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s c H O O LUNIVERSITY HIGH SCHOOL UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA kiniL BISBILA STAFF Editor-in-Chief Aft Editor Attistonl Copy Editor Assistant Foculfy Editor Activities Editor Feoture Editor Sport Editor Clots Editor Senior Editor Picture Editor Assistants Focwlty Adviser Woleta Johnson Catherine Trocht Oiedro Monn Joan Eostmon Coyle loni Jeanne Stoinberg Maylconn Trotk Abigail Diamond Charles Weber Gordon Donnell Sutanne Bakke Nonci Blomqoist Thomas Quoid Noncy Fitch Robert Corny Leon lacobanno Robert L Even 31 39 51 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS 3 Educotion 7 Faculty Activltiei Footuro  ATTENTION IS FOCUSED ON UNIVERSITY HIGH SCHOOL In the eyes of the state of Minnesota, University High School is on institution established in 1908 for purposes of educational demonstration and investiga-tion It's primary ob|«ciives oro: to givo students of education and toachers In service an opportunity to observe and study sound practices in the leaching Hold; to carry on experimentation and resoarch in curriculum, methods, material and equipment; to provide teaching experience for students in tho Collogo of Education; and to provide a superior learning environment for its pupils. Research, experimentation and Innovations are apparent at our school. Ono of our social studies classrooms has easy chairs which provide a home-like atmosphere for looming. In oil our classrooms, tooching methods are developed, tried, and altered. Then outcomes aro compared. All this results in constant improvement Student panel discussions play a largo port in helping our student teachers gain an insight info their problems. Creative ability is exhibited in six spacious display cases located In the corridors, eoch belonging to a different department. Within department offices, there Is storage space for moterials ond eoch staff member has on individual office. Conference rooms which separote all classrooms, are convenient for in-dividual or smolt group work. Tho Bisbilo ond Campus Breeze are equipped with their own offices ond workrooms. Tho "littlo thootor," located in tho gymnasium portion of U High, seats 100 people ond provides an excellent environment for speech doss. An aid to biology studonts is the opportunity for actual experimentation In our modern greenhouse. Our own health service area includes comploto facilities for modical, dental and nursing core U High students come from all parts of tho Twin Citios and suburban aroas. Selections of students oro mado to insure opportunities for working with all lovels and kinds of ability. Wo are a six yoor high school with an enrollment limited to fifty pupils each in grodos seven and eight, ond sovonty-fivo pupils for oach grade from nine through twelve. Undor fbo watchful oyo of Ooon Woltot W. Cook of tho Co! logo of Education, UnrrocUty High Schoofi mood r or wi tho now building prerad to bo o tucrouful ono. U High ... tho focol point of oduco-rionol domomtrotion ond oxport-montation. 3□bttivmg m ! • moin duly ol Coil Molt -pkyKi tfudtni buxhar. o ht ocltd at Of Boect'i oublanl diKwg iht lin pail o' tK» fad a wont! Aha moth canctnirattd tlwdy and pftporalion. Coil Hobtgran. gained lha tipaittaca o pnM hit unit la IK clou EXPERIENCE IS THE Soon wolking through tho corridors in ortitudes of studious concentration, tho student toochors returned to our classes this yoar enroute to a career in the field of education U High Is o proving-ground where these J of M seniors foce the disturbing problems of octuolly teaching o group of students. A fow of them found this job a frying one. but the greater majority, armed with enthusiasm and fresh idoos. proved to be a real help to us. Summoning all their reserve and patience, the student toochors worked with three grodo levels. In this way they acquainted themselves with the peculiarities of eoch and ore more able to moke on intelligent choke os to the levol they wish to teoch upon graduating Preceding the ocfuol two or three week teaching period, these future educators acted as observers and as assistants to the regular Instructors. Later in the quarfor. they prosonted us with units which they had preporod in advance At the end of those on-lightening teoching sessions, they gave tests on the motorial which aided In measuring their oblllty to tooch. Following this we wero askod to evoluote them. Faults wero brought out and recommendations inserted as we commented on our various reactions to their work. The students that fought hero at U High hod an excellent staff of instructors under which to work, The coveted Ph. 0. degree possessed by some of the faculty members testifies to their superior qualifications os advisersTRADEMARK OF SUCCESS Most of us don't realize whot on unusual school we've been attending, so let’s foke a look at U High Irom another point of vlow. Insteod of taking its odvonfoges for granted, let's find oat whot they ore, and how they affect us. Aside from the subjects taken by students In school, University High School offers us severol unique courses. Among these, the unified arts program stands out os on experiment in more effective odu- lytl «ver aaorOitag lor knowWeo V eating In |unior high, tho yoors cyo divided into four parti during which wo arc introduced to each of the 1061001 covered in thii area They ore art, homemalung. industrial orti, and muiic The purpose behind this progrom is to ocqoaint eoch student with the arts By studying more about these areas, we learn to appreciate them and to apply them to our everyday living. Discovering the basis of culturo and language that pertains to the countries wo are dooling with today is on essentiol to bettering foreign relations. Because the foreign language deportment follows this ideo. ours is one of two schools In the United States that teaches Russian Offering four years of eoch longuage is a system here at U High which is also rarely found in other schools The spooch class at U High is devoted to public speaking, interpreting litoroture. and teoching us the differences botween a good and a bod play Playi are planned and rehearsed during class time, giving us experience through active participation.MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE Po» »f» t od lH« opportunity •O •« th« kKooI‘% locllMiot Ma m—.. ° » tfv Ouot Ox o tH« loll rxootmg oce© «pli»l"» «nt» Better schools, bettor homes, better communities wen the 900! of the Porent-Teocher Association In our school os in others. This organization assembled qworforly. therefore, three meetings were held this year. Tho wide spread community situation ot our school necessitated a "getting acquainted" meeting during the fall quarter. It was a this session thot poronts had the opportunity to meet staff members and other porents. Here, poronts were able to goin on insight into their sons' and daughters' school life, activities, and educational program, as well as to hove the delightful experience of getting to know one another. Porents saw the facilities of the building, attended their child's homeroom ond conversed with the instructors. A social hour wos held directly following the program Purposo plus participation equals good programing. PTA programs wore centered on problems concerning our school directly Speakers and panels were chosen to bring a more vivid picture of our school lifo ond major problems to Our porents Excellent program planning brought an unusually fine turn-out to all meetings of the 1954-1955 school year Behind this progressive association wos Mr H C Mills, president. Mrs F. Whiting, vice-president, and Mr and Mrs W. T. Wilke, co-treasurers 6E»tcvt «oroe»it e«, FW»t row, Ult lo fiflkt: Dr Weit. Mr. Mitchell, Mr. Abel. M.U Swonjon Second rowi Dr. Bailer, Dr. Frook. M.U Slereni, Mr lolvbe'le. Mlu Morfoll. Dr. Boetk Abeeot: M.u Alwm. Or Jchnton, Dr. Birkmoler, Mr. Gould. CoocK Abort PLANNED PROGRESS Wo watched tho progress of our school under the guidance of Sterling B Mitchell, whose third yeor this was os principol of U High His quick "Hollo" and friendly smile won him our support and odmirotion His activities woro. mainly, serving as chairman of the executive committee and coordinating our school with tho col logo of education. In his fifth year hero, Frodrick P. Abol, our assistant principal, had those important |obs supervising student activities, advising tho student senate, acting os faculty representative to the Parent-Teacher Association and enforcing attendance regulations. The executive committee, which was presided over by Mr. Mitchell, was composed of the head staff member of eoch department. Its duties concornod the determining of our school policy. Eleanor Ruud and Richard Loliborte, our student counselors, helped solve our personal problems ond gave us odvice as to colloge choices and careersMarti. Ml »o rigki M Ir rall. Mr. T«n Br»rta. Or. Mnior. Mr. (okina. A glonce at the science department showed us Clarence Boeck, department head, skillfully teaching physics Chemistry ond junior high science wore fought by onothor qualified instructor, Morton Johnson Orrln Gould proficiently helped the freshman class with sctonce. Competent Robert O'Neill taught junior high science. Sophomore biology students studied under Louis Woltecs. Enthusiasts of higher olgebra encouraged by Donovan Johnson, math department hood. Lyle Ea- Or Bail ! ScUnc . Ufl «o ripkl! Mr John ion, Mr GovM. Or to«t. Mr. Wolrtrv Mi O'Neill Englith, Mil to right' Mlu Cole •on. MU Sandal. Min AVrin. Mr. Gran). Mlu luud Saciol Sludiei. Ufl to right. Or. Weil. Mr Jotinion. Mr. Oordnar. Mr. Mod.j »t kin's pupils received guidance In trigonometry ond beginning algebra. Tho goomctry instructor was Poul Ingwell. Dirk