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W A J UNIVERSITY HIGH SCHOOL CLASS I9 3 or E MINNEAPOLIS SOTA MINNE 4a ..J OLIVER R. FLOYD Principal University High School, University of Minnesota T H E I 9 A BlSBllji i PAGE 4 PAGE 5 E, THE graduating class of University High School, want to take this opportunity of expressing our gratitude for the sym- pathetic understanding and encouragement shown us by Mrs. Mabel H. Wettleson, English instructor and Girls' Advisor. To her We dedi- cate this book. THEI937 BISBI L LOTUS D. COFFMAN, Ph.D. MELVIN E. HAGGERTY, Ph.D. CHARLES W. BOARDMAN, Ph.D. OLIVER R. FLOYD, Ph.D. - LEON P. ADDIS, M.A. - RUDOLPH ANFINSON, B.S. LESLIE BERGREN, B.S. - DOROTHX' BOVEE, M.A. - CATHARINE BULLARD, M.A. - IAIXIES E. CURTIS, M.S. - RICHARD M. DRAKE, M.A. ROYALL B. EMBREE, M.A. CLAUDE EGGERTSON, M.A. ROBERT S. HILPERT, M.A. MARGARET ISAACS, B.S. - ARNO I. IEVVETT, B.S. AGNES KEAN, B.S. - - LUCIEN B. KINNEY, Ph.D. - WALTER D. LOBAN, B.S. - BLISS C. MAPES, Ph.B. - ELEANOR P. MARLOWE, M.A. - IOHN R. MASHEK, M.A. - EDNA D. MESHKE, B.S. - - WILLIAM I. MICHEELS, B.S. - GEORGE FOX MOTT, M.A. FRANCES OBST, A.B. - - ALTON O,STEEN, M.A. - DOROTHY PETERSON, B.S. - SHAILER PETERSON, M.A. ROBERT M. SHEETS, M.A. IEAN G. SMITH, B.S. - - ALICE T. TORKELSON, B.S. - FRANS V. E. VAURIO, B.S. - MARY IO WALKER, Ph.D. - VIRGIL R. WALKER, M.S. EDGAR B. WESLEY, Ph.D. - MABEL H. WETTLESON, M.A. - LUCY M. WILL, Ph.D. - - LENORE WOLEE, B.S. - EDWIN ZEIGFIELD, M.L.A. ELIZABETH ZIMMERLI, M.A. - THE 193,37 Faculty INSTRUCTORS ADMINISTRATION - ----- President Dean, College of Education Director, Student Teaching - - - - - Principal Person nel - Music - - Science Social Science - - - English - Ph ysical Education - - Mathematics - - Person nel - Social Science - - - - A rt - Ph ysical Ed ucatio n - - - English - Com m ercial - Mathematics - English - Music - - Latin - Social Science - Home Economics - - Industrial Education - Assistant, Administration - - - - - - Art - - - - Music - Secretary - Science - French - Library - Library - Science - - French - Mathematics - - - Social Science English and Girls' Advisor - - - - - German - - - - English - - - - Art - Physical Education ....lT, r:'ii PAGE 5 BISBILA i 5' 2- 15 - X, xx X '-, X xxx, x Qfeqxx X F - 'F 4 I '1 Q xx S .efgif irgigxxxy i l' 'X 0 X xx' X 11 ' X - , , - QQ l X xx xxx '- - --X Ex Xi S-7 Q 'asxxx 4 . Q , f yi x W niwi' 4 3 lm xXx ' Q i 1 N ' ' -uric i -Ulf f X f ffl? fn RX-X f 5 xii, 46'-'Ni sv :M W' 592 'a-'Q gg., i !.. V471-X 'WI M ff 'E Q 1, at 'H ff X X , -- l Hilzf K Ye-A Xl?-yi Nsw5F R 'ix tx wx Ne X x X ARTHUR ANDERSON Band 4: Debate 4: Dragoman 4: German Club 2: Camera Club 4: Glee Club 1, 2, 5, 4: "The Count and the Coed": "l'l. M. S. Pinaforeng "Tune In": "The Mikado." "IfVhe11 helc ll .n'ir'111i.f1 and exfvlowzv zhc sky, Wr'll ltr glim' Io .my he mole from U. High." PHYLLIS ANDERSON Acme 4: Breeze 5. 4: Bisbila 5, 4: Editor 4: National Ilonor Society 4: Quill and Scroll 4: Girls' Club Cab- inet and Council 4: Library Board 5, 4: Mothers' Tea Committee I, 2, 5: Senate 4: French Club 4: Latin Club 4: Senior High Dramatic Club, 2, 5, 4: Beaux Arts Club 4: Glee Club 1, 2, 5. 4: UH. M. S. I'inafore." "The Mikado," "If Phyllzk myx shell do il, ilk' as goofl' as done." MURIEL BIQRKUS Library Board 5, 4: Mothers' Tea Committee 5: Homecoming Comit- tee 4: Breeze 4: French Club 4: Sr. High Dramatic Club 2, 5, 4: Glee Club 2. 5, 4Q "Tune In": "The Mik- ado." "A Irne lI'1'!'l1Il1',f i1 frieml lo1'r'1'er." BEVERLY BIORKLUND Breeze 4: Girls' "U" Club: French Club: Glee Club 4: "The Mikado": Iohn Marshall. St. Paul: St. Bene- dict's. St. Ioseph, Minn. 2. 5. Hflmlzilion hulh no rest." H ELEN BRENEMAN Girls' Club Council and Cabinet 4: Library Board 5: Mothers' Tea Committee 4: Homecoming Com- mittee 4: Senate 4: Breeze 3, 4: Bis- bila Board 4 fsport's editorj: Ice Cream Sales 5, 4: Girl's "U" Club 4: Acme 4: Senior High Dramatic Club 3, 4: Secr. 4: Glee Club 3: ull. M. S. Pinaforeu: "The Mikado": Chess Club 4: Make-up 5, 4. "Full of rim izml pep and lun, Shr".f Ihe fl'l'!'lI!l of l'l'l'I'j'0l1l'." MARION CARPENTER Quill and Scroll 4: Breeze 4: fi-Xrt Editorj: Beaux Arts Club 2. 5, 43 "Ari is her lim'-V-her zzchiczfz'n1c'nl5 are grc'izIl" MERODIE ANDERSON Acme 4: Girls' Club Cabinet and Council 1, 2, 5, 4: Homecoming Committee 4: I. S. Committee 5: Secretary Senior Class 4: Senate 5: Breeze 4: Ice Cream Sales 4: Iunior High Dramatic Club: Senior High Dramatic Club 2, 5, 4: Glee Club 4: "The Mikado": Malte-up 5, 4: Girls' Club 4. "Oh, she ff!! high in ezferyo 111' 'f lmzrl. " ANNE BARNETT Quill and Scroll 4: Girls' Club Council and Cabinet 4: Library Board 4: Breeze 4: French Club 4: Latin Club 4: Iunior High Dramatic Club. ".I ,cmnzy 1115-pz1.viffon if the Very will of a'IlL'L'F55.l' BURTON BIKLIC Library Board 5: Breeze 4: Bisbila Board 5. 4 CCirc. Mgrj: Debate Squad 4: lce Cream Sales 5, 4: Cam- era Club 4: Chess Club 4: Junior High Science Club. "He izrgzznl high, he lll'gIl!Y1lUMl, Hr' film izrgiznl 'l'OI!ll1l ulmnf him." LORRAI NE BRACKEN Acme, 4: Breeze 4: National Honor Society 4: Quill and Scroll 4: Moth- ers' Tea Committee 4: French Club Treas. 4: Latin Club Vice-Pres. 4: Senior High Dramatic Club 4: Mu- sic Club 4: Roosevelt High School, Mpls. 2. "The only way Io have nz friend if Io lie one." MARIORIE BROOKS Library Board 4: Mothers' Tea Com- mittee 4: German Club 5, 4: Glee Club 5: Central, St. Paul 2. "She if nirrry and brighl and hath tl heart of gold." LORRAINE CHASE Quill and Scroll 4: Girls' Club Council and Cabinet 4: Library Board 4: Breeze 4: Bisbila Board 3, 4. lAsst. Ed.l: Ice Cream Sales 5: Acme 4: Senior High Dramatic Club 5. 4: Glee Club 2: "Tune In": Chess Club 4: Sr. Class Play 4g Make-up 5, 4. "She puts all her troubles info zz box ima' sits on fhe cover and laughs." OW IQN CORT German Club 4: Chess Club 42 Intra-mural Basketball 4: Football 5. 4: Bantl 4: Debate Squad 4. Qlllllfl 411111 111111.v.c11111111g, ,-1111! 11!11f11y.c 1111 1110 job." HELEN DAHLEN Library Boarcl 4: Girls' "U" Club 4: German Club 5. 4: Glee Club 5: Bethel Academy, St. Paul 2. "1 wufqz' up ,i'II11l1-1Ig.H HENRY DOERR Breeze 4 fBus. Mgr.Q: German Club 5, 4: Camera Club 4: Glee Club 4: "The MikatIo": Chess Club 4: Blake. Minneapolis 2. "E11r1'gy 111111 f7l'l'.i'1'5fl'lIL'l' C'U11L1Ill'1' 1111 fh1l1g.f.H PHILIP DYE Intra-mural Basketball 4: Breeze 4: Scotch College. Melbourne, Austra- lia 3. H111 l'l'fl'j1 1117111111 hir z'o1rz' 111114 hftlffli c111oz'cu11!11c' rest." REID FELLOVVS Football 4: Swimming 5, 4 CCapt. 45: Track 4: Golf 5, 4: Bisbila Board 5. 4: Ice Cream Sales 5: Dragoman 4: German Club I. 2. 5. 4: Stamp Club I, 2: Camera Club 4: Senior High Dramatic Club 4: Glee Club i. 2, 5, 4: "Count and Coed": HH. M. S. Pinaforev: "Tune In": A'The Mi- katlo": Chess Club 5, 4: Iunior High Tech. Club Pres. "1fyoz1 have 1841111 114' Ll fricnrl. 11 hdping htllllf 11z"11111u111y,i' 11'1111." PATRICIA GARRISON National Honor Society 5. 4: Quill antl Scroll 5, 4 ITreas.J: Girls' Club Cabinet and Council 4: Library Board 5, 4: Mothers' Tea Committee 5: I. S. Committee 5: Breeze 5, 4: Girls' "U" Club 4: Acme 4: French Club 4: Senior High Dramatic Club 5, 4: Glee Club 2, 5, 4: 'Tune In": "H M. S. Pinaforeu: '4The MikatIo": Beaux Arts Club 2, 5, 4 CPrcs.J: Music Club 4. "She 11111 fzcr .v11111'f' thrice over." ANNE CULLEN Acme 3, 4: CVice-pres.-Secy. 45: Latin Club 4: Senior High Dramatic Club: Girls' Club Cabinet antl Coun- cil I. 5, 4: Mothers' Tea Committee 5: Glee Club 5: Quill antl Scroll 4: Breeze 5. 4. "Il'x IIIVLY' fo 111' 11111111111 when j'OI1,1'f 1111I111'1111y 11liL'l'.', VIRGINIA DODGE Library Boartl 4: Homecoming Committee 4: Breeze 5, 4: French Club 4: Senior High Dramatic Club 5. 4: Glee Club 5. 4: "The Mikado." Hf:hLl1'l7I,i' strike' the xighl 11111 mari! ll'1I15 fha foul." RICHARD DONOVAN Swimming 5: Glee Club 4: "The Mikatlof' "No Sl-11lZf'1' 11111' 5411111 p:'1'h11f1.f, 11111, 1111! flu' zfcry Inari of rhizpxf' ALLISON EASTON French Club 4: Ir. High Dramatic Club: Senior High Dramatic Club 2. 5. 4: Glee Club 2. 5, 4: "Tune In": UH. M. S. Pinaforeu: "The Mi- katlo": Beaux Arts Club 4: Music Club 4. 'Z-11111 when .fha xn1i1e11, the M111 565171171 lo 5111116 11g11111." RUTH FIRESTONE Quill and Scroll 5, 4 CPres.j: Girls' Cabinet and Council 41 Breeze 2, 3 QRe-write Etl. 35: CAssistant Ed. 41: Acme 2. 5. 4 ftreas.J: German Club I, 2, 5: Latin Club 4: Senior High Dramatic Club 2, 5. 4: Glee Club 2, 5: "Tune In": Beaux Arts Club 5. 4: Senior Class Play. "She 11111110 on! her work 1111117 works our fm' flzozzghlxf' IACK GAVER Class Pres. I. 4: Dragoman 4: Boys' HU" Club 4: Football 1, 2. 5, 4: Homecoming Committee 4: Senate 4: Senior High Dramatic Club 4: Glee Club 2, 5, 4: "Tune In": MH. M. S. Pinaforevg "The Mikadon: Senior Class Play. "N0l111.1zg' grraf was l'L'l'l' 110118 with- 0111 r11z1z11xi11.m1." LOGAN GILMAN German Club 2. 4: Camera Club 4: Senior High Dramatic Club 2: Glee Club 2, 4: "Tune Inu: "The Mik- atlon: Phillips lixeter Acatlemy 5. "II'l11111'1'r1' fll' 1l1'1l, 11'11.v 1l11111' z1'11l1 ,ro 1111r1'l1 f1l.f1'.' l11 l11111 11l1111:' lfllltli 1111Iz11'11l111 f1l1'11.f1'." MARCIA GOULD Mothers' Tea Comniittee 5: German Club 2: Glee Club 2, 5: "'l'l1e Count ancl the Coetlu: "Tune Inu: Beaux Arts Club 2, 5. 4. "She if preny Io walk 11'1'fh, Llllfl willy 111 mlk 11'1'fl1, 11111l f1l1'11.r11111, mo, lo Il11'11k ol." IEAN I IANSON Acme 4: French Club 4: Class Seey.- Treas. 5: Girls' Club Cabinet anal Council 2, 5. 4: Mothers' Tea Com- mittee 5, 4: Homecoming Com- mittee 5: Senate 2: Breeze 5, 4: Bis- bila 4: Iunior High Dramatic Club: Senior High Dramatic Club 2. 5. 4: Glue Club 1. 2. 5. 4: "'l'une ln": UH. M. S. Pinafore": iulilll' Count antl the Coe1l": "The Mika1lo": I. S. Committee 5. "I'1'1'5o1111l1'Iy plnr f1'i1'111ll1'111'.r.r Cqlltllf f70f7ZlltIl'lI-V." IOHN HUMMH. Breeze 2. 5. 4: German Club 2. 5. 4: Camera Club 4 lPres.l: Senior High Dramatic Club 2: Glee Club 2. 3, 4: 'The Mikatlo": Beaux Arts Club 2, 5, 4: Chess Club 4: Senior Class Play. "Kn11wl1'1lg1' I-.Y pc1l4f1'1'. " ANNA MARGARET IOHNSON Library Boartl 4: Girls' "U" Club 4: French Club 4: St. Anthony High School, Minneapolis 2. "Good l111111111' is 11ll1'1'1l wilh g1'111'1'114'1fy. " GRANDEL IONES Dragoman 5, 4: German Club 2. 5: Boys' "U" Club 2, 5, 4: lSecy. 4J: Senate 5, 4: Vice-Pres. 5: Basketball 2, 5, 4 lCapt. 45: Intra-mural Bas- ketball and Football 2, 5, 41 Tennis 5, 4: Homecoming Committee 5. "ln .fporlx of ull klllllli Ill' rloef excel, In lac! he 11111 Ill! 1111y1l1i11g well." liLli.XNORE GODBOUT National llonor Society 4: Quill and Scroll 4: Library Boartl 4: Home- coming Committee 4: Breeze 5. 4: Latin Club 4: lunior High Dramatic Club 4: Senior High Dramatic Club 1, 2. 5, 4: Glee Club 2: 'LTune Inn: B1-aux Arts 4: Music Club 4. "They wlm orc' f1l1'11.r1'rl fh1'111.r1:l1'1',1', 1111151 llllllllyg' f1l1'11.v1'." ALAN I l.'Xl.L National Honor Society 4: Intra- mural Basketball 2, 5, 4: Breeze 1, 4: Bisbila Boartl 5, 4 lFeature Ecl. 45: Debate Squatl 4: German Club 4: Stamp Club 5: Camera Club 4: Iunior High Dramatic Club I: Glce Club 1. 2: 'The Count ancl the Coetln: "Tune Inn: Chess Club 2. 3, 4 lllres. 41. "Life 15 11 yoke and all lhings show it, I lhoughl so once. hu! now I know it." GIQORGE HARRIS Senate 42 Boys' "U" Club 43 GU-- man Club 1, 2, 5: Intra-mural Bas- ketball 1: Football 1, 2, 5, 4: Swim- ming 5. 4: Track 4: Library Board 4: Chess Club 4. 'llfeuf lh111g.v 111'1' 1111j1axs1'l1l1- 111 1l1l1gf111:1' 11111l fkillf' ROSEMARY IEMNE Acme 4: Quill antl Scroll 4: Girls' Glee Club Cabinet antl Council 2, 5: Mothers' Tea Committee 2. 4: Breeze 4: Bisbila 4: Beaux Arts Club 5, 4. 'Ulf clz111'111111g 11111l 1l1'l1'ghZf11l 114' Ihe 1111 .fhr 1'1'1'11I1'4'." CARYL IOHNSON Girls' Club Council and Cabinet 4: Ice Cream Sales 5: Acme 4: French Club 4: Senior High Dramatic Club 5, 4: Glee Club 5, 4: HH. M. S. Pin- aforen: l"l'he Mikado" 4: St. Paul Central High 2. ".-lyk 11.1 ll f1'1'r111l Ll 11111111 of her, llllll .fha ufzll g1'1111f 11 ll'l'llf71gl-Y." Mo1.LY ioxms French Club 4: Mothers' Tea Com- mittee 5. 4: Senior High Dramatic Club 4: Glee Club Iunior High I. 2. 5. 4: "Tune In": "H, M. S. Pina- l-t7l'L'NQ mlillt' Mik2lKlt1": Music Club 4, "I l'tIlI fl11n1'r, I LYIII ring, D1'111111111':e or Lll1j'Il1l'71g.H HOWARD KELLY Intra-mural Basketball 1. 2, 3: Foot- ball 2, 3, 4: Swimming 3, 4: Golf 4: Track I. 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 4: "The Mikatlon: Senior Class Play. "For liek Ll jolly goozl fell0w."' MARIAN KOHL French Club 4: Senior High Ibra- matie Club 4: Glee Club 3. "A li11lr' l10l1i6I7fl' naw and 111011 is 1101 1'r,f1'f1c1l by 1l1f' ufiscft men." RUTH KUNZE Senate 4: German Club 2, 3. 41 Mothers' Tea Committee Chairman. 4: Senior High Dramatic Club 3. 4: Glec Club 2. 3: HH. M. S. Pinaforev: Music Club 4 QPres. 45. "Hi.v1o1'y uf lzrr will 11'll. 'She nmzll' l1r1' mark 111 11111.f1r'.' " VICTOR l.l'iYY National Honor Society 4: Intra- mural Basketball 2: llantl 3, 41 GGY- man Club 2, 4: Senior High Dra- matic Club 4. "Y'l11'.r ll.f'0l'Id l1:'l011,tfx 10 Ihr e1ze1'ge1ic." IOHN Basketball 2, 3. 