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1 ' 1 11 1 1 11 1 1 1 1111 1 1 11 , 111 1 111 1 11 111111 1 1 1111'1 1 1 1 111 1 1 1 1 ,1 1 11 11.111 1 'V '11 1111 1 ' 1 ' " 1 . 1 1, 11 1 11 V 1 1 1 1 1l'- K I 1 1 , 1 !A Y 1' 1 1 if '111 1 My ,,,,'11'1 1 1 1 1 Y 1 11 ' 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 'J 1 ,11 1 1 Kg 1 1 1 1 - f1 .1 ' 11 1 ' 1 1 1 11f1 1 ,1 1 1 1 - , Kimi! i 11,41 1 1 1 1 '11 1' .1 1,1111 1 1 W1 , ,1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 Hx11f 1:1 f'1 1 ' 1 1 -fr' 1 1 1 Y f 1 1 ,, 11 . 1 1, V K - .251 1 f . v""'-H- 1 AW, H -V. 1 , 1 "M "" " X11 1 1-1 1 1, 1 1 1 1 '11 1 K 1 - ff 1' 1 -- Y , 1 1 1 1 A 1 ' 1 1 ,Qi " 1 f 1 M" 1 AV --1, 71 11, 1 11 1 ,1 111' 1 1 1 1 1 111 1 111 ' 1 1 111 , 1 1 -171. 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 I 1 1 gif' "W11 ' 1 1 1 1 11 1 11 ..... AMB 1 . L i W , 1 N ' W 1 Z 'IX tv IQ V l ,Im QM J R f '5 4 X M, Him. A ihxjd I: I r .5 W M 1 , 1 22 ' 2 iv 4:4 l K3 ifijwg f f f w f x 4 W bww X Jn. A --.Ax M.. I ,.,...-- ,...,-.-- 5. fn-, 3, 4' n if '. 'I ms wg .1 M X R 1 :Q EI 1 5 1 'I Ia., ll' 18 I I K A ' HIEFTAIN PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS OF UNIVERSITY HIGH SCHOOL IUNE, NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FIFTY-FIVE WEST LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA if 1' -'-' ww I ,Egg "" N '-f"f - ..:,,u4f-- - - - -A 9",,.:-.,,, , ,4L .Q.,af1u!!'Lwaat4S.f,4i 'K .if , J ,G M I M ef a , f ,E , A - K y 2 Mgr-sf , , Q , -, ' . I , 4 , 1 l ' H 'kv,,.. ff' 1 f X bw WK! bv WMU ,4 ",, U. KYALTW 4 yr i 3 ! J J ,nf , 1 ,.: ' ' I ' ' I I 7 ' W . H, .,., . ,,,.. , 1 , I , -2 X R J' . I il I v , , I . A ai" nl' x 4 ' i ii QQ, fag n l gui. lv,-xg '1 X1 -f wi- , el' J g r' Eli' limit , - N V , . ,. vi gill , ':-I ,- 'Vg . A y ,F ,Mi l ' ilxffrl 'i-71,135 . ,, ' 1:34 . vm.,-151 any 721.3 E, ,wi 2' To a gracious lady, who through her keen enjoyment of life, her laughter and fun, her sincere love ot people, her wise counseling, her blithe spirit, has en- deared herselt to University High School - to Helen Marvin Darsie we lovingly dedicate this book. l pl 22' .NYI E w g :"Z,,,Q, X ,. Mew. W ,. W6 A ,' QW Z fL 'X -wagmg, vwwmw? Hwy M, f f 7 In M Z Usgyd n,"5HffM,"i' W,h " ff, , f , U - . -2 f A ' ' f , f , , A y " f , fi' 1" ' . 'IWW UQ if , ' If Z f ff '-?'. ' 'L' k ilk vi--sv f H . A 9? ' - . . k n f ' 'fzww M Z A-QQWqm,a fWQh4N'My3h, 2, 0 A , 'if , 5 ,yf-,V 4 X, M I Z f ,, 9 . X M W , .Z Z .X M57 I I ., 1 4,3 I Z Z '1 Q Qf Q L, . ' ' J "Q " , fr! ,fi ,gf 6 aj WI 1 x f , I f f X f ' 'Z ff 7 Aff NU 'i " ' f , V! f M 'Z w W 1fff..w A X 4 Z? 2,1 f Z! WXWZQ ' gf WWW, 0 W U Q y, 4 , M " " 2 ,Q , f 3 MMM www f 7 Z 'V 5 :vi Z V, M Z Mun' I " ,,,, flyy 1 45 , Q 1 , H 1 N M 3, 2 MV"-,k ly . 4 AVN 4 , ,' f f H af 7 , ,Z a' ,f W V 19" , f 7 ff, , 4 4 , , 7 4 1 HZ MWWQJWZAWJ gy Mmm ,,., JL 4 0 f fy J 4 v Q,fWw1 1 a 5 MfWmW,MfW ' ' 4 Z 4 f al 2 , if ' X- N ffm 'V"Q , Z M rf 7M , , MM-WLl,WAZQ,, 4 5 ef Q er f E ' V f ,' fwmwggm My W V ,V 2 J 1 g hw mMmf4wMf', NKW W ,Z 1 z'1'29H MMM MMWMMY N!! Nwrw .,,. fa Q 4 2' n -M-W., vm, W " y 12 4 -si M-WM m-WM MM , Q Z Q ,, ,, M-,.M.,W..m. ' 'WMMLK , W -W., V W , fam 'NWNWWMNM V- ,. ,.,. Ww,,g,5f 4? k '....m " ,Q ffjfff WW f-f- -f-'f W,,, . . Wk 5' f W M V2 f., V wMmWMwMWf f .,,, , RWM! ' X wN"""MW .WWW -.,,,, .,,,, vm NAVV ,, M W- M,k,.,.,, ,W, ww Q, I MMWMWVWW W N EW? , U A U fW.Qfa f WWWWQ " L. . l-,fy-'yy"vfy'f'v9?Tg1'7"l'ii" aww? W Q MH. fl M x, MMMKTZI' 7 f 'V f 1 f ,A WW 27? .Z Preparation, the endless efforts of students and faculty working together toward a goal, builds the traditions and spirit of our school. This application of knowledge and skills makes possible the honors, achievements, and activities which represent the last- ing effects of education. Not only have individuals changed during the past year, but even the campus, in order to meet the requirements of future Uniites, has grown with the addition of a new shop building and bookroom and the redecoration of the main offices. just as the workmen placed brick upon brick and board upon board to create these new structures, the actions of today will produce the ac- complishments of tomorrow. Thus preparation, that foundation upon which success is built, is the theme of the i955 Chieftain. i 9-27 x W , A A WOW Q LW DWWUV M xi QWQC ' QYQX , ,, GUIDING I 1 LANGUAG Mr, G, Pun Mrs, A Vu Miss D, loh MRSSC Me f LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT Mr. N. Malvern, Mr. G. Purnell, Mr. O. limenez, Mr. H. Pena, Mrs. A. Vidal, Mr. L. Libenson, Mrs. A. Soli Miss D. johns, Miss l. Mitchell, Mr. l. Rhodes, Miss C. Marchacos ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Mrs. A. Chiles, Miss K. Reed, Mrs. S. Cochell, Miss B. Canady, Miss C. McDonald, Mr. E. Ambrose, Mr, A. jarnison, Mrs. M. Force, Miss H. Reskovac, Miss j. Mitchell, Miss l. Meyers, Mr. 1, Cough- lin, Mr. R. English SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Mr. R. Farnham, Mr. M. Anisrnan, Mr. A, Mason, Mr. j. Arnold, Mr. A. Roberts, Mr, S. Alexander, Mr. R. Wright, Mr. l. Nicklin. H-'ar SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT Mrs. L Goodwin, Mr. M. Lindsey, Miss E. Folger, Mr. I. Francis, Miss A. Marcus, Mr. R. Wallach Mrs. S. Pelzel, Mrs. I. Carrothers, Mrs. L Thomas, Miss E. Wallenstein, Mrs. B. Carlson Mrs. I. Fadem ' ff.-A BUSINESS DEPARTMENT Mrs. H. Marcus, Miss H. Unger, Mr. F. Bates, Mr. R. Masteller, Mr. H. Ives, Miss E. Addison, Mrs. I. Carrothers MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT Mrs. M. Iarvis, Miss N. Martin, Miss E. Mazziotta, Miss M. Albers, Miss F. Zangle, Miss M. McDonald, Miss P. Porter, Mr. G. Morgan, Mr. L. Osborne ,A , ...-:Z- Nm- ? I . Iiffus. qt. I IIQTSIISL EETQIIISVS 'Ari II' Wss :IOII9-I IIICIIIWIII' I , GSW MUSIC DEPARTMENT Mrs. E. Heaton, Mrs, E, Provan, Mr. S. Spano. ART DEPARTMENT Miss D. Hayman, Mrs. H. Harrison, Mrs. D, Felton, Mr. L, Rosenburg, Mr. I. Armstrong. INDUSTRIAL ARTS DEPARTMENT Mr. A. Goulet, Mr. R. Thomas, Mr. S. McLaughlin, Mr. L. Rosenburg, Mr. I. Ba nge rfer. IIII if . ,.,,. ,,. T ff' FTE'- . an 4 CLERKS V Miss E. L6 Newton. M E. Addiscn, if , , 42 1' gi" -Y -gm 4, .I T ,ly 45, J L ' -9 if URW ENGUSH xo, K CLERKS Miss D. Dunlap, Miss M. Deguchi, Miss E. Lehmann, Mrs. A. Young, Miss G. Newton, Mrs. A. Iler, Mrs. I. Shepherd, Miss E. Addison, Miss E. Colon. - vw- ms:-wa-ff" swfm-zfmgwwf ,..- .