Ton Brinko guided students In elementary math. Our Thespion adviser, Arthur Ballet, was the unpredictable speech teacher who directed our plays. Junior English was expertly planned by the langooge arts deportment heod. Virginia Alwin. Guiding the Breeze staff was Lorraine Sundal. sophomore English teocher. Interest prevailed in our senior English classes fought by Eleanor Ruud ond Williom Grossl, who also fought freshman English. Florence Colemon planned the junior high English program. We found Edith West, department heod. teaching a senior sociol studies cloSs in room 165. Fred Johnson directed two senior social studies classes ond one in world history. Tho other was taught by Eldon Modisett who also informed the junior class on American policies. William Gardner was the junior high social studies Instructor. THEIR EYES ARE AON THE FUTURE Phy ol fdutotion, l«h to right! Mr O-Noill. Coodi OUo-i Mm. Mil lor ftWKh. Mr. S 0'» A topping symphony echoed from room 270. A curious peek revooled mony fingers briskly pounding keys. Studonts woro being troinod for socretoriol work and typing by Marjorm Swanson, businoss education export. In our unified arts department, there were four now staff mombers; Harold Strobol, leader of o prominent band who directed the senior high chorus; Rita Pedersen, who directed the |unior high in music; Robort Randelmon. who could always be found industriously working with shop students, and our Bisbila odviser. Robert Even, who enjoyed tho modern facilities in the new art oreo Heading this doport-mont was Helen Stephens who taught home economics ond gave advice to tho Future Homemakers of America, Emma Birkmaier, master of eight languages, hoodod our foreign language department and taught Russian Arnold Mendel was our authority on Gorman and Lee Stark tought us from his vast knowledge of French Spanish students received instructions from Walter Pederson, o newcomer to this year's staff. Togother with boing U Club adviser and head of the physical education department. Coach Gareth Olson was tho boys' gym Instructor, as was Robert O'Neill, now hero this year. Ftoronce Miller, also new, counselled tho choorloadors and Instructed the girls' gym class. 9 Spoils. Mr t «J«r»On German, Wv MoedclOffk iloll, tail o righti Mitt Ssrcm. Miu Sty arUi. Mitt Nyqwitl library, Mm Mo fcU HaoltH. la" o tlghfi Or fronV. Mitt Moll. rurw. SYMBOLS OF EFFICIENCY "Got o problem’ Toko It »o the office." That was tho hue ond cry through U High as another year found Edith Nyquist and Doreon Szymanski busily engaged in keeping the school running smoothly. Handling tho studont personnel, serving as typists ond secretaries, these onegatic women were well supplied with work. Outsido Mr. Mitchell's office in on alcove all her own. private secretary. Ruth Strom, worked diligently with the school finances. Upon peeking into the knowledge source of U High, we were greeted by tho friendly willingness of Ruth Marfell, our librarian. Her vosf store of Information wos responsible for inony of our A's. Our hoalth problems were attended to by Dr. Emma Fronk or Carrie Hall, our nurse Both of these competent ond helpful stoff members were new at U High this year. Visitors who were impressed with the immaculate appearance of our school hod only to meet the industrious maintenance crew to know that U High would always look its best. 10t « «». Co«mlM . l « to right. Coth.o Trocht. Mr. Sonoto: Bock row, Uft to right. John Palmer. Mo h loo Schn«ld r. Dick Campbell. Sue Day bock, John Comp. Abml. Jock Mmrfilt. Dov. Is Morgoret A.-etronfl boll. Ami. Bok.r. Go.l Qvi« tt . Bobbie RobUc. Honey Pitch. Shelly Milk W.n Mott. George Heiberg Dovo Nru. Cathie Trocht. Jack Merrill. Margaret Armjtrong. Mr. Abel Front row. Pot Flaherty, Todd Korrveti. Roy SchrotxJer. Jock I Fermood. Bar by Reitmon. Hi Corbett Each Wednesday os the gavel wos raised and sounded, the 1954-55 senate wos called to order by President Jock Merrill. Assisting him with the duties of senate were Cathie Trocht. vice-president; Margoret Armstrong, secretary; and Dave Ness, treasurer. Frederick Abel advised. Senate's "OK" was a must on plans for all our school activities, which enabled thorn to keep tab on what wos being done by different groups In the school. In this way, our Senate hod the opportunity to participate in the making and controlling of school policies. Senate was mode up of one senotor from each homeroom. Once o week In room 155. these students gathered to discuss solutions to our school's problems. Alternate senators also were elected Five standing committee chairmen wore selected from the senior closs by the senate president One stu dent from each grade was chosen to toko part in each of the five committees. Standing Co-w«in.m» Sitfimg. Wh to right. Aik Skpvro . Win Mott. G org N .b cg», Milk Cot hi Trocht. Stonding. fmlly Olmiiad. Jonmt Dot by. Sut O.rorborg, Joonm Moyrdo. Bonnl Dwboif. Borby KtHmon. Jo Luod. Mohloo Schn id r. Coil Ovim tt«. John CompUU. Noncy Noimon. Tom Ovoid. Us Corb ft. Dick Compb H. So Doyboch. Noncy Fitch. Carol Kog n. Bobbie Robiton. G-og.r M om. John Po!m«r. Todd Horn i. Jocki F cmaud 11French. lett te right: See Doybech. Rorb Selle. Mr. Stork. Jeonn« Steinberg. Jedy Anderton FEDERATION Gerwon. Wt to right: Mr Mendel, lynn Boumnufer. George Nelbergv Ho liv'd Thorihoe. W-, Mott Jock Fokor. Sponsorship of our foreign exchange student, Francoise Arth,was the main project of the Federation of languages this yeor. Onlookers observed scores of gaily attired students in typical costumes of several countrios at the Initiation doy planned by this organization. Adding much to tho spirited holiday seoson, our Foderatron gave the Holiday Hop. Chairman Win Mott roprosontod Germon Club. Sue Dayboch was veep from French Club. Ronnie Robison from Russian Club recordod minufos. Spanish Club's Arnio Baker was troesuror. Advisers woro Emma Bi'kmoier, Walter Podor-son, Arnold Mendol and lee Stark. Spanhfc. Utl lo leM, Jv»- Ovp».. Arnt. Roke., Gi- «y $cM Wf. Mr. P.dcrto . Money N»mM ISUft l» right! CathW Trocht Mr l»«n Boggy John ton. To Quotd. Joon (atlmon Again our Biz class looked forward To Its on-nual trip to the American Yearbook Company ot Owotonno, Minnesota, where this Bisbilo was published. Here was an opportunity lor the doss to discuss concrete ideas which wero usod in forming our publication. Layouts, dummy, copy, pictures and deadlines becomo familiar terms during first hour in Room 60 A frantic rush before crucial deadline dates indicated that our book was nearing completion. Sections were finished one by one and wore Immediately moiled to the printer Tom Quaid ond his assistants hod o special knack for appearing at unexpected times ormcd with photographic equipment. With Ingenuity Joan Eastman edited the copy, whilo Cathie Trocht skillfully supervised the artwork. Peggy Johnson was the overseer, co-ordinating tho work on the book in general. Eager for fine results, Robert Even odvised the staff. lalt la right! Chwck Wabar. Toon Troth. Gordy Donna n, NancJ Blomqwltt, Jaonnia Statnbarg. Abtoy Diamond. Baggy Johnton. Gay la lani. Mitt Hilbtadt. Joan fait —on OaDa Mo»n. Cothla Trocht. 13 Ult to right. Toon TroiS. Gordy Donnall. None. Wor qviU. Chock WabarUf! to tight! Sob Abb . Jim Horiowlll. Bill Anitam Bob McfoAfen. fd Kolbe 1 U(l to rlghti Tom loot , lory Palmar, $u- « Howard. Old Wotion. John Oarlay Oavg Mocrwy. B il Von A idall. Bob Moobno'. Btaln Hufh. lorry Tixlor. A VOC "Be Bop Doodlio Doo " Zounds such sounds emerged from room 345. As If captured our interest, we pecpod in to see whot wos going on; just what wo hod expected. Bob Bartholomew—president of AVOC—wos spinning tho records for the donclng activities in the gym. With the new modorn equipment of AVOC. piping music or programs from room to room wos no problem. Bruce Nimmer, secretory of the club, was found getting tho Public Address system ready for the afternoon pep fesl. Playing music, running the P.A. system and showing movies wore only a few of tho many duties of the 35 club members. Orrin Gould, adviser of AVOC, taught them many things about running the TV camera and receiving set, tape rocordcrs. inter-communication system, and all the other equipment. This club was one of the mo3f enorgetic in the school. They rounded up their activities by having their annual club picnic at the end of tho year. 1 BREEZE "Can't tonight, got o doodlme." was the familiar cry of the Breeze tfall members os they rushed down the hall to their office. Our school nowspopor. The Campus Breeze, wos distributed to anticipating U High students once oach month Everyone could see tho tromondous omount of work involved in putting out the Breeze Nothing wos printed boforo Prudy Jones, editor-in-chief, made the final chock Diane Miller served os assistant editor and rood all the copy, os did Barb Sclle. Chickle Doumei was behind the front poge. Second poge featured Lynn Davis os editor, and Betsy planned the corresponding third page Sports were covered by Jock Poker. Lorraine Sundal advised tho staff learning how to publish the Breeze was the main ob|ectlvo ol tho first year journalism closs who will succeed this year's staff. «l»r. Ml. UH lo r gHt Mat), Struck . A' -'0-9. B« h »OV'X. S«. D' '- Ponr-, lotnion. Orchard Zklvr. r k.. UH »o riaki. Coil Chnitnwit, 5-nny Swamoo. too ., Voy oo. Jo . Halllnqi. Ann Kleinkom. M, Sum Uh lo rietiii Borby Seth, Sock Fok ». Ch-ck,. Dw««i. Dor. I B«liy 8-rtrv r. Prudy Jcnm. Mm Sondnt ISSpectator become porticipotors when they joined Girls' Recreation Association. Twice o week junior and senior girls could be found ploying bosket-boll while the dick of shuttlecocks was hoard from the odpining portion of our modern gym. Some of our more athletic girls tried