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'•-N 03sm  I Edited by FLORENCE CHAPIN NATALIE BUSSEY r - L L Published by THE CLASS OF 1936 UNIVERSITY HIGH SCHOOL Minneapolis. Minn.Principal's Message Commencement will not mark the end of formal schooling for most of our seniors. Next fall will find nearly all enrolled in some college or university. However, it does mean the breaking of associations formed in the six years at the University High School. I hope that you have found your life in our school interesting, stimulating and enjoyable. Oliver R. Floyd, PrincipalFaculty ADMINISTRATION Lotus D. Coffman, Ph. D. ------ - President Melvin E. Haggerty, Ph. D. Dean of the College of Education Charles W. Boardman, Ph. D. - - - Director of Student Teaching Oliver R. Floyd. Ph. D......................................Principal Leslie S. Bergren, B. S. Dorothy A. Bovee, M. A. Catherine Bullard, M. A. James E. Curtis, M. S. Richard Drake .M. A. Marion Edman, M. A. Claude Eggertsen, M. A. Ruth Ersted, B. S. Elbert E. Field, B. S. Maud Glenn, M. A. Margaret Isaacs, B. S. Andrew Jensen, B. S. Arno Jewett, B. S. Agnes Kean, B. S. Lucien Kinney, Ph. D. Edward Loye, M. S. S. E. Tortsen Lund, M. A. Thurber Madison, B. S. Bliss Mapes, Ph. B. Eleanor Marlowe, M. A. Julia Maus, M. A. Dale Patterson, M. A. Robert Sheets, M. A. Florence Smythe, B. S. Frans Vaurio, B. S. Ellena Ventura, B. S. Mary Jo Walker, M. A. Edgar B. Wesley, Ph. D. Mabel H. Wettleson, M. A. Lucy M. Will, M. A. Walter Williams, M. A. Lenore Wolfe. B. S. Elizabeth Zimmerli, M. A. INSTRUCTORS Science History English ...........................Physical Education Mathematics Librarian History Librarian ......................Industrial Education Home Economics ...........................Physical Education History English Commercial Education Mathematics Mathematics Science Music Music .- Latin ......................................English ................................Personnel French-Latin ..........................................Art ...................................Science ................................Secretary .......................................French Assistant Professor of History English and Advisor to Girls ....................................German .........................Industrial Education ...............................- English ........................Physical Education Pago FlvoJVRICHARD ABBEY - ’•Dick' Beaux Am Club, 4: Breeze Staff, 1. 2. 3, 4; Chemistry Club, 3; Chess Club, 3. 4; Dramatic Club, 2, 3, 4; Dramatic Club Productions, "Confessional.” "The Wonder Hat," "The Critic"; Junior High Gorman Club; Glee Club. 1. 2, 3. 4; "All at Sea," "The Count and the Co-ed," "Tune In," "Pinalore"; Homecoming Com-mlttoo, 3; J. S. Committee, 3; Junior High Dramatic Club; Junior High Tech Club; Library Board, 1, 2; Senior Class Play. 'Loose Ankles," 4; Stage Force, 1, 2, 3; Stamp Club, "Nothing is impossible to industry.' WILLARD ALLSTROM - "Willie" Class Treasurer. 1; Dragoman, 4; German Club, I, 2, 3, 4; Vice-President, 4; Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramural Banketball, 4; National Honor Society, 4; Stamp Club, 2, 3. 4; Vice President, 2; Secretary-Troasurer. 3; Track, 2, 3. 4; Band. 4. "A man of thought, up and stirring." EDWARD ARNTSEN - - "Ed" Band, 4; Boys' "U" Club, 4; Basketball, 2, 3; Breeze Staff. 4; Chess Club. 4; Dramatic Club, 4; Football, 4; Intramural Baskotball, 2, 3. 4; Track. 4; Orchestra, 2, 4. "Speak to him, ladies; see It you can move him.' JOHN BEEBE - - - "Jack" Bisbtta Board. 4; Sports Editor. 4; Boys’ "U" Club. 2, 4; Dramatic Club. 4; Football, 1, 2; German Club, 1. 2; Ice Cream Sales. 4; Intramural Basketball, 1; Shattuck, 3; Stago Force, 1; Swimming, 2. 4; Track, 1, 2. 4. "He’s little and he's wise, A terror for his size." GRACE BEMIS Dramatic Club, 4; Girls' Club. 2, 3, 4; Glee Club, 2, 3, 4; “The Count and the Co-ed," "Tune In"; Ice Cream Sales, 2; Library Board, 3, 4; Mothors' Tea Commlttoe, 3, 4; Junior Chairman. 3; Orchestra, 2. "The saying that beauty is but skin deep Is but a skin deep saying." ELLEN JANE BOYD - - "El" Acmo, 4; Acme Apple Sales. 4; Breeze Staff, 4; Girls' Club, 2, 3, 4; Treasurer, 4; Girls' Club Cabinet, 4; Girls' Club Council, 3; Glee Club, I, 2, 3; "All at Sea," "The Count and the Co-ed," "Tune In"; Homecoming Committee, 4; Honor Roll, 2; J. S. Committee, 3; Junior High Dramatic Club; Mothers' Tea Committee, 1, 2, 3, 4; Chairman, 2: Senior Class Play, "Loose Anklos." 4; Senate, 4; Junior High Girls’ Club. "Personality plus frlondliness equals onnulnrltv." ARTHUR BOYDEN • • "Art" Basketball, 1, 2, 3; Chess Club. 2. 3; German Club. 2, 3, 4; Glee Club. 4; Honor Roll, 1. 2, 3, 4; Intramural Basketball. 1. 2. 3, 4; Library Board. 4; Radio Club, 1, 2. 3; Swimming, 1. 2; Track, 1; Band. 4; Orchestra, 4. "Never trouble trouble until trouble troubles you." NATALIE BUSSEY - - • "Nat" Acme, 3, 4; Treasurer, 4; Acme Apple Sales, 4; Bisblla Board, 4; Associate Editor, 4; Breeze Staff, 4; Dramatic Club, 1, 2, 3; Girls' Club. 1. 2, 3. 4; Girls’ Club Cabinet, 1; Girls' Club Council, 2; German Club, I. 2. 3. 4; Secretary, 4; Glee Club. 4; "Pinafore"; Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3, 4; Junior High Dramatic Club; Library Board, 3; Mothers' Tea Committee. 1; General Chairman, 1; National Honor Society, 4; Quill and Scroll. 4; Junior High Girls' Club. "Beauty and wisdom are rarely conjoined ' DONALD CALLAHAN - "Don" Bisblla Board, 4; Business Manager, 4; Boys' "U" Club, 4; Class President, 2; Dragoman, 4; Dramatic Club, 4; Dramatic Club Production. "The Critic"; Football, 2, 3. 4; Honor Roll, 3. 4; Ice Cream Sales, 4; National Honor Society, 4; Senior Class Play, "Loose Ankles," 4; Swimming, I; Track, 3. "Stately and tall he moves in the hall, the chief of a thousand for grace." FLORENCE CHAPIN - "Flossie" Acme, 4; Acme Apple Sales, 4; Bisblla Board, 4; Editor-in-Chlef, 4; Breeze Staff. 4; Dramatic Club. 2, 3. 4; Girls' Club, 2. 3. 4; Girls' Club Cabinet, 1, 2; Girls' Club Council, 2, 4; Secretary, 2; Glee Club, 3, 4; "Tune In"; "Pinafore"; Honor Roll. 2, 4; Ice Croam Sates. 3; Junior High Dramatic Club; Mothers' Tea Committee. 3; Quill and Scroll, 4; Junior High Girls' Club. "Always happy, never sad. "She makes the whole world glad.” JOHN CHAPMAN Boys' "U" Club, 4; Baskotball. 2. 3; Breeze Staff, 4; Chemistry Club. 2, 3; Football, 3, 4; Manager. 4; German Club, 2, 3; Intramural Baskotball, 3, 4; J. S. Commliteo, 3; Junior High Tech Club; Tennis. 2, 3. "But tell me truly, what do I think!" MARIANNE CHASE Beaux Arts Club, 4; Breeze Staff, 4; Girls' Club. 2, 3. 4; Glee Club. 2, 3, 4; "Tune In." "The Count and the Co-ed"; Maria Sanford. 1. "Live and laugh, 'tis all in fun.”GEORGE CORNEVEAUX FRANCES FLINT Breeze Staff, 3; Dramatic Club, 4; Dramatic Club Productions, "The Critic"; Gloo Club, 2, 3, 4; "The Count and tho Co-ed, "Tuno In," "Ptnaforo"; Honor Roll, 2. 3, 4; J. S. Commute©, 3; Senior Class Play, "Loose Ankles," 4. "The gentleman is learned and a most rare speaker." MYRA JANE DAY Girls' Club, 2, 3, 4. "Her quietness bespeaks dignity.' JAMES EASTON - - • "Jim" Chess Club. 4; Glee Club, 2, 3, 4; 'Tune In," "The Count and the Coed," "Pinafore"; Junior High Tech Club. "Where are you bound. Oh solemn voyageur?" MARIAN ERICHSEN Dramatic Club, 4; Girls' Club, 3, 4; Glee Club, 3, 4; "Tune In"; Honor Roll, 4; Library Board, 4; Mothers' Tea Committee, 3. 4; West, 1, 2. “The art of doing things quietly and well is rare indeed." MICHAEL FINNERTY - "Mike” Broezo Staff, 4; Chess Club, 2, 3, 4; Debate, 4; Dragoman, 4; Dramatic Club, 2, 3, 4; Dramatic Club Productions. "The Man in the Bowler Hat," 'Trifles"; Football. 2, 3. 4; Gorman dub, 3, 4; Ice Cream Saloa, 3, 4; Intramural Basketball, 2, 3, 4; Library Board, 3, 4; Radio Club, 3; Stamp Club, 2, 3, 4; Senior Class Play. "Loose Ankles," 4; Tennis, 2. 3. 4; Track, 2, 3. 4. “Wit and wisdom are born with a man." GEORGE FIRESTONE Beaux Arts Club, 4; Breeze Stall, 3, 4; Editor, 4; Dragoman. 4; Dramatic Club, 3. 4; Secretary, 4; German Club. 2, 3; Glee dub, 3, 4; 'Tune In," "Pinafore"; Honor Roll, 1. 2, 3, 4; J. S. Committee, 3; Junior High Dramatic dub; National Honor Society, 4; Senior Class Play, "Loose Ankles.” 4; Quill ana Scroll. 3, 4; Vice-President-Secretary, 4. "I have novor found the limit of my capacity lor work." Breeze Staff, 4; Dramatic Club, 4; Girls' Club. 4; Glee dub. 4; "Pinafore"; Beaux Arts Club, 4; Homecoming Committee, 4; Mothers' Tea Committee. 4; Clayton High School, St. Louis, Mo„ 2, 3; Senate, 4. "A sunny disposition is tho vory soul of success." ELEANOR FRANTZ - - "Onnlo” Acme, 4; Acme Apple Sales, 4; Class Vice-President. 4; Dramatic dub, 4; Girls’ Club, 2, 3. 4; Vtce-Presidont, 3; Girls' Club Cabinet, 3; Girls' Club Council, 4; Glee dub, 2, 3, 4; "Tho Count and the Coed." 'Tune In"; Mothers Tea Committee, 2; Marla Sanford. 1. "A rare compound of Jollity, frolic, and fun." FREDERICK FRED ERICKSON "Fred1 Basketball, 3; Breeze Staff, 4; Chess dub, 3, 4; Dramatic dub. 4; German dub. 3, 4; Honor Roll. 2; Ice Cream Sales, 4; Intramural Basketball, 2, 3, 4; Stage Force, 4. "Verily women are treacherous to evoryono near and distant." JOHN GARRETT - - - "Jack” Breeze Staff. 4; Debate, 4; Dramatic Club, 1. 2, 4; Honor Roll, 1; Junior High Dramatic dub; Quill and Scroll. 4. "Better bo little and shine than to bo big and cast a shadow." PATRICIA GEER - • - "Patty- Acme. 4; Bisbtla Board, 4; Brooz© Staff, 4; Dramatic Club, 2, 3, 4; Girls' Club, 2. 3, 4; Glee dub, 3; "Tune In"; lunior H gh Dramatic Club; President, 1; Mothers' Tea Committee. 1, 3; Junior High Girls' Club, President, 1. "Varioty alone gives Joy." SUSANNE GEIST - - - "Susie" Acme, 4; Acme Apple Salos, 4; Beaux Arts dub, 4; Bisbila Board, 4; Breeze Staff, 3, 4; Dramatic Club, 2. 3. 4; Girls' Club. 2. 3, 4; Girls' Club Cabinet, 1. 4; German Club. 2, 3, 4; Treasurer, 3; Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; "The Count and the Co-ed," 'Tuno In." "Pinafore '; Honor Roll, 1. 2, 3, 4; J. S. Committee, 3; Junior High Dramatic Club, 1; Library Board, 4; Mothers' Tea Committee, 2, 3; National Honor Society, 3, 4; Junior High Girls' Club, I. "Call mo proscription I'm hard toDONALD GOLD BILL HEATON - - “Don" Basketball, 2, 3, 4; Breeze Stall, 4; Chess Club, 4; Gorman Club, 2, 3; Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramural Baskotball, 1, 2; National Honor Society, 4; Tonnis, 4; Track, 2. 3. "There is no fottoring ol authority.' HAROLD GOLDMAN - "Goldy' Bisbila Board, 4; Advertising Manager, 4; Boys "U" Club, 3, 4; Secretary-Treasurer. 4; Baskotball, 2, 3, 4; Co-Captain, 4; Breeze Stall, 3, 4; Sports Editor, 4; Class President. 3; Dragoman. 3, 4: Football, 2, I. 4; Homecoming Committee, 4; Honor Roll, 1, 2, 4; Ice Cream Sales, 3. 4; Intramural Basketball, 1; J. S. Committeo, 3; Quill and Scroll, 3, 4; President, 4; Tennis, 4; Track, 2. "In sports ol all kinds he does excel. in fact he can do anything well.” STANLEY GOODS1LL - “Stan Basketball. 2, 3; Brooze Stall, 3, 4; German Club, 2, 3. 4; Honor Roll, 3, 4; Intramural Basketball, 1. 2, 3, 4; ). S. Committee. 3; Stamp Club, 3; Track. 1. 3. "Give to the world the best you have, and the best will come back to you." PEGGY HAAS Beaux Arts Club, 3. 