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 - Class of 1953

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University High School - Chieftain Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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1 L 14 0 D '25 :U J rf wx wuffffw' J' 0, :ld pgfkkb 114' F 41 L ,UI-fT"A"'! ,,-afpflfy-2ff1Lf0ffL QDA,-ff'?J M L 'ff W M f 5' v7Q15im, Wy- Q, 'fn J H- 'EQW Q 'J if -Q YQ n x y and XQK -., Mi um f W Egan P9 7 Nu ,X U I X 3 in ' J Y' .1 P f J Q E A1 LL :fl-4 S 'B hh xx. x . , V mY " W klyzi' I I NIJ: , . I L 1 H 1 r' 1 ,NL PI J" x , , G F . .af .A,,V" ,Jr f .lj "I ' , ,J -,, N4 9 ,vmllllj W ad jvjdw .M ' ff I f9gM'1?f, IZWWWJW, 4 , KiMf5fMf aw WL 15 MMM gieflfiu I 43Qfwp,s J I 1 pry QQQPJM IJ Q 53 f W M W I IM M -I I My XJ x jf! A Q6 T INDIANS, THE PADRES, THE DONS. THE GRINGOS OF CULTURE RNIS IS THE HERITAGE OF UNIVERSITY HIGH SCHOOL ras WESTE 4 E A 1 ! 1 E -i an , . 3 in I L r, W w L L. .ug l :JO Jw J w f X ri, V v :J X' 'X nr My ,wx X X M Sv x r f r , . 5 , V V N . f J 21 N D ,Muff wW ,r W W Because the srte of the beauteous campus of Unrversrty I-hgh School covered by hrstory and leqend rn layers of culture 1S one of the most stoned spots ln Southern Cahfornra the Chreftaln turns back to the days of the Indrans the Padres the Grlnqos andthe Westerners to re create the romance of yesterday when today was tomorrow 4JUUMW'f5ff W ,WH , ff 4 W,,,--""" f K JZ J - TN ST 1 If' Nfl, ir? ,nlggmx K,-fi 5 K yall! D I tl M , S K ,,.f.ff-fifijfbifi if '- X u.-Q ' fvzfw rx 1 I V X,,- . r H f 'fi all 1 r, t ,Xf J! 2 M l' We P ' , .' ! - ' if P I ff 'iw I X g X, , J Mg, V? ml T it ' T f ,,f, A 3 , VfN' ,,, 4 Q52 5 Q is iii MJ!!! IQ t Q 1 Q, X, N,,,.?,21Hwf ,, I Z V, . , A iso swf, , , W , ll at iw are Wwwsmih I v' 1 , . ii. ki University High School 1925 'i' 'mv fiifj n Q Q E ln September ot l924 the doors ot Harding High School were l opened to 600 junior and senior high-school students and SU ,.' .W A ,I , teachers. The 23-acre hillside campus was bare ot trees, lawns . , and shruhsg hut the principal, Mr. Angus Cavanagh, assisted ' by competent advisers, including Mr. W' alter Armacost, former . mayor ot Sawtelle, immediately started planning the landscap- ' ' - t ing now noted for its beauty. ln l929 when Harding became a init , V' training school tor U.C.L.A., its name was changed to Unlversity '- t , High School. . - Qu 1 Q4-.ltr -3? '- ?gi1z1. ,D Q Santa Monica Boulevard 1890 x A , , A . ,W J f ,, it ii M V S Q' 't 4-4343 , . 1' Fw " 'A , - dw ' ,ev za J " fl' I it t .ll A 25 'A Qtr, ll ll 'L 9 thi 'fra' . ,ig , . q w lt 'it' Us OYJN :ict . Llp' I r 't 's-Ig. , 'ri ts v' ' V ' 1 ' ,' ' 2- 5 ' ' 3, . , i 'ff Atl, Q Q V, K 2 0 ,Q f if 1, gag? V, 1,, Q -,' zz :yy W if ,,,1',Q gfifl l. 'K ' lp , ,rif t yi, fygifgw ff ' K , ff A X A ,V 'f, ,, A ' JN X WiX?Q5'Q' 'fp , lf . 3 , gr?- ,951 A r J H5'w+s,,f , . , f W . ww W ,rm , r- tYf,,,,,,f-V ,M , J, , , , W fs , ,M Q ' -' A 't Q ' ' A-A, , ' M1939 SW" Y .lf ,Mi , y 54" QA M M7 2" 7sf.11. 1 f G ', f ,Q 'X A i Yfj N' w Mw'ys.f,r'1-"f P54 yM..ff , , -x A - ,if fi, 'lwswfveww ff , wer 'f f ' ,aff ir ' 1 Wm H905 - , , 4 W M I '-7 ' 2 f, ,I ' - . t, . Isgzxpggif J" ' 'Q M, '4 V" - , 4 V Qu , A fz ,m 5 Q b, e ff V' f rf , L 1' W so 4 S H fi 7 A Sn' - R 4 H I. 5 Z swf? ,t,,, , ,, If ,fi 2 ,A K gy , W 3,,.,..7 X VN N 1 A in f"' t ' NM' f Nha W' M my -5353: fm' 5 , W Jf, fiwne 'V "l Lg 5 K m,.,.ggi!VmQ fm ,Z 1 I . QVQM ,,, , 48 ' 9 U 2 Z . ,,., ,4,W5't. ,Q ,. ' I . Q K , .f , ,f i f W1 v H ' ' 'H J of f W ' . wwff-sf'5,.fY I f 'I XJQVQM . ,- i xii 'Qs K ,f M W fa, 5 of VK ,AZ W by , If ,, ,V ,A-,,,N4f, ,.h,.94,,3g, H Lf, J . I M 2 K S ,1 , aff f ,W K 'S 1 . -W . ' gy- H, f' , V 6,4 ,, . ,, V I , , , ,,.. ,LM ,I ,M . f 51 if , , 1 K Z , y , L, .VS I , K , ,, 3 4 If 99, W. ir . L kms: - if , - pw , ff M by 4 , 4 , ,X .45 I uj,,v4iy , ZW' , , Q r ' .P Q , it , f , 1-3,1-at ' " f-"' 7"1,, L f'1'Zf?Wffw,4 'M f w I' ,,',W"s , -A ' f 5' - ,- . . k .:,,,,,,:w,2,g N, , M, gg ,, . X M H r' ff ,... , I -Q V! - y ,A ww ,Q 3,5 ! , ,U4Y.F 1.2 . mlm, 4 X f' ' 'i "V ' ef " fl ?75Zf'W ' " . f " 'f1fi7' hf'faQ6! ' . ffff 2 u f r - Q .- '3 '- i fw'-K ""M l el W W H' -' "in ' Z if 5 ? ifggxl A E -, ' Q my, 5 , 5529, ,y ., it vwyf V,--,.m4m1, ff . S 2 I i 9,1-G .6 WX - W M W 1 ' WL f" 24:41 -. ffl N S ll T' - Y-Q, , l . ,, 4' -Q , ,L V' 1 ' JW: F ' - , ' ill' fm , ' 4 .Q. ,M 7 f f as .:. r K 3 A .'I,5w?gnW W, 7' , .W A' ,N 'W f'f 5T'?irgf'f,'Q,wff4.,i,f'-Qvw 3 .0 5' '., 3733?-l f Q ' ' V ' I f J - ,fir "WAV V ' fi . . . 5 I , . an f , A, sim? M Y, , 1 I S ,wr ,- , 1 4 " " , f . 'L ' f we S '1' sf , ,J ,111 N 3 W Q ' ',,wTZs'5yf,' .f y rsyf, K, AM, f, ,Z v Mg., , .wt f . N i 2, f S .a,.s,-5. 4, W V ,ff 5 ' K lii"Zw?"i,f-f""f" f' in ' , K 5 fm t --1?-,H - 1,-f, ,Lasfnt . . ,f i ifgn... Q im? C+-w..vO' "'3- ATM C51 QLLP-I .- mme 0 'FISISW ififii 31,?',,u.., I i 'yum' 1:-I ' 'Y,ff'! 'f P4 . l University High School 1953 Bfjwf' l 1 1 A', f' . V, ' Ms? SV' f. . kg . Gui? M71 Miz A, ,Q gm aa' , gd! v,,y. A 'lf .rr . ' ,',!Q!:l4?f '12-'MQ hit. ,,, ,- , - 1 n,.f. ' 5,145 'fly 1" -'UWM ff 9' bv., M441. , I' ,Vg 5,V,,.,Tf A , 1'f'KvfX N " , 'x 1 A ,U ' t, . nXvX,,?'Yi2'f ZW I W f J 'V , X WSH V42 ff V V, ,:XZf" ff. f , Hui-'i V 1,4 , .f.V,fz V VV f WWLWYF K V 1 ,, I A V, My Z Q"-2 , I fdfgyi' ,I i5Wf'w WWW gfa ,V ,J ' '24'f'f ,Vf f Vg, I I ,, 4 ' , 'W 5 fimf . 7 M umM jw41'w fj ' . W nf. " M XV, , VJ." , I , 4' , ,gf n , If ' M, -AV. ,V ,K , The 'V I V A, ,3 V ,, I ,, ,V V ' f L " . - ' Vf 'fc 1, ,f ,ggyp , ff fm' 'V V V 'V 4 I , V A n ' ,,Mw4y ww kr ,f 4 ' ' ' ,, ,V , , Vl. img? V , ,.'2wi.'fV' 42 ff, V 'C ,Q 1, 2: ' ' . ,, K , aff! V ,Q ,Z I, ,f, , Q ' 4 A if , '-QSVZZ' 4 W fMV4H VWWV M ' ' V ,055 F 1 4 VgVima,WV W Q ,my ,, 1 -rr, ff ff 21, -A V M ,f , 4? , , A ,, A . , , , 3 QV, aff 'W yfh V gy X y QS,- ff X MV f f , f Wfffwngff ,f y f W k x 5 J ff Aid' M -ff Nl. N- xx- AL! JW V 'JD' V!! Z!! 1 w V ' , I, J Z MJ K J C U lgfjyfvw C fQf 4, X. HIEFTQIN 4 M J WV QW -K WM 4 X W0 ff! U9 P vLVfQL ,U1' FAU 9 XM Qvxjyfbytbfg 4 J W DY ' G7 V A R Z GRAW ,Wg ' 6 M 'fry MJF rv 1 rl, r W K W K fx J, Did, 'EX W,-f' n D .1 N uf f rflglu y , J NNQ' F N x r 5. '. V fy N L Nj!! 'H ! W1 W W F W WU U f ,W U- U , WD fi xx Mr ISHED BY THE ST UDENTS OF PUBL UNIVERSITY HIGH SCHOOL IUNE. NINETEEN HUNDRED AND IFTY -THREE WEST LO F S ANGELES. CALIFCRNIA Q f Q Fx be Y J YLQXX f' i X ff! ,X X X i Ng Y W my X550 , I V X X GK ' YQAQ www eww-QQXVQQGLMQX f QS. fr ws , B '- 'xx 'X A 5 ln his didry Fray Crespi tells of corripihq di some springs in cr hollow Surrounded by low hills not fdr irorh the seo. l-ldviriq cduqhi C1 Wounded deer here, the soldiers riorried the site "Aqua de Ojos del Berreridou. ofrid now the levi-cldd boys and cotton-ilouriced qirls of Unihi cloim it ds their own. l x ,Yi W Nui WN ','5 A iii X 'X 2. x' . i. X ,xc T 4- A N ww .M ,. T si -Tr-5 k7'4 ffgwvwmwb vxrv' pub -3.-N . LJ-l'4""'. 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'n J j be XYJ eLAyensl Song After We ore gone Memories will linger on l eLAyens ore legving you. Red sweaters shining bright Will be our guiding light No mgtter what We shctll olo. , ' f U Like thot sun up in the sky We'll oll shine by otnd by for Uni l-li y' -ond you'll be seeing ' ' Segrchlights ot L. A. Showing us the Woy Theres going to be or gregt olgy. eLAyens!! +f'WF'Wa - . q LAW Oiiicmdl Spnn 2 ,V Goidon Trehanie, PWS! ft ml in 'lg' vicepreufl M P i W M assistuul secrelUTY7 U vicepresidenl tlltti Bingham PM Gm Chilvh 1 i 1 v U ,Tv Fall eI.Ayen Officers ffrom left to rightj - I - Sylvia Rhodes. secretary: Ianice Maupin. assistant treasurer: Gary Spring eI.Ayen Officers Cleft to .nqhtl - - Childress, president: Marilyn Piersel. girls' vice-president: Diana Ryan. Gordon Treharne, president: Michelle Vale, assistant treasurer: Ianice treasurer: Bob Douglas, boys: vice-presidem Maupin, girls' vice-president: Rene Laufer. secretary: Shelia Brand, assistant secretary: Margie Drake, treasurer: Bob Douglas. boys' vice-president , Sparked by their capable leaders, Gordon Treharne and Gary Childress, the eLAyens of Winter '53 sped through a fast year of Work, fun and festivities under the able guidance of Miss Thelma Duncan and Mr. Melzar Lindsey. ln a setting of sparkling lights of a gay city at night, these seniors dazzled their audience with their scintillating "Night on the Town." Other highlights that will find space in their mem- ory books are the presentation of their fire engine red sweaters, their beautiful prom and the grand finale itself-the Commence- ment. eI.Ayen Epheblans Mike Ebert, Gary Childress, Gordon Treharne. Shirley Fleming lull ,Q E f, , Q2 , f ,if , f Q Z ' S Q f CW Matye Adams loan Arnold 1 , Y Af f ff f ? A f . I ,fs-f,,+,,f ,fr 4 'v -A .l1 1-ff f M? few r Drake Ann Blank Robert Cogan llffwe IOQU Buell ROlD9I'l Cox de fdwz! of like 663222 Robert Adams Henry Allen Lola Alatorre luanita Alvarado lulie Arujo Pamela Ballard lack Barchas Edward Behrens Barbara Boulanger Nancy Cohen David Delgado Lillllfl Dulley Sheila Brand lo Ann Colley David Dobbs gilmfrelihgm Hobart Brown Olive Connolly Robert Douglas . Dqrloslsugm lanet Brown Madeleine Cowan Gary Dowd l Oloffisleclv Marion Cardoza lohn Crocker Q Leon Cgrrere Loren Cunningham l iii Gary Childress Irene Curiel ly Dennis Clark LCIYFY DGCOU f 1 l F '43 43" Margaret Drake Daniel Garcia Daniel Hefferman Bud Hutchins Myrna Feiqenbaum Peter Granz Leland Hiney W66'Zage af 104 ffagelea memfefzed 46 -t. F 1 'ww ew 1 li 1 ,t ff ' Lorna Dulley Delia Garcia lohn Heiql Milsuru ideishi migil Michael Ebert Georqene Garcia Patricia Hile loy lnfausto w ki? Carlos Escobar Barbara Golden lane Hills lill lohnson Dolores Feck Gordon Goldman lune Hills 'William lones 'qw Shirley Fleming Stephen Graves Herbert Hirsh Harvey Firestone lanet Gulsloy lohn Hoifer Diane Freeman Harue Hayashida Tony Ho s DD William Freudenstein Bruce Hays Gary Hunt 2 1 Q Q +46- 7? W Setsuo Kawabata Ronald Lerche Ianice Maupin Betty Mueller Richard Lachman Dorothy Llttle MarJor1e Mergener 74m waz Zlmaewclq 7474 564006 Kenneth Kelton Sharon Levy Ricky Maus Ruth Nakagawa Gretchen Knowles Gerald Libsack Charles McCleary Ioan Nakamura loan Koller Billie Lightfoot David Mclntyre Mitgi Nelson Gail Korte Virginia Lister Ann McKnight Iimmy Qighi Eleanor Larson Ronald Manning lerry Mezerow Renee Lauter Phillip Mason Lynn Miller Tony LeBeclci Kilcuye Masuda Dolores Mohr Alfred Lenz Marjory MacCready Sharon Meyers ---gn-,,m, r lvlurtlynp wer U' U Donqld PM Elizabgqh Peas! Michael permg isrgoi 5Glfx- Kg? C315 l l xi, My M 6? I 5 ,Z , ,,f-, Sandra Palmer Richard Reed Ronnie Russell Darlene Smith Roberta Pollock Sylvia Rhodes William Sheffield gfmdcmleaf 7 7 4 Kaya mmf 90:64. 'CTW F, ?s I Donald Park Patricia Renninqs Diana Ryan Sylvia Smith 241 3551? Elizabeth Peaso Dwight Randall lames Sawyer Michael Sommer 'giifwll Michael Perram Patricia Reuss Ann Scudder William Spivak "'f1ffff5: Marilyn Piersol Charles Reynertson George Share Stephen Stein Sally Post Barbara Rissman Marilyn Sherman Kenneth Price William Robledo loy Siemsen Carol Pulliam Ramona Robles Bob Simmerman lames Pumphrey Alida Rowe Beverly Smith nl 22 , Wliiifi mit' 'Wifi 1 L ., t fl an 1,1 Ml 1 tif. Q4 if vyyflllii VW fl! F lffthlf lrwlv xi l Wvf' Albert Stern Sharon Thorne Harry Witt 'HW IQNLJL4 Ml ludith Strassburq Michelle Vale Phil Zeldin Yilllffftv ill ff iltlil ijlilnli VV li. t ffillililltii flllyfxd and dad an eafzalfmenl of 2 02 7 J' if W4 4 f ay Andy Stillie Harold Thystrup Carla Westerling Miss Thelma Duncan Patricia Stine loanne Tredick Ann Wollrnan Mr. Melzar Lindsey lim Stines Gordon Treharne Ronald Woodrnansee lohn Stockwell Noel Tucker Nadja Wrangell lames Styner Robert Van Triet Richard Syrnons Bill Wagner loanne Tanner Carol Walker Graham Thompson Richard Weber il , I 1, I 7. K w , J 'yr' 11 1 f' Ay, gi! My yffnwjtfjyb I, jf, My QQ 4 fwfffl Qja'M?!f4? yu' ji? if W ff A I l fl! UA W! 577,454 N 'ffgigf I x V, Www M42 jvffuf vfifyf W fy? yfgif wg, X A rj :J iff ffl!!! fvfa dr jypgy If lf!! ,f I ' L, f W 3 W ff wfalbad., 147416 de fda Uyhd. die! eueacla ' ' , 4, I A, 'gy fy! 7, .nffylylfw fiwfjf f fyiyfa ff XVI? glvj 5 Ljlbipv fffiflj X jf W6 I N 'F 1 J Fi ! 'ff nn Q-:SW ff fad' gi 0,4 U gb I, V, , fi 1 7f'f'f I A 5 AQ X 1 jx ,J N, W, ' 1 Ky f 1 .. E! V? X--w.. x ::, na: g, ,. I 2 . 1 . 1-f".ff"' - H y-dw-Af 7 I X4 X :' ff V al Janna Iamaican Class Song Tune: "Get Happy" Come on lamaicans, let's be happy Although we're leaving Uni l-li, Come on lamaicans, let's be happy Though time has come to say goodbye. Come on lamaicans, put on your sunshine, lt soon will wipe all your blues away, Although we've had loads of fun at Uni, We're waitin' tor our promised day. Qur class soon will be leaving, Our three years are now through, The tom-toms ot lamaica, Will sound mem'ries ot you. Come on lamaicans, sing l-lalleluiah, Our yellow sweaters will surely be, lust one remembrance tor you at Uni, About the summer class ot '53. lAMAlCANSl l l l 'giiffi '54, -,fl . I :Nfl t, 'I ,. , K , Eli? fill I ,,,,-mul 1, I tl It f ,., li SPRING UQ' 1 Hub Sunnessi Pfffl tiilifiisf Bottom 10Wi Mum Smog' The lmuiu 1322 K, t , I J my A W1 f t it . s tk 1 4 1 i X 51 lf Q ' I : gl to " l Bottom row Martha Srmcoe gxrls' vice-president: Ioy Brunner, secretary. SPRING IAMAICAN CLASS OFFICERS FALL IAMAICAN CLASS OFFICERS Top row Bob Sunness president: Dana Ziegler. treasurer: Harry Oppen- Margaret Chamberlain. assistant treasurer Ioy Brunner qrrls vrce hem-,er boys vice P1-esldenf president: Boy Schumacer, boys' vice-president Bob Sunness presxdent The chcmt of drums, bright yellow sweciters cmd ct coriqd line opened o semester of fun, Work cmd qoy festivities. The lomdi- ccms' exotic tropicomzo Color Ddy, the long-dnticipdted prom cmd the thrilliriq dey of the qroduottion concluded o series ot octivities which will remcriri cts indelible cfs the bright ldmdiccm yellow. The Iamarcans present their sweaters SPRING SEALBE ,mifkv Martha Simcoe, secretary: Dana Ziegler. treasurer 'Wm' Elizabeth Adair Richard Bates Benjamin BerrY Edward Booth HCIUOH Bright ' E1 Di' Iune Arima Elorene Benson David Blanqsted Once 756664 of weed, C21 ygx 5 2? Melinda Adelson Richard Behlks Beverly Besch Ruth Boss Harvey Aikens Connie Bell lohnnie Ann Bilbo Dorothy Bower Glenn Alperstein Barbara Bellman loseph Biller Don Bowers Duane Ament Barbara Bennett Ruth Billings Patricia Bowman lames Armstronq Lawrence Benson Lee Blodaett Clyde Auauston Diane Berqoii Stephen Boadt Kathryn Ban Beatrice Bernstein Edward Bolke Eleanor Barnett Michael Bernstein Ridiflfd Bonner l D Q X Cav, Bioierigk OY Erovm Doris Btovm l0Y Brunner Rolfe: llielipv ESU, it li 1 Hanori Bright Darlene Carroll Katherine Cooper lackson Dehart Dick Bfustlin Vivian Chertok Bob Csillag mga, ahzdq 0464 cmd Vmldcma Dave Broderick l-'redrica Chamberlain Bonnie Craig Marilyn DeWitt Coy Brown Margaret Chamberlain Lynn Crandall Gordon Dickson Doris Brown Barbara Chapen William Crookston Barbara Downs Ioy Brunner Rayetta Chayer Rodney Crossley Sandy Durkee Roger Bryan Patricia Clinton Donald Cunningham Melvyn Budnick Caroline Coats Patricia Davis Beatrice Bystrom Iudy Coleman Stuart Davis Robert Carrillo I. W. Colin Iulie Dean E1 22' ai Ann Dutton Helen Flores Theresa Gonzales Peter Gritt IGm9gGWlll lohn Farr Leora Fowler Bob Graham galduinq mote and 50:54, Jaden Roma Dye Betty Eaves Glen Enaer loe Falsetti Kr Robert Ferguson Donald Ferreira Merna Fest Natalie Fishbain ,mx an Donald Forsythe David Goodman Carolyn Grobe QQIIHUQG ludith Foster Sallie Gore Charles Grobe Puma He ROYal Foster Robert Gottier Kathleen Grossman Linda Hmflglutc ludY Franklin Tom Gottier Gene Grounds Arlene HSHII1 Shirley Friedman Howard Gray Charles Fries lohn GraY Bob Ginter Sandy Goldtield ludy Greenrock Douglas Griffith f ,3 O ,M . , 'A,:A b or l QV lames Gwitt Ioyce Hawkins Diane Holt Everett Hunt Patsy Hannah Phyllis Hibbard Doralee Howell Carl Haqqe Patricia Haglund Coletta Herbert Linda Hallman Hellny Hed Arlene Hand David Herrinaton ut in 5 3 5 3. Jam 'QQ ' as Sandra Hoover Raymond Houghton Ioan Howard lohn Howard Loralee Howell Charles Huante Bolo Huebert Gladys Hutt rl ,wi yffif fvzx l 453 ' Fu g . QW, H 'vo' Luther Hussey Arlene Hyman Minoru lchido lohn lae fin I larnes lvie I lc' I h ' lllmhme ac ie o nson Richard Keenan Barbara Kovacs WM Iudy Iarnes Barbara Kafka Fritz Kiessig cattle, fleet dafwea, afaadrlaq et' it I 51, , ze ' .3 Q I 2 J 5 71? rl I Q3 ' fr S ? y .f l :fr if 1 , 1, Q -A ,? f ,- l I Mildred lwasalci Vivian Iohnson Doris Kehl Ted Krasel AHQH Lqshnr Voleta lackson Robert Iones Ianies Kenney Louis Krichesky lvlqfy Lum Lucrecia Iacobellis Thoranne Iudkins Guy Kibbee Patsy Kurtze pUUiCiu tm Michael lacobs Barbara luell William Kidd lean Kussy WROMH Lawn W .. Dustin lames l-lideo Kaqeyarna Gailand Kiltz Marilyn lensen Lois Kay Robert Kingston Chester liminez Richard Keaay Robert Kiple Linda Iirninez Nancy Keen Frank Kish ' J ' Jw' why -, - L , L A all L 15- fy , isi , as 'YA RQ V .,,.. V "' s X , . Vzh, L E L I el Q ,Ex William Lane Phyllis Lytle Pat Marsden Sally Merrill Maxine Lello Robert Maine Rod McLennan Wagaefwa cmd dank-eyed 77Zczidem arf' M ggi tgm . Allan Lasher Ronald Maeda Dean Mason lerry Mickelsen ,,,N ' Mary Lgtfell Nancy Maqqio lanice Matsen Robert Miller Patricia Lavin Marlene Maher F red McBryde Gerald Minear lf? Robbin Leiqh Risha Malotke rack Millan Come Miolla Ruth Lello Sten Mancou Fred McMillan Lois LeMay Sandra Mandel Phillippe Meany lack Lester Benjamin Manier loan Meents Carol Lynn Ianies Marble Donald Mell - lI22 9 fi ,-c Kathleen Miyake Caron Myers lane Q'Briant Georgia Parker Lora Mgrris Kazuke Nishida Sandra O'Neill fp-. f it N A ltlrlel I W' L r ,-L. lerry Moloerq larnes Mora lsarnu Morirnoto Donald Morrill Lillian Munoz Sally Neil Iames Nichols Margarita Nieto Robert Morris Don Morse Tayeko Noda Iames Noe Dottie Odqen Hiro Oqi Diane Oleson Robert Oliver Michael Parker X Mary Parmenter tem Pie HPS Vlfilliam Paul t ict R lean Onornichi Harry Oppenheimer lohn Mosier Henrietta Nowak lOS9Ph OSSGHST Robert Mott Gail Oherwaqer Bflfbfifcf OITOCJG H -vi., , .. , ,, , .,., V ---,YV Y rv' 1 -- -.'