their luck ot bouncing off the inviting trampofoen. Every Tuesday the swimming pool was filled with girls bubbling over with onthusiasm They were practicing for future swimming meets with other high school teoms. Asido from their activities, GRA found time to sponsor o sunlight dance after one of our December basketball games. Working with tho girls wos Prudy Jones, president; Toots Trask, vice president; Diane Miller, secretary j and Carole Stolpestod. treasurer. Their adviser wos Florence MJlIer. Pictura right, bottom tow. Utt to fight! Nancy Nordqvbt. Barb Salt . Jaonw BoWndw. Jone Grou bord. Judy Andorton. Mary Schorl, Dion Millar. Prudy ionai. Toot Troth. Corola Slolpattod Mrddla raw, Shaila Tloharty. Son laory. Judy (kolo. Sua Bokka. Dion Good-mon, Sunny Swonion Top rowi Jo St Cyr. ICrini Honion. Joonia Mery ado. Goyle tanr. Ronnla Robiion U CLUB GRA Kctvra latt, ckxk-.w Prudy Jon at Oiona Millar, Non Arth. I a. lay John ton Gar) Oirltlmot. Judy {koto. Bunny Swan ton Corola Stoipotrod. Toott Troth. Pront row. Mt to right: Bob Borthoiomaw. Gordy Oortnoil Gaorga Bomba'S Oich Walton. Joa lund. Sbally Mill , faddy Mayori Sacond row. Jock Fohor. Broca Nlmrnor. Dkk Gurlok. J.m (.da. Slava Howard, Tarry Athaaton. Gona lorton. Dova Covpar. Third row, Cooch CM ton Jock Marrlll. lory Poimar. Dova Moortoy. Arttio Boka . Jim Ruttafb. Ray Ayala, fori (II., Eyes revealing well-deserved odmlration were turned toward the letter men Letters at our school wero won by boys who hod been octive participants in varsity sports. Anyone who hod achieved a letter was eligible for membership in U Club. Rousing compoigns to inspire sports interest and participation were promoted throughout the year by this club. Contributing to a successful year wos o boys' intramural program consisting of tournaments in each of four sports.- wrestling, basketball, volleyball and ping pong. Dads were royally entertained of tho annual Father-Son Banquet. All of us were invited to a dance sponsored by U Club In the spring. Leading this program wos Joe Lund, president, and Arnie Baker, socretory-troosurer. Serving as or energetic advisor wos Cooch Goreth Olson. 16f,OM row. Ml IO right. I Boum i»t r. 0. Oral mol. 6 Roblton. c Butmon Second row- C. Stolpatfod. J. Honing . J $t»mb rg. M Armttrong. J. Ikolo. B Swonton. D. Goodman. S. Thomov Robaon Third rowi f, Johmott, M Schorl, C Trodit. A. ICUinhom. 5. Bowley. M. Show, fourth rowi K. Hooma. J. t ory. B. V. Vtotocho. f. Bom. M. loJoy fifth rowi T. Trotk. 0. MilWr. A Okimond. i. G'oubord Ski troils were troced to Our U High Ski Club. Skis. polls ond bootj were hastily assembled ond the club wo off to many o snow filled weekend Preceding these venturos were meetings plonned for the purpose of discussing problems rotated to skiing. Ginny Schisler was the chiof enthusiast of the club while Dick Field aided in looding discussions Keeping the minutes was the duty of Bruco Whiting while Ginger Moors accounted for the money. Excited members had a rewarding opportunity to further thoir skiing Interests In this comparatively new club. Basic fundamentals were practiced by inexperienced skiers while past members become more proficient. Advising Ski Club was Richard laliberie, who gave valuable Information pertaining to skiing techniques, locations, ond trips. Pktur Mr, Ml to right: Bob WJto . G.«g r Moot. Brvc Wh.. mg. Gmrry Scholar Picture below, left to right: Bruce Whiting. So" Bermon. Corot StolpeUod Ginger Mean. G.nny Schiller. Sue Bohhe. Bob Koplon. Lynn Bawmetiler. Mary Irvingito . jeonnie Sternberg. Mr lobberte. Chuck Stoddard. Bob Wilton Wordrobes weren't complete without a U-High sweatshirt after Pep Club began its selling campaign. Proceeds from the selling of the shirts usod to help defray the cost of providing with bus transportation to out of town games To encourage sports interest among the girls, hold thoir yearly Big—Little Sister party first football gome In tho fall. New were accompanied by older girls who them to future friends ond school- PEP CLUB CMHrodrn. Wl lo right: A! Skovron. Judy Andwton. Jon Wotton. Molly Stru-ch a, Mory Morquart. GoyU l nj. JoAnn Mayodo Abwnli 0 d Mann Given o vote of confidence were: Bobbie i Robison, president.- Gall Christmas, vice-president; tynn Baumoistor. secretary; Cynthia Rutman, reosurer; ond Dodo Mann, publicity manager Also working with the group wore tho A ond B squad choorleoders ond the club odviser, Morjorio Swanson. Attendance at both home ond away games wos attributed to our vivocious Pep clubbers SKI CLUBBock row. loft to right Jim Ro«. Rolond Tfcorthor, War I Jobnvon. Jim Honwoll. Hugh Oimf.d. Mi. Fokins. Middl. row, W.IS Wright. Bob With . Tom loot., fd M»nr». John Compb«n. Dov. Moo»»y Front row, Sorry Homan, John Or.n. lory Polm.r, John Oorloy. Cor roll K.IWy. loft to rlghtt Wile Meloughlin, Mr. C»»r». Chock Morgan, Jim Klao-tl«y. lorry St.ln, Dobb . Wright. Do- . Abbe. Roniiy Poubng. Jgnnor Roth, Andy Boehm, Carlo Nelaon. Morilyn Nelierv Chrii Slmont. John Ovoid. Pet.r Yenne. Penny Borun Uft to right, Toy Tinker. Tom Quo id. Art leghorn. Dkk Walton, loon locobonne. Steve Goktfcub Jo SERVICE CLUBS Quick os o wink the shutter clicked and Photo Service was ready to rush the picture through tho developing process. Numerous occasions called for our picturo-falcing crew. If we wore unoblo to toko Photo Sorvico as a credit, we could join Photo Club, over whose meetings Dick Watson presided. Junior high Photo Club's purposo wos to givo students interested in photography an opportunity to express themselves. Robert Even advisod this nowly formed club as well as Photo Service. A yellow tie distinguished the members of Service Scouts who were on duty at our basketball and football games Membership in this club depondod on character and school interest. Lory Palmer led this group while Lyle Eakins acted os adviser. 18F. H. A. Thlng» wore "cooking" in tho home economic department a FHA meeting began. Wo w Ginger Moor holding the gavel a Joannie Steinberg recorded the minute . In the obienco of the preiident, Mary Noble presidod. All money transactions wero handlod by Nancy Fitch. FHA ammendod its constitution this yoor and opened it membership to any ninth grodo or sonior high girl who hod had previous experience in home economics. As a result, fifty g.rls wore initiated into FHA of a fall tea. In November the busy homemokers sponsored tho Thanksgiving basket protect. Each homeroom docorafod and fillod a basket for a family who otherwise would havo hod no Thanksgiving celebrotion. Other events were planned by the girls such os their Dod1 Day dinner which was prepared and served by the members. Helen Stephens, home economics instructor, advised tho girls In thoir projects. Rr«l f w. Wit to right. My. Strobol. Alit ttowan. Ru'h Plftkorton. Cato) lowtwyw. Joyn Uory. Mo«d rowi Poult Ttoa. lotWy Sohnion. JoonnW Ho»». Y»oon Ovimaft . Nancy Nocdquiit. TVird row. Iron ArtK. Goyl Uni, In Ifoww. Nano Uotnqvht, Co-ol lown»fe ry. F.urth » Jan Grovbotd. Jh.llo FloK ty. Judy tkoio. Mona G n. Maty Cochran tilth row: G n lonon. Nancy Mohn. Su D rm. Mory NobW. Krinl Hont n S «th raw. T d M y rt. Ouch Gatw. Pick fMild. John OaHovan. CHORUS loft to righto Mary NoM . GWgw Mwi JoonnW St»-nb r0 With an eye out (or rhythm, Harold Strobel led our bond ond chorus in a variety of snappy musical numbers throughout the year. Bond members deserved much credit as many noon hours were devoted to practicing. The band grew larger ond better, ond as a result, accompanied our cheerleader at sever a I popfests. Behind the Sprmg Varsity Show held in Scott Hall wo our chorus. Choirmanning the planning committees were chorus officers; Carol lownsbcry, prcs-dont, Alice Skovran, vice-president; Gayle Lo nz, sec-refary-troosurer; Nonci Blomquist, publicity manoger; ond Mary Joe Rhodes, student director. Under the direction of Harold Strobol ond Rita Pederson, these two musical groups displayed their glowing talent in many school functions throughout the entiro year. 19The quietly spoken words of an inspiring candlelit ceremony made twenty of our classmates members of Thespkm Troupe Numbor 763. Tho Initiation wos lod by Joan Eostman, president; Abby Diomond. vice-president; Cathie Tracht, program chairmon,- Sue Doyboch. secretory and Bill Van Arsdell, treasurer Thespians is a nationwide organization established to promoto ond honor achievements In tho dramatic orts. The ten points needed for membership oro ocquired through octing, directing, or working on crews in the various Thespian-sponsored entertainments "Tho Old tody Shows Her Models" and "Tho Skin of Our Teeth" were presented under the direction of Thespians' sponsor, Arthur Ballet. K tvi» obo «. Wt to riehti Prudy Jonev Joih toiler. Chxklo Ooumel. Borbm Salt . O.ixw Millar. lynn Oovlt Ab»a«i Bafiy B-»t«a Pirtwr. right. Ml to righli Co»h.a Trocht. Abby D-nmond. Peggy Joteio". Too»« Troii Nano tlomqvii Abtawt Joon totlmon tiru row. let M fight. 0 Bollat Sacond row. 0.0a Mono. Judy Aedaoo . lynn Oowt third row- Mory Sthorf. Toon Troth. Mouroon Whl-BaM. Sva Oayboch fourth row. Soon foWmon. Margorat ArmUroeg. Honnoh Comp. 0 nw Moorwy. Joch MwtN. Wily Mith. tob-ion. D.orw M.IW tte row. A( . Show an, jMtxiia Stcnbarg , Mmn. Jaout Soil' Sirth row. Sorb lonn., Jono Grovbord. Paggy Johnx . AbMwt. V.v. Howard. Jooy lund. Bill Von ArxS.ll. CoHno Trocht, Abby Dlawond. Malty Srruchon. Hugh Ol-U.d. 0 h Wotton HONORARY CLUBS In recognition of their work as staff mombers on the Bisbila ond Compus Breeze, thirteen U High seniors were awarded membership in Quill and Scroll, a national honor society ropresonting most high schools throughout the country. Its members ore pkkod for their outstanding obility in the field of journalism. Breeze odviser, Lorraine Sundal and Bisbilo adviser. Robert Even, oided by their classes, nominated eligible candidates for membership. Examples of the work of each of those peoplo were sent to the National Quill and Scroll Board for approval. Tho samples includod ort work, editing, news writing, and photography.Ckxkwiv I tom loo 4 Ull oontor. Fktwm on and t.oi "Hi j tn ot Ou» armor dot ploy Fictwf tlirM, l««t to rigM, Bcxb $•«•. Barb Uvto . Toon Trod. Mary Schorl. Joon (otfmon. Mow Wh.ieCdd. 