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IINIVHISIIY HIGH SIZHUIH :mow nuu1:r,loulsuANA f 2 ,B 4, , g? EEN in pt' ,....- ' 1. 4 ""me, . 4 if r ,Q , W. 4. rv J +L.,,..w H F- jaw . . U. a :L ,-ff , .Mm xg? A- ff - new . , -1lQp'.:'?W-i if iii MQ: A 'r' " wwvdfff' 'f v ' Q 1 .. V . , I , WmQ,:V A J, V-, f we Q., f , Q HQMm bwffly f' ww .,,,,1T'., , P 1-1 H A 532' I ,www I Q 'BW r',, L. H' I 5 A 1 'WNFE 'V , 5-, ,iff -.Ji 54 1 v ,. 1, kg' .uf -' wg. .7 5 .-uv. W, mi- Mi H' k ma, i 1 ' . n C . W . ML., J. h il .l K ,f 1, , Q. 1 --. .E A Q. : .sg I , ...gk fn - f .L 'S , ,W .3 '. w- V , QI? k,.i?. x, ui- Ar, ,' tA,5: warg? I . "' , , ,F ZZV ,, yr .Jil . YE i if ' L . ' 'I N A f 9 . !?f!? ,, ' A ' 5 f f : 9 V . h 1 1 v 4 14 s X- 5 ' E , A-' mf 3' 'fr Q , v ' vb wi ' as l " i V' 3 ag V ,Q , , A V K Q ' gg 1.. we , tg , ki, 1 1. 2 + In it ' - - K lg . 5 A 2 GM wwakxxzm K J .. Q , I , 1 , V ' up ' wt v.u,f'!Fff H, 4 -mwxw-W ...,A,,M. Cprrgllments of if ffm 'P f 1-- . Y-TEENS 'iw -QQ vi X V W I ',,.' mm .4 gf fi-ff .,. M A A "', , ' 1 ' .P +V ' Q1 y..WM,L.,,f,4,w Q , L ' , M -. .W , If , I . 'fi 1 1 " . , , ' 'W"L"'f1vv-v"4 N' s V , if 4 , , . avi: - 5: 4115? ' f:""' Milf is A , Because of his unfailing interestin our class, his guidance and advice, his friendliness and his help, we wish to dedicate the CUB to Dr. I... M. Harrison. THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1953 3 1 T Q S'--'fir 9-5 Qw4"'?'f' 1-3 S- . , FIT-'.- I lllll! SIAHS QQ vi' . R . K9 r' vu in Q - . . 5k '?f'f?:v A Q 44 ' " fy , 5 Qi? , r -a,rn- 1 a,' Sq' I f 'Q A 4, I If-'i 1 COr1'1p1irT16ntS of 5 CUTRER INSURANCE AGENCY I. M. CAUSEY Sz COMPANY, INC. 111 N. 19th Street 654 Main Street .LW WNW 2,- I S KZ Ageing... E e-5 Q! iff Wm Compliments of 46 'ze ,XX f I UNION NATIONAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY '-QQ, I I Florida Street rg3gg if I K, CALU Dum LLINL ,M 1' G-, K 4 O ,W 0 4-I , PRESIDENT ..... . Charles Coates VICE-PRESIDENT ..... Teddy Dawson SECRETARY TREASURER. . . Jane Tessier COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES ..... . . . . . . Barbara Vastine, Ralph Deeds JAMES EDWARD AMMON, U. H. s. 1,2,3,4 Key Club 2, 3, 45 U-Club 2,3, 4: President 45 F.B.L.A. 4: Football I, 2, 3,4g Captain 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3,4p Captain 4: Baseball 2g Junior Rotariang Campus CUB Staff: CUB Staffg Senior Play: Prom Court 45 Scholastic Honor Roll Compliments of AMERICAN BANK 8: TRUST COMPANY 8 'N-1' Sl IIIRS OSCAR SIDNEY ANDRAS, IR., U. H. S. I,2,3,4 Hi-Y 2, 3,4g U-Club 3, 4: Football 3,45 Campus Cub Staffg Senior Play ANNE CAROLYN BRASSETT, U. H. S. 3,4 Boosters 3, 4g Vice-President 45 Y-Teens 3,4g Campus Cub Staff: Literary Rally 3g Volleyball 3,43 Senior Play: Scholastic Honor Roll: Leadership Conference 3 JANET CECILIA BRECHTEL, U, H, S, 3,4 Dicens 45 Y-Teens 35 Senior Play, Volleyball 3,4g CUB Business Staff BARBARA DIANNE CARTER, U. H. S. I,2,3,4 F. H. A. I, 2, 3: F. B. L.A. 4: Volleyball 4: Y-Teens I, 2,45 Boosters 45 Dicens Ig Senior Playg Scholastic Honor Roll: Co- Editor of CUB MARK THOMAS CARLETON, U. H. S. I,2, 3,4 Student Council l,2g Class President 25 Key Club 2, 3,4g Secretary-Treasurer 3: Vice-President 4. National Honor Society 3,4g Vice-President 45 Baseball 2g Campus Cub Staff: CUB Business Staff, May Court 23 Junior Rotarian: Senior Playg Boys' State: Scholastic Honor Roll: U. D. C. Award 3: State Literary Rally 2, 3 Compliments of BATON ROUGE BAKERS' CLUB: Holsum Bakery b Wo1f's Bakery 9 Tasty Baking Company Sl IIIRS BEVERLY JEAN CASKEY, U.H.S. 4 F. B. L. A. 43 Senior Play CHARLES HUNTER COATES, JR., U. H. s. I,2,3,4 Class President 43 Student Council 42 Key Club 2, 3, 43 National Honor Society 3, 43 U-Club 3,43 Basketball I3 Baseball I,2, 3,4 Junior Rotarian3 May Court 23 Prom Court 43 Senior Playg CUB Business Staff3 Boys' Stateg Scholastic Honor Roll TUCKER EDWARD DAWSON, IR. , U. H. S. I,2,3,4 U-Club 2, 3, 43 Key Club 2, 3, 43 Senior Class Vice-Presidenrp Baseball 2, 3,43 Basketball I, 2, 3, 43 F. B.L. A. 43 May Court 23 Prom Court 43 Junior Rotariang Campus Cub Staff, CUB Staff Band Rally 43 Senior Play RALPH ERMAN DEEDS, IR., U, H, s. 1,2,3,4 Student Council 43 Vice Chairman 43 State Literary Rally 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y 2, 3,43 Treasurer 33 President 43 Football 2, 3,43 Track 3, 43 Basketball lg U-Club 2, 3,43 Secretary 43 Campus Cub Staff3 F. B. L. A. 43 Junior Rotarian3 Prom Court 42 Senior Playj Scholastic Honor Rollg CUB Business Staffg Bandg Softball Rally BETTY DALE DENHAM, U, H. s, x,2,3,4 Dicens 23 F.B. L.A. 43 Senior Play Compliments of FOSTER DRIVE DRUGS 2030 North Foster Drive 10 Y. M. C. A. 311 North Fourth Street Si IIIRS CYNTHIA PAULINE EDEN, U. H. s. r,z,3,4 F. H. A. 1,25 Y-Teens I, 3,4g CUB Business Staffg Campus Cub Staff: Senior Playg Scholastic Honor Roll: Softball I, 2, 3.4 WARRICK RIDGELY EDWARDS, U. H. S. I,2,3,4 Football 1,2, 3,45 Track 2, 3,4g Key Club 2, 3,45 U-Club 2 3,45 Campus Cub Staff: Swimming Rallyg Softball Rally 3g Senior Play GRETCHEN ANN GERLICHER, U. H. S. I,2,3, 4 Dicens I, 2: F. H. A. I, 2, 3g Volleyball 3,41 Campus Cub Staff: Senior Play WILLIAM ROBERT HARPER, U. H. S. 3,4 Dicens 3,45 Board of Governors 3g Parliment 4: Hammond Speech Rally 3,43 State Speech Rally 3,4g Senior Play TRAVIS IETER HARRISON, U. H. s. 2,3,4 Key Club 3, 45 Assistant Editor of Key Club Highlights 4g F. B. L.A. 4g Treasurer 45 Basketball 3,4: Campus Cub Staff: Senior Play: U-Club 4: Scholastic Honor Rollg State Literary Rally 2,4 Compliments of: LANDRY-MILLER INSURANCE 2868 Government Street LAKESHORE PHARMACY 2958 Perkins Road Sl IIIRS BETTY JOHNELLE HARRIS, U. H. S. I,2,3,4 Y-Teens 2, 3,45 Secretary 35 Football Sponsor 45 F. H. A. I, 2, 45 Secretary 25 Cheerleader 35 Girls' State 45 May Court 25 Prom Court 45 Senior P1ay5 F. B.L. A. 3,45 Treasurer 35 Vice- President 45 CUB Business Staff ANTIE ELIZABETH HEBERLE, U. H. s. 1,z,3,4 Dlcens I,2,3, 45 Board of Governors 45 F.B.L.A. 45 Y-Teens 35 Basketball I5 Volleyball 3,45 State Speech Rally 35 Senior Play5 Leadership Conference 35 Campus Cub Staff5 CUB Business Staff5 MixedChorus 35 Scholastic Honor Roll CHARLOTTE ANN HOLLY, U. H. s. 2,3,4 F.H.A. 2, 3,45 President 35 Parish Reporter 25 Y-Teens 35 Dicens 35 Volleyball 35 Scholastic Honor Roll JAMES LAWRENCE KENT, U. H. S. I,2, 3,4 Key Club 2, 3, 45 District Treasurer 45 National Honor Society 3,45 S.A.S.C. Convention 35 L.A.S.C. Convention 3,45 Track 2, 45 Senior Play5 State Literary Rally 25 Scholastic Honor Roll JAMES ERWIN KUYLEN, U. H. S. 4 Senior Play Compliments of: COLLEGE HILL GROCERY 5505 Highland Road 14 HARVEY'S ESSO SERVICE 2604 North Boulevard Sl IIIRS ROBERT MALCOLM LAWRENCE, U. H. s. I,2,3,4 Key Club 2, 3, 45 President 45 U-Club l,2, 3,45 Student