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i 51 Y! Qi I-J.-l'.'Z',l-, . 1 15- -1-fr-' . '4 "' ' v ' 'f ,,.- -za 1 xr? xv, Q5 , 5-.--3,-,.,,. N-.4.-A... . :ts YD' -. if: ..f. 'sv 'IA I V x -. --1-.A rvx +,S-P' iw 'vs f- vm ,X J' 'wif' ff' -V.--'i' , in 1 H , IV 45 J., ,Q IWW? 0j'i.,' ff' ff' Cs, ' 2' 2 rl .f . J. '+V 39 vw W .1 , 'T5,7'Z.qe"""M '..wv""' Volume 47 U F55 avg- .Abby QQ' L. I 1 Mg. - .. ww.. .- -if 1 , 1 Ik Og ...K ,g 'af ,f V2 Ea I 1 xc:- -S 5, 1 . j " .. Q . 1 Q ' 'Y' ' i ,S v Q ASK Q 5 u ' 3 'T ff" YQ -243 4 h -'L' I' ld- 1 ' . L ' Q' 1 - I 'SK ,j K 5 P 0 ' . A A af Q, , ,' 2 1 f Q A fa ,ff I. F11 ge," rx ' f ,C 3 ' 1, i I ,gl ,i-It ' a 3' 1. 5 , uf' Ia' 'M' --in gig t 4' ' 'N V 'ex 'gil gijfl' gui ,,""" 9. .. K b ,, a+ Q J-ff is 'A aw 5 . ' , nf ' 0- E H . ' , , V :Ai ,Z -x f , ., I 'f Q a , 0 1 ,. pf- 1 YV' N' ' ro "uQ it .W In 4 CU if 5. He: PROUD OF THE PAST, 5 9 , 'W ' .5 Figs., at gn M315 v M Pr ' Haiti' 1 'gg tes-,Q 2 if., .x Y w 4 Q ra, 3-tx. . , . , .,,,.,l -.41 Q- "'f"Mm-..a . e .' ' Q' 'F t h l St,l natius, Montana WS SC Dom guna!" ll l1lt.X'N From these meek beginnings, the sisters expanded their work to begin orphanages, and schools throughout Montana, in- cluding the foundation of the College of Great Falls on Sep- tember 8,1932 by Bishop Edwin V. O'Hara. The institution was established as a junior college to provide young women in the area an opportunity for higher education. liivi- FIDE T GF THE F URE ln May of 1864, President Lincoln signed the measure creating the Montana Territory. Shortly after this declaration, several Sisters of Charity of Providence left their religious community in Montreal, Quebec. They transversed the country, finally arriving in Vancouver Washington, where four of them began their trek to Montana in response to Fr. Pierre DeSmet's plea for teachers for his new school. The fall of 1864, they arrived in St. Ignatius, Montana and settled into this humble "school by day, residence by night". The first faculty was thirteen strong and they began teaching at the Ursuline Center on Central Avenue, with 14 students. It soon became apparent that an addition to the curriculum was needed to prepare teachers adequately. Therefore, in 1933, Mother Lucia Sullivan established a Normal School Division of the junior College in facilities on Third Avenue North, bor- rowed from the Columbus Hospital. By 1935 the registration included 105 female students. In 1937, the first male was ad- mitted. PRCDUD UF THE PAST ... aff! Fur s nuns nr 1 1 ge xX NX In 1944 the college acquired land at the south end of the city where in 1960, eleven new buildings were erected at a cost of over three million dollars. They opened for classes in the fall of 1960. The growth ofthe college continued with the addition of classroom buildings, and a sepa- rate library building. A second renovation of the institution followed in 1937 when Sister Lucia, as Dean of the College, painstakenly integrated the lunior College and Normal College Curriculums to insti- tute the basis for our present day Liberal Arts Program. Post-war days brought enrollments which crammed the now inadequate college facilities. Mother Lucia observed the growth ofthe city and planned a subsequent growth in college enrollment. J 1 The death in 1949 of young james McLaugh- lin, 19, resulted in the construction of CGF's McLaughlin Memorial Center. The center was built and dedicated in 1965 to emphasize the college's committment to physical fitness as well as spiritual, intellectual, aesthetic, social and civic growth. 4 A uv W-: C0 FIDE ' T 0F THE F URE Also in 1964, the bell tower was erected near the chapel, commemorating the Sisters of Charity of Providence for 100 years of service to the people of Montana. For, As Albert Einstein once said: "lt is essential that the student acquires an understanding of and a lively feeling of values. He must acquire a vivid sense of the beautiful and morally good. Otherwise he with his spe- cialized knowledge, more closely resembles a welltrained dog than a harmoniously educat- ed person". Qifi if 3 i , Today, 50 years after the foundation of the college, the sisters are again saluted as they continue to transmit their Faith, knowledge and determination to new generations through the properly integrated Catholic Lib- eral Arts academic program. X 'N 'i .15- 2 g x ff W i C.G.F. GGLDE JUBILEE CELEBR TION College of Great Falls Great Falls, Montana February 13-14, 1982 1T11 jubilee activities opened with the Liturgical Celebration in the Campus Chapel. Serving as principal celebrant was Most Reverend Eldon B. Schuster, retired Bishop of the Diocese of Great Falls-Billings, accompanied by Monsignor Brown, Fr. Fox, Fr. Gregori, Fr. Hanrahan, Fr. Maher, and Fr. Sikora. The celebration continued at McLaughlin Center. Dr. Shields, President and distinguished guests included Past President Sr. Rita Mudd and Dr. joseph Guannu, Liber- ian Ambassador to the United States who graduated in 1966 from C.G.F. - --..,. f wow.-w.+ I - - 5 Q" -ew-ff rlluvwlrviv-.1. Dr. William A. Shields President Friends of C.G.F., ln this the Golden jubilee Year of the College of Great Falls, we joyfully celebrate fifty years of educational ministry and service to students, the people of Great Falls and citizens of Montana. Indeed, this jubilee edi- tion of Caritas is a special acknowledgement of our first half century. Our joy on this occasion stems from a past thankfully remembered, a present actively lived and a future opti- mistically anticipated. From its humble beginnings in the depth of a great depression, the College of Great Falls has maintained a strong tradition of academic excellence and communi- ty service emphasizing Christian values while providing for the ever-changing educational needs of the stu- dents it has and continues to serve. This commitment to excellence and service not only formed the Col- lege's founding mission but also has been its driving force throughout the past fifty years. Therefore, it is with the assurance of this same commit- ment that we look forward to our second half century and to its challenges and opportunities. With the bless- ings of Providence and with the continuing dedication and support of those who know and love this institu- tion, the "CGF Story" continue to unfold, and chapters yet unwritten will chronicle even greater achievements in quality, Christ-centered education and service. Happy Fiftieth, CGFQ "ad multos annos." QCQQAM. CL. l Dr. Charles M. Hepburn i Vice President and Dean l -dsl r ..-A l l 1 if' X . A - Left to Right: Shirley Abbott-Acct. Payable, Dorothy Stewart-Secretary Muriel Erickson-Payroll Clerk, Tom Bauer-Accountant, Sr. Cecilia Pa ganessi-Acct. Receivable. . lames B. Washburn, lr.p Director of Business and Finance YN , 1 4' e. I-f ., ., 4 .. ... , Q, ........,..- ' ' , -3,1.,g2L5,f5.9wi 1 ,, 2 :z H 1 4?i3i?iSf?s g , . n i I 'P?':4"f A A A f . Q i 4 b. R 1 , .1 .. 1 ' A i Al Brown-PurchasingfCredit Lyndon Marshall - Data Processing .ar r l r H . l i f"Q xf S? fs' Q --.. ur Y . Q 1.1- Ch3l'leS A- NelS0l1i Registrar Shirley Ryan-Assistant to Registrar Meta Lux-Veterans Coordinator iff" -' Y AYVYY -.- .-1,1 E Bruce Day-Director of Admissions Kathy Keel-Admissions Secretary x A' fs N f :mr ' '-,ji 8 A . x N A . ,L , A 1 Richard Gretch-Dean, Continuing Education and Summer Session Randolph Coley-Director of Financial Aid , V M821 ' " Maw . . in M2 - X ' I 'I I Mn " -.