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' ' X ' 50 YEARS OF UNIVERSITY GROWTH CAMPUS OF 1957 ORIGINAL CAMPUS LOCATED ON - wxkmwm as -w. w H mum '-. mama ,' " 1 'u mam uma ,N ,'1w"a- -2 fs .. . f',f ' HN I, I. . -: K !:Q.R? v str, lg I Vu Q, ., . J I .A , , '-'IaI1r. ' 'H ,S 1' -nz .- 4 ME , A D b, Y 5 Y . I : ,...F. .,u -V wq0- Y .-..- HAWAII HALL: THE FIRST PERMANENT BUILDING ON CAMPUS THE OLD MCKINLEY HIGH SCHOOL GROUNDS ' mn a km gwwm m sm M,4v sims mswwm Imam wxgfm Hmmm-Q. ww-ml: mwxxmlgl was :V-www 3 m-N u m WP if HAWAII AN EARLY COMMENCEMENT ON THE STEPS OF HAWAII HALL PRESIDED OVER BY CHAIRMAN WALLACE R. FARRINGTON. FIRST FACULTY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF HAWAII: I909-10. TIFIE EARLY YEARS 1907-1916 On March 25, 1907, Governor George R. Carter signed a bill establishing the College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts. Under the guidance of Willis T. Pope, some pre-college work was offered in the spring of 1908. The beginning of regular college work leading to a degree of B.S. was started the following September. Heading the administration was President John W. Gil- more. ln 1911, the College was transferred from its original site near Thomas Square to Manoa Valley, where Hawaii Hall, its first permanent building was erected. It was during this year that a legislative act changed the name ot the institution to College of Hawaii. ln June 1912, the first commencement exercises were held on the Ewa steps of Hawaii Hall. During the Great War ot 1914, the college was not greatly attected. However, Arthur L. Dean, then president of the College, observed that "the study of history, government, ethics, and related subiects was essential." This was the beginning of a suggestion that a full-t1edged univers- ity be instituted. THE SECOND PERMANENT BUILDING, GARTLEY HALL, ERECTED IN 1921. THE THIRD MAJOR BUILDING TO BE ERECTED ON THE CAMPUS IN 1924: A LIBRARY 1917-1926 THE GROWING YEARS CHEMISTRY LABORATORY CLASSES CONDUCTED AT ONE TIME ALONG THE NARROW CORRIDORS OF A FRAME BUILDING. AERIAL VIEW OF THE CAMPUS IN 1926 1917-1926 THE DEPRESSION YEARS FOURTH MAJOR BUILDING, DEAN HALL, ERECTED IN 1928. ATHERTON HOUSE ERECTED IN 1930 FOR THE YMCA Late in 1918 a group of energetic citizens decided that the time was ripe to raise the status of the College of Hawaii to that of a university. They were now faced with the problem of preparing their children for professions other than that of an agricultural nature. President Arthur L. Dean expressed his position and that of the Regents as "willing instruments of the people of Hawaii if they felt that the time was ripe." The hopes of a few began to materialize when, on April 30, 1919, Gov- ernor C. J. McCarthy signed an Act of Establishment, elevating the College of Hawaii to the rank of a university. It added a College of Arts and Sciences to the College of Applied Science. In the years that followed, it was clearly evident that the institution was steadily growing. A great change in the spirit of the students was evidenced. There was a greater solidarity, a greater loyalty, and an increasing sense of responsibility. New buildings began to sprout. Chemistry laboratory classes, once held along narrow corridors of a frame building, were now held in Gartley Hall, so named for Alonzo Gartley, a regent. This was the second permanent building erected in 1921. the library ioined forces in 1925 when it became the third permanent building on campus. The University of Hawaii was indeed growing in those inner qualities that characterize a genuine university. 9 THE ARTHUR L. ANDREWS OUTDOOR THEATRE BUILT IN SPRING OF I935. The year 1928 saw the gymnasium being erected. That same year, there arose between Hawaii Hall and Gartley Hall, the fourth rnaior building. It was named for Arthur L. Dean, who had served as president of the University from 1914 to 1927. ln 1930, the fifth maior building, Farrington Hall, was built. It fulfilled a need for a theatre and an auditorium for the whole student body. This building was named for Wallace R. Farrington, former Governor of the Territory, and an early president of the Board of Regents of the University. The YMCA also erected a building at this time, run as a student cooperative ancl the setting of many student affairs. Not to be forgotten was the Teachers College Building, which became the center of teacher training in 1931, when the Ter- ritorial Normal and Training School combined with the University School of Education to form Teachers College. 2 i N l BUILT IN 1938, CRAWFORD HALL WAS ORIGINALLY CALLED THE SOCIAL SCIENCE BUILDING. 1927-1936 1937-1946 These were bleak years for the University of Hawaii. The disturbed world situation had affected its program. Upperclassmen had been drafted, faculty members had been called into the armed services, and a large number of students were working in defense projects. As a result, the enrollment fell off ten per cent. Despite these obstacles, the University made further advances. It had grown ex- tensively, the land area increasing from 232 to 402 acres. The number of perm- anent buildings increased from 4 to 17. World War ll found the University stu- dents carrying gas masks to classy and, bomb shelters were kept in readiness for instant use. Soon after the outbreak of the war, the Legislature created a War Records Depository, which collected, stored and sorted a vast quantity of doc- uments and prepared several publications. A Legislative Reference Bureau was also created by the Legislature in 1943. lt presently maintains a reference library and conducts research for the Territory. HEMENWAY HALL: BUILT IN 1938 AND SERVING AS THE UNION BUILDING. mana ' 1, I w 1 Iss is In PRESENTATION OF "HAWAII AWA 40TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION 1947-1956 THE POSTWAR YEARS ms ss may-,xx mam w msn ss mx sm fx msn m Q, Tlx 'A In mx ms QQWH Qi? L, sw mx-Q E ww E s swim' ' mm an ma HIE . Ely ggxwx I Z E asm fl NH it Km Xi H 1 I ' I THE UNIVERSITY BOOKSTORE ERECTED IN I95I. -nf-:'N"' .'::'T:56"-- -Wt?-""fff-' ,. 'fs 'I ' -M A5 'vt ei-R'MEWf'i'- KH I ' x .f , .' ' ,- f'f'f-Hiffi RPT," 'q'fQ,,1hl'-"YF .4 -I K I ..-.Ir A H .-55 E , I "I, 'f. '. "' r,1..ll' -flnfirf f gi:-L51 1 2,t,'Xf'--gf','.g - 1. , A' ,- ' ' 1. Li :A , 'T J' I -ii' " '!f'.'Q1,fP1f'-ki? 51 'E '-1- r H .1 , f L.. Y, JV. H.: N, ,Y,, ...ln Jrntar-.L-M Y ' rn' 1 , -1 l':'q'?'llll1Jl'5'4t3'Gi'-I' 'YI-'gig 159 u ,'-.".-, 1 iran' ,- ' ?-jff5',li- "Jf.-"'5f'?'7AiI - ' ' One of the most prominent events celebrated during this decade was the Fortieth Anniversary of the founding of the University of Hawaii. This celebration included the presentation on the steps of Hawaii Hall of "Hawaii Awards" to those who had rendered outstanding service to the University. In the fall of 1947, a Hilo Center of the University Extension Division opened in the old Hilo Boarding School. In 1951, it was officially designated the University of Hawaii Hilo Branch. The first in a series of postwar structures, the Administra- tion Building, was erected in 1949. It was followed in 1951 by a finely equipped Chemistry Building, by a functionally arranged University Bookstore, and by a residence hall for women, dedicated to the memory of Mary Dillingham Frear, who had served for twenty-three years as a regent of the University. BACHMAN HALL, FORMERLY CALLED THE ADMINISTRATION BUILDING, ERECTED IN 1949. ,-4. .,Cv1.., .M ,s -,i 'Ip I -wl"+:f"g:rFi"il151l1"Zf-I' 'l I . 1 ,',l-J-.-1.1, 1 4 ', Ht, f . mwmnwuwwlwm .. . aims "a":a? 5251- aa - .-, iw' F-" ,, ,.,mf.,, ia. is . at . . ,L-. , ,. l. -ws. '1 ft-3 fxhc '1-,,- le. A11 515' ' -,aaa ,psf , .3 -Swag . uma imc 1. -1.5319 -:- 551, fi: H sew! Mit. Nygsas- 55:55 I., -aan ,L ni qf.gr1,,,.: lang. 50TH ANNIVERSARY CHARTER DAY CONVOCATION-DR. REUBEN G. GUSTAVSON, DR. T. V. SMITH, DR. DAVID CRAWFORD, THE ANNIVERSARY YEARS 1956-1957 GREGG M. SINCLAIR LIBRARY. ONE OF THE NEWEST ADDITIONS TO THE UNIVERSITY The Fiftieth Anniversary of the University of Hawaii was observed during this academic year of 1956-1957. The theme for the year, approved by the Bc-ard of Regents, was "Higher Education in the Pacific: A Foundation for Freedom." The University of Hawaii selected as its emblem a wooden image of Lono. This ancient Hawaiian god was used as a symbol for the University Makahiki, a period of combined thanksgiving for the blessings of the past and of joyful an- ticipation for more in the future. All of the events planned this year carried the symbol of Lono. A diversified program of entertainment and education was planned through- out the year. The opening event was the convocation held on October 5, 1956, with the termination of the program on March 25, 1957, the 50th Charter Day. Most of the events commemorating the Fiftieth Anniversary took place on the actual Charter Day and on the preceding ten days. However, many events took place before the Fiftieth Anniversary day. The University, the Alumni, and the general public were treated to a series of lectures, seminars, and panel discussions by civic, service, and educational organizations throughout the Islands. The various talks were presented by 10 visiting Carnegie professors plus another group of distinguished speakers. Many of the events planned by the ASUH followed the theme of the 50th Anniversary. An oratorical contest along with an essay contest were slated for student consumption. The Theater Guild presented the play, "The Iceman Cometh." JOHNSON HALL., THE VETERANS' MEMORIAL MEN'S DORMITORY, ERECTED IN 1957. I ACTING PRESIDENT WILLARD WILSON AND DR. CARLE- I TON GREENE AT THE 50TH ANNIVERSARY ALUMNI LUAU. I6 SCENES AT THE ALUMNI LUAU MAYOR NEAL BLAISDELL DOING THE HULA AT THE LUAU HELD ON MARCH 30. UH MUSIC CONCERT I .,,..fH:, '!" - Eg , X' f .. -' 55-J,f'A1 , W 1. :rw Wit , 1 . .I h S' 'J u 1 X C , j I t A st. -.Q . N .. . . U . -7. w 4 v-. UH FM STATION when m nw fm, we-1 -w- U nw-xg' mm ,.,-: urn' zz an n S fe THE FUTURE The late President Paul S. Bachman once remarked, "One startling fact arises from every consideration of the University of Hawaii of the future: Enrollment will more than double within the next decade." Several reasons are apparent for this future wave of enroll- ment. These include the greatly increased number of high school graduates, an improved economy allowing more students to at- tend college, the probability that mainland state universities may restrict out-of-state registration, and the fact that private univer- sities will not expand facilities. President Bachman concluded that "we cannot be content merely with minimizing growing pains, nor is it sufficient, fund- amental though it be, to merely rededicate ourselves to the task of discovering and preserving knowledge and transmitting it to those who pass through our portals. We must modify our teach- ing and research programs to meet the needs of a changing world. We must more effectively spread higher education beyond the classroom, both from the point of view of time and of space. The process of higher education must not be confined to those years spent on the campus. It must become a fundamental part of the whole life of the individual." 1 9 5 7 KA PALAPALA VOLUME XLI PUBLISHED BY THE ASSOCIATED STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF HAWAII if H .: ! 4 ED WI LE BU AR L.A AR AD ITORS: RICHARD CHONG-SEPTEMBER LLIAM WANTLAND-SEPTEMBER, 1957 IMALAMASNIFFEN-TJANUARY,1958 SINESS MANAGER MELICENT CHONG T EDITOR CLEMENTE LAGUNDIMAO YOUT MARILYN KAM T ADVISOR KENNETH KINGREY VISOR ROBERT SCOTT 95 TABLE OF CO ENTS R D L T R E EFACE . MINISTRATION . ASSES . UDENT ADMINISTRATION GANIZATIONS . ATURES . 1 .T r 1 M b .:r THEME The decorative symbols on the cover and division pages of the i957 Ka Palapala were derived from experiments of an "accidental nature." Visual images which best reflected or provoked graphically the concept for which they represented were chosen. With these individual symbols, the art editors moved beyond mere esoteric creativity, communicating with visual imagery and utilizing symbols, color and design relationships to suggest the various sections which they introduce. The result symbolizes the growth of the University of Hawaii. PAU L STANTON BACHMAN l DEDICATION The late Paul Stanton Bachman exerted Through the quiet force and integrity of his personality, a profound intiuence on the University of Hawaii. inaugurated on November 8, 1955 as the fifth president of the University, Dr. Bachman proved himself to be that kind of an administrator whose talents extended beyond mere efficiency and official dig- nity to the higher levels of understanding. Although his was the shortest term as president, the years of service to the school numbered 30. Despite his untimely death on January 9, 1957, the community came to know his administrative ability and foresight. This accomplishment crowned a series of achievements in a long career of service to the university as teacher, director of graduate studies and dean of faculties, in which last role he was justly credited with having produced a new sense of self-respect and mutual confidence among students, faculty members and administrators. It is difficult to show such a man how much he was appreciated and respected by his administrators, faculty members and students, but the yearbook staff wishes to express this feeling in the best way it can. To the memory of this man who constantly and sincerely kept the well-being of the university uppermost in his mind-to the late President Paul S. Bachman, the staff dedicates the 1957 Ka Palapala. A "TACHIMAWARl" OR FIGHT SCENE FROM THE 1953 UNIVERSITY PRODUCTION OF UBENTEN KOZO," OR UBENTEN THE THIEF." UH DOINGS FIFTIETH ANNIVERSARY BIRTHDAY CAKE 30 .rw Y' , glwrxlg ll WN -- 7, . 5:-i ':'.,4g'g - r U I ai. ,I Em: J Nav: I H. " L " 1 vw ww - N N bc -"-ill' ,fl . 'M N-n..41iL.-wx A .a 1: V Hi .':. H lx .KH ggi- M 'j' H. I - xl J H X, .M ' 54:1-R Q I M - v -.- W N V: .--air -1--L- rv - "w9'?41f -,M , l,- f - g . r 7 N , JI-":7B?i"" . ,. w.- w-- . , ,, 1 Q - . J I :?:.:.,!gQJ A - -7 , L H I L.. J M rw pi ,F 'ie .MN ,1,J,,,,::!2! . :rv-uf-, .L--:.. 4- -I H Ii:-.1 1 - - ' 4:92 --f::u"'f ' - :L -. R A , 1:1 -g -' 'a m , 4 In - M If Z v 1 . -.sw-:- Z O P- 42 DS I- U1 Z 2 O fi N N w N 1 , L W i , I J W Q PRESI DENT'S MESSAGE In a recent annual report, the President of Harvard University stated: "ln its truest light a year in the life of a university neither comes from anywhere nor goes anywhere. It is just-an indescribable myriad of creative moments occurring in many minds each of which brings its own immediate reward." While this is true, the year that has iust passed has been for all of us in the University of Hawaii both a high milestone in growth and development, and also one filled with deep sadness occasioned by the sudden death of our recently inaugurated president, Paul S. Bachman. In the 50th year of our University, as we pause to look backward nostalgically at things as they were and look forward with determination and hope toward things that are to be, we must accept the challenge of the future without hesitation. It has often been said that a university is not merely bricks and mortar, but is composed of people of like mind welded together by a common purpose. In a sense every Foundation both local and national that has contributed to a project here, every benefactor who has associated himself with us in any way, and ultimately every taxpayer in the Territory of Hawaii is a member of the university family and has shared in this year. The only reason for the existence of the University of Hawaii is that it may act as a repository for the accumulated wisdom of all peoples, may make it possible for its trained staff through study and research to pursue truth, and most fundamental of all through its teaching and the opportunity of uninhibited inquiry may develop the rich intellectual potential of young men and women of its student body. So long as we hold to these aims, and so long as the component human elements of the university are cemented by the bonds of understanding and dedication to their task, we can be assured that material tools for our work will be available. The preservation of those ideals is as always ultimately in the hands of the students, such as those who have produced this book. In the words of the medieval college song, Gaudeamus Igitur, "May they ever prosper." Wilard Wilson Acting President DEAN BRUCE E. WHITE DR. WILFRED J. HOLMES VICE-PRESIDENT DR. WILLARD WILSON ACTING PRESIDENT THE BOARD OF REGENTS The Board of Regents, comprised ot nine men, manages and controls activities ot the University of Hawaii. It is authorized by the Organic Act and Statutes of the Territory and is governed by a set of By-laws. It determines University policies, appointments, finances, property, and fees, while keeping an active interest in the students and a constant improvement of University standards. BOARD OF REGENTS-LEFT TO RIGHT: CLAYTON CHAMBERLAIN, J. GARNER ANTHONY, KATSUYUKI IZUMI, AKIKO TAIRA. ISECRETARYJ. WILLARD WILSON. PHILIP SPALDING, FRED LAM, RICHARD FENHALLOW, HUNG WAI CHING, JACK MIZUHA THE ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL The Administrative Council serves as an advisory board to the President and handles problems and policies of administration. The Deans who make up the Council deal with matters such as faculty appointments, promotions, budgets, and curriculum requirements. In addition, the Deans are concerned about each student. They are responsible for sending out the "cinch" notes or deficiency reports at the end of each six weeks period and at the end ot the semester. They also send out congratulatory mes- sages to those who have achieved scholastic honors. ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL-FRONT ROW: ALBERT J. MCKINNEY, SHUNZO SAKAMAKI, HAROLD S. ROBERTS, BRUCE E. WHITE, ALLAN F. SAUNDERS, ROBERT W. HIATT, WILLIAM WACHTER. SECOND ROW: HAROLD A. WADSWORTH. WILFRED J. HOLMES, WILLARD WILSON, PAUL S. BACHMAN, HAROLD M. BITNER. DEAN ALLAN F. SAUNDERS COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCE The College of Arts and Sciences is in some sense the basic unit of the University. Established in 1920 concurrently with the elevation of our institution to university status, the College has seen sister colleges develop out of its operations. Thus the College is the fertile soil whence spring from time to time cur- ricula designed to meet specialized needs. The body of the curriculum of the College is limber-not limp, but supple. It requires every student lo present introduc- tory courses in science, history, government, foreign language, English composition and literature, speech. Every student must, secondly, select six introductory courses from the fields of the social sciences, the fine arts mathematics, philosophy, and religion. Thirdly, each student selects a field of maior interest-one of twenty-six fields ranging from Anthropology to Zoology. Approximately one-third of his course work offered for the degree of Bachelor of Arts is free elective from the many such offerings available in the University. A balance between breadth and depth is, one hopes, the emergent result. ACTING DEAN HAROLD C. MARTIN COLLEGE OF APPLIED SCIENCE It is the responsibility of the College of Applied Science to train students for professional careers in the fields of engineer- ing, nursing, medical technology, and recreation leadership. Rapidly advancing technology in several of these fields is creating new and constantly changing demands on the educa- tional program. The faculty has been alert to this shifting scene and has taken notable steps to keep the various academic pro- grams up-to-date. In the spring of 1956 the curriculum in nursing was fully accredited by the National League for Nursing. To the Territory of Hawaii goes the distinction of having developed the first accredited collegiate program in nursing in the Territories of the United States. Demand for graduates continues to be strong. It appears as if this will be the norrnal-rather than abnormal-state of affairs for a number of years to come. To relieve the shortage of teachers in Hawaii, Teachers Col- lege is in the midst of an expansion program, which will be completed in 1960. Beginning in 1955, entering freshman classes were increased from approximately 180 to 400 students. There were 1,444 students enrolled in the college during the past year. This figure includes approximately 75 Bachelor of Arts graduates being trained ia the 15-month Auxiliary Teacher Training Program for the accelerated preparation of elementary school teachers. Teachers College prepares Hawaii's youth to till virtually all levels and types of positions available in the Department of Pub- lic Instruction. TEACHER S COLLEGE ACTING DEAN HUBERT V. EVERLY 43. ACTING DEAN MORTON M. ROSENBERG The obiective of the College of Agriculture is to train young men and women for citizenship in Hawaii and tor effective partic- ipation in the scientitic and commercial developments in their fields of interest. Although it bears its responsibilities to its stu- dents, the College has an important function oft-campus as well as on. It is an active participant in Hawaii. Like other land grant colleges, the University of Hawaii Col- lege of Agriculture, partly supported by tunds from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, includes an Experiment Station and an Agricultural Extension Service. These two services develop improved crops and new methods and promote the adoption of these developments on Hawaiian farms. ln operation now are four substations for the Experiment Station and eleven field offices which aid the Extension. COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE DEAN HAROLD S. ROBERTS COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Since its establishment in 1949, the College of Business Administration has done its part in helping students to become responsible citizens in the community and to develop in all ways. In addition, the College has specific obiectives which aim to pro- vide an understanding of the structure, functions, and obiectives of the American business enterprise as well as to train students for active participation in the business and industrial activities of Hawaii. The College also carries on a closely integrated lndus- trial Relations center. 42 DEAN EDMUND F. SPELLACY The sixth and newest college of the University, the College ot General Studies, began operation in September, 1956, taking over the duties of the former Extension Division and also accept- ing the responsibility for administration and counseling of all unclassified students. The College of General Studies has three maior programs- evening credit courses, evening noncredit courses, and corre- spondence courses. Through these programs, the college extends the services of the University to people with full-time jobs, people who need only special segments of the regular educational offer- ings, and people who are unable to attend regular daytime classes. An increasing number of evening credit students are service- men, who attend classes either on the campus or at the centers in Schofield, Fort Shatter, Pearl Harbor, and Tripler Hospital. During the last year, the College of General Studies has also offered a special series of post-graduate courses for dentists and a group of courses for firemen. COLLEGE OF GENERAL STUDIES -v4 5. - . Ls-32105 . ' '-e. DEAN ROBERT W. HIATT The Graduate School of the University of Hawaii has two purposes-to extend knowledge and to communicate it. While accomplishing these purposes it also imparts the techniques of inquiry. Thus, we endeavor to maintain knowledge at the higher levels, provide specialized professional training for teachers, social workers, businessmen, agriculturalists, etc., and add to knowledge through research. All these functions are indissolubly wedded at the University of Hawaii. Accomplishments in research were greater this year than ever before, largely resulting from the rapid development in geo- physics which we hope will culminate in Federal appropriations for a geophysical institute. The formal establishment of the Ha- waii lnstitute of Geophysics by the Regents, and the development within it of a Division of Meteorology were notable events. Re- search in the humanities and social sciences received significant assistance when the Rockefeller Foundation granted the Univer- sity 530,000 to add to its material on the Pacific Islands. GRADUATESCHOOL K I' 1 PRESIDENT ARNOLD BAPTISTE PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE Spearheaded by President Arnold Baptiste, otticers and members ofthe senior class worked diligently and co-actively to make the year's program a success. Under the capable guidance and encouragement of Dean Shunzo Sakamaki, the Class of 1957 became one of the most active participants on campus. Having the reputation of graduating during the 50th Anniversary celebration of the University of Hawaii, the sen- iors were well represented in many of the activities. The traditional New Year's Eve Dance on December 31 ushered in 1957, a year that was destined to be the most important for the seniors. The first event ot the year, that of the Heart Fund Drive, sparked by the Service Committee, met with tremendous success. A monthly paper, edited by Henry Loo, kept the seniors informed of the various activities. As part of the 50th Anniversary, the seniors participated in the tree planting ceremonies on Charter Day. Their class gift to the University included a memorial bronze plaque in honor of the late President Paul S. Bachman and a public address system for the Outdoor Theater and Bachman Hall. The most anticipated event of the year, of course, was graduation. The banquet on May 11 at Lau Yee Chai, the all important Commencement Ball on June 7 at the Hawai- ian Village, Baccalaureate and President's Tea honoring the seniors on June 9, and Commencement Exercises at the Andrews Outdoor Theater on June 9 brought to a close four wonderful years and the climax to a successful college life. 49 BERTHA NUMAZU AMY SUGITA ALBERT FONG DR. SHUNZO SAKAMAKI VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER ADVISOR SENIORS ,... ,,1.,l GX... , , ' ,.,, U,,,X,A,4 ,.. m . M nge: " : ss ' xx sq xs- m:-sl-H K sf 'nfl A A . A Y , 1 '58 wx... ' 4 s,::,g,5:':,F 1 Q4 Y J. 1. ,Q .. 1 SENIOR COUNCIL-FRONT ROW: ARNOLD BAPTISTE, ALBERT FONG, KAY KIMURA, GEORGE NAKANO, HENRY LOO, JOHN REDMOND, CHESTER SHEPHERD. SECOND ROW: EUNICE HAGA. SAKAE TAKAMUNE, AMY SUGITA, FRANCES KOKUBUN, RUTH SUZUKI, ELLEN NAKAMOTO, TOSHIKO OGATA, BERTHA NUMAZU. SAU JEAN G00 REAL DEAN The 1957 Real Dean Award winner, Sau Jean Goo, has been more than active in student affairs. She has served on the staff of Ka Palapala for two years, and was Editor ot the 1956 Ka Pap. She also was the ASUH representative to the Collegiate Press Conference at Washington, D. C. in her Sophomore year. In addition, she was also a member ot ICC, BOP, Hui Pookela, and Yang Chung Hui. Throughout a tour-year career at the University, there are a few individuals who sacrifice an enormous amount of time and eftort from their scholarly pursuits to participate in outside activities, activities ranging from small committee work to social and recreational planning on up to the level of student administration. The Real Dean Award was introduced to give recognition to the outstanding members of the graduating class, chosen for service, ability, and character exhib- ited during their undergraduate years, as well as scholarship. Although there are a great number of students who have worked on one activity or another, a few have been conspicuous in their work and their initia- tive. The senior chosen this year has truly proven herself outstanding in her contribution to the University of Hawaii. 51 M H . sw N in .5-mfr' IN" 'wwfh 'IWW r I H: cw gl.-If W - . . -wgmwswf H:,22EgMMMw.,- Wm, gin,-in . . ff? I Z . I?-ggmmmgmmni ,QZQMQMAH-wiszqexzg:f.:!.j.5 Ml' M544 2.-L3 M1 -u- MW M55 W :p-Dy-n- - Q. , -MTH .-'gm Ir., Mya W II., Mr M1 Nm K.. . ,. V .I mx . 9 -:xx " N-W Q' Men ...W .W . M M . I. ggi' M.,- ,.. NWN -gm, W , . .,1iLX :iw -num, 1.2.5-7sxQIi-iixj. TIN :rj , H: AM . . N , 2 -E M Lk 'Magix I...5g?gB5i-gh W A, . W Q waiha mf A .Www wg miiw Sikh SPWAQ an ?. swbgp Y If X 5-.E-N536-gg -si 3 Q mums 2 ". AW I......wgw I W nl. E is W-Misa.. E ' pas-ms www vw 5 . I . x :E IEWWWMEL Tw IIN,-InK,QIQ.,3m esmmn5FE'- uw Sf A , M ' Fw mmggwn w'mn-m-5L1w,g-- au, - " mu,s,27mw,pq1- :E,wm',.?,.fI A" . mmm: .-'mm .. . WY WX Q. W M wg, 'wwe , awww my :gyms E I Hw. E Bw H , an ' :whim 'lawn E '93 .Y Xwsa jf' .msgifgrws X- mm.- 9lH'B8 Q mn Gif wx. yuan '-ws nc I ss .QW A.-a mf, Y, ES QQHLV .Ev Q-.M M.. nm ss 52 SENIOR GIFT IN HONOR OF TH www M B .E 1.5 H. ms B ss B 'Z mv sm in hw MI. my .w :fx ss x E LATE PRESIDENT PAUL S. BACHMAN 1, ia. 14. lr .n elf-- 4352i 4 A HIGHLIGHT OF THE YEAR-SENIOR BANQUET CLASS OF '57 GRADUATION CEREMONIES ON THAT ALI.-IMPORTANT DAY ABE, CARL T. HALEIWA, OAI-IU T.C.-SEC. TC CLUB COMMERCE CLUB HALE 0'KANE AIONA, DARROW L. WAIMANALO. OAHU A. 8: S.-SOCI. CANTERBURY CLUB In 4 SOCI. CLUB 3, 4 SOCIAL PROCESS IEDITORJ 4 ABE. GEORGE H. HILO, HAWAII A. a. S.-SOCI. AKAGI. JOYCE R. wAH1AwA. QAHU BUS. AD.-GEN. BUS. COMMERCE CLUB I, 2, S, 4 run mn ms six sz-up KW ABE. NOBORU EWA. oAHu BUS. AD,-GEN. BUS. AMAI. WINIFRED H. H I LO. HAWAII T.C.--SEC. YANG CHUNG HUI I. 2. 3' 4 MUSIC CLUB 2. 3. 4 A CAPPELLA CHOIR 2, 3, 4 ARAKAKI, AMY A. ARAKAKL RICHARD Y. KOLOA. KAUAI HONOLULU, OAHU T.C.1SEC, BUS. AD.-GEN. BUS. YWCA I. 2. 3. 4 COMMERCE CLUB 3 TC CLUB I CANTERBURY CLUB 3, 4 F-'REAR HALL 4 54 ARAKAWAu HENRIETTA T. WAIPAHU, OAHU AGR.-INST. MGT. ABE. RICHARD H. PEPEEKEO, HAWAII A. 8: S.--GOV, GOV. FELLOWSHIP 4 VETS CLUB 3, 4 YOUNG DEM. CLUB 4 ANDO. TAEKO HILO, HAWAII T.C.-SEC. FREAR HALL 3 TC CLUB I, 2. 3, 4 RAINBOW YBA 2 -1 AGENO. TAKUZO EWA, OAHU BUS. AD.--ACC. COMMERCE CLUB ANDO, TAKASHI HONOKAA. HAWAII T.C,-SEC. RAINBOW YBA I. 2, 3, SABRE AND CHAIN 3. 4 iii AGMATA. VICTOR WAIPAHU, OAHU T.C.-SEC. ALPHA OMICRON COMMERCE CLUB TC CLUB APO, NIELVIN KAUNAKAKAI AGR.-GEN. 4-H CLUB AGGIE CLUB TC? ARAKI, CHARLES T. ARISUMI, TOSHIO ARlTAn THOMAS I LAHAINA, MAUI FUUKOLII, MAUI HONOLULU, OAHU T.C.-SEC. AGR.--GEN. AGR. APP. SCLZCIVIL HUI LOKAHI 2, 3. 4 AGGIE CLUB I, 2, 3, 4 ASCE I, 2, 3, 4 HOME ECON. CLUB 2. 3, 4 SABRE AND CHAIN 4 4-H CLUB 3. 4 UNIWAI FFA I. 2. ASAO, CHARLE5 M. HONOLULU, OAHU T.C.1SEC. LETS CLUB I OLF TEAM 2. 3 RSHIMINE. THOMAS H. HONOLULU, OAHU EUS. AD.-GEN. BUS. IMCA I. 2. 3 OMMERCE CLUB A ASATO. ANNA M. HONOLULU, OAHU A. lk S.-PSYCH. AU. JOHN E. HONOLULU, OAHU A. BL S.-PSYCH. .fi ASATO, EDWIN Y. HONOLULU, OAHU BUS. AD.-GEN. BUS. COMMERCE CLUB 2. 3 KANE O'HAWAIl A AU. NORMA K. L. HONOLULU, OAHU A. 8: S.-BACT. HOMECOMING 3, 4 PAN-PAC 3. A ASATO. HELEN N. HONOLULU, OAHU APP. SCI.-REC. YWCA I. 2, 3, 4 HEPER CLUB 4 BAPTISTE, ARNOLD KAPAA, KAUAI A. 8: S.-PUB. ADM. CLASS CPRESJ 4 BODF ICI-IMN.J 3 CHARLES ATHERTON HOUSE 3 ASATO. MASAHIKO ASATO. TRUDY N HONOLULU, OAHU APP. SCLZCIVIL ENG. ASCE I. 2, 3. 4 BARTOLOME. GEORGE V. HONOLULU, OAHU A. B: S.-GEOG. VETS CLUB I, 3 HALE 0'KANE 2, 3, 4 NEWMAN CLUB 2. 3 HONOLULU, OAHU AGR.-DIETETICS HOME ECON. CLUB I, 2, 3. 4 CLASS COUNCIL 4 BOG BEFU. GEORGE S HILO. HAWAII A. 8 S.--ZOOL. YMCA I, 2, 3. 4 IS, JOAN NEW JERSEY T.C.-ELEM . AN CLUB 4 CLUB 4 M. BRAND, MARGARET M. CADDEN, MAITLAND D. CADINHA, HOWARD E. CARPER, DORIS K. CASSIDY, MAUREEN C. RTH AMBOY, KAMUELA. HAWAII FRONT ROYAL, VIRGINIA HONOLULU, OAHU HONOLULU. OAHU HONOLULU, OAHU A. Ik S.-PSYCH. A. B: S.-ART HISTORY BUS. AD.iACC. APP. SCI.-NURSING T.C.--SEC. NEWMAN CLUB 3, 4 AWARDS COMMITTEE 2 HUI KAHU MA'I I, 2, 3,4 NEWMAN CLUB 4 TRI ALPHA 4 COMMERCE CLUB 4 SABRE AND CHAIN 4 CASTIN. JAMES A. LANIKAI. OAHU BUS. AD.1PERS. IND. REL. COMMERCE CLUB 4 CHANG. NODIE HONOLULU, OAHU T.c.-ELEM. YWCA 1. 2 8: CASTRO. WILFRED HONOLULU. OAHU AGR,-TROP, CROP. PROD. KAPPA EPSILON THETA AGGIE CLUB I. 2. 3, 4 YMCA I, 2, 3 CHANG. PEARL Y- HONOLULU. OAHU 4 T.C,-PRESCH.-PRIM. CENTEIO. JOHN B. HONOLULU, OAHU BUS. AD,-ACC. COMMERCE CLUB 2 NEWMAN CLUB I CHANG. PHYLLIS HONOLULU, OAHU AGR.1VOC, HOME ECON. HOME ECON. CLUB I, 2, 3. 4 4-H CLUB 2 K. Y. CHANG. BEATRICE Y. HONOLULU, OAHU T.C.-SEC. TC CLUB I NEWMAN CLUB I. 2. 3, 4 CHANG. STANLEY T. HONOLULU, OAHU BUS. AD.-GEN. BUS. COMMERCE CLUB I VETS CLUB I C. L. CHANGQ FLORENCE W. F. HONOLULU. OAHU T.C.-ELEM. CHIJIMATSU. RUTH HONOLULU, OAHU APP. 5CI,+NURSING CANTERBURY CLUB I, 2 HUI KAHU MA'l1, 2, 3. 4 CHANG. MILFORD N HONOLULU, OAHU BUS. AD.-MDSE. KA PALAPALA I. 2, 3 COMMERCE CLUB 2, 3, YMCA I. 2. 3. IASILOMAR DELJ 4 CHIN. AUDREY HONOLULU. OAHU AGR,-DIETETICS YWCA I. 2. 3 4-H CLUB 3, 4 HOME ECON, CLUB 2. . CHIN, JOSEPH M. Y. CHING. CHING, DELWIN P. K. CHING. DOROTHY K. C. CHING, GEORGE K. H HONOLULU, OAHU CLARENCE B. W. HONOLULU. OAHU HONOLULU, OAHU HONOLULU, OAHU A. 6: S.-SPEECH HONOLULU, OAHU APP. SCI.-CIVIL ENG. T.C.-PRESCH.-PRIM. T.C.-SEC. BUS. AD.-ACC. BAND I, 2 NEWMAN CLUB I ASCE 3, 4 56 COMMERCE CLUB I, 2, 3, 4 ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY 3. 4 CHING. NANCY C. HONOLULU, OAHU T.C.-PRESCH.-PRI HOME ECON. CLUB I. HAWAIIAN CLUB 2, 3 PUBLIC RELATIONS -IING. NORMAN K. HONOLULU. OAHU A. dr S.1CHEM. NG HUI 3 NOLD AIR SOCIETY -IONG, RICHARD HONOLULU, OAHU A. Gr 5.iGOV. BRE AND CHAIN 4 PALAPALA 3, IEDITORI 4 IV. FELLOWSHIP ITREASJ 4 H. 3 CHING. VERNON H. S. HONOLULU. OAHU APP, SCI.-CIVIL ENG. RIFLE TEAM I. 2. 3 ASCE 3, 4 SABRE AND CHAIN 3, 4 CHOW. MILDRED L. Y. HONOLULU. OAHU AGR.-DIETETICS HOME ECON. CLUB I. 2, 3. 4 CANTERBURY CLUB I. 2. 3. 4 CHINN. JAMES T. HONOLULU, OAHU AGR.-TROP. CROP PROD. TU CHIANG SHEH 2 CHUN. MYRNA N. 5. HONOLULU, OAHU BUS. AD,-OFFICE MGT. CHOCK. LAURA Y. HILO. HAWAII T.C,-PRESCH.-PRIM. TC CLUB I HUI O'HILO 3, 4 CHUNG. DAVID S. D. KANEOHE. OAHU APP. SCLQCIVIL ENG. SABRE AND CHAIN 3,4 ASCE 3, 4 CHONG, BEATRICE C HONOLULU, OAHU T.C.