--Y. .,A. ., im M-gy f . bgkfm' Q, '-jim'-M W' My ff-eww' w""vyIIv' nwnmuunml it REGISTRAR Mr. A. Copland COUNSELOR Miss F. Brooks LIBRARIAN Miss F. Riniker 9 want-vfr mainly-W IIII 5.9-M f5i...4f ,M ws we. ' Q fs' fm-w umm from DRIVER EDUCATION Mr. I. Cullom ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Mrs. M. Drent DRIVER EDUCATION Mr. G. Stanton F. :- 7 M3 5 ,Za 1I 22' I , I. IEA V777 , PLANNING L., + X Leaders Coordinate Work FALL STUDENT BODY PRESIDENT AI Green ' FALL BOARD OF 'COMMISSIONERS i Top Row: D. Bitting, j. Dominguez, B. Dann, B. Steinburg, E. Kraus, L T. Vandervoort, D. Cox TODRL Bottom row: K. Ikahara, K. Larrecq, D, Hirsch, L, Miller, A. Green B LEAGUE PRESIDENTS B. Hestenes, D. Aigner mm Ka thy La rrecq Bob Dann Work and Play Events SPRING STUDENT BODY PRESIDENT Bob Dann SPRING BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS Top Row: D. Bitting, K. King, M. Martin, V. Lubin, P. Morgan, F. Ishii, R. Reynolds Bottom Row: D. Hirsch, S. I-Iassen, P. Warren, P. Petru, S. LEAGUE IDRESIDEN-I-S Tomlin, D, Kreis, L. Ragin, B. Dann , SPRI NG BOYS EXECUTIVE CABINET D. Hirsch, D. Cox, B. Royer, R. Dyer SPRING GIRLS' EXECUTIVE CABINET P. Petru, D. Phillips, D. Rosenthai, L. Schweitzer, S. james FALL BOYS' LEAGUE EXECUTIVE CABINET A. Ralston, B. Darin, IVI. Kaplan FALL GIRLS' LEAGUE EXECUTIVE CABINET L. I-Iarwood, K. Fall, P. Petru, K. Larrecq, D. I-Iatfoh Plnniiff " ii? by SPRlNG STUDENT COURT Top row: B. Ogden, D. l-lirsch, S. james, l. Kurtz, B. Dann Bottom row B Billings, P. Petru, D. l-latton, D. Kreis, C. Peterson, P. Warren With Al Green and Bob Dann as Presidents, and Mrs. Goodwin as sponsor, both spring and fall Boards of Commissioners did an outstanding job this year, leading the student body through many successful activities. One of the main goals of the past year has been the revision of the Student Constitution, which has made the Student Court a legal part of the governmental system. Another goal accomplished by the students was making the Student Council function as an efficient part of Uni l-ligh government. FALL STUDENT COURT Til.,- L Schweitzer A Green, S. lacobs, B. Rohrbough, L. lVliller, K. Larrecq, B Dann D l-latton. FALL GIRLS' LEAGUE CABINET Top row: A, Zolkover, M. joseph, K. Larrecq, K. Fall, D. Hatton, S. Hassen. Bottom row: C. Sales, L. Weiman, M. Sheats, L. Goldsmith, K. Puckett, L. Harwood. Fall Girls' League President, Kathy Larrecq, led in the planning ot two as- semblies and all Board activities, and under the guidance of Pat Petru during the spring, the Girls' League Cabinet promoted a highly successful Girls' Week as well as a special assembly tor Miss Helen Darsie. These accomplishments have helped make this year a successful and memorable one for the entire student body. More important, the striving for these goals will prepare us for tuture unity and success, FALL BOYS' BOARD OF HEARING FALL GlRl-5' BOARD OF HEARING Top row: B. Dann, l. Kurtz, K. Chotiner, D. Hirsch, Top row B. Brownyard, P. Trout, S. Cohen. Bottom T. Vandervoort. Bottom rowi L. Miller, M. Kaplan, Schweitzer, D. Hatton, K. Larrecq, S. james. A. Green, A. Ralston. .af Xf Sl l0D roi D. l'lirs www, N .9 . W wwf Q , Wm Q f K ,P , " Y , 9 I f W1 ,4 4, W, ' Y ' ff' N1 W W , . " " 'J' 'x U , f f I W 1 . H f ,,,m.,,- fl V f , , I ,V,, A , 1 , M X ff W Vt- , , ' ' 7 ' 1 ff , ,Z , 1' 0 ,W J, ma , ,rf fm A M f fig ,. f ff ff fx' , f if I , 1 gwwm' , x ' m 3 x ,W V, . ggi f 1 , ' 1 vwgwif Q 1 W Mr f Al , ' 4' 3 : '4-N 'ffky 4 ' W, 'K , Q2-gvgy A 'I ww M AfAV?A , M " fiwfarwf, ' , f 4, A 1 'X f , fn ' + f 4 ,Q V W af 2 f W :N Hdbxrv- 6 new 4 29 .me x 0-my M 5 2 X if i,'-fikfj H wx f fm ' wx ,. X - M. ,K- b Q 'x Al S . -1 .i Q, 4' 1 J F K ,, -,.,, FALL TENTH GRADE COUNCIL Top row L Levitt I-I Yabuta E ing. Second row: S. Roth P. Bloch IVI. Mandell B. Rumph R. Covey. Third row: T. Schoessow A. Rosen- dahl I. Moore P. Kreis P. Leveson Bottom row: I. Robison H. Bunge L. 'il Ragin L. Keen D. I-loel. Tenth Grade Promotes Spirit SPRING TENTH GRADE COUNCIL Top rovv: F. Yonermori, R. Roth, R. Covey, P. Bloch, I. VanAtta, D. Lasko- vvitz, I. Saftro, B. Froehlich, I. Fredericks, I. Gausman, I. IVlacIVIillan. Second row: L. Buteyn, L. Bryan, A. Ramos, B, Skoss, N. DeLate, S. Ed- vvards, N. Poliner, Y. Kurolcavva, H. Letham, I. Fales, T. Braverman. Third row: S. Murdock, IVI. Davies, I. Golden, I. Leiser, IVI. Gold, S. Roth, P. Barton, P. Kreis, I. Lutes, I. Soret. Bottom rovv: C. Gutermann, B. Patterson, D. Sackler, P. Van Benschoten, I-I. Pollyea, R. Towne, Brown. Honbo C. Deneke S. Lomas D. Cool- egg vi k I I I I I TENTH GRA TWELFTH GRADE MELEDONIANS ELEVENTI-I GRADE MELEDONIANS TENTH GRADE MELEDON IANS 1' 22' FALL MAWANDAS Top row: R, Guben, P. Oppenheimer L. Wieman, S. james, P. Trout, C Morin, M. Sheetz, l. Pressman, P Wechsler, A. Zolkover, Miss Albers, S. Cohen Bottom row: P. Petru, K. Allen, D. Hat ton, K. Larrecq, C. lkehara, S. Hassen M. joseph, S. lacobs awww.. FALL NATOMAS Top row: M. Gordon, S. Hodges, l Unger, G. Taylor, l. Perlstein, B. Levy, S. Porter, l. Hasslelfgg S. Tomlin, E Sunkees, B. Hatton, G. Wiggans, B Hersley, L. Goldsmith, l. Baer, S. Ray mond. Second row: l. Hammond, S. Barchas, P. Morgan, F. Boltz, K. Fall L. Sunness, T. Culverson, D. Kreis, L. Schweitzer, F. Mangold, A. Aaberg Bottom row: S. Ramsey, l. Murdock, K Hall, L. Harwood, l. Charness, B Bright, l. Scudder, P. Garfield, l Greiner HONORARY SERVIC FALL KNIGHTS Top row: M. Cotton, A. Green, l. Stein, S. Gertsman, R. Egeberg, G. Small. Second row: P. Peck, D. Garcia, B. Fulton, B. Dann, D. Cox, L. Miller, C. Sounders, B. Rohrbaugh, P. Yanov. Bottom row: H. Harrison, D. Lightfoot, T. Vandervoort, W. McGill, j. Kurtz, Mr. Goulet Top row: E D.Bitting,B D.Warren,P Dlightlool Billings.B I- liegh, B, T5 Saunders, I l Vandervo SPRING IVIAWANDAS ' Top row: A. Zolkover, F. Caldwell, B. Brovvnyard, P. Wechsler, I. Pressman, C. Peterson, S. Iames, K. Puckett, D. I-lorner, S. Gutermann. Seccnd row: K. Fall, K. Larrecq, K. King, K. Allen, A. Also, I. Ishii, S. Hodges, F. Kraus, V. Rollman, S. Barchas. Bottom row: L Schweitzer, S. I-lassen, P. Petru, T, Cul- verson, IVI, Ioseph, D. I-latton, C. Ike- hara, I. Dominguez, I-I. I-lamilton, P Oppenheimer IRARI SERVICE CLUBS SPRING KNIGI-ITS Top row: B. Dann, G. Small, S. Gertsman, D. Bitting, B. Brunner, D. O'Brian. Second rovv D. Warren, P. Rodriguez, B. Fulton, R. Egeberg, D. Lightfoot, D. Cox. Third row: D. Liegh, B. Billings, B. I-lulbert, B. Setoguchi, N. Perry, B Liegh, B. Tatishi. Bottom row: I. Stein, C Saunders, I. Kurtz, B. Burroughs, P. Warren T. Vandervoort SPRING NATOIVIA Top row: L. Dimsdale, B. Hatton, I. Unger, S. Raymond, E. Quandt, P. IVIC- lnerney, B. I-lersley, C. I-lannum, S. Gruber, I. I-Iammond, I. Charness. Second row: I. Murdock, L. Kenn, L, Ragen, D. Kreis, B. Bright, E, Ford, S. Tomlin, P. Morgan, E. Ferguson, S. Barchas, W. Smith, P. Perrill. Third row: L. Larrus, I. Greiner, S. Ramsey, I. Scudder, P. Garfield, L. Goldsmith, G. Wiggans, I. Perlstein, I. Bear, L. Mc- Manus. Bottom row: I, Smith, K. I-lall, L. I-larvvood, R. Waronker, S. Porter, A. Aaberg. 21 22 I W-jlrnuga. Z. X X 3 A 'X W My FALL GIRLS' LEAGUE SENIOR SERVICE LEAGUE Top row: V. Wise, I. Unger, Miss McDonald Middle row: P. McCarthy, N. I-Iorn, S. Davis, I. Perlstein, F. Ishii Bottom row: S. Mason, 1. I-Iammond, A. Zolkover, S. Barchas, S. Hodges FALL GIRLS' LEAGUE HOSTESS BOARD Top row: D. Bouvier, I. Collins, K. Shannahan, D. Kreis, P. Perrill, L. Mc- Manus, B. Stearns, N. Zucker, I. Smith Bottom row: D. Mackintosh, M. Grimm, Mrs. Rennick, S, Belasco, C. Booth, E. Kreiner, L. Wieman, B. Ziello FALL GIRLS' LEAGUE BOARD OF DECOR Top row: B. Sherwin, A. Aaberg, D Raphael, F. Caldwell Bottom row: C. Sales, P. Leavitt, Porter, D. Phillips, E. Perry FALL GIRLS' LEAGUE SUITABLE DRESS BOARD Top row: Mrs. Cyran, C. Thompson, P Oppenheimer, S. Iacobs, C, Lapham Bottom row: S. I-Iassan, G. Newman, Scott, K. Allen, L. Sunness lv S l Fifi 9' H4 u I R I V, fi, ,- 4 if I T I I SPRING BOYS' LEAGUE SERVICE BOARD Top row: G. Topper, C. Kriner, B, Berger, IVI. Taylor, I. Stein, G. Small, A. laftee. Bottom row: S. Herrick, W. Dreyer, D. Cox, T. Vandervoort, I. Carter, I. Dingman, L. Hoffman, B. Royer, SPRING GIRLS' LEAGUE SENIOR SERVICE BOARD Top row: IVI. Redmond, B. Pearce, E. SPRING GIRLS, LEAGUE Sunkees, I. Unger. Second row: M. SUITABLE DRESS BOARD Grove, M, Stewart, IVI. Wakii, E. Top row: P. Boyd, W. Smith, C, Sales, Hayashi, P. Perrill, L. Galvin. Bottom K. Allen, I. Salkovv. Second row: M. row: C. Hannum, T. Culverson, B. Grimm, I. Perlstein, K. Fall. Bottom Brownyard, S. Raymond, I. Charness, row: H, Hamilton, P. Oppenheimer, C. V. Rollman, L. IVlcIVlanus. Thompson, I. Doran. 