--n,..,..,,N 1 Margaret Hess-Graduate Program Secretary Song West-Financial Aid Secretary l l i i I i l i l R' x, sf- 4 l ', A V, Reverend james M. Sikora - Dean of Student 3 Services l l l l Sister Mary Kaye Nealen - Director of Placement i and Cooperative Education , I i ' V , t ,, . Q 5 ug ' ."- J X S y R, N - ,, X C.- Michelle Rickard - Ass't Student Services .NX NN was 3 sv- . ' ' ., X X ug' N. Qs Sister Elsie Kelly - Counselor X, N.- Sherry Demmons - Coordin- Rev. Steve Tokarski - Director of ator of Minority Student Af- Campus Ministry fairs -its , . tts,-. --C, Wt, wt William Rambo - Director of Special Services Kathy Magee - SKY Counselorg lane Dunham - Counselor, Diane Rous WW: -, Secretary. il ,E EE i F Lee Zadick-Adm, A551 to President Lillian Schillings-Secretary to the Vice- Sister Kathleen Cronin-Director of President Public Relations Sister Ann Delores Ybar- ola-Director of Planning and Institutional Research Sister Lawrence Crowley-Director of Grant Co- ordination Sister Lois Murray-Director . , of Public Information ,., L-v 4 Q. ,, Sandra RauCCi-Planning and lr1SIiIu- Rose Marie lacobson-Secretary to Pub- Debra L. Muhme-Secretary to Grants tional Research lic Relations Coordinator Bm As. g N Q i William Gianoulias - Directo and McLaughlin Center Ron Goulet - Ass't Director -4 Hay! ,W w as "NW"'wf-wtw.w Steve Aggers - Athletic Director ' "ii?i'.4-J i 'FM 9 'lil We ggi Q31 t us 5 3 Phyllis Sterline - Secretary -. ll' .. . 1-. ..""' Q , W k'.' Liz Ebberwine - Secretary -1 " X' Virginia Sutton - Bookstore jerry McCrea - Ass't Manager Manager mm 6' Evel n Kessler - Switchboard Operator and Mai?Clerk . gc ,ff I C P . 2 s A , 'X Una lxunntz - Reanlerk Servir vs Librarian, loannr' Church - Director Skills Enhancement Ct-ntw, Bt-x laws - Serial C It-rlt, ludith lmzkaleult - A4 quisitmn Clt-rlt,l.iur.1 lxeeney - Luc ulation Clerk, Randy Collier - Dirmmr ,.--' 153' joe Lawson - TechnicianfArtist X 1 N K! s -xt - e ...Nm-tu----vz e, 5 -nl is ' -Q, 3:1 ',,..:-s T5 ' i 3. ,,,smcc,, S.. Mt... . Dr. Ron Haverlandt - Director of Telecom, lim Cretch - Technician Marcia May - Ass't. Director 'F -'A' ., is-of 'P S , ., Z, 'x Debbie Pacheck - Print Shop Manager un- 4. Q- lla. Division Head: DR. HAROLD ANDERSON Professor of Education, B.S., Mayville State College North Dakota, M.A., Ed.D., Colorado State College. Division Of Human Services. The Division of Human Services at the College of Great Falls offers degrees in Education, History, Sociology, Psy- chology, and Physical Education. Students in the field of education are looking to the future in hopes of bettering our world through education to to- days youth. History and Political Science majors investigate the past, present, and the future to gain excellent perspectives on overnment, olitics, ec onom , and events-where we . p Y , stand relative to them, and where we are going. C.C..F. Sociology Students study people, the groups they form, their motivations, and stereotypes. It provides an interesting and applicable foundation for graduates wishing to persue a peop e oriented career. Our students majoring in Physical Education are accutely aware of the importance of being healthy and approach their studies as a serious academic subject. The Psycology Staff leads students to grasp theories and principles of the mind-how it is put together and what it can do: "A real perspective on people." I SR. ROSE ANGELA BRUTTO Associate Professor of Education, B.A., Gonzaga U. M.A., Creighton U. ROBERT W. CASE: Assistant Prof., of Physical Education, BS., State University of N.Y., M,A. Michigan Statep Ph.D., Ohio State dw., U. H .1 R ,yd N. ELIZABETH L. EURDEL Associate Professor of History!Political Scienceg B.A., U. of Washington, M.A., Ph.D., Kent State U. Fin,-Q J ANTHONY C. GINALIAS Professor of Psycologyg B.A., College of Great Fallsp M.A., University of Mon- tana. MICHAEL LOW Assistant Professor of Sociologyg B.A., M.A., Washington State University. l I FATHER ANTHONY F. GREGORI Associate Professor of Sociologyg B.A., St. Edwards Seminaryg Washingtong M. of Div., St. Thomas Seminary Theolo- gateg M.A., Catholic University of Americag M.S., Montana State Universi- ty. Part-Time Faculty Mr, Steve Aggers Nick Cetto Charles Cerny Randall Collver Margret Conlin Mr, Don Cramer Mr. lohn Dehler Mr. Paul Ferda Mr. Bill Gtanoulias Dr Larry Gilbert Dolores Harrer Channing Hartelius Sr. Elsie Kelly Mr. David Kirkwood Mr. Robert Lee Mildred Lindell Dr. Gary Morin Sr. Mary Kay Nealen Mr, lohn Paul Mr. Donald Pizzini Dr. Terry Radcliffe Mr. Francis Raucci Mr, Tom Rojeski Mr. Michael Smartt Eileen Solberg Dr. Donald Stanfield PAUL RENZ Associate Professor of Educationp B.A., M.A., Syracuse Universityg Ph.D., Uni- versity of lllinois. DR. PENNY HUGHES Assistant Professor of Educationg B.A., M.A., Adams State Collegeg Ph.D., University of Northern Colo- rado. DAVID M. TROUSDALE Associate Professor of Sociologyg B.A., San Francisco State Universityg Ph.D., Case Western Reserve Uni- versity. FB .NN 1" l C P'- g . -.ii .e.1:..mi?? .1 . f ilu l, l l l 1 l l l i l l I l i l i 1 i l i l l I lt..-,U Division Of BusinessfNatu ral Science Ilan- you twirl srwfn Ihr- lxtinipr-I stir In-I 'Hunk it you paswrl F'-C hz-in " ilu- thvrnisirx nmlors snnlr- kruwtritgli. Phystral ihi-vnisliy is lust ont- nl ilu- tlmllvnging .tml rmmiltliliyg il.iss1-s ultrfivcl in Ihr' l lil Q hi-niislry miirrit liliim Ni'rlt'l1vJl1'linluyrrlrigx Irnlugy lryplrng.illi:4 Britain .intl llt'rn.tlrnltwigy .nv lust .J I1-vs ul Ihr- lnlr'lli'mlri.illx ligtuimts sliriluw lullmmvtl lvx :xiii Biology iimlms Thvse-sturlnfrttstrmtiiiiir'ilu-rr1-iliir.itiun.itli'I L CF Iull1'ttvtYt1'vlr:rlirlylrlfilu- gist,molugists,.il1cl1-nuff wiht-1 lrli- M14-1114- tail-Q-is M.ith nmlovs .nlrl it .ill itrgvlltvr .tml rriiiw nut on mp lrmn Ihr' r1ti.nlr.itrt Inrniulri In lv lluspihilk nil:-, tht- sliirlvnts rr'rt'lN.e'.11uI1iplt'l'tt'ttslxi'sllldlx til Ihtf nvxvr vmllng Iqsirmliiig tn-lil ut nrirnlwrs AAR- ED Ar 4 ounting .JI C lil' tnlluws .i iirrtlitum ut vu 1-Ili-nr t- Sluvlr-nts,rrlri.iliiig tmrn Divigion Hggd the- progmm 1-nlvi Ihr' lull i1i.itl-vt In tinrl Ihvsr plant' .irnrmyg ll1t'vi'Iy lu-st nothing short ul tht' mp in ti rnrnpvtrmv world Professorlof Malhemallcsi College of Great Falls! Husrntfss nmlrirs slrirly ilu' Ing-tri-vx.ii in-Iwi-1-n supply .anti th-rn.inil lr-.un ilu- M.A., University of Montana. nr-rvmrlts bt-hrmi sin- is .tn-i irtimis Witt- rliiy :hr-y vull step iti.w..t.i rr, ltr- .. "serie-l'ir..iv" in ll1i'lx.irl-lmulit' nl mir mmirirlty " -'Xrmlxtit .illx spx'.9lllly1"oulrrulliptlln'rlI1.1tnrs know rnorv l.1r1gii.i14i'sll1.ir1 .4 l 'XJ tr.xnsI.itm ,intl t.llipluyU.llI1 thi- Big Appli-it1pI.n 1ht-ssorprrnlnrrl.1r1iarIrnglisl Input Prom-ss Uuilriul But, mir plum students think 1-xt-rythirtg is ml.:- tru' MELVIN T. ARMOLD Assistant Professor of Biology and Chemistr gB.S., Montana State Uni- versityp P .D., Purdue University. RAY BOHNE Assistant Professor of Accountingg B.S., M.B.A., University of Utah. WILLIAM DANlEL GOODMAN Associate Professor of Chemistryg BS., Seattle Universityg M.S,, University of Idaho. 'rv'- N53 as 5 . e- Eff ' , 'fs ,- . ' Iv ', , V' . 5 f.i--- il fivm f ' r ,, ,. t , ,, ., -U - - ,I 1: J' .r f L A .