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-Q--l-ii, 1 'ff ,f X X, 1,17 XI, ,jf X, . ff 4,, . ,f Kg, . . I, ,- , f ff X X q3Ill'llII'llM 1 ,ff Z ,x ,X , V! ,f 7, I 1.- V X , inugpgfmn ' X 1 f, ,f N ff f 'X ,f V1 f . 1" f, X, ,F, ,f ,, V,- ,I f ! ,fgf l A? fx' 1 x f i f f ffl l 4 f '1 1 f , i. S 4 X X Xx x xi lj' L'-74 --' nf X X Nxw N XS N, .1-i.-,-...., I, ,L fyL..g,g.V ff 7 1 f-: , 1 If ,4 ff X . fy , . , ! ' fn! K .V ,I '11, I. 'f ,Vg , ' ll, IQ! ., .1 , iff W! W! ,ff 1, A If L X 1 G, X 42 FE, X f ., ff XX X Y K 4, Krf I . .X .X X ,. x x' X, f I ff X J, 1 11 lm!!! , f f V! ff f f , If Q ., ,jgjyi Ni ,nf , ff X, X fff f X7 S Ng N , , f . ,t x, ' ,jf Q4 gym , X 4' XXX by ,M , - 1 , , fr ! 4 1 , X f , f' . ,f ' ff --,,,, -.., 1, . iq YT. 1. -.3?..-h,.,.fHi -1lkng.L:.'ag '-igiliff-ll-if--f -M A-b'- -T--Av , -, '17 :ii ' 'MQ ig? Mix" ,, Xu K K airy!! , , Www..----744 - -f Af- , f :gi:lL1"T7' Zff,.Z.f"f , ' f,,.s?"'f':' , , A ff I ' , - 'fix ,ff f' g ,5ff?':5L f X X. ff K! pk.-Z ,. --"I ,,.,,... .1 -ff ,,,fA IA .. Y,,-,,. .,. ,,,, .,,,,,. .,.,,, ,,,-,, , ,-f ..,Y-- - f Xf X f ,ffm ff ff X, I , 4 L ' f f ,-" 1 l X f V' , , 0 A . Al , I J ff X 1 X2 ' f'f,',7 ' ff ' ""fn' - 1-1-ii-, 1 "A if-" ' -.lT ...- A. I I X X S51 I Zu 2- TL - - 21.7. .ff f f 4, ,' 'If ,, I ,ff P-L-l U ! ll If W I U I U U W I A , "" wuffuf fill?-RDUNA XXX WS SS l.......,,L..,....J A x X .-...J f-14x x 'NX XX N XX L............,J xflw fk -DDL J u AT--.Q"' 'bi X Dx QQ! 'R-f-E, M F '1"x51 ,,, 24 f , P ff! .477 V f X, Af Vi V E I D X 1 f A M ' . ' f gf V RQ. A HAM., ir ,. X A Vf' , l X x t .N f AQ ' 'xx 7 , . sxwx I ' V f, q xvqxxx X V! VV V, , jx Q X , xxx X LA X I SX . XM W! Q..x ,N V A 1 X 'f f ,f N 'J WN ' Q3 ,, Q-.721 ' ' X x xx Xxx xx , If xxx I ,gg X X f s X I-. ig. ' F Nl ' XXX T Q- 1 ', , ,X W1 't xx: ' xg X . W3 A ,2 1 4 'f,v,',' insiup:n.1,- "v i Z M 5 W ig! ' i Y V i Wx-'.L?,:,ii:'-'-' f L fl 'K' ' 5, 'AFFTZ' '-2- '-h" ' ' Q-. W W ff 4 AA "4 ,Zvi-,fig-Q' 517 g f-I"f'7T, - fn - -- F K N x ' . Niiffgtll-ffiifefi,-A:TgliQ....g..."""'f:MQ? ' '--' 7 , , 5 fi. . v'- qfi i S ? ,v, , 5 in , -. x X - - I, ' 5 x Q ' 'Zip Y 6115, ,Q N1 ' , ' ff" N-Aifff 1 n A I 1 49' " llliif + i ff 1 an N v v , H v w"Li"i QW R ' , A 'N-Q 2511ii4 x 1f X V .-i if - 4: -,- ,A U W X- fl , , L C ,111f?ffrT 'af if -fl -f .Zif'Kf 1-X, Q if' "'QffTQL,i.l-if-:N.:. .1'f1'j,,, ,,,. , Q-, gi-ff? ' Y, ,YQ E 1 X 6 3539 ik I , 'df Q56 wiv Qqwbef... .4 87-0010 X ,ogfsfurarlvf gm if P bl h by THE STUDENTS of The UNIVERSITY HIGH SCHOOL S MM URTC COLUMBIA SOUTH CAROLINA 1955 I G O12 fenfs ADMINISTRATION an INSTRUCTION Pages I9 56 E.. B CHARACTER ORGANIZATIONS Pages 57 72 FEATURES Pages 73-80 SPORTS Pages 81-94 'wsiffxs U W!-2!iigT V , , ,-5 MW 0, f Y ff- - i X - XV ,xy NNW A9QQxEQx9m5N 11 Y X Swaps ,ff I suemce T v' O ll fa Maw ,IQ MISS TUCK Englnsh DR DANIEL TRAVELSTEAD Depf of Ed U SC Dept of Ed USC 3-Tfgg ?""' MRS DIXON Home Economics fix MR SZAKASCI Physlcal Education MRS. SMITH 5 Math SUMMER MRS MCGILL 50031 5fUd,e5 Physical Fducahon IN LINDER MRS STURGES Social Studies I' I 3 I I gan., fa 1' MR. TRIPLETT MRS. FERGUSON Music Librarian 'IW4 MR VARN MR HARVEY Superintendent Principal -'Q' MISS SUYDAM MRS STOKES Foreign Languages English 3 'Dx nas., MR MORGAN MRS DENTON Dlsfrlbutlve Fducahor Science MC. T? R-fr M52 4 MISS DANIEL MR LUTHER I M h 1,44 at away 'Z' MRS ROBERTS Secrefa ry an, '-c 'Ns MRS VAN PATTEN Commerce MR YOUNG Shop MV' ,N -nv' MRS MARCOM Commerce X . , Q' 'R " 'X .C T' ,Qi fr x M "' X27 M f 1 5 - E My New X ,Q , if 4 A . M Q. . ff! . ly,r'i. ':" ,, ff TS. . V ,CE livi . V i .1 ,t ' Q- 1 fu 4 LL V 'j Im Q I, X. PROBLEMS OF DEMOCRACY Jerry Pat Jeanwade and Earl are reading their I Speak for Democracy paper Eleventh graders are study- ing "The Critical Period" in U.S. History. SOCIAL STUDIES-The ques- tion was asked and four hands are up. Sensors awalf the showing of TREASURE ISLAND. John Doughty had a proiect in "Treasure IsIand" and Jer- ry Brabham had a project in "The Canterbury TaIes." A test day for some sfu- dents. E111 Qpeparfm en! E Wm me 'Wana i awnvsi i gswrnun suuxs amnesia .M 5 5 up if L an me me H A. sanwms i Us , , A X s ra g rr R95 f I i , -W . P- A . 'um 4 Q WWW .F . - M 0 I SWIMQEE X PYT iq ku up 1 Q .si Knowing how to print is an arf. :Y Alex and Jimmy are mak- ing a Santa Claus out of paper, and Jerry is mak- ing an angel out of the same material. Notice the posters on the wall. An advanced art class is making napkin holders out of wood. Jer- ry and Dot are putting the final touches on Sir Gareth. BOOKKEEPING g7""N-A 1 ofezyn anyuaye f eparfmenf FRENCH 53 gif? F-,U :Ja I A4h"""'?---.-. """"'---.. J' 9 Q 3 Q' si..