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y -y? 1 — - " v ' ■■ ' T " - " 1 " - y gez. IK i ir i i r - ■ i ■ ■■ i - • • - " - r i - • - ' »» §m % . O » J 1 ., i. — . " » ft CHIEFTAIN NINETEEN HUNDRED AND A 56 _ HE THAT INVENTS A MACHINE AUGMENTS THE POWER OF MAN AND THE WELL BEING OF MANKIND. HENRY WARD BEECHER THE AGE OF THE MACHINE THEME 1956 tmimniK xnpx Principal fall semester, Mr. Jack Crowther Principal spring semester, Mr. James Lloyd Girls ' Vice Principal, Miss Doris Miller Boys ' Vice Principal, Mr. Carroll Lockridge Faculty Gauges Uniites ' ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Bottom row: Mrs. R. Rosenthal, Mr. J. Dru- ry, Miss J. Myers, Mr. R. English Top row: Mrs. J. Nikirk, Mr. E. Ambrose, Mrs. H. Goulet, Miss K. Reed, Miss B. Canady, Mr. G. Trett, Mr. H. Wingard, Mr. J. Coughlin HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT Mrs. M. Rennick, Mrs. B. Boyd LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT Bottom row: Miss V. Rosenfeld, Miss A. Vi- dal, Mrs. J. Nikirk, Mr. G. Purnell, Mr. H. Pena, Miss L. Marchacos, Mr. J. Rhodes Top row: Mr. L. Libenson, Mr. R. Wallach BUSINESS EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Bottom row: Miss H. Unger, Mrs. T. Nicklin, Mrs. J. Carrothers Top row: Mr. R. Masteller, Mr. H. Ives A Typing Class, To Master The Keys ART DEPARTMENT Miss D. Hayman, Mrs. D. Felton, Mr. L. Rosenberg, Mr. J. Armstrong SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT Bottom row: Mr. R. Wallach, Miss C. Irvine, Mrs. J. Fadem, Mrs. A. Breese, Mrs. L. Goodwin Second row: Mrs. S. Pelzel, Mrs. J. Cushman, Mrs. L. Thomas, Miss E. Foulger, Miss A. Marcus, Mrs. J. Carrothers, Mr. J. Francis Top row: Mr. E. Miller, Mr. W. Cone, Mr. F. Beck, Mr. M. Lindsey A Music Appreciation Class, To Learn About The World Of Melody MUSIC DEPARTMENT Mr. S. Spano, Mrs. E. Heaton, Mrs. E. Provan, Mr. G. Trett 1 M T 1 JL p!A J A] | i , JT I ■ V ' ' P- T 1 1 ■ Ml St- ■« ' Hjj P VL sE £-. » MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT Bottom row: Miss N. Martin, Miss P. Porter, Miss F. Zangle, Miss M. McDonald Top row: Mr. R. Keech, Mr. J. Prebish, Mr. G. Morgan, Mr. R. Wright, Mr. Ksanznak, Mr. L. Herbst, Mr. A. Becker An Art Appreciation Class, To Understand The Masters SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Bottom row: Mr. 0. Payton, Mr. J. Prebish, Mrs. F. Miller, Mr. A. Roberts, Mr. R. Farnham Top row: Mr. R. Keech, Mr. A. Hadlock, Mr. S. Alexander, Mr. M. Anisman, Mr. J. Arnold BOYS " PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Bottom row: Mr. T. Wilcox, Mr. A. Marvin Top row: Mr. F. Beck, Mr. J. Pursell, Mr. M. Anisman Bottom row: English, Miss A Chiles; Language, Mrs. A. Soli Top row : Language, Mr. B. Gomez; Military Science, M Sgt. K. Hughes ; Math, Mr. S. Ksanznak GIRLS ' PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Bottom row: Mrs. G. Harrison, Mrs. M. Blan- chard, Miss M. McCafferty, Mrs. F. Fisher Top row: Miss M. Quigley, Miss L. Hadley Bottom row Art — Mrs. H. Harrison, Business — Mrs. H. Marcus. Top row: Social Studies, Mr. W. Greene, Science — Mr. A. Roberts. Auto Shop, To Make the Machine Run INDUSTRIAL ARTS DEPARTMENT Mr. G. McMullen, Mr. R. Goulet, Mr. L. Rosenberg, Mr. L. Thomas, Mr. S. McLoughlin, Mr. J. Niven Counselor, Mrs. F. Brooks; Registrar, Mr. A. Copeland; Librarian, Miss F. Riniker School Secretin ' ! , Miss B. Patton Business Manager, Miss E. Addison CLERKS Bottom row: Miss E. Colnon, Miss M. Degu- chi, Mrs. A. Young Top row: Mrs. I. Shepherd, Miss H. Sullivan, Mrs. E. Chafe, Miss D. Dunlap, Mrs. A. Her Student Of OFF • °r •y. Old o 1 5 w ernmen " byasuda Fall Student Body President, Pete Warren Fall Boys ' League President, Dick Greene LEADERS ENGINEER SUCCESSFUL YEAR Spring Girls ' League President, Lynn Goldsmith Spring Boys ' League President, Tom Pinkerton Spring Student Body President, Tony Dingman FALL GIRLS ' LEAGUE EXECUTIVE CABINET Bottom row: J. Charness, K. Fall, G. Wiggans. Top row: J. Baer, J. Perlstein. FALL BOYS ' LEAGUE EXECUTIVE CABINET Bottom row: S. Herrick, D. Greene, L. Hoffman. Top row: B. Berger, G. Topper. This year the Boy ' s League expanded its activities to include many more boys with the addition of the new Boys ' League Board of Activities. Under the direction of Dick Greene, fall president, and the sponsorship of Mr. Alexander, the Boys ' League enjoyed a highly successful semester. Included in its accomplishments was a joint assembly with the Girls ' League. In the spring semester, the Boys ' League was guided by Tom Pinkerton. Boys ' Week was the outstanding project of the year. One of the events was a contest to choose the most popular girl in school. A Girls ' League-Boys ' League dance called " Hillbilly Hop " wound up a highly successful Boys ' Week. SPRING GIRLS ' LEAGUE EXECUTIVE CABINET Bottom row: J. Charness, M. Gerien. Top row: J. Barchas, W. Smith, L. Goldsmith. SPRING BOYS ' LEAGUE EXECUTIVE CABINET Bottom row: D. Horner, B. Froelich, T. Pinkerton. Top ro w: D. Cooling, C. Tidd. Activities of a successful year for the Girls ' League began with the tradi- tional new board party. During the fall semester girls from Beverly Hills High School were invited to attend a confer- ence at Uni. Following the conference was an assembly featuring a guest speaker who captivated her audience with a talk on " The Importance of Being a Woman. " Among the many accomplishments of the League was the boosting of school spirit through the sale of Uni buttons. The spring semester highlighted Girls ' Week in which many new and successful activities were introduced. Girls ' day in school began with a junior faculty meeting to brief " new teachers " on methods of teaching. Girls ' Week concluded with " Girl Snub Boy Day " and a picnic for all the girls. Credit for a successful year goes to Karen Fall and Lynn Goldsmith, presidents, and Mrs. Brees, sponsor. FALL GIRLS ' LEAGUE CABINET Bottom row: J. Scudder, K. Fall, President, J. Charness, J. Perlstein, J. Baer, G. Wiggans. Second row: L. Michaelson, P. Garfield, P. Mc- Inerney, J. Smith. Top row: W. Smith, J. Clayton, G. Taylor. FALL COMMISSIONERS ' BOARD Bottom row: T. Dingman, S. Davis, P. Warren, D. Kreis, B. Bright, K. Fall, D. Greene, L. Sunness Top row: B. Takimoto, T. Hum- phrey, R. Fisher, C. Barker. B. Bitting, R. Lewin, R. Stermer With Pete Warren and Tony Ding- man as presidents, and Mrs. Goodwin as sponsor, both the fall and spring- Board of Commissioners did an out- standing job this year leading the stu- dent body through many successful activities. In the fall semester, the Commissioners brought the problem of declining school spirit to the attention of the student body through the student council. Another accomplishment was the setting up of a bulletin board in the main hall to publicize school activities. In the spring semester, various com- mittees were set up to improve the effi- ciency of the student government. Two of these are the Little Hoover Com- mission and the Finance Committee. In an effort to become better acquainted with other schools and to gain new ideas, the Board of Commissioners in- vited leaders from Beverly Hills High School to a Uni conference. Other ac- complishments of the year were the selection of co-ed officers, control of traffic around Uni, and an analysis of the list of Ephebians. SPRING GIRLS ' LEAGUE CABINET Bottom roir: B. Fergusson, J. Charness, J. Barchas, M. Gerien, L. Goldsmith, President, W. Smith. Second row: C. Pavlecka, P. Mclnerney, R. Goodman, J. Hassler, V. Littlejohn. Top row: J. Scudder, C. Baker, J. Clayton. SPRING COMMISSIONERS ' BOARD Bottom row: G. Topper. L. Gold- smith, R. Fisher, T. Dingman, M. Heflin, L. Tuttle, R. Lewin Top row: M. Dutton, P. Kelly, S. Raymond, T. Pink- erton, B. Guss, J. Tucker, P. Levitt FALL STUDENT COURT Bottom row: G. Wiggans, J. Chariness, B. Billings, Chief Justice, P. Warren, K. Fall, D. Kreis. Top row: W. Dreyer, S. Hodges, D. Ambrose, L. Goldsmith, D. Greene. STUDENT COURT BALANCES SCALES OF JUSTICE FALL GIRLS ' BOARD OF HEARING Bottom roiv: B. Hatton, E. Ford, G. Wiggans, Chairman, S. Raymond. Top row: K. Fall, L. Goldsmith. FALL BOYS ' BOARD OF HEARING Bottom row: T. Dingman, B. Billings, D. Greene, P. Warren, B. Berger, R. Lewin. Top row: L. Hoff- man, S. Herrick, Chairman, G. Topper, C. Barker. SPRING STUDENT COURT (Bottom row: L. Hoffman, T. Pinkerton, D. Greene, T. Dingman, D. Ambrose, Chief Justice, T. Thomas. Top row: P. Morgan, J. Charness, R. Fisher, L. Goldsmith, R. McNichols. Through the advice and guidance of the Student Court and the Boards of Hearing, many students at Uni were able to solve their personal problems. Bob Billings and Dean Ambrose as chief justices presided over all sessions. One of the accomplishments of the year was the compiling of a revised list of violations to help the Service Organizations enforce school rules. The Boards of Hear- ing particularly stressed that their function is not to punish stu- dents, but to help them with their problems. SPRING GIRLS ' BOARD OF HEARING Bottom row: J. Robison, P. Leveson, J. Charness, Chairman L. Michaelson. Top row: P. Morgan, L. Goldsmith, B. Hatton. SPRING BOYS ' BOARD OF HEARING Bottom row: M. Heflin, T. Dingman, T. Pinkerton, R. Fisher, D. Horner, T. Thomas, D. Cooling, Chairman. Top roiv: D. Ambrose, B. Froelich, L. Hoffman, R. McNichols, C. Tidd, D. Greene. GIRLS ' LEAGUE SUITABLE DRESS BOARD GIRLS ' LEAGUE SENIOR SERVICE BOARD GIRLS ' LEAGUE FRIENDSHIP BOARD BOYS ' LEAGUE BOARD OF SERVICE BOYS ' LEAGUE BOARD OF ACTIVITIES GIRLS ' LEAGUE RED CROSS BOARD GIRLS ' LEAGUE HOSTESS BOARD GIRLS ' LEAGUE DESIGN AND PUBLICITY BOARD GIRLS ' LEAGUE BOARD OF DECOR GIRLS ' LEAGUE DISPLAY BOARD COMMISSIONERS PUBLICITY BOARD COMMISSIONERS ' SCHOLARSHIP BOARD COMMISSIONERS ' BOARD OF STUDENT SERVICE COMMISSIONERS ' BOARD OF PUBLIC RELATIONS COMMISSIONERS ' BOARD OF ORGANIZATIONS COMMISSIONERS ' BOARD OF RECREATION COMMISSIONERS ' BOARD OF PUBLICATIONS !1 COMMISSIONER ' S BOARD OF HEALTH AND SAFETY COMMISSIONER ' S BOARD OF ATHLETICS COMMISSIONERS IN ACTION FALL STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES CONVEY IDEAS FROM STUDENTS TO COUNCIL The relating of school activities to Uniites is the big task per- formed by Student Council Representatives. Acting as a bridge between the student body and Government, the Student Council functions to inform Warriors and also make suggestions to im- prove school activities. Meeting once a month, the Student Council members are given an agenda prepared by the Leadership class. Using the agenda as a guide, the members discuss school problems and possible solutions. One of the accomplishments of the Student Council this year was the promotion of a courtesy campaign which convinced Uniites that " courtesy pays dividends. " SPRING STUDENT COUNCIL FALL TENTH GRADE COUNCIL Bottom row: J. Soref, Y. Kuro- kawa, L. Phillips, N. Hoover, G. Gierson, R. Dabne, J. Lunn, F. Harris. Second row: S. Snow, I. Lynch, M. Dingman, J. Clary, M. Geile, B. Jade, K. Visser, E. Appleman. Third row: D. Kaizuka, B. Pe- san, T. Hansen, B. Straight, P. Stein, C. Hannum, B. Rheinhorn. Fourth row: B. Steel, D. Dor- ame, J. Ruthbord, D. Stanley, M. Richardson, A. Drumm, R. Mattern, K. Hoag. Top row : J. Fredricks, P resident ; M. Frieberg, L. Livingston, P. Aigner. TENTH GRADE LEADERS MASTER CONSTRUCTIVE TECHNIQUES SPRING TENTH GRADE COUNCIL Bottom row: C. James, P. Mc- Namara, P. Darr, C. Ballard, E. Medina J. McCullom, G. Ander- son, K. Linton, E. Landy. Second row: L. Hansen, J. Show- man, M. Marx, L. Howard, S. Taylor, C. Holt, K. Van Ben- schoten, N. Wollmer, M. Kiley, J. Perrill. Third row: S. Brainin. N. Gold- en, I. Lynch, K. Hoag, President, M. Dingman, D. Dawson, D. Hastings, V. Sherman, J. Nie- merow. Fourth row: D. Chambers, K. Yabuta, R. Kettler, B. Mattis, S. Wishny, R. Chase, R. White, B. Bridge, D. Earl, B. Callahan. Top row: C. Boiisquet, D. Ar- dell, J. Morris. D. Golde, M. Grome, D. Charles, B. Jones, P. Parkes, D. Ishimara, T. Ruthven. .. TWELFTH GRADE MELEDONIANS ELEVENTH GRADE MELEDONIANS TENTH GRADE MELEDONIANS FALL MAWANDAS Bottom row: J. Hassler, J. Baer, P. Garfield, L. Goldsmith, S. Hodges, President, P. Morgan, J. Greiner, E. Ford. Second row: K. Fall, P. Perrill, J. Unger, S. Belasco, E. Sunkees, S. Raymond, G. Taylor. Top row: S. Barchas, J. Scudder, J. Charness, D. Kreis, J. Hammond, B. Hatton, T. Culverson, G. Wiggans. FALL KNIGHTS Bottom row: C. Kiener, L. Mason, T. Pinkerton, B. Billings, President, J. Kodani, S. Herrick, T. Lamia, B. Tateshi. Second row: D. Greene, D. Reel, M. Oleson, P. Warren, T. Ding- man, F. Rodriguez, T. Humphrey. Top row: T. Yasuda, T. Thomas, G. Taylor, P. Hoag, W. Dreyer, N. Perry, D. Bitting, B. Setoguchi. HONOR ORGANIZATIONS SPRING MAWANDAS Bottom row: J. Baer, L. Keen, L. Dimsdale, P. Leavitt, L. Gatov, D. Kreis, President, S. Davis, P. Mc- Inerney, B. Hursley, P. Garfield. Sec- ond row: J. Charness, P. Morgan, J. Hammond, J. Hassler, P. Perrill, J. Perlstein, W. Smith, J. Clayton, G. Wiggans, B. Hatton. Top row: J. Unger, S. Raymond, V. Valentine, J. Scudder, B. Fergusson, E. Quandt, C. Moe, L. Goldsmith. SPRING KNIGHTS Bottom row: D. Collis, Dingman, C. Barker, Fisher, E. Honbo, T Mason. Second row: Stahler, C. Kiener, L. Lewin, T. Thomas, M. row: S. Yasuda, T. N. Trout, President, Tanaka, B. Elias, Hoffman, Glea son. Top Pinkerton, D. T. R. L. J. R. Greene, N. Gaylord, J. Randolph, Rodriguez, T. Yasuda. F. FALL NATOMAS Bottom row: E. Pena, M. Edwards, F. Sherman, L. Dimsdale, S. Walker, E. Quandt, President, L. Keen, P. Barton, M. Kaufman, R. Stermer. Second row: A. Goldsmith, J. Klein, G. Bisk, B. Fergusson, C. Araki, S. Roth, C. Baker, J. Golden, R. Good- man, S. Gruber, J. Barchas. Top row: D. Rich, J. Robison , J. Jones, H. Reiss, J. Tucker, B. Guss, N. Poliner, L. Bittman, L. Michaelson, H. Yabuta, L. Ragin. FALL SQUIRES Bottom row: S. Yasuda, President, F. Nakahama, B. Patterson, J. Naka- gawa, M. Wheaton, R. Fisher, W. Dunlav, B. Elias, B. Foote. Second row: J. Swartz, H. Oku, D. Collis, N. Trout, R. Iwasaki, S. Lomas, K. Miller, J. VanAtta. Top row: L. Fox, C. Shumacher, B. Jones, N. Forsythe, B. Bitting, A. Domini, Mr. Rhodes. ' i ' " ' « ' " °) GENERATE SCHOOL SPIRIT SPRING NATOMAS Bottom row: M. Edwards, B. Gains- ley, B. MacDonald, N. Mellinger, L. Tuttle, J. Robison, President, R. Goodman, T. Stephenson, J. Hoag, J. Golden. Second row: K. Brooks, H. Reiss, P. Levison, P. Lernoux, M. Davies, L. Michaelson, D. Rich, Y. Kurakwaa, S. Walker, D. Everett, M. Grossman, N. Poliner. Top row: A. Goldsmith, C. Barker, H. Yabuta, M. Shropshire, J. Tucker, P. Barton, B. Guss, J. Jones, W. Hungate, T. Friedman. SPRING SQUIRES Bottom row: D. McCullum, A. Ahu- mada, R. DeWeese, L. Fox, J. Naka- gawa, B. Patterson. Second row: P. Soil. D. Laskowitz, R. Mashburn, D. Cooling, J. Gausman. Top row: D. Hernandez, D. Horner, N. Forsythe, President, J. Edwards, R. Thornton, T. Hansen. no smouD? activities -t.yasuda CALENDAR September 12 School Begins 28 Cambodian Sweater Presentation 30 First Football Game, Washington at Uni October 3-7 Friendship Week 7 Friendship Day 12 GAA Playday at Uni 14 Milk Bowl, Westchester at Uni October 21 First League Game, Marshall at Uni 28 PTA Award Assembly, starring Frank Sinatra November 3 