- WON SHIC PETER HONG Professor of Biologyg B.A., Tokyo Edu- cation Universityg Ph.D., University of Cincinnati. .f THOMAS S. MELLY Assistant Professor of Business Ad- ministrationp B.B.A., Washburn Uni- versity: M.B.A., Kent State University. HENRY L, SMITH Associate Professor of Accountingg B.S., Indiana Universityp M.B.A., Uni- versity of Michigan, CMA. SUSAN KNIGHT Instructor of Business Administrationg B.A., M.B.A,, University of Montana. ROBERT A. SHAPARENKO B.A., M.A., University of Texas at Aus- tin. REVEREND FRANCIS L. MCINNIS Professor of Biologyp B.A., Carroll Collegeg M.A., Ph.D., Michigan State University RICHARD SCHOYEN B.S., M.S., Lamar University. Part-Time Faculty john Alexander Arthur Alt james Armstrong Allen Bloomgren Robert Dockum Roger Fromm Leo Graybill Walter P. Houston Lyndon C, Marshall john McGrew Deloris Pandis Gary Richerson Howard Strause Alan Zeiber ilk NPKKH -XNN BPNUIT ni Pmliwwr ul Engl:-.h H 4,Coll1-ge til hillx, N1 A, Llnixt-rsity wt Notre- Division Head: Doctor Tim O'Hare Associate Professor of Philosophyg BA., College of Great Fallsg MA., PhD., Marquette University. ilvxt-lupllivl.ili'nl-,ulirtli-rt-A1-ilxliii llrmi-wr inner in tix ini., . Division Of Humanities Qii.iIi'w lu'liur1-qimiillly -ilmixili.-L4-i lui 1, I- X umm- tl'-imilim-nl It N mini i.iir vig..-ililt nil.-in. tl .mi vt. lwnlw tilt., , it-dm vi. ...mimi liiiint-Iv in writitix mirk liiiltlivlu'nvlilxll1.ilumln-I4-.st14'il.1rr'iililiiviili-rl xltiul:-ith if. mltill lin-ii lil.--Lil Arm rr-nom-im-nie nliili- lt-.irnintg In 1--pri-W itil-im.-ltr-x thfiiiigh tin- .nie Num .ipplioiii-iii with .ilmiml dnt nmlur mr .irt tI.iw xiniplx .ss ,i vin-.aiu in inn- mi-li nu lit it-.ii lime ihv-ni lu ow thi-ir imniix,irrvll1w'n ix .tim .i pmt ti- .il .iw-t their ww wltirli-nh Mm nmlv- Inuit .il tl:-n i- tiiriiiin-N up imqge-N nl lung lmring it-XX .in-i tl.n-W fit piwipli- .intl dtiilxIhr-pm!nl'11-lixu-lixv-ir'illiv f hixtiirx imiluu lin-li:-xv that limit-mdnfi thu- pi.-Ni-ni .intl lmpi- tt- ilii- iiilnm- wt, 1-4 on-,rim em-1 ini- ix in-in-r pr.-p.iri-tl it. .iii in rhi- Q t,,f .intl--nu pnmu- tin lrii,1liNliivi.iiiii out -it inn-it-xl .i1iilpr.urn.4lilx The :le-xwl-limi:-lil in milling xl-illx .intl the ni-uitixitx lliiglixli inxpiri-X will ht-ni-tn Ntiiil--nu in .im 1-1 4 iipdiiiiii ilu-t nm piiixiii- nh--ali--i tht-t opt ni go ii. gm-l xi lniiil in l.m it html in 4-wit :lin-4 ily mm ilu- lol. in.ivLi-I .in lngglish ni.ilm xxill lun' tl1i-t4ilx.1ri! ul .i grunts-r prim: it-in x in ilu- limit xkillwit t--pi.-wmi.i:11i iiitt-rpri-miiiiii T' IHHNR KLHHMJ -wwf mtl- Print-Wir tit X1imi,B -K mill.-gi H1 IJ l.X.axlum,i-iii l uni uilx QUKNIIHNI lOllN l'i4m-Mui nl F'hiltN-plu .mil lnqlixh H N Nl -X, l lm:-unix 4"'.' I. filxy N . Fix! . , s ' - I . NN 9. ff". 5-.fc 'iii' fi- I - . IACK FRANIEVIC Professor of Artg B.A.E., M.A.E., School of the Art Institute, Chicago. DEANNA L. LOUIE Associate Professor of En lishp B.A., College of Holy Names, Oakqandg M.A., Catholic University of America. ROGER P. SNOW Associate Professor of Historyg B.A., Westminster Collegeg M.A., University of San Francisco. WILLIAM I. FURDELL Associate Professor of Historyg B.A., Gannon College, Erie, Pennsylvaniag M.S., University of Dayton, Ohiop Ph.D., Kent State University. THOMAS F. O'BRIEN Assistant Professor of Business Admin- istrationg B.B.A, Washburn Universityg M.B.A., Kent State University. PATRICK E. LEE Associate Professor of Englishp A.B., Carroll Collegeg M.A., University of Montana. WAYNE PETERSON Assistant Professor of Music: B.M., University of Montanag M.M., Kan- sas State University. Part-Time Faculty Katherine Baker loanne Church Ed Coghlan Fr. Robert Fox Mady French Gregoire Carl I. Kochman Sr. Mary Kaye Nealen Mary Moore Angela Nagengast Donna Newell Lana Nicholls john Paul Katherine Rice lanis M. Rossell Joanne Hall Salina Rev. james Sikora ludy Smith Mary Lou Soldano Denys Taipale Rev. Steve Tokarski Lucille E. Washburn David Wilson 11 112 'rf ' f3Q2efi59gfg.m ffiiifxigiile H' :M a E P , ' . 'S i f HE 2: A A 3 l 'N at I l V, .YV-A A N . sz Z ' A A V a g QI it S . . g I 1' 2,2 J ' ' P . P . Q Winnifred Adams Great Falls, MT B.S. Sociology 'T 1:f2i",, . A il My lack E. Beall Great Falls, MT B.S. History and Political Science Erina M. Connolly Great Falls, MT B.S. Business Administration Rhonda L. Behrens Pocatello, ID B.S. Chemistry Michelle S. Eaton Great Falls MT B.S. Business Administration . lk ,, , HT , In Michael C. Fellows Great Falls MT A.A. Broadcast Communications K . 3 it 5 l I Kenneth R. Ague Great Falls, MT B.S. Business Administration 5? X , N ,Qi ,Q , A Barbara A. Bowers Great Falls, MT ' B.S. Accounting ,9,"b: 300' 'S if Elbert C. Fazenbaker Sr. Great Falls, MT B.S. Sociology Donald I. Filler Great Falls, MT B.S. Business Administration Dave R. Anderson Belt MT B.S. Biology F qt N 043 - . P Q , , . , , 44, ,. ,tl 'ev A I f 1 1 .7 ll 3 Anne M. Brisnehan Denver, CO B.S. Biology , .ta a Bernadine I. Feist Power, MT B.S. Elementary Education Tomas F. Freeman Great Falls, MT B.S. Business Administration 'RQ' ,kj 'Tv Kevin G. Fuller Sheridan, WY B.S. Business Administration K james Hayes Great Falls, MT B.S. Sociology Kjell L. Hoelstad Great Falls, MT B.A. History and Political Science A 331 ,, I t, F11 rd' 'Q Q 0 f' . 4 1 ly: - In I Glenn E. Kurkowski Great Falls, MT B.S. Biology Mary N. Harant Black Eagle, MT A.A. Broadcast Communications P Linda G. Heckler Great Falls, MT B.S. Sociology I. Lee Hargraves Harding County Texas B.S. Sociology vi Q, 1 A -5 Robert A. Heisler Great Falls, MT B.S. Accounting Edward L. Henry Great Falls, MT Business Administration l john S. Kane Alvin Kessler julian Kobasziar Havre, MT Great Falls, MT ' Great Falls, MT B.S. Business Administration B.S. Elementary Education B.S. Business Administration 5? w ,. ' A i f -- Q F R A' 1- A l fi Gary B. Lair Alvin K. Lambdin lll Glascow, MT A.S. Criminal justice Great Falls, MT B.S. Sociology ludith A. Lenzmeier William T. Malcomb Great Falls, MT Great Falls, MT B.S. Business Administration B.S. Sociology Shawn T. Mimnaugh Great Falls, MT A.S. Criminal justice . Mark E. Preston Great Falls, MT B.A. History and Political Science - Alan B. Purser Great Falls, MT B.S. Business Administration . tg i Gilbert S. Sampson Great Falls, MT B.A. Broadcast Communication Bonita M. Schepens Glendive, MT B.S. Biology W . . ef., . Jacqueline McKerrow Great Falls, MT A.S. Computer Science 'WP M 1 E 2 sf A ff? NG: f -vw! f 1 Kathleen Morse Great Falls, MT B.A. Broadcast Communication if X w ' X ive Phil A. Quintin Great Falls, MT B.S. Biology Donald C. Scruggs Great Falls, MT. B.S. Mathematics Fred G. Michels Laurel, MT B.S. Biology lames R. Myers Great Falls, MT B.S. Accounting Susan M. Rivera Great Falls, MT B.A. Business Administration and Accounting Dale R. Stacy Kernersville, NC A.S. Criminal justice Ki V I Scott Stafford Great Falls, MT , ' , ,ffl-'J .V ' .. x ' ' ,U-fsgvf Lug., . .1 " .Q 1 H5 09 glkjp uv :ek . I' t V+ :Z vi . " -srsmlz ' . f sz Glen D. Stobaugh Cascade, MT Donna I. Suden Great Falls, MT B.A. History and Political B.S. Biology B.A. Sociology Science Larry M. Tosh Great Falls, MT B.S. Sociology X Robert E. Tucker Great Falls, MT B.S. Business Administration Darrell W. Watkins Raynesford, MT B.A. Accounting ,s--.. N , N Q I I W as 5 0 David C. Traylor Great Falls, MT A.S. Business Administration Stuart Van Horn Costa Mesa, CA B.S. Social Studies Douglas M. West Great Falls, MT A.S. Criminal justice Y S "ff , '31 '55 Q Q . lohn S. Trovatten Great Falls, MT B.S. Business Administration Cecilia A. Wagman Aberdeen, MD B.S. Business Administration Song C. West Great Falls, MT A.S. Computer Science 4 ms 7 ' l f A f ri M 1. i LT' ' i ., - is . .., ,fl . . 