University High School - Cub Yearbook (Baton Rouge, LA)

 - Class of 1950

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University High School - Cub Yearbook (Baton Rouge, LA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 112 of the 1950 volume:

WM W' MMM MUD"U""'2"T'-9' Y 71 Q? M ,Q ,fy--'ym f 1 J I 51,70 '53 A wwe V fi1ffQ EQ X W ,f WM MW f fn . A QS I U55 51512501 Ufam Of nioafzaiiy 24695 cgafioof Ed CELIA WALDSMITH 2 , 7 s V B M g HELEN HOBEHT Q 5 o g Ed LOUIS BORNMAN Yi ,Q 5-J W -nf""T",K ' luunll , uv" 'P' ht' s gs' 541805 lil' sl" lb' Q9 fl M" econ 'lu 1 'M Q31 mania 1950 O'Z 0D'O'Z gf uf WEE , nf' ' n nf' agen i g!Q1 dfgfifv j"Q Qfgf ,fggi fiftitieiaieti U5 5 C U fj 5 J his picture book is calendar. Leaf wi its unforgettable d . i f Q 4 " CL ' 1 ' 4 I Y ,1 44 44 4 l F EBRD IK? Hifi' xv zum em Qfffffff 4 Ulla? 'QQ11 5 1115555113 f xff 1 ITLCVLLE jill iiiifiil if Cliff ngg l 'nail 1 1 111g., ffff ff 1 1 '55 1 111111111 111111111111 111gg11g11111 111 11 111111 O 5 ffgf f ' 1 lianngnn 1 1 f 1' 1 J MVS! QA if-W QEJLCCIHCIZ 2 QNAMEIJM ' TO MH WILLIAM M SMITH l t h t h f d h g d d th h ty d th d d t th 1950 CUB 1. E sl? Oqfma afsfz This is our Alma Mater, this is our school We will be loyal: we will be true. Now we are with thee: now we are near: Still in the future we will love you. orwcrd you send us: forward we go. e will remember: we will know. our halls inspire us: your halls we bless And in our hearts we hold thee, U. H. S. MISS PICOT Physical Education A MRS. MACKENSEN IU . Mg Home Economics MH. SMITH Social Studies ,1. A-f ,tts wi MH. FORD Social Studies aczuffy MHS. STAFFORD Latin and Spanish MISS LOUP French and Math lm l' J X , , C ?QWV ' S. Q mf: l' ' N Si Q.. COACH LONG Physical Education MH. SWANSON Principal 71146 MHS. DAN1ELS Librarian n Art IR. McQUEEN MISS SMITH Instrumental Music MISS ALLEN Instrumental Music MISS TEER English acuffy Those whose pictures do not appear MISS HEALEY. English MH. THAYER. Mathematics MH. BEYER Biology and Math. :HE mm . M WW CLASSES SEPTEMBER 1 1 1 A 5 s 1 s 9 um u 11 u u ss xo n n so 1o 11 11 13 11 ,1s16111s1-no ' SEYT 1949 Q G 'Wlvfv' 154 2 9 1 212518 1 2317 J 1 1 12 5,1 11117312 2 20 .9 3 02720 1 0 2 024 F 29.1 JUNE 1950 Q BENNY. PENDEHY, LOUIS, DEE, JAMES '71 OFFICERS President PENDERY GIBBENS Vice-President JAMES SHOPTAUGH Secretary-Treasurer DEE DAVIES Student Council BENNY CRAFT LOUIS BOHNMAN BARBARA JEAN ALBERT U.H.S. l.2.3.4: Dicens l: Home EC. l.2.3: Senior Play Crew 3: Basketball: Soft- ball: Newspaper 3.4. JULIUS CHARLES ARCENEAUX U.H.S. l.2.3.4: Band 4. HANS PAULSEN ARMSTRONG U.H.S. l.2,3.4: State Rally: Band 1.2: Senior Play Crew 3: May Court 3: Newspaper 4: Football, Co- Captain 3: Basketball 1.2: Baseball: Club Pres. 3. JEAN ANN BERGERON U.H.S. Home Ec. 1.42 Band 1: Newspaper 3.4: Basketball 2. MARTHA LOU BLAGG U.H.S. l.2.3.4: Art Club 4: Newspaper.4: Basketball 2: Senior Play Publicity 3. DONALD BERT BONNE CARRERE U.H.S. 4. DAVID LOUIS BORNMAN U.H.S. 1.2.3,42 Freshman Sec-Treasurer: Junior Presi dent: Student Council 2.4: State Rally: Boys State 48: Key Club. Pres. 2.3: Dist. Corres. Sec. 4: Dicens, Gov ernor 2.4: Vice-President 3 Senior Play Cast 3: Senior Court: Newspaper 3.4: CUB Staff. DORCAS ELLIN BROWN U.H.S. l.2.3.4: State Rally: Library Club 3.4: President 3: Dicens 2.3.42 Governor 3: Senior Play CGS! 3: Newspaper 3.4. 49 ,411 ,fin film: f -Q X 'Qi' DOLORES BULLOCK U.H.S. 2.3.47 Band 2: Newspaper 3.4: Senior Play Publicity 3. MELBA LEE CLARK U.H.S. l.2.3,4: Senior Play Publicity 3: News- paper 3.4. BENJAMIN COLE CRAFT U.H.S. l,2.3.4: Student Council 4: Key Club.Pres. 4: Football.Co-Captain 3: U.Club 2.3.4: May Court 1. DEE A. DAVIES U.H.S. 3.4: Senior Sec- Treasurer- Dicens 3.4: Sec-Treasurer 4: Senior Play Crew 3:Softball 3. RACHEL HOLCOMBE DURRETT U.H.S. 1.2. 4: State Rally: Softball Z. PATSY JEAN FARR U.H.s. 2.3.47 State Rally Senior Play Cast 3: Newspaper 3.4: Dicens 3.4: Y-Teens 3.4: Presi dent 3. BARBARA KENT FUNCHESS U.H.S. l.2.3.4: State Rally Girls State 49,State Auditor Band l,2.4:Newspaper 3.4: Dicens Cortes. Sec. 3: Vice- President 4: May C0UYt 1.3: Senior Court: Football Spon- sor 4: Softball 3: Basket- ball: Swimming 2. STANTON PENDERY GIBBENS U.H.s. l.2,3.4: Senior Pres: Student Council 3: Key Club 3,4: Vice-Pres. 4: Newspaper 3: May Court 3: Senior Court Basketball: Baseball: U Club Sec. 3. PEGGY LOUISE HAMILTON U.H.S. State Bally: Band l: Library Club 3.4. DAVID DON HUTCHINSON U.H.S. Key Club: Junior Vice-Pres: Band 1: Senior Play Crew 3: F00f- ball. Co-Captain 4: Basket- ball 1.2: Baseball 1.2.31 U Club 2.3.4. ALICE LEONE KANNON U.H.S. l.2.3.4: Dicens: Home Ec. 1: Y-Teens 3: Sec. 3: Sen- ior Play Crew 3: Basketball 2: Newspaper 3.4: CUB STAFF. JAMES B. KISTLER U.H.S. l.2.3.4: Key Club: Vice-Pres. 3: Band 1: May Court 1: Senior Court: Football Co-Captain 4: Basketball: Baseball: U Club. WILLIAM H. LAWRENCE U.H.S. l,2,3,4: Key Club Dicens 4: Newspaper 4: Senior Play Crew 3. DONALD FRANKLIN LEAHNER U.H.S. l,2.3.4: Key Club: Treas. 