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My 57' 1 , fn! if W ff gf-fx .-4 V, fm ax nk 1 ,-fx. Kg, W. fib- 1 lr. , X L., 5 W, yr NL ,WJ ,i2g"f'4kw-N'IJo- Wh wwf' f f X 11: Wa x 5 "iffy N S, Q 1: gy 'f f -' f ,Y I Q F w -I ' x41f 3 :NN wfff if ffm 'P Tx , , , - fi ff, ? .' f ' ' ,. V. U' A M X QM A3124 5 ff ,.TVM, 4 W Ajy' A f , WW aff 99? Ili!! H , Vf I 'X A 7? M1 Alf- 1 1 J fx 1 vc x Ffa' , ,ff " vp 55' "l', A iw , X. 4 Y, , . 1-1 1 WD XE. .M7 X ' P' .V bl x jfyjxg Www ' A ' -. jofwfl aw li ' X W 'Q M Q EEi?'4,nffLl,U'5fff1fg7040J Q! WWW ff ww if MQW W WW Sf .. ,, Saas-gi VW, is was waxy , JM W'fW'f'f?ff PUBLISHED ANNUALLY BY THE STUDENT BGDY CDE UNIVERSTTY T-IIGI-I SCT-ICDQI., WEST LGS ANGELES, CALIEGRNIA THE FIRST REOUISITE OF ANY SUCCESSFUL ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN IS A GOOD PROD- UCT. WE ONLY HOPE THAT THE CAMPAIGN REPRESENTED BY THIS Chieftain LIVES UP TO THE PRODUCT IT ADVERTISES-UNIVERSITY HIGH SCHOOL. v HD E I II T I ll Ks YB W TL XR YJ .15-Lfj,,fL,,L,, MJ k5,,,.,.?4,f,Z,T!f, www-01, ffyfzjffv 0- A MJMA ML AL ,wffaa f9,f.MW!4fWa. I y.Kf2ofz.Cg,lajj TO YOU, THE SPONSORS AND MAKERS OF OUR PRODUCT, WE DEDICATE THIS BOOK. WHILE SPACE DID NOT PERMIT US TO TURN THE SPOTLIGHT ON EVERYONE, WE HAVE TRIED TO SHOW A REPRESENTATIVE CROSS- SECTION OF LIFE AT UNIHI, I942, AND WE HOPE THAT OUR EFFORTS COME UP TO PRE- VIOUS MARKET STANDARDS. I E ,Www VK ' 1 f if 777MVQn 4 f gif LW 4 M fl S ,b fy gyyw, x , V V,-4 Ax It In ,, 4, Y 1 . ,, ., fl 4 1 ,QQ nw , A M X " V 15.7 . Q Ziff, , L ' f Y' f f , -A ln-- X. i .nj f' f f fr , 5,4 ' Q 9 X .f , A I 4'-, . A . 1 P32 1 ,Miva , V51 S V ,H i t Wifi, 10,2 , Ja 11.4, S ' , J uw 'fi -,N V-M ff' 1 . - x A ng ,, 'Q Q -. V.. , x. V- . .. 1 : V, 0 1y',xt27Q1-Ad' ' 1 F1371 f A N " 4 , 1 - V w 1 U w ,f . V- '. 1 J. sl 1 X af'.-f.fN,,'z3f'4 f- , fxf if 5 'Z t gr z,.- 'xwyil f 1 -'NT . W' T f , 71, ,Q .. 3 , , 'wx 4' 3. MLJl:h'.kw! 1 -ff Y ,gy x, 'w X - f , . 6 m, 9,5 K , ff f Q ' ,i ,yi M ', ,,a..fs, Lf., ., V , ,,,. A . .. 'V ' A. , 1, A , L , .i 'Q C, ' 'if' , Q iv 1 5 6151 gin-'ffbi a' ' .f ' ' f , . Q Afwhif waflx ',1,. -,J sr. .. . .nf ', Q. .f. ,is-gflff .Aff .- A . HY, .A - 4 If , V -' ,K , f ' f Q ' . 4' 'V A, A + , . , A -4 -i. 'P 3 w -- , v".f- - 43 , .1 :fax ' . 1 A, 5' Y s 4.1,,.5z5i- ' Jvrj :A ' - cf. 1 W1 4 ,rv -A - ff: ' , . u .4 V ,wx -5 ,-ex ar, U, -,M f Q : , "2 X .-4 'f W .A ,f,,?,,jK 5. , . , 4 , ' -5? "A-' 13,4 ' Ig ' , w ,1 'f A f ,Av , 91. ' . ', , N le 4 film-. Q - - ' ,?fs'f,RX5'J!i'i" "3 ' ' . '. f ,jing tx K,A:,,LJf - .I I .Vg wx P 19,3 ,, ,W fl 47,1 xx.: ,jr-pb! J C V ,,' xv- , ,, .4 f :,'-f.- - ,. . Q M ' L 'gf 'A NZ, lk k, I " ,. I , ' ' ef'f2f'? '1 ' ? f fifffvl' 51 "-A 1 f 2' Hg , L , W , Y' ri' , Q My . V -'Y 'fir Wg' . ,. Y wi: 4' Q Ny " QI' ' , J. f, 1 rw, , .U 'q, ,-.X grief: I QWN f w4mWff'7rwx www-vw . -.,f 1? 1' ' ., f Wm N, Wm an M n, ' M.. X M-vmwf' wvuuuqm. , N Qld? A-,W x Q, if fy, f M1 R7 Z, . 1 .9155 " A My ff: ZIA 7:16 'af if f hlmwnyn. , M., U lf?- f, ' f-1, lg . "ez, W, 1' ,V W, f wr .,, M-,M ,y I .ln ,gm X A Win 'mm' v, Q 4, , , f J f M . ,wma ,, ,,, L . 1 ,fm MM, ff, awww ,ff , ,, ' f 1, ,, f' ,HV 'CMH " 4 -fzzzafi ' f r , K' ff Q xii . 11" f of . The beauty of California buildings in a California setting . . . long shadows on the football field . . . the shady grove for relaxed moments . . . this is campus life at Unihil wwf fm - Qffffwwww wig? iff? W 415 Q? wf ,W W? fix? Y ' nsfyiym gif gf QQCQJ 0' Shaping nur grand strategy 1 K 1 ' X 5-u Q ,' m,gl - .fry .lo 24' 0 4 wg3Q,' fx '4 1 ,-if '94-if A , f , , x , , X if-gy, 4 X , f 3 X f 141' f f my . if "65wg.,l U NM f 4' . X 4 f f 1 , . f 1 f ,xi 11' -' 51 QQ 'if ,I - fi 1, u , .' 1 ,off:'?v A 7, O , S 4 fag 5.31 Big, if- .,, ,I ' ' .3 9 ,A J A D , . . n--- 21' , 5 V K f P , xg . 7242? QM5 nypw. In M M gf , 4" f Q? 7 . ,5 ,pw if 1-Z Q x n f off iz-- ,Q4 im x 544555, 1 ' il M Q V5 .3 .. ., Q2 ', ,, I, f. Q! f . fViW,,QZ: K jfbiv k af .W Wwff x, , 'f . ii ff X 'Z 1 . 0 f l 'Ev 3' 4. rl 1 5 ,, N , pf if f ,L I Xiu K ai. 'I a o x " . ' I 0 b t Q H Q Q 'e v O j -n f if 1 ' - -65' 1 Q 1, K emi-3.522 ,I si . Q R- an 'G fi? ek! 1 x 49:2 , fgx if gi-ga B X ...,fi.1w. x f V ., V02 f -fv , !vf3s,. ,,, ,X Vmx 4 . 9 l QW 25 It if fi an ' QK6, 4, fww ,nv sie fi Q tw fa ,v Nl. . xx, 3 U 4: ,V A f '5' 1 ssb ' fur , 54. B ,,. , N ith-AQ' f f V , .W - ,If fi ,S my ,rf M NX r , 1 , ,Y .f,p.,,., , , , V f , ,,,,., f f , . , ff V 4!'W.7!ff"1, if . :,w . y lf the 're liulnmissinners STUDENT BODY PRESIDENTS Bob Harding and Cliff Chisholm S. McSpadden, C. Chisholm T. Grenzbach, M. A. Rubel ff f . X 2 , V .. I." - gf v P W. , 1 M ,, , .9 , cf V . 75, fss. !,.., , V I .M ' . 'T W Viff, QQ., ' ' ij a f 54:91 G -T L fffv . ' f jx! X Z ffy, Af Mfrs W The commissioners are endowed with super-human intelligence . . . the commissioners are wonderfully kind-hearted and overflowing with charity . . . further- more, the commissioners work from dawn to dusk and then some. These modest statements sum up the qualities of University High School,s twelve commis- sioners. Needless to say, they head the list of Unihi's students when it comes to pep and ambitiong they are elected by the rest of the student body every term to serve in the different comrnissionerships for the fol- lowing semester., At meetings presided over by the student body president and Mr. Wadsworth, the corn- missioners plan the school lives of Unihi's pupils. The 1942 fall semester commissioners included John Nickel, Student Employmentg Blair Fictum, Boys' League Presidentg Priscilla Crosby, Publicityg f 4 W ff f M 1 ff A ff? ..,, I, M ffff f, l , ff 4 fi ' 5 , ff f f 5 I B. Fictum H. Goocllrincl Za ,f ' f ,. f n,, ,. is yy ,AW D Z fig B. A'H'r1dge, E. Dvorln I - J. Lotsplech, P. Williams 'fb I , .5 "lf X ' ' if . , l P. Crosby L My 'V fi y, ' j1,35."C,, , s . fe, , Q az- '- gx J. Muller -l H Mx. Q, 1 -1 gn . ' ' ,L , .M 1, ,, 8? ,H ,V if if T ,P 762 . . . , ' K J 5.41.67 . C fy' 'f y , i . fr I4 T C the 've qui in he qnnrl Sally McSpadden, Girls, Recreation, Cliff Chisholm, Boys' Recreation, Ted Grenzbach, Safety, Mary Ann Bubel, Girls' League Presidentg John Lotspiech, Pub- lic Relationsg Doug Miller, Athletics, Beverly Grif- fiths, Scholarship, Helen Darling, Recordsg and Dean Markham, Organizations. Filling these same oflices during the spring semester in just as capable a manner as the fall officers were Pat Williams, Publications, Helene Goodkind, Stu- dent Employmentg Jim Miller, Boys' Recreation, Blair Attridge, Athletics, Eugene Dvorin, Safetyg Barbara Slyh, Girls' Becreationg Darlene Hubbard, Scholarship, J im Jewett, Boys' League President, Herb Cole, Organizationsg Janet Hamer, Girls, League Presidentg Billy Moore, Publicity, and Pat Hamer, Records. R"fv.ffVsw,f,vv-ff' f7"'7", . Zfygimwf ff 4-we Y' I: meh iffzfr-5 Z! if ' ' f. X If J. fn: 7' ' hr ', : 7" G ff J. . . f. .1 w , ,-,, My 4.7 M221 f ff" i -.45 4" ' il ,rf ,M w: , -.yf 4 , O JAQQ X 7' Q ,J , 1- tv V .f i , Q f yfly X f V' X 2 N W . ,aging sf. ffigftx fgcifg J ffm? CVM i iff X W' gf4q I f xv, f f aff 7 ffl' N 'V f Q M ' 4 WWW 'W 4+ J , ,A .f fi f NW A N ?!!xfQZ 1' aww 27? ff! 1 0 15251 f 0 , f X f? 1 4 W 'A W f ,wg it f Y M if - , wfifffifi 4- ,A .gif ggi! 1 , 5 vg ys yy 41 .NZ 5,-ZQXWZ X, M X . X f sy f f??f6Q5l t 4 l w 1 Q .. W f 4? ZZ: Z I . .f .wg Zigi H. Darling, H. Cole J. Nickel, B. Griffiths v sm-1"r'fZ1 Sfifulf ,V ie iff, , i 1 nxiieffr f -' A ,, fy., 1 fy r f AJ- LJ fl. .N Q ' f . f ' . r ' W fiia rw -vw fwi jawn ' D. Miller B. Slyh D. Hubbard Jewe'H- J. Hamer, D. Markham B. Moore, P. Hammer 42, ' ffgm 7, fg N W ' ff '7' Y' 'JW I L mf.-7' 1677 6 , A ifrihz 44, X4 , E. f 04 W 4 Mgr L QM rag fy M Z4 G Zi M f ffl , Z ,QQ Zfflxglf aww f ff , ff0f f if l ff vw 72 f N ff ,ig 6 1,94 if 1 , , . ,fy r, ag if fy! f g If '7' f , .f f 2 ww, Z V, ,Q 3 ' f , f J K ,1 , 4 4 Z et's get associated . . . The hum and scufiie of the enthusiastic boys of Unihi H11 the auditorium with an air of confusion and excitement. Another of the Boys' League assem- blies is in the process of commencing, and the boys are anxious to get things under way. Jimmy Jewett, the spring president of the Boys' League, steps for- ward to the footlights to call the assembly to order and introduce the speaker or subject of entertain- ment for the day. Blair Attridge, the spring vice- president, and Don Stone, who is the secretary and treasurer, are ones to take bows along with the rest, for they too have contributed largely to the progress of the League this past semester. Last fall the Boys, League president was Blair Fictum, who set a high standard of achievement for the boys to live up to. Ennis Scott, the vice-president, made himself popular among his fellow school mates While assisting Blair in his campaign for better life on the reservation. BOYS' LEAGUE PRESIDENTS Jim Jewett and Blair Fictum BOYS' LEAGUE EXECUTIVE BOARD Blair Aftridge, Jim Jeweit, Don Stone Vlfhy do the girls of Unihi have usuperw assem- blies? Why do they have so many excellent boards? The answer is the Girls, League. Every term, four hard-working girls are elected from the student body to be officers of the League. Their tasks begin, under the sponsorship of Miss Darsie, with the organization of the boards. Applications are turned in by girls who wish to be on a board, and the applicants are then assigned to different boards. Last year, League activi- ties included the sponsoring of several fashion shows and two new girls' parties. Fall term officers were Mary Ann Rubel, presidentg Janet Hamer, vice-presidentg ,Ianey Funkhouser, sec- retaryg Nancy Bond, treasurer. Holding these offices during the spring semester were Janet Hamer, Jean Hutchinson, ,Ianey Funkhouser and Nancy Bond, respectively. EXECUTIVE BOARD OF GIRLS' LEAGUE Letitia Matthias, Nancy Bond, Jean Hutchinson, Janey Funkhouser, Janet Hamer I GIRLS' LEAGUE PRESIDENTS Janet Hamer and Mary Ann Rubei GIRLS' LEAGUE BOARD CHAIRMEN First Row: P. Cook, H. Hambiy, P. Heap, A. Cassard, P Kaiser. Second Row: J. Hopper, E. Turner, D. Loiiier, H. S Layne, L. Matthias. Third Row: M. Hotfer, M. Moore B. Davis, M. Hanlrins, P. Miller, M. A. Horton 'l'nl1qI1,hl1t nh sn qentl Under the sponsorship of Mrs. Cozad and Mr. Casey, the Girls' and Boys' Boards of Hearing solve the problems of students and help them to adjust themselves to school activities. As this year's project the Girls' Board sent a repre- sentative to each B10 class, explaining to the girls what they should and should not do While in school, also describing activities in which they could partici- pate, such as social clubs, scholastic society or boards. The Boys' Board assisted bewildered boys in their individual problems, and helped them to create a niche for themselves in the student body. Members of the Girls' Board, Grace Everett, Sid- ney Moore, Claire Freericks, Naoma Childress, Kris Weaver, J une Wright, and Barbara Davis, competent- ly carried out the plans of chairman Letitia Matthias. Members of the Boys, Board were as follows: Eugene Lee, chairman, Doug Allen, Earl Miller, Daryl Arnold, ,lohn Hurford, and ,lack Rubel. BOYS' BOARD OF HEARING First Row: Gary Jarvis, Daryl Arnold. Second Row: Earl Miller, Bob Leonard, Jack Rubel I8 BOARD OF HEARING SPONSORS Mr. Casey and Mrs. Cozad When in ll Late again! Here's your blue slip. Where but from the attendance oHice would these ominous Words eminate? But even with his unpopular verdicts to the tardy scholar, lVlr. Stanton is one of the best-liked members of the school, and no Color Day is complete un- less he is a member of the east. Down the hall from the attendance office, is the counselor's office, here, Mrs. Lombardi advises parents and students about programs, curriculum, classes, and other matters of pro- cedure. She plans, With members of the faculty, the guidance program and checks stu- dents, credits to see that they have fulfilled requirements for graduation, college or trade- school entrance. Mrs. Lombardi is the answer to all questions of programs and credits.'s hlu EVERETT C. STANTON Attendance OHice GIRLS' BOARD OF HEARING First Row: June Wright, Kris Weaver, Leftitia Matthias, Barbara Davis. Second Row: Gracie Everft, Sidney Moore, Naomi Childress, Claire Fredericlcs, Ruta Bielslcis l l MARY ELLEN LOMBARDI Counselor l 9 i5atisfacti Ten cakes, twenty pies, hundreds of salads -thatis Mrs. Ewing going over the dayis menu with infinite care, while the other ladies hustle about, stirring, chopping, and beating in anticipation of the rush of the double lunch hours. Now they are ready with rows of salads, cakes, and puddingsg steaming vege- tables and luscious soup. The flowers on the tables and those lovely arrangements in the oihces came from the nu q uaranteed gardens and work-rooms of Uni. No school in the U. S. is prouder of its grounds, with their green, sloping lawns," cool, shady grove and natural springs. Mr. Little and his staii constantly dig, spade, plant' and irrigate to keep this campus the thing of beauty that it is today, while no less busy are Mr. Boldt and his assistants to whom the school is indebted for the maintenance of cleanliness and order both inside and outside the buildings. CUSTODIANS First Row: A. Boldt, W. Zaiman, M. Little, "Joe". Second Row: W. Grotiean, L. Brown, C. Taylor, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Donnell, O. Wilderman. Third Row: R. Hawkins, S. Pagter, J. Walton, L. Perdue, J. Wilson, G. Wright, C. Jenkins, J. Connelly. Dietetically non-fattening, says Mrs. Ewing CAFETERIA STAFF First Row: F. Gallic, A. Wildau, M. Hunt, Mrs. Hall, Mrs. Bradshaw, M-rs. Ewing, M. Burgess, B. Morris, M. Shelley, A. Morris, L. Kennedy. Second Row: G. Greddy, M. Hodgson, P. Schmiti, P. Rodgers, Mrs. Mann, Mrs. Vinyon, J. Sterling, D. Shaver, B. Howard, F. Cavanee, F. Raymond. Third Row: P. Gray, B. Derwin, G. Burris, R. Peterson, J. Bollero, R. Meyers, Mrs. Cummings, C. Rodgers, L. Toscano, T. Houchen, E. Sattinger, L. Evans, R. Warman, R. Dodson 20 lin fumble, nn qrumhl Gracious custodians of the main oHice, Miss Stevens and Miss Dunlap Miss Coinon patiently counts thousands of books, while Miss Patrick keeps the records straight May I have some paper? Can you stencil this test? Have you change for a dollar? Did anyone find a leather jacket? May I get a car book? Are the tickets on sale here? are a few of the questions that students and teachers bring to the offices of Unihi every hour of the school day. Miss Dunlap oiiiciates as Mr. Wvadsworthis secretary, and she and Miss Stevens efficiently conduct the main oHLice, Where the entire school goes for advice, information, and helpg Miss Colnon has charge of the hook room and assists in the libraryg Mrs. Patrick keeps records and other- wise helps in both Mr. Stanton's and Mrs. Lombardiis oflicesg while Mr. Fife runs the student store and has charge of all school finances. Unihi's finances are insured with Mr. Fife. W , I, , . lxk' J V, . A 533 SR -N , N 1, ,. ' x y I A A x. ru, 'S, jfU11,X QI If yxilfi I X- P Pi X N' f- ' - ' 'K-AAL. . 