4 Rebecca U. Tanrath Great Falls, MT A.S. Criminal justice :ix . Gloria 1. Trueman Great Falls, MT B.A. Elementary Education ,,.. , 'X T x l lon S. Whiting Livingston, MT B.S. Business Administration RY ff f mv 4 Celeste M Williams Las Vegas, NV A A Recreational Leadership Alfred Wilson Great Falls, MT B S Sociology Maxine Wolverton Great Falls, MT B S Accounting GRADUATE DIRECTQ Katherine D. Aron Great Falls, MT B.A. Elementary Education Robert Attili Great Falls, MT B.S. Biology and Elementary Education Robert Wayne Bailey Great Falls, MT B.S. Sociology Harry O. Blount, jr. Great Falls, MT A.S. Computer Science Ricky Gerard Bollinger Great Falls, MT A.S. Criminal justice Caroline Ann Brown Harlem, MT A.S. Business Administration Ronald Gerard Buchanan Great Falls, MT A.S. Criminal justice R. Aubrey Cheatham Timonium, MD B.S. Sociology Marcia Ann Cogswell Boise, ID A.S. Criminal justice B.A. Social Studies Daryl Charles Collinsworth . Anaconda, MT V B.S. Business Administration Michael Cravalho Hawi, Hawaii A.S. Criminal justice Debra Kaye Creveling Cascade, MT B.A. Elementary Education Keith A. Crews Atlanta, GA A.S. Criminal justice Wayne Kent Davis Great Falls, MT B.A. Business Administration Randall T.C. Day Great Falls, MT B.S. Business Administration I Fred L. Fairhurst Great Falls, MT A.S. Criminal justice johnny Lee Fenner Great Falls, MT B.A. Physical Education john P. Gallagher Billings, MT B.S, Business Administration Maria C. Gambino San Antonio, TX B.A. Sociology james -H. Glasgow LaPorte, IN A.S. Criminal justice Danny j. Goyette Great Falls, MT A.S. Criminal justice jonathan A. Grammer Great Falls, MT A.S. Recreational Leadership Tammy jean Grimes Great Falls, MT B.A. Art Nobuyuki Hayakawa Yachiyo, Chiba, japan A.S. Business Administration Rebecca Loanne Hill Roberts, ID B.A. Elementary Education Kelvyn Leonardo Hipps Columbia, SC B.S. Biology Elizabeth Stockdale Hott Great Falls, MT B.A. Music Allen Curtis jaekel Big Bear Lake, CA A.S. Criminal justice Martin F. jakubowski Great Falls, MT A.S. Computer Science and Business Administration Harry G. jennings ll Great Falls, MT A.S. Criminal justice and B.A. Sociology Rodney Wayne johnson Great Falls, MT B.S. Business Administration Rebecca Kill Eagle ' Harlem, MT A.S. Business Administration Arthur William Klemm Great Falls, MT A.S. Criminal justice Lisa Lynne Falcinelli Latourette Great Falls, MT A.S. Business Administration Rebecca lean Lynn Wibaux, MT B.A. Elementary Education Steven james Lynn Great Falls, MT B.A. Elementary Education G. Brent Marvosh Great Falls, MT A.A. Accounting Larry j. McAfee, jr. Great Falls, MT A.S. Computer Science judith A. McGregor Everett, WA A.S. Business Administration Dan McGurran Vaughn, MT B.S. Business Administration David L. McLean Black Eagle M B.S. Accounting Ramona Mount Messerly Hays, MT A.S. Business Administration Michael P. Miller Phoenix, AZ A.S. Business Administration Michele M. Miranti Great Falls, MT A.S. Criminal justice Richard E. Moffitt Simms, MT B.S. Mathematics jack Paul Munford Great Falls, MT - A.S. Business Administration A.S. Criminal justice Thomas P. Myers Brady, MT B.A. Music johnny Lee Oates Great Falls, MT A.S. Human Services Sheri Lynn Pertile Roundup, MT A.A. Early Childhood Educatior Arlene Faye Peterson Poplar, MT B.S. Elementary Education Mark C. Peterson Great Falls, MT B.S. Accounting Cathy Ann Ratcliff Sheridan, WY B.A. Elementary Education Anthony j. Rizzo Great Falls, MT B.S. Sociology Denise Elaine Robinson New York B.S. Sociology Ernest Lee Robinson New York B.S. Sociology Tomi jo Danell Russell Conrad, MT B.S. Elementary Education Charles Sampedro Great Falls, MT B.S. Business Administration Pamela May Shirley Great Falls, MT B.S. Physical Education Shirley O'Neil Stevens Great Falls, MT B.S. Elementary Education jeri Louise Stortz Great Falls, MT B.S. Sociology Drusilla Grace Struss Great Falls, MT B.A. Elementary Education A.S. Human Service Darwin L. Stull Vaughn, MT A.S. Computer Science Steven M. Suazo Lewistown, MT A.S. Accounting Patrick Michael Sullivan Great Falls, MT A.S. Criminal justice Scott William Thomas Boise, ID B.S. Elementary Education Caroline C. Tyler Great Falls, MT B.A. Sociology juanita Cole Wessel Harlem, MT A.S Business Administration Pamela M. Weasel Harlem, MT A.S. Business Administration Katherine Ann Welsch Great Falls, MT B.S. Elementary Education Caren Charlotte White Great Falls, MT A.S. Mathematics A.S. Business Administration Machiko Yuzawa Great Falls, MT A.S. Business Administration Lorrayne Kathryn Zobrak Great Falls, MT B.S. Elementary Education 'lt 1 If W-5-virahi-,av r .Rh I ,Q 1., '- Wai 'il -:Alix X fvs:4:awg,gg..,, .1 M "sis 7 a I '. -EH" A ' 4-mfgm. W i .-1 3 3 f v- f. , 'Q' wqwpm, "ww ,, K . ,, ,, ,wx j T2 , 'f2g2hs:'czS2'41:f. ' -M.,,,,i 4 - , ,WMM W wmvssmr' ,. f 'A -'fifz ' ,. ,EM ,WJ V ' ,, ' A '1 " f-'Z' 'f - f -. x V 2:,:,,V,Nww.' . ,Q ' '51 V' 'Lfif' , :V-gg , ,C , 5' ln ' " J .ix1'L5AiL' " , ...Y..,..,.....Y..- rw --W ----' - 2 4.2 , Mil" :apffv 1 .1 ' pr X . Gam 1 "f A, , 4-, " Pure talent! Q-in-E xr-ff W ., ,. X re x Q03 ' "1 Shields with 1 7 sq 3? gi' 5 cv' , 1 , F' ,L Q S x Cheers! Hor Hai' 3 5 'Q C uple eacher of the above" IQ 4135. "lust call I Y 1 w 3 I X- , ie f Q' K' I N u're eithe ' web'--' 'N' " X .- ,. - . V A ', Q-AE:- Q x , , 4.9 8 V x . 1 S. .. --I if ,. 2 5 5 ' .1 ' 1: f..',"fX' 3 ' ' l f 2 Y -..L F .1 Y .iff I ' x . 6 sg, K. , 'T s-1 . "1 .fr ag.- ' 1 5. 45 TP? 1" "Q : I , smwtauun ,hi , ' . . if "'g'5'3'2'Q-,bl "Taz, -. Q ,.- - ,. Q T. , sy . ff 1 xgkw . ,fe2?,--, 1 ., - . 'V 6 ' . . . x x 'L , - flfAfg393 v 4 lj . fl 1 X N, 55- -w x : xv xi I J 1 ' 5' i ' s f s 5 Q 3 5 -W---W . W I '12 "!' 'Q...-..... Ml- .. 5 .,.-. R,,,.viV i W ..,...TV ' -5 " .Q-...... H . A.. ---Ah 'Q -My ' . ......-Q2 za...---f .- b P .-,SM .. 4 M ,,... . Tx x . v x XMN' - . A B Q- . W ' F , x -. , .. wvv . X. A Q . N. ,Q N - wg , r.. - , Q gb 5 fi- ,.: g-N,-X X.: t - , .Q - 1. XF My .k :I - X. f.,, 1' Q . x 5' . uh , tix... . .. .....,.,,mf,,. . Q' 3, -ww , N , , K ,.,f, " A.. X,.,.,.... .N 'IA A 7 Q., hgpifzx ' x XX ' X Pai fa-' X S '-1-...N ' v ' Q. - hub'-ge 44. '9"X-Q N + .. QQQX, gfidj-R ., me PQf'5 ve 'Y lg. .. rrrfxqw- ' .bl L, M- -' QS' --'- :Tv 1 1-1 A.. 'IT1"'v-N" ww-SRF' N - - rms- X lj W x . : L ' 9""' K ,Z X . x ,... .A , s ' ., , EMILY HALL Our Fearless Leader Kaycie jones Dorm Director Second Floor Dorm Council What A Crew julia Yoruw, jackie Kikendall, Alice Vandenberg, Tony Woodlee, Tony Fitzpatrick, johnny Davis, Mike janowiak. "Miss Emily" candidates. Who will win? Sitting: Ray johnson, jerry Schmitz, johnny Davis, Chuck Felton, Tony Fitzpatrick, Standing: jim Myers - Resident Advisor, joe Rorvik, Masato Taguchi, Tracy Rector, Gary Goodan, Chris Bishop, Clint Ophus, Mark LaValley. Missing: Mike Benjamin- son, Tom Dries, Steve Cobb, Mike janowiak, john McKeon, Walter Morris, jay Tincher, Tony Woodlee, Akikiro Ya- gru- ' -"nn: Third Floor -L It doesn't take cheese to get us to smile? Front Row: Teresa Wearly, Cindy Lynes, Betsy Loch, Lori Glasser, Debbie Story, Middle Row: Mary van der Hagen, Alice Vandenberg, Carol Anderson, jeri Scott, Tammy Fitzpatrick, Margie McDonald, Lydia Miranda, Back Rowi juliet jones, Connie Frerich, Susan Gould, jackie Ki- kendall, Rose Clague, Maria Christiaens, Millie Winebrenner, Lucille van der Hagen, judy Fouhy, Tammy Clear, julia Yoruw. Missing: Kari Ber- quest, Anne Brisnehan, Resident Advisor, Lee Curcio, Kathy Conroy, Shawna Drugge, Annette Hecker, Margaret Horn, Christy May, Renae Oli- ver, Tracy Pertile, julie Rhoda, Mary Spoja, Ilene Whalen. Dorm Life Q fva Send in the clowns 534 if Which one was it ma'am? Lv- -. COLLEGE VILLA Dave Brewer, Director