Council 35 Football I, 2, 3, 45 Captain 45 Basketball 2, 3, 45 May Court King 25 Prom Court King 45' Campus Cub Staff5 Boys' State5 Softball Rally 3: Junior Rotarian5 Scholastic Honor Rollg Senior Play5 National Honor Society 3, 4 EMILY ANN LEARNER, U. H. S. I,2,3,4 F. H. A. 1, 2, 3,45 Dicens 1 , 2, 3, 45 Board of Governors, 2, 45 State Speech Rally 35 Volleyball 3, 45 Senior Play5 Scholastic Honor Roll PEGGY ANN LEBLANC, U. H. s. I,2,3,4 F. H. A. I5 Senior Play5 Y-Teens I5 Volleyball 3,45 Softball I5 Basketball I LOIS MARY LECHE, U. H. s. 1,z,3,4 Boosters 35 Cheerleader 45 F. H. A. I, 2, 3, 45 F. B. L. A. 45 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 45 Chaplain 25 Key Club Sponsor 45 Volleyball 3, 45 Campus Cub Staff5 CUB Business Staff5 Leadership Con- ference 3 VIRGINIA LEE MCKEAN, U. H. S. I,2,3,4 Y-Teens 2, 3, 45 Treasurer 45 F. H.A. l, 2, 3, 45 Treasurer 25 Vice-President 35 President 45 F. B.L.A. 45 National Honor Society 3,45 Hi-Y Sponsor 45 May Court Queen 25 Prom Court 45 Boosters 3,45 CUB Staff5 Girls' State5 Volleyball 3,45 Scho- lastic Honor Roll5 Senior Play5 Softball 1,25 Campus Cub Staff Compliments of: LUTHER C. JUBAN BUILDING SUPPLIES 4708 Government Street KOBER'S TIGER SERVICE STATION 13 3274 Highland Road Sl IURS DOUGLAS ALVER MENVILLE, U. H, S. I,2,3, 4 Key Club 2, 3, 4: Assistant Editor of Key Club Highlights 3: Editor 45 National Honor Society 3,43 President 45 Senior Playg CUB Staffg Glee Club 45 State Literary Rally Ig Campus Cub Staffg Nesom Poetry Award I,3 RICHARD SANDERS MORRIS, U.H.S. 1,2.3.4 Hi-Y I,2, 3,45 Vice-President 4g U-Club 3,4p Track 2,3,4g State Swimming Rally 3: Senior Play DAVID DONNELL MOSS, U. H. S. 2,3,4 Key Club 3,4g F.B.L.A. 4g Y-Teens Sponsor: Senior Playp Baseball 2, 3, 4: Basketball 2, 4g Junior Rotarianp CUB Business Staffg Debate Squad 3,4p U-Club 3, 4: Boys' State CATHERINE RUTH OERTEL, U. H. S. I, 2, 3,4 Class Secretary-Treasurer I,2, 3g F. H. A. I,2, 3, 4: F.B. L.A. 3, 4g President 45 National Honor Society 3,4g Campus Cub Reporter 25 Senior Play: Scholastic Honor Roll: Co-Editor of CUB JULIUS MARSHALL O'QUIN, JR., U. H. S, I,2,3,4 Hi-Y 2, 3,43 Vice-President 31 Y-Teens Sponsor 4: U-Club 3,45 Chaplain 4: May Court 23 Track 2,3,4: State Athletic Rally 2, Junior Rotarian Compliments of: HIGHLAND LAUNDRY AND CLEANERS 2214 Highland Road 14 HUB CLOTHU-:Rs 3349 Highland Road -5 I Sl IIIRS DAULIS PINTO, U. H. S. 4 Senior Play CAROL WINANS RATCLIFF, U. H. s. 1,2,3,4 F. H. A. I, 2, 3,45 Library Club I, President Ig Leadership Conference I,2: Dicens 23 Y-Teens 2, 3g Glee Club 2, 3, F. B. L. A. 43 Boosters 4g Sergeant-at-arms 4. Volleyball 3, 4g Senior Playg Basketball 2g CUB Business Staff JANE LYNNE RHEUARK, U. H. s. 2, 3,4 F. B. L. A. 3, 43 Senior Play: CUB Business Staff CAROLYN ANN SCATTERTY, U. H. S. I,2,3,4 F. H. A. Ig Dicens Ig Basketball I,2: State Literary Rally 2, 35 Volleyball I,3, 4: Campus Cub Staffg Senior Playg Scholastic Honor Roll HANS J. STERNBERG, U. H. S. 2,3,4 Hi-Y 3,4g Treasurer 4: F.B.L.A. 4: Dicens 4: Board of Governors 4: State Literary Rally 33 Senior Playg Debate Team 4: Business Manager of CUB Compliments of: BILL LEDET AUTO SERVICE 419 North 19th Street MCARTHUR PHARMACY 403 South 19th Street 15 DOROTHY RAY TATE, U. H. S. I,2, 3,4 State Literary Rally l,2: Y-Teens I,2, 3,4: Secretary 4: F. B. L. A. 4: F. I-I.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Secretary 3: Vice-President 4: Class Vice-President 2: Girls' State: National Honor Society 3,4: Secretary 4: Dicens I: Cheerleader 4: Cam- pus Cub Staff: Senior Play: CUB Staff: Basketball 2: Volley- ball 3: Prom Court 4: Softball Manager I, 2: Scholastic Honor Roll: Leadership Conference 3 JANE WOMACK TESSIER, U. H. S. 2,3,4 Y-Teens 3, 4: President 4: Key Club Sponsor: Volleyball 3: Boosters 4: F. B. L.A. 3,4: Campus Cub Staff: CUB Business Staff: Senior Play: Class Secretary-Treasurer 4: Prom Court Queen 4: F. H. A. 2: Scholastic Honor Roll MARY BARBARA VASTINE, U. H. S. 1,z,3,4 Y-Teens I, 2, 3, 4: Secretary I: President 3: Vice-President 4: Student Council 2, 3, 4: Chairman 3, 4: Softball I,2,3: Volleyball 4: Basketball 2: Leadership Conference 3: Senior Play: National Honor Society 3,4: All-State Chorus: Dicens 2: Boosters 3: Vice-President 3: Scholastic Honor Roll: F. B. L. A. 4: Secretary 4: CUB Business Staff: Campus Cub staff: Football Sponsor: Hi-Y Sponsor 3: Girls' State: May Court 2 Prom Court 4 JOHN ELDON WERNER, U. H. S. I,2,3,4 Hi-Y 2,3,4: U-Club 2, 3,4:SEl'ge2l'lI-at-3.l'l'1'lS 4: Track 2: Football 4: Senior Play CLAUDE PAINTER WILLIAMS, U. H. S. I,2,3,4 Hi-Y 3, 4: Football 4: Boys' Quartet 4: Senior Play Compliments of: MIDDLETON'S DRUG STORE" 2065 Plank Road 16 OVERPASS ESSO SERVICE STATION 2940 Perkins Road Sl Illll MASS HISIIIRY To begin this stirring chronicle of the Senior Class of '53 we must slip back to a September morning in the year one thousand nine hundred and forty five A. D. The time is eighto'clock. The place is University Lab School, and the sun streams through the cracks in the walls of the first grade room, spotlighting eight eager little person- ages who will form the foundation for the future Senior Class. As we look in upon this genial tableau, we spy the flash of green from the corner. Yes, it's Tommy "Money- bags" Carleton counting his tuition lovingly for the last time before it is torn from his grasp. Further over, we see a gleaming mop of red hair gazing lovingly at a picture of a dairy farm in a first-grade reader. This one is named Julius O'Quin. Now we come upon a strange sight. We see a very handsome little boy surrounded by a mob of very affectionate little girls, whom the teacher is vainly trying to disperse. His beaming smile from within the crowd shows him to be Bobby Lawrence. Across the room a sullen, morose youth named Ridgy Edwards sits sulking and pulling the wings off of dragonflies. Peering over his shoulder and watching with no small amount of glee is the hulking one, Dick Morris, the only member of the first grade to outweigh the teacher. Apparently the only one who is studying this morning is a very serious- looking young lady, one Catherine Oertel, who is engrossed in. . .oh, oh, a joke book! Oh well ..... At this next desk, we see another young lady, Antje Heberle, who has just finished doing her homework for tomorrow in German, completely unaware of the fact that she will have to copy it over. The remaining member of the class is just there. John Werner blossoms out later. In the second grade we were joined by two more members of our group, a quiet little girl called Jane Rheuark, and a tall, gangling, half-dead youth named Teddy Dawson, whose alertness and quick responses earned him excellent grades. Two more students trickled into the third grade, a quiet and