Sealbearers ' Banquet 10 Harvest Moon Dance 11 Veterans ' Day 23 Senior Day 23 Whidney High Wheelchair Bene- fit, Night Basketball Game December 1-2 " Arsenic and Old Lace " 9 Silver Ball 9 Girls ' League and Boys ' League Assemblies 20 Christmas Assembly January 3 Nominations Assembly 6 Tri-Y Banquet 9 Jordan Choir Assemblies January 13 Polynesian Senior Prom 20 Awards Assembly 24 Installation Assembly 24 GAA Banquet 25 Graduation before Student Body 26 GRADUATION f% f Vjp February 22 Holiday 28 ROTC Open House 29 Howdy Day March 5-9 Red Cross Drive 6-8 Iowa Tests 12-16 Girls ' Week 21-22 Science Fair 26-30 Easter Vacation April 7 Tri-Y Carnival 11 Report Cards 19 One Act Operetta 23-24 Public Schools Week 24 Open House SO to May 4 Boys ' Week May 4 Kiwanis Vocational Conference 10-11 Senior Play " Liliom 14-18 Election Week 25 Senior Prom 1 Tri-Y Song Banquet 12 Installation Assembly 14 GRADUATION ■mi CHIEFTAIN CO-EDITORS G. Wiggans, K. Harper CHIEFTAIN STAFF Bottom row: G. Wiggans, K. Harper, M. Lambert, R. Wood, P. Bosshard, W. Smith, L. Tracy. Top row: J. Charness, T. Meier, A. O ' Brien, P. Mautino, C. Hannum, J. Brondyk, M. Shropshire. PRESSES ROLL OUT CHIEF ARTIST Tom Yasuda From the first click of the typewriter to the last roll of the presses, the Chieftain Staff, guided by Miss Barbara Canady and Co-Editors Kathy Harper and Ginger Wiggans, worked dili- gently to produce your 1956 Chieftain. Assisting the Annual Production Class was the Chieftain Art Class who, under the sponsorship of Miss Darcy Hayman and leadership of Chief Artist Tom Yasuda, deserve congratulations for the spectacular illus- trations seen throughout this book. All in all, the many hours of careful work put out by the two classes were well rewarded by the final result. CHIEFTAIN ART STAFF Bottom row: A. Dailey, T. Yasuda, division sheets; R. Gost- ing, cover design and book layout. Top row: C. Courtney, D. Hayman, sponsor; B. Jones, end sheets design. FALL WARRIOR STAFF Bottom row: C. Hannum, B. Clinco, G. Scott, R. Stein, S. Slavin. Top row: P. Garfield, A. Stark, L. Gault, T. Cul- verson, T. Lamia, G. Axelrod, K. Krieger, S. Weiss. FALL CO-EDITORS T. Culverson, L. Gault TALE OF UNI LIFE In their first year under a new sponsor, Mr. Harold P. Wingard, the hard-working staff of the Uni Warrior started a milestone year under Fall Co-Editors Thelma Culverson and Leni Gault. Doing a creditable job in the field of ads were Commis- sioners of Publications Ray Fisher and Linda Tuttle. Phyllis Garfield and Carol Hannum, Warrior Co-Editors for the Fall, saw the paper shift into high gear and begin production of a weekly paper to replace the previous bi-monthly, thus bringing more current and interesting news to the student body. Highlights of the year included two great graduation issues and the unusual number for April Fool ' s Day. SPRING WARRIOR STAFF Bottom row: M. Kaplan, S. Novak, B. Chertok. Top row: H. Wingard, Sponsor; P. Garfield, W. Keller, G. Scott, R. Gold, T. Pinkerton, C. Han- num, L. Tuttle, K. Krieger. SPRING CO-EDITORS C. Hannum, P. Garfield MEflT 7 jW tll[} l HU ARSENIC AND OLD LACE ADAPTED FROM THE PLAY BY JOSEPH KESSELRING Abby Brewster — Elaine Ford Rev. Dr. Harper — Terry Boole Teddy Brewster — Phil Cowan Officer Brophy — Joe Stanley Mr. Witherspoon — Richard Gilynn-Davies Martha Brewster — Gloria Boyd and Valerie Wise Elaine Harper — Connie Moe and Barbara Hatton Mortimer Brewster — Allan Jones, Jr. Mr. Gibbs — Fred Carberry Jonathan Brewster — David Hoyt Dr. Einstein — Noel Blanc Officer O ' Hara — Jim Ries Lieutenant Rooney — Eddie Sanford TECHNICAL STAFF Stage Manager — Mike Wedemeyer Producer Director — John Drury Set, Costumes — Dorothy Felton Orchestra — S. P. Spano H LILIOM FROM THE PLAY BY FERENC MOLNAR CAST Liliom — Phil Cowan Turk — Stan Jacobs Julie — Barbara Hatton Marie — Elaine Ford Fredericks — Noel Blanc Oswald Fortney — Jim Ries Mrs. Muskat — Diane Bentley Mother Hollender — Valerie Wise Richly Dressed Man — Terry Boole Young Hollender — Danny Morris Poorly Dressed Man — Ed Sanford Louise — Ann Bright TECHNICAL STAFF Producer-Director — John Drury Set, Costumes — Dorothy Felton Stage Manager — Keith Talbot Orchestra — Salvatore Spano ' 1 1 V - V £W k J Si ORCHESTRA MUSICIANS SWING INTO HARMONY This year has brought many new honors for the achievements of the music department. The band, under the baton of Mr. Salvatore Spano, received a " Superior " rating in the Los Angeles city festival for the fifth consecutive year. It was also one of the few high school bands invited to U.C.L.A. to give a concert. In May this same band presented Uni ' s fifth annual Band Show to a record audience. Earlier in the year, the vocal representatives of the music department entertained Uniites, as the A Cappella Choir, directed by Mrs. Edith Provan, presented an inspiring program, " Music of America. " Musical background for the Suit- able Dress Board ' s fashion show was provided by the Girls ' Glee Club. The Boys ' and Girls ' Glee Clubs, directed by Mr. Purnell and Mrs. Provan, sang at the Christmas and Easter Tri-Y Chapels. j . m BAND FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA fn r FINANCE OFFICE LETTERMEN ' S CLUB LETTERGIRLS ' CLUB HORIZONS BOOSTERS CLUB EXECUTIVE BOARD FALL PRESIDENTS ' COUNCIL Bottom row: S. Berman, F. Sherman, B. Gainsley, R. Goodman, S. Belasco, L. Goldsmith, N. Poliner, S. Rodri- guez, D. Rich, D. Everett. Second row: D. Rosenthal, J. Baer, K. Lathrop, N. Horn, C. Corrin, S. Lutes, P. Solomon, L. Trambley, M. Gerien. Top row: S. Novak, E. Slanger, B. Aberle, S. Mintz, S. Holyoke, A. Garcia, Y. McFadden. FALL VICE PRESIDENTS ' COUNCIL Bottom row: E. Jones, B. Smith, F. Boltz, J. Unger, M. Kaufman, E. Springer, C. VanDuzer, N. Stanton. Second row: J. Lockett, B. Flint, M. Shropshire, S. Gormely, G. Bisk, B. Ziello, B. Cariker, J. Hulbert, K. Brooks, P. Solomon. Top row: P. Akins, L. Amsterdam, B. Byler, M. Pistone, S. Buckwalter, P. Lernoux, A. Rugg. Y CLUBS LINK FUN AND SERVICE " To create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character, " these are the aims of the Y.M.C.A. and Y.W.C.A.-sponsored clubs on the Uni campus. To fulfill these aspirations, both Hi-Y and Tri-Y clubs have been constantly engaged in service, charity, and athletic projects which benefit every student in the school. Included in these activities are the organization of the noon motion pictures, presentation of the annual Widney High Wheelchair Basketball Game, and the promotion of an interclub basketball tournament for the Hi-Y ' s. Among the outstanding accomplishments of the various Tri-Y organizations were the memorable Silver Ball and Carnival Dance, the planning of projects for many underpriv- ileged groups, and the coordination of many notable school affairs. SPRING PRESIDENTS ' COUNCIL Bottom row: B. Fergusson, J. Lockett, J. Grignon, A. Rugg, M. Kaufman, P. Morgan, J. Unger, L. Gatov, P. Ler noux. Second row: L. Michaelson, P. Ganz, K. Johnson, S. Ed- wards, G. Bisk, F. Sherman, J. Specht, J. Steinberg. Top row: J. Reflow, N. Cribelar, A. Garcia, S. Berman, J. Smith, B. Takemoto. SPRING VICE PRESIDENTS ' COUNCIL Bottom row: L. Hansen, E. Gross, L. Michaelson, R. Good- man, G. Scott, L. Napier, H. Reiss, B. Sterns. Second row: M. Morris, J. Zupke, C. Black, N. Hoffman, E. Eldorado, C. Peters, K. Hoag, S. Davis. Top row: R. Sarna, P. Kelly, R. Mattern, M. Michel, P. Schutzbank, J. Thomas, P. King. CHATELAINES DELTANS COQUETTES DANAIDES 1 3a •». CORINTHIANS CORONETTES CAROUSELS HI-LANDERS PIPERS LAURETTES PHOENICIANS TOUCHEES H»_! - CABRIOLS CHANTEES DARA-MOURS DOMINETTES KOLETAS LYCEES SABRI NAS TIERRES VENESSAS FALL HI-Y EXECUTIVE COUNCIL SPRING HI-Y EXECUTIVE COUNCIL ■.