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V)UNIVERSITY HIGH SCHOOL UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA University of Minnesota High School Library Minneapolis, Minn.TABLE OF CONTENTS Senior----------------------------------- Clan..................................... 19 Education------------------—— - 31 Activity__________________________________37 Feature_________________________________ 7 Athletics 57 S '■J w BISBILA STAFF Mike Prichard Sonja Thorshov Cathie Trocht Waleta Johnson Joan Eastman . Diane Sterner Abby Diamond Barbara Barton Barbara Crane Mimi Hansen Nancy Blomquist Lynn Davis Marilyn Johnson Maylcann Trask . Nancy Anderson Dick Welsbrod Photographer Dkk Watson Assistants ------- ----------------------- .. Lorry tanz Barbara Awada Tom Quoid Foculty Advisor____________________________Ellsworth B. Erickson Student Teocher Eugene V. Martz JTABLE OF CONTENTS Feature------------------------- 7 Athletics 57Mntipel S. MiKh.ll Atiiitom Principal t. Abot. During the first year In our new University High School. Sterling 8. Mitchell, os principal ond hoad of the High School Department of the University, coordinated the high school with the Col I ego of Education. He was also head of the Executive Committee. The assistant principal, Frederick P. Abel, was the foculty representative to the Parent Teachers' Association and advised the student senate. He supervised the students' schedules, athletic events, extracurricular activities, and discipline. One of the many standing committoos wos the Executive Committee which wos composed of all of the department hoods. The committee planned ond conducted the overall schedule of the school. The girls enjoyed the assistance of their new Coumaton, lolt I right 1 8 lolib.r ., E Rvvd Eiocwtho Com , lifting utl to rightl C. A« d»»K n. 0. Johotoo. C. o«i. 8. lobborto. O. Oho«i. t 8iri motor, V. Ahrm. I. WoU. A. SolWf, 8., M Swonton Sto-d-ft Wfl to right: f Abol. S. MlKh.fl ADMINISTRATION counselor, Eleonor Ruud, who wos also one of the senior English toochon. Richard Loliberte, in his second year of University High, advised the boys In their activities and chokes of colleges, and acted as Ski Club's advisor. SA. RvmJohi I Ritkmolat FACULTY Ml 10 'tfliti J. Hoofl.nnod. W CioimI. V. A »W. J. K w.. f Rood. Soclol S'wdiat Ml o rifht, R Andartoa. I MedlM«a. f W t SfKmhtu I tr««t tn dii I S ork A. loll.. Germon was taught by Arnold Mendel and Spanish by Robert Brett. Emma Birkmoier headed the Foreign Longuoge Department and tought Russian. The French instructor was Lee Stark. Arthur Ballet directed our plays ond speech classes and odvised Thospions The Longuoge Arts department was under the supervision ol the |unior doss English toocher, Virginia Alwln. The girls' counselor. Eleanor Ruud, tought two ol our senior English classes The other was tought by William Grasse 11 who also instructed the freshman class Stanley Kegler taught seventh ond eighth grade English and Jeanne Hoogensfod fought the sophomores ond odvised the Breeze stall. Senior Social teocher. Edith West, hooded the Social Studies deportment A new course, colled World History ond Problems, was taught by the junior doss Social Studies teocher, Eldon Modiserte. Robert Anderson tought seventh ond eighth grode dosses and cooched the swimming team, Physics teocher, Clarence BoecL. headed the Science Department and taught seventh grade science Chemistry ond eighth grode science were taught by Merton Johnson, who olso advised Chess Club. A V.O.C. odvisor. Ben Whitmger, tought Biology. Freshman science was under the instruction ol Orrin Gould. James Hollman taught one seventh grode science doss 4Donovan Johnson headed the Moth Department ond taught higher algebra and trigonometry. Service Scouts' odvisor, Lyle Eokins, instructed the algebra ond practical math dosses Geomotry and higher olgebro were taught by Theodore Kellogg. Dirk Ten Brinke was the seventh and eighth grode instructor. Gareth Olson was in chorge of the Physical Education Deportment ond taught boys' gym He cooched football, wrestling, ond track, ond advised U Club The basketball cooch was Jomes Hoffman, who olso wos assistant football cooch. He taught boys’ gym ond science. Girls' gym was under the Instruction of the G.R.A. and cheerleoding odvisor, Ruth Neumann. Miss Neumann was new this yoar Marjorie Swanson taught Clerical Proctlco ond typing ond advised Pep Club. Corlisle Anderson headed the Arts Deportment ond taught Industrial Arts His dosses workod in metals, woods, and plastics. The homemaking deportment wos under the supervision of Helen Stephens who olso advised F.H A. Ellsworth Erickson tought the advanced art dosses ond advised the yearbook staff. Seventh ond eighth grade ort classes were under the instruction of Richord Reinholtz. Chorus, bond, ond junior high music were directed by Robert Aupperle Mmc . u»t to rigil. M totuiMto. O. CwU. C BomS Ain -' Wfc tUe«. Moik: T Kvlloeg. 0. T.n liMt. 0. Joknioo L Mi»t r%f. M, Wf to light; I Nnmou, O. Oh n. J. HoMnan Typing: M. $wo- o- MtoH, fitting, itwd«M. Mt fo right, M 0, ft. Grow STAFF Studonts' hoolfh problems wero corofully handled by two now mombors of tho stoff, Rosalind Abernathy, M.D and Evelyn Grover, nurse. Ruth Morfell, librarian, assisted everyone who needed o book or literary Information, Mr. Mitchell's private secretary was Ruth Strom. She also handled school finances. Edith Nyquist and Doreen Szymonski worked in the main office The duty of keeping the building in order was left to custodlons William Crickmor, William Flanory, John Ciezlac, les Stensoth. Cloronco Benson, and Voldemon Nygren Abonolhy. nwrw C. 6 itoll. wiring. Ml to tight: D. Siymontki, R, Strom Handing: I. Nyquitl. Students' newExecutive Mmmi’tM, front row. loft to right: D., J. Lrrino. M. Johnton. B. KUInhont Second rowi A. Boll.t, E. W »t. This yoor the senior class met os ono homoroom in G55 ond divided Into groups from that vantage point. John Levine prosided ovor this final year of class activities. Assisting him were Bob Kleinhons, vice-prosidont, Marilyn Johnson, secretary, ond Diane Dupcre, treasurer. The opinions of the class were brought to the Senate by Diane Sterner, Steve Nieman, and Toby White. Our last annual Mothers' Tea was held December 2 in the new home economics department under the chairmanship of Mary Lee Van Ness. Class odvisors Edith West ond Arthur Ballot guided the seniors through a successful year of senior assombly, baccalaureate, and commencement plans. The senior assembly committee, under the direction of Chock Christensen, relotod the story of the seniors' life to the school. The Boccoloureote, held on Sunday, June 6, was planned by Nancy Andorson's committee. "In the beginning a diligent preparation should be mo do," by Cicero, wos the theme chosen by the commencement committee. Sonja Thorshov and Steve Nieman co-chairmaned these plans which finally "commenced" on the night of June 10, 1954. Boccalovr ot. Commit. , Uft to right. «. W.Hbrod, J. Sutton, A. Gvrtok, N. And.rion. B. Bvrg.ton. B. Johnton. S lor A.tombly, front row, Uft to right; B. Cron . L K.init,, V. Honton. S U»4n. I. Hopp . Book row. A. Whit., M. trichord, C Chrittonton. C. Shorn.; Front row. Mt to right. S. Erkktoo, A. leory. T. Olofton. Stcoivd row. S, Thorthov, S. NUmon, K. Coff y, M. Oggon. Third row. J. Hotpot. O. GomWo. B. A-odo, 0. Dvporo, C. logUr, S. Uvin. B. Borton 7NANCY ANDERSON presided at F.H A. meetings this year and chairmonod tho baccalaureate committoo ... a swootjbnd interesting personality "I shouldn'Ae eating this"....'let's get a shot of It for Biz." AWADA worked hard athletic interests R A. and os a member iy does Sociol Studios BARTON Barbi was th '52-'53 Senoto With foreign Sjnguages as one of her interests. sho|Wfes German Club proxy year .... ferfepe is nice to oil------ those Bridge JSSEU BURNS activo in GorT n Club for four years tells the "lotostiMOtas u C1 portidpotor l W» for aolf on kills that ball with those CHARE® CWffSTENSEN shtphe J n . . Our Broczo editor good for a lough .... Ifve part in graduation assembly chairman.... never." 