-rn The French class enloys very realrstlc surroundings LATIN B A- U norm rem. Sm The Lahn class works amrd Roman scenes I3 3. ysmaf 04100111012 0 G10 arfm Q12 f Up in the air they go! Now-who will re- cover the ball? Push ups! Oh! my poor sore muscles. Relaxing and looking sweet all at the same time. .: l -f'. E , 1 is T 9 1 CSCIQI2 Ce eparfm en! BIOLOGY , GENERAL SCIENCE PHYSICS 1? This is an incubator for future craftsmen. gn ofzsfrzdf Qyrfs CD .fi .K Advanced students make cedar chests, gun stocks, Iamps, etc. 8 ' W jar 1Q,,p" 4 'Y Q F 1 X 3 M 5' . Q , ,, .. ' ' 5 , Embroidery Trains the mind as well as The fingers. , 4 sg- g if? Rims? mm ! L5-gp Mme 500120122165 5 f 'fit I X. -'1' ' If 115. , ,I 5 N . ,gum "Girls, you must know how to cook biscuits." ,W MQ 777016 Oeparfznenl 'S -if-A 'fb-'E-ky, 'Q GENERAL MATH MATH EXHIBITS SOLID GEOMETRY ww Mm.. -Q-...,,. ""---..,.,- ,8 ALGEBRA . 4 ' E as 'N .M ,'.t.J Y V A -" .Lk " N .f ., 1 L14 . A x ' '- 'x 1' f MJ, 1 G . ,V A . I fm M Q., ' 2 Q" A . .....vI' A 5 s A v, " 'Y 'Q I 7iBw5aigffb?fi.v , . wi v! f , --... -Q'-N - -" , - -,. -M. .. . " Munn , , -.. ' fi, ' s - " H ... 'Y " 1 M, t L ' .... . ... N- ,, . -. NW, -.f-.-M, , . ' I Y Apu: 3 ' 'gi A t 33 ' M . WUH5-TV! ff f 7 1 pw 95555 QW55 W ,X i , . MMT enzbr GQJS Qfgbers MARY SUE AMICK President LEON CROSBY Vice President PAT WITZEL Secretary MR. GEORGE LINDER Sponsor eff, VIRGINIA ROMANSTINE Treasurer enzbrs RANDOLPH ALMOND Friendliness is Yhe mark of a su aw' ' Wfyjjf perior man. MARY SUE AMICK A happiness that everyone shares. 4"9"" P '4- JERRY BRABHAM Let thy speech be befter than Sl fence, or be silent. A J ff if Fx! f A r fx' rv enzbrs EA L BRITTON lgo sf as ihe law allows. s MARY ALICE BROWN Happy am lg from care I'm free! Why aren'f fhey all contented like me? A-5-QSM-if Mb. FRANKIE CAMPBELL I have a hear! wifh room for ev- ery joy. Qsenzors JEANWADE CARTER A quiet dignity. J ' JI ' J kfkhax, ,l.psx,,2J5lL., ,JA-NNZS lk,-, -B-086. Nfl-4-Nb 9043, V.,-JL.. 'v4.,Yf1f11fJ'vv .JQW-A-J QfKK:.,L,oN,- AZALEA COCKRELL One of which we can all be proud. J! f I Wifi fs.-4 Ki tx 1 - I 1 I ai JOAN CRIDER A good heart is worth gold. O 'UK x !l,Xn lx My I , K x , if pw J I h cSen1Or5 3 U LEON gROSBY h ff 1 onor lies i nes oi. VX 1 X E x W,- 070 GWEN DREHER Tue fo work, word, d f e Wfwfiff A .Mf- ww BILLY GREEN The only way Yo gef rid of t p ration is ro yield to if C QIIIOIIS' PATTY HAvvKnNs For naiure made her what she and ner made another J' CALVIN HAYDEN A good heart IS befrer than the heads fn the world f A9 LE NA HoLcoMae Ever changing ever popular. fn-f .J ,f enzbrs Donors-lv JOHNSON The soul is strong that trusfs in goodness. j -7 I ,Cs fgnf' 4. fy' ?W7' Afllsfcf ,ak Nxxxwk, kkyxkkrx My Rib Mfg -fx- 65.134, 1' 1 QQJU L- "V XNN , ' 14.2 L-4 19 M, L PAT KE L LY Success is never final, failure never fatal. lt's courage that counts. ALEX LANCASTER Men of talent are men for oc- casion. Our responsibilities are to each other. enzbrs AW ME L'roN MARLOWE My idea of an agreeable person is one who agrees with me. KAREN MCKIBBEN TOMMY NEELEY He can who thinks he can. rad 53 csezzzbrs SHARON O'BRlEN The very flower of youth. wen cs.: i Qfbm, vfv ' k Q' M A rf.:-J .?,u!vJyV ,Mfw M, a1,f1f,?'f'02' , W ab aff Laaav OSHEAL The pleasure of helping others is Wy sweeter than any other. JIMMY QUICK Laughter is the expression of rntfs delight. L f IL If I iw L2 I ,L -, I 'Ml lil fi I glby X 1 E NJX UJU XXV! IA YVONNE RUCKER When sne'5 around, srick around. Lie s foo sncrr rc .-,err wi- ? . --nal: qu.- figs, Wr Q? U Mink: 11::'fff" w STEVE SCHWARTZ f . ,Mw if I 9 gf -L 4 Ml wh ani 'hx ,,. 'fy 38 M pl iii sw' 'ik in ,ffw M G i ikk ka-7, fl V wit I I h:" Af., 3 f... x ' f - J KATHLEEN SHAW AW Therefs more Than one way 10 cafch a man. -R - 1 vu ,L , 5.5, ff' i li- ,.v j f X o , Louie SMITH A woman is only a woman, but a cigar is a good smoke. Q ERFKDU RTIUN NSS' QW 5 O 33 M S f W E 44415 DON SCOTT P OI f B Cf ,' A e r"'-QM 57' I. Y A 1 XNN Q F W 3 N wifi? W W x R5 Q W Qflden' O af fx If ff 'X , 5 r 1 ff X Q5 Q I2 I. 0 I' .S mf BARBA V f 5A,LEfTZSEY 0 I7 f EN- ue Y OSXQR X I 4 UXCK MMM GU em 44 ALEX 501, LAN fl W QK I1 . A e an 9 X . Q , G L EWS D ' . 1' X 5 Z . Pr sdem ox: S1 d BodY f A ' f Q ff ff' A K- ' A' Vx forsf SCAISTEIQ . fe f f'?f "N . Allis If . 