£ ft. ' y . KHANS MARQUIS NORMANS SURFS GALATIANS BARONS CAMELOTS ROYALS SAXONS iL ' -- iir 11 . w " v H p|PpN| CHEERLEADERS FALL CHEERLEADERS Bottom roir: S. Hartman, N. Sturgis, M. Button. Top row: R. Lewin, B. Baskins. SPRING CHEERLEADERS Bottom row: N. Poliner, C. Moe. Top row: E. Moses, R. Lewin, P. Bloch. HALF-TIME ACTIVITY Q ■p-wrflW v s 2er " b.yastida GRID MACHINERY GAINS SPEED Varsity coach — Mr. B. Beck VARSITY TEAM Bottom row: C. Legried, J. Sternberg, B. Englehardt, R. Dyer, J. Woolf, D. Hoyt, J. Kodani, B. Troxler, T. Pinkerton. Second row: D. McClanahan, T. Yasuda, F. Rodriquez, P. Flanders, J. Marques, P. Hoag, M. Oleson, B. McKeever, F. Garcia, J. Seerden, G. Duncan. Third row: B. Calli- han, T. Gugelyik, S. Olhrich, C. Daubenberger, B. Bitting, W. Rickards, B. Humphery, D. Case, J. Flores, J. Wilson, B. Jones, D. MacCallum, H. Hall. Top row: B. Griffth, G. Friedlander, T. Flusty, R. Everett, B. Straight, P. Cowan, T. Yates, J. Hauver, R. Lang. Sternberg hands off to McKeever Cowan skirts end - w f! Oleson returns kickoff Westchester man brought down Hoyt ' s kick blocked Pile up Pass to Rodriquez J. Woolf C. Legried M. Oleson T. Pinkerton F. Rodriquez P. Hoag B. Englehardt T. Yasuda B. Troxler This year ' s Warrior pigskinners, after losing their first five games, came back strong under the inspired tutelage of Uni ' s new football coach, Bob Beck, to down Venice and Hamilton in league play and tie for third place in the Western League. While still perfecting their new single-wing-t offense, which was introduced by mentor Beck, the Warriors met their first grid opponents. In their first game against Washington, the Braves felt strongly their lack of offensive and defensive backs and were outscored 13-2, with both the opponent ' s touchdowns coming from aerials. A week later against the Banning Pilots, Uni was led defensively by tackle, Bruce Englehardt, but due to the quick-hitting, 240 pound Pilot line, the Warriors were out played 26-7. The Milk Bowl game saw the Braves edged 12-7 by a Westchester Comet team that harbored a superior set of backs. ors failed to score five times from inside Marshall ' s s were privileged to see two outstanding Barrister League Player of the Year, fullback Clark Holden. e, catching five passes for a 10.6 average. st the Hollywood Sheiks, with Joel Woolf storming downs. The line played its best game of the season ; , recovering three fumbles and with his blocking els in the line for Woolf. Final score was a heart- Still feeling the newness of their offense, the Warri ten yard-line in their first league tilt. The Uni fan players, All-City guard Ron Butcher and Western John Marques was the Warrior standout on offens A spirited Uni-eleven played their best game again up the center of the line for bcth the Warrior touch Bob Troxler was a standout on offense and defense partner, guard Jon Kodani, opening yardage chann breaking 14-12 setback. Uni ' s first victory came against the Venice Gondoliers, as All-League player, Clayton Legreid. turned the tide in the second quarter with the interception of a Venice aerial and a fifty yard run for a T. D. Uni scored twice more for a 19-7 final score. Frank Rodriguez, Clayton Legreid, Bob Troxler, Tom WARRIOR VARSITY FIRST STRING Yasuda, and Jim Sternberg were all instrumental in stopping the Gondolier ' s flashy backs, Winoker and Sarian. In the Braves second victory, it was the sharp passing of sophomore Danny Hernandez and the catching of ends, Pete Hoag and Frank Rodriguez, that spurred a 20-13 defeat for the Yankees. Dave Hoyt ' s expert punting also proved to be one of the Warrior ' s most effective offensive weapons all season. In the League finale against Fairfax, a lack of defensive backs permitted a 34-14 loss to the aerial minded Colonials. A superior defensive exhibition by Tom Yasuda led the great Uni line in a rushing attack against the Fairfax passer, Mike Longo. As all teams must, the persimmon-and-blue eleven had their stars. Frank Rodriguez, end, and Tom Yasuda, tackle, copped first team All-League honors. Center, Clayton Legreid; guard, Bob Ti-oxler; and fullback, Joel Woolf, were awarded with second team All-League honors. Although taking but third in the league, with just an average season, the Uni varsity placed five players on the All-League Team, the largest number in ten years. Is it or isn ' t it? Marques returns punt BEES CAPTURE WESTERN LEAGUE CROWN This year the Bee Football team, under Coach Anisman, had a successful season, as they smashed all opposition and cap- tured the Western League Championship. Rocking upsets over strong Marshall and Hollywood teams inspired our gridders to defeat their age-old rivals from Venice, 6-0. Although missing an undefeated, unscored upon season by a heartbreaking loss in the last game with Fairfax, the grid greats were rewarded with the coveted Western League Cup and words of praise from Coach Anisman. Congratulations are in order for Woody Malin for his top scoring of 34 points and to Kenny Naramura, who was named City Player of the Year. Also honored for their fine playing were Billy Tateishi, Dave Cushman, Gene Mochizuki, and Tom Hayashi. Mr. Anisman and team members Tateishi carries for gain BEE TEAM VARSITY CROSS-COUNTRY TEAM Bottom row: F. Nakahama, M. Johnson, J. Hall, L. Potter, H. Krone, D. Hilston, T. Thomas, B. J. Granholm, M. Strano. Wiener. Top voir: J. Piccolo, N. Trout, T. Mosely, J. Second row: S. Biswell, T. Dingman, A. Ahumada, Kerwin, L. Ames, C. Tidd. CROSS COUNTRY TEAMS ACCELERATE TO FINALS After an undefeated season the Varsity Cross Country Team went to the city finals, and while placing ninth in city competition, they turned in the following sterling times: Tony Dingman, 10:35; Jerry Hall, 10:39; Noel Trout, 10:40; John Piccolo, 10:46; Larry Potter, 10:47; Marshall Johnson, 10:51; and Al Ahumada, 10:54. In Western League competition the varsity, J. V., and Tenth Grade Teams took first place for the first time in the history of Uni. In Tenth Grade Finals, outstanding Ray Clavelot finished third in the city with a spectacular time of 10:36. TENTH GRADE CROSS COUNTRY TEAM Bottom row: M. Meveroff, G. Davis, A. Diaz, J. Hardwick. K. Royei T. Lopez, R. Clavelot. Top row: J. Ellfeldt, C. Mulner, C. Hungerland. D. Drake, J. Morris, J. Gartin, B. Gallagher. HARD-COURT CRAFTSMEN Sparked by graduating seniors, Curly Stahler, Joe Mendelson, Ned Gaylord, and Jerry Randolph, and the 11th grade basketball sensation, Kent Miller, Uni ' s casabamen snapped out of an early season losing streak. They went on to lead the team to a second place berth in the Western League and a fourth place in the City Tournament. Varsity Coach — Mr. Marvin VARSITY TEAM Bottom row: B. Elias, J. Kurokowa, J. Randolph, J. Stahler, J. Mendelson, R. Thornton. Top voir: L. Mason, G. Taylor, K. Miller, N. Gaylord, J. Van Atta, D. Collis. WAGE FAVORABLE SEASON Having a tremendous precedent to follow in the paths of the record breaking teams of the past two seasons, the boys, after a slow start, came through to give Uni another winning team The Uni quintet, after losing three out of four hard fought practice games, faced the Western League competition with a deter- mination to do better. What happened next would have crushed a lesser team: the Mar- vinmen lost the first two league games to Marshall and Uni ' s old rival, Hollywood. Tense Moment Miller and Clements Jump Ball These two close games were lost by two and one point margins gained by the opponents in the last seconds of play. Our boys were winning the Hollywood game by one point until a Hollywood