3 ...x , .,"'Y '-'Thi' 'xl' r W' "Q, X' f K N-.3 JJ- 4 lf-. Nl 6 ,Mx . X: . :AN izgxl. XJQ, Q ' v 6 LL lxlvkib i,'x-lubigbiy.. TQ,-'fr U . X K ii 72 9-"MSS K? AL L' " Elk' ' ' "I 5a'wL1Qe,' :P 3 1 C7 CLLQS, Lu: Tcl. .,1i,fi. 1 f ' 1-Tr .'i'1f-44.1-,A-Q' Lai my I i . H Y 5 Q B No -Ya! m 3,2 71 f- cle? 3'-' -pfyxny J-Sw W' . I' Lvxgfpvb NN W ayff ZF G? 5 'ix Wx! H7 WCM . W M wr? 615' H ALJW ' ' -W ieofgiaff by M -NT' , ,ff 98' F1265 f My -Gaping X Afjfgwmibv N 5 ,MAJ A.,., KCMQL AM Public education the hulwarla nf democracy w ,L 4 " w' W O My U 4 1 'I vw. L- -nw K 3 a ,, 4 , . , ,W V 4' v,,:L4qh , ki 'iv ' I 1-1 J' ,fua?Q"' A ' s I 'YR , alier Capers I I kt if R. '- wr ABOVE: WHILE STROLLING THROUGH THE PARK ONE DAY UPPER RIGHT: A STAR IS BORN LOWER RIGHT: GOOD TO THE LAST DROP BELOW: LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION! ,f f , ff jk I . f' 'xy SIMM , W ,avr vm , 1, if Af iliiyiq JE 'Z H X ,W fm The qa II aliers... Last fall, to the eyes of the innocent bystanders on University l-ligh's campus came an amazing sight. Wonderful creatures who seemed to give forth a heavenly radiance strolled from class to class, garbed in maroon colored sweaters with glowing white em- blems. No, these were not gods, but mighty Cavaliers, class of Winter '42, Though they left Unihi all too soon, memories re- main of afield day" on the third of December, of Colin Simpson, class president during their B 12 term, and Phil Diamond, A 12 term president, of the Cavalier Capers, the Seniors, super-production pre- sented on '4Color Day", October the iifteenthg and the traditional Senior breakfast, a huge success, which was held on Friday morning, January the twenty-third. The Cavaliers will always remember with affection their hard-working class sponsors, Mrs. Johnson and Mr. Ramey, and the prom given in their honor by the B 12 class, the Marines, on January 16, 191112. CAVALIER CLASS SPONSOR Mrs. Johnson SEALBEARERS First' Row: Elly Henreiner, Lorraine Weber, Connie Cooke, Janice Meilstrup, Barbara Ryan. Second Row: Joe Thomas, Tom Burns Richard Levy, Waiter Loy, Tom Yamada, David Hardy, Phil Diamond CAVALIER OFFICERS Phil Diamond, president: Marilyn Bradford, vice- presidentg Betfy Anderson, secretary: Bruce Young, vice-president EPHEBIANS Phil Diamond, Johnny Lofspiech, Mary Ann Rubel, Bob Harding During the Cavaliers' last term at University High School, officers of the class included Bruce Young, boys' vice-president, Marilyn Bradford, girls, vice- presidentg Betty Anderson, secretary, and Tom Burns, treasurer. Final memory of the Cavaliers was their gradua- tion day. Commencement began at four oiclock, Wed- nesday afternoon, January 28, 1942. Six memorable speeches were given by lVlarylin Bradford, Constance Cooke, David Hardy, Walter Loy, Thomas Yamada, and Philip Diamond. Following this, the Ephebians, honor students of each class, were presented. Cavalier Ephebians were the following pupils: Robert Hard- ing, outgoing student body president, Mary Ann Bubel, Phillip Diamond and John Lotspiech. Seal- bearers were as follows: Constance Cooke, Phillip Diamond, David Hardy, Elly Hinreiner, Laura Jen- nings, Richard Levee, Janice Meilstrup, Barbara Ryan, Joseph Thomas, and Lorraine Weber. Thus ended the final chapter of life at uUnihi" for the Cavaliers, YVVL2, leaving memories to the faculty, the student body and the Cavaliers themselves. BETTY ANDERSON RHODA ANDERSON WILMA ANDREWS KATHLEEN ASELTINE RAE ASHMAN MARY ATKINS MARY BALDWIN WESTLEY BARBER f, , I' pm JOHN BENNETT ' BARBARA BLAISDELL CONCHITA BOWMAN COLLEEN some JACOUELINE BRADFORD MARILYN BRADFORD DAVID BRETHERTON MARJORIE BRINKMAN DONALD BROMLEY DOROTHY BRUCE ff K f fff fvgf Qf X A V, ,f ffw , . A ' .2-f yf' Aw, V n fa," , nf A. j ,I ,gf 4 'ARR ' . A jf' ' kfygfff jg 1' Y WM DAVID BRUNSON THOMAS BURNS KATHERINE BUTLER WILFORD CAMPBELL RICHARD CARPENTER FRANCES CARR NATHANIEL CHARNLEY RICHARD CHENOWETH DONALD ICLARK MARGARET CLARK ELINOR CLEVERLY CHARLES COBB PAUL CONVEY ALICE COOK CONSTANCE COOKE PHYLLIS COTTER JOAN 'COU LTER RICHARD DANCER ROBERT DAY f A LUCILLE DEPLER A w . ANTHONY DE VIVO 52 2 vff, I fa , ,I PHILIP DIAMOND -7, ffgf I I I LLOYD DIXON Y " WM? MAXINE DOVER I- I PHYLLIS DRIGGS I REX FERGUSON sYLvYA FRAKES ' 4 DON FRASER V .5 .,.f I 2' , ' IIII FRED HANTSCH ROBERT HARDING DAVID HARDY CHARMIENNE HARKER EUGENIA HARMON AIKO FUKUDA HARRY GILLINGWATER PAUL GINTHER GLORIA GLEIFORST JUNE HALE LELAND HENDERSON GENEVRA HENLEY JOHN HEWSON DALE HEWSON ALMA HIGGINS ELLY HINREINER JOHN HOLMES ANNA HOLT DAVID HUYCKE ROY INBODY TOM ISHII GALE JACKSON YOSHINO JENIYE LAURA JENNINGS MILDRED JONES DOROTHY JUDD TERUHA KAWAHARA LOIS LANDSTROM ,iff 11,6 Z fm I f M ffl f f 7 4 f Z ffm, Q I' yy f ff l ff f M X! X ,,,, X , . Z Q I My f f I W ,ga 1 f f' ff, Z I M ' A Q' E , QW 'f 33,24 f :V Q' hl if ,, .Q if MQ T' ' 'fi LL IIVV , ,, I. Lf, f M W D'.if I bu fl fl , Z ff .I RICHARD LEVEE JOHN LOTSPIECH WALTER LOY JAMES LUCEY ,,,v i Biff ff, .LZ 7 V . , Mfg? ALAN MacFARLANE f- . A I DEAN MARKHAM ,,WL . 73 f I JEANETTA MARSHALL xl, , ROSE MAssER ' ' LL 4, YUTAKA MATsuMoTo BARBARA MCCRALCKEN MARJIORIE MCDONALD BARBARA MCINNES RUBY McIVOR SALLY McSPADDEN JANICE MEILSTRUP DOUGLAS MILLER MARYBELLE MILLER JESSIE MITCHELL W! f f X MQW Z f .W K I , " IIXI f, fi AW 'ff 2, A f,"'f5e,-f'- 1 ' , K-JS fl ff' f ,y A IB... yfgfffw , 'M JACK MONTAGUE HENRY MURDOCK BETTY ANN MYRON SAMIYO NAKA CAROL NEWCOMB LOUIS NICHOLS KAY NISHI JEWELL OGLE STANLEY OSWALT BETTY PARRISH IDA PERIN JAMES POLLMAN PHILIP POULIN SUE POWERS LA VAUGHN RANDLES If C f L , . ,,,,, I , 51: I I I ' U 9 I ff' " I . , I 'f"Y 2gZ'?' - ' ,, 5 I f , S ,, I . G , W , X f ML Q ,f E ' ' " . . x -,x'S N,Rf ,M ,I 'H-' v ,' 'MK . ' -I-W 'QE aa? . ' N 'wr LAURENCE SMITH WILLIAM SORENSON ROBERT STAPLETON ANNE STICKNEY MARTHA STRATTON GEORGE STROOP PATRICIA STROOP DONALD SUMMERS JOSEPH THOMAS BETTY TICE GERALD TLAPA SUMAKO TOKUNAGA MARY TORRES ELINOR TRESSELT GORDON TYNER MARJORIE URICH PETER VALDEZ JOHN VAN GORDER CHARLES VAUGHN SIDNEY WALLACE BETTY WATKINS LORRAINE WEBER GORDON WILLIS f ,,,.. V A-.nh .I ,, fi fgg w - 'Vt' ""' ' ., I Nag ,f-X ., up 1 X J f A 3 I 2 ' LOWANE RINGO HARRY RITCHIE WILLIAM ROBERTSON MARY ANN RUBEL BARBARA RYAN RAUL SANCHEZ THOMAS SANCHEZ JACK SAUER FREDERICK SAWAHATA LUELLA SAYE GRANT SCHOONOVER BARBARA SELIG EDWARD SHEA PAUL SHELTON STANLEY SIMMONS COLIN SIMPSON DELVENE SMART GEORGE SMITH I , f 4 1 4' I .4 fax J , M 5 SHN Typ ,, X T, : ,Vx :ge Vg Jim, 'Lfz'X ...f--iv' Y 'iff ' ,M ,,A, K I ,,, 'Y , aw f f s,,T"3'v,. Q ,, - ,W 5,.,fX , I, 1,673 PE f i 'A n fx A30 A, ?i ,Q 1 T ELIZABETH WINSTON MARGARET WOEHLER GORDON YAMADA MARY YORKE BRUCE YOUNG JEAN YOUNG GILBERT ZAMORA fy 'f .y E 1 I L TU 9 W 'Q ,u KN V' A X . Y 'X by If T, I T " ' wk 'X lj 1 X ,ff U A I XX ig, ' X1 ,ff My K T XBJ yff . 3 I f Q ff 3 O U he iqhiy arine A trumbet blares, a bugle sounds, and, as the stu- dents bow low, a mighty Marine passes through their midst. This was life at Unihi during summer 742. The Marines, gleaming White sweaters and delicately tanned faces have gone into the wide cruel world, but the halls of Unihi are still filled with memories of them. Only a few of these memories are recorded here. Every class is best noted for its Color Day produc- tion because it is that which gives a clear picture of the personalities and talents of its students. The glorious hour that brought giggles and cheers from the rest of the student body on March thirteenth will be remembered as one of the most successful Color Days ever to appear on Unihi's stage. Under the enthusiastic sponsorship of Miss Willkie and Mr. Des Rochers, the Marines elected civic- minded members of their class to be their oflicers. During the B12 term they were Earl Case, president' 7 7 Hazel Dodson, girls, vice-presidentg ,lim Jewett, boys MARINE CLASS SPONSORS Mr. Des Rochers and Miss Wilkie SEALBEARERS First Row: Darlene Hubbard, Nancy Gordon, Nancy Hart, Shirley Dellinger, Muriel Herzog, Barbara Davis, Marjorie Hutchinson Second Row: Beverly Gritfiths, Margery Johnson, Alice Cassard, Betty Jensen, Yulciye Teshiba, Sadalco Goto, P'at Liliedahl, Patty Heap Third Row: Roger Block, Richard Harris, Bill Inge, Johnstone Whitely, David Caldwell. Bob Cooling, Jere Nutting Seated: Eugene Lee, Janet Hamer, Helen Johnson, 'Cliff Chisholm, Barbara Davis, Bob Cooling. Standing: David Caldwell, PaH'y Heap vice-president, Helen Johnson, secretary, and Patty Heap, treasurer. Holding these same offices during the Marines, A12 term were Ed Binck, president, Helen Johnson, girls' vice-president, Dan Andes, boys, vice-president, Bill Inge, treasurer, and Carmen Elliot, secretary. When the time draws near for a class to graduate, recognition is given for outstanding work and activi- ties to some of the graduating students. Every term, several of these students are chosen to he Ephebians. They are pupils who have shown the greatest success throughout their years at University High School in studies, civic duties and social activities. From the Marine class, ten Ephebians were chosen: Beverly Grifliths, David Caldwell, Patty Heap, Cliff Chisholm, Eugene Lee, Bob Cooling, Janet Hamer, Barbara Davis, Helen Johnson and Ben Adams. The Ameri- can Legion also gives an award to one boy and -one girl from each graduating class. The two Marines to receive this award were Darlene Hubbard and Dan Andes. The social affairs which brighten every senior year were successful occasions for the Marines. Enjoyed by all who attended were the senior breakfast, afield dayi' and the senior prom given by the Lancers in honor of the Marine Class on June the twelfth. Sadly, on June the nineteenth, the Marines said their goodbyes and expressed their feelings at their impressive graduation. Members of this patriotic class who gave speeches to say farewell were David Caldwell, Bert Hickman, June Raymond, Ed Rinck and Helen Johnson. EPHEBIANS MARINE OFFICERS Bill Inge, Ed Rinclr, Helen Johnson, Carmen Elliot, Dan Andes BENEDICT ADAMS EDWARD ADAMS GERALDINE ALAERS SAM ALDRICH ALLAN ALTSCHULER BERNICE AMLING PAULA AMLING ELWOOD ANDERSON MILAND ANNIS JOYCE ANDERSON DAN ANDES BILLIE ANDREJESKI JOHN ANDRES JOE ARNOLD TED ASHCROFT HERBERT BAIN BOB BALDWIN BEVERLY BARBER PHYLLIS BARRIER BARBARA BARTON LYNN BASSEL MARTHA JEANNE BAYER JA-CK BEARMAN REYNOLDS BECKWITH ARNO BEHR RUTA BIELSKIS JACK BISHOP MARY JANE BLACKMORE ANITA BLAISDELL BETTY BLAISDELL LAVONE BLAZEK DELPHINE BLOESER ELDEN BRENDT will DONALD CARPENTER CAROLYN CARR PAT CARRUTHERS EARLE CASE ALICE CASSARD BOB CASWELL TED CHAMPION MIKIKO CHIKASAWA CLIFF CHISHOLM CARRIE LU CONNER BOB COOLING KIETH CORTNEY DILLON COX PRISCILLA CROSBY JIM CROWLEY ARTHUR CURTIS EDWARD CURTISS DANIEL DAILEY WALTER DAILEY GEORGE DALE JACK DALTON BRIAN DALY FRANCES DANIELS ROGER BLOCK ' JIMMIE BOLLERO' NORMAN BRAINE BILL BRINGHAM MURIEL BRINK MONFORD BROOKS CALVIN BROWN MURIEL BROWN TOM BRUBECK AMAN DA BU RGESS JOHN BURTON LINDEN BURZELL FEMMY BYLAND VICTOR CAIN DAVE CALDWELL MARY 'CALLAHAN MARGARET CAMPBELL DON CARMICHAEL 'JZ HELEN DARLING BILL DAVIDSON BARBARA DAVIS ROBERT DAVIS SHIRLEY DELLINGER MARGUERITA DELLIOUADRI TOM DENNISON JANET DETRICK HAZEL DODSON RODNEY DONKIN GLORIA DORIA FAYE DOUGHTIE GENIE DOUGHTIE JEAN DOWNIE JIM DRAKE ANNETTE DRENNEN PATSIE DUNLAP BARBARA DURBIN BOB DWIGHT DION EAST JEAN ELDRIDGE CARMEN ELLIOTT WALTER ESCHERICH GRACE EVERETT PAUL EWERT MILDRED FAUNCE HARRY FERNANDEZ ELMER FETZER BLAIR FICTUM MARY LOU FISHER A DON FLAHERTY IVAN FLATT CHARLES FLITTON JACK DIAMOND ROGER HAKES RUTHELAINE HALL HOPE HAMBLY JANET HAMER GLORIA HAMMER PAT HAMMER MILDRED HANKINS HARRIET HANSON CHARLES HARMON RICHARD HARRIS DICK HARRISON NANCY HART FRANCIS HARTLEY PATTY HEAP DICK HEARN MURIEL HERZOG BERT HICKMAN VIOLA HILEMAN VIRGINIA HINDMAN MILTON HODGSON MARY ANN HORTON DARLENE HUBBARD BOB FOREMAN PATTIE FOX KENNETH FRANKLIN L. B. FREDERICK ANTONIO FURTIVO FRANCIS GALLIO MILDRED GIBSON BUD GILL TED HELENE GOODKIND NANCY GORDON SADAKO GOTO NORMAN GOTTFREDSON JOH N GRAVES MARJORIE GREGG GRENZBACH PAULINE GREVE BEVERLY GRIFFITHS NANCEE GROSJEAN ,auf SHIRLEY KAPLAN DON KELLEY WANONA KETCHIE WALTER KUESDER DAVID KING JUANITA KING BARBARA KLINE 'CARROLL KNUTSON BILL KOSSACK BETH JUNE LAMB HAROLD LANDON YVONNE LAPOINTE JOAN LAPP JOHN LARRINAGA EUGENE LEE LETITIA MATTHIAS SID McDONALD MARTHA McELROY ROD McGANN JACK McGILL LILLIE MIHARA ANN MILLER JIM MILLER PEGGY MILLER WESLEY MILLER SHIGEO MINABE CATHERINE MITCHELL SIDNEY MOORE ANITA MORRIS PIERRE MOYNIER KENNETH MYERS NORMAN LEISHMAN PAT LILJEDAHL PHIL LINDEN HAROLD LISCHNER HARRY LOGAN SVEN LOKRANTZ AGNES JOHNSON DOROTHY LOVELACE BETTY LUDWIG ' MARGARET LUNSFORD BILL MacINNES ALASTAIR McLEOD JUNE MANNING MARKLAN MANNING MURIEL MANSELL TADASHI MASAOKA WANDA MASON HAROLD MATHEWS MARILYN NAKAYA GORDON NELSON JOHN VONEEDA NEWTON NICKEL DOROTHY NORDINE GERALD N UTTI NG RUTH OLSSON MARGARET O'NEILL AUDREY OSSENBECK RICHARD PAPAZIAN KERRY PARKINSON PAT PARSLOW PAT PARRISH SAM PARKS IRENE PASSARELLI GORDON PAXON BILLIE RAE PEACOCK BOB PEARCE JEANNE PINCKNEY VIRGINIA POTTER NANETTE POULIN RUTH PRATT JANET PROUDFOOT JUNE RAYMUND RENEE REIFEL BETTY RHEIN DICK RICE LAVERNE RICHARDS CROCKETT RIDDELL EDWARD RINCK RACHEL RIVERA ISABEL ROBIN BETTY RUMER JACK RUTTER 'CLAIRE RYDER LAURA SABATINO GILBERT SANCHEZ RUDOLPH SCHAEFER ELIZABETH SCHMITZ JACKIE SCHRODER JOAN SPOWERS MAX STARRY RUDOLPH STASBERG , SHIRLEY MAE STENSLAND JEANNE STIER BETTY STILLWELL EMORY STINICHCOMB BOB STOTTS SHIRLEE MAE SUMMERIL ARNOLD SUTHERLAND CATHERINE SUTHERLAND WYMAN SWINDELL BARBARA ANN TATE VIRGINIA TEBBETTS STANLEY THORSEN BOB TITUS TOM TOKUDA GEORGE B. TOME HAROLD TORNOUIST DONALD VAN OLINDA WENDELL VENTELUTH ARTHUR VILLASENOR RICHARD WALKER ENNIS SCOTT DICK SERES DOROTHY SHACKLETON MARILYN SHELLEY IDA SHIMIZU JOHN SAKIOKA EDWARD SHOEMAKER HAROLD SCHULT JERRY SIEGEL LOIS SICKNER BARBARA SLYH ALBERT SMITH LEWIS SMITH MARION SMITH ROBERT BURR SMITH ROD SMITH JIM SNYDER JUNE SNYDER .6 ff' x ,- ISR V I - , , JJ' XL J ?X2'fxijjJfj if SX IL I T5 kf I b X I J RACHELLE WALLACE if h df I I Bos WARDWELL H QI I! ,fx KRIS WEAVER Ik I I JI RJ 47 A IQ JI ' If If iw BILLIE JUNE WELLS yi XJ MARY WEMBRIDCE ya I I! 1 II wif JANET WESTBU RG DIWJ E -7 fd! ETTA WHITBECK ,II ' A I XIII ,Ijjilf 1.14 If Q ' I IA' git ijt EROY WHITE I ' i f JOHNSTONE WHITLEY ,I .I I. JAMES WHITMER Q f"! DORIS WILLCERCTH FRANK WHITE L A I 2 j H JJ, X, JACK WIL ELM I ,Ii HAL WILRINS fl' A HELEN WILHOITE I I XI, XT ff jlcyfgjff , f BARBARA WILLIAMS H JI-I PATRICIA WILLIAMS ' BETTY WILLIS R....,. .,.... .LC- 1l11.............1, LEL. Li-1, W.. Exvv ...i... .V....