-ELEM. CHUNG, JANICE L. J. HONOLULU, OAHU T.C,-ELEM. CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP CHONG, MELICENT K. HONOLULU, OAHU BUS. AD.1ACC. COMMERCE CLUB I, 2, 3. KA LEO 2 KA PALAFALA 4 CHUR, DIANE MAKAWAO. MAUI APP. SCI.--NURSING 4 HUI KAHU MA'I I, 2, 3. 4 RK. FERN V. CLINE, JEAN E. CLISSOLD. ROGER K. COBERLYQ KENNETH C. IKIOLA. OAHU HONOLULU, OAHU HONOLULU, OAHU HONOLULU, OAHU P. SCLZNUFISING A. 8: S.-SOCI, BUS. AD.-GEN. BUS. A. 8: 5.-PSYCH. KAHU MA'I I. 2.3.4 TRACK TEAM I. 2. 3, 4 PHI DELTA SIGMA 2. 3. 4 CORSTORPHINE, JAMES B.. JR. LIHUE. KAUAI BUS, AD.-GEN. BUS, PHI DELTA SIGMA I, 2, 3. 4 COUNTRYMAN. SIDNE CAROL BELLINGHAM. WASHINGTON A. Br SZADVT. ART TRI ALPHA 4 SPIRIT AND RALLY 4 57 DAIDA, MASAO LAWAI, KAUAI BUS. AD.-PERS. IND. REL. SNBRE AND CHAIN 3 CHARLES ATHERTON HOUSE I. 2, 3 DANTSUKA. WILLIAM H. HONOLULU. OAHU BUS. AD,-ACC. COMMERCE CLUB 2. KANE O'HAWAII 2. 3 ORIENTAL LIT. SOC. 4 DESILVA, PAUL M. DICKEY HILO, HAWAII SAMUEL T JR T.C.-SEC, HONOLULU OAHU BAND 2. 3. 4 BUS AD GEN Bl 3, 4 PHI KAPPA PI 3, 4 V TS CLUB 3 DULAY, DUNN, BASSIL l. EBESU, CHARLES T. ENDO. DEANNA 5. ENDO HARRY H FLORANTE M. HONOLULU. OAHU KAPAA. KAUAI WAIPAHU, OAHU Pr.-.PEEKEO MANILA. PHILIPPINES A. lk S.-GOV. BUS. AD.-ACC. T.C.-PRESCH.-PRIM APP SCI APP. SCI.-CIVIL ENG. PHI KAPPA PI 3, 4 COMMERCE CLUB 4 HUI 0 HILO ASCE 2. 3, 4 HEPER CLUB NEWMAN CLUB 1, 2, a, 4 cosMoPox.xTAN cLua 2, 3 ENDO, MILDRED R ENOKI. GARY T. HONOLULU OAHU PAIA. MAUI AGR INST MGT BUS. AD.-ACC, HOME ECON CLUB COMMERCE CLUB 3. 4 3 RAINEOW YEA I, 2, 3. VETS CLUB 3 FERREIRA, FERRElRAv VERNA P. CLARENCE E. HONOLULU. OAHU PAAUHAU, HAWAII T.C.'-PRESCH,-PRIM. FONG. ALBERT C. HONOLULU. OAHU BUS. AD.-ACC. PENG HUI I, 2, 3. IPRESJ 4 CLASS ICOUNCILI 3. ITREASJ 4 VARSITY BASKETBALL IMGRJ 3, 4 VONG. JOSEPH Y. K. FOX. PATRICK D. FUCHINO. FRANK T. FUJII, AMY T. FUJII. SHIGEMI FUJIKAWALIIEAN N. Ko:-MLA, HAWAII ORCUTT. CALIFORNIA HONOLULU. OAHU HoNoLuLu, OAHU LAHAINA, MAUI HANA. MA AGR.-GEN. AGR. AGR.-GEN. AGR. AGR.-GEN. AGR. T.C.-SEC. A. a s.-BACT. AGR.1INST. MGT. ,Gena CLUB 1, 2, 3, 4 HALE o'KANE 4 4-H CLUB 3, 4 BUSINESS EDUC, CLUB 4 CHARLES ATHERTQN HOME EcoN. CLUB AHRE AND CHAIN 3, 4 CANTERBURY CLUB 4 Ac-CIE CLUB 4 HOUSE 1. 2. 3 I. 2. 3. 4 4-H CLUB 4 AGGIE CLUB 4 FUJIMOT0. TAMIE PUHI. KAUAI APP. SCI.--REC. YWCA I, 2, 3. 4 HEPER CLUB 4 IJJIMOTO. JUNE S. 'HONOLULU. OAHU APP. SCI.-NURSING KAHU MA'I I. 2. IV-PRESJ 3. 4 FUJITA. RICHARD Y. LIHUE. KAUAI FUJITA. GLADYS S. WAIALUA, OAHU A. B: S,-'5OCl. NEWMAN CLUB 2 SOCI, CLUB 3. 4 FUJINAGA. DOROTHY M. AIEA. OAHU A. H S.-CHEM. ETA LAMBDA KAPPA I. 2. 3. 4 PHI BETA KAPPA CHEMISTRY CLUB 2, 3. A ASCE I, 2. 3, 4 SABFIE AND CHAIN 3. 4 APP. SCI.-CIVIL ENG. FUJITANI. AILEEN M. WAILUKU, MAUI AGR.-DIETETICS RAINBOW YBA1, 2. 3 HOME ECON. CLUB I. 2. 3, 4 4-H CLUB I. 2, 3, 4 -lui' f SYLVIA 5. FUKUI. GWENDOLYN S. FUKUMOTOv FUKUNAGA. ANDREA Y. FUKUOKA. JUDY C. MAUI HONOLULU. OAHU MILDRED M. HONOLULU. OAHU HONOLULU. OAHU -ELEM. T.C.-ELEM. AIEA. OAHU 'T'.C.-ELEM. T.C.-ELEM. LAULIMA I TC CLUB I APP. 5CI.'-NURSING YWCA I. 2. 3. 4 NEWMAN CLUB I, 2, 3, 4 HU! KAHU MA'l I, 2, 3, 4 ASUH SENATOR I B..nG 2. 3 CLASS IV-PRESJ 2 FUNAKOSHI. RAYMOND Y. WAHIAWA. OAHU AGR.-GEN. AGR. AGGIE CLUB 4 59 FUNAYAMA. FURUKAWA. CARL T. FURUKAWA1 DONALD K. HONOLULU. OAHU GEORGE K. KAHULUI, MAUI A. B: 5.-ADVT. ART KAUNAKAKAI. MOLOKAI T.C.-SEC. EUS. AD.--ACC. TC CLUB 3 COMMERCE CLUB 4 ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY 3. 4 YMCA 3. 4 FURUYA. HENRY H. HONOLULU, OAI-IU EUS. AD.-PERS. 8: IND. REL. HOME ECON. CLUB 2. 3 COMMERCE CLUB 2, 3, 4 GARCIA. CLARENCE W. GESULGA. GINOZA. HARRY K. GITHENS, HAROLD L. GODA. DENNIS K GOO RONALD G HONOKAA. HAWAII THEODORE B. HONOLULU, OAHU IDAHO SPRINGS. HONOLULU OAHU HONOLULU OAHU AGR.--GEN. AGR, HONOLULU. OAHU A. 81 S.-CHEM. COLORADO BUS AD PERS Br 8: ECON SABRE LEY FOUNDATION A. 8: S.1SOCI. IND REL TU CHIANG SHEH 2 3 ALPHA AGGIE IV-PRESJ 4 60 4 SENIOR OFFICERS AT CHARTER DAY CONVOCATION O. SAU JEAN GROVES, ONOLULU. OAHU KATHERINE K. ,C.-ELEM, PAPAIKOU. HAWAII PALAPALA I. 2. T.C.-FRESCH.-PRIM. EDITOR! 3 HU! O'HILO 4 G CHUNG HUI I. 2. 3, 4 CHORUS 3, 4 POOKELA 4 FREAR HALL 3. 4 HAGA' EUNICE I. WAIALUA. OAHU T,C.-PRESCH.-PRIM. YWCA I, 2. 3. 4 WAKABA KAI 2, 3, 4 CONG. STUD. FELLOWSHIP 2 HAINES. BRUCE A. HALPERINI HAMADA, FRANK S EURBANK. CALIFORNIA GLADYS M. HONOLULU, OAHU A. B: S.-HISTORY SAN LUIS OEISPO. BUS. AD.-ACC. FOOTBALL 2, 3, 4 CALIFORNIA CANTERBURY CLUB TRACK 3, 4 A. 8: S.--ART 1.2, 3, 4 61 HAMADA. HAROLD S. HONOLULU, OAHU APP. SCI.--CIVIL ENG. ASCE 3. 4 ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY 3, HON. SOC. CIVIL ENG. 4 HANAUMI. EVA M. PAPAIKOU, HAWAII T.C.-ELEM. TC CLUB 3 ELECTION COM. 3 4 HAMADA, MYRIS E. HONOLULU. OAHU T.C.-ELEM. TC CLUB I, 2. 3. 4 YWCA I, 2, 3 NEWMAN CLUB I, 3, HANGAI. IVY C. HONOLULU. OAHU T,C.-SEC. TC CLUB I. 2. 3 4 HAMAI. HERBERT T. HILO, HAWAII T.C.-SEC. HUI O'HILO 3. 4 HEPER CLUB 4 HARUKI. HENRY I. HONOLULU. OAHU BUS. AD.1F'ERS. B IND. REL. YMCA 2. 3 COMMERCE CLUB 4 SABRE AND CHAIN 4 HAMAMOTO, JANE T. HILO. HAWAII A. R S.-CHEM. CHEMISTRY CLUB 3. 4 HUI O'HILO 2, 3 PHI KAPPA PHI HASHIBE. CHARLES HONOLULU. OAHU A. Br S.1SOCl. SOCI. CLUB 3, 4 A H'-1 1 my HANAOKA. LEROY E. HONOLULU, OAHU A. 8 S.-SOCI. SIGMA LAMBDA 3. 4 HABH IZUMI. JANE S. HONOLULU, OAHU T,C.-PRESCH,-PRIM. YWCA I, 2 I-IANASHIRO, STEPHEN K. KEKAHA, KAUAI A. 8: S.1PSYCH. ICC I, 2, 3 YMCA I. 2, 3 WUS CONVOCATION ICHMNJ 3 HAYAKAWA. TOM T HONOLULU. OAHU BUS. AD.-GEN, VET5 CLUB 2 HAYASHI, HAROLD G. HAYASHI. KINUE HAYS. ROBERT A. HEE. HERBERT M. C. HEE. STANLEY Y. H. HERBST. DERRAL WAHIAWA. oA:-lu Hu.o, HAWAII HoNon.ul.u, oAHu HoNoLuu.u. OAHU HONOLULU. OAHU HoNol.uLu, OAHU aus. AD.lMDSE. A. at s.-Psvcn. sus. AD.1GEN. aus. A. ar s.-ART A. as S.-MATH. T.C.1SEC. commence 2, 3, RAINBOW YBA 3. 4 PHI DELTA SIGMA 1, 2, Muslc 4 'rs s, 4 cPREs.m 4. Hur o'Hll.o 3.4 IPRES47 3. 4 CHOIR 3 ASUH Posrsn com. 4 TRACK TEAM I. 2 :cc 4 62 BOXING TEAM 2, 3 ,, -- .4 ELSIE 5. HIGA. KISUKE HAWAII HILO. HAWAII PRESCH.-PRIM. A. Br S,-SOCI. HUI 0'HILO 3, 4 LEGISLATIVE COM, ASUHHB I. IPRESJ 2 HIRAOKA, EDITH S. LIHUE. KAUAI T.C.-SEC. RAINBOW YBA I, 2, 3 TC CLUB I, 2 FREAR HALL 3, 4 OCHI. ELAINE K. ONOLULU. OAHU .C.-ELEM. CLUB 3, 4 KAMA, CELINE C. HOKAMA, PATRICIA A. KANEOHE, OAHU HONOLULU. OAHU A. H 5.-SOCI. BUS. AD.-PERS. B: WMAN CLUB 2, 3 IND, REL. CI. CLUB 3, 4 BGG 2 GAMMA CHI SIGMA I, 2, IPRESJ 3. 4 CLASS COUNCIL I wk I , 5554 HIGA. ROBERT S. HONOLULU, OAHU BU5. AD.-GEN. BUS. HIRAOKA. MITSUYOSHI HONOLULU, OAHU APP, SCI.1MED. TECH. HOKAMA. SHIRLEY M. HONOLULU. OAHU BUS. AD.--PERS. 8: IND. REL. GAMMA CHI SIGMA I. l5EC.I 2. ITREASJ 3, 4 CLASS VICE-PRES. I COMMERCE CLUB I, 4 HIGA, TOSHIO KEALIA. KAUAI T.C.-SEC. TC CLUB I, 2 HALE O'KANE 3, 4 HIROSE, MAY T. KAPAA. KAUAI T.C.-PRESCH.-PRIM, HALE LAULIMA I. 2 WAKABA KAI I. 2. 3 TC CLUB 3 I I HIMORI, ROY T. HINKLEY. ROBERT A. HONOKAHUA, MAUI AGR.-GEN. AGR. AGGIE CLUB I. 2. 3. 4 4-H CLUB I. 4 UNIWAI FFA I, 2 HONOLULU. OAHU AGR.-GEN. AGR. HO, JACQUELINE M. HONOLULU. OAHU T.C.1PRESCH.-PRIM. KE ANUENUE 2. 3, 4 PAN-FAC I, 2, 3 HOE. WANDA M- HONOLULU. OAHU T.C.'-ELEM. NEWMAN CLUB 3. 4 KA PALAPALA 3, 4 HAWAIIAN CLUB 2. 3 BCG 3 HONDA, DORIS S. HONOLULU, OAHU T.C.1SEC. TC CLUB I, 2, 3 HORIO, ARTHUR T. HOSHINO, MAY K. HONOLULU, OAHU HONOLULU, OAHU T.C.-SEC. T.C.-SEC. SABRE AND CHAIN 4 63 HUDDLESTON. PEARL C. HONOLULU, OAHU Bus. AD.1ACC. KA LEO I, 2, CCOPY 8 FEATURE EDJ 3 COMMERCE CLUB 3 ICHIYASU, JANE A. LAHAINA, MAUI T.C.iSEC. TC CLUB I. 2. 3 RAINBOW YEA 4 HUE, ELIZABETH HONOLU LU, OAHU T.C.-ELEM. CANTERBURY CLUB 3, 4 IGARASHI, RICHAR HONOLULU, OAHU A. 8: S.-CHEM. DT. HUMMEL, PAUL L. DIXON, ILLINOIS APP. 5CI,1ClVIL ENG. ASCE I. 2. 3, 4 HON. SOC. CIVIL ENG. 3, IGE. HELEN T. WAHIAWA, OAHU T.C.1ELEM. 4 IBARA. CHRISTINE WAILUKU, MAUI F. T.C.1PRESCH.-PRIM. IGE. RALPH NI. HONOLULU. OAHU A. ef S.-SOCI. BAPTIST STUD. UNION I. 4 SOCI. CLUB 3, 4 IBIGUCHI, CAROLE HONOLULU. OAHU T.C.-ELEM. IHA, THOMAS H. HONDLULU, OAHU A. 8: S.-BACT. ICHIYAMA, SUENO WAIPAHU, OAHU T.C.-PRESCH.-PRIM. IKEDA. GEORGE J. PAHOA, HAWAII A, 8: 5.-CHEM. BAPTIST STUD. UNION I. 2, 3, 4 CHEM. CLUB 2, 3. 4 IKEDA, JANET A. HONOLULU, OAHU A. 8: S.-SPEECH THERAPY YWCA I, 2 64 IKEDA, LILLIAN K. HONOLULU, OAHU T.C.-ELEM. MUSIC CLUB 2, 3, 4 WUS 2 FROSH ORIENTATION 2 IKEDA, ROBERTA H. KANEOHE, OAHU APP. SCI.-NURSING HUI KAHU MA'I I. 2. 3, 4 IKEDA, TSUTOMU T. IKEHARA, KIKUE NINOLE, HAWAII KALAHEO. KAUAI BUS. AD.-ACC. T.C,-ELEM. VETS CLUB I, 2 TC CLUB I, 2 COMMERCE CLUB 3. 4 HUI O'HILO 4 IKEHARA. THOMAS HoNoL.uLu, OAHU BUS. AD.-Acc. EMO'l'0v WILFIIED T. HAMAKUAPOK0, MAUI BUS, AD.--GEN. BUS. AINBOW YBA I, 2, 3. 4 OMMERCE CLUB 3. 4 RNOLD AIR SOCIETY 3. ABA, MASATO M. I. PAPAIKOU, HAWAII A. B1 S.-SOCI. MCA I. 2, 3. 4 OCI. CLUB 3. 4 ANTERBURY CLUB 4 IMADA, TATSUMI PAIA. MAUI APP. 5Cl,1ClVIL ENG, A5CE 3, 4 INOSH ITA, EDWARD N. HONOLULU, OAHU BUS. AD.--GEN. BUS. KANE 0'HAWAII 2, 3 COMMERCE CLUB 4 IWAMOTO, JEAN R. WAHIAWA, OAHU A. B1 S.1HISTORY PSYCH. CLUB I, 2 YWCA 2 INOUYEI KAZUO HILO. HAWAII A. B: S.1HI5TORY HUI O'HILO 2, 3, 4 GOV. FELLOWSHIP 4 IMAMURA, ELSII N. HILO, HAWAII T.C.-SEC. TC CLUB 3 CONG. STUD. FELLOWSHIP 3, IPRESJ 4 ISHIKAWA, CHARLES H. WAIPAHU. OAHU T.C.-SEC. IMAMURA, MARGARET K. WAIMEA, KAUAI APP. SCI.-NURSING ISHIKI, DORIS S. KUKUIHAELE, HAWAII APP, SCI.-REC. IMANAKA, YASUKO HILO, HAWAII APP. SCI.-NURSING HUI KAHU MA'I I, 2. 3, 4 ISHIYAMA. JANET T. WAHIAWA, OAHU BUS. AD.-GEN. BUS YWCA I COMMERCE CLUB I, 2, 3 4 DA, HERBERT F. ISOSHIMA. ANN M. IWAMOTO, BERNICE M. IWAMOTO, LILY Y. IWASAKI, CAROL K. KoLoA. KAUAI HONOLULU, oAHu HoNox.ul.u, om-au xAPAA. KAUAI HILO, HAWAII sus. Ao.-Acc. APP. sci.-MED. TECH. T,C,-ELEM. A. a s,- T,c,-ELEM, Mmsncs cLua I, 3, 4 WAKABA KAI 2, 3, 4 YWCA 1, 2, 3. 4 spasm-4 THERAPY FREAR HALL 1, 2, 3, 4 M:n.1'EcH,cl.ua1, 2, 3 :cc :a aoDF x, 2 -rc CLUB 2 CLASS COUNCIL 2 :cc 1, 2, 3 vwcA 1, 2 IWASHITA, ROBERT H. HILO, HAWAII A. 8: S.-GOV. HUI O'HILO 4 GOV. FELLOWSHIP 4 YOUNG DEM. CLUB 4 65 IZUMI, EDNA K. IZUMI, TAKAAKI IZUO. JEAN C. IIUO, WALLACE K. JAKAHI, MARGARET H. JHO0, ANNA GAY HONOLULU, OAHU HONOLULU. OAHU HONOLULU, OAHU HONOLULU, OAHU KOHALA, HAWAII WAHIAWA, OAHU T.C.-SEC. A. 81 S.-GOV. BUS. AD,-OFFICE MGT. AFP. SCI.--GEN. ENG. AGR,1VOC. HOME ECON, T,C.-ELEM. YWCA I, 2, 3 RAINBOW YEA 2 COMMERCE CLUB I, 2 ASCE I, 2, 3, 4 HOME ECON, CLUB TC CLUB I YWCA I SABRE AND CHAIN 4 I, 2. 3, 4 CLASS TREAS, 3 WAKABA KAI I, 2, ROTC AMATEUR RADIO 4-H CLUB 2 IPRESJ 3, 4 CLUB 3, 4 JUNG, KAAIHUE, KADOTANI, AIMEE H. KAEO, PETER K. KAGIHARA, ROBERT H. KAIONA, INEZ C. K BLANCHE O. H. W. LORRAINE P. LAHAINA, MAUI HONOLULU. OAHU HONOLULU. OAHU HONOLULU, OAHU HONOLULU, OAHU HONOLULU, OAHU T.C.-ELEM. T.C.-SEC. A, B S.-PSYCH. T.C.-ELEM. T.C,-SEC. T.C.-PRESCH.-PRIM. TC CLUB 3 CLASS COUNCIL 4- ETA LAMBDA KAPPA 2 KE ANUENUE 3, 4 FREAR HALL I, 2, S. 4 SABRE AND CHAIN 3, 4 SOCI. CLUB 4 KAPPA EFSILON THETA 3, 4 KAJIWARA, LAURA S. KAKAZU, DORA M. HONOLULU, OAHU EWA, OAHU T.C.-ELEM. AGR,-INST. MGT. YWCA I, 2, 3, 4 HOME ECON. CLUB HUI POOKELA 4 I. 2. 3. 4 CLASS SEC. I 4-H CLUB 2, 3, 4 F-'REAR HALL I, 2, 3 66 KALUA, TED R. LAHAINA, MAUI T.C.--ELEM. YMCA 4 CHARLES ATH ERTON HOUSE 3 KAMA. WILLIAM N. HILO, HAWAII A. 8: S.--PSYCH. HUI LOKAHI 3, 4 KAMADA, MURIEL HONOLULU, OAHU AGR,-VOC. HOME ECON. HUI POOKELA 4 HOME ECON, CLUB I, 2, 3, 4 YWCA I. 2, 3 KAMEGAI, MINAO TOKYO. JAPAN A. B: S,-PHYSICS BAPTIST STUD. UNIO I. 2. 3. 4 COSMOPOLITAN CLUEI I. 2. 3. 4 SIGMA PI SIGMA .Ja Am. HARRY 1-. KAMIQKA. JUNE E. KANAGAWA, KANEHAILUA, BERTHA KANEKO. noasnf Y. KANENAKAv Hu.o, HAWAII HoNol.uLu, OAHU DONALD Y. KOHALA, HAWAII EwA, OAHU DOROTHEA A. a s.-zool.. aus. Ao.v-oFFIcE MGT, ELEELE, KAUAI A. a S.--ART APP. SCI,-MED. TECH. Lu-sus, KAUAI :GMA LAMBDA 2, 3, A commence I, 4 'r.c.-sac. 'rm ALPHA 3, A MED. TECH, cLus 1, 2 'r.c,-ssc. UI O'HAUMANA 2. 3 NESHIGEI DORIS H. HONOLU LU. OAHU .C.-ELEM. COSMOPOLITAN CLUB I, 2, 3.1PRES.J4 KANESHIRO, DORIS M. HONOLULU, OAHU T.C.-ELEM. TC CLUB I, 2 NEWMAN CLUB 3, 4 AIEA, OAHU APP. SCI.-NURSING HUI KAHU MA'I I. 2, 3, 4 1 KANESHIRO. EDNA C. SUMIKO HAWAII 8 S.--ENG. KANJA, CLARENCE H. KANO, ELLEN K. KUNIA, OAHU HONOLULU, OAHU T.C.-SEC. APP. SCI.-REC. SABRE AND CHAIN 3, A HEPER CLUB I, 2, 3, 4 TC CLUB I. 2. 3, 4 WAA KANESHIRO, JANET H. HONOLULU, OAHU T.C.-ELEM. YWCA I, 3 TC CLUB S KANESHIRO, PAUL T. WAIPAHU, OAHU AGR.-GEN. AGR. AGGIE CLUB I, 2, 3, 4 SAERE AND CHAIN 3, 4 4-H CLUB I, 2. 3, 4 KANESHIRO, ROBERT K- WAIPAHU, OAHU AGR.iGEN. AGR AGGIE CLUB 2, 3, 4 UNIWAI FFA I. 2. 3 4-H CLUB 3, 4 KAWABATA, KAZUTO KAWAGUCHI, KAWAHARA, KARL K KONA. HAWAII RICHARD H. HOLUALOA, HAWAII A. 8: STENG. HONOLULU, OAHU A. 84 S.-HISTORY ASTERISK 3 T.C.'-SEC. SABRE AND CHAIN 3 4 SABRE AND CHAIN 4 67 KAWAHARA, MASAYUKI KAWAHARADA. KAWAHIGASHI, TED S. KAWAKAMI, OSAMU PAPAIKOU. HAWAII HARRY W. LAIE, OAHU PAIA, MAUI AGR.-SOIL SCI. PAUWELA, MAUI APP. SCI.-CIVIL ENG. A. 8: S.-SOCI. 4-H CLUB I, 2. 3. 4 APP, SCLPYCIVIL ENG. ASCE 2, 3, 4 CHARLES ATHERTON HOUSE AGGIE CLUB 1. 2. 3. 4 ASCE 3. 4 SABRE AND CHAIN A I, 2, 3 RAINBOW YBA 2, 4 YMCA I. 2, 3 KAWAKAMI. KAWAMURA, NANCY M. KAWAMURA. KAWANO. ELLEN M. KAWANO, JANE E. KAWASAKI, RICHARD K. HONOLULU, OAHU THEODORE T., JR. HONOLULU, OAHU PUUNENE. MAUI HONOLULU, OAHU HONOLULU, OAHU T.C,-PRESCH.-PRIM. HONOLULU, OAHU T.C -SEC. A, B: S.-ENG. BUS. AD.-ACC. A. B: 5.-BACT. YWCA I, 2 BUS. AD.-PERS. 8: A-H CLUB I RAINBOW YBA 4 COMMERCE CLUB 3, YMCA 1, 2 COMMERCE CLUB I, 2, 3. 4 IND. REL. YWCA I, 2 SABRE AND CHAIN 3, 4 YMCA I, 2 68 nw 5 seam imma' " W -......,.,I , H 3- . Ag ........ 1 inuusnu :I My KAYA, ELLEN H. AIEA, OAHU AGR,-VOC. HOME ECON. HOME ECON. CLUB I, 2, 3. 4 4-H CLUB I. 2 PRESIDENT BAPTISTE AT TREE PLANTING CEREMONY KI-IO, FRANKLIN Y. C. KIKUKAWA, KIM, DONALD C. W. HONOLULU, OAHU MARJORIE M. SEOUL, KOREA T.C.-SEC. HONOLULU, OAHU APP. SCI.-CIVIL ENG. PHI DELTA SIGMA 2. 3. 4 AGR,-DIETETICS COSMOPOLITAN CLUB SENIOR TRACK I, 2, 3 RAINBOW YBA I, 2, I, 2, 3, 4 SABRE AND CHAIN 3. 4 ISECJ 3 ASCE 2, 3. 4 amz me pcm E fy 1 KIM' DORIS Y. H. HILO. HAWAII A. 8: S.-HISTORY WESLEY FOUNDATION CARNEGIE COMMITTEE I 2 69 ass KIM, HAI YUN HONOLULU, OAHU BUS. AD.-PERS. 84 IND. REL. TC CLUB I BETA BETA GAMMA I COMMERCE CLUB 3 KIMURA, SHUIO WAILUKU. MAUI APP, SCI.1CIVIL ENG. ASCE 2, 5. 4 WESLEY FOUNDATION 2, 3, 4 ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY 3, 4 KIM. JOYCE Y. HoNoLul.u. OAHU 'r.c.-ELEM. 'rc CLUB 1 KINOSHITA, JOSEPH A. HONOLULU. OAHU A. 8: S.-GOV. GOV. FELLOWSHIP 3. 4 PHI DELTA SIGMA 2. 3. A ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY 3, 4 KIMATA. EDITH F. OLAA, HAWAII T.C,-ELEM. KINOSHITA, LILLIAN HONOLULU. OAHU APP. SCI.--NURSING HUI KAI-IU MA'I I, 2, 3, 4 KIYUNA, TERRY T. KLEMAN, JOHN P. KOBAYASHI, KIHEI. MAUI PITTSBURGH. ARTHUR Y. T.C.-ELEM. PENNSYLVANIA PAPAIKOU. HAWAII BODF ICHMNJ 4 A, B: S.-PSYCH. A. Br S.-ANTHROP. WUS 3 CONG. STUD. FELLOWSHIP 2, 3. 4 70 n uv mn -J far KIMITSUKA, LYNNE A. KIMURA, GEORGE N. HILO, HAWAII PAAUILO, HAWAII T,C.-SEC. A. 61 S.1FlNE ARTS KISHINAMI, PAUL Y. KITAMURA, LILLIAN H WAIALUA, OAHU HILO, HAWAII BUS. AD.-PERS. Bc APP, SCI,--REC. IND. REL. HUI 0'HILO 3, 4 COMMERCE CLUB I, 2. 3. 4 HEPER CLUB 3. 4 SABRE AND CHAIN 3, 4 WAA ISEC.-TREASJ 3. 4 if 59 KOBAYASHI. JUNICHI J. KOLOA. KAUAI T.C.-SEC. SAEIRE AND CHAIN ISEC-I 4 YMCA I, 2 I KOBAYASHI, KAZUMI PAIA, MAUI A, ae S.-SOCI. socl, CLUB 4 -fm' TQ - KIMURA. RA HONOLULU, OAHU AGR.1GEN. AGR. YMCA I. 2. 3 AGGIE CLUB I, 2, 4 KITTELSON DAVID BOVEY MINNI 81 HISTORY BASKETBALL2 3 4 K LEO 2 3 4 NEWMAN CLUB 4 G.: 1 KODAMA, DORIS Y HILO, HAWAII T.C.-SEC. RAINBOW YBA 2. 3, A TC CLUB 2. 3 HUI O'HILO 2, 3 Q . 1V:I,,- YOSHINOBU KODANI, GEORGE T. I, MAuI HONOKAA, HAWAII An.-Pans. af APP. SCI.-GEN. ENG. IND. REL. ASCE I, 3. 4 cLua I. 2, A YMCA I AGGIE CLUB 2 KOKUBUN, FRANCES HONOLULU, OAHU T.C.--ELEM. KI, STANLEY I. ONOLULU, OAHU . 8: S,-'ENG. ui an Ek' -1 KOGA, CLARA K. HONOLULU. OAHU T,C.-PRESCH.-PRIM. KOMATSU. ANN C. LAHAINA, MAUI A. H S.-SPEECH THERAPY F-'REAR HALL I. 2. 4 RAINBOW YBA 2, 8, 4 STUDENT DIRECTORY I was KOHATSU. FUSAE PAIA. MAUI T.C.-ELEM. KON. SUMIE W. HONOLULU, OAI-Iu 1'.c.-sec. KOHATSU. KAZUO LAWAI. KAUAI A. az S.-GOV. KONDO. ALLAN K. HONOLULU. OAHU A. lk S.iCHEM. AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY KOIZUMI, ETH EL Y. HILO. HAWAII T.C.1SEC. KONDO. RICHARD HONOLULU, OAHU BUS. AD.-ACC, COMMERCE CLUB 4 K WENDELL K. C. KOSEKI, LAWRENCE K. KREIGER. ROBERT G. KRUGER. FREDA M. KUBA, TOMOKO KUNIMOTO, DORIS K. oAHu HONOLULU. oAHu HONOLLJLU, oAHu WAHIAWA. OAI-Iu ToKYo. JAPAN HII.o. HAWAII a S.-CHEM. A. A s.-socl. T.C.-SEC. T.C.1ELEM. AGR.1lNST. MGT. 'r.c,-sac. CHEMICAL GAMMA CHI SIGMA 2, 3, 4 HOME Ecom. CLUB I, 2,3 Hur o'HII.o 3, 4 NEWMAN CLUB 4 cosIvIoPoI.I'rAN CLUB TC CLUB 3 CLUB 2 DANCE com. 4 I. 2, 3 RAINBOW YEA 3, 4 ORIENTAL LIT. SOC. 4 7I KURIO, MARILYN S. WAHIAWA, OAHU T.C.-SEC. TC CLUB I WESLEY FOUNDATION 2, 3, 4 HANDBOOK COM. 3 LAGUNDIMAOf CLEMENTE JR. HONOLULU. OAHU A. 8: S,-ADVT. ART TRI ALPHA 2, 3, 4 ASTERISK 3, 4 KA PALAPALA 3, 4 KURITAI JAMES N. HONOLULU, OAHU BUS. AD.-GEN. BUS. ASUH SENATOR 3. 4 ASUH ELECTION COM. ICHMNJ I. 2 CLA55 COUNCIL 4 LANGE' GAYLE B. LONG BEACH. CALIFORNIA T.C.'-ELEM. KUROIWAI WALTER A. HONOLULU, OAHU APP. SCI.iClVlL ENG ASCE 4 LARMI BEVERLY J. HONOLULU, OAHU T.C.'