2,3:Dist. Treas.3.4: Dicens l.2: Sophomore Sec. Treas.: Boys State 48:Senior Play Crew 3: Band l.2,3: News- paper 4: May Court l: Senior Court: Football 2.3: Basketball 2: Baseball 2: U Club 3.4. SALLY LEHOI U.H.S. l,2.3.4: State Rally: Dicens. Corres. Sec.4: Junior Sec-Treas: Senior Play Crew 3: Softball 3: Newspaper 3: CUB STAFF. BARBARA ELSIE LONG U.H.S. l.2.3.4: State Rally: Home EC.. Vice-Pres. 2. Parlia- mentarian 3: Parish Vice-Pres. 3: Dist. Vice-Pres. 4: Dicens. Parliamentarian 4: Softball 3: Band: Cheerleader 3: Basketball 2: Senior Play Crew 3: News- paper 3.4: CUB STAFF. .df QQ seg' -vm! ,f AGP' QJJ ,qv 'Q ag: are fb I fq IAMES TAYLOR LOWRY U.H.S. 3.4: Key Club 4: Football: U. Club: Tennis 3: Senior Play Crew 3. WILLIAM W. LOWRY U.H.S. 3.4: Key Club 4: Football:U.Club:Basketba1l. T. DONALD MACQUEEN U.H.S. 4: Dicens. BENJAMIN LLOYD MAGRUDER U.H.S. 4: Dicens. EDWARD RUSSELL MCCLENDON U.H.S. l,2.3.4: HI-Y 3.4: Sec. 3: Newspaper 3: Band 3.4: Senior Play Crew 3: Football: Swimming 2.3: Track 3: U.Club 2.3.4. ANN ELIZABETH MCNABB U-H.S. 2.3.4: Dicens 3.4: Y-Teens 3.4: Historian 3: Senior Play Crew 3: News- paper 3. MARY MIMS U.H.S. 1.2 3.4: State Rally: Girls State 49: DiCens:Hist- orian 2: Home Ec. l.2.3:Pres 3: Student Council 2: Cheer- leader 2.4: Football Sponsor 3: Key Club Sponsor 4: May Court 1: Queen: Senior Court Senior Play Cast 3: Newspape 3.4: CUB STAFF. NANCY IO OLIVE U.H.S. l.2.3.4: Dicens: Governor 4: State RGlly: Band 2: Senior Play Crew 3: Basketball: Softball 3. HELEN EMILY ROBERT U.H.S. State Rally: Dicens, Corres. Sec. 3: Gov- ernor 2.4: Home Ec. l: Vice- Pres. 1: Sophomore Pres.: Student Council l.3:Footba1l Sponsor 3: Cheerleader 4: Key Club Sponsor 3.4: Governor Girls State 48: Girls Nation: May Court l. Queen 3: Senior Court: Softball 22 Swimming 2: Tennis 3: Senior Play Ca t 3: Newspaper 3: CUB STAFFA - B: STAFFORD JEROME ROGERS U.H.S- l.2.3.4: Key Club 3.4: Band 3.4: Senior Play Crew 3:Senior Court:Baseball. BEN HOWELL SEGREST U.H.S.4: Hi-Y: Sponsor Y-Teens: Football. JAMES SHOPTAUGH U.H.S. Key Club. Sec. 2: Freshman Pres: Vice- Pres. 2.4: Boys State 49: Band l,2.3: May Court 1: U. Club: Football: Basketball: Baseball. CAROL LYN SMITH U.H.S. 1.2.42 Dicens 1.2: Home EC. 1.2: Freshman Sec- Treas.:Student Council 2: Newspaper 4: Band 2.4: May Court 2. MILDRED STEINMULLER U-H-S- l.2.3,4: Home Ec. 3: 4: Senior Play Crew 3. CAROL ANNE STIRLING U-H s. l,2.3.4: Dicens 1.2: Newspaper 3.4: Basketball 2: Softball. BARBARA ANN TURNER U.H.S. l.2.3.4: Dicens 2.3.42 Leadership Conf. 2: Newspaper 3.4: Cheerleader 3: Football Sponsor 4: Senior Court: Basketball. Softball 3: Tennis 1.2.32 Swimmin . .1- 415' -hh? I af' 25' Q 2 Q .'. V355 f lf. MARY BOB VICK U.H.S. l.2,3.4: Dicens. Sec-Treasurer 3: Historian 4: State Rally: Newspaper 3.4: Softball: BasketballQ CUB STAFF. CELIA JANE WALDSMITH U.H.S. 1,2,3,4: State Rally Girls State 49: Dicens: Governor 2: President 3.4: Senior Play Crew 3: Senior Court: Newspaper 3.4: Basketball: CUB STAFF. LAWRIE G. WILLIAMS U.H.S. l.2,3.4: Band: Baseball 2.3. JANET DAVIDSON WILSON U.H.S. 2.3.4: Dicens 3.4: Y-Teens 3.4: Treasurer 3: Senior Play Crew 3. PAUL C. YOUNG U.H.S. 1.4: Hi-Y 4: Basketball: Tennis 1. szziofz -:Lf Q X-sgx 0, W nw- ww dw ,M ww f:: 'I2 ww-fi' ' ,. , .,,, M, , N ,,.k W , President HAMILTON RICHARDSON Vice-President ROYCE LEONARD Secretary-Treasurer CHARLOTTE BEHRE V Student Council -ff' ' SUZANNE PICKELL ROYCE DALE HAM DALE BENNETT CHARLOTTE SUZANNE un' 'zz FIRST ROW: Charles Aly, Janet Andras. Charlotte Behre. Dale Bennett, Diane Black, Bobby Blaylock. SECOND ROW:Ann Breen, John Bridges, George Burleson. Johnny Burton, Janet Dykstra. Kitty Franklin. THIRD ROW: Nathalie Gibbens, Louise Helfman, Elena Hulinqs Sally Johnson, Jack H. Keen, Darrell Kent. l y. DLQLIFGP WF -nqjlq Ji' FIRST ROW: SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: FOURTH ROW FIFTH ROW: 11 'W 'QV Billy Kimbrough. Royce Leonard, Gayle I Millie Lucas, Edward Lucas. Alfonso Martin, Nellie Maestre, Mary Fr McEachern. Dan McMahon, Lurline Mollere Patti Murphy, William Norris, James Oer Robert Phelps, Suzanne Pickell. David Pool, Chich Rotolo, Roland Samson Camille Scatterty, Melvin Shortess. Billy Terry. Theresa Vicaro, Mary Linda Patsy White. Billy Wilson 'W-4 ean Longo ances tel, Warren f-ff pills HY? as an 4 if ia QF '19 and 1? President EDDIE ROBERT Vice-President ARDEN FRENCH Secretary-Treasurer PATRICIA HARRISON Student Council HARRY SACHSE, BETTY WINDHAM E if ARDEN EDDY HARRY BETTY PAT cgofzgomozsi FIRST ROW: Lee Aqerton, Wayne Amos, Charles Atkinson, Johnny Ball, Gerald Butte, Tommy Beard SECOND ROW: Joan Boyd. James Bridges, Martha Brouillette, Amy Buquoi, Nova Cox, Dick DlAubin. THIRD ROW: A1 Doody. Marilyn Duncan, Evlyn Farris, Faye Franklin, Arden French, Lloyd Punchess N-ad' mf 'D ii Moncrief Harrison Patricia Harrison Anne Hatfield Florence Heard Bill Hubbell Harry Huckabay Paul James John Kramer John Lanier Nancy Larson Buddy Lipsey David McTaggart Anne Miller Katherine Moore Martha Ann Nettles William Patterson f' Ann Percy John Pettiss Nancy Prichard Ken Purdy Eddy Robert JO Ann Roberts Pat Pushworth Jean Ryker Harry Sachse Georqe Scheler Cynthia S9qr9Sf Marcia Stoke Kathleen Toups Jimmie Faye Wilson Herbert Wimberly Betty Windham :aff E7 i 3' ,,.a' . x, ""T7' 11' Fm? .