-.........,...m......l.............1 MIGNON WILSON PHYLLIS WISEMAN PAT WOODWARD BETSY WOODWORTH CORALIE WRIGHT JUNE WRIGHT ROBERT WRIGHT JERRY WYSS BEVERLY YOUNGBERG RUTHELLEN ZIMMEHT PATRICIA ZOLL LUCY CARRILLO BOB GUTHRIE MARY LINDGREN YUKIYE TESHIBA There qu the seniors over The land, Through The air, and mon The sea 43 ....e.,..,,, I , , V x lv I x i X A sf VV ,V V , awww V 2 V 1 5 f V f 4? - V - 5 Y ' ,. ' V., fi 1 f si 1-:ss g 1'2" fi- il ij ' 'fy ' ,' W Q W V . V' 1, ,X f , W, E V , 6, l , ,E 7, A ' 4 f s R V' f , I X' M , 4 6 Q ,,. 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'Q ,': :1V -nf-lffgf 'V V' c 'V 'fm ,msec V ws 4 V ls A Q , ,I 5 Q: , If ,L 1 Q - V Via, , egg? f 1 4' f ' L -Q V. ,Vg , ' , V -W f-V - , . 1 . ,, x KV of , Q V , fa 1 V g V N ,V ..,,, , , , 2 I V, M' X VZ , 'S V - M, , , W ,A , AV, ,, , ,, ,W , . V V . W W V.-.4....-...V- ......4u Alanis, Alberl Almo, Talsuyo Alvarado, Maria Askey, Jane Babcock, Alex Bennelrl, Roselle Binninger, Arlhur Brooks, Monlford Burgess, Gwen Carr, Malcolm Qrofl, Ken Day, Travis Delgado, Dolores Denbigh, Don Devlin, Palli ' Dursl, John Dvorin, Eugene Evans, Eveline Farrell, Barbara Ferris, Jackie Garcia, Maria George, Clarence Glenn, Georgia Goelz, Fred Gorman, David Harkins, Slanley Hawkins, Bob Haya shida, Masao Hernandez, Toby Herron, Slephen Holmes, Roger Horne, Palricia Householder, Juanila Hudson, Dick Hunl, Mildred Kelso, Frank Kibby, Lorraine Kiken, Merilyn Kleinberger, Merpi Kuhl, Inga Leilch, Jim Lindsey, Don Lisso, Sue Lowy, Marcelia Mac Donald, Pauline McKenna, John Milchell, Frank Milsueda, Chiako Milsuuchi, Mary Moore, Bill Peeler, Roberl Pegram, Dick Place, John Plolkin, David Pralher, Marian Rogers, Miles Rosen, Linda Rosenberg, Joyce ' Ross, Bob Sanscn, Richard Smilh, Helen Snook, Frank Slepenson, Don Slolp, Clyde Sweel, Marian Van Meler, Jolene Villasenor, Eslher Wada, Masako Walker, Belly Ann Ware, Beverly Wollard, Dorolhy Yenlsch, Mary Youhill, Francis Faiardo, Joe Baca, Aurelio Bailey, Doris Beamish, Doug Beniamin, Jeanne Beniamin, Joyce Cash, Romie Chikasawa, Mieko Childress, Naoma Conklin, Paula Crawford, Wayne Dillenbeck, Joe Dollard, Jack Drummond, Rosemary Dumas, Jeanie Dunbar, Lee Fickelsl, Lauren Finney, Brandon Finney, Ed Frank, Janel Freericks, Claire Graner, Lucille Grobon, Bob Grodske, DoVn Grushon, Jim Hann, Dorolhy Herschensohn, Violel Herlzog, Heber Hilperl, Barbara Hoak, Andrew Hoffer, Marguerile lsago, Masao Johnson, Barlon Johnson, Ed Kakahashi. Yoshio Kanegai, Tom La Pielra, Frank Larson, Roma La Sarge, Charles Lasky, Howard Layman, Bill Mac Nair, John Macwilliams, Helene Main, Dorolhy McDonald, Marion McKean, Waller Nielo, lmelda O'Byrne, Olivine Odahara, George Panlell, Margaret Parker, Leland Pruill, Barbara Reeves, Barbara Ringo, Mary Ellen Rix, Ann Rodgers, Peylon Scammel, Annelle Schmilz, Paul Shoff, Elfrieda Shulman, Deborah Simmons, Isabelle Talberl, Connie Tamaki, Helen Tuck, Richard Ulven, Carmelila Upham, Chesler Websler, Bob Whilllesey, Palricia Wildau, Alice Willis, Mac Wood, Belly Ann All Albacler, Malcomb Allen, Douglas Allen, Louis Anderson, Donald Apalalegui, Berlha Baggoll, Charles Bagley, Virginia Bailey, Monle Baker, Beverly Bauman, Roland Billings, Seymour Bily, Milena Bishop, Brian Bissiri, Bob Body, Alice Brooks, Barbara Brown, Belly Brown, Kalhryn Buchanan, Jane Buehler, Joyce Calder, Ann Callahan, Fred Campanelli, Slephen Campbell, Bob Campbell, Dorolhy Chew, Marilyn Chrislian, Clarence Chrislensen, Joyce Clark, Gloria Clark, Virginia Combs, Gloria Connolly, Palsy Cook, Eva Cook, Harry Cook, Laurie Cross, Fred Crowder, Dorolhy Ciulberlson, Waller Cunningham, Tom Curran, Mary Dean, Sallie De Ryk, Jeanelle Dewy, Carlelon Diamond, Elaine Donohue, Daphne Dunbar, Mary Ebersole, Barbara Ecki, Bill Eddins, Jack Edwards, lrene Fels, Ann Ford, Rila Frazer, Frank Freeland, Bill Freeman, Barbara Fullerlon, Belly Funkhouser, Janey Garcia, Reynaldo Garfield, Lawrence Garrechl, Carrol Glall, Millon Goforlh, Hugh ' Gonzales, Tony Gormley, Leslie Graves, Roberl Haddad, James Hallman, Pal Hamillon, Lyman Hammond, Merris Hammond, Norma Hala, Margarel A Halch, Alberl Heinmiller, Belly Helms, Marguerile Henderson, Roberl Arlhur, Jeanne Arlo, Maxine Allridge, Blair Auld, Dean Ayres, Belly Beck, Jeanne Beckwilh. Blair Begley, Fred Bennell. Wanda Billings, Dick Bond, Nancy Bonduranl, Jean Breslow, Marlc Bridgeman, Shirley Brookes, Evelyn Burgess, Dorolhy Burgess, William Burkard, Charlolle Burris, Gilberl Buller, June Campbell, Joe Carpenler, Russell Cavanee, Frank Chapman, Edgar Chase, Bob Clearwaler, Janel- C-lork, Lynn Cochenour, Jean Cole, Herb 'Coleman, Dick Corekin, Edward Coronel, Annie Cox, William Coyne, Eugene Crilly, Bill Danielson, Raymond Davidson, Jeane Davis, Alvin Davis, Duslin Day, Joan Doud, James Dover, Wilfred Drazan, Doris Driver, Edgar Droeger, lrmine Edwards, Jack Ehnerl, Gordon Escobar, Nellie Falselli, Lena Farris, Bealrice Friedlander, Dorolhy Friend, Harvey Frimel, Bill Frilz, Ann Fuiioka, Bob Gee, Hing Gick, La Vida Gilrulh, Belly Gilsenan, Peler Ginsburg, Joan Gray, Roberl Greenblall, Arlhur Grilfilh, Allen Grim, Cornelia Gunn, Pally Harker, Harlan Harris, Kennelh Harlwig, Karl Harvey, Hiram Hassell, Marilyn Hendricks, Ardelle Hensley, Mary Herrioll, Peggy Herweg, Francis Hickerson, Virginia f- iw ff!! , X .K .5 4. use 1 v- SCL riff? 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Donald Ball, Fern Balhrick, Keller Beem, Jeannie Beer, Mary Beers, Harriell Bell, Palricia Birkell, Bruce Blackwell, Jack Blevens, Virginia Blondfield, Carol Boggs, Joan Brown, Dick Brown, Waller Browne, Marilyn Broyles, Roberl Bruce, Harry Campanelli, Rosie Campbell, Clarice Canly, Rulh Cardenas, Manuel Carlelon, Herberl Champion, David Chandler, Jean Clharles, Tim Chrislian, Ted Church, Carlos Clark, Shirlie Clark, Vivian Clawson, Dolores Cole, James Cooling, Richard Corso, Henry Cox, Bonnie Cox, Joyce Creekbaum, Barbara Crofi, Sammy Cvirka, Alma Dale, Glen Daniels, Louise Darrin, Jacqueline Dauley, Geraldine Dion, Craig Doke, Ben Douglas, Marilyn DuqueHe, Nancy Eckenbrechf, Theresa Elsner, Bonnie Enos, Roberi' Erickson, Donna Erwin, Lois Faunce, Lois Franklin, Don French, Bob Friedson, Merelyn Frilz, Claire Fry, Janice Gonzales, Carlos Gonzales, Cruzifa Gollfredson, Colleen Graddy, Grover Gradillas, Carlos Gross, Fanchon Grosslighi, Faye Guisness, Berf Guymon, Bob Guynn, Jeanelie Haley, Alice Hall, Carolee Hambly, Earlene Hambly, Norris Hammond, Bob Hawkins, Madalene Hendree, Janis Henry, Bill Hesnaull, Jack Hewson, Barbara Hoffman, Herberl Hoffman, Howard Hoque, Bill Hollcarn, Joyce Holman, Dale Howard, Bill Howden, James Hunfer, Palricia Hurford, John Hymer, Barbara Kalloch, Dorofhy Karrenbrock, Richard Kealey. 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' P 1 4 - 2 50 Lexau, Dorothy Lindenstein, Benny Lindgren, Justine Logan, John Loomis, Sara MacLennan, Margaret Mahana, Barbara Mann, Bob Manning, Lillian Marlow, Vernon Mayer, Leo Mayo, Luther McDermid, Harry McDonald, Earl McEntire, Jane Meloth, Bud Miller, Sharlene Mills, Leslie Motfilrt, Bill Molloy, Mona Moss, Marilyn Mounds, Tracey Moynier, Billy Mulholland, Ralph Neiswanger, Jean Noble, Mariorie Nomura, Fuiiko Norgard, Ella O'Brien, Donna Odahara, Grace Perkins, Dick Peters, Tommy Petersen, Mary Peterson, Robert Powell, Lamond Pratt, Joan Pritchard, Jack Ray, Gene Reed, June Riggen, Allen Riggs, Bill Roberts, Jack Robertson, James A. Roepke, Lauretta Sallet, Evelyn Sammons, Cynthia Sampson, Bettie Sapien, Luis Sarlis, Jeanette Selover, Helen Shaver, Richard Shaw, Bette Shimizu, Helen Shumate, Kent Smith, Corrine Smith, Georgia Smith, George Smith, Laurra Starkey, Ruth Stod,dard, Rukard Struble, Janet Sullivan, Bill Summeril, Ralph Summers, Kermit Tanner, Geraldine Tanner, Robert Tatreaylt, Barbara Tavarez, Bennie Tebbe, Letitia Tomson, Kay Torres, Zita Toscano, Luis Travers, David Underwood, Roland Losman, Marian Lovett, Bella Loye, Joan Lunney, Helen Mabry, Beverly Marsh, Bill Marshall, Eugene Martin, Martha Mason, Beverly May, Jeanne McFadden, Jack McGinnis, John McKay, Helen McKay, Jim McKee, Raymond Moon, Nancy Moore, Rosemary Morey, Margaret Morimoto, Irene Morris, Barbara Newcomb, Fred Newman, Richard Nichols, Warren Nixon, Don Ostermann, Ray Ota, Mary Otis, Wanda Painter, MargaretV Papiro, Pete Phillips, Dorothy Phillips, Gladys Pisciotta, Alyce Plank, Ruby Potter, Raymond Reyes, Gilbert Richards, George Rice, Patricia Rice, Virginia Riddick, Roger Rosson, Robert Round, Kenneth Ryan, Pat Ryder, Joyce Sakata, Florence Sattinger, lrwin Savarino, Philip Schmuch, Heidi Schrader. Willie Schupp, Gloria Simank, Elaine Simpson, Elmore Skeate, Dennis Slaale, George Smart, Donna Starry, Della Steele, Forrest Stevens, Mary Steward, Melvin Stewart, Doyle Sundlee, Alan Sutton, Elliott Takemura, Martha Takimoto, Minoru Talbert, Arthur Tebbelts, Theodore Thackaberry, John Thomas, Geraldine Thomas, Robert Thompson, Johnny Villa, Nellie Villasenor, Raoul Voelker, Edward Volz, John Walker, David Wallers. 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Durham, Roberfa Easley, Roberl Farrer, John Feeney, Merelyn Fendler, Eileen Haney, Nancy Hanson, Gladys Harris, Tom Harfwell, Laurie Hasiings, Jerry Hervey, James Hiney, Jack Hogan, Berfy Holland, Harvey Horning, Roberl Johnson, Allen Johnson, Jan Jung, Alberta Kafz, Milfon Kendall, Frances Kvaas, William Kvanviq, Jeaneife Lallemenl, Roberf La Voie, Joan Lind, Joyce Mariin, Buddy Marlinez, Rudolph Malsumofo, Cheffy Mascara, Pairicia Masf, Margareffe Miller, Earl Miller, Thomas Morales, Roberl' Moriyama, Tom Mosher, Edwin Oniiveros, Virginia Orfis, Paz Parramore, Joe Parris, Glen Perrin, Nancy Reddy, Gordon Roberts, Copifola Roberts, Palricia Rondone, Chrisfine Rondone, Marie M, was .I I . iff R51 i - -'vc I - I , ' 1 ' fi sv R ' Z ffi 9 . ,.a Y' I ' , Ia .,,, 1 ' 3, ' gf 3, . we fini.-as 'Z' "" I3 ' ' 2 ff Q Fil "1 . . 41- typ: - 1 sy . ,I 5 j '-9: , YDWII- Q , MWXM 'I X, A .4 1' I A, S+ ' ' Y - . iw X 'I .I f f Q0 L K 53 .Q UA.. , . T I ff X I ,, . I . -A 4. 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Q . If f ' rs f 'W w , , V 'sf ZW V . an S ' 4 ' M 5 'K' 'S Z! ' 'X LZ uf! ,f Q 5 Q , V' 1 3 4 M 7 ' ' ,, W X, , , ' f 5: if 5 , f W mx. .,, ' . 1" 317, V 1, '- lh J Wfiwfwlvwfkf f ff , f of f I f Q ff ' 4 f 4 , rfffiv K W O 'ff " X, 5 2 " fi ' an 'X S A as is ' -r mf, ,,,-ff 6 ,pf f, , s , .4 f ' - I, , , , nj. ' ff, 1 9 f f ' ,wa ,, ..Mh 52 x X Ns 7' .fm J NX X ,f 24:11 f f? fy rf 1 wr? : vw, 'uf W w 'Z , Rosales, Rosa Ruben, Jerry Russel, Barbara Salmon, Russell Samaniego, Mary Sellzer, Roberl Sewell, Bobbie Shepard, Nina Sherman, Anifa Shishido, Yoro Snyder, Ralph Soria, Jessie Stead, Margaret Slephen, Charlene Sleward, Velma Tanaka, Miyoshi Taylor, Howard Taylor, Wadsworih Thain, June Thompson, Tommy Wafson, Arlene Wayne, Elizabeth Weber, Eddie Wellbaum, Edgar Wernfz, Nellie Young, Garlh Zebrowslei, Carol Sandie, Grayce Saralegui, Sally Scofl, David Seiler, Deborah Selover, Kafherine Shullz, Smifh, Smilh, Smilh Gerald Kennefh Norberf Roberl' Smilh: Thelma Slinchcomb, Charles Flcddard, SCQH Sfokes, William Slubinglon, Richard Tail, Roberl' ' Ulam, Val Vaughn, Roberl' Vincenl, Bob Volker, Pafricia Walker, James Willis, PaHy Willson, Roberf Wilson, Lela Wolfe, Roberf Woo, Waller The pause that refreshe ing hard on +hose model aeroplanes for Uncle Sam, 'Hue Hello Day dance was a greal' success, +l1e grove is a cool, relaxing place, especially when you have popcorn lo munclw 53 The tap nf the wnrld Life af Unihi is neve-r clull-clashing +o Mr. Fife's fo pay Senior dues, lhen clown +o 'floricullure 'lo pol' a few ferns, over lo Color Day rehearsal, a bile of lunch before 'lhe Senior A-B lug-of-warg Hme oul 'For a liHle game of hockey-'there go 'lhe Chrislmas bundles fo fheir deslinafion, and now +0 'Phe shop for a liHle work as it lnulas from here hakespearu The annual Shakespearean Festival, held this year l at Occidental College, was a particularly festive oc- casion for the dramatic students from University High School for they carried away the greatest honors bestowed on the entrants. WN X s ., .- rv V,i.r.m5 - .1 xp, . . 