8KATHLEEN edited the first poge of .... Katio is o girl interests .... one of "a little girl with b«g BARBARA CRANE a very sympathetic listener .... Boo-boo“ porticipatod octively In Thespians and in the plons of French ond GerrrxA clubs.... tho 8.35 AM. rush .... "let's ®'It on Biz (THOMAS C "a nice guf" with a cn tho worthyxuocket of U ClubE. . T. oltornote, dndGerma ELAINE _ on F.H.A. secretary with ____always o smile . ____[eons on Friday ... - . baseball gamo or any other GAIL DRUS _ of vitality.... H.A.. G.R A. and ings .... "What mem-for us" .... futuro am-Include lots and lots of traveling."Dugie outstanding' of G.R.A and for parties, fokos. .... worked Wbte "Publicity" i_OJ senior doss junior basketball at- JAMES Oh. those new with a hobby of Central guys" Jim for his green Ol Pierre Potelln. S ELLIS than he ever could that shy winning ndmg In football b membership is SANDRA ERIC Sandy holped keop the building in shape this year (a worth' head) .... co holrmaned junior year .... octrve In dvll Junior Achievement programs. 10 FOGEL8ERG and Senate, a president it ... . "Fogey" camo by ly," Mon in the Bowler Hat fin .... a basketball letter lyst.GE silenco it 1827 Berk trootoror of F.H.A. member .... "I'll te house " ou'll hove fo Oh Boo-ce, effective .... de-Gopher line--------- ADEL o sweet dispose wardrobe Pep Club feocherl" . lowed halls HALPER out spirit of classes year speech class choirmaned the obrwary Birthday" Wlnell?! VERNICE With no end of school sp cheerleading lor two Club secretary .... reigned os 1953 football .... "I'll have pudding!" T HAWKINSON luiet is not still .... as long as it's fine .... fishing, hunt-Bob likes shop, woodworking, ju t about anything mochonicol .... the "beo" collector. 11 ROBERT HENRY "Big Bob" with "vibrating laughtor" gray khaki pant» ond J3-D "Moke that kick Bobl", con a on tho football fkeld .... BotMW Capt the bosketball team this UEL HOPPE combination of outstanding talents .... ond danced ot many school parties banquets .... the girl with all the U . . waiting for the black coach" ENSEN council that guided . . . "Who. half mile onto U Iduhopi planning 40 winks in 165. BRUCE an active boy scout with _____quiet?--------the "I .... a four year member of and of course a Service Scout Sweden next summer. JOY JOHNSON of the newly formod G.R.A on the field — "let's play baseball" Joy can work wonders with a neodlo threod . . . especially creative .... jount to Altkinl 12MARILYN JOHNSON olwayj good lor a slumber porty . presented juniors of Girl's Stoto , . class secretory .... Morllyn's leoding ai every gam© since hor yeor-----"Why did I cut my LINDA KlENITZ looted 1952 homecoming activities loss ol '54's first boskotboll homo-it os a sophomore . . . . o help .... chairman of the !y Committee "In the holls" oo .... Tony b seen with rolled-up and It's got o cam LAWRENCE LANZ Playing varsity football, Lorry winning team this year ... cars, including his own two-tono Ford Photo Service-------"You should soo tho gi down ot the hospital!" ANN LEARY Iped coordinate all tho Mothers' Teas ch Kianod our junior tea, "Winter . behind the scenery in eductions . . . post "veep" of both and Spanish Club. 13CATHERINE IEGIER "Congratulation) Cathy, you're the first en goged girl in our class!" .... "Bridge ony body?" .... chocolate cake and a .... a pillar In choru claw and Club . . . "Did anyone we Vice o SUSAN LEVIN co-ordinated Mother ' Tea plan and the '53 Mother-Daughter Banquet ... presided over Thespian meeting ----always another re »fory .... "Bridge" on the campus on the boot JOHN LEVINE 11:30-G5S, John could be seen in cord and a sport shirt presiding over the senior ARD MAKI i — rules shouldn't hinder us" . UPestied his way on to U Club .... Ed was a most unusual cheerleader .... "O K. youse guys' .... goes lor hunting — a real sportsman, MICHAEL MANN'» nose lor news came in handy the Breeie sports poge . that smile with so much going through lected mind .... "»'d like to give roport." MATTSON "Accelerators. Inc., . a Iriendly "Let's go down to ill letter winner. 14 THOMAS McClELLAN ROBERT MILAVETZ a three year membership in Spanish Club . ... art b one of Tom's main interests .... •'Are you Tom or Mike?" .... next year — the U. and a Social Studies major "hV. Rhythm"______watch those drums shake when Bob's "beating the skins" .... and oh, ... a "lively" Thespion of the more serviceable ROGER MONTGOMERY played Joceau In Pierre Patel in — member of Thespians .... "The boy the interesting tough" ... Our '53-'64 Senato voep b also chairman of the Social Commiftoe. STEPHEN NIEMAN and plans plus .... Steve co-choir-maned Commencement . . . . U Club membership earned bfl fferin n track and football . . .y an active portictytptor-initio the was FRANK "Going my way?" . . . what a kickl .... The Hot b active in. U Club_______"Golf's a "I forgot!" THARALO OtOfSON ond presided over mony A.V.O.C. Senior Farewell. . . co-directod J.S. plons more sincere guy would be 15the slow, devilish Tgt. found behind the A first hour . . thj over” cor — vll nw football is the sportl DIANI Deodoe showed lnt octtve member of president of French applied------"Wh In ot one timo?" A iy Donee Oh, that Thespioi RENSFELDT Ron con be .O.C control ponol with the "made inclined .... k MICHAEL PRICHARD Lot j rroliy got down to work,«Mfcfys, ™ e htoc in chief---------iiWigh's 1953 AII.Conl.,.,0 Icxotboll cent JT. . shining ‘"’eiligencAonSwIy oppilT. . . . "Don't you guys, yji || onoouov, nir CHARLES Whot ° ol con 'n 9eft along gmously wftR chairmaned % Sadie ----he's oc% in U Club crozy gigglel RNER in languages os an nish Club and as tub ... . efficiency oil Biz copy come CLARKE Pierre Pofelin . JOAN SUTTON Concert performor-figuro her favorite sport .... . . held continuous tea ilps .... "That con-outside for you, Joan." 16IANNE SWAN combined artistic qudlMM smile . . . alLv picturos oro hot is her Interest .1 and original girl" for four years vling Club with fc. “O-Allah-®Golf or ping MARY o party lover . . j third page . . , School House" 01 "Infociious" lougl fistic tcmpero-Iz art editor) I. "I'm eating jfcmoned the 5HER W lootboll JOHN SW o member of German .... Jock was tops In his consistently high .... those Jazz pong anybody?" friondly Ingenious o Service talented PAIL. SONJA Our Pep Club proxy has on mont (this wos oppliod .... "Come on, you kidsl" . at tho V." . . . Some o commencement plans. RICHARD WEISBROD known for ho crazy giggle . . captain of the '52-'53 swimming has taken on octrve part in U Thespians . . . "Birds" personified sports editor. '54's baskot-In U Club . . . attitude . . . Spanish and Ski 17WEll NEVER FORGET: Oof 7th grade big-little sist©r party before the first game . . our first impressions of U-High and the "big kids" . . the combined 7th and 8th grodo dances held in Shevlin tho last 2 hours ... the beginning of what proved to be an endless "chain" of bonquets ond teas . . . the wilted roses that the boys "faithfully" carried back from Cooke Holl . . . Our 8th grodo year when we "knew the ropes" . . those daily walks down to the "fern-porory", ond our promotion to tho "Nursery" in Pottee ... tho "Yotry" hours . . . those "happy" hours spent ploying Spin the Bottle and Faith, Hope, and Chorify . . . our first overnight trip to Iduhopi — food, doncing, sloep? and laying the sod! . . . 9th grode and 25 new faces . . the winter sports porties ... all those bus ridos "pass-It-onl" ... the chorus line at "that" Shevlin party ... our "talent" at Tzeno. Tzena — and the Hokey-Pokey . . . our 2nd trip to Iduhapi and this time — no sod! . . . the Spring Arts Festival and rehoarsols . . . I Oth grode — we goofed! A reversal of form during 11th grode, and homecoming was o success . . . our moneymaking (?) sunlights . Incroasing homowork . the reality that wo soon might bo in the new school . . our last gomes at Williams . . . "Somo Enchanted Evening" ot Coffman, and the weokond after that J.S. which we worked so hard on . . the last days spent "lugging" books . . . 12th grode ond being the "big kids" looking for room numbers in tho now "Peik Hall" . . . homocoming ond senior quoon candidates a dream come true — the new trophy the gossip sessions at the Bridge . Senior Assembly, Boccalaureate, and Commencement plans . . our last J.S. . our last days os soniors ... the realization that wo'ro all going in different directions - . . In conclusion, the friendships we've modo, the fun we've hod. and the things we've learned will always be an Influence in our future livesWEU NlVtt fOKEI: Out 7th grode big-iittlo sislet potty belote th ond the "big bids" . . . the combined 7th o hours.,. the beginning ol whot proved to the wilted loses that the boys "loithlully" Out 5th gtode yeot when we "Vnew it potory", ond out piotttolion to the "Huts "happy'1 bouts spent ploying Spin the b night Itip to Iduhopl - lood, donctng, s 9th gtode ond 95 new laces { it-onl",,. the chotus line ot "thot" 51 the Hokey-Pokey.,, out 9nd itip to I total ond tcWuoH,,, IO1I1 gtode - tw pooled! A revwol ol lotto dating W making (!) wnliqltts,, wm new school , out lost gatnos Ql wkwd oliot k M book ,,, M gtode and Wtttg k1 Itotwottiiog ood m • - • gowp wm oi h ptons... ow tost J.g.... c itwt tedious.,, h twl«», te tte obeys ix on ioiiott the very r-Sonl x successful sees and :ts under r, Dave natr-s wore Goo Mooney, Senate Andf'um. J Ayolo. R. Bole, A. So l» . i Ooll., C. Orchard. J Onrrrti. E. Johnwn. M. Billncf. E. Denbigh. J. 1 Vimquitl Brown, H. Doumul. C. fi.ld. R. Donn.ll, G Eld . R. Otticon ond covnc.1 Ud to rlghti V. M«on. Troot.; D. Moon y. Vko Pr.t; M. TroU. Council Mt»b.n, i. foknr. Pr ».j C. Trocbt. Council P Jonoi. 