man sank a fantastic last second half court shot. After this heart break- ing defeat, Uni dropped the third league game to the eventual league champs, Venice. Down, but not out, Uni smashed both Hamilton and Fairfax; never has the taste of victory done so much for a team. Uni ' s hoopmen, hungry for revenge, swept the second round, slaugh- tering Hollywood on their own court to make up for the previous heart breaking loss. As far as personal accomplishments go, Kent Miller ' s performance in the second Fairfax game stands out. He scored 44 points for a new school record and up until the last quarter he had more points to his credit than did the whole Fairfax team. This win placed the team in a tie for second place in the Western League and entitled Uni J. Mendelson G. Taylor J. Stahler K. Miller to play in the City Tournament. Most of the sport writers had very little to say about Uni ' s chances, but it wasn ' t the first time the boys had been underrated. In the first round the hardwooders faced a strong Westchester five and came out on the long end of a 50 to 56 score. No one gave Unihi much hope to beat San Pedro, the team which had beaten Manual Arts the week before, but again the boys proved their worth by trimming Pedro 56-51. The score in the loss to Jefferson in the next round, 73 to 59, doesn ' t tell the real story of the game. No team in the tournament could have beaten Uni ' s five during the first quarter, at the end of which they were 13 points ahead. However, Jeff, with their two platoon system, slowly wore the boys down and in the final frame widened the gap in points. Following the loss to Jefferson, Uni was left to battle North Hollywood for consolation honors. After leading decisively throughout the second half, the Warrior team eased up a little too much and finally lost by a one point margin. At the conclusion of the tournament, Kent Miller was named the outstanding de- fensive player of the tournament in addition to being placed on the all-tournament first team. When the All-League ratings came out, Kent Miller was placed on the first team and forward Jerry Randolph on the second team. The All-City rankings showed Kent Miller on the third team. Other members of the team, besides those L. Mason J. Kurokowa J. Van Atta D. Collis It ' s a Swish Frantic Jump already mentioned, who came through with fine performances during the year include Lee Mason, Chris Barker, Don Collis, Roger Thornton, and John Van Atta. John Kuro- kowa, Bob Elias, and Gordon Taylor helped to complete a fine squad. In general, the close of the season found a team of which the student body could be proud. Earlier, this team, in losing 6 of its first 7 games had given Coach Marvin quite a scare, for never in his many years of coaching had he coached a team which lost more games than it won. Only by winning its next 9 games in a row was it possible for this team to finish with a record of 10 wins and 8 losses, thereby pre- serving the record of a fine coach. N. Gaylord R. Thornton C. Barker J. Randolph " -k " t) S314B% : ' fc ' ' ♦J ' ' 1 " ■ : - ? j| E ' 3 ' P - •■ ' ■■ i " ' ;flii _ H . H 1h ' ■ i r 1 i : r t » rah c — - ■ m V (wv 3 1 m f w 1 ' 9 Ix 1 j Q ' I [ ivfy ; nm , « w J. V. TEAM B TEAM TENNIS TEAM Bottom row: R. Mosk, B. Froelich, R. Werksman, J. Epstein, D. Weiss, R. Towne. Top row: L. Traubman, M. Myerson, R. Lloyd, C. Barker, R. Covey, G. Friedlander. TENNIS SQUAD REVEALS DEXTERITY Beginning the season with spectacular wins at the Dudley- Cup Interscholastic Tournament, the far-famed University net- men appear destined for an unprecedented third consecutive City Championship. The tennis squad, built around the nucleus of Roger Werksman, Rawson Lloyd, and Richard Mosk, seeded second, twelfth, and nineteenth in the nation respectively, is destined for a great season, according to Coach Jerry Marvin. Werksman will be in line to defend his City Championship Singles title, while Lloyd and Mosk, City Doubles Champs, will also be strong contenders for regional honors. Rounding out the champion squad will be Dave Weiss and Roger Towne in the remaining sin gles positions, while Chris Barker, Richard Covey, Bruce Froelich, and Jim Epstein form the probable doubles combinations. Werksman and Lloyd practice for the All-City challenge. VARSITY TRACK Bottom row: B. MacLachlan, M. Strano, S. Yasuda, N. Trout, J. Neal, T. Dingman, R. Rife, E. Honbo, R. Moss. Second row: T. Thomas, B. Anderson, H. Hall, J. Mendelson, B. Troxler, G. Kleinpeter, J. Giba, L. Mason, D. Dyer, H. Krone, B. Weiner, J. Stahler. Third row: J. Post, T. Pinkerton, D. Case, A. Bishop, M. Babbitt, J. Hall, D. Greene, M. Greenfield, W. Rickards, D. MacCullom, F. Rodriguez. Top row: B. Watts, B. Sloat, A. Gonzales, T. Yasuda, K. Miller, M. Johnson, K. Owen, P. Hoag, L. Tracy, J. Reimers, B. Berger. AS SPIKES FLASH, CINDERS BURN Under the expert tutelage of mentor Jim Pursell, the defending 1955 Western League track and field Champions are making remarkable strides toward capturing a second consecutive title. Possessing strength and depth in almost every event, the team produced standouts in individual events with Kent Miller in the high-jump, hurdles, and shot put, Johnny Giba as sprinter, and Marshall Johnson as dis- tance runner. More record breakers were Kemp Aaberg in the C pole vault and John Kirwin in the B broad jump. Will " Curley " clear the bar? Troxler to Greene— the baton changes hands. Yasuda and Miller clear the hurdles The high jump presents a challenge Uni ' s dual power came in the hurdles and sprints, with Miller and Giba starring to top the Marshall Barristers, 67-37. After the exciting start of the season, the Warrior thinclads quickly conquered Holly- wood and Venice. The Venice Gondoliers saw besides speedy John Giba, a 12-foot pole vault by John Stahler, a 52 foot 7 ' L inch fling by Tom Yasuda, and a 4:39.5 mile by Marshall Johnson, as he became the eighth fastest miler in the history of Uni. Uni ' s chances for annexing the dual-meet championship depended on the Hamilton tussel, and all the boys responded. Lee Mason high-jumped 5 feet HH2 inches; Stahler pole vaulted 12 feet, and Giba ran the 100 and 440 in times of :10.2 and :50.6 respectively. Kemp Aaberg, C pole vaulter, broke the school record with a vault of 10 feet 9 inches; while John Kirwin, a B broad jumper, broke the long hop record with a leap of 21 feet 4 l A inches. Such an enviable record by no means came from lack of stiff competition or mere accident, but it is due to good coaching, material, and sportsmanship. As the Chieftain goes to press, the Fairfax, league, and city meets are still to be held. Undoubtedly, the remaining contests will bring more praise to Uni through the efforts of the track team. B TRACK TEAM F. Nakahama, J. Gaustad, A. Ahumada, R. Sanchez, D. Lamoureoux, S. Mason. J. Ross F. Ishahara, R. Wulffson, J. Morris, M. Henry, R. Clavelot, K. Riley, M. Ventura, J. Gran Bottom row. Second row: holm, J. Kerwin. Third row: R. DeWeese, J. Harrington, R. Finkle, C. Clark, R. Chase, J. Gartin, C. Hannum, S. Elias. Top row: G. Mochizuki, T. Lopez, T. Westerling, M. Kemler, J. Royer, F. Kiono, S. Parks, J. Howard. Coach Pursell reveals the day ' s schedule Uni 37— Manual Arts 67 Uni 52%— Canoga Park 51 Uni 67— Marshall 37 Uni 87— Hollywood 17 Uni 89— Venice 15 Uni 66— Hamilton 38 TRACK TEAM Bottom row: L. Sawyer, D. McNamara, B. Carter, P. Del Rico, B. Steele, R. Uyeki, J. Kawahara. Second row: J. Hardwick, K. Aaberg, T. Wong, L. Ferguson, R. Kame, S. Yatsukura. Top row P. Metcalf, R. Burmester, D. Gray, G. Davis, L. Collpitts, R. Burk. hi Varsity Coach Mr. B. Spaeter Forsythe and Meier pumping HORSEHIDERS SWING INTO HIGH GEAR The Warrior baseball team, under the supervision of Coach Bill Spaeter, played heads-up ball and experienced a successful season. The team included moundsmen Norm Forsythe and Terry Meier, with Mike Gursey as backstop. Covering the bases were Dan Ardell on first, Tom Hansen on second, Dan Laskowitz at shortstop, and Roger Thornton as de- fender of the hot corner. In the outer-gardens the task of catching flys was handled by Neil Hurst, Don Collis, Meier and Forsythe. The reserves included Lynn Fox, Chuck Royce Ronnie Stein, Mike Gleason, Carl Jent, and Gene Olson. In a tough practice slate, the Warriors won two and lost two. Starting the season on VARSITY TEAM Bottom row: D. Ardell, G. Olson, B. Bone, D. Ardell, G. Tripla t, N. Hurst. Second roiv: D. Collis, D. Cooling, M. Gursey, R. Stein, N. Forsvthe, T. Meier, P. Soil, B. Landis. Top row: D. Laskowitz, T. Hanson, C. Jent, C. Royce, M. Gleason, G. Nakamura, C. Shoemaker, Coach Spaeter. D. Collis C. Royce D. Laskowitz M. Gursey B. Landis T. Meier G. Triplat G. Olson N. Forsythe Culver City 5 Uni 2 San Fernando Uni 5 4 Marshall 2 Uni ' . 