.-,mm wr-zafrw' -SFI-T"'7"'?ff1iri 'fffig-f !i'if:"i5:5e:,- -Ifgi' Y obert Pesqueria ' i l l l l l 1 l GSOFQQ llobenq pvl, lVlE1ry P O lock ond Wi' V, .W EM N ,XT lGI15: Pm lanet Peters Dwight Randall lohn Rhoads Gloria Salcedo Ann Pope Iulie Reiiel Dona Rosencrans ofeczcdaaa acwgead of aeiuetq lawn George Phelps lean Pierce Roberta Pollock Mary Pond lk 'Bn'-V' M gt 7 V6 ' A Q as Q 'DSI' X W X ' X g 1 Y t W .rf E Marty Raqin Monika Riemer Marilyn Salzman Eddie Ramsey Barbara Riggs Robert Sandie Elena Redmond larnes Robinson Alfred Sanez Keith Reeder Y Marqaurita Robles Daniel Sassa William Pottle Iudy Reiter Elaine Rosenwald Eve Preminqer Carolyn Relitord Elliot Roth Ianet Prewitt Richard Rempe Stephanie Rothman Pamela Price Patricia Reynolds Georqe Rouq U-tr Frank Saunders lerry Shamberq Ann Snyder Mary Sully EHTI Patricia Schneider Torn Skeoch LaMar Stewart VO 1 ykzccamada meec, , 9 'Sit Y-1' I l x Us Georqe Savage lohn Shanley Stephen Sobul Robert Sunness ltr H Gregory Schafer Martha Simcoe Theresa Spiller Dick Swallow N IIJSQUTLQMU Bea Schavemaker Allan Simpson loAnn Speck Michiko Susukawa CGTOITEFIH Melvinita Scherer Dick Sinatra Morton Sprinqwater Caroline Swalrn Bmhmg Sr WUI19 Susan Schreiber Margaret Sloan Kenneth Stones Q Dennis Schultz Fenton Smith Mary Strauss l LIMS Robert Schumacher Robert Smith Ruth Sffeip N Evelyn Schwartz Ronald Smith lL1f19 Sfudef ' Peg tiara ,V -'-- s- "-- --.'-few, 7 , ff'ef:'arf':f'.' -- f4,.m:m.-rim. ,,,,....1,.,.L1,-I . , X N Q EW 'nl xml: Tggh Tqmufq Gregory Todtman Kenneth Vendley Tony Weed Evon Thomas Mary TurHl9Y Neil WUTTHGCIQ in rflyigfg Arthur Tanaka Fred Toth William Von Wittenberg Nancy Weqner lrene Tarquin Dennice Towne Phil Vosburah Robert Weqner Carol Taylor Evelyn Toy Mike Walters Carol Weisman Barbara Terhune Iohn Tucker Karl Wanous Robert Welch Louise Thomas lacaueline Vachon Rigby Warren Larry Thronqard Karen Van Benschoten Frances Watanabe Peter Thornqren loan Van Phelan ludith Webb Ellenrae Tobey Gayle Varner Bradley Webber ' X ," '22 1' , W ' pff ' ' ,.l, ,. H! my dj W W N I W Q f ,Mull DouCJlCIS W9lDtOn Robbie Wollln Kenneth Wilke Dana Zeiqler cmd Dleczzfdew Za cape and gamma. 5524, 42 S7-'Find' ,nm FV' -qw QQ Tad Wheelis Colleen Woods Alexander White Linda Woods Harper Whitehouse lune Yahata leannie Whitnah Arthur Yates lolwn Wilhite Gary Willcuts Karen Witkower Sandra Wolf Don Zoutte Ch 5 Elgin J i lt Mr. Harold Ives and Miss Estelle Mcrzziotta Senior sponsors 1' ' ..z..x.m gona!-dye Za like fzedefwczldaw Xxi X. - R xl N. ,X y XJ qs. Jw ' X " M L 'U fi , an Af f , k'zgAS ily, all, 1 , , , v V, ,,L ' 'r 'fi g' 5719? 1 ,Q ,', , Uf LQ ff . fff v'-f " 4 a Z V xx f'-N . Q l X S 4 c, , .'f 'Il' - " The Padres, guiding their flocks with kindness and intelligence, set them upon a constructive l 1 ll course for better living. Legend. has it that ll Father lunipero Serra, camping at this reser- 'ls vation on one ot his tours ot the missions, one day cupped the glistening Waters oi the springs 5 in his hands and said, "Saint Monica, these , are the tears that you shed for your son Augus- , A tine," and thus was Santa Monica named. f 4666 Mr. Ralph Wadsworth Mr. Angus Cavanaugh Mr. Edwin Whedon Principal 1935 - 1948 Principal 1924 - 1935 Principal 1948 - 1951 Because each of these men has meant something special to this school, and because of their kindly Wisdom, their intelli- qent leadership, their practical idealism, their understanding of youth, and their inspiration to thousands of younq people- to these padres of University l-liah School, past and present, the students affectionately dedicate the Chieftain. Mr. Everett Chaffee Principal 1951 Miss Helen Darsie Mr. Carroll Lockridge Girls' Vice Principal Boys' Vice Principal Xin v VX l f' ' XYXC-faflff 5 ,, fflinv - , ml' ,E-4Q..,, N MI. I. UUHQEHEY, Mrs. 5. HECIOII W Miss F. Riniker, Mr. I. Nicklin, Mr. W. Cipricmo Mr. I.. Osborne, Mr. H. Pena Miss C. McDonald, Nliss M. Albers, Mrs. M. Iurvis i We Me pained, tadayb Zeczckew N 1 i Miss C. Irvine, Miss K. Wallace, Miss N. Marlin 2 x n i Q u 9 E Miss D. Iohns. Mr. A. Miss N. McCartney J i i W 1 Miss T. Duncan Mrs. E. Salmon Mr. M. Lindsey an Me '44 475412 Merle Miss E. Mazziotia Miss D Iohns Mr A Roberts, Mrs. A. Vidal, Mrs. H. Harrison. Mrs. L. Goodwin, Miss P. Porier. Miss A. Marcus, Mrs. S, Pelgel, Miss N McCartney MIS- M- F0166 K-ssl Mrs M Rennick Mzss M. Regmer Mr I Armsironq ..f" Mr. O. Iimenez Mr. R. Mcrsteller Mr. A. Copeland Mr. S. McLaughlin fzddga Ziiakdug and apex new Mrs. H. Harrison, Mr. E. Chaffee, Mr. W. Cipricxno, Mrs. M. Renrrick Mrs. B. Boyd Miss M. McDonald. Mrs. E. Provcm gin Wife 5 er x Q Cbhlon, Dm: 1 1 A 1 i ,. '11 L nfl 5 16 YA! I A. 1 . rs, If-xx Mmm of Zomcvzfacwa Za Mem, Mr. L. Crandall Mr. I.. Herbst Mr. H. Ives Mr. A. Thomas Miss L. Love. Mrs. F. Fisher. Mrs. M. Blanchard Miss M. McCafferty, Mrs. G. Harrison Main Office Attendance Office Counsel r ' Off' o s ice Esther Colnon, Dorothy Dunlap Miss B. McHarg, Mrs. I. Shepherd Mrs. F. Brooks. M' B. St iss evens, Miss M. Dequchi ,,s. L I J S When in i833 the Mexican gov- ernment confiscated the mission properties and the great ranchos emerged, the lndian camp be- came part of the vast Sepulve- da rancho-the scene of lively cattle round-ups, whirling ian- dangos, and the soft strumming of guitars, as the Spanish Dons brought With them music and dancing, hospitality and graci- ous living. 1 HEECC1 GOV' ei is 355101 :emnch0S 41 Cmp 59 Sem? :gli of EV .mj1q MH' 'i ,J C:N11Ch D095 1C , mm ,,. ,. grad- 4 X 'X 1 'J 1111 1 ff,1'l J 1, '1 1 F1 1.11 1 X H -jf Q' Kp ,11 11 11 1 LJ 195' ,1 lf BJ 1 W N1 N 1,1111 JDJ E 111,11 P' P' t .XJ by 1 S Q 1 ' X K1 11 GX: 1 111 f 1' J .A 111-1 F1 f J 1 I 11 1 1 fm 1 I V, Af, X H 1 xl N1 1 J Q1 1 1 XYZ! 1111111 U J 1 U' 1 K1 1 I , 1 J fvf 1111 1 11, 11 , 1 11, f'1 ff-'f 1"1 JH! Q1 '," Vwff 1x1w- ,1. 1!d lx, 2 1 11 . 1 1 1,11 , '1 ' V1 - 1112! ' ' I f 1 .Rn V11 WFU11 '1, 1,' 11 1,11 1 11 ,- 1 111V 1.11 1- J 1 175' 1 1 1 Xu 1 ,191 9 11 X. VJ, 1 1 1 J 11 115 1 A G V .1 gf 1 11 19 - 1 1 V 11 1 11117 1 11V , 'six' X1N1,1Q 1 J, A+ 11.27 T 111j V11 ., 311 NJ K X 'J X1 1151 1131 111 1, x 1 1 5 11 J1 j 111 1 f J o. 'J XX' fj1"' ,1 4 I ,lip 3 X, 1' 1' 1 1 ,LN 11' , An 'fy' , 1 W X rfxpff I V X WJ' " f 1' ' 7 J 11 11 1, W 1 O1 11 1 1 p 0 0 i -1 1 if 1 11' KJ 1 v ,jj 11, 11 1 1. ,' 1, 1 11 4 , 1 f ,-X' 1 A Vg 11 1 1,1 1 J 1 1 ,4 , 1 Q-11 1 1 1 1 ,1 1, 1 11 1 1,1 1 A X ' 1 1 '111 1:111j' 1-.J 1 .4 , 1 1a Q' 1 1" 1 1,1 1 1 111' 1' ' f 11 ' 11' f 1 11 , .I 1,1 Vp! fl 1k 11 X 1 1,1 '1 '12 '13 11 1 1, 1,1 A 1: 1111 1 111 1, Rf fr 1 A 1 111 f 1 1 1 , '1 'J pf 1 ' 1 11 J 1.5, I1 R ,I 1 . 1x , n, ,Ax xo 1 X1 X N1 f J ' .,.ff xy 4 I ! 1 x x G1 H P? 9 E ! 1 ii 'W' f-96' H 2 --' .,A, ,, 'b'f' ,. ff .?-i R ' f W I4 fu A. P r E 'P in sf , ! I - Q 3 xu 5? w Q I N i .-A:-xg. "gr '. - w N., R-- , ' 4 5. M 3 ' , V 1111 ' 'f-- ff 'f 4 A 1 , f Ii ' ' Q ,, X , H V f . :. 1 I I YVN- -VV A,,V U .,,. f'. ' ' 1 A- N + , ix w.: if fn ' .tl 'F?. x-A 5 m Q , f Q Mfj CBM A I i 'ith ' u 'IH' f-?:,Lf.3Q mx ft' "1 kv: 'sa 'K-4 I ! X . ,I . fy 5,T?f1ff5+.g.5X'ZGgxx ,, 4, ,-g?y1,.,: ' -., -K "l15,x'x -qt wk, "xii x 'J EZ , 'Ge 52 . We 1'-4 I .xy M2 P ' p - X '42 N 4T5?N'ksw- x , Q mfr 4 ' f yf -W , 3 QW, .ffm , V, , ff s by -,. 'M fi! 2,3 jf-,mg 4 7 wah - V' cvgfg , 4 5 ., vfgf- f wyff f H NWf.tM,. Hx.. ' ' ,,f, few zf ,, Y ,, , if ff fur wt yi! 4 7 , w , ,,, ,in .fn fn mfg . , I x f , . A mu .nf 44. 74540: of tie guide amee Za iff ZW FATHER OF THE BRIDE The Drama class presented as their fall production the heart-warming comedy, "Father of the Bride." Under the stimulat- ing direction of Mrs. Mary lean Sutcliffe, assisted by student-director Sally Post, the two casts gave lively and convincing per- formances which were enthusiastically received loy the audiences. The spirit of the play was enhanced by the home-like stage sets made and de- signed by the stage arts students under the guidance of Mrs. Dorothy Felton and by the orchestral music directed by Mr. Salvatore Spano. 'Me gag aphid af lie CAST OF CHARACTERS Mr. Banks ..... Mrs. Banks ....... Kay Banks ..... Buckley .....,... Ben .,.........,., Peqf?IY ,........ Tommy .............. Buzz .....,.,,.....,, Mrss Bellamy .......... .. Barquette ..,.,... loe .......,............ Delilah ...............,.. ........ ....,,.Bill Crookston .,.....Carol Pulliam ...,..ludy Greenrock Newcom .........Bob Kingson .....,.....Diana Ryan .,.....Robbie Wollin .........leff Fadiman .......lanice Maupin .....Barbara Kovacs Styner .Marjorie Mergener Mrs. Pulitzki ,......., ...,........ M arilyn Piersol Pete ...,............. Red ................,. , 1 Tim s Man ........ ,.........Mel Budnick .,.......Bob Clsburg .........Don Zoutte 4 ML Egizilf Mrs 57515 Eff Buck?" Bei Pew' T Terri? Buzz Miss E9--375' Bgyrjgeiie jpg., Della: . . V Mrs. Puutzi Pete ....,..,. Tizis llzi.. Seam N-N mzagm items , .. nwkw ' T .ul-v" A,. V- tt, ,.. :li Aww., . H.,- t 1,-f ' l,ff':'?f , H-- if: ggi! f-" V+- ,, , ,311 ' N- - ..fv , .v JJ ,f M Me feaezaczlim CAST OF CHARACTERS Mr. Banks ..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,A,,,,,,,,,,,,A,.,.A..,...,7........., Mike Ebert Mrs. Banks ,,,,,,, AA,,AA,, L ouise Thomas Kay Banks ,,,.., .,,.....,.. E von Thomas Buckley ,..7,,,.. Ben ,,,,,,,,,,,,, Peggy .,.eAee- Harvey Firestone .......Karl Wanous loan Van Phelan TOITIITIY ,,.,,,,... ,,.........,,.. E cl Ramsey BUZZ .,......,.,,.,,,.....,. ,,,......... I eff Fadirnan Miss Bellamy .,,,,,,,, ,.,,,,,.,, S andy Hoover Barquette ....,rr.,, .oo,,,,.,,,,, R uth Lello loe .................. .,,,..... M el Budnick Delilah .,,,.,..,,. Mrs. Pulitzki . Pete ........,,,.,,,,, Tim's Man ..... oo..,.,,,, Beverly Besch ...Phyllis Hibbard ...George Savaqe ............ Don Zoutte 1 ii' Director Sutcliffe doubles as make-up artist fdedlvte 64 dnzpazlaal Zo Me oudtafaaf W, Q qi FY wh x V, KA Ni gi ff X , ww ,.,5f.,7 f 'WRX . 1 y A A, ,Q ,Bw2.,f2f 1 fy :ful 1237, 1 x9,'I? -.V ,Ji 3 FZ W I In iust a minute we'll see that Warrior band. Pat Haqlund perfects her technique complete with feathers. step smartly down the field. Nothing is complete without music, for in its many moods it creates that added something which lends spirit, gaiety or solemnity to an occasion. Throughout the year, as usual, the glee clubs, the A Cappella choir, the band and orchestra brought pleasure to the music-loving student body many, many times. To see the band marching down the football field to the rhythmic beat of the drums and the blare of trumpets, with the drill team following in precision-perfect patterns is a thrill to all the excited spectators. Not only did the glee clubs, the choir and the orchestra give many beautiful mus- ical entertainments, but they assisted at most of the important events such as plays, assemblies, Color Day, and graduation, and the band Won the highest honor rating at the Los Angeles City Music Festival. A CAPPELLA CHOIR Sixth row: Mrs. Provan. B. Crookson, H. Oxley, Third row: I. Brunner, S. Neil. I. Kussy. P. G. Kiltz, Robin Leigh. C. Haqge. Hisey. M. Cooper, I. Hatton. C. Lerche. Popular performers in ,he Young Artis, Series Fifth row: B. Critenden. D. Williams, D. Blang- Second row: R. Billings. E. Redmond, R. Lello, ,clk it over. A' the piano are N' Maury and stead. E. Ramey, I. Robinson, H. Otis. M. Lello, C. Arcularius, D. Little. L. Thomas: and standing. D. I-Iostetter. G. Fourth row: T. Davidson, C. Gcrinsley, P. First row: I. Webb, I. Iames, C. Boyd, T. Walters, E. Warren, M. Ebert. A. Stern. Curry, C. Thompson, E. Thomas, I. Speck. Sherman. D. Bergoff. L. Morris. 1 4' A 4 'r"f1.'l, 4 K 'f X ' Inf, , ' -' ' . '--1 '44 tr' if bi t Sf N 5115 D' X i i , l 2 sf , I ' 1 .' I fy x I 1 I W vll A Mn . , , 1' xl l -I I W. , I , , 1 l i . M ll fl!! Aifr ,t ,bility fill, ll ,ll,l,y',1l I ,, df q,j is I tl y i i ll if Milf lil gt I W 1 f All vlfllll 'wi I l MW! My ll Vtlllliuh li Aj t, wlllljlll , l tl vfipll' Ill 'mme fft ,.-.fx 4 N I la s.' ii GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Fourth row: D. Cxxnnuvo, D. Holt. C. Peters M. Chrzponis, I. Wittrig. S. Packard. A. Smith P. Wood. I. Kelsey. I. Hughes. C. Kimmell D. Finck. Third row: A. Wolierbcxrqer. C. Wiseman. B Pliha. I. Scott. M. Redmond. K. Webb. C. Pur- sons. P. Reynolds. L. Berry. B. Friedlcmder. I. Scrlkow. R. Cooper. S. Cohen, P. Folmcxr. Second row: P. Smith. G. Seger. S. Rossner. B. Baker, I. Moon. M. Ioseph, I. Boston, P. Wolverton. N. Voltmcrr, B. Peterson, M. Weds- meyer, M. A. Beck. P. Logan, I. Otis. First row: D. Rumus. S. Hczllorun. I. Barrie N. Dick. W. Willard, K. Fall, P. Schneider. R. Klinq, E. Iones. BOYS' GLEE CLUB Buck row: B. Mott. C. Brown, B. Oliver, G. Savage. R. Reel. G. Rouq. Front row: B. Boule. R. Ziff. I. Robinson. A. Rodriguez, G. Minear. I' i J H ' ' f F , s. Nei.ItKU2Pi1P' "' in C. Lerrhe, L Esdzazi F. Leia Q I ' ' -ll: v ' I Q his WU I . Wfacaca. Wiccan, new 9 ,, ,:ss, - ' Bob Pcxul, young man wrth cr hom we The Ieiferson Iazz Band is first on the Warrior poll of popular entertainment. e A ,1 N v V N I S 6261666 Za asian! 54244474 . STUDENT BODY OFFICE Q Holmes, G. Parker, I. Onomichi, G. Varner, Miss Addison. Colwell 1 l c 4 1 ' 1? i ! N 3 N 2 T. Kitahara. M. Simcoe. D. Mason, I. Greenrock and A. ' Blank model ihis dream wardrobe irom the Pinafore Shop of Westwood. E A. Mullis. B. Dougal, I. Haiton and I. Maupin loved dressing 5 up for the Suitable Dress Board's annual fashion show. The ewaenfv of W qnuwillq PMS gf lilllgfz X uw 4 fi ,I ' J' ng ,1 I 4., 1 F' .1 1' I I I A ,1 I 1 I l ' x 1 W if TlllS is Our i 'lmmenl 1:4 The efficiency of these cafeteria assistants means quick relief for gnawing pangs oi hunger. 4444 fam, female cmd food , V 52:9 3 1753 Mil!! :L fjjc: sho?- This is ours. remember? F W Mrs. Heycock, Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Braus and Mrs. Shekel make sure there is enough to go around. In the student store G. Varner, P. Winchester and C. Franklin are ready lor the customers. Girls' Day finds the clock turned back to childhood days. ,ai ,, f ,, . ff A Cole I Ivie, D. Schultz, E. Bcxmeti compose the photography crew. M. Gariield, P. Bowman, T. Sherman, C. Morin. ff in ,f . 1 The Tucunes. Whff 'mf are ruPid1Y Umm Nukanishi, F. mu, M h: qawn, Y' Nmhm' B' T' 7.7.14 For Lizse 2 ieuchng, 1.2 Amerxc iq.: A has done 3 rs phases UI A Cn' -' ' Fume, inspirir 1 hull. Under Mr, Bm' v sz. Y , ca M.. ff R 6 5 s. X SELIIDIL .M W W. The Tucaries, who were organized too late to appear in the regular Tri-Y section. are rapidly catching up with their sister Tri-Y's. Top row: M. Uyeki, N. Ono, I. Nakanishi. F. Ishi, M. I-Iombo, N. Akiyama. Bottom row: M. Nishimori, H. Naka- gawa, I. Narahara. B. Takemoto, C. Ikehara. K. Ikebuchi. amd The Science Fair drew tremendous crowds of 551,515 interested spectators. state: 7, 7. . For those students who professed an interest in the field ot teaching, Mr. Lucerne Crandall started the Future Teachers ot America club, which has become active on the reservation and has done a great deal to acquaint its members with the many phases of teaching. One ot its projects was the formal opening ot the Hall ot Fame, where pictures ot teachers who gained recognition tor their inspiring teaching were placed in a position ot honor in the main hall. Ivlswsie in iii!! CHRISTIAN WARRIORS Top row: I. Nichols, G. Roug, C. Auquston, G. Savage H Under Mr. Bates' tutelage, the Business Club will train swphens' A' Smlwell' B- Mumine' the business women of tomorrow. Bottom row: Miss Betty Stevens, W. Scott. K. Ruckett, I. Howard I. Moon. D. Eichmeyer, L. Carter. ff ,115 'jk e Wazzcaz The Fall and Spring Warrior staffs in action rr Ihlfiikilll. . Warrior editors Renee Lauier, 5qndyPL Arm Snyder, Sally Post Spurred by the first-class rating of the Columbia Scholastic Press Association Which the Warrior re- ceived last year, Mr. lamison and his staff have changed, chopped, and added in their endeavor to make their paper even better than before. To arouse interest in potential Writers, the cubs have been encouraged to write active copy and the exchange department has been expanded to include every state and twelve foreign countries. ln the spring Ann Snyder expertly took full charge of the paper, as the co-editors Renee Laufer and Sally Post had done in the fall. Last fall the staff consisted of Managing Editor Ann Snydery first page, lean Buellg second page, lackie lohnson, lean Kussy, Alida Roweg sports, Lee Blodgett and Dan Porter, exchange, Nancy Maggio. The spring staff consisted of George Phelps and Penny Smith, first pagep Marty Cooper and Richard Wheaton, editorialsy lean Kussy and Louis Krichesky, organization news and features: lerry Measer, sports. ludy lames was managing editorp while Kathy Misake and Ruth Streip were efficient typists. Ann Scudder and Pat Haglund, fall and spring commis- sioners of publications, coordinated the leadership