reserved young lady named Charlotte Holly, who introduced the can-can to University Lab School, and Anne Carter, who sat and stared at the ceiling most of the time. In the fourth grade we found among the dinosaurs two more members of our as- semblage. These were Beverly Caskey, a girl with ferocious eyes and long hair who thoroughly frightened everyone, and Gretchen Gerlicher, a young lady who experien- ced considerable difficulty in dodging the lights on the ceiling. After the fourth grade we lost two members of our class, Charlotte and Beverly, who apparently couldn't stand the thought of the historic life to come. We beset Miss Gordon in the fifth grade with the aid of a tall, dark girl named Carol "Slinky" Ratcliff for reasons obvious even to fifth graders. The sixth grade was a memorable year, for we gained a quiet-mannered, un- affected, tow-headed,bespectacled chap, who, in a voice like gravel on a tin roof assured the class and Miss Bailey that his name was Ralph Deeds. Also there was a dynamic young lady named Barbara "Pogo" Vastine, who seemed to be into every- thing at once. And last and perhaps least, there was a bewildered, helpless-look- ing little person named Douglas Menville, who, when asked by the more belliger- ent members of the class if he wanted to fight, gave the singularly unusual reply, HNO. ll Then we descended en masse upon poor Mr. Eglin in the seventh grade. This was an unforgettable year, what with dropping and shooting things off the porch, growing fungi, and with the immortal Hector the Specter and Sydney Spook stories, presented by Menville and Carleton respectively, In this year we gained Jimmie "King-Size" Kent, who astonished the teacher by taking a carburetor apart and putting it back together inside of five minutes. Emily Learner seemed rather con- fused and Claude Williams was reprimanded sternly for offering the teacher a cigarette. Charlotte Holly also returned, somewhat sheepishly. Compliments of: CAMP NAMEQUOIT And then in 1948 we were triumphant! We had made it safely through gram- mar school and University Lab School now became University High! We lost Antje this year to Junior High, but we gained an odd boy with a seemingly un- pronouncable name, Jim Ammon frhymes with "salmon"l. Also there joined our ranks a small boy known as Oscar Andras, whose curls sent the girls in- to waves of ecstacy and a tall, quiet lad named Charles "West Point" Coates, who loved to tell of his experiences in Japan. Peggy LeBlanc slipped in too. Passing on to grade nine, we gained Lois Leche and Dottye Tate, a pair of quiet and reserved little ladies, Betty Harris, Ann Scatterty, Virginia "Heart- Throb" McKean, Betty Denham, and Polly Eden. ' In the tenth grade we picked up a very tall, gangling youth from Mississippi, who spent a great deal of time writing mathematical equations on the ceilings. We also gained the industrious, babbling Hans Sternberg, and Jane "Red" Tes- sier. Oh yes, Ibelieve there was also a fellow named Moss ...... Antje and Jane Rheuark were back with us now, and in the eleventh grade we collected Billy "C. A. P. " Harper, Janet Brechtel, and a young lady named Car olyn Brassett. Finally came the climax of our school year-- the twelfth grade. Now we were the Seniors. Dr. Harrison's own private headache. We were joined this year by Jimmy Kuylen, Daulis Pinto, and Beverly "Wolf Gal" Caskey. And so there you-have it. The history of one of U-High's most fiendish classes. A class which gave to the school the immortal skits of Menville -Carleton-Harrisong the roarings of a big green buick called Kentg and many other things. Many ev- ents stick fondly in our memory--being able to go the the Field House during Study Hall, watching the new building grow into completion, being the first class to have the honor of graduating from itg the Senior Playg Dr. Harrison's fiend- ish chemistry classg the Sociology class's trip to Jackson, from which most of them returnedg and all the other incidents which blend into years that we will never forget. We wish to express our deepest gratitude to all tle teachers and directors for their friendship, their help, and for starting us confidently down the long and rocky road of life. Compliments of: CHANTICLEER ESSO SERVICE STATION 2678 Government Street LEO M. ODOM 1055 Nicholson Drive 18 W-'-if HQ-Q Q 'QV I -if ' , 1 ,,. , 1,1 5. v, wif w xg., Nw .1-1 Y 1 fn. f sw' , . wg, C 4 in ll gsm Al mx IB' Compliments of SOUTHERN NATIONAL LIFE INSURANCE 516 Florida Street WOODFIN -SMITH PONTIAC COMPANY 759 North 21st Street gina 4-3 Dick Morris Hans Sternberg Carolyn Brassett Ridgy Edwards Ralph Deeds Virginia McKean Jimmie Kent Jane Tessier Travis Harrison if ,U Q- H.-wa sk Claude Williams Antje Heberle Beverly Caskey Teddy Dawson Barbara Vastine Catherine Oertel Ann Scatterty John Werner Peggy LeBlanc I9 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 J? Betty Dale Denham Billy Harper Julius O'Quin Betty Harris Dottye Tate Emily Learner Lois Leche Carol Ratcliff Jane Rheuark 2.1 "9-ug, 1x A--. wi Bobby Lawrence Douglas Menville Jim Ammon Anne Carter Gretchen Gerlicher Charlotte Holly Tommy Carleton Polly Eden Oscar Andras llll lASl Wlll A IIHSIAMI I , James Ammon, bequeath my ability to skip school when I please to Louis Boyd. , Oscar Andras, bequeath my skill at eight-ball to Louis Denson. , Carolyn Brassett, bequeath myhost of college boys to Mary Catherine Huckabay. , Janet Brechtel, bequeath my blonde hair to my sister Joan in hopes that it will do her more good than it has done me. , Thomas Carleton, bequeath just about everything to the student body at large ex- cept my money--all my beautiful money! , Anne Carter, bequeath my editorship of the CUB to someone with an iron suit and a bullet-proof vest. , Beverly Caskey, bequeath my wolf-pack to Lurline Crews. ' , Charles Coates, bequeath my framed picture of Gen. McArthur to Frank Thompson , Teddy Dawson, bequeath my left-handed hook-shot to Bill Wall. , Ralph Deeds, bequeath my muscles and nickname "Tiger" to Chuck Quarles. , Betty Denham, bequeath my boy friends to Janet McLin. , Polly Eden, bequeath my seven-day diet course to Jimmy Winfree. , Ridgy Edwards, bequeath my cheerful, friendly nature to Scott Taylor. , Gretchen Gerlicher, bequeath my swimming abilities to Lucille Guglielmo. , Billy Harper, bequeath my speech notes to Philip Sandberg. , Travis Harrison, bequeathmy unlimited intelligence to George O'Neal. , Betty Harris, bequeath my little brother Bucky to all the girls. , Antje Heberle, bequeath my horses to Mary Evelyn Johnson. , Charlotte Holly, bequeath my refined and dignified nature to Bonnie Breaux. , James Kent, bequeath my twin carbs and Hollywood muffler to Bubby Kizer. , James Kuylen, bequeath my ability at playing soccer to Wallace