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' S . , 1 ,M , , V, '54 42 56 ' ef: J ' 1434 1 IQ ' 1 43,74 ' ' 4 v M34 .. ' 4 af 71 i ,, , - M. , A -, . , A -1 Al x , , 1- ., W , .1 -9 . -- 1 fr , . 1735, 1 4 Y," , .. Q al. ,Q , 1 ' 1' ' "' ' ' 5 , -R x nv--v 4, " 4 A 3 g , I q ... J.--. K , t ...f.-... 1 y Q , is I ' ' 3 4 1 2 N. w.......-.... W... ,W -C' " ' " , 1 figg. , -'Q f , L- ..4..... .....-,. , .... 4.-- -Q -.. ,.,..... ., ,R x A x D -- 'KM-1 + -. 5 - Y 1, - - .. ..,. ,A . JL at .. V .w-4.-.5 V f' ' - ' .-' Y- ' , ' .....,...v..-.9 '-'ffm'-'fu - . " 1 ,, .. A . ', . AT, 2 ,s -nfl: A ' , ' W. M... ff'- ........ 5.-4-.. U-4 W... ..,.,., , '.1'7tgq ' Ari , M W- ,,.,. F - LQQKA pr, - N ...L ,., ng:-.W h , 'fm' MQ...-,,. - - " ""'4--1.-.-W. . 1 ,maui . I V. A Q., . . ' X k . 3 Wg: - . .., X 5 1 Y --..--amor R"'lllinu k R 2 KT" 1 ' k , 1 Q tau.-W-.Q-we ,.""" W x-'eww' - '..w,...,...l,, ..,,. Q. ...H ' ' W8 T- g-on ' ...- THE BANTAM PRESENTS "TRAINING QFCR SUCCESS" Editors: Published by the Students Tommy Lawson of University High School David Cobb Columbia, South Carolina Burineu Managert: Barbara Ardis Helen Mathis 1957 ggi g ALMA MATER University High School, Guardian of our youth, Thou has taught thy children Courage, Honor, and Truth, To thee, our Alma Mater, Tribute now'we bring, We shall always love thee, Thy praises ever we'll sing. University High School, Thy praises ever we'll sing. UNIVERSITY HIGH SCHOOL Classes Pages 23 58 Orgamzatlons Admmxstratlon Pages 59 72 an Instrucuon Pages 5 22 CONTENTS FOR 1957 BANTAM 3 Adverusements Pages 91 100 Pages 73 80 Sports Pages 81 90 ' ,- AQ rl, A -V ,. 'asia -is 12, . H' f- TN Q K 3. . ff? 4 I M DEDICATION Because of his devotion to student affairs and his willingness to further the better interests of University High, we, the annual staff respectfully dedicate our 1957 BAN- TAM to our sponsor, Mr. james Luther. Y 'QS' 'ff in , Z 5 yy' 1 Nw , WA. S Mr. Varn Superintendent Dr. Daniel Dept. of Ed. U.s.c. FACULTY 1957 ."O Mr. Harvey Principal Mrs. Roberts Secretary Dr. Savage Dean, Dept. of Ed., U.S.C FACULTY 1957 Mr. Summer Social Studief Miss Daniel Hiftory Miss Tuck Mrs. Van Patten Englffb Commerce Mr. Luther Math Mrs. Dixon Home Economifr Mr. Linder Social Szudier FACU LTV 1957 Mrs. DeLoach Art v- Cf' Mrs. Stokes E n glirb Mr. Young Shop Mrs Groox L r Lzbmrzafz Miss Suydam Foreign Languugef 3-' !QH.5 Mrs. Denton Scienfe .4 Mr Szakacsl Pbyxzcal Educanon FACU LTY 1957 Mrs Smlth Math Mrs Fulmer Dzetman AND IN oulz CLASSROOMS we HAVE ART - A -1 Winners show off their Fire Prevention posters. John McCravy, Candy Yaghjian, and jerry Finley can afford to be proud. Frosty, the Snowman, is smiling at these art students. ,,,F ,, ,K ,Y 1 l - Some junior high girls look through last year's Christmas cards to get some ideas for making a Christmas poster. WWE MUGS S WE G' Taking a percent of a number is like taking candy from a baby. MATHEMATICS We know that mathematics is the key to the universe but there are too many lines and angles to it. Remember first to clear your fraction! Q ma If at o - B62 'S' I2 HOME ECONOMICS Home EC. girls are busy making Christmas presents. X 'K Oh! What fun ir must be to rake Home Economics. Now, take these girls. There is a stew of some kind in the making. lv E v 5' ll! Miss Daniel is pointing out the sore spots in the Middle East crisis. Winners in the I Speak for Democracy contest. johnny Munro and Heyward Holton. HISTORY Mr. Summer is atop the plas- tic globe. The students seem to be enjoying the fact. ENGLISH Board work is not always fun especially when you don't know what you're doing, Isn't that true, Ronald? lv h nm! if Xxx Does Tommy Lawson have the right book open or is he faking? Nancy Catoe is sleeping Miss Tuck. 15 Sh Qs W eu, ,fwji ,: nil' , MUSIC Mr. Triplett is teaching these junior High pupils the fund- amentals of an orchestra. The Girls' Sextet is practicing for a Chapel program. The Senior Chorus relaxes while Mr. Triplett turns his back. SHOP Youre looking at the builders of tomorrow. These seventh graders are learning to draw to scale. You have ro know how to use the big machinery in shop ro save time. I7 l COMMERCE Where is the practice sets, girls? What's going on here, john? H 41: judy Howell is off to a late start. Peaches is in the lead. Whoa there now! 