4 I' 'I fx V ' I! . K: I: gi, fsss y ' EM! an festival A cleverlypdone scene from Hllflidsummer Night's Dream" won first place with John Swanay in the role of Pyramus, Frank Frazer, Thisheg J im Leland, Lion, Harvey Cook, Moon, and Marshall Thompson, Wall. David Caldwell placed second in his division of boys' tragedy, and Isobel Robin took second place in girls' tragedy. Betsy Woodworth was another con- testant from this school. ern design PHILIP MEMOLI ELLADORA H. FU RBUSH GRACE R. BARNES ALBERT F. KEUCHEL KATHARINE L. PETREMONT ,--"ZA ff 4, X If JOHN ARMSTRONG ELIZABETH E. PARSLOW These flower arrangemenjs won prizes ai' II1e BIII'more 'I'11nfe-up time Let the drums roll out .... Let the trumpets shout. . . . Strike up the band . . . and from lVlemoli Hall, tucked under the eaves of the auditorium, comes an exquisite Beethoven melody, the military strains of a Sousa march, or the music of the Senior Color Day. The University High School Orchestra and A Cappella closed a gratifyingly successful season this year with the Marine Class Commencement exercises. The orchestra, under the skillful direction of Mr. Phillip lVlemoli, played at many school functions. A large number of its members participated in the All City Music Festival at the Shrine Auditorium. R.O.T.C. Band may be taken instead of gym, un- der the auspices of the Reserve Officers' Training Corps. This fine organization trains its members in excellent instrumentation. On the football field in the fall, the band encour- aged the team to touchdown after touchdown, as it marched and played the favorite school songs. The A Cappella Choir, directed by Mr. Albert Keuchel, fulfilled an ever increasing number of en- gagements when it sang at churches and clubs all over the city. This music group is composed of the most outstanding students of music at University High School. Smooth as a melody A CAPPELLA -CHOIR First Row: S. Deans, M. Wilson, J. McQueen, F. Simon, R. Pratt, B. Davis, B. Heinmiller, D. Lovelace, B. Barber. Second Row M Grespon D. Nesselroth, N. Johnson, H. Shimizu, J. Arthur, J. Westburg, E. Parslow, N. ,Bond-. Third Row: E. Curtis, B. Wardwell A MacLeod A. Hernandez, M. McNeill, R. Spaulding, J. Pratt, C. Hutton, M. E. Long. Fourtl1,rRow': W. Husted, K. Williams, E. Mahoney J Blackwell D. Stone, S. Thorsen, P. Gray. Fitth Row: E. Lee, F. Frazer, M. Thompson, Mr. Kliechel, J. Stoneburner, L. White, R. Hudson Sing with the hand UNIVERSITY HIGH SCHOOL ORCHESTRA Cellos: B. ScoH', J. Thompson, C. Talberf. Flules: B. Armer, J. Beem, T. Charles. Bass Violas: M. Lamb, N. Haney, J. Fargher. Saxophone: B. Hearn. Bassoon: J. Rosbach. Oboe: R. Baron. French Ho-rns: M. Jamison, A. Talberi. Clarineisc A. Hoak, P. Whiielaw. Trumpefsz R. Koiier, F. Richardson, P. McCollum, T. Champion, E. Sawyer. Trombone: B. Baldwin. Violins: K. Crofi, M. Murray, J. Day, D. Champion, F. MaHson, D. Shaclclefon, M. Websfer, B. LoveH, M. Sfriclrfaden. Piano: E. Turner, Y. Kuramoio, B. Logan. Drums: R. Day, L. Phelps, J. Crowley. Tuba: R. Ball. , R.O.T.C. BAND Firsi' Row: D. Coleman, R. Baron, W. Hearn, G. Ewer'I', A. Hoalc, J. Whiiley, R. Horning, J. Rosbach, W. Cooper, B. Armer, E. Cur- 'I'iss, M. Jamison, Mr. Memoli. Second Row: T. Champion, K. Summers, A. Talberi, B. Henry, L. Smiih, B. Groehinger, B. Ander- son, E. Lindrop, D. PeHiI', S. Billings, B: Baldwin. Third' Row: W. Heer, E. Sawyer, E. Kunlcal, J. Thompson, H. Tornquisf, H. Harker, A. Dennis, L. Phillips, R. Ball A 59 Il tl H intarnati nal scene Wherever particular people congregate-there one finds the teaching of language. The students of Uni- versity High School have many advantages in this field. French, German, Spanish, and Latin are all at their fingertips. Besides the regular classes, clubs have been or- ganized: the Spanish club, the Latin club, the French club and the Laureates. Students may belong if they are studying a language or taking creative Writing, although membership is not compulsory. Those with journalistic talent may be on the War- rior or Chieftain staffs, the Weekly newspaper and yearbook, respectively. Since learning to speak Well is an important part of American life, classes in public speaking and in drama are available. The public speaking classes have valuable experience in speaking before classes at Unihi as Well as before organizations and clubs in the Village, while the drama groups frequently en- tain With one-act plays and semi-annually With their more pretentious productions. Students needing spe- cial attention in reading, Writing, or grammar are able to correct their weaknesses in the remedial English classes. X . W Wifm A vw KATHERINE M. KENT JULIA N. DANIEL 0 DOROTHY C. MERIGOLD Q - b Wm W ORA M. JOHNSON OSCAR JIMENEZ BEATRIX M. COOKE DOROTHY M. JOHNS FRANCES C. TUBBS 60 LUZERNE W. CRANDALL ADDIE R. CHILES ELIZABETH B. SLAVEN If H"s WOTTI1 reading, Mrs. Beeman has if. MYRTLE C. FORCE GILBERT S. MOORE KATHARINE M. REED VIRGINIA B. LOWERS THOMAS M. HENLEY LOUISE D. deVERGARA 6I Illllllll-1 nf the ear 1 .'4 r .,' .9 1 ALICE CASSARD EDITOR LYNN BASSEL Red-headed Alice Cassard, HCassidy', to the staff and her other friends, and Miss Reed as adviser, headed the Chieftain of 1942. After choosing '4Ad- vertisingn for the' theme, the staff went to Work be- cause the book had to be completed so much earlier than usual to insure delivery in June. Assistant editors were Joyce Benjamin, Senior Edi- tor, Lavone Blazek and Martha Bayer, C.A.A., Co- editorsg Dick Pegram and Dan Andes, Boys' Sport Co-editors, Bette Schmitz, Publications, Helene Mac- williams, Student Body Editor, Pat Carruthers, School Life Editor. Other members of the staff in- cluded Mary Wembridge, Priscilla Crosby, and Pat Williams. The success of the Chieftain depends to such a great extent upon the art Work that Mrs. Petremont and her art staff are a very important part of the Annual Workers. They include Lynn Bassell, Art Editor, and Janet Clearwater, lrmine Droeger, Bar- bara Durbin, Georgia Clenn, Janet Frank, Adele Craner, Bill Inge, Sawae lwamoto, Terry Kilburn, Norma Larrinaga, Phyllis Moe, Ken Myers, Tom Rodriguez, Frances Stickney, Fumiko Yotsukura, and ART EDITOR Carol Zebrowski. CHIEFTAIN STAFF First Row: Bette Schmitz, Martha Ba er, Helene Macwilliams, Priscilla Crosby, Y Pat Carrothers. Second Row: Lynn Bessel, Dan Andes, Joyce Beniamin, Lavone Blazelr, Alice Cassard DAN ANDES DICK PEGRAM HELENE MacWILLIAMS JOYCE BENJAMIN SPORTS SPORTS STUDENT BODY SENIORS PAT CARRUTHERS BETTE SCHMITZ LAVONE BLAZEK MARTHA BAYER SCHOOL LIFE PUBLICATIONS G.A.A. G.A.A. Firsr Row: I CHIEFTAIN ART STAFF N. Larrinaga, T. Kilburn, T. Rodriguez, P. Moe. Second Row: -C. Zebrowski, J. Frank, J. Clearwafer, B. Durbin,'G. Glenn. Third Row: K. Myers, A. Graner, Mrs. Peiremonf, B. Inge, F. Sfickney. 63 Inside the news at ni HWe have a deadline to meet, and l've lost my head! It was a dropline F2 20 unit, too. Seen it? To the normal observer comes a tendency to be con- fused. But to the journalist, it is the tailored jargon essential to the production of a paper. The efficiency of the Warrior staff makes possible a paper which yearly takes first honors with the Columbia Scholastic Press Association and the National Scholastic Press Association, and which this year received a plaque for four years, uniform excellence from the Univer- sity of Southern California. The Warrior is being sent to former Japanese stu- dents in Utah, and to alumni all over the World. It is read in Australia, South America, Canada, and lce- land, as well as in numerous far-flung states. Members of the Warrior staff work up from the bottom. They are required to read newspapers of high journalistic standing and are given an opportun- ity to join the staff as soon as they have proved their ability. The Warrior not only is a self-supporting paper but it contributes 3300 a year to the student- body fund. Commissioners of Publications, who supervise the business angle of the Warrior, were Eugene Dvorin and Pat Williams, for spring and fall respectively. Co-editors for the fall were David King and Pat Williams, and for the spring, Dave Saunders and Bill Inge. D KING P WILLIAMS B. INGE D. SANDERS STUDENT ADVISERS COMMISSIONER CO-EDITOR J. DILLENBECK EXCHANGE C- MITCHELL SPORTS M. KIKEN FEATURES D. HUDSON PRINTING L. BURZELL PRINTING WARRIOR STAFF Firsi' Row: C. Sufherland, E. Diamond, A. Fels, P. Williams, D. Sandus, K. Milchell, M. Kiken. Second Row: I. Shepherd, J. Sunger, H. Young, D. King, Mr. Hallock, Mrs. Force. Third Row: B. Kossaclx, R. Roese, D. Carmichael, T. Thompson, L. Schloss, D. Graham, B. Inge. Foulh Row: L. Garfield, J. Dellenlaeclr, C. Wy- more, P. Schmih, D. Hufchinson, E. Lindon, R. Hudson 65 K- ffssw 'eff J The hesl iIl entertain X ww-Sv,Q,?wf if 7WQfmMw'W " ' fw ff ' f ig f iiwl' QW 4 ,if WM ? m W , f ffm XV, -. ..-..-f, , 2 W i . 4 f MQXQGAS, fi V The happy ending? . f Advice +0 fhe lovelorn "I have fo fluff a snifch of powder on my liH'le old nose" 4 - f 5 Wanna make sumpinf of iff: ' .- n . ' I ment- H The fall production of uliiver Since Eve," by Flor- ence Ryerston and Colin Clements, was an outstand- ing success. Clever dialogue and comic situations arising from Susan Blake's blunders appealed to each of the three audiences. A Susan was played by Muriel Mansell, one of the finest actresses in University High School, and by equally charming Charmienne Harker. The part of Johnny Clover was well handled by Johnny Lotspiech and Cliff Chisholm. The young editor of the Penguin, the high school paper, entangled in the throes of his first romance with Lucybelle Lee, a charmer from the South, was nearly defeated as he struggled to bring the paper out on time. Vlfhen measles struck the stali, sparing only Susan Blake, she came gallantly to the front with amazing results. 1' Since E CAST OF CHARACTERS Betsy Erwin Marilyn Bradford Janet Hamer Martha Willard Kris Weaver Betty Anderson Officer lCappyl Sim Alan Altschuler Dick Rice Henry Quinn Billy Moore Wayne Husted Lucybelle Lee Helen Darling Darlene Hubbar d Preston Hughes Dick Hearn Jack Dalton Football Committee David Huycke Eugene Lee Dean Markham Don Stone Charles Vaughn Prom Committee Joe Arnold Barbara Blaisdell Dean Markham Sally McSpadden Miss Barnes followed her usual custom by double casting the production. Those characters mentioned Measles demobilize Spud first played on Thursday and Saturday, the others did the Friday evening show. Mrs. Furbush, in charge of stage management and the designing and construction of stage sets, had the following able students as her assistants: Maybelle Ward and Bill Jarick, who collaborated on the design of the stage sets, Jerome Moss, stage manager, Dick Harrison and Don Clark, electric crew, Don Bromley, sound technician, Barbara Selig, girls' makeup, Genevra Henley, boys' makeup, Sidney Wallace and Leland Henderson, electrical crew, Hiram Harvey, large props, Betty Tice and Dorothy Bruce, set props. Susan holds her own he lluenna, 'cThe Duennan, the colorful play of eighteenth century Spanish life, by Richard Sheridan, was pro- duced on the afternoons of May twenty-first and twenty-second. A gay comedy of mistaken identity and two sets of lovers, it was typical of life among the upper classes of Spain. Under Miss Barnes, able directorial hand, music- drama, and dancing were skillfully combined. Live- ly and stirring music, conducted by Mr. Memoli, from Bizetis Carmen, highlighted the production. One of Mr. Memoli's compositions, uAgnus Dei", was sung by the nuns of the convent. The same set was used throughout the play, but it was unique in that a center section revolved to change the scenes from one to another. Gorgeous costumes designed by John Swanay, Dorothe Woolard, Irmine Droeger, and Helen Cris contributed brilliant eifects against a background of soft greens and pinks in the rococo style. . Students working under Mrs. Furbush were May Belle Ward, who designed the set, Earl Case, stage manager, Darrell Arnold, assistant stage manager, John Swanay, convent scene, Claudia Briscoe, ban- quet scene, Dorothe Woolard, lsaac7s lodgings, the pla nf Mildred Sallet and Carol Ann Shallish, make-up managers. . 'The cast included Louisa: Irene Ramos, Kris Weaver, Clara: Jane Askey, Shirley Doman, the Duenna: Barbara Reeves, Muriel Mansell, Jerome: Eugene Lee, Miles Rodgers, Ferdinand: David Cald- well, Marshall Thompson, Antonio: Charles Flitton, Dick Hearn, Isaac: John Swanay, Ted Grenzbach, Lopez: Harry Cook, Howard Laskey, Carlos: James Whitmer, Father Paul: Richard Walker, dancer: Janet Hamer, maids: Beverly Ware, Martha Mc- Elroy, pages: Genie Doughtie, Faye Doughtie, Chris- tine Rondone, Marie Rondone, servants: Wayne Husted, Toby Hernandez, Frank Frazer, Allen Grif- Hths, Jim Leland, gypsy dancers: Mary Pedler, Helen Delliquadri, Jerry Wyss, Marilyn Hassett, Barbara Wade, Barbara Mahana, Lois Sickner, Deborah Shul- man, children: Peter Furbush, Louisa Thomas, singers: Faye Simon, Ruth Pratt, Ann Hale, Carol Hutton, Ruta Bielskis, Jackie Ferris, Bob Wardwell, Don Stone, Bill King, nuns: Pat Parrish, Sally Dean, Betty Heinmiller, .Barbara Kline, Janet West- burg, Mildred McNeil, Nancy Johnson, Rosemary Spaulding. 68 the sea SUI! The shnw must qu nn The public address is manned by an efficient crew. What could a show be without prop men? Make-up artists apply powder and lipstick and otherwise glamorize the actors. 70 Lights! rnps! Curtain! After any major production given on University Hiis stage, very tired individuals are to be seen stag- gerin garound backstage, often mumbling to them- selves. These are members of the stage crew Who labored many long Weeks for the sparkling results ex- pected by the eager audience. The stage crew for the senior play, MEver Since Eve,'7 was under the management of Jerome Moss. Electrical managers were Dick Harrison and Don Clark, the sound effects department was managed by DonffBromleyg large props, by Hiram Harvey, and flies, by Lee Johnson. Lavone Blazek was in charge of paint and signs for the sets, Don Carpenter, menis costumes, Betty Hayes and Marion Sweet, womenis costumes, Barbara Selig and Genevra Henley man- aged Womenis and menis make-up, respectively. The charming sets were designed by May Belle Ward and Bill Jarick. , Other theatrical highlights were the presentations of the Cavalier and the lVlarine Color Days. Stage manager for the latter production was Daryl Arnold, assisted by ,lim Mitchell, sound effects, Dick Har- rison, electric departmentg Helen Smith, grips, Marion Smith and Ralph J ones, props, Mildred Sallet and Carol Shallish, make-up, Lavone Blazek and Lynn Clark, paint, Betty Hayes and Boy Hall, eos- tumesg and Lee Johnson, ilies. Stage and costume designers are tops The stage crew manufactures the proper setting for the ingenue. 