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r J » 1051 KA PALA K A I ' M AI ' AI A ()I.UME 33 IS PUBI.ISHKD BY THE ASSOCIATED STUDENTS Ol- THE UNIN ' ERSITY OF HAW All PALA I t x ' ToR : RICHARD ICJM AssociATLD Editor W ' AH SUNG CHUN FiusiNEss Manager EDWARD KONC Faculty Advisor W ' ll I lAM DAVENPORT A NOTE IN PASSING... V( " wnii liiixc nrcri lliMiiinli llic I niscisily Know iiillcuc lire iiiosidcs a uni(|ii( ' and si iiinil iliiiL IliiNor lu li in . I lie inl ' ll( ' ( liiiil opporliinilics arc Irciiiciuloiis ni liiiiilcd in llic end iird by llie indi i Mials desires: in lliese lMo(rt. ' nl pKisnKiiru sirr rDuiidiiius lire sludenl distovcrs lire immense Inrili ol w ilncssint, ' lire irrrloldirrti " I .isl rr ' islas ol knowledije as lie proceeds .doiri; lire aiatlemii path. The savour ol a ( )lle! e career is parliripalion in t o-rurricular adivilies. 1 he associalion ilh one s lellows outside the ( hissroom develops within ourselves a true workirrii hiirri.rnilx . a onsciousness ol lire necessity for close cooperation. When the year is past we Utrin an inleirse s,il islai I iorr Iriirir lire Krrnw ledue l a job well clone. Every vear speni here .il the l ' rri eisil Imlds lor e.ic h ol us irrairx pleasant memories — ol s( holaslii ai hiexcrnenls. ol sinileni .ri ( (iirrplisliments. This I ' ni Ka I ' alapala alleriipis In rirall lliese rrronieiils, to serve as a rerrr irrdi-r nl ( nl IcL ' e d.iys. t.. A D M I N I S T B A T I O N PRESIDENT ' S MESSAGE Kii P.ilapalii IOjI appears al .1 linn ' nl iiilci nation. 1 linsion and Bravity almost willioiil prci ciK ' nl in llic worlfl s liislorx ' . Tliis hook of (ollcyc nipmorics. this recoril ol a adcniic and rot urri( idar a livity. ri-prcsciits one asp - I )( llic dcnioi rali( ideal we slan l prepared lo dc- li ' iid: llic alls iini i ' rsil Iniiiliiininu in llie iiltnospiiere ol a adeini( Ireedi 1 esls sliow lliat ollet e uradiiales are less snlijii I lo I lie winds of prejudiee. tlial lliey lia e I In- .liiililv lo ptil ( urrenl evenU inio proper perspeilixc. And nexcr belore has the world uie.ihr need lor llie service s ol ( ollege I r, lined men and otnen. Por four years our (Jraduales li.i e an opporliniil lo examine themselves and their so i l in the liuhl ol free irK|iiiry. They know that thai iil hl is slill threatened hy dark for( es which would suhslitute dogma for the free e. hantje of ideas: the total aulhority of a self-appointed elite for the tempered authority ol democratic ally ' le( led representatives: state-conlrolied c onlormily lor indi freedom. Dr. Karl C. Leebrick Vice-president Veteran ' s Actvlser ll.iwiiii liiiv al i s slooci lor a liroaci approach in iii.illers ol the mind, ihe body, the spirit. I he University, slressint; this poini ol iew . has confidence that its grad- uating seniors will I.k e llie Inline Iree of prejudice, hostile lo the e ils of l r.inin .ind delcrniined in llie imreniill in clelense ol liherlv. CREOG M. SINCLAIR Prc ' sident DEANS THAYNE M. LIVESAY College of Arts and Sciences PAUL S. BACHMAN Faculties BRUCE WHITE Teachers College JOSEPH F. KUNESH College of Applied Science ANDREW W. LIND Graduate Division HAROLD S. ROBERTS College of Business Administration H. A. WADSWORTH College of Agriculture WILLARD WILSON Student Personnel J. F. McLaughlin G. M. Sinclair R K G E N T S R. Penhallow K. Izumi F. K. Lar B. O. Wist P. E. Spaulding ROBF.R r M KAMIXS, Director. Legislative Reference Bureau HAROLD M. BITNER, Director ol Admissions and tKe Bureau of Testing and Guidance LOUIS A. HENKE, Associate Director, University of Hawaii Agric ulliiral Experiment Station JOSEPH M. SKORPEN, Treasurer BARON ( i() I O. Associate Director Cooperative Extension Service in Aoridilturc and Home I ' xonomics f ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANTS CARI. C. STROVEN, Librarian HELEN B. MACNEIL. Registrar THOMAS NICKERSON. Editor. University ! ' allons BARBARA M. CLARK, Director, Bureau of Student Activities and Student Residences COLIN J. HERRICK, Director, Psychological and Psycfio[)atliic Clinic ALBERT J. MCKINNEY, Director, University Extension Division HARLEY H. ZEIGLER, Director. Hawaii School of Religion e) ! %ft RALPH C. HOEBER Economics and Business WILFRED J. HOLMES Engr, and Mathematics CHARLES A. MOORE Philosophy LEONORA N. BILGER 0. A. BUSHNELL CARLETON GREEN IRVING O. PECKER Chemistry Bacteriology English European Languages LEONARD E. MASON BEN NORRIS ALLAN F. SAUNDERS HAROLD S. PALMER Anthropology Art Government Geology i)i:p ktment CHAIRMEN i ¥ l9 i JOSEPH F. SMITH Speech iTHERINE HANDLEY Social Work VIRGINIA A. JONES Nursing-Public Health MLLARD H. ELLER Physics THAYNE M. LIVESAY Psychology KATHERINE GHUELLE Home Economics HUBERT E. BROWN Health and Physical Education NORMAN D. RIAN Music DEPARTMENT CHAIRMEN ROBERT W. HIATT Zoology and Entomology EASON J. BOND M litary Science and Tactics CHARLES H. HUNTER History YUKUO UYEHARA Asiatic and Paci. ' ic Languages HUBERT V. EVERLY Education (acting chairman) CURTIS A. MANCHESTER Geography MARION L. LOHMAN Eotany (acting chairman) WILLIAM B. STOREY A3riculture FAY B. FISHER Classics _• V I s I T I N G P R O F E S s o R s TOP ROW, left to right: Paul F. Brissenken, Psychology; Walter H. Wellhouse. Entomology. SECOND ROW: John C. H. Wu. Philosophy: William A. Shimer, Philosophy: Herbert Blumer, Soci- ology. THIRD ROW: Horace G. Deming, Chemistry: Giistav E. Ecke, Art: S. K. Saksena, Philosophy. FOURTH ROW: Johnnye Akin, Speech: William F. Ehret, Chemis- try: Robert H. Bruce, Psychology. V ( ■ " " tf ' ' ' . »5 U ' U STUDENT ADMINISTR TION m. vr - iik. ' ! Ralph S. Aoki President ASUH Dixon Mugiishi Charles Hamane Vice-president Treasurer Leanora Nishikawa Dr. Willard Wilson Mrs. Mary Lou McPherson Secretary Adviser Executive Secretary TIic fast iirowiiiL ' sludciit Ixxly of the I ' liivcrsitx ol lldwaii. willi .i|)|)r ) imalely l.00() students enrolled durinii llie year, was led liy officers Ralpli Aoki, president. Dixon Miigiislii. ice-president ; I.eanora NisliiKawa. sec retary and ( ii.iilcv I l i mane, treasurer. In early SeplenW) -r. . SUH partici- pated in llie Berkeley Football Festival witl. Miss I ' H Footl.all Kh .al.etli Pa |jein crowned Miss Football 1050. Annual activities began willi llic tra ditional ASUH VM YWXA l-rosb Orientation Camp and Hazing Week. The second annual Homecoming Program in December was a significant success with many alumni returning to the campuf to attend the liarbecne dinner and variety show, and rooting for the Rairdjows against the L ' tali Redskins. Pre-game Homecoming festivities also included a spectacular noal-jalopy parade and a Christmas Party for orphans. Students participated enthusiastically in numerous night torch as well as float-jalopy parades and bonfire rallies. . iolia Week was highlighted bv the . loha Shirt-. luumuu Contest and the ASUH Aloha Week Double-Dance in which dances were held simultaneously in the gym and Hemenway Hall. 1 he annual Christmas Convoc ation featured a program of worship wi ' .h music by the L ' H Choir and Chorus. Another noteworthy December event was the Campus Federated Drive for coninuniitN funds. LEFT TO RIGHT, top to bottom: Joe Ara- kaki. Howard Hamamoto. Stanley Toyama. George Fukumoto, IDavid Lee, Beatrice Tarn, Barbara Kim, Daniel Akaka. Evelyn Yama, Wilton Ching. COUNCIL action. This meets weekly to determine future student acti- vities. Sf liool s|)iril was dclinitely on (lie u|)s ins . Studfiils were uiiiteJ ill llie ( lieerinu set tioii ana participated enthusiastically in numerous night torch parades as well as float jalopy parades and l)()nfire rallies. An oiilslandint; e cpil was Operation lilit .isrieg ill w liii li hundreds ol students in- vaded downtown and W ' aikiki Honolulu to sell the RVU-UH game and to help athletic linan- ces. The stands were brightened hy the line performances of the Band in their snapp new green and white uniforms. The program planned for the second semester iiK Inded a revi- sion of the ASUH Constitution, the Ka Palapala F eaiily Contest, the f ' resident s Ball in early spring, and MAC Day. a com- bination of May Day, Awards Day, aTid Campus Day. TOP, left to right: Ethel Jean Ho. James Komeya. Elaine Ahmai. Holbrook Du Pont. BOTTOM: Ke Nam Kim. Masaru Funai. Willas Sayre. Newton Sue. ICC To fiillill ils prime [lurpose of coordiiuilinu iill (lull aclivities williiii the ASl ' ll. llio InU-r (lul) Count il lu ' UI uecLly meetinus of rcpresciilalix I ' S lron more tlum rO ( iimpiis ortlaiiizatioiis imcler (lie ( liiiirm.insnip of Dixon Mu- ijiislii €issisl( ' (l ny vii e-c liairinaii liill S( liafer. secretary f ' ranies I lokaiiia. treasurer Mildred uen and advisor Kvao Miyake. n lie IC C also sponsored an All C anipus Confal) in oveni- l) T Willi lo Create and f " ' romo ' .e I ' arlit iptilion for a Complete College Life as its llieme and a Sonyfesl in April. A depository system to provide for the sale- keeping of club liuids was inaugurated in January alter a tliorougli survey of all lul) treasuries. LEFT TO RIGHT: Mil- dred Yuen. Dixon Mugiishi. Frances Hokama. William Schafer. LEFT TO RIGHT. Sitting: Itsuo Yano. Thomas Yamamoto. Masaru Sunada, Frances Hokama. Shunuchi Kimura. Louse Inn. Morio Nakashima. Dixon Mugiishi. Evelyn Yama. Karl Tomomitsu. Geraidine Chang. John Matsumuro. Norman Kitazaki. Arthur Kohara. Richard Tsui. Clarice Chang. Donald Lau. Michael Shiroma. Jenn.e Hashimoto. Chuck Pang. Joseph Ezaki, Mee Quai Pang. Daniel Yee. Richard Hanaoka, Thelma Takayama. Naoshi Hirazumi. Standing: James Westlake. James Peterson. Helen Anastasopulos, Thomas Lalakea. Edith Moriki. Wallace Doty. Natalie Yates. Jean Yamamoto. Nancy Clowes. Juliette Chun, Lorna Chun. George Wada. Phillip Young, Grace Aranio. Ellsworth Bush. Robert Hayes. Robert Lee. Kay Maggioros President Joan Flath V. President Bertha Young Treasurer June Ginoza Secretary AWS The year IM)0-3I proNt-d liii lily siuiessful loi llie Assoiiated Woiiien Sludfiits. llie official ()rt aiilzation lo promote (lie nesi inleresls of woiiieii on ( anipns. I o a( (|uaii)l iinomiiiy Irosli women witli I oilege lile llie Iraditional liia Sister program. Iieaded by Evelyn Yama. took place during Fresh- man Week. In conjunction with this program Intoming ' omen students were gi en pamplilets describing AWS activities and lielpful liints in procuring a better adjustment to life on campus. This pamphlet was edited by Nancy Clowes under the direction of AWS Nice-President Joan Flath. The program for the year included lectures, fashion shows, the adoption of a war orphan and the ASUH-sponsored Orphans Christmas i arty. Women s Week climaxed the year s pro- gram. It included a breakfast slritlly for women, a variety show and a dance at Hemenway Hall. Through the untiring efforts ol the officers and the cooperation of the AWS members the council a(hie ed its main objective, the fostering of greater participation in activities among women students on campus. FIRST ROW, left to right: Bertha Young, Bernice Maruyama, Nancy Clowes. Jan Hunkins, Kay Maggioros, May Kimura. SECOND ROW: Juliette Chun. Blossom Au, Joan Flath, Jacqueline Wiegman. Corliss McCausland, Doris Lum. THIRD ROW: Janice Pang. Evelyn Yama, Priscilla Freedman, Grace Thoene, Bertha Lau. June Ginoza. n o G 1 Icininw .IN I I, ill, llic stiulinU voi i filler. was erected in 1058 and lorinally opened in lO ' J ' ) for tlie use of llie i anipiis loniniunily. I lie ori uiiial 11, line ol I ' nion lUiildin was ( lianued li llie IViard ol kejients in lionor of (lie u ' lieiie lailor ol llie uni ersily. C liarles Reed lleiiien a . A decade alter ils erection a Board of Oovernors was orCanl ed upon (he proposal of a ten-man joiiil sludenl I.K iilty (ommittee appointed ny President Siiu lair and approved ny the ASl I I Council aiul the Board ol Regents. I he hoard. popularly known as BOd. was charged with the supervision, proinolion iind i o irdiii ition ol the activities at Heiiienu.iy fl.ill. T he fourteen-man hoiird. headetl hy C hairinan I ' .dwin Wong and including representatives ol (lie W ' CC and the MFC. was faced with llie usual prohieins of space alloiation. fiirniUire. pro gram, and improvements. The hoard decided to alter space allocations only upon written requests from campus organizations and individuals. Re- pairs and pur( hases of new lurniture were also approved hy ihe hoard. Among ils aried pro- gram, the B()( sponsored music ret itals, dances, and musical instrument classes. A few of the many improvements were the ventilation of the hall, purchase of a new water cooler and several trash cans, and painting of some of the rooms. EDWIN WONG Chairman LEFT TO RIGHT: George Fukumoto, Elizabeth Cam, Amos P. Leib, Alan McKillop, Philip Young, Ed- win Wong, Helen Matsui, Harold S, Roberts, June Oda, James Nohara, Helene N, Fujita, Jane Komeiji. i ■ si-. s o s A LEFT TO RIGHT: Wiiliam Schafer. Caroline Lee, George Akita. Barbara ClarU, Arthur Gallon, Willard Wilson, Mav Gay, Dixon Mufliishi. Tlie Sliulent Organizations and Social Ac- tivities Comniitlee consists of rive students rec- ommended l) I lie ASUH Council and four facully memners appointed oy the President of the University under the chairmanship of Dean Willard Wilson. I his organization is responsible for estahlishing rules and policies concerning the extra-curricular aclisilics ol the school, excluding athletics. The c onmilllec ' recognized, deactivated and reactivated campus organizations: introduced, reviewed and passed polic ies and procedures gov- erning student organizations on and off the campus. The Board of Puhlications was created to transact affairs connected with puhlications such as approval of contracts, disbursing ol money for public ations. and nomination of editors and busi- ness managers for Ka Leo and Ka Palapala. 13uring the last year, effort was made to strengthen the BOf . to raise its status Irom thai of an ad- ininislrali e body to that of a policy lorming group. LEFT TO RIGHT: Robert Chang, William Davenport, Helen Kimura, Clarence Taba, Robert Young, Mary Lou MacPherson, Irma Chun, Albert Miyasato, Juliette Wentworth, Ralph Aoki. Richard Tom. B O P I I I 1 STAxNDlxNG C O AT All T TEES E L E C T [ () N Election Committee, left to right: Elbert Izon, Lorna Chun, George Hieda, Joe Arakaki. HANDBOOK Handbook Committee, left to right: Rene Am ne. Henry Fukushima, Shirley Ckimoto. Finance Committee, left to right: Howard Hamamoto, Charles Hamane. Mrs. Mary Lou McPherson. Beatrice Tam. Joe Arakaki, Leanora Ni- shikawa. F I N A N C E STANDING Directory Committee, FIRST ROW, left to right: Bertha Young, Betty Awamura, Marian Tokunaga. Amy Higashino. BACK ROW; Jane Ivoki, Elizabeth Yamaguchi. Helen Shimizu, Marion Lee, Mae Mura- kami. SPIRIT AND RALLY Spirit and Rally, FIRST ROW, left to right: Amos Chun, Lehman Henry. Robert Hutchison, Abraham Wood, Forrest Murphy. Samuel Apuna. SECOND ROW: Gilbert Yap. Beverly Dwight, Caroline Lee, Jocelyn Nance, Joan Flath, Joyce Schoening. David Lee. THIRD ROW: Willas Sayre, Evelyn Yama, Corliss McCausland, Mary Stone. Virginia Charlock. COMMITTEES p R u E B L L A I T C I N S " SSlSbnif i Public Relationa Cuinmittee, LEFT TO RIGHT: Elbert Izon, Richard Guerin, Raymond Haftel, Edith Moriki, Dean Cullumber, Ruth Bevans, John Bonsey. Social Committee, FIRST ROW, left to right: Tamae Tamaribucht, Lillian Higuchi. Sumie Inokuchi. Jane Kataoka. Charles Parmiter. SECOND ROW: Takeshi Harada, Caroline Lau, May Kimura. Ethel Jean Ho. Don Roderick, Walter Oka, Tom Oyasato. S O C I A T. HILO ALBERT J. McKINNEY Director, Univ. Ext. Div. EDWARD T. WHITE Instructor in Charge For the loiirlli year 1 lilo Center opened its doors in Se|)tenil)cr to entering Ireslimen and returning sopliomores. Organized in 19t7 to make opportunities for college work available to stu- dents of llic ol Hawaii, the University ol Hawaii Hilo ( Cnler has shown slow hul steady grow III. i ' .iilering Ireshmcn Kk cd ihc task ol signing up h)r (lasses and lllling out ihe numerous regis Iratioii cards. As an antitlote lo that grim experi ence. an orientation camp was held at Kawaihae beach prior to the beginning of classes. 1 here was more in store lor the entering freshmen. Clas- ses with their long assignment s hedules and lists of re(|uirefl readings brought the consciousness that the class of IQ54 was now really in college. A get-acc|uainted social held in the Rumpus room concluded the first week s program. Costumed in the traditional Ifilo m inner, the neophytes had to kowtow lo the sophcjinores and obey their every whim during hazing week. How- ever, all ended with the Bury the Hate Iiet picnic at Onekahakaha Fieach. 1 lie (onlrol ol sludent affairs passed into the hands ol 1 oshie f ' ujixoshi. president; George Miyashiro, vice-president; Keiko Konishi. secre- tary; Shunji . ' clachi. treasurer and Dorothy I eru- moto. soc iai c hairman. Under their direction informal get-togethers were held in the f umpus room celebrating Aloha Week and the end of the six weeks exams. The Little Rainbow dance was hc ' ld at the llilo Armory in November lo raise money for student activities. The formal banc|uc-l ,il llic ()ceaii ' iew Club in December climaxed llic SIX ( .ilendar for 1050. Between semesters a relreshcT c amp was lielci lo gi e sliidenls op- portunity to recover from the hard wcirk of ihe previous semester and lo gather streng ' h lor I he semester following. The orgaiiizritioii ol a llilo Center basKelball team to compete with Big Island schools was another task undertaken by the students. Tom anci Minoru I amane. well known in Hilo s basket- ball c ire les. N ' olunteered lo take on the difficult job of creating a team out of the 12 I)oys who liuiHcl on! loi the sport, in spite of their few ic lories the l.illle Rainbows trained well, fought hard and were given spiriled support by the stu- di-nl l)odv. CENTER Hilo Center Standing Committee Chairmen, LEFT TO RIGHT: Dorothy Terumoto, social; George Makaea, athletic; Hisako Aral, library; Richard Martin, convocation and MIyoko Iwamoto, service. Student Council, SEATED, left to right: Keiko Konishi. secretary; Margaret Kim, Yukiko Urasaki, To- shie Fujiyoshi, president. SECOND ROW: Shunji Adachi, treasurer: George Miyashiro, vice-president; Alfred Mitamura. HILO CENTER Dining and Dancing at the K ; Ocean View Club. JllLO CENTER ABOVE, top left : Obliging Freshies pose for the camera during their three day initiation program. ABOVE, top right: Lillian Calles and Edward Morita were chosen Mr. and Mrs. Coed at a program closing initiation activities. Basketball team: Walter Kitaga- wa. captain: Masayuki Murakami. Walter Havashida. Thomas Sunada. Richard Foster. George Makaea. Lorrin Henry. Edward Morita, George Miyashiro and Gordon Ta- kata. RIGHT: Richard Foster (24) leaps for the ball as the Little Rainbows begin their victory march over Hilo Vocational School. s,_ Jk , " - V The Manless Breakfast . . . The commencing of Women ' s Week was joyously proclaimed at this momentous occasion. Mam ' selle . . . The climax of a week of variegated activities. ■wr. ' ifl ii ♦ P ' iiHB WOMEN ' S WEEK TOP: Would you like this gown. Cinderella? Grace Nishimura displays a gown to Cinderella, Connie Sayre. BOTTOM: Hisako Takakuwa, Delphia Plaisance, Bertha Lau. (kneeling), and Pat Scott and Florence Amaki, (standing) warble " There ' s Nothing Like a Dame. " R G A N I Z A T I O N S SOCIOLOGY CLUB The Soi iolofjy Club completed a year of en- joyable and instructive activities aimed at creating more interest in tlie iniderstanding of the social sciences, stimulating tnouclil and discussion on current social problems and fostering closer fei- lowsliip among I lie soi ioiogy students and fatuity. I lie clul) expanded lo sucli an extent since its beginning seventeen years ago that in 1933 an annual student sociological journal. Social Pro- cess in Hau ' oii. as published. 1 his year co- editors Fusae Ozeki and Betty Au have worked on the theme of industrial Sociology. : n expanding membership of 150 made pos- sible highly instructi e discussions, lectures, movies and field trips to local social institutions. The social life of the members, however, was lar from neglected as was evidenced by an early informal reception-mixer in honor of Dr. and Mrs. Herbert Blumer, a Christmas moonlight picnic and an Aloha Banquet in May. M i ' Jt " - FIRST ROW, left to right: Michael Kakesako, Kunio Kobayashi, Betty Hironaka. Kay Akamine, Robert Hirayama. Frances Pang, Lillian Kinro, Masuo Kino. Esther Andersen, Edith Moriki, Elaine Kushiyama. Lome Wong, Bertha Lau, Florence Kodama. SECOND ROW: Ronald Ozaki, Shizuko Sasaki. James L. Herron, Mabel Itoku, Minnie Okimoto, Sadae Maeda, Helen Nakamura. Aiko Oyasato, Junko Uyenoyama, Mabel Matsuno, Miyoko Onuma, Ruth Palk, Barbara Chun, Betty Chun, Harriet Kawano. THIRD ROW: Betty Au, Violet Hara. Agnes Niyekawa, Alice Yano, Betty Chung, Eloise Wong, Yaeko Kusumoto, Ayako Nishibe, Jean Serikaku, Betty Okamoto, Louise Inn, Henry Tsuyemura, Stanford Tsugawa, Tom Oyasa- to. FOURTH ROW: Asako Tamashiro, Asayo Miyasato, Mildred Muranaka, Doris Muranaka, Evelyn Morikawa, Clarice Chang, Betsy Yoshimura, Bernice Maruyama, Lillian Saito, Jane Kataoka, C. Wesley Bown, Stanley Igawa, Robert M. Oga- ta, Floranio Castillo. FIFTH ROW: Lorin Gill. J. L. Pestana, Morio Nakashima, Thomas Yamamoto, Haruyoshi Ikawa, Benjamin Kodama, Mary Hong, Lily Ann Goo. MEWiMAM CLUB Tlif NcNMiiaii C iiil). wliosf print iple aim was to foster the iiilcllci tiial .iiicl social inlorests ol llie Calliolit sliulcnts ol (lie I ' iii crsil of Hawaii. ( oinplelctl ail cvciilliil liit!li liu ' lili ' il l)y many active projei Is. Kciitjioiis activities ini liuleil nionllilv lorporate com- munions anil nreafclasts. a i s ol rei ollectlon. rosaries on tlie campus and other seasonal devotions. 1 lie !( e-lireaker was the opener for the social life ol ihf memhers. I he initiation picnic at Kalama fieach. semesler-hreaL luau. pau-exanis party and the monlhK Sunday night socials provided Inn as well as an op- portunity for closer ties aninnu llie members. fray loyether and uorK l ) .ifllier — the motto well fidlilled l)V the Newman C lid) mendjers! ' ?.? O O n §-.