'Jill E ' 1 YH 2. L ls this office practice or is it the Friendly Finance Association? ...J .Ng-n-Q SCIENCE A dissection is taking place. What are you dissecting, George? Strength! It doesnt matter how strong you are, you cant pull it apart. i Physics is an easy subject. Why', don't iw:-'F you boys agree? rn f5 PN- la: FOREIGN LANGUAGES '13 S.. 11 "'3v'ar The Master is directing her slaves all students are members of the Latin Club ull have been initiated at their annual Latin banquet. 2' .1 'T The French students have parties French style on the sidewalks as well as in- doors. 20 an Qv"':5f PHYSICAL EDUCATION Mrs. McGill is showing the girls how to keep bowling scores. Here you see the girls in action . Those balls are heavy, aren'r they? Swing your partner I .L '-11kV, dinky, parle vous. MISCELLANEOUS PICTURES off to NEW YORK. K, xg! All aboard were on the Silver Meteor we're moving, Destina- tion New York. Food cafeteria style at UI-IS. Watch your table manners, girls. Waiting for the train to Q come in . . . then we'll be :gg Q if Wi , , , ,J , Hsfiiiiw 1 . if ,, ii 1 Zi A fn 'Q' QU 4 L , if 4- w Q 3, in w x ug, 2 52? ,0- f:Q, 1 if . if ,fl f ,z Q N v may , CLASSES W 5? 5 r b. f -3 , . . .-,-f:- A . 1 , gt -Q-we-w..,,,f.... . 4 M, K SENIORS OF ,gm BILLY COBB Presldent of Student Body THE YEAR JUNE STEEDLY Miss H1 Mlss Presldent of Semor Class 451 LINDA SAMPLE Mxss D A R ,sia- 1 HERBIE COX Kmg Teen FLRMAIN LLOYD Edxror of the B1ddy A .2 1 At I if sw 55.1 J" , 1' A ,Q-3 1 ,L .L A A '14 L1 Y T SENIORS GF ser""' DOTC FDDINC 5 Miss Bfmtam M JOHN MC CRAVEY Co Captain of the Football Team THE YEAR 'WM J Y5zg,, 1 X-www iv' NANC Y C ATOY Miss Senior 2 JERRY FIWLEY Art Aw ards XY'inncr 1 'mfr' BEVERLY Nfllxlili Betty Crocker Homcmiker of Tomorrow v, s.,,' . .:x, Q ff. 4. os.., . 'I--..,': "vp- "'.,' yQ,g ' 'Uv .- '--1.2 "g'v,,gA ws..a 'Q-...,p - --up ,fi ,, f-U-1 4 n n Q '. on v...,,9 +60 -Q ,y+. 1 . .1 fu nan as K . Q . + , x v , , Q., Q 4- pi. .V k .,. n .H .Q .sl ,. ,. ,- .n no .f '- n. in a lf ,, - x ..f'g, .,-mmf .A SENIORS JO ANN ASHFORD 1 Silence if a true friend who never betrayf. 33 ,fy ,Q , 4? ...L F , 43 ! PAT BRADLEY K1 'V' - If worry were the only caufe of death I would , all life forever. U ' LARRY BLACK A genlleman make.: no rzoue .36 QV q 5, SENICRS BETTY BYARS Men are the came of women not loving one another. :aaa BILLY COBB Long life if denied my therefore let uf do M Jomelbing lo Jlaow that we have lived. X w 'iv . NANCY CATOE It if a friendly heart that haf plenty of friend! Wi' SENIORS HERBERT COX V A12 atblelif bog zvilb a will to pleafe and take 431-1, life df a fog, W OCTAVIA DULA Her wordx are trufty herald! to ber mind. 21 V ER MAURICE FELDER Goodneff if the only im'eJ.fment that never failf. f"'fZ, I if W www 9 4 JERRY FINLEY mark 0 talent I DOT GEDDIN GS Do -1011 knou' L1 young and beautiful unmau who if 7101 rcuzclj to flirt-juft 41 little' SE N I ORS 'lo clo cafzlg zcbat II df :cult or others 11 tlae CHARLES FOY Some people :tt and tbmk otberf fmt Jzt ff 30 lx SENIORS ALLIE GRAY Let what fomef, come.: it'J coming anyway, DON HALTIWANGER Wit if an unexpected ex- plofion of thought. f"'N 'wt ' Qs Q0 BETTY HODGE Be thou of good cheer. 31 We 63 , 2 ,,', Q 3 SENIORS HEYWARD HOLTON I might as wel! tahe my time, thereir a whole life ahead of me. X! I1 I DICK HOWELL L , There ix nothing at all in wi? life except what we put e e 5 i 5 af fee CAROLYN JEFFCOAT Life if the gift of God and if divine. SE N I ORS A thing of beauty if a joy forever. BUSTER JOHNSON A large head of hair add: beauty to a .ftrong face. ANITA JOHNSON BUDDY LAMBERT School ix all right when there i:n't anything elre to don 33 SENIORS FURMAN LLOYD Queen of arty, and daughter of heaven. JOHN MCCRAVY An athlete true with virtue: high. 34 BARBARA LOVE A hind heart it worth all the world. D SENIORS The only way to have a friend if to be one. BEVERLY MIKELL LINDA SAMPLE It if the mind that make: the body rich, W: fx-F' M' E WILBUR SLICE For a baxbful boy be get! into an awful lot of mifcbief. good yourxelf. SENIORS NORMA SMITH You can only make otberx better by being JUNE STEEDLY Whatever if popular defervex attention. 