding, P., 120 Spandau, E., 53, 63, 65, 67, 88, 124, 152 Spandau, P., 126 Spano, S., 12, 101 Sparks, R., 72, 76 Spear, A., 32, 53, 69, 71, 77, 78, 105 Speiglman, I., 96 Spencer, D., 32, 53, 64, 66, 80 Spencer, K., 105 Sperling, S., 80, 121 Spiegel, H., 118, 124 Spieth, I., 53 Spievak, M., 69 Spilker, A., 53, 63, 70 Spitzer, M., 64 Spivak, S., 104 Strong, S., 54 Stroud, S., 54, 71 Stuart, A., 92 Stuart, H., 80 Sturza, M., 94 Stuver, P., 28 Stuver, S., 126 Suenaga, R., 28 Sullivan, M., 15 Sullivan, Y., 11 Sunderland, I., 121 Sunkees, I., 108 Sunkees, I.. 28, 108, 110 Sunshine, S., 54 Suzukawa, S., 126 Swanson, S., 94, 118 Sween, R.. 55 Sweetland, S., 100 Swetow, B., 90 Swickard, S., 55 Synold, C., 16 Tager, M., 91 Takeuchl, D., 69, 77, 79, 90, 91, 133 Talley, M., 17 Tanaka, Y., 113, 125 Tanke, L., 70 Tanner, T., 55, 132 Taranovski, T., 32, 55,91 Tarnutzer, I., 28, 29 Valentine, I., 101 Van Amstel, A., 102 Van Atta M. 78 33 , . . 1 Vandegritt, E., 32, 55, 103, 126 Vandegritt, I., 69, 71, 105 Van Heule, P., 55 Van Leeuwen, K., 56, 63, 72, 73, 77, 102, 105 Vannerson, I., 56, 66, 77,79 White, G., 17 White, I., 56 White, M., 76, 80, 91 White, S., 71 White, T., 119, 120 Whitehead, D., 57 Whitehead, F., 17 Whiteman, T., 127, 130 Whitlock, I., 17 Wieman, A., 57 Wigton, C., 79 Wilhelm, S., 29 Wilcox, T., 15, 112, 123 Wilkensen, B., 117 Tarpey, S., 80 Tarrant, T., 80 Tarwater, I., 28 Taub, S., 121 Taylor, B., 28, 29, 69 Taylor, I., 55, 94 Taylor, S., 32, 55, 64, 77 Teller, M., 102 Tenenbaum, B., 32, 55, 69, 71, 100 Thall, P., 55, 88, 94 Thomas, A., 16 Thomas, A., 55.69, 88, 91, 94 Thomas, D., 133 Thomas, G., 55, 92 Thomas, L., 10 Thomas, S., 32, 55, 64, 66, 80 Thompson, C., 55, 81 Thompson, 1-. 55 Thompson, R., 64 Thompson, S., 55, 97, 119 Thompson, T., 55 Thomson, S., 101 Thoresen, F., 92 Thoreson, A., 17 Thornburn, H., 103 Throssel, I., 55 Thurman, C., 17 Van Nimwegan, I., 103 Van Zeyl, N., 118 Vargas, G., 104 Vaughn, C., 56 Venable, B., 66 Veneklasen, L., 56, 105 Vessels, I., 125 Vidal, A., 14 Villa, D., 56, 69, 94 Villasefior, O., 29 Vincent, D., 73, 77, 102 Vizcarrondo, A., 67, 68, 80 Vizcarrondo, I., 28 Vogel, H., 65, 67, 91 Volz, E., 103 Voss, T., 56 Vukalcic, E., 13 Vullo, I., 81, 104 Waco, M. 28 Wagher, fi., 28 Wagner, B., 56 Wagner, I., 28, 65, 90, 102 Wagner, P., 103 Wagner, A., 104 Wald, B., 77, 94, 117 Walker, M., 79 Walkey, I., 56 Wallace, D., 56, 105 Wallach, R., 10 Walling, M., 117 Walsh, M., 32, 56, 66, 98, 127 Walter, H., 56 Walter, K., 56, 105, 133 Walther, H., 103 Wambaugh, M., 88 Wang, M., 56, 69, 77, 79 Ward, R., 14 Ward, S., 28 Ward, W., 56 Warren, P., 56, 94 Washausen, B., 117 Wilking, R., 13 Willen, G., 57 Wiley, S., 57 William, D., 64, 116 Williams, D., 32, 57, 105, 114 Williams, E., 79 Williams, I., 79 Wiliams, L., 70 Williams, M., 57, 93 Williams, N., 13 Williams , V, 91 Williamson, L., 57 Wilson, C., 76, 105 Wilson, D., 66 Wilson, G., 14 Springer, R., 54, 67 Sprung, E., 17 Stage, M., 16 Stagman, S., 64, 66, 77, 78, 113 Stahl, G., 94, 102 