5tov» Howard, Alic Skovron. Colh-a Troche Ficiv « towr: 0 M«or. Or Sol toe Fkt» « •, Mr to right- Foggy Johnson. Mory Schorl, Tom Honneiiy. CaTfcto Trochl. Alice Sherwon. Tooto trod. Shally Midi. D k Wato., Ar«« Boh THE PLAY’S THE THING Blonding the Scottish burr and the brittle limey tones of England, the senior speech closs brought os the poignant comody, "Tho Old tody Shows Her Medals," by James Barrie. The plot concerned on aging Scottish charwoman who sought a ploce in a wor-minded society by inventing a soldier son. The son, not so Imoginory alter all, mode a sudden appeoronce, much to the dismay ol tho old lady. Three riotous English charwomen added to the confusion. Wildor's "The Skin of Our Teeth," presented by the senior class, was a tribute to the Indestructobility of man. Faced with one disoster alter onothor, tho Antro-bus family pulled Itself through by tho skin of its teeth George Antrobus, John Doe or Mr. Anybody, led his brood In the rebuilding process. His practical wilo, a composite of all mothers who strive to keep their families together, fought tho quirks of nature ond of Sobino. the maid Admiring eyes proclaimed the ploys hits, prlmorily becouse of the dynamic directing of Arthur Bollet. 21Abova: Joa lund and Qv an Abu Skooron. Abou Utt, Ai oar Hoowcoailng 90 0 with 51oom ngton Abor right 1 At 0 tpi'itrd U High papfast. "Ssss ... Booml Keep your oyo on thol pigskin." With a cry of. "Blast the Bears'" U High' football Homecoming began a fun-filled week. Candidate for Homecoming queen wero "sug-or and splco and everything nice,” Ginger Moor ; "hop to it," Alice Skovranj "loot for Toots." Toot Tro»k, and "tho doll with a candy heort," Cathie Trocht. Campaigning took placo for three day preceding the queen' assembly which was held in Nicholson Hall. Voting for the queen took ploce at school directly offer the assembly. Northrop Field was the center of attraction at 1 -.30, October 20. After a migration of the student body to the playing field come the most suspenseful moment of all ... our queen was coronated. Jock Merrill, representative of the football team, ploced the royal crown ond robe on Queen Alice Skovron. Four boys, Joey Lund, Dove Mooney, George Ram-berg, ond Jim Russeth, escorted the queen candidates. Rod Aoberg's band provided the music for our Homecoming Dance held in the junior ballroom of Coffman Memorial Union. Sponsored by the junior class, undor the direction of the co-chairmen, Gayle lenz ond Jerry Rose, our Homecoming proved very Candldou toon Trask. successful. GlAQW Maori ike. 22 Toon Trosk s skit Afiu Skovron‘1 ikM.SPIRIT AND SUSPENSE . ..1954 HOMECOMINGClockwit ro » upp 'Igbt. p »vr» on» Jun-or o»- l ndor t, Carol $io!p trad. exorisd by Bob S bb «« Wch » »»•: Sophomor attendorti Mory Morquart. txo'ird by Jim Morlin Pic'ur h t» Saiix Ball Picture Imi, lift to right: Ain.a BoVar. Jock lokar. Quean Judy Aftdencn Skelly Mill BASKETBALL January 77, 1955. A swirl o figures, o walling trumpet, and the Campus Y came to merry life to provide the setting for our Basket Ball. Dentley Hougesog and his bond boot out rhythm for the dancers. Before the attentive eyes of the crowd. Judy Anderson was crowned queen of our Basketball Homecoming by Jock Foker Shelly Mills and Arnle Boker presented Queen Judy with o corsoge and brocolet as a remembrance of her reign Attendants to the queen were Coral Stolpestod. representing tho |unior doss, and Mary Morquorf, picked from the sophomores This lively affair was sponsored by our Federation of Languages, with Barbie Selle octing as general chairman. 24JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM latt o right. W.« Mott, Judy Andarwm. Slav Hgword. Abby Oionond laft to right: Goyle lent. Tom Harmony. Sod,a tohtao . Id Mok.. Shally Alt-thular. Bob Bonholomav. Wo ascended the "Stairway fo the Stars" the night o our annual JS on Saturday, May 22, 1954. Rod Aaberg's "Bluo Tones" providod mogicol music for tho whirling figures beneath the glistening pink ond silver sfors. Chopcronos lor the prom were Dr. ond Mrs. Foker, Mr ond Mn Mooney, and Mr. ond Mrs. Howord. Cathie Trocht and Jack Morrill, co-chairmen, wore croditod with the successful event Students, olumni and parents alike gathered together at our Holiday Hop. Harold Strobel ond his bond livened up the donee with festlvo music Intermission entertainment consisted of o holiday skit pro-sonted by members of the languogo dubs Refreshments offered were punch and cookies. Card tables were set up for those who preferred to play cords. Win Mott, president of the Federation, coordinated the planning of this danco. HOLIDAY HOP P.'dura obova: Holiday Hop. Wctur Holiday Hop ot « a •rom lb balcony Pictvr right A vi«ir Irom Santo Cloutlaft lo right: Suth Pinkerton, Jobr. Compball. Rath Bogan. Mo.gora; A rmtcong. INITIATION FESTIVITIES Abov. picture. left to right Chuck Guile. Dove Abba. Win Mott Picture right, laft to right: Dove Evoni, Chuck Golle. Dovw Abba. laft to right. Mr. Mendel, Jeon Rounder "Ich bln eln Dumkopf” wos Incessantly echoed throughout tho HolU by frenzied-looking German jtudenf . Pcrfoclion ol the "con-con" was the valiant oftompt on tho port of all French club Initiate . Spanish jtudent could easily be identified by thoir "dashing. floshing" costume . Indeed. If wos "Schwortx Froitag" (Block Friday), November 12. and our foroign language clubs were carrying out their annuol initiation of first-year student . Failure to obey commands given by established mombers resulted in being put on tho "blacklist" of each respective longuago club. In the evoning, thcso studont were required to perform fantastic stunt which brought them closer to their goal. A "magnlfique" bonquot wo held In the gay atmosphere of Shevlin Hall. At the formal initiation directly following fhi dinner, the initiates finally won their membership In tho voriou club . Winding up the day’s busy activities, our Federation sponsored a dance in the U High gym. Tired and hoppy, overyono departed with a cheerful "Adio ." 26DOGPATCHERS l«tt to rtflhti Toots Tiotk. KfIni Honwn, Jayne loa-y. "Sho' nuff I will." was the guy's reply to the gal's anxious requosf concernin' the Sadie Hawkins' Day Donee, November 20. The Dogpatch settin', complofe with plenty o' vittles for this unusual affair, was our gym. Gonulne lookin' Abners and Daisy Moos were competin' for grand prize. Tom Hennessy walked off with a “gem" of a rozor for his grizzly board whilo Peggy Johnson now has a corn-cob pipe to complofe her costume. After the prlze-gottin' folks commenced dancin' agin to the excruciotin' music of AVOC. Our senior class was back o' these doin's. Hoodin' tho meetin's were Joe Lund with right smart arrangin', Dick Field with hand-did tickets, Chlcklo Doumel with oyo-catchin' publicity signs. Ginger .'Aoors with good eats on' drinks, Alko Skovran with fancy decoratin' and Howie Brown with hrs Dog-patchers makin' sure nothin' could be traced. All our gals mode this dance one o’ tho roofinest, toofinest shindigs o' the year. 27l ll to SK«lly Mill ond Jack Fol ., CHARITY WEEK Pidut obora ll(h S’udo -.' cb««'loodei» FVctwfe obooti Faculty th®«flooil«iv "Havo o haart, give Jo our United Charity Drive," wos a familiar ploo during the wook of February 13, This event aimed at the goal ol $200 which was overwhelmingly exceeded by $51.68 making a grond total of $251.68 Coordinating the features of tho woek was our Senate vice-president Cathie Trocht. Relentless bulletin noticos wore heard over tho loud spoakor system throughout tho ontire week concerning this project, lunch hours in Shovlin wore devoted to buying record requests. Tho student-faculty basketball gomo, scheduled on Friday, resulted in a 96-36 score in favor of the foculty. A short sock hop and auction followed this game. Everything from "tho koy to our olevotor for a day" to a "cake untouched by human hands" woro objects available to the hlgheit bidder. Tag selling and bulletin board displays kopt us posted during tho week on the growing results In our United Charity Drive 28 Srudcnr tor th« Charity Drlv BotUlboll fla eHORNS OF PLENTY 'Picture obon B-g Brother repreceMotivei ond Miu Slepheni Pltture le l. left to right. Abby Dromond ond None. Blomquiil MARDI GRAS MADNESS Confetti ond laughter filled the comlvol atmosphere of tho Mordl Gras held in our gym on February 21. Costumes wero on important odmission requirement for this donee. Everyone applauded tho eye-catching regalia of Molly Struchen, and Morchon .laJoy who were awarded first prizes Queen Bobbie Robison and King Dick Watson wero crowned by Federation president Win Mott during tho intermission. Concessions of chance lined the walls of our gym. Tho proceeds of the dance went to the Exchonge Student Fund. Co-choir-mon of this festival were Joonnie Steinberg and Roland Thorshov. "Horns of Plenty" delivered to needy Minnesota fomilies odded a note of chocr to Thanksgiving time. Each U High homeroom decorated ond filled a basket with dolectable items of food FHA sponsored this protect to old the Big Brothers Association Pkfura abort right. Prlio wmnleg cotfumei at ik Maid. Grm. Plctura abort-. Spanuh booth. Pfctwra, antrum right-. Qu««« Bobbin Roblion ond King 0- l Worton. 29MISSES MANAGE - MOTHERS MARVEL P«tor. lot . IM oo.d »oto. Mam kU and torbora U 4no to-.' Wtt «.