class and school paper. Mr. Thomas shows his pressmen a few printing tricks ltiemsr, B L , . lt. :Z tt 5 a lu BF!! aft U FALL CHIEFTAIN STAFF SPRING CHIEFTAIN STAFF Sandy Palmer, Ann Blank, Matye Adams, Monika Sandy Durkee, Eleanor Lewis, Pete Schnitzler, Riemer, Barbara Boulanger. Betsey Koogle, Phyllis Hibhard. Linda Seligmcm. We Eddeftadn That the Chieftain was published by the students of Unihi is true because many, many different groups assisted in its production. Mr. loe l-lesslein and his photographers took all the pictures except the individual senior photoe graphs, Miss Billie Addison and her office staff gave valuable service in the sales and advertising departments, as did Anne Scudder and Pat l-laglund, commissioners of publication. Mr. Thomas printed receipt books and mailing envelops, and Mr. Thomas l-lenly was the source of much of the material used for the history of the school. The art worlc was the product of the Chieftain art classes under the supervision of Miss McCartney and her student-teachers, every member of the two classes contributing something to the finished product. The layouts were made by S. Biswell, l. Brown, D. Garett, A. Tamiya, M. Brayton, C. Hatton, B. Piersol, D. Spencer. The illustrations were the endeavor of B. Abe, M. Abrams, D. Barwelle, M. Garfield, P. Hannah, B. lones, L. Littenberg, A. Musgrove, S. Stergis, D. Stermer. Credit for the cover goes to D. Eichmeyer, D. Goodman, l. Newfield, B. Robles, M. Scully, and l. Meents. The production staff, of which Phyllis l-libbard was the editor, was respon- sible for the planning, the compiling and writing of the story of Unihig While Betsy Koogle took charge of the advertising. . Chieftain artists discuss their creations Phyllis Hihbard, ed Chieftain itor ol fa 70:6 ae4. Za Eaifege s 5 1 3 1 3 1 a 5 1 1 ff K F ' 'AW' X ' 0 ,V f ,X f ' f ff 5 F' 5 2 Xkgnww on-E ,i,i,,,, , After the Mexican War, the breaking up of the huge cattle ranclfios created a real estate boom ot such magnitude that El Pueblo de Los Angeles, with its mired streets, mud Walls, and adobe houses emerged a metropolis. Civic-minded Gringos became active in their newly acquired land and Worked hard to achieve self-government to make the American dream of democracy a reality. S . w .M M. ., N, W., X 3 W. L , X M xy :lu N 4 : 5: QW., 5 -Mflicxi Eluli A zz: ll 22-va n -- sl Y u n gg, , Q 5 I 5 1 mfg' ' as fx fs SQ A " EY! 4 Q ' i 4, aww, , - f Blu :Eg ' E 3 'KF IM ""1'IIw' ,-21 !s""i"" !1 4 M N MMLJ, . . Q y 0 V Q id' . eco - fl H UZQQVZKQZZZGPZ ff. , W y Zlnik lfefadzfczge 64 11. ' , Fall Student Body President Gordon Trehcxrne FALL BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS Back: Ellen Rae Toby, Gordon, Treharne, Pele Nelson, Herb Hirsch, lim Kenney, Lynn Miller. Front: Ann Scudder, Shirley Fleming, Tuyeko Nodcx, Vickie Richards, Iulie Dean. Melinda Adelson, Ann Dvtion, Bcxbs Bystrom, Evelyn Toy. 3 K S Thyouil -I adrninisnrrljcn. of V59 Md Successful 0' 1- TI9l1UlT19 fm' Goodwin CE -r rc Commissicf-'. inq1heSTUC95t 5 includirw lflefvi oried U1 5 M P H M formed img S1 widellli ami: Dawn we fff-A mcnuqfu 5? Coopemsi C. - fha Bird neeced new 971 U luguljl xc :- bulletin bmi bl,lHqGlCVf :EZ- Comrmii' .li contrbuxej xc : year comprisei year L1 smcemt W f U4 G0ICl0l1 llehm-ne Zeadewdcge and eefwiae STUDENT GOVERNMENT Through the harmonious relations of faculty and administration, student body, student council, and Board of Commissioners, this year has been a most successful one in student government. With Gordon Treharne and lim Kenney as presidents and Mrs. Goodwin as sponsor, both fall and spring Boards of Commissioners did an outstanding job this year lead- ing the student body through many successful activities, including the activity card drives, which were sup- ported in a fine mannerg the student court, newly formed this sernestery and the fine school dances, Widely acclaimed by the many who attended. Unihi Day, the traditional get together, was even better managed and more fun than usual, thanks to the cooperation of the entire school. The Board appropriated 951,200 for some much needed new equipment for the auditorium, and added a luxury to our campus in the form of an outdoor bulletin board to provide a Warrior Guide for the bungalow area. The various drives, such as P. T. A., Community Chest and Red Cross were all generously contributed to in the usual Uni spirit. All told, this year comprised a tremendously active and successful year in student government. Spring Student Body President lim Kenney SPRING BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS Back: Ray Allen, Bob Abe, Dave Stein. Bob Smith. Bob Cohen, Ed Boll-ce. Zezei' Front: Pat Haglund, Betty Webb. Carla Sampson, Iulie Dean, Iim Kenney, Claire Franklin fe2,l'l9l35l "' Noda, Marilyn Webb, Tissie Kiessig. FALL BOYS' LEAGUE PRESIDENT FALL GIRLS' LEAGUE PRESIDENT SPRING GIRLS' LEAGUE PRESIDENT I UH Jerry Mecxser Shirley Fleming llllle Demi SPRING BOYSBILIQGW 9 D11 .loading fafaomfwl Za fezflefz ffamafzfwwe, . GIRLS' LEAGUE No campus organization is involved in so many different projects and has so many girls actively working in it as has the Girls' League. Under the efficient leadership of presidents Shirley Fleming in the fall term and lulie Dean in the spring, the Boards surged with activity. The Suitable Dress Board presented the latest fashions at their fashion show, the Friendship Board promoted the highly successful "Howdy Day," the Senior Service Boards assisted in the Attendance Office at noon, the Board of l-fearing continued to help those girls who needed help in solving their problems, and the Display Board, as usual, pro- moted interest in contests and events through their clever window and bulletin boards dis- FMBOYSWGUE lim Wood, seueluryetrec Meuser. vicepresident: J plays. A newly organized member of the group, the Design and Publicity Board, is responsible for the banners and posters that have attracted so much attention in the main president. hall. . . SPRING GIRLS' LEAGUE CABINET FALL GIRLS' LEAGUE CABINET Top row: Toby Davidson. Diane Bergoff. Donna Reudy, Ioan Lightner, Vivian Standing: Martha Simcoe. Carolyn Arcularius. Dean Mason, Sally Neil. Iohnston, Gail Waldron. Carolyn Grohe. Ingrid Nelson. Lynn Schwartz. Ioan Buell. Marilyn Webb. Ioanna Tanner, Ann Cordes. Bottom row: Ann Cordes, Nancy Goldsmith. Marcia Laughlin. Sue Swanson. Seated: Bea Bernstein. Pat Haglund. lean Kussy. Shirley Fleming. lane Carolyn Arcularius. Iulie Dean, Karen Petker. Melinda Adelson, Ieanette O'Briant. Betty Webb. Vivian Iohnston. Ianette Hatton. Hatton. Nancy Keen. Bea Bernstein. SPRING GIRLS. I-EI PEFCUTWH som WL secretgrfyreusml: I vtce.preSiden1::IuT:'TgYH , 9311. Iuzen l S I PIINGS 5 'rf' 'N . Wu ,Mft mchmdpoismcm B111 C Welt. seq sm lteygokl V. Elm? ll' Drestdemlwnreg ZIGUE Pmmm - WW., - ...dn .W ras .. -M-:E s .f--vw -..Ed .IDEI Eeziy, I 15 Nas., vt .-.II -1 ve- 1 LS. is fv-vy ,r,.. Liqhtner, 'Mil LF, Schwarz - 5,39 Swarm ..s- 'achin- -,. .. , ,, V -4 A5 Adekor IW--E SPRING BOYS' LEAGUE PRESIDENT Bob Smith BOYS LEAGUE f the Boys' League added tivities-the paint brush. som Ierry Measer, tall president, and the other members oi the League brightened the garbage cans strategically located about the campusp while Bob Smith in the spring super- vised the painting of "Rese This year the members o etbing new to their regular ac rved" signs on auditorium seats. Zlnidzfee, lffmdxed Za aaaame ,eaacltdam of zeepmadfdfdlq, FALL BOYS' LEAGUE CABINET lim Wood, secretary-treasurer: Ierry Measer, vice-president: lim Kenney, president. FALL GIRLS' LEAGUE EXECUTIVE BOARD Sally Neil, vice-president: Shirley Fleming, president: Icxnette Hatton. treasurer: Betty Webb, secretary. SPRING GIRLS LEAGUE EXECUTIVE BOARD Karen Petkar, treasurer: Sue Swan- son secretary: Carolyn Arculanus, vice president' Iulie Dean, president. SPRINGS BOYS' LEAGUE CABINET Richard Fuqett, secretary-treasurer: Chertok vice-president: Bob Bill , Smith, president. dave cm czalfwelq I-'ALL SENIOR SERVICE BOARD Standing: Margarita Nieto, Pat Reynolds, Louise Thomas, Patty Bowman, Nancy Cohen, Pat Ren- nings, Michelle Vale. Elizabeth Kono. Seated: Cathy Miyake, Frances Watanbe, Mary Parmenter, Bea Bernstein, lean Kussy, lill New- mark, Rochelle Hronek, Colleen Kennedy. FALL BOYS' LEAGUE SERVICE BOARD Standing: Dick Crouch, Arnie Sherman, Roger Fisher, lack Middlewood, Bill Crookston, Dick Horning, Bill Comber, Dave Ryan, Gordon Gold- man, Steve Bernhardt. Seated: Bill Schoenbeck, Bob Abe, Dave Stein, Bob Niarin, Bill Chertok, Gerry Leavin, Iim Col- lins, Bob Sunness, lack Webb. SPRING SENIOR SERVICE BOARD Standing: Barbara I-Iassen, Melinda Foss. Mary Parmenter, Dee Kavanauqh, Shari Meilach, Katy Thompson, Pam Colvey, Frances Watanbe. Seated: Francis Watanbe, Cathy Miyake. Margo Leavin, Diane Crouch, Bea Bernstein, Risha Malotke, Lee Ptitsen, Patsy Kurtze, Dean Mason. SPRING BOYS' LEAGUE SERVICE BOARD Standing: Pete Peck, Al Lasher, Mike Parker, Bob Herzberg, Bill Crookston, Howard Gray, Bob Smith, Chris Benjamin, Bill Chertok, Richard Fugett, Mike Moriarti, Ierry Measer. Seated: lim Wood, Dave Ryan, Iack Middlewood, Leonard Miller, Iim Collins, Robbie Wollin, George Walters, Alan Ralston, Bob Brunner. 