4; Vice-President and Secretary, 3; Brooze Stall. 3; Dramatic Club, 2, 3, 4} Girls' Club, 2. 3, 4; Girls' Club Council. 3; Glee Club. 3; "Tune In"; Junior High Dramatic Club; Junior High Girls Club; Mothers’ Toa Committee. 1. 2; Senior Class Play, "Loose Ankles," 4. "Art is hor line; her achievements are great!" JOHN HAMMEREL Breeze Staff, 4; German Club, 3. 4; Library Board. 4; Blake. 1, 2. "My ability? Oh, that Just comes natural." MARGARET HARDING - “Peggy" Breeze Staff, 4; Chess Club, 3; Girls Club. 2, 3, 4; Honor Roll, 2. 3. 4; Junior High Dramatic Club; Junior High Girls' Club; Mothers' Tea Committee, 2; National Honor Society, 3, 4; Quill and Scroll, 4. "As though she livod to write, and wrote to five." BiBbila Board, 4; Circulation Manager, 4; German Club, 2. 3. 4; Glee Club, 4; "Pinafore"; Intramural Basketball, 4; Stamp Club, 1, 2, 3; Track. 2. 3, 4; Golf, 4. "He is an Englishman! For he himself has said it. And it's greatly to his credit. That ho's an Englishman!" PAGE HUNT Breeze Staff, 4; Chess Club, 2, 3. 4; Dramatjc Club, 4; Football, 2; German Club, 3. 4; Glee Club, 4; Intramural Basketball, 2, 3 4; John Marshall, St. Paul, 1: Senior Class Play, "Loose Ankles. 4; Swimming, 2; Track, 2; Band, 4. "Thoughts are mightier than strongth of hand." ELIZABETH KEDNEY - “Betty" Girls- Club. 2. 3, 4; Glee Club. 2, 3. 4; "Pinafore"; Mothers' Tea Committee, 4; Junior High Girls' Club. "Her life is pleasant, and her eye is cheerful." JOHN KELSEY Basketball, 2, 3; Football, 3; Gorman Club. 2. 3, 4; Honor Roll. 1.2, 3. 4; Ice Cream Saks, 4; Intramural Basketball. 2, 3, 4; National Honor Society, 4; Stamp Club, 2, 3. 4; Track. 1. 2, 3. 4; Bands, 2. 4. “Just at the age 'twixt boy and youth, "When ho is cutting his wisdom tooth." ELEANOR KOALSKA Acme, 4; Bisbila Board. 4; Feature Editor, 4; Breeze Staff, 4; Girls' Club, 2. 3, 4; Girls' Club Council, 4; German Club, 3, 4; Glee Club. 2, 3. 4; "The Count and the Co-ed", "Tune In." "Pinafore"; Honor Roll, 2. 3, 4; Mothers Tea Committee. 3, 4; National Honor Society, 4; Junior High Girls' Club. 1. "There is about her an elusive intangible charm.” BETTY JANE LAU Dramatic Club, 2, 3; Girls' Club, 2, 3, 4; German Club, 3; Gloe Club, 3, 4; "Tune In," "Pinafore.” "The Count and tho Co-ed"; Mothers' Tea Committee, 1, 2, 3, 4; Junior High Girls' Club. “Generally speaking, she is—generally speaking."FRANCES LAWTON - "Frank®’ GORDON MAY Beaux Arts Club, 3, 4; Dramatic Club. 2. 3. 4; Girls' Club. 2. 3. 4; Girls' Club Council. 4; Glee Club. 1. 2, 3. 4; "All At Sea." "The Count and the Co-ed," 'Tune In." "Pinafore"; Junior High Dramatic Club. President, 1; Library Board. 4; Junior High Girls' Club. "Oh, she dances such a way!" JOSEPH LEDGERWOOD - "Joe" Boys' "U" Club. 3. 4; Basketball. 3, 4; Football. 4; Ice Cream Sales. 3. 4; Central High School. Duluth, 1. 2; Track. 3. 4. "True worth Is in being, not seeming." CHARLES LEWIS - - "Chuck” Boys' "U" Club. 4; Class Treasurer. 4; Dragoman. 4; Football, 2. 3, 4; Ice Cream Sales. 4; Intramural Basketball. 2, 3, 4; Swimming. 2; Track. 2. 3. 4. "Quiet and assuming, but always on tho Job." CARL LINEER Dramatic Club, 3. 4; Dramatic Club Production, "The Wonder Hat," "The Critic;" Intramural Basketball, 1. 2, 3, 4; Junior High Dramatic Club. Junior High Tech Club; Senior Class Play. "Loose Ankles," 4. "I like work; it fascinates me; I can sit and look at It for hours." JOHN LUCAS "Jack- Chess Club, 3; Football. 3, 4; German Club. 2. 3, 4; Intramural Basketball. 2, 3. 4; Library Board. 4; Radio Club, 2. 3; Stamp Club, 2; Swimming, 4; Track, 3; Band. 4. "Why should I study and make myself foolish?" RICHARD McGEE - - "Dick" Boys' "U" Club. 4; Baskotball. 2, 3. 4; Co-Captain, 4; Chess Club, 3, 4; President, 4; Football, 1. 2, 3, 4; Glee Club, 4; “Pinafore"; Honor Roll. 4; Intramural Basketball, 1, 2, 3; J. S. Committee. 3; Junior High Tech Club; Tennis, 1. 2. 3, 4. "It takes a little fun along with common sense to make life worth while." "Gordy" Boys' "U" Club, 3, 4; Football, 2, 3. 4; Glee Club, 2. 4; "The Count and tho Co-ed," "Pinafore"; Dramatic Club Production, "The Critic.'' 4; Honor Roll. 2, 3; Intramural Baskotball. 2. 3, 4; Track. 2. 3. 4. "He thinks out his work and works out his thoughts." JEAN MOORHOUSE Dramatic Club, 2, 3, 4; Girls' Club. 2. 3. 4; Glee Club. 1. 2. 3, 4; "AH at Sea." "The Count and the Co d," "Tune In." "Pinafore"; Ice Croam Sales. 2; Junior High Dramatic Club; Library Board. 3, 4; Mothers' Tea Committee. 1, 2, 3. 4; Junior High Girls' Club. "If one looks on the right side, it is bound to be the bright side." KITTY ANN MORDAUNT Acme, 4; Bisbila Board. 4; Album Editor. 4; Broezo Staff, 4; Dramatic Club. 3. 4; Girls Club. 2. 3, 4; Glee Club, 2, 3; “The Count and the Co-ed," 'Tune In"; Honor Roll, 2. 3. 4; Library Board, 4; Mothers' Tea Committee, 2, 3, 4; Senior Class Play, "Loose Ankles," 4; Visitation Convent, 1. "A little nonsense now and then Is relished by the wisest men." GILBERT MOREAU - • "Gib- Boys’ "U" Club, 3, 4; Basketball. 2, 3; Football, 2, 3, 4; German Club, 2, 3, 4; Ics Cream Sales, 3, 4; Intramural Basketball. 2, 3, 4; Stago Force. 3, 4; Swimming. 2, 3, 4; Track. 2. 3. 4. "Words are women; deeds are men." DONALD MYERS - - - "Don" Boys' "U" Club. 2. 3. 4; Football. 2. 3. 4; German Club. 1, 2. 4; Glee Club, 4; "Pinafore"; Ice Cream Sales, 2. 4; Swimming, 1, 2. 3. 4; Track, 1. 2, 3, 4. "Splendid to see. a head above the crowd." AUDREY NELSON • - "Aud" Girls' Club, 2, 3, 4; German Club, 3, 4; Glee Club, 3, 4; "Tune In," "Pinafore"; Junior High Dramatic Club; Mothers' Tea Committee, 4; Junior High Girls' Club. "Lovely as the day."JANET OLSON Dramatic Club, 3; Girls' Club, 1. 2, 3, 4; Girls' Club Cabinot, 4; Glee Club, 2, 3. 4; "Tho Count and the Co-ed.” "Tune In,” "Pinafore"; Honor Roll, 2, 3; Junior High Dramatic Club; Junior High Girls' Club; Library Board, 4; Mothers' Tea Committee, 3. "The quiet tongue shows a wise hoad." ALICE PETERSON Girls’ Club, 2, 3, 4; Mothers' Tea Committee, 2, 3, 4; Maria Sanford, 1. "Silence is more musical than song." CARL RASMUSSEN • • "Rass" Boys' ”U" Club, 3, 4; Basketball, 2, 3; German Club, 2, 3; Intramural Basketball, 1, 2. 3, 4; J. S. Committee. 3; Stamp Club, 2; Track, 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 4. "There is only one ‘Rass,’ and if he'd boon twins, the one would have died laughing at tho other." ROBERT REULER - - "Bob' Boys' "U" Club, 2, 3, 4; Vice-President, 3; President, 4; Basketball, 2, 3. 4; Breeze Staff, 2, 3, 4; Business Manager, 3, 4; Dragoman, 3, 4; Secretary-Treasurer, 4; Dramatic Club, 3, 4; Business Manager, 3, 4; Treasurer, 3. 4; Football, 1, 2, 3, 4; Captain. 4; Homecoming Committee, 2, 3. 4; Ice Cream Sales, 4; Intramural Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4; J. S. Committee. 3; Library Board, 3; Senate, 2, 3; Track, 1, 2, 3. 4; Stage Force, 1; Glee Club, 4; Business Manager, 4. "The Joker of the pack." JOAN RHODES Acme, 3, 4; Vice-President-Secrotary, 4; Acmo Apple Salos, 4; Broeze Staff, 4: Class Secretary, 3; Dramatic Club, 3, 4; Dramatic Club Production, "The Critic," 4; Girls' Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; President, 4; Girls’ Club Cabinet, 4; Girls' "U" Club, 3; Glee Club, 4; Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3, 4; Ice Cream Sales. 3, 4; Library Board, 3; Mothers' Tea Committee. 3; Senate, 2; Senior Class Play, "Loose Ankles," 4; Junior High Girls Club; Tennis, 4. "Everything is sweetened by risk." JEAN ROBBINS Acme, 3, 4; President, 4; Acme Apple Salos, 4; Beaux Arts Club, 3, 4; President, 4; Bisbila Board. 4; Art Editor, 4; Dramatic Club, 4; President, 4; Dramatic Club Production, "Trifles." 4; Girls' Club, 2, 3. 4; Girls' Club Council, 3; Glee Club, 3. 4; "Tune In," "Pinafore"; Homecoming Committee, 4; Honor Roll. 1. 2, 3, 4; J. S. Commlttoo, 3; Junior Hiah Dramatic Club; Junior High Girls' Club; Mothers' Tea Committee, 2, 3; National Honor Society. 3. 4; Sonlor Class Play. "Loose Ankles," 4. "Gonius and character combined, A lovoly heart, a lofty mind." ELIZABETH ROSE - - "Betty" Breeze Staff, 4; Dramatic Club, 3. 4; Girls' Club. 1. 2, 3, 4; Gleo Club. 2. 3. 4; "Tho Count and tho Co-ed," "Tune In"; Ice Cream SaleB. 3: Library Board. 4; Mothers’ Toa Committee, 1, 2, 4; Junior High Girls’ Club. "A fair exterior is a silent recommendation." BENNET SERRILL - - - "Ben- Boys' "U" Club, 3, 4; Baskotball. 1; Manager. 4; Breeze Stafl, 4; Class Vice-President. 3; Draooman. 3, 4; President, 4; Football. 3. 4; Gorman Club, 2, 3. 4; Secretary, 3; President, 4; Homecoming Committee. 3; Honor Roll, 1. 2, 3. 4; Ice Cream Sales, 4: Intramural Basketball, 2, 3; J. S. CoinmitUo, 3; National Honor So-cloty, 4; Quill and Scroll, 4; Band, 2, 4; Senate. 2, 3. 4; Secretary-Traasurer. 2; Vice-Prosidont. 3; President, 4; Stamp Club, 3. "Success is man’s god." JOHN SHARP - - "Jack- Boys' "U" Club. 3. 4; Breeze Staff, 3. 4; Class Presidont, 4; Class Vice-President, 1; Class Treasurer, 2, 3; Debate, 3, 4; Dragoman, 3, 4; Vice-President. 4; Dramatic Club, 3. 4; Dramatic Club Productions. "The Man in tho Bowler Hat," "Trifles"; Football, 3, 4; German Club, 3. 4; Treasurer, 4; Homecoming Committee, 4; Honor Roll. 1, 2, 3, 4; Ice Croam Sales, 3. 4; Intramural Basketball. 1, 2. 3, 4; J. S. Commlttoo, 3; Quill and Scroll. 4; Sonata, 4; Track. 1. 2, 3. 4. "He is hailed a conqueror of conquerors." ELIZABETH SHILLINGTON "Betty- Dramatic Club, 2, 3, 4,- Girls' Club, I. 2. 3. 4; Glee Club, 2, 3, 4; "The Count and the Co-ed," "Tune In," "Pinafore"; Junior High Dramatic Club; Junior High Girls' Club; Mothers' Tea Committee, 3. "A truo friend is forever a friend." CELIA SHRYOCK • - - "Sis" Broezo Staff, 4; Girls' Club, 1, 2, 3. 4; Glee Club, 1, 2. 4; "All at Sea." "The Count and the Co-ed"; Junior High Dramatic Club; Junior High Girls' Club; Mothors' Toa Committee, 3. "Be silent and safe—silence never betrays you." WINFIELD STEPHENS - "Win- Boys' "U" Club, 4; Football. 2, 3. 4; Intramural Basketball, 3. "Eat, drink, and bo merry. For tomorrow wo may have to work."DORIS STOVEN Breeze Staff, 4; Class Secretary, 4; Dramatic Club, 2, 3, 4; Dramatic Club Production, "The Man in tho Bowler Hat"; Girls' Club, 2. 3, 4; German Club. 2; Glee Club, 2. 3, 4; "The Count and the Co-ed." "Tune In.” "Pinafore”; Ice Cream Sales, 3. 4; J. S. Committee, 3; Mothers' Tea Committee, 2. 3; Senior Class Play "Looeo Ankles." 4; Wilson lunior High School, 1; Sor.ato, 3. "She's all my fancy painted her. She's lovely, she's divine." SUZANNE STIFFLER - "Susie” Breeze Staff. 4; Dramatic Club. 3. 4; Girls' Club. 1. 2. 3. 4; Glee Club. 3. 4; "Tune In," "Pinafore"; Honor Roll, 1, 2. 3. 4; lunior High Girls' Club; Mothers' Tea Committee, 2, 3. 4. "God's rarest blessing is, after all, a good woman." JOAN WESTERLIN Girls' Club, 2, 3, 4; Mothers' Tea Committee, 3; Marla Sanford. I. "Whon silence speaks for Love, she has much to say." ALBERT TATKIN - "Al" Chess Club. 2, 3. 4; Intramural ketball, 3; Radio Club, 2. 3; Secretary-Treasurer, 3; Stamp Club. 3. "Thank God for a world where none may shirk." MARIAN WEYL - - "Marny" Acme, 4; Bisbtla Board, 4; Breeze Staff, 3, 4; Dramatic Club, 1, 2, 3. 