« Afi fi« FIRST ROW, left to right: Anita Nakamine. Evelyn Uyehara, Muriel Yin, Norma Jane Texeira, Harry Lai, Anthony Serena. Ken Gomes, Amos Chun, William L. Lee, Donnette Breckenridge, Caroline Enos, Marilyn Cambra. Ruth Bevans, Calvin Chun, Bill Schafer. SECOND ROW: Larry Look, Phyllis Ohta, Anna Suitsugu, Sylvia Yin. Stanley Yoza, Ethel Chee, Joe Yoshida, Patricia Hiu, Lawrence Chun, Kenneth Chang. Flora Lum. Laura Lum, Benedicta Pladera. Ramon V. Reyes, Nicodemo T. Ferrer. Alfred Barona. THIRD ROW: Gloria Thomas, Frances Perry. James Silva, Joan Fend, Doris Lum. Jeannie Lum, Charmaine Machida, Patricia Ching, La Vay Lau, Charles Wong, Muriel Lau, Catherine Chong, Hilda Cagata. Nellie Ching. Ann Simon, Jose- phine Liu, Barbara Neves, Augustus F. Garcia. FOURTH ROW: Richard W. Saxton, James Oshiro, Robert Young, Dolores Salvatera, Eppy Llacuna. Elbert Izon, Robin Lee. William Lee, Bill Carroll, Muriel Hiu, Manuela A. Badua, Veronica Chang. Toshio Murashige. Tom O ' Brien, William M. Paz, Rae Towata. FIFTH ROW: Andy Aiu, Alma Aiu, Franklin P. Hee. Lorraine Zarn, Loretta Fraine. Elvin Low. May Kayahara. Betty Mae Cabral, Alice Higa. FIRST ROW. left to right: Anita Nakamine, Janet Watanabe, Wally Nakamoto. Betty Arita, Mabel Murakami, Ayako Uno. Agnes Tong, Emily Okawaki, Mildred Nagamine, Norma Ito, Etsuko Nakashima. SECOND ROW: Tatsumi Motobu, Benjamin Kodama, Kenichi Kunlmitsu, Yasuhiko Kawawaki, Frank Watanabe, Susumu Miyashiro. Lawrence Zane, Douglas Higa. Reiko Maeda, Betty Enomoto. THIRD ROW: Harvard Fujiwara, Lawrence Nakagawa, Dan Matsumoto, Nobuaki Ikeda, Katsuki Kubo, George Yoshimura, Nobu Fujioka, Lawrence Shoda, Pa tsy Shishido, Helen Hieda. FOURTH ROW: Thomas Yamamoto, Hideto Fuchigami, Jack Tanaka, James Toba, Henry Arakawa, Yoshikazu Suenobu. Robert Saiki. N. Huazumi, Frank Kanada. Evelyn Niita, Fumie Aoki. UH CAMPUS 4H CLUB Fornicr 1 I I ( lul) mcmhcrs iiitl ollier.s iiilcrfslcil in llif orfjan- izations work made up the iiicmbersliip of tlie University of llawail ( ampus 1-H CIuIj. Several of its iueiiil)ers aided llie Ayrii ulliir.d hxteusioii Serv- ice and gained practical experience by serving as voluntary leaders. An extreme interest in campus activities was sfiown by the members who look part in tlie lUilzkrieU in November and the Sprint! I ' in February. I he « lub also presented ,i I niled Nations llat; to the utiiversity durinU I ' N Week in ( )i lober. The -H members were far Irom la( kini in -.ex ,i( li ilies.. A moonlight pi iii( in November and a t ' l l( uelli r iiin.ixed a very eventlul vear for all the ilub members. [. FIRST ROW. left to right: Itsuo Yano. Benjamin Kodama, Yasuhiko Kawawaki, George Yoshimura. Dan Matsumoto, Richard Matsunaga. Tsugio Ohashi, Roy Yonahara, Thomas Yamamoto. SECOND ROW: Wally Nakamoto, Gilbert Korenaga, Tatsumi Motobu. Frank Watanabe. Kameichi Sakamoto, George Nakasato. Thomas Ajimine, Lawrence Shoda, Katsuki Kubo. THIRD ROW: Robert Saiki. Thomas Arinaga, Yoshikazu Suenobu, Harry Yamamoto, Douglas Higa. Jack Tanaka, Nobu Fujioka, Nobuaki Ikeda. FOURTH ROW: Kenichi Kunimitsu, Henry Arakawa. Naoshi Hirazumi. Masa Yafuso, James Seu. Tadayoshi Iwami, Ray Sakamoto, Jonathan Kajiwara. FIFTH ROW: Hisashi Aoki, Frank Kaneda, Dai You Kim, Norman Camara. M. M. Rosuberg. W. B. Storey. Clyde Chun. C. M. Bice. AGRICULTURAL CLUB Tlu- Aarii ( liil), ( oijiprised of agriculture and sugar let liiiology majors, aimed al losteriug fellowsliip among students and looperaling willi and assisting llie ASlTl in all its a( tivilies. I o fullill its aims the ( lul) lioosted i ' s memhership to a total of 150. I lie ite-breaKer got under way in mid-December wlien a get- together was staged in the TC Barn. The initiation which turned in ' .o a picnic was held at . la . loana Park. In answer to the Spirit and Rally Committees call for parlici pation in student activities the club entered a float in both the Homecoming and the Pineapple Bowl parades. In the spotlight of so( iai affairs was the annual luau in honor of the departing seniors. UNIWAI FFA FIRST ROW, left to right: Dean Wadsworth, Dr. F. Armstrong, Dr. Frederick Krauss, Dr. Charles M. Bice, Tsugio Ohashi, Richard Matsunaga, Clyde Chun. SECOND ROW: Thomas Arinaga, Frank W atanabe, Kameichi Sakamoto, Gilbert Kore- naga, Frank Kaneda, Lawrence Shoda, Katsuki Kubo, Roy Yonahara. THIRD ROW: George Yoshimura, Robert Saiki, Harry Yamamoto, Douglas Higa, Thomas Yamamoto, Nobu Fujioka, Nobushi Ikeda, Ben Kodama. FOURTH ROW: Naoshi Hirazumi, Masa Yafuso, Yoshikazu Suenobu, Tadayoshi Iwami, Henry Arakawa, Thomas Ito, Hisashi Aoki, Itsuo Yano. The Uniwai Cliaptcr of tlic Future Farmers of America i.s trie only olleulate orgaiiization ol its kind in llie I erritory and llic oldest chapter west ol the Rockies. The orcani .alion was establivlicd in order to enable its nienilx-rs lo understand more ( learly the work ol the I " I ' A, lo hriii{ together all vocational agriculture students for discussions, to encourage interest in agricultural affairs in the Territory, and to ireale more interest in the FFA so that graduates in vocational agriculture may assume leadership in forming new chapters in schools. Memhers include students planning to leach agri- culture under the provisions ol tlie Federal Voca- tional Filucation Act and others interested in promoting the tea( hing of agriculture ana second- ary s( hools. 1 he activities ol the year included a series of lectures on agricultural matters by prominent memhers of the community, a social in the second semester and aiding in the Annual Territorial FFA Conlererxc in Honolulu. FIRST ROW, left to right: Itsuo Yano. James Silva, Douglas Higa. SECOND ROW: Glenn Hara. Yasuhiko Kawawaki, Thomas Ajimine, Thomas Hata- keyama. Dean Wadsworth, Dr. F. E. Armstrong. THIRD ROW: Nobu Fujioka. Theodore Correa, Nobuaki Ikeda, Saburo ito. L P H A B K T A .r .swsxprfmam ' m D E N T A L H Y G I E N E S c I E T Y FIRST ROW. left to right: Dorothy Oyakawa Kim. Hazel Y. Tanji. Katherine H. Furuya. Betty Yamashiro, Hazel Tatsuguchi, Minnie Sato. SECOND ROW: Hilda Terada. Kiyono Suga. Thelma Takayama, Dorothy Yoshizumi, Teruyo Shimei. Alicia Yee, Kimiko Miyasato. THIRD ROW: Agnes Iwatani. Clara Matsumoto, Mrs. A. Bickerton, Doris Sonomura. Sakaye Ogata. Muriel Fong, Jean Ishimura. .. :- - PRE LEGAL CLUB FIRST ROW, left to right: Shunichi Kimura, Lincoln Ishida, Lorna Chun, Julio Carino. SECOND ROW: Paul Kobayashi, Osamu Murata, Richard Noda, Charles Char. HEPER CLUB FIRST ROW, left to right: Paul Lo, Bill Mossman, Edward Edralin, Bill Brown, Takeshi Harada, George Malama. SECOND ROW: Seiko Hata, Fred Furukara, Harvey Lee, Allen Yokomoto, Eno Plumley. Ken- neth Little, Takashi Matsui, Shoichi Honda. THIRD ROW: Jane Sato, Teruo Tanji, Wallace Suehiro, George Ok ihiro, Sam Leong. Jessie Harada, Dorothea Lee, Robert Kawaguchi. FOURTH ROW: Lillian Higuchi. Dr. H. Brown. Lorraine Kaina, Ruth Shimabuku. FIRST ROW. left to right: Keith C. Elliott. Claude W. White. Hank Anderson. Violet Takemoto. Robert Gray, Albert Young. SECOND ROW: William M. Paz, C. Curtis. David Scoble, P, Yamanaka, Wilfred L. Lee, Mohammed Jasim, Finny Tsui. THIRD ROW: T. L. Pestana, Lorin Gill. Milverde Woolsey-Lee, Robert Yamamoto, Sadamu Fukuda, Natalie Yates, Thomas Maretzki, INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB In 1021 Dr. Kcirl C. l.eehriik. presently i( e-presldenl of llie I ' niversity. lornied a ( lun to provide jnleresled students of Inter ndtJonal relations with a rnante to meet and dls( uss glonal allairs. This year enipliasis was placed upon Neo-nationalism or Com- munism In tne world today. 1 nrougnout the year, au ' horities on international affairs were invited to present talks on their particular fields of specialization. These Informative speeches were usually loliowed by a distussion and an effort was made to expand on the problem and fo come to some conclusion. Early in the year Dr. Ar ' hur Marder gave a lecture on Com- munism in Europe today. In December a discourse on the new Nationalism of China was presented by Dr. .John White. PHI SIGMA RHO This year proved to be very successful for lli niemliers of Pfii Sifima Rlio wlio tficl tlieir share of contriljutin( lo (ampus activities. In the limeht ' lil was Willas Sayre who presided over the sophomore class, captained the swimminjf team and shared honors of heina on tlu- pep stjuad with Jocelyn Hance. Ginger Charlock, .loan Flatli. Mary Stone and Joyce Schoening. Active in AWS work were Joan Flath who was vice president, and .Ian Hunkins and Priscilla Freed man who were ( omicillors. All the members took part in the various drives, float parades, the adoption of a war orphan and in spirit and rally finictions. T he first rush tea was held at Hemenway Hall, followed a month later by a muumuu-dunking party at the home of Helen Anastasopulos. A luncheon at Waioli Tea Room completed the rushing functions. Dr. and Mrs. Donald C. Matthews, the soror ity s advisors, helped in making the parties, week- end initiation, and the formal dinner-dance at the vear s end occasions lo remember. FIRST ROW, left to right: Ginger Charlock, Joan Flath. SECOND ROW: Mary Stone. Gwen Botelho. THIRD ROW: Jan Hunkins, Corliss McCausland. FOURTH ROW: Virginia Tibbetts. Helen Anasta- sopulos. FIFTH ROW: Barbara Brown. Jocelyn Hance. SIXTH ROW: Priscilla Freedman, Mary Ellen Suverkrup. SEVENTH ROW: Ann Boyd. Joyce Schoenig, Willas Sayre. IMI I DEI.TA SIGMA 7 J,iJ , £MMf ' . PA»« , , SS5- . U POs-12 Lip The 6EER Bloc r eo«iN6,vouf ysAu 0« A PART THIS IS USUAL CouATS ( Hau reRRAci. SlAMMER BRI MT BOV GooBt SwMTj FIRST ROW, left to right: Ellsworth Bush. Richard Hays. Dick Carpenter. Tim Smythe. SECOND ROW: William F. Baird. Thomas M. Shields. William R. Petrowski, Merlyn Lyons. THIRD ROW: Homer Maxey. Gilbert Brightman. John Nance. James Corstorphine. Phi IJella Sigma s r)ej inniii is centered about an odd ring wnicn served as a nond between a group of good fellows in 1928. Trie fraternity was inactive during tbe last war when most of the membership was active in the armed forces. Since me resuiiipl ion of activities last vear the group has ardently promoted the interests of the Uni- versitv of Hawaii. LEFT TO RIGHT: C. Hanson, T. Haine, A. Kersenbrock. T. Souza. P. O ' Connor. W. Haxton, R. Cushnie. Advisor Johnny Naumu FIRST ROW, left to right: Annette Hiu, Bertha Lau, Bertha Young. SECOND ROW: Ruby Yee. Barbara Ing, Jean Chun. Jeanette Ching. THIRD ROW: Liane Awai, Jeanette Chun. Alma Pang, Lenore Fong. FOURTH ROW: Ethel Jean Ho. Harriet Lee, Irene Siu, Barbara Tongg. FIFTH ROW: Barbara Lee, Jennie Kam. Thelma Chock. Clarisse Chang, Betty Ching. SIXTH ROW: Bernice Pang. Evelyn Zane, Caroline Lau. Muriel Lau. Myra Zane. TE CHIH SHEH Te C hifi Shell s first event ol tlie year was the annual freshmen lea held at . rradia. the home of Mrs. Waller Frear. I)uring the early part of the school term, eight new members were inifiatetl in school and later at Mokuleia. One of the main projects of the luh was the reprinting of a Chi- nese cookhooK which consisted of re( ipes contributed by former ( lul) members. Activities of the i Inb reached ils ape in February when the Iraditional Narcissus Ball. a ( liolarship (lame, was held in Hemenway Hall. An authentic Chinese atmosphere created by unique decorations and a few Chinese customs made the dance highly su( cessfiM. TU CHIANG SIIEH FIRST ROW, left to right: James Yee, George Ching Henry Lau. Daniel Yee, Richard Wong. SECOND ROW: Abraham Ho, Robert Leong. THIRD ROW: Robert Fong, Raymond Hee. FOURTH ROW: Raymond Yee, Robin Lee. FIFTH ROW: Herbert Loui, Edwin Wong. Tu Chiang Sheh. a social and cultural fratern- ity for men. was organized to loster goodwill and understanding among campus groups. Tu Chiang Sheh succeeded in applying their principle of " striving for strength-mental, moral and spiritual hy participating in various campus and commun- ity activities. On campus the club opened another successful social year with an induction party for new mem- bers, followed by an acquaintance picnic with le Chih Sheh. An informal party with Yang Chung Hui. the annual i)an (uel with alumni chapters and I he graduation banquet were some of the get-togethers during the second semester. Highlighting the year of social events were the annual Mandarin liall with its sultry oriental setting ■in l llii- iilctidc llolK I lop at Hemenway Hall. I he Iratcrnity was unsurpassed in sports, proving themselves champs by emerging un- defeated in the inter( hib footb.dl league. ENGINEERING CLUB -jt -j FIRST ROW, left to right: H. Sato. J. G. Bennett, Y. Hironaka. J. Chang, F. Yamanaka, T. Morinaga, L. Whang, A. Barona, T. Kawahara, S. Taam, G. Hayase, E. Tonokawa, S. Miyasaki, G. Honda. SECOND ROW: D. Austin, P. Taniguchi, H. Mikasa, C. Fujimoto. T. limura, M. Kawamoto. S. Niimoto. J. Okano. T. Ara- tani, S. Oishi. B. Arakaki. M. Nagai. C. Miyamoto, S. Takahashi, J. Runquist. K. Shimizu. THIRD ROW: J. Green. E. Marchal. T. Kodama, D. Yokoyama. M. Kaneshige, G, Yokota. H. Muraoka, L. Miyashiro, M. Tonokawa. G. Iwamoto. H. Nishikimoto. H. Tateishi. T. Okamura, W. Ching. FOURTH ROW: G. Higashi- no. J. Nosse. R. Yoshida. M. Rasmussen. W. S. Chun. M. Tamura. J. Tokunaga. G. Inenaga. T. Osa. M. Su- nada. R. Shima. J. Nakao. S. Watanabe. C. Arakaki. R. Suzuki. FIFTH ROW: G. Endo, S. Valenciano. A. Yoshimoto, W. Yee. G. Nishimura. G. Fujimoto, E. Hamamoto. G. Chur. H. Park. R. Amioka. S. Fujimoto. R. Kagamida. Jr.. M. Kon, K. Tarumoto. K. Tanaka. SIXTH ROW: H. Uehara. S. Otake, S. Ishigo. G. Loo. P. Liu. H. Okuda. P. In. O. Nakamura. M. Ma- tsuno, E. Sakamoto, R. Yamashita, H. Hashimoto. Engineers draw their brushes to support the Anti-Litter Campaign. Piiltint; their slide rules aside and lakinU lime out fi)r socials proved enlij: liteniii( lor nienil)ers ol llie I£n( ineerin{ C Jul). I he year started of! with a staf piiriit at . la Moana Park, followed l)y the lloiiie I ' i oiiomic s-l ' -iiyineeritit; (omniiie at Meineiiway llall. I he iliniax of the year was the .iiiniial naiH|iiel held in the latter par! of the second semeslir. Besides these sex iais the ( Inl). in (onjiinttion with the I ' -niji neerini, ' Department, x liedulcd wiiLK movies ol eimineerinu in terest lor all students. AIu( h ol the ( lul) s ellort wav directed Inward lii ' l|iino ihi ' tngineering lOeparlmeiil gain .uliiiill.ini ■ into tin- , merii an So- ciet ol ( ivil r.nuineerinu as a junioi MKiiiner. noMK K(:()NO] rT(:s ci rn tyVV ' . inr «« vMS sr iS - " im - FIRST ROW. left to right: Leah Frances Ching, Edith Maeshiro, May Kayahara, Midori Hidani, Alice Y. Higa, Fumi Aoki. Evelyn Nitta. Etsuko Nakashima. Kimie Maeda, Emily Okawaki, Mildred Nagamine. Elizabeth Pa. Betsy Murakami. SECOND ROW: Margaret Yoshinaga. Yoshie Odo. Erillee Honmyo. Sumie Inokuchi. Mabel Murakami. Betty Arita. Elsie Ishida. Dorothy Okumoto. Phyllis Ching. Ellen Ching. Gladys Ueno. Ayako Uno. Patricia Wong. THIRD ROW: Sheila Uehara. Anita Nakamine. Mabel Yamamoto. Lorraine Fujimoto. Alice Kimura. Flora Lum. Bessie Yamamoto. Florence Kashima. Amy Kojima. Ruth Ando. Emeline Kakazu. Janet Tokairin. Lillian Tsushima. FOURTH ROW: Thelma Murakami. Agnes Tong. Blossom Au. Myra Zane. Janet Wata nabe, Ruth Yamaguchi, Sharon Yafuso. Helen Gascon. Charlotte Bice. Dorothy Nakama. Mabel Nose. Dorothy Murakami, Alice Nishigawa. Mildred Kashiwada. Tlie riotnc r. oDornu s Clul) began its ailivilies diiriiis Ljnitpcl Nations Week witli tlie International Tea for tlie foreign students on llie campus. The initialion-lunclieon was the secono event uiti) Stella Okita and Lorraine Fujimoto. the Dole Tra ei . vard winners, and Sumie Inokuchi. the IJanlorth I ' ellow ship winner, speaking to the group. Joint socials were held with the Agriculture ( ImI), the Fngi- neering Cluh. and the Hui o . r( hiteclure. I liis year all ol the meinhers ol the ( iuh helil memhership tiircK lur the .Xmeriian fiome l£conomics . ssociation. a national organi .atidii ol home e onomists. YANG CHUNG HUI Tlie Yang Cluing Hui Sororih began its activities with the Freshmen Tea held at the Manoa home of Mr. and Mrs. I ' hilip Lam. Five neophytes were pledged into the sorority and be- came full-fledged members only af ' .er a vigorous initiation at Camp Erdman and alter their in- tlui tion in June when they re- ceived their well-earned pins. To boost their scholarship fund, the Hui held their tradi- tional China Tea House Dance in mid-October and a lau-lau sale in November. Participating in many campus activities and collaborating with other campus clubs on many formal and informal occasions rounded out the sorority s calen- dar of fun and lellowship. FIRST ROW. left to right: Robert Hee, Richard Chang, Sun Kien Lam. Hing Hua Chun. Ernest Lam. SECOND ROW: Willard Nip. Richard Lum. Chew Nung Lum. Donald Lau. Donald Ching. Richard Tsui. FIRST ROW, left to right: Irma Chun, Janet Chun, Cora Char, Loretta Ching, Alicia Yee, Judith Lee, Ruby Choy, Gwen Lo. SECOND ROW: Juliette Chun, Lorraine Loo, Annie Yuen, Audrey Young. Winnie Taam. Evelyn Young, Marian Wong, Blossom Au. THIRD ROW: Barbara Tarn, Sau Lin Wong. FOURTH ROW: Beatrice Tarn, Lily Yuen. FIFTH ROW: Patricia Wong. Proinolint! fricn lslii|) .iiul o optTiitioii on llu- ( anipus and encouraginy more active partici- pation in student aili ilies are tlie prln ipl ' aims of I ' enc I lui. a fraternity formed in 1028 under the guidance ol Dr. Min Hin I i. I o holster its program, the Hui pledged thirteen students into its inemhership. I he higldights of a successful so( iai ear were picnics and get- toge ' .hers with Yang Chung Hui. Te Cliih Slieli and Tu Chiang Sheh. 1 lie aiuiual camp was held between semesters at Camp Lrdman. while the Rouna-L p for the student and graduate mem- bers took place in August. The Lt. Wah Kong Kau Memorial Scholarship, esta- blished in memory of a fraternity brother who lell in action in the European theater during World War II. was awarded to Doris Obata. the outstanding soph- omore on the basis of her scholas- tic and co-curricular activities. mil O HALE LAULIMA FIRST ROW, left to right: Elsie Adarna, Hanako Kobayashi, Ethel Yamato, Hisae Higa. Rose Kimura, Jennie Hashimoto. Nobuko Ihara. Leah Ching. SECOND ROW: Yooko Takamune, Hanako Shigeta, Katherine Nakatsuji, Dorothy Sasaki, Lily Imamoto, Dorothy Murakami, Gladys Tokushige, Sumako Hirano, Alma Tanaka. THIRD ROW: Alice Igawa, Jane Araki, Alberta Ahin, Lei Chang, Rita Chun, Judy Nishimura, Ruth Yamaguchi, Ruth Ide, Marian Yokotake, Elaine Sugai, Grace Morikawa, Gladys Hayashi, Mrs. Leora Cassidy. I I. lit- l.auliiiici or lli - I louse ol Many I laiiils is a cooperative dormitory where girls Iroiii dillcr- enl islands of various ra( iai extracts vvorlv. play and study togetlier. OrtJanized as a club tlie thirty nieinhers carried on numerous activities under the directorship ol Nlrs. Leora Cassidy. Socials with other dormitories and a refreshing -.priiiH (liiru e were lil hlit lils ol the year. Facullv dinners held ihrouiihoiil the year helped to a( niaiiil the yirls with their prolessors. In Deteniher an open house was held lor Iriends and relatives. Interest was high and ( oinpetition was keen in the inlra-dorm ping pong tournament staged late in the year. FIRST ROW. left to right: Richard Tarn, Agnes Niyekawa, Mabel Takae, Eula May Hodges, Grethana Botelho, J. L. Pestana, Sadako Kubo. Edward Leung, Robert Chan. SECOND ROW: Osamu Murata, Samuel Young, Ruth S. Smith. Donald Woods. Mohammed Jasim. John Koo. Fouad Naaman. Finny Tsui. Richard Chiang Jr.. Lawrence Wong. THIRD ROW: Nicodemo T. Ferrer. Augusto F. Garcia. Harold Hi- go. George Yukinaga. Kiyoto Mizuba. Susan Makizuru. Hiroshi Nishimoto, Juanita Rung. June Ginoza. Natalie S. Yates. FOURTH ROW: Moon Chang Lee, Andres Ferrer, Jr., Milvirde Woolsey Lee. Edward Kong. Marie Craveira. Margaret Uchigashima. John Matsumuro, Ellen Ching, Ana San Nicolas, David Garlect. FIFTH ROW: William D. Lampard. Isao Kirita. Helene N. Fujita, W. E. Vinacke, Lorin Gill, Keith C. Elliott. Ana Quichocho. Carmen G. Iglesias. Fumi Aoki. Marian Taitano. Thomas Maretzki. J lkik « FIRST ROW: left to right: Sam Lee. Kenneth Ogata. Albert Ho. Kay Akamine. Frances Hokama, Nancy Young, David Suzuki, Robert Young. SECOND ROW: Philip Young. Allan Saunders. Melvin Ho. Henry Takeshita, Robert Chang. Julio Carino. Osamu Murata. Walter Ching, Yoshito Miyatake, B. Yim. THIRD ROW: Edwin Wong, Bertha Lau. May Kimura. Evelyn Yama, Eunice Chun, Isao Kirita, Lorin Gill, George Hieda. Ke Nam Kim. c o s M () P () L [ T N C L U B G O V F E L L () W S H I P Y M C A FIRST ROW. left to right: Takeshi Harada, Kenichi Kunimitsu, John Matsumuro, Morris Furubayashi, Richard Iwamoto, Thomas Arinaga, Paul Yamanaka, Robert Kumasaka. SECOND ROW: Herbert Y. Nishijo, Albert S. Nakano, Wilfred Chung, Kenji Sumida. Raymond Kimura. Richard Kanayama, Clarence Sakamoto, Paul Patria. THIRD ROW: Hiroshi Oshiro, Tom Fukunaga, George Okihiro, Herbert Shimabukuro, Frederick Murata, William Yamura, Richard Settsu, Roy Uejio. FOURTH ROW: James Morita, George Sato, Richard Imahiro, Albert Nagata, Melvin Kuwamoto, James Kakazu, Clarence Chang. Itsuro Ide, Wallace Okuna. liK ully. sUkIciiIs and in«inl)(r ol llii- (low nlow ii ' l MC A formetl llic mu lens ol llie lirst . IC A on llif lampus in 1921. From a site llial was iormt riy t luslerecl wllli kiawc trees on Uni- versity and Metcall Streets tlie Atherlon huildlni; was con- strue te l. I Icrc llic olll( (• and tlic lull room ol tlic I niversitx I are located. 1 he Frosii Orientation at Camp Erdman gave impetus to an at ' livity packed year. Worship services, socials and sports were squeezed into tlie protlrain. Kasler (amp and a l)ani|uel roiuideil out the ii ' ear. Cieorfje ukin.itja ,ind I ' .rncsl Kuljota represented llie Uni- versity Chapter at ihe annual .Vsilomar convention in California wllile Albert Nau ' ala tra eled to Miami. Ohio to attend the Fourth National Student Assembly. Y W C A FIRST ROW. left to right: May Kimura, Enid Suzuki. Stella Han. Florence Sasaki, Nancy Takabayashi, Jane Kumada, Jean Yamamoto. Nancy Young, Dorothy Nakabayashi. SECOND ROW: Melva Ishida, Mabel Matsuno, Betty Masu- nari, Lily Matsumoto, Doris Miyasaki. Jean Sawa, Marilyn Kodani. Shirley Kim. THIRD ROW: Elaine Burgess (ad- viser), Sumiko Nagami, June Ginoza, Evelyn Yama. Asayo Miyasato, Asako Tamashiro. Kimiyo Shiraki. Pat Kealoha, Vi- vian Mom. Gwen Lo. FOURTH ROW: Matsue H. Uratani, Florence Odo, Maybelle Nakamura, Hazel Takayama, Michiko Yamato, Edna Ogata. Barbara Ching, Florence Shimizu. FIFTH ROW: Joyce Matsumoto. Edith Ono, Fusako Fukumoto. Maria Duyao. Chieko Furutani. Grace Gaza. Karen Itoga. Violet Okada. Mazie Ann Lim. Grace Oshima. SIXTH ROW: Ruth Kawai, Ruth Kaga. Lucille Kimura, Mitsuko Akasaki. Leilani Ogata, Helen Takata, Frances Takakawa, Margaret Chang, Eileen Nuha. SEVENTH ROW: Mildred Nakahara. Thelma Y. Takayama, Hilda Terada, Kiyono Suga, Audrey linuma, Alice Masuda, Clara Shun. Even before tlie university had ofnrially opened its doors lor classes the University of Hawaii oung Women s Christian As- sociation, in conjunction with the YMCA. conducted the annual Freshman Orientation Camp at Camp Erdman. [3urine the Christmas .season tfie ' C. held a party as , send-off for the Asilomar representatives. Faith Tsui. Mildred Nakahara and Florence Sasaki, In step with tradition the Y again joined forces with the YNICA and went caroling for several com- munity groups. The Election F " un-fest during the second semester closed the social calendar for the ' l WCA. FIRST ROW. left to right: Doris Miyasaki, Jean Serikaku. Eileen Sato, Yoshiko Uehara, Edith Arakawa. Eleanor Fukunaaa. SECOND ROW: Thelma Kurihara. Elaine Yanagisako, Tsutayo Hamashige. Nancy Takabayashi, Caroline Fukumoto, June Ginoza, Lillian Hino. THIRD ROW: Fumito Nakamura. Eleanor Vidinha, Albert Wong. Lindbergh Valentin, Doris Matsusaki. FOURTH ROW: Masayoshi Fujita, Hiroshi Tanaka, Morio Nakashima, Edgar Vinacke, John Harrigan. SIGMA T.AMBDA P S Y C H O L O G Y C L U B FIRST ROW. left to right: Paul Yamanaka. Joe Arakaki. Henry Fukushima. Shunichi Kimura, Clarence Taba. SECOND ROW: Michael Kakisako, Osamu Murata. Lorin Gill, Howard Hamamoto, Ralph Nakamura. Ke Nam Kim. ABOVE. FIRST ROW, left to right: Lorraine Char, Bettie Nishimura, Eleanor Kagawa. Miyoko Yoshina, Dorothy Estrella. SECOND ROW: William Harada. Doris Mi- ura. Janie Hirakawa. Julia Tong, Eloise Nekorpoto. Sao Myung Chung, Carolyne McCue, Robert Amai. RIGHT. SENIOR INTERNS. FIRST ROW. left to right: Ryoichi Mikami, Janice Chang. Lily Takeuchi. Steve Oba. SECOND ROW: Clara Yuen. Grace Oishi. Mary Fujikawa. Gertrude Higa, Mildred Mi- yasato. Dick Miyaji, Flossie Ibara, Mabel Amano. 