-Q. R-1 lf, ,Di 314 3 'fun L?- f 3 5' '? President JIMMIE KENT Vice-President SALLY LINCOLN Secretary-Treasurer CATHERINE OERTEL Student Council TOMMY CAHLETON H282 FIRST ROW 11m Ammon Oscar Andrus Tommy Carleton, Barbara Anne Carter Charles Coates. Susan Ruth Collum SECOND ROW Teddy Dawson Ralph Deeds. Betty Dale Denham Paullne Eden Rldge Edwards. Jane Ellison THIRD ROW Gretchen Gerl1cher Ben Gibbens, Betty Harris Antje Elxzabeth Heherle Jimmie Kent, Bobby Lawrence ""7 'EY FIRST ROW: Emily Ann Learner, Peggy Ann LeBlanc. Lois Leche, Sally Lincoln, Shirley Loree. SECOND HOW: Ann McC1endon. Virginia McKean. Douglas Menville Rhoda Meyers. Gayle Moran. THIRD ROW: Dick Morris, Catherine Oertel. Julius O'Quin, Caro Ratcliff, Carolyn Richard. FOURTH HOW: Betty jane Robinson. Barbara Hobira, Ann Scatterty Billie Pearl Spencer, Dorothy Louise Starns. FIFTH ROW: Dorothy Ray Tate, Barbara Vastine, John Werner, Claude Williams, Lodo Williams. Qi? ,lil MQ President TRUMAN HAWES Vice-President JIMMY STANFILL Secretary-Treasurer RACHEL KEEN Student Council MARGARET MORGAN MAHGAHETJIMMY RACHELTRUMAN gzadg Cecil Bassett, Jimmy Bath, Carolyn Bennett, Edrye Black, Louis Boyd, Ioan Brechtel. Jo Katherine Bridges, Gwen Butler, Bob Cayard, Robert Cowart, Lurline Crews, Jury Dainow. Carol Deer, Dorothy Dennis, Earl Dimitry, Joan Ellisor, Jane Faures, Billy Fort. n "f Ci "-'K Sexton Fortenberry Ernestine Gillen Lucille Guglielmo Michael Hatfield Truman Hawes Leroy Hendrick Charlotte Holly Johnny Hubbell Rachel Keen Gwen Keller E. H. Leach Hose M. Lipscomb Pat McLin Margaret Morgan Frances Murrell Stevey Myer Aimee Odom 4 George O'Neal Jimmy Smith Jimmy Stanfill Elizabeth Thompson Skippy Thompson A.D. Vandenberg Vickie Vick Warren Watson Dorothy West Johnny Willey Nancy Wilson 05 'E '70 'Lj',k',,v ,...7 -ar '.F "'-'Y s ,H ., -G X - fi--1 I N X '-vs . f f-'7 N-'V X- If Z lv kr' P' ' .. Ffa ?,,. C 1 ,TAFI . A V 'f' x tw 4 YP af . lf iw C Q3 3 AW ' xxx, rw 9 vi 5 P Aww Qs' W WW I Q nv--- au, Q. A fu :www u--duu- 9312 675761115 'ZOOHZ 565351 MISS ALLEN Art MISS LOUP French ll yi-v-QM .L '!""-wp MISS TEER English 1 MR. BEYER Biology Dfw MISS SMITH Vocal Music MRS. DANIELS Library km pnsI" MRS. BEARD Typing X E MR. SMITH Social Studies Paulsen Armstrong Don Bonne Carre Louis Bornman Benjamin Craft Sally LeBoi Mary Mims Nancy Jo Olive Helen Robert ' I f vl V sniofz cicfziofazfica We are proud of the sixteen seniors who have maintained through seven semesters of high school work a B average or better. The above eight fqll into the bracket of 3.5 or higher: the eight below have between 3 Gnd 3 Patsy Farr Barbara Funchess Barbara Long James Shoptaugh Carol Lyn Smith Mary Bob Vick Celia Waldsmith Paul Young qlncfa 'za aaa Cgcgofaifica The underclass scholastics are selected this year from four grades--the eighth through the eleventh. Students pictured below have maintained for the first semester of this year an average of 3 points or better. FIRST ROW: Ralph Amos. Jim Ammon, Johnny Ball, Cecil Bassett Tommy Beard, Carolyn Bennett. Dale Bennett SECOND HOW: joan Boyd, Ann Breen. Jo Bridges. George Burleson Gwen Butler, Tommy Carleton, Bob Cayard THIRD ROW: Charles Coates, Nova Cox. Jury Dainow, Carol Deer Dorothy Dennis, Evlyn Farris, Arden French n f - ,,. new V. FIRST HOW: SECOND HOW: THIRD ROW: FIRST HOW: SECOND HOW: THIRD ROW: an ff 1.323 ' I 14" it f 4. Moncrief Harrison, Pat Harrison. Truman Hawes, Charlotte Holly. John Hubbell, Harry Huckaby . Elena Hulings Paul James, Jack Keen. Rachel Keen, Virginia Keen, Darrell Kent. Jimmy Kent. John LGDi8f Emily Learner, Millie Lucas, Douglas Menville. Katherine Moore, Frances Murrell, Martha Nettles. Catherine Oertel James Oertel. Ann Percy, Susanne Pickell, David Pool Nancy Prichard. Carolyn Richard, Hamilton Richardson Chick Hotolo, Jean Ryker, Harry Sachse. Roland Samson, Marjorie Sanford, Ann Scatterty. Camille Scatterty Marcia Stoke, Dorothy Tate, Doris Thompson. Elizabeth Thompson, Vickie Vick, Dorothy West, John Wille 1 f y 1 - H 4 ,W. Mit' ' -V' 0 Mmm , smmwuwf- M . 452 'i' np, . ,. I fix 'FW 2 J M4 " QR' if 3 K gn 53 5 M 4 'ZOLU2 fgs gain ui mf ew, ATHLETICS X Sf Dwfify. X6gJ!DWg0j,,sPlwO, Oxfpx W' N M CQWW X dxfiixoijdag 41-fffa xx A ix RWE ' 1 xx GSX ' . XX ' , W . D' ' . 2 ,oi . fw- X Y, . K J , W W GJ aff' x ,G I , Qdfv X X X 41 s t 0 XOYJJH QM xx Q K 1 J T-5 X gf -Z xg ,LJ X K'-tie!