5 c Ainnnt ot Imm ol pkttrro, C. lowntbury. Council M»mb r Kollbtrg, A. Man wi, K. Hnnnotiy, T. Howard, S Johnton Joknvon, P. Joknton. V. Jobntoo. W. Jonnt. P. Komp. Davit. 1. Oryg. W Eoi.r, J. A dashing victory of 33-0, wor. Chasko, provided the perfoctjafmosphore for all-school Football H ,ecorning dance which was sponsored! by tho later In riie year they Basketball dance arsr the IU' or closv Prom. Mooney, Class Merril, Gerry ed“ SySwve gave ’t stop with all-ony money-molt J class officers ond Ginger __________ were takon to Senate by Jock and Mary Joo Rhodes. Altor-tiborgs, Joe Lund, ond David ites were “respectfully submiff- 20Rvuoih. J. IroJi. M. MtCUHon, M. Meort, O. Mooory, D MoM. W. Nordquut. N. Ovlmelte. 1 Morrill. J. Noibers . G Tinker. T. Winder. P. Trothf. C. Wood. $. L 21Chrittmoi. C. Ooyboch, S. Eid . J. Ou i»l. R. AIqran, O. AIMiuU . R Andtiwn, B AnKlom, W. Arm»tro®fl. M AtKxlon, R. BoVla, S. Bertholonww, S. Boumalttar, L Barnon, S. Bluman, f Bolandor. 1. EncttoR. G, Haitingi, J. HolUri, E. Evan. R. Ewnr, O. Hotiwlll. J Muobnef, R. Rich, N. Johnton, J. Hoharty, S Johnuo . R. 22Monze. A loo I . T lopon . a. loh• Ion, R Koutmon. I lorio", t. Uni. O Moinlo, J Mifodd.n, R. Bobiion. R. R09.11. i. Rot . C. Scon, M $o-»«r. D., R. S-omon, a WBk«. R Officom loft 0 right. R. Sr.l.bini. i. Rom. R. Robiton. V. P. M. Sriwch.n, Pro . i. Do.Uy, Sot O. Uni. Trrat. B Swan ion. Sr.inb.rg t. Stevon, M. Stelputod. C. S'ruchnn. M. Woivoo. S. Warhol, A, Von W. Und.rl.ilt.r. J. Mogidvon. J. Mann. 0. Mont . E. N it ho lion. S. Olmtttd. H. Orw, J, Tinlrr, f Saying "farewell" to th» saniors waifcjccossfully accomplished by the sophomores In an all school [dojtcc given in honor o( the settlor class. The dance. took place lute m the spang an annual offoit quarter.-, Srahomores el Molly Strvchon as| secretary, and Bunny The )dass wo Dor ley jws Sonote's vwjreBjj1 Von Nimmer. Alternates dra Mann, and Dor ley ru president, ■t. Go to lonz as | os treasurer John VC-. and Bruce Die- 2324Morton. oAol. C. V. Now. Nlamon, N r Norriny. T. Ottetbarg. S. Polmat, ). PinV. C. Kta. M. Kofi. i. Rownblum. J. R-tmo-, C. Sthiala. 0 Schn.ld.r, M. Officarn Uft to tiyht. Botl to front. W. Wtighf. R. Tri.m.rt. D CoHlni. M. Stkn.idar. C. tavlna. V. P.. B Whiting. Prat. N. Ho««n. Soc. 5. Thoatoi. "Successful ond "fun-lovlng fepre two words that could v«ry:w«lt dcsaibo lb® freshman class this yoar. Thiy organized and enjoyed a Christmas party, class parti® , and shivered their way through a gay, but oh-so-c-c-coid, sleigh rlde. Tho class fleeted Norman Hansan. 8r j.:e Whiting, and Sarah IhorrtOgOB officer Representing their grado'in Senate were David Ness, John Palmer, and Bob'Tracht.'Their alternates were Kathe Ler fcje, and Jor o Watscn. University of M Kta High School Library Minneapolis. Minn.Button. P. Clot . A. Collins. K. Btootnn. A 8rondKot»». II r.tmoud, J. foldon. K Advisors- loft to right, V Koglor, M Johnson Abb . D. Cor bolt, E. Frmdland, K. Gr-s. 0 Hovortlodr. R. Anderson. I. Denbigh. P. Govlmt. M Gurt i. V Hoy, J. RJomholm. V Dro« . 0 Gold min, P. Hollin. J. Holism, B Hubor, R. J. H Mol-o. P. Host •■ill, R. Ke«f . W. 26Officari: to right. $m R Hvbar. Pr«v C. Todd. V. f. R. McForlon . Troot. I. Mort« No longer eighth graders' of parties ond fi In the foil McForlone, RoyJ Jo Ellen tho floss in_____ Ferrr.oud acted as i Stanley class. school, the tough a year class oloctod 5tris Todd, Reed ond Jim Martin os Its officers. I'Dc-uglas Grim represented Havelock and Jacqueline tnatos , srton Johnson advised the BP Olun. O. Owimatlo. O Sonborn, J. Sanchci. M Whiting ,. ), William. A. 27Clort. •. D«fl r. i-Doball, C Orn. C w., s tv , r. W|B0. W. FvxUUion. C. fok.r, N. FrUrflond. j. OoWbf o. M G'lmidit, A. Advito»»: l ft lo ilgM, R. Andcrton, 0. T n-Brlnk. The in (heir first Charles Dryg, Virginia os officors. Undor tho Anderson and Dirk acquainted with tho Marvin Karlins represented their wore Janet Darley to business and elected Wilbur Palm advisors, Robert quickly bocome upper classmen. Rice, very capably. Their alternates Hoht»r en, E. Johnion. O KaHint. At •CothUr, G. lavb . A l« oa. O. ti mbV». M Undb rg, t. 28Off ken left m rlgkt. S W. Polm. %. C- Ofyfl. V. P. V. Ruim . Nolo . K. Rond, «. Schfo«J«r, R. w w». 0. Wmt. 0. White. 0. Wild . ). 2wit»«. a. IrouuoM, R, No»Hn, C. OUnlrOn, R. Rtiimon, B. Rk . i. Vi IMa a a ty picul Kan o k«l»M batwaa ekrwavWITH A NEW AGE, MODERN EDUCATION Pram • Mti StvrlMg I. MitcSiall. ptMtiptl of Un High School tooioaim Pin , (dvtotioa (dito of lHa Now Yo»k Tlmat. a-d Wotiar W. Cook, Dooo ol rho Col logo o» Idwo'ion polo on tha tlapi ol ■ha now Unioariify High School, nomrd Paik Hall in honor ol iho lota Daon Paik On Ocfobor II, Mr. P »a. ononding tha UNCSCO mooring ol tha UnWatuty, tourod tha now high tchool bwdding. Soaarol Uni aoriity High School loculty mambari ore oclWa (a UNCSCO. In this new section ol the yearbook we would like to point out somo of the educational footures ol University High School. The school is a branch of tho University College of Educotion. It was crooted os the classroom lor Education majors at the University. In doing this, It Is o 'normal' school In that its students enjoy all tint opportunities and more than do the pupils of public schools The students, numbering about lour hundred, come from all ports ol the Twin Cities ond from families of all backgrounds. Tooching sections do not number over twenty-live so os to be ablo to provide odequato individual attention to each student, Superior students ore urged to work ohead ol their closses ond slower students are helped along A lorgo range ol subjects is fought. Students ore lortunato in having the use ol several of tho University privileges Aside from having their own doctor ond nurse, the Studont Health Service is available to those desiring medical or dental attention. The student body attended convocations ot Northrup Auditorium Students were ollowed to purchase tho ten dollar athletic tickets lor odmisston to all University athletic contests Dancei, banquets and gatherings ore held in Coffmon Memorial Union Several field trips ore token by classes throughout the year to goin knowledge pertaining to a unit of study University High School has on active Parent Teachers Association which always has a lorgo turnout. At their fall mooting open house was held ond parents 'attondod' their youngsters' classes. foculty members who do not alreody hove higher degrees aro working toward them and attend closses of tho University, The high school closses ore usod by the foculty to corry on experimentation ond research in curriculum, mothods. moterial and equipment m tooching The new building, completed lost spring, provides O superior atmosphero lor tooching ond learning. The modern focilities include an extensive audiovisual education program, o large library and o well equipped gymnasium Classrooms are modornly do-signed with fluorescent lighting ond ploasanf color themes ond ore well oquipped. Display coses aro provided in the corridors for each department University High School Is a superior school in its curriculum ond focilities. 