1 t- ' -: MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY CLUB As a servile to the Liiiversity the Med Tech C Mil) ( cirrien on a year-roimcl oloocl nank nri - on tlie ( ainpus so tluil a supply of l)loo(l would al«ays be available for UH students and faculty. This year s social activities included the an- nual Freshmen Tea held in Hemenwav riall. visits li I ripler ( iei eral llospil,il, W ' airnano Home. Kaneolie Menial I lf) pitfil and lei tures ol s( ientilic value. f uriny the loolhall season members were bus malilng pom-poms and promoting ticket sales. I opping the social agenda were the initiation pi(ni( .incl the Christmas get-together. BETA BETA GAMMA Beta Beta Oamma, a social and educational sorority for students Interested in Korean culture, started their social year with a rush tea at Hemenway Hall as a get-togetlier for its members. Initiation for new members was held early in the school year on the campus. As a tribute to the (ommunity the club conducted a Thanks- giving basket drive in conjunc- tion with the Council of Social Agencies. The club clinxaxed an eventful year with a Korean Culture Week and a Spring Dance. FIRST ROW, left to right: Evalyn Inn, May Yama- moto, Roberta Chang. SECOND ROW: Laura Chun, Maizie Lim, Gladys Yonamine. THIRD ROW: Rita Chun, Eunice Chun, Jennie Ko. FOURTH ROW: Dolly Kim, Stella Han, Anna Kang. FIFTH ROW: Molly Kim, Eleanor Park, Lorna Chun. ABOVE. FIRST ROW .left to right: Mary Nakayama, Marian Tokuna- ga. Mildred Nakahara, Dorothy Tsuda. Nancy Ushida. SECOND ROW: Grace Yamada. Janice Kurosawa. Pearl Horio. Mildred Naqamine, Evelyn Nitta. Virginia Shintaku. PANEL. FIRST ROW: Betty Awa- mura. SECOND ROW: Maryanne Shlma- bukuro. Rose Omine. Michiko Fujii. THIRD ROW: Florence Kodama. Mae Murakami. Aileen Jitchaku. FOURTH ROW: Gertrude Urata, Leilani Tanaka. Etsuko Kurosawa. FIFTH ROW: Emily Okawaki. Shirley Nagao, Marjorie Mori. SIXTH ROW: Ruth Shimabuku. Edith Moriki. Annette Shigezawa. akarja Kai was reartivafed In 19-lQ hy five charter members who felt the need of promoting fellowslilp. of aiding in ASlJfi and rommiinity aitivties and of promoting Japanese cidlure on the campus. An initiation at Ala Moana Park in November l)roiignt in eleven new members. During the Christmas vaca- tion, the club sponsored a party for ihe Kualiini Home for aged .Japanese men. and with true . merican spirit went caroling on the eve. Semester break found the members at an all-night stand camping at a Kai member ' s beach home. A farewell banquet ended Wakaba Kai s second year of activity and service on the uni- versity campus. FIRST ROW, left to right: Kenneth Okazaki. William Araki. da, Yoshio Kaminaka, Frank Yamamoto, Raymond Hee. Betty James Hara, Kenneth Kamimura, Kuichi Okumura, Yoshito N nari Wakatsuki, Larry Okuna, Henry Sato. THIRD ROW: Irv Tadao Takamune, James Sato. Yasuo Saito, Leonard Moriyama ROW: Minobu Kamisato, Richard Hashimoto, Richard Furuno M. Miyamoto, Henry Mizuno, Hideo Murakami, Akira Koba, naga, Henry Tokunaga, Shigeru Yamaguchi, Cheon Chee, Kenj Michael Shiroma, Edward Yamanaka. SIXTH ROW: Charle Prof. Pierson, Prof. Tilley, Philip Oshita, Evelyn Yama, Ge Francis Kojima. Mae Murakami, Laura Chun, Wallace Okuna, Howard Yoshi- Awamura, Herbert Ching, Samuel S, O. Lee. SECOND ROW: akamura, Clifford Masui, Henry Nakai, Clarence Chang, Katsu- ing Sato, Joseph H. Kato, Michiro Endow, Harold Y. Shintaku, , Masao Yonemori, Richard Tsui, Herbert Marutani. FOURTH , Harold Fujimoto, Tsuneo Watanabe, Jack T. Yoshida. Harold Albert Chun. FIFTH ROW: Muneo Hamada. Yoshiro Matsu- i Kawano, Wilfred Chung, Kenneth Hakoda, Harold Sekiguchi, s Choy, Mitoshi Uyehara, Toraki Matsumoto, Prof. Ferguson, orge Shimabukuro. Lawrence Makishima, Garrett Serikawa, COMMERCE CLUB FIRST ROW, left to right: Masayuki Tamura, Tom Kanetake, Sadae Maedo, Helen Nakamura, Yayoi Kurita, Stanley Am- bo, Merton Lau, Wilfred Heu, Daniel Yee, Walter Pang. SECOND ROW: Charles Saito, Patsy Nomura, Thelma Mitsukawa. Nancy Nushida, Marjorie Mori, Dorothy Tsuda. Janet Chun, Gladys Ogawa, Elizabeth Takimoto, Encarnacion Domingo, Florence Osaki, THIRD ROW: Clarence Takata, Franklin Nakama, Walter Taniguchi, Walter Miyoshi, Ethel Chee, Stephen Ching, Richard K, H. Lum, Eiko Niimi, Jessie Osaki, Eva Heirakuji, H, Ikenaga, P. Mori. FOURTH ROW: Hideaki Ura- domo, Stanley Nishimura, Yoshio Tsuchida, Ralph Nakamura, Kats Uyeoka, Harry Nojima, Mildred Yuen, Lillian Arakawa. Lillian Young, Eugene Dang, Jung Lowe, Elmer Tam. FIFTH ROW: Herbert Fujioka. Norman Fujikawa, Isami Kimoto, James Sakai, Ernest Nabeta, Frank Hata, Shunjiro Hirata, Tadashi Fujitomo, Yorimitsu Matsuwaki, Charles Sueishi, George Naito. SIXTH ROW: C. F. Congdon, R. C. Hoeber, A. L. Kirkpatr ick, C. Wabkes. R A 1 N H ( ) W Y B A FIRST ROW. left to right: Nancy Kawaharada, Florence Tanaka, Norma Ito, Michie Nishihara, Florence Mizuta, Jane Takaki, Haruyo Matsushima. Florence Akiyama. Jean Sorayama. James Toba. James Yamashiro, Haruyoshi Ikawa. SECOND ROW: Kunio Kobayashi. Karl Tomomitsu, Albert Matano, Taka Miyashiro, Arlington Tomita. Howard Hoshide, Thomas Yamamoto. Frank Watanabe. Donald Sakai, Eiji Inouye. Hisashi Matsumoto, Clifford Miyoi. THIRD ROW: Tamataru Kodama. Shirley Okimoto. Rene Amine. Ella Ohta. Sumiko Tottori. Jane Maruoka. Lily Miyasato. Aiko Shimotsu. Alvin Tamaribuchi. Robert Hashi- moto. Raymond Yoshino. Yoneji Nomura. FOURTH ROW: Jane Matsuura. Kikuko Ushio, Mabel Takae. Samiko Miyamoto. Walter T. Oka. Hideo Murakami. Wilfred Takata. Sueharu Yamamoto. Thomas Hayashi. Tokumu Moriwaki. George Yokota. Ben Kodama. Founded in lOlS hy a coup of energptic Buddhists and led by Kaoru Uto. its first presiden!. the Rainbow YBA set to the task of serurine members and fulfilling its purpose of promoting good will, miderstanding and tooperation among the students of the various colleges of the University of Hawaii. 1 he asso( iation now boasts of a membership of over one hundred students from various Buddhist sects. The highlight of the year was the setting aside of Buddhist Week on the campus in [Jetemfjer with tiie aim of familiarizing student and facultv ' members witli the religion. Periodical lectures, conferences, discussions, and soc iai functions also abetted this aim. METHODIST STUDENT FELLOWSHIP FIRST ROW, left to right! Bessie Yamamoto, Herbert Zane, Hisako Tanji. SECOND ROW: William Harada, Eleanor Kagawa, James McGiffen, Mazie Lim, Henry Shigemura. THIRD ROW: James Peterson, David Eum, Te- ruyo Shrmei, Yukio Togu- chi, David Harada, Rev. Robert McNabe (adviser). FIRST ROW, left to right: Janice Pang, Jean Takamoto, Alicia Kawato. Janie Hira- kawa. Norma Chow, Natalie Yates. Florence Matsuda. SECOND ROW: Violet Okada. Jacqueline Makabe, Mollie Lee, Barbara Ching, Genevieve Lum, Clara Shun, Margaret Chang, Vivian Mow, Cherrie Uyehara, Bernice Wong. THIRD ROW: Mohammed Jasim, Richard Au, Leora Wong, Kathleen Takaki, Samuel S. Lee, David Neel, Rev. John R. Caton. CANTERBURY CLUB MUSIC CLUB I he L iiiversily of Hawaii Musit Clul) was ortjanizecl witli llic purpose of crealiiis greater spirit of fellowsliip among tlie music sludents. eneouraging growth In musicianship and further iiig music on llie campus and in tin- lommunily. An initi.ilion hehl at the home of Mr. Norman Rian oflii iaIK opened the social calendar lor the Music Club. This event was followed hy a ( hristnias part held at the home of one of the memners. I he I lul) was olten lalled upon to help with the entertain nienl at onvoc ations, pep rallies and dances, as well as at the Spring Festival. Student recitals Doth on and off the campus won the aiclaim of llie puhlic. During May the (lul) was host to students of various schools representing all the islands in the annual Music Festival held on the university campus. FIRST ROW. left to right: Ethel N. Chung, Doris S. Kamioka, Matilda Agcaoili, Mary Nakayama, Jane Hieda. Kay Honda. Rose Lee, Alvin Lum. SECOND ROW: Violet Marie Awai, Blanche Yoshizumi, Hai Yun Kim, Lillian Ogawa, Dolores Salvatera, Virginia Rodrigues. THIRD ROW: Grace Sera, Helen Noh, Jeanette Chun, Lila Lee. Thelma Chock. Shigeru Hotoke. FOURTH ROW: Herman Hashizume, Pearl Horio, Shirley Watanabe, Leocadia Lui-Kwan, Francis Miyahira, Ronald Suga, Paul Franks, Wilfred Ta- kata. FIFTH ROW: John Saclausa, Frank P. Bigoski, Jr., Gabriel Baltazar. -- ' rTSt PHI LAMBDA CHI FIRST ROW left to right: Sadae Maedo, Helen Nakamura, Minnie Okimoto, Mabel Itoku, Mabel Mura- kami, Gwen Ho, Gladys Yonamine. SECOND ROW: Stanley Yoza, Betty Chun, Barbara Chun, Louise Inn, Doris Lum, Violet Okada, Clara Shun. THIRD ROW: Wilton Ching, Howard Ito, Lawrence Honjiyo, Alice Yano, Kaye Kamisato, Dorothea Tsuchiya, Dorothy Ochiai, Gladys Morikawa. FOURTH ROW: James Oshiro. Euton Wong, Michael Shiroma, Harold Sekigjchi, Betty Arita, Haruko Kato, Kenneth Hokoda. A liaplci (il llic Oaliu Allied Youlli orf ani .ali )ii. I ' lii l.anilxia Clii en- deavors to promote wholesome educational and social participation in various activities. The ( luh got off to a fast start this year when it was selected to sell Fad. a magazine published hy the " iO chapter of the ahmmi association, during the registration period. I he first gel together was held in Oitoixr in llic Muc room ,il llemenway Hall. IniormaiilN was the keynote and social dancing wound up an evening of games, singing ,uicl skits. Rapidly following was a picnic at I lanauma l?ay. Decemher and January were active monlhs selling foothall tickets, making pom-poms and constructing lloats in preparation Icir ihc- Homecoming anil Pine- apple Bowl celebrations. The barbecue concession at the Spring Festival in [ " ' ebruary was a prohtable as ve as pleasant experience. After a month ol seemingly ina ti ity but an important montli in ihc- planning ol the ' biggest Imiclion ol the year, the Oahii . lliccl oiilh .Social was held in May. Later liial mcmlli. the Ir.idiliona! .iiinii.i! b,iiH|iii ' l btoiiglil ihc iorm.d activities of the year to an end. Unwilling to come to ,i complete slop so catl llic- c liib xolcci lor a post script picnic wliic h w.c held .lilcr lirial exams. A rousing send oil was given the- dcp.irting seniors. HIT I l,() k A II I ABOVE, left to right: Herbert Meyers, Richard Lee, Eno Plumley, Bill Mossman, Norman Westly. PANEL. FIRST ROW: Don Gustuson, Shay Auerbach. SECOND ROW: George Malama, Fred Lee. THIRD ROW: George Henry, Wallace Doty. FOURTH ROW: Charles Schrader, Douglas Gardner. FIFTH ROW: Donald Knepper, Sam Seto. SIXTH ROW: Eugene Marchal, James Green, Orville Ma- goon, Albert Vivas, David Luke. Tlif lirotliers of Hui Lokahi liave i arriecl on in ihe true Hui fashion of fostering high fraternal spirit among its niemfiers. The year started with an informal initiation followea by the more pleasant formal initiation. A rush picnic at Punaluu proved to be a great success. Fun for all was the joint Alumni-Varsity Chapter picnic. With new pledges under wing the Hui took off into what turned oul to be quite a successful spor ' .s season. I he traditional Hui annual ciance and an aloha party for departini " nifriiliirs i ulminated one ol Hui l.oKahis most pleasant years. TT U 1 P o o K E L A On May 17, 1950 twelve juniors were inducted into Hui Pookela in a simple l)ut impressive ceremony that made tnem memliers of the chosen. The Club, an honorary society for senior women, was founded in 1Q28 with the purpose of promoting scholarship and participation in extracurricular activities. Selection of menxbers is based on service, leadership, character, and scholarship. Highlights of the year were the All- Campus Confab, a toy drive for needy (liildren in conjutulioii uilh the nliss drive and participation in the jalopy parade during the Homecoming Week in December. FIRST ROW, left to right: Mahealani Ching, Jackie Booth. SECOND ROW: Lucille Conjugacion, Joy Wong. THIRD ROW: Nellie Johnson, Marvalee Gunderson. FOURTH ROW: Caroline Lee, Grace Thoene, Elizabeth Pa, Betty Jane Flores, Julia Williams. Jacqueline Wiegman, Lorraine Kaina, Damienna Sllva, Patty Wond, Leilani Warriner. FIRST ROW. left to right: Lillian Arakawa, Lorraine Chai, Evelyn Yama, Leanora Nishikawa, Stella Okita, Doris Lum. SECOND ROW: June Ginoza, Clara Yuen, Mary Louise Windisch, Gertrude Kumalshi, Flora Lum, Annette Shigezawa. Ke Anuenue Sorority aims to promote and perpetuate Hawaiian culture on the campus. Its members participateci in numerous activities throughout the year, the most important of which was the May Day program, an ASUH affair presented by the sorority. During .Aloha Week Ke Anuenue with the help of the Engineering club con- structed a float which was entered in the Aloha Week parade. Early in November twelve neophytes were welcomed into the club. During the month tlie pledges were entertained at a Muiunuu tea at Hemenway Hall and a desert party. After a week of rushing the pledges were initiated al a inlormal week- end party at l unaluu. p H I K A P P A P I FIRST ROW. left to right: Robert Nam, Frank Kim, Sam Nam. James Chung, Henry Lee, Kiyoshi Tamanaha. SECOND ROW: Elbert Izon, Warren Yue, Jeffrey Kim, Samuel Ching, Howard Yu, Robert Lee. A L P H A O M I C R O N K- ' FIRST ROW, left to right: Alfred Barona, Elbert Izon, Rudy Pacarro, Roseline Paz. James Solidum, William M. Paz, Stephanie Alicuben, Elsie Adarna. SECOND ROW: Andres Ferrer, Jr., Barney Menor. Alfred Ragasa, Marcial T. Simpson, Epifanio Llacuna, Beatrice Bisco, Florence Miguel, Beatrice Villanueva, Gloria Thomas. THIRD ROW: Dolores Salvatera. Edward Falces. Nicodemo T. Ferrer, Sid Roldan, Julio Carino, Felisa Torres, Corrine Centeno, Benedicta Pladera, Glena Martin. ETA LAMBDA KAPPA FIRST ROW, left to right: Kenneth Chang, Lawrence Chun, Calvin Chun, Chuck Pang, Martin Lau, Richard Fukumoto, Ronald Young. SECOND ROW: Kenneth Tanji. Sam Kagesa, Euton Wong, Masanobu Yamauchi, William J. L. Lee, Toshio Nishioka, Walter Oka, Yutaka Miyashiro, Walter Sasaki. THIRD ROW: Willjam Won, Lawrence Takahashi, Samuel Chang, Albert Nishikawa, Frederick Usui, Bill Shimabukuro, Rokura Tomita, Stanley Shima. Ela l-amlKia Kappa, the University s pre-rnetlic al society, lias flint tioneci as an ecliKatlonal and social or( ani .alion since 1 2) for tliose who are interested in fne field of llie medical sciences. I lie club made trips to Kaneolie Hospital. Waimano Home and Tripler General Hospital. In addition, lectures by prominent mennbers of the medical and scientilii lields were held. Co-sponsored parties and picnics with the Medical Tech- nology Club were nothing unusual. There have also been socials with student nurses of the St. Francis Hospital. . Icmbers of the club were given a pamphlet published by ihe . M.V entitled " Choi( e ol a . " ledital School. " The club maintains a complete library ol the latest catalogues of all medical and dental schools approved by the AMA. The (III!) presented to the Chemistry Deparlmeiil a framed reproduilion which hangs in the new chemistry buildings. UH CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP A chapter ol the Internationul Fellowship of Evangelical Stu- dents, the I Jniversity ol Hawaii Christian Fellowship has a two- loul purpose— to enlarge the Christian lellowship and to build Christian character. W ' eelcly meetings held every Tuesday and Friday were open to all ASLT I students. Besides these regular meetings groups of students met daily for prayer and weekly for Bihie studies. At an all-campus meeting an internationally known athlete and war hero, Lou Zamparini, spoke to the group. C. Stacey Woods, general secretary of the Interna ' .ional Fellowship, visited the campus and the university chapter ol Cliristian Fellowship. To attain their aims the club held several socials during the school year. A freshman tour began the school year followed by School i3aze and a freshman reception. 1 he Nursery Rime Party and Christmas caroling were held in Hemenwav Hall. 1 he highlight ol the year was the camp held between semesters. FIRST ROW, left to right: Rebecca Piimauna, Maria Duyao, Lucille Kimura, Margaret Nagasaki, Edith Kondo, Nellie Young, Leora Koike. Mae Kakazu, Mildred Nakahara. SECOND ROW: John Lennox, Robert Ho, Nancy Young, Dorothy Chong, Geraldine Ch ng, Shizuko Sasaki, Mildred Murakami, Rose Chun, Joyce Fujisato, Betty Au. THIRD ROW: John Goto, Richard Nakamura, Lillian Arakawa, Mildred Yuen, Lillian Young, Jean Ishimura, Hilda Nino, Gwen Wong, Frances Kansaki. FOURTH ROW: Frank Ling, Benson Young, William Nagata, Melvyn Ishikawa, Dick Mastbrook, Henry Uehara, Henry Sato, Tommy Akage, Theodore Ogoshi. Left to right: Isao Kirita. Douglas Dorrough, Janet Nakamura, Larry Oh, Don Mayo, Ann Davis, Keith Elliott. P II I L O s o p H Y C L U B CHEMISTRY CLUB Ho FIRST ROW. left to right: Joseph Ezaki. Jeannette Nakatsu. Janet MatEuda. Joseph Arakaki, Richard Mr. Weatherbee. Judith Fujioka. Joyce Kealoha. Doris Miura. Margaret Luke. SECOND ROW: Charles . Wong. Livingston M. F. Wong. Lawrence V ong. Hing Hua Chun. Robert Sasaki. Ernest Iwasaki. Samuel Kurohara. Lawrence Hatakeyama. Clifford Sato. THIRD ROW: Edward Chun. William Siu. Ber- Edward Hashimoto. Kazuji K. H. Wong. Livingston M. F. Samuel Kurohara. Lawrence HaiaKeyama. iinora 3aio. i nini-; nww; tuweiru nuti. vviindrn jiu, dci- tram Komenaka. Chuck Pang. Calvin Kobayashi, William Won. David Lai. Edward Hashimoto, Kazuji Terada. FOURTH ROW: Senyu Ueunten. Mel Shoho. Donald Yamaguchi. Calvin Lum. Lorraine Char, Rose Wong. Ruth Mary Connor. Richard Guerin. Richard Loo. Noboru Asahino. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION Tlip Baptist Student I ' nion is an orfiani ation cIe otefI to tlif purpose of supplementing llie acadcniic and intellectual growth of its members witli religious and serial development. Baptist students attending the University of Hawaii and all others who were interested met al noon for devotional services and social activities at the Baptist Student Center. The Student Center was open at all times for student use. Sponsored hy the Hawaii Mission of the Southern Baptist Convention, the BSU was organized in December. 1046. FIRST ROW. left to right: Wayne Frantz, Sachio Taira. Amy Shi- bano. Yoshiko Tengan, Sally Kamimura, Janet Hirata. Kathleen McCormick, Miss Josephine Harris. SECOND ROW; George Tera- moto, James Takita. Chiyoko Taira. Hanayo Tomota, Jean Masaki, Susie Drummond. Kiku Nishime. THIRD ROW: Frecierick Usui, George Yukinaga, Ernest Kanemura. Margaret Zen. Betty Sato. Janet Shimogawa. Evelyn Schwartz. FOURTH ROW: Robert Ho. J. W. Dykes. Keichi Ikeda. GAMMA CHI SIGMA I lir riK om .iijcnicnl n] st li hip tind uin |i.ini()i --lii|i ,111(1 iIh ' Idll Mi|i| irl ol .ill sliidcnt nclivities on canipu.s were lln ' |iriii( ipic .lini ol (laninia Chi SitJma. I lie vrar ( oinmciK cd willi ,i iniiiiriiuti party lollowfd l) .1 pii iii oTi llic w inclward side ol llic islaiul and a Iniu licon at lii - [ ' .IK s Clul). Climax ina tlie first sen csler were a formal piedsJc rere mony in l!)ereinl)er and .ni initiation ol now members at a private hcK li Iidmic in February, (lamiiia C lii Siuma nolslered tlie Spirit iind Rally Committee with its Little Spirit. Cammy. iisinc unique sayings lii( h were familiar sights on the blackboards and bulletin boards on cam- pus. The club was well represented in both the homecoming and Pineapple Bowl lloat parades. ' . -V FIRST ROW. left to right: Donna LeGoullon. Elaine McLaren. SECOND ROW: Betty Ann Lyman, Doris McLean. THIRD ROW: Charlotte Bice, Yvonne Herman. Joan Garvie. Nancylei Clowes. FOURTH ROW: Jean Oli- veira, Irene Casey, Kay Maggioros. Irene Yamato. FIFTH ROW: Doris Oba- ta. Betty Lou Lung, Mary Louise Windisch. Marjorie Roberts. H A W A I I U N I O N FIRST ROW, left to right: Stephen Murin. Julio Carino, H. L. Ewbank Jr., Osamu Murata, Richard Settsu, Joseph Arakaki. Masaru Funai. SECOND ROW: Evelyn Yama. Ralph Nakamura, Isao KIrita, Barbara Kim, Muneto Ya- manaka, Clarence T. Taba, Shunichi Kimura. H U I O II A U M A N A FIRST ROW, left to right: Robert Kuribayashi. Paul Aki. Sadao Matsi ' kawa, Lincoln Ishida, Tetsuo Nakamura, Wallace Furugen. Edward Hashimoto, Tamotsu Ikeda. SECOND ROW: Harry Yamamoto, Masayuki Minamide, George Naito. Tadashi Fujitomo, Kenneth Tanji, Susumu Miyashiro. Morio Nakashima. THIRD ROW: Minoru Inaba. George Yoshishige, Richard Karimoto, Masami H ronaka, Takao Nakashima, James Saiki, Eugene Yama- moto. FOURTH ROW: George Kimata, Yasuo Kakuda, Haruyoshi Ikawa, George Yamamoto, Lloyd Suyama, Richard Noda, Stanley Yamanaka. FIRST ROW. left to right: William McMorrow, Peter Carson. David Yap. SECOND ROW; Gilbert Yap. Elmer Tam, Jerome Anderson, Howard Pryor. Kappa Kpsiloti I lirta. lomidetl in Q " a (Jroiii) of world tra- velers, complclcd anollier year of active pari icipal ion in campus a( livities. I lie clul) sponsored (he alofia sliirt - muumuu contest durinsj Aloha WecK and kepi up their utitiring school spirit with the Keep il Kleen Week campaign. Piddicitv for the C onstitiition i ite was el!i ientiv h.indled hy the cluh. ( let-togethers with other cluns lilled the greater part of the social calendar for the year. KAPPA EPSILON THETA FIRST ROW. left to right: James Gomes. Forrest Murphy. Sam Apuna. David Lee. Abraham Wood. SECOND ROW: Robert Hutchison. Lehman Henry, Charles Kauhane. Thomas Lalakea, Andrew Aiu. I | L w ' W y y ■ ' . ' 1 FIRST ROW, left to right: Edward Yamanaka, David Suzuki, Edwin Wong, Rogers Ikenaga. Clifford Miyamoto, Noboru Okamura, Akira ShiotanI, Tsugio Ohashi, Glenn Hircse, Thomas Hirata. SECOND ROW: Paul Lo, Stanley Igawa. Mitsuge Kamemoto, William Tom, Melvin Ing, George Iwamoto, Charles Yasuda, William Araki, Walter Ching, Stanley Yoza. THIRD ROW: Raymond Oyama, Hiromu Izumo, Hayao Oishi, Larry Oh, James Morita, Dennis Chee, Wah Sung Chun, Albert Young. James Chang. FOURTH ROW: Charles Yim, William Bonner-, Robert C. Schwartz, Bob Schabacker, Tamateru Kodama, Yasuo Saito, Floranio Castillo, Wilfred Leong, Thomas Ito. SABER AND CHAIN I ho Sal)or arni C hain C In!) approprialely started off an ovent ful year with a get-acquainteo pic ni( -clintipr-dancc at tfu- Kai- lua Officers ' Clufj, A rip-roaring stag picnic during the Christmas vacation brought out many of the tall tales ol summer camp experi ences. In endeavoring to hoc ome more active in ASL ' H acti ities the future officers conducted a ery prolitanle nootli during llie Spring I ' estival in l ' el)rii ir . C limaxing the year was the Military Ball, a tradition of the Saber and Chain Club lielcl late in the second semester. ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY lli Kam S((na(lr()ii is tin- loi al liaplcr of Arnold Air So ifl . llic nalioiial Air ror c R( ) I C " fratmiiK. 1 lu i liaplcr was Branleci a i liarler in ' () ' ml)fr .iiul tlic Iwenly-foiir ctiarfor tncmljcrs ir ' iiis|all ' (l liorlly afler. Members ol llie Ir.ilcrnily were seniors in AF ' RC rC. Juniors were pli-du ' ecl inio tlie Iralernilv lale in llie firsl semester. llie purpose of llie ArnoM Air So( iel ' is lo liriri Io0ellier advanced Af ROlC students uilli (oiiimon interests lo lurllier the mission of llie I iiited Slates Air (-orte. The Hickam Squadron in carrying out its mission was instrumental in promotine lielter uiiderstandinC of the USAF on ihe ampus and in hriimin;; about i loser ro- oper.ilion between the university and the lo( .ill based iir lone oruanization. FIRST ROW, left to rigtit: Wilton Ctiing. Koji Yatogo, Francis Kawamoto. SECOND ROW: John Nosse, George Okihiro, Henry Lau. THIRD ROW: Jerry Yehara, Ted Ogoshi, William Harada. FOURTH ROW: James Green, Aldrich Leu. Kim Sing Wong. FIFTH ROW: Richard Hanaoka, Benjamin Lee, Herbert Park, Donald Leong. SIXTH ROW: Erichi Tanaka. Winfred Yee, Charles Sato. SEVENTH ROW: Shigeo Okuna, Kenneth Kwock, George Rokuhara, Raymond Henry, Samuel Lee. c L A S s E S CLASS OF 1954 HOLBROOK DU PONT President HOMAS FUKUNAOA i e-presicleiil MEL AMAY WONG Secretary KEIAIN WONG 1 reasurer ARTHUR MARDER Advisor F K E S TT r E N It was li int nul c uiil it — took tlic yircii oil our l rt ' fi lies. Nfiiriy all ol tlic original 1 il Ircsli infii siirviNcil tne Ureal ordeal and were ready lo meet llie ( liallenge of tlie next three years. W ' itli lloll)rool l)u Pont at the helm, the Class ol 1U " )I enjoyed a successful year, both socially and ai adeniii ally. . (tive parlit ipation in ASUH affairs heyan with a capital Whew ' during the week-long traditiotial hazing program early in the school year. . ll ended without bloodshed at the Bury the Hatchet danie. 1 he Fresh social calendar was kept at an even keel witfi a variety ol events, . mong the biggest hits were the Winter Wonderland dijnce in De- (end)er. the hilarious . pril Showers piinii, and till ' iieMT to lie lort- ' otli ' ri Marc h loriiial. i.ily . liN.mioto and ew ton Siu- placed first and second rc-spec lively , in the annual f ' rosh ora- torical contest in Novemfjer, Ilqualling this achievement in another field were Oouglas i h)ss- man and Melvin I lo, talented llieaire ( uilci partic ipanls. i Ielvamay Wong, C aria C oykeiidall and Marge Belu composed part ol the I ' ineapple Bowl Queen s court. , iding President l)u Pont were lorn Fuku- naga. vice-president, . lelvamay Wong, secretary; Kelvin Wong, treasurer and tfie tliree Freshmen councillors, Elaine Ah Mai, .lames Komeya and Newton Sue. I he guiding light was Dr. , rlhur J. Marder, facultv adviser. SITTING, left to right: Melvamay Wong, Holbrook DuPont, Tom Fukunaga, Kelvin Wong. Arthur J, IVIarder. STANDING: James Komeya, Archibalct Wung, Satsuki Ozeki, Alice Horinouchi, Elaine Ah Mai, Newton Sue, FRESHMEN UPPER LEFT: Discussion group at Camp Erdman, Mokuleia. Freshmen assemble in prematriculation gathering sponsored by the Y.M.C.A. and Y.W.C.A. for a week of orien- tation and enjoyment. UPPER RIGHT: Doris gets ready to murder the volley ball in a game at the Haleiwa picnic. BOTTOM LEFT: The March picnic in Sunny Haleiwa crowned the year ' s events, where healthy appetites arose after a day of sunbathing and strenuous sports. BELOW: Bury the Hatchet Dance — A traditional affair, which celebrates the bringing of the greenies to the fold, con- eludes a week of friendly initiation. CLASS OF 1953 j? i. A " 5r i . 