«•». U to right: M-m «wwd Monnoh Ko« . P OT Jo '40"- 00,1 Clviitnwn. Pot Goraid. Bobbi Robiwn. Jon Hott g . ion WaHon. ivdy dowi bor» pkt»r . Mt to right, Morgan Ar-strong. John Pok owr. Jooa Eottmon. tick Gardner Crisp taffetos swished down the halls the day of tho senior high Mothers' Tea Mothers oppoorod at the invitation of Pat Gerald's committee. Jody Anderson and her committee welcomed them to Our "Hit Porodo of Mothers" tea »n the gym which was decorated by Jane Watson's committee. Hannah Komp's group planned the refreshments and the entertainment was provided by Jono Hostings' committee. Peggy Johnson's crew "monoged" the event Arrangements were mode by Gail Christmas and her committee ond Bobbie Robison was the general overseer of the tea. Ann Williams headed the junior high Mothers' Tea held in March. Her committee choirmen were: Suson Olson, reception; Ann Close, arrangements.-libby Nowlin, decorations; Sondra Eide. invitation; Jenner Roth, program; Liz Corbett, management; Melinda Schneider and Jo Knnsky, refreshments. Eleanor Ruud and tea coordinators. Jonus Boker ond Barbara Levine, advised both teas. Mt to right. M«l 4o Schnoidor. Win Own. Ur Cortwtt. Ann Willtonu. Jonrwr Roth. Jo Krlruky Abwnt. Sandra JO LITTLE GOPHERS ON THE GRIDIRON Hard-driving Terry Atherton lypiliet the line Gopher ground attack ol Ihh pax veoton Front row. Wit to right: let Bolitod John Palmer. Dick Hoiien. Dave Evont. Earl Ellit. Roy Huber, Doog Grim. Glen OUoo. Chrlt Todd. Johnny Awodo. Setood row Manager Gove Cienit . Gordy Donnell. Ronnie Her tog. Tony Kotdman. Dkk Trlemert. Jim Martin. Bob Kaplan. Terry Norrlng. Ray lantr. Shelly MIIU. Third row: Cooch Gory Olton, Norm Hantcn. Gary Brown. Weill Wright. John Dailey, Bob Trocht. Jim tide. Don Jvenemon, Dove Dowd. Denny Twohig. Vic Burton, Jock roker. Attivont Cooch Robert O'Neill.MEET THE LITTLE GOPHERS C 0'9« toobvrg Smw HolfbocS Defending Minnesota Volley Chompion U High coptured its first victory of tho sooson by defeoring Prior loke 19-12. U High's crushing ground ottock was led by Dick Gurtek. who stampeded for 128 yords and 2 touchdowns. U High cleorfy dominated ploy as they plowed to 13 first downs ogainst only 5 for Prior Lake Halfbock George Romberg set the pattern for the fury of the Gophers' offensive os he whipped 52 yards for 6 points on the second play from scrimmage. ond U High went on to bombard tho hopless Woconio Chiefs with 5 touchdowns. U High's hopes for on undefeated season wero punctured by 2 arrow-straight passes by the Water-town quarterbock. Outside of these long-scoring poss plays. U High's defense, led by Gene Larson and Bruce Nimmer. stopped Watertown from penetrating their 25-yard line. Shakopoe scored 3 first half touchdowns and held on to strangle U High 18-12. At the finish, only 2 yords away from the tieing or possible winning touchdown, the visiting Little Gophers choked up ond a fumbled hand-off spelled their defeot. Its charging line, an alert secondary defense. and a hard running bockfield gave If high a 26-7 victory over Chasko. HoHbock Terry Atherton was the gome's top ground-gainer, piling up 101 yards and scoring 2 touchdowns. Bob Stebbins' Intercepted poss return and Don Dryg's blocked punt scamper occounted for the other scores. Eorly in the Bloomington gome a Gopher fumble wos plucked out of mid air ond carried for tho Bears' first touchdown, late in the 4fh quarter. MVC champion Bloomington counted twice to bond the Gophers a 0-19 defeot. Bouncing bock after tho Bloomington licking, the Gophers edged the once boaton Indions 13-12. Although the score was close, U High clearly dommatod ploy, as an averoge gain per running and possmg ploy of 4.8 yards to 2.9 yards was registered. Probably the most satisfying victory this sooson was the 13-7 win at Orono. the only team to defeat the Little Gophers lost yeor. George Romberg rambled 60 yards for the first Gopher touchdown, and Wayne Whitohill scored the other when he fell on a blocked Sport on punt in the end zone. Pfogued by hord luck and a crippling tucces- 32Dove Mooney Jo lund Jock Merrill Senior Center Senior Qvorterbock Senior HoHtiork sion of Injuries, ihe Little Gophers could do no bet-ter than wind up third In the Minnesota Volley Conference. Throe of the team's outstanding players were nomed to the All-Conference toom Senior Wayne Whitehill was rated os the outstanding defensive guard in the conference Bruce Ntmmer. rugged |un!or lineman, gained a spot at offensive tackle. Junior fullbock Dick Gurtek was named for Ihe second straight yeor. Extra plaudits should bo extended to Dick for ho golned yardage every time he hondlod tho ball, gaining 68B yards and averaging 5.3 yards per carry. He was olso chosen by his toammotes os the team's Most Voluoblc Player STATISTICS U HIGH Opponent! Flril Downi 6 41 N 4 Yd. Ruthing 1.07 431 Avg. Gain Tor Ruth 4.9 2.7 Tourhdowni Rwihing 13 4 Foiling Yo'dage 114 331 Vrdt. (Foiling and Rutfcing) 1.344 1,132 Funt Roturnt 13 14 Funr Return! (Ydt Goinodl 143 71 Arg. Ydt. Gained Fer Gem 193.3 144.0 Slipping wovnd the right Sent ii Terry Atherton at Dick Gvriek evil down a would-b Sbokopee tocller S3 Terry Arherton Junior Hoitback Ho brown Senior Gvord THI fINAl TAUV Wayne Won 3 lotf 3 U HIGH 19 13 Frior lake U HIGH 33 0 Woconio U HIGH 0 14 Wotertown U HIGH 13 IB SAokopee U HIGH 2» .. 7 Ootka U HIGH 0 19 Bloomington U HIGH 13 13 Norwood U HIGH 13 7 Otono Total Foinft U HIGH 114 89 Opponent i Bru Nimner Senior Guord Dick Gurtek Junior FullbockCooch Robert O-Noitl «how« d«cr.b« o Miteihol ploy to the 1954-55 little Cophen Motile 5» So« y Boker. J.t. Rof» Jim fxie. Joh« Oorley. Bob Stobb.r. G.o:0. Kneeling. loft to right. Shelly M«II|. Brvce Nimeter. Jock foker. Tetry Atherton. J-« Algren. tnanogef. Abtenl lt » plctvre: Bob Trochl 3iBefore »he season opened mony thought this would bo the yeor for the llttlo Gophers to weor the Conference Crown. At times the Gophers' potentialities florod forth making them soom unbeatable, but because our hoopstors couldn't continually ploy the brand of ball they were capable of, they foil short of tho covoted position in the final standings. However, the squad manoged to be "on" enough to win 8 of 14 Leogue contests, placing them in the uppor division Scoring a total ol 989 points, the Gopher quint won 10 of 19 games U High routed defending Minnesota Valley Champion, Shakopee. twice during the season, with Bruce Nimmor hitting his season's high of 28 points in the first set-to. Good, woll-bolanced scoring accounted for the Gophers' wild run over St. Paul Academy, 60-36, Four Eagles in double figures more than offset Jack Poker's 24 points and Shelly Mills' 18 os tho Gophers bowed in defeat to Eden Proirio, 65-72. A second defeot of the Gophers by Edon Prairie osfab- Won 10 "A" St. Agnet TEAM 36 loti 0 51 THE G' SAokopea 56 47 At Wocoma 40 91 Won 13 "»" If AM loa 4 5» Fowl Acodemy AO 36 St. Agnes 24 10 Wotertonn 30 46 Shokopaa 30 31 At Bloomington 48 50 At Wocon a 47 15 Edan Ptolna 65 72 St Pout Academy 40 21 Walls 46 56 Wotertown 37 17 At Outsko 40 44 At Bloomington 27 20 At O ono 57 43 Edan Prolr.e 33 31 At hokop«« 63 3B At Chotkg 32 34 WocoBia 40 44 At Orono 35 37 At St. Agna 55 St At Shakopee 36 10 At Wotortown 52 51 Woconio 37 10 Bloom ,ngt on 52 37 At St. Agne. 23 22 At Edan Proiri 53 60 At Watertown ?4 20 Choiko 55 56 Bloomington 32 X Orono SO 55 At Eden Prairie 44 X Sot -O yfr ct of Chotko Chaika 38 31 Wotartown 62 64 Orono 31 43 In tho most spino tingling game of the season, the Gophers surged bock from a 6-22 deficit to nip tho Watertown Royals, 52-51. Terry Atherton put the Gophers obead to sfoy with a driving reverse layup. Jock Foker wrote a spectoculor finale to the MVC campaign as he garnered 38 points to spark the Gophers to a well doserved 59 55 win over Orono Watertown fizzled U High's post season hopes by nudging tho Gophers. 62-64, In 2 overtimes. An apparently commanding lead (51-39i in tho 4th quotler vanished completely before the surging Royals. Jack Foker, 6'3" senior center, accumulated a season's total of 337 points (17.8 ppg), capturing the League's Scoring Title. This, along with his outstanding rebounding and defensive play, won him All-Confor-ence honors. Senior guard Shelly Mills, the team's most versatile ball handler, scored equally well on the run or with long-tango sets and lumps. His continuous display ol aggressiveness and determination won him the team's Most Valuable Player Award. GOPHERS AT A GLANCE UPP ' right, J.m Mortm m pop shot as N-«» » and Atherton look on opprovoi lot... Wh M.lh kits o« o pimp as 'he Gophers defeat Orono. 57-0 lot... right, All At VC canto. foi hits the hoop ogo-nit Chaika 5Front raw, Mr to right, D k Nolle . Dora Ki nlt». Dave Evano, Tom Quaid. Cary Brown Bock row-. Dora Nett. Welh WrlgM. Denny Twohlg. Retd McForlano, Dove Dowd. Vo Man Schneider. Coach George Reynold. ON THE RIGHT TRACK Under fh© coaching of former U of M star, Georg© Roynolds, the "B" squad baskctboll team dcvoloped team work, precision, and an all-important unbeatable spirit. The Junior Little Gophors featured good oll-aroond size, fine shooting, and woll-balartc-od scoring. Center Bob Tracht and forward Jim Roff led the scoring os they provided on effective J-2 punch undor the basket. Other top men included forward Denny Twohlg, corner Dave Dowd, and guards Ray Huber, Wells Wright, Dave Evans and Tom Quaid. Th© U High "BY' reached their offensive and defonsivo peaks of the year in the 47-15 pounding of the Waconia subs. While most of their wins wore of the decisive varioty, the few losses wero by tho clososf margins. Certainly the squad took great strides toward becoming a championship combo when they gain positions on tho Gophor varsity quintet. fofwo d Denny Twoh-g leap. hJgh the olf 01 he deep, a 2-pomtor ogointf John Dorley drive, in for o .hot ogolno vUitlng St Agne. a. Bob Trochf. No 6. oed Jim RoS owoU the po.uble rebound. 