31STUDENTS BECOME TEACHERS . . One ol tho moln purpose! of University High School b to provide professional laboratory oxper-lonces for University College of Education students studying to become high school teachers. Each high school doss may see and bo taught by from one to throe student teachers each quarter. Each day during tho quarter tho student teacher attonds the class he has been assigned to. He acquaints himself with the class, observes classroom procedure, holps the regular teacher and olso gives individual assistance to those pupils in need of It. Finally ho is given the chonce to teoch o subioct unit. The student teacher b actually given the class for a period of from one to three weeks although he is always under tho observation of the supervising teacher. He must prepore each day's lesson and teach it. At tho end of tho unit he usually measures his own obilrty to teoch by giving a test thot he has writton The Education seniors usually teach a different grade level each quarter in thoir subject area so as to gain a variety of experiences. University High School students ofton enjoy learning from the studont teacher, and ore very cooperative. Tho exposure to several different teachers produces a variety of teaching that alters a year long routine. The collego students aro young ond understanding. At eose after the first few days, they aro friendly and helpful. Many timos tho student teacher can teach a special section of the class while tho remainder of tho class follows the regular curriculum. The high school students octually evaluate the student foacher by their reaction to him. University High School students play a part In making tomorrow's teachers good teachers James Rainbow, on tho right, a itudont toocher. domonttrcitn tppiotrlng to on eighth grad indwttriol aril clou during a unit on printing. Mr. Rainbow it on •duration tonior and plant to braomo o trocher In thr Induttriol orti orro Mr. Andorran, tuprrviting trochrr ond hood of tho Univortify High School arti deportment, looti on from thr roof. 32LEARNING IS SEEING, HEARING At University High School, oudio and visual mo chines ore used extensively in education. Available to teacher ore 16 mm projector , slide and filmstrip projectors, ond opoque projectors and television. Audio toothing old Include record player , radio ond tope recorder A complete public address systom make It possible to communicate all audio aids from the control room on the third floor to any room of the building Staffed by about thirty senior high school boy who are trained in the use of the equipment, the Audio Visual Operator Club operates all the equipment, At least two dub member are assigned to eoch hour during the day to monitor the console and to carry out tho assignments Teachers and student teochers requisition equipment and order films, record and tape in the AVOC room ond preview them In the film preview room or the sound studio The morning bulletin is rood at fho beginning ol second hour from the sound studio. Music, on both records and tape. Is provided for school parties and dances. Two completely equipped darkrooms are olso a port of the AVOC room Pictures token by the members of Photo Service ore used by the school publications and the loculfy members. University High School owns a television camera with which class sessions can bo televised and sent over a closed circuit to a television set in the building, although thb Is still in the experimental process. College students and Minnesota teachers can sit In on dosses held In o noorly normal situation by watching television. In tho picture below, Mr. Whltinger. AVOC adviser, b cameraman televising a summor school mathematics class.M THE BUILDING An orchltecturolly modern school. University High School features locilifies for utility as well as bcouty. An example of this is the senior social studios classroom. room 165. which in a woy is the experiment ol toachcr Dr. Edith West. The outstanding feature of this room is that all of the chairs ore cushioned lounge choirs which are vory comfortable. Dr. West says that the function of theso is to promote an informal atmosphere appropriate for discussion. She soys she would have liked a hroploce to incroose the ofmospbere but that wasn't too practical. The majority of the class poriods are devoted to discussion and roading. The only drowback of such chairs is that they are restful to the extent that thoy may promote sleep. A largo bulletin board on one wall affords omple space for displays reloted to the social studios field. Two conference rooms in the rear of the room are used by groups in preparing repons without disrupting tho remainder of the class. Another highlight of tho building is tho staff offices Each dopartmont. such as the scionco de pattmonf, mothematict department, etc., is drvided into separate offices for the faculty, student foochor work space ond materials storogo space. The orts department including the industrial orts, ort, ond homomaking seclions occupies tho entiro bottom Hoot of tho building ond includes mony foo-lures The industrial orts section under the direction of W. Carlisle Anderson, hos a print shop, a mechanical droftlng Qfoa, o woodworking oreo. a paint room, o metal working oreo and an auto repair facilities complete with modern machinery Senior boys were oble to bring their cars In to ropoir them. The ort section contains locilitios for jewelry moking. silk screen and the usuol art processes. The homemaking soction Includes six individual kitchenettes, a clothes woshor ond dryer, o Irving room area and tobtes for octuol class gatherings SSResearch is the key to advancement, and University High School b directly concerned with the advancement of education New tooching methods and media oro ©xporlmontod with by foculty members. For example, in the science deportment. Dr. Boock and Mr Whitmger are both making studies of the difference in learning from demonstrations and without demonstrations. Another new area in the science department is in general science classes Previously, each general science class dabbled in oil the phases of science in a single year. This yeor each grade level is specializing In one phase of science. The seventh grade is studying osfronomy, the eighth grode is studying geology, and tho ninth grode Is specializing in meteorology. Thus, in o six yeor spon, ono may cover nearly every phase of science with some thoroughness In the picture Mr. Erickson, ort instructor, poses with his stereoscopic equipment. RESEARCH FOR PROGRESS 36 pRosoorch ij the koy to advancement, and Uni-versify High School Is directly concerned with the advancement of education. New toaching methods and media are experimented with by faculty members. For example, in the science department. Dr. Boeck ond Mr. Whitinger arc both making studies of the difference in learning from demonstrations and without demonstrations. Anothor new area in the science deportment is in generol science classes. Previously, each general science doss dabbled in oil the phoses of science in a single year This year each grade level is specializing in one phase of science. The seventh grodo is studying astronomy, the oighth grade is studying geology, and the ninth grade is specializing in meteorology. Thus, in a six year spon, one may cover nearly every phase of science with somo thoroughness. In the picture Mr. Erickson, art instructor, poses with his stereoscopic equipment.lost fall, eoch of the 16 homerooms elected a senator and an alternate to represent it in the Senate. Meeting onco a week, tho senators discussed and acted upon issues of the school. An ogonda was drawn up eoch wool and presented to the homerooms for discussion. After the meetings, the minutes were discussed in the homerooms. In this way, students were kept informed of tho acts of Senato. Officers this yeor were Don Fogolbfrg, president, Roger Montgomery, vice-president; Steve Howard, secretary, and John Darley, treasurer. Besides tho Executive committee. Senate had five standing committees which met weekly. John Levine hooded the Student-Faculty commitfoo. Undo Klonitz was the ■chairman of the Assembly committee which approved all assemblies. Social committee wos hooded by Roger Montgomery and Sandra Erickson was chairman of the Buildings and Grounds committee. Charter and Publicity committoe, headed by Diane Dupore, approved all clubs and organizations front row. bit to rtgbti M. Rkodet. 0 Grim. J Krintly, S. Rica. Siam Howard. Don Fogleberg. Second rowi Mr. Abel S Ooyboch. 8. Nlnetr, 8 Von Artdell, f. Gerritc, J. Merrill Third row. D. Nett. R. Trocfct. S. Nieiton. A. White, L, J lerlne. Standing: D. Sterner, 0. Oupere. S Erlckton, J. Dorby. Absent: R. Montgomery. M Koriint. SENATEu«t o rlgfcti B Borton. M. Prkkord. Mr (nekton. 0. Smiw. U l to ri»kt. T. OwoM. D Worm, S. Tfcorifcov. W loft to rigKl. Mr. Marti. N, Blooraquit . 0. WoHbrod. C. Trotfct. J (otMon. W. johatort L lorn, i. Awodo. BISBILA | Ir’s a big day for tho Biz doss when the yearbook goes to press. Aftor a busy year of meeting deadlines. writing copy, working on layouts, tho theme, ond pictures, tho stoff breathes o s gh o relief when tho book is at lost ready for publication ond presentation to the school. Undar tho supervision of the executive stoff and Mr. Erickson, the advisor, tho class learned about yearbook production eorly in the fall. After tho theme was chosen, work went fairly smoothly. In winter quortor the entire doss took a trip to the American Ycorbook Company at Owatonno, Minnesota. where tho Bisblfo was published. The class was takon through the yearbook factory and had the opportunity to discuss the production of the Biz with tho authorities Mike Prichord wos the editor of the Biz this yoar Art work and layouts were done by Sonjo Thorshov ond hor staff Diane Sterner was copy editor and Barb. Barton edited the Senior section Uf o right.