-0 5 5 X s X Q .ix .gal 1- A CHEERLEADERS SPONSORS Helen Barbara Dldne Bobbye Mary Sully CO-CAPTAINS Ann Jimmy Don STUDENT COACHES 'Pewee' COACH LONG 'Tater MANAGER MONTY Football XX X "4--wwf lillll 4 ' N P s H in 5 5 F L E s u E E LoCX.Bm.., A DQR me Yom , ,Q IJ I - me mug WMU I nm X Q! KN06. 'lv if 'QFQQ umxmg uxgu vm me wa w. mx pon frm,. ,. WM' 1-0 evvv 9 Qefiw- vwoqd. 11 me Vwnwei one pcm., Wm ae. me Qmempwvxat We wee at vwrwmg umm an Cyan. T ' Msn Exe N ' mamma thvougb ka-MX, I A I V 5 10 GMC-hcn roi Comm M. -3 A we henwkest, oyxw, aw... In X L 65, 130096 uw . X and Yhunpgsrpu mam va- N pd' Lvl' " I Qumran hem I V Xloxmds aufvxgflxaflxn Wlilflmf. ku' vxaf 5 QU! Vis- I 'K5-30179 'LY1179 Aw A ,ere YL5, 5111: vxxaxsgv ,.1QgX GK mcme Wmmxxg xg gwgg, M, - . iff:-5 vii! is wx.. . - x ' Comm Times. em.-Jem fa. muix ' fthe vnkverswvbgfllf, v.QfQ,.llk.lx ' X 5 Ae imma w Onkfafwz i' T0 xt KW C ' A g A Z 'A G A yevmgee M'7'f5- 'Y'i'agm-e mwvvem-'A KH, 0 x"' t U57 and 'cvngwt bghgg mage cklollb 'mms 56555 'Y'a.x1XH L 35095 qveigyxg 11g?'us-nkwxin hx . ..... . L ,, .-, . ,' H PML Amen' he sea-Q 1 1 Qin ciivmigg fvimmacv' -4 N-?:'n09WUZTW 9' P WI'-gynvxfmsfnxef. . ,rang rm me kxcuoft manual xx "isbn GTX 0 -'W' Q 1435. Hmiba. pm Butch -umm 'AR mm me Cubs YCQXEA ntixxgyjisi 0 XX5 mm W as 9-ml Sandy fkendcm are 'sg 9 mx wcceesxve firm Ammg mo' 'Q GWV05- X55-poxmdew. ' G 3 meds sig ' P+rmsMcmg's 23- ifmrn wa ,xxxhum imvs, UM mvgxsaa gg mggmfix 1 'N ' '-n ' If , - CWWY 0' C r 'Wu mmm 10 Med iw sh: ' -mmm :asm vi 8'L::1sX!fQ1gV"mV" hm hor- 0 f t A mo me 'fwfwf - - " Smfed V C C "A gmbw 1 11. 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V: Johnson: Albert: Mollere: Waldsmith: Funchess Olive: Scatterty,A: Duncang Vicaro: Hoberts: Deer: McLin Scatterty, C: Rotolo: Maestri: Turner: Vick.MB.Faures Eurl ' Basketball Basketball Season--a time of hard practice, fast games, glorious victories. and heartfelt defeats. We are proud of a splendid coach and a team of swell girls who came through ' ' yle the league Brusly Central Live Oak Port Allen Istrouma in fine st UHS 31 35 31 22 23 Opp UHS-Opp 50 Zachary 62-25 33 St. Anthony 27-23 24 St. Gerard 31-34 39 L.S.D. 39'l9 33 St. Joseph 20-30 High scorers for the season Duncan and Mollere tied for first Turner and Albert tied for second Guards Funchess. Olive and Waldsmith played a zone defense in which Olive was outstanding. 'Coach' Picot Varsity Duncan Mollere Albert Turner Funchess Olive Waldsmith Varsity Vicaro Vick.MB Fuures McLin Roberts Rotolo Brown Scattert Scctterty Mcestri Johnson Vick.V Deer Loree BACK HOW: Coach Long, Wilson, Gibbens, Harrison. Richardson Kistler, Pool, Young, Beard, Burton. FRONT ROW: Shoptaugh. MacTuggert. Huckaby, Ball, Ammon, Scheler. BOYS ' ASKETBALL First string with Coach Long Good Luck! l The U. H. S. team came home with two trophies this year. It placed second in the South Central District Tournament and fourth in the Zachary Invita- tional. Our highest scoring players of this season were: First. Ham Richardson: Second, Billy Wilson: and Third. James Shop- taugh. SPCDRT W x SHOTS X5l!"4!"' ri. L FACULTY ATHLETIC DEBUT Qs O-2+ Q5 'Z' . e ff? V QS The fcxcu1ty's valiant attempts to out-basket the Seniors in the exciting Hi-Y sponsored game will be long remembered. Wfafq QT APNL 5 Sm U,-.404 2 J' ,ff fbowqb ,ZLL5512 245 E an ogg 'zf Mary Mims and Jimmy Kistler Barbara Punchess and Louis Bornman ing Ubin 519 giggazzi Celia Wcldsmith and Jerry Hogers ,-519.1 fr .V Barbara Turner and Donald Learner Clayton Evans. Rena Leslie... Hester ....... Raymond ....... Uncle Stanley. Leggett Frazer Tommy Hughes.. Sue Barrington Miss Wilcox... Mr. Prescott.. Mr. Kimber.. CAST Newton Fuller ..... Annabelle Fuller.. Madge Fuller Steve Eldridge .... Katie....... Mrs. Douglas Pendery Gibbens Sally LeRoi Dee Davies Billy Lawerence Louis Bornman Lawrie Williams Donald Learner Celia Waldsmith Mary Mims Benny Craft Hester' GEORGE WASHINGTON SLEPT HERE jerry Rogers Donald MacQueen Barbara Turner Helen Robert Bill Lowry Mary Bob Vick Mildred Steinmuller I EJZLOT .ws-3Sw..n . My x Wig' Sl nwwwpf QWKWW- ewan 1 Now, try it this way 'I chopped a hell of a ho in the roof! 'Rain for two solid days. 931213, Oh. how I LOATHE the country!' BEST ALL ROUND Bobbye and Pendery HARDEST WORKERS Celia and Louis Q X www X. MOST TALENTED Mary and Donald Y, 5' . , 'V qi? MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED sally and Paulsen xx: MOST POPULAR Helen and Jimmy MOST ATHLETIC Barbara and Nokie Hail to the King! Hail to the Queenl' Senior Royalty And now I crown you Pause that refreshes We MARCH 3 10129114 ?f0!Lfe'yLJ Sfcow s 9 0 QP' QQM DECEN BER Gob 5- 3 W MF X0 77414664 yocfm Q QW QQXYQ5 'XB A7 490, 'Ps C414 fi9,3gkQ F G7""0vY,37l 'Z9CLl2LZClfiOlZ5, ws rd XE I Q xr QV , ,v'n,'x,!N70g' If , I 9 5 KN 69 U K N-v.av4 'X .' T' A - I 5 5 s s . 