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' :•, ' , . vour UGA, vour PANDORA I our UGA, your Pandora ' • V 1 . " : ' ; , = ' yt; ::ii " " ' .- ' 2005 Pandora University of Georgia 155 Tate Student Center Athens, Georgia 30602 www pandora Table Contents l " 7 ' n W " " ' Academics iir==e«« i«i 72 , k Features 20 Greek Life 192 , Athletics 134 ;j?i ' 2 Table of Contents Classes 262 • ■ Ads 338 Ik ' »! «: ■. ' li jS Closing 318 Table of Conten " W UGA. .4 Opening T. ! wrr ' - »: •. ' ' • .- . r- a beautiful, 614 acre campus Openi Kit ' -V f- -: eye-opening f 4» u -— -«J Robert Lastcr ■■■ ' yTi ' a .JP Opening • ■■■UHBa ' ■■■■jiaiaiWBiMa— a— — ■■■■■■■■■ Mi ■■■ Mp iaB •JHUBUU ■ t 4HHi«aHBaMi ' Hiii«niiag|aMjBJJJJJ " vT t •v- ' « yi KMIc Anderson 9 N V: J » • --Ssi diversity. Opening vast and endless opportunity. C ' r i - ' W -: ♦iJill " Mr - " " H ' fc ' i ' -• ::SS ' S pi ■a rS - l- m trad White Opening 9 friendships. P , -v, % Robert Lister ♦- 4. ? -» ' - X. ' k that last a lifetime Openins 1 1 a family. • " . i V " ' - JBU " m y ¥iii l) . • 12 Opening I i that bleeds red and black .■ .. J Pholot by Robert lastcr Opening 13 1 1 f ..fiS .: , Bill • Robert Inter education Opening 15 :% i Robert Lasler ,»_ Katie Anderson Openins VlEUOnE wm ij m ♦ the best years of your life. iSS Q m frt r IT Katie Anderson vvv: V ' irjfi . ' r ' : ' : ■—■■s 1 l. m P A 1 k. •- ' ?»■»»„- ■ •Mt 1 li Mot M toberHMte i M ' » I mk,- - « •. ■« ' « - I TM i. your UGA Opening 19 asHPssaEH " , y Features Editor: Jennifer Karmel Features Division 21 . :7 B f i HH M fip PI ||Mpfe.:js -• . ' m ■M The University of Geor al B Lambda Alliance " Knowing people from all different orientations and Interests unified through a love of learning and a passion for excellence. " -Larry Flcek Class of 2005 Photos by Robert Lastcr 22 Features i k _ Political Scene 2004 23 ' Beins able to say ' Go DAWGS! ' wherever you go. " -Angela M., Class of 2008 PSf 24 Features n THE TREE THAT OWNS ITSELF i Quercus alba i Deeded to itself by Col. William H. Jackson 1 circa 1832 I xw 1 tM Junior Ladies Garden Club in 1946 National Register of Historic Plac " It has to grow on you, but after a while Athens is the joint! " -Gina Jones, Class of 2007 " Four more years to leech off my parents, hahal " -Anonymous Student Photos by Braa White Landmarks 25 V Photos by Robert Lastcr " Finding friends that you ' ll have for the rest of your life ' ■JC J -- 26 Features M ' W i " Giving your best at everything! " -Anonymous Student Robert Laster Robert Laster m -»■ ' • .l -1l " ' Qe li.---- " ,-» ' l -4l aii,m:vl Robert Laster Redcoat Band 100th Anniversary 27 82ND BHHURl y ,_. GEIJS 9004F00TBR IICIASSIC Bioa SPORTS COMH» i u ' Photos by Brad White 28 Features AD( rj iLfM ! - - ■z 4 ceqqWMUto . com H r - M DRIVE HOUE » ' ' -Jt 00=00 SAFELY! Fall Break in Jacksonville 29 ■■■: n ' PV ' f; ' UGA is a Fall Saturday morning as you tailgate with 90 thousand of your best friends. ' ■Chip Barber, Class of 2005 32 Features " Campus on a football weekend! What an experience, nothing else like it! " ■Scott Donner, Class of 2006 RobcrT ' last UGA is a group of 30,000 friends who bleed red black, " -Sarah Nault, Class of 2006 Tailgating 33 Robert Lastcr " What? We ' re supposed to go to school here too?!? " -Pip M P ' i ' ld ! " Going to my first football game with my new best friend. " -Joelle 34 Features ;„Dcrt Lastcr Bulldog Nation 35 " UGA means meeting people whoi I will be sitting with in 50 years watching the Dawgs win " . -Meredith Maurer, Class of 2006 l! " Home " ■Anonymous Student 36 Features cai ' m " UGA is definitely a once in a lifetime experience where you can share memories of a lifetime with special friends that you meet. " ■Onyema Aneme, Class of 2005 " UGA means being a part of something bigger than myself. " -Melissa Ann Lerette, Class of 2007 Photos oy Roben Laster Homecoming 37 38 Features I Photo by Jennifer Karmel " UGA means having fun in a great atmosphere. It ' s the best time of your life. " - Sara Yui!!, Class of 2005 Photo by Jennifer Karmel Photos by Brad White Uniquely Athens Shopping 39 Photos by Brad White " The Greatest Place on Earth " -Anonymous Student 40 Features Streets and Corners 41 Photo by Brad White r i Photos by Brad White Managans GENCO CJO. FtaHOUSE AlHENS, G _ IHll 1 ' iHl lH BETWE ' BROAD STREET BAR GRILL nie Ultimate Red Black Experier ence Photos by Jennifer Karmel 42 Features « il IliKHT Photos by Brad While Photo t y Jennifer Karmcl A Sign of the Times 43 N r:— " v I m mi . ,, ■ai;:,ri| Photos by Jennifer Karmel 44 Features f Tgif 4 _ M 3SSw?S IMT ■■ H - ' ' 1 IflBff ' ♦. i t3 1. . ■ t ou, 5 JL B J " ISr , :: M 1 ' ffl i|i!BS Alii JoiU " Using WebCT as my own personal eBay. " -Cassie The SLC 45 H • ■■■,■• ymft t-Zi " ■■HIIII Photo by Brad White Photo by Brad White Photo by Katie Garner 46 Features 4 Photo by Brad White " Picking flowers on North Campus illegally. " Emily, Class of 2005 Photo by Katie Garner North Campus 47 fC Hanging out at Tate Student Center! Whitney Roy Photo by Brad White 48 Features Photo by Katie Garni Photo by Brad White ' A full, well-rounded experience of academics, student activities and social life. " Keane Johnson, Grad Student Tate Plaza 49 50 Features " Young people face competing leadership paradigms, so it is our job to encourage them to reject negative leadership roles and to embrace positive ones. I want to help our youth see that they can achieve anything they set their minds to and that the sky ' s the limit. " - Deondra Rose, Miss UGA 2005, Class of 2005 Miss UGA Pageant 51 52 Features " My UGA is my yellow brick road complete with Chemistry potholes, my doorway out of the shelter of my home to the opportunity of tomorrow, my friend that I never knew I needed (or wanted), Snelling at 11:57 and pizza before an exam. My UGA is a brand new smile to light a lifetime. " ■ Marcus Royal, Class of 2007 Photos by Robcn Laster Student Government Debate 53 " My UGA is weekend field trips, 6- hour labS and a whole lot of close friends made in the process. " -Susan Marie Pierce, Class of 2005 Photo by Katie Garner n Photo by Laura Boi ; 54 Features L , by Util ' ' Life Off Campus 55 MARCH 23 -- TO EXPAND THE TATE STUDENT CEHTEH W ' V WTH A50Q SPACE PARKIHG " ' " II " For years students have indicated an interest in more and larger multipurpose rooms, meeting rooms, student organization office space, a food court, retail space rehearsal and performance space, and better parking. A " one-stop-shopping " environment is v hat is being envisioned for the central part of campus, and students v ill be able to give lots of input as the new facilities are designed. " - Department of Student Activities Existing Tate Center Tate Center Expansion ff fe 5 r ■ " ' w " As by J, fame •$ Images courtesy of stiract vote 56 Features " A golden brown melt prepared by J. Michael Floyd of Snelling fame. " - Sebastion Owl, Class of 2005 Photos by Brad White Looking to the Future Dining Halls 57 ■I F 1 1 5 l l -i. — oa Photo by Robert Laster c, . £ •■31- 58 Features Photo by Brad White Photo by Robert Laster " My UGA is my ticket to my future success, " - Bianca Stephens, Class of 2005 Photo by Brad While Getting Around 59 Photo by Brad White " My UGA is Saturdays between the hedges, Sundays at the Science Library, and weel s full of laughter, hugs and dreams. Long live UGA! Go Dawgs! " - Kim Aldrich, Class of 2005 " You might not be able to be someone else, but you can be more of who you are. " -Anonymous Student 60 Features Photos by Robert Laster i b I the ibrary. UKIl WW The Real Downtown 61 o vi: King m tiKl : f . ' „T w 1 f anlr iW ¥« ' ' AKMY ROTC JUNIORS TRAHSFERS GRAD STUDEHTS MOT TOO LATE BECOME AN ARMY OFFICER 542 2612 BULLDOG BATTALION Photo by Robert Lastcr Photo by Jennifer Karmel I " There ' s always something interesting to see if you lool hard enough. " ■ Anonymous Student 62 Features " iSKIK: Photo by Brad While i " » «— 1 ! ' r RtVOLUTloA .K Photo by Jennifer Karmel Photo by Jennifer Karmcl See the Signs 63 64 Features " UGA is never lowering your standards. " -Anonymous Student iliiW ' ,M Tate Student Center 65 " UGA is a wonderful experience for ajj diversity " ■Melissa, 4th year Photos by Brad White 66 Features 4, " We ' re not a bad country, but we ' re adolescently indifferent. We must step up our history, our possibilities ' World-renowned poet Nikki Giovanni Holmes - Hunter Ceremony 67 " Where my paycheck goes. " -Christen 68 Features The Bookstores 69 CLASS OF ' 37-FRESHME Traditions never die. The freshmen class of 1937 is warned not to wall under the Arch (above). The Godfather of Soul, James Brown participates in the 1978 Homecoming Parade (right). An on-field wedding in 1979 (above). 70 Features Coach Dooley stands proud with his squad. The Bulldogs beat Florida 44-0 In 1983 (above). Herschel Walker celebrates his 1982 Heisman Trophy (above). A Look Back 71 p Academics wiS Editor: Katie Garner Academics Division 73 74 Academics j " The Honors Program is one of the main reasons I came to UGA. The big rooms are great, the small classes advantageous, and the early registration is definitely a benefit. However being a part of the Honors Program is about so much morel With less than 20 kids in my classes, I can become friends with my classmates and Interact more personally with my professor. There is so much unity and pride throughout Myers, the honors dorm, not to mention the Ultimate Frisbee! The Myers Quad is one of the best social spots on campus, and dorm activities are so much fun! Every college kid knows that getting the motivation to go to class is hard, but I find that honors classes compel me to go to class! " -Amanda Young, Class of 2008 " To me, UGA is a perfect combination of many different things: it ' s a place for academics, for new experiences, for being on your own for the first time, and for fun. " - Erin Lundberg, Class of 2006 Honors College " The honors program has provided me with opportunities for unique experiences while at the university. " -Yvonne Williams, Class of 2006 Honors College 75 " Friends, fellowship, and fun. " -Laura Staub " Being able to attend this University and have such a positive experience, when so many people fought for my right to do so. " -Kenyae Reese Graduate School " A new experience, but a good experience. " -Drew Brannon 76 Academics t ] }kK STUDIO! K!UICM 6r Graduate School 77 ' - , 78 Academics School of Law JLy .iy -j ' : ■ ' ' " J aTiii? m School of Law 79 College of Pharmacy ' L J " ' J " I think that UGA Pharmacy Is a great program that offers an in-depth curriculum with a wide range of job opportunities upon graduation. " -Daniel Malcom, Class of 2008 H 80 Academics iS;«3 -J ' i u...ri. J ; College of Pharmacy 81 " I would not trade [my experiences in tiie College of Pharmacy] for the world. I came into pharmacy school not knowing what to expect and having no idea what was ahead of me. Through these last four years I have made friends that will last a lifetime. We have studied together, eaten together, laughed together, tailgated together, and played together. I will be very proud to be a Georgia Bulldawg Pharmacist in the class of 2005. " - Michael Dent, Class of 2005 82 Academics " I can definitely say that choosing the UGA College of Pharmacy was the best decision I ' ve made in college. Throughout my four years at the College of Pharmacy I ' ve made great friends through the students and faculty that will shape and guide me for the rest of my days. To me, the pharmacy school here at UGA feels more like a big family than a small college, and I wouldn ' t trade my time here for anything. " - Carey A. Vaughan, Class of 2005 c College of Pharmacy 83 ■...ii,-.- . ' ! N. V .,«.:««jju i»- ;« ' » ' " ■ ' 84 Academics College of Veterinary k A Medicine College of Veterinary Medicine 85 Y- y ; y ' --ifM j ' W ' x t A ri College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences 86 Academics ■K % College of Agricultor. Environmental Sciences Administration Offices Agricultural and Applied ak ma m College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences 87 88 Academics Conner Hall College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Administration Offices Agricultural and Applied Economics College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences 89 90 Academics ' When I think of the ferry College of lousiness, I see opportunity. I see a doorway through which I can achieve my goals, as well as meeting interesting people who have the power to enrich my education. " - Rachael Nachman, Class of 2006 " Being in Terry means having the best facilities and the best resources to prepare for the global world of business. " - Sheena Garrett, Class of 2006 Terry College of Business Terry College of Business 91 " Terry ensures with hard work and dedication that ali its students have the necessary tools for success. " - Danny Acevedo, Class of 2006 92 Academics k iS. ' , ■ i- «m H ' [Being in Terry ollege of usiness means] raduating from business school hat ' s well espected throughout the zountry. " Ashley Miller, :iass of 2005 A : ii n H ' Hp B 1 k M % -% W Terry College of Business 93 -ff iT ' I ■ ■ !■■■■■ I I College of Education " The College of Education is my catalist between the passion stirring in my heart to enrich the lives of teenagers and the reality that fulfills such a passion. " - Elise Reynolds, Class of 2008 ' J 94 Academics EGE OF EDUCATION College of Education 95 " I ' m very impressed with the College of Education. All of the professors are very in tune to their students, and they are all so passionate about givinc future educators the skills they need. " - Betsy Beachjj Class of 2006 14 96 Academics " I ' My major means :eaching people to :onnect what poets said long ago with iche feelings we all have now through Ithe medium of jmusic. Basically, I ' d ike to teach the orld to sing in erfect harmony, " Kelli Parker, Class of 2008 College of Education 97 98 Academics College of Environment and Design College of Environment and Design 99 College of Family and Consumer Sciences " By majoring in Consumer Foods and Dietetics in the College of Family and Consumer Sciences, I hope to help with America ' s obesity problem and improve the overall health of all Americans ' - Aimec Chisamore, Class of 2008 100 Academics College of Family and Consumer Sciences 101 102 Academics 1 College of Family and Consumer Sciences 103 104 Academics ' 4 y .J »l " •R Warnell School of Forest Resources q 1 1 ) ii Warnell School of Forest ' Resources Warnell School of Forest Resources 105 " Grady ' s curriculum has got some long days, but I don ' t mind them, because it will pay off in the long run ' ■ Aaron Cooper, Class of 2006 V Grady College of Journalism and Mass Confimunication iCoHeg 106 Academics Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication 107 K S -?- ' " " ■ ' SS ? ' I ' • " ' " ' ' ■ ' " ? ' ' " " i PlfClWlOII DtpWtlBtttt PsydMlofff CHmc uMfftl QlMfM CMtHP. Offict of liutnKtional Sapport It Dantopmnl tastttati for MricM AmHcm Stadiif GiiMral ClusnMNM " Grady is like family People get time to know you, and you not only learn, you also build lasting friendships, " - Lisa Casini, Class of 2006 108 Academics " I am realizing the value of my diploma from Grady every day. " ■ Ben Mayer, Class of 2006 Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication 109 110 Academics V V I A " I ' m majoring in Political Science because I enjoy hearing the opinions of others and debating global issues with them. Majoring in Political Science will help me on my way to making a career out of what I enjoy most. " - Jennifer Pridgeon, Class of 2008 School of Public and international Affairs ■ffl School of Public and International Affairs 111 112 Academics School of Public and International Affairs 113 School of Social Work 114 Academics ■. • k)i School of Social Work 115 I ' A 116 Academics ■ }■ IfW ' ■ I 1 II II I ' ve made some good friends, gone to some amazing football games, and celebrated New Year ' s Eve somewhere different every year. " Patrick Gauld, Class of 2006 Franklin College of Arts and Sciences PS • J ' 5 mm Franklin College of Arts and Sciences 117 " ?ir? ' 2 -«sa;p; - Degree Programs for Franklin College of Arts and Sciences African-American Studies Anthropology Art Biochemistry Molecular Biology Biological Sciences Division Cellular Biology Chemistry Classics Comparative Literature Computer Science Dance Drama English Genetics Geography Geology Germanic Slavic History Linguistics Marine Sciences Mathematics Microbiology Music Philosophy Physics and Astronomy Plant Biology Psychology Religion Romance Languages Sociology Speech Communication Statistics Women ' s Studies 118 Academics " Being in Franklin College allows me to try a variety of classes while still focusing on my |_ major. " ■ Katie Dixon, Class of 2008 Franklin College of Arts and Sciences 119 " Franklin College provides so many opportunities to get involved. It gives me such a feeling of community and has really helped to make the college experience more enjoyable. " - Jonathan Waldroup, Class of 2008 120 Academics " My time at UGA ' s art department has stretched me more than any other artistic experience to date because of the variety of talented and capable professors and the challenging standards set by them as well as by my peers. I have been forced to look critically at the world around me so that I can interpret it better. " - Lauren Chester, Class of 2008 Franklin College of Arts and Sciences 121 I 122 Academics College of Public Health College of Public Health Environmental Health Science ' - ' iU College of Public Health 123 Dr Michael Adams President 124 Academics Dr. Arnett C. Mace, Jr. Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost Dr. Henry M. Huckaby Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration Dr. Steve Wrigley Senior Vice President for External Affairs Dr. Delmer D. Dunn Vice President for Instruction and Associate Provost Dr. Arthur Dunning Vice President for Public Service and Outreach and Associate Provost Dr. Gordhan L. Patel Vice President for Research and Associate Provost Dr. Rodney Bennett Vice Kresiaeni lor Student Affairs and Associate Provost Administration, Vice Presidents 125 • i iM Dr. Shelia Allen Dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine Dr. P. Georse Benson Dean of Terry College of Business Dr. Josef Broder Dean of the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Dr. Louis Castenell Dean of the College of Education Dr. Jack Crowley Dean of the College of Environment and Design Dr. Maureen Grasso Dean of the Graduate School Dr. Nancy P. Kropf Dean of the School of Social Work Dr. Thomas P. Lauth Dean of the School of Public and International Affairs Dr. Sharon Nickols Dean of the College of Family and Consumer Sciences Dr. Sevin Oie Dean of the College of Pharmacy t Dr. Richard Porterfield [ Dean of Warnell School of Forest Resources Dr. John Soloski Dean of Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication Dr. Garnett Stokes Dean of Franklin College of Arts and Sciences Dr. Philip L. Williams Dean of the College of Public Health 7) Dr. Rebecca H. White Dear. w. .... chool of Lc;.. 126 Academics ' Being with students, whether teaching in the classroom, on the ropes course at our annual Leadership -ACS retreat, or during monthly meetings with our FACS Ambassadors IS a highlight of my position as Dean of the College of Family and Consumer Sciences. While struggling with the challenges of classes and labs and, frequently, jobs and other stresses, I find that students maintain their enthusiasm and inquisitive nature. After spending a few hours in administrative meetings, I can quickly re-energize just by spending a little time with students. " Dr. Sharon Y. Nickols, Dean of the College of Family and Consumer Sciences " I am always impressed by the character and quality of University of Georgia students, particularly as they embody the " Pillars of the Arch " campus creed: Wisdom, Justice and Moderation. Like other members of the faculty and administration, I am extremely proud of the accomplishments of our students and I take great pleasure in following their progress and success once they leave the campus. " - Dr. Arnett C. Mace, Jr., Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost Deans, Administration 127 ' The SLC is a wonderful place to study because you can study by yourself or In a study group, and you also have the option of sitting down with friends and chatting at Jittery Joes ' - Paulina Cruz-Venegas, Class of 2006 I student Learning Center 128 Academics ii: " [The library is important in order] to preserve the culture and the history of the state of Georgia " ■ Jeannie Ledford Main Library student Learning Center, Main Library 129 i K Science Library 130 Academics law Library Science Library, Law Library 131 132 Academics ■fli -W Wii ' -- Academics 133 11 I II % Athletics Editor: Lisa Bolin - n 1 i ' I Athletics Division 135 Photos by UGA Sports Communication 138 Athletics » .v( inkiMiv. 140 Athletics ' v u r 142 Athletics ir.Wb? . Men ' s Basketball 143 t. fe I :!: ' 4 mI JP f B L m m • P l m B Hf- LBipnp « H|| HV Vl V is 9 kH jM ►Q H Jjnl f " B ftB aJV B H v 9 Lj b is S l iTIil VvT ' vi . l iflK MpGP M l V4 P iifA H V dfiiv j Bi ff B S m Ky (i I if U W ||H V L V H » fS t 9Wk T V ■ ' Ti w » i B Bi j B B f f K ' T V m WR K l br ' mL. V B CS HL I lieli 148 Athletics i Football 149 | fc.K v» ■ »— » »— r»i i»«— ww « ■ ■ « iH( W nw n it w iy ; ii !Hi i (»l l ' | i i ft « i i i m J ' ' ■-- mmujmwmm mu ' ftM 150 Athletics mm i . lV Football 153 w fi I » t ) i ili-»i V Football 157 •»• 158 Athletics Football Cheerleading 159 ;i ' ! I 160 Athletics Volleyball 161 Ml Photo by USA Sports Communication Photo by UGA Sports AMBinunicator t«ev« Guyer Swim and Dive 165 nUVlf.KO ' V OD Photos by UGA Sports Communications ,«if • 1 1 warn 1,., ■ . - ;ii. ' 4C«v i Soccer 173 174 Athletics IkI i m s » f 33 m 1 iiii 1 Baseball 175 176 Athletics |Photos by UGA Sports Communications % «t. w 178 Athletics Women ' s Tennis 179 " Wl Photos by UGA Sports Communicator Anne MIIMgan Equestrian 183 , lr r a( " » Photos by UGA Sports Communicator Anne Millisan 186 Athletics Softball 187 i fi wiir ' % Photos by UGA Sports Communications Women ' s Golf 189 Photos by UGA Sports Communications Men ' s Golf 191 i .Jr ■J J 4 Greek Life Editor: Amy Burke I K Greek Life Division 193 Alpha Chi Omega est193fi my uga, my sorority Philanthropy: Annual Golf Tournament benlfiting The American Cancer Society, Project Safe, and The Alpha Chi Omega Fundation The Picture Man " To me, Athens Is a home away from home, a place where I have found great friends to share all my memories! " - Katy Carver 194 Greek Life Alpha Chi Omega Executive Alpha Chi Omega 195 Alpha Gamma Delta est. 1904 ■ Mascot: The Squirrel 1111 IPf? my uga, my sorority Philanthropy: Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation supporting Juvenile Diabetes The Picture Man Colors: Red, Buff and Green y U iC My UGA is when Alpha Gamma Delta brought Sister Hazel to the Georgia Theater and raised over five- thousand dollars! " -Lisa Coburn, Class of 2006 Ai 196 Alpha Gamma Delta Alpha Omicron Pi est. 1897 - Alpha Omicfon Pi Philanthropy: Arthritis Research UGA Bid Dav 2004- - my uga, my sorority Mascot: The Panda Bear The Picture Man Color: Cardinal " Leadership, academic excellence, campus involvement, and strong sisterhood are all aspects that make UGA unique. " Alpha Omicron Pi 197 Chi Omeqa est 1895 — - ■ , vr Mascot: The Owl my uga, my sorority Philanthropy: Dawgs for a Cause benefiting H.E R.O Foundation The Annual Paintball Tournament benefiting the Make a Wish Foundation The Picture Man Colors: Cardinal and Straw " My Uga is COFFEE! " - Holly Floyd, Sophomo re 198 Chi Omega 1 1 Delta Gamma est. 1873 my uga, my sorority The Picture Man Philanthropy: Anchor Tee Off and Anchor Splash Mascot: The Anchor and Hannah (the rag doll) Colors: Bronze, Pink and Blue " My UGA is a place that I know I can always call home. It Is my friends, my sisters, my teachers, and of course my football team. " - Kristin Scarboro Delta Gamma 199 T Delta Phi Epsllon Est.193! D ' imJi Mascot: The Unicorn my uga, my sorority Philanthropy: Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders Colors: Royal Purple and Pure Gold II !! 