-ELEM. TC CLUB I. 2. 3, 4 KUROMOTO. JEAN AIEA. OAHU T.C.iELEM. LAUI ALVIN C. M. HONOLULU, OAHU A. 81 S.-COM, ART TRI ALPHA NEWMAN CLUB KUWADA. GORDON Y PUUNENE, MAUI 'r.c,-ssc. HEPER cLus 4 LAUI CHEW LUN HONOLULU, OAHU APP. SCI.-CIVIL ENG. ASCE 4 HON. SOC. CIVIL ENG. 4 KUWAHARA. CLARENCE T. HONOLULU. OAHU BUS. AD.-ACC. COMMERCE CLUB I, 2. 3 YMCA I, 2 I-AU' EDWARD F. C- HONOLULU. OAHU AFP. SCI.-CIVIL EN ASCE 4 SABRE AND CHAIN I NEWMAN CLUB I LAU, EVELYN B. LAU, LOIS S. U. LAU, MILTON K. K. LAU, MILTON Y. M. LAU. TIMOTHY S. Y. LEE, CLARENCE M. HONOLULU, OAHU HONOLULU, OAHU HONOLULU, OAHU HONOLULU, OAHU HONOLULU, OAHU HONOLULU, OAHU APP. SCI.-NURSING T.C.-ELEM. A. Bc S.-GEOG. A. 8: 5.-SOCI. AGR.iANIMAL SCI. A. 8: S.-CHEM. YANG CHUNG HUI I. 2.3. 4 MUSIC CLUB I NEWMAN CLUB NEWMAN CLUB I, 2, 3. 4 TU CHIANG SHEH I, 2, 3, 4 HUI KAHU MA'l I, 2, 3. 4 TC CLUB I ALPHA BETA 4 HUI POOKELA 4 AGGIE CLUB I, 4 72 E, ERNEST B. LANIKAI. OAHU . 8: S.-ZOOL. CA I WMAN CLUB I. 2, 3 O CLUB 3, 4 Ev TSUN KONG ONOLULU, OAHU , Br S.-BACT, TIST STUD. UNION . 2, 3, 4 RE AND CHAIN LEE, FAYE K. S. WAHIAWA, OAHU T.C,-ELEM. LEN. ELEANOR S. HONOLULU, OAHU T.C,-'5EC. NEWMAN CLUB I. 2. 3, 4 YANG CHUNG HUI I, 2, 3, 4 LEE, HERBERT C. W. HONOLULU, OAHU BUS. AD.-MDSE. TU CHIANG SHEH 3. 4 LEONG, PETER D. WAILUKU, MAUI A. 8: S.1GOV. ATHERTON HOUSE I. 2, 3, 4 YMCA I, 2. 3 STUDENT COURT 3, CCHIEF JUSTICE! 4 IU MA'I I, 2, 3, A my LEE. JIN YOUNG HoNoLuLu, OAHU APP. SCI.-CIVIL ENG. ASCE 2, 3, 4 HON. SOC, CIVIL ENG. 4 LEONG, RAYMOND HONOKAA. HAWAII A. Br S.15OCl. YMCA I, 2, 3, 4 PENG HUI I, 2, 3, 4 SABRE AND CHAIN 4 LEE, MAXINE C. S. HONOLULU, OAHU BUS. AD.--OFFICE MGT LIU, MAEDENE S. H. HONOLULU. OAHU BUS. AD.-OFFICE MGT YWCA I CANTERBURY CLUB I, 2, 3, 4 HOMECOMING COMMITTEE 2. 3 Y. xx, xx I if 591 ms 1 ss Q HONOLULU. OAH U MARILYN Y. M. LOO, HENRY W. C. LUKE, FRANKLIN T. K. LUKE, SAMUEL C. OAHU HONOLULU. OAHU HoNoLuLu. OAHU SCI.-NURSING aus. AD.-Acc, A. A S.-ART COMMERCE CLUB I. 2, 3. 4 TRI ALPHA 2, IPRESJ 3, A ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY 3. 4 A. br S.-PUB, ADM. NEWMAN CLUB I, CTREASJ 2, 3, 4 ASUH KSENATORI 2, CVICE-PRESJ 3 YOUNG REPUBLICAN CLUB IPRESJ 3. 4 a as nm umm a LUM, ANNETTE L. I. LUIVI, JANICE S. L. HONOLULU, OAHU T.C.-ELEM. AIEA. OAHU A. H S.-SOCI. CANTERBURY CLUB SOCI. CLUB 3, 4 I. 2. 3. 4 YWCA I. 2, 3, 4 HUI POOKELA 4 73 I' ss LUM. JOANA C. N. LUM. RICHARD K. H. MAGNO, EDWARD MAHONE, MARGARET C. MAKINO, ALFRED E. MAMIYA. CHRISTY HONOLULU, OAHU HONOLULU, OAHU OLAA, HAWAII STATEN ISLAND, HONOLULU, OAHU WAILUKU. MAUI A, 8 5.1CHEM. BUS. AD.-GEN. BUS. A. 8: S.1BACT. NEW YORK APP. SCI.-CIVIL ENG. AGR.-GEN. AGR NEWMAN CLUB I, 2, 3. 4 COMMERCE CLUB 2, 3, 4 ALPHA OMICRON 3, 4 APP, SCLZNURSING ASCE I, 2. 3, 4 FOOTBALL I, 2, 3, 4 VETS CLUB 4 NEWMAN CLUB 4 YMCA I. 2 KA LEO lEXCHANGE HALE O'KANE 3, 4 SABRE AND CHAIN 4 MGRJ 4 MARTIN, CARIDAD K. MARTIN, ZERBE C. MARUYAMA, RAY K. MASUDA, FRED R. MASUOKA, MAURICE Y. MATANO, BE! VVAIPAHU, OAHU HILO, HAWAII WAHIAWA, OAHU HONOLULU, OAHU KAHULUI, MAUI HONOLULU, OAHU T.C.-SEC. A. Ez STGOV. AGR.-ANIMAL SCI. APP. SCI.iCIVIL ENG. A. Bt 5.-ADVT. ART A. B: S.-ECON. COMMERCE CLUB I, 2. 3, 4 HUI O'HILO 4 SABRE AND CHAIN 3, 4 ASCE I ASUH SENATOR I 2 ARNOLD AIR SC KA LEO 2 GOV. FELLOWSHIP 4 AGGIE CLUB 3, 4 SIGMA LAMBDA 2, 3 4 ALPHA OMICRON I YOUNG DEM. CLUB 4 BOG 3 4 PQ... qw, - ' .1 I ev? IE". . nw 7 . .P I I MATHEWS. JERELYN A. MATSUDA. ESTHER N. MATSUI, RICHARD Y. MATSUMOTO SAN msec, cAl.1PonNzA HoNo1.uLu, om-au HoNol.uLu, oAHu CLARENCE APP, scn.-Nunsmcs AGR.-voc. Home APP. scx.-clvu. ENG. HoNo1.ux.u, oAHu econ. Ascs 1, 2. 3. 4 'r.c.-sac. Home Econ. smam: AND cmum 3, 4 1, 2. a, 4 rumeow YBA 4 vwcA 1, 2, s sosA 2 74 MATSUMOTO, ELEANOR M. PUHI, KAUAI APP. SCI.-NURSING HUI KAHU MA'I I, 2, 3, MATSUMURA. KUALAPUU, T.C.-SEC. TC CLUB 3, 4 RAINBOW YBA I, 2 ' , IATSUSHIMA, MATSUSHITA. RUTH K. MA'rsuunA. RICHARD A. Howe-Lun.u, OAHU El.:-:Arson E. WAILUKU, MAUI TC.-PRESCH.-PRIM. HAIKU, MAUI T.C.-SEC. CANTERBURY CLUB T.C.1ELEM. CCLUBI.2.3,4 I. 2, 3. 4 DONNELL, MCINTIRE. WILLIAM MENDIOLA, Pxrmcm A. PRATT. KANSAS MARGARITA LONG BEACH. A. 8 S,-GOV. KAHUKU, OAHU CALIFORNIA GOV. FELLOWSHIP 4 A, R S.-ENG. A. R S.--HISTORY LEO 2. 3. 4 ASS COUNCIL 3 A 3 COURT JUSTICE 4 YOUNG DEM, CLUB 4 MAT5UURAv MICHAEL I. HONOLULU. OAHU BUS, AD,-ACC. COMMERCE CLUB I. 2. 3. 4 MERINO. ADELINE J. HILO, HAWAII A. B: S.-CHEM. CHEMISTRY CLUB 3. 4 ETA LAMBDA KAPPA 3, 4 ALPHA OMICRON 4 MATSUURA. SUEKO MATSUZAKI. ELLEN H. HAIVIAKUAPOKO. NIAUI HILO. HAWAII A. Br S.-MATH. HALE LAULIMA I. 2 MIKAMI, JEAN S. PEARL CITY. OAHU T.C.iPRESCH.-PRIM. YWCA I. 2. 3 CANTERBURY CLUB I. 2. 3. 4 A. 61 S.iMATH. MIURA, GLADYS K. PUUNENE. MAUI T.C.-ELEM. RA, JUNE M. AHIAWA. OAHU PP. SCI.-NURSING KAHU MA'I I. CVICE- ES-J 2. IPRESJ 3. 3 A I MIYAHARA, EDITH T. MIYAHIRA. EDWARD K. MIYAMOTO, EDWIN T. MIYAMOTO. EVELYN T. HONOLULU. OAHU HONOLULU. OAHU HONOLULU. OAHU HONOLULU. OAHU T.C.--PRESCH.-PRIM. T.C.'-SEC, A. 8: S.-SOCI. T.C.-SEC, YMCA I. 2, 3. 4- SOCI, CLUB 3, IPRESJ 4 SABRE AND CHAIN CLASS COUNCIL 4 MIYAMOTOI GARRETT I-I. HONOLULU, OAHU A. R S.--GOV. SABRE AND CHAIN 3. 4 75 MIYAMOT0, MIYAMOTO, MIYAMOTO, RAY I. MIYAMOTO, HAROLD T. KENNETH A. HONOLULU, OAHU SHIRLEY T. HONOLULU, OAI-Iu HONOLULU, OAHU A. af s.-BOT. HONOLULU, OAHU APP. scl.-CIVIL ENG. Bus. AD.--BANKING YMCA I, 2, 3, 4 T.c,-sac. ASCE I, 2, 3. 4 Br FIN. BOG I YWCA I, KASILOMAR DELJ SIGMA PI SIGMA 2. 3, 4 2, 3, 4 TC CLUB I STUDENT COURT 3 .weak ,Q-In .1 FT. If n . MIYAMOTO, YASUE MIYAO, RICHARD T. MIYATA, JEANETTE K. MIYATAKE, MITSUO MIYAZONA, MIYAWAKI, I-III.o, HAWAII HONOLULU, oAHu WAIALUA, oAHu PAHOA. HAWAII JEANETTE T. HONOLULU. A. af S.-SOCI. A. a s.-Gov. T.C.--PRESCH,-PRIM. aus. AD,-GEN. sus. HONOLULU, oAHu A. e. S.-SOCI. ASUHHB csEc.y BOP 3, 4 AGR--HOME ECON. MUSIC Cl-UB 2- 3- 4 HuI o'HII.o 3 SABRE AND CHAIN 4 vwcA I. 2 socl. CLUB A YMCA I, z, 3 HOME EcoN. CLUB 2. 3. 4 76 IW' "., . ' xr- - .s, I. If ASUH PRESIDENT TANAKA AT TREE PLANTING CEREMONY ORIFUJI, IDA I- MORIKAWA. JANET 5. KAMUELA. HAWAII LAHAINA. MAUI T.C.-ELEM. T.C.-ELEM. CLUB I, 2,3 TC CLUB 2, 3 H CLUB 2 FREAR HALL 2. 3, 4 MORIOKA, HIROSHI PAHOA. HAWAII A. S: S.-BOT. AGGIE CLUE l. 2 ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY 3, 4 JR, VARSITY BASKETBALL 2 MORISUGI, MAY S. MORITA, SHIGEYOSHI MORITSUGU, KAILUA. OAHU HAKALAU, HAWAII FLORENCE T- AGR.1VOC. HOME A. 8: S.-ECON. I, 2. 3. 4 ECON. VET5 CLUB I, 2 WESLEY FOUNDATION YWCA l. 2, 3, 4 COMMERCE CLUB 3 T.C.1ELEM. HOME ECON. CLUB 2. 3. 4 YOUNG DEM. CLUB 4 KANEOHE, OAHU CLASS lSEC.J 4 77 MOTOYAMA, GEORGE J. WAHIAWA, OAHU SUS. AD.-GEN. BUS. RAINBOW YBA I, 2 COMMERCE CLUB MURAOKA, GEORGE T. HONOLULU, OAHU T.C.-SEC. MULLINS. DON R. ELSEGUNDO, CALIFORNIA BUS, AD.-PERS. 6: IND. REL. HALE O'KANE 3. IPROCTORI 4 COMMERCE CLUB A MURAOKA. TOKIMI HONOLULU. oAHu T.C.iPRESCH.-PRIM. MUNECHIKA, KENJI WAIMEA, KAUAI T.C.-SEC. BAPTIST STUD. UNION I, KPRESJ 2, 3, 4 ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY 3, IPRES-I 4 MURASHIGEI SUSUMU HILO, HAWAII BUS. AD:-PERS. 51 IND, REL. COMMERCE CLUB 3, 4 HUI O'HlLO 3, 4 MURAKAMI, DAVID S. KEALAKEKUA, HAWAII BUS. AD.-ACC. COMMERCE CLUB 2, 3, 4 HALE O'KANE I. 2 MURATA, MILDRED E. HONOLULU. OAHU A. 8: 5:-SOCI. SOCI. CLUB 4 MURAMOTOI LESTE HONOLULU. OAHU A, 8 STCHEM. CHEM. CLUB I, 2, 3 YMCA I AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 4 NAEHU, ABRAHAM HONOLULU. OAHU A. 8: S.-ZOOL. RH. MURAOKA, ARTHUR HONOLULU. OAHU APP. SCI,-CIVIL EN ASCE I, 2. 3, 4 SABRE AND CHAIN 3, 4 NAGAHIRO, JEAN A. KAPAA. KAUAI AGR.1INST. MGT. HOME ECON. CLUB I, 2, 3. 4 YWCA I. 2, 3 BODF I NAGAJI IvIIcI-IAEI. IvI. NAGAIIIII, CARL o. NAGASAKO, TADATO NAGATA, RAYMOND 'r. NAGATORI, I.II.I.IAN A. NAGAUE, RUTH K. WAIPAI-IU oAHu I-IoNoI.uI.u, oAI-Iu I-III.o, HAWAII HONOLULU, OAHU HONOLULU. oAI-Iu I-III.o. HAWAII App. sclll-cIvII. ENG. APP. SCI.--CIVIL ENG. A. a S.-SOCI. aus. AD.-PERS, Sz 'r.c.-ELEM. T.C.-ELEM. ASCE 2, 3, 4 ASCE 2, 3, 4 HUI o'HII.o 3. 4 mn. REL. T.c. CLUB I, 2, 3, 4 ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY 3. 4 socI. CLUB 3, 4 YWCA I. 3 78 JUDO CLUB 3, 4 li JUNE A. OAHU SSEC. CLUB 1, A ALICE T. OAHU IB3 NAKAGAWA. EVELYN HONOLULU, OAHU AGR.1VOC, HOME ECON. HOME ECON, CLUB I. 2. 3. 4 4-H CLUB 2, 3, A NAKAMOTO, ELLEN E. WAILUKU, MAUI T.C.-ELEM. TC CLUB 2. 3, A SERVICE AND EDUC, COM. 4 Y. NAKAGAWA, TETSUO HONOLULU, OAHU BUS. AD.-BANKING 8: FIN. NAKAMOTOQ WALLACE K- HONOLULU, OAHU AGR,-GEN. AGR. SWIMMING TEAM I. 2, 3. 4 AGGIE CLUB I. 2, 3. 4 4-H CLUB 4 has NAKAGUMAv CAROLE K. HONOLULU, OAHU AGR.-INST. MGT. HOME ECON. CLUB I, 2, 3. 4 NAKAMURA, AKIYO TOKYO JAPAN APP. SCI .-MED. TECH. BAPTIST STUD. UNION I. 2. 3 CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP 3. 4 NAKAMA. HANAKO HONOLULU, OAHU T.C.--ELEM. KA PALAPALA I SPIRIT AND RALLY 2 NAKAMURAv CHARLES K. HONOLULU, OAHU BUS. AD,-ACC. NAKAMA, LENORE H HONOLULU, OAHU A. Ik S.-ENG. NAKAMURA, FAY M HONOLULU, OAHU T.C.-PFIESCH.-PRIM YWCA I AMURA, GRACE s. NAKAMunA. Juolrn K. NAKANO, ALICE H. NAKANO, Eownnn K. XNIKAI, OAHU HONOLULU, OAHU HONOLULU. OAHU HONOLULU, OAHU C.-ELEM. T.C.-ELEM. T.C.-PRESCH.-PRIM, AGR.-GEN. AGR. LEY FOUNDATION TC CLUB I, 2, 3, 4 TC CLUB I, 2, 3, 4 AGGIE CLUB 2, 3, 4 2. 3. 4 4-H CLUB 2, 3, 4 A I. 2. 3 SABRE AND CHAIN 4 Lua I NAKANO, GEORGE M. PAPAIKOU, HAWAII A. 8: S.-GOV. HUI O' HAUMANA 2. 3, 4 ASUH SENATOR 3, 4 CLASS COUNCIL 3, 4 NAKATA, FRANCES KAHALUU, OAHU T.C.1ELEM. WESLEY FOUNDATION I, 2, 3, 4 79 NAKATA, RICHARD M. HONOLULU, OAHU BUS, AD.-ACC. YMCA I COMMERCE CLUB 2, 3, 4 NISHIDA, GERTRUDE Y. AIEA. OAHU BUS, ADTPERS. 6: IND. REL. YWCA I. 2 COMMERCE CLUB I, 2, 3 NAKATSU, BERNIC HILO, HAWAII T.C,-SEC. HUI O'HILO 3. 4 HEPER CLUB 3, 4 NISHIDA, SABURO TOKYO, JAPAN A. Bt S.-H ISTORY E S. NAKAYAMA, ELSIE I. HILO. HAWAII A. Bc SJTGOV. GOV. FELLOWSHIP NISHIHARA. FANNIE PAHALA, HAWAII T.C.-PRESCH.-PRIM. RAINBOW YEA I, 3 NASH IWA. CAROLE E. PAIA. MAUI T.C.-DENT. HYGIENE DENTAL HYGIENE SOC. 2. 3, 4 FREAR HALL I, 2, 3 NISHIMURA, BETTY E HONOLULU, OAHU APP. SCI .-MED. TECH. YWCA I. 2. 3. 4 MED. TECH. CLUEI I. 2. 3 NAYA, SEIJI NISHINOMIYA HYOGO. JAPAN BUS. AD.1MDSE. BOXING TEAM I, 2. 3. 4 OMICRON DELTA KAPPA 3, 4 COMMERCE CLUB 2. 3. 4 NISHIMURA. HENRY K. AIEA. OAI-4U BUS. AD.1ACC. COMMERCE CLUB 3, 4 NII. GLADYS A. LIHUE. KAUAI T.C.-ELEM. RAINBOW YBA I. 2 TC CLUB I. 2 HALE LAULIMA I, 2 NISHIMURAI MARJORIE M. HONOLULU, OAHU T.C.-ELEM. NISHIMURA, PAUL T. Nlsl-IIMURA, REIKO NITTA. PEGGY Y. NOMURA- DAVID M. NDMURA. NOMURA. JEANETT Hn.o, HAwAu HoNo1.uLu, om-au wAuPA1-au, OAHU LAHAINA, MAUI FREDERICK T. HONOLULU, OAHU aus. An.-Moss. APP. SCI,-NURSING 'I".C.-PRESCI-I.-PRIM. A. af s.-CHEM. HoNoLul.u, oAHu APP. scn.-Nunsm commence 3, 4 Hu: KAHU ww: -rc 2, 3 ARNOLD AIR socuzrv 3, 4 aus, Ao,-Acc. Hun KAHu MA'I 1, 2, 3 HUI O'HILO 3, 4 BAPTIST STUD. UNION COMMERCE CLUB 3, 4 CHEMISTRY CLUB 3, 4 ALPHA PHI OMEGA 3, 4 80 OSSE, JO ANN HONOLULU. OAHU T.C.-SEC. ETA BETA GAMMA I, 2, 3, 4 A LEO 2.3 GATA. TOSHIKO KAPAA, KAUAI A. 8: S.-SPEECH THERAPY AINBOW YEA I, 2. 3. 4 PIRIT AND RALLY I LAS5 COUNCIL 4 NUMAZU, BERTHA 5. HONOLULU, OAHU BUS, AD.-GEN. BUS. NEW STUDENT QRIENTATION 2, 3 CLASS CSECJ 3. QVICE-PRES., 4 YWCA I, 2, A OGIMI. CHOSABURO HONOLULU, oAHu APP. SCl.1GEN. ENG. OCHIAI, TAKESHI WAILUKU, MAUI BUS. AD.-GEN. BUS. commaacz 2, 3, 4 OISHI. ARTHUR S. HONOLULU. OAHU A. 8: S.-ZOOL. ODA, HAROLD N. AIEA, OAHU A. B: S.-ECON. OISHL TOKIE PUUNENE, MAUI T.C.-ELEM. TC CLUB I. 2 YWCA I, 2, 3 4-H CLUB I OGATA, FRANCES T. KAHULUI, MAUI T.C.-ELEM. TC CLUB 3, 4 OKADA, ELAINE M- WAIMEA. KAUAI T.C.-ELEM. TC CLUB I, 2, 3 YWCA I. 3 CONG. STUD. FELLOWSHIP 2. 3 OGATA. HIDEO PAIA, MAUI A, Bc S.-ECON. YOUNG DEM. CLUB 4 OKIHIRO, ELAINE E KANEOHE, OAHU T.c.-SEC. TC CLUB I WESLEY FOUNDATION 2. 3. 4 UMURA. NANCY S. OMIYO. CLAUDETTE M. OMURO. STANLEY 5. ONO, SAMUEL K. ORNELLAS, DONALD C.. OSHIRO. RICHARD Y PAHOA. HAWAII HONOLULU, OAHU WAILUKU, MAUI HONOLULU, OAHU AIEA, OAHU WAIPAHU, OAHU T.C.-ELEM. T,C.-ELEM. AGR,-SOIL SCI. BUS. AD,-ACC. AFP. SCI.--CIVIL ENG. APP. SCI.-MED. TECH . CLUB 2 AGGIE CLUB 2. 3, 4 COMMERCE CLUB I. 2. 3, 4 ASCE I. 2, 3, 4 SABRE AND CHAIN 3, 4 YMCA I, 2 81 OSHITA, STANLEY S. OTA, BETTY M. KAPAA, KAUAI HONOLULU, OAHU AGR. -GEN. AGR, A. BI S.-SPEECH AGGIE CLUB I, 2, 3, 4 UNIWAI FFA I, 2, 3 OTA, KAZUMASA KONA. HAWAII AGR.-GEN. AGR. AGGIE CLUB 2, 3. 4 4-H CLUB I UNIWAI FFA I, 2 OZAWA, GORDON l. PANG, JEAN W. J. PARK, JANET H. K. WAIPAHU, OAHU LANIKAI, OAHU WAHIAWA, OAHU AGR.-GEN. AGR. A. 81 S,-SOCI. T.C.-ELEM. AGGIE CLUB 2. 3, 4 SOCI. CLUB SABRE AND CHAIN 3, 4 OTANI, GEORGE I. KULA, MAUI BUS. AD.-MDSE, RAINBOW YBA I, 2, 3. COMMERCE CLUB I. 2. INTRAMURAL COUNCIL 2. 3, 4 PARK. SOO KIL HONOLULU, OAHU T.C.-SEC. YMCA I, 2, 3 CLASS COUNCIL 2 OTANI, SANDRA I. OYAMA, MABEL H KOLOA. KAUAI A, Br S.-ENG. NAALEHU HAWAII T.C.-ELEM YWCA I RAINBOW YBAI 2 3 TC CLUB I PLATT, DANIEL E. POWELL, ARTHUR J HONOLULU, OAHU ROCKWELL IOWA A, 81 STSOCI. CLASS IPRESJ 3 YMCA I, 2, 3, IPRESJ 4 A. 8: S.-CHEM PRICE. ROY C. HONOLULU, OAHU A, 8: Sn-SOCI. SABRE AND CHAIN 3, VARSITY FOOTBALL I. 2. 3. 4 VARSITY TRACK 2, 3, 82 4 4 PUAA, PAULETTE P. PEARL CITY, OAHU A. 8 S.1SOCI, RAGSAC, ALBERT RAMELB, LIBORIO RANDALL. RONALD G. REDMOND JOHN O HONOLULU, OAHU KAHUKU, OAHU EL SEGUNDO, ATLANTA GEORGIA A. A S.-Gov. A. A S.-PUB, ADM. CALIFORNIA A. a S.-ENG CLASS COUNCIL 1 ASUH SENATOR 4 sus, AD.--PERS, A CLASS COUNCIL 4 NEWMAN CLUB 1, 2, 3, 4 ASUH RESEARCH cowl. IND. REL. ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY 3, 4 ICHMNJ 4 HALE O'KANE 3, 4 ALPHA OMICRON I, 2. 3, 4 COMMERCE CLUB 4 ENFRO, ALBERTA L. RENNER. HELAINE M. RESONER, SUSIE SADAOKA, JUNE S. SAKAI, HAROLD M. SAKAI, JEAN T. LOS ANGELES, BERLIN, MARYLAND CRAWFORDSVILLE, WAHIAWA, OAHU HONOLULU, OAHU HONOLULU, OAHU CALIFORNIA APP. SCL4-NURSING INDIANA A. 8: S.-SOCI. APP, SCI,-CIVIL ENG, T.C.-SEC. AGR.---HOME ECON. HUI KAHU MA'I IPRESJ 4 T.C.-ELEM. SOCI. CLUB I, 3 ASCE 3, 4 YWCA I PHI SIGMA RHO 3, 4 YWCA I COMMERCE CLUB 2. 3, 4 TC CLUB 4 STUDENT DIRECTORY 3 KAMOTO, SAKIHAMA, SALVE, SYLVIA M. SAND, DONALD M. SASAKI, FRANK Y. SATO, HENRY K. ICHARD S. RICHARD Y- HONOLULU, OAHU WAHIAWA, OAHU NAALEHU, HAWAII WAHIAWA, OAHU ONOLULU, OAHU WAIANAE, OAHU APP. SCITNURSING APP. SCI.-GEN. ENG. A. 8: 5,1GOV. A. 8: 5.-SOCI. PP. SCI.1REC. BUS. AD-MDSE. HUI KAHU MA'l I, 2. 3, 4 ASCE I, 2, 3, 4 SABRE AND CHAIN 3, 4 BAPTIST STUD. UNION A I, 2, 3, 4 COMMERCE CLUB 2, 3, 4 ALPHA OMICRON I, 2, 3, 4 PHI KAPPA PI 3. 4 I. 2, 3, 4 ER CLUB 2. 3. 4 HALE O'KANE 2. 3, A O, ROY T. SAWADA, PAUL E. SCRUTON. GORDON L. SERA, GEORGE N. SERIKAWA, SHEPHERD, ILUKU, MAUI KAPAIA, KAUAI HONOLULU, OAHU PAIA, MAUI GARRETT K. CHESTER H. 5. AD,-ACC, A. G S.--ZOOL. APP, SCI.-CIVIL ENG. BUS. AD.-BANKING HONOLULU, OAHU DENVER, COLORADO 'RTON HOUSE I, 2, 3 HUI 0'HAUMANA I, 2, 3, 4 TRACK TEAM I, 8: FIN. BUS, AD.-ACC. A, 81 S,lECON, 1, 2, 3, 4 KCAPTJ 2, 4 NEWMAN CLUB I, 3, 4 COMMERCE CLUB I, 2, 4 HALE O'KANE ASCE I, 2. 3, 4 SABRE AND CHAIN 3, 4 YMCA I, 2 IVICE-PRESJ 4 ALPHA SIGMA NU 3, 4 , ICC 4 CLASS COUNCIL 4 83 SHIGA. JANET K. HONOLULU. OAHU T.C.-ELEM. YWCA I TC CLUB 3, 4 SH IGENAGA, ROY S. HILO. HAWAII AGR.--TROP. HORT. RAINBOW YEA 2, 3 ALPHA BETA 3, CTREASJ 4 4-H CLUB 2, 3, 4 SHIGETOMI, HELEN S. HONOLULU. OAHU A. B: 5,-SOCI. BAPTIST STUD. UNION SHlMv CONSTANCE S. Y. HONOLULU, OAHU T.C.-PRESCH.-PRIM, KA PALAPALA I. 2 TE. CHIH SHEH I, 2, 3, 4 84 SHIMABUKUROI ERNEST T. HONOLU LU, OAHU APP. SCI .--CIVIL ENG. ASCE I, 2, 3, 4 ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY 3. ROTC AMATEUR RADIO CLUB S, 4 4 SHIMAMURA, BARRY Y. HoNol.uLu, oAHU A. an s.-Gov, ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY 3, 4 BODF I CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP I, 3. 4 SHIGIHARA, SHIRLEY J. LAHAINA, MAUI T,C.--DENT, HYGIENE HALE LAULIMA I. 2 DENTAL HYGIENE SOC. 2. 3, 4 FREAR HALL 4 SHIMAZU. SADAKO PUUNENE, MAUI SHIMODA, JANE K. SHIMOMURA, I PAHOA. HAWAII PUUNENE, MAUI APP. SCI-NURSING APP. SCI,-REC. T.C.-PRESCH. HUI, KAHU MA'I I, 2, 3, 4 HUI 0'HILO 2 HUI POOKELA 4 HEPER CLUB 3, 4 MU5IC CLUB I. IPRESJ 2. 3, 4 ICC 2. ITREASJ 3 STUDENTS AT THE CHARTER DAY CONVOCATION INSATO, RAYMOND SHIRAE. KEIKO SHIRAISHI, PAUL N. SHIROMA, ALICE S. SHIROMA. EDWARD 5. WAIPAHU, OAHU WAHIAWA, OAHU HILO, HAWAII HONOLULU, OAHU OMAOPIO. MAUI APP. SCI.-MED, TECH. T.C.-SEC. APP. SCI.-CIVIL ENG. T.C.1ELEM. AGR.-GEN, AGR. YMCA I. 2 AGGIE CLUB I ASCE 3, 4 HALE 0'KANE 2, 3, 4 ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY 3. 4 VETS CLUB 2, 4 SHIROTA. FRANCES N. HONOLULU, OAHU A, 8: S.-CHEM. SIGMA PI SIGMA 3, 4 AMERICAN CHEM. SOC. IPRESJ 4 ETA LAMBDA KAPPA 2. 3, -85 4 sl-IIZURU. EUGENE HoNol.u1.u. OAHU A. a. s.-Gov. YMCA I. 2, 3. ITREAS. SABRE AND CHAIN 3, GOV. FELLOWSHIP 4 STRADLEY. MARGERY H. HONOLULU, OAHU T.C.-ELEM. K. 4 5 4 SIU. HOWARD S. F. HONOLULU. OAHU BUS. AD.1ACC. SUDA, STANLEY Y. HONOLULU. OAHU A. 81 5.-ANTHROP. -...U SIU. MARY H. C. HoNol.u1.u, OAHU APP. SCI.-NURSING YANG CHUNG Hux 1, 2. 3, 4 SUE, ROWENA K. F. HONOLULU. OAHU T.C.iELEM. CLASS IPRESJ I, 2 YANG CHUNG HUI I. 2. IPRESJ 3, 4 HUI POOKELA SOUZA. RICHARD HONOLULU, OAHU T.C.