36FLEETFOOTS AND GRAPPLERS 3 Pro tor , loll to right lorry Norrtng. Dow Gor y DormolL Wofe Wright. RomIo Kortog. Dew Dryg lock roori jloi Minton. Tony AlKorlo . Con I or ton. Iron PCw-mor. Jim (Id . Dovo Dowd. Dick Cw'tok. Coodi Cory CM ton. Goorgo tombwg. lock low. Stwdont For the lav 2 seosons the Gopher trockmon, paced by State Champion wcightmon Bob Henry, finished a strong second to Orono In the MVC trockfest. Al-though Bob has graduated, the over-all strength of our frocksters should be much improved, and dreams of a MVC Track Championship may well become a reolity. Lair year U High finished 6th in the State Wrestling Tournament. With 9 returning lettermen things looked exceptionally bright for this year's wrestling team. However, injuries took a heavy toll and in most of the matches our grapplers were without 4 or 5 of their top men As o result, the Gopher motmen as a foam did not fulfill expectations, although individual standouts continued to win as expected. Seniors Toddy Meyers ond George Romberg lod the foam, with Dick Gurlek, Dovo Couper, Don Dryg, and Earl Ellis among the other outstanding matmen. right: Do« Dryg. foci till . John Awodo. Terry Norrirtg Middle tawi » ll Dryg. Vk Burton. Jl« idmo . Toddy Mayart. I .non Coodi Mm Aw won. Daw Moo•my. D«k Gvrtok. Gona lorton. Dow 7Top Toxkman Jo lyrvd HJbwbl U High M m n. Ml Is eight, Moitholl S-d» Bob Wilks, jo K-ftgil y. DsmiIi Fools'. Jobs Weigh! Sscsnd rowi B.II WM-lund. Jim Iwustb, Jos lucid S M Hostsd. D k Wo oo ThJed rss. Stwdssl Coat Jobs BomcroJt M.I Pucnom, Bill Sbspstd. t«k Otsdsot. 0.0-1.1 Moego . Coach Iss S o-k SPLASH.. A Isd Oopks- Nsimsn limit os. Wt is eight. Hugh Olrndsd. 0 k Wados. Jock Mueelll. Som Bsi-man Bock euwi Chock Stoddord. Sandy Bu» » Jim Ho . J m tv -»• . Jos Usd. Coach tss Slock last year's littlo Gopher Mermen won the Minnesota Relays, finished 2nd In the YMCA Invitational Tournament, placed 6th in the State Moot, and soundly defeated North Dakota Stato Chomplon, Forgo. This year's tank squod wos composed mainly of underclassmen, and while short on victories, gained valuable varsity experience which should provide o brighter outlook on the future tonk picture. Co-coptains Joe lund ond Steve Howard led the scoring action, whilo Jim Russeth. Bill Wicklund. ond Bill Sheperd were omong the outstanding tankers. The 1954 oditon of the tennis team finished their season tied with Minnetonko for 3rd ploce in the bottle for District 18 honors. Our racquet wielders plan to spend most of their time In the victory column this season. Sandy Baker, Jock Merrill, ond Jim Russeth will hood the team, and on the degree of their Improvement will rest the hopes of bringing the District Title to U High LOT OF RACQUET! »PEIK’S PEEK Peik Hall has been a point of observation this past year The pictures on this and the lost page of this section are Illustrations of typical U High scenes. Closs section serves os a picture window through which wo view tho school. We con see that this section Is the most representative of school llfo as it shows us os parts of o closs, working together. Our second year in tho new building was filled with excitement Halls hummed with activity os closs projocts were planned and corried out. An increased selection of classes and a moro completo daily schedule wero improvements added for our benefit. With a willingness on our port, ond aided by talented odvisors, U High is sure to find the future rewarding. Frequent Hop I in tho ottire or mode by student throughout the doy. An opportunity lor obtervorxe In clau ooeu tuch o them it offered to CoBoga o» !d xot o« Uudnnti 39 Bright eyed ttudontt enter U High, looking tor word to another doy ot learningSEVENTH GRADERS Abtoho . K. Andori. J. Armstrong. J. A noton. t. Boron. P. Bornvm. 0 Baotlay. J B«r«on. «. 1 $ 9 A 9 BoaJim. A A r 9 j Cfc Dryg. A. OuboH. B Hogan. C. Mainrid . i. Co i R. Choralvy, 0. CViiiiontOM. S. Dohlm. 0. Donnall. N. Downs. O. "Wido-eycd ond wondering" describes the thoughts ond feelings of our seventh grode doss at the beginning of this year. Dick Ten Brinke and William Gardner, their advisers, helped put them at oase os the year progressed. In tho fall quarter they elected Todd Horness as their doss president. Dave Bam-um as vice-president ond Jockie Anders os their secretory-treasurer. In Senate, Todd Homoss and Pat Flaherty diligently contributed the seventh grade opinions of school matters. Their alternates were Carolee Hagen ond Bonnie Duboff. As a fresh, new class, their lively interests were attracted by the various clubs. Melinda Pink ond Debbie Wright were chosen as the junior high Pop Club cheerleoders. Due to their enthusiasm and quick, willingness, the entire class become on integrol port of school life. tCvkkonnn. $. locobonna. A. lone . i lindUrom. T. Marqvwt. 1 Martin. J. SOMcforlone. J. McG . P. M rry, E. Mueller, N. Nelion. M $ MTiT Pink. M. Zwlrt . K AdviMM. left »o right: Mr Gordner, Mr Ten Brink . Quo Id. 1 Rond. J. Reimonn. B. Rk . S. Sehl U. C. Slmoodt, C. Clou oHkert, Uft to right: Dov fcnrnum. Jorkie Anden, Todd Korrseu. 0 HHHi Swonton, C A d t Trygge.tod. C. Whilehlll. R. Wright, 0. ' y WyckoM, J. A r; Voun . P. 3 • rf • ' Xi 3 ■v' ' AEIGHTH GRADERS BoMon. B 8Iu »m. M Bouley, 6. Bro'idl. M Bojemmcr. A bvimnif. J. feunkow. V. GoWbvrg, M G'nnqwiil. A. Harntn. I. Moy. W Hofcwrmonn. f John»o". G Koriini. M. Ko hl«r. G. v: 1 a H 1 A V' § }} s W. ttnUMn. C. fofcw. N. FrwdJond I J. Gathered around on Ingenious controption they colled o rodio, the eighth graders were on unusual port o our U High scene. In its second year here, the class was led by George Koehler, president, while Marvin Karlins handled the minutes and Sully Stevons kept on oye on the finances Vice-president Noncy Foker presided In the absence of the president Later In the yeor the class en,oyed a lively sleigh ride which was plannod with the assistance o( their advisors, Florence Coloman and Merton Johnson Eighth grade chairs in Senate were occupied by Barbara Reisman and Roy Shroeder with Doug While and Marvin Karlins acting as alternates lovb . A. Ioxoft. O Umbfc , M Uruibwg. f McloveMm. M Mayor. 8Moo W. Nall, D. N.whom. J. Naal.n, t O otrotw. 1C. Olio . S Adviivri, lift »o rlphli Mr JoAnnsn. Vli» CoVmnn Skovron. D. SMvtn, S. Shllat, S Ttoogoti. ft Turbin, J Turpin, ft Polm. W. Pankonln. P Raiimon. Rk . S Rv»» «h, V ScKroridnr, R. Clou offi r«, 1 1 »o right; Solly S ov«n. George Koahl -. Momn Korlini. Noocy Fokar. Wotion. E. Wild . D W«». R Whit . 0. . i. ZmitU. B lilFRESHMEN And»f»o i. L Boulay. C Bab. J. Bio klwnd. J. Bowman, P. B oata«. A. Brandhorit. I Bu »ge. S. Burton. F. Clow. A. Collin . 1C. Cooperman. P. Farmoud. J. Grim. 0. Ftintlrin. F. Harttuod. t. Foldan, t Hoy. J. Ganope», P. GavtMf, M. Goldmon. P. Moll moo. G. Mol Ian, . Homrill, W. (MM. I KtwUtz. 0. K.ogUey. J. KrMky. J- Kufckonan. V. U»CJo(r«. A. tomSoe. C Uory. J. Iwu. J. Overflowing energy distinguished our freshman class. Their council, which consisted of Solly Rugg, chairman, Phil Bowman. Dave Kienitz, Reid McFor-lane, Jenner Roth, Dick Zelens, Kay Collins, Jim Martin. and Chris Todd, outlined the year's activities. Supporting the team was the junior Pep Club over which Solly Rugg presided. Spokesmen for the ninth grode in Senate were Uz Corbett. Gail Ouimette and Jackie Fermaud, with Reid McFarlane. Jim Mortm, and Jano Levy acting as their alternates. Advising this class wore lylo Eokins, Arnold Mendel ond Walter Pederson. Gi—o. t- Uvi . J. Uvy- j- IwxtqwU. C Mortm. J. Martin, P. Mcfarlon . It Moreon. C. Motkol. I MwlowtSi. S. N t»on. C. MotcKon. G.Offill. 0. Nelwn. S. NnUund. 8 Odoll W OI»n. G. Ofaon, C Ooimeno. G. Ponkonin, L Pawling. R. Paymar, A. Pncll. J. Adrimrv Ufl o right. Mr. Mnndot. Mr Eaklm. Mr. Pod«ru n Roth. J. »u«. S. Sonchnr. M Schonidot. M Schwortx. M Stein. L Stnlnboeh. A. Snuln. M. Swanton. P. Todd, C. k «k Wotion, T. Pul"on, M. Putnam. S- Rand. J. Rooder. J. Richard ton. t. Council wotnd Inft to right. Jenner Ro'h. Solly Rugg. (toy Collln Standing, Uft to right. Phil Bowman. Jim Mortln, Gann Kinnltr. Reid Mcforlonn. Ch ii Todd. Okk Zelnn. WhMohilL T. William . A. Wright. J. Wylio. N.SOPHOMORES Awodo. J Bou'ay. 5 S»onion. M Brown. C, Brow . S Bru L Bond. 8 BovUy. S. r. 8 Burnham, S. Compball. R a V - f 0 pv % I ' i % Mnl a % jSB ' hr Grubar. J. Garold, P Gletar. T rr on. G. GoUforb. S Graa . G. Graan. M GunlKar, 0 Cvilovwn. R Honson. N Hillajlod. G. Ingham. A Jotlvon. J, lojoy. M O 3 Q -1 “■ £!»-■ Cochron. M Ougon. P. , Collmi. 0. Oupara. I DaHorwi. 1 CBil. t Dowd. 0. fogalbarg. 1 OvboR. D Cordnar. R Committees of sophomores organized by Pat Dvgan prepared to soy "So long, seniors." at the annual Sonior Forewcll held in the spring quartor. Winter quorfor was sporkod by o rousing sleigh ride which was supervised by class advisors, Lorraino Sundol and Louis Wallers. Closs mootings wero under the direction ol Wells Wright, president, and Dave Dowd, vice-president Cynthia Putman kept a rocord of thoso mootings while Dave Ness balanced the budget Reporting o» Senate were Mohlon Schneider. Dick .Campbell and John Palmor. Their alternates were Gretchon Schiele. Sorah Thomas, and Poulio Trosk Jochjoo. W. Jordan. M. Juanamonn. D. KopJon. R ICallay. C loumay-ar. C loior. R Morqvart. M Millar. A W©hn N 16 1 R V 1 TJ 10 il ,«» Y a ft 77 c r- © c% 2 % o 1 3 Norring, T Moifcol. O N»«borgt. A Nolton. V Not . 0 Nwmon, N Ottoiborg. 5. i. fink. G 8oiten. 1C. U«, M Adv.iari. loft to right Mm Surdol. Mr Walton Mi Ingwoll Shophord W Strovt. I- Thlelo, H Thomot. S Thonhor. 8. Tradii. 