4: lntra-mural Bas- ketball i. 1, 4: Football 3. 4 QCapt,J: Track I. 1. 3. 4: Homecoming Com- mittee 2: Chess Club 2 lPres.J: Sen- ate 2: liisbila Board 4 QSports Etlj: Boys' "U" Club 3. 41ljl'2lg01113l'l 3. 4: German Club 4: Chess Club 3, 4. "Hz: if hullerl tl t'UIIlIIll'l'0l'.H GRACE MATI lIiWSON French Club 4: Glee Club 3: "H. M. S. l'inafore": Mothers' Tea Com- mittee 4: Senior Class Play: West High, Minneapolis 2. "Splrn1li1l1o sec 111711 full of grace, Yo11'1l 111171 from tllllllhfl' to look U71 luv' fact." MARION KING Latin Club 4: Glee Club 2, 3: "Tune ln": UH. M. S, Pinaforef' ",llmlr.f1, ljllfff, ami 1ho1'o11ghly ct1f11zblf." IIQANNE KRUIQGFR French Club 4: Senior High Dra- matic Club 4: Library lioartl 4: Glee Club 2. 3. 4: k'Tune Inu: "H. M. S. Pinafort-": "The Mikado." 'Z-I llllllgllffl' of Ihr' Guflf, D1z'1'111'ly Itlll tzml 111114-1 llll'l71f'lj' law," IIQAN LEVICH Library li o a rcl 4: Mothers' Tea Committee li Breeze 4: French Club 4: Senior High Dramatic Club 4: lieaux Arts Club 4: Derham Hall 2. "Ta lv' f1l1'im1111 was her 1ItlfIl1'6.H IIQANNE LOWE Breeze Stall 4: French Club 4: Senior High Dramatic Club 4. "So .fha lm.f1r11ca', lr..-1 ,i-he lve 1101 on time." PHYLLIS MARSHALL Quill ancl Scroll 4: Girls' Club Cab- inet ancl Council 4: Library Board 4: Breeze 5. 43 Acme 4: French Club 4: Senior High Dramatic Club 4: Glee Club 2, 3, 4: 4'l'une In": HH. M. S. Pinaforen: "The Mika- tlon: lieaux Arts Club :,. 4: Music Club 4. "I 11111 11 lizzly of 5t'lI.i'l', l1'11l1' 111cli11f'1l 10 1111 .l7l'l'fIill!'lIt'l'. " IANF MCGOUGH Acme 4: French Club 4: National Honor Society 3, 4: Quill and Scroll 4: Girls' Club Cabinet antl Council 3. 4: Library Board 3. 4: Mothers' Tea Committee 2, 3. 4: Breeze 3, 4: Glee Club 1. 3: "Tune In": "H, M. S. Pinaforeug Senior High Dramatic Club 4: Beaux Arts Club 4. "The fairest gnrflen in her' lookf, Aml in her mind the IUIVSFJI books." XVILLIAM MeKONE German Club 3, 4: Boys' "U" Club 4: Intra-mural Basketball 5, 4: Foot- ball 4: Swimming 5. 4: Track 5: Library Board 4: Chess Club 5, 4: Harding High, St. Paul, 2. "Why fflflilllll I my WIIIIOHI 11:11, When iz XPIIIH ufonlzl do tix 1urllf"' STANLEY MICKEI. Intra-mural Basketball I. 2, 5, 4: Football, Iunior High: Band 3: Stamp Club 2, 5: Glee Club 2, 3, 4 fPres. 451 HH. M. S. Pinaforeng "Tune In": "The Mikado": Music Club 4. UHF sleepy by 11't1y." PHYLLIS MORRIS Library Board 4: Mothers' Tea Committee 1: National Honor So- ciety 5, 4: French Club CPres.J 4: Glee Club 3, 4: ull. M. S. Pinafore": A'The Mikado." "Of high i!1lf'LIf,ftl!I!2l n1uIi1'cf." ROBERT NICHOLS Football 1: Swimming 4: Boys' "U" Club 4: Stamp Club i, 2: Glee Club 4: "The Mikado": RiHe Club 5, 4: Iunior High Tech. Club. "Thank God for tl world whrrs none may .r!zz'rk."' FRANKLIN PAGE German Club 5, 4: Stamp Club 2: Intra-mural Basketball 4: Swimming Mgr. 4: Band 4: Breeze 4: Camera Club 4: Glee Club 2, 5: '6Tune In": Senior Class Play. "When work iIIIl'l'f6l'l'.i' ufilfz f7ll'LI.t'lH'f, away ltfffh work." ROBERT POVVELL German Club 3, 4: Boys' "U" Club 4: Intramural Basketball I u n i o r High: Football Mgr. 4: Track 4: De- bate Squad 4: Senior High Dramatic Club 4. "Hr may be xmtzll, 17111 so 1.5 a xlzclq of dym1nzi!e." ARTHUR MCNEE Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Football 3, 4: Track 2, 4: Home- coming Committee 4: Head of I. S. Committee 5: Class President 3: Senate 4: Bisbila Board 4: Ice Cream Sales 5: Boys' "U" Club 5, 4: Dra- goman 5, 4: CVice-pres. 4J: German Club 5, 4: Senior High Dramatic Club 4. "Wl1w1 in a l'!'f.t'li5 Merc' wus new' for tl C0lH'tlg!'0ll,f una' fzonorzzlzle man, hc was fallen' 11froz1." IANET MOGI LNICR Acme 4: National Honor Society 4: Quill and Scroll 4: German Club 2, 5 4: fVice-pres. 45: Senior High Dramatic Club 4: Library Board 3, 4: Mothers' Tea Committee 3, 4: Breeze 4: Bisbila Board 3, 4 QOrgan- ization Edj: Glee Club 2: "Tune Inu: S. Committee 3. "Her CXZLIVNI 111111 wif drew her .fcorfaf of !7'lifl1Ii.t'.U MADELEINE MURPHY Acme 5, 4 CPres.j: French Club 4: Quill and Scroll 3, 4 fSecy.j: Li- brary Board 5: Mothers' Tea Com- mittee 3. 4: Senate 4: Breeze 3, 4: Glee Club 2, 3 4: "The Mikado": Beaux Arts Club 5, 4: Music Club 4 CSecy.l: Senior Class Play 4g St. Margaret's Academy, Minneapolis 2. "To know lm' if Zo love hrr, and flu' it well known." MARTIN NORDLAND Basketball 3, 4: Intra-mural Basket- ball i. 2, 3, 4: Football 2: Track 2, 4 fMgr. 4j: Intra-mural Baseball 1, 2. 5, 4: Ice Cream Sales 5: Boys' UU" Club 3, 4: German Club 3, 4: fTreas. 4j: Camera Club 4: Glee Club 3, 42 HH. M. S. Pinaforen: "The Mikado": Chess Club 4. "fl man worthy of honor, gc'nfr0u.f, and of tlzr 111111041 lz'!werzzliIy." IAMES POORE Football 4: Track 3. 4: Golf 3: Breeze 4: Ice Cream Sales 5. 4: Boys' UU" Club 4: Senior High Dramatic Club 5, 4: Glee Club 5, 4: "H, M. S. Pitiaforeu: "The Mikado": Chess Club 5: Central, St. Paul 2. "Hr :mx LI humlxonic yonffz, poliie, um! of tm upright c!mrt1vff'1'." IOHN ouasi' Intra-mural Basketball 4 CCapt.j: Football 4: Swimming 4: Track 4: Golf 5, 4: Ice Cream Sales 5: Ger- man Club I, 2, 3, 4: Stamp Club I, 2: Camera Club 4: Senior High Dramatic Club 4: Glee Club 2, 3, 4: HH. M. S. Pinafore": "The Mika- do": Chess Club 3. 4. "He was tall of xnzlure and of an rzfpcct of dignity." DONALD RIQILLY National Honor Society 3. 4: Quill ancl Scroll 3, 4 lVice-pres.Q: Clam Treasurer 2: Breeze 2. 3. 4 Clitljl Debate Squad 3. 4: Dragoman 3. 4 lSeey. 45: Latin Club 4: Stamp Club I. 2: Senior High Dramatic Club 4: Glee Club 4: "l'he Mikatlou: Chess Club i. 2. 3, 4. 'Qllzlg' 1111127 41g:1j1'1', Wllfh lfllllllf zlllfl poise, llc' flow' tl lar lfllllfllll mucll 1mi,fe." IULIANNIC RICH Girls' Club Council anal Cabinet 4: Library Boartl 4: I. S. Committee 33,1 Class Secretary 2: French Club 4: Latin Club 4: Glee Club 2. 4: "ll, M. S. Pinal'ore": "Tune ln." "Her lzi11'1' if no! more xzmny Ilmn luv' howl." MARION Sl MONS Mothers' Tea Committee 3. 4: Breeze Statl 3. 4: Holy Angels Acaclemy. Minneapolis i. "The con.-'I mi.-' clz'i1r."' RICHARD VAN HIZRGEN Intra-mural Basketball 2. 3, 4: Foot- ball 2. 3, 4: Swimming 2, 3. 4: Track 2. 3. 4: lCo-Capt. 45: Home- coming Committee 3, 4: I. S. Com- mittee 3: Class Vice-Pres. 4: Senate 3, 4 fl'res. 43: Breeze 3. 4 CCir.Mgr. 4j: Ice Cream Sales 3: Boys' "U" Club 2, 3, 4 CVice-Pres. 3. Pres. 47: Dragoman 3, 4 fI'res.j: German Club 3. 4 lPres. 45: Glee Club 4 lllus. Mgrjg "The Mikatlou: Quill anal Scroll 4. "I-Iumlsonzr, ullilelie, uml t'lFl'!'I' 14' lm, .flml full of l111,ri11z'.r.c, lm .rlill If c't11':'f1're." IACK XVHITE Ilragoman 4: German Club Ir. H. 2, 3, 4: Boys U Club 3. 4: Bas- ketball 3, 4: Intra-mural Basketball Ir. H. 1, 2: Football Ir. H. 2. 3. 4: Chess Club 4. "No rmilly great :mm eww' Ilzonght hinzxclf fo." MARY lil.l.liN YOUNG Girls' Club Council anal Cabinet 4: Mothers' Tea Committee 4: Breeze 4 CAtlr. Mgr.J: Glee Club 1, 2, 3. 4: "Count and the Coetl": HH. M. S, Pinaforeug 'lTune Inu: "The Mi- katlof' "Sim has ri miml of lzw' own. Azul ,rpfulqr zulml ere Me fizrlcff-sy" IOHN RHODES German Club 2. 3: Intra-mural Bas- ketball i. 2, 5, 4: Football 2, 3. 4: Swimming 2, 3. 4: Track 2, 3, 4: Tennis 2. 3: Library lioartl 4: Glee Club 4: "The Mikado," "Spark Io lzim, ltizliaf, .md ser if you um nwm' lion." HliI-liN ROSIQNIJAHI, Library Board 4: lfrench Club 4: Glee Club 2: Beaux Arts Club 2. 3 4 l'l'reas. 33: i'Tune In": Mothers' Tea Committee 4. "l'er.w11i1l11y I-J' rl f1'l'tI.i'lI1'f' - II fs' hz-re.-," SHIRLEY Sl'Ali'l'H Library lioarcl 4: llreeze 3. 4: lfrench Club 4: Senior High Dra- matic Club 4: Glee Club 3. "Sl1e'll fiml t1 zany." PLATT WALKER Football 4: Swimming 2: Track 4: Golf 2. 3. 4: I. S. Committee 3: Class Treas. 4: Ice Cream Sales 3. 4: Golf Club 3 CPres.7: Boys' "U" Club 4: German Club 2: Senior High Dra- matic Club 4: Senior Class Play. "He llltla' fHl7l!1750I71l' to .-'ev mid ln- l'UI7If7Lll'Ill7lt' unzrmg Iliff people' of lzfx age in glory .mal in co1m1gc." ROGER NVIETHOFF German Club 2. 3: Boys' "U" Club 2, 3, 4: Football 3: Swimming 2, 3. 4: National Honor Society 4: Band 4: Chess Club 4: Glee Club 3: "I-I. M. S. Pinaforef' "I rlmxff noi xmilc upon Ihr zlanzsfflsx' 'Tzemilrl lvrftzlq loo many lzezzrlsfu DAVID ZIQFF Orchestra 1. 2. 2. 4: German Club 3. 4: Glee Club 2: "Tune In." "Gite Io Ihr world Ilze lm..-.f yon have 211111 ilu' lvfxl will come lnzek Io yon." MRS. BARTON WILLIE BARTON BOB BENT EZRA SLISCOIVIB HELEN BENT V- - HAMILTON T. HOLLAND AGATHA SLISCOIXIB - HILD,A - MR. BIDDEFORD - MR. VAN HORT'ON - 33 "The Nut Farm Presented by the Senior Class on May 1, 1937 Directed by Miss Mary Starring and Miss Alice Murray THE CAST Madeleine Murphy - - lack Gazfer - Platt Walker - Franklin Page Grace Matltewson - Howard Kelly - L0 1'1' aine Chase - Ruth Firestone lack Hummel William McKone THEl937 PAGE 13 -1? ---W BISBILA E 1 w . 1931 I93I I932 Off the Record -After passing numerous l.Q. tests, somewhat weary seventh graders enter institution. -Cave-man club, Hall, president-also Gilman, Anderson, Kueffner, and other he-men. -Gay nineties assembly-Directed by Ben Lundquist. I932-BOYS go feminine-take home ec. Girls train for trades, join shop classes. 1932-"Lundquist has hope for debatersf' 1933-Levinson originates H S F T P O C T T T WLNOFC! 1933-Iunior high sunlites-accompanied by many sore shins. 1933-Archie and Sundermann spiritualize. 1933-I. H. Tech Club, Gilman and Fellows, heads. 1933-Present senior class president at stage of metamorphosis where equine drawings oc- cupy all time. 1933-Patty Geer, lean Moorhouse, Merodie Ander- son run everything. 1933-Tragedians emote in "Great Caesarf, 1934-Orenstein sloganizes "Shred Excelsior." "Count and Co-edw stars Barrie and Oren- 1934- stein. Tea sipped by mothers of ninth graders. 1934- Miss Normann back to land of conquest in 1935- IO66. Bo si I m classes star ruination of new Y LY 1935- T H athletic building. E In 9 5 7 1935-School tunes in on operetta with Kiethley and Penfield. 1935-Superabundance of sustenance occurs when Utime for all good men to come to aid of their art U doesn't materialize. P Y 1936-Plunging MacGibbon captains football team. 1936-School "joins navy' prior to sailing of "Pina- fore" with George Firestone, Doris Stoven, III CICW. 1936-Pat Devaney at the S.-"And that reminds me of a story-etc." 1936-S. E. Torsten Lund barely escapes holocaust in chem. lab. 1936-MTS. Wettleson gives up hope as Reilly and Firestone take over junior issue of "Breeze" 1936-Van Bergen plunges into senate, never again to emerge. I936-Multi-COlOfCd pigment daubed on Walls of noble structure. 1937-Fan dances executed in "Mikado,' starring Mickel, Gaver, Hummel, Behlke. 1937-Chase, Mogilner, Poore, Iones, have roles in Dramatic Club productions. 1937-Granny Iones heads basketball team to Lake District championship. 1937-Walker, Mathewson, Gaver, Chase, Kelly, Hummel, Murphy, McKone, Page, Firestone, aided by Murray and Starring, produce play. Walker: "For cripe's sake, turn on the phonellv - ea PAGEI4 B li i"ii' S BTI L A 'lf-Q 1 f ,X Q U I K fy- I 'x mn rim, x 4-l'-'lil 'WN WM 1? of BACIQ ROW Rondi-s1t'rii'I. Scotl. Ili, ll'I1Iher. Zvzriivs, Spear. Norris, Lalhrop, Rmgovn. IZIGHTII ROW -Yaulor. Rwi'us, Prilzlzi-r. Temple, Wi-isnzinz. Sthnzizl. Trumtm, .llcKui1. Sl-,VIfN'III ROW lmiqhlon. Sturm, Patron, Robinson, Vi'rn1h!i'x. Rose. Mau, l'rfgunkopf'. SIXTH ROW llorctzu, Slmnezli-. I.. Xt-lson, Mills. Stvwarl, M. iX'i'I.son. Shrltlon. l7II5'I'H ROW .llunrn IJ. .Yi-Ison, I'aImt-r. Patterson, .Him-r. Hvrrill. l'urri'sh, Seder. I'Ol.QR'I'II Iit7W7f't1n1phrll, Koch. liehlhe. J. Dovrr, Cream-. lirmqs. Little, Hurry, Brink. THIRD ROW Bray. fieisl, Breideivhzich, Lumperl, Holman, Kovntopp. Ciooilmuri. Keller. 5. Jones. SFCONIJ RUWfCol7eri. Diriiiiilson, liutlon. Leuxiv. IJ. xlnderson, llunf. Czrcitww, Hawley, l'ilr11i'r'. IiIRS'I' IQIHXX'-f-Kelsey, Busch, Barnum. Dunn, Hurlon, Ericlzxon, Kiuutz, L. lluiuliiy. unior Class P1'f-,v1'rfc'l1f - - Ric:1iAan Iiaivrox , . . SVIYlII4QN'f liizirtksosr V 1 f,U'5l't'I'!'fill'1!'a' - - 2 Q D Y Y V llcz'-l'1'f'fzrlC11I - - Ilixw MIYER IMIM INN T1'1'izx1u'z'r - - ,XR'i'iii'it SI-DI-R .llfI'1I.i'f1f' - - NIR. loHs NIASIILK 'I' was under competent leadership. hoth student and faculty, that the Iunior class completed another very successful year of activities. upholding all ol University Highis proverhial traditions and honor. Accomplishment was the watchword of the luniors this past year. VVhcre would the loothall team have been without them? Iuniors were the hackhone ol the hasliethall team: their showings in swimming and other athletics were gratifying. Iioys and girls alike made an enviahle record in the Glee Cluh, German Cluh, and Dramatic Cluhg Iuniors had capahle representatives on the llreeze. Senate. Iiishila, and numerous other activities. 