4 Q ' s -WO? H, 1 1 0 If in any way we have succeeded in recalling joyful moments to you through this book, our labor is amply rewarded. YEAHBOOK STAFF Louis Bornman Mary Mims Mary Bob Vick Leone Kannon Helen Robert Celia Waldsmith Sally LeRoi Our indispensable co-workers and advisors: Dr. Harrison, Mr. Smith Special thanks to our photographer--Dale Bennett President: Celia Waldsmith Vice-President: Bobbye Funchess Secretary-Treasure Dee Davies Executive Secretar Sally LeHoi Historian: Mary Bob Vick Carolyn Bennett Edrye Black Joan Boyd Ioan Brechtel lo Bridges Dorcas Brown Susan Cullom Carol Deer Betty Denham Patsy Farr Jane Faures Kitty Franklin Gretchen Gerlicher Lucille Guglielmo QLCEIZQ MEMBERS Anne Hatfield Antje Heberle Louise Helfman Charlotte Holly Leone Kannon Nancy Larson Billy Lawrence Emily Learner Shirley Loree Edward Lucas Milly Lucas Don MacQueen Lloyd Magruder Pat McLin Ann Scatterty Camille Scatter Parliamentariant Barbara Long Governors: Louis Bornman Helen Robert Nancy lo Olive Advisor: Mrs. Burton Ann McNabb Mary Mims Margaret Morgan Martha Nettles Nancy Prichard Jerry Hogers lean Hyker Barbara Turner Vickie Vick Dorothy West Janet Wilson Lawrie Williams YY ,wg :Student omni CHAIRMAN, FIRST SEMESTER CHAIRMAN, SECOND SEMESTER Pendery Gibbens Dale Bennett SECRETARY-TREASURER SECRETARY-TREASURER Suzanne Pickell Betty Windham REPRESENTATIVES Pendery Gibbens Louis Bornman Benny Craft Hamilton Richardson Dale Bennett Suzanne Pickell Edward Robert Harry Sachse Betty Windham James Kent Tommy Carleton Truman Hawes Margaret Morgan 2 Pif. Wi. .fi mi? 'N . if 'P milf Ax, Q w 1 1: 'P 3 -V1 . Kai wax' w U ,Ji Y' ,wg uf i 'rn 6 ' , Q Vw V ,. 1, 'H W We P f mQ gm a 4. . ,Q lu - .,xA 5 PM . . H ff? W fm f ,ff-4. w",ulls .0 ,5'i?fw f N M . Wy, Y . 'iii' Z , "F F ang XM 1 A i OFFICERS Advisor--Coach Long Sec.-Tres.--Dan McMahon Vice-Pres.--Bobby Blaylock President--Billy Wilson Sponsors--Barbara Turner Barbara Funchess 'Club Balph Amos Paulsen Armstrong Tommy Beard Dale Bennett Johnny Burton Benny Craft Pendery Gibbens Moncrief Harrison Harry Huckabay Don Hutchinson MEMBERS Jimmy Kistler William Norris John Pettiss David Pool Ken Purdy John Lanier Bobby Lawrence Donald Learner Royce Leonard Bill Lowry Ham Richardson George Scheler lim Lowry Edward Lucas Sandy McClendon David McTaggert Ben Segrest James Shoptaugh Billy Terry Paul Young CLHZ LL5, TYPISTS Barbara Albert Louis Bornman Jean Bergeron Barbara Funchess Leone Kannon Mary Mims' Carol Lyn Smith Janet Wilson sembling the CAMP CE US CUB NEWSPAPER STAFF Paulsen Armstrong Dorcas Brown Jimmy Kistler Billy Lawrence Donald Learner Barbara Long Bobby Sierra Carol Stirling Barbara Turner Mary Bob Vick Celia Waldsmith ART WORK Dolores Bullock Martha Blagg Melba Clark 5 uf me om: ma su of me uma lib Ulu n ' D' OFFICERS AND MEMBERS President - Millie Lucas Vice-President - Patricia Harrison Secretary - Nellie Maestri Treasurer - Carolyn Richard Parliamentarian - Theresa Vicaro Historian - Patti Murphy Reporter - Emily Learner Janet Andras Edrye Black Carolyn Bennett lo Catherine Bridges Joan Brechtel Gwen Butler Susan Cullom Dorothy Dennis Carol Deer Polly Eden Jane Ellison Joan Ellison Jane Faures Evlyn Farris Gretchen Gerlicher Betty Harris Ann Hatfield Charlotte Holly Rachel Keen Gwen Keller Lois Leche Sally Lincoln Rosemarie Lipscomb Barbara Long Gayle Longo Shirley Loree Virginia McKeen Pat McLin Rhoda Meier Gayle Moran Margaret Morgan Frances Murrell Aimee Odom Catherine Oertel Carol Ratcliff Betty Robinson Barbara Robira Joann Roberts Chick Rotolo Ann Scatterty Marjorie Sanford Dorothy Starns Mildred Steinmuller Dotty Tate Elizabeth Thompson Skippy Thompson Vickie Vick Betty Windham Lodo Williams Dorothy West Nancy Wilson Z- Advisor: Mr. Ford MEMBERS Lee Agerton Sandy McClendon Charles Atkinson Dan McMahon John Bridges Dick Morris Johnny Burton Bobby Phelps Lloyd Funchess Roland Samson Darrell Kent Bubba Segrest Royce Leonard Paul Young Alfonso Martin OFFICERS Dresident: Billy Wilson JS X Vice-President: ye. eyyr William Norris GLF' Secretary: Tr Jack Keen easurer: Don Lyle Chaplain: Edward Lucas Sponsor: Betty Windham ....,,,..,.,..,,1m.1HH President ligzazy President: Carol Hatcliff Secretary: Dorcas Advisor: Mrs. Daniels Martha Brouille Dorcas Brown Peggy Hamilton Gwen Keller Frances Murrell Carol Hatcliff Brown MEMBERS tte Io Ann Roberts Barbara Robira Libo Thompson Skippy Thompson Dorothy West Lodo Williams 1..H1,...i...,,.,'.....m...m.....w..,m....m... ...... ..- , ,.- .1 -..141uv.,nni-u.1..l.1uH1,....-W.1...-ml-m.1m.-nn? 1 -. Cynthia Segrest Vice-President: Anne Miller Secretary Barbara Vastine Treasurer: Amy Buquoi Marilyn Duncan Patsy Farr Betty Harris Pat Harrison Ann Hatfield Marian Kaizer Nancy Larson Ann McNabb Gayle Moran - 5 MEMBERS Parliamentarian: Jane Ellison Chaplain: Lois Leche Advisor: Anne Bornman Sponsors: Wayne Amos Harry Huckabay Bubba Segrest 5125, Martha Nettles Nancy Prichard Betty Robinson Billie Spencer Marcia Stoke Dottie Tate Kathleen Toups Betty Windham :Soul af cqcfiuifiai XX 0,4 7-E 'dwg Q9 J 9 .N 2 l D YH : H5259 , - 1- - - Homecoming' U SWEET GEOR-GIA BROWN 'My poppa done told me 'Cherchez lc femme!" N S h , A -.... '1 ,Qfv,,, 'Down the Hctch!' 