36 GERALYN SPEARS I5 tbere a beart that muxic cannot melt? 'QQ alwayf lboughtful and very kmd V F L SENIORS HOMER TIMMONS He'J Ima!! but that doef not Crump his ftyle. INA RAYE WALKER A Ji met gentle and re med 'lf BOBBY WATTS , Alzcau jolly quiet and care ree ll e mm be x dull but net er be Q ' , f' , . je A K. 'S--0' yd I If - f V -V X 6 ' B x 37 I QRADUATICN IS HERE SENIORS GENE WISE Flirtation ir a circulating librar , in which we 3' lume. ROSCOE FINLEY Lv Q1 I Q Q, SENIOR SUDERLATIVES BEST ALL AROUND Norma Smith Bobby W'arrs E . 1 Illl ICXXI. l MOST DEPENDABLE Furmm Lloyd Bobby Watts W,, M., MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED MOST DIGNIFIED june Steedly Dick Howell lllQl'lUZ5lll P, ' x vo, MOST INTELLECTUAL Norma Smith Roscoe Finley X all ll , ,lim C10 .-H! BEST PERSONALITY Nancy Catoe john McCravy BEST LOOKING Anita johnson Buddy Lambert SENIOR SUPERLATIVES BEST DANCERS Betty Hodge Heyward Holton MOST TALEN TED Nancy Came -uma, . , ,W,,,M. J SENIOR SUPERLATIVES Ina Raye Walker Wilbur Slice MOST COURTEOUS WITTIEST Linda Sample Don Halriwanger ti BEST DRESSED FRIENDLIEST Betty Byars Larry Black Anita johnson Gene Wise L' ' i mrrouru I9 b A gh? ll fe f 1 , M JZ., H li N34 J- Dilw IN I H QNIVIKNAIN INT' O!b!ll0l! I 17 , A ZZ 7' X , I WWI A J , A 1 I if 'NIL L" SENIOR SUDERLATIVES BIGGEST FLIRT Dot Geddings Gene Wise 42 MOST ORIGINAL Linda Sample Jerry Finley MOST ATHLETIC Ina Raye Walker Herbert Cox SENIOR SUIUERLATIVES CUTEST Geralyn Spears Homer Timmons if 1, ,420-sk MOST BASHFUL Maurice Felder Chai Foy 4 lcmlh Jribuuc amen P U Z Z L E S MG LAZEST T IC ray m JUNIORS Richard Able jane Adkins Barbara Ardis Betty jo Bledsoe 38? Barbara Burgess Roberta Caldwell J Bobbie Chavis David Cobb as -E3 Dot Derrick john Doughty james Elvington Erby George JUNICRS Margaret Coker Don Corley if Gerry Dreher Shelby Driggers 'Qt F14 gr.. O . as gf ' f-- . HU- A , 2 A w,.,5- 'h,,g,"' rm if ,Q jk 1, di? 3 ,QS-Y' A it ,f xii-W Q3,,,,k6f, 'gf K, K-'a K ,Y rl 5' 'rt 3 Lx' . fake 'T 3 ww 2' vw' ' 'E JUNIORS i Mary Hollis 1' lf, Sandra Gibson 2 'ff-I ' '1 I " 1 s 'glmfx , 1 1, 1 'K 3 'IP a gh Judy Howell Q. Bobby Huggins Nl' , an 1 Patsy Hutchins jo Ann joye I 'W 1 's 'J Fred Kaigler Joe Laird 4445. r ,K . ,1 Ai"WNF - r L- D -B 6 ew GJ Peggy McDonald JUNIORS Tommy Lawson Helen Mathis Lewillar Mendenhall if 'lx 'Q QVQ5 -3 Pinson Owens Ted Purvis Mariel Shanks 48 . ' I Helen Merchant Barbara Morris 9 JUNIORS Shirley Spears 335 Shirley Strange Q' 1'3- Jimmy Welch Loretta Wells 'V , I 3 Otis Suite Bill Toal r, Q ,Qi if Sq! X we I .aa-5 V M 15 QC' Q4 ,HN Lg vu ef'-:.r' I Rosameyn Westewelr Richard Williams Howard Wood SOPHOMORES Frances Baker Julie Baker Bobby Barnes Pat Branham Frances Brown Harriet Bull Bill Cochran Joyce Crosby Bob Davrs Mary Deal Nathan Derrxck Sharon Dodson Gerald Elkxn Susan Foran Myrtle Freeman Barry George Harold Granger Al Gross Ins Gunter anet I-Iarrmgton Shlrley Huggms Eumce Hyatt Richard Goodwin J . SOPHOMORES Arthur jones Evelyn Knight Leo Laughinghouse Larry Long Pinckney McElveen Terry M1115 Sandra Morrxs ohnny Munro Betty Natlons Glorra Newman Theresa Porter Robert Rhodes Sharon Sharpe Shlrley Sharpe Paula Sloan Earl Smxth Sandra Smlth Barbara Strange Robert Strange Loune Weldon Betty Wolfe George Wrnght 41 6' SQ if ,, FRESHMEN Nancy Ashford Butch Atwater Betsy Dozier Mike Finch Hazel Baker Kay Bartlett john Gallant Da e Gaskrns Helen Brabham Mary Dean Brewer Clydie Gordon Alice Griffin Brodie Brigman Barry Broome Susan Harrelson lmmy Hatch Paul Catoe Louise Chesser Kenneth Hillman Danny Holton