200 " My UGA has been defined by my experience with Delta Phi Epsilon. From tailgating in the front yard to massive midnight cram sessions in the l itchen; the girls in D Phi E really became my best friends and my second family. No matter how bad a day had been, if I could just make it to the house across the street from the track, everything would be ok. " Delta Phi Epsilon " Ada Barber Delta Siqma Theta Est 1969 Id my uga, my sorority " My UGA is bonding with my sorority sisters while being a presence and example in the UGA and Athens community. " ■ Stacey Barnett Delta Sigma Theta 201 w Delta Zeta Est. 1902 ;i . ' ■ »V ' y , " " my uga, my sorority The Picture Man Philanthropy: Gallaudet University Mascot: The Turtle Colors: Old Rose and Green " It ' s freshman year in tiny dorm rooms; it ' s sophomore year in the DZ house when your sisters become your family, your friends and your roommates; it ' s all-nighters in the SLC when finials come around, Sanford Stadium in the fall cheering the Bulldogs on to victory; it ' s standing under the arch after graduation and knowing that each day you were here it changed your life, and your blood will run red and black forever. " - Natalee Singleton L 202 Delta Zeta Gamma Phi Beta Est 1983 km MjT my uga, my sorority The PictufC Man Philanthropy: Camp Fire USA Mascot: White Harp Seal Colors: Pink and White " A Gamma Phi Beta ' s UGA stretches the distance from South Campus to North, East to West. She is pre-med, pre- law, Business, Education, English, and Art. She is the runner along Milledge sidewalks. She is the sophisticate striding the halls of Sanford, portfolio in hand. She is the intellectual nestled in an armchair at the SLC, coffee in one hand, book in the other. She is the nurturer, tutoring Clarke County children after school. She is the philanthopist, her diligence and perseverance the bedrock of Dance Marathon. She is the daughter who calls home, the friend who does lunch, and in the morning, in the afternoon, and at the end of the day, she is a Greek woman who has time, energy, and heart enough for all 185 of her sisters and makes her home in the stately beauty and warmth of 397 South Milledge Avenue. " ■Candace Mae Gibson Gamma Phi Beta 203 Kappa Alpha Theta est. 1870 ' i i - . r Mascot: The Cat my uga, my sorority Philanthropy: C.A.S.A: Court Appointed Special Advocates The Picture Man Colors: Black and Gold " My UGA Is an opportunity for growth and a time to develop Into who I want to become ' - Bowen Relchert, VP of External Relations 204 Kappa Alpha Theta a Delta est. 1897 r - my uga, my sorority The Picture Man Philanthropy: Mascot: The Bass Classic The Teddy and " Big Man on Bear Campus Pagent " Colors: Olive Green and Pearl White " Kappa Delta loves socials. Date Nights, Formals, Intramurals, Sisterhood, and Georgia Football! " - Kim Gebbia, Organizations Liaison Kappa Delta 205 r PI Beta Phi est. 1867 my uga, my sorority The Picture Man Mascot: The Angel Philanthropy: The Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts and Links to Literacy Colors: Wine and Silver Blue " My UGA means building friendships and the best four years of my life. " - Jessica Jaret, Vice President of Moral 206 Pi Beta Phi Delta Delta Delta est 1888 my uga, my sorority Mascot: The Dolphin Philanthropy: Dance Marathon, Relay for Life, American Cancer Society Colors: Silver, Gold, and Blue i vnr ir " My UGA is the long line of memories I have. It ' s a that will always bring a smile to my face. " ■ Ashley Clayton, President of Tri Delta place Delta Delta Delta 207 i Zeta Tau Alpha est. 189 I my uga, my sorority Colors: Steel Grey and Turquoise Blue Philanthropy: The Susan B. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation Mascot: The Strawberry 1 «. 1 11. i, r ■ 1 ■r 111 " My UGA is a perfectly balanced campus of outstanding academics " W and intense athletics It ' s more than a University, it ' s a UGA family so( ■ Lindsey Clark, Zeta Tau Alpha Historian 208 Zeta Tau Alpha 189 Panhellenic Council my uga, my sorority iemics arfy ' " We help young women stand for good scholarship, for guarding good health, fine standards, and serving our college community. " - 2004 Panhellenic Executive Council J Panhellenic Council 209 Sigma Gamma RhoE« mM my uga, my sorority Mascot: The French Toy Poodle Philanthropy: Project Africa, Rho ' ya ' Roses Sapphires, Operation Big Book Bag Colors: Royal Blue and Gold 210 Sigma Gamma Rho Xi Delta Est1991 Mascot: The Striped Dolphin my uga, my sorority Philanthropy: Crohns and Colitis Association and " Adopt a Highway " Colors: Navy, Hunter Green White " Without UGA there would be no Xi Delta and for that alone I will be eternally grateful. Xi Delta thrives on the energy and spirit on which UGA was founded. I look forward to showing my children pictures of my alma mater and of Xi Delta, my niche in this esteemed university. For me, UGA and Xi Delta will remain forever intertwined. " Angela Holter, Xi Delta Treasurer Xi Delta 211 Phi Beta Sigma Est. 1914[D Colors: Blue White Philanthropy: AIDS Walk " Our UGA Is blue and white! " - Bradford Robbins, Phi Beta Sigma Secretary XCvS i S.« v K 212 Phi Beta Sigma l« Delta Sigma Phi Est 2001 Philanthropy: March of Dimes " My UGA is southern social tradition mixed with beautiful girls, a great football team, and the best all around education in the state. " hris Feedman, senior % «i i cvS i s.e- vv Delta Sigma Phi 213 Phi Gamma Deltaesti87i 1 Colors: Purple and Gold Philanthropy: Children ' s Miracle Network Run for the Kids Tin rfii 7w » ' ■ I " • %, .- S ' Col Ch " My UGA is a place that encourages growth In all areas of life. Growth In academics, spiritually, and In leadership. It Is a place that fosters life ' s essentials, and I ' m proud to experience that, particularly amongst friends. " -James Derrick, Chapter President cvS i x« v K i 214 Phi Gamma Delta Siqma Chi « Colors: Old Gold and Blue Philanthropy: Hope Haven Children ' s Miracle Network 1872 •My UGA is Sanford Stadium in the Fall and Sons of Italy in the Spring. Their is no other place like Athens and you will not find better people anywhere in the South. This University is one of the last greats and I am proud to have spent my four years here. " Gene Rice, Senior Sigma Chi cc i tS ' Kv XS Sigma Chi 215 Greek Homes Chi O mega Alpha Gamma Delta - ' W ' Alpha Omicron Pi Delta Delta Delta Kappa Delta 216 Greek Life Around Athens Alpha Kappa Lamda Lampda Alpha Chi Chi Psi Theta Chi Sigma Phi Epsilon Phi Kappa Tau Greek Homes 217 ? Sigma Epsilon Presents... 218 Greek Life m The 2004 Haunted House I Sigma Phi Epsilon Haunted House 219 J GREEKS UNITE!! Annual All Greek Step Show February 5, 2005 220 Greek Life " Being one of the largest and most diverse events on campuS the competition brings together various cultures, ethnic groups, student organizations, universities, faculty, staff, families and community members " All Greek Step Show 221 Dance Marathon 2005 $237,476.07 " For the Kids " ha is anc d 222 Greek Life i " Dance Marathon is the most amazing thins I have ever been a part of. What blows me away is to see hundreds of students come together and completely dedicate themselves to this one day in his her life to chanse everyday in the lives of so many children! " -Grace Youns, Public Relations Dance Marathon 223 Organizations ■ w i7 " --- ; s ' I Editor: Jessica Mullis mnFY Organizations Division 225 student Organizations at 19 ' " CENTURV NOVEL READING GROUP AD CLUB (UGA) ADAEGWU DANCE GROUP ADOPT-A-GRANDPARENT ADVENTISTS STUDENTS FOR CHRIST ADVOCATING SAFE ALTS. FOR PEERS (ASAP) AESTHETIC IMPULSE AFRICAN STUDENT UNION AG HILL COUNCIL AG. APPLIED ECONOMICS GRAD STUD ASSN AGRONOMY GRAD STUDENT ASSOCIATION AIESEC ALL-STAR CHEER SQUAD ALPHA KAPPA DELTA ALPHA OMEGA ALPHA PHI OMEGA ALPHA UPSILON ALPHA ALPHA ZETA ALTERNATIVE SPRING BREAK ALUMNI AND ASSOCIATEDS OF FCCLA ALUMNI ASSOC STUDENT ADVISORY COUNCIL AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY (UGA) AMERICAN CONSTITUTION SOCIETY AMERICAN LANGUAGE CLUB AMERICAN MARKETING ASSOCIATION (AMA-UGA) AMERICAN MEDICAL STUDENT ASSN. AMERICAN RED CROSS, STUDENT FOR THE, AMERICAN VET. MED. ASSN., STUD. CHAP. AMERICAN WATER RES. ASSN., STUD. CHAP. AMERICANS FOR INFORMED DEMOCRACY AMIGOS FOR CHRIST AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL ANGELS INCORPORATED ANTHROPOLOGY GRADUATE STUD. ORG. ANTHROPOLOGY SOCIETY APPLIED PSYCHOLOGY STUDENT ASSN. AQUADAWGS ARCH SOCIETY, THE ARCHERY CLUB ART HISTORY ORG., UNDERGRADUATE ASIAN AMERICAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION ASIAN LAW STUDENTS ASSOCIATION ASSOCIATION OF CHINESE EDUCATION SCHOLARS ® UGA ASTRONOMY CLUB, UGA ATHENS FOR JUSTICE IN PALESTINE ATHENS GLOBAL JUSTICE COLLECTIVE AWIS UGA (ASSOCIATION OF WOMEN IN SCIENCE) BALLET ENSEMBLE, UGA BALLROOM DANCE CLUB BALLROOM PERFORMANCE GROUP BAPTIST STUDENT UNION BASEBALL CLUB BELLY DANCE CLUB BEST BUDDIES OF UGA BETA ALPHA PSI BETA BETA BETA BIOLOGICAL HONOR SOCIETY BIG BROTHER BIG SISTER OF UGA BIO SCIENCE CLUB BIOCHEMISTRY GRAD STUDENT ASSOCIATION BLACK ACCOUNTANTS, NAT ' L ASSN. OF BLACK JOURNALISTS, NATIONAL ASSN. OF BLACK SOCIAL WORKERS NAT ' L ASSOCIATION BLACK THEATRICAL ENSEMBLE BLOCK AND BRIDLE CLUB BRASS GAVEL LEADERSHIP SOCIETY 8e W BREAKDANCING CLUB BUDOKAI (SHORINJI-RYU KARATE-DO) BUIDOG CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP C.S. LEWIS SOCIETY CAES AMBASSADORS CAMPUS CONNECTION CAMPUS CRUSADE FOR CHRIST CAMPUS GIRL SCOUTS, UGA CAMPUS OUTREACH CANADIAN STUDENTS ASSOCIATION CAPOEIRA CARE CARIBBEAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION CELLULAR BIOLOGY GRAD STUDENTS ASSOCIATION CHEAP DATE CLUB CHEMICAL SOCIETY STUDENT AFFILIATES CHEMISTRY GRAD STUDENT ORGANIZATION (CGSO) CHI ALPHA CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP CHI SIGMA IOTA, GAMMA BETA CHAPTER OF CHILD AND FAMILY DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION CHILD AND FAMILY DEV. GRAD STUDENT ORG. CHINA INFORMATION NETWORK CHINESE LANGUAGE SOCIETY CHINESE STUDENT UNION CHORAL ASSOCIATION, UGA CHRISTIAN PHARMACISTS FELLOWSHIP CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ORGANIZATION AT UGA CHRISTIAN STUDENTS CINEMATIC ARTS- A DIVISION OF UNIVERSITY UNION CIRCLE OF FRIEND, UGA CLARINET ASSOCIATION CLASSIC CITY JAZZ, UGA CLASSIC EXPRESSIONS CLUB SOFTBALL CLUB SWIMMING CLUB VOLLEYBALL TEAM (MEN ' S) COLLEGE BOWL COLLEGE OF AG. AND ENV. SCI. GRAD. STUD. ASSOC COLLEGE OF EDUCATION STUDENT AMBASSADORS COLLEGE REPUBLICANS COLLEGIATE 4-H COLLEGIATE MUSIC EDUCATORS COLLEGIATE SCHOLARS, NATIONAL SOCIETY OF, COLOR ME CRAFTY! COMBATIVE ARTS SELF-DEFENSE CLUB COMMITTEE FOR BLACK CULTURAL PROGRAMS COMMUNICATION ASSOC. UNDERGRADUATE NATL., COMPUTING MACHINERY, ASSOCIATION OF, CONCERT CHOIR CORE DANCE COMPANY COUNSELING PSYCHOLOGY STUD. ASSN, CRESWELL COMMUNITY COUNCIL CULTURE CLUB CYCLING CLUB DAIRY SCIENCE CLUB DANCE REVOLUTION PLAYERS ORG. DANCE MARATHON, (UGA) DANCE STUDENT TRAVEL DANCE UGA DAWG CAMP DAWGPOUND, THE DAWGS AFTER DARK, DIVISION OF UNIVERSITY UNION DAWGS FOR ISRAEL DEAN WILLIAM TATE HONOR SOCIETY DELTA PHI LAMBDA DELTA SIGMA PI DEMOSTHENAN LITERARY SOCIETY Dl GAMMA KAPPA (BROADCASTING SOCIETY) DODGEBALL CLUB ECOLOGICAL AND ENVIRON. ANTHROPOLOGY ECONOMICS SOCIETY ENTERTAINMENT, A DIVISION OF UNIVERSITY UNION ENTOMOLOGY CLUB, H.O. LUND ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH SCIENCE CLUB EQUAL JUSTICE FOUNDATION EQUESTRIAN CLUB TEAM FAMILY AND CONSUMER SCIENCES STUDENT ASSN. FELLOWSHIP OF CHRISTIAN ATHLETES FILIPINO AMERICAN STUDENT ASSN FIMRC (FRN FOR MED RELIEF OF CHIDREN) FLY (FOR LOVING YOURSELF) FLYING RAT TOLI TEAM FOOD AND NUTRITION GRAD STUDENT ORGANIZATION FOOD SCIENCE CLUB FORENSICS SPEECH TEAM FORESTRY CLUB FOWLER DRIVE ELEMENTARY TUTORING CLUB GAMMA IOTA SIGMA GAMMA SIGMA SIGMA GENETICS GRAD STUDENT ORGANIZATION GEOGRAPHY STUDENT ASSOCIATION GEORGIA ASSOC. FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF NON PROFIT ORGS. GEORGIA DEBATE UNION GEORGIA DISC SPORTS GEORGIA FORUM, THE GEORGIA GAMEDAY GEORGIA GUARDDAWG NEWSPAPER GEORGIA LANDSCAPE GEORGIA SOCIETY OF HEALTH SYSTEMS PHARMACISTS GEORGIA TROOP SUPPORTERS GEORGIANS FOR ALTERNATIVES TO THE DEATH PENALTY GERMAN STUDENT ORGANIZATION GLEE CLUB, WOMENS GLOBES GRADUATE AND PROFESSIONAL SCHOLARS (GAPS) GRADUATE ART STUDENTS, ASSN OF GRADUATE RESEARCHERS IN EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY GRADUATE STUDENT ASSOCIATION GRADY GRADUATE CALCULUS H.E.R.O. FOR CHILDREN HABITAT FOR HUMANITY (UGA) HALO CLUB, THE UGA HILLEL- CAMPUS CENTER FOR JEWISH LIFE HISPANIC STUDENT ASSOCIATION HOME BUILDERS (UGA), NAT ' L ASSN. HONORS PROGRAM STUDENT COUNCIL HORTICULTURE CLUB, UGA HYPE- HIV AIDS YOUTH PREVENTION EFFORT ICE HOCKEY, UGA IDEAS AND ISSUES, A DIVISION OF UNIVERSITY UNION IMPACT ATHENS INDIAN CULTURE EXCHANGE (ICE) INDIAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION INFORMED VOTERS FOUNDATION INSIGHT MEDITATION GROUP INSTRUCTIONAL TECHNOLOGY STUDENT ASSN. (ITSA) INSURANCE SOCIETY INTER FAITH AND CULTURAL ORGANIZATION INTERESTED LADIES OF LAMBDA THETA ALPHA INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS SOCIETY ,a,V Pa ' " !2 tl diiW |0i IMPA « «APf» ' ' lAIA ' i («tt« (OHfAl plAN (OlEAIt utioss tWiOA IA»(IM ItflOA UHtiCA l»«GUA( wmM l W DOl l(AM«9 »SAW DBIAI iMBIi IIMIAI WAGAZI flAHlO fWAS MNAGE MUKS MAICH I WSISIS m . mm mm mm mm MMA MUSLIM I liAACP, NAIIONA MONA NAMHA HAR, a vm BIEW OMEGA omo OfflAD omiAi OWS (( PAGA PAWJA PABSIA PAWOII PAWLl PCGAK PEEI FIN PHAIMA PHAlMj PHI Ain PHlAin PHIliA PIIEIA 226 Organizations List the University of Georgia INTERNATIONAl. JUSTICE MISSION, UGA CAMPUS INTERNATIONAL YOUTH FELLOWSHIP JOSHUA GENERATION KAPPA DELTA EPSILON KAPPA KAPPA PSI BAND FRATERNITY KAPPA PSI PHARMACEUTICAL FRATERNITY KARATE CLUB, UGA KINO KLUB KOREAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION KOREAN TRADITIONAL PLAY ASSN. KOREAN UNDERGRADUATE STUDENT ASSN. LACROSSE ■ MENS LACROSSE CLUB, WOMEN ' S LAMBDA ALLIANCE LAMBDA KAPPA SIGMA LAMBDA PI ETA LANDSCAPE CLUB LANGUAGE EDUCATION GRAD ORG. LATTER-DAY SAINT STUD. ASSN. LAW DOUBLE DAWG SOCIETY, UGA LEADERSHIP RESOURCE TEAM LEADERSHIP E DUCATION ADVOCACY FOR DISABILITIES LIBERTARIANS OF UGA LINGUISTIC SOCIETY, UGA LUTHERAN STUDENT FELLOWSHIP GROUP MAGAZINE CLUB f AHJONG SOCIETY MALAYSIAN AND SIGAPOREAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION MANAGEMENT SOCIETY, THE MANRRS (MIN. IN AG., NAT. RES., RELATED SCI.) MARCH OF DIMES COLLEGIATE COUNCIL MASTERS OF SOCIAL WORK STUD. FAC. COMM. MATHEMATICS EDUCATION STUD. ASSN. MICROBIOLOGY GRADUATE STUD. ASSN. MINORITY BUSINESS STUDENT ASSN. MINORITY PRE-MEDICAL STUDENT ASSN. MONTOLOGY CATALYST ASSOCIATION MOUNTAIN BIKE CLUB, UGA MUSLIM STUDENT ASSOCIATION NAACP, UGA CHAPTER OF NATIONAL COUNCIL OF NEGRO WOMEN INC. -UGA NATIONAL LAWYERS GUILD NATIONAL PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL, UGA NATL COMMUNITY PHARMACISTS ASSOCIATION NEUROSCIENCE STUDENT ASSOCIATION NOTEWORTHY OMEGA WORSHIP CENTER BIBLE STUDY OMICRON DELTA KAPPA OPERATION SMILE STUDENT ASSOC. AT UGA (OSSA) OUTREACH, SERVICE PROJECT OWLS (OLDER WISER LEARNERS) PAGAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION PAINTBALL CLUB, UGA PAKISTAN STUDENTS ASSOCIATION PANDORA YEARBOOK PANHELLENIC COUNCIL PC GAMERS OF UGA PEER FINANCIAL COUNSELING PHARMACEUTICAL ASSN., STUDENT NAT ' L PHARMACEUTICAL SCIENTISTS ASSN. PHI ALPHA DELTA PRE-FRATERNITY PHI ALPHA THETA HISTORY HONOR SOCIETY PHI BEATA HEATA PI BETA LAMBDA The r PHI ETA SIGMA PHI KAPPA LITERARY SOCIETY PHI SIGMA PI PI BETA PHI PI KAPPA LAMBDA PI SIGMA ALPHA PRE-OPTOMETRY CLUB PRE-VET CLUB PRINTMAKING STUDENT ASSOCIATION PROJECT DEMOCRACY PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION, GEORGIA STUDENTS READING GRADUATE STUDENTS, INTL ASSN. OF, REAL ESTATE SOCIETY RED HOTZ, UGA RESIDENCE HALL ASSOCIATION RODEO CLUB, UGA ROTARACT- UGA ROWING CLUB, MEN ' S ROWING TEAM (UGA), WOMEN ' S RUGBY TEAM, MENS (UGA) RUGBY TEAM, WOMENS (UGA) RUNNING CLUB, UGA RUSSIAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION SAFE CAMPUSES NOW SAILING CLUB, UGA SCHOOL COUNSELING ASSOCIATION, UGA SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGISTS, STUDENTS ASSN. OF SEMPER Fl SOCIETY OF UGA SIGMA ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA IOTA SIGMA BETA RHO SILVER WINGS (FORMERLY ANGEL FLIGHT) SKY DAWGS SOCCER CLUB, WOMEN ' S (UGA) SOCIAL FOUNDATIONS GRADUATE COALITION SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGISTS AT UGA SOCIAL WORK CLUB SOCIAL WORK DOCTORAL ASSN. SOCIETY FOR FUTURE PHARMACISTS SOCIETY FOR MANAGEMENT INFO SYSTEMS SOCIETY OF AMERICAN FORESTERS CHAPTER SOCIETY OF CONSUMER AFFAIRS PROFESSIONALS SOCIETY OF PROFESSIONAL JOURNALISTS SOCIETY OF NAT. ASSN. OF NURSING STUDENTS SOIL AND WATER CONSERVATION SOCIETY, UGA SPEAK OUT FOR SPECIES (SOS) SPEECH-LANGUAGE- HEARING ASSN. SPORTS BUSINESS CLUB STILLPOINT LITERARY MAGAZINE STONEWALL STUDENTS STUD. ALLIANCE FOR FIREARM ED. RESPONSIBILITY STUDENT ANIMAL LEGAL DEFENSE STUDENT ASSOC. OF ARCHAEOLOGICAL SCIENCES STUDENT COUNCIL FOR EXCEPTIONAL CHILDREN STUDENT DIETETIC ASSOCIATION STUDENT FINANCIAL PLANNING ASSOCIATION STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION STUDENT MERCHANDISING ASSOCIATION STUDENT PERSONNEL ASSOCIATION, UGA STUDENTS AGAINST APATHY STUDENTS FOR KEMP ( q. STUDENTS FOR LATINO ENDORSEMENT STUDENTS FOR SENSIBLE DRUG POLICY STUDENTS FOR NEW URBANISM STUDENTS HELPING TEACHERS STUDENTS IN FREE ENTERPRISE SWING CLUB, THE SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA TAP DAWGS TEACH TO EDUCATE ATHENS ' COMM. AND HOMES TEAM IN TRAINING- LEUKEMIA LYMPHOMA SOC. TECHNOLOGY EDUCATION COLLEGIATE ASSN TERRY COLLEGE OF BUSINESS DEAN ' S COUNCIL TERRY MBA FINANCE AND INVESTMENTS CLUB TEXTILE CHEMISTS COLORISTS ASSN. THALIAN BLACKFRIARS THE 48 HOUR ART CLUB THE GEORGIA SOC OF CONTEMPORARY PAINTERS THE JOURNAL CLUB- ANTHROPOLOGY THE JOURNEY (WDA) TRADITIONS COUNCIL TRIATHALON TEAM, UGA TURF CLUB, UGA TURKISH STUDENT ASSOCIATION TUTORING OUR TOMORROWS UGA FIELD HOCKEY CLUB UGA RANGER CLUB UGA STUDENTS FOR PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE JOHN KERRY UGANIME UGAZINE ULTIMATE FRISBEE CLUB, WOMENS Umlaut, THE COMPARATIVE LITERATURE GRADUATE ORG. UNDERGRADUATE LEADERSHIP CERTIFICATE PROGRAM UNDERGRADUATE TRIAL ADVOCACY ASSOCIATION UNIVERSITY CHORUS UNIVERSITY JUDICIARY UNIVERSITY ROUND TABLE UNIVERSITY STUDIES STUDENT ADVISORY COMMITTEE UNIVERSITY UNION VIETNEMESE STUDENT ASSN. VISUAL ARTS VOLLEYBALL CLUB, WOMEN ' S VOLUNTEER UGA VOTIVATION WARNALL GRADUATE STUDENT ASSOCIATION WATER POLO CLUB TEAM, WOMEN ' S WATER POLO CLUB TEAM, MEN ' S WESLEY FOUNDATION WHITEWATER CLUB, UGA WILDLIFE SOCIETY WISHMAKERS ON CAMPUS WITH SOMEONE ELSE ' S MONEY A CAPPELLA CHOIR WUOG, 90.5 FM XI SIGMA PI YOUNG CHOREOGRAPHERS SERIES YOUNG LIFE ZETA PHI BETA O ' -ch, estra Organizations List 227 The purpose of Ad Club is to give students the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge about advertising by becoming more involved in Grady College and speaking with advertising professionals. Some current activities include: Open Stage Night fundraiser, bi-weekly speaker meetings featuring advertising professionals, bi-weekly Ad Life meet- ings that give students the opportunity to speak with upperclassmen about the advertising courses and Industry. " Our UGA is one where you can brand yourself to build a successful future. " -Jason Szczech Heather Dumford and Jason Szczech, Co-Presidents; Katie Mingo, VP of Programs; Hetal Shah, VP of Membership; Shannon Denham, Assistant; Beth Gorman, VP of Information; Steve Guyer, Assistant and Webmaster; Robin Kendric, VP of Alumni Relations; Allison Piatt, Junior Representative; Jamie Goggin, Senior Representative; Christine Tracey, Treasurer; Caroline Phillips and Madeline Ruffin, AdWorks Co-Directors; Kate Horn, Special Projects; Maria Denello, Assistant; Karrie Gawron, Newsletter; Zani Suttle, Fundraising; Kevin Planovsky, Assistant to Webmaster; Kirsten Strausbaugh-Hutchinson, Advisor Ad Club Filipino American Student Association Photos by f ASA FASA is a student organization that fosters camaraderie among students of Filipino heritage and individuals who are interested in Filipino culture. We participate in activities such as the Ultimate Mixer in Atlanta, Def Talent Jam in Florida, and events that are held around Athens and on campus, such as the International Street Festival, Global Village Fair, and Coffee Hour. Visit our website at fasa. " My UGA is a melting pot of different cultures in a learning environment, each containing unique and talented individuals with different values and traditions. " -Conrad Ibanez Amy Camba and Conrad Ibanez, Co-Presidents; Glorianne De Guzman, Treasurer; Mary Akers, Melissa Cabinian, Brandon Dunn, Francis Eugenio, Marco Galang, Amy Gonzales, Vicente Handa, Rhoda Lazo, Llllie Madali, Miguel Mendoza, Charle Mosqueda, Seth Musngi, Babacar Naiaye, Geraldine Quiogue, Llewelyn Sellers, Stephanie Soriano, Natasha Tan, Katherine Tyler, Michael Unchuan 228 Organizations He Coll eiteiiiic ell ss eqially orjaniii Comimn ill the 1 k k NSha liffSfly Child Family Development Graduate Student Association The Child Family Development Graduate Student Association has several goals. To promote the professional development of the graduate students in CFD. To enhance student, faculty, and staff relations in our department. To improve the community atmosphere of our department by providing social events and discuss research. " My UGA is people working together for the community and the individual. " -Jamie Dice, President Jamie Dice, President; Meaghan Andrews, Vice Presidents- Jennifer Cook, Secretary; Bowden Templeton, Treasurer; Shannon Miller, Faculty Student Liasion Photo by Katie Garner iderie who activities in in don ilobal jreol ,eacli od Ibanez rianne De Irandon s, Vicente Diane QyiOjUe, attieFin? The Collegiate 4-H Club of the University of Georgia is an extension of the Georgia 4-H Program. All former 4-H ' ers, as well as students who have never been a part of the program are equally encouraged to join! Collegiate 4-H is a social service organization, dedicated to giving back to the University Community, Athens-Clarke County, and the Georgia 4-H Program, all the while, intent on having a good time! ' The spirit of 4-H in serving others is always seen by our members in their other involvements and their personality. Our members are very developed, but always take time to give back to the community and try to make the world a better place! " -Raj