'Eat f.x Se FAI Ann Duttollf ding: , stllea: neun aw- P' 1 lt-llie D lotus E SPR1 Qntullirlblke Bel: Y limes, c an , . ,,,, ,.L, ,.,, ' . .... 1 .,....,, , ,L1. , ,4,,, 1 ,.,,,,, . ,- ,..,. E ,.,,., i .1,, ,, ,... A 4 Y ,aa ,ww 1? w W li I ' 1, - ,ffxffq , ,-, . , -, . 'ekgffi 1 qi? - C N '58 ,--A Egret, M, Mme, DV Cf-lei' P. Heisnn, l- Dram. B. Bri. ron row r ,IQ 2:ps:n P. Smith, O30 3' Stems' P, Eeynulrlt. V Jae. l- KW' I' OVW' i1,.i1 FALL MAWANDAS SPRING MAWANDAS STANDING: A. McKnight, S. Hhoads, I. Buell, M. Rayl. C. Pulliam, L. Thomas, E. Tobey, M. Piersol, S. Fleming, C. Grohe, M. I-ldelson, I. Dean, M. Simcoe, A- Dutton. SEATED. R. Scudder, P. Haglund, S. Neil, I. Tanner, I. Kussy, I. Iames, D. Mason, I. Brunner, A. Wollmcxn, T. Noda, E. Toy. C. Grobe. BOTTOM ROW: P. Haqlund, T. Noda. I. Kussy, D. Mason, E. Toy E- Tobey, D. Ziegler, S. Neil, V. Iohnson, I. O'Bricmi. MAWANDAS Service, culture and leadership . . . these are the bywords ot the lvlawandas, the twelfth grade girls' honor organization. Under the able direction oi their new sponsor, Miss Mary Albers, and the two presidents, Ioanne Tanner and Evelyn Toy, they have had a busy year. The Mawandas are responsible for ushering at all student body assemblies, they also sponsored their second lollipop drive to raise money for school needs, and these fun-loving girls particularly enjoyed this year's traditional progressive dinner given in honor of the initiates. They are recognized by their sky-blue blouses, something new on the campus. TENTH GRADE COUNCIL Representatives of tenth grade English classes form a liaison group between tenth graders and older students to orientate the new ones and help them become familiar with old traditions and to assist in forming new policies. Meeting with the Leadership class to discuss school problems, they then return to their classes for discussion and to obtain suggestions for the betterment of the school 10TH GRADE COUNCIL FOURTH ROW: D. Chikasawa. B. Og- den, S. Gerisman, G. Small, L. Miller, I. Green. C. Weil, R. Brooks, B. Walker C. Latman, B.Colbert. THIRD ROW: M. NWA Oleson, P.. Nudell, D. Cox, D. Hersch, B. Garfield. G. Kay, P. Ycmav, C. Ben- jamin, D. Hatton, L. Powers, S. Lyddy, C. Peterson, C. Catalogue, O. Ontiveros, L. Huckins. SECOND ROW: D. Daugh- erty, C. Thompson, H. Hicks, S. Borquist, K. Burrill, P. Petru, M. Ioseph, K. Larrecq, . ZST. KC' TOP ROW: T. Kitihara, I. Hatton, C. Arcularius, I. Dean, M- IGHSSU- B' Bernstein, I- Icrmes, I. Brunner. MIDDLE ROW: M. Simcoe, M. Adelson, I.. Thomas, M. Parmenter. E. Lewis, N. Keen, A. Snyder, R. Mczlotke, E. Tmqloif. M. Keller. D. Lubin. FIRST ROW: H. Hamilton, I. Pressman, I. Thomas, T. Vcxndervoorl, H. Stoops, B. Dorman, K. Allen. S. Hassen. B. Brunner. L. Schwell- 1 I , i ,,, 1 li - . f I I 51 i K fi N 2: iw f Z, , XV 2 'if 41" 1 1 IM Now with hundreds ot fertile miles of land avail- able, intrepid Yankees arrived loy every means of transportation-ship, prai- rie schooner, staqe, emi- qrant-train-to develop ranches and become iam- ous for their indomitable courage, their feats oi strength, their endurance and their dexterity. I . , , 'I ., I ,flu 1 ' -. 4 J 4 T lx X t l ,czq JH: 4 V 1 W ,,. ., .C .UL- f CHESS MCGF2 7-Fl PW-' NCQ Dffu. develop :mble f,I ISGIS Ol duance J, at ,yfy ww! U ,- Y! 4 1 ,+, nf- " 'f' , . J ,,,1 txcjf' f A , if W fr F . uf l,fJfQ' tjti-ffl, ,flef K, -rj, X1 . ,ff 1 r iD pflyakda feadew The University Warrior Football Squad, after winning two exhibition games, dropped their first three league tilts and ended fifth in the Western League race. However, this does not tell the true story of this year's team. The loss of Escobar with a broken leg before the first game, and the mid-season loss of Harmon and Coville, com- bined with a lack of depth and manpower were too much for the Warrior squad to over- come. Uni's first game against Banning seemed to forecast a rather good season. The War- riors handled the Pilots easily, as lim Noe ran wild in a 25-13 victory. Then came the Milk Bowl. A crowd of 200 Unihi students watched their team pull their famous spread formation and dazzle Narbonne into cr 14-U , , ,. ry1 ,fe--X .77 -1 ' ' ,.f.-J setback. 3 is ,-1 -ff ff 'fl ,."'f ,ff ,W .Ln N Carlos Escobar, Inn Noe. MrfC1illo1-nf. , 'j ' , f,l,'?"'1f, 'X ' julf . K, q , so ' .,,, ,J-, t. ,ft o 1 'fy' 'Lf Glen Harmon, Henry Lew15 f,Q,jf1YM H.1,:L,,,, 4 Irma twfjlj s imp . vfw,l,.lfty... my L W! ,ff AfQjLr,:.1 ' . 4 J., rl, ,, A 0 - H. ,. , , I.x:4,,. V I I, -V , jf ofyf' 3 JV 1, QW! I, 1,4 ,,,'fQ 'ew' -.1 7,-, ., lg! J' f fffz U iff ' ,Q jj- N, ,N ' t if JC!!! , wx X, ff, ft, I-44, ,Q ll Dfw HJ- U +5 V, 11 Mr . .r , -,ff f., 4 ,ft wif, mf, 3- U ,dict , 411' lt, ff ,,Vf'ff' ,.f,",W' Lf' ,W ,Qfvl Q -.f,'f ,,,lf,Q"' 'ff ffiff " ww! , ., ,jf ,JH , ,fly i : N, If-I I I' i ,, Lg' 71 fy J' , f,t,t', X. ,f . -4 ,,f,- ,, ,sf .,f. , . , , , x t we WT, if M' K F. 'ff ,if,fi'i G ft' Zz ' 76 - ff ff 4 if as 6226074 yea r aaa' 5 ew , y tp, W, tl' fff'.xLrf f A re f fini: , X M L7 ff - , ,. ,Q if t .4 Q WZ My f 4,-Qf ' U A gf' ai The llltfll , ,Evil FUHIGX CF' ff: wfllmm' GPPWQU ' Q, f I5 dOVff1,0H1f V, fi' Q 15 pellamy' A4Ift Fatlaxscw The S6239 if mel the eventiililll "MQ Wmiois 1 lensiV2 GW 55' C In G ??"'f'3 Dons Qutsfcfi i , ... liqit rl "2 5' lioimfl Y5 tensile Z-7 Tamara C7-35 . , 1 . alltme sparlliiq Q-N19 M A . F If Bob Hawkins, coordinator of athletics, greets Girls' Drill Team his friend Coach Tom Wilcox Cheerleaders: Harvey Firestone, Herb Hirsch, Ed Ramsey, Iim Styne: Warriors - L' A' Hitt ills D T' , Wm The Western League games started with the favored Fairfax Colonials playing on the reservation. A 7-7 tie was apparently broken when Bob Carrillo ran 70 yards for a touch- down, only to have the run and score nullified by a clipping penalty. The Warrior squad was gradually worn down, and Fairfax scored twice in the 4th quarter to win 21-7. The scene changed to Los Angeles High, where the Braves met the Romans in a Western League clash. The Romans' high-powered running attack was too much for Uni, and L. A. eventually won by a score of 28-6. Playing brilliantly for the Warriors were Bill Sheffield, defensive backp lim Mora, de- fensive end, Bob Carrillo, offensive end, and lack Webb, who substituted in quarterbacking duties. In a give-and-take touchdown affair at Uni, Dorsey's Dons outscored the Warriors to take a 28-19 thriller, the high- light of the game coming when Unihi's tank fullback, Glenn Harmon, raced some 70 yards to a touchdown. The fine de- fensive play of All-Western League Don Cunningham, and Tanaka on the line, showed the crowd that Uni was in there all the way. Morimoto and George Share played their usual sparkling game for the Braves. am! Zeaelenf Me gfzamwl Herb Hindi 'Wt' Warnors ln actlon against strong L. A. High Eleven Varsity Football Team an old walnut azcfawl la waged N...u+ff ' N Bob Ginter Maia Carlos Escobar Brad Goshe Hap Th-ish-up Henry Lewis Bob Camllo Don Cunningham The first and only win of the League season came at the expense of the Hamilton Yankees, who were defeated 25-13. Don Forsythe, voted the most improved player for Uni this year, proved himself by playing a rock and sock ballgame. lim Noe played well in a victory over the strongest Yankee team in several seasons. The final game of the season was played at Uni when underdog Venice pulled an upset and defeated a be- wildered bunch of Braves to the tune of 24-7. lt being the last game of the season, Coach Tom Wilcox gave many of his subs a chance to play. lim Noe again sparked the Warriors as he tal- lied their only touchdown. Additional credits go to Roger Fisher, Brad Cfosche, Bruce Loder, lsamu Mori- moto, Bobby Sambrano, Art Phillips, Hay Thystrup, Bob Sandie, Ed Castro, lames Hamilton, Bob Duke, Armand DeWeese, Bob Ginter, Arnie Sherman, and loel Mattson for playing terrifical- ly throughout the season. This year's team was characterized by a strong offense, as Uni was never held scorelessg but lack of defensive strength, along with injuries to key players such as Escobar, Harmon, Car- rillo, and Cunningham, caused the War- riors to lose several close games. Uni back i right end i Glen HQ Dorsey iq Bm Sheth W1 bet blwlterg Uni back races around right end in Fairfax tilt Glen Harmon eludes