4; Dramatic Club Production. "The Confessional"; Girls' Club, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club, 4; "Pinafore"; Homocoming Committee. 3; Ice Cream Sales, 3, 4; Mothers' Tea Committee. 4; Senior Class Play, "Loose Ankles." 4; Senior Chairman. 4. "If Marny says she'll do it, it's as good as done." JOHN THAMES • - - ‘ Jock- Boys' "U" Club, 3, 4; Chess Club, 2, 3. 4; Football, 2, 3. 4; German Club. 2. 3; Band, 2; Honor Roll, 4; Intramural Basketball, 1. 2. 3, 4; Stamp Club. 1, 2, 3. "Worry and I have never mot and I don't intend that wo shall." LAURINE TIBBETTS - "Jackie" Acme, 4; Beaux Arts Club, 2, 3, 4; Breozo Staff, 1, 2, 3, 4; Feature Editor, 4; Dobate, 2, 3, 4; Manager. 4; Dramatlc Club. 2, 3, 4; Dramatic Club Production, "The Confessional"; Girls' Club. 2. 3. 4; Girls' Club Council. 1, 4; Girls' "U" Club. 1, 2. 3; Treasurer, 3; Glee Club. 1, 2. 3; “AH at Sea," "Tho Count and the Coed," 'Tune In"; Honor Roll. 2, 4; lunior High Dramatic Club; Junior High Girls' Club; Mothers' Tea Committee, 1. 2; Senior Class Play, "Loose Ankles.' 4; Quill and Scroll, 4; Band, 4; Orchestra. 4. "Ambition has no rest." JAYNE WIETHOFF - "Whiety" Beaux Arts Club, 4; Breeze Staff, 4; Art Editor, 4; Dramatic Club, 1, 2; Girls’ Club. 1. 2, 3, 4; Girls' Club Cabinet, 4; Glee Club. 2, 3; "The Count and the Co-ed." "Tune In"; Homecoming Committee, 3, 4; J. S. Committee, 3; Junior High Dramatic Club; Junior High Girls’ Club; Mothers' Tea Committee. 2. 3. "Measures, not men. have always been my mark." CURTIS WILSON - - "Curt" Baskotball. 2, 3; Class Secretary, 2; Football, 3; German Club, 3; Glee Club, 2, 3; “Tho Count and the Coed," "Tune In"; Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3; Intramural Basketball, 2, 3, 4; J. S. Committee, 3; lunior High Tech Club, Stage Force, 3. 4; Senior Class Play "Loose Anklos," 4; Junior High Stamp Club. "He only is a well-made man who has a good determination." JAMES UTNE - - - - "Jim" Blsblla Board. 4; Organization Editor, 4; Basketball, 2. 3; Breeze Staff. 4; Circulation Manager, 4; German Club, 3. 4; Glee Club. 4; Ice Cream Sales, 3; Intramural Basketball, 1, 2. 3. 4; Library Board, 3, 4; Track. 1. 2; Golf. 3. 4. "That man that hath a tongue, I say. is no man. If with his tongue he cannot win a woman." WILLIAM MILLER . . . "Bill" Class President. 1. They say he was once caught studying."The Senior Class Will of 1936 WE OF the Senior Class hereby relinquish our numerous talents and accomplishments to the subsequent worthy (?) persons who will follow in our footsteps. To the faculty the entire Senior class relinquishes the multitude of "A's" they did not receive. Olie willingly leaves all the chewing gum and torn-up notes to his successor. Audrey Nelson sneaks out to join Fred. Jane Wiethoff leaves her striking appearance to Sally Jones. Carl Lineer leaves noisily in his Ford. Suzanne Stiffler wills her office duties to Anne Cullen. George Firestone "Breezes" out of the institution. Harold Goldman awards Bud Patton his smoothness. Eleanor Frantz favors Mary Schmitz with her incessant giggles. Peggy Haas departs for Walgreen's. Curtis Wilson successfully argues his way out of U. High to pursue his chosen career as a criminal lawyer. Ben Serrill leaves the Senate to its problems. Ellen Jane Boyd leaves the boys in the lower hall to Jean Hanson. Marianne Chase wills her continuous chatter to Allison Easton. Celia Shryock ambles out without handing in her English assignments. Doris Stoven bequeaths her ingenuity to Rose Pederson. Gib Moreau reluctantly gives up his charming ways to Art McNee. Joe Ledgerwood favors Burt Bikle with his wavy hair. Betty Rose awards her amiability to Helen Dahlen. Natalie Bussey grants her "queenliness" to anyone who can qualify. Jack Lucas donates his loud shirts to Sonny Wiethoff. Art Boyden gives his radio to a worthy cause—music appreciation. Don Myers lends his ability to sleep in class to Ed Meyers. Susanne Geist imports her perpetual smile to Merodie Anderson. Dick McGee leaves his wit to the pracs. Kitty Ann Mordaunt leaves the school without a chauffeur. Carl Rasmussen, having received his cue, departs for Commencement. Marian Weyl casts her line to Nancy Lee Behlke. John Sharp wishes that Dick McNee be given his football technique. Win Stephens strolls out with a little more knowledge. Laurine Tibbetts turns over the feature department to some ambitious junior. Eleanor Koalska presents her determination to Rosanne Stinnette. Don Callahan boxes his way out. Florence Chapin bestows her coyness on Marcia Gould. Bill Heaton and Willie Allstrom leave for England. Mike Finnerty wills his high pressure advertising talk to the subsequent advertising manager. Marian Erichsen wills her poise to Rosemary Jemne. John Hammerel vanishes soon after Commencement. Jim Easton relinquishes his eye-lashes to Platt Walker. Pago ThirteenThe Senior Class Will of 1936 Continued Peggy Harding exits unobtrusively with many accomplishments. Gordon May wills his parking place to first come first served. Chuck Lewis gives Wcryland Rose his ability to dance and also adds that girls are welcome to free lessons. Joan Rhodes wills her snappy comebacks to Jean Moreau. Betty Lau sets out to attain literary fame through her skill. Jean Robbins wishes that her art ability be divided equally among the less fortunate. Buzz Arntsen gladly gives up the daily trip to and from Robbinsdale. Page Hunt leaves the faculty to its first peace and quiet for three years. Frances Flint wills her mother-of-pearl complexion to Grace Mathewson. Bill Miller begs for his diploma. Jim Utne leaves the showers running in the athletic building. Be'.ty Shillington leaves a year too soon. John Chapman hands over his job as manager to Bob Powell. Stan Goodsill leaves his bashfulness to Henry Schmitz. Grace Bemis leaves her sewing ability to anyone who can qualify. Patty Geer leaves a gap in the student body by taking away her understanding nature. George Corneveaux is willing to give his singing popularity to anyone who deems himself worthy of it. Don Gold departs to crash his way through college. Myra Jane Day confers her unruffled calm upon Julianne Rich. Fred Frederickson, the page, turns over a new leaf. Bob Reuler files out with the rest of the seniors, pun by pun. Elizabeth Kedney expects Janet to carry out the family tradition. Janet Olson contributes her wistfulness to Hermione Stewart. Jack Thames quits his tuba for his blonde. Albert Tatkin leaves school to conquer new worlds. Joan Westerlin thought of sacrificing her eyes, but decided to keep them for future use. John Beebe leaves the sophomore girls. Alice Peterson departs with her hermit-like attitude. Jack Garrett wills Betty Hawley his dainty ways. Jean Moorhouse bestows her cheerfulness upon Helen Breneman. John Kelsey blows out of school—(On his little trumpet). Frances Lawton gracefully dances out. Dick Abbey leaves his uncanny stare to all those who have their pictures taken for the Bisbila next year. This above stated document has been witnessed by the Misses Catherine Bullard and Florence Smythe, and therefore according to the rules of procedure is legal and should be divided as we of the Senior Class have hereby stated. Signed, xxxxxxx, etc. Pago FourteenAs We Were IN THE PICTURE! Starred are thoze who have romained In th® clae» and will gradual® In Jun®. 1936. Smith. Spaulding. Schwartz, Arnold. Dougan, ’Chapin. ’Wiotholf, Moorhouze, Longbotham, ’Rasmussen. Nordln, Wetllor, My®rs, Pock, ’May. Farrell, ’Beebe. Lloyd, Smith, ’Tibbetts, ’Goodsill, ’Chapman, Scott. 3heurer, ’Lawton, ’Firestone, ’Bussey, ’Boyd. Field, McG®e. Beery. ’Harding, Hastings, ’Nelson, ’Kelsey, Peruss®. ’Easton, ’Goldman, ’Sharp, Maus, ’Serrill, ’Corneverux, ’Wilson. THE class of 1936 salutes you! Forty-two we were to start with; seventy-one we are now. But even the twenty-three select members of the Senior Class who claim the honor of having remained in University High School since the seventh grade are not exactly as they were. They have grown taller, all of them, and acquired the poise and dignity of their years. Do you remember what cute little Indians were John Kelsey. Jim Easton, Harold Goldman and George Corneveaux? Do you remember Jayne Wiet-hoff's shyness? Florence Chapin's winning smile? Frances Lawton's giggle? Laurine Tibbetts's long curls? Don Myers and his big brief case? Curtis Wilson and John Sharp arguing over "Who was the greatest English statesman?" And do you remember the following noisy, active seventh graders, Carl Rasmussen, Gordon May, John Beebe, Stanley Goodsill. John Chapman, George Firestone, Natalie Bussey, Ellen Boyd, Dick McGee, Peggy Harding, Audrey Nelson, and Bennet Serrill? Six years from seventh grade to seniors. It was a long time, but twenty-three survivors are here to greet you. Page Fiftoen Sixth row: WiothoK. Harris, White, Doerr. Mickel, Steele, Marshall, Carpenter, Rosendahl, lemne, Easton, Spaeth. _ —« . Filth row: Zell, Walker, Gaver, Dahlen, A. Johnson, Moqllnor, Nordland, A. Anderson, Fellows, Van Bergen, Powell. Fourth row: Nichols, Morris, Sprague, MacGibbon. Garrison, Krcugor, Kunzo, Young, P. Anderson, Simmons, Murphy. Rhodes. Third row: King, Kohl, M. Jones, McGough, Brenoman, M. Andorson, L. Chase, Rich. Mathewson, C. Johnson, Lowe. Second row: Braken. Barnett, Levtch, Berkus, Dodge. Gould, Brooks. Cullen. Godbout. Firestone. First row: Hummel, BUtle, Quast, Pago. McNeo, Hanson. Kelly. G. Jones, McKone, Reilly, Hall. The junior Class OFFICERS OF THE JUNIOR CLASS Arthur McNee....................................................President Patrick Dovaney ....... Vice-President Jean Hanson ...... Secretary-Treasurer IN September, 1935, seventy-two old and new students made their first appearance at University High School. The members of this large group, although from all parts of the Twin Cities, are now well acquainted with each other. The boys this year have shown great ability in football, basketball, and swimming. As for the girls, they held offices in many organizations and participated in their own athletic events. The one social function of the year was the Junior-Senior prom which was held in the latter part of May. Mr. Richard Drake and Mrs. Mabel Wettleson, the class advisers, helped to make the school year a success. The Junior Class earnestly hopes that next year it will be able to assume the responsibilities of the Senior Class as well as its predecessors have. Page Seventeen hJ « co PQ Sixth row: Robinson, Barton, Keller, D. Nolaon. Patton, Pagenkopf, Rose. Norris Atwater, Little, Truman, Schmitz, Lamport. Filth row: Rmgeon. Jon«s. Howe, Reppe, Prltzger, Campbell, Taylor, Sheldon, Lyman, Brings, Behlke. Brel-denbach. Fourth row: Seder. Kelsey. May. Bray, Mann, Palmer, Roeves. Holman. Sturre, Badger, Goodrich. Third row: Sanborn, Stewart, McKay, Barry, Brink. Koch, Leavenworth, Doerr, Zeimes, Lathrop, M. Wilson, Goodman. Second row: M. Nelson. D. Anderson, Mills, McGoo, Moreau, Stinnette, Davidson, Hunt, B. Hawley, Elmer, Graves, Cohen. Shellman. First row: Erickson. Levy, Dunn. E. Hawley. Raynolds, Scott. Miner, Karatz. Parish, Busch, Geist. Sophomore Class OFFICERS OF THE SOPHOMORE CLASS Donald Scott Jean Miner