'Mid soft lights and melodious music, the S., tht- most important social function ofthe year, culminated a successful social season. Based on the record of achievement of the past year, it is highly prohahle that the luniors will he ahle to maintain the high standards set hy departed and departing Seniors in scholastic and athletic achievements. T H E I 9 3 7 15 if Ql' ,, ' in l' 'i , fl Zig ,if 2 B I S B I L A T ll Av! 4:- :Q ,gf ff' ef, 55. 4? X A '-Z3 L N3 .J ' 4 4 "i J f 1. Cb 1, Vi' LLP 4 k V. Q' ,A I . .3 J BACK ROW- J. .lli-vs. Robitslvi-li, llmibafk. .llucfiibbom Ogrt-n. If. Johnson. Pearson. l' Shepard. Shudbolt, Schlcssvlf man. llluml. SIXTH Row. Iioquisi. Kluauon, .-lllm. Bgrnbi-rg Sprufku. Moriluunr. Xlvuly. Simpson. Jixmass, Young, Miklcilvbroolz. l7Il-TH ROW Baffin. ll'ilI1ums. Cfroth. Hi'rr'fsfomI. Hi-nrman, DPL'um'i1. Ci. Shaw, Tanl, J. HBOS. R. Johnson. xllden. IOURTH ROW CQ Johnson, .lIr.lI1IIim. Hobbs, Iinuvrs. Bobcrg. flmlrist. I'1'ofmu1'.strr. ll'hi'tn7orv. C. Slrtuart, .7lfIcDonaId. XV. Dnurr. THIRD ROW liurnvll, lVorthum. 'lotulcu Swolnorlrz. R. Longyrar. llmur. 'l'. flrnlsvn. Rvulcr. T. Mooruhousc, T. Abbclll. M, Frasvr. SIYCOND ROW I.. Slruuss. Pulmr-r. liot'i1'c. .ll. Dann. Rmmbolil. I'. .Shout V. 'I honms. Roscnholll. Kiolilbvrg, Christmxm, Chalam. l5lRS'I' ROW li. Smilh. Coffi-if. Kirin. Krvugvr. fi. llaulhoff. P. fiilnnm. B. Clupp. H. Ifrulzson. B. ll'ulkUr, Haruey. Rwily. Sophomore Class I'1'z'.flrlz'11l - - - - - xVILLlAlXl NV.-u.KE,R lIiL'f"Pl'l'.iJfll'1If - - - TIIOBIAS Aiurrskx 5 MM. WH...-LESON . , , IXIJYISORS - . .Srrrfmry-Fririifm-pr - - Lixni. Ionxsox I Mu. Sill-.l-.'I'S NDER the guiding hand of Mrs. Wettleson and Mr. Sheets, the class advisors, the sophomore class com- pleted a highly successful year. -1 In the "Un Cluh already are four sophomore boys of whom great things are to be expected in the future in the way of sports. Great interest was taken in athletics among the girls, tennis, ping-pong, and golf seemed to be top-ranking. In the Glee Clulfs presentation, K'The Mikado,,.the class had the distinction of furnishing a lead and an understudy, as well as many members of the chorus. Through the efforts of the president and secretary, the class had many Hne parties. At the home of Elaine Halstead, a very enjoyable scavenger hunt was given. Later a ski party was held at Eatonls Ranch. This was, perhaps, more painful for some, but just as much fun. ln May the class had a pow-wow at Kelley's Farm. This was the final party of an especially active and successful social season. This year the fine class spirit has made the school, "Watch the soph's go byf, T H E l 9 3 7 - .:' ""fee' .-fe' Slit- ef' Le- -aeffi. - 7' -----elei PAGE16 BISBILA l 1 l Y l A ..-" ui BACK ROWfRhodes, Utnr, Mc-lander, Michel, Dunn, Coodsill, Law, Wicnhagen, Shannon, Spurlh, Schmitz. lvffghf, Grrr. FIFTH ROWfI'agc, Hutchins, Rockwood, Stone, Simmons, Longye-ar, Gilman, Sturrc, Hoorhousv, Kaufer, Barnett, Leaper. FOURTH ROW-f-Rose, Nicnlin, Donucun, Silverman, King, Briggs, Collalz, Kon-mop, Toluas, Coates. Hull, Baldwin. THIRD ROWf Barry, Diehl. Pease, Cummins, Saunders, Palmer. Lampcrl, Jones, Cilocklvr, Schlessclman. Lewis. 1+ Civ! ' SLCOND ROWYMCGPQ, Sommr.-rs, Cherry, Van Bergen, Bauman, Muntcan, Larson, Wheeler, Miller. Shaw, Brin. L, ,- FIRST ROW7Goodrich, Rvynolds, Englvbcrt, Badger, Merrill. Borg, Kuhlmun, Muadur. Ross. Rvinfrank. , I N f' .., 5 0-no ff B a Q t m +L were 1 X-1 ' 5' . Ninth Grade Provident - - - XVARRFNI limocs Trel1.v11rrr - - - - IANE GOODSILL Vice-Prfsizlerzt - - ROBERT Lewis Sfrgmrzl-l1rfArn1f - IAN!!-. VAN BERGEN Sl'C'7'l'Idl'y - - - - - IAY SHAW Arizfixor - - - - - - MR. BFRGREN T71 54024, ' r T the beginning of the year, the ninth gmde welcomed some gt irty new students to the class. The class now has seventy-six members. Both boys and girls were interested in sports. All the boys were out for intra-mural football. Carl Cum- mins won his letter playing in the high school games, Iohn Donovan and Carl Cummins won places on the second team in basketball and the other boys were in an intra-mural tournament. Some boys entered wrestling meets. Spring quarter attracted the bays to baseball and track. The girls swam, played basketball, tennis, and golf, while a few girls were members of the tumbling team that performed at the carnival. Ninth graders taking a language belonged to the French, German, or Latin Club. Students who had musical talents joined the Music Club, others band or orchestra, and the rest Glee Club. Some members of the class worked with puppets inlthe Puppet Club. Many of the boys joined the newly formed Hi-Y Club, others did a small business with the Camera Club. The girls were all active in the Iunior High Girls' Club, giving a Sunlight which was a great success. A Mothers' Tea was given and enjoyed by everyone. Mr. Bergren was very helpful in all activities. I ,fi ffod 'V T H E I 9 3 7 PAGE 'I7 f- "L 4 "" 7 .. - ' -1- 1 -' BISBILA 9 l FIFTH Row-Dr-lander, Hull, lrnzne, N. Arnsfrn, While, Miner, Rrlf, Sf'1'l1w'1, lluxcy, Rosnzlrrrg, Leslie. FOURTH Row-Duggrif. Thomas, Booth, Clnpp, Voss, Corlzlrn, SLllI!1ll7l'I'g', Miller, I. Davis, Hugcn, Comlry. 'lil-IIRD Row-B. .'lIcGo11gl1, Hnnfzigan, Merrill, I. Cirisf, Lewis, R. Davis, I-lersey, Sfifzclzfielrl, Hobbs, Bus! sindule. SECOND Row-Clzrlstcnsrn, MacLean, Naflulin, Sprafku, Hallowell, R. Shannon, Fmser, Bray, H. Shaw. FIRST Rowfl. Currlozo, Harrison, Miclqner, Hcines, F. MvNef', Healy, Myers, Colman, ChI'!'lI7lLIll, Serrill. Eighth Grade President - - FREDERICK MCNEE Vice-President - - ELINOR HEALY Business Manager - - - HowARD SHAW Advisor - - MR. W.ALTER LOBAN HERE were fifty-three pupils in the eighth grade, twenty-nine of whom started at University High last fall. There were four eighth graders in the play "Hot Biscuits," and Five in "Silver Lining." There were also several in the Iunior High Dramatic Club's spring play "Dumb Dora." Many eighth graders attended the sparkling Sunlight dance. There have been two very successful class meetings. The eighth grade went on many interesting trips as part of the unified curriculum. They visited the state capitol, Armour's packing plant, the Minneapolis Tribune, the Minneapolis Telephone Company, and many stores. Several eighth graders have bolstered various ticket sales quite successfully. The class looks forward to many more successful years at U. High, THEI937 -1: Hffaffaffiu-,Wuffeale, 54:7 fa fffifww- PAGE is B I S B I L A Y, 1 I 4 4 if ? lx " ' ',17 -I FouR'1'H Row-L. Trzmnzn, Mnhofzry, Rose, B. Schmnzcir, Dean, Bjorlqlznzzl. ,VIIIRD Row-Hyumr, Borztlzilel, Jlartizz, Olzrbfck, Swunmfz, Shannon, Hurdzng. RflXl'if'.'!7IN1Ull,t', R. Whitmore, H. Sclmrnzrirr, Friedcll, Appel, Gowen. FIRST RovvfD1'flzI, Slam, Del Plaine, S. Cnrdozo, L. SfI'0lI5'f'. f . 1 ' r - . gf f d, 9 Seventh Grade 1 I HILE they have been very busy getting acquainted in a new school, learning how to work in the unified curriculum, and coming into contact with such new subjects as science and shop, members of the seventh grade have still found time to enter into a number of school activities. One activity which especially interested members was the production of a puppet show, 'iRomeo and Iuliet," for which students constructed the stage, lighting, etc. This was done in connection with the Puppet Club. Other members of the class have taken part in intra-mural athletics, music, and other activities. ,. , a .1 Q f f 'f if ' I 17, 1 11 ' 1 L1ow1,,-ce1af.,4,-1' L 1- - ,- - I' I 4- ' ii! 'fl-4211-:PK - J f ' 11 . a .5-4, - - , . .-,- si s 17 , ,.f. ' X, . Q-4,51 vat. ,J V 1 , . Q 1 V1 ,- Q ,40,4,qf1n,'C I f Mff 5'Cffw'L.s..l 'lbsy ,M , . S- 1 Q fp 1. l.i!"-LL , x --' ycqfyq QL! X ' F I lc., Q X xr xr 2' N ' ,fi7"Q5.V1V,- lv In "" " I X, -'sfffl-1 ,jx 1f,,,mQ'rQ ff' , f , i nf ' U I , f ' . i ' 1 'I ff . -.ffq I 'X , I, I ' 24, ,f Ks. ' I u . I ,L .1 1 .V qv 4 I , F, ft- I . 11 51 ' " Y , KP. U xnxx fl-rn A l . f -1 1 X 'I-1 N " " " 9 i , ,f ,- ' ' ' r .4J,Q f T H E l 9 3 7 PACE I9 : ,..m,ETi ---A-' miflw,'g'li""ig,,!7'? 1 ' 4 H" L': 4 . ' 'V "W 'Q' ,5,f "M- 2?TL B I S B I L A N 1 ' f O 1 s 'f', 'X , x. 1 l l ,,..A lrmnr, BI'f'111'U11HI Edito 1'-1 ' n-Chief Afsoeiate Editor - Organization Editor Feature Editor Album Editor - Boys' Athletic.: Girls' Athletics - Business Manager - Cireulution Manager Advert1's1Ang Manager - Art Editor - LHPI' 'ru RIGII'I'il'-!'HUl4'f, Hnnfon, .xlllgl-llIl'l', P. ,'1l1rl1'r.fo11, Hifklzy, ,XleIX':'e, Huff, Chaff, Qmlff, .willlfrl-!7!7!2l1, Bisbila Board PHYLLIS ANDERSON LORRAINAE CHASE IANET MOGILNER ALAN HALL - IEAN HANSON IOHN MACCQIBBON HELEN BRENEMAN - ARTHUR MCNEE BURTON BIKLE - REID FELLOWS ROSEMARY IEMNE Adv1'S01' - - Miss CATHARINE BULLARD E 1 9 BISBILA l C iiiii I LEIfT T0 RlGIi'l'JSC'Ill'l', I". Page, Kelsey, Vail Bl'I'g!'ll, Reiily, llrinfq, Gilrrixorz, Hzzrplzy, Yflllllg, .Ci1fiz'l1. Editor - - Axsoeiute Editor News Editor - Re-write Editor Feature Editor Sports Editor Exchange Editor - - Art Editor - Campus Breeze - DONALD REILLY - RUTH FIRESTONE PATRICIA CTARRISON - ANNE CULLEN MADELEINE MURPHY unior Hi li Editor - - - IAY SHAW 8 City Editor - "Keyhole" Editor Puzzles Editor 4 Business Managers FRANKLIN PAGE ANNE BARNETT IAMES KELSEY SIAIVIES POORE 2 HENRY DOERR - DICK VAN BERGEN - MARY ELLEN YOUNG MRS. WETTLESON - ARTHUR SEDER C,',.m1u,j0n , . NANCY LEE BEHLKE ,4dW,-fjfjng . MARION CARPENTEIK Advisor - Reporters Phyllis Anderson, Muriel Berkus, Beverly Bjorklund, Shirley Anne Boberg, Lorraine Bracken, Helen Breneman, Charlotte Brings, Nancy Brink, Elinor Button, Lorraine Chase, Virginia Dodge, Herbert Friedell, Eleanor Godbout, Betty Heneman, Rosemary Iemne, Robert Karatz, Cherrie Koch, Alex Leighton, lean Levich, Phyllis Marshall, Iane McGough, Ianet Mogilner, Patty Page, Iohn Reuler, Shirley Spaeth, Dorothy Weist. HERE were many features to make this year's K'Breeze,' an outstanding one. Successful editorial cam- paigns Were waged for a typing class for U Highites, a school carnival, and one for safe driving. A new headline schedule featuring ragged heads was perfected, greatly adding to the appearance of the paper. Stu- dents enjoyed reading the series of interviews by Anne Cullen and Iean Levichg they laughed with Helgeborg Bjornsdatter QRosemary Iemnej in her column of comment on school affairs, they learned with the aid of Willo' The Whisper, Whose identity remains secret, what was going on 'gbehind the headlines" at U. High. A book column, a column of 'AFadaboutsl' and a series by guest columnists made the feature page an interesting one. Besides all this, this year's "Breeze,' is the first one in several years to "break even" Financially. That they have produced a good "BreeZe,' and kept it "out of the red" are two things of which this year's staff is very proud. The "Breeze" received a first class honor rating in the National Scholastic Press Association judging. T H E I 9 3 7 PAG E 21 7' -TLT' T ' --lg? ' -T 1 --'qiill if-ff ' ?l1? B I S B I L A THIRD Roxy-.lflcNrr, G. Harris, Koch, Bray, Grief. Shcovn Row-,ll1'D0l1i1fff, Brink, BI'!'!1t'!IItllI, fIr'l11.ff11, D111111. FIRs'I' Row-loner, l'. flzzderxwl, Van Bergen, Sain. Senate President - - - RICHARD VAN BERGEN Vice-President - - - IEAN MCGEE Secretary-Treasurer' - TOM ARNTsEN SMRS. WETTLESON Advisor! ' ' IMR. DRAKE HE University High School Senate this year, in order to have a better representation of the student body increased its membership by selecting one student from each ofthe recognized clubs. This increased the membership from eight to eighteen. The Senate s onsored the annual Homecomin dance, which was one ofthe outstandin I social events of P S is the year. It also planned and took charge ot two lunch rooms. In these lunch rooms milk and orangeade were sold to the students. This yearrfor the first time the Senate sent three representatives to the convention of the Northwest Feder- ation of Student Councils, which was held in St. Cloud, Minnesota. The Senate has been unusually successful this year in accomplishing its tasks and in upholding the stand- ards set by former Senates. T H E I 9 3 7 3537"""""1Ti + T:l"3L"' efee effif-1 WSL! . PAGE zz BISBILA 3 Hficx Rcm'f.lIu1'xl1t11I, P. Anderfon, ll. .