Dorsey tackler Bill Sheffield off for long gain behind a host oi blockers First String Mein fied faazffdf daemon L s r ! K All Q fyiihti ,ww ,W,,f4mN ,wwmw ,gin S13 ' 'K X S 5. M Q 5 jp" :iw 35 I Q f SEQ WW QE. Wk Yz' ty players scramble for loose ball m L A I t Txpofl in Manual Arts game Ill Lenz At the start of the second round, Uni was still in the thick of the loattle for the league crown, but the loss of Cox and reli- able first string guard lim Sawyer via graduation was too great. lolnn Ander- son and Glenn Small filled in the vacated center spot admirably but couldn't pro- vide CoX's great scoring punch. Del Quackenbush moved into SaWyer's guard position to team up with veteran Dan Porter in an attempt to cut down the high flying L, A. Romans, lout an upset loss to Fairfax, 62-GU, shattered any dreams Uni had of the league champion- ship. Peter Thorngren Iim Sawyer Mike Simmons 9025 in l E l0hn Anderson Dave Nakudu Um fi.: Q' :Ng Tllflrsl. Xw-A,- .H-' 2 . nu -A, 3 1 --N. pm. .W f-'med Til W 931 Us? -s N I NWN- M V ' fumigfs A .Tam fu' 4"--f L. i W W' "H--. " K4 W3- "l'3-I 3 -l....,,,, Mike Simmons goes in lor layup against L. A. I. V. players fighi for rebound in crucial game Simmons breaks away from Romans to score again Iohn Anderson Lee Harman Phil Drescher Pele Nelson Dave Nakada Bob Cox Mike Simmons Bob Aho VA. -..1 W,-,. Warrior fans got a preview of what's to come next year in the final games as Coach Marvin used his many luniors freely. Lee Harman came in his own with some brilliant scoring floor play, along with Pete Nelson and speedy Davey Na- kada at forwards. Donald Pino also cracked the starring five and showed great potentialities. Phil Drescher, Bill Aho and lim Wooden took over at the guard spots and made excellent show- ings. Although losing to L. A. again, the Warriors finished in 2nd place in the western league with a respectable 7-3 record. For their fine play Mike Simmons and Bob Cox were honored on the all- league team. B TEAM Top Row: A. Andreas, M. Morrison. A. Green, L. Harman. D. Stein Bottom Row: I. Stein, I. Wood. M. Nishimoto, G. Nukagawu, B. Schoenbeclg, D. Herbert C TEAM Top Row: B. Kelley. C. Saunders, M. Taylor, IVL Epstein Bottom Row: M. Sanchez. L. Vcmlleeuwen, H. Sun- shine, P. Herzog Bruce Barker PEP' last shot 744 The :sf , to nos: :ici tie-12 his 1: 1'1Br+ fl0lllJlE5 du: Sieugly Qi ' 'ertut 3. Clllltlls Figlj Flea NQQSH Freemgg 3. Ulldar t. of 1913115 11 TQSSIWA. Cfllllllfgd ,.,, . xi' ',.' 1 - 'lmwfl Lltflli , . X I l as :fl L34 x .Lt wr J V, VARSITY TENNIS TEAM Bruce Barker prepares to retum a fast shog, Top row: Fred Nuesca, Stanley Siegel, Beniie Dorman. Bill Hallen. Hank Otis, Steven Bernhardt. Sandy Bresler. Bottom row: Bruce Barker, Iay Stelzer. Chuck Fields, Iohn Klempner, Dave Freeman. Eric Perram. , Y 4a Zczogccez' gazed The net team, which in the past has been comparable to those produced by anv other school, battled to a third-place tie in this season's highly competitive Western League. The Braves were sparked by an experienced aggregation which included Bruce Barker, a member of last year's All-City doubles duo with Phil Mauldin, All-City singles player Stan Siegel, and highly capable Bill Hallen. Bounding out the pow- erful, but at times sporatic team were transfers Hank Otis and Charlie Fields, returning lettermen Steve Bernhardt, Eric Perram, Fred Nuesca, and Sandy Bressler, and two newcomers, Dave Freeman and lohn Klernpner. Under the tutoring of Coach lim Fugle, the squad improved from match to match, ending the season by playing the brand ot tennis that has kept Uni at the top in the past. Had the reservation men come into their own earlier, they might have captured the league crown and possibly the city title. Spring yell leaders Marshall Nechtow and Bob Cohen xii USCG Raising of the Colors Bn Staff lFal1 Semesterl R. O. T. C. The R.O.T. C. has been unusually active this year, having participated in many events throughout the year. To start the semester, the Color Guard, along with the Drill Team, took part in the half- time maneuvers at the Uni-Dorsey foot- ball clash. Another valuable experience for the Unit Was the trip to Fort McArthur, Where the cadets spent a Week-end of hard Work and fun. Upon arrival at the Fort, they were issued iatigues and bedding and were assigned to barracks, Where they learned to make a bed army style so that a quarter could bounce on it. They were also instructed in compass and as- sault problems and rifle drills. Co. "A" 2nd Platoon The 59995 the ahrwl T w 'W Wlllch 'goth up Second PM hvterds, ffm Foreifm has petuel SUP? urshtp Aware house: H1259 Gaul' thc me Wilcuts. The Cox? sored hy Ci? Oqdoh as re the year. Cup esprtt de corp percllez .4 .. work, coal: 3 leadership if muhders, C51 David Hobhs Gary hhihcuis in the spring' ? 4 2 , , i 1 z t F , t e i ff JK 'N li rw .4 ill' md ev ISU Cv V1 GG N B. The biggest event oi the year was the annual Blue Devil Competition, in which both the Unit and the band won second place in the League. The final competition of the year, the V. F.W. Awards, sponsored by the Veterans of Foreign Wars, consisted of three per- petual cups and nine medals. The Schol- arship Award was won by Harper White- house, the Best Squad Award, by lim Gaalp the Leadership Award, by Gary Wilcuts. The Commandant's Award, spon- sored by Capt. Bothmund, went to Bill Ogdon as the most promising cadet oi the year. Capt. Bothmund said that the esprit de corps oi the Unit this year, un- paralled in his experience in B.C.'l'.C. work, could be attributed largely to the leadership oi the cadet battalion com- manders, Col. Dan Garcia and Lt. Col. David Hobbs, fall semester, and Col. Gary Willcuts and Lt. Col. Bobert Csillag in the spring semester. 5 .W - X- Co. "B" 2nd Platoon Drill Tecun Co "A" Ist Platoon Co. B lst Platoon f Wig -X XH,g'f,, 4 ,f ivziug, VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM TOP ROW: P. Stein, F. Kish. B. Smith, L. Blodqett, I. Hargrove, M. Morrison, B. Wade. BOTTOM ROW: B. Greer, I. Rodriguez, V. Rosales, D. Hawley, B. Welch, I- Rinehart, S. Close, I. Deutsch, R. Sanchez. Wazaedideza an 1461646 The Warrior baseball team, under the tutoring of Coach Bill Spaeter, played heads-up ball throughout the l953 carn- paign and thus experienced a fairly successful season. Although they did not Win the League title, our horsehiders accounted Well for themselves and justly deserve the thanks and apprecia- tion oi the entire student body. Varsity ballers work out on Uni diamond "Circus Catch" bY G W Mickie Mums 'Tl first base Mickxe Morrison making put out Circus Catch by a varsity player Play Ball Skip Close waiting to caich pop foul Leading the Warrior ball club were outfielder Skip Close and pitcher Lee Blodgett. lt Was Skips hitting and Lee's pitch- ing that led the Warriors to a successful season. Adding strength to the team and playing fine ball throughout the entire season were infielders Bob Welch, Mickie Morrison, Bob Greer, and lim Rhineharty outfielders Phil Stein and lack Deutchp pitcher Bob Wadeg and catcher Iohn Hargrove. IUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL TOP ROW: Iohn Phillips, Darryl Bush, Richard Reel Dart Warth Allen Friedman Ierry Wright, Dennis Aigner. Don Roth, Bill Davidson Sam Corekm Iohn Blodqett Bernard Humphries. BOTTOM ROW: Phil Herzog Frank Rhinehardt Pete Peck Ioe Stein, Richard Hernandez, Paul Marshall. Neil Friedman lack Abboti , V Q if A M 9 S2354 YQ, I -f,-J ,. 