Life At The Villa. .. Y. ' I iw. V 0 N- - 5 ,- cm, Q si Nancy Cederberg, Resident Assistant All Studying? F' Dr. Spock K 9 ul Q X No! You can't be serious Mary? The meeting ofthe minds .F- II If I I ff HIIIIT STUDE T SENATE ip. Seated: leri Scott - SecretaryfTreasurerp Nancy Cederberg - Social Commissionerg Celeste Williams - Intramural Director, Beth Murphy - Business Manager, luliet jones - Caritas Editor, Standing: lim Myers - President, lim Hayes - l.O.C. Commissioner, Ron Egeland - Intramural Director, Mike Benjaminson - Commissioner at Large, Mark Preston - Public Relations, Bill Cady - Commissioner at Largeg jesse Collins - Commissioner at Largeg Gary Gretch - Vice President, Not Pictured: Cheri Ryan - Commissioner at Large, Winnie Adams - S.A.C.g Tammy Fitzpatrick - Caritas Editor, Millie Winebrenner - Caritas Editor. Advisors li Mr. Bohne, Fr. Sikora, Mr. Gianoulias President jim Myers The Constitution of the Student Senate states that its function is to "foster recognition of the rights and responsibilities of the students, to maintain academic standards and responsibility, and to enhance the students' cultural, social, and phys- ical welfare." While Student Senate strives to achieve these goals for all students at CCF, those that serve on senate are rewarded with much more. The challenges, responsibil- ities, and duties accorded to senate demand prompt, efficient decision making. The opportunity to solve problems, establish budgets, meet deadlines, and work within estab- lished bylaws as a group prepares each member of senate for the fu- ture. The invaluable experience and knowledge gained by working with people will remain with each senate member long after his days at CGF. ,K . .....llu' ws. fm W, 4' I B if -I CIRCLE K I in z' I ' -. : , W Q'NAT,O't.x ig , .. ry ,I Yep X3 ,H ,,, SPURS 9 ' T 19 .E ogbo AUX.: SITTING: Ruthie Fong, News Editor, Gina Tabar- acci, Secretary-Treasurer, Marily Mieyrs, Vice President: Mary Pancich, Senior Advisor, STAND- ING: Ron Egeland, Public Relations Advisor, Ka- ren Caldwell, Song Leader, Mary Tuma, Alumni Chairman, Fr. Mclnnis, Faculty Advisor, Leslie Grimes and Clay Baker. SITTING: Norman Rickard, Rose Clagueg Mike Fellows, Lt. Gov. of Montana, STANDING: Marilu Mieyrs, Secretary-Treasurer, Yogi Iani, President, Tracy Rector, Vice President, Iuliet jones, I.O.C. STUDE T ADVOCATES SITTING: Alice Vanderberg, President Dave An- derson, Secretary-Treasurerp Mark Preston. STANDING: Chuck Nelson, Advisor, Lee Har- gravesg Winefred Adams, Gary Gretch, Mary Har- rant, Vice President, Shannon jorgenson, Ann Hepburn, and Fred Michels. 2. H.-.1h - - ..-- .azz . :ES .Ag SCIENCECLU . ,M .k., unit ' i jnndauamn -.,,. ax 1.5, 41 'kind M .. 0 ',,:,g1".', , ll l V . 3 fi ' 'J 1 5,-5-v.. - V W wsifzfwrfiif G' ' . , H ei v- 2 ' 2 fC I 1 ' , , 1 . I kl- .. L...- F V s- . 'J t , a X Front: Mary van der Hagen, Ray Stefko, Gayle Lowery, Doreen Dirilo. Middle: Millie Winebrenner, Lucille van der Hagen, Tony Fitzpatrick, Dave Anderson. Back: Kelly Lake, Gary Gretch, Fred Michels, Bonnie Schepens, Bill Schulz. Not pictured: Mary Carlson, julie Mounds. l.O.C. Seated: Roger Stone, luliet lones, Dave Anderson, Standing: lim Anderson, Gina Tabaracci, jim Hayes, Ed LaMere. cw ff, 'XJ X li elf The Mad Scientist Fr. Mac ' 'SQ':""I5E- -' 'T' ' ' t l Business Round Table F ,., Left To Right N lst C1 T ' , A A Q,-,, I -- -'4' ' . - Roger Stone, President, Steve Suazop Lewis tRockyJ Pep- , ,Q . "'1, Q I ples, Erina Connolyp Hall Million, Secretary-Treasurer, Beth X l, 4 , Murphy, Vice President. ' x Ax ts if 1 V V ' I S., ,P ff 9 1 znucnrion ppm M U T U R E USINESS CQ FSS EADERS MERICA International Students Cf C.G.F., ts st ig . in 'L 4 1 'Qy Front Row: Haruo Yamamoto, Masanori Takizawa, Akihiro Yagyu. Middle Row: Yasunori Takita, Masashi Hattori, Masato Taguchi, Tetsoro Nakagomi. Back Row: Hitoko Yazaki, junko Shimazu, lulia Yoruw, Machiko Yazawa, Satoru Watanabe, Kazuya Fujita and Noriaki Kanda. Not Pictured: Marion van Trooijen, Yogi lani, Noriko, and Sister Maryann Benoit, Advisor. ...f..-.I-1 n si as ..-.i. The Internation Students at C.G.F. range from lapa- nese to Yapese, including British and Dutch, with the greatest population being japanese. Although the difference between their homelands and America are apparent they have adapted well. Most say that the climate and the food are the most difficult to adjust to. We are very fortunate to have these students and friends on campus. I ff' , gn. Sl i Brant Light Editor , ' 1 1 ip, COLLEGE OF GREAT FALLS IMPAC IMPACT STAFF Editor ...... ....A. B rant Light .Assistant ..... .... B ernadet Feist Ad Manager ....,..,..... ludy Lenzmeier Reporters ....,.........,. Anne Hepburn, Dawn Bartholomaus, lim Myers, Ray johnson, Mike Fellows, Celeste Williams. Artist . .. ....4,....,.. Lee Hargraves Shawn Mimnaugh Advisor , . . ......... Dr. O Hare up Q SCRIBE EDITOR: Anne Hepburn ADVISOR: Mrs. Washburn Terri Appolloni Dawn Bartholomaus College Of Great Falls Drama Presents Department The Miser Starring Harpagon .... .... j ack Upshaw Elise ,,,,, Cleante ........ .,... j im Anderson Valere . . . Froslne ........... ..... D ebbie Muhme Mariane ,.,, Master jacques .r.. ......... j im jones La Fleche .. Master Simon . . . .......... Mike Price Magistrate , . . . Mistress Claude ........... Michelle Price Brindavoine . La Merluche ........ Marion van Trooijen Monsier Anselme .......... Tim Wilkinson The Wizard Of DZ Starring Dorothy .................. Traci Pertile Uncle Henry ... .......... Mike Price .Mary Harant . . . . .Lee Hargraves . . . . .Traci Pertile . . . .joe Lawson ...Mike Price . .Marsha Orr Aunt Em .... Scarecrow .... Tinman ,.................... Ton Dries Lion ..... Glinda ...... .... M arion Van Trooijen Tibia ........ Witch ..... ........... M arsha Orr OZ ........... General ... ........... Pat Brand Lady Ozmus .. Arnold .. . .... Aaron Weissman Toto ........... ..... M ichelle Price MUNCHKINS Maureen Waters Barney Rice Daniel Waters jeri Satterwhite Elizabeth Rice john Rice Crew Heads: e . . .............. lack Upshaw Music ............ . . Costumes ......... ....... . . .Sara Merenz Teghnigal Director , . , , Art Work ...... jo Harant and joe Lawson Make--up and Hair ,,,, Publicity ................ Mary Harant and Lights ,.,.....,,,,, Debbie Muhme P ' "TTT K ...Freda jennings . . . . .Mary Harant . . . .jim Anderson .. .Pam Threlkeld . . . . .jack Upshaw . .Debbie Muhme Leila Weisman . . .Randy Holbrook . ... ...jack Upshaw . ...Debbie Muhme . . . .Marilyn Lahue MUSIC AROUND CAMPUS Left to Right: Mary Harant, Dave Anderson, Marion Van Trocijeng Rich Lewis, lim Anderson, Maria Christiaens, Tammy Fitzpatrick, Scott Whiting, Mary Spoja, Ed LaMere, Lee Hargraves Not pictured, Kathy Bahnmiller, Fran Combs, julie Mound, Scott Landes, Mark Maneely, and Steve Kitchen. CHAPEL , MADRICIALS A TOUCH OF RENAISSANCE Directed by Lana Nichols r ly 'fig 8 It ,FH LEE. ?. ' . QA. xgvf Q59 f ' -1' -235.5 Wi fc izm. ' w 'nl' 1 ' I I CHOIR Directed by Carol Sue Lukes i jim Anderson, Dawn Bartholamaus, lohn Cherniga, Rose Marie Ciacci, Lisa Davis Tony Fitzpatrick, Bob Lawton, Lisa Lawton, Cindy Muller, Shari Muller, Cecelia Nichol, loan Philipps, Cathy St. Peter, Dorothy Theil, Alice Vandenberg, Lucille d H van er agen, Mary van der Hagen. A gi.3wA-sais,-:-J. ,, 'Is-f H, - fr -F' CGLLEC-E CHOI R ,ggmg,i5 Soprano: Kathy Bahnmiller, Tonya Bumbarger, Maria Christiaens, Tammy Clear, Tammy Fitzpatrick, Dolly Gibson, Mary Harant, Mary Spoja, Gina Tabaracci, Martion