'Our hearts were 'My Kingdom for young and qC1y!a horse---LAUGH ! H tif I in I 5 5' 5 E' nr? f 'Q- NX! fi M Diff Lf J M .ff 45-49 We cheered Queen Helen and King Don L. We lent to Thompson's Creek I Our 'Dignified' Seniors 'Coon Week' arrived Q ' ff: I 5 danced at the Prom We cheered the 'Cubs' on to victory eq ' 'fame X,.n"+Ai fl Murder is my business' 'Love on a Greyhound Sorry. Number' Wrong 'Take me out to the bull game' Bus?' 'All the monkeys aren't in the zoo' 'Caesar and Cleopatra' As if I did Blue Room ye ,gg Darktoln Poker Club 'Champion' +445 n't M Q have enough my mind' OD L. S. D. Game The football in The parties and In case you don' With us, recall September September September October 6 - September, the Play, t remember. the day ..... l9 - School Opens 22 - Hedemptorist Game 30 - Donaldsonville Game October 14 October 21 October 22 October 27 October 28 November 3 November 10 November ll November 17 November 23 December 2 December l6 December 21 January 25 February 3 February 10 Greensburg Game Assumption Game Showboat Party. Port Allen Game Halloween Party Clinton Game Key Club Juniors - St. Francisville Game - Sadie Hawkins Party, Seniors - St. James Game thru 28 - Thanksgiving Holidays Rodeo Party. Freshmen - Christmas Party. Sophomores thru January 3 - Christmas Holidays thru 26 - Mid-Term Exams Junior-Senior Prom - Carnival Party. U Club - Variety Show - Dicens - Party, Future Homemakers Waist Line Party, Hi-Y - Party. Sophomores - Senior Play thru ll - Easter Holidays April 14 - Backwards Party. Eighth Grade May 6 - May Dance. Sophomores May 12 - Senior Day May 29 thru 3l - Final Exams June 2 - Graduation March 3 March 10 March l7 March 31 April 5 April 6 We wish to express our appreciation to the students and the faculty members. without whose help this book would not have been possible of America .--1.--u-nDi!1n-- U N IVERSITY H IG H KEY CLUB 1' QQIIEL OX NN' R X N N 4 X xg 59 xxxfy ll 1l4..iuq1m1miu1uln-un -1mu.-nuznnn1ualinniug1nqQpuiun?n.u1umim:m1m-umlnnq-W iczna colzgzafufafsa iii 45512602 mamgs 'za ...--...-............,....--....-.....-....-.......................-.......---..-.......,.,..,,,.....- 1...1....u....-.........- 1 - - 1 - -- -'-- 1 - ,-,11111111111111-1:1 1----qu.-Q-.-p 1 1-1-1-1-1-11--1-1 1 HATTON MOTO IQS U S E D C A R S ssc Nosrrl-I zm STREET BATON IQOUGE, LOUISIANA A. W. HATTON, Owner PHONE 3-4877 1g1qn1.m1g.1Im1,w-I...-.III-1.1.1-I.1 1 1 .1..1 1 1.1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1vnu1.I.n1lm1nu1un-- 1 1 1 dafzifof :Radio company "We Are Equipped to Properly Service Any Make of Radio" PHILCO RADIOS - REFRIGERATORS -A FREEZERS BENDIX HOME LAUNDRIES N DRYERS V- IRONERS 1290 MAIN STREET BATON ROUGE 8, LA. PHONE 3-3177 ....1.1 1.11. .1. .1 1,1 1 1 1.1.1 -......-4..,1..g.-...I CHANTICLEER SERVICE STATION COMPLETE ONE- STOP SERVICE Road- -Service 2520 Government Phone 7905 vm 1 I 1m-W, ,,,,,,,,.1.,.11Iq.-an E p. arms- 1y...1.....-TIII.-Im.-Im.-I...1m.1..,.1, --I -- -I --- -- 1 1 56 5 Olfillg oo 1 omflcmy 'TEAM OUTFITTERS' Everything for Every Sport 3345 Florida Baton Rouge, L 1uu1mqsunquu 1.4.1 1 1.1m-E111 1 ,-m1un- ,.1. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 -.Q1--qua----1-.I-1 1-1-1-1:-01:11--1 CONGRATULATIONS- - - -AGRADUATES : E 1 COMPLIMENTS or x LOUISIANA AGRICULTURE ! SUPPLY CO. P. O. Box Baton Fouqe SOUTHERN NATIONAL . INC. Q I MFEINSURANCECOMPANY 'I ! l ! ! I 1 516 Florida Street 843 ! Q Baton Rouge, Louisiana , La. Dial 39241 I ,. 1...1...1...1....1. .1,,. 1... UNDERWOGD CORPQRATION 803 Main St 724116, ..1. ... ...1..1....1.. 1 .. 1 ., 1...1....-1 1..1.-.. .1 .......1....1.. 1.-w.-....1...1 .1..........1. ... .1 uni-.,1g,.1.n Rent an Underwood Typewriter Special rates for students reet Baton Rouge. Louisiana qgfvezfifezd . . . We Appreciate Your Support We 2.4 9.55 1...-. 1.-1101:-n+ u.1.-.-In-m.1n-1: ..........-......,...-...L....-...... -n1u ! E Q I Q I ! I ! ! ! ! 1 ! i I ! 9 i E n i I 1 l I I I ! ! .!.---- 4... ,..I,I,1III1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1.1 --III1 1 1 1I. 1 1 1 1 1 1Im1Ip1I,1n1 1.4, -Q' . I I ! ' I 3 cgszvica AZQLZOHI I l !..IIII-II...-IIII..IIII1IIII..IIII1IIII1IIII1 II1IIII1IIII1IIII1IIII1III1. 1 II1IIII1IIII II For Complete Line of School Supplies , I Shop at I College Supply Company I I 1105 Chimes Street plll ---- pppo - I olo' - oopl ppll - oppp - ppop ---- - elloo Q I I urzgufuf Uafa un1II1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1IIII1IIII1IIII1IIII .I..-.......,,.....- .g....-..-...-......,. ...:I,..I.- ,,., .. .... -I.I... Ir. .... -..........-....-...-.,. .II-I I I I ' If I I I l ,U I - E I IF- I 0 CI I E 5 I ' 3 C 5 I I ? 