Mackenson. , Emily Learner, bequeath my membership in the D. A. R. to Toot Underwood. , Peggy LeBlanc, cannot afford to leave anything to anybody. , Lois Leche, bequeath Ralph Deeds to Nancy Oliver. , Virginia McKean, bequeath my skill at attracting boys to Delmar Fulmer. , Douglas Menville, bequeath my skill at drawing pictures of the teachers to Maurice O'Rourk. , Dick Morris, bequeath my collection of shot-puts to Richard Crawford. , Donn Moss, bequeath my nose to any three people. , Catherine Oertel,bequeath my repetoire of jokes to Dorothy Dennis. Julius O'Quin bequeath my mop of red hair to Lester the janitor, to be used for that purpose. , Carol Ratcliff, bequeath my ability to slink down the halls to Aimee Odom. , Jane Rheuark, bequeath my quiet nature to Rita Faye Jacks. Ann Scatterty, bequeath my books and pencils to Johnny Willey. Hans Sternberg, bequeath my orderly and coherent methods of doing things to the Johnson twins. Dottye Tate, bequeath my ability to flirt with all the boys at the same time to Barbara Jane Brown. Jane Tessier, bequeath my collection of old class secretary's records to any- one who is unlucky enough to get this job next year. Barbara Vastine, bequeath my memberships in all clubs and organizations to any three people. , John Werner, leave nothin' to nobody. Claude Williams, bequeath my abilities at speed-shifting to Billy Fort. Compliments of: RABENHORST FUNERAL SERVICE--INDUSTRIAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY ZZ I 1 ifv :tj xx S, 1-A Cecil Bassett V Carolyn Bennett President .... Johnny Hubbell Vice-President . . . Joan Brechtel Secretary-Treasurer . Carolyn Bennett Council Representatives. Janet . . . . . . . . .Johnny Willey Edrye Black Louis Boyd J V . ,,.. . . . . ' Linda Biggs , gk,"-wiv' F . . , v i . . L7 . A A 'ii. ,, E ai Billie Branch Joan Brechtel Beverly Breland Gwen Butler Bob Cayard Robert Cowart Richard Crawford Lurline Crews Jerry Dainow Compliments of MAXWELL DRUGS, SITMAN ffl 3357 Highland Rd. Carol Deer Dorothy Dennis Joan Ellisor Jeri Endorn Billy Fort Sexton Fortenberry Ernestine Gillen Lucille Guglielmo Michael Hatfield Truman Hawes Johnny Hubbell Rita Jacks Frank Johnson John Johnson Gwen Keller E. H. Leach Janet McLin Nat Maestri Compliments of NICHOLS INSURANCE SERVICE 562 Lafayette St. .. 'M 4' ft' X, ' Kay Moore Stevy Myer Aimee Odom Nancy Oliver George O'Neal Maurice O'Rourk Chuck Quarles Jimmy Smith Jimmy Stanfill Elizabeth Thompson 1 Doris Thompson Catherine Underwood Vickie Vick Bill Wall Warren Watson Billy Weldon Dotty West Johnny Willey Compliments of PETERSON CHEVROLET 3682 Scenic Hwy. k""'f 'XM President . . Vice-President . . Secretary-Treasurer 3 . Bucky Harris Nancy McMahon . ...... Barbara Jane Brown Council Repres entative Lee Ann Goodrich Compliments of JOHNSON 81 BAILEY, 217 Florida Ella Rein Aus tin Brenda Bond Ann Boyer Barbara Jane Brown iuzanne Burgoyne Douglas Cobb Virnrny Collins Rue Cooper Zarole Cox Iancy Crow Iarolyn Dawson flaria Denham A ,Q , 1 v ,Q 1 Louis Denson David Edwards Delmar Fulmer Q"?"'P' Lee Ann Goodrich Anne Gueymard Bucky Harris Marguerite Holler Charles Hoyt Mary Catherine Huckabay Compliments of GOUDCHAUX'S ,gm rf Fi qh., H ,gf , if .1 ' Mary Evelyn Johnsi Marvin Keenze Dianne Keller Paul Kilgore Glenda Kimball Roland C, Olene Land Bill Levenson Kirk McKean Nancy McMahon Janice McMullen Wallace Mackenson ,WP-we Pam Magruder Ben Miller Marjorie Nettles Jimmy Owen Janice Perrine Miles Pollard Tommy Robinson Philip Sandberg Norman Saurage Compliments of BAKER'S CAFE Highland Road DAIRY QUEEN 1637 Nicholson Drive Mary I..ou Sisk Douglas Steinmuller Eulora Terry Frank Thompson Dorothy Ray Tower Anita Turner Luther Wade Bobby Welch Louise Wiggins Jimmy Winfree if HTF H g -N. A f, Q . ' President .... . . David Hunter Vice-President . . . Miriam Oglesby Secretary-Treasurer . . Sallie Harris Council Representative . Fatie Alexander . Ann Dugas Doris Dale Baker Roland Bassett Gloria Blaylock Bonnie Breaux Norman Breen Kingsley Bodman Bert Burdick Catherine Crawford Robert Darby Margaret Darden Kenneth DeJean Mary Dixon Ana Elena Diez Canesco Adrienne Dresser Compliments of RED STICK SERVICE STATION 1405 Government St. Ann Felice Dugas Deanna Dyson Alice Faye Engelsdorff Betty Fortenberry Mary Jane Grace Jirrimy Haas Sallie Harris Carole Hawes John Hay Terry Hubbs David Hunter Judy Judice Frank Kean Sammy L.aCour Ray Loree Stanley Lucky Gwendolyn Magruder John Moore Colette Moreau Marguerite Murrell Lovell Muse Joann Myer Sarah Elizabeth New Miriam Oglesby Compliments of BOB gl JAKE'S STEAK HOUSE 2647 Government St. 1 MC gf il 'A ..,, NSF, R, y "1 .fi w We, the members of the Freshman Class, wish to dedicate the Freshman Section of the "Cub" to Lake Campbell, a classmate who was killed on August 11. 1952. 34 Pat Palmer Patsy Patterson Frances Pitcher Paul Rees Bobbie Ruth Richardson Frank Rickey Johnny Robinson Leonard Root Larry Shamblee Lynn Sherrill Bobby Shortess Beverly Jane Smith Jodie Smith Anne Gayle Tanner Muth Williams Rob er ta Williams Bakewell Winston Prince Young Q... Xalan.. 7 , am- 41' K QT' '- V2-5 qv-4 ., A .- -f 1 J-A.N,...,...,-, 1. W , . n MW. W. N Q. -. .Q b.,.1f11gtff' .' xg, Q W Wynn-an Nw. . -wx , , . , we- ,4 . " ---v. U -0, v- M I, ,5 .,. ' VT.: , if n x air 'T-if gzvmf- 4 A "V-.W ml' af 11 3 TO THE CLASS OF 1953: The purpose of this school is to provide every oppor- tunity and encouragement to each boy and girl so that they might learn the skills of citizenship as well as the academic skills necessary for successful living. May your loyalty to this school, its students, to teachers and its traditions grow so meaningful that you will always be prpud to say, "I was a student of University High School. " Compliments of: GUARANTY INCOME LIFE INSURANCE CO. , INC. 929 Government Street 36 i MISS MARIE REBECCA ALLEN Art MRS LOUISEH BEARD Commerce Y f-ur :"Ww. MR. VERNON E. DAIGLE Instrumental Music MRS. WILL C. DANIELS Library Compliments of HEARIN, COLLENS, 8: MCINNIS 1040 Main St. WATT BLACK Social Studies i X xl. .1- 1 ,we .M I , 4 f, 1 ,J -v- f --'nm-.lvl-.vrllw--l - wifi MR. WILLIAM R. EGLIN English, Science MR IOHNL GARRETT IR. Social Studies art" MR. LEONARD L. KILGORE, IR. Mathematics, Science MR. I. Q. LONG Physical Education Compliments of CAPITOL CITY FORD COMPANY 1849 North St. -ff' L. M. HARRISON Science pi MISS MARY E LOUP French, Mathematics MISS MARA McBEE Home Economics MISS MARIETTA PICOT Physical Education MR. ANTHONY G. POCHE Mathematics Compliments of BATES 81 THIGPEN 350 Third St. MRS. THELMA MORRIS School Secretary MISS MARGARhT SMITH Vocal Music MRS. DOROTHY STAFFORD Latin, Spanish MR. ORAN TEAGUE Speech, Social Studies MR. C. J. THAYER Mathematics Compliments of HARRIS REFRIGERATION 2323 North St. 0,31 MISS MARGARETE TEER English Charles Coates Virginia McKean Jimmy Kent AIIII Al 151 fx NN H0 IIBISIIIIIHY -, ,iii W. . if President . . . Douglas Menville Vice-Pres . . Catherine Oertel is h ,CLV U - Tammy Carleton , Seereggpy .... Dottye Tate Barbara Vastine f , Bobb La Advisorsex, . Mrs. Louise Beard y wrence I , . 