-Inderron, Hrezzrnmn, Rich, Hmzxon, Young, .Wc'Go11gl1. FRONT Row f.w'l'LlIf'l2l on f!00I'jfBLll'17C'II, Gizrrixon, C. fUhl7,i'0II, Chzzfr. Girls' Club Cabinet and Council President - - MERODIE ANDERSON Vice-President - - IEAN MCGEE Secretary - - LEONE NELsON Treasurer - ---- IULIANNE RICH Advisor - - Mas. MABEL H. WETTLESON HE Girls' Club is composed of all the girls in the Senior High School. Its main purpose is to establish friendly relationships among the girls, and to see that each girl has an opportunity to express her abilities. The Council and Cabinet act as an advisory group to the President. The Council, made up of the officers and representatives from each class, discusses the general policy of the club. The Cabinet consists of the chair- men of seven committeesg each girl is a member of the group in which she is most interested. The committees are as follows: Program, headed by Lorraine Chase and Ruth Firestoneq Publicity, Phyllis Andersong Friend- ship, Caryl Iohnsong Entertainment, Helen Brenemang Clubroom, Anne Barnettg Social Service, Patricia Garrison and Phyllis Marshallg Ways and Means, Mary Ellen Young. At Thanksgiving and Christmas the club collected food and clothing for needy families. In the winter quarter it sponsored the Mothers' Teas for each class, and in the spring quarter gave a Mothers' and Daughters' Banquet. T H E l 9 3 7 PAGE za eeefe : r feeeewfeefeegee e"a +1 ref- f-i'f"7""'f' 1i-2 fe BISBILA l Li-.1-'r 'ro RIGll'I'TBLII'fUlI, Gazfcr, fl. f1f'l1fCl'.fUII, Fellows, McNef', Grist, Lilflc, loner, Iiriclqmn, White, Scdrr, illltlfcrl-f7!70II, Valli Bzwgcvl. Dragoman President - - - RICHARD VAN BERGEN Vice-President - - - ARTHUR MCNEE Secretary 4 - - - DONALD REILLY Adzfisor - - DR. OLIVER R. FLOYD HARACTER, leadership, and service are the qualities which make Dragoman members. New members are picked for these qualities and elected every fall quarter by the active members from the previous year. Dragoman was first organized in 1931 for the purpose of promoting the ideals of the school. The group has no power of action, but many school projects arise from the monthly discussion meetings ofthe group. These meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month at homes of the members. A formal initiation banquet is held every fall quarter, at which time the new members are presented with keys and officially become Dragomen. Elected this year were: seniors, Art Anderson, Reid Fellows, Iack Gaver, and lack White, juniors, Dick Barton, Vincent Erickson, George Geist, Iames Little, and Art Seder. Elected in their junior year were: Richard Van Bergen, Arthur McNee, Donald Reilly, Grandel Iones, and Iohn MacGibbon. T H E I 9 3 7 5igg,,---- .1iA1....,:. -132' ff "" 1 . --V--H an - ' - -iii PAGE 24 BISBILA l B.-uzic ROXYf,llL'f,iUllg!1, Jloglinrr, Czfllm. MIDDLE Row!-C, lofznmn, l'. flndfrxoll, f1tII'I'i5UlI, Aylrzrsfzrzll, Bnwkcflz, HLIlI,i'UIl, M. flmlrrsozz. Fuoxi' Row4Chr1.rc, llzzrphy, HI'F711'7IlLllI, llcflzfzx Acme President ---- - MADELEINE MURPHY Vz'cc'-President-Secretary - Q - ANNE CULLEN Treasurer ---- - - - RUTH Fn1EsToNE Adylkom A SMRS. MABEL H. WET'rLEsoN IMISS DOROTHY BOVEE CME is an honorary society for iunior and senior girls who have been outstanding in character, leader- ship, and service to the school during their high school years. Girls who qualified for membership this year were: seniors, Merodie Anderson, Phyllis Anderson, Patricia Garrison, Iane McGough, Lorraine Brachen, Helen Breneman, Lorraine Chase, Iean Hanson, Rose- mary Iemne, Phyllis Marshall, Ianet Mogilner, and Caryl Iohnsong juniors, Nancy Lee Behlke and Iean McGee. Because ofthe dilhculty the Acmeans met in choosing new members, it was decided that some sort of election system should be formed. Mrs. Wettleson and Miss Bovee entertained in the home economics room where this problem was discussed. The outcome of this meeting was a point system on which each prospec- tive member will be graded. Points are given for activities and personality. One of the high spots of the year was a hobby dinner at the home of Ruth Firestone. Each girl was sup- posed to dress to represent a hobby. Another event was a steak-fry at Hidden Falls. The annual formal initiation and alumnae banquet was held at the St. Paul Womenls City Club in April. Susanne Geist, lean Robbins, Virginia Mickel, and Nancy Lee Behlke were the speakers. T H E I 9 3 7 PACE 25 . "'17,,,:i:1, 'inf' Y -7- f f ,gf - 7.3 ,ii"- 2- TTT-,' ff- f BISBILA BAQK Row-I'. ,'If11ie1'.m11, Vim Bl'I'gf'1I, femur, illtlllflllllf, 1.t'igllfO7l, Reilly, Prifzrv, .lfUgI.171l'7', CIIHIII. lfrtnvr RUXY'.lIIlI'f7hj', Safer, Gozffvoni, Clzilxe, BI'LI!'A'f'lI, dIt'GOI1gh, ffilffl-i0lI. Quill and Scroll President - - RUTH FIRESTONE Vice-President - - DONALD REILLY Secretary - - MADELEINE MURPHY T1-MSW-H - - - PATRICIA GARRISON Adyj,-gr MRS. M,ABEL H. WETTLESON UILL and Scroll is officially the National Honor Society for high school journalists. Members are elected either as juniors or seniors for work on publications, with an added scholarship requirement. U. Highs group, the Charles Boardman Chapter, was organized six years ago. Since then members have enjoyed the fun-provoking meetings of the club. Quill and Scroll went on the air this year for the first time. Members presented a Fifteen-minute safety broadcast over station WCCO. The broadcast was written entirely by members, and produced by them with the aid of Iunior speech classes. Membership, unusually large this year, includes Phyllis Anderson, Phyllis Marshall, Eleanore Godbout Iane McGough, Art Seder, Alex Leighton, Robert Karatz, Lorraine Chase, Lorraine Bracken, Rosemary Iemne, Dick Van Bergen, Nancy Lee Behlke, Anne Cullen, Anne Barnett, and Ianet Mogilner. Monthly evening meetings were held at members, homes. Besides working on the radio project and the traditional Quill and Scroll initiation, speakers were heard. They included such people as Miss Florence Lehman, who presents a radio-interview hour, Mrs. Margaret Harding, of the University Press, and Mrs. Edwin Ford, who admitted that she, like many others, was writing a novel. T H E l 9 3 7 gggggg ii' " --f--f-ef f H ' 'mffw PAGE 26 B l S B I L A K gg ,B l 'l'lllRu Row-Fclloufx, .Y1'1fr'l', loner, Erickmzz, l'o0r1', C. llficifzog, Rlzorlef, .lf1rlt'Gil2f70l1, Smzown RlJYN'fDIlHl7, Bray, McKonc, Czmzminx, Wlziic, Keller, Gzzvfr, Poufrll. l"ilIiS'l' RUVVflV0l'fhclHI, pllcNr:', Van Bergen, l'VuIkrr, Lilzle, Pugrnkofff, Hilrimi. The Boys, "U" Club President - - RICHARD VAN BERCEN Vice-President - - ARTHUR SEDER Sccrezury - - GRANDE1. IONES Advisor - MR. I. E. Ccnris NE of the most versatile and vivacious groups of students at University High School is the Boys, UU" Club. During the past year the club has influenced and been responsible for many worth while proj- ects and accomplishments in school athletics. Mr. Curtis, the advisor of the club from the first to the present time, is quoted as saying that the members of the organization are from the "cream of the crop." A glance back over the past season's athletic records will indicate that one of the prime purposes of the Boys' "U" Club, that of arousing interest in athletic contests, has been well achieved. Among the other pur- poses of the club was the desire to encourage a feeling of camaraderie among the members. This desire was chiefly attained by the monthly dinners meetings, at which time the reports of committees were made, and business transacted. In the way of social activities the f'U', Club sponsored the highly successful Nite Club at the All-School Carnival, and gave a dinner dance late in the Spring Quarter. The membership of the "U" Club is composed of boys who have won a major sports letter for the par- ticipation in track, football, basketball, or swimming at U. High. These requirements promote all-round good fellowship among the active and athletically-minded boys of the school. It may be well said that the MUN Club has just completed one of the most successful seasons since its founding. This has no doubt been accomplished through the untiring efforts of the club's friend and leader, Mr. lames E. Curtis. T H E l 9 3 7 PAGE 21 r ' V'-""g' g ..., :++l1f4, 'ni :1 LZ'7 'gee-E5ff BISBILA BACK ROW Quuxl, l"i'llou.'.s, fiilnmn. Hcmtman, llulliunzx, lii'rri'vfo1'd, Lathrop, I. .lluo1huu.u'. IEKGIITII ROW Cn-nl, lirwiii-rilvuch, Johnson. Ria-tlxf, Whitif, Mdlrllun. Stutzboda, Duhlm, l'r1l1lu'r. SEVIENTH ROW- lironlzs, Mogilnur, Ogrcn, Lvun-, Ifrusi-1. Riufnnfr, Sprufka, Rochiuoml, l'. Pulniur. SIXTH ROW --.'llcNn-, Kwlly, Pago, Hummel, Parrish. Mann, Mucfizbbon, Hall. FIFTH ROW Nordlaml, XV, Dovrr, H. Doerr, 111.11111 liruu, .llLKom', llailker, Vulzublvx, Slulrr. IIOLIRTII ROW llnlmun, Cfurl. J. Palmer, Lillie. Zrlf, Kuhlman. Ci, Shaw, lVh1!n7on'. THIRD RCW J, liurmil. J. Sturru, Birnherg, If. Johnson. Powell, Zur'1m's, Barron. Keller, Sthmrlf, SECOND ROW- .ll. Xvlsofi, Wheeler. Chrikrifnxi-ri, liownnm, B. Iluwlvg, J, Chrislumrn, Somni.-rs, D. Ifrustr IIIRST ROWH Cf, Wi--llvrnlf. Rosl. Quusl, Krucgrr. Van liuryufz, Kelsey, Levy, Busch. German Club fll'1'5'li1ff'III ---- - Ruin mn VAX liiaursl-N V1-flulIl't',ffIfl'I1I - - IAYET Mou11.Ni-:iz Y'I'l'LI.flll'l'l' ---- - MARTIN Noixnruwn Sf-L-,lf-fury . Ruziman Iiaivrox ,I1lz'1'fw' - Miss Lum' Wn,i. HE German Club kept up the traditions begun by its predecessors as one of the most active clubs in the school. The annual German Club party for parents and students was one ofthe high spots of the year and was enthusiastically attended. This year, 1936-1937, introduced a new feature into the list of German Club interests-that of award, ing a scholarship to the most outstanding German student, chosen from the point of scholarship, leadership, and fellowship as well as interest in things German. This scholarship covers one quarterls tutition at Uni- versity High School. This award is made by the principal at Commencement. This year,s winner was Ianet Mogilner. The German Club membership includes all members of German classes, and since there are no dues, the funds in the treasury are raised by bi-weekly hot dog sales. The club was ably directed by Miss Lucy Will, head of the German Department. T H E l 9 3 7 e it 2351 e f-l ef eeee -eee ee T ' iii PAGE za B I S B I L A NINTH ROW-f lmiws. Larson. Chatham. Davidson. Vans. Ciodbout. Hoiwlc, Hunt, EIGHTH ROWAHOUJU, Fumell. Lampcrt, Saunders, Hobbs. P. Anderson. Simpson. SEVENTH ROWf-Brin. Summers, Wright, Schmitz. L, Stroiiw, Birrmill. Dunn. Boquisr. SIXTH ROW ---- Pallcrson. Reilly, Gilman, Miss Marlowe. Yoiulc, Mcllonalzl, Alden. FIFTH ROWfJ. Doc-rr. Rhodes. Nimlvn, Coates, Midillvbroolz, Ifraxvr, M. Longyuur. R. King. Klawon, R. Young. FOURTH ROWflVeisn1un. Jesness. Abbott, Behlhc, Rich. JI. King. Diehl, Koch. fl. Schlvsst-lmun, THIRD ROW-A C. Johnson, E. Sheldon, lVeisr, Campbell, Shepard, Perlman, Tanz, Stone. SECOND ROW--G. Shaw, Law, Utne, G. Gilman, Robirshvk, Meliznder, Shadbolt. Cullen, Braclzrn. FIRST ROW-fLongyear, Bullin, E. Jones. Miss Marlowe, J. McGee, Grolh, L. Macfiibbon, Reynolds. Latin Club I're'5idrr11 - - ILAN MC1Gl.E Bzffirzvxx Mumzgrr Main' CAxwv.ui.L Viir-Presidrzil - - Iniumixit lhmckigw Progrimz Clmirnmn - IUi.mNxE RICH Sz't'retiu'y - - - Ctvnia Imwsov C0lI5IliIl1II07l Committee ---- PIIYIIIS ANm.1isoN Trmfzwrr - - Ciwwivonmi KZIIATI-IAM fidzfiror - - - - Miss Iii.mNoR P. MARl.ow12 HE Latin Club was organized during the fall quarter and has progressed very well since then. The meetings have been held twice every quarter with interesting and educational entertainment. Picture slides of the 'LV0yages of Aeneas" were shown at one meeting. The club gave a Roman banquet on May 5th at the Minnesota Union and food was served in true Roman style. Professor Marbury B. Ogle, head of the Latin Department at the University was the guest speaker. The club dues are fifty cents or fifty cookies. The cookies have served a double purpose: to stave off star- vation in the morning Latin classes and to earn money for the club. The proceeds are being used to pur- chase some slides for the school. Last year, before the club was organized, the Latin classes earned enough money to buy the Roman Life Charts in Room 112. The purpose of the club is to promote an interest in Latin and to encourage the students to continue the study of Latin beyond the hrst or second years. THEl93g gggg PAGE 29 :15L f-fit'-fiat: ...,,t :mf in f :WL .:.,, Y 1 .Y f W . f af 'i W- ig elf' ,L ,-f 1. -r B I S B I L A l 1 FIFTH ROW -D. Nelson. R. Davis. Marhcwson, Kohl, Spavlh. Behlhv. Miner, Bjorklund, T. lllalkcr, Ronda-stucdt. FOURTH ROWfLow4-, Mills, L. Ni-lson, Moreau, Sager, Stvwarl, Bracken, Hanson, Mrfiough. M. Jones. THIRD ROWfRirh. Longyear, Marshall, Rosrndahl, Weisman, Easton, Abboll, Hutchins, Glocklur, SECOND ROW-Bvrhus, Hunt, Davidson, C. Johnson, Barnett, Leuich, Dodge. Goldberg. FIRST ROWW Garrison, P. Anrlcrson. Wilmarih, P. Morris, Miss lVz1lher, P. Gilman, Howe, Murphy, Krueger. French Club President - - PHYLLIS MORRIS Vice-President - - - CARYL IoHNsoN V Secretary - - - IEANNE KRUEGER Treasurer - - LORRAINE BRACKEN SMISS MARY Io WALKER Adwwrj ' ' IMR. ROBERT SHEETS HE French Club is one of the newest of the school clubs, organized only this year. Its purpose is to stim- ulate interest in France. Any senior high school student who is taking one year of French is entitled to become a member. The club's First party was a Christmas party in the French fashion. Each guest Was asked to remove his shoe in order to receive his gift in his "sabot.', The junior high French students presented a playlet, and the party ended with the singing of French carols. The French Club's concession at the County Fair was called the "Boulevards of Parisf, The show, com- plete with apache dancers, torch singers, and a fan dancer, turned out to be a great success from the stand- point of both amusement and money making. Most of the money which the club made came from the sale of carameled apples during the fall and win- ter qllZl1'IC1'S. The money made this way is to buy a gift for future French clubs in U. High. Ll'i.J.,,i.5. .C 7747? Q ff- flu- f are fn seem 'ffe -:fr L elf' " ir C PAGE so B I S B I L A SIXTH ROW Follows, Brings. Hchlhc, H. flnderson. Campbell, Powell, Wrist, Slewarz. M, Jones. IIIFTH ROW Gaul-r, Mogliner, Spaelh, Lamprrl, Easton, Norris, Breneman. Truman. FOURTH ROWf Lowe, Chase. Godbout, Hanson. C. Johnson. Bracken, Berlzus, Hedbaclz, Button, THIRD ROWA Robinson, Kohl, P. Anderson, Kunzu, Marshall, Longyear, Bauurs. Rose. SECOND Row Davidson, Roscnholrz, McCiough, Leuich, Dodge, M. Nelson, Hourle, Slinm-Ill-, Macs. FIRST ROW Levy, Mann. Garrison, Poore, Krueger, Kuralz, Quast, MCNQQ. Dramatic Club President - - CARYL IoHNsoN Vice-President - - ROBERT KARATZ Secretary - - HELEN BRENEMAN Treasurer - - - - IACK GAVER Advisor - - Miss LENORE Worms GREAT deal of interest in the Dramatic Club has been exhibited this year by the students. Many new members were admitted after demonstrating their acting ability in tryouts. There are now almost sixty students in the Dramatic Club. The high point in the club's program of the year was its annual play production. This year the junior high group presented "Hot Biscuitsn while the senior high club presented two onefact plays, "Sparkin' U and "The First Dress Suit." The constant aim of the club this year has been to establish correct parliamentary procedure during the meetings, hoping to raise its standard as well as to accomplish more during meetings. The club has adopted its own constitution and elected a parliamentarian to assist the president in carrying on the business of the meeting. Meetings were held twice a quarter: skits or original performances were given by the members. The club was fortunate this year in having Miss Wolfe as advisor. Because of her experience in dramatic work, she was able to give the club many excellent suggestions and do line work in directing the plays. T H E l 9 3 7 PAGE 31 ef- - --feoieefe Lf - ':. 