3 Venice 4 Uni 7 Fairfax 18 Uni 4 Marshall 5 Uni 7 Hollywood Uni 5 Spaeter and Hanson plan strategy A close play Desperation try Sacrifice bunt March 13 the Warriors, sparked by the three-hit pitching of " Spook " Meier, romped over the Van Nuys Wolves 12-1. In the next practice game, Norm Forsythe threw an outstand- ing three-hitter against the Westchester Comets, defeating them 1-0. A week later after these two straight wins, the boys met the powerful Culver City team. At the end of the game, the scoreboard read, Culver City 5, Uni 2. In the following and last practice game of the season, the Warriors met the Tigers of San Fernando, loop contenders for the Valley League title. With the game going into the last inning, Neil Hurst promptly hit a three- run homer tying the score at 4-4. After two extra innings of hard fought, head-up ball, the Tiger ' s pitcher blasted a home run over Hurst ' s head to down the Braves 5-4. On the opening clay of the season the boys in blue and grey hosted the Marshall Bar- risters. With fine pitching by " Slats " Foresythe, timely hitting by Roger Thornton, and " Spook " Meier, and expert bunting by Tom Hanson, the Warriors won their first league game 3-2. With several games yet to be played as the Chieftain goes to press, the team seems assured of a fine season. J. V. TEAM COLOR GUARD J. Amos, D. Dater, J. Zehender, B. Hixson, R. Billings CADETS DRILL WITH PRECISION COMMISSIONED OFFICERS Rottom Row: S. Courtright, P. Oda, J. Root, T. Hiney, P. Lestrel, L. Pruden, D. Parsons, P. Poison. Top voir: T. Brovles, A. Brisk, S. Chase, W. Kanagy, R. Billings, R. Church, G. Neal, R. McNichols. BATTALION STAFF Bottom row: M. Bolger, R. Bowman, A. Brisk, L. Pruden, P. Lestrel. Top row: L. Chase, R. Church, R. Billings, W. Kanagy, G. Neal. FIRST PLATOON A COMPANY Platoon Leader Lt. Parsons FIRST PLATOON R COMPANY Platoo)i Leader Lt. Oda SECOND PLATOON A COMPANY Platoon Leader Lt. Poison SECOND PLATOON R COMPANY Platoon Leader Lt. Courtright This past year the Uni Hi R.O.T.C. Battalion, under the leadership of Master Sergeant Hughes, has brought honor to it- self and Uni. The Drill team, be- cause of its sparkling Veteran ' s Day performance, was invited to march in the annual Pageant of Lights at Culver City. Not to be outdone, the Rifle Team has placed higher than ever in inter- scholastic, district, and national matches. PRESENTATION OF COED OFFICERS S. Sadder, N. Sturgis, K. Fall, J. Lester, S. Slavin, S. Deutsch, S. Cogen, D. Daugherty One of the highlights of the year was the appointment of Robert Billings as Southern Regimental Commander with the subsequent rank of full Colonel. Also congratulations are in order for Cadet Captain Douglas Parsons and Cadet Master Sergeant Philip Mautino as respective commanders of the best platoon, and squad in city wide competition. An annual trip to Fort MacArthur was an enjoyable one as the cadets from Uni, Hami, and L.A. got a taste of army camp life. The trip included a night compass course, the firing of Ml and .22 cal. rifles, and a midnight tactical problem in which Uni kept its undefeated record by emerging victorious. In February, the R.O.T.C. open house was a resounding success as the student body and parents were familiarized with the various weapons and equipment used by our cadets. Having placed second in the British United Service Competition and with the annual Federal Inspection yet to go, the Uni R.O.T.C. will round off a highly successful year. DRILL TEAM G.A.A. BOWLING TEAM G. A. A. SPRINGS INTO ACTION Spring President, P. Leveson INTERMEDIATE DANCE CLASS This past year has been one of real achievement for G.A.A., Uni ' s Girls ' Athletic Association. Under the spon- sorship of Mrs. Fisher and the leader- ship of Fall Prexy, Sue Raymond, and Spring Prexy, Peggy Leveson, members of this after-school organization have enjoyed many wonderful times. An im- portant part of the activities included in the G.A.A. program are the individ- ual sports. Each evening boasts a differ- ent sport, ranging from volleyball, bas- ketball, and bowling, to badminton, tennis, and pingpong. These sports offer excellent chances to make new friends and to have wonderful experiences in sportmanship and fun. G.A.A. VOLLEYBALL TEAM G.A.A. VOLLEYBALL TEAM G.A.A. BASKETBALL TEAM G.A.A. FALL CABINET Top rote: B. Guss, A. Rosendahl, N. Poliner. Bottom row: C. Baker, P. Kreis, S. Raymond, P. Leveson. G.A.A. members will long remember the two playdays held this year; Uni played host for one and visited Roose- velt for the other. A fall and a spring Mother-Daughter Banquet also high- lighted the G.A.A. program, offering a chance for Mothers to become better acquainted with the girls and with their G.A.A. program. All in all, G.A.A. has afforded much pleasure to the athletic- ally inclined and fun-loving femmes of University High. G.A.A. SPRING CABINET Top row: A. Drumm, B. Rash, B. Callahan. M. Ecky, S. Smith. Bottom row: Y. Kurokowa, J. Hoag, S. Spear. G.A.A. TENNIS TEAM G.A.A. TENNIS TEAM G.A.A. PINGPONG AND BADMINTON TEAM - t. Xasudq POLYNESIANS We are leaving our friends All behind in " Uni " , When we ' re gone you ' ll find we will always Remain in your memory for the years to come. We are the " Polynesians " , We ' ll always be " Polynesians " , We ' re proud to say that — We ' re part of this great class. We are sorry to leave " Uni Hi " , But we ' ll all meet bye and bye, And remember our great class of Winter ' 56 " POLYNESIANS " POLYNESIAN SENIOR B OFFICERS Billy Tateishi, President, Elizabeth Jones, Karen Fall, Walter Dreyer, Linda Sunness, Richard Reel, Judy Lester, Rosita Ruiz. POLYNESIAN SENIOR A OFFICERS Joe Stanley, President, Bunny Levy, Sue Cogan, Sharlene Robertson, Barbara Aberle, Walter Dreyer, Dick Bitting. This is it! We ' re the Polynesians. We stand out from all the rest — With the presentation of the colorful red sweaters, the Poly- nesian class of Winter ' 56 began a festive year under the able guidance of Mrs. Adele Vidal and Mr. John Francis. The field day and luau were the first of the senior activities. They were followed by the prom, the wonderful and unforgetable grad night, and graduation. Sweaters red, Winter ' 56 Polynesians, We ' re the best. With the semester coming to a close the Polynesians say Aloha to the Uni High warriors. EPHEBIANS Sarah Barchas, Tom Humphrey, Gretchen Taylor, Pete Wan-en, Karen Fall. SEALBEARERS Mary Ellen Marks, Gretchen Taylor, Loring Dales, Ludwig Mayer, Thelma Culverson, Pete Warren, Tom Humphrey, John