6 QL, ,,,.ii y ' y tpa stu d ertisls... BROADCASTERS First Row: B. Savage, J. Miller, V. Wilson, O. Ossenbeclr, C. Burkard, M. Hassett, K. Brown, J. Raymond, A. Altshuler. Second Row: D. Groman, P. Crosby, P. Kaiser, S. Moore, P. Miller, B. Barton, S. Lisso, H. Hambly, B. Hilpert, D. Hann, B. Walker, B. A. Wood, B. Lamb. Third Row: B. Gill, E. Rinclr, J. Hiney, KC. Stolp, S. Harlcins, L. Rock, B. Moore, D. Arnold, D. Sanders, R. Marer, L. Hamilton, D. Cox PRESS CLUB First Row: M. Kiken, P. Carruthers, P. Williams, H. Mac- william, D. Waggoner, E. Diamond. Second Row: H. Young, I, Shepard, J. Singer, B. Schmitz, C. Mitchell, C. Sutherland, J. Beniamin, A. Cassard. Third Row: T. Thompson, D. Saunders, L. Garfield, D. Carpenter, D. Carmichael, L. Schloss, B. Inge. Fourth Row: E. Lindop, C. Wymore, D. Hutchin- son, Mrs. Force, Mr. Hallock, B. Kossack, D. Pegram, D. King Silence reigned .... Every eye was fixed upon the speaker. His voice broke with emotion as he uttered these climatic Words-Buy your Warrior! Buy your season ticket! Buy your Chieftain! During the school year, over 750 speeches were made by the Broadcasters on such prominent subjects as the Warrior, the spring and fall senior plays, the Hancock Ensemble, Hello Day, Hi-Y Days, and the Toy Loan Drive. Students participating in public speaking classes are eligible for membership in this club. Under the capable direction of Mrs. Johnson, the club sponsor, the Broadcasters are sent from class to class to create interest in current school activities. Fall ofiicers included Jim Miller, president, Jim Jewett, vice-president, Sue Lisso, secretary, Tadashi Masoaka, treasurer. The new spring officers were John lVlacNair, president, Ed Rinck, vice-presidentg Barbara Barton and Glen Holtby, chairmen, Dick Moon and Blair Attridge, treasurersg Sidney Moore and John Simons, secretaries. fur vin By its rapid growth, Vocational Landscape Archi- tecture is proving itself Worthy of a place in campus life at Unihi. Students interested in horticulture as a profession Work three hours daily in and around University Hiis vast greenhouse and outdoor gardens. Many girls joined the class recently to do similar work. This year, the class had the novel experience of helping to launch Boldt Springs, a small piece of the Garden of Eden in the bank surrounding the girls' gym field. The charming spring and Wishing Well were named for Mr. Boldt, who designed and land- scaped them. The class was formed last year under the super- vision of Mr. Roberts, who still sponsors it. Pruning and cutting in the greenhouse v tur garden From little plants big tomatoes And this is the way to pot cinner grow 111' nf Big Busines Practical arts are playing an ever increasing part in today's living pattern. With an unmet demand at the factories and in the offices for young men and women who can type and take shorthand accurately, students are being trained to do these jobs ably and well. These boys and girls are taught under the expert guidance of Miss Keefe, Miss Tubman, Miss Foun- tain, Miss Unger, and Mr. Mitchem. Under Mr. Fife, business manager of the school, students wishing practical application of the fundamentals which they have learned are allowed to help in his ofiice. For the many girls who enjoy making their own clothes the clothing classes offered at University High School are many and varied. In the clothing depart- Thai' will be five cents, please. ment are Mrs. Greene and Miss Dickson, the latter is the sponsor of one of the most popular boards at school, the Suitable Dress Board. The two instructors in the cooking department are Mrs. Brandriff and Miss Bennett, who teach the girls of University High School skill in culinary art. The shops this year are more important than ever before because of the present war emergency. Sev- eral new ones were added: model airplane construc- tion and airplane fabrication. The government sent a call to all of the high schools in the nation for in- creased participation in model airplane work. The boys responded with a large number of planes built from meticulous scale drawings. The wood shops undertook a governmental order to construct several COM MERCE CLU B First Row: Lucille Graner, Shirley Sfensland, Shirley Kaminar, Phyllis Barriere. Second Row: Alice Wil dau, Juanita King, Billie Anclreieslci, Etta Whifbeclc 1 lndustry ta hundred stretchers, which they completed in record time. 0 Rebuilt and restyled cars are the pride and joy of boys at any high school, there is no exception at University High School. Under the able direction of lVlr. Cooke and Mr. Forrester, the students who take this shop are taught the actual mechanics of a car- how to straighten bent parts, how to care for any car model. ln the wood shops, which are supervised by lVlr. Bangerter and lVlr. Dowey, boys who wish to learn the fundamentals of cabinet construction are skill- kes the lead fully prepared to continue this trade if they may choose to do so. The print shop does the printing of the school paper, the Warrior. Mr. Hallock is in charge of this shop, Where the students are taught the principles of linotyping and the setting up of a paper. Drafting is under the able supervision of Mr. Mc- Dermott and Mr. Armstrong, each of whom teaches a different phase of this precision drawing which requires so much skill. Mr. McDermott teaches mech- anical drafting, while Mr. Armstrong teaches archi- tectural drawing. - While Jeannie, Lorraine and Milton develop speed on the typewriter, Vir- ginia whips up a few seams on her sewing machine and Evelyn fits the creation on Jane. ESTHER O. BENNETT ALFRED W. ROBERTS JOHN E. BANGERTER JAMES G. COOKE JAMES H. HALLOCK FRANCES C. BRANDRIFF MYRTA L. GREEN I. SINCLAIR DOWEY GRACE DICKSON 76 M. DELPHINE TUBMAN WILLIAM D. FORRESTER HELEN S. UNGER GEORGE E. MCDERMOTT MARGARET E. KEEFE PAUL H. MITCHEM ROSE FOUNTAIN IfzLiQiwL. I alan p This second World war has created a challenge to the youth of today. It is the youth who must cope with the post-War years, it is the teachers of this youth Who must prepare them for the task that lies ahead of him. The Social Sudies department, under the capable marina, direction of Miss Irvine, is concerned directly with this, as Well as with the teaching the practice and function of government and industry. Tenth grade students may elect World Cultures, which includes a study of major European peoples and the European background of American history. In the eleventh grade, students are required to take a course entitled American Life and Institutions. The purposes of this course are to develop more competent citizens and to create a more exact picture of the country7s major problems. The twelfth grade students are required to take Senior Problems. This course is divided into five sections: namely, Vocational Gui- dance, Family Relations, Consumers' Education, Social Arts, and National Defense. CITIZENSHIP RECOGNITION COMMITTEE Firsl' Row: Iona Shepherd, Lona Ferguson, Joan Conklin, Marion Luke, Patsy Cooke. Second Row: Wilbur Thain, Don Lebell, Richard Wyrick, Frank Frazer, Jay Cody. Third Row: Mr. Ramey, Bill Hoyt, Jack Watkins, Blair Beckwith I 5 l lm In acl! FLOYD J. HIGHFILL E. LUCILLE FOULGER '15, R ARTHUR C. RAMEY CECILIA R. IRVINE ig? ALICE K. BREES GRACE REDFORD MELZAR M. LINDSAY BERTHA L, THOMAS 79 recisinn lnnl ATTILO Blssml FRANK J. SEEMAN HOWARD M. RIFENBARK ALVIN s. COPELAND EVANDER DnxoN b V Wi Vvttxf' A X0 V JOHNT.SAWYER Q LVCJX It d' ff- f' 572xJ4Q1f. ALICE E. COZAD 'N--1 JOHN L. ARNOLD Sfauffer is sei for Chieffain picfures. 80 fur better livinq So you think you7re smart? This is the depart- ment Which will show you the error in your calcula- tion. But to those students who hold a real interest in the more technical side of education, University,s science and mathematics department leaves nothing to be desired. They may acquire skill in the use of the laboratory, mathematical accuracy, and biological background in the fields of physiology, life science, and Horiculture. University's chemistry and physics departments are the best, and turn out high-rating students, Who have had hours of laboratory experi- ence and scientific research along their respective subjects. Of course these people are only students Mr. Fabing makes H' plain MARJORIE WILKIE JOSEPH L. TAYLOR today, but give them a chance and they will be the Einsteins of tomorrow. Our mathematical geniuses approach their prob- lems in their own Way. They may often be seen, with hair dishevelled, a protractor in one hand and a short, stubby pencil in the other, staring at a page of mangled figures and scribblings, intelligible only to themselves. From Algebra l to Trigonometry, they find the best teachers and the most interesting sub- jects of this field. The Horiculture classes of University High School are responsible for the beauty and charm of our campus. ASHLEY W. HUDNUTT ROBERT C. CAMERON GEORGE DES ROCHES CHARLES FABING I-... f the urn ul'm a Mawandaf' This statement is made with pride and enthusiasm by the girls who belong to the University honor society. The members are chosen for leadership and for services rendered the school. Once a member, the girls enjoy many social activities. ln service to the school the Mawandas supervise assembly conduct, usher at graduation and participate in Christmas Work. This year the Mawandas were the proud owners of new sweaters, a long Cardigan in the traditional colors-yellow with the blue emblem. Club leaders for the fall were Rae Ashman, pres- identg Sally McSpadden, vice-president, Marilyn Bradford, secretaryg Martha Stratton, treasurer, and Genevra Henley, parliamentarian. Officers for the spring term were Patty Heap, presidentg Helen Johnson, vice-president, Priscilla Crosby, secretary, Alice Cassard, treasurer, and Janet Westburg, par- liamentarian. Back at her familiar post was Mrs. Harrison, club sponsor. First Row B Slyh J Westburg A Cassard P Heap H Johnson P Crosby. Second Row: R. Bielslcis, M Horton J Wright H Goodlclnd H Hambly B Davis Third Row P. Williams, G. EvereH', P. Kaiser, M Mansell L Moore P Muller B Jensen Fourth Row H Darling D Hubbard, P. Woodward, B. Griffiths, v,.,,, f-xv -, X .,, I, , ' E5-25, f , W -gg 1 1 v .V wh, - WM. 2 H f Wrfvrfer wg 3,-N r b A . Q . irst ln the Traversing the campus in distinguished gray sweaters emblazoned with a shield, the Knights pre- sent an awe-inspiring sight as they accomplish meri- torious feats of school and community service. This organization is comprised of boys Who have con- tributed some outstanding service to University High School, and provides an opportunity for them to con- tinue such accomplishments. Each semester the Knights have two prominent social functions with the Mawandas, the Knight- lVlaWanda Dinner Dance and the Knight-Mawanda Social. l-leading the Knights in the fall Were Phil Diamond, president, ,lack Hewson, vice-president, Colin Simp- son, secretary, Dan Andes, treasurer. ln the spring term Dan Andes was president, Boh Davis, vice-presi- dent, Boh Cooling, secretary, Bud Gill, treasurer. The Knights are sponsored hy Mr. Casey and lVlr. Sawyer. passing parad KNIGHTS' OFFICERS Dan Andes, president: Bob Davis, vice-president, Jack Hewson, vice-president: Colin Simpson, secretary: Phil Diamond, president KNIGHTS First Row: J. Lotspiech, D. Andes, P. Diamond, C. Simpson, T. Ginttier, B. Young. Second Row: J. Miller, E. Fetzer T. Masoako, J. Hewson, B. Cooling, B. Ha-rding, B. Gill. Third Row: E. Scott, J. Jewett, C. Chisholm, N. Gotttredson B. Davis, B. Fictum, D. Miller 83 'sow aI1's ser ice in Ill BETA TRI-Y Firsl' Row: T. Eclcenbre-ich, B. Morris, B. Rollins, J. Yamada, P. Amling, L. Mc- Mullen, S. Dryer, D. Phillips, N. WiH'on, B. L. Volder, L. Manning. Second Row: B. Medal, F. Quinl, C. LeNoir, M. L. Lewis, A. Price, M. Brown, E. Norgard, F. Gill, J. Hulchinson, P. Hallman, B. Heinmiller, M. Douglas. Third Row: C. Brown, B. Hymer, N. Francis, M. Baies, V. Bohem, l. Edwards, P. Herrio'H, D. Dinsmore, J. Gillingwaler, D. Friedlander. Fourlh Row: J. Buchanan, M. Beer, N. Wallers, H. Higgs, J. Groman, E. Jenlrs, G. Welsh, J. Trembly, B. Creelcbaum, J. Funlxhouser, P. Whilelaw, E. Diamond ALPHA TRI-Y Firsf Row: Mrs. Greene, J. Proudfoo+, M. Wilson, P. Woodward B. Durbin, R. Bielslris. Second Row: M. Yenfsch, L. Graner, M. Hunr, M. Gibson, M. L. Fisher, M. Brink, A. Blaisdell. Third Row: R. Drum mond, L. MaH'hias, J. Sfroop, M. Holler, M. Sweef, J. Simmons B. Amling TRI-Y OFFICERS Firsl' Row: Mignon Wilson, Rose Man- ning, Peggy Bafes. Second Row: Nancy WiHon, Barbara Durbin, Janey Funlr- houser, Jean Hulchinson TRI-Y Hurrying from building to bungalow and then to the cafeteria to attend a luncheon, a girl belonging to the Tri-Y is possibly the busiest and most friendly member of the human race. Last year, directed by the sponsors, lVlrs. Green and Mrs. Cooke, the girls made charming scrapbooks for the childrenis hospital, and, during the summer, Pat Woodward represented Unihi at the annual Asilomar conference at Lake Tahoe. Now, social activities are being stressed more than ever and, an increasing number of teas and luncheons are appearing on the social calendar. Alpha officers for the fall term, unanimously re- elected this year, are as follows: Pat Woodward, president, Mignon Wilson, vice-president, Barbara Durbin, secretary, and Billie Andrejesky, treasurer. Beta officers for the spring term were Lillian Man- ning, president, Peggy Bates, vice-presidentg ,lean Gillingwater, secretary, and Shirley Dryer, treasurer. HI-Y The Hi-Y is a club formed to create and promote friendship among the boys of the school. It makes possible the opportunity for the boys to work together While serving their school. The club is a junior branch of the Y.lVI.C.A. The fall semester found the boys very busy pack- ing, collecting, and delivering Christmas welfare boxes. The officers during the fall term were Tony Ginther, president, Cliff Chisholm, vice-president, John lVlcNair, secretary, Doug Miller, treasurer. The spring leaders were Eugene Lee, president, Ennis Scott, vice-president, John