1 .fiff---52:11. B I S B I L A W M BACK ROW gPcrlman, Rolzinson. Norris. :'l. Anderson. Truman. Abbott. D. Nelson, H. Doerr, Hedback. IiIGll'I'Il Row-P. Anilt-rson. Pritzker. Marshall. l., Gilman, 'liuyloix lil-hllze. Spear. M. xlnrlvrson. SliVl-NTH Row-B. Young, Bcrrisford. Xl'1lliurns. Rondeslcedt, Jtsnc-ss, Buucrs, Easlon, l J SIXTH ROW- --I atterson, l', Gilman. Krueger. Mr. Mapes. Poorv, Ciutwr. Xordland, Kullq. I3IF'I'll ROWYI-iellows, M, Jones. Shepard, Spruflzu. Lathrop, lijurhluntl, M. Young. Cirolh. l'OURTIl ROWfVan Bergen, C. Johnson, Sheldon. Bsrkus. McKau, Stewart, M. Nelson, Ruimbold, Kuchn. THIRD ROW7Hcnc'man, Susrxhorla, McMillan, Lt-lghlon, Hummel, Cicixl, Nichols, B. VVulh1'r, Rhodes. SECOND ROWfHunson, Dodge. C, Johnson. Howie, L. Nelson, Slinrlle, Boquisl, Dunn. FIRST ROWfQuusI, Garrison, Krueger, Mr, llflupi-5, Murphy. Towle, Clapp. Glee Club President - - - A STANLEY MICIKEL Sec1'etu1'y-Treasurez' - - - IACK GAVER Music Director -, - IAMES Pooiui Librarian - Nl,-XRTIN NOIKDLIXND HE Glee Clulfs production of Gilbert's and Sullivan's operetta, A'The Mikado," was one of the dra- matic highlights of the school year. Leads were sung hy Nancy Lee Behllce and Stanley Mickel and the supporting cast included lack Gaver, Madeleine Murphy, Howard Kelly, lack Hummel, Leone Nelson, Margaret Nelson, George Geist and Dick Van Bergen. The performance was ably directed by Mr. Bliss Mapes. A Christmas program, consisting of sacred Christmas music, was presented in December. The Seniors in the Glee Club sang at Commencement and Baccalaureate. LLH.-JL. .l.,LL7--. .yu . V- -M-AM V--,.,..,. ---ZZ' .. --3 ff-fe:..ef -an --'1 Z f:--- ' MGE 32 B I S B I L A l T l FOURTH ROW- -McKay, Campbell, Greene. Bt-rkus, M. Nelson, Srcwurl, Chase. Shadboll. THIRD ROW---Prilzhcr, Marshall. P. Anderson, Mogilncr, Rosendahl, Spaelh, Barry, liuhlke. SECOND ROW+iXIrGough, Lavish, Dodge, Burnett, Davidson. D. Anderson, Godbout. FIRST ROWfKr'Isvy, G. Harris. Duhlcn, A. U. Johnson. Krueger, Garrison, Rhodes, Mclionc, Library Board INCE its organization in 1927 the Library Board has functioned as an integral part of U. High activities. Compiling bibliographies, helping students with reference questions, placing books on reserve, charg- ing books, shelving them, checking attendance, preparing new books for the shelves, checking files of old magazines, filing catalog cards, sending out Hne notices, and keeping our records straight-these and a host of others are the tasks devolving upon the thirty members of the Library Board, tasks which no librarian could do without their help. ln addition to their regular routine duties, members of the Library Board have this year given the library such services as helping with the making of the pamphlet Hle, cooperating in such studies as the one being made by the University of Chicago on the use of the Encyclopedias, and tabulating information from the Reading Diaries. This year the librarians, Miss Torkelsen and Miss Smith, with the help of Mrs. Wettleson, chose the members of the Board from the list of applicants last fall, considering in this selection scholarship, sincere desire to help, and the possible value of each person to the library. With service to U. High the primary purpose of such an organization, the members of the Library Board have gained much in learning how to use the library, in a thorough familiarity with our books and magazines, and consequently in achieving a feeling of "at-homenessw in what can be the most attractive room in any school. T H E 'I 9 3 7 PACE 33 - i ,f'-"""" - film- ' 4331, fl' f flff K' '-" f --5? " iii ""'fff'- l BISBILA , BACK ROW---Jammu Rosvnduhl, Button, Koch, Marshall. MIDDLF ROW --Brings. Sheldon. Mcliouqh. P. Anderson, Mix.: Obsf. liRON'l' ROW -Trumrzn. fitzrrmun, Gould, Leiqrch, fiotlhoui. Beaux Arts Club President ---- - PATRICIA clARRI5UN Vice-Presidc'nt-Sc'n'c'tary - - IQOSEINIARY IEIWNE Trca.vure1' - Iocx Tkcixrsx HE Beaux Arts Club is composed of a group of twenty students who are particularly interested in art and desirous of becoming better educated in art appreciation. The group, under the supervision of the art instructor, visited the Little Art Gallery of Northrop, where discussions were held. They also went to the Minneapolis Armory to watch the artists, Mrs. Iemne and Miss Wylie, at work on frescoes. Special work done by the club this year was the decorating of all concessions of the County Fair. Cherrie Koch was the club representative in the Senate while the three standing committees, Member- ship, Program, and Publicity, were headed by Phyllis Marshall, lane Mcfiough, and Eleanore Godbout. These committee heads took charge of projects submitted for club entry, plans for entertainment, posters and bulletin notices. THE lg237 i T ' , 2 T,,',1-- if' 1' i .1-'af ?- -, f ,-1, Ye 9- " LM,-Q 311- -,W WL-24""' PAGE 34 BISBILA President - - Vice-President Secretary - Treasurer - - Sergeant-at-A rms A dzflxor - - THIRD ROW4Arnrs0n, Young, M. Jones, Marshall, lfV1'lI1'ams, SECOND ROWW-Behlkv, Miner, Stewart, Gozlbout, M. Nelson, Bracken. FIRST ROWH-Garrison. Mr. Mapes. Kunze, Murphy. Robinson M uslc Club - RUTH KUNZE - ROBERT YOUNG lVlADELEINE MURPHX' - TOM ARMSTRONG PHYLLIS MARSHALL - MR. MAPES NAUGURATED by students at University High School who felt a definite need for some form of activ- ity for those interested in general music appreciation, the Music Club was organized this year under the guidance of Mr. Bliss Mapes. Ruth Kunze, one of the outstanding piano students of the school, was elected president, and under her leadership a program of meetings was planned which included many interesting speakers from the Univer- sity oli Minnesota music department, and programs presented by the members themselves. Because of its newness, the Music Club has not been very active this year, but looks forward to a busy and interesting program next year. PAGE 35 TH E 1937 BISBILA 4.4 LEFT 'ro RIQIITAHNII, I'aufr1l, A. rIlItil'!'50I1, .llixx Vil'1i6I77, Bickle, Cori, Reilly, Rofzzlcxvczlt. Debate Squad HE Debate Squad's membership was the largest since debating was introduced at U. High. The debat- ers rapidly absorbed good speaking technique under the able guidance and supervision of Miss Clara Vivian, a student teacher in social science. Miss Vivian used the most modern methods in coaching the group, only one member of which had ever participated in a debate before. The question chosen by all Minnesota high schools was, "Resolved: That all electric utilities be gov- ernmentally owned and operatedfl The squad followed the procedure of reading informative material upon the subject privately and then collectively making a general brief or outline of the case. The debaters quickly fell into line and from their pro and con opinions upon the question joined either the negative or affirma- tive side. Debaters consisted of Burton Bikle and Alan Hall, who took part in all the U. High negative debates, Don Reilly, Christian Rondestvedt, Owen Cort, and Arthur Anderson shared in the aflirmative portion of the debates. The main event which the debaters took part in was the Minneapolis High School Tournament. In this, Burton Bikle and Alan Hall were defeated by a scant margin by teams that later were victorious in the Northwest Tournament at Omaha. Don Reilly, U. High,s only veteran debater, and his less experi- ehced colleague, Arthur Anderson, won against fair opposition. Owen Cort and Christian Rondestvedt, though they worked hard, ran up against more experienced opponents and were defeated. All in all, it may be stated that considering its inexperience the squad had a successful season. Although they had not always won, the general sentiment was that they had gained valuable training and had enjoyed themselves doing it. T H E l 9 3 7 "' A lwff f Wife- 'W - --- PAGE 36 B I S B I L A 4' si yr D524 i l ' F W' vt f o lilly!! X f ,I . .U I JJ, J i lf pp 1 'NJ 1 k, , Chess Club Prczvident - - - - ALAN HALL Sec1'etary-Treasurer - - - D051 REILLY Advisor - - - - MR. LEON P. Anms NIVERSITY HIGHS first year in the Minneapolis high school chess league was the result of this year's renewed strenuous activity over the gaming boards. After a slight decline in members last year, the club, under the helpful advisorship of Mr. Addis, attracted the largest enrollment in its history. With plenty of equipment available, the enlarged enrollment was kept interested. The clubls meetings every Wednesday dur- ing fourth hour Were occupied in playing, first, a round robin tournament, and second, an elimination tournament. Members of the reg- ular team were picked as a result of these matches. 'l'lfAhl l,n-.ifr 'ro Rlcslrr-l.f'ight011, fi. Shaw, Hilfl, Reilly, flltzcliilvfwfl, illr. flffrfff, l'ilr'1'1',fh, Ro111fz'.fz'c1fI. T H E l 9 3 7 PACE 37 5 ,i- ' 2 'E-l f' ii -Jlef' Y ' BISBILA T ,44- liAc:K Row-Bizrnzzm, fl. Anderson, Ronrlcyzfrflf, Leiglzmn, P. ffl-llllllll, Kuhlmun, Qzmst. I-'HUNT Row--Brin, Brvhrford, l. Doerr, Nichols, Bickle, L. Gilnmn, H. Doerr, Hummel, Hull, Bolwrg, Wilmarfh. Sr1A'rED FRONT CENTER-Mr. Vaurio. Camera Club President - P IACK HUMMEL Vice-President - - - - LOGAN GILMAN Secreta1'y-Treasurer - - CATHERINE ANN BAUERS Advisor - - - - MR. FRANK VAURIO HE Camera Club, though newly organized, is one of the most active clubs in the school. The club grew from the necessity of having some way of organizing the growing interest in candid cameras. Last October, a group of students who were interested in photography but who had very little practical knowl- edge met to discuss and show their paltry knowledge and to try to learn more about photography together. The club was organized with the expert assistance of Mr. Vaurio, activities became more numerous, and the club gained momentum. By Ianuary the club membership had tripled, and the club had already equipped the Physics Laboratory, its meeting place, with a dark room and acquainted the members with the use of it. Several of the members contributed their photographic apparatus to the club and from the club dues chemicals and paper were bought which could be used freely by the members. During the 'lCounty Fairu the club managed a photo studio, where pictures were taken and sold. The purposes of the Camera Club are to acquaint and educate the members in the use of photographic equipment, to stimulate interest in taking pictures and in the development of various photographic tech- niques, and, generally, to enable them to take more interesting and life-like photographs. T H E I 9 3 7 f- U- flee 4? . f--V: if- A -,, --. A 4s , MTS' .... --H 'il' --:-f, pAgE 38 B I S B I L A Tumu Row-Rufrlrzsofz, Rose, Vefzlzlflfnc, Cogry, Trzznmn, Whifmorr. Sieuovn ROVVfBlIl'IOI1, fl. Anderson, Lulhrop, I.LIlI1f7l'I'I, Scart, illflflflllllll. Fmsr Row-,lIr11m, Barnum, May, B1'ri1!cnlnzch, H. Walker. Hi-Y President - - IACK MAX' Vice-President - - WAYLAND ROSE Secretary - - - BOB Noiuus Treasurer - - BOB BRUDENBACH Historian - - BILL ROBINSON Advisor - - MR. MICHEELS HE Gopher Hi-Y was formed this year with Dick Barton, Bob Norris, Wayland Rose, Bill Robinson, Leonard Lampert, Bob Breidenbach, Roy Mordaunt, and lack May as its charter members. The aim of the club was to promote more pronounced school spirit. To do this the