Jean Clark Harold Cole Bonnie Hornsby Delores Howell Elliot Cox Martha Dobson Jean Howell Avis Hyatt 52 'V FRESHMEN Bobby Irvine Pat Kull David Raines Thomas Ready Ann Kyzer Fran Lloyd George Reed Carolyn Reid Alva Lucas Linda Lyrle Phyllis Ritter Freddie Rodgers Larry Martin Laboyd Mathis Kay Sanders Berry jane Sharpe Glenn McManus Gwen Merchant Larry Slice Peggy Sloan Margaret Miles Freddie Morrison Earl Timmons Mary Timmons Warren Murray Tommy Quattlebaum Henry Youngue Gary Plaugh 53 Julre Derrlck Donald Dowdey Charles Drlggers DeeDee Eldrldge joan Elllsor Bobby Essrck Carolyn Forsythe Regma Galgano Lukre Green Sammy Grubbs Dome Haynes Carolyn Hembree Ruth Henderson johnny Hodge L W Abbott Douglas Allen Drckre Amlck Pat Austm Frank Berry james Boatwrlght jrmmy Brennan Alton Broome Ronnre Brown George Burrus Tess Carter Cynthra Davrs oanne Davis Lrnda Davls Tony Dennrs EIGHTH QRADERS Stanley Jacobs Veronica johnson Linda jumper Carol Kelley Betty Jane Kerns Becky Key Patsy Lloyd Karen Martm Herbert Mathews jack McLane Marie Mendenhall Jackle Mlles Lula Grace Murray Kay Neeley Kathleen OBr1en EIGHTH QRADERS Lee Plowden Fred Porter Charles Proctor Donny Ramsey Floyd Rector Joyce Redmond Audrey Roberts Mrldred Russell Phyllns Shnmpock Lmda Ussery Ivan Wells Albert Wfrxght Candy Yaghyxan Connxe Young ia J 1 .455 xh'. ,Y A f-fav N Y ff yur , ' 51 I QQ , . fifygi I .. N ' ' Q ' w ' 6 .5355 if , . 'ELS my V A 'mgqfr ' V ., T 'gh ' 'T A NVQ!! A , ,W . za Yr 1. Aff - --s3"4??1, 'flfimg-j. Q 1 5 ,Q 0 3 4 K, M W e 1 ' : ,im '- .iivb 41 Q , . - W 3,3 vi a:fQi2':,f s ,,Q4,,h,'3 'Q 45, m f' W' 1, 128, 5,?QW1:,7.. ,Q yawg, , vi awk V .I PW f MZ 354, iffl 4 , , 'WM . Y M if K ' L g , im K ami , Q ff. f,, A., i-n nn' ,f, AW W , ,. f' Mhz, f 11: im W, ' x' A "' Z ,ag I , ,li"3"' A f G? 6 I ff 2? ,pf ig? I MJ . 3" fb., "fi ,Q fm 5 J 1 ,ww ,.Q,,,..T ,g4?. 'ZW' W? ,I ff 1 k"' f, Q, , gf 4 LI 5. J ' MW f I 4 14 ,f fm A1141 ' ' :iw Y 1 fi .Q se 2 .K ' N 2, ' Q, 6 ,Z " , 1.53: Af, , 4l' , f A -,fb K - Y , , qi fx, ,, ' ' 1 '6' 1? K J Lt? M fs in it -Q f 'US' :Q -ff? X 'O' c A fs '1 2, z 3' gig- wi ' 5549 f A' ' 'xg A Q V 29: 5 L f E ,M gl , an f f N -' 1 .3 qv v 5' , gn ,s MISCELLANEOUS PICTURES Mr. Harvey crowns Judy Howell Homecoming Queen, while Dot Derrick, Crown Bearer, looks on. Nancy where is everyone? Furman Lloyd, Editor of the Biddy, looks over the paper, w h i le Business-Managers, Helen Our two capable Bus drivers are Heyward Mathis and Barbara Ardis look on. Holton and Gene Wise. A? 4 V1 25171, f' .Q ' N A . Q5 ORG AN IZATIONS - A 'f-...jfzgy Nz- STAFF r 2 U Helen MaIhlS Mr Summer Barbara Ardis Mary Dean Brewer Burmerr Mana Cl SPWU0' Burinerr-Manager Susan Harrelson Rosameyn Westewelt BANTAM STAFF DAVID COBB EDITOR Candy Yaghjian Mr. Luther Dottie Haynes Feature Editor SPOWJOV Feature Editor Nancy Catoe june Steedly Margaret Miles Kay Bartlett Susan Foran Jim Hatch 5 .KN Butch Atwater Barbara Morris Fran L10 Dot Geddi fl S julie Baker THE BIDDY FURMAN LLOYD EDITOR-IN-CHIEF W 4,, J, THE BIDDY STAFF left to right feared june Sreedly Neus Edztor Butch Amarer Ann! ant Sporn Edzzor Fran Llowl Feulure Edztfr Tommy Lamson Plaologmplaer Slandnzg George Burrus Nlancy Catoe Exclmrzge Fdzior Lemllar Mendenhall Dot Geddlngs Cuff Sporli Edzmr julie Baker Daud Cobb Bobbx Morris john Gallant and JIIU Hatch 62 SUPPLY ROOM WORKERS Tommy Lavvson, Furman Lloyd, Joe Laird, David Cobb, Dick Williams, Warren Murrav, Betty Mathiesen, Dot Gedclings, Bill Toal, and John Munro. RED CROSS REPRESENTATIVES Lefz zo Righz: Shirley Huggins, Gerry Dreher, Mary Hollis, Carolyn Reid, Mrs. Dixon, Helen Brabham, Linda jumper, Anita johnson, Bonnie Watts. and Tony Welsh. 63 sv!! BIDDY REPRESENTATIVES Left In Right: Evelyn Knight julie Derrick, Dot Haynes, Geralyn Spears, Shirley Spears, Joyce Watford, Jo Ann joye, Linda Lytle, Julie Baker, Betty Mathiesen, Pat Kull, and Peter Yeh. 