Shah, President Raj Shah, President; Kristen Felton, Vice President of Activities; Tiffany McCoy, Vice President of Chaired Events; Matthew Wilson, Secretary; Amanda Price, Treasurer; Kim Anderson, Hope Parris, Jason Parris, Advisors Collegiate 4-H Orsanizatlons 229 SIFE offers students the opportunity to develop leadership, teamwork and communication skills through learning, practicing and teaching the principles of free enterprise, thereby improving the standard of living for millions in the process. Guided by distinguished faculty advisors and supported by businesses around the globe, SIFE Teams teach important concepts through educational outreach projects, including market economics, entrepreneurship, personal and financial success, and business ethics to better themselves, their communities and their countries. Each year, SIFE competitions are held worldwide, drawing together thousands of students and business leaders to pay tribute to these extraordinary educational outreach projects. " The UGA SIFE Team is changing thousands of lives in Athens-Clarke County and striving to make a difference in today ' s world. " -David Carswell President David Carswell, President; Josh Kinnebrew, Vice-President; Tanya Shakhnovsky, Treasurer; Miti Mehta, Secretary; Anjanette Smith, Historian V Sifi Students Im Free Enterprise Photo by Jessica Mullis Photo by Robert Lastcr National Association of Black Journalists The National Association of Blac k Journalists was founded on December 12, 1975. This organization, started by 44 men and women, is meant to provide various services for aspiring Black journalists, encourage Black high school and college students to become journalists, and make the public aware of the importance of equality in the workplace for Black journalists. NABJ ' s chapter at UGA has basically the same purpose as at the national level. Our chapter focuses on expressing the concerns of the minorities here at UGA, as well as supporting the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication. " UGA is an institution of excellence, an institution of preparation, and an institution! where the opportunities are boundless. UGA is to institutions of higher learning as America is to the world - an unstoppable superpower. I love my UGA! " -Erin L. Mahone, President Erin L. Mahone, President; Kimberly Smith, Vice President; Candace Williams, Secretary; Justin Carlin, Historian; Nina Hemphill, Treasurer Hrtial nny p( centerei mnm cyllyril to watc frequen cofimiii) " lo Of I ClifisE. Collier ' onstlii 230 Organizations Jrise Phi Alpha Theta Phi Alpha Theta is the History Honor Society. We are a professional society whose mission is to promote the study of history through the encouragement of research, good teaching, publication and the exchange of learning and ideas among historians. We seek to bring students, teachers, and writers of history together for intellectual and social exchanges, which promote and assist historical research publication by our members in a variety of ways. The Epsilon Pi Chapter at UGA continues to maintain these goals set out by our National Society. This year included the new member induction ceremony, a lecture, fundraising events and a movie night that featured " Cold Mountain. " " Your UGA for Phi Alpha Theta means to provide a meaningful society at UGA to study and learn together to understand the past and its meaning for the present day. " -Ginny Smith, President Ginny Smith, President; Lee Tantihachai, Vice President; Amy Morris, Secretary; Kacie Yood, Treasurer; Joel Kadish Sherri Sheu, Co-Historians The purpose of Capoeira Athens UGA is to teach the Brazilian martial art Capoeira and spread knowledge of the art to as many people as we can. Capoeira is an engaging martial art centered around music, camaraderie, and beautiful acrobatic movements. We seek to give the opportunity for a unique cultural experience in a friendly environment to anyone willing to watch or participate. Capoeira Athens UGA currently does frequent performances for the University and the Athens community, as well as working with local schools setting up programs for younger children. " To us, UGA is the constant commingling of cultures and diversity. " -Capoeira Athens UGA Chris Eckenroth, Founder Instructor; Robert Moser, Instructor; Collier Gladin, President; Christian Ospina, Vice President; Jonathan Haynes, Publicist; Cedar Levine, Event Coordinator Capoeira Athens UGA =!»: Organizations 231 Sigma Alpha is the Professional Agricultural Sorority for Women with a sincere interest in agriculture. The objective of the sorority is to promote its members in all facets of agriculture and strengthen the bonds of friendship among them. It is the purpose of its members to strive for excellence in scholarship, leadership, and service, and to further the development of excellence in women pursuing careers in agriculture. Sigma Alpha Sorority has many activities. Including sisterhood events and socials, public service projects or philanthropies, and professional development events. " Sigma Alpha at UGA is an organization devoted to tiie fellowship and profes- sional development of women who have the common bond of an interest in the agricultural industry. " -Abby Spruill Abby Spruill, President; Amanda Hamsley, 1st Vice President; Brittney Foster, Secretary; Amber Crowe, 2nd Vice President; Vans Randall Kinsey, Treasurer; Kathryn Hulst, Standards Chair Sigma Alpha $ti Photo by Jessica Mullis Gamma Sigma Sigma Gamma Sigma Sigma promotes a lifelong commitment to service and diversity, in an environment of unity and equality, while creating opportunities for growth. Some activities include a mini-carnival that raised money to support the Ronald McDonald House, Sunday night dinners at the homeless shelter. Boys and Girls Club homework help, and March of Dimes " Dime Night. " Some socials include Toga Party, " Graffiti Social " with Phi Kappa Psi for Homecoming, Halloween Costume Social, Riverboat Cruise for Formal, and Founder ' s Day Parents Day brunch. " To me, UGA is all about having a network of people around you to help you improve your community ' s surroundings. " -Jackie Ross Linda Mazzarella, President; Erin Grantham, Corresponding Secretary; Lindsey Anderson, Recording Secretary, Allison Steele, Social Chair; Niki Newport, Treasurer; Anne Marie Aycock Morgan Cook, Service Vice President; Shivani Sethi, National Rep; Jackie Ross, Public Relations Chair; Bree Massung, Financial Secretary; Kristen Lamb Andrea Mullen, Member- ship Vice President; Jessica Davenport, Parliamentarian; Courtney Geter, Alumni Liaison I MsmS AcJdem ffjfife leffcoat hssun 232 Organizations student Government Association I : to service [y, while elude 3 i Mcteild joys sod Nijht. " 1 Phi Kappj ■boat letwork mprove ie Ross ondiiij Alliw Marie vani Sethi, jeMassunj, Memde ' ' ian; The Student Government Association serves as t he organized voice for all students at the University of Georgia. Our purpose is to improve the students ' academic, social, and cultural welfare, to promote students ' rights and responsibilities, and to relate views and suggestions to administrators and organized governing bodies of the University. Activities of SGA include: Diversity Tailgate, Tailgate with the Team, Petition Rally Against the Mid- year Tuition Increase (34,983 signatures from college students around the state, 10,243 just at UGA!) taken to the Capitol to oppose the mid-year tuition increase; headed up by SGAs from around the state, Hoagies with Heidi, The Georgia Florida Rivalry Trophy (the idea got off the ground this year, but is still in the works), CAFE Hour, Vote to Empower (a panel informing students and discussing current issues surrounding the 2004 campaign). Midterm Course Evaluations, Voter Registration Drive, and African American Leadership Series. " It ' s about getting together to learn more about each other, meeting new people each week, experiencing the impact SGA projects have on campus, and being part of the largest organization at UGA. And who can forget those absences?? " ■Sophomore Molly McGinley, Internal Affairs Committee Secretary and Member Adam Sparks, President; Mallory Grebel, Vice President; Tucker Brown, External Affairs; Will Childs, Academic Affairs; Emily Davis, Secretary; Anjan Deka, Minority Affairs; Kristen Duncan, Director of D.I.; Frankie Grooms, Minority Affairs; Jay Howell, Student Life; Amanda Jarrard, Internal Affairs; Courtney Jeffcoat, Public Relations; Darcy Ryan, Chief of Staff; Wes Turner, Athletic Affairs; Meredith Wilson, Treasurer; Dr. Daugherty, Faculty Advisor; Laura Staub, Graduate Advisor; Elizabeth Staub, Historian Organizations 233 College of Agricultural Environmental Sciences Ambassadors To recruit potential students to represent our College and to develop relationships which foster growth and leadership. Photo by Robert Lastcr iei Photo by Jessica MulHs American Fisheries Society The Society ' s objectives are to promote the conservation, development, and wise use of the fisheries; promote and evaluate the development and advancement of all branches of fisheries science and practice; gather and disseminate to ' Society members and the general public scientific, technical, and: ' other information about fisheries science and practice through publications, meetings, and other forms of communication; I encourage the teaching of fisheries science and practice in colleges and universities and the continuing professional development of fisheries workers. Specifically, the UGA Fisheries Society seeks to provide educational enrichment, encourage community service, and promote professional enhancement among University of Georgia students, faculty, and staff interested in fisheries and aquatic sciences. " The UGA Fisheries Society.... lending Georgia ' s fishes a hand! " Bob Carlson, President; Austin Meadows, Vice President; Rich Zamor, Treasurer MSA pn tommi)i:i jteatef h proB Georgia m til i Icctoi fello liefs feel I nothif liaviiK broth Niyreef Sana h ' iblic R Awad, to 234 Organizations Leonard Leadership Scholars Program The Leadership Scholars Program is an innovative and comprehensive two year leadership development program designed exclusively for Terry undergraduates. The program provides selected students an opportunity to develop the skills necessary to become influential business and community leaders. Leadership Scholars receive personal assessments of their leadership skills, gain access to a faculty mentor, attend innovative leadership classes, participate in exciting networking and professional events, learn from our corporate partners through corporate site visits, ILA ' s speaker series and externships, and contribute to the community through challenging service projects. This combination of in-depth leadership d evelopment and education with a Terry College business degree sets students apart and helps them become part of a New Class of Leaders. " Leadership at UGA has been not forgetting about those that give you a hand when you need it most. " David Fischer, President; Lindsey Giffin, Vice President for External Affairs; Erin Wiedman, Vice President for Internal Affairs; Michael Lage, Legacy Chair; Jamie Martin, Secretary MSA provides Muslim students of all ethnic racial backgrounds a community on campus to affiliate with, connects them to the greater Muslim community of Athens, and provides a foundation for promoting positive Islamic Awareness for the University of Georgia. Activities for the year include; Ramadan Fast-A-Thon 2004 that raises money for the Salvation Army soup kitchen and a Lecture at Chapel by Shaykh Hamza Yusuf on Islam and the Founding Fathers of America. " My life at UGA is shaped by my involvement with MSA. Your faith has a great impact on who you are; by being able to connect with fellow Muslims on campus who share my be- liefs and to work together on common goals, I feel like i am enriching my soul. Also, there is nothing quite comparable to the feeling of having a strong sense of community and brotherhood, especially being so far away from home. " -Naureen Kamdar, President Naureen Kamdar, President; Arslaan Shahid, Vice-President; Sana Zaidi, Treasurer; Shabana Khan, Secretary; Imran Khan, Public Relations Chair; Robert Abdullah, Web Master; Muneer Awad, Masjid Liaison SPONSOPED gy Muslim Student Association Organizations 235 i In 1972, a group of African American students formed a vocal ensemble entitled the Pamoja Singers. They were led by one of its founding members, Dr. Anthony T. Rucker. These students presented concerts throughout the state and were very successful in their endeavors. The Pamoja Dance Company was created in 1974. Now, the company has two performances each year, and also reaches out to the community by perform- ing at various venues. For thirty years now, students have developed an expanding dance company that continues to get better each semester. " Pamoja ' s UGA is having the opportunity to create a diverse student organization that is able to artistically express themselves through dance on campus and throughout the Athens community. " -Aliceson Fountain, President Aliceson Fountain, President; Craig Moon, Vice President; Amber Blount, Secretary; Crystal Calloway, Treasurer; Brandy Ross, Assistant Treasurer; Courtney Griffin, Fall Show Coordi- nator; Martine Philippe, Dance Troupe Coordinator; LaRetha Spaln-Shuler, Advisor " V Pamoja Pamoja Dance Company MB by III ILA Certificate Organizational in Personal Leadership 236 Organizations The LEAD program is sponsored by the Terry College of Business and the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences. The purpose of the certificate program is to enhance the leadership capabilities of students from across the University. This exciting academic leadership certificate program is designed to fit within all undergraduate degrees and is open to all majors within the University of Georgia. A true leader knows not only how to lead, but how to serve others as well, and the LEAD program encourages and promotes community service to all of its students. Through the LEAD program, students learn that visions can and do become reality. With advisement and encouragement from LEAD professors, students are able to develop and implement a community service projects. Projects this year include the l ' ' Annual 5K Race at The State Botanical Garden and a mentorship program started at a local Athens area elementary school. " My UGA is my opportunity to develop into a successful leader by volunteering in my community, receiving advice from successful alumni, and setting and achieving personal goals. " -Katie Anderson, Class of 2006 Scott Richardson, President; Leigh Foisy, Vice President of Public Relations; Alex Jones, Vice President of Administration; Priti Taparia, Vice President of Finance; Tanya Shakhnovsky, Vice President of Social Events; Megan Deperro; Vice President of Special Projects; Devin Ramo, Vice President of External Relations; Marc Pearson, Vice President Class of 2004; Jennifer Geller, Vice President Class of 2006 ( forpr iTa indepi sswei featyr commi showc University Union: Entertainment Entertainment brings various concerts, comedians, performing arts, and other variety acts to the University. Whether ushering shows, calling agents, or voting on acts. Entertainment members always have loads of fun. Photos by University Union " Our UGA is one where we can provide every student on campus the opportunity to do something they really enjoy, whether it be to see their favorite movie, band, or even writer. Union ' s UGA is one that, hopefully, we can make as happy as possible! " -Braniff Davis, Vice President Cinematic Arts is responsible for programming the films at the Tate Theatre. Classic, independent, and foreign films as well as blockbuster hits are featured each semester. The committee also helps out with the Campus Movie Fest, which showcases student made films. University Union: Cinematic Arts Organizations 237 University Union: Dawgs After Darl Dawgs after Dark consistently brings quality alcohol free programming from 10pm to 2am on Friday before home football games and various dates during Spring semester. From concerts to comedians, wax hands to casino nights, Dawgs After Dark members bring a fun side to late night programming. Photos by University Union " University Union offers something for everyone through various committees Mal e UGA your own, " CBCP is responsible for bringing programs which reflect the contributions of African Americans. We are open to all students. University Union: Committee For Black Cultural Programs 238 Organizations yGA Row sport tha teams am Varsity ci Womeo ' s natiooais. located ii " Rowii comes makioi feelin tiard, Maya yoi iimicli, ( Greenwa Grant i f ' Conner Sharon K Maintena Almni B ««l Offic loslyi) Dj University Union: Ideas Issues Ideas and Issues is committed to bringing speakers and lecturers that stimulate discussion, raise awareness, challenge perceptions, and entertain UGA students and the community. UGA Rowing is an extremely competitive club sport that competes against other Division I club teams and DM and Dill varsity teams. Men ' s Varsity currently holds a national title and the Women ' s Varsity Lightweight placed third at nationals. Practices are held at the boathouse located in Fort Vargo State Park, Winder, GA. " Rowing is my UGA. When it comes down to it, nothing beats making a boat go fast and the feeling you get from training hard. That ' s what ' s satisfying. " -Jamie Lane Maya Young, Coach; Naomi White Brendon Sumich, Captains; Shanna Knight Joshua Greenway, Executive Officers; Carolyn Painter Grant Rosekrans, Financial Officers; Jennifer O ' Conner Stoney Schaffer, Fundraising Officers; Sharon Knorr Louie Kirchner, Supply Maintenance Officers; Marty Driskell, Public Alumni Relations Officer; Joseph Lairscy, Person- nel Officer; Natalie Farber, Apparel Officer; Joslyn DiRamio, Faculty Advisor r«» ,«7a;?. m - — p - ® - UGA Rowing Organizations 239 Phi U is the National Honor Society In Family and Consumer Sciences and it is a member of the Association of College Honor Societies. The purposes of Phi Upsilon Omicron are to recognize and encourage academic excellence, develop qualities of professional and personal leadership, provide opportunities for service to the profession and encourage professional and personal commitment in order to advance family and consumer sciences and related areas. " My UGA is volunteerins time in Athens to help people who are less fortunate and making friends in the process. " -Patty Michaud Patty Michaud, President; Christen Swart, Vice President; Pooja Bhandari, Treasurer; Sarah Moore, Secretary; Amy Pierce, Public Relations Phi Upsilon Omlcrori ' fr The purpose of the Poultry Science Club Is to promote the field of poultry and avian sciences throughout campus and th state v hile encouraging fellowship and professional development among students interested in poultry sciences. The club wants to positively influence the college experience of its members and give back to the community through service projects. Current activities include Sanderson Roadshow seminar on a poultry industry coming to Georgia, Poultry Career Expo, Operation Christmas Child, and Sandy Creek Nature Trail cleanup. UGA is a ii: Mutiny ii ipoft ! i ieorjia y .::are2r i iioalsim !::areeri 4pportynit Werieiic mirofime iimiiar t Poultry Science Club ' My UGA is having fun with the people tha? have the same interests as I do and sharinj,, . the traditions of the club and school with I ' P o new members, friends, and family. " ' " ' i? -Vans Randell Kinsey, President ' ' Vans Randell Kinsey, President; Alan Pratt, Vice President; Lindsay Garcia, Secretary; Jessica Wood, Treasurer; Paula Teague, Historian 240 Organizations |«ecytive Hessica Ha " " -- " .Poo,,,, 3,, croi frican Students Union The purpose of the African Students Union is to address the common problems of socialization and cultural acceptance confronting African Students while offering academic, social, and any other assistance to the University of Georgia and Athens community. The goals of our organization are to foster solidarity among African students and scholars at UGA, to represent the concerns of African students in matters that affect them at UGA, to render assistance to new African students in settling down at the school and in their general integration into the community. " Parties, late-night studying, hanging out with friends, going to football games, spreading my culture through the African Students Union, and growing as a person are all parts of my UGA. " -Ngozi Ogbuehi Ngozi Ogbuehi, President; Foye Adeyemo, Vice President; Olamide Zaka, Secretary; Lillian Kanu, Treasurer; Titi Akinkanju, Cultural Secretary; Rachel Amporful, Historian Webmaster; Ashley Crawford, Publicity; Chinasa Ordu, Social Chair note the ipus and ' M. ' il sciences, experience IfOUjIl son Geofja. ind Ssndy JGA is a huge sports environment, and many students want .|.:o continue working in sports after leaving school. The UGA ' jport Business Club is " the place to be " for University of . 