Virginia Raynolds Vincent Erickson Mr. Lund • President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer - Adviser THIS year the sophomore class took part in nearly all the activities going on during the school year. Several students had leads in the mid-year Dramatic Club productions, and many took part in the Glee Club operetta, "Pinafore." Other students with writing ability were reporters on the "Breeze" and helped U. High to have an even better "Breeze" than last year. Under a new athletic system promoted by the gym teacher, Miss Zimmerli, the girls took a very active part in sports. Those who wished, received instructions in tennis, golf, horseback-riding, bowling, or skating, by professional instructors. The others were active in field hockey, basketball, and interpretive dancing during the year. The boys turned out for many athletic activities, especially intra-mural sports. The Rifle Marksmanship Club, a new organization, became very popular with both boys and girls. This year the sophomore class was very ably supervised by Mr. Richard Drake and Mrs. Mabel Wettleson who took a very great interest in the activities of the class. Pag EighteenSixth row: C. Stowart, R. Longyear, Furnell, Moorhouse, Reuler, R. Mordaunt, Reedy, R. Young, S. Howe. Moaloy. G. Shaw. White, W. Yarger. Fifth row: Towle, Homer, Andrist, Middlebrook, B. Smith, Bimberg, Palmer, Klawon, Alim, Chatham. Christenson, E. Fraser. Fourth row: F. Harvey, Hofmeister, R. Johnson, Alden, Swaboda, McMillan, McDonald, S. Williams, Heneman, Groth, Tanz, E. Sheldon. Third row: A. Schlesselman, C. E. Johnson. P. Abbott. Simpson. Hedback, Berrisford, Shepard. Shadbolt. L. MacGibbon, H. Halstead, Bo berg. Second row: Jesnoss, Ogron, Boquist, Robltshek, Relmbold, Hovde, L. Nelson. Goldbarg. Steel. M. Dunn, Roeenholtz. Moos. First row: Wortham, Kloin, Kreuger, R. Gilman, B. Clapp, J. Webster, T. Amtsen. T. Abbott, C. Wiethoif, J. Cummlng, H. Erickson. Ninth Grade OFFICERS OF THE NINTH GRADE Tom Arntsen .............President Tom Abbott - Vice-President Charles Wiethoff ....... Treasurer Judith Webster ....... Secretary Miss Bullard ........ Adviser THERE are eighty-seven members in the Freshman class of 1935-1936. During the fall quarter the class elected officers. The dues are twenty-five cents a quarter. With this money the class held a party each quarter. The boys have been taking active part in intra-mural sports, especially football and basketball. The girls have been active in soccer and basketball throughout the fall and winter quarters. Also, the president and other officers of the Girls' Club have been chosen from the Freshman class. This year the class was well represented in the Tech Club, Science Club, Dramatic Club, Rifle Club, and many others. Our adviser, Miss Bullard, has helped to make our school year a success. Page NineteenFifth row: King. Schlesielman, VanCampen. Kuhlmann, Tolaa», Stone. Mickel. R. Moorhouse. Lareon. Fourth row: Glockler. Raynold . Lamport, Jone . Brenton. Longyoar. Gome. Ait. Rockwood. Third row: Gilman. Shannon. Dunn. Webster. Sturre. Brainord, Rhodes. Pago. P. Lea per. Second row: Wright, Kodnoy. Wheeler. Lowis, J. Lea per, McGee. J. Shaw, Sommers. First row: Goodrich, R. Merrill. Cummins, Goodstll, Briggs. Blunt. Englebort, Barry. Meador. Eighth Grade OFFICERS OF THE EIGHTH GRADE Warren Briggs ..................................Presidont Stanhope Blunt ....... Vice-President Gabrielle Welnhagen ....... Secretary Jane Goodsill ........ Treasurer DURING the course of a year the eighth graders have increased from thirty-one frightened seventh graders to confident eighth graders. This year the eighth graders are enjoying the benefits of a new educational system wnich is called Unified Curriculum. This year has been made interesting because of travel study. Many of the principal roles in the "Dyspeptic Ogre," the Junior High contribution to the mid-year production, were taken by members of this class. The eighth graders gave a mothers' tea which was a grand success. Pago TwentyFourth row: Rosenberg, Levin, Arntsen, Merrill. Loovonworth, Gelsl, Hersey, Guthrie. Third row: Booth, Halstead. Delander, Chesley, Hagen, Sernll. Steele. Second row: Hallowell, Shannon. Stonstrom. MacLcan. Pederson. Bray, H. Shaw. Fraser. First row: McNee, Bassindale, Smythe, R. Davis, I. Davis, Myers. Wood. Seventh Grade OFFICERS OF THE SEVENTH GRADE Robert Bassindale ....... President Julia Davis ....... Vice-President Ruth Davis ...... Secretary-Treasurer THIRTY-ONE seventh graders made their first appearance in the halls of University High School September 22, 1935. Here they were greeted individually by a big brother or big sister who conducted them through the school and helped the new students to get acquainted with their new teachers and friends. During the winter quarter many of the seventh graders participated in the Junior High play, "The Dyspeptic Ogre." The outstanding event of the year was the first mothers' tea which the seventh grade girls gave. It was for mothers of both girls and boys in the class and was given on the twenty-fifth of February. Pago Twenty-oneThird row: Goldman, May, Allatrom, Goiat, Wiothofi, Sharp, Boebo. Second row: Roular, Weyl, Robblna, Koalaka, Mordaunl, Frantz. First row: Heaton, Chapin, Utne, Busaey, Callahan. Bisbila Board Florence Chapin Natalie Bussey James Utne Kitty Ann Mordaunt Eleanor Koalska Susanne Geist John Beebe Jean Robbins Donald Callahan Harold Goldman Bill Heaton Miss Catherine Bullard Miss Florence Smythe Editor-in-Chief - Associate Editor Organization Editor Album Editor Feature Editor Girls' Athletics Boys' Athletics Art Editor Business Manager Advertising Manager Circulation Manager Editorial Adviser Art Adviser Page Twenty-twoFifth row: Rouler, Boob©. Abbey. Garrison. Breneman. GeUt, Murphy, Marshall. C. Johnson. Fourth row: Amtsen, Garrett, Hummel, Gold, AUstrom. Sorrill, Frederick son, Dovanoy, GoodslU, Seder. Third row: Lowe, Bohlke, P. Anderson. Young. McGough, Bussey. Rhodes. Woyl, Flint. Second row: M. Anderson, Goer, Harding, Chapin, Mordaunt. Boyd. Hanson. Rockwood. Hunt. First row: Wiethoff, Sharp, Utno, Finnorty, Firestone. Tibbetts, Reilly, Firestone, Goldman. W C J W r1 Campus Breeze CAMPUS BREEZE STAFF George M. Firestone Donald Reilly -Juanita Laurine Tibbetts Ruth Firestone Margaret Harding John Sharp Harold Goldman John Beebe Jayne Wiethoff Michael Flnnerty -James Utne Mrs. Mabel Wettleson • - Editor • Nows Editor Feature Editor Re-write Editor Exchange Editor Make-up Editor Sports Editor - Sports Writer - Art Editor Advertising Manager Circulation Manager - - Adviser REPORTERS Donald Gold. Alex Leighton, Jack Garrett, Bennet Serrill, Stan Goodsill. Madeline Murphy, Marian Weyl, Susanne Geist, Kitty Mordaunt. Natalie Bussey, Florence Chapin, Frances Flint, Dick Abbey. Anno Cullen, Art Seder. Jean Rhodes. Pat Garrison, Phyllis Marshall, Eleanore Godbout, Ellen Jane Boyd. Nancy Bohlke, Paul Rockwood. THE CAMPUS BREEZE, a semi-monthly paper, was originated in 1917 for the purpose of mirroring the news of University High School, the campus, and the Twin Cities to the student body and the faculty. Before 1926, however, the publication was in the form of a monthly magazine and the contents centered largely around school events. Under the faithful guidance of the present staff with Mrs. Wettleson, as advisor, THE CAMPUS BREEZE of 1935-36 proved most successful. Page Twenty-three PQ co PQ Second row: Van Bergen, M. Andereon, McGee. Boyd. Foot row: Sharp, Seder, Serrkll, G. Jonee. Senate OFFICERS OF THE SENATE Bennet Serrlll...................................President Grandel Jones ....... Vice-President Arthur Seder...........................Secretary-Treasurer Mr. R. E. Drake....................................Adviser THE University High Senate has tried, this year, to complete successfully the tasks set before it. The senate has been under the capable leadership of the president, Bennet Serrill, and much credit must go to Mr. Drake who has wisely guided the group during the past year. The Senate sponsored and arranged for the big social event of the fall quarter, the Homecoming dinner-dance, has presided at the assemblies, and has sought to bring about a better understanding between the student body and the faculty. In accomplishing these different aims, the Senate has fulfilled the requirements of a useful student governing body. Pago Twonty-fourThird row: Geiut, Koaloka. Jemno. Chapin, WtothoH. Second row: Geor. Tibbetts, Boyd. Frantz. First row: M. Andorson. Wottleson, Rhodes. Girls' Club Cabinet and Council OFFICERS OF THE GIRLS' CLUB loan Rhodes ....... Merodie Anderson ...... Nancy Lee Bohlke ...... Ellen Jane Boyd ...... Mrs. Mabel Wettleson ..... President Vice President Secretary Treasurer • Advisor THE Girls' Club is made up of all the girls in the Senior High School, and has Mrs. Wettleson as its friendly and helpful adviser. The purpose of the club is to promote friendliness and general good feeling among the girls. The council and cabinet act as an advisory group to the president. The council consists of the officers and representatives of each class, and discusses the general policy of the club. The cabinet is composed of the chairmen of seven active committees. Each girl in the club is a member of the committee in which she is most interested. The committees are: Friendship, Social Service, Clubroom, Program, Entertainment, Publicity, and Ways and Means. At Thanksgiving and Christmas the club collected food and clothing for needy families and took it to them. In the winter quarter it sponsored the mothers' teas for each class, and in the spring quarter gave the annual Mothers' and Daughters' Banquet. For the members the club gave teas and parties at Hallowe'en and Thanksgiving. Two or three meetings of the club were held each quarter and at these, short skits and talks were given. The club was founded twelve years ago with about sixty members and and with Miss Hubman as adviser. Pago Twonty-flvoSecond row: Chapin. Gelst, Boyd. Frantz. First row: Bussey, Robbins, Rhodes. Acme OFFICERS Joan Robbins ........ President Joan Rhodes..........................Secretary Natalie Bussey ....... Treasurer Miss Dorothy Bovee. Mrs. Mabel Wettleson • - - Advisers ACME is an honorary society for girls who have been outstanding in character, leadership, service, and activities during their high school years. The three Junior girls who were taken in the spring quarter last year were Jean Robbins, Joan Rhodes, and Natalie Bussey. Ellen Jane Boyd. Eleanor Frantz, Florence Chapin, and Susanne Geist were the senior girls chosen for Acme during the fall quarter of this year. In the spring quarter Acme took in the following seniors: Kitty Mordaunt, Eleanor Koalska, Marian Weyl, Patty Geer, Laurine Tibbetts, and Anne Cullen, Madeline Murphy, and Ruth Firestone, juniors. This year the awarding of the Acme apple to the Junior High girl who has been the most outstanding during her Junior High days took place at the Mothers' and Daughters' Banquet. Page Twenty-sixw C 2 w r Third row: Callahan, G. Jones. MacGibbon, Reilly, Lewis. Second row: McNee, Allstrom, Flnnerty, Firestone. First row: Goldman. Sharp, Sorrill. Rouler, Van Berqon. Dragoman OFFICERS OF DRAGOMAN Bennet Serrill ...... John Sharp ...... Robert Reuler ...... Dr. Oliver R. Floyd ..... President Vice-President Secretary Adviser DRAGOMAN was first organized in 1931 for the purpose of promoting the ideals of the school. The qualifications for membership to this society are determined on the basis of character, service, and leadership and the active Dragomen elect the new members upon these merits every fall quarter. Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of every month at which social and business problems of the school are discussed. The results of these discussions are not acted on by Dragoman as a body, but individually its members help the students to co-operate with the school Senate. A formal initiation is held every fall quarter in the form of a banquet at which time the new members are initiated and officially become Dragomen. The members elected this year were: Donald Callahan, Willard Allstrom, Charles Lewis, Michael Finnerty, and George Firestone, Seniors. The Juniors elected were: Grandel Jones, Richard Van Bergen, Arthur McNee, John Mac-Gibbon, and Donald Reilly. Pag Twenty-sevenTenth row: Garrison, Raynolda, Kodnoy. Dahlen, Fellows, A. Anderson, Gavor, Nordland, Truman. Shellman. Ninth row: Patterson, Geist, Abbey. Kunze, May, Boyden, Heaton, Hummel, Wiethoff. Eighth row: Spear, Kohl, Spaeth, King, Bussey, Erichsen, Robbins, Lawton. Bemls, Mathewson. Seventh row: Marshall, Breneman. Young, Lathrop. Frantz, McGough, Cullen, Graves. Firestone. Sixth row: Quasi, Shilltngton, Poore, Kreuger, Mapes, Geist. Seder, Page, Hope, Easton. Fifth row: Taylor, Rich, Behlko, Brings, Flint, Easton, Chapin, Lau, Nelson. Fourth row: Woyl, P. Anderson, SturTe, Koalska, Stiffler. Morris, Rose, Rhodes. Third row: Leavenworth. Cohen, McKay, Chase, Miner, Campbell, Sanborn, Brooks, Berkun. Second row: Stowart, Stinette. Davidson, Sheldon, Nelson, j. Hunt, C. Johnson, Dodge. First row: Mickel, Cornoveaux, Moorhouse, Hanson, Mapes, Firestone, McGee. Glee Club GILBERT SULLIVAN'S "Pinafore" was selected for the annual Glee Club operetta. After exhaustive tryouts and re-tryouts the final crew was selected. They are as follows: Doris Stoven as Josephine; Jean Moorhouse, Little Buttercup; Jean Hanson, Cousin Hebe; Stanley Mickel, Ralph Rack-straw; George Corneveaux, Sir Joseph Porter, K. C. B.; Dick McGee, Captain Corcoran; George Firestone, Dick Deadeye; Don Meyers, Boatswain; and Alex Leighton, Mate. The cast was supported by those members of the Glee Club who might be termed the "Cream of the Crop," as only sixty were chosen. Between the first and second acts the following girls participated in a sailor's dance: Jean Miner, Betsy Sheldon, Jean Sanborn, Hermione Stewart, Nancy Spear, Frances Flint, Marian Weyl, Janet Goodrich, Jane Reeves, Eleanor Koalska. Page Twenty-eightSixth row: Callahan, Truman, Rose. Finnerty, Rhodes, Atwater, Beebe, Hunt, Lawton. Filth row: Kunze, Anderson. Erlchsen, Bemis, Flint, Breneman. Brings. Behlke, Easton. Fourth row: Abbey, Karatz, Frederickson, Gelst, Sharp, Amtsen. Comoveaux, Wletholl, Garrison. Third row: M. Anderson, Goer, Borkus, Chase, Miner, Campbell, Chapin, Button. Godbout. Stewart. Second row: Dodge, Frantz, Hanson. C. Johnson, J. Hunt. Mordaunt, Davidson. Stlnnette, Firestone. First row: Llneer, Seder, Norris, Tibbetts, Robbins, Reuler, Firestone, Weyl. Dramatic Club OFFICERS OF THE DRAMATIC CLUB Joan Robbins.....................................President George Firestone .... Vlce-President-Secrotary Robert Reuler.................................. Troasurer Miss Lenore Wolle, Mr. Arno Jewett .... Advisers §■ HAVING begun the past school year as an entirely new organization under the direction ol its two new advisers, Miss Wolfe and Mr. Jewett, the Senior High Dramatic Club has, by instituting more difficult entrance qualifications, limited the membership to approximately sixty-five. Programs of the meetings, which were held twice a quarter, consisted of outside speakers, entertainment, and the presentation of skits by members of the club. The annual Mid-Winter Productions, presented jointly by the Junior and Senior High Dramatic Clubs on February 15, consisted of three one-act plays, "The Critic," by Val Clark; "Trifles," by Susan Glaspell; and "The Dyspeptic Ogre," by Percival Wilde. The first two were presented by the Senior High Club and the latter by the Junior High. Pago Twonty-nlno -J PQ CO PQ Sixth row: Frederlckson. Moreau. Mann. Zelf, W. Kelsey, R. Kelsey. McNee. Walker, Gout. Bray, May. McKono, Utne. Fifth row: Koalska, Kunze, Heneman, W. Sturre, Finnerty, Dahlen, Pritzger, Doerr. Shellman, Garrett. Schmitz, Harris. Fourth row: Kelly, R. Wlethoif, Boyden, Lucas, Goodsill, Heaton. Devaney, Busch. Ouast, Hummol, Myers. Third row: F. Harvey. Barton. White, Nordland, Van Bergen. Lathrop, Zeimes, Powell, Goms. B. Harvey, Brooks. Second row: Nelson, Leavenworth, Ogren. Kuhlmann. Nolson, Fraser, Hunt. J. Sturre. Hawley, R. Firestone. Sommers. First row: Fellows, Allstrom, Kreuger, Sharp, Bussoy, Serrill, Geist. Mogllner, Levy, Page. G. Jones. German Club OFFICERS OF THE GERMAN CLUB Bennet Serrill ........ President Willard Allstrom ...... Vice-President Natalie Bussey......................Secretary John Sharp..........................Treasurer Frau lain Lucy Will ....... Adviser UNDER the supervision of Miss Lucy Will and Bennet Serill, the president, the German Club is one of the most active organizations of the school. In addition to the regular monthly meetings, hot dog sales were sponsored every two weeks, furnishing the club with its only means of making money. As has been the custom in past years, the German Club gave a winter frolic for the whole school. Page ThirtyThird row: Geist, Garrison, Firestone. Hummel, Abbey, Truman. Second row: Wiotholf. Marshall, Lawton, Jemne, Gould. First row: Tibbetts, Smythe, Robbins. Rosendahl. Beaux Arts Club OFFICERS OF THE BEAUX ARTS CLUB Jean Robbins ........ President Helen Rosendahl ....... Treasurer Peggy Haas....................................................Secretary Laurine Tibbetts and Frances Lawton - • • Membership Jane Wiethoff................................................. Publicity Patricia Garrison.............................................. Program THE Beaux Arts Club of University High School was founded in 1932, under the direction of Miss Florence Smythe, for the purpose ot encouraging and developing artistic talent. The members strive to promote a sincere effort in artistic achievement, and to gain a technical understanding of art. Students who wish to join the Beaux Arts Club must submit to the membership committee an original drawing, painting, linoleum cut, or another piece of work showing artistic achievement. Page Thirty-oneFourth row: Spragu . Moorhouto, Andsrson. Garrison. Flnnerty. Mogilnor. Follows. Third row: Erichson. Bemls, Lawton. Young. Brsneman, Williams. Second row: McGough, Mordaunt, Berkus, Stowart, Graves, Kuehn, Hunt. First row: C. Wletholf, Biklo, Murphy, Gelst, Utne. Lucas. Library Board THE Library Board might be considered a new organization in the school in comparison to the various others. Introduced as an experiment in 1927 under the supervision of Miss Ruth Condon, then librarian, it has now been established as a permanent institution under the guidance of Miss Ruth Ersted. The duties of the board vary, its primary purpose being to relieve the librarian by checking the roll, charging books and periodicals, placing books on reserve, filing reserve cards, and answering the questions of visitors or of those not acquainted with the library. To acquire membership in this organization a few qualifications are required: a member must be either a Senior or a Junior and maintain at least a "C" average in scholarship. The members are selected by the board, the librarian, and the principal. Members of the board, in rendering this service to the school, also benefit by the experience of attending to and becoming acquainted with the duties of library work. Pag Thirty-twoFourth row: Erickson. Wiethoff, Thames, Ledgerwood. Callahan. Myers. Third row: Sernll. R. Wlethoff, May, MacGibbon, Lowis, McNee, Sharp. Second row: Chapman, McGee. Rasmussen. Moreau, Arntsen. Beebe. First row: G. Jonos, VanBergen, Reuler, Goldman. Stephens. Boys' "U" Club OFFICERS OF BOYS' "U" CLUB Robert Reuler........................... President Dick Van Bergen ...... Vice-President Harold Goldman ...... Secretary-Treasurer Mr. James E. Curtis ....... Advisor A GLANCE back over the past season reveals the Boys' "U" Club again in the front rank of the school's organizations. Membership in the "U" Club is extended to letter winners in the four major sports at U. High: football, basketball, swimming, and track. Under the leadership of its adviser and founder, Coach James Curtis, the club has developed to the point where membership in it is now one of the highest ambitions of U. High boys. This year "U" Club has expanded its interests and activities more than ever before. Besides carrying out its prime purpose of promoting interest and participation in school sports, the club also helped promote the annual Homecoming banquet and sponsored an open house at which parents were shown the University and high school athletic plants. The customary monthly dinner meetings were held at the Minnesota Union. Three rooms in the Armory were donated early in the season for the club's usage and the members have been making improvments throughout the year. Fortified in its new headquarters, the "U" Club is looking forward to becoming an even more active and potent body in the school's life. Page Thirty-threeSecond row: Sharp, Garrett, Rollly. First row: Eggertson. Tibbetts, Devaney. Debate Squad Juanita Laurine Tibbetts ...... Manager Mr. Claude Eggertson ....... Coach THE Debate Squad of University High School had a very active and successful season, which opened at a Twin City meeting held at West High School in the early fall. Later, the active Debators, John Sharp. Laurine Tibbetts, Donald Reilly, Fat Devaney, and Jack Garrett participated in a round-robin, two day forensic meet at Roosevelt. In February, University High School entertained four other leading high school squads at two day debates held on the campus. After the final meet a party was given for the visiting teams, their respective coaches and guests. Mr. Eggertson, coach, assisted Laurine Tibbetts in the arrangements. The question for the year was Resolved: that the several states should enact legislation providing for a system of complete medical care available to all persons at public expense, and University High participated in both the State Debate Conference and the National Forensic League. Pago Thirty-fourSixth row: Shadbolt, William , Moorhouso, Zoff, Lamport, E. Frasor, J. Kolsoy. V. Erickson, Allstrom. Filth row: Reppo, Ogren, Furnell, Alden, Longyear. Roso. Kodnoy, H. Erickson. Fourth row: D. Nelson, Goodrich, Reedy. Lathrop. Third row: Robinson, Cardozo, Page. Norris, Barnum, Allin, Serrlll, Lucas, Rasmusson, Frederlckson, Barton, Leavenworth. Second row: E. Arntson, Rockwood, Hunt, Sharp, Andrist, Tibbetts, Madison, Mees, M. Webster. J. Webster, Levy, Longyear. First row: Chatham. D. Fraser, W. Kelsy, Christensen. Band IMMEDIATELY upon his arrival at University High School as one of the music teachers, Mr. Madison organized a program for those interested in instrumental work which gradually enlarged to a point where it was necessary to form several bands and orchestras to accommodate all the students. In previous years, any interest in instrumental work had only the student's individual initiative to fall back upon and any aid from teachers was limited. However, Mr. Madison has now given to the students of both Junior and Senior High a chance of developing their musical talent. The school has even gone so far as to purchase several instruments which the students may use as they wish. The bands and orchestras meet at least twice a week and are under the competent direction of practice teachers. By means of a select staff of these student teachers, the students may gain instruction and help as many times in the week as their free periods will permit. The band also furnished music at the home football games and played at a few of the basketball games. w co w r Pago Thirty-!Ivo hJ « CO PQ Third row: Boydon. Easton, Poor . Quast. Hall, Thames. Second row: Fellows, Gold, Walker. Tatkin, Amtsen, Abbey, MacGlbbon. First row: Ftnnerty, McGee, Embree, Reilly. Hunt. Frederickson. Chess Club OFFICERS OF THE CHESS CLUB Dick McGee........................President Don Roilly........................Secretary Michael Finnerty..................Treasurer Mr. Royal Embree ....... Adviser AFTER four years of active life, the University High School Chess Club has shown a marked increase and stands high among the school's organizations. At the club's meetings every Wednesday during fourth period a series of round-robin tournaments were held for amusement and to determine which members could represent the school at the inter-school meets held every Saturday at the Minneapolis Chess and Checkers Club. Because of interest shown by some of the players, checkers and camelot games were brought in to supplement the main competitions. With the graduation of most of the regular players this year, the club will need many new members next year, but a successful season is being looked forward to. Page Thirty-eix•SUSANNE GEIST •MARGARET HARDING •JEAN ROBBINS PATRICIA GARRISON JANE McGOUGH PHYLLIS MORRIS DONALD REILLY WILLARD ALLSTROM National Honor Society NATALIE BUSSEY DONALD CALLAHAN GEORGE FIRESTONE DONALD GOLD JOHN KELSEY ELEANOR KOALSKA BENNET SERRILL THE National Honor Society was first inaugurated at the University High School in 1922. Every year the members of the society select new members. Not more than five per cent of the Junior Class are chosen and fifteen per cent of the Senior Class are chosen. Requisites for membership are: Character, leadership, scholarship, and service. • The Seniors chosen In 1934-35 lor the Society. Quill and Scroll WITH scholarship and writing ability as the main requisites for membership in this organization, the Charles W. Boardman chapter at University High, founded in 1931, continued its activities as the representative body of literary talent in the school. Besides furthering the principles of journalism and encouraging interest in writing, Quill and Scroll also handled publicity for the school in various newspapers throughout the Twin Cities. Meetings were held regularly at homes of the various members. Membership this year included Harold Goldman, president; George Firestone, Secretary-treasurer, and John Sharp, Jack Garrett, Natalie Bussey, Peggy Harding, Laurine Tibbetts, Florence Chapin, and Bennet Serrill, Seniors; Ruth Firestone, Donald Reilly, Madeline Murphy, and Patricia Garrison, Juniors. Junior High Girls Club OFFICERS OF JUNIOR HIGH GIRLS CLUB Ann Schossolman ....... President Jane Goodslll ....... -Vice President Margaret Dunn ....... Treasurer Rose Pederson ....... Secretary Miss Dorothy Bcvee ....... Adviser THE Junior High Girls Club is composed of and organized for the same purpose as the Senior High Girls Club. As in the Senior High, all girls belong to one of the six committees. The committees and their chairmen are: Club Room Entertainment Publicity Ways and Means Program Friendship Frances Glockler Judith Webstor Mary Jane Shannon • Jean Groth Peggy Hod back Jane Goodsill Rifle Marksmanship Club THE Rifle Marksmanship Club is a new organization in U. High, started this year by Mr. Lund. Under the directorship of Sargeant Ernest Mylke the following members learned to handle and to shoot a rifle: Florence Chapin, Natalie Bussey, Lorraine Chase, Nancy Lee Behlke, Phyllis Anderson, Merodie Anderson, Anne Barnett, Rosanne Stinnette, Phyllis Morris, Christian Rondestvedt, George Harris, Bob Nichols, David Zeff, James Easton, Art Anderson, Jack Hummel, Don Scott, and Joe Pagenkopf. Pago Thirty-»ovon"Loose Ankles" Presented by the Senior Class on May 16, 1936 Directed by Miss Lenore Wolfe THE CAST Ann Harper Betty Brent Gil Barry Ethyl Harper Houghton Jasper Houghton Jessica Harper Houghton Harvey Lawton Sarah Elling Katherine Elling Major Brinsley Elling Frances Drayton Agnes . - Andy Barton Terry Frances Linton Hawkins S. O. S. States Doris Stoven Ellen Jane Boyd Carl Lineer Marian Weyl Page Hunt Kitty Ann Mordaunt Richard Abbey Jean Robbins Peggy Haas George Corneveaux Laurine Tibbetts Joan Rhodes Donald Callahan Michael Finnerty Curtis Wilson George Firestone Page Thiity-eightSenior High Honor Roll Winter Quarter, 1935-1936 A NANCY LEE BEHLKE NATALIE BUSSEY PHYLLIS MORRIS JEAN ROBBINS A— to B-f- DOROTHY ANDERSON PHYLLIS ANDERSON LORRAINE BRACKEN MARGARET BUTLER DONALD CALLAHAN FLORENCE CHAPIN MARY DAVIDSON HENRY DOERR MARIAN ERICHSEN GEORGE FIRESTONE RUTH FIRESTONE PATRICIA GARRISON SUSANNE GEIST MARGARET HARDING JAMES KELSEY JOHN KELSEY ELEANOR KOALSKA VICTOR LEVY JEAN McGEE RICHARD McGEE JANET MOGILNER KITTY ANN MORDAUNT MADELINE MURPHY VIRGINA RAYNOLDS DONALD REILLY CHRISTIAN RONDESTVEDT ARTHUR SEDER BENNET SERRILL JOHN SHARP HERMIONE STEWART ROSANNE STINNETTE JOHN THAMES MARIAN WEYL JOHN WHITE ROGER WIETHOFF B WILLARD ALLSTROM ARTHUR ANDERSON GEORGE CORNEVEAUX VINCENT ERICKSON JOHN GARRETT ELEANORE GODBOUT DONALD GOLD HAROLD GOLDMAN CHARLES LEWIS JOHN HUMMEL ROSEMARY JEMNE MARY JANE McGOUGH WARD PATTON CURTIS WILSON to W t"4 Fall Quarter, 1935-1936 A NANCY LEE BEHLKE JEAN ROBBINS A— to B-f- MARJORIE ABBOTT LORRAINE BRACKEN NATALIE BUSSEY DONALD CALLAHAN FLORENCE CHAPIN GEORGE CORNEVEAUX PAT DEVANEY GEORGE FIRESTONE DALE FURNELL PATRICIA GARRISON ELEANORE GODBOUT DONALD GOLD STANLEY GOODSILL ALAN HALL MARGARET HARDING MARGARET HEDBACK JAMES KELSEY ELEANOR KOALSKA VICTOR LEVY RICHARD McGEE MARY JANE McGOUGH JANE MEES JANET MOGILNER KITTY ANN MORDAUNT PHYLLIS MORRIS VIRGINIA RAYNOLDS DONALD REILLY ARTHUR SEDER BENNET SERRILL ROSANNE STINNETTE JUDITH WEBSTER B WILLARD ALLSTROM RICHARD BARTON ARTHUR BOYDEN MARGARET BUTLER MARY DAVIDSON BEATRICE DEVANEY MARION ERICKSON RUTH FIRESTONE HAROLD GOLDMAN FRANK HARVEY BETTY HENEMAN GRANDEL JONES jchn McDonald JEAN McGEE HOWARD MEALEY JOHN REULER DOROTHY STEEL HERMIONE STEWART SUZANNE STIFFLER JOHN THAMES JAMES TOWLE JOHN WHITE WILLIAM WHITE Page Thirty-nineThtrd row: Curtis, G. Jones. Stephens. Lewis, Geist, McGee, Ledger-wood. Goldman, Reuler, Moreau, Van Bergen, Thames, Serrill, Clapp, Cummins, Sharp. Second row: MacGibbon, Scott, Rhodes, White, C. Wtethofl, Callahan, Lucas, Erickson, McNee, Amtson, Seder. May, Powell. First row: Chapman. Gaver, Harris, Schmit2, Atwater, Flnnerty, Parrish, R. Wietholf, Cort, Patton, Little. Mealey, Dunn. Football UNIVERSITY HIGH SCHOOL averaged a fair football season by winning four games and losing three. The team played very erratic football, sometimes playing with a driving offensive charge, and other times performing its duties listlessly without the needed "push." Although the team lost a few games, on the whole it can be said they did quite well by making themselves a standing threat to opposing teams. The team was excellently coached by Mr. Curtis, who was helped by various assistants to unify the squad, which was supported by six lettermen and much "raw" material. It is well to note that the team played as a single unit, not as individuals. There were, as there usually are, certain men who played more outstanding football than the others, but as a power unit the team worked as a whole. Taking into consideration all of the games in their schedule, the Little Gophers won four and lost three, which shows that they were equal to most teams. Pago Forty-oneThe Season's Record hJ PQ C J PQ FARMINGTON University High School opened its season with a victory against Farming-ton. With good blocking and tackling for an opening game the Curtis offense scored twice with long marches down the field and repulsed the Farmington attack. EXCELSIOR The Maroon and Gold next went out to Excelsior carrying with it too much overconfidence. The spirited Excelsior team started by smashing its opponents' plays and scored a touchdown on a sneaker play. After the overconfidence had been beaten out of the team, it started to play football in the third quarter. The eleven scored on a pass in the fourth quarter after gains made by the hard team blocking and Serrill's nimble feet. In the last moment of the game Sharp, aided by good blocking, ran 65 yards for a touchdown. ST. LOUIS PARK With its first night and home game, the Maroon and Gold fought a nip and tuck game with many penalties and was unable to score until Serrill sprinted 30 yards in the last part of the second quarter, scoring. Captain Bob Reuler played a hard game as usual, and recovered a free ball behind the opponents' goal-line, making the score 14-0. WAYZATA Undefeated, University High went out to play Wayzata, who was also undefeated. After the first few minutes of play, the home team was convinced that the Wayzata eleven was too tough for it. The team was defeated and Wayzata won 32-0. Pag Forty-twoThe Seasons Record Continued MOUND Still feeling the defeat from the hands of Wayzata, the Curtis offense decided to play a little football, and as a result administered a defeat which was even more crushing to the Mound men than the defeat suffered the week before. Mound was able to make only three first downs in the whole game and received its only touchdown when the greater part of University High's first team had left the game. HOPKINS The Maroon and Gold intended to spoil Hopkins' Homecoming game, but it was disappointed. The Hopkins line was hard to penetrate, so our team made only short gains. On the scoring end, Hopkins acquired 13 points, which was managed by end runs and good interference. However, in the second half, the eleven stopped the hard Hopkins team and more than once threatened to score. STILLWATER The last game of the season developed into a great disappointment for the Little Gophers, when they suffered defeat at the hands of Stillwater High and "Slippery Hips" Buckley. During the first half, Stillwater scored on a pass. Just before the gun sounded for the first half, Moreau threw two consecutive passes to the waiting hands of John Sharp. When the team came