1.Dr. L. M. Harx-15011 C C HX... Compliments of: BANKHEAD'S 2970 Perkins Road President Bobby Lawrence Vice-President Tommy Carleton Secretary-Treasurer Bob Cayard Editor of Paper Douglas Menville Assistant Editors Travis Harrison Johnny Willey Sponsors Jane Tessier Lois Leche Advisors Dr. L. M. Harrison Mr. Leonard Kilgore ins Compliments of: UNIVERSITY HIGH KEY CLUB 4-.3 gr-5 Q5 KEY lilllll Jim Ammon Charles Coates Doug Cobb Bob Cowart Teddy Dawson David Edwards Ridgy Edwards Bucky Harris Truman Hawes Frank Johns on John Johnson Marvin Keenze Jimmie Kent Paul Kilgore Nat Maestri Ben Miller Donn Moss Stevey Myer Jimmy Owen Tommy Robinson Frank Thompson Luther Wade Bill Wall Illlll S President Dotty West Vice-President Joan Ellisor Executive Secretary Carol Deer Secretary-Treasurer Beverly Breland Historian Joan Brechtel Parliamentarian Bill Harper Governors Antje Heberle Emily Learner Hans Sternberg Janet Brechtel Ann Boyer Suzanne Burgoyne Nancy Crow Marvin Keenze Gwen Keller Olene Land Kirk McKean Janet Philip Sandberg Louise Wiggins Compliments of: Compliments of: DICENS 44 BERT'S CAMERA CENTER 341 Main Street GW President Catherine Oertel ViC6-President Betty I-Iarris Secretary Barbara Vastine Treasurer Travis Harrison Reporter Carol Deer Advisor Mrs. Louise Beard Jim Ammon Gwen Butler Anne Carter Beverly Caskey Teddy Dawson Compliments of: HARRELL-I-IANNAMAN LETTER SHOP 133 Main Street COLLEGE SUPPLY BOOK STORE 166 Chimes Street Ralph Deeds Betty Denham Jeri Endom Antje Heberle Lois Leche Virginia McKean Janet McLin Kay Moore Donn Moss Nancy Oliver Carol Ratcliff Jane Rheuark Hans Sternberg Dottye Tate Jane Tessier sw' 7 F. H. A. President Virginia McKean Vice-President Dottye Tate Secretary Lee Ann Goodrich Treasurer Delmar Fulmer Parliamentarian Judy Judice Historian Deanna Dyson Publicity Chairmen Carole Hawes Sallie Harris Advisor Miss Mara McBee ix f s 'Arif 1' Compliments of UNIVERSITY HIGH F. H. A. THE DUTCH MILL 214 W. Chimes Street Fatie Alexander Ella Rein Austin Doris Baker Gloria Blaylock Ann Boyer X Bonnie Breaux Barbara Jane Brown Anna Elena Conesco Sue Cooper Catherine Crawford Margaret Darden Carol Deer Adrienne Dresser Ann Felice Dugas Joan Ellisor Gwen Magruder Alice Faye Englesdorff Colette Moreau Betty Fortenberry Miriam Oglesby Ernestine Gillen Catherine Oertel Mary Jane Grace Pat Palmer Anne Gueymard Patsy Patterson Betty Harris Frances Pitcher Mary Catherine Huckabay Carol Ratcliff Mary Evelyn Johnson Bobbie Richardsoi Diane Keller Ann Gayle Tanner Gwen Keller Anita Turner Olene Land Dotty West Emily Learner Louise Wiggins Lois Leche Roberta Williams IIBRAIIY Clllll President .... Skippy Thompson Vice-President . .Elizabeth Thompson Secretary -Treas. .... Kay Moore Advisors .... Mrs. Will C. Daniels Ann Boyer Beverly Breland Suzanne Burgoyne Karen Dainow Carolyn Dawson Deanna Dyson Martha Hays Helen Haynes . . . Mrs. J. B. Robertson Mary Herget Betty Knight Olene Land Paul Reese Leonard Root Louise Wiggms Roberta Williams XM ' 'l fr x X X X . . . f""Afy j H A pf , I 1 6 K K. cempnmente of M co-oP Boox s'roRE 108 Chimes Street - , 'roB1As-c.Ass COMPANY 1967 North Street ' ,M-A , - .. mms' 5-,H ' ......- .- President--Ralph Deeds Vice-president--Dick Morris Secretary--Johnny Hubbell Treasurer--Hans Sternberg Chaplain--E. H. Leach Editor of Paper--Sexton Fortenberry Sponsors--Virginia McKean Aimee Odom Faculty Advisor--Mr. Watt Black . .img lg ,gn!.,fs N' i .s 2533? be 24 MEMBERS Oscar Andras Cecil Bassett Roland Bassett Louis Boyd Richard Crawford Jary Dainow Louis Denson Billy Fort Jimmy Haas Roland Kizer Sammy LaCour Ray Loree Kirk McKean George O'Neal Julius O'Quin Maurice O'Rourk Miles Pollard Johnny Robinson Philip Sandberg Lynn Sherrill Jimmy Smith Jimmy Stanfil Douglas Steinmuller Warren Watson John Werner Claude Williams YIHS if . ' X I T- - President ,.,,,. , , , , Jane Tessicr Vice-President . . . Barbara Vastinc Recording Secretary , , , , , Dotty'l'atc Corresponding Secretary , , , Carolyn Bennett Treasurer ,,,., , Virginia McKean Sergeant -at-Arms , ,,,, Dorothy Dennis Sponsors , . , , Donn Moss, Julius O'Quin Faculty Advisor , , Mr, John L, Garrett, Jr, Fatie Alexander, Ella Rein Austin, Gloria Blaylock, Billie Branch, Joan Brechtel, Barbara Jane Brown, Suzanne Burgoynne, Sue Cooper, Catherine Crawford, Carolyn Dawson, Carol Deer, Maria Denham, Mary Dixon, Deanna Dyson, Polly Eden, Ioan Ellisor, Jeri Endom, Betty Fortenberry, Anne Gueymard, Betty Harris, Sallie Harris. Carol Hawes, Antje Heberle, Mary Catherine Huckabay, Rita Jacks, Mary Evelyn Johnson, Judy Judice, Diane Keller, Glenda Rae Kimball, Olene Land, Lois Leche, Nancy McMahon, Mimi Murrell, Aimee Odom, Miriam Oglesby, Nancy Oliver, Pat Palmer, Patsy Patterson, Janice Perrine, Frances Pitcher, Carol Ratcliff, Bobbie Ruth Richardson, Anne Gayle Tanner, Anita Turner, Vickie Vick, Louise Wiggins, Roberta Williams. il Oscar Andras Louis Boyd Charles Coates Doug Cobb Jimmy Collins Bob Cowart Jerry Dainow Teddy Dawson Louis Denson Ridgy Edwards Stanley Lucky Nat Maestri Kirk McKean Ben Miller Dick Morris Donn Moss Stevey Myer Jimmy Owens Johnny Robinson Philip Sandberg President Jim Ammon Vice-President George O'Neal Secretary-Treasurer Ralph Deeds Chaplain Julius O'Quin Sergeant-at-arms John Werner Advisor Mr. J. Q. Long Sponsors Betty Harris Barbara Vastine Billy Fort Sexton Fortenberry Tommy Hampton Bucky Harris Truman Hawes Bobby Lawrence E. H. Leach Larry Shamblee Jimmie Stanfill Douglas Steinmueller Frank Thompson Luther Wade Bill Wall Claude Williams Compliments of: BATON ROUGE BOWLING CENTER 535 North Foster Drive 1 ' 2 V pl 4 5 B 'YQ A '15 K :,.: jk ' ,fuk 4 ...ff Q Q Q44 Werner, right tackle Cobb, quarterback W ,gf 4 V, - --M455 , :, -' :,,. , 4' , , My M 9 'J .. - .11 , dc E1 f ,E we may J I ' - kai . Fort, left halfback Iwiaestri, quarte rback '-wa... ,, . it pi ' ' l X lg M' 5 'E 1' 8, All ll1.i Lawrence, captain, right, guard Owen, fullback X A I yup- 'nf' 5 i :rug i . 'ffm' 4' ' Q Uv" P' rm nf... ,,,,2 1 N H ga g? ' A W ,f ,J 1 UGA, fue .nm 5' aa 3 S ua I-4 2 . .3 -3' :Z ge, 4? 4 ""' 42-W2 . -in 29' W . . K 3' '. wr- K, , PM Afi: " yn .SE 555 .Q yi. 5 A' + 5 'Q i . . -f 6 M' u 1 . ' '55, k Y! ak' - Wiki' - V ,a R :mg 1 A 'W f . A L ,- '18 13 L ,,,, ,. m ,,,:LL xi! WVHRST ROW. . . Stanleyj, ky, Ridgy Edwards, Na stti ,jz ROW. . . Louis Denson,l g9scar, Andras, Bobby Lavyr Jim . .Frank Thompson, Luther Wadeu , owan. Vw E.H. Leach, Do Steinmubfibr, Ciiaciflilifams. QQ '14, ' 39' f KF ,gf-, y: n .Q K Q ny J fb ,ns '5'1?