3 N HL gift' Q0 VARSITY TRACK TEAM 'mae cmd ?de!a! Unihi's 1953 track and field forces, under the expert guidance of Coach lim Pursell, experienced a highly successful season as they turned back Western League opponents, with the exception of Los Angeles and Dorsey. Led by Bill Graham and loel Mattsson in the mile, Bay Houghton in the 880, Pete Nelson in the pole vault, and Sonny Minichiello in the hurdles, the Warrior tracksters won three of their five league meets, nabbing third place in league standings. The Warriors got off to a fast start as they trounced Fairfax 75-29 in the league opener, but didn't do so well in their next two league meets. They were defeated by Los Angeles, 69-35, and lost to Dorsey by a 79-25 score. The Uni spikesters finished the season off on a happy note as they defeated both Venice and Hamilton. Throughout the season, a few of the Uni trackmen received city-wide recognition because of outstand- ing marks. At the time this article was written, Bill Graham was possessor of the city's top mile mark of 41379. Pete Nelson was one of the city's top pole vaulters with a mark of 12' 3", and Ray Houghton was one of the city's top 880 men with a best clocking of 2:U3.3. A word of credit should go to those other trackmen who performed outstandingly throughout the season. The are AI d D W ' ' ' ' y man e eese, Dick Swallow, Yoshio Setoguchi, Donny Thomson, Phil Drescher, Duane Ament, Robbie Wollin, Bobby Duke, Fritz Kiessig, and Gordon Watson. With the Western League and city meets yet to go when the Chieftain went to press, the fate of the Warrior track team was resting in the laps of the gods. 350 ' .. , . ,Q 923.263 'Q is ERS .gg ..wsQiff2Ef? ni S We ,lk Top row: V. Van Derstig. L. Stewart. P. Hat- tenfeld, B. Coomber, D. Herrington, D. Ryan. I. Rhoads. G. McDougal. A. De Wees. R. Fisher, B. Gosche. Third row: R. Levine. I. Levin, G. Smith. M. O'Connell, D. Gorton, G. Watson, I. Newfield, D. Shane, R. Houghton, I. Measer. S. Gertsman. B. Graham. Second row: I. Fauqhnder. H. Trout, I. Straight, I. Schuler. D. Margitts, F. MacDermit, D. Blanq- stead, R. Eqeherg. I. Bates. Bottom row: P. Vosburg, G. Tucker, B. Carillo. D. Bowers, R. Wollin, F. Kiessig, D. Swallow, I. Mattson, T. Horton. B TRACK Back row: Dave Shane, Chuck Halstead. Bob Leigh, Iohn Codani, Dick Crouch, Pat Scofield, Floyd McKinsey, Val Lewton, Ernie Sepulveda. Steve Bernhardt, Don Leonard, Don Oster, Phil Vosberg. Cal Vincent. Front row: Ken Wright, Bob Dann, Don Mc- Namara, Art Friedman, Ronnie Ramos, Dave Everett, Lynn Richardson, Wayne Smith, Leon- ard Miller. Butch Magill, Dick Podolar. C5055 5 til Bank WW: Calgallirlfllbm Wbetif Baan Smit. Hunlimun' l MCN!1maTa"HG,uh5,1,. flint 0 ' I U HIGH? sled. Dirk Cf W Cr: ' . i Top row: B. Fl-Ulf-H -- Bottom row: C. H9155 Biting, B, Nichck, li E, Miller, T. Hcrrdfli L gf' The modern dance group is seeking insprzztion for the creation of cr spring dance 5264 da Me Wazfd af Spawn For Uni's athletic and fun-loving girls, the G.A.A. had its usual well organized and attractive athletic program this year. Sponsored by Miss Marie McCaiierty, badminton, hockey, basketball, and this year for the first time, tennis-both beginning and advanced-were offered to the girls, who were able to participate in the sport of their choice every day after school The G.A.A. Cabinet, with Diane Bergoff as president, presided at the G.A.A. banquet, Where all the girls who had participated in after-school activities received their letters, thereby becoming members of the Letter- girls' Club. Koxren Pettlqer, Ingrid Nelson and lulie Pressman spring cheer leader 1 SI and ludy Flint, Ginny lackson, and Carla Sampson, fall cheer leaders, added to the lively spirit oi the play days. FALL GJLA. CABINET TOP ROW: M. O'Mux'a, C. Sampson, I- Flint, G. Iackson, M. Chamberlain. SEATEDz , ml M. Jensen, C. K ' 1 - - T . ennedy, H. Stoops, I. Buell, C. Dubcx, I. Cotter, B. Bernstein. If 5 C5 toss up between D- Garcla and D- PCU1110 Illi- ' ' I o. Top now 1 Kussy 1 Nelson P Petru SEATED M.1ensen, E. Fei. M' O'Mm'1'I' Him, -"' CICl1'sdDPmU P Bde: D Bergufi G Wcxlbot K Petker bCI1I1e 1101.11 few LETTER GIRLS THIRD ROW: I. Nelson, K. Peliker, K. Thompson, M. Gledhill. D. Simons, C. Sampson, S. Neil B. Bernstein, R- Lello, I. Webb, L. Iimenez, B. Ige. SECOND ROW: B. Iensen, P. Hcrglund, M. Webb E. Tobey, M. Laughlin, S. Wray, H. Kishi, M. Garfield, S. Abcxloiia, G. Morimoio, E. Sassa, I Selmont, K. Middo. FIRST ROW: P. Dutilly, R. Molotke, I- Kussy, L. Ptitsin, M. Iensen, T. Nodu C. Franklin, D. Hillman, B. Sheriffs, D. Bergoii. I E i mf' Xp- M. Kono, G. Dubcx, S. Marsden f , I is . ,, . I , X x 6 f , , , 1 f-in 'f i, 'W .sy14,5,,m f ,, , ' . rw., , ,, I I as Z3 , ff 'S gy ' Q M M. 4, Q r . X .M W . - Q , , 4 :f , ' f , .-, .. P zf, f . P IQ ET' I I , e F G fa YW' f- S , . 5 4, ai: 3 I as-'J-gf. We I " 4 ' ,' "Qt .- J fm, I I I , , f -A ' I Frm 'if I w r Us 4' I 2 we .fav , Xe ' 1- ty, fi ,,..-,ow ss- ? W 6, N , I , 4 1 'rn- 12TH GRADE G.A.A. FOURTH ROW: L. Kay, A- Tamiya. I. Boelter, S. Hintzman, I. Munro, I. Buell, I. Foster. I. Dean, I. Bilbo, T. Nada, THIRD ROW: B. Iensen, C. Chamberlain, G. Hernandez, P. Lavin, I. Meentz, L- Iimenez, I. Avima, I. Onomichi, C. Ax-cularius. -V. Iohnsion. SECOND ROW: E. Toy, P. Smith, R. Malotka, I. Hanrahan, M. Bright. B. Lightlooi, D. Garcias, E. Macias, S. Schnaidt- FIRST ROW: D. Bergoll, A. Pope, R. Lello, I. Webb, D. Hillman, S. Hawkins, S. Neil, M. Simcoe, I. Kussy. 11TH GRADE GJ-LA. FOURTH ROW: C. Emlen, I. Peter- son, P- Morris, M. Laughlin, P. YVolverton, C. Sampson, P. Dutilly, K. Hughes, P. Callow, H. Kishii, E. Sassa. THIRD ROW: H. Wcrkelinq. B. Ige, I. Iwamoto, I. Flinl, M. O'Mara, S. Aboloiia, F. Duba, K. Thompson, D. Lee, P. Ireland, I. Nel- son, K. Peltker, S. Marsden, S' Hausman. SECOND ROW: M. Kono, D. Patino, D. Farcia, C. Franklin, G. Walbot, S, Swanson, I. Newmark, I.. Battersea, S. Wray, I. Liscom. K. Middo, I' Neel. FIRST ROW: N. Dick, S. Ehrhardt, T. Kiessig, M. Webb, P. Clark, C. Machado, P. Ader. M. Gledhill, I. Wells, D. Simons. G.A.A. fall cheer leaders I. Flint, G. Iackson, C. Sampson fl in IUTH GRADE GIA- IOURTHH . S Rusk 0w'B'0'm'll Slevenggg igolil F. EWSOH. ll. Slbopisbllsbg P-flullglzvpilevm M si ' ' ub1'11B.s. C- Aullmimnbiliqdo. s Sicomg Uhlemv W: ' M. Bullimneny BC'SINTl,L 'i"1Yf F. Kraus, L' Hlmllhel '50nchez,LIL' Wllenf g' Biafra. Fmglzmh, ' lllle OW: I S. Palm, K' WEKSIY. I. Don heidell 5 'l. Sum . , cot1,5lCqlhe,1 Tl. 10TH GRADE G.A.A- FOURTH ROW: B. Ono, I. Namharcx, S. Buskey, I. Cronin. F. Ishii, M. Stevenson. C. Sales, I. Da Bois, M. Iolmson. H. Stoops, G. Smiih, E. Fel- THIRD ROW: P. Peyton, F. Casiillo. P. Hayward. V. Lubin, B. Browngord, M. Sheets, M. Delgado. S. Linfooi. C. Allen, A. Rohleder, V. Wagner- SECOND ROW: C. Smart, L. Wieman. M. Buffington, B. Campbell, M. Hol- wcy, F. Kraus, I.. Horner, T. Beltram. L. Sanchez. L. Lcxmoreoux. M. Young. S- Rinera. FIRST ROW: I. Wilson. D. Billie, S. Lyddy, I. Dominquez. P. Pelru, K. Webb, I. Scott. G. Schoen- heider, I. Scott. B. Colbert. -pin 1 , Q l 1 ,A , V, .V -1 A V - .,., .,, , VV Q I I , , ' 4 ligf J ' g' Ei: -4,f ru ' gzhsfzl :..p. Q " ' ' ' 1 ' K R. .. ' ' - 1 ,,. , f H - A A IQ - Y.. A.. , W,-,fm..,.M-.,,. , 4, -1 ,af ,f . I A l E DUNN fs CAMERON PAG1-xNos HAIR sTYL1s'rs VICE 1651 - 57 Westwood Blvd. 255 seufh Beverly Drive 120275111 Wegtwgod ARizona 9-7355 Beverly Hills CRestview l-6149 ,W Wes' L05 A559195 lack Pennell Heating an Appliance KE:RN's LAUNDERETTE PHU-'S APP 1453 Westwood Boulevard 1389 Westwood Boulevard H559SQH' Westwood ARizo 9-7715 Westwood ARizona 7-4685 S1VIITH'S SPORTING GOODS 1536 Westwood Blvd. Westwood - - ARizona 7-1249 GUDE'S WESTWOOD 933 Westwood Boulevard Westwood - - ARizona 7-0603 gv fl XM 116-K Xgxkkf, GOODBYE ALL The Chieftain staff appreciates the efficient and friendly cooperation of those people and organizations Without whom the Chieftain could not have been a reality: Mr. lack Cannicott of the Los Angeles Engraving Company for his over-all supervision and the engravingp Mr. lules Le Baron of the Westwood Village Studio for the senior photographsg to the Franklin Press, which printed the loookg and the Bindex Com- pany for the binding. MR. IULES LE BARON LOS ANGELES ENGRAVING CO. Westwood Village Studio Engravers of 1953 Chieftain Senior Photographer For information write: 1953 Chieftain IACK CANNICOTT, Mgr. 10961 Weyhurn Ave. Fox Theater Bldg. Yearbook Division . West Los Angeles 418 E. Pico Los Anqeles A mfgf N59 GP Nfl' . Y x .XX X ' Q A xx E KX X JX XBXJXKR 'X,, jxgrjjw X Q X X Qi C' K H' iff ia ' - x X A , A X - f xv, if K A ,, JJ, fe vMNQw JKJ 1 -6' REQ-Qwfggigyq Yib 9 5 Q ig f izw g f SSESX 231,23 Qfx Q P , '11 'f 'Is J R4 4- X A 'r Ex Lg R53 67 4? ' as ' 5 L- 5,3 9 1 kv, fl eg? 'wx ' - f 55 59 'JT4 if 9, 75 Xi S, 32433 LQ S.. if v 1, . f , f-fm 3 5 w , Xf X -, rg, W A - fum? wwf' Q. WWW H jHYf3Q J . wwwwfwewf .Q H -Q, 'aiu .' , HHN?" Si 4 f i 'X -' P. . 5' I' ' - Pmumll f -"' i2b'N + Q-L K M 'H R !?Eu?'l"nl -. 5. 62 I -G, J lt if if lg, X 5 - J P QM 'i h mm -- 'X . 1 5- f ,X -:lf Q! N- 'rr , . A - . ' 'ax F, Q!-A 1-Y A x NvfyQikf THE CULTURE or THMMMJ wiwQf,y y- AND THE WESTERNEHNME 14 Q-ufy'K Nxt J f -V V V HAWK! k ,... I !..-f- 3 f---qv Zjiflw A -A y x X --A YJ, HH J " E fb p,,f,, iff! ,-ff, A:ff'f,-Q1 gf 1 , ,, '72 'uffff wfwwii :ff yfwaf, ffffv ii I Sf X f I Mwwfwwww Swv I 4.f:ff+fff'fff .N ff 1 .H ' SX :ii215,7fff64'i. f' P 5 -1.457 X, ' I ' U Nw T JYYSJ M Qs MW ,C fl 2.5 57 ,Z . ,Q ,, M .gi 4,v.1. X340 ki' ' ,,,f' M fvfwpfj int!! kg Sig , Q ,IL If -7, fJf2., I V I ,f '41 ,f.,A5a,f, , Y vxgg 1 K fc. 5 ,N V 314- Af-1 I, Cy 'fb . 9.9 1 ,I 1 U . . f f s J. QTY? l.KJ..,1 -I ., A I x'lQt- ' I W7 -M .3 77 fnAI4?f V017 Q ov - YJ Y, 'Q I "fl C 1 , guys ,J-,v 10.1- ni OF S V I R33 JJ? My Sv V X H H5QQNgmgysBy I Oy fHEI INDIANS. THE PADRES. THE DONS. THE GRINGOS FU ERIQEIS IS THE HERITAGE OF UNIVERSITY HIGH SCHOOL WEST 7 WA H1 11 Wimkmdcff WlIWhMWm WW Www Ew?WEmWM1WF??MmMKMmEM3WF15'MW F

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