Stansfield, S., 79 Stanton, E., 114, 116 Stanton, G., 10 Stanton, I., 77 Stanwyck, S., 75, 77 Stark, W., 79 Starret, E., 14 Staudenmayer, R., 95 St. Clair, D., 54, 77, 78 St. Clair, L., 79 Stearns, P., 28, 77 Steele, C., 54, 62, 74, 75 Steele, I., 79 Steele, N., 90 Steele, P., 79 Steele, R., 32, 54, 75, 91, 105 Steenson, N., 102 Stein, D., 91 Stein, H., 64, 77, 105, 118, 124 Steinberg, W., 54 Steiner, I., 66, 117 Stell, D., 11 Stephen, S., 17 Stern, L., 65, 79, 100 Stevens, M., 77, 78, 94 Stevens, S., 54 Stewart, H., 32, 54, 124 Stewart, R., 54 102 Stickney, I., 103 Stock, S., 79, 100 Stollee, R., 54, 100 Stolerotf, L., 54 Stoller, R., 54, 68, 71 Stoltz, M., 54 Stone, I., 54 Story, L., 28, 90 Stout, R., 100 St. Pierre, P., 54 St. Pierre, P., 54 Strauss, S., 54. 75. 77. 79, 105 Streckewald,5I., 32, 54 Strock, R., 1 Thurmond, H., 103 Tiffany, P., 32, 55, 90, 91, 104 Tincknell, D., 55 Tinkham, R., 55 Tolchin, G., 101 Tominaga, E, 65, 77 Toorer, M., 55 Torchia, D., 100 Torgrimson, P., 79, 105 Toshioka, M., 112, 113, 125 Toshiyuki, S., 100 Tow, S., 32, 55, 121 Townsend, C., 100 Townsend, I., 112, 113 Trattner, E., 79 Trattner, L., 55 Trett, G., 11 Tronvig, I., 79 Trope, C., 79 Troutman, B., 28, 93 Troxel, L., 55, 98 Troxler, G., 68 Trucano, T., 55, 92 Trump, I., 15, 108, 109, 131 Tryk, W., 102 Tryon, D., 55 Tsuda, V., 16 Tucker, 14. 55 Turner, I., 65, 105 Turrant, T., 91 Tuttle, D., 104 Tuxhorn, G., 16 Tyler, S., 104 Tytler, K., 55, 68, 88, 91, 105 Uchida, D., 71, 133 Udkoff, I., 65 Ullman, I., 96 Umann, E., 55 Utley, A., 55 Uyeki, I., 133 Washburn, W., 56 Wasserberger, T., 79 Wass man M. 56 Wilson, I., 105 Winjum, C., 79 Winstein, B., 91 Wire, L., 29 Wiseman, Y., 57 Wohmet, I., 113 Wolf, D., 105 Wolf, K., 104 Wolfberg, I., 126 Wolff, L., 69 Wollman, C., 66, 67, 90, 91 Wong, C., 13, 152 Wood, M., 105 Wood, T., 77, 78, 81 Woodall, E., 29 Woodley, L., 29, 133 Worthy, S., 57 NNrather, I., 119 Wright, I., 57 Wright, R., 13 Wulfke, E., 79 Yagi, G., '113, 126 Yagi, I., 57, 112, 113 Yahata, S., 29, 77, 105, 133 Yabuta, B., 113 er . . Watanabe, P., 67, 88 Waterman, M., 103 Waterman, S., 100 Waters, L., 28 Watson, D., 71, 77, 79 Watts, S., 79 Waugh, A., 56, 75, 77, 79, 95 Weaver, I., 14 Webb, K., 68, 71 Webb, M., 56, 96, 97, 105, 118, 124 Webster, D., 101, 104 Webster, V., 67 Wedgeworth, L., 100 Wedgeworth, M., 93 Wedlock, L., 77 Weideman, H., 14 Wein, I., 56,76 Weinstein, S., 56, 63, 67, 68, 72, 77, 105 Weintraub, I., 28 Weisberg, T., 119 weise, I., 104 Weiseberg, T., 104 Weiss, B., 28, 29, 74, 77, 90, 102 Weiss, C., 32, 56, 64 Weiss, I., 104 Weissman, I., 79 Welch, D., 79, 99 Wells, D., 56, 64, 108 Wendelburg, G., 77, 78 Werksman, K, 56 Westin, C., 56, 69, 71, 78, 105 Wetteland, D., 79 Westlock, L., 93 Wexler, F., 117 Wexler, P., 77, 127, 130 Whatiey, P., 56 Wheat, T., 17 Wheatley, P., 65, 66, 77, 78, 101 Wheaton, L., 101, 104 Whipps, N., 79 White, A., 56 White, B., 102 White, C., 70, 131 White, D., 29, 90, 108 Yasuda, M., 63, 65, 67, 90 Yates, S., 57, 66 Yeager, L., 