3eorgia undergraduates and graduates interested in a ., career in the sports industry after graduation. Some of our joals include unifying all students that are interested in a lareer in sport business after graduation, to provide opportunities for UGA students to learn from a wide sampling of field trips, guest speakers, and practical experience outside of the classroom, and to create a fun environment where UGA students can socialize and share imilar goals and ideas about sport business. fi " My UGA is my ability to strive to " jipmprove and leave an impression not only " at the University of Georgia, but also the •H-nfCommunity around it. " 5 ' -Brad Matthews, Executive Council Member eiident; Sport Business Club Executive Council Members: Bryan Miller, Stewart Mandel, essica Hansel, Brad Matthews, Jonathan Sullivan, Dion Mdridge, Brad Flynt, Ashley Shinault and Lauren Waldo ' ■ ' lotos Organizations 241 Ihe DGK ' s purpose is to encourage students to participate in all aspects of radio and TV production, to foster professional competence of members, and to provide students with knowledge and experiences that cannot be obtained from the classroom. This year, our events included a camera card workshop, script-writing and production seminars, social to Salsa Rock Cafe, guest speaker Chuck Dowdle from WSB-TV, window painting for Homecoming, studio tours to WSB-TV and Fox 5 Atlanta, GA Association of Broadcaster ' s banquet, and Relay for Life. Every year we participate in the Athens Clarke County Police Department ' s recruiting video, and the National Association of Broadcasters Convention in Las Vegas. Di Gamma Kappa IhioliyiW Ame " My UGA is the atmosphere, the excitement, the people, and the journalism buildins. " -Rashad Midani, Vice President of Production IheBed since Ay Bollnan it! fourt pjrt of sucli as Hit tea[ several National! iiKm fepiesei April an Ashley Caudill, President; Christy Grant, Vice President of Administration; Dominic Brown, Vice President of Communication; Jonathan Harris, Executive Vice President; Bethany Alender, Vice President of Production; Kashad Midani, Vice President of Production; Elisha Wood, Vice President of Publicity; Courtney Lankford, Vice President of Finance Vicki He Ashley Heather froctofj 242 Organizations The National Council of Negro Women Photo by NCNW " My UGA is ever-present in the lives and future endeavors of the young African- American community. " The purpose of the University of Georgia section of the National Council of Negro Women is to promote leadership among African- American women and to uplift the African-American family through community outreach and services. Our organization is new to the University ' s campus and has not progressed to its full potential as of yet. However, NCNW was a participant in the Athens walk for diabetes to help find a cure for the disease. NCNW also held a presidential election results viewing party in Fall 2004. In Spring 2005 we will introduce a hair fashion show where students will model hair-dos to fit the various lifestyles of college students. Our plan is to establish annual programs and services that will cater to the advancement of young African- Americans. Sharyse Burke, President; Tiffany Chatman, Vice President; Kristen Duncan, Secretary; Brandy Ross, Treasurer; Jessica Brown, Financial Secretary; Keidra Williams, Parliamentarian; TaNeisha Bennett, Programming Chair; Chloe Thompson, Fundraising Chair; LaTalia Williams, Community Outreach; Errian Seabrook, Public Relations The Red Hotz has been the competitive dance team at UGA since August 29, 2001. It was founded as a club sport by Devon Bollman to represent UGA dance at a national level. Entering its fourth season this April, the Red Hotz has become a large part of the UGA tradition by performing at events on campus such as volleyball, basketball, gymnastics, and ice hockey games. The team thrives in a competitive environment and competes several times a season, including NDA Camp and NDA College Nationals. The Red Hotz provides the much needed outlet for dancers to continue developing their craft. The Red Hotz represented UGA for the first time in National Competition last April and will continue to employ Bulldog Pride through dance. Vicki Hendley, Captain; Amanda Broadway, Co-Captain; Ashley Britt Valerie Barth, Lieutenants; Allison Creech, Heather Friedman, Kelly Hornbuckle, Alex Moore, Rachel Proctor, Alexis Spurlin, Lindsay Theil, Alyson Voit, Emily Wydie Red Hotz Organizations 243 Habitat is a nonprofit, economical housing ministry dedicated to the ideal that all people deserve a simple, decent place to live on terms that they can afford to pay. Through volunteer labor and tax deductible donations of money and materials. Habitat builds and rehabilitates modest, suitable houses. In addition to monthly mortgage payments, each homeowner invests 500 hours of their own labor (sweat equity) into the building of their house and the houses of others. The UGA campus chapter of Habitat for Humanity was founded in 1994 by students Robyn Painter and Molly Chase. The first UGA house was built in the 96-97 school year with the help of over 700 students and 35 different campus organizations. UGA Habitat is now in its lO " ' year of active service, and Is currently building Its 7 " ' house. " My UGA is a place where students from diverse bacl grounds and with varying levels of experience are able to come together to work for a common goal. " -Staci Hutsell, VP of Community Outreach Sarah Sattelmeyer Sara Pilzer, Co-Presidents; Amol Despande, Financial Secretary Webmaster; Jessica Hays, Administrative Secretary; Allison Carter, VP of Education; Meghan Wright, VP of Public Relations; Yves Bouillet Colleen Fogarty, Co-VP of Fundraising; Ben Cannon, VP of Campus Outreach; StacI Hutsell, VP of Community Outreach; Gene Kim, VP of Projects; Susie Bennett Tim Supakorndej, Co-Membership Coordinator; Mary Alvarez, Newsletter Habitat For Humanity Photo by Robert Laster Photo by Robert Laster Noteworthy fhoio In its sixteenth year. Noteworthy is UGA ' s only all-women ' s a cappella group. Formed from Women ' s Glee Club, Noteworthy Is an auditioned group that strives to make beautiful music. Noteworthy brings a lot to the table when it comes to music: the group travels around the southeast to competitions and has release four CD ' s. Members come from a variety of musical backgrounds creating a unique sound that has won Noteworthy recognition not only in Athens but also throughout the Southeast. Noteworthy performs far and wide from campus events like singing the National Anthem to entertaining at Relay for Life and all over the state of Georgia. Noteworthy recently performed at a Nascar race at the Atlanta Motor Speedway. Noteworthy hit the recording studio this past spring and was proud to release Its fourth album, " Spotlight, " in January 2005. On it are classics like " Hit Me with Your Best Shot " by Pat Benetar and " Time After Time " by Cyndi Lauper to current hits like " Cry Me a River " by Justin Timberlake, " Everywhere " by Michelle Branch, and " Take Me Away " by Fefe Dobson. Each year. Noteworthy looks forward to challenging itself with new repertoire and representing the University of Georgia the best possible way. " Our UGA is a place where people from all different backgrounds bond together over similar interests and form lasting friendships. " -Meredith Oakley Lindsey Powell, President; Meg Reynolds, Vice President; Meredith Oakley, Treasurer; Helen Lynch, Musical Director; Mallory Butler, Assistant Musical Director Secretary; Ashley MontBlanc, Public Relations; Brittany Poole, Social Director 244 Organizations Infusion Magazine Photos by Infusion The function of InfUSion Magazine is to provide a journalistic medium where students can speak their minds, voice their opinions, and exhibit their creativity. InfUSion Magazine covers the latest local, state and national news, including sports, entertainment and political coverage. We are a quarterly magazine and serve as the only multi-cultural publication on UGA ' s campus. " The University of Georgia is a higher- level learning environment that promotes a deeper understanding of the races, while embracing the differences of all human beings. " Christopher Johnson Candace Williams, Editor-in-Chief; Emelia Liem, Copy Editor; Suma Raghavendran, Opinion Editor; DeShawn Harris, News Editor; Shezia Rehman, Feature Editor; Baron Brown, Entertainment Editor; Dion Aldridge, Sports Editor; Torise Battle, Advisor Photos by Jessica Mullis " Offering " is a dance ensemble sponsored by the Baptist Student Union at the University of Georgia. Our motive is ultimately to praise our beloved Creator with the dance (Psalms 149:3). There are many ways to praise the one deserving God, whether it is through song, dance, art, literature, drama, prayer, testimony, etc. Our goal is to combine elements of song and testimony into performances in order to have viewers see the Holy Spirit alive and at work through our movements more clearly. " Offering " dances to recently released Christian music, containing meaning that we feel the Father could powerfully convey through movement. Our signature dance is to the song, " Offering, " by Third Day. This lyrical piece incorporates a Jesus figure, movement representing the cross, and a red scarf to symbolize the blood of Christ. " Offering " has performed at such events as " D-Now " (Discipleship Now weekend youth retreats for various churches), outreach on the University of Georgia campus, and a local preacher ' s convention. " Our UGA is praising God through dance, and for the community and campus to see the Holy Spirit alive and at work through our movements more clearly. " Brandi Anglin and Mallory Mills, Co-Leaders; Sarah McManon, Holly Stanley, Stephanie Wong, Nicole Yardley Offering Orsanizations 245 The purpose of ICE is to unite students of Indian ethnic background and those who have interest in the Indian culture through activities that invoke cultural and social involvement. The goals of the Indian Cultural Exchange are to engage the Indian community at UGA as well as share the vast Indian culture with the University and the greater Athens community. Among our current activities are the ICE Mentorship Program, Habitat for Humanity, participation in National Gandhi Day of Service, garba for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, Relay for Live, South Asian Heritage Week, India Night, and Diwali Dinner. " Scorchins Saturday afternoons with your closest friends yelling so loud that your throat gets numb and can ' t talk until the next crazy Thursday night. " -Jay Trambadia Shamir Bhikha, President; Sundeep Sood, Vice President; Ridhi Ghetia, Public Relations; Ashish Patel, Secretary; Lina Patel, Treasurer Indian Cultural Exchange Stu AS! Photo by Jessica Mullis os6y![ Ilie Ajf byild 00 mission sludyln3 liborato worked and staf tiis spoi October najin resoorci liappy h own cot inclyde departit OPP( froiT idea oyrs Waiia n »ites, ! " ebuai Photo by Robert Laster Graduate Student Association The Graduate Student Association (GSA) is a student government and advocacy organization representing all graduate and professional students at The University of Georgia. We are a representative democratic body: Every department and program in every school is invited to send a representative to the Graduate Professional Student Council, the policy- setting body of GSA. GSA ' s two mission focuses are advocacy and community. We seek to advocate graduate and professional student interests on issues as varied as education, professional development, employment conditions and university life; and we seek to develop a graduate community that unites students across the dividing lines of departments and schools that generally separate them. " UGA is a place where graduate and professional students engage in scholarly research and build connections that last a lifetime. " Frankie Jones (Department of Instructional Technology), GSA President; Jeff Lake (Department of Plant Biology), GSA Vice President; Liz Bryant (Department of History), GSA Secretary ' " Mi 246 Organizations . student Merchandising Association The Student Merchandising Association is a school organization with fashion on the brain and charity at heart. The members consist of individuals that are fashion merchandising to consumer journalism majors. SMA members organize an annual Spring Fashion Show and donate the profits to a charity of choice. First semester entails raising funds for the show, allocating committees and chairpersons, and brainstorming ideas for the spring. Second semester involves getting sponsors, promotions, and executing plans to create the show. Throughout the year, various speakers come to share the basics and benefits of their career. Speakers range from store managers, communication directors, to event planners. " My UGA is studying at the last minute, student activities, and drinl ing on the weel ends til 4 in the morning. " -Chip Robbins, Vice President Mandy Irvin, President; Chip Robbins, Vice President; Blair Popham, Secretary; Maggie Borders Melanie Ruffner, Fundraising Treasurer; Sarah Doane, Public Relations Photos by Robert Lastcr The Agronomy Graduate Student Association (AGSA) strives to build on this rich history. Founded in the fall of 2003, the mission of AGSA is to bring together graduate students studying crop and soil sciences in activities outside of the laboratory or classroom. Since its inception, the AGSA has worked hard to benefit graduate students as well as faculty and staff in the Department of Crop and Soil Sciences. AGSA has sponsored activities including cookouts this past May and October, a 2004-2005 seminar series featuring topics from managing stress to learning about data management and library resources, social events such as departmental baby showers and happy hours, as well as current fundraising efforts in selling our own cookbooks and departmental t-shirts. Future activities include student-faculty barbecues and the establishment of a departmental scholarship fund for graduate students. " What makes UGA my university is the opportunity to interact v ith new people from different backgrounds, exchange ideas, and work together to better ourselves and our community. " -Maria Monteros. AGSA President Maria Monteros, President; Greg Pillar, Vice-President; Jennifer Yates, Secretary; Shelby Finch, Treasurer; Tasha Masburn, Webmaster O Ju Agronomy Graduate Student Association Organizations 247 student Personnel Association The purpose of UGASPA is to provide professional development for College Student Affairs Administration masters and doctoral students, to assistant v ith the orientation of new and prospective students in the College Student Affairs Administration programs, to promote understanding of students and or faculty and staff in the student affairs profession through social and professional contacts, to share knowledge and research results in the student affairs profession, to represent the views of graduate students in the College Student Affairs Administration masters and doctoral program to the Department of Counseling and Human Development Services, and to foster relationships among UGASPA members. " Our UGA is about helping students become positive contributors to the campus and the Athens community. " -Shea Houze, UGASPA First Year Member at Large Mallory Anderson, Professional Development Chair; Heather Cantwell, Secretary; Shea Houze, First Year Member at Large; Mary Knapper, Vice President; Brianne Nunn, President; Amanda Prichett, Historian; Kenyae Reese, Philanthropy Chair; Laura Staub, Social Chair; Jason Umfress, Treasurer; Bobby Woodard, Doctoral Member at Large fib I I " Our tom( devel Photo by Robert Laster MANNRS Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Related Sciences is a professional development organization, which fosters growth through; National conference workshops, professional image, preparation of resumes, and written and oral communication. The benefits of being a MANRRS member include: Gaining access to a diverse career network, developing professional skills, preferred access to top graduate programs, and exposure to top employers. Each year we attend a National career fair and training conference. This year it will be held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. There will be over 100 companies present such as: Dow agro Science, Land O ' Lakes, Merial, Monsanto, and Tyson Foods. " Through MANRRS, my UGA is a place that fosters my growth in professional development. " -Michelle Brooks, UGA MANRRS President Michelle Brooks, President; Ethell Vereen, Jr., Vice President; Michelle Samuel-Foo, Secretary; Ada Bacetty, Treasurer; Arena Richardson, Historian IIk pyrp opportun encooraj lejderslii with peo Members inleresle ! plant ! ttip to ; October iocti as encoura; Show in Anna ye Conway, fetorian ' N , .. ' .. 248 Organizations Public Relations Student Society h of America Photo by Robert Lastcr " Our UGA is a chance to prepare students to move into tlie professional world and develop our skills while serving the community. " -Meg Manthey, President We ' re officially the Public Relations Student Society of America, and the Drewry chapter at UGA. We meet every other week to learn from a professional in the public relations field, and we hold various activities during the year to assist students interested in public relations to enhance their skills while in school and make important connections to the professional world. We maintain close contact with the Georgia chapter of our parent association, the Public Relations Society of America (or PRSA). Our student-run public relations firm (Creative Consultants) develops campaigns and provides valuable services to the Athens community at no cost. We are hosting PR Day in a few weeks on campus and also participate in PRSA ' s Real World in Atlanta, among other regional activities. Meg Manthey, Acting President Vice President of Membership; Nicole Jones, Vice President of Committees; Ashley Stockett, Creative Consultants Director; Amy Jacques, Secretary; Jessica LaitI, Professional Liaison; Precedent Editor Historian, Sarah D ' Andrea; Rachel Bailey, Webmaster Treasurer; Alisha Kassam, Public Relations Director; Myra Blackmon, Professional Advisor; Dr. Betty Jones, Grady Advisor The purpose of the Horticulture Club is to provide students with opportunities for practical career related experience, encourage teamwork among students, give a chance for leadership at the University of Georgia and to acquaint students with people and organizations in the horticulture community. Membership is open to graduate and undergraduate students interested in horticulture. The activities for 2004-2005 include: 2 plant sales, one in fall and another in the spring and a fall trip to Asheville, NC. We visited the Atlanta Botanical Garden in October to see the Chihuly exhibit. Participation in tradeshows such as GGIA (Georgia Green Industry Association) is encouraged and we set up a booth at the Southeastern Flower Show in Atlanta in February. Anna Yeager, President; Amber Sheffield, Vice President; Faith Conway, Treasurer; Kalli Lear, Secretary; Matthew Cucuzza, Historian; Rachel Rogers, Ag Hill Representative Horticulture Club Organizations 249 Alumni Associates of FCCLA Family, Career, Community Leaders of America Alumni and Associates members are part of a network of adults who believe in FCCLA, its mission and purposes, and are key for anyone who is committed to investing in youth dedicated to becoming strong leaders in their families, careers, and communities. A A helps to keep FCCLA alive by providing assistance in many ways. The University of Georgia chapter of A A was the first collegiate chapter in the nation. Some of our UGA chapter goals this year include working with the State FCCLA officers and Youth Leadership Board members at their leadership training workshops. State Executive Council meetings and other state meetings. We will serve as speakers and judges for events and coordinate various activities and assist in any way to promote the organization. Photo by Robert Laster Megan Ford, President; Megan Pritchett, Vice President; Brooke Cadle, Kim Chaney, Carmen Guisasola, Alison Hinson, Kimberlyn Horney, Molly Prowell Photo by Robert Laster The core purpose of Creswell Community Council is to provide tier-one service to those who whole-heartedly placed their faith in us to provide quality programming, beneficial resources and a voice for their concerns and needs. We strive to be accountable, unwavering, strong, open-minded, supportive, leaders, and most importantly, friendly. ' Cornelius Lindsey, President; LaMonte Ponder, Vice President; Shundra Jackson, Treasurer; Tiffany Williams, Secretary; Allison Cox, Publicist; Matt Duckworth, Co-Publicist; Lindsay Grimes, Brooke Flanagan, Tiffany Brown, and Andrew Watson, RHA Reps k ' i ;, Hi Creswell Hall Community " Our UGA is a united effort that continues to join together as a steel-linked chain without a missing single link. Our UGA is a generation focused on personal growth, academic success and fun. Our UGA are also ambassadors that represent every walk of life, every shade of color, every thought, every dream, and every wish. Altogether, our UGA is a United Generation of Ambassadors dedicated to one goal, success. " f 250 Organizations :la fteilliitf WUOG, 90.5 FM I; Brook; imberlyn provide Iheir resources | obe live, Miles Styer, Operations Director; Helen Smith, Training Director; Alison Taffel, General Manager; Erin White, Publications Director; Haley Zapal, Programming Director; Winston Parker, Publicity Director; Phillip Buchan, Music Director; Lars Gotrich, Local Music Director; Mitch Jones, Music Director; Chris Tucker, News Director; Lori Perkins, Sports Director; Navid Amiani, Operations Director; Jacki Kirsch, Public Affairs Director; Brianne Nunn, Graduate Advisor sideni; ; Allison imes, HA Reps Photos by WUOG Organizations 251 Succinctly, Phi Kappa is a long established society in which minds are intrigued, speakers are made orators, knowledge perseveres, brotherhood is established, creativity flourishes, and the good become great. The purpose of the Phi Kappa Literary Society is the mental and moral elevation of its members, and this is to be secured by social contact and competitive exercises in oratory. The objects of this society shall be the general promotion of literature, and the special culture of declamation, composition, letter writing, and debate. " My UGA is every Thursday night at 7pm with my Brothers and Sisters. " -Katie Bulger Michael Oberg, President; Adam Ware, First Vice President; Sean Libby, Second Vice President; Chris Worley, Chief Ju stice; James Dabbs McClain Schonekas, Associate Justices; Joy Johnson, Clerk; John Lavretta, Treasurer; Bobby Hodges, Historian; Sarah Schrum, Clavinger; Rachel Rogers, Chancellor Phi Kappa Literary Society! Dd Photos by Phi Kappa ;i; b) Jri( Photo by Pre-Optometry Club The UGA Pre-Optometry Club is a new organization that was founded last fall by President, Jenny Mock. The club meets once a month just to discuss how they can promote optometry on UGA ' s campus, recruit new members, give out information on the optometry schools in the U.S., and basically as a way of getting to know other people with same career goals. Eventually, they would like to bring in optometrists to speak to the club and also do more promotional things like the UGA Optometry Night sponsored by the pre-med office. " The club is open to anyone interested in optometry and focuses on the study and promotion of optometry as a career. " kUGA ttperieiv Atlienian moy oth iwarenes fistern ( Mybe le tomiMdii is prolei KicliJelle Irslley, ' styana fear!, Pre-Optometry Club Virginia Mock, Founder and President; Stephanie Blanton, Marina Gurvich, Ashley James, Eric Johnson, Sung Lee, Lark Luke, Priti Panchal, Laura Rayne, Kate Simpson, Kim Steele, Julie Ann Whitelaw f:»4 252 Organizations Delta Sigma Pi Photo by Braa White Delta Sigma Pi is a professional fraternity organized to foster the study of business in university scholarship, social activity, and the association of students for their mutual advancement by practice. For more than 90 years. Delta Sigma pi has encouraged, supported, and shaped the professional and personal aspirations of thousands of members, and is quite simply the foremost professional fraternity for women pursuing business careers. " Delta Sigma Pi has been a big part of my experience at UGA. When I joined the fraternity, I never expected to form the close friendships I have now. My brothers are the people I tailgate with for football games, go downtown with, study with at the SLC, and talk to every day. Becoming a member of Delta Sig has been one of the best decisions I ' ve made in college because it has made my time at UGA more worthwhile. " -Laurie Boriskie Scott Richardson, President; Terrie Aldridge, Senior Vice President; Sean Cox, VP Pledge Education; Adam Salmons, VP Professional Activities; Kalan King, VP Chapter Operations; Allison Seago, Secretary; Nick Coia, VP Finance; Adam Johnson, Co-VP Finance; Margaret McConnell, VP Community Service; Michael Dixon, VP Internal Relations; David Evans Adam Hahn, Co-VP Public Affairs; Joe Caldwell, VP Financial Development; Laurie Boriskie, Historian; Meggin Ford, VP Alumni Relations; Russ Harcourt, VP Information Systems; David Cauley, Chancellor; Leo Kogan Jamie Week; Dean ' s Council; Dr. Mark Huber, Chapter Advisor; Karon Drewniak, Regional Vice President Photos by Jessica Mullis The UGA belly dance club is open to everyone and all levels of experience. Out of the club there