8 Trotk. » Tfiomoit, I Twohlg. 0. Vtotocho. Y. o . t luliton. C. Schielo. G. Sch-o.d. . M Sdiroodor. 8 Show. M ft y, • i -A v' Clou oIRcon. loft to righti Oowo Nou. WoHi Wright. Cynth.o 8vtmon. Oovo Dowd WMoh.ll. J. Whiting. B Wilko. C Williomton, W. Wong. G. Wr,gM. WJUNIORS Adfcini. S. Aalony. I Algian, C. AImAuW. $. And«'»on. 8. AnVlon. W, Armtfrong. M. Atherton. T. Socinrom. It Bohka, S. BouaaMaf. L ?s 2 f 9 2 it Burton. V. ftarmon, 5. Bjo-nw.. H. Human. f. Maf. J. Bruglar. C CompboU. J. Corny. I Oirlumot. G. Covpar. D. DoybotK. S. Dryg. 0. f Ida. J. CMtert, A. (koto. J. [n tw«. G. (now. J. front, a Filth. N Flohorly. S Ft« h. » Junior talent} loaned on accomplishments such os our Football Homecoming, onnuol JS. and spring dance. Elected in the (all to leod the class in its planning were: Bob Stebbins. president; Joanie May-oda, vice-president; Nancy Fitch, secretory; and Tom Quoid, treasurer. Capability wos displayed by junior doss members of Senate meetings. Margaret Armstrong recorded tho minutes while John Campbell, Sue Dayboch. ond Nancy Fitch presented their class ideas Alternates (or these senators were Margie Steven, Joanie Mayeda, and Tom Quoid. Virginia Alwin, Eldon Modisett and Robert Randteman proficiently counseled the junior doss. font. i. Goodman. 0. Gwrtek. I. Monun, i. HoUlngt. J. Mom. y Honwilt. J. Huabnar, H Johnion. J. Johnton. I.Nirnmar. B C — d. M. Oon. I Quo-d. T. «Obi«on. I ft Tuclcor, I UndwWdw. J. Van A idoll W. Warkol A WoNon. 5. W.lko. R Kovfaon, T. Bltinhan . A. tout , T. locobonao. L lot © . ! Monn. 0 Mown, f. Moyodo. i Me f odd to B NkhoJioa. 5. I Clou oMictri. Ufi to flgb ‘ JoAnn Moyoda. Bob Stobbmi Money FntK. To Ovoid. AdviioM. Mf lo right: Mr Kandltmun, Mr. Mad'Utl Mlu Afcno. tow. it. Cyr, J. Scott, M SwMh, S. Sontmot, 0. tobbta. I. SMflbtty, J Jitvtn. M. Sfolpoirod C St'uchtn. M Soontoo. BThu d of a pc f«cl doy THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS iWWctiem of U High Ilf looking ot yov f»om iSetim SO LOOKING AT NEW HORIZONS Joseph John Lund "Well, I'll bo o dirty bird" ... Joey's a Gobel man ... on the go in sports and Spanish club ... our senior class voop ... "Sure. I will" ... willing ond wacky ... ladies love him. who wouldn't? John Edward Foker "Jock" ... droodlc doodler ... basket maker .. well equipped with "V" necked sweaters ... second term as doss president ... edited Bronze sports ... ond It's a touch, down ... "Just o bunch of flunkies." S«nlor odviwri Mi io iek Mr Crawl. Or IriMW. Mr Joha-ton % Virginia Ann Mears loves to be with people ... secretory of our senior class . .. "Ginger" ... busy as a boo ... capable FHA president ... twinkly blue eyes . sees thot the PAIL'S at all parties . constant tactfullnesi Howard Merritt Brown ambitions for the future ... If ho can get away with 'om ... treasurer of our senior doss ... sizzling witticisms ... got a quostion? ... ask "Howie," he knows . ., quick comebacks ... the thoughtful one. In the beginning, we met as individual. As years passed plans grew, ond we becamo os one. Looking bock at these years of cooperation, we find memories that will remain with us always. ... hours of hard work punctuated by hilarious Incidents ... woll-deserved senior privileges ... fabulous week-ends ... our team ... eating at our favorito hideouts ... corridor romoncos ... chemistry experiments that "oxplodod" ... eternal cramming for oxams... meetings, meetings, meetings ... homeroom on Tuesdoys and Thursdays ... posing at Zintsmaster ... "The Skin of Our Teeth” ... college boards ... cheering sections at gomes ... potato chips ond open houses ... Iowa tests ... the riotous senior ossembly ... our Baccolaureato service ... the night of Commencement ... Officers of the 1955 class were: Jock Foker, president; Joe Lund, vice-president; Ginger Moors, secretary; Howie Brown, treasurer. Senators Bobbie Robison, Arnie Baker, ond Joe Lund brought us school nows Guiding our activities were our three homeroom advisers: Emma Birkmoler, William Gross!, and Fred Johnson. Now, as In the boginning, our line of vision Is ogain drawn toward the future. 51Judith Elaine Anderson always kept on her toes ... doncing and cheer leading ... lives up to her famous nome as that ■'Haggerty Woman" ... "Judy" guards the treasury of French club ... spicy personality ... "Where’s my meeting?" Francoise Marie Arth a contribution from Paris ... lovable "Fran" .. always kept on the go ... "But ovorything is so big” ... she brought tho French outlook into our activities .. right in stylo with her pony tail ■4 IT Janus Mae Barker "Barky" .. . "that was a sneoio?" .. starry-eyed Jonus ... couldn't decide between . . |unior otfcndant to tbe '53-'54 Basketball queon ... nimble of wit ... co-ordinator ol "the" teas. Robert Lewis Bartholomew pink cords, block shirt, and tho Brando-cut "Bob's" spectocularl ... and oooh, tho! car ... "Hey, wait a minute" ... top man in AVOC isecretory last year ond president this) .. he's the guy to know. Reynaldo Ayala "Rey" ... a dash of Mexico ... fascinating accent ... ever questioning eyes ... well supplied with smiles ... "These American girls ore so hard to understand" ... proudly displays his loiter sweater. Arnold Porter Baker on oven tompcr with red hair ... "Sondy" handled tho minutes and money for U Club ond Service Scouts ... his golden tan brightened the AVOC room ... his shiny new Nash gloddened tho hearts of the lodies. 52Beverly Esther Brown the sympathetic listener .,. she'd listen all day if she was sitting in ■’those" sociol studies chairs .. . well motchod clothes ... the last word In hair styling .. "I'm going to get my cor pretty soon Margaret Lynn Davis "lynn" .. the girl with the "savoir foire" ... pkooefto . will donee her way to famo ... a "swimmer" fan ... a flair for editing Breeze feature page ... o morvelous In-dividual "But I'm always hungry." Elizabeth Ann Bittner main intorest? ... journalism, of course ... edited the Breeze third page ... second to none ... she's a skating enthusiast ... by no moons load and NEVER last ... "Bets ' ... yelled herself hoarse for the U High team Nanci Jeanne Blomquist fun-loving "Nikki" .. "Somobody should have a part ' ... tops In tops and twirling ... boys love that undor-tho-lashes look ... frantically editod Biz senior section . . "I'll never moke that dead-lino". Abigail Diamond "Sir, I hove a question" .. Abby's off ogain ... and twinkle-eyed, she tackled everything that came her woy .. from the Biz feature section to "The Old lad s" hilarious Hoggerty Woman ... U High's fashion plate. Gordon William Donnell Gordy golfod his way into U-Club for a four year membership ... U-Club sports statistician ... every sport, every season ... "crutch-dub brigade Biz jpocu oditor ... 'a whiz with the women, but oh, how hard to got?" S3Joan Suzanne Eastman "Who's oof senior copy?" ...her sfylist-c touch dlsployed in B12 ... the n o t talented ... "You know what I mean" ... applied intolli-gonce ,.. provident of Thespian ... our Mr . Dowry .,. Europe! Ah, men. Roger D. Eide nifty dresser with tho "lafe t" look ... the kind of dote girl dream obout ... and hey, he's tall! ... jilenf guy with "that look" In his oye. Charmaine Pet Doumel impossibly unpredictable ... worm and sincore .. "Just think, III 'ol Chiclio Doumel In Paris!" ... headline-hunter extroordinairo (front pago editor ol tho Breozo . tho quick Hash of dimples. William Robert Dryg dork 'n dashing .a naturol for hunting ond fishing ... hits the target every lime ... the lover (of dogs, ol course- ... good-humored deviltry . Popsodent personlllod ... on odvonfurout spirit. Richard Arnold Field "Dick" .. slow ond easy ... those outfits ore eye-stoppors ... he's got a cor, but does It run? . one continuous chuckle .. Breeze exchange editor . types Columbus style .. ho discovers, then lands. Charles M. Gaile young mon with o horn ... the pink and grey array "Old women shouldn't drive" ... the "come hither" oppeol ... "Chuck" ... always puttsln around with a cor ... his line is fiihlng. 54 Jane Nancy Graubard things happen when she's around ... lilting, lovable Jono ... chorm-ingly naive ... master mixer-upper .,, Breeze stories with a Janie slant (thoy'ro tremendous) ... "I'm letting my hair grow ogoin." Ann Marie Hallberg her locker contolns all sorts ol things ... takes courogo to bo a bat hunter .,. spooches on taxidermy ,.. intelligent comments ... "That's not truo" . . modern dance specialist . . a firm democrat Karen Sharpe Hansen "Krinr .., her hooso wos open to everyone ... reserved o sect at all gomos . . bodminton chomp ... "Hey kids, let's go to the "V” ... never o dull moment ... dotes by the dozens Thomas Frances Hennessy that Morion Brondo appeal ... long huir ... won a "gem" of a prizo ot the Sodie Hawkins dance ... Tom and his "hot lollop" ... the rocking choir talent ... always a friendly "Hi" to everyone. Stephen Donald Howard the solid cynic In yollow sneakers ... Iowa test average boostor ... ingoniovs explanations ... "Goof 'eem blooo!" ... Steve's a swlmmerl ... politics ... '53-‘54 Senate Sec ,.. "hairy legs" stole the show. Lesley Cynara Johnson the tong, long station wagon ... 'lot's not and say we did” ... tons of clothes ... she'll bock your idea ... "les" ... swimming with the girls . cuts a rug with o neat beat .,. ropid on rollers. SSMark L. Johnson an intelligent participator ... with his sense ol humor, he is bound to go far , a staunch support or ol Rutsion club, with a four-yoor membership , you can count on him to join in the fun. Virginia Lu Johnson "Ptooso don't make me lough" .., Ginny's contagious giggle rong out with any provocation ... that station-wagon loaded with "the girls" ... speech subjects gratefully accepted ... "Why did I cut my hair?" -V' Hannah J. Kamp "But I disogree" ... individuol thoughts and octions ... her atomic personality denotes sincere determl-inatron forever manufacturing thing in JA always willing to help .. a latent sonso of humor Edmund Alfred Kaphingst 0 "Irvo wire" in radio eloctronlcs ... secretly partial to stuffed pork chops . .. "Where's Ed?'