- I. Cron . N. And«-i»n. V. Hainan, A Dianond L Do-rii. M Troth. M JohnionBREEZE U to right, •tttog, M. Morw. « CoM.y, M. Vo. Non. f Dorii Sto«d g C ChiiitMH., Miw Hoog.flUod. Meeting o deodllne every month meant lots of hard work for members of the Breeze staff Under the direction of the editor-in-chief. Chock Christensen, first poge editor Kathleen Coffey and third poge editor Mary Lee Van Ness, with the holp of their assistants, gathorod the news for their respective pages Mtke Mann edited the sports pogo Fletcher Davis took core of all the funny business for the feature pogo. Everyone on the staff worked hord to keep the Breeze's All Amerkon rating which it has held from 1937 to 1953. Three members of the staff took on on extra protect last fall. They compilod and oditod a Buzz Book for U High students and toochors. Several members of tho doss helped in tho work of designing and planning the book. I- ' to I Kmwr. L » Sollo. C. Do -W Imft to rfeM. J. tdlymd, C lowntWy. D. timid. Imtl to fiokt: ). Hkmt. S . fmmm . O. MllUr. 39Uft to rigtol R. R.nitoldt. T. AtSwtoa. A. RoV»f. 1 Mill.. «. Ktolnkam. 0. » !. i -. i U«d. A V O C Ftctoto obov«, l.k •• rlak . O. . - tun , A. WVI.«. J. (III., i. UvUto. L Pobwr. D. OwrtoV. 0. fog.Ib.rg, S Howard, t Nimm«r. Cantor ptolur. I So ihotem.., T. OW Ho«, I WVitojw. loll • rlgkt. In Irwl: C. OnlltoatoW. M. Prkkord Stood ng. toft to rt tif. I. Hniinwy. R Wakbrod. R. Wmm. 0. Moon.,. S Milk. J. AVOC. which stands for Audio Visual Operator's Club, is an organization open to boys in grodes 9 through 12. Terry Olofson was the president this year. Bob Bartholomew was the secretory and the club's odvisor was Ben Whitinger. The twenty-eight members of AVOC were fortunote this year in having two large rooms in the new building. They enjoyed many new facilities and equipment. The new intor-communicotion system enabled students to broadcast to ond from ony room in the school. A television camero, o transmitter receiver set, and portable projection tables were also port of the new equipment. The tables made the difficult task of transporting equipment much easier. Eoch room in the new U High has its own permanent movie screen. AVOC members were kept busy showing movies for classes and meetings, playing music for homerooms, mootings, and parties, and providing public oddress systems for pep fests ond assemblies Eoch yoor new members ore occopted early in the spring quarter. They ore carefully trained to operate the equipment Th annual AVOC picnic brought o happy end to a successful year. 40I SKI CLUB A now club was formed ol U High this year called Ski Clob With good Intentions, the members met and planned ski trips and parties However, because of the lack of snow, thoso ovents were never corried out Tho membors gained good experience in planning ski trips and will bo able to go next year at the first sign of snow. President Toby White led the club with the help of vice-president MImi Hansen. Krinl Hansen was secretory and Fletcher Davis acted os treasurer. Assisted by Mr. lalibene, the club's odvisor. the members learned a lot about the core of skiing equipment. Utt « right M. Hofiufi, T. Wh! .. t Dorlt. 41 Kctix a boo. Mndlnf, Mh le righ i C. Track . 1. Jotintofl. MU. Noumoo. 8 Rofaiton Knooliog: ft Awodo PktM» Ml, Wl o figHii ft. ftv'giMx. M- Hoomd. A. Loory. M Dwgon. M G. R. A. Girl's Rocroot.oxil Association was a now club of U High this year It was a welcome oddrtion to oil junior and senior girls who wonted some extracurricular physical education activities. The dub was directed by Miss Newman who was assisted by Joy Johnson, president. Barbara Awoda, "veep," Cathie Trocht, secretary, and Roberta Robison, treasurer. A lew of fho many sports fho girls participated in during the year were swimming, baskotball. badminton, ond baseball Quarterly mootings were held to decide activities Tho club was primarily lor the enfoyment of the girls who had a wonderful time learning new skills ond putting them to good useFEDERATION Top pJcfuro . fn«h, Uh IO right: Mr. Stork, S Howard. 0. Sforrtor. B MU. O Gor-fill- Ruuioti. ). Foktr. B Rogr«« Or. llrimiUr. T. Olof •on. R Bob-ion Cantor: Cormoni T. Quod, J. Moyodo, I Barton. Mr. Moodol, I. locabonno, T. Crotty. Bottom: Sponitk. knorllrtg: J. load. Stood rag 0. Moan y. 0 Bockttron. Mr Brotr. O Moan Tho membership of Federation of languages is mode up of the officers of oil of the foreign languogo dubs. Work got under way very eorly this year when the Federation members elected Joe Lund as president ond Barb Selle as secretary. The annual initiation day. when new members ore occepted in oil of the languoge clubs, was tho first protect of Federation this fall. Initiating of new members was carried on all day. After school eoch club held its own private initiation. A supper for all club members was held in Shevlin after the formal initiations. Boforo Christmas vocotion Federation sponsored the Holiday Hop in Coffmon Union All students, olumni. and parents wero Invited to attend. The Hop was one of tho largest ond most successful dances of the year. In winter quarter the Mardi Gras was the big profoct of Fodoratlon A costume affair, the donco was given for members of longuogos dubs. PHOTO u • "O" Mde w - 42PHOTO I SERVICE CLUB ------------------------ One of the buses! dubs this yeor wos tho Junior High Photo Club. It got off to o good stort. under ifio supervision and direction of Mr. Erickson, the club's advisor. The year's activities were headed by Glen Wong, president, Steve Goldfarb. "veep'' and treasurer, ond Peggy Blumers, secretory. Membership was made up of students In tho junior high who were interested in taking pictures and doing extro curricular work in photography. The members worked hard learning to take ond develop pictures and to understand their comeros. They did this to fulfill the purposes of the club which are to promote on interest in photogrophy, to under-stond the uses of o camera, to teoch the fundomontols T. Ovoid of photogrophy, ond to prepare its members for work os photogrophers in the Senior High Photo Service Club. loft to rigfcti 0. SoontO . Mr. tridiM, M. Scfcarf, G Otnln, Wo »«, T Ovoid. I Awodo. P This yeor, the Senior High Photo Sorvke spent ono of the busiest years in tho history of the club. Working with Mr Erickson, tho club's odvlsor, the members learned many new things about photography ond obout all of their new equipment. Because Photo Service was offered as a subject this yeor, many members were ablo to furthor rhoir abilities In handling photographic equipment Photo Service members worked closely with the B«z ond Breeze sloffs oil through the year. They were always on the job at school functions, taking pictures and having them developed on time to meet the deadlines of the school's publications Officers were elected In the middle of the winter quarter Barbara Awado was elected president She had a busy job planning meetings ond the club's many activities. Tom Qua id was elected vice-president and Dick Watson served as the secretary-treasurer. W» to light: L UxaboAK . I. loot. N. fitch 3PEP CLUB Son jo Thorshov presided over Pep Club meetings this year and Barbara Sello acted as "veep ' Minutes were token by Margaret Armstrong ond Ronel Robison was treasurer Peggy Johnson chairmoned all ol the dub's publicity. Marjorie Swanson wos the foculty odvisor. The purpose ol Pep Club is to encourage school spirit. Thu yeor Pep Club sponsored tho Big-little Sister party and olso co-sponsored a donee alter the last football game. Tho club sold U High pon-onfs during football season and sponsored buses to out ol town gomes. A and B squad cheerleaders worked closely with Pop Club. This year, Marilyn Johnson, Mimi Hansen, Alice Skovron, and Jody Anderson were the A squod cheorloodors Goll Lenz. Molly Struchen. and Jo Anno Mayeda cheered lor the B squod U CLUB --------------------- Membership In U Club is open to any senior high boy who has won a letter in a sport at U High The club is very active in promoting interest ond participation in athletics. Activities began oarly in the year with a banquet that the club gave for all boys ond their dods The guests were entertained by football movies. Eorly in February the annual initiation day was held New members were occepted ond fhe day ended with o record donee. Meetings were held frequently throughout the year under fhe leadership of John Levine, president, ond Joe Lund, vice-president. Gareth Olson, U High's coach, was fhe dub's odvisor. All letter winners took part in fhe annual spring awards assembly. They were presented to the school ond received their awards. Fr«.t o . Uft lo » Cnw. T. CreMy, O. o«b fg. J. til... J. l vfcw. J. U d. t KlatahoM. J. Man . O Do-aatl. D Second row L Uw, S. Howard. I. fok.r, I a«iWd'. B Hwy. ». Bam . T. WViw. 0. jww . 