is a performance troupe, the Athenian Nights. The Athenian Nights can be seen dancing for many other organizations helping to promote diversity and awareness of this beautiful art form. Belly dancing, or Middle Eastern dancing, has its roots buried in the area now known as the Middle East. Once a year the club hosts a hafia (belly dance party) where dancers from different styles and background come from all over to gather, perform, socialize, dance together, and maybe learn something new. The hafIa is open to all in the community so students can interact with veteran dancers as well as professional troupes. " My Habibi! " Michaelle Purdee, President; Mariyah Navazio, Vice President; Eve Bralley, Treasurer; Amy Camba, Billie Rolla, Meredith Gardner, Tatyana Nienow, Jessica Gold, Larrisa Woods, Mia White, Danielle Pearl, Bethany Purdin, Jessica Cook, Rebecca Pioreck Belly Dance Club Organizations 253 PhoW The Graduate Minority Business Association (GMBA) is an organization dedicated to enhancing career, social, networking and educational opportunities for minority MBA students at the Terry College of Business. Our programs focus on fulfilling the academic, professional and social needs of students and coordinating communication between minority faculty and students in the Terry College of Business. Though the organization is concentrates on enhancing the minority student experience, it is open to all students in the MBA program. One of our core annual activities is to produce a team to represent the Terry College of Business at the National Black MBA Conference Case Competition. This year, our team competed against 34 other MBA programs and successfully placed in the top 6, beating out other prominent business schools such as MIT, Sloan, Cornell, and Hampton Universities. We expect to maintain this stellar record in the coming years. " My UGA stresses true leadership that includes courage, respect and integrity. We are taught that it is not enough to simply stand out. We must stand for something as well. " -Keith Miles Oyin Enoch, President; Tamara Jordan, Vice President (2005); Tracy Dunbar, Vice President (2006); Redick Brown II, Vice President (2006); Wesley Cox, Gboyega Adewumi, Keith Miles, Demetria Hannah Graduate Minority Business Association C. Photo by Jessica MulMs ftoios l)y Iv. Photos by Georgia Society for Contemporary Painters Georgia Society of Contemporary Painters The objective of the Georgia Society of Contemporary Painters is to unite the UGA Drawing and Painting graduate students together in developing our abilities as professional artists and instructors. As a UGA student organization created in May 2004, the GSCP is committed to the fostering of close friendships between all graduate painters while promoting the creation of each member ' s artwork. " My UGA is a place I will never forget. In a sea of people I found an island called the Georgia Society of Contemporary Painters. Together we have weathered the storm of hard work and commitment, and someday we will bask in the light of success. And we will always miss games days. " -Jen Bandini, President Jen Bandini, President; Claire Joyce, Secretary; Troy Wingard, Treasurer 254 Organizations Oir purp »ith eaci nerabefs Ilieta All [ewafdin Iritnds, the an aods liirjos, I C. S. Lewis Society Ai Photos by Jessica Mullis The C.S. Lewis Society meets weekly to discuss the writing of C.S. Lewis and other great Christian thinkers in an effort to become more persuasive for the cause of Christ on campus. The organization is affiliated with Intercollegiate Studies institute in Wilmington, DE at and TeenPact at " Our UGA is a campus full of Christians who need tools and encourasement to THINK and REASON with others about the claims of Christ and the relevancy of the Scriptures. " Steve Ferguson Jacquelyn Gillette, Presidents; Abbey Lowry, Adam Hinman, Amelia Fromherz, Anna Farmer, Charlton Bo Mann, Chuck Westbrook, Clint Collins, Daniel Olson, David Chapman, Eric Sevenfow, J. Willson, James Gram, Jessy Van Camp, Julie Marie Camp, Justin Mann, Karen Pratt, Katherine Ellison Faircloth, Mark Smith, Mary Anderegg, Matt Hodge, Michae l Vaughan, Monica Morello , Rachel McAfee, Sarah Junco, Stephanie N., Suzanne Taylor, Vanessa Elise Nguyen Painlers li Is s lod lay 200 hips tion of et, lo edthe nters. irmof eday Our purpose Is to allow perspectives to familiarize themselves with each other and the organization. The interest group members will be known as the " Interested Ladies of Lambda Theta Alpha. " Being an Interest group member can be a rewarding experience, you are able to work closely with friends, give back to our community, and educate yourself, at the same time. " My UGA is an exceptional university with the capacity to embrace cultural diversity and support minority Greek organizations. " - Rachel Moreno, President AnH ' Rachel Moreno, President; Sandra Sosa, Vice President; Veronica Burgos, Secretary; Linda Garcia, Treasurer sideot Treasofe ' Interested Ladies of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc. V Organizations 255 Residence Hall Association The Residence Hall Association (RHA) is tiie SECOND largest student organization on campus, which is the coordinating organization for the various residence hall governing bodies across campus. RHA ' s goal is to help develop residence hall policies, procedures, programs, and facilities to best serve the interests of students living on campus. To that end, the association ' s elected representatives from each hall colony work with housing staff on residents ' behalf. This year, there are two main goals for RHA: 1) To increase awareness of our true and potential role for students through effective communication in an effort to improve residential life in housing. 2) To assist in the direct development of residence hall councils in the establishment and fulfillment of goals. Photos by Rh ' " My UGA is a place of constant enlightenment and an institution where community is the key essential to building lives. " -Wes Henry A.J. Pace, President; Elizabeth Griffin, Vice President; Eric Stoize, Director of Communications; Suraj Amarnani, Secretary; Lauren Cramer, Treasurer; Wes Henry Jessica Peabody, National Communications Cooridinators; Laura Bohnoff, Historian; Ebone ' Smiley, NRHH Director; Tamara Burke Scott Nelson, Advisors m ¥ kt 256 Organizations James Preside Meetini Moone) Advisoi Meetin ion Alpha Phi Omega Alpha Phi Omega is a co-ed National Service Fraternity, affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America, based on the principles of Leadership, Friendship, and Service. It was founded on December 16, 1925 by Frank Reed Norton of Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania. Originally, it was an all male fraternity, but in 1976 the decision was made to allow women to become brothers. " My UGA is a perfect memory. Service projects, fellowships, and spending time with the brothers of Alpha Phi Omega are frozen in time. The events may never repeat but we can look back at those memories. I move into the real world secure in the knowledge that UGA and Alpha Phi Omega are tucked safely away. Every time I need to know that feeling of innocence, accomplishment, or love I can look back to my UGA and recall those perfect memories. " -Brie Skelton Amber Harris, President; Mallory Lucier, Co-Service Vice President; Larissa Woods, Co-Service Vice President Sectional Regional Liaison; Clayton Austin Brianna Skelton, Co- Membership Vice President; Chad Cheely Vishal Dhara, Co- Fellowship Vice President; Robert Bagwell, Treasurer; Meredith King, Secretary; Katie VonDerHaar, Historian Webmistress; Kristy Johnson, Sergeant at Arms; Austin Smith, Pledge Educator Alumni Secretary; April Oxford, Special Events Chair; Ashley Newman, Spirit Chair; Beth Dopson, Service Leadership Council Rep fintoifrf I Photos by BSSA til, Laura James Yoon, President; Adele Handy, Vice President; Rachana Shah, Treasurer; Vishal Pakel, Meeting Coordinator; Erin Lyons Ashley Mooney, Public Relations; Francine Palevitz, Advisor; Raina Udom, Secretary; Crystal Harris, Meeting Coordinator Biological Sciences Student Association Organizations 257 Photo5 It seems like in today ' s society, money means everything. However, some things should not be measured by that standard. The Cheap Date Club exists to promote this concept within the dating realm. Members of the club think up cheap dates and go on trial runs to see how they work out. The club then promotes these ideas through a variety of ways including seminars, brochures, and flyers. In addition to this, the club has cheap social events such as kickball games and women ' s basketball groups. " Our UGA is a campus community that does not judge a date on the monetary value invested, but rather for the fun that was had by its participants. " Michael Hotard, El Presidente; Brad Lindell, Headmaster; Chad Hayes, Commander in Chief; Brian Levy, Field Director; Amy Johnson, VP of Textile Design; Christy Carbonel, Unknown; Priya Chandan, P.I.M.P.; Sarah Puryear, Badass Extraordinaire; Alpesh Patel, Head of the Ministry of Dentistry Cheap Date Club % %5 jOffM H ■■■■ P inii u ftpn f ■ [ ' ' ; l H P " " ! ' iv ' - H I Hil m S ' - JrH ' ' H •:%. ' " Pv, J Ar Photos by Water Polo Club Student Recreation Center Car Leibig, Coach; Andrew Ross, Men ' s President Captain; John Weatherford, Co-Captain; Rebecca Garman, Women ' s President Captain tali by « Water Polo Club 258 Organizations Arch Society The purpose of The Arch Society is to provide a core of students serving the University of Georgia as official hosts and as goodwill ambassadors. The Men and Women of the Arch seek to serve the University of Georgia at all functions where it is desired to have students welcome guests and visitors to the University of Georgia. The Arch Society seeks to advance the University of Georgia through service to the Office of the President, the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, the Office of Development and University Relations, Alumni Association, the Athletic Association, and other University offices or officials at appropriate functions. Photos by Arch Society " The Arch Society provides its members with an opportunity to meet people they might not have otherwise met, go places they might not have otherwise gone, and see this University from a perspective they might not have otherwise had. " - Mr. Tom Cochran, Founder of the Arch Society Miles Garrison, Chairman; Tate Izlar, Vice-Chairman of Assignments; Laura Mills, Vice-Chairman of Committees; Fallon Conger, Secretary Organizations 259 Sphinx 1. Andrew H. Patterson 76. J. Loring Raoul 155. 2. William D. Hooper 77. James J. Ragan 156. 3. Lawrence A. Cothran 78. Robert S. Parker 157. 4. Garrard Glen 79. George P. Whitman 158. 5. Charles R. Andrews 80. William L. Erwin 159. 6. Edgar E. Pomeroy 81. Harrison J. S. Jones 160. 7. Alexander P. Adams 82. Carroll D. Cabaniss 161. 8. William S. Blun 83. William G. Brantely, Jr. 162. 9. Charles W. Davis 84. Philip R. Weltner 163. 10. Marion D. DuBose 85. Ambrose H. Carmichael 164. 11. Robert P. Jones 86. Richard K. Smith 165. 12. Andrew J. McBride 87. William W. Brown 166. 13. Robert J. Travis 88. Frank H. Martin 167. 14. Tinsley W. Rucker, Jr. 89. Charles N. Feidelson 168. 15. Merrit M. Thruman 90. John K. McDonald, Jr. 169. 16. John Banks 91. Henry L. J. Williams 170. 17. Remer L. Denmark 92. Robert H. Jones, Jr. 171. 18. John E. Hall 93. Sidney O. Smith 172. 19. Richard M. Charlton 94. Morton S. Hodgson 173. 20. Harry H. Hull 95. Herman P. De LaPerriere 174. 21. Horace C. Johnson 96. Floyd C. Newton 175. 22. James B. Ridley 97. Claude L. Derrick 176. 23. William R. Ritchie 98. Wylie C. Henson 177. 24. John B. L. Erwin 99. John B. Harris 178. 25. Ferdinand P. Calhoun 100 Young B. Smith 179. 26. Frank K. McCutchen 101 Danie l H. Redfearn 180. 27. Augustus L. Hull 102 Jerome C. Michael 181. 28. Henry J. Lamar 103 Dwight L. Rogers 182. 29. Wilson M. Hardy 104 Edgar V. Carter, Jr. 183. 30. Noel P. Park 105 James E. Lucas 184. 31. Walter J. Hammond 106 Harle G. Bailey 185. 32. Lamar C. Rucker 107 Edward M. Brown 186. 33. Sterling H. Blackshear 108 Hosea A. Nix 187. 34. Marvin M. Dickinson 109 Omer W. Franklin 188. 35. Andrew M. Calhoun 110 Eralbert T. Miller 189. 36. Cam D. Dorsey 111 Herderson L. Lanham, Jr. 190. 37. Marion S. Richardson 112 Hinton B. B. Blackshear 191. 38. Billington S. Walker 113 Washington Falk, Jr. 192. 39. Sanders A. Beaver 114 Alexander R. MacDonnell 193. 40. Francis M. Ridley 115 Herbert C. Hatcher 194. 41. Glenn W. Legwen 116 Paul L. Bartlett 195. 42. Samuel R. Jaques 117 Edgar L. Pennington 196. 43. Ralph Meldrin 118 Edwin W. Moise 197. 44. Marion H. Smith 119 George C. Woodruff 198. 45. Wallace M. Miller 120. Evans V. heath 199. 46. Minor Boyd 121. Millard Rewis 200. 47. William R. Turner 122. Robert B. Troutman 201. 48. Julian F. Baxter 123. Arthur K. Maddox 202. 49. Harold W. Ketron 124. John A. Sibley 203. 50. John D. Bower 125. Lloyd D. Brown 204. 51. Frampton E. Ellis 126. Glifford Brannen 205. 52. Frank B. Anderson 127. George T. Northen 206. 53. Robert P. Brooks 128. William A. Mann 207. 54. Lucien P. Goodrich 129. Harold D. Meyer 208. 55. Issac S. Hopkins 130. Benton H. Walton 209. 56. Joseph 1. Killorin 131. David R. Peacock 210. 57. Marmaduke H. Blackshea 1-132. Virgin E. Durden 211. 58. Virlyn B. Moore 133. Charles E. Martin 212. 59. Thomas W. Connally 138. Edward M. Morgenstern 213. 60. George W. Nunnally 139. James M. Lynch 214. 61. Theodore T. Turnbull 140. Henry L. Rogers 215. 62. Walter W. Patterson 141. Bentley H. Chappell 216. 63. Arthur R. Sullivan 142. Casper 1. Funkenstein 217. 64. Charles H. Cox 143. Frank Carter 218. 65. Roderick H. Hill 144. Tinsley R. Ginn 219. 66. Harold W. Telford 145. Aaron B. Bernd 220. 67. Arthur L. Hardy 146. Russell H. Patterson 221. 68. John E. D. Vounge 147. Victor Victor 222. 69. Walter O. Marshburn 148. Hoyt H. Welchel 223. 70. Hugh M. Scott 149. Lewis A. Pinkussohn 224. 71. John A. Brown 150. Clark Howell, Jr. 225. 72. George Hains, Jr. 151. David K. McKamy 226. 73. Daniel Y. Sage 152. David F. Paddock 227. 74. Issac C. Levy 153. John G. Herderson 228. 75. Lansing B. Lee 154. Edward J. Hardin 229. . George S. Whitehead 230 James B. Conyers 231 Charles W. Jacobson 232 Hugh L. Hodgson 233. Robert W. Wesley 234. George L. Harrison 235. Charles M. Tanner, Jr. 236. William H. Quarterman, Jr. 237. Robert L. Callaway, Jr. 238. Joel B. Mallet 239. Thomas A. Thrash 240. . Max L. Segall 241. , William H. Sorrells 242. , William O. White 243. John P. Stewart 244. Neil L. Glllis, Jr. 245. Roff Sims, Jr. 246. John H. Carmical 247. Howard H. McCall, Jr. 248. Irvine M. Levy 249. Hinton F. Longino 250. Richard W. Courts, Jr. 251. Lucius H. Tippett 252. Otto R. Ellars 253. Roger H. West 254. Robet L. Forman, Jr. 255. James M. Hatcher 256. Dewey Knight 257. Louis S. Davis 258. Wallace P. Zachry 259. Irvine Phinizy 260. Rovert D. O ' Callaghan 261. Charles M. Candler 262. William M. Dallas 263. Claude H. Satterfield 264. Frank W. Harrold 265. William D. Miller 266. Arthur Pew, Jr. 267. Robert E. L. Spence, Jr. 268. Chester W. Slack 269. John R. Slater 270. Everett W. Highsmith 271. Ashel M. Day 272. Charles Straham 273. Hillary H. Mangum 274. William H. Stephens 275. Preston B. Ford 276. Nathan Jolles 277. Owen G. Reynolds 278. John P. Carson 279. Walter D. Durden 280. Welborn B. Cody 281. Malcomb A. McRainey 282. William F. Daniel 283. Ellis H. Dixon 284. Freeman C. McClure 285. Lewis H. Hill, Jr. 286. George J. Clark 287. Charles A. Lewis 288. Joseph J. Bennett, Jr. 289. John A. Hosch 290. Charles G. Henry 291. James K. Harper 292. Herbert H. Maddox 293. Josh L. Watson 294. Charles R. Anderson 295. Edward M. Gurr 296. Hervey M. Cleckly, III 297. Walter C. Carter, Jr. 298. William Tate 299. Charles F. Wiehrs 300. John H. Fletcher 301. James D. Thomason 302. John H. Hosch, Jr. 303. Thomas F. Green, IV 304. Watler E. Sewell . Lester Hargrett Charles L Gowen Martin E. Kilpatrick John D. Allen Horace D. Shattuck George D. Morton Gwinn H. Nixon Alexis A. Marshall Carlton N. Mell Ernest P. Rogers Walter T. Forbes, Jr. George S. Johnson James R. Chambliss Ernest Camp, Jr. Allen W. Post Alexander S. Clay, III Frank K. Boland, Jr. Ivey M. Shiver, Jr. William H. Young, Jr. Issac K. Hay George E. Florence, Jr. Thomas A. Nash Thomas J. Hamilton, Jr. Benjamin H. Hardy, Jr. Hallman L. Standi Daniel C. Tully Robert L. Patterson, Jr. Hoke S. Wofford John S. Candler, II Glenn B. Lautzenhiser Rufus B. Jennings Craig Barrow, Jr. Robert G. Hooks Joseph H. Boland Guy C. Hamilton, Jr. James J. Harris William A. Kline, Jr. Kankakee Anderson James E. Palmour, Jr. Henry G. Palmer Frank K. McCutchen Dupont G. Harris Robert D. Feagin, Jr. Mattox L. Purvis Joseph M. Oliver Marvin H. Cox Ellis G. Arnall Herbert S. Maffett Sandford W. Sanford John W. Maddox Mark d. Hollis William C. Latimer Vernon S. Smith William M. Strickland, Jr. James W. Mclntire Charles M. Gaston McCarthy Crenshaw Wiliam M. Hazelhurst Leroy S. Young Frederic Solomon Virlyn B. Moore, Jr. William t. Maddox James M. Richardson, Jr. Morton S. Hodgson, Jr. Troy R. Thigpen, Jr. Robert G. Stephens, Jr. John W. Calhoun, III DeNean Stafford, Jr. John P. Bond Harry S. Baxter Winburn T. Rogers John D. Bowden, Jr. Joseph C. Strong Augustus L. Rogers 305. James W. Wise 306. William T. Bennett, Jr. 307. William C. Hawkins 308. Robert T. Anderson 309. Wade C. Hoyt, Jr. 310. Charles C. Harrold, Jr. 311. Charles B. Anderson, Jr. 312. Edward H. Baxter 313. Dyar E. Massey, Jr. 314. Seaborn A Roddenberry, I 315. Morris B. Abram 316. Floyd C. Newton, Jr. 317. James Q. Lumpkin, Jr. 318. Robert B. Troutman, Jr. 319. Robert P. McCuen 320. Ambrose G. Cleveland, Jr. 321. Robert C. Norman 322. Julian D. Halliburton 323. Isma L. Price, Jr. 324. Howell Hollis, Jr. 325. Kenneth A. McCaskill 326. William S. Smith, Jr. 327. Lee T. Newton 328. Jack B. Matthews 329. Ernest S. Vandiver, Jr. 330. Frank L. Gunn 331. Alpha A. Fowler, Jr. 332. Clarence J. Smith, Jr. 333. Bernard C. Gardner, Jr. 334. Verner F. Chaffin 335. John C. Meadows, Jr. 336. Clifford C. Kimsey 337. Thomas C. Penland 338. John B. Miller 339. Woodie A. Partee, Jr. 340. Frank F. Sinkwich 341. Irby S. Exiey 342. Ellington M. Norman 343. Forest L. Champion, Jr. 344. George D. Lawrence 345. Jesse G. Bowles 346. James P. Miller 347. Aubrey R. Morris 348. James C. DeLay 349. Fluker G. Stewart 350. Charles L. Trippi 351. John E. Sheffield, Jr. 352. William F. Scott, Jr. 353. Frank S. Cheatham, Jr. 354. Dan M. Edwards 355. Robert M. Joiner 356. Dempsey W. Leach 357. William H. Burson 358. Melburne D. McLendon 359. John Rauch 360. Albert M. Wilkinson, Jr. 361. Kirk M. McAlpin 362. Bryan K. Whitehurst 363. John E. Griffin 364. Harry L. Wingate, Jr. 365. James L. Bentley, Jr. 366. Porter O. Payne 367. James A. Andrews 368. Samuel R. Burns 369. Harold C. Walraven, Jr. 370. Robert J. Healey 371. Raleigh G. Bryans 372. Lawrence T. Crimmins 373. George R. Reinhardt 374. William A. Elinburg, Jr. 375. William B. Phillips 376. Walter T. Evans 377. Thomas A. Evans 378. Robert S. McArthur 379. Edward L. Dunn, Jr. 260 Sphinx ir. 380. Michael E. Merola 381. William H. justice 382. Nikolas P. Chilivis 383. Michael w. Edwards 384. Talmadge E. Arnette 385. Carl J. Turner 386. Claude M. HIpps 387. Burton S. Middlebrooks 388. Henry G. Woodward 389. Cecil R. Spooner 390. Howard K. Holladay 391. Phil C. Beverly 395. Roland C. Stubbs, Jr. 393. Hassel L. Parker 394. Robert K. West 395. James 0. Benefield, Jr. 396. Wesley L. Harris 397. Frank V. Salerno 398. Willam D. Moseley 399. Charles R. Adams, Jr. 400. Daniel w. Kitchens 401. Edmund R. Bratkowski 402. Donald L. Branyon, Jr. 403. Randall T. Maret 404. John R. Carson 405. Robert L. Blalock 406. Logan R. Patterson 407. Quentin R. Gabriel 408. Jay D. Gardner 409. Frank W. Seller 410. Richard P. Trotter 411. Joseph P. O ' Malley 412. Kermit S. Perry 413. Jule W. Felton, Jr. 414. Jabez McCorkle, III 415. John J. Wilkins, II 416. Norman S. Fletcher 417. Lindsay H. Bennett, Jr. 418. Robert S. Lowery, Jr. 419. Donald G. Joel 420. John R. O ' Toole 421. Joel J. Knight 422. Edward M. Killorin 423. George M. Scheer, Jr. 424. Joseph H. Marshall 425. Nathan G. Knight 426. Robert A. Rowan 427. David K. Hollis, Jr. 428. Monte W. Markham 429. Emmet J. Bondurant, II 430. Jay C. Cox 431. Ben S. McElmurray, Jr. 432. Harry E. Hendrix 433. Theron C. Sapp 434. Bryce W. Holcomb 435. Thomas E. Dennard, Jr. 436. James P. Walker, Jr. 437. William A. Davis, Jr. 438. Thomas H. Lewis, Jr. 439. Thomas R. Burnside, Jr. 440. James P. Varbrough 441. Charlie B. Christian 442. Earl T. Leonard, Jr. 443. Francis A. Tarkenton 444. Thomas A. Blalock 445. Ronald L. Case 446. Linton R. Dunson, Jr. 447. Wyckliffe A. Knox, Jr. 448. Bryant F Hodgson, Jr. 449. John H. Crawford, III 450. Augustus B. Turnbul, III 451. William R. Montfort, Jr. 452. James H Blanchard 453. Edward T. M. Garland 454. Wyatt T. Johnson, Jr. 455. Richard N. Lea 456. James L. Aldrldge 457. Albert W.F. Bloodworth 458 Jake L. Saye, Jr. 459 Ben 8 Tate 460. Charles B. Haygood, Jr. 461. Alexander W. Patterson 462. Larry C. Rakestraw 463. David C. Tribby 464. Charles L. Bagby 465. John A. Rhodes, Jr. 466. McCarthy Crenshaw Jr. 467. Neal H, Ray 468. Donald C. Dixon 469. James C, Pitts 470. George B. AWatts 47 1. Bruce G. Bateman 472. George W. Darden 473. William Roy Grow 474. Turner Lynn Hughes 475. Robert Glenn Etter 476. William Morgan House 477. William Ralph Parker 478. Robert Foster Rhodes 479. Dennis Lee Fordham 480. Rutherford C. Harri 481. Thomas W. Lawhorne, Jr. 482. John Michael Ley 483. William Porter Payne 484. Pharis Randall Seabolt 485. Robert Lee Williams 486. George Albert Dasher 487. Robert E Knox, Jr. 488. Henry E. Lane 489. Robert E. Chanin 490. James L. Pannell 491. Paul Cleveland Tedford 492. Thomas Lewis Lyons 493. James Robert Hurley 494. Andrew M. Scherffius 495. Willam P. Bailey 496. Cader B. Cox, II 497. Thomas A. Nash, Jr. 498. Earl D. Harris 499. Patrick L. Swindall 500. Joel L. Wooten, Jr. 501. Charles William Griffin 502. Joseph H. Fowler 503. Michael S. Wright 504. Charles T. Hall 505. Robert P. Killian 506. James S. Watrous 507. Anderson S. Johnson 508. Thomas M. Melo 509. Charles H. Bond 510. Robert E Tritt 511. Manuel Diaz, Jr. 512. John Chase McKissick 513. Michael P. Haggerty 514. George Robert Reinhardt 515. Benjamin H. Cheek 516. John A. Gilleland 517. Glynn A. Harrison 518. Carl E. Westmoreland, Jr. 519. J. Rivers Walsh 520. Kevin L. Knox 521. William Harry Mills 522. James Rayford Goff 523. Alexander H. Booth 524. John Henry Hanna, IV 525. Gordon Allen Smith 526. John Michael Levengood 527. Leonard W. Fussell 528. Jeffrey Young Lewis 529. Willie Edward McClendon 530. Samuel Scott Voung 53 1 David C. Jensen 532. Bret Thurmond 533. Carl Michael Valentine 534. Jeffrey T, Pyburn 535. James 8. Durham 536. Rex Robinson 537. Scott Woerner 538. Gregory C. Sowell 539. Christopher C. Welton 540. Francisco P. Ros 541. Drew Harvey 542. Keith Wayne Mason 543. Clay D. Land 544. Frank J. Hanna, III 545. Terrell L. Hoage 546. Thomas H. Paris, III 547. Knox Culpepper 548. Mikael Pernfors 549. Holger Weis 550. Joseph B. Atkins 551. Stuart E. Smith 552. Stephen W. Smith 553. James B. Ellington 554. Thomas K. Foster 555. Brett M. Samsky 556. Stephen M. McCarter 557. Kim T. Stephens 558. Stephen C. Enochs 559. Mark A. Lewis 560. William M. Ray 561. Tammie