1 .« . V WILLAS SAYRE President MARK AKITA Vice-president YASUKO ARAKAKI !5e retary JAMES KAKAZU Treasurer CHARLES HUNTFR Advisor SOIMIOAIOKES I he sophoinorc lass, .ihoul lOOO slroiiy, Irol led bark lo si liool witli t ririi (lelcrniiiiiilioii to ( iirry on aiiolluT siutcssful year. Willi lli linn Ix ' lief llial riinnin the sjaimllcl makes nartlier Iresnnieii. llie enlnnsiastit soplioiiiores ( arried on llie annual inilialion, l)ul entied .i lioslililies willi llie Bury llie I l.iU iiel IXiiue. Keeping up wilK llie American lad. llie class sponsored a genuine liarn dance in Novemner. Blue jeans. Mouses and skirls, apple i ider and douglinuls. a liillljilly orchestra and a leu larm animals all aided in bringing out an .uillienlic farm almospliere. in l)eiemljer lleineiiway I lall Wtis ileiked uilli mistletoe and a snowman for the Snow Fall Uance. A luau was held in the se( oiul semester willi Inn lor .ill in liiic llas siiiiaii style. I he pride ol the sopfiomore class was Joycelyn ilaiue who reigned as the f ine Bow! CJueen. Contributions to sports were Donald llo. Joe Malsukawa. ( leorge rnjiwnra and F ' -llsw cirth Bush lor loolhall: Bill I ee. Thomas asuhara and 1 honias ld,i hir hasketliali: ind W ' illas Sayre. Mi hio ()y.ika a and Marry Ching for swimming. Sophomores W ' illas Sayre. Ciinger C harhx k ,iiid i Iary Stone gave their untiring ellorts lo bolster school spirit with their song and cheer leading. Officers for the year were President W ' illas Sayre. Vice-President Mark Akita. Secretary Ya- suko Arakaki. and Treasurer James Nohara. Councillors were Howard Hamamnto. David Lee. and Susur7iu I amanaha. Mark Akita. Tadashi Tanaka. James Kakazu. George Fukumoto. Willas Sayre, Yasuko Arakaki. Howard Hamamoto. Dr. Charles Hunter. David Lee. Walter Ludloff. Richard Nakamura. SOPHOMORES The Snowfall Frolic, on a gay holiday night, provided merriment and conviviality for all. After feasting on kalua pig and lomilomi salmon, Sophomores gather in Hemenway to end a pleasurable night. Willas Sayre and Edward Ludloff welcome guests to the Snowfall frolic. CLASS OF 1952 V MASARU FUNAI President SHUNICHI KIMIRA ' i( e-presidenl HELEN MAI SL 1 " IH Secretary .1 IIIRUSIII OSIIIRO II 1 reasurer r I.IXII 1 i; I ' .Rl.M.M AN Advisor J I iiMORS I lu- I lass of 52 was Iranslormcd (rorii tin ' mild class it was in lis froslimaii .md soplioiiioi ' - vears to a very sober and diiinilicd sjroup. I nder llie competent leadersliip ol its president, Ma- saru Fanai. the juniors liad a pleasant as well as a iisi ' ltd year as students of Ine I ' niversily of Hawaii. I lie class started llie year earK witli cneryy and zest. Judith Ito. social chairman, rounded out many wholesome a(li ilies for the (lass. The social year hegan with the Mi Ni ' iahlxir Hop. an informal dance, in October at Hemenway Hall. A class picnic in December at Ala Moana Park gave the juniors a chance to relax from their tedious studying. During the se ond semester there were the Junior Round-Up. an inlormal eve- ning of social and folk dancing in March, and the traditional Junior-Senior Promenade in earU ' May. The activities of the class were not conhned lo so iais as there were outstanding a omplisli ments elsewhere. It was in the field of lorensi( s that the junior class made a noteworthy (oniri buliori. Shiini( hi Kiiiuira as BODF chairman dill iiuu h lo sliiiHiiale and encourage collegiate debating. Shuni( hi and Masaru Funai repre senled the school in intercollegiate deflates and made trips to territorial high s( hools lo stimulate f)etter speech work. Kay Kamisato, junior, was the 1051 All llawaii Oratorical Contest winner. [ rart)alic -minded jiuiiors who took their bows at Farrington Hall were Bill amazaki and Miyoslii ikeda. In athletics versatile halfback .limmy .Vsato. Yoshiji Asami and C leorge Mamiya were out standing. The jolly juniors, having diligently earned the leadership that has fallen upon their shoulders, look forward to a productive and worthwhile year while reigning as mighty seniors. FIRST ROW, left to right: Satoru Amaki. Shunichi Kimura, Masaru Funai, Helen Matsui. Lucille Bre- neman, actviser. SECOND ROW: Hiroshi Oshiro, Judith Ito, Beatrice Tarn, Daniel Akaka, Barbara Kim, Stanley Toyama. 4 The Moonlight Barbecue at the Ala Moana Pavilllon shows well satisfied students peacefully resting after a delicious meal. Another scene from the picnic, which could well boast the best barbecue served in all the picnics held this year. J u N I R S JMP ■■■ -V, V CLASS OF ]95] KE NAM KIM President Fl.ORANIO CASTILLO Vice-prcsiflcnt SADIE HOKAMA Secretary OSAMU MURATA Treasurer IWAO MIYAKE Advisor SENIORS hour NCitrs .lu ' o r slooil Ix ' forc llie halls ol lliis iini ( ' rsil willi our ijrccii caps; we were in nocent. timid. I ul aiiibilioiis. The first year was filled with studies .uid s() iais. I)ut adjuslmeiil lo llie new eiivironineiit left us still in a naze. I lie second year was n)u li belter; we looked forward to socials and a atletni( life and eagerly took pari in ASl ' H activities. I In- junior year found us mature and polished and culi ' collese students. I he fourth t ' ar in school was niemoranle and pleasant although at times If was rather stale. Socially we began the year with a Kick-Off Dance in November, and sponsored the New ear s Eve Dance welconiing the happy year with bliss. At semester break there was the highly successful Senior Camp at Camp Erdman. Mokuleia on February 2, ) and -1. Second semester found us with plenty of time for more socials. x class picnic was held in March. The Senior Banquet and llie .Itniior-Senior Proincn.idc were held in May. Academic all llie (lass did niiK li lor llieir own fuliire. Discussions on mainland c olic ges were iicid lo give the seniors a chance to sludv the advantages and disadvantages ol liirllicr studies on the mainland, and a very wise and timely projec I. Senior Panel, was underlaken. I his study was ainicci ,il helping seniors with jcjb cjpporlun- ities. Now after four long fruitful years of inlellec - lual and character development, the seniors, with their caps and gowns and w ith lingering memories ol the past and mixed leelings ol joy and sadness, pass through the portals of the institution to which they gave their best efforts, their eyes toward the horizon, hopeful with ambitions and dreams of the future. SITTING, left to right: Kay Akamine. Rose Omine, Sumie Inokuchi, Sadie Hokama, Etsuko Kurosawa. STANDING: Davicd Suzuki. Floranio Castillo. Ted Hirata, Osamu Murata, Ralph Nakamura, Ke Nam Kim, Iwao MIyake. s» v_ An old fashioned folk dance with its intricate steps highlight the picnic at Manner ' s Beach. At the Kick Off Dance in Hemenway, Seniors waltz to the gay music of Cirose Orchestra. The first event on a crowded calendar, it symbolized the twilight of a long and delightful college career. S E I K S :X T« i SENIORS Smiling faces testify to the pleasures enjoyed at the Senior picnic at Nanakuli. Stanley Toyama leads a group on a " lion hunt. " A riot of pantomime, it started off the evening ' s entertainment. ABE, VLKIU Honolulu, Oahu A. S.— Bus. AKAMINE, ERIC Honolulu, Oahu A. Si S.— Bus. ADACHI, MARIAN Honolulu, Oahu A. S. — Entomology AKAMINE, KAV K. Waipahu, Oahu A. S.— Soc. Board of Pub. 2; Ka Leo 2 ; Soc. Club 3. 4: Sr. Class Cabinet 4. A lU, ANDREW K. Honolulu, Oahu A. S. — ;ovi. Newman Club I. 2, 3, 4; Kappa Epsilon Theta. AKIMOTU, TAKASHI Lihue. Kauai A. S. — Econ. AJIMINE, THOMAS T. Honolulu, Oahu .Agr. — -Aer. .Agr. Club 1.2.3,4; .Alpha Beta 4; 4-HClub2. 3; Varsity Boxing 1,2, 3. AKITA, GEORGE Honolulu, Oahu A. S.— Govt. Govt, Fellowship 3, 4; SOSA 2. 3. 4. AMANU, MABEL Honolulu, Oahu App. Sc. — Med. Tech. YWCA 1 ; Med. Tech. 2. 3 : Rainbow Y.B.A. 3. ANDRADE, ERNEST Honolulu. Oahu A. S.— Hist. AUKl, HISASHI I apaikou, Hawaii Agr.— V ' oc. Akt. V ' niwai ChapierFFA 3, 4; Alpha Beta 3. 4; Agr. Clhb 1,2, 3,4. AOKl. KAl.i ' M Honolulu, ().iliil A. S. —Pub. Ad. ASUH I ' res. 4; ASIIH V. Prcs. 3; ASIIH Councillor 2. 3; T.G. Council Chr. 2, 3; YMCA; Govt. Fellowship 4. AllKI, ()SI11|1 Aiea, ().ihu T.C.— Elem. ARAKAKI, JOSEPH 1. A. J» S. Clicm. Athcrton House 3, 5. 4; YMCA (Trcas.) 3: Oicni. Club (V. PrM.) 4; ASLH Rcprcscnljllve BODF 4 ; ASl H Couiuilman 4. ARAKAWA, KOICHI Waipshu. Oahu A, S.— Bus. Commerce Club 3, 4. ARATANI, TERRY Honolulu. Oahu . pp . Sc. — Civil F.iitrr. Engineering Club 3, 4. ARAKAKI. ROBERTS W ' ahiawa, Ojhii A. S. Bus. Commerce Club 3, 4. ARAKAWA. LILLIAN T Ho ' iolulu, Oahu I.e.— Sec. Class Councillor 1 ; Class Secretary 2; T.C.C. 3 : Y.W.C.A. 1.3: Christian Fellowship 2. 3. 4. ARITA, BETTY M Honolulu, Oahu . er. — Home F.c. VWCA 1. 4; 4-HCIub2. i. 4: Home Ec. Club I, 2. 3.4: Phi Lambda Chi 4. ARZADON.JUAN Honolulu, Oahu App. Sc— Civil Engr. Kngr. Club !. 2. 3.4. ASAHINO, MATSUKO Hawi, Hawaii Agr. — Home Ec. Home Ec. Club 2. 3.4; 4-HCIub3. ASAHINO, TAKEKO H.iwi. Hawaii T.C. — Pre-school — Primary T.C.C. 3.4: 0LS2. ASA TO, ALICE S. Honolulu. Oahu T.C— Elem. T.C.C. 1.2. 3. 4; YWCA 2. Atl, BETTY RUTH Honolulu. Oahu A. S.— See. Christian Fellowship 2, 3, 4; Soc. Club3. 4; Social Process Staff ' ; AISTIN, DONALD K.incolic. O.ihii App. Sc. — C ' ivil KnKr. Entr. Club 3. (Sec.) 4. UNK, VVU.I.IAM J. BONNER, WILLIAM J. BOOTH JACQUELINE BOVD, ROBERT N. Ill ?Ionuliilii. Oahti Honolulu. Oahu Hnnnlulu. Oahn Honolulu. Oahu A. S. — Anth. A. S.— Soc. A. S.— Soc. A. S.— Hist. Football 1.2. 3.4; Kc Anuenue 2. 3, 4 ; Newman Club 1 ; Biskelb.ill 1 : S.H-. Clubl. 4; Pre-MeJ. Club 1. H Club 2. }. 4 ; WAA 1. 2. 3.4. Saber and Chain 4. CLASS OF ' 51 BROWN, BARBARA CALDEIRA, ARTHUR CARINO, JULIO C. CASTILLO, FLORANIO CHAI, LORRAINE D. Honolulu. Oahu Honolulu, Oahu Ewa, Oahu Honolulu. Oahu Honolulu. Oahu T.C. — I ' re-school Primary A. S.— Eng. A. S.— Govt. A. 8: S.— Soc. A. S.— French Theater Guild 1, 2, 3, 4. PreLegal Club 1,2. 3, 4; Soc. Club 2, 3.4; Modern Dance Club 1, 2; Alpha Omicron 1. (Treas.) 2, Alpha Omicron 2. 3, 4; Beta Beta Gamma 3 ; (Pres.) 3,4; Class Vice 4. Hui Pookela 4. BODF 3, 4; Hawaii Union 3, 4. CHANG, CLARICE K.Y. CHANG, GERALDINE CHANG, JAMES CHANG, JANISS.L. CHANG, RAYMOND M Honolulu. Oahu Honolulu. Oahu Honolulu. Oahu Honolulu. Oahu Honolulu. Oahu A. S. — Soc. A. S.— Anth. App. Sc. — Civil Engr. App. Sc— Med. Tech. A. S.— Physics VWCA 1 ; TCC 1 : Med. Tech. Club 1.2. 3. Newman Club 2; UII Christian Fellowship 3, 4: Soc. Club 4; ContjreKalional Students TeChihShch 1.2,3,4. Fellowship 4. C ham;, RK ' HARn CHANt;, Rt)HKK 1 V li. CHANC;, VVAITIM CUKE, CHEON I ' VAl, CHING. DONALD K. K Monoliilii. Oaliii Honolulu. Onhii Honolulu. Oahu Honolulu. Oahu Honolulu, Oahu . i S— Bus. A. S.- -Govt. . . S.— Soc. A. S.— Bus. A. S.— Govt. IViu ' )l ii Commerce Club 2. 3. 4 ; Newman Club 3. 4. PengHui 1. 2, 3, 4; ICC CLASS OF ' 51 CHING, JAMES F. CHING, ROBERT K. M. CHING, WALTER D.H. CHOCK, ALVINK. CHONG, VIOLET Honolulu, Oahu Honolulu. Oahu Honolulu. Oahu Honolulu. Oahu Honolulu. Oahu A. i. S.— Bus. Ad. A. S.— Bus. . . s S.— Hist. A. S.— Botany T.C.— Elem. Engineering Club 1 ; Rifle Team 2; Commerce Club 1.2. 3. V..O.I. Fellowship 4; Saber and Chain 4. CHOY.RUBY CHr N.ANNETTE CHUN, BE IIY C. W. CHUN, CLYDE L. K. CHUN, EUNICE Honolulu. Oahu Kaneohe. Oahu Honolulu. Oahu Honolulu, Oahu Honolulu. Oahu A. 4 S.— Psy. T.C.— Elem. A. i S.— Soc. Agr. — oc. Agr. A. S.— Soc. TCC I. 2. 3: So.-. Club 3. 4; Apr. Club 1.2. 3.4: Saber and Chain 1 ; Music Club 3. 4. Phi Lambda Chi 2. 3.4; Saber and Chain 3 ; Rifle Team 1. 2; .■ U ' S Council 3. FFA 5. 4. Ka Palapala I: Beta Beta Gamma 1. 2. 3. 4 Govt. Fellowship 4. 4f € CHUN, JAMES K. Honolulu. Oahu A. S.— Bus. CHUN, LAWRENCE F. Honolulu, 0.ihu . . S.— F.ion. CHUN.LORNA Honolulu, Oahu A. S. Speech All Hawaii Oral. Cont, 1 ; Berndt Extemperaneous 2; Pre-Legal Club (Pres.) 4; Beia Beta Gamma (Pres.) 4; Varsity Debate 4. CHUN. SOON HO Honolulu, Oahu A. S. — Econ. CHUNG, WILFRED V. S. Honolulu. Oahu A. S. — Bus. Cummerce Club 4 ; VMCA 3.4. tV COLEMAN, WILLIAM E. Honolulu. Oahu . . S.— Art Football 1. 2; Rho .Mpha Gamma; SSS Fraternity: Saber and Chain. DALIGCON, BONIFACIO Makaweli. Kauai Agr. — Agr. DANG, JOHN VVailuku. Maui A. S. — Buj. Football 1.2. ' .4; Track 1.2. ' .4; A House Club I. 2. 3. 4; HClub 1. 2, 3.4. DAVIS, ANN K. Honolulu. Oahu A. S.— Art Phil. Club 3,4; TG 3. 4. DAVIS, WARREN D. Lake Crystal. Minn. Apr. — Tropital Crop Prod. Ai-r.Club 3. 4; Mciliodisi Student Fellowship 3. 4. DICKIE, ROBERT E. Honolulu. Oahu A. S.— Bus. TG. DOI, MANSFIELD Kleele. Kauai A. S.— Soc. DOTY. WALLACE L. r.iia. Maui iT. — Tropical Crop Prod. llui Lokahi 1. 2, 3. 4: ' restlinK Team 1. 2. 3. 4; A House Club I. 2. 3. 4; YMCA 1. 2. 3. 4; At-r. Club 2. 3. 4. ENDO, c;ORO Hilo. Hawaii App. Sc. — Engr. ENDO, KIVO ro Ewa. Oahu A. S.— Govt. ENOKl, OSAMU tljnapepc, Kauai App. Sc. Tivil Engr. Engr. Club 2. 3. 4. ENOMOIO, Vl ' TAKA V.)ip.ihti, 0.ihii A. S.— Jap. FAIRCHIl.n. WII 1 lAM IV ll,.|H.|.illl. O.lll " A. S. S. I ' licni fl.cni. flul). ir FLA rn, JOAN Iloiioltilu. Oahii A. S. — Enslish Phi Sigma Rho I. 2. 3, (Pres.) 4; AWS (Vict) 4; SotiK Leader 3.4; ROTC Sponsor 4. FO, HILDA Honolulu, O.ihu T.C.— Prc-Sch. FREEDMAN, I ' RISCILLA J. Honolulu, Oahu . , S. — English Song Leader 1,2; Phi Sigma Rho 1, (Vice) 2, (Pres.) 3. 4; Spirit and Rally L2,3,4; TG 1.2; AWS Council 4. FU, GEORGE Honolulu, Oahu A. S. FUJll, AMY Lihue. Kauai T.C.— Elem. TCC 1,2, 3,4. FLJU, EMIKO Pahoa, Hawaii T.C.— Sec. TCC 3. 4; TG 3, 4. FUJII. MICHIKO Hakalau. Hawaii T.C.— Sec. TCC I, 3,4; Rainbow VBA 3; Waltaba Kai 3, 4. FIJIKAWA, MARY Honolulu. Oahu App. Sc. — Med. Tech. Med. Tech. Club 2. 3. 4. FUJIMOTO, FITMIKO P. Hilo. Hawaii .Agr. — Voc. Home P c. Home Ec. Club 1, 2. 3, 4; 4-HClub 3, 4; Rainbow VBA 2,3; OLS 1; Phi Lambda Chi 4. FUJIMOTO, HAROLD Honolulu, Oahu A. S. — Bus. FUJIMOTO, LORRAINE Honolulu, O hu Agr. — Voc. FUJIMOTO, ROBERT M. Hilo, Hawaii A. S. — Bus. UJIOKA, HERBERT Honolulu, Oahu A. S.— Bus. ' ommfrcc Club 2. 5, (Pros.) 4. FUJISATO JANICE Honolulu. 0;ihu A. S. — Econ. FUJITA, MASAYOSHI Hanapepe. Kauai A. S.— Psy. Psy. Club 4. FUJITA, TAKESHI Hanapepe, Kauai A. S. — Entomology FUJITANI, FUMIE Honokaa, Hawaii T. C. Sec. KIJITOMU, TAUASHl Fl ' KUDA, SAUAMU Wailuku, Maui Kaneolie. Oahu A. S.— Bus. A. Si S.— Hisi. liommcrcc Club2, 3, 4 ' ; -lui O Haumana 4. FUKHHARA, SACHIKO Honolulu, Oahu A. S.— Sec. FUKUMOTO, TERUG ' Honolulu. Oahu A. S. — Entomology FURUNO, RICHARD Honolulu, Oalui A. S.— Bus. Commerce Club. SENIORS FIRUYA, HANZO 1 1. .11. ill. lu, Oahu A. i S.— Bus. GARDNER, JAMES D. Ihiiiululu. O.ihu A. S. Bus. A 1. Ilui Lokahi I. 2, 3, 4. GARVIE, JOAN [...liikai. Oahu A. S— An GIBO, JOHNT. Honolulu. UjHu A. S. — Econ. C onimerce Club _ ' . 4 ; Newman Club 1, 2. GINOZA.JUNEC. Kaneohc, Oahu A. S.— Psv. I ' sy. Club (Pres.) 4; Hui Pookela ( ice) 4; AWS (Sec.) 4: YMCA 1.3. 3, 4; Ka Leo 3. GODFREY, ETHEL M. Honolulu, Oatiu A. 4 S.— Soc. c;OMARD, JAMES K. Honoluiu, Uahu A. S.— Soc. HClub I. 2. 3,4. GOO, HAROLD Honolulu, Oahu A. S.— Soc. GUM, BERTHA Y. T. Honolulu, Oahu T. C. — Pre-Scli. -Primary HAAKE, ALVIN Honolulu, Oahu A. S. — Soc. HAFTEL, RAY IrvitiKlon. . I. A. S.— Soc. Const. Conv. Del. I ; Class Vice Pres. 2; Class Pr«. 3; Assoc. Ed. Ka Leo 3; ASLH Councilman 3. HALM, MARY Lanikai. Oahu Agr. — Home Ec. HAMAUA, MUNEO F ' uunene, Maui A. S.— Bus. YMCA 1,2; Commerce Chib 3, 4. HAMANE, CHARLES Milo. Hawaii A. S.— Bus. Basketball 1, 2, 3; Finance Comm. 3, 4; Councillor 3 ; ASUH Treas, 4 ; Commerce Club 1,2, 3, 4. HARA, CLARE.NCE M. Honolulu. Oahu A. S.— So-. Phi Lambda Chi 1. 2; Episcopal Club I : Eta Lambda Kappa I ; Commerce Club 2 ; Kappa Epsi ' .on Theta 2, 3, 4. SENIORS HARA, TADAYOSHI Pahoa. Hawaii A. S. — Econ. HARADA, DAVID Lahaina. .Maui A. i S.— Phil. HARADA, KAZUYE U ' jhiawa, Ualiu 1. C— tlem. TCC I, 2, 3, 4; VWCA 3 ; MSK 3, 4, HARADA, TAKESHI Haiialei, .App. Sc. — Rec. MCA 1, 2, (Pres.) 3,4; Pre-Lesal 1, 2: Hawaii Union 2, 3, 4; Spirit and Rally 4; HtPER 3, 4. HARAGUCHI, EIKO Hunolulu, Oahu T. C— Elem, HASHIMOTO, EnWARn Honolulu. OjHu A. S. HASHIMUIC). MARCiARETS. Honolulu. 0.ihti . c . — Home Kc. VWCA I ; Home Ec. Club 2. 5. 4. IIASHIMOrO, RALPH T. Hjwi, H.ivv.ui .• . S.— Eton. HASHIZIME. HERMAN Honolulu. Oahu A. 4 S.— Music Music Club 1,2, 3, 4; VMCA 3, 4. HATA, FRANK J. Hilo. H.i».iil A. S.— Bus. Commerce Club .3. 4. HATA, SEIKO Kiirttstovvn. Hawaii .App. Sc. — Rec. HEPERClub . ' , 4; WAA 3.4. HATAKEYAMA, LAWRENCE F. A. S.— Chem. Chem. Club 4. HAVASE, JAMES K. Honolulu. Oahu A. S.— Govt. HEE, FRANKLIN Honolulu. Oalui A. S.— Bus. Ad. Saber Chain 3; Commerce Club 4 ; Newman Club 4. HEIRAKUJI, EVA S. Il.,wi. Haw.,,p A. 4 S. -Bu . YWCA 3; Commerce Club 4. HENRY, LEHMAN ?IonoIii]u, Oahu A. S. — GeoBfaphy Kappa Epsilon Theta 3, 4; TCC 3. 4. HENRY, RAYMOND H. Ilonnlulii, Oaliii A. S. — Speech H IDA. THOMAS l.ahaina. Maui A. S.— Zoo. VC 2. HIGA, GERTRUDES. Honolulu, Oahu App. Sc. — Med. Tech. Med. Tech. Club 1, 2. 3. HIGASHINO, GEORGE Honolulu, Oahu .App. Sc— Civil Enpr. mc;i:CHI, LILLIAN I. llcnnlulu. Oahu App. Sc. — Rcc. (Hrl Ride Team I; K.1 .1 ; ROTC Sponsor 4; IIKPKR Club 4. HILL, RANULLL t.. Miirphv Offpon Awr. — Trop. Crop Prod. IIINO, LARRY W ' jiluku. M.1I11 A. S.— Bus. HINO, LILLIAN T. W ' ailuku. Maui A. S. Psy. R.iinbow YBA 3, 4; I sy. Club3,4; Soc. Club 2. 4. HIRAI. JANET V. Honolulu. O.ihu T. C— Ekm. VWCA I. J. 5; T.C.C. 1. 2. 3. 4. HIRANO, BENJAMIN Honolulu. Oahu A. S.— Bus. Commerce Club 4. HIRATA, SHUNJIRO Honolulu, Oahu A. S.— Bus. Commerce Club 3, 4. HIRATA, TETSrvrKI Ldhaina, Maui A. S.— Gen. Sc. HIRATA, THOMAS R. Honolulu, Oahu A. S. — Econ. HIRAVAMA, MATSUKO Honolulu. Oahu •Apr. — Dietetics Home Ec. Club 1. 2. 3. 4. HIRUHATA, GEORGE Honolulu. Oahu A. S. — Econ. Commerce Club HIRONAKA, BETTY M. Kapaa. Kauai A. i S. — .Soc. WCA 2. 3 : Canterbury I ; O. L. S. 3 ; Soc. Club 4. HIRONAKA, MASAMI I ' aia. Maui T. C. EIem. Class Representative 2 : TC.C.; CH Choir 1,2. 3,4. HIROSE, CJLENN S Kapaa. Kauai A. S.— .Soc. Saber Chain 4. HIROSE, HELEN Honolulu. Oahu A. S. — Botany HIROSE, MEIJI W ' ailuku. Maui A. S — Soc. Soc. Club 3. 4. HO, ALBERT V. G Honolulu, Oahu A. S. — Govt. Ujvt. Fellowship !. 4. HORII, HENRY Y. Honolulu. Oahu A. S.— Bact. HO. ETHEL JEAN Honolulu. Oahu A. S.— Soc. Ka Palapala 2, 5 ; ASIH Councillor 4: ASCH .Social Comm. 4; TeChih .Shell 1. :, !. 4 Soc. Clul. i, i HO, RICHARD K.B. Honolulu. Oahu A. S.— Chem. Klj Lambda Kappa I. 2. !. 4: Chem. Club 2. }. 4: NewmanClub 3.4; ICC 3, 4. HORIO, DONALD Paia, Maui A. S.— Eng. HO, TH ELM A Honolulu, Oahu T. C— Elem. HOKAMA, SADIE S. Il..n.,lulu. Oahu A. S.--Soc. Class Sec. I : Class Sec. 4. HORNER, AUDREY E. Honolulu. Oahu T. C— Sec. T.C.C. 1,2. 3,4. lUJKAMA, YAEKO Lanai City, Lanai A. S.— Soc. Soc. Club HOLDEN, JAYNE M. Paia, Maui A. S.— Soc. HOTOKE, SHIGERU Honolulu. Oahu T. C. — Music Choir I. 2. 3. 4: Band I. 2. 3. 4; T.C.C. 1. 2, 3: Music Club 2, 3, 4. HONDA, SHOICHI Wailuku, Maui T. C— Set, T,C,C. 3. 4: HEPF.R Club 4. IIONMYO, ERILLEET. Waliiawa. Oahu Aur, - )c. Home F.r. IBARA. FLOSSIE Honolulu. Oahu App. Sc. -Med. Tech. Med. Tech Club 1 . 2. 3. 4. IIMITRA, TADAO KImIc. Kaiui App. Sc. fivil Knur. KiiKf. Club I.;. ). 4. IKAWA, HARl ' VOSHI M.I... Il..».... Ak ' i. I ' n.p. trop I ' l...!. I. :. i. 4; 4-lHl..l !. 4: II..i O 4. H ' llINOSE. WILLIAM JR. Il..i.. ().iIhj . S.— I ' hysics K.. I ' 3. 4. IKEDA, JIRO Kon.i, ll.iwaii A. SiS. IKEUA, KEICHI P.ihoa, ILiwaij A. S.— Eton. I HE, IRENE n.ili.1 . i S Sue. Club 1,2: IM.i Linihd.iChl 2; Soc. Cb.b 4. IKEDA, NOBUAKI P.ih..a, H,iw..i, AiT. — V..C. Alt. AuT. Club 2. 3. 4; FFA 1. 4; Alrb.l Beta 1, 4: 4-HCMub4: H.mdbk. Comm. 3. IKENA(;A, HAROLD II....1.1I.1I... Oahu A. S.— Soc. ICAWA, STANLEY I l.iuolulu. Oah.i A. S. oc. Choir 1 : YMCA 1. 2. 3. 4: Soc. Club 3. ( lce) 4. IKENAGA. ROGERS Honob.l.i. Oahu A. S.— C.K,vt. IMAMURA, FRANCES M. Waimea, Kauai T. C— Sec. AWS Coincillor 1 ; VU Swimming Team 1. 2; T.C.C. I. 3. 4. KiE, DORIS Honohil.i. Oah.i . . S. — Soc. INABA, MINORU A. Hilo, Hawaii .A. S.— .Soc. Hui O (faiimana 4 ; Hsv- Club 3. 4. INENACJA, CiEORGE Honolulu. Oahu App. Sc— Civil Engr. IC;E. PHILIP K. l|..I,r.|.,l... O.ih.i T. C— Sec. K a Leo 1.2; ASl H Handbook Comm. Chr. 2: C " ouncillor 2; T.C.C. 1. 2. 5. 4; Soc. Club 2, 3. INN, LOUISE Honolulu. Oahu A. S.— Soc. Soc.Club 3.4; Phi Lambd.i Chi Z. i. 4. Cosmopolilaii Club 3, 4. INOKUCHl, SUMIE Wjip.ihu. Oahu . gr. — ' oc. Home ICc. Ka Leo 4 ; Councillor 4 ; Home Ec. Club 1. 2. 3, 4; 4-11 Club 1. 2. 3.4. ISHIKAWA, MELVIN Wahiawa.Oahu A. S.— Hist. ISOKANE, MARYS. Honolulu. Oahu T. C— Pre-Sch-Primary T.C. C. 3.4; 0LS3. 4; VWCA 1,2. 3. 4; Rainbow YBA 2. 3: AWSI.2. 3.4. ITAI, AKIRA Honolulu. Oahu A. S.— Math. c T ASS OF 1 ITAKIRA, BETTY M. Wjimea. Kauai A. S.— Soc. Soc. Club 4. IWAI, DONALD K. Honolulu. Oahu A. S.— Govt. IWAMOTO, SHIGEO Lahaina, Maui App. Sc. — -Rec. HEPERClub3.4. IWAMOTO, YOSHITO liiinolulu. Oahu A. S.— Bus. Commerce Club 2. 3. 4. IZU NO, CAROLYN K Pahoa. Hawaii T. C— PrcSch-Primary lAGGER, JOAN Honohilu, 0.ihu A. S.— Kcon. JAY, CORA Honolulu, 0;thu A. S.— Hist. Cinlcrhiiry Club 1.2. 4. JOHNSON, WALTER Honolulu, Oahu A. S. — Econ. Ka Leo Photographer ' . KAHl ' ANll, HARRY Honolulu. Oahn A. S. KAIGO. LESLIE Liluie. Kjuai Apr. — Gen. Home Ec. Home Ec. Club 3, 4; VWCA 3. 4. 40 KAIN A, LORRAINE M. KAITO, FUVUNURl KAKAIO.JACKK. JR. RAM, JOYCE W.K. KAMEMO lO, M UonLiKiIu. Oahu .Aiea. 0.ihu, MoIok.ii Lahaina, Maui WailukM. M.nii App Sc. -Rtc. A. S.- Govl. A. S.— Govt. A. S.— Eng. Agr. — Gen. Acr. Vl.A :: C:o t. Fellowship. VWCA 1. 3. Agr. Club 1. 2. 3,4; kf AiHieniie 1.2. i. 4 : Saber Chain 4. llll ' KR Club .!. 4. CT.ASS OF ' 51 KAN A DA, FUJIKO Wailuku, Maui T. C— Sec. KANEMOTG.S. Honolulu. Oahu A. S.— Psy. KANESHIGE, M. Wahiawa, Oahu App. Sc. — Engr. Engr. Club I, 2, 3, 4. KANESHIRO, M. Honolulu, Oahu A. S.— Bus. KATAOKA, JANE Wahiawa. Oahu A. Si S.— Soc. YWCA 3, 4; Soc. Club 3, 4. KATO, HARUKO KeaUkekua. Hawaii Aer. — ' oc. Home Ec. VWCA 1.2. 3.4; Hume Ec. Club I. 2. 3. 4; 4 H Club 3. 4; I ' lii Lambda Chi 4. KATO, HIROSHI Honolulu. Oahu A. S.— Govt. KATO, TERUMI Honolulu. Oahu A. Sc S.— Psy. KAULUKUKUI, S. Honolulu, Oahu A. S.— Soc. KAWAGUCHI.KENJl Lahaina, laui App. Sc. — Rec. Football 2, 3. 4; HEPER Club 2, 3. 4. KAWAHARA, TOMIE lliiliialoa, Hawaii T. C— Sec. ■ WCA I. 3; T.C.C. I. 3. 4; Soc. Club 2. 3. KAWAMOTO, FRANCIS H. ilcniilnlu. Oaliii A. S— I ' sy. Eta Lambda Kappa 2. 3; Phi Lambda C ' lii 1. 2. 3. 4; Arnold Air Society 4; P.;y. Club 4; VMCA 1,2. 3. 4. KAWAMOTO, MIVOJI Honolulu, Oahu App. Sc. -C " ivil Engr. F.nfrr. Cluh I. 3. 3. 4. KAWAMOTO. RAIJMI Honolulu. Oahu A. S.— Bus. KAWAMURA, TA TSUO Hiuu.lulu. Oahu A. S. — Econ. Commerce Club 1 ; Saber Chain (Pres.) 2, 3; VMCA I. KAWANO, KENJl Puunene, Maui A. S.— Bus. Commerce Club 2, 3, 4. KAWAWAKI, VASUHIKO Honolulu, Oahu . t " r. Trop. t. " rop Prod. At-r, Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Alpha Beta 3. 4; 4-HClub 3,4. KAZUSA, FRANK T. Honolulu, Oahu A. S.— Psy. KEALOHA, JOYCE Honolulu, Oahu A. S. — Chem. Chem. Club 4 ; Eta Lambda Kappa 1,2, ; Med. Tech. 2, 3: RifieTcim I. 2. 3; WAA 3. 4. KIHARA. EVELYN H. Honolulu, Oahu A. S.— Hist. KIM, DOROTHY O. Honolulu, Oahu T. C. — Dental Hygiene VWCA 1, 2; IMii Lambda Chi 1. 2; Dental Hygiene Society KIM, KE NAM Lanai Clity, Lanai A. S ■ — iovl. G.. vt. Fellowship 3, 4; Si ma Lambda 4 ; ASl ' H Council 4; Class Pres. 4: Inler-Orj, ' . Comm. Chr. 4. KIMOTO, ISAMI Kukuihaelc. llauaii A. S, Eton. KIMURA. ALICE Honolulu, Oahu Agr. Dietetics KIMURA, HELEN M. Kaneohe. Oahu A. S.— Psy, KINO. MASUO Honolulu, Oahu A. S.— See. Sor. Club 3, 4. KINRO. LILLIAN V. nolu.iloa. II.»t.iii A. S.— Soc. S.H. llub 2. 3. 4. KIRI lA. ISAC) il.illolulu. tl.ll U A. S.— I ' hil. I ' tcl.cciU ' lub !. 4; K.i i, 4; ASl ' II Socijl Comm. I ' hil. Club 1. 4; .irMty l Sc)uj KIVDSAKI, THOMAS N. Sprcckelsville, Maui App. St. — Rec. KOBASHIGAWA, MITSUE Pearl City. Oahu T. C— PreSch-Primary KOBAYASHl, EDWARD N. llon.ilulu. Oahu A. S.— Hist. Kt)KAVASHI, KUNIO Paia, Maui A. S.— Soc. Soc. Club 4: Rainbow YBA . 