-SEC. FOOTBALL TEAM I. 2 PHI DELTA SIGMA I, 2. SUEISHI. NANCY T. PAHOA. HAWAII T.C.1SEC. 3,4 SUN, CYRUS B. H. SUN, LORRAINE P. S. SUNG. HENRIETTA s. K. SUZUKAWA. .IANEY H. HoNox.uu.u, OAHU HoNoLu1.u, oAHu HONOLULU. OAHU AIEA. OAHU Bus, AD.-PERS. ec T.C.--SEC. APP. sci.-MED, TECH. aus, AD,--OFFICE MGT. mn. REL. BETA BETA GAMMA 2, 3. 4 BETA BETA GAMMA ASUH cTREAs.y 4 PHI KAPPA Pl CSECJ 3. 4 CLASS SOCIAL COM. 3 I, 2, 3, 4 COMMERCE CLUB I, 2, 3. 4 commence 2, 3, 4 CHEMISTRY 2. 3 Asuv-1 AWARDS com. :-1 86 MED. TECH. CLUB I, 2, 3 STANICHI FRED A. HONOLULU. OAHU T.C,-ELEM. SUGITA, AMY E. HONOLULU. OAHU T,C,--ELEM. YWCA I, 2 BOG I CLASS ICOUNCILJ 3. ISECJ 4 STIRLING' PATRICIA H. NEW LONDON. CONNECTICUT T.C.-ELEM. SULLIVAN. BETTY HoNoLu1.u, oAHu A. Br S.-ART HI SUZUKI. MARGARET S. WAIPAHU. OAHU T.C iPRESCH.-PRIM, TC CLUB YWCA SUZUKI, RUTH S. EWA, OAHU T.C,-PRESCH.-PRIM FREAR HALL I. 2. IVICE-PRESJ 3, 4 COSMOPOLITAN CLUB CLASS PAPER LCO-EDITOR5 4 AGOMORI. MANABU KAHULUI. MAUI APP. SCI .-CIVIL ENG. CEI. 2. 3.4 KASAKI. GEORGE Y. HONOLULU. OAHU BUS. AD.-BANKING A FIN. TAKAESU. HARRIET H. PUUNENE. MAUI T,C,--SEC. YWCA I, 2, 3, 4 TC CLUB I, 2 HUI POOKELA 4 TAKAYAMA. JAMES H. WAILUKU, MAUI A. BI STSOCI. SABRE AND CHAIN 3. 4 TAKAMATSU, DANIEL I. HONOLULU. OAHU APP, SCI.-CIVIL ENG. ASCE 2. 3, 4 TAKEHIRO, HIROYE HONOMU, HAWAII T.C.-SEC. RAINBOW YEA 2. 3, 4 TC CLUB 2. 3 HUI 0'HILO 2, 3. 4 TAKAMUNE. SAKAE HONOLULU, OAHU 1'.C.-SEC. ELECTION CoM, 2, 3 TC CLUB I, 2 TAKEI. JOYCE T. HONOLULU, OAHU AGR.-HOME ECON. HOME ECON, CLUB I, 2, 3, 4 TAKANE. JAME HONOLU LU, OAHU T.C.-SEC. CANTERBURY CL I. 2. 3. 4 VETS CLUB 2, 3 UB SN. SABRE AND CHAIN 3. 4 TAKEMOTO. KENNETH M. HONOLULU, OAHU A. 8: S.-ART TRI ALPHA 2, 3, . 4 TAKARA. FRANCIS HONOLULU. OAHU A. 8: S,-ZOOL. YMCA I. 2. 3, 4 TAKENAKA. HAROL WAIALUA, OAHU T,C.-SEC. SABRE AND CHAIN 4 TC CLUB 4 INTRAMURALS I. 2 DH KENAKA. LESLIE E. TAKESHIRO, TAKETA. HIDEKO TAKEUCHI. TAKIGUCHI, JANE S. TAMASHIRO HARUMI ONOLULU, OAHU SHIRLEY M. KEALAKEKUA, HAWAII MILDRED M. EwA, OAHU LAHAINA, MAUI Bus. AD.--GEN. aus. KEALIA. KAUAI T.C.-ELEM. QLAA, HAWAII TC.-PRESCH.-PRIM. T.C.-ELEM. MMERCE CLUB I, 3, A T.c.-ELEM. KA PALAPALA 3 T,C.-SEC, vwCA I 'rc CLUB 3 som: 2, 3. A TC CLUB I, 2, 3 HUI POOKELA 4 TC CLUB I. 2, 3 YWCA I NEWMAN CLUB I. 2 YWCA I HUI o'I-IILo 4- COMMERCE CLUB 3 'rc CLUB 3 CHORUS 3 87 TAMURA, CLIF!-'OR WAIANAE, OAHU AGR.-ANIMAL. SCI. AGGIE CLUB 4 4-H CLUB 4 HUI O'HAUMANA 2 TANGO, ROBERT N. HILO. HAWAII A, 8: S.-BOT. TANAKA. LORETTA HONOLULU. OAHU A. Bc STSPEECH THERAPY K. TANAKA. PATSY S. HONOLULU. OAHU T.C.-PRESCH.-PRIM. WAKABA KAI I, 2. 3. 4 COMMERCE CLUB 2. 3. 4 CLASS COUNCIL I. 2 TANIGUCHI. JANE S. WAIMEA, KAUAI T.C.-ELEM. HALE LAULIMA I, 2 FREAR HALL 3 TC CLUB I, 2. 3 ICC 3 TANOUYE, HENRY S. HONOLULU, OAHU A. 8: S.-PUB. ADM. TANAKA, STANLEY WAILUKU. MAUI AGR.-TROP. CROP PROD. RAINBOW YBA I, 2. 3. AGGIE CLUB 3. 4 4-H CLUB 4 TANOUYE. TAKEO KONA, HAWAII BUS, AD,-ACC. COMMERCE CLUB 2, 3 HALE O'KANE I, 2, 3. VETS CLUB 2, 3 T. 4 4 TANAKA. TAMOTSU HONOLULU, OAHU A. 8 S.iHISTORY ASUH PRES, 4 ASUH SENATORS 3 NSA ICHMNJ 3 TATSUGUCHI. LOIS A. HONOLULU, OAHU 'I'.C.-SEC. RAINBOW YBA I, 2. 3, 4 HUI POOKELA IPRESJ 4 CLASS VICE-PRES. 3 TANDO. HERBERT S HONOLULU, OAHU BUS. AD.-GEN. BUS. COMMERCE CLUB I, 3, TENGAN, JAMES T. MAKAWAO, MAUI T,C.-SEC, SABRE AND CHAIN 3. 4 TC CLUB 3, 4 UHGA TERADA, NANCY M. THOMPSON, THURMOND, ETTA L. TOBA. HAROLD H. TODD, JUNE H. TODOROKI, KIKUK HONOLULU, OAHU ALEXANDER G., JR. CORFUS CHRISTI. TEXAS PUUNENE, MAUI HILO, HAWAII PAPAIKDU, HAWAII T.C.-ELEM. HONOLULU, OAHU APP, SCI,-NURSING AGR.-VOC. AGR, T.C.-SEC. T.C.-SEC. YWCA I A. E: S.iPUB, ADM. AGGIE CLUB I, 2. 3, 4 HUI O'HILO I, 2 TC CLUB 3 HUI LOKAHI 2, CSECJ 3, 4 4-H CLUB 2, 3, 4 CHORUS I, 2 HAWAIIAN CLUB 3 UNIWAI FFA I, 2, 3 88 NEWMAN CLUB I, 2, 3 DGAWA. ANN Y. HDNOLULU, OAHU T.C.-SEC. LTERISK IEDITOFU 3 I LEO IEDITORJ I. 2 IPUBLICITY ICI'-IMNJ A DMASU, CAROL S. HONOLULU, OAHU T.C.-PRESCH.-PRIM. TOKUNAGA, JEANETTE L. KIHEI, MAUI A. 8 S.--SPEECH THERAPY NEWMAN CLUB 1 KE ANUENUE 2, KSECJ IFRESJ 4 A CAPPELLA CHOIR 2 TOMIHARA, TAMOTSU HONOLULU, OAHU A. 8: S.--SOCI. TOM, BAILEY H. W. HONOLULU, OAHU BUS, AD.--ACC. VETS CLUB I. 2 COMMERCE CLUB TOMITA. CLARA 5. HONOLULU, OAHU T,C,-PRESCH.-PRIM. TC CLUB I. 2. 3 ORIENTAL LIT. SOC. I, 2, 3 YWCA I. 2. 3 TOM, DONALD A. HONOLULU, OAI-IU BUS. AD.-ACC. COMMERCE CLUB I. 2. 3. 4 NEWMAN CLUB I TONAI, WALTER HONOLULU, OAHU T.C.-ELEM. TOM, PATRICIA C. K. HONOLULU, OAHU T.C.-ELEM. YANG CHUNG HUI I, 2. 3. 4 NEWMAN CLUB I KA PALAPALA 2, 3, 4 TORRES. CARMEN KOHALA, HAWAII A. A S.--SPANISH NEWMAN CLUB B, 4 GAMMA CHI SIGMA 2, 3, 4 TOM. SHIRLEY K. H. HONOLULU, OAHU APP. SCI.-NURSING HUI KAHU MA'I I, 2. 3. YANG CHUNG HUI 2, 3. TSUGAWA, MAE T. HoNoLuLU. om-Iu A. A s.--Hlsronv 4 4 TSUMI. CAESAR S. UDE. MARGOT UDO. LILLIAN K. UEHARA, PEGGY H. UEHARA, WILBERT M. UEMOTO, JANE C. NOLULU. OAHU DEAREORN, MICHIGAN PIILO. I'IAWAII HILO, HAWAII HAWI, HAWAII HONOLULU, OAHU P, SCI.-CIVIL ENG. A. tl 5.-ADVT. ART T.C.-ELEM, T,C.-SEC. BUS. AD.-ACC. T.C,1PRESCH.-PRIM. TRI ALPHA HUI O'HILO 3 RAINBOW YBA 3, 4 COMMERCE CLUB 3, 4 TC CLUB I . SOC. CIVIL ENG. RAINBOW YBA 3 HUI O'HILO 3. 4 YWCA I. 2. 3. 4 89 .Hg "'l UEOKA, DAVID I. UESHIRO. SHIRLEY A. UEUNTEN, LILLY Y. UNO. LAWRENCE F. UYEDA, CHARLOTTE M. KAPAA. KAUAI HONOLULU. OAHU WAHIAWA, OAHU WAILUKU. MAUI HONOLULU. OAHU APP. SCI.-GEN. ENG. A. Er S.-PSYCH. T.C-SEC. A. 81 S.-PSYCH. A. 8: S.-SOCI. HUI O'HAUMANA I, 2, 3,4 YWCA I, 2. 3. 4 SOCI. CLUB 1, 2, 3 ASCE I, 2, 4 AWARDS COMMITTEE 2, 4 YWCA I, 2 ELECTION COMMITTEE 3, 4 UYEDA, HELEN S. UYEHARA, FRANK K. UYEHARA, JANE M. UZUMAKI. MARY T. WAKAHIRO. JAMES Y. HONOLULU, OAHU HONOLULU. OAHU HONOLULU. OAHU HONOLULU. OAHU PAAUILO, HAWAII AGR.-HOME ECON. APP. SCI.-CIVIL ENG. T.C.iSEC. T.C.1ELEM. T.C.-SEC. ASCE I, 2, 3, 4 WAKABA KAI I, 3, 4 PHI DELTA KAPPA 3, 4 CLASS COUNCIL 3 TC CLUB I, 2, 3, 4 YMCA 2. 3 UYEDA. FRANCES S HONOLULU. OAHU A. B: S.-SOCI. YWCA I, 2, 3, 4 SOCI. CLUB 2, 3 WAKAKUWA. STANLEY T. PAIA, MAUI A. Bc 5.-CHEM. V 'S 'Z 'I VEIA MOE STUDENT AFFILIATE 3 WAKAYAMA, GRACE Y. WAKUKAWA, JANE T. WANTLAND, WATANABE. WATANABE, RALPH T. WATAOKA, ADELI HONOLULU, OAHU HONOLULU. OAHU WILLIAM C. ESTHER W. HONOLULU, OAHU HONOLULU. OAHU T.C.-ELEM. T.C.--ELEM. SEMINOLE, OKLAHOMA HONOLULU. OAHU A. 8: 5.-PSYCH. T.C.-EI-ENV NEWMAN CLUB I, 2, 3, 4 YWCA I. 2, 3. 4 A. Bc S.-HISTORY A. 8: S.-SOCI. YMCA KA PALAPALA 3 A CAPPELLA CHOIR 2 KA PALAPALA IEDITORI YWCA I. 2, 3, 4 BODF SOCI. CLUB 3, 4 DELTA SIGMA RHO CANTERBURY CLUB 90 HONG KONG. CHINA BUS. AD.--PERS. 8: IND. REL. YESTROPP, NANCY A. WAUND. JOAN A. WILSON, ROBERT F. WITT, ANNE E. WONG. HERBERT K. J. WONG, KENNETH Y. K. AIEA. OAHU BELGRADE, MINNESOTA HONOLULU, OAHU ROANOKE, VIRGINIA HONOLULU, OAHU A, R 5.--PSYCH. AGR.-'VOC. HOME BUS. AD.-ACC. A. G S.-PSYCH. EIUS. AD.-GEN. BUS. AMMA CHI SIGMA I. 2, 4 ECON. VET5 CI--U5 I. 2 E, 1, 2. 4 Home Econ. COMMERCE CLUB 1. 2 V. FELLOWSHIP I. 2 CHI OMEGA WESLEY FOUNDATION I NG, LESTER H. Y. WONG, MEW CHOY C. WONG, STELLA Y. A. YAGI, JAMES T. YAHATA, GEORGE HONDLULU. OAHU HONOLULU. OAHU HONOLULU, OAHU HILO, HAWAII HILO, HAWAII PP. SCI.-MED. TECH, T.C.-ELEM, T.C.--SEC. BUS. AD.-GEN. BUS, T.C.'-SEC. WMAN CLUB I YANG CHUNG HUI COMMERCE CLUB I. 2, 3. 4 JUDO CLUB 3, IPRESJ 4 STUDENT DIRECTORY 3 ASUH POSTER COM. KA LEO 2 ICI-'MN.J 4 COMMERCE CLUB I. 2, 3, 4 YAMADA. HELEN Y. MOUNTAIN VIEW, HAWAII A. 8: S.-MATH. FREAR HALL 2, 3 RAINBOW YEA 2 PHI KAPPA PHI ADA, MASAE W. YAMAFUJI. BETTY M. YAMAGUCHI, CAROL Y. YAMAGUCHI. JEAN M. YAMAGUCHI, MITSURU ONOLULU. OAHU LAHAINA. MAUI HONOLULU, OAHU HONOLULU. OAHU WAIPAHU, OAHU .C.-ELEM. T.C.-PRESCH.-PRIM, A. 8: S.-MUSIC A. 8: S,-SPEECH BUS. AD.iGEN. BUS. TC CLUB I. 3, 4 MUSIC CLUB I. 2, 3. 4 THERAPY COMMERCE CLUB 2, 3, 4 4-H CLUB I YWCA I YAMAKI. EDWIN Y. EWA, OAHU AGR.1GEN. AGR. 4-H CLUB I. 2. 3. 4 AGGIE CLUB I, 2, 3, 4 UNIWAI FFA 2. 3 91 I I I I I 1 YAMAMOTO, GEORGE K. YAMAMOTO, LILLIAN K. ELEELE. KAUAI APP. SCI.-REC. KAUNAKAKAI, MOLOKAI T.C.-ELEM. SABRE AND CHAIN 3, 4 NEWMAN CLUB I, 2. 3. 4 HEPER CLUB 4 HAWAIIAN CLUB 3 YAMAMURA, JAMES HONOLULU, OAHU BUS. AD.-ACC. SABRE AND CHAIN 3. 4 COMMERCE CLUB 4 sms sm YAMASHITA, EDITH Y. YANG, THOMAS N. H. HONOLULU, OAHU WAHIAWA, OAHU A. 8: S--GOV. APP. SCI,-GEN. ENG. CANTERBURY I ASCE I. 2, 3, 4 GOV. FELLOWSHIP 4 TG 2, 3 92 YOKOYAMA, LARRY LAHAINA, MAUI AGR.-TROF. CROP PROD. AGGIE CLUB I, 2, 3, 4 ALPHA BETA 3, 4 YAMANAKA, STANLEY T. KOHALA, HAWAII APP, SCI.-CIVIL ENG. ASCE I, 2. 3. 4 SABRE AND CHAIN 4 HUI O'I-IAUMANA I, 2, 3 YONEMORI, KAY K. YOSHIDAI DOROTHY A. YOSHIDAI JANET I-IIL.o, HAWAII PAI-IALA, HAWAII HONOLULU. OAHU T.c.-ELEM. T.C.--ELEM. A- 8: 5.-ENG RAINBOW YBA 3, 4 RAINBOW YBA I, 2, :I HALE LAULIMA 3 'rc CLUB 2. 3 BCG CULTURAL COM. 'OSHlOKA, ELSIE S. YOSHIOKA, JANET K. YOSHIOKA. SYLVIA S. YOSHITAKE, YASUSHI xAPAA, KAUAI KAUNAKAKAI, Mol.oKA1 HONOLULU, om-qu wAxMEA, KAUAI 1'.c.-ELEM. A. A s.-PSYCH. T.C.-PRESCH,-PRIM. T.c.-ELEM. CA 1 BAPTIST STUD, UNION YwcA x 3 'rc CLUB I INBOVV YBA 2, 3. 4 fi.. YOUNG. DOLORES M. HONOLULU, OAHU u, ALLEN C. H. YOUNG, LULU, OAHU CLAUDETTE N. H. SCI.iCIVIL ENG. HONOLULU, OAHU T,C.-PRESCH.-PRIM. HUI 2. 3. 4 BUS. AD,-ACC. CANTERBURY CLUB VARSITY BASKETBALL YANG CHUNG HUI I. 2, 3, 4 I. 2. 3, 4 2, 3, 4 NEWMAN CLUB I, 2 TC CLUB I I f I I I YOUNG, EMMETT A. K. M. HONOLULU. OAHU BUS. AD.-PERS. 81 IND. REL NEWMAN CLUB I, 2 COMMERCE CLUB I, 2. YMCA I Vx DA, SYLVIA Y. YOSHIHARA, YOSHIHARA, RALPH J. YOSHIMOTO. mm: ELAINE A. KAHun.u1. wmux BEATRICE: R. s.-socx. HAIKU, wuur aus. AD.-Acc. HONOLULU, OAHU , T.C.-PRESCH.-FRIM. YMCA 1 T.C.-SEC. G, 51-UD, 'rc cLus 1 commence cm.ue1, 2, 3, 4 Musnc CLUB 1, 2, 3, 4 EL,-ow5H,p 2 A CAPPELLA cHom 3. 4 L CLUB 3, 4 BAND x, 2, 3, 4 YOSHIMOTO, STANLEY H. HONOLULU, OAHU AGR.-GEN. AGR. AGGIE CLUB I, 2.3, 4-H CLUB I, 2, 3. 4 ALPHA BETA 3, 4 YOSHINA. BYRON K. HILO. HAWAII A, 8: S.-ZOOL, KAPPA EPSILON THETA 3. 4 4 ATHERTON HOUSE 93 YUASA, ERNEST T. YUEN, JANE L. YUEN, MARION K. C. HONOLULU, OAHU HONOLULU, OAHU HONOLULU, OAHU APP. SCI.-CIVIL ENG. A. 8: S.iMATH. A. 8: S.-FINE ARTS ASCE 2, 3, 4 YANG CHUNG HUI I. 2. 3, 4 NEWMAN CLUB I, 2. HON. SOC. CIVIL ENG. 4 WUS KCHMNJ 4 TRI ALPHA 3, CVICE-PRESJ 4 YANG CHUNG HUI 2, 3, 4 YUEN, NANCY K. Y. HONOLULU, OAHU AGR.-VOC. HOME ECON. YANG CHUNG HUI I. 2, 3, 4 HUI POOKELA 4 ICC KVICE-PRESJ 3 ZANE, FRANCIS Y. 5. HONOLULU, OAHU BUS. AD.-ACC. TU CHIANG SHEH 2, 3, 4 50TH ANNIVERSARY ALUMNI GIFT AKIONA, MOSES JR. AKITA, WALTER TADASHI ANGEL. JOSE JR. AOKI, EDWIN SADAMU AONO, RAYMOND TETSUO ARAKAKI, MORRIS AKIRA ARAKI, HISASHI ASATO. YUKIO BARONA. ALFRED BELL, EDWARD KAUAKAHI BILLER. LESLIE ROY BRAMHALL, GROVER COLLINS BRUHN CAHILL, CHANG, CHOCK, CHOCK. CHONG. ,WILLIAM J. H. JR. CECIL MORRIS SAMUEL ING HING HERBERT HOO WAH RICHARD Y. S. WALTER FOOK LOY CHUN. JOHN YUEN JAN CHUNG, DONALD HUGH COURTENAY, KIMO C. CRIVELLO, PETER CUMMINGS, WILLIAM ARTHUR DEHARNE, HALDEN EMILE DELACRUZ, VICENTE DOI. STANLEY TOSHIO DRENNAN, EDWARD JEREMIAH DUDLEY, JESSIE BURKS JR. EBESUGAWA. BLESS K. EMILIANO. MANUEL JR. FERNANDEZ, ALFRED PAUL FONG. FRANCIS SING CHOY FUJII. PAUL HIDEO FUJIUCHI, GUY YUKIHIRO FUKUHARA, HIDEYASU FUKUMOTO, ICHIRO FUKUNAGA, IRVING TETSUO FURUBAYASHI. MORRIS MINORU FURUKAWA. HAROLD HIROMI FURUKAWA, MELVIN OSAMU GORTON. RAY DEE GOSHI, STANLEY SHIGEO GRUNDY. ROBERTA TIFFANY GULLETT, ROBERTA ROSE HA, YOUNG SOO HAMADA. ROY HAJIME HAMAMOTO, EDWARD ISAO HARADA. HENRY HIKOICHI HARADA. HOWARD MUNETOSHI HARRISON. DOROTHY SNYDER HASEGAWA, KIYOTO HATAKEYAMA. HERBERT TSUTAE HAYASHI, ROBERT KENJI HEDRICK. ROBERT WALTON HENNA, HENRY JOJI HEYER. ARDEN BOVEE HIGA, JAMES JENSEI HIGAKI, KAORU HIGAKI. TADASHI HIGGINS. NANCY HIROKAWA, GERALD ATSUSHI HIRONAGA. PATRICK ICHIRO HIROSE. JOAN YURIKO HIYAMA. DOROTHY AKIYO HOLCK. FREDERICK ALBERT HORIKAWA. NANCY N. HOSAKA, ROBERT MITSURU HOSHINO, KANAME ICHINOSE, FLOYD ROBIN IKAZAKI, MARIAN YASUKO ING, RUDOLPH KIM YAU INOUYE, CHARLES TAKESHI INOUYE, DORIS HISAKO ONO INOUYE. HENRY KIYOSHI JR. ISHIMOTO, EDWIN KAZUYASU JOHNSON. KURT EUGENE K. KAGAWA. ERNEST HICHISO KAGEHIRO. MINNIE SATSUYO KAIMOWITZ, BENITA R. KAITO, MASANORI KAMIKAWA, MACK YOSHINORI SENIORS NOT PICTURED KANDA, MIRIAM FUSAKO KANESHIRO, NOBORU KANNO, GEORGE YOSHIO KANNO, JAMES NORIO KATANO. NOBUO KATEKARU, ELAINE KIKUE KATO. JAMES IKUO KAU. VIVIAN CHIUAI KAWAKAMI, ISAMI KAWAMURA, KOSHUN KAWANO, DORIS NOBUKO KAWAOKA, JAMES SATORU KIJINAMI, YOSHIO KIMURA, KAY SUNAO KINOSHITA. MILDRED ISOBE KINUMATSU, FREDERICK Y. KOBASHIGAWA, CHARLES T. KOBAYASHI, HARRY TATSUO KOCHI. TOM KATSUMI KOIKE. WILL KENJI KOJIMA. GEORGE KOJIMA, SHOJI KONG KENNETH JOSEPH KOSAKA, CHARLES HIDEO KOSAKA. RICHARD TATSUJI KOSAKI, KAZUO KOSHI. JOHN KENJI KUNIMOTO. KENJI WILLIAM KURAMOTO, ALLEN ISAO KUROSAWA. ERNEST TSUTOMU LEE, HAROLD WING FAI LEE, SAM YIT LIU. CORA ELIZABETH LOWSON, BETTY BOONE LUM, FUJIKO KANADA LUM, ROLAND CARR KEE LYAU. RAYMOND KUI SIN MAKISHI, WILLIAM KOICHI MARSHMAN, MYLES M. MARUO, RICHARD SUKEKAZU MASTERS, WILLIAM DEBLOIS MATSUO, PAUL TAMOTSU MCLEAN, RONALD ALLAN MEKARU, TOSHIO MILLER, DAVID ROGER MILLER. MARY ANN BAKER MILLER, RICHARD BRYAN MIYASATO, RICHARD HIDEO MIYASHIRO, JINSUKE MIYASHIRO, TAKEMI MIYAZONO, KENNETH MASAO MOORE, ANNELIESE W. MORITA. BETTY YUKIKO MUKAI. STANLEY YUKIYOSHI MURAKAMI, ANDREW HIDENOBU MURAKAMI. CHARLES MATSUJI MURAKOSHI. STANLEY AKIO MURAOKA, SUEAKI MURAYAMA, KENNETH JITSUO NAITO, RAYMOND TETSUYA NAKAMA, FRANKLIN KINZO NAKAMURA. JOHN HARUO NAKAMURA, SHUICHI NAKATANI. CHARLES YOSHIO NERIO. LESLIE BENJI NISHIKAWA, FRANCES SADAKO NISHIMOTO, HERBERT TSUMORU NISHIMURA. GEORGE SUEICHI NISHIMURA. SIDNEY SHUNJI NOJIMA, ROY KAMEO NOUCHI, DORIS YURIKO ODA. FUMIO OIE. HERBERT KAZUTO OKAMURA. JAMES YOSHIO OKI. JANE T. KUBOKAWA OKIMOTO. RICHARD SAKAE OKUNAMI. ROYDEN MITSUTO OMON. OREN JUNJI OSHIRO. JOHN ISAMU OTAKE. STEPHEN SHOGO OTO, RALPH HIROMASA PAI, WILLIAM PYUNG HEE POLLARD. MARY V. QUINTAL, JOSEPH RICHARDSON. OVA K. ROSEHILL. RICHARD KAHIMOKU RUSSELL, GEORGE SAIKI, THOMAS TORU SAITO. CHARLES MASAAKI SAITO. MUNETATSU SAKAI, DAVID TAKUJI SATO. SADAO HAROLD SEGAWA, KAY SEIKO SERIKAKU. GEORGE YOSHIO SETO, YOOKO SHIGEZAWA. HARUO SHIMABUKURO. FRED MASATOMA SHIMABUKURO. PAUL GENJIN SHIMADA. BRUCE YOSHIYUKI SHIMIZU, GEORGE KIYOCHI JR. SHINTAKU, SHIZUO SHIRAE. TAKASHI SHIROMA, GEORGE SUEO SHIROMA. GEORGE TSUTOMU SODETANI. EUGENE TAKEO SOUZA. INEZ JOANNE STEPHEN, SYDNEY JAMES SUGAI. TAKEYUKI SUGIHARA. CAROLINE TAKIKO SUGIHARA. JAMES KOZO SUGIHARA, STANLEY SADAMU TABA, SEIKICHI TAKASHI, LLOYD YUKIO TAKASHI. WATARU TAKARA, FREDERICK HIROSHI TAKEMOTO. HENRY TADAAKI TAKUSHI, ROY HIROAKI TAM. ROGER HAROLD TAMURA, HERBERT KOICHI TANAKA, DONALD HARUO TANAKA, PAUL TAKASHI TANOUYE. TOKINORI TAOKA, CLARENCE HIROSHI TATEISHI, HOOVER YOICHI TENGAN. THOMAS TSUTOMU THOM, MARGARET YEE YUEN TONG. HAROLD B. TORIGOE, ELAINE FUMIE TRASK. JAMES KAUKUOHU JR. TSUHA, MITSUO TSUJIUCHI, CYNTHIA KINUKO TUPAS, JOEL LAWRENCE TUREK, FRANK UEHARA, GEORGE KIYOSHI UEHARA, HIDEKO UEHARA, SUEO UNO, FRANCIS MITSUO UNTEN, JOHN EIWA URATANI, TETSUO UYEDA, CALVIN SHIGEKI UYEDA, JEAN AYA VANLANDINGHAM, JOHN W. VILLA, RIZALINO WALKER, BILLIE JEANNE WATANABE. AMY YAEKO WATSON. MILBURN LEE WILL. RICHARD YOSHIO WON, HERBERT K. H. WONG, KENNETH WAH GUN YAMADA. HERBERT OSAMU YAMAMOTO, CALVIN TETSURO YAMANE, GEORGE MITSUGI YAMATO, HAROLD HISAYOSHI YASUDA, PAUL N. YASUHARA. HERBERT M. YEE, JOHN SHU CHEN YIM. GEORGE WAI YIN YOSHIDA. RICHARD S. YOSHIOKA. KAZUO YOUNG. RONALD YOU MING YOUNG, VERA YOOK ING YUEN, ROSE WAI FUN l JUNIORS WALTER SOGA, PRESIDENT This school year was an eventful one for all Juniors. It was a year of "firsts" as many new ideas were initiated into the program. Highlights of the activities were the first general class meeting which brought the class members together to discuss the improvement of our activities and the iunior sponsored Jr-Sr Prom held at the Bamboo Terrace of the Princess Kaiulani Hotel. Among the various service proiects were the beautification of the parking lot and the Christmas mail distribution at the Campus Mailroom. Other events included a student-faculty picnic and a series of debates on Marriage and Family responsibilities. Climaxing the activities was the semi-formal Aloha dance honoring the junior ROTC members. The Junior Council was led by Walter Soga, presidentf Helen Tanabe, vice- president: Mabel Ihara, secretaryy and Patsy Murakami, treasurer. Committee chairmen were Esther Higa, special activitiesg Edwardo Menor, public relationsf Karen Okumura, newspaperg George Miyamoto, serviceg and Joyce Kono, social. Senators of the iunior class were Ronald Au, George Higa, Robert Ueoka, and Charles Yasunaga. Advising was Mrs. Florence Maney. HELEN TANABE MABEI. IHARA PATSY MURAKAMI MRS. FLORENCE MANEY VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER ADVISOR JUNIOR COUNCIL-FRONT ROW: MRS. FLORENCE fVf"'H3HLI'"fi5i?ZfQ,?vm'I'R""fk' 'mb H MANEY. ESTHER HIGA, WALTER SOGA, JOYCE KO- V- ' 5 .'4,L1i5-.Bti Y " 'Q NO, KAREN OKAMURA. SECOND ROW: GEORGE :'1'j" HIGA. MABEL IHARA, EDWARDO MENOR, HELEN ' TANABE. GEORGE MIYAMOTO. 