M, Tate 562. James W. Childs 563. Alec C. Kessler 564. Mark D. Johnson 565. Kelly R. Curran 566. Cale H. Conley 567. Vernon E. Googe 568. Nevada Ann Waugh 569. Gregory Alan Gunter 570. Matthew William Nichols 571. Robert Kirk Harris 572. Don Ray Christian, Jr. 573. J. Todd Peterson 574. William Alex Millen 575. Eric Royce Zeier 576. Middleton Albert Parker, Jr. 577. Andrea Lea Bottoms 578. Travis Jones 579. Kristopher B. Nordholz 580. Natalie A. Dopson 581. Brian S. Smith 582. Robert M. Sutherland 583. Donald A. Grimsley 584. Andrew A. Wade 585. Margaret Kate Hodge 586. Andrew Richard DeVooght 587. Lisa Ann Coole 588. Vijaya R. Palaniswamy 589. Robyn A painter 590. L. Lacy Feldman 591. Matthew D. Stinchcomb 592. Bronson H. Lee 593. Patricia L. Page 594. Tobin R. Carr 595. Holly C. Gooding 596. Kyle B. Wingfield 597. Gretchen A. D ' Huyvetter 598. Thomas J. Ludlam 599. Amy S. Mulkey 600. Laquesha S. Sanders 601. Tiffany M. Smith 602. Zoe M. Minor 603. Scott G. Katz 604. Kathryn B. Sekeres 605 Tyler J. Helms AF 606 Cathy A. Lee AG 607 Isidro N. Panlzales, Jr. AH. 608 Manoj S. Varghese Al. 609 Corey M, Dortch AJ. 610 Kimberly M, Council AK. 611 Kathryn R. Mathis AL. 612 Virginia Leigh Barton AM 613 Sarah Lauren Cherry AN. 614 Keane Brooks Johnson AO 615 Louis Travis Canova AP. 616 Rebecca Joan Lane AQ 617 Ryan C, Irvine AR. 618 S, Winters RichwIne III AS. 619 John Nathan Copeland AT AU AV. AW AV. AZ. BA. BC. BD. HONORARY MEMBERS: BF. BG. A. Henry C. Brown BH. B. George P. Butler Bl. C. Samuel H. Sibley BJ. D. Edward E. Doughtery BK. E. Walter A. Harris BL. F. Holcombe Bacon BM. G. Mansfield P. Hall BN. H. Frank Kells Boland BO. 1. Henry G. Colvin BP. J. Walter S. Cothran BQ. K. John W. Spain BR. L. John T. Dorsey BS. M. Frank R. Mitchell BT. N. Harry Dodd BU. O. Charles H. Black BV. P. Walter R. Tichenor BW. Q. George T. Jackson BX. R. Walter B. Hill BY, S. Charels M. Snelling BZ, T. David C. Barrow CA. U. Robert E. Park CB, V. Henry C. White CD, w. Andrew M. Soule CE. X. Willis H. Bocock CF. y. Steadman V. Sanford CG. z. Charles M. Strahan CH. AA. Herman J. Stegeman CI. BB. William S. Morris CJ. CC. George F. Peabody CK. DD. Ernest A. Lowe CL. EE. Thomas J. Woofter CM. FF. Thomas W. Reed CN. GG. Harry J. Mehre CO. HH. Harry N. Edmunds CP. II. Harold Hirsch CQ. JJ. Edgar L. Secrest CR. KK. Harmon W. Caldwell CS. LL. Paul W. Chapman CT. MM. Robert R. Gunn CU. NN. John D. Wade CV. OO. Hughes Spalding ex. PP. Charles H. Herty DA. QQ. Ellis M. Coulter DB. RR. William O. Payne DC. SS. James W. Butts, Jr. DE. TT. Henry A. Shinn DF. UU. William M. Crane DG. VV. William O. Collins DH. WW. Erie E. Cocke, Jr. Dl. wx. Omer C. Aderhold DJ. wy. John E. Drewry OK. wz. Herman E. Talmadge DL. XX. Robert O. Arnold DM. yy. Charles J. Bloch DN. zz Fr ank D. Foley DO. AB. Roy V. Harris DP. AC. Joseph A. Williams DQ. AD. Thomas H. Lokey DR. AE. Richard B. Russell DS. Paul Brown John O. Eidson James A. Ounlap Philip M, Landrum Marion Tyus Butler John L. Cox, Jr. Marlon 8. Folsom Eugene R Black, Jr. Harold M. Heckman Marvin B. Perry Carl E. Sanders , Jack J, Spalding, III Augustus O, B. Sparks James W, Woodruff, Jr. William L. Dodd Francis M Byrd Pope F. Brock , Robert C, Wilson Inman Brandon Jesse Draper Alex A, Lawrence, Jr. Jasper N. Dorsey Clarke W, Duncan Philip H, Alston, jr. J. Phil Campbell Fred C Davison Vincent J, Dooley Jack B Ray George S. Parthemos Robert L. Dodd Joel Eaves Augustus H, Sterne Hubert B, Owens Monroe Kimbrel George L Smith, II Robert G, Edge Winship Nunnally Dan H. Magill, Jr. David W. Brooks William C. Hartman, Jr. William R. Cannon Robert S. Wheeler Chappelle Matthews Dean Rush Don Carter Eugene Odum George D. Busbee Robert Perry Sentell, Jr. Sam Nunn Henry G. Neal William R. Bracewell W. H. NeSmlth Henry King Stanford Julius F. Bishop M. Louise McBee Tucker Dorsey J. W. Fanning Lothar Tresp Peter Shedd Pierre Howard William P. Flatt F Abit Massey C. Richard Varbrough Donald Leebern, Jr. Michael F. Adams Lewis A. Massey Jere Morehead John Tillman T. David Fletcher James Edward Thomas, Jr. Hilton E. young, Jr. John R. Bauerle Cathy Cox Robert L. Islar Martha w. Pierce Carl E. Swearingen Claude w. McBride Candice M. Sherman Jonathan C. Stinchcomb Andrew Murphy Head Eric Leif Johnson Loch K. Honson Paul M. Kurtz Frances J. Lane Sphinx 261 I ' ' r - u r ' ♦r ■ - A ' ! f :-: ' ,i a j HH F__ ! " -?r: ' . " s -i ' A-tk 1 1 ■ il l 1 fr ' F a r .mM ' A ? F 1 « F ' i IT. ■ — — 1 I ' ,. 1 MM ■ v _ " " •i ' ' - ' - : •• ' , 1 It mmm m .i ' ¥- , m M - ■■ ' ' ' % ■■ c Classes Editor: Katie Anderson Classes Division 263 Class of ' 05 Ris ex foi tt fr outs tan A nS Senior Leaders 264 Classes Onyema Anene Risk Management and Insurance " My UGA consists of a lifetime of priceless memories: the lasting friendships, the unforgettable experiences that have shaped me, the foundations of a strong education and the skills qualities that I ' ve gained from clubs and organizations have all made ' my UGA ' one of the best moments that I can ever ask for! " Brandon Addison International Affairs and Psychology " UGA is an endless opportunity for growth and adventure. A student can pass around the arch and get involved in almost anything one can imagine. From my adventures being a mascot to my studies in the classroom, Georgia is a place that has forever changed me for new challenges that lie ahead. " Jessica Beegie Political Science " I have spent long afternoons discussing politics with Truman Scholars at Starbucks, taken to the fields and played Division I soccer against members of the U.S. National Team, and spent many a Sunday afternoon winding down with a mean game of ping pong at Son ' s with my best friends. UGA offered me a fascinating environment from which I was able to grow both personally and academically. " Outstanding Senior Leaders 265 r . Rodricus Ficklin Psychology " My UGA is a place that has impelled me to blossom into the individual that I am today. Afforded the opportunity to take advantage of the many organizations that UGA has to offer, I was able to broaden my horizons by maintaining leadership positions, participating on a collegiate athletic team, and having daily interactions with the administrators, faculty and staff, and students from various backgrounds and cultures. Matthew Crim Cellular Biology and Political Science " My UGA is a dynamic community of scholarship, opportunity, and distinction. Whether I am walking through beautiful North Campus, cheering for the bulldogs between the hedges, enjoying a concert in the Performing Arts Center, or eating downtown with friends, I can think of no place I would rather be than Athens. " LAII ' ■ fini n pro cc David Fischer Real Estate " Coming to Athens from a small town in Indiana, I have been amazed how the traditions and challenges of UGA have grown me into a well- rounded man. From serving 90 students as President of the Real Estate Society, to 30,000 as the Student Representative on the Athletic Board, UGA has blessed me by supplying endless confidence and support from all those I have worked with. Each and every day I thank the Good Lord for providing me with these opportunities and for allowing me to reach my potential and pass on the honor of becoming a DAWG! " Lindsey Giffin International Business, Spanish Minor " My UGA is a place of opportunity... Opportunity to cheer with over 96,000 of your friends on Fall Saturdays, Opportunity to appreciate nature on north campus and music downtown, Opportunity to serve others through numerous campus organizations. Opportunity to foster lifelong friendships. And most importantly. Opportunity to discover what you love, who you are, and who you want to become. Justin Golshir Finance and International Affairs " UGA afforded me the opportunity to explore the world. The Honors program and International Affairs professors provided me with Ivy League education. The Terry College of Business and it ' s related programs gave me the confidence to compete at the highest levels in business. The University of Georgia has been the most rewarding experience of my life. " • A iV ' kmUlimillL Russell Gregory Advertising, English Minor " My UGA is one that fosters growth — academic growth and, more importantly, personal growth. I often tell people that during my tenure here are at the University, I became " Russell " . Not to say that I was someone else before, but, throughout my time here my level of self awareness and self understanding sky rocketed. The University offered an environment for me to clearly define my strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes, and leadership skills. In doing so, I was able to cultivate my skills and become a successful leader. " Outstandins Senior Leaders 267 4 y Emily Magill Banking and Finance " I never expected a university to have such an impact on my life. My experiences at UGA have been more than I ever had hoped for! What I have learned here and the people I have known will forever shape my life. " Andrea Lee Furnishings and Interior " UGA is filled with countless opportunities and many great friends. My UGA encompasses Sanford Stadium where football players are recruited, Ramsey where Red Hotz practice, Dawson Hall where hours are spent designing. Spec Towns Track where Relay for Life happens. Brumby Hall where the college experience started, and AOPi where my home is in Athens. " Anna Maxey Consumer Journalism " My UGA has provided more opportunities than I ever dreamed would be possible. When I think back over the past four years I can proudly say that UGA has shaped me into the person I am today. I have enjoyed that UGA has been a chance for me to come into contact with many different people from all walks of life. It is through the experiences of meeting other students, faculty, and alumni at UGA that I have been able to set higher standards and goals for myself. My UGA has challenged me not only academically, but also as a leader on campus. It is these leadership positions that will follow me through whatever journey my life will take from this point forward. " Ids, liUfll ed, Relay !the OPi Adam Sparks Political Science and Drama " UGA is the possibilities of life made clear, the pursuit of knowledge made real, the glory of friendship made perma- nent. UGA is where I ' ve found myself and who I want to be. My UGA will drive me toward new heights and remind me of my roots. UGA is home. " Latham Saddler Economics, Speech Communications Minor " A place where I have grown up, but stayed young at the same time. A place where I have surrounded myself with fellow bulldogs who cherish our University and everything it stands for. A place where I will always feel blessed to have spent four years of my life. A place where I will always feel at home! " i:f 5 ttiap I ItW I say tW I ioday. I for me , eriences ymni 3! ijed me leron tiatwii! Ilfev il! ' 33 Sachin Varghese Political Science and MPA in Public Policy " My UGA is the amazing friendships that I have had here. It is the memories from activities on campus and experiences abroad that will last a lifetime. It is cheering on the Dawgs in Sanford Sta- dium. I will always cherish UGA and the time that I was fortunate to spend here. " Outstanding Senior Leaders 269 U s r y ... your A... your UGA... Seniors 11 27 70 Classes « ' rt those around ' ;°esR v oats of 005 our ! vour I Mitchell Abbott, Biology Blake Adams, Risk Management Insurance Kenneth Adcox, 11, Finance Brandon Addison, International Affaris Psychology Marian Adeimy, Public Relations Foye Adeyemo, Nutrition Science Pre-Med Edmond Adjei, Computer Science Julian Eugene Aguda, Computer Science Mathematics Titilayo Akinkanju, Microbiology Sheneke Allen, Consumer Journalism Brittany Allgood, Speech Communication Laura Alliston, Early Childhood Education Michael Almond, Criminal Justice Nathan Amador, History Ani M. Amirkhanyan, Public Relations Justin Amos, Sports Studies Seniors 271 1 you I your UGA .. your UGA Yone Amuka, Biology Elizabeth Anderson, English Education Yameka Anderson, Consumer Economics Housing Brandi Anglin, Biology Dustin Anthony, Cellular Biology Adriana Aristoua, Political Science Amir H. Aryaie, Microbiology Biology Allison Askew, Psychology ' Jad Atallah, Political Science Jennifer Baarson, Classical Cultures Insun Baik, Music Performance Brian Bailey, Real Estate Conrhonda Baker, Sociology Vance Balhoff, Landscape Architecture Mary Mi-Ae Bang, Scientific Illustration Ada Barber, Public Relations 272 Classes our UGA-.- vour UGA our UGA Rebecca Barlow, Magazines Speech Communication L. BIythe Barrett, Exercise Science Pre Med Kristen Bartlett, Psychology Melissa Bartlett, Psychology George Bassett, Biology Allie Baxter, Art History Dustin Beadle, Computer Science Brody Bearden, Risk Management Dawn Bennett, Criminal Justice Sociology Katie Bennett, Child Family Development Kristen Bennett, Secondary English Education Karen Bible, Child Family Development Elizabeth Blackman, Early Childhood Education Ashley Blakely, Communication Sciences Disorders Anna Blount, Biological Sciences Sarah Boehnlein, Child Family Development Seniors 273 your UGA... your UGA... your UGA... your UGA.. Laura Boggs, Consumer Journalism Magazines Jim Bolton, Business Management Katherine Booher, Management Kristen Boone, Real Estate Michelle Borden, Chemistry Dallas J. Bouley, General Business Miranda Bowen, Biology Lindsay Bower, Sociology Courtney Branen, Child Family Development Stephanie Branton, Child Family Development Christopher Bricker, Speech Communication Meredith Bridges, Art Education Jazmin Briggs, Speech Communication Kevin Brinker, Management Amy Brooks, Fashion Merchandising Ashley Broughman, Child Family Development 274 Classes UGA... vour UGA... y_„ iA... your UGA... Connaka Brown, Broadcast News Rcnee Brown, Consumer Economics Dominic Brown II, Broadcast News Nakesha Bryant, International Affairs Spanish Robert Bryant, Accounting Kevin Buckley, Speech Communication Latasha Burgess, Social Work Brunilis Burgos, Genetics Samantha Burks-Hamrick, Animal Science Elise Bush, Political Science Charya By, Genetics Biology Microbiology Haley Cabe, PR Creative Writing Danielle Cagle, English Education Chase Cain, Broadcast News Crystal Calloway, Housing Kathryn Cameron, Family Consumer Sciences Education Seniors 275 our UGA... your UGA. vour UGA... your UGA.. Anne-Marie Campbell, Honors Interdisciplinary Studies Psychology CeilidhI Cannizzaro, Psychology Ellen Carino, Biology Elisa Carnes, History Ashley Carpenter, Marketing Josh Carter, Psychology Stephanie Carter, Applied Biotechnology Ashley Caudill, Broadcast News Aaron Cavin, Agricultural Engineering Rachel Chancey, Communication Sciences Disorders Laura Chaney, Biology Pre-Med Hyunah Chang, Accounting Stephanie Chapman, Anthropology Jenn ying Cheih Hwang, Biology Andrea Chenier, Middle Grades Education Khar Hooi Choo, Broadcast News 76 Classes UGA... vour UGA... v iA... your UGA yi-Fen Chou, Music Therapy Evan Cichelli, Biology Karen Cloud, Early Childhood Education Wesley Colley, Consumer Economics Laura Collins, Early Childhood Education Mandi Colson, Consumer Economics Rebekah Conley, Business Management Kate Connell, Biology Psychology Megan Cosgrove, International Business Megan Cronic, Communication Sciences Disorders Miriam Crystal, Art History Robert Culpepper, Marketing Alyson Curies, Marketing Hayley Cutts, Psychology Leza Dabit, Consumer Economics Jennifer Darity, Speech Communication Seniors 277 your UGA... your UGA- . your UGA... your UGA... Jason Davis Laurin Davis, Risl Management Insurance Finance Peyton Davis, Consumer Economics Alexander Dean, Marl eting Leanna Degenhart, Economics Shannon Denham, Publication Management Michelle Desmond, Marketing Julian S. Dial, III, Biology Amy Dickson, Geography Daniel Digby, Sociology Agribusiness Haley Dillon, Marketing Jennifer Dixon, Communicatin Sciences Disorders Brandy Donaldson, Scientific Illustration Scott Donner, Political Science Richard Donofrio, Landscape Architecture Rebecca Douglas, Drama 278 Classes . . 3A... -... UGA . . UGA- your UGA.. Brittany Downs, Speech Communication Jody Dozier, Religion Erika Drum, Speech Communication Donnie Dubreuiel, Political Science Pre Law Graham Duff, Marketing Ashlie Duncan, Political Science Hailey Duncan, Social Science Education Latosha Dunnigan, Child Family Development Jana Easley, Speech Communication Laura Edger, Biology Sarah Edney, Child Family Development Maryellen Edwards, Agribusiness Liya Endale, Psychology Sociology Jessica Felts, Fashion Merchandising Cindy Ferguson, Business Joshua Ferguson, Landscape Architecture Seniors 279 ur UGA... your UGA... vour UGA... your UGA. Kristin Ferguson, Early Childhood Education Candice Festa, Psychology Lawrence Ficek, Management Information Systems Political Science Rodricus Fickiin, Psychology Robert Fields, Real Estate Megan Fifield, Child Family Development Jennifer Fischer, Music Education Renata Foerst, Mathematics Education Abinue Fortingo, Political Science Brittney Foster, Environmental Health Aliceson Fountain, Child Family Development Diana Freeman, Political Science Heather BIythe Friedman, Biology Igor Friedman, Risk Management Marketing Kathryn Fuller, Psychology Lauren Futrell, Dietetics 280 Classes our UGA. ' our UGA... your UGA... your UGA... I Jennifer Gammon, Biology Lindsay Garcia, Biological Sciences Collin Garner, Speech Communication James Gaskill, Drama Tera Gastright, Education Jennifer Gaultney, Nutrition Science Stephen Geer, Management Natalie Gilman, Child Family Development Michelle Gilstrap, English Amelia Gleaton, Biology Jessica Glover, Telecommunication Arts Paige Green, Management Keauna Gregory, English Pre Law Gareth Griffin, Geography Elizabeth Griffith, English Robert Grist, Agricultural Engineering Seniors 281 your UGA... your UGA... your UGA... your UGA... Max Gross, Sports Studies Garland Gudger, Biology Michelle Haasenritter, Real Estate Katherine Habenicht, English Kimberly Haddox, Physics Jennifer J. Hagen, Biological Science Animal Dairy Science Hillary Hamby, Psychology Gene Hamilton, International Affairs Katherine Haney, Microbiology Nathanael Hardeman, International Business Pamela Harrell, Art Education Gregory Harris, Accounting Sonya Hart, Biology Terrell Hart, Drama Nalini Hasija, Genetics Biology Jessica Haynes, Child Family Development 282 Classes y jur UGA--. 3A... v - ' UGA. your UGA«.. Lindsay Head, Public Relations Kristy Heinrich, Early Childhood Education Ashley Henson, Magazines S. Assbelli Hernandez, International Business Kristen Herrick, Biology Brent Herrin, Biology Kathryn Hewett, Microbiology Psychology Tara Hill, Psychology Wes Hilliard, Management Info Systems Cassie Hobby, Consumer Journalism Fashion Merchandising Charlie Holderness, Consumer Economics Amelia Holland, Fashion Merchandising Angela Holter, Economics Joel Hopkins, Management Bradley Hough, Finance Kelly Howard, Advertising Spanish Seniors 283 B your UGA your UGA... your UGA . your UGA... Kelly Howell, Animal Science Sarah Howell, Sociology Daniel Hudalla, Management Information Systems Martha Huertas, Biology Randall Huggins, Accounting Alaina Hughes, Speech Communication Marc Hughes, Real Estate Rachel Hundley, Poll Sci Magazines Speech Communication Lejohn Hyman, Marketing Kristin Ingram, Computer Science Mandy Irvin, Fashion Merchandising Jessica Ivey, Mathematics Education Tate Izlar, Political Science Telecommication Sara Jenkins, Management Spanish Aisha June Johnson, Speech Communication Courtney Johnson, Middle School Education 284 Classes V 3A... V »3.- ■v- ' .- a » ♦ ♦ ♦ your UGA... your UGA,.. Julie Johnson, Furnishings Interiors Khalil Johnson, English Molly Johnson, Biology Spanish Bret Joiner, Exercise Sports Science Alexandra Jones, Risk Management Amanda Jones, Advertising Furnishings Interiors Clay Jones, Accounting Curtis Jones, Sociology Megan Jones, Housing Consumer Economics Rhondolyn N Jones, Biology Robert Jones, Accounting Vincent Jones, Biology Henrietta Jordan, Marketing Jennifer Joseph, Early Childhood Education Danielle Joyner, Social Work Lauren Julian, Finance Seniors 285 your UGA... your UGA.., your UGA... your UGA... Amy Jurden, English Religion Jennifer Karmel, Advertising Erin Keller, Communication Sciences Disorders Robert Kent, Political Science Elizabeth Kiesling, Animal Science Tiffany Killen, Marketing Jinjoo Kim, Sociology Karen Kim, Psychology Advertising Bonnie King, Furnishings Interiors Vans Randell Kinsey, Poultry Science Cassandra Kirkland, Child Family Development Sarah Kitchens, Public Relations Tara Kitchens, Psychology Calvin Knight III, Advertising Brett Krudener, Landscape Arch Mina Kurian, Foreign Language Education Spanish 286 Classes r UGA... ) JGA... y UGA... your UGA... Robert Landy, Risk Management Tiffany Lanier, Accounting Jonathan Lathem, Computer Science Brandee Lattimore, Political Science Michael Launius, Consumer Economics Theodore Lawhead, International Affairs Roswell Lawrence Jr., Accounting Andrea Lee, Furnishing Interiors Morgan Lentile, Early Childhood Education Alison Levi, Interior Design Talisha Lewis, German Kyle Leymann, Agribusiness Gary Lightfoot, International Affairs David Nathan Little, Telecommunication Arts Rebecca Long, Art Education Phailoth Loonubon, Business Seniors 287 your UGA... your UGA,.. your UGA... your UGA.. Katie Lopez, Exercise Sport Science Robert Lott, Cellular Biology Tabitha Lovell, Agricultural Education Karia Luna, International Affairs Spanish Cheri Luther, Psychology Emily Magill, Finance Michael E. Malley, Philosophy Lindsay Malone, Early Childhood Education Amanda C. Manley, Psychology Sociology Chancellor Mann, Risk Management Insurance David Marck, Newspaper Journalism Cord Marlowe, Management Info Systems Benjamin B. Marshall, Risk Management Insurance Lindsey Marshall, Advertising Bobby Marston, Finance Alisia Martin, Art Education 288 Classes lA Arwyn Martin, Anthropology Jamie Martin, Marketing Kelly Martin, Fashion Merchandising Consumer Journalism Lindsay Mason, Social Work Rachael Massengill, Music Performance Matthew Mauldin, Political Science Lauren Maurer, International Business Erica Maxwell, Chemistry Christi McCleery, Accounting Agribusiness Christopher McDaniel, History Education Jamie McDaniel, International Affairs Brandy McDill, Finance Kelly McEntire, Consumer Economics Lauren McGee, Consumer Journalism William Merriweather, Finance Magen Middlebrooks, Child Family Development Seniors 289 r UGA... you ♦♦♦ your UGA... your UGA... Jessica Milbury, Art History Shannon Millay, Biology Ashley Miller, Marketing Aubrey Miller, International Affairs James Miller, Religion Robert Miller, Jr., Consumer Economics Kristin Mock, Comparative Literature Spanish Daniel Monroe, Speech Communication Stephen S. Montgomery, Landscape Architecture Garland Moon, Economics Jessie Moon, Child Family Development Rendi Moore, Social Work Melissa Morello, Genetics Joshua Morey, Biology Andrew Morgan, Biology Pre-Med Jennifer Morgan, Advertising 290 Classes your UGA ir UG Lindscy Morgan English English Education Matthew Morgan, Finance Terilyn Morrell, Dietetics Jennifer Morris, Criminal Justice Ashley Morrison, Early Childhood Education Joyce Moss, Spanish Derek Mount, Public Relations Tiago Moura, Forestry n Jessica Mullis, Graphic Design Ashley Murphy, Animal Science Shannon Murray, Furnishings Interiors Shannon Murray, Furniture Interiors Christopher Muthig, Journalism Education Ngozi Ndukwe, Psychology