0. Coapa». 0 ro0»lb«»9 M. trichord tUrd row. I tglw. C. Shorn. I Bertkotoww. 1 MJh. D Wottoa. t. Mokl. 0. Moo«ry. T. Mf't. W Moot. I Ayala. Cooth Oita . four . ,om. T. Aitiarioa. I OdVtad. J. ltd , f. Ttakar. M. M.... S. Niamoa. f. Mofnoa. J. Rvwatfc. C. Summ.ri. A Boko. t. Davit. V.SERVICE SCOUTS Under the careful leadership of their executive socretory, Fletcher Davis, the service scouts completed a successful and very serviceable year. Steve Nie-man servod as assistant executive secretary this yeor lory Palmer was program cholrman and Arnie Baker was the secretary-treasurer, lyle Eakins once again octed as the organization's advisor. Eoch fall, any boy in the junior or senior high who wishes to become a member of Service Scouts must file an application for membership. The duties of members are to usher at U High games, to direct traffic at P T.A. meetings, and to assist in many other school functions. F. H. A. Future Homemokors of America b an organization for girls who want fho opportunity to further their Interests in homo economics Tho membership is mado up of girls in the senior high who have had some background In home economics. Under the leadership of Miss Stephens, odvisor, Nancy Anderson, president Peggy Johnson, vice-president, Elaine Drulenski, secretary, and Gerry Gamble, treasurer, the club held meetings and planned mony events throughout tho yoar. The first main project for tho club was a condy sale, later the club gave on initiation teo, combined with a Christmos porty. The initiation was held first and mony now members were admitted to the organization. The Christmas party followed. Other projects were all-school Basketball Suppers and the club's biggest event of the year, tho annual Dad's and Daughter's Banquet, which was held in tho spring quartor. ttwit row. Uh lo right, C. SXom. E. Moil. L Wiw, A. Sol«. S. Nlomon, f. Darn. I. KloUkom. f. Motnon, Second rowi H. OtmUod. I Milouotl, J Dorloy. J. Oron, i. Swottborg. J. Idlund. C Summon. A WKilo. C. Kotiy. t. Klnnord TVifd Cowi D. Wo non, E. Moot . E. Molbo.t, Sworn, t. Loom. G. l«uo». Woldy. M Molougklm. Goldtorb. Woe, D. Grim. fkonfcov. J. Whiting,,. fount, row: J. Hor.—ll. D. Moonoy. B. JoAnton, B flu , B. Wllho. M. Johmon, T Ouotd. W. Wrlgkt. 8 Gordoot. J. Rott. I Skopord. O N.iborg. 45Silting. Uh to rlghti S trrta. M Von N»»«. C. CfcrUtoMM . K. CoHwy. f. Oorii Vo d-g D. Slntnnt. N. Andorwm. M. Prichard. S kor»o« S. tWihor. M. Jofmton Thespion Troupe Number 763 began the year by sponsoring the production of "Master Pierre Patolin." Shortly alter the conclusion of several performances at U High, the troupe initiated twenty-four new members at a banquet. Participating m the initiation ceremony were the officers: Sue levin, president. Chuck Christensen, vice-presidont, Barbara Borton. secretary, Nancy‘Anderson, treasurer. Bob Kloinhons. progrom chairman, ond Arthur Ballet, the faculty advisor “love Rides the Roils," a melodrama with a junior high cast, was sponsored noxf by Thespians Many of its members served on the crews. At a banquet, held spring quarter, the 1954-1955 officers were announced and more new members were initiated. All those who octively engaged in Thespion activities felt’rhot the society successfully upheld Its aims which ore to promote and honor achievement in the dromotic arts. I_ THESPIANS S. Dr. lolri Sm Waitlwod Third row. M T. OWw Stood log I. I V. QUILL AND SCROLL Quill and Scroll is o notional honorary organization lor students who oro outstanding in the field of journalism At University High School memberships are awardod, eoch year, to somor staff members of tho Bisbilo and the Breeze. Breexo odvisor. Jeanne Hoagonsfad. and Biz odvisor, Ellsworth Erickson, with their respective classes, nominate candidates for membership. Members may bo chosen on their work in writing, editing, proof-reading, photogrophy, or artwork. A sample of each candidate's work is sent to the notional board of Quill and Scroll for |udglng If tho work is opproved. tho student is elocted to the society. This year University High hod twelve members Six students were elected from the Bisbilo staff ond six from the Breeze staff cWi to itykh V Irto, Vo« C. CM , K. Crib), V Wv Vond 0. Stow, H Aritw, M. h'tM, 1 Me , V 1WA , fc. loiters Thespion Troupe Number 763 begon iHe year by sponsoring the production ol "toilet Petr Potelin." Shortly alter the conclusion ol levorol performances ol U High, the troupe initiated twenty-four new mem. bers ol o bonquel. PoilicipQiing in the initiation cere-ntony wo the ollicers: Sue levin, presidonl, Chuck Christenson, vice-president, tetboro tenon, secretary, Nancy'Anderson, treasurer, teb Kleinhans, program choiinton, and Arthur tellct, the faculty odvisot. "lovo Rides the tells," o melodfomo with o junior high cost, wos sponsored next by Ihesptons. ftony of its members served on the owi At o bonquet, held spring quarter, the WM officers woro onnouoced ond more new tttembets were initiated. All those who odively engogod lit Ihespion octiviiics lolt'ihot the society sutcwsMIy upWd Us otms which ore to promote ond honor ofaontotti in tho dromotic ortv r, I notional liorr-rory O'goiuSH W »ts •■ 'c Cuffandi-g .n the ‘i ':t C? At University High School memberships ■orded. each year, to senior staff members ■pi Bisbila and the Breeze. ■Broezo advisor. Jeanne Haogenjtad, and Biz fdsor, Ellsworth Erickson, with their respective isses, nominote candidates for membership. Mem-rs may be chosen on their work In writing, editing, x f-reading, photography, or artwork. A sample eoch candidate’s work is sont to the national board Quill and Scroll for judging If the work is jproved, the student is elected to the society. Whis yeor Unlvors ty High hod twelve mombers. idents woro elected from the Bisbila staff and the Broczo staff.The perfect end to on outstanding season for the "littlo gophers" was tho District 18 Football Banquot, held in the Junior Ballroom of Coffman Memorial Union on November 17. 1953. Names of many outstanding personalities appeared on the program. Wells Wright was toasi-mastor. A wolcome wos given by Mr Abol and greetings from the Collego of Education woro given by Dean Cook. Minnesota's ex-cooch of football, Wes Foster, introduced tho special guests, "Bobe" leVoir, guest speaker; and Paul Giel, '53 University footboll captoin. The presentation of the awards for the 1953 champion football squad was mode by Coach Olson and Mr. Mitchell presented gold footballs to the members of the team. John Levine, team captain, accepted the Minnesota Valley Conference trophy for the "little gophers." It was presented by Mr. Miolko, president of District 18. On Wednesday, November 18th, an assembly wos held in the gym and tho trophy was presented to the school Caplair John I nit waiving trophy »rom Mr Mwlfca. Football Banqval: Spaakan and booorod gum . FOOTBALL BANQUET Coocfe OUon, Bob. l«Voi». W.. F..W, foul OM. M, v-uk.llClwkwlw, from lower lefti Diono Ovpere'i Hop Colt U High's Marilyn Monroe compoiga-ing (or Mini Honwn U M »o CoMcomwg Convention (or Borbora Barton Undo Kionlri'i Orogonottort. lo(l to right; Linda Kionity. M ml Hon ton. Bor boro Bo t« 0 on Duporo. FOOTBALL Homecoming fesfiviries occupied o week of fun early in October. Candidates for queen wero Linda Kienitx, Diane Dupere, Barbl Barton, and Mimi Hon-sen. Campaigning began on Monday, October 5th, and lasted until noon on October 8th. At that time tho Queen's Assembly was held In the Museum of Natural History. Voting for queen took place at school aftor the assembly. The homecoming game wos ployed on October 9th with Chosko. The coronation of the queen was hold immediately before the gamo. Acting captain, Jim Ellis, assisted by Jock Merrill ond Joe Lund, plocod the royal robe and crown on Mimi Hansen. Queen Mimi reigned over the game which the Little Gophers won by a score of 33 0 over visiting Chosko. That night the Homecoming Donee was held in the Junior Ballroom of Coffman Memorial Union Students danced to the music of Hinsley Hill's bond. Sponsored by the junior class, the dance was under the coreful plonning of co-chairmen Joe Lund and Cathie Tracht. left t« right: Dup«r«, Borbora Borton. Qv n MM Honwn. oefing copfoM. Jim {Kit. Undo KitnUi. 