'D-. -Q. n STUDENT ls-Q Q55 S e cretarg june Steedly M ag Y President Billy Cobb S pomor Mrs DeLoach CCUNCIL Vzce Prendent B111 Toal ihnummsnazmef, I-eff I0 Rzgbt Mrs DeLoach Margaret Mlles jimmy Hatch Betty Kems Furman Lloyd Lmda Sample Bxll Toal june Sreedly B1lly Cobb Erbs George Nancy Caroe Sandra Morris Bobby Watts Joe Laird Candy Yaghjxan and Shlrley Sharpe 64 Q1 UIARACTY-V' 1 Front Ron Left to Rzgbt Lmda Sample Treafurer Bull Toal V1cePrer:denl june Steedly Prerxdenl Barbara Ardls Secrelarg Sefond R011 Norma Smnth Barbara Burgess Sandra Glb son Howard Wood julle Baker Helen Mathis Mr Summer Sponmr Rosameyn WCSIEIVCII Johnny Munro Davnd Cobb Bully Cobb Leo Laughxnghouse Herbert Cox and Roscoe Fmley 65 Q V: Q IZ L06 JUNIOR CHORUS Y-L wx eg f 1 Rf , A SENIOR CHORUS 'lfx NE. ' .f -g -7 .- I 66 li ? JUNIOR DRAMATICS CLUB 9311 Tfearurer, George Burrusg Secretary. Frank Berryg Preridenr, Candy Yaghjiang and Vice-Prerident, Dottie Haynes. SENIOR DRAMATICS CLUB Trearurer, Margaret Miles: Vice-Prefident, Nancy Catoeg Serretary. Judy Howell: and Preiident Dot Derrick. 67 FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA W! Sealed Anrta Johnson Buddy Lambert Furman Lloyd Roscoe Frnley Dot Geddlngs Second Ron Allre Gray Ina Raye Walker Lexullar Mendenhall Maurrce Felder Bobby Hugmglns Bev erly Mrkell Tlazrd Rmf Mrs Van Parren Io Arm Ashford Carolyn Ieffcoar Barbara Burgess and Howard Wood DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION Fm Fnrt Ron Roscoe Fmlex Homer Txmmons Bobby Warts Don Corley jerry Fxnley and Hey vsard Holton Serond Ron Pinson Oven Herbert Cox Ons Surre Levullar Mendenhall jo Ann Ashford Allre Gray Beverly Mlkell Tbzrd Rau Gene Wxse Bllly Cobb Bobby Hug., gms Loule Weldon and Wrlbur Sllce 68 '97 V " 5 . ' M' 3 31' M -me I . 1, .1 5 " , Q. ,, I ' J ...MQ .,, L I, j Y x 1 I I . ' I: v ,' ' . 'A 1 A v 'Il . ' . I . ' I . D . , Q , , . 71: I I I I 8 ,, . , ,ws 4 . -y 3 ep A I in I I ' M , t Q 1 Z s .fl I . , , I f , 1 . X ' 'Z ' j, A , . , . . h . - Y - Y I 1 I y 'I x y I lr ' V I ' U I l Q I a 7' Y. . , . , . 1 4 W .' 2 f ,ffmvfq zi- ,M f...-., W., L.. Uv vw- W 2 I ff 1 li -vsffwm Q lc in Q -.. my 4 A' 'V 2'Mi "'P,g ,, ,,: 1, f. 1 . , A ,. F W bm . 3 if , af'W M A D, Q , . ,gf fl -45 41", f- QQ . W1 Q . ,J-gr: 7, . - K, 5' V, .L 2 .SA , ?Tf2?f"5ij , L if Yrfzgif 1 If F K A 5231"-K 75 Q f?- Q4 35" Nw . ' "nfl: -. m y H V f new -,, Y . ,.,, vs, ., 'KWS,.,,, hx 4- S55 FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA CLUB ig Seated Carolyn Reid jrmmy Welsh Mary Dean Brewer and Barbara Ardls Standmg Rosa meyn Wesrervelr Par Kull joe La1rd Louxse Chesser Margaret Mxles Mary Tnmmons and Susan Harrelson g like' i is Offlrerr Secrelarg Julle Baker Preudent Leo Laughmghouse V1cePfeJ1dent Butch Atwater and Treamrer Margaret Mxles J- . l V.,V ,, ea 'l p 4 ' , ' K U' il ' Ag ,, v 1 X I l ,W ' K H f in X f LATIN CLUB J 2 MATHEMATICS CLUB Ofzceff are V1tePfeJ1den2 James Elvxngron Preudent Bobby Warts Secrelafy Jean Howell and jlmmy Hatch Treamrer BIBLE CLUB ef lf-P A f Fzrrf Ron Tulle Baker lune Steedls Don Corley Dxck Hovxell Berry Stauffaucher Second R014 Ilm Hatch Sandia Morrxs Geralxn Spears Amra lohnson Kas Neelew Rosamewn West erxelr Delorns Moore Lemllar Nlemlenhall Tlvzrd Ron Susan Foran Allen Hatch john Nlunro Lmda Sample Berry Nanons Carolyn lettcnar Ned Fleece and Maurue Felder 71 OLD ENGLISH "U'S" Helen Mathis, June Steedly, Furman Lloyd, Tommy Lawson, jimmy Welsh, and Bill Toal. BLOCK "U" Firrt Rout Bill Cobb, Charles Foy, Furman Lloyd, Bobby Watts. Herbert Cox, Betry Byars, Buster johnson, Pat Bradley, Irby George, Robert Strange. Second Rout Howard Wood, Pinckney McElveen, I-Ieyward Holton, john McCravy, Harold Granger, Joe Laird, james Elvington, and Richard Goodwin. JUNIOR PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB Officers are Candy Yaghjian, Par Grif- fin, Tony Dennis and Kay Neeley. 72 SENIOR PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLUB Officers are Peggy McDonald, Judy Howell, Dor Derrick, and jane Ad- kins. X ' ' W X X ' l Q lu'v- i . I f idi- I. M 'S 4 , f , n 5 x 1 X. . K f -'I - 4f.f,,4 , N 1 . , Lg wx 1' gr, , ,JUN f M ' ' ' 1 , , 2' ' -1 Y ' I ,1 1 Q i 1 1 -5 uf. 