21' 22' A Aa' .2 li M0 -q Qu' 4 uf Vers' X KKK 1 qw . 'NP A Y September October November i3 24 l l4 i5 20 Zl l 5 lO i8 23 24 School begins today Sr. Bee Sweater Presentation First Football Game, Washington at Uni Vaquero Color Day Milk Bowl Game, Uni at Van Nuys League Assemblies First League Game, Dorsey at Uni G.A.A. Playclay at Dorsey Harvest Moon Dance Armistice Day Program Girls' League Fashion Show First Basketball Game, Uni at Dorsey Tri-Y, l-li-Y Chapel Widney High Wheelchair Benefit- Night Basketball l l l Dectmllel l l januari' Game 30 First Baseball Game, Venice at Uni Matinee Performance ot "You Can't Take lt With You" Silver Ball Christmas Program Nomination Assembly Tri-Y Banquet League Assemblies Vaqueros' Sr. Prom Basketball Tournament Awards Assembly Installation Assembly Graduation Assembly GRADUATION Rtmiioi K X .h N C' 5 X 3 an Q7 , E w. , Q4 Z l x If gr i f A . , , f K f M ,y f fy "4 ' W Q f U f ? ff f 4 8 , ff 9 f sw Q we it rr 23 Z 1 Q 7 a ' Lincoln Day Assembly Simplicity Fashion Show Tri-Y Leadership Conference Gene Norman Show Art Field Trip Grecian Color Day Uni Antics G.A.A. Playday R.O.T.C. Parade Friendship Day: Project lndia Girls' Week l..A.C.C. Band Assembly Science Fair Carnival Dance Seall3earer's Dinner Tri-Y, I-li-Y Easter Chapel Easter Vacation Shakespeare Festival R.O.T.C. Dance Mil 25 5 6 IZ l l l 3 20 Z3 25 26 30 lune 3 I0 i ll i5 i l6 I Boys' Week League Assemblies Boys' League Dance "New Moon" Operetta Nomination Assembly Primary Elections Unihi Day Final Elections League Assemblies Tri-Y Song Banquet Memorial Day Grecians' Sr. Prom Awards Assembly Installation Assembly Graduation Assembly GRADUATION STUDENT STORE CASHIERS FINANCE OFFICE X,-C.-.Ab 21' 22' QUILL AND SCROLL CLUB x , , LLL, L, STARIGHT HORIZON COMPALETTES I-IORIZON FU I -Y FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA THE DEBATE CLUB THE CHEERLEADERS CLUB II X HW F,T.A, IEWELRY AND LAPIDARY CLUB FRIENDS GATHER IN THE PATIO ,-Hy "P. 1 CO-EDITORS DIRECT Z Ti-IE WARRIOR STAFF Fall Semester: Sarah Sorrels and Ken Chotiner Spring Semester: Babs Brownyard and Tony Yarrow THE WARRIOR STAFF R. Reynolds, C. Hannum, S, Stark, P. Garfield, D. Aigner, N. Perry, R. Lewis, D. Horner, S. Hassen, R. Spitzer, L. Gault, T. Culverson, Salkow, B. Brownyard, T. Yarrow. Hard-working Warrior and The University High Warrior has made its last year, under the advisor- ship of Mr. Arthur lamison, a creditable one. Last September a new system of editorships was adopted as the semester got under way. The Graduation edi- tion was the highlight of the fall term as the staff waited expectantly for the spring semester's executives to be chosen, With the appointment of the co- eclitors, the front page, heretofore assumed by the editors-in-chief, was given to john Klempner and lucly Salkow. Advertising, a very important factor in the success of a paper, was given a big boost by Rosine Reynolds, Commissioner of Publications. The color day issue, open house edition and graduation number were especially outstanding in one of the most successful years of Warrior history. LINOTYPE OPERATORS SET UP THE WARRIOR FOR PRODUCTION . ,j M. 'll a 1 ll L1 L 2,3515 L ig xi f ,iftfllii tl -'Jw sill" I, i .I,'.' . r5'f:l.,gQ ' . QL., , EDITOR- Sandi F Cliiellz llwmas Dllgal EDITOR IN-CHIEF Cl-IIEFTAIN STAFF Sand' Appleman Top row: M. Keller, L. Miller, S, Cohen, B. Siegel, S. Ebert, P. Boyd, P. Trout, C. Benjamin, K. Harper. Bottom row: M. Rothstein, j, Frank, A. Ariaudo, 1. l-lill, S. Appleman, S. Rossner, M. Martin, G. Wiggans, d Chieftain Staffs Record Happenings Through the combined efforts of the Art Illustration class and the Chief- tain Staff, the planning for the ,SS Chieftain began early last September. Not until the spring semester was under way was our editor-in-chief Sandi Apple- man chosen. United by her, the Annual Production class worked diligently to create the year book. Special credit should be given to Dugald Stermer for his clever division pages and end sheets, to Tom Yasuda for his division page work, and to Owen Hahn for the cover design, Special appreciation goes to the many people who have helped produce our year book-to Mr. joe l-lesslein and his crew of photographers for taking all pic- tures with the exception of the individual pictures of the Seniors, and to Miss Billie Addison and her helpers for directing the sale and distribution of the '55 Chieftain. CHIEFTAIN ART STAFF Top rovv: G. Simon, T. Yasuda, Miss D. l-layman, B. Fulton, Thomas Yasuda and l. Strauss, S. Wolf, T. Vandervoort, R. Runyon. Bottom rovv: Dugald Stermer P. Larson, V. Day, l. Silver, R. Veix, G. Levitt. 1' 22' CONCERT BAND Music Sets the Mood Unihi's band, under the direction of Mr. S. Spano, this year as in the past, brought many honors to our school, In the Los Angeles City Festival and the Southern California-Arizona Festival, the Concert Band received superior ratings both in concert play- ing and sight reading. Another event in the Music Department's spring calendar was the presentation of "New Moon" through the combined efforts of the orchestra, solo- ists, and choir. During the fall semester, this choir, under the direction of Mrs. E. Provan, attended the invitational Choir Festival at Eagle Rock l-ligh and gave a prize-winning performance. Uniites also re- member the fine Hi-Y, Tri-Y Chapel and assembly music provided by the Girls' and Boys' Glee. Boys' Glee is directed by Mr. G. Purnell. ORCHESTRA GIRLS GLEE CLUB BOYS' GL EE CLUB A CAPPELLA CHOIR Til' X Shakespea re Festival "AS YOU LIKE IT" Celia-Constance Moe Rosalind-julie Pressman "ROMEO AND jULlET" Romeo-Allan jones, jr. juliet-Patricia Anderson "HAMLET" Hamlet-Dennis Aigner Ophelia-Patricia Riggle Hamlet-Barton Heyman HMACBETI-I" Macbeth-james Mosk Lady Macbeth-Kathy Larrecq "OTI-IELLO" Othello-Phillip Cowan Desdemona-Elizabeth Sunkees Narrator-Val Lewfon Faculty Director-Miss Helen Reskovac He Penelflpe Rhebal Essiefpai Paui W Mr, DSU' Ed-Bob Donald-i Martin Ve Aiice-lu Cs Hendersor Tony Kirb Boris Kola Mr Kirbx' Mrs, Kirb Oiga-Cai muy D ,nn g 5 1? . l swili Qqfy' f K .,w- WQSQ, I ,W Yeh Yin- V wnsusn - 1 yy K. w:',,.,z If M' , V x . f 0 f UQ g J W mf, xaz!' 