1 '1 CLASS OF '58 MOMENTS TO REMEMBER-JUNIOR--SENIOR PROM 4 h as .gm N. r Q .n , , H I t x G .,. .,, .fa , xv VL' , ' 1 44 .Q f A x f '- . 15x?!,,' 1 JUNIORS HARD AT WORK ANYONE FOR A GAME? saw s L A 1 4 f" A ,X 3 . i X mfg? :mmm w ilif-,L L A-fa ,Q , 1 a syn 5,-TC' -L va x,Qf'E' ALL ffrirmh i SOPHOMORES BERNADINE TOM, PRESIDENT The past year has been "tops" for the Class of '59. With the cooperation, teamwork, and class spirit possessed by the class otticers, committee chairmen, and Senators, the year was one of constant activ- ity. We'll always remember "Fifi", our class veep, for his laughable manners and jolliness. Flora, the class secretary, was one of the most valuable Council members, because of her efficiency and class spirit. Robert, treasurer for the class, was initiator of many new ideas and was one of the "sparkplugs" of the Council. Gracyne, one of the more conservative members, contributed dignity and respect to the meetings. The "Mexican jumping bean"-Jean, is always iumping with vitality and pep. Then there was Asahi, the gal with the winning smile, and Lillian, one of the most diligent committee chairmen. The Sophomore Senators, Elsie, Frank, Henry, and Vernon, promoted all the Soph activities and represented the class in every way and means. And who will ever forget the "guiding light" of the Sophomore Class, Miss Prexy, Berna? Last, but by no means least, is Dr. Don Gustason, the class advisor. .x 1 V ' I . -Y-I f 1. RALPH OHARA FI-ORA KAWAMCTO ROBERT OSHIMA vlcz-PREsxoEN1' SECRETARY TREASURER SOPHOMORE COUNCIL-FIRST ROW: JEAN MI- HATA, LILLIAN KITAGAWA, GRACYNE KAGIHA- RA, ASAHI TAKAKUWA. FLORA KAWAMOTO. SECOND ROW: BERNADINE TOM, RALPH OHA- RA. HENRY IWASA, ELSIE LOO. VERNON KAJI- WARA, ROBERT OSHIMA. "MISSING: DR. DON GUSTASON, ADVISOR. H CLASS OF '59 UH'ERS MAKE MERRY AT A CLASS SOCIAL I AH! HECTIC REGISTRATION WEEK! PREXY BERNA IN DEEP THOUGHT . ..F-1 a Wm we xx A 1 mu In-A I ws. ms .ya mf I 1- Y .1 A mfg f . V' H X AWGN X -I -,Q . ga, nz If QQ, .sw , was 3 .mx sf -.W M FRESHMEN ARTHUR GOTO- PRESIDENT The 50th year of activity was the beginning for the Class of 1960. The spirited individuals of this class were not content to sit idly on the sidelines and watch the upperclassmen participate in various activities. With the organization of the Freshmen, activities were planned accordingly. Commencing in November, they included a general mixer, a new-student Frosh dance, the Sophomore Prom, and a service canteen. Service in the community was also an objective of this class. Favors for service personnel, solicitations for World University Service and a clean-up drive for Founder's Gate were several of the activities. Future potential was evidenced by the publication of the Freshman News- paper, debates between members of the class, and a colorful championship booth in the Pan-Pacific Festival. Already, plans are being made for the coming year with fun activities and scholastic achievement topping the list of goals. The success of this past year will go down in the annals of time as iust a small portion of the cooperation and spirit to be seen in the future. ss a SE? aj? 'SN 5 5 .lunm-I no l.n.l.lAN KQGA 'roonu I-:ARA Miss wlNlFRsn Isl-uMo1'o VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER ADVISOR FRESHMAN COUNCIL-FIRST ROW: MELVIN SA- 1 KAGUCHI. CEDRIC CHONG. SECOND ROW: DONNA KANG. CAROL MIYABUCHI. MILDRED TERAGAWACHI. THIRD ROW: RONALD LEE. LILLIAN KOGA, CLAREEN OKIMURA, JUDITH ITO. V72 I fm 'fx CLASS OF '60 9 S lJA y T L K V, , X TQ Y W - W , . '. W f . L ' - . R ' 31, f. , J if 5 V V f r. I rl' A I' 'V X . -f M i' 5f-ww?--'- . I .1 -' .f T T 11' V W 1 4 : ' f r - 'F-5 ,f , ' I , , . - "i ', ' A 163.11 , l, 5 N. 4 Jwlill. ,. ' Ak 2 WINNERS OF THE FROSH EXTEMPORANEOUS SPEECH CONTEST - - 3 ruf..,. -M , ,. ff- . ss M-., ,f H .. ms ns? Bw n M xmm,-, FROSH SHOW THEIR INGENUITY AT ORIENTATION CAMP HAVE YOU VOTED? NO? EEN - a n assi ms ,ws Q , seg, A mi my, xx mn ..m,?m an 5 . as W .Ax 3. .,x . mx mN4l Wigs- ua ss X , ma m as Q H 1 Y. ' 1 .41 ' ' 'l '- I .bu X S :ECE ,SL A A K ffiiegf' A bf: Nqr ' :ffz - 1 J. A A ,157 R qu, - 2 X BEN DILLINGHAM AT FROSH CAMP 1 PQ 1 1 .A f x 1 V 3521.2 ..: .a:a:5 isa: ., 1 N- ..-.- 1 - --M-w.. . .::.:f -1.:.H.:.:. :, ...M ,.... 5, W ....... .. ..... . ..,. .... ...... . . , . ,. -s1 g:5: fg::g:a:--::a:asa:a.:.: ,:a:-:ga me ' " " ff my N 4 ....... cf., : :. :.:::e. + 4 AEEEEE " :Ii EEE? X .. ,.,., .,,,,.,., ...,... c :Q Mm ,.,. Y . 2122215252525 4.1 ...:-:rf W.:-:-::qg,5,:,:, X35 -EEE-:: ??sEs:s2? I:i . . 5 .3,:,::: .. .sf , If-2:52 ms: 1 .za Q35 5:a:a:i- , ,.: M.,-w:::,,,:g 3 V ffifigs Z.. Xxisaaaw gaaasii xy. f iii! ....E:.5::f xv X5 9-K 5 . sf, 'Q A 3 7, a' 4 f A 1 ,K I fr ,K J .5 X P 4 4 x . N X x S N w. 4 S Q 5, Q E I , yn C 4 2 , C Y' X ' ff 48 LTWQQWW mei sf 7 ASUH PRESIDENT TAMOTSU TANAKA A bigger, better New Student Orientation Week ini- tiated student activities. The BODF had a successful Fresh- man Extemporaneous Contest. Spirit and Rally led the students in cheering our winning football team. Home- coming was a fitting culmination of the football season since the team triumphed over San Jose and the campus was filled with visiting alumni. Ka Palapala Beauty Pageant again drew a bevy of beauties. Pan Pacific Fes- tival expanded its activities and more clubs and students participated in the May Day program before a large gathering of friends, parents, and tourists. The second annual Model United Nations was an active replica of the original UN. The theme of all student activities this year emulated that of the Fiftieth Anniversary symbol of Lono. Each event maintained the theme in some fashion. The Senate undertook the proiect of sponsoring a Hungarian student to study at our University. A fund drive in December raised 5600.00 for the Hungarian Re- lief. Later an active campaign in the community and on campus netted enough funds to support one student. Up to printing time official notification that a student is avail- able has not been received. Also constitutional changes clarified the position of unclassified students in accordance with a new ruling. JANN YUEN AUDREY ANN CHAR VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY JANEY SUZUKAWA MISS PEGGY YORITA TREASURER FINANCIAL COUNSELOR ASSOCIATED STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF HAWAII Under the capable leadership of President Ta- motsu Tanaka, the ASUH Senate made several maior advances. The annual ASUH-sponsored proiects, such as Orientation, Homecoming, the Ka Palapala Beauty Pageant of Nations, and the Pan-Pacific Festival followed closely the theme of the 50th Anniversary. All of these events drew large crowds of students and alumni mem- bers. An impressive awards assembly climaxed a very successful year for the student govern- ITIEDI. Those who served in the senate during the year were as follows: Seniors-Kay Kimura, Liborio Ramelb, George Nakano, Samuel Chang, Juniors -Bob Ueoka, George Higa, Charles Yasunaga, Ronald Au, Sophomores-Elsie Loo, Henry lwasa, Frank Forbes, Vernon Kaiiwara, Freshmen-Dom na Kang, Cedric Chong, Barbara Tani, Melvyn Yap. BOARD OF GOVERNORS The responsibility of supervising and coordinating activities at The student- faculty-alumni social center, popularly known as Hemenway Hall, is assumed by a Board of Governors. The Board is composed of eight students, three faculty members, an alumnus, and the two ex-officio Program Counselors. The Board sponsors a program that furnishes adequate opportunities for students to express and develop themselves socially, culturally, and recreationally, and provides for the proper rnaintenance of theHallg1d its facilities." Hemenway gall is a 'member of the NACU. f V- '-'Rl' ,. , llf Sill!" .illE:n'. . 'fgwl A' Q . ,, - ....4g ""'- HILDA YEE VIVIAN WACHI CAROL SAKAI FRED KAWAHARA J. HALLEY COX ANDREW IN WINIFRED ISHIMOTO MARY LOU LIVINGSTON SOSA '4.q,A el JANN YUEN BERNARD SAITO The Student Organization and Social Activities KSOSAJ Committee consists of six students frecom- mended by the ASUH Senatei and four faculty members who are appointed by the President of the University. The Director of the Bureau of Student Activities serves as ex-officio. Among the student members are the ASUH vice-president, an ICC officer, and a BOG officer. 116 fi if' lik l , c-di A f f BETSY FUJIMOTO MISS SUSAN DANIELS The Committee is responsible for establishing rules and policies governing social and recrea- tional activities Cexclusive of athletics! of student organizations both on and off the campus. The fact that an activity of a University organization is carried ongaway from the campus does not re- move it from the iurisdiction of this Committee. Students and faculty are welcome to attend the regular meetings. i BOP ATHERINE SI-IIMABUKURO RICHARD MIYAO TAMOTSU TANAKA WILLIAM KWON JAMES PROSSER ANN TOGAWA DOROTHY MILES GEORGE NAKANO MR. WILLIAM DAVENPORT MISS PEGGY YORITA The Board of Publications is an administrative student-faculty-administration group created by the ASUH for all ASUH budgeted publications. Ka Palapala, Ka Leo O Ha- waii, student directory and the student handbook are included within its iurisdiction. Many lengthy meetings were held this yearf however, the adoption of a standard operating procedure by a previous board minimized the work of this year's board. ,.A"""N Rs- l'l7 BILL WANTLAND LEI SNIFFEN EDlTOR'S MESSAGE: The year 1956-57 proved To be a most unfortunate one for The Ka Palapala yearbook. Great plans were conceived To make this one The most memorable in the history of The University of Hawaii publications. Two new features were To be added, The most noticeable being The expansion of The '57 Ka Palapala To 292 regular pages and 28 divisional pages, marking The first Time that the publication would be composed of more Than 300 pages. The other addition was to be an index of all The students pictured in The yearbook, listing on what pages each individual could be found. Unfortunately, These plans did not materialize. Further- more, because ot The lack of pictures, The Activities and Athletics Sections had to be eliminated. Nevertheless, an important milestone was accomplished with the printing ot the '57 Ka Palapala. This was The addition of one inch in width and length in The size of The pages, making This year's publication 9 inches by 12 inches as contrasted to the 8 x 11 inch yearbook ot the past. The completed '57 Ka Palapala has been The result oT the combined effort ot three editors: Richard Chong, '57 graduate, who served from September, T956 to August, 19577 Bill Wantland, '57 graduate, who assumed the position from September to December of T95-7, and, Lei Sniffen, Class ot' '58 who completed The work from January To May ot 1958. ELECTIONS ELECTIONS-FIRST ROW: MARIAN KITAMURA, MARIAN ADACHI, BERTHA NUMAZU. GLADYS CHINEN. SECOND ROW: ELEANOR YAMAGATA. VERENA WONG, RUTH KONDO, ELEANOR KI- TAMURA, JANET HIRAOKA, AUDREY ANN CHAR, GEORGE NAKASATO. The Election Committee of the ASUH handles all ASUH elections including those for executives, class officers, senators, and beauty queens. During the first semester, the committee conducted elections for frosh officers and senators, BOG members, song and cheer leaders, iunior senator and Home- coming Queen. Second semester included the election of ASUH Executive officers, class officers, senators, and Ka Palapala Beauty Queens. . The Finance Committee is composed of the ASUH Treasurer, as chairman, four voting members of the Senate, the Executive Secretary of the ASUH, a representa- tive from the University Business Office, and a faculty advisor. It is one of the most important committees of the ASUH since it handles all financial matters of the ASUH. Its biggest task is to prepare in May the annual budget for approval by the Senate and ultimately by the Board of Regents. lt establishes the financial policies and procedures for the ASUH. lt also investigates and makes recommendations for Senate action on all requests by ASUH commit- tees and departments for transfers of funds and for additional amounts. FINANCE V FINANCE-FIRST now: PEGGY YORITA, JANEY SUZUKAWA, RONALD Au. SECOND ROW: AUDREY ANN CHAR,'GEORGE NAKANO. ' , l STUDENT COURT STUDENT COURT--LEFT TO RIGHT: CLAYTON CHING, BILL MCINTIRE, PETER LEONG, BARRY SHIMAMURA, KATHY SHIMABUKURO. The student court is given the final word on all ASUH constitutional matters and on cases arising from ASUH .Senate legislation. It was comprised of a com- pletely new set of iustices. Chief Justice Peter Leong presided over the year's sessions with two representatives each from the senior, iunor, and sophomore c asses. One of the most important advances in the ASUH was the Model UN General Assembly under General Secretary Tamotsu Tanaka. This year it was held the early part of April. Students represented the different countries and carried on sessions similar to that of the United Nations General Assembly. MODEL UN GENERAL ASSEMBLY MODEL UN GENERAL ASSEMBLY-FIRST ROW: PEDRIC REA. JOHN CARTWRIGHT, NORMAN SHIOTA. SECOND ROW: PERCY CHEE, RALPH OHARA, BERNARD SAITO. HERBERT HORIUCHI. . --sm'--agile . P4 5 . gq,Qi937P9'c'L 'K-Bm? Si 1 FROSH ORIENTATION FROSH ORIENTATION-FIRST ROW! BERNARD SAITO, BERNADINE TOM, RONALD AU, ELEANOR KITAMURA, RALPH OHARA. SECOND ROW: HELEN TANABE, CAROL GOTO, ELSIE LOO, PERCY CHEE, FRED KAWAHARA, ELSIE HIGA. I Avfw A I, SPIRIT AND RALLY SPIRIT AND RALLY-Fms'r Row: CAROL MATSUDA, UNIDENTIFIED, GRACYNE KAGIHARA, MARLENE SOARES, MIDGE THOMPSON. MARILYN LOCHNER. BARBARA SHELL. sEcoNo ROW: ALLEN YOSHIDA, GERALD WONG, WALTER SOGA, .JOSE BULAFAO, DANIEL woNG, FRED GILL, NORMAN BEzoNA. 'Irma Mm:-Q wwgg-mvwg 3 ,MEM-4 www, Qkgm' LRE ass HQEFQ w I-RYIQQEEH E-A ,-AXE Q img - A Emma ww awww 4 E fm- mf:-E ' , -m,,,.,, E .. . 'E E V EQSAA A rx H E A AWARDS POSTERS AWARDS-FIRST ROW: JEAN FUJIMORI, PHYLLIS KAMAGA. SEC- POSTERS-FIRST ROW: HAROLD HAYASHI, BOE OSHIMA, RONALD OND ROW: HENRY LOO, EDDIE MENOR, HARRY CHING. AU. SECOND ROW: WALTER SOGA, AUDREY ANN CHAR, ELSIE SUR, AMY OKAMOTO, ELSIE LOO, JAMES YAGI. DIRECTORY STUDENT DIRECTORY-JOAN WONG, ELSIE LOO, BARBARA ZANE. HOMECOMING The two-day Homecoming celebration began on November 30 with classroom lectures by alumni and club displays. The Adna Clarke Trophy for the rifle match between students and alumni went to the latter. Booths displayed a variety ot 'Foods for the visitors. A Golf Fest, combination pep-rally and variety show, ialopy parade and water show carried through the spirit of Homecoming through the day to the UH-San Jose game. The day after witnessed a softball game between alumni and students, an alumni-sponsored dinner honoring the football team and a packed BOG Homecoming Dance. HOMECOMING-FRONT ROW: JANET HIRAOKA, ELSIE LOO. MRS. ANITA MOEPONO, NORMA AU. PEGGY YORITA, LEI SNIFFEN. SECOND ROW: HENRY LOO, FRANKLIN LUKE, HENRY IWASA, FRANKLIN KHO, MILTON GOO. The 50th Anniversary committee, a special committee for this year, led a very busy year planning activities for the ASUH. Prominent among its activities were a window display and a speech contest. lt also gave helpful hints to the other committees in planning activities that would center around the theme of the 50th Anniversary of the University. 50TH ANNIVERSARY SOTH ANNIVERSARY COMMITTEE-FRONT ROW: BERTHA NUMAZU. ELSIE LOO, BERNADINE TOM. SECOND ROW: HENRY IWASA, MAEDENE LIU, LOIS TATSUGUCHI, WALTER SOGA. PAN PACIFIC FESTIVAL-FRONT ROW: KAY OYAMA, PEGGY YO- RITA, AUDREY ANN CHAR, JANET HIRAOKA, LEONA LEE, LE! SNIFFEN. MARY GUTHRIE. SECOND ROW: DIANE WOODWARD, IWALANI LUM, VICTORIA TSE, ELAINE CHUN, HENRY IWASA. NORA OGIMOTO, ED YOON. THIRD ROW: MILTON GOO, RICHARD SAKAMOTO, HENRY LOO, HAROLD LEE, RONALD AU, VERNON KAJIWARA. PAN PACIFIC Lei Day with bright muumuus and aloha shirts, brilliant flowers and fragrant leis, throbbing drums and Hawaiian music, set the pace for the ninth annual Pan- Pacific Spring Festival on April 27. Campus organizations vied with each other to build the most original food booth in the international village or to enter the most beautiful lei into the floral exhibits, departments held open house and displayed to the public exhibits of interest that pertained to their work, aquacades, fashion shows, pageants all crowded themselves into a busy day. Lei Day was indeed a time to be reminded again of the mosaic-like structure of Hawaii's culture and of the international character of the University of Hawaii. HONORARIES ALPHA BETA Alpha Beta was organized as an honorary fraternity for students in agriculture. The purposes are to encourage a high level of scholastic achievement among students maioring in agriculture and to promote better social relationship among its members. OFFicers for the year were Clarence Garcia lpresidentj, Tadashi Higaki Cvice-presidentl, Larry Yokoyama lsecretaryj, and Roy Shigenage Ktreasurerl. 