'WT 15 5i9'S3H"'m - I V , , . , , . ,. ,.. .. , ' ' ' " ' -- ' 'Y ka --,-'.+- ' - i 1 ,'--fha: -. A . f ':" -1-4' f,- ., - "4 52 4' -"f'Lf'52 .':f: . A i 'A 5'-5 Qff'-H ti' ',Iy5L' fait. JI : .'.-.fvihq " ,I V.,1,'.. , ., . . - .1 :"'."v 2-3 '. 9 .',9Lff"- , .. , ' .,,- 5, .1-.3-.-,.. .. J .4 , ,, K ,nx- ' , - J , ' ':3.-'-3 rfi-"J, Q ,nf-. V. f Q qt.- . .1 ','XQ- -'..'v. 1- ', ' 'vll"9": -1 . ' I Q W! 4 b Z , Y 1' Y.waiI:'f'l5.:.'.ee lf, ' H.: ' .fri , " . --' 1" p' . if- ' -2 , Q ,N 1 5 fiagfmi -mr--' - ' fini- 4, 'L' Q.-Mig' C .40 a sig: L. AX 4' '.42'ff? 4 ' Q Y 5 , t s QMJXQ' pi 'g ' 't"?-1" . A . V. '. , ' ff' x 1 5: t -.' ,. I. . Sf '.'Q?'u!, A nv df-' fx'-f 1.1-+f, -..w-,F ,'-,v.'fi.',,ffg- :wwf '-1- -W ' ,, he '-""i-g -1 'A' 'va' A9 . " -'QQ5 TA - . . -or , -'fb' , . A '.1 -' A., A , , ' . ff A I ' 4 a f-"- in rf '?"f"' i'1-ffiil " J x' Vx ' 'L '.".l?if"" ix' ', ,vu . ,'."Qf',' ,. 4- 21,1-K , ab- K, at ll. ! . ' 3 I ' ' suv get I Axial- ' J "f -' ' - ' '.'r'- H.. 5-'. 's 4-'P p'-' ,li Y - V -'-V x A. In , ' .ucn .i .,f.,1i4tN,s4 V, p 'z 1 g . st . . 'fig' ,,s --Q ' -I ."2"' W, 71, xi 'TW ' ' Rf' ,'ff'v,2QxAQ f.-: we 'A .f'- -x 1 ' D ' V 9 hr' , I - 4: , k Q s. .uid x ' I 1- , , f. ,jf , ',',,4"3ff- .147 fm,-5 5' ' . an- wvgzw 1 N. if ,M - 'jf -' if-gf., xg ,Ark - 1-5 -- i Av!! 'N N155 BIDDY Rl I H HI 'NDYRSOX M 'W i gy-. 2 4 tr XSS . H - 5 A !'i.,.,., 131-Y-vp",, 'f1T"'7r MISSBANTAN1 DOT GEDDINGS .,z J. 415 'YQ'- - 1 Q t' ,gf L-4" X JANET HARRINGTOX. RUNNER-UP TO MISS BANTAM X Miss Senior NANCY CATOE Miss Freshman FRAN LILOYD pq Runner-Up To Miss Junior BARBARA MORRIS Miss J unior DOT DERRICK I." UP TO MISS SOPHOMORE PAT BRANHAM RUNNER-UP TO MISS BIDDY I I RUNNER-UP TO MISS FRESHMAN PAT GRIFFIN .IEAN HOWELL pf I 'Q 0 Q , is M 'Q T' uw .45 A 5 ,, ,835 4 N M. E - ,zW.v 2' 536 v ,. is? Mn. , pigf f..' f flld' , , A-,NNY aww. .N -Mem.. ,...m ., ,Y L ' x-ev, ,gf-gr, ,xx ,maiiii Robert Strange Fullback The CHS-UHS "Caps" ended their 1956 season with nine wins and three losses while playing one of the roughest schedules possible. The "Caps" started with a rush and won their first six games. Then' the No. 1 team in the state, Greer, upset the Caps' applecatt by run- ning up at score of 35-O.The other two losses were by 6-0 scores and came at the hands of Greenville and Dreher. A highlight of the season was a 61 0 victory over Carlisle This was the most successful season in the last few years for the Caps as they were ranked No 7 in the state 'W 9 izfmafggh If 4 nw A as ' U 'fm e Won CHS CHS CHS CHS CHS CHS CHS CHS CHS CHS CHS CHS 4 W , 5 ,. W 1 W ,ee , 1, , ,L Q, family Y lib 'Kb 'fi Richard Goodwin H al fback 9 SCOREBOARD UHS UHS UHS UHS UHS UHS UHS UHS UHS L HS UHS UHS Brookland-Cayce Olympia Charleston Sumter North Charleston Eau Claire Greer Greenville Florence Carlisle Rock Hill Dreher JOE LAIRD PAT BRADLEY HERBERT COX BASKETBALL BASKETBALL SCHEDULE TOUGHEST AND BEST The Bantams completed their roughest schedule by thrilling many basketball fans. Credit must be given to Coach Szakasci for his excellent work in making the l957 Ban- tams so strong in spite of a lack of height. Participating in the first All-City Basket- ball Tournament, the Bantams won the cov- eted trophy by trouncing Eau Claire, Dents- ville, and Olympia. The Bantams won ten straight games be- fore going down to defeat. Sharpshooters, Herbert Cox, Joe Laird, and Pat Bradley, plus rebounders, Bill Toal and Buster Johnson, worked together constantly to make the 1957 season the greatest. BUSTER JOHNSON BILL TOAL BASKETBALL RESULTS ARE OUTSTANDING University 75 University S 52 University ,, , ,70 University C, 79 University 7 , S, 9 5 University , 58 University , 64 University , ,56 University L, , 7 ,64 University , 65 University , , 45 University , W 80 University 57 University 56 University 64 University . 