'ff z .vim J 'Z M' NY X 5 pn . .I ww, N 455,-V ,ff ,A af ' ff Y ,A W A CM 1 'ff f ggfifgi ' . Q ,K 1: w ,, ,WMM M ri ,ff- WY K, ,, Qs New Moon in Rehearsal CAST julie-Dolores Hatton Monsieur Beaunoir-jim Mosk Captain Duval-Robert Smith Vicomte Ribaucl-Bart Heyman Robert-Terry Boole Alexander-Eddie Sanford Besac-Paul Smith jacques-Ed Lathrop Marianne-Camille Bertolet PhiIlippekFred Schwartz Clotilde Lombaste-Alice Also Mimi-Frances Laitman Fouchette-Roger Lewin Captain Dejean-Robert Brunner Brunet-Gordon iVic:GiIvray Delamere-Michael I-leflin Inn-Keeper-Ken Hockett Ensemble-courtiers, ladies, servants, sailors, brides, pirates, etc. COM TRI. MOOIN TOP ri mann, S. pac IOWZ E Fuitonp fx. HI-Y This year l-ll-Y has the largest number ot clubs in the history ot University High School. These clubs have grown to their present number from the small group started by Mr, Bangerter, who retired this year. Contributing much to the memories of many students, in these last semesters HI-Y has partici- pated in the planning of dances and in the organiza- tion ot many school affairs. COMBINED HI-Y, TRI-Y HARVEST MOON COMMITTEE H Top row: S. Guter- mann, B. Mendelsohn, S. Packard. Bottom row: E. Applebaum, B. Fulton, B. Rohrbough. Top row M l-letlin B Fulton C Kenner D Freeman Bottom row R Smith coordinator R Anderson P l-lan over D johnson I ? I! ,. I, , , Q, Pr' Wu 1 , 1 I IM- ,4" J' 1 -s , A '- il "W 'A-"' . '35 1 iv k ivf j WW , Q Y , fy fm ! A , ,Z F . 'Qu A 23 '. Gi 'Al 'J 'F' ff A A 2' 1 mf ? , 51, Y I L Q, 1-4' an--V NL , A ,. 45,4 'V'-Mfff-f -4- .W...a,.h4,,A . , r f of Hi 4 f 5+ 5 7 155 l FT 3 5 v 5' f 5 5 ' Eff ii L ., , v , find if 9 v fx if AA 31 ,1 X X ix' 3 Q 1 ' 1' :E 72:43 zufxfw Q 2259 "-- V M , ' I .f V 'Ala M if 2' A 0 ,af F, Q M 1 , Wai " 4 v . ,dp 4 06 6 Q 'N ' I 1 Pflfvs . V5 , X N NMI. f QA nl ,Tiff .M ' r xx it ' - ii gllz, W 2 gli E 1 Q9 E, W fgi -x 1 Q 55' . 5 W, H WI-Qgml, ???3w3'1Q'-aaa Z' -'FH 'Q' ,, ll 1 F '51 -,,! . 'hu JI' Ku Y' N , 2 I I f .Eng ' 1' 5 'J 1 M f ? 3 gl ,I A I A 'y W N HQ . ,Q J, A, fr' V 1 J I 7 ,iff Phu, ,4 lqiluiol L,.. . J Q, " Q' 1 4-.- V in ,sw-. 4 ,Y-rv' ' '-"V ' 1 ' Xl ' 4 . -.. , lltv V U J I J ' T.1..,...W ...T .. , V Y i Y , I . ., ' " ' f,,1,..,.i ' 5. .-'11 1, .. . . -. 1 Q 3 ! AL-ml-.V xi- L x4 Phoenicians Pipers wi Dcrlanas Hi-Landers Laureafes Jabra-1 X X mm 1 4f,.fn X N4 f i,7M5'f45.l, A ' 1 f 1 Xb A gm '2 A if FQLZQZ, N Q-. P 22 WV A ,TW A ,N if ,, , , A if f TXTYWFM University's small squad of footballers en- joyed its best seasonls play in many a year and finished fourth in league play. Sparked by All- League and All-City player, jim Schulerg All Maxi Western League player, Captain Steve Gerts- A man, and Dan O'Brien, the Braves went on to win four, tie one, and lose three. The Warrior eleven inspired a spirited stu- dent body on its home grounds by defeating Washington, the Southern League favorites. lVIinichello's masterful job of pass intercepting in the fourth quarter pulled the game out of the fire, as the Braves went on to score two touchdowns during that period. lim Schuler showed one and all that he was not to be taken lightly during the '54 season, and his per- formance, coupled with the two extra points from the toe of Dan O'Brien, sent Uni on to win l4 to 7. Coaches T. Wilcox and lVl. Anisman VARSITY TEAM Bottom row: D. O'Brien, M. Cotton, B. Burroughs, P. Minichello, O. l-lahn, B. Troxler, N. Friedman, j. Wolf. Second row: O. Moe-nch, C. Benjamin, j. Schuler, S, Gertsman, R. Dryer, F. McKinsey, l. Green, F. Rodriguez, R. Hernandez, D. lVlacCullen, Third row: D. Aves, G. lVlcGilva.ry, B. Engle- hardt, R. Huber, D. l-loyt, C. Legried, P. l-loag, B. Rohrbough, S. lewell, Fourth row: B. jones, P. Flander, l. Kadoni, l. Wright, B. Willingham, G. Parrish, T. Yasuda, W, Stewart, j. Savage. l Footballers Worked liecl iirg JT f iiio ul r aien WTS to -, to Improve Season The unclermaned Braves again showed their strength when they tied Banning, the Marine League favorites, O to O. During the course of the game, Banning saw two of its touchdowns called back, when l953 City Player of the year, Dick Garcia, attempted to talley. However, Garcia didn't have the show to himself. just before the first-half came to an end, jim Schuler scampered 60 yards, only to have Ban- nings hold on its own six yard line. Uni fans cheered at Van Nuys, where the Milk Bowl was played. Ball control was the key factor in winning this one, as linemen like jerry Wright, Bill Willingham, Chris Benja- min, Don Aves, Owen Hahn and Bruce l-lulbert allowed the Wolves only one offensive play during the first quarter. Steve Gertsman turned out to be the hero of the game when he blocked a Van Nuys' point after touchdown in the fourth quarter. Thanks to Steve, Uni ended up on the long end of a l4 to l3 game. jim Schuler Bruce l-lolbert Neil Friedman Steve Gertsman Benjamin, Burroughs, Minichello and O suit-up for the game. Cotton moves goal-wa rd. Marvin Cotton Bill Vxfillingham Chris Benjamin Bob Rohrbough 'Br ien ll 22' WI! Km' W 4 i a I f f 1' Q4 W , fp, o, Q sc. rl I if ll ffff 9? MK! n AM 0 f fi Q fav 94 X4 ?Z! f f f24f WT ' w w' fi f ff! ' 1 , s f W X X .4 2 C ,ff f f , ix fi' J f K fix 0 1 5 5 Ai! v X 7 'W X 'wfijgy f if M ' Q f X, f 5 2 ff ' ' ' Richard Hernandez Dan O'Brien Bob Burroughs Floyd lVlcKinsey Don Aves Frank Rodriguez jerry Wright joe Green Next came a red-hot Dorsey team determined to end Uni's winning streak. To make matters worse Uni contributed to this dilema by playing what many feel was their poorest game of the season. The only thing that Uni fans could cheer about was an 85 yard run on the part of lim Schuler. However, it was far from enough as ,Dorsey handed Uni its first defeat in the form of a 25 to 7 game. Next on the list came Venice, a team that was determined to make it two losses in a row for the Braves, and Venice proved to be a little more than Uni could handle. When the dust had settled, Richard Hernandez had run for a touchdown and passed to lim Schuler for another. The score was, however, Uni l3, Venice 33. Hamilton regretted ever getting up the morning of the day they played Uni. l imagine the name of lim Schuler will make the loyalist Yankee fan give a look of disgust. After all, lim only con- tributed six touchdowns to the massacre type score that Uni had rounded up at the games conclusion. Richard Hernan- . iglygn nl ill I i 'ilu Q 1 14 'Q l i I l 2 'A lf nf I l ,Q Qi H lf Wim? Je., , rhliillf 1 'R "yt WAHM aw ' la ,. ,wp :Is if,i4'1 if, "P , S, lllir dez c I lans recor lo l g along lll0ug Hem best noon Close S. Minichello speeds around left end Hernandez carries for a touchdown dez continued to help Uni's touchdown cause by throwing for four touchdowns. When Uni fans finally caught their breath, they found out: lim Schuler had broken the old scoring record of 57 pointsg Uni had intercepted I2 passesg Hamilton had out first-downed Uni I2 to 73 and finally that Uni won the game 82 to 7. It had been a great game for Uni fans, and along with the win they will never forget IVlinichello's 66 yard run in the fourth quarter. In the Fairfax game Schuler took up where he left off in the Hamilton game. Even though the goal line was covered with mud, lim was able to find it five times, and with Hernandez and Rodriguez scoring, Uni picked up another win. The score-I9 to 44. Los Angeles was a heart breaking end to the Braves' season. Uni played one of its best all around games and would have tied if not won it, but penalties throughout the after- noon made the game for Uni a hopeless cause. Thus with a score of I3 to 7 the Braves closed their courageous season. FIRST STRING VARSITY f , VJ. , my TENTH "BH SQUAD R. Gostmg, Lachkn, P, I Top Wm Bos! Gres Sher r B" FIRST STRING TENTH GRADE SQUAD IN ACTION VARSITY SQUAD R Gosting, L. Caccamise, B. Gore, B. M ac- Top row' H Hashimoto R Egeberg H. Lachlan, P. Millman. Moench, Williams. Bottom row: W. Magill, K. Vxfright, P. Rodriquez, B, Fulton, M. Strano. Harriers Compete Without a Loss lor Two Years CROSS COUNTRY SQUAD Top row: B. Fulton, H. Hashimoto, P. Rodriquez, R. Egeberg, H. Moench, W. Fawcett, W. Magill, K. Wright. Second row: M. johnson, l. Clyman, B. Carson, K. Christenson, V. Lewton, G. lennings, l. Boettiger, T. Moseley, B. McCarron. Third rovv: j. Kirwin, T. McKinnon B Berger j Kurokavva D Greene, T. Dingman, D. Ambrose, A. latte, M. Strano, S. Waldron. Bottom- row: .MacLachlan, l. Sherman, B. Gore, l. Glaser, R. Gos1'ing,l. Bisno, D. Millrnan. 