'IST ROW: STANLEY YOSHIMOTO, KENNETH KAWAMURA, TIMOTHY LAU, WILFRED CASTRO, ROY SHEGINAGE, STANLEY OSHIRO. ZND ROW: DEAN WADSWORTH, ALAN PETERSEN, CLARENCE GARCIA, JOSEPH FONG, LARRY YOKOYAMA, TADASHI HIGAKI. The only senior women's honorary society on campus, Hui Pookela was organized in 1928 in order to serve the University and the community and to encourage scholarship among the fem- inine elements of the student body. Membership in the society is determined by qualifications in the fields of service, leadership, character and scholarship. President Lois Tatsuguchi led the club through its year of activities and Miss Peggy Yorita served as advisor to the members. H HUI POOKELA FIRST ROW: LOIS TATSUGUCHI. SAU JEAN GOO, NANCY YUEN, ROWENA SUE, ELSIE SHI- MOMURA, HARRIET TAKAESU. SECOND ROW: MILDRED TAKEUCHI, EVELYN LAU. MURIEL KAMADA, LAURA KAJIWARA. ANNETTE LUM. PEGGY YORITA. ALBERT RAGSAC, WING COMMANDER SABER AND CHAIN Sabre and Chain, an organization composed of officers in the University of Hawaii ROTC, has a two-fold purpose-to create a spirit of comrade- ship among its members and to assist the ASUH in all worthy activities. The year began with a luau at the ROTC summer camp at Fort Lewis, Washington. The luau was followed by a picnic at Hanauma Bay and socials with various campus clubs. The year's activities hit a climax with the Joint Operations Ball and a gala graduation banquet. ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY The Hickam Squadron, Arnold Air Society, is a national honorary fraternity for the advanced Air Force ROTC cadets. The purpose of this or- ganization is to further the mission ot the United States Air Force at college and university level by encouraging greater teamwork, cooperation and technical knowledge among the cadets enrolled in advance Air Force ROTC. In its seventh year, the activities for the year included co-sponsorship of the military ball, an orientation flight to Kilauea Military Camp in Hilo, and a graduation banquet. TAMOTSU TANAKA. REGIMENT COMMANDER PHI BETA KAPPA The Phi Beta Kappa Society, founded at the College of William and Mary in 1776, is devoted to the support of liberal education and to the encouragement and recognition of scholarship. Alpha Chapter of the University of Hawaii was founded in 1952. Each spring the chapter elects to membership liberal arts seniors and juniors who have demonstrated high scholarship, prefer- ence is given to the student whose program is of a broad cultural nature including work in math- ematics and languages. The chapter also makes an annual book award in recognition of outstand- ing sophomores studying in liberal arts. TOP PHOTO-FIRST ROW: NORMAN MELLER, ALLAN KANDA, WILLIAM MASTERS, PAUL TANAKA, RICHARD NI- SHIOKA, MASAO SAKAMOTO, ALLAN SAUNDERS, EDGAR VINACKE. SECOND ROW: HERBERT OIE, JANE HAMA- MOTO, DOROTHY FUJINAGA, KATHERINE WERY, ELIZABETH SINGER, GROVE DAY, THAYNE LIVESAY, HERBERT WEAVER. THIRD ROW: WATARU TAKAHASHI, JANE YUEN, RUTH IAMS, BERNHARD HORMANN, ANDREW LIND, JAMES FUJIMURA, EARL BILGER. BOTTOM PHOTO-FIRST ROW: C. M. CAHILL. ANNELIESSE MOORE, JOSEPH KAU, MINAO KAMEGAI, STANLEY HEE, MARGARET BRAND. SECOND ROW: GERALDINE CHASE. NANCY WESTROPP, ARTHUR KIRKPATRICK, SHELLEY MARK, JOHN FERGUSON, FRANCES SHIROTA, CLARA JENSEN. THIRD ROW: DANIEL TUTTLE, BEN NORRIS, ALBERT BERNATEWICZ, SHUNZO SAKAMAKI, HELEN YAMADA, BEVERLY CRUZE, JOHN REDMOND, TAMOTSU TANAKA. OMICRON DELTA KAPPA The national honor society of Omicron Delta Kappa was founded in 1914 at Washington and Lee University in Virginia. There are about ninety "circles" established throughout the uppermost universities in the United States at the present time. The primary purpose of the organization is to honor student achievement in campus activities and scholarship, with emphasis being qualitative excellence in both. Membership is confined to iunior and senior men possessing an accumulative grade point minimum of 3.0 and a required number of maior activities. This includes leader- ship performances in scholarship, student government, athletics, student publications or speech and dramatic arts. Officers for the year included Tamotsu Tanaka Cpresidenti, Seiii Naya Kvice-presidentl, and Dean Harold M. Bitner fsecretary-treasureri. .TIT OMICRON DELTA KAPPA-FRONT ROW: PERCY CHEE. FRANKLIN LUKE. HAROLD TAKENAKA. ROBERT IWAI. SECOND ROW DAVE KITTLESON, CLARENCE FERREIRA, ICHIRO FUKUMOTO. PAUL HUMNIEL, HERBERT HEE. RELIGIOUS rg, " "PQ-. I ,II r, -V ' ,vm . Rum I .E H 'VH I I - ,.uf',...l'i . YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION 4 .QB-I ' ...V - I N fam- ' 1,4 11 k. Iu- 'S . "xI.g,"fV'E zz A I -9"aX'?Jg ' VV , , -,N .V-7 jpg. 1. fx ' 1 iw.. J.. I I, " ,v 'bei X ' 'JI I Ni-' ' 'Ill-.ltxv 'F. ' WS' ' ' I ' I 'B V -.-f ' " 'J Sl ,J -Ig' L . . ',""L,"'l.xb.l X If 4 RAINBOW YOUNG BUDDHIST ASSOCIATION W: W' . YE.: 2-I-HS -.564 -f,..1,pa, ' 4 Q ," A - yin'-" V . ,I x fff ,-4 ,L- k - N JZ.. 4s CONGREGATIONAL STUDENT FELLOWSHIP UH CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP Hx .gl .W f N X-5 .. , 'N A. - x 'Yi 5' NEWMAN CLUB " .a'f:m'v' 2.51 5 ,.,...:. get E Kar f f .,'. 1 QL, Q. I 1 1 Z I . A-,. 139 Methoclust Student Fellowship changed Its name to Wesley Foundation in Novem The Wesley Foundation was very active during the past year, carrying out numerous servsce prolects and social functlons, and partlcnpatung in all the Uni lx,Yl- Q -L WESLEY FOUNDATION FRONT ROW JEAN MIYASHIRO BARBARA LIM JEAN MIHATA, BETSEY IIDA, PATRICIA OKABE, PEARL KAM. SECOND ROW JANE FUNAKOSHI PAT SAKAI SYLVIA PARK MARY OKAMOTO SHIRLEY KAM, BERYL UYEHARA. DORIS IMAMOTO, THIRD ROW RAYMOND SATO LESTER SHIMABUKURO DAVID PUNG CHARLES KOCH! RONNIE MALINE, PAUL NUHA, FRED SANJUME awww 'fn' SHIQSNJE- is -ss , I E Q I dw ,xv gg? EEE " xi-. - ' w ax' l In keepmg with the natlonal Methodust Student Movement, the University ,, ,ss Hxwag. .g.. METHODIST UNDATION 1 .x EXECUTIVE COUNCIL-HERBERT NAKASONE. VICE-PRESIDENT: GRACE NAKAMU- RA, PRESIDENTg VIOLET YUEN SECRETA RYQ GENE YOSHINAGA, TREASURER. COOKING SESSION: ELEANOR FUNAKOSHI, HERBERT NAKASONE, SHIRLEY KAM. WESLEY FOUNDATION-FRONT ROW: MARY NAKAMURA, ELAINE OKIHIRO, STELLA KANESHIRO, FRANCES NAKATA. VIOLET YUEN, ROSE NAKATA. SECOND ROW: CAROLE TOKUSHIGE. FLORENCE MORITSUGU, BETTY YOSHIMURA, CLARA KANESHIRO, CAROL BILLINGS, ALICE MORITSUGU, MARY SAKURAI. THIRD ROW: DAVID PUNG, SHUZO KIMURA, GENE YOSHINAGA, CLARENCE MORIMOTO, HERBERT NAKASONE, DAVID ARAKAKI. HARRY GINOZA. ' L.1F - -. juviw 1 I -w I 'T Biff 'Fm-.At Him we -'N SORORITIES 'Fx J YANG CHUNG HUI Thirty-two years ago Yang Chung Hui was organized to promote Chinese culture and cooperation with ASUH. The year's activities began with the annual rush tea at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Hung Wai Ching. In quick succession came the initiation, Chinese cultural tea, caroling, ushering, helping with the Narcissus Festival, selling sweetbread for the scholarship fund, sponsoring the Mother's Day tea and entering into social activities. The year was clirnaxed by an induction ceremony and the senior banquet. 'W Aff - 1. ! ' .-:--, , ' , ,.,, ,l:, . g :.,. .:.: if' "Q, KF, , "1 mmm-. , - 5. ' ,:g s w- " . 'L . ' V' 5? J ets" 'IST ROW: EVELYN LAU, JANE YUEN, PATRICIA TOM, MARIAN YUEN, WINIFRED AMAI. ZND ROW: LYDIA LEONG, LORETTA LEONG, BAR- BARA CHING, LOTUS LEONG. CLAUDETTE YOUNG, MAILI CHUN. BRD ROW: DIANA CHEE, VICTORIA YOUNG. PATSY DUNG. PRISCILLA TONG, EUNICE LIU, LOIS YUEN. vw l K f we . 1 , 1 it f I U -1 V ..,. V ,, 1 A i 4 . is EM C' "' -wt l' ' f' 'izit .vw . of- IE' ,.., I ' Z uzn - 1 c , t sv- . ,. E: .S g A N l . BETA BETA GAMMA The Beta Beta Gamma sorority began its program with a rush tea in Septem- ber. This was followed by a week of pledge initiations which was climaxed by an overnight camp. The new members were installed at a banquet in February. Their crowded calendar included an annual Christmas party, socials with on- campus clubs, camping trips, and participating in the Homecoming and Pan-Pacific festivities. Social functions were set aside when time came to plan and carry out the money-making and community proiects. NEOPHYTES OF BETA BETA GAMMA SORORITY l ' , l Q., , ,H 1 rw ,H 4' -Q :EL- AL., T . 1ST ROW: JUDY CHAPPELL, SUSIE RESONER, JAQUE FROST, EFFIE LOU CAMPBELL, CHARLOTTE GANDELL, LELA HUBBARD. 2ND ROW: LINDA STOFLE, BARBARA ETTER, SHEILA HESSIAN, VIRGINIA KING, MARY ALICE BEALKE, EDITH FRANK. 3RD ROW: PEGGY BERRY, JANE LOEHR, BETTY BLAKE. DARLENE LAMB. BETTY TALLANT, ELIZABETH SPENCER. 4TH ROW: ANITA LEACH. . . .,U,. -..T . . ZW . 5. I ' I ' ' "1-.l 2,1 1 -4- 4 Xe. K .,.,, AN . j Y if 4 f -.sf 3 iff , , I Lf- I i f .. Q . t Psi '91 - :S-5 214 '," L ' V 'in ' . 3? .. . 573- . ' X 14' ,N fr ' ' v I t , ,,., it II,. -L Us I' ' ' . ff' A' T ' ' I K I Q- X' E: A 1 I ia In L :Sv A' ' .Q J 3 , .. Y ' -- wif E 0 V I A .4 8,3 I T' ,' . 7.5 li a ' , , 1 ,Q - L 00' l i W The Phi Sigma Rho Sorority was found- ed in June, 1944. This year, the sorority engaged in a formal tea, a muumuu party, a picnic sup- per and a pledge dinner. An impressive candlelight ceremony was held followed by a dinner-dance honoring the newest PHI SIGMA RHO additions to the sorority. The sorority was represented in sev- eral campus organizations, including the Newman, Heper, and Hawaiian Clubs, Theatre Group, ICC, Reception Commit- tee, and BODF and was active in volun- teer work. TE CHIH SHEH Te Chih Sheh, founded in 1930, seeks to develop personality, character, friend- ship among its members and to cooperate with the ASUH and the community. Activities included the annual rush tea, initiation, socials, the annual semester break camp, and participation during Homecoming and the Pan-Pacific Festival. Community responsibilities were met during World Brotherhood Week and at Christmas. A successful Christmas Dance was sponsored to promote better relations with other fraternities and sororities. The year concluded with the induction of the new members and a banquet honoring grads. IST ROW: ARLENE FUNG, CHRISTELLA KONG, VIOLET LEE, PATRICIA LUM, ELAINE CHUN. 2ND ROW: ELAINE CHING, ROBERTA CHONG, CAROLE LUM, JOYCE LEONG, AUDREY ANN CHAR. MILLICENT LUM. I-IRD ROW: CONSTANCE LAU, ROSE LEE, BARBARA JANE CHUN, ELENA CHING, AUDREY CHANG, MYRNA LUM. 4TH ROW: ELAINE WONG, LO- RENE HONG, BERNADINE TOM, WAI LING CHING, ELSIE LOO, MARIAN YOUNG. H ' 4, .1 . 'qv' ' 'f -, ' V if L 'Q Q R I vy, Y, Y f -er, . lla . 5 -N A i lip l' Q ' 1 l ,4 W1 if , ti may IST ROW: ARLINE MENOR. IND ROW! CORAZON DULAY, TERESITA HILARIO, ELIZABETH DOMINGO, CONCIETA BARCINA, ANNIE LIGAY. 3RD ROW: SOPHIE ISABELLO. SOLEDAD ALFONSO, BAUDELIA ANGOT, ROSEMARIE FEDALIZO, TINA VADAO. ml 0 ,, . .at t - .3 2 5 1 ti: ZETA PI ZETA Zeta Pi Zeta made its tirst appearance on campus this year. It was organized to promote Filipino culture and to co- operate with ASUH. This sorority strives to create interest and arouse cooperation among its members in student activities, to create good will among the sorority sisters, and to help in preserving and perpetuating the culture of the Filipinos. ,. ,.,.i . NEOPHYTES OF ZETA Pl ZETA , ig ,mr ,- 'nv K if it 'tl ,. "ea 2 ,hm 4 Z . z is f . Q 5 is K if . .. '- l ' , -,.::-: mm 1 'twai- 'Mm Q 'i -'sw .. mi - V ' f 'Jul A it 'I "l- yjs3,5M,pH ' Q is ' Q 1 if . -, we "Q, f. t l I 5' . .. gi . Lili l 1 X 'L A, RM, ' so W KE ANUENUE Ke Anuenue, the rainbow, was found- ed 27 years ago as a sorority for girls interested in Hawaiian culture. This sorority strives to create interest and arouse cooperation among its members in student activities, to create good will among the sorority sisters, and to help in knowing, preserving, and perpetuating the culture of the Hawaiian Islands. After the initial rush functions in Octo- ber, the girls participated in such events as the Homecoming Day and the Pan- Pacific Festival. The sorority took part in many other proiects on campus, but also had time to have socials with various sororities and fraternities. 1s1' now: JEANETT:-: ToKuNAsA, ann now- wmo sivaimuzftarrsrc've:szUrxi'ss.:O' WAT-Afiiiiiwigiiff ' LLO D JOYCE KAMAI, EMILY MARCIEL. Y ' DARYL JEAN DUPONT .' 22 da! ls L 15' 9 2 1, I 'N i s , ' 1. iam? 4-l ,,,,.4i-. is 1 3. 5 l 335, F x 'f i x r, I Q NEOPHYTES OF KE ANUENUE WAKABA KAI i, . l 1.1.-a ....a....,.4a . The Wakaba Kai sorority was reactivated S in 1949 for the purpose of promoting fel- lowship among University women, aiding in ASUH and community activities, and pre- serving Japanese cultural traditions. These active young women participated in the Pan-Pacific Festival, organized a get- acquainted camp, sponsored an annual doll show in March commemorating Girls' Day, and honored their mothers with a Mother's Day tea. A gala aloha banquet for the graduating members climaxed the year. IST ROW: EUNICE HAGA, MARY UZUMOBI, ANN ISOSHIMA, JEAN AO- TANI, PATSY TANABE. 2ND ROW: PAULINE ISHI, ELEANOR NAGATA, JEAN IZUO. 3RD ROW! KAY MORI. ENID TAGA. JANE IWATA. 4TH ROW: GERTRUDE KAIURA. ASAHI TAKAKAWA, CAROLE MATSUDA. STH ROW: KAREN KOCHI, JUNE KAWAGUCHI, EVELYN SAITO. GTI-I ROW: BETSY FUJIMOTO. ,Qld ff'- N64 25 SPECIAL INTEREST The Hui O Hilo was organized by students who attended the University of Hawaii's Hilo Branch to acquaint new students from the Hilo Branch with the Manoa Campus, to better relation- ships between the Hilo Branch and the Manoa Campus, and to participate in campus activities as a group. Each year, the Hui O Hilo members, in cooperation with the Ka Palapala Beauty Pageant Committee and the University's Hilo Branch, undertake the project of decorating the Andrews Outdoor Theatre for the Pageant. Otticers for the year were Kisuke Higa, president, Kazuo lnouye, vice-president, Helen La- borada, secretary, Paul Nishimura, treasurer. HUI O HILO COSMOPOLITAN CLUB P! ALPHA OMICRON HEPER CLUB UNIVERSITY VETERANS CLUB ALPHA PHI OMEGA The Mu Epsilon Chapter of the Alpha Phi Omega was started in the spring of 1955 through the concentrated eFforts of Haig Kalauokalani and Leslie Jackson. In 1956, it was recognized as a National Service Fraternity and was officially installed in April of 1957. The members participated in Homecoming, the Ka Palapala Beauty Pageant, and the Pan-Pacific Festival. A dinner-dance cli- maxed a very successful year. Officers for the year were Leslie Jackson, president, Paul Nishimoto, vice-president, Fred- erick Pang, recording secretary, Albert Fukushima, corresponding secretary, Gordon Au, treasurer. CHOIR-FIRST ROW: DOREEN DOON. ANN TOGAWA, FLORENCE MIYAO. LORENE PERRIN, ANN KEMBLE, ESTELLE YOUNG, LAURA PLATT, CAROL OTSUKA, BARBARA CHING, KAREN LIND, SYLVIA KAINA, CAROLE SAYER, ROBIN BRIGGS, JANET MORITA, MARY ELLEN GUTHRIE, SECOND ROW: ALMA OHTOMO, SOPHIE NONOMURA, GERALDINE SHIMABUKURO, MARIAN TOMITA. LYNETTE MAU, JEANETTE GOYA, MABEI. TA- KAHARA, CAROL LUM, CAROL KIDANI. LILA IWANAGA, ANNIE WAI, CAROL YAMAGUCHI, HARRIET KA- WANO, GWEN CHAR, MYRNA LUM, YVONNE KAHALEHULU, PAT TOM, ROWENA YOUNG, VICTORIA TSE. THIRD ROW: CONCIETA BARCINA. GRACE KINOSHITA, ELSIE UJIMORI. AMADOR CASUPANG, HENRY MI- YAMURA, ROBERT LOO, JUAN GREGORIO, EDWIN HIRATA, ABE LAGONDINO, ROBERT WALLWORK, ALVIN LUM, DANIEL KALEIKINI, ROBERT SONOMURA, JAMES KAINA, FRED GOO, EARL KIMURA, ROBERTA CHONG, BEATRICE YOSHIMOTO. JEANETTE MASHIMO. FOURTH ROW: DON BOLLING, MR. AOKI, HIDEO OKINO, CARL WHITFORD, ROY YANAGIDA, KARL KAWAHARA, CLARENCE KAM SIU, RICHARD MIYAO. CLARENCE MATSUMOTO, RONALD CHING, SKIPPY DYER, FRED USHIJIMA. CHOIR BAND BAND-FIRST ROW: ROBERT CHANG. JUAN GREGORIO, EDWARD MATSUSHITA. STANLEY TANOUYE, DEO- GRACIAS AGBAYANI, MELVIN HOSAKA, CLARENCE KAM SIU, K. C. WONG, ROBERT SHIBATA, AKIO INO- UYE, ILSA AKAU. LILA IWANAGA, CAROL JENKINS, WARREN KUWAHARA, SECOND ROW: GERALD SATO, ROY YANAGIDA, UNIDENTIFIED, SOPHIE NONOMURA. HENRY MIYAMURA, BEATRICE YOSHIMOTO. RO- BERTA GUILLETT, DONALD HASHIMOTO, BILL KELLY, EDWIN LOO. RALPH TERUYA, LAWRENCE INOUYE. LOUIS MAGNO, MERVIN LEE. THIRD ROW: UNIDENTIFIED, ROBERT SONOMURA, PUANANI MEDIEROS, DANIEL KALEIKINI. NADYA AKAU, BONIFACE LEONG, RICHARD OKUMA, WILLIAM KANEDA, ARTHUR GO- TO, FREDERICK MIYASHIRO. CLARENCE MATSUMOTO, RONALD SHIGETA, PAUL DESILVA, MIKE WHEELER. FRED II HERLLEIN. FRATERN ITIES PENG HUI 1ST ROW: ALBERT FONG. RAYMOND LEONG, NORMAN CHING, CALVIN TAM, KWAI SUN YOUNG. 2ND ROW: REUBEN WONG, LAWRENCE CHUN, CLAYTON CHING, HAN CHING. EDWIN TAM, VERNON GOO. 3RD ROW: ALLEN YOUNG, RONALD YOUNG, WILLIAM LIU, VERNON TOM, ARLEIGH AMAI, FRANCIS FONG. PLEDGES OF PENG HUI Jw -1---I mf X' .,Q.f. ,i ,-Lfwfw P5111 - Ja., . .5 . W' 1 . - ., igglog-5, ,, I' Rf", q,f?'.,,i I 'ua If . , 'IEW '::: '-1 ' - 4. ,I 12 N ' 'Q .. "iv ' .v . M ..' 1 'll W", 'Wi ' . 1-'IQ ' ,-4 mf- -WM., 'Q 49 , P1 ' , If f' Q ,. ' QI- ' I .. 'W . " N27 ,..., A iff :A ra , I x . . X 1 S , - N- x? f, '54 hr, A 'ik "' . I' Ai' A-' - I ? u I lx", , .1 ,L ' I Q ga, , fb? ' " . 79h . EQ' ' "1 5 "'7",- ff- '5 N: Q I 'If I II A '- if f lfy v 'gg :f L, , - f X ',, I- K .. 4 .- A -, . Maui.-L. - I- 1 , x - 1, if , N' If I I .. . 21 A . " A if . W ' 'T iii . 'V " 'f' "M 5 M V 'ff I ' '13 A ' ' ' 1 , Q L 'i " ' If Z2 ' ,..L, Q.. ..n.