lVlcNair, secretary, Bob Davis, treasurer. The club, under the capable direction of Mr. Bamey, played host at the semi-annual Hello Day dances. One of the high lights of the spring semester was the gigantic NYU day held at the Westwood Com- munity Church, featuring instructive instruction groups, athletics, dinner, and entertainment by celebrities, with more than a hundred boys attending the affir. HI-Y OFFICERS Bob Davis, John McNair, Taylor Lewis, Eugene lee HI-Y First Row: Charles Wymore, Jack Rubel, Eugene Lee, Bob Cooling, Blair Ficlztom, Mr. Ramey. Second Row: Gary Jarvis, Daryl Arnoldf Bucl Gill, Norman Leishman, Don Stone, Ennis Scott. Third Row: Dan Dailey, Pea-rce Bob Davis, Cliff Chisholm, Taylor Lewis, John McNair, Bob 85 Lnnl-i fur the hiq nranq Members of the organization bearing the title of Lettergirls have obtained the supreme honor to be achieved in girls, sports at University High School. These girls are chosen each semester from the numer- ous competitors in the Girls, Athletic Association. Membership in this club is determined by the mem- bers themselves, who nominate girls deemed eligible to belong. Individual rating is represented by stars on the letter, awarded at the conclusion of three semesters of participation in sports activities with the G.A.A. They function mainly as an honor society but have LETTER GIRLS First Row: D. Bailey, B. Durbin, S. Dellinger, M. Hanlrins M. Nakaya, R. Hall. Second Row: A. Scarnmell, E. Schoff N. Childress, B. Griffiths, I. Nieto, B. Tate. Third Row: J. Stier, H. Hambly, R. Reifle, B. Amling, J. Frank, D. Hann. Fourth Row: R. Zimmeht, S. Hiestand, P. Woodward, B. Davis, M. Wada, H. Tamaki I LETTER GIRLS' OFFICERS First Row: B. Tate, J. Stier, M. Hankins, S. Dellinger, B. Durlxin. Second Row: N. Wi'H'on, B. Prather, E. Turner, P. Hallman, A. Hildner certain duties which include oiiiciating at Girls, League Assemblies and serving on committees. Social activities include initiations and parties held through- out the year. The fruits of their long year of hard work are realized at the annual awards assembly held near the end of the term when the presentation of their awards is witnessed by the entire student body. Led his year by presidents Dorothy Bruce and Mildred Hankins, the girls maintained their high record of clean sportsmanship that University has always maintained. letters Every reader of the Chieftain wants to know more about the Lettermen. True, almost everyone has heard ofthe brave deeds and heroic activities of these students of Unihi, but just what are they like? Are they about the same as ordinary people? The answer is uNo',. They are far stronger and braver than other human beings, and thus are looked up to by other members of the student body. The blue sweaters with their bright orange stripes are earned by conscientious work on the part of each letterman. The day to which they look forward is the one when they receive their sweaters and are accepted as full-fledged lettermen of Unihi. 4, ,me fy ig ' V . fl .' as ' T Z- ' T 4 N . i if 2' 's ik, Tm- Q A 4 H . , 1 Q f , ,ir rw X 1 f .. f , . a Yi 'J--X 1 ,f p y ,., 3 je-,x M l y ra .M my .V .ff -:C amy If 7, I: I J, X ygihg fy 7' V fm -N'-X 7" s I T ,M Vt . K , -, . . y . -.,',::QfL3,,gT..2f5,. . ie' 'f??:4,Aj: - ' i"1"'ftk, X1 1 f- as or a t -Q.. JUNIOR LETTERGIRLS First Row: B. D. Prather, B. Balmer, L. Sick, H. Smith, J Van Meter, P. Ware, D. Crowder. Second Row: P. Herriott, Y. Kuramoto, l. Edwards, N.Witton, M. L. Fisher, D. Woolard, D. Lollier. Third Row: P. Hallman, C. Brown, P. Whitelaw, J. Hutchinson, E. Turner, D. Drazan, J. Oppeland, A. Hilner LETTERMEN First Row: E. Lee, E. Scott, N. leishman, T. Day, C. Leech, B. Attridge, B. Gray, G. Holtby, D. Franklin, D. Jellett. Second Row: B. Chase, R. Bulrey, K. Myers, J. Faiardo, C. Hartwig, T. Houchen, L. Rock, T. Ashcroft, N. Braine, B.1Cooling, B. Crilly, E. Case. Third Row: M. Hayashida, B. Webster, B. Lewis, A. Smith, T. Lewis, B. Gill, J. Dillenbeclc, J. Rutter, B. Dwight, J. Graves, W. Jennings, F. Snook, D. Stone. Fourth Row: B. Davis, T. Nagano, T. Albanese, D. Stuart, H. Landon, J. MacNair, B. Guisness, C. Garrecht, P. Papiro, H. Devlin, J. Leech, Y. Kalxehashi. Fifth Row: M. Patton, J. Simmons, H. Harvey, D. Routley, H. Friend, J. Moss, B. Savage, G. Jarvis, C. Chisholm, A. Curtis, W. Working. ' 87 ames that make the new SABRE AND CHEVRON Firsf Row: L+. Cameron, D. Rice, B. Bringham, H. Darling, E. Felzer, J. Hamer, D. Andes, D. Easi. Second Row: T. Champion, B. Inge, E. Curfiss, W. Overpecll, D. Allen, C. Sevy, B. Baldwin. Third Row: F. Kelso, B. Bishop, H. Ware, D. Cox, J. Bearman, J. Place, D. Beamish, R. Walker MELEDONIANS Firsf Row: R. Wyriclc, D. Lebell, R. Roese, U. Sfroy, D. Woodworfh, R. Alexander, J. McGinnis, R. Block, R. Behrends, D. Ray. Second Row: J. Yamada, M. Hassef, V. Wilson, M. A. Hor+on, H. Johnson, B. Schmilz, B. Grifiifhs, D. Hubbard, S. Doman, D. Shulman, B. Wade, C. Fredricks, B. A. Walker. Third Row: J. Ginsburg, J. Bonduranf, D. Phillips, J. Funkhouser, E. Diamond, J. Krauch, B. Beverage, L. Manning, B. Bailey, L. McMullen, J. Beem, M. Hines, Mr. Henley. Fourrh Row: H. Herzog, C. Sfolp, J. Grushan, H. Laslcy, R. Herold, D. Friedlander, J. Levy, L. Daniels, M. J. Boyd, M. L. VanAmburgh, D .Smar+, B. Savage, J. Whifely, B. Kossack. Fiffh Row: M. Ward, B. Davis, M. Herzog, C. McDonald, R. Gray, J. Rubel, B. Cooling, R. Tail, D. Beem- ish, D. Missimer, J. Place, W. Yamanofo, M. Hanlrins t 88 SABRE AND CHEVRON Present armsl Eyes right! With medals shining in military splendor, members of the Sabre and Chevron assembled in the gloomy citadel of the University armory during the annual army inspection. Under the sponsorship of Lieutenant Cameron, the club plans the military ball held at the high school each semester, the two most popular girls of the Senior A class being selected to preside as honorary oHicers. During the fall football season, Sabre and Chevron members acted as guards at the games, Where they maintained order and checked admission tickets. Ofiicers for the fall season were Dan Andes, presi- dent, Bill Bringham, vice-president, Ted Champion, secretary, George Smith, treasurer, Elmer Fetzer, parliamentarian. Spring officers were Elmer Fetzer, president, Walter Keusder, vice-president, Ed Cur- tiss, secretary, Dick Rice, treasurer, Dion East, parliamentarian. MELEDONIANS Membership in the Meledonians is open to the stu- dents Who receive at least three Ais and one B on their report cards. During the spring semester, a new service sponsored by this club was inaugurated. Stu- dents Who were out of school because of illness could apply for tutors through the Meledonians. Members excelling in any subject donated their services during their lunch periods. With their sponsor, Miss Tubb, officers and chair- men attended the Los Angeles meeting of the South- ern California Federation of Scholarship at Marl- borough School. Oflicers Who presided during the fall term included Beverly Critiiths, president, Shirley Doman, girls' vice-president, Bob Cooling, boys, vice-president, Clair Freericks, secretary? Jane Askey, treasurer. Spring presiding oflicers were Darlene Hubbard, president, ,lane Askey, girls, vice-president, David Caldwell, boys' vice-president, Shirley Dellinger, secretary, Beverly Beveridge, treasurer. i MELEDONIANS First Row: R. Karrenbrock, B. Inge, C. Upham, G. Heyler, T. Davidson, W. Overpeck, D. Moore, B. Grier, F. Peak, E. Sutton. Second Row: P. Levine, H. Bruce, D. Davis, L. Burzell, B. Reynolds, J. Leland, G. Nutting, B. Logan, C. Wymore, H. Ware. Third Row: V. Ormiston, A. Cassard, M. Ashmead, M. Painter, S. Wilhelm, H. Shimizu, I. Shimizu, J. Wright, N. Zeitlin, F. Nomura, H. Sakiolca, L. Graner, M. Yentch, B. Hoyt, B. Lamb. Fourth Row: S. Dellinger, S. Moore, P. Miller, L. Katz, R. Rodgers, J. Ferris, M. Moore, I. Nieto, V. Hollingsworth, M. Hutchinson, N. Poulin, C. Pizarro, V. Bohem, F. Quint, J. Trembly, G. Welch, B. Rollins, C. Bu-rlrard. Fitth Row: B. Barton, B. Jensen, M. Johnson, N. Hart, H. Dodson, P. Heap, S. Hiestand, D. Urich, H. Layne, P. Connolly, J. Davidson, C. Grimm, M. J. Dunbar, C. Umehara, B. Hilpert, I. Morimoto, M. Lamb, E. Hashima, M. Moss, F. Tubbs. Sixth Row: S. Lisso, A. Scammell, L. Daus, R. Hale, P. Liliedahl, N. Gordon, F. Yotsulrura, M. Sasahara, R. Rasmussen, J. Ray- mund, J. Russell, M. Hunt, F. Salrota, T. Uzuhashi, B. Wood, M. Hotter, C. Talbert, M. Brown, L. Sabatino. Seventh Row: H. Williams, P. Mitchell, P. Cooke, E. Norgard, B. Creellbaum, G. Phillips, D. Lexan, K. Harlzer, H. Cole, B. Hickman, B. Rosson, R. Riddeclr, D. Caldwell Cahhaqes icSena'tus Populusque Romanusn, togas, banquets, and Cicero-the Latin club at University High School does not keep up with the times, but turns the clock back to ancient Roman days, delving into the history of buried cities, studying Roman dress, and following the lives of Caesar and Cato. The inauguration of the Magistrates is one of the outstanding activities of the club, along with the an- nual banquet held for the entertainment of the A9 Latin students of Emerson Junior High School. The banquet follows Roman lines in food, dress, and en- tertainment, and the students of both schools look forward to it with much anticipation. Under the sponsorship of Miss Tubbs, Barbara Ryan and Cordelia Hughes ruled as Pontifex Maxi- mus during the year. and ing Colorful serapes, gay music, sombreros, singing and dancing . . . Los Unidos is one of the most fun- loving clubs on the campus of University High School. It brightens school life throughout the year with its activities. Any student of Mexican or Spanish back- ground may become one of the vivacious members of this club, which is sponsored by Mrs. de Vergara. One of the newest clubs at University High School is the Philharmonic Club, whose purpose is to bring good music to the students. It is a part of a city-wide organization, the Southern California Junior Sym- phony Association. The oflicers of the Philharmonic Club are Betsy Woodworth, president, Frances Matt- son, vice-president, Muriel Hines, secretaryg Paula Conklin, treasurer. i 1 A s i Friends, Romans, countrymen! . . . Cordelia Hughes, Dorothy Friediander, Eddie Lindop S.P.Q.R. First Row: A. Cassard, M. Johnson, B. Jensen, C. Hughes, D. Friediander, B. Kurson, F. Werntz, Miss Tubbs. Second Row: F. Kindel, J. Hendrick, N. Zeitlin, B. Morris, F. Gross- light, M. Bloeser, P. Mast, A. Simpson, A. Price, J. Fite, B. Woodworth, P. Painter, M. Molloy, G. Schupp. Fourth Row: J. McGinnis, F. Raymond, W. Brown, E. Lindop, D. Champion, J. Crail . .W N 2 I V, ' ' ps -21 5535 ' W v. 2 vi PHILHAMONIC CLUB Lalo Baca and Demefrio Firsf Row: J. Aslcey, P. Conklin, M. Hines, Miss Parslow, B. Woodworfh, Granillo J. Day, Y. Kuramofo. Second Row: M. F. Websfer, D. Shackleton, R. Larson, D. Shulman, M. Huichinson, R. PraH', F. Maffson, B. Balmer. Third Row: M. Lamb, P. Rodgers, J. Andres, J. Swanay, A. While, J. Thompson, B. Armer. LOS UNIDOS - Firsi Row: E. Villasenor, R. Roeledo, R. Rivas, J. Faiardo, Y. Burgess, D. Flores, E. Apalalequi. Second Row L. Vigil, B. Apala+equi, B. Saralegui, A. Burgess, M. Baiz, V. Onrineros, S. Saralegui. Third Row: A. Baca, L Sapien, J. Roderiguez, T. Gonzales, A. Alanis. Fourfh Row: T. Roderiquez, G. Sanchez, H. Casfaneda, P. Minoz R. Villasenor, C. Gradillos, M. Sapien, B. Tabarez 9 I All nut netinnel defense HI pledge allegiance . . .N A bomber an hour from the University High assembly line .... Out goes the bad air, in comes the good-out goes the bad air . . . one side for the stretcher-bearers-and those who make the stretcbers. . . 92 nn the home front Keep ,em sewing! . . . Modern design makes the big difference. . A. . Air Raid Alert! Radio black out! Take cover! . . . Keep the patient Warm-treat for shock .... I i 93 sk the man AUTO PATROL First Row: J. Hesnault, L. Schloss, D. Marer, J. Hotfman, E. Corelrin, K. Shumate. Second Row: B. Fox, K. Noyes, J. Pritchard, E. Dvorin, M. Willis, D. Lebell. Third Row: R. Alexander, J. Farrer, E. Voelker, W. Brown, E. Sawyer, J. Howden whn is nn Eleventh grade boys retaining high standards of responsibility, leadership, and scholarship are elig- ible for membership in the Squires. They attain this membership through the votes of their fellow class- mates. Under the sponsorship of Mr. Lindsey, the Squires aided in the collection and distribution of the Christ- mas boxes, acted as guides and bureaus of informa- tion during Open House, and contributed a specific portion of their lunch periods to hall-guarding. The fall president was Glenn Holtby ,the spring president was Don Grodske. The Senior Auto Patrol, sponsored by Mr. Fabing, works with the Squires in promoting safety. The boys patrol the grounds adjacent to the school, preventing damage to cars or property during school hours. soumes V l First Row: J. Rubel, S. Hawlrins, R. Bulcey, M. Patton, B. Moore, C. Hartwig, D. Arnold, D. Stone, D. Allen, T. Albans-se, B. Savage. Second Row: D. Moore, K. Myers, E. Rinclc, W. Overpeclc, B. Chase, J. Moss, M. Willis, H. Ware, C. Wymore, H. Laslrey. Third Row: T. Nagano, T. Lewis, J. MacNair, B. Thompson, A. Smith, B. Crilly, B .GiIl, D. Jelletf, C. Leech, B. Gray, J. Rutter, C. Watchtell. Fourth Row: G. Holtby, J. Wactlo, J. Simons, B. Attridge, B. Leonard, B. Fuiiolca, G. Jarvis, J. Dillenbeclr, F. Snook, J. Graves U wx V5 WW Vw WT OV ,MUD W f W W qMi,5WfjfUfjf'Q5, fggeywv ' Uris h adlinla J , x , . ,xt , Us, I ff , 'Y' 1 Mfg! 1 . Vu ,t:YjF,V.rf, p. . W f, my ,. i 4 The wnrld nf spnris 1 4 1 l 95 Sixt -minute wnrlanut FOOTBALL SCORES University .... ..,.... 0 Venice ,. University .... ...,. 