5:55. ff1f,34,h,. . 5. . 'BRS . Z '5 HRSJA 5,11 .ox ' 'ERS f Q Z' ,1 x .ei 72'-5' , fl" L L 5 W if , l ,. ,Y 4 V. , . f , 'N tLii'y Ka fffffrrfq . T . .. .W WVR I Q 7 , . , ,, G .- 33' 3 'aff gy d K , Y 'ti ' 'Y ., wi ff , . , "" f 5 4 4 f fx, ' 0- ff 2 Q 1 ff . f Q N . . . T A A S 'ply Wy uf COACH MARVIN VARSITY BASKETBALL Cagers Teamwork lll !Xgain this year, LJni proved its basketballteanwistopsl The LHH VVan riors with a seven-win, one-loss record brought the Western League Champion- ship to the reservahon for the second straight year. In the fhst ganne of the City Tournarnent, team coordination produced a 56-48 mun for Uru against the Rooseveh Roughnders and Urns hoopsters forced the Lincoln teanw to bovv to Hs fhst defeat in the second round.Lanw,aHhoughjeHemonappHed a beautiful court press to edge Uni 71 to 68 in the Quarter-finals, the War- riors went on to place third in the city by overpowering Manual Arts. TEAM ins ll Wah ttft season Gleltu lortoenamll Player Ot ttf Capltllell l Smg 3 lremi powers D00 l scoring reeori pototsagainst also broke to potots in a S and set a tot guardsat3O. the years pla rale builder, place on tlte while Kelly li berth on the second team. leadershtp oll viotltellniag ing great tea Uni a otgltly speeted baske Don l 5 Wins Praise With the excitement of the season over, all of Uni waited for the naming of l-lelms' City Player ot the Year, an honor captured by Don Pino. Posses- sing a tremendous offensive power, Don raised the school scoring record by pushing in 42 points against Los Angeles. l-le also broke the city record tor points in a season with 4Ol and set a tourney record for guards at 30. Doug Warren, as the year's playmaker and mo- rale builder, joined Pino to place on the all-league squad while Kelly johnson landed a berth on the Western league second team. Under the able leadership of Coach jerry Mar- vin, the Uni aggregation, show- ing great teamwork, brought Uni a highly praised and re- spected basketball team. Don Pino john Stahler Kelly john on Gilbert Alexander ee Van Leevven l oe Stein Allen Ralston f 4 , 9' X 66' S 8 f f my Glen Small ' "" , fu 1- ,, , Zg i V SW fx uw af" f x U V fa A321 A e' V Z lf 'uv ww . 5 Q , LQ' ' H ,mi 2 X li we and 3 .2 S f LY f on QL.. ,f f 5 ,, W, I v Q ,lx f W X if ' 4 E 3 Q, r ' ,,?P5X2 ,y 4 V an 3 ,I V' 7' , M, W 4 hf X L, 'Vw sf' fi, v r ,x,L ' ff ff .2 1 WW, 0 xx! w pb J fffwzf 'Qzwwi 1 5542- '- E ,if ll plenty year lo A1 up at tl will be numlue will be along l should R1 againsi are det allemp 1' Y 7 3 1 X X, X'x. i li -ii NNN. it as E V ROGER WERKSMAN M Q . Y' Top row: S. Mosk, C, Barker, R. Covey, N. Perry, D, Weiss Bottom row: R. Lloyd, R Werksman, G. Lloyd, j Klempner. Netmen Build Toward Championship With jerry Marvin as coach, Roger Werksman and Norman Perry in key positions, and plenty of competition and enthusiasm, the '55 season could 'l b year for the tennis team. easi y e another championship As we go to press the netmen are about to embark on their up at the present time, the ranking ofthe team could follow this order. First and second place will be hotly contested tor by Perry and Werksman, as each has beaten the other an equal number of times. Third place brings us a bright newcomer, Goulden Lloyd. Fourth place will be fought for by Rawson Lloyd, who could make it quite tough for his brother, Goulden, along with Perry and Werksman to stay in their respective positions. The remaining places should see a battle between Richard Mosk, john Klempner, Chris Barker, and Ri '55 campaign. As it lines cha rd Covey. Rounding out the squad in doubles will be the team of Chris Barker and john Klempner against that of Richard Covey and David Weiss. These four along with the rest ot the squad are determined to make the season a very distressing one tor their opponents, while they attempt to bring a second straight City Championship to Uni l-li. jr Ei E ,, ,,. 1 NORMAN PERRY i'i E W ,.,v ,,,, fy J TENNIS TEAM W X f , Mmww may va-.mmm L...- VARSlTY TRACK TEAM Bottom row: M. Oleson, l. Stahler, B. Setoguchi, j. Clyman, P. Rodriquez, R. Abrego, B. Burroughs, 1. Marque, O. Moench, Second row: M. Babbitt, R. lwaski, V. Levvton, G. Small, S. Yasuda, L. Van Leewan, B. Fulton, S. Gerts- man, D. O'Brien, B. Anderson, B. Billings. Third row: j. Boettiger, T. Thomas, D. MacCallom, H. Hall, B. Leigh, M. johnson, B. Dann, F. Rodriquez, T. Kelley, R. Dyer, H. Hashimoto, R. Fisher. Top row: T. Moseley, B. Williams, j. Anderson, K. Miller, B. Holbert, T. Yasuda, M. Strano, l. Piccolo, R. Egeberg. COACH PU RSELL THINCLADS Under the expert guidance of Coach jim Pursell, the l955 track and field forces performed out- standingly in league competition. Possessing strength and depth in almost every event, the team pro- duced standouts in individual events with Glen Small in hurdles, Pete Rodriguez as miler, and Bob Leigh as runner. More record breakers were Dan O'Brien in shot put and Ralph Abrego in the high jump. 1 5- X T 'S-, .ri L ii V-U v- is Y, + Sw CLADS ce ol :real j QUT- -mil. :ffl if ff QVC' dual ifjlia, ,nl j:CD ecard if in ,T nm? qi. TJ - ,S PETE RODRIQUEZ WORKS OUT SHOW STRENGTH Uni's Twin power came in The hurdles and mile, with Small and Rodriquez sTarring To Top The Dorsey Dons, 53 V2 To 5OV2. ATTer The exciTing sTarT of The season, The Tracksters quickly conquered Venice, l-lamilTon, and Fairfax. The Venice Gondoliers saw, be- sides speedy Bob Leigh and PeTe Rodriquez, a i2 fooT 3 inch pole vaulT by Terry Kelley, which broke a meet record. "CURLY" STAHLER CLEARS THE BAR DAN O'BRl EN PUTS THE SHOT l i If 'know RALPH ABREGO TAKES THE HIGH-lUMP TERRY KELLEY PREPARES TO POLE-VAULT lt was Dan O'Brien who added to broken records in the Ham- ilton meet with his 5l.3 shot put, The same week the Braves smashed the Fairfax Colonials, the heartbreaker of all meets climaxed the '55 season. Uni's chances for the title depended on the Los Angeles tussle and all the boys responded. Ralph Abrego high jumped 6 feet 2 inches, Kelley pole vaulted l2 feet 5 inches, Leigh ran the 440 in 5l 23 seconds, and Pete Rodriguez broke the school record with a 4128.2 mile. All these great per- "B" TRACK TEAM Bottom row: B. McLachlin, D. Greene, l. Kirwin, T, Dingman, l, Post, N. Bunker, D. Gratz. Second row: l. Neal, B. Sloat, B. Bitting, T, Hardwick, M. Oleson, B. Berger, T. Pinkerton, H. Haglund, M, Sullivan. Third row: H. Krone, R. Finkel, l. Reimers, H. Saito, B. Tateishi, S. Lomas, M. Greenfield, R. Hirsch. Top row: E. Honbo, K. Owen, l. Ross, R. Schaeffer, j. Giba, E. Biheller, B. Enger, T, Hyashi. -1'-" Bottorr iowili l l Bll l lf l ' l ' jl i hill' TQ' ls in 'S l l f-...Q . 