4. KODAMA. BETTY K. Puhi. Kauai T. C— Elem. T.C.C. I, 2. 3. 4. KODAMA, FLORENCE T. Honolulu, Oahu A. S.— S.K. Spirit Rally 2: Wakaba Kai (Vice) 3, 4; Soc, Club 4: Ka Palipala 4. KODAMA, VEMIKO Kahului, Maui T. C— Elem. T.C.C. 2. 3 ; Soc. Comm. 3. KOHATSU, JANE S. Pala. laui A. S.— Soc. VWCA 3; Soc. Club 5. 4. KOlZl ' Ml, NANCY I lonolulu, Oahu AnT, — ' oc. Home Ec. Home Ec. Club I. 2. 3, 4; 4-H Club 3, KOJ IMA, MITSUE ailiiku, Maui A. S.- Soc. Soc. Club 2. 4. KOMEIJI,TOSHIO Honolulu. Oahu A. 4 S.— Bus. KONG, EDWARD H. I lonolulu. Oahu A. S.— Physics Ka Palapala 3. 4; Enpr. Ciub I. 2. Kt)l ' . IRMA KORENAGA, GILBERT KOVAMA, TOSHIE KDZIMA, HARULD K. KRAMER, JANES Honolulu. U:ihu Vaijn.-ie. Oahu Hilo. Hawaii 1 lonolulu, Oahu Honolulu. Oahu A. S.— Eton. .• Kr. — V ' oc. Apr. T. C— Elem. A. S.— Psy. A. S.— Speech Varsity Debate Squad 1 ; Class Council 2: TG 1.2. 3,4: TG 1.2. 3.4: Salwr Chain (Treas.) 3: Hui Pookela 4. Modern Dance Group KFA ( ice) 3. 1. 2. 3. (Mgr.) 4. KIBO, HIDEO V.iliiawa. Oahu T. C— Elem. T.C.C. 1. 3, 4; YMCA 4 KUBO, KATSUKI H..nolulu. Oahu . gr, — ' oc. -Agr. AgT. Club 2. 3,4; IJniwai FFA 3,4; 4-HCIub4: Handbk. Comm. 3. KUBOTA, HIROSHI Honolulu, Oahu A. S.— Bus. KUHNS, LOUETTA M. Honolulu, Oahu T. C— Elem. T.C.C. 3,4: WAA2, 3. 4. KUMAISHI, GERTRTDE Honolulu, Oahu T. C— Sec. YWCA I, 2, 3. 4; OLS 3, 4 : WAA 2, 3, 4. KUNIMITSU, KENNETH K. Waialua, Oahu AtT. — Tropical Crop Prod. Agr. Club 1, 2, 3.4: 4-HClub4; YMCA 4. Kl .Nl I Kl, EI)N. 1 lilo. Hawaii . Si S.— Soc. KUROSAWA, ETSIKC) Honolulu, Oahu Agr. — Voc. Home Ec. Home Ec. Club 1, 2, 3, 4; 4IlClub 3. 4: Class Councillor 4 : Wakah.i Kai 3. 4; YWCA I. KUSHIYAMA, ELAINE M, Waihee. Maui A. S.- -Soc. Soc. Club 1, 3, 4. KUSIMOTO. YAEKO Kl WADA. HKNRV KIWAHARA, HE I IV LALAKEA, THOMAS Naalchii. Hawaii Monnluld. Oahi] llilo. Hjwaii Knnotiilu, Oahii A. S — Soc. A. S.— Econ. T. C— PreSch. Ka Leo 2; T. C.C. 3. A. S. Bin. K.ippa F.psilon Thela (Treas.) 2. Vict) 4; Saber Chain 3 ; Varsiiy Rifle 2. 3; Ka Palapala 3. LAM. SUN KIEN Honolulu. Oahu A. Si S.— Bus. Pens Hui 2. 3. 4. LAU, DONALD V. S. Honolulu. Oahu A. S. — Econ. ICC 4: Peng Hui 5, 4. LEE. ANNIE W.S. Honolulu. Oahu A. S.— Soc. VWCA 1.2; Soc. Club 3, 4. LEE, CAROLINE Honolulu. Oahu A. S.--SOC. Spiril Rally I. 2, 3, 4: WAA 1. 2. 5: Newman Clubl. 2. 3. 4; Ke Anuenue 1.2. 3.4; SOSA 4. LEE, FRANCIS Honolulu. Oahu A. S. LEE. GILBERT Honolulu, Oahu LEE, HARRIET Honolulu. Oahu A. S.— Psy. LEE. HENRY Y. Berkeley. Calif. Bus. .Ad.- -Bus. Ad LEE, LILA 1 ionolulu. Oahu A. S.— Music I,I:E, RONALD V. C. IIiilioliilij. U:ihu A. S. — Econ. Commerce Club 4. LEE, STANLEY Honolulu, Oahu A. Si S. -Bus. LEE, VIRGINIA M. Honolulu, Oahu T. C. — -Pre-School-Primary Newman Club 1. 2, 4; IRC 3.4; Cosmopolitan Club 3. 4; Beta Beta Gamma 1, 2. LEONG, CYNTHIA Honolulu, Oahu LEONG, HENRY Honolulu, Oaliu A. S.— Bus. Ad. LEUNC;. SAM Honokaa. Hauaii T. C— Sec. TC.C. I. 2. .1.4: IIM ' LR Club 2, }. (ViceJ 4. LEONC;, WILFRED Honolulu, Oahu A. S.— Bus. LEU, ALDRICH K. F. K.aneohe. Oahu A. S. — Soc. VMCA 3. 4; Arnold Air Society 4, LEV1NE,EMANUEL Honolulu. Oahu T. C— Educ. TG2. 3.4; Band 2. 3. 4. LIM, MAZIE ANN H.S. Honolulu, Oahu App. Sc. — Rec. SENIORS Ll.NG, STANLEY Honolulu, Oahu A. S,— Econ, L(.)U, rAIKlC ' lA S. K. Honolulu, Oahu A. S.— Soc. LOOK, LAWRENCE Honolulu, Oahu A. S.— Bus. Newman Club 3, 4. LIKE, NL KC;AREr M. Honolulu. Oahu A. S.- -Chcm. VWCA I. 4: Kt.i Lambda kappa 1. 3, 3; Chcm. Club 3. 4; WAA 1. 2. LlM,CHEONG Honolulu, Oahu T. C— Sec. iUSi I.IM. CHEW NTNX; ll..nolul.i. Ojhu A. S.— Econ. Pci.B Hui 2, 3, ■». Ll ' M. DORIS V. K. Honolulu. Oahu A. Sl S.— English LIM, FLORA Honolulu. 0.ihu .Apr. — Home Ec. Newman Club 1, 2. 3. 4; Home Ec. Club 1. 2. 3. 4; Hui Pookcia 4. LUM, GENEVIEVE Honolulu. Oahu A. S.— Soc. VWCA 1.2; Soc. Club 3.4; C " anlerbury Club 3. 4. LUM, LAURA S.F. Honolulu. Oahu A. S.— Speech LUM, RICHARD S. Honolulu. Oaliii T. C— Sec. Music- Club 2. 5. 4: ICC } : Ptni; Hui 3. 4; T.C.C. 1. 2. 3, 4; Band 1.2. 3,4. LUM, VAN JIM Honolulu. 0.ihu A. S.— Hist. MACDONALD. A. B. V Honolulu, Oahu A. .S. — Econ. Pre-Lepal Club 1.2; Saber Chain 2: IRC 2. SENIORS MAEDA, SUMIKO Honolulu. Oahu A. S: S.— Soc. M.AEDO, TOSHIO Ninole, Hawaii A. S.—Hist. M. C.GIOROS, KAY II, lo. H.i»aii A. 4 S. Frciuli ASIH Council 3; A V.S(Pre5.)4; Ciamma Chi Si ma 1, 2. 3. 4; Ka I ' alapala Beauly Contnt Chr. 4. MAGOON, ORVILLE T. Honolulu. Oahu App. Sc. — Civil Engr. Ener. Club 1. 2. 3.4: Rowing Team 1.2; Hui Lokahi 4. MALAMA, GEORGE Wainiea, Kauai App. Sc— Rec. MARCHAL, EUGENE Aiea. Oahu .■ pp. Sc. — Civil Engr. Engr. Club 1. 2. 3. 4; Saber Chain 2. 3 ; Hui I.okahi 4. MARUVAMA, B. E Honolulu. Oahu A. S.— Soc. YWCA 1. 2. 3. 4; Soc. Club 4. MASU NO, WALTER Hnnoliilu. Oahu A. S.— Psy. Saber Chain 3; Soc. Club 3. MATSUDA, FLORENCE Honolulu. Oahu A. S.— Psy. MATSUDA, SHIGENOBU Honolulu. Oahu A. S.— Bus. MATSUGUMA, HAROLD J. Honolulu. Oahu . . S — Chem. Newman Club 1.2: ka Palapala 2. 3. 4. MATSUMOTO, DAN K. Htlo. Hawaii Asr. -Tech. Hott. .■ fr. Clnb3, 3,4; 4 H Club 4. MATSUMOTO, HERBERT Y. Honolulu. Oahu A. Si S.— Bus. Commerce Club 2, 3, 4. 11 MATSUMURO.JOHNK. Waialua. Oahu A. S.— Soc. VMCA 1. 2. 3. 4; Soc. Club 3. 4; Cosmopolitan Club 2, 3, 4. MATSUNAGA, RICHARD H. Honokaa. Hawaii Agr. — oc. .V ' r. Agr. Club 1. 2. 3, 4; FFA 1.2. 3. (Pres.) 4; ICC 3. MATSUNAGA, VOSHIRO Hawaii Natl. Park. Hawaii A. Ic S.— Bus. Commerce Club 1.2. 3, 4. 4 4 MATSUNOML HIROSHI Honolulu, Oahu T. C- Sec. C: T.C.C. MATSUO, KIVOSHI Honolulu. Oahu A. S.-Soc. MAI ' SUOKA, STANLEY S. Honolulu. Oahu A. S. Bus. MATSUSAKI, DORIS S. H.uit.lulu. Oahu A. S. -Psy. Psy. Club 3.4; YWCA 1.4; T.C.C. I. 2. MATSUURA, KUNIO L3w.ii, Kauai A. S.— Bus. Commerce Club . MATSUWAKl, YUKIMI rSU Lawai. Kauai A. S.— Bus. UH Chorus 2. 3 ; Soc. Club 2; Commerce Club 4. MICHIOKA, ALBERT K. Kolna, Kjimi i S. — Econ. MIKAMl.RYOICHI Kailua, Oatiu App. Sc. — Med. Tech. MIKASA, HARUO Lihue. Kauai . pp. Sc. — Civil Engr. YMCA 1.2. 3; Engr. Club 1.2. 3.4. MIN, GLADYS S.K. Honolulu, Oaliu T. C— Elem. IM ' -C. 3. 4. MISAKI, BERTHA Pe..rl Cilv. Oalni App. .Si. — Meil. Tcili. Med. Tech. Club 2. 3. MISHIMA, HENRY H. Honolulu. Oahu A. S.— Bus. .MIYAJI, RICHARD T. Lihue. KaiiJi App. Sc— Med. Tech. MIYAKE, STANLEY S. Honolulu. Oahu A. S. — Entomology Saber Chain 3 ; Soc. Club 4. MIYASAKI,SHUICHI Paauilo, Hawaii . ' pp. Sc. — Civil Engr. Ener. Club 1. 2, 3.4; Saber Chain 4. MIVASATO. ALBERT H. Honolulu. Oahu T.C. ' c. ' (Vicei 1. 2. (Pres.) 3, (. Jv.) 4; B(1P 3. 4: K a Leo 2 . ASl ' H Handbk. Ai-si, F.d. 1 ; Rainbow VBA 3. 4. MIYASATO, MILDRED I " . Honolulu. Oahu App. Sc— Med. Tech. Med. Tech. Club 1, 2, 3. MIYASHIRO. LARRY Honolulu. Oahu App. Sc. — Civil Engr. MIYASHIRO. NOBORU Honolulu. Oahu A. S.— Psy. MIYOSHI. DORIS M. Kapaa. Kauai T. C.—Pre-Sch. -Primary T.C.C. I. 2. 3. 4; Canterbury Club I ; YWCA 3. MORI. HIROSHIGE Holualoa. Hawaii A. S.— Govt. « % MORI, PAUL ll,.n,.:ulll. O.lhu A. S. Bus. MORIKAWA, EVELYN llll... II.I«.JM A. 4, S. S.K. VWCA .2: B,Mid I. 2, 3. 4: Music Club 3 : Soc. Club 4 : WAA I. 2. j. MTRAI, ERNESTINE A. Iluiuilulu. Oahu A. S. — An MORIKAWA, WILLIAM M. I ' .iia. Mjiii A. S.— Bad. A House Club 1, 2. 3; VMCA 2. 3. MORIKI, EDITH Y. Wailuku. Maui A. S.— Soc. VVakaba Kai 3. 4; ,Soc. Club 4: Ka Palapala 4. MURAKAMI, DOROTHY K. lionolulu, Oahu . ' pr. — Dietetics Home F.c. Club I. 2. 3. 4; R.iiul. .« YBA 3. MORISAKO, HENRY ll,.ii,.lulu. Oahu A. S: S.— Psy. MORINACA, TSUTOMU Kapaa. Kauai .■ pp. .Sc. — Civil r.tlKT. VMCA 1.2; Enyr. Club I, 3, 4. MURAKAMI, HENRY Lilu.c. Kauai A. S. -Bus. VMCA 2. 3. 4; Electiui) Comm. 3. MORIYAMA, DAVID V. ll.uiolulu. Oahu T. C— Sec. MOTOBU, lAISUMI Honolulu. Oahu . gr.- -Gen. Agr. . fr. CUib 3. 4; 4IIClub4. MURAKAMI, MABEL M. Ilnunlulu. Oahu -Vkt. — Home Kc. MUCIISHI, DIXON Wa.luku, Maui A . S. — Bus. sni Vice 4; UOG Program Chr. 3 ; Coinnierce Club I, 2, 3. 4. Ml ' KALTAMIO Haiku. Maui A. S.— Bus. Commerce Club 2. 3 ; VVC I. 2. MURAKAMI, MINORU Honolulu. Oahu A. S. — Soc. MURIN, STEPHEN T. Ili no!iilu. Oaltti A. S.— Soc. SiK. Club ' ' .4; BOOr 3. 4: Delia SiKHia Rho } : ILiwaii I ' nion 5, (Chr.) 4. Ml R H , IDRRKSIC. |R. Hoiwlulu. OjI.u A. k S.— Govt. Sprit Rally Clir. 4; Kappa Epsiloii Tlicta (Prcs. I ' ; TG Council Clir. 5 : ASl ' H Coincil : ; Ka Palapala 2. MIRAKAMI, Mirsrcll ll..iu liilii. Oaho A. ' i S. — Zoo. NABETA, ERNEST V. JR. Milo. Ha»aii A. S. Bus.. NACiAl, MAIAKI Kuna, Hawaii App. Sc- — Civil Knjrr. Eiipr. Club I. 2. ?.4. NH RAOKA. HERBERT Honolulu. O.ihu App. Sc. -Ci%il Enyr. NAGAO, SHIRLEY C. C. Honolulu. Oahu A. S. — Speech TG3, 3. 4: Home Ec. Club I : Wakaba Kai h (Vice) 4; WAA I. 2. NAGASAKI, MARCJARET H. Honolulu. Oahu T. t:.— PreSch. -Primary . U RATA, OSAMU F.»a, Oahu A. S.— Govt. Class Treas. 4 : Pre-Leeal Club ?. 4: Haw.iii I ' nion 4 ; Ciovt Fellowship i. 4 : MODK Squall jl, 4. NAGOSHI, EVELYN E. Kaljheo. Kauai T. C. — I ' re-Sch.-Primarv NAGOSHI, JACK T. Hanapepe. Kati.ii A. S.— I ' sv. Apr. Club 1 ; A Ho .,e Club 1 : Psy. Club 4. MIRATA, SUNAO Honolulu. Oahu A. S.— Govt. Class Pres. I : Class Councillor 2 : Freshman Orient. Comm. Chr. 2: Saber Chain .». NAGTALON, HELEN R. Waipahu. Oahu T. C— Sec. .Mpha Omicron I. 2. 3, 4; T.C.C. 3. 3 ; Mu ic Club 2. 5. NAKAHATA, TADAKA Honolulu. Oahu . pp. Sc— Civil Engr. MTRAYAMA, LEONARD T. Waialua, Oahu T. C— Sec. Faculty Rating Comm. 5; C 2. 3 ; T.C.C. 3. 4. NAKAMA, nOROTHV I loDollitu, 0.tlui Agr. — Dietetics Home Ec. Club I. 2. 3.4. NAKAMA. SAKAE Cily, I.anai T. C. -Eltm. T.C.C. I. 3, 4; yWCA 1.2. 3; TG I, 2, 3. NAKAMURA, HENRY Hnniiliilu. Oahu A. S.— Psy. NAKAMl ' RA, KENNETH H(in..l,ilii. Oahu App. Sc. — Rec. NAKAMl ' RA, Kalaheo. Katiai T. C— Elera. YWCA 1,2; T.C.C. 1. 2, 3,4, MIYOKO CF.ASS OF 51 NAKAMl ' RA, RALPH Honolulu. OjKu A. S.— Bus. Commerce Club I, 2, 3, 4; Hawaii Union 4; BODF 4 ; Class Council 4 ; Sigma Lambda 4. NAKAMl ' RA, WILFRED Honolulu. Oaliu A. 4 S.— Hist. Hawaii Union 2. 3. 4; .All Hawaii Contest 2; arsity Debate Squad 3. 4. NAKANO, JUNEK. Hilo. Hawaii .- . i S. — Soc. YWCA 2 ; Soc. Club 3, 4; Social Process 3, 4. NAKASATO, GEORGE NAKASHIMA, MLLSUGl Paia. Maui hieele, Kauai .Ayr. — .Ayr. T. C — Elem. .Agr. Club I, 2, 3, 4. T.C.C. 2, 3. 4; Commerce Club I. NAKASHINL , MORK) Hilo. Hawaii A. S. -Psy. Psy. Club 2. 5, 4. NH.MDTO, SATORU Kancohe. ( laliu .App. Sc. — Civil Engr. Eiigr. Club 2, 3. NISHIBE, AYAKO I ' aliala. Haivaii A. S.— Soc. Soc. Club 2. 3 ; Rainbow YBA 2, 3. NISHIKAWA, LEANURA NISHIKIMO ' I ' U, HARRY Honolulu. Oalui Wailuku. Maui .A. S. — Soc. .App. Sc. — Civil Engr. YWCA I. 2. (Pres.) 3. 4; Hui Pookela (Tres.) 4: Ka Palapala I, 2, 3 ; ASUHSec.4; Soc. Club 3. 4. MSHIMIKA. l)UKl) ll Honolulu. Oahu Akf.— ' oc. Home Ec. MSHlMrRA. STANLEY Ilaleiwj. Oahu A. S.— Bus. MSHIWAKI. REIKO Waialua, Oahu A. St S.— Soc. NISHIZAWA, ALICE Honolulu. Oahu Apr.- -Dietetics Home Kc.Club I. 2. 3.4. NUDA. MARRY Honolulu, Oahu A. S.— Hist. CLASS OF ' 51 NOH, HELEN Honolulu, Oahu A. S. — Music Music Club (Pres.) 3; Univ. Choir (Sec.) 4. NOHARA. VOSHIO Hilo. Hawaii App. Sc. — Civil Engr. Engr. Club I. 2. 3,4. NOHARA. YUBUN Honolulu. Oahu T. C— Ekm. NOJIMA, HARRY Y. Honolulu. Oahu A. S.— Bus. NOSE, MABEL H. Honolulu. Oahu Agr. — Home Ec. Home Ec. Club 1, 2. 3, 4; YWCA I, 2, 3. NOSSE. JOHN H. ahiawa, Ojhti .- pp. Sc. — Engr. NUNES, HAROLDINE Honolulu. Oahu T. C— Sec. T.C.C. 1,2. 3,4. DBA, STEVE .Mea, Oahu App. Sc. — Med. Tech. ODAN. HILi:)A Kilaiiea. Kauai T. C— Elem. 0C;ATA, KENNETH Honolulu, Oahu A. S.— Govt. Govt. Fellowship 4. UC;. TA, ROBERT M. Honolulu, Oahu A. S.— Soc. Soc. Ciub2. 3. 4; Saber Chain 3. OtJATA, SAKAVE Kahulut. Maui T. C. — -Dental Hygiene Dental Hyfriene Society 3. 4. OGAWA, UURIS Honolulu. Oahu T. C— Eltm. OGOSHI, TEDT. Honolulu. Oahu A. S.— English UH Clirislian Fellowship 3, 4; Arnold Air Society 4. OHARA, GEORGE G. ! ' e.irl Cily. Oahu A. S.— Zoo. OHASHI, JAMES T. Lihue, Kauai A. S. — Soc. OHASHI, TSUGIOE. Kipu. Kauai .Agr. — ' oc. -Agr. .• gr. Club I : FF.A 2. .1, (Treas.) 4. OHTA, ELLA M. Honolulu. Oahu T. C— Sec. T.C.C. I. 2. _i. 4; CLS • . (Sec.) 4; Rainbow VB. ' -. 4; TG2. 3.4; Ka Leo 4. OH VE, JOHN V. Honolulu. Oahu A. S. — Econ. OI.KIVOSHI Hnno!uki, Oahu A. S.— Econ. OISHI. HAVAO Captain Cook, Hawaii A. S.— Bus. OISHI, SHKJERU P.iaullo. Hawaii App. Sc. -Civil Engr. Engr. Club. OKAMOTO, BETTY T. Honokaa. Hawaii .■ . S.— Soc. Soc. Club 4. OKAMOTO, WAYSON T. Honokaa. Hawaii .■ . S.— Bad. VVC 2. OKANO, JAMES H. Honolulu, Oahu .App. Sc. — Civil Engr. Engr. Club I. 2. 3. OKAZAKI, Rl 111 l ' .ii,,. M..ui T. (. ' .—Klein. T.C.C. J. 4. DKIMOIO, IIKI.KNK K. Ilonululu, Oahu A. S.— Soc. OKIMOIO. HlSAt; Hil... H,.«,in T. C— Eleni. T.C.C. 3. 4. OKIMOIX), WAI.I.AC ' K M. H...,..l.ilu. I).,li , A. . S. ,S,... (. " I.ISS Councillor 1. 2. OKI lA, SlKI.l.A II. Moiiolii ' .u, Oahu Ayr. — Home Kt. OKt MA. SHIGEO R. Uutiululu. Oahu A. S. — Econ. VMCA I. 2. 3. 4; Commerce Club I : Pre-LepalClub2; Arnold Air Society 4. OKUMURA, VIKIKU Koloa. Kauai T. C— Pre Sch.-Prim.irv ULIVEIRA, FRAN ' CIS E. Honolulu. Oahu A. Sc S.— Bus. HClub I. 2. .5. 4; Track I. 2. 3. 4. OMINE, ROSE I ImuoIuIu. Oahu A. i S.— English Class Cabinet 2, .1. 4: W.ikaba Kai 3, 4. OMURI, FLORENCE {;. Honolulu, Oahu T. C— Elem. ONOrVE, JANET. Spreckelsville. Maui T. C— Sec. T.C.C. 1 , 3, 4. OSMIRU, HAROLD ilonoluju, Oaliu T. C. OSHITA, KAZUMI Pahala, Hawaii T. C— Elem. VMCA 1. 2. 3. 4: T.C.C. 3. 4. OT. c;i " RO, EDWARD V. Honolulu. Oahu A. S.— Econ. OVAMA, HERBERT Honolulu. Oahu A. S. — Govt. OYASATO, TOMOHIRO KoIoJ, Kauai A. S.— Soc. Soc.Club2, 3,4. OZAKl, RONALD H. Honolulu. O.1I1U A. S— Soc. .S.iber Ch.iin 3 ; Soc. Club 2. 3, (Pres.) 4; Social Process 4. OZEKl, FUSAE Hiio. H.iwji; A. S.— Soc. PANG, FRANCES Y. Honolulu, O.ihu A. S.— Soc. Soc. Club 4. PANG, WALTER C.C. Honolulu. Oahu A. S.— Bus. Commerce Club 3. 4. I ' ARRISH, AGNES I. I Iwnululu, Oahu App. Sc. — Nursing PA . WILLIAM M. [ loMolulu. Oahu A. S. Govt. T(; I. TG Council 2: Class Pres. 2: Class Vice-Pres. 3 : ASUH Council 2; Alpha Omicron (Vice) 2. 3, 4. PIIMAUNA, REBECCA Honolulu, Oahu A. Si S.— Soc. V VCA1,2: l- ' H Christian Fellowship 2. 3. 4. POENTIS, TAKEO Honolulu, Oahu A. S. — Bact. RASMUSSEN, MALCOLM Honolulu, Oahu App. Sc— Civil Enjrr. Enpr. Club 5. 4 ; Newman Club 1. 2. 3. 4. SENIORS ROBERTS, ROSALIE D, Honolulu. Oahu A. 4 S.— Knglish I ' niv. Band 2; Canterbury Club 3 ; TG 3.4; Council 4. ROBNETT, MARTFiA Fori Cobb. Okla. A. S.— Bus. T.C.C. 4; IRC 3,4; Ride Team 3, 4. RODRJCJCES, GLADYS H .1 n a , Maui T. C— Elem, ICC 3, 4. RYISAKL ELSIE K.tmucl.i. Hawaii T. C. — Pre-Sch-Primary ICC (Sec) 2, 3. SADA, EDI! II K. Lihue, Kauai T, C— Elem, T.C.C. 3. SADDLER, AGNES Oahu App. Sc. — N ' ursinp SAITO, YASUO Wjipalui, Oahu A. S.— Bus. Commerce Club 1, 3. 3. 4; Saber Chain 4. ' SAGARA, EINICEC. WaUlua, Oahu Agr. — Home Ec. Home Ec. Club 3. 3. 4; 4-H Club 3. 4. SAKAI, JAMES K. Ilonohilu. Oahu A. S.— Bus. Commerce Club 5, 4. SAITO, JITSUO Hilo. Hawaii A. S.— Econ. SAKAI, ROY T. Haleiwa. Oahu A. S. Bus. Commerce Club; C. SAITO, LILLIAN C. Waipahu. Oahu A. S.— Soc. Soc. Club 3. 4; VWCA 3, 4. SAKAIDA, KIYOMI Pala. Maul T. C.--Sec, T.C.C. 3 4: HEPER Club 4. SAITO, SHIRO Pahala. Hawaii T. C— Sec. T.C.C. 1.2. 3. 4: VMCA 1 ; IRC 2. SAKAMOTO, EDWARD Hilo. Hawaii App. Sc. — -Civil Engr. SENIORS SAKAMOTO, KAMEICHI SAKAMOTO, MASAKO SAKAMOTO, RAYMOND SAKAMOTO, SHOJI Kapaa. K.auai Wahlawa. Oahu Wahiawa. Oahu I ' ahala. Hawaii .Apr. — oc.. gr. . er. — ' oc. Home Ec. .Agr. — Gen. .Agr. .A. S. — Govl. .Agr. Club 1.2. 3. 4; Home Ec. Club 1. 3. 3. 4 ; .Agr. Club 3. 4 ; FFA2. 3.4. BSl BSf 3. 4. L ' H Christian Fellowship 2. SANO, KENNETH K. Honolulu. Oahu A. S.— Bus. Newman Club I ; Commerce Club 2. 3, 4; Soc. Club 2: Saber Chain 4. SASAKI. NUKIO Waialua, Qjhu A. S.— Goit. SASAKI, SHIZUKO Honolulu, Oahu A. S.— Soc. IIH Christian Fellowship 2. 3. 4; Soc. Club 4. SATO, CLIFFORD S. Waipahu, Oahu A. S. ' -Gen. Sc. SATO, FUMIKO Lahaina. Maui T. C— Pre-Sch-I rimary T.C.C. 1. 2. 3. 4. SATO, HENRY T. Honolulu. Oahu A. S.— Bus. SATO, lULIA Y. Honolulu. Oahu T. C— Elem. T.C.C. 2, 3. 4. SATO, LARRY P.. Honolulu. Oaliii A. 4 S.— Bus. Commerce Club 3. 4. SCHBACKER. GEORGE Honolulu. Oahu A. S. " Bus. Ad. F..otball 1,2. i, 4; T.aik 1, 2, i,4; HK.I ' KR Club 2. 5, 4; Saber Chain (Pres,) 4. St ' HAFER, WILLIAM Stillwater, Minn, Agr. — Trop, Crop. Prod. SEKIGUCHL HAROLD S. Waialua, Oahu A. S.— Bus. Commerce Club 3,4; Phi Lambda Chi 4, SEO, STANLEY S. Kona, Hawaii A. S.— Bus, VMCA 1, 2, 3, 4, SERA, GRACE H. Il,,n,.lulu, Oahu T. L " . — I re-Sch-Primary Music Club 2, 3. 4: Ka Palapala 2, 3, 4: Cniv, SinRcrs 2, 3, 4 : TG 1.2,3, SERIKAKi;, JEAN Y, Kahabiu, Oahu A. S —Soc, ■WCA I, 3, 4; i ' sy, Club4; Sor, Club 4, SEU, EUGENE C. Honolulu. Oahu Apr.— Animal Husbandry SHIELDS. THOMAS M. Honolulu. Oahu A. S. — Eton. F.ngT. Club 2. 3 ; Phi Delta Sigma 3. 4; Fourth Intramural Sports 3, 4. SUKJEMrKA.KKlIAKl) II. Honolulu, Oahu A. it S, — B.1C1. SUlCliZAVVA, ANNETTE A. W ' jiluku, Mjiii A. S.— Soc. ( " ( Club 4; Kui Pookela 4 : V;.lcal)a Kai 3. 4. SHIMABUKU, RUTH E. Honolulu, 0.ihu App. Sc. — Rcc. WAA }. 4; V.ikaba Kai 3,4; nKPERClub3.4; Ka PaUpala 4. SHIMANUKl. FAITH A. K.ihului. Maui T. C— Elem. T.C.C. 3,4; Ka Palapala 4. SHIMIZU, MITSUO Hunolulu, Oahu A. S.— Econ. SHINSHIRO, ADELINE F. Honolulu, Oahu T. C— Elem. T.C.C. 1. 2, 3.4. SHINTAKU, IRENE Honolulu, Oahu T. C— Elem. T.C.C. 2, 3. 4. SHIOTANI, AKIRA V olcano. Hawaii A. S. Bus. SHIROMA. MICHAEL, M. Kaneohe. Oahu A. S.— Bus. SHIZUMURA, KATSUJI Paij. Maui A. S.— Soc. SHOUA, LAWRENCE M. Paia, Maui .Apr. — V ' oc. Agr. +-HCIub 3, 4; FFA 3. 4; . pr. Club2, 3, 4; TC.C. 3.4: Rainbow YBA 3, 4. SILVA, JAMES A. Honolulu. Oahu Apr. — Tropica! Crop Prod, Newman Club I, 2, 3. 4; Alpha Beia 3. 4. SIMPSON, ALICE L. Honolulu, Oahu A. S.— Att SIMPSON, ELLEN C. Honolulu. Oahu A. S.— Art SMITH, ROBERT M. Honolulu, Oahu T. C— Sec. Swimming Team 3. 4; Hui Lokahi 2. 3.4; T.C.C. 3. 4. SONG, ELLEN Waiiiawa, Oahu A. S.— Chem. STEHIRC). HAKRV V. Ilniiolulu. Oahu . Si S. — Bus. SONODA, SHEILA S. Honolulu. Oahu A. S.— Soc. SUGAWA, DONALD Koloa. Kauai A. S. — Zoo. SOUZA, STEPHEN P. Honolulu. Oahu A. S.— Psy. Newman Club 2; Psy. Club 4. SUGIHARA, ALICE Honolulu, Oahu Apr. — Voc. Home Ec. SPENCER, ERNEST Honolulu. 0.ilui Agr. — ' Agr. StTGIHARA, RUTH M. Honolulu. Oahu T. C— F.lem. T.C.C. 2. 3. 4; R.iiul.ow YBA 2. K 4. STROMBECK, WESLEY Honolulu. Oahu . . S.— Psy. TG 2. 3 : Phil. Club 4: Ka Leo 4. SUGIMOTO, FUKUE Honolulu. Oahu T. C— Elem. Rainbow YBA 3, 4; T.C.C. I. 2. 3. 4. SUZUKI, DAVID M. Honolulu, Oahu A. S.— Govt. Class Cabinet 3, 4; Govt. Fellowship; Sjbcr St Chain. TAIRA. KIYOSHI Honolulu, Oahu Agr. — Tropical Crop Prod. rAKABAVASIII. (;E()R(iE I lonolulu. O.ihu A. S.— Bus. TAKAE, MABEL Ilonoiulu. Oahu T.C.- Elem. TAKAMtiNE, TADAO TAKASHIGE, RODNEY Paauilo. Hawaii Papaikou. Hawaii A. S.— Bus. A. S.— Bus. Commerce Club 1,2, 3. 4; Class Council 4. TAKATA, MICHIO Paauhau. Hawaii A. S.— Gen. Sc. TAKAYESU, SABURO Honolulu. Oahu A. S. Soc. TAKEI, BETTY S. Honolulu, Oahu A. k S.— Chun. Chem. Club 4. TAKEMOTO, VICTORIA Rapaa. Rauai T. C— Elem. BODF 2 : T.C.C. 5. 4. TAKENAKA, MICHIO Hanalei. Kauai A. S.— Chem. Chem. Club 4. TAKESHITA, HENRY Honolulu, Oahu A. S.— Hist. Boiine I. 2, 3. 4: Govt. Fellowship 3, 4, TAKETA, IKCTO TAKETA. NOBORC TAKECCHI.LILY lAM, BARBARA J. TAMARU. JAVXE Waimca. Kauai U ailuku. Maui Honolulu. Oahu Honolulu. Oaliii Hilo, Hawaii A. S.— Bus. .■ pp. Sc. — Civil Ennr. .■ pp. .Sc— Med. Tech. A. S.— English T.C.— Elem. F.HKr. Club 1, 2. 3. 4. V VC. 1.2; Med. Tech. Club 3. 4. Vang Chung Hui. TAMASHIRO, MINORU Honolulu, Oahu A. i S. — Entomology TANAKA, ALICE H. Honolulu, Oahu T. C.—Prc-Sch. Primary TC.C. 1, 3. TANJl, HAZEL V. Puiinene. Maui T. C. Dental Hygiene Deiit-il Hygiene Society. TANAKA, ALMA Hoiuilulu, Oahu A ' r. — Dietetics Home Ec. Club 1. 3. 3, 4; VWCA I. 2: 4 H Club:. TANAKA. HIROSHI I {oiiolulu. Oahu A. S.— Psy. TANJl, HISAKO Wahiawa, Oahu T. C— Elem. UH Christian Fellowship 2, 3, 4; T.C.C. 2, 3. 4; Methodist Student Fellowship 3. 4. TANAKA, JACK S. H.inolulu. Oahu Agr. — Gen. Agr. Aer. Club I. 2. ), 4. TANAKA, MASAKO C. Haleiwa, Oahu T. C- — Pre-Sch. -Primary YWCA 1.2; K a Leo 1.2; T.C.C. 3. TATEISHI, HERBERT Lihue. Kauai .• pp, Sc. — Civil Engr. TANAKA. MILDRED M. V. Honuliilii, Oahu T. C-Prc-Sch. -Primary TANAKA, SUNAO Honolulu. Oahu A. S. TATSUGUCHI, HAZEL K. Hauula. Oahu ' I ' . C- — Denial Hygiene Denial Hygiene Society. TANKJUCm. FAULT. Koloa, Kauai App. Sc. — Civil Engr. F.SA I. 3. 4. TANIGUCHL WALTER Wahiawa. Oahu A. S.— Bus. Commerce Club 3, 4 : VMCA 3. 4. TENGAN, SADAKO Honolulu, Oahu T. C— Pre-Sch. -Primary T.C.C. 3; ■iWCA 3. I ' KKAUA, Ut)KorilV I [onolnlu, Oahii ' TOM, RIC HARD V. C. H..iiululii. (.)., m A iS S. -Mjth. K.i Palapab 3. 4; y.nfr. Club I, 2. rOMAS, ( ' EI.F.SriNA r Manila. IMiilippiiics I ' . (. ' .—Sec. Alpha Omicron I. 2, 3. 4; Phi Lambda Chi 2; C ' Club 2. 3. 4: T.C.C. 2 : Aloha Comm. 3. lERADA. KAZUJI Iloiiolutu, Oahu A S-— Chem. Chem. Club. TOMOTA. HANAVO Puhi. Kauai T. C. — F.lem. BSU 1,2. 3.4; T.C.C. 3. 4. TONOKAWA, ETSUO Ilakalau. Hawaii App. Sc. — Civil Engr. TINGCANG, LAURA Hnnoliilu. Ualiii A. S.— S.K. TONOKAWA, MICHIO ILikalaii. App. Sc. — Civil Engr. Engr. Club 3, 4. TONAKI, CHARLES M. Honolulu. Oahu A. 4 S.— Govt. TOKUNACA, HENRY Y. Honolulu. Oahu A. S.— Bus. Commerce Club. TOYOMURA, MARJORIE Honolulu. Oahu T. C— Eltm. TSUCHIDA, YOSHIO Hdiiolulu. Oahu A. S.— Bus, TOM, ALFRED Honolulu. Oahu A. S.— Bus. TSUGAWA, STANFORD K. Honolulu, Oahu A. S.— Soc. TSULSIKFUN Honolulu. Oahu A. S.— Govt. Cosmopolitan Club 3, 4. TSUTSUMI. GERTRinF. ■ISUVE.VirRA, IIHNRV TSUZUKI, FRANCIS 1. UEHARA, GORO UEHARA. KIVOSHI Unnolulu, 0.1 lui Ihii.olulu. O.1I1.1 Honolulu. Oaliu Hawi. H.iwaii IloiKilulu. Oaliu T.C-. Pre-Sch. -Primary A. ! S.— Soc. A. S.— Soc. A r. Tropical Crop Prod. A. S.— Bus. Ad. YWCA 3; OLS 2. 3. Soc. Club 4. Agr. Cluh 1. 2. 3. 4. Arnold Society (Treas.) 4. CT.ASS OF ' SI I EMURA, BEATRICE ll.uioluiu. OjIuj r. C. -Elem. URATA, GERTRUDE S. Honolulu. Oahu A. S. — Botany UMEHARA, MARY K. Honolulu. Oahu App. St.— .Med. Tccli. Med. Tech. Club I, 2, 3. URATA, UKIO Honolulu, Oahu Agr. — Horticulture UNEMORI. GRACE H.iiku, Maui Agr.- -Home Ec. URCIA, HISAO V. Aiea. Oahu A. S.— Bus. UNG, ELEANOR Hilo. Hawaii T. C— Pre-Sch. -Primary USUI, PAULK. Honolulu. Oahu A. S.— Bus. Ad. URADOMO, HIDEAKI Kula. Maui A. S.— Bus. Commerce Club 2, 3, 4. UYEDA, HARRY H. Paia. Maui T. C— Elem. T.C.C. 3, 4; Rainbow YEA 3. 4: Commerce Club 2. m •«f (VKPA, HELEN Y. t ' VEHARA, RICIlARn rVEHARA, TOSHIKO VINDINHA. ELEANOR VIVAS, ALBERT JR Hunululii. OjIui T. C— Elem. Kaluilui, Iaui A. S. — Soc. VVC 1. 2, 3. Laiiikai, Oahu T. C. — Elem. T.C.C. 3, 4. Rolo.i, Kauai A. S.— Psy. Et.i Lambda K.ippa 1.2; Soc. Club I ; Psy. Club 4; Newman Club 4. Hunolulu. Oahu A. S.— Bus. Hui Lokahi. CT.ASS OF ' 51 VVAI.SrSIEZ. s. WAKAFUJI, EDIIH WALDER, MARCIE WALLACE, SAMUEL WATANABE, GLADYS Honolulu. Oahu Honolulu, Oahu Honolulu, Oahu Honolulu, Oahu Honolulu. Oahu A T. — Dietetics .■ gr. — ' oc. Home Ec. A. S. — Music A. S.— Soc. T. C.—Pre-Sch. -Primary VWIA 1, 2; Home Ec. Club 1, 2. 3. Football 1.2. 3; T.C.C. 1,3.4. Newman Club 1. 2, 3. 4; (Treas.) 4; HEPERCIub. Med. Tech. Club 1.2. 3; 4-HCIub 1.2. 3.4; H.meEc.Clubj, 4: Rainbow VBA 3. 4. W AA 1. 2. 3. 4. VA lANABE, IRENE WATANABE, TSI NEO WHANC;. LAWRENCE WONG, EDWIN S. N. WONG, KIM SING M.mi.lulu. Oahu Waipahu. Oahu Honolulu. Oahu Honolulu. Oahu Honolulu. Oahu T. C— Elem. A. S.— Bus. App. Sc. — Civil Engr. A. S.— Govt. A. S.— Zoo. T.C.C. 1,3.4. Commerce Club 1. 2. 3, 4; Baseball 1. 2. 3. 4. Engr. Club 3. 4. Tu Chiang Sheh 4 ; Class Treas. 3 ; BOG (Pres.) 4: Saber Chain 4. WONG, NORMAN Honolulu. Oahu A. S.— Govt. WONG. SAU LIN Honolulu, Oahu A. S.— See. WOOD. GEORGE A. S. — Freiicli ued, K:iuai WOOLSEY-LEE, MILVIRDE Wailukii. Maui . . Sc S. -Phil. Cosmopolitan Club 2. 3. 4; Newman Club I ; IRC I. :. .!, 4; n; I. . ' . 3, 4. VAGI, CAROLE Honolulu. Oahu A. S.— See. YAM A, EVELYN K. Honolulu, Oahu A. S.— Govt. Class Sec. 3 ; Comtnencement Comm. 5 ; ASUH Council 4 j Hawaii Union (Vice) 4; Hui Pookela (Sec.) 4. YAMAGATA, CARL ilakalau, Hawaii A. S.— Psy. YAMAGUCHI, SHIGERU Waipahu, Oahu A. S.— Bus. Commerce Club 1,2, 3,4; Newman Club 3 ; 0LS4. VAMAMOTO, BESSIE M. Wahiawa. Oahu . ' gr. — ' oc. Home Ec. Home Ec. Club I. 2. 3. 