Van Trocijen. Alto: Carol Anderson, Fran Combs, ludy Fouhy, Anne Hepburn, Kaycie jones, Christi May, lulie Mound, Lucille van der Hagen, Mary vander Hagen, Celeste Williams. Tenor: lim Anderson, Lee Hargraves, Ed LaMere, Scott Landes. Bass: Dave Anderson, Dean Halliday, Steve Kitchen, Rich Lewis, Mark Maneely, Scott Whiting-Accompanist. Directed by Wayne Peterson f 1 5 f QW Cut L Vu Left to Right: Scott Whiting, Way JAZZ BAN ne Peterson, Gary Goodan, Frank Doll, Brenda Knedler, Steve Kitchen, lim Burton, Paula Meloy. wp'-in . , - --- ----- -4 College Of Great Falls Community Concert Band Directed By Wayne Peterson Piccolo: Maggie Schuberg, Flutes: Rhonda Rambo, Beth Short, Pat Melly, Leslie Crimes, leri Scott, Lynette Schmidt, Lynette Hickman, Deanna Babb, Oboe: Bob Kampferg Clarinets: Sharman Tokerud, Paula Meloy, Betsy Loch, Rose Clague, Frank Doll, lohn Kohler, Bass Clarinet, Bill Larson, Bassoon: Bill Larson, Saxes: Marilyn Rapagnani, Steve Kitchen, Keith Tokerud, john Motterud, Horns: Linnie Babcock, Leonard Bates, Elizabeth Hott, Cindy Muller, Trumpets: Dennis Granlie, Larry Rowton, Wayne Wickham, john Huber, joe Tucker, Bud Nicholls, Trombones: Gary Knapp, Paul Farris, Steve Greenwalt, Baritones: Connie Frerich, Laurie Glover, Basses: Edldon Stompro, Ben Grosfieldg Percussion: Rick Robinson, Lyne Robinson, Rod Chaon. Waazfaitsrion B RAS S Q U l N T ET .10 Left to Right: Connie Frerich, lim Burton, Elizabeth Hott, Wayne Peterson, Brenda Knedler, Missing: Gary Goodan. DELT EPSILON SIG - j- Beth Murphy, C.G.F., Chapter President Prof. Pat Lee, Guest Speaker President Shields and Dean Hepburn Beth Murphy - President, Brant Light - V. President, Rebecca Tanrath - Secretary-Treasurer, Roger Snow - Faculty Advisor, Dr. Cronin, Prof. Lee, Dr. O'Hare, Dr. Trousdale, T. Arbuckle, W. Adams, B. Bowers, N. Criss, M. Eaton, S. Friel, S. Habel, M. Hanifen, L. Hargraves, L. Heckler, A. Hepburn, E. Hott, A. lohnston, S. lorgenson, D. Kelley, Y. Kolczak, C. Kubricht, lr., P. Laspina, I. Lee, I. McKerrow, G. Messer, R. Moffitt, M. Preston, B. Quintana, I. Retz, C. Roberts, D. Scruggs, I. Sharpe, S. Martin- Souza, S. Sowell, R. Tucker, Nadyne Weissman, S. West, S. Weyers, 1. Washburn, S. Landes, D. Filler, R. Brunk, Dr. Hepburn - National Secre- tary-Treasurer. Delta Epsilon Sigma is a national scholastic honor society for students, faculty, and alumni of colleges and universities with a Catholic tradition. In july of 1963, Sr. Agnes Kathleen, Academic Vice President of the College of Great Falls, submitted an application to the national organiza- tion for the formation of a local chapter. The Charter was granted in October of 1964 by the Executive Committee, but it wasn't until March 11, 1965 that the Gamma Upsilon Chapter held its first organizational meeting. At that meeting Don Brockland and Marilyn A. Zook were elected as the first President and secretary. The local chapter was dedicated to the recognition of outstanding aca- demic accomplishment, the fostering of noteworthy intellectual activity and responsible service to others. As stated in the By-laws, to be eligible for membership students must have completed at least 60 credit hours of their degree requirements with a distinction of cum laude. Faculty members and alumni are eligible for election to membership if they have either graduated cum laude or have received a graduate degree. The local chapter was active for several years following its installation in 1965, but in more recent years has been somewhat dormant. Through the effort of Dr. Hepburn, the National Secretary-Treasurer of DES, and Roger Snow, our faculty advisor, the charter of Gamma Upsilon has been reestablished and the chapter reactivated. 'W -Q CGF ALUMNI ASSOCIATION As the academic year concludes we have the opportunity to review a busy and successful season for the College of Great Falls Alumni Association. The College is alive, well and growing in its 50th Golden jubilee Year, with innovative courses and continuing education programs expanding the curriculum. The CGF Alumni Association was very active and visible this year, not only on campus, but in the local Great Falls community. In the fall, the Alumni Association jointly sponsored and presented a workshop on Alcoholism and Chemical Dependency. In February and March, the Alumni Association presented a six week workshop on Financial Management. This workshop was offered as a public service with continuing education credit. It was so well received that it will be repeated in the fall of 1982. BASH continues to involve more alumni in every phase, from procurement to the auction itself. This brain child of the Alumni Association has flourished over the past 9 years and has become a significant financial contribution to the College. Campus beautification has been expanded with the completion of a two-year project of planting and landscaping the garden in the Providence Forum atrium. The largest project of the 1981-82 school year was the purchasing and planting of 50 trees in honor of the 50th jubilee. A tree for each class, with the names of class members placed in a container at the foot of each tree, was made possible through the contribution of individual classes. It is hoped that the tradition will continue with a "green living memoriaI" given for all future classes. A dinner fund raiser with Robert Redford is planned for the next academic year. A jazz Band Festival and CGF Art Show are scheduled for fall, and plans are in process to organize alumni groups outside of Great Falls. The Alumni Association will continue to encourage participation of all alumni and friends of the College and invites new ideas and suggestions. An ambitious calendar is assured for the next year through the leadership of new Alumni Officers: john Myers, Dennis Beamsg Rose Marie Chabot and the Alumni Board. Dr. Kathleen Cronin is campus co- ordinator for the Alumni and can be reached at the College for details and updating of current projects. I have found this past year a challenge and a happy QS experience in the accomplishing of rewarding goals Special thanks go to the campus community of sisters students administration, faculty, and staff for their generous commitments during 1982 Sincerely, NOTE The Alumni Association originated in 1937 when member of the first four year graduating class met to organize the Delta Theta Pi Alumni the purpose to maintain among graduates the ideals and objectives established during college years to form bonds of friendship among the members to promote the progress of the col- ege Chris Christiaens Alumni President 1 -- M" "' E5 O ' e 1 2 5 ,H-. 3 ' i X , Q A Q, ,YA 1 - F ' fi. , E 'F " 5 . :LG fr" -454 1 ww ' -1 ,, -f' -A" cr F5 . L - u v 'H 4' " s , i, ix' tx Ll aux ag LL? 1,3 , . - n A fri M W xii. " , . .A ,, W I - .5 0""' V F 1' -Q tx s , , . 21321. s 'Z ' 61, ,MV 'f' 7 5 ". I f' W, , 0-. 5' , .5 . ' X' "H I 1 AQ- Q ,- 1 J V ' ' 1 ,K ' r . , ,Q . - A xv k 6, X Ni - ' l ' ,N -F X my Y mf 5- . - i " Q' H R 'iifii , f -, M u Q V- N ,f k ,A I 'Y E V s x ,.-1 , r O l r ,,,..., tif f - , ,,,,,, . 'X 331.2-nth-M f 'J-5 1 4-5 o'Y Q 4-A ax, Q' W, X21 x msgs, bk, f' xi: ', 3, J. V .P :pliiii wily- 1: M? ' ' 'SQL if-S4 . N N 5 L X, ff, X ,ZX Y J A- -Vg. ff ,Q .1- lsx tn. 45. V -'E L! , ff., , v.- .- V,-:L :, ,! ,si .N I, 1' P' . - 5.q'g.,' i Qi' ' . -:L : :. I -,, ,. , -. - 4 Y Y X Qv :Ax ' ? f"H 'K .T'gl- x., wh, ,R L ' e 'Q .I .N A 'oi'-TS' V- - 1- ' fn :s . ' .U A: -ug mn A. r ' "N , ' 'Q ISL' 'rf ' " 5 1 ,I --.51 A SF' s - ' ffl. ' , A ". .f , W,5. -1 --fa ., . , ffm ,' "' sv.. 11 L- . - 1' , . 