80 University , 55 University 7 46 University 47 HAROLD GRANGER Flat Creek Columbia Bamberg Carlisle Lower Richland Eau Claire Dentsville Olympia Eau Claire Brookland-Cayce Olympia Dentsville Eau Claire Carlisle Columbia Lower Richland Dentsville Olympia Brookland Cayce ERBY GEORGE JAMES ELVINGTON HOWARD WOOD JIMMY WELCH Action! Bill, it's a point, but out jump that Bearcat if the next shot is missed. It's in! Two more points! VARSITY TEAM - Ifrreelirzg. Left In Right: Erby George, james Flvington, Herbert Cox, joe Laird, Bill Toal. Sianding: Coach Szakasci. jimmy Welch, Pat Bradley, Buster johnson, Harold Granger, Howard Vlootl. Basketball Managers, Homer Timmons and Richard Wil liams, and Coach Szakasci. . ,wr ,, , 'b 3 ,is "B" SQUAD - Left to Right: Barry George, Earl Timmons, Bobby Barnes, Robert Strange, Pinckney McElveen, Arthur jones, Freddie Rodgers, Brodie Brigman, George Reid, james Boat- wright, and Gene Rector. CHEERLEADERS Furman Lloyd, jane Adkins, janet Harrington, Heywartl Holton, Judy Howell, Anita johnson, and Betty Byars. Watch out 2 I ! ls this tht line u 1 x i-X i i 1gLLfs44-fe BASEBALL TEAM-Kneeling: john Mc- Cravy, Irby George, Herbert Cox, Robert Strange, Joe Laird. Standing, Left to Right: Coach Szackacsi, Buster Johnson, Harold Granger, John Freeman, Howard Wood, James Elvington, Melvin Quick, and Richard Wil- liams, manager. sl x BASEBALL THE INFIELD-Left zo Right: james Elvington, third baseg Joe Iaird short stopg Howard Wood, second base, and John McCravy, first base. X Y BQ 'aa BASEBALL ' ZX - THE OUTFIELD: Buster johnson, left: Herbert Cox, center: and Harold Granger, righz. 89 'Tif VJ' 4 . S., , ,,f,,, Pitcher Irby George and Catcher Robert Strange. XVon 8 SCOREBOARD Lost 4 U.H.S. 7 Irmo 6 U.H.S. ll Swansea 6 U.H.S. Lower Richland 8 U.H.S. Swansea 4 U.H.S Olympia 8 U.H.S. Olympia ll U.H.S Dentsville 4 U.H.S Lower Richland 3 U.H.S. Olympia 5 U.H.S Blythewood 6 U.H.S. Irmo 11 U.H.S. Blythewood 2 th -5 J . ,5 "h , ' .4 wsffff Q M 1 4 i ixispaw by .,-x,. ,, ,N A . 5 3-Cijhmg., , g 2 fi Q T Af: Qi: 0 4533 . Wit' 3 5 E ' q 5,4 I T35 A Q 2 A YC ,, Z 2, 5, fe 2, 5,3 Q 0,3 if ' 2 1 Compliments of FOREST LAKE SHOPPING CENTER 5203 Trenholm Road Columbia, S. C. THACKSTON - DAVIS SUPPLY COMPANY 828 Gervais Street Columbia, S C DUNN ELECTRIC COMPANY Box I466 Columbia, S C CROUT'S IGNITION 8. RADIATOR SERVICE Columbia s Top Motor Tune up 81 Radiator Service Autborzzed by Umted Motors 8: Auto Lzte Phone 4 5307 IOI2 Gervais St IIA Block from Capitol Towards River DUNBAR FUNERAL HOME I527 Gervais Street Columbia S Complzments o A FRIEND 'C ffl NN. 'Q fx it 69 Q7 UTHERN BELL T LEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY 93 MMR Q EUR ZEU MILK PET DAIRY PRODUCTS COMPANY Ice C eam Pasteu ed M lk a d othe Da y P oducts BOINEAU REALTY COMPANY Pk ASSOCIATED DISTRIBUTING COMPANY 822 G CLAUSSENS CALL FOR -'ex P' P I' we S9 h 1841 MARY LOWE WOMEN S APPAREL Sld . ,I Pifi' I ,' "f I336 ic ens Street Columbia, S. C r , riz i n r ir r Columbia South Carolina ervais Street Columbia, S. C I A ' -V ,.,. .. U3 I5 9115 ft? ' "" I . ,.. Q5HEMw.whNM The 'out 's Ii' t Since I 724 a u a Street Columbia, S. C 94 MUNN TEAL STUDIOS INC Phone 2244 COLUMBIA 0106 35 Sw In Q2 1-2 SS Ea. Z9 P: 0 Ou OV' 91 AT H 0 vidwgvl o 22'- 1538 C W HAYNES AND COMPANY Incorporated 1508 Lady Street Columbra South Carolrna H ALGIER NEAL Phone 43862 NEAL ICE AND FUEL COMPANY 836 Catawba St Columbia S C Our Coal Makes Warm Frrends MCGREGORS DRUG STORE F H TURNER Prop 'l308 Mann Street Columbra S C Phone 2 3308 PRESCRIPTIONS CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED TOY TOWN HOBBIES TOYS CRAFTS Over 5000 Items 2830 Rosewood Drrve Rosewood Shopprnq Center Use Your Belk s charge account Belks Beauty Salon A La Ma :ck Salon Belks Third Floor rum +0311 rum 2 coz: I 95 - I . - 5 3 ' 5, 5 I E' E ' .2 'A 4. uv 'A '5 5 I 9 .- E 0 UNIVERSITY HIGH SCHOOL Home Economucs Class Uses ADLUH SELF RISING FLOUR ln cooking class ADLUH Table Tested FLOUR Plam or Self Rusmg Theres None Better ALLEN BROTHERS MILLING COMPANY Columbia S C THE SOUTH CAROLINA NATIONAL BANK Gll-IIVILI-I ,Al GAILIIJ SERVES SOUTH CAROLINA Offlces ln Columbla located at corner of Mann and Washmgton Streets and at Fwe Pomts 633 Saluda Avenue We also operate a branch at Fort Jackson MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 96 A C I, f- xx 9 . . . . . . I I I I I I o u 4 -, ...,.... -........,,-I . 