club drew up a constitution and then later initiated a few more members who they felt could and would help the club. These members were: Art Anderson, Bob Barnum, Les Venables, Bob Mann, Bob Lathrop, and Bill Walker. This brought the total membership to eighteen. The full quota set by the constitution is twenty-five, with the stipulation that the members are to be willing, capable, and liked by all before being asked to join. The First social event will long be remembered by those who participated. It was the sleigh ride at Eaton's ranch, to which guests were invited. Important later activities were the safety drive and distribution of booklets on the "Next Warn by Alexander Woollcott. T H E I 9 3 7 PAGE as O fame +ve 7 - er e e e B ffff aeaa- fel, ' fa as B I S B I L A LJ THIRD Rem'-I"ruxrr', Willzlznzs, Sager, Kflfcy, R. Lougycizr, Jlrrx, Brill. Siacown RONV'Rl'I-llffilllff, Roxl, Ch1'1,rIr11m11, Burtozz, Page, Clmlfmnz, I'e11r1I1lef, Gur11lrir'!1. FIRST RClXK"1.1Il7lf7FI'I, Rifzgoefz, flgffll, M. I.o11gym1r, Zrji, l:1II'l1l'H. Orchestra LTHOUGH the orchestra has not been in the limelight as much as the band this year, it has shown marked improvement over last year's organization. It has increased in membership and in interest. A violin trio composed of orchestra members entered the state contests in May, receiving a B honor rat- ing. David Zeff, a member of the orchestra, is also a member of the University of Minnesota Symphony Orchestra. As in the case of the band, there is a junior organization which will furnish the senior group with better trained members. Mr. Anlinson has also directed the orchestra. T HggE I 9- one-fm fffe'e 1 e-ee 'rrr rm - PAct 40 B I S B I L A 1 FIIIT1-I ROVV1Rlt'Ilfl'zH11f, Krispy, McKone, Ron, Rohinsolz, SL'hIU'I7Il'I-lf, Mowlzonse, Arzzlxwz, Nelsozz, Silver- man. Foukrii Rowffioozlrich, Harvey, Venables, fl. fizzderson, Cori, I. Merrill, Mfrs, Chzzlhunz, I. lJ0t"l'I', Sazxndcrr, Conley, Grin. THIRD Row-Iinzxev, P. Slmuf, Btzrnum, Norris, Patton, W. Rose, Allin, R. Wiezlzug, Raclqwood, Levy, Goodmun. SECOND Row-Curdoza, Hagen, I'. Page, Holilwx, Meer, Diclzl, Miller, Orlvcck, Appel, W. Dorrr. FIRST Row-If. Page, Andrixf, Frierlel, H. Slmw, Slcrn, Cowen, D. Frlzxcr, Booth, Whilmorc, Basshzdale, Burton. Band NDER the able direction of Mr. Rudolph Anfinson, the band this year became one of the really impor- tant activities at U. High. With approximately ten members reporting for the band last fall, the pros- pect was not very bright, but with everyone in the band on a membership drive, the band swelled rapidly to the present high of thirty-two members. The band gave both the junior and senior high students a chance to see it in action by playing at football and basketball games and presenting concerts to junior and senior assemblies. On March IO the band gave a Pop Concert which really was popular. The proceeds of this concert were used to purchase equipment of which the band was badly in need. Assisting Mr. Anhnson this year were the two managers, Cunningham Chatham and Iames Kelsey. Besides the senior band there is a junior band, which is growing in interest and which is training mem- bers to take the places of seniors in the senior band. gg g gg T H E I 9 3 7 PAGE 41 ee g f-f1fA.1 :af-arf-aa ff ,jemflf-are lg B I S B I L A Foifkrii Row-Roflqwoorl, Ifryfzoldx, Hrflrlzifzx, B. Hull, M. 1.UI1g,Vt?lll', 5Ll71If!7f'l'g, R. Davis, Hersey. THIRD Row-I-lobby, Jlillrr, I. Duffy, Hagen, Bllfiilllfzlff, Ro.ffz1fu'fg, llrfrrlirfer, Codricvl. Siacoxn RowfN. fffllfifll, MafLean, Hmly, SUI?l7I1f'I'5, C. Bray, H. Slmw, I.. Sfrofur. Fmsr Rowflf. McNec, Myrrf, I. Shaw, Colman, I. Gvisl, I. Merrill. junior High Dramatic Club President - - IAY SHAW Vice-Presidenz - - NANKLX' ARNTSEN Secretary - - IUDY DAVIS Treasurer - - - JACK Giaisr .ffidrfisor - MR. WALTER LOBAN T HAS been the aim of the lunior High Dramatic Club this year to form a foundation for future years. With the help of Mr. Lohan, it feels it has reached its objective. Three plays have been given by the club: '4Hot Biscuitsf, given with the senior high productions at the beginning of the yearg "The Silver Liningf, presented at a junior high assemblyg and "Dumb Dora,', given during spring quarter. , "fax-5'-fi T H E I 9 3 7 li. M-A Y.-----li. 7 3211. ' A - f - - -- :1:i PACE 42 BISBILA L ,au A L, Q V H . Y , FII-'I'II Rowfllfrr, LllI'.l'0II, Szlzzzffwfrg, F. Cltzpp, Donovan, F. MUNCC, PIIln1z'r, If1Igl1'lIrr!, Hilfiger, Mcwrilf, CIlV71NIflI,f, I". Knlzlnmn, Barncll, W. Rose, Siclnfrl, Stinchficlzl, Sonznzcrf, Colman, Law. FOURTH Row-Sizzrre, TUIAIIIS, Rhodes, JI1'4'lqz'1Ifr, Bjorlqlrmd, Holffvx, Krfimim, .llrlII11rleI', Diehl, RryrIol1lf, Sch mifz, Pease, Lamperl. THIRD Row4BImmzm, Munleun, Gilman, Uine, Stonc, Sinzmonx, T. Miclqrl, B. Hull, l.c'Izper, Price. Suzoxn Row-I. Shaw, McGee, Milxcy, Chr1'.f1ez1.ven, Arnlfen, Miner, Ralf, Healey, I. Sfnzeth. FIRST RowfHam'ing, Del Plainr, 1'. Iiireffonc, Shzzmion, Hyams, Rose, L. Trrmzan, Bonllziler. JL 5, X 'L' yu' X , X Il A junior High Glee Club ff!-"if-""'f' lIlC'.fV "7 I aafwcotlf, 'Fi ll:-is , ff 1 I HE Iunior High Glee Club has given two entertainments this year. The first was the annual Christ- mas concert, given in the Music Auditorium, Dec. 6. It was directed by Mr. O'Steen. The second entertainment was the operetta "An Old Kentucky Garden," directed by Mr. O'Steen and Miss Florence Benson. All of the members of the Glee Club took part in this operetta. PAC E 43 Ieannie - Richard - - Colonel Stanton - Hannah - - Henry - IOY - Phillip 1 - Stephen Foster - Lilly - - - Adelia - KK Y! An Old Kentucky Garden THE CAST - HELEN UTNE - WARREN RosE - ROBERT MERRILL - MARX' SCHMITZ - ROGER MCCiEE - ANITA SOIAMERS - FRED MAXIE - EVERRETT GEER MARX' IANI-L SHANNON BARBARA DEL PLAINE T H E BISBILA I 4 ,'Garrison, Patricia 'kMcGough, lane ""Morris, Phyllis 'lKReilly, Donald Anderson, Phyllis Bracken, Lorraine National Hon Doerr, Henry Firestone, Ruth Godbout, Eleanore Hall, Alan Levy, Victor Mogilner, Ianet or Society Wiethoff, Roger Behlke, Nancy Lee Davidson, Mary Kelsey, Iames Levie, Marjorie Rondesvedt, Christian HE National Honor Society was first inaugurated at University High School in 1922. New members are chosen each year by the faculty. Not more than five per cent of the Iunior Class are chosen and fifteen per cent of the Senior Class. Requisites for membership are character, leadership, scholarship, and service. t'fElected as juniors. Girls' "U" Club President - - - - - - - BEVERLY BIORKLUND V1'ce-President - - - IEAN MCGEE Secretary - - ---- IEAN GRo'rH Advisor - - Miss ELIZABETH ZIMMERLI HE Girls' "U" Club was entirely reorganized this year under the able direction of Miss Zimmerli. A new point system was worked out whereby it was necessary to earn at least fifteen points a quarter. Com- mittee heads were selected for the various sports. Among the activities of the year were toboggan parties, tournaments, bicycle rides, and basketball games with Derham Hall. President Vice-President - Secretary Treasurer A d visor - junior High Girls' Club - - IANE GOODSILL - - IUDY DAVIS - - PEGGY SHANNON BARBARA SCHLESSLEMAN - Mlss ALICE TORKELSON The main function of the Iunior High Girls' Club is to promote friendliness among the girls. Each girl belongs to one of six standing committees. This year the club gave a Sunlight which was a success and also some popcorn ball sales. The club sent gifts of books to the crippled children of the Gillette Hospital, and a new sewing basket was bought for the club room. The club also gave the annual Mothers' Teas. THEl937 H- PAGE 44 BISBILA S x S X W N X X ' N X fx f f Q 22 NX N K mf XX I ToP Row-Coaeh Curtir, Harris, Kelly, Qzlusl, MeKune, Walker, P., MeNee, Gazfer, Fellows, White, Poore, Van Bergen, Dunn, Rhodes, MaeGil1l1on, Kelsey fMgr.j. SECOND Row-Powell fMgr.Q, Munn, Scoll, Ablwtl, Reuler, Walker, B., Cummins, Kuratz, Barnum, Pagen- lqopf, Puzzon, Bray, Clapp, Barton. FRONT Row-Worthum, Shaw, Schmitz, Keller, Towle, Temple, Breidenlirzch, Wiefhoj, Lillle, Serler. Football ff ARD luck" was the theme of most of University High's football games. The Little Gophers finished what might be called a disastrous season without winning a game. In fairness to the team, however, it may be said that in no game did the opposing team hold a great advantage over U. High. The team fought hard and was never out of the running, but the occasional touchdown of an opponent cost U. High several vic- tories. In only one game was it defeated by a decisive score, which proves that the team made up what it lacked in strength in fighting spirit to hold down its adversaries. At the beginning of the season the team showed good prospects, hopefulness, and anticipated a good sea- son. The players carried this spirit with them when they opened their schedule against Stillwater. The start of the game featured a U. High march down the held for a touchdown, but the fates decreed that this touch- down be called back for some minor reason. This caused a complete reversal of U. High's form and took some of their fighting spirit away from them, which eventually meant Stillwater's victory. Perhaps if that touch- down had been allowed, U. High would have continued to win that game and maybe others. This, however, is only a theory and we leave it to the team of 1937 to regain U. Highls reputation as a strong football team. PAGE 45 RICHARD BARTON CARL CUMMINS IAMES IDUNN VINCEN1' ERICKSON IACK GAVER PLATT WALKER Lettermen IJICK KELLER IAINIES LITTLE IoE PAGENROT-E IOHN MACGIBDON CCapt.j ARTHUR MCNEE WILLIAM MCKONE IOHN WHITE IAINIES POORE IOHN A. RHODES ARTHUR SEDER RICHARD VAN BERGEN r ROBERT POWELL CMg T H E -D 192 BISBI L 'I .l.A The Season's Record STILLWATER NIVERSITY HIGH opened its season playing the Stillwater eleven on the Prison City's field. The Little Gophers started out to make quick work of their opponents but were stopped several times inside the opponents' ten yard marker. Although U. High outplayed the Prison City eleven they bowed to a I4-o defeat. WAYZATA Still feeling the sting of defeat from the week before, the Little Gophers exhibited a fine brand of foot- ball against Wayzata and scored a touchdown early in the second period but failed to make the conversion. The opponents soon scored a counter and succeeded in scoring the extra point, making the score 7-6 and managing to keep the lead the remainder of the game. EXCELSIOR U. High, overconfident, and with no idea of losing to a team which had not defeated them in the past five seasons, found a much stronger team than they had anticipated. The Excelsior eleven scored three touchdowns and one conversion to U. High,s single counter and the game ended I9-7 for Excelsior. MOUND The team journeyed to Mound in high hopes but again failed to break its losing streak. The Mound gridders scored thirteen points in the first half, and during the second half a slight drizzle hindered the handling of the ball, making it impossible for either team to score, and the game ended I3-O. HOPKINS The Little Gophers, playing their last home game of the season, were again defeated by a fast stepping Hopkins team which opened up with two counters and a safety resulting in a 16-o score. Although unable to score, the home team played a Hne game and had to play the entire second half without the aid of Capt. MacGibbon who had been injured. ST. LoUis PARK Playing in a blinding dirt storm, the gridders were again defeated 25-6. The high point of the game came in the second quarter with three minutes to play when Van Bergen received a kickoff to run eighty yards for a touchdown. Neither team was able to score in the second half. ALL STAR GAME This year a new custom was inaugurated in the Lake Conference. This consists of a post-season foot- ball game played between the conference champions and four players from each of the other schools in the conference. Capt. Iohn MacGibbon, Dick Van Bergen, Art McNee and Bill McKone represented U. High in this first game, which the "All Starsn won by three touchdowns. lack Gaver was voted the most valuable player by his teammates and was presented an award by the Minneapolis Star. T H E I 9 3 7 Y -v W- - -r 'z PAGE 45 B I S B I L A BACK Row-Couch Curtis, Lailzrop, Sroff, Bizrfwz, llfflilf, Alvflfftlfllf, Purrixfz, Tcmplr, Malin, Dunn Hlgrzj. FRONT Row-MacGif1lfo11, Pagrnkopf, Ericlqymz, loncx, Srdfr, Donomm, Czmzminx, Lilfle. Basketball HE 1937 University High basketball team upset all precedents and captured the first Lake Conference championship the school has ever had. Officially, University High tied with Hopkins, but U. High beat Hopkins in the District Tournament to win the unofficial playoff for the title. Although losing two con- ference games, University High enjoyed beating every team in the league twice, for they met and defeated Excelsior fwho had previously defeated themj, in the sub-district tournament. Led by Captain Iones, one of the most outstanding players this school has produced, the team swept through its schedule playing consis- tently good ball, having only one letdown when they were beaten by Excelsior. Unfortunately, however, they had one bad night in the District meet which meant that they were eliminated, but this did not greatly mar their Fine record. Next year's squad proves that it will also be a potential factor in the conference race, with four returning lettermen. Granny Iones, Captain, and outstanding perform- er for the U. High basketball team, was chosen on the all conference team unanimously for the second time in the same number of years. lones also was chosen on the all district team. Art Seder was honored on the conference second tC11IT1. 