Bohannan. Barbara Aberle Josie Adelman Mary Ariaz Gene Axelrod Margaret Baldwin Sarah Barchas Joy Barrie Sue Bartholomew Linda Bernstein Eleanor Berry Don Bess Bob Billings Rosalie Biondi Dick Bitting Gail Blake John Bohannan Florine Boltz Kathleen Bowen Robert Bowman Pat Boyd Arnold Brisk Robert Brodie Barbara Burkhart Phyllis Buteyn Kent Call Carol Cameron Robert Cameron Cordelia Campbell Fred Carberry Sue Carrillo Nancy Caton Larry Chase Robin Church Barbara Clinco John Clyman Sue Cogen Caryl Cooper Ron Cooper Harry Corwin Thelma Culverson Loring Dales Diane Daugherty Diane Degan Sandy Deutsch Bruce Douglas Ray Downs Walter Dreyer Diane Easton Bill Edmonds George Enriquez Karen Fall Nancy Farwell Pete Faxon Phil Flanders Ralph Fletcher Allen Friedman Arthur Friedman Cheryl Furnas Abel Garcia Nick Garcia Kevin Gass Leni Gault Madeleine Gilmore Patricia Gingles Sheila Gormlev Rodger Gowin Myrna Grove Charles Henderson Danica Henninger Edward Hendricks Heather Hicks Sandy Hodges Ed Hoffman Tom Humphrey Anna Jimenez Elizabeth Jones Wayne Kanagy Don Kessler Dolores Kingman Jon Kodani Bob Lackaye Tom Lamia Jean Latimer Judy Lester Bunny Levy Patty Ann Lewis Steve Leyva Charlene Libsack Russell Livingstone Carol Lockridge Phyllis Logan Pat MacCarthy Kathy Mahoney Franeie Mangold Rita Margulis Mary Ellen Marks John Marques Ludwig Mayer Pat McConkey Lou Ann McManus Craig Michel Helen Misono Bill Morris Bob Morris Colleen Neal Glen Neal Larry Niemerow Shirley Norton Paul Oda Malcolm Oleson Carolyn Orr Norman Perry Barbara Peterson Diane Phillips John Piccolo Roberta Pierce Nancy Pollack Leo Pruden Bobbe Quinn David Quittner John Rawlings Richard Reel Louise Rees Jim Reneau Sharlene Robertson Terry Root Mike Rose George Royce Rosita Ruiz Rick Runyon Susie Sackler Julianna Sanchez Doris Sandaval Sandy Scalir Barry Schiff Bob Setoguchi Bill Seymour Mary Lynne Sherlock Sydelle Slavin James Smith Paul Lawrence Smith Paul Lee Smith Jane Smithson Joe Stanley Nancy Sturgis Senichi Sumi Elizabeth Sunkees Linda Sunness Betty Takemoto Bill Tateishi Gordon Taylor Gretchen Taylor Roger Wagner Pete Warren Joel Webb 4Mfc A Margaret Wedemeyer Michael Wedemeyer Gary Weiss Bob Wetteland Leslie Whitaker Nancy Williams Susan Wire Lee Witthaver Pearl Woods Laurie Schweitzer Photo-Shy Polynesians Albert Bresnik Dennis Dater Fayette DeFrenn Robert Frick Sandra Hoffman Beverly McMillan Howard Nylander Harry Overbeck Richard Hernandez With gratitude, admiration, and great respect, the Polynesian class of Winter nineteen hundred and fifty-six wishes to express its great appreciation to you for being such wonderful and in- spirational sponsors. We thank you for all the effort and time you have spent with our class. We are grateful to you, Mrs. Adele Vidal and Mr. John Francis; we will never forget you. FASTER!! POLYNESIANS SAY " ALOHA " AND REMEMBER OUR GREAT SENIOR HE-MEN HARD-BOILED OR RAW? SOUTH SEA SORCERY CLASS OF WINTER ' 56 WELL, WE MADE IT!! Mm w " - ' If I t f -f M • vil M V .- £ , £ £ S H| t tf l 4 t v w • - ' ■t ■ f t t 4. t ' CAMBODIANS Hip, hip hooray Cambodians The Summer class of ' 56 In our sweaters blue, and our spirits true We have all the angles, all the tricks. We ' ll soon be leaving Uni High And all our loyal warrior friends, We have loved it so ; we don ' t want to go But those square-cut teachers say " Oh no! " We know we belong to a school. And the school we belong to is — cool ! So when we say " Cambodians " hooray, We ' re only saying — " Gee it ' s been swell here at Uni — Here at Uni,— C-A-M-B-O-D-I-A-N-S ! " CAMBODIANS " ! CAMBODIAN SENIOR B OFFICERS Carol Thompson, Helen Salvage, John Stahler, Judy Murdock, Brenda Lee Gatov, Frank Rodriguez, Terry Thomas, President. CAMBODIAN SENIOR A OFFICERS Terry Thomas, President, Helen Salvage, Bruce Dodds, Kathy Harper, Jim Ries, Ginger Wiggans. Cambodians, the summer class of ' 56, began their fabulous senior year under the guidance of Mrs. Dorothy Felton and Mr. Elmer Miller. They presented their periwinkle blue sweaters in the midst of student acts and songs. In the Cambodian senior A semester, there was competitive field day full of fun and frolic ; afterwards the entire Cambodian class enjoyed a dinner and dance at Dis- neyland. The prom, grad night, and graduation brought the semester ' s activities to a close. With sad hearts the Cambodians leave Uni High hoping, they will long be remembered. SENIORS GATHER FOR PICTURE Ann Aaberg Leon Abrams Beverly Adams Bernard Adin Maria Ahumada Pat Akins Dean Ambrose Lauren Ames Linda Amsterdam Bob Anderson Ronnie Anderson Sue Aronson Bill Ashby Ken Auguston Jerry Baak fa ?y £ Mike Babbitt Julie Baer Sharon Baker Chris Barker Mike Barnard Pat Bernard Bob Baskins Chris Bassett Bob Beaver Barbara Beebe Susan Belasco Diane Bentley Edith Berez Bruce Berger Sally Berman Dennis Berry Georgeann Bien Boh Biheller Steve Biskup Noel Blanc jjLjL - 4« r , fcfc JoAnne Blangsted Marilyn Block Barbara Bomse Shirlee Bookman Terry Book- Carolyn Booth Ed Borgens Judy Born Lolly Borgquist Barbara Bostwick Marvene Bowles Kew Bozoromehr Bruce Brady Barbara Bright Maurice Britton Kathleen Brooks Janet Brondyk Pat Brown George Browning Tom Brovles Sue Buerman Nat Bunker Sherman Butters Betsy Byler John Cable Loni Caldwell Mike Calligan Alice Campbell Barbara Cariker Pete Cassady Nancy Charlesworth Judy Charness Charlene Chase Barbara Chertok Charles Christie Aw Jl Linda Citron Neal Clark Linelle Clark Judy Clayton Cynthia Clippinger Richard Clorfene Julian Cobin Catherine Cohen Ken Cole John Connole Jolene Corheau Gary Corbitt Charmion Corrin Leon Costanten Leon Courtright John Crisp Joan Croft Arlene Crouch Nancy Csillag David Cushman Robert Cushman Ann Dailey Donald Dalton Rosemary D ' Ambrosia Diane Davis Phil Davis Sandra Davis Louise Delgado Laurene Denioff Barbara DeMutli Phillis Dennis Quensel Diamond Tony Dingman Roger Dingman Adrienne D ' Ippolito Bruce Dodds Rod Downie Danny Droke Myrna Dubin Oris Dunham John Dunn Mary Dutton Richard Dyer Shelby Dzilsky William Edwards Bruce Engelhardt Glenda Evans Yvonne Farhat Monya Fedderson Eliza Ferguson Peter Feybush Katherine Fitzgibbon Johnnie Flores Elaine Ford Roberta Fortner Barbara Foss Cecilia Freeman George Froley Jeanetta Fullerton Don Gahagan Robert Gaines Lucv Galvin Fernando Garcia Phyllis Garfield Lee Gatov Ned Gaylord Sally Gerloff Kaye Gernold Mike Gleason Fritz Gloss Richard Glynn-Davies Lynn Goldsmith Sandra Golub Norma Gonze Ann Gourley Bill Greathead Dick Greene Lynne Green Pat Green 0 P £) f p Carol Greer Nancy Greiner Michalene Griffin Barrick Griffith Mina Grimm Hans Groot K. Terry Grossman Paul Gundelfinger Gary Gunther Jerry Hall Katy Hall Lynn Halvorsen Herbert Hamako Jerry Hames Jean Hammond Clarice Hance Carol Hannum Kathy Harper Susan Hartmann Laurie Harwood Midee Hashimoto Jane Hassler Barbara Hatton Emi Hayashi Tom Hayashi Mike Heflin Robert Helfman Peter Herbert Joe Herrera Stephen Herrick Ed Herzoff Valerie Hibshman Don Hillman Don Hilston Ted Hiney Pete Hoag Warren Hockenbarv Ken Hockett Larry Hoffman Nancy Hoffman Sharon Hollinshead Nina Holmes Roberta Holzer Emmy Jane Hoppe Mary Ann Hoppe Joan Hough David Hoyt Ben Hronek Bridget Hursley Neil Hurst Fred Hutehason Lynn Hutehason m ft Sue Ige Jean Ikkanda Stan Jacobs Barbara Jarrett Eleanor Johnson Marshall Johnson Richard Johnson William Johnson Allan Jones George Kalis Olga Kalis Roger Karae Ah ▲a v . Dorothy Kamitaki Stanley Karz Pat Keith LeRoy Kemry Donald Kenney Cliff Kiener Jim Kiple John Kirwin Junko Kitabayashi Gordon Kleinpeter Joan Knox Mike Kramer Ken Krieger DeeDee Kreis Herbe rt Krone John Kurokowa Steve Lachs Lynn Larus Charles