-'Gi' .: , , if Coach Long and managers, Bucky Harris and Sexton Fortenberry SPONSORS: Barbara Vastine and Betty Harris CHEERLEADERS: Mary Lou Sisk, Lois Leche, Rita Faye Jacks, Aimee Odom, Dottye Tate , V f-.X ' W H. S. Q,mll3 A11 1 ' 4 , W E:. . 1' - , 6 ' Nw io .J Compliments of: WRIGHT INSURANCE AGENCY VICARO'S STORE 345 North Fourth Street 1683 Highland Road 57 Bobby Lawrence , guard Jim Ammon, forward Bill Wall, center Compliments of: BEN DUNCAN'S ESSO SERVICE 2880 Nicholson Drive 58 4. ' is "fr ' . H5 ,- - ,-, . Donn Moss, f0I'W-ard Teddy Dawson, guard Compliments of: EDWARD'S ORANGE BOWL 128 Chimes Street Patsy Patterson Tommy Robinson Johnny Robinson Francis Pitcher TENNIS IRACK Julius O'Quin Phillip Sandberg Kirk McKean Bob Cayard Ridgy Edwards Sexton Fortenberry Ralph Deeds Billy Fort C ompliments SHOW DOWN PONY RANCH ? .H Y 1nm .m-m.mug1.' - , .w M. ski?-fd ., l ' mf -gilt Q33 H lx, g y donga. ' -W I fi ' I! xg, is . NW ,KJ V- i - f,m,f,. . ' , H S W 5 Q Q ,ft . aw BASHMll :, Teddy ROW D 253 Quf !myy0w III mmy Stanfill, Louis Degnsong Billy Weldon, Ji ,Ji Myer Bassett, Stevey ecil W:C IST RO 'sw ny Willey, George O'Nea1 nares, john J G Dawson, Travis Harrison, Charles ww 1 5 K K. 4e,r, ' y -Q L5 E E-1 U E H5 2 Q2 .E EE -' Q: 'HP D O y E cd 4 2 42 E-4 Z 41 cn rv A Road S, in erk ,S ,,,w P 3 tb R 44 .dum . . 1 ins 5 ,f'f'7 if in 'S , N al is -i 1, , vs 'In LIL ry. ls.. bv' bf-.wt K r FPS: f '. nunslrns President Ann McC1endon Vice-President Carolyn Brassett Secretary-Treasurer Dorothy Dennis Sergeant-at-arms Carol Ratcliff Advisor Miss Marietta Picot Virginia McKean Jane Tessier Anne Carter Vickie Vick Carolyn Bennett Nancy Oliver Billie Branch Joan Brechtel Barbara Jane Brown Anne Gueymard Nancy McMahon Lee Ann Goodrich Delmar Fulmer Pat Palmer Roberta Williams Patsy Patterson Bonnie Breaux Deanna Dyson Compliments of: HOLMES AND BARNES, LTD 502 St. Philip Street JOHNNY ROGERS SERVICE STATION 356 Convention Street if 3 A f J. J 'X nlfv flfq. lg! ' A'7'4"f-. r1'? ,, 'i 0 9066 QUEEN KOS JANE BETTY CHARLIE Compliments of: R. P. FARNSWORTH 8: COMPANY, INC. P. O. Box 2029 X we BARBARA TEDDY 1 'fx' .. DOTTYE JIM Compliments of: NESBITT BOTTLERS OF BATON ROUGE 1501 North Zlst Street GINGER RALPH ffl. gsm V + 'Q-' .9 Q x 2 ,nv is .1-'31 , . J, J' , if .va W 55' ' ,gl-' nf, k' ftfftf 4. .M . .B., :. Mig gg ,Q 52552 I 1, rv: f A J .5-Er ' Kg, agp 'Zi 2 , .ek .. -'f Q Q ? - if f. , ,gf wr: 2,35 2 'kilfzifif f. gf fivf Aff: 1 4- 1 ,1 ul -,1-im' ,LA vu? , in 11 +1 iz fw vawww ,, ,.,, 723 4 What's the matter, Ridgy---Empty? Duh--what's next? ff 'li' L Q It's for free -., M Compliments of: Checks appeal PUGH's FLORAL SHOP zoo st. Louis street KTDKTAND CREDIT .TFZWF2T.FIRS 213 Third Street What Price Glory ? "My tale is tol' " "It isn't raining inside tonight-- or is it? ' ' t ,Muff nv! Root of all evi1--- the money we mean! "King-sized Papa" "Got that ole time religioi Experiment? ? ' Did'ja ever see a purple cow--- smoking? Compliments of: OVERPASS CLEANERS 2931 Perkins Road HENRY STRAUSS, INC. 133 Third Street L , , nw .. . 1, . ., ,. '. 1, HNF? -I Nf- ?:p ' H.. "m""'i'fg ? ix ,,.-gijx r s -. af if .J 1 x IIHWW 1.....-- Nl H KWH wMW,u w-m 3 im y , D Zi si i NLT! Ir TK: Vfgwi, , 'i5,A x X ' ., I my ,Q wbfv, ' ' . , - '.fQgl:f5f ' - . ,gwyf 4 fw- f' pw' Wkm am 3 if O fm- .Q "Q"-It lv'k 2 V- . ., :W ff if-fx L '71 fwur' x K ,fi J ,., D . 4 Q ' I L: I Q-f NX X r NX ,ef ' .A 4 'a V f h Q, up 155355 Htgmlww QZHQE??' 4L, ww , 'R f, , Y ++ + 45+ + m , JY-4 Q 5' 2, f TH! Q Qfvw vi. Ar .4,, ,W, 4 4. X ,J T V 5 W fH1.:iig5,,f JZ 4, I A yd ,gym 4 it A Mw5U,gw .W A V G .,smf55 3 1 VOCAl MUSIC t INSIRUMlNIAl MUSIC Compliments of: POI..IZZOTTO'S NURSERY MUSIC MART 75 5785 Highland Road 347 Main Street K ! LL 1 1 1 g Chairman Barbara Vastine Vice-Chairman Ralph Deeds Secretary-Treasurer Lee Ann Goodrich Charles Coates Sllllll Hlllll llll 1 1' I X 1 5' of X if if L4 of Q 'V ANN ,JV gf. , QQ Faculty Advisors Dr. I... M. Harrison Mr. C. J. Thayer Compliments of: THE STUDENT COUNCIL Johnny Hubbell Janet McLin Johnny Willey Bucky Harris David Hunter Ann Dugas PHICA Betty Harris Barbara Vastine iff. 1 Cha rlie Coates Bobby Lawrence AHHI AHS Tommy Carleton Vlrglnla McKean Dottye Tate 77 Donn Moss Compliments of: LOUISIANA AGRICULTURE CO-OP, INC. C' MGM VE' ITY HIGH SCHOOL, DECEMBER ll, 1952 NUMBER 2 VOLUME II JMEROONI NOTES SI A I I sEviiN'rH QRADE A, - - venth Grade, divided into ith Reed Harrison and Emilv L, . esidents, have been Ol Dee' V em ta UI ing plans for a party to be l ., . h December. Speak for racy, a topic A- X propriate for he occasion. Between , . , the talk he Glee Club sang "The EKJHH GRADE Sta, t and the U, The Eighth Grade gave a very PARTIES November 15 the Senior Class held a party which has come to be con- sidered an annual event here and is eagerly awaited by the unattached boys. This, of course, was the Sadie Hawkins Day party. It was set off by the big race, in which the fleet- footed girls gave the boys a hard run. Dick Morris served as Maryin' Sam versi il Chorus pr' Sful party' using ee the tb for the par' u couples. Next was 'tifulf' my Fell'-" They eleefed skit, de die Hawkins Day Keenze 'Y twenty" 'e .dollars R- Q had a good piano. I IOWHV 'lldmb' xt year's Sen- for Barbara Student giving asse ,ugh- gram ov: Hubs more d a song a talk on fhelfd ing: and V1 a a poem, Next, Bill Activities us. The he sang thus bringing t giving Day A Here with more c topics at week is o terest think school spirit?" yOU' 1 il'l- do vou done to impi ox e 'IQXI l The H 'st party the Juniors gave to tc ich PN EU i 'lnd Jim Ammon Ralph Deeds Amie Heberle their 'nmerce stu- of social we have by the theme satire of th Too many times We are prone to ear and Dottye Tate one stu Oscar Andras Polly Eden Bobby Lawrence Jane TeSSler meet Carolyn Brassett Ridgy Edwards Lois Leche Barbara VHSHHC tems Tommy Carleton Gretchen Gerlicher Virginia McKean Miss Healey advisor Teddy Dawson Travis Harrison Ann Scatterty plaus 0 Compliments of detecll LOUISIANA EDUCATION SERVICE 3374 Nicholson Drive fun? Q UNIVERSITY HIGH BOOSTERS, CHEERLEADERS, AND HQ F SPONSORS ' Well, A H Y out o sity 1 e ious red, ost ther - - irls t two the crowd this time, so l'll see proved to be a very big success. not youlall next issue, when I'll be back onlv to the school as a whole, but al- ixfith thoughts at random from U- so to the Senior Class bank account. forma of a nio D h School High students. 'Continued on page 45 ' fconiinu d on pa ' I ' 5 the This is what they said. Rita Jacks I . " L , overlook the students in Junior . . ' ' X ' I ' ' , . X . want --- 1-. .