4- 5 - 'Q W E A4 ' - ",, ' 5,5 A A K Wh- z'-fu .. 4 vi' -, 3 e . gig, ' ,M 43, ' H . .' , - --.Mg t w- y X f 'f - -'11-ffw Vx... aan ,, wx -. 'Tk "V .1. L. - s - 1 "NN:'1'39-1 A-' : : ' " 1 , -1 A, 121- ,. a .Q-1' ' v -7.-ka: .1.- R - ,-. 5 -. .X ..,,-- . .iq . 's - .4 3, V .,, ,fww hx.. 4. -6, . ,. :E." .'-A -. ,, 'jr x-f,. xx N- F-V X , x 'J ,, ,-gif"- 1 V-"Vi . , A ,. P. 52 Fx 4 4 HQ mtg, Eg Q-5-, 'L , ' ,N 157' sr F M, 0 X 1981-82 ARC-O AUT ACTIG First row: lerry Schmitz, Coach Steve Aggers, jerry Moore, Kevin Fuller, Marty jones, Johnny Davis, Middle Row Brad Wagner-Athletic Trainer, Chuck Felton, Doug Robinson, Assistant Coach Kevin O'Connor, Tony Woodlee Stu Van Horn, Standing: Assistant Coach Fred Schnell, Ray lay johnson, Victor Nevins, Robby Tillman Tony Fitzpatrick-Athletic Trainer. C.C-.F. Scoreboard For 1981-82 Season ARGOS ARGOS ARC-OS ARGOS ARGO5 ARGOS ARGOS ARGOS ARGOS ARGOS ARGOS ARGOS ARGOS ARGOS ARGOS ARGOS ARGOS ARGOS ARGOS ARGOS ARGOS ARGOS ARC-OS ARGOS ARGOS ARGOS ARGOS ARGOS 86 66 101 90 68 73 101 88 74 75 42 South Dakota Tech South Dakota State Minot State Minot State Denver University Eastern Montana George Fox College Oregmon Tech Nort west Nazarene Colorado College Denver University Carroll College Northern Montana Montana Tech Montana Tech Western Montana Rocky Mountain Rocky Mountain Carroll College Eastern Montana Northern Montana Western Montana Carroll College Rocky Mountain Northern Montana Western Montana Western Montana Mary College Denotes Frontier Conference Games " Denotes Frontier Conference Play O 5 U" Denotes District 1f12 Playoffs 68 lAD 70 lAD 66 CAD 68 lHD 58 CHD 79 CHD KOTD 71 CAD 71 CAD 76 lHD lOTD 63 KAD 62 CAD 69 CHD' 75 lAD' 57 CAD' 47 KAD' 69 lHl"' 65 KAD' 54 CAD' 70 UND" 45 CAD 78 lHl" 62 lAD' 60 IHD' 70 lHD' 82 lAD' l2 OTD 61 MD' 72 lHD"" ai KAYOW8 81 93 84 54 77 81 ' 75 ' 67 47 99 ARGOS 72 Montana Tech 59 CHD' 86 75 99 ' 84 70 93 58 , . ff ,,.f'ff,f A Head Coach-Steve Aggers Coach Aggers was selected as Frontier Conference Coach of the Year. Vic Nevins hustles to a position on the All- Conference Team. I Kr ,Q M iq 'Di' F Sl' 3 ailing Up for two' , .i agp, L .,.. - -V I an ' . L z , T' N 1 Q mis 1 4 lla 1 Fav dxf asa Y ' x IX Xx . is vi' . F 2 l Assistant Coach Fred Schnell X 1, ' '-, I ,., , 71,0 4 - . Stu Van Horn set a new record free-throw percentage at 91.5"!o. We are the Champs!! Left: Kevin Fuller doesn't let the offense in, ., 2- 'SSE- Power . , . 'l"vl"ll ft. uuaqvfi vs" ' tem x ,N t . Y W Teamwork . . . flaw ,Irs Concentration . ,. Coach and his positive mental attitude . . . Swiftness, Agility . . - A we . . , XS-' - . L- -.-. ' -V Q, .3 311 Dedicated Practices . . . Spirit, and pure talent, make C.G.F. second to none!!! if ' ' ' ,l ll l C.G.F. LADY ARGO ACTIO . . l 5 l l l 1 l l l it l l l i l l l a.J Q -f ss. v 3 Aifx , ,C -we, Q1 il lr W Front: leri Scott, Sarah Habel, Kari Berquist, lody Maluski. Middle: Bonnie Schepens, Terri Maddux, Kathy Conroy, Cathy WN xXx E f l xl E ' 5... C CLF. ARC-OS 36 ARGOS 75 ARGOS 60 ARGOS 54 ARGOS 82 ARGOS 69 'ARGOS 66 'ARGOS 67 'ARGOS 65 'ARGOS 58 'ARGOS 79 'ARGOS 68 "'ARC1OS 76 'ARGOS 57 'ARGOS 56 Anderson, Karen Caldwell, Back: Erina Connolly, Michele Miranti. g . fr -,Q , N 5. 53. W, ' ' l Ei' .. ' F ARoos 63 T 4, at is 4 gk X , S' kgs X X X X QQ FN Nw XX SQ N l A -ck as S l l vs i X S l I 5 , S I Head Coach: Don Craner Not Pictured: Ass't Coach Larry Lucero 'ARGOS 80 'ARGOS 68 'ARGOS 68 'ARGOS 75 'ARGOS 58 'ARGOS 76 'ARGOS 72 'ARC-OS 56 'ARGOS 65 ARGOS 60 Ik Lady Argo Score Board University of Montana 63 Minot State College 54 Gonzaga University 62 Washington State University 79 Lewis 84 Clark State College 59 Northwest Nazarene 63 Minot State College 55 Carroll College 59 Northern Montana College 79 Montana Tech 69 Montana Tech 88 Western Montana College 60 Rocky Mountain College 35 Rocky Mountain College 49 Eastern Montana College 54 Carroll College 65 Eastern Montana College 62 Northern Montana College 75 Montana Tech 56 Western Montana College 66 Carroll College 56 Rocky Mountain College 67 Northern Montana College 71 Western Montana College 54 Eastern Montana College 49 NCWSA Regional Tournament 66 Denotes Frontier Conference Games s 'gn lho hand off .s .Mg M wx, A f S .X 11" '. . 'Q V S2133 x N q in I vc.. .ERN 111 Q ,, -J' Six wee! wx vii: xqsnme ,I I '-2 2 Softball Tossg Men's Champq Gary Gretch Womens Champ.5 Sara Habel 8 Bal' Blllafdsf . 1 - - --I Men s Singlesg Joe Mitchell Women's Singlesg lody Mulusky Foosballp Shawn Mimnaugh, Karene Gabel Water Polog Ron Egeland Nancy Cederburg Mike, Kelly lCanadal Cheri Pertiel Sara Habel Golf Chipping Contestg lim Myers Co-ed Water Basketballg Chuck Felton Kevin Fuller lerri Scott Gary Cretch Mike G., Mike F. lCanadaJ Lori Lashway Carol Anderson Co-ed Volleyballg Doug Robinson Shannon lorgenson Daryol Weber jerry Schmit Sarra Habel Erina Connoly Water Balloon Toss Kevin Fuller Renee Oliver Frisbee Golfg Men's Champq Ron Egeland Women's Champ.g Sara Habel Backgammonp luliet jones Cribbageg Tony Fritzpatric Horseshoesg Rich Lewis Free Throw Contestg Men's Champg Stu Van Horn Women's Champ.p Reniee . O'Neil Ping Pong: Stu Van Horn, 3-legged Race: Kari Berquistg Tony Fitzpatric Obstacle Courseg Masa Haltori WP? .pm w ei' I if ,A X k r :Er -1 ""'n . is S , li s .gf 'F F lsguf'q,-- l C.Ci.F. I TR U Fall 19815 Co-ed Slow Pitch Softballg 40 participants Championsp FACULTY Mr. 81 Mrs. Armould Mr. 81 Mrs. Goodman Dr. Case Prof. Low Mr. Washburn Ms. Zion Mr. Rambo Co-ed Bowlingg 26 participants Championsp "The Independents" Ron Egeland Rich Lewis Cherie Ryan Nancy Cederberg lan Samoy Mens Racketballp 15 participants Novice Champ.p Ron Egeland Intermediate Champ.g Anita jackson Advanced Champg Arthur Ault Womans Racketballp 11 participants Intermediate Champ.: Mary Spoja Advanced Champg Celeste Williams Mens Basketballp 36 participants Championsg "Michel's MongreIs" Fred Michels Cary Gretch Rich Lewis lay Santy Ioe Mitchell Steve Lynn Brant Light Dennis Peterson Womans 3-on-35 15 participants Championsg "1orgenson's Team" Lori Lashway Sheila jorgenson Shannon lorgenson Beth Murphy Spring 1982g Intramural Basketball Tourny. Meng 11 participants Womenp 8 participants Men's Racketball Tournyg 31 participants Novice Champ.g Chuck Felton Intermediate Champ.g Mike Benjaminson Advanced Champ.g Arthur Ault Womans Racketball tourny.p 8 participants Novice Champ.g Cathy Hayes Intermediate Champg leanne Goodman Advanced Champ.g Celeste Williams Co-ed Racketball Doublesp 10 participants Champs.g Fred Michels Bob Case Co-ed Volleyballp 63 participants Championsg "japanese Team" Rose Claque jackie Kikendahl Sue Gould lunko Nori Terry Nakajuni Masanori Masa Hattori A , Q I cg- -. ,I 1 h !. 1 . .J -. I 'ri' K ".c4,:'!'. ' ig: . , . ' A 53 Q - as A il. , X A .- 1, 'H' " 1 l V sl I 4 I' s-- ,.: SE 2' 'ia ,, lm V .1 4 l ' 1 4' 1 ' - - ' Q 1 I? V iq 9 F 1 1 H , l, - A ,,,..-, ---"' 'l ' 12? 1 f x - N . gr. M,,f:?f,fgif,,,'.--' nz,"Mf-,' -12' z-1 1 N x Q--il., ,Lei . " YM' f ' "via: r , l W 2, 'W is X ' Kiel I: A b 1... V V 1 Wx nf SHIV? S l nr ' A '-."?'