7OLE-VAULT 1 I , fmrd A . . It 'jf , I' I- I I. ,ll 'I A uwl if ' a ,1 f' ll! I i I . yt 1-fll fi Y H11 '- . i, I ,A-..r, .. , - UC" TRACK TEAM Bottom row: G. Ivlochizuki, G. Nakagavva, S. Friedman, R. Ahlberg, R. DeWeese, F. Nakahama. Second row: K. Schopp, R. Abrego, G. Enriquez, IVI. Wheaton, A. Gonzales. Top row: R. Sanchez, R. Bates, R. Kame BILL F formances were not enough, the Romans edged the Warriors by six inches in the eight-man relay to win the meet 52 213 to SI II3. lronically, the time of the mile, 3 :O3, broke another record. Such an enviable record by no means came from lack of stiff competition or mere accident, but is due to good material and sportsmanship. As the Chieftain goes to press, the league and city meets are still to be held. Undoubtedly, these contests will bring more praise to Uni through the efforts of the track team. ULTON HITS STRIDE GLEN SMALL DISPLAYS ABILITY " ,. want ' L ..,,., ,I '13 MP' I riafnr-L , Aww. W" it-wt 'fi M V L Horsehiders Strive tvf H With the season still young and switches being made in dit- terent positions, the Speatermen show promise as a well rounded team. Tenth graders will dominate the team to an extent. Topping the list is short stop Dan Lasco- witz, who made the all-star Poney League team twice prior to com- ing to Uni. Backing Dan at short stop is Roger Harkiel' Thornton, and behind the plate as catcher is Lynn Fox. Both Roger and Lynn played American Legion ball last year. R tren key stop gyll the will Her mats Her base Hur narc V will ing his' Top row: witz, ICQ Don Coll Bottom it Ronnie S: 209, lefty 'E'-he Slrlve li. U- 'lim CSU fate Chg ESU? TGV .Jil- :WOVT NOW. 'Sf li ,mn last For High Score Ronnie Stein up from last years' tremendous l.V. team is filling a key position as the varsity back- stop. Bill Davidson, Norm For- sythe and Terry Meir make up the pitching staff. At first base will be Chuck Royce while Phil Herzog and joe Stein will alter- nate for second base. Buzzard Hernandez will occupy third - base. ln the outfield will be Neil Hurst, Neil Friedman, and Ber- nard Humphry. With players such as these we will look forward to an outstand- ing season for Coach Speater and his fine team. VARSITY TEAM Top row: Bruce Klien, Lynn Fox, Dan Lasco witz, joe Stein, Norm Forsythe, Neil Hurst, Don Collis, Terry Meier, Bunky Hurnphry. Bottom row: Roger Thorton, Neil Friedman Ronnie Stein, Buzzard Hernandez, Phil Her- zog, lerry Wright, Murdock Stein. f 1,v. TEAM E W ww, ff f,,, WW Z .QW X 1? ,W fi' FALL or A Ken Cholmer 1UNloR VARSITY PLAYS BALL EW'B0bS1 cbBrunn ,,7,l...1 EV. - . .11 BATTALION PARADE Military Training Program FALL OFFICERS AND CO-ED OFFICERS Ken Choitner Linda Kehl Tim Heath Cher I Bor . . , Y ' quist, Bob Soutter, Sherly Choen, Marion Sheats, ner ' Bob Brun , Bonnie Mendelson. SPRING OFFICERS AND CO-ED OFFICERS Happy Hamilton, jerry Schuessler, Karen Kane, john Ford, Lorraine Koch, Bob Brunner, Dolores Hatton, Bill Odgen, Toni Bush, Bob Soutter. SECOND PLATOON OF A COMPANY Lt. john Ford, platoon leader During the past year the ROTC Bat- talion has worked hard on its theory and drill, in preparation forthe Annual Federal Inspection. Included in the cirriculum are manual of arms, marksmanship, weapons, courtesy, leadership, and first aid, as well as the ever present drill. One of the highlights of each semester is the installation of the Co-ed Officers. Candidates are selected, two by each senior problems classg then voted on by the Board of Commissioners to select the school sponsors of the cadet corps. The girls are chosen for their scholastic ability, charm, poise, and appearance. The cadets rag.'.g,f-1-'-' SECONT Lil vote to det Officer. Tl as student the femiriir The Dril casions ant make a trip junior ltigli to Uni-l-lie The Rifle district, are runs its ow ters were competitior RQTC Bef, 's theory and imual Federal iiritulum aie wo, weapons i aid, aswell e:h semesief -ed Oificeis. rio by ea:i ioied on li to selecrlrs Tcnips, ire iasficalniliii Q Tiecadet H I SECOND PLATOON OF B COMPANY Lt. jerry Schuessler, platoon leader vote to determine the rank of each Co-ed Officer. They attend all ROTC functions as student body representatives, adding the feminine touch, The Drill Team performs on many oc- casions and for different groups. They make a trip each semester to each of the junior high schools which supply students to Uni-Hi and to the Corps. The Rifle Team fires in interscholastic, district, area, and national matchesg and runs its own challenge ladder. Eight let- ters were awarded this year, and the competition is keen. FIRST PLATOON OF B COMPANY Lt. Rod Laderas, platoon leader B COMPANY OFFICERS B. Ogden, 1. Schuessler, R. Laderas, G, l-lellyer S-,991 DRILL TEAM i....., ch. G.A.A. Prepares Uni's G.A.A. is growing each semes- ter in popularity and no wonderl Many of the reservation's girls have found that belonging to this organization entitles one to fun and friendship while com- peting in various sports. Waiting anx- iously, the G.A.A. members looked for- ward to the Mother-Daughter Banquet, a semi-annual festivity during which the election results are announced just be- fore the installation of the new officers. After dinner and entertainment, the GAA SPRING CABINET LETTERGIRLS' CLUB For Fun girls who had been members three semesters were awarded their letters. This year the Playdays, both at Dorsey High and Westchester High, will long be remembered as gay events which led to making new friends and furthering good sportsmanship. With their sponsor Mrs. F. Fisher and presidents, Babs Brownyard and Donna Lee Horner, G.A.A. has continually provided a worthwhile activity for all feminine athletes at Unihi. ELEVENTH GRADE G.A.A. TENTI-l GRADE G.A.A. TENTH GRADE G.A.A. TWELFTH GRADE G.A.A .,, .XC-X XA 2 A 2. 4,42 GIRLS AT PLAY A G.A.A. TENNIS TEAM A G.A.A. VOLLEYBALL TEAM if L A VV Lf . 5 T C A A A , , ' A W G UE Efm T A L ' il U L, , 7 , . ' 2 . " X231 :Vg ? 2,4 A Q o A L T f H T A ' A A Rei: - " N 5 ' W .F ! J , 3 ,M ,W X V' 6 V L V ' J f 6 gi, ,. x Ka -i x X: f. ,.,. E- ,.. X 'I x S V 'C E-f'f1 . 'fi . .ma 7 5955. 5. -'isle E4 s.gx.5. ': f5 'Sit -I Q pw ?'f1 .SQ .. 'DV Vi. '5' Xli'f'D"-. "En -3211 X . , ,L N .m "fi it A1-erik xi-, X ' Q f 1- - 'xx -AL: I 'ilu- . FALL CHEERLEADERS SPRING CHEERLEADERS j. Newcom, T. Vandervoort, B. Gootnick. Top row: j, Newsom, R, Lewin. Bottom row: j. Dominguez, L. Ragin, N, Stergis. Cheerleaders Inspire School Spirit 22' if Q ab 1 . A 1 fix A I 1 M-- M fw 2 www. I . 