Lawton Penny Leavitt ,1 Gaby Lederer Gayle Lederfine Judy Lederfine Jim Lee Don Leese Larry Lefkowitz Clayton Legi ' eid Peter Lestrel Sharon Levinton Hedy Levy Roger Lewin Chala Lewis Ruth Liddle Yicki Littlejohn Robert Livermore JoAnn Lockett Mary Lonergan Sharon Lubkin Manuel Lucero Minerva Luck Carol Lundgren Mike Lutz Tom MacKinnon Susan Maison Michael Mandell Robert Mann Tom Marti Finla Martin Tom Martin Lee Mason Bob McCarron John McCrady Pat Mclnerney Ronald McNichols Terry Meier Greg Meisenholder Steve Meisenholder Jack Millard Paul Millman Sal Minichiello Bonnie Mitchell Connie Moe Sonja Monrad Robert Montes Joan Montgomery David Moore Bruce Morgan Pat Morgan Debby Morreau Danny Morris Jim Mortensen Ted Moseley Elliott Moses Richard Mosk Joseph Motzkin Judy Murdock Ken Naramura Tim Newhard Jane Nickel Sue Nickel Marjorie Nielsen Robert Niems Helen Nishida Sarah Novak Howard Nylander Alice O ' Brien Stewart Ohlrich Jerry Oldenkamp Jim Oleson Gene Olson Jeanne Olson Paul Otis Kenneth Owen Joyce Pack Fred Park Norman Patino John Patton Joanne Peabody Sonny Pearl Audrey Peck Carol Perloff Janet Perlstein Penny Perrill Virginia Perry Carol Peters Tom Pinkerton Annabelle Pitcher Don Plank Carol Poles Peter Poison Sue Porter Larry Potter Nancy Powell Al Provis Bill Pulliam Emma Quandt Toby Raetze Jerry Randolph Sigrid Ramsey Brenda Rash Sue Raymond Lee Reams Betsy Rennewanz Ray Reynolds Beverly Richey Barbara Riegel Jim Ries Walter Rierson Ron Rife Mike Riss man Jerry Roberts Penny Roberts Tom Robertson Adrienne Robinson Frank Rodriguez Sally Rodriguez Marcia Rogers Judy Rosen Tessa Rosenberg Dale Rosenthal Renee Rosier David Roth Virginia Roug Jack Rounds Chuck Royce Movita Ruiz Joan Ryan Henry Saito Helen Salvage Ana Salvatierra Mary Sampson Ed Sanford Mike Sassa Lita Satterlee Linda Sauer Marcia Sauer John Savage Ellen Schaefer Elizabeth Schaeffer Albert Schleyer Arra Schulz Roseann Schultz Margaret Schuster William Schutte Patty Sehutzbank Gay Scott Janet Scudder John Sellman Carol Service William Shelly Art Sherman Barbara Sherwin Doug Shields Dale Showman Robert Siegel Sandra Siegel Adrienne Simon Roberta Sims Doris Skinner Sam Sloneker Beverly Smith Jody Smith Mary Smith Wendy Smith Suzette Sparks Dennis Speck Judy Sperling- Susan Spies John Stahler Lynda Stamer Arlene Stark Sharon Stayner Ann Stearns Betty Stearns Ronnie Stein John Steinberg Jim Sternberg Dorothy Stenlake Karen Stelzer Eleanor Stevens Mary Stewart Pat Storms Marty Strano Suzanne Suddarth Nana Sugich Jon Swensson Leon Talamantez Ann Tarpy Cody Taylor Terry Thomas Carol Thompson Sharon Thompson Kathryn Thome Charles Tidcl Audrey Toliver Gary Topper Lonnie Traver Barbara Travis Bob Troxler Sheila Tuchin Helene Turski Mary Turski Richard Udell Joan Unger Sue Urie Virginia Valentine Joan Vidgoff Sarah Vincent James Wada Barry Wade Steve Waldron Sheila Walker Allen Wall Deanna Jean Wall Lee Wangerin Roslyn Waronker Sue Weil Sandy Weiss Howard Wendell Wendy Werder Joette Wheelon Donna Whiteside Ray Whitten Carol Wiegand Ginger Wiggans Anita Wild Ronnie Williams Gary Wilson Valerie Wise Basil Witt Steve Witt Joel Wolf Richard Wollmer Brenda Woloshin Howard Wolpe Roger Werksman Catherine Woods Donna Wright Luella Wright Tom Yasuda Richard Young Marilyn Yule Barbara Ziello Judi Ziello Walter Zimmerman Sandy Zogut PHOTO-SHY CAMBODIANS Jack Alesi Kathleen Hedrick Betty Barnburner Richard Mansfield Carolyn Bloom Chuck McGibbon Gary Bowers Robert McKimson Andy Carmichael Joe Mendelson William Coogan Jeanne Olson Mark Delman Margaret Schuster Thomas Facan Grace Seegall Mickey Grimes Diane Wells Allen Halleck Janet Wilcox William Herron The Cambodian class of Summer nineteen hundred fifty-six would like to express deepest regards to Mrs. Dorothy Felton and Mr. Elmer Miller, who have so skillfully guided us during the past two semesters. These counsellors have not only been thoughful and considerate and kind, but have given us their valuable time. It is with sincere appreciation and much gratitude that we, the Cambodians, bid adieu to both Mrs. Felton and Mr. Miller. BUY US — FOR THEM HIP, HIP, HOORAY CAP AND GOWN MEASUREMENTS POWERFUL COMPETITION ' CAMBODIANS! COUNCIL MEETING THURSDAY NOON WE ' RE OFF!! PRESENTING BUSINESSMEN STAND READY TO SERVE EMPLOYMENT OFFICE 1313 Si xth Street Santa Monica A Career with a Future... rp%£Ys All 2S 1 ■■■I For high school graduates who can qualify, we have interesting positions open in various departments of our organization. Employment is steady with regular pay increases, opportunity for advancement, special training, paid vacations and holidays, sickness benefits and many other advantages. For further information, call at our Employment Office nearest you. General Telephone Company of California One of America ' s Fastest Growing Companies in the Essential Communications Industry AXAWALT LUMBER COMPANY 1 1 060 Pico Blvd. GRanite 3-1401 BRENTWOOD STATIONERS 11781 San Vicente Boulevard Los Angeles 49, Calif. . . . GRanite 7-6258 Come and see us at Truman ' s Restaurant Wilshire at Westwood W.L.A. ' s most complete stock of ATHLETIC AND SPORTS EQUIPMENT Team Prices to Everyone Deluxe Burgers and Malts Corner of Santa Monica and Centinela Ave. VATCHER AND SONS 11941 San Vicente Boulevard GRanite 2-2211 Frank ' s Flowers and Nurseries 12424 Wilshire Boulevard GR. 3-3336 - GR. 3-6633 - EX. 4-5262 Campbell ' s Bookstellers Stationers 10918 Le Conte, Los Angeles 24 School Supplies-Stationery-Gifts Denton Jewelry 15321 Sunset Boulevard GL. 4-3612 Campbell ' s Men ' s Store 10925 Wevburn Avenue GRanite 7-7231 Look Who ' s Eating at House of Lee Pacific Palisades JEB ' S Everything We Serve is King-sized Except Advice Foster ' s " Old Fashion " Freeze Serves the Best in the West 11819 Santa Monica Boulevard Hillcrest Dry Cleaners and Hand Laundry— GR. 8-8211 10968 Santa Monica Boulevard Jack Pennell HEATING 1453 Westwood Blvd. — GR. 9-7715 GRanite 9-8315 — CARSON ' S — GRanite 9-7857 2127 Westwood Boule vard LARGEST TOY and WHEEL GOODS STORE Almira Howard London Quensel Diamond Ross Urquhart ALLIED MODELS HOBBY SHOP 10938 West Pico Boulevard One of the many conveniences offered by Westwood ' s only independent bank — THE BANK OF LOS ANGELES 1037 Broxton Avenue COMPLIMENTS OF THE UNION OIL COMPANY OF CALIFORNIA AND UNION OIL DEALERS WE THE CO-EDITORS OF CHIEFTAIN 1956, WISH TO SAY THANKS TO . . . . . . Miss Barbara Canady, the wonderful sponsor without whose help the Chieftain would never be. . . . the diligent staff who worked long and hard to meet deadlines. . . . Criss O ' Brien, who supervised our sales cam- paign and the advertisements. . . . Mary Shropshire, for the wonderful line draw- ings of the senior emblems. . . . Joe Goodman, for his two photographs that came just in time. . . . Bob Willoughby, wh o took the photograph of Nancy and Frank Sinatra. . . Mr. Joe Hesslein, who took the ads and activ- ity pictures. . . Miss Billie Addison, for her help in sales and distribution of the book. . . the student and faculty members, all of whom cooperated willingly with our picture schedule. . . Citizen Print Shop, who did the printing and gave needed advice on type, style, and com- pasition. . . S. K. Smith Company, who made our covers. . . Weber-McRae, who bound the final book. . . Mr. DeMamiel of Superior Engraving Com- pany, who, besides being responsible for the engraving, supervised the entire format of the Chieftain. With sincerest appreciation, J atnu and Ljing ' ■■ J I- 1 .. ' ■ ' , " J ■ ' ■ ' ■■ ' , ' f ' - . ' » ' ' ' ■ • ■ ' ' - ' ■■■ , _ -■ ■ ■» ■ ■ « Q H ... 1 _J afgV 5 2sf«

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