9 I E3 I I :I 31 r-rl 4 0 ' I P-1 -. x I Z - 'U g E I O0 5 - I In -A F I 11 2 'l I G 1 n I ' g U 0 . I gg Z m E O I N -I -4 O ' A 0 I ug 3, Z g 2 I- Q .T l l E 'I RN' m U Z 'U l S 55 E ng I '2 II F-I' ! Sm m I I: I . gif? I 'Y I 3 'I " i 5 U 4 -4 I NIZI Z - 5 I2 29 I 0 i n 2 w 1' 55 5' Q Q. E I Ui R Q Q env. I y UI E 3 I11 m Q N I Q f - . E IIIIS I 315: I 1 JI I'.I.senI In I Q 2 g Q F1 4 P O 5 K I F' I" CU " .Q ' P+ I Z u N- I UI y Z Q I O 5 P 'I' O Q l I 2 gc I :I U, 1 I II I 'I Q' I O' I 1 A-1 1 E I 2 III I 55 E I l 3 I f-5 l I5 I U Q S I N IQ I I 3 U' ' I I UI I I I I s" 5 I I I I I I I E . 3 I 5 l E -.............-.-... I ...-.-..-,,....-I.-I.,-,.-...-...-,..-......, ...-..,.-I..-,..-I..-.,.-I - .... -I..-I,.......- ? 2 l ' I l l, P I I l I 0 I I I gf I u , I I gp 5 E I In I I " ' rn I I P f- - -H I I I ' I' I E I Q fa. I . I I Q IE' S vi ' I I D' ' 0 I I I IT - I P f I I 2 if 5. 2 I I I Q- Q n I Z I 'W n I I I K g m I U ' ' I "I 1 i In U5 I 1 I I Q ll' ' I I I 3- 9. I P I In as s I I Q l I 5 I TI I I I I 1 I I Zmjakmenti to 1III,111111111...1-.11.11,,1 11.-....1111111I11I1II -nz- '-:ni-:pg 1 I n 1 :I -Y :fn 1 if I - - FZ- -.g 17:4 -- i HIHHlHNH EHHNIHS CHASO He HEBERT "1 R d Ph 02166 DUEQPQQQ Merchandise QZEQHEZL Q inuiun--nnTw-un 1-uuznu-uul1-nn1-nu-nw -.. GUARANTY INUUME LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY G A FOSTER P es'dent a d General Manager LOUISIANA NATIONAL BANK BUILDING BATON ROUGE LOUISIANA --gun-1-n-1.1g-g1q1.-1u.gqq.g.-ig--1-1:-na:--minuslunnu-nu:-igiqg-1gg..q3q' Tel 2 0355 45 -'nlTnu.1un1nn4 --uni nu inninn inn iuuinn- .nl-fiynyivuuilmimgnui 1m1.m1m.1..1..g1.0.--....1...-1....1....1.,.,1.,..1 1....-1.-I.1....1....1....1. 1. .. 1.. 1-,.1....1-...1.u1 ..1..,1....1nu1....1....1 CONGRATULATIONS . . . CONGRATULATIONS . . . Bon mm STIRLING co. :Nc .mdufiin Y f 11 1 SALES AND SERV ICE ,501 Qfzacfuczfinq Y , CAPITAL CITY FORD CO. "The Soutlfs Largest Ford Dealer" TRIA GLE SERVICE STATICDN North and No. 19th - Phone 3-1721 209 St F d - d St N Raton Rouge, La. 1 1 1 1 -- 1 1,1 1.-- .1 1...1..1 1 1 ..1..n- 1.1 1..1 1 1 H H Bofog na Emi. qfygofeidfi zocau FRUIT AND PRODUCE DEALLHS 340 SOUTH 14TH ST Eff -4Q- 5fO7Ei FOR FINE FOODS onqfzafufafion 1 1:0 f cgsniou U55 Ajfucfanf Cozuzcif -. 1...1,..u.. 1 , ulm., 4- I I I REACH FOR WW 'a EXTRA FINE BREAD 'kt 1 WW lf' -"" H 15,4 3 K "E I - A Xiu: I .b h ' A J ,X ' ff adwgwfw, ,X vp" I f I F ' ' X BREAD AT ITS BEST E75 ...M-m,1.m1. im, ..,,.,,,, bf W Nghbh Y dTh ! Q I 5 OSD x 9 GX' C5235 oi? A x CP 0555 7, E LL 'Z -im' -. .w 1 ml 1 ...T -. ...-.- .ml ..... - ....1....1 .mi ..n1.m..m. - mn- pmzum 1 ..J., uszfhefza f ..-...1 nn... ml .-,mim-.-.i...1m,1 mi..-uni .q.1q,...1.,..... ini .- 1 1 .- .--11.11.-Ig..-44.141-141 4- --if ee ee A - We v Me? AI' 5 C: 0 BATON ROUGE'S FASTEST GROWING DEPARTMENT STORE 1550 MAIN mf.. 11111141 .BATON ROUGE'S LARGEST AND MOST COMPLETE DEPARTMENT STORE m-m.m.m.W.m...m...m.w...-...-..W.u.- I TI I 1 1 1 1 E1.1.zEY's II Ready-to-Wear and Millinery I 362 Third St. Baton Rouge Il I " Your Neighborhood Drugstore 'I Y t A I ex s A 1944 Perkins Hood I' 1 Sh1bIey's 1 Dept. Store E 3824 Scenic Highway -lu-Q1-ini.--pg-q-1:1m1g7p1-QI-mimiu--niniq + 1 -I-H11-1-1 1 ---lv1lw1-ul-01-1 1-1l-4-lv--lil-:unions--n-n-I-1---U1-c-q1spou-ui I I I 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 -----------'---------'-"'m'-'-'--I I I I 110+ D al 4-6724 345 Nort .--miuniNII2-Illiuunvgnuligipinu1nn1m-1-vu. 1 -m.-niaimiui-ui 1 .1 1 1 1- gigfg 1 31:71 z 1117: I 1 To Be Sure Insure With WIIIISHI AISIIIIIII :-:Y :ral 1: -771 Y : 5 5 7 h 4th I pri! I -li 1 H - - IT PAYS TO I I SHOP AT I 1-1 Zmpfmenti to Stein's Clothing 254 Third Stre t I I I I I I I i I I 5 I I For I I 'S Fifth at Main CLOTHING I FURNISHINGS n-114.41-I !a-lu-u1m.-nl--m1uu1uu1 RECORDS A d 11 your personal and family need NEARLY A CENTURY OF QUALITY I I -1- ---------- - ------------- ----- ---------------- - ------------ -4- q-.,..1ii.,... ....i.i1i.ii .-i.i-. .1...i- 1 1iii-.1iii1iii.- -.ii..1.iii1iiii.-.iii.1iiii1iiii-qw1.ini1iiii--iiiiiiiiigin-. i.. ii- iw Camp Namequoit .-.-.....i,.1...,11.-...-.-.-.Winn , 0555 . u, 'I . ZQ I, i, iv ixwvfil x 1 Wiiinq The Nauficaf Camp I-'or Boys ORLEANS ON CAPE COD, MASSACHUSETTS --iii1iiii1iil1-uii1iii-i-ii1iiiiiii1i 1-m1iii1iiua- ii--ima: ii :iiiiiiiii1iiu Compliments of I L Alpho Nu Clfiopfer of DELTA BETA SKHWA --ii 4 I iq in 1m 1.1-my -mi1mi inn 1 im -1... 1 'iii ..-im 1 im -mi :mi 1 ini 1-in !- im Dairy Queen Nicholson Drive Featuring THE FINEST MALTED MILKS-CONES-CUPS and SUNDAES Pints and Quarts 3 1 -i -i ..--i iii.-1 iii...- mfu 25 ..7Lfonz:nzuL7a 71 4 541115 'zicu O JZQQQJ iiii i ii ,gg f . nz cz I2 f 5' QOVZQ V-zrfcf--: f :- 1: -1- L: 7:--: : un ' I 4. ..--.. --..------ ..-----... --- ..: I-: :f 1-..u..qT1,T........-i? COMPLIMENTS OF College Town Grocery Highland Road .. ..-,....-,..-.t...- .-.1 1 Roberts Service Station Gas - Oil - Accessories - Tires - Tubes Batterv Service Perkitts Road ELKINS FLORIST -. --vm1m.-.m- 1 1 -. 1. 1 .-1.511-M11 Edgewood Market G12 N. 21st Street Dial S171 ..-un....un..