35 ff Qgenzor CSUPQFQ-111083 Most Afhlefac LEON CROSBY an GWEN DREHER Best Dancers ALEX LANCASTER an YVONNE RUCKER ezzzor QSuperQ!'10es Most Dependable JIMMY QUICK an MARY ALICE BROWN Most Dlgnrflecl DON SCOTT an LIBBY O SHEAL Al JQWS Book MosfBasl1ful BILL HALL an JEANWADE CARTER Wrffresf EARLE BRLTTON an HARRIETTE WEAVER Mosf Talented ALEX LANCASTER an AZALEA COCKRELL il Q ' 1 1 1 Frlendllesf STEVE SCHWARTZ an GYN SMITHART Besf All Around JIM QUICK an LIBBY O SHEAL Most Courfeous JERRY BRABHAM and PAT WITZEL Best Looking PAT KELLY GU MARY SUE AMICK Q enzor CSCIIUQFLXIUQS Best Dressed LEON CROSBY an PAT WLTZEL enzor Csuper afzues Most Intellectual DON SCOTT an BARBARA LEITZEY Best Personalrty STEVE SCHWARTZ an VIRGINIA ROMANSTINE QUICK' QSuperLl10e5 Most Likely fo Succeed CHARLIE TOAL and SHARON O'BRlEN Most Popular PAT KELLY and MARY SUE AMICK IR- Jn.. fs JU NE MATTOX Treasurer I crm Umor Ojfcers f"5y :Q ' is Avx 'UQ Qi 'fr BARBARA WALLACE 1 Presidenr "" Y BARBARA STRANGE SARA JANE BAUER Vice President Secreiary JO ANNE BRANNON Treasurer JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS were caught making plans for The Junior-Senior banquet. Left To right: June Maftox, Sarah Jane Bauer, Barbara Strange, and Barbara Wallace. "3 ff! e Jo Anne Brannon Don Ray Brazzell Pattie Britt Jackey Cloer Jack Crooke Jimmy Crosby Alma Jean Allen Bettie Allen Betty Ballentine Sarah Jane Bauer XL? ,junzbrs hi m 6 ,av 'R' 4 J rv. 5 -3? P Billy Harrington Jackie Hodge Gloria Hughes Marilyn Love June Mattox James Owens ,ik Ann Sawyer Ann Sessions Bobby Sharpe Marion Singley June Smith Leona Smith 469 if it junzbrs -Ja +'l"K'.'K Pat Smith Paul Smith Joe Staudinger Barbara Strange , 'bf 'mg KA Robert Templeton Nillie Mae Walker Eff? I r fu? ..-in Qw. -'itll an f Barbara Wallace 65 X 47 6- Cgopf 0122 OFQ-S' Richard Able Jo Ann Ashford Larry Black Pat Bradley Annette Brazell Carliss Browder Susanna Buie Betty Byars Nancy Catoe Billy Cobb Herbert Cox Marilyn Darden Dorothy Derrick Maurice Felder Jerry Finley Roscoe Finley Charles Foy Dot Geddings Allie Gray Don Haltiwanger Philip Hamer Charles Hayes Heyward Holton Carolyn Jeffcoat C5 OP6 0122 OFQS Anita Johnson Buster Johnson Carl Kelly Alan Knight Furman Lloyd Barbara Love John McCravy Jerry Peeples Bill Powell Sinky Powell Jennings Russell Linda Sample Janet Schmidt Jackie Smith Norman Smith Geralyn Spears June Steedley Cecil Suite Homer Timmons Ina Raye Walker Bobby Watts Estelle West Betty Wilson Sara Wright 13:-J i. YW' 'Q JY rl 1 he F1 ill? , AX' its 49 N W Env . 1,-A Q! res' 1112 Q12 ml a "Qtr tl, H fig as s ,rig im- , i K Y l is f ' ie. w9s,4 A---.., il:- Q, .,, C 15,4 'NO fl....,.J is-bf fish,-f' K azz- rf tis 3 Q 6. w 1- ig., K N as l Q .AL 50 X V A ,SX Pi 4 5, i 'ls K Q, X gb , . X "1-' M M2 it KK " ' X 15 ,xxx R. f First row, left to right: Barbara Ardis, Myrna Aull, Betty Jo Bledsoe, Betty Clark. Second row: Da- vid Cobb, Margaret Coker, Randy Cooke, John Doughty, Geralyn Dreher, Shelby Driggers. Third row: James Elvington, Lila Fripp, Irby George, Sandra Gibson, Alvis Gross, Bill Hall, Fourth row: Yates Hazelhurst, Mary Hollis, Judy Howell, Marvin Howell, Bobby Huggins, Frances Hutson. Fifth row: Sandra Jacobs, Jo Ann Joye, Fred Kaigler, Evelyn Knight, Joe Laird, Bill Lamar. 0 'QT' W T-Q, X cn' "1 QS 3'- FQS 2112 Q12 xi S4 me f QS, ,ig . ,X , 4, i5 gg ,Wx 3 ' . 4- ':s:: -11 ' A , 4 Y si ,ul lv J 7, N , ,, E QQ. at ' g' . -1 Us sc L 'Q-.., s-.., Q. 'l 3 1 , ., ' x . " A' A .-:, A Ig , l I First row, left to right: Tommy Lawson, Patricia Lovell, Donald Lucas, Vermelle Lucas. Second row: Helen Mathis, Lewillar Mendenhall, Helen Merchant, Raymond Metts, Mary Frances Mitchell, Betty McCall, Third row: Betty McDonald, Julius Reeves, Annette Rish, Virginia Ritter, Betty Jo Sanders, Shirley Spears. Fourth row: Shirley Strange, Russell Tarlton, Gay Thaxton, Bill Toal, Eddie Tronco, Jimmy Welch. Fifth row: Rosameyn Mae Westervelt, Richard Williams, Howard Wood, Willard Wood, Delores Creason. SI N rf ,- I inxi G., 7, me - . -'W ,ii Y Q Q --lf, N., W, X .fi 'rw WA 5,5315 'Gerald Elkin Sara Elkins David Ellisor Larry Ellisor Marie Epps Myrtle Freeman Barry George 01N Q. Richard Goodwin an Harold Granger Iris Gunter 'M Of ' l ,fa-1..., A 'I-Liv -.W Q 3 9 W' 'J' ii CS if 'tr ' 'Q , , if v"" fn' k ,W J- - y A .A as...-a-' WN M ,, s fi- !.?,f , A-. i""'f -fifs Am L - - Q. Nr A4 , V vvx Vw A 413- Q., h , H, . y aiia v X ,NY V .- fl- , 5 ll , .., 1 I-.i .cs M xg H M f X A ,- x 4 K 1 S. 5 l l A, . "X 2'- -, :Q-4 we , N- R .45 D cgi: K rm ,K F 4' fsiaf- liars-X ff,Q+f . NEW , r 47 - Q wi N, . ,M K "r ls 1 Janet Harrington J Kirby Higbe 095' ia Hornsby Ophelia Hornsby A Dot Howell 52 , fs., AX.. ' 'lm .,,.,..q ann, ""'19 'Y .X " c 1-5, WN., 6yAfA QFGOQ Charles Ard Frances Baker Julie Baker Mary Ellen Baker Jake Bauer Jennie Blackwell Frances Brown Julia Buie Joyce Crosby Bob Davis Scott Davis Nathan Derrick Sharon Dodson Nancy Doggette Sara Driggers var 1, Y M is be '95 ,i -. W5 X Y ilyiff 911106 Shirley Huggins Eunice Hyatt Arthur Jones Leo Laughin house Q Larry Long Fairrie Ann Lorick Terry Mills Lewis Mitchum Johnny Munro Pinckney McElveen Gloria Newman Dot Parrott June Quinton Narvis Quinton Robert Rhodes 4, 2, t "P lung., A AV? I ai, Z l -o..., ,f 'tlvrn-Y' 'ai' Fifa in 'fu' I ? 