2 0 Dorsey .. University . , . I4 Hamilton University .... .. . I2 Hollywood University . . , 7 Fairfax . . University's fighting Warriors completed their most successful season in six years, with the Braves tying the Hamilton Yankees for second place honors. With mostly second string men returning this year, the Warriors bowed to defeat in their practice tilt with Los Angeles High 21 to Og but coming back strong in their second game, the Warriors defeated San Fernando 14 to 0. A team weakened by sickness took to the field at Venice to be defeated 20 to 0. A great loss in this game was Doug Miller, who, because of illness, was not able to lead the attack for any length of time. ln their first league victory against Dorsey, the Warriors got off to a good start by scoring early in the first quarter. Spurred on by Miller and Leech, the Braves won 20 to 14. Against Hamilton, the Warriors were badly out- played in the first half, but in the second they were a changed team, battling their way to make two touch- downs and tie 14 to 14. In the game at Hollywood, back in the Western League for the first time in four years, the Warriors clicked with a new pass combination, Miller to Holt- by. Twice this twosome made the grade and helped to defeat the Sheiks 12 to 6. Aren'+ excited are you, coach? x "Qui .S ' Q A bid to the Coliseum hung in the balance when the Braves travelled to Fairfax to compete with the Colonials. In this tussel the Warriors made three touchdowns only to have two of them called back because of penalties. The game ended with a 7 to 7 tie, also tying the Warriors with Hamilton for second place. A Hip of the coin decided that it was University that would travel to the Coliseum to match themselves agains the Washington Generals. The Braves stove off three goal-line thrusts, but the Generals passed to make a touchdown for the South. ln this tussel, the South tied the North with a score of 19 to 19. VARSITY FOOTBALL Coach Wilcox First Row: V. Day, R. Rands, P. McCollum, B. Gill, T. Nagano, B. Grey, T. Peters, D. Grodske, J. Leech, H. Cabrera, E Finney Second Row: L. Henderson, J. Blackwell, B. Pearce, E. Case, A. Villasenor, B. Young, J. Kins, T. Kanegai, L. Fickett, Y. Takahashi W Barber C. Leech, C. Markham. Third Row: L. Burzell, T. Ginther, D. Huycke, J. Simons, N. Miscione, J. Rubel, B. Leonard, B. Attrldge N Leash man, D. Stone, E. Scott, C. Vaughn. Fourth Row: B. Fictum, E. Lee, J. Faiardo, R. Thomas, H. Friend, L. Stanley, B. Warclwell C Church T. Day, D. Miller, G. Holtby. Will Vaughn cafch II' STANDINGS Team W. UNIVERSITY 6 FAIRFAX ..... .... 9 DORSEY ........ .... 6 HOLLYWOOD .... .... 5 VENICE ....... .... 4 HAMILTON I PIace 2 I 3 4 5 6 Knock him down, Doug! Miller Through cenfer Compact hut powerful... as "B" FOOTBALL Firsl' Row: D. Jelleff, D. Stewart, J. Watkins, B. Grier, W. Working, L. Rock, B. Robertson, H. Harvey, K. Hartwig. Second Row: B. Guyman, D. Franklin, T. Ueno, J. McKenna, G. Richards, J. Gross, D. Kitagawa, H. Devlin, C. Garrecht. Third Row: B. Chase, H. Landon, D. Hitt, C. Moran, B. Aronis, L. Dunbar, J. Henderson, J. Graves, D. Lamoreaux The Warrior Babes had one of the finest teams this season that they have had for a long time. Their main trouble was that they were inconsistent, winning hard games and losing some easy ones. In their first league game of the season the Uni- versity B's put up a good showing by defeating Venice 12-7. After a hectic quarter and a half, the papooses put on the steam and drove down the field 80 yards in four plays to a touchdown. Starting from the War- rior twenty, Dunbar made a twenty-yard run to the Venice 40, and three plays later Norman Braine pulled down a pass from Working and ran for a touchdown. The conversion was blocked. At the opening of the second half the Papooses again drove to pay dirt, with Braine, Ashcroft, Dunbar, and Hart- wig centering in the drive. The second game of the season, which the Warriors played against Hamilton, was a rather poor one for the Babes, who lost by a score of 12-2. The game against Hollywood was featured by a 71 yard run by Larry Bock, a guard, when the Uni- versity Bis knocked over Hollywood, 21-1. The Papooses began to roll soon after the opening kick- off ,with Bock, Dunbar, and Crilly scoring the touch- downs. Scoring once in the first and fourth quarters, Uni triumphed over Fairfax, 13-7. After an early score by Fairfax, the Babes scored their first touchdown when Harry Devlin went off right tackle for 33 yards. Universityis final score came in the last three minutes of the game when Wally Working passed to Norman Braine for the score. The last game of the season, Unihi played Dorsey for the championship, but the Warriors lost 25-0, and came in third place in the league. inq size . . . nil th After a series of close games in which the War- riors lost by margins of one or two baskets, Unihi ended with three won and seven lost in the league standings. Ending the regular sesaon with 51 points, Bob Webster led the University scorers with an aver age of 5.1 for ten. Close behind Webster was Captain Bob Davis with 46 for a 411.6 average, and Ben Lewis, sensational sophomore with 39 for an average per game of 3.9. Although Unihi was not as successful as she might have been offensively, hers was con- sidered the best defensive team in the Western Lague. The season opened with Unihiis clashing with Venice. Taking the count by losing the first game, the Warriors came back to nose out the Gondoliers by a margin of one point, with Lewis scoring in the last minute of the game. The sharp-shooting Dons defeated the Braves for their second league defeat after running neck and neck for just about the whole way. The second game was just as close, with Dorsey again coming out on top. Unihi lost the first game to Hamilton, but came back to win with the best played game of the season. With Webster leading the way by scoring a total of ten points against the Sheiks, Unihi marched to its second win of the season. ln the second game against Hollywood, Uni took a nosedive when the Sheik scored heavily the last few minutes in one of the best games that had ever been played in the Holly- wood gym. The only game in which the Warriors had more than thirty points scored against them was a close game which the Fairfax boys clinched in the last thirty seconds by dropping a bucket from midcourt. The last game of the season found the Warriors with only nine team members able to attend the game. The Warriors held their own until the last quarter, when, tired out with no fresh substitutes, Unihi dropped the game to the Colonials. VARSITY BASKETBALL First Row: A. Smith, T. Houcl-ien, B. Webster, B. Davis, B. Lewis, T. Fortivo. Second row: C. Little, J. lnbody, G. Ruiz, B. Buell, J. MacNair, B. Sutherland, D. Hairdy hardwood BASKETBALL SCO RES Universiiy Venice 2I 20 22 27 Universify Dorsey 23 25 20 2I Universiry Hamilron 20 28 29 28 Universiry Hollywood 27 22 24 30 Universiry Fairfax 27 29 Zi 3I Tip In Surprise! Up in fhe air IOI Streamlined x w w w Coach Marvin fur alztinn At the beginning of the season, the Warrior B's looked like a hard team to beat with six lettermen returning. But unfortunately, overconfidence set them behind a game or two, and they finished the season with third place in the league. The spark-plug of the team was Pete Valdez, a member of the Marine class, and a good all around player. Valdez teamed with Willis Jennings at for- ward, and with the better than average long shots of Jennings, this outstanding twosome spurred the team on time after time. The team was completed with Joe Dillenbeck, Dick Routley, and Fred Sawahata trading oil at the posi- tion of guard, and Jerome Moss and Dick Hickerson alternating at center. "B" BASKETBALL First Row: H. Laslry, B. Kelso, W. Jennings, P. Valdez, G. Jensen, H. Bruce, E. Stroy. Second Row: T. Albanese, B. Hammond, B. Guisness D. Hiclrerson, J. Moss, J. Dillenbeclc, F. Sawahata. erfnrmamze is hat unts Not given much of a chance by the diamond experts at the beginning of the season, the Warrior horse- hiders came along fast to annex second place in the Western league. Being green, with only a few experienced ball players returning, the reservation nine broke about even in their practice encounters. They played a fair game at the Dorsey Invitational Tournament, as they defeated Torrance and Hollywood and lost tough battles to Huntington Park and Banning. With the valuable experience gained in their many practice games, and with the watchful eye of Coach ,Terry Marvin upon them, the University nine Went into league competition. The first game was with the championship Fairfax nine, and the Warriors, led by Art Smithis sensa- tional two-hit pitching and a three-run triple off the bat of Willie Hernandez toppled the Colonials in their only setback of the long campaign. With plenty of spirit after such a brilliant beginning, the reser- vation nine turned on the heat to completely rout Hamilon 10-1, and set back the undefeated Holly- wood Sheiks 7-5. Bud Gill's home run blast featured in the Hollywood contest. University lost its next game, although Tommy Houchen filled in well for Willie Hernandez, who was stricken with the measles. Dorsey had a jinx on the home nine, however, and Won the game 6-4. Com- pleting the first round of play in a tie for first with Fairfax, the Warriors defeated Venice 3-2, with I oe Dillenbeck driving in thewinning runs. In their next meeting, the Fairfax boys gained revenge for their earlier defeat by winning a close, hard-fought battle 6-5 on Van Cleve Field at Fairfax. The Yanks of Hamilton journeyed to University next and left minus their scalps as they were crushed 7-3. The University outfit was one of the squads in the longest and best played game of the season as they battled ll innings to a 2-2 tie with the Hollywood Sheiks in their second encounter. Still holding a jinx over the Warriors, Dorseyis Dons traveled to the reser- vation and went home victorious 4-2, and in the final game of the year Universityis Varsity 'baseball team defeated Venice 6-3. University placed two men on the all-Western league, when Bud Gill and Tommy Peters were hon- ored by the Helms Athletic Foundation. Peters led the team in hitting and was brilliant afield, and Bud covered the center field position as well as did any one in the city. The squad's record for the season was 6 Wins, 3 losses and l tie for a second place berth in the West- ern League. Not bad for such a green team. Con- gratulations, Coach Jerry Marvin and the boys! VARSITY BASEBALL First Row: W. Hernandez, J. billinbeck, T. Hernandez, T. Peters, H. Cabrera. Second Row: T. Albanese, W. Jennings, C. Leech, A. Smith, B. Gill, B. Webster l 1 1 4 Firsi' Round: BASEBALL SCORES Universify ...... 4 Fairfax .. Universify ..,... IO Hamilfon Universify ...... 7 Hollywood Universify ...,.. 4 Dorsey .. Universiiy ...... 4 Venice .. Second Round: U niversiiy ..,... 5 Universify ...... 6 Universify ....., 2 Universify ....., I U niversify Hollywood 6 Venice Fairfax . .. . . Hamilfon ... .. Dorsey ..... . . J U NIOR VARSITY BASEBALL Firsf Row: T. Moriyama, B. Freeland, R. Lassos, G. Holfby, R. Mar, P. Arraz Second Row B Hammond W Karl C. Shislnido, J. Moss, B. Tavarez, B. Selfzer. Third Row: K. Ba+l'1riclt, R. Herold D Wlgglesworfln B FUIIORB V Shrmer N. Smil-I1 IO4 llne-twn-hang. three l Because of unseasonal rains which postponed two track meets, and war conditions which demanded that the 1942 Chieftain be sent to press earlier than in previous years, we have been unable to provide all the statistics usually found in the track section. But we can predict that University's varsity track team will have an exceptionally successful season. We base our predictions on the performance of the Warrior squad against the favored Hollywood Sheiks. Led by the speedsters, Melvin Patton and Glen Holtby, both of whom sliced seconds off of previous school records in the first meet of the season, the Warrior cindermen downed Hollywood, 632 to LLOM. 100-Patton QUJ, Furtivo QUD, Winget fl-lj-fties school recordj-10.5. 220--Patton QUJ, Furtivo QUJ, Winget QHJ-fnew school record. Unofficial because of windy- 21.6. 440--Holtby QUJ, Lamb fl-lj, Patton QUJ-fNeW school recordj-51.2. F iiii 880-Esquivel HUD, Dutton fl-lj, Worden Coach Purcell VARSITY TRACK First Row: J. Zultin, J. Simons, B. Attridge, B. Gray, W. Brown, T. Brown, T. Day, N. Leishman, P. McCollum, R. Hudson, J. Wolfe. Second ' ' ' ' h E. S T. N Row: L. Stanley, P. Schmitz, J. Calder, B. Wright, B. Moore, B. Buell, B. Lewis, K. Rasmussen, D. Moore, B. Beckwit , cott, agano, C. Garrecht, E. Anderson, B. Gill, K. Hartwig, R. Cotton, F. Snoolt, J. Stoneburner, Coach Purcell. Third Row: R. Thomas, V. Day, F. Papiro, P. Goldrin, W. Stuart, J. Graves, B. Dwight, H. Cole, L. Ficlcett. Fourth Row: T. Lewis, B. Fictum, D. Stone, G. Ruiz, E. Mahoney, B. Leonard, D. Hutchison, M. Patton, T. Furtivo, J. Esquivel, R. Parkinson, L. Hamilton lO5 Mile-Hinman QI-D, Moore QUJ, Fifield 4:34.3. H. H.-Lewis QUJ, Dowse fl-IJ, Dwight QUT-15.3. LH.-Lewis QUJ, Lamb QI-IJ, Graves QUT-21.1. Relay-University-3 :06.5. Shot Put-Engleman QHJ, Lewis QUD, Scott QUT- 47' 6". , B.J.-Gill QUJ, Little QUJ, Peters QUJ-21' LLM". H. J.-Smith QHJ, Buviek QHQ, fthree way tiej- 5' 10" . Pole-May QI-IJ, tie Hartwig, Landon, Leishman QUJ -ll' 6". x A El 1 fi Ej,,u57 ,E f A .X up .. my 'f 1" - nw 9' S - . -x"'f'f.'ff ,f .- f rr .V I d f C -H ff .f f U' 1 fm A c ose secon or TI y '-fw'f.2fif W- . f v 1 '- fl f . 2 iff 451. KZ qs. 'ff J. ' . ff f 'v if X I H 4 .Vi HH, -jjfyx ,N 1 f -JAN- I . ...A M ..,,p.2,L,-...,,QL.?.".fg42Q.'Y'S"ff ,,--jNeFl'1e-- -:-use-av.. ,fi ,UQ -Q L-4, s f, ,,.,4 ,,-. .,,. , . "B" TRACK First Row: D. Gormly, W. Jennings, D. Hickerson, F.Corbai'o, C. Edwards, W. Overpeclc, B. Chase, E. Chap- man, B. Crilly, J. Ru'Her, D. Cox, B. lCarte. Second Row: B. Mack, J. Myers, D. Travers, K. DeHaas, C. Dixon N. Foster, G. Richards, B. Grier, B. Senescal, D. Burzell, D. Kitagawa. Third Row: B. Snyder, D. Lamoreaux J. Henderson, H. Harvey, G. Jarvis, R. Rosson, D. Taylor, J. Walker, B. Guisness, J. Moss, P. Munoz, D Livingston, D. Billings, D. Prehoda, M. Zapian, L. John son IO6 VF, Moore goes over -'C-' TRACK A Firsi Row: H. Casfaneda, P. Arlaz, C. Gonzales. Second Row OF. 6668 LU Q Di, I E. Kellon, E. Muller, B. Vaughn LbME,ANO . 