48HOMECOMING Borboro Borlon'i display. Undo KImI'i' diiploy loh lo rlpMi B. Bo lon, 0. Dupor . M. Honton, I. Ki.nltt. R glit: Omn Mini. lo... Right, HomKOtning done . ■wStudent and forulty ploy ' pkking up coin ■. anittod by diM bed«i •otbi borton and Bo'h Cron I ’ to right! Don Fogulborg and Chuch Chriitontor U High' annual consolidated Chority Drivo was hold for four doys oarly In February under the chairmanship of Roger Montgomery The Senate Social Committee members each hooded one branch of the drive. Each day rocords were ployed for a small fee In Shevlin Cafeteria during noon hour. A comical student-foculty basketball gome, complete with cheerleaders, ended the week's activities After the gome a sock hop was held for fho entire school In the gym During the donee Chuck Christensen and Don Fogelberg acted os auctioneers for the annual auction. Funds collected In the drive were for over the previously set goal. CHARITY DRIVE "Slip " Afe.1 (hooting. JO 8«a -aw. left to right. 1 So-tKok.-.,- I Vo- A--d.ll I ImU. M. 0.m» d. O loioa. P Martin, I Oardiwr. M Schooidor Pint fee, Uft la right. A. Stoddard. « HorwIN. MclaugM... 0 Whlfo. 0. Orlot. and O. HomKol- LOVE RIDES THE RAILS During the foil quarter "Master Pierre Potelin" was produced under the direction of Dr. Arthur Ballet. The play. written about 500 years ago by on unknown outhor, was a real hit both at U High and while on four of twin cities high schools All members of the cost were students of the second year speech class. 'love Rides the Rads." a take off on melodromo. by Morlond Corey, was produced late In winter quarter. The cost was mode up of students from grodes 7 through 10 under the direction of Ann Scott Weiss, a former U High groduate The senior class ploy. “Beggar on Horsebock," by George S. Kauffmon ond Marc Connelly, opened late In Moy. Dr. Ballet directed Upt»r l. t P. Davit. L Napp . 0 Fogalba-g. ». Mo-.go .ry, T. O lotto. Uppt tight, Or. SalM. Wow: Utt o right, M. Vo- Nm, C. Swaunort. C. Chrbt.-io«. I. Hoi par. M. Mart . P. Odla-d. MASTER PIERRE PATELIN 51Si HOLIDAY HOP U High' annual Christmas dance, the Holiday Hop, wa» hold In the Main Ballroom of Coffman Memorial Union on December 19th Thi dance, tho lost of the fall quorter parties, wot tponiorod thi yeor by the Federation of longooge . Joe lund, president of Federation, was the chairman of the dance The "Hop" was the biggest all-school dance of the yeor. All parents ond alumni were invited to attend A holiday atmosphere was added to the dance by Christmas frees ond several lorge wreathes Don Moo's band provided the musk. During tho program, each of tho languoge teoch-ets led the audience in Christmas corols In French, Spanish, German, ond Russian Four students led the English versions of the carols. Terry Olofson was the master of ceremonies and narrator for the "ultra-modern" version of "Tho Night Before Christmos." Jock Foker. wearing a space helmet, was tho latest thing In Santas Chuck Shorn played the role of the father and Cathie Trocht, in nightgown and cap, ployed the mother The roles of the children were played by Judy Anderson and Dave MooneyJUNIOR-SENIOR PROM The 1953 Junior-Sonior Prom wos held on May 16 in tho Main Ballroom of Coffman Memorial Union. This dance was sponsored by the |unlor doss under the co-chairmanshlp ol Sandra Erickson and Terry Oiofson. Early in the spring quarter the theme "Some Enchanted Evening" was chosen by Suo Levin's committee. Miml Hansen and her committee orderod all of tho flowers for the chaperones ond tho arch. The invitations committoc. hooded by Roger Montgomery, orderod invitations ond sent them to parents who were asked to chaperone the dance. Barby Crane's committee hod charge of refreshments. A photographer was selected by a committee headed by Clarke Summers. Chuck Shorn's committee chose Yale libmon's bond to play for the dance. A committee headed by Kathio Coffey selected soverol songs that carried out the themo, Those songs were printed In the smoll bluo dance programs. The highlight of the prom was the grand march. SiThe annual Basketboll Homecoming Dance was sponsored by tho |unior class under the chairmanship of the class counsol. The dance was hold in the gym In loto Februory. Highlighting tho affair was the crowning of the 1954 Basketball Homecoming Queen and her attendants. Eoch year the basketball loom chooses a senior girl to be queen and a junior and sophomore to servo os ottondonts. This yoar tho team's co-captains, Bob Henry and Toby White, crowned the 1954 quoen, Marilyn Johnson Shelly Mills and Bruce Nimmor escorted the junior attendant, Janus Barker, and the sophomore attendant, Molly Sfruchen, to tho throne. Following the coronation. Queen Marilyn and her attendants led the Quoon's dance to the music of the Blue Notes Band Refreshments were served after the dance. THE BASKETBALL Uft to rtgM. 5k«ll, Mai 54 V Jo- , iorkor, Toby WWto. Marilyn Jobnwo. tab Monry. Moby S»r Kb a. I'lM NowJ5 MARDI GRAS AND LANGUAGE INITIATIONS On March 2 the Federation of language! sponsored the annual Mordi Grot It was held tn the gym with decorations representing eoch of the foreign language clubs. Terry Olofson was fho donee chairman and master of ceremonies Highlighting the program was the coronation of the Mordi Gras King ond Queen Jeonnie Steinberg and Beverly Burgeson were awarded prizes for previously guessing the identity of the royol couple. Chock Christensen ond Ann Leary. Eoch language club presented some form of ontoriainment typical of thoir countries A grand costume march was held at the ond of the program ond prizes were awarded for the most original costumes. Last fall Federation sponsored the annual language club initiation day New members of oil of the clubs wore the costumes of their clubs and were initiated oil through the school day After school eoch club, German, Russian, Spanish, and French, held their private, formal initiations. At this time new members wore occopied by eoch club. Following the formal initiations, o supper for oil members of the clubs was given in ShevlinMOTHER’S TEAS U t lo rlQfct: B. Andortoo. I. tool—»t«r. V AltihvU'. S. Doybodi. J Mother' Toos hove bocome traditional functions for U High siudontj ond their mothers. Once a yoor the members of grades 7 through 12 Invite their mothers to attend the teo for their respective classes A general tea chairmon is selected from ooch grade ond with the assistance of tho class and the senior teo co-ordinators, this girl has chorge of all orrongo menfi The teos give mothers ond teochers an excellent opportunity to bocome hotter acquainted. P.T.A. meetings are held quarterly. At the fall meeting porents follow the daily schedule of their sons and doughters They hove the opportunity to learn what topics ore being studied and how they ore presented Because of the small classes the parents are able to talk with the teachers. P. T. A. Mr. Mod n»r .. «M .Iwd« MO .,, -oft-g po,„„ pT 6S nombcrs of grades 7 th JJ S ir- •• } i; !m chairman is sc'ected Iron B and with tho assistance of the class and tea co ordinators, this girl hos charge of oil monts. The teas give mothers and teachers collont opportunity to become better acquainto P.T.A mootings ore held quarterly. At thca mooting parents follow tho doily schodulo of fl sons ond daughters Thoy havo tho opportunity leorn whot topics aro boing studiod ond how t ore presented. Because of tho small classes I parents ore able to talk with tho toochers. ■ l fl to fight: 8. And»rton, I SauawiMtr, S. Ahihi Daybodt. MOTHER’S TEASluff lo right, front row: J. SUii. W. Hunt, L lonf, R Gu.tuk, J luvinu. F. Odio-xl, M. PrWiord, F. S. Niumon Sacond row: . Rantfalt, It Burnt, T: Crotty, T. Atharton. R Hanry, A Whlta, J. Foliar, G lorton, B Graan. B Niatatar. Third rowi Mr. HoHmon, O. Iwa . 