1 it or gm wh sr. 'qw' af R, A S H499 lf? fy, hmm V 'fa 'Qu' 4 t '94 'C 1235- , In X 12531 'Nw 1."5M, '-1-,M it , , vo., 'Dx . W' A A H ,Y , ,W J., if L L " t' ,S if 94' grimy Q -,,,, M, :M MDX 9-. ii 'ff--Q ,mifv L L I ia Sip "' .. 4 4 if N f Y 1 M., t E. i ,A . I , 4 'zur Q- M 5 -3 'A ,. gm, fs. fr'-s ze v. 'V' ,ft ty- i N ,.4 MW, - I t 'fi fa FK 44 L., s A qv ,i., if as--Q git wif Man' W J f' ' "-.4 ff' at is if my L as Betty Wolfe George Wright June Ussery Lewis Holsonback Huggins Ritter Patsy Schwartz Sharon Sharpe Shirley Sharpe Paula Sloan Earl Smith Carolyn Smith Robert Strange Lewis West David Wilson 53 cseuenff gra0Q TH dw' ug' ye Nancy Ashford Butch Alwaler Judith Ballet' l-lazle Baker Kay Barlett Helen Brabham Jimrftt' Blayboy Charles Brazzell Mary Brazzell Marv D eart Bfewel d' Brigman Bro ieDean Broome Barry Douglas CaQle uise Chessef Lo Doro1l1Y Clark l llal C Z yy ,V as F fin if C ta 'Q - X-ff-as u C itz, l Nw- r t"'W ff "Avi vw W if il 'YN' r is lall , sk C str 'll 53, "?l?M"V Laal y ""G f NB. ,S a a ls kt yy, F 5 wax l l ., 2 it aft f 't 'M f Q Q .H we J.. jf ,. V 4 . I ,QM Q :,, .. , y W is y MM "l N Elliot Cox Donna Dee Crump A ' t X cy C at Laura Daniel QQ, ' f- ' fi. Helen Daniels is mv Jackie Davis I X, ey My-X no H ,ri.. aarr ' I l Maflha Dobson C it N Y Charles Driggers " til r at ' N J 1 fi Linda , If :K it ma . .Q , 7 Li A ,Y Ronald Eddings ff" X ik' 'El if rx, -5'-L.'.s Michael Finch t . W l tl l f 7 ' J Atwt C W .14 . sc. k fi E ll -- John Gauam y H ,A A. y :,,,... . -, . . L L, 9' - E' i '23- 'HT i f fi' 7 " ' WS: Evefefle HSYHGS 5 ' ll D I C Kenneth Hillman if ' , ' l y, A C A 4 U ,rg Illia 25 at 5 Danny Holton Bonnie Hornsby Avis Hyatt Robert Irvine Patricia Kull ,QQ Ann Kyzer Susan Lfndau Fran Lloyd Linda Lywe Linwood Marsh Larry Martin LaB0Yd Mathis Bob McClary SYlvia McFarlin Raymond McKay Gwen Merchanf Margaret Miles Waffen Murray Aubrey Ponce Christirfe Ponce Mi' A, . Va K . .,. , , 5' f cseoenff graof? Q-,, s ,. Lo' S T . I 5' 'W lm.. . W J., y gy, , y , ,l Q ax, one ,cr rf, M' , 4, " .V f ff: "" fr' 1. f .gr W, .P M I 64 ft A WN -4 --. ,- A in Q. . , , ' ,, fu, " ' ' 3, V in V ,A A, li x Q - -M XX N Q 4 l T R F at 0 . l ga T 3 N 2 A .., l i T 4' - . ,T T-1 .Q Y T as fha, .2 M , warg gg 3 vs, -.' ig Q, M' 'lzawfg . W A as I 1. Q "xv 1 1 T R- , an V 'W l Qsmygw James Prosser Tom Quattlebaum Thomas Ready Carolyn Reid Margaret Ritter Phyllis Ritter Linda Rodgers Kay Sanders Jim Schmidt Betty Sharpe , Jerry Sharpe Q Ronnie Sharpe William Spearman George Summer Duffy Timmons ee-t rrrtr R it A ,T H I x y ., gf I I ' S J I 4. f W - W Tgl-sdfjl '-uv' ' .. E f. T I fi I ,gi l , - i l BYQLA if Q aff is yl s R l 1, A - l'i 5 Q 'gs in gif? nuke-0 ' 2 2 ' 2'-f "' x 'lain' A 2 Earl Timmons Mary Timmons Sharon Tiffany if WA S'C'Q!A1l2 0 U 11. s' CSAUXS' iz' is Juhe,don'11aIk all day "' If of 9 52:-'v 5 A:'ll ' . ll s.. ,Ot Sl U -H i:'qi rl Dot, that ioke must have been really funny. W S: 3:l5! The end of anofher school day. 56 1 .44 i ilu: WUHSWV Jodllfow imma f GN? GRQANQ PW 4 iffm Q I , . V Nb 2 M X W X--ix E li Wiz? -fl gn-4' SAMMY FURTICK FURMAN LLOYD JIMMY QUICK Business Manager Business Manager Feature Ediror Sffyjf MR. SUMMER Sponsor BILLY COBB LIBBY O'SHEAL TOMMY LAWSON '51 R. fd C.. N? Q. 'L 'T' ' fran? SUSANNA BUIE JERRY BRABHAM NANCY CATOE DON SCOTT KAREN MCKIBBEN PINCKNEY MCELVEEN 'UV 9 Uv' , 2,409 f ' MR. SUMMER ALEX LANCASTER SPODSOI' Editor J' diff ' . W, 3 , sl., " ' H 5 X 'X KAREN MCKIBBEN FURMAN LLOYD MARION SINGLEY News Editor Feature Edivor Girls' Sporrs Editor X ov fr 60 110 pa t W D I REPORTERS: First row, kneeling: Furman Lloyd, Dot Geddings, Mary Alice Brown, June Steedley, Nancy Cafoe. Standing, left to right: Bill Cobb, Sharon O'Brien, Jerry Brabham, Jake Bauer, Jeanwade Car- ter, Pinckney McElveen, Sarah Jane Bauer, Marion Singley, Julia Buie, Sammy Furtick, Susanna Buie, Tommy Lawson and David Cobb. 3 CSM r 3. 42 If I. s... I gh' I iqr I 1 Q ' It W kv MR. LUTHER Sponsor LIBBY O'SHEAL Associate Editor X., To, SAMMY FURTICK JIMMY QUICK Business Manager Boys' Sports Editor 33 qim' SUSANNA BUIE Exchange Editor BIDDY REPRESENTATIVES: Left to right: Robert Templeton, Frances Hutson, Gloria Hughes, Sharon Dodson, Irby George, Janet Schmidt, Furman Lloyd, Mary Alice Brown, Janet Harrington and Car- oIy'1 Reid. MARINELI. WATTS Photographer bl CSXUQQIQX Gouncz ,J Furst row left to rught Bully Cobb Earl Smtfh Howard Wood Rtchard Goodwm Ted Purvts Don Scott Alex Lancaster Second row Bobby Watts Sammy Furtuck Lubby OSheaI Sharon OBrten Pat Wntzel Manon Smgley and Marnlyn Love Third row Jimmy Quick Mary Sue Amtck and Muss Daniel ga-""' Student Body President JIMMY QUICK Zefa 3 QE' NJ Pm Sus., ' ' -Missy, . ' fi , WJXJK 'Sz efkw. X, . 