-'- -- .141 mu- ---- '-- m Q just J Cl A I ' ' R ' ' ' ' ' ' . - ' en- Ca 9 . . -th ' HI'- sch 1 lx th Carolyn Brassett Hans Sternberg Travis Harrison Sl Illll SlZIIlllASllIIS 3.5 UI! ABIIVE Ann Scatterty Compliments of: Ax f . L Catherine Oertel Douglas Menville GILLEN OIL FIELD SUPPLY AND TRANSPORT CO. A W. McKinley JL lWlUli bl1IlUlllbIll1b 3.0 UR Jim Ammon Tommy Carleton Charles Coates Ralph Deeds Antje Heberle Charlotte Holly Jimmie Kent Bobby Lawrence Emily Learner Virginia McKean Dottye Tate Jane Tessier Barbara Vastine Compliments of: ARTHUR M. PALMER REAL ESTATE BROKER 650 North 22nd Street Sv? -xml fy UNIIERIHASS SIIHIHASIICS Carolyn Bennett Beverly Breland Gwen Butler Bob Cayard Richard Crawford Lurline Crews Carol Deer Dorothy Dennis Joan Ellisor Jeri Endom Truman Hawes Johnny Hubbell Rita Faye Jacks Janet Kay Moore Stevey Myer Nancy Oliver Elizabeth Thornps on Compliments of: BOULEVARD GULF SERVICE 455 St. Louis Street rv Doris Thompson Vickie Vick Dotty West Johnny Willey Carole Cox Nancy Crow Carolyn Dawson Delmar Fulmer Lee Ann Goodrich Anne Gueymard Marguerite I-lollar Paul Kilgore Janice McMullen Tommy Robinson Phillip Sandberg Luther Wade Roland Bassett Bonnie Breaux Compliments of STANDARD PAINT COMPANY 2811 Florida Street Compliments of: STANDARD MOTOR CAR COMPANY INC. 2029 North Street Anna Diez-Canesco Ann Dugas Deanna Dyson Betty Fortenberry Jimmy Haas Sallie Harris Carole Hawes David Hunter Ray Loree John Moore Joann Myer Miriam Oglesby Frances Pitcher Frank Rickey Larry Sharnblee Lynn Sherrill Jodie Smith Anne Gayle Tanner Muth Williams seti , I .1 , p , .... f MW pg "" 'F' If a www hw cv 'r V v yy-,w ,..w Y r i Street ""m5Z'??fS?! In recognition of Seniors who have done outstanding work during their four years of high school work WHITS 'y '-35G,3'fQE L J 14 ,xfv h r Sf 7 'T5f"' ll i 1 .Zilla i I 'z . ja A if I , '44 If r i ' ,ihi y X y X i -, .5 v :LW it .- S 3 I J. H ' as Q iff 1' if H f .L 3 1 f'Ti,f n , Q lr E' , 5.-' FE iw We r Anne Carter Douglas Menville Hans Ste rnberg Tommy Carleton Virginia McKean Barbara Vastine Betty Harris , fx - K 1 eddy Uaws on fi ifijfggw t ,,.,. , ' YZQSTS5 ' " ', 1 tl W f a L' af 135jb"iv'f'3f-P JW Ci A Dottye Tate S.. Ralph Deeds Catherine Oertel 1 rf 'f'l' - ' 57, .' 7 I, 4 A 'Q JT" 'L' 'F .,.s' . V 1: .., K, Charles Coates Jane Tessief Bobby Lawrence Jim Ammon X. v Q Y rn I f FI' I '-1 A -, ff fl 3 2 ,gf I 6 M ki A .35 Ji , ,. fir? f li 1 .. 'lk EAW A I he-A 1. A . yi ., ' ,M j' W, mu I ,- 4 I 5835 "lille M ., -:fa f I f?'l5Q5'I 4 RE' ,, Y' If r 4 1' fl I-41 it I K A,f v B 'fzf'?21i? , I I K .. +8 x .. , N I txxps .MV Q , f 4 x 5 N Y' K 3 V -f an I . X W Y ." I 4 I I , 2 I .. ' 5 f .fivwx fs . A iff-f'fxe+49'3 Q -.Jw f ff." ,L'fi"3w wa?-Fkxl' I!l I s'Q,,k :Os .37 Y- 'v-In I, Yr N Comphments of: THOMAS INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. TRIANGLE SERVICE STATION 1220 Main Street 209 St. Ferdinand Street VIIA 1 Q.. f 5- 5,11 'QF '-fu.. 7' o PIIIIPHHIY IH llll MASS Ill '53 The other evening as I was eating dinner at Joe's, I met a person I had not seen for a long time, an old school chum with whom I had graduated from Uni- versity High way back in 1953. He was bubbling over with information about Doug, Peggy, Ginger, and all the rest of my friends that I had completely lost track of during the years. Fond memories of days gone by were brought to mind while I listened to him tell me what all the old gang was doing. These are some of the things he said: Dottye Tate, the rage of society, has been seen in the company of numerous men about town. It appears that Miss Tate has never surpressed her maddening desire to go out with all, not some, but all, of the boys. I am sure you rerfgmber Charlie Cons, President of the Class of '53, who went -to West Point and graduated there in 1957. Well, after fifty years of mili- tary service, General of the Army Coates has been retired from active duty. The general made a very moving farewell speech to Congress, the last line of which was: "Old soldiers never die, they just smell that way. " This remark has inspir- ed someone to write a ballad of the same name which has greatly enhanced the old hero's popularity throughout the country. Ralph "Whispering" Deeds has sold his cattle ranch in Nebraska, his oil lands in South America, and his other commercial holdings, so that he can become Di- rector of the F. B. I. Assisting him in his new job will be none other than "Big, Tough John" Werner, rich playboy and African game hunter, These two should make a persuasive and effective combination, so criminals, beware. Miss Barbara Vastine has become President and Personnel Manager of Vas- tine Enterprises, Inc. Her company makes"B. V. D. Pogo Sticks" and other toys to amuse .the kiddies. Despite the fact that her business demands much of her time, Miss Vastine is very active socially and holds offices in one hundred sev- enty-two clubs. Passers-by on Third Street were surprised to see Jim Ammon in a Salvation Army uniform. He was standing on a corner ringing a bell and urging all sinners to repent. Mr. Ammon was a prosperous architect when he decided to give up his profession for this fine social work. He is to be commended for his unself- ish attitude. Oscar Andras is the new proprieter of the Chimes Billiard Club, and Bill Harper is now national head of the C. A. P. He resigned a Major General's commission in the Siamese Air Force to take up his present duties. Carolyn Brassett, M. A. , B. A. , Ph. D. , is teaching higher organic chemistry at Cal- ifornia Tech. Odd though ,it may sound, this distinguished scholar has never found out what calculus is and still has difficulty manipulating venetian blinds. Catherine Oertel and Polly Eden constitute the new panel on "Can You Top This ?", the radio quiz and joke show. They have also combined talents to write a book which they call Spicy Tales from a Sultan's Harem. An article written by Anne Carter their former colleague, feature reporter for the New York Times, on the Detroit Race Riots has made her nationally famous. A nemght club has open ed out on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood. It is called the "El Wolfo" and is owned and operated by Beverly Caskey, who also does the floor shows. The Nobel Prize in Physics this year goes to Dr. T. Jeter Harrison for dis- covering how to split the Strontium atom. However, he botched his calculations and consequently, did not get off the premesis before the atom split. A momu- ment is being raised to this true martyr to the cause of Science. Betty Harris and Willy Norris are giving jitterbug lessons to South American students at L. S. U. So popular is Betty with these boys that she has been unan- imously voted "Pan-American Queen". Compliments of: TERRY'S MEN SHOP 151 Third Street A new teacher at U-High is Janet Brechtel, who says she really loves her work. Claude "Little Hank" Williams, hillbilly recording artist, has made a new record: "I'll Never Get Out of This High School Alive". Mark T. Carleton, wealthy financier and chairman of the Chase National Bank, was made Secretary of the Treasury. His first official act was to flee the country with all the government funds. Federal agents caught up with him in Monte Carlo, where he was playing roulette with Ex-King Farouk. The Honorable David D. Moss, U. S. Attorney-General, has been called in toprosecute the case. Moss SWCBIS Carleton's head will roll. Carleton simply swears. On the diplomatic side, Sir James Kuylen, Knight of the Bath, is the new am- bassador to the United States from British Honduras. Douglas A. Menville, tal- ented cartoonist of science fiction magazines, who is also a movie producer, has been named Envoy to the Vatican. You may recall that Menville was the silent lad who never said or did anything that was funny. Tucker Dawson, Jr. , chemical engineer, and W. Ridgely Edwards III, geol- ogist, have ditched their respective professions and are opening up a model agen- cy in Los Angeles. The reason for this sudden change of interest can be readily as- certained from their behavior. Every Saturday night these two gentlemen can be seen swaggering down the street, arm in arm, singing "We Love Girls". Betty Denham, Gretchen Gerlicher, Ann Scatterty, Peggy LeBlanc, and Jane Rheuark have been happier than any of their classmates, for they all settled down and got married. Antje Heberle is a special consultant in the State Department for the Bureau of German Affairs. Her understudy is Herr Hans Sternberg, who is also General Man- ager of Gimbel's Department Store in New York. Easier parking, thriftier shopping at Gimbel's. Gimbel's time, 9:45. From Hollywood comes word that Robert "Smoocho" Lawrence, the movie king, has finally married his leading lady, Lois "Lippy" Leche, after a long and hectic courtship. The Lawrence-Leche combination can be currently seen in the Warner Bros. release, Wuthering Fights. J. "Double Exhaust" Kent has won his tenth Indianapolis Speedway Cup. However, he has been jilted by his latest girl friend because, as she puts it, "The most passionate words he has ever said to me were 'Gee, sweetheart, you remind me of my overhead valve assembly that increases my brake horse-power by 26. 9. ' " No doubt you will be glad to hear that Emily Learner has been made head of the commission on Missions and World Friendship for the Methodist Church. Dick Mor- ris and Julius O'Quin have formed a partnership to manufacture souped -up farm tractors and other equipment. O'Quin has been a millionaire since he hooked the Government in farmer's subsidies. Madame Carol Ratcliff has become instructor of ballet at the Russian Opera Academy at Moscow. She is recognized all over the world as the foremost authority in her field. Oh yes, Virginia McKean and Jane Tessier are both old maid English teachers at Vassar College, where they are still spry and alert enough for their age, and love to hear from their old friends, provided their ear trumpets are tuned up. Well, this took in everyone in the class that my companion could think of. As we parted, I thanked him deeply for letting me know what our old schoolmates had been doing since we left our dear Alma Mater, University High School, in 1953. Compliments of: SEVEN UP BOTTLING COMPANY PEOPLE'S LAUNDRY, INC. 3807 Government Street 800 North Zlst Street 91 MIK llWlHll3IMl IS In this, the 1953 CUB, we have attempted to picture all aspects of life at University High. We have tried to capture the highlights of this year and maybe some low spots fhow 'bout that, Coons?J. Your parties, as- semblies, teachers, and classmates parade before your eyes as you leaf through the pages of this annual. We, the staff, hope you enjoy this year book as much as we enjoyed working on it. To the following we would like to express our sincere appreciation for all they have done to help us: First, thanks to our wonderful advisors, Mr. Garrett and Mrs. Beard. To Miss Pat Maybin for her help andthe excellent pictures she took. To our advertisers, without whom we could have no yearbook. To the business staff for their fine job. To Ralph Deeds, Charlie Coates, and Julius O'Quin for con- tributing lots of snapshots. To the faculty for their understanding and co-operation. To Mr. Teague for letting us clutter up his desk any time, day or night. THE CUB STAFF Compliments of: BODMAN AND MURRELL, ARCHITECTS 1175 Nicholson Drive C. H. HEBERT COMPANY, INC. 3936 Scenic Highway 92 fi 1.11-'L A NU' . -,, ,f vim ' " L." su' , -'Mft .7 1 x, 4 -' X -, . V, Y .. 2.21. 4,.' f' "T H' -' 'W- 1 NL, .- 4 ,, A ,. , Q., - 34- 1 M 5, f.,-- wzl - 411- . f 1, fr " "" " 's ' ' jx. 7Au1f"'5 .i w, , . - ,f,, ,.,,',-'.- 5 '.. 1 5,-5 qv. ,L- - ' 1 K-f -1 - ,. 'ap f' W --11 ,, ,- , . W V, . -5..N,f, - ' 4.- . L , , , .. V ,, ,X V I, f,4,4,,x, ,VNV ," ..v,-1, :,, , .- 1, :V 'Mr Tw., 1 f' ', ,,v.j, -w,j.,. w H ,y . wF1..,., 1' Yi-r ,-. lim , I i E U , V., ' ,il -.34 ,,'fY,.f,,.: 4 - ch,g551,I51.,,.?u.,.'x3?L N , -, V - ,-4, Q1 .:,-, fn' "' -f. - gf-.,. 4 - , ,Q V , -1,x..i'g:2vx?S..f'T L-2:25 lr - 4"f-' n 1.1, nf , V- 154 1 -, f- -' '4."?, """'QY ' " " ' " ' ' ' ' ' gf--,5i.1fii-'-sf,.f:i.i,g,. af: ,-ffpik' '- , . 'QV' 5,31 I ,"' +,-'JI '-,, , - ,gf f'5:'i--:"'f9'!",-":',fix' +7'f'iTf:-v'?f:'?g4M"'. 1 vr f ' - - I -.y -L YVLQA-,agygix .. T: .1 ' L, v1!':L A Haj,- -,.x,zf.v -.J X-I 1'-lffi? 1' -N '- , ,,,-:Q kr -.',.,j.!,-1wQ,, '- -11-.',-bm. 1 . ' W1 13- N ., 1,':,,, -'N' NT., 1,-',. Lf , .wya':,.', A 'fr.'-L44 wx- , 4 ,.'x":", , ,3'!w+. wi-ini., . , , . 1, . ., , 4. , Y 1'-7.,'xv , . . i w g f-, 1, s Ji,-'-.Eg ,F f-1- ", ,.f',.."",fM., ., , .-, ,. 1- ' ' 'zrf " ""' W' K i ff--vf:CI,.A1", 'N' 'Eu :rf .37 ' ' , . U : , Q' , , , , 1' J' ' " qs? f 5" , , -"-f -31-. gt. I -f 'J qf:f"'. .U , . ,T ML- , ,f,.- -.. qu-4. gLu'v,s.e51:,' ' - , K. f' 4117- 'jgQ.jy4T2,.-1: 1 1, , J ' ':7'n.'?Q' -'g 3' ' ', ,Z 3-gag i, , A f' Ji' 1 Q. 4'2,f.g" ff ,.. 5 1-'31,1v.' . rl, ." I , 1 x. , V ,N,. K WV. I -g,.q .mmf Y .V , . ,. 4 - 1: 4 v -W. , - I-si 5.1 .51 L.-. Lg-,r , 4-"' 1-W? ' ' ' Vg-"4 .lf .y,,'f.4 2 'b - -- In -.312 - ' 1.--1+ ., , Q, ,W N -1 ,-1 . A--M, , . .JM 2 V. ., 'y -,N 1,3 X, , ff -1 ' .7.'5 "1 I-" ? 3. -- , 'x . ' :Ei f' l!g!'.ri..'l' 'fii.w.Tf.-E, "". 'fI.ui9miIWv-.,,'LJ3',' -.L+ f ,f , 5 , nw qk.,--. - W, fs-'F , .5 X,-Q W bil 1 1 w 1 4 'P' 1'2- q :'2'j,,5 Q w Q ri , ' ,.w'. 1"-FFLW i - 25' 1::,,.,, ,,, . ..r . ,y 4'-Y -5133+ 1312 1' mf'-f .N ,W ,T rf" .- 4"s"- ' cf., 4:59 ,5-I "?'.. : ,aff -., P T 10- V' A , .,, .f',,,, - .-j3,:'--I -C1 .r ., N1 -4441. . ..m:4.u..n-mm YEARIOOKS PACQM V W I or GUM' favy MYERSANDCO INC TOPEKA KANSAS

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