back for the second half, it could not make any headway. Thames and Sharp starred for the back field, while in the line, Lewis, MacGibbon, and Reuler starred. ALL-CONFERENCE SELECTIONS In conclusion of a fairly successful football season, University High had two of its star players, Bob Reuler and Jack Sharp, placed on the first All-Conference team, center and end positions, respectively. On the second team of the All-Conference were John MacGibbon as end, and Charles Lewis as guard. Pago Forty-throoSecond row: Kelsey, Gold, G. Jonos, MacGibbon, White, Reuler, Serrlll. Firs! row: Pagonkopf. Ledqerwood, Goldman. Curtis, McGee, Seder. Little. Basketball ALTHOUGH the team started out with one win in the first five games, it pulled down seven wins to eight losses this season. Co-captained by Harold Goldman and Richard McGee, the team managed to reach the regional where they were decisively defeated. In the sub-district they defeated Watertown, and in the district they produced a victory against Waconia, who was expected to "take" U High. Most of the games were fast, with a few exceptions, and Grandel Jones, high point man, was usually in the thick of it. Others who played were: Donald Gold, Edward White. James Little, Joseph Pa-genkopf, John MacGibbon, Robert Reuler, Joseph Ledgerwood, Richard Barton and Arthur Seder. Pago Forty-fourw CO w Third row: CurtU, Kelly, Wilson, Seder, Lucas, Erickson. Walker, Heaton, Baker, Second row: Finnerty. Reuler, Lewis, Barnum, Kelsoy, Allstrom, MacGibbon, McKone. First row: Rhodes, Semll, Beebe, Sharp, Rasmussen. Track A LARGE squad of thirty men reported to track practice at first call, giving Coach Curtis ideas as to the outcome of district, regional, and state track meets. With the help of four returning lettermen, Beebe, Rasmussen, Reuler, and Van Bergen, the team endeavored to bring home a few more trophies. Headed by Captain John Sharp, the cindermen had, according to Coach Curtis, more chances to win in the running events than in the field events because the team was composed mostly of sprinters and long distance men. U. High's hopes were centered on the following listed men: 60-yard dash—Beebe, Sharp, Serrill. 220-yard dash—Barnum, MacGibbon, Patton. 440-yard dash—Allstrom, Rasmussen. 880-yard run—Lewis, Rhodes. Low Hurdles—May, Reuler, Van Bergen, Walker. High Hurdles—Kelly, May, Reuler, Seder, Walker. Shot Put—Reuler, Sharp. Discus—Beebe, Reuler High Jump—Kelsey, Seder. Pole Vault—Seder. Broad Jump—Allstrom, Barnum, Reuler, Van Bergen. Page Forty-fiveSecond row: Breidenbach, Meyers, Moreau. Strlecht, Beobe. Fellows. Van Bergen. First row: Bray, Harris. R. Wiethoff, Kelly, Rhodes, C. Wjetholl. Swimming ALTHOUGH the 1936 swimming team lost most of its meets, it nevertheless tightened down on its adversaries toward the end of the season and came through with three victories. The squad was handicapped by sickness which took one or two men a week out of competition. Captained by Jack Beebe and supported by returning lettermen Donald Myers, Roger Wiethoff, and Jack Beebe, the Little Gopher swimming squad ran up against many tough opponents. Coach Striecht, a University student, baseball player, and all-around athlete, coached the tank team. These student coaches of the past years became very friendly with team-mates and thus promoted goodwill toward the unknown coach who will take the squad next year. As only three of the swimmers graduated in June, the tank team members who are left, with the addition of new members, should have a good season. Page Forty-sixScores and Lettermen FOOTBALL U HIGH 13 U HIGH 13 U HIGH 14 U HIGH 0 - U HIGH 20 U HIGH 0 U HIGH 0 EDWARD ARNTSEN DONALD CALLAHAN JOHN CHAPMAN (Mgr.) VINCENT ERICKSON HAROLD GOLDMAN GRANDEL JONES JOE LEDGERWOOD CHARLES LEWIS JOHN MacGIBBON GORDEN MAY RICHARD McGEE ARTHUR McNEE GILBERT MOREAU ROBERT REULER (Capt.) FARMINGTON 0 EXCELSIOR 6 ST. LOUIS PARK 0 WAYZATA 32 MOUND 6 HOPKINS 13 STILLWATER 20 BENNET SERRILL JOHN SHARP WINFIELD STEPHENS JACK THAMES RICHARD VAN BERGEN CHARLES WIETHOFF C i w r BASKETBALL u HIGH 17 - CUMBERLAND 22 u HIGH 16 ... MECHANIC ARTS 30 u HIGH 17 ... ST. LOUIS PARK 16 u HIGH 15 - . . _ WAYZATA 25 u HIGH 28 ... CUMBERLAND 47 u HIGH 25 ... EXCELSIOR 21 u HIGH 22 - MOUND 20 u HIGH 15 ... HOPKINS 19 u HIGH 13 ... ST. LOUIS PARK 25 u HIGH 16 ... WAYZATA 17 u HIGH 30 ... EXCELSIOR 25 u HIGH 33 ... MINNEHAHA ACADEMY 21 u HIGH 30 ... MOUND 6 u HIGH 14 ... HOPKINS 28 u HIGH 44 (sub-district) WATERTOWN 25 u HIGH 22 (district) WACONIA 19 u HIGH 29 (regional) SHAKOPEE 50 JOSEPH PAGENKOPF ARTHUR SEDER JOSEPH LEDGERWOOD HAROLD GOLDMAN JAMES LITTLE JACK WHITE RICHARD McGEE IRANDEL JONES SWIMMING U HIGH 18...........................WEST 57 U HIGH 23.........................WINONA 52 U HIGH 52........................HARDING 14 U HIGH 26.......................SHATTUCK 59 U HIGH 26.........................CRETIN 49 U HIGH 27...................MPLS. CENTRAL 48 U HIGH 13.......................SHATTUCK 62 U HIGH 28 - ... ST. PAUL CENTRAL 47 U HIGH 43..........................SOUTH 32 U HIGH 42..........................BLAKE 33 WILLIAM BRAY REID FELLOWS JACK BEEBE (Cap!.) RICHARD VAN BERGEN CHARLES WIETHOFF Page Forty-sovonIntra-Mural Sports THIS year intra-mural basketball and volleyball were met with much enthusiasm. The volleyball clashes were usually teams composed of the boys that could get out to play. Full teams were never expected in the volleyball games, but the basketball "bug" was greater and many attended. Many fast games of basketball were played which resembled football, because as a rule interference was run. There was much discussion as to the football-basketball combination, but all agreed that they were having a good time and so the intra-mural games were a success. The basketball standings were: TEAM Kelsey Lewis Rasmussen Goodsill Finnerty May Won 2 2 2 2 1 0 Lost 1 1 1 1 2 3 Pago Foriy-olghtGirls' Athletics A VARIED sports program unlike any before in University High School history was provided for the Senior High girls during the past year under the direction of Miss Elizabeth Zimmerli and Miss Margaret Isaacs. The object of the wide variety of athletics has been to offer each girl a chance to promote her own individual interests and, if possible, to follow them up in succeeding years. An elementary basketball class began its activities in the spring quarter under the leadership of the co-captains, Nancy Brink and Jane Holman. The teams competed against Derham Hall during the winter, and although unsuccessful in the defeating of their opponents, gained valuable experience in inter-school team work. Under the direction of Mr. Phil Braine, University varsity coach, an advanced tennis class was organized during the fall quarter. Those in the class were: Patty Geer, Peggy Hbwe, Virginia Raynolds, Kitty Mordaunt, Laurine Tibbetts, Joan Rhodes, Grace Bemis, and Susanne Geist. Classes were held in the field house twice a week. Under the coaching of Mr. Braine the tennis enthusiasts improved their strokes, serves and scores. Golfers received instruction at the University Golf Club under the leadership of golf professionals. An elementary class will be held in the recently built gymnasium next fall. Horse back riding was a highlight of both fall and spring quarters, the number in the class being limited only to advanced riders. Riding lessons were held at Merfield’s Stables in Minneapolis. During the winter quarter figure skating was offered by Mr. Markhus, trainer for the Minneapolis and St. Paul Ice Follies, to senior high girls who were interested in the sport but comparative novices. Although the classes during the past year have been for the most part elementary, sophomores and juniors will have opportunity next year to carry out various interests developed this year in the scope of athletics offered and may enroll in the more intermediate and advanced courses to be offered next year. Page Forty-ninoFLORENCE • CARL JOAN JEAN ELLEN AUDREY JOHN K. WILLIE MARIAN E. SUZANNEALICE KITTY DON HAROLD ONNIE MARIAN W. GEORGE JOE JEAN MARIENNE C. BEN BETTYSenior Menu Salad (cool) Chili (peppery) Milk (half-pint) Bread (necessary) Chow Mein (unconventional) Caviar (hard to get) Potatoes (filling) Honey (sweet) Celery (crisp) Eggs (hard-boiled) Mince Pie (spicy) Wedding Cake (ornamental) Mutton (tough) Marian Erichsen Marian Weyl Page Hunt Florence Chapin Laurine Tibbetts Bob Reuler Dick McGee Doris Stoven Ellen Jane Boyd Don Gold Joan Rhodes Grace Bemis Jack Beebe "Ye Edde" A George once killed a dragon, Another wore England's crown, But the George that edits 'The Campus Breeze” Is the one that gets me down. If my assignment comes in late He fixes me with fiendish eye And threatens me with direful fate While I suppress a mournful sigh. He drags me out of study hall When I am cramming for a test, And makes me proof-read and write heads, And glowers when I stop to rest. When my assignment is on time He growls with scorn, "What rotten stuff!" And hurls his insults down on me— "Mere trash! You haven't brains enough." A good reporter, I suppose, Would honor and respect his Edde, But this one must and will disclose. He gives me an ache in my headde. St. George was a fine fellow, King George was pretty fair, But the George that edits "The Campus Breeze” Is getting in my hair. Pago FiMy-ninoThe Night Before Finals 'Twas the night before finals and all through the house Not a creature was stirring, but me (no, no mouse). My chemistry book was opened with care In great hopes of learning the stuff printed there. I longed to be nestled all snug in my bed. The chemical formulae danced in my head. My eyelids were heavy; I fear that I dozed, For my head it was nodding and at last my eyes closed. When out in the kitchen arose such a clatter I sprang from my chair to see what was the matter. I ran to the pantry and turned on the light, And there I beheld an astonishing sight. A little old man with long snowy hair Was winking and blinking at me, standing there. A very strange odor hung round him—I guess Twas a mixture of chlorine and strong H2S. He smiled at me brightly and murmured, "Ahem! I guess you don't know me. I'm called Father Chem. I've come to help you prepare for this test— Mr. Lund told me you've flunked all the rest." I thanked him most kindly and led him to where My books were spread out, and brought him a chair. Then he pulled from his pockets a handsome array Of ninety-two boxes, all tied the same way. "In these are the elements," he now explained. "I'll open the boxes and show how I've trained Them all to their parts and taught them with care Who should say what and who should stand where." Then he took off the lids from the boxes so small And out of each one, at Father Chem's call Stepped a wee little man, about an inch high Some dressed in silver, with twinkling eye, The others in garments of various hues, Yellows and greens and violets and blues, Each wore a small tag on which was his name, And they stood in a row as if playing a game. Hydrogen stood at the head of the line; The others all followed: Lead, Iodine, Platinum. Phosphorus, Protoactinium, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Radon, and Rhenium. Baron, and