-tho answer ts almost always—"Down in shop" ... the sheepish grin . .. "Oh. 1 don't know" .. made tracks for frock team Waleta Daryl Johnson "Peggy" .. orginality plus ... into the wee hours, she master-minded the Bisbila ... unlimited ability ... artistic talent to be perfectly applied in commercial ort ... a panic (I) to be with ... an angel with horns. Prudence Ann Jones “let's hove a pow wow ‘ "... endless Breeze orrongomenfs os chief editor .. bubbling over with enthusiasm, she entored all swim meets ... "Prud s" recrootionolly inclined as GRA prexy ... the "very nice" smile. 56Carol Ware Lownsbery the kittenish look ... "HI, hon" .. . endless clothes combinations ... "Hey kid, look ot this pondo" . . there's mischief in hor eyes ... she doesn't mind waiting ... her smile can be found at every porty. Michael Church McClellan "another day, another week" ... vocation time and his coonskin sheds mothballs . . Frankenstein's cohort with a gruesome imagination .. "It could happen in scionce fiction" .. “Miko's uncontrollable laughter,' Mary Jane Leary Jono" hod an answer ... witty ond wacky ... "Who's having a party?" ... top tune plottors are hor specialty ... a stounch supporter of U High sports .. . o beauty in Bermuda shorts ... lear-Bobo." T Barbara Lynn Levine "I almost missed my bus in London" ... memories of Paris ... International miss .. understands the English (charwomen i ... Mrs. Micklehom's limoy lingo hod us all chuckling ... ond more tea. too, os tea coordinator. ' y 57 Jack Merrill majority rules in lovor of Jack ... Senate's leader with an approving smile ... "Sure, that's a swell idea" ... an unpretentious friend ... “de col lor bone's connecka to de shoulder bone." Edgar Theodore Meyers nobody can twist "Teddy's" arm ... top-notch wrestler for three yoors ... tough, but oh so gentle ... a glimpse at a rewording smile ... sound ideas worth carrying out ... a member of the "crutches" regiment.David Edward Mooney fun lovin' Dovo ., mado his TV debut for Spanish Club ... free posses .. women ond money vie for his attention ... a cool crow-cut... ’'Moon ' booms In U Club ... stor grid-iron center. Winfield S. Mott the poy-os-you-enter man ... "Mott, the thrifty Scot" ... saved for Senato .. presidential possibilities in German Club ... political genius ... he's got the focts ... dry humor never fails for a laugh. Diane Shari Miller stocks ol friends ... "fm going to morry a trumpet player" ... knows all baseball tactics . . fabulous short stories ... speed demon on a typewriter... assistant editor of tho Brooze Sheldon Hartzell Mills "Shelly" ... the spark behind AVOC controls ... "Do you roally wanna know?" ... the answer boy . .. romorkoble remarks and roody rotorts ... white cords and a tiny helno .. basketball jet. George Neibergs resounding arguments lor anything and everything ... the intellectual slant on things ... the occent's on politics ... George knows "Latvia" .. . put in on occasional plug lor AVOC ... German Club veep. Nancy Jean Nordquist brimming over with personality ... "Oh what a tolly, gay doy" ... friends from everywhere ... kitten on the keys ... the perfect grooming ... energetic extrovert ... sun-ihino in her smile. S8 Mary Phyllis Noble the vary "noble" vice president of FHA ... an understanding personality ... can stitch up a dress as quick as a wink ... Mary's delicious brownies ... a future homomaker for sure. Yvonne Evelyn Ouimette deceptive quietness ... sweetnoss personified alwoys offers good, soond suggestions ... finds moth most enjoyoble ... "Dave can do thof, too ' ... pleasuro In “just listening” ... a gentle prettiness Loring Swift Palmer U High's '’blues'' boy ... a sensation on the trumpet .. from bebop to Bird land .. “I get my cor washed cheop on Initiation day" ... has ’em rolling in the oisies ... o right guy in the right way Dennis Wood Potter cosy to look at and easier to like ... ”H'lo dare" ... that quiet charm ... ’’Denny ' boy technical director ... his spontaneous remarks are a cue for laughter ... Ski Club extra-special sopportor George William Ramberg Mary Joe Rhodes o giant size smile ... tops on the "Joe" ... senior class nightingale team ... he's football captain and procficc makes perfect . pre-man-about-school ... wicked wink cision work with a needle . "Re-whon It does the most .. gorgeous member my plaid glosses?" ... George .. ”lt's just because I'm "You should seo my brother Jeff!" good-lookin'." ... a French Club asset.Roberta Roehl Robison "Bobble" ... fho ono and only occomponlst ... "The Millocs wool" ... prominent pop promoter ... Ryssky Klyb president ... she picked the lost Acme apple ... curve wrecker ... added sweetness to our Senior tea. James Arthur Russeth looded with letters .. sworn his way to victory .. "Put the fop down, Jim"__wounded in octlon ... serves a mean tenna ball ... "It doesn't matter, one way or the other." ... the ideal American boy. Marilyn Audrey Schroeder Barbara Wendy Selle "Hove some candy" .. o ploasont mixture of sweetness and deviltry "beat it" down to every FHA meeting ... blend in hot knowledge with o needle ... o future homemaker without peer the occent was on Borby os French club prexy ... gifted with lotighter ... sho odded sparkle to the speech doss ploy ... plans for the Holiday Hop and GRA ... "let's do something exciting." Mary Lloyd Scharf o perfectly "chawming" Mrs Twym-ley ... was a "natural" In chorus ... always stirring up FHA interest ... unending hospitality ... the Inevitable committee choirman ... "Where did ho go now?" Virginia Ann Schisler "Gmny" .. nevor missed on opportunity ... Junior Achievement soles folks ... "$i Scnor" ... president of Sponish club ... kept both feet on the ground as proxy of Ski club ... expressive blue eyes AOTay Edward Tinker destined (or success ... the study of guns .. the thinker ... "Now, If you ask mo" ... the Cadillac on Wednesdays ... those English themes .,. "You con have o rldo ll you coroo right NOWI" Catherine Lee Tracht "Hoy Cath" ... "Bii" iesf art oditor ever fabulous Ideas ... wonderful wit ... never a dull momont ... a real wheel, but didn't show it ... Cathie's o favorite ... Senate (veep). French dub, GRA ... "I've got a meeting". Alice Marie Skovran "At" .. reigned over 1954 Homecoming festivities "Attsa fine widda me” ... responsible for our assemblies ,.. planner of thoso exhilarating pep tests ... o spirited "hi" to everyone ... was "behind" many things. Charles Hatch Stoddard hidden wealth of humor . .. "It was my aunt's cor" the sly chuckle .. 'Tm a hero, you guys" ... the bird hunter .. tackle In tho line-up . Chuck was one of "do boys" ... quick on the come-back. 61 Mayleann Trask sparkle, pep ond enthusiasm ... truly perpetual motion ... "on the go” at games, potties, dances ... "Anything happening?" ... "Tools" is there ..a finger in every pie ... veep of GRA, editor of Bir activities section. Robert Dennis Verdich time out for porties ... "eh doddy” Bob's an oxpcrt on ond In black suede shoos ... looking to the fu-ture .. he's a science fiction fan with a ploosont disposition ... moy well become our ambassador to Mars. iURichard William Watson swimmln' o» d women .. . what a weird lough .. o comero clicker with prize rosults .. Dick's versatile Intelligence .. "Where's the food?" ... pessimism (?) ... good news for all os Mr. Witlings. Charles Rydlun Weber "I can get it for you wholesale" ... Chuck ond h!» mad maroon Oodge ... Biz-y man for sports ... that slow smile any spore time's token .. super-wild moods .. hep on the keys. Maureen Elaine Whitefield "My friends coll me Ginger" ... gregarious redhead in a massive bolt ... minute waistline ... men problems ... quicksilver conversation ... always an audience ... |"Hoppy Journey" — "The Old lady"). David Allen Whitaker pulled a disappearing oct aftor school hours ... one of the wrestlers ... "Dove" ... his onswors were astonishing ... the kid with big ideas ... "But, I con't see the board." ... speed on a slide rule. William Walter Wicklund "So there you ore" ... "Bill" ... his specialty—cars ... no shoos in sociol studies ... turned-up collars and knowing eyes .. good nofured grin .., enlivens any party ... first to come, lost to go. Wayne Roger Whitehill no noed for noiso ... Bud's got his own brand of charm ... one of "the fellos" ... ploasant president of tho "crutches" dub ... crazy mixed-up hots ... "Aw, everybody sleeps In class." 62Robert Wyman Wilson "V«xy good . . doslinod for mixing compound . . . Kodt of pSoid . .. loves music that ' throb " . . . "Who can have a bridge party-?" . . . tho European traveller . . . gimmick pro-moter . . . natural expert. o»«f hotathsureot. loamile chairmen. first low. Mr to fight. Shelly Mills Peggy Johnson Maureen Whitelmld. Dick Watson Second roe. We Howard. Judy Anderson. Win Mott. "• Uory. Dove Mooney. Senior Assembly committee chairmen, hem row. left to right. Jock Toott Troth. Second row. left to right: George Neibergs Diane Miller. William Peter Winget floshy—from hb ever-present grin To hb devastating shirts ... "Pot©" ... hoPPy-QO-lwcky ... tales told In confidence ... "This friend of mine. x '' ... "cheerful chatter'1 puts a glow on tho day. Sally Lou Wood constantly on the go ,.. "Don't you wont to buy o popcorn boll?" over at the Bridge .. olwoys your pal "Sol" a smile in everyone's direction 'But it's o JA project." MMEYE 

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