4: L ' H Christian Fellowship 2; Methodist Student Fellowship 3, 4 . VWCA I. VAMAMOTO, SUEKI W.nakoa. Maui AKt. -Apr. 4-HCIub 1.2. (Pres.) 3.4; .. sr. Club2, 3, 4; ICC 3. VAMAMOTO, THOMAS 1. Honolulu. Oahu A r. — Agr. Aft. Club i. 2, 3. 4; FFA 3. 4; 4-11 Club 3, 4; Rainbow YBA 3, 4. YAMANAKA, EDWARD T. Honolulu, Oahu A. S.— Bus. Saber Chain 4 ; Commerce Club 4, VAMANAKA, FRANCIS A. Honolulu. Oahu App. Sc. — Civil Engr. I-IUT. Club. YAMANISHI, JAMES T. Honoli]lu. Oahu A. S.— Bus. YAMASAKI, I ' A IRICIA Waipahu, Oahu Agr.— V ' oc. Home Ec. Home Fc. Club 4; WCA 4. VAMASlllRO, BEI rV II. ' .iilitku. M.iui ' I . t. . -Dciual Ilvk ' iciic Dentjt Ilyvior Society 3, 4; T.C.C. I. :. 3. 4. YAMASHITA. FUSAE llilo, ll.l»...l T C. tlcni. B.ii.d I. J. 3, 4: I.C.C. 1. J. 3. 4; Rilnbow YBA 4. VAMATO, IRENE 1 li iiok.ij, H.iwjii T. I ' .— Sec. YANAGIDA, ISAO HunMliilu. Ojhu . . Si S. — Zoo. YANAGIDA, JIMMY Wailukii. M.Uii T. C— Elem. YANAGISAKO, ELAINE K. Wahiawa, Oahu A. li S.— Psy. Psy. Club 3, 4. YANAI, HERBERT R. Ilunolillu. Oahu A. S.— Bus. Commerce Club 3, 4; OLDS 4. YANO, EDWARD 11. Honolulu. Oahu . . S; S.— Hist. YANO, ITSliq Honokaa. Hawaii . gT. — ' oc. .Agr. . cr. Club I. 2. 5. (Pres.) 4; FFA 3.4: .Mpha Beta 3. 4; 4HCIub 3. (Vice) 4: ICC 4. YASTDA, CHARLES K. llnii,.l.ilu, Oahu .■ . S. — Entomology Ir, arsity Baseball 1.2; . .iber Chain 4 ; Kla Lambda Kappa 1 ; 4H Club 4. YATES, NATALIE S. B. .Alexandria. ' a. . ' . S. — Spanish IRC I. 2. 3.4: Phil. Club 3. 4: Canterbury Club 3. 4: OLS: V VC. . YATOGO, KOJI Kealakekua. Hawaii .■ . S.— Psy. YEE, JAMES K. J. Hnnoiulu. Oahu .- . S. — Econ. Ka Leo 2. 3. 4; Pre-Legal Club I, 2. 3. 4; Tu Chiang Sheh 3. 4. YEE, JOHN Honolulu, Oahu . . S.— Soc. YEE.RAYMUND K. S. Honolulu, Oahu A. S.— Pre-Med. Eta Lambda K ppa I, 2. 3, 4; Tu Chiang Sheh 4. VEE, Rl ' BV MARIA Honolulu, Oahu T. C. — Pre-Sch. -Primary TeChlhSheh; Choir; Newman Club. VOSH IDA, JOSEPH Honolulu. Oahu A. S.— Bus. YEE, WIN FRED T. F. Honolulu. Oahu A. S.— Soc. Arnold Air Society 4 ; Soc. Club 3, 4. VOSHIDA, TAKASHI J. F.leele. Kauai A. S. — Econ. yVC 1,2; Commerce Club 2. 3, 4. VIM, CHARLES W. Himolulu, Oahu A. S.— Bus. Saber Chain. YOSHIMORI, JAMES Waiiuku. Maui T. C— Sec. T.C.C. 1, 2, 3, 4. VOKOYAMA, DAVID Honolulu, Oahu App. Sc. — Civil Engr. Engr. Club 2. 3, 4. VOSHIMOTO. ASATO Hilo. Hawaii App. Sc- — Civil KuKf. SENIORS (»SHIM RA, BETSY Huliululii, Oahu A. S. — Soc. VWCA I : Soc. Club 4: RUTC Sponsor 3. OSHINAGA. TSriDMl ' VOSHIOKA, FLORENCE VOSHIZUMI. DOKO II Kaiiiiakakai. Mulukai Honolulu. Oahu Honolulu. O.iliu A . S — Bus. A. S.— Hisl. T. C— Denial Hyyicni- Commerce Club 4. U ()UNG, ALBERl ' H. B. Honolulu. Oahu A. S. — Bus. Commerce Club 2 : IRC 3. 4; S.ibcr Chain 4. w ' V %r 4 k 4 r YOUNCi, LILLIAN L. V. Ilunolulii. Djhii A. S. Bi.s. I ' ll FcJlowsliip 2, 5. 4; T.C.C. I. ' : Cnmnicrte Club 4 ; WWW 2. i. YOUNG. RUBER IP. Honolulu. 0.ih i A. S. — Ecoli. I ' reLccal Club I. . ' . " , 4; tiovl. Fellowship 4 ; BOP 4 ; Club 4 ; Commerce Club 4. YOZ.A, STANLEY Houolulu, 0.lhu A. S.— Govt. YUEN, CLARA, K.S. Honolulu. O.lhu App. Sc. — Med. Tech. Hui Ponlcel.i 4 ; Med. Tech. Club l._(Vice1 2. (Pres.) 3: N ' Club I. 2.5: Chem. Club }. 4: WAA 1.2. 3.4. YUEN, GRACE L.W. Honolulu. 0.ihu t:T. — ' oc. Home Ec. Home Ec. Club I. 2. 3. 4; CH tellowship 2. 3. Phi Lamtd.iChi I. YUEN, LILY K.L. Honolulu. Oahu T. C. — Elcm. .inc Ch.inB Hui 2, 3. 4; WAA. YUEN, MILDRED N. M. Honolulu. 0.i!ui A. S. — DUS. Commerce C " lnb 1. 2. 3. 4; 111 Christian Fellowship 4 ; VWCA I. 2. ' . 4: ICC (Tieas.) 4. VIH, LARRY P. C. HoDolulu, Oahu A. S. Soc. Phi Kappa Pi ; Soc. Clttb. YIKINAGA, GEORGE B. Honolulu. Oahu A. 4 S.— Govt. V.VICA 1.2. 3. 4: Cosmopolitan Club 2, 3. 4; BSU 3. 4. ZANE, EVELYN Honolulu. Oahu A. S.— Psy. Te Cheh Sheh 4. ZANE, YUN CHOUNG Honolulu. Oahu OTHER GRADUATES iiniiiiiBr IKSIIIIliV ' Ageiirt. RoIxtI Apple. Marsjarcl Ardki. Willi, 111! Bat;lc . M.ii . iin Bo vniar . Ian Wriu ' lil Brose. Rayiii )n l Broun. Line Stone Iiiliel May Cliaii ' i. ( " larenie Cliirm. W ' illon Enoniolo. Isami Frantz. Wayne Gill. Lorin Guesl. Josepliine - nii Hayaslii. .latnes Henderson. Roherl Herbine. Ri liarcl James Higashimac 111. Wilfred Hirai. Albert Ho. Emma Eau Hoe. Clarence Kim Fo Honda. George Ibara. Flossie Imada. Editb Inouye. Kenneth Ito. Sabiiro Izumo. Hirome Kaawakauo. Emma Kamasaki. Hitoslii Kanagawa. Wayne osliilo Kanemoto. Hazel Kimura. Morris I osliio King. Phillip Lloyd Kiyosaki. June Koide. Douglas ushi Kokame, Glenn MegumI Kutsunai. . kira Lee, Donnette Leslie Lee. Frederick Lee. Samuel K. I . I.eonC. [Donald Lo(k ood. Winifred Luke. Wallace I Ann. Francis Maretzki. Thomas Matllirws. Helen M Laren. Kazue Miller. John Morila. Isamu Morila. Kiyoic hi Morton. Newton Mottz, William Nakama. Lorraine Naknmura. Paul Kiyoshi Nakashima. Roy I alsuo Newton. ( iwendolyn Oh. Larry Olivas. Consuelo Miguel Olson. Eugene Parheco. Roseline Patnoude. Charlotte Pirtle. Pauline Reece. William Reynolds. Elzie Sasaki. Teruo SchocK. Stanley Sugihara. Seiji Sweet, Robert Taba, Daniel Takemoto, Violet Tamanaha. Kiyoshi Tanaka. Wallace T. Tanimura. C linlon Thoene. A. W. Thomas. Richard I ome, Kenneth Kamemalsu Uda. Mitsuki Nohara Uehara. Haruo R. Uyeda. George J . Uyeshiro Alex Vaughan. Alice N ' orfeld. Robert Yagami. Mildred Keiko amasaki. Dorothy okoyama. Harold oshida. Ronald Yoshimura, Mamoru doling. Robert Young. Samuel REAL DEANS KAY MAGGIOR03 RAYMOND HAFTEL RALPH AOKI FORREST MURPHY WILLIAM PAZ Each year from the graduating class are se- lected a number of outstanding students for the highest award bestowed by the Student Council, the Real I3ean award. From a long and impres- sive list of Seniors who contributed generously to the smooth functioning of the ASUH. five were singled out as deserving of the honor. They were : Ralph Aoki ' — Aggressive and forceful, he served as president of the student government triis past year. With the experience gained by his term as i( e president of trie ASL ' H during the previous year, and Sophomore councillor the year before, he led the Associated Students through a very successful year. He was also active in Theater Ciroup produ(tions during his Freshman year. Raymond Haftel — cti e and ( heerlui. he was well known on campus. .-Vs Associate Editor of Ka I.eo, he was the author of a very popular column. Raysin ' Cane. He also found time to be Sophomore class vice-president and Junior lass president. During his Senior year, he was f ' ublic Relations Director of the ASUH. Kay Magiorros — Charming and intelligent, she was the busy little bee, serving on many committees. During her Junior year, she was the class representative to the Student Council. A highly successful Ka Palapala Beauty Pageant was carried on under her chairmanship. She was also president of AW ' S. whi h sponsored a Women s Week this year. Forrest Murphy — Friencily and personable, he participated wholeheartedK ' in many activities. During his Junior year, he was ASUH coiui- cillor. He won the distinction of being appointed a distinguished military cadet in ROTC. He was chairman of Spirit and Rally, an organiza- tion designed to promote school spirit, and was president of Kappa Epsilon Thela. William I " az— Versatile and hard working, he was popular with all. As president, he guided the Sophomore j lass through a banner year. He served also as vice president of the Junior class and during his Senior year was Public f elations Director of the Associated Students. During his four years here, he took part in Theater Croup productions both as an actor and a backstageman. Yes. we liad our troubles, just like any other yearjjooK. hut, when you have a fjroup such as K.I Palapnla had this year. well, here was work ( otnhincd with pleasure. I he result? An example ol what a meetint; ol minds can ar- rompiisli. Mere was a workiny ol minds low.ird a (ommon ijo.d. not as a nrm striviny to produce, hut as a niiilu.d sharinU ol harmonious and pleasurable companionship, always keepirit; in mind that a book is beini; composed. .As no job .is this is possible without willint! workers so our book is produi cA liec ause ol a oiisl.iiilK w ijlin[i and pleasaii! si. ill. With no thout lit ol personal ( lorili( .ition the sl.ill has shown a spirit whith we annot .ide(|uately describe or p.i tribute lo. I ' sini, ' our onl means of siiowjnt; re oenilioii and our appre ( iatioii lo these people we prisinl ihiir pi. lures on these pages as THE ST.AFF OF K I ' M l ' l io-,i Mr. William Davenport Advisor Betty Awamura Administrative Assistant RICHARIJ TOM Editor in Chief WAH SUNG CHUN Associate Editor EDWARD KONG Business Manager K A P A L A P A L A Wlliiam Ichinose Editor, 1st Sem. ,w ) Irma Chun Make-up Editor Henry Fukushima Copy Editor Arthur Shida Photo Editor KA PA LAP ALA ll k - FIRST ROW, left to right: Helen Asahina, Margaret Befu. John Bon- sey, Henry Fong. Susan Fuji!, Caroline Fukumoto, Lily Ann Goo, Katsuko Hama. Amy Higashino, Janet Hirata, Stanley Inada. Jane lyoki. SECOND ROW: Elbert Izon, Jonathan Kajiwara, James Kawa- oka, Lillian Kohatsu, Marion Lee, Samuel Lee. Betty Lou Lung, Harold Matsuguma, James Morita, Sue Ogata, Ella Ohta. Sally Sada. THIRD ROW: Ruth Shimabuku. Faith Shimanuki, Pearl Sugimoto. FOURTH ROW: Richard Tatsuya- ma, Marian Tokunaga, Stella Watanabe. FIFTH ROW: Agnes Yamada, Elizabeth Yamaguchi, Bertha Young. 1 V ( r ' i , 1 } ■ STAFF „.4%- TOP ROW, left to riflht: Mae Murakami. Stanley Higashino. Helen Matsui. BOTTOM ROW: Florencf Kodama, Jeanne Shimada. George Fukumoto, Tamae Tamaribuchi. James Mishima Associate Editor K.i I CO, I lie ()i( (• ol I law ail. w illi ils I ask ol pri ' vcnlini; lioiiest news lo tin- sliuleiit nociy, eiijoyetl a year ol iiuk li action and .sliinulatiiit, ' (list ussion. Under llie leaderslii)) of Editor Helen Kiinura, it look courafjeous stands on many con ' roversial issues. At times, under lire from botli the Coun( il and tlie Administration. Ka Leo neverllieless stood lirm in ils ronvictions. Many new columns, sui li as Off tlie Cull l) Ri( hard li.isliiMiolo. Cross Currents l)y lolin ( irillin. aiul liear s Paw l)y I ed Hirala. were introdu( ed. A snappy new feature. Soapsuds, hy Julian MrConnell. tontrilnited sly liurnor atid observant witlicisms. The (oinments were sonu-linies funny, sometimes sarcastic, hut always with a point. liesides ( onsc lenliously putting out the regular issues twite weekly, the stalfers worked overtime to put out several extra issues. 1 he Pine Bowl e.xtra was rushed lo the Stadium on New Year s day. The election extra came out the day after the voting, with the complete tahulaled results, I he . pril I Ool ivMic. lilli-d tin- Honolulu Wtickii, was a parody on llir I IoihiIiiIii Kic ord. I his issue more than any other one, dnnonslraled ihc ahilily ol the stall lo (o-ordinate and luti tion as a single unit. Because of the very nature of this isM[c-, llic --tallers cnjoxcd Icllliiu their imaginations riu) wild Hie pa|)ers were piil on lln ' vl.inds riylil .illir di ' lixcry fioiii llic printers h ( l.irenie I aha. luisiness manager. ■ ind liis hard uorkinti ( in ulalion stafl. fie and his assist- ants. Roy Akaki .uid Sumic liiokiu hi. wnrkid li.ird t; keep linanc es in oidit. Richard Hashimoto Managing Ed. 2nd Sem. s KA LEO O HAWAII HELEN KIMURA Editor WILLIAM DAVENPORT Advisor CLARENCE TABA Business Manager Kiyoko Shimabukuro David Komori Copy Editor Managing Ed., 1st Sem. Samuel Lee Photo Director Sumie InokuchI Ass ' t Bus. Mgr. Roy Akaki Ass ' t Bus. Mgr. Mee Qual Pang Club Editor Al Vierra Art Director Trixie Tanaka Feature Editor Barney Menor Sports Ed.. 2nd Sem. Charles Parmlter News Editor MmM m BUSINESS STAFF, left to right: Shirley Kim, Edith Wakafuji, Gwen Lo. ADMINISTRATORS, Sitting, left to right: Marion Lee, Nancy Onaga. Standing: Henry Fukushima. Wilton China. PHOTO STAFF, left to right: Phil Robinson, Winchell Chung, Richard Guerin, John Bonsey. NEWS STAFF, left to right: Kieko Okawa. Betsy Shinkawa. Grace Niimoto, Clifford Vierra. SPORTS STAFF, left to rioht: James Ouye, Sue Ogata, Edna Ogata, Lawrence Chun. KA LEO STAFF FEATURE STAFF, left to right: Lloyd Suyama, John Gri- ffin. Aqnes Yamada. Josephine Liu. Leah Ching, Julian Mc- Connell. Victor Kobayashi. Marion Leach. Vvf nes- ' " ' ' lr tjr J J. " " " " SL j| " o THEATRE GROUP All import. ml cm-iiI in llio I nivcrsity Fliealrr was the rhange of the name " Theatre Guild " to I Ilea I re Ciroiip due to oljjertions from tlie Ilicaire ( luild liuorporated of New York. I lie IQiO- " )! season opened iii a lively mood wi ' li " I ' ursuil of Happiness. " I .awrent e A. I.angners sparkiinc social satire on tlie colonial proMem of l)iuidlinc. I liis play was produt ed, lor the lirst time in LI I theatre history, in the theatre in the round. Toward the end of the first semester, another social satire. Fiernard Shaw s Major Fiarhara " was prodiu ed. During the second semester " I ' he House of Sugawara. one of the classics of the .fa[)anese Kahuki plays, was presented. This was followed hy William ' y herlys " The Country Wife. " a Kestoralion (omedy: the aiuiual original one- act plays; and Christopher Fry ' s " I he lady ' s Not for F urning. " Creation of a play — Advisors Dr. Joel Tra- pido and Dr. Earl Ernst iron out production difficulties. THEATRE GROUP COUNCIL: First Row, left to right: Rosalie Roberts, Bill Yama- zaki, Miyoshi Ikeda. William Paz. Ann Davis, Milvirde Woolsey-Lee. SECOND ROW: Bob Gray. Irene Casey, Samuel Young. Irene Yamato, Arthur Caldeira. Set construction — a necessary but unspec- tacular part of stage production. A scene from the Japanese Kabuki play " The House of Sugawara " depicting a love scene between two servants while royalty await in the cart, too high born to indulge in such activities. r.i . ' ' ' i j , . ■- .;». ' ?v3 - ' : i " ' f, ' V.-- iuii. - »,. ABOVE: Lord Undershaft (third from left), returning after thirty years, shocks his family by admitting that he does not have a religion. MAJOR BARBARA BELOW: Lord Undershaft (right) is pleased to find that his son does not wish to have any part of his canon making business. ABOVE: Love-making Puritan style finds bundling Rosalie Roberts and Kuaana Bell in this hilarious scene from the New England comedy. PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS BELOW: David Mahoney glances slyly as Jeannette Hannus flirts with the handsome colonel " Skeep " Langhans (right). BODF TIk- IK)l)r " iiiuier tlie cliairiiiansliii) ol Sliun- ulii Kiniura willi llie assislarue of hoard members Donald osliizumi. Ralph Nakamura. Amelia Chant;. Betty Uc hima and May amamoto carried on a diversilied program of dehates. discussions. and oratorical and extemporaneous contests. The dehate squad participated in three inter- collegiate events against Brigham oung Univer- sity represenlecf hy .lack Hanson and Spencer [ ' aimer. Colorado .X - . I represented f)y Kenneth iverson and Rodney ikon and Stanford U., tlie first transoceanii radio dchalc in liie I niversitys history. N ' isiting dehalers toured trie neighboring is- hinfls with our debaters and presented several piiblii debates. . t the re(|uesl of various nigh scl)ools the L.TI s (uad presented several exhibitions. Intra sc|uad. inler-class and inter island debates kept llie mem- bers of the team on their mettle. Two outstanding debaters loureil mainland colleges for three weeks. The colleges they isited were: Albion U.. Washington I ' .. Missouri U.. Wichita U.. Iowa State L ' .. Wisconsin I ' .. Kan- sas U.. Western Michigan College, and I he Uni- versity ol Chicago for the Delta Sigma Rho Conference, a national honorary soc iel lor debaters. I he lorensic team presented sever.ii timely discussions on topics such as tlie Constitutional Review, the . tfuetics Situation, the Speech- Drama Split, and the Adequacy of Our School Curriculum. The Board also presented three oratorical (on- tests: The Annual All-Hawaii Oratorical Con- test. The Charles Reed Hemenway Memorial Contest, and The Berndt Extemporaneous Contest. Shunichi Kimura Chairman Business Manager Donald Yoshizumi Vice Chairman Betty Uchima Secretary FRONT ROW. left to right: Ralph Nakamura, Shunichi Kimura. Joe Arakaki. Donald Yoshizumi. BACK ROW: Betty Uchima. Coach Wayne Fox, Amelia Chang, Coach Henry Ewbank. FIRST ROW, left to right: Isao Kirita. Muneto Yamanaka, Shunichi Kimura. Keichi Ikeda, Joe Arakaki, Lily Muramoto. SECOND ROW: Mervin Klemne. Wilfred Nakamura. Lawrence Koga. Arthur Wong, Osa- mu Murata, Coach Henry Ewbank. THIRD ROW: Yoshio Shigezawa. Masaru Funai. Lorna Chun, Coach Fox, Betty Uchima, Elaine Ah Mai, Amelia Chang. THE LIT " ! The University of llaivaii Literary Magazine, popularly called ' I lie inaaazine. punlislicd its lirsl issue early in January. It was tlie lirst literary pericxiii al on the ( anipus since ihe days ol the llaumii CJuill. I)a( k in the thirties. Oriciniiletl lor the express purpose ol pro- moting ' literary expression aiiionu ' the nienihers ol the University, the niatJa .ine created an outlet for work of fresh and untried talent on the campus. Under the leadership of Ray I lallel. and Allen Hohbs. the matJazine progressed from an idea to actuality. .Vidint; I laftel and I lohhs were husi- ness manager I lenry C hun, set retary Dorothy SEATED, left to right: R. Haftel, M. Uchigashima, I. Kirita. STANDING: N. Andresen, A. Hobbs, J. Mishima, E. Greaney. PANEL, left to right; Editor Allen Hobbs, Business Manager Henry Chun, Adviser William Meredith. I am. ir( ul.itiiui manager Mazie Kamimitsu, advertisin " manager C lara Kuhojiri. I reasurer l ' ran cs Perry, and editorial hoard mendjers Norman Andresen. [ " xlward Greaney. Isao Kirita, James Mishima. and Margaret Uchigashima. With no apologies, the first issue was mime- ograpiied. IIk ' cdilors wclioming llic i ii.illeiiLie presented l) this medium. The students rea t ' d lavorahly to the lirsl issue hy huying it out on the first day slii li it hit the stands. With this beginning the maga- zine shows every sign of succeeding. H A I) 10 GUI LI) LEFT: Radio Guild members cut a platter including all the sound Dr. Melvin White Advisor Tlie Radio duilu is an honorary group in wliicli momoersnlp is earnea Inroug ' i active parti- cipation in University radio hroadcasts. I hese activities inclucie acting, announcing, writing, directing, engineering and producing radio broad- casts. This year s memnership ( onsisted of fifty-nine ludents headed hy president Fiill Rovd. vice- president Ruth iSmilh. secretary Irma Kop. busi- ness manager Donald Woods and an executive council consisting of Irene Casey. Lani Bader, Barbara Neves, Bill Swanson and Daniel I aba. The guild was advised by Dr. Melvin R. White. I rogranis produced by the f adio ( luild in- cluded Campus Interviews on KM I and K 1 OI i. University 1 ime on KHON and the Aloha Net- work. Mr. Geographv on KC..NIB. and UH Chil- dren ' s Hour on KGMB. K.MIL ' , KTOH and KM I. Members also assisted at various times on l ' _ ening Symphony and Know our Univer- sity on KHON, Agricultural News on KGMFi and I ' H Home Economics on KAHU. An important sparL in the UH Band this year was the personal maunelisni of Maestro John P. Browne Jr. He led the group for the first time, but nevertheless he added such liveliness that it boosted school spirit up one hundred percent. His ever-willing group were present at convocations, athletic rallies and games. ROTC revues and Siesta Hour programs— giving light to the academic clouds. Most ol llie band s activities were centered arounri the Homecoming events in December. They were featured in both the N ' ariety Show and the Alumni Barbecue Party. But the most colorful of their performances was that of the UH-Utah game on December 16. when they displayed their playing and marching skills in their brand new uniforms. The band s activities were spearheaded by the e.xecu- tive committee composed of President Frank Bigoski, Evelyn . lorikawa. Richard Okumura and Albert Chun, and the librarians Shigeru Hotoke and Benjamin Wood. An interesting fact about the band is that lliree-fourths of the 43 members are non-music majors. CORNETS: Ambo. Stanley Bigoski. Frank Goto. Wilfred Imamura, Akira Lum. Richard (Vlurabayashi, Harry Okamura. Rictiard Paz, Matildo Sakai. Seth Takata. Wilfred Won, Walter Wood, Benjamin FRENCH HORNS: Chun. Albert Hotoke, Shigeru LeVine. Jim Nitta, Henry Reyes, Ramon TUBAS: HasKizume. Herman Kekoa. Luther Kuwada, Hajime Toma, Edmund BARITONES: Izumi, Francis Kondo. Harry TROMBONES: deSilva. Bowen Kashiwada, Royce Kusunoki, Wilfred Mark. Paul Onishi, Wallace Purdy, Doris Shikata, Edward BASS CLARINET: Quintal, Joseph CLARINETS: Akita, Mark Baltazar, Gabriel Hashitate, Earl Kimizuka, Minoru Morikawa, Evelyn Nakano, Franklin Okoga, Luther Sakamoto, Edith Tsubaki, Donald Wun, Stanley TENOR SAXOPHONE: Young, Norman BARITONE SAXOPHONE: Haraga. Gene ALTO SAXOPHONE: Weaver, Harold FLUTES: Honda, Kay Kamisato, Kaye Yamashita, Fusae Miller, Robert C H O R U S FIRST ROW, left to right: K. Harada, E. KurasakI, M. Miller, M. Fujimoto, C. Asato, C. Orikasa, J. Hashimoto, M. Nakamura, L. Koike, B. Okuma, R. Lee, A. Tacub, S. Alicuben L. Nakai, N. Young, T. Yano, N. Nakama, R. Vine. SECOND ROW: D. Ogawa. I. Ryusaki, J. Adaniya, E. Nishi, M. Young, W. Taam, A. Teruya. R. Emura, J. Okuda. Y. Nozawa. S. Obayashi, F. Miguel, S. Obayashi, G. Dol, Y. Uehara, L. Ogata, A. Ahin, M. Higa, H. Okimoto, D. Arakaki. THIRD ROW: R. Kaya. B. Ching, T. Young, G. A. Ito, E. Imai, J. Inoue, N. J. Texeira, E. Soong, B. Sato, J. Shinn. H. Fujioka. M. Yuen, A. Goo, F. Imamura, Y. Takamune, M. Yokotake, L. Imamoto, A. Boyd, S. Watanabe. F. Amaki, B. Awamura, B. Lee, N. Ching. FOURTH ROW: D. Suzuki. C. Kaneshiro, W. Choy, J. Kurashige, W. Kikuta, J. Yamashiro, S. Kobayashi, G. Yoshishige, W. Takeshita. B. Grahm, L. Hanaoka, H. Yee. G. Yukinaga, F. Miyahira, E. Otsu. FIFTH ROW: T. Luke, K. Ogata. N. Miyamoto, H. Arashiro, F. Ishlda. N. Sue, H. Lee, F. Furukawa, W. Lee. R. Souza, W. Brown, S. W. Lee. H. Kuwada, M. Nakashima, T. Toyama, H. Yoshida. I lie I ni Tsily ol llawdii ( lioriis witli its 125 .singers (onipleled ils third siHtessliil year under Professor Ricliard W. iiie. Headint; the lis! ol at hicvornents this year were the various (on er ' .s in vhi( h they perlormed as horal l)a k r()uiid to operatic ex(( ' r|)ls. I assafjes from i.. rRAXIATA were skilllully sung in accompanying the UH soloists who performed in ii ( ampus concert on Dec cinnc ' r 15. Ouring the hall lime of ihe Homecoming Game on December 16. the spectators witnessed a unique performance in which the chorus and hand memhers formed a gigantic C hristmas tree. I his was indeed a rare treat for ihe foothall fans, for as the stadium lights were dimmed, there ap- peared on tiic lield ,1 ■jlillir int! and singing C hristmas tree! I he ( horus also sang meiiiorahle selections at the annual (hristmas ( onvoc alion. I he I I I chorus has produced man ' c clenrated soloists and singers. The main purpose ol this organization, however, is the Irainiiit! " f lulure elementary teachers. CHOIR SCHF.DULE November 25 Sears Roebuck Chrisliiias Program December 16 17 Christmas Program I )ecember 2-1 Hawaiian I ' ine C liristmas l " , e Broadcast December 25 UH Radio Broadcast February 1 -2 Maui-0 Concerts f ' ebruary 2-7 Hawaii- 12 Concerts f-Vbruary 20-21 Kauai-() C oncerts February 25 Homecoming Concert, li I i ' 5 f- 2N Willi I Idiiiihilii S Mi|)liony M.irdi 2 " ) Pine ( locid Iriday Broadcast May Annu.d Spring Concert mlA " i O " ' CHOIR LEFT: Norman Rian. Choir Director. RIGHT: Choristers await their cue to perform. ABOVE, first row. left to riqht: Virginia Rodrigues, Fumiko Sato, Gladys Hayashi, Helen Noh, Pearl Horio, Blanche Yoshizumi, Lila Lee, Esther Rian Ethel Chung. SECOND ROW: Mary Kakayama, Eunice Miyamoto, Beatrice Villanueva, Gloriana Adap, Betty Uchima Rose Mizokami, Doris Kamioka, Jeannette Chun, Barbara Neves, Jane Hieda. THIRD ROW: Emma Veary, Hai Yun Kim, Lillian Ogawa, Ann Muller, Lily Imamoto. Violet Marie Awai. Thelma Chock, Doris Purdy, Doris Osborn, Ann Boyd FOURTH ROW: Jean Oishi, Dave Harada, Herman Hashi?ume, Kazuo Matsuura, Ronald Suga, Albert Nishikawa. Al vin Ing, Masami Hironaka, Ruth Matsuda. FIFTH ROW: Eileen Lum, Richard W. S. Lee, Louis Inagaki, Hisao Naga hisa, Raymond Tanaka, Tommy Lau, Danny Akaka, Douglas Hagen, Mrytle Aki. SIXTH ROW: Raymond Lee. John Saclausa, Ronald Kamakahi. Robert E. Cole, Thomas H. Yasuhara, Frank P. Bigoski, Jr., Alvin K. Lum, Shigeru Hotoke, Dick Nagata. m t ' , dk; Captain Altus Prince, Lieutenant Charles E. Taylor. Captain Stanley Howarth. Colonel Easom J. Bond LEFT TO RIGHT: Sergeant Max D. Putnam, Master Sergeant Glenn Van Home, Sergeant M. J. Taylor, Sergeant First Class David L. Frazier, Sergeant First Class Manuel P. Cabral, Sergeant First Class Ed- ward M. Pomroy, Master Sergeant James W. Goalen. Sergeant First Class John Nick. R T C Cadet Major Herbert C. W. Park, Cadet Captain Francis H. Kawamoto, Cadet Captain Koji Yatogo, Cadet First Lieutenant Cliarles K. Sato. The University of Hawaii Army ROTC imil. under the commantl of Colonel llasoni Bond boasted an enrollment of six-lmndred and seventy-one cadets diirinsj llie past year with the offering of basic and advanced courses in the lnfantr and the Field Artillery. An .Air Force ROTC iniit which was granted to the university in 1049 and commanded by Lt. Colonel William Hershenow added three-hundred and lifty cadets bringing the enrollment to more than a thousand cadets. The regiment, under Cadet Colonel Cieorge SchabacKer, was composed of two infantry batta- lions, one field artillery battalion, and one air force group. The bulk of the total enrollment were the freshmen and sophomores who accounted for 83% of the cadets. The upper- lassmen handled the leadership of the regiment, aided by the regular army and air force instructors. The green recruits were rapidiv di iciplinrd and taught military etiquette. Honorary Cadet Colonel Joan Flath, Cadet Colonel George M. Schabacker. The regiment passes in review. N F A N T R Y FIRST ROW, left to right: Honorary Cadet Captain Bertha Lau, Honorary Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Sheila Sonoda, Honorary Cadet Captain Lillian Higuchi. SECOND ROW: Honorary Cadet Captain Mary Stone. Honorary Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Mildred Ohama, Honorary Cadet Captain Florence Bell, Honorary Cadet Captain Etsuko Kurosawa. FIRST ROW. left to right: Cadet Lt. Hayao Oishi, Cadet Lt. Paul Lo, Cadet Lt. Floranio Castillo. Cadet Lt. Col. Edwin Wong, Cadet Capt. Rogers Ikenaga, Cadet Lt. Noburo Okamura. SECOND ROW: Cadet Lt. Dennis Chee. Cadet Lt. Edward Yamanaka, Cadet Capt. Robert Schwartz. Cadet Capt. Walter Ching, Cadet Capt. James Morita. THIRD ROW: Cadet Lt. Stanley Ogawa, Cadet Lt. Stanley Lee, Cadet Lt. Carl Swanholm. Cadet Lt. William Araki. Cadet Lt. Charles Yim. - « ■ !