0 . C-- r, " J! -sv l . Y 470-Fw 1 SLT' 1 1-mg guage: R SPRING YELL LEADERS :X F85 -Ennis puffing +l1e shoi' Daryl Arnold, Jim Miller, Don Lindsey N i Y L IO7 In the cnlnhat znnns GOLF TEAM First Row: H. Landon, B. Savage. Second Ro Under the leadership of Mr. Jimenez, sponsor, the University Golf Team which won the team champion- ship for Southern California last year looks equally good this year. Bill Savage, who won the C. I. F. championship and the Inglewood High School In- vitational Golf Tournament, is the leading member this year. The score as we went to press: Unihi 9, U.C.I...A. frosh 6, Unihi 1215, Hamilton ZVZQ Unihi 7, Beverly 8. The University High School Rifle Team sponsored by Sergeant Kimbrough showed a marked improve- ment over last year's team by ending their competi- tive firing for the Hearst Trophy with a score of twenty more points than last year's team. The Tennis Team, coached by Mr. Taylor and led by captain Bob Davis, has played the finest brand of tennis ever seen on the reservation this year, by going through a full season without being defeated in the Western League. The University Gym Team, coached by lVIr. Dixon, has had a fair season of competition. The muscle men defeated the Hollywood Sheiks and the Dorsey Dons. The other three meets, lost to Fairfax, Hamil- ton, and Venice, were hard-fought and very close meets. Even though weakened by the moving of ,I ap- anese students, University entered six men in the 1942 Western League finals. .N ms,-A-.F - - R First Row: J. Bearmen, E. Fetzer, D. East, S. Stoddard. Second Row: Sergeant Kimbrough, C. Sevy, TENNIS TEAM D. Anderson, N. Gofffredson, B. Davis, S. Herron, Mr. Taylor, B. Anderson, E. Raguse, E. Wellbaum, D. Caldwell Bill Savage and his golf trophies. GYM TEAM Firsf Row: K. Meyers, H. PraH, J. Vogelsang, M. Takamofo, C. Mafsumofo, M. Teshiba, S. Shishido, A. Curiiss, N. Izumi, B. Uyemori. Second Row: E. Smi+h, R. Bukey, M. Hayashida, P. Savarino, J. Guyman, B. Sfoizes, J. Edgerfon, H. Grodslre, J. Rubei. Third Row: J. Hurford, H. Herfzog, J. Baerwifz, C. Chisholm, C. Sfolp, B. Groban, J. Miller, D. Lindsey, D. Grodslre, Mr. Dixon, coach uu're inthe arm nnw Under the military direction of Lieutenant Cam- eron of West Point, Sergeant Price, recently called to active duty in the army, and Sergeant Kimbrough, also of the United States Army, the University High School B.O.T.C. is just ending one of the most event- ful and most interesting semesters in the history of the school. With the largest enrollment the organiza- tion has ever had, the corps were divided into three companies. The captains for the fall semester Were Walter Kuesder, Dan Andes, and Sidney Wallace. Captain Adjutant was Bill Brigham, while Joseph Thomas was hand captain. With Lieutenant Colonel George Smith and Major Bill Sorenson in command, the fall semester got under Way hy a demonstration of troops from Fort Ord. Parades, motion pictures, and football games COLOR GUARD Fred Goetz, Robert Peeler, John Tait, Jack Spencer COMPANY A First Row: R. Horning, J. Farrer, B. Williams, B. Tait, T. Kolb, F. Kelso, D. Price, W. Keusder, R. Truclr, R. Wetherbee, J. Blaclcton, D Heikirila, R. Smith, D. Cunningham, K. Tomikawa, J. Kibbey, D. Skeate, R. Peak, E. Adams. Second Row: B. Terry, B. Henderson, B Frimel, D. Glenn, R. Underwood, E. Webster, B. Kegley, J. Smith G. Carelton, D. Missimer, B. Bishop, D. Woodall, F. Steele, G. Schlagel, A. Lamb, T. Fox, J. Fudge, B. Anderson, D. Ball, B. Kirkgaard. Third Row: F. Begley, M. Thompson, J. La Voie, W. Brown, T. Kuehler, V. Marlow, W. Anderson, J. Hiney, G. Reddy, J. Hiney, R. Alexander, B. Anderson, J. Martin, B. Aiken, J. Dainard, R. Martinez, E. Daly D. West, J. Howden. Fourth Row: C. Church, P. Moynier, L. Sapien, A. Riggen, B. King, S. Stoddard, A. Hunt, D. Gross, L. Schloss L. Parker, B. Wilson, G. Heyler, B. Moitit, D. Skiets, l. Flatt, T. Mounds, V. Ulam, B. Ridges, E. Wellbaum v I llO between officers and men were but a few of the Mout- side" activities of the B.O.T.C. Because of the war, the annual military ball was called off, and the awards usually made at this time were presented later by Brigadier General Whitworth to the follow- ing: George Smith, best oflicerg John Place, best ser- geant, Harry Ware, best corporal, Al Burney, best recruit, Robert Tuck, best private, Jerry Zuker, best private manual, and Bob Baldwin, best bandsman. The honorary officers were Charmian Harker, Hon- orary Lieutenant Colonelg and Mary Ann llubel, Hon- orary Major. The spring semester found Lieutenant Colonel Bill Bringham and Major Dan Andes ofliciating, with Cap- tain Adjutant Bill lnge. Captains of Company A, B, C were Walter Kuesder, Elmer Fetzer, Dion East, re- Lieutenant R. C. 'Cameron and Sergeant H. F. Kimbrough COMPANY B First Row: P. Kortner, H. Shillock, W. Cox, J. Roberts, D. Walker, R. Hakes, E. Rinck, E. Fetzer, J. Place, W. Overpeck, L. Evans, G. Stock- well, J. Nickel, A. Hirmann, J. Logan, B. Kossack. Second Row: D. Allen. T. Brubeck, B. Jarick, K. Shumate, E. Gordon, S. Gamble, J Thackaberry, W. Wain, J. Wachtell, A. -Callahan, J. Van Sickel, J. Mitchell, R. Bissiri, K. Harker, R. Tuck, E. Driver. Third Row: M. Willis B. Ecki, J. Zucker, J. Shier, N. Langford, B. Burns, R. Harris, J. Hurtord, J. Eddins, l. Hawkins, J. Childress, L. Allen, l. Gronsky, P. Ariaz D. Hirsch. Fourth Row: R. Danielson, l. Lord, R. Mayotte, H. Cook, C. Riley, H. Larson, R. Marquis, C. White, H. Ware, M. Strauss, P. White H. Ware, M. Strauss, P. White, B. Riggs, M. Gates, H. Hottman, T. Rodriguez, J. Dollard fi f' ll'icr0fff ff M ffifilfflftftj 'T pf ...U ,9,,,.F l pr Q' 7 spectivelyg and Band Captain, Ted Champion. Most of the inspections and drilldowns were called oil because of the War. However, the second annual hall was held on the afternoon of May 1, 1942. Lieu- tenant Colonel Bill Bringham escorted honorary Lieu- tenant Colonel Helen Darling, and Major Dan Andes escorted honorary Major Janet Hamer. The evening was highlighted by a demonstration and drill down hy the drill team. STAFF OFFICERS Bill Bringham, Dan Andes, Bill lnge, Douglas Beamish COMPANY C First Row: J. Bearman, D. Burkett, S. Gustafson, D. Nixon, D. Almquist, E. Stinchcomb, D. East, B. Adams, R. Cash, K. Nyes, R. Harker, D. Cunningham, E. Weston, T. Miller, W. Culbertson. Second Row: K. Croft, M. Treshow, J. Parrramore, N. Shroeder, K. Wisemen, B. Nelson, J. Hesnault, C. Sevy, D. Groman, D. Jenneings, A. Burney, B. Lindenstein, J. Cash, T. Thompson, P. Davidson. Third Row: B. McGregor, F. Petry, G. Borgh, C. Laberdie, M. Katz, B. Gaston, D. Kibby, C. Porter, E. Corekin, W. Nickels, R. Peterson, R. Riddick, D. Pierce, R. Newman, E. Lavery. Fourth, Row: D. Carr, l. Thompson, F. LeMarinel, T. Kilburn, J. Maguth, H. Taylor, J. Sterling, B. Wake- tield, R. Powell, J. Chambers, B. Campbell, G. Brauer, R. Tanner, G. Young, B. Finney l I2 Forl' Ord visi+s Unihi DRILL TEAM Firsf Row: B. Adams, D. Rice. Second Row: D. Allen, C Knuison, W. Overpeclr, B. Bishop, J. Van Siclrle, H. Ware C. Swey, R. Tuclr. Third Row: M. Willis, J. Budge, R Danielson, J. Zucker, H. Larson, J. Dollard, J. Waclrrell J. Chilers nu are invited tn see At the beginning of this school year, the Girls' Athletic Association participated in two highly suc- cessful playdays. One of the playdays was held at Fairfax High School, while Narbonne High School hosted the other. Basketball, baseball an dspeedball were but a few of the many sports featured at both events. The supervision of all of the activities was in the capable hands of the physical education teach- ers. True to tradition, University High School's G.A.A. proved itself to he superior on the field of battle, always displaying excellent sportsmanship. However, the war made it necessary to cancel all future interscholastic playdays for the rest of the academic year, and possibly to cancel them for the duration of the war. In place of the vetoed playdays, a new system was installed. On May 13, the girls engaged in inter-class competition. There were ap- proximately two hundred girls participating in the event, this new plan proved to be a much enjoyed Jean, Helen, Frances M., and Marian give Cupid a lesson Lower lett: Muriel Hertzog and Beverly Ware spin for court Lower right: Janice Wynn and Margaret Stephens having a bully good time! hit parade alternative. In reality, it was a sort of local playday, the only element missing from the former playdays was the joy of making new acquaintances. Many types of sports, both individual and team, are played throughout the year. In the fall, hockey and basketball are featured, while speedball and basketball hold the center of attention in the spring. The individual sports include archery, badminton and the ever popular tennis. Tournaments were held in all sports, both individual and team. These help to increase the competitive spirit. The G.A.A. banquet and initiation, usually held in the evening, took place in the late afternoon be- cause of the war. A stunt show following the formal initiation was one of the highlights of the year. Both new and old members of the Girls' Athletic Associa- tion took part in the program. A spirit of comrade- ship and good fellowship prevailed throughout the group. Above: Muriel shoots tor a basket, while below Pat tries desperately for a kill. From left to right: Shirley Hiestand displays good form in service, while in the baseball shots Beverly Ware is tossing the ball down the alley and in the corner Pat Hamer as Ump calls a "Lucky Strike" on Joan Schroder Miss Love and Miss McHarg One of the most important features of the "all out for defense" program is the part Americans must play individually in creating and preserving physical well-being. This aspect of the civilian defense plan has always been the motto of the Girls, Physical Education Department. Under the capable and careful supervision of Mrs. Harrison, any girl may obtain specialized corrective exercises if she is in need of them. Members of the Girls' Athletic Association are those girls who have a great interest and are reason- G. A. A. OFFICERS First Row: H. Smith, J. Frank, B. Davis, M. Hankins. Second 4 if' . nj Childress, J. Schroeder, J. Hucherson, B. Tate. ff' 1 1 3 iff kv? adage? .M in X f -4" iw I f-aff as V, V5 1 , W' ,Msg I ,,.. f My I 7 ggi! SENIOR G. A. A. First Row: M. Morris, D. Hann, P. Anderson, B. Amling, H. S. Layne, J. VanMeter, H. Smith, D. Dinsmore, E. Turner, Y. Kuramoto, L. Daus. Second Row: D. Bailey, M. Herzog, N. Bond, D. Phillips, B. L. Volder, S. Hiestand, D. Crowder, B. Baher, D. Drazan, I. Shepard, N, Wifi-on J. Hutchinson. Third Row: J. Corbin, F. Hartly, G. Everett, H. Hambly, J. Bondurant, S. Burkhart, I. Nieto, S. Dellinger, M. L. Fisher Bi Durbin, A. Cassard, P. Herriott, R. Hall. Fourth Row: J. Mirande, M. McNeil, P. Mitchell, E. Jenks, J. Conklin, E, Small, D. Urich, P. Cooke L. Abrecht, D. Duvall, B. Mann, L. Gick, A. Miller, F. Hodges. Fifth Row: J. Stier, F. Buehler, P. Whitelaw, I. Edwards, D. LoIIier, M Stricktadder, C. Pizarro, B. Moran, S. Hartwig, R. Reitel, P. Woodward, J.4 Baker. Sixth Row: R. Bennett, J. Schroeder, B. Rhein M Blackmore, R. Zimmeht, B. Tate, M. Harkins, F. Byland, V. Joseph, A. Joseph, A. Wildau, D. Dinsmore, J. Funkhouser, P. Hallmar, C, Bdown A. Hildner II6 Row: R. Zimmit, J. Conklin, H. Hambly. Third Row: N. Mrs. Blanchard and Mrs. Harrison ably proficient in the various types of athletics offered here. Miss McHarg for the tenth grade, Miss Love for the eleventh grade, and Mrs. Blanchard for the twelfth grade are both sponsors and instructors of the organization. In the fall semester the girls Were led by Phyllis Cotter, president, Barbara Davis, vice-president, Hope Hambly, secretary, and Renee Beifel, treas- urer. Fall sports chairmen were Barbara Tate, head of hockey, Jean Hutchinson, head of individual sports, and Mildred Hankins, head of basketball. ln the spring semester the group was headed by Barbara Davis, president, Naomi Childress, vice- president, Renee Beifel, secretary, Ruthellen Zim- mehr, treasurer. Sports chairmen in the spring were Janet Frank, head of speedball, Joan Schroder, head of baseball, Hope Hambly, head of basketball, and ,loan Conklin, head of individual sports. 3" Jolene and Helen, spirited cheer leaders ot the G. A. A. fi . L ,gaze P f La 'ff 2 at . .. ' - , fa " -usd ' Q . . A ,W e. , 232 Bw M .5 N ' X Neva " 4 W H lf ' t J, fl It x Mg, fi Y 1 JUNIOR G. A. A. First Row: K. Tomson, J. Neiswanger, J. Guynn, B. Bailey, B. Beveridge, A. Price, M. L. Lewis, W. Detamore, B. J. Gwinn, W. West. Second Row: J. Lind, C. Stevens, M. Odahara, R. lCanty, l. Brink, J. Fite, C. Blondtield, L. McMullen, S. Dryer, B. Nance, F. Werntz, M. Leetz. Third Row: J. Tanner, M. Stevens, M. J. Ashley, M, Stephens, J. Wynn, F. Mattson, J. Ferris, M. Moore, M. Larrinaga, M. Ohlund, M. Samaniego, E. Jenks, M. Takemura. Fourth Row: B. Walters, R. Moore, J. Fry, E. Chambers, M. Friedson, D. McWhorter, B. Hogan, B. D. Prather, L. M .Wilson, J. Frauch, J. Brothers, S. Coulter. Fitth Row: C. Zebrowsky, C. Youngberg, J. Corbin, P. Young, B. Brown, V. Ontiveros, L. Faunce, M. Douglas, S. Clark, M. Losman, G. Phillips, P. Willis, P. Volker.. Sixth Row: M. Molloy, P. Roberts, N. Perrin, A. Sherman, B. Wurson, M. Bloeser, F. Gross, L. Malmen, D. O'Brien, M. Palmer, E. Owens, P. Mast. II7 gal Q i - it .2f....4iie-.. .4 ,... .. 'TX Q.-. . "l shof an arrow in flue air," says Helen Smifh Ann Miller and Shi-rley Dellinger in speeclball: Joan Conklin and Grace Oclahara keep if flying in badminfong while in baseball Pai' calls Helen safe in a close one af first ,ff , Wfwmw' Where life heqins 1 F i lI9 The finished product , , ., , , 4 , . 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Suggestions in the University High School - Chieftain Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) collection:

University High School - Chieftain Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 1


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University High School - Chieftain Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


University High School - Chieftain Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


University High School - Chieftain Yearbook (Los Angeles, CA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


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