'l'E.ur-lhgffzkopf, Mi1c'Gz'!1!vo11, Innes, Scdfr, Linlc, T H E l 9 3 7 PAGE 41 e f1,,2 -f--ii., W' ' '5:.,,E, ei ' in - -ififfan Li, BlSBlLA BACK Row-Couch Cnriis, Pugenlqopf, Karulz, Worllzam, Wiellzolji, Barnum, Gilman, Poore, MacGibl1on, McNee, Little. Hi MIDDLE Row-Breidenlvaeh, Nelson, Rose, McDonald, Norrllanfl fMgr.j, Merzley, Arntfen, Leighton. FRONT Row-Temple, Scott, Reuler, Harris, Van Bergen, Rhodes, Whitmore. Walker, Parton, Merrill. Track HE loss of many of last year's great track team was severely felt by the 1937 squad. Nevertheless, this yearls aggregation showed that it had some flne prospects and endeavored to complete successfully a hard schedule which included Shattuck, Carleton Interscholastic, District and Regional, and others. The team did well in 'scoring 18 points in the Metropolitan Meet where Ward Patton finished second only to South High's record-breaking Tigue in the 440 yard run. The relay team also scored a fourth, along with Art Seder's tie for the same position in the pole vault. The team had the District and Regional titles to defend, along with the half mile relay title at Carleton, which they have won for the last three years. The team placed its hopes on the excellent coaching of Mr. Curtis and the following boys: loo yd. dash-Barnum, Little, Karatz, Pagenkopf. 220 yd. dash-Barnum, McNee, Breidenbach. 440 yd. dash-Patton, Leighton, Merrill. 880 yd. dash-Rhodes, Harris, Temple. High lump-Seder, Erickson. Pole Vault-Seder. Broad lump-Barnum, Van Bergen fCapt.j. Shot Put-MacGibbon, Erickson, Dunn. Hurdles-Van Bergen, Seder, Bray, Walker, Kelly. Discus-MacGibbon, Erickson, Wietholf. Iavelin-Erickson, MacGibbon. THE 1937 - X- mc:-is BISBILA Q 1 , 1 K 1 l FRUNVI' Row-I. Merrill, G. fIu1'ri.c, S. .llw'rill, Bray, Nlclzols, Sfcfzwzlv. CmV1'r.1t RoWYI'ugc', Slromw, Hallowell, Vim Bergen, Fellow.: fCtzpt.j, Slll'l'I'f71LIi1, T. Alllwfl, C. Ktnly. Fnovr Row-1. Jlffrrlll, G. Harris, S. ,l1l'I'l41-ll, Bray, Nichols, Sfcuuzrl. XTo'r IY PIC'I'IfRE-RfZ0!l6S. Swimming NIVERSITY I-lIGH'S Swimming Team, under Mr. Addis' able direction enjoyed a very successful season. Captain Fellows, seniors, Kelly, Nichols, Harns, Rhodes, juniors, Bray and Merrill, and sopho- mores, Wietholl, Abbott, Stewart, Towle and Klein gave U. High much to rejoice over and much to antici- pate by way of stellar performances. The team had good balance, won from some of the Twin Cities' best teams, and proudly lost to stronger adversaries. Only six men are lost through graduation. The team established a tradition beginning this year. At the close of the season the graduating seniors take a last plunge for U. High and then-throw in the coach. Kelly, Hzzrrix, Fellows, Nichols. T H 9 7 PACE 49 -- ff-1-H -- ef f e "'?12lY, ' gal? -.. 3,f141f-f,, -M1 B I S B I L A T 4 l Q University University University University University University RICHARD BARTON CARL CUMMINS IAIJES DUNN VINCENT ERICKSON High High High High High High Scores and Lettermen 0 - 6 - O 7 . 0 6 - IACK GAVER PLATT WALKER DICK KELLER IAMES LITTLE IOE PAGENKOPF Football Lettermen IOHN MACGIBBON QCapt.j ARTHUR MCNEE WILLIAINI MCKONE IOHN WHITE IAIXIES POORE Basketball University High 2I - - - University High 25 - University High 25 - University High 30 - University High 32 - University High 32 - University High 24 - University High 26 - University High 35 - University High 27 - University High 31 - University High I5 - University High 31 - University High 34 - University High 34 - University High 28 - - - University High I8 - - - Lettermen RICHARD BARTON IAMES LITTLE IOE PAGENKOPF GRANDEL IONES CCapt.j IOHN MACGIBBON ARTHUR SEDER Swimming University High 2I - University High 20 - University High 29 - University High 42 - University High 23 - University High 43 - University High I9 - University High 53 - University High 41M - - - Lettermen WILLIAM BRAY GEORGE HARRIS ROBERT NICHOLS THOMAS ABBOTT HOWARD KELLY IOHN A. RHODES REID FELLOWS QCapt.D THEI937 - Stillwater I4 - Wayzata 7 - Mound I3 - Excelsior I9 - - Hopkins I6 - St. Louis Pk. 25 IOHN A. RHODES ARTHUR SEDER RICHARD VAN BERGEIN ROBERT POWELL fMgr D Mechanic Arts 25 - Cumberland 20 - Wayzata I7 - Mound 22 - Cumberland 34 - - Colfax I7 - Hopkins 25 St. Louis Pk. 25 - Wayzata I3 - Mound I7 - Excelsior I2 - Excelsior 23 - Hopkins 22 - St. Louis Pk. 22 - Excelsior 21 - - Hopkins 27 - Robbinsdale I9 IOHN WHITE IAMES DUNN CMgr - - Shattuck 54 - - West 55 St. Paul Central 46 - - Cretin 33 - Rochester 52 - Mpls. Central 32 - - Shattuck 56 - - Marshall 18 - South 33 M CHARLES STEWART CHARLES WIETHOEF FRANKLIN PAGE fMgr BISBILA PAGE 50 Girls, Athletics IRLS at University High School can look back on many interesting hours spent in sports during the year 1936-37. Under the direction of Miss Elizabeth Zimmerli an extensive program was worked out to suit the inclinations of every girl, and since gym was again a required subject, those inclinations were many and varied. In the fall quarter basketball played the important role. Two classes were held during the fourth hour every Monday and Thursday, one for beginners and one for more experienced players. Games between Uni- versity High and Derham Hall, played both' in the Women's Gym and in the gymnasium of the Hall, added interest to this sport. Despite the fact that U. High players were usually the vanquished they thoroughly enjoyed the games and hope that basketball games be- tween U. High and Derham Hall will become an annual custom. Tap dancing, swimming, indoor archery, and basketball were the classes attended in the winter quarter, with special interest shown in tap dancing. These classes, while not new to U. High, were very enjoyable and served to stimulate interest in gym, which naturally lags during the winter quarter. Also, the basketball games with Derham Hall were continued to the end of the quarter. With spring came an even more varied program of athletic activities, more classes were held outside as the weather became warmer. Golf, tennis, archery, and swimming were the classes attended. The swimming class was held under the direction of Miss Zimmerli, who conducted the class for those girls who were inex- perienced swimmers. This was a new class and met with great success. An advanced golf group under Mr. Stan Larson waited until spring so that they could start playing on the University course, while a beginners' class practiced in the gym and on the field behind it before playing actual games. During the winter quarter the Girls' U Club became very active. Much interest was stimulated by a point system for membership. Arrangements were made so that girls could spend free hours playing ping-pong, badminton, basketball, and roller skating. Besides getting enjoyment from time spent this way, points toward the 25 needed for U Club membership were gained. Many girls soon became members, and the club grew in size and popularity. A tennis tournament was sponsored by the club during the spring quarter, and a tennis breakfast held in May was well attended. This year, sports for girls at University High School have been more interesting than ever before. The department has developed remarkably and has the sincere interst and support of all U. High girls. T H E l 9 3 7 PAGE Sl A- B l S B l L A Minor Sports R held at the University of Minnesota during the winter quarter, U. High placed fourth. Whitmore scored a second in his weight and Bill McKone placed third in the heavyweight class. ESTLING was introduced into the state high school league this year. In the first state wrestling meet, U. High was also represented by a golf team this ear. W lk P ' h L' l kopf, and George Shaw were the leaders in this sport. y a er, arris , itt e, Lathrop, Kelley, Pagen- Intra-mural Athletics GAIN this year Mr. Curtis arranged a fine intra-mural athletic program for boys who did not wish to engage in varsity competition. However, the interest aroused over some of the sports was so great that varsity men entered, too, playing side by side with the others. A In the fall, touch football headlined the activities. In the winter, it was basketball, which was climaxed by a championship game between the best fourth and seventh hour teams. The fourth hour team won the championship. Intramural kittenball teams were arranged in the spring quarter gym classes, and a round robin tournament was played. The purpose of intra-mural activities is to give every boy a chance to play in the game he likes best. This purpose was fulfilled to a high degree this year, which means chances for continuing this type of program next year are very good. ' . Sn fs THE1937 BISBILA -- PAGE 52 W! l - g Q S ff? L fzfb ff V I lylffwf Nj' 'Q 1 f 4 QW' M V L , Feature Section DEAR BISBILANSZ The following pages have been intentionally al- lowed to remain uncut. You are requested to leave them as such for at least ten years. Then, when you do read the ensuing contents, you will find that they furnish a thread of fond recollection back to the days of your high school past. REMEMBER How Anne Barnett achieved fame as the only K'Breeze,' scandal columnist ever to receive a bona fide complaintg some of her gags were really good even if they did come from "Ice Miller's Ioke Bookfl The miracle of how Owen Cort's hobby of tooting his trumpet with one paw and driving his car with tiother never got him into trouble. When Muriel Berkus was the spirit of the Fast American Females QFAFD personified, her typical line, quote, '4Oh, please, please, Mister, wonytcha, buy a nice red ticket to the FAF dance?,' Hank Doerr's acrimonious struggle to keep pace with his younger brothers. When Allison Easton, the school's gum cheweris- simo, established by survey how many types of "cud" might exist in one drinking fountain. The time fand moneyj that Dick Donovan con- sumed in keeping his poker face as such. When modest Ruth Firestone informed no one that some of her poetry had been publishedg Ruth didn't know what a rejection slip looked like. When Reid Fellows and Hank Quast, the twin epicures, always took three hours off for the partak- ing of sustenance. When Caryl johnson, the "glamorous Swede" of U. High, thought herself doomed to a life on the legitimate stage. lack Gaver and his slightly equestrian proclivities. When lean Hanson was continually searching for a French lesson collaborator. When Art fAll for the sake of dramalj McNee played the role of the hen-peeked husband in As- sembly. When Ruth Kunze had to scrawl out the ditty l'And the cares that infest the day, etc." for Mr. Sun- derman after she was found guilty of aiding the transportation of a stench bomb through Chorus. Stan Mickel exercising his rich .baritone in the Glee Club productions. How Marion Simons almost fainted when she was required to hold a dead mouse before her two pet owls for a newspaper picture. When Mary Ellen Young blew the top off the vital capacity machine. Bob Nichols' uncontrollable habit of forever quot- ing the supposedly correct figures on heterogeneous subjects from his protuberant scientific handbook. How embarrassed Marcia Gould was when, un- accustomed to U. High vernacular, she thought that apple polishers were little brushes. How Phyllis Marshall always became ill in classes when a good show, starring one of the better known romantic idols, arrived in town. Franklin Pagels diligent search for the more pop- ular refined literary works. When Marjorie Brooks told Mr. Mashek that the new Social Science books were all right except that the covers were too far apart. THEl937 mc: sa Fm- 4- BISBILA The audacity that Shirley Spaeth displayed when she came to school in a kindergarten dress during county fair week. How Bob Powell reveled in proving his ability to argue on anything, any time, anywhere. Grace Mathewson and Iulianne Rich, the Ken- wood inseparables, and the non-communicating ro- mance that Grace carried on with lack famo, amasj Busch. How Ginny Dodge went through the FAF initia- tion mill by coming around in garments unfit to grace an ash pile. When the main problem of transient celebrities was eluding Ann Cullen and lean Levich, "The Breezes, demon interviewers. When Logan Gilman returned from Exeter Acad- emy, a changed man. The headmasteris daughter was reputedly responsible. The hot debates that Marion Carpenter let her- self in for in the "Social Science merry-go-roundn of Mr. Iohn R. Mashek, when, at election time, she announced that she was the daughter of a Republi- can committeewoman. When George Harris refrained from cleaning guns