5, , 4 , , AM, 4, A, Y. fw KK M., , ' Q- vf ' Z, w , , 'tk x I if R. s. U - 6 Y? Q B , C616 Carfer, J. Cobb, B. Cox' H, F, lv -I ,:,, . Piig- V vu J ,,1.,,, ' V '-xv . ,, ,A M f, , - , 5 if 1 ::l V , Q. 4 . I , 4 Vg, I , iz :QQ V if 1 ' 7 ., j m E ' ' .. :AA A Q 'Qi - 5 V fy , ' my g g ill 504 It 1 - . I' Y 323 -1 N 'M : .F f ga, x 2 , i., . . MN .-,M ' "" .an " "" fr- -. xx N K Qi tiki 'Nr McKibben K. O BTZEH O Shea' WWwW . 4 WWQMMWW Izfu l3A , l, if ,, 'V ,A AAL' , xW4?x,eM V A Nz' 1 1 X, ii gg ,pg 5 1 o , ml j . ,. ,, ., 45 Q-4' h ,, ,1-11" CHARACTER X J Zramafzbs 4-QA lYOCh n - fx-v -6' ,Q 127' MARINELL WATTS Vice President Treasurer LIBBY O'SHEAL MARY ALICE BROWN C3116 ,x rn- :af b rt- Presrdenr Secretary ELMER was a comedy Nathan Derrick Janet H!S FIRST SHAVE was another comedy Don Scott Schmudf John Freeman Susanna Bone and Jolla Mannell Watts Bwll Toal Sharon Tiffany and Fran 64 Buue Lloyd gufure Zuszhess QQGOQFS JU N E MATTOX Treasurer .QSAMEW Smale RANDOLPH ALMOND Presfdenf ff qmerzba LFON CROSBY MARY ALICE BROWN Vice Presfdent MRS VAN PATTEN Soonsor Secrerary 'Ov BARBARA WALLACE Reporter ,...........sZZ.mwn-wi 'L Members of the Future Busmess Leaders of Ameruca 'Sf VYIIFAU- YXIIYIIGK Ziff CIX16 Left to right: Tom Quattlebaum, Bob Davis Earle Timmons, Jim Schmidt, Brodie Brigman, Mr. Harvey, Michael Finch, Bob- bie McCIary, Randolph Almond, Larry Martin and Carolyn Reid. 7360! M fff' 7 Left to right: Jimmy Crosby, Leon pleton, Steve Schwartz, Azalea Cockrell, Gwen Dreher, Barbara Strange, Bettie' Allen, June Mattox, Marion Singley, Herbert Cox, Bob- by Watts, Melvin Quick, Charles Foy, Buster Johnson, Billy Cobb, and Jimmy Quick. Lbelgafzhy L eam Left to right: Marilyn Darden, Sus- anna Buie, Mrs. Stokes, Libby O'Sl1eal, and Alex Lancaster. f 5 fl 9 Crosby, Pat Bradley, Robert Tem- Q0 aff G 01112 CI. bzfrary ss1l9fa12 fs Left to right: Jo Anne Ashford, Annette Rish, Shirley Spears, Evelyn Knight, Ron- nie Peters, Alma Jean Allen, David Cobb, Buddy Lambert, Tom Lawson, Janet Schmidt, Nancy Catoe, and Frances Hut- son. Left to right: Libby O'Sheal, Yvonne Pruitt, Janet Schmidt, John Freeman, Alex Lancaster, Margaret Coker, Barbara Wal- lace, Mary Alice Brown, June Steedley and Susanna Buie. o nil. 4 AME! f zsfrzgufzue 5J1CdfIOI2 First row, left to right: Leon Crosby Buddy Lambert, Jerry Brabham, Carl Kelly Patty Hawkins, Gyn Smithart, Standing: Mr, Morgan, Ronald Peters, Cecil Suite, Louie Smith, Pat Kelly, Alan Knight, Mel- ton Marlowe, and Don Ray Brazzell, 67 5011122 is presidem of ,he First row, kneeling: Raymond Metts, Miss Suydam, Betty Jo Bledsoe, Helen Mathis, Charles Lam, Club Trunco and Barbara Ardis. Standing: Bill Toal, John McCravy, Jeanwade Carter, Heyward SUSANNA BUIE Holton, Susanna Buie and Julius Reeves. f7f-QHCA C3116 Left to right: Linda Sample, June Steedley, Nancy Catoe, and Robert Templeton. Furman Lloyd, Tom Lawson, Viola Dempsey, Jimmy Crosby, Erby George, Marion Singley, David Cobb and John Freeman. D01 DeYflCk, l-iblDY O'Sheel, Sarah Jane Bauer, Karen McKibben, Betty McCall, Rosamyn Westervelt, Frances Hutson. 9199 C 26165 SENIOR 65 JUNIOR Lf my vt, M... Wm 3 ,, 'mi vi: w.,.......-A - 1 ,LY -fr X K wi- at S W ,W , in-W' f uv-- C ,lI,Uf2f9l 7900112 7fQ4JGlTS' First row, left to right: Sarah Jane Bauer, Marilyn Love, Frances l-lutson, Jackie Cloer, Lewillar Men- denhall, Tom Lawson. Second row: Paul Smith, Betty Jo Sanders, Helen Mathis, Marion Singley, Margaret Coker, Sammy Furtick. Standing: Jack i Crooke, Azalea Cockrell, Gwen Dreher, Billy Cobb, and Pat Kelly, A I Uff Congls 2 Nffffsw Left to right: Alex Lancaster, Libby O'Slweal, Jim- my Quick, Sarah Jane Bauer, and Sammy Furtick. FQOIS CFOSS ,Fepresen fafzbes Left to right: Gyn Smithart, Joyce Crosby, June Steedley, Dot Derrick, Patti Britt, Lila Frippi Scott Davis, and Marvin Howell. Y x' U.H.S. Booster members. Margaret Coker is taking up tickets and she seems to be enioying The iob. Zoosfezts 7 C 1x16 Sammy, a Booster member, has The job of selling Tickets. ' 5 i' il? J k...A ef tg, Furman and Dot are after a re- freshing coke atter a hard day hunting ads. Who said that there was no Santa 'Everlovingu is the tune and the 72 Claus? dancers aren't wasting any time. e W11YC'Qffdl2Qflll.S' CSAUZS VVUH5 -Ty 'QRS " fi 5 TW 61 my X T KIENATURES H OF If 4 ,mm V ff wx 55 - I 9 Q M mor xx 4 . i . U X V Nl WM M! ff' L. U In JUUQQ W a e express our BfgJrec1a1,On To For yudz WAGNER Bing our School eaUfle5 if o L 'L Q ,aj