-:L-1 xx in Y ..,,.L,., Z ' Q i ? ' , , A 1 I 7 1 ,551 ff' f . K' -- fi r ig g " P i .:-'V 'lf---A 3' A- f f . I v f 'LA ' -I I Aw.. ' .A ' v U .' -. , Iv - 5 ' .34 1 A M: ,gk -I K A .. ... I. ,gxff I - -1 - , if-. as 3, -'f U f , , , '-'-' - QE - N' fm" " -N " -I Zi ff' PLEDGES OF KAPPA EPSILON THETA Kappa Epsilon Theta fraternity was founded in i937 by a group of world travelers interested in establishing a harmonious brotherhood of true cosmopolitan nature. Food booths during Homecoming and Pan- Pacific kept the boys busy and poured money into the club treasury at the same time. Various functions, parties, and picnics were held with the sororities during the year and the successful school year was brought to a climax with the annual banquet at one of Honolulu's leading nightclubs. KAPPA EPSILON THETA 'IST ROW: AL PEREZ AL FERNANDEZ SHOJI YAMAUCHI BYRON YO SHINA 2ND ROW: PETER KAEO DAVID YUEN PHIL SORIANO KEN NETH SERENO. 1ST ROW: DONALD LEWIS, HENRY SUR, ROLAND LAANUI, LOUIS HAO. CLAUDE HOTTENDORF, DONALD BOTELHO, MYLES MARSHMAN. 2ND ROW: ALEXANDER THOMPSON. DAN KALEIKINI, FRED NAGATA, SHER. WIN FELLERS. RICHARD HADAMA, WILLIAM KAMA, COLIN CHOCK. 56-. With twenty members, Hui Lokahi, the oldest fraternity on campus, celebrated its thirty-fourth anniversary this year. Throughout its history Hui Lokahi has been known for its fostering of a close fraternal spirit among its brothers. HUI LOKAHI An intramurals program spearheaded the year's activities along with a rush picnic and setting up booths on Homecoming and Pan-Pacific days. The latter functions will be well remembered since the boys worked diligently for their success. PLEDGES OF HUI LOKAHI t 4 52. 5 K. . 167 tvtt. The traditional parties with Te Chih Sheh and Yang Chung Hui sororities, pic- nics, initiation of new members, semester- break camp at Waialua, and the senior banquet were among the events which attorded fellowship for the fraternity members and guests. TU CHIENG SHEH Tu Chiang Sheh fraternity held fore- most its tradition of brotherhood and fel- lowship as it celebrated its 29th year as a campus organization. The group ob- served a highly successful school year, developing in each member a richer, fuller outlook on life and society. 1ST ROW: LINCOLN CHAR. WINSTON GOO. FRANCIS ZANE. TIMOTHY LAU, LESLIE YOUNG. 2ND ROW: RONALD GOO, JAMES CHUN. ALBERT FU, RUSSELL LEE, EUGENE CHANG. BRD ROW: BENJAMIN SHEN. ROBIN GOO, ALAN LEE, STANLEY SIU, HERBERT LEE. PHI DELTA SIGMA Phi Delta Sigma is made up of a congenial group of fellows whose only requirement is that each be a good mixer. Each member realizes the significance of extra-curricular activities and looks To his 'Fraternity as the tap from which they might draw their full cup of college life. Phi Kappa Pi fraternity reorganized this year with definite purposes. These purposes are to foster closer and more congenial relationships among the students as well as in the communityg to promote goocl-will among the various clubs and organizations on the campus: and to promote PHI KAPPA PI Korean culture at the University. Throughout the year, the members of the club worked with each other in sponsoring numerous activities as well as enioying themselves at many of the social events on campus and participating in the various traditional events at The university. UH CAMPUS 4-H CLUB 163 PROFESSIONAL N YOUNG DEMOCRATS CLUB HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Qi FWQ J EXECUTIVE OFFICERS OF THE AGGIE CLUB AGGIE CLUB The Aggie Club was organized to foster closer relationships among students, faculty, and others interested in the advancement of agriculturep to develop competent and aggressive agricultural leadersg to develop character and train its mem- bers as useful citizensy and to sponsor its mem- bers in the University's activities. g4f:'ua..m:axa f.sec.zusamv wwsqxuam ' V f wmmsms xv' --,-:aww-zm - .--1, If N K E f- f X 5.,,,"' Q 21 ,,W' ' ' "??Iiif" . ' " rg ...,, if E f V:-. NHL?" 4 'Q GC I ,.. 'L FIRST ROW: GILBERT CHUN, PAUL OSUMI, EDWARD INOUYE, SAN- FORD KURODA. HERBERT KATAYAMA, RICHARD KOTAKE. SECOND ROW: ROBERT KONISHI, MASANOBU OSHIRO, SANDRA SAITO, WAL- TER SAKAI, RICHARD TAISE, MILES NISHIMURA, THIRD ROW: JAMES KAWAMOTO. ALAN LEONG. CLIFFORD KATADA. SANDRA CARTER, FRED KAWAHARA. RICHARD MATSUNAKA. FOURTH ROW: RICHARD HU. JOSEPH LAU, JOHN CHAN, WALTER KOKUBUN, ROB- ERT HOWARD, EDWARD MIYAMASU. FIFTH ROW: HARRY YANAGI- HARA, CLEMENT CHING. HUI O ARCHITECTURE - Um, www ' A , P QA, r. , aaah4...L-nwxiif rn"-fr,-14-sql, 4 ,HQQQQQV N., PH. ws 'ln H. COMMERCE CLUB .rar .. I Q M .. 'i'9f"lffi Q 4 , ,.A :kai :Lx ghljv, FIRST ROW! CAROL CHANG, RICHARD CHONG. SECOND ROW: DOROTHY FUJINAGA, BEATRICE HERRERA, MARIAN HIYANIA. DANIEL HORII, SYLVIA KAINA. THIRD ROW: ADELINE MERINO, KENNETH KIRIHARA, JOYCE KAWAMO- TO, VERNON MIYAMOTO, MYRNA LEE. FOURTH ROW: JUNE SUGA, JANE MORIYAMA, ETHEL OTSUBO, KIYOKO SHINUZU, FRANCES SHIROTA. FIFTH ROW: BARBARA SUZUKI. VICTORIA TSE, SEVATH TANAKA, TOMOKO YAMAKI, VERNON WONG. SIXTH ROW: ALVIN YOUNG. RALPH KOEAYASHI, CPRESIDENTJ, CLARA NAGANO, KVICE- PRESIDENTJ, GRACE UCHIMA CSECRETARYJ, ROY NAKAMOTO KTREASURERJ. ETA LAM DA KAPPA ms f' ,JW 7 .Eh 'J Q? A n -- fvf A J' f I' ,5 Lf " ip 4 5 lar T ff.. 'lx ?1A'wv HUI KAHU MA'l lr fs., YI F - P 'Q ,Mm x JA? et K XZ! 5 Ku 3 A X . N , f 1 A 1 1 ' F w -A ,X . - ,., H .:. 5: '- , 4.. ,. " . Q, . - A f L 1 -f .T - - . '52 1 gp, I ,- , .Q 1 If , -.o-.0 , ,-. .- , ' 1 ,T Q .j a fi. ,.,.f ' ' ' A K "wi I - ,AJ k ,P l . Q Agp ' Y ,. , .1 . . - ,QW if 'O Q :J ' ,, M 'L L KS if . ' 4 4 "A A- ,V 'ing 'lf E, HUI KAHU MA'l w .. -as-::. .. . A - . .... . ,-F, J..-5: f ff? gi, 3, ,.7a ..,:, , 1 .,:,. ,. A - 5 ., . ,. A in ix . .R , 1 M M , . wg. . H . ...,g r aww an wa .V 52 Q f ' W H W U 0 H af' 1. 3 gli A :QRS ,X , :W-: 5 :. 1 .IM 5 me H EE E L gk . ig ff K K9 QQ E SOCIOLOGY CLUB SOCIOLOGY CLUB-FIRST ROW: ESTHER WATANABE, YASUE MIYAMOTO. CELINE HOKAMA. SECOND ROW: JANICE LUM, MARTHA MATSUSAKA, JEAN PANG, GLADYS FUJITA. THIRD ROW: CHARLES HASHIBE, EDWIN MIYAMOTO, FRANK MUKAI, KISUKE HIGA. TADATO NAGA- SAKO. AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY-FRONT ROW: FRANCES SHIROTA, DR. LEONORA BILGER, DOROTHY FUJINAGA, CLARA TSE, UNIDENTIFIED. SECOND ROW: LESTER MURAMOTO, LEON- ARD YOUNG, ARTHUR POWELL, ADELINE MERENO, JANE HAMAMOTO, RALPH KOBAYASHI. THIRD ROW: HONEST UYENO, HARRY CHEE, JOSE CARREON, FREDRIC TAKARA, WENDELL KOP, STANLEY WAKAKUWA. AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY GOVERNMENT FELLOWSHIP GOVERNMENT FELLOWSHIP-FRONT ROW: DR. ROBERT STAUFFEUR, PAUL ROBINSON, BARRY SHIMAMURA. SECOND ROW: GEORGE NAKANO, JIM PROSSER, BILL MCINTIRE. RICHARD MIYAO. ...qq-- Q 44. 1, f , S? gf 'C A 6 1 Q . 2' ' 4. If " ' . S Qqm 12' - sa V Vi - A fig. 3 ' I1 ' , R18 5 Li L ' X- . 1 ., at ' 5 ' if 2. ' '. ' .' V ' , J , . , 5 ,iff ,, I 1:1- jf, - '. ' H 5 ,3 V ,,, .f 3 Eff ,JE , .u A l- .hi :V :if X 4, rw , 5 ' - ' .'g-:- . L- X I rf: Z 9. , . ,gy Z , 4' XJ ' f I - ' f -142 ' '32 -L . . Q-45 LEFT TO RIGHT: UNIDENTIFIED, JANET OYAMA. CAROL NASHIWA, SHIRLEY SHIGEHARA. DENTAL HYGIENE SOCIETY lvl . ,. ' f . I ' En, f , ngfiilhxf Sk 'H ' igsgw - .lv w., UH STUDENT CHAPTER AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS-FRONT ROW: ALLAN OZAKI, ALLAN YOSHIDA, KENNETH IBARA, CHARLES TAKITA, UNIDENTI- FIED, BERNARD JACANG. SECOND ROW: UNIDENTIFIED, PATRICK CHUN, ROBERT LAU, CALVIN TAM, ROBERT SHIGEMURA, ALFRED FU- KUSHIMA, HOWARD CHAR, THIRD ROW: WILFRED KIMURA, PAT HIRONAGA, DONALD LEE, RAYMOND LOO, NAMORU SHIMIZU, HERBERT ITO, ED MASUOKA, HARRY MURAKAMI. ew i "vi F V-1' .I 'fi '17, "Lf "W'I I1'-3 ,iji,, W . j , i , QMQAAL11 4.x ' f r ' AMERICAN SOCIETY OF' CIVIL ENGINEERS-FIRST ROW: HERBERT NAKASONE. GENE YOSHINAGA. VERNON CHING, PAUL MATSUO, HAROLD MIYAMOTO. SECOND ROW: KWAI SUN YOUNG, RUDOLPH DISTAJO, UNIDENTIFIED, PAUL HUMMEL, UNIDENTIFIED, UNIDENTIFIED. THIRD ROW: FREDERICK LUM, HOWARD MAU, HOWARD MIURA, GERALD HIROKAWA, UNIDENTIFIED, RAY LYAU. I74 I ASCE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL-LE!-'I' TO RIGHT: HAROLD MIYAMOT0, PRESlDENTg ROBERT IWAI, VICE-PRESIDENT: TARY: PAUL SHIRAISHI. TREASURER. 9x , 1 , V , 111 1.1 L , ,N , Jo f B Qs.. 3 Calm, HAROLD HAMADA, SECRE- xx - E.: 5 1 ss , Q-M-may . . ,xv 5 ' -,um n .E. , -Us an-1:-Q , . , 2: ,-W F. :Z E W df. iw:-41 ,Y sbs .11 -Q ss xxx' L '-Q" an x 1 ,N 175 TRI ALPHA ART CLUB T W . ' 'Q r- Mi ' 2531 4 5,1244 - .,.. . ,, ww ,::-va? . f ,. .-., rib-fki " - my 3 5592 " ' fx - I mgggl ' , I I , -'ff -l"' TRI ALPHA-FIRST ROW: KENNETH TAKEMOTO, TREASURER: MURRAY TURNBULL, ADVISOR: CLEMENTE LAGUNDIMAO, PRES- IDENT. SECOND ROW: KENNETH MIMURA, MARION YUEN. RUDY LARGOSA, GEORGE KIMURA, JIMMY NAKAMURA, GEORGE NAKA- MURA, LAWRENCE SIU, SUZANNE TANIMOTO. THIRD ROW: YOSHIHIKO SHINOTO, YOKO INOUYE, SATO, CAROL EGE, BETTY SUL- LIVAN, WINSTON GOO, MEE LING NGAN, SIDNEY COUNTRYMAN. FOURTH ROW: MICHIO KOBAYASHI, MARILYN KAM, SECRETARY: FRANCIS HO, FRANKLIN LUKE, RYK BURGES5, LESLIE NERIO, X fe.-IQQVN 5 Lv , I TEACHER'S COLLEGE CLUB .r""f" 'Q 1 145 ini: 6. , 'R .-4 - 'Q J 2, .. H 'Q' ,F W 1 I . Q 4 in m E J. 5 - .A ..,.,4T D 4 --fP?:?+f'flf?f .tffiw , . , , VA..-L f 2 Qgfx' -L . 5" MH' A E4 ' wif i, Su Qin, if Em RESIDENCES a 1ST ROW: YASUE WATANABE, KATHLEEN YAMAMOTO, RUBY SATO, SUE YAMASE, JEAN NATAHIRO. 2ND ROW: THELMA YAMASHIRO. JANE UE- GAWA, ELEANOR TAIRA. GRACE WAKUMOTO, JUDITH MISAWA, DORA KAKAGA. 3RD ROW: HELEN YAMASHIRO, SUEKO WATANABE, MADGE AKAO, MYRTLE TAKAKE, HIDEKO TAKIGUCHI, NORA UYEMATSU. 4TH ROW: JOYCE AHANA, JULIETTE LINDSAY, NAOMI KAWASAKI, ADELE FERNANDEZ, PATRICIA ISHIBASHI, LILLIAN SAKAWA. STH ROW: MAR- GARET OSAKO, HATSUMI KANSABE, MARIAN HIYAMA, BARBARA FUJITA, GRACE MATSUEDA, DOROTHY ICHIOKA. HALE LAULIMA "MEMBERS OF FREAR HALL FREAR HALL "MEMBERS OF FREAR HALL 1 HUI 0 HAUMANA-FIRST ROW: GOKI KASHIWAMURA, FRED ARAKI, ROY UWONO, HARRY NISHIHARA, GILBERT IWAMASA, PAUL SAWADA. CLARENCE MATSUMOTO. SECOND ROW: STERLING MORIKAWA, LESLIE YAMANAKA, ARNOLD FUJII, FRANKLIN TAMA- RIBUCHI, ROY KOMOTO, YOSHI MATSUI. THIRD ROW: DONALD NRI, GERALD MACHIDA, TSUNE KAWAEATA, ROBERT SUZUKI, LESLIE MATSUBARA, HAROLD SUGIYAMA, RICHARD KADO, HIROSHI OKADA. HUI O HAUMANA HALE O KANE "MEMBERS OF THE HALE O'KANE" OLD FAITH FU L-"SNACK BAR TIME FOR SERIOUS STUDY L N r U7 LIJ II D I- 4 LLI Ll. 1 1 V , , X 1 1 f w M , , ,. Y Y X . y V ,, + f W , v ' 1 L , W w L I , , , W ' ' l 1 rx ' 1 I , !, W 1 , R! 1 - w 1 X ' r W X 1 1 1 1 E w + 1 1 v + + l 1 3 v 1 w N L - 4 L L., J l l A I 1 w 4 I ORIENTATION CAMP-PRELUDE TO FOUR YEARS OF HARD WORK. REGISTRATION TIME FOR AN OUTING TIME OUT FOR REFRESHMENTS FROSH ORIENTATION is vi fa Mswigvigjfnh E-M W F' le is my ix: 4 i Q5 " gk V, M-svxgi, ggi? Q sas .J-iw ,.f.s,,. M sgsmsk -338:-skfsgfaga QZSWWNM W sm.asagM,ws.a.,. Viz, megs gqsmiwam-fm-gi, is if W MLW Mm' QV- tiwawmv- 'W?Ws1sfSi-tial m"'5lf A, cg 1 -. f JAPANESE FOOD AT THE FOOD VILLAGE HOMECOMING Adding the crowning touch to the Eighth Annual Homecoming Celebration held on Novem- ber 30 and December 1 was Queen Lee Claire Bowman. ln her queenly capacity Miss Bowman welcomed returning alumni, awarded prizes to food booth winners, and entertained at the alumni dinner. Her attendants were Violet Yuen and Grace Kinoshita. Everything from special lectures by alumni to golf and rifle matches, ialopies, football and a water show held the limelight from Friday to Saturday, ending with an alumni-student dance. THE AQUACADE-A GALA OCCASION FOR ALL ww x AE. ' E .awa' if M-BH .wiv ff- 'Sw gt. 'swea- A V ,sw A Q swf Q 315 A s H ww ,X , N -U me Mama wap -M 1 -ww . ., N1 -ads-az. Ohh, :ills - - "5"!"-J. 'L' Ea N 'L ??'5"'j-- .ms ,, gs 'imw-fl -ww ,f .we ,, -uw 'H ' as QEI, g - rx ,., ,av Y - mi. 'He ii-nv-:pi L it 'hs THE EIGHT LOVELY FRINCESSES OF HAWAII-LEFT TO RIGHT: ELEANOR AWANA, ISABEL HAPAI, ROSELLE LINDSAY, LELA HUBBARD, LORENE PERRIN, JO-ANN CHING, MAILE CHU, LLOWINA KAAPANA. PAN-PACIFIC FESTIVALS The Pan-Pacific Spring Festival held on April 28 followed the theme of "lnternationality". Queen Beatrice Naumu reigned over all festivities. These included an array of food booths, an Army and Air Force presentation, open house, aquacade, dance and the all-important pageant in the afternoon. Queen Beatrice's court included her two ladies-in-waiting, Jacqueline Lau and Leo- na Leong, and eight Island princesses representing the lslands of Hawaii. KA PALAPALA BEAUTY PAGEANT The University of Hawaii is unique in that its student make-up entails almost every major na- tionality in the Western Hemisphere. To point up the loveliness of Hawaii's girls of many ances- tries as well as to emphasize racial amity, the ASUH annually sponsors the Ka Palapala Beauty Pageant of Nations. Furthermore, it annually invites the Hilo contestant to compete in its pageant to foster better relations with the Hilo Branch. The idea for such a pageant was first inaugurated under the sponsorship of the campus newspaper, Ka Leo O Hawaii, in 1937. Neal Batchelor, then assistant editor ot the newspaper, and Judge Calvin Camp McGregor were the principal promoters ot the beauty contest. Since 1937, the pageant has been held annually, except during the war years, 1942-1946, when the Pine Bowl Queen and her court were substituted as the "Ka Palapala Queens." Each year coeds representing seven maior racial groups on campus-Caucasian, Chinese Cos- mopolitan, Filipino, Hawaiian, Japanese, and Korean-model for camera enthusiasts on the pageant camera day, parade before members of the student body in preliminary street dress and bathing suit rallies, and make several television and radio appearance. Five semi-finalists from each racial group are selected by popular vote to appear in the formal dress pageant in the Arthur L. Andrews Outdoor Theatre. From these semi-finalists, seven queens are chosen to represent their respective racial group. The internationality of beauty and music was featured in the 1957 Ka Palapala Beauty Pag- eant of Nations. On the night of March 9, over 4,000 people in the Andrews Outdoor Theatre witnessed the selection of seven racial queens who were chosen by a panel of judges to reign as representative beauties of their races. The internationality theme was also carried out in an International Panorama of Music pre- sented during intermission. Songs and dances of the seven racial groups were presented by local performers in colorful native dress. Adding to the interest of the pageant was the presence of the Hilo queen, Miss Sylvia An- drade, who competed in the Caucasian division and now reigns as queen of that racial group. The runners-up for 1957 were Kay Murray, Caucasian, Wai Ling Ching, Chinese, Laura Platt, Cosmopolitan, Consuelo Ortiz, Filipina, Jacqueline Lau, Hawaiian, Lorna Adachi, Japanese, and, Lynne Sonya Kim, Korean. The pageant gives rise to its present name from the tact that yearly, the queens' pictures are featured in the yearbook, Ka Palapala. ff, Q 7-' 'L '-'zz L Kaus! ss m-v 1 ss W H ss ss ss a 'se ifrxi ., QNMQ Mm ..,..,,, ,HB AMEX ' 1. ,, 'www-W. 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Q '-' ara, Krsfmzxz. .. , ,j 4 5 Biiigff s.s,w. 1: .V Q. win-K, Mm. www 'nz Q If .1 mmm m M ,g. as : -1 . ... H, in ,m,,,,,.,. qurwq N maya: f-gli EEE: x 1 wg if fl ,,A.-:- 5sg55H2fsLa::,-QHHPLQ, Zi -H13uL.:HFHQLg: , , g5g5Mi3Q,gfqMrn:gQt M- if-W -.'-Ugg - 'Q 4 mfKwfq2igE1P,e?ugwl-H2551 '- -- Q?-711W 245'pxamasggjggjigff-K-zWW:n.' ,flwjj ,- nwwnsnmf-Wx'-1-mgms,-11 ' M, Q Mfwswanmmx X.. ya wwk-4,-Awwiwwm B53 wma.-3 21 X . I 1,354.1 ,gi ,f7f?EZ2,,1Z www ff A pmwmpl Wi?" Lewis, -M MNH? , ffymfsaa Ravi mkffigf i. ik Q25ggHKX'Ai'11gg.Q,EjgWr E :.7.wj:-TVA ',g'f'-W ' fm - X . W-1-1 min, Qqwysmi , ME . Mswvl M.-,- - Ms wa: ,gps iwfi'-3 , QW' aw MQQEAA .' 952 is :W pang: R H ,H Q, fm HM .iw ,, yn J ' ' W V N R KZ I M!!! iii -I .3 ,jswM.W.x.w.,, .WMM Q 13- QQ Wg? Nia, 2- LL . , iff: :K-M M MW, 1Qfg1g:,m.1,:w,Km2w5,k X Q., , ,.,m,,,?M,,, .'.L W ,i P' If ,'g2EQ5gQ..,-g..,3,.,S,., .,.:4,,m!f,,,,,., - M Q ggmggg 7,1-. 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X w w 5- 66 . 1 2 -B MA ,Q .Wg an 3? 1 E Nfl iw ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS More important than lost pictures, misplaced copy, or unmade layouts are those individuals who have given of their time and ettort to make this yearbook possible. ln particular, we would like to thank Tongg Publishing Company for be- ing so patient and cooperative, the Ottice of Pub- lications and information for allowing us to use some pictures for the various sections, Mr. Robert Scott, Miss Susan Daniels, and Miss Winifred lshimoto for advising and assisting us in every way possible, and to those unsung ASUH stu- dents who volunteered their services to complete the '57 Ka Palapalas. To these individuals and others we may have neglected to mention, our heartfelt thanks and deepest appreciation go to all. Without their help and cooperation, our task would undoubtedly have been more difficult. The Editors W7 2. 5.13 .ww '52-:wx-Sl.. - W-M .,-M W' 'N 1 :ffv21:fvEP2' a? :1w wf -wf-' -f - NL'-b 2 a n gi Q 4.4 1 1- . F u F T 1 E T H ' ' A N N 1 v .E ra- ,s . YAY FR f -- ' ., ' - ' v " ' 5 ' " 1 f'-:Lil , -1 " ' '

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