-64, ,, , , ,- v -., ' 1 is-I ., I' 'wtf' Q 'Iii ju KE 'ljfi' ,1 f f' 3' f7l L' ' ,w,1 ,G Hifi! t7z'A7f ,Fl gf ' - 9' UE ' 1 1 .I J' v I xx Q Q 'E 'X 'X X :- g .1 . gb, Q I 5 ,gf , :hh Rx ' Q r xx Y, of 1' Xu ' 'N X S if sux X3 SX N NM f af . , 5 , A ' Q ,, Q Qi an Nau- - -:Nw x N is 5m NNMK F O Z :c 5 Q SE 3 er S2 Q 2 a: Z Q FFIST, FBIEN N- NTOUJ US O ill DOUJNTOIUN BUSINESS COUNCIL . . . MBHING GOOD THINGS HHPPEN FOR YOU EVERVDFN f N from your DOWNTOWN BUSINESS COUNCIL SPONSORED BY THE FOLLOWING MEMBERS: The Anita Shop Dundas Office Supply Mathews Music Beckman's Easter Seal Store Mid-Town! Perkins Bo-Legs Fabrics by Pin Cushion Penthouse Hair Designers The Bon - 1st Federal Savings 8a Loan Sears Bonanza Store ' Infanteen Style Shop Carlson's Shoes Irene's Craft Center Sutherland's Jewelry Jack Carver Jewelry John's Jewelers Tiffany's C.E. Davis Co. Jewelers Kaufmans Menswear Centre Valr's Books Crown Jewelry Kenkel's Shoes Wu Tung's Pro Shop Dahnken, Inc. K . , - J , DOIUNTOLUN BUSINESS COUNCIL . . . BEHIND DOIUNTOLUN BCT ION . . . FIND VOUB FICTION ' NfTIOlNfTIOCl BUBHITI ' OHS ONIXUTBU U Sl 9NIdd .lSUd 3WI.l.' I W 4 f, l all . I ri Nm' ' I' . 1 We I K I ' a l S E . i v r f , ' g ' 'N- 5 , 4 N u K ' .il I u. ' etomoveon ..L., Ag PUBLIC DRUC- CO. Distinctive Processing to match the quality of your camera plus color processing by Kodak Complete Darkroom Supplies Enlarger, Paper, Chemicals STILL CAMERAS Nikon "' Olympus "' Yashica "' Minolta ' Konica " Kodak Sound projectors and screens Lenses Tripods Film, Binoculars Hospital Equipment and Supplies ' Wheel Chairs " Crutches 453 1497 9 a m to 9 p m Except Sunday 601 Central Avenue ODERN Equlpment Co HOOVER HOTPOINTAPPLIANCES MAGNAVCX T V 8 STEREO tu an ALDEFIBFIOOK FURNITUHE nu X 122. NASHUA 8 BON NAVILLA Phone all l406l 761 3230 Freshest donuts In town' Open 24 hrs We deliver 1915 10th Ave S Phone 761 9219 You Deserve a Break today Two Locatuons to serve ou 1710 3 N W Ph 761 7758 Ph 761 7755 The C C. F Caritas Yearbook Staff extends our Slncere Thanks mme! , ti Qkofoymfk N By john T Remmel N- I Portralts Weddrngs Commercral Famrly Restoration Graduation 5 Open Mon F Phone 453 2535 9 30 5 pm 504 Central Ave W Sat 9 30 3 pm Great Falls Mt .MIT - " l - H 1 n x l l Y. - N . - tl qw - lo 1 - l l l . , , . ' Q gf! 0 I 5 f rs ' " 3 '- f- , it 'lu Plusy Sisters V I 51' A A I I tO: ' .- , l 1,l'll5'El'T' '9 4 ,,,. T X V . ? 3 4 . . ?, V W '. - . - -'---- l 9 g 5 ' - ' "' ' ls E ' ' ' - .- ri, 1 - 9-CLIMY Hollday Village Shopplng Center Merry Cl tlx RO t ! Come Clown Around . . , ...At e MGR ' K 2312. 10th Ave S Ql Yglls, Q wwf- Q 0 Chlldren s Shoes lumptng lack Chrldlrfe Strrde Rlt e Orthopedrc Womens Shoes Cobbres Revelatlon Famolare D exter Fan Fare Sas Nuke lohansen Great Falls Mon Fr: 9 30 8 Phone Holrday Sat Sun 930 6 761 3240 Vrllage Mall lower level, Hohday Vrllqge Famrly Shoe Store Mens Rockport Hush Puppres Nrke Florsheim Red Wlng Dexter Womens Naturalrzer Amano Phone 454 3602 The onl Und Happy Hour: 5-7 pm. Tues. 7-9 pm Wed Open m 2 a y naturallzer store In Great Falls NATURALIZER SHOE STORE Mon Fr: 10 am 8 pm Sat 10 am 6 pm Sunday 12 noon 4 pm Holiday Vllla e S g peclallzed Shoe Store For slzes 3 to Widths AAAA ln Holiday Village Mall Ph 7610422 Naturallzers Nursemates el Holrday Village Shop SHOES Nuke Adidas Trger Bata Converse New Balance Soccer Shoes Mon Fr: 9 30 8 pm a 9 30 6 pm un 12 4 pm Pmg 1011 Mall CLOTHES New Balance Trger Adidas Dunbrooke jackets Nuke Sportco th - I , . , 'xr 1p, .- .m. 1 y. X 1 1 l l I I M ig ll. B 5 . , ' . 'I at-v ' 'I2 - .Z : - . -D . 4 ' 1 zfignafii fii? Y- . . ' 3 5523 ' gi an? if-.Wffff.f' X gil, fl- lil I . . . A-llNkd-L I ' - E ' - - ' -- l St: ' , ' l I : - - , - S S : , A . ff Aves Coke IS lt X32 al if ff N 19 "' yy .ff ruff THE FUTURE lk f W A BELONGS 4 TO THE ww ENERGY CONSCIOUS GREAT FALLS COCA COLA t BOTTLING CO b gm Distributor of Coca Cola 7 Up Tab Fresca Squirt Dr Pepper Mello Yellow Sunkist and Perrier ,HOV7Z.AMPObVD?CUHf34NY 933 38N Ph 761 3794 9 GW-NJ l-lfft-3 tt HOME FURNISHINGS FOR PEOPLE WITH DTSCRTMINATTNG TASTE ff' Flexsteel Gordon Charlton Brentwood Oak X . Sherrill Motif Oak x K . Q ' xl White Furniture Cardinal Oak I 1 Qt Hart Lamps Boehm Porcelain f 1 w 'A U 5 , , American Crystal Country 1 if lv . 1 , 1 E "We feature local artists" ' GREAT FALLS, MONTANA I ' 1' Ph 761 1010 N 9 Ave South 84 2nd Street Y f f l A -fc' - .1 ,E 9 'dt ." 'Q A as wg it fe Q 0 f - ' "1 ' . ' 'Is " N-X 1 A 544' Q V EN sf " g l' 1 ' T A -J ,gf , ,f pf. , I , L , f' I if ll "" W, 1 fz',,z25 ' l ,zffff ,U I, AM., 1, lm, T. 'QPU ' i'.' Your whole future is ahead of you. An important L part of it depends on wise use of our energy re- , sources. Your job and your lifestyle - will depend l upon it. A Montana Power we're working to make , X sure you have the energy you'll need for a ri , , W future. ' f ' I I fu Ji. A Z fl H' Dedlcated To Helpmg Contmue A Tradltlon of Educatlonal Excellence At The College of Great Falls 10th Ave. So. G at Falls MT 5940 3 69 Northside Brazier -2 11" F, , ueen ' Featuring Fine Brazier Foods gn 639, J, Our Daily Specials Include: ly--:Q 5-, H TT I 4, fx V' gi o g g . Full Meal Deal '1f ' fL,if v ,q.k - 1- Brazier Breakfast at 6am Daily ll - ' Q W - dy' Char-Broiled Brazier Burgers Speciality Sandwiches for Shakes-Malts-Banana Splits- Sundaes-Parfaits prcrnpt Great Falls piqjk-up Ample. free 452-3521 0 Parking 106 2 Avenue North Servlce Q 2 I Horst if' voun oFFsET store f an PRINTING Greenhouse MHZ! F5 HEADQUARTERS Open every day 1413 City-w'de del'very ' Fifth Avenue 720 9th Street 50U'fh Call: 453-1621 South G reat Falls, Montana 59405 761-1676 ' I A.,-:I U. 0 . . . I I MODERN EQUIPMENT CO. YQ , MV! KI N4 5110? TELIPHONE 408-452-221 1 1 102 CzN'rnAn. Avenue 4025 torh A B. SO. G M 9 0 Tophiiigaycm-h 'lf Eiufsdllnfepio E EL C R S E S N Factory T ' d S ' 761-3230 l ,W , ,c1ll.L un wznsii L Service 715 13th Ave. So. Great Falls 59405 406-761-2381 Billings, Bozeman Great Falls Missoula Kalispell Helena Trophies and Athletic needs Hotline to Bozeman: 1-800-332-4574 ontana A:12tQ..,QQf:2..PuiefS Cv-eal FaLLs, MT tqoQ'-1S3- 02.45 La,-,Y Sh-izi ek 'BiL.L Siriziclw Phgneg 761-4141 t las- fl0fIl5 A 1305 3rd Avenue South 1972 Med Cal A rfGround Equ pment and Ambulance Rentals Serv ce Office 727 3000 Emer 727 6500 514 Ninth Ave South Great Falls MT 59405 3 . ' iff' f f I 4 BICSAK, INC. i E Gia ' i Conservation Company" HE OFFICE LOUNGE Q: GSK LIVE MUSIC' Tuesday-Saturday 9 pm-1:30 am Happy Hour: Thursday: 5 pm-7 pm .Sl Hx! wx JL 5 69 0 o O N66 110 Z CENTRAL FLOOR COVERING CO Huge select on of F bers Weaves Colors and Deslgns CARPETS ALL PRICE RANGES Vlslt us for all your carpet needs 1110 Central Ave THE STING w FAMILY RESTAURANT Steaks Pzza Chicken BBQ Ribs Salad Bar Soup Where browsing s almost as much Fun I as ea mg Phone 453 6243 The 20 s lrve agalnl Ph 727 7972 1826 10th Ave S ' Videg Big Screen Games --'- F , "ES T-V. i i , I, si - in ft. EVERYTHING ,455 g X 'N ! qi .. ff i fr ' . . i Mwhat lies behind us and what hes before us Are smell matter compared, to what hes Wrthm us Emerson f -V+ .., -I-.1-0, 5, J, 4, -" C ur- flaw 1 v xl' gif' T N 'W AAWWJ-TNQ' K' -W-.f-... A... ,4- ,NNL :1 ws f.....A-,..- ,M X ,.,..1L ,- - -A 'X L, ,,-f, ,nl ,ga -. w,-,PQ S.,-.v -nvfvcm -.,, N J' elf-x5 J..-QT-AQN f' 1.14, , X -v ,Aw w My ,,,f -Flaw ua: ,wo '67 s'- I' if --Q 'vm -a 9' hmm- . -.n I- .Juv .Jn- 1w 'lf' gu4Jns..e.4x..-gifs' aww 9. B." 1 . ,9f,,1.,,y-vw f I" vu 4-,,v4,. -- Lb f-'. .. nJwf- - ...M-fg .. 1. ..rA.4 .4 e-Q .JN ,fv- i ya, ..- 'YWN' V4 fx- af X. xg. XT, 4,f5f'n v lgfv, w.'::.,..-:ff 'S "-'irfx'-'wg'-Tr' 4-wx-,':3L'i-? ng 'Ps-ng 9: .-. 'iiyib a . . fu' i 51 Y! Qi I-J.-l'.'Z',l-, . 1 15- -1-fr-' . '4 "' ' v ' 'f ,,.- -za 1 xr? xv, Q5 , 5-.--3,-,.,,. N-.4.-A... . :ts YD' -. if: ..f. 'sv 'IA I V x -. --1-.A

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