Atanas Nikolov, Finance Erica Nocera, Public Relations Psychology Seniors 291 our UGA ur UGA. Arthur Noll, Economics Management Information Systems Branden Nordan, Risk Management-Insurance Margie Norris, Psychology Rebecca Nort, Speech Communication Matthew Nowery, Management Femi Obadina, Management Information Systems Melissa O ' Boyle, Photography Art Jennifer O ' Connor, Biology Shaun Odell, Mathematics Stefanie Ogawa, Biology Pre-Med Ngozi Ogbuehi, Child Family Development Adeola G. T. Oke, Biology Jean O ' Keefe, Social Science Education Renita S. Okon, English Zachary Old, Consumer Economics Anne Starr Oliver, History 292 Classes wu i WV A rr t I ' Kevin O ' Neill, Cognitive Science Holly O ' Quinn, Real Estate Finance Laura O ' Quinn, Early Childhood Education Mei Ou, English Amber Overfelt, Advertising Eliza Ozimek, Public Relations Sarah Packer, Marketing Kelly Padgett, Biology Randi Panetta, Psychology Stefanie Papps, International Affairs Jennifer Parker, Management Greer Pasmanick, Communications Sarah Patsios, Music Education Chandler Penn, Agribusiness Andrev Perry, Finance Elisabeth Perry, Family Consumer Sciences Education Seniors 293 " i ? A .. your UGA... your UGA... your ! " ... Saralyn Perry, Speech Communication Jonathan Pinney, Economics Tonisia M. Pinson, Psychology Criminal Justice Marl Planer, Economics Lakeshia Poole, Public Relations Gordon Powell, Housing Amanda Powers, Psychology Christina Privin, Public Relations Dae Pruitte, Health Promotion Cara Puckett, Advertising Marisa Puckett, Art History Andrew Rasmussen, Finance Tiffani Rassel, Exercise Sport Science David Rathbun, Psychology Religion Susan Reagin, Microbiology Thomas Redfearn, Chemistry 294 Classes ywui U yuui u jA z I ♦ f X t X J k Catherine L. Reed, German Dan Reeder, Management Melissa Reiss, Furnishings Interiors Karina Ricardo, Recreation Leisure Studies Jenny Roberts, Furnishing Interiors Sarah Roberts, Management Austin Robertson, Biology Psychology Janessa Robinson, Telecommunication Arts Jennifer Rogers, Middle School Education Raven Rogers, Child Family Development Grant Rosekrans, Finance Real Estate Kamica Ross, Biology Rachel Rowe, Psychology Ashlie Rowland, Consumer Journalism Ebony Ruffin, Exercise Science Pre-Physical Therapy Shelarese Ruffin, Psychology Sociology Drama Consumer Journalism Seniors 295 ir iir i 1 A % ' GA. Our UGA. Todd Russell, Marketing Walter Sanders, Computer Science Melissa Sapp, Agribusiness Lauren Saunders, Accounting Brandon Scarboro, Housing Matthew Seader, Horticulture Tijana Sefic, German Rachael L. Segrest, Fabric Design Amber Sheffield, Horticulture Benjamin Sheidler, Political Science Kayo Shibano, Dietetics Christopher Shields, Political Science Social Science Education Menbere Shiferaw, Economics Sarah Shim, Linguistics Michael Simmons, Exercise Science Shani Simmons, Early Childhood Education 296 Classes if UGA tr liGA Jessica Sims, Communication Sciences Disorders Kimberly Skelton, Early Childhood Education Cynthia Slagle, Telecommunications Jonathan Slone, Biology Ebone Smiley, Consumer Journalism Adam Smith, Biological Science Andrea Smith, Avian Biology Anjanette Smith, Child Family Development Cale Smith, Business Education Christie Smith, Fashion Merchandising Stacie Smith, Political Science Virginia Smith, History David M Smtih, English Philosophy Erik Snabes, Biology Stephanie Sneed, Child Family Development Lauren Snipes, Business Education Seniors 297 yuur UGA your UGA... your UGA... " ■ " ' UGA... David Solesbee, Telecommunications In Song, Advertising Maria Song, History Kristy Sorensen, Exercise Sport Science Brooks Sorrier, Housing Deshea Southard, Psychology Adam Sparks, Drama Political Science Sara Stantial, Psychology Bianca Stephens, Speech Communication Chantal Stepney, Journalism Women ' s Studies Megan Stitt, English Molly Stofko, Marketing Scott Preston Sudbury, Biology Jeffery Sung, Public Relations Speech Communication Sarah Swingle, Middle School Education Suzanne Swinson, Finance 298 Classes joA Todd Taranto, Economics Courtney Taylor, Political Science Lauren Taylor, Public Relations Alison Thigpen, Music Education Tammie Thomas, International Affairs Adam Thompson, Journalism Letoria Thompson, Business Education William Thompson, Sociology Michael Thompson II, Middle School Education Mary E. Thrasher, Drama Donald Toomer, Printmaking Akuba Torvikey, International Affairs Candy Trammell, Child Family Development Jennifer Tran, Public Relations Management Kalena Tran, Management Jen Tripp, Communication Sciences Disorders Seniors 299 your UGA... your UGA... f .,f UGA... your UGA Justin Troupe, Real Estate Michael Truljillo, Political Science Public Re lations Chelsea Tubb, Broadcast News Heather Ulmer, Child Family Development Carey A. Vaughan, Pharmacy Kelly Vermeulen, Child Family Development Latasha Vinson, Political Science History Courtney Vlaun, Risk Management Insurance Jennifer Waddell, Sociology Andrea Wagner, Speech Communication Julie Wagner, Special Education Marilyn Waldrop, Fashion Merchandising Anisha Walker, Biology Margot Wallace, Biology Carolyn Wallom, Fashion Merchandising Erin Walton, Sociology 300 Classes H JGA V UGA- V JGA... your UGA... Terilyn Walton, Child Family Development Heather Ward, Political Science Women ' s Studies Lindsey Warner, Furnishings Interiors Bryan Warnock, Accounting Sarah Warren, Health Promotion Behavior Angel Watson, Marketing Mandi Webb, Political Science Psychology Suzanda Webb, Psychology Leigh Anne Wedekind, Consumer Economics Jason Weibel, English Matthew Weiss, Political Science Ashley West, Finance Nina White, Sociology Cynthia Whitehead, Political Science Bree Whitlock, Communication Sciences Disorders Nicole Wilder, Consumer Journalism Seniors 301 1 I four UGA... your UGA... y UGA... Stephanie Wilder, Criminal Justice Psychology Lacy Wilholt, Advertising Chelsea Willhite, Advertising English Brian Williams, Political Science Jennifer Williams, Communication Sciences Disorders Kim Williams, English Education Landon Williams, Pre-Med Psychology Meredith Williams, Speech Communication Shunta R Williams, Political Science Tia Williams, Psychology Kerry Jim Wolleat, Jr, History Jessica Wood, Agricultural Economics Tiffany Woodall, Communication Sciences Disorders Adam Woodcook, Management Info Systems Larissa Woods, Health Promotion Education Patricia Woodward, Agricultural Education i P 302 Classes our UGA. UGA. UGA.. our UGA Amber Wright, Genetics Anna Yeager, Horticulture Martha Yeager, Landscape Architecture Dong Yeom, History Political Science Jessica Yonce, Child Family Development Chung Yoon, Biology Tracey Yotz, English Education Grace Young, Public Relations Rachel Zaworski, Health Promotion Behavior Emily Zickefoose, Marketing Laura Zimmerman, Criminal Justice Psychology Maria Zuniga, Political Science Seniors 303 yoU! iA... vour UGA .. vour UGA Underclassmen Christy Adamson Sherry B. Adesina Jee Young Ahn Shawan Allen Katie Anderson Salvador Arriola, Jr. Tyler Balfour Patrick Barrett 304 Classes jr UGA our I r UGA Gavin Beck Neely Becker i Brian Berger Chera Bernard Darryl Berry Emily Blackburn Phillip Blume Matthew Boeshore Benjamin Boyd Rob Bradsher Laurabeth Branan Katherine Braziel Michael Broome Emily Brown Mary Beth Brown Dyanna Buro Benjamin W. Cabeza Alice Callahan Kathryn Campbell Manuel Carrasco Underclassmen 305 your UGA r UtjA... your UGA... Blake Chalfant Sonya Janice Chelliah Carrie Chestnut Tina Cho Hoon Choi San Chong Dustin Connally Monique Constantaras Megan Cook Juanita I. Cousins Ryan Cranford Emily Crawford Mark Crowley Charles Cunningham Trey Cutts Melissa Dally Cassandra Diaz Christianna Ditman Bradley Doyle Niki Drossos 306 Classes our UG Rachael Duckworth Ashley Dugan Luke Dunn Elizabeth Elmore Natalie Estes Brantley Evans Kyle Fennell Phillip Ferris Erin Ford Megan Ford John Funderburk Tara Gancos Katie Garner Jasmine Gayle Demarcus Gibson Stephen Gladney Kasey Goddin Joshua Goodson Will Goodwin Corey Green Underclassmen 307 our UGA... your U6A.. Jennifer Green Marshall Green Mary Greene Sarah Grenleski Abby Grozine Leah Hall James Henderson Rebecca Hendrix Catherine Herzberg Carly Heyman Kendra Hibler Brooke Hilliard Heather Huffman Avery Hung Ashley Jackson Laura Jakstadt Robert Jennings Paula Joe Emily Jones Jennifer N. Jones 308 Classes Walker Kcadle Lindsay Kelly Samira Khoshnood Dong Yoon Kim William King Stuart Kingsley Mollie Kinsman David Kirby Kerrie Kirkland Kireet Kokala Jill Koretzky Robert Laster Lauren Lee Victor Lee Sara Liebross Michelle Lindsey Laura A. Lopez Kenya Lovett Tim Luckett Emily Maddix Underclassmen 309 G your UG jur UGA vour UGA Sarah Maddox Bonnie Martin Susannah Martin Lauren McCall Kathryn McCarver Daniel McCollum Lori McCullough Emily McGill Cathryn Mcintosh Demetreus Mclver Ann Lauren McLeod Christopher McShane Chiquita Melvin Sean Mercer Michael Micetich Jessica Miles Michael Mokri Andrew Moore Josh Moore Justin Moore 310 Classes r UG Michael Moroz Brian Morrison Sarah Nault Ashley Mew Anh Nguyen Ifechukwude Nwadei Abby Oakley Jessica Odom Allison Ogrady William O ' Hara Bayley Oilman Stephen Oneil Sikirat Onikoyi 4 Chinasa Ordu Stephen Osbon Jonathan Palmer Kendra Palmer Mycia Palmer Crystal Paquin Lauren Parker Underclassmen 311 UGA vour UGA... your UGA... your UGA.. Doug Patmore Allen Pattillo David Faulk Meagan Peacock Eunicia O. Peret Ashley Pierce Marsha Pitchford Aubree Pollard Megan Pritchett Nekeisha L. Randall Robin Rodgers Aaron Rogers Veronica Rohrmoser Nichole Rosamilia William Rudolph Emily Samuels Ansley Sanders Marilyn Sawyer Jodie Schewitz Mary Schoerner 312 Classes Sara Schreiber Autumn Lee Seagle Jody Sellers Maren Sheppard 1[P m Cecilia Shoenbaum Wesleigh Sikes Andrew Sitzler Caryl Skelton Andrea Smith Derek Smith Jacqueline A. Smith Lainie Smith Patrick Stapleton Corey Stark Eric Stoize Nathan Summa Boya Sun Brandon Tanner Jacqueline Tatman Lauren Templeman Underclassmen 313 II ' w o li r o !j- UGA . vour UGA Alexandra Thomas Patrick Thomas David Thompson Charles Thompson, III Kerrie Tidwell Brandon Treadway Leslie Trivett Brent Tucker Jesse Turcotte Sam Urban Catie Walker Nicholas Walling Richard Weatherby John Weatherford Natalie Webb David Weber Ashby Welborn Chase West Mary Bonnie West Adam Wexler 314 Classes James Yoon Matthew Youmans Brad White Joshua White Jasmine Williams Kara Williams Suzanna Willis James Wilson Blair Woods Brandon Wright Underclassmen 315 your UGA... your UGA... your UGA... your UGA.., Graduate Students Saif Altalib Andy Ballard Amaris Baraka Torlse Battle Ashley Bell Larry K. Boiling Shannon Boveland Rebecca Bozarth Charm Bullard Pallavi Chhabra Alice Cooper Candice Davis Patti Davis Krystal Flowers Michelle Foo j yue Fu 316 Classes JGA vn IGA ?r UGA... vour UGA..» Jibrilla Rabbiatou Halidou Wayne Jones Georgia Keadle Andrew Larson Wei-Chun Liu Elizabeth Lloyd Lohse Alicia Moon lyabo F. Osiapem Elizabeth Pope Sarah Rasalam Daniel Shank Clifford Shearer Amy Story Christine Thomas Prachi Vatsalya Genise Vertus Chieh-Ting Wang y. Max Witt Kimberly Woodbury Bheki P. Zungu Graduate Students 317 Closing Editor: Katie Anderson 4 Closing Division 319 Graduation, Fall 2004 321 " ' CRcn fi lllilt t-Ri 1 LUI list %l i I ■■ 1 322 Closing vm f J I. iPhotos by Katie Anderson Graduation, Spring 2005 323 iii 324 Closing Ben Harris Closing 325 326 Closing IM 328 Closing Photos by Katie Anderson Closing 329 t. I i - r 330 Closing 31 332 Closing Closing 333 Pandora Staff Joslyn DiRamlo, Faculty Advisor Kenyae Reese, Graduate Advisor Katie Anderson, Editor-In-Chief Production Editor Amy Dicl son, Managing Editor Robert Laster, Photography Editor Brad White, Photography Assistant Lauren Taylor, Marketing Editor Jessica Miles, Marketing Assistant Academics Katie Garner, Section Editor Andrea Smith Melaina Mattox Features Jennifer Karmel, Section Editor Laura B033S Courtney Taylor Organizations Jessica Mullis, Section Editor Laura Jakstadt Lisa Kim Athletics Lisa Bolln, Section Editor Amanda Dunson Greek Life Amy Burke, Section Editor Jasmine Gayle Alex Palmour Photography Karen Baxter Meghan Derderian Katie Garner Stephen O ' Neil Marketing Hayley Dillon Melaina Mattox 334 2005 Pandora Staff 2005 Pandora Staff 335 Pandora Thanks the Following. . UGA Student Activities: Anne Thompson and all UGA Programmins Office: Torsha Tripp, Becki Garrett, and all UGA Business Office: Jerry Anthony UGA Human Resources: Dickie Riggs UGA Copy Services: Ron Lewis, Diane Teague, Lindsey Wagner, and all UGA Reservations Office: Jenny Chavez and Chris Smith UG Campus Mail: Kim Hudgins UGA Sports Communications: Steve Colquitt, Karlene Lawrence, Claude Felton, Steve Guyer, Jenn Garrett, Erika Snoberger, Kyle Harris, and Christopher Lakos UGA News Services: Kim Carlyle The Picture Man, Darren Pierson Greek Life Advisor, Jame ' l Hodges Peter Shedd, SPHINX Contributors: Curtis and Amy Doyle Dr. Carol Cotton Tim and Pat Rohrmoser Colophon 1 In 1886, representatives of the e?ght existing fraternities on campus worked together to create the first yearbook at the University of Georgia. The yearbook was a collection of the Greeks ' roles and of their activities on campus. It was a paperback book, much smaller In size than today ' s Pandora, giving the histories of each class, of the school, and of the organizations at the University of Georgia, ,.: ■ ' =. - ' According to Greek mythology, Pandora was the first woman sent to earth by the gods. She was given a box in which all the evils of the world had been suppressed and was told never to open it. However, she was very curious and opened it releasing all of the evils that had afflicted man, leaving only Hope inside the box. When the founders of our yearbook heard this story, they decided to name it Pandora, in the hopes that it the book would evoke a Pandora-like curiosity in anyone who came across it. The 118 Volume of the University of Georgia Pandora was created by a staff of student volunteers who receive no financial compensation or tuition credit. This edition was created using Adobe PageMaker 7.0 and Josten ' s YearTech software. The cove was created by Katie Anderson, Pat Cornelius, and Jostens ' Art Department. The primary typeface Is AYT Elegance and layout designs vary by section. This edition is comprised of 356 black and white and color pages and was printed by Jostens, Inc. in Clarksville, Tennessee. Digital photography was used throughout the yearbook. Some photographs were contributed, but most were taken by Pandora student photographers. Class portraits were taken by Carl Wolf Studio, Inc. Pandora ' s offices are located in the Tate Student Center. We can be contacted via e-mail at yearbook( or at (706) 542 - 8003. Photos by Katie Anderson Management Training Program Entry-Level Management Training Program Sales, Management, Marketing, Retail and Customer Service. You ' ve dreamed of creating your own startup. Of mastering skills that help you take ownership of your future. Okay, so you never dreamed of working at Enterprise. But we can make your dreams a reality. 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Join Bartlett Tree Experts, the tree care industry leader % ' k and experience unlimited growth potential l vuse of cutting edge technology ' excellent benefits . 40 1 k , medical and UiiUHJOUiiUMaiii The F.A. Bartlett Tree EQUAL OPPORTUNITY F.MPLi Corporate Office: Post Oft ' ic ox Phone (203) 323-1131 Fax (2n|) 3 Contact: Carm en nc r]j.Mrr ' ' " " " r " " Ei E-Mail: cbertfi ba BARTLETT TREE EXPERTS SCIINTIFIC TNtl i Kt • ' INI t I ' H): UNITED STATES FlowcrsFoods BAKERIES GROUP Excellent income potential, job stability and career advancement are not just a dream with Flowers Foods Bakeries Group-- they ' re a reality. We offer all these benefits plus the challenge of working in the rewarding and fast-paced baked foods industry. Our business is growing and we have positions available for qualified individuals. Interested? Go to our Web site at and submit your on-line resume. K S?BBRtV ' i:iH I;H.| sjrAi: When choosing where to start your new career, consider Southern 1 U-.ilih S -s(em. We ' re an A+ Kmpioyer, voted among the Top 15 Atlanta Employers liy Atlanta Business Chronicle. At Southern Regional Health System, many ot our employees drive past other hospitals to get to work. Our start enjoys the family oriented atmosphere SRHS provides, and going the extra mile proves it. Our employees also go the extra mile for the people they are trusted to care for. U Mill IISI rilCISIIIIII II llllltl ' .MPLOYERS Southern Regional H I . LTH SYSTEM Committed to You. . re you ready to go the extra mile to start your career? Join SRHS today and live the excitement of a career with true meaning. Our tamily ot employees is well rewarded with competitive pay and outstanding benefits. You may apply online or contact us at: Southern Regional Health System • Attn: Human Resources 1 1 Upper Riverdale Rd., SW • Rivcrdale, GA 30274 Fxx: (770) 991-8051 • Phone: (770) 991-8040 • Jobline: (770) 991-8037 email: hrsrmc • A Passion for Medical Excellence Proudly providing this community with the very best in heahhcare services. Visit our website for more information. Athens Regional HEDICAL CENTER . CONVEYOfi B E L T I N a AMERICAS Manufacturer of Quality Industrial Conveyor Belting 21 Laredo Drive • Scottdale, Georgia 30079 • USA 404-294-5272 • Fax: 404-296-5165 AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER UNIFIbU GOVhRNMhNT OF ATHENS-CL RKE COUNTY Wc employ approximately 1,400 employees in positions ranging from Managers, Department Directors, Equipment Operators, Systems Analyst, Secretary, Public Safety and many more. We are proud of the service our employees provide to our community. For information on current job vacancies call our Job Hotline at; 706-6 1 3-3 1 00. visit us at: or visit our Human Resources office at: 375 Satula Avenue Athens, Georgia 30601 We are an Equal Opportunity Employer ■ic. «i.r ' j58. Hamilton Health Care System f For information about becoming part of our outstanding team of professionals in Dalton, G.A please visit our website at apply on-line, email resume to or call (706) 272-6145 with inquiries. %A ffi HAMILTON MEDICAL CENTER Leading health care for life. CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES! State Fanii insurance - A Great Place to work Otote Farm is a multiple-line insurance company headquartered in Bloomington, Illinois. The State Farm team includes more then 75,000 employees and more than 18,000 ogents, oil working to bring the best products and friendly " Good Neighbor " service to our policyholders State Farm offers many rewording career opportunities. If you ' re interested in positions in Georgia or South Corolino, please contact: State Farm InsuranceCompanies Human Resourcej Department 1 1350 Johns Creek Parkway Duluth. GA 30098 Fax: (770) 418- 5627 It you re interested m positions m Alabama or Mississippi, p ' ease contact State Farm Insurance Companies Human Resources Department J 00 State Farm Parkway, Birminghm, AL 35209 Fax:(205)916-6140 Email:$c@statefarm. com EOE I I ( Stay hungry for knowledge. Publix. Education is a lifelong process. It will always feed your mind and spirit. A nnessage from your friends at Publix Super Markets. Introducing the right formula, right away 4 m % The infant formulas preferred and recommended by veterinarians around the world now come in convenient ready-to-feed two ounce bottles. With Esbilac ' for puppies and KMR " for kittens, the new size is perfect for feeding a neonatal animol - simply place the nipple on the bottle and you ' re ready to go. 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Quality Transfusion Supplies for Animals (800) 2 HtLI ' Ky • (800) 243-5759 Fax: (707) 678-7357 Email: R O. Box 11 18 • Dixon. CA 95620 i p Pharmacist opportunity available! Our pharmacy utilizes the latest technology to include: • A robot that fills medication orders for hospital patients (1 st hospital in SC to use this t echnology!) • Automated dispensing cabinets (Acu-Dose) on each nursing unit • A pneumatic tube system • An automated counting machines (Baker cells) that count out the pills needed to fill outpatient prescriptions • Barcode technology: each medication for hospital patients is bar-coded (and scanned by the nurse at the bedside before giving) to help prevent medication errors • Automated machines for preparing TPN Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System offers Relocation Assistance and a signing bonus up to $10,000. Please contact our Allied Health Recruiter, Kristin Baker at or 800-288-7762 101 E. Wood Street Spartanburg, S.C. 29303. Please visit our website at ei C( SI f SPARTANBURG Regional Healthcare System [ ( |i|)iirtuniis ' Employer Its your future. . . plan accordingly Gwinnett Health System has opportunities customized to fit your career goals. With three hospitals and several specialty facilities, we are the premier healthcare provider for the Northeast Atlanta communit) ' . We ' re extraordinary in every way and if you are ready to make a real difference in a place that ' s as unique as your individual talents, search no more. Discover Gwinnett Health System. We recognize, respect and respond to the diversity of all people who interact with Gwinnett Health System. We provide and promote an inclusive and respectful environment, so that we anticipate and compassionately fulfill the diverse needs of our patients, associates, and other customers. By doing so, we support our mission and demonstrate our values by providing quality healthcare experiences and a positive, productive workplace. Gwinnett Health System 100 Medical Center Blvd, Suite 206 • Lawrcnccville, GA 30045 Job Code; PY 05 • Fax: 770-682-2285 • Jobline; 678-442-4040 Nursing Opportunity Line; 678-442-2329 " l-Pedinond - - Regional MediL,iK ' enter The Center of Attention Come and join our Redmond Regional family. We are always searching for dedicated professionals to help us continue our tradition of quality healthcare. Rome is a friendly community centrally located between the three metropolitan cities of Atlanta, Chattanooga, and Birmingham. In this picturesque small city you will find a vibrant business climate and affordable real estate. If you are looking for the highest-caliber quality of life, come make Rome your home! Redmond Regional Medical Center is an equal opportunity employer. We offer flexible scheduling options and competitive pay. Redmond also has a variety of benefit plans that allow you to design a program based on your individual needs. Redmond Regional Medical Center 501 Redmond Road P.O. Box 107001 Rome , GA 30165-7001 Telephone: 706-802-3959 Fax: 706-802-3602 (J mcrican proteins You don ' t have to look a world away find the most promising careers. Based in Georgia for half a century. American Proteins oilers emplo Tnent opportunities in a company that has risen to success on the wings of the fast-paced poultry industry. American Proteins produces nutrient-rich poultry meal, poultry fat and feather meal for ingredients in poultry, fish, and livestock feeds. It also produces custom-blended protein concentrates, in addition to operating a complete analytical laboratory. ct t dautce ar fiet aad A whole world opportunity at ' s not a away. For opportunities call: (770) 886-2250 or forward your resume to: American Proteins, 4705 Leiand Drive, Gumming, Georgia 30041 Just Because We ' re Animals ' ' , 1 Doesn ' t Mean You Have To 1 0 ' Treat Us Badly. ' Plantation Quail a Leading Supplier of Quail In America Quail International offers fresh and frozen Quail Meat that is sure to attract and please. Delicious, Low Calorie, Low Fat, Higli Protein. ' 1940 Hwy 15 South Greensboro, Georgia 30642 Phone: (706) 453-2376 or (706) 453-2377 VWtolcsomc Gourmet Pet TrcMs Vet ?lcA5cr5 . BAKERY ■No A c 1 1 SaU. Colors or PrcscrvAtivcs % f ln i vlAl f A»1 Cv«t 5 Frcslil j ti ' DAkcb « ' ■» • c • o A Ooob D05 Deserves tVie BEST TrcMs! Local: 770-534-3843 Fax: 770-532-0700 Toll-Free: 877-746-9738 4315 McEver Rd • Suite B-1 • Oakwood, GA 30566 E-mail: PARTNERS ()75 Tower Road H Marietta, GA 30060 . " 1:770 423 0016 F: 770 424 0260 • Architecture •Engineering • Interior Design • Cnnstnirfion Services We ' re the people of Doctors Hospita Together We Stand Strong. Doctors Hospital is a 354-bed general acute care hospital employing over 1250 nursing anci medical professionals. Collaboration is an integral part of our daily caregiving. We encourage our multi-disciplinary teams to work side-by-side to deliver tfie optimum in healthcare. Add to that our location in Augusta, Georgia and you ' ve got a winning combination. Nestled along the banks of the Savannah River, Augusta offers plenty of recreational, cultural and entertainment offerings. EOE. Visit us online at For details about current opportunities in Pharmacy and Nursing, including our Critical Care Burn Fellowship! DOGIORS H n S P T A L Life is a gift. Live it well. Doctors Hospital, 3651 Wheeler Rd., Augusta, GA 30909. Where people who think differently Kimberly-Clark, known worldwide for launching legendary brands sucfi as Kleenex® and Huggies and for pioneering entire product categories including facial tissue, rolled bathroom tissue and disposable training pants, invites you to go further, to take the extra step. We ' re seeking people who share our cultural emphasis on excellence, teamwork and original thinking. For more information on our products, people and facilities visit O Kimberly-Clark CHOICES EyrRAORDINARY OPPORTUNITIES... Pharmacy Technology Automation Residency Begins July I, 2005 Salary - S35,000 FRIENDS FACILITIES WORKPLACE Phoebe Putney, a 450-be(i regional tiospltal in southwest Georgia, is offering a li-inonth Pharmacy Technorog v ' . utomation Residency in wliicli 2 participants will learn about pharmacy technologx. including aiiloniation. coinpulers and software. Some specific areas of learning will be Pharmacy Information Systems. Siire-Med Cabinets. Robot-R . Med Direct, MedCarousel, .Admin-Rx (. ciiScan) and PD.As. Participants will learn how technology integrates with pharmacy practice and how it affects patient care and safety as well as the skills necessary to be a system administrator. Candidates must be a (U licensed Phannacist or be eligible for licensure in the Stale of Georgia by September. 