'K X X VP Top VOVX Howard Shirieyf V, Hem Kle Adrian B095 1, X, 2? X! V, .K K v 'X X if VAQUERO SENIOR B OFFICERS VAQUERO SENIOR A OFFICERS Top row: Ken Chotiner, Bob Rohrbough, Ken Chotiner, Helen Schoenbrun, Bob Rohr- Howard Harrison. Bottom row: Roz Guben, bough, Roz Guben, Chris Benjamin, Shirley Cohen, Marion Sheats. Presentation of the turquoise sweaters set oft the colorful, festive year for the Vaquero class ot winter '55, who were guided by Miss Catherine MacDonald and Mr. I-Iilario Pena. The hard- earned color day, prom, and graduation were topped off with a never to be forgotten grad night. So now the gay Vaqueros say adios to their many amigos on the reservation. VAOUERO SEALBEARERS VAQUERO EPI-IEBIANS Eleanor Klemperer, Pat Marks, Ken Chotiner, Sue Iacobs, Ken Chotiner, Marion Sheats, -1-T1 Adrian Boes, Coleen Moren. Eleanor Klempner, Lynn Weiman, Bob Rohr- bough. S wxll 63393 ,Z Ruth Abelaf Patricia Adams Bob Anderson Ed Applebaum l Charles Ackernecht Claudia Allen john Anderson 4 , ,W I Donald Ales K f s 45 ' Mgf' 1 f2-' 4, ' ' C sa W 4.. V ' "f f - I ,. I L, J f ' frlrrl , ff ' i?"' Wf 7 J f Cheryle Borgquist Adrienne Boes Mike Bray Mary Buffington Sand Balfour Cassen Dan Chandler Shirley Cohen Marvin Cotton Pe raBuslaey Diane Drake Wayne Fawcett Linda Froelich Kate Gilpin l Roiglconrad Pat Grisham Pat Gunther Larry Haro Charlaine Harvey l lohswla Bob Borgh joan Bradley Ronnie Brooks aslllzllm Steve Coughlin Ken Chotiner Carolyn Colwell 1 Libby Ebsen Darlene Ferguson Dena Gilner Roz Guben jackie Handelsman Howard Harrison '-Q., j 1 le if 3 f JSM J Q ,ff X I mf" Edit A l V' E 'ff" ff llplebaum D A D D I ona ves Chrls Benjamin Susan Betts Suann Bowers Shirley Barlow joel Bergquist Barbara Blaclholm 'ra "5 l :f l 1 Q ,J . ,,', W -1 fW' ff? A y l l f J mm Sandra Buskey Ronnie Cameron lyfewlullrgn peggy Conrad jo Anne Cronin ',larlinyC0l Robert Goka Bill Gootnick K5i6BllElI3anEI john Hashizume Carol Hecht Wm Phyllis Cable Connie Campbell Anne Conroy john Cutright Karen Goodman Al Green jim Heath judy Hedges Bennett Cane Roberta Darsie joe Green Milli Hicke Mike Cassady Karen Dietrich john Griffin Gayle Holmes Bob Carson Margaret Denbo Linda Gross Meta Hoffer "gr" Tony Horten X : "W f ff f ff f Q, 7 X QS 9 W ff if V7 , f Q 'A ff ff , X f X-wr ff H M jjjj , N ,M e J X 1 1 X E , ff f I, K , X Y ,. , ,., M ,, W, Z ' jean Howard Richard Hurst john Hosmer john Huntington Suzy jacobs fl cms 56 ww V. ff , J : WM i GK H1 ,, A , Stella jimenez l ff WK X y 4 f' Ronald Keels Gail Loose Bonny Mendelsohn Scott Owen Eleanor Klernperer Bob Knowles Dorothy MacKintosh Walter Magill Floyd Merrell Bob Miller Ben Passerelli Pete Peck Kay Kilnowitz Lorna Kline Nancy MacKinnon Robert Maes Mary Mercado Richard Meyer Kathy Parson Connie Patten jean Koller Gene Mann Len Miller Eric Perram Carole Kosak Dave Margetts Phil Minichiello jo Ann Perry l l l Z y, ,, it 4' X ,M Margery jolinsc .A6y I 'f ia-LSL l I Q r. fd e , S , ., ,,, .., G 4 I x f Y 'MTB i f Ron Kubeck lm lllafls Pick Mmm atricia Peyton l nr l L i 'iss S A iw in X .lcllajjmeqe 4 M. A c, ' jf ff f Z W "d""" c C X Margery johnson Sherrill jones Allen Karz Linda Kehl l X A X 1 i 7 Q X fi F , , l famjg KM llllliiiil lxliflfllll ,H Perf! PW ll Richard johnson Louise Kane Roger Keeney j w ,raw ' S 5 l S Whiz.-W' ' ' ', :I-"-f-1-,. 4 2 1 I' ' 1' 8 n ' 'Q ' AQ' 4 ' :P u Q' It . vfwmff' F., .ffl ,f ' ' ff A . 'f 4512 ', 'f'f,, X fr L f s ? . i X. , 4 f 2 " , " r , 1 I , J "4 , 9 1 Z ,H X xy ' , f PY X w ay X f af Q U ,f Ron Kubeck Don Marks Dick Minion Patricia Peyton ,Q fa- ' K P al! I f f f f Of 3 f ff , ef 2 ---' , , y :fl- 31 f f 5 '7 Q r f X ' X f f SMU? f , f f N! judy Lample Sandra Leanse Paul Marshall Sally Mcl-lenry Elaine Morton Arnold Nudell Phil Presler Harvey Richard M., ,l . 1 , Q. ,J X 5 W M ,,. Q Q Z' if Q , A fi fl Q 4 f I 9? f in X , 1 44 X " 0 V .,,... MZ. , 6 I 4, 4 ff. ' f f' W 5 P' ff 4 Lois Long W Sheldon Meeder joe Olmos Alvina Rodriguez Lillian Lamoreaux Linda Lansing Binnie Logan Patricia Marks Mathew McDermid Floyd McKinsey Coleen Morin judith Noonan Fred Nuesca Virginia Phelan Penny Preston Edna Mae Richards fr V Z A X J f 5,2 f f T A6Zi,f'?"f3f , "CW " , I jf' 5554-1. .giligffff T 4' "" A - 2 ,J 4113 v ,,,4f,,K f , ,,., ,I 1 f r if f A M , YM! My W Bob ROl'1l'bOUgl"1 Wanda Russell Rochelle Saltz Priscilla Sandoval Bob Rosen Norman Sakamoto Richard Sanchez ff , it X ,ff " f, ? T llll fffw :WW Sarah Sorrells Dugald Stermer lvlike Stockwell john L. Sullivan Bob Tateishi Ernie Telles David Topper Nancy Voltmer I Bob Wade Eunice Walton Linda Whippo Howell Williams Peggy Winchester Mike Yamada jimmy Yee Carole Zoutte George Spiegel Margarett Stevenson jim Taylor Carol Thompson Karen Waller Charles Weil Dottie Winn Phil Yanov Eileen Stoops Pat Trout Lynne Wieman Shirley Yoder -t""?T' -" "" ' 4 F 'f Helen Schoenbwl Belli Takimolo pi 3 1.441 ,W Helen Schoenbrun Beth Takimoto tw. X, F ef f lfg 6 lim Schuler Marion Sheats Geraldine Simon William Sinai Coline Smart Virginia Smith PHOTO-Sl-lY VAQUEROS Bette Barker Lee Blaisdell Philip Davis Tommy Gonzales Kenneth Gustafson Donald l-larrison Charles Huante l-larold Koke, jr. Leon Levin Paul Whitehouse jerry Wright Zella Young an . J 'AS V 'K I VAQUERO CLASS SPONSORS Miss Catherine F. McDonald and Mr. l-lilario S. Pena 4 fx X 9 ' , Sa A 5 'fs 'Wg 37' eg, Q. Mg f Q7 I . 'if f 5 ff Q , 42: x 'Nur wg ' Wa is E W K Q ,Q f 2 , QS O , 5. M1 J iwmw 5, w f W. I gk , 5 f 4 AN ' H- 14 I is Y' A ,X 5: F x -,fx 1. ,. W, -4 , 1 if ff 42 .ff K 'W GR IN GRECIANS Farewell to Uni, GRECIANS are saying the day when we'll be leaving draws near. Although our Warrior friends will he staying, Our graduation is here, Our coral sweaters bright as our future, Remember them when we're gone and We will give all praise to Uni. Now you hear us shouting, I-IAILI the GRECIANS are here, Our mighty name will always survive, HAIL! The GRECIANS are here. The summer class of FIFTY FIVE. GRECIANSII 9' I A, ,W 1 L, i ggi' it l 1 I F ig 1 KWH-I ,. 92.525 X Bl G5 lop r lem P. Pet K, la K ' I It AW" I' 'i A fnhiaaifaywmw' 'Ai ' SENIOR B OFFICERS SENIOR A OFFICERS B. Burroughs, G. Arnoult, C. Peterson, I. Dominguez, L. Koch, G. Arnoult, R, Robles G. Small, L. Koch, I. Pressman, K. Webb. D. Warren, I. Frank, K. Webb. Coral sweaters and white togas raised the curtain for the Grecians of S'55 in their most active year. With the assistance of their sponsors, Miss D. Hayman and Mr. IVI. Anisman, they were off to a early start in preparing for their senior activities. The comparison of the modern and ancient times made the Grecian color day an interesting and entertaining experience which was followed by rehearsals for graduation, ending the most unforget- able year for the dynamic Grecians. EPHEBIANS Top row: D. Cox, D. Hirsch, D. Aigner, D. johnson, B. Brunner, I. Klempner. Bottom row: GRECIAN CLASS SPONSORS P. Petru, K, Puckett, B, Brownyard, D. I-latton, K, Larrecq, C. lkahara. lVIiss Darcy S. I-layman, Mr, Milton F. Anism 4 .L ffi tsunami-1 W Bass Barbara me k Tom Bush Xl .. "" 3 ff F9 M H 'JVM ' A 757171 , , ' ff"f'77' B WSE! 0 Wy- vm y r A ,, A M y, Q "" - an M, KW -a' K ,ffiGi"' , 'ff-'riff' H ! "f , "' '-:if4,,' , ' 'f C--2 'WJ fl "', if 3 W 35 , ' . ' ', .:, , Q in Wg. A I, R fa ZR ,Z ix.. , :V - ,QA fi. - yf L, U if f My V 1 W, , -f V y .J 7 X --r f .mwifwf vf? A' ' hw 1 x Q f L f 1, r Z .1-yff., ' ' - ff , f ,ay ,QW fr, f 1 . , W ,gf "" 1 W W ' W-2, ff -"' r , Q f. fr' , MJ. X H r B' A fm' ref f M I r 52 Q' W r A ,E L , ff, if r l ' ' C, 4 ., ' 'f ' 5 Z., -W 'mm' . if ' M f M s A ya r f if ff ,- , ay f , , X MRM n ' ' ls If M f, my Af, ' Q ,M I W ff ji V 3 f 2' f 'f xr' 144 ' f ' ' lfff ' Af X ,sw ff 1s -- f rf f -I My j, W 4 A' 4 17 'Zi M4 7 25 ' , y t X f . ' V 1 l Darleen Abbott Mary Abrams Ralph Abrego Donna Ache f janet Ackerknechf Mike Adams Rosalie Adler I i DenniS Algllel A frfr. 2' ' ' QE mow f C if f M A Vi r , , ,.r-1 ,,,, , , , , ,,-, , . C f V, , .1 me Wm, 4 25" F ? 