and picking up empty shells over at the Armory rifle range to do the town with Geraldine Berrisford. When Ianet Mogilner jumped into Dr. Iohnson's car, there was only one little detail wrong-it wasn't Dr. Iohnson,s car, complications developed. How "Granny,' Iones seemed to sprout wings while gracing the basketball court. How excited Lorraine Bracken must have been in Social Science the day she swallowed her gum and forgot to giggle. How Howard Kelly and Mart Nordland loved to pat each other on the back, usually to squash a THE 1,9347 BISBILA mushy ice cream bar that had previously been in- serted down the other's collar. When the appellation of "Snowshoe, was pinned on Helen Breneman by her admiring cronies. When Victor Levy became foster mother to the Senior Class Play and resurrected it from the red. Lorraine Chase as an innocent little tyke with her golden hair done up in hempen braids. How Bill McKone loved to collect odds and ends on Physics field trips Cto factoriesj. When Helen Dahlen turned traitor to the cause and let out a lusty yell in favor of Anoka at a foot- ball game. When Don Reilly coupled versatility and ambition and produced-g'The Breezef, How, when Ieanne Lowe was learning to drive, she actually believed that the plugs under the hood had some connection with this Nhorsepowerl' she'd heard so much about. How Mollie Iones was always nnailedl' for the mother parts in the Dramatic Club productions. How lack Rhodes, the perpetually blushing ath- lete, was ever in the pink of condition, it was ru- mored that Ulack Armstrongisu three training rules were responsible. When Eleanor Godbout was the guiding light of those forlorn little seventh graders who crashed U. High in the winter quarter of ,3I. The mystery of how Madeleine Murphy wrote the book column in "The Breezen when she was never seen to be reading. When Dick Van Bergen found time off from be- ing president of something or other to do a mean bit of romping about the gridiron. PAGE 54 How it seemed Marion Kohl was always called upon to recite when she was relaxed in her chair, day-dreaming with a faraway, wistful look in her eye. How Anna Margaret Iohnson delighted in telling of her hardy Luxembourg ancestry. Ia wohl, nicht war? The intestinal fortitude Platt Walker must have mustered to release his stupendous Uguffawn on un- suspecting earsg also when: Platt joined the chorus, With a minute to go, lust to see, The Glee Club show. The hasty exit Pat Garrison made from Shevlin Cafeteria the day she discovered what a terrific de- tonation a bursting paper bag could make. When Merodie Anderson diligently stroked her way about the golf links with fond hopes of becom- ing the women's champ. All the jealousy that was created when Roger Wiethoff knew what "xv equalled before the "pracs" did. The ability possessed by Rosemary Iemne to sketch any handsome new pracs on the horizon and study at one and the same time. When Ieanne Kreuger and Iane McGough were two gay debutantes in Saint Paulis social whirl. The inimitable music of Dave Zeff, the boy maes- tro, and his Stradivarius How Beverly Bjorklund defied U. High tradition and became intoxicated by the sheer beauty of- mathematics. How even the affection of the loveliest maidens in the school was insuflicient to tear B. Lagerquist Bikle from his automatic milking machine. PAGE 55- How Phyllis Anderson, Miss Marlowe, and Cicero never could seem to harmonize on technicalities. Also the scrambled egg technique that Phyllis util- ized in compiling this, the greatest Bisbila of all time. Iack Hummel and his Teutonic for hair tonic, haircutg his candid cameras always seemed to catch us with our bare face hanging out. When kind-hearted Helen Rosendahl was the "easymark" of the sect known as the highly organ- ized association of gum chiselers. All the teasing that Phyllis Morris took because of the similarity between her name and that of a certain cigaretg whenever we wanted her, all we had to do was, "Call for Phyllis Morrisli' How we lived and re-lived the wreck of the Hes- perus with Iim Poore as he gestured and fought his way through the storm until at length he crashed "-upon the reef of Norman's woe!" The saline tears that were shed by Miss Marlowe upon the loss by graduation of Marion King, who, every day without fail, came through with a perfect translation, she was Cicerois best friend. When Minneapolis and Saint Paul were unimpor- tant suburbs of Robbinsdale according to the gospel of Iack White. How the Scotch basso profundo, Iohn MacGib- bon, took his booming voice clear down into the cel- lar on low notesg by the time Iohn was a Senior his larynx could reach the sub-basement, his favorite boast was, "I can play 'Chopsticks, in any key!" How Ole had a genuineness of character that was cognizable to all. How we always suspected that there were dicta- phones under our library desks and that the librari- ans wore telescopic lenses as spectacles when we T HQEI 109,311 BISBILA fTs I CL A were apprehended in our felonies such as whispering and the like. The lamentation and mourning we all participat- ed in the day they made senior high chorus optional. Good old Assembly as the thing they promised us every Wednesday Qwe had it thrice per yearj. The furore Miss Lenore Wolfe created upon her auspicious arrival at the hitherto lackadaisical insti- tution. ' How the fellows delighted in going out after los- ing Z1 football game and "looking for a Hght' in or- der to give vent to their pent-up rage. When the supposed brain-trusters reposed sedate- ly in spite of the furious battle taking place before them at Chess Club meetings Ctwas rumored they slept between movesj. When the ardent enthusiasts of the Camera Club were ever circling about hoping to photograph us in an unbecoming pose. When we learned Chemistry while our fragile res- piratory systems were constantly ravaged by various essences of putrefaction. All the jittery cases of "nerves" that were ostensible when "The Breezen announced it would print the names of the school's notoriously reckless drivers in its next issueg more wreckless driving ensued. The peculiar expression that Dr. Floyd alone could give when you nonchalantly strolled into the office at nine o'clock and requested an excused tar- diness slip, one was always greeted strangely by the teacher to whom the slip was handed also. How we all cried when they took Ioan of Arc awayg we loved her in spite of her graphite hirsute adornment and her gum besmeared toes. T 9 3 7 When we learned Biology as Mr. Bergren gave obituaries on the scientific mode of deceasing that embryonic pigs took. When the creed of some of the chiselers about school with regard to a popular magazine was: Your Time is my Time! When we bought cookies in order that the Latin Department could purchase its stellar Roman Life Charts. When we took thoughts off Fraiilein,s German by vocalizing in "Du, du liegst mir im Herzenn und "Ach, du lieber Augustine." How we always strictly obeyed U. High ordinance 5g Chapter 2, Section rxg paragraph Ig quote "No student attending University High School shall at any time propel any motor vehicle to or from said institution under any conditions whatsoever they may bef, How the "pracs', fBless themj learned to become good pedagogues at the price of a martyrdom in U. High. How the Child Welfare infants enjoyed watching U. High's amateur athletes at play with a ball and bat, in spite of the danger to their dear craniums. When we attended the German Club parties and picnicsg Fraiilein was more frolicsome than we were. Mr. Addis, quote, "See here, get a move on, stir, that's why we never get things done around here, it,s your old habit of procrastination cropping out again!" Mr. Mott, quote, "If you had used any of the well known fundamentals of business and administration in managing, your 3' 'lf 3' club wouldnit have rolled up such a shameful deficit, 551.13-bahly' How the college and vocational aptitude tests de- stroyed our pet ambition of being a streetcar con- ductor. 5 PAGE 56 How, when any especially miraculous occurrence befell, the student body always deemed it, "By the grace of God and the Facultyll' In conclusion, how the memory wracked mental- ity of the Feature Editor, after word pictorializing everyone else, became a total blank when comment about Alan Hall was required. All that he could de- termine on philosophizing upon was, "Lay your Bis- bila carefully away for another decade, and mean- while show the rest of the world that the ambitious spirit of U. High, ,37, still livesf' THE1937 PAGE 57 BISBILAi H EWEE EEE ECEEE A H "Say if a With Q FLOWERS" V From A H 0 LM X: 0 LS 0 N E zo w. sfh sf. ce. 6083 f Flowers For Your 1. S. St, Paul 1 ,C 1 AE TL L I, T LEE Ei E E A 7 A Get Acquainterl With R At Lo est A e ge + . 1 , . Q Printilggtmangry Co. 1, ' 21 14 h A .s. E. cl. 7933 90-DAY CHARGE ACCOUNT SERVICE Q EE Ei Ei CCCC EEE E EC CE E '+wW STEEL DE SCTO ICE CREAM A A U HEALTH FOOD PAC E photographs That Win By Comparison 9539 GENE GARRETT STUDIQS 1104 NICOLLET AVENUE NO. 1-IS OFFICIAL BUT NO PUZZLE .WeII,were out mtheOLD COLD world now mmf... O.I4.'mq friend were out to support the LOCALLY OWN ED stututlons too WHEN A PUZZLE IS NOT A PUZZLE Saint Paul's Young People Know That THE EMPORIUM-"Saint Paul's Own Store" 1. Frilly Graduation Dresses 2. White or Pastel Sandals 3. White Gloves 4. Nosegays and Garland! 5. Intriguing Perfumes 6. Filmy 'Kerchieis 7. Adorable Compacts 8. Beauteous Evening Bags And All the Other innumerable Trifles Girls Adore No strings tied to this one -is the Best Place to Buy- Handsome Suits White Flannel Trousers Well Cut Shoes Startling Neckties Deep Toned Shirts Snozzy Belts Efficient Cigarette Cases Keen Wrist Watches And All the Other Innumerable Trifles Young Men Respect . . . no guess work about it . . . "you pays your money and you takes your pick." JZ? .QQ What will you wear for graduation? K as a s QNX H e r e A r e XX 'K Q F ' I W ourT1mely X Suggestions J xx 2. 3. "HlGHLAND" GABAR- DINE SPORT SUIT - three new shades. Green, "Berma - Tan" und "silver" g r e ,l. T h r e e pieces: vest, jacket a n d pleated trousers Y . . 29,50 BLUE FLANNEL SPORT COAT AND WHITE FLANNELS - double breasted coat with bi- swing blouse back and pleated "high-rise" all wool white slacks. Coat l2.95. Slacks -- 5.95 DOUBLE BREASTED WHITE PALM BEACH SUIT - iacket and pleated slacks in new I 937 version, featur- ing new "Blair Lounge" mOdel . I5.75 TWO-PIECE S P 0 R T SUIT - includes single or double breasted iack- et, with sport back. Matching slacks. Tweeds, mixtures, ploids . - - - - 19.50 The Golden Rule-Young Men's ot mg L , get 4233 1l.'q I r K A ' , A , Q , K t . 5. Q ,, X a , . 5 - Q ij, XX X SS T i if. X 5 - YN. Ql.. .'-- 3 ,A bd X , x 1 ., .. Sk ye .f ,X Y fr: I bi X . .1 AI. .....,, xx .E-:V ..e- s wx ,Xi S Q Rami Q., f , xx :X af x I . 5RVS X '. il .. l is X E la ,H I , ' K sf - K ' s -'l- 1 ss st asv' lx N . Y xy . s S'-Na-' 1 --is. . next in importance to your diploma! -graduating in a beautiful new JUAN Ac JANE DRESS r o m a n t i c graduation fashions! QSMZZQS I r ns on graduating in a year of ra- Congratu a 'io , mantic fashions, on having dresses of exquisite Mousseline de Soie, chiffon, lace ond net to choose from. Flower or ribbon trims. Lovely shades of ' and white. peach, pink, maize, aqua, blue, green Sizes Il to l7. Joan and Jane fashions are exclusive with The Golden Rule. The Golden Rule-Joan and Jane Shop-Third Floor. .9 'Q . .- Ala it N , X I x M, i fix' MS' 'ara eff the y mm go by ! In ears to come, this annual will become one of our most riceless Y Y possessions. It was a distinct pleasure to have made the engravings for a book that perhaps your children will enjoy fifty years hence. GRAPHIC ARTS ENGRAVING COMPANY 501 SEVENTH AVENUE SOUTH U MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA 2 3 ME ff? is M' PAGE ' ef miee m 1 sendmail ll Make Every Penny Count I 1 b l doing your syhopping for New or usen Booics 1 at the CO-OP BOOK STORE I ACROSS FROM FOLWELL - ' ' ' ' 7" ly 1 ll GRADUATION li ly ACompIete l GIFT-BOOKS UNIVERSITY BOOK STORE l For All l ll I 1 uf BOOKS AND SUPPLIES I Textbooks Paper Items Notebooks ! Fountain Pens Minnesota levvelry I l Novelty Items Citts EVERYTHING FDR THE STUDENT ll l PERINES Suggestions il DeLuxe Editions y Culver Old Ships ........ M98 Chinese Art .................. I98 J Durant--Story ot Philos I .69 I Mather- flvlodern r Paintings .................. I .69 M Rockwell Kent-Shake soeare ........................ 395 Kioling aProse and I 159 159 L And orrrers 1 Poetry ........................ Travels ot Marco Polo .... 1 Minnesota Book Store 1 1411 university Ave. ci. 1522 1 318 i41iAve.s.E. 1? Eiss f 1 To the Future Brides and Crooms ot Class ot I937 y y SEE VIC LEVY H A When You're Ready l l At Either I l ST. PAUL HOUSEFURNISHING CO. y MINNEAPOLIS HOUSEFURNISHING co. 5 knff! J .'y 7'f -Q-a.!L,0-A I ,Ji-wfA X '- Q JQQ'p9r!'5i C , W. , , -, ,!,fz.aWL6Q L, L Plastic Binding Division MINNEAPOLIS PAPER CO. U. S. Parent No. 1970285

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