0. Oryg, N. Honton. G. Rcmbarg, C. Moki, J Ruttath, 0. Cowpar. D. Moonay, T. Norrlng. C Shorn. H. Brown, I. Flirt, I Bolttod. Cooch OKon. Bock row: J. lund. G. Oonall. F. tlnkur. B. Trothf, C. Sloddord. J. tldo. 0 Dowd, D Twohlg. W Wright. T. Koufmon. D. tvoni. S. Milb. VALLEY CHAMPIONS As the result of determination and hard work, the little Gophon won their first football trophy In ton years. Hopes of on undofoated season were crushed in tho fourth quarter of the lost gomo. Although the championship wos won by toam effort, five griddors wero selected for Minnesota's Valley oil-conference awords. Senior quarterback and captain John lovinc, and senior center Mike Prichard were placed on the offensive teom Senior halfback Jim Ellis, senior end Bob Honry ond sophomore fullback Dick Gurtek were on the defensive loom. luff »o right: Auhtonl Coach Jim Hoflman, Captain John Larina, ond Cooch Gary Olton. - J7After Hard Work, Rewards A foom of determined veterans appeared lor football practice in the August heat Alter hard work and scrimmages with SPA, Elk River and Alexander Ramsey, they downed Prior Lake with comparative ease m a non-conference tilt. Opening the loop season, the gophers played a tremendous first half and then held on during the second hall to top Woconla 14-7. Watertown promised to be a tougher opponent, but a Levine-Nieman pass drew first blood early in the game Good defense and on oerial attack carried University High School to its second straight conference victory. The gophers met Shakopee. the league's top rated team. In their first game on Northrup field. Capitalizing on several Shokopoo fumbles, the gophers scored four TD's against the strong eleven The University High School homecoming contest with Chasko was ployed «n the heat of on October afternoon After the regulars racked up three first half tallies, the reserves finished the gome. With the leogue crown in sight, the Bloomington gome was crucial Bloomington, fired up by homocoming, dominotod first half play but failed to score. In the second half, o screen pan put them oheod 6-0. Fighting hard, the gophers put the game on ice with two fourth quarter tallies. The following week, the gophers met Norwood in a home game. Norwood employed a tough eight man defense and held U High scoreless through three quarters. In the fourth quarter. Dick Gurtek corrted a hard running attack and John Levine threw three touchdown posses Shakopee and Orono were both defeated on that night giving the University High School Little Gophers the Minnesota Valley Conference Championship. The season's final game proved a jinx. The U High eleven, minus the services of all conference end Bob Henry was unoble to stop Orono's split T a flock and the spartan snatched on undefeated season from the gophers 27-12. twadi o- fH. ball to k to hold It to rt» Orooa 90— haJibock ifaa 0K« 4erti 0 v (• lb U l HMwcooitog tovcfe- SSAH conference Mlbocfc Dick Gortok drr»o« (or yo dogo In (ho Orono 9°m Bob Honty kkki bolt for olorl of hoowcomlng gow. U HIGH 13 U HIGH 14 U HIGH 19 U HIGH 25 U HIGH 33 U HIGH 13 U HIGH 19 U HIGH 12 Prior loke 6 Woconio 7 Wotertown 6 Shokopee 12 Chosko 0 BloomingJon 6 Norwood 0 Orono 27 Dkk Gv r k bkxki for Ijoonorbork John Wm in Norwood gow. U High choorUodon Mini Honwn. Aik Sko ro«. Jody And«oo« and Marilyn Jobnoon. S9BASKETBALL — Abova: Jock fokar'i oHampt to koto It teU by o She kopaa ptoyaf For rigbt. A te oabU lo» » • boll oi rba Waconlo oom» 9 Jump bold Money’, pot M. The basketball team returned to the court last winter with rother unsure predictions for the 1953-1954 season. Coach Jim Hoffman hod seven returning lettermen. However, ono of the team's stor porformers. Bob Henry, was unable to ploy for several gomes because of illness Supporting the lettermen were several of last year's B team players During the seoson the team elected cocoptains These boys were Toby White and Bob Henry. U High's first victory came earfy In the season In on exciting gome with Waconio. Jock Foker. o junior, made six points in the last minute of the game, marking the final score 52-50. In the lost gome of tho winter quarter, U High defeated Chaska 44-37. During the game the loading score changed bonds several times, making the gamo tense ond oxciting John Levine was o reol asset to the team In this game with his constant alertness. 8 Mom. frool row (root Uh: D. OvboM, 0. Twohig. W. Wrigkl. J. Com. 8. SmBMm, T. Quo 0. !w Boa row. Cootk Outtov MMI. D. Dowd. J. Jofcnio . J. t.d». J. Dor My. f. Tlnkor. A very outstanding gome was the second one with Woe onto The U High team showed well from every point Alter this game the little Gophers went into o losing streak for several gomes. Out of M gomes played, U High won 6 and placed 5fh in the district conference of the season's end. Bob Henry was on All-Conference player ond received the Stu Mann Award.Team Improves as Season Progresses U HIGH U HIGH U HIGH U HIGH U HIGH U HIGH U HIGH U HIGH U HIGH U HIGH U HIGH U HIGH U HIGH U HIGH U HIGH U HIGH SQUAD SCORES 35 Si. Agnes 42 52 Woconlo 50 43 Watertown 55 43 Bloomington 44 52 Eden Prairie 62 4 Choska 37 43 Orono 48 44 Shakopee 76 63 Waconia 46 47 Watertown 54 60 St. Agnes 54 57 Bloomington 53 64 Eden Proi ie 63 57 Choska 61 47 Orono 36 36 Shokopee 61 Lv An opponent f.mblei the boll at the Oreoo pom. front row. loft to right: Frank Odlond, Oon Fogelbevg, Bum Burnt Bob Henry, Toby White. Mike Prichard, johe I ovine. Cooch Hoffman Back row: manager Orelon Ewer. Shelly Mdli, Arnle Bokov. CXck Gwrtok. 8wce Nimowv. jack Fakor. Terry Atherton, jock Merrill Cardy Donnell, manager Bob KlelnkamFH U HIGH 10 U HIGH 12 U HIGH 13 U HIGH 35 U HIGH 13 U HIGH 19 U HIGH 28 U HIGH 18 U HIGH 29 U HIGH 29 U HIGH 9 U HIGH 19 U HIGH 18 U HIGH 27 U HIGH 23 U HIGH II Edina 39 Mound 32 Robbinsdalo 36 Minnetonka 10 Wayzoto 31 Robbinsdale 22 Edina 19 Mound 33 Minnetonka 11 St. Poul Cen. 17 Woyzato 32 Hastings 26 Romsey 22 St. Poul Cen. 15 St. Cloud Tech 23 Anoka 32 SUB-REGIONAL VICTORIES With eight returning letter men ond several new members, the wrestling team began o successful season. Cooch Olson predicted a year ol good motches for the boys. Thore wero several outstanding individuals in the teom this yeor. Leading the list ore senior Wally Hunt and junior George Romberg Both of these boys won in the sub regionols. regionols. ond went on to the state meet Wally placed 4th in his division and George ploced 6th in his. Jim Ellis, a senior, was predicted os o winner but was unable to participate because of a shoulder injury. Earl Ellis. Ed Mold, and Don Dryg wore constant winners for the loam. 62Abo »: Tfc. Hon of tk« )0O yard ogoi«» Crrfto. Right- fWlth Davit nvimt th« bvt'.ffl, bf oit iiroti dwis th« Individ« ol Mdliy. __ SIXTH IN STATE Even with twelve returning lottormon tho swimming team wos doubtful about tho 1953-54 season. Cooch Anderson felt that the team would bo groatly hompered by the Inconvenient practice hours and tho lack of new boys on the team Early In tho yoor tho mormon elected Fletcher Davis, a sonior. as coptaln. In the first meot of the year, tho Minnesota In vitational Relays, the U High boys placed high for a high school loom by winning threo events- Tho mormon did woll In winning their meet with Fargo, the North Dakota champions. In tho state moot Flotchor Davis ploced 6th In tho Individual medley and 5th In tho 200 yard freostylo Dick Weisbrod placed 3rd in tho 50 yord frocstylo and 2nd in the 100 yord freestyle. The loam placod 6th in tho state. U HIGH 25 Blake 41 U HIGH 35 St. Thomas 40 U HIGH 45 Cretin 32 U HIGH 63 Sooth St, Pool 12 U HIGH 21 Fargo 17 U HIGH 21 Roosevelt 37 U HIGH 20 Rochester 55 U HIGH 58 Wilson 17 U HIGH 35 Crotin 40 U HIGH 37 St. Thomas 38 front roar, bll to right Dick Wotvw. FWtchor Dam. Dick W.i.bocd, St .. How ocd. Cooch Undo AH' Down., MiddW Row: Cor, C.rriti. Rill Shepard, Bob Wllk . Cooch "And," Anderton. Ckvck Shorn Bock row. Gory (norton. Jim Rwuoth. Clofk. Summ.n. Rog Montgomery, I or, PointerINDIVIDUAL STRENGTH r»on row UH w • MiU - °’tJl Oint«4. Id KopKingil. Jim Ni«lpn. D k Jmwi. SriK C™ n Bock row, Cooch OI% •» Do" 0rf9‘ °T T0 0- fton. Bob H «ry. B x Ni«w. tug—. LoitOA, WiPi Wright, Gordy DomI Locking the depth to be strong in dual competition, the cindermon, with returning jtor Bob Honry, half milor Shelly Mill , sprintman Stove Niemon, and quortor miler Dick Jensen were able to place well In several events Hope ron high for senior Bob Henry who won’tho district ond regional district titles and placed fourth In the state meet last season. Bob also won in tho district in the shot put. DISTRICT CHAMPIONS ? The outlook for the 1954 tennis season is bright, lost year the boys ploced high in the final tournament and with five returning senior lettermen, and several juniors bock this year, they ore in serious contention for the district title. From raw. Mr lo righr, Rog Wall, HaM. MB. Mo v »W K.r Both raw: Job. l u., i xk M.r,UI. Jim Ram . J m Howard. Toby WVifa. A«i Boh .o

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