2005. and possess excellent leadership and interpersonal skills along with a high degree of professionalism and ethics. Application deadline is February 07, 2005 or until positions are filled. For more information, contact: Randy Carver, R.Ph., Automation Coordinator, Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital, 229-312-0115; fia Phoebe Putney i Memorial hospital fW :PHOEBEPllTNEY.COM Flexibility Challenge Rewards Work in a world class health system in Atlanta, one of the most exciting cities in the country, and enjoy a career full of challenges, flexibilities and rewards - plus ample opportunities for professional growth. We are the only healthcare system in Georgia with two facilities named among the Top 100 Hospitals in the nation by Modern Healthcare magazine. Sound like your ideal career and community? Welcome to WellStar WELLSTAR PHARMACEUTICAL SERVICES $5,ooo Sign-on Bonus! WellStar Pharmacies offer outstanding practice opportunities. WellStar Kennestone Hospital is proud to serve as a clinical site for Mercer University and University of Georgia students. When you work at WellStar, you ' ll enjoy all the benefits you ' d expect from a world class facility. We offer competitive salaries, recognition programs, insurance benefits, a 403(b) plan and generous vacation and leave polices. Apply online or forward a resume to: 80$ Sandy Plains Road Marietta, CA 30066 Fax: (770) 792-4974 WELLSTAR ' . Health System Douglas Cobb • Paulding www.wctlstar. 11 n V Honor, integrity, valor, and exceptional opportunity define this badge. Special Agents come from a broad range of educational disciplines and professions, however, the FBI has special needs for candidates with critical skills among the following areas; Computer Science or IT, Engineering, Foreign Counterintelligence, Information Systems Security, Military Intelligence, Physical Sciences, Accounting Financial Management, and Foreign Language (Arabic, Chinese ■ all dialects, Farsi, Hebrew, Hindi,Japanese, Korean, In today ' s world, the role of the FBI is more critical than ever. Our mission is a noble one. It encompasses protecting the country from terrorism, contributing to homeland security, and investigating violations of federal criminal law. In essence, it entails securing the integrity and safety of America, her communities, and her way of life. Accept this challenge - and experience the rewards of becoming one of " America ' s Finest. ' Punjabi, Russian, Spanish, Urdu,and Vietnamese). To qualify for the FBI Special Agent position, you must possess a four-year college degree plus three years of professional work experience, be available for assignment anywhere in tJie FBI ' s jurisdiction, be between the ages of 23 and 36, and be in excellent P ' ° J! V IiZ ' . £ " - ' ' 3 . TDD: (202) 324-2967. Vbu must be a U.S. citizen and consent to a complete background investigation, drug test, and polygraph as a prerequisite hr employment. Only those candidates determined to be best qualified will be contacted to physical condition vM the ability to pass a rigorous physical fitness test To learn more about these and other opportunities, please visit our Web site for complete details. Positions added daily. The FBI is an equal opportunity employer FBI SpecfaJ People. Spatial A crrts. Think fast - think FedEx®. FedEx. Ground. Thinking about some fast cash and help with college? Join the fast-paced FedEx. Ground team as a part-time Package Handler. You ' ll work up a sweat. And, in return, get a weekly paycheck, tuition assistance and more. P T Package Handlers Qualifications: • Must be able to lift 50 lbs. • 18 years or older • Ability to load, unload, sort packages • Part-time, 5-day week • S7.50-S8.50 hr to start, scheduled raises future opportunities available upon Graduation Apply in person, Monday - Friday Sam - 4pm at 116 Commerce Blvd., Bogart, GA us careers l ' .U ' ' ' f f! and nhnontiei are encouraged to fOin the teafrr o ( ' LATfc, % U A GRAC ATES 2( c OtiO Aj . S-1 C-C .coiny Compliments Of B F CONCRETE PRODUCTS, INC. P.O. Box 399 4023 Gillsville Hwy. Gillsville, GA 30543 (77 0) 532-8269 Fax: (770) 532-0767 M M CLAYS, INC. Air Floated Slurry Kaolins P.O. Box 119 Mclntyre, GA TEL: (478) 946-5534 FAX: (478) 946-3528 e-mail: mmclays@alltel,net u t edd Pl(f4ne4tt Telephone 1-800-841-8999 Fax:478-552-1772 tlTTl SSL CICB ■ " • " - Phone Area Code 478-552-2544 RO. Box 349, Sandersville, GA 31082 • AMERICA ' S ' SERVICE! WE FIX EVERYTHING! 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And. our commitment to planting new trees means we ' ll all have a future to take care of Athens (706)546-8116 LP OPEN MRI AND Imaging OF Athens We now have CT! 845 Prince Avenue • Athens, Georgia 30606 (706)549-1118 • FAX (706) 549-4772 Open Monday-Friday Sam- 12pm, Saturday 8am-6pm Extended Hours Available We provide pre-certification requirements! J thens amiltf Cental Center " In Our 22nd Year Of Professional Care At Reasonable Prices " Dentures • Extractions • Partials • Crowns • Oral Surgery ■ Denture Repair Martin j. Simmons, DDS • Cile M. French. DMD ' Robert A. Pate, DMD • Leigh A. Cummings, DMD Clement C. Alleyne, DMD - " icaid Welcome .. ,- •(Von-Thurs - Insurance. Credit Car- " - ' " ' — ' ' " — " -- ' -■ ' " - ' 706) ' 548-3il7 £ 1. 1. ' 3380 01(£lefferson Road • Athens. Georgia 30607 OFF CAMPUS BOOKSTORE USED (706) 548-9376 TEXTBOOKS 696 Baxter Street • Athens, GA 30605 MACTEC MACTEC ENGINEERING AND CONSULTING, INC. 396 Plasters Avenue, N.E., Atlanta, GA 30324 phone 404.873.4761 , fax 404.81 7.01 75 website Suburban EXTENDED STAY HOTELS 2044 South Milledge Drive Athens, GA 30605 (706)208-8812 1-800-951 -STAY Rates Nigtitly starting from $49.99 Weekly starting from $189.99 Amenities Complete kitcfiens Voice mail and data ports Free HBO ESPN On site laundry NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO FORTHE UNIVERSITYOF GEORGIA 91.7 WUGAIMMFM Listen Online (706) 542-9842 ■ Rents Trucks Your proud local sponsor of the UGA For Info and Reservations Call: 706-548-6301. 20% Off Your rental with your UGA ID Badge. King Plow Arts Center 887 VV. Marietta Street NVV Cottage Suite 3 Atlanta, Georgia 30318 Telephone 404-876-0793 Facsimile 404-876-0774 T r n T n vrsilusar: Carre R ' McCall COMRANY Established 1966 Representing the Best in Packaging Machinery Sales.. ..Service. ...Parts.... 814 Sandtown Road Tel: (770) 422-8500 Fax: (770) 425-5860 E-Mail: I ( UGA umni Association The University of Georgia Receive the UGA Alumni Association E-Newsletter and e-mails about local UGA events in your area. Search for alums by name, geographic region or employer. Get a free UGA e-mail forwarding address. No matter where you go, friends will be able to stay in touch with you. Brag! Upload pictures, tell us about professional achievements, family, and more with our Online Class Notes. Register for the " Alumni Online Community " at: alumnt y The UGA Alumni Association proudly supports the academic excellence, best interests and traditions of Georgia ' s flagship University and its alumni worldwide. I GET IT 4 we ' ve got what you need. GO BULLDOGS! PTX BOOKSTORE 723 Baxter Street • (706)369-7399 Serving the UniversitY of Georgia CommunOy % follett! .com bookstore network Congratulations University Of Georgia Graduates! i AUTOMOTIVE GROUP ALLSOUTH SPRINKLER COMPANY 840 Pleasant Hill Road Lilburn, Georgia 30047 Tele: (770) 925-9099 Fax: (770) 381-1314 GO Butt »° ' tn Congratulations Class of 2005! Remember us for your future alumni needs bp AOC AGREE OIL COMPANY WHOLESALE PETROLEUM PRODUCTS Congratulations to the Graduates of 2005 Acree Oil Co. Toccoa, GA (706) 886-2838 Athens Oil Co. Athens, GA (706)534-0135 Acree Oil Co. Seneca, SC (8 64) 882-7593 T S HARDWOODS, INC. P.O.Box 1233 MilledgevillcGA 31059 USA Telephone: (478)453-3492 " Wood is Wonderful " WE PAY PREMIUM PRICE FOR TIMBER (HARDWOOD PINE) 17 8 5 University of Georgia Bookstorel Next to the Tate Student Center I Phone: (706)542-3171 or online at " follettxo ONLINE. ON CPMPUS. T.K. READ, P.C. Attorney at Law yVay To Qo CamiCCa CongratuCations! 91 5 Commercial Street Conyers, GA30012 Ph: 770.929.8644 Fax: 770.929.8710 ATLANTA (770) 218-1144 FAX (770) 218-0558 : WALKER " I P PARKING CONSULTANTS WITH 14 OFFICES NATIONWIDE For a complete listing coll 1.800.860.1579 or visit us on the web. PARKING FACILITY DESIGN RESTORATION ENGINEERING PARKING STUDY SERVICES Congratulations Class of 2005 All Natural GoldKist FARMS ' Young iTMKJer I Chic km Gold Kist Farms Chicken I All Natural GoldKist FARMS ' Chicki-i Tastes Fresh from the Farm, Been use it is! (Jfamptmj For Reservations Call 1-800-HAMPTON 2220 W. Broad Street • Athens, GA 30606 (706) 548-9600 • Fax (706) 548-8268 For Reservations Call 1-800-426-7866 C S Wholesale Meat Co. 404-627-3547 Jay Bernath 973 Confederate Avenue SE • Atlanta, Georgia 30312 Kl i: l,sllMAli:s RW (706) 549-9937 John Dellinger Fence Co. 1) V: (706) 546-6629 Nrn,: (706) 725-0127 John Dellinger Beeper: (706) 208-7401 MoBll.i:: (706)540-0103 P.O. Box 6204 A IHENS, GA 30604 1 1 C.E. HALL Construction, Inc 7505 WATERS AVENUE. SUITE C2. PC BOX 13505 SAVANNAH, GEORGIA 31416 C.E. Hau President OmCE (912)355.8271 FAX (912) 355.8275 Fresh Made Dough Cooked on a stone Pizza Oven Dine-In Take-Out Delivery 678-380-1222 3059 Lawrenceville Hwy • Suite N Lawrenceville • GA • 30044 L. H. Leathers, inc. Engineers - Designers -Manufacturers Precision Laser Cutting 530 Newton Bridge Road Athens, Georgia 30607 Lee Leathers Mac Leathers (706) 549-5000 FAX (706) 549-5505 BULLDOG bp 1501 Monticello Hwy Madisori, GA 30650 (706) 342-3676 Congratulations Class of 2005! Nichols " Installing and mainlaining America ' s finest laboratories ' Congratulations to the Class of 2005! m 1-800-964-0722 SCHOLASTIC ADVERTISING, INC. Advertising Specialists and Consultants providing professional sales and service support for University and College Publications Athens Orthopedic Clinic, P.A. F.,Vr. 1966 .Si)cc i:ili .iiii; In: • Trauma • Spoils Iiijuiics • I KalJoint Rc|)laccnicnt.s • Sliouldi-i Injinics • I ' ool L Auklc Injuries 12,5 King Avenue -Athens, (Jeorgia 30606-2989 -(706) 549-166H FAX: (7()(i) ,1 Ki-,S7!)2 William B. Mulherin, M.D. R. Mixon Robinson, M.D. Daniel D. Moye, M.D. Ormonde N. Mahoney, M.D. Robert E. Hancock, M.D. John R. Dorris, M.D. Joseph T. Johnson, M.D. DeKalb County " The Place to he in Law Enforcement " DoKalb Coiintv- Police Department is leadinj; the va %itli tlie highest pay in Metro Atlanta, Georgia and is cnrrentK- seeking qualified applicants for the position of POLICE OFFICER StartiriK Pay: S34,428 year Top Out Pay: S57,i44 ycar(nim- ;ompL ' tili ' e) College Incentive (4 year degree): S36,i44 year .Applicants must be 20 years of age. a U.S. citizen, po.s,sess a high school diploma or C.K.I)., a valid dri er ' s and have no felomor domestic iolence con ictioiis. .•Vbbrcviated academy and abjne entry hire for active CK-orgia P.O.S.T. certified officers with a minimum of 2 year.s experience - Above Entry Pay: $36,852. Officers certified in other States with at least 2 years experience may qualifH ' for an abbre -iatcd academy and above entry pay. $1,000 bonus for certified ojpcers upon completion of training For More Infoi-maticm Call: Background and Recruiting Unit PSS, at (770) 322-2617 or visit our web site at An Equal Opportunity Employer c ANTHONYg) Fine Dining A La Carte, Banquet Receptions UGA Students and Graduates Ask lor Your Special Discount 3109 Piedmont Rd.NE Atlanta, GA 30305 404-262-7879 Biolab Nowadays, a degree is practically useless. (Right?) BioLab begs to differ. Not familiar with the name Here ' s what you should know about our nearly 50-year old, Atlanta-based company • We ' re the nations acknowledged leader in recreational and industrial water treatment products. • We recently extended our reach into the consumer packaged goods industry with the acquisition of two popular household brands. • Due to exponential growth, we ' re constantly creating new positions in everything from IT. Sales and Marketing to Advertising, Research and Development, • We happen to employ a lot of college grads. So visit us online at and start putting your degree to good use todayi Umversify of Georgia Student L aming Cem During Construcdon - June 20, 2002 I ! Spay i lerin ilmnt qiiisilXKiol Mil tan. tort grids itaitpiiltf Congrat.ulal.ioneS Cradual.CcS Reward Yourself with a New Pontiac - Buick - GMC If you arc within 6 months of graduation or Graduated within the past two years or currently in Graduate School You get: Special EASY Financing for grads No Down Payment No Payment For 90 Days And $400 College Grad Rebate In addition to all other rebates and incentives Call Us Today 706-335-5400 • 770-271-8997 UNi ERSAL 594 Steven B. Tanger Blvd • Commerce, Georgia 30529 EALIZE YOUR POTENTIAL® If you ' re a goal-oriented resulls-driven professional who appreciates recognition of a job well done, then consider Safeco. We reward employees lor the risks they lake; we alue the diverse ideas ihe genenile; and we encourage and applaud the impact ihes make in our company and our communities. .M Safeco, we help people plan lor their financial protection today and for their financial health in the future Our insurance and inveslmcnl producl-s arc backed by a promise that is as strong and secure today as it was when we started our business in 192. . Safeco is a place where our employees make a positive difference in people ' s lives; where helping customers prolecl ihcir future is a way of life. What kind of ditterence do you waul lo make ' ' isit our job center lo leam more about loining the Saleco leain. The road to success at Safeco is full of opptirtunilv. All empKnces set individual pert ' t miance goals in ccxiperation with their manager, and are rewarded based on pcrtormance A flexible and generous benefits package augments compensation at Safeco. In addition to competitive health and dental plans available lhn ughoul Ihe country. Safeco offers a variety of flexible benefiis Ironi which employees can ch H)se Safeco believes it is just as important lor employees, as well as our customers, to plan for their financial future Employees can auto ;ind homeowners insurance at a competitive pnce and with no commission, to prolecl their a-sscls today. To build wealth for the luture. they have access lo Salecos 40 1 1 k l Profit Sharing Reliremcnl Plan |4ni(k) PSRPl which is part of J competitive savings and rctiremeni program i Saleco. we ate committed to succeeding within the nchness ol people and cultures that our communities prov ide. which includes employmenl ol a diverse .•.orklorce II you are commuted loextellencc. ved like lo Iroin sou Safeco Insurance, 2055 SuKarloaf ( ircle, Dululh. (;A .VHI97-J932. Ka : |67S| 4I7-.V ' 7(I. Valional Job line; I -« K)-753-.5.l.W. Website: www safeco.cnm. University Ford Mazda 4260 Atlanta Highway Bogart,GA 30622 706-546-7200 Special Finance Options for grads $400 UGA Grad Rebate FORD UlTri Wallace Thomson Hospital For over 75 years, Wallace Thomson 1 lospital, located in upstate South Carolina, close to Spartanburg, Greenville, Columbia and Charlotte, NC, has been providing the latest procedures and treatments in the health care field tor the citizens of Union and surrounding counties. To keep pace with such a rapidly changing industr ' is a challenge. Wallace Thomson Hospital not only meets the challenge, but often exceeds it by providing the quality of care our patients and families deserve. For employment opportunities contact: Wallace Thomson Hospital - Human Resources Phone 864-42 ' )-2620 Fax 864-429-2524 or mail resume to PO Box 789 Union, SC 29379 EOE.M F D V ifc You May Also Visit Us At Cartfrsville Medical Center 960 Joe Frank Harris Parkway P.O. Box 200008 Cartersville, GA 30120 Phone: (770)382-1530 Fax:(770)607-1093 Thank you for your interest in joining our team at Cartersville Medical Center. We are always looking for dedicated professionals to join our dynamic healthcare team. Please visit our website to search through the jobs posted on our site or call our job line: 770-387-8173 (Nursing 770-387-8184). Cartersville Medical Center is an equal opportunity employer. PARKRIDGE MEDICAL CENTER, INC. PARKRIDGE MKDICAL CENTER, EAST RIDGE HOSPITAL, VALLEY HOSPITAL Parkridge Medical Center, Inc., which includes East Ridge Hospital and Valley Hospital has been recognized nationally for excellence numerous times. In December 2002. Parkridge Medical Center, Inc. Was named as one of the 100 Top Hospilats in the nation in an independent study released by the Solucient Leadership Institute, as well as a 1999 100 Top Hospitals: Orthopedic Benchmarks lor Success Study. Both Parkridge Medical Center and East Ridge Hospital : Number I in tlie state of Tennessee for Orlliopeilie Surgery in 2004. Parkridge Medical Center: Serving the community since 1971. Parkridge Medical Center provides a full range of services offering the highest quality of care. Parkridge has just completed a $. 6 million expansion and renovation project in 200.1. The project has doubled the size of the Emergency Center, modcrni ed patient rooms, enhanced parking, and added the 1 2.000 square foot Sarah Cannon Cancer Center. Licensed for 29fi beds. Parkridge seiA-es residents throughout the tri-state region. Oiu " medical staff includes over 6. 0 physicians, representing nearly every medical specialty. Parkridge Medical Center was the first facility in the Chattanooga area, and the second in the state of Tennessee to offer Robotics Surgery, Areas of specialty include; Cardiac Services, The Sarah Cannon Cancer Center, Surgical Servicer, Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Senices. and Gastroenterology Services. These are just a few of the areas of expertise that are offered at this facility. East Ridge Hospital: Founded in 1974 as a community hospital. East Ridge Hospital is located in a suburb of Chattanooga, Tennes.see. The hospital is easily accessible from area expressways and neighborhood roads. East Ridge Hospual recently completed an $8 million renovation. A new 16 bed Emergency Care Center is conveniently located at the front of the hospital. Licensed for 1 28 beds and ha ing more than .100 physicians on staff representing almost all medical spcciallies, you arc assured of Ihc highest quality care. Areas of specialty include: The Women ' s Center, Neonatal Intensive Care Nursery, The Spine and Orthopedic Center, The F.ast Ridge Fitness Center. Valley Hospital: Valley Hospital has served the tri-state area for 30 years, providing unparalleled expertise in treating a broad range of behavioral care and chemical dependency problems. Its programs are anchored by the 1 24 bed Valley Hospital, which is located on 80 acres of woodland in the heart of Chattanooga. Valley provides the region ' s most comprehensive range of services, including inpatient, outpatient and partial hospitalization programs for children and adolescents, adults and senior citizens. Valley has a state-accredited school to help meet the educational needs of its younger patients. A talented multi-disciplinary team of mental health specialisls. including psychiatrists, psychologists, psychiatric nurses, social workers, activity therapists and counselors carry out the hospital ' s mission. Areas of specialty include: Child and Adolescent Sci-vicc Aclull Services, Employee Assistance Programs, and Ropes Ad cnture Course Each facility has full Pharmaceutical Services. We are currently recruiting Pharmacists as well as Nursing Staff. Parkridge Medical ( " enter. Inc, 2333 McCallie A cnue, ( haltanKOga. IN .174(14 Kor more infurniation. please contact Lucy Katternian in our Recruitment office at: 423-4 ' )3-l ' 4l Human Resources 42.1-493- 12V4 FAX 423-4 ' ).1-(.77 ' ). PARKRIDGE MEDICAL CENTER East Ridge • Parkridge • Valley .li. as well as a profession NSFthside Hospital understands that to take can our patients, we need to take care of our employ That ' s why we ' re doing something a little radi we ' re listen! Our employees have helped to create one of the I environments in healthcare, and were just getting stai What should the future of healthcare becoi At Northside, it ' s up to ; 711 Imagine th it to learn i about the independence, satisfaction, and rew, of being a pharmacist at Northside Hospj NORTHSIDE HOSPITAL LCXKI NG FOR SOME-tttJ NG A LI TTLfc UNUSUAi - ALTffOCqlf, If iOl ?hi Mr tNOCQlf, I ' LL DO JtgT ABOCT AKfTlfllvq. dFlKT IOpK qFtAT PFlCt , VO hKi ' (linisiial ((f hell s o ii( h . ii c ( mJl i S: ' m9

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