■» -=-7 -?i I B- a I ■ _ KNEELING: James Morita, Edwin Lau. Manuel Emiliano. STANDING: John Faust, Melvin Ing. Samuel Apuna, M Sgt. Michael L. Bray. Trusting Old Soul FIRST ROW. left to right: Cadet 1st Lt. Akira F. Shiotani. Cadet Capt. Raymond Oyama. Cadet Capt. Hiromu Izumo. Cadet 2nd Lt. Thomas R. Hirata. SECOND ROW: Cadet Lt. Col. Charles Yasuda. Cadet 2nd Lt. Saburo Ito. Cadet 1st Lt. Mitsugi Kamemoto. artiljj:ry FIRST ROW. left to right: Cadet Second Lt. C Miyamoto, Cadet Lt. Col. William Tom. Cadet Lt. Thomas Ito. SECOND ROW: Cadet Capt. Saito, Cadet Capt. Wah Sung Chun, Cadet Melvin Ing, Cadet First Lt. Albert Young. lifford First Yasuo Capt. ; - V I Colonel Paul Clark Major Joseph Tringali ' i ' lic l (. liiiiHlird ,,,(lcU ,,| llif Field Arlillcrv ucri- l - l l) li ill il loll I oiiMiiaiKirr Catlcl I.I. Coloiifl William Icim. [■. gallery roniniancler. Wall Sunt! ( liirri ,inil I ' l),illrr ( orDrn.iruIci . ' U ' lvin lilt " . Under llii- ,iMc Ir.iininu l ( Oloncl I ( l.irL Major .1. I rin[ ali. .S.|-.( ' . I). Ir.ii .er. and Sy!. I aylor. liic (add;, sliidifd priin.iiily llie ways and pii( ' iin hy wliicli llii- 10 " ) iiiiii lldwil cr iv lircl iiikI ils si(iiiin( an c in iiilaiilry (( inl al. Duriiiu llic lirsl sfiiicstcr llic arlilliTv ciilered llic iiilcr-c oinpany rillc inaU li in lii(li I ' l)al- Icry lied lor third pla( f. . duriiiy llic spmeslcr. llic arlillery group received a Warrior of llic r.u ifi( ril)l)on for ( ompelilivc rifle iiialclies dmiiit; tlic Miinnicr Iraiiiiiig ian)|) al fori Lewis. Left, Hon. Capt. Lenore Fong. Right, Hon. Capt. Melvamay Wong. Cadets practicing in their aiming circle. " Drop five zero, fire for effect. ' Col. Paul Clark and Capt. Stanley Howarth look for prospective advance ROTC students. T ' ] Lt. Col. W. Hershenow AIR FORCE Lt. Col. W. Curren Maj. K. Powers Tlic . ii Ford- ROTC unit entered its second yeeir with a substantial inrrease in enrollment. Under the (oinmand ol I.I. Colonel iierslienow . the three hunflred and fifty Air f " or e RO 1 C cadets learned the technical and theoretical aspects of aviation. Logistics, business adminis- tration, thermodynamics and theories ol flvina were covered in classroom lectures. The refiiment was led by Cadet I.I. Coloiui I lenrv and ably assisted by Cadet Majoi Wilton Chine Cadet Major David M,dioi)c and Cadet Major Benjamin Lee. During the summer, twenty-five officers of the group flew to Hamilton Air Force Base, located twenty-five miles north of S;ui Francisco. There the men learned the technical knowledge and administrative work I liey did not. however, have any actual flying lessons. Among the outslanding programs carried on by this group this year were: Ihc inter-c oinpany rille n)al h compelition in lii(h Sciuadron I look second place; and llie . ir Force Ball. FIRST ROW, left to right: Wilton Ching, TetJ Ogoshi. John Nosse. Shigeo Okuma. Eiichi Tanaka. Aldrich Liu. SECOND ROW: Henry Lau, Winifred Yea, Kiyoshi Uehara. Kim Sing Wong, George Okihiro, James Green, Benjamin Lee. FIRST ROW. left to right: August Perry. Harry Dantsuka. Harvey Vaspar, Kenneth Wong. Howard Hamamoto. SECOND ROW: William Harada, Frank Kawamoto. James Peterson. Jacob Lai. Wilton Ching. LEFT TO RIGHT: Sgt. Wenska, Sgt. Scull, Sgt. Field. Sgt. Rivelli. Left to Right; Major Mahealani Ching. Major Loretta Wong, Lt. Colonel Audrey Leong, Major Caria Coykendall. DID YOU E E R . . i l — NOTICE THESE? BAG DR. CHARLES MOORE Chairman I lie lio.ird c)l Allih ' lk Control, loiisislint! of represcnl,ili s Irom the ASUH. faculty and alumni, nas (lie junction of formulating all poli- cies tonccrnins; athletic s on the univer.sity campus. I lie c liief pronlem confronting llie noarcl tliis past c ' ar was I hat of finances, . lter several nilile .illc ' rii| lv lo raise Inncis to make alhle ' ics sell-siipporlint!. the l)oartt has iound two possible solutions: lhc Rairwjow Athletic Foundation l)ri c sponsored hy the Alumni Association, and luiids Irorii the 1 erritorial Legislature. Another prohhin lias come before the board is the l.ic k ol gocjd athletics facilities. If the prolileni ol linances is subdued, the FiAC feels that this subsec|iienl prc)l)icMii will be solved. ill spite ol dillicidties this year, the BAC rias clone iiHK ii towards the renewal of attention in all major sports on the campus. All- time attend- ance ic ' cords have been reported in bo.xing and basketball events. I espite all the difficulties arising in the field of athletics on campus, the BAC lias laid a lirm foundation lor the years to come. CLOCKWISE: Josepti Skorpen, Ctiarles Hunter, Stanley Toyama, Doris Miyasaki, Ralph Aoki, Charles Moore, Fred Steere Jr., Adolph Mendonca, Harold Bitner, J, M. Downer, Thomas Kaulukukui, Takashi Matsui. F O O r B A L L COACHES THOMAS KAUlXKUKUl HAROLD KOMETANI A ALVIN SAAKE RIGHT: Varsity gridders run through signal practice with Kahoonei quarter- backing. BELOW: Captain Mans- (.eld Doi. $ J J UH 27 49 San Diego UH 6 6 Leilehua UH 20 34 Fresno UH 21 21 Willamette UH 43 14 Idaho UH 41 6 Islanders UH 24 6 Cardinals UH 39 7 Brigham Young UH 28 40 Utah UH 13 46 Texas Western UH 28 27 Denver TOP LEFT: Substitutes watch tense moment in game, anxious to get in the fray. ABOVE: While teammates carry on the battle, the offensive team catches a brief rest. VARSITY FOOTBALL Sp.irlicd by only llirec rflnriilnfj refjiilars und |)l.iU ' ui-(l l)y injuries to key players in t riic iai (James. iIh ' K,iinl)o s went llirouali a niedioire lanipaiun. oniplelin j tlieir scliedule willi a rerord ol tlire ' wins, one lie. .md four losses against intercol- legiate lonipelition and two wins and one lie cigalnst local loes. The Deans for llie lirsl time in rcc iril years piaNcd .1 (oniplele s liedule ol lollege learns ol llieir own calibre wliiili resulted in closely contested games. I .il e many otiier colleges, the R.iinbows employed tlie Iwo-plaloon system ex tensivelv. C enter lid Ferreirra did yeoman work by performing on both offense and defense. Typi- cal of all Coacb Tommy Kaulukukui ' s teams, tbe collegians flashed a spectaddar crowd-pleasing offense featuring tbe T -formation, split and winged Is. Hankers, pin point passing, man-in-motion and other wide-open football. Illuhlights of local football were the near breaking ol the intercollegiate pass completion record by Dave Cunningham of the Utah Red- skins and the thrilling 28-27 victory over Denver in the Pineapple Bow ' l. Sporting a clean slate against local senior league- (ompelilion. the l aiiibows again proved to be the rii lhic,d gritiiron champions of ihe territory. I ' nable Id gel llieir offense rolling, the UHer ' s managed to eke out a 6-6 dcaillock witli the Lei- lehua Vandals of the Hawaii Senior League. Trailing )-() at the half, the collegians clicked a long Kahoonei to C arpenler touchdown pass and then ( liei ked other l eilehua advances with a staunch defense. The Rainbows then crushed the Islanders •) 1 -0 as Heel looted .Jimmy Asalo and hard-running Pete Wilson accounted for 53 points and 317 yards between tliem. Wilson tallied touchdowns of 36. 73. and 4 yards while Asato scored on runs of 33 and 33 yards and converted five times. George Mamiya plunged lor I he final TD. Scoring once in each quarter, the Bows downed the Cardinals 24-6 as the varsity regulars were used sparingly. The collegians stuck to the ground for their first and fourth touchdowns while Ken Kahoonei passed for the other two. Ken Kawaguchi. George Mamiya. Sadao Matsukawa, Pete Wilson, and Donald Ho effectively cracked the line while Ellsworth Bush and Bim Wilson did some nice snagging. SITTING, left to right: E. Bush. K. Nakamura, G. IVIamiya, D. Botelho, E. Toma, H. Naumu. D. Takushi, K. Kawaguchi. S. Matsukawa. E. Watanabe. F. Keala. KNEELING: D. Ho, B. Wilson, K. Kahoonei, J. Gomes, W. Kam. R. Sugino, R. Souza. R. Brown, W. Saito, A. Chu. Y. Asami. STANDING: E. Ferreira, S. Kaluahine, J. Oba, C. Ho. P. Wilson, J. Asato, D. Carpenter, A. Vierra. J. Wilkinson. W. Bonner. R. Moore, M. Alencastre, G. Fujiwara. A. Kersenbrock, E. Bowen, H. Meyers, W. Youd. ' ■ ft: .»!-Si, .fi..a ■ Donald Ho (34) smashes through Utah ' s line carrying Sandy Morris (42) along. Dick Carpenter (47) vainly tries to block out Tom Dublinski (14) coming in to give needed assistance to Morris. Harold Naumu Ken Nakamura U OF H — UTAH Shirtiiiu out slroiiu, tli ' R.iinhows lla lii ' l a l rilli,iril runnint; iillci(l tiiul oiiiplctcly tlorniiuilcd llic yanif lliroiiylioul the lirsl llirt-c ((iiarters. 1 rail- ing 21-12 in the last quarter, llie Redslcin.s llnally emcrBccI from tlieir tepees. Dave Cunninfjliani. Iryins; for tlie National Collegiate record for pass ( oMiplctions. began to lind liis mark. In si and a liall minutes L ' lali scored lour loui lidowns, aided ny a surtesslid onsidi ' ki( K .irid .m inter cepled pass. I liouun liiiwaii i (iiiipli ' liK ddiiiiiiali ' d tin- ground play, outgaining I Jlali 2()M yards to Ml. the Redskins more th.ui offset this hy a devastating .lir attack. Cunningham nn ' ssed the mark hy four (ompletions hut manag ' d to pass for 2 K) ards in sparking his team to victory. i he ta( kling was parlii uiarly vicious as triere were thirteen luinhli-;. six hy Ulah and seven by Hawaii, . lert li.ill hawking hy both cluljs re- sulted ill most ( ! till ' Ininiilis being recovered liy the other team. Kahoonei sp.irkcd iIh- Ihik IkIow ii dri s with some nifty passes and ,iided by the ground smashes of { ' ' ete Wilson, .jimmv Asalo. Donald I In ,,,hI Rnl,l,x NJoore. Ken Kawaguchi (27), the mighty mite, cuts fast to elude a determined Vandal. Harold Naumu (26) keeps a watchful eye for possible tacklers who might come between Ken and the goal. U OF H — FRESNO Handicapped by (ostly fumbles, ibe bard figbtina Rainbow squad suffered a 34-20 defeat by Fresno State College, tbe first opponent of ibeir mainland jaunt. Tbe Fresno Bulldogs relied on tbeir outstand- ing balfback. Jobnnie Morse to counter tbe Rain- bows driving offense and defense. DicK Car- penter, listed as injured and iniable to play before ibe game, turned in a brilli.inl perb)rmaiue for ihe e eiiing. Marc bing 80 yards in nine plays. Hawaii scored first witb Pete Wilson. Robert Moore and Jim Asalo bearing tbe brunt of tbe altaik. Moore skirted around end for tbe score and Ken Ka- boonei successfully converted for tbe extra point. 1 be Rainbows si oreti again a few seconds before tbe balf ended. Kaboonei spiraled a long pass to Dick Carpenter wbo snagged tbe pigskin and sprinted over tbe goal line. Fresno State dominated tbe Ird period, but, Hawaii came back in tbe Itli (purler to ra k up 7 more points. Striving H,i .iii linemen blocked a Bulldog kick in tbe end zone and a mass of f ainbows landed on tbe ball, . sato s boot was good, raising tbe Hawaii score to 20. Pete Wilson Ken Kawaguchi Joe Oba (53). seeing no opponents up ahead, turns to do battle with two Islanders pursuing Pete Wilson (65) who crashed through the Islander ' s line on his way to a touchdown. Bim Wilson Ken Kahoonei U OF H — WILLAMETTE Willi llii- rrllar)Io passing of Ken Kanoonei. an inspired Rain l)( M|na l ol 2Q l players, fresh Irom llieir lirsl mainland selba( K eked out a 21-21 tie ayainsi Willamette lJni ersity. 1 lie game, played at llie defliiatioii ol Ine new McC olioc li Stadium at Willamette, revived a pre-war ur ' iA rivalry Del veen the Rainhows and the Bearcats. On December 6, 1041. Will.wiictlc suffered a 20-6 loss against liieir I ' niversily of }1awaii hosts. Trailing 21-0. the Rainhows retalia ' ed in llic second quarter by scoring two touchdowns. I he lirst I O was made after i lawaii rerovered a Willametle fumble on their own " ) ' ' and marc bed all the wav to score. I ic 1 ( arpc nler stored after garnering a nine .ircl pass on llie goal line- and ,Iim Asato converted to cut the Bearcals lead to 11 points. Before the quarter ended Hawaii scored again on a 61 yard drive, mainly on the passing arm of Kahoonei. A Kahoonei-to-( leorge Mamiya pass covered the hnal 21 vards for another 6 points. Asato again converted. In the third period, the Rainbows knotted the score with a driving 70 yard march with Mami a again going all the way. Asato converted his third straight, tieing the store. Pete Wilson (65). headed for a long jaunt, slips pass Sandy Morris (42). Jimmy Asato (45) and Kenneth Nakamura (54) rush in to brush pesky Redskins out of the way. George Mamiya Dick Carpenter U OF H — COLLEGE OF IDAHO 1 Ih ' I iii jTsil of Hawaii Rainbows entered tlieir last maiiiiaiia intersei tional footnall game a Iwo-toiK IkIou II favorite and (onviiu inelv whip ped tlie College of Idaho Coyotes. -15-11, with a 22-point splurge in the third quarter doing most of the damage. In this period Jimmy Asato gal- loped t) " ) yards for a UH touthrlowii. , nother pay-off play followed as Ken Kahoonei passed to Di( l Carpenter for 45 yards. Alter Bonb Moore hulled his way 36 yards through the entire Coyote team to score. Donald Ho hlocked a kick which gave the Rainbows a safety, lo cap ofl the scoring. Asa ' .o went over from the 15 yard line. The Bows were paced brilliantly b the tricky ball handling and passing of sensational fresh- man quarterback. Ken Kahoonei and by the elu sive running of Jimmy Asato in amassing 336 yards rushing and 63 yards passing. Four Cougars from Brigham Young futilely attempt to catch Pete Wilson speeding down the field on one of his non-stop flights. In all he made four touchdowns on long runs. Bill Bonner Rocky Sugino U OF H — BYU Fluslied Willi llieir ronvincing (onf|iiest of Collecfe of Idalio. the l ainl)o vs went all oul to show ifip lioinclow II (.111 11 was no IIiiKe. This lliey a( (oiiipli. ' .lii ' d l) walloping liaplcss liricliani Young University 50-7 in the first game after returning from llu-ir niainl ancl invasion. I lie firsi half was marked hy slashing drives hy holh teams to the shadows ol the others goal oidy lo he repulsed hy determined goal line stands. With three seconds remaining in the half, Dave Tafiushi hroke through the Cougar line lo block a punt hy Rex Barry. Ken Kahooiiei llien ended the s oreless tie hy scoring on a heauliliilU executed bootleg play from four yards oul. The Cougars retaliated by S(oring in the ihird |iicirler after recovering a llawaii fumble on the llirce ,ird line. Ilie ( losely onteslc ' d game was llicn splil w i lc open l) Pete Wilson, who. cus- playing daz .ling speed, bruising power and a Ileal ( hange-of-pai e, reeled off sensational touch- down jaunts of 65. 15, 55. and 22 yards lo break the fiacks of the Cougar defense. riie entire team performed well wilh Jimmy , siito al)l abilling Wilson in llw rusliing de- parlmetil. Bill Chesak (44), Texas Western fullback, desperately attempts to straight arm Dave TakushI (28), com- ing in low for the kill. Coming up fast in case Dave misses is Harold Naumu (26). U OF H — TEXAS WESTERN I )i |)l i inc i powi ' rful runiiine alla( K. Texas Western overwlielmra Ine Rnrtrin Kainnows. 46-15. The Miners repealeclly sniasliecl tlirouali ihe center of Hawaii s line for consistent gains. Tfie Manoans lost tlieir offensive pnncfi early in the game when Pete Wilson, sparkplug of the learn, was sidelined with a re iirreiu e of ,1 l)a K injury. With a few minutes to pl.i in llir lir-.| h.ill the Rainbows, trailing 12-0. took o (r tin- hall on iheir own -iA yard line. On his third allempl. Kalioonei completed a pass to [ ol)h Moore who was nailed IQ yards short o f ihe uoal. Willi set onds remaitiing. Kahoonei faded hac k. w igtsleii out of the arms of two Miners and pil( hed .i perfect strike to Carpenter standing in the end zone. The ne.xl loin htlown was stored on a sus- tained 70 yard drive. Jimmy Asalo s dash for 58 yards off left la kle settint! up the louchdown. . fter two tries hy Bohby Moore. ( leorge Mamiya rammed through left guard to score. Outstanding players for the Miners were Mc- Williams. Jim Hammond and Cargile. wiio More the liriinl (il llic hall rarr ing assiilnmenls. Eric Watanabe Ellsworth Bush PINEAPPLE HOWL In the oiclitli .Tiimial rpiiowal ol llw Pineapple Bowl classic, llie I niversity ol I lawaii met Denver Universilv. an offensive-minded team deploying from the split I formation. 1 he selection ol Den- ver was parti( iilarix .ippropriate as the Pioneer .s sriuad hoasted live lads from Hawaii. 1 lie pre game ceremonies displayed dl llic pomp and splendor tradilioi al wllh Pine liowl Games. featurinC the (oronalion ol llie queen. Jocelyn Hance. and llic presentation ol Hu-Hu. the llawaiian Warrior, Rain that had heeii danipeninu the New l ear s celebration of tiie previous riiuht anished with the aura ol the spectacle and the sun reigned, rosy and warm, liul the still soggy turf contri- buted greatly lo unlinielv )unH)les anfl unsure fooling. . billerly contested struggle, the game was a thriller lo the linal second as the Pioneers des- perately tried to overcome a huge 2n point defic il ra( ked up by Hawaii in tlie lirst hail w liile I la w.iii dcltriiiinedlv and successfully protected ihis lead. led l) llic running, passing, and inspirinti leadership ol Jimmy Asato. the Rainbows struck with devastating suddenness. With . ' sato and Matsukawa passing. Bim and Pele Wilson took knee high spot passes for three tou(hflowns. .jimmy Asato jiersonally accounted lor the other TD. taking a pass from Matsukawa and gallop- ing 77 yards for the score. Asato made each touchdown worth seven points as he successfully converted after eac h of the touchdowns for what eventually was the margin ol victory. Jimmy Asato manages to side-step one Denver player, but is met by a horde of mud-besplattered Pioneers determined to put an end to his high-stepping tactics. u ov — ) : i: { III llie second li.ill. .1 rcjnxciuilrd |)(n ' r eleven, inspired 1) tiu- precision passin ol lil l Elclieverry. dominated tlie play. Clioppimi ii va al Hawaii ' s lead, the Pioneers narrowed I lie ( oiinl to lliree points. Recoverinfi a fumlile in I lawaii territory. Denver began on a determined trek to tlie promised land. The Rainhow delense rose to the task and stopped the Pioneer advance on the four yard line. On fourth down, rather than risk the possibil- ity of a blocked punt. Matsukawa. on orders, downed the hall in the end zone lor a safely. I he Rainbows protected their one point lead with a smashintj defense and tiie ame ended in Hawaii s favor 28-27. The Hu-Hu Warrior LEFT TO RIGHT: Carla Coykendall. Mary Stone. Miss Aloha Maui. Queen Jocelyn Hance. Miss Kauai. Melvamay Wong. Margaret Befu. Dick Carpenter (47) barely manages to take a step after catching a long pass before he is smeared by a San Diego Aztec. Pete Wilson (65) helplessly stands by. Openin " tlieir season ' s inler-collegiate sched- ule against ide San Diego Aztecs at ifie local stadiuin. llie Rainfiows found llieniseK cs on (lie snorl end of a 27-0 score Ix ' lore lliey could gel their offense rolling. San I )iego displayed ex i ' lliiil Mocking and I). ill li.iiMlling even iIhuiuIi this llie first game oi the season for holli cluhs. In llii ' MM onfl h.ul. Il.iwaii mdeashed a pouerlul pfissing atl i( K willi I )i( k Carpenter snagging three lout hdow n passes in i.ipid su cession. I ete Wilson scored I lie lirvl Ioik lidow n lor Hawaii, l.ikiii!. .1 pill liniil liiMii K.dioonei and fight inu ' his ua (o (hi- uoal. I hen Carpenter gathered in i " ,iigene f aoa s loss on the dead run lor f) ar ls anri a ton hdo n. Deep in his own territor . Ken K.iJHHinci liicd a long pass lo Carpenter who outran the entire Aztec Da kfield lo store on a play netlinj; 77 yards. With set onds lo go. Iit)l)l)y Moore hit C arpentci wilh a spot pass on the I yarti lripc to narrow the margin of victor The final store, San Diego 49, Hawaii 29. U OF H — SAN DIEGO David Takushi JUNIOK KSITY I his sCciMiii llic liijiiiii .irvil loni liiill s {iifi l won Iwii iii l lied one l llirt ' c H.iiix-s. C ()nlri)llf(l si riinmiit! ' s ' i ' niiK li lo |)rf|)iirp I no new men lor arsily onipelilioii. A remarkably meritorious a( ( ()m|)ii-.lun(ril was exirleiu eri In llie proDiolioM ol nine Irosii tlii ' l ' I ' Ts |o lln- var.sil (linint! ils reuuiar ( onipclil i c season. I li( ' were: ! a( Klicldnian Ken Kaliocmci : ami lineriii ' n 1.(1 loina. . l ierra. Ahe ( liu. Ri( hard Sonza. I )on Botellio. Stanley K.iliialiine. Eri( W ' ala- nabe. and Rim Wilson. I liese players proved (o be great assets lo the varsity team, displayina londilioned skill and eiitnusiasli( spirit. C oai li ,l()Knn Nainnu s ( liarges opened tne season with a 9-7 vi( tor over St. Louis College. I hen followed a tight 6-6 deadlock against Koolau boys. A trip to Hilo pro ed to be inspiring as the frosh annihilated the W ' aiakea Pi- rales 61-0. Jm JOHN NAUMU Coach FIRST ROW. left to right: Dr. Matsuoka. " Rocky " Sugino, Stanley Kaluahine. Abraham Chu, James Gomes, Donald Botelho, Francis Keala. SECOND ROW: Albert Vierra. George Fujiwara, Allen Kersen- brock, Richard Souza. William Saito. Herman Meyers. Wilfred Kam. THIRD ROW: John Naumu. coach, Ted Vento. Ronald Brown. " Hot Dog " Higashida, manager, Edward Bowen, Melvin Alencastre, William Youd. Ken Kahoonei. Bob Shibuya. coach, James Gomard, coach, Edmund Toma. V ALLEN YOKOMOTO Captain ARTHUR GALLON Coach liicxpcriciK (• iiolw illixl.iiiiliiit!. llic Kiiinnow s n.iskrIniiM arsil . ( oai liecl liy . rl ( lalloii. ( ainc lliroiiali itii a line season. I liis was due mostly Id IIic liiK ' spirit. Icllowsnip and cooperation that ixjsted anioni the phiyers. LJnaer such (onditions I lie team showed improvement with every game. I he team was further charac terized hy tlie ahseiice ol any sinsjh ' oiilstan(hiii perh rmer. Cap- l.iin .Mh-n oKomoto, the only holdover Irom e.irs rejlidars, proved invahialjle in the line play III the teani with his Crand defensive play and hard drive, riic reniaininy lonr of the slartin live were all without .iny pre io(is varsity experi ence but proved lo he i ap.ihle players. William I .ee. f) 5 center, (ouhl well he labeled the most improved. 