Bromine, and Bismuth and Barium, Silver and Sodium. Sulfur, Samarium, Tungsten and Zinc, Cobalt, Vanadium, Copper and Nickel. Neon, Palladium— All of them stood and recited in turn What old Father Chem had required them to learn. Each told me his density, valence and weight, Pa(30 SixtyThe Night Before Finals Continued His uses important discovered to date, His taste and his odor, his physical make-up, Into what sort of ions he tended to break up When fully dissolved in a water solution— In short, the tale of his whole constitution. When each one had had his turn to recite, Father Chem ordered them all to unite Into chemical compounds and common equations To show me about their family relations. And teach me what happens in just such a case As when water and heat react with a base. They showed me the things that one really should know If to chemistry tests one would fearlessly go. My brain was still whirling with much chemistry When the clock in the hall struck a solemn three. Up from his chair old Father Chem leapt, And into his box each element stepped. And old Father Chem said, "I really must go, For I have other students to tutor, you know." He tied up the boxes with pieces of string, Stuffed them into his pockets, which soon were bulging. I got up politely to show him the door, But he went to the kitchen where I'd found him before. "You see," he explained in a mild little voice, "I prefer stove-pipes when I have my choice." He leapt up the stove-pipe and vanished from sight, But he stopped at the top to call down a good-night. "If you will remember my ninety-two men Chemistry tests won't upset you again." Pago Stxty-oneComprehensive Senior Reading List-Novels "Footlights and Spotlights"—Frances Lawton. "Louder Please"—Mike Finnerty. "Amateur Gentleman"—Jack Garrett. "Laughing Boy"—Dick Abbey. "Vein of Iron"—Bob Reuler. "Fraternity"—Ben Serrill and Harold Goldman. "Long Remember"—Eleanor Koalska. "Pilgrim's Progress"—From 7th to 12th Grades. "Vanity Fair"—Ellen Jane Boyd. "The Crisis"—When report cards come. "Little Women"—Audrey Nelson and Onnie Frantz. "The Thundering Herd"—U. H. S. at 3:20. "No Nice Girl Swears"—Joan Rhodes. "Lines to a Lady"—Marian Weyl. "Flush"—John Beebe. "The Harvester"—Ed Arntsen. "Petticoat Court" H. M. S. Pinafore. "Silent Places"—Girls’ Locker Rooms. "Freckles' - Dick McGee. "In the Valley of the Silent Men" Study in 117. "A Tale of Two Cities" -Minneapolis and St. Paul. "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes"—Jock Thames. "Wake Up and Live"—Don Myers. "A Few Foolish Ones"—The Suzannes. "Seven Pillars of Wisdom"- -John Kelsey. "There's Only One" University High School. "Aesthetic Analysis"—Jean Robbins. "Perfect Specimen"- Patty Geer. "The Portrait of a Lady"—Sis Shryock. "New Faces, New Future" - 1937, '38, '39, 40. "Sophomores Abroad"—Bill Heaton. Comprehensive Senior Reading List-Magazines "Country Gentleman"—George Comeveaux. "Critic"—George Firestone. "Literary Digest"—English Class. "Smart Set" National Honor Society. "American Boy"—Gib Moreau. "Vogue"—Joan Westerlin. "Whiz Bang"—Page Hunt. "Pathfinder"—Don Callahan. "Judge"—Oliver R. Floyd. "Liberty"—After June 11, 1936. "Life"—Jean Moorhouse. Paqo Sixly tw.-»Comprehensive Senior Vocabulary Atom first man. Bar-large, hairy animal. Becker—larger. Secant—one sixtieth of a minute. Sine—notice. Bottle—combat. Drama- an old lady with a small bonnet and a lace shawl. Convection—candy and cakes. Induction—a method of getting acquainted. Tokay—affirmative (tokay by me). Botany -except, else; as in expression: “You can fool some of the people some of the time, botany body who thinks Physics is a pip is wrong." Physics—what famous athletes have. Fees—the effect of pouring gingerale into a glass. Stability—taking care of a stable. Pretzel—a cracker with cramps. Waffles a non-skid pancake. Bulletin Board—students thumbtack reserve. Drinking Fountain—receptacle for discarded gum. "F"—fine (good). Dean—racket, noise. Sherry—type of tree George Wasrington cut down. Becker—larger. Kummel—large animal with humps. Vector—winner. Greek—a flowing stream where couples canoe. Latin talents—we all have them—but they remain dormant. Manual—common Spanish name. Comprehensive Senior Motion Picture Review "Great Expectations"—Peggy Harding. "Gold Diggers of 1936"—All U. Highites. "I Live My Life"—Chuck Lewis. "King of Burlesque" Jack Sharp. "Welcome Home"—Jack Beebe. "Follow the Fleet"—Florence Chapin. "West Point in the Air"—Doris Stoven. "Little Lord Fauntleroy"—Win Stephens. "I Dream Too Much"—Patty Geer. "Forsaking All Others"—Audrey Nelson. "No More Ladies"—Art Boyden. "Dark Angel"—Frances Lawton. "Way Down East"—Natalie Bussey. "If She Could Only Cook"—Kitty Ann Mordaunt. "Grand Exit"—Senior Class. Page Sixty-lhro«Classroom Ditties Goody, Goody, Here's fun for us, We'll raise h 1 In fourth hour chorus. You look sweet enough to eat He whispered soft and low. "I do," said she quite hungrily, "Where do you want to go?" Soc. Science classes Of good nature Don't throw bombs In the legislature. A tire that is punk Gets a puncture. It becomes junk At that juncture. We don't like Chaucer And we don't like Pope, But while there's Wodehouse There's still some hope. Under the mistletoe The homely co-ed stands, And stands and stands And stands and stands. Being tired (or maybe bored) I often slept through Modern History. All my tests came back with flunks. I don't know why, it's quite a mystery. Of all the sad surprises There's nothing to compare With treading in the darkness On a step which isn't there. Conditions I once was told Were governed by the stars, It's not so in U. High, The faculty governs ours. Both beautiful and dumb My own true love must be— Beautiful, so I'll love her, And dumb so she'll love me. Girls Beauty Contest Hair - Jane Reeves, Joan Westerlin Eyes .... Marian Weyl Complexion - Grace Mathewson Hands .... Sally Jones Smile - - - Madeline Murphy Figure .... Lorraine Chase Eyelashes - - - Joan Rhodes All-in-all - - - Barbara Badger Doris Stoven Boys Beauty Contest Hair—Burt Bikle. Smile—Owen Cort. Eyes—Dick Abbey (see pictures). Complexion—Page Hunt. Hands—Jack Garrett. Figure—Jim Dunn. Eyelashes—John Chapman. Ears—Gib Moreau Page Sixty-fourSenior Hall of Fame w Best-looking Girl Best-looking Boy Best-dressed Girl Best-dressed Boy Peppiest Girl Peppiest Boy Frances Flint - - Ben Serrill - Jane Wiethoff - John Hammerel Florence Chapin Page Hunt Best Dancer (girl) Best Dancer (boy) Quietest Girl Quietest Boy Cleverest Girl Cleverest Boy - - Patty Geer Bill Keaton Myra Jane Day Jim Easton Jean Robbins Harold Goldman w w Doubles Gary Cooper - - Art McNee Gladys Swarthout - Ellen Jane Boyd Kay Francis - - Jean Robbins Richard Cromwell - Jock Truman Rochelle Hudson - Marian Erichsen Robert Taylor - - Mr. Jensen Clark Gable - - - Gib Moreau Cliff Edwards - - - Ed Amtsen Dolores Del Rio - Nat Bussey Bette Davis - - Jane McGough Alice White - Joan Westerlin Madge Evans - - Barbara Taylor r Lament of a Flunking Senior Gone are the days when my heart was young and gay. Gone are my pals from the U. High halls away. Gone from this school to a better place I know, I hear their jeering voices yelling, "Poor old Joe!" I'm coming, I'm coming, When I've made up every flunk; I'll have to study while my buddies Go Snipe Huntingl Gone are the days when I cut all my classes, I'll be in summer school wearing horn-rimmed glasses. If only I had studied as I should have long ago The fellows wouldn't shout that jeering "Poor old Joe!" I'm coming, I'm coming. When I've made up every flunk; I'll have to study while my buddies Go Snipe Hunting! Page Sixty-fivo%• Si. ’ 'y. •u •. 1 V r Saint Paul’s Own Store Shakes Hands with the Twin Cities Young PeoplePlans and Plates IDEAS like airshi ps, come towards us out of the haze Modern airports have every facility for the convenience of airmen and their crafts. Similarly, we have every modern equipment and years of engraving experience to bring into concrete form the ideas of our hundreds of clients who publish school and college annuals. Developing a theme for such issues which will thrill whenever seen, and bring back happy memories in years to come, calls for understanding, and a wide range of experience You will find that sort of understanding and experience, as well as unsurpassed workmanship when you commit your publication to the BUCKBEE-MEARS CO. ST. PAUL, MINN.Pago Sixty-eightThe Golden Rule JOAN and JANE Sixes 11 to 17 the younger set twins show you utterly devastating frocks for youthful pursuits. Captivating and very new are the dainty confections in the Younger Set Shop the tops for glorifying your feminine charms! Demure, sophisticated frocks for your conquests . . . frothy, cunningly cut frocks for your frivolous moments - - . audacious and clever frocks for sports. From 7.98 to 27.75 The Golden Rule—Younger Set Shop—Third Floor SPORT CLOTHING It's a Sportswear Season in the University Shop New single and double breasted sport back suits, including gusset sleeves, three-quarter belts with blouse back, and shoulder tucks. The new exclusive patterns include plaids and chalk stripes. Sizes 32 to 38. "Mix Your Own" — Scramble your sports outfit . . . plaid and check sports coats, and plain pleated flannel slacks. The Golden Rule—University Shop—Second Floor Page Sixty-nine GENE 7 Bfiat (l Vi 2 BuC 7 'ij Conij. oni aaxiion GARRETT STUDIOS 1104 NICOLLET AVE. Pago SovontyBest Wishes and Success to the 1936 Class and to those of future years HUBERT W. WHITE, Inc. First National Bank Building - - Saint Paul "Outiitters to Men" CLOTHIERS — HATTERS — HABERDASHERS Jim Utne wants to know who won the Industrial Revolution! Reuler—"Beebe's like a piece of lace." May—"Why?" Reuler—"You usually find him running around a skirt." Betty—"What makes you so pale, Joe?" Joe—"Oh, the waves in my hair make me sea sick." Steel De Soto Ice Cream HEALTH FOOD OUR MOTTO "Widows and Orphans Protected" means If the husband dies you get a receipt paid in full St. Paul House Furnishins Co. 6th and Minnesota Sts. Pago Soventy-onoMake Every Penny Count by doing your shopping for NEW or USED BOOKS at the o o BOOK STORE ACROSS FROM FOLWELL c p SAY IT WITH FLOWERS But Say it With Ours University Florists H. M. BUSS 403 14th Avenue S. E. Gl. 2370 Quality of Flowers and Distinctive Arrangement are a Personal Pride with us A Smart New STORE FOR YOUNG MEN Featuring NEW STYLES NEW VALUES NEW EASY TERMS Home of HART SCHAFFNER S MARX Clothes COOK'S Robert at Sixth USED TEXTS NOTE BOOKS SUPPLIES ZIPPERS PERINE'S 1411 Univorsity S. E. School Supplies Wholesale to the Students Save Money next year at the "U" Get wise—buy with the crowd Acme Printing Stationery Co. 21—14th Ave. S. E. ENVELOPES McGill Paper Products Inc. manufacture and print envelopes of every description, not only the standard sizes and styles, but specials of all kinds. Our new modern equipment along with excellent working conditions enables us to put on the market products of the very finest materials and workmanship. Write or phone McGill Paper Products Inc. MINNEAPOLIS GE. 3663 Page Seventy-two« is " eSH Oorf’Sr?. e k

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