'IGF' Q Inc-.- -.,. ..,-... y Sup? . Clllpv 0 - - Na 'Iii humane '- XI 1 hun: I I Y., Commun ' I Q 'B' 'Swann ff' ' ' -N fllafllil If 'H consul: if I ,J , X X X N lun. 1 KJ T, mm N 1 i K I lx .Y r"" .X , l.-f' . . ED ROBINSON What K LAUNDRY 81 CLEANERS YW WWI S 0 Ng o e L 3' I' C N XS 614605 X x VALENTIA PHARMACY COLUMBIA 3623 R COCA COLA BOTTLING 3 835' COMPANY Lo Food P ces pus E S v Sta p P e At You F e dly COLONIAL STORES Y Tot I Food B ll ls Less When You Shop At CS JURES LOVE S JEWELERS T e House of fts on erv ce T 81 T SPORTING GOODS x ert Watch an oc e ai D a f Ch f ms H enderson Street iamon s o arac er APPli0nces Columbio South Carolina 1908 Main Street Columbia, S. C. 1 - l Soy It With Flowers I KENNEDY'S FLORIST I lncor orated JACK EVANS P 1406 Main Street Columbia, S. C. l Phone 23777 23778 I 97 , N XL Q i ' 1 . . I N' ' ' s Columbia Sout arollna V N DRIAK I x V X4 L4 'f' ' I l"'i"-l""' ""' I"Coh"iro registered trade-mark. A Y osewood Drive Columbia, S. C. - Phone - w ri . . . I FRE a -a- m r miums r ri n " our a i " I I - ! h Gi d S i E p d CI k R p g WALLACE CONCRETE PIPE COMPANY Plain and Reinforced Concreie Pipe 30I LINCOLN STREET PHONE 2 3687 ROBINSON REALTY AND INSURANCE COMPANY REAL ESTATE LOANS INSURANCE S I d 35341 GEORGE DERRICK S Phillips 66 Service Sfohon Ph lcheck T op A tc OI I' BEST WISHES DODDS Sc I0c S e FILLUP WITH BILLUPS PETROLEUM COMPANY 4440 D th I 1 o n o o INC. i r r i i "' B ll s f colombao, s. 749 a u a Avenue Phone ' I I 25c STORES INC. 2882 Rosewood Drive Complefe Modern Variefy CVING Sfreef for s Columbia Sou Carolin 98 L G BALFOUR COMPANY Known Wherever There Are Schools And Colleges The OIIICIGI Jeweler For UNIVERSITY HIGH SCHOOLS CLASS RINGS The L G Balfour Company Can Furmsh You Wnth Inv tatlons Caps Gowns and Annuals Buy the Best Buy Balfour Jewelers and Dlamend FRED WILKINS 1340 Senate Merchants e R L BRYAN COMPANY 1500 Mann Street COLUMBIA S C The House of Qualrty Serv ng South CorolIno Its Schools and 1440 Ma n Street Columbla S C ITS BELKS Be 5'la'Pe' c LEM HARPER OI' Taulored Clothes South CarolIna s Shopplng Center 316 washmgton st Phone 27383 Glass for All Purposes TrIm Supplies AUTO GLASS COMPANY PACIFIC COLUMBIA MILLS M Nm Q, LM, N Phone 25041 A Good Place To BuIld YOU' Fume S H KRESS a. COMPANY 99 1 "' I I . i 0 I I I ' . ll Il I , . . I ' , Businesses Since 1844 i ', . . ll ll 1 1 f n 1 n I I I , - CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES on the successful completion of you class oom stud es May they be of much value to you n your futu e educat on and ass st In meet ng and solv ng the new problems that now confront you and your co ntry and its In any way possible SOUTH CAROLINA ELECTRIC AND GAS COMPANY Af UHS HS TODD 81 MOORE INC FREEMAN S DRUG STCRE Sporting Goods Your Specialists ID Sports 829 Mom Street WE DELIVER 707 Mom Street Phone 2 0282 MCELVEEN S SERVICE STATION Firestone Tires, Tubes Prinfirlg Shellubrication and Washing Photolithography Phone 4 9403 'I30 S. Assembly Street COLUMBIA, S. C. Your Shell Dealer CROWSON STONE PRINTING COMPANY 819 MAIN STREET COLUMBIA I00 . . . ' r r i . I r I I ' I I u ' system of free enterprise. We shall always be glad to be of service to you I , . 1 ll ' ' ' ll I I - 1 1 'B gy R COLLEG ATE P Kunsos City Ne: C3-e'U:'.'1:','f' BW-B FAVU9' 'IME 0351? ar 'Q 'XQAIK Vx' 1 Hn X 5953.142 . KV? kv fig 'I J 4 Lfmawngdi- , y 2. Vt' 5 .dh ,- ,1S"g1- ' . ' Q A H ,y , , .. ,... - 5? ' . 'i ,x-is . A ,., ., 14. W' " ' . . x :, . ' Q - ' , ,f ---. -.- ,IV F 1, Q .:1..w. .:fa, if I -- - 'sq . . if if fs? 1 v s 1 I ,.-4. H dfiluuwb, 5' .L wmtffgm y.,,fg:,w5gvsa 3 f , . fi? . iff M' , .L w' ,. 145: g ,ggi-4 'W '-ff' Q31 -'WSH ,Maw-P' 4? , . ,sf

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