1 le had fjood control of the backboards and was a consistent scorer around the keyhole area, especially with brilliant hook shots. l£d " Flaps Earalin took top point honors, being amazingly accurate with long two-handed set shots, f ' orward 1 om I asuhara turned in steady performances and capped the season by scoring thirty-two points in the final UIC game. 6 4 Fred Furukawa was another good backboard man who |)romises to be a line performer. I he Rainbows iii.ide .in auspii ious bcgitwiing as lhe Iriuiiiphed in their lirst eight games in ( hiding a thrilling ()()- 50 upset oxer highU touted Universal Motors in the University Invitational Conference. I IC lompelition was terrilic as each team boasted the greatest names in local and serv- ice baskelball. in( hiding many former I ' H stars. [Respite this the Koaring Rainbows were right among the leaders up to the last week ol play. Only three intercollegiate games were played this season. In mid-season the liovvs lost a close- ly-contested 51--l(l battle against the visiting ( " ali lornia Bears. Then toward the (lose ol the season the Rainbows succumbefl to powerful teams from Bradley and Oregon State in the Universal Invi tational Tournament. [5iil Lee distinguished him- self b emerging as the top scorer of the tourney. With all live regidars returning next year and the return to the fold of Al Malinguis. Harrv Bento and .Jerry FWidin plus fine JV hopefuls in Harvey Lee. William Brown and Stanlev C hung, prospects for a successful season appear very promising. As for the annual problem of height. Coach Gallon may well floor a starting live aver- aging 2 . FIRST ROW. left to riqht: Eno Plumley, Thomas lida. Edwin Edralin, Stanley Chunq. SECOND ROW: Alvin Haake, Richard Lee, Herbert Ching, Frank Kamahele, Thomas Yasuhara. THIRD ROW: James McClellan. Allen Yokomoto, Fred Furukawa. William Lee, Satoru Amaki, Arthur Gallon. Lee jumps high for a hook shot as Smith (19) and Pahoisky (17) attempt to prevent the field goal. In this first meeting of Sub Pac and Hawaii. Sub Pac squeaked out a 61-59 victory. i Herbert Ching Richard Lee Satoru AmakI Edwin Edralin Eno Plumley William Lee Hawaii L ' lC C) ppoiients on 1 nivcrsal Motors 56 0 " ) ( )l(lMiionilp Ro(Kpls •18 15 Service Center 13 -)l Suh Pac 49 " 1 ( )|(l-IM()l ilc Ko( kcU 51 2 .Scr i(c CCntcr 56 ) 1 nixcrsal Molors 69 73 Sul. 1 ' .,. 70 - LEFT TO RIGHT: Aivin Haake, Fred Furukawa, Thomas Yasuhara, Thomas Ida, Frank Kamahele. Hawaii ( )| tpoiicnt S 02 Communicators 38 86 Sdiolii-kl 2 s 63 Air Force MATS 52 5Q Fli ' ot Marines 53 37 Bradley 88 37 Hiikaiii Flyers •18 43 Oret on Stale 55 62 Barbers Poliil 37 38 Universal Motors 61 53 Hickam Fivers 31 73 Maui 34 38 Sul, F ' ac f.O 4S ' niversal Motors 50 46 Calilornia Bears 3 1 6 1 I niversal Motors 63 34 Naval Base 30 36 Air f-orce MATS 30 49 Barljers Point -14 41 Stewart Chevrolet SO Jim Fai-rel (left) and Paholsky (17) tangle up Bill Lee (23) as Frank Kamahele (24) watches, unable to lend aid. UH triumphed 51-49. JV BASKETBALL Coat li Al Saake s scrappy Junior N ' arsity l).(sk ' tl)all sriuan wrappptl up a sii((essful season 1)V aiiiiexint; llie I lawaiian Amateur Baskelhall Assoc iaiioii s .Inmos A. Ralli Memorial Baskel- ball series cliampionship. Near the close of the season tlie decitiing tjame proved to he a well- earned 44-58 victory over Riches Shop, the league ' s runnerup team. The Jayvees vk ' ere led by the sparkling play of center Williaiii Hiown and guard Harvey I .ee. who hoth won berths on the league all-star first team. Honor able mentions of the ( hampion- ship tean) were Millon I ' yehara, Menry Kim, Kobbx Kan. Robert C ushnie. 1 akaslii Matsui. Ed Bowen, Mas.irn i on Diuikley, and liin Bi.inriiard. FIRST ROW, left to right: Robert Kan, Stanley Chung, Harvey Lee, Joe Voss, Ken Gomes. SECOND ROW: Robert Cushnie. Henry Kim, Milton Uehara, Masaru Hamakawa, William Brown. Ji A6E IJ A I, I, m% i w fc " , ' -T FIRST ROW. left to right: Mascots Birch Akina. Fred Zane. Chuck Moore. SEATED: Joe Kuroda. Teruo Tanji. Richard Miyasato. Alfred Deloso. Wayne Sakamoto. Tsuneo Watanabe, Donald Maruyama. KNEELING: Stan Hashimoto. Tom Nakagawa. Stan Himeno. Tets Kinoshita. Calvin Mimaki. George Okihiro. Richard Okimoto. STANDING: Dickey Maruo, Robert Inouye. Kunio Kobayashi, Don Dunkley, Bob Kagamida, Mitch Shishido. Eugene Yoshioka, Toku Tanaka (coach). TOKU TANAKA Coach Showing hustle and spirit, Toku Tanaka ' s surprising Rainbow nine captured the Winter League baseball championship by convincingly trouncing the Petrous Minute Men 11-6 in the final and deciding game of the season. Coacli Toku Tanaka started the season with ieltermen at every position except first-base. 1 he iiiilial sack however, offered no problem as it was ver ' capabU filled by rookie Stan Hashimoto, a power hitter from W ' aipahu. I he main weakness was the apparently weak pitching starf. Though having a mediocre start, the inexperienced mound stall pro- m f ! BASEBALL CLOCKWISE: Coach Toku Tanaka (21) gives final instructions to his team before they take the field. The Rainbows ' heavy artillery: Wayne Sakamoto. Joe Kuroda. Stan Himeno. Tom Nakagawa, Stan Hashimoto. Tsuneo Watanabe. dependable captain of the team gets pinned to first base. Stan Hashimoto leans into a low one then lets it pass. The strong arm men on the team: Teruo Tanji. Richard Okimoto. Don Dunkley, Tets Kinoshita. Mitch Shishido. gressecl nicel lliroiiuli llii ' scison led |i Idu rrn.iii I (TUo Tanji and rookii ' Milili .Shisnido. 1 lir lallcr was especialK urllliiUil iis lie limit ' up Iwo ( ()ii (( iili ■ snul-ouls. iiK liidip.t; a I w liilcw asli () (T llic then league IcadinU I ' llroiis N liniiliiiicii. I licsc Iwo were aklea l) I rU KiiHi-.liil.i, I )i( K C Kimolo iind Don Dunkley. A t ' lcil li(l|) lo llic younjj pitchers was veleran ( ali lnr .i iii- SaK i moto. His rool. steady sInIc did nine li lo (o- ortlinale the team. Spearheaciinii the iniield was four year ultcj man and serond sacker. Captain I suneo Wala- nane. whose ■-( intillalint! play aronnd llic Lcxvlone sack ana {jreal hitlint; sparked llic tcnn lo ni.inx victories. Shortstop and third h.ix- were (,i|i,iliU li.nidhd li Iclh ' rmen CaKiii liiii.iLi ,ind ( icoiyc ()kiliir(i. llic [lowerdaden onllield iiu luded lioli K.iU.iinid.i and Hawaii League performers Joe Kuroda. lorn Nakagawa and Stan Himeno. A major fa( lor of ihe Rainhows resurgence ,iv llic ( (invislcnl liillinu ol llic Icain. nailing well o cr ihe . " ()() rn.irk were Joe Kuroda. Stan I lashipiioto. n siuK ' o Walanane. I eruo i anji and Hoi) Kagamlda, elongated ex-Kaiiiiukian. I he latter was realK nlasling the Ijall. hut an unlimely knee injury earl in ihe season, sidelined him indennilely. Slan I l.ishimoto was the leading home run and runs nailed in hitter on the team. Willi Mil li ijicil iinproxcmeiil llic K.iinliow ' - are .i iciLiiiilv lo vhow well il and when ihc aiinihil Ihiwaii nasehall Congress is held. J V BASEBALL THOMAS KAULUKUKUI Coach IssiiinC a call in mioMarc li lor .ill Inose in- tcrcslctl in luriilne oiil lor tlie JV Basehall sc|nad. Coai li I onniiy Kanluknlcui was greeted by an enllnisiaslic group consisting mostly of former liigli s liool players. These youngsters, most of whom were freshmen, gained much experience which should stand in their favor when trying lo earn herlhs on the varsity. Ihough the sclieduling of games was dilli( ull, (he Jayvees did manage to have some good games with high s hool. cit ide and service teams. Coach Kaulukukui juggled the lineup somewhat ■ uhI rotated the pitcliing assignments. i he starting nine. ho ever, usually found these players in the inlield — Archie Nakai. alt li er; Wally Okamura. first base: Tom Morales, second base; Harry Okino, third base; and Her- bert Kujubu, shortstop. The outer pastures were patrolled by H. Eta, A. Ohta, and Don Botelho. Mound duly was divided among Torn Mivva, Lefty Yamamolo, and Henry Harada. FIRST ROW, left to right: Walter Kitagawa, Allan Shizumura, Tom Fukunaga. Bryson Jhung. Chiaki Eta, Henry Harada, Herbert Kujubu. SECOND ROW: Thomas Kunimune, Thomas Miwa. Arthur Ota. Thomas Morales, Shuichi Okino, Thomas Nakai, Clarence Kano, Richard Nakahara, Don Botelho. GOLF Isamu Murata Co-captain SITTING, left to right: I. Murata. J. Itagaki. J. Shirai. STANDING: J. Dwight, D. Kop. R. Tanaka. Oplerminen lo maintain the undelealcd record set l)y last year s golf team, the UH divot diggers, under the ahle guidance of Coach Sukeyoshi Ku- shi. hegan the season ny defeating some of the top interscholasli - high school teams. In tticir second year of competition, the well halanced squad was led by co-captains Danny Kop and Isamu . iurata. fjoth top-notch and well known amateur a es. Others ini hided siu h future stars as Robert I akane. Jay Itagaki. Roy .Akaki, Louis Inagaki. Wally Won. James Dwigfit. James Shirai. William Ciilllnger. Thomas Abel. Walter Fujii. Kenneth Shiniabukuro and player-manager Ray 1 anaka. Putting in nun h pradite at the line Waialae ( loll Course, these tee-men showed promise of keeping their unbeaten skein intact. UH vas well representee! b these golfers in most of the top amateur gi)ll tournaments of the islands. Francis Shon Kalfred Wong Roy Kuboyama Cyril Okamoto BOXING LEFT: Roy Kuboyama, UH battler releases a vicious left hook to send Leo Labang, Army flyweight reeling. In this final match of the Territorial AAU Boxing Tournament, Roy lost an unpopular decision in a closely contested battle. RIGHT: Cyril Okamoto gets set to score with a left hook in his OABA main event bout with George Matsumura of Army. Cyril clinched the fight in the second round when he decked the Army man for a count of eight. n () XING 1 lie Riiiiiliiiw Ixixiiii. ' team, au.iiii pilolid l)y (_ oacli I IcrlxTl Minn. no t ' (l well in all liw major ainatoiir loiirnanients held lliis year. C ap ' ain of llic Ic.ini Holiln AsJcna. last -ar s Oaliii AAl ' hanlarnw citilil iliaiiip who went to the Nationals in Boston with the local team, liclting Bobby, however, was sorely missed as he decided to defer from at live boxiiiti to concentrate on his studies. Thoutjli having a relatively large stable ol about 30 boys. Coach Nlinn decided to prepare most ol them for next year and to enter only seasoned campaigners in the major tournaments. .After warming up in some dual m (lches. the team pointed toward the Oahu Amateur Boxing Association tournamenl. Flyweight Roy Kubo- yama blasted his way to the finals but lost the champion- ship to Leo Larjang. Featherweight Cyril Okamoto also breezed his way into the linals but was unable to continue because of a fractured hand suffered in liis semi-final bout. Others wtio showed up well were bantams Jimmy Yasui. Richard Oda. Billy Graham. Ernest SueoKa. and Tom Ito: llyweights Tom Kobara and Akisuke Kuwahara: welterweight Ray Kimura: and lightweights Kalfred Wonu iin l f ' rancis Shon. HERBERT MINN Coach In I fie Territorial AAU boxing matches. Roy Kubo- yama was again runner-up to Leo Lafjang as he lost a close decision in the linals. The ottier L H entry. Kalfred Wong, lost on a de ision to John Kaheaku who later went on to win the lightweight diadem. FIRST ROW. left to right: Ray Kimura. Richard Oda. Thomas Ko bara. John Kuwahara. Richard Hidani. Allan Kuramoto. Robert Okamoto. SECOND ROW: Fred Lee. John Inouye. Francis Shon. George Oshiro. Thomas Ito. Kalfred Wong. Ma SfUjtuiQ HARRY CHING Captain WILLAS SAYRE Captain SOICHI SAKAIVIOTO Coach Crippled liy llio loss of sl.ii ix-rlonntis ■ Osliiiiobu Terada and Dick Cleveland. I lie I JH swimminfi team was faced witli I lie l)leal prospect of start int! from scralcii. Coacli Soiclii Sakamoto, liowever. was optimistic even tliougli tlie lack of any one outstanding swimmer was oiipled liy the small size of tlie squad. Sophomores Willas Sayre .md 1 larry Cliing were selected to captain tlie women ' s and men ' s swimming squads. These two were dependahie point-getters in all of the meets. Sayre spei iaiizing in the freestyle and ha kstroke while (hing showed good form in the breaslstroke. These two were bolstered by second year natalors Michio Oyakawa. I larold iiales. Robert Smith. W ' aher Chov. Bcllv Lyman. Mae Fukumolo. lidiia ( )gal,i and fine newcomers in Samuel Nahoopii. ' I ' aiiiolsu Onuma. Kennelh Little. Helen liillani ' dker and Connie Sayre. 1 he Rainbows parti ipated in the e.irU season Punahou Invitational Swinniiing Meet. A reno aled UH pool the scene oi the Aloha .ind Rainbow meets. In these congests Mii hio ( )yaKawa. Sam Nahoopii, Tamotsu Onuma and Harry Ching showed up especially well both in- di idii dlv and in the medleys. S W 1 M M 1 i G FRONT ROW. left to right: Harry Ching, To- kumi Moriwaki, Tamotsu Onuma. Gordon Gillin. BACK ROW: Robert Yo- shizumi, William Chap- man, Samuel Nahoopii. FRONT ROW, left to right: Willas Sayre, Connie Sayre. BACK ROW: Catherine Dukar, Helen Billam-Walker. Edna Ogata. T R A C K COACHES, above: Moses Ome. Below: John Bustard. Possessing depeiulcihlc Icllci iiicii in inosl (il llie events. Coat n Moses Ome s Raiiinow Iraik- slers early in April prepared for wlial promised lo lie a ery line season. Ome was at;.iin ,il)l .isvislcd !) lolin liuslard and by Frank l.oveiox. I.c.idinu llie ( indermen were elerans ( .ipl.iiii I ' no I ' limilcN. " lie of Hawaii s , ill lime dislanic runners and record holder of the . Al I " ()() nictcr run; llerherl Loiii, pronanly the hcsl Innnlcr jji the islands today: and C leorge I Ncd.i. whose hroad jump ol 21 leel ' ■• inches sliii viands as a l -rritori.d ni ord. AliclliiiL! llii ' M- lra(L Ininin.ii ir- wipe sn( h standouts ,i - vprinlers .Man hKlllop. Hudii Oliveira .uid I.IUworlh linsh. ihc l.iller l)elnt (oincili-d Irom .1 piiitldle distance runner, liesides I .oui iii ihc hurdles were Nick Massey, I aul Sej|ueir.i, .ind Spenc r l.unl. I he disl.uues were well l.iken (are ol l) I ' lumlev. C larenre . ndrade. l ierr,.. i:d Woollord. Roger Clissold. hill I ' chow ski. .Hid |-.llsworlh liush. I he li ' ld cM-nU were I he specialties of Uyeda, Charles C lingerie h, liit;li jiunper AI Olmos. George Schabacker, Ben Woods. , . Vokonioto. , . Kaumehc-iwa. and pole .udters .John Sakurada and .Sj.ui oshioka. Donald (biddings was all sel to mii.ivIi ihe I KM) melei walk slaTidard Ml l) liiiii-,cll las! season. LEFT: Milers warm up in practice. MIDDLE: Sprinters brush up on their starts. RIGHT: Eno Plumley. Captain. FIRST ROW, left to right: Edmund Woolford, Roger Clissold, Ellsworth Bush, William Petrowski, Morton Rothberg, Walter Won. SECOND ROW: Charles Gingerich, Spencer Lunt, Albert Vierra, Francis Oliveira, Alan Mc Killop, Clarence Andrade. THIRD ROW: Ben Wood, Don Giddlngs, Robert Hays, Eno Plumley, Nick Massey, Paul Sequeira, Richard Freeman. MISSING FROM PICTURE: Herbert Loui. George Uyeda. I N T R A M U R A L S Another year of iiitraiimral activities was oiiipletetl willi (lie purpose of lia ini everv l)oy at the Ul I parli( l|)ale in at least one sport (liiiiii( Ine scnool year. Intramural director was assisted by a student council consisting ol I oni Kiyosaki. student assistant: Cieorge Henry. Irank Kanialie- le. and F ol)ert Kavvaguchi, Intramural Ijarefoot Kicking records were smaslied ny Wallace Sniratori. scwiior dixision iuid Artlnir I ' cliida. novic e. Boxing Inen Iook the spollignt with these sluggers emerging champions: lightweight Oarretl Serikawa. weller- weiglil Tom Fukunaga. heavyweiglil ( leorge Osliiro. banlamw c ' iglil liilly Crraham. feather- weight led kawaliara and liyweiglit .Xki Kiiwa- hara. In haskelhall H Cluh annexed llie Inlerc luh Open title hy defeating Hui O Maumana 27-21 in an overtime game. 1 he Juniors c opped the (hampionsliip and riirnienip lierliiv in llie inler- ( lass tourney. Other sports liu liidicl loiu li Icinliiall. sojlev- nall. tennis. solll ,dl. Iiorsehoe pilcnintl .iiul Ijaskelljail Iree- throw ing. CLOCKWISE: In a closely fougPit matcli between H-Club anct the Sophs. Dick Car- penter takes the rebounci from Lincoln Ishida, while Moses Kealoha and Bill Bon- ner watch. In the same game. Carpenter leaps high to snatch another rebound. Intramural boxing . . . Billy Graham, center, sizes up his opponent William Toyama. right, under the watchful eye of referee Bobby Agena. Intramural sports director, Ed Chui. Henry Fong, left, novice tennis champ, is congratulated by David Pokipala, right, runner-up. Touch football champions. FIRST ROW, left to right: Tenny Zane, Raymond Hee, Abraham Ho, Robert Fong. SECOND ROW: Henry Lau. Herbert Ching. Robert Leong, Richard Wong, WAA MISS MAY GAY Advisor I lie WOmcn s Athletic Association was or- ganizeti to foster an interest in athletic activities, to reate a spirit ol good sportsmanship and goorl fellowship, and to cooperate with other campus organizations in promoting and maintaining the highest standards of university life. Executive board meetings were held every month and general meml)ership meetings were called by the president whenever necessary. Membership in the Asso- cia ' .ion was open to all women of the ASUH who have participated in an least one sport event sponsorecl by the WAA. inter (lass conipelition Ijegan with the .AA l)asketi)all tournament under the management of Jane Fujimoto. The frosh won the championship over the jiuiiors. Other Inlerclub and interclass sports events and their respective managers were: archery. Louetta Kuhns: softball. Susie Wai; ping pong. Lily Matsumoto: rifle. Joyce Kealoha; horse-shoe. Shirley Naito; tennis. Cathy Duker: modern dance. Irma Kop; volleyball. Lorraine Kaina: antf hockey. Jackie Booth. WAA also sponsored a field day during Women ' s Week and entered a jalopy in the Jalopy parade in the Homecoming Week cele- brations. LEFT TO RIGHT: Clara Yuen. Dons Lum, Yvonne Ozaki. Pat Fukuda. Ruth Ogawa. c o u N c I L All eyes, namely those of Lilo Hall. Betty Lyman, and Anna Leong. are on the ball in a WAA volleyball skirmish. FIRST ROW. left to right: Louetta Kuhns. Jane Fujimoto. Jane Sato. SECOND ROW: Lorraine Kaina. Susie Wai. Bertha Lee. Juanita Wong. M A A G E R S WAA CLOCKWISE: Clara Yuen on her toes for a fast return by Susie Wai. Doubting Gaylien ' s ability, Carrie? FRONT, left to right: Yolanda Debisschop. Eleanor Pacheco. BACK: Bertha Lee. Margerie Fernandez. Bernice Wong, Winifred Emory. Gilda Chang. FRONT ROW. left to right: Joan Fence. Janie Hirakawa. Lilo Hall. June Mau. BACK ROW: Clara Shun. Annette Hiu. Jeannette Lee, Lt. Taylor. Helen Asahina. Meredith Steinhauser. FIRST ROW. left to right: Dorothea Lee. Rose Wong. Lilo Hall, Irma Kop, Jessie Harada. SECOND ROW: Betty Lyman. Helen Rust. Nora Wong. Lorraine Chai. F E A T U R E S LEFT: Heel, toe, step. step, step . . . Blue jeans and daintily poised toes trace out the movements of a square dance. CENTER: Grab your partners, quick, quick, quick . . . The endless ring goes round and round and where it ends nobody knows. RIGHT: Homecoming Dance . . . Concluding a week of ac- tivities commemorating the return of the alumni to the campus. 1) A N C E S LEFT: Jet fighters zoom through gossamer clouds at the First Annual Air Force Ball. RIGHT: Colorful muumuus and aloha shirts enliven the Aloha Week Dance. i) A N C E S R A L L I E S R A L L I E S CLOCKWISE: Wakaba Kai initiates put on a hilarious show for by-passers ... colorful muumuus and aloha shirts add color to the campus during Aloha Week ... high spirited UHers parade through town during the Blitzkrieg ... J. Aku helps boost school spirit during the Homecoming game rally... Winners of the muumuu and aloha shirt contest (left to right I Caroline Lee. Carleton Green, Jan Hunkins, Ralph Aoki. Phyllis Stine. itWi. H O M E C o M I N G CLOCKWISE: The Gustuson Troupe per- formed breath taking feats during the Homecoming Variety Show ... and they tagged merrily along . . . the barbecue at the amphitheatre, where alumni, seniors and guests enjoyed a hearty meal, and the dance at Hemenway hall, marked the cli- max of Homecoming Week. SITTING, left to right: Janice Hunkins. Lornn Chun, Betty Awamura, Kay Maggioros, Caroline Lee. Jacqueline Wiegman, Doris Obata. Arthur Shida. STANDING: Donald Knepper, Charles Parmiter. Isao Kirita. Henry Fukushima. Janice Sa- kamoto, Osamu Murata, Eunice Masuda, Joe Arakaki, Richard Tom. PAGEANT OF BEAUTY [ivcry year Ka Palapala prcscnis , I ' aui ' .iiil of locality to select the oulslanniiiS lieanlies in llic many rarial groups on llie campus. I liis year llic ((iminillee seleclecl eign!y cirl wlm wcnl lliroii li a nathing siiil review aiul cui inlornial sireet dress rally. ' i c girls from each group ap- peared in a lormal presentation lo laie a panel of judges after lia iTig been elected into lliis event by llie students a! large. I his years pageant recei ed llie widest pictorial to erage lo dale when the girls laced the cameras of newspapers, maga- zines, newsreel. and lelevision. Now, we prcseni ncnny s J liidid porhails ul ULR ( )U1£ENS. ROBERTA McFARLANE Hawaiian-Cliinese- Scotch- Japanese HAWAIIAN A S I A T I C - C A U C A S I A N JEANETTE PALK Cliinese-Japanese GR. CE MSHIMLRA JAPANESE |r A w FILIPINO CORRINE CENTENO BARBARA KIM KOREAN CAUCASIAN CARLA COYKENDALL LIANE AW Al CHINESE PAGEANT FINALISTS CHINESE Barbara Lee Lily Ann Goo Janet Chun Jeannie Lum FILIPINO Grace Aranio Ida Juanich Florence Miguel Nellie Fagaragan JAPANESE Margaret Befu Florence Amaki Edna Sumida Ruth Ogawa ASIATIC - CAUCASIAN Eleanor Pacheco Gwendolyn Lo CAUCASIAN Ruth Bevans Connie Sayre Willas Sayre Doris Berg HAWAIIAN Gaylien Kealoha Joan Haili Melvamay Wong Loretta Wong KOREAN Lorna Chun Rose Lee Laura Chun . . . Roberta Chang HOWTOCREATE INTEREST ANT PROnOTE PARTICIPATION c A M P U s s E R V I C E S TOP TO BOTTOM: Construction of a bus shelter, a project undertaken by the Engin- eering Club, nears completion. Touche Bob Wheeler and Archie McVay stage fencing exhibition for interested students. ICC All Campus Confab . . . Hebden Porteus discusses student interest and participation in activities. Song and Cheer Leaders . . . FIRST ROW, left to right: Mary Stone, Beverly Dwight, Charles Gingerich, Irma Kop, Joyce Schoening. SECOND ROW: Connie Sayre, Jocelyn Hance, Ginger Charlock, Joan Flath, Willas Sayre. FACING PAGE: Tropicana . . . An outstanding Siesta Hour presentation, featuring exotic Latin American dances, starring Talley Beatty, left, and Lawaune. AND SO Ann so we close; we Lid you adieu. Tnougn we are not as complete as we would like lo !) ■. we are sure llial we have captured sufficient l iIh ' spirit of events of llie past year: and spirit is tlie basis upon wliicli relies tlie success of any activity. V nope tliat in (lie years following you may look hack and glimpse and recapture the joys of your lellowships and your cooperative achievements. If Ka Palapala ' 51. on any of these occasions, should serve as a reminder then the aim of llie authors is achieved. TO THESE... Ka I ala| ala. Ijcinii a student (Muicax or, has on 0( ( asion. the nci ' d lor aid and experience as possessed nv those other than stall members, lo these, who so willingly gave their aid and advice in diffi ult situations we extend our sin erest appreciation: lo the I aradise of the Pacific and especially lo Mr. rrancis Williams lor lii aiwaxs sotuid advice and Mr. John Kjargaard for his patient work on our eiit!ra ini s: to Mr. W ' illiani l)a c ' n- porl our ever-pleasant advisor: to Mrs. Mary f.ou Mcf herson as lin.uuial advisor to l .i I ' .d.iiial.c to Heruiv s Studios lor their line senior portraits and lr ncnin K.itfiilfi lor his exc client |)( rtrait ol our cpieens: to pjisabelh l)e Ciastori lor liir portraits ol I he keuents: lo Ka I .eo o Hawaii our Idicranl neighbor with ils and lielplul stall; lo Mr. Kennclh Kingrey of the I nivcTsit s . rl Department lor his advice and soiuicl critic ivrn; ami lo the- in ui others who ha e .lidccl us in their various ways. To these K.c Palapala I ) " )1 wish -s lo sa : TIIAXK ( J. I

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