- .. lm..mt1uu1.,,,,.....,,1....i.w.-.m..,,,..- .1 -. Congrotuiotions De Lage Service Station 2579 Government St. .,,..',,,..1 .,1,.-v-L----A--- H- COMPLIMENTS OF Oulu QD!! 2947 Highland Road nu -luxuln-nunuxunu-nr: nu-u-unimlxun-:-H-1-uv--unimniuu--uuilli DIAL 3431 2 5 f ' ' B O N G Y ' ' THREE POINT GULF SERVICE 701 ST. FERDINAND STREET GEORGE BONGIOVANNI BATON ROUGE. LA. fx 1...-..1m...,..1....1., .-mr1.vnir1ui...r1m.... Z, 1r,,,i.,,...,r.- ..,,1,....,..-W- -. 1 L iw.-, ...,i,...-,,..-W-,,-w- I 1 I doaaf Bgfffew inc. l Hires Nesbitts 1501 North 21st street I I -.rr1,1r...r,,,....rr1r,. . ,.,..,,..1 Ni Hr.. ....- r..-.,,,...rr....r,.1.. For Fine Meats and Groceries Shop dt! . R. ROMANO GRO.-MKT. 701 North 16th Street Baton Rouge, Louisi n .-H...-..,.-.. .....rr,1rr..-H.r..r,- r,-rr.,-. .'..,--W-1--1-1' BANKHEAD Variety and Grocery 3063 Perkins Road Baton Roug ...1...1...i,..1..w-,...,..,.1,...?.,.1...,i.,.--..,..1....-.....i...i 7-. 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AND BEST VVISI-IES SANTA MARIA DAIRY I . . +-M, ,,., ,,.,,,,- ,,,, -, ,.,, , ,,,, , ,,,, ,,,, ... - -....1..1...-.L.-......,,.1.....- 1 1.-.----..--u-.-.n-.n--n- -- 1 - al- 'l..,,,,,.. 1111111- .. 111111 n-W-n-fini - 1 - 1 1 - 1 1 iw.-..,im..n.. -.lm NEWMAN FURNITURE STORE IB Z gtee ,Z COMPLETE HOME FURNISHERS Easy Tvrms 1 5 , -5 QI, ITZC. 535 Main Street Dial 31340 Baton Rouge, Louisiana I- Phone 37723 626 Main St. T 1 i i I I I S 5 i Simon Jfurniture umpanp COMPLETE HOME FURNISMERS 3 0 ggaion giouge 9, la. COMPLIMENTS OF GLUECK 8. STANTON 522 FL ORILDA QT Household Applium-vs Commercial RI'I'l'IgiI'l'llI.Illll - Air Urmlitionin A COMVIFTI, STO. PX Or PHONOGRAPH RECORDS ! I 4 Compliments of C04,1.elf7naf22C1. fbayiaafnnzfzzif Jtoza 3812 Scenic Hwy. Phone 30303 Baton Rouge, La., CONGHATULAT IONS SENIOHS! ! Baton Rouge, Louisianai Tobias--Gass Company., Ltd GENERAL MERCHANDISE GROCERIES, HARDWARE, PAINT, FEED, FARM IMPLEMENTS Bicycles and Accessories PHONES 8818 and 8819 BICYCLE DEPT. PHONE 3-9283 -1 1961 NORTH STREET 5 S 5 s i ! ,, 1 1 1 .Q .. , 1...-m.i...1 1 -.Hin Hous wares China Glcssw r Gifts Old Glass Electrical Appliances 1 OOUOJZ 5, 216 Laurel St Phone 3-1541 RENTAL GLASSWARE FOR EVERY OCCASION V - , . "1 4 flfnrul csymphony flu' .Any 6ICCllSi07'l Symphony .ffzmm S1,.,,, 3368 FLORIDA STREET NIGHT PHONE 2-4401 .-ng.,-.,..L,.,,-...-. 1 . 1 1 .Q 1 1 -. 1 1 ... 1 iw-...lg cyfhlil Amo 160712 ills ony! TASTE GOOD WE E31'Ef1UPaI'fi258BanquETS IT SHOULD nlR'CUnnlTlUnEU H H0 I S um IT s M. ROMANO 8. SON Supa '77Z4'z6eL' 1730 North Blvd. I au if SH 5' 5-55 RUTULU GHUCERY 81, MARKET v 539 9 We Deliver - Call Us Up ' 5 A 12S2TZAi2S3E3li5D 'W-4269 I -v u fm L f u 'z e New - Used Textbooks scuoou. suvruss CO-OP BOOK STORE 101 1 Chime Street 4. .......... -. .. .. - .. ...... -...... - - -.......-.....-..........-..- .................-....-N..-..........,-,....., .. ... -,...-..g. .1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1m1-11q1.,.1q1 1 . 1.1n,1n.1,q1g.1..1.q1'.-m1-1.-1 ' fax fgs Uaulfom GARBARDINE SUITS to the CLASS of '50 822.50 A A GOOD BUY FOR THE STUDENTS MURPIIREIVS BAKERY Sz UUNFEUTIUNARY W H H N H 3724 GOVERNMENT ST. PHONE 4-7685 Baton Rouge's Greatest CAPITOL DRUG STORE Mews Cv BoY's STORE ..'l'l5zEYl5.iiLf5f.TQL. MYRTLE and MAXIMIUIAN. BATON ROUGE, LA, Compliments of BEST OF LUCK fozmnunity Qzoaau BATES gl THIGPEN "The Home of Good Clothes" CITY PARK PHARMACY Baton Rouge. La. , o ,F,...--..-........,-.-..--...-.-.......-.........,,...-............. .-....-..........-...,.-.....-....-.. 4. 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A L 4 I id' I W WW --W I Compliments COMPLIMENTS of OF PEQPLE' S EO Ucfom FINANCE ----, :-:1n:n-u-n.Yn- I -I---- lr I I I I I I I I I I I I I ff-1-1:-,n-1--n1l1l1l1x -u1u1l1n1u1-141:-un-5 1 IIII' MUTUAL BENEFIT HEALTH 8: ACCIDENT ASSOCIATION UNITED BENEFIT LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY UMAHA. N1-LHR. T WAKEMAN 353 M N STREET I I M BATON ROUGE. LA. CONGRATULATIONS from 67. 23013611 Misra:-nn.-Q1 ,- --1-.ig 4 ,Y I I L C. RUSHWORTH J. I.. RAIUN S. L. LEVINGSTON Pros.-Mgr. VICVPVN- S06--TNIL LEVINGSTON SUPPLY CO.. INC. Wholesale Disfribufors PLUMBING a. HEATING SUPPLIES Aloiandria. L.. :ATOM nouGE. LA. L-fmfm Le. nin1-ninaslxlzq?-q--igi-igi--g-Q11 3"q'1--.- I I I I I I I I I E I. an i I I I . I I I I I I I I I I II I II I I I II I I I I. H I 'I II I I, I, u II u -JI- JCDHNNY ROGERS SERVICE STATION I ...- .... - ..... - .... .. .... .. .... .. ...A - ...A - .... .. .... - .... -...- .... - .... - .... -....- I POLlZZOTTO'S : N U R SE R Y Beau if Your Home and roun s 7 0 Weil Our Quality Plarsis d I I I 5785 1 D Iuniversimy Ac I IIII - 1'-- - -"- - --'- - I.,. - I... - I... -.......-....-.I.-...- .... - ,,,, -,,,,.,,,,,- I was L cl JVI wc f I I I I I I 1

Suggestions in the University High School - Cub Yearbook (Baton Rouge, LA) collection:

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