1 MV Q1 " ' l I 1 ' M" QQ 6 'A ' ,, ,W "4 f'- - 1 r " , . ' if A M r 21 E , ff ff 'nw K :fav W 'Q , i", fe I f ,MQSM Nw .ef-V W N' r ' f We ' ' .: sr ,, QV, X i 'MQ wr "wif, , V ff- ,X Z yy, V R 4 7. A. vm, eywhfsiid Piss. ae , f We 7515? g " , , V MW ' ""QZT'N We ' ' 'lv 'ww V' -my X, l ,.., , , J A Sy f md N Howard Amos Pat Averill ludy Bernardoni Phyllis Brown 3,7 Miles Anderson Bob Barela Sue Berry Bob Brunner Willis Anderson Sandi Appleman Ed Barnard Anthony Bass V Lois Biehl Diana Biller , C Karen Burrill Penny Burt Carole Andersen Ronald Anderson Marceile Anenberg Magdalena Barajas Charles Barnard jean Bartos Luana Berry Camille Berfolet Donna Bienz Babs Brownyard Myrna Bryan Bob Burroughs Mill: B '. V , ' '5- it l NAA: 4 g l l .l l"RV 4, M Q'-PQ? W, A!! ll Dennis Aigner , I ' f l is l .9 N :Hx ' ,-'cf Q A -Q af 15 yr 'l 'fs'-'N fs ...J ff is t cv i J:"'5' M-: fi :.. Ellef J 4 Ardra Ariaudo Mike Bass Barbara Black Toni Bush nal- figs I-X' z.. 1 4 X 3- 'E in? lx Aw Donald Akagi -a i, if 'Q Q7 f,-'x ' R--.4 . If 5? ,UN 19 B ix 'IJ' , -' jg. 4 'N A 'af -rs B : If K jx: ' fl CTT' . Qt' X W X4-3 X ' ' X.: i 1 'W jylgiilf Q' , It Nancy Akiyama ludy Albert fi 5 V C 1 , , k,,,1, J . -' 415'-s 4 Ymmsgsg . ' ' A- fa I-ve C fvw . I N 'I K ' V ,gf , f-' --af eii- . ...- Y , Q. cijdgr- s X , -i ' V flkgalr , ,f 7 X X -422 . X x .C ef ,--M ,V we I,-. .. 'A' xl' ,os 'Y -Q-if .MW -.f fr-k 'se- 'S' ks.. X ,7 :Q ' .', l Gilbert Alexander i C , N' it 'll A ari l "4 'V" , ,fr i , yy A "'ii ' ll"l l Q"f"f' I W fa f . if gf ,. f, ' 'A ' , ,xl ,L f ,Lui ..k. S- r,. f .+G s M fc we 9 .x kg? GX Siva l 1 f Q 4 A l.. gr Geneal Arnoult Barbara Beck Dick Brander Sylvia Callahan 'Q -lr 1-vvf i , Inf n ' V57 .J 5 ,A ,,1 Karen Allen 6 N. ,ua-' 1 C . --v X A . . fix CS- la, .X Nu il F 6. fr , J fjw ji ...M CS' ' ws., Karl Armen Dorothy Ashton WendY B-Wm loyce Bell Lois Bloch Marilyn Brayton Francine Caldwell Robin Campbell 5-' Donald Askew Tessie Beltran Paul Briggs Zan Campbell 43 MTX loan Askins ludy Bennett Mary Kae Brown Pat Carpo 4 , gt. . f ' ,pn x x X B . r CT Alice Also sq-.J C Q ml V xl Ik il , .A .41 Q 6 iff- - QTL tb- ...D- Nancy Atlas Ross Beresford Marilynn Brown lim Carter " K' .. f 'X f, g , A l l w , Wi -3 g ' 4 4 , hl f W I 2 4 7 X f f 4 M uf A5 v- gy f Z 2 7 f Z Bobby Colbert l W f , ,f l if ff ffm! nfs! KW yQfW' fffms? F ' 'V' E5 yi . I 1 5 I gi iw, I ' 'ig . ,g Maw , N. : ,f,, V 14' 'Wag I N if ffkv fg f"f' f: -,1. , A QQ pf ,Aw ,ff-" fWf Wf WW ,X -All V ss I9 f mu F 237 M , .,., , C , y. X. K, K gEzMg , ,Ik , , . ,, , ' ,, ' ff f'L-. 1 . f' F M SEQ J, V? 55 ,,,k4l A 5 . "-'g A X3 " L 3 G .. Peter Cavagnaro I f Im 'ff Q ,Q MTYQIQ I? 'f' X fI'Z.4, ...Q?'.5i..C '. , X, l ' , C PeQQY Chaponis Barbara Cheeseman A Dilldclq Claudia Catalogne joe Chapman Juliette Chayet , E agp- 3 Aa, S ffys :fs-, 5 1522 F ' Q WW I Q A534373 1 F Exw N, Q., ,f if .JNL ' Q5 Ai Q: 1 :ff ,fy A tvs X X yiig N, V Q KN C X. NY wxxg' K X X F M3235 Q X 5 V X f W N 'X gyirb W awww + 2 s ss 3fi2SSsX MXN ,M W ww M ' zefaswh' 1 V fi U C 'R Q Q J ackie Collins Bill Davis Virginia Day Sue Ebert David Ehl Bob Fielding Don Fisher ,. 7 -'-r:' - Q F Z -'+Q F i f We wt M M Aw ,Q W 7 1 , 4 Q, W , 'pf , f m K , A ,, I X311 sv N, Q , f I , i if 3 fl W . Q LP Mfnoh aww' ' Z gl N-fag6:,ff hs, ' 5 fffy, ff A V '5i7fQy'lis , ,,, itt. MQ 9 471 f. ii' . ji 4 f iff 2 W " 2 ? if f , ,, Lf f' N l 4 fm 'QU 1 lf W F f sf ' . , J 72 f X Q f 7 , :Z 45'-,if 1' Z .,,. ,SEM AE f f ff! 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Q., Xl A-ai l l Wa 14241, , "V" X EX L V4 l if 1 Pat Wechsler Mike Welch Erma Weltz james Whitaker Bill Williams Carol Williams Karma Willmarth Don Wollesen Keith Wolverton jerry Wright Ken Wright janice Wurtzel Toni Yarrow Martha Young 0 Q 0 Roni Barbash Virginia Barnett Louise Castro Robert Curry john Duncan Michael Gerould Charles Gernold Robert Hartman Barton Hayman Diane l-luebsch judy johnson Marcia Langdon jack Loveless jim McNabb Michael Munoz Margaret O'Brien Fred O'Toole Cilia Parker Don Pino Dale Plumb Kermit Purcell Bronson Purdy john Richards Lupe Sanchez Penny Schaub jack Schechtman Muriel Webb Bob Wallfff lfene llllm lien Zahig f mamma 1 W5 3 sf EZ 'QV 155 6 I Bob Walker Gary Walker Doug Warren Kay Webb Chuck Walker julia Wallace Helen Watanabe 1 l l i 4,J-i E 3 x W I Q ,Mm xi i W lrene Wilson Richard Wilson Sally Wilson Karma llillmar 'ularlha Yfufg my joan Zahig Adrian Zolkover Mike Zonfrillo Y x s Y , 'M 'Sf' Sig Wingard Gary Winnick Stewart Wolf Margie Woods Our coral sweaters bright HAM, d, 5 Mmm lu A 1 1 X - f- X W-- 2 ww , 1 Q,....-,,. .,,,,,-as CARL ANDERSEN'S Cl-IATAM RESTAURANT EOSTER'S "OLD FASHION" FREEZE l0930 Weylourn Avenue Serves The Best ln The West Westwood Village ll8l9 Santa Monica Blvd. I!! 'N I, ENTRY KET, it M, E HER NIBS BEL-AIR ELORIST LW l09l9 Weyburn Westwood l0932 Le Conte Avenue Westwood Villaqe fn GRanite 3-9630 GRanite 7-l755 -I drag CAMPBELIJS BOOKSELLERS ci STATIONERS CAMPBELES MENS STORE ln Westwood Village, Across from U.C.L.A., South Gate l0925 Weyburn GRanite 3-9630 All School Supplies KX I-IATCI-I'S DRESS SI-IOP WESTWOOD ICE SKATING STUDIO 15300 Antioch Street Pubhc and Private Ice Skating Pacific Palisades GLadstone 4-3514 10987 Santa Monica B1vc1 Granite 84245 LAMAY'S CLEANERS AND SHIRT LAUNDRY 2-hr. Specia1 on Dry O1eaninq and Laundered Shirts 1045 Swarthmore GLac1stone 4-2218 Students Deposit Savings In TI-IE BANK of LOS ANGELES 1037 Broxton Ave Westwood Uni Looks Toward The Future ' Sw' M M is w,..,., .hc , -h. l l M 2 v it fb . ' R , 4' We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the time and efforts of all those who have helped make this Chieftain possible. The final printing by the Citizen Print Shop, 536 South San Pedro Street, was made possible by their advice on the type, style, and composition. The Earl Gray Bindery, l22O Maple Street, made the covers and bound the book. The senior pictures were taken by Mr. jules La Baron of the Westwood Village Studio, l096l Weyburn Avenue. A special note of thanks goes to lVlr. Delvlamiel of the Superior Engraving Company, l606 Cahuenga Boulevard, for his super- vision of the format of the Chieftain. To all these people and our advertisers we say thank-you. I I' I I IP I If - -- ' I , , QI IQ If I II I 'I ,I I I II I I Iv. ,Y IU I II I I LI Ia I ,I IV! I I I! I II: XIII III ml II Q II' I II3 II I1' I I I III I IQ II I I ZI I 'I II I I If I I I I ,I I I , I I L I II: I s' I I I I I, I III I 'II ', I 'I I II I I ."fI I I I I' I I, II, I ,I :IEII E E I I I I I I I 'EI I I III ' I I II I III I fm A 11 fh S if ,Aihl 1 ' A W hw ,ff Y W 1 N L W M! W, ,Qg , 'i ME N X N i. +1 2 W , , - f-A

Suggestions in the University High School - Chieftain Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) collection:

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