57 Yoneda, R., 57 Yoritsune, I., 62, 77, 79 Yorker, C., 57 Young, A., 17 Young, D,, 57, 119, 120 Young, I., 57, 71 Young. K., 57 Yule, W., 57, 79 Zalk, I., 65, 66, 94 Zallen, I., 29, 77 Zangle, F., 12 Zavitkovsky, A., 29, 133 Zealand, H., 64,70 Zekley, G., 57, 88 Zell, M., 101 Zellman, H., 77, 94 Zellman, M., 68 Zelonka, C., 57, 66, 78, 91 Zepp, D., 57 Zerga, I., 29 Zeuner, D., 131 Zeunert, L., 79 Zide, R., 57, 104 Zimmelman, A., 57, 77 Zimmerman, D., 113 Zimmerman, M., 57 Zipperman, S., 57, 90 Zordich, B., 103 Zumwinkle, M., 11, 88, 152 We, the editors of the l96O CHIEFTAIN, wish to extend our deepest appreciation to Mrs. Margaret Zumwinkle, who dedicated her time and effort toward the completion of this annual. -Mr. Robert Freyer, who on short notice took over sponsorship of the annual. Mrs. Catherine Wong, whose impressive art work contributed greatly to the overall theme of this yearbook. -Mr. joseph l-lesslein and his assistants, who diligently remained on call to take, develop, and print many of the pictures in this book. Mr. and Mrs. jules LeBaron, and Dorothy of the Westwood Village Studio, for the faculty and senior portraits. -Mr. Victor DeMamiel of the Superior Engraving Co., for patience and un- derstanding throughout our difficulties. -Mr. lan S. Cameron of the Citizen Print Shop, whose efforts are respon- sible for the outstanding printing. -Miss Billie Addison, for her help in financial matters. -Mr. H. Hartman of the S. K. Smith Co., for the colorful cover of the Chieftain. -Weber-McCrea Co., for the excellent binding of our book. -Steve laffe, Steve Silbert, Verda Feigl, Diana Gilbert, and many others who helped type identification and read proof. -The entire staff for their diligent efforts in producing the l96O CHIEFTAIN. -The entire administration and faculty, for all their assistance. Many thanks, JQHZO Editor-in-Chief gin! .gpnanclau anal margaref Jccraakifa Associate Editors '- w1aT:'73'S'f2:'i' " W ai .y. ,I x p 'V fi? 1-gi-2.7: v, Q 1, ' .mi L f,Tf'ff"'?1i Q 9355-wi, 2f':i?fE?ff gif., ,-'E 'E ,-iii' , ff . :L .1g,yF-iw ef wfr Y , ,.-wg? , -M, , ,L ,Ad9if'jr."?!'ji-4 'f --f1F5f-:5A4,5ii2:' 1 "w'?H"i ' .-.Vg , N ,""-'fgvu ,, 4D,....x ,g-. l1'.f'f',Uii' , .ig Ek, 'iw-,+ A 'X A' .:,. .. - ' ' 'il 4 A .sw . ,,4g.,fQ'aLA1iGL . 5 Sirk wig! HQ' 1 "Wi X-I " 1 .1 ,pb .jvg.:5H :Vx- 7 Y. .. . BL., an 1 gz. v,nvf 1-f .X ., F. aww A -,wx wb 234111, fi L,.,-n" mf ' ,Aww '- A lllLf'v'5'i!" I ff r WF' -TFPM' ..f R s 1, If N1 - FM A ,Xian x,,,k , , fl ,ff , .51mt'3Q..w, fm.-wwf.. w wygg,qg':ag4,a Aa E N , , 1 gig!! 3: Q win ,. W' ,WM , -r, M151 j v ,,. 4 fv- gf ,gy ag' ,., fx I " if 42,24- 4, . . Ev, , ff . , 4' 'Y I ., ,rrhvil . ,,N,,,,,,,,,,:-.., ' 2 Qi 2- M v.f- Z fp. f,,v,2 i , uw,-wAglWH++f':."' wi' 9 'Vw 'WY , W' N? ,V 3'f57.'i vm A f , K 3 xi' ' 1 f . 2 ef 2 W 1. 'V M ff .1 , ' ' , .Mr l-5, 5, l s " f f I 1 3' , 1 i 1 f ,,f -rf J' .1 f 1 1 rf v -41 1 ,fm M , N2 Ka. 1 ' N 1 9 W, mi!

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