sv. Q 66 Sun. at: Q ur 240 LJLLUO February 9 X955 Dear Jtmmy tt was awtutty tough to make my chorces They were so dose and rt rsnt easy wrth onty two to choose trom but here are my resutts Mass Bantam Gwen Dreher Runner up Pat Wrtzet Muss Sensor Gwen Dreher Miss Junior Barbara Wattace Mass Sophomore .tune Steedtey Mass Freshman Peggy NNcDonatd Mlss Junnor Hugh Janet Harrrngton Vye done my best, and t do hope t havent made any enemres among the other contestants T an s agarn, Vm honored that you chose me tor your Srncer U Q . H r. rf, -gyda' y 7 :Q ET. L77- QQ 'X 'L Nl",-. y U, 146, dang, ly . I 1 U yy ' f l ' . h k ' tudge. wi ' ms Zanfam GWEN 405 1 4 775195 ,junzbr JANET HARRWGTON- 1 M' I ,Q , x Q : In .,.Q. ,U ,L-. ' 573' wie 4-1 "1 f 5132 Z'Q'1fja?f'w rl' Stiff . , ,fx V1 f - Q J Queen wx A X -s . 'TE' 4' 9f"1:UQxHi!w my V l il FUQQAN LILOYD n :ai 772293 Junzbr ms gresfman BARBARA WALLACE PEGGY MCDONALD ., -r -I if' MSS Qsopfomore JUNE STEEDLEY My -TV W2 SWS 7 if Co-Captains Marion Singley and Barbara Strange. 9106 ' Zasfeffaf The "Bantamettes" wound up their basketball season with 8 wins and ll losses. The team felt keenly the loss of the first string guards who graduated last year, however, several promising freshmen have brightened the outlook for the future. The team, who lost most of their games by small margins, was scrappy and played hard in all games until the final whistle. In tournament play, U.H.S. lost to Gilbert in the Central Carolina Tournament by six points. ln the District I3 tourna- ment U.H.S. was again defeated by Gilbert by a margin of five points. iw Left to right: Willie Mae Walker, Shelby Driggers, Barbara Strange, Joyce Crosby, Marion Singley, Gloria Hughes, Gwen Dreher, Marinell Watts, Gerry Dreher, Dot Geddings, Judy Howell, Mary Mitchell, and Bet- tie Allen. Kneeling: .lune Mattox, Coach McGill and Happy Weaver. avg Q gi' FX JW? A 3 ' r:"mqm-f, ,W 5 f Mfrs ,. A :QF f 5 1 rg-I Q. 2' xp, In K.. joys ' ygasfefgaf The "Bantams" ended a very successful season by copping the trophy at the Central Carolina Tournament for the second straight year and winding up second in the city standings with a 20 won, 6 lost record. The highlight of the season came when the Bantams nearly upset the favored Dreher Blue Devils, however, the Blue Devils won by 6 points. The "Bantams" were upset at the District l3 Tournament by a team which they had defeated twice previously. Captain Leon Crosby and Coach Szakasci. Seated, left to right: Jake Bauer and Joe Laird, Managers. First row, standing: Pat Bradley, Don Scott, Melvin Quick, Herbert Cox, and John Freeman. Second row: Leon Crosby, Jimmy Crosby, Robert Temple' ton, Buster Johnson, Jerry Peeples, and Coach Szakasci. WV. - , , .f , 5 , -rg I n f as E "1-'Uv ,1 , . 12-'-A YK BOYS GIRLS Won 20-LOST 6 yjasfefgafcgcorefoarof Won 8-LOST twfffwf it H Q , 'S mad. BOYS' SCOREBOARD gaiggiuhgi VM- O OO U.H.S .,..,O, O OO OOO, Pelion ,O,O OOOOO O OO28 U.H.S ..O. ...OOOOOO O OO53 Eau Claire U.H.S Jenkinsville 40 U,H.S ,,,,, OOOO O OO 45 Dentsville O U.H.S Irmo O OO OOOOOO O 40 U,H.S, OOOOOOOOOOOO OO O52 Lexington U.l-l.S.O OOOOO OO Jenkinsville O OOOO 40 U.H.S .OOOOOOOOOOOO 70 Blythewood O U.H.S Camden OOOO 49 U.H.S .OOOOOOOOOOOOO O 51 Blackville OOOO U.H.S Eau Claire OOOOO OOOO O O32 U,H,S, OOOOOOOOOOO O O59 Little Mountain U.H.S .OOOO OO OO Dentsville O OO 43 U.l-l.S .OOOOOOOO O O78 Blythewood U.H.S .OOOO OOOOOO D reher O OO OOOOO O44 U.l-l.S. 41 Columbia O O 'J.H.S Lower Richland O 38 U.H.S .OOOOOOOOOOOO 61 Lower Richland J.H.S.O O O Columbia O .41 U.H.S. OO O44 Olympia O U.H.S .OOO O Dreher OO OO 36 U,H.S.O OOOOOOOO 61 Lexington U.H.S Brookland-Cayce OO 38 U,H,S.O OOOOOOOOO O 60 Olympia O U.H.S. OO OOOOO Camden OO 52 U,H,S ,OOOOOOOOOOOO 38 Dentsville O Managers: Jake Bauer, Joe Laird, June Mattox, and Jimmy Quick. GIRLS' SCOREBOARD U.H.S .OOOOOOOO OOOOOOO 3 5 Pelion OO U.H.S .OOOOO OOOOOOOO 3 3 Jenkinsville U.H.S .OOOOOO OOOOOOOO 4 6 Irmo OO OO U.H.S. OOOOO OOOOOO O O36 Jenkinsville U.H.S .OOO.O OOOOOO 2 9 Camden OOOO J.H.S .OOOOOO OO51 Eau Claire OO d.H.S .O..OOO OOO69 Dentsville OO U.H.S. OOOO OOOOOOO 2 9 Lower Richland U.H.S .OOOOOO O OOOOOO 31 Camden OO O U.H.S. 50 Eau Claire U.H.S .OOOOO O 54 Dentsville OO U.H.S. 49 Lexington O U.H.S. 27 Blythewood U.H.S. 36 Lower Richland u.H.s. 36 olympaa U.H.S .OOOO 52 Lexington O. U.H.S .OOOOOO 56 Olympia OO U.l'l.S. 47 Gilbert OOOOO U.H.S .OOOOOO OOOO O 51 Gilbert OOOOO nigh' X wg, X Pdf 3 ' , L X f g Y af I J me ' A NL 'L . 'F sy' U if I , I 1 J 22k , e M ,X Z ,? ,tix ,JN I f 1 Xsy N '!,, , f, Magna 1 ',. , J , f L . ,.f' I! 4.2 .I 21 22 ss .,, ,w3SM3'l Y 'fx S1 Q V' ,n v I 22 X V27 'sw xllf., Va v ?""v,- v ff '5 wq , W--Lx--A W. of 901225 ff STA 0:51 BOYS' "B" SQUAD-Kneeling: Irby George, Homer Timmons, Willard Woods, Jimmy Welch, Joe Laird, Yates Hazelhurst. Standing: Jake Bauer, Richard Williams, Heyward Holton, Billy Cobb, Howard Woods, James Elvington, and Coach Szakasci. 4- of L. Q-..i.3N, MIDGETS-Left to right: Larry Ellisor, Robert Strange, Harold Granger, Kirby Higbe, Hug- gins Ritter, and Richard Williams. MITES-Kneeling: Bill West, Barry George, Lar- ry Martin, Alva Lucas. Standing: George Wright, Earl Timmons, Pinky McElveen, Lewis Mitchum and Jim Schmidt. ,wi if Zgw ra A 51.649, .1 K. en. X2 fu. QL,-Ig. L oe, Three girls who served as alternates did a good o fx 1 By the looks of the target many bull s eyes have been made The girls have shuffled the disc. The camera missed the disc. 89 'E -1. Ole U.H.S. was renovated. sunny 1 i lf! .',ff"'?, 7797 0 1954 K 43" .rf s . Nearmg C Mr. Harvey, Mrs. Roberts, and Alex lending a hand. ompxenon' 1 IQ16 X s' ibyb Ili! The rails in the gym were lowered. New lockers-the double kind 'T .14 New desks were added. A new club was added, the Future Teachers of America. if iff Lipstick smears for the seventh graders on Our 1954-55 basketball cheerleaders. 94 the first day of school. WUH5 W c"'A'VNfL fssg WMM if 1 li RN 95 S.- fi X A 5 1 I QI' ff " f f, 1 , 1 J I 'X 1 f , NS x by x XX X x K XX x SOUTH iw t RN 44 fo " E 9 Maxx J, 7, vs, O , ? A V! f 'Fc y we 2225 'S' "W O -X E: .- A-we E ,X T Q V 'Cry 1 JN! df 2 MW W X fu, I M QZZMZW Many of your frlends of earher classes are now members of the telephone famlly We Jom w1th them 1n WlSh1I1g you every success and good fortune for the future ONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY ERN BELL TELEPH ! I I L fx Q4 ' 7 f V. jx . . . sun-r-r4.,, et 0, ' Q 5 3 2 1119 5' 1 1 . ,- . s t "U, my "fa-ns' tm l mar PET Amu Mllk LocaIIyProducecI Grade A Producfs PET DAIRY PRODUCTS CO THE BEAUTY SHOP 205 PIcIcens bfreei' PALMETTO HARDWARE AND pHQNE 50509 SUPPLY COMPANY The Newesf Modern Beaufy Spoi Desngned for Tha+ Smar+ Look I3I3 5,,m+e, 5+,ee+ CALL VIRGINIA SULLIVAN 33I2 Mam Sfreei' JOE CARAWAY 3260 Taylor S+ree+ JEAN JACOBS KITTY DANIELS CompIImenI's of Complimen+s of A+ UHS I+'s T 8: T SPORTING GOODS Drug Store I2I5 Henderson S+. Ph. 33833 829 Main Sfreef C068 I Phone 3I9I URN S GRILL WE DELIVER I3I7 Sumfer S'l'reeI' Columbia, Sou+I1 Carolina ' -f - .sf T mnuvzn ' uzm up D If SIIMW 'wuaun ,--nl I mann 1-4 umm '.Z,,,m. I 4'g-:- V n atal . ll ll ED ROBINSON Laundry Dry Cleaning Rug Cleaning IOI7 Gervais Phone 8I87 LET ED DO IT 223 I Main SI'ree'I' Convenleni' Locahons Throughouf I'he Clfy COMPLIMENTS OF HENRY S RESTAURANT M II Phone 3 9632 GEORGE DERRICK S SERVICE STATION I002 S fe S+ ee'r P FLAKES CLEANERS 81 LAUNDRY T 3 5778 PALM ETTO QUARRIES COMPANY P 6639! B ed G Po JACK EVANS M COLUMBIA S C II ll . I um r r ' I Gulf roduc'Is 3I25 i wood Avenue ' 220I wo Nofch Road Drive In and Save 20W Also prompi' pick-up and delivery serv ce Phone - - I 827 ain S+reeI' hone - P.O. ox 5I85 ' ' ' Crush rani+e Concrefe r ducI's MUNN-TEAL ST lllll , Inv. Phone 2'2444 -'-'H 2822 Rosewood Drive +gT0GQ4A COLUMBIA, g 21 SOUTHCAROLINA 5 5 'Q 5' ,IDN 993.9 1 AT Q6 10 O with QE? 'A Q J Y He U' U 4999 I' Q -ln 1 P M , 'y m 1. . A+ ul-as H's FREEMAN S DRUG STORE 829 Ma n S+ WE DELIVER Phone 4 3937 UVB Q1PU'H'HHEB3N QI? JJ f I if Repair Serv ce Mus cal lns+rumen'r I825 27 Ma n S'rree'r Columb a S C Be Sharper C LEM HARPER MM or S56 I1 af'u'S'f"'QgQ Tailored Clo+hes at 'ziiix 3l6 Washlngion S+ Phone 27383 get THE SUUIHS FINEST SINCE I84I O 43 4, 'l 1 ' I 9 .A 4 ' I I zu , 1 v ls.. ' A LVIITSICAL INSTIRITDIENT SFIIIVIIT- Wan! am! Me na rumenfa o a. I . ' i i , - i i , . . Il Il 6 M. - . , . ., :, ' , V 2 -Qf'f 11 15151522 5:5911:-11-11tfi51?E1?EW22ii?3 'F -i2::2:211111f?f-1.'-,.5 '1....1:as1?ii12121:e221i:i15'iEa2z2e2ff' :f.lf5'3s5Eei2i22s22Ei1 : ZF '- . ' 5113 '1-2?CEE:3E25531?1' QSEFEEFE .4.1:2:iEi?3'1-'- 5:1122 iii: ingffg- -V-1:3535 1.11 - 13'-:1-1.4:1?f f' ' I". e.-gasp:-:-1- ' u :sir 3213 4.52.1 .5:2:2:2:2:5" ' ' ' 'E-1:5 . +5125:T'T2I3i-4:4-:f" ' ' 1' 0 1 .. ':'22a:1' ' - 'ifziaif - '+:... -we ' , 'F5'fEf'.- 4' . , ..,, :A . . . I VALENTIA PHARMACY 3628 Rosewood Drnve Columbla S C PHONE 3 835I KIMBRELL S FURNITURE COMPANY Dependable Furmfure PHONE 2 5666 Fosfer School of Dance Today s Sfudenfs Tomorrow s Slars SlUdlOS a+ I704 Green 2740 Devine DIAL 3 644I SHOP AND SAVE A+ Your Nearby Friendly COLONIAL STORE I2I5 Blandlng Sl' 2 Mlllwood Ave I4II Gervais Sl' 3604 Mann SI CIILUNIM 5T0RE5 Compllmenfs of Coble Dairy COLUMBIA sc L G BALFOUR COMPANY Known Wherever There Are Schools and Colleges THE OFFICIAL JEWELER FOR UNIVERSITY HIGH SCHOOLS CLASS RING The L G Balfour Company Can Furnish You Wa+h In Iahons Caps Go ns and A nuals Buy Ihe Besl' Buy Balfour FRED WILKINS l340 Senale THE FINEST IN COLUMBIA PACIFIC MILLS A good place Io build your fufure. H ALGIER NEAL PHONE 43862 NEAL ICE and FUEL COMPANY 836 Calawba S+. Columbia. S.C. OUR COAL MAKES WARM FRIENDS 311' '. 'f THE R L BRYAN COMPANY The House of QuaIn+y Servmg Sou'l'I1 Carolina Hs Schools and Businesses Since I844 I440 MAIN STREET COLUMBIA SC HOW MUCH WILL YOU SAVE THIS YEAR HOME FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION I400 Ma n S+ mb 2.3 tx COLUMBIA COCA COLA BOTTLING COMPANY WALLACE CONCRETE PIPE COMPANY Plum and Remforced Concrete Pape 30I LINCOLN STREET PHONE 2 3687 ZQUMQIIJ ICE CREAM Compllmenfs of MILLICENT COMPSON STUDIO Porfrali' Phofoqraphers BELK S Columboa Soufh Carol na CROWSON STONE PRINTING COMPANY Pnnhng Phofollfhography 8 I9 MAIN STREET COLUMBIA MAXWELL BROTHERS FURNITURE CoIumbla SouI'I1 Carohna Columbia s Lead ng Furm+ure Sfore Say If Wi+h Flowers KENNEDY'S FLORIST Incorporafed I4-06 Main Sfreef COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA Telephones' 7660-7034 CompIlmenI's of EDISTO FARMS DAIRY 650 Sou+I'1 EcIis+o Ave. Complimenis of KING PONTIAC COMPANY f0WIlAl' Main Sireef BEST WISHES DODD'S Sc, I0c, 25c STORES INC. Complefe Modern Variefy Sfores TQDD 8, MCORE INC KEEP SAVINGS SAFE Since 1908 I Xi INSURED HOME L 4 if 145 Sporhng Goods if mmm LOANS YOUI' SPGCIBIISTS In SPOFTS STANDARD BUILDING AND 707 Main Sfreef Phone 2 0282 7 W h C0 ba. S C CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES on fhe successful complehon of your classroom sfudies May ihey be of much value Io you in your fu+ure educahon and dSSIS+ un meehng and solving 'lhe new problems 'lhai' now confroni' you and your counlry and :Is sysfem of free en+erprise We shall always be glad Io be of service Io you in any way possible South Carolina Electric and Gas Company SYLVAN BROTHERS MARY LOWE Jeweleaejgljlenliiamond Feminine Apparel 'soo Main Shea, 722 724 SALUDA AVENUE Columbia. S.C. COLUMBIA. SOUTH CAROLINA . NI 4 Q Q- uun 40 ' N ' .1 ,Q 5 .::.:':.1':. Q X, '-1' I ' Y T" Q A L - i -Lf. , . 1 , Q ur ro .S w. Q Ulm xx' , ' ' L' Z ,, . . . .. l-ll as ington Street -:- lum i . . . THE SOUTH CAROLINA NATIONAL BANK i GIIEUVILLI ll-UNI lnvfzuv Mu 0 MIM G01 clhlllt SERVES SOUTH CAROLINA Offices un Columbia localed al corner of Mann and Washmgfon SI'ree+s and a+ Five Pomfs 633 Salucla Avenue We also operafe a branch a+ For'I' Jackson MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION McELVEEN S SERVICE STATION Flresione Tires Tubes Shellubrvcahon and Washing Phone 9403 I30 S. Assembly Slreel' COLUMBIA, S.C Your Shell Dealer STERLING SHOP The Very Fmesi' in Selecfed STERLING CHINA CRYSTAL WATCHES-DIAMONDS 7I8 Saluda Avenue 2 9308 Complimenis of THE COMMERCIAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY of Souih Carolina Main af Gervais Phone: 3 223I CALDWELL'S CAFETERIA I334 Sumler Slreel Phone 3 I903 LOVE'S JEWELERS The House of Giffs and Service Experf Wafch and Clock Repairing Diamonds of Characfer The Li'Hle Siore WiI'h Big Values MITCHELL'S MEN'S SHOP I43I Main Sfreef I04 I9I2 Main S+. Columbia. S.C. Columbia. S. C. f views' A s NN 1 s..- - ,.,. ..,,. . .,-,,....,l A5lll:l Gunn Q .CNN-A:-:ual DILLOOI .... , .'-, K, nc: 1 C Lu xx X 1 ' 'warn 'A' 'X Lumu.: If :minima f" "xl Juucm ron 1 2--I 'X Q .X Q , Nun Bm e ,f I 5, xml,-' ,- rw- I...,f . . . . . . . I n . . ,, I . . , , .. 1 I I K, UNIVERSITY HIGH SCHOOL Home Economics Class uses ADLUH SELF-RISING FLOUR in coolcing class. ADLUH Table Tesfed FLOUR Plain or Self-Rising "There's None Be'Her" ALLEN BROTHERS MILLING COMPANY Columbia, S. C. 4k NOWI .WM-ii5f.Wa sli IN OUR ga ice QD in ...W ...,,..---A HOME 5- lyasfs' THE STATE and THE COLUMBIA RECORD, Soulh Carolina's Largesl Newspaper, now occupy fhe beauliful new building, picfured above, on Sfadium Road. Our new home was buill wilh faifh in 'Ihe 'Fufure of fhe New Soufh . . . and Columbia and Soufh Carolina in parlicular. If will enable THE STATE and THE COLUMBIA RECORD, for many years fo come, fo keep pace wi+h fhe newspaper needs Eb of bolh readers and adverlisers. Now, more lhan ever, reading THE STATE and THE COLUMBIA RECORD every day will help you and your 'Family +o live a happier, 'Fuller life by lreeping you informed on all of lhe news and piclures-local, s'I'a'I'e, nafional and infernalional-and almosf every- fhing you may wish fo lmow. Lei' THE STATE